Sample records for academic year retrospective

  1. Predictors of attrition and academic success of medical students: a 30-year retrospective study.

    Silvija Maslov Kruzicevic

    Full Text Available AIM: To determine attrition and predictors of academic success among medical students at University of Split, Croatia. METHODS: We analysed academic records of 2054 students enrolled during 1979-2008 period. RESULTS: We found that 26% (533/2054 of enrolled students did not graduate. The most common reasons for attrition were 'personal' (36.4%, transfer to another medical school (35.6%, and dismissal due to unsatisfactory academic record (21.2%. Grade point average (GPA and study duration of attrition students were significantly associated with parental education. There were 1126 graduates, 395 men and 731 women. Their average graduation GPA was 3.67±0.53 and study duration 7.6±2.44 years. During 5-year curriculum only 6.4% (42/654 of students graduated in time, and 55% (240/472 of students graduated in time after curriculum was extended to 6 years. Variables predicting whether a student will graduate or not were high school grades, entrance exam score and year of enrollment. Significant predictors of graduation grades were high school grades and entrance exam score. Entrance exam score predicted length of studying. CONCLUSION: Preadmission academic qualifications and year of enrollment predict academic success in medical school. More attention should be devoted to high attrition.

  2. Predictors of Attrition and Academic Success of Medical Students: A 30-Year Retrospective Study

    Silvija Maslov Kruzicevic; Katarina Josipa Barisic; Adriana Banozic; Carlos David Esteban; Damir Sapunar; Livia Puljak


    AIM: To determine attrition and predictors of academic success among medical students at University of Split, Croatia. METHODS: We analysed academic records of 2054 students enrolled during 1979-2008 period. RESULTS: We found that 26% (533/2054) of enrolled students did not graduate. The most common reasons for attrition were 'personal' (36.4%), transfer to another medical school (35.6%), and dismissal due to unsatisfactory academic record (21.2%). Grade point average (GPA) and study duration...

  3. Stevens–Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in an academic hospital setting: a 5-year retrospective study

    Ewa Stocka-Łabno; Natalia Gabzdyl; Magdalena Misiak-Galazka; Małgorzata Pawłowska-Kisiel; Tomasz Łazowski; Lidia Rudnicka


    Introduction: Toxic epidermal necrolysis and Stevens–Johnson syndrome are acute life-threatening mucocutaneous reactions to drugs. The aims of the study were to identify these drugs and characterize population prone to these reactions. Materials and Methods: Data including demographics, culprit drug, clinical characteristics, course of disease, treatment given, and therapeutic responses were retrospectively collected from medical records of 31 patients admitted to Department of Dermatolog...

  4. Stevens–Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in an academic hospital setting: a 5-year retrospective study

    Ewa Stocka-Łabno


    Full Text Available Introduction: Toxic epidermal necrolysis and Stevens–Johnson syndrome are acute life-threatening mucocutaneous reactions to drugs. The aims of the study were to identify these drugs and characterize population prone to these reactions. Materials and Methods: Data including demographics, culprit drug, clinical characteristics, course of disease, treatment given, and therapeutic responses were retrospectively collected from medical records of 31 patients admitted to Department of Dermatology from January 2009 to December 2014. Results: Drugs most commonly involved in Stevens–Johnson syndrome were antimicrobials: ciprofloxacin, doxycycline, cefuroxime, trimethoprim, amoxicillin, clindamycin, co-trimoxazole (50% of patients and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: ibuprofen, naproxen, metamizole, piroxicam (29% of patients. Drugs involved in toxic epidermal necrolysis were antimicrobials: sulfasalazine, co-trimoxazole, cefuroxime, clindamycin (71% of patients and anticonvulsants: lamotrigine (29% of patients. The comorbidities’ characteristic for the group of patients affected by toxic epidermal necrolysis were psychiatric and autoimmune disorders. The most common complication was infection. Two patients died and in both cases the cause of death was sepsis. Conclusion: The study indicates that in observed population drugs with the highest risk of most severe reactions are lamotrigine (anticonvulsant and antimicrobials (most commonly sulfonamides, therefore it is advisable to consider carefully administration of these drugs, especially to patients with history of autoimmune reactions.

  5. [Diabetic retinopathy complications--12-year retrospective study].

    Ignat, Florica; Davidescu, Livia


    It is analyzed, on a retrospective study on 12 years, the incidence of diabetus melitus cases, hospitalized in the Ophthalmologic Clinic from Craiova with special mention to the frequency of the diabetic retinopathy, of it's complications and in an accordance to other general diseases, especially cardiovascular's, which contributes to the aggravation of the diabetic ocular in juries evolution. The study underlines the high incidence of the new founded cases with diabetus melitus in complicated diabetes retinopathy stage; the high frequency of ocular complications is explained, according to our statistic facts and through an insufficient treatment, sometimes incorrect and many other cases total neglected by the patients.

  6. Ten years of monetary union in retrospect


    1 January 1999 saw the start of the third and final phase of European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Ten years on, membership has expanded from the initial 11 members to reach 16 countries by January 2009. This article reviews the first decade of monetary union from a number of angles. Monetary policy under EMU managed to secure historically low inflation, thereby creating the conditions for sustainable economic growth. Despite large relative price movements stemming from globalisation, i...

  7. Severe adverse events related to tattooing: An retrospective analysis of 11 years

    Uwe Wollina


    Full Text Available Background: The incidence of tattoos has been increased markedly during the last 20 years. Aims: To analyze the patient files for severe adverse medical reactions related to tattooing. Settings: Academic Teaching Hospital in South-East Germany. Materials and Methods: Retrospective investigation from March 2001 to May 2012. Results: The incidence of severe adverse medical reactions has been estimated as 0.02%. Infectious and non-infectious severe reactions have been observed. The consequences were medical drug therapies and surgery. Conclusions: Tattooing may be associated with severe adverse medical reactions with significant morbidity. Regulations, education and at least hygienic controls are tools to increase consumer safety.

  8. Farming tractor fatalities in Virginia: an 11-year retrospective review.

    Fulcher, James; Noller, Anna; Kay, Deborah


    This retrospective case review examines farm tractor-related deaths in the Commonwealth of Virginia for an 11-year period, from 1997 to 2007. This study compares decedent's demographic information, toxicology results, and medical histories.A vast majority of farm tractor-related deaths were male (98%) and white (91%). The average age was 60 years with most deaths occurring between the ages of 40 and 80 years. Ethanol use was observed in 9% of all cases with 7% of cases being more than 0.08% wt/vol ethanol, which is the legal limit in Virginia to operate a motor vehicle.The more mountainous, Western District Office of the Chief Medical Examiner composed 60% of total cases with 43% of these western cases related to tractor use on a natural slope or incline. The deaths in other districts were all less than 13% natural slope or incline related, reflecting the topography of these areas.These findings confirm much of what observation would suggest; accidents with farming tractors typically involve older white men. Operating a tractor on steep inclines is dangerous as many tractors do not have adequate rollover protection. The use of ethanol is dangerous when using any heavy equipment.This study provides an initial look at tractor-related deaths in Virginia, and more research is needed in this area to improve safety mechanisms on this machinery.

  9. Cerebral mycosis: 7-year retrospective series in a tertiary center.

    Raparia, Kirtee; Powell, Suzanne Z; Cernoch, Pat; Takei, Hidehiro


    This study focuses on the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, risk factors, diagnosis and outcome of all cases of central nervous system (CNS) fungal infections in a tertiary center. Medical records of 18 patients of culture-proven CNS fungal infections were retrospectively reviewed from 2000 to 2007, including 12 isolated from the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and seven from tissue biopsy. Patient demographic data included 10 males and eight females. The mean age was 55 years (range: 24-89 years). All but one patient were immunocompromised. Fungal organisms isolated from CSF included: Cryptococcous neoformans (8 patients), Coccidioides immitis (3 patients), and Aspergillus versicolor (1 patient). Histopathology of seven biopsy cases revealed groups of pigmented golden-brown fungal forms in three cases; three cases showed septate fungi, two of which had melanin in their walls; and one case showed multiple round spherules. These cases on microbiological cultures grew Coccidioides immitis (1 patient), Aspergillus fumigatus (1 patient), Cladophialophora bantiana (2 patients), Fonsecaea monophora (1 patient) and Scedosporium apiospermum (2 patients). Five of the seven fungal organisms isolated from tissue biopsies were dematiaceous fungi. Twelve patients died after a period of a few weeks to months, two were lost to follow-up, and four are alive with severe neurological sequelae. CNS fungal infections in our cohort were more common in patients post-transplant and with hematologic malignancies. In our series, rare dematiaceous fungi are emerging agents for cerebral mycosis. The outcome of CNS fungal infections is poor despite vigorous antifungal therapy.

  10. Equine-associated maxillofacial injuries: retrospective 5-year analysis.

    Islam, Shofiq; Gupta, Benjamin; Taylor, Christopher J; Chow, Jeffrey; Hoffman, Gary R


    We explored the relation between the causes of facial injuries in equestrians and the presence or absence of associated injuries. Over a 5-year period we retrospectively reviewed all patients who presented to the John Hunter Hospital, New South Wales, with facial injuries that had resulted from activity with horses. We analysed the rates of hard and soft tissue injuries, and of associated injuries by sex and mechanism. A total of 85 patients were included (50 female and 35 male) with an age range of 2-88 years. There was a significant difference in the rate of maxillofacial and associated injuries when groups were analysed for sex and mechanism of injury. Facial injuries caused by falling from a horse were more often associated with other injuries in men than in women (p<0.05), and men were 4 times more likely to present with associated injuries than women (OR 3.9; 95% CI 1.1 to 14) We also found significant differences in the rates of facial fracture. Women who had been kicked by a horse were more likely to sustain bony injuries than men (p<0.05). Our data confirm the association between kicks and facial fracture, and this may provide an impetus for the development of appropriate protective equipment. Patients who sustain facial injuries when falling from a horse often present with associated injuries and this has practical implications for clinicians involved in their management.

  11. Leprosy Reaction in Thai Population: A 20-Year Retrospective Study

    Poonkiat Suchonwanit


    Full Text Available Background. Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease that presents with varying dermatological and neurological symptoms. The leprosy reactions occur over the chronic course of the disease and lead to extensive disability and morbidity. Objective. To analyze and identify the risk factors which contribute to leprosy reactions. Methods. In a retrospective study, we reviewed the medical records of leprosy patients registered at the leprosy clinic, Ramathibodi Hospital, Thailand, between March 1995 and April 2015. One hundred and eight patients were included; descriptive analysis was used for baseline characteristics and a binary logistic regression model was applied for identifying risk factors correlated with leprosy reactions. Results. Of the 108 cases analyzed, 51 were male and 57 were female. The mean age of presentation was 45 years. The borderline tuberculoid type was the most common clinical form. Leprosy reactions were documented in 61 cases (56.5%. The average time to reaction was 8.9 months. From multivariate analysis, risk factors for leprosy reactions were being female, positive bacillary index status, and MB treatment regimen. Conclusions. Leprosy reactions are common complications in leprosy patients. Being female, positive bacillary index status, and multibacillary treatment regimen are significantly associated with the reactions. Early detection in cases with risk factors followed by appropriate treatment could prevent the morbidity of leprosy patients.

  12. Four-year retrospective look for acute scrotal pathologies

    Ayvaz, Olga Devrim; Celayir, Aysenur Cerrah; Moralioglu, Serdar; Bosnali, Oktav; Pektas, Osman Zeki; Pelin, Ahmet Koray; Caman, Sefik


    OBJECTIVE: A group of diseases in the scrotum setting forth by the sudden swelling and redness and pain consist of acute scrotal pathologies. The most common causes of acute scrotum in children are epididymitis, epididymo-orchitis, orchitis, testicular torsion, torsion of the appendix testis, incarcerated inguinal hernia and traumatic hydro/hematocele. In this study; we aim to evaulate patients with acute scrotal pathologies who were interned in our department. METHODS: All hospital data of cases who were interned at our deparment due to acute scrotum in between June 2010-June 2014 were evaluated retrospectively. Cases with incarcerated inguinal herni were excluded in this study. RESULTS: In a 4-year-period 114 cases were interned in our department with acute scrotum. Mean age of the patients was 7.6±4.577 years (min: 1m-max: 18yrs). Doppler US was performed in 112 patients to evaluate the blood flow while in 2 patients applied after normal office hours were evaluated without Doppler US and operated under emergency conditions. The patients had received diagnosis of epididymitis/epididymo-orchitis/orchitis (n=83 cases; 72.8%), testicular torsion (n=24; 21.1%), torsion of the appendix testis (n=2; 1.8%) with and traumatic hydrocele/ hematocele (n=5; 4.4%). While detorsion was performed in 18 (75%) cases with testicular torsion and orchiectomy in 6 (25%) cases. Histopathological evaluation of orchiectomy specimens revealed hemorrhagic necrosis and hemorrhagic infarction or ischemic changes. Normal testicular size and vascularity were detected in 11 (61.1%) cases with detorsioned testis as detected by follow-up Doppler US. Late orchiectomy was performed in 7 cases (38.9%) with complete atrophy due to lack of blood supply. CONCLUSION: Although Doppler US is very helpful for differential diagnosis of patients with acute scrotum who applied early period, if Doppler US will lead to a waste of time, direct surgery without delay will reduce the risk of testicular loss. PMID

  13. The American Board of Radiology Holman Research Pathway: 10-Year Retrospective Review of the Program and Participant Performance

    Wallner, Paul E., E-mail: [21st Century Oncology, LLC, Fort Myers, Florida, and American Board of Radiology, Tucson, Arizona (United States); Ang, K. Kian [University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas (United States); Zietman, Anthony L. [Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts (United States); Harris, Jay R. [Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, Massachusetts (United States); Ibbott, Geoffrey S. [University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas (United States); Mahoney, Mary C. [University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio (United States); Mezwa, Duane G. [Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, Royal Oaks, Michigan (United States); Wilson, Lynn D. [Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut (United States); Becker, Gary J. [American Board of Radiology, Tucson, Arizona (United States)


    Introduction: In 1999, the American Board of Radiology (ABR) implemented an innovative training program track in diagnostic radiology (DR) and radiation oncology (RO) designed to stimulate development of a cadre of future academic researchers and educators in the 2 disciplines. The program was designated the Holman Research Pathway (HRP). An in-depth retrospective review of initial certification examination performance, post-training career choices, and academic productivity has not been written. This report represents a 10-year retrospective review of post-training performance of a cohort of trainees who have had sufficient time to complete their training and initial certification process and to enter practice. Methods and Materials: All pertinent proceedings of the ABR and Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Residency Review Committees for DR and RO between 1997 and May 2011 were reviewed. Thirty-four HRP candidates who fulfilled the established evaluation criteria were identified, and their ABR data files were analyzed regarding performance on the qualifying and certifying examinations. All candidates were contacted directly to obtain a current curriculum vitae. Results: Twenty candidates in RO and 14 candidates in DR were identifiable for review. All candidates attained initial certification. At the time of analysis, 23 of 33 (66.6%) candidates were employed in full-time academic practice (1 DR candidate remained in a fellowship and was not evaluated regarding employment status). Fifteen of 20 (75%) RO candidates were in faculty positions compared with 7 of 13 (53.8%) DR trainees. Additional academic productivity metrics are reported. Conclusions: A high percentage of HRP trainees remained in academic practice and demonstrated significant academic productivity as measured by manuscript authorship and research support. Additional time and observation will be needed to determine whether these findings will be sustained by past, current

  14. Verb-Noun Collocation Proficiency and Academic Years

    Fatemeh Ebrahimi-Bazzaz


    Full Text Available Generally vocabulary and collocations in particular have significant roles in language proficiency. A collocation includes two words that are frequently joined concurrently in the memory of native speakers. There have been many linguistic studies trying to define, to describe, and to categorise English collocations. It contains grammatical collocations and lexical collocations which include nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverb. In the context of a foreign language environment such as Iran, collocational proficiency can be useful because it helps the students improve their language proficiency. This paper investigates the possible relationship between verb-noun collocation proficiency among students from one academic year to the next. To reach this goal, a test of verb-noun collocations was administered to Iranian learners. The participants in the study were 212 Iranian students in an Iranian university. They were selected from the second term of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. The students’ age ranged from 18 to 35.The results of ANOVA showed there was variability in the verb-noun collocations proficiency within each academic year and between the four academic years. The results of a post hoc multiple comparison tests demonstrated that the means are significantly different between the first year and the third and fourth years, and between the third and the fourth academic year; however, students require at least two years to show significant development in verb-noun collocation proficiency.  These findings provided a vital implication that lexical collocations are learnt and developed through four academic years of university, but requires at least two years showing significant development in the language proficiency. Keywords: Language proficiency, Collocation, Communicative Competence, academic year, Iranian EFL learners

  15. What We Learned From the Oil Crisis of 1973: A 30-Year Retrospective

    Roeder, John L.


    Thirty years ago, the Arab Oil Embargo caused us to stop taking gasoline for granted and caused the author to start teaching students about the importance of energy in our lives. This retrospective shows the same general patterns discerned from a 20-year retrospective a decade ago: a sharp decrease in energy use following each of the two energy…

  16. The Relationships among Academic Attitudes, Psychological Attitudes, and the First-Semester Academic Achievement of First-Year College Students

    Reynolds, Amy L.; Weigand, Matthew J.


    This study examined the relationships among academic and psychological attitudes and academic achievement of first-year students. The College Resilience Scale, the Academic Motivation Scale, the College Self-Efficacy Inventory, and the University Environment Scale were administered to 164 first-year undergraduate students enrolled at a large RU/VH…

  17. Talented athletes and academic achievements : a comparison over 14 years

    Jonker, Laura; Elferink-Gemser, Marije T.; Visscher, Chris


    The purpose of this study was to gain insight into the academic achievements of 200 talented athletes in 1992/1993 and 200 in 2006/2007, aged 14-16 years. When compared with the national average, the athletes in 2006/2007 attended pre-university classes more often (2 = 57.001, p.05). Of the 2006/200

  18. Five-Year Retrospective Review of Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis

    Chitprapassorn Thienvibul


    Full Text Available Background. Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis (AGEP is an acute pustular eruption characterized by widespread nonfollicular sterile pustules. The aim of this study is to characterize the etiology, clinical features, laboratory findings, management, and outcome of patients with AGEP in Asians. Patient/Methods. A retrospective analysis was performed on patient who presented with AGEP between August 2008 and November 2012 in a tertiary center in Thailand. Results. Nineteen patients with AGEP were included. AGEP was generally distributed in seventeen patients (89.5% and localized in two (10.5%. Fever and neutrophilia occurred in 52.6% and 68.4%, respectively. Hepatitis was found up to 26.3%. The most common etiology was drugs (94.7%, comprising of antibiotics (73.6%, proton pump inhibitors (10.5%, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (5.3%, and herbal medicine (5.3%. Beta-lactams were the most common causal drug, particularly carbapenems and cephalosporins. This is the first report of Andrographis paniculata as an offending agent for AGEP. We found no differences between various treatment regimens (topical corticosteroid, systemic corticosteroid, and supportive treatment regarding the time from drug cessation to pustules resolution (P=0.171. Conclusions. We have highlighted the presentation of AGEP among Asians. We found high association with systemic drugs. Carbapenems were one of the leading culprit drugs. Finally, a localized variant was observed.

  19. Attributions of Academic Performance among Third Year and Fourth Year Biology Major Students

    Nick John B. Solar


    Full Text Available This is a descriptive study aimed to determine the attributions of academic performance of third year and fourth year biology major students in the College of Education, West Visayas State University, School Year 2013-2014. The academic performance were categorized or measured in terms of test, projects, workbooks, and laboratory experiments, class participation, and attendance. The Attributions in academic performance were evaluated using the closed-form questionnairechecklist,categorized intoin termsof ability, effort, luck, or task difficulty. Mean frequency, mean percentage, Mann-Whitney U-test, two-sampled test set at 0.05 level of significance were used to determine if there were significant difference in the attribution when the students were taken according to their year level. The result of the study revealed that the Third Year biology majors attributed their academic performance to effort which is shown to have the highest percentage attribution in overall rank. There was no significant difference in the attributions of academic performance for third year and fourth year biology major students in terms of test, while the result for projects, workbooks, and laboratory experiment and class participation and attendance categories,was found out to have a significant difference in the attribution for the third and fourth years biology Major students’ academic performances.

  20. Bat Rabies in France: A 24-Year Retrospective Epidemiological Study

    Picard-Meyer, Evelyne; Robardet, Emmanuelle; Arthur, Laurent; Larcher, Gérald; Harbusch, Christine; Servat, Alexandre; Cliquet, Florence


    Since bat rabies surveillance was first implemented in France in 1989, 48 autochthonous rabies cases without human contamination have been reported using routine diagnosis methods. In this retrospective study, data on bats submitted for rabies testing were analysed in order to better understand the epidemiology of EBLV-1 in bats in France and to investigate some epidemiological trends. Of the 3176 bats submitted for rabies diagnosis from 1989 to 2013, 1.96% (48/2447 analysed) were diagnosed positive. Among the twelve recognised virus species within the Lyssavirus genus, two species were isolated in France. 47 positive bats were morphologically identified as Eptesicus serotinus and were shown to be infected by both the EBLV-1a and the EBLV-1b lineages. Isolation of BBLV in Myotis nattereri was reported once in the north-east of France in 2012. The phylogenetic characterisation of all 47 French EBLV-1 isolates sampled between 1989 and 2013 and the French BBLV sample against 21 referenced partial nucleoprotein sequences confirmed the low genetic diversity of EBLV-1 despite its extensive geographical range. Statistical analysis performed on the serotine bat data collected from 1989 to 2013 showed seasonal variation of rabies occurrence with a significantly higher proportion of positive samples detected during the autumn compared to the spring and the summer period (34% of positive bats detected in autumn, 15% in summer, 13% in spring and 12% in winter). In this study, we have provided the details of the geographical distribution of EBLV-1a in the south-west of France and the north-south division of EBLV-1b with its subdivisions into three phylogenetic groups: group B1 in the north-west, group B2 in the centre and group B3 in the north-east of France. PMID:24892287

  1. A Half-Year Retrospect upon Four Industries

    Ran Yongping; Wang Zheng; Bao Dan


    @@ As half of this year has passed,the macroeconomic conditions in the first five months and the statistics of several benchmarking industries showed that the Chinese economic recovery has gained fresh momentum.

  2. The relationship between academic performance and recreation use among first-year medical students

    Alexander N. Slade


    Full Text Available Introduction: Self-care activities, including exercise, may be neglected by medical students in response to increasing academic demands. Low levels of exercise among medical students may have ripple effects on patient care and counseling. This study investigates the reciprocal role of recreation use and academic performance among first-year medical students. Methods: We combined retrospective administrative data from four cohorts of first-year medical students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 2006 to 2010 (n=408. We estimated regression models to clarify the role of changes in recreation use before examinations on changes in academic performance, and vice versa. Results: The use of recreation facilities by first-year medical students was highly skewed. We found that changes in recreation use before an exam were positively associated with changes in exam performance, and vice versa. Students who make large decreases in their recreation use are likely to decrease their exam scores, rather than increase them. Discussion: Students who make decreases in their recreation, on average, are likely to decrease their exam scores. These findings suggest that medical students may be able to boost their achievement through wellness interventions, even if they are struggling with exams. We find no evidence that decreasing wellness activities will help improve exam performance.

  3. The Guidelines for Geographic Education: A Ten-Year Retrospective.

    Petersen, James F.


    Reviews the background and history of the "Guidelines for Geographic Education: Elementary and Secondary Schools," which were 10 years old in 1994. Argues that, although it is too early to determine whether the reform efforts in geography are successful, the guidelines may be a basis for a renaissance in geographic education. (CFR)

  4. Raising the Standard: A 15-Year Retrospective, 1987-2002.

    National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Detroit, MI.

    This report describes the past 15 years of work by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) to raise the standards for teacher quality. The NBPTS identified five core propositions that describe the knowledge, skills, and dispositions characterizing accomplished teaching. It created professional standards for K-12 teachers,…

  5. The Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases: A Ten Year Retrospective Study

    Razieh Mohammadjafari


    Full Text Available Background: Gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD defines a heterogenenous group ofinterrelated lesions that arise from the trophoblastic epithelium of the placenta. There are severalhistologically distinct types of GTD: hydatiform mole (complete or partial, persistant/invasivegestational trophoblastic neoplasia (GTN, choriocarcinoma and placenta site trophoblastictumors. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency and risk factors of GTD amongwomen admitted to Imam Khomeini Hospital in Ahvaz, Iran.Materials and Methods: This was a cross-sectional study conducted at Imam KhomeiniHospital in Ahvaz, Iran. All hospital records related to GTD (132 from 1996 until 2006 werereviewed. Demographic and histo-pathologic characteristics were extracted. Chi-square andFisher-exact tests were used to analyze all variables. P ≤ 0.05 was considered statisticallysignificant. SPSS, version 11 was used for statistical analysis.Results: The mean age of patients was 27.6 years. Most patients who presented with GTDwere of ages 18-35 years (71.3%. There was no relationship between age and hydatiformmole during the reproductive years. There were 28 (18.9% patients over the age 40, of which18 (15.90% of these had a complete hydatiform mole. Within this group, 9 (6.8% changedto a persistent mole. There was a significant relationship between age over 40 and completemole (p<0.02. The percentage of patients with blood groups A and O was the same (37.9%.There was a significant relationship between blood groups (O+ and A+ and complete mole(p<0.05.Conclusion: The most common age range for hydatiform mole was 18-35 years. Women overthe age of 40 had a more complete hydatiform mole, which is similar to the other countries.Age and blood group are two risk factors for hydatiform mole.

  6. Organic geochemistry - A retrospective of its first 70 years

    Kvenvolden, K.A.


    Organic geochemistry had its origin in the early part of the 20th century when organic chemists and geologists realized that detailed information on the organic materials in sediments and rocks was scientifically interesting and of practical importance. The generally acknowledged "father" of organic geochemistry is Alfred E. Treibs (1899-1983), who discovered and described, in 1936, porphyrin pigments in shale, coal, and crude oil, and traced the source of these molecules to their biological precursors. Thus, the year 1936 marks the beginning of organic geochemistry. However, formal organization of organic geochemistry dates from 1959 when the Organic Geochemistry Division (OGD) of The Geochemical Society was founded in the United States, followed 22 years later (1981) by the establishment of the European Association of Organic Geochemists (EAOG). Organic geochemistry (1) has its own journal, Organic Geochemistry (beginning in 1979) which, since 1988, is the official journal of the EAOG, (2) convenes two major conferences [International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry (IMOG), since 1962, and Gordon Research Conferences on Organic Geochemistry (GRC), since 1968] in alternate years, and (3) is the subject matter of several textbooks. Organic geochemistry is now a widely recognized geoscience in which organic chemistry has contributed significantly not only to geology (i.e., petroleum geochemistry, molecular stratigraphy) and biology (i.e., biogeochemistry), but also to other disciplines, such as chemical oceanography, environmental science, hydrology, biochemical ecology, archaeology, and cosmochemistry.

  7. An Eleven-Year Retrospective Study of Endogenous Bacterial Endophthalmitis

    Takashi Nishida


    Full Text Available Purpose. To determine the clinical features, microbial profiles, treatment outcomes, and prognostic factors for endogenous bacterial endophthalmitis (EBE. Methods. The medical records of 27 eyes of 21 patients diagnosed with EBE for 11 years were reviewed. Collected data included age, site of infection, visual acuities (VAs, microbial profiles, and treatment regimen. Results. The mean age was 68.5 years. Gram-positive organisms accounted for 76.2%, while gram-negative ones accounted for 19.0%. Staphylococcus aureus was the most common causative organism (52.3% of which 72.7% was methicillin-resistant S. aureus. A final VA of ≥20/40 was achieved in 44% and 20/200 or better was in 64%. Eyes with initial VA of ≥20/200 (P = 0.003 and focal involvements (P = 0.011 had significantly better final VA. Initial VA (P = 0.001 and the interval between onset of ocular symptoms and intravitreal antibiotic injection (P = 0.097 were associated with final VA in eyes receiving intravitreal antibiotics. Conclusions. EBE is generally associated with poor visual outcome; however the prognosis may depend on initial VA, extent of ocular involvement, and an interval between onset of ocular symptoms and intravitreal antibiotic injection. Early diagnosis and early intravitreal injection supplement to systemic antibiotics might lead to a relatively good visual outcome.

  8. An Eleven-Year Retrospective Study of Endogenous Bacterial Endophthalmitis

    Nishida, Takashi; Ishida, Kyoko; Niwa, Yoshiaki; Kawakami, Hideaki; Mochizuki, Kiyofumi; Ohkusu, Kiyofumi


    Purpose. To determine the clinical features, microbial profiles, treatment outcomes, and prognostic factors for endogenous bacterial endophthalmitis (EBE). Methods. The medical records of 27 eyes of 21 patients diagnosed with EBE for 11 years were reviewed. Collected data included age, site of infection, visual acuities (VAs), microbial profiles, and treatment regimen. Results. The mean age was 68.5 years. Gram-positive organisms accounted for 76.2%, while gram-negative ones accounted for 19.0%. Staphylococcus aureus was the most common causative organism (52.3%) of which 72.7% was methicillin-resistant S. aureus. A final VA of ≥20/40 was achieved in 44% and 20/200 or better was in 64%. Eyes with initial VA of ≥20/200 (P = 0.003) and focal involvements (P = 0.011) had significantly better final VA. Initial VA (P = 0.001) and the interval between onset of ocular symptoms and intravitreal antibiotic injection (P = 0.097) were associated with final VA in eyes receiving intravitreal antibiotics. Conclusions. EBE is generally associated with poor visual outcome; however the prognosis may depend on initial VA, extent of ocular involvement, and an interval between onset of ocular symptoms and intravitreal antibiotic injection. Early diagnosis and early intravitreal injection supplement to systemic antibiotics might lead to a relatively good visual outcome. PMID:25802752

  9. A 10-year retrospective study on odontogenic tumors in Iran

    Nasim Taghavi


    Full Text Available Objective: The aim of this study was to review cases of odontogenic tumors diagnosed in two pathology centers in Tehran, Iran, during a 10-year period. Study Design: Patients′ records were seen at two teaching pathology Centre′s of Shahid Beheshti University between the months of March 2000 to 2010 with histologic diagnosis of any type of odontogenic tumors. The records were analyzed for frequency, age, sex, site, as well as clinical, radiographic and histopathologic findings. Results: Of 30706 biopsies, 4767 (15.5% cases were diagnosed as oral and maxillofacial lesions. Among these, 720 cases were tumoral with 188 (26.1% cases of odontogenic tumors. Tumors with odontogenic epithelium origin formed 70.2% of total numbers of odontogenic tumors. Mixed odontogenic tumors and tumors of odontogenic ectomesenchyme comprised 12.2% and 17.5% of the cases respectively. Ameloblastoma, with a frequency of 62.2% was the most common tumor in this review which was followed by odontoma and odontogenic myxoma. Conclusion: Although there are few studies on odontogenic tumors in literature, the comparison of our results with existing data shows significant differences in the distribution of tumors and age of patients, which may be due to ethnic features and geographic distribution of patients. Future studies on other ethnic groups are essential for further clarification of the findings in this research.

  10. Lunokhod 2 - A retrospective Glance after 30 Years

    Gromov, V.; Kemurdjian, A.; Bogatchev, A.; Koutcherenko, V.; Malenkov, M.; Matrossov, S.; Vladykin, S.; Petriga, V.; Khakhanov, Y.


    30 years have passed since the second Soviet research Lunokhod-2 rover landed on the Moon on January 16, 1973 within the framework of the Luna-21 mission. Scientific explorations of the lunar surface and space, begun with the Lunokhod-1 rover (1970-1971), were continued with Lunokhod-2. Creation of Lunokhod-1 and Lunokhod-2 marked realization of direction on study of planets using mobile self-propelled robots. Other direction connected with using planetary rovers to transport astronauts, scientific equipment and weights was realized as a result of creation of the American LRV lunar rover. Astronauts during Apollo-15 (1971), Apollo-15 (1972) and Apollo-15 (1972) missions used it. Programs of operation for Lunokhod-1,-2 on the Moon envisaged investigations of topographic and morphological peculiarities of the terrain, determination of the chemical composition and physical and mechanical properties of soil, experiments on the laser detection and ranging of the Moon and, etc. Successful fulfilment of programs was ensured, to a considerable extent, with the self-propelled chassis developed at VNIITRANSMASH to order of the Lavochkin Scientific and Production Association (NPOL). The chassis, on the one hand, ensured necessary cross-country ability for Lunokhod-1,-2, on the other hand, it was as the independent scientific instrument, which provided investigation as temperature measurement of the lunar surface, surface topography and craters distribution, physical and mechanical properties of soil with the special PROP instrument equipped with the penetrometer, chassis traction-cohesive characteristics, upper surface layer by a character its deformation by the mover, etc. A number of improvements of Lunokhod-2 improving its operating characteristics were performed on the basis of results of Lunokhod-1 operation. Lunokhod-1,-2 operation confirmed that automatic mobile robots can be used as effective means for studying planets and their satellites. At the same time, an

  11. Beyond Books: The Extended Academic Benefits of Library Use for First-Year College Students

    Soria, Krista M.; Fransen, Jan; Nackerud, Shane


    The purpose of this paper was to investigate whether there are relationships between first-year college students' use of academic libraries and four academic outcomes: academic engagement, engagement in scholarly activities, academic skills development, and grade point average. The results of regression analyses suggest students' use of books…

  12. A 14-year retrospective maternal report of alcohol consumption in pregnancy predicts pregnancy and teen outcomes.

    Hannigan, John H; Chiodo, Lisa M; Sokol, Robert J; Janisse, James; Ager, Joel W; Greenwald, Mark K; Delaney-Black, Virginia


    Detecting patterns of maternal drinking that place fetuses at risk for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) is critical to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention but is challenging because information on antenatal drinking collected during pregnancy is often insufficient or lacking. Although retrospective assessments have been considered less favored by many researchers due to presumed poor reliability, this perception may be inaccurate because of reduced maternal denial and/or distortion. The present study hypothesized that fetal alcohol exposure, as assessed retrospectively during child adolescence, would be related significantly to prior measures of maternal drinking and would predict alcohol-related behavioral problems in teens better than antenatal measures of maternal alcohol consumption. Drinking was assessed during pregnancy, and retrospectively about the same pregnancy, at a 14-year follow-up in 288 African-American women using well-validated semistructured interviews. Regression analysis examined the predictive validity of both drinking assessments on pregnancy outcomes and on teacher-reported teen behavior outcomes. Retrospective maternal self-reported drinking assessed 14 years postpartum was significantly higher than antenatal reports of consumption. Retrospective report identified 10.8 times more women as risk drinkers (≥ one drink per day) than the antenatal report. Antenatal and retrospective reports were moderately correlated and both were correlated with the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test. Self-reported alcohol consumption during pregnancy based on retrospective report identified significantly more teens exposed prenatally to at-risk alcohol levels than antenatal, in-pregnancy reports. Retrospective report predicted more teen behavior problems (e.g., attention problems and externalizing behaviors) than the antenatal report. Antenatal report predicted younger gestational age at birth and retrospective report predicted smaller birth size

  13. Work Review of Academic Divisions over the Past Two Years


    Since the 15th General Assembly of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which took place in Beijing from June 6 to 10, 2010, the Academic Divisions of CAS (CASAD) has achieved fruitful progress in various aspects. By relying on the standing committees of various divisions and all CAS Members, the CASAD Presidium and its special committees have endeavored to promote the advancement of a national think tank on science in a comprehensive way and the sustained development of CASAD and CAS Members as a group. An outline of the CASAD plan for development over the next five years was formulated,

  14. Academic achievement in first-year Portuguese college students: the role of academic preparation and learning strategies.

    Soares, Ana Paula; Guisande, Adelina M; Almeida, Leandro S; Páramo, Fernanda M


    This paper analyses the role of academic preparation and learning strategies in the prediction of first-year Portuguese college students' academic achievement, considering students' sex and academic field attended. A sample of 445 first-year college students (68.5% female) from the University of Minho (25.8% enrolled in economics, 35.3% in science/technology, and 38.9% in humanities degrees) participated in the study. Students answered a questionnaire on learning strategies in the classroom at the end of the first semester, which consisted of 44 items organized in five dimensions: comprehensive approach, surface approach, personal competency perceptions, intrinsic motivation, and organization of study activities. Academic achievement (grade point average at the end of first year) and academic preparation (students' higher education access mark) were obtained through the academic records of the university. Results showed that academic preparation was the strongest predictor of first-year academic achievement, and only marginal additional variance was explained by learning strategies as assessed by the self-reported questionnaire. There were sex and academic field differences, but these variables do not seem strong enough to affect the results, although the different percentages of variance captured by each model and the different weights associated to higher education access mark, stimulate the use of these and/or other personal and contextual variables when analysing the phenomenon.

  15. Orbital complications secondary to acute sinusitis– A 10 years retrospective review


    Abstract Introduction: Orbital complication may accompany acute sinusitis in all age, commonly preseptal or orbital cellulitis. Aim: To evaluate the clinical presentation, management, and outcome of orbital complications of sinusitis in patients treated at our institution. Methods: A case study of retrospective review of 10 patients with orbital complications secondary to acute sinusitis was conducted in our centre over a 10-years period. The clinical presentation, relevant investigations, m...

  16. Fundamentals of Physics for Engineering I (problems proposed). Academic year 2014-2015


    Problems proposed: Course "Physical Foundations of Engineering I". Degree in Sound and Image in Telecommunication Engineering. Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante. Academic year 2014-2015.

  17. Fundamentals of Engineering Physics I (Problems proposed). Academic year 2015-2016


    Problems proposed: Course "Fundamentals of Engineering Physics I". Degree in Sound and Image in Telecommunication Engineering. Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante. Academic year 2015-2016.

  18. Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections in Jenin Governorate, Palestine:a 10-year retrospective study

    Sami Bdir; Ghaleb Adwan


    Objective:To assess the prevalence of intestinal parasites among Jenin Governorate (Northern Palestine) population.Methods:A retrospective laboratory analysis of stool specimens was carried out for intestinal parasite examination in Jenin Governmental Hospital, Jenin Governorate, Northern Palestine. The records were collected from the clinical microbiology laboratory of the Jenin Governmental Hospital between January2000and December2009. Results: Our retrospective study showed that the prevalence of intestinal parasite infection during10 years ranged from32.0-41.5%. There are at least7 different parasitesencountered. The most common pathogenic parasites identified were:Entamoeba histolytica(8.2-18.2%),Enterobius vermicularis(15.6-28.9%). The other parasites present wereGiardia lamblia, Ascaris lumbricoides, Strongyloides stercoralis,Taenia species andAncylostoma duodenale (Hookworms).Conclusions:Intestinal parasitic infection is an important public health problem in Jenin governorate, Palestine. It is necessary to develop effective prevention and control strategies including health education and environmental sanitation improvement.

  19. Assessment of dental caries predictors in 6-year-old school children - results from 5-year retrospective cohort study

    Masood Mohd


    Full Text Available Abstract Background This was a retrospective cohort study undertaken to assess the rate and pattern of dental caries development in 6-year-old school children followed-up for a period of 5 years, and to identify baseline risk factors that were associated with 5 years caries experience in Malaysian children. Methods This 5-years retrospective cohort study comprised primary school children initially aged 6 years in 2004. Caries experience of each child was recorded annually using World Health Organization criteria. The rates of dental caries were recorded in prevalence and incidence density of carious lesions from baseline to final examination. Risk assessment was done to assess relative risk for caries after 5 years in children with baseline caries status. Simple and multiple logistic regression analysis were performed to identify significant independent risk factors for caries. Results The sample consisted of 1830 school children. All components of DMFT showed significant differences between baseline and final examination. Filled teeth (FT component of the DMFT showed the greatest increases. Results revealed the initial baseline caries level in permanent dentition was a strong predictor for future caries after 5 years (RR=3.78, 95% CI=3.48-4.10, P0.001. Logistic regression analysis showed significant association between caries occurrence and residence (urban/rural (OR=1.80, Pp observed from baseline and after 5 years was 5.80 persons/100 person-year of observation. The rate of new caries-affected tooth (IDt in the period from baseline and after 5-years was 0.76 teeth/100 teeth-year of observation. Conclusion The majority of 12-year-old school children (70% were caries-free and most of the caries were concentrated in only a small proportion (30% of them. We found that the presence of caries in permanent teeth at the age of 6 years was a strong predictor of future caries development in this population. The strong evidence of early permanent teeth

  20. Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges: Academic Year Report 2013-2014

    Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, 2014


    The "Academic Year Report 2013-14" provides a snapshot of funding, facilities, staffing, and enrollments in Washington's community and technical colleges for the past academic year. The report also describes key measures of student outcomes and addresses the most frequently asked questions related to expenditures, personnel, and…

  1. The Boeing Company Applied Academics Project Evaluation: Year Four. Evaluation Report.

    Wang, Changhua; Owens, Thomas R.

    This paper describes fourth-year outcomes (1993-94) of the Boeing Company-funded Applied Academics Project. Since the 1990-91 school year, the company has provided funds to improve and expand applied academics in 60 Washington high schools. Data were collected from pre- and post-surveys of students enrolled in the project's Applied Mathematics…

  2. Epidemiology, diagnosis and management of superficial mycoses: ours three years retrospective analysis

    Barbara Pieretti


    Full Text Available Mycotic infections of the skin, hair and nails are disorder with high prevalence. Dermatophytes are the most frequently etiologic agents followed by yeasts and non-dermatophyte moulds. The geographic distribution is variable because of migration, lifestyle and socio-economics conditions. In this study, based on ours three years retrospective data analysis, we evaluate the epidemiology of etiologic agents, diagnosis and management of superficial mycoses. Our data and our experience suggest the importance of this microbiological diagnosis and the role of the Clinical Microbiologist to assess with Dermatologist and Primary Care Phyisician an appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic plan.

  3. Retrospective evaluation of the five-year and ten-year CSEP-Italy earthquake forecasts

    Stefan Wiemer


    Full Text Available On August 1, 2009, the global Collaboratory for the Study of Earthquake Predictability (CSEP launched a prospective and comparative earthquake predictability experiment in Italy. The goal of this CSEP-Italy experiment is to test earthquake occurrence hypotheses that have been formalized as probabilistic earthquake forecasts over temporal scales that range from days to years. In the first round of forecast submissions, members of the CSEP-Italy Working Group presented 18 five-year and ten-year earthquake forecasts to the European CSEP Testing Center at ETH Zurich. We have considered here the twelve time-independent earthquake forecasts among this set, and evaluated them with respect to past seismicity data from two Italian earthquake catalogs. We present the results of the tests that measure the consistencies of the forecasts according to past observations. As well as being an evaluation of the time-independent forecasts submitted, this exercise provides insight into a number of important issues in predictability experiments with regard to the specification of the forecasts, the performance of the tests, and the trade-off between robustness of results and experiment duration. We conclude with suggestions for the design of future earthquake predictability experiments.

  4. The fate of titanium miniplates and screws used in maxillofacial surgery: a 10 year retrospective study.

    O'Connell, J


    The objective of this 10 year, retrospective study is to evaluate the indications for the removal of titanium miniplates following osteosynthesis in maxillofacial trauma and orthognathic surgery. All patients who had miniplates placed in a Regional Oral and Maxillofacial Department between January 1998 and October 2007 were included. The following variables were recorded: patient gender and age, number of plates inserted, indications for plate placement, location of plates, number and location of plates removed, indications for plate removal, time between insertion and removal, medical co-morbidities, and the follow-up period. During the 10 years of the study, 1247 titanium miniplates were placed in 535 patients. A total of 32 (3%) plates were removed from 30 patients. Superficial infection accounted for 41% of all plates removed. All complications were minor and most plates were removed within the first year of insertion. A low removal rate of 3% suggests that the routine removal of asymptomatic titanium miniplates is not indicated.

  5. Sudden cardiac death while playing Australian Rules football: a retrospective 14 year review.

    Parsons, Sarah; Lynch, Matthew


    Australian Rules football is a sport which evolved from Gaelic football and which is played by a large number of predominantly male participants in a number of countries. The highest participation rates are in the southern states of Australia. A retrospective review over a period of 14 years identified 14 cases of sudden cardiac death that occurred in individuals while playing the sport. All were male and ranged in age from 13 to 36 years with a mean and median age of 23 years. A spectrum of cardiac causes was identified including coronary artery atherosclerosis, myocarditis, anomalous coronary artery anatomy, arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, and healed Kawasaki disease. In 5 cases the heart was morphologically normal raising the possibility of a channelopathy. No traumatic deaths were identified. Some of the individuals had experienced symptoms prior to the fatal episode and the role of pre participation screening in reducing mortality is discussed.

  6. Eleven-Year Retrospective Survival Study of 275 Veneered Lithium Disilicate Single Crowns.

    Simeone, Piero; Gracis, Stefano


    The aim of the present clinical retrospective study was to evaluate the long-term survival and clinical performance of veneered lithium disilicate single restorations in anterior and posterior areas after up to 11 years. Following a rigid protocol, 275 lithium disilicate single crowns (35 IPS Empress II and 240 e.max Press) were cemented over 11 years, in 106 patients, using an adhesive technique; of these 106 were anterior (38.5%) and 169 posterior (61.5%) teeth. Teeth receiving endodontic therapy and composite reconstruction (50%) and teeth with preexisting metalceramic crowns, called prosthetic retreatments (PR; 65%), were included as well. Of the 106 patients enrolled in the study, 25 (23.5%) were diagnosed with bruxism habits, and 7 of these patients (6.6% of all patients) received full-mouth single lithium disilicate restorations (FMR). The exclusion criteria for this retrospective clinical study were: monolithic lithium disilicate crowns, teeth with cast post and cores, implant-supported all-ceramic crowns, active periodontitis, and/or poor oral hygiene. Clinical reevaluation was performed by the clinicians who prepared and luted them during maintenance appointments between January 2012 and October 2013. Number of restoration failures and characteristics of failures were recorded. Marginal adaptation and marginal discoloration were evaluated based on the Cvar-Ryge criteria. The overall cumulative survival rate was 98.2%. The failures recorded were the result of either mechanical failure or debonding. Five crowns failed mechanically-three because of chipping and two because of core fracture-and were replaced. None of the failed crowns was associated with the bruxers with FMR. A total of 15 crowns debonded (5.5% of all crowns); however, 11 belonged to the same patient who had endodontically treated and reconstructed abutments. In this retrospective clinical evaluation of up to 132 months, veneered lithium disilicate single crowns had a low failure rate.

  7. Five year retrospective survival analysis of triple negative breast cancer in North-West India

    B Sharma


    Full Text Available Background: In our institute, about 10% of total cancer is female breast cancer. This analysis was performed to check triple negativity among these patients with their survival strength up to 5 years in relation to different age groups, stage and chemotherapy protocols. Materials and Methods: 208 immunohistochemistry proved triple negative breast cancer patients registered and treated until 2008 were retrospectively selected for the study. Overall survival up to 5 years was observed on the basis of stage, different age groups and chemotherapy regimens. All patients had undergone surgery, conventional external beam radiation therapy and adjuvant chemotherapy. The survival analyses were performed using the Kaplan-Meier method. Results: The majority of patients (41% were in the age group 21-30 years. Stage IV was seen in 18% of the patients at diagnosis and mainly in 21-40 years age group. Only 3% of females were >70 years age and were of Stage I and II. Overall 5 year survival in Stage I in Cyclophosphamide, Adriamycin/Epirubicin, 5-Flurouracil group was 37.5% as compared with Docetaxel/Paclitaxel, Epirubicin group 93% (P < 0.0001. Conclusion: Triple negativity in North-West India is about 11.8%. We observed it in younger patients mainly with highly aggressive behaviors. Taxane based chemotherapy gives better result as compared with anthracycline based regimens in all stages.

  8. The Relationship between Living Arrangement, Academic Performance, and Engagement among First-Year College Students

    Balfour, Denise Shata


    One way students become engaged in their undergraduate experience is through place of residence. Factors associated with high academic performance suggest high levels of engagement in campus life. This study investigated the relationship between living arrangement and the academic performance of first-year, full-time undergraduate students. The…

  9. Measuring the Academic Self-Efficacy of First-Year Accounting Students

    Byrne, Marann; Flood, Barbara; Griffin, Julie


    This study measured the levels of academic self-efficacy of first-year accounting students. It also investigated whether there were any gender differences and the extent to which efficacy levels explained variation in academic performance. Overall the analysis revealed that many students lacked the confidence to participate fully in the academic…

  10. Teacher-Student Interpersonal Relationships and Academic Motivation within One School Year: Developmental Changes and Linkage

    Opdenakker, Marie-Christine; Maulana, Ridwan; den Brok, Perry


    The present study explored the developmental changes of teacher-student interpersonal relationships as well as that of academic motivation among first-grade secondary school students. In addition, the link between teacher-student interpersonal behaviour and academic motivation across the school year was investigated. The data were collected 5…

  11. Teacher-student interpersonal relationships and academic motivation within one school year : developmental changes and linkage

    Opdenakker, Marie-Christine; Maulana, Ridwan; den Brok, Perry


    The present study explored the developmental changes of teacher-student interpersonal relationships as well as that of academic motivation among first-grade secondary school students. In addition, the link between teacher-student interpersonal behaviour and academic motivation across the school year

  12. Academic Performance, Age, Gender, and Ethnicity in Online Courses Delivered by Two-Year Colleges

    Jost, Bruce; Rude-Parkins, Carolyn; Githens, Rod P.


    This study investigated the effects the demographic variables age, gender, and ethnicity and their interactions had on academic performance in online courses delivered by public two-year colleges in Kentucky. The study controlled for previous academic performance measured by cumulative grade point average (GPA). The study used a random sample (N =…

  13. Predicting Academic Success of Health Science Students for First Year Anatomy and Physiology

    Anderton, Ryan S.; Evans, Tess; Chivers, Paola T.


    Students commencing tertiary education enter through a number of traditional and alternative academic pathways. As a result, tertiary institutions encounter a broad range of students, varying in demographic, previous education, characteristics and academic achievement. In recent years, the relatively constant increase in tertiary applications in…

  14. What explains the academic success of second-year economics students? An exploratory analysis

    Pietie Horn; Ada Jansen; Derek Yu


    The factors influencing academic success of first-year Economics students have received much attention from researchers. Very little attention, however, has been given to the determinants of success of senior Economics students. In the USA, Graunke and Woosley (2005: 367) indicate that college sophomores (second years) face academic difficulties, but this receives little attention in the literature. Economics is an elective subject for second-year students at Stellenbosch University. The acad...

  15. The bidirectional pathways between internalizing and externalizing problems and academic performance from 6 to 18 years.

    Van der Ende, Jan; Verhulst, Frank C; Tiemeier, Henning


    Internalizing and externalizing problems are associated with poor academic performance, both concurrently and longitudinally. Important questions are whether problems precede academic performance or vice versa, whether both internalizing and externalizing are associated with academic problems when simultaneously tested, and whether associations and their direction depend on the informant providing information. These questions were addressed in a sample of 816 children who were assessed four times. The children were 6-10 years at baseline and 14-18 years at the last assessment. Parent-reported internalizing and externalizing problems and teacher-reported academic performance were tested in cross-lagged models to examine bidirectional paths between these constructs. These models were compared with cross-lagged models testing paths between teacher-reported internalizing and externalizing problems and parent-reported academic performance. Both final models revealed similar pathways from mostly externalizing problems to academic performance. No paths emerged from internalizing problems to academic performance. Moreover, paths from academic performance to internalizing and externalizing problems were only found when teachers reported on children's problems and not for parent-reported problems. Additional model tests revealed that paths were observed in both childhood and adolescence. Externalizing problems place children at increased risk of poor academic performance and should therefore be the target for interventions.

  16. Childhood hospitalisation for otitis media in Western Australia: A 10-year retrospective analysis

    Nicholas Liu


    Full Text Available Background The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of hospitalisation for otitis media across the different risk indicators for Western Australian children (less than 15 years old over a 10-year period. Method This retrospective population-based study used the deidentified detailed data of children under the age of 15 years, hospitalised for otitis media (OM, as determined by principal diagnosis (ICD-10AM and obtained from the Western Australian (WA Hospital Morbidity Dataset for 10 financial years from 1999–2000 to 2008–2009. Various risk indicators, including age, gender, Indigenous status, insurance status, hospital area, hospital type, and length of stay were also analysed. Results Out of 26,294 cases of in-hospital care, Indigenous children comprised 4.7 per cent (n=1,226, while the non-Indigenous children comprised 95.3 per cent (n=25,068. The majority of the children, nearly 98.8 per cent, were admitted for chronic OM. The children were grouped into three age groups, namely, 0–4 years, 5–9 years, and 10–14 years. Nearly two-thirds of all cases were in the 0–4-year age group. Significantly more non-Indigenous (51 per cent than Indigenous children (2 per cent had private health insurance. The hospitalisation rates were directly proportional between the number of Indigenous children living in the area and the increasing remoteness of the area along with greater socioeconomic disadvantage. There were 24 per cent more cases from very remote areas compared to highly accessible areas, and there were 60 per cent more cases from the most disadvantaged socioeconomic category, compared with the least disadvantaged category, for Indigenous children. Conclusion These data depict the variations in prevalence of otitis media hospitalisations within the community, as affected by various risk indicators.

  17. Prevalence of acid fast bacilli in Ajmer: A retrospective analysis of eight years data

    Rathore R


    Full Text Available To assess prevalence of acid fast bacilli (AFB in Ajmer, a retrospective analysis of 8 years was done in 1905 AFB cultures in various clinical specimens. All specimens were cultured on Lowenstein-Jensen slants after decontamination and concentration using modified Petroff′s method. Smears were stained by Ziehl-Neelsen technique with acid and alcohol to exclude rapid growers. Four hundred and twenty eight AFB positive cultures were reported using morphological, staining and microscopic characteristics. Over all, AFB positive culture rate was 22.46%. Maximum positive cultures were from urinary system (253 followed by respiratory system (151, female genital systems (9, reticuloendothelial system (6, CNS (6, GIT (2, and CVS (1.

  18. Women in Academic Medicine Leadership: Has Anything Changed in 25 Years?

    Rochon, Paula A; Davidoff, Frank; Levinson, Wendy


    Over the past 25 years, the number of women graduating from medical schools in the United States and Canada has increased dramatically to the point where roughly equal numbers of men and women are graduating each year. Despite this growth, women continue to face challenges in moving into academic leadership positions. In this Commentary, the authors share lessons learned from their own careers relevant to women's careers in academic medicine, including aspects of leadership, recruitment, editorship, promotion, and work-life balance. They provide brief synopses of current literature on the personal and social forces that affect women's participation in academic leadership roles. They are persuaded that a deeper understanding of these realities can help create an environment in academic medicine that is generally more supportive of women's participation, and that specifically encourages women in medicine to take on academic leadership positions.

