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  1. The ACS LCID Project: overview and first results

    Gallart, Carme


    The star formation history (SFH) of Local Group galaxies is a powerful tool for studying their evolution, including chemical enrichment histories and stellar population gradients, which in turn may shed light on the role of reionization or Supernovae feedback in galaxy formation and evolution. In particular, isolated dwarfs are ideal laboratories since their evolution has not been complicated by the vicinity of giant galaxies. In this paper, we present the project Local Cosmology from Isolated Dwarfs (LCID), aimed at deriving detailed SFHs for a sample of Local Group isolated dwarf galaxies. To accomplish this goal we have collected, using the ACS on board the HST, color-magnitude diagrams (CMD) reaching their oldest main sequence turnoff (V~28 or M_V~+3.5) with good photometric accuracy. Some preliminary results from the CMDs are shown and briefly discussed.

  2. The ACS LCID project VII: the blue stragglers population in the isolated dSph galaxies Cetus and Tucana

    Monelli, M; Mapelli, M; Bernard, E J; Aparicio, A; Skillman, E D; Stetson, P B; Gallart, C; Hidalgo, S L; Mayer, L; Tolstoy, E


    We present the first investigation of the Blue Straggler star (BSS) population in two isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxies of the Local Group, Cetus and Tucana. Deep HST/ACS photometry allowed us to identify samples of 940 and 1214 candidates, respectively. The analysis of the star formation histories of the two galaxies suggests that both host a population of BSSs. Specifically, if the BSS candidates are interpreted as young main sequence stars, they do not conform to their galaxy's age-metallicity relationship. The analysis of the luminosity function and the radial distributions support this conclusion, and suggest a non-collisional mechanism for the BSS formation, from the evolution of primordial binaries. This scenario is also supported by the results of new dynamical simulations presented here. Both galaxies coincide with the relationship between the BSS frequency and the absolute visual magnitude Mv found by Momany et al (2007). If this relationship is confirmed by larger sample, then it could be a valuab...

  3. The ACS LCID project. VI. The SFH of the Tucana dSph and the relative ages of the isolated dSph galaxies

    Monelli, M; Hidalgo, S L; Aparicio, A; Skillman, E D; Cole, A A; Weisz, D R; Mayer, L; Bernard, E J; Cassisi, S; Dolphin, A E; Drozdovsky, I; Stetson, P B


    We present a detailed study of the star formation history (SFH) of the Tucana dwarf spheroidal galaxy. High quality, deep HST/ACS data, allowed us to obtain the deepest color-magnitude diagram to date, reaching the old main sequence turnoff (F814 ~ 29) with good photometric accuracy. Our analysis, based on three different SFH codes, shows that Tucana is an old and metal-poor stellar system, which experienced a strong initial burst of star formation at a very early epoch (~ 13 Gyr ago) which lasted a maximum of 1 Gyr (sigma value). We are not able to unambiguously answer the question of whether most star formation in Tucana occurred before or after the end of the reionization era, and we analyze alternative scenarios that may explain the transformation of Tucana from a gas-rich galaxy into a dSph. Current measurements of its radial velocity do not preclude that Tucana may have crossed the inner regions of the Local Group once, and so gas stripping by ram pressure and tides due to a close interaction cannot be ...

  4. The ACS LCID project. IX. Imprints of the early Universe in the radial variation of the star formation history of dwarf galaxies

    Hidalgo, Sebastian L; Aparicio, Antonio; Gallart, Carme; Skillman, Evan D; Cassisi, Santi; Bernard, Edouard J; Mayer, Lucio; Stetson, Peter; Cole, Andrew; Dolphin, Andrew


    Based on Hubble Space Telescope observations from the Local Cosmology from Isolated Dwarfs project, we present the star formation histories, as a function of galactocentric radius, of four isolated Local Group dwarf galaxies: two dSph galaxies, Cetus and Tucana, and two transition galaxies (dTrs), LGS-3 and Phoenix. The oldest stellar populations of the dSphs and dTrs are, within the uncertainties, coeval ($\\sim 13 Gyr$) at all galactocentric radii. We find that there are no significative differences between the four galaxies in the fundamental properties (such as the normalized star formation rate or age-metallicity relation) of their outer regions (radii greater than four exponential scale lengths); at large radii, these galaxies consist exclusively of old ($\\geq 10.5 Gyr$) metal-poor stars. The duration of star formation in the inner regions vary from galaxy to galaxy, and the extended central star formation in the dTrs produces the dichotomy between dSph and dTr galaxy types. The dTr galaxies show promine...

  5. The ACS LCID Project - VIII. The short-period Cepheids of Leo A

    Bernard, Edouard J.; Monelli, Matteo; Gallart, Carme; Fiorentino, Giuliana; Cassisi, Santi; Aparicio, Antonio; Cole, Andrew A.; Drozdovsky, Igor; Hidalgo, Sebastian L.; Skillman, Evan D.; Stetson, Peter B.; Tolstoy, Eline


    We present the results of a new search for variable stars in the Local Group dwarf galaxy Leo A, based on deep photometry from the Advanced Camera for Surveys onboard the Hubble Space Telescope. We detected 166 bona fide variables in our field, of which about 60 per cent are new discoveries and 33 c

  6. The ACS LCID Project : VIII. The short-period Cepheids of Leo A

    Bernard, Edouard J.; Monelli, Matteo; Gallart, Carme; Fiorentino, Giuliana; Cassisi, Santi; Aparicio, Antonio; Cole, Andrew A.; Drozdovsky, Igor; Hidalgo, Sebastian L.; Skillman, Evan D.; Stetson, Peter B.; Tolstoy, Eline


    We present the results of a new search for variable stars in the Local Group dwarf galaxy Leo A, based on deep photometry from the Advanced Camera for Surveys onboard the Hubble Space Telescope. We detected 166 bona fide variables in our field, of which about 60 per cent are new discoveries and 33 c

  7. The ACS LCID Project. VIII. The short-period Cepheids of Leo A

    Bernard, Edouard J; Gallart, Carme; Fiorentino, Giuliana; Cassisi, Santi; Aparicio, Antonio; Cole, Andrew A; Drozdovsky, Igor; Hidalgo, Sebastian L; Skillman, Evan D; Stetson, Peter B; Tolstoy, Eline


    We present the results of a new search for variable stars in the Local Group dwarf galaxy Leo A, based on deep photometry from the Advanced Camera for Surveys onboard the Hubble Space Telescope. We detected 166 bona fide variables in our field, of which about 60 percent are new discoveries, and 33 candidate variables. Of the confirmed variables, we found 156 Cepheids, but only 10 RR Lyrae stars despite nearly 100 percent completeness at the magnitude of the horizontal branch. The RR Lyrae stars include 7 fundamental and 3 first-overtone pulsators, with mean periods of 0.636 and 0.366 day, respectively. From their position on the period-luminosity (PL) diagram and light-curve morphology, we classify 91, 58, and 4 Cepheids as fundamental, first-overtone, and second-overtone mode Classical Cepheids (CC), respectively, and two as population II Cepheids. However, due to the low metallicity of Leo A, about 90 percent of the detected Cepheids have periods shorter than 1.5 days. Comparison with theoretical models ind...

  8. AC Cable: Yokohama Project

    Masuda, Takato

    High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) cables can transmit large amounts of electricity in a compact size with minimal losses. Therefore, they are expected to save the construction cost of underground lines in urban areas and decrease transmission losses. Several HTS cables have recently been demonstrated in networks around the world, and full-scale commercialization is expected in the near future. In Japan, the development of compact HTS cables suitable for urban deployment has been underway since the early 1990s. In 2007, a national project was started to verify their operational performance and long-term reliability in the grid. An HTS cable 240 m long was installed at the Asahi substation of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in Yokohama; then a joint, terminations and cooling system was constructed in 2011. After successful performance tests, the cable was connected to the grid for the first time in Japan, and started to deliver electricity to 70,000 households in October 2012. This trouble-free in-grid service continued for over a year. We can conclude that the HTS cable system performs well and has the stability required for long-term in-grid operations.

  9. The ACS LCID Project. X. The Star Formation History of IC 1613: Revisiting the Over-cooling Problem

    Skillman, Evan D.; Hidalgo, Sebastian L.; Weisz, Daniel R.; Monelli, Matteo; Gallart, Carme; Aparicio, Antonio; Bernard, Edouard J.; Boylan-Kolchin, Michael; Cassisi, Santi; Cole, Andrew A.; Dolphin, Andrew E.; Ferguson, Henry C.; Mayer, Lucio; Navarro, Julio F.; Stetson, Peter B.; Tolstoy, Eline


    We present an analysis of the star formation history (SFH) of a field near the half-light radius in the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy IC 1613 based on deep Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys imaging. Our observations reach the oldest main sequence turn-off, allowing a time resol

  10. The ACS LCID Project. VII. The Blue Stragglers Population in the Isolated dSph Galaxies Cetus and Tucana

    Monelli, M.; Cassisi, S.; Mapelli, M.; Bernard, E. J.; Aparicio, A.; Skillman, E. D.; Stetson, P. B.; Gallart, C.; Hidalgo, S. L.; Mayer, L.; Tolstoy, E.


    We present the first investigation of the Blue Straggler star (BSS) population in two isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxies of the Local Group, Cetus and Tucana. Deep Hubble Space Telescope/Advanced Camera for Surveys photometry allowed us to identify samples of 940 and 1214 candidates, respectively. T


    Gallart, Carme; Monelli, Matteo; Aparicio, Antonio; Battaglia, Giuseppina; Drozdovsky, Igor; Hidalgo, Sebastian L. [Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, La Laguna, Tenerife (Spain); Mayer, Lucio [Institut für Theoretische Physik, University of Zurich, Zürich (Switzerland); Bernard, Edouard J. [Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh EH9 3HJ (United Kingdom); Cassisi, Santi [INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Collurania, Teramo (Italy); Cole, Andrew A. [School of Physical Sciences, University of Tasmania, Private Bag 37, Hobart, TAS 7005 (Australia); Dolphin, Andrew E. [Raytheon, 1151 E. Hermans Road, Tucson, AZ 85706 (United States); Navarro, Julio F. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria, PO Box 1700, STN CSC, Victoria, BC V8W 3P6 (Canada); Salvadori, Stefania [Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Landleven 12, NL-9747 AD Groningen (Netherlands); Skillman, Evan D. [Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (United States); Stetson, Peter B. [Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics, National Research Council Canada, 5071 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC V9E 2E7 (Canada); Weisz, Daniel R., E-mail: [Astronomy Department, University of Washington, Box 351580, Seattle, WA (United States)


    We discuss how knowledge of the whole evolutionary history of dwarf galaxies, including details on the early star formation events, can provide insight on the origin of the different dwarf galaxy types. We suggest that these types may be imprinted by the early conditions of formation rather than only being the result of a recent morphological transformation driven by environmental effects. We present precise star formation histories of a sample of Local Group dwarf galaxies, derived from color–magnitude diagrams reaching the oldest main-sequence turnoffs. We argue that these galaxies can be assigned to two basic types: fast dwarfs that started their evolution with a dominant and short star formation event and slow dwarfs that formed a small fraction of their stars early and have continued forming stars until the present time (or almost). These two different evolutionary paths do not map directly onto the present-day morphology (dwarf spheroidal versus dwarf irregular). Slow and fast dwarfs also differ in their inferred past location relative to the Milky Way and/or M31, which hints that slow dwarfs were generally assembled in lower-density environments than fast dwarfs. We propose that the distinction between a fast and slow dwarf galaxy primarily reflects the characteristic density of the environment where they form. At a later stage, interaction with a large host galaxy may play a role in the final gas removal and ultimate termination of star formation.

  12. The ACS LCID Project: On the Origin of Dwarf Galaxy Types—A Manifestation of the Halo Assembly Bias?

    Gallart, Carme; Monelli, Matteo; Mayer, Lucio; Aparicio, Antonio; Battaglia, Giuseppina; Bernard, Edouard J.; Cassisi, Santi; Cole, Andrew A.; Dolphin, Andrew E.; Drozdovsky, Igor; Hidalgo, Sebastian L.; Navarro, Julio F.; Salvadori, Stefania; Skillman, Evan D.; Stetson, Peter B.; Weisz, Daniel R.


    We discuss how knowledge of the whole evolutionary history of dwarf galaxies, including details on the early star formation events, can provide insight on the origin of the different dwarf galaxy types. We suggest that these types may be imprinted by the early conditions of formation rather than onl

  13. The ACS LCID Project : VII. The Blue Stragglers Population in the Isolated dSph Galaxies Cetus and Tucana

    Monelli, M.; Cassisi, S.; Mapelli, M.; Bernard, E. J.; Aparicio, A.; Skillman, E. D.; Stetson, P. B.; Gallart, C.; Hidalgo, S. L.; Mayer, L.; Tolstoy, E.


    We present the first investigation of the Blue Straggler star (BSS) population in two isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxies of the Local Group, Cetus and Tucana. Deep Hubble Space Telescope/Advanced Camera for Surveys photometry allowed us to identify samples of 940 and 1214 candidates, respectively. T

  14. The ACS LCID Project: On the origin of dwarf galaxy types: a manifestation of the halo assembly bias?

    Gallart, C; Mayer, L; Aparicio, A; Battaglia, G; Bernard, E J; Cassisi, S; Cole, A A; Dolphin, A E; Drozdovsky, I; HIdalgo, S L; Navarro, J F; Salvadori, S; Skillman, E D; Stetson, P B; Weisz, D R


    We discuss how knowledge of the whole evolutionary history of dwarf galaxies, including details on the early star formation events, can provide insight on the origin of the different dwarf galaxy types. We suggest that these types may be imprinted by the early conditions of formation rather than being only the result of a recent morphological transformation driven by environmental effects. We present precise star formation histories of a sample of Local Group dwarf galaxies, derived from colour-magnitude diagrams reaching the oldest main-sequence turnoffs. We argue that these galaxies can be assigned to two basic types: fast dwarfs that started their evolution with a dominant and short star formation event, and slow dwarfs that formed a small fraction of their stars early and have continued forming stars until the present time (or almost). These two different evolutionary paths do not map directly onto the present-day morphology (dwarf spheroidal vs dwarf irregular). Slow and fast dwarfs also differ in their ...

  15. The ACS LCID project. X. The Star Formation History of IC 1613: Revisiting the Over-Cooling Problem

    Skillman, Evan D; Weisz, Daniel R; Monelli, Matteo; Gallart, Carme; Aparicio, Antonio; Bernard, Edouard J; Boylan-Kolchin, Michael; Cassisi, Santi; Cole, Andrew A; Dolphin, Andrew E; Ferguson, Henry C; Mayer, Lucio; Navarro, Julio F; Stetson, Peter B; Tolstoy, Eline


    We present an analysis of the star formation history (SFH) of a field near the half light radius in the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy IC 1613 based on deep Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys imaging. Our observations reach the oldest main sequence turn-off, allowing a time resolution at the oldest ages of ~1 Gyr. Our analysis shows that the SFH of the observed field in IC 1613 is consistent with being constant over the entire lifetime of the galaxy. These observations rule out an early dominant episode of star formation in IC 1613. We compare the SFH of IC 1613 with expectations from cosmological models. Since most of the mass is in place at early times for low mass halos, a naive expectation is that most of the star formation should have taken place at early times. Models in which star formation follows mass accretion result in too many stars formed early and gas mass fractions which are too low today (the "over-cooling problem"). The depth of the present photometry of IC 1613 shows that...

  16. The ACS LCID project : RR Lyrae stars as tracers of old population gradients in the isolated dwarf spheroidal galaxy tucana

    Bernard, Edouard J.; Gallart, Carme; Monelli, Matteo; Aparicio, Antonio; Cassisi, Santi; Skillman, Evan D.; Stetson, Peter B.; Cole, Andrew A.; Drozdovsky, Igor; Hidalgo, Sebastian L.; Mateo, Mario; Tolstoy, Eline


    We present a study of the radial distribution of RR Lyrae variables, which present a range of photometric and pulsational properties, in the dwarf spheroidal galaxy Tucana. We find that the fainter RR Lyrae stars, having a shorter period, are more centrally concentrated than the more luminous, longe

  17. The ACS LCID project. X. the star formation history of IC 1613: Revisiting the over-cooling problem

    Skillman, Evan D. [Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455 (United States); Hidalgo, Sebastian L.; Monelli, Matteo; Gallart, Carme; Aparicio, Antonio, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Vía Láctea s/n, E-38200 La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain); and others


    We present an analysis of the star formation history (SFH) of a field near the half-light radius in the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy IC 1613 based on deep Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys imaging. Our observations reach the oldest main sequence turn-off, allowing a time resolution at the oldest ages of ∼1 Gyr. Our analysis shows that the SFH of the observed field in IC 1613 is consistent with being constant over the entire lifetime of the galaxy. These observations rule out an early dominant episode of star formation in IC 1613. We compare the SFH of IC 1613 with expectations from cosmological models. Since most of the mass is in place at early times for low-mass halos, a naive expectation is that most of the star formation should have taken place at early times. Models in which star formation follows mass accretion result in too many stars formed early and gas mass fractions that are too low today (the 'over-cooling problem'). The depth of the present photometry of IC 1613 shows that, at a resolution of ∼1 Gyr, the star formation rate is consistent with being constant, at even the earliest times, which is difficult to achieve in models where star formation follows mass assembly.

  18. The ACS LCID Project XI. On the early time resolution of LG dwarf galaxy SFHs: Comparing the effects of reionization in models with observations

    Aparicio, Antonio; Skillman, Evan; Cassisi, Santi; Mayer, Lucio; Navarro, Julio; Cole, Andrew; Gallart, Carme; Monelli, Matteo; Weisz, Daniel; Bernard, Edouard; Dolphin, Andrew; Stetson, Peter


    The analysis of the early star formation history (SFH) of nearby galaxies, obtained from their resolved stellar populations is relevant as a test for cosmological models. However, the early time resolution of observationally derived SFHs is limited by several factors. Thus, direct comparison of observationally derived SFHs with those derived from theoretical models of galaxy formation is potentially biased. Here we investigate and quantify this effect. For this purpose, we analyze the duration of the early star formation activity in a sample of four Local Group dwarf galaxies and test whether they are consistent with being true fossils of the pre-reionization era; i.e., if the quenching of their star formation occurred before cosmic reionization by UV photons was completed. Two classical dSph (Cetus and Tucana) and two dTrans (LGS-3 and Phoenix) isolated galaxies with total stellar masses between $1.3\\times 10^6$ to $7.2\\times 10^6$ M$_\\odot$ have been studied. Accounting for time resolution effects, the SFHs...

  19. The ACS LCID project. V. The Star Formation History of the Dwarf Galaxy \\objectname[]{LGS-3}: Clues for Cosmic Reionization and Feedback

    Hidalgo, Sebastian L; Skillman, Evan; Monelli, Matteo; Gallart, Carme; Cole, Andrew; Dolphin, Andrew; Weisz, Daniel; Bernard, Edouard; Cassisi, Santi; Mayer, Lucio; Stetson, Peter; Tolstoy, Eline; Ferguson, Henry


    We present an analysis of the star formation history (SFH) of the transition-type (dIrr/dSph) Local Group galaxy \\objectname[]{LGS-3} (Pisces) based on deep photometry obtained with the {\\it Advanced Camera for Surveys} onboard the {\\it Hubble Space Telescope}. Our analysis shows that the SFH of \\objectname[]{LGS-3} is dominated by a main episode $\\sim 11.7$ Gyr ago with a duration of $\\sim$ 1.4 Gyr which formed $\\sim 90%$ of the stars. Subsequently, \\objectname[]{LGS-3} continued forming stars until the present, although at a much lower rate. The lack of early chemical enrichment is in contrast to that observed in the isolated dSph galaxies of comparable luminosity, implying that the dSphs were more massive and subjected to more tidal stripping. We compare the SFH of \\objectname[]{LGS-3} with expectations from cosmological models. Most or all the star formation was produced in \\objectname[]{LGS-3} after the reionization epoch, assumed to be completed at $z\\sim6$ or $\\sim 12.7$ Gyr ago. The total mass of the ...

  20. The ACS LCID Project. XI. On the Early Time Resolution of SFHs of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies: Comparing the Effects of Reionization in Models with Observations

    Aparicio, Antonio; Hidalgo, Sebastian L.; Skillman, Evan; Cassisi, Santi; Mayer, Lucio; Navarro, Julio; Cole, Andrew; Gallart, Carme; Monelli, Matteo; Weisz, Daniel; Bernard, Edouard; Dolphin, Andrew; Stetson, Peter


    The analysis of the early star formation history (SFH) of nearby galaxies, obtained from their resolved stellar populations, is relevant as a test for cosmological models. However, the early time resolution of observationally derived SFHs is limited by several factors. Thus, direct comparison of observationally derived SFHs with those derived from theoretical models of galaxy formation is potentially biased. Here we investigate and quantify this effect. For this purpose, we analyze the duration of the early star formation activity in a sample of four Local Group dwarf galaxies and test whether they are consistent with being true fossils of the pre-reionization era; i.e., if the quenching of their star formation occurred before cosmic reionization by UV photons was completed. Two classical dSph (Cetus and Tucana) and two dTrans (LGS-3 and Phoenix) isolated galaxies with total stellar masses between 1.3× {10}6 and 7.2× {10}6 {M}⊙ have been studied. Accounting for time resolution effects, the SFHs peak as much as 1.25 Gyr earlier than the optimal solutions. Thus, this effect is important for a proper comparison of model and observed SFHs. It is also shown that none of the analyzed galaxies can be considered a true fossil of the pre-reionization era, although it is possible that the outer regions of Cetus and Tucana are consistent with quenching by reionization. Based on observations made with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, obtained at the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under NASA contract NAS 5-26555. These observations are associated with program #10505.

  1. Library Electronic Resource Sharing Among Liberal Arts Colleges: ACS Palladian Alliance Project

    Wenxian Zhang


    Full Text Available 無Effective electronic resource sharing is critical to library information services of the 1990s. Explosion of data and increased cost of information force libraries to work together, and technological advancements present the library service profession a platform for resource sharing. The Palladian Alliance Project of the Associated Colleges of the South is designed to provides ACS member institutions an effective means to enhance information access for their faculty and students, and achieve significant cost containment in the years to come.

  2. Antennas Designed for Advanced Communications for Air Traffic Management (AC/ATM) Project

    Zakrajsek, Robert J.


    The goal of the Advanced Communications for Air Traffic Management (AC/ATM) Project at the NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field is to enable a communications infrastructure that provides the capacity, efficiency, and flexibility necessary to realize a mature free-flight environment. The technical thrust of the AC/ATM Project is targeted at the design, development, integration, test, and demonstration of enabling technologies for global broadband aeronautical communications. Since Ku-band facilities and equipment are readily available, one of the near-term demonstrations involves a link through a Kuband communications satellite. Two conformally mounted antennas will support the initial AC/ATM communications links. Both of these are steered electronically through monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) amplifiers and phase shifters. This link will be asymmetrical with the downlink to the aircraft (mobile vehicle) at a throughput rate of greater than 1.5 megabits per second (Mbps), whereas the throughput rate of the uplink from the aircraft will be greater than 100 kilobits per second (kbps). The data on the downlink can be narrow-band, wide-band, or a combination of both, depending on the requirements of the experiment. The AC/ATM project is purchasing a phased-array Ku-band transmitting antenna for the uplink from the test vehicle. Many Ku-band receiving antennas have been built, and one will be borrowed for a short time to perform the initial experiments at the NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field. The Ku-band transmitting antenna is a 254-element MMIC phased-array antenna being built by Boeing Phantom Works. Each element can radiate 100 mW. The antenna is approximately 43-cm high by 24-cm wide by 3.3-cm thick. It can be steered beyond 60 from broadside. The beamwidth varies from 6 at broadside to 12 degrees at 60 degrees, which is typical of phased-array antennas. When the antenna is steered to 60 degrees, the beamwidth will illuminate

  3. Ranking transmission projects in large scale systems using an AC power flow model; Priorizacao de obras em sistemas de grande porte usando um modelo AC da rede

    Melo, A.C.G. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Fontoura Filho, R.N. [ELETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Peres, L.A.P. Pecorelli [FURNAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Morozowski Filho, M. [Santa Catarina Univ., Florianopolis, SC (Brazil)


    Initially, this paper summarizes the approach developed by the Brazilian Planning Criteria Working Group (GTCP/ELETROBRAS) for identifying which subset of transmission investments should be postponed to meet a pre-stablished budget constraint with the least possible impact on system performance. Next, this paper presents the main features of the computational model PRIO, which allows the application of the ranking process to large scale power systems (2,000 buses and 3,000 circuits), with as many as 100 projects to be ranked. In this model, the adequacy analysis of each system state is carried out through an AC power flow coupled to a successive linear programming based remedial actions model. Case studies with the IEEE-RTS system and a configuration of the Brazilian Southeastern are presented and discussed. (author) 7 refs., 6 figs., 5 tabs.

  4. NCDC International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship (IBTrACS) Project, Version 3

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship (IBTrACS) dataset was developed by the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, which took the initial step...

  5. Low AC Loss in a 3 kA HTS Cable of the Dutch Project

    Chevtchenko, Oleg; Zuijderduin, Roy; Smit, Johan;


    design of the single phase cable 3 kA conductor made of YBCO tapes and present corresponding experimental and simulation data supporting the developed approach leading directly to this goal. HTS cable model was made that show a drastically reduced AC loss. The low loss was achieved by using appropriate...

  6. Low AC Loss in a 3 kA HTS Cable of the Dutch Project

    Chevtchenko, O.; Zuijderduin, R.; Smit, J.; Willen, D.; Lentge, H.; Thidemann, C.; Traeholt, C.; Melnik, I.; Geschiere, A.


    are: a cable has to fit in an annulus of 160 mm, with two cooling stations at the cable ends only. Existing solutions for HTS cables would lead to excessively high coolant pressure drop in the cable, potentially affecting public acceptance of the project. A way out would be to substantially reduce A

  7. ACS: ALMA Common Software

    Chiozzi, Gianluca; Šekoranja, Matej


    ALMA Common Software (ACS) provides a software infrastructure common to all ALMA partners and consists of a documented collection of common patterns and components which implement those patterns. The heart of ACS is based on a distributed Component-Container model, with ACS Components implemented as CORBA objects in any of the supported programming languages. ACS provides common CORBA-based services such as logging, error and alarm management, configuration database and lifecycle management. Although designed for ALMA, ACS can and is being used in other control systems and distributed software projects, since it implements proven design patterns using state of the art, reliable technology. It also allows, through the use of well-known standard constructs and components, that other team members whom are not authors of ACS easily understand the architecture of software modules, making maintenance affordable even on a very large project.

  8. Staking-out projected boundaries of natural property Vršac Mountains using the RTK GPS/glonass method

    Gučević Jelena


    Full Text Available The existing topographic and cadastral maps of the former Yugoslav republics are in Gauss-Krüger projection on Bessel ellipsoid. For the collected GPS data to comply with the existing cartographic material, it is necessary to provide the transformation parameters from WGS84 to Bessel ellipsoid and according to the principles of cartographic mapping, to make mappings in the plane of the State Coordinate System (SCS. The aim of this research is to present the surveying activities necessary for the establishment and maintenance of digital cartographic basis, which is shown in the test area of “VRŠAC MOUNTAINS”, a Serbian region with outstanding characteristics. In order to establish a connection between the collected data, it is necessary to primarily calculate the parameters of transformation from WGS84 into the SCS. After the vectorisation of projected boundaries from bases made in the SCS, the transformation of vectorised boundary lines from SCS into the WGS84 is carried out, followed by staking the boundaries. To understand the fundamental differences in the methodology of using GPS receivers, it is important to emphasise that the concept of GPS determination of the coordinates is generally divided into absolute and relative positioning. If the correct procedure of GPS positioning, applied to certain environmental conditions, is not followed, the error up to 200 m could be expected. Conclusions are drawn about the selection of staking methods, related to the applied instruments and specific field conditions. The stakeout procedures are given in accordance with the principles of geodetic positioning. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 043007: Istraživanje klimatskih promena i njihovog uticaja na životnu sredinu: praćenje uticaja, adaptacija i ublažavanje

  9. AcEST: BP917400 [AcEST

    Full Text Available YMU001_000100_D03 356 Adiantum capillus-veneris mRNA. clone: YMU001_000100_D03. BP917400 - Show mRNA. clone: YMU001_000100_D03. Accession BP917400 Tissue type prothallium Developmental stage - Contig I...ic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402. Query= BP917400|Adiantum capillus-veneris mRNA, clone: YMU001_000100_D03. (356 l...cids Res. 25:3389-3402. Query= BP917400|Adiantum capillus-veneris mRNA, clone: YMU001_000100_D03. (356 lette

  10. Selection of topologies for the PHOTONERGY{sup TM} project. Optimised design and control of inverter for photovoltaic systems: the AC-module

    Baekhoej Kjaer, S.


    The PHOTONERGY{sup TM} project (also known as the former 'SolcelleInverter' project) is by this report carried into its third stage; the selection of a suitable topology for the AC-Module inverter. The selection of a suitable topology is based on State-Of-The-Art analysis a specifications and a comparison of four grid-tied inverters and nine dc/dc converters. This implies 23 possible combinations, from which nine is investigated with respect to efficiency in six working points, the number of components and to some extent also the rating of the components. The conclusion is that the target of a European efficiency of 93.7% is hard to achieve. But four of the examined, and two newly discovered, inverters are recommended for a further examination by means of estimations, calculations and simulations of: cost, complexity, robustness, efficiency and mass-production. The system-layout is also examined. The first layout implies that the PV-Module and the inverter is integrated into one unit and the second layout involves that the inverter is placed indoor. The layouts are compared with respect to cable-losses, enclosure demanding and lifetime. The conclusion is somehow ambiguous and a further investigation should be initiated in order to get a clear result. (au)

  11. AC 410 AC410 AC410 Unit 7 Homework Assignment



    AC 410 AC410 AC410 Unit 7 Homework Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:    Questions Requiring Analysis 14-30   Early in your first audit of Star Corporation, you notice that sales and year-end inventory are almost unchanged from the prior year. However, cost of goods sold is less than in the preceding year, and accounts payable also are down substantially. Gross profit has increased, but this increase has not c...

  12. Modeling of long High Voltage AC Underground

    Gudmundsdottir, Unnur Stella; Bak, Claus Leth; Wiechowski, W. T.


    This paper presents the work and findings of a PhD project focused on accurate high frequency modelling of long High Voltage AC Underground cables. The project is cooperation between Aalborg University and The objective of the project is to investigate the accuracy of most up to date...

  13. ±800 kV直流输电工程交流滤波器暂态定值计算%Transient Rating Calculation of AC Filters in ±800 kV UHV DC Transmission Project

    李璟延; 杨一鸣; 吴方劼


    特高压直流输电工程换流器运行中会产生大量谐波,对电力系统稳定和通信线路等均会造成不良影响.加装交流滤波器可以有效地降低换流器谐波危害,提高系统运行可靠性,同时补偿换流器运行中所需的无功.为了使交流滤波器在各种工况下都能安全运行,必须合理地配置避雷器并确定滤波器的绝缘配合方案.本文根据±800 kV特高压直流输电工程功能规范书的要求和交流滤波器元件参数特性,选取最严酷的运行工况,计算了交流滤波器暂态负荷情况,研究得出了交流滤波器内各元件电容、电抗、电阻以及避雷器的暂态电流、电压和能量,确定了交流滤波器各元件的绝缘水平和避雷器参数配置,得出整流站和逆变站高压容器雷电耐受水平和操作耐受水平分别为1550 kV和1175 kV.研究表明通过合理确定绝缘水平并配置避雷器,可以有效地降低滤波器设备电容器、电抗器和电阻器的保护水平,同时满足交流滤波器设备安全运行要求.%The converter will produce a large number of harmonics in UHV DC transmission project, which can impact the stability of power system and communication lines. The AC filters can effectively reduce the hazards of harmonics and improve the system reliability, and at the same time compensate the reactive power requirements of the converters. To ensure the safe operation of AC filters in a variety of conditions, it is reasonable and significant to configure the arresters and also to determine the insulation coordination for AC filters. Thus, according to the requirements of +800 kV UHV DC transmission project and the characteristics of AC filter components under the most severe operating conditions, the transient rating of AC filters were calculated. The transient currents, voltages and energies of AC filters components such as capacitances, reactors, resistors and arresters were determined. The insulation level of

  14. Peltier ac calorimeter

    Jung, D. H.; Moon, I. K.; Jeong, Y. H.


    A new ac calorimeter, utilizing the Peltier effect of a thermocouple junction as an ac power source, is described. This Peltier ac calorimeter allows to measure the absolute value of heat capacity of small solid samples with sub-milligrams of mass. The calorimeter can also be used as a dynamic one with a dynamic range of several decades at low frequencies.

  15. ACS from development to operations

    Caproni, Alessandro; Colomer, Pau; Jeram, Bogdan; Sommer, Heiko; Chiozzi, Gianluca; Mañas, Miguel M.


    The ALMA Common Software (ACS), provides the infrastructure of the distributed software system of ALMA and other projects. ACS, built on top of CORBA and Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware, is based on a Component- Container paradigm and hides the complexity of the middleware allowing the developer to focus on domain specific issues. The transition of the ALMA observatory from construction to operations brings with it that ACS effort focuses primarily on scalability, stability and robustness rather than on new features. The transition came together with a shorter release cycle and a more extensive testing. For scalability, the most problematic area has been the CORBA notification service, used to implement the publisher subscriber pattern because of the asynchronous nature of the paradigm: a lot of effort has been spent to improve its stability and recovery from run time errors. The original bulk data mechanism, implemented using the CORBA Audio/Video Streaming Service, showed its limitations and has been replaced with a more performant and scalable DDS implementation. Operational needs showed soon the difference between releases cycles for Online software (i.e. used during observations) and Offline software, which requires much more frequent releases. This paper attempts to describe the impact the transition from construction to operations had on ACS, the solution adopted so far and a look into future evolution.

  16. ACAC Converters for UPS

    Rusalin Lucian R. Păun


    Full Text Available This paper propose a new control technique forsingle – phase ACAC converters used for a on-line UPSwith a good dynamic response, a reduced-partscomponents, a good output characteristic, a good powerfactorcorrection(PFC. This converter no needs anisolation transformer. A power factor correction rectifierand an inverter with the proposed control scheme has beendesigned and simulated using Caspoc2007, validating theconcept.

  17. State of the Art analysis for the 'SolcelleInverter' project. Optimised design and control of inverter for photovoltaic systems: the AC-module

    Baekhoej Kjaer, S.


    The 'SolcelleInverter' project starts with this state-of-the-art analysis of 27 different inverter topologies for use in photovoltaic applications. The main concern is the present status for inverters for single solar modules. Technologies for larger clusters of modules are also investigated. The possibility of combining a small decentralised and a big centralised unit is as well investigated. A series of topologies are discovered and this paper will present them. That includes solutions with and without transformers, systems for one or multiple modules, commercial solutions and solutions found in scientific papers and patents. (au)

  18. Flexible AC transmission systems: the state of the art

    Edris, Abdel-Aty [Electric Power Research Inst., Palo Alto, CA (United States). Electric Systems Division


    Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) is a concept promoting the use of power electronic controllers to enhance the controllability and usable capacity of AC transmission. This paper presents the state of the art of FACTS and the status of the current projects for the application of the FACTS controllers in transmission systems. (author) 8 refs., 8 figs.

  19. Aislamiento acústico

    Tobío, J. M.


    Full Text Available This is a very specific subject in the field of architectural acoustics, namely, insulation'. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical foundations of this phenomenon, and the most simple formula are developed to calculate easily the transmission losses of a material or the constructional insulating arrangements. The practical aspect of insulation can be considered by means of several graphs and charts, without the use of mathematics, and utilising common materials, that will not substantially increase the cost of the project. Finally this papers offers a critical discussion of building codes, and their reference to the acoustical insulation of dwellings, and data is included on the new regulations of the Madrid Municipality.Se trata un tema muy concreto de la Acústica Arquitectónica, el aislamiento, haciendo hincapié en los fundamentos teóricos del fenómeno y estableciendo las fórmulas más sencillas que permiten calcular fácilmente las pérdidas de transmisión de un material o disposición constructiva aislante. Varias gráficas y abacos permiten abordar, sin ningún tratamiento matemático, el problema práctico del aislamiento, aprovechando los materiales comunes y sin ocasionar gastos que graven sustancialmente el importe del proyecto. Por último, se hace un estudio crítico de las normas y su incidencia en los problemas del aislamiento de viviendas, incluyendo datos referentes a la nueva Ordenanza del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

  20. AcEST: DK950971 [AcEST

    Full Text Available GN=... 37 0.66 tr|B1ACS4|B1ACS4_BALBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Balaenoptera borealis ... 37 0.66 tr|B1ACS3|B1ACS3...todon GN=DM... 37 1.1 tr|B1ACT4|B1ACT4_LISBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Lissodelphis borealis ... 37 1.1 tr|B1ACS2|B...SSSEEEIQSKNTEMESRRLTVDAY 160 >tr|B1ACS4|B1ACS4_BALBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Balaenoptera borealis GN=DMP1 PE=4 S

  1. Isolation of sequences flanking Ac insertion sites by Ac casting.

    Wang, Dafang; Peterson, Thomas


    Localizing Ac insertions is a fundamental task in studying Ac-induced mutation and chromosomal rearrangements involving Ac elements. Researchers may sometimes be faced with the situation in which the sequence flanking one side of an Ac/Ds element is known, but the other flank is unknown. Or, a researcher may have a small sequence surrounding the Ac/Ds insertion site and needs to obtain additional flanking genomic sequences. One way to rapidly clone unknown Ac/Ds flanking sequences is via a PCR-based method termed Ac casting. This approach utilizes the somatic transposition activity of Ac during plant development, and provides an efficient means for short-range genome walking. Here we describe the principle of Ac casting, and show how it can be applied to isolate Ac macrotransposon insertion sites.

  2. AC-3 audio coder

    Todd, Craig


    AC-3 is a system for coding up to 5.1 channels of audio into a low bit-rate data stream. High quality may be obtained with compression ratios approaching 12-1 for multichannel audio programs. The high compression ratio is achieved by methods which do not increase decoder memory, and thus cost. The methods employed include: the transmission of a high frequency resolution spectral envelope; and a novel forward/backward adaptive bit allocation algorithm. In order to satisfy practical requirements of an emissions coder, the AC-3 syntax includes a number of features useful to broadcasters and consumers. These features include: loudness uniformity between programs; dynamic range control; and broadcaster control of downmix coefficients. The AC-3 coder has been formally selected for inclusion of the U.S. HDTV broadcast standard, and has been informally selected for several additional applications.

  3. AC/RF Superconductivity

    Ciovati, Gianluigi [JLAB


    This contribution provides a brief introduction to AC/RF superconductivity, with an emphasis on application to accelerators. The topics covered include the surface impedance of normal conductors and superconductors, the residual resistance, the field dependence of the surface resistance, and the superheating field.

  4. AC-130H Gunship Armor Upgrade Project

    Shell, T.E.; Landingham, R.L.


    This report covers the test methods and equipment for testing aircraft armor both hard and soft. The hard armor are the typical ceramic type while the soft armor are various types of layered composite materials. 10 figs. (JEF)

  5. Software Development for ALMA in Chile: The ACS-UTFSM Group.

    von Brand, H. H.

    ALMA Common Software (ACS) provides a common software framework for ALMA, the Atacama Large Millimeter Array in Chile. ACS is a collection of well-documented patterns for controlling systems and a set of components written to those patterns. In its core, ACS is a distributed, object-oriented system, written on top of CORBA. The ACS-UTFSM Group started as some students of informatics did summer jobs at the La Silla Observatory of ESO, where they became acquainted with ACS. Their interest led them to continue working on ACS on their own, and they eventually became official developers of the package. Now the group is being funded by project ALMA-CONICYT 31060008 ``Software Development for ALMA: Building Up Expertise to Meet ALMA Software Requirements within a Chilean University''. Several members of the original group are now working for ALMA, which fullfills one of the goals of the project. Some parts of ACS developed by the ACS-UTFSM Group include H3E (Hardware End-to-End Example), a Lego model of a telescope and its controlling software for training and demonstration purposes; and CDBChecker, a tool to verify the consistency of the configuration database for a ACS deployment. Currently we are working towards a general framework for telescope control using ACS, in order to simplify the deployment of new instruments; and repackaging ACS so it is easier to install and use. A master's thesis is exploring the real-time requirements of ACS.

  6. Development of the Field of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)


    @@ Theoretical and technological development of large capacity power electronics and flexible AC transmission systems are one of the most important projects developed by Tsinghua University. The Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) technology which uses power electronics to improve the efficiency and quality of the electrical generation, transmission and distribution system is considered to be one of the most significant technological innovations for power systems in the 20th century. The advanced static var generator (ASVG) is a key FACTS device.

  7. High performance AC drives

    Ahmad, Mukhtar


    This book presents a comprehensive view of high performance ac drives. It may be considered as both a text book for graduate students and as an up-to-date monograph. It may also be used by R & D professionals involved in the improvement of performance of drives in the industries. The book will also be beneficial to the researchers pursuing work on multiphase drives as well as sensorless and direct torque control of electric drives since up-to date references in these topics are provided. It will also provide few examples of modeling, analysis and control of electric drives using MATLAB/SIMULIN

  8. 云广直流±800kV交流滤波器的电阻过负荷保护%Overload Protection of ± 800 kV AC Filter Resistor in Yunnan - Guangdong DC Project

    徐峰; 吕涛; 曹继丰


    高压直流换流站在进行滤波器组投切时往往会对小组中电阻器产生较大的冲击电流,并造成滤波器电阻过负荷异常动作.比较了不同型号的滤波器投切时在电阻上产生的冲击电流,分析产生该电流的原因,推导该电流随时间衰减关系.然后,对滤波器电阻过负荷异常动作提出改进意见.%A great inrush current in the AC filter resistor caused by the sub-bank breaker closing and opening in HVDC converter stations could produce abnormal trip of the AC filter protection. This article contrasts the inrush currents in different kinds of AC filter resistor when the breaker closing and opening, analyzes the cause of the inrush current, and deduces the current decay with time. Then suggestions are given to improve the overload protection abnormal trip of AC filter Resistor.

  9. AC Optimal Power Flow


    In this work, we have implemented and developed the simulation software to implement the mathematical model of an AC Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem. The objective function is to minimize the total cost of generation subject to constraints of node power balance (both real and reactive) and line power flow limits (MW, MVAr, and MVA). We have currently implemented the polar coordinate version of the problem. In the present work, we have used the optimization solver, Knitro (proprietary and not included in this software) to solve the problem and we have kept option for both the native numerical derivative evaluation (working satisfactorily now) as well as for analytical formulas corresponding to the derivatives being provided to Knitro (currently, in the debugging stage). Since the AC OPF is a highly non-convex optimization problem, we have also kept the option for a multistart solution. All of these can be decided by the user during run-time in an interactive manner. The software has been developed in C++ programming language, running with GCC compiler on a Linux machine. We have tested for satisfactory results against Matpower for the IEEE 14 bus system.

  10. Single-Phase Direct AC-AC Boost Converter

    LUCANU, M.


    Full Text Available The paper presents a single-phase direct AC-AC boost converter. The circuit of the converter is simple and it has good performances, irrespective of the load nature. The adequate functioning and high performance of the circuit (the efficiency and waveform of the absorbed input current were tested both by simulation and experimentally.

  11. ACS CCD Stability Monitor

    Grogin, Norman


    A moderately crowded stellar field in the cluster 47 Tuc {6 arcmin West of the cluster core} is observed every four months with the WFC. The first visit exercises the full suite of broad and narrow band imaging filters and sub-array modes; following visits observe with only the six most popular Cycle 18 filters in full-frame mode. The positions and magnitudes of objects will be used to monitor local and large scale variations in the plate scale and the sensitivity of the detectors and to derive an independent measure of the detector CTE. One exposure in each sub-array mode with the WFC will allow us to verify that photometry obtained in full-frame and in sub-array modes are repeatable to better than 1%. This test is important for the ACS Photometric Cross-Calibration program, which uses sub-array exposures. This program may receive additional orbits to investigate ORIENT-dependent geometric distortion, which motivates the ORIENT and BETWEEN requirement on the first visit.

  12. Using AC Motors in Robotics

    Hosein Marzi


    Full Text Available It has been proven that fuzzy controllers are capable of controlling non-linear systems where it is cumbersome to develop conventional controllers based on mathematical modeling. This paper describes designing fuzzy controllers for an AC motor run mechanism. It also compares performance of two controllers designed based on Mamdani and Takagi-Sugeno with the conventional control scheme in a short track length, following a high disturbance. Fine and rapid control of AC motors have been a challenge and the main obstacle in gaining popularity in use of AC motors in robots actuators. This chapter reviews how use of intelligent control scheme can help to solve this problem.

  13. Composite Based EHV AC Overhead Transmission Lines

    Sørensen, Thomas Kjærsgaard

    Overhead lines at transmission level are the backbone of any national power grid today. New overhead line projects however are at the same time subject to ever greater public resistance due to the lines environmental impact. As full undergrounding of transmission lines at extra high voltage (EHV......) levels are still not seen as possibility, the future expansion of transmission grids are dependent on new solutions with lessened environment impact, especially with regard to the visual impact. In the present Thesis, composite materials and composite based overhead line components are presented...... and analysed with regard to the possibilities, limitations and risks widespread application of composite materials on EHV AC overhead transmission lines may present. To form the basis for evaluation of the useability of composite materials, dierent overhead line projects aimed at reducing the environmental...

  14. Partial AC-coupling minigrids

    Moix, Pierre-Olivier; Ruchet, Claude [Studer Innotec, Sion (Switzerland)


    Partial AC-coupling: - It is feasible to make AC-coupling of some compatible elements without V/f droops. Standard elements available on the market were tested. - Optimum design for efficiency is a share of the solar modules between DC-coupling with a solar charger and AC-coupling with a grid inverter according to the load profile. - Partial AC-coupling is better in term of robustness; it is more reliable to have at least a part of the solar production connected directly to DC, or even only DC coupling. The presented concepts are not only theoretical but were implemented and tested on real products available on the market. Many tests have been done to find out the limits and problems that can occur with the use of grid connected and stand alone inverter together. Many combinations were tested and it was found robust enough to be used in the field with the precautions mentioned about microcycling. (orig.)

  15. An overview of the ALMA Common Software (ACS) .

    Di Marcantonio, P.; Cirami, R.; Caproni, A.; Chiozzi, G.; Jeram, B.; Sommer, H.; Harrington, S.; Zagar, K.; Plesko, M.; Sekoranja, M.

    The ALMA Common Software (ACS) is an application framework designed to provide a common and homogeneous software architecture and infrastructure, spanning the end to end needs of an Astronomical observatory, from the Telescope Control system to high-level data flow management. ACS offers, at the lower level, several basic services needed for object-oriented distributed computing like transparent remote object invocation, object deployment and location, distributed error, alarm handling, logging and events. On top of this it provides an application architecture based on the Component/Container paradigm that fosters sharing and reusing of software components. Although developed for the ALMA project, ACS is now used by several other projects worldwide, among which the Italian Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT). Besides, there is an active community that shares ideas, concepts and actual software components. Major drivers for this diffusion were the choice of adopting the LGPL public license and the adoption of CORBA, a free but reliable and widely used middleware software. In this paper we present an overview of the main features of ACS, emphasizing in particular the role of INAF-OAT in this project.

  16. Reliability of emergency ac power systems at nuclear power plants

    Battle, R E; Campbell, D J


    Reliability of emergency onsite ac power systems at nuclear power plants has been questioned within the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) because of the number of diesel generator failures reported by nuclear plant licensees and the reactor core damage that could result from diesel failure during an emergency. This report contains the results of a reliability analysis of the onsite ac power system, and it uses the results of a separate analysis of offsite power systems to calculate the expected frequency of station blackout. Included is a design and operating experience review. Eighteen plants representative of typical onsite ac power systems and ten generic designs were selected to be modeled by fault trees. Operating experience data were collected from the NRC files and from nuclear plant licensee responses to a questionnaire sent out for this project.

