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  1. Crystal structure of (E-1-[4-({4-[(4-methoxybenzylideneamino]phenyl}sulfanylphenyl]ethan-1-one

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rabihe Hebbachi


    Full Text Available The title Schiff base compound, C22H19NO2S, crystallized with two independent molecules (A and B in the asymmetric unit. Both molecules have an E conformation about the C=N bond. The two molecules differ in the orientation of the aromatic rings with respect to each other. The outer 4-methoxybenzene ring is inclined to the central benzene ring and the outer 4-acetylbenzene ring by 1.80 (19 and 63.73 (19°, respectively, in molecule A, and by 6.72 (18 and 68.53 (19°, respectively, in molecule B. The two outer benzene rings are inclined to one another by 63.77 (18 and 63.19 (18° in molecules A and B, respectively. In the crystal, the individual molecules stack in columns along [010], and are linked by a number of C—H...π interactions, forming slabs lying parallel to (001.