  19. Personality traits measured at baseline can predict academic performance in upper secondary school three years late.

    Rosander, Pia; Bäckström, Martin


    The aim of the present study was to explore the ability of personality to predict academic performance in a longitudinal study of a Swedish upper secondary school sample. Academic performance was assessed throughout a three-year period via final grades from the compulsory school and upper secondary school. The Big Five personality factors (Costa & McCrae, ) - particularly Conscientiousness and Neuroticism - were found to predict overall academic performance, after controlling for general intelligence. Results suggest that Conscientiousness, as measured at the age of 16, can explain change in academic performance at the age of 19. The effect of Neuroticism on Conscientiousness indicates that, as regarding getting good grades, it is better to be a bit neurotic than to be stable. The study extends previous work by assessing the relationship between the Big Five and academic performance over a three-year period. The results offer educators avenues for improving educational achievement.

  20. A causational analysis of scholars’ years of active academic careers vis-à-vis their academic productivity and academic influence

    Jian; DU; Bin; ZHANG; Yang; LI; Xiaoli; TANG; Peiyang; XU


    Taking the scholarly activities of 73 doctoral program mentors working at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences&Peking Union Medical College(the CAMS&PUMC)as a sample of our investigative survey,we tried using such statistical methods as the analysis of variance(ANOVA),factor analysis and correlation analysis to compare the different characteristics of scholarship assessment of Chinese medical scholars as exhibited in their published papers in domestic and foreign journals.Our research findings show that citations per paper and A-index are more suitable for assessing the highly accomplished senior Chinese medical professionals(e.g.academicians)for their domestic and international scholarship attainment.In contrast,the m-quotient is not deemed appropriate to assess their academic influence both at home and abroad.Upon our further analysis of 6 evaluative indicators,we noticed that these indicators might be applied in two different aspects:One is from the viewpoint of Chinese scholars’academic influence at home,which has been evaluated mainly from the perspective of"total"amount and"average"amount of both publications and citations.The other is from their academic impact embodied by the means of documents retrieved from the Web of Science,which is mainly assessed from the two viewpoints of publications and citations.It is suggested that the accumulated time-length of a given scholar’s active engagement in professional practice in a specific subject area be taken into consideration while assessing a researcher’s performance at home and abroad.

  1. Clinical Evaluation of Small Diameter Straumann Implants in Partially Edentulous Patients: A 5-Year Retrospective Study

    S. OZER


    Full Text Available Objective: The aim of the present study was to retrospectively evaluate small-diameter (3.3 mm Straumann® dental implants placed in the maxilla or the mandible over a period of 5 years in function.Materials and Methods: Twenty- eight partially edentulous patients received a total of 48 implants over a 5-year period. After the standard healing period (3 to 6 months, the implants were restored with single-tooth prostheses or fixed partial dentures. All patients were followed according to a strict maintenance program with regular recalls. The cumulative survival rates of implants were analyzed and prosthetic complications were assessed.Results: After 5 years of function, one single 10-mm-long implant in the maxillary premolar region was lost because of recurrent peri-implant infection in a female patient. Two single 10-mm-long maxillary implants placed in the posterior region were lost due to body fracture. The cumulative 5-year survival rate of the implants was 93.75 %. The most common prosthetic complication was loosening of the occlusal screw.Conclusion: Within the limited observation period and the number of patients included in this study, it may be concluded that the use of small-diameter implants appears to be predictable if clinical guidelines are followed and appropriate prosthetic restorations are provided. However, it should be noted that fatigue fracture may occur.

  2. Epidemiology of pemphigus vulgaris in the Northeast China: a 10-year retrospective study.

    Zhu, Xiaoling; Pan, Jisheng; Yu, Zhiming; Wang, Yanhua; Cai, Limin; Zheng, Shuyun


    The aim of the present study was to evaluate the incidence, epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic features of patients with pemphigus vulgaris in China. We retrospectively investigated a total of 221 patients with pemphigus vulgaris. The parameters including age at diagnosis/onset, sex, diagnostic methods, hospitalizations, side-effects with different treatments, pemphigus vulgaris-associated diseases, the therapeutic features and duration of follow up were evaluated. The male : female ratio was 1:1.40. The incidence rate was obviously higher in two age groups, 31-40 years and 41-50 years. The mean age at onset was 44.19 ± 21.45 years. The majority of patients (56.56%) presented the mucocutaneous type. In addition, we found that various doses of corticosteroids (including the mean initial dose, maximum control dose, total dose before reducing and hospitalized total dose) exhibited statistical differences between only corticosteroids and corticosteroids-immunosuppressant groups in mild, moderate and severe pemphigus vulgaris (P pemphigus vulgaris most frequently occurred in the 41-50-year age group in China and the majority of patients manifested mucocutaneous lesions. Importantly, the incidence rate in females was higher than in males. The patients who needed combined immunosuppressant treatment, usually needed higher doses of corticosteroids initially, to control the disease and over the total course of treatment.

  3. Three years of distribution of intestinal parasites in an Education and Research Hospital: A retrospective study

    Bayram Pektaş


    Full Text Available Objective: In this study, we aimed to evaluate the patients who applied to various clinics in our hospital with gastrointestinal complaints in terms of intestinal parasites, retrospectively. Methods: Totally 41967 stool samples of patients applied to Parasitology laboratory in Konya Education and Research Hospital in January 2010-December 2012 were investigated under microscope after multiplexing by native lugol and formol ethyl acetate method. Trichrome dying was performed to the suspected samples. The stool samples, in which Entamoeba histolytica /E.dispar cannot be differentiated, were investigated by ELISA method in order to identify adhesin antigens. Results: Intestinal parasite was determined in 2145 (5.11% of 41.967 patients who applied to our laboratory in 3 years. 39.4%, 44.3% and 16.2% of positive patients were 0-15, 16-50 and >50 years old, respectively. Blastocyctis hominis, Entamoeba spp and Giardia intestinalis were found in 59.9%, 25% and 13.7% of the positive samples, respectively. Entamoeba spp and Giardia intestinalis were found most frequently in 0-15 years old patients, while Blastocyctis hominis was found most frequently in 15-49 years old patients. There was a statistically significant difference between these parasites and age groups (p<0.01. The distribution of the positive cases among the years was found as 6.8% in 2010, 5.4% in 2011, 3.3% in 2012 and there was a statistically significant difference between the years (p<0.01. Conclusion: According to our results, the frequency of parasite infection still maintains its importance, although the frequency was decreased compared to previous years. J Clin Exp Invest 2015; 6 (3: 269-273

  4. Fundamentals of Physics for Engineering I (Unit guides). Academic year 2013-2014


    Guides to the units of course "Fundamentals of Physics for Engineering I". Degree in Sound and Image in Telecommunication Engineering. Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante. Academic year 2013-2014.

  5. Fundamentals of Engineering Physics I (Unit guides). Academic year 2015-2016


    Guides to the units of course "Fundamentals of Engineering Physics I". Degree in Sound and Image in Telecommunication Engineering. Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante. Academic year 2015-2016.

  6. Fundamentals of Engineering Physics I (Summaries of the units). Academic year 2015-2016


    Summaries of the units of course "Fundamentals of Engineering Physics I". Degree in Sound and Image in Telecommunication Engineering. Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante. Academic year 2015-2016.

  7. Fundamentals of Physics for Engineering I (Unit guides). Academic year 2014-2015


    Guides to the units of course "Fundamentals of Physics for Engineering I". Degree in Sound and Image in Telecommunication Engineering. Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante. Academic year 2014-2015.

  8. Addressing the Academic Gap Between 4- and 6-Year Pharmacy Programs in South Korea

    Yoo, Sujin; Song, Seungyeon; Lee, Sangmi; Kwon, Kwangil; Kim, Eunyoung


    Objective. To address the academic gap (or lack of adequate training and programs) between 4- and 6-year pharmacy programs and suggest methods for reducing this gap and to evaluate pharmacists’ perceptions of preceptorship.

  9. Tuberculosis after one year of combination antiretroviral therapy in Nigeria: a retrospective cohort study.

    Akanbi, Maxwell O; Achenbach, Chad J; Feinglass, Joe; Taiwo, Babafemi; Onu, Adamu; Pho, Mai T; Agbaji, Oche; Kanki, Phyllis; Murphy, Robert L


    Our objective was to determine tuberculosis (TB) incidence and evaluate TB risk in adults after one or more years of use of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) through a retrospective cohort study in Jos, Nigeria. We studied a cohort of HIV-infected adults treated with ART for at least 1 year. Based on immunologic and virologic responses to ART, patients were categorized into four groups: CD4 T cell count ≥350 cells/mm(3) and HIV-1 RNA level ≤400 copies/ml (group 1), CD4 T cell count ≥350 cells/mm(3) and HIV-1 RNA level >400 copies/ml (group 2), CD4 T cell count 400 copies/ml (group 4). Time to incident TB for the four groups was analyzed using the Kaplan-Meier method. Cox regression models were used to evaluate predictors of incident TB. In this cohort of 5,093 HIV-infected adults, of which 68.4% were female, with a mean age 35.1 years (standard deviation 9.1 years), we observed 98 cases of incident TB during 4 years and 3 months of follow-up. The overall TB incidence rate was 8.7 cases/1,000 patient-years of follow-up. Adjusted hazards for incident TB were 2.11 (95% CI 0.97-4.61), 2.05 (95% CI 1.10-3.79), and 3.65 (95% CI 1.15-5.06) in group 2, 3, and 4 patients, respectively, compared to group 1. Tuberculosis incidence in patients on ART is driven by poor immunologic and/or virologic response. Optimization of HIV treatment should be prioritized to reduce the burden of TB in this high-risk population.

  10. Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation in a single center:10-year retrospective analysis

    ZHENG Jian-ming; SONG Wen-li; TU Jin-peng; FENG Gang; MO Chun-bai; SHEN Zhong-yang


    Background Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation (SPKT) is the best treatment option for diabetic patients with advanced chronic renal failure. The current study aimed to analyze the surgical indications, treatments and prognosis of SPKT.Methods We retrospectively analyzed 40 cases of SPKT performed between December 1999 and January 2010 in our center, including the survival rate, complications and the reasons of reoperation.Results Of all the 40 SPKT cases, the one-year survival rates of the recipients, kidney and pancreas transplant graft were 97.6%, 97.6% and 92.7%, while 97.6%, 91.1%, 92.7% at 3 years and 83.6%, 78.0%, 79.4% at 5 years, respectively.After SPKT, 10 patients need reoperation because of surgical complications (14 operations). The reoperation rate was 25%, including 2 patients (4 operations) with hematuria, 4 patients with abdominal hemorrhage, 2 patients (3 operations)with abdominal infection, 1 patient with pancreatic venous thrombosis, 1 patient with anastomotic leakage, and 1 patient with fistula.Conclusion Although SPKT provides a successful and effective treatment for diabetics with end-stage renal disease,how to reduce the complications of this treatment still need further effort.




    Full Text Available BACKGROUNDS: Fine needle aspiration cytology is an effective modality for diagnosis of breast lesions. Usually male breast lesions are benign and affect the young male. Most common lesion is gynaecomastia. Male breast cancer accounts for a small proportion of breast cancers. Male breast cancer usually presents at an advanced age. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to examine the nature of male breast lesions and to determine the cytomorphologic patterns of these lesions. MET HODS: five year retrospective study was conducted in our institution and in that 112 patients underwent fine needle aspiration cytology of the palpable breast lump after thorough physical examination. The cytological diagnosis was classified as benign, inf lammatory, malignant and others. RESULTS: In 112 male patients diagnosed with breast lesions, the most common lesion was gynecomastia (103/112, 91.9%, followed by breast cancer (6/112, 5.4%, inflammatory (2/112, 1.8% and apocrine metaplasia (01/112, 0.9 %. Gynecomastia was commonly found in male patients less than 40 years of age, while breast cancer is seen in male patients over 40 years of age

  12. Injuries in a Professional Ballet Dance Company: A 10-year Retrospective Study.

    Ramkumar, Prem N; Farber, Joseph; Arnouk, Johnny; Varner, Kevin E; Mcculloch, Patrick C


    Ballet dancers are high-performance athletes who are particularly susceptible to a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries. However, they are relatively understudied, and data on their injury rates are lacking. This retrospective study features the largest aggregate data on professional ballet dancers to date and aims to identify the most common diagnoses and areas of injury in this unique population to better direct preventative and clinical practices. The study encompassed a 10-year period from January 2000 to December 2010 of dancers from a single company. Data regarding the dancers' age, gender, location of injury, and diagnosis were collected from workers' compensation claims, company records, and medical records maintained by the treating doctors. These were analyzed to determine metrics on injury incidence, frequency, and diagnosis. Over the 10-year span, 574 injuries occurred. There were approximately 52 dancers per year for a total of 153 who danced at least one complete season during the study period. The average age was 27, and 53% were female. Given turnover with retirement and replacements, the total number of dancer-years was 520, indicating an injury incidence per annum of 1.10 (574 injuries per 520 dancer-years). The most common locations of injury were foot and ankle and the lumbar spine, with the three most common diagnoses making up greater than a third (37%) of the total. As the current largest study in professional ballet, the findings set the benchmark metrics for musculoskeletal injury to the foot, ankle, and lumbar spine sites. Future studies should aim to identify injury risk factors and modalities for prevention of these injuries.

  13. IgA Nephropathy: A Twenty Year Retrospective Single Center Experience

    Jacob Rube


    Full Text Available IgA nephropathy (IgAN is a common glomerular disease whose etiology is unknown. Previous studies have described the clinical and laboratory features but none have specifically compared patients during different time periods. This 20 year retrospective study was performed to assess trends in the severity of IgAN from 1989–2008. We reviewed 57 patient charts that contained a confirmed biopsy diagnosis of IgAN and recorded data at the time of diagnosis and the final follow-up appointment. Clinical data included physical examination, urine, and blood tests. Patients were separated into two cohorts, Cohort 1 1989–1998 and Cohort 2 1999–2008. An increase in severity was noted in Cohort 2 based on a significantly higher Up/c and lower serum albumin level. Other prognostic indicators including GFRe, hematocrit, and glomerular injury score also demonstrated a trend towards more severe disease over the past 20 years. The patients in both Cohorts received similar treatments and had comparable renal function at the last follow-up visit. Based on our findings, we suggest that although a kidney biopsy is required to diagnose IgAN, the procedure may not be necessary in patients clinically suspected of having the disease but who have normal kidney function and minimal urine abnormalities.

  14. Flipping a Dental Anatomy Course: A Retrospective Study Over Four Years

    Mahmoud M. Bakr


    Full Text Available Flipped classrooms have been successfully used to increase student engagement and support student learning in a range of educational fields, including health education. These advantages for student learning supported implementation of the flipped classroom in introductory sciences and preclinical courses in dental education. We report on a 4-year retrospective study which compared two methods of delivery of a first-year dental anatomy course. The first method used the traditional method, consisting of face to face contact teaching hours, which was compared to a partial flipped classroom, where lecture contact was maintained but practical classes were flipped. A series of online videos demonstrating different practical tasks such as wax carving and tooth identification. An online digital library and online quizzes for self-reflected learning were developed and trialled. Students’ Evaluations of Course (SEC and students’ overall performance in practical and theoretical assessments were used to evaluate the impact on student engagement and success, respectively, after implementation of the modified course offerings. This study evidences the success of the transition to a partially flipped course design. Careful design and consideration of implementation of the flipped classroom method in dental education are recommended to ensure that there is reliable availability of online resources and dedicated teaching staff for construction of resources and delivery of relevant in-class activities.

  15. Survival Rate of Short, Locking Taper Implants with a Plateau Design: A 5-Year Retrospective Study

    Kemal Özgür Demiralp


    Full Text Available Background. Short implants have become popular in the reconstruction of jaws, especially in cases with limited bone height. Shorter implants, those with locking tapers and plateau root shapes, tend to have longer survival times. We retrospectively investigated the cumulative survival rates of Bicon short implants (<8 mm according to patient variables over a 5-year period. Materials and Methods. This study included 111 consecutively treated patients with 371 implants supporting fixed or removable prosthetics. Data were evaluated to acquire cumulative survival rates according to gender, age, tobacco use, surgical procedure, bone quality, and restoration type. Statistics were performed using chi-square, Mann-Whitney, and Kruskal Wallis H tests. Results. The survival rate was 97.3% with, on average, 22.8 months of follow-up. Patients older than 60 years had higher failure rate than the other age groups (P<0.05. Placed region, age, and bone quality had adverse effects on survival rate in the <8 mm implant group with statistically significant difference (P<0.05. Conclusions. Approximately 23-month follow-up data indicate that short implants with locking tapers and plateau-type roots have comparable survival rates as other types of dental implants. However, due to limitations of study, these issues remain to be further investigated in future randomized controlled clinical trials.

  16. Quantitative Evaluation of a First Year Seminar Program: Relationships to Persistence and Academic Success

    Jenkins-Guarnieri, Michael A.; Horne, Melissa M.; Wallis, Aaron L.; Rings, Jeffrey A.; Vaughan, Angela L.


    In the present study, we conducted a quantitative evaluation of a novel First Year Seminar (FYS) program with a coordinated curriculum implemented at a public, four-year university to assess its potential role in undergraduate student persistence decisions and academic success. Participants were 2,188 first-year students, 342 of whom completed the…

  17. Outcome of left heart mechanical valve replacement in West African children - A 15-year retrospective study

    Tamatey Martin


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The West African sub-region has poor health infrastructure. Mechanical valve replacement in children from such regions raises important postoperative concerns; among these, valve-related morbidity and complications of lifelong anticoagulation are foremost. Little is known about the long-term outcome of mechanical valve replacement in West Africa. We sought to determine the outcome of mechanical valve replacement of the left heart in children from this sub-region. Method We conducted a retrospective review of all consecutive left heart valve replacements in children ( Results One hundred and fourteen patients underwent mitral valve replacement (MVR, aortic valve replacement (AVR or mitral and aortic valve replacements (MAVR. Their ages ranged from 6-18 years (13.3 ± 3.1 years. All patients were in NYHA class III or IV. Median follow up was 9.1 years. MVR was performed in 91 (79.8% patients, AVR in 13 (11.4% and MAVR in 10 (8.8% patients. Tricuspid valve repair was performed concomitantly in 45 (39.5% patients. There were 6 (5.3% early deaths and 6 (5.3% late deaths. Preoperative left ventricular dysfunction (ejection fraction Conclusion Mechanical valve replacement in West African children has excellent outcomes in terms of mortality, valve-related events, and reoperation rate. Preoperative left ventricular dysfunction is the primary determinant of mortality within the first 2 years of valve replacement. The risk of valve-related complications is acceptably low. Anticoagulation is well tolerated with a very low risk of bleeding even in this socioeconomic setting.

  18. Cumulative ionizing radiation exposure in patients with end stage kidney disease: a 6-year retrospective analysis.

    Coyle, Joe


    OBJECTIVE: To quantify cumulative exposure to ionizing radiation in patients with end stage kidney disease (ESKD). To investigate factors which may be independently associated with risk of high cumulative effective dose (CED). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study had local institutional review board ethical approval. We conducted a retrospective study of 394 period prevalent ESKD patients attending a single tertiary referral centre between 2004 and 2009. Patient demographics were obtained from case records. Details of radiological investigations were obtained from the institutional radiology computerized database. CED was calculated using standard procedure specific radiation levels. High exposure was defined as CED > 50 mSv, an exposure which has been reported to increase cancer mortality by 5%. Data were compared using Pearson χ(2) and Mann-Whitney U test or Kruskal-Wallis tests. RESULTS: 394 patients were followed for a median of 4 years (1518 patient years follow-up). Of these 63% were male. Seventeen percent of patients had a CED of >50 mSv. Computed tomography (CT) accounted for 9% of total radiological studies\\/procedures while contributing 61.4% of total study dose. Median cumulative dose and median dose per patient year were significantly higher in the hemodialysis (HD) group (15.13 and 5.79 mSv, respectively) compared to the post-transplant group (2.9 and 0.52 mSv, respectively) (P < 0.001). CONCLUSION: ESKD patients are at risk of cumulative exposure to significant levels of diagnostic radiation. The majority of this exposure is imparted as a result of CT examinations to patients in the HD group.

  19. Hysterectomy at a Canadian tertiary care facility: results of a one year retrospective review

    Gorwill R Hugh


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The purpose of this study was to investigate the indications for and approach to hysterectomy at Kingston General Hospital (KGH, a teaching hospital affiliated with Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario. In particular, in light of current literature and government standards suggesting the superiority of vaginal versus abdominal approaches and a high number of concurrent oophorectomies, the aim was to examine the circumstances in which concurrent oophorectomies were performed and to compare abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy outcomes. Methods A retrospective chart audit of 372 consecutive hysterectomies performed in 2001 was completed. Data regarding patient characteristics, process of care and outcomes were collected. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-tests and linear and logistic regression. Results Average age was 48.5 years, mean body mass index (BMI was 28.6, the mean length of stay (LOS was 5.2 days using an abdominal approach and 3.0 days using a vaginal approach without laparoscopy. 14% of hysterectomies were performed vaginally, 5.9% were laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomies and the rest were abdominal hysterectomies. The most common indication was dysfunctional or abnormal uterine bleeding (37%. The average age of those that had an oophorectomy (removal of both ovaries was 50.8 years versus 44.3 years for those that did not (p Conclusions A significant reduction in LOS was found using the vaginal approach. Both the patient and the health care system may benefit from the tendency towards an increased use of vaginal hysterectomies. The audit process demonstrated the usefulness of an on-going review mechanism to examine trends associated with common surgical procedures.

  20. Early childhood severe scalds in a developing country: A 3-year retrospective study

    Pius Agbenorku


    Full Text Available The burns intensive care unit (BICU staff observed an increasing number of pediatric scald burn admissions as a result of increase injuries associated with the scald burns. A retrospective study was conducted to identify scalds demographics, etiologies, and mortality risk factors. This descriptive study comprised a total of 166 patients aged 0-5 years, who were admitted to the BICU of the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit (RPSBU through the Accident and Emergency (A and E Centre of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH from May 1 st 2009 to April 30 th 2012. Source of information was the BICU Computerized Database System. Data extracted included demographics as well as treatment methods and outcomes. The study population was 166; 92 (55.4% males and 74 (44.6% females. Scalds admissions were 141 (84.9%; 13 (9.2% of them died, 83 (58.9% discharged, and 45 (31.9% transferred-out to another burn ward and pediatric surgery ward in the hospital. Scald patients' demographics included 78 males (55.3% and 63 females (44.7%; mean age was 2.18 years. Mortality risk factors identified were age <3 years (P = 0.044; scalds from hot water (P = 0.033, total burns surface area >30% (P = 0.017, and multiple body parts affected (P = 0.049. The current study showed age, hot water, and Total Burns Surface Area (TBSA as risk factors of early childhood scalds. Education on scalds prevention targeting mothers/caregivers is needed to create awareness of the frequency, severity, and danger associated with pediatric scalds.

  1. Supporting the students most in need: academic self-efficacy and perceived teacher support in relation to within-year academic growth.

    Mercer, Sterett H; Nellis, Leah M; Martínez, Rebecca S; Kirk, Megan


    Academic self-efficacy and perceived teacher support in relation to academic skill growth across one academic year were examined in the study. Participants included 193 5th-grade students. Teachers collected curriculum-based measures (CBM) of reading and math on three occasions as part of routine academic benchmarks, and researchers collected student-reported measures of academic self-efficacy and perceived teacher support in the spring of the same academic year. Results indicated that academic self-efficacy was positively related to fall reading and math CBM scores and that perceived teacher support was unrelated to fall scores or growth across the academic year. Academic self-efficacy and perceived teacher support interacted in relation to math CBM growth such that low levels of perceived teacher support were related to greater growth, particularly for students with high academic self-efficacy. Follow-up analyses indicated that students with the lowest fall CBM scores and smallest growth rates reported higher levels of perceived teacher support, suggesting that teachers support the students most in need.

  2. Sphenoid sinus fungall ball: a retrospective study over a 10- year period.

    Eloy, Ph; Grenier, J; Pirlet, A; Poirrier, A L; Stephens, J S; Rombaux, Ph


    A fungal ball consists of a dense conglomerate of fungal hyphae growing at the surface of the sinus mucosa without tissue infiltration. The maxillary sinus is by far the most commonly involved paranasal sinus cavity followed by the sphenoid sinus. The present study is a retrospective study of 25 consecutive cases treated during the last 10 years in the two hospitals be- longing to the Catholic University of Louvain (CHU Mont-Godinne and UCL Saint Luc). We report the symptomatology, the imaging and discuss the different surgical managements. We conclude that the clinician must have a high index of suspicion when dealing with a unilateral rhinosinusitis persisting despite a maximal and well conducted medical treatment. This is particularly so in elderly women when associated with facial pain and post nasal drip, particularly when the computed tomography shows an unilateral opacity of the sphenoid sinus with or without a sclerosis or an erosion of the bony walls, a polyp in the sphenoethmoidal recess or a hyperdensity mimicking a foreign body. An endonasal endoscopic sphenoidotomy is the treatment of choice in most cases, allowing good ventilation of the sinus and radical removal of all the fungal concretion. A biopsy of the sinus mucosa adjacent to fungal elements is of upmost important to confirm the non- invasiveness of the fungi within the tissue. Antifungal medication is not required in uncomplicated forms. All host factors producing some degree of immunosuppression must be corrected when present and must alert the clinician to rule out any forms of invasive disease.

  3. CFS in Children and Adolescent: Ten Years of Retrospective Clinical Evaluation

    Irene Elgen


    Full Text Available Aim. To estimate number of children being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS. Methods. For a period of 10 years (2002–2011 data from children being referred for fatigue symptoms were collected retrospectively. Results. Thirty-seven children were referred. Four were excluded due to incorrect coding. Six (18% patients received other diagnoses at the end of evaluation time. Of the 27 who received the diagnosis G93.3, four had a previous chronic illness, while 23 patients were previously healthy. All patients reported onset of fatigue symptom in relation to an infection, and all tested positive for IgG to either Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus or borrelia, indicating previous infection. There were 16 (59% boys among the 27 patients. The mean age at the debut of fatigue symptoms was 141 months (SD 30 for boys and 136 months (SD 31 for girls, respectively. Being underweight, defined as BMI < 17.5, was found in 12 (44% patients. Conclusion. An increasing number of children and adolescents are evaluated for CFS. The clinical assessment of children and adolescents with possible CFS need systematically evaluation. Nutritional status, possible eating disorder, and psychosocial issues need to be addressed and evaluated carefully. A multidisciplinary approach is essential when assessing CFS in children and adolescents. There is a need for European guidelines.

  4. A 5-Year Retrospective Review of Fungal Keratitis at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia

    Fadzillah Mohd-Tahir


    Full Text Available Background. Corneal blindness from healed infected keratitis is one of the most preventable causes of monocular blindness in developing countries, including Malaysia. Our objectives were to identify the causative fungi, predisposing risk factors, the proportion of correct clinical diagnosis, and visual outcome of patients treated in our hospital. Methods. A retrospective review of medical and microbiology records was conducted for all patients who were treated for fungal keratitis at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia from January 2007 until December 2011. Results. Forty-seven patients (47/186, 25.27% were treated for fungal keratitis during the study period. This demonstrated that the incidence of fungal keratitis has increased each year from 2007 to 2011 by 12.50%, 17.65%, 21.21%, 26.83%, and 28.57%, respectively. The most common predisposing factors were injury to the eye followed by use of topical steroid, and preexisting ocular surface disease. Fusarium species were the most common fungal isolated, followed by Candida species. Clinical diagnosis of fungal keratitis was made in 26 of the 41 (63.41% cases of positive isolates. Of these, in eleven cases (23.40% patients required surgical intervention. Clinical outcome of healed scar was achieved in 34 (72.34% cases. Conclusions. The percentage of positive fungal isolated has steadily increased and the trend of common fungal isolated has changed. The latest review regarding fungal keratitis is important for us to improve patients' outcome in the future.

  5. Seven years of teenage pregnancy in an inner London genitourinary medicine service - a retrospective cohort study.

    Hegazi, Aseel; Daley, Natalie; Williams, Elizabeth; McLeod, Felicity; Rafiezadeh, Saba; Prime, Katia


    Young people attending genitourinary medicine services are at high risk of unplanned pregnancy. We performed a retrospective cohort study to identify characteristics of pregnant teenagers accessing an inner London genitourinary medicine service. There were 481 pregnancies in 458 teenagers with 54 previous pregnancies and 46 previous terminations of pregnancy. The under-18 and under-16 teenage pregnancy rates were 92.1 and 85.8 per 1000 age-matched clinic attendees, respectively. Median age was 17.1 years. 'Black Other' teenagers ('Black British', 'Mixed White-Black Caribbean' and 'Mixed White-Black African') were over-represented, compared to our clinic population, while those of White ethnicity were under-represented. Few pregnancies (1.5%) were planned with the majority (64%) intending terminations of pregnancy. Most teenagers did not use consistent contraception. Two-thirds of patients had attended genitourinary medicine services in the past and sexually transmitted infection prevalence at presentation was high. Effectively targeting the sexual and reproductive health needs of teenage genitourinary medicine clinic attendees may have a significant impact on reducing sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy and terminations of pregnancy in this group.

  6. Metamemory prediction accuracy for simple prospective and retrospective memory tasks in 5-year-old children.

    Kvavilashvili, Lia; Ford, Ruth M


    It is well documented that young children greatly overestimate their performance on tests of retrospective memory (RM), but the current investigation is the first to examine children's prediction accuracy for prospective memory (PM). Three studies were conducted, each testing a different group of 5-year-olds. In Study 1 (N=46), participants were asked to predict their success in a simple event-based PM task (remembering to convey a message to a toy mole if they encountered a particular picture during a picture-naming activity). Before naming the pictures, children listened to either a reminder story or a neutral story. Results showed that children were highly accurate in their PM predictions (78% accuracy) and that the reminder story appeared to benefit PM only in children who predicted they would remember the PM response. In Study 2 (N=80), children showed high PM prediction accuracy (69%) regardless of whether the cue was specific or general and despite typical overoptimism regarding their performance on a 10-item RM task using item-by-item prediction. Study 3 (N=35) showed that children were prone to overestimate RM even when asked about their ability to recall a single item-the mole's unusual name. In light of these findings, we consider possible reasons for children's impressive PM prediction accuracy, including the potential involvement of future thinking in performance predictions and PM.

  7. Epidemiology of superficial fungal diseases in French Guiana: a three-year retrospective analysis.

    Simonnet, Christine; Berger, Franck; Gantier, Jean-Charles


    A three-year retrospective analysis of fungi isolated from specimens of patients with superficial fungal infections in French Guiana is presented. Clinical samples from 726 patients with presumptive diagnoses of onychomycosis (28.2% of the patients), tinea capitis (27.8%), superficial cutaneous mycoses of the feet (22.0%), and of other areas of the body (21.9%), were assessed by microscopic examination and culture. Dermatophytes accounted for 59.2% of the isolates, followed by yeasts (27.5%) and non-dermatophytic molds (13.1%). Trichophyton rubrum was the most common dermatophyte recovered from cases of onychomycosis (67.4%), tinea pedis (70.6%) and tinea corporis (52.4%). In contrast, Trichophyton tonsurans was the predominant species associated with tinea capitis (73.9%). Yeasts were identified as the principal etiologic agents of onychomycosis of the fingernails (74.2%), whereas molds were found mainly in cases of onychomycosis of the toenails. In such instances, Neoscytalidium dimidiatum (70.8%) was the most common mold recovered in culture. In conclusion, the prevalence of T. rubrum and the occurrence of onychomycosis and fungal infections of the feet in French Guiana are similar to results reported from Europe, whereas the frequency of tinea capitis and the importance of T. tonsurans in such infections are similar to the situation in the Americas.


    A. A. Karimi


    Full Text Available Coronary artery disease is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality especially in the indusirialzcd societies. This retrospective study was carried out on 385 patients who were referred to Shariati and Jamaran Hospitals from 1992 till 1997 and who underwent coronaty artery bypass grafting. The objective was to obtain a descriptive analysis of the important factors in this population and to draw a comparison betweent the two genders and to draw genders regarding these variables. The data were obtained from patients' files, angiography and operation notes; 82.9% of the study population were of male. The mean age of women was higher than men by 2.2years. The most common risk factors among the male gender were found to be smoking, hyperlipedemia, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension. Except for smoking which was omitted in women, all other risk factors showed a comparative low prevalence in this gender. Most patients (93.37% fell in group II and III of functional class as per NYHA classification and the most frequent signs and symptoms on admission being chest pain (81.5% and dyspnea (11.2%. The affected vessels in order of frequency were the left anterior descending, the right coronary and the circumflex arteries respectively. The average number of grafts utilized were 3 in the entire population. Overall mortality recorded was 2.1%.

  9. Confirmed adult dengue deaths in Singapore: 5-year multi-center retrospective study

    Narayanan Rajmohan L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Dengue re-emerges in Singapore despite decades of effective vector control; the infection predominantly afflicts adults. Severe dengue not fulfilling dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF criteria according to World Health Organization (WHO 1997 guideline was increasingly reported. A new WHO 2009 guideline emphasized warning signs and a wider range of severe dengue manifestations. We aim to evaluate the utility of these two guidelines in confirmed adult dengue fatalities. Methods We conducted a multi-center retrospective chart review of all confirmed adult dengue deaths in Singapore from 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2008. Results Of 28 adult dengue deaths, median age was 59 years. Male gender comprised 67.9% and co-morbidities existed in 75%. From illness onset, patients presented for admission at a median of 4 days and death occurred at a median of 12 days. Intensive care admission was required in 71.4%. Probable dengue was diagnosed in 32.1% by WHO 1997 criteria and 78.6% by WHO 2009. The earliest warning sign was persistent vomiting at a median of 1.5 days. Hematocrit change ≥20% concurrent with platelet count Conclusions In our adult fatal dengue cohort, WHO 2009 criteria had higher sensitivity in diagnosing probable dengue and severe dengue compared with WHO 1997. As warning signs, persistent vomiting occurred early and hematocrit change ≥20% concurrent with platelet count

  10. Maternal Tetanus at the University College Hospital in Ibadan Nigeria: A 15-Year Retrospective Analysis

    OA Roberts; IO Morhason-Bello; BO Adedokun; AO Adekunle


    Objective To determine the characteristics of women with maternal tetanus, pattern of presentation and outcome of management.Methods A total of 19 women were managed with maternal tetanus between 1990 and 2005 from the University College Hospital in Ibadan Nigeria. A retrospective study was performed. The medical records of all women managed as a case of maternal tetanus were retrieved from the central record department of the hospital The pattern of presentation, characteristics of women, the duration of hospital admission, tetanus toxoid immunization, and outcome of care were measured.Results The records of 18 women managed were analyzed. The mean age at presentation was 25.2±5.3 years. The patients were mostly single, nulliparous and had primary school education. The maternal tetanus cases seen mainly complicated induced abortion while 5 and 2 other cases were due to childbirth complication and leg wound respectively. The portal of entry of the remaining 3 cases could not be ascertained.None of the patient managed had complete immunization schedule. The average duration of admission was 11.2±6. 7 d. Five women had intensive care with 3 of them requiring ventilatory support. The case fatality rate was 66. 7%. The only factor that significantly improved survival was presence of generalized spasm at presentation (P=0. 006) Conclusion The occurrence of maternal tetanus is a reflection of low quality of health care delivery and lack or inefficient routine immunization coverage in any community.

  11. A Three years retrospective analysis of agents isolated from cerebrospinal fluid in a University Hospital

    Barış Otlu


    Full Text Available Objectives: In this study, we aimed to investigate the agents which were isolated from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF samples in our hospital for three years, retrospectively.Materials and methods: The CSF samples, which were sent our laboratory, of the patients those had presumptive diagnosis of meningitis between September 2008 and September 2011 were included into the study. Isolated bacteria were identified with conventional methods, biochemical tests and/or Phonix (BD, US kits. Antimicrobial susceptibility of the strains were investigated according to Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI recommendations.Results: 11 Streptococcus pneumoniae, 8 Klebsiella pneumoniae, 7 Pseudomonas aeruginosa, 7 Acinetobacter baumannii, 5 Escherichia coli, 4 Enterococcus spp., 2 Enterobacter spp., 25 Coagulase-negative staphylococcus, 1 Morganella morganii, 2 Neisseria meningitidis, 1 Brucella spp., and 1 Candida albicans were isolated (overall n:74; 5.2% from total 1408 CSF samples. In susceptibility test, 2 S.pneumonia was found as penicillin-resistant, and one E.coli and two K.pneumoniae were found as extended spectrum of beta-lactamase producers. Additionally, carbapenem resistance was detected in three A.baumannii and one P.aeruginosa strains.Conclusion: Determination of agent profile and antimicrobial resistance pattern from different localizations and patients’ groups will help to improve protective and therapeutic health policies.

  12. Mortality in perforated duodenal ulcer depends upon pre-operative risk: a retrospective 10-year study.

    Larkin, J O


    INTRODUCTION: Most patients presenting with acutely perforated duodenal ulcer undergo operation, but conservative treatment may be indicated when an ulcer has spontaneously sealed with minimal\\/localised peritoneal irritation or when the patient\\'s premorbid performance status is poor. We retrospectively reviewed our experience with operative and conservative management of perforated duodenal ulcers over a 10-year period and analysed outcome according to American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) score. METHODS: The records of all patients presenting with perforated duodenal ulcer to the Department of Surgery, Mayo General Hospital, between January 1998 and December 2007 were reviewed. Age, gender, co-morbidity, ASA-score, clinical presentation, mode of management, operative procedures, morbidity and mortality were considered. RESULTS: Of 76 patients included, 48 (44 operative, 4 conservative) were ASA I-III, with no mortality irrespective of treatment. Amongst 28 patients with ASA-score IV\\/V, mortality was 54.5% (6\\/11) following operative management and 52.9% (9\\/17) with conservative management. CONCLUSION: In patients with a perforated duodenal ulcer and ASA-score I-III, postoperative outcome is uniformly favourable. We recommend these patients have repair with peritoneal lavage performed, routinely followed postoperatively by empirical triple therapy. Given that mortality is equivalent between ASA IV\\/V patients whether managed operatively or conservatively, we suggest that both management options are equally justifiable.

  13. Amoebiasis: a 10 year retrospective study at the University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur.

    Jamaiah, I; Shekhar, K C


    A hospital based retrospective study of amoebiasis was carried out for a ten-year period at the University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. Of the 51 cases traced, 30 (59%) had amoebic dysentery, 20 (39%) were amoebic liver abscess (ALA) and one patient had both conditions. Entameoba histolytica trophozoites were identified in 13 (43%) of the amoebic dysenteric stools and 9 (30%) from biopsy. Of the 20 (39%) ALA cases, only one showed parasites in the stool and biopsy. Majority of the patients with dysentery were Malays while Chinese comprised 40% with ALA. Males predominated overall with a male female ratio of 3:1, while for ALA it was 9:1. Most of ALA were single (71.4%) and were localised in the right lobe. The majority of the patients were unemployed. Eighty three percent (83%) of the patients presented with diarrhoea or dysentery followed by abdominal pain while those with ALA had fever, chills, rigors and pain in the right hypochondrium. Eighty percent of the ALA cases showed hepatomegaly. All patients responded to treatment with metronidazole.

  14. Testicular Torsion in Children: A 20-Year Retrospective Study in a Single Institution

    Chao Yang


    Full Text Available In this paper, we evaluated the historical features and physical examination findings, as well as laboratory tests and ultrasound examinations, in children with testicular torsion (TT, in order to improve diagnosis and treatment in this population. A retrospective review of patients with diagnosis of TT between January 1990 and January 2010 was performed. We included 118 cases in the study, accounting for 9.01% of all cases of acute scrotum. Mean patient age was 9.3 ± 5.6 years. The left side was predominantly affected. The median duration of symptoms up to surgical exploration was 64 h. Absence of cremasteric reflex presented in 94.9% patients. All boys had an ultrasound of the scrotum; decreased or absent blood flow was observed in all orchidectomy patients. Heterogeneous echogenicity presented in all cases of orchidectomy. At surgery, viable testes were present in 46 boys (39% and preserved; in 72 boys with nonviable testes, they were removed. The median duration of symptoms at presentation was 12 h when the testes were successfully conserved and 90 h when they were removed. Testicular salvage depends critically on early surgical intervention. Ultrasound is a useful tool for the clinical assessment of patients with TT, however, sonographic interpretation must be in conjunction with the clinical manifestations. We advocate immediate surgical exploration with suspected TT. Long-term hormonal levels are within the normal range regardless of the fate of the testis. Further follow-up is needed to confirm fertility after TT.

  15. Tuberculosis among Healthcare Workers in Southeastern China: A Retrospective Study of 7-Year Surveillance Data

    Bin Chen


    Full Text Available The baseline prevalence and characteristics of tuberculosis (TB among general healthcare workers (HCWs in southeastern China remains unknown. We conducted a retrospective study based on the TB surveillance data in Zhejiang Province from 2005 to 2011, which were extracted from the national Tuberculosis Information Management System (TIMS. We calculated and compared annual notification rates of different occupational groups and analyzed the epidemiological and clinical characteristics. The annual TB notification rates among general HCWs declined steadily from 2005 to 2011. On average, HCWs showed annual TB notification rates lower than the general population but higher than teachers. Recorded HCW TB patients averaged 35.5 years of age, with females outnumbering males (58.0% > 42.0%. The proportion of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB was higher among male than in the female patients (88.5% > 83.4%, P = 0.031. Our study suggested that general HCWs run a higher occupational risk than teachers although the two groups are socioeconomically comparable and that the priority should be given to the young female HCWs for TB prevention in healthcare institutions.

  16. Healthcare-associated Pneumonia: Clinical Features and Retrospective Analysis Over 10 Years

    Fei Qi; Guo-Xin Zhang; Dan-Yang She; Zhi-Xin Liang; Ren-Tao Wang; Zhen Yang; Liang-An Chen


    Background:Healthcare-associated pneumonia (HCAP) is associated with drug-resistant pathogens and high mortality,and there is no clear evidence that this is due to inappropriate antibiotic therapy.This study was to elucidate the clinical features,pathogens,therapy,and outcomes of HCAP,and to clarify the risk factors for drug-resistant pathogens and prognosis.Methods:Retrospective observational study among hospitalized patients with HCAP over 10 years.The primary outcome was 30-day all-cause hospital mortality after admission.Demographics (age,gender,clinical features,and comorbidities),dates of admission,discharge and/or death,hospitalization costs,microbiological results,chest imaging studies,and CURB-65 were analyzed.Antibiotics,admission to Intensive Care Unit (ICU),mechanical ventilation,and pneumonia prognosis were recorded.Patients were dichotomized based on CURB-65 (low-vs.high-risk).Results:Among 612 patients (mean age of 70.7 years),88.4% had at least one comorbidity.Commonly detected pathogens were Acinetobacter baumannii,Pseudomonas aeruginosa,and coagulase-negative staphylococci.Initial monotherapy with β-lactam antibiotics was the most common initial therapy (50%).Mean age,length of stay,hospitalization expenses,ICU admission,mechanical ventilation use,malignancies,and detection rate for P.aeruginosa,and Staphylococcus aureus were higher in the high-risk group compared with the low-risk group.CURB-65 ≥3,malignancies,and mechanical ventilation were associated with an increased mortality.Logistic regression analysis showed that cerebrovascular diseases and being bedridden were independent risk factors for HCAR.Conclusion:Initial treatment of HCAP with broad-spectrum antibiotics could be an appropriate approach.CURB-65 ≥3,malignancies,and mechanical ventilation may result in an increased mortality.

  17. Laryngeal Mask Airway for Cesarean Delivery: A 5-Year Retrospective Cohort Study

    Geng, Zhi-Yu; Wang, Dong-Xin


    Background: The laryngeal mask airway (LMA) is the most commonly used rescue airway in obstetric anesthesia. The aim of this retrospective cohort study was to evaluate the application of the LMA in parturients undergoing cesarean delivery (CD) for 5 years in our hospital. As a secondary objective, we investigated the incidence of airway-related complication in obstetric general anesthesia (GA). Methods: We collected electronic data for all obstetric patients who received GA for CD between January 2010 and December 2014 in Peking University First Hospital. Based on the different types of airway device, patients were divided into endotracheal intubation (ET) group and LMA group. The incidences of regurgitation and aspiration, as well as maternal and neonatal postoperative outcomes were compared between groups. Results: During the 5-year study, GA was performed in 192 cases, which accounted for 2.0% of all CDs. The main indications for GA were contraindication to neuraxial anesthesia or a failed block. Among these, ET tube was used in 124 cases (68.9%) and LMA in 56 cases (31.1%). The percentage of critical patients above the American Society of Anesthesiologists' Grade II was 24/124 in ET group and 4/56 in LMA group (P = 0.036). The emergent delivery rate was 63.7% for ET group and 37.5% for LMA group (P = 0.001). None of the patients had regurgitation or aspiration. There were no significant differences in terms of neonatal Apgar scores, maternal and neonatal postoperative outcomes between the two groups. Conclusions: Our results suggested that GA was mainly used for contraindication to neuraxial anesthesia or a failed block, and emergent CDs accounted for most cases. The second-generation LMA could be used for obstetric anesthesia, but correct position to achieve a good seal is the key to prevent reflux and aspiration. Whether they could replace the tracheal tube in routine practice needs further large prospective studies. PMID:28218212

  18. Leprosy scenario at a tertiary level hospital in Delhi: A 5-year retrospective study

    Namrata Chhabra


    Full Text Available Background: Leprosy has been officially eliminated from India since December, 2005; still, there are districts and blocks reporting high prevalence indicating ongoing transmission. The present study aimed at determining the current clinical profile of leprosy from a tertiary level hospital in Delhi. Materials and Methods: A retrospective, record-based study was carried out on patients diagnosed and registered in the leprosy clinic of a tertiary level teaching hospital in East district of Delhi (April 2007 to March 2012. Data regarding demographic details, clinical features, treatment started and complications was analyzed. Results: A total of 849 patients were registered over a 5-year period, with M: F ratio of 2.3:1. 9.3% were children (ͳ14 years. 54.3% patients were immigrants from adjoining states. Multibacillary leprosy was the most common clinical type (86.9%. Borderline tuberculoid leprosy was the most frequent morphologic type, seen in 56.3% followed by borderline-borderline (1.5%, borderline lepromatous (24.9%, lepromatous leprosy (8.1%, pure neuritic (8.1%, histoid and indeterminate leprosy (0.5% each. 37.4% patients presented in reaction (Type I in 30.4% cases and Type II in 7% cases. WHO grade II deformities were diagnosed in 37.9% with claw hand being the most common paralytic deformity (23.3% cases. Conclusion: Our study offers insight into the current status of the disease in an area of otherwise low prevalence. It is seen that despite statistical elimination, multibacillary disease, leprosy reactions and deformities are commonly seen as presenting manifestations, in contrast to national projected trends. Delhi′s unique demography with a high degree of migrant workers, presenting to our center (near border location could be a possible contributing factor towards these aberrations. It highlights the need for continuation of targeted leprosy control activities and active case detection.

  19. Insertion of Balloon Retained Gastrostomy Buttons: A 5-Year Retrospective Review of 260 Patients

    Power, Sarah, E-mail:; Kavanagh, Liam N.; Shields, Mary C.; Given, Mark F.; Keeling, Aoife N.; McGrath, Frank P.; Lee, Michael J., E-mail: [Beaumont Hospital, Department of Radiology (Ireland)


    Radiologically inserted gastrostomy (RIG) is an established way of maintaining enteral nutrition in patients who cannot maintain nutrition orally. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of primary placement of a wide bore button gastrostomy in a large, varied patient population through retrospective review. All patients who underwent gastrostomy placement from January 1, 2004 to January 1, 2009 were identified. 18-Fr gastrostomy buttons (MIC-Key G) were inserted in the majority. Follow-up ranged from 6 months to 4.5 years. A total of 260 patients (M:F 140:120, average age 59.2 years) underwent gastrostomy during the study period. Overall success rate for RIG placement was 99.6 %, with success rate of 95.3 % for primary button insertion. Indications included neurological disorders (70 %), esophageal/head and neck malignancy (21 %), and other indications (9 %). Major and minor complication rates were 1.2 and 12.8 %, respectively. Thirty-day mortality rate was 6.8 %. One third of patients underwent gastrostomy reinsertion during the study period, the main indication for which was inadvertent catheter removal. Patency rate was high at 99.5 %. The maximum number of procedures in any patient was 8 (n = 2), and the average tube dwell time was 125 days. Primary radiological insertion of a wide bore button gastrostomy is a safe technique, with high success rate, high patency rate, and low major complication rate. We believe that it is feasible to attempt button gastrostomy placement in all patients, once tract length is within limits of tube length. If difficulty is encountered, then a standard tube may simply be placed instead.

  20. Spectrum of Lesions Affecting the Renal Pelvis and Pelviureteric Junction: A 13-Year Retrospective Analysis

    Kini, Hema; Suresh, Pooja Kundapur; Guni, Laxman Prabhu Gurupur; Bhat, Shaila; Kini, Jyoti Ramanath


    Introduction Both, the renal pelvis and the ureter, are affected by developmental, reactive and neoplastic disorders, though rare in incidence. Aim This series of cases were analysed to study the clinicopathological characteristics of the common and comparatively rare lesions involving the renal pelvis and pelviureteric junction. Materials and Methods A retrospective collection of 476 nephrectomies and pelviureteric junction resections, received over a period of 13 years from 2001 to 2013 was done. The patients’ clinical details were obtained and the histopathological findings reviewed. The lesions were classified into non-neoplastic and neoplastic categories. Results Primary involvement of the renal pelvis and pelviureteric junction was seen in 105 of 476 specimens. The mean age was 54.5 years with a male to female ratio of 2.2:1. The non-neoplastic lesions accounted for 76.2% of cases with a majority being pelviureteric junction obstruction due to inflammation induced fibromuscular hypertrophy (68.6%) causing hydronephrosis. Urothelial carcinomas were encountered in 20% of the cases. A majority of the urothelial carcinomas were infiltrative (81%) and high grade (71%) tumours. Conclusion Renal pelvis, a conduit to propel urine, can be the site for numerous disorders. Non-neoplastic lesions were more common than neoplasms. Pelviureteric junction obstruction due to inflammation induced fibromuscular hypertrophy was the commonest lesion in our study. In the neoplastic category, urothelial carcinoma was most common. However, rare lesions such as hamartomatous fibroepithelial polyp, Von Brunn’s nests, flat urothelial hyperplasia and intramuscular haemangioma of upper ureter at the pelviureteric junction were encountered along with occasional cases of tuberculosis and squamous cell carcinomas. PMID:27042468

  1. A retrospective analysis of 10-year authorship trends in biomedical engineering journals.

    Foo, Jong Yong Abdiel


    Studies have indicated that academic research has become increasingly complex and multidisciplinary. There seems to be an increasing trend of multiple author articles published across most journals. As the field of biomedical engineering also encompasses multidisciplinary-based knowledge, it is interesting to understand the authorship trend over time. In this study, six journals were carefully chosen from the Journal Citation Report of the Thomson Scientific based on predefined criteria (year 1999 to 2008). The data pertaining to authorships for the articles published in these journals were then acquired from the PubMed database. The results show that there is a general upward trend for the number of author per article, but it is not significant (p > .01) despite a 64.5% increase in the total number of article published in the six chosen journals. Thus, the expected increase is not observed in this field, and it may be due to the stringent guidelines by journals in defining the contributions of an author. Particularly, contributing factors like the impact of authorship irregularities is discussed herein.

  2. Perception of the Impact of Freshmen Academic Involvement Activities, and Use of Academic Support Services on Academic Performance - (A Case Study of Virginia Tech Second Year Engineering Students): Implications for Counseling

    Amenkhienan, Charlotte A


    This study identifies and discusses the academic activities and support services that second-year-engineering students perceived as having impacted their freshman year academic performance. Guided by Astin's (1984) student involvement theory, this investigation involved a total of 34 participants, and was conducted at a large land-grant university in the southeastern United States during the spring semester of the 1998/99 academic year. The following questions were addressed by this study...

  3. The First Year College Village: How Academic Affairs and Student Affairs Works Together

    Ambrose, John; Hauschild, Karen; Ruppe, Kathleen


    This article will highlight the partnership between First Year College and University Housing at North Carolina State. We will address how an academic college has evolved into a living and learning community including information about our Resident Mentor position, First Year Inquiry (FYI) courses and our linked-course program, the Student…

  4. An Examination of the Sabbatical Year in Leviticus 25 and Its Implications for Academic Practice.

    Endres, Thomas G.


    Examines the sabbatical year as portrayed in the Hebrew scriptures. Outlines definitions and practices of the sabbatical year in academia. Analyzes connections between two forms of sabbaticals and draws conclusions about the role the Leviticus sabbatical can play in understanding and execution of academic leave. (SG)

  5. A 10-Year Retrospective Analysis of Methyl Aminolevulinate Photodynamic Therapy Consultation at the Hospital de Braga

    Brito, C; Resende, C.; Oliveira, P.


    Introduction Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a well-established treatment for actinic keratosis (AK), basal cell carcinoma (BCC), and Bowen’s disease (BD). The object of this study was to describe the results of a retrospective analysis of patients treated with methyl aminolevulinate PDT (MAL-PDT) with red light, over the past decade at the Hospital de Braga (Braga, Portugal). Methods This study is based on the retrospective analysis of the clinical records of patients treated with MAL-PDT from...

  6. Fundamentals of Engineering Physics I. Academic year 2015-2016


    Course corresponding to the subject "Fundamentals of Engineering Physics I" that is taught in the first year of the "Degree in Sound and Image, in Telecommunications" of the Polytechnic School at the University of Alicante. This course includes guides of the units, summaries of the units and problems proposed.

  7. Toxicologic Laboratory Findings in Cases Reported with Hanging Death: a Two-Year Retrospective Study in Northeast Iran

    Mohammad Ranjbar


    How to cite this article: Ranjbar R, Liaghat AR, Ranjbar A, Mohabbati H. Toxicologic Laboratory Findings in Cases Reported with Hanging Death: a Two-Year Retrospective Study in Northeast Iran. Asia Pac J Med Toxicol 2013;2:92-5.

  8. Psychopathological factors that can influence academic achievement in early adolescence: a three-year prospective study.

    Voltas, Núria; Hernández-Martínez, Carmen; Aparicio, Estefania; Arija, Victoria; Canals, Josefa


    This three-phase prospective study investigated psychosocial factors predicting or associated with academic achievement. An initial sample of 1,514 school-age children was assessed with screening tools for emotional problems (Screen for Childhood Anxiety and Related Emotional Disorders; Leyton Obsessional Inventory-Child Version; Children's Depression Inventory). The following year, 562 subjects (risk group/without risk group) were re-assessed and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was assessed. Two years later, 242 subjects were followed, and their parents informed about their academic achievement. Results showed that early depression (phase 1 B = -.130, p = .001; phase 1 + phase 2 B = -.187, p academic achievement (phase 1 + phase 2 B = -3.415, p = .005). However, some anxiety symptoms can improve academic achievement (Social phobia B = .216, p = .018; Generalized anxiety B = .313, p academic achievement. We can conclude that in the transition period to adolescence, school-health professionals and teachers need to consider the emotional issues of students to avoid unwanted academic outcomes.