  17. HVDC-AC system interaction from AC harmonics. Volume 1. Harmonic impedance calculations. Final report

    Breuer, G D; Chow, J H; Lindh, C B; Miller, N W; Numrich, F H; Price, W W; Turner, A E; Whitney, R R


    Improved methods are needed to characterize ac system harmonic behavior for ac filter design for HVDC systems. The purpose of this General Electric Company RP1138 research is to evaluate the present filter design practice and to investigate methods for calculating system harmonic impedances. An overview of ac filter design for HVDC systems and a survey of literature related to filter design have been performed. Two methods for calculating system harmonic impedances have been investigated. In the measurement method, an instrumentation system for measuring system voltage and current has been assembled. Different schemes of using the measurements to calculate system harmonic impedances have been studied. In the analytical method, a procedure to include various operating conditions has been proposed. Computer programs for both methods have been prepared, and the results of the measurement and analytical methods analyzed. A conclusion of the project is that the measurement and analytical methods both provided reasonable results. There are correlations between the measured and analytical results for most harmonics, although there are discrepancies between the assumptions used in the two methods. A sensitivity approach has been proposed to further correlate the results. From the results of the analysis, it is recommended that both methods should be tested further. For the measurement method, more testing should be done to cover different system operating conditions. In the analytical method, more detailed models for representing system components should be studied. In addition, alternative statistical and sensitivity approaches should be attempted.

  18. Hopping models and ac universality

    Dyre, Jeppe; Schrøder, Thomas


    Some general relations for hopping models are established. We proceed to discuss the universality of the ac conductivity which arises in the extreme disorder limit of the random barrier model. It is shown that the relevant dimension entering into the diffusion cluster approximation (DCA) is the h......Some general relations for hopping models are established. We proceed to discuss the universality of the ac conductivity which arises in the extreme disorder limit of the random barrier model. It is shown that the relevant dimension entering into the diffusion cluster approximation (DCA......) is the harmonic (fracton) dimension of the diffusion cluster. The temperature scaling of the dimensionless frequency entering into the DCA is discussed. Finally, some open problems regarding ac universality are listed....

  19. Speed Control of DC Motor using AC/AC/DC Converter Based on Intelligent Techniques

    Rakan Kh Antar


    Full Text Available    This paper describes the application of ac/ac/dc and ac/dc converters to control the speed of a separately excited DC motor. Artificial neural network and PI controller are trained to select the desired values of firing angles for triggering thyristors of the ac/ac/dc and ac/dc bridge converters in order to control the speed of the dc motor at a desired value with constant and different load torques in order to obtain the best speed response. Simulation results show that the rising time for ac/dc and ac/ac/dc converters at 250rpm are reduced about 79% and 89% respectively, while delay time it reduced about 69% and 64% respectively. Therefore, speed response of the dc motor is more efficient for closed loop system compared with open loop also the response of ac/ac/dc converter is better than ac/dc converter.

  20. AC410 Unit 9 Assignment



     AC410 Unit 9 Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:   18–29. The CPA firm of Carson & Boggs LLP is performing an internal control audit in accordance with PCAOB Standard No. 5. The partner in charge of the engagement has asked you to explain the process of determining which controls to test. Describe the process, presenting each of the links in this process and a short summary of how the auditors approach each of them. v ...

  1. Nuclear structure of $^{231}$Ac

    Boutami, R; Mach, H; Kurcewicz, W; Fraile, L M; Gulda, K; Aas, A J; García-Raffi, L M; Løvhøiden, G; Martínez, T; Rubio, B; Taín, J L; Tengblad, O


    The low-energy structure of 231Ac has been investigated by means of gamma ray spectroscopy following the beta-decay of 231Ra. Multipolarities of 28 transitions have been established by measuring conversion electrons with a mini-orange electron spectrometer. The decay scheme of 231Ra --> 231Ac has been constructed for the first time. The Advanced Time Delayed beta-gamma-gamma(t) method has been used to measure the half-lives of five levels. The moderately fast B(E1) transition rates derived suggest that the octupole effects, albeit weak, are still present in this exotic nucleus.

  2. AcEST: DK961189 [AcEST

    Full Text Available OS=A... 127 7e-29 sp|Q94B08|GCP1_ARATH Germination-specific cysteine protease 1 OS... 125 2e-28 sp|P00785|AC...IRNSWGLNWGDSGYVKLQRNIDDPFGKCGIAMMPSYP 347 >sp|Q94B08|GCP1_ARATH Germination-specific cysteine protease 1 OS=

  3. AcEST: BP917259 [AcEST

    Full Text Available Q96AC6|KIFC2_HUMAN Kinesin-like protein KIFC2 OS=Homo sapiens... 30 9.0 sp|O88737|BSN_MOUSE Protein bassoon ... WGQPG AAGS + PG Sbjct: 748 SSSPTEWVKWSWGQPG-------AAGSRAPPG 772 >sp|O88737|BSN_MOUSE Protein bassoon

  4. AcEST: BP921446 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 34 2e-30 tr|A4VIU1|A4VIU1_PSEU5 Putative uncharacterized protein OS=Pseud... 129 1e-28 tr|Q11HF6|Q11HF6_MESSB...EHTHLMLDSKAGWVEPHIQAGDRCFAEYPDESLAQWHERLGL 159 >tr|Q11HF6|Q11HF6_MESSB Glutathione-dependent formaldehyde-ac

  5. AcEST: DK943932 [AcEST

    Full Text Available rella paten... 145 2e-33 tr|B6T2L2|B6T2L2_MAIZE Sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphatase ...EAL++SHVCK+AC Sbjct: 67 ATACVNTFGDEQLAVDMLADKLLFEALRHSHVCKYAC 103 >tr|B6T2L2|B6T2L2_MAIZE Sedoheptulose-1,7-

  6. AcEST: DK963222 [AcEST

    Full Text Available sp|P81919|OR46A_DROME Odorant receptor 46a, isoform A OS=Drosoph... 32 2.8 sp|Q5MJ68|SPDYC_HUMAN Speed...FCFKA 181 CS +T + AV S L + +YV + AC Q FI C+ A Sbjct: 262 CSVLVLTANFYAIAVLSDERLELFKYVTYQACMLIQIFILCYYA 305 >sp|Q5MJ68|SPDYC_HUMAN Spee

  7. AcEST: DK953266 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 34 0.49 sp|A5VSF3|ACSA_BRUO2 Acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase OS=Brucella ov... 34 0.49 sp|Q8YJ48|ACSA_BRUME Ac... K++ + NK L+ R G WG GR++ Sbjct: 180 FVITADEGVRGGKPVALKENTDTAIDIAAKQYVMVNKVLVVRRTGGKVSWGRGRDL 235 >sp|A5VSF3|ACSA_BRUO2

  8. Design of Harmonics-Caused Thermal Overload Protection for AC Filter Reactor and Its Application in HVDC Power Transmission Projects%交流滤波器电抗器谐波热过负荷保护设计及其在直流工程中的应用

    张民; 贺仁睦; 李泰; 孙哲


    In HVDC power transmission projects the thermal overload of AC filter reactor may occur due to harmonic currents. The harmonics-caused thermal overload protection is the main protection for the reactor to avoid the damage due to thermal overload, so it is necessary for the correct configuraion of related protection parameters to understand the principle of this protection and master its design and implementation. The design and implementation of harmonics-caused thermal overload protection for AC filter reactor are researched in depth, and the skin-effect of harmonic currents, the determination of filter paramters, protection algorithm and setting calculation are analyzed in detail, and according to the designed withstanding ability of AC filter reactor to harmonic currents the correctness of the desing and related paramters are checked by PSCAD/EMTDC simulation. Based on the presented method and according to the skin-effect coefficient provided by reactor manufacturer the parameters of skin-effect filter can be calculated, and according to thermal equivalent current of harmonic currents the setting of the protection can be calculated. The proposed method is available for reference to the configuration of thermal overload protection for AC filter reactor used in HVDC projects.%在直流输电工程中,交流滤波器电抗器在谐波电流的作用下会出现发热或过载现象,电抗器谐波热过负荷保护是避免电抗器因过热导致损坏的主保护,理解并掌握该保护的设计原理及实现过程才能在实际工程中正确配置保护相关参数,详细研究了交流滤波器电抗器热过负荷保护的设计及实现方法,对保护中的集肤效应滤波器参数确定方法、保护算法、定值计算均进行了详细分析,并根据交流滤波器电抗器耐受谐波电流设计能力通过PSCAD/EMTDC仿真计算校核了保护设计及相关参数的正确性,在实际工程中可以按照所述方法根据电抗器生产厂

  9. Introducing high performance distributed logging service for ACS

    Avarias, Jorge A.; López, Joao S.; Maureira, Cristián; Sommer, Heiko; Chiozzi, Gianluca


    The ALMA Common Software (ACS) is a software framework that provides the infrastructure for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array and other projects. ACS, based on CORBA, offers basic services and common design patterns for distributed software. Every properly built system needs to be able to log status and error information. Logging in a single computer scenario can be as easy as using fprintf statements. However, in a distributed system, it must provide a way to centralize all logging data in a single place without overloading the network nor complicating the applications. ACS provides a complete logging service infrastructure in which every log has an associated priority and timestamp, allowing filtering at different levels of the system (application, service and clients). Currently the ACS logging service uses an implementation of the CORBA Telecom Log Service in a customized way, using only a minimal subset of the features provided by the standard. The most relevant feature used by ACS is the ability to treat the logs as event data that gets distributed over the network in a publisher-subscriber paradigm. For this purpose the CORBA Notification Service, which is resource intensive, is used. On the other hand, the Data Distribution Service (DDS) provides an alternative standard for publisher-subscriber communication for real-time systems, offering better performance and featuring decentralized message processing. The current document describes how the new high performance logging service of ACS has been modeled and developed using DDS, replacing the Telecom Log Service. Benefits and drawbacks are analyzed. A benchmark is presented comparing the differences between the implementations.

  10. AcEST: DK954361 [AcEST

    Full Text Available nin T, cardiac muscle OS=Homo sapiens... 35 0.27 sp|P98193|DMP1_RAT Dentin matrix...86TM6|SYVN1_HUMAN E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase synoviolin OS=... 33 1.4 sp|O55188|DMP1_MOUSE Dentin matrix ac...EEDAEAEAETEETRAEEDEEEEEAKEAEDG 68 Query: 329 PADQETP 349 P ++ P Sbjct: 69 PMEESKP 75 >sp|P98193|DMP1_RAT Dentin

  11. AcEST: DK956827 [AcEST

    Full Text Available n, cytoplasmic 1 OS=Salmo salar GN=AC... 389 e-107 tr|B3TH90|B3TH90_POERE Beta-actin OS=Poecilia reticulata ...PE=2 SV=1 389 e-107 tr|B3TH89|B3TH89_POERE Beta-actin OS=Poecilia reticulata PE=4 SV=1 389 e-107 tr|B3GLI4|B

  12. AcEST: DK943965 [AcEST

    Full Text Available FKBP-type OS=Cya... 55 2e-06 tr|B8EIG1|B8EIG1_METSI Peptidylprolyl isomerase FKBP-type OS=Met... 53 9e-06 t... type OS=Ac... 51 4e-05 tr|B8I9L2|B8I9L2_METNO Peptidylprolyl isomerase FKBP-type OS=Met.

  13. AC dynamometer; Koryu dinamo meter



    Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., developed an AC dynamometer for testing automobiles, and the product was delivered to Hokkaido Automotive Engineering College via Safety Automobile Company. The device is used for testing 1,300cc-class automobiles. It is similar to the conventional type in that its force of reaction to an imposed load is measured by load cells. It is a variable speed motor driven by an inverter (FRENIC5000VG5), whose specifications and features are mentioned below. It is a totally-enclosed self-cooled oscillating AC dynamometer that outputs 75kW, revolves at 1500/2868rpm, and operates for 30min. Since it is rated for a short time operation, the external fan is dispensed with, and this reduces noise. A number of parts for the standard type (R90 series) are utilized for reduction in the cost, and the time required for its delivery was short. (NEDO)

  14. AC loss in superconducting wires operating in a wind turbine like generator

    Seiler, Eugen; Zirngibl, Thomas; Mijatovic, Nenad;


    with the measurements on the original tape. The AC losses of the coil are approximately 10 times higher than the losses of the tape and they have been measured in two different experimental arrangements, one with directly connected and the other with transformer coupled power supply. Measurements in both arrangements...... resulted in the same AC loss characteristic. This work was done as a part of the Superwind project which aims to build a series of test coils and a spinning model of a generator to investigate AC loss and stability of the coils in wind turbine like conditions....

  15. Performance of AC/graphite capacitors at high weight ratios of AC/graphite

    Wang, Hongyu [IM and T Ltd., Advanced Research Center, Saga University, 1341 Yoga-machi, Saga 840-0047 (Japan); Yoshio, Masaki [Advanced Research Center, Department of Applied Chemistry, Saga University, 1341 Yoga-machi, Saga 840-0047 (Japan)


    The effect of negative to positive electrode materials' weight ratio on the electrochemical performance of both activated carbon (AC)/AC and AC/graphite capacitors has been investigated, especially in the terms of capacity and cycle-ability. The limited capacity charge mode has been proposed to improve the cycle performance of AC/graphite capacitors at high weight ratios of AC/graphite. (author)

  16. Blades and discs in gas turbines. Behaviour of material and components. Project department A-C. Final report; Schaufeln und Scheiben in Gasturbinen. Werkstoff- und Bauteilverhalten. Projektbereiche A bis C. Abschlussbericht



    The special research area 339 `Blades and discs in gas turbines, behaviour of material and components` was carried on from 1988 to the end of 1196. This final report deals with the work in the years 1994, 1995 and 1996. In the project area A `Development of material` manufacturing processes both for metallic and ceramic high temperature materials were developed, tested and optimised. In the area of optimising casting structure, it was shown that the making grains finer up to the medium temperature range can be a suitable means for significantly raising the resistance to LCF loading with nearly unchanged heat and creep strength properties. Another main point was the characterisation and optimisation of sprayed ceramic layers on metallic substrates (heat insulating layers) and compound ceramic materials. In project area B `Material behaviour` the mechanisms were studied, which, particularly in metallic high temperature materials such as nickel-based superalloys, lead to failure of the material under thermo-mechanical stresses. In project area C `Component design`, on the one hand models for estimating service life for metallic high temperature materials under different thermo-mechanical stresses were developed. [Deutsch] Der Sonderforschungsbereich 339, `Schaufeln und Scheiben in Gasturbinen - Werkstoff- und Bauteilverhalten` wurde von 1988 bis Ende 1996 gefoerdert. Dieser Abschlussbericht behandelt die Arbeiten der Jahre 1994, 1995 und 1996. Im Projektbereich A `Werkstoffentwicklung` wurden Herstellungsverfahren sowohl fuer metallische als auch fuer keramische Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe entwickelt, erprobt und optimiert. Auf dem Gebiet der Gussgefuegeoptimierung konnte gezeigt werden, dass die Kornfeinung bis in den mittleren Temperaturbereich ein geeignetes Mittel sein kann, um den Widerstand gegen LCF-Belastung bei annaehernd unveraenderten Warm- und Kriechfestigkeitseigenschaften signifikant zu erhoehen. Einen weiteren Schwerpunkt bildete die Charakterisierung und

  17. AcEST: DK943968 [AcEST


  18. AcEST: DK954735 [AcEST

    Full Text Available AC ■■Homology search results ■■ - Swiss-Prot (release 56.9) Link to BlastX Result : Swiss-Prot sp_hit_id Q7TMD5 Definition sp| significant alignments: (bits) Value sp|Q7TMD5|ZC3HE_RAT Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 1... ...tein pstB ... 30 5.8 sp|Q2S081|PSTB_SALRD Phosphate import ATP-binding protein pstB O... 30 7.6 >sp|Q7TMD5

  19. Effect of the magnetic material on AC losses in HTS conductors in AC magnetic field carrying AC transport current

    Wan, Xing-Xing; Huang, Chen-Guang; Yong, Hua-Dong; Zhou, You-He


    This paper presents an investigation on the AC losses in several typical superconducting composite conductors using the H-formulation model. A single superconducting strip with ferromagnetic substrate or cores and a stack of coated conductors with ferromagnetic substrates are studied. We consider all the coated conductors carrying AC transport currents and simultaneously exposed to perpendicular AC magnetic fields. The influences of the amplitude, frequency, phase difference and ferromagnetic materials on the AC losses are investigated. The results show that the magnetization losses of single strip and stacked strips have similar characteristics. The ferromagnetic substrate can increase the magnetization loss at low magnetic field, and decrease the loss at high magnetic field. The ferromagnetic substrate can obviously increase the transport loss in stacked strips. The trends of total AC losses of single strip and stacked strips are similar when they are carrying current or exposed to a perpendicular magnetic field. The effect of the frequency on the total AC losses of single strip is related to the amplitude of magnetic field. The AC losses decrease with increasing frequency in low magnetic field region while increase in high magnetic field region. As the phase difference changes, there is a periodic variation for the AC losses. Moreover, when the strip is under only the transport current and magnetic field, the ferromagnetic cores will increase the AC losses for large transport current or field.

  20. Universality of ac conduction in disordered solids

    Dyre, Jeppe; Schrøder, Thomas


    as a function of a suitably scaled frequency becomes independent of details of the disorder in the extreme disorder limit, i.e., when the local randomly varying mobilities cover many orders of magnitude. The two universal ac conductivities are similar, but not identical; both are examples of unusual non......-power-law universalities. It is argued that ac universality reflects an underlying percolation determining dc as well as ac conductivity in the extreme disorder limit. Three analytical approximations to the universal ac conductivities are presented and compared to computer simulations. Finally, model predictions......The striking similarity of ac conduction in quite different disordered solids is discussed in terms of experimental results, modeling, and computer simulations. After giving an overview of experiment, a macroscopic and a microscopic model are reviewed. For both models the normalized ac conductivity...

  1. RHIC spin flipper AC dipole controller

    Oddo, P.; Bai, M.; Dawson, C.; Gassner, D.; Harvey, M.; Hayes, T.; Mernick, K.; Minty, M.; Roser, T.; Severino, F.; Smith, K.


    The RHIC Spin Flipper's five high-Q AC dipoles which are driven by a swept frequency waveform require precise control of phase and amplitude during the sweep. This control is achieved using FPGA based feedback controllers. Multiple feedback loops are used to and dynamically tune the magnets. The current implementation and results will be presented. Work on a new spin flipper for RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) incorporating multiple dynamically tuned high-Q AC-dipoles has been developed for RHIC spin-physics experiments. A spin flipper is needed to cancel systematic errors by reversing the spin direction of the two colliding beams multiple times during a store. The spin flipper system consists of four DC-dipole magnets (spin rotators) and five AC-dipole magnets. Multiple AC-dipoles are needed to localize the driven coherent betatron oscillation inside the spin flipper. Operationally the AC-dipoles form two swept frequency bumps that minimize the effect of the AC-dipole dipoles outside of the spin flipper. Both AC bumps operate at the same frequency, but are phase shifted from each other. The AC-dipoles therefore require precise control over amplitude and phase making the implementation of the AC-dipole controller the central challenge.

  2. AcEST: DK956298 [AcEST

    Full Text Available AIZE Glutamate dehydrogenase OS=Zea mays GN=GDH1... 370 e-102 sp|Q43314|DHE1_ARATH Glutamate dehydrogenase 1...HGK 202 >sp|P93541|DHE3_SOLLC Glutamate dehydrogenase OS=Solanum lycopersicum GN=GDH1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 412...RG ++A EALL ++G+ Sbjct: 181 RDAATGRGALFATEALLNEHGK 202 >sp|Q43260|DHE3_MAIZE Glutamate dehydrogenase OS=Zea mays GN=GDH1...ATH Glutamate dehydrogenase 1 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=GDH1 PE=1 SV=1 Length = 411 Score = 369 bits (946),...AC Glutamate dehydrogenase OS=Nicotiana taba... 376 e-103 tr|A7YVW3|A7YVW3_ACTCH GDH1 OS=Actinidia chinensis GN=GDH1

  3. AcEST: DK959751 [AcEST

    Full Text Available .. 86 1e-16 sp|A0FGR8|ESYT2_HUMAN Extended synaptotagmin-2 OS=Homo sapiens G... 72 3e-12 sp|Q6PFQ7|RASL2_MOU...SE Ras GTPase-activating protein 4 OS=Mus mus... 72 4e-12 sp|Q3TZZ7|ESYT2_MOUSE Extended...ivating-like protein 1 OS=Mus mu... 65 3e-10 sp|Q5M7N9|ESYT3_XENTR Extended synaptotagmin-3 OS=Xenopus tropi... 1 OS=Homo s... 61 6e-09 sp|Q8L7A4|AGD11_ARATH Probable ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase-ac... 61 6e-09 sp|Q7ZWU7|EST2B_XENLA Extended... synaptotagmin-2-B OS=Xenopus laev... 60 1e-08 sp|Q5FWL4|EST2A_XENLA Extended

  4. AcEST: BP920842 [AcEST

    Full Text Available ta... 59 6e-09 sp|Q3TZZ7|ESYT2_MOUSE Extended synaptotagmin-2 OS=Mus musculus G... 59 7e-09 sp|Q9ZT47|PP16A_...CUCMA 16 kDa phloem protein 1 OS=Cucurbita maxim... 57 2e-08 sp|A0FGR8|ESYT2_HUMAN Extended synaptotagmin-2 ... domain-conta... 56 6e-08 sp|Q8L7A4|AGD11_ARATH Probable ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase-ac... 55 8e-08 sp|A0FGR9|ESYT3_HUMAN Extended... synaptotagmin-3 OS=Homo sapiens G... 55 1e-07 sp|Q5DTI8|ESYT3_MOUSE Extended synap...totagmin-3 OS=Mus musculus G... 54 2e-07 sp|Q5M7N9|ESYT3_XENTR Extended synaptota

  5. Efficient Lightweight AC-AC Power Control for Solar UAV Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — A highly efficient and lightweight dual bridge matrix power controller development is proposed that will provide high performance to a solar powered high altitude...

  6. Investigation of the Coupling Paths of a Galvanically Isolated AC/AC Converter

    Roc'h, Anne; Zhao, Dongsheng; Leferink, Frank; Polinder, Henk; Ferreira, Braham


    A galvanically isolated three-phase AC/AC converter with a high-frequency AC-link has been analyzed from an EMC point of view. This is a special configuration because of a large number of switches, a high frequency transformer, and a fourwire output. The essential coupling paths are identified. Corr

  7. AC-tabsmodeller for superledende kabelledere

    Østergaard, Jacob; Holm (fratrådt), Jesper; Understrup (fratrådt), Henriette;


    I denne rapport opstilles tre modeller for beregning af AC-tab (vekselstrømstab) i superledende kabelledere. Beregning af tabenes størrelse er væsentlig i forbindelse med vurdering af superlederteknologiens anvendelighed til AC-applikationer. Viden om tabenes natur giver desuden et vigtigt...

  8. 78 FR 33755 - Project Financing Loans


    ... investments. In a ``project'' finance model, the assets and revenues from a particular investment form the... expand its project financing authority, especially for renewable energy investments, what infrastructure... Service 7 CFR Part 1710 [0572-AC21] Project Financing Loans AGENCY: Rural Utilities Service, USDA....

  9. Memory effect in ac plasma displays

    Szlenk, K.; Obuchowicz, E.


    The bistable or `memory' mode of operation of an ac plasma display panel is presented. The difference between dc and ac plasma panel operation from the point of view of memory function is discussed. The graphic ac plasma display with thin film Cr-Cu-Cr electrodes was developed in OBREP and its basic parameters are described. It consists of 36 X 59 picture elements, its outer dimensions are: 76 X 52 mm2 and the screen size is: 49 X 30 mm2. The different dielectric glass materials were applied as dielectric layers and the influence of the properties of these materials on display parameters and memory function was investigated.

  10. DC-Modulated PFC Buck-Type AC/AC Converter for Light Dimming

    罗方林; 叶虹


    Dimmers are very widely applied in theatres, cinemas, dancing-parties, auditoriums and signal systems. They are usually supplied by single-stage AC/AC converters in the past with voltage regulation technique with the disadvantages of high total harmonic distortion, low power factor and poor power transfer efficiency. This paper introduces a novel method-DC-modulation that implements DC/DC conversion technology into AC/AC converters. The DC-modulated single-stage PFC AC/AC converters effectively improved the power factor up to 0.999 and the power transfer efficiency up to 97.8 %. The experimental results verified our design and calculation. This technique will be widely used in light dimming and other industrial applications.

  11. The Effect of the Feedback Controller on Superconducting Tokamak AC Losses + AC-CRPP user manual

    Schaerz, B.; Bruzzone, P.; Favez, J.Y.; Lister, J.B.; Zapretilina, E


    Superconducting coils in a Tokamak are subject to AC losses when the field transverse to the coil current varies. A simple model to evaluate the AC losses has been derived and benchmarked against a complete model used in the ITER design procedure. The influence of the feedback control strategy on the AC losses is examined using this model. An improved controller is proposed, based on this study. (author)

  12. Guiding Principles in Selecting AC To DC Converters For Power Factor Corrections in AC Transmission System

    Ibekwe B.E


    Full Text Available The ac to dc converters’ power factors correction in ac transmission system were investigated. The studies include: phase-controlled converter; pulse width modulated (PWM converter and ac input current shaped converter. Using Fourier series, power factors of these converters were calculated and simulated using MATLAB. The resulting curves are displayed in the hard copies for practical guides in the choice of converters; and comparatively, current shaped type is the best.

  13. 马士基将重组AC-2和AC-3航线




  14. Cooperative Frequency Control for Autonomous AC Microgrids

    Shafiee, Qobad; Quintero, Juan Carlos Vasquez; Guerrero, Josep M.;


    Distributed secondary control strategies have been recently studied for frequency regulation in droop-based AC Microgrids. Unlike centralized secondary control, the distributed one might fail to provide frequency synchronization and proportional active power sharing simultaneously, due to having...... not require measuring the system frequency as compared to the other presented methods. An ac Microgrid with four sources is used to verify the performance of the proposed control methodology....

  15. imulation Results of Single Stage AC- AC Converter for Induction Heating



    Full Text Available This paper presents simulation of single stage Induction heating system with series Load Resonance. Low frequency AC is converted in to High Frequency Ac using newly developed ZVS-PWM high frequency inverter. This High Frequency is used for Induction Heating .Single stage AC-AC converter system is modeled and simulated using Matlab Simulink. The simulation results of ZVS-PWM high frequency system are presented. The effectiveness of this UFAC-to-HFAC direct power frequency converter using IGBTs for consumer high-frequency IH appliances is evaluated and proved on the basis of simulation results.

  16. 丛林上空的鬼影和利刺:续写炮艇神话的AC-119G/K



    很多人都认为C-119飞行货车的炮艇机改型是是AC-47的继承人,第二代炮艇机。但实际上,AC-130A才是整个项目的第二步,导致这种误解的主要原因是,AC-119实际上比AC-130更早投入使用,是它接替了AC-47在越南战场上作战任务。实际上,在美国空军的正式项目编号里,AC-130研制项目被称为炮透过机-Ⅱ项目(Project Gunship Ⅱ),AC-119才是炮透过机-Ⅲ

  17. Analysis on Phase Arrangement and Transposition Modes for UHV DC and Double-circuit EHV AC Transmission Line Built on the Same Tower

    SIMA Wenxia; ZHOU Yuan; YUAN Tao; YANG Qing; SUN Shujie; Gilles Tremouille


    For AC and DC hybrid transmission lines, the arrangement and transposition modes of AC conductors not only affect the unbalance factor of AC lines, but also influence the bias current of DC converter transformers by AC and DC coupling. Excessive bias current will influence the normal operation of converter transformers, thus the optimal AC phase arrangement and transposition mode of hybrid lines was studied to minimize the coupling effect between AC and DC lines to fit the requirements on both aspects. Based on the parameters of the Ximeng-Shanghai project in China, a detailed simulation model of the DC converter station and the hybrid transmission line with double- circuit AC 500 kV transmission lines and DC ± 800 kV transmission lines were presented in the software PSCAD- EMTDC, and the coupling effects of the hybrid transmission lines were elucidated. The fundamental frequency components of DC poles with different operation conditions, arrangements of conductors and operation modes were analyzed, and the effective arrangement and transposition limiting the fundamental frequency current component of the DC line were compared. Simulation results show that AC operating conditions can affect DC induced components while the DC system operation mode has no apparent effect. With compact arrangement and inconsistent transposition of AC lines, the fundamental frequency component on DC lines can be reduced effectively; the three transposed mode within the hybrid line is the optimal layout scheme, considering both the requirements of DC bias current and AC unbalance degree.

  18. Cost effective second generation AC-modules: Development and testing aspects

    Islam, Saiful; Belmans, Ronnie [Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Department of Electrical Engineering, ESAT/ELECTA, Kasteelpark Arenberg 10, B-3001 Leuven-Heverlee (Belgium); Woyte, Achim [3E nv, Verenigingsstraat 39, B-1000, Brussel (Belgium); Heskes, Peter; Rooij, P.M. [Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands ECN, PO Box 1, 1755 ZG Petten (Netherlands); Hogedoorn, Ron [Mastervolt International, Snijdersbergweg 93, 1105AN Amsterdam Z.O. (Netherlands)


    In the framework of the European research project PV2GO, a new AC-module inverter was developed, taking into account all relevant aspects from a European market's point of view (standards, market, application, and research and development goals). The project goal was to achieve the overall system costs of 3 Euro per Wp for a modular plug-and-play photovoltaic system. For the photovoltaic-module, a standard 130-Wp Eurosolare module was chosen. The research and development (R and D) goal was to develop an advanced DC-control system consisting of a state-of-the-art programmable digital device and an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) for the AC-control of the inverter. According to the topology concept, thermal and magnetic designs were optimized with regard to production technology and packaging for large-scale production. The new AC-modules were tested in a number of field-test sites in various parts of Europe and their reliability was assessed through Highly Accelerated Stress Tests. Efficiency and power quality have been tested in the laboratory. Further in the PV2GO project an optimization study of the manufacturing process of the new generation of AC-modules for high volume output was done. Another task was the pre-certification procedure to assure compliance with the European guidelines and standards. (author)

  19. 21 CFR 886.1850 - AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope. 886.1850... (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES OPHTHALMIC DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 886.1850 AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope. (a) Identification. An AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope is an AC-powered device that is...

  20. 21 CFR 886.4440 - AC-powered magnet.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered magnet. 886.4440 Section 886.4440 Food... DEVICES OPHTHALMIC DEVICES Surgical Devices § 886.4440 AC-powered magnet. (a) Identification. An AC-powered magnet is an AC-powered device that generates a magnetic field intended to find and...

  1. 21 CFR 888.1240 - AC-powered dynamometer.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered dynamometer. 888.1240 Section 888.1240...) MEDICAL DEVICES ORTHOPEDIC DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 888.1240 AC-powered dynamometer. (a) Identification. An AC-powered dynamometer is an AC-powered device intended for medical purposes to...

  2. 21 CFR 886.1630 - AC-powered photostimulator.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered photostimulator. 886.1630 Section 886...) MEDICAL DEVICES OPHTHALMIC DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 886.1630 AC-powered photostimulator. (a) Identification. An AC-powered photostimulator is an AC-powered device intended to provide light stimulus...

  3. 78 FR 39345 - ACS Wireless, Inc.; Notice of Application


    ... No. 812-14066] ACS Wireless, Inc.; Notice of Application AGENCY: Securities and Exchange Commission... (``Act''). Summary of Application: ACS Wireless, Inc. (``ACS Wireless'') seeks an order under section 3(b..., reinvesting, owning, holding or trading in securities. ACS Wireless is primarily engaged in providing...

  4. AC Electrokinetics of Physiological Fluids for Biomedical Applications.

    Lu, Yi; Liu, Tingting; Lamanda, Ariana C; Sin, Mandy L Y; Gau, Vincent; Liao, Joseph C; Wong, Pak Kin


    Alternating current (AC) electrokinetics is a collection of processes for manipulating bulk fluid mass and embedded objects with AC electric fields. The ability of AC electrokinetics to implement the major microfluidic operations, such as pumping, mixing, concentration, and separation, makes it possible to develop integrated systems for clinical diagnostics in nontraditional health care settings. The high conductivity of physiological fluids presents new challenges and opportunities for AC electrokinetics-based diagnostic systems. In this review, AC electrokinetic phenomena in conductive physiological fluids are described followed by a review of the basic microfluidic operations and the recent biomedical applications of AC electrokinetics. The future prospects of AC electrokinetics for clinical diagnostics are presented.

  5. ACS production: optimal design of solar thermal power plants; Produccion de ACS. Optimizacion del dimensionado de instalaciones de energia solar termica

    Platon Arias, L.; San Jose Alonso, F.


    The aim of this project is to develop a program to size solar thermal power plants for the production of the company ACS, which enable optimum value calculations of the different influence parameters (surface, inclination, orientation, energy input) advising diverse circumstances and requirements. The energy input calculation has been effected according to f-chart method. For the solar radiation on inclined and oriented surfaces calculation, has been applied the Klein Method. (Author) 14 refs.

  6. The Sloan Lens ACS Survey. V. The full ACS strong-lens sample

    Bolton, Adam S.; Burles, Scott; Koopmans, Leon V. E.; Treu, Tommaso; Gavazzi, Raphael; Moustakas, Leonidas A.; Wayth, Randall; Schlegel, David J.


    We present the definitive data for the full sample of 131 strong gravitational lens candidates observed with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) aboard the Hubble Space Telescope by the Sloan Lens ACS (SLACS) Survey. All targets were selected for higher redshift emission lines and lower redshift c

  7. Approaches to building single-stage AC/AC conversion switch-mode audio power amplifiers

    Ljusev, Petar; Andersen, Michael Andreas E.


    This paper discusses the possible topologies and promising approaches towards direct single-phase AC-AC conversion of the mains voltage for audio applications. When compared to standard Class-D switching audio power amplifiers with a separate power supply, it is expected that direct conversion...

  8. Low AC Loss YBCO Coated Conductor Geometry by Direct Inkjet Printing

    Rupich, Martin, Dr. [American Superconductor Corporation; Duckworth, Robert, Dr. [Oak Ridge National Laboratory


    The second generation (2G) high temperature superconductors (HTS) wire offers potential benefits for many electric power applications, including ones requiring filamentized conductors with low ac loss, such as transformers and fault current limiters. However, the use of 2G wire in these applications requires the development of both novel multi-filamentary conductor designs with lower ac losses and the development of advanced manufacturing technologies that enable the low-cost manufacturing of these filamentized architectures. This Phase I SBIR project focused on testing inkjet printing as a potential low-cost, roll-to-roll manufacturing technique to fabricate potential low ac loss filamentized architectures directly on the 2G template strips.

  9. Cyclotron and linac production of Ac-225.

    Melville, Graeme; Allen, Barry J


    Radium needles that were once implanted into tumours as a cancer treatment are now obsolete and constitute a radioactive waste problem, as their half-life is 1600 years. The reduction of radium by photonuclear transmutation by bombarding Ra-226 with high-energy photons from a medical linear accelerator (linac) has been investigated. A linac dose of 2800 Gy produced about 2.4 MBq (64 microCi) of Ra-225, which decays to Ac-225 and can then be used for 'Targeted Alpha Therapy' (TAT) of cancer. This result, while consistent with theoretical calculations, is far too low to be of practical use unless much larger quantities of radium are irradiated. The increasing application of Ac-225 for cancer therapy indicates the potential need for its increased production and availability. This paper investigates the possibility of producing of Ac-225 in commercial quantities, which could potentially reduce obsolete radioactive material and displace the need for expensive importation of Ac-225 from the USA and Russia in the years ahead. Scaled up production of Ac-225 could theoretically be achieved by the use of a high current cyclotron or linac. Production specifications are determined for a linac in terms of current, pulse length and frequency, as well as an examination of other factors such as radiation issues and radionuclei separation. Yields are compared with those calculated for the Australian National Cyclotron in Sydney.

  10. AC/DC and DC/AC Converty Circuits in Power Supply Equipment%电源设备中AC/DC和DC/AC变换电路




  11. Simulational studies of epitaxial semiconductor superlattices: Quantum dynamical phenomena in ac and dc electric fields

    Reynolds, Joseph [Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA (United States)


    Using high-accuracy numerical methods the author investigates the dynamics of independent electrons in both ideal and realistic superlattices subject to arbitrary ac and/or dc electric fields. For a variety of superlattice potentials, optically excited initial wave packets, and combinations of ac and dc electric fields, he numerically solves the time-dependent Schroedinger equation. In the case of ideal periodic superlattice potentials, he investigates a long list of dynamical phenomena involving multiple miniband transitions and time-dependent electric fields. These include acceleration effects associated with interminiband transitions in strong fields, Zener resonances between minibands, dynamic localization with ac fields, increased single-miniband transport with an auxiliary resonant ac field, and enhanced or suppressed interminiband probability exchange using an auxiliary ac field. For all of the cases studied, the resulting time-dependent wave function is analyzed by projecting the data onto convenient orthonormal bases. This allows a detailed comparison with approximately analytic treatments. In an effort to explain the rapid decay of experimentally measured Bloch oscillation (BO) signals the author incorporates a one-dimensional representation of interface roughness (IR) into their superlattice potential. He shows that as a result of IR, the electron dynamics can be characterized in terms of many discrete, incommensurate frequencies near the Block frequency. Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been removed from this report and will be processed separately.

  12. AC susceptibilities of grain-textured superconductors

    Sakamoto, N.; Fukuda, Y.; Koga, M.; Akune, T.; Khan, H. R.; Lüders, K.


    In-phase χ n‧ and out-phase χ n″ components of nth harmonics of AC susceptibility with measuring parameters of a DC magnetic field Bdc, an amplitude Ba and a frequency f of the superimposed AC magnetic fields give substantial information of the superconducting properties. In low- Tc metallic superconductors, χ1‧ shows smooth transition and χ1″ does single peak. High- Tc oxide superconductors with anisotropic and grain-textured structures show deformed complex characteristics. Double peaks in χ1″ and shoulders in χ1‧ appear in AC susceptibility of Hg-1223 superconductors. Instead of simple Bean model, a grained model, where the superconducting grains are immersed in weak superconducting matrix, are proposed. The susceptibilities numerically analyzed using the model show varied and deformed curves and are successfully compared with the measured results.

  13. CⅡEngineering Project Passed Completion Acceptance

    LI; Zhen-yi; LI; Song; XUE; Sui-zhi; LI; Yan; CHENG; Ming


    CⅡengineering project involves the design and technical services of a reactor electric power supply system,which responds to the requirement of foreign client.The content of this project mainly covers three aspects including Class 1E Low Voltage AC System,Class 1E Low Voltage DC System,

  14. The Effective AC Response of Nonlinear Composites

    WEI En-Bo; GU Guo-Qing


    A perturbative approach is used to study the AC response of nonlinear composite media, which obey a current-field relation of the form J = σ E + χ|E|2 E with components having nonlinear response at finite frequencies. For a sinusoidal applied field, we extend the local potential in terms of sinusoidal components at fundamental frequency and high-order harmonic frequencies to treat the nonlinear composites. For nonlinear composite media vith a low concentrations of spherical inclusions, we give the formulae of the nonlinear effective AC susceptibility χ*3ω at the third harmonic frequency.

  15. Control of Power Converters in AC Microgrids

    Rocabert, Joan; Luna, Alvaro; Blaabjerg, Frede;


    The enabling of ac microgrids in distribution networks allows delivering distributed power and providing grid support services during regular operation of the grid, as well as powering isolated islands in case of faults and contingencies, thus increasing the performance and reliability of the ele......The enabling of ac microgrids in distribution networks allows delivering distributed power and providing grid support services during regular operation of the grid, as well as powering isolated islands in case of faults and contingencies, thus increasing the performance and reliability...

  16. The ACS Nearby Galaxy Survey Treasury

    Dalcanton, Julianne J; Seth, Anil C; Dolphin, Andrew; Holtzman, Jon; Rosema, Keith; Skillman, Evan D; Cole, Andrew; Girardi, Leo; Gogarten, Stephanie M; Karachentsev, Igor D; Olsen, Knut; Weisz, Daniel; Christensen, Charlotte; Freeman, Ken; Gilbert, Karoline; Gallart, Carme; Harris, Jason; Hodge, Paul; de Jong, Roelof S; Karachentseva, Valentina; Mateo, Mario; Stetson, Peter B; Tavarez, Maritza; Zaritsky, Dennis; Governato, Fabio; Quinn, Thomas


    The ACS Nearby Galaxy Survey Treasury (ANGST) is a systematic survey to establish a legacy of uniform multi-color photometry of resolved stars for a volume-limited sample of nearby galaxies (D14 million stars. In this paper we present the details of the sample selection, imaging, data reduction, and the resulting photometric catalogs, along with an analysis of the photometric uncertainties (systematic and random), for both t he ACS and WFPC2 imaging. We also present uniformly derived relative distances measured from the apparent magnitude of the TRGB.

  17. AC410 Unit 2 Homework Assignment



      AC410 Unit 2 Homework Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:   3-31 Ron Barber, CPA, is auditing the financial statements of DGF, Inc., a publicly held company. During the course of the audit, Barber discovered that DGF has been making illegal bribes to foreign government officials to obtain business, and he reported the matter to senior management and the board of directors of DGF. Required: If management a...

  18. Project 2010 Project Management

    Happy, Robert


    The ideal on-the-job reference guide for project managers who use Microsoft Project 2010. This must-have guide to using Microsoft Project 2010 is written from a real project manager's perspective and is packed with information you can use on the job. The book explores using Project 2010 during phases of project management, reveals best practices, and walks you through project flow from planning through tracking to closure. This valuable book follows the processes defined in the PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition , and also provides exam prep for Microsoft's MCTS: Project 2010 certification.: Explains

  19. Cascaded Buck-Boost AC/AC converter%级联式Buck-Boost AC/AC变换器

    张友军; 丁明昌; 任永保; 王阿敏; 翁振明


    详细分析了Buck型和Boost型AC/AC变换器的工作原理及其控制方法,在此基础上提出了一种新型级联式Buck-Boost AC/AC变换器及其三模式控制策略.三模式控制策略是比较输入电压与基准输出电压的大小,使得变换器只有3种工作模式:Buck模式、Boost模式和滤波模式.该电路虽然由Buck型和Boost型AC/AC变换器2级变换器级联而成,并采用2级占空比调制,但实际上最多只存在一级功率变换,具有控制简单、变换效率高、开关管电压应力低等优点.仿真结果证明了级联式Buck-Boost AC/AC变换器及其控制策略的可行性和理论分析的正确性.

  20. YBCO thin films in ac and dc films

    Shahzada, S


    We report studies on the dc magnetization of YBCO thin films in simultaneously applied dc and ac fields. The effect of the ac fields is to decrease the irreversible magnetization drastically leading to complete collapse of the hysteresis loops for relatively small ac fields (250e). The magnitude of the decrease depends on the component of the ac field parallel to the c-axis. The decrease is non-linear with ac amplitude and is explained in the framework of the critical state response of ultra thin films in perpendicular geometry. The ac fields increase the relaxation rapidly at short times while the long time response appears unaffected. (author)




    Full Text Available The proposed topology reduces the total harmonic distortion (THD of a high frequency AC/AC Converter well below the acceptable limit. This paper deals with a novel single phase AC/DC/AC soft switching utility frequency AC to high frequency AC converter. In this paper a single phase full bridge inverter with Vienna rectifier as front end is used instead of conventional diode bridge rectifier to provide continuous sinusoidal input current with nearly unity power factor at the source side with extremely low distortion.. This power converter is more suitable and acceptable for cost effective high frequency (HF consumer induction heating applications.

  2. AcsA-AcsB: The core of the cellulose synthase complex from Gluconacetobacter hansenii ATCC23769.

    McManus, John B; Deng, Ying; Nagachar, Nivedita; Kao, Teh-hui; Tien, Ming


    The gram-negative bacterium, Gluconacetobacter hansenii, produces cellulose of exceptionally high crystallinity in comparison to the cellulose of higher plants. This bacterial cellulose is synthesized and extruded into the extracellular medium by the cellulose synthase complex (CSC). The catalytic component of this complex is encoded by the gene AcsAB. However, several other genes are known to encode proteins critical to cellulose synthesis and are likely components of the bacterial CSC. We have purified an active heterodimer AcsA-AcsB from G. hansenii ATCC23769 to homogeneity by two different methods. With the purified protein, we have determined how it is post-translationally processed, forming the active heterodimer AcsA-AcsB. Additionally, we have performed steady-state kinetic studies on the AcsA-AcsB complex. Finally through mutagenesis studies, we have explored the roles of the postulated CSC proteins AcsC, AcsD, and CcpAx.

  3. Generic Electronic Board Design to Control 3-Phase Ac

    RojasMolina A.


    Full Text Available This work presents the design and development of a low-cost power manager with controller for a 3-phase AC induction motor, with a wide range of industrial applications. The prototype drive design and development was made using the generic standard on printed board design IPC2221. Power manager consists of two stages. First is control stage, which includes an induction motor control-specific micro-controller. Second is power stage, with IGBTs as switching elements. This design is part of a wider project whose main objective is to advance a methodology to assist the quality improvement of academia-developed electronic prototypes. It is expected that these prototypes will be aligned with industrial standards, facilitating the industry-university connection regarding technological collaboration in the automation and control domain.

  4. 76 FR 65633 - RIN 1904-AC43


    ... 1904-AC43. Comments may be submitted using any of the following methods: Federal eRulemaking Portal... and avoid the use of special characters or any form of encryption. Postal Mail: Ms. Brenda Edwards, U... FR 56678 (September 14, 2011) to make available and invite comments on the framework document...

  5. AC Losses of Prototype HTS Transmission Cables

    Demko, J.A.; Dresner, L.; Hughey, R.L.; Lue, J.W.; Olsen, S.K.; Sinha, U.; Tolbert, J.C.


    Since 1995 Southwire Company and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have jointly designed, built, and tested nine, l-m long, high temperature superconducting (HTS) transmission cable prototypes. This paper summarizes the AC loss measurements of five of the cables not reported elsewhere, and compares the losses with each other and with theory developed by Dresner. Losses were measured with both a calorimetric and an electrical technique. Because of the broad resistive transition of the HTS tapes, the cables can be operated stably beyond their critical currents. The AC losses were measured in this region as well as below critical currents. Dresner's theory takes into account the broad resistive transition of the HTS tapes and calculates the AC losses both below and above the critical current. The two sets of AC 10SS data agree with each other and with the theory quite welL In particular, at low currents of incomplete penetration, the loss data agree with the theoretical prediction of hysteresis loss based on only the outer two Iayers carrying the total current.

  6. AC power generation from microbial fuel cells

    Lobo, Fernanda Leite; Wang, Heming; Forrestal, Casey; Ren, Zhiyong Jason


    Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) directly convert biodegradable substrates to electricity and carry good potential for energy-positive wastewater treatment. However, the low and direct current (DC) output from MFC is not usable for general electronics except small sensors, yet commercial DC-AC converters or inverters used in solar systems cannot be directly applied to MFCs. This study presents a new DC-AC converter system for MFCs that can generate alternating voltage in any desired frequency. Results show that AC power can be easily achieved in three different frequencies tested (1, 10, 60 Hz), and no energy storage layer such as capacitors was needed. The DC-AC converter efficiency was higher than 95% when powered by either individual MFCs or simple MFC stacks. Total harmonic distortion (THD) was used to investigate the quality of the energy, and it showed that the energy could be directly usable for linear electronic loads. This study shows that through electrical conversion MFCs can be potentially used in household electronics for decentralized off-grid communities.

  7. Thermal Simulation of AC Electromagnetic Contactor

    NIUChun-ping; CHENDe-gui; ZHANGJing-shu; LIXing-wen


    Transient magnetic circuit method is adopted to calculate the power loss in winding and shading coil. Based on the analysis of heat transfer process in AC contactor, a thermal model is proposed and the temperature field distribution is simulated with 3-D FEM of ANSYS.Comparison of simulation results with measurements shows that the proposed method is effective.

  8. A dry-cooled AC quantum voltmeter

    Schubert, M.; Starkloff, M.; Peiselt, K.; Anders, S.; Knipper, R.; Lee, J.; Behr, R.; Palafox, L.; Böck, A. C.; Schaidhammer, L.; Fleischmann, P. M.; Meyer, H.-G.


    The paper describes a dry-cooled AC quantum voltmeter system operated up to kilohertz frequencies and 7 V rms. A 10 V programmable Josephson voltage standard (PJVS) array was installed on a pulse tube cooler (PTC) driven with a 4 kW air-cooled compressor. The operating margins at 70 GHz frequencies were investigated in detail and found to exceed 1 mA Shapiro step width. A key factor for the successful chip operation was the low on-chip power consumption of 65 mW in total. A thermal interface between PJVS chip and PTC cold stage was used to avoid a significant chip overheating. By installing the cryocooled PJVS array into an AC quantum voltmeter setup, several calibration measurements of dc standards and calibrator ac voltages up to 2 kHz frequencies were carried out to demonstrate the full functionality. The results are discussed and compared to systems with standard liquid helium cooling. For dc voltages, a direct comparison measurement between the dry-cooled AC quantum voltmeter and a liquid-helium based 10 V PJVS shows an agreement better than 1 part in 1010.