  9. Relation between physical activity and academic performance in 3rd-year secondary education students.

    Morales, José; Pellicer-Chenoll, Maite; García-Masso, Xavier; Gomis, Manuel; González, Luis-Millán


    The main aim of this study was to analyze the relationship between the amount of physical activity and academic performance in 3rd-year secondary education students. The sample was taken from three secondary schools in the area of Barcelona. 284 students (158 girls, 126 boys) with an average age of 14.7 yr. participated. The International Physical Activity Questionnaire was used by students to self-report their amount of physical activity. Students' academic records were obtained for comparisons. Results showed that there was a linear relationship between academic performance and physical activity; nevertheless, there was a trend to stronger correlation when modeling the relationship between these variables with a quadratic equation. Further research should focus on whether academic performance and physical activity might be better explained with a second-order equation.

  10. Aggression, social competence, and academic achievement in Chinese children: a 5-year longitudinal study.

    Chen, Xinyin; Huang, Xiaorui; Chang, Lei; Wang, Li; Li, Dan


    The primary purpose of this longitudinal study was to examine, in a sample of Chinese children (initial M age = 8 years, N = 1,140), contributions of aggression to the development of social competence and academic achievement. Five waves of panel data on aggression and social and school performance were collected from peer evaluations, teacher ratings, and school records in Grades 2 to 5. Structural equation modeling revealed that aggression had unique effects on later social competence and academic achievement after their stabilities were controlled, particularly in the junior grades. Aggression also had significant indirect effects on social and academic outcomes through multiple pathways. Social competence and academic achievement contributed to the development of each other, but not aggression. The results indicate cascade effects of aggression in Chinese children from a developmental perspective.

  11. Development and education of academically supernormal children in Mainland China in the last 35 years

    Shi, Jiannong

    A sophisticated education system for academically gifted students at university, middle school and primary school levels has been developed since 1978. A statistics-based definition of academically supernormal children was suggested by Chinese psychologists. A series of experiments...... classes for academically gifted children at university, middle school and primary school levels have been set up in China since 1978. Hundreds of high ability students are benefited from the gifted education programs in China. Some essential issues about gifted education in China will be discussed...... and investigation has been conducted on psychological development of academically supernormal children. Some principles, procedures, and steps of identification, as well as some principles and typical models of education were developed in Mainland China during the last twenty-four years. Dozens of experimental...

  12. Biological behavior of preneoplastic conditions of the endometrium: A retrospective 16-year study in south India

    Rao Shalinee


    Full Text Available Background: The biological behavior of endometrial carcinoma differs in epidemiology, presentation, and prognosis, suggesting that there are two fundamentally different pathogenic types of disease: type I (estrogen related, endometrioid type and type II (non-estrogen related, non-endometrioid type. Untreated hyperplasia can develop into an endometrioid type of adenocarcinoma, hence, it is important to recognize the former type. In contrast to cervical cancers, there are limited studies with respect to the biology of hyperplastic lesions documented from India. This was a 16-year retrospective study, carried out to determine the nature and outcome of proliferative lesions of the endometrium in a referral center from south India. Materials and Methods: A histopathological diagnosis of the endometrial hyperplasia, polyp, and carcinoma, on endometrial biopsy and hysterectomy specimens, over a 16 year period (1983 to 1999, were recorded in a computer and the case slides were reviewed. Using the computer software Foxpro, the patients who had come more than once for a subsequent or previous biopsy were identified. An attempt was made to look for progression, regression or a static nature of the lesion in the follow-up cases. Results: A total of 1778 cases were studied, and only 74 patients with endometrial hyperplasia and five cases of benign endometrial polyp had follow-up endometrial histopathology. Hyperplasia cases included 59 cases of simple hyperplasia, 10 cases of complex hyperplasia without atypia, and five cases with atypia. The predominant age for patients with all types of hyperplasias was 41 - 50 years. Progression to a higher grade was seen in 8.10%, regression to a lower grade was seen in 9.45%, lesions reverted to a normal pattern in 10.81% cases, and lesions persisted in 70.27% of the cases. A mixed pattern was seen in 54 cases, with predominant coexistent lesion being simple and complex hyperplasia without atypia. Conclusion: The fate

  13. Clinical and radiographic sequelae to primary teeth affected by dental trauma: a 9-year retrospective study.

    Costa, Vanessa Polina Pereira; Goettems, Marilia Leão; Baldissera, Elaine Zanchin; Bertoldi, Andréa Dâmaso; Torriani, Dione Dias


    This retrospective study aimed at determining the predicted risks of clinical and radiographic complications in primary teeth following traumatic dental injuries, according to injury type, severity and child's age. Data were collected from records of children treated at a Dental Trauma Center in Brazil for nine years. Records of 576 children were included; clinical sequelae were assessed in 774 teeth, and radiographic sequelae, in 566 teeth. A total of 408 teeth (52.7%) had clinical sequelae and 185 teeth (32.7%), radiographic sequelae. The type of injury with the highest number of clinical sequelae was the crown-root fracture (86.4%). Clinical sequelae increased with injury severity (p teeth with enamel fracture, and 26.0% (95%CI 14-40) for teeth with enamel dentin fracture as well as enamel dentin pulp fracture. Risk of periapical radiolucency was higher for teeth with enameldentinpulp fracture (61.1% 95%CI 35-82) and those with subluxation (15.8% 95%CI 10-22). Risk of premature loss was 27.3% (95%CI 13-45) for teeth with extrusive luxation, and 10.2% (95%CI 5-17) for those with intrusive luxation. The assessment of predicted risks of sequelae showed that teeth with hard tissue trauma tended to present color change, periapical radiolucency and premature loss, whereas teeth with supporting tissue trauma showed color change, abnormal position, premature loss and periapical radiolucency as the most common sequelae. Knowledge about the predicted risks of complications may help clinicians establish appropriate treatment plans.

  14. Fracture patterns in the maxillofacial region: a four-year retrospective study


    Objectives The facial bones are the most noticeable area in the human body, and facial injuries can cause significant functional, aesthetic, and psychological complications. Continuous study of the patterns of facial bone fractures and changes in trends is helpful in the prevention and treatment of maxillofacial fractures. The purpose of the current clinico-statistical study is to investigate the pattern of facial fractures over a 4-year period. Materials and Methods A retrospective analysis of 1,824 fracture sites was carried out in 1,284 patients admitted to SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center for facial bone fracture from January 2010 to December 2013. We evaluated the distributions of age/gender/season, fracture site, cause of injury, duration from injury to treatment, hospitalization period, and postoperative complications. Results The ratio of men to women was 3.2:1. Most fractures occurred in individuals aged between teens to 40s and were most prevalent at the middle and end of the month. Fractures occurred in the nasal bone (65.0%), orbital wall (29.2%), maxillary wall (15.3%), zygomatic arch (13.2%), zygomaticomaxillary complex (9.8%), mandibular symphysis (6.5%), mandibular angle (5.9%), mandibular condyle (4.9%), and mandibular body (1.9%). The most common etiologies were fall (32.5%) and assault (26.0%). The average duration of injury to treatment was 6 days, and the average hospitalization period was 5 days. Eighteen postoperative complications were observed in 17 patients, mainly infection and malocclusion in the mandible. Conclusion This study reflects the tendency for trauma in the Seoul metropolitan region because it analyzes all facial fracture patients who visited our hospital regardless of the specific department. Distinctively, in this study, midfacial fractures had a much higher incidence than mandible fractures. PMID:26734557




    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Perinatal mortality is the most sensitive index of the efficacy of not only antenatal, intranatal ca re and the quality of child health but also of socioeconomic status of the community. This study was aimed to assess the perinatal mortality rate and determinants of perinatal mortality at a tertiary care centre. METHODOLOGY: This retrospective hospital ba sed study included all the perinatal deaths (> 20 weeks / > 500 gms and neonatal deaths (within 28 days of birth during the period from 2008 to 2012. Data regarding maternal age, booking status, mode of delivery, sex of baby, birth weight, congenital ano malies and probable cause of death were collected. RESULTS: The PMR was found to be 47.95 per 1000 births. The PMR during 2008 was at peak with 58.72 per 1000 births which gradually showed a trend towards reduction with minimum at 39.57 per 1000 births dur ing 2012. The PMR was high among the women who were aged between 20 to 30 years while it was comparable in women with primi and multi parity. Most of the mothers were unregistered for ANC (64.84% and vaginal delivery was noted in 76.65% of the mothers. Th e mortality was found to be high in fetus 3.5 Kgs (1.24%. The commonest cause of PMR was placental abruption (17.6%. CONCLUSION AND INTERPRETATION: There Is a strong need to strengthen the educational and communi cation activities to create awareness about antenatal health care, identification of high risk mothers, timely referral, advanced life support of preterm neonates which would help in reducing the PMR

  16. Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infections in a French Hospital: A 12-Year Retrospective Study

    Blanc, Peggy; Dutronc, Hervé; Peuchant, Olivia; Dauchy, Frédéric-Antoine; Cazanave, Charles; Neau, Didier; Wirth, Gaëtane; Pellegrin, Jean-Luc; Morlat, Philippe; Mercié, Patrick; Tunon-de-Lara, José-Manuel; Doutre, Marie-Sylvie; Pélissier, Philippe; Dupon, Michel


    Background Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) are environmental organisms associated with a range of infections. Reports of NTM epidemiology are mainly focused on pulmonary infections and isolations, and extrapulmonary infections are less frequently described. Methods We conducted a retrospective study of NTM infections at the Bordeaux University Hospital, France, between January 2002 and December 2013. We used the microbiologic component of the American Thoracic Society/Infectious Diseases Society of America's pulmonary NTM disease criteria to define cases of pulmonary NTM, and patients with isolates from a normally sterile site were classified as having extrapulmonary disease. Results In our setting, 170 patients were included. Pulmonary cases predominated (54.1%), followed by skin and soft tissue infections (22.9%), disseminated cases (10.6%), lymphadenitis (7.7%), bone and joint infections (2.9%) and the remaining 1.8% catheter-related infections. Overall, 16 NTM species were isolated. Mycobacterium avium (31.8%) and M. intracellulare (20%) were the most common species identified, followed by M. marinum (13.5%), M. kansasii (10.6%), M. xenopi (9.4%), rapidly growing mycobacteria (9.4%) and other slowly growing mycobacteria (5.3%). In general, NTM isolates were largely prevalent in people older than 50 (62.4%); patients aged 1–10 year-old exclusively yielded M. avium from lymph nodes, almost cases having being diagnosed after 2007. Among the 121 patients with complete follow-up, 78 (64.5%), 24 (19.8%), and 19 (15.7%) were cured, experienced relapse, or died, respectively. Conclusion In our study, extrapulmonary NTM infections represented almost half of cases, consisting mainly in skin and soft tissue infections. The increase lymphadenitis cases in children after 2007 could be linked to the cessation of mandatory BCG vaccination in France. We observed similar cure rates (64%) between pulmonary and extrapulmonary infections. PMID:27959960

  17. Molecular diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in immunocompromised patients: a 3-year multicenter retrospective study.

    Robert-Gangneux, Florence; Sterkers, Yvon; Yera, Hélène; Accoceberry, Isabelle; Menotti, Jean; Cassaing, Sophie; Brenier-Pinchart, Marie-Pierre; Hennequin, Christophe; Delhaes, Laurence; Bonhomme, Julie; Villena, Isabelle; Scherer, Emeline; Dalle, Frédéric; Touafek, Feriel; Filisetti, Denis; Varlet-Marie, Emmanuelle; Pelloux, Hervé; Bastien, Patrick


    Toxoplasmosis is a life-threatening infection in immunocompromised patients (ICPs). The definitive diagnosis relies on parasite DNA detection, but little is known about the incidence and burden of disease in HIV-negative patients. A 3-year retrospective study was conducted in 15 reference laboratories from the network of the French National Reference Center for Toxoplasmosis, in order to record the frequency of Toxoplasma gondii DNA detection in ICPs and to review the molecular methods used for diagnosis and the prevention measures implemented in transplant patients. During the study period, of 31,640 PCRs performed on samples from ICPs, 610 were positive (323 patients). Blood (n = 337 samples), cerebrospinal fluid (n = 101 samples), and aqueous humor (n = 100 samples) were more frequently positive. Chemoprophylaxis schemes in transplant patients differed between centers. PCR follow-up of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (allo-HSCT) patients was implemented in 8/15 centers. Data from 180 patients (13 centers) were further analyzed regarding clinical setting and outcome. Only 68/180 (38%) patients were HIV(+); the remaining 62% consisted of 72 HSCT, 14 solid organ transplant, and 26 miscellaneous immunodeficiency patients. Cerebral toxoplasmosis and disseminated toxoplasmosis were most frequently observed in HIV and transplant patients, respectively. Of 72 allo-HSCT patients with a positive PCR result, 23 were asymptomatic; all were diagnosed in centers performing systematic blood PCR follow-up, and they received specific treatment. Overall survival of allo-HSCT patients at 2 months was better in centers with PCR follow-up than in other centers (P toxoplasmosis in HIV-negative ICPs and suggests that regular PCR follow-up of allo-HSCT patients could guide preemptive treatment and improve outcome.

  18. Diabetic ketoacidosis in children: an 11-year retrospective in Surabaya, Indonesia

    Nur Rochmah


    Full Text Available Background Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA is a complication of type I diabetic mellitus (TIDM. Early recognition and prompt treatment can reduce mortality. Objective To evaluate the profiles of patients with diabetic ketoasidosis in Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia. Methods Retrospective medical records of patients admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit with DKA in Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia from January 2002 to June 2013 were reviewed. The data collected included clinical parameters, laboratory and imaging results, predisposing factors, complications and outcomes. Results During an 11 years period, there were 58 cases of DKA in children with T1DM. Eighteen subjects (31% were boys. The severity of DKA was classified as follows: mild 13 (22.4%, moderate 23 (39.7%, and severe DKA 22 (37.9%. Recurrent DKA was diagnosed in 24 (41.4% patients. Common clinical profiles recorded were dehydration 46 (79.3%, malaise 37 (63.8%, decreased consciousness 35 (60.3%, dyspnea 27 (46.6%, vomiting 26 (44.8%, fever 25 (43.1%, seizure 13 (22.4%, and decreased body weight 9 (15.5%. Laboratory results observed were as folllows: hyponatremia 19 (32.8%, hyperkalemia 12 (20.7% and acute renal failure 3 (5.2%. Head CT scans showed that 2 (3.4% patients suffered from cerebral edema. Infections, as triggers of DKA, were found in 12 (20.6% patients: 4 caries and periodontitis, 3 urinary tract infections, 2 acute diarrhea, 2 acute pharyngitis, and 1 otitis externa. Four out of 24 patients with recurrent DKA failed to take their insulin dose prior to DKA. The average of length of patient stay in the PICU was 3.26 (SD 3.50 days. No patients died during the study. Conclusion Dehydration is the most common clinical profile of DKA in our study. More than half of the patients suffer from moderate to severe DKA.

  19. Diabetic ketoacidosis in children: an 11-year retrospective in Surabaya, Indonesia

    Nur Rochmah


    Full Text Available Background Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA is a complication of type I diabetic mellitus (TIDM. Early recognition and prompt treatment can reduce mortality. Objective To evaluate the profiles of patients with diabetic ketoasidosis in Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia. Methods Retrospective medical records of patients admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit with DKA in Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia from January 2002 to June 2013 were reviewed. The data collected included clinical parameters, laboratory and imaging results, predisposing factors, complications and outcomes. Results During an 11 years period, there were 58 cases of DKA in children with T1DM. Eighteen subjects (31% were boys. The severity of DKA was classified as follows: mild 13 (22.4%, moderate 23 (39.7%, and severe DKA 22 (37.9%. Recurrent DKA was diagnosed in 24 (41.4% patients. Common clinical profiles recorded were dehydration 46 (79.3%, malaise 37 (63.8%, decreased consciousness 35 (60.3%, dyspnea 27 (46.6%, vomiting 26 (44.8%, fever 25 (43.1%, seizure 13 (22.4%, and decreased body weight 9 (15.5%. Laboratory results observed were as folllows: hyponatremia 19 (32.8%, hyperkalemia 12 (20.7% and acute renal failure 3 (5.2%. Head CT scans showed that 2 (3.4% patients suffered from cerebral edema. Infections, as triggers of DKA, were found in 12 (20.6% patients: 4 caries and periodontitis, 3 urinary tract infections, 2 acute diarrhea, 2 acute pharyngitis, and 1 otitis externa. Four out of 24 patients with recurrent DKA failed to take their insulin dose prior to DKA. The average of length of patient stay in the PICU was 3.26 (SD 3.50 days. No patients died during the study. Conclusion Dehydration is the most common clinical profile of DKA in our study. More than half of the patients suffer from moderate to severe DKA. [Paediatr Indones. 2015;55:40-3.].

  20. Patch testing for allergic contact dermatitis: Three years retrospective results in Tekirdağ

    Gamze Erfan


    Full Text Available Background and Design: Allergic contact dermatitis is a delayed type hypersensitivity reaction to allergens in individuals who were sensitized with same allergens before. The causative allergens may change in time as well as vary among geographical and population based differences. Materials and Methods: The characteristics of 169 patients-107 (63.3% male, 62 (36.7% female, who patch tested between 2011- 2014 with allergic contact dermatitis diagnosis and test results were retrospectively analysed. Results: The mean age of all patients who had the most frequent occupation as service sector/house wife (26.6% were 41.06 years and the mean disease duration of all patients was 19.5 months. The most frequent localization of disease was hands (n: 105,%73 and %50.3 of patients had positivity with at least one allergen. The most frequent seven allergens with positivity were nickel sulfate (n: 50, %29.6, cobalt chloride (n: 23, %13.6, potassium dichromate (n: 22, %13, sesquiterpene lactone mix (n: 18, %10.7, thiuram (n: 10, %5.9, clioquinol mix (n: 10, %5.9 and 4-tert-butilfenol formaldehyde resin (n: 10, %5.9, respectively. On the other hand in all patients there were no positivity with N-Isopropyl-N-phenyl-4-phenylenediamine, epoxy resin, balsam of peru, formaldehyde, quaternium-15, primin, tixocortol-21-pivalate, fragrance mix-2. Conclusion: In comparison of this study which first reports patch test results of patients in Tekirdağ-a city in Trakya region and other studies that report patch test results of different regions of our country; the mean age of patients of present study were older and there were similar results for occupations and localization of disease in between eastern region and present study. We believe that further studies are needed to specify allergen characteristics of Trakya region using multicenter studies, which include other cities as well.

  1. Minor head injury in anticoagulated patients: a 6-year retrospective analysis in an emergency department

    Alessandro Riccardi


    Full Text Available The appropriate management of minor head injury (MHI in patients receiving oral anticoagulant (OAC is unclear. In this retrospective study, we focused on elderly patients (>65 years treated with OAC, presented to our emergency department with MHI between 2004 and 2010. Three hundred and six patients with MHI were taking OAC: we documented 7.19% hemorrhages at the first computed tomography (C; 18.19% deaths; 50.1% spontaneous reabsorptions; 22.73% deteriorations of intracranial bleeding without surgical intervention (for clinical comorbidity, and 4.55% neurosurgical interventions. We documented a second positive CT scan in 2 patients (1.51% who had no symptoms and remained asymptomatic during observation. In both cases, intracranial bleeding resolved spontaneously. The mean international normalized ratio (INR value was 2.26, higher in the group of patients with bleeding (2.74 than in the group without bleeding (2.19. We found a significant increased risk in patients with posttraumatic loss of consciousness [odds ratio (OR 28.3], diffuse headache (OR 14.79, vomiting (OR 14.2 and neurological signs (OR 5.27. We did not reach significance in patients with post-traumatic amnesia. Our data confirm the need for a CT scan of any patients on OAC with MHI. None of our patients developed any symptoms or signs during observation, and only 2 patients developed an intracranial hemorrhage in the second CT scan with a favorable evolution. Our data need to be confirmed with an observational study, but we suggest that the second CT could be reserved for patients developing symptoms and signs during observation. We also underline the role of the INR in the stratification of risk.


    Krishna Bharathi Yarlagadda


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND Ovarian tumours being second most common gynaecological cancer in India account for 30% of all cancers of female genital tract. Study conducted to determine relative frequencies of various histological types based on WHO classification and their age distribution with particular emphasis on surface epithelial tumours. This study is undertaken to find out the frequency of incidence of different histopathological subtypes with particular emphasis on surface epithelial tumours and age distribution of ovarian tumours in our institute located in coastal Andhra Pradesh. METHODS This is a retrospective study of 100 cases of ovarian neoplasms collected during a period of 3 years from June 2013 to May 2016 from the Department of Pathology, Katuri Medical College and Hospital, Chinakondrupadu, Guntur, A. P, India. The patients attending our hospital are mostly from rural areas around. Paraffin blocks of all 100 ovarian neoplasms retrieved. Complete clinical and radiological findings analysed from our records. RESULTS The tumours are grouped according to the nature of tumour whether benign or borderline or malignant according to cell of origin, histological subtyping, and age group. Surface epithelial tumours are the most common. Benign tumours outnumber the malignant tumours. Benign ovarian tumours showed a peak in 21-40 Yrs. age group and malignant in the age group of 41- 60 Yrs. Results of our study compared with other studies. CONCLUSION Because of the geographic location, poverty, and illiteracy, patients seek medical advice late. So, awareness among public by health education, passive surveillance, and community screening facility will be helpful in early detection of ovarian neoplasms.

  3. Microbial profile of the vitreous aspirates in culture proven exogenous endophthalmitis: A 10-year retrospective study

    H Bhattacharjee


    Full Text Available Purpose: To describe the microbiological profile and clinical outcome in the eyes with culture-proven exogenous endophthalmitis. Methods: A retrospective analysis of 495 eyes diagnosed as exogenous endophthalmitis was performed over a period of 10 years. In all, aseptically collected aqueous and vitreous aspirates were cultured for bacteria and fungus using standard microbiological techniques. Gram-stain and KOH preparation of the specimens were also performed. The antibiotic susceptibility testing for bacterial isolates was performed by Kirby-Bauer disk diffusion method. The treatment was modified according to the antibiotic sensitivity profile. The final clinical ocular condition was divided into improved, stable or deteriorated. Results: Of 148 culture-proven endophthalmitis eyes, 137 (92.57% were referred from elsewhere, and 11 (7.43% belonged to our institute. Aetiologically, 76 (51.35% eyes were post-cataract surgery, 61 (41.22% were post-traumatic, 5 (3.38% eyes post-intravitreal anti-vascular endothelial growth factor injection, 5 associated with corneal diseases and 1 bleb-related endophthalmitis. In 31 (20.95% eyes, primary intravitreal antibiotics were given outside. The cultures revealed monomicrobial growth in 92.57% (n = 137 and polymicrobial growth in 7.43% (n = 11. Among the bacteria (n = 121, 81.76%, Pseudomonas species dominated overall (n = 32, 27.11% and post-operative (n = 26, 38.23% endophthalmitis group. Staphylococcus epidermidis (n = 14, 28% was prominent in post-traumatic endophthalmitis group. Ninety-two percent (n = 108 isolates of bacteria were sensitive to vancomycin. In 78 (52.7% eyes, the clinical ocular condition improved or remained stable while deteriorated in 51 (34.46%. Conclusion: A bacterial predominance was observed among causative organisms of exogenous endophthalmitis with Pseudomonas species being the most common. The appropriate surgical intervention improved or stabilised the visual acuity in nearly

  4. Midwifery and obstetrics: twenty years of collaborative academic practice.

    Angelini, Diane J; O'Brien, Barbara; Singer, Janet; Coustan, Donald R


    This review describes a collaborative educational practice model partnering midwifery and obstetrics within a department of obstetrics and gynecology. For more than 20 years, the authors' model has demonstrated sustainability and influence on medical education. The focus is on resident education in obstetrics, using midwifery faculty as teachers in the obstetric and obstetric triage settings. This noncompetitive and integrated educational practice model has achieved sustainability and success using midwives in a collaborative approach to medical education. The continuing collaboration and innovation within medical and resident education are important elements for the future of collaborative practice.

  5. Pathological features of Breast Cancer seen in Northwestern Tanzania: a nine years retrospective study

    Manyama Mange M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Breast cancer is more common in Western Countries compared to African populations. However in African population, it appears that the disease tends to be more aggressive and occurring at a relatively young age at the time of presentation. The aim of this study was to describe the trend of Breast Cancer in Northwestern Tanzania. Methods This was a retrospective study which involved all cases of breast cancer diagnosed histologically at Bugando Medical Center from 2002 to 2010. Histological results and slides were retrieved from the records in the Pathology department, clinical information and demographic data for patients were retrieved from surgical wards and department of medical records. Histology slides were re-evaluated for the histological type, grade (By modified Bloom-Richardson score, and presence of necrosis and skin involvement. Data was entered and analyzed by SPSS computer software version 15. Findings There were 328 patients histologically confirmed to have breast cancer, the mean age at diagnosis was 48.7 years (+/- 13.1. About half of the patients (52.4% were below 46 years of age, and this group of patients had significantly higher tendency for lymph node metastasis (p = 0.012. The tumor size ranged from 1 cm to 18 cm in diameter with average (mean of 5.5 cm (+/- 2.5, and median size of 6 cm. Size of the tumor (above 6 cm in diameter and presence of necrosis within the tumor was significantly associated with high rate of lymph node metastasis (p = 0.000. Of all patients, 64% were at clinical stage III (specifically IIIB and 70.4% had lymph node metastasis at the time of diagnosis. Only 4.3% of the patients were in clinical stage I at the time of diagnosis. Majority of the patients had invasive ductal carcinoma (91.5% followed by mucinous carcinoma (5.2%, Invasive lobular carcinoma (3% and in situ ductal carcinoma (0.3%. In all patients, 185 (56.4% had tumor with histological grade 3. Conclusion Breast cancer

  6. An academic challenge for the year 2000: perfect the memex

    Butler, John C.


    The evolution of the Internet is increasing at an ever-increasing rate. The rate of incorporation of Internet-based resources into university courses, however, does not seem to be keeping pace. In large part this seems to be a function of the mindset of university faculty rather than a technological shortcoming. For the past few years faculty have used the Internet to learn how their colleagues are adopting this new medium into their courses. Password-protected course pages will restrict that learning process if university administration and publishers exercise ownership of the intellectual property produced by faculty. A team approach is needed with instructors providing the content and graphic designers, programmers, and cognitive experts adding their skills to produce the final product. This team should be involved from conception through assessment of the results. Focusing on the development of an entire course may not be a wise investment of time and money for a faculty member. It may make more sense to focus on the development of small segments, units or modules or analytical tools that can be incorporated into a variety of courses at other institutions. If such units can be evaluated as good practices, and if an efficient distribution mechanism can be devised, the benefits should increase exponentially as new resources are contributed.

  7. Curriculum scholars: Embedding learning and teaching scholarship in first year academic identities. A Practice Report

    Peter Jones


    Full Text Available This practice report details an institutional innovation designed to enhance academic capacities for curriculum development, with a particular focus on the first year experience (FYE. The authors discuss the appointment of “Curriculum Scholars” in each of the faculties at James Cook University. This innovation can be seen as an example of third generation responses to the challenges of the first year in higher education (FYHE (Kift, Nelson & Clarke, 2010. The report  discusses the question of academic identity and the tension between a discipline-specific identity and identification with the scholarship of teaching and learning. The authors argue that this tension may have significant implications for the success of third generation approaches to the FYE. This tension is the focus of a multi-method research project being developed by the authors. The autoethnographical dimension of this project is described, inviting participants to reflect on their own journeys as academics engaged in learning and teaching.

  8. Profiling first-year students in STEM programs based on autonomous motivation and academic self-concept and relationship with academic achievement.

    Van Soom, Carolien; Donche, Vincent


    The low success rate of first-year college students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs has spurred many academic achievement studies in which explanatory factors are studied. In this study, we investigated from a person-oriented perspective whether different motivational and academic self-concept profiles could be discerned between male and female first-year college students in STEM and whether differences in early academic achievement were associated with these student groups. Data on autonomous motivation, academic self-concept, and early academic achievement of 1,400 first-year STEM college students were collected. Cluster analyses were used to distinguish motivational profiles based on the relative levels of autonomous motivation and academic self-concept for male and female students. Differences in early academic achievement of the various profiles were studied by means of ANCOVA. Four different motivational profiles were discerned based on the dimensions of autonomous motivation (A) and academic self-concept (S): students scoring high and respectively low on both dimensions (HA-HS or LA-LS), and students scoring high on one dimension and low on the other (HA-LS or LA-HS). Also gender differences were found in this study: male students with high levels of academic self-concept and autonomous motivation had higher academic achievement compared to male students with low levels on both motivational dimensions. For female students, motivational profiles were not associated with academic achievement. The findings partially confirm the internal and external validity of the motivational theories underpinning this study and extend the present insights on identifying subgroup(s) of at risk students in contemporary STEM programs at university level.

  9. Profiling first-year students in STEM programs based on autonomous motivation and academic self-concept and relationship with academic achievement.

    Carolien Van Soom

    Full Text Available The low success rate of first-year college students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM programs has spurred many academic achievement studies in which explanatory factors are studied. In this study, we investigated from a person-oriented perspective whether different motivational and academic self-concept profiles could be discerned between male and female first-year college students in STEM and whether differences in early academic achievement were associated with these student groups. Data on autonomous motivation, academic self-concept, and early academic achievement of 1,400 first-year STEM college students were collected. Cluster analyses were used to distinguish motivational profiles based on the relative levels of autonomous motivation and academic self-concept for male and female students. Differences in early academic achievement of the various profiles were studied by means of ANCOVA. Four different motivational profiles were discerned based on the dimensions of autonomous motivation (A and academic self-concept (S: students scoring high and respectively low on both dimensions (HA-HS or LA-LS, and students scoring high on one dimension and low on the other (HA-LS or LA-HS. Also gender differences were found in this study: male students with high levels of academic self-concept and autonomous motivation had higher academic achievement compared to male students with low levels on both motivational dimensions. For female students, motivational profiles were not associated with academic achievement. The findings partially confirm the internal and external validity of the motivational theories underpinning this study and extend the present insights on identifying subgroup(s of at risk students in contemporary STEM programs at university level.

  10. Insertion of balloon retained gastrostomy buttons: a 5-year retrospective review of 260 patients.

    Power, Sarah


    Radiologically inserted gastrostomy (RIG) is an established way of maintaining enteral nutrition in patients who cannot maintain nutrition orally. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of primary placement of a wide bore button gastrostomy in a large, varied patient population through retrospective review.




    Full Text Available Children with primary Tslymphocyte deficiency arc more ."I/."'clptihfe to infection hy organisms such (15: bacteria, fungi. prolo:o(J lind virus, 1711.' isniatian oj all opponuniuic ory;ani."m or an IImallally severe infection with higher grade pathogens, provide a clue (0 diagnosis of immunodeficiency, To determine the microorganisms causing recurrent or severe infections in children with T•(rmpllOcy!e doflcicncy, we carried out II retrospective case review oj H5 patients with 1'../ympllOC'te deficiency who wuc investigated at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, NHS Trust, OH'r the 5 year period between June I, 1188 and June I, 1193. Tuc /:mllp of patients included 53 mules anti 32 [cmales, among which 23 and 62 were diagnosed to prewnt SClf (/",1 elf subtypes respectively, Among the 174 organisms isolated. these included bacteria (97 isolates], viruses (43 isolates}, funJ:i (25 isolates] and parasites (9 isolates}, 17lC predominant ."ites of infections were mainly the gll. rointe. itwl (60 out of 174 and respiratory tracts (49 out of 174. 171£' most common bacterial infections, were with aerobic gram negative organisms (28 isolatcs, P.H'UdOmOnllS aeruginosa (17 isolates], Enterococcus (/2 isolates, C. difficile (10 isolates], Analysis: of 43 viral infection showed that Homvirus (10 isolates], Adenovirus (9 isolates], Herpes simplex (6 isolates], am!"nC}loml'!:altH'iTlH (6 isalatcs, Wi'rl! prrdominutu pathogens. Candida albicans was IIII' most commonly isolated fungi. Parasitic infections included P. curini and Cryp(o."poridillm, 3 and (j opt of 9 cases. In our }iTOUp of pmients 16 patients' died before hone maTOOW transplantation, due to infectimu complication. Based on this . lldy. we , thai pronytaxis aJjllin.rt bacterial, viral, Jllngal ami protozoa agents is a necessity to minimize infectious complication." in 7~/ympilOcyte deficient patients, awaiting a hone

  12. Pregnancy-associated deaths: a 15-year retrospective study and overall review of maternal pathophysiology.

    Christiansen, Lydia R; Collins, Kim A


    Pregnancy-related death is defined by the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) as the death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the cause of death. In the year 2000, a collaborative effort involving World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, and UNFPA estimated 660 maternal deaths in the United States. This averages 11 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births reported. Many pregnancy-associated deaths are not easily identified as such since the presence of a recent or current pregnancy may not be listed on the death certificate. Thus, the WHO estimates that in the United States, the maternal mortality is approximately 17/100,000 pregnancies. This is significantly higher than the goal set by the US Department of Health and Human Services in Healthy People 2010, which sets the target for maternal mortality at less than 3.3/100,000 live births. The most common causes of maternal death vary somewhat from region to region in the United States. They include pulmonary thromboembolism, amniotic fluid embolism, primary postpartum uterine hemorrhage, infection, and complications of hypertension including preeclampsia and eclampsia. Pulmonary disease, complications of anesthesia, and cardiomyopathy also are significant contributors to maternal mortality in some populations. The death of a pregnant or recently pregnant individual poses a wide scope of challenges to the forensic pathologist and investigator. The pathologist must have a broad knowledge of the physiologic and biochemical changes that occur during pregnancy, as well as the clinical and pathological manifestation of these changes. Conditions that may be "benign" in the nonpregnant individual may be lethal in the puerperal period. In addition, it should be kept in mind that deaths during pregnancy may be due to unnatural causes. Accident, homicide, and suicide must be ruled out in each case. The authors reviewed all forensic cases

  13. First-Year Students' Employment, Engagement, and Academic Achievement: Untangling the Relationship between Work and Grades

    Pike, Gary R.; Kuh, George D.; Massa-McKinley, Ryan C.


    This study examined the relationships among first-year students' employment, engagement, and academic achievement using data from the 2004 National Survey of Student Engagement. A statistically significant negative relationship was found between working more than 20 hours per week and grades, even after controlling for students' characteristics…

  14. Mathematics and Natural Science Students' Motivational Profiles and their First-year Academic Achievement

    Fokkens-Bruinsma, Marjon; Vermue, Carlien; Deinum, Jan


    Our study focused on describing first-year university students’ motivational profiles and their achievement. 755 students in the faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences participated in the study. Data on academic motivation was collected before the start of the program, data on achievement at th

  15. Home Computer Use and Academic Performance of Nine-Year-Olds

    Casey, Alice; Layte, Richard; Lyons, Sean; Silles, Mary


    A recent rise in home computer ownership has seen a growing number of children using computers and accessing the internet from a younger age. This paper examines the link between children's home computing and their academic performance in the areas of reading and mathematics. Data from the nine-year-old cohort of the Growing Up in Ireland survey…

  16. Sophisticated Chaos: The Influence of Academic Discourse on Student Success in First-Year English Composition

    Burns, Sharon L.


    Students' conceptualizations of academic writing are often based on their cultural and social expectations of what it means to be a student or an instructor in the academy. These expectations are as varied as any target population and continue to grow as multi-cultural heritages continue to expand. First-year student writers' performances are…

  17. 10 Years of "Adult Learning": Content Analysis of an Academic Journal

    Cherrstrom, Catherine A.; Robbins, Stacey E.; Bixby, John


    Academic publications provide insights into a discipline's history, knowledge base, and research norms, and thus analyzing publication activity provides learning about the field of study. To learn more about the field of adult and continuing education, this study used content analysis to examine 10 years of "Adult Learning" from 2006…

  18. The National Year of Reading: Celebrating the Role of Literature in an Academic Culture

    Osborn, Jennifer


    2012, the National Year of Reading (NYR), was celebrated in libraries, schools and community centres throughout Australia. At the University of Adelaide, we celebrated our academic culture of literary teaching and research with a range of programmes and initiatives based in the humanities faculty. The Barr Smith Library played an integral part in…

  19. Psychobiological responses at the beginning and the end of an academic year in teachers

    Miguel A. Serrano


    Full Text Available Evidence shows that work stress increases risk of cardiovascular disease. Emotional, cardiovascular and endocrine responses are affected by day-to-day experience. Perceived stress, negative mood, heart rate (HR and blood pressure (BP increase in working periods. Cortisol (C response is not so clear, there being contradictory results. The main purpose is to study stress markers in two working days in teachers. Moreover, we evaluate the role of gender in stress markers in 49 school teachers. Perceived stress, mood, BP, HR, and C were measured at the beginning and at the end of an academic year. Results show that psychological and heart rate responses to a working day were different at the end of the year, increasing, especially in men. BP and C responses descended at the end of the year. In conclusion, an academic year could affect negatively to the emotional state and heart rate of teachers.

  20. A 5-year retrospective analysis of Necrotizing fasciitis: A single center experiences

    Kiralj Aleksandar I


    Full Text Available Background/Aim. Necrotizing fasciitis (NF is usually an acute infection of superficial fascia with rapid progression in around soft tissue. If not promptly recognized and aggressively treated NF usualy leads to sepsis and multiorgan failure with fatal outcome, thus early diagnosis and prompt surgical treatment are crucial for healing of these patients. The aim of this article was to evaluate the clinical presentation of all patients with acute NF diagnosed and treated in surgical clinics of Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia. Methods. The medical records of patients treated for acute NF localized on a different parts of the body in Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia, during a 5- year period (from January 2008 to December 2012 were retrospectively evaluated. This study enrolled patients admitted via Emergency Center of Vojvodina with the diagnosis of acute NF either as the primary diagnosis or with the diagnosis at discharge after surgical treatment. Results. During a 5-year period there were 216 patients with final diagnosis of acute NF. Most of our patients (140 - 64.81% were admitted with the initial diagnosis of cellulitis, abscesses, phlegmons or sepsis. Unfortunately, the clinical symptoms of acute NF were atypical at time of initial examination. Pain and swelling of the affected localization were the most presented bias of symptoms (183 - 84.72%. The majority of our patients were male (164 - 75.92%. Among the 216 patients, the most common pre-existing single factor was drug abuse (39 - 18.05%, followed by obesity (38 - 17.59% and diabetes mellitus (31 - 14.35%. Trauma was most common etiological factor (22 - 10.8% in infected wounds, followed by abdominal (15 - 6.94% and orthopedic (11 - 5.09% surgical intervention. In the present study idiopathic acute NF was diagnosed in 22 (10.18% patients and more than one etiological factor were diagnosed in 20 (9.25% patients. The majority of our patients had type I acute NF

  1. Seroprevalence of antistreptolysin O antibodies in a tertiary health care centre in Haryana, India: a three year retrospective study

    Aakanksha Sharma; Shipra Agarwal; Kiran Bala; Uma Chaudhary


    Background: Presence of antistreptolysin O antibodies in a patient's sera may be an isolated evidence of recent infection by group A or less commonly, group C or G Streptococcus, especially in patients suspected of having a non suppurative sequel to this infection. Methods: A retrospective study was done on the sera samples received in the Department of Microbiology, PGIMS Rohtak, India for the detection of ASO, over a period of three years. The test was carried out by latex agglutination ...

  2. Adolescent Scoliosis Screening in Nara City Schools: A 23-Year Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study

    Yamamoto, Satoshi; Shigematsu, Hideki; Kadono, Fumihiko; Tanaka, Yukihiro; Tatematsu, Masataka; Okuda, Akinori; Iwata, Eiichiro; Koizumi, Munehisa; Tanaka, Yasuhito


    Study Design Retrospective cross-sectional study. Purpose To determine the prevalence of idiopathic scoliosis, define the distribution of the curve magnitude, evaluate the accuracy of Moiré topography as a screening tool, and investigate the cost-effectiveness of our screening system. Overview of Literature Early detection of idiopathic scoliosis provides the opportunity for conservative treatment before the deformity is noticeable. We believe that scoliosis screening in schools is useful for...

  3. Diabetic ketoacidosis in children: an 11-year retrospective in Surabaya, Indonesia

    Nur Rochmah; Muhammad Faizi; Netty Harjantien


    Background Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a complication of type I diabetic mellitus (TIDM). Early recognition and prompt treatment can reduce mortality. Objective To evaluate the profiles of patients with diabetic ketoasidosis in Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia. Methods Retrospective medical records of patients admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit with DKA in Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia from January 2002 to June 2013 were reviewed. The data collected ...

  4. Adolescent Scoliosis Screening in Nara City Schools: A 23-Year Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study.

    YAMAMOTO, Satoshi; Shigematsu, Hideki; Kadono, Fumihiko; Tanaka, Yukihiro; Tatematsu, Masataka; Okuda, Akinori; Iwata, Eiichiro; Koizumi, Munehisa; Tanaka, Yasuhito


    STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective cross-sectional study. PURPOSE: To determine the prevalence of idiopathic scoliosis, define the distribution of the curve magnitude, evaluate the accuracy of Moiré topography as a screening tool, and investigate the cost-effectiveness of our screening system. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE: Early detection of idiopathic scoliosis provides the opportunity for conservative treatment before the deformity is noticeable. We believe that scoliosis screening in schools is useful ...

  5. Postoperative epidural analgesia for patients undergoing pectus excavatum corrective surgery: a 10-year retrospective analysis

    Siddiqui A


    Full Text Available Asad Siddiqui,1 Andrew Tse,2 James E Paul,3 Peter Fitzgerald,4 Bernice Teh,51Department of Anesthesia, University of Toronto, Toronto, 2Department of Anesthesia, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, 3Department of Anesthesia, 4Department of Surgery, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; 5Canterbury Anesthetic Services, Victoria, Australia Introduction: Managing postoperative pain in patients undergoing minimally invasive pectus excavatum repair (Nuss procedure is challenging but essential in facilitating ambulation and minimizing the length of stay. Although multiple epidural regimens with varying opioids are presently used for pain management, there is currently no clinical consensus regarding which epidural regimen provides the best analgesia outcomes with the fewest side effects. This 10-year retrospective cohort study was performed to compare the quality of analgesia and the incidence of side effects associated with the three most common epidural regimens used at a tertiary care children's hospital, in patients undergoing the Nuss procedure. Methods: Seventy-two pediatric patients were identified as having been treated with one of three epidural regimens for postoperative pain management following the Nuss procedure: Group A (n=12 received 0.125% bupivacaine and 5 µg/mL fentanyl, Group B (n=21 received 0.125% bupivacaine and 10 µg/mL hydromorphone, and Group C (n=39 received 0.1% ropivacaine and 20 µg/mL hydromorphone. Our primary outcome was maximal daily pain scores (numerical rating scale 0–10, with an analytical focus on postoperative day 1 scores. The primary outcome was analyzed using linear regression. The secondary outcomes included the length of stay, side-effect profiles as reflected by the number of treatments for nausea and pruritus, pain scores according to epidural site insertion, occurrence of breakthrough pain, and presence of severe pain throughout their hospital stay. Secondary outcomes were analyzed using linear or

  6. Postoperative epidural analgesia for patients undergoing pectus excavatum corrective surgery: a 10-year retrospective analysis

    Siddiqui, Asad; Tse, Andrew; Paul, James E; Fitzgerald, Peter; Teh, Bernice


    Introduction Managing postoperative pain in patients undergoing minimally invasive pectus excavatum repair (Nuss procedure) is challenging but essential in facilitating ambulation and minimizing the length of stay. Although multiple epidural regimens with varying opioids are presently used for pain management, there is currently no clinical consensus regarding which epidural regimen provides the best analgesia outcomes with the fewest side effects. This 10-year retrospective cohort study was performed to compare the quality of analgesia and the incidence of side effects associated with the three most common epidural regimens used at a tertiary care children’s hospital, in patients undergoing the Nuss procedure. Methods Seventy-two pediatric patients were identified as having been treated with one of three epidural regimens for postoperative pain management following the Nuss procedure: Group A (n=12) received 0.125% bupivacaine and 5 µg/mL fentanyl, Group B (n=21) received 0.125% bupivacaine and 10 µg/mL hydromorphone, and Group C (n=39) received 0.1% ropivacaine and 20 µg/mL hydromorphone. Our primary outcome was maximal daily pain scores (numerical rating scale 0–10), with an analytical focus on postoperative day 1 scores. The primary outcome was analyzed using linear regression. The secondary outcomes included the length of stay, side-effect profiles as reflected by the number of treatments for nausea and pruritus, pain scores according to epidural site insertion, occurrence of breakthrough pain, and presence of severe pain throughout their hospital stay. Secondary outcomes were analyzed using linear or logistic regression adjusted for pain scores at baseline. The criterion for statistical significance was set a priori at alpha =0.05. Results Group A had significantly higher day-1 pain scores (score 5.42/10) than Group B (4.52/10; P=0.030) and Group C (4.49/10; P=0.015) after adjusting for baseline pain and age. No significant difference in maximum daily

  7. Antibiotics against Pseudomonas aeruginosa for COPD exacerbation in ICU: a 10-year retrospective study

    Planquette B


    Full Text Available Benjamin Planquette,1–4 Julien Péron,2 Etienne Dubuisson,1 Ariane Roujansky,1 Virginie Laurent,1 Alban Le Monnier,3 Stephane Legriel,1 Alexis Ferre,4 Fabrice Bruneel,1 Peter G Chiles,5 Jean P Bedos1 1Réanimation Polyvalente, Centre Hospitalier de Versailles, Le Chesnay, France; 2Unité de Biostatistique Médicale, Hôpital Lyon Sud, Lyon, France; 3Service de Microbiologie, Centre Hospitalier de Versailles, Le Chesnay, France; 4Service de Pneumologie et de Soins Intensifs, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou, Université Paris René Descartes, Paris, France; 5Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA Summary: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD is a frequent source of hospitalization. Antibiotics are largely prescribed during COPD exacerbation. Our hypothesis is that large broad-spectrum antibiotics are more and more frequently prescribed. Our results confirm this trend and highlight that the increase in large broad-spectrum use in COPD exacerbation is largely unexplained. Background: Acute COPD exacerbation (AECOPD is frequently due to respiratory tract infection, and the benefit of antipseudomonal antibiotics (APA is still debated. Health care–associated pneumonia (HCAP was defined in 2005 and requires broad-spectrum antibiotherapy. The main objectives are to describe the antibiotic use for AECOPD in intensive care unit and to identify factors associated with APA use and AECOPD prognosis. Methods: We conducted a monocentric, retrospective study on all AECOPDs in the intensive care unit treated by antibiotics for respiratory tract infection. Treatment failure (TF was defined by death, secondary need for mechanical ventilation, or secondary systemic steroid treatment. A multivariate analysis was used to assess factors associated with APA prescription and TF. Results: From January 2000 to December 2011, 111 patients were included. Mean age was 69 years (±12, mean

  8. The Early Diagnosis of Boys and Girls in Academic Risk Using the Perceptual-Motor Diagnostic System: A Longitudinal Retrospective Study of Evidences of its Effectiveness

    Emmanuel Herrera-González


    Full Text Available The main objective in this study is to evidence the efficiency of the Peques System as a useful tool to diagnose, at an early stage, possible difficulties which will affect the academic performance. In a 3-year longitudinal study, the Perceptual-Motor Diagnostic System (Peques was applied to a sample of 149 participants (77 boys and 72 girls, who were beginning preschool education. Peques classified 38 children with a high risk to lose a year at primary school level. After a three-year follow-up (first primary school level, it was determined that 23 of the 127 who remained in the study (18%, had failed the first, second or third school year. From the high-risk group diagnosed by the Peques System, an 83% indeed lost a school year. These boys and girls had difficulties in different aspects, such as their information processing capacity, motor development, corporal image, Gestalt development and corporal coordination. We concluded that Peques System was able to predict the academic failure in the primary school level, based on the perceptual-motor development reached at preschool level. Further, based on this experience it is recommended to pay special attention to perceptual-motor development, since it plays a basic role in the academic success of boys and girls.

  9. The Early Diagnosis of Boys and Girls in Academic Risk Using the Perceptual-Motor Diagnostic System: A Longitudinal Retrospective Study of Evidences of its Effectiveness

    Emmanuel Herrera-González; Gerardo Alonso Araya-Vargas; Harry Fernández-Sagot; María Morera-Castro; Héctor Fonseca-Schmidt


    The main objective in this study is to evidence the efficiency of the Peques System as a useful tool to diagnose, at an early stage, possible difficulties which will affect the academic performance. In a 3-year longitudinal study, the Perceptual-Motor Diagnostic System (Peques) was applied to a sample of 149 participants (77 boys and 72 girls), who were beginning preschool education. Peques classified 38 children with a high risk to lose a year at primary school level. After a three-year foll...

  10. Executive functions in 5- to 8-year olds: Developmental changes and relationship to academic achievement

    Röthlisberger, Marianne; Neuenschwander, Regula; Cimeli, Patrizia; Roebers, Claudia M.


    Pronounced improvements in executive functions (EF) during preschool years have been documented in cross-sectional studies. However, longitudinal evidence on EF development during the transition to school and predictive associations between early EF and later school achievement are still scarce. This study examined developmental changes in EF across three time-points, the predictive value of EF for mathematical, reading and spelling skills and explored children's specific academic attainment ...

  11. Predictors of academic performance of first year dental undergraduates in Sri Lanka: a re-evaluation following curriculum changes.

    Ariyasinghe, S; Pallegama, R


    The dentistry course in Sri Lanka is conducted in English, a second language for its students. A decade ago, English language proficiency was the key factor in predicting the academic performance of first year dental undergraduates. Since then, changes have been introduced to the teaching programme and examination format to minimise the effect of language proficiency on their performance. This study aimed at re-evaluating the factors influencing academic performance in a similar academic cohort. A total of 306 first year students in five consecutive academic years ranging in age from 20 to 24 years (77% of the total number registered, 36.3% men) were recruited, and a questionnaire was used to collect data regarding demographics, previous academic ability and perceived levels of difficulty of the first year course, English language and its sub-skills. Performances of the English language test and cumulative GPA of the first year course were used as objective indicators of language competency and academic performance respectively. The data were analysed using SPSS 11.5. Hierarchical Regression Analysis revealed that English language proficiency, gender and previous academic ability were the significant predictors of GPA. Students who received a lower GPA perceived English as considerably more difficult compared to the academic course itself; however, students who obtained a higher GPA perceived the opposite. Students' language competency remains the major predictor of academic performance, although previous academic ability and gender emerge as significant predictors. The perceived difficulty, however, of the dental course and of studying in English may also be predictors of student academic performance.

  12. Hybrid total knee arthroplasty: a retrospective analysis of clinical and radiographic outcomes at average 10 years follow-up.

    Illgen, Richard; Tueting, Jonathan; Enright, Timothy; Schreibman, Ken; McBeath, Andrew; Heiner, John


    Cemented total knee arthroplasty has demonstrated high success rates at 10-12 years. Although many cementless designs have demonstrated inferior outcomes, hybrid fixation has not been studied in detail. We retrospectively reviewed 112 hybrid total knee arthroplasties (PCA-67 and Duracon-45) after clinical and radiographic review using the SF-12 and Knee Society Scores at an average 10-year follow-up. The revision rate was 4.5%: 4 occurred in patients with metal-backed patellae and 1 in a patient with infection. No revisions were performed for aseptic loosening of the femoral component. Hybrid total knee arthroplasty with these designs provided excellent clinical and radiographic performance at 10 years comparable to cemented series. Aseptic loosening and radiographic failure rates were 0% if patients with metal-backed patellae were excluded. The durability of hybrid fixation beyond 10 years deserves further study.

  13. The Work-Family Interface: A Retrospective Look at 20 Years of Research in JOHP.

    Allen, Tammy D; Martin, Angela


    As part of the 20th anniversary celebration for the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology (JOHP), this article reviews the literature on work-family with a special emphasis on research published in JOHP and that with health-related implications. We provide a retrospective overview of work-family research, tracing key papers and major theoretical constructs and themes. We examine the research needs identified by Westman and Piotrkowski (1999) and offer an assessment of the extent that work-family research has addressed those needs. Then we move on to discuss contemporary issues in the field today that constitute directions for future research. Specifically we discuss intervention studies, multilevel approaches, temporality and dynamic change, managerial perspectives, and diverse work settings. (PsycINFO Database Record

  14. Tissue Liquefaction Liposuction for Body Contouring and Autologous Fat Transfer: A Retrospective Review Over 3 Years

    Godek, Christopher P.


    Objective: Tissue liquefaction lipoplasty is a novel, low-energy method cleared for use in aesthetic body contouring and autologous fat transfer. This is a retrospective review of the clinical effectiveness and safety of a liquefaction lipoplasty system for liposuction and autologous fat transfer. Methods: A retrospective review was done evaluating all liquefaction lipoplasty procedures with or without autologous fat transfer performed by a single surgeon (March 2013 to June 2016). Patient demographics, operative details, and any complications were tabulated from patient charts. A typical case reported is presented with pre-/postoperative photographs. Results: Two hundred fifty-five consecutive liquefaction lipoplasty procedures were performed over 39 months. The average lipoaspirate volume was 1208 ± 991 mL and the average fat graft volume was 322 ± 277 mL. The overall complication rate was 9 of 255 (3.52%). There were 2 episodes of seroma (0.78%) that were aspirated and 2 episodes of cellulitis (0.78%) that responded to oral antibiotics. In the autologous fat transfer cohort, there were 5 of 103 (4.85%) cases of mild to moderate fat necrosis, with 1 patient requiring return to the operating room for removal of an oil cyst. No revisions of donor sites were required. Conclusions: Liquefaction lipoplasty appears safe for liposuction and autologous fat transfer, with a complication profile that is comparable with other widely used forms of suction-assisted liposuction. The liquefaction lipoplasty technology also provides potential time savings in the operating room that can minimize surgeon fatigue when harvesting large volumes of high-quality fat. Liquefaction lipoplasty appears to have advantages for both the patient and the surgeon, and further studies are underway. PMID:28077985

  15. Primary breast sarcoma: A retrospective study over 35 years from a single institution

    Holm, Maibritt Provstgaard; Aggerholm-Pedersen, Ninna; Mele, Marco;


    for lumpectomy, of these 68% needed at least one re-excision to attain wide margins. In total 55% experienced recurrence, loco regional in 43%. Five-years overall survival was 49%, five-year DFS was 48% and five-year DSS was 40%. Significant prognostic factors were size and grade. A trend towards better survival...

  16. Effect of Video Triggering During Conventional Lectures on Final Grades of Dental Students in an Oral Biology Course: A Two-Year Retrospective Study.

    Farooq, Imran; Al-Jandan, Badr A


    The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of the inclusion of video triggers in conventional face-to-face lectures on the final grades of dental students in an oral biology course. The study consisted of two groups of students taking the course in two academic years at a dental school in Saudi Arabia: group 1, 2013-14 (control); and group 2, 2014-15. The total sample comprised 163 students (n=163; group 1: 71 and group 2: 92). Group 1 received lectures without any videos, whereas group 2 received lectures that included two to three videos of one to five minutes in duration with triggering effect (a video was shown every 10-15 minutes into the lecture). The final examination grades of the students were accessed retrospectively, and the data were compared with a chi-square test. The results confirmed that a higher number of students who received video triggering during lectures (group 2) performed better than their counterparts who did not receive video triggers (group 1); the difference was statistically significant (p<0.05). Among the group 2 students, 26% achieved a grade of A, and 37% achieved a grade of B. In contrast, only 7% of the group 1 students obtained a grade of A, and 31% achieved a grade of B. These results suggest that video triggers may offer an advantage over conventional methods and their inclusion in lectures can be a way to enhance students' learning.

  17. The optimal dose of vitamin D in growing girls during academic years: a randomized trial

    SHAKINBA, Mehrdad; TEFAGH, Samane; NAFEI, Zahra


    Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency is remarkable during childhood and adolescence throughout the world. Sufficient intake of vitamin D contributes to a number of health outcomes. The aim of this study was to specify the optimal dose of vitamin D in growing girls in a Muslim country during an academic year. Materials and methods: This randomized clinical trial study was carried out in Yazd in the center of Iran in 2007;120 junior high school girls (aged 12-15 years) were randomly divided into...

  18. Generation Psy: Student Characteristics and Academic Achievement in a Three-Year Problem-Based Learning Bachelor Program

    de Koning, Bjorn B.; Loyens, Sofie M. M.; Rikers, Remy M. J. P.; Smeets, Guus; van der Molen, Henk T.


    This study investigated the simultaneous impact of demographic, personality, intelligence, and (prior) study performance factors on students' academic achievement in a three-year academic problem-based psychology program. Information regarding students' gender, age, nationality, pre-university education, high school grades, Big Five personality…

  19. Investigating the Relationship among Test Anxiety, Gender, Academic Achievement and Years of Study: A Case of Iranian EFL University Students

    Rezazadeh, Mohsen; Tavakoli, Mansoor


    The construct of anxiety plays a major role in one's life. One of these anxieties is test anxiety or apprehension over academic evaluation. The present study was designed to investigate the relationship between gender, academic achievement, years of study and levels of test anxiety. This investigation is a descriptive analytic study and was done…

  20. Seven-year retrospective analysis of the myopic control effect of orthokeratology in children: a pilot study

    Alan Kwok-Hei Mok


    Full Text Available Alan Kwok-Hei Mok1,2, Cindy Sin-Ting Chung11Eye’ni, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China; 2Department of Anatomy, LiKaShing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of ChinaObjectives: To investigate retrospectively the difference in myopia progression, over about 7 years, between two groups of Hong Kong Chinese myopic children who wore overnight orthokeratology lenses or single-vision spectacles.Methods: A total of 238 records of children wearing overnight orthokeratology lenses or single-vision spectacles from Eye’ni optical shop (Hong Kong between January 1999 and December 2009 were reviewed. Refractive and central corneal curvature data with 6-year or a longer follow-up period of 70 patients were retrieved: 34 children (15 boys and 19 girls, aged 9.2 ± 1.8 years wore orthokeratology lenses and 36 (20 boys and 16 girls, aged 10.2 ± 2.0 years wore spectacles. Myopic progression was determined as the change of myopia from the baseline to the final visit.Results: No statistically significant differences (P > 0.05 in age, central flat corneal curvatures, baseline refractive error, or follow-up period were observed between the two groups. Average myopic progression of the overnight orthokeratology contact lens cohort (-0.37 ± 0.49 D was significantly less (P < 0.001 than of the single-vision spectacle group (-2.06 ± 0.81 D over about 7 years.Conclusion: Our preliminary 7-year data support the claim that overnight orthokeratology contact lenses may be a feasible clinical method for myopic progression control. Prospective and randomized investigations are warranted to overcome the limitations of this retrospective study.Keywords: myopia, contact lens, orthokeratology, myopia progression

  1. Contrast Enema and Risk of Sepsis in Premature Babies: A 12-Year Retrospective Study.

    Agarwal, Arpit; Ogwara, Frederick; Homel, Peter; Filipov, Panayot


    Objective The objective of this study was to investigate the association between contrast enema (CE) and clinical sepsis (CS) in premature babies (PB) and the role of antibiotics (ABs) in its prevention. Study Design A retrospective electronic chart review of preterm babies, who underwent CE during their stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. Group I includes CEs of babies exposed to AB during or within 48 hours of the procedure. Group II represents CEs of babies, not exposed to AB. Variables for both groups were collected and analyzed. Results There were 161 CEs performed in 133 babies. The overall incidence of CS after CE in preterm babies was 21/160 cases (13%). The incidence was significantly lower in Group I (1/79, 1.2%), compared with Group II (20/81, 24.7%) (p babies from Group II had positive blood culture and all 20 required AB after the CE. There were no statistical differences in the variables between the two groups. Conclusion There is a possible association between CE and CS in preterm babies. ABs given during or before the procedure prevent this complication.




    Full Text Available : In inguinal hernia tension free hernioplasty using polypropylene mesh by Lichenstein and Schulman’s method is accepted all over the world. But cost of the mesh is a major contributor to the cost of repair in rural India. A retrospective study of 105 Inguinal hernia operated patients from 1st March 2007 to 30th October 2011 was undertaken to evaluate efficacy and cost benefit of Mosquito Net Mesh (MNM as against conventional mesh repair. All patients were operated under spinal anaesthesia. The ETO sterilized MNM of size 7.5cm by 13cm was used for repair. The incidence of complications, recurrence and cost benefit was investigated after a mean follow up of 37 months. The rate of seroma formation (n=0, hematoma formation (n=0, superficial infection in the form of erythema (n=3, serous discharge after stitch removal (n=7, chronic pain (n=4 and recurrence (n=2 were low. The cost benefit was 40% - 50% of the total cost of the repair by using MNM. ETO sterilized MNM forms a cheap, safe and efficient alternative to the conventional and costly polypropylene mesh in open tension free repair of inguinal hernia in adults.

  3. Diseases of captive cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus jubatus) in South Africa: a 20-year retrospective survey.

    Munson, L; Nesbit, J W; Meltzer, D G; Colly, L P; Bolton, L; Kriek, N P


    As part of an ongoing study to determine the basis for high prevalences of veno-occlusive disease, glomerulosclerosis, and chronic lymphoplasmacytic gastritis in cheetahs, a retrospective pathology survey of captive cheetahs in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) was conducted. The RSA population was selected because its genetic composition and captive management were similar to those of the cheetah population in U.S. zoos, in which these diseases are common. For this study, archived pathology materials at the University of Pretoria Faculty of Veterinary Sciences in Onderstepoort and the Faculty of Veterinary Science, MEDUNSA, from 69 cheetahs that died between 1975 and 1995 were reviewed, and prevalences of common lesions were compared with those in the U.S. population. Gastritis associated with Helicobacter-like organisms was the most prevalent disease, accounting for close to 40% of the mortalities, including several cheetahs cheetahs. RSA cheetahs also had adrenal cortical hyperplasia, cardiac fibrosis, lymphocytic depletion of the spleen, systemic amyloidosis, and splenic myelolipomas. The presence in the captive RSA cheetah population of the same unusual diseases that are common in U.S. cheetahs suggests a species predilection to develop these diseases in captivity.




    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE Study is to determine the incidence, indications of obstetric hysterectomy, maternal morbidity and maternal mortality associated with emergency obstetric hysterectomy at a tertiary hospital, Karad. This will help to highlight the lack of availability and inadequate utilisation of antenatal services. This will help to identify avoidable factors and stress factors; those need to organise health care services so as to improve maternal and foetal outcome. MATERIAL AND METHODS A retrospective analysis of 30 cases of emergency hysterectomies done for obstetric indications from JULY 2010 to JUNE 2015 was done. Indications for hysterectomy and causes of maternal morbidity and mortality were studied. RESULTS There were 30 cases of emergency hysterectomies amongst 19,635 deliveries during the period of study giving an incidence 0.15%, i.e. 1 in 654 deliveries. CONCLUSION The presence of risk factors like placenta previa, accreta, previous LSCS should facilitate referral or transfer of patients to a tertiary care hospital. When conservative measures like haemostatic sutures, internal iliac artery ligation, embolization is not feasible or has failed obstetric hysterectomy is performed without delay, in which delay would contribute to the maternal morbidity and in unfortunate cases mortality. Special provisions of blood components, dialysis facility and ventilator support associated with availability of experienced obstetrician, anaesthetist, neonatologist, physician and surgical services are necessary round the clock. Training of obstetrician in obstetric hysterectomy is very much necessary to reduce morbidity and mortality.

  5. Dental trauma involving root fracture and periodontal ligament injury: a 10-year retrospective study

    Sônia Regina Panzarini


    Full Text Available The purpose of this retrospective study was to analyze the cases of traumatic dental injuries involving root fracture and/or periodontal ligament injury (except avulsion treated at the Discipline of Integrated Clinic, School of Dentistry of Araçatuba, São Paulo State University (UNESP, Brazil, from January 1992 to December 2002. Clinical and radiographic records from 161 patients with 287 traumatized teeth that had sustained root fracture and/or injuries to the periodontal ligament were examined. The results of this survey revealed that subluxation (25.09% was the most common type of periodontal ligament injury, followed by extrusive luxation (19.86%. There was a predominance of young male patients and most of them did not present systemic alterations. Among the etiologic factors, the most frequent causes were falls and bicycle accidents. Injuries on extraoral soft tissues were mostly laceration and abrasion, while gingival and lip mucosa lacerations prevailed on intraoral soft tissues injuries. Radiographically, the most common finding was an increase of the periodontal ligament space. The most commonly performed treatment was root canal therapy. Within the limits of this study, it can be concluded that traumatic dental injuries occur more frequently in young male individuals, due to falls and bicycle accidents. Subluxation was the most common type of periodontal ligament injury. Root canal therapy was the type of treatment most commonly planned and performed.

  6. Neurocysticercosis--retrospective study of autopsy reports, a 17-year experience.

    de Almeida, Sérgio Monteiro; Torres, Luiz Fernando Bleggi


    Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is a common central nervous system (CNS) infection caused by Taenia solium metacestodes. The objective of this study is to describe the incidence of cysticercosis diagnosed at autopsies and describe the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of NCC. Retrospective study analyzing 6,500 reports of autopsies between 1977 and 1994 from a school hospital in Curitiba, PR, southern of Brazil. The following data was obtained, age, gender, site of cysticercosis, NCC as cause of death. The diagnosis of cysticercosis was established in 52 (0.8%) autopsies. From 1977 to 1987 (0.7%) and from 1988 to 1994 (1.1%). In the autopsies with cysticercosis 75% were male; age (mean ± SD) was 43 ± 20. NCC was present in 96% of cases, and seizures was the most frequent clinical manifestation. Asymptomatic cases in 54%. These data classify our area as hiperendemic, according with OMS criteria. The present study reinforces the necessity to develop adequate control programs.

  7. Bathtub drowning: An 11-year retrospective study in the state of Maryland.

    Okuda, Takahisa; Wang, Zhuo; Lapan, Sheldon; Fowler, David R


    A bathtub drowning is one of the leading causes of death in a bathtub. The purpose of this study was to evaluate how reliable the drowning-related signs could be for identifying a bathtub drowning in the cases of death in the bathtub. Performing a retrospective review of 92 deaths in the bathtub in Maryland, 71.7 percent were the presence of bathtub drowning and 28.3 percent were the absence of bathtub drowning. Three leading contributory causes of death were cardiovascular disease, drug/alcohol-related death, and seizure disorder in both groups. There was a statistically significant difference between the groups in relation to a history of recovery from the water (95.5% and 38.4%, pbathtub drowning. A comprehensive investigation incorporating a thorough scene investigation, gathering of the victim's medical and psychosocial history, and a meticulous full autopsy is necessary to elucidate both the cause and manner of death in these cases of death in the bathtub.

  8. The Defense Life-Cycle Logistics Journey: A 10-Year Retrospective of Product Support Transformation


    future-Air Force Gen. George Babbitt reviewed the previous 20 years of DoD policy and guidance. He identified “two basic objectives of [what was...consistent for nearly 60 years. Indeed, then-Maj. Babbitt went on, … the concept of ILS was formulated by the Services and indus- try during the late

  9. Evaluation of post-mortem estimated dental age versus real age: a retrospective 21-year survey

    Reppien, Kirsa; Sejrsen, Birgitte; Lynnerup, Niels


    The aim of the study was to evaluate the reliability of methods used for forensic dental age estimation. We analysed all cases over the last 21 years (1984-2004) of unidentified bodies that were examined for identification purposes (including age assessment), and of which secure identification...... was subsequently achieved. In total, the study included 51 cases and 7 different methods had been used for dental age estimation, with the Bang/Ramm and the Gustafson/Johanson methods being the most frequently applied. The age estimates had usually been recorded as 10-year intervals. Factual ages at death were...... the estimated age, and in six cases by more than 6 years. The average difference between factual age at death and estimated age was 4.5 years. The four subadults in the material were all correctly estimated within an age range of +/-3 years. Our study showed that forensic odontological age estimates...

  10. Evaluation of Skin Biopsies in Çankırı Region: A Two-Year Retrospective Assessment

    Engin Şenel


    Full Text Available Objective: Epidemiological studies are essential on the prevention and resolution of health problems. The aim of this study was to investigate skin biopsies in Çankırı region. Methods: A total of 2128 patients admitted to our dermatology outpatient clinic and their 2128 lesions were retrospectively analyzed. The demographic characteristics, the localizations and types of lesions were obtained from dermatology and pathology records for the statistical analyses. Pathology slides were retrospectively re-examined and diagnoses were confirmed. Results: Melanocytic nevus was the most common diagnosis of the skin tumors (27%, n=574 followed by cystic tumor, soft fibroma/acrochordon and psoriasis. In general, cheeks and lips were the most common tumor location (21.7%. The youngest population was the patients with molluscum contagiosum (25.00±11.04 years and the oldest group of patients was the ones with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC (71.69±12.79 years. The most common malignant tumor was basal cell carcinoma (BCC (74%, n=92. BCCs were mostly localized on nose (35.9%. SCC was the second most common malignant tumor (26%, n=32. There was no statistically significant difference between two malignant tumor groups in terms of age. Conclusion: Malignant tumor ratios were consistent with the literature in Çankırı region. Increase in epidemiological researches may provide the opportunity to compare with other studies and facilitate health management planning.

  11. Assessment of clinicopathologic features in patients with pituitary adenomas in Northeast of Iran: A 13-year retrospective study

    Kazem Anvari


    Full Text Available Background: Intracranial lesions of the pituitary gland are common pituitary adenomas, accounting for 6-10% of all symptomatic intracranial tumors. In this retrospective study, the clinicopathologic features and survival rate of pituitary adenomas were evaluated.Methods: The present retrospective study was conducted on 83 patients with pituitary adenomas, referring to radiation oncology departments of Ghaem and Omid Hospitals, Mashhad, Iran, over a period of 13 years (1999-2012. Data obtained from clinical records including clinical features, type of surgery (if performed, treatment modality, overall survival rate, and progression-free survival rate were analyzed.Results: Eighty-three patients including 44 males (53% and 39 females (47% participated in this study. The median age was 40 years (age range: 10-69 years. Chiasm compression was reported in 62 patients (74.4%, and 45.78% of the subjects suffered from headaches. Functional and non-functional adenomas were reported in 44 (53.01% and 39 (46.99% patients, respectively. In cases with functional and non-functional adenomas, the disease was controlled in 95 and 84.5% of the subjects for 3 years, respectively. Furthermore, 1- and 3-year survival rates for functional adenoma were 84.6 and 23%, respectively; the corresponding values were 90.9 and 22.7% in non-functional adenomas, respectively.Conclusion: In this study, a significant correlation between headache severity and type of adenoma was observed. So, application of surgery and radiotherapy together could be a highly effective approach for treating functional adenomas, although it is less efficient for the non-functional type.

  12. Testicular Feminization or Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS in Iran: a Retrospective Analysis of 30-Year Data

    Dariush. D FARHUD


    Full Text Available Background: Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS or testicular feminization is a partial or complete inability of cell response to androgen. The cause is enzymatic defect in synthesis of testosterone, resulting sexually immature phenotypically female, with primary amenorrhea. There are three categories of AIS, complete, partial and mild, depending on the degree of external genital masculinization. The aim of this study was to find out chromosomal abnormalities, and correlation between AIS and maternal/paternal age, parents' consanguineous marriage, family history and clinical observation, in Iranian AIS patients.  Method: This study includes a retrospective data analysis of 72,000 families' medical records in the Genetic Clinic in Tehran, during a 30-yr period (1984-2014. The essential basis for the patients' referral to the clinic by gynecologists was primary amenorrhea. Cytogenetic abnormalities has been confirmed by chromosome G-banding and conventional staining methods.Results: Seventy AIS female patients with 46XY pattern were cytogenetically diagnosed and the frequency of AIS syndrome was estimated about 0.05% (~70/140000. The results showed no association between AIS and maternal or paternal age nor were the marital pattern of the parents. The clinical findings illustrated that primary amenorrhea had the highest indication for referral of AIS patients for genetic counseling and cytogenetic study.Conclusion: No correlation was observed between AIS and maternal or paternal age or consanguineous marriages. Amenorrhea is the most clinically observed sign of AIS patients.  Keywords: Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS, Testicular feminization, Human androgen receptor (HAR, Amenorrhea, Iran

  13. Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia and Causative Microorganisms in Intensive Care Unit: A Two Year Retrospective Analysis

    Onur Palabıyık


    Full Text Available Objective: Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP is the most common nosocomial infection in the intensive care units (ICUs. It causes prolonged hospital stay and increases mortality. In this study, we aimed to investigate the rate of VAP, causative microorganisms, and their antibiotic susceptibilities in anaesthesiology and reanimation ICU (ARICU. Material and Method: This retrospective study included patients who were admitted to 12-bed ARICU between January 2013 and December 2014. The detection of VAP was done according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria. The rate of VAP, VAP ratio, and ventilator utilization ratio (VUR were calculated according to guidelines of Turkish National Infection Surveillance Control Group. Endotracheal aspiration samples were collected and cultivated. The identification of the isolates was performed by using VITEK-2 automated system. Antibiotic susceptibilities were determined by the disc diffusion method according to the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute criteria. Results: VAP was determined in 16 of 359 patients who required invasive mechanic ventilation for longer than 48 hours and hospitalized in ARICU. VUR was 65%, VAP ratio was 4.5% and the rate of VAP was 3.3 per 1000 ventilator days. Seventeen microorganisms were isolated from endotracheal aspiration samples, including Acinetobacter baumannii (n=6, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (n=4, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (n=4, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacter cloacae and Serratia marcescens. The most sensitive antibiotics for microorganisms are listed as follows; Acinetobacter baumannii: colistin, Pseudomonas aeruginosa: amikacin, carbapenems; Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: linezolid, teicoplanin, vancomycin, trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole; Klebsiella and Enterobacteriaceae species: carbapenems, trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole, gentamicin. Conclusion: Intermittent analyses and antibiotic susceptibilities of VAP

  14. Thirty-two years of landscape architectural education in Indonesia: a retrospect and prospect

    Jusna Amin


    Full Text Available Study programmes in landscape architecture have existed in Indonesia since the establishment of its first educational institution in 1963. This article presents a retrospective assessment which, hopefully, will encourage all those who arc concerned with landscape architecture in Indonesia to think about its future development. For the author, the article updates a previous paper about the status of the educational practice in Indonesia, delivered as a supporting document at the 4th IFLA Eastern Regional conference in Singapore in 1981, under the theme of 'Education'. The article begins with a systematic review of landscape architecture in Indonesia, and then presents results of six interviews with individuals chosen to represent a range of views from government, private practice, and educators. From both the review and interview results, questions are considered about people's perception and appreciation of landscape architecture in Indonesia as a branch of education and professional practice. Two specific priorities are highlighted. One is the recognised need for landscape architecture to make meaningful connections between people and the places they live in. The second focuses on the relationship between landscape education and the service and industrial sectors, with regard to the availability of job opportunities for its graduates. The article includes a profile of the profession in Indonesia and asks whether the profession is able to apply environmental approaches and techniques for community involvement in the planning and design process. Ideas arc discussed regarding the improvement of the quality of university graduates to produce educated human resources who will meet the current requirements of national development and the industrial sector.

  15. A participative evaluation model to refine academic support for first year Indigenous higher education students

    Bronwyn Rossingh


    Full Text Available This paper presents an evaluative approach designed to provide a cycle of continuous improvement to retain Indigenous students during their first year of higher education.   The evaluation model operates in conjunction with a student academic enrichment program that is premised on valuing and respecting each student's background and life experience whilst building capability for learning success.  Data collected will be used for continual improvement of a newly developed innovative academic enrichment program that caters to the needs of Indigenous students.  The defining mechanisms of the model for measuring the first year experience are particularly meaningful for the Australian Centre For Indigenous Knowledges and Education as it moves into its inaugural year of operation in 2012. This preeminent time requires a flexible model to receive timely feedback in a reflexive environment where students guide the process as they continue their journey of accumulating knowledge and leave behind their contribution in shaping the landscape for future first year Indigenous students.  


    Glosiene, Audrone


    Full Text Available Twenty years ago, reading culture, library skills’ development used to be one of the core directions in research and teaching policy of the Department of Library Science at Vilnius University. Lateron, the topic was marginalized and today we return to the field that meanwhile has developed huge knowledge and experience base worldwide. A stimulus for the return was participation in BIBLIONOVA project. The aim of the article is to present a holistic approach towards information competency development in a modern academic institution. Prescriptive approach based on information literacy standards proved to be limited and not always effective in the academic environment.Information competency development is problem-specific, domain-specific, and disciplinespecific. It is interrelated with critical thinking, analytical skills as well as creativity and computerliteracy skills. Holistically, information competency development is an integral part of university’s life-long learning strategy. Critical success factors for information competency development areopen and problem-based learning and cooperative, inclusive strategies of the whole university. Academic libraries continue to play a major role in the process but the connections with faculty and administration in the process are of major importance.

  17. Characterizing learning-through-service students in engineering by gender and academic year

    Carberry, Adam Robert

    Service is increasingly being viewed as an integral part of education nationwide. Service-based courses and programs are growing in popularity as opportunities for students to learn and experience their discipline. Widespread adoption of learning-through-service (LTS) in engineering is stymied by a lack of a body of rigorous research supporting the effectiveness of these experiences. In this study, I examine learning-through-service through a nationwide survey of engineering undergraduate and graduate students participating in a variety of LTS experiences. Students (N = 322) participating in some form of service -- service-learning courses or extra-curricular service programs -- from eighty-seven different institutions across the United States completed a survey measuring demographic information (institution, gender, academic year, age, major, and grade point average), self-perceived sources of learning (service and traditional coursework), engineering epistemological beliefs, personality traits, and self-concepts (self-efficacy, motivation, expectancy, and anxiety) toward engineering design. Responses to the survey were used to characterize engineering LTS students and identify differences in these variables in terms of gender and academic year. The overall findings were that LTS students perceived their service experience to be a beneficial source for learning professional skills and, to a lesser degree, technical skills, held moderately sophisticated engineering epistemological beliefs, and were generally outgoing, compassionate, and adventurous. Self-perceived sources of learning, epistemological beliefs, and personality traits were shown to be poor predictors of student engineering achievement. Self-efficacy, motivation, and outcome expectancy toward engineering design were generally high for all LTS students; most possessed rather low anxiety levels toward engineering design. These trends were generally consistent between genders and across the five academic

  18. Time to First Shunt Failure in Pediatric Patients over 1 Year Old: A 10-Year Retrospective Study.

    Shannon, Chevis N; Carr, Kevin R; Tomycz, Luke; Wellons, John C; Tulipan, Noel


    Studies comparing alternatives to ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunting for treatment of hydrocephalus have often relied upon data from an earlier era that may not be representative of contemporary shunt survival outcomes. We sought to determine the shunt survival rate of our cohort and compare our results to previously published shunt survival and endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) success rates. We identified 95 patients between 1 and 18 years of age, who underwent initial VP shunt placement between January 2001 and December 2010. Our study shows a shunt survival rate of 85% at 6 months and 79% at 2 years, for initial shunts in pediatric patients over 1 year of age in this cohort. The overall infection rate was 3%. This compares favorably with published success rates of ETV at similar time points as well as with the rate of infection. This suggests that ventricular shunting remains a viable alternative to ETV in the older child.

  19. Ready for College: Assessing the Influence of Student Engagement on Student Academic Motivation in a First-Year Experience Program

    Ellis, Keyana Chamere


    The Virginia Tech Summer Academy (VTSA) Program, developed by through a collaborative partnership between faculty, administrators and staff concerned by attrition among-first year students, was introduced in summer 2012 as a campus initiative to assist first-year college students transition and acclimate to the academic and social systems of the campus environment. VTSA is a six-week intensive residential summer-bridge program that provides academic preparation, highly-individualized advising...

  20. A retrospective study of the pattern of sexually transmitted diseases during a ten-year period

    Narayanan Beena


    Full Text Available Background: Proper knowledge of the patterns of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs in different geographical regions is necessary for evolving proper strategies for control of these diseases. Aims: To study the pattern of STDs and to analyze the changes during a ten-year period from 1990 among patients attending Medical College Hospital, Kottayam Methods: Case records of 686 patients with STDs who attended the outpatient wing of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology were studied. Results: There were 504 males and 182 females in the total of 686 patients. Marital contact alone was reported by 123 (67.6% female patients. Genital ulcer diseases (GUDs accounted for the maximum number of STDs, with 504 cases (73.5%, followed by condyloma acuminatum (17.5% and gonorrhea (10.1%. Forty-three patients had multiple infections. The total number of patients during the first year of study was 129, while it was 41 during the last year. Bacterial STDs showed a striking reduction in numbers. The decline was less marked in the case of viral STDs. Conclusion: The majority of patients had genital ulcer diseases. Spouses were the most common source of infection for female patients. There was a marked decline in the number of patients with various STDs during the ten-year period. The decline was more evident in the bacterial STDs resulting in an apparent increase of the viral STDs towards the end of the period of study.

  1. Do lunar phases influence menstruation? A year-long retrospective study.

    Ilias, I; Spanoudi, F; Koukkou, E; Adamopoulos, D A; Nikopoulou, S C


    We assessed with cross-approximate entropy menstruation onset versus moon phases in 74 women with 980 menstrual cycles over a calendar year. In defiance of traditional beliefs and contrary to what some researchers have argued with short-term research work, in this long-term study we did not find any synchrony of lunar phases with the menstrual cycle.

  2. 10 years for the Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (2003-2013) -- a retrospective.

    Eisenhaber, Frank; Sherman, Westley Arthur


    The Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (JBCB) started publishing scientific articles in 2003. It has established itself as home for solid research articles in the field (~ 60 per year) that are surprisingly well cited. JBCB has an important function as alternative publishing channel in addition to other, bigger journals.

  3. The Internationalization of Bloom's Learning for Mastery: A 25-Year Retrospective-Prospective View.

    Hymel, Glenn M.; Dyck, Walter E.

    Twenty-five years have elapsed since the publication of Benjamin S. Bloom's article titled "Learning for Mastery." With approximately 2,000 master learning/testing citations in the ERIC data base alone, Bloom's 1968 piece is indeed one of the most generative works to appear in the educational psychology literature in decades. At this…

  4. A Retrospective Analysis of Maxillofacial Trauma in Shiraz, Iran: a 6-Year- Study of 768 Patients (2004-2010

    Arabion HR.


    Full Text Available Statement of Problem: Information about etiology and incidence of maxillofacial trauma is important for prevention and appropriate treatments of such injuries. Purpose: The purpose of this retrospective study was to conduct an analysis of maxillofacial injuries transferred and/or referred to the department of maxillofacial Surgery at Chamran emergency hospital, Shiraz, over a 6-year-period with special reference to age, gender, occupation, date, type, site, etiology and clinical management. Materials and Method: The data for this study were collected and reviewed retrospec-tively from the records and radiographs of 768 patients who were treated for maxillofacial trauma in the department of maxillofacial surgery at the Shiraz Chamran Emergency Hospital, Iran, between 2004 and 2010. Results: A total of 730 of the subjects were the patients with fractures of the facial skeleton. The mean age was 26.6± 12.6 years, ranging from 2 to 81 years. Traffic accident was the most frequent etiological factor of maxillofacial fractures irrespective of gender (69.9% for men and 54.2% for women, whereas the second most frequent cause of injuries was falling down (9.8% for men and 21.5% for women .The other etiologies were assault (5.2%, sport related injuries (1.3% and firearm injuries (1%. Regarding the head injuries in patients with maxillofacial fractures, brain contusion was seen in 227(29.6% patients and 13.5% of patients had lacerations in the facial soft tissue. The monthly distribution peaked in October, with 81 cases (10.5%, which seems to have been due to schools opening. The next highest incidence was in December, with 80 cases (10.4%, probably because of the changing weather's effect on road traffic. Conclusion: Isolated mandibular fracture due to the road traffic accident was the most common type of maxillofacial injuries in the city of Shiraz.

  5. Prevalence of Malaria from Blood Smears Examination: A Seven-Year Retrospective Study from Metema Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia

    Getachew Ferede


    Full Text Available Background. Malaria is a major public health problem in Ethiopia where an estimated 68% of the population lives in malarious areas. Studying its prevalence is necessary to implement effective control measures. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine seven-year slide positive rate of malaria. Methods. A retrospective study was conducted at Metema Hospital from September 2006 to August 2012. Seven-year malaria cases data had been collected from laboratory registration book. Results. A total of 55,833 patients were examined for malaria; of these, 9486 (17% study subjects were positive for malaria. The predominant Plasmodium species detected was P. falciparum (8602 (90.7% followed by P. vivax (852 (9%. A slide positive rate of malaria within the last seven years (2006–2012 was almost constant with slight fluctuation. The age groups of 5–14 years old were highly affected by malariainfection (1375 (20.1%, followed by 15–29 years old (3986 (18.5%. High slide positive rate of malaria occurred during spring (September–November, followed by summer (June–August. Conclusion. Slide positive rate of malaria was high in study area. Therefore, health planners and administrators should give intensive health education for the community.

  6. Assisted reproductive technology in India: A 3 year retrospective data analysis

    Narendra Malhotra


    Full Text Available Assisted reproductive technology (ART has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. India has one of the highest growths in the ART centers and the number of ART cycles performed every year. Very soon India will be the leader in the world of ART in terms of a number of cycles. With the advances of technology and availability of techniques even in tier II and tier III cities our country, the results still vary dramatically. There is no standardization of protocols and reporting is very inadequate. Furthermore, there are only ART guidelines and no law still exists. Our first and the biggest challenge is to document the tremendous work being done in India and on the basis of analysis of this work, a proper registry can be made and guidance given to all on standardization and improvement. This is the 8 th edition of National ART Registry of India being presented and analyzed.

  7. Tetanus in a Rural Setting of South-Western Nigeria: A Ten-Year Retrospective Study

    O Adekanle


    Full Text Available We review the records of 79 tetanus patients in two hospitals (one tertiary and one secondary level inOwo, Ondo state, Nigeria from 1997 to 2006. The male: female ratio was 3:1. Ages were 14-70 years(mean 33.25 years, SD ±16.76. The overall case fatality rate (CFR, 32.91%, did was not significantlydifferent in the two hospitals. CFR for men was 32.10% and for women 35.29%. The main factorindicative of bad prognosis was a short hospitalization period. It was observed that 30.38% of ourpatients were discharged against medical advice (DAMA, that financial constraint was the underlyingproblem in 50% of cases, and that the trend of DAMA occurred at the two study sites. This DAMAphenomenon could pose a great danger to the eradication of this vaccine preventable disease in ruralareas.

  8. Retrospective analysis of the patients with gynecological cancer: 11-Year Experience

    Ulaş Alabalık


    Full Text Available Objectives: We planned this study with the aim of obtainingknowledge about epidemiological characteristics of gynecologicalmalignancies followed up in our hospital.Materials and methods: In our study we analyzed 231patients that were operated with the appraisal diagnosis ofgynecological cancer in Gynecology and Obstetrics Departmentof Dicle University Medical Faculty between the datesof 2001, January and 2011, November.Results: The mostly diagnosed gynecological malignancywas ovarian cancers among the gynecological cancersseen in the first group compassing the period between theyear 2001 and the first half-term of the year 2006. In thesecond group compassing the period from the second halftermof the year 2006 to the end of the year 2011, ovariancancers were again the most frequently seen gynecologicalcancers. On the other hand it was found that there was anincrease in the percentage of endometrial cancers. Whilecases with advanced staged constituting the major part ofthe patients with ovarian cancer, it was seen that the majorityof the patients with endometrium cancer were consistingof stage 1 cases. In the 4 of 6 cases having endometriumcancer and applying with the complaint of pain, the diseasewas noticed in the advanced stage. Being the most frequentlyseen gynecological cancer all over the world andespecially in the societies with lower socio-economic status,the cervix cancer was taking place in the 3rd order afterendometrium cancer in terms of frequency in our region.Conclusion: Consequently, in the recent years the gynecologicalcancer showing the most frequent increase wasendometrium cancer in our region. The increase in the frequencyof obesity, relating with the reasons like the impropernutrition behavior, the increase in the socio-economic status,may be associated with the increase in the frequencyof endometrium cancer. The healthcare personals and thepublic body must be instructed to diagnose the gynecologicalcancer cases especially the

  9. Retrospective on 20 Years of Friendship-City Ties Between Yangzhou and Kent, Washington State

    Yang; Le


    <正>This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of friendship-city relations between Kent,a satellite city of Seattle with a population of 92,000 and covering an area of 34.19 square miles,and Yangzhou.Kent was the third foreign city to make such arrangement with the central-eastern Chinese city.Friendship and Exchanges of Gifts Yangzhou started

  10. Academic well-being and smoking among 14- to 17-year-old schoolchildren in six European cities.

    Kinnunen, Jaana M; Lindfors, Pirjo; Rimpelä, Arja; Salmela-Aro, Katariina; Rathmann, Katharina; Perelman, Julian; Federico, Bruno; Richter, Matthias; Kunst, Anton E; Lorant, Vincent


    It is well established that poor academic performance is related to smoking, but the association between academic well-being and smoking is less known. We measured academic well-being by school burnout and schoolwork engagement and studied their associations with smoking among 14- to 17-year-old schoolchildren in Belgium, Germany, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal. A classroom survey (2013 SILNE survey, N = 11,015) was conducted using the Short School Burnout Inventory and the Schoolwork Engagement Inventory. Logistic regression, generalized linear mixed models, and ANOVA were used. Low schoolwork engagement and high school burnout increased the odds for daily smoking in all countries. Academic performance was correlated with school burnout and schoolwork engagement, and adjusting for it slightly decreased the odds for smoking. Adjusting for socioeconomic factors and school level had little effect. Although high school burnout and low schoolwork engagement correlate with low academic performance, they are mutually independent risk factors for smoking.

  11. Incidence & Prevalence of Silicotuberculosis in Western Rajasthan: A Retrospective Study of Three Years

    Kulbeer Chopra, Prabhu Prakash, Suman Bhansali, Arvind Mathur, P K Gupta


    Full Text Available Silicosis is a form of pneumoconiosis. It results from inhalation of dust containing crystalline Silica particles of size 0.5 - 5 microns in diameter. Prevalence of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Silicotics is more common when compared to prevalence in general population. This entity is called Silico-tuberculosis. Study was conducted in Kamla Nehru Chest Hospital attached with Dr.SNMC Jodhpur, among 300 stone mine workers of sand stone mines of Jodhpur with clinico-radiological evidence of Silico-tuberculosis. Workers were divided into 3 categories cutter / driller involved in blasting and cutting stones, dresser engaged in fine work by chisel and Labourer - Loading and Unloading of Stones in Mines .All studied patients were males, majority of cases belong to 21-55 years (93% age group. Among these cases maximum no. of patients belong to 46-50 yr. (18% age group. This is the most economically productive age group in India. With increase in duration of exposure from (0-20 years to Silica particles there is increase in the no. of silico-tuberculosis. After 20 year of exposure there is decrease in no. of cases because cases do not survive upto that long period. 137 patients out of 300 cases were confirmed Acid Fast Bacilli positive by smear examination. 123 patients out of 300 cases were bacteriologically confirmed by culture. Out of 123 culture positive cases 66 (53.65% were typical Mycobacteria& 57 (46.34% were Atypical Mycobacterium. M. Kansasii(28, M. Scrofulaceum ( 9 ,M. Ulcerans(1 M. Fortuitum ( 19, When radiological pattern of Typical Mycobacteria cases and Atypical Mycobacterial cases were confirmed compared we found that Cavity with Nodulation, Pleural Reaction, Progressive Massive Fibrosis, Lower Lobe Involvement, Pnemothorax they all were more common in Atypical than Typical Mycobacteria. M.Kansasii predominantly grown in mining area all around the world. Prevalence of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Silicotics is more common when compared to

  12. Renal histology in pauci-immune rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis: 8-year retrospective study

    Ranjana W Minz


    Full Text Available Context: The need to perform reporting of renal biopsies of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA-associated vasculitides in a more uniform manner required relook at our eight-year data. Aims: To document detailed renal histopathology of pauci-immune rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis (RPGN and also to seek any significant differences in renal histology of C-ANCA-positive, P-ANCA-positive, and ANCA-negative patients. Materials and Methods: A detailed analysis of the histopathologic features of renal biopsies of 48 patients in whom a diagnosis of pauci-immune glomerulonephritis was concluded on renal biopsy and who presented clinically as rapidly progressive renal failure was done. Statistical Analysis Used: One-way ANOVA and Pearson Chi square tests. Results: Compared with ANCA +ve patients, the ANCA -ve patients were much younger (46.85 ± 16.12 years vs 34.28±15.94 years. No significant differences were found between renal lesions of C-ANCA, P-ANCA, and ANCA-negative patients, except for diffuse tubular atrophy which was more severe and more frequently present with P-ANCA positivity (P value=0.013. Conclusions: Pauci-immune RPGN (irrespective of ANCA status is a relatively rare disorder in patients who are undergoing the renal biopsy at our institute, constituting 2% of all renal biopsies submitted. It is mandatory to have ANCA serology status during reporting of a kidney biopsy showing pauci-immune crescentic or necrotizing glomerulonephritis. Also, if a uniform reporting strategy is followed throughout the country, the studies from this vast country will be comparable.

  13. Exploring Geographic Variability in Cancer Prevalence in Eastern Morocco: A Retrospective Study over Eight Years.

    Manal Elidrissi Errahhali

    Full Text Available Malignant diseases have been believed to be more common in some areas of Eastern Morocco, but until now, cancer patterns have not been reported for this region. In this paper we present for the first time the cancer prevalence analysis in Eastern Morocco.Cross-sectional study carried out among all patients diagnosed and/or treated with cancer at the Hassan II Regional Oncology Center (ROC since it was established in October 2005 until December 2012. The ROC is the only hospital specialized in cancer care in Eastern Morocco.A total of 8,508 cases of cancer were registered among residents in Eastern Morocco, with a female to male ratio of 2.1. The mean age at diagnosis was 53.9 ± 15.2 years (median age = 53 years. Thus, unlike in Western countries, cancer in Eastern Morocco afflicts younger population. The areas of Eastern Morocco did not differ significantly by mean age at diagnosis (p = 0.061. However, these regions differed significantly by sex ratio (p < 0.001. The highest sex ratio was observed in Figuig, with a female to male ratio of 3.1 (75.4% of the registered case were females, followed respectively by Taourirt, Oujda-Angad, Berkane, Nador-Driouch and Jerada. Clear variation in the distribution of cancer types between areas of Eastern Morocco was observed, both in males and females (p < 0.001. Furthermore, the areas of Eastern Morocco differed significantly by cancer prevalence (p < 0.001. The highest age-standardized five-year prevalence proportion was observed in Oujda-Angad with 420.2 per 100,000, followed respectively by Berkane (311.4, Jerada (287.8, Taourirt (269.3, Nador-Driouch (213.6 and Figuig (194.4. Trends in the five-year prevalence proportions decreased in Oujda-Angad, Berkane and Jerada throughout the study period, while an increasing trend was observed in Nador-Driouch, Taourirt and Figuig.For the first time, our study presents the pattern and distribution of diagnosed cancers in Eastern Morocco. Our study illustrates

  14. Gestational trophoblastic disease findings of a five year period retrospective audit

    Balvinder Sagoo


    Conclusions: We found a high incidence of GTD in the non-Asian population (1 in 415. Most patients who had been diagnosed with GTD on ultrasound were in the first trimester. Accuracy of ultrasound diagnosis is 40 % over a 5 year audit period. The main ultrasound findings of GTD were cystic changes and mixed echogenic echoes. Patients who were undiagnosed on ultrasound but had histological diagnosis of GTD had missed miscarriage as the predominant ultrasound diagnosis. Most patients were registered with the screening centre within six weeks of the histological diagnosis. [Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol 2015; 4(6.000: 1887-1890

  15. The drug-target residence time model: a 10-year retrospective.

    Copeland, Robert A


    The drug-target residence time model was first introduced in 2006 and has been broadly adopted across the chemical biology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities. While traditional in vitro methods view drug-target interactions exclusively in terms of equilibrium affinity, the residence time model takes into account the conformational dynamics of target macromolecules that affect drug binding and dissociation. The key tenet of this model is that the lifetime (or residence time) of the binary drug-target complex, and not the binding affinity per se, dictates much of the in vivo pharmacological activity. Here, this model is revisited and key applications of it over the past 10 years are highlighted.

  16. A 34-year retrospective study of equine viral abortion in Poland.

    Bażanów, B A; Frącka, A B; Jackulak, N A; Staroniewicz, Z M; Ploch, S M


    The purpose of the present review was a comparison of the abortions caused by EAV and EHV-1 viruses over the 34 years. A total of 452 tissues samples from aborted fetuses (347) or foals (105) stillborn or newborn that died within 72 hours were investigated. The material for the examinations came from different farms located throughout Poland. The tissue homogenates were examined by using virus isolation test in RK-13 and Vero cell lines and the cytopathic agent was confirmed as EHV-1 by the direct fluorescent antibody test or as EAV by the indirect fluorescent antibody test. The study indicated that EAV was isolated (104 cases, 23%) almost as equally often as EHV-1 (116 cases, 25.6%). Both, equid herpes virus-associated abortion and the abortion induced by EAV were characterized by cyclicity. The percentage of EAV and EHV-1 isolation alternately reduced and increased, but the increase of isolation of one virus was accompanied by the decrease of the other. The domination of one virus over the other occurred in cycles of a few years.

  17. Changes in Body Composition in the Two Years after Initiation of Haemodialysis: A Retrospective Cohort Study

    Keane, David; Gardiner, Claire; Lindley, Elizabeth; Lines, Simon; Woodrow, Graham; Wright, Mark


    Malnutrition is common in haemodialysis (HD) and is linked to poor outcomes. This study aimed to describe changes in body composition after the initiation of HD and investigate whether any routinely collected parameters were associated with these changes. The study cohort came from the HD population of a single centre between 2009 and 2014. Body composition measurements were obtained from a database of bioimpedance results using the Body Composition Monitor (BCM), while demographics and laboratory values came from the renal unit database. Primary outcomes were changes in normohydration weight, lean tissue mass and adipose tissue mass over the two years after HD initiation. A total of 299 patients were included in the primary analyses, showing an increase in adipose tissue, loss of lean tissue and no significant change in normohydration weight. None of the routinely collected parameters were associated with the lean tissue changes. Loss of lean tissue over the first year of dialysis was associated with increased mortality. The results showing loss of lean tissue that is not limited to those traditionally assumed to be at high risk supports interventions to maintain or improve lean tissue as soon as possible after the initiation of HD. It highlights the importance of monitoring nutrition and the potential for routine use of bioimpedance. PMID:27827911

  18. Anaerobic bacteremia in a general hospital: retrospective five-year analysis.

    Vazquez, F; Mendez, F J; Perez, F; Mendoza, M C


    Anaerobic bacteremia (116 cases) represented 5.4% of the total cases of bacteremia in the Hospital Nuestra Señora de Covadonga of Oviedo, Spain, during a five-year period (1981-1985). Microbiologic data for all 116 cases and clinical data for 63 patients were analyzed. A total of 129 isolates were identified as gram-negative bacilli (45.7%), gram-positive bacilli (38.0%), gram-positive cocci (14.0%), and gram-negative cocci (2.3%). Bacteroides fragilis and Clostridium perfringens were the most frequently occurring species. Anaerobic polymicrobial infection was detected in 21 patients. The most relevant clinical features were fever (79%), metastatic abscesses (33%), anemia (27%), septic shock (25%), and disseminated intravascular coagulation (6%). The overall mortality rate was 25.4%, and the factors associated with a poor prognosis were age over 60 years, lack of adequate surgical treatment, severe underlying disease, metastatic foci, and polymicrobial and/or nosocomial infection.

  19. Edgar G. Ulmer’s Film The Black Cat: An Eighty-Year Retrospective

    Ronald Duke Saltinski


    Full Text Available Director Edgar G. Ulmer’s film The Black Cat was a rare achievement in American horror cinema when released in 1934. Some eighty years afterwards in 2014 The Black Cat warrants revisiting as one of the most unique and revered horror films ever made. The Black Cat is German expressionist in character, perverse and morbid, portraying the post World War I gothic mind of Europe. The film encompasses the rage and revenge of that war with motifs of murder, narcotics, torture, necrophilia, incest, and Satanic rituals; all of which are witnessed by a young America couple who have innocently traveled into a nightmarish tragedy. Rarely has a film like The Black Cat so captured the mood of horror blended with an intellectual narrative, unique acting, modernist settings, and classical music. Paul A. Cantor said “The Black Cat was a triumph for Ulmer; many consider it one of the most sophisticated and powerful horror stories ever made” (p. 142. Years later The Black Cat would be characterized as an “art film,” and even “read as a piece of intellectual cinema” (Schwaab, p. 46.

  20. Measles Morbidity and Mortality Trend in Nigeria: A 10-Year Hospital-Based Retrospective Study in Lagos State, Nigeria

    Akeeb O. Bola Oyefolu


    Full Text Available Objective: This hospital-based retrospective cohort study was undertaken with a view to determine the epidemiological trend of measles in Lagos State, Nigeria Methods: Medical records of clinically diagnosed measles patients from nine referral public hospitals in Lagos State between 1998 and 2007 were retrieved, transcribed and reviewed. Data were analyzed using standard methods. Results: A total of 35,500 clinically confirmed cases and 835 deaths (case fatality rate = 2.35%/10 years were recorded. The mean incidence was estimated at 19 cases per 100,000 population/year. A consistent seasonality pattern of measles was observed for the study period. The under-fives accounted for the highest reported cases (76.30% while, the under-1 year recorded highest mortality (53.8%. Notable shift of measles vulnerability from under-1year to under-fives was observed. Although there was significant difference between cases and deaths among the age groups (p0.05. Conclusion: This study recorded high incidence and case fatality of measles, which poses serious public health threat. Poor demographic data collection and storage were revealed thus, computerization of medical records for collection, storage and retrieval of data is imperative for adequate planning and control of measles imperil in Nigeria. J Microbiol Infect Dis 2016;6(1:12-18

  1. Septic arthritis: a 12 years retrospective study in a rheumatological university clinic

    L. Riato


    Full Text Available Background: Septic arthritis is a disabling and potentially life-threatening condition that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment. The most important risk factors are joint prosthesis, pre-existing joint disease and immunosuppressive drugs. The aim of our study therefore was to revaluate all septic arthritis cases discharged from our Rheumatologic Unit in the last 12 years, to assess the risk factors, the clinical and laboratory characteristics, the causative microorganisms and its possible increase in frequency. Methods: The medical records of 42 consecutive patients with septic arthritis discharged from our Rheumatology Unit between January 1995 and December 2006 were reviewed. The patients ranged in age from 23 to 90 and there isn’t gender predominance. Septic arthritis was diagnosed based on the finding of purulent material in the joint space and/or the isolation of a bacterial pathogen from joint fluid. Demographic data, risk factors, co-morbidity, clinical manifestations, time interval between symptoms onset and diagnosis, treatment and laboratory data including serum white blood cell count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR, C reactive protein (CRP, synovial white blood cells and culture results were analysed. We considered these parameters in the whole population and in two different age groups (≤60, >60 and tried to determine if there was a change of microorganisms involved in septic arthritis during the years. Results: Of 42 patients, 47% were aged 60 and younger. Only 10 patients were admitted to our unit before 2001. A predisposing factor was recorded in 90,5% of cases: 15 patients had rheumatoid arthritis, 8 were diabetic, 6 had seronegative arthritis, 4 had a connective tissue disease, 8 patients had a prosthetic infection and 3 were subjected recently to arthrocentesis. We found that patients aged 60 and younger were more frequently affected by joint disease and had a synovial white blood cell count lower than patients

  2. Ten-Year Retrospective Longitudinal-Study of Student Perspectives on Value of REU

    Slater, T. F.; Slater, S. J.


    For more than two decades, federal agencies have been enthusiastically supporting summer research experiences for undergraduates. These REU programs are tacitly intended to increase retention and provide "an important educational experience" for undergraduates, particularly women, minorities and underrepresented groups. Numerous authors (viz., Laursen, Lopatto, Dolan, among many others) have enthusiastically described positive impacts of summer REU programs from exit interview data. These results include enhanced persistence to pursue STEM careers and confirmed desire to attend graduate school in the field targeted by a particular REU. Perhaps surprisingly, negative student experiences are rarely described in the scholarly literature, but do appear in more informal publications (viz., Gueterma, 2007). One wonders how REU alumni, looking back over their entire collective portfolio of experiences, now perceive the educational value of their REU experience relative to their other educational experiences. To obtain a backwards-looking, reflective description from REU alumni on the value of their REU experiences, we conducted a 10-year, two-stage study was designed to explore the ways in which the REU acted as an educational experience for 51 women from a single geoscience sub-discipline. The first phase was an ex post facto longitudinal analysis of data, including multiple interviews with each participant during their REU, annual open-ended alumni surveys, faculty interviews, and extensive field notes, over a 10-year period. This analysis informed the second phase, a clinical interview. Over 10 hours of interviews with 8 participants were conducted and analyzed. These 8 participants were selected to represent a variety of career stages, and for their potential to reflect on a wide variety of educational experiences. Results from the interviews, done many years after their REU experience, indicate that the interviewees' REU did not provide a substantive educational

  3. Pure Air`s Bailly scrubber: A four-year retrospective

    Manavi, G.B.; Vymazal, D.C. [Pure Air, Allentown, PA (United States); Sarkus, T.A. [Dept. of Energy, Pittsburgh, PA (United States)


    Pure Air`s Advanced Flue Gas Desulfurization (AFGD) Clean Coal Project has completed four highly successful years of operation at NIPSCO`s Bailly Station. As part of their program, Pure Air has concluded a six-part study of system performance. This paper summarizes the results of the demonstration program, including AFGD performance on coals ranging from 2.0--2.4% sulfur. The paper highlights novel aspects of the Bailly facility, including pulverized limestone injection, air rotary sparger for oxidation, wastewater evaporation system and the production of PowerChip{reg_sign} gypsum. Operations and maintenance which have led to the facility`s notable 99.47% availability record are also discussed. A project company, Pure Air on the Lake Limited Partnership, owns the AFGD facility. Pure Air was the turn key contractor and Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is the operator of the AFGD system.

  4. Imported malaria: a retrospective study in University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, a ten-year experience.

    Jamaiah, I; Anuar, A K; Najib, N A; Zurainee, M N


    Over a period of ten years (1983-1992), 134 malaria cases admitted to University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur (UHKL) were analysed. Malays constituted 27.6%, Chinese 29.8%, Indians 9.7%, Indonesians 16.4% and other foreigners 16.4%. Therefore, of the total number of cases, foreigners constituted 32.8% (44) of all the malaria cases admitted to UHKL. Fifteen of these foreigners had chloroquine-resistant strains of malarial parasites. Three species of malaria were reported of which Plasmodium falciparum constituted the most (46.3%) (80% of these developed resistance to chloroquine). Plasmodium vivax was confirmed in 44.8% (10% of these developed resistance to chloroquine) and there was only one case of Plasmodium malarie infection.


    Berinde Mihai


    Full Text Available The cartel is considered the most harmful anti-competitive practice; therefore the competition authorities were concerned about the continuous improvement of the legislation governing this practice. In order to stimulate companies to withdraw from participating to a cartel in the European Union, the leniency policy has implemented. The present paper aims at achieving the hindsight of the years 2009-2013 regarding the evolution of cartel cases detected both at EU level and in Romania. The research methodology used is the study of literature, followed by the analysis of the legislation governing the European cartel and the analysis of all decisions issued between 2009-2013, both by the European Commission and by the Competition Council of Romania. The paper is structured in four parts. The first part presents the cartel from the theoretical and legislative point of view. The second and third parts of the paper include the analysis of cartel cases detected both at European and national level. The following aspects were taken into account when analysing the cartel cases: the date when the decision was issued by the competition authorities, the number of companies involved in the cartel, the opening date of the investigation, the method of opening the investigation, the field in which the cartel operated, the duration of the cartel as well as the amount of the fine. The final part of the paper highlights a number of conclusions. In the reviewed period 22 cartel cases were detected in the European Union and 23 cartel cases in Romania. The amount of the fines imposed at a European level is 251 times higher than the fines imposed by the Competition Council of Romania. In the European Union there were 11 long-term cartel cases, 10 medium-term cases and only one case lasted less than a year. In Romania there have been detected 4 long term cartel cases, 7 medium-term cases and 12 cases of short-term cases.

  6. A 25 year retrospective review of the psychological consequences of the Chernobyl accident.

    Bromet, E J; Havenaar, J M; Guey, L T


    The Chernobyl Forum Report from the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster concluded that mental health effects were the most significant public health consequence of the accident. This paper provides an updated review of research on the psychological impact of the accident during the 25 year period since the catastrophe began. First responders and clean-up workers had the greatest exposure to radiation. Recent studies show that their rates of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder remain elevated two decades later. Very young children and those in utero who lived near the plant when it exploded or in severely contaminated areas have been the subject of considerable research, but the findings are inconsistent. Recent studies of prenatally exposed children conducted in Kiev, Norway and Finland point to specific neuropsychological and psychological impairments associated with radiation exposure, whereas other studies found no significant cognitive or mental health effects in exposed children grown up. General population studies report increased rates of poor self-rated health as well as clinical and subclinical depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Mothers of young children exposed to the disaster remain a high-risk group for these conditions, primarily due to lingering worries about the adverse health effects on their families. Thus, long-term mental health consequences continue to be a concern. The unmet need for mental health care in affected regions remains an important public health challenge 25 years later. Future research is needed that combines physical and mental health outcome measures to complete the clinical picture.