  9. Protection of AC and DC Microgrids

    Beheshtaein, Siavash; Savaghebi, Mehdi; Quintero, Juan Carlos Vasquez;


    In future, distributed energy resources (RESs) will be utilized at consumption points. As a consequence, power flow and fault current would be bidirectional and topologydependent; and hence the conventional protection strategies would be inefficient. This paper categorizes the main challenges in AC...

  10. From Beamline to Scanner with 225Ac

    Robertson, Andrew K. H.; Ramogida, Caterina F.; Kunz, Peter; Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Cristina; Schaffer, Paul; Sossi, Vesna


    Due to the high linear energy transfer and short range of alpha-radiation, targeted radiation therapy using alpha-emitting pharmaceuticals that successfully target small disease clusters will kill target cells with limited harm to healthy tissue, potentially treating the most aggressive forms of cancer. As the parent of a decay chain with four alpha- and two beta-decays, 225Ac is a promising candidate for such a treatment. However, this requires retention of the entire decay chain at the target site, preventing the creation of freely circulating alpha-emitters that reduce therapeutic effect and increase toxicity to non-target tissues. Two major challenges to 225Ac pharmaceutical development exist: insufficient global supply, and the difficulty of preventing toxicity by retaining the entire decay chain at the target site. While TRIUMF works towards large-scale (C i amounts) production of 225Ac, we already use our Isotope Separation On-Line facility to provide small (overview of this research program and the journey of 225Ac from the beamline to the scanner. This research is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

  11. Aging, Counterfeiting Configuration Control (AC3)


    relabeled fake microcircuit chips from overseas - threaten the reliability, safety, and performance of DoD systems. These systems are vulnerable... NASA , Raytheon internal, etc. Aging, Counterfeiting Configuration Control (AC3) Page 13 of 28 are important in determining the alert’s priority

  12. Simulation Environment for Power Management and Distribution Development Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The overall objective of this research project is to investigate an autonomous and online control structure for finite-inertia power systems (dc and ac) with a...

  13. Digital model for harmonic interactions in AC/DC/AC systems

    Guarini, A.P.; Rangel, R.D.; Pilotto, L.A.S.; Pinto, R.J.; Passos Junior, R. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The main purpose of this paper is to present a model for calculation of HVdc converter harmonics taking into account the influence of the harmonic interactions between the ac systems in dc link transmissions. The ideas and methodologies used in the model development take into account the dc current ripple and ac voltage distortion in the ac systems. The theory of switching functions is applied to contemplate for the frequency conversions between the ac and dc sides, in an iterative process. It is possible then to obtain, even in balanced situations, non-characteristic harmonics that are produced by frequencies originated in the other terminal, which can be significant in a strongly coupled system, such as back-to-back configuration. (author) 9 refs., 3 figs.

  14. Implementation and Control of an AC/DC/AC Converter for Double Wound Flywheel Application

    J. G. Oliveira


    Full Text Available An all-electric driveline based on a double wound flywheel, connected in series between main energy storage and a wheel motor, is presented. The flywheel works as a power buffer, allowing the battery to deliver optimized power. It also separates electrically the system in two sides, with the battery connected to the low voltage side and the wheel motor connected to the high voltage side. This paper presents the implementation and control of the AC/DC/AC converter, used to connect the flywheel high voltage windings to the wheel motor. The converter general operation and the adopted control strategy are discussed. The implementation of the AC/DC/AC converter has been described from a practical perspective. Results from experimental tests performed in the full-system prototype are presented. The prototype system is running with satisfactory stability during acceleration mode. Good efficiency and unity power factor could be achieved, based on vector control and space vector modulation.

  15. AcEST Contig - AcEST | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Full Text Available [ Credits ] BLAST Search Image Search Home About Archive Update History Contact us File URL: File size: 1.34MB Simple search URL Da...Joomla SEF URLs by Artio About This Database Database Description Download License Update History of This Database Site Policy | Contact Us AcEST Contig - AcEST | LSDB Archive ...

  16. Dicty_cDB: FCL-AC21 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available FCL (Link to library) FCL-AC21 (Link to dictyBase) - - - Contig-U15479-1 FCL-AC21E ...(Link to Original site) - - - - - - FCL-AC21E 632 Show FCL-AC21 Library FCL (Link to library) Clone ID FCL-AC2... Representative seq. ID FCL-AC2...1E (Link to Original site) Representative DNA sequence >FCL-AC21 (FCL-AC21Q) /CSM/FCL/FCL-AC/FCL-AC2...M/SL/SLG7-D/SLG773Q.Seq.d/ 1205 0.0 FCL-AC21 (FCL-AC21Q) /CSM/FCL/FCL-AC/FCL-AC21

  17. AC Stark cooling of C 2 - ion in penning trap using Simbuca

    Cui, Hao


    This article is going to summarize work I did in my 2 month project on AC Stark cooling simulation, and the object is to help my colleague carry on it and make further progress. In this article, I will meanly explain the formula I used, the content and flowchart of my c++ code, some conclusion and knowledge we obtained about cooling efficiency from our simulation, and some important tips we noticed before.

  18. Morphological studies of the galaxy populations in distant "Butcher-Oemler" clusters with HST. II. AC103, AC118 and AC114 at z=0.31

    Couch, W J; Smail, I; Ellis, Richard S; Sharples, R M


    We present new results of a program to study the detailed morphologies of galaxies in intermediate redshift clusters and hence understand the physical origin of the enhanced star formation in these environments at earlier epochs. Deep, high resolution imagery has been obtained of 3 rich clusters, AC103,AC118 & AC114 at z=0.31, using the WFPC2 on HST. For AC103 & AC118, single pointings covering a central 0.5x0.5Mpc have been obtained; for AC114, 4 pointings covering a 1.2x0.7Mpc area have been obtained, allowing the more outer regions of a distant cluster to be studied. Hubble types plus evidence for dynamical interactions and/or structural abnormalities have been determined visually for all galaxies down to R=22.25 in AC103 & AC118 and R=23.0 in AC114.We find the numbers of spirals (Sa-Sdm) in our clusters to be up to 4x higher than that seen in present-day clusters; only in the virialised core of our most massive regular cluster, AC114, do we see morphological fractions approaching those of the ...

  19. Importance of Attenuation Correction (AC) for Small Animal PET Imaging

    El Ali, Henrik H.; Bodholdt, Rasmus Poul; Jørgensen, Jesper Tranekjær;


    was performed. Methods: Ten NMRI nude mice with subcutaneous implantation of human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) were scanned consecutively in small animal PET and CT scanners (MicroPETTM Focus 120 and ImTek’s MicroCATTM II). CT-based AC, PET-based AC and uniform AC methods were compared. Results: The activity...

  20. Methods for Addressing Missing Data with Applications from ACS Exams

    Brandriet, Alexandra; Holme, Thomas


    As part of the ACS Examinations Institute (ACS-EI) national norming process, student performance data sets are collected from professors at colleges and universities from around the United States. Because the data sets are collected on a volunteer basis, the ACS-EI often receives data sets with only students' total scores and without the students'…

  1. 21 CFR 880.5500 - AC-powered patient lift.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered patient lift. 880.5500 Section 880.5500... Devices § 880.5500 AC-powered patient lift. (a) Identification. An AC-powered lift is an electrically powered device either fixed or mobile, used to lift and transport patients in the horizontal or...

  2. 7 CFR 1737.31 - Area Coverage Survey (ACS).


    ... 7 Agriculture 11 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Area Coverage Survey (ACS). 1737.31 Section 1737.31... Studies-Area Coverage Survey and Loan Design § 1737.31 Area Coverage Survey (ACS). (a) The Area Coverage Survey (ACS) is a market forecast of service requirements of subscribers in a proposed service area....

  3. AC LED的研究现状与发展%Current research and development of AC LED

    满瑞; 李秋俊


    介绍了AC LED的特征及其工作原理,分析了AC LED相比于DC LED的优缺点,概述了AC LED在国内外的研究进展及其应用现状,讨论了AC LED技术发展过程中面临的挑战,并展望了其发展趋势.%The characteristics and operation principles of AC LED were presented.The advantages and disadvantages of AC LED compared with the DC LED were analyzed.The development and the latest application of AC LED were described.The challenges of the competition with the traditional light source were discussed,as well as the development trend of AC LED.

  4. 78 FR 49318 - Availability of Draft Advisory Circular (AC) 90-106A and AC 20-167A


    ... Systems (78 FR 34935-34958) (Docket No.: FAA-2013-0485; Notice No. 1209). AC 90-106A, Enhanced Flight... the Federal Register published on April 11, 2000 (65 FR 19477-19478), as well as at http://DocketsInfo... Federal Aviation Administration Availability of Draft Advisory Circular (AC) 90-106A and AC 20-...

  5. Lazy AC-Pattern Matching for Rewriting

    Walid Belkhir; Alain Giorgetti


    We define a lazy pattern-matching mechanism modulo associativity and commutativity. The solutions of a pattern-matching problem are stored in a lazy list composed of a first substitution at the head and a non-evaluated object that encodes the remaining computations. We integrate the lazy AC-matching in a strategy language: rewriting rule and strategy application produce a lazy list of terms.

  6. AC plasma anemometer—characteristics and design

    Marshall, Curtis; Matlis, Eric; Corke, Thomas; Gogineni, Sivaram


    The characteristics and design of a high-bandwidth flow sensor that uses an AC glow discharge (plasma) as the sensing element is presented. The plasma forms in the air gap between two protruding low profile electrodes attached to a probe body. The output from the anemometer is an amplitude modulated version of the AC voltage input that contains information about the mean and fluctuating velocity components. The anemometer circuitry includes resistance and capacitance elements that simulate a dielectric-barrier to maintain a diffuse plasma, and a constant-current feedback control that maintains operation within the desired glow discharge regime over an extended range of air velocities. Mean velocity calibrations are demonstrated over a range from 0 to 140 m s-1. Over this velocity range, the mean output voltage varied linearly with air velocity, providing a constant static sensitivity. The effect of the electrode gap and input AC carrier frequency on the anemometer static sensitivity and dynamic response are investigated. Experiments are performed to compare measurements obtained with a plasma sensor operating at two AC carrier frequencies against that of a constant-temperature hot-wire. All three sensors were calibrated against the same known velocity reference. An uncertainty based on the standard deviation of the velocity calibration fit was applied to the mean and fluctuating velocity measurements of the three sensors. The motivation is not to replace hot-wires as a general measurement tool, but rather as an alternative to hot-wires in harsh environments or at high Mach numbers where they either have difficulty in surviving or lack the necessary frequency response.

  7. Lazy AC-Pattern Matching for Rewriting

    Walid Belkhir


    Full Text Available We define a lazy pattern-matching mechanism modulo associativity and commutativity. The solutions of a pattern-matching problem are stored in a lazy list composed of a first substitution at the head and a non-evaluated object that encodes the remaining computations. We integrate the lazy AC-matching in a strategy language: rewriting rule and strategy application produce a lazy list of terms.

  8. Design and implementation of IEEE 802.11ac MAC controller in 65 nm CMOS process

    Peng, Cheng; Bin, Wu; Yong, Hei


    An IEEE-802.11ac-1*1 wireless LAN system-on-a-chip (SoC) that integrates an analog front end, a digital base-band processor and a media access controller has been implemented in 65 nm CMOS technology. It can provide significantly increased throughput, high efficiency rate selection, and fully backward compatibility with the existing 802.11a/n WLAN protocols. Especially the measured maximum throughput of UDP traffic can be up to 267 Mbps. Project supported by the National Great Specific Project of China (No. 2012ZX03004004_001).

  9. The Hubble Legacy Archive ACS Grism Data

    Kuemmel, M; Fosbury, R; Haase, J; Hook, R N; Kuntschner, H; Lombardi, M; Micol, A; Nilsson, K K; Stoehr, F; Walsh, J R


    A public release of slitless spectra, obtained with ACS/WFC and the G800L grism, is presented. Spectra were automatically extracted in a uniform way from 153 archival fields (or "associations") distributed across the two Galactic caps, covering all observations to 2008. The ACS G800L grism provides a wavelength range of 0.55-1.00 \\mu$m, with a dispersion of $40 \\ \\AA / pixel$ and a resolution of $\\sim 80\\ \\AA$ for point-like sources. The ACS G800L images and matched direct images were reduced with an automatic pipeline that handles all steps from archive retrieval, alignment and astrometric calibration, direct image combination, catalogue generation, spectral extraction and collection of metadata. The large number of extracted spectra (73,581) demanded automatic methods for quality control and an automated classification algorithm was trained on the visual inspection of several thousand spectra. The final sample of quality controlled spectra includes 47,919 datasets (65% of the total number of extracted spect...

  10. AC susceptibilities of grain-textured superconductors

    Sakamoto, N. [Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyushu Sangyo University, 2-3-1 Matsukadai, 813-8503 Fukuoka (Japan)], E-mail:; Fukuda, Y.; Koga, M.; Akune, T. [Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyushu Sangyo University, 2-3-1 Matsukadai, 813-8503 Fukuoka (Japan); Khan, H.R. [Institut von Ionenstrahl und Vakuum Technologie, 73728 Esslingen (Germany); Lueders, K. [Freie Universitaet Berlin, Arnimallee, Fac.Physik, D-14195 Berlin (Germany)


    In-phase {chi}{sub n}' and out-phase {chi}{sub n}'' components of nth harmonics of AC susceptibility with measuring parameters of a DC magnetic field B{sub dc}, an amplitude B{sub a} and a frequency f of the superimposed AC magnetic fields give substantial information of the superconducting properties. In low-T{sub c} metallic superconductors, {chi}{sub 1}' shows smooth transition and {chi}{sub 1}'' does single peak. High-T{sub c} oxide superconductors with anisotropic and grain-textured structures show deformed complex characteristics. Double peaks in {chi}{sub 1}'' and shoulders in {chi}{sub 1}' appear in AC susceptibility of Hg-1223 superconductors. Instead of simple Bean model, a grained model, where the superconducting grains are immersed in weak superconducting matrix, are proposed. The susceptibilities numerically analyzed using the model show varied and deformed curves and are successfully compared with the measured results.

  11. 单相直接AC-AC变换器的实现与分析%The Implementation and Analysis of Simple Phase Direct AC-AC Converter

    万衡; 喻嬿; 黄道



  12. Molecular biology of maize Ac/Ds elements: an overview.

    Lazarow, Katina; Doll, My-Linh; Kunze, Reinhard


    Maize Activator (Ac) is one of the prototype transposable elements of the hAT transposon superfamily, members of which were identified in plants, fungi, and animals. The autonomous Ac and nonautonomous Dissociation (Ds) elements are mobilized by the single transposase protein encoded by Ac. To date Ac/Ds transposons were shown to be functional in approximately 20 plant species and have become the most widely used transposable elements for gene tagging and functional genomics approaches in plants. In this chapter we review the biology, regulation, and transposition mechanism of Ac/Ds elements in maize and heterologous plants. We discuss the parameters that are known to influence the functionality and transposition efficiency of Ac/Ds transposons and need to be considered when designing Ac transposase expression constructs and Ds elements for application in heterologous plant species.

  13. Development of a hardware-based AC microgrid for AC stability assessment

    Swanson, Robert R.

    As more power electronic-based devices enable the development of high-bandwidth AC microgrids, the topic of microgrid power distribution stability has become of increased interest. Recently, researchers have proposed a relatively straightforward method to assess the stability of AC systems based upon the time-constants of sources, the net bus capacitance, and the rate limits of sources. In this research, a focus has been to develop a hardware test system to evaluate AC system stability. As a first step, a time domain model of a two converter microgrid was established in which a three phase inverter acts as a power source and an active rectifier serves as an adjustable constant power AC load. The constant power load can be utilized to create rapid power flow transients to the generating system. As a second step, the inverter and active rectifier were designed using a Smart Power Module IGBT for switching and an embedded microcontroller as a processor for algorithm implementation. The inverter and active rectifier were designed to operate simultaneously using a synchronization signal to ensure each respective local controller operates in a common reference frame. Finally, the physical system was created and initial testing performed to validate the hardware functionality as a variable amplitude and variable frequency AC system.

  14. 隔离式SEPIC三电平AC-AC变换器的研究%Research of Isolated SEPIC Three-level AC - AC Converter

    周振军; 李磊


    电力电子装置已在电力系统中得到了越来越广泛的应用,代表之一就是交流调压稳压装置.但是目前的交流调压稳压器多数采用AC-DC-AC的变换方式,这种调压稳压器不仅体积大、噪音大,而且开关管的电压应力大、输出电压波形质量低.提出了一种新型的隔离式交-交变换器,它是在sepic变换器(单端初级电感转换器)的基础上引入了推挽式变压器实现电气隔离.分析了工作原理,给出了控制策略,并通过仿真论证了变换器开关管电压应力小、输出电压波形质量高等特点.%Power electronics have been more widely used in power systems. One representative of power electronics is AC voltage regulator. But the AC - DC - AC conversion type is widely used for voltage regulator now. These AC voltage regulator not only have big bulk and high noise,but also with high power switch voltage stress and low quality of output waveform. To solve these problems)an isolated three-level AC - AC direct converter was proposed. It joined the push-pull transformer to achieve electrical isolation based on sepic AC -AC converter. Its operation principle and control strategies of the converter were investigated. By modeling and simulation,the performances of the AC - AC converter were verified, such as low switch voltage stress, high quality of output waveform and so on.


    S. YU. Buryak


    Full Text Available Purpose. In order to ensure reliability, security, and the most important the continuity of the transportation process, it is necessary to develop, implement, and then improve the automated methods of diagnostic mechanisms, devices and rail transport systems. Only systems that operate in real time mode and transmit data on the instantaneous state of the control objects can timely detect any faults and thus provide additional time for their correction by railway employees. Turnouts are one of the most important and responsible components, and therefore require the development and implementation of such diagnostics system.Methodology. Achieving the goal of monitoring and control of railway automation objects in real time is possible only with the use of an automated process of the objects state diagnosing. For this we need to know the diagnostic features of a control object, which determine its state at any given time. The most rational way of remote diagnostics is the shape and current spectrum analysis that flows in the power circuits of railway automatics. Turnouts include electric motors, which are powered by electric circuits, and the shape of the current curve depends on both the condition of the electric motor, and the conditions of the turnout maintenance. Findings. For the research and analysis of AC electric point motor it was developed its mathematical model. The calculation of parameters and interdependencies between the main factors affecting the operation of the asynchronous machine was conducted. The results of the model operation in the form of time dependences of the waveform curves of current on the load on engine shaft were obtained. Originality. During simulation the model of AC electric point motor, which satisfies the conditions of adequacy was built. Practical value. On the basis of the constructed model we can study the AC motor in various mode of operation, record and analyze current curve, as a response to various changes

  16. DC injection into low voltage AC networks



    This report summarises the results of a study investigating the impact of levels of injected DC current injections on a low voltage AC distribution network systems in order to recommend acceptable limits of DC from microgeneration. Relevant literature is reviewed, and the impact of DC levels in distribution transformers, transformer modelling, and instrumental transformers are discussed. The impact of DC in residual current devices (RCD) and in domestic electricity watt hour meters is examined along with DC enhanced corrosion, corrosion failure, and the measurement of DC current injection. Sources of DC injection outlined include DC from computer power supplies, network faults, geomagnetic phenomena, lighting circuits/dimmers, and embedded generators.

  17. Flexible AC transmission systems modelling and control

    Zhang, Xiao-Ping; Pal, Bikash


    The extended and revised second edition of this successful monograph presents advanced modeling, analysis and control techniques of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS). The book covers comprehensively a range of power-system control problems: from steady-state voltage and power flow control, to voltage and reactive power control, to voltage stability control, to small signal stability control using FACTS controllers. In the six years since the first edition of the book has been published research on the FACTS has continued to flourish while renewable energy has developed into a mature and

  18. Engineering Design of the ITER AC/DC Power Supply System

    Oh, B. H.; Lee, K. W.; Chang, D. S.; Jin, J. T.; Hwang, C. K.


    To design high power pulse power supplies, especially in huge power supplies have not designed till now, it is necessary to analyze a system's characteristics and relations with another systems as well as to know high voltage, high current control technologies. Contents of this project are; - Analysis of the changed designs of the AC/DC converters. - Setup of the PSIM model for the calculation of the junction temperature of the converter thyristors. - Finalize the converter's simulation modules and estimate the parallel number of an arm for each converter. - Fix the protection sequence and make a simulation. - Stability check of the power distribution system against the reactive power effect. - Design of small size hardware AC/DC converter. The results of these studies may used as one of references for practical designs of the power supplies and also used for developing Tokamak type fusion reactors in the future

  19. Comparative Study of DC and AC Microgrids in Commercial Buildings Across Different Climates and Operating Profiles: Preprint

    Fregosi, D.; Ravula, S.; Brhlik, D.; Saussele, J.; Frank, S.; Bonnema, E.; Scheib, J.; Wilson, E.


    Bosch has developed and demonstrated a novel DC microgrid system designed to maximize utilization efficiency for locally generated photovoltaic energy while offering high reliability, safety, redundancy, and reduced cost compared to equivalent AC systems. Several demonstration projects validating the system feasibility and expected efficiency gains have been completed and additional ones are in progress. This work gives an overview of the Bosch DC microgrid system and presents key results from a large simulation study done to estimate the energy savings of the Bosch DC microgrid over conventional AC systems. The study examined the system performance in locations across the United States for several commercial building types and operating profiles and found that the Bosch DC microgrid uses generated PV energy 6%–8% more efficiently than traditional AC systems.




    Full Text Available Recently, a new generation of ac-ac single-phase and three-phase power converters with more commutations per half cycle has been proposed for ac power due to the increasing availability and power capability of high frequency controlled-on and off power emiconductor switching devices. This paper presents three phase ac-acconverter whose control strategy is based on modified sinusoidal ulse-width modulation switching technique. As majority of the industrial loads are being inductive, the power factor is less. To improve the power factor, the delayed current is shifted to the input voltage, through a modification of the classical sinusoidal pulse width modulation switching technique. In this way, the decrease in the phase angle between the input current and voltage is feasible, and consequently, high cost compensation capacitors can be avoided. The improvement of power factor through this switching technique on the proposed converter is investigated and verified via simulation using the software Matlab/Simulink.

  1. Djungle power. A more remote AC bus

    Boehnke, Heinz W. [Technosol, Jork (Germany)


    The Dzanga-Sangha Reserve in the Central African Republic is probably one of the world's most remote protected rainforest areas, much to the benefit of the rare species of lowland gorilla, forest elephant and local pygmy population Ba'Aka. The park is co-managed by the ''WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature'' with sponsoring from the German Regenwald-Stiftung. In 2008 wwf decided to switch from the old, failing generator supply to a solar hybrid mini-grid, along with stringent measures of energy conservation and management. After a careful energy audit Technosol designed an AC-bus system with a 22 kWp PV generator which should overcome the dependency on the old generators and their fuel demands. For 15 buildings, an entirely new distribution network was installed, state of the art energy saving devices introduced and an energy metering system deviced. The installation is operating since August 2009. In such remote locations, the reliability of the AC-bus over other generator-based solutions will be demonstrated and with the support of international organisations like the wwf the practical application of solar hybrid supply becomes a landmark of sustainable energy concepts. (orig.)

  2. Electrothermally driven flows in ac electrowetting.

    García-Sánchez, Pablo; Ramos, Antonio; Mugele, Frieder


    Mixing within sessile drops can be enhanced by generating internal flow patterns using ac electrowetting. While for low ac frequencies, the flow patterns have been attributed to oscillations of the drop surface, we provide here the driving mechanism of the hitherto unexplained high-frequency flows. We show that: (1) the electric field in the liquid bulk becomes important, leading to energy dissipation due to Joule heating and a temperature increase of several degrees Celsius, and (2) the fluid flow at these frequencies is generated by electrothermal effect, i.e., gradients in temperature give rise to gradients in conductivity and permittivity, the electric field acting on these inhomogeneities induces an electrical body force that generates the flow. We solved numerically the equations for the electric, temperature and flow fields. The temperature is obtained from a convection-diffusion equation where Joule heating is introduced as a source term. From the solution of the electric field and the temperature, we compute the electrical force that acts as a body force in Stokes equations. Our numerical results agree with previous experimental observations.

  3. Cascading failures in ac electricity grids

    Rohden, Martin; Jung, Daniel; Tamrakar, Samyak; Kettemann, Stefan


    Sudden failure of a single transmission element in a power grid can induce a domino effect of cascading failures, which can lead to the isolation of a large number of consumers or even to the failure of the entire grid. Here we present results of the simulation of cascading failures in power grids, using an alternating current (AC) model. We first apply this model to a regular square grid topology. For a random placement of consumers and generators on the grid, the probability to find more than a certain number of unsupplied consumers decays as a power law and obeys a scaling law with respect to system size. Varying the transmitted power threshold above which a transmission line fails does not seem to change the power-law exponent q ≈1.6 . Furthermore, we study the influence of the placement of generators and consumers on the number of affected consumers and demonstrate that large clusters of generators and consumers are especially vulnerable to cascading failures. As a real-world topology, we consider the German high-voltage transmission grid. Applying the dynamic AC model and considering a random placement of consumers, we find that the probability to disconnect more than a certain number of consumers depends strongly on the threshold. For large thresholds the decay is clearly exponential, while for small ones the decay is slow, indicating a power-law decay.

  4. Transport AC Losses in Striated YBCO Coated Conductors (Postprint)


    AFRL-RZ-WP-TP-2012-0124 TRANSPORT AC LOSSES IN STRIATED YBCO COATED CONDUCTORS (POSTPRINT) G.A. Levin and P.N. Barnes Mechanical Energy...TRANSPORT AC LOSSES IN STRIATED YBCO COATED CONDUCTORS (POSTPRINT) 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER In-house 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT...2006. 14. ABSTRACT DC current-voltage characteristics and transport ac losses of striated and non-striated Y1Ba2Cu3O7-δ ( YBCO ) coated conductors

  5. AC electric motors control advanced design techniques and applications

    Giri, Fouad


    The complexity of AC motor control lies in the multivariable and nonlinear nature of AC machine dynamics. Recent advancements in control theory now make it possible to deal with long-standing problems in AC motors control. This text expertly draws on these developments to apply a wide range of model-based control designmethods to a variety of AC motors. Contributions from over thirty top researchers explain how modern control design methods can be used to achieve tight speed regulation, optimal energetic efficiency, and operation reliability and safety, by considering online state var

  6. AC Own Motion Percentage of Randomly Sampled Cases

    Social Security Administration — Longitudinal report detailing the numbers and percentages of Appeals Council (AC) own motion review actions taken on un-appealed favorable hearing level decisions...

  7. Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge Pine Project Area

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge Pine-grassland Project includes 261 ac of mid– to late-rotation loblolly pine which were managed with a heavy pine thin (50-60...

  8. Project Notes

    School Science Review, 1978


    Presents sixteen project notes developed by pupils of Chipping Norton School and Bristol Grammar School, in the United Kingdom. These Projects include eight biology A-level projects and eight Chemistry A-level projects. (HM)

  9. Electrical Model of Balanced AC HTS Power Cable

    Zuijderduin, R.; Chevtchenko, O.; Smit, J. J.; Willén, D.; Melnik, I.; Geschiere, A.

    The future electricity grid will be more sustainable and it will have more power transmission and distribution capability with more electrical power added from decentralized sources on distribution level and from wind parks and other large sources on transmission level. More interconnections and more underground transmission and distribution will be put up. Use of high temperature superconducting (HTS) power cables provides solutions to many of the future grid problems caused by these trends. In this paper we present an electrical model of a balanced 6 km-long three phase triaxial HTS power cable for the Dutch project being developed by a consortium of Alliander, Ultera™ and TUD. The cable currents in all three phases are balanced by selecting proper twist pitches and insulation thickness. The paper focuses on determining inductances, capacitances and AC losses of the balanced cable. Using the developed model, we also determine the voltage drop as function of the cable length, the neutral current and the effect of the imbalanced capacitances on the current distribution of the Dutch distribution cable. The model is validated and it can be used for accurate simulation of the electrical behaviour of triaxial HTS cables in electrical grids.

  10. Low Cost Fabrication of 2G Wires for AC Applications

    Kodenkandath, T.; List, F.A., III


    Ink-jet printing has been demonstrated as an adaptable technology for printing YBCO filaments using a Metal Organic (MO) YBCO precursor. The technology was demonstrated using AMSC's proprietary metal organic TFA-based YBCO precursor and a commercial piezoelectric print-head on RABiTS templates. Filaments with a width of 100 um and spacing of 200 um were successfully printed, decomposed and processed to YBCO. Critical currents of {approx} 200 A/cm-w were achieved in a series of filaments with a 2 mm width. The single nozzle laboratory printer used in the Phase 1 program is capable of printing {approx} 100 um wide single filaments at a rate of 8-10 cm/sec. The electrical stabilization of filaments with a Ag ink was also evaluated using ink-jet printing. The overall objective of the Phase 1 Project was the evaluation and demonstration of inkjet-printing for depositing YBCO filaments on textured templates (RABiTS, IBAD, ISD, etc. substrates) with properties appropriate for low loss ac conductors. Goals of the Phase 1 program included development of an appropriate precursor ink, demonstration of the printing process, processing and characterization of printed YBCO filaments and evaluation of the process for further development.

  11. A Non-linear Controller for Single-Phase AC-AC Power Converter to meet UPS Performance Index

    Abdelhafid Ait Elmahjoub


    Full Text Available This article focuses on AC-AC power converter that can be used for uninterruptible power supply (UPS. The converter is built on two stages: a AC-DC input stage and a DC-AC output stage. The two blocks are connected by an intermediate DC bus. The aim of control is threefold: i power factor correction ii regulation of DC bus iii generating a sinusoidal voltage at the output. The synthesis of controllers has been achieved through the technique of nonlinear backstepping control. A detailed analysis of the stability control system is presented. The performances of regulators have been validated by numerical simulation in MATLAB / SIMULINK.

  12. [Intestinal occlusion and abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS)].

    Stagnitti, Franco


    Intestinal occlusion is defined as an independent predictive factor of intra-abdominal hypertension (IAH) which represents an independent predictor of mortality. Baggot in 1951 classified patients operated with intestinal occlusion as being at risk for IAH ("abdominal blow-out"), recommending them for open abdomen surgery proposed by Ogilvie. Abdominal surgery provokes IAH in 44.7% of cases with mortality which, in emergency, triples with respect to elective surgery (21.9% vs 6.8%). In particular, IAH is present in 61.2% of ileus and bowel distension and is responsible for 52% of mortality (54.8% in cases with intra-abdominal infection). These patients present with an increasing intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) which, over 20-25 mmHg, triggers an Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (ACS) with altered functions in some organs arriving at Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS). The intestine normally covers 58% of abdominal volume but when there is ileus distension, intestinal pneumatosis develops (third space) which can occupy up to 90% of the entire cavity. At this moment, Gastro Intestinal Failure (GIF) can appear, which is a specific independent risk factor of mortality, motor of "Organ Failure". The pathophysiological evolution has many factors in 45% of cases: intestinal pneumatosis is associated with mucosal and serous edema, capillary leakage with an increase in extra-cellular volume and peritoneal fluid collections (fourth space). The successive loss of the mucous barrier permits a bacterial translocation which includes bacteria, toxins, pro-inflammatory factors and oxygen free radicals facilitating the passage from an intra-abdominal to inter-systemic vicious cyrcle. IAH provokes the raising of the diaphragm, and vascular and visceral compressions which induce hypertension in the various spaces with compartmental characteristics. These trigger hypertension in the renal, hepatic, pelvic, thoracic, cardiac, intracranial, orbital and lower extremity areas, giving

  13. Effective ac response in weakly nonlinear composites

    Wei Enbo [Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao 266071 (China); Yang Zidong [College of Power Engineering, University of Shanghai Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093 (China); Gu Guoqing [Information College of Science and Technology, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062 (China)


    The perturbation method is developed to deal with the problem of determining the effective nonlinear conductivity of Kerr-like nonlinear media under an external ac electric field. As an example, we have considered the cylindrical inclusion embedded in a host under the sinusoidal external field E{sub 1} sin (<{omega}t) + E{sub 3} sin (3<{omega}t) with frequencies{omega} and 3{omega}. The potentials of composites at higher harmonics are derived in both local inclusion particle and host regions. The effective responses of bulk nonlinear composites at basic frequency and harmonics are given for cylindrical composites in the dilute limit. Moreover, the relationships between the nonlinear effective responses at the basic frequency and the third harmonics are derived.

  14. The AC and DC Conductivity of Nanocomposites

    David S. McLachlan


    Full Text Available The microstructures of binary (conductor-insulator composites, containing nanoparticles, will usually have one of two basic structures. The first is the matrix structure where the nanoparticles (granules are embedded in and always coated by the matrix material and there are no particle-particle contacts. The AC and DC conductivity of this microstructure is usually described by the Maxwell-Wagner/Hashin-Shtrikman or Bricklayer model. The second is a percolation structure, which can be thought to be made up by randomly packing the two types of granules (not necessarily the same size together. In percolation systems, there exits a critical volume fraction below which the electrical properties are dominated by the insulating component and above which the conducting component dominates. Such percolation systems are best analyzed using the two-exponent phenomenological percolation equation (TEPPE. This paper discusses all of the above and addresses the problem of how to distinguish among the microstructures using electrical measurements.

  15. Fuzzy efficiency optimization of AC induction motors

    Jani, Yashvant; Sousa, Gilberto; Turner, Wayne; Spiegel, Ron; Chappell, Jeff


    This paper describes the early states of work to implement a fuzzy logic controller to optimize the efficiency of AC induction motor/adjustable speed drive (ASD) systems running at less than optimal speed and torque conditions. In this paper, the process by which the membership functions of the controller were tuned is discussed and a controller which operates on frequency as well as voltage is proposed. The membership functions for this dual-variable controller are sketched. Additional topics include an approach for fuzzy logic to motor current control which can be used with vector-controlled drives. Incorporation of a fuzzy controller as an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) microchip is planned.

  16. Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS

    Andrea eAntal


    Full Text Available Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS seems likely to open a new era of the field of noninvasive electrical stimulation of the human brain by directly interfering with cortical rhythms. It is expected to synchronize (by one single resonance frequency or desynchronize (e.g. by the application of several frequencies cortical oscillations. If applied long enough it may cause neuroplastic effects. In the theta range it may improve cognition when applied in phase. Alpha rhythms could improve motor performance, whereas beta intrusion may deteriorate them. TACS with both alpha and beta frequencies has a high likelihood to induce retinal phosphenes. Gamma intrusion can possibly interfere with attention. Stimulation in the ripple range induces intensity dependent inhibition or excitation in the motor cortex most likely by entrainment of neuronal networks, whereas stimulation in the low kHz range induces excitation by neuronal membrane interference. TACS in the 200 kHz range may have a potential in oncology.

  17. AC Dielectrophoresis Using Elliptic Electrode Geometry

    S. M. Rezaul Hasan


    Full Text Available This paper presents negative AC dielectrophoretic investigations using elliptic electrode geometry. Simulations of the electric field gradient variation using various ratios of the semimajor and the semiminor axis were carried out to determine the optimum elliptic geometry for the dielectrophoretic electrokinetics of specimen in an assay with laminar (low Reynolds number fluid flow. Experimental setup of the elliptic electrode assembly using PCB fabrication and electrokinetic accumulation of specimen in a dielectrophoretic cage is also being reported. Using an actuating signal between 1 kHz and 1 MHz, successful trapping of 45 μm polystyrene beads suspended in distilled water was demonstrated due to negative dielectrophoresis near 100 kHz using the novel elliptic electrode.

  18. Wind-powered asynchronous AC/DC/AC converter system. [for electric power supply regulation

    Reitan, D. K.


    Two asynchronous ac/dc/ac systems are modelled that utilize wind power to drive a variable or constant hertz alternator. The first system employs a high power 60-hertz inverter tie to the large backup supply of the power company to either supplement them from wind energy, storage, or from a combination of both at a preset desired current; rectifier and inverter are identical and operate in either mode depending on the silicon control rectifier firing angle. The second system employs the same rectification but from a 60-hertz alternator arrangement; it provides mainly dc output, some sinusoidal 60-hertz from the wind bus and some high harmonic content 60-hertz from an 800-watt inverter.

  19. Three-Level AC-DC-AC Z-Source Converter Using Reduced Passive Component Count

    Loh, Poh Chiang; Gao, Feng; Tan, Pee-Chin;


    This paper presents a three-level ac-dc-ac Z-source converter with output voltage buck-boost capability. The converter is implemented by connecting a low cost front-end diode rectifier to a neutral-point-clamped inverter through a single X-shaped LC impedance network. The inverter is controlled...... to switch with a three-level output voltage, where the middle neutral potential is uniquely tapped from the star-point of a wye-connected capacitive filter placed before the front-end diode rectifier for input current filtering. Through careful control, the resulting converter can accurately produce...... the correct volt-sec average at its output, while simultaneously achieving inductive voltage boosting. More interestingly, these performance features are achieved with no increase in the number of semiconductor commutations, and hence no increase in switching losses. The proposed converter therefore offers...

  20. Operation of AC Adapters Visualized Using Light-Emitting Diodes

    Regester, Jeffrey


    A bridge rectifier is a diamond-shaped configuration of diodes that serves to convert alternating current(AC) into direct current (DC). In our world of AC outlets and DC electronics, they are ubiquitous. Of course, most bridge rectifiers are built with regular diodes, not the light-emitting variety, because LEDs have a number of disadvantages. For…

  1. Scaling and universality of ac conduction in disordered solids

    Schrøder, Thomas; Dyre, Jeppe


    Recent scaling results for the ac conductivity of ionic glasses by Roling et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, 2160 (1997)] and Sidebottom [Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 3653 (1999)] are discussed. We prove that Sidebottom's version of scaling is completely general. A new approximation to the universal ac...

  2. The topological AC effect on noncommutative phase space

    Li, K; Li, Kang; Wang, Jianhua


    The Aharonov-Casher (AC) effect in non-commutative(NC) quantum mechanics is studied. Instead of using the star product method, we use a generalization of Bopp's shift method. After solving the Dirac equations both on noncommutative space and noncommutative phase space by the new method, we obtain the corrections to AC phase on NC space and NC phase space respectively.

  3. Considerations for an Ac Dipole for the LHC

    Bai, M; Fischer, W; Oddo, P; Schmickler, Hermann; Serrano, J; Jansson, A; Syphers, M; Kopp, S; Miyamoto, R


    Following successful experience at the BNL AGS, FNAL Tevatron, and CERN SPS, an AC Dipole will be adopted at the LHC for rapid measurements of ring optics. This paper describes some of the parameters of the AC dipole for the LHC, scaling from performance of the FNAL and BNL devices.

  4. Equivalent circuit models for ac impedance data analysis

    Danford, M. D.


    A least-squares fitting routine has been developed for the analysis of ac impedance data. It has been determined that the checking of the derived equations for a particular circuit with a commercially available electronics circuit program is essential. As a result of the investigation described, three equivalent circuit models were selected for use in the analysis of ac impedance data.

  5. A remark on Kov\\'acs' vanishing theorem

    Fujino, Osamu


    We give an alternative proof of Kov\\'acs' vanishing theorem. Our proof is based on the standard arguments of the minimal model theory. We do not need the notion of Du Bois pairs. We reduce Kov\\'acs' vanishing theorem to the well-known relative Kawamata--Viehweg--Nadel vanishing theorem.

  6. Precursors of Short GRBs Registered by SPI-ACS/INTEGRAL

    Minaev, P.; Pozanenko, A.


    We have searched for precursors in light curves of short gamma-ray bursts registered by SPI-ACS/INTEGRAL in 2002-2014. The portion of short bursts with precursor activity will be less than 0.4% from all short bursts registered by SPI-ACS.

  7. New switching pattern for AC/AC converters with RB-IGBTs for offshore wind parks

    Mogstad, Anne Berit


    Offshore wind power has an increasing interest in the research community and among the politicians. Therefore it is important to find the right solutions to meet the environmental and commercial requirements to give offshore wind power a promising future. This thesis are proposing a new converter topology for offshore wind parks. Since the topology is based on DC transmission in stead of AC transmission it is better suited for use in this type of parks. All the converters are located in the w...

  8. Determination for β-delayed fission probability of 230Ac

    袁双贵; 杨维凡; 徐岩冰; 肖永厚; 罗亦孝


    The 230Ra has been produced via 232Th-2p reaction induced by 60 MeV/u 18O ion irradia-tion of natural thorium. The radium was radiochemically separated from the mixture of thorium andreaction products. Thin Ra sources in which 230Ac was got through 230Ra β- → 230Ac were pre-pared for observing fission fragments from β-delayed fission of 230Ac. The sources were exposedto the mica fission track detectors and measured by the HPGe γ detector. The precursor 230Ac wasidentified by means of observed two fission events as well as γ spectra, and the β-delayed fissionprobability of 230Ac was obtained to be (1.19±0.85) × 10-8.

  9. Characterisation of AC1: a naturally decaffeinated coffee

    Luciana Benjamim Benatti


    Full Text Available We compared the biochemical characteristics of the beans of a naturally decaffeinated Arabica coffee (AC1 discovered in 2004 with those of the widely grown Brazilian Arabica cultivar "Mundo Novo" (MN. Although we observed differences during fruit development, the contents of amino acids, organic acids, chlorogenic acids, soluble sugars and trigonelline were similar in the ripe fruits of AC1 and MN. AC1 beans accumulated theobromine, and caffeine was almost entirely absent. Tests on the supply of [2-14C] adenine and enzymatic analysis of theobromine synthase and caffeine synthase in the endosperm of AC1 confirmed that, as in the leaves, caffeine synthesis is blocked during the methylation of theobromine to caffeine. The quality of the final coffee beverage obtained from AC1 was similar to that of MN.

  10. Ac response of a coupled double quantum dot

    Xu Jie; W.Z. Shangguan; Zhan Shi-Chang


    The effect of phase-breaking process on the ac response of a coupled double quantum dot is studied in this paper based on the nonequilibrium Green function formalism. A general expression is derived for the ac current in the presence of electron-phonon interaction. The ac conductance is numerically computed and the results are compared with those in [Anatram M P and Datts S 1995 Phys. Rev. B 51 7632]. Our results reveal that the inter-dot electron tunnelling interplays with that between dots and electron reservoirs, and contributes prominently to the ac current when inter-dot tunnelling coupling is much larger than the tunnelling coupling between dots and electron reservoirs. In addition, the phase-breaking process is found to have a significant effect on the ac transport through the coupled double dot.

  11. Estimation of the Thurstonian model for the 2-AC protocol

    Christensen, Rune Haubo Bojesen; Lee, Hye-Seong; Brockhoff, Per B.


    The 2-AC protocol is a 2-AFC protocol with a “no-difference” option and is technically identical to the paired preference test with a “no-preference” option. The Thurstonian model for the 2-AC protocol is parameterized by δ and a decision parameter τ, the estimates of which can be obtained...... by fairly simple well-known methods. In this paper we describe how standard errors of the parameters can be obtained and how exact power computations can be performed. We also show how the Thurstonian model for the 2-AC protocol is closely related to a statistical model known as a cumulative probit model....... This relationship makes it possible to extract estimates and standard errors of δ and τ from general statistical software, and furthermore, it makes it possible to combine standard regression modelling with the Thurstonian model for the 2-AC protocol. A model for replicated 2-AC data is proposed using cumulative...

  12. 单相电压型Z源AC/AC变流器电路%Single-Phase Voltage-Fed Z-Source AC/AC Converter




  13. Investigation of the hydrogen release incident at the AC Transit Emeryville Facility.

    Harris, Aaron P.; San Marchi, Christopher W.; Levin, Jamie; Butler, Dennis


    This report summarizes the investigation of the release of approximately 300kg of hydrogen at the AC Transit Facility in Emeryville, CA. The hydrogen release was avoidable in both the root cause and contributing factors. The report highlights the need for communication in all phases of project planning and implementation. Apart from the failed valve, the hydrogen system functioned as designed, venting the hydrogen gas a safe distance above surrounding structures and keeping the subsequent fire away from personnel and equipment. The Emeryville Fire Department responded appropriately given the information provided to the Incident Commander. No injuries or fatalities resulted from the incident.

  14. An Ac transposon system based on maize chromosome 4S for isolating long-distance-transposed Ac tags in the maize genome.

    Wang, Fei; Li, Zhaoying; Fan, Jun; Li, Pengfei; Hu, Wei; Wang, Gang; Xu, Zhengkai; Song, Rentao


    Transposon tagging is an important tool for gene isolation and functional studies. In maize, several transposon-tagging systems have been developed, mostly using Activator/Dissociation (Ac/Ds) and Mutator systems. Here, we establish another Ac-based transposon system with the donor Ac tightly linked with sugary1 (su1) on maize chromosome 4S. Newly transposed Ac (tr-Acs) were detected based on a negative dosage effect, and long-distance-transposed Ac events were identified and isolated from the donor Ac by a simple backcross scheme. In this study, we identified 208 independent long-distance-transposed Ac lines. Thirty-one flanking sequences of these tr-Acs were isolated and localized in the maize genome. As found in previous studies, the tr-Acs preferentially inserted into genic sequences. The distribution of tr-Acs is not random. In our study, the tr-Acs preferentially transposed into chromosomes 1, 2, 9 and 10. We discuss the preferential distribution of tr-Acs from Ac systems. Our system is complementary to two other Ac-based regional-mutagenesis systems in maize, and the combined use of these systems will achieve an even and high-density distribution of Ac elements throughout the maize genome for functional-genomics studies.

  15. Safe-commutation principle for direct single-phase AC-AC converters for use in audio power amplification

    Ljusev, Petar; Andersen, Michael Andreas E.


    This paper presents an alternative safe commutation principle for a single phase bidirectional bridge, for use in the new generation of direct single-stage AC-AC audio power amplifiers. As compared with the bridge commutation with load current or source voltage sensing, in this approach...

  16. OXYCOAL-AC: Towards an integrated coal-fired power plant process with ion transport membrane-based oxygen supply

    Kneer, R.; Toporov, D.; Forster, M.; Christ, D.; Broeckmann, C.; Pfaff, E.; Zwick, M.; Engels, S.; Modigell, M. [Rhein Westfal TH Aachen, Aachen (Germany). Inst. of Heat & Mass Transfer


    The cooperative project OXYCOAL-AC aims at the development of a zero-CO{sub 2}-emission coal combustion process for power generation. The scope of the research comprises a multitude of aspects. This article focuses on membrane-based air separation modules and their design for oxycoal conditions, the specifics of coal combustion in a CO{sub 2}/O{sub 2} atmosphere including related burner design as well as the cleaning of hot flue gas from oxycoal combustion.

  17. Japan’s Territorial Disputes: CNA Maritime Asia Project: Workshop Three


    of Interna- tional Law. Available online via JSTOR at: =21235&uid=3739936&uid=2129&uid=2&uid=70...and Japan” Database Project, Institute of Oriental Culture, Uni- versity of Tokyo, via “The World and Japan” Database Project, Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo, http://

  18. Importance of Attenuation Correction (AC for Small Animal PET Imaging

    Henrik H. El Ali


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to investigate whether a correction for annihilation photon attenuation in small objects such as mice is necessary. The attenuation recovery for specific organs and subcutaneous tumors was investigated. A comparison between different attenuation correction methods was performed. Methods: Ten NMRI nude mice with subcutaneous implantation of human breast cancer cells (MCF-7 were scanned consecutively in small animal PET and CT scanners (MicroPETTM Focus 120 and ImTek’s MicroCATTM II. CT-based AC, PET-based AC and uniform AC methods were compared. Results: The activity concentration in the same organ with and without AC revealed an overall attenuation recovery of 9–21% for MAP reconstructed images, i.e., SUV without AC could underestimate the true activity at this level. For subcutaneous tumors, the attenuation was 13 ± 4% (9–17%, for kidneys 20 ± 1% (19–21%, and for bladder 18 ± 3% (15–21%. The FBP reconstructed images showed almost the same attenuation levels as the MAP reconstructed images for all organs. Conclusions: The annihilation photons are suffering attenuation even in small subjects. Both PET-based and CT-based are adequate as AC methods. The amplitude of the AC recovery could be overestimated using the uniform map. Therefore, application of a global attenuation factor on PET data might not be accurate for attenuation correction.

  19. Measurement of AC loss of superconductors by vaporizing method

    Wakabayashi, Hiroshi; Isono, Takaaki; Matsui, Kunihiro; Fujisaki, Reishi; Nunoya, Yoshihiko; Koizumi, Norikiyo; Takahashi, Yoshikazu; Tsuji, Hiroshi [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Naka, Ibaraki (Japan). Naka Fusion Research Establishment


    In Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, the development of superconducting pulse conductors for next period nuclear fusion reactors has been carried out. For these conductors, the rated current of 46 kA and the rated magnetic field of 13T are demanded. When the pulse excitation of superconductors is carried out, AC loss arises, and the temperature of the superconductors rises, and when it exceeds a certain value, the superconducting state cannot be maintained. Therefore, the AC loss of pulse conductors must be limited to a low value. It is difficult to evaluate the AC loss of superconductors by calculation, therefore, it is evaluated by actual measurement. There are magnetizing method and vaporizing method for measuring the AC loss. This time, the equipment for measuring the AC loss of 40 kA class superconductors by vaporizing method which measures the helium gas quantity vaporizing at the time of AC loss occurrence was designed and manufactured for the first time. The method of measuring the AC loss, the structure of the measuring equipment, the helium gas recovering part and the measuring part, the countermeasures for preventing helium gas leakage, the resistance heater for calibration, and the results of measurement are reported. (K.I.)

  20. Intending Projects


    Project name: 90,000t/a BR device and auxiliary projects Construction unit: Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company Total investment: 2.257 billion yuan Project description: It will cover an area of 14. lha.

  1. Common Software for the ALMA project

    Chiozzi, G; Jeram, B; Sivera, P; Plesko, M; Sekoranja, M; Tkacik, G; Dovc, J; Kadunc, M; Milcinski, G; Verstovsek, I; Zagar, K


    The Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) is a joint project between astronomical organizations in Europe, USA and Japan. ALMA will consist of at least 64 12-meter antennas operating in the millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength range, with baselines up to 10 km. It will be located at an altitude above 5000m in the Chilean Atacama desert[1]. The ALMA Common Software (ACS) provides a software infrastructure common to all partners and consists of a documented collection of common patterns in control systems and of components, which implement those patterns. The heart of ACS is an object model of controlled devices, called Distributed Objects (DOs), implemented as CORBA network objects. Components such as antenna mount, power supply, etc. are defined by means of DOs. A code generator creates Java Bean components for each DO. Programmers can write Java client applications by connecting those Beans with data-manipulation and visualization Beans using commercial visual development tools or programmatically. ACS i...

  2. AC Impedance Behaviour of Black Diamond Films

    Haitao YE; Olivier GAUDIN; Richard B.JACKMAN


    The first measurement of impedance on free-standing diamond films from 0.1 Hz to 10 MHz up to 300℃ were reported. A wide range of chemical vapour deposition (CVD) materials were investigated, but here we concentrate are well fitted to a RC parallel circuit model and the equivalent resistance and capacitance for the diamond films have been estimated using the Zview curve fitting. The results show only one single semicircle response at each temperature measured. It was found that the resistance decreases from 62 MΩ at room temperature to 4 kΩ at300℃, with an activation energy around 0.51 eV. The equivalent capacitance is maintained at the level of 100 pF up to 300℃ suggesting that the diamond grain boundaries are dominating the conduction. At 400℃, the impedance at low frequencies shows a linear tail, which can be explained that the AC polarization of diamond/Au interface occurs.

  3. Faint Galaxies in deep ACS observations

    Benítez, N; Bouwens, R; Menanteau, F; Blakeslee, J P; Gronwall, C; Illingworth, G D; Meurer, G; Broadhurst, T J; Clampin, M; Franx, M; Hartig, G F; Magee, D; Sirianni, M; Ardila, D R; Bartko, F; Brown, R A; Burrows, C J; Cheng, E S; Cross, N J G; Feldman, P D; Golimowski, D A; Infante, L; Kimble, R A; Krist, J E; Lesser, M P; Levay, Z G; Martel, A R; Miley, G K; Postman, M; Rosati, P; Sparks, W B; Tran, H D; Tsvetanov, Z I; Zheng, R L


    We present the analysis of the faint galaxy population in the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) Early Release Observation fields VV 29 (UGC 10214) and NGC 4676. Here we attempt to thoroughly consider all aspects relevant for faint galaxy counting and photometry, developing methods which are based on public software and that are easily reproducible by other astronomers. Using simulations we determine the best SExtractor parameters for the detection of faint galaxies in deep HST observations, paying special attention to the issue of deblending, which significantly affects the normalization and shape of the number count distribution. We confirm, as claimed by Bernstein, Freedman and Madore (2002), that Kron-like magnitudes, such as the ones generated by SExtractor, can miss more than half of the light of faint galaxies, what dramatically affects the slope of the number counts. We present catalogs for the VV 29 and NGC 4676 fields with photometry in the g,V and I bands. We also show that combining the bayesian so...

  4. Neurinoma central do nervo acústico

    Paulo Pinto Pupo


    Full Text Available O autor apresenta o caso de uma paciente com 45 anos, com hipertensão arterial, queixando-se de tonturas e surdez progressiva à esquerda que, ao exame neurológico, apresentava síndrome protuberancial, com hemi-anestesia táctil e dolorosa à direita respeitando a face, hemiparesia direita, ataxia de tipo sensitivo nos membros da direita, paralisia facial de tipo periférico, hipoacusia, paresia de motor ocular externo à esquerda, síndrome vertiginosa e nistagmo horizontal ao olhar para a direita. À necrópsia foi encontrado um tumor na hemicalota protuberancial esquerda e foco malácico adjacente, secundário a distúrbio circulatório. O tumor, intimamente dependente das raízes intraprotuberanciais do nervo acústico, se apresentava com as características histológicas dos neurinomas. Além dessas particularidades, a lesão do feixe central da calota e conseqüente degeneração "hipertrófica" da oliva bulbar constituem outro aspecto de grande interêsse dêste caso.

  5. Cyclotron production of Ac-225 for targeted alpha therapy.

    Apostolidis, C; Molinet, R; McGinley, J; Abbas, K; Möllenbeck, J; Morgenstern, A


    The feasibility of producing Ac-225 by proton irradiation of Ra-226 in a cyclotron through the reaction Ra-226(p,2n)Ac-225 has been experimentally demonstrated for the first time. Proton energies were varied from 8.8 to 24.8 MeV and cross-sections were determined by radiochemical analysis of reaction yields. Maximum yields were reached at incident proton energies of 16.8 MeV. Radiochemical separation of Ac-225 from the irradiated target yielded a product suitable for targeted alpha therapy of cancer.

  6. An Improved AC-BM Algorithm for Monitoring Watch List

    Mo Yiwen


    Full Text Available With the expanding of database of the watch list of anti-money laundering, improving the speed in matching between the watch list and the database of account holders and clients’ transaction is especially important. This paper proposes an improved AC-BM Algorithm, a matching algorithm of subsection, to improve the speed of matching. Experiment results show the time performance of the improved algorithm is better than traditional BM algorithm, AC algorithm and the AC-BM algorithm. It can improve the efficiency of on-line monitoring of anti-money laundering.  

  7. Recurrent Security Gaps In 802.11ac Routers

    Mohammed Farik; ABM Shawkat Ali


    Abstract In comparison to earlier IEEE 802.11 standard abgn routers todays popular 802.11ac standard routers have enhanced security. However 802.11ac router still has major security vulnerabilities. The novelty of this paper is that we not only highlight multiple security vulnerabilities in 802.11ac router technologies that still have not been secured since the earlier standards but also present some new ideas with solutions. We believe that our line of thoughts on security vulnerabilities ga...

  8. Analysis of Input and Output Ripples of PWM AC Choppers

    Pekik Argo Dahono


    Full Text Available This paper presents an analysis of input and output ripples of PWM AC choppers. Expressions of input and output current and voltage ripples of single-phase PWM AC choppers are first derived. The derived expressions are then extended to three-phase PWM AC choppers. As input current and output voltage ripples specification alone cannot be used to determine the unique values of inductance and capacitance of the LC filters, an additional criterion based on the minimum reactive power is proposed. Experimental results are included in this paper to show the validity of the proposed analysis method.

  9. Advanced DC/AC inverters applications in renewable energy

    Luo, Fang Lin


    DC/AC inversion technology is of vital importance for industrial applications, including electrical vehicles and renewable energy systems, which require a large number of inverters. In recent years, inversion technology has developed rapidly, with new topologies improving the power factor and increasing power efficiency. Proposing many novel approaches, Advanced DC/AC Inverters: Applications in Renewable Energy describes advanced DC/AC inverters that can be used for renewable energy systems. The book introduces more than 100 topologies of advanced inverters originally developed by the authors,

  10. Single-Phase Four Switch Z-Source AC-AC Converters%单相四开关Z源AC-AC变换器

    汤雨; 谢少军; 张超华



  11. Development project of small accelerator

    Yamada, S


    The object of this project is demonstration of a small proton and heavy ion synchrotron and a small hard X-ray photon radiation source by using new technology and application of them to therapy, diagnosis, material science and life science. In this paper, a part of small proton and heavy ion synchrotron is discussed. Nine organizations joined in this project. There are four development themes such as optimization of laser-ion 100 TW class source target, beam storage and cooling device, small synchrotron ring and FFAG accelerator. Outline and contents of development of them are explained. This project is planning to generate a few MeV/u carbon ions in fully ionized states by impact of laser with about 100 TW output. 3 T maximum bending magnetic field using normal conduction AC magnet will be actualized for synchrotron with 200 MeV proton beam. (S.Y.)

  12. Development of an in-line filter to prevent intrusion of NO2 toxic vapors into A/C systems

    Meneghelli, Barry; Mcnulty, R. J.; Springer, Mike; Lueck, Dale E.


    The hypergolic propellant nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4 or NTO) is routinely used in spacecraft launched at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Cape Canaveral Air Station (CCAS). In the case of a catastrophic failure of the spacecraft, there would be a release of the unspent propellant in the form of a toxic cloud. Inhalation of this material at downwind concentrations which may be as high as 20 parts per million (ppm) for 30 minutes in duration, may produce irritation to the eyes, nose and respiratory tract. Studies at both KSC and CCAS have shown that the indoor concentrations of N2O4 during a toxic release may range from 1 to 15 ppm and depend on the air change rate (ACR) for a particular building and whether or not the air conditioning (A/C) system has been shut down or left in an operating mode. This project was initiated in order to assess how current A/C systems could be easily modified to prevent personnel from being exposed to toxic vapors. A sample system has been constructed to test the ability of several types of filter material to capture the N2O4 vapors prior to their infiltration into the A/C system. Test results will be presented which compare the efficiencies of standard A/C filters, water wash systems, and chemically impregnated filter material in taking toxic vapors out of the incoming air stream.

  13. American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Estimates for Coastal Geographies

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The American Community Survey (ACS) is an ongoing statistical survey that samples a small percentage of the population every year. These data have been apportioned...

  14. Hydrolysis of polycarbonate catalyzed by ionic liquid [Bmim][Ac].

    Song, Xiuyan; Liu, Fusheng; Li, Lei; Yang, Xuequn; Yu, Shitao; Ge, Xiaoping


    Hydrolysis of polycarbonate (PC) was studied using ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate ([Bmim][Ac]) as a catalyst. The influences of temperature, time, water dosage and [Bmim][Ac] dosage on the hydrolysis reaction were examined. Under the conditions of temperature 140°C, reaction time 3.0 h, m([Bmim][Ac]):m(PC)=1.5:1 and m(H(2)O):m(PC)=0.35:1, the conversion of PC was nearly 100% and the yield of bisphenol A (BPA) was over 96%. The ionic liquid could be reused up to 6 times without apparent decrease in the conversion of PC and yield of BPA. The kinetics of the reaction was also investigated. The results showed that the hydrolysis of PC in [Bmim][Ac] was a first-order kinetic reaction with an activation energy of 228 kJ/mol.

  15. Methanolysis of polycarbonate catalysed by ionic liquid [Bmim][Ac].

    Liu, Fusheng; Li, Lei; Yu, Shitao; Lv, Zhiguo; Ge, Xiaoping


    The methanolysis of polycarbonate (PC) was studied using ionic liquid [Bmim][Ac] as a catalyst. The effects of temperature, time, methanol dosage and [Bmim][Ac] dosage on the methanolysis reaction were examined. It was shown that the conversion of PC was nearly 100%, and the yield of bisphenol A (BPA) was over 95% under the following conditions: m([Bmim][Ac]):m(PC) = 0.75:1;m(methanol):m(PC) = 0.75:1; a reaction temperature of 90 °C and a total time of 2.5h. The ionic liquid could be reused up to 6 times with no apparent decrease in the conversion of PC and yield of BPA. The kinetics of the reaction was also investigated. The results indicated that the methanolysis of PC in [Bmim][Ac] was a first-order kinetic reaction with an activation energy of 167 kJ/mol.

  16. Alternating current(AC) corrosion analyzed by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

    Ha, Tae Hyun; Kim, Dae Kyeong; Bae, Jeong Hyo; Lee, Hyun Goo; Lee, Sung Jin [Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Changwon (Korea, Republic of)


    So far, many research results on AC corrosion have been reported but each one is not consistent with another. In order to understand the characteristics and factors affecting on AC corrosion, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (E.I.S) was used and changes in kinetics and surface properties was analyzed. Generally, E.I.S. test has been used mainly for the diagnosis of the concrete corrosion and coating material. However, considering the outstanding functions of E.I.S. test, it can be adopted as a good method to study AC corrosion. Electrolyte resistance (R{sub sol}), double layer capacitance (C{sub dl}) and polarization resistance (R{sub p}) are the basic circuit elements. Using the model which is consist of these basic elements, various results of E.I.S. test can be interpreted. And through this method the mechanism and characteristics of AC corrosion can be explained

  17. ACS Algorithm in Discrete Ordinates for Pressure Vessel Dosimetry

    Walters William


    Full Text Available The Adaptive Collision Source (ACS method can solve the Linear Boltzmann Equation (LBE more efficiently by adaptation of the angular quadrature order. This is similar to, and essentially an extension of, the first collision source method. Previously, the ACS methodology has been implemented into the TITAN discrete ordinates code, and has shown speedups of 2–4 on a simple test problem, with very little loss of accuracy (within a provided adaptive tolerance. This work examines the use of the ACS method for a more realistic problem: pressure vessel dosimetry with the VENUS-2 MOX-fuelled reactor dosimetry benchmark. The ACS method proved to be able to obtain accurate results while being approximately twice as efficient as using a constant quadrature in a standard source iteration scheme.

  18. Fabrication of alumina films with laminated structures by ac anodization

    Hiroyo Segawa


    Full Text Available Anodization techniques by alternating current (ac are introduced in this review. By using ac anodization, laminated alumina films are fabricated. Different types of alumina films consisting of 50–200 nm layers were obtained by varying both the ac power supply and the electrolyte. The total film thickness increased with an increase in the total charge transferred. The thickness of the individual layers increased with the ac voltage; however, the anodization time had little effect on the film thickness. The laminated alumina films resembled the nacre structure of shells, and the different morphologies exhibited by bivalves and spiral shells could be replicated by controlling the rate of increase of the applied potentials.

  19. Autonomous Operation of Hybrid Microgrid With AC and DC Subgrids

    Chiang Loh, Poh; Li, Ding; Kang Chai, Yi


    This paper investigates on power-sharing issues of an autonomous hybrid microgrid. Unlike existing microgrids which are purely ac, the hybrid microgrid studied here comprises dc and ac subgrids interconnected by power electronic interfaces. The main challenge here is to manage power flows among all...... sources distributed throughout the two types of subgrids, which is certainly tougher than previous efforts developed for only ac or dc microgrid. This wider scope of control has not yet been investigated, and would certainly rely on the coordinated operation of dc sources, ac sources, and interlinking...... converters. Suitable control and normalization schemes are now developed for controlling them with the overall hybrid microgrid performance already verified in simulation and experiment....

  20. A hybrid electromechanical solid state switch for ac power control


    Bidirectional thyristor coupled to a series of actuator driven electromechanical contacts generates hybrid electromechanical solid state switch for ac power control. Device is useful in power control applications where zero crossover switching is required.

  1. A precursor of β-delayed fission:230Ac


    The 230Ra has been produced via multinucleon transfer and dissipativefragmentation of heavy target in the 60 MeV/u 18O ion reaction with natural thorium.The radium was radiochemically separated from irradiated thorium targets. 230Acwas obtained by 230Ra β-→ 230Ac. Thin Ra sources were prepared for observing fissionfragments from β-delayed fission of 230Ac. The sources were exposed to the micafission track detectors and measured by a HPGe γ detector. The two fission eventswere obtained and could been assigned to theβ-delayed fission of 230Ac. The β-delayedfission probability of 230Ac was determined to be (1.19+0.85) × 10-8.

  2. Simulation of the Relaxation Potential Profile of an ac-dc-ac Test

    Kerry N. Allahar


    Full Text Available The relaxation period of the accelerated ac-dc-ac test for coatings is associated with the transient electrochemistry that occurs when the immersed coated system is allowed to return to a stable open-circuit condition after being subjected to a cathodic potential. A mathematical model of the transient electrochemistry that occurs during this relaxation period is presented for coated aluminum. Expressions for the corrosion potential and corrosion current as functions of the local pH at the metal-coating interface were developed using reported experimental results. These expressions enabled the simulation of the transient electrochemistry under the constraint of balanced anodic and cathodic current densities. Regression of the transient relaxation potential profiles to exponential decay functions provided time-constant characterization of the profiles. Simulated results are presented that demonstrate the influences of the coating's porosity and thickness, the applied dc potential and the metal-coating interface condition on the time-constants associated with the relaxation profile. Interpretation of experimentally reported relaxation potential profiles supported the analysis of the simulated results.

  3. A Switched Capacitor Based AC/DC Resonant Converter for High Frequency AC Power Generation

    Cuidong Xu


    Full Text Available A switched capacitor based AC-DC resonant power converter is proposed for high frequency power generation output conversion. This converter is suitable for small scale, high frequency wind power generation. It has a high conversion ratio to provide a step down from high voltage to low voltage for easy use. The voltage conversion ratio of conventional switched capacitor power converters is fixed to n, 1/n or −1/n (n is the switched capacitor cell. In this paper, A circuit which can provide n, 1/n and 2n/m of the voltage conversion ratio is presented (n is stepping up the switched capacitor cell, m is stepping down the switching capacitor cell. The conversion ratio can be changed greatly by using only two switches. A resonant tank is used to assist in zero current switching, and hence the current spike, which usually exists in a classical switching switched capacitor converter, can be eliminated. Both easy operation and efficiency are possible. Principles of operation, computer simulations and experimental results of the proposed circuit are presented. General analysis and design methods are given. The experimental result verifies the theoretical analysis of high frequency AC power generation.

  4. The topological AC effect on non-commutative phase space

    Li, Kang [Hangzhou Teachers College, Department of Physics, Hangzhou (China); The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste (Italy); Wang, Jianhua [Shaanxi University of Technology, Department of Physics, Hanzhong (China); The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste (Italy)


    The Aharonov-Casher (AC) effect in non-commutative (NC) quantum mechanics is studied. Instead of using the star product method, we use a generalization of Bopp's shift method. After solving the Dirac equations both on non-commutative space and non-commutative phase space by the new method, we obtain corrections to the AC phase on NC space and NC phase space, respectively. (orig.)

  5. Antifriction coatings based on a-C for biomedicine applications

    Yurjev, Y. N.; Kiseleva, D. V.; Zaitcev, D. A.; Sidelev, D. V.; Korneva, O. S.


    This article reports on the investigation of mechanical properties of carbon films deposited by dual magnetron sputtering system with closed and mirror magnetic field. There is shown that a-C films with predominantly sp2-phase have relatively high hardness (up to 20 GPa) and low friction index (∼0.01). The influence of magnetic field on friction index is determined. The analysis of experimental data shows the obtained a-C samples can be used for biomedicine applications.

  6. An AC magnetohydrodynamic micropump: towards a true integrated microfluidic system

    Lee, A P; Lemoff, A V; McConaghy, C F; Miles, R R


    An AC Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) micropump has been demonstrated in which the Lorentz force is used to propel an electrolytic solution along a microchannel etched in silicon. This micropump has no moving parts, produces a continuous (not pulsatile) flow, and is compatible with solutions containing biological specimens. micropump, using the Lorentz force as the pumping mechanism for biological analysis. The AC Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) micropump investigated produces a continuous flow and allows for complex microchannel design.

  7. Project Management

    Project Management Theory Meets Practice contains the proceedings from the 1st Danish Project Management Research Conference (DAPMARC 2015), held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 21st, 2015.......Project Management Theory Meets Practice contains the proceedings from the 1st Danish Project Management Research Conference (DAPMARC 2015), held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 21st, 2015....

  8. Define Project

    Munk-Madsen, Andreas


    "Project" is a key concept in IS management. The word is frequently used in textbooks and standards. Yet we seldom find a precise definition of the concept. This paper discusses how to define the concept of a project. The proposed definition covers both heavily formalized projects and informally...... organized, agile projects. Based on the proposed definition popular existing definitions are discussed....

  9. Project Management

    Pilkington, Alan; Chai, Kah-Hin; Le, Yang


    This paper identifies the true coverage of PM theory through a bibliometric analysis of the International Journal of Project Management from 1996-2012. We identify six persistent research themes: project time management, project risk management, programme management, large-scale project management......, project success/failure and practitioner development. These differ from those presented in review and editorial articles in the literature. In addition, topics missing from the PM BOK: knowledge management project-based organization and project portfolio management have become more popular topics...

  10. AC electrophoretic deposition of organic-inorganic composite coatings.

    Yoshioka, T; Chávez-Valdez, A; Roether, J A; Schubert, D W; Boccaccini, A R


    Alternating current electrophoretic deposition (AC-EPD) of polyacrylic acid (PAA)-titanium oxide (TiO(2)) nanoparticle composites on stainless steel electrodes was investigated in basic aqueous solution. AC square wave with duty cycle of 80% was applied at a frequency of 1 kHz. FTIR-ATR spectra showed that both AC and direct current (DC) EPD successfully deposited PAA-TiO(2) composites. The deposition rate using AC-EPD was lower than that obtained in direct current DC-EPD. However, the microstructure and surface morphology of the deposited composite coatings were different depending on the type of electric field applied. AC-EPD applied for not more than 5 min led to smooth films without bubble formation, while DC-EPD for 1 min or more showed deposits with microstructural defects possibly as result of water electrolysis. AC-EPD was thus for the first time demonstrated to be a suitable technique to deposit organic-inorganic composite coatings from aqueous suspensions, showing that applying a square wave and frequency of 1 kHz leads to uniform PAA-TiO(2) composite coatings on conductive materials.

  11. Update on bedside ultrasound (US) diagnosis of acute cholecystitis (AC).

    Zenobii, Maria Francesca; Accogli, Esterita; Domanico, Andrea; Arienti, Vincenzo


    Acute cholecystitis (AC) represents a principal cause of morbidity worldwide and is one of the most frequent reasons for hospitalization due to gastroenteric tract diseases. AC should be suspected in presence of clinical signs and of gallstones on an imaging study. Upper abdominal US represents the first diagnostic imaging step in the case of suspected AC. Computed tomography (CT) with intravenous contrast (IV) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with gadolinium contrast and technetium hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (Tc-HIDA) can be employed to exclude complications. US examination should be performed with right subcostal oblique, with longitudinal and intercostal scans. Normal gallbladder US findings and AC major and minor US signs are described. Polyps, sludge and gallbladder wall thickening represent the more frequent pitfalls and they must be differentiated from stones, duodenal artifacts and many other non-inflammatory conditions that cause wall thickening, respectively. By means of bedside ultrasound, the finding of gallstones in combination with acute pain, when the clinician presses the gallbladder with the US probe (the sonographic Murphy's sign), has a 92.2 % positive predictive value for AC. In our preliminary experience, bedside US-performed by echoscopy (ES) and/or point-of-care US (POCUS) demonstrated good reliability in detecting signs of AC, and was always integrated with physical examination and performed by a skilled operator.

  12. Temperature integration at the AC thermosensory neurons in Drosophila.

    Tang, Xin; Platt, Michael D; Lagnese, Christopher M; Leslie, Jennifer R; Hamada, Fumika N


    Temperature sensation has a strong impact on animal behavior and is necessary for animals to avoid exposure to harmful temperatures. It is now well known that thermoTRP (transient receptor potential) channels in thermosensory neurons detect a variable range of temperature stimuli. However, little is known about how a range of temperature information is relayed and integrated in the neural circuits. Here, we show novel temperature integration between two warm inputs via Drosophila TRPA channels, TRPA1 and Pyrexia (Pyx). The internal AC (anterior cell) thermosensory neurons, which express TRPA1, detect warm temperatures and mediate temperature preference behavior. We found that the AC neurons were activated twice when subjected to increasing temperatures. The first response was at ∼25°C via TRPA1 channel, which is expressed in the AC neurons. The second response was at ∼27°C via the second antennal segments, indicating that the second antennal segments are involved in the detection of warm temperatures. Further analysis reveals that pyx-Gal4-expressing neurons have synapses on the AC neurons and that mutation of pyx eliminates the second response of the AC neurons. These data suggest that AC neurons integrate both their own TRPA1-dependent temperature responses and a Pyx-dependent temperature response from the second antennal segments. Our data reveal the first identification of temperature integration, which combines warm temperature information from peripheral to central neurons and provides the possibility that temperature integration is involved in the plasticity of behavioral outputs.

  13. Diagnostics of the Fermilab Tevatron using an AC dipole

    Miyamoto, Ryoichi [Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX (United States)


    The Fermilab Tevatron is currently the world's highest energy colliding beam facility. Its counter-rotating proton and antiproton beams collide at 2 TeV center-of-mass. Delivery of such intense beam fluxes to experiments has required improved knowledge of the Tevatron's beam optical lattice. An oscillating dipole magnet, referred to as an AC dipole, is one of such a tool to non-destructively assess the optical properties of the synchrotron. We discusses development of an AC dipole system for the Tevatron, a fast-oscillating (f ~ 20 kHz) dipole magnet which can be adiabatically turned on and off to establish sustained coherent oscillations of the beam particles without affecting the transverse emittance. By utilizing an existing magnet and a higher power audio amplifier, the cost of the Tevatron AC dipole system became relatively inexpensive. We discuss corrections which must be applied to the driven oscillation measurements to obtain the proper interpretation of beam optical parameters from AC dipole studies. After successful operations of the Tevatron AC dipole system, AC dipole systems, similar to that in the Tevatron, will be build for the CERN LHC. We present several measurements of linear optical parameters (beta function and phase advance) for the Tevatron, as well as studies of non-linear perturbations from sextupole and octupole elements.

  14. A Novel High Performance Bridgeless Ac-Dc Boost Converter

    S.M.AshrafulAlam Mohon


    Full Text Available A new single phase high performance bridgeless AC-DC Boost converter is proposed. The converter is made bridgeless by the use of two unidirectional switches and two diodes at the input ac side for power conversion for both positive and negative half cycle. Because of the high frequency switching, the power factor of the circuit is inherently corrected and it requires a small filter to make the input current near sinusoidal with limited THD. The significant improvement in THD makes the circuit a good choice in applications needing AC-DC conversion with power conditioning. The circuit exhibits such better performances than conventional AC-DC boost converter with variable loads at constant frequency switching with no additional control circuits. The efficiency of the circuit is also satisfactory. Analysis and simulation results of the circuit are obtained by using software simulation. The main advantage of this new AC-DC converter is its superior power quality over conventional AC-DC boost converter

  15. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Hubble Legacy Archive ACS grism data (Kuemmel+, 2011)

    Kuemmel, M.; Rosati, P.; Fosbury, R.; Haase, J.; Hook, R. N.; Kuntschner, H.; Lombardi, M.; Micol, A.; Nilsson, K. K.; Stoehr, F.; Walsh, J. R.


    A public release of slitless spectra, obtained with ACS/WFC and the G800L grism, is presented. Spectra were automatically extracted in a uniform way from 153 archival fields (or "associations") distributed across the two Galactic caps, covering all observations to 2008. The ACS G800L grism provides a wavelength range of 0.55-1.00um, with a dispersion of 40Å/pixel and a resolution of ~80Å for point-like sources. The ACS G800L images and matched direct images were reduced with an automatic pipeline that handles all steps from archive retrieval, alignment and astrometric calibration, direct image combination, catalogue generation, spectral extraction and collection of metadata. The large number of extracted spectra (73,581) demanded automatic methods for quality control and an automated classification algorithm was trained on the visual inspection of several thousand spectra. The final sample of quality controlled spectra includes 47919 datasets (65% of the total number of extracted spectra) for 32149 unique objects, with a median iAB-band magnitude of 23.7, reaching 26.5 AB for the faintest objects. Each released dataset contains science-ready 1D and 2D spectra, as well as multi-band image cutouts of corresponding sources and a useful preview page summarising the direct and slitless data, astrometric and photometric parameters. This release is part of the continuing effort to enhance the content of the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) with highly processed data products which significantly facilitate the scientific exploitation of the Hubble data. In order to characterize the slitless spectra, emission-line flux and equivalent width sensitivity of the ACS data were compared with public ground-based spectra in the GOODS-South field. An example list of emission line galaxies with two or more identified lines is also included, covering the redshift range 0.2-4.6. Almost all redshift determinations outside of the GOODS fields are new. The scope of science projects possible

  16. 21 CFR 880.6320 - AC-powered medical examination light.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered medical examination light. 880.6320... Miscellaneous Devices § 880.6320 AC-powered medical examination light. (a) Identification. An AC-powered medical examination light is an AC-powered device intended for medical purposes that is used to illuminate...

  17. Monoclonal antibodies AC-43 and AC-29 disrupt Plasmodium vivax development in the Indian malaria vector Anopheles culicifacies (Diptera: culicidae)

    Manoj Chugh; B R Gulati; S K Gakhar


    A repertoire of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) was generated against the midgut proteins of Anopheles culicifacies mosquitoes. The mAbs AC-43 and AC-29 significantly inhibited Plasmodium vivax development inside the mosquito midgut. The number of oocysts that developed was reduced by 78.6% when mosquitoes ingested a combination of these two mAbs along with the blood meal. AC-43 mAb binds to the epitope common in 97, 80 and 43 kDa polypeptides from the midgut protein extract, as indicated by western blot analysis. Similarly, the mAb AC-29 recognized 52, 44, 40 and 29 kDa polypeptides. These female midgut-specific polypeptides are shared between An. culicifacies and An. stephensi, two major vectors of malaria in India. Deglycosylation assays revealed that -linked carbohydrates are the major components in epitopes corresponding to AC-43 and AC-29. Gold particle labelling revealed that both these mAbs preferentially bind to glycoproteins at the apical microvilli and the microvillus-associated network present inside transverse sections of the gut epithelium. These regions are particularly known to have receptors for ookinetes, which enable them to cross this epithelial barrier and provide them with certain necessary chemicals or components for further development into oocysts. Therefore, these glycoproteins appear to be potential candidates for a vectordirected transmission-blocking vaccine (TBV).

  18. An AC/AC Direct Power Conversion Topology Having Multiple Power Grid Connections with Adjustable Loading

    Klumpner, Christian; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Normally, a power converter has one supply port to connect to the power grid and one or multiple output ports to connect to AC loads that require variable voltage and variable frequency. As the trend on the energy market is towards deregulation, new converter topologies are needed to allow...... independent producers/consumers to connect to multiple distribution grids in order to optimise the electricity price, as this will vary during the day from one power distribution company to another one. It will be needed to have a load that can smoothly adjust the power consumed from each power grid in order...... these fraction power will be a necessary feature on a deregulated energy market. This paper presents a new topology of a power converter based on the Direct Power Conversion concept, which is able to connect to multiple grids and provide complete decoupling between without circulating power between the grids...

  19. Temas de Física para Ingeniería: Acústica

    Beléndez Vázquez, Augusto


    Acústica, fluidos y termodinámica: "Acústica". Ondas sonoras, propagación. Sonidos puros, sonidos complejos y ruidos. Velocidad de propagación del sonido. Intensidad del sonido y potencia acústica. Impedancia acústica y transmisión del sonido. Medición del campo acústico: niveles. Audición. Interferencia de ondas sonoras y pulsaciones. Tubos sonoros. Efecto Doppler.

  20. 一种简单新型拓扑Cuk AC/AC变换器及其仿真研究%A New Simple Topology of Cuk AC/AC Converter and Its Simulation

    陈溪; 刘韬; 谭光慧; 纪延超


    由Cuk DC/DC变换器的拓扑结构导出一种只具有两个开关的PWM AC/AC变换器的简单新型拓扑--Cuk AC/AC变换器.给出单相和三相Cuk AC/AC变换器的拓扑结构,分析Cuk AC/AC变换器的外特性及小信号特性.仿真结果验证了所提的Cuk AC/AC变换器的合理性和可行性.

  1. Alzheimer's Project

    Full Text Available ... Momentum in Science, Part 2" (70 minutes) Be a part of something big. HBO's "THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT" ... vital research and services. "THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT" is a presentation of HBO Documentary Films and the National ...

  2. Alzheimer's Project

    ... state Home > News & Events > Upcoming Events > HBO Alzheimer’s Project In the News Walk to End Alzheimer's Upcoming ... Disease Awareness Month World Alzheimer's Month HBO Alzheimer’s Project MAKE A DONATION Your gift will help us ...

  3. Modelling ac ripple currents in HTS coated conductors

    Xu, Zhihan; Grilli, Francesco


    Dc transmission using high temperature superconducting (HTS) coated conductors (CCs) offers a promising solution to the globally growing demand for effective, reliable and economic transmission of green energy up to the gigawatt level over very long distances. The credible estimation of the losses and thereby the heat dissipation involved, where ac ripples (introduced in rectification/ac-dc conversion) are viewed as a potential source of notable contribution, is highly essential for the rational design of practical HTS dc transmission cables and corresponding cryogenic systems to fulfil this demand. Here we report a targeted modelling study into the ac losses in a HTS CC subject to dc and ac ripple currents simultaneously, by solving Maxwell’s equations using the finite element method (FEM) in the commercial software package COMSOL. It is observed that the instantaneous loss exhibits only one peak per cycle in the HTS CC subject to sinusoidal ripples, given that the amplitude of the ac ripples is smaller than approximately 20% of that of the dc current. This is a distinct contrast to the usual observation of two peaks per cycle in a HTS CC subject to ac currents only. The unique mechanism is also revealed, which is directly associated with the finding that, around any local minima of the applied ac ripples, the critical state of -J c is never reached at the edges of the HTS CC, as it should be according to the Bean model. When running further into the longer term, it is discovered that the ac ripple loss of the HTS CC in full-wave rectification decays monotonically, at a speed which is found to be insensitive to the frequency of the applied ripples within our targeted situations, to a relatively low level of approximately 1.38 × 10-4 W m-1 in around 1.7 s. Comparison between this level and other typical loss contributions in a HTS dc cable implies that ac ripple currents in HTS CCs should only be considered as a minor source of dissipation in superconducting dc

  4. Project ethics

    Jonasson, Haukur Ingi


    How relevant is ethics to project management? The book - which aims to demystify the field of ethics for project managers and managers in general - takes both a critical and a practical look at project management in terms of success criteria, and ethical opportunities and risks. The goal is to help the reader to use ethical theory to further identify opportunities and risks within their projects and thereby to advance more directly along the path of mature and sustainable managerial practice.

  5. Microsoft project

    Markić, Lucija; Mandušić, Dubravka; Grbavac, Vitomir


    Microsoft Project je alat čije su prednosti u svakodnevnom radu nezamjenjive. Pomoću Microsoft Projecta omogućeno je upravljanje resursima, stvaranje izvještaja o projektima u vremenu, te analize različitih scenarija. Pojavljuje u tri verzije: Microsoft Project Professional, Microsoft Project Server i Microsoft Project Server Client Access Licenses. Upravo je trend da suvremeni poslovni ljudi zadatke povjeravaju Microsoft Projectu jer on znatno povećava produktivnost rada. Te prednos...

  6. Design and synthesis of {sup 225}Ac radioimmunopharmaceuticals

    McDevitt, Michael R.; Ma, Dangshe; Simon, Jim; Frank, R. Keith; Scheinberg, David A. E-mail:


    The alpha-particle-emitting radionuclides {sup 213}Bi, {sup 211}At, {sup 224}Ra are under investigation for the treatment of leukemias, gliomas, and ankylosing spondylitis, respectively. {sup 213}Bi and {sup 211}At were attached to monoclonal antibodies and used as targeted immunotherapeutic agents while unconjugated {sup 224}Ra chloride selectively seeks bone. {sup 225}Ac possesses favorable physical properties for radioimmunotherapy (10 d half-life and 4 net alpha particles), but has a history of unfavorable radiolabeling chemistry and poor metal-chelate stability. We selected functionalized derivatives of DOTA as the most promising to pursue from out of a group of potential {sup 225}Ac chelate compounds. A two-step synthetic process employing either MeO-DOTA-NCS or 2B-DOTA-NCS as the chelating moiety was developed to attach {sup 225}Ac to monoclonal antibodies. This method was tested using several different IgG systems. The chelation reaction yield in the first step was 93{+-}8% radiochemically pure (n=26). The second step yielded {sup 225}Ac-DOTA-IgG constructs that were 95{+-}5% radiochemically pure (n=27) and the mean percent immunoreactivity ranged from 25% to 81%, depending on the antibody used. This process has yielded several potential novel targeted {sup 225}Ac-labeled immunotherapeutic agents that may now be evaluated in appropriate model systems and ultimately in humans.

  7. AC losses in circular arrangements of parallel superconducting tapes

    Kühle (fratrådt), Anders Van Der Aa; Træholt, Chresten; Däumling, Manfred;


    The DC and AC properties of superconducting tapes connected in parellel and arranged in a single closed layer on two tubes (correspondig to power cable models with infinite pitch) with different diameters are compared. We find that the DC properties, i.e. the critical currents of the two arrangem......The DC and AC properties of superconducting tapes connected in parellel and arranged in a single closed layer on two tubes (correspondig to power cable models with infinite pitch) with different diameters are compared. We find that the DC properties, i.e. the critical currents of the two...... arrangements, scale with the number of tapes and hence appear to be independent of the diameter.However, the AC loss per tape (for a given current per tape) appears to decrease with increasing diameter of the circular arrangement. Compared to a model for the AC loss in a continuous superconducting layer...... (Monoblock model) the measured values are about half an order of magnitude higher than expected for the small diameter arrangement. When compared to the AC loss calculated for N individual superconducting tapes using a well known model ( Norris elliptical) the difference is slightly smaller....

  8. AC propulsion system for an electric vehicle, phase 2

    Slicker, J. M.


    A second-generation prototype ac propulsion system for a passenger electric vehicle was designed, fabricated, tested, installed in a modified Mercury Lynx vehicle and track tested at the Contractor's site. The system consisted of a Phase 2, 18.7 kw rated ac induction traction motor, a 192-volt, battery powered, pulse-width-modulated, transistorized inverter packaged for under rear seat installation, a 2-axis, 2-speed, automatically-shifted mechanical transaxle and a microprocessor-based powertrain/vehicle controller. A diagnostics computer to assist tuning and fault finding was fabricated. Dc-to-mechanical-system efficiency varied from 78% to 82% as axle speed/torque ranged from 159 rpm/788 nm to 65 rpm/328 nm. Track test efficiency results suggest that the ac system will be equal or superior to dc systems when driving urban cycles. Additional short-term work is being performed under a third contract phase (AC-3) to raise transaxle efficiency to predicted levels, and to improve starting and shifting characteristics. However, the long-term challenge to the system's viability remains inverter cost. A final report on the Phase 2 system, describing Phase 3 modifications, will be issued at the conclusion of AC-3.

  9. Impedance, AC conductivity and dielectric behavior Adeninium Trichloromercurate (II)

    Fersi, M. Amine; Chaabane, I.; Gargouri, M.


    In this work, we report the measurements impedance spectroscopy technique for the organic-inorganic hybrid compound (C5H6N5) HgCl3, 11/2H2O measured in the 209 Hz-5 MHz frequency range from 378 to 428 K. Besides, the Cole-Cole (Z″ versus Z‧) plots were well fitted to an equivalent circuit built up by a parallel combination of resistance (R), fractal capacitance (CPE) and capacitance (C). Furthermore, the AC conductivity was investigated as a function of temperature and frequency in the same range. The experiment results indicated that AC conductivity (σac) was proportional to σdc + A ωS . The obtained results are discussed in terms of the correlated barrier hopping (CBH) model. An agreement between the experimental and theoretical results suggests that the AC conductivity behavior of Adeninium Trichloromercurate (II) can be successfully explained by CBH model. The contribution of single polaron hopping to AC conductivity in a present alloy was also studied.


    万怡灶; 王玉林; 董向红; 周福刚; 成国祥; 温廷益; 韩森



  11. Project STAY.

    Smith, Bert Kruger

    Project STAY (Scholarships to Able Youth), located in the barrio of San Antonio, Texas, helps young people stay in school beyond the secondary grades. The project provides outreach services to meet the needs of the students. Its primary service is to act as an advocate for these young people. The project recruits all types of youth from families…

  12. Map Projection

    Ghaderpour, Ebrahim


    In this paper, we introduce some known map projections from a model of the Earth to a flat sheet of paper or map and derive the plotting equations for these projections. The first fundamental form and the Gaussian fundamental quantities are defined and applied to obtain the plotting equations and distortions in length, shape and size for some of these map projections.

  13. International Projects


    Description of co-operation projects implemented with the help of Sweden is presented. Information on performance of Phare and IAEA Regional and National Technical Cooperation projects is provided. Phare project 'Creation of Radiation Protection Infrastructure and Development of Supporting Services' was started in 2002

  14. Variable transposition of eight maize activator (ac) elements located on the short arm of chromosome 1.

    Sheridan, William F


    Eight Activator (Ac) transposable elements mapped to the maize chromosome arm 1S were assessed for Ac transposition rates. For each of the Ac stocks, plants homozygous for the single Ac element and the Ds reporter r1-sc:m3 on chromosome 10 were crossed as females by a homozygous r1-sc:m3 tester color-converted W22 line. The resulting ears produced mostly coarsely spotted kernels and a low frequency of either near-colorless fine-spotted kernels or nonspotted kernels. The relative frequency of these two types of near-colorless kernels differed among the eight Ac stocks. The extent to which increased Ac dosage results in nonspotted kernels may be Ac-specific. Although all of the Ac elements are in near-isogenic inbred W22 lines, they varied to a large extent in their transposition frequency. These differences might possibly result from structural differences among the Ac elements. Because one pair of Ac elements derived from Ac33 on chromosome arm 5S differed about 13-fold in transposition frequency and a second pair of Ac elements derived from Ac12 on chromosome arm 1S differed about 3-fold in transposition frequency, this is not a likely explanation for all eight Ac elements. The data presented here support the notion that the differences in transposition frequency of the eight Ac elements may be a reflection of variability in Ac transcription or accessibility of the transposase to the Ac element, resulting from differences in the chromatin environments wherein the Ac elements are located. This is the first report of variability in transposition rates among different Ac donor lines.

  15. On the Application of TLS Techniques to AC Electrical Drives

    M. Cirrincione


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the application of a new neuron, the TLS EXIN neuron, to AC induction motor drives. In particular, it addresses two important subjects of AC induction motor drives: the on-line estimation of the electrical parameters of the machine and the speed estimation in sensorless drives. On this basis, this work summarizes the parameter estimation and sensorless techniques already developed by the authors over these last few years, all based on the TLS EXIN. With regard to sensorless, two techniques are proposed: one based on the MRAS and the other based on the full-order Luenberger observer. The work show some of the most significant results obtained by the authors in these fields and stresses the important potentiality of this new neural technique in AC induction machine drives.

  16. Security analysis of interconnected AC/DC systems

    Eriksson, Robert


    This paper analyses N-1 security in an interconnected ac/dc transmission system using power transfer distribution factors (PTDFs). In the case of a dc converter outage the power needs to be redistributed among the remaining converter to maintain power balance and operation of the dc grid. The red......This paper analyses N-1 security in an interconnected ac/dc transmission system using power transfer distribution factors (PTDFs). In the case of a dc converter outage the power needs to be redistributed among the remaining converter to maintain power balance and operation of the dc grid....... The redistribution of power has a sudden effect on the power-flow in the interconnected ac system. This may cause overloading of lines and transformers resulting in disconnection of equipment, and as a consequence cascading failure. The PTDF is used as a method to analyze and avoid violating limits by in the dc...

  17. Harmonic-free line-commutated ac/dc rectifiers

    Villablanca, Miguel E. [Electrical Engineering Department, University of Santiago, P.O. Box 10233, Santiago (Chile)


    In this paper both a method and apparatus are applied to different configurations of line-commutated ac/dc rectifiers to reduce the distortion of currents flowing from the ac supply. The load may be either inductive or capacitive. The technology involves an accurate shaping of the dc current by using two self-commutated switches. This dc-current shaping is reflected back into the shaping of the ac input currents, which become pure sine waves. Thyristor-based rectifying operation is possible with a simple control circuit, which is able to deal with both rapid load variations and failures in the self-commutated switches. Furthermore, the overlap conduction of bridge thyristors is eliminated completely. Experimental verification is provided from a 400-V 30-kVA 50-Hz laboratory prototype. (author)

  18. Neural network based PWM AC chopper fed induction motor drive

    Venkatesan Jamuna


    Full Text Available In this paper, a new Simulink model for a neural network controlled PWM AC chopper fed single phase induction motor is proposed. Closed loop speed control is achieved using a neural network controller. To maintain a constant fluid flow with a variation in pressure head, drives like fan and pump are operated with closed loop speed control. The need to improve the quality and reliability of the drive circuit has increased because of the growing demand for improving the performance of motor drives. With the increased availability of MOSFET's and IGBT's, PWM converters can be used efficiently in low and medium power applications. From the simulation studies, it is seen that the PWM AC chopper has a better harmonic spectrum and lesser copper loss than the Phase controlled AC chopper. It is observed that the drive system with the proposed model produces better dynamic performance, reduced overshoot and fast transient response. .

  19. Superconducting shielded core reactor with reduced AC losses

    Cha, Yung S.; Hull, John R.


    A superconducting shielded core reactor (SSCR) operates as a passive device for limiting excessive AC current in a circuit operating at a high power level under a fault condition such as shorting. The SSCR includes a ferromagnetic core which may be either closed or open (with an air gap) and extends into and through a superconducting tube or superconducting rings arranged in a stacked array. First and second series connected copper coils each disposed about a portion of the iron core are connected to the circuit to be protected and are respectively wound inside and outside of the superconducting tube or rings. A large impedance is inserted into the circuit by the core when the shielding capability of the superconducting arrangement is exceeded by the applied magnetic field generated by the two coils under a fault condition to limit the AC current in the circuit. The proposed SSCR also affords reduced AC loss compared to conventional SSCRs under continuous normal operation.

  20. 1100kV/63kA气体绝缘金属封闭开关设备的研制%Development and Implementation of Gas-Insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear With Breaking Capability of 63 kA for 1 100 kV AC Power Transmission Project

    郭媛媛; 崔博源; 王承玉; 孙岗


    The gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) is the most important control and protection equipment in 1 100 kV power grid and it plays important role of ensuring secure and stable operation and reliable power supply of UHVAC power grid. In view of the fact that GIS with breaking capability of 50 kA for 1 100 kV pilot power transmission project cannot meet the requirement of switching-off the short-circuit current of 63 kA, to meet the requirement of constructing UHV power grids in future, it is necessary to develop the GIS with breaking capability of 63 kA. On the basis of researching and analyzing existing UHV power transmission technologies home and abroad, the overall process of developing 1 100 kV GIS with breaking capability of 63 kA is systemically expounded in aspects of power grid demand, simulation analysis, structural design and type test. The core components of the 1 100 kV GIS with breaking capability of 63 kA are calulated and analyzed theoretically, and the structures of circuit breakers with two-contact and four-contact respectively are designed and simulative verifications of them are performed. After scheme comparison, a scheme to meet the requirement of type test for 1 100 kV GIS with breaking capability of 63 kA is proposed. Finally, according to national standard the type test of circuit breaker with four-contact and that with two-contact are completed. Type test results show that the development and manufacturing of GIS with breaking capability of 63 kA for 1 100 kV power grid can be utterly implemented.%1100kV气体绝缘金属封闭开关设备(gas—insulated metal-enclosed switchgear,GIS)是特高压电网中最重要的控制和保护设备,对确保特高压电网的安全稳定运行和可靠供电起着重要作用。特高压交流试验示范工程用1100kV/50kAGIS设备已不能达到开断系统短路电流63kA的要求,为满足未来特高压电网建设需求必须研制出1100kV/63kAGIS设备。分析并

  1. Virtual projects

    Svejvig, Per; Commisso, Trine Hald


    Virtual projects are common with global competition, market development, and not least the financial crisis forcing organizations to reduce their costs drastically. Organizations therefore have to place high importance on ways to carry out virtual projects and consider appropriate practices...... for performing these projects. This paper compares best practices with practiced practices for virtual projects and discusses ways to bridge the gap between them. We have studied eleven virtual projects in five Danish organizations and compared them with a predefined list of best practices compiled from...... that the best practice knowledge has not permeated sufficiently to the practice. Furthermore, the appropriate application of information and communication technology (ICT) remains a big challenge, and finally project managers are not sufficiently trained in organizing and conducting virtual projects...