  7. Epidemiology of pemphigus in northeast Iran: A 10-year retrospective study

    Javidi Zari


    Full Text Available Pemphigus is an autoimmune blistering disease of the skin and mucous membranes with different reported epidemiological aspects from different countries. Aim: Our aim was to evaluate the epidemiological aspects of pemphigus in Mashhad city. This is the first report with regard to the characteristics of pemphigus in Khorasan province of Iran. Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, all the patients with pemphigus, who were referred to the Dermatology Department of Imam Reza hospital of Mashhad, were examined over nine years, i.e., from May 1998 to March 2007. The data obtained through questionnaires, including age, sex, profession, mucosal or skin or the involvement of both, lag-time period between the onset of disease and the first presentation, gap between cutaneous and mucosal involvements, season of onset and family history, were analysed by using statistical tests of Chi square and Student′s t -test and the statistical software of SPSS. Results: In 178 patients with pemphigus, pemphigus vulgaris was the most common type (86.5%. Female to male ratio was 1.4. In pemphigus vulgaris patients, there was involvement of both the skin and mucosa in 64.3%, mucosal involvement in 14% and skin involvement in 21.7%. There was no mucosal involvement in patients with pemphigus foliaceus. Two patients (1.4% had a positive family history. Summer was the most common season for the onset of the disease (37.5%. Most of the patients were housewives in the premenopausal age group. Conclusion: The results reveal a high incidence of pemphigus in northeast Iran with an incidence of 20 patients per year.

  8. Retrospective hospital-based analysis of age-related macular degeneration patterns in India: 5-year follow-up

    Aditya Sudhalkar


    Full Text Available Purpose: To provide a detailed analysis of age-related macular degeneration (AMD with a 5-year follow-up at a Tertiary Eye Care Center in India. Methods: In this retrospective institutional study, 408 eyes of 204 subjects (100 males with a diagnosis of AMD with minimum 5-year follow-up were included. Data collected included demographics, details of the ocular exam, special investigations performed, treatment offered, complications, and systemic diseases, if any. Results: The median age was 74.24 ± 8.23 years. Median follow-up was 5.77 years. The visual acuity (VA at baseline and last visit was 0.74 ± 0.12 (Snellen's equivalent 20/100 and 0.54 ± 0.12 logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution (Snellen's equivalent 20/50; P = 0.032 in patients with choroidal neovascular membrane (CNVM. The most common complaint was decreased vision (94.5%. AMD (any stage was found to be bilateral in 93% of patients at baseline and 197 patients (96.56% at 5 years. Seventeen eyes had active CNVM (12 of these were occult at presentation. At baseline, 43 eyes had a disciform scar. Three hundred twenty-one eyes had dry AMD at baseline (geographic atrophy - 12 [3.7%] eyes. Five-year conversion rate into wet AMD and geographic atrophy was 2.87% and 3.12%. Median number of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor injections administered per patient was 2.8 ± 1.2. CNVM bilaterality was low (7.5%. Conclusion: Patients with AMD in India presented later in the course of the disease. Bilateral advanced AMD and geographic atrophy were uncommon. Five-year conversion rate into wet AMD and geographic atrophy was 2.87% and 3.12%.

  9. Prevalence of Candida dubliniensis among cancer patients in Kuwait: a 5-year retrospective study.

    Mokaddas, Eiman; Khan, Zia U; Ahmad, Suhail


    Despite close genetic and phenotypic relationship of Candida dubliniensis with Candida albicans, its role in human disease is mostly restricted to oral colonisation, particularly among HIV-infected patients. The prevalence of C. dubliniensis in association with other disease conditions has been infrequently reported. In this study, we present data on the prevalence of C. dubliniensis among yeast species isolated from cancer patients over a 5-year period. A total of 1445 yeast isolates recovered from respiratory specimens, blood, urine and oral swabs were analysed. Candida dubliniensis isolates were provisionally identified by phenotypic methods and their identity was further confirmed by species-specific amplification and/or sequencing of internally transcribed spacer region of rDNA. Antifungal susceptibility for fluconazole was determined by Etest. The number of isolates identified as C. dubliniensis, C. albicans and other yeast species were 71 (4.9%), 862 (59.6%) and 512 (35%) respectively. All the C. dubliniensis isolates originated from respiratory (5.9%) or oral (3.2%) specimens with an overall prevalence of 4.9%, and were found to be susceptible to fluconazole. The isolation of C. dubliniensis from respiratory or oral specimens and not from blood or urine specimens suggests that this species has preference to colonise these sites of human body.

  10. Retrospective and perspective of Ambiente e Água after one year of publication

    Getulio Teixeira Batista


    Full Text Available After the completion of one year of publication of Ambiente e Água - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Science, the following remarks can be made: three issues were published, totaling 18 articles that involved 68 authors; in addition to three editorials. The articles have come from 24 different institutions from Brazil and abroad. Some of those authors published more than one article. Most of the articles were in Portuguese (60%, others in English (34% and in Spanish (6%. Both environmental and water resource themes appeared equally important as the main topic in nine articles each. Five articles covered both themes, simultaneously. The articles involved local studies (hydrogeology, aquifer recharge as well as modeling large geographic areas (eight articles that included the whole Brazilian territory (hydrology modeling, part of the Caribbean region (sea surface temperature and lobster catching, Amazonian Region with four articles (modeling water quality and deforestation, North-Central region of Brazil (conservation areas, burning and deforestation, and the Brazilian Southhern region (soybean yield and climatic modeling and forest modeling. Two articles focused on watersheds (physiographic parameters and modeling. One of the articles dealt with permanent preservation areas (PPA mapping of a municipal district. Another article developed methodology for image analysis that can be used for environmental or water studies.

  11. Clinicopathological Characteristics of Mucinous Breast Cancer: A Retrospective Analysis of a 10-Year Study.

    Lei Lei

    Full Text Available Mucinous breast carcinoma (MC is a special type of breast cancer that presents with a large amount of extracellular mucin. MC comprises approximately 4% of all invasive breast cancers. This type of tumor has a better prognosis and higher incidence in peri- and post-menopausal patients. Pathologically, there are two main subtypes of MC: pure and mixed. In this study, we describe 10 years of experience with MC at the Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in China, specifically, clinical data, histological findings and immunohistochemical features.We identified MC patients who were diagnosed as operable and completed clinical treatment from January 2001 to January 2011. The clinicopathological data included the age at diagnosis, tumor size, TNM stage, presence and number of lymph node (LN metastases, estrogen receptor (ER, progesterone receptor (PR and human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER2 status and p53 expression. If the tumor was defined as mixed mucinous carcinoma (MMC, IHC was performed on a non-mucinous part, such as invasive ductal and lobular cancer. We evaluated the clinical characteristics of all MC patients using chi-square, one-way ANOVA and LSD tests. We also studied the correlations between all of the clinical parameters and LN metastasis in a binary logistic regression analysis. We used ten consecutive years of data that were collected at Zhejiang Cancer Hospital.We identified 48 cases of pure mucinous carcinoma (PMC and 77 cases of MMC. The 48 PMC cases consisted of 38 PMC-A and 10 PMC-B subtypes. The MMCs were divided into two groups, those with partial mixed mucinous breast carcinoma (pMMC, 58 cases and those with main mixed mucinous breast carcinoma (mMMC, 19 cases. pMMC was defined by tumors with less than 50% mucinous components, while mMMC was defined by tumors where the mucinous component accounted for 50% to 90% of the tumor. No significant differences in the clinicopathological characteristics were noted between the patients

  12. Geologic Exploration of the Planets: A Personal Retrospective of the First 50 years

    Carr, M. H.


    the initial results seemed to be positive then falling as abiotic explanations of the results seemed more plausible. Meanwhile several Soviet spacecraft successfully landed on and returned images from the surface of Venus (1975, 1981), and a radar imager on Pioneer Venus (1978) gave a preview of a complex geology that was to be subsequently revealed in detail by Magellan in 1990. In 1979 attention shifted to the outer planets as the two Voyager spacecraft flew by Jupiter revealing the volcanic plumes of Io and the distinctive geology of each of the Galilean satellites. In 1978 I joined the Galileo imaging team but the mission suffered a series of mishaps and we spent almost 20 years repeatedly re-planning the Galilean satellite tour and the imaging sequences before we were rewarded in 1995 with unprecedented views of the satellites, particularly of Io's volcanoes and Europa's ice rafts. Meanwhile the Mars program had stalled. Orbiters, landers, sample returns, penetrators, networks, balloons, airplanes were all studied and restudied. After a 20 year gap, Mars exploration was successfully renewed in 1997 with Pathfinder and Global Surveyor. Failure of two Mars missions in 1999 caused another re-structuring of the program but since that time the Mars program has been remarkably successful, although we still await sample return.

  13. A retrospective analysis of heterophoria values in a clinical population aged 18 to 30 years

    N.T. Makgaba


    Full Text Available Information on heterophoria values in South Africans  is  scanty. The  purpose  of  this  paper therefore, is to present information on the distribution of heterophoria in a clinical popula-tion aged 18 to 30 years, which hitherto is not available. The data presented here was obtained from  the  record  cards  of  475  black  South African  patients  examined  at  the  Optometry clinic, University of Limpopo (Turfloop cam-pus between 2000 and 2005. The patients were examined by final year students under the supervision  of  qualified  optometrists.  Heterophoria was  measured  for  each  patient  using  the  von Graefe  method.  The  horizontal  heterophoria for distance vision (6 m ranged from 16 prism diopters (pd esophoria to 12 pd exophoria with a mean of 0.74 pd exophoria (SD = ± 2.84 pd. For  distance  vision,  esophoria  ranged  from 0.5 to 16 pd with a mean of 3.08 pd (SD = ± 3.09, while exophoria ranged from 0.5 pd to 12 pd with a mean of 2.21 pd (SD = 1.82 pd. For near vision (0.4 m, the horizontal phorias ranged from 17 pd esophoria to 15 pd exopho-ria with a mean of 3.84 pd exophoria (SD = ± 4.80 pd. The near esophorias ranged from 0.5 to 17 pd with a mean 4.88 pd (SD = ± 3.41, while the exophorias ranged from 1.0 to 15 pd with a mean of 6.30 pd (SD = ± 2.58. Vertical heterophoria for distance vision ranged from 5 to 3 pd right hyperphoria with a mean of 0.05 pd right hyperphoria (SD = ± 0.76 whereas at near it ranged from 4 to 6 pd right hyperphoria with a mean of 0.08 pd right hypophoria (SD =  ±  0.96.  The  distributions  of  heterophoria at distance and near were non-normal.  There was  no  significant  gender  variation  in  the horizontal  values  for  distance  vision  and  the vertical  (distance  and  near  ones.  However, there was a statistically significant gender varia-tion  in  the  near  horizontal  values  (p

  14. A Retrospective Analysis of Oral Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in an Iranian Population: a 20-year Evaluation

    Atarbashi Moghadam, Saede; Lotfi, Ali; Piroozhashemi, Batool; Mokhtari, Sepideh


    Statement of the Problem Langerhans cell histiocytosis is a rare disease with unknown pathogenesis and is characterized by local or disseminated proliferation of Langerhans cells. There is no previous investigation on prevalence of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis in Iranian population. Purpose The purpose of this study was to assess the relative frequency of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis in an Iranian population and to compare the data with previous reports. Materials and Method Pathology files of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Department of Dental School of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences from 1992 to 2012 were searched for cases recorded as oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis. A total number of 20 cases were found and the clinical information of patients was recorded. Results The relative frequency of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis was 0.34% and the most common location was the posterior mandible. In addition, the mean age of patients was 27 years and there was a definite male predominance. Most lesions were localized and tooth mobility was the most common oral presentation. Conclusion In Iranian population as in many other countries, the relative frequency of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis is low. Moreover, tooth mobility and periodontal lesions are the frequent early signs of disease. Therefore, in patients with periodontal problems, good oral health, and no response to the treatment; Langerhans cell histiocytosis must be considered. Additionally, although most cases of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis are localized, systemic involvement must also be considered and dental professionals have an important role in early detection of the disease. PMID:26535408

  15. Morbidity rates on Vanguard Class submarines during nuclear deterrent patrol: a retrospective review over 13 years.

    O'Shea, M K; Scutt, M J


    The submarines responsible for the United Kingdom's nuclear deterrent have carried a junior doctor as their medical officer since the program's inception. The Vanguard Class of submarine carries approximately 150 men and deploys for about 3 months at a time. One of the central tenets of submarine operations is to remain undetected and as such the submarine will only surface in an emergency, which may include the evacuation of casualties. The prime reason for carriage of a medical officer is to mitigate against the need to evacuate personnel for medical reasons. We examined the medical section of the patrol reports submitted upon completion of each patrol over a 13 year period to determine both the rates of medical and dental attendance onboard and also the occurrence of potential medical threats to patrol integrity. The most common reasons for attendance were dermatological and musculoskeletal, consistent with previous studies of this population and working environment. There were few dental cases due to the high rates of dental fitness in the pre-sailing crews. Patrol threatening cases occurred at a rate of approximately 1 per 3 patrols, with acute appendicitis being the most common presentation. This progressed to evacuation at a rate of 1 per 15 patrols, with the successful onboard management in 79% of cases. The junior doctor onboard has limited monitoring equipment and formulary, no diagnostic equipment, basic surgical equipment and no opportunity to seek senior advice, and is therefore reliant on clinical judgement. Despite the limitations placed on the doctor on board these submarines they have proven to be effective in reducing the rate of medical evacuation.

  16. A Retrospective Analysis of Oral Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in an Iranian Population: a 20-year Evaluation

    Saede Atarbashi Moghadam


    Full Text Available Statement of the Problem: Langerhans cell histiocytosis is a rare disease with unknown pathogenesis and is characterized by local or disseminated proliferation of Langerhans cells. There is no previous investigation on prevalence of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis in Iranian population. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to assess the relative frequency of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis in an Iranian population and to compare the data with previous reports. Materials and Method: Pathology files of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Department of Dental School of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences from 1992 to 2012 were searched for cases recorded as oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis. A total number of 20 cases were found and the clinical information of patients was recorded. Results: The relative frequency of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis was 0.34% and the most common location was the posterior mandible. In addition, the mean age of patients was 27 years and there was a definite male predominance. Most lesions were localized and tooth mobility was the most common oral presentation. Conclusion: In Iranian population as in many other countries, the relative frequency of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis is low. Moreover, tooth mobility and periodontal lesions are the frequent early signs of disease. Therefore, in patients with periodontal problems, good oral health, and no response to the treatment; Langerhans cell histiocytosis must be considered. Additionally, although most cases of oral Langerhans cell histiocytosis are localized, systemic involvement must also be considered and dental professionals have an important role in early detection of the disease.

  17. NASA SMD Science Education and Public Outreach Forums: A Five-Year Retrospective

    Smith, Denise A.; Peticolas, Laura; Schwerin, Theresa; Shipp, Stephanie


    NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) created four competitively awarded Science Education and Public Outreach Forums (Astrophysics, Heliophysics, Planetary Science, Earth Science) in 2009. The objective is to enhance the overall coherence of SMD education and public outreach (E/PO), leading to more effective, efficient, and sustainable use of SMD science discoveries and learning experiences. We summarize progress and next steps towards achieving this goal with examples drawn from Astrophysics and cross-Forum efforts. Over the past five years, the Forums have enabled leaders of individual SMD mission and grant-funded E/PO programs to work together to place individual science discoveries and learning resources into context for audiences, conveying the big picture of scientific discovery based on audience needs. Forum-organized collaborations and partnerships extend the impact of individual programs to new audiences and provide resources and opportunities for educators to engage their audiences in NASA science. Similarly, Forum resources support scientists and faculty in utilizing SMD E/PO resources. Through Forum activities, mission E/PO teams and grantees have worked together to define common goals and provide unified professional development for educators (NASA’s Multiwavelength Universe); build partnerships with libraries to engage underserved/underrepresented audiences (NASA Science4Girls and Their Families); strengthen use of best practices; provide thematic, audience-based entry points to SMD learning experiences; support scientists in participating in E/PO; and, convey the impact of the SMD E/PO program. The Forums have created a single online digital library (NASA Wavelength, that hosts all peer-reviewed SMD-funded education materials and worked with the SMD E/PO community to compile E/PO program metrics ( External evaluation shows the Forums are meeting their objectives. Specific examples

  18. A clinicopathologic study of glomerular disease: A single-center, five-year retrospective study from Northwest India

    Pankaj Beniwal


    Full Text Available Studies published from centers across India have reported different and contradicting patterns of glomerular disease. In this retrospective study, we report our experience from a Tertiary Care Center in Northwest India. A total of 702 renal biopsies performed between 2008 and 2013 were reviewed of which 80 were excluded from the study because of having insufficient records or if the biopsies were taken from an allograft. The study included 411 males (66.1 % and 211 females (33.9% with an age range of 12-70 years (mean 30.34 ± 7.04 years. Majority of the biopsies (93.9% showed some form of glomerulonephritis (GN, either primary (79.4% or secondary glomerular disease (SGD (14.5%. Minimal change disease (MCD was the most common type of primary GN (26.5% of primary GN, followed by membranous nephropathy (MN; 18.8% and focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS; 13.2%. Lupus nephritis (LN was the most frequent SGD (52.2% of secondary GN. Amyloidosis was found in 41.1% and diabetic glomerulosclerosis in 4.4%. LN was also the second most common diagnosis in females after MCD, seen in 19.4% of females. MCD followed by membranoproliferative GN and diffuse proliferative GN were the most common entities in individuals <20 years of age. In the 20-39 years age group, MN was the most common pathology seen. MN was again the most common pathology seen in patients aged above 40 years followed by amyloidosis and FSGS. In this study, MCD was the most common primary GN observed overall from this part of India. MN was the most common GN in individuals above 20 years of age presenting with the nephrotic syndrome. The geographical and regional differences in the pattern of GNs point to the necessity of having a central biopsy registry.

  19. Visual impairment from uveitis in a reference hospital of Southeast Brazil: a retrospective review over a twenty years period

    Luci Meire Pereira da Silva


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To identify the frequency and causes of uveitis leading to visual impairment in patients referred to the Low Vision Service - Department of Ophthalmology - UNIFESP, over a twenty years period. METHODS: In a retrospective study, medical records of 5,461 patients were reviewed. Data from the first clinical evaluation at the Low Vision Service were collected, patient's age, gender and cause of visual impairment were analyzed. Patients with uveitis had their chart reviewed for anatomical classification and clinical diagnosis. RESULTS: The mean age of the patients referred to the Low Vision Service was 42.86 years and the mean age of patients with uveitis diagnosis was 25.51 years. Retinal disorders were the most common cause of visual impairment (N=2,835 patients; 51.9% followed by uveitis (862 patients, 15.7%. Uveitis was posterior in 792 patients (91.9% of uveitis and toxoplasmosis was the most common diagnosis (765 patients, 88.7%. CONCLUSIONS: In our study, uveitis represents the second cause of visual impairment in patients referred for visual rehabilitation and toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis was the most common clinical diagnosis. It affects a young working age population with a relevant social and economic impact, but the early diagnosis and treatment can improve the quality of life of these patients.

  20. Treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration with anti-VEGF agents: retrospective analysis of 5-year outcomes

    Pedrosa AC


    Full Text Available Ana Catarina Pedrosa,1 Adriana Reis-Silva,2 João Pinheiro-Costa,1,3 João Beato,1 Paulo Freitas-da-Costa,1,3 Manuel S Falcão,1,2 Fernando Falcão-Reis,1,2 Ângela Carneiro1,2 1Department of Ophthalmology, Hospital de São João, 2Department of Sense Organs, 3Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal Purpose: To evaluate the 5-year results obtained in clinical practice in the treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD with anti-VEGF agents.  Materials and methods: We retrospectively analyzed all patients with nAMD who initiated anti-VEGF treatment before October 2009. We collected data regarding visual and anatomical outcomes.  Results: A total of 278 patients met the selection criteria. The mean number of intravitreal injections was 5.7 in the first year and 3.7 in the fifth year. A positive mean visual acuity variation of +3.7 Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study letters occurred in the first year, but no significant differences relative to baseline were observed thereafter. The majority of patients (71% maintained stable visual acuity throughout follow-up. At 5 years, mean central macular thickness remained substantially inferior to baseline (-96.6 µm, and 56% of patients maintained dry retinas.  Conclusion: Anti-VEGF therapy leads to long-term visual stabilization in the great majority of patients. Keywords: age-related macular degeneration, choroidal neovascularization, vascular endothelial growth factor, visual acuity

  1. Epidemiology and seasonality of respiratory viral infections in hospitalized children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: a retrospective study of 27 years

    Khor Chee-Sieng


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Viral respiratory tract infections (RTI are relatively understudied in Southeast Asian tropical countries. In temperate countries, seasonal activity of respiratory viruses has been reported, particularly in association with temperature, while inconsistent correlation of respiratory viral activity with humidity and rain is found in tropical countries. A retrospective study was performed from 1982-2008 to investigate the viral etiology of children (≤ 5 years old admitted with RTI in a tertiary hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Methods A total of 10269 respiratory samples from all children ≤ 5 years old received at the hospital's diagnostic virology laboratory between 1982-2008 were included in the study. Immunofluorescence staining (for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV, influenza A and B, parainfluenza types 1-3, and adenovirus and virus isolation were performed. The yearly hospitalization rates and annual patterns of laboratory-confirmed viral RTIs were determined. Univariate ANOVA was used to analyse the demographic parameters of cases. Multiple regression and Spearman's rank correlation were used to analyse the correlation between RSV cases and meteorological parameters. Results A total of 2708 cases were laboratory-confirmed using immunofluorescence assays and viral cultures, with the most commonly detected being RSV (1913, 70.6%, parainfluenza viruses (357, 13.2%, influenza viruses (297, 11.0%, and adenovirus (141, 5.2%. Children infected with RSV were significantly younger, and children infected with influenza viruses were significantly older. The four main viruses caused disease throughout the year, with a seasonal peak observed for RSV in September-December. Monthly RSV cases were directly correlated with rain days, and inversely correlated with relative humidity and temperature. Conclusion Viral RTIs, particularly due to RSV, are commonly detected in respiratory samples from hospitalized children in Kuala Lumpur

  2. Academic Transfer Shock and Social Integration: A Comparison of Outcomes for Traditional and Nontraditional Students Transferring from 2-Year to 4-Year Institutions

    Strahn-Koller, Brooke Lindsey


    The purpose of this study was to explore whether traditional and nontraditional students who transferred from 2-year to 4-year institutions experienced differences in transfer shock, academic integration, and social integration. A substantial body of knowledge comparing transfer students to native students on transfer shock exists, while only a…

  3. Academic Achievement over 8 Years among Children Who Met Modified Criteria for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at 4-6 Years of Age

    Massetti, Greta M.; Lahey, Benjamin B.; Pelham, William E.; Loney, Jan; Ehrhardt, Ashley; Lee, Steve S.; Kipp, Heidi


    The predictive validity of symptom criteria for different subtypes of ADHD among children who were impaired in at least one setting in early childhood was examined. Academic achievement was assessed seven times over 8 years in 125 children who met symptom criteria for ADHD at 4-6 years of age and in 130 demographically-matched non-referred…

  4. Outcomes and satisfaction of patients with orthopaedic implants left in-situ for more than three years: a retrospective study

    Aaran Heng-Chi Leung; Jeffrey Shen; Andraay Hon-Chi Leung; Yuk-Wah Hung; Anna HW Mok; Wing-Hoi Cheung; Kwok-Sui Leung


    Background There are no clear guidelines on implant removal. Few have assessed the long-term outcomes of patients with implants left in-situ, or removed. Therefore, removal of implants after fracture fixation remains controversial. Methods In this retrospective study, we reviewed 53 patients with implant for fracture fixation in-situ for more than 3 years. All patients were younger than 60 years. Quality of life of each patient was assessed with the Chinese (Hong Kong)validated Short Form-36 and the pain was assessed with visual analogue scale (VAS). All patients were clinically examined and plain radiographs were taken. Results The total SF-36 score of the patients was not statistically different from the Hong Kong norm (P >0.05). Mean score of VAS was 2.08. Thirty-three patients (62.3%) reported limited range of movement, 9 patients (17%) complained of cosmetic problems, and 10 patients (18.9%) complained of weakness. Clinically, 82.6% of patients had no scarring,84.7% of patients had full range of movement and all had no tenderness on assessment. Radiologically, no abnormality was detected except for one patient with known avascular necrosis of the femoral head after screw fixation. Conclusion As most patients were clinically and radiologically normal with quality of life scores comparable to the norm,removal of implants is not advisable as a routine practice.

  5. Clinical features of myasthenia gravis in southern China: a retrospective review of 2,154 cases over 22 years.

    Huang, X; Liu, W B; Men, L N; Feng, H Y; Li, Y; Luo, C M; Qiu, L


    The objectives of the study are to study the clinical features of myasthenia gravis in southern China. A retrospective study was carried out on all patients who were diagnosed with myasthenia gravis at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University during 1987-2009. Of the 2,154 myasthenia gravis patients, the gender ratio (male:female) was 1:1.15. The median age at onset was 18 years. There was a single peak distribution of age at onset, and 44.8 % were children (≤ 14 years) at first onset. 1,766 patients (82.0 %) only had ocular symptoms at onset. 1,451 patients (67.4 %) were classified as Osserman grade I. 250 unselected patients received anti-acetylcholine receptor antibodies test, in which only 51.2 % were positive. Computed tomography scan/magnetic resonance Imaging of chest were done in 1,354 patients, of which 899 patients (66.4 %) had thymic hyperplasia and 201(14.8 %) had thymoma. There were 150 patients (7.0 %) with myasthenia gravis combined with other autoimmune diseases, in which hyperthyroidism was most common (84 %). 189 (8.8 %) patients experienced 267 episodes of crisis. The rate of family myasthenia gravis was 1.6 % (35/2,154). In conclusion, the clinical features and demography of myasthenia gravis patients in this study are significantly different from prior studies on other regions and ethnic groups.

  6. The pattern of homicidal slash/chop injuries: a 10 year retrospective study in University Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

    Ong, B B


    Homicides as a result of slash/chop injuries are not commonly reported in forensic literature. A 10 year retrospective study from 1987 to 1996 was performed on the pattern of homicidal slash/chop injuries in University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. A total of 37 cases were analysed. The ages ranged from 17 to 85 years. The victims consisted of Indonesian (37.8%), Chinese (27.0%), Indian (24.3%) and Malay (8.1%) ethnic groups; 2.7% of the cases were not identified. Most of the cases were due to intentional violence (n = 27), while the rest consisted of domestic violence (n = 2), robbery (n = 2), psychiatric homicide (n = 1), accident (n = 2) and unclassified (n = 3). In the intentional violence group, the majority of the victims (n = 16) had more than five wounds. In contrast, the victims in other categories had less than five wounds each, with the exception of a single case in the psychiatric-homicide group. In homicide victims with a single wound, the most common site of injury was the neck. In those with multiple wounds, the common sites were the head and neck. Sixteen cases showed defence injuries, all of them belonging to the intentional-violence group. The reasons for the high incidence of homicidal slash/chop wounds are discussed, as well as the difficulties associated with interpretation of such wounds.

  7. Driving Success over the Past 50 Years-The Faculty in Academic Veterinary Medicine.

    Buss, Daryl D


    The faculty at member schools and colleges of the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) are critical for continued progress in veterinary medicine. The success of those faculty members over the past 50 years has positioned veterinary medicine to engage an ever-widening array of opportunities, responsibilities, and societal needs. Yet the array of skills and accomplishments of faculty in academic veterinary medicine are not always visible to the public, or even within our profession. The quality and the wide range of their scholarship are reflected, in part, through the according of national and international awards and honors from organizations relevant to their particular areas of expertise. The goal of this study was to illustrate the breadth of expertise and the quality of the faculty at 34 schools/colleges of veterinary medicine by examining the diversity of organizations that have recognized excellence in faculty achievements through a variety of awards.

  8. Stability in Parents' Causal Attributions for Their Children's Academic Performance: A Nine-Year Follow-Up

    Enlund, Emmi; Aunola, Kaisa; Nurmi, Jari-Erik


    This study investigated the interindividual stability and mean-level changes in parents' causal attributions for their children's academic performance across a 9-year period from the first year in primary school (Grade 1, age 7) to the end of lower secondary school (Grade 9, age 16). In all, 212 children participated in the study. The results…

  9. The Effects of Maternal Postnatal Depression and Child Sex on Academic Performance at Age 16 Years: A Developmental Approach

    Murray, Lynne; Arteche, Adriane; Fearon, Pasco; Halligan, Sarah; Croudace, Tim; Cooper, Peter


    Background: Postnatal depression (PND) is associated with poor cognitive functioning in infancy and the early school years; long-term effects on academic outcome are not known. Method: Children of postnatally depressed (N = 50) and non-depressed mothers (N = 39), studied from infancy, were followed up at 16 years. We examined the effects on…

  10. Ready for College: Assessing the Influence of Student Engagement on Student Academic Motivation in a First-Year Experience Program

    Ellis, Keyana Chamere


    The Virginia Tech Summer Academy (VTSA) Program, developed by through a collaborative partnership between faculty, administrators and staff concerned by attrition among first year students, was introduced in summer 2012 as a campus initiative to assist first-year college students transition and acclimate to the academic and social systems of the…

  11. Classroom Karaoke: A Social and Academic Transition Strategy to Enhance the First-Year Experience of Youth Studies Students

    Baker, Sarah


    An innovative icebreaker initiative--"classroom karaoke"--was deployed at the beginning of a first-year undergraduate course in youth studies at an Australian university. The study used karaoke as a social and academic transition strategy to enhance students' first-year experience at university. Students responded positively to this…

  12. Ability Emotional Intelligence, Trait Emotional Intelligence, and Academic Success in British Secondary Schools: A 5 Year Longitudinal Study

    Qualter, Pamela; Gardner, Kathryn J.; Pope, Debbie J.; Hutchinson, Jane M.; Whiteley, Helen E.


    This study examines the long-term effects of ability- and trait EI on academic performance for British adolescents. The sample comprised 413 students from three secondary schools in the North-West of England. Students completed tests of ability EI, trait EI, personality, and cognitive ability in Year 7 (mean age = 11 years 2 months). Performance…




    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: There are ample evidences in the scientific literature that various weather parameters have their influences on hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Eclampsia is a major cause of maternal mortality, morbidity and adverse fetal and neonatal outcome .This part of the country with a high incidence of eclampsia experiences extreme variations in weather parameters in different seasons of the year and thus demands scientific research and correlation if any. OBJECTIVE : To study the seasonal trends of occurrence of eclampsia and feto - maternal outcomes of eclampsia in different seasons and to find correlations between different weather parameters and eclampsia, if any. STUDY POPULATION: All the patients who have developed ec lampsia during antenatal, intranatal or postnatal period in Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Bankura Sammilani Medical College from 2010 to 2012. METHODS : It is a retrospective cohort study. We have analysed retrospectively all data from our hospi tal database, over 36 months of study period, from January 2010 to December 2012. Meteorological data (monthly mean temperature, monthly mean relative humidity, monthly mean barometric pressure, and monthly mean amount of precipitation was acquired from r egional weather stations and has been cross checked with other data available in the literature. Each year has been divided in three seasons winter (November to February, summer (March to June, monsoon - post monsoon (July to October. The occurrence of e clampsia and the different weather parameters among the three seasons were compared and analysed. RESULTS : During 36 months study period from January 2010 to December 2012 total 59150 deliveries were recorded. Out of which 1048 patients developed eclampsia (1.76%. Highest incidence of eclampsia was recorded in winter, 411(39.21%, followed by monsoon - post monsoon, 376(35.87% and was lowest in summer, 261(24.09%. Difference in incidence, between summer

  14. Where can we find future K-12 science and math teachers? a search by academic year, discipline, and academic performance level

    Moin, Laura J.; Dorfield, Jennifer K.; Schunn, Christian D.


    Responding to the increasing math and science teacher shortage in the United States, this study intended to determine which science, engineering, and math (SEM) majors during which years in their undergraduate education and from which academic performance levels are most interested in K-12 teaching. Results may aid policymakers and practitioners in making most effective use of this traditional undergraduate candidate pool when designing K-12 science and math teacher recruitment programs. A survey of SEM majors from two research-oriented, urban universities is used to assess participants' interest in K-12 teaching both compared to other career choices and in isolation. Results indicate that the more successful targets for K-12 teacher recruitment include (1) SEM undergraduates in their junior and senior years independent of SEM major, (2) SEM undergraduates with mid-academic performance levels independent of SEM major and academic year, and (3) math majors followed by natural science majors and, as least promising targets, engineering majors. Results remain independent from gender and ethnicity variables.

  15. Can Multiple Mini-Interviews Predict Academic Performance of Dental Students? A Two-Year Follow-Up.

    Alaki, Sumer M; Yamany, Ibrahim A; Shinawi, Lana A; Hassan, Mona H A; Tekian, Ara


    Prior research has shown that students' previous grade point average (GPA) is the best predictor for future academic success. However, it can only partly predict the variability in dental school performance. The aim of this study was to assess the predictive value of multiple mini-interviews (MMI) as an admission criterion by comparing them with the academic performance of dental students over a two-year period. All incoming undergraduate dental students at the King Abdulaziz University Faculty of Dentistry (KAUFD) during academic year 2013-14 were invited to participate in MMI. Students rotated through six objective structured clinical exam (OSCE)-like stations for 30 minutes total and were interviewed by two trained faculty interviewers at each station. The stations were focused on noncognitive skills thought to be essential to academic performance at KAUFD. The academic performance of these students was then followed for two years and linked to their MMI scores. A total of 146 students (71 males and 75 females) participated in an interview (response rate=92.9%). Most students scored in the acceptable range at each MMI station. Students' total MMI score, ambitions, and motives were significant predictors of GPA during the two years of follow-up (pacademic performance of undergraduate dental students.

  16. Nitinol stent implantation for femoropopliteal disease in patients on hemodialysis: results of the 3-year retrospective multicenter APOLLON study.

    Fujihara, Masahiko; Higashimori, Akihiro; Kato, Yoshihiro; Taniguchi, Hiromasa; Iwasaki, Yusuke; Amano, Tomonori; Sumiyoshi, Akinori; Nishiya, Daisuke; Yokoi, Yoshiaki


    The clinical outcomes of nitinol stents for femoropopliteal arterial (FP) disease in patients on hemodialysis were assessed. Endovascular therapy (EVT) is accepted for symptomatic FP disease. However, the clinical outcomes of patients on dialysis are not well known. A multicenter retrospective study was conducted with data between November 2010 and August 2013. A total of 484 consecutive patients who successfully underwent EVT for FP disease with nitinol stents were recruited and analyzed. Patients were categorized into the hemodialysis group (N = 161) and non-hemodialysis group (N = 323). The primary measure was primary patency verified by duplex ultrasound at a rest peak systolic velocity (PSVR) of >2.5, and secondary measures were freedom from target lesion revascularization (TLR) and major amputation-free survival (AFS). Average follow-up duration was 19.5 ± 13.5 months. The primary patency rate at 3 years was significantly lower in the hemodialysis group than the non-hemodialysis group (33.8 vs. 43.7 %; p = 0.036). Freedom from TLR at 3 years was 55.0 % in the hemodialysis group and 66.1 % in the non-hemodialysis group (p = 0.032). The hemodialysis group showed a significantly lower AFS rate at 3 years than the non-hemodialysis group (86.4 vs. 58.2 %; p nitinol stent use resulted in a lower patency rate, higher TLR rate, and lower AFS rate compared to non-hemodialysis patients. These data suggest that nitinol stent implantation for FP arteries in hemodialysis patient needs to be reconsidered.

  17. Obstetric outcome of teenage pregnancy in comparison with pregnant women of 20-29 years: a retrospective study

    Atmaja Nair


    Full Text Available Background: Adolescent pregnancy also called as teenage pregnancy is a major public health problem worldwide. Adolescence is defined by WHO as a period from 10-19 years. Adolescent pregnancy results from a number of factors like early marriage, lack of education, premarital sexual relations and lack of awareness regarding contraception. The impact of adolescent pregnancy on the teenager and her future generation is disastrous. This includes obstetric complications like anemia, hypertensive disorders, preterm labour, still births and low birth weight babies. The objective of the present study was to compare the obstetric outcome of teenage pregnancy with that of pregnant women of 20-29 years age group. Methods: This was a hospital based retrospective case-control study conducted in a tertiary care teaching hospital in North Kerala from January 2013 to June 2013. Data collection was done from hospital records. The next delivery belonging to 20-29 years age group entered in parturition register after a teenage delivery was taken as control after satisfying inclusion and exclusion criteria. The obstetric outcome was recorded and analysed. Results: The incidence of teenage pregnancy during the study period was 8.48%. 90.89% of teenage pregnant women were primigravidae. 40.7% were anaemic, 18.22% had preterm labor, 14.87% had preeclampsia and 29.5% of the babies had low birth weight. Conclusions: Teenage pregnancy continues to be a major public health problem in India. The young age structure of Indian population favours more number of adolescents in the country. Preventing early marriages and delaying the onset of child bearing may go a long way in decreasing the number of teenage pregnancies. [Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol 2015; 4(5.000: 1319-1323

  18. Serum Calcium and the Risk of Incident Metabolic Syndrome: A 4.3-Year Retrospective Longitudinal Study

    Baek, Jong Ha; Jin, Sang-Man; Bae, Ji Cheol; Jee, Jae Hwan; Yu, Tae Yang; Kim, Soo Kyoung; Hur, Kyu Yeon; Lee, Moon-Kyu


    Background An association between serum calcium level and risk of metabolic syndrome (MetS) has been suggested in cross-sectional studies. This study aimed to evaluate the association between baseline serum calcium level and risk of incident MetS in a longitudinal study. Methods We conducted a retrospective longitudinal study of 12,706 participants without MetS who participated in a health screening program, had normal range serum calcium level at baseline (mean age, 51 years), and were followed up for 4.3 years (18,925 person-years). The risk of developing MetS was analyzed according to the baseline serum calcium levels. Results A total of 3,448 incident cases (27.1%) of MetS developed during the follow-up period. The hazard ratio (HR) for incident MetS did not increase with increasing tertile of serum calcium level in an age- and sex-matched model (P for trend=0.915). The HRs (95% confidence interval [CI]) for incident MetS comparing the second and the third tertiles to the first tertile of baseline serum calcium level were 0.91 (95% CI, 0.84 to 0.99) and 0.85 (95% CI, 0.78 to 0.92) in a fully adjusted model, respectively (P for trend=0.001). A decreased risk of incident MetS in higher tertiles of serum calcium level was observed in subjects with central obesity and/or a metabolically unhealthy state at baseline. Conclusion There was no positive correlation between baseline serum calcium levels and incident risk of MetS in this longitudinal study. There was an association between higher serum calcium levels and decreased incident MetS in individuals with central obesity or two components of MetS at baseline. PMID:28029017

  19. The Revolving Door Phenomenon in an Italian Acute Psychiatric Ward: A 5-Year Retrospective Analysis of the Potential Risk Factors.

    Di Lorenzo, Rosaria; Sagona, Marco; Landi, Giulia; Martire, Lisa; Piemonte, Chiara; Del Giovane, Cinzia


    To highlight the revolving door (RD) phenomenon in an acute psychiatric ward, we retrospectively identified the patients hospitalized three or more times in a calendar year from 1/1/2009 to 31/12/2013 as RD patients (RDP). We collected sociodemographic and clinical variables of RDP and statistically analyzed the potential RD risk factors. We divided RDP into "high" and "extremely high" utilizers and evaluated the variables related to more frequent readmissions. RDP represented 5.68% of all patients and their hospitalizations (RDH) 25% of all admissions. The statistically significant risk factors for all RDH were "disability pension," "substance abuse/dependence," "mild/severe aggressiveness," and "psychiatric and social rehabilitative programs". The comparison between "high" and "extremely high" utilizers showed that "manic episodes" and "personality disorders," among the diagnoses, "familial relational conflicts" and "violence/suicidality", among the hospitalization reasons, were statistically significant risk factors for more frequent readmissions. RD phenomenon was greatly affected by severe clinical conditions with social disability.

  20. Obstetric Patients Requiring Intensive Care: A One Year Retrospective Study in a Tertiary Care Institute in India

    Niyaz Ashraf


    Full Text Available Background and Objectives. Critically ill obstetric patients are a particularly unique cohort for the intensivist. The objective of this study was to review the indications for admission, demographics, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of obstetric patients admitted to intensive care unit of a medical college hospital in southern India and to identify conditions associated with maternal mortality. Design. Retrospective analysis of pregnant/postpartum (up to 6 weeks admissions over a 1-year result. We studied 55 patients constituting 11.6% of mixed ICU admissions during the study period. Results. The mean APACHE (acute physiology and chronic health evaluation II score of patients at admission was 11.8. Most of the patients (76% were admitted in the antepartum period. The commonest indications for ICU admission were obstetric haemorrhage (51% and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (18%. 85% of patients required mechanical ventilation and 78% required inotropic support. Conclusions. Maternal mortality was 13%, and the majority of the deaths were due to disseminated intravascular coagulation and multiorgan failure, following an obstetric haemorrhage. A dedicated obstetric ICU in tertiary hospitals can ensure that there is no delay in patient management and intensive care can be instituted at the earliest.

  1. Allergy to tea tree oil: retrospective review of 41 cases with positive patch tests over 4.5 years.

    Rutherford, Tim; Nixon, Rosemary; Tam, Mei; Tate, Bruce


    Tea tree oil use is increasing, with considerable interest in it being a 'natural' antimicrobial. It is found in many commercially available skin and hair care products in Australia. We retrospectively reviewed our patch test data at the Skin and Cancer Foundation Victoria over a 4.5-year period and identified 41 cases of positive reactions to oxidized tea tree oil of 2320 people patch-tested, giving a prevalence of 1.8%. The tea tree oil reaction was deemed relevant to the presenting dermatitis in 17 of 41 (41%) patients. Of those with positive reactions, 27 of 41 (66%) recalled prior use of tea tree oil and eight of 41 (20%) specified prior application of neat (100%) tea tree oil. Tea tree oil allergic contact dermatitis is under-reported in the literature but is sufficiently common in Australia to warrant inclusion of tea tree oil, at a concentration of 10% in petrolatum, in standard patch-test series. Given tea tree oil from freshly opened tea tree oil products elicits no or weak reactions, oxidized tea tree oil should be used for patch testing.

  2. Obstetric patients requiring intensive care: a one year retrospective study in a tertiary care institute in India.

    Ashraf, Niyaz; Mishra, Sandeep Kumar; Kundra, Pankaj; Veena, P; Soundaraghavan, S; Habeebullah, S


    Background and Objectives. Critically ill obstetric patients are a particularly unique cohort for the intensivist. The objective of this study was to review the indications for admission, demographics, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of obstetric patients admitted to intensive care unit of a medical college hospital in southern India and to identify conditions associated with maternal mortality. Design. Retrospective analysis of pregnant/postpartum (up to 6 weeks) admissions over a 1-year result. We studied 55 patients constituting 11.6% of mixed ICU admissions during the study period. Results. The mean APACHE (acute physiology and chronic health evaluation) II score of patients at admission was 11.8. Most of the patients (76%) were admitted in the antepartum period. The commonest indications for ICU admission were obstetric haemorrhage (51%) and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (18%). 85% of patients required mechanical ventilation and 78% required inotropic support. Conclusions. Maternal mortality was 13%, and the majority of the deaths were due to disseminated intravascular coagulation and multiorgan failure, following an obstetric haemorrhage. A dedicated obstetric ICU in tertiary hospitals can ensure that there is no delay in patient management and intensive care can be instituted at the earliest.

  3. Treatment Outcome of Tuberculosis Patients at Enfraz Health Center, Northwest Ethiopia: A Five-Year Retrospective Study

    Mengistu Endris


    Full Text Available Objectives. The aim of this study was to assess treatment outcome and associated risk factors among TB patients registered for anti-TB treatment at Enfraz health center, northwest Ethiopia. Methods. A five-year retrospective data (2007–2011 of tuberculosis patients (n=417 registered for anti-TB treatment at Enfraz health center, northwest Ethiopia, were reviewed. Tuberculosis outcomes were following the WHO guidelines. Data were entered and analyzed using SPSS version 20. Results. Among 417 study participants, 95 (22.8%, 141 (33.8%, and 181 (43.4% were smear-positive, smear-negative, and extrapulmonary tuberculosis patients, respectively. Of the 417 study participants, 206 (49.4% were tested for HIV. The TB-HIV coinfection was 24/206 (11.7%. Seventeen study participants (4.2% were transferred to other health facilities. Among the 400 study participants, 379 (94.8% had successful treatment outcome (302 treatment completed and 77 cured. The overall death, default, and failure rates were 3.4%, 0.5%, and 1.2%, respectively. There was no significant association between sex, age, residence, type of TB, HIV status, and successful TB treatment outcome. Conclusion. Treatment outcome of patients who attended their anti-TB treatment at Enfraz health center was successful. Therefore, this treatment success rate should be maintained and strengthened to achieve the millennium development goal.

  4. Examining the relationship of ethnicity, gender and social cognitive factors with the academic achievement of first-year engineering students

    Carr, Bruce Henry

    The purpose of the study was to examine the relationships of social cognitive factors and their influence on the academic performance of first-year engineering students. The nine social cognitive variables identified were under the groupings of personal support, occupational self-efficacy, academic self-efficacy, vocational interests, coping, encouragement, discouragement, outcome expectations, and perceived stress. The primary student participants in this study were first-year engineering students from underrepresented groups which include African American, Hispanic American students and women. With this in mind, the researcher sought to examine the interactive influence of race/ethnicity and gender based on the aforementioned social cognitive factors. Differences in academic performance (university GPA of first-year undergraduate engineering students) were analyzed by ethnicity and gender. There was a main effect for ethnicity only. Gender was found not to be significant. Hispanics were not found to be significantly different in their GPAs than Whites but Blacks were found to have lower GPAs than Whites. Also, Pearson correlation coefficients were used to examine the relationship between and among the nine identified social cognitive variables. The data from the analysis uncovered ten significant correlations which were as follows: occupational self-efficacy and academic self-efficacy, occupational self-efficacy and vocational interest, occupational self-efficacy and perceived stress, academic self-efficacy and encouragement, academic self-efficacy and outcome expectations, academic self-efficacy and perceived stress, vocational interest and outcome expectations, discouragement and encouragement, coping and perceived stress, outcome expectations and perceived stress. Next, a Pearson correlation coefficient was utilized to examine the relationship between academic performance (college GPA) of first-year undergraduate engineering students and the nine identified

  5. Racial Disparities in Colorectal Carcinoma Incidence, Severity and Survival Times Over 10 Years: A Retrospective Single Center Study

    Arshad, Hafiz Muhammad Sharjeel; Tetangco, Eula; Shah, Natasha; Kabir, Christopher; Raddawi, Hareth


    Background Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Although studies have been performed on malignancy behavior in African Americans and Caucasians, scant data are present on other minority racial groups. Methods A retrospective single center study was performed where 1,860 patient charts with a diagnosis of CRC from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2014 were reviewed. Data collected on each patient included age, gender, ethnicity, primary site and histological stage at the time of diagnosis. Survival time over the course of 5 years was documented for patients from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2009. Comparisons were made amongst different racial groups for the above mentioned factors. Results Study population consisted of 27.09% African Americans, 65.61% Caucasians, 3.86% Hispanics, 0.54% South Asians, 1.03% Arabs, 0.54% Asians and 0.22% American Indians. Mean age of CRC presentation was found to be significantly different (P < 0.05) between the three largest racial groups: 71 years for Caucasians, 69 years for African Americans, and 61 years for Hispanics. African Americans (27.09%) and Hispanics (28.79%) presented predominantly at stage IV in comparison to other racial groups. Caucasians presented predominantly at stage III (24.84%). The rectum was the most common site of CRC across all racial groups with the exception of Asians, where sigmoid colon was the predominant site (30%). Adenocarcinoma remained the predominant cancer type in all groups. Hispanics had relatively higher incidence rate of carcinoid tumor (12.68%). Survival time analysis showed that Caucasians tend to have better survival probability over 5 years after initial diagnosis as compared to African Americans and Hispanic (P < 0.05). Conclusion There is lack of studies performed on minority racial groups in North America. Our study highlighted some important clinical differences of CRC presentation in different racial groups which are not

  6. 天地生人学术讲座1000讲学术历程回顾%Academic Course Retrospect of 1000 Lectures on "Man from Nature"



    "天地生人学术讲座"创建于1990年的北京,到2012年3月10日完成1000讲,是一个由天文学研究、地学研究、生物学研究、人文学研究等诸多方面的中老年学者组成和主持的民间性质的学术交流活动,旨在当代科学的综合性发展潮流中,推动宇宙—地球—生物—人类社会的大交叉综合学术研究,发掘中国古代自然国学整体论思维的资源,对复杂性科学问题的解决进行探索,关注人地关系的矛盾及解决,是一个全开放、纯公益的多学科学术交流平台。二十余年来,围绕自然灾害综合研究、中国自然国学的复兴、中国传统文化的复兴、中医的复兴、民间科学研究的振兴、科学观念辩证、复杂系统的整体论科学思维的发展、中国科技体制创新等主题进行了长期的讨论和探索。讲座明确自己的历史责任和奋斗目标:保存一方学术净土;种一块整体论与还原论优势互补的试验田。%The "Academic Forum of Man from Nature" was founded in Beijing in 1990. Up to March 10 2012, 1000 lectures were presented. The Forum is a non-official academic exchange activity by middle and old aged scholars from astronomy, geo-science, biology, human-studies etc. The purpose is, in the contemporary comprehensive development trend, to promote the grand overlapping comprehensive studies between universe-earth- living beings-human society, to exploit the resources from ancient China's natural holism study, to explore the solutions for complex scientific problems, and to pay attention to the contradiction and solution of the relations between man and the nature. It is an entirely open, non-profit platform for multi-subject academic exchange. Over twenty years, it has carried on prolonged discussions and explorations on subjects such as comprehensive study on natural disasters, the revival of China's national study on nature, the revival of China's traditional culture, the revival

  7. 30 Years Retrospective Review of Tuberculosis Cases in a Tuberculosis Dispensary in Bursa/Nilufer, Turkey (1985-2014

    Kayıhan PALA


    Full Text Available Abstract Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate tuberculosis control programmes of patients who applied to the Bursa Nilufer Tuberculosis Dispensary and by investigating the changes in the variables over 3 decades. Method: In this retrospective descriptive study, the records of all tuberculosis cases (1662 people treated in the last 30 years (1985-2014 at the Bursa Nilufer Tuberculosis Dispensary were examined. In the analysis, the chi-square test, the trend chi-square test and Fisher's exact test were used. Results: Males comprised 65.2% of the patients. The ages of the patients ranged from 1 to 87 years, and the mean age was 37.4 (95% CI:36.6-38.2. Among the cases, 86.7% were new and 74.1% were pulmonary tuberculosis. In the last decade, the proportion of women, the education level, the proportion of patients who had received a BCG vaccination and the proportion of active employees among women increased by a statistically significant amount, while the proportion of employees among men decreased. Clinical symptoms, such as weakness, anorexia, weight loss, and cough, decreased to a statistically significant degree. In the last decade, the mortality rate was 3.6%, a statistically significant increase compared with previous decades. Mortality was statistically significant higher among patients who were elderly, male, did not have a BCG scar or had a chronic disease. Conclusion: This study reveals the need for studies that determine the risk factors associated with tuberculosis mortality and examine the effectiveness of tuberculosis control programmes. Direct measures to address mortality risk factors can reduce the number of deaths from tuberculosis.

  8. Continuous increase in HIV-1 incidence after the year 2000 among men who have sex with men in Rome: insights from a 25-year retrospective cohort study.

    Giuliani, M; Vescio, M F; Latini, A; Palamara, G; Pimpinelli, F; Dona, M G; Stivali, F; Carduccelli, F; Ensoli, F; Di Carlo, A; Rezza, G


    To assess trends in HIV-1 incidence and risk factors for seroconversion among men who have sex with men (MSM) resident in Rome, Italy, a retrospective longitudinal cohort study was conducted over 25 years. Incidence rates and trends were modelled using Poisson regression and risk factors were assessed by multivariate Cox models. Of 1,862 HIV-1-negative individuals, 347 seroconverted during follow-up. HIV-1 incidence rates increased from 5.2/100 persons/year (p/y) in 1986 (95% confidence interval (CI): 2.3–11.5) to 9.2/00 p/y in 1992 (95% CI: 6.4–13.0), decreased to 1.3/100 p/y in 2001 and increased until 2009 (11.7/100 p/y; 95% CI: 7.4–18.6). The risk of HIV-1 seroconversion increased during the study period in younger MSM (incidence rate ratio (IRR) = 17.18; 95% CI: 9.74–30.32 in 16–32 year-olds and IRR = 5.09; 95% CI: 2.92–8.87 in 33–41 year-olds) and in those who acquired syphilis (IRR = 7.71; 95% CI: 5.00–11.88). In contrast, the risk of seroconversion decreased among highly educated MSM (IRR = 0.54; 95% CI: 0.35–0.82) and those without Italian citizenship (IRR = 0.45; 95% CI: 0.28–0.71). The HIV epidemic in MSM living in Rome continues to expand. Targeted prevention programmes against sexually transmitted infections to enhance knowledge transfer and behavioural skills are urgently required.

  9. How Much Progress Do Children in Shanghai Make Over One Academic Year? Evidence From PISA

    Jake Anders


    Full Text Available Since its entry into the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA in 2009, the Chinese province of Shanghai has been the top-performing economy within these international rankings. Many have interpreted this as demonstrating how Shanghai has a “world class” education system, the most effective teaching methods, and the best schools. This article questions such interpretations of the PISA results. Specifically, we argue that statements about school and school system quality require information on the progress that children make during their time at school, which the PISA rankings do not provide (at least not directly. Our empirical analysis then uses a “fuzzy” regression discontinuity design approach to demonstrate how a rather different perspective of Shanghai’s performance in PISA emerges once pupils’ academic progress over one particular school year is considered. Our key finding is that the first year of upper secondary school in Shanghai adds essentially no value (on average to children’s PISA reading, science, and mathematics test scores.

  10. Stress hyperglycaemia in hospitalised patients and their 3-year risk of diabetes: a Scottish retrospective cohort study.