  2. Project Temporalities

    Tryggestad, Kjell; Justesen, Lise; Mouritsen, Jan


    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore how animals can become stakeholders in interaction with project management technologies and what happens with project temporalities when new and surprising stakeholders become part of a project and a recognized matter of concern to be taken...... into account. Design/methodology/approach – The paper is based on a qualitative case study of a project in the building industry. The authors use actor-network theory (ANT) to analyze the emergence of animal stakeholders, stakes and temporalities. Findings – The study shows how project temporalities can...... multiply in interaction with project management technologies and how conventional linear conceptions of project time may be contested with the emergence of new non-human stakeholders and temporalities. Research limitations/implications – The study draws on ANT to show how animals can become stakeholders...

  3. Modeling and Correcting the Time-Dependent ACS PSF

    Rhodes, Jason; Massey, Richard; Albert, Justin; Taylor, James E.; Koekemoer, Anton M.; Leauthaud, Alexie


    The ability to accurately measure the shapes of faint objects in images taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) depends upon detailed knowledge of the Point Spread Function (PSF). We show that thermal fluctuations cause the PSF of the ACS Wide Field Camera (WFC) to vary over time. We describe a modified version of the TinyTim PSF modeling software to create artificial grids of stars across the ACS field of view at a range of telescope focus values. These models closely resemble the stars in real ACS images. Using 10 bright stars in a real image, we have been able to measure HST s apparent focus at the time of the exposure. TinyTim can then be used to model the PSF at any position on the ACS field of view. This obviates the need for images of dense stellar fields at different focus values, or interpolation between the few observed stars. We show that residual differences between our TinyTim models and real data are likely due to the effects of Charge Transfer Efficiency (CTE) degradation. Furthermore, we discuss stochastic noise that is added to the shape of point sources when distortion is removed, and we present MultiDrizzle parameters that are optimal for weak lensing science. Specifically, we find that reducing the MultiDrizzle output pixel scale and choosing a Gaussian kernel significantly stabilizes the resulting PSF after image combination, while still eliminating cosmic rays/bad pixels, and correcting the large geometric distortion in the ACS. We discuss future plans, which include more detailed study of the effects of CTE degradation on object shapes and releasing our TinyTim models to the astronomical community.

  4. System and method for determining stator winding resistance in an AC motor using motor drives

    Lu, Bin; Habetler, Thomas G; Zhang, Pinjia


    A system and method for determining the stator winding resistance of AC motors is provided. The system includes an AC motor drive having an input connectable to an AC source and an output connectable to an input terminal of an AC motor, a pulse width modulation (PWM) converter having switches therein to control current flow and terminal voltages in the AC motor, and a control system connected to the PWM converter. The control system generates a command signal to cause the PWM converter to control an output of the AC motor drive corresponding to an input to the AC motor, selectively generates a modified command signal to cause the PWM converter to inject a DC signal into the output of the AC motor drive, and determines a stator winding resistance of the AC motor based on the DC signal of at least one of the voltage and current.

  5. Low Friction Cryostat for HTS Power Cable of Dutch Project

    Chevtchenko, O.; Zuijderduin, R.; Smit, J.; Willen, D.; Lentge, H.; Thidemann, C.; Traeholt, C.


    Particulars of 6 km long HTS AC power cable for Amsterdam project are: a cable has to fit in an annulus of 160 mm, with only two cooling stations at the cable ends [1]. Application of existing solutions for HTS cables would result in excessively high coolant pressure drop in the cable, possibly affe

  6. Study of AC/RF properties of SRF ingot niobium

    Dhakal, Pashupati; Tsindlekht, Menachem I; Genkin, Valery M; Ciovati, Gianluigi; Myneni, Ganapati Rao


    In an attempt to correlate the performance of superconducting radiofrequency cavities made of niobium with the superconducting properties, we present the results of the magnetization and ac susceptibility of the niobium used in the superconducting radiofrequency cavity fabrication. The samples were subjected to buffer chemical polishing (BCP) surface and high temperature heat treatments, typically applied to the cavities fabrications. The analysis of the results show the different surface and bulk ac conductivity for the samples subjected to BCP and heat treatment. Furthermore, the RF surface impedance is measured on the sample using a TE011 microwave cavity for a comparison to the low frequency measurements.

  7. AC and Phase Sensing of Nanowires for Biosensing.

    Crescentini, Marco; Rossi, Michele; Ashburn, Peter; Lombardini, Marta; Sangiorgi, Enrico; Morgan, Hywel; Tartagni, Marco


    Silicon nanowires are label-free sensors that allow real-time measurements. They are economical and pave the road for point-of-care applications but require complex readout and skilled personnel. We propose a new model and technique for sensing nanowire sensors using alternating currents (AC) to capture both magnitude and phase information from the sensor. This approach combines the advantages of complex impedance spectroscopy with the noise reduction performances of lock-in techniques. Experimental results show how modifications of the sensors with different surface chemistries lead to the same direct-current (DC) response but can be discerned using the AC approach.

  8. Unbalanced Voltage Compensation in Low Voltage Residential AC Grids

    Trintis, Ionut; Douglass, Philip; Munk-Nielsen, Stig


    This paper describes the design and test of a control algorithm for active front-end rectifiers that draw power from a residential AC grid to feed heat pump loads. The control algorithm is able to control the phase to neutral or phase to phase RMS voltages at the point of common coupling. The vol......This paper describes the design and test of a control algorithm for active front-end rectifiers that draw power from a residential AC grid to feed heat pump loads. The control algorithm is able to control the phase to neutral or phase to phase RMS voltages at the point of common coupling...

  9. Development of an AC Module System: Final Technical Report

    Suparna Kadam; Miles Russell


    The GreenRay Inc. program focused on simplifying solar electricity and making it affordable and accessible to the mainstream population. This was accomplished by integrating a solar module, micro-inverter, mounting and monitoring into a reliable, 'plug and play' AC system for residential rooftops, offering the following advantages: (1) Reduced Cost: Reduction in installation labor with fewer components, faster mounting, faster wiring. (2) Maximized Energy Production: Each AC Module operates at its maximum, reducing overall losses from shading, mismatch, or module downtime. (3) Increased Safety. Electrical and fire safety experts agree that AC Modules have significant benefits, with no energized wiring or live connections during installation, maintenance or emergency conditions. (4) Simplified PV for a Broader Group of Installers. Dramatic simplification of design and installation of a solar power system, enabling faster and more efficient delivery of the product into the market through well-established, mainstream channels. This makes solar more accessible to the public. (5) Broadened the Rooftop Market: AC Modules enable solar for many homes that have shading, split roofs, or obstructions. In addition, due to the smaller building block size of 200W vs. 1000W, homeowners with budget limitations can start small and add to their systems over time. Through this DOE program GreenRay developed the all-in-one AC Module system with an integrated PV Module and microinverter, custom residential mounting and performance monitoring. Development efforts took the product from its initial concept, through prototypes, to a commercial product sold and deployed in the residential market. This pilot deployment has demonstrated the technical effectiveness of the AC Module system in meeting the needs and solving the problems of the residential market. While more expensive than the traditional central inverter systems at the pilot scale, the economics of AC Modules become

  10. Active Power Regulation based on Droop for AC Microgrid

    Li, Chendan; Coelho, Ernane A. A.; Firoozabadi, Mehdi Savaghebi


    In this paper, two different control strategies are proposed to address the active power regulation issue in AC microgrids. The principle of power regulation in the droop controller is firstly introduced. Frequency scheduling and droop gain scheduling on top of droop control is proposed to succes......In this paper, two different control strategies are proposed to address the active power regulation issue in AC microgrids. The principle of power regulation in the droop controller is firstly introduced. Frequency scheduling and droop gain scheduling on top of droop control is proposed...

  11. Power converters and AC electrical drives with linear neural networks

    Cirrincione, Maurizio


    The first book of its kind, Power Converters and AC Electrical Drives with Linear Neural Networks systematically explores the application of neural networks in the field of power electronics, with particular emphasis on the sensorless control of AC drives. It presents the classical theory based on space-vectors in identification, discusses control of electrical drives and power converters, and examines improvements that can be attained when using linear neural networks. The book integrates power electronics and electrical drives with artificial neural networks (ANN). Organized into four parts,

  12. Power Project Starts Operation for Guangdong

    Zhang Lisheng


    @@ The third circuit of the Tianshengqiao (TSQ)Guangdong 500-KV AC power transmission and transformation project, one of China's key projects for transmitting power from west to east in China, began operation on June 25. Its operation marks the use of the fourth channel for power transmission from the west to South China's Guangdong Province aswell as successful completion of the second campaign to fulfill the State's plan to transmit 10 GW of electric power from west to Guangdong Province in the 10th Five-Year period (2001~2005).

  13. NRT Atmospheric Water Vapour Retrieval on the Area of Poland at IGG WUELS AC

    Kaplon, Jan; Bosy, Jaroslaw; Sierny, Jan; Hadas, Tomasz; Rohm, Witold; Wilgan, Karina; Ryczywolski, Marcin; Oruba, Artur; Kroszczynski, Krzysztof


    Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are designed for positioning, navigation and amongst other possible applications it can also be used to derive information about the state of the atmosphere. Continuous observations from GNSS receivers provide an excellent tool for studying the neutral atmosphere, currently in near real-time. The Near Real-Time (NRT) neutral atmosphere and water vapour distribution models are currently obtained with high resolution from Ground Base Augmentation Systems (GBAS), where reference stations are equipped with GNSS and meteorological sensors. The Poland territory is covered by dense network of GNSS stations in the frame of GBAS system called ASG-EUPOS ( This system was established in year 2008 by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in the frame of the EUPOS project ( for providing positioning services. The GNSS data are available from 130 reference stations located in Poland and neighbour countries. The ground meteorological observations in the area of Poland and neighbour countries are available from ASG-EUPOS stations included in EUREF Permanent Network (EPN) stations, airports meteorological stations (METAR messages stations), and stations managed by national Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (SYNOP messages stations). Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics (IGG) of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences had created permanent NRT service of ZTD (Zenith Total Delay) estimation for the area of Poland from GPS observations called IGGHZG. The first part of the paper presents the methodology of NRT GNSS data processing for ASG-EUPOS stations for ZTD estimation and its comparison to the results coming from EPN ACs and Military University of Technology in Warsaw AC (MUT AC). Second part covers the procedure of IWV (atmospheric Integrated Water Vapour content) estimation at IGG from IGGHZG product and ZHD (Zenith Hydrostatic Delay) derived from Saastamoinen formula (1972

  14. 升降式交流斩波器%Buck-Boost AC/AC Direct Converter

    孙刚; 洪峰



  15. Impacts on Power Factor of AC Voltage Controllers Under Non-Sinusoidal Conditions

    Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar


    Full Text Available AC-AC conversion is obtained with the help of Cyclo-converters, DC Link converters and AC Voltage Controllers. AC voltage controllers are also referred to as voltage regulators. Main issue concerned to these converters is that they generate harmonics due to periodic variable structure system. The generated harmonics create disturbances and degrade the performance of converter. The power factor of supply side is affected due to these harmonics. This paper focuses on source side power factor of ac voltage controllers under nonsinusoidal conditions. In order to observe the power factor, measurement tool of power factor and simulation model of ac voltage controller is also developed in MATLAB software.

  16. Measurements of light transmission in deep sea with the AC9 trasmissometer

    Capone, A; Grimaldi, A; Habel, R; Presti, D L; Migneco, E; Masullo, R; Moro, F; Petruccetti, M; Petta, C; Piattelli, P; Randazzo, N; Riccobene, G; Salusti, E; Sapienza, P; Sedita, M; Trasatti, L; Ursella, L; Capone, Antonio; Digaetano, Tullio; Grimaldi, Antonio; Habel, Roberto; Presti, Domenico Lo; Migneco, Emilio; Masullo, Rocco; Moro, Fulvio; Petruccetti, Marco; Petta, Catia; Piattelli, Paolo; Randazzo, Nunzio; Riccobene, Giorgio; Salusti, Ettore; Sapienza, Piera; Sedita, Mario; Trasatti, Luciano; Ursella, Laura


    The NEMO Collaboration aims to construct an underwater Cerenkov detector in the Mediterranean Sea, able to act as a neutrino telescope. One of the main tasks of this project, which implies difficult technological challenges, is the selection of an adequate marine site. In this framework the knowledge of light transmission properties in deep seawater is extremely important. The collaboration has measured optical properties in several marine sites near the Italian coasts, at depths >3000 m, using a set-up based on a AC9, a commercial trasmissometer, manufactured by WETLabs. The results obtained for the two sites reported in this paper Alicudi and Ustica, show that deep seawater optical properties are comparable to those of the clearest waters.

  17. Solid-state fast voltage compensator for pulsed power applications requiring constant AC power consumption

    Magallanes, Francisco Cabaleiro; Viarouge, Philippe; Cros, Jérôme


    This paper proposes a novel topological solution for pulsed power converters based on capacitor-discharge topologies, integrating a Fast Voltage Compensator which allows an operation at constant power consumption from the utility grid. This solution has been retained as a possible candidate for the CLIC project under study at CERN, which requires more than a thousand synchronously-operated klystron modulators producing a total pulsed power of almost 40 GW. The proposed Fast Voltage Compensator is integrated in the modulator such that it only has to treat the capacitor charger current and a fraction of the charging voltage, meaning that its dimensioning power and cost are minimized. This topology can be used to improve the AC power quality of any pulsed converters based on capacitor-discharge concept. A prototype has been built and exploited to validate the operating principle and demonstrate the benefits of the proposed solution.

  18. Two very long chain fatty acid acyl-CoA synthetase genes, acs-20 and acs-22, have roles in the cuticle surface barrier in Caenorhabditis elegans.

    Eriko Kage-Nakadai

    Full Text Available In multicellular organisms, the surface barrier is essential for maintaining the internal environment. In mammals, the barrier is the stratum corneum. Fatty acid transport protein 4 (FATP4 is a key factor involved in forming the stratum corneum barrier. Mice lacking Fatp4 display early neonatal lethality with features such as tight, thick, and shiny skin, and a defective skin barrier. These symptoms are strikingly similar to those of a human skin disease called restrictive dermopathy. FATP4 is a member of the FATP family that possesses acyl-CoA synthetase activity for very long chain fatty acids. How Fatp4 contributes to skin barrier function, however, remains to be elucidated. In the present study, we characterized two Caenorhabditis elegans genes, acs-20 and acs-22, that are homologous to mammalian FATPs. Animals with mutant acs-20 exhibited defects in the cuticle barrier, which normally prevents the penetration of small molecules. acs-20 mutant animals also exhibited abnormalities in the cuticle structure, but not in epidermal cell fate or cell integrity. The acs-22 mutants rarely showed a barrier defect, whereas acs-20;acs-22 double mutants had severely disrupted barrier function. Moreover, the barrier defects of acs-20 and acs-20;acs-22 mutants were rescued by acs-20, acs-22, or human Fatp4 transgenes. We further demonstrated that the incorporation of exogenous very long chain fatty acids into sphingomyelin was reduced in acs-20 and acs-22 mutants. These findings indicate that C. elegans Fatp4 homologue(s have a crucial role in the surface barrier function and this model might be useful for studying the fundamental molecular mechanisms underlying human skin barrier and relevant diseases.

  19. BOLD signal effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) in the alpha range: A concurrent tACS-fMRI study.

    Vosskuhl, Johannes; Huster, René J; Herrmann, Christoph S


    Many studies have proven transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) to manipulate brain activity. Until now it is not known, however, how these manipulations in brain activity are represented in brain metabolism or how spatially specific these changes are. Alpha-tACS has been shown to enhance the amplitude of the individual alpha frequency (IAF) and a negative correlation between alpha amplitude and occipital BOLD signal was reported in numerous EEG/fMRI experiments. Thus, alpha-tACS was chosen to test the effects of tACS on the BOLD signal. A reduction thereof was expected during alpha-tACS which shows the spatial extent of tACS effects beyond modeling studies. Three groups of subjects were measured in an MRI scanner, receiving tACS at either their IAF (N=11), 1Hz (control; N=12) or sham (i.e., no stimulation - a second control; N=11) while responding to a visual vigilance task. Stimulation was administered in an interleaved pattern of tACS-on runs and tACS-free baseline periods. The BOLD signal was analyzed in response to tACS-onset during resting state and in response to seldom target stimuli. Alpha-tACS at 1.0mA reduced the task-related BOLD response to visual targets in the occipital cortex as compared to tACS-free baseline periods. The deactivation was strongest in an area where the BOLD signal was shown to correlate negatively with alpha amplitude. A direct effect of tACS on resting state BOLD signal levels could not be shown. Our findings suggest that tACS-related changes in BOLD activity occur only as a modulation of an existing BOLD response.

  20. Modulation schemes with enhanced switch thermal distribution for single-phase AC-DC-AC reduced-switch converters

    Qin, Zian; Loh, Poh Chiang; Blaabjerg, Frede


    ulation schemes can significantly change the performance of a power converter in steady state, and they have been extensively studied, but mostly directed to three-phase topologies, where triplen offsets are added. Single-phase systems, including ac-dc-ac systems, are less widely pursued, even...... among their switches, while keeping their dc-link voltages low. Single points of failure are thus minimized, allowing the converters to have longer lifetimes. Simulation and experimental results have demonstrated the intended performances and hence verifying the idea....

  1. Projecte Delorean

    Rigual Martínez, Jaume


    The purpose of my project is to draw up a Business Plan to set up an audiovisual production company in partnership with my University Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme. A production company which is intended for the formation of new professionals as well as the continued development of quality audiovisual projects. I want to make a feasibility project to show that this production company can be created and be a useful element for my University, particularly for students.

  2. Strongly nonlinear dynamics of electrolytes in large ac voltages

    Olesen, Laurits Højgaard; Bazant, Martin Z.; Bruus, Henrik


    in the electrolyte near the electrodes and, at very large voltage, the breakdown of the quasiequilibrium structure of the double layers. The former leads to the prediction of “ac capacitive desalination” since there is a time-averaged transfer of salt from the bulk to the double layers, via oscillating diffusion...

  3. Recommended ACS Syllabus for Introductory Courses in Polymer Chemistry.

    Seymour, Raymond B.


    Provides syllabus for courses in introductory polymer chemistry (including major topics and recommended time allotments) and currently available textbooks and audio courses which may be used with the syllabus. Syllabus topics are congruent with those used in American Chemical Society (ACS) standardized examination in polymer chemistry. (Author/JN)

  4. Stretched exponential relaxation and ac universality in disordered dielectrics

    Milovanov, Alexander V.; Rypdal, Kristoffer; Juul Rasmussen, Jens


    are stretched exponential character of dielectric relaxation, power-law power spectral density, and anomalous dependence of ac conduction coefficient on frequency. We propose a self-consistent model of dielectric relaxation in which the relaxations are described by a stretched exponential decay function...

  5. Current Control of Grid Converters Connected with Series AC Capacitor

    Wang, Xiongfei; Blaabjerg, Frede; Loh, Poh Chiang;


    The series ac capacitor has recently been used with the transformerless grid-connected converters in the distribution power grids. The capacitive characteristic of the resulting series LC filter restricts the use of conventional synchronous integral or stationary resonant current controllers. Thus...

  6. Study of ac electrical properties of aluminium-epoxy composites

    Elimat, Z M [Applied Science Department, Ajloun University College, Al-Balqa Applied University, Amman (Jordan); Zihlif, A M [Physics Department, University of Jordan, Amman (Jordan); Ragosta, G [Institute of Chemistry and Polymer Technology (ICTP), CNR-Possouli, Napoli (Italy)], E-mail:


    Ac electrical properties of aluminium flakes-epoxy composites were studied as a function of the composition, frequency and temperature. The dielectric constant increased smoothly with an increase in the concentration of aluminium. An increase in the dielectric constant was observed with the temperature as well as with a decrease in the frequency. The observed increase in the values of the dielectric constant with the aluminium concentration was attributed to interfacial polarization. It was found that ac electrical conductivity increases with increasing content of aluminium, temperature and frequency. The observed enhancement in ac conductivity is attributed to the increase in the number of conduction paths created by the aluminium flake contacts in the composite to give a higher electrical conductivity. Also, the activation energy of aluminium flakes-epoxy composites was determined, as well as the values of the dielectric constant. Compared with various theoretical models, Bruggman's formula gives a better fit. The universal power-law model of ac conductivity is observed in epoxy-aluminium composites. The calculated power exponent (about unity) is physically acceptable within this applied model.

  7. Soliton ratchetlike dynamics by ac forces with harmonic mixing

    Salerno, Mario; Zolotaryuk, Yaroslav


    The possibility of unidirectional motion of a kink (topological soliton) of a dissipative sine-Gordon equation in the presence of ac forces with harmonic mixing (at least biharmonic) and of zero mean, is presented. The dependence of the kink mean velocity on system parameters is investigated...

  8. Acústica, fluidos y termodinámica

    Beléndez Vázquez, Augusto


    Acústica. Estática de fluidos. Dinámica de fluidos y fluidos reales. Temperatura y propagación del calor. Primer principio de la Termodinámica. Gases ideales. Segundo principio de la Termodinámica.

  9. Heat Transfer Analysis for Industrial AC Electric Arc Furnace

    (U)nal (C)amdali; Murat Tun(c)


    The heat transfer analysis was performed for an AC electric arc furnace (EAF). Heat losses by conduction, convection and radiation from outer surface, roof, bottom and electrodes of EAF were determined in detail. Some suggestions about decreasing heat losses were presented.

  10. Equivalent Circuits For AC-Impedance Analysis Of Corrosion

    Danford, M. D.


    Report presents investigation of equivalent circuits for ac-impedance analysis of corrosion. Impedance between specimen and electrolyte measured as function of frequency. Data used to characterize corrosion electrochemical system in terms of equivalent circuit. Eleven resistor/capacitor equivalent-circuit models were analyzed.

  11. Introducing AC Inductive Reactance with a Power Tool

    Bryant, Wesley; Baker, Blane


    The concept of reactance in AC electrical circuits is often non-intuitive and difficult for students to grasp. In order to address this lack of conceptual understanding, classroom exercises compare the predicted resistance of a power tool, based on electrical specifications, to measured resistance. Once students discover that measured resistance…

  12. Container-component model and XML in ALMA ACS

    Sommer, Heiko; Chiozzi, Gianluca; Zagar, Klemen; Voelter, Markus


    ALMA software, from high-level data flow applications down to instrument control, is built using the ACS framework. To meet the challenges of developing distributed software in distributed teams, ACS offers a container/component model that integrates the use of XML transfer objects. ACS containers are built on top of CORBA and are available for C++, Java, and Python, so that ALMA software can be written as components in any of these languages. The containers perform technical aspects of the software system, while components can focus on the implementation of functional requirements. Like Web services, components can use XML to exchange structured data by value. For Java components, the container seamlessly integrates the use of XML binding classes, which are Java classes that encapsulate access to XML data through type-safe methods. Binding classes are generated from XML schemas, allowing the Java compiler to enforce compliance of application code with the XML schemas. This presentation will explain the capabilities of the ACS container/component model, and how it relates to other middleware technologies that are popular in industry.

  13. Dielectric relaxation and ac conductivity of sodium tungsten phosphate glasses

    B Singh; P S Tarsikka; L Singh


    Studies of dielectric relaxation and ac conductivity have been made on three samples of sodium tungsten phosphate glasses over a temperature range of 77–420 K. Complex relative permittivity data have been analyzed using dielectric modulus approach. Conductivity relaxation frequency increases with the increase of temperature. Activation energy for conductivity relaxation has also been evaluated. Measured ac conductivity (m()) has been found to be higher than dc at low temperatures whereas at high temperature m() becomes equal to dc at all frequencies. The ac conductivity obeys the relation ac() = A over a considerable range of low temperatures. Values of exponent are nearly equal to unity at about 78 K and the values decrease non-linearly with the increase of temperature. Values of the number density of states at Fermi level ((F)) have been evaluated at 80 K assuming values of electron wave function decay constant to be 0.5 (Å)-1. Values of (F) have the order 1020 which are well within the range suggested for localized states. Present values of (F) are smaller than those for tungsten phosphate glasses.

  14. Calculated characteristics of an ac plasma display panel cell

    Boeuf, J.P.; Pitchford, L.C. [Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse (France)


    Equipotential contours and contours of constant power deposition into excitation of xenon, calculated from a two-dimensional (2-D) fluid model, are presented at times during the evolution of a single discharge event in an ac plasma display panel cell with a dielectric barrier rib geometry.

  15. Calculation of AC losses in large HTS stacks and coils

    Zermeno, Victor; Abrahamsen, Asger Bech; Mijatovic, Nenad;


    In this work, we present a homogenization method to model a stack of HTS tapes under AC applied transport current or magnetic field. The idea is to find an anisotropic bulk equivalent for the stack of tapes, where the internal alternating structures of insulating, metallic, superconducting and su...

  16. Novel dielectric reduces corona breakdown in ac capacitors

    Loehner, J. L.


    Dielectric system was developed which consists of two layers of 25-gage paper separated by one layer of 50-gage polypropylene to reduce corona breakdown in ac capacitors. System can be used in any alternating current application where constant voltage does not exceed 400 V rms. With a little research it could probably be increased to 700 to 800 V rms.

  17. A simple technique for a.c. conductivity measurements

    R Padma Suvarna; K Raghavendra Rao; K Subbarangaiah


    An inexpensive, indigenous and a simple electronic instrument based on voltage follower, current–to–voltage converter, zero crossing detector and a phase detector has been developed for measurement of a.c. conductivity. Real and imaginary parts of complex impedance are determined for a given sample as a function of frequency and the given sample is represented by a pure electronic model.

  18. 78 FR 42567 - ACS Wireless, Inc.; Notice of Application


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION ACS Wireless, Inc.; Notice of Application June 25, 2013. Correction In notice document 2013-15658 beginning on page 39345 in the issue of Monday, July 1, 2013, make the following correction: On page...

  19. Conductivity measurements with trapezoidal a.c. magnetic fields

    Gijsbertse, E.A.; Klundert, van de L.J.M.


    The inductive response of normal metals to trapezoidal a.c. fields is studied theoretically as well as experimentally. A method is presented to determine the conductivity and its magnetic induction dependence from the decay of the induced voltage during periods of constant field. The correctness of

  20. Biocontrol activity of Paenibacillus polymyxa AC-1 against Pseudomonas syringae and its interaction with Arabidopsis thaliana.

    Hong, Chi Eun; Kwon, Suk Yoon; Park, Jeong Mee


    Paenibacillus polymyxa AC-1 (AC-1) is a plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium (PGPR) that has been used as a soil inoculant for biocontrol of plant pathogenic fungi and to promote plant growth. In this study, we examine the effects of AC-1 on the bacterial phytopathogen Pseudomonas syringae and internal colonization of AC-1 by counting bacterial populations that colonize plants. AC-1 inhibited the growth of both P. syringae pv. tomato DC3000 (Pst) and P. syringae pv. tabaci (Pta) in a concentration-dependent manner in in vitro assays. Upon treatment of AC-1 dropping at root tip of axenically grown Arabidopsis, we found that most of the AC-1 was detected in interior of leaves of Arabidiopsis plants rather than roots after 5 days post infection, indicating systemic spreading of AC-1 occur. We examined further AC-1 colonization patterns in Arabidopsis mutants deficient in phytohormone signaling pathways. These results indicated that abscisic acid (ABA) and jasmonic acid (JA) signaling pathways positively and negatively contributed, respectively, to AC-1 colonization of leaves, whereas epiphytic accumulation of AC-1 around root tissues was not affected. This study shows that AC-1 is an effective biocontrol agent to suppress P. syringae growth, possibly owing to its colonization patterns as a leaf-inhabiting endophyte. The results showed in this work will help to expand our understanding of the mode of action of AC-1 as a biological control agent and consequently, its application in agriculture.

  1. An Actual Design of AC Filter for Static Var Compensator and Verification Results from the Field Test

    Tamura, Yuji; Takasaki, Shinji; Irokawa, Shoichi; Takeda, Hideo; Takagi, Kikuo; Noro, Yasuhiro; Ametani, Akihiro

    AC filter design method for SVC and HVDC is commonly known in the relevant CIGRE technical brochure and IEC technical report. However the conventional method requires many iterative calculations of the harmonic voltages and currents until the calculation results become within the regulation levels by changing filter parameters based on the experience. In this respect, a new improved design method is proposed, which enables efficient evaluation on the complex impedance plane to confirm as to whether the proposed filter impedance is in the permissible range. In an actual project of Okuura SVC of Kyusyu Electric Power Co., Inc., the new method was applied to the AC filter design. This paper describes on the actual procedure of the AC filter design with the new method, the actual references of the harmonic performance calculation, and the field test measurement results on Okuura SVC. The calculation results and the filed measurement results are consistent with each other, thus the validity of the new design method is verified on its accuracy and effectiveness.

  2. Aragonite coating solutions (ACS) based on artificial seawater

    Tas, A. Cuneyt, E-mail:


    Graphical abstract: - Highlights: • Developed completely inorganic solutions for the deposition of monolayers of aragonite spherules (or ooids). • Solutions mimicked the artificial seawater. • Biomimetic crystallization was performed at the tropical sea surface temperature of 30 °C. - Abstract: Aragonite (CaCO{sub 3}, calcium carbonate) is an abundant biomaterial of marine life. It is the dominant inorganic phase of coral reefs, mollusc bivalve shells and the stalactites or stalagmites of geological sediments. Inorganic and initially precipitate-free aragonite coating solutions (ACS) of pH 7.4 were developed in this study to deposit monolayers of aragonite spherules or ooids on biomaterial (e.g., UHMWPE, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene) surfaces soaked in ACS at 30 °C. The ACS solutions of this study have been developed for the surface engineering of synthetic biomaterials. The abiotic ACS solutions, enriched with calcium and bicarbonate ions at different concentrations, essentially mimicked the artificial seawater composition and started to deposit aragonite after a long (4 h) incubation period at the tropical sea surface temperature of 30 °C. While numerous techniques for the solution deposition of calcium hydroxyapatite (Ca{sub 10}(PO{sub 4}){sub 6}(OH){sub 2}), of low thermodynamic solubility, on synthetic biomaterials have been demonstrated, procedures related to the solution-based surface deposition of high solubility aragonite remained uncommon. Monolayers of aragonite ooids deposited at 30 °C on UHMWPE substrates soaked in organic-free ACS solutions were found to possess nano-structures similar to the mortar-and-brick-type botryoids observed in biogenic marine shells. Samples were characterized using SEM, XRD, FTIR, ICP-AES and contact angle goniometry.

  3. LEX Project

    Damkilde, Lars; Larsen, Torben J.; Walbjørn, Jacob

    This document is aimed at helping all parties involved in the LEX project to get a common understanding of words, process, levels and the overall concept.......This document is aimed at helping all parties involved in the LEX project to get a common understanding of words, process, levels and the overall concept....

  4. 多元组合ACS-TSP系统%A Multi-Metaheuristic Combined ACS-TSP System



    文章提出了用多算法结合蚁族系统(ACS)求解旅行商问题(TSP)的方法,介绍了在ACS-TSP问题上的遗传算法,目的是为了寻找处理旅行商早期停滞现象的解空间.此外,还提出了一种新的最小生成树(MST)算法,结合最近邻(NN)来创建一个初始架构,以便又快又好地解决旅行商问题.%This paper presents a Multi-Metaheuristic combined Ant Colony System (ACS)-Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) al-gorithm for solving the TSP. We introduce genetic algorithm in ACS-TSP to search solutions space for dealing with the early stagnation problem of the traveling salesman problem. Moreover, we present a new strategy of Minimum Spanning Tree(MST) coupled with Nearest Neighbor(NN) to construct a initial tour for improving TSP thus obtaining good solutions quickly. According to our simulation results, the new algorithm can provide a significant improvement for obtaining a global optimum solution or a near global optimum solution in large TSPs.

  5. Recent applications of AC electrokinetics in biomolecular analysis on microfluidic devices.

    Sasaki, Naoki


    AC electrokinetics is a generic term that refers to an induced motion of particles and fluids under nonuniform AC electric fields. The AC electric fields are formed by application of AC voltages to microelectrodes, which can be easily integrated into microfluidic devices by standard microfabrication techniques. Moreover, the magnitude of the motion is large enough to control the mass transfer on the devices. These advantages are attractive for biomolecular analysis on the microfluidic devices, in which the characteristics of small space and microfluidics have been mainly employed. In this review, I describe recent applications of AC electrokinetics in biomolecular analysis on microfluidic devices. The applications include fluid pumping and mixing by AC electrokinetic flow, and manipulation of biomolecules such as DNA and proteins by various AC electrokinetic techniques. Future prospects for highly functional biomolecular analysis on microfluidic devices with the aid of AC electrokinetics are also discussed.

  6. A Study on Power Quality Improvement in PWM Controlled AC Voltage Controller

    Ahmet ALTINTAŞ


    Full Text Available A lot of topologies of pulse-width modulated (PWM-AC controllers for single-phase and three-phase systems are proposed up to date. PWM-AC controllers have important advantages compared with the phase-controlled AC controllers using thyristors and triacs. The PWM-AC controller has sinusoidal current waveforms, smaller THD values, better power factor, faster dynamics, and smaller input/output filter. This article presents a novel control technique for application to PWM-AC controllers with ability of generating fewer harmonics. In the proposed control method, both the traditional AC voltage controllers and the PWM-AC controllers are combined; and smaller THD values are obtained. Thus, the harmonic pollution in the power system will be reduced; and consequently, the power quality will be increased. For this purpose, computer simulations are performed in order to investigate the proposed controller performance. The obtained results are compared with the conventional PWM-AC controller.

  7. Colloid Thruster for Attitude Control Systems (ACS) and Tip-off Control Applications Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — We propose to develop and test key technologies needed for an integrated, high thrust colloid thruster system with no moving parts, for spacecraft attitude control...

  8. Colloid Thruster for Attitude Control Systems (ACS) and Tip-off Control Applications Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Busek proposes to develop and deliver a complete engineering model colloid thruster system, capable of thrust levels and lifetimes required for spacecraft...

  9. Russian contribution to ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter: Atmospheric Chemistry Suite (ACS)

    Shakun, Alexey; Korablev, Oleg; Trokhimovskiy, Alexander; Grigoriev, Alexey; Anufreychik, Konstantin; Fedorova, Anna; Ignatiev, Nikolay; Ivanov, Yuriy; Moshkin, Boris; Kalinnikov, Yuriy; Montmessin, Franck


    Atmospheric Chemistry Suite (ACS) is a part of science payload of Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), ExoMars mission. This project developed by European Space Agency (ESA) in collaboration with Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos). Russian contribution to ExoMars TGO is the Proton rocket and two science instruments ACS (three infrared spectrometers) and FREND (neutron detector). ACS consists of three infrared spectrometers (ACS/NIR, ACS/MIR and ACS/TIRVIM) capable to take spectral measurements from near to thermal infrared range simultaneously or separately. Spectrometric channels of ACS share common mechanical, electrical, and thermal interfaces. Electronic box (ACS/BE) provides to spectrometric channels power and data transfer interfaces. SpaceWire link is used for science data transfer and MIL-1553 link - for commanding and housekeeping data transfer. The NIR channel is an echelle spectrometer with acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) for the selection of diffraction orders. ACS NIR is capable to perform nadir and occultation observations. NIR covers the spectral range of 0.7-1.7 μm with resolving power of ~25000. NIR will perform unique for TGO instruments nightglow science (searching for O2, OH, NO nightglow emissions on Mars). From the 1.38 μm band NIR will do water vapour mapping in nadir and H2O vertical profiling in solar occultations. High resolution NIR measurements of 1.27 μm O2(a1Δg) dayglow will supply indirect ozone observations on the dayside on nadir. In solar occultation mode, the O2 vertical profiles will be measured from the surface (in case of low dust activity) to the 40 km altitude based on 0.76 μm absorption band. Together with MIR channel in solar occultation NIR will support the measurements of CO2 density profiles (based on 1.43 μm band) and aerosols characterization from 0.7 to 4 μm. The wide spectral range will allow not just determine aerosol particle sizes and density at different altitudes, but also distinguish between dust and ice particles

  10. File list: His.PSC.50.H3ac.AllCell [Chip-atlas[Archive

    Full Text Available His.PSC.50.H3ac.AllCell mm9 Histone H3ac Pluripotent stem cell SRX882861,SRX882864,...SRX882865,SRX882862,SRX882860,SRX882863 ...

  11. Scaling of ac susceptibility and the nonlinear response function of high-temperature superconductors

    CHEN; Kaixuan; NING; Zhenhua; XU; Hengyi; QI; Zhi; LU; Guo


    The amplitude-dependent ac susceptibility of high-temperature superconductors is shown to obey some empirical scaling relations. We try to analyze this behavior by extending a dc nonlinear response function of mixed state to the ac cases. The derived equations for critical current and ac susceptibility x(T) agree with the scaling relations of experimental data.

  12. Examining the Effects of Introducing Online Access to ACS Journals at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions

    Landolt, R. G.


    In collaboration with the Publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), students and faculty at 24 primarily undergraduate institutions were provided online access to ACS primary research journals for a period of 18 months, and a group of eight schools were granted access to use the archives of ACS journals for a year. Resources…

  13. AC-13混合料矿料级配及特性试验研究%Research on AC-13 mixture mineral materials gradation and feature experiments



    The paper adopts the Marshall method and Superpave method,undertakes the mixture design for AC-13Ⅰand AC-13,compares and analyzes the optimal asphalt volume and compaction features of the two,and points out the designed asphalt volumes has the same optimal asphalt and aggregate ratio,and the latter is superior to the former one in the aspect of compaction.%应用马歇尔法和Superpave法对AC-13Ⅰ和AC-13进行了混合料设计,对比分析了两者的最佳沥青用量及压实特性,指出两者的设计沥青用量在最佳油石比时基本相同,AC-13的压实特性优于AC-13Ⅰ.

  14. Freedom Project

    Alejandra Suarez


    Full Text Available Freedom Project trains prisoners in nonviolent communication and meditation. Two complementary studies of its effects are reported in this article. The first study is correlational; we found decreased recidivism rates among prisoners trained by Freedom Project compared with recidivism rates in Washington state. The second study compared trained prisoners with a matched-pair control group and found improvement in self-reported anger, self-compassion, and certain forms of mindfulness among the trained group. Ratings of role-plays simulating difficult interactions show increased social skills among the group trained by Freedom Project than in the matched controls.

  15. TIARA project

    Malecki, P.


    The aim of the Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area - the TIARA project[1] is to consolidate and support the European R&D program in the field of physics and techniques of particle accelerators. This project, partially funded by the European Commission, groups 11 participants from 8 European countries, including Poland. Its present, threeyear (2011-2013) preparatory phase (PP) is shortly described in this paper. The project is divided into 9 work packages (WP). We will concentrate on four of them dedicated to governance, R&D infrastructures, joint R&D programming, and education and training, in which Polish participants are actively involved.

  16. Antimicrobial activity analysis of conotoxin-like peptide from AcMNPV%AcMNPV类芋螺毒素多肽的抗菌活性分析

    曹青; 吴岩; 刘永; 吴俣; 王文兵; 朱姗颖


    类芋螺毒素(CTX)基因存在于多种杆状病毒,编码富含半胱氨酸的多肽.从AcMNPV中克隆了ctx基因,利用AcMNPV杆粒操作系统构建了重组病毒Ac-pFastBac1-Pie1-ctx-eGFP和Ac-pFastBacl-Pie1-ctx.绿色荧光蛋白介导的亚细胞定位显示AcMNPV CTX定位于Tn细胞的细胞膜;抑菌实验表明,重组病毒Ac-pFastBacl-Piel-ctx感染的胞外产物对金黄色葡萄球菌、微球菌、短小芽孢杆菌等临床致病菌具有显著的抗菌活性,但其作用机制尚需进一步阐明.%Conotoxin-like (CTX) gene encodes a small cysteine-rich peptide in various baculoviruses. In this study, the ctx gene was cloned from AcMNPV, and the recombinant AcMNPVs (Ac-pFastBac1-Pie1-ctx-eGFP and Ac-pFastBac1-Pie1-ctx) was generated using AcMNPV bacmid system. Green fluorescence in CTX-eGFP-positive Tn cells was mainly observed on the cell membrane. The results also indicated that extracullular products of Tn cells infected by Ac-pFastBac1-Pie1-ctx had antimicrobial activity to some clinical pathogenic bactera (Staphylococcus aureus, Micrococcus and Bacillus pumilus).

  17. Characterization of an Ac transposon system based on apt1-m1 (Ac) on the long arm of maize chromosome 9.

    Wang, Fei; Li, Pengfei; Tang, Yuanping; Fan, Jun; Xu, Dabin; Guo, Shengming; Xu, Zhengkai; Song, Rentao


    Activator/Dissociation (Ac/Ds) transposable elements have been used in maize insertional mutagenesis as a complement to Mutator (Mu). In this study, to further improve the efficiency of the Ac/Ds mutagenesis system, we adopted apt1-m1 (Ac) on the long arm of chromosome 9 (9L) as a donor Ac to create an Ac insertion library. This system is based on the negative selection pressure against the donor Ac, and it was highly efficient for isolating new transposition events. We obtained 9,625 transposition events from 1083 F1 ears with an average transposition rate of 8.66 % (rates ranged from 1.11 to 29.73 %). We also adopted a modified PCR-based genome walking strategy to improve the efficiency of the new method for isolating transposon-flanking sequences. This method is more efficient than the Southern-based method that was used in previous studies. A validation step was developed to distinguish transposon tags derived from newly transposed Ac or Ds elements. Using this PCR-based method, we isolated 67 inheritable flanking sequences from the apt1-m1 (Ac) transposition library; of these, 51 were confirmed as tr-Ac-flanking sequences and 11 were tr-Ds-flanking sequences. Similar to other Ac donors from different loci, the apt1-m1 (Ac) system also exhibited a preference for short distance transposition. In this study, we have further improved the Ac mutagenesis system in maize for gene isolation and functional genomics studies.

  18. Challenges and solutions in medically managed ACS in the Asia-Pacific region: expert recommendations from the Asia-Pacific ACS Medical Management Working Group.

    Huo, Yong; Thompson, Peter; Buddhari, Wacin; Ge, Junbo; Harding, Scott; Ramanathan, Letchuman; Reyes, Eugenio; Santoso, Anwar; Tam, Li-Wah; Vijayaraghavan, Govindan; Yeh, Hung-I


    Acute coronary syndromes (ACS) remain a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. International guidelines advocate invasive procedures in all but low-risk ACS patients; however, a high proportion of ACS patients in the APAC region receive solely medical management due to a combination of unique geographical, socioeconomic, and population-specific barriers. The APAC ACS Medical Management Working Group recently convened to discuss the ACS medical management landscape in the APAC region. Local and international ACS guidelines and the global and APAC clinical evidence-base for medical management of ACS were reviewed. Challenges in the provision of optimal care for these patients were identified and broadly categorized into issues related to (1) accessibility/systems of care, (2) risk stratification, (3) education, (4) optimization of pharmacotherapy, and (5) cost/affordability. While ACS guidelines clearly represent a valuable standard of care, the group concluded that these challenges can be best met by establishing cardiac networks and individual hospital models/clinical pathways taking into account local risk factors (including socioeconomic status), affordability and availability of pharmacotherapies/invasive facilities, and the nature of local healthcare systems. Potential solutions central to the optimization of ACS medical management in the APAC region are outlined with specific recommendations.

  19. Small-Signal Analysis of Single-Phase and Three-phase DC/AC and AC/DC PWM Converters with the Frequency-Shift Technique

    Blaabjerg, Frede; Aquila, A. Dell’; Liserre, Marco;


    A systematic approach to study dc/ac and ac/dc converters without the use of synchronous transformation is proposed. The use of a frequency-shift technique allows a straightforward analysis of single-phase and three-phase systems. The study of dc/ac and of ac/dc converters is reported to the study...... of dc/dc converters via a 50 Hz frequency-shift. The input admittance is calculated and measured for two study examples (a three-phase active rectifier and a single-phase photovoltaic inverter). These examples show that the purpose of a well designed controller for grid-connected converters...

  20. Alzheimer's Project

    Full Text Available ... HBO's "THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT" will expose the Alzheimer's crisis facing our nation and drive concerned citizens to ... Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health in association with the Alzheimer's Association, The Fidelity ® ...

  1. Alzheimer's Project

    Full Text Available ... disease has on those with Alzheimer's and their families. September 14, 2009 "The Alzheimer's Project" wins two ... way Americans thinks about Alzheimer's disease. Tell your family and friends. Post info on your Web site . ...

  2. Alzheimer's Project

    Full Text Available ... 14, 2009 "The Alzheimer's Project" wins two Creative Arts Emmys Two installments of the multi-part HBO ... from the Alzheimer's Association and others, won Creative Arts Emmy awards. "The Memory Loss Tapes" was honored ...

  3. Alzheimer's Project

    Full Text Available ... about the films on our message board . Watch films free online now "The Memory Loss Tapes" (85 ... ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT" is a presentation of HBO Documentary Films and the National Institute on Aging at the ...

  4. Alzheimer's Project

    Full Text Available ... Home > News & Events > Upcoming Events > HBO Alzheimer’s Project In the News Walk to End Alzheimer's Upcoming Events ... Memory Loss Tapes" was honored for Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking, while "Grandpa, Do You Know Who ...

  5. Intending Projects


    Project name:Jintan tire production base project (the first-phase project) Construction site:Jintan Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province Construction unit:Zhongce Rubber (Jintan) Co., Ltd. Total investment:RMB 2.42 billion yuan Project description:It is planned to cover an area of 3,000 mu. In the first phase, it will cover an area of 520.43 mu with designed staff of 4,500 people. It will mix 150,000 tons of rubber and produce 10 million u- nits of high-performance semi-steel-wire saloon car and light truck radial tires, 500,000 units of OTR tires and 100,000 tons of carbon black per year.

  6. Sensorless operation of surface mount permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motors

    Toliyat, H.A.; Rahman, K.M.; Shet, D.S.


    A sensorless field oriented control scheme for surface mount permanent magnet ac (PMAC) motor with split phase stator windings is presented. This motor is obtained by splitting the phase windings of a conventional three phase motor. The six-phase motor, however is run as a three-phase motor by connecting the split phase stator windings in series, while the taps are made available for voltage measurements. By measuring the terminal voltages and the line currents, absolute position of the permanent magnet ac motor driven by a current regulated PWM inverter with a hysteresis controller is estimated. The estimated position information is independent of the stator resistance, thus this scheme is even applicable at low speeds. Results are presented to show the effectiveness of the new controller, and it is also shown that the position error is negligible.

  7. Effective nonlinear AC response to composite with spherical particles

    Chen Xiao-Gang; Liang Fang-Chu; Wei En-Bo


    An effective nonlinear alternative-current (AC) response to granular nonlinear-composite with spherical inclusions embedded in a host medium under the action of an external AC field is investigated by using a perturbation approach.The local potentials of composite at higher harmonics are derived both in a region of local inclusion particles and in a local host region under the action of a sinusoidal field E1 sinωt + E3sin3ωt. An effective nonlinear-response to composite and the relationship between the effective nonlinear-responses at the fundamental frequency and the third harmonics are also studied for the spherical inclusions in a dilute limit.

  8. On-Chip AC self-test controller

    Flanagan, John D.; Herring, Jay R.; Lo, Tin-Chee


    A system for performing AC self-test on an integrated circuit that includes a system clock for normal operation is provided. The system includes the system clock, self-test circuitry, a first and second test register to capture and launch test data in response to a sequence of data pulses, and a logic circuit to be tested. The self-test circuitry includes an AC self-test controller and a clock splitter. The clock splitter generates the sequence of data pulses including a long data capture pulse followed by an at speed data launch pulse and an at speed data capture pulse followed by a long data launch pulse. The at speed data launch pulse and the at speed data capture pulse are generated for a common cycle of the system clock.

  9. [Effect of prostatilen AC suppositories on course of experimental prostatitis].