    David A McAllister


    Full Text Available Hyperglycaemia during hospital admission is common in patients who are not known to have diabetes and is associated with adverse outcomes. The risk of subsequently developing type 2 diabetes, however, is not known. We linked a national database of hospital admissions with a national register of diabetes to describe the association between admission glucose and the risk of subsequently developing type 2 diabetes.In a retrospective cohort study, patients aged 30 years or older with an emergency admission to hospital between 2004 and 2008 were included. Prevalent and incident diabetes were identified through the Scottish Care Information (SCI-Diabetes Collaboration national registry. Patients diagnosed prior to or up to 30 days after hospitalisation were defined as prevalent diabetes and were excluded. The predicted risk of developing incident type 2 diabetes during the 3 years following hospital discharge by admission glucose, age, and sex was obtained from logistic regression models. We performed separate analyses for patients aged 40 and older, and patients aged 30 to 39 years. Glucose was measured in 86,634 (71.0% patients aged 40 and older on admission to hospital. The 3-year risk of developing type 2 diabetes was 2.3% (1,952/86,512 overall, was 15 mmol/l had higher mortality than patients with a glucose of <6.1 mmol/l (hazard ratio 1.54; 95% CI 1.42-1.68 and 2.50; 95% CI 2.14-2.95, respectively in models adjusting for age and sex. Limitations of our study include that we did not have data on ethnicity or body mass index, which may have improved prediction and the results have not been validated in non-white populations or populations outside of Scotland.Plasma glucose measured during an emergency hospital admission predicts subsequent risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Mortality was also 1.5-fold higher in patients with elevated glucose levels. Our findings can be used to inform patients of their long-term risk of type 2 diabetes, and to

  11. Retrospection and Reflection: The Emerging Influence of an Institutional Professional Recognition Scheme on Professional Development and Academic Practice in a UK University

    van der Sluis, Hendrik; Burden, Penny; Huet, Isabel


    Raising the quality and profile of teaching and student learning is something universities across the UK are aspiring to achieve in order to maintain reputations. Currently, the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) provides a standard by which academic staff can gain professional recognition for their academic practice and many UK…

  12. College Sports-Related Injuries - United States, 2009-10 Through 2013-14 Academic Years.

    Kerr, Zachary Y; Marshall, Stephen W; Dompier, Thomas P; Corlette, Jill; Klossner, David A; Gilchrist, Julie


    Sports-related injuries can have a substantial impact on the long-term health of student-athletes. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) monitors injuries among college student-athletes at member schools. In academic year 2013-14, a total of 1,113 member schools fielded 19,334 teams with 478,869 participating student-athletes in NCAA championship sports (i.e., sports with NCAA championship competition) (1). External researchers and CDC used information reported to the NCAA Injury Surveillance Program (NCAA-ISP) by a sample of championship sports programs to summarize the estimated national cumulative and annual average numbers of injuries during the 5 academic years from 2009-10 through 2013-14. Analyses were restricted to injuries reported among student-athletes in 25 NCAA championship sports. During this period, 1,053,370 injuries were estimated to have occurred during an estimated 176.7 million athlete-exposures to potential injury (i.e., one athlete's participation in one competition or one practice). Injury incidence varied widely by sport. Among all sports, men's football accounted for the largest average annual estimated number of injuries (47,199) and the highest competition injury rate (39.9 per 1,000 athlete-exposures). Men's wrestling experienced the highest overall injury rate (13.1 per 1,000) and practice injury rate (10.2 per 1,000). Among women's sports, gymnastics had the highest overall injury rate (10.4 per 1,000) and practice injury rate (10.0 per 1,000), although soccer had the highest competition injury rate (17.2 per 1,000). More injuries were estimated to have occurred from practice than from competition for all sports, with the exception of men's ice hockey and baseball. However, injuries incurred during competition were somewhat more severe (e.g., requiring ≥7 days to return to full participation) than those acquired during practice. Multiple strategies are employed by NCAA and others to reduce the number of injuries in

  13. Contemporary Development of Academic Reference Librarianship in the United States: A 44-Year Content Analysis

    Wang, Hanrong; Tang, Yingqi; Knight, Carley


    This study analyzes job advertisements to identify the contemporary development of academic reference librarianship in the United States. Results show that more job openings, higher educational backgrounds, more duties & responsibilities, and variety of titles were assigned to academic reference librarian positions from 1966 through 2009.…

  14. Executive Functioning Predicts Academic Achievement in Middle School: A Four-Year Longitudinal Study

    Samuels, William Ellery; Tournaki, Nelly; Blackman, Sheldon; Zilinski, Christopher


    Executive functioning (EF) is a strong predictor of children's and adolescents' academic performance. Although research indicates that EF can increase during childhood and adolescence, few studies have tracked the effect of EF on academic performance throughout the middle school grades. EF was measured at the end of Grades 6-9 through 21 teachers'…

  15. Developmental Dynamics between Children's Externalizing Problems, Task-Avoidant Behavior, and Academic Performance in Early School Years: A 4-Year Follow-Up

    Metsäpelto, Riitta-Leena; Pakarinen, Eija; Kiuru, Noona; Poikkeus, Anna-Maija; Lerkkanen, Marja-Kristiina; Nurmi, Jari-Erik


    This longitudinal study investigated the associations among children's externalizing problems, task-avoidant behavior, and academic performance in early school years. The participants were 586 children (43% girls, 57% boys). Data pertaining to externalizing problems (teacher ratings) and task-avoidant behaviors (mother and teacher ratings) were…

  16. The Identity of a "College Student": Perceptions of College Academics and Academic Rigor among First-Year Students

    Meyer, Michaela D. E.; Spencer, Megan; French, T. Nathaniel


    Researchers interested in post-secondary instruction often emphasize the importance of the first-year experience for college students. Despite this focus, qualitative studies of student perceptions are decidedly rare. This essay is a partial report of the findings from conducting qualitative interviews with first-year students about their…

  17. Focusing on the Sophomores: Characteristics Associated with the Academic and Social Involvement of Second-Year College Students

    Wang, Xueli; Kennedy-Phillips, Lance


    Research has long suggested that an optimal level of involvement in academic and social activities positively affects student development and outcomes. However, many second-year students experience the "sophomore slump." For this study, guided by both prior literature and theoretical perspectives, a survey instrument was developed to…

  18. Coping Self-Efficacy and Academic Stress among Hispanic First-Year College Students: The Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence

    Watson, Joshua C.; Watson, April A.


    In this study, the authors examined the role that emotional intelligence plays in moderating the relationship between academic stress and coping self-efficacy among a sample of 125 Hispanic 1st-year college students enrolled at a medium-size, southern Hispanic-serving institution. Results of a 2-stage hierarchical multiple regression analysis…

  19. An Academic Comparison of Third Grade Reading Scores: Reflecting the Impact of Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

    Towns, Debra


    In Wisconsin, increased academic performance has been a general assumption supporting the institutionalization and public funding of early childhood instruction. The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a relationship between attendance in public four-year-old kindergarten and elementary level reading performance. This study…

  20. Integrating Academic and Mentoring Support for the Development of First-Year Chemical Engineering Students in Hong Kong

    Ko, Edmond I.; Chau, Ying


    An academic and professional development course has been introduced to help first-year chemical engineering students to deal proactively with the transition from secondary school to university and to develop professional skills. The course uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a personality model to facilitate skills development and many…

  1. Digital Storytelling for Enhancing Student Academic Achievement, Critical Thinking, and Learning Motivation: A Year-Long Experimental Study

    Yang, Ya-Ting C.; Wu, Wan-Chi I.


    The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of Digital storytelling (DST) on the academic achievement, critical thinking, and learning motivation of senior high school students learning English as a foreign language. The one-year study adopted a pretest and posttest quasi-experimental design involving 110 10th grade students in two English…

  2. Academic Performance of First-Year Students at a College of Pharmacy in East Tennessee: Models for Prediction

    Clavier, Cheri Whitehead


    With the increase of students applying to pharmacy programs, it is imperative that admissions committees choose appropriate measures to analyze student readiness. The purpose of this research was to identify significant factors that predict the academic performance, defined as grade point average (GPA) at the end of the first professional year, of…

  3. Relationship of Second-Year College Student Wellness Behaviors to Academic Achievement by Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status

    Howell, Cheryl A.


    The purpose of this study was to investigate second-year college student wellness behaviors and their relationship to academic achievement. The ten constructs of wellness within Hettler's model of wellness are physical fitness, nutrition, self-care and safety, environmental wellness, social awareness, emotional awareness and sexuality, emotional…

  4. Social Adjustment, Academic Adjustment, and the Ability to Identify Emotion in Facial Expressions of 7-Year-Old Children

    Goodfellow, Stephanie; Nowicki, Stephen, Jr.


    The authors aimed to examine the possible association between (a) accurately reading emotion in facial expressions and (b) social and academic competence among elementary school-aged children. Participants were 840 7-year-old children who completed a test of the ability to read emotion in facial expressions. Teachers rated children's social and…

  5. Teacher Ratings of Academic Achievement of Children between 6 and 12 Years Old from Intact and Non-Intact Families

    Molepo, Lephodisa S.; Maunganidze, Levison; Mudhovozi, Pilot; Sodi, Tholene


    We investigated teacher ratings of the impact of parental divorce on academic achievement of children between 6 and 12 years old up to 12 months after their parents divorced. A purposive sample of 120 children attending four different primary schools in a small South African town took part in the study. One third (n = 40) of the children had…

  6. Pattern of glomerular disease in the Saudi population: A single-center, five-year retrospective study

    Z Nawaz


    Full Text Available Glomerular diseases continue to be the leading cause of end-stage renal disease (ESRD globally. Hence, it is important to recognize the pattern of glomerular diseases in different geographical areas in order to understand the patho-biology, incidence and progression of the disorder. Published studies from different centers in Saudi Arabia have reported contradicting results. In this retrospective study, we report our experience at the Armed Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A total of 348 native renal biopsies performed at our center on patients with proteinuria >1 g, hematuria and/or renal impairment during a period of 5 years (between January 2005 and December 2009 were studied by a histopathologist using light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy, and were categorized. Results showed that primary glomerular disease accounted for 55.1% of all renal biopsies. The most common histological lesion was focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS (27.6%, followed by minimal change disease (MCD (17.7% and membrano-proliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN (13.0%. Secondary glomerular disease accounted for 37.9% of the glomerular diseases, with lupus nephritis (LN being the most common lesion (54.5%, followed by hypertensive nephrosclerosis (22%, post-infectious glomerulonephritis (7.5%, diabetic nephropathy (DN (6.8% and vasculitides (4.5%. Four percent of all biopsies turned out to be ESRD while biopsy was inadequate in 2.8% of the cases. In conclusion, our study showed that FSGS was the most common primary GN encountered, while LN was the most common secondary GN. We encountered 14 cases of crescentic glomerulonephritis. Also, the prevalence of MPGN, MCD, IgA nephropathy and membranous GN was many folds higher in males when compared with the Western data. We believe that it is mandatory to maintain a Saudi Arabian Renal Biopsy Registry to understand better the pattern of glomerular disease in the Saudi population and to follow

  7. Characteristics of highly impaired children with severe chronic pain: a 5-year retrospective study on 2249 pediatric pain patients

    Zernikow Boris


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Prevalence of pain as a recurrent symptom in children is known to be high, but little is known about children with high impairment from chronic pain seeking specialized treatment. The purpose of this study was the precise description of children with high impairment from chronic pain referred to the German Paediatric Pain Centre over a 5-year period. Methods Demographic variables, pain characteristics and psychometric measures were assessed at the first evaluation. Subgroup analysis for sex, age and pain location was conducted and multivariate logistic regression applied to identify parameters associated with extremely high impairment. Results The retrospective study consisted of 2249 children assessed at the first evaluation. Tension type headache (48%, migraine (43% and functional abdominal pain (11% were the most common diagnoses with a high rate of co-occurrence; 18% had some form of musculoskeletal pain disease. Irrespective of pain location, chronic pain disorder with somatic and psychological factors was diagnosed frequently (43%. 55% of the children suffered from more than one distinct pain diagnosis. Clinically significant depression and general anxiety scores were expressed by 24% and 19% of the patients, respectively. Girls over the age of 13 were more likely to seek tertiary treatment compared to boys. Nearly half of children suffered from daily or constant pain with a mean pain value of 6/10. Extremely high pain-related impairment, operationalized as a comprehensive measure of pain duration, frequency, intensity, pain-related school absence and disability, was associated with older age, multiple locations of pain, increased depression and prior hospital stays. 43% of the children taking analgesics had no indication for pharmacological treatment. Conclusion Children with chronic pain are a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge as they often have two or more different pain diagnoses, are prone to misuse of

  8. Infliximab therapy for moderately severe Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis: a retrospective comparison over 6 years

    Raed Alzafiri


    Full Text Available Raed Alzafiri1, Christina A Holcroft2, Paula Malolepszy1, Albert Cohen1, Andrew Szilagyi11Jewish General Hospital, Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine, McGill University School of Medicine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 2Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Community Studies, McGill University School of Medicine, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaBackground: Infliximab has shown benefit in Crohn’s disease (CD and ulcerative colitis (UC.Objective: Evaluation of long-term outcome of therapy for both diseases.Methods: We analyzed retrospectively patients treated at infusion centers from one institution. Demographic, laboratory parameters leading up to biologic therapy and the subsequent pattern of outcomes in either disease were established as a database. Initial failure, subsequent need to change therapy, or need to adjust therapy were evaluated. Kruskal–Wallis (nonparametric tests to compare two groups and Kaplan–Meier survival curve analysis were used to compare outcomes.Results: Over approximately 6 years, 71 CD and 26 UC patients received 999 and 215 infusions, respectively, for a median of 62 months. Of these, 17% for CD and 19% for UC patients were primary failures. Following the start of infliximab, 18% of CD and 11% of UC patients required stoppage and switching to another type of therapy. In either CD or UC patients, 54% or 62%, respectively, continued therapy without the need to change to other treatments. Few serious side effects were noted. No important statistically significant differences in treatment patterns or outcome were observed between the groups.Discussion: Long-term treatment of both inflammatory bowel diseases reflects outcomes of clinical trials.Conclusions: This study emphasizes similarities between CD and UC and reports therapeutic success for an extended time.Keywords: infliximab, inflammatory bowel diseases

  9. Learners’ Goal Profiles and their Learning Patterns over an Academic Year

    Clarence Ng


    Full Text Available The present study aimed to examine distance learners’ goal profiles and their contrasting patterns of learning and achievements at three different points during an academic year, i.e. in the beginning of the course in relation to learners’ general orientations to learning, at the middle of the course in relation to learners’ completion of an assignment, and towards the end of the course in relation to learners’ preparation for course examination. Two hundred seventy-six adult distance learners completed three survey questionnaires that assessed their motivation and learning at these three learning points. Using person-centred analytical procedures, this study located four groups of learners based on different combinations of mastery and performance-approach goals. MANOVA results have shown that multiple-goal learners (High mastery/High performance, HH who held strong mastery and performance-approach goals used more deep and regulatory strategies and showed a higher level of learning interest across three waves of surveys than did those focusing solely on mastery (HL or performance-approach goals (LH. However, the multiple-goal learners did not have better achievement levels compared to those focusing solely on mastery goals (HL. Given that multiple goal learners learnt with a more engaged pattern, it is less likely that these motivated learners will drop out of distance learning courses and programs. Future studies should explore how these goals can be promoted simultaneously in distance learning.

  10. DOE/EPSCoR Traineeship Program: Progress report, academic year 1992--93. Annual report 1993

    Hodgson, D.; Steadman, J.


    This progress report reviews the University of Wyoming`s approach to implementing the DOE Traineeship Program, and briefly describes the research performed by the DOE/EPSCoR Trainees during the academic year, 1992--1993. These brief descriptions of individual research projects demonstrate the wide scope of energy-related research that the DOE-EPSCoR Traineeships have initiated in Wyoming. The availability of this funding has encouraged many talented students to continue their education in fields of interest to DOE. These additional bright, energetic graduate students have improved the educational atmosphere for everyone. The visibility of the DOE program has sharpened the focus of the science and engineering departments on the energy-related research of importance to Wyoming and DOE. The impact of the DOE Traineeships in Wyoming has been substantial and very positive. It has not only increased the number of students studying in energy-related disciplines, but has also increased the quality of their graduate research. The program has also increased the visibility of DOE in Wyoming and has helped focus attention on the energy and environmental graduate education which is so essential to the University and the State.

  11. Discoid Lupus and Human Immunodeficiency Virus: A Retrospective Chart Review to Determine the Prevalence and Progression of Co-occurrence of these Conditions at a Single Academic Center

    Two, Aimee; So, Jessica Kim; Paravar, Taraneh


    Context: Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are both disorders of the immune system. The pathophysiology of these diseases varies greatly as DLE is characterized by an overactive immune system that attacks normal host cells, whereas HIV is characterized by an exogenous attack on the immune system that depletes it of key cell types. Although the reason is unknown, co-occurrence of DLE and HIV is rare. Aims: The goal of this study is to determine the prevalence of co-occurrence of DLE and HIV and to determine whether patients with both DLE and HIV share any clinical feature. Subjects and Methods: The medical records of all patients seen within a single academic health center over a 20-year period were reviewed to determine the prevalence of cutaneous lupus, HIV, and co-occurrence of these conditions. The charts of patients diagnosed with both conditions were further reviewed to determine similarities between them. Results: Of the 10,719 patients diagnosed with HIV and 182 patients diagnosed with cutaneous lupus, only 2 patients were diagnosed with both conditions. Both of these patients were diagnosed with DLE several years after being diagnosed with HIV. They had an undetectable HIV viral load, normal CD4 T-cell counts, and were on antiretroviral therapy when diagnosed with DLE. Conclusion: These results confirm that co-occurrence of DLE and HIV is rare. Although our study population was small, findings from these patients suggest that in HIV-positive patients, DLE manifestations occur when their HIV disease activity is minimal.

  12. Contribution of parental attachment and involvement to the academic, emotional and social adjustment to college: A three-year longitudinal study

    Sanja Smojver-Ažić


    Full Text Available This three-year longitudinal study explored the effects of parental attachment and initial college adjustment on students' perception of parental involvement in academic functioning as well as contributions of several parenting dimensions to academic, emotional and social adjustments after three years of college. A total of 171 Croatian college students (118 females completed questionnaires related to their parental attachment, parental involvement in academic functioning, and adjustment to college. Data were analyzed by hierarchical regression analysis. Results suggested that parental involvement in academic functioning in the second year is more related to the quality of attachment to parents than to the initial adjustment to college. While attachment was a significant predictor of only emotional adjustment, parental support in academic functioning predicted academic and social adjustment to college after three years of college. Results suggest that various factors related to parenting continue to play an important role in different aspects of students' adjustment to college.

  13. An Intervention to Improve Academic Literacies in a First Year University Biology Course

    Roisin Kelly-Laubscher


    Full Text Available In South Africa there are many students, especially those from previously underrepresented groups at university, who successfully gain access to university but do not succeed in completing their degree either within the prescribed time or at all.  One of the barriers to student success at university is the difficulty these students have in accessing the literacy practices of the disciplines.  Therefore, within a first year biology course at a South African University, an intervention that focused on the academic literacy practices in biology was introduced. The intervention was designed around the assignment of writing a lab report. This paper describes this intervention and how it impacted on one student’s journey from learning science at school to learning science at university.  A literacy history interview and ‘talk around text’ interviews were used to assess the student’s experience of the intervention. Comparison of the student’s first and final drafts of the report revealed changes in the style and format of his writing. These changes in his report writing as well as in his attitude and motivation for writing the report were facilitated by a better understanding of the expectations of writing in university biology. This understanding was mediated largely through the modelling and deconstruction of the expected genre. This highlights not only the importance of providing first year students with examples of the genres they are  expected to be writing but also the facilitation of their engagement with these new genres. Without these kinds of intervention many students are unlikely to gain access to disciplinary ways of learning and writing, which ultimately may lead to their exclusion from university.

  14. Associations between preschool attendance and developmental impairments in pre-school children in a six-year retrospective survey

    Baune Bernhard T


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Many school-aged children suffer physical and mental impairments which can adversely affect their development and result in significant morbidity. A high proportion of children in western countries attend pre-school, and it is likely that the preschool environment influences the prevalence and severity of these impairments. Currently there is insufficient data available on the prevalence of these impairments and their causal associations. The influence that location of a pre-school and the duration of preschool attendance have on the prevalence of these impairments is not known. Methods In a retrospective survey spanning six years (1997–2002 we reviewed the records of 6,230 preschool children who had undergone routine school entry assessments. These children had been assessed utilising a modified manual of the "Bavarian Model" for school entry examinations. This model outlines specific criteria for impairments of motor, cognitive, behavioural and psychosocial functioning. Prevalence rates for physical and behavioural impairments were based on the results of these assessments. The relationship between the prevalence of impairments and the duration of preschool attendance and the location of the preschool attended was estimated utilizing logistic regression models. Results We found that 20.7% of children met the criteria for at least one type of impairment. Highest prevalence rates (11.5% were seen for speech impairments and lowest (3.5% for arithmetic impairments. Boys were disproportionately over represented, with 25.5% meeting the criteria for impairment, compared to 13.0% for girls. Children who had attended preschool for less than one year demonstrated higher rates of impairment (up to 19.1% for difficulties with memory, concentration or perseverance compared to those who had attended for a longer duration (up to 11.6% for difficulties with pronouncation. Children attending preschool in an urban location had slightly

  15. Sense of coherence, self-regulated learning and academic performance in first year nursing students: A cluster analysis approach.

    Salamonson, Yenna; Ramjan, Lucie M; van den Nieuwenhuizen, Simon; Metcalfe, Lauren; Chang, Sungwon; Everett, Bronwyn


    This paper examines the relationship between nursing students' sense of coherence, self-regulated learning and academic performance in bioscience. While there is increasing recognition of a need to foster students' self-regulated learning, little is known about the relationship of psychological strengths, particularly sense of coherence and academic performance. Using a prospective, correlational design, 563 first year nursing students completed the three dimensions of sense of coherence scale - comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness, and five components of self-regulated learning strategy - elaboration, organisation, rehearsal, self-efficacy and task value. Cluster analysis was used to group respondents into three clusters, based on their sense of coherence subscale scores. Although there were no sociodemographic differences in sense of coherence subscale scores, those with higher sense of coherence were more likely to adopt self-regulated learning strategies. Furthermore, academic grades collected at the end of semester revealed that higher sense of coherence was consistently related to achieving higher academic grades across all four units of study. Students with higher sense of coherence were more self-regulated in their learning approach. More importantly, the study suggests that sense of coherence may be an explanatory factor for students' successful adaptation and transition in higher education, as indicated by the positive relationship of sense of coherence to academic performance.

  16. Academic achievement in the high school years: the changing role of school engagement.

    Chase, Paul A; Hilliard, Lacey J; Geldhof, G John; Warren, Daniel J A; Lerner, Richard M


    School engagement is an important theoretical and practical cornerstone to the promotion of academic accomplishments. This article used a tripartite-behavioral, emotional, and cognitive-model of school engagement to assess the relationship between school engagement and academic success among high school students, and to determine whether a reciprocal relationship exists between these constructs. Data were derived from 710 youth (69% female) who took part in Waves 6 through 8 (Grades 10 through 12) of the 4-H study of positive youth development. Longitudinal confirmatory factor analyses confirmed the invariance of the tripartite model of school engagement. Results of a structural equation model showed that the components of school engagement and academic achievement were mutually predictive and that these predictions varied from grade to grade. Future possibilities for evaluating the relationship between school engagement and academic achievement, as well as the implications for educational policy and practice, are discussed.

  17. Retrospective seasonal prediction of summer monsoon rainfall over West Central and Peninsular India in the past 142 years

    Li, Juan; Wang, Bin; Yang, Young-Min


    Prediction of Indian summer (June-September) rainfall on regional scales remains an open issue. The operational predictions of West Central Indian summer rainfall (WCI-R) and Peninsular Indian summer rainfall (PI-R) made by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had no skills during 2004-2012. This motivates the present study aiming at better understanding the predictability sources and physical processes governing summer rainfall variability over these two regions. Analysis of 133 year data reveal that although the lower boundary forcing that associated with enhanced WCI-R and PI-R featured a similar developing La-Nina and "east high west low" sea-level pressure (SLP) dipole pattern across the Indo-Pacific, the anomalous high sea surface temperature (SST) over the northern Indian Ocean and weak low pressure over northern Asia tended to enhance PI-R but reduce WCI-R. Based on our understanding of physical linkages with the predictands, we selected four and two causative predictors for predictions of the WCI-R and PI-R, respectively. The intensified summer WCI-R is preceded by (a) Indian Ocean zonal dipole-like SST tendency (west-warming and east-cooling), (b) tropical Pacific zonal dipole SST tendency (west-warming and east-cooling), (c) central Pacific meridional dipole SST tendency (north-cooling and south-warming), and (d) decreasing SLP tendency over northern Asia in the previous season. The enhanced PI-R was lead by the central-eastern Pacific cooling and 2-m temperature cooling tendency east of Lake Balkhash in the previous seasons. These causative processes linking the predictors and WCI-R and PI-R are supported by ensemble numerical experiments using a coupled climate model. For the period of 1871-2012, the physics-based empirical (P-E) prediction models built on these predictors result in cross-validated forecast temporal correlation coefficient skills of 0.55 and 0.47 for WCI-R and PI-R, respectively. The independent forecast skill is significantly




    Full Text Available BACKGROUND Soft tissues are the nonepithelial extraskeletal connective tissues of the body, excluding supporting tissues of the internal organs, glia and hematopoietic tissues. FNAC of soft tissue swelling is becoming more popular recently because of being minimally invasive technique, relatively cheap cost and safety along with fair specificity and sensitivity. AIM To review the role of FNAC in diagnosing soft tissue tumours and to establish cytological criteria for the most encountered STT. METHODS This retrospective study was done in Department of Pathology for a period two years. A total of 4508 FNA were performed. 104 aspirations were done from soft tissue swellings. Air dried and wet fixed smears were stained with Giemsa and Papanicolaou stain respectively. RESULTS Among 104 STT, 86 (82.3% were diagnosed as benign lesions while 18 cases (17.3% were malignant. Benign lesions-17 (16.3% patients were diagnosed as benign fibrous histiocytoma followed by ganglion cyst in 14(13.5% cases. 13 cases (12.5% were diagnosed as haemangioma while 9 cases (8.7% were categorized as benign spindle cell lesion. 6 cases (5.8% each of neurofibroma and GCT of tendon sheath were reported. 6 infants (5.8% were diagnosed as infantile fibromatosis. 5 cases (4.7% were reported as schwannoma. 3 cases (2.9% each of proliferative fasciitis and nodular fasciitis were diagnosed. There were 3 cases (2.9% reported as lymphangioma. One case (1% was diagnosed as desmoid fibromatosis. Malignant lesions-Among them, 3 cases (2.9% were reported as MFH. Biphasic synovial sarcoma was diagnosed in 2 patients (1.9%. 2 cases (1.9% were reported as low grade myxoid sarcoma. 1 case (1% was diagnosed as MPNST. GIST was diagnosed in 1(1% patient. One (1% of the patients presented with swelling in scapular region. This was categorized under malignant round cell tumour category. 8 cases (7.6% were diagnosed as undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma. CONCLUSION With adequate material, FNAC

  19. Integrating Field-Centered, Project Based Activities with Academic Year Coursework: A Curriculum Wide Approach

    Kelso, P. R.; Brown, L. M.


    Based upon constructivist principles and the recognition that many students are motivated by hands-on activities and field experiences, we designed a new undergraduate curriculum at Lake Superior State University. One of our major goals was to develop stand-alone field projects in most of the academic year courses. Examples of courses impacted include structural geology, geophysics, and geotectonics, Students learn geophysical concepts in the context of near surface field-based geophysical studies while students in structural geology learn about structural processes through outcrop study of fractures, folds and faults. In geotectonics students learn about collisional and rifting processes through on-site field studies of specific geologic provinces. Another goal was to integrate data and samples collected by students in our sophomore level introductory field course along with stand-alone field projects in our clastic systems and sequence stratigraphy courses. Our emphasis on active learning helps students develop a meaningful geoscience knowledge base and complex reasoning skills in authentic contexts. We simulate the activities of practicing geoscientists by engaging students in all aspects of a project, for example: field-oriented project planning and design; acquiring, analyzing, and interpreting data; incorporating supplemental material and background data; and preparing oral and written project reports. We find through anecdotal evidence including student comments and personal observation that the projects stimulate interest, provide motivation for learning new concepts, integrate skill and concept acquisition vertically through the curriculum, apply concepts from multiple geoscience subdisiplines, and develop soft skills such as team work, problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills. Through this projected-centered Lake Superior State University geology curriculum students practice our motto of "learn geology by doing geology."

  20. 20 Years of Publications on Relationship Marketing in Brazil: An Analysis of the 1992 Academic Production a 2012

    Luiz Henrique Lima Faria


    Full Text Available This work, using as sample the ENANPAD`s annals and the periodics RAE and RAUSP, analyzed the academic production on relationship marketing from 1992 to 2012. For this, we used, as basis methodological, six aspects observed in the study de Almeida, Lopes and Pereira (2006, which provided comparisons of results, allowing to build an overview of 20 years of research on relationship marketing in Brazil.    

  1. Big Fish in a Big Pond: a study of academic self concept in first year medical students

    Seaton Marjorie


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Big-fish-little-pond effect (BFLPE research has demonstrated that students in high-ability environments have lower academic self-concepts than equally able students in low-ability settings. Research has shown low academic self-concepts to be associated with negative educational outcomes. Social comparison processes have been implicated as fundamental to the BFLPE. Methods Twenty first-year students in an Australian medical school completed a survey that included academic self-concept and social comparison measures, before and after their first written assessments. Focus groups were also conducted with a separate group of students to explore students' perceptions of competence, the medical school environment, and social comparison processes. Results The quantitative study did not reveal any changes in academic self-concept or self-evaluation. The qualitative study suggested that the attributions that students used when discussing performance were those that have been demonstrated to negatively affect self-concept. Students reported that the environment was slightly competitive and they used social comparison to evaluate their performance. Conclusions Although the BFLPE was not evident in the quantitative study, results from the qualitative study suggest that the BFLPE might be operating In that students were using attributions that are associated with lower self-concepts, the environment was slightly competitive, and social comparisons were used for evaluation.

  2. [Preschool familial environment and academic difficulties: A 10-year follow-up from kindergarten to middle school].

    Câmara-Costa, H; Pulgar, S; Cusin, F; Dellatolas, G


    The persistence of academic difficulties from childhood through adulthood has led researchers to focus on the identification of the early factors influencing children's subsequent achievement in order to improve the efficient screening of children who might be at risk of school failure. The foundations of academic achievement can be accurately traced back to the preschool years prior to children's entry in formal schooling and are largely influenced by environmental determinants. Importantly, some environmental conditions act as early risk factors undermining children's later academic achievement due to the well-established relation between underachievement and exposure to moderate to high levels of environmental risk. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the longitudinal effects of environment-level factors (sociodemographic and family characteristics) and early risk exposure at kindergarten on children's subsequent academic achievement at the end of middle school (grade 9). The sample of analysis comprised 654 kindergarteners aged 5-6 years (2001-2002 school year) followed through the end of middle school when they were aged 14-15 years (2010-2011 school year). At kindergarten, assessment included questionnaire-based measures of sociodemographic and family background characteristics. These included an original set of information pertaining to family background including parental nationality, education level, history of reading difficulties, type of early childcare, family situation, family size, and language-based bedtime routines, as well as individual-level factors such as children's first language, medical history, language delay, birth weight, age of walking onset, and gestation period. At grade 9, outcome measures were composed of children's results in the national evaluations performed at the end of middle school ("Diplôme National du Brevet"), or history of repetition for a second year of the same class. The results indicated that all family

  3. Computerized Assessment System for Academic Satisfaction (ASAS) for First-Year University Student

    Medrano, Leonardo Adrian; Liporace, Mercedes Fernandez; Perez, Edgardo


    Introduction: Computerized tests have become one of the most widely used and efficient educational assessment methods. Increasing efforts to generate computerized assessment systems to identify students at risk for drop out have been recently noted. An important variable influencing student retention is academic satisfaction. Accordingly, the…

  4. Academic Motivation of the First-Year University Students and the Self-Determination Theory

    Koseoglu, Yaman


    The Self Determination Theory has identified various types of motivation along a continuum from weakest to strongest. Yet, until recently, no reliable method existed to measure accurately the strength of motivation along this continuum. Vallerand et al. (1992) developed the Academic Motivation Scale (AMS) to measure the validity of the Self…

  5. Documentation for the Academic Library Survey (ALS) Data File: Fiscal Year 2002. NCES 2006-308

    Schmitt, Carl M.


    This manual describes the methods, procedures, techniques, and activities that were used to produce the Academic Library Survey of 2002 (ALS:2002). This manual is designed to provide guidance and documentation for users of the ALS data. Included in the manual are the following: an overview of the study and its predecessor studies; an account of…

  6. Eleven Years of Primary Health Care Delivery in an Academic Nursing Center.

    Hildebrandt, Eugenie; Baisch, Mary Jo; Lundeen, Sally P.; Bell-Calvin, Jean; Kelber, Sheryl


    Client visits to an academic community nursing center (n=25,495) were coded and analyzed. Results show expansion of nursing practice and services, strong case management, and management of illness care. The usefulness of computerized clinical documentation system and of the Lundeen conceptional model of community nursing care was demonstrated.…

  7. Academic language in early childhood interactions : a longitudinal study of 3- to 6-year-old Dutch monolingual children

    Henrichs, L.F.


    This study examines academic language in early childhood. It covers children’s exposure to academic language in early childhood, children’s early production of academic language, the development of academic language proficiency and the co-construction of academic language by children and adults.The

  8. Craniocerebral trauma--congruence between post-mortem computed tomography diagnoses and autopsy results: a 2-year retrospective study

    Jacobsen, Christina; Lynnerup, Niels


    Computed tomography (CT) has been used routinely at the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen since 2002. A retrospective study was performed in order to correlate CT-scan based diagnoses of cranial and cerebral lesions with macroscopic autopsy diagnoses in 56 cases. The CT......-scans were performed by a forensic pathologist. They were obtained by using two different CT-scan protocols. The results showed correct skull fracture diagnoses in 34/56 cases. Fractures were diagnosed partially (9) or missed totally (13) on CT-images in 22 cases. The agreement for fracture diagnoses...

  9. Freshman year mental health symptoms and level of adaptation as predictors of Internet addiction: a retrospective nested case-control study of male Chinese college students.

    Yao, Bin; Han, Wei; Zeng, Lingxia; Guo, Xiong


    A retrospective nested case-control study was designed to explore whether freshman year mental health status and level of adaptation are predictors of Internet addiction. The study cohort was 977 college students at a university in northwest China. In the first college year, the students' mental health status and adaptation level were assessed using the Chinese College Student Mental Health Scale (CCSMHS) and the Chinese College Student Adjustment Scale (CCSAS). In the following 1-3 years, 62 Internet-addicted subjects were identified using Young's 8-item diagnostic questionnaire. Controls were matched for demographic characteristics. Using logistic regression analysis, freshman year mental health status, including factors such as somatization, anxiety, depression and self-contempt, and freshman year adaptive problems were found to be causal factors and predictors of Internet addiction. Freshman with features of depression, learning maladaptation and dissatisfaction could be an important target-intervention population for reducing Internet addiction.

  10. Differences between African American and European American First-Year College Students in the Relationship between Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectations, and Academic Achievement

    DeFreitas, Stacie Craft


    First-year African American and European American college students were surveyed to examine ethnic differences in how their social cognitive beliefs (self-efficacy and outcome expectations) influenced their academic achievement. It was hypothesized that outcome expectations may better explain academic achievement for African Americans due to the…

  11. Younger Children Experience Lower Levels of Language Competence and Academic Progress in the First Year of School: Evidence from a Population Study

    Norbury, Courtenay Frazier; Gooch, Debbie; Baird, Gillian; Charman, Tony; Simonoff, Emily; Pickles, Andrew


    Background: The youngest children in an academic year are reported to be educationally disadvantaged and overrepresented in referrals to clinical services. In this study we investigate for the first time whether these disadvantages are indicative of a mismatch between language competence at school entry and the academic demands of the classroom.…

  12. Modeling and predicting the Spanish Bachillerato academic results over the next few years using a random network model

    Cortés, J.-C.; Colmenar, J.-M.; Hidalgo, J.-I.; Sánchez-Sánchez, A.; Santonja, F.-J.; Villanueva, R.-J.


    Academic performance is a concern of paramount importance in Spain, where around of 30 % of the students in the last two courses in high school, before to access to the labor market or to the university, do not achieve the minimum knowledge required according to the Spanish educational law in force. In order to analyze this problem, we propose a random network model to study the dynamics of the academic performance in Spain. Our approach is based on the idea that both, good and bad study habits, are a mixture of personal decisions and influence of classmates. Moreover, in order to consider the uncertainty in the estimation of model parameters, we perform a lot of simulations taking as the model parameters the ones that best fit data returned by the Differential Evolution algorithm. This technique permits to forecast model trends in the next few years using confidence intervals.

  13. Iron deficiency screening in the first three years of life: a three-decade-long retrospective case study.

    Ferrara, M; Bertocco, F; Ricciardi, A; Ferrara, D; Incarnato, L; Capozzi, L


    A three-decade-long retrospective study of iron status in a cohort of 1250 children aged 8-36 months was carried out at the Pediatric Department at the Second University Naples. Iron status was evaluated with independent variables such as family income, weight for height, introduction of cow's milk (CM), iron supplementation and weaning. Iron deficiency (ID) is prevalent in children with low income, early introduction of CM, delayed weaning, over-weight, and in those not receiving iron supplementation (P < 0.05). The first decade (1980-1990) was marked by low family income, while early introduction of CM characterized the first two decades (1980-1990, 1990-2000) (P < 0.05). ID depends on a variety of social and dietary factors. Hematological tests should be performed early to identify children at risk for ID.

  14. Craniocerebral trauma--congruence between post-mortem computed tomography diagnoses and autopsy results: a 2-year retrospective study.

    Jacobsen, Christina; Lynnerup, Niels


    Computed tomography (CT) has been used routinely at the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen since 2002. A retrospective study was performed in order to correlate CT-scan based diagnoses of cranial and cerebral lesions with macroscopic autopsy diagnoses in 56 cases. The CT-scans were performed by a forensic pathologist. They were obtained by using two different CT-scan protocols. The results showed correct skull fracture diagnoses in 34/56 cases. Fractures were diagnosed partially (9) or missed totally (13) on CT-images in 22 cases. The agreement for fracture diagnoses of the anterior, medial and posterior cranial fossae was 20%, 52% and 60%, respectively. Fractures involving bilateral bones were diagnosed correctly more frequently. The diagnostic agreement regarding brain injuries varied from 0% to 79%. Both the autopsy-reports and CT-scan descriptions need to be standardized in order to secure more exact comparisons in the future.

  15. Diagnostic value of Cobas Amplicor MTB and Rotorgene Real Time PCR for tuberculous meningitis: A six-year retrospective study

    Gülnur Tarhan


    Full Text Available Objective: Tuberculous meningitis (TBM is the most severe and lethal form of tuberculosis (TB.Bacteriologic confirmation of TBM is difficult and slow. Therefore, most patients receive ntituberculosis treatment based only on clinical and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF characteristics. Rapid diagnosis of TBM is important to decrease morbidity and mortality. The aim of the study was to demonstrate that COBAS Amplicor MTB and Rotorgene Real Time (RT PCR is a rapid method of diagnosing TBM before and after initiating anti-tuberculosis treatment. Methods: A retrospective study was conducted between December 2002 and January 2009 in 468 patients with suspected TBM. Clinical specimens were collected from different hospitals in Ankara. All specimens were evaluated by smear microscopy and culture methods with Lowenstein-Jensen (LJ and MGIT culture system. Results: Using culture results as a gold standard, the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive values (PPV, and negative predictive values (NPV were 71.0%, 98.8%, 97.8% and 75.0%, respectively, for COBAS Amplicor MTB and 80%, 98.9%, 99.0% and 80.0%, respectively, for Rotorgene RT PCR. Statistical analysis showed no significant differences between the COBAS Amplicor MTB and Rotorgene RT PCR (p≥0.05. All isolates were susceptible to isoniazid, rifampin, streptomycin, and ethambutol with proportion method in LJ medium. All isolates were defined as LAM7-TUR by spoligotyping. Conclusion: Retrospective analysis of COBAS Amplicor MTB and Rotorgene RT PCR found that both tests are effective in rapidly diagnosing MTB using CSF. It was concluded that Rotorgene RT PCR test is more sensitive (81.0% than COBAS Amplicor MTB (71.0%. J Microbiol Infect Dis 2015;5(4: 156-161

  16. English language proficiency and academic performance: A study of a medical preparatory year program in Saudi Arabia

    Kaliyadan, Feroze; Thalamkandathil, Nazer; Parupalli, Srinivas Rao; Amin, Tarek Tawfik; Balaha, Magdy Hassan; Al Bu Ali, Waleed Hamad


    Introduction: All medical schools in Saudi Arabia have English as the primary official medium of instruction. Most of the high school education, however, is delivered in Arabic and hence the transition to an English based learning environment tends to be difficult for some students. Our study aims to correlate English language proficiency with academic performance among medical students in their preparatory year. Methods: A cross-sectional study design was used. Test scores of 103 preparatory year students (54 female and 49 male) were analyzed after the students completed an English language course and medical introductory course in their preparatory year. The total score obtained in the English course assessment was compared to each component of the medical content assessment. Results: A significantly positive correlation (Spearman's Rho, at 0.01 levels) was seen between the scores of the English exam and the written exam (P English exam score was not obtained for the other components of the medical assessment, namely; student assignments, presentations and portfolios. Conclusion: English language proficiency is an important factor in determining academic proficiency of medical students in our college at the preparatory year level. PMID:26629471

  17. The affect of parenting style on academic achievement in early years education

    Nel, Maria Elizabeth


    Lack of parental involvement is one of the biggest challenges schools face. Due to lack of support or too much interference from the parent the academic learning process of the student is disturbed and delayed. This also puts a lot of stress on the teacher trying to support the student in achieving to the best of his or her abilities as well as managing the parents on the side. The purpose of this study was to investigate how 1) different parenting styles deliver different results and if that...

  18. 郭沫若文学研究五十年%Retrospect on Studies of Guo Mo-ruo' Writings in the Past Fifty Years



    郭沫若文学研究是中国现代文学研究的一个重要组成部分。新中国成立后的50年间,它应合着中国现代文学学科的发展节拍而发展。三次研究高潮取得了堪称辉煌的学术成就,演化了一个逐步摆脱政治化规约的建构学术品格的历史。%Studies of Guo Mo-Ruo' writings form essential parts in academic studies of modern Chinese literature. Since the foundation of New China in 1949, researches in both fields have been developing with almost the same speed. In the past fifty years, there have been three high tides in the studies of Guo Mo-ruo''s writings, which gained brilliant academic achievements. It is also a history of constructing high academic quality and style by gradually shaking off the bonds of political interference.

  19. Transferable skills of incoming medical students and their development over the first academic year: The United Arab Emirates experience.

    McLean, Michelle; Shaban, Sami; Murdoch-Eaton, Deborah


    Increasingly, it is being recognised in higher and medical education that learners should be adequately prepared for the unpredictable nature of professional practice. Several generic or transferable skills or capabilities (e.g., communication, information handling) that will enable graduates to function in an ever-changing professional world have been identified. Using a validated inventory comprising six categories of transferable skills, three cohorts of incoming male and female medical students at a Gulf university documented their level of practice and confidence for 31 skills. The exercise was repeated a year later. New medical students identified computer and organisational skills and the ability to manage their learning as strengths, but scores for technical and numeracy, information handling and presentation and communication skills suggested that learners generally required guidance. A year later, despite considerable self-reported information handling and communication skills development, learners generally did not consider themselves self-sufficient. A significant gender difference emerged, with incoming males reporting less experience and confidence in many skills. This gap was reduced but did not disappear over the first academic year. An audit such as this may be useful for identifying individual skills levels as well as providing insight into shortcomings in the academic programme in terms of opportunities for transferable skills development.

  20. Non Infectious Complications Related to Blood Transfusion: An 11 year Retrospective Analysis in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

    Philip, J; Pawar, A; Chatterjee, T; Mallhi, R S; Biswas, A K; Dimri, U


    In India transmission of transfusion transmissible infections (TTI) has shown a relative decrease as a result of mandatory screening of donated blood for TTI's. However, reducing the incidence of non infectious complications poses a major challenge, mainly due to the fact that a number of adverse reactions go unreported. Blood transfusion reaction, can be categorized based on the time interval between transfusion of blood products and the presentation of adverse reactions as acute i.e. those presenting during or within 24 h and as delayed i.e. those presenting anytime after 24 h. Transfusion reactions can further be classified as immune and non immune or infectious and non infectious based on the pathophysiology. In this retrospective study which was undertaken with an aim to determine the type and frequency of non infectious complications due to transfusion of blood and blood products recorded the incidence of febrile non hemolytic transfusion reactions (FNHTR) 51.40 %, allergic reactions 40.14 %, non immune hemolytic reactions 4.22 %, hypothermia 2.81 %, anaphylaxis 0.70 % and iron overload 0.70 %. FNHTR which was found to be the most common complication in this study can certainly be minimized, if not completely eliminated by adopting a policy of universal leucodepletion, the implementation of which solely depends on the financial and infrastructure resources available. This study also reiterates the importance of hemovigilance as a tool to improve the safety of blood transfusion.

  1. Efficacy and safety of superficial cryotherapy for alopecia areata: A retrospective, comprehensive review of 353 cases over 22 years.

    Jun, Myungsoo; Lee, Noo Ri; Lee, Won-Soo


    Alopecia areata (AA) affects anagen hair follicles, resulting in non-scarring hair loss. Since introduced by Huang et al., superficial cryotherapy has been accepted as a considerable primary therapeutic modality for AA. The aim of this study was to objectively clarify the therapeutic efficacy and safety of superficial hypothermic cryotherapy for treatment of AA. Medical records of 353 patients from 1993 to 2014 were retrospectively analyzed. According to the response to the superficial cryotherapy, patients were categorized into four groups: "marked", "partial", "poor" and "no recovery". The marked and partial recovery groups were considered as responders. The proportions of the responders among patient subgroups which were defined by various patients, disease, and treatment factors were compared. Of the patients, 60.9% were classified as responders after 3 months of superficial hypothermic cryotherapy. The proportion of the responders were higher when the treatment interval was 2 weeks or less and in the incipient disease stage, with statistical significance. No severe side-effects other than mild pain and pruritus were reported. In conclusion, superficial cryotherapy is an effective and safe therapeutic modality for AA. Especially when the treatment interval is 2 weeks or less and in the first occurrence of the disease, the therapeutic outcome is superior.

  2. A 12-year retrospective review of bullous systemic lupus erythematosus in cutaneous and systemic lupus erythematosus patients.

    Chanprapaph, K; Sawatwarakul, S; Vachiramon, V


    Objective The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical features, laboratory findings, systemic manifestations, treatment and outcome of patients with bullous systemic lupus erythematosus in a tertiary care center in Thailand. Methods We performed a retrospective review from 2002 to 2014 of all patients who fulfilled the diagnostic criteria for bullous systemic lupus erythematosus to evaluate for the clinical characteristics, extracutaneous involvement, histopathologic features, immunofluorescence pattern, serological abnormalities, internal organ involvement, treatments and outcome. Results Among 5149 patients with cutaneous lupus erythematosus and/or systemic lupus erythematosus, 15 developed vesiculobullous lesions. Ten patients had validation of the diagnosis of bullous systemic lupus erythematosus, accounting for 0.19%. Bullous systemic lupus erythematosus occurred after the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus in six patients with a median onset of 2.5 months (0-89). Four out of 10 patients developed bullous systemic lupus erythematosus simultaneously with systemic lupus erythematosus. Hematologic abnormalities and renal involvement were found in 100% and 90%, respectively. Polyarthritis (40%) and serositis (40%) were less frequently seen. Systemic corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, antimalarials and dapsone offered resolution of cutaneous lesions. Conclusion Bullous systemic lupus erythematosus is an uncommon presentation of systemic lupus erythematosus. Blistering can occur following or simultaneously with established systemic lupus erythematosus. We propose that clinicians should carefully search for systemic involvement, especially hematologic and renal impairment, in patients presenting with bullous systemic lupus erythematosus.

  3. Department of Petroleum Engineering and Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering annual report, 1990--1991 academic year


    The Department of Petroleum Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin is one of more than 20 such departments in the United States and more than 40 worldwide. The department has more than 20 faculty members and, as of the fall of 1990, 146 undergraduate and 156 graduate students. During the 1990--91 academic year, undergraduate enrollment is up slightly from the several downturns that began in 1986; graduate enrollment continues to increase, significantly in the number of Ph.D. candidates enrolled. The 1990--91 academic year was one of consolidation of gains. A remote teaching program in the Midland-Odessa area was initiated. During 1991, the Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering (CPGE) continued its large, diversified research activities related to oil, gas and geopressured/geothermal energy production, energy and mineral resources analysis, and added new research projects in other areas such as groundwater remediation. Many of these research projects included interdisciplinary efforts involving faculty, research scientists and graduate students in chemistry, mathematics, geology, geophysics, engineering mechanics, chemical engineering, microbiology and other disciplines. Several projects were undertaken in cooperation with either the Bureau of Economic Geology or the Institute for Geophysics at The University of Texas at Austin. Collaborative research projects with scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Rice University, and Sandia National Laboratory were also initiated. About 43 companies from seven countries around the world continued to provide the largest portion of research funding to CPGE.

  4. Department of Petroleum Engineering and Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering annual report, 1990--1991 academic year


    The Department of Petroleum Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin is one of more than 20 such departments in the United States and more than 40 worldwide. The department has more than 20 faculty members and, as of the fall of 1990, 146 undergraduate and 156 graduate students. During the 1990--91 academic year, undergraduate enrollment is up slightly from the several downturns that began in 1986; graduate enrollment continues to increase, significantly in the number of Ph.D. candidates enrolled. The 1990--91 academic year was one of consolidation of gains. A remote teaching program in the Midland-Odessa area was initiated. During 1991, the Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering (CPGE) continued its large, diversified research activities related to oil, gas and geopressured/geothermal energy production, energy and mineral resources analysis, and added new research projects in other areas such as groundwater remediation. Many of these research projects included interdisciplinary efforts involving faculty, research scientists and graduate students in chemistry, mathematics, geology, geophysics, engineering mechanics, chemical engineering, microbiology and other disciplines. Several projects were undertaken in cooperation with either the Bureau of Economic Geology or the Institute for Geophysics at The University of Texas at Austin. Collaborative research projects with scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Rice University, and Sandia National Laboratory were also initiated. About 43 companies from seven countries around the world continued to provide the largest portion of research funding to CPGE.

  5. Seriousness, preventability, and burden impact of reported adverse drug reactions in Lombardy emergency departments: a retrospective 2-year characterization

    Perrone V


    Full Text Available Valentina Perrone,1,* Valentino Conti,2,* Mauro Venegoni,2 Stefania Scotto,2 Luca Degli Esposti,3 Diego Sangiorgi,3 Lucia Prestini,4 Sonia Radice,1 Emilio Clementi,5,6 Giuseppe Vighi,2,4 1Unit of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, University Hospital Luigi Sacco, Università di Milano, Milan, Italy; 2Regional Centre for Pharmacovigilance, Lombardy, Milan, Italy; 3CliCon Srl, Health, Economics and Outcomes Research, Ravenna, Italy; 4Unit of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacovigilance, Niguarda Ca’Granda Hospital, Milan, Italy; 5Unit of Clinical Pharmacology, CNR Institute of Neuroscience, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, University Hospital Luigi Sacco, Università di Milano, Milan, Italy; 6Scientific Institute, IRCCS Eugenio Medea, Lecco, Italy *These authors contributed equally to the work Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of adverse drug reactions (ADRs reported in emergency departments (EDs and carry out a thorough characterization of these to assess preventability, seriousness that required hospitalization, subsequent 30-day mortality, and economic burden. Methods: This was a retrospective cohort study of data from an active pharmacovigilance project at 32 EDs in the Lombardy region collected between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011. Demographic, clinical, and pharmacological data on patients admitted to EDs were collected by trained and qualified monitors, and deterministic record linkage was performed to estimate hospitalizations. Pharmacoeconomic analyses were based on Diagnosis-Related Group reimbursement. Results: 8,862 ADRs collected with an overall prevalence rate of 3.5 per 1,000 visits. Of all ADRs, 42% were probably/definitely preventable and 46.4% were serious, 15% required hospitalization, and 1.5% resulted in death. The System Organ Classes most frequently associated with ADRs were: skin and subcutaneous tissue, gastrointestinal

  6. Bacterial Meningitis: a five year retrospective study among patients who had attended at University of Gondar Teaching Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia

    Birehanemeskel Tegene


    Full Text Available Acute Bacterial Meningitis (ABM is an important cause of death and long-term neurological disability. Recent Information on the relative frequency of the isolation and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of these pathogens is scarce in Ethiopia. This study was to document the microbial characteristics, the antibacterial sensitivity pattern, and seasonal variation of community acquired acute bacterial meningitis. The study was retrospective, conducted at university of Gondar referral hospital, serving the rural population of the northwest parts of Ethiopia. A total of three thousand and eighty five cerebrospinal fluid specimens submitted to the bacteriology laboratory for culture and antibiotic susceptibility patterns in a period between January 2006 and December 2010. Analysis of extracted data was performed using SPSS statistical software (Version 17. The etiological agent had been identified in 120 (3.8% of the total 3,085 CSF samples by culture. Thirty-nine (32.5% of them were infants below the age of 12 months. S. pneumoniae was the predominant pathogen accounting for 52 (43.3% of the cases. Whereas N. meningitidis and H. influenzae accounted for 27(22.5%, and 12(10%, respectively. Other gram negative bacilli and S. aureus were isolated from 21(17.2%, and 11(9.2% cases, respectively. Among gram positive organisms S.pneumoniae showed a high level of drug resistance against co-trimoxazole 44(84.3%. Among gram negative bacteria, N.meningitidis was found to be resistant to co-trimoxazole in 25(92.5%. E. coli and salmonella spp. were found to be resistant to most antibiotics except ciprofloxacin. Multiple drug resistance was observed in 58.3% of the isolates. S. pneumoniae remains the major etiological agent of Community Acquired Acute Bacterial Meningitis (CAABM both in adults and children in the study area. 5.7% of S. pneumoniae were resistances to penicillin. Further research should focus on preventable aspects CAABM of, especially pneumococcal

  7. A Ten-Year Retrospective Look at the NSF/GEO Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in the Geosciences (OEDG) Program

    Karsten, J. L.


    in the geosciences. The OEDG program is slated to end in FY 2013, but GEO remains strongly committed to the program goals and is actively exploring new mechanisms for pursuing and achieving those goals. This presentation will provide a retrospective look at the OEDG portfolio and its achievements, and summarize the many insights gained regarding best practices for broadening participation in the geosciences.

  8. High-impact practices and first-year seminars: A quasi-experimental study measuring change in academic self-efficacy

    Barber Applewhite, Stephanie

    First-year seminars, high-impact practices, and academic self-efficacy have been identified as relevant to the successful transition process from high school to college. This study investigated the interconnections between freshman academic self-efficacy, high-impact practices, zone of proximal development and first-year seminars. This research contributed to the understandings of the significance of high-impact practices in the development of academic self-efficacy in freshman students. As colleges strive to improve retention from the freshman to sophomore years, it is useful to identify the relevance of high-impact practices within a first-year seminar on academic self-efficacy. A two-group, quasi-experimental study using a pre/post survey was conducted at a regional comprehensive university in east Texas in which 800 students were given a pre and post survey to measure academic self-efficacy. After matching for fidelity, eleven sections were identified for the control group (104 participants) and eleven sections (91 participants) were selected for the experiment group. The findings revealed that the overall gain in the mean of both groups from the pre to post survey was statistically significant. While the students in the high-impact sections reported a higher post mean on the College Academic Self-Efficacy Scale than those who did not receive high-impact instruction, the gain was not statistically significant.

  9. Predictors of long term survival after hepatic resection for hilar cholangiocarcinoma:A retrospective study of 5-year survivors

    Mohamed Abd El Wahab; Ayman El Nakeeb; Ehab El Hanafy; Ahmad M Sultan; Ahmed Elghawalby; Waleed Askr; Mahmoud Ali; Mohamed Abd El Gawad; Tarek Salah


    AIM:To determine predictors of long term survival after resection of hilar cholangiocarcinoma(HC) by comparing patients surviving > 5 years with those who survived 5 years.RESULTS:There were 34(14%) long term survivors(5 year survivors) among the 243 patients.Fiveyear survivors were younger at diagnosis than those surviving less than 5 years(mean age,50.47 ± 4.45 vs 54.59 ± 4.98,p = 0.001).Gender,clinical presentation,preoperative drainage,preoperative serum bilirubin,albumin and serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase were similar between the two groups.The level of CA 19-9 was significantly higher in patients surviving 5 year,includingyoung age(p = 0.001),serum CA19-9(p = 0.0001),non-cirrhotic liver(p = 0.02),major hepatic resection(p = 0.001),caudate lobe resection(p = 0.006),well differentiated tumour(p = 0.03),lymph node status(0.008),R0 resection margin(p = 0.0001) and early postoperative liver cell failure(p = 0.02).CONCLUSION:Liver status,resection of caudate lobe,lymph node status,R0 resection and CA19-9 were demonstrated to be independent risk factors for long term survival.

  10. A Cohort-based Learning Community Enhances Academic Success and Satisfaction with University Experience for First-Year Students

    Corey A. Goldman


    Full Text Available Assessment of a successful cohort-based learning communities program for first-year undergraduate students shows that students in the program perform better academically and also report a higher level of satisfaction with their university experience than students who are not in the program. Students enrolled in arts and science at the University of Toronto, who take several large-enrolment courses in their first year, may optionally participate in the First-Year Learning Communities (FLC program, designed to assist with the academic and social transition from high school to university. In this Freshman Interest Group model of learning community, the curriculum across the clustered courses is not linked. The FLC program was assessed over a five-year period, using student academic records and self-reported survey data. This paper also provides details on program design and implementation.L’évaluation d’un programme de communautés d’apprentissage fondées sur les cohortes pour les étudiants de première année du premier cycle qui a obtenu du succès montre que ceux qui sont inscrits à ce programme ont de meilleurs résultats scolaires et sont plus satisfaits de leur expérience universitaire que les autres. Les étudiants inscrits en arts et sciences à l’Université de Toronto, qui suivent plusieurs cours de première année où il y a de nombreux inscrits, peuvent participer au programme de communautés d’apprentissage la première année (CAPA qui vise à les aider à effectuer la transition entre l’école secondaire et l’université sur le plan scolaire et social. Dans ce modèle de communautés d’apprentissage destiné au groupe d’intérêts particuliers des étudiants de première année, il n’y a pas de lien entre les programmes d’études des participants. Les chercheurs ont évalué le programme pendant cinq ans à partir des dossiers scolaires des étudiants et des données d’un sondage réalisé auprès d

  11. A Retrospective Look at 20 Years of ASM Education Programs (1990-2010) and a Prospective Look at the Next 20 Years (2011-2030).

    Chang, Amy


    Professional societies provide visibility and legitimacy to the work of their post secondary educator members, advocate best practices in courses and sponsored student research, and establish deep networks and communities that catalyze members to collectively engage in undergraduate teaching and learning scholarship. Within the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), the Education Board, established in the mid-1970s, assumes this role. I have been fortunate enough to watch several pivotal programs support our growth and change the status quo by providing opportunities for biology educators to flourish. In this retrospective review, the background and details I offer about each initiative help explain ASM Education offerings, how our growth has been supported and how the status quo has changed. In this prospective look, I offer my vision of the future in post secondary education where classroom learning is student-centered and focused on global problems affecting our health and environment. For the profession to proliferate, the ASM must provide members as many opportunities in learning biology as they do with advancing biology to new frontiers.

  12. My First Year in Academic Practice: If I Could Turn Back Time, What I Would Do Differently-10 Years Later.

    Liporace, Frank A


    "Joining a practice for the first time after training, whether in academia or the private sector is fraught with challenges and a learning curve. Postgraduate education has not sufficiently taught anyone how to manage the nuances of this new arena, or completely how to become successful. Success is not solely a function measured by reportable taxable income. Respect by colleagues, patients, partners, and staff are just as important, if not more so, and the financial attributes will be realized if the tangibles and intangibles discussed are appropriately executed in the correct environment." Although the preceding statements were made as reflecting on the first year of practice, they hold true 10 years later, and always. This article discusses what can be learned from a decade of "doing" even when having "planned well." Some concepts that have not changed are maintained throughout, some have been updated from experience, and some have been completely changed. Just remember, what you do should be dynamic and adaptable over time, but the principles, if sound from the start, never change.

  13. In retrospect of the development of China's shipbuilding industry during the 10th Five-Year Plan period


    @@ Recently, Zhou Yulan, director of the System Engineering Department of COMSTIND,pointed out in the article that during the 10th Five-Year Plan period, China's shipbuilding industry seized the opportunity offered by the large demand of market at home and aboard, accelerated its steps of development,increased both its industrial scope and quality, and realized a historical jump.

  14. Low insulin resistance after surgery predicts poor GH suppression one year after complete resection for acromegaly: a retrospective study.

    Edo, Naoki; Morita, Koji; Suzuki, Hisanori; Takeshita, Akira; Miyakawa, Megumi; Fukuhara, Noriaki; Nishioka, Hiroshi; Yamada, Shozo; Takeuchi, Yasuhiro


    Remission of acromegaly is defined as a nadir in GH GH nadir (GH nadir of 0.4-1.0 ng/mL one year after complete resection of GH-secreting pituitary adenoma (GHoma). We included 110 cases of acromegaly with complete adenoma resection, no preoperative treatment, preoperative glycosylated hemoglobin GH nadir GH nadir GH (GH nadir >0.4 ng/mL). Clinical parameters, including measures of insulin secretion and resistance, were compared between groups. The high GH group included 10 patients (9.1%) and had a lesser level of insulin resistance immediately following surgery and at the first postoperative year evaluation. On single regression analysis, insulin resistance immediately following surgery was predictive of and correlated with the GH nadir at the first postoperative year evaluation. The GH nadir at the first postoperative year evaluation may be insufficient in patients with normalized IGF-1 with low insulin resistance immediately following complete resection of GHoma. Careful evaluation is needed to assess remission in such patients.

  15. The Clinical Performance of Monolithic Lithium Disilicate Posterior Restorations After 5, 10, and 15 Years : A Retrospective Case Series

    van den Breemer, Carline R. G.; Vinkenborg, Carolien; van Pelt, Hans; Edelhoff, Daniel; Cune, Marco S.


    Purpose: Lithium disilicate (LDS) glass-ceramic restorations are routinely used, but results over a period longer than 10 years are rare. The objective of this study was to obtain long-term clinical data on monolithic LDS posterior crowns provided by a single restorative dentist. Materials and Metho

  16. The Clinical Performance of Monolithic Lithium Disilicate Posterior Restorations After 5, 10, and 15 Years : A Retrospective Case Series

    van den Breemer, Carline R. G.; Vinkenborg, Carolien; van Pelt, Hans; Edelhoff, Daniel; Cune, Marco S.


    PURPOSE: Lithium disilicate (LDS) glass-ceramic restorations are routinely used, but results over a period longer than 10 years are rare. The objective of this study was to obtain long-term clinical data on monolithic LDS posterior crowns provided by a single restorative dentist. MATERIALS AND METHO

  17. Surveillance of Clostridium difficile Infections: Results from a Six-Year Retrospective Study in Nine Hospitals of a North Italian Local Health Authority

    Greta Roncarati


    Full Text Available Clostridium difficile is an emerging cause of healthcare associated infections. In nine hospitals of an Italian Local Health Authority the episodes of C. difficile infection (CDI were identified using the data registered by the centralized Laboratory Information System, from 2010 to 2015. CDI incidence (positive patients for A and/or B toxins per patients-days was analysed per year, hospital, and ward. A number of cases approximately equivalent to the mean of identified cases per year were studied retrospectively to highlight the risk factors associated to CDI and their severity. Nine hundred and forty-two patients affected by CDI were identified. The overall incidence was 3.7/10,000 patients-days, with a stable trend across the six years and the highest rates observed in smaller and outlying hospitals (up to 17.8/10,000, where the admitted patients were older and the wards with the highest incidences (long-term-care: 7.6/10,000, general medicine: 5.7/10,000 were more represented. The mean age of patients in each hospital was correlated with CDI rates. Of the 101 cases selected for the retrospective study, 86.1% were healthcare associated, 10.9% community acquired; 9.1% met the criteria for recurrent case and 23.8% for severe case of CDI. The overall mortality rate was 28.7%. Comorbidity conditions occurred in 91.1%, previous exposure to antibiotics in 76.2%, and proton pump inhibitors in 77.2%. Recurrent and severe cases were significantly associated with renal insufficiency and creatinine levels ≥2 mg/dL. The survey based on the centralized laboratory data was useful to study CDI epidemiology in the different centres in order to identify possible weaknesses and plan control strategies, in particular the reinforcement of staff training, mainly targeted at compliance with contact precautions and hand hygiene.

  18. Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B and Liver Cirrhosis in View of Translational Medicine:A 10-Year Retrospective Survey

    GAO Qing-wei; ZHOU Wei; ZHANG Xiao-hui; ZHANG Yong


    Objective: To retrospectively analyze the epidemics and clinical characters of inpatients and outpatients due to chronic hepatitis B (CHB) and liver cirrhosis, hoping to provide references for the prevention and treatment of CHB and liver cirrhosis. Methods: Data were retrospectively analyzed, such as the number of inpatients and outpatients within 10 years, mortality, morbidity of liver failure, classiifcation of CHB and liver cirrhosis, and the number of patients receiving anti-viral therapy. Results: The data showed that the number of inpatients and outpatients within 10 years was increased by >2 folds; the number of patients with CHB was increased by >4 folds; the mortality of hospitalized patients decreased though it showed an increasing tendency; the number of patients with liver failure was reduced by 1/9 than that 10 years ago due to anti-viral therapy; the number of patients receiving anti-viral therapy with nucleoside drugs increased annually; in the patients with liver cirrhosis, patients without anti-viral therapy and those with anti-viral therapy accounted for 77.3% and 22.6%, respectively; from 2007 to 2013, the number of patients died of CHB hepatitis and liver cirrhosis after CHB was 1 585, in whom patients without anti-viral therapy and those with anti-viral therapy accounted for 63% and 37 %, respectively. Conclusion: The morbidity of CHB and liver cirrhosis shows an increasing tendency annually, and anti-viral therapy can signiifcantly reduce the morbidity of liver failure, inhibit the rate of liver cirrhosis, and reduce the mortality of CHB and cirrhosis.

  19. Measuring the ambiguity tolerance of medical students: a cross-sectional study from the first to sixth academic years


    Background Tolerance of ambiguity, or the extent to which ambiguous situations are perceived as desirable, is an important component of the attitudes and behaviors of medical students. However, few studies have compared this trait across the years of medical school. General practitioners are considered to have a higher ambiguity tolerance than specialists. We compared ambiguity tolerance between general practitioners and medical students. Methods We designed a cross-sectional study to evaluate the ambiguity tolerance of 622 medical students in the first to sixth academic years. We compared this with the ambiguity tolerance of 30 general practitioners. We used the inventory for measuring ambiguity tolerance (IMA) developed by Reis (1997), which includes three measures of ambiguity tolerance: openness to new experiences, social conflicts, and perception of insoluble problems. Results We obtained a total of 564 complete data sets (return rate 90.1%) from medical students and 29 questionnaires (return rate 96.7%) from general practitioners. In relation to the reference groups defined by Reis (1997), medical students had poor ambiguity tolerance on all three scales. No differences were found between those in the first and the sixth academic years, although we did observe gender-specific differences in ambiguity tolerance. We found no differences in ambiguity tolerance between general practitioners and medical students. Conclusions The ambiguity tolerance of the students that we assessed was below average, and appeared to be stable throughout the course of their studies. In contrast to our expectations, the general practitioners did not have a higher level of ambiguity tolerance than the students did. PMID:24405525

  20. Iron-Folic Acid Supplementation During Pregnancy Reduces the Risk of Stunting in Children Less Than 2 Years of Age: A Retrospective Cohort Study from Nepal

    Yasir Bin Nisar


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of antenatal iron-folic acid (IFA supplementation on child stunting in Nepalese children age <2 years. A retrospective cohort study design was used, in which a pooled cohort of 5235 most recent live births 2 years prior to interview from three Nepal Demographic and Health Surveys (2001, 2006 and 2011 was analysed. The primary outcome was stunting in children age <2 years. The main exposure variable was antenatal IFA supplementation. Multivariate Poisson regression analysis was performed. In our sample, 31% and 10% of Nepalese children age <2 years were stunted and severely stunted, respectively. The adjusted relative risk of being stunted was 14% lower in children whose mothers used IFA supplements compared to those whose mothers did not use (aRR = 0.86, 95% CI = 0.77–0.97. Additionally, the adjusted relative risk of being stunted was significantly reduced by 23% when antenatal IFA supplementation was started ≤6 months with ≥90 IFA supplements used during pregnancy (aRR = 0.77, 95% CI = 0.64–0.92. Antenatal IFA supplementation significantly reduced the risk of stunting in Nepalese children age <2 years. The greatest impact on the risk reduction of child stunting was when IFA supplements were started ≤6 months with ≥90 supplements were used.

  1. Identification of at-risk students and strategies to improve academic success in first year health programs. A Practice Report

    Andrew Gerard Pearson


    Full Text Available The transition to university is a difficult process for many students, having a negative impact on their academic performance, ultimately resulting in failure or withdrawal from one or more courses in their first semester. This practice report describes a profile analysis and readiness assessment designed to identify students at high academic risk. Students so identified were offered additional workshops to address assumed knowledge and academic skills. Attendance at the workshops correlated with improved academic outcomes.

  2. A 7-year follow-up retrospective, international, multicenter study of insulin pump therapy in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes.

    Mameli, Chiara; Scaramuzza, Andrea E; Ho, Josephine; Cardona-Hernandez, Roque; Suarez-Ortega, Larisa; Zuccotti, Gian Vincenzo


    We evaluated the long-term glycemic control in children with type 1 diabetes, using continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) for at least 5 years in three diabetes centers from three different countries: Canada, Italy and Spain. This was an observational retrospective multicenter cohort study. Subjects were included if they were followed at one of the participating centers, had type 1 diabetes, age 5-20 years at time of data collection and used CSII for more than 5 years. Data collected included gender, age, disease duration, age at CSII initiation, body mass index (BMI), hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), insulin requirement and serious adverse events (SAE) at baseline and every 12 months during follow-up. One hundred fifteen patients were included in the study (55% males), aged 5-20 years (mean: 13.5 ± 3.8 years), with mean diabetes duration of 6.3 ± 3.4 years, using CSII for mean of 6.9 ± 1.2 years (range 5-12 years.). HbA1c significantly improved after 1 year of CSII treatment and during follow-up (p = 0.02). When HbA1c was compared between countries, a difference was observed, with slightly lower values in Italy than in Canada and Spain (p = 0.04). When evaluated by gender, HbA1c was similar at baseline, but significantly improved only in males during all follow-up (p = 0.004). No significant differences were observed for BMI, insulin requirement or SAE. Insulin pump therapy is safe and effective in the pediatric population, although in this study, the major benefit in HbA1c was seen in males. The use of advanced pump features was associated with greater improvement in HbA1c.

  3. 50 years experience with Dupuytren's contracture in the Erlangen University Hospital – A retrospective analysis of 2919 operated hands from 1956 to 2006

    Puschkin Valerij


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Dupuytren's disease (DD is a hand disorder mainly among the northern population. In contrast it is rare in the mediterranean population. Therefore typical habits and dietetic influences have been discussed as well as genetic predisposition. Still, since the first description by Dupuytren in 1834 only little is known about the etiology and pathogenesis of this disease. Some hints were found for a higher prevalence among people with diabetes, alcohol abuse or smoking. Also, intensive manual work or hand injuries have been discussed to have an influence on DD. To our knowledge this is the largest retrospectively evaluated series of symptomatic patients published to date. The study includes patients from the last 50 years. It was performed to show possible correlations between DD and typical risk factors such as diabetes, alcohol consumption, and smoking. Methods We retrospectively analysed all patient records with DD documented between 1956 and 2006 in the Surgical University Hospital in Erlangen. Data acquisition was conducted by reviewing the medical records from 1956 to 2006 including data from all patients who were surgically treated because of DD. Results We reviewed 2579 male and 340 female surgically treated patients with DD. More than 80% of the patients were between 40 and 70 years old. In 28.9% only the right hand was effected by DD, in 25.3% only the left hand and in 45.8% both hands. In 10.3% of all Patients suffered from Diabetes mellitus. Statistical analysis revealed no significant correlation between diabetes, alcoholism or smoking on the degree of DD in our patients. Conclusion Most data are consistent with previously published results from smaller, comparable retrospective studies with regard to right- or left handedness. We could not confirm a statistically significant correlation of DD with diabetes mellitus, severe alcohol consumption, heavy smoking or epilepsy and the stage of the disease as described in

  4. Retrospective review of the case of cutaneous anthrax-malignant pustule from 1995 in 15-year old girl.

    Kajfasz, Piotr; Bartoszcze, Michał; Borkowski, Piotr Karol; Basiak, Wojciech


    A 15-year-old girl was admitted to our Department with cutaneous lesion resembling black eschar. Anamnesis revealed that before getting ill she was wearing pullover made of rough sheep's wool and ornaments made of leather like straps. Cutaneous anthrax was confirmed by identification of B. anthracis in specimens from weeping ulceration, culture from black eschar, thermoprecipitation test, and bioassay on guinea pig. The girl was treated with crystalline Penicillin. She responded well to the therapy and recovered after 28 days. What attracts attention in presented case is the fact that the girl didn't belong to high risk group of human anthrax, which might lead to misdiagnosis. In 1990-1999, Poland there were reported 22 cases of anthrax - it was almost exclusively cutaneous form. In the years following 1999 antrax was reported even less often - in the period 1991-2013 it was recorded a total of 26 cutaneous anthrax cases.

  5. Iron overload accelerates bone loss in healthy postmenopausal women and middle-aged men: a 3-year retrospective longitudinal study.

    Kim, Beom-Jun; Ahn, Seong Hee; Bae, Sung Jin; Kim, Eun Hee; Lee, Seung-Hun; Kim, Hong-Kyu; Choe, Jae Won; Koh, Jung-Min; Kim, Ghi Su


    Despite extensive experimental and animal evidence about the detrimental effects of iron and its overload on bone metabolism, there have been no clinical studies relating iron stores to bone loss, especially in nonpathologic conditions. In the present study, we performed a large longitudinal study to evaluate serum ferritin concentrations in relation to annualized changes in bone mineral density (BMD) in healthy Koreans. A total of 1729 subjects (940 postmenopausal women and 789 middle-aged men) aged 40 years or older who had undergone comprehensive routine health examinations with an average 3 years of follow-up were enrolled. BMD in proximal femur sites (ie, the total femur, femur neck, and trochanter) was measured with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry using the same equipment at baseline and follow-up. The mean age of women and men in this study was 55.8 ± 6.0 years and 55.5 ± 7.8 years, respectively, and serum ferritin levels were significantly higher in men than in women (p men. After adjustment for potential confounders, the rates of bone loss in all proximal femur sites in both genders were significantly accelerated in a dose-response fashion across increasing ferritin quartile categories (p for trend = 0.043 to <0.001). Consistently, compared with subjects in the lowest ferritin quartile category, those in the third and/or highest ferritin quartile category showed significantly faster bone loss in the total femur and femur neck in both genders (p = 0.023 to <0.001). In conclusion, these data provide the first clinical evidence that increased total body iron stores could be an independent risk factor for accelerated bone loss, even in healthy populations.

  6. Correlation of dental age, skeletal age, and chronological age among children aged 9-14 years: A retrospective study

    Vignesh Palanisamy


    Full Text Available Background: Growth can be one of the most uncertain variations, but understanding the same is very important for diagnosis and treatment planning. Skeletal age and dental age have been used to determine a child′s developmental age. Several researchers have evaluated the association between dental and skeletal maturity with chronologic age on different population. The purpose of the present study was to find out whether dental age estimation can be replaced for skeletal age estimation in the Dakshina Kannada population. Methods: A total of 104 samples equally distributed among both genders in the age group of 9-14 years were selected. Skeletal age was estimated using hand-wrist radiographs and Fishman′s skeletal maturation index and dental age was measured using Demirjian′s method. Results: Spearman′s rank-order correlation coefficients were used to measure the association between the skeletal maturity and dental maturity. The mean ages of male and female samples were determined as 11.89 ± 1.867 years and 12.21 ± 1.473 years, respectively. Chronological age was found to be positively correlated to dental age and skeletal age and found to be statistically significant (P < 0.01. The correlation between dental age and skeletal age was also found to be statistically significant with P < 0.001 and correlation coefficient of 0.683 and 0.704 for males and females. Conclusion: The present study showed a strong relation between the developmental ages in mixed dentition population; hence, dental age can be considered as a replacement in the study population.

  7. The utilisation and diagnostic yield of radiological imaging in a specialist functional GI disorder clinic: an 11-year retrospective study

    Breen, Micheal; O' Neill, Siobhan B.; O' Donovan, Joanne P.; McWilliams, Sebastian [Cork University Hospital, Department of Radiology, Cork (Ireland); Murphy, Kevin P.; Maher, Michael M. [Cork University Hospital, Department of Radiology, Cork (Ireland); University College Cork, Department of Radiology, Cork (Ireland); Desmond, Alan N. [Cork University Hospital, Department of Medicine, Cork (Ireland); Shanahan, Fergus; Quigley, Eamonn M. [Cork University Hospital, Department of Medicine, Cork (Ireland); University College Cork, Alimentary Pharmabiotic Center, Cork (Ireland)


    The term functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID) describes various aggregations of chronic gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms not explained by identifiable organic pathology; accordingly, their diagnosis rests on symptom-based criteria and a process of exclusion. Evidence is lacking on the appropriate use of abdominal imaging studies (AIS) in FGIDs. We investigated the utilisation of AIS (site, modality, diagnostic yield/significance) at a tertiary FGID clinic over an 11-year period. Of 1,621 patients, 507 (31 %; 67.5 % women, mean age 43.9 ± 17.37 years) referred from primary care had 997 AIS (1.7 per patient): ultrasonography (US) 36.1 %, fluoroscopy (FLS) 28.8 %, computed tomography (CT) 19.6 %, plain radiography (PR) 13.5 %, nuclear medicine (NM) 1 %. Of the 997 AIS, 55.6 % (554/997) were normal. Of the AIS with positive findings, 9.9 % (62/625) were deemed 'probably significant' and 14.7 % (92/625) 'significant'. Of the CT and FLS studies, 12.3 % and 13.6 %, respectively, yielded 'significant' abnormalities compared to 2.2 % of the US studies and 2.1 % of the PR studies. CT identified five of seven neoplasms, associated with male sex, increasing age and symptom onset after age 50 years. This study confirmed low use of AIS in tertiary FGID clinics and a high proportion of normal studies. Barium swallow/meal and CT were more likely to identify 'probably significant' or 'significant' findings, including neoplasms. (orig.)

  8. A retrospective study detects a novel variant of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in England in archived material from the year 2000

    Falko Steinbach


    Full Text Available Outbreaks of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED were first recorded in England in the 1970s and continued to be confirmed until 2002. Retrospective analysis of archived material from one of the last confirmed cases in England in the year 2000 demonstrates the previous existence of a very diverse PED virus strain. Following the outbreaks of PED in North America in 2013, there has been renewed interest in phylogenetic analysis of sequences from PEDV strains worldwide. There is a gap in the available sequence data between the mid 1980s and the mid 2000s. This work is an example of how this gap can be at least partially filled by the examination of archived material.

  9. Odontogenic Tumors: A 13-year Retrospective Study of 395 Cases in a South Indian Teaching Institute of Kerala

    Deepak Pandiar


    Full Text Available Objective: T he aim o f the present study was to determine the epidemiology and clinicopathological presentation of odonto­ genic tumors (OTs seen in a Government Teaching Institute from Kozhikode district of Kerala (South India, over a period of 13 years and to compare the data obtained with previous reports published in literature from different world population. Study design: Records of the Oral Pathology and Microbio logy, Government Dental College, Kozhikode (Kerala, South India, were analyzed during a period of 13 years and reclassified accor- ding to World Health Organization (WHO 2005 Classification. Results: A total of 6.08% of odontogenic tumors were reported out of which (96.7% were benign and (3.3% were malignant. Keratocystic odontogenic tumor (35.9% was the most frequent type, followed by ameloblastoma (25.9%, calcifying cystic odonto genic tumor (10.6% , and odontoma (8.9%. The mean age was 32.69 ± 17.2 7, and males were more commonly affected. Conclusion: A marked geographic and demographic variation was observed in the relative frequency of various odontogenic tumors in the South Indian population which stresses upon the influence of genetic and/or environmental (epigenetic factors on tumor pathogenesis.

  10. A retrospective study on fourteen year hemoglobin genotype variants recorded at five government hospitals in Akure, Ondo State, Southwestern Nigeria

    Akeem Akinboro


    Results and conclusion: Six hemoglobin genotypes were identified as HbAA, HbAS, HbAC, HbSS, HbSC and HbCC. The overall average values of their prevalence in decreasing order were HbAA (88.11% > HbAS (10.23% > HbAC (0.78% > HbSS (0.72%, HbSC (0.15% and HbCC (0.01%. There was a steady increase in the number of people who visited the hospitals for hemoglobin genotype determination throughout the years covered in this investigation, as the proportion of abnormal hemoglobin genotypes to the normal HbAA tremendously increased in the last four years (2010–2013. This suggests the possibility of many other residents in the capital city of Ondo state carrying the abnormal forms of hemoglobin genotype, and calling for more efforts in the area of genetic counseling. The gene frequencies of A, S, and C were 0.91, 0.08 and 0.01, respectively. The prevalence of HbAA in this study has been the highest reported in the Southwest and Nigeria as a whole.

  11. My first year in academic practice: what I learned, what I wish I knew, what I would do differently.

    Liporace, Frank A


    Joining a practice for the first time after training, whether in academia or the private sector, is fraught with challenges and a learning curve. Postgraduate education has not sufficiently taught anyone how to manage the nuances of this new arena or how to become successful. Success is not solely a function measured by reportable taxable income. Respect by colleagues, patients, partners, and staff is just as important, if not more so. The financial attributes will be realized if the tangibles and intangibles discussed are appropriately executed in the correct environment. This article will discuss what to be cognizant of during the first years in academic practice and how to build a foundation for success.

  12. Bovine foetal wastage and its economic implication: a six-year (2003 – 2008 retrospective study in an abattoir in northwestern, Nigeria

    Ruth Tarhyel


    Full Text Available Pregnancy wastage has been reported to account for about 20-25% of the fall in livestock production in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the light this fact, a six-year (2003 – 2008 retrospective study based on abattoir records was carried out to assess the magnitude of bovine foetal wastage and its economic implication in an abattoir in Kaduna metropolis. A total of 4867 foetuses were encountered during the six year period with an average of 811 foetuses wasted annually. Foetal wastage was observed to occur throughout the year with an increased occurrence (2890 in the first trimester i.e 59.38%. About 3148 (64.68% of the wastage was encountered in the dry season (November – April which coincides with the festive periods viz New year, Easter, Sallah and Christmas as well as the advent of the rainy season. Economic analysis of the magnitude of foetal wastage also indicated that about ₦28,390,833.3 - ₦40,558,333.3 ($236,590.278 - $337,986.11 is annually lost to foetal wastage. Full implementation of the legislations against the slaughtering of pregnant animals is advocated in addition to putting in place and strengthening of veterinary structures and services in the abattoirs across the country. Education of the butchers and farmers against slaughtering of pregnant animals and its economic implication is also advocated.

  13. Retrospective Analysis of Corticosteroid Treatment in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and/or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis over a Period of 10 Years in Vajira Hospital, Navamindradhiraj University, Bangkok.

    Roongpisuthipong, Wanjarus; Prompongsa, Sirikarn; Klangjareonchai, Theerawut


    Background. Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and/or toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) are uncommon and life-threatening drug reaction associated with a high morbidity and mortality. Objective. We studied SJS and/or TEN by conducting a retrospective analysis of 87 patients treated during a 10-year period. Methods. We conducted a retrospective review of the records of all patients with a diagnosis of SJS and/or TEN based on clinical features and histological confirmation of SJS and/or TEN was not available at the Department of Medicine, Vajira hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. The data were collected from two groups from 2003 to 2007 and 2008 to 2012. Results. A total of 87 cases of SJS and/or TEN were found, comprising 44 males and 43 females whose mean age was 46.5 years. The average length of stay was 17 days. Antibiotics, anticonvulsants, and allopurinol were the major culprit drugs in both groups. The mean SCORTEN on admission was 2.1 in first the group while 1.7 in second the group. From 2008 to 2012, thirty-nine patients (76.5%) were treated with corticosteroids while only eight patients (22.2%) were treated between 2003 and 2007. The mortality rate declined from 25% from the first group to 13.7% in the second group. Complications between first and second groups had no significant differences. Conclusions. Short-term corticosteroids may contribute to a reduced mortality rate in SJS and/or TEN without increasing secondary infection. Further well-designed studies are required to compare the effect of corticosteroids treatment for SJS and/or TEN.

  14. '20 days protected learning' - students' experiences of an overseas nurses programme - 4 years on: a retrospective survey

    Brown Petra


    Full Text Available Abstract Background From September 2005 the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC introduced new arrangements for the registration of non-EU overseas nurses which requires all applicants to undertake '20 days of protected learning' time in the UK and for some, a period of supervised practice. A survey was undertaken at Bournemouth University, which offers a '20 days protected learning only' programme, to elicit overseas nurses' demographic details, experiences in completing the programme and their 'final destinations' once registered. Methods An online survey was devised which contained a mixture of tick box and open ended questions which covered demographic details, views on the programme and final destinations This was uploaded to and sent out to nurses who had completed the Overseas Nurses Programme (ONP with Bournemouth University (n = 1050. Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics and the qualitative data were coded and analysed using content analysis. Results There were 251 respondents (27.7% response rate. The typical 'profile' of a nurse who responded to the survey was female, aged 25-40 years and had been qualified for more than 5 years with a bachelors degree. The majority came from Australia on a 2 year working holiday visa and the key final destination in the UK, on registration with the NMC, was working for an agency. There were five key findings regarding experience of the programme. Of those surveyed 61.2% did not feel it necessary to undergo an ONP; 71.6% felt that they should be able to complete the programme on-line in their own country; 64.2% that the ONP should only contain information about delivery of healthcare in UK and Legal and professional (NMC issues; 57% that European nurses should also undergo the same programme and sit an IELTS test; and 68.2% that the programme was too theory orientated; and should have links to practice (21%. Conclusions The NMC set the admissions

  15. A Longitudinal Examination of Career Expectations and Outcomes of Academically Talented Students 10 and 20 Years Post-High School Graduation

    Perrone, Kristin M.; Tschopp, Molly K.; Snyder, Erin R.; Boo, Jenelle N.; Hyatt, Claudine


    The purpose of this study was to examine career expectations and outcomes for individuals who were identified as academically talented high school students. Data for this study were collected at two different time periods: 10 years and 20 years after participants' high school graduation. A decade after graduation from high school, participants…

  16. Treatment outcome of tuberculosis patients at Gondar University Teaching Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia. A five - year retrospective study

    Bekele Assegedech


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In Gondar University Teaching Hospital standardized tuberculosis prevention and control programme, incorporating Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course (DOTS started in 2000. According to the proposal of World Health Organization (WHO, treatment outcome is an important indicator of tuberculosis control programs. This study investigated the outcome of tuberculosis treatment at Gondar University Teaching Hospital in Northwest Ethiopia. Methods We analyzed the records of 4000 tuberculosis patients registered at Gondar University Teaching Hospital from September 2003 to May 2008. Treatment outcome and tuberculosis type were categorized according to the national tuberculosis control program guideline. Multivariate analysis using logistic regression model was used to analyse the association between treatment outcome and potential predictor variables. Results From the total of 4000 patients, tuberculosis type was categorized as extrapulmonary in 1133 (28.3%, smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis in 2196 (54.9% and smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis in 671 (16.8% cases. Of all patients, treatment outcome was classified as successfully treated in 1181(29.5%, defaulted in 730 (18.3%, died in 403 (10.1%, treatment failed in six (0.2% and transferred out in 1680 (42.0% patients. Males had the trend to be more likely to experience death or default than females, and the elderly were more likely to die than younger. The proportion of default rate was increased across the years from 97(9.2% to 228(42.9%. Being female, age group 15-24 years, smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis and being urban resident were associated with higher treatment success rate. Conclusion The treatment success rate of tuberculosis patients was unsatisfactorily low (29.5%. A high proportion of patients died (10.1% or defaulted (18.3%, which is a serious public health concern that needs to be addressed urgently.

  17. A Retrospective Analysis of Five Year Data of End-Stage Renal Disease Patients: A Single Center Experience

    Kültigin TÜRKMEN


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: CKD is a worldwide threat to public health. Approximately 1.8 million people are currently being treated with renal replacement therapy including hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and transplantation. The etiology and factors affecting the progression of chronic kidney disease to endstage renal disease (ESRD differ in industrialized and underdeveloped countries. STUDY DESIGN: The aim of the study was to investigate the etiologies of ESRD, factors affecting progression to ESRD and mortality rates of patients between 2000-2004, in Konya, a city in the Middle Anatolian region of Turkey. MATERIAL and METHODS: We included 417 end-stage renal disease patients (207 female and 210 male between 16-90 years old receiving RRT for the first time in the study. CKD was diagnosed by GFR measurement that was calculated by MDRD formula. Co-morbidity was expressed using Wright- Khan index. RESULTS: We showed that there was an increased rate of diabetic nephropathy between 2003 and 2004. The increased rate of diabetic nephropathy was found to be statistically significant in the last two years (p<0.005. There was also significant negative correlation between mortality and diastolic BP (r: -0.143, p: 0.05 and the education level of the patients (r: -0.159, p: 0.0002. There was a positive correlation between mortality and serum urea levels (r: 0.193, p: 0.0001, HD through a catheter for the first time (r: 0.140, p: 0.0006, and receiving HD by a continuous RRT modality (r: 0.163, p: 0.0001. CONCLUSION: Our study showed that advanced age, increased mean arterial BP before the first RRT, having CVD or DM as an etiology of ESRD, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR, decreased serum albumin levels and the presence of co-morbid diseases were the main factors that affected survival of the patients.

  18. Fundamentals of Physics in Engineering I: course in OCW-UA (academic year 2012-2013)


    Course published in the OpenCourseWare-UA corresponding to the subject "Fundamentals of Physics in Engineering I" that is taught in the first year of the "Degree in Sound and Image, in Telecommunications" of the Polytechnic School at the University of Alicante. This course includes topics guides, summaries and proposed problems.

  19. Academic substance and location: The national technical university of Athens' five-year program

    Spyrou, Kostas J.; Psaraftis, Harilaos N.


    hydrodynamics, marine structures, and marine engineering. To be awarded an engineering diploma in Greece, one has to spend a minimum of five years. The program at NTUA has also 10 semesters, out of which nine are dedicated to course study while the tenth is spend on the writing of a thesis. There is no tuition...

  20. Digital Distribution of Academic Journals and Its Impact on Scholarly Communication: Looking Back after 20 Years

    Solomon, David J.


    It has been approximately 20 years since distributing scholarly journals digitally became feasible. This article discusses the broad implications of the transition to digital distributed scholarship from a historical perspective and focuses on the development of open access (OA) and the various models for funding OA in the context of the roles…

  1. Alcohol Consumption and Academic Retention in First-Year College Students

    Liguori, Gary; Lonbaken, Barb


    Objectives: This study attempted to identify relationships between alcohol consumption and first-to-second-year student retention among college students. Methods: 820 students in general education courses completed an online wellness assessment at four separate time points, including questions related to alcohol consumption. Data were analyzed…

  2. Supporting Geoscience Students at Two-Year Colleges: Career Preparation and Academic Success

    McDaris, J. R.; Kirk, K. B.; Layou, K.; Macdonald, H.; Baer, E. M.; Blodgett, R. H.; Hodder, J.


    Two-year colleges play an important role in developing a competent and creative geoscience workforce, teaching science to pre-service K-12 teachers, producing earth-science literate citizens, and providing a foundation for broadening participation in the geosciences. The Supporting and Advancing Geoscience Education in Two-Year Colleges (SAGE 2YC) project has developed web resources for geoscience faculty on the preparation and support of students in two-year colleges (2YCs). Online resources developed from two topical workshops and several national, regional, and local workshops around the country focus on two main categories: Career Preparation and Workforce Development, and Supporting Student Success in Geoscience at Two-year Colleges. The Career Preparation and Workforce Development resources were developed to help faculty make the case that careers in the geosciences provide a range of possibilities for students and to support preparation for the geoscience workforce and for transfer to four-year programs as geoscience majors. Many two-year college students are unaware of geoscience career opportunities and these materials help illuminate possible futures for them. Resources include an overview of what geoscientists do; profiles of possible careers along with the preparation necessary to qualify for them; geoscience employer perspectives about jobs and the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes they are looking for in their employees; employment trends in sectors of the economy that employ geoscience professionals; examples of geotechnician workforce programs (e.g. Advanced Technological Education Centers, environmental technology programs, marine technician programs); and career resources available from professional societies. The website also provides information to support student recruitment into the geosciences and facilitate student transfer to geoscience programs at four- year colleges and universities, including sections on advising support before

  3. The role biomedical science laboratories can play in improving science knowledge and promoting first-year nursing academic success

    Arneson, Pam

    The Role Biomedical Science Laboratories Can Play In Improving Science Knowledge and Promoting First-Year Nursing Academic Success The need for additional nursing and health care professionals is expected to increase dramatically over the next 20 years. With this in mind, students must have strong biomedical science knowledge to be competent in their field. Some studies have shown that participation in bioscience laboratories can enhance science knowledge. If this is true, an analysis of the role bioscience labs have in first-year nursing academic success is apposite. In response, this study sought to determine whether concurrent enrollment in anatomy and microbiology lecture and lab courses improved final lecture course grades. The investigation was expanded to include a comparison of first-year nursing GPA and prerequisite bioscience concurrent lecture/lab enrollment. Additionally, research has indicated that learning is affected by student perception of the course, instructor, content, and environment. To gain an insight regarding students' perspectives of laboratory courses, almost 100 students completed a 20-statement perception survey to understand how lab participation affects learning. Data analyses involved comparing anatomy and microbiology final lecture course grades between students who concurrently enrolled in the lecture and lab courses and students who completed the lecture course alone. Independent t test analyses revealed that there was no significant difference between the groups for anatomy, t(285) = .11, p = .912, but for microbiology, the lab course provided a significant educational benefit, t(256) = 4.47, p = .000. However, when concurrent prerequisite bioscience lecture/lab enrollment was compared to non-concurrent enrollment for first-year nursing GPA using independent t test analyses, no significant difference was found for South Dakota State University, t(37) = -1.57, p = .125, or for the University of South Dakota, t(38) = -0.46, p

  4. A retrospective study of central nervous system shunt infections diagnosed in a university hospital during a 4-year period

    Coskun Erdal


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Ventriculoperitoneal (VP shunts are used for intracranial pressure management and temporary cerebrospinal fluid (CSF drainage. Infection of the central nervous system (CNS is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with CSF shunts. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the clinical features, pathogens, and outcomes of 22 patients with CSF shunt infections collected over 4 years. Methods The patients with shunt insertions were evaluated using; age, sex, etiology of hydrocephalus, shunt infection numbers, biochemical and microbiological parameters, prognosis, clinical infection features and clinical outcome. Results The most common causes of the etiology of hydrocephalus in shunt infected patients were congenital hydrocephalus-myelomeningocele (32% and meningitis (23%. The commonest causative microorganism identified was Staphylococcus (S. aureus, followed by Acinetobacter spp., and S. epidermidis. Conclusion In a case of a shunt infection the timely usage of appropriate antibiotics, according to the antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and the removal of the shunt apparatus is essential for successful treatment.

  5. Kaposi Sarcoma among HIV Infected Patients in Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria: A 14-Year Retrospective Clinicopathological Study

    Olakanmi Akinde


    Full Text Available Background. Despite the increased incidence of Kaposi sarcoma (KS resulting from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS pandemic, there is still significant underreporting of KS in this environment. Objectives. This study was aimed at determining the incidence and clinicopathologic patterns of KS among HIV infected patients in Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH, Nigeria, over a 14-year period: January 2000 to December 2013. Methodology. The materials for this study included patients’ hospital clinical files, duplicate copies of histopathologic reports, and tissue blocks and corresponding archival slides in the Anatomic and Molecular Pathology Department and the HIV/AIDS unit of the Department of Haematology. Results. Within the study period, 182 cases of KS were diagnosed, accounting for 1.2% of all patients managed for HIV/AIDS and 2.99% of solid malignant tumours. The male-to-female ratio and modal age group were 1 : 1.3 and 5th decade, respectively. Most cases (90% had purely mucocutaneous involvement with the lower limb being the commonest site (65.8%. The majority of lesions were plaques (65.8%. Vascular formation was the predominant histologic type seen (43.5%. Conclusion. KS in Lagos followed the same epidemiologic trend as other centers in Nigeria, with an increasing incidence in this era of HIV/AIDS.

  6. Kaposi Sarcoma among HIV Infected Patients in Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria: A 14-Year Retrospective Clinicopathological Study

    Akinde, Olakanmi; Adeyemo, Titilope; Omoseebi, Oladipo; Ikeri, Nzechukwu; Okonkwo, Ikechukwu; Afolayan, Olatunji


    Background. Despite the increased incidence of Kaposi sarcoma (KS) resulting from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) pandemic, there is still significant underreporting of KS in this environment. Objectives. This study was aimed at determining the incidence and clinicopathologic patterns of KS among HIV infected patients in Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Nigeria, over a 14-year period: January 2000 to December 2013. Methodology. The materials for this study included patients' hospital clinical files, duplicate copies of histopathologic reports, and tissue blocks and corresponding archival slides in the Anatomic and Molecular Pathology Department and the HIV/AIDS unit of the Department of Haematology. Results. Within the study period, 182 cases of KS were diagnosed, accounting for 1.2% of all patients managed for HIV/AIDS and 2.99% of solid malignant tumours. The male-to-female ratio and modal age group were 1 : 1.3 and 5th decade, respectively. Most cases (90%) had purely mucocutaneous involvement with the lower limb being the commonest site (65.8%). The majority of lesions were plaques (65.8%). Vascular formation was the predominant histologic type seen (43.5%). Conclusion. KS in Lagos followed the same epidemiologic trend as other centers in Nigeria, with an increasing incidence in this era of HIV/AIDS. PMID:27034839

  7. [Epidemiological retrospective survey intestinal parasitism in the Provincial Hospital Center (Kenitra, Morocco): review of 10 years (1996-2005)].

    El Guamri, Y; Belghyti, D; Achicha, A; Tiabi, M; Aujjar, N; Barkia, A; El Kharrim, K; Barkia, H; El-Fellaki, E; Mousahel, R; Bouachra, H; Lakhal, A


    The survey drew up the epidemiological situation of intestinal parasitism in the center of health El Idrissi (Kenitra, Morocco). The number of reviews has decreased between 1996 and 2005. A correlation between the number of examinations and years of the study period was observed (p parasited by one or several species, say an infestation index of 14.15%. Amoeba were frequently observed (47.04%) with prevalence of Entamoeba histolytica (23.74%), followed by Flagella (28.79%) represented by: Giardia intestinalis (22.71%), Trichomonas intestinalis (5.49%) and Chilomastix mesnilii (0.60%). Helminthes were less found. Ascaris lumbricoides was frequent among helminthes (11.87%), followed by Trichuris trichiura (5.64%), Hymenolepis nana (2.68%), Enterobius vermicularis (2.08%), Taenia saginata (0.75%) and Stronyloides stercoralis (0.45%). The clinical symptoms were observed in 110 subjects with parasites (110/606 or 18.15%) characterized by abdominal pain (75 cases) and association diarrhea more abdominal pain (35 cases). The relationship between the infestation index calculed, sex, age, the annual and seasonal changes, polyparasitism and intestinal parasitic infection is discussed.

  8. Student Failures on First-Year Medical Basic Science Courses and the USMLE Step 1: A Retrospective Study over a 20-Year Period

    Burns, E. Robert; Garrett, Judy


    Correlates of achievement in the basic science years in medical school and on the Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®), (Step 1) in relation to preadmission variables have been the subject of considerable study. Preadmissions variables such as the undergraduate grade point average (uGPA) and Medical College Admission…

  9. Concurrent Indicators of Gait Velocity and Variability Are Associated with 25-Year Cognitive Change: A Retrospective Longitudinal Investigation

    MacDonald, Stuart W. S.; Hundza, Sandra; Love, Janet A.; DeCarlo, Correne A.; Halliday, Drew W. R.; Brewster, Paul W. H.; Lukyn, Timothy V.; Camicioli, Richard; Dixon, Roger A.


    Background/Objectives: Physical function indicators, including gait velocity, stride time and step length, are linked to neural and cognitive function, morbidity and mortality. Whereas cross-sectional associations are well documented, far less is known about long-term patterns of cognitive change as related to objective indicators of mobility-related physical function. Methods: Using data from the Victoria Longitudinal Study, a long-term investigation of biological and health aspects of aging and cognition, we examined three aspects of cognition-physical function linkages in 121 older adults. First, we examined a simple marker of physical function (3 m timed-walk) as a predictor of cross-sectional differences and up to 25-year change for four indicators of cognitive function. Second, we tested associations between two markers of gait function derived from the GAITRite system (velocity and stride-time variability) and differences and change in cognition. Finally, we evaluated how increasing cognitive load during GAITRite assessment influenced the associations between gait and cognition. Results: The simple timed-walk measure, commonly used in clinical and research settings, was a minor predictor of change in cognitive function. In contrast, the objectively measured indicator of walking speed significantly moderated long-term cognitive change. Under increasing cognitive load, the moderating influence of velocity on cognitive change increased, with increasing variability in stride time also emerging as a predictor of age-related cognitive decline. Conclusion: These findings: (a) underscore the utility of gait as a proxy for biological vitality and for indexing long-term cognitive change; and (b) inform potential mechanisms underlying age-related linkages in physical and cognitive function.

  10. Pattern of Sexual Offences Attended at Accident and Emergency Department of HUSM from Year 2000 to 2003: A Retrospective Study.

    Islam, Mohammed Nasimul; See, Khoo Lay; Ting, Lai Chin; Khan, Jesmine


    This paper investigates the pattern of sexual offence cases attended at the One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC) of the Accident and Emergency Department, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM), Kelantan. A total of 439 reported sexual offence cases were examined over a period of 4 years from 2000 to 2003. Sexual offence constituted by male partner or boyfriend in 18.9%, by relatives in 27.3% and by "others" in 53.8% of cases. Only 0.7% of victims did not attempt to lodge a police report. There is a significant relationship between occupation and the risk of experiencing sexual violence. Students were mostly targeted by the perpetrator throughout the study period. Among the offences, rape cases were the highest in number, among those who attended at the OSCC, HUSM with a total of 72.7%; followed by 27.3% of incest; 26.4% of child sexual abuse; 4.8% of sodomy and lastly 1.6% of gerontophilia cases. Only 70% of the specimens obtained from sexual offences victims were sent for laboratory analysis. The result remained negative in 82.4% specimens and thus the laboratory analysis result is merely functioning as a supportive evidence for sexual offence cases attended at OSCC. The studies showed that most of the sexual assault perpetrators were known to the victims. The place of crime was also known to the perpetrators. Health sectors of various levels should be working in conjunction to promote a societal changes to improve more of the women's right and thus to reduce the violence crime.

  11. Comparison of adjacent segment degeneration five years after single level cervical fusion and cervical arthroplasty:a retrospective controlled study

    SUN Yu; ZHAO Yan-bin; PAN Sheng-fa; ZHOU Fei-fei; CHEN Zhong-qiang; LIU Zhong-jun


    Background Cervical arthroplasty is indicated to preserve cervical motion and prevent accelerated adjacent segment degeneration.Whether accelerated adjacent segment degeneration is prevented in the long term is unclear.This trial compared adjacent segment degeneration in Bryan disc arthroplasty with that in anterior cervical decompression and fusion five years after the surgery.Methods We studied patients with single level degenerative cervical disc disease.The extent of adjacent segment degeneration was estimated from lateral X-rays.Results Twenty-six patients underwent single level Bryan disc arthroplasty and twenty-four patients underwent single level anterior cervical decompression and fusion.All patients were followed up for an average of sixty months.In the Bryan arthroplasty group,nine(17.6%)segments developed adjacent segment degeneration,which was significantly lower than that(60.4%)in the anterior cervical decompression and fusion group.Eleven segments in the Bryan arthroplasty group developed heterotopic ossification according to McAfee's classification and two segments had range of motion less than 2°.In the heterotopic ossification group,four(19.5%)segments developed adjacent segment degeneration,similar to the number in the non-heterotopic ossification group(16.7%).Adjacent segment degeneration rate was 50% in gradeⅣ?group but 11.8% in gradeⅡ?to Ⅲ.Conclusions Adjacent segment degeneration was accelerated after anterior cervical decompression and fusion.However,Bryan disc arthroplasty avoided accelerated adjacent segment degeneration by preserving motion.Patients with gradeⅣ?heterotopic ossification lost motion,and the rate of adjacent segment degeneration was higher than that in patients without heterotopic ossification.

  12. The impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident on marine biota: retrospective assessment of the first year and perspectives.

    Vives I Batlle, Jordi; Aono, Tatsuo; Brown, Justin E; Hosseini, Ali; Garnier-Laplace, Jacqueline; Sazykina, Tatiana; Steenhuisen, Frits; Strand, Per


    An international study under the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) was performed to assess radiological impact of the nuclear accident at the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS) on the marine environment. This work constitutes the first international assessment of this type, drawing upon methodologies that incorporate the most up-to-date radioecological models and knowledge. To quantify the radiological impact on marine wildlife, a suite of state-of-the-art approaches to assess exposures to Fukushima derived radionuclides of marine biota, including predictive dynamic transfer modelling, was applied to a comprehensive dataset consisting of over 500 sediment, 6000 seawater and 5000 biota data points representative of the geographically relevant area during the first year after the accident. The dataset covers the period from May 2011 to August 2012. The method used to evaluate the ecological impact consists of comparing dose (rates) to which living species of interest are exposed during a defined period to critical effects values arising from the literature. The assessed doses follow a highly variable pattern and generally do not seem to indicate the potential for effects. A possible exception of a transient nature is the relatively contaminated area in the vicinity of the discharge point, where effects on sensitive endpoints in individual plants and animals might have occurred in the weeks directly following the accident. However, impacts on population integrity would have been unlikely due to the short duration and the limited space area of the initially high exposures. Our understanding of the biological impact of radiation on chronically exposed plants and animals continues to evolve, and still needs to be improved through future studies in the FDNPS marine environment.

  13. Surgical treatment for septic arthritis of the knee joint in elderly patients: a 10-year retrospective clinical study.

    Chen, Chao-Ming; Lin, Hsi-Hsien; Hung, Shih-Chieh; Huang, Tung-Fu; Chen, Wei-Ming; Liu, Chien-Lin; Chen, Tain-Hsiung


    Septic arthritis is the most rapidly destructive joint disease, but its early diagnosis remains challenging; delayed or inadequate treatment, even by expert physicians, can lead to irreversible joint destruction. Between 25% and 50% of patients develop irreversible loss of joint function, which is especially concerning in elderly patients. To understand the factors influencing the outcome of septic arthritis, the authors reviewed patients aged older than 50 years who had undergone debridement surgery for primary septic arthritis at their institution between 1998 and 2008. Ninety-two patients (92 knees) were enrolled in the study; 14 did not meet inclusion criteria and were excluded from the final analysis. Of the 78 included patients, 7 underwent arthrodesis, 22 underwent total knee arthroplasty, 19 were indicated for total knee arthroplasty for severe knee joint osteoarthritis but did not undergo surgery by the end of this study, and the remaining 30 had no or mild symptoms of osteoarthrosis and did not receive any surgical procedure. Staphylococcus aureus was the most common pathogenic agent (38%), followed by mixed bacterial infection (10%). Several factors negatively influenced the final clinical outcome, including delayed treatment, advanced macroscopic staging made during debridement surgery, performing multiple debridement surgeries, and a larger Lysholm score difference pre- and posttreatment. More antibiotics administered, longer duration of antibiotic treatment, and more pathogenic agents present were also significantly correlated with poor outcome. These findings shed new light on the management of septic arthritis. Accurate diagnoses and effective treatments are important for the clinical outcome of knee joint bacterial infection in elderly patients.

  14. Intraoperative application Platelet rich fibrin, postoperative injections OF PRP or microfracture only for osteochondral lesions of the knee: a five-year retrospective evaluation.