    Savateeva-Liubimova, T N; Sivak, K V; Malinin, V V


    The article presents the results of evaluation of efficacy of new drug prostatilen AC (rectal suppositories), containing regulatory peptides of the bovine prostate and zinc arginate-glycinate complex, in the treatment of prostatitis. The experiment was conducted on 40 Sprague-Dawley rats weighing 180-200 g. Chronic prostatitis was modeled by injection of 10% Dimexidum in combination with water, mixed with turpentine, a volumetric ratio of 4:1. It is shown that prostatilen AC has pronounced organotropic antiinflammatory effect, which manifests in reducing the weight of the prostate, reducing the protein level in the urine, activity of acid phosphatase, and levels of ceruloplasmin and C-reactive protein. In addition, this drug normalizes the act of urination and increases the diurnal diuresis, has antioxidant properties and increases the blood level of the male sex hormone testosterone.

  10. Low power DCVSL circuits employing AC power supply


    In view of changing the type of energy conversion in CMOS circuits, this paper investigates low power CMOS circuit design, which adopts a gradually changing power clock. First, we discuss the algebraic expressions and the corresponding properties of clocked power signals. Then the design procedure is summed up for converting complementary CMOS logic gates employing DC power to the power-clocked CMOS gates employing AC power. On this basis, the design of differential cascode voltage switch logic (DCVSL) circuits employing AC power clocks is proposed. The PSPICE simulations using a sinusoidal power-clock demonstrate that the designed power-clocked DCVSL circuit has a correct logic function and low power characteristics. Finally, an interface circuit to convert clocked signals into the standard logic levels of a CMOS circuit is proposed, and its validity is verified by computer simulations.

  11. Strongly nonlinear dynamics of electrolytes in large ac voltages

    Olesen, Laurits H; Bruus, Henrik


    We study the response of a model micro-electrochemical cell to a large ac voltage of frequency comparable to the inverse cell relaxation time. To bring out the basic physics, we consider the simplest possible model of a symmetric binary electrolyte confined between parallel-plate blocking electrodes, ignoring any transverse instability or fluid flow. We analyze the resulting one-dimensional problem by matched asymptotic expansions in the limit of thin double layers and extend previous work into the strongly nonlinear regime, which is characterized by two novel features - significant salt depletion in the electrolyte near the electrodes and, at very large voltage, the breakdown of the quasi-equilibrium structure of the double layers. The former leads to the prediction of "ac capacitive desalination", since there is a time-averaged transfer of salt from the bulk to the double layers, via oscillating diffusion layers. The latter is associated with transient diffusion limitation, which drives the formation and co...

  12. Final Report for the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS)


    ACS was launched aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia just before dawn on March 1, 2002. At the time of liftoff, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was reflecting the early morning sun as it moved across the sky. After successfully docking with HST, several components were replaced. One of the components was the Advanced Camera for Surveys built by Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. (BATC) in Boulder, Colorado. Over the life of the HST contract at BATC, hundreds of employees had the pleasure of working on the concept, design, fabrication, assembly, and test of ACS. Those employees thank NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center and the science team at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) for the opportunity to participate in building a great science instrument for HST.

  13. Ac magnetic susceptibility study of in vivo nanoparticle biodistribution

    Gutierrez, L; Veintemillas-Verdaguer, S; Serna, C J; Morales, M P [Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, ICMM-CSIC, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz 3, Cantoblanco 28049, Madrid (Spain); MejIas, R; Barber, D F [Centro Nacional de BiotecnologIa, CNB-CSIC, Darwin 3, Cantoblanco 28049, Madrid (Spain); Lazaro, F J, E-mail: [Departamento de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Materiales y Fluidos, Universidad de Zaragoza, Maria de Luna 3, 50018, Zaragoza (Spain)


    We analysed magnetic nanoparticle biodistribution, before and after cytokine conjugation, in a mouse model by ac susceptibility measurements of the corresponding resected tissues. Mice received repeated intravenous injections of nanoparticle suspension for two weeks and they were euthanized 1 h after the last injection. In general, only 10% of the total injected nanoparticles after multiple exposures were found in tissues. The rest of the particles may probably be metabolized or excreted by the organism. Our findings indicate that the adsorption of interferon to DMSA-coated magnetic nanoparticles changes their biodistribution, reducing the presence of nanoparticles in lungs and therefore their possible toxicity. The specific targeting of the particles to tumour tissues by the use of an external magnetic field has also been studied. Magnetic nanoparticles were observed by transmission electron microscopy in the targeted tissue and quantified by ac magnetic susceptibility.

  14. Towards an AC-MOT of CaF

    Anderegg, Loic; Chae, Eunmi; Ravi, Aakash; Augenbraun, Benjamin; Hemmerling, Boerge; Drayna, Garrett; Hutzler, Nicholas; Collopy, Alejandra; Wu, Yewei; Ding, Shiqian; Ye, Jun; Ketterle, Wolfgang; Doyle, John


    Ultra-cold diatomic molecules have rich prospects as candidates to study controlled ultra-cold chemistry, strongly correlated systems and precision measurements. They are also considered as possible qubits in quantum computing and simulation schemes. We report on progress towards loading CaF into a molecular magneto-optical trap (MOT). An AC-MOT will be used to actively remix magnetic dark states via both polarization and magnetic field switching. In order to load a molecular MOT, we have successfully laser slowed a CaF beam to near the expected capture velocity. We describe our AC-MOT apparatus, which is designed to co-trap CaF and Li. We outline our planned study of CaF-Li collisions to explore the feasibility of sympathetically cooling molecules to ultra-cold temperatures.

  15. The minimization of ac phase noise in interferometric systems

    Filinski, Ignacy; Gordon, R A


    A simple step-by-step procedure, including several novel techniques discussed in the Appendices, is given for minimizing ac phase noise in typical interferometric systems such as two-beam interferometers, holographic setups, four-wave mixers, etc. Special attention is given to index of refraction...... fluctuations, direct mechanical coupling, and acoustic coupling, whose importance in determining ac phase noise in interferometric systems has not been adequately treated. The minimization procedure must be carried out while continuously monitoring the phase noise which can be done very simply by using...... with the optical table will also have to be carefully carried out regardless of the type of interferometric system employed.It is recommended that this be followed by a simple, inexpensive change to a novel type of interferometer discussed in Appendix A which is inherently less sensitive to mechanical vibration...

  16. Total loss of AC power analysis for EPR reactor

    Darnowski, Piotr, E-mail: [Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering, Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw (Poland); Skrzypek, Eleonora, E-mail: [Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering, Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw (Poland); National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), A. Sołtana 7, 05-400 Otwock-Świerk (Poland); Mazgaj, Piotr, E-mail: [Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering, Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw (Poland); Świrski, Konrad [Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Heat Engineering, Nowowiejska 21/25, 00-665 Warsaw (Poland); Gandrille, Pascal [AREVA NP SAS, Tour AREVA, 1 place Jean Millier, 92084 Paris La Défense (France)


    Highlights: • Total loss of AC power (Station Blackout) was simulated for the EPR reactor model. • In-vessel phase of the accident is under consideration. • Comparison of MELCOR and MAAP results is presented. • MELCOR and MAAP results are comparable. - Abstract: In this paper the results of severe accident simulations for the EPR reactor in the case of loss of offsite power combined with total failure of all diesel generators (total loss of AC power) are presented. Calculations were performed with MELCOR 2.1 computer code for in-vessel phase of the accident. In this scenario, the unavailability of all offsite and onsite power sources and the lack of cooling leads directly to core degradation, material relocation to the lower plenum and rupture of the reactor pressure vessel. MELCOR results were compared qualitatively and quantitatively with MAAP4 code results and show a good agreement.

  17. Improvement program for polycarbonate capacitors. [hermetically sealed, and ac wound

    Bailey, R. R.; Waterman, K. D.


    Hermetically sealed, wound, AC, polycarbonate capacitors incorporating design improvements recommended in a previous study were designed and built. A 5000 hour, 400 Hz ac life test was conducted using 384 of these capacitors to verify the adequacy of the design improvements. The improvements incorporated in the capacitors designed for this program eliminated the major cause of failure found in the preceding work, termination failure. A failure cause not present in the previous test became significant in this test with capacitors built from one lot of polycarbonate film. The samples from this lot accounted for 25 percent of the total test complement. Analyses of failed samples showed that the film had an excessive solvent content. This solvent problem was found in 37 of the total 46 failures which occurred in this test. The other nine were random failures resulting from causes such as seal leaks, foreign particles, and possibly wrinkles.

  18. Transport signatures in topological systems coupled to ac fields

    Ruocco, Leonard; Gómez-León, Álvaro


    We study the transport properties of a topological system coupled to an ac electric field by means of Floquet-Keldysh formalism. We consider a semi-infinite chain of dimers coupled to a semi-infinite metallic lead and obtain the density of states and current when the system is out of equilibrium. Our formalism is nonperturbative and allows us to explore, in the thermodynamic limit, a wide range of regimes for the ac field, arbitrary values of the coupling strength to the metallic contact and corrections to the wide-band limit (WBL). We find that hybridization with the contact can change the dimerization phase, and that the current dependence on the field amplitude can be used to discriminate between them. We also show the appearance of side bands and nonequilibrium zero-energy modes, characteristic of the Floquet systems. Our results directly apply to the stability of nonequilibrium topological phases, when transport measurements are used for their detection.

  19. 单相AC/AC Buck变换器中双向开关四步换流策略的研究%Four-step switching strategy of the bidirectional switches in single-phase AC/AC Buck converter

    曾松; 张波; 丘东元; 马化盛


    为解决双向开关在电力电子器件中的换流问题,可采用"四象限换流"的换流策略,即"四步换流".该方法根据电压的相对大小或电流的方向将两个双向开关之间的换流过程分为四步进行,有效地避免了换流过程中的故障,实现了真正意义上的安全换流.本文以单相AC/AC Buck变换器为例,研究其中双向开关的四步换流控制策略,设计出具体的实现电路,并用实验加以验证.

  20. Photovoltaic Inverter Controllers Seeking AC Optimal Power Flow Solutions

    Dall' Anese, Emiliano; Dhople, Sairaj V.; Giannakis, Georgios B.


    This paper considers future distribution networks featuring inverter-interfaced photovoltaic (PV) systems, and addresses the synthesis of feedback controllers that seek real- and reactive-power inverter setpoints corresponding to AC optimal power flow (OPF) solutions. The objective is to bridge the temporal gap between long-term system optimization and real-time inverter control, and enable seamless PV-owner participation without compromising system efficiency and stability. The design of the controllers is grounded on a dual ..epsilon..-subgradient method, while semidefinite programming relaxations are advocated to bypass the non-convexity of AC OPF formulations. Global convergence of inverter output powers is analytically established for diminishing stepsize rules for cases where: i) computational limits dictate asynchronous updates of the controller signals, and ii) inverter reference inputs may be updated at a faster rate than the power-output settling time.

  1. Project Management

    Kampf, Constance


    In this video Associate Professor Constance Kampf talks about the importance project management. Not only as a tool in implementation, but also as a way of thinking, and as something that needs to be considered from idea conception......In this video Associate Professor Constance Kampf talks about the importance project management. Not only as a tool in implementation, but also as a way of thinking, and as something that needs to be considered from idea conception...

  2. LAPI project

    Soler Vich, Josep Francesc


    This project carries out a part of a new location application. This service consists of location-based application that connects with a location server. That server provides the necessary location information to run the service. Then an interface between the location-based application and the location server is needed. That interface could be a Location Application Programming Interface (LAPI), and the development of one LAPI is the goal of this project.

  3. Ac Synchronous Servo Based On The Armature Voltage Prediction Model

    Hoshino, Akihiro; Kuromaru, Hiroshi; Kobayashi, Shinichi


    A new control method of the AC synchro-nous servo-system (Brushless DC servo-system) is discussed. The new system is based on the armature voltage prediction model. Without a resolver-digital-conver-ter nor a tachometer-generator, the resolver provides following three signals to the system immediately, they are the current command, the induced voltage, and the rotor speed. The new method realizes a simple hardware configuration. Experimental results show a good performance of the system.

  4. Opaciniols A-C, new terpenoids from Garcinia opaca.

    Mori, Reika; Nugroho, Alfarius Eko; Hirasawa, Yusuke; Wong, Chin Piow; Kaneda, Toshio; Shirota, Osamu; Hadi, A Hamid A; Morita, Hiroshi


    Three new terpenoids, opaciniols A-C (1-3), were isolated from the barks of Garcinia opaca, together with malabarica-17,21-dien-3β,14-diol (4) and 13βH-malabarica-14,17,21-trien-3β-ol (5). Their structures were determined on the basis of NMR spectroscopic data. 3 and 4 showed moderate cytotoxicity against HL-60 cells.

  5. Measuring System of Magnetostriction Under AC Excitation Using Optical Methods

    Nakase, Tomoya; Nakano, Masanori; Fujiwara, F.; TAKAHASHI, N


    A measuring system for magnetostriction of silicon steel sheet using optical methods and a single sheet tester has been developed to establish a standard test method for IEC and JIS. Various factors affecting measurement accuracy and reproducibility of the developed system are examined. Two optical instruments, such as a laser Doppler vibrometer and a heterodyne displacement meter, are compared. 3-D characteristics of magnetostriction under ac excitation in the rolling direction are measured ...

  6. MD 349: Impedance Localization with AC-dipole

    Biancacci, Nicolo; Metral, Elias; Salvant, Benoit; Papotti, Giulia; Persson, Tobias Hakan Bjorn; Tomas Garcia, Rogelio; CERN. Geneva. ATS Department


    The purpose of this MD is to measure the distribution of the transverse impedance of the LHC by observing the phase advance variation with intensity between the machine BPMs. Four injected bunches with different intensities are excited with an AC dipole and the turn by turn data is acquired from the BPM system. Through post-processing analysis the phase variation along the machine is depicted and, from this information, first conclusions of the impedance distribution can be drawn.

  7. Cardiovascular Biomarkers in ACS: State of the Art 2012

    Giannitsis, Evangelos; Katus, Hugo A.


    In the setting of an acute coronary syndrome cardiac troponins are well established for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction. In particular, diagnostic protocols using high-sensitivity troponin assays are being recommended for earlier diagnosis of MI by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) guidelines on the management of ACS without ST segment elevation. In addition to accurate detection of myocardial necrosis, cardiac troponins give complementary information on short- and long-term pro...

  8. Transient Temperature Analysis for Industrial AC Arc Furnace Bottom

    (U)nal (C)amdal1; Murat Tun(c)


    Heat losses from the furnaces depend on the design and size. The surface heat loss from the bottom of an industrial AC electric arc furnace (EAF) possesses an important fraction of overall losses. So in this study the transient temperature variation at the bottom of the EAF was investigated. The transient temperature analysis was carried out using MATLAB computer program. T=T(r, t) for different bottom lining layers was depicted.

  9. Offshore windfarm connection with low frequency AC transmission technology

    Qin, Nan; Xu, Zhao; You, Shi


    This paper investigates the feasibility of using the low frequency AC transmission (LFAC) system, e.g. fraction of 50 Hz or 60 Hz, for connecting the large offshore wind farm to the grid by modelling and simulation. The LFAC system improves the transmission capacity and distance compared to the c...... to the reduced inductive reactance of the grid. Moreover, the harmonics introduced by the frequency converter may require extra filters to be installed in such system....

  10. AC system stabilization via phase shift transformer with thyristor commutation

    Oliveira, Jose Carlos de; Guimaraes, Geraldo Caixeta; Moraes, Adelio Jose [Uberlandia Univ., MG (Brazil); Abreu, Jose Policarpo G. de [Escola Federal de Engenharia de Itajuba, MG (Brazil); Oliveira, Edimar Jose de [Juiz de Fora Univ., MG (Brazil)


    This article aims to present initially the constructive and operative forms of a phase-shift autotransformer which provides both magnitude and phase angle change through thyristor commutation, including a technic to reduce the number of thyristors. Following, it is proposed a control system to make such equipment an efficient AC system stabilizing tool. It is presented some simulation results to show the operation of this transformer in an electrical system. (author) 3 refs., 11 figs., 3 tabs.

  11. Effective AC needleless and collectorless electrospinning for yarn production.

    Pokorny, P; Kostakova, E; Sanetrnik, F; Mikes, P; Chvojka, J; Kalous, T; Bilek, M; Pejchar, K; Valtera, J; Lukas, D


    Nanofibrous materials are essential components for a wide range of applications, particularly in the fields of medicine and material engineering. These include protective materials, sensors, cosmetics, hygiene, filtration and energy storage. The most widely used and researched technology in these fields is electrospinning. This method for producing fibers yields highly promising results thanks to its versatility and simplicity. Electrospinning is employed in multiple forms, among which needle and needleless direct current (DC) variants are the most distinctive. The former is based on the generation of just one single jet from a nozzle; hence this fabrication process is not very productive. The latter uses the destabilization of free liquid surfaces by means of an electric field, which enhances the throughput since it produces numerous jets, emitted from the surfaces of rollers, spheres, strings and spirals. However, although some progress in total producibility has been achieved, the efficiency of the DC method still remains relatively low. A further drawback of DC electrospinning is that both variants need a collector, which makes it difficult to combine DC electrospinning easily with other technologies due to the presence of the high field strength within the entire spinning zone. This paper describes our experiments with AC electrospinning. We show that alternating current (AC) electrospinning based on a needleless spinning-electrode provides a highly productive smoke-like aerogel composed of nanofibers. This aerogel rises rapidly from the electrode like a thin plume of smoke, without any need for a collector. Our work shows that AC needleless electrospinning gains its efficiency and collector-less feature thanks to the creation of a perpetually charge-changing virtual counter-electrode composed of the nanofibers emitted. High-speed camera recordings demonstrate the formation mechanism of the nanofibrous plume, which is wafted by an electric wind. This wind

  12. Leonurenones A-C: Labdane diterpenes from Leonotis leonurus.

    He, Fang; Lindqvist, Charlotte; Harding, Wayne W


    Labdanes, leonurenones A-C, two known labdanes, luteolin 7-O-β-glucoside and luteolin were isolated and characterized from a commercial source of Leonotis leonurus. Genetic methods allowed for identification of the plant material. The leonurenones contain an uncommon α,β-unsaturated enone moiety in ring B, and leonurenones A and B were evaluated in a competitive inhibition assay at the GABA A neuroreceptor site.

  13. Production of AC-225 and application of the BI-213 daughter in cancer therapy

    Koch, L.; Apostolidis, C.; Janssens, W.; Molinet, R.; van Geel, J.


    There are several ongoing medical trials to use Bi-213 conjugated to monoclonal antibodies to kill tumour-cells of various cancer types. The institute is supplying Ac-225 generators for the test and is itself engaged in in-vitro cytotoxicity tests. Nuclear reactions leading to Ac-225 are discussed. The present supply of Ac-225 stems from Th-229 decay obtained from aged U-233. From the possible alternative the reactions Ra-226 (p, 2n) Ac-225 is presently favoured. The fabrication of a Ac-225 for Bi-213 generator will be described.

  14. Working with the American Community Survey in R a guide to using the acs package

    Glenn, Ezra Haber


    This book serves as a hands-on guide to the "acs" R package for demographers, planners, and other researchers who work with American Community Survey (ACS) data. It gathers the most common problems associated with using ACS data and implements functions as a package in the R statistical programming language. The package defines a new "acs" class object (containing estimates, standard errors, and metadata for tables from the ACS) with methods to deal appropriately with common tasks (e.g., creating and combining subgroups or geographies, automatic fetching of data via the Census API, mathematical operations on estimates, tests of significance, plots of confidence intervals).

  15. Effects of AC Electric Field on Small Laminar Nonpremixed Flames

    Xiong, Yuan


    Electric field can be a viable method in controlling various combustion properties. Comparing to traditional actuators, an application of electric field requires very small power consumption. Especially, alternating current (AC) has received attention recently, since it could modulate flames appreciably even for the cases when direct current (DC) has minimal effects. In this study, the effect of AC electric fields on small coflow diffusion flames is focused with applications of various laser diagnostic techniques. Flow characteristics of baseline diffusion flames, which corresponds to stationary small coflow diffusion flames when electric field is not applied, were firstly investigated with a particular focus on the flow field in near-nozzle region with the buoyancy force exerted on fuels due to density differences among fuel, ambient air, and burnt gas. The result showed that the buoyancy force exerted on the fuel as well as on burnt gas significantly distorted the near-nozzle flow-fields. In the fuels with densities heavier than air, recirculation zones were formed very close to the nozzle exit. Nozzle heating effect influenced this near-nozzle flow-field particularly among lighter fuels. Numerical simulations were also conducted and the results showed that a fuel inlet boundary condition with a fully developed velocity profile for cases with long fuel tubes should be specified inside the fuel tube to obtain satisfactory agreement in both the flow and temperature fields with those from experiment. With sub-critical AC applied to the baseline flames, particle image velocimetry (PIV), light scattering, laser-induced incandescence (LII), and laser-induced fluores- cence (LIF) techniques were adopted to identify the flow field and the structures of OH, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), soot zone. Under certain AC condi- tions of applied voltage and frequency, the distribution of PAHs and the flow field near the nozzle exit were drastically altered from the

  16. The ACS-NUCL Division 50th Anniversary: Introduction

    Hobart, David E. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The ACS Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology was initiated in 1955 as a subdivision of the Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. Probationary divisional status was lifted in 1965. The Division’s first symposium was held in Denver in 1964 and it is fitting that we kicked-off the 50th Anniversary in Denver in the spring of 2015. Listed as a small ACS Division with only about 1,000 members, NUCL’s impact over the past fifty years has been remarkable. National ACS meetings have had many symposia sponsored or cosponsored by NUCL that included Nobel Laureates, U.S. Senators, other high-ranking officials and many students as speakers. The range of subjects has been exceptional as are the various prestigious awards established by the Division. Of major impact has been the past 30 years of the NUCL Nuclear Chemistry Summer Schools to help fill the void of qualified nuclear scientists and technicians. In celebrating the 50th Anniversary we honor the past, celebrate the present and shape the future of the Division and nuclear science and technology. To celebrate this auspicious occasion a commemorative lapel pin has been designed for distribution to NUCL Division members.

  17. AC electrokinetic manipulation of selenium nanoparticles for potential nanosensor applications

    Mahmoodi, Seyed Reza [School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Bayati, Marzieh, E-mail: [School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Hosseinirad, Somayeh [School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Foroumadi, Alireza [Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Gilani, Kambiz [Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Rezayat, Seyed Mahdi [School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    Highlights: ► Se nanoparticles were synthesized using a reverse-microemulsion process. ► AC osmotic fluid flow repulses the particles from electrode edges. ► Dielectrophoretic force attracts the particles to electrode edges. ► Dielectrophoresis electrode showed non-ohmic behavior. ► The device can potentially be used as a nanosensor. - Abstract: We report the AC electrokinetic behavior of selenium (Se) nanoparticles for electrical characterization and possible application as micro/nano devices. selenium Se nanoparticles were successfully synthesized using a reverse-microemulsion process and investigated structurally using X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscope. Interdigitated castellated ITO and non-castellated platinum electrodes were employed for manipulation of suspended materials in the fluid. Using ITO electrodes at low frequency limits resulted in deposition of Se particles on electrode surface. When Se particles exposed to platinum electrodes in the 10 Hz–1 kHz range and V {sub p−p}> 8, AC osmotic fluid flow repulses the particles from electrode edges. However, in 10 kHz–10 MHz range and V {sub p−p}> 5, dielectrophoretic force attracts the particles to electrode edges. As the Se particle concentration increased, the trapped Se particles were aligned along the electric field line and bridged the electrode gap. The device was characterized and can potentially be useful in making micro/nano electronic devices.

  18. AC electric field induced vortex in laminar coflow diffusion flames

    Xiong, Yuan


    Experiments were performed by applying sub-critical high-voltage alternating current (AC) to the nozzle of laminar propane coflow diffusion flames. Light scattering, laser-induced incandescence and laser-induced fluorescence techniques were used to identify the soot zone, and the structures of OH and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Particle image velocimetry was adopted to quantify the velocity field. Under certain AC conditions of applied voltage and frequency, the distribution of PAHs and the flow field near the nozzle exit were drastically altered, leading to the formation of toroidal vortices. Increased residence time and heat recirculation inside the vortex resulted in appreciable formation of PAHs and soot near the nozzle exit. Decreased residence time along the jet axis through flow acceleration by the vortex led to a reduction in the soot volume fraction in the downstream sooting zone. Electromagnetic force generated by AC was proposed as a viable mechanism for the formation of the toroidal vortex. The onset conditions for the vortex formation supported the role of an electromagnetic force acting on charged particles in the flame zone. (C) 2014 The Combustion Institute. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  19. Design and development of the Army KE ASAT ACS thruster

    Craddock, Jeff; Janeski, Bruce


    Increasingly ambitious missions for advanced kinetic energy (KE) weapons have necessitated the development of a lightweight storable-propellant attitude control system (ACS) thruster capable of very fast response and long duration firings. This paper summarizes the results of a ACS thruster design and development test effort, performed for the U.S. Army Space and Strategic Defense Command (USASSDC) on the KE Anti Satellite (KE ASAT) weapon system program. Design approaches used to achieve long-duration continuous firing with a composite combustion chamber are detailed. This design effort culminated in a 6.7 lbf. thruster assembly weighing less than 0.2 pounds, approximately one-sixth that of a conventional satellite ACS thruster. Results of tests of flightweight engines with nitrogen tetroxide and monomethyl hydrazine hypergolic propellants are included. The test series culminated in what is believed to be the industry's longest continuous firing of a composite combustion chamber. This thruster will be integrated into the KE ASAT kinetic vehicle for its first free-flight hover test in early FY94. The demonstrated fast response, high pulse performance, and long-duration capabilities of this engine suggest that this thruster can significantly increase the capability of other spacecraft.

  20. AC Conductivity and Dielectric Properties of Borotellurite Glass

    Taha, T. A.; Azab, A. A.


    Borotellurite glasses with formula 60B2O3-10ZnO-(30 - x)NaF- xTeO2 ( x = 0 mol.%, 5 mol.%, 10 mol.%, and 15 mol.%) have been synthesized by thermal melting. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis confirmed that the glasses were amorphous. The glass density ( ρ) was determined by the Archimedes method at room temperature. The density ( ρ) and molar volume ( V m) were found to increase with increasing TeO2 content. The direct-current (DC) conductivity was measured in the temperature range from 473 K to 623 K, in which the electrical activation energy of ionic conduction increased from 0.27 eV to 0.48 eV with increasing TeO2 content from 0 mol.% to 15 mol.%. The dielectric parameters and alternating-current (AC) conductivity ( σ ac) were investigated in the frequency range from 1 kHz to 1 MHz and temperature range from 300 K to 633 K. The AC conductivity and dielectric constant decreased with increasing TeO2 content from 0 mol.% to 15 mol.%.

  1. High Voltage AC underground cable systems for power transmission - a review of the Danish experience, part 1

    Bak, Claus Leth; Silva, Filipe Miguel Faria da


    researching electrical engineering topics related to using underground cables for power transmission at EHV level and including the 420 kV level. The research topics were laid down by ET/AAU and in the DANPAC (DANish Power systems with AC Cables) research project. The main topics are discussed......This paper is a first of two presenting a review of research results in underground cable transmission obtained by the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University ET/AAU and Danish TSO within the last 6 years. The main core of the results are obtained by PhD students...... on the basis of 39 references published by ET/AAU and Part I of the paper explains the events that lead to the research project, reactive power compensation, modelling for transient studies, including field measurements and improvements to the existing models, and temporary overvoltages due...

  2. Phosphor-in-glass for high-powered remote-type white AC-LED.

    Lin, Hang; Wang, Bo; Xu, Ju; Zhang, Rui; Chen, Hui; Yu, Yunlong; Wang, Yuansheng


    The high-powered alternating current (AC) light-emitting diode (LED) (AC-LED), featuring low cost, high energy utilization efficiency, and long service life, will become a new economic growth point in the field of semiconductor lighting. However, flicker of AC-LED in the AC cycles is not healthy for human eyes, and therefore need to be restrained. Herein we report an innovation of persistent "phosphor-in-glass" (PiG) for the remote-type AC-LED, whose afterglow can be efficiently activated by the blue light. It is experimentally demonstrated that the afterglow decay of PiG in the microsecond range can partly compensate the AC time gap. Moreover, the substitution of inorganic glass for organic resins or silicones as the encapsulants would bring out several technological benefits to AC-LED, such as good heat-dissipation, low glare, and excellent physical/chemical stability.

  3. Reassembled Biosynthetic Pathway for a Large-scale Synthesis of CMP-Neu5Ac

    Min Xiao


    Full Text Available Abstract: CMP-Neu5Ac is an important sugar nucleotide for biosynthesis of sialic acid and its conjugates. In this paper, a large-scale production system of CMP-Neu5Ac by a single strain is reported. The co-expression of Neu5Ac aldolase (EC4.1.3.3 and CMP-Neu5Ac synthetase (EC was achieved by constructing individual genes into one plasmid and having a single culture that has both NeuAc aldolase and CMP-Neu5Ac synthetase activities. Overall this system only employed N-acetylmannosamine, excess of pyruvate and CTP to produce CMP-Neu5Ac. This work has demonstrated that a large-scale synthesis of sialic acid-derived oligosaccharides could be achieved economically and efficiently through a single, biosynthetic pathway engineered microorganism.

  4. Relations between ac-dc components and optical path length in photoplethysmography

    Lee, Chungkeun; Sik Shin, Hang; Lee, Myoungho


    Photoplethysmography is used in various areas such as vital sign measurement, vascular characteristics analysis, and autonomic nervous system assessment. Photoplethysmographic signals are composed of ac and dc, but it is difficult to find research about the interaction of photoplethysmographic components. This study suggested a model equation combining two Lambert-Beer equations at the onset and peak points of photoplethysmography to evaluate ac characteristics, and verified the model equation through simulation and experiment. In the suggested equation, ac was dependent on dc and optical path length. In the simulation, dc was inversely proportionate to ac sensitivity (slope), and ac and optical path length were proportionate. When dc increased from 10% to 90%, stabilized ac decreased from 1 to 0.89 +/- 0.21, and when optical path length increased from 10% to 90%, stabilized ac increased from 1 to 1.53 +/- 0.40.

  5. 144例近视患者AC/A值与近视处方




  6. Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) AC4 suppresses post-transcriptional gene silencing and an AC4 hairpin RNA gene reduces MYMV DNA accumulation in transgenic tobacco.

    Sunitha, Sukumaran; Shanmugapriya, Gnanasekaran; Balamani, Veluthambi; Veluthambi, Karuppannan


    Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) is a legume-infecting geminivirus that causes yellow mosaic disease in blackgram, mungbean, soybean, Frenchbean and mothbean. AC4/C4, which is nested completely within the Rep gene, is less conserved among geminiviruses. Much less is known about its role in viral pathogenesis other than its known role in the suppression of host-mediated gene silencing. Transient expression of MYMV AC4 by agroinfiltration suppressed post-transcriptional gene silencing in Nicotiana benthamiana 16c expressing green fluorescence protein, at a level comparable to MYMV TrAP expression. AC4 full-length gene and an inverted repeat of AC4 (comprising the full-length AC4 sequence in sense and antisense orientations with an intervening intron) which makes a hairpin RNA (hpRNA) upon transcription were introduced into tobacco by Agrobacterium-mediated leaf disc transformation. Leaf discs of the transgenic plants were agroinoculated with partial dimers of MYMV and used to study the effect of the AC4-sense and AC4 hpRNA genes on MYMV DNA accumulation. Leaf discs of two transgenic plants that express the AC4-sense gene displayed an increase in MYMV DNA accumulation. Leaf discs of six transgenic plants containing the AC4 hpRNA gene accumulated small-interfering RNAs (siRNAs) specific to AC4, and upon agroinoculation with MYMV they exhibited a severe reduction in the accumulation of MYMV DNA. Thus, the MYMV AC4 hpRNA gene has emerged as a good candidate to engineer resistance against MYMV in susceptible plants.

  7. The dynamic process of atmospheric water sorption in [EMIM][Ac] and mixtures of [EMIM][Ac] with biopolymers and CO2 capture in these systems.

    Chen, Yu; Sun, Xiaofu; Yan, Chuanyu; Cao, Yuanyuan; Mu, Tiancheng


    There are mainly three findings related to the dynamic process of atmospheric water sorption in the ionic liquid (IL) 1-ethyl-3-methlyl-imidazolium acetate ([EMIM][Ac]) and its mixtures with biopolymers (i.e., cellulose, chitin, and chitosan), and CO2 capture in these systems above. The analytical methods mainly include gravimetric hygroscopicity measurement and in situ infrared spectroscopy with the techniques of difference, derivative, deconvoluted attenuated total reflectance and two-dimensional correlation. These three findings are listed as below. (1) Pure [EMIM][Ac] only shows a two-regime pattern, while all the mixtures of [EMIM][Ac] with biopolymers (i.e., cellulose, chitin, and chitosan) present a three-regime tendency for the dynamic process of atmospheric water sorption. Specifically, the IL/chitosan mixture has a clear three-regime mode; the [EMIM][Ac]/chitin mixture has an unclear indiscernible regime 3; and the [EMIM][Ac]/cellulose mixture shows an indiscernible regime 2. (2) [EMIM][Ac] and its mixtures with biopolymers could physically absorb a trace amount of and chemically react with a much larger amount of CO2 from the air. The chemisorption capacity of CO2 in these pure and mixed systems is ordered as chitosan/[EMIM][Ac] mixture > chitin/[EMIM][Ac] mixture > cellulose/[EMIM][Ac] mixture > pure [EMIM][Ac] (ca. 0.09 mass ratio % g/g CO2/IL). (3) The CO2 solubility in [EMIM][Ac] decreases about 50% after being exposed to the atmospheric moist air for some specific time period.

  8. 40 CFR 86.162-00 - Approval of alternative air conditioning test simulations and descriptions of AC1 and AC2.


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 18 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Approval of alternative air conditioning test simulations and descriptions of AC1 and AC2. 86.162-00 Section 86.162-00 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (CONTINUED) AIR PROGRAMS (CONTINUED) CONTROL OF EMISSIONS FROM NEW AND IN-USE HIGHWAY VEHICLES AND...

  9. New Composites LnBDC@AC and CB[6]@AC: From Design toward Selective Adsorption of Methylene Blue or Methyl Orange

    Santos, Guilherme de C.; Barros, Amanda L.; de Oliveira, Carlos A. F.; da Luz, Leonis L.; da Silva, Fausthon F.; Demets, Grégoire J.-F.; Alves Júnior, Severino


    New porous composites LnBDC@AC (AC = Activated carbon, Ln = Eu and Gd and BDC = 1,4-benzenedicaboxylate) and CB[6]@AC (CB[6] = Cucurbit[6]uril) were obtained using hydrothermal route. The LnBDC and CB[B] are located inside the pore of the carbon materials as was observed in SEM-EDS, XRPD and FT-IR analysis. Porosimetry analysis showed values typically between AC and LnBDC material, with pore size and surface area, respectively, 29,56 Å and 353.98 m2g-1 for LnBDC@AC and 35,53 Å and 353.98 m2g-1 for CB[6]@AC. Both materials showed good absorptive capacity of metil orange (MO) and methylene blue (MB) with selectivity as a function of pH. For acid pH, both materials present selectivity by MB and alkaline pH for MO, with notable performance for CB[6]@AC. Additionally, europium luminescence was used as structural probe to investigate the coordination environment of Eu3+ ions in the EuBDC@AC composite after adsorption experiment. PMID:28107440

  10. Bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxin Cry1Ac domain III enhances activity against Heliothis virescens in some, but not all Cry1-Cry1Ac hybrids

    Karlova, R.B.; Weemen, W.M.J.; Naimov, S.; Ceron, J.; Dukiandjiev, S.; Maagd, de R.A.


    We investigated the role of domain III of Bacillus thuringiensis d-endotoxin Cry1Ac in determining toxicity against Heliothis virescens. Hybrid toxins, containing domain III of Cry1Ac with domains I and II of Cry1Ba, Cry1Ca, Cry1Da, Cry1Ea, and Cry1Fb, respectively, were created. In this way Cry1Ca,

  11. Expression Study of LeGAPDH, LeACO1, LeACS1A, and LeACS2 in Tomato Fruit (Solanum lycopersicum

    Pijar Riza Anugerah


    Full Text Available Tomato is a climacteric fruit, which is characterized by ripening-related increase of respiration and elevated ethylene synthesis. Ethylene is the key hormone in ripening process of climacteric fruits. The objective of this research is to study the expression of three ethylene synthesis genes: LeACO1, LeACS1A, LeACS2, and a housekeeping gene LeGAPDH in ripening tomato fruit. Specific primers have been designed to amplify complementary DNA fragment of LeGAPDH (143 bp, LeACO1 (240 bp, LeACS1A (169 bp, and LeACS2 (148 bp using polymerase chain reaction. Nucleotide BLAST results of the complementary DNA fragments show high similarity with LeGAPDH (NM_001247874.1, LeACO1 (NM_001247095.1, LeACS1A(NM_001246993.1, LeACS2 (NM_001247249.1, respectively. Expression study showed that LeACO1, LeACS1A, LeACS2, and LeGAPDH genes were expressed in ripening tomato fruit. Isolation methods, reference sequences, and primers used in this study can be used in future experiments to study expression of genes responsible for ethylene synthesis using quantitative polymerase chain reaction and to design better strategy for controlling fruit ripening in agroindustry.

  12. AcMNPV-mediated expression of BmK IT promotes the apoptosis of Sf9 cells and replication of AcMNPV.

    Fu, Yue-Jun; Zhao, Jie; Liang, Ai-Hua; Hu, Feng-Yun


    Chinese scorpion Buthus martensii Karsch (BmK) venom is a rich source of neurotoxins which bind to various ion channels with high affinity and specificity and thus widely used as compounds to modulate channel gating or channel currents. To promote the insecticidal effects of Autographa californica multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV), the gene encoding an excitatory insect toxin, BmK IT, was inserted into the genome of AcMNPV to construct a recombinant baculovirus, AcMNPV-BmK IT. Spodopter frugiperda 9 (Sf9) cells were infected with AcMNPV and AcMNPV-BmK IT respectively for 24 h. Results from the MTT assay, TUNEL assay, analysis of the expression level of apoptosis-related proteins (c-Myc, cleaved-Caspase3, Bcl-2 and Bax) of Sf9 cells, the transcription level of key genes (38K, C42, P78, F) of AcMNPV, and viral propagation assay demonstrated that AcMNPV-mediated expression of BmK IT promoted the apoptosis of Sf9 cells and replication of AcMNPV. The results laid a foundation for further structural and functional analysis of BmK IT.

  13. Preliminary Geological Maps of the Ac-H-10 Rongo and Ac-H-15 Zadeni Quadrangles: An integrated Mapping Study Using Dawn Spacecraft Data

    Platz, T.; Nathues, A.; Crown, D. A.; Mest, S. C.; Williams, D. A.; Hoffmann, M.; Schäfer, M.; Sizemore, H. G.; Yingst, R. A.; Ruesch, O.; Buczkowski, D.; Kneissl, T.; Schmedemann, N.; Hughson, K.; Preusker, F.; Russell, C. T.


    We used geologic mapping applied to Dawn spacecraft data as a tool to understand the geologic history of the Ac-H-10 Rongo and Ac-H-15 Zadeni quadrangles of dwarf planet Ceres. These regions, Rongo and Zadeni, are located between 22°S-22°N and 288°-360°E and 65-90°S and 0°-360°E, respectively. The Rongo Quadrangle hosts a number of features: 1) the southwest portion is dissected by curvilinear structures likely caused by Yalode basin formation; 2) the central part is marked by dome-like constructs up to 100 km across; 3) a peculiar bright, c.4 km tall, conical structure informally known as the 'pyramid'; 4) impact craters of various diameters appear moderately to highly degraded or are partially buried; and 5) bright material is primarily exposed in the central portion and often associated with craters. Rongo crater (68 km across) exhibits a central peak and scalloped walls indicative of its degraded appearance. The Zadeni Quadrangle is characterised by impact craters up to 130 km in diameter of which Zadeni crater is the largest. Impact craters across all sizes exhibit fresh to highly degraded morphologies or are partially buried. Many craters developed central peaks. Inter-crater plains are generally hummocky with isolated regions of smooth-textured surfaces. The south pole area (85-90°S) is poorly illuminated and may host a large impact structure. At the time of this writing geologic mapping was performed on Framing Camera (FC) mosaics from Approach (1.3 km/px) and Survey (415 m/px) orbits, including clear filter and colour images and digital terrain models derived from stereo images. In Fall 2015 images from the High Altitude Mapping Orbit (140 m/px) will be used to refine the mapping, followed by Low Altitude Mapping Orbit (35 m/px) starting in December 2015. Support of the Dawn Instrument, Operations, and Science Teams is acknowledged. This work is supported by grants from NASA through the Dawn project, and from the German and Italian Space Agencies.

  14. LLAMA Project

    Arnal, E. M.; Abraham, Z.; Giménez de Castro, G.; de Gouveia dal Pino, E. M.; Larrarte, J. J.; Lepine, J.; Morras, R.; Viramonte, J.


    The project LLAMA, acronym of Long Latin American Millimetre Array is very briefly described in this paper. This project is a joint scientific and technological undertaking of Argentina and Brazil on the basis of an equal investment share, whose mail goal is both to install and to operate an observing facility capable of exploring the Universe at millimetre and sub/millimetre wavelengths. This facility will be erected in the argentinean province of Salta, in a site located at 4830m above sea level.

  15. Echo project

    Gfader, Verina; Carson, Rebecca; Kraus, Chris

    Echo project (ed. by Verina Gfader and Ruth Höflich) is an online publication and community board that developed from a visit to the Los Angeles Art Book fair in January 2014. It was on the occasion of a prior book project, titled Prospectus, that the editorial team had been invited by the LAABF...... Intellect and Financialization sets a conceptual ground for rethinking subjective freedom; an encounter with Another LA opens out a multitude of cartographies - revealing more discreet and politically dynamic movements in the urban grid; there are glimpses of Machine Project’s events, a visual story around...

  16. 新颖的Buck-Boost高频环节AC/AC变换器%Novel Buck-Boost AC/AC Converters with High Frequency Link

    刘剑; 陈道炼; 尹春



  17. Construction and function of recombinant AcMNPV with double copies of v-cath gene


    Two recombinant baculoviruses, dciAcMNPV and dcdAcMNPV in which another copy of the v-cath gene controlled by ie1 promoter and polh promoter was inserted, were respectively constructed by the Bac-to-Bac system. The expression of the v-cath gene of the recombinant baculoviruses in Sf9 cells at different phases was investigated by SDS- PAGE and Western blot. The results showed that only recombinant virus dciAcMNPV containing late gene v-cath driven by early gene promoter could express V-CATH protein, cathepsin encoded by virus genome, 12 h post-infection and dcdAcMNPV containing late gene v-cath driven by late and very late gene promoters could express more V-CATH protein. Negative control ncAcMNPV, a mutant deleted v- cath gene, could not express V-CATH protein at all. The Spodopera exigua larvae were infected with viruses respectively and the results showed that the toxicity was as follows: dcdAcMNPV>dciAcMNPV>wtAcMNPV>ncAcMNPV. The toxicity of recombinant viruses and the characters of dead larvae showed that the v-cath gene was relative to viral toxicity and host liquefaction. Recombinant baculovirus dcdAcMNPV might be used as a new kind of safe viral-pes- ticide, because of its high toxicity obtained by adding another gene copy and changing the expression level of its own gene relative to virulence.

  18. Improvement of cotton fiber quality by transforming the acsA and acsB genes into Gossypium hirsutum L. by means of vacuum infiltration.

    Li, X; Wang, X D; Zhao, X; Dutt, Y


    A novel method for the genetic transformation of cotton pollen by means of vacuum infiltration and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation is reported. The acsA and acsB genes, which are involved in cellulose synthesis in Acetobacter xylinum, were transferred into pollen grains of brown cotton with the aim of improving its fiber quality by incorporating useful prokaryotic features into the colored cotton plants. Transformation was carried out in cotton pollen-germinating medium, and transformation was mediated by vector pCAMBIA1301, which contains a reporter gene beta-glucuronidase (GUS), a selectable marker gene, hpt, for hygromycin resistance and the genes of interest, acsA and acsB. The integration and expression of acsA, acsB and GUS in the genome of transgenic plants were analyzed with Southern blot hybridization, PCR, histochemical GUS assay and Northern blot hybridization. We found that following pollination on the cotton stigma transformed pollen retained its capability of double-fertilization and that normal cotton seeds were produced in the cotton ovary. Of 1,039 seeds from 312 bolls pollinated with transformed pollen grains, 17 were able to germinate and grow into seedlings for more than 3 weeks in a nutrient medium containing 50 mg/l hygromycin; eight of these were transgenic plants integrated with acsA and acsB, yielding a 0.77% transformation rate. Fiber strength and length from the most positive transformants was 15% greater than those of the control (non-transformed), a significant difference, as was cellulose content between the transformed and control plants. Our study suggests that transformation through vacuum infiltration and Agrobacterium mediated transformation can be an efficient way to introduce foreign genes into the cotton pollen grain and that cotton fiber quality can be improved with the incorporation of the prokaryotic genes acsA and acsB.

  19. Projective mapping

    Dehlholm, Christian; Brockhoff, Per B.; Bredie, Wender Laurentius Petrus


    Projective Mapping (Risvik, 1994) and its Napping (Pagès, 2003) variations have become increasingly popular in the sensory field for rapid collection of spontaneous product perceptions. It has been applied in variations which sometimes are caused by the purpose of the analysis and sometime...


    P.M. Latyshev


    Full Text Available "Urals Industrial - Urals Polar" is the unique project and thus it will provide the economic security not only of the local territory but of the whole Russia in terms of several courses. This article is devoted to the main courses of these ones and their influence on the economy of the country.

  1. Project Baltia


    Uus arhitektuuriajakiri "Project Baltia" tutvustab Baltimaade, Soome ja Peterburi regiooni arhitektuuri, linnaehitust ja disaini. Ilmub neli korda aastas inglise- ja venekeelsena. Väljaandja: kirjastus Balticum Peterburis koostöös Amsterdami ja Moskva kirjastusega A-Fond. Peatoimetaja Vladimir Frolov

  2. FLOAT Project

    Sørensen, Eigil V.; Aarup, Bendt

    The objective of the FLOAT project is to study the reliability of high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete, also known as Compact Reinforced Composite (CRC), for the floats of wave energy converters. In order to reach a commercial breakthrough, wave energy converters need to achieve a lower price...

  3. Project Avatar

    Juhlin, Jonas Alastair

    'Project Avatar' tager udgangspunkt i den efterretningsdisciplin, der kaldes Open Source Intelligence og indebærer al den information, som ligger frit tilgængeligt i åbne kilder. Med udbredelsen af sociale medier åbners der op for helt nye typer af informationskilder. Spørgsmålet er; hvor nyttig er...

  4. Project Documerica

    Journal of College Science Teaching, 1972


    The Environmental Protection Agency has started a project to actually picture the environmental movement in the United States. This is an attempt to make the public aware of the air pollution in their area or state and to acquaint them with the effects of air cleaning efforts. (PS)

  5. Tedese Project

    Buforn, E.; Davila, J. Martin; Bock, G.; Pazos, A.; Udias, A.; Hanka, W.

    The TEDESE (Terremotos y Deformacion Cortical en el Sur de España) project is a joint project of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada de San Fernando, Cadiz (ROA) supported by the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia with the participation of the GeoforschungZen- trum, Potsdam (GFZ). The aim is to carry out a study of the characteristics of the oc- currence and mechanism of earthquakes together with measurements of crustal struc- ture and deformations in order to obtain an integrated evaluation of seismic risk in southern Spain from. As part of this project a temporal network of 10 broad-band seismological stations, which will complete those already existing in the zone, have been installed in southern Spain and northern Africa for one year beginning in October 2001. The objectives of the project are the study in detail of the focal mechanisms of earthquakes in this area, of structural in crust and upper mantle, of seismic anisotropy in crust and mantle as indicator for tectonic deformation processed and the measure- ments of crustal deformations using techniques with permanent GPS and SLR stations and temporary GPS surveys. From these studies, seismotectonic models and maps will be elaborated and seismic risk in the zone will be evaluated.

  6. Project Narrative

    Driscoll, Mary C. [St. Bonaventure University, St Bonaventure, NY(United States)


    The Project Narrative describes how the funds from the DOE grant were used to purchase equipment for the biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics departments. The Narrative also describes how the equipment is being used. There is also a list of the positive outcomes as a result of having the equipment that was purchased with the DOE grant.

  7. AC-conductance of a non-local Thirring model

    Trobo, Marta Liliana; Von Reichenbach, Maria Cecilia [Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) (Argentina); Barci, Daniel G. [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), RJ (Brazil)]|[Illinois Univ., Urbana, IL (United States); Medeiros Neto, J.F. de [Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz (UESC), Ilheus, BA (Brazil)


    Full text follows: In recent years renewed interest has arisen in the study of low dimensional field theories. In particular, research on the one dimensional (1-d) fermionic gas has been very active, mainly due to the actual nano-fabrication of the so called quantum wires and their relevance for low dimensional condensed matter physics as, for instance, the quantum Hall effect and high-T{sub c} superconductivity. Experimental and theoretical investigations of the AC-transport phenomena in nano-structures are of profound scientific interest since they provide insight into the behavior of quantum systems. In this frame, we consider a field theoretical approach that can be used to describe a system of 1-d strongly correlated particles in the low transferred momentum limit. We study a non-local and non-covariant version of the Thirring model where the fermionic densities and currents are coupled through bilocal, distance-dependent potentials which describe the forward scattering processes. We apply the functional bosonization formalism, a very useful technique to understand the non-perturbative regime of strongly correlated one-dimensional fermionic systems, to this non local Thirring like model (NLTM). We are interesting in the transport properties of the system, in particular in the AC-conductance. To this end, we consider a NLTM in the presence of an external electromagnetic field. We obtain the AC-conductance of the model in terms of non-local potentials used to describe the interactions between fermionic currents. We also analyze the transport properties in the case in which weak couplings between fermionic currents and localized impurities are taken into account. (author)

  8. AC Motor Drive Fed by Renewable Energy Sources with PWM

    J. Pavalam


    Full Text Available In this fast aproaching nature of technology the ned of Electricity becomes a mandatory in developing technology. The ned of Electricity increases the power demand where the power demand met by the conventional sources of energy has some disadvantage of polution, this disadvantage can be decreased by the use of the Renewable energy sources like Fuel Cel and available solar energy. When a FUEL cel produces AC power, basicaly two stages are required for conversion first a bosting stage and second is inversion stage. In this paper the Bost inverter topology is achieved where in the conventional methods the normal DC - AC power conversion method is used where as in this paper the PWM based DC - AC inverter has ben used which is useful in reducing the harmonics in the output of the Inverter. The voltage controled output is produced in the bost inverter the curent controled output is taken from dc-dc bidirectional converter. The Fuel cel canot be relied as a whole so a Solar PV module is conected acros the Load so while the Sunlight days the PV arays generate power and in the night time the Fuel cel is used to generate power for the load. Since, the Fuel cel and PV arays can generate power in Partial load they are prefered than any other sources. When the output from the Solar PV aray is low or when the sunlight available is not eficient in generating the power a automatic switch over is provided in the junction betwen the Solar PV aray and Fuel cel so that whenever it hapens the switch automaticaly switch over to another source. The simulation results are presented to confirm the operational feature of the proposed system.

  9. Projective geometry and projective metrics

    Busemann, Herbert


    The basic results and methods of projective and non-Euclidean geometry are indispensable for the geometer, and this book--different in content, methods, and point of view from traditional texts--attempts to emphasize that fact. Results of special theorems are discussed in detail only when they are needed to develop a feeling for the subject or when they illustrate a general method. On the other hand, an unusual amount of space is devoted to the discussion of the fundamental concepts of distance, motion, area, and perpendicularity.Topics include the projective plane, polarities and conic sectio

  10. Silicon (BSFR) solar cell AC parameters at different temperatures

    Kumar, R Anil; Suresh, M.S. [ISRO Satellite Center, Bangalore- 560 017 (India); Nagaraju, J. [Solar Energy and Thermodynamic Laboratory, Department of Instrumentation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore- 560 012 (India)


    The AC parameters of back surface field reflected (BSFR) silicon solar cell are measured at different cell temperatures (198-348K) both in forward and reverse bias under dark condition using impedance spectroscopy technique. It is found that cell capacitance increases with temperature whereas cell resistance decreases, in forward bias voltage. Beyond maximum power point voltage, the cell inductance (0.28{mu}H) is measured, as the inductive reactance is comparable with cell series resistance. The measured cell parameters (cell capacitance, dynamic resistance, etc) are used to calculate the mean carrier lifetime and diode factor at different cell temperatures.

  11. GaAs/Ge solar cell AC parameters under illumination

    Kumar, R.A.; Suresh, M.S. [ISRO Satellite Center, Bangalore (India); Nagaraju, J. [Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (India). Department of Instrumentation, Solar Energy Laboratory


    The ac parameters of GaAs/Ge solar cell were measured under illumination at different cell temperatures using impedance spectroscopy technique. They are compared with the dark measurements. It is found that the cell capacitance is higher and cell resistance is lower under illumination than in dark for all cell terminal voltages. The cell capacitances at the corresponding maximum power point voltage (terminal) do not vary with temperature where as the cell resistance decreases. The cell capacitance under illumination is estimated from the dark cell capacitance and it is in good agreement with the measured illumination data. (author)

  12. Measurement of Current Profile in a Tokamak Through AC Modulation


    The plasma current is modulated with an alternating current (ac) component in a frequency range of 90 Hz~900 Hz in the plateau discharge phase in the CT-6B tokamak. A plasma electric conductivity profile in a form of (1 - r2/a2)α with a parameter α, which is fitted with the experimental data, can be determined. The effects of magnetic shear in a tokamak field configuration on the current penetration are taken into account in the numerical simulation. The measurement method and obtained results are discussed.

  13. Rethinking Rectification: AC-DC Power Supply in Package

    Pejtersen, Jens; Knott, Arnold; Jørgensen, Ivan Harald Holger

    efficiency, while drawing high input peak current with a high harmonic content. Mitigating these non-idealities requires higher order EMI filters and a subsequent power factor correction stage. Advanced active rectifier topologies can mitigate all three non-idealities simultaneously while balancing power......Rectification of AC mains voltage is almost exclusively implemented with passive diode bridge rectifiers for power applications below 100 W. The diode bridge rectifier is reliable, cost effective and easy to use. But it is also lossy, nonlinear and passive. Thus reducing the power conversion...... conversion efficiency, EMI filter size and power factor. A requirement for achieving increasing power density....

  14. Total synthesis and allelopathic activity of cytosporones A-C

    Zamberlam, Charles E.M.; Meza, Alisson; Lima, Denis P. de; Beatriz, Adilson [Centro de Ciencias Exatas e Tecnologia, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande, MS (Brazil); Leite, Carla Braga; Marques, Maria Rita [Centro de Ciencias Biologicas e da Saude, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande, MS (Brazil)


    The search for efficient, environmentally friendly herbicides has been the focus of numerous studies on the organic synthesis of compounds isolated from natural sources. Cytosporones, which are phenolic lipids isolated from fungi, exhibit noteworthy biological properties. This paper reports the preparation of cytosporones A-C from the same starting material through a short synthetic route, with good yields. All compounds were tested for allelopathic activity on lettuce (Lactuca sativa L) seeds. Cytosporone A and its methylated precursor showed remarkable allelopathic activity, inhibiting seed germination and plantule growth. (author)

  15. Power Electronic Transformer based Three-Phase PWM AC Drives

    Basu, Kaushik

    A Transformer is used to provide galvanic isolation and to connect systems at different voltage levels. It is one of the largest and most expensive component in most of the high voltage and high power systems. Its size is inversely proportional to the operating frequency. The central idea behind a power electronic transformer (PET) also known as solid state transformer is to reduce the size of the transformer by increasing the frequency. Power electronic converters are used to change the frequency of operation. Steady reduction in the cost of the semiconductor switches and the advent of advanced magnetic materials with very low loss density and high saturation flux density implies economic viability and feasibility of a design with high power density. Application of PET is in generation of power from renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar. Other important application include grid tied inverters, UPS e.t.c. In this thesis non-resonant, single stage, bi-directional PET is considered. The main objective of this converter is to generate adjustable speed and magnitude pulse width modulated (PWM) ac waveforms from an ac or dc grid with a high frequency ac link. The windings of a high frequency transformer contains leakage inductance. Any switching transition of the power electronic converter connecting the inductive load and the transformer requires commutation of leakage energy. Commutation by passive means results in power loss, decrease in the frequency of operation, distortion in the output voltage waveform, reduction in reliability and power density. In this work a source based partially loss-less commutation of leakage energy has been proposed. This technique also results in partial soft-switching. A series of converters with novel PWM strategies have been proposed to minimize the frequency of leakage inductance commutation. These PETs achieve most of the important features of modern PWM ac drives including 1) Input power factor correction, 2) Common

  16. Spectroscopic AC susceptibility imaging (sASI) of magnetic nanoparticles

    Ficko, Bradley W., E-mail:; Nadar, Priyanka M.; Diamond, Solomon G.


    This study demonstrates a method for alternating current (AC) susceptibility imaging (ASI) of magnetic nanoparticles (mNPs) using low cost instrumentation. The ASI method uses AC magnetic susceptibility measurements to create tomographic images using an array of drive coils, compensation coils and fluxgate magnetometers. Using a spectroscopic approach in conjunction with ASI, a series of tomographic images can be created for each frequency measurement set and is termed sASI. The advantage of sASI is that mNPs can be simultaneously characterized and imaged in a biological medium. System calibration was performed by fitting the in-phase and out-of-phase susceptibility measurements of an mNP sample with a hydrodynamic diameter of 100 nm to a Brownian relaxation model (R{sup 2}=0.96). Samples of mNPs with core diameters of 10 and 40 nm and a sample of 100 nm hydrodynamic diameter were prepared in 0.5 ml tubes. Three mNP samples were arranged in a randomized array and then scanned using sASI with six frequencies between 425 and 925 Hz. The sASI scans showed the location and quantity of the mNP samples (R{sup 2}=0.97). Biological compatibility of the sASI method was demonstrated by scanning mNPs that were injected into a pork sausage. The mNP response in the biological medium was found to correlate with a calibration sample (R{sup 2}=0.97, p<0.001). These results demonstrate the concept of ASI and advantages of sASI. - Highlights: • Development of an AC susceptibility imaging model. • Comparison of AC susceptibility imaging (ASI) and susceptibility magnitude imaging (SMI). • Demonstration of ASI and spectroscopic ASI (sASI) using three different magnetic nanoparticle types. • SASI scan separation of three different magnetic nanoparticles samples using 5 spectroscopic frequencies. • Demonstration of biological feasibility of sASI.

  17. Impedance Localization Measurements using AC Dipoles in the LHC

    Biancacci, Nicolo; Papotti, Giulia; Persson, Tobias; Salvant, Benoit; Tomás, Rogelio


    The knowledge of the LHC impedance is of primary importance to predict the machine performance and allow for the HL-LHC upgrade. The developed impedance model can be benchmarked with beam measurements in order to assess its validity and limit. This is routinely done, for example, moving the LHC collimator jaws and measuring the induced tune shift. In order to localize possible unknown impedance sources, the variation of phase advance with intensity between beam position monitors can be measured. In this work we will present the impedance localization measurements performed at injection in the LHC using AC dipoles as exciter as well as the underlying theory.

  18. Materials for Powder-Based AC-Electroluminescence

    Hubert Schulze Dieckhoff


    Full Text Available At present, thick film (powder based alternating current electroluminescence (AC-EL is the only technology available for the fabrication of large area, laterally structured and coloured light sources by simple printing techniques. Substrates for printing may be based on flexible polymers or glass, so the final devices can take up a huge variety of shapes. After an introduction of the underlying physics and chemistry, the review highlights the technical progress behind this development, concentrating on luminescent and dielectric materials used. Limitations of the available materials as well as room for further improvement are also discussed.

  19. A Multi-channel AC Power Supply Controller


    A multi-channel AC power Supply controler developed recently by us was introdueed briefty in this paper.This controller is a computer controlled multi-electronic-switch device.The controller contains 16 independent channels in a standard box(440W×405D×125H mm).There is an electronic switch in each channel,the rated load power is≤1 kW.The main function of the controller is to set the state of electronic switch(ON/OFF)

  20. Warning: safety risk with some Apple AC Wall Plug Adapters

    CERN IT department


    Dear Mac and iOS Users, Apple has determined that some of its two prong Apple AC wall plug adapters may break and create a risk of electrical shock.   CERN users can now exchange their affected Apple wall plug adapters at the Service Desk. To find out if your adapter is affected and for any further information concerning the procedure to follow to exchange it, please check the following URL:

  1. Propiedades acústicas de los paneles de carrizo

    Díaz, César


    Full Text Available Reed is a plant species very similar to common cane which is widespread all over the Earth. It is an ecological and sustainable material which is low-cost, aesthetically attractive, easy to obtain and install, and can be used in different construction systems. This work analyses the acoustic properties of reed panels from the point of view of sound absorption and sound insulation against airborne noise, according to the corresponding EN ISO standards. The experimental results obtained point to the conclusion that reed panels are suitable construction systems for controlling reverberant sound within a space, and that the sound reduction index values for different thicknesses of reed panels, or reed panels used in combination with wood particle boards, demonstrate the possibility of using them in construction as an element on the facades and roofs of buildings and for interior partitions.

    El carrizo es una especie vegetal, parecida a la caña común, que se encuentra ampliamente distribuida en la superficie terrestre. Es un material ecológico y sostenible de bajo coste, estéticamente aceptable, fácil de obtener y colocar, que permite generar diferentes sistemas constructivos. En este trabajo se analizan las propiedades acústicas de los paneles de carrizo en lo referente a la absorción acústica y al aislamiento acústico a ruido aéreo, para ello se han aplicado los procedimientos de las normas EN ISO correspondientes. De los resultados experimentales obtenidos se concluye que los paneles de carrizo son unos sistemas constructivos adecuados para el control del sonido reverberante en un recinto y que los valores del índice de reducción acústica de paneles de diferentes espesores o en combinación con tableros de partículas de madera muestran la posibilidad de utilizarlos en la edificación como elemento de fachada, en cubiertas de edificios y particiones interiores.

  2. Similarly potent inhibition of adenylyl cyclase by P-site inhibitors in hearts from wild type and AC5 knockout mice.

    Joerg H Braeunig

    Full Text Available Adenylyl cyclase type 5 (AC5 was described as major cardiac AC isoform. The knockout of AC5 (AC5KO exerted cardioprotective effects in heart failure. Our study explored the impact of AC5KO on mouse heart AC activities and evaluated putative AC5-selective inhibitors. In cardiac membranes from AC5KO mice, basal AC activity was decreased, while AC stimulation was intact. The putative AC5-selective P-site inhibitors SQ22,536 [9-(tetra-hydro-2-furanyl-9H-purin-6-amine], vidarabine (9-β-D-arabinosyladenine and NKY80 [2-amino-7-(2-furanyl-7,8-dihydro-5(6H-quinazolinone] inhibited recombinant AC5 more potently than AC2 and AC1, but selectivity was only modest (∼4-40-fold. These compounds inhibited cardiac AC from WT and AC5KO mice with similar potencies. In conclusion, AC regulation in AC5KO hearts was unimpaired, questioning the supposed dominant role of AC5 in the heart. Moreover, the AC inhibitors SQ22,536, NKY80 and vidarabine lack adequate selectivity for AC5 and, therefore, do not present suitable tools to study AC5-specific functions.

  3. Low-temperature transport in ac-driven quantum dots in the Kondo regime

    Lopez, Rosa; Aguado, Ramon; Platero, Gloria; Tejedor, Carlos


    We present a fully nonequilibrium calculation of the low-temperature transport properties of a quantum dot in the Kondo regime when an ac potential is applied to the gate. We solve a time-dependent Anderson model with finite on-site Coulomb interaction. The interaction self-energy is calculated up to second order in perturbation theory in the on-site interaction, in the context of the Keldysh nonequilibrium technique, and the effect of the ac voltage is taken into account exactly for all ranges of ac frequencies and ac intensities. The obtained linear conductance and time-averaged density of states of the quantum dot evolve in a nontrivial way as a function of the ac frequency and ac intensity of the harmonic modulation.

  4. Spin-exchange collision mixing of the K and Rb ac Stark shifts

    Chen, Yao; Quan, Wei; Duan, Lihong; Lu, Yan; Jiang, Liwei; Fang, Jiancheng


    In a hybrid pumping alkali-metal vapor cell filled with both K and Rb atoms, the K atom spins are optically pumped by the laser and the Rb atom spins are polarized by the K spins through spin exchange. We discovered that the ac Stark shift of the Rb atom spins, caused by the far-off-resonant pumping laser tuned to the K absorption lines, was mixed together with the ac Stark shift of the K atom spins through fast spin exchange. This mixing is studied and we demonstrate a K-Rb-21Ne comagnetometer in which the ac Stark shift of the Rb atom spins is eliminated by compensating for the Rb ac Stark shift with the K ac Stark shift. An ac Stark shift elimination method has been developed.

  5. Signal Peptide of Potato PinⅡ Enhances the Expression of Cry1Ac in Transgenic Tobacco

    Yun-Jun LIU; Yuan YUAN; Jun ZHENG; Ya-Zhong TAO; Zhi-Gang DONG; Jian-Hua WANG; Guo-Ying WANG


    The modified Cry1Ac was expressed in transgenic tobacco plants.To allow secretion of the Cry1Ac protein into the intercellular space,the signal peptide sequence of potato proteinase inhibitor Ⅱ(pinⅡ)was N-terminally fused to the CrylAc encoding region.Expression of Cry1Ac in transgenic tobacco plants was assayed with ELISA.The results showed that pinⅡ signal peptide sequence enhanced the expression of Cry 1 Ac protein and led to the secretion of the Cry 1Ac protein in transgenic tobacco plants.GFP gene was also fused to the signal peptide sequence and transformed to tobacco.The results of fluorescent detection showed that GFP had localized in the apoplast of transgenic plants.

  6. System and method for determining stator winding resistance in an AC motor

    Lu, Bin; Habetler, Thomas G.; Zhang, Pinjia; Theisen, Peter J.


    A system and method for determining stator winding resistance in an AC motor is disclosed. The system includes a circuit having an input connectable to an AC source and an output connectable to an input terminal of an AC motor. The circuit includes at least one contactor and at least one switch to control current flow and terminal voltages in the AC motor. The system also includes a controller connected to the circuit and configured to modify a switching time of the at least one switch to create a DC component in an output of the system corresponding to an input to the AC motor and determine a stator winding resistance of the AC motor based on the injected DC component of the voltage and current.

  7. Technical Aspects of the Advanced Camera For Surveys Repair (ACS-R)

    Rinehart, Stephen; Cheng, Edward S.; Sirianni, Marco


    The ACS Repair (ACS-R) team includes contributors from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Ball Aerospace, and Teledyne Imaging Sensors; It determined that all of the capabilities of the ACS could be restored and created a concept for the ACS-R component of SN4. ACSR will restore the WFC of ACS by replacing the existing CCD Electronics Box (CEB) with the CEB-Replacement (CEB-R) and providing power from a new Low Voltage Power Supply Replacement (LVPS-8). The new LVPS-R will also attempt to restore the HRC function by providing power through the original power bus. In this presentation, we faeus on the concept and technical aspects of the ACS-R.

  8. Control of hybrid AC/DC microgrid under islanding operational conditions

    Ding, G.; Gao, F.; Zhang, S.


    This paper presents control methods for hybrid AC/DC microgrid under islanding operation condition. The control schemes for AC sub-microgrid and DC sub-microgrid are investigated according to the power sharing requirement and operational reliability. In addition, the key control schemes...... of interlinking converter with DC-link capacitor or energy storage, which will devote to the proper power sharing between AC and DC sub-microgrids to maintain AC and DC side voltage stable, is reviewed. Combining the specific control methods developed for AC and DC sub-microgrids with interlinking converter......, the whole hybrid AC/DC microgrid can manage the power flow transferred between sub-microgrids for improving on the operational quality and efficiency....

  9. Application of Overvoltage Protection in an AC-DC Hybrid Grid%交直流混联电网过电压保护应用分析

    张健康; 索南加乐; 杨黎明; 粟小华; 焦在滨


    在交直流混联电网中,由于交流侧断路器跳闸或直流侧换流器闭锁造成的甩负荷经常会引起严重的工频过电压.目前,直流系统及交流电网均配置有过电压保护,但在实际应用中往往缺乏相互协调和配合,从而可能导致不正确动作.文中通过一起过电压保护误动事故的分析,指出交直流混联电网两侧过电压保护定值应满足选择性要求,并提出了整定配合原则.该原则目前已应用于西北地区直流输电工程及邻近交流电网中,提高了交直流混联电网过电压保护的运行可靠性.%In an AC-DC hybrid grid, load rejection resulting from AC circuit breaker tripping or DC converter locking frequently leads to serious frequency overvoltage in the AC bus of a converter station. To protect the related equipment against damage, overvoltage protection is equipped both in DC and AC power systems. In practice, however, the current overvoltage protection of both systems often lacks coordination with each other, which may lead to incorrect operation. Based on an analysis of maloperation in overvoltage protection, it is pointed out that overvoltage protection on both the AC and DC system sides should meet the selectivity requirement on value setting, and the principle of setting cooperation is proposed. This method has successfully been applied to the high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission project in Northwest China and its adjacent AC grid, greatly improving the performance of overvoltage protection in the AC-DC hybrid grid.

  10. PARTNER Project

    Ballantine, A; Dixon-Altaber, H; Dosanjh, M; Kuchina, L


    Hadrontherapy uses particle beams to treat tumours located near critical organs and tumours that respond poorly to conventional radiation therapy. It has become evident that there is an emerging need for reinforcing research in hadrontherapy and it is essential to train professionals in this rapidly developing field. PARTNER is a 4-year Marie Curie Training project funded by the European Commission with 5.6 million Euros aimed at the creation of the next generation of experts. Ten academic institutes and research centres and two leading companies are participating in PARTNER, that is coordinated by CERN, forming a unique multidisciplinary and multinational European network. The project offers research and training opportunities to 25 young biologists, engineers, physicians and physicists and is allowing them to actively develop modern techniques for treating cancer in close collaboration with leading European Institutions. For this purpose PARTNER relies on cutting edge research and technology development, ef...

  11. Project Prometheus

    Johnson, Steve


    Project Prometheus will enable a new paradigm in the scientific exploration of the Solar System. The proposed JIMO mission will start a new generation of missions characterized by more maneuverability, flexibility, power and lifetime. Project Prometheus organization is established at NASA Headquarters: 1.Organization established to carry out development of JIMO, nuclear power (radioisotope), and nuclear propulsion research. 2.Completed broad technology and national capacity assessments to inform decision making on planning and technology development. 3.Awarded five NRA s for nuclear propulsion research. 4.Radioisotope power systems in development, and Plutonium-238 being purchased from Russia. 5.Formulated science driven near-term and long-term plan for the safe utilization of nuclear propulsion based missions. 6.Completed preliminary studies (Pre-Phase A) of JIMO and other missions. 7.Initiated JIMO Phase A studies by Contractors and NASA.

  12. Hydropower Projects



    The Water Power Program helps industry harness this renewable, emissions-free resource to generate environmentally sustainable and cost-effective electricity. Through support for public, private, and nonprofit efforts, the Water Power Program promotes the development, demonstration, and deployment of advanced hydropower devices and pumped storage hydropower applications. These technologies help capture energy stored by diversionary structures, increase the efficiency of hydroelectric generation, and use excess grid energy to replenish storage reserves for use during periods of peak electricity demand. In addition, the Water Power Program works to assess the potential extractable energy from domestic water resources to assist industry and government in planning for our nation’s energy future. From FY 2008 to FY 2014, DOE’s Water Power Program announced awards totaling approximately $62.5 million to 33 projects focused on hydropower. Table 1 provides a brief description of these projects.

  13. AC2 and AC4 proteins of Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus and Tobacco curly shoot virus mediate suppression of RNA silencing

    CUI Xiaofeng; ZHOU Xueping


    Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus Y10 isolate (TYLCCNV-Y10) alone could systemically infect host plants such as Nicotiana benthamiana without symptoms. In contrast, Tobacco curly shoot virus Y35 isolate (TbCSV-Y35) alone induces leaf curl symptoms in N. benthamiana. When inoculated into transgenic N. benthamiana plants expressing GFP gene (line 16c), TYLCCNV-Y10 neither reverses the established GFP silencing nor blocks the onset of GFP silencing. In contrast, TbCSV-Y35 can partially reverse the established GFP silencing and block the onset of GFP silencing in new leaves. In the patch co-infiltration assays, the AC2 and AC4 proteins of TYLCCNV-Y10 and TbCSV-Y35 could suppress local GFP silencing and delay systemic GFP silencing, suggesting that they are suppressors of RNA silencing. Comparison of the accumulation levels of GFP mRNA in the co-infiltration patches showed that Y10 AC2 and Y35 AC2 proteins had similar efficiency for suppression of RNA silencing. However, Y35 AC4 protein functioned as a stronger suppressor of RNA silencing than Y10 AC4 protein. Therefore, the pathogenicity difference between TbCSV-Y35 and TYLCCNV-Y10 may be related to the functional difference in their AC4 proteins.

  14. Projection Methods

    Wagner, Falko Jens; Poulsen, Mikael Zebbelin


    When trying to solve a DAE problem of high index with more traditional methods, it often causes instability in some of the variables, and finally leads to breakdown of convergence and integration of the solution. This is nicely shown in [ESF98, p. 152 ff.].This chapter will introduce projection...... methods as a way of handling these special problems. It is assumed that we have methods for solving normal ODE systems and index-1 systems....

  15. Three-phase AC-AC power converters based on matrix converter topology matrix-reactance frequency converters concept

    Szczesniak, Pawel


    AC voltage frequency changes is one of the most important functions of solid state power converters. The most desirable features in frequency converters are the ability to generate load voltages with arbitrary amplitude and frequency, sinusoidal currents and voltages waveforms; the possibility of providing unity power factor for any load; and, finally, a simple and compact power circuit. Over the past decades, a number of different frequency converter topologies have appeared in the literature, but only the converters with either a voltage or current DC link are commonly used in industrial app

  16. 直接AC/AC变换器输出电压及电流纹波分析%Analysis of Output Voltage and Current Ripple for Direct AC/AC Converter

    文锋; 赵冉; 刘菁



  17. Research on the Plasma Anemometer Based on AC Glow Discharge

    Bing Yu


    Full Text Available A new plasma anemometer based on AC glow discharge is designed in this article. Firstly, theoretical analysis of plasma anemometer working principle is introduced to prove the feasibility of the experimental measurement method. Then the experiments are carried out to study the effects of different parameters on the static discharge characteristics of the plasma anemometer system, by which the system optimization methods are obtained. Finally, several groups of appropriate parameters are selected to build the plasma anemometer system based on resistance capacitance coupling negative feedback AC glow discharge, and different airflow speeds are applied to obtain the achievable velocity measurement range. The results show that there is a linear relationship between airflow velocity and discharge current in an allowable error range, which can be applied for airflow velocity measurement. Negative feedback coupling module, which is composed of the coupling resistance and the coupling capacitance, has good effects on improving the system stability. The measurement range of the airflow velocity is significantly increased when the electrode gap is 3 mm, coupling resistance is 470 Ω, and coupling capacitance is 220 pF.

  18. Long-range response in ac electricity grids

    Jung, Daniel; Kettemann, Stefan


    Local changes in the topology of electricity grids can cause overloads far away from the disturbance [D. Witthaut and M. Timme, Eur. Phys. J. B 86, 377 (2013), 10.1140/epjb/e2013-40469-4], making the prediction of the robustness against changes in the topology—for example, caused by power outages or grid extensions—a challenging task. The impact of single-line additions on the long-range response of dc electricity grids has recently been studied [D. Labavić, R. Suciu, H. Meyer-Ortmanns, and S. Kettemann, Eur. Phys. J.: Spec. Top. 223, 2517 (2014), 10.1140/epjst/e2014-02273-0]. By solving the real part of the static ac load flow equations, we conduct a similar investigation for ac grids. In a regular two-dimensional grid graph with cyclic boundary conditions, we find a power law decay for the change of power flow as a function of distance to the disturbance over a wide range of distances. The power exponent increases and saturates for large system sizes. By applying the same analysis to the German transmission grid topology, we show that also in real-world topologies a long-ranged response can be found.




    Full Text Available Photovoltaic generators (PVG are increasingly used to provide electricity in remote areas. However, in many applications the DC generated electricity by a PVG need to be converted to AC. Traditionally DC to AC inverters have been widely used for this purpose. In this paper, a different system is proposed in which a self excited induction generator (SEIG driven by a permanent magnet DC motor (DCM and powered from a PVG through a maximum power point tracker (MPPT are used. A step-up chopper is utilized as an MPPT unit. The proposed system is modelled in time domain, and a detailed transient and steady-state analysis are presented. The main reason behind analyzing the system in the time domain is because of the fact that for unknown speeds, the methods developed for steady-state analysis of SEIGs can not be applied. The presented work shows that the full available power of the PVG can be harnessed by selecting suitable values for the duty cycle and the frequency of the step up chopper and the excitation capacitor of the SEIG. It is also shown that with such a combination power utilization efficiency of more than 83% can be achieved.

  20. NSTE-ACS und STEMI: Zeitfenster zur Intervention?

    Alber H


    Full Text Available Die neuesten Richtlinien zur Behandlung akuter Koronarsyndrome haben die Bedeutung der perkutanen Koronarintervention weiter gestärkt. Unverändert ist jedoch die Tatsache, dass ein richtig und individuell gewähltes Zeitfenster zur Intervention essenziell für den Benefit der mechanischen Revaskularisation ist. Angesichts vieler möglicher Zeitverzögerungen, vor allem im ländlichen Raum, kann im Einzelfall auch heute noch beim STEMI einer Fibrinolyse, häufig gefolgt von einer invasiven Abklärung innerhalb eines Tages, der Vorzug gegeben werden. Beim NSTE-ACS ist eine frühe Risikostratifizierung wichtig für die zeitliche Planung der Intervention. In allen Fällen bedarf es jedoch einer kontinuierlichen und konstruktiven Interaktion aller im Management von ACS-Patienten/innen beteiligten Berufsgruppen, um diesen sich stetig ändernden Empfehlungen mit dem Ziel der Prognoseverbesserung adäquat Rechnung tragen zu können.

  1. Offline detection of broken rotor bars in AC induction motors

    Powers, Craig Stephen

    ABSTRACT. OFFLINE DETECTION OF BROKEN ROTOR BARS IN AC INDUCTION MOTORS. The detection of the broken rotor bar defect in medium- and large-sized AC induction machines is currently one of the most difficult tasks for the motor condition and monitoring industry. If a broken rotor bar defect goes undetected, it can cause a catastrophic failure of an expensive machine. If a broken rotor bar defect is falsely determined, it wastes time and money to physically tear down and inspect the machine only to find an incorrect diagnosis. Previous work in 2009 at Baker/SKF-USA in collaboration with the Korea University has developed a prototype instrument that has been highly successful in correctly detecting the broken rotor bar defect in ACIMs where other methods have failed. Dr. Sang Bin and his students at the Korea University have been using this prototype instrument to help the industry save money in the successful detection of the BRB defect. A review of the current state of motor conditioning and monitoring technology for detecting the broken rotor bar defect in ACIMs shows improved detection of this fault is still relevant. An analysis of previous work in the creation of this prototype instrument leads into the refactoring of the software and hardware into something more deployable, cost effective and commercially viable.

  2. ACS sampling system: design, implementation, and performance evaluation

    Di Marcantonio, Paolo; Cirami, Roberto; Chiozzi, Gianluca


    By means of ACS (ALMA Common Software) framework we designed and implemented a sampling system which allows sampling of every Characteristic Component Property with a specific, user-defined, sustained frequency limited only by the hardware. Collected data are sent to various clients (one or more Java plotting widgets, a dedicated GUI or a COTS application) using the ACS/CORBA Notification Channel. The data transport is optimized: samples are cached locally and sent in packets with a lower and user-defined frequency to keep network load under control. Simultaneous sampling of the Properties of different Components is also possible. Together with the design and implementation issues we present the performance of the sampling system evaluated on two different platforms: on a VME based system using VxWorks RTOS (currently adopted by ALMA) and on a PC/104+ embedded platform using Red Hat 9 Linux operating system. The PC/104+ solution offers, as an alternative, a low cost PC compatible hardware environment with free and open operating system.

  3. Perfecting the Photometric Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras

    Bohlin, Ralph C.


    Newly acquired data and improved data reduction algorithms mandate a fresh look at the absolute flux calibration of the charge-coupled device cameras on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). The goals are to achieve a 1% accuracy and to make this calibration more accessible to the HST guest investigator. Absolute fluxes from the CALSPEC1 database for three primary hot 30,000-60,000K WDs define the sensitivity calibrations for the Wide Field Channel (WFC) and High Resolution Channel (HRC) filters. The external uncertainty for the absolute flux is ˜1%, while the internal consistency of the sensitivities in the broadband ACS filters is ˜0.3% among the three primary WD flux standards. For stars as cool as K type, the agreement with the CALSPEC standards is within 1% at the WFC1-1K subarray position, which achieves the 1% precision goal for the first time. After making a small adjustment to the filter bandpass for F814W, the 1% precision goal is achieved over the full F814W WFC field of view for stars of K type and hotter. New encircled energies and absolute sensitivities replace the seminal results of Sirianni et al. that were published in 2005. After implementing the throughput updates, synthetic predictions of the WFC and HRC count rates for the average of the three primary WD standard stars agree with the observations to 0.1%.

  4. SQUIDs De-fluxing Using a Decaying AC Magnetic Field

    Matlashov, Andrei Nikolaevich [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Semenov, Vasili Kirilovich [State Univ. of New York (SUNY), Plattsburgh, NY (United States); Anderson, Bill [Senior Scientific, LLC, Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    Flux trapping is the Achilles’ heel of all superconductor electronics. The most direct way to avoid flux trapping is a prevention of superconductor circuits from exposure to magnetic fields. Unfortunately this is not feasible if the circuits must be exposed to a strong DC magnetic field even for a short period of time. For example, such unavoidable exposures take place in superparamagnetic relaxation measurements (SPMR) and ultra-low field magnetic resonance imaging (ULF MRI) using unshielded thin-film SQUID-based gradiometers. Unshielded SQUIDs stop working after being exposed to DC magnetic fields of only a few Gauss in strength. In this paper we present experimental results with de-fluxing of planar thin-film LTS SQUID-based gradiometers using a strong decaying AC magnetic field. We used four commercial G136 gradiometers for SPMR measurements with up to a 10 mT magnetizing field. Strong 12.9 kHz decaying magnetic field pulses reliably return SQUIDs to normal operation 50 ms after zeroing the DC magnetizing field. This new AC de-fluxing method was also successfully tested with seven other different types of LTS SQUID sensors and has been shown to dissipate extremely low energy.

  5. Input current shaped ac-to-dc converters


    Input current shaping techniques for ac-to-dc converters were investigated. Input frequencies much higher than normal, up to 20 kHz were emphasized. Several methods of shaping the input current waveform in ac-to-dc converters were reviewed. The simplest method is the LC filter following the rectifier. The next simplest method is the resistor emulation approach in which the inductor size is determined by the converter switching frequency and not by the line input frequency. Other methods require complicated switch drive algorithms to construct the input current waveshape. For a high-frequency line input, on the order of 20 kHz, the simple LC cannot be discarded so peremptorily, since the inductor size can be compared with that for the resistor emulation method. In fact, since a dc regulator will normally be required after the filter anyway, the total component count is almost the same as for the resistor emulation method, in which the filter is effectively incorporated into the regulator.

  6. Aspectos económicos del aislamiento acústico

    Amarilla, Beatriz C.


    Full Text Available The general objective of this study was to analyze the soundproofing/cost ratio with different building alternatives for interior walls and floors. This technical-economic study was divided into three parts: — Dividing walls (environmental noises — Floors (impact noises — Special Solutions (double walls, floating floors, etcetera The results show that in developing countries the most costly solutions are not always the best for housing, as far as soundproofing is concerned. A good knowledge of the economic aspects related to this matter allows obtaining a good quality at a moderate cost, which is a priority in this type of country.

    El objetivo general de este trabajo fue el de analizar el comportamiento de la relación costo-aislamiento acústico en soluciones constructivas alternativas para muros interiores y entrepisos. Este estudio técnico-económico comprende tres partes: * Muros divisorios (ruidos aéreos. * Entrepisos (ruidos de impacto. * Soluciones especiales (muros de doble hoja, pisos flotantes, etc. Se llega a la conclusión que, en los países en desarrollo, no siempre las mejores soluciones para la vivienda, desde el punto de vista acústico, son las de mayor costo. Conocer en profundidad los aspectos económicos de esta cuestión significa poder lograr una buena calidad con costos moderados, lo cual constituye una prioridad en este tipo de países.

  7. AcMNPV As A Model for Baculovirus DNA Replication

    Eric B. Carstens


    Baculoviruses were first identified as insect-specific pathogens, and it was this specificity that lead to their use as safe, target specific biological pesticides. For the past 30 years, AcMNPV has served as the subject of intense basic molecular research into the baculovirus infectious cycle including the interaction of the virus with a continuous insect cell line derived from Spodoptera frugiperda. The studies on baculoviruese have led to an in-depth understanding of the physical organization of the viral genomes including many complete genomic sequences, the time course of gene expression, and the application of this basic research to the use of baculoviruses not only as insecticides, but also as a universal eukaryotic protein expression system, and a potential vector in gene therapy. A great deal has also been discovered about the viral genes required for the replication of the baculovirus genome, while much remains to be learned about the mechanism of viral DNA replication. This report outlines the current knowledge of the factors involved in baculovirus DNA replication, using data on AcMNPV as a model for most members of the Baculoviridae.

  8. Memory Convergence and Optimization with Fuzzy PSO and ACS

    Subhash C. Pandey


    Full Text Available Associative neural memories are models of biological phenomena that allow for the storage of pattern associations and the retrieval of the desired output pattern upon presentation of a possibly noisy or incomplete version of an input pattern. In this study, we introduce fuzzy swarm particle optimization technique for convergence of associative neural memories based on fuzzy set theory. A Fuzzy Particle Swarm Optimization (FPSO consists of clustering of swarm's particle by applying fuzzy c-mean algorithm to attain the neighborhood best. We present a singular value decomposition method for the selection of efficient rule from a given rule base required to attain the global best. Finally, we illustrate the proposed method by virtue of some examples. Further, ant colony system ACS algorithm is used to study the Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem TSP. The optimum parameters for this algorithm have to found by trial and error. The ACS parameters working in a designed subset of TSP instances has also been optimized by virtue of Particle Swarm Optimization PSO.

  9. Perfecting the Photometric Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras

    Bohlin, Ralph C


    Newly acquired data and improved data reduction algorithms mandate a fresh look at the absolute flux calibration of the CCD cameras on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). The goals are to achieve a 1\\% accuracy and to make this calibration more accessible to the HST guest investigator. Absolute fluxes from the CALSPEC\\footnote{} database for three primary hot 30,000--60,000K WDs define the sensitivity calibrations for the WFC and HRC filters. The external uncertainty for the absolute flux is $\\sim$1\\%, while the internal consistency of the sensitivities in the broadband ACS filters is $\\sim$0.3\\% among the three primary WD flux standards. For stars as cool as K type, the agreement with the CALSPEC standards is within 1\\% at the WFC1-1K subarray position, which achieves the 1\\% precision goal for the first time. After making a small adjustment to the filter bandpass for F814W, the 1\\% precision goal is achieved over the full ...

  10. New Sky Flats for HST's ACS/WFC

    Lucas, Ray A.; Grogin, Norman A.


    We have begun experiments to make new sky flat files for HST's ACS/WFC. Sky flats can be especially useful for deep imaging in such as programs as deep, extragalactic survey programs because they can help to better deal with noise at low levels. Although we also hope to make similar sky flats for some other popular filters including F606W and F814W, we are beginning this experiment with the F435W filter on the ACS/WFC since it is a popular filter in use in many deep extragalactic surveys, and since the bluer filters such as F435W generally have lower throughput and images in that filter are typically noisier than others at some longer mid-optical wavelengths. Initially, although sources will be masked in these images, etc. we are endeavoring to use just post-SM4 F435W images of duration equal to or greater than 800 seconds and which are free of bright stars in order to try and avoid scattered light and sky background color issues as much as possible, although the sky in different images taken at different times and in different directions will likely have some different background levels and color terms in any event. However, our hope is that the final sky flats will be of sufficient S/N to be good calibrators for deep survey programs.

  11. Correlation of AC Loss Data from Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements with YBCO Film Quality (Postprint)


    AFRL-RZ-WP-TP-2012-0100 CORRELATION OF AC LOSS DATA FROM MAGNETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY MEASUREMENTS WITH YBCO FILM QUALITY (POSTPRINT) Paul N...CORRELATION OF AC LOSS DATA FROM MAGNETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY MEASUREMENTS WITH YBCO FILM QUALITY (POSTPRINT) 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER In-house 5b. GRANT...spreading of the temperature-dependent ac susceptibility curves with increasing applied magnetic field, the quality of the YBCO film generally

  12. 21 CFR 880.5510 - Non-AC-powered patient lift.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Non-AC-powered patient lift. 880.5510 Section 880... Devices § 880.5510 Non-AC-powered patient lift. (a) Identification. A non-AC-powered patient lift is a... patient in the horizontal or other required position from one place to another, as from a bed to a...

  13. Developing Test Apparatus and Measurements of AC Loss of High Temperature Superconductors


    superconducting wires can be very effectively reduced in proportion of the number of filaments. The oxygen annealing eliminates the residual coupling losses by...made out of YBCO superconducting wires were studied, confirming the simulation method used to calculate and predict AC loss and hysteretic effects of... oxygen annealing were tested in order to determine their effect on AC loss reduction. Results showed that the AC loss in multifilament

  14. Update History of This Database - AcEST | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Full Text Available [ Credits ] BLAST Search Image Search Home About Archive Update History Contact us AcEST History of This Database Date Update contents 2013/01/10 Errors found on AcEST Conting data hav...iew/acest/ ) is released. Joomla SEF URLs by Artio About This Database Database Description Download License History of This Database Site Policy | Contact Us Update History of This Database - AcEST | LSDB Archive ...


    Silvia Ferrari


    Full Text Available The project is focused on a detailed study of some chemical, physical and toxicological parameters and on health, epidemiological and environmental assessment by interpretative models, in the atmosphere of Emilia-Romagna (Italy. The project rises from the necessity to improve  knowledge about environmental and health aspects of fine and ultrafine particles, in primary and secondary components, in the atmosphere. The project, structured in 7 workpackages, is organized in two measurement programmes: the routine one that has a mainly daily time resolution, and the intensive one with high time resolution and a higher chemical speciation than the routine one. The sampling sites are five: three in urban areas (Bologna, Parma and Rimini, one in a rural area (San Pietro Capofiume and one in a remote area (Monte Cimone. Parallel to outdoor studies, a workpackage  is planned for indoor studies and chemical composition analysis with the  outdoor/indoor ratio for characterizing indoor human exposure to outdoor pollution.

  16. Burnet project.

    Masellis, A; Atiyeh, B


    The BurNet project, a pilot project of the Eumedis initiative, has become true. The Eumedis (EUro MEDiterranean Information Society) initiative is part of the MEDA programme of the EU to develop the Information Society in the Mediterranean area. In the health care sector, the objective of Eumedis is: the deployment of network-based solutions to interconnect - using userfriendly and affordable solutions - the actors at all levels of the "health care system" of the Euro-Mediterranean region. The Bur Net project interconnects 17 Burn Centres (BC) in the Mediterranean Area through an information network both to standardize courses of action in the field of prevention, treatment, and functional and psychological rehabilitation of burn patients and to coordinate interactions between BC and emergency rooms in peripheral hospitals using training/information activities and telemedicine to optimize first aid provided to burn patients before referral to a BC. Shared procedure protocols for prevention and the care and rehabilitation of patients, both at individual and mass level, will help to create an international specialized database and a Webbased teleconsultation system.

  17. Equal pulse width chopping control based on plugged pulse principle in three-phase AC/AC system%基于脉冲阻塞原理的三相AC/AC系统等脉宽斩波控制

    郑诗程; 陈玲; 曹小虎


    A circuit topology of three-phase AC/AC system is presented,which needs only six power devices to realize the three-phase AC/AC frequency conversion. The traditional phase-shifted control strategy is replaced by the equal pulse width chopping control strategy based on plugged pulse principle to regulate the amplitude and frequency of output voltage separately or simultaneously. The equal pulse width chopping control strategy is analyzed in detail and the mathematic expression of duty cycle is deduced based on the area equivalent rule according to different frequency and amplitude of anticipant output voltage. Under the environment of PSPICE,the three-phase AC/AC system with the equal pulse width chopping control strategy is simulated. Its main circuit and FPGA-based control circuit are designed and tested. The experimental results are consistent with the simulative results,completely same as the theoretical analysis,which verifies the correctness and feasibility of the introduced control strategy.%针对传统的三相AC/AC变频电路特点,提出了一种新的电路拓扑,仅用6个功率器件即可实现三相AC/AC变频功能.提出基于脉冲阻塞原理的等脉宽斩波控制策略,取代传统的移相控制策略施加于该电路拓扑,实现了三相输出电压幅值、频率分别可调或同时可调.对等脉宽斩波控制策略进行了详细的理论分析.根据期望输出电压的不同频率和幅值.利用面积等效原则,推导出相应占空比的数学表达式.在PSPICE环境下根据脉冲阻塞原理.对三相AC/AC系统进行等脉宽斩波控制仿真.并设计了三相AC/AC系统主电路和基于FPGA的控制电路,完成了相关实验.仿真和实验结果一致,与文中的理论分析结果也完全一致,验证了该AC/AC变频控制策略的正确性及可行性.

  18. Finishing report for the 'SolcelleInverter' project

    Boekhoej Kjaer, S.


    The main objective for this research project was to develop an inverter for the AC module, where one PV module is equipped with its own dedicated inverter, and connected to the grid. A topology, among many different candidates, has been selected, based on analysis's. The inverter has been optimized in respect to cost, reliability, and efficiency, and a prototype has been build. (au)

  19. New resistance mechanism in Helicoverpa armigera threatens transgenic crops expressing Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ac toxin.

    Gunning, Robin V; Dang, Ho T; Kemp, Fred C; Nicholson, Ian C; Moores, Graham D


    In Australia, the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, has a long history of resistance to conventional insecticides. Transgenic cotton (expressing the Bacillus thuringiensis toxin Cry1Ac) has been grown for H. armigera control since 1996. It is demonstrated here that a population of Australian H. armigera has developed resistance to Cry1Ac toxin (275-fold). Some 70% of resistant H. armigera larvae were able to survive on Cry1Ac transgenic cotton (Ingard) The resistance phenotype is inherited as an autosomal semidominant trait. Resistance was associated with elevated esterase levels, which cosegregated with resistance. In vitro studies employing surface plasmon resonance technology and other biochemical techniques demonstrated that resistant strain esterase could bind to Cry1Ac protoxin and activated toxin. In vivo studies showed that Cry1Ac-resistant larvae fed Cy1Ac transgenic cotton or Cry1Ac-treated artificial diet had lower esterase activity than non-Cry1Ac-fed larvae. A resistance mechanism in which esterase sequesters Cry1Ac is proposed.

  20. Space charge and charge trapping characteristics of cross-linked polyethylene subjected to ac electric stresses

    Chong, Y. L.; Chen, G.; Miyake, H.; Matsui, K.; Tanaka, Y.; Takada, T.


    This paper reports on the result of space charge evolution in cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) planar samples approximately 220 µm thick. The space charge measurement technique used in this study is the pulsed electroacoustic method. There are two phases to this experiment. In the first phase, the samples were subjected to dc 30 kVdc mm-1 and ac (sinusoidal) electric stress levels of 30 kVpk mm-1 at frequencies of 1, 10 and 50 Hz ac. In addition, ac space charge under 30 kVrms mm-1 and 60 kVpk mm-1 electric stress at 50 Hz was also investigated. The volts-off results showed that the amount of charge trapped in XLPE sample under dc electric stress is significantly bigger than samples under ac stress even when the applied ac stresses are substantially higher. The second phase of the experiment involves studying the dc space charge evolution in samples that were tested under ac stress during the first phase of the experiment. Ac ageing causes positive charge to become more dominant over negative charge. It was also discovered that ac ageing creates deeper traps, particularly for negative charge. This paper also gives a brief overview of the data processing methods used to analyse space charge under ac electric stress.

  1. Appeals to AC as a Percentage of Appealable Hearing Level Dispositions

    Social Security Administration — Longitudinal report detailing the numbers and percentages of Requests for Review (RR) of hearing level decisions or dismissals filed with the Appeals Council (AC)...

  2. Effect of AC electric fields on the stabilization of premixed bunsen flames

    Kim, Minkuk


    The stabilization characteristics of laminar premixed bunsen flames have been investigated experimentally for stoichiometric methane-air mixture by applying AC voltage to the nozzle with the single-electrode configuration. The detachment velocity either at blowoff or partial-detachment has been measured by varying the applied voltage and frequency of AC. The result showed that the detachment velocity increased with the applied AC electric fields, such that the flame could be nozzle-attached even over five times of the blowoff velocity without having electric fields. There existed four distinct regimes depending on applied AC voltage and frequency. In the low voltage regime, the threshold condition of AC electric fields was identified, below which the effect of electric fields on the detachment velocity is minimal. In the moderate voltage regime, the flame base oscillated with the frequency synchronized to AC frequency and the detachment velocity increased linearly with the applied AC voltage and nonlinearly with the frequency. In the high voltage regime, two different sub-regimes depending on AC frequency were observed. For relatively low frequency, the flame base oscillated with the applied AC frequency together with the half frequency and the variation of the detachment velocity was insensitive to the applied voltage. For relatively high frequency, the stabilization of the flame was significantly affected by the generation of streamers and the detachment velocity decreased with the applied voltage. © 2010 Published by Elsevier Inc. on behalf of The Combustion Institute. All rights reserved.

  3. Instantaneous characteristics simulation and analysis on three-level brushless AC synchronous generators of aeronautic constant speed and frequency AC power system

    Ma, Xiaohe; Shen, Songhua


    This paper mainly introduces theoretical analysis and experimental results of instantaneous characteristics on a certain three level brushless three-phase AC synchronous generators. The analysis, modeling and simulations with Simplorer software of Ansoft Company are carried out. It establishes three level generator models, gives theoretical relation matrix equation, and simulates some instantaneous characteristics. Design of the system requires reliable simulation tools with comprehensive component libraries capable of dealing with complex system behavior. The simulation results verify that the proposed system model can efficiently simulate the instantaneous characteristics of the real AC generator system. It gives better design experiences and digital methods for aeronautic constant speed and frequency AC power system.

  4. AcEST(EST sequences of Adiantum capillus-veneris and their annotation) - AcEST | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Full Text Available AcEST AcEST(EST sequences of Adiantum capillus-veneris and their annotation) Data detail Data name AcEST(EST... sequences of Adiantum capillus-veneris and their annotation) Description of data contents EST sequence of Adiantum capill...db/view/archive_acest#en Data acquisition method Capillary sequencer Data analysi...atabases) Number of data entries Adiantum capillus-veneris ESTs: 30,540. Data item Description Clone id Clon...e ID of EST sequence of Adiantum capillus-veneris. Library Library name Length Nu

  5. Six switches solution for single-phase AC/DC/AC converter with capability of second-order power mitigation in DC-link capacitor

    Liu, Xiong; Wang, Peng; Loh, Poh Chiang


    This paper proposes an approach for DC-link second-order harmonic power cancellation in single-phase AC/DC/AC converter with reduced number of switches. The proposed six-switch converter has two bridges with three switches in each of them, where the middle switch in each bridge is shared by the AC...... on their modulation indices of the six-switch converter, and high modulation indices are proved to be feasible for second-order power cancellation in the DC-link based on the phase difference analysis. Both reduced switch numbers and DC electrolytic capacitor size can be achieved using the proposed converter...

  6. Design of IRIG-B(AC) code decoder Based on CPLD%基于CPLD的IRIG-B(AC)时间码解调器研制

    王留全; 霍建华



  7. A Digital Method for AC/AC Converter Controller by Natural-commutation%自然换流AC/AC变频控制器数字化实现方法

    李光叶; 苏玉民; 文小青


    For the dead band in AC/AC converter controller,a design method of both software and hardware is presented. All the trigger pulses are created by DSP.The full digitalization of the system is completed.The self-commutation of the controller is achieved by intelligent utilization of two timers of DSP.The dead band of commutation is greatly reduced.The quality of output waveform is improved observably .The experimental result verify the outstanding effectiveness and precision of the controller.%针对AC/AC变频电路存在的换流死区问题,提出了一种AC/AC变频控制器软、硬件设计方法.该方法中6路触发脉冲均由DSP生成,完成对系统的全数字化控制.通过DSP中两个定时器的合理使用,实现了AC/AC变频器的自然换流,减小了换流死区对输出波形的影响.实验结果表明,所设计的AC/AC变频数字控制系统具有较高的控制精度和较好的控制效果.

  8. Multi-wavelength observations of a rich galaxy cluster at z ~ 1: the HST/ACS colour-magnitude diagram

    Santos, Joana S; Gobat, Raphael; Lidman, Chris; Dawson, Kyle; Perlmutter, Saul; Boehringer, Hans; Balestra, Italo; Mullis, Chris R; Fassbender, Rene; Kohnert, Jan; Lamer, Georg; Rettura, Alessandro; Rite, Charles; Schwope, Axel


    XMMU J1229+0151 is a rich galaxy cluster with redshift z=0.975, that was serendipitously detected in X-rays within the scope of the XMM-Newton Distant Cluster Project. HST/ACS observations in the i775 and z850 passbands, as well as VLT/FORS2 spectroscopy were further obtained, in addition to follow-up Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging in J- and Ks-bands with NTT/SOFI. We investigate the photometric, structural and spectral properties of the early-type galaxies in the high-redshift cluster XMMU J1229+0151. Source detection and aperture photometry are performed in the optical and NIR imaging. Galaxy morphology is inspected visually and by means of Sersic profile fitting to the 21 spectroscopically confirmed cluster members in the ACS field of view. The i775-z850 colour-magnitude relation (CMR) is derived with a method based on galaxy magnitudes obtained by fitting the surface brightness of the galaxies with Sersic models. The i775-z850 CMR of the spectroscopic members shows a very tight red-sequence with a zero point...

  9. ACS imaging of star clusters in M51. I. Identification and radius distribution

    Scheepmaker, R A; Gieles, M; Bastian, N; Larsen, S S; Lamers, Henny J G L M


    We use HST/ACS observations of the spiral galaxy M51 in F435W, F555W and F814W to select a large sample of star clusters with accurate effective radius measurements in an area covering the complete disc of M51. We present the dataset and study the radius distribution and relations between radius, colour, arm/interarm region, galactocentric distance, mass and age. We select a sample of 7698 (F435W), 6846 (F555W) and 5024 (F814W) slightly resolved clusters and derive their effective radii by fitting the spatial profiles with analytical models convolved with the point spread function. The radii of 1284 clusters are studied in detail. We find cluster radii between 0.5 and ~10 pc, and one exceptionally large cluster candidate with a radius of 21.6 pc. The median radius is 2.1 pc. We find 70 clusters in our sample which have colours consistent with being old GC candidates and we find 6 new "faint fuzzy" clusters in, or projected onto, the disc of M51. The radius distribution can not be fitted with a power law, but ...

  10. The Sloan Lens ACS Survey. VII. Elliptical Galaxy Scaling Laws from Direct Observational Mass Measurements

    Bolton, Adam S; Koopmans, Leon V E; Gavazzi, Raphael; Moustakas, Leonidas A; Burles, Scott; Schlegel, David J; Wayth, Randall


    We use a sample of 53 massive early-type strong gravitational lens galaxies with well-measured redshifts (ranging from z=0.06 to 0.36) and stellar velocity dispersions (between 175 and 400 km/s) from the Sloan Lens ACS (SLACS) Survey to derive numerous empirical scaling relations. The ratio between central stellar velocity dispersion and isothermal lens-model velocity dispersion is nearly unity within errors. The SLACS lenses define a fundamental plane (FP) that is consistent with the FP of the general population of early-type galaxies. We measure the relationship between strong-lensing mass M_lens within one-half effective radius (R_e/2) and the dimensional mass variable M_dim = G^-1 sigma_e2^2 R_e/2 to be log_10 [M_lens/10^11 M_Sun] = (1.03 +/- 0.04) log_10 [M_dim/10^11 M_Sun] + (0.54 +/- 0.02) (where sigma_e2 is the projected stellar velocity dispersion within R_e/2). The near-unity slope indicates that the mass-dynamical structure of massive elliptical galaxies is independent of mass, and that the "tilt" ...

  11. Seventy Three SGCC Standards on 1000 kV UHV AC Transmission Technology


    Name of Project:73 Standards including Q/GDW 319-2009 1000kV AC Transmission System Overvoltage and Insulation Coordination Guidelines Main Participant Units:State Grid Corporation of China,China Electric Power Research Institute,State Grid Electric Power Research Institute,China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation,Communication and Construction Branch of State Grid Corporation,Grid Operation Branch of State Grid Corporation Main Contributors:Liu Zhenya,Shu Yinbiao,Zheng Baosen,Sun Xin,Chen Weijiang,Yu Yongqing,Wang Jianping,Sun Zhusen,Liang Xuming,Guo Jianbo Award Grade:First PrizeBackground Ultra-High Voltage (UHV) transmission is featured by long distance,large capacity,low line loss,and land conservation.Compared with 500 kV EHV transmission system,UHV transmission power can be 4-5 times for the same transmission distance,UHV transmission distance and corridor capacity can be 3 times,but loss of transmission lines can be only one third for the same transmission power.At the end of 2004,State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) made a proposal to develop the UHV technology and build a strong power grid.

  12. The LHC Computing Grid Project

    Åkesson, T

    In the last ATLAS eNews I reported on the preparations for the LHC Computing Grid Project (LCGP). Significant LCGP resources were mobilized during the summer, and there have been numerous iterations on the formal paper to put forward to the CERN Council to establish the LCGP. ATLAS, and also the other LHC-experiments, has been very active in this process to maximally influence the outcome. Our main priorities were to ensure that the global aspects are properly taken into account, that the CERN non-member states are also included in the structure, that the experiments are properly involved in the LCGP execution and that the LCGP takes operative responsibility during the data challenges. A Project Launch Board (PLB) was active from the end of July until the 10th of September. It was chaired by Hans Hoffmann and had the IT division leader as secretary. Each experiment had a representative (me for ATLAS), and the large CERN member states were each represented while the smaller were represented as clusters ac...

  13. Project Exodus


    Project Exodus is an in-depth study to identify and address the basic problems of a manned mission to Mars. The most important problems concern propulsion, life support, structure, trajectory, and finance. Exodus will employ a passenger ship, cargo ship, and landing craft for the journey to Mars. These three major components of the mission design are discussed separately. Within each component the design characteristics of structures, trajectory, and propulsion are addressed. The design characteristics of life support are mentioned only in those sections requiring it.

  14. Utility-Scale Solar 2013: An empirical analysis of project cost, performance, and pricing trends in the United States

    Bolinger, Mark [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Weaver, Samantha [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)


    Other than the SEGS I-IX parabolic trough projects built in the 1980s, virtually no large-scale or "utility-scale" solar projects-defined here to include any ground-mounted photovoltaic ("PV"), concentrating photovoltaic ("CPV"), or concentrating solar power ("CSP" or solar thermal) project larger than 5 MWAC-existed in the United States prior to 2007.

  15. Age-related changes in lamin A/C expression in cardiomyocytes.

    Afilalo, Jonathan; Sebag, Igal A; Chalifour, Lorraine E; Rivas, Daniel; Akter, Rahima; Sharma, Kamal; Duque, Gustavo


    Lamin A and C (A/C) are type V intermediate filaments that form the nuclear lamina. Lamin A/C mutations lead to reduced expression of lamin A/C and diverse phenotypes such as familial cardiomyopathies and accelerated aging syndromes. Normal aging is associated with reduced expression of lamin A/C in osteoblasts and dermal fibroblasts but has never been assessed in cardiomyocytes. Our objective was to compare the expression of lamin A/C in cardiomyocytes of old (24 mo) versus young (4 mo) C57Bl/6J mice using a well-validated mouse model of aging. Lamin B1 was used as a control. Immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence analyses showed reduced expression of lamin A/C in cardiomyocyte nuclei of old mice (proportion of nuclei expressing lamin A/C, 9% vs. 62%, P < 0.001). Lamin A/C distribution was scattered peripherally and perinuclear in old mice, whereas it was homogeneous throughout the nuclei in young mice. Western blot analyses confirmed reduced expression of lamin A/C in nuclear extracts of old mice (ratio of lamin A/C to B1, 0.6 vs. 1.2, P < 0.01). Echocardiographic studies showed increased left ventricular wall thickness with preserved cavity size (concentric remodeling), increased left ventricular mass, and a slight reduction in fractional shortening in old mice. This is the first study to show that normal aging is associated with reduced expression and altered distribution of lamin A/C in nuclei of cardiomyocytes.


    Perica Jankoviæ


    Managing a project team is an everyday activity when managing a project realization. In order to accomplish efficiency at work on a project, it is necessary for all the participants in the project to be motivated and interested, focused on accomplishing the project. To the end of providing greater motivation of the project team for the realization of the project, the project manager should be very well acquainted with the needs and motives of the people he/she is managing and should find the ...

  17. PORTNUS Project

    Loyal, Rebecca E. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)


    The objective of the Portunus Project is to create large, automated offshore ports that will the pace and scale of international trade. Additionally, these ports would increase the number of U.S. domestic trade vessels needed, as the imported goods would need to be transported from these offshore platforms to land-based ports such as Boston, Los Angeles, and Newark. Currently, domestic trade in the United States can only be conducted by vessels that abide by the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 – also referred to as the Jones Act. The Jones Act stipulates that vessels involved in domestic trade must be U.S. owned, U.S. built, and manned by a crew made up of U.S. citizens. The Portunus Project would increase the number of Jones Act vessels needed, which raises an interesting economic concern. Are Jones Act ships more expensive to operate than foreign vessels? Would it be more economically efficient to modify the Jones Act and allow vessels manned by foreign crews to engage in U.S. domestic trade? While opposition to altering the Jones Act is strong, it is important to consider the possibility that ship-owners who employ foreign crews will lobby for the chance to enter a growing domestic trade market. Their success would mean potential job loss for thousands of Americans currently employed in maritime trade.

  18. Project Explorer

    Dannenberg, K. K.; Henderson, A.; Lee, J.; Smith, G.; Stluka, E.


    PROJECT EXPLORER is a program that will fly student-developed experiments onboard the Space Shuttle in NASA's Get-Away Special (GAS) containers. The program is co-sponsored by the Alabama Space and Rocket Center, the Alabama-Mississippi Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Alabama A&M University and requires extensive support by the University of Alabama in Huntsville. A unique feature of this project will demonstrate transmissions to ground stations on amateur radio frequencies in English language. Experiments Nos. 1, 2, and 3 use the microgravity of space flight to study the solidification of lead-antimony and aluminum-copper alloys, the growth of potassium-tetracyanoplatinate hydrate crystals in an aqueous solution, and the germination of radish seeds. Flight results will be compared with Earth-based data. Experiment No. 4 features radio transmission and will also provide timing for the start of all other experiments. A microprocessor will obtain real-time data from all experiments as well as temperature and pressure measurements taken inside the canister. These data will be transmitted on previously announced amateur radio frequencies after they have been converted into the English language by a digitalker for general reception.

  19. FLORAM project

    Zulauf, W.E. [Sao Paolos Environmental Secretariat, Sao Paolo (Brazil); Goelho, A.S.R. [Riocell, S.A. (Brazil); Saber, A. [IEA-Instituto de Estudos Avancados (Brazil)] [and others


    The project FLORAM was formulated at the `Institute for Advanced Studies` of the University of Sao Paulo. It aims at decreasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus curbing the green-house effect by way of a huge effort of forestation and reforestation. The resulting forests when the trees mature, will be responsible for the absorption of about 6 billion tons of excess carbon. It represents 5 % of the total amount of CO{sub 2} which is in excess in the earth`s atmosphere and represents 5 % of the available continental surfaces which can be forested as well. Therefore, if similar projects are implemented throughout the world, in theory all the exceeding CO{sub 2}, responsible for the `greenhouse effect`, (27 % or 115 billion tons of carbon) would be absorbed. Regarding this fact, there would be a 400 million hectar increase of growing forests. FLORAM in Brazil aims to plant 20.000.000 ha in 2 years at a cost of 20 billion dollars. If it reaches its goals that will mean that Brazil will have reforested an area almost half as big as France. (author)

  20. Inner Mongolia Put a Halt on an Redundant Iron Alloy Project


    <正>It is learned from the economic committee of Inner Mongolia on October 24th that the local government had ordered a halt on calcium car- bide and iron alloy projects as of the 20th of the same month.The order was introduced in ac- cordance with the requirement of Circular on Ensuring the Full Accomplishment of the En-

  1. SISCAL project

    Santer, Richard P.; Fell, Frank


    The first "ocean colour" sensor, Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS), was launched in 1978. Oceanographers learnt a lot from CZCS but it remained a purely scientific sensor. In recent years, a new generation of satellite-borne earth observation (EO) instruments has been brought into space. These instruments combine high spectral and spatial resolution with revisiting rates of the order of one per day. More instruments with further increased spatial, spectral and temporal resolution will be available within the next years. In the meantime, evaluation procedures taking advantage of the capabilities of the new instruments were derived, allowing the retrieval of ecologically important parameters with higher accuracy than before. Space agencies are now able to collect and to process satellite data in real time and to disseminate them via the Internet. It is therefore meanwhile possible to envisage using EO operationally. In principle, a significant demand for EO data products on terrestrial or marine ecosystems exists both with public authorities (environmental protection, emergency management, natural resources management, national parks, regional planning, etc) and private companies (tourist industry, insurance companies, water suppliers, etc). However, for a number of reasons, many data products that can be derived from the new instruments and methods have not yet left the scientific community towards public or private end users. It is the intention of the proposed SISCAL (Satellite-based Information System on Coastal Areas and Lakes) project to contribute to the closure of the existing gap between space agencies and research institutions on one side and end users on the other side. To do so, we intend to create a data processor that automatically derives and subsequently delivers over the Internet, in Near-Real-Time (NRT), a number of data products tailored to individual end user needs. The data products will be generated using a Geographical Information System (GIS

  2. Spinning Janus doublets driven in uniform AC electric fields

    Boymelgreen, Alicia; Park, Sinwook; Miloh, Touvia


    We provide an experimental proof-of-concept for a robust, continuously rotating microstructure - consisting of two metallodielectric (gold-polystyrene)Janus particles rigidly attached to each other - which is driven in uniform ac fields by asymmetric induced-charge electroosmosis. The pairs (doublets) are stabilized on the substrate surface which is parallel to the plane of view and normal to the direction of the applied electric field. We find that the radius of orbit and angular velocity of the pair are predominantly dependent on the relative orientations of the interfaces between the metallic and dielectric hemispheres and that the electrohydrodynamic particle-particle interactions are small. Additionally, we verify that both the angular and linear velocities of the pair are proportional to the square of the applied field which is consistent with the theory for non-linear electrokinetics. A simple kinematic rigid body model is used to predict the paths and double velocities (angular and linear) based on th...

  3. Droop-free Distributed Control for AC Microgrids

    Nasirian, Vahidreza; Shafiee, Qobad; Guerrero, Josep M.


    A cooperative distributed secondary/primary control paradigm for AC microgrids is proposed. This solution replaces the centralized secondary control and the primary-level droop mechanism of each inverter with three separate regulators: voltage, reactive power, and active power regulators. A sparse...... communication network is spanned across the microgrid to facilitate limited data exchange among inverter controllers. Each controller processes its local and neighbors’ information to update its voltage magnitude and frequency (or, equivalently, phase angle) set points. A voltage estimator finds the average...... active power of each inverter with its neighbors’ and uses the difference to update the frequency and, accordingly, the phase angle of that inverter. The global dynamic model of the microgrid, including distribution grid, regulator modules, and the communication network, is derived, and controller design...

  4. The AC magnetic susceptibility of high temperature superconductors

    Salim, M


    This research concerns the development of AC magnetic susceptometers and use of susceptometers in analysing high temperature superconductors. Two of the designs were a differential magnetic susceptometer (DMS) and a double coil screening susceptometer (DCSS) whose descriptions are given in detail including coil design, field measurements, susceptometer operation, experimental instrumentation, phase adjustment, susceptometer calibration and sensitivity for each design. Theoretical details are given regarding each design in order to calculate the complex external and internal susceptibility. Investigation concerning the demagnetisation factor of different geometries, and the significant features and limitation for each design are also provided. The susceptometers were applied to a wide range of YBCO samples, which includes bulk samples with different geometry (i.e. Slabs, disk, powder and thick film) and thin films with different oxygen contents. Several silver sheathed Bi-2223 tapes were also involved. This al...

  5. Cluster emission in the radioactive decay of 223Ac

    Steyn, G F; Faccio, D; Bonetti, R; Tretyakova, S P; Shishkin, S V; Ogloblin, A A; Pik-Pichak, G A; Vermeulen, C; van der Meulen, N P; van der Walt, T N; McGee, D


    The branching ratio of 223Ac decay by spontaneous 14C emission was measured and a search for 15N clusters was performed. After exposure of a hemispherical array of solid-state nuclear track detectors, 347 14C events were identified and no 15N events. B(14C) = λ(14C)/λ(α) = (3.2 ± 1.0) x 10-11 is consistent with a favoured ground state to ground state transition. As no nitrogen tracks were found, only an upper limit could be inferred for 15N emission, B(15N) = λ(15N)/λ(α) ≤ 2.2 x 10-13 (confidence limit 90%), consistent with an unfavoured transition. Intense 227Pa sources were produced for this study, using the reaction 232Th(p,6n)227Pa. This offered an opportunity to compare the measured source strength with predictions based on published excitation function data.

  6. Delocalization of disturbances and the stability of ac electricity grids

    Kettemann, Stefan


    In order to study how local disturbances affect the ac grid stability, we start from nonlinear power balance equations and map them to complex linear wave equations. Having obtained stationary solutions with phases φi at generator and consumer nodes i , we next study the dynamics of deviations. Starting with an initially localized perturbation, it is found to spread in a periodic grid diffusively throughout the grid. We find the parametric dependence of diffusion constant D . We apply the same solution strategy to general grid topologies and analyze their stability against local perturbations. The perturbation remains either localized or becomes delocalized, depending on grid topology, power capacity, and distribution of consumers and generator power Pi. Delocalization is found to increase the lifetime of perturbations and thereby their influence on grid stability, whereas localization results in an exponentially fast decay of perturbations at all grid sites. These results may therefore lead to new strategies to control the stability of electricity grids.

  7. Measurement of AC losses in different former materials

    Olsen, Søren Krüger; Træholt, Chresten; Kühle, Anders Van Der Aa


    A high temperature superconducting cable may be based on a centrally located cylindrical support, a so-called former. If electrically conductive, the former can contribute to the AC losses through eddy current losses caused by unbalanced axial and tangential magnetic fields. With these measurements...... we aim at investigating the eddy current losses of commonly used former materials. A one layer cable conductor was wound on a glass fibre reinforced polymer (GRFP) former. By inserting a variety of materials into this, it was possible to measure the eddy current losses of each of the former...... candidates separately; for example copper tubes, stainless steel braid, copper braid, corrugated stainless steel tubes, etc. The measured data are compared with the predictions of a theoretical model. Our results show that in most cases, the losses induced by eddy currents in the former are negligible...

  8. Team-oriented Adaptive Droop Control for Autonomous AC Microgrids

    Shafiee, Qobad; Nasirian, Vahidreza; Guerrero, Josep M.;


    This paper proposes a distributed control strategy for voltage and reactive power regulation in ac Microgrids. First, the control module introduces a voltage regulator that maintains the average voltage of the system on the rated value, keeping all bus voltages within an acceptable range. Dynamic...... consensus protocol is used to estimate the average voltage across the Microgrid. This estimation is further utilized by the voltage regulator to elevate/lower the voltage-reactive power (Q-E) droop characteristic, compensating the drop caused by the droop mechanism. The second module, the reactive power...... regulator, dynamically fine-tunes the Q-E coefficients to handle the proportional reactive power sharing. Accordingly, locally supplied reactive power of any source is compared with neighbor sources and the local droop coefficient is adjusted to mitigate and, ultimately, eliminate the load mismatch...

  9. ACS photometry of the globular cluster B514

    Galleti, S; Bellazzini, M; Buzzoni, A; Pecci, F F


    We present deep F606W, F814W ACS photometry of the recently discovered globular cluster B514, the outermost known globular in the M31 galaxy. The cluster appears quite extended and member stars are unequivocally identified out to ~200 pc from the center. The Color Magnitude Diagram reveals a steep Red Giant Branch (RGB), and a Horizontal Branch (HB) extending blue ward of the instability strip, indicating that B514 is a classical old metal-poor globular cluster. The RGB locus and the position of the RGB Bump are both consistent with a metallicity [Fe/H] ~ -1.8, in excellent agreement with spectroscopic estimates. A preliminary estimate of the integrated absolute V magnitude (M_V< -9.1) suggests that B514 is among the brightest globulars of M31.

  10. ACS/SBC Internal Lamp P-flat Monitoring

    Avila, Roberto J.; Chiaberge, Marco; Bohlin, Ralph


    We report on a Cycle 23 calibration program to monitor the status of the SBC P-flat. We find random pixel to pixel changes to be small, with only ˜2% of pixels having changed by more than 3σ. There are coherent changes that we measure to be above the poisson errors, in some regions as high as 4% peak to peak. We therefore recommend that the ACS team obtain new observations in order to create a new P-flat. We also measured the degradation of the deuterium lamp used to create internal flats. The brightness of the lamp is currently ˜65% of its initial level, the degradation being dependent on lifetime usage.

  11. Input-current shaped ac to dc converters


    The problem of achieving near unity power factor while supplying power to a dc load from a single phase ac source of power is examined. Power processors for this application must perform three functions: input current shaping, energy storage, and output voltage regulation. The methods available for performing each of these three functions are reviewed. Input current shaping methods are either active or passive, with the active methods divided into buck-like and boost-like techniques. In addition to large reactances, energy storage methods include resonant filters, active filters, and active storage schemes. Fast voltage regulation can be achieved by post regulation or by supplementing the current shaping topology with an extra switch. Some indications of which methods are best suited for particular applications concludes the discussion.

  12. Resistojet control and power for high frequency ac buses

    Gruber, Robert P.


    Resistojets are operational on many geosynchronous communication satellites which all use dc power buses. Multipropellant resistojets were selected for the Initial Operating Capability (IOC) Space Station which will supply 208 V, 20 kHz power. This paper discusses resistojet heater temperature controllers and passive power regulation methods for ac power systems. A simple passive power regulation method suitable for use with regulated sinusoidal or square wave power was designed and tested using the Space Station multipropellant resistojet. The breadboard delivered 20 kHz power to the resistojet heater. Cold start surge current limiting, a power efficiency of 95 percent, and power regulation of better than 2 percent were demonstrated with a two component, 500 W breadboard power controller having a mass of 0.6 kg.

  13. AC impedance study of degradation of porous nickel battery electrodes

    Lenhart, Stephen J.; Macdonald, D. D.; Pound, B. G.


    AC impedance spectra of porous nickel battery electrodes were recorded periodically during charge/discharge cycling in concentrated KOH solution at various temperatures. A transmission line model (TLM) was adopted to represent the impedance of the porous electrodes, and various model parameters were adjusted in a curve fitting routine to reproduce the experimental impedances. Degradation processes were deduced from changes in model parameters with electrode cycling time. In developing the TLM, impedance spectra of planar (nonporous) electrodes were used to represent the pore wall and backing plate interfacial impedances. These data were measured over a range of potentials and temperatures, and an equivalent circuit model was adopted to represent the planar electrode data. Cyclic voltammetry was used to study the characteristics of the oxygen evolution reaction on planar nickel electrodes during charging, since oxygen evolution can affect battery electrode charging efficiency and ultimately electrode cycle life if the overpotential for oxygen evolution is sufficiently low.

  14. Nonlinearity exponent of ac conductivity in disordered systems

    Nandi, U. N.; Sircar, S.; Karmakar, A.; Giri, S.


    We measured the real part of ac conductance Σ(x,f) or Σ(T,f) of iron-doped mixed-valent polycrystalline manganite oxides LaMn1-xFexO3 as a function of frequency f by varying initial conductance Σ0 by quenched disorder x at a fixed temperature T (room) and by temperature T at a fixed quenched disorder x. At a fixed temperature T, Σ(x,f) of a sample with fixed x remains almost constant at its zero-frequency dc value Σ0 at lower frequency. With increase in f, Σ(x,f) increases slowly from Σ0 and finally increases rapidly following a power law with an exponent s at high frequency. Scaled appropriately, the data for Σ(T,f) and Σ(x,f) fall on the same universal curve, indicating the existence of a general scaling formalism for the ac conductivity in disordered systems. The characteristic frequency fc at which Σ(x,f) or Σ(T,f) increases for the first time from Σ0 scales with initial conductance Σ0 as {f}_{{c}}\\sim {\\Sigma }_{0}^{{x}_{f}}, where xf is the onset exponent. The value of xf is nearly equal to one and is found to be independent of x and T. Further, an inverse relationship between xf and s provides a self-consistency check of the systematic description of Σ(x,f) or Σ(T,f). This apparent universal value of xf is discussed within the framework of existing theoretical models and scaling theories. The relevance to other similar disordered systems is also highlighted.

  15. Drug-eluting stents and bare metal stents in patients with NSTE-ACS

    Pedersen, Sune Haahr; Pfisterer, Matthias; Kaiser, Christoph;


    Aims: The use of drug-eluting stents (DES) in patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome (NSTE-ACS) is controversial and not yet endorsed in clinical guidelines. Methods and results: This was an a priori planned post hoc analysis involving 754 NSTE-ACS patients from the random...

  16. A Computer Model for Teaching the Dynamic Behavior of AC Contactors

    Ruiz, J.-R. R.; Espinosa, A. G.; Romeral, L.


    Ac-powered contactors are extensively used in industry in applications such as automatic electrical devices, motor starters, and heaters. In this work, a practical session that allows students to model and simulate the dynamic behavior of ac-powered electromechanical contactors is presented. Simulation is carried out using a rigorous parametric…

  17. Resveratrol inhibits mucus overproduction and MUC5AC expression in a murine model of asthma.

    Ni, Zhen-Hua; Tang, Ji-Hong; Chen, Guo; Lai, Yi-Min; Chen, Qing-Ge; Li, Zao; Yang, Wei; Luo, Xu-Min; Wang, Xiong-Biao


    Previous in vitro studies have demonstrated that resveratrol is able to significantly inhibit the upregulation of mucin 5AC (MUC5AC), a major component of mucus; thus indicating that resveratrol may have potential in regulating mucus overproduction. However, there have been few studies regarding the resveratrol‑mediated prevention of MUC5AC overproduction in vivo, and the mechanisms by which resveratrol regulates MUC5AC expression have yet to be elucidated. In the present study, an ovalbumin (OVA)‑challenged murine model of asthma was used to assess the effects of resveratrol treatment on mucus production in vivo. The results demonstrated that resveratrol significantly inhibited OVA‑induced airway inflammation and mucus production. In addition, the mRNA and protein expression levels of MUC5AC were increased in the OVA‑challenged mice, whereas treatment with resveratrol significantly inhibited this effect. The expression levels of murine calcium‑activated chloride channel (mCLCA)3, an important key mediator of MUC5AC production, were also reduced following resveratrol treatment. Furthermore, in vitro studies demonstrated that resveratrol significantly inhibited human (h)CLCA1 and MUC5AC expression in a dose‑dependent manner. These results indicated that resveratrol was effective in preventing mucus overproduction and MUC5AC expression in vivo, and its underlying mechanism may be associated with regulation of the mCLCA3/hCLCA1 signaling pathway.

  18. The HST/ACS Coma Cluster Survey : II. Data Description and Source Catalogs

    Hammer, Derek; Kleijn, Gijs Verdoes; Hoyos, Carlos; den Brok, Mark; Balcells, Marc; Ferguson, Henry C.; Goudfrooij, Paul; Carter, David; Guzman, Rafael; Peletier, Reynier F.; Smith, Russell J.; Graham, Alister W.; Trentham, Neil; Peng, Eric; Puzia, Thomas H.; Lucey, John R.; Jogee, Shardha; Aguerri, Alfonso L.; Batcheldor, Dan; Bridges, Terry J.; Chiboucas, Kristin; Davies, Jonathan I.; del Burgo, Carlos; Erwin, Peter; Hornschemeier, Ann; Hudson, Michael J.; Huxor, Avon; Jenkins, Leigh; Karick, Arna; Khosroshahi, Habib; Kourkchi, Ehsan; Komiyama, Yutaka; Lotz, Jennifer; Marzke, Ronald O.; Marinova, Irina; Matkovic, Ana; Merritt, David; Miller, Bryan W.; Miller, Neal A.; Mobasher, Bahram; Mouhcine, Mustapha; Okamura, Sadanori; Percival, Sue; Phillipps, Steven; Poggianti, Bianca M.; Price, James; Sharples, Ray M.; Tully, R. Brent; Valentijn, Edwin


    The Coma cluster, Abell 1656, was the target of an HST-ACS Treasury program designed for deep imaging in the F475W and F814W passbands. Although our survey was interrupted by the ACS instrument failure in early 2007, the partially completed survey still covers ~50% of the core high-density region in

  19. The HST/ACS Coma Cluster Survey. II. Data Description and Source Catalogs

    Hammer, Derek; Verdoes Kleijn, Gijs; Hoyos, Carlos; den Brok, Mark; Balcells, Marc; Ferguson, Henry C.; Goudfrooij, Paul; Carter, David; Guzmán, Rafael; Peletier, Reynier F.; Smith, Russell J.; Graham, Alister W.; Trentham, Neil; Peng, Eric; Puzia, Thomas H.; Lucey, John R.; Jogee, Shardha; Aguerri, Alfonso L.; Batcheldor, Dan; Bridges, Terry J.; Chiboucas, Kristin; Davies, Jonathan I.; del Burgo, Carlos; Erwin, Peter; Hornschemeier, Ann; Hudson, Michael J.; Huxor, Avon; Jenkins, Leigh; Karick, Arna; Khosroshahi, Habib; Kourkchi, Ehsan; Komiyama, Yutaka; Lotz, Jennifer; Marzke, Ronald O.; Marinova, Irina; Matkovic, Ana; Merritt, David; Miller, Bryan W.; Miller, Neal A.; Mobasher, Bahram; Mouhcine, Mustapha; Okamura, Sadanori; Percival, Sue; Phillipps, Steven; Poggianti, Bianca M.; Price, James; Sharples, Ray M.; Tully, R. Brent; Valentijn, Edwin


    The Coma cluster, Abell 1656, was the target of an HST-ACS Treasury program designed for deep imaging in the F475W and F814W passbands. Although our survey was interrupted by the ACS instrument failure in early 2007, the partially completed survey still covers ~50% of the core high-density region in

  20. 21 CFR 880.5100 - AC-powered adjustable hospital bed.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered adjustable hospital bed. 880.5100... (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES GENERAL HOSPITAL AND PERSONAL USE DEVICES General Hospital and Personal Use Therapeutic Devices § 880.5100 AC-powered adjustable hospital bed. (a) Identification. An...

  1. Vector control of three-phase AC machines system development in the practice

    Quang, Nguyen Phung


    Covers the area of vector control of 3-phase AC machines, in particular induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor, permanent excited synchronous motors and doubly-fed induction machines. This title summarizes the basic structure of a field-oriented controlled 3-phase AC drive and grid voltage orientated controlled wind power plant.

  2. Improved Tribological Performance of Amorphous Carbon (a-C Coating by ZrO2 Nanoparticles

    Jinzhu Tang


    Full Text Available Nanomaterials, such as Graphene, h-BN nanoparticles and MoS2 nanotubes, have shown their ability in improving the tribological performance of amorphous carbon (a-C coatings. In the current study, the effectiveness of ZrO2 nanoparticles (ZrO2-NPs in lubricating the self-mated nonhydrogenated a-C contacts was investigated in boundary lubrication regime. The results showed that 13% less friction and 50% less wear compared to the base oil were achieved by employing ZrO2-NPs in the base oil in self-mated a-C contacts. Via analyzing the ZrO2-NPs and the worn a-C surface after tests, it was found that the improved lubrication by ZrO2-NPs was based on “polishing effects”, which is a new phenomenon observed between a-C and nanoparticles. Under the “polishing effect”, micro-plateaus with extremely smooth surface and uniform height were produced on the analyzed a-C surface. The resulting topography of the a-C coating is suitable for ZrO2-NPs to act as nano-bearings between rubbing surfaces. Especially, the ZrO2-NPs exhibited excellent mechanical and chemical stability, even under the severe service condition, suggesting that the combination of nonhydrogenated a-C coating with ZrO2-NPs is an effective, long lasting and environment-friendly lubrication solution.

  3. Investigations on gradient a.c. conductivity characteristics of bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus)

    Navin Chand; Deepak Jain; Archana Nigrawal


    Effect of temperature and frequency variation on a.c. conductivity of bamboo was determined by using a 4274 A Multi-Frequencies LCR meter. Electrical measurements were carried out in the temperature range 24–120°C and in the frequency range 4–100 kHz. It was observed that the a.c. conductivity increased initially and then decreased with increase of temperature and frequencies. The increase of distance from outer surface to the inner surface side increased the a.c. conductivity values and showed the grading in a.c. conductivity behaviour. Two phases of a.c. conductivity behaviour with temperature exist in bamboo. At 10 mm distance a.c. conductivity suddenly increases which is the critical depth from skin for this bamboo. Increase of temperature, at all the frequencies increases the a.c. conductivity initially and then decreases. Downward peaks in a.c. conductivities are observed at all the frequencies due to the presence of moisture in bamboo, which liberated on heating. Sharp peak is observed in case of sample 4, which is inner most strip. Maximum sharp peak is observed at lowest 4 kHz frequency.

  4. A Sufficient Condition on Convex Relaxation of AC Optimal Power Flow in Distribution Networks

    Huang, Shaojun; Wu, Qiuwei; Wang, Jianhui;


    solution of the SOCP can be converted to an optimal solution of the original AC OPF. The efficacy of the convex relaxation to solve the AC OPF is demonstrated by case studies of an optimal multi-period planning problem of electric vehicles (EVs) in distribution networks....

  5. Nuclear Structure Effects in the Exotic Decay of $^{225}$Ac via $^{14}$C Emission


    % IS323 \\\\ \\\\ We propose to build at Isolde a high intensity $^{225}$Ac source by $\\beta$-decay of $^{225}$(Ra+Fr) beam, to be used at the superconducting spectrometer SOLENO of IPN-Orsay in order to study a possible fine structure in the spectrum of $^{14}$C ions spontaneously emitted by $^{225}$Ac.

  6. Measuring ac-loss in high temperature superconducting cable-conductors using four probe methods

    Kühle (fratrådt), Anders Van Der Aa; Træholt, Chresten; Olsen, Søren Krüger;


    Measuring the ac-loss of superconducting cable conductors have many aspects in common with measuring the ac-loss of single superconducting tapes. In a cable conductor all tapes are connected to each other and to the test circuit through normal metal joints in each end. This makes such measurement...

  7. A Correction Formula for the ST Segment Measurements for the AC-coupled Electrocardiograms

    Schmid, Ramun; Isaksen, Jonas; Leber, Remo;


    The ST segment of an electrocardiogram (ECG) is very important for the correct diagnosis of an acute myocardial infarction. Most clinical ECGs are recorded using an AC-coupled ECG amplifier. It is well known, that first-order high-pass filters used for the AC coupling can affect the ST segment...

  8. Electrocardiographic left ventricular hypertrophy in GUSTO IV ACS: an important risk marker of mortality in women

    Westerhout, Cynthia M; Lauer, Michael S; Fu, Yuling


    AIM: To examine the association of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) on admission electrocardiography with adverse outcomes in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients. METHODS AND RESULTS: A total of 7443 non-ST-elevation ACS patients in Global Utilization of STrategies to Open occluded arteries...

  9. A Simplified Model to Calculate AC Losses in Large 2G HTS Coils

    Song, Xiaowei (Andy); Mijatovic, Nenad; Jensen, Bogi Bech;


    AC losses are of great significance to quantify the performance of high temperature superconducting (HTS) devices. This paper presents a simplified model to calculate AC losses in large 2G HTS coils, which serves as a baseline to study HTS large scale applications such as electric machines. The m...

  10. Single phase AC-DC power factor corrected converter with high frequency isolation using buck converter

    R. Ramesh,


    Full Text Available Single phase ac-dc converters having high frequency isolation are implemented in buck, boost, buck-boost configuration with improving the power quality in terms of reducing the harmonics of input current. The paperpropose the circuit configuration, control mechanism, and simulation result for the single phase ac-dc converter.

  11. Fe-aminoclay-entrapping electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers (FeAC-PAN NFs) for environmental engineering applications

    Lee, Jae Young [Korea Railroad Research Institute, Uiwang (Korea, Republic of); Choi, Saehae [Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Park, Seung Bin [KAIST, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Mooon Il; Lee, Young Chul [Gachon Univ., Seongnam (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Go Woon [KIER, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Hyun Uk [Korea Basic Science Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    Electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers (PAN NFs) with entrapped water-soluble Fe-aminoclay (FeAC) [FeAC-PAN NFs] were prepared. Slow dropwise addition of water-soluble FeAC into a PAN solution, less aggregated of FeAC into electrospun PAN NFs was one-pot evolved without FeAC post-decoration onto as-prepared PAN NFs. Taking into consideration both the Fe{sup 3+} source in FeAC and the improved surface hydrophilicity, the feasibility of Fentonlike reaction for decolorization of cationic model dye methylene blue (MB) under 6 hrs UV-light irradiation was established. In the case where FeAC-PAN NFs were enhanced by hydrogen peroxide (H{sub 2}O{sub 2}) injection, the apparent kinetic reaction rates were increased relative to those for the PAN NFs. Thus, our flexible FeAC-PAN NF mats can be effectively utilized in water/waste treatment and other environmental engineering applications.

  12. Distributed Control for Autonomous Operation of a Three-Port AC/DC/DS Hybrid Microgrid

    Wang, Peng; Jin, Chi; Zhu, Dexuan


    This paper presents a distributed control scheme for reliable autonomous operation of a hybrid three-port ac/dc/distributed storage (ds) microgrid by means of power sharing in individual network, power exchange between ac and dc networks, and power management among three networks. The proposed...

  13. Risk prediction of ventricular arrhythmias and myocardial function in Lamin A/C mutation positive subjects

    Hasselberg, Nina E; Edvardsen, Thor; Petri, Helle;


    Mutations in the Lamin A/C gene may cause atrioventricular block, supraventricular arrhythmias, ventricular arrhythmias (VA), and dilated cardiomyopathy. We aimed to explore the predictors and the mechanisms of VA in Lamin A/C mutation-positive subjects.METHODS AND RESULTS: We included 41 Lamin A...

  14. Substituted Phthalimide AC94377 Is a Selective Agonist of the Gibberellin Receptor GID11[OPEN

    Otani, Masato; Shimotakahara, Hiroaki; Yoon, Jung-Min; Park, Seung-Hyun; Miyaji, Tomoko; Nakano, Takeshi; Nakamura, Hidemitsu; Nakajima, Masatoshi


    Gibberellin (GA) is a major plant hormone that regulates plant growth and development and is widely used as a plant growth regulator in agricultural production. There is an increasing demand for function-limited GA mimics due to the limitations on the agronomical application of GA to crops, including GA’s high cost of producing and its leading to the crops’ lodging. AC94377, a substituted phthalimide, is a chemical that mimics the growth-regulating activity of GAs in various plants, despite its structural difference. Although AC94377 is widely studied in many weeds and crops, its mode of action as a GA mimic is largely unknown. In this study, we confirmed that AC94377 displays GA-like activities in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) and demonstrated that AC94377 binds to the Arabidopsis GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF1 (GID1) receptor (AtGID1), forms the AtGID1-AC94377-DELLA complex, and induces the degradation of DELLA protein. Our results also indicated that AC94377 is selective for a specific subtype among three AtGID1s and that the selectivity of AC94377 is attributable to a single residue at the entrance to the hydrophobic pocket of GID1. We conclude that AC94377 is a GID1 agonist with selectivity for a specific subtype of GID1, which could be further developed and used as a function-limited regulator of plant growth in both basic study and agriculture. PMID:27899534

  15. Control the aggregation of model amyloid insulin protein under ac-electric fields

    Zheng, Zhongli; Jing, Benxin; Zhu, Y. Elaine


    In vitro experiments have been widely used to characterize the misfolding/unfolding pathway characteristic of amylodogenic proteins. Conversion from natively folded amyloidogenic proteins to oligomers via nucleation is the accepted path to fibril formation upon heating over a certain lag time period. In an alternative engineering approach to manipulate and control protein aggregation, we have investigated the aggregation kinetics of insulin, a well-established amyloid model protein, under applied ac-electric fields of varied ac-frequency and voltage at room temperature. Using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging, we have observed that the insulin aggregation can occur at much shortened lag time under applied ac-electric fields, when a critical ac-voltage is exceeded. The strong dependence of lag time on ac-frequency over a narrow range of 500 Hz-5 kHz indicates the effect of ac-electroosmosis on the diffusion controlled process of insulin nucleation. Yet, no difference of conformational structure is detected with insulin under applied ac-fields, suggesting the equivalence of ac-polarization to the conventional thermal activation process for insulin aggregation.

  16. Performance Analysis of Phase Controlled Unidirectional and Bidirectional AC Voltage Controllers

    Abdul Sattar Larik


    Full Text Available AC voltage controllers are used to vary the output ac voltage from a fixed ac input source. They are also commonly called ac voltage regulators or ac choppers. The output voltage is either controlled by PAC (Phase Angle Control method or on-off control method. Due to various advantages of ac voltage controllers, such as high efficiency, simplicity, low cost and ability to control large amount of power they efficiently control the speed of ac motors, light dimming and industrial heating, etc. These converters are variable structure systems and generate harmonics during the operation which will affect the power quality when connected to system network. During the last couple of years, a number of new semiconductor devices and various power electronic converters has been introduced. Accordingly the subject of harmonics and its problems are of great concern to power industry and customers. In this research work, initially the simulation models of single phase unidirectional and bidirectional ac voltage controllers were developed by using MATLAB software. The harmonics of these models are investigated by simulation. In the end, the harmonics were also analyzed experimentally. The simulated as well as experimental results are presented.

  17. AC-Specific Heat and Heat Conductivity Derived from Thermal Effusivity Measurements

    Christensen, Tage Emil

    It is shown how the 3-omega technique of AC-calorimetry applied to a plane heater with finite dimensions can be improved by including boundary effects.......It is shown how the 3-omega technique of AC-calorimetry applied to a plane heater with finite dimensions can be improved by including boundary effects....

  18. The ACS Exams Institute Undergraduate Chemistry Anchoring Concepts Content Map I: General Chemistry

    Holme, Thomas; Murphy, Kristen


    To provide tools for programmatic assessment related to the use of ACS Exams in undergraduate chemistry courses, the ACS Exams Institute has built a content map that applies to the entire undergraduate curriculum. At the top two levels, the grain size of the content classification is large and spans the entire undergraduate curriculum. At the…

  19. ACCE/ACS National Educator and Leader of the Year Winners: AEC Congratulates These Outstanding Educators

    Australian Educational Computing, 2012


    This article presents the ACCE/ACS National Educator and Leader of the Year winners. Anne Mirtschin is the recipient of the ACCE/ACS 2012 Educator of the Year Award. Mirtschin is an innovative teacher at Hawkesdale P-12 College a small rural school that is isolated culturally and geographically. She uses online tools and technology to create…

  20. AC loss measurements in HTS coil assemblies with hybrid coil structures

    Jiang, Zhenan; Long, Nicholas J.; Staines, Mike; Badcock, Rodney A.; Bumby, Chris W.; Buckley, Robert G.; Amemiya, Naoyuki


    Both AC loss and wire cost in coil windings are critical factors for high temperature superconductor (HTS) AC machinery applications. We present AC loss measurement results in three HTS coil assemblies at 77 K and 65 K which have a hybrid coil structure comprising one central winding (CW) and two end windings (EWs) wound with ReBCO and BSCCO wires with different self-field I c values at 77 K. All AC loss results in the coil assemblies are hysteretic and the normalized AC losses in the coil assemblies at different temperatures can be scaled with the I c value of the coil assemblies. The normalised results show that AC loss in a coil assembly with BSCCO CW can be reduced by using EWs wound with high I c ReBCO wires, whilst further AC loss reduction can be achieved by replacing the BSCCO CW with ReBCO CW. The results imply that a flexible hybrid coil structure is possible which considers both AC loss and wire cost in coil assemblies.