    Papalia, R; Diaz Balzani, L; Torre, G; Tirindelli, M C; Nobile, C; Maffulli, N; Denaro, V


    Cartilage lesions are the most common cause of chronic knee pain. Micro-fracturing is reliable, effective, easy to perform and inexpensive. We propose a novel approach to cartilage lesions where microfractures are performed contextually to intra-operative or post-operative administration of platelet concentrates. We retrospectively evaluate 48 patients divided in 3 groups. Group 1: 15 patients underwent microfractures and intraoperative administration of PRF (PRF group); group 2: 16 microfractures and postoperative injections of PRP (PRP group); group 3: 17 patients with isolated microfractures (Microfractures group). Clinical scores (IKDC, VAS pain) were administered at 2 and 5 years postoperative and MRI was performed to evaluate the lesions of patients according to the MOCART criteria (2006). Patients treated with platelet concentrates achieved better clinical results compared to patients treated with microfracture only. The PRF group showed better results than the PRP group at 2 years, with loss of significance at 5 years. At MOCART score, PRF group obtained better results earlier than the other two groups.

  15. Causes and incidence of maxillofacial injuries in India: 12-year retrospective study of 4437 patients in a tertiary hospital in Gujarat.

    Weihsin, Hu; Thadani, Sandeep; Agrawal, Mohit; Tailor, Suket; Sood, Ramita; Langalia, Akshay; Patel, Twinkle


    Maxillofacial injuries are unique because of the anatomical complexity of the area and their associated psychological effects. An understanding of the epidemiology of these injuries is important if we are to develop preventive measures, increase the efficiency and delivery of health services, improve the skills of healthcare providers, and better distribute resources. We retrospectively evaluated data on 4455 patients (aged between 3 and 84 years) who presented with maxillofacial injuries to a tertiary referral hospital in Ahmedabad, India, between 1 January 1999 and 31 January 2010. Of these, 18 needed only rest and medication so 4437 were included. Data included patients'characteristics and the cause of injury. Details on the presentation and severity of injury, associated injuries including head injuries, the influence of alcohol and other drugs, treatment, and outcome, were also included. Around one-third were aged between 21and 30 years, and the male to female ratio was 5:1. The main causes of injury were road traffic accidents (n=2347, 53%) and interpersonal violence (n=1041, 23%). Most road traffic accidents involved two-wheeled vehicles. Alcohol was associated with 11% of injuries. A total of 2546 patients (57%) had mandibular fractures. To reduce the number of injuries we need better road safety laws with stringent enforcement, and the public, particularly those between 15 and 45 years of age, must be educated about road safety.

  16. The comparison of grey-scale ultrasonic and clinical features of hepatoblastoma and hepatocellular carcinoma in children: a retrospective study for ten years

    Luo Yan


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Hepatoblastoma (HBL and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC are respectively the first and the second most common pediatric malignant liver tumors. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the combined use of the ultrasound examination and the assessment of the patients' clinical features for differentiating HBL from HCC in children. Methods Thirty cases of the confirmed HBL and 12 cases of the confirmed HCC in children under the age of 15 years were enrolled into our study. They were divided into the HBL group and the HCC group according to the histological types of the tumors. The ultrasonic features and the clinical manifestations of the two groups were retrospectively analyzed, with an emphasis on the following parameters: onset age, gender (male/female ratio, positive epatitis-B-surface-antigen (HBV, alpha-fetoprotein increase, and echo features including septa, calcification and liquefaction within the tumors. Results Compared with the children with HCC, the children with HBL had a significantly younger onset age (8.2 years vs. 3.9 years, P Conclusion Ultrasonic features combined with clinical manifestations are valuable for differentiating HBL from HCC in children.

  17. Prevalence of dry eye syndrome at patients with diabetus melitus tip 2, one year retrospective study May 2011-June 2012

    Nora Burda; Vilma Mema; Ejup Mahmudi Md; Brikena Selimi; Sulejman Zhugli; Basri Lenajni; Illaz Bunjaku


    Objective: To prescribe and analyze the correlation of Dry Eye and Diabetes Mellitus Tip II, at Polyclinic of Specialties Nr. 2 Ophthalmology service, between May 2011 and June 2012.Methods:A total number of 223 patients diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Tip II underwent ocular examinations. 120 male and 103 female, aged from 24-73 years old. To confirm the presence of diabetes among these patients fasting blood glucose level was performed (normal limit < 110 mg/dL). History of disease, duration of diabetes, age, sex was obtained by reviewing the medical records and direct patient interview. Also the patients complains: tearing photophobia, red eye, itching ,foreign body sensation, blurred vision was recorded. From the study were excluded all conditions which affects the tear film stability and contact lens wearer.Results: 118 patients were diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome of varying degrees. 58 male/61 female. The diagnosis was made by heaving two or more positive tests performed as mentioned above, and referring to patients complains. Fourteen patients represent pinpoint corneal dye with fluorosceini, forty-six patients was positive to cotton swab test diminution of corneal sensitivity, eighty-nine patients was positive to Schirmmer test less than 10 mm, positive TBUT test less than 9 s was found to be the amount of seventy-one patients. Positive tear meniscus at inferior lid margin was found at fifty-six patients. Dry eye is a disorder of tear film because of tear deficiency or excessive tear evaporation which causes damage to the inter palpaberal ocular surface and is associated with symptoms of ocular discomfort. This ocular disorder is very common among general population with 28% of the adults having dry eye syndrome. Early diagnosis and timely treatment, complications as secondary microbial infection and corneal ulceration could be avoided. Conclusions: In our study the Dry Eye Syndrome showed to have a high correlation with Diabetes Mellitus Tip II (about 52

  18. The impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident on marine biota: Retrospective assessment of the first year and perspectives

    Vives i Batlle, Jordi, E-mail: [Biosphere Impact Studies Unit, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK-CEN, Boeretang 200, 2400 Mol (Belgium); Aono, Tatsuo [National Institute of Radiological Sciences, 4-9-1 Anagawa, Inage-ku, Chiba 263-8555 (Japan); Brown, Justin E.; Hosseini, Ali [Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, Grini næringspark 13, 1332 Østerås (Norway); CERAD Centre of Excellence, Grini næringspark 13, 1332 Østerås (Norway); Garnier-Laplace, Jacqueline [Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety, Department for research and expertise in environmental risks, PRP-ENV/SERIS, Cadarache, Building 159, 13115 Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance Cedex (France); Sazykina, Tatiana [State Institution Research and Production Association Typhoon, 4 Pobedy Str., Obninsk, Kaluga Region 249038 (Russian Federation); Steenhuisen, Frits [Arctic Centre, University of Groningen, Groningen (Netherlands); Strand, Per [Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, Grini næringspark 13, 1332 Østerås (Norway); CERAD Centre of Excellence, Grini næringspark 13, 1332 Østerås (Norway)


    An international study under the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) was performed to assess radiological impact of the nuclear accident at the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS) on the marine environment. This work constitutes the first international assessment of this type, drawing upon methodologies that incorporate the most up-to-date radioecological models and knowledge. To quantify the radiological impact on marine wildlife, a suite of state-of-the-art approaches to assess exposures to Fukushima derived radionuclides of marine biota, including predictive dynamic transfer modelling, was applied to a comprehensive dataset consisting of over 500 sediment, 6000 seawater and 5000 biota data points representative of the geographically relevant area during the first year after the accident. The dataset covers the period from May 2011 to August 2012. The method used to evaluate the ecological impact consists of comparing dose (rates) to which living species of interest are exposed during a defined period to critical effects values arising from the literature. The assessed doses follow a highly variable pattern and generally do not seem to indicate the potential for effects. A possible exception of a transient nature is the relatively contaminated area in the vicinity of the discharge point, where effects on sensitive endpoints in individual plants and animals might have occurred in the weeks directly following the accident. However, impacts on population integrity would have been unlikely due to the short duration and the limited space area of the initially high exposures. Our understanding of the biological impact of radiation on chronically exposed plants and animals continues to evolve, and still needs to be improved through future studies in the FDNPS marine environment. - Highlights: • UNSCEAR assessment of the Fukushima accident impact on the marine environment. • The study covers the period from

  19. The clinical characteristics and direct medical cost of influenza in hospitalized children: a five-year retrospective study in Suzhou, China.

    Tao Zhang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: There have been few studies on children hospitalized with influenza published from mainland China. We performed a retrospective review of medical charts to describe the epidemiology, clinical features and direct medical cost of laboratory-proven influenza hospitalized children in Suzhou, China. METHODS: Retrospective study on children with documented influenza infection hospitalized at Suzhou Children Hospital during 2005-2009 was conducted using a structured chart review instrument. RESULTS: A total of 480 children were positive by immuno-fluorescent assay for influenza during 2005-2009. The hospitalizations for influenza occurred in 8-12 months of the year, most commonly in the winter with a second late summer peak (August-September. Influenza A accounted for 86.3%, and of these 286 (59.6% were male, and 87.2% were 60 months old had shorter hospital stay (OR = 0.45; children with oxygen treatment tended to have longer hospital stays than those without oxygen treatment (OR = 2.14. The mean cost of each influenza-related hospitalization was US$ 624 (US$ 1323 for children referred to ICU and US$ 617 for those cared for on the wards. High risk children had higher total cost than low-risk patients. CONCLUSION: Compared to other countries, in Suzhou, children hospitalized with influenza have longer hospital stay and higher percentage of pneumonia. The direct medical cost is high relative to family income. Effective strategies of influenza immunization of young children in China may be beneficial in addressing this disease burden.

  20. Substance Use Disorders in Elderly Admissions to an Academic Psychiatric Inpatient Service over a 10-Year Period

    Dennis Dombrowski


    Full Text Available Objective. There is a paucity of research on substance use disorders (SUDs in the elderly psychiatric population. This study examines SUDs in a geriatric psychiatry inpatient service over a 10-year period. Methods. Data from 1788 elderly psychiatric inpatients from a ten-year period was collected. Variables collected included psychiatric diagnoses, SUD, number of psychiatric admissions, and length of stay. Those with and without a SUD were compared using Chi-Square or Student’s t-test as appropriate using SPSS. Results. 11.7% (N=210 of patients had a SUD, and the most common substance was alcohol at 73.3% (N=154 or 8.6% of all admissions. Other SUDs were sedative-hypnotics (11%, opiate (2.9%, cannabis (1%, tobacco (1.4%, and unspecified SUD (38.6%. SUD patients were significantly younger, divorced, male, and less frequently readmitted and had shorter lengths of stay. The most common comorbid diagnoses were major depression (26.1%, bipolar disorder (10.5%, and dementia (17.1%. Conclusions. Over 10% of psychogeriatric admissions were associated with a SUD, with alcohol being the most common. Considering the difficulties in diagnosing SUD in this population and the retrospective study design, the true prevalence in elderly psychiatric inpatients is likely higher. This study adds to sparse literature on SUD in elderly psychiatric patients.

  1. Substance Use Disorders in Elderly Admissions to an Academic Psychiatric Inpatient Service over a 10-Year Period

    Dombrowski, Dennis; Norrell, Nelly


    Objective. There is a paucity of research on substance use disorders (SUDs) in the elderly psychiatric population. This study examines SUDs in a geriatric psychiatry inpatient service over a 10-year period. Methods. Data from 1788 elderly psychiatric inpatients from a ten-year period was collected. Variables collected included psychiatric diagnoses, SUD, number of psychiatric admissions, and length of stay. Those with and without a SUD were compared using Chi-Square or Student's t-test as appropriate using SPSS. Results. 11.7% (N = 210) of patients had a SUD, and the most common substance was alcohol at 73.3% (N = 154) or 8.6% of all admissions. Other SUDs were sedative-hypnotics (11%), opiate (2.9%), cannabis (1%), tobacco (1.4%), and unspecified SUD (38.6%). SUD patients were significantly younger, divorced, male, and less frequently readmitted and had shorter lengths of stay. The most common comorbid diagnoses were major depression (26.1%), bipolar disorder (10.5%), and dementia (17.1%). Conclusions. Over 10% of psychogeriatric admissions were associated with a SUD, with alcohol being the most common. Considering the difficulties in diagnosing SUD in this population and the retrospective study design, the true prevalence in elderly psychiatric inpatients is likely higher. This study adds to sparse literature on SUD in elderly psychiatric patients. PMID:27840765

  2. Forty years of shunt surgery at Rigshospitalet, Denmark: a retrospective study comparing past and present rates and causes of revision and infection

    Kofoed Månsson, Philip; Johansson, Sofia; Ziebell, Morten; Juhler, Marianne


    Objective The objective of this study is to review our experience of shunt surgery by investigating 40 years of development in terms of rates of revision and infection, shunt survival and risk factors. Design and participants Medical records and operative reports were reviewed retrospectively for all patients who underwent primary shunt surgery at our department in the years 2010 to 2012. All results were compared with a previous study from our department. A mixed population consisting of 434 patients was included. Adults (≥15 years) accounted for 89.9% of all patients and the mean follow-up time was 1.71 years. Results Overall, 42.6% had a revision of which 65.4% fell within 6 months postoperatively. Low age, high-risk diagnoses and less severe brain injury were associated with a higher risk of revision. One and 5-year shunt survival probabilities were 66.2% (61.5–70.9) and 48.0% (41.1–54.9). Within 4 weeks postoperatively, 3.2% had an infection and overall infection rate was 5.5%. Short duration of surgery and the use of antibiotic prophylaxis were associated with a lower risk of infection. The most frequent causes of revision were valve defects (18.4%) and proximal defects or obstructions (15.7%). Compared to the previous study, no convincing improvement was found with regard to the revision rate (42.6% vs 48.3%, p 0.060) or overall infection rate (5.5% vs 7.4%, p 0.261). Conclusions Regardless of changes in patient demographics, techniques and equipment, risk of revision and infection still constitutes a major challenge in shunt surgery. The absence of convincing improvements calls for more studies concerning strategies to reduce complications. PMID:28093434

  3. Integrating e-Learning and Classroom Learning; Four Years of Asynchronous Learning to Improve Academic Competences

    Bart Rienties


    Full Text Available In an ever-changing world, competencies to process information efficiently are essential. However, several researchers indicate that graduates have limited abilities to solve complex problems in reality. In this paper, a possible solution to increase competences in effective searching, analysing and comparing information is provided. In a blended-learning environment, students had to share information before coming to class. The results of an analysis of four consecutive years of computersupported learning in a master-course indicate that students are willing to share information when conditions are favourable. In addition, a specific redesign of the task, control and social dimension let to increased knowledge sharing. Future research is necessary to assess whether this also has increased performance.

  4. erceptions of U.S. Academic Library Services of First-year Graduate Students from Taiwan—A Photo-elicitation Study

    Shao-Chen Lin


    Full Text Available In this study investigating international students’ perceptions of U.S. academic libraries, a qualitative method, photo-elicitation, is for the first time used to study how previous library experiences influence international students’ current perceptions of U.S. academic libraries. This study focuses on four dimensions of library service including access to information, affect of service, library as place, and personal control; these four dimensions are adapted from the LibQUAL+™, a web-based survey tool used among academic libraries for measuring users’ perceptions of library services.Five first-year graduate students from Taiwan were interviewed about how they perceived the library services of Center for Instructional Materials and Computing (CIMC, an academic library serving the students and faculty of School of Education at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The findings of this study confirm the findings of previous studies both on international students’ in U.S. academic libraries and on photo-elicitation studies, and add empirical examples and insights for the claims in the limited body of research on international students in U.S. academic libraries. [Article content in Chinese

  5. Compulsory School In- and Outdoors—Implications for School Children’s Physical Activity and Health during One Academic Year

    Pagels, Peter; Raustorp, Anders; Guban, Peter; Fröberg, Andreas; Boldemann, Cecilia


    Regulated school days entail less free-living physical activity (PA) and outdoor stay, which may jeopardize the opportunities for cohesive moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and, by extension, children’s health. The role of outdoor stay during school time for pupils’ free-living PA vs. physical education (PE) and indoor stay was studied during one academic year in 196 pupils aged 7–14 years at four schools in mid-southern Sweden during five consecutive days each in September, March, and May. Actigraph GT3X+ Activity monitors were used. Predictors for PA during school stay were expressed as mean daily accelerometer counts and were measured per season, day, grade, gender, weather, and time outdoors. Overall, free-living PA outdoors generated the highest mean accelerometer counts for moderate and vigorous PA. Outdoor PA and PE, representing 23.7% of the total school time contributed to 50.4% of total mean accelerometer counts, and were the greatest contributors to moderate and vigorous PA. Age and weather impacted PA, with less PA in inclement weather and among older pupils. More time outdoors, at all seasons, would favorably increase school children’s chances of reaching recommended levels of PA. PMID:27420079

  6. Compulsory School In- and Outdoors-Implications for School Children's Physical Activity and Health during One Academic Year.

    Pagels, Peter; Raustorp, Anders; Guban, Peter; Fröberg, Andreas; Boldemann, Cecilia


    Regulated school days entail less free-living physical activity (PA) and outdoor stay, which may jeopardize the opportunities for cohesive moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and, by extension, children's health. The role of outdoor stay during school time for pupils' free-living PA vs. physical education (PE) and indoor stay was studied during one academic year in 196 pupils aged 7-14 years at four schools in mid-southern Sweden during five consecutive days each in September, March, and May. Actigraph GT3X+ Activity monitors were used. Predictors for PA during school stay were expressed as mean daily accelerometer counts and were measured per season, day, grade, gender, weather, and time outdoors. Overall, free-living PA outdoors generated the highest mean accelerometer counts for moderate and vigorous PA. Outdoor PA and PE, representing 23.7% of the total school time contributed to 50.4% of total mean accelerometer counts, and were the greatest contributors to moderate and vigorous PA. Age and weather impacted PA, with less PA in inclement weather and among older pupils. More time outdoors, at all seasons, would favorably increase school children's chances of reaching recommended levels of PA.

  7. Bidirectional Associations between Peer Victimization and Functions of Aggression in Middle Childhood: Further Evaluation across Informants and Academic Years.

    Cooley, John L; Fite, Paula J; Pederson, Casey A


    The current 3-wave study examined bidirectional associations between peer victimization and functions of aggression across informants over a 1-year period in middle childhood, with attention to potential gender differences. Participants included 198 children (51% girls) in the third and fourth grades and their homeroom teachers. Peer victimization was assessed using both child- and teacher-reports, and teachers provided ratings of reactive and proactive aggression. Cross-classified multilevel cross-lagged models indicated that child-reports, but not teacher-reports, of peer victimization predicted higher levels of reactive aggression within and across academic years. Further, reactive aggression predicted subsequent increases in child- and teacher-reports of peer victimization across each wave of data. Several gender differences, particularly in the crossed paths between proactive aggression and peer victimization, also emerged. Whereas peer victimization was found to partially account for the stability of reactive aggression over time, reactive aggression did not account for the stability of peer victimization. Taken together with previous research, the current findings suggest that child-reports of peer victimization may help identify youth who are risk for exhibiting increased reactive aggression over time. Further, they highlight the need to target reactively aggressive behavior for the prevention of peer victimization in middle childhood.

  8. Sociodemographic factors, religiosity, academic performance, and substance use among first-year university students in South Africa.

    Peltzer, Karl; Malaka, Dorothy W; Phaswana, Nancy


    The purpose of this study was to identify the relationships among sociodemographic variables, family background, religiosity, course of study, academic performance, and substance use. The sample included 799 first-year students in the age range of 16 to 49 years (M age 20.1 yr., SD = 3.2) chosen at random from the University of the North in South Africa. A Model Core Questionnaire from the WHO on Substance use was administered. Analysis indicated that women smoked tobacco or cannabis and drank less than men, while women took more stimulants and other opiate type drugs than men. Low scores on religiosity was a predictor for past-month tobacco use alcohol use, binge drinking, cannabis use, and having a drinking or drug problem now. Being a member of a Protestant denominational church or a Roman Catholic was a predictor for past-month tobacco and alcohol use. A family history of drinking or drug problems and being a social science or humanities student were predictive for a current alcohol or drug problem. Economic status, education of parents. living arrangement. and rural-urban differences were not associated with substance use. Findings have implications for prevention programmes.

  9. A five-year retrospective statistical analysis of maxillofacial injuries in patients admitted and treated at two hospitals of Mysore city

    Chandra Shekar B


    Full Text Available Objectives: This study aims to provide a five-year retrospective statistical analysis of maxillofacial injuries in patients admitted and treated during 1 st January 1998 and 31 st December 2002 in two hospitals of Mysore city; to determine the age and sex distribution, etiology, type of injury, day and time of accident, and the influence of alcohol and other drugs; andto suggest measures to prevent such injuries. Materials and Methods: After obtaining permission from the concerned authorities, a pre-designed questionnaire was used to collect the necessary data from the two hospitals. The data was then computerized and statistical analysis was done using statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS windows version 10. Results: Road traffic accident (RTA was the common cause for maxillofacial injuries. Men sustained more injuries compared to women. The injuries were mostly sustained in the age group of 11-40 years, constituting about 78% of all the injuries. Two wheelers were the most commonly involved compared to other vehicle types. Influence of alcohol at the time of injury was found in about 58% of the patients with maxillofacial injuries. The most number of accidents occurred in the weekends. Mandibular fractures were the most common. Conclusion: RTAs are the most common cause for maxillofacial injuries. If RTAs are considered an epidemic of modern times, then prevention is its vaccine.




    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE To study the maternal mortality due to PPH over last 10 years at a tertiary centre. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective study of all maternal death due to PPH from October 2004 to September 2014 was carried out. RESULT There were a total of 60 maternal deaths which occurred due to PPH. Majority of maternal mortality in women with parity >3 (56.67%. Unbooked cases accounted for 96.67% of maternal deaths. Most of the cases were in age group of 21-30 years. Commonest cause of maternal mortality due to PPH was atonic PPH (50%. CONCLUSION Effective measures should be taken to ensure provision of antenatal care to all pregnant ladies and safe hospital deliveries, prophylactic therapeutic management of anaemia as well as availability of blood bank at the peripheral centres. Training of health personnel at the peripheral level for timely identification and referral of the high risk cases, timely availability of blood products and to ensure that all women have access to the high quality essential and emergency obstetric services along with the provisions of safe abortion, contraceptive services, and family planning counselling to reduce unplanned pregnancy

  11. One-year risk of psychiatric hospitalization and associated treatment costs in bipolar disorder treated with atypical antipsychotics: a retrospective claims database analysis

    Pikalov Andrei


    Full Text Available Abstract Background This study compared 1-year risk of psychiatric hospitalization and treatment costs in commercially insured patients with bipolar disorder, treated with aripiprazole, ziprasidone, olanzapine, quetiapine or risperidone. Methods This was a retrospective propensity score-matched cohort study using the Ingenix Lab/Rx integrated insurance claims dataset. Patients with bipolar disorder and 180 days of pre-index enrollment without antipsychotic exposure who received atypical antipsychotic agents were followed for up to 12 months following the initial antipsychotic prescription. The primary analysis used Cox proportional hazards regression to evaluate time-dependent risk of hospitalization, adjusting for age, sex and pre-index hospitalization. Generalized gamma regression compared post-index costs between treatment groups. Results Compared to aripiprazole, ziprasidone, olanzapine and quetiapine had higher risks for hospitalization (hazard ratio 1.96, 1.55 and 1.56, respectively; p Conclusions In commercially insured adults with bipolar disorder followed for 1 year after initiation of atypical antipsychotics, treatment with aripiprazole was associated with a lower risk of psychiatric hospitalization than ziprasidone, quetiapine, olanzapine and risperidone, although this did not reach significance with the latter. Aripiprazole was also associated with significantly lower total healthcare costs than quetiapine, but not the other comparators.

  12. Implant success rates in full-arch rehabilitations supported by upright and tilted implants: a retrospective investigation with up to five years of follow-up


    Purpose The aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the cumulative success rate, the implant survival rate, and the occurrence of biological complications in implants supporting full-arch immediately loaded rehabilitations supported by upright and tilted implants. Methods The clinical records and periapical radiographs of patients who attended follow-up visits were collected, and information was recorded regarding marginal bone loss resorption, the occurrence of peri-implant infectious diseases, and the implant survival rate. Implants were classified as successful or not successful according to two distinct classifications for implant success. Results A total of 53 maxillary and mandibular restorations including 212 implants were analysed, of which 56 implants were studied over the full five-year follow-up period. After five years, the cumulative success rate was 76.04% according to the Misch classification and 56.34% according to the Albrektsson classification. The cumulative implant survival rate was 100%, although one implant was found to be affected by peri-implantitis at the second follow-up visit. Conclusions The cumulative success rate of the implants dropped over time, corresponding to the progression of marginal bone resorption. The prevalence of peri-implantitis was very low, and the implant survival rate was not found to be related to the cumulative success rate. PMID:26734491

  13. One-Year Outcomes Using Ranibizumab for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Results of a Prospective and Retrospective Observational Multicentre Study

    Lars Hjelmqvist


    Full Text Available The Swedish Lucentis Quality Registry is a 12-month, open-label, observational, prospective, and retrospective study of ranibizumab administration for wet AMD. Visual acuity (VA was measured with Snellen or ETDRS chart in 370 patients (66.8% women; age range 46–93 years. In total, a mean of 4.7±1.6 injections per patient (range 1–10 was given to month 12. Mean VA score was 58.3±12.2 letters before treatment, 63.3±12.5 after 3 injections (Δ4.9±10.1 letters from baseline, and 59.3±16.2 at 12 months (Δ1.0±13.6. VA score from baseline to month 12 was stable in 74.4% of patients, improved by 15 letters/3 lines or more in 14.7%, and decreased by ≥15 letters/3 lines in 10.9% of patients. With a mean of 4.7 ranibizumab injections per patient per year, mean VA was stabilised but not increased. To maintain the initial gain seen after the first three injections, an average of 1.8±1.5 additional injections does not appear to be adequate.

  14. A retrospective analysis of 20-year data of the surgical management of ulcerative colitis patients in Taiwan: a study of Taiwan Society of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Lin, Chun-Chi; Wei, Shu-Chen; Lin, Been-Ren; Tsai, Wen-Sy; Chen, Jinn-Shiun; Hsu, Tzu-Chi; Lin, Wei-Chen; Huang, Tien-Yu; Chao, Te-Hsin; Lin, Hung-Hsin; Wong, Jau-Min


    Background/Aims With the recent progress in medical treatment, surgery still plays a necessary and important role in treating ulcerative colitis (UC) patients. In this study, we analyzed the surgical results and outcomes of UC in Taiwan in the recent 20 years, via a multi-center study through the collaboration of Taiwan Society of IBD. Methods A retrospective analysis of surgery data of UC patients from January 1, 1995, through December 31, 2014, in 6 Taiwan major medical centers was conducted. The patients' demographic data, indications for surgery, and outcome details were recorded and analyzed. Results The data of 87 UC patients who received surgical treatment were recorded. The median post-operative follow-up duration was 51.1 months and ranged from 0.4 to 300 months. The mean age at UC diagnosis was 45.3±16.0 years and that at operation was 48.5±15.2 years. The 3 leading indications for surgical intervention were uncontrolled bleeding (16.1%), perforation (13.8%), and intractability (12.6%). In total, 27.6% of surgeries were performed in an emergency setting. Total or subtotal colectomy with rectal preservation (41.4%) was the most common operation. There were 6 mortalities, all due to sepsis. Emergency operation and low pre-operative albumin level were significantly associated with poor survival (P=0.013 and 0.034, respectively). Conclusions In the past 20 years, there was no significant change in the indications for surgery in UC patients. Emergency surgeries and low pre-operative albumin level were associated with poor survival. Therefore, an optimal timing of elective surgery for people with poorly controlled UC is paramount. PMID:27433147

  15. Documentation for the Academic Library Survey (ALS) Data File: Fiscal Year 2000 (Public Use). NCES 2006-342

    Schmitt, Carl M.


    The purpose of this report is to document the procedures and methodologies employed during the Academic Library Survey of 2000. This report is designed to provide guidance and documentation for users of the public-release and restricted-use data files. Information about the universe of academic libraries and how to access this information is…

  16. Smoking Behavior Based on Stages of Change Model Among Iranian Male Students in 2009-2010 Academic Year

    Gholamreza Sharifirad


    Full Text Available Background: According to the stages of change model, individuals are in the different stages of smoking behavior. The aim of current study was to analyze the smoking behavior based on stages of change model among the students of six Iranian universities during 2009-2010 academic year.Materials and Method: This is a descriptive study using convenient sample method (N=578. Data gathering instrument was the short form questionnaire based on stages of change model. Descriptive and inferential statistics were applied using SPSS software.Results: Subjects ages ranged between 18-49 years, with a mean age of 23.2±2.3. Average age for beginning smoking was 18.4±3.2; the duration of smoking was 4.4±3.3 years and the mean number of cigarette smoking per day was 9.09±7.4. 268 cases (46.4% and 83(14.4% announced half and more than half of their friends are current smoker, respectively. 321 people (55.5% were in precontemplation, 109 people (18.9% in contemplation, 99 people (17.1% in preparation, 27 people (4.7% in action and 22 people (3.8% in maintenance stage. Conclusion: About three quarter of the subjects were in precontemplation and contemplation stage and according to their age situation and known effect of smoking on their health it is necessary to encourage them smoke cessation intervention based on the stages of change model constructs. Meanwhile, 17.8% were in preparation stage and it’s a good opportunity for smoking cessation programs

  17. [A retrospective study on HBsAg clearance rate after antiviral therapy in children with HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B aged 1-7 years].

    Zhu, S S; Dong, Y; Xu, Z Q; Wang, L M; Chen, D W; Gan, Y; Wang, F C; Yan, J G; Cao, L L; Wang, P; Zhang, H F


    Objective: To investigate the HBsAg clearance rate after antiviral therapy in children with HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B (CHB) aged 1-7 years. Methods: A retrospective analysis was performed for the HBsAg clearance rate in 293 children who were hospitalized in 302 Hospital of PLA from June 2006 to December 2013, met the inclusion criteria, received antiviral therapy, and were followed up for at least 6 months after the withdrawal of antiviral therapy. The t-test or the rank sum test was applied according to the distribution of continuous data, and the chi-square test was used for comparison of categorical data. Results: The HBsAg positive rate of children's mothers was 91.1%. In the age groups of >1-≤2 years, >2-≤3 years, >3-≤4 years, >4-≤5 years, >5-≤6 years, and >6-≤7 years, the HBsAg clearance rates were 66.1%, 65.5%, 45.7%, 41.3%, 20.6%, and 27.6%, respectively. There were significant differences in HBsAg clearance rate between the age groups of >1-≤3 years and >3-≤5 years, >1-≤3 years and >5-≤7 years, and >3-≤5 years and >5-≤7 years (P = 0.001, 0.000, and 0.008). Of all children, 64.8% were boys, among whom 41.1% achieved HBsAg clearance, and 35.2% were girls, among whom 61.2% achieved HBsAg clearance; there was a significant difference in HBsAg clearance rate between boys and girls (P = 0.001). The children with pretreatment alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels of ≤80 IU/L, > 80 IU/L, ≤200 IU/L, and > 200 IU/L had HBsAg clearance rates of 40.7%, 51.2%, 47.6%, and 49.4%, respectively; there were no significant differences in HBsAg clearance rate between the ALT ≤80 IU/L and ALT > 80 IU/L groups and the ALT ≤200 IU/L and ALT > 200 IU/L groups (P = 0.101 and 0.778). There was no significant difference in HBsAg clearance rate between the pretreatment HBV DNA load clearance rate of 57.1%, and 85% had genotype C and an HBsAg clearance rate of 39.5%; there was no significant difference in HBsAg clearance rate between the

  18. A Comparison of Academic Administrators and Enrollment Managers' Perceptions of Undergraduate Enrollment Management Functions at a Subset of Four-Year Public Institutions

    Cesarini, Lisa McHugh


    The purpose of this study was to examine perceptions of various enrollment management functions at a subset of four-year public institutions. Specifically, this study compared perceptions of academic administrators with enrollment managers as they related to the availability, need, and effectiveness of certain enrollment management functions. In…

  19. Academic Failure of First-Year Engineering and Technological Students in India and Assessment of Motivation Factors--A Case Study

    Cheruvalath, Reena


    This study has been conducted to show that there is a recent trend in engineering colleges in India that students who are considered to be highly intelligent show poor academic performance during their 1st year. This article is proposed to examine the role of motivation factors such as teaching methods and learning material in the academic…

  20. Exploring the Academic and Social Experiences of Latino Engineering Community College Transfer Students at a 4-Year Institution: A Qualitative Research Study

    Hagler, LaTesha R.

    As the number of historically underrepresented populations transfer from community college to university to pursue baccalaureate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), little research exists about the challenges and successes Latino students experience as they transition from 2-year colleges to 4-year universities. Thus, institutions of higher education have limited insight to inform their policies, practices, and strategic planning in developing effective sources of support, services, and programs for underrepresented students in STEM disciplines. This qualitative research study explored the academic and social experiences of 14 Latino engineering community college transfer students at one university. Specifically, this study examined the lived experiences of minority community college transfer students' transition into and persistence at a 4-year institution. The conceptual framework applied to this study was Schlossberg's Transition Theory, which analyzed the participant's social and academic experiences that led to their successful transition from community college to university. Three themes emerged from the narrative data analysis: (a) Academic Experiences, (b) Social Experiences, and (c) Sources of Support. The findings indicate that engineering community college transfer students experience many challenges in their transition into and persistence at 4-year institutions. Some of the challenges include lack of academic preparedness, environmental challenges, lack of time management skills and faculty serving the role as institutional agents.

  1. Humor and College Adjustment: The Predictive Nature of Humor, Academic Achievement, Authoritative Parenting Styles on the Initial Adjustment of Male and Female First-Year College Students

    Hickman, Gregory P.; Andrews, David W.


    A self-report questionnaire on academic achievement, birth order, and family structure; the Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire; the Parental Authority Questionnaire; and the Coping Humor Scale were administered to 257 first-year college students. Researchers examined the relationships among (a) authoritative parenting style, (b) family…

  2. Cross-Cultural Generalizability of Year in School Effects: Negative Effects of Acceleration and Positive Effects of Retention on Academic Self-Concept

    Marsh, Herbert W.


    Given that the Big-Fish-Little-Pond-Effect, the negative effect of school-average achievement on academic self-concept, is one of the most robust findings in educational psychology (Marsh, Seaton et al., 2007), this research extends the theoretical model, based on social comparison theory, to study relative year in school effects (e.g., being 1…

  3. The Essence of European Citizenship Emerging from the Last Ten Years of Academic Debate : Beyond the Cherry Blossoms and the Moon?

    Kochenov, D.


    This article scrutinizes the last ten years of the academic debate on EU citizenship law taking nine fundamental disagreements among scholars as starting points. It explores EU citizenship's relationship with three groups of issues of fundamental importance, including the place of this concept withi

  4. Follow-Up Survey of Students Who Received a Degree or Certificate from Napa Valley College in the 1984-85 Academic Year.

    Friedlander, Jack

    A survey was conducted of Napa Valley College (NVC) graduates who completed a degree or certificate program in the 1984-85 academic year. Surveys were sent to 320 graduates to determine what percentage achieved their educational goal by the time they left NVC; graduates' satisfaction with their NVC experience; the extent to which they took…

  5. Persistence of Fall 1988 Math 310, Math 12 & Math 13 Students through Transfer Level Math over Four Academic Years (Fall 1988-Spring 1992). Research Report #269.

    Kangas, Jon; Ma, Tony

    A study was conducted at Evergreen Valley College (EVC) and San Jose City College (SJCC) to determine persistence rates over 4 academic years for students with no previous college experience who entered arithmetic (Math 310), beginning algebra (Math 12), and intermediate algebra (Math 13) courses in fall 1988. The study sought to determine…

  6. Persistence of Fall 1988 ENGL 330/335 Students through Transfer Level English (1A) over Four Academic Years (Fall 1988-Spring 1992). Research Report #267.

    Kangas, Jon; Ma, Tony

    In fall 1992, a study was conducted at Evergreen Valley College (EVC) and San Jose City College (SJCC), in California, to measure the persistence rate of fall 1988 developmental English students (ENGL 330 at EVC; ENGL 335 at SJCC) through transfer level English (1A) over 4 academic years. Results of the study included the following: (1) of the 152…

  7. Persistence of Fall 1988 ENGL 321 & ENGL 322 Students through Transfer Level English (1A) over Four Academic Years (Fall 1988-Spring 1992). Research Report #268.

    Kangas, Jon; Ma, Tony

    In fall 1992, a study was conducted at Evergreen Valley College (EVC) and San Jose City College (SJCC), in California, to measure the persistence rate over 4 academic years of students with no previous college experience who entered into a fundamentals of reading course (English 321) and an introduction to college reading course (English 322) in…

  8. Fuel for Success: Academic Momentum as a Mediator between Dual Enrollment and Educational Outcomes of Two-Year Technical College Students

    Wang, Xueli; Chan, Hsun-yu; Phelps, L. Allen; Washbon, Janet I.


    Objective: Despite the fairly substantial body of literature devoted to understanding whether dual enrollment programs are related to academic success in college, less is known regarding how dual enrollment transmits its potentially positive influence, especially among two-year college students. In this study, we fill this gap by delving into the…

  9. Is a black eye a useful sign of facial fractures in patients with minor head injuries? A retrospective analysis in a level I trauma centre over 10 years.

    Büttner, Michael; Schlittler, Fabian Lukas; Michel, Chantal; Exadaktylos, Aris Konstantinos; Iizuka, Tateyuki


    Orbital blunt trauma is common, and the diagnosis of a fracture should be made by computed tomographic (CT) scan. However, this will expose patients to ionising radiation. Our objective was to identify clinical predictors of orbital fracture, in particular the presence of a black eye, to minimise unnecessary exposure to radiation. A 10-year retrospective study was made of the medical records of all patients with minor head trauma who presented with one or two black eyes to our emergency department between May 2000 and April 2010. Each of the patients had a CT scan, was over 16 years old, and had a Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) of 13-15. The primary outcome was whether the black eye was a valuable predictor of a fracture. Accompanying clinical signs were considered as a secondary outcome. A total of 1676 patients (mean (SD) age 51 (22) years) and minor head trauma with either one or two black eyes were included. In 1144 the CT scan showed a fracture of the maxillofacial skeleton, which gave an incidence of 68.3% in whom a black eye was the obvious symptom. Specificity for facial fractures was particularly high for other clinical signs, such as diminished skin sensation (specificity 96.4%), diplopia or occulomotility disorders (89.3%), fracture steps (99.8%), epistaxis (95.5%), subconjunctival haemorrhage (90.4%), and emphysema (99.6%). Sensitivity for the same signs ranged from 10.8% to 22.2%. The most striking fact was that 68.3% of all patients with a black eye had an underlying fracture. We therefore conclude that a CT scan should be recommended for every patient with minor head injury who presents with a black eye.

  10. Hepatocellular carcinoma surgery outcomes in the developing world: A 20-year retrospective cohort study at the National Cancer Institute of Peru

    Eloy Ruiz


    Full Text Available In the developing world, most patients with hepatocellular carcinoma present with advanced-stage disease, considered to be incurable based on current therapeutic algorithms. Here, we demonstrate that curative liver resection is achievable in a portion of Peruvian patients not addressed by these treatment algorithms. We conducted a retrospective cohort study of 253 hepatocellular carcinoma patients that underwent a curative hepatectomy between 1991 and 2011 at the National Cancer Institute of Peru. The median age of the cohort was 36 years, and merely 15.4% of the patients displayed cirrhosis. The average tumor size was over 14 cm in diameter, resulting in 76.3% of major hepatectomies performed. The 5- and 10-year survival probability estimates were 37.5% and 26.2%, respectively. Age (>44 vs. ≤44 years old; P = 0.005, tumor size (>10 cm vs. ≤10 cm in diameter; P = 0.009, cirrhosis (P < 0.001, satellite lesions (P < 0.001, macroscopic vascular invasion (P < 0.001, allogeneic blood transfusion (P = 0.011, and spontaneous rupture of the tumor (P = 0.006 were independent predictive factors for prognosis. Hepatocellular carcinomas in Peru are characterized by a distinct clinical presentation with notable features compared with those typically described throughout relevant literature. Despite a large number of advanced-stage hepatocellular carcinomas, the outcomes of liver resection observed in the present study were in good standing with the results previously described in other series. It thus appears that staging systems and associated therapeutic algorithms designed for use in the developed world remain inadequate in certain populations, especially in the context of Peruvian patients. Our findings suggest that clinicians in the developing world should reconsider management guidelines pertaining to hepatocellular carcinoma. Indeed, we hypothesize that, in developing countries, a strict adherence to these therapeutic algorithms might create a

  11. Five-year retrospective changes in hippocampal atrophy and cognitive screening test performances in very mild Alzheimer's disease: the Tajiri Project

    Yamaguchi, S.; Meguro, K.; Shimada, M.; Ishizaki, J.; Yamadori, A. [Division of Neuropsychology, Department of Disability Medicine, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Sendai (Japan); Sekita, Y. [Tohoku University Graduate School of Economics, Sendai (Japan)


    The medial temporal lobe, especially the hippocampus, is important for normal cognitive function, especially for memory, and is the region with the earliest and most extensive pathological changes in Alzheimer's disease (AD). We investigated the atrophic changes of the hippocampus over a 5-year period and its relation to cognitive screening test performances in normal elderly subjects, those with very mild AD, and patients with AD. Fifty-seven elderly subjects without a moderate or greater degree of cerebrovascular disease as shown by MRI were randomly selected from the town of Tajiri. Thirty-three subjects with a clinical dementia rating (CDR) of 0 (normal), 18 CDR-0.5 (very mild AD) subjects, and six CDR-1 and 2 (AD) subjects underwent MRI and the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) twice during the period. Retrospective changes in the hippocampal width and the MMSE scores were evaluated. There were significant CDR group effects for the changes in the mean bilateral hippocampal widths and the MMSE scores. Normal subjects did not show cognitive decline, although there was a slight tendency for hippocampal atrophy. A significant and meaningful Spearman's correlation was noted between left hippocampal atrophy and the MMSE scores over the 5-year period for the CDR-0.5 group. These CDR-0.5 subjects met the MCI (mild cognitive impairment) criteria as proposed by the consensus paper. Findings suggested that normal elderly subjects maintain a high level of cognitive functions for at least 5 years, although hippocampal atrophy might occur. Atrophic change of the left hippocampus might be a good marker of the very early stage of AD. (orig.)

  12. Study to Evaluate Two Dosage Regimens of Vitamin D Through an Academic Year in Middle School Girls: A Randomized Trial

    Ahmad Shajari


    Full Text Available Vitamin D is an essential hormone for growth and development of bones in children. There is a lot of evidence for deficiency of this vitamin in Middle East females. This study conduct to find a way to combat deficiency in girls during rapid growth phase of puberty in academic year. One hundred and two Middle School girls who had not consumed any vitamins supplement have been participated in this randomized clinical trial. They allocated randomly in two case groups who received 50,000 or 100,000 IU vitamin D3 in October and three months later in January or in control group who received vitamin E. At the end of winter blood samples for 25-hydroxyvitamin D were checked. The mean of 25-hydroxyvitamin D were 5.5±1.5 ng/ml, 15.2±6 ng/ml, 23.0±6.8 ng/ml in control, 50,000 and 100,000 IU vitamin D groups respectively (P0.05. Urine calcium/creatinin ratio was equal in case and control groups (P>0.05. 100,000 IU of vitamin D3 every three months (equal to 800IU/day can raise 25-hydroxyvitamin D above 12 ng/ml in all cases but for area with high prevalence of sever deficiency, dosage more than 100,000 IU every three months or shorter interval recommended to achieve optimal level.

  13. Pattern of skin cancer among Saudi patients attending a tertiary care center in Dhahran, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. A 20-year retrospective study.

    Al-Dawsari, Najla A; Amra, Nasir


    Skin cancer is the ninth most common malignancy in Saudi Arabia. It represented 3.2% of all newly diagnosed cancer cases in the year 2010. The aim of this study was to determine the epidemiology of skin cancer in relation to age, sex, and anatomic location among Saudi patients attending the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare center in Dhahran, Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. We retrospectively reviewed the surgical pathology records of Saudi nationals from 1995 to 2014 at the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare center, which directly provides for the healthcare needs of Saudi Aramco company employees and dependents in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Tumor metastases to skin, skin involvement by primary breast carcinoma, and B-cell leukemia/lymphoma with secondary involvement by skin were excluded. The total number of primary skin tumors was 204. The commonest cutaneous malignancies were basal cell carcinoma (36%) followed by squamous cell carcinoma (23%), with the head and neck being the commonest location for both tumors. Mycosis fungoides (MF) was the third most common malignancy (11%). Malignant melanoma was the fourth commonest skin malignancy (7%) with the lower extremities being the commonest location. The four most common skin cancers in our tertiary center in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia were squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, MF, and malignant melanoma. Other regions of Saudi Arabia report a similar pattern of skin cancers as our center, with MF having a higher frequency at our center.

  14. Time from accident to admission to a burn intensive care unit: how long does it actually take? A 25-year retrospective data analysis from a german burn center.

    Schiefer, J L; Alischahi, A; Perbix, W; Grigutsch, D; Graeff, I; Zinser, M; Demir, E; Fuchs, P C; Schulz, A


    Severe burn injuries often require specialized treatment at a burn center. It is known that prompt admission to an intensive care unit is essential for achieving good outcome. Nevertheless, very little is known about the duration of time before a patient is admitted to a specialized center after a burn injury in Germany, and whether the situation has improved over time. We retrospectively analyzed time from burn injury to admission to the burn intensive care unit in the Cologne-Merheim Medical Center - one of Germany's specialized burn centers - over the last 25 years. Moreover, we analyzed the data based on differences according to time of injury and day of the week, as well as severity of the burn injury. There was no weekend effect with regard to transfer time; instead transfer time was particularly short on a Monday or on Sundays. Furthermore, patients with severe burn injuries of 40-89% total body surface area (TBSA) showed the least differences in transfer time. Interestingly, the youngest and the oldest patients arrived at the burn intensive care unit (BICU) the fastest. This study should help elucidate published knowledge regarding transfer time from the scene of the accident to admission to a BICU in Germany.

  15. Bacteriological profile of community acquired acute bacterial meningitis: A ten-year retrospective study in a tertiary neurocare centre in South India

    Mani R


    Full Text Available Purpose: Ten years retrospective study to evaluate the bacteriological spectrum of community acquired acute bacterial meningitis (CAABM. Methods: Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF samples from 385 clinically suspected cases of pyogenic meningitis were processed for cell counts, cytospin Gram stain, culture, antigen detection by latex agglutination (LAT and antibiotic susceptibility test. Eighteen of these CSF samples were also subjected to a polymerase chain reaction (PCR assay for detection of pneumococcal DNA. Results: The etiological agent could be identified in 284 (73.8% of the total 385 cases by culture and/or smear and /or LAT. Streptococcus pneumoniae was the predominant pathogen accounting for 238 (61.8% cases. Haemophilus influenzae and Neisseria meningitidis accounted for 7 (1.8% and 4 (1% cases respectively. Other gram negative bacilli, Streptococcus spp. and Staphylococcus aureus were isolated from 19 (4.9%, 9 (2.3% and 7 (1.8% cases respectively. Conclusions: Streptococcus pneumoniae remains the major aetiological agent of CAABM both in adults and children in our set-up. No penicillin resistance was detected among the isolates. Further research should focus on preventable aspects of CAABM, especially pneumococcal vaccines, to help reduce the disease burden.

  16. The Cost of Managing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Greece: A Retrospective Analysis of 10-Year Patient Level Data “The HERCULES Study”

    Migdalis, Ilias; Hatzikou, Magdalini; Manes, Christos; Tentolouris, Nikolaos


    Objective. This study aimed to estimate the mean annual cost of treating type 2 diabetes mellitus patients (T2DM) including complications and comorbidities in Greece. Design. A noninterventional retrospective study was based on patient level data analysis (bottom-up approach) from medical records, with at least 10-year-follow-up data. Results. The total annual cost per patient for managing diabetes in Greece was estimated at € 7,111 and was, statistically significantly, higher for patients with inadequate glycemic control (Hba1c > 7%) versus patients with adequate control (Hba1c = 7%) (€ 7,783 versus € 6,366, resp.; P = 0.017). This was mainly attributed to difference in CV hospitalizations between groups 14/111 versus 4/100, respectively, OR = 3.46 (95% CI: 1.10–10.9) for inadequately controlled patients. The largest component of cost was management of comorbidities, accounting for 48% of costs, and pharmaceutical treatment at 35.9% while only 14.9% was attributed to diabetes treatment per se. Obese men and patients with poor education are the groups with higher treatment costs. Conclusions. This is the first study to capture all cost components and the real burden of diabetes in Greece. Comorbidities were found to account for almost half of total cost, significantly higher in nonoptimally controlled diabetes patients. PMID:26089887

  17. The value of an open, early academic development program to students’ transition and first year experience: The UTAS UniStart program

    Andrea Adam


    Full Text Available The University of Tasmania’s (UTAS UniStart program is a pre- and early-semester academic transition support program available to all HECs-eligible incoming students. The aim of the program is to nurture critical thinking and independent study skills in commencing students. UniStart has been offered to commencing UTAS students for over 10 years, with a significant increase both in enrolments and in the flexibility of delivery over recent years. Evaluation of the program indicates that students feel more confident and prepared for their academic studies after undertaking the program and that the majority of students affirm, later in the year, that they have utilised and applied the skills developed in UniStart during their core studies. The program represents an important component of the university’s approach to supporting the first-year experience and student transition.


    Karla SPELTA


    Full Text Available SUMMARY Background: Tuberculosis is a serious health problem in Brazil so that the knowledge on the aspects of cutaneous tuberculosis is medically important. Objective: To assess the characteristics of patients with cutaneous tuberculosis treated at the Cassiano Antonio Moraes University Hospital, located in the city of Vitória, State of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Methods: This is a retrospective, descriptive, observational and cross-sectional study using the medical records of 29 patients with cutaneous tuberculosis treated at the Dermatology and Pulmonology services of the hospital from 1986 to 2011. The inclusion criterion was the confirmation of cutaneous tuberculosis taking into account clinical, epidemiological, immunological, and bacteriological findings, as well as the response to specific treatment. Results: Of the 29 studied patients; 18 (62% were women with average age of 37 years; the predominant clinical condition was erythema induratum of Bazin in 12 (41.4% cases; and the cutaneous lesions were in the lower limbs in 19 (65.8% patients. Extra-cutaneous involvement occurred in eight (27.6% cases. The tuberculin tests were positive in 15 (79% individuals and the assessment of the infectious agent was negative in most of the investigated cases. Conclusion: The study found a low frequency (0.44% of cutaneous tuberculosis in an endemic area of tuberculosis. There was a predominance of infection in women aged thirty to forty years. Erythema induratum was the most common clinical condition, affecting mainly the lower limbs, in contrast to other Brazilian studies that found scrofuloderma as the most common manifestation, predominating in the cervical region of male children and adolescents.

  19. Impact of poor mental health in adult spinal deformity patients with poor physical function: a retrospective analysis with a 2-year follow-up.

    Bakhsheshian, Joshua; Scheer, Justin K; Gum, Jeffrey L; Hostin, Richard; Lafage, Virginie; Bess, Shay; Protopsaltis, Themistocles S; Burton, Douglas C; Keefe, Malla Kate; Hart, Robert A; Mundis, Gregory M; Shaffrey, Christopher I; Schwab, Frank; Smith, Justin S; Ames, Christopher P


    OBJECTIVE Mental disease burden can have a significant impact on levels of disability and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) measures. Therefore, the authors investigated the significance of mental health status in adults with spinal deformity and poor physical function. METHODS A retrospective analysis of a prospective multicenter database of 365 adult spinal deformity (ASD) patients who had undergone surgical treatment was performed. Health-related QOL variables were examined preoperatively and at the 2-year postoperative follow-up. Patients were grouped by their 36-Item Short Form Health Survey mental component summary (MCS) and physical component summary (PCS) scores. Both groups had PCS scores ≤ 25th percentile for matched norms; however, the low mental health (LMH) group consisted of patients with an MCS score ≤ 25th percentile, and the high mental health (HMH) group included patients with an MCS score ≥ 75th percentile. RESULTS Of the 264 patients (72.3%) with a 2-year follow-up, 104 (28.5%) met the inclusion criteria for LMH and 40 patients (11.0%) met those for HMH. The LMH group had a significantly higher overall rate of comorbidities, specifically leg weakness, depression, hypertension, and self-reported neurological and psychiatric disease processes, and were more likely to be unemployed as compared with the HMH group (p 0.05) except for the greater improvements in the MCS and the Scoliosis Research Society-22r questionnaire (SRS-22r) mental domain (p mental domain (p mental and physical health, according to their MCS and PCS scores, have higher medical comorbidity and unemployment rates, they still demonstrate significant improvements in HRQOL measurements postoperatively. Both LMH and HMH patient groups demonstrated similar improvements in most HRQOL domains, except that the LMH patients had difficulties in obtaining improvements in the PCS domain.

  20. Attributable causes of chronic kidney disease in adults: a five-year retrospective study in a tertiary-care hospital in the northeast of the Malaysian Peninsula

    Muhammad Salman

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE: Chronic kidney disease (CKD is an escalating medical and socioeconomic problem worldwide. Information concerning the causes of CKD, which is a prerequisite for reducing the disease burden, is sparse in Malaysia. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the attributable causes of CKD in an adult population at a tertiary referral hospital. DESIGN AND SETTING: Retrospective study at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM. METHODS: This was an analysis based on medical records of adult patients at HUSM. Data regarding demographics, laboratory investigations, attributable causes and CKD stage were gathered. RESULTS: A total of 851 eligible cases were included. The patients' mean age was 61.18 ± 13.37 years. CKD stage V was found in 333 cases (39.1% whereas stages IV, IIIb, IIIa, and II were seen in 240 (28.2%, 186 (21.9%, 74 (8.7% and 18 (2.1%, respectively. The percentage of CKD stage V patients receiving renal replacement therapy was 15.6%. The foremost attributable causes of CKD were diabetic nephropathy (DN (44.9%, hypertension (HPT (24.2% and obstructive uropathy (9.2%. The difference in the prevalence of CKD due to DN, HPT and glomerulonephritis between patients ≤ 50 and > 50 years old was statistically significant. CONCLUSION: Our results suggest that DN and HPT are the major attributable causes of CKD among patients at a Malaysian tertiary-care hospital. Furthermore, the results draw attention to the possibility that greater emphasis on primary prevention of diabetes and hypertension will have a great impact on reduction of hospital admissions due to CKD in Malaysia.

  1. Greater years of maternal schooling and higher scores on academic achievement tests are independently associated with improved management of child diarrhea by rural Guatemalan mothers.

    Webb, Aimee L; Ramakrishnan, Usha; Stein, Aryeh D; Sellen, Daniel W; Merchant, Moeza; Martorell, Reynaldo


    Appropriate home management can alleviate many of the consequences of diarrhea including malnutrition, impaired development, growth faltering, and mortality. Maternal cognitive ability, years of schooling, and acquired academic skills are hypothesized to improve child health by improving maternal child care practices, such as illness management. Using information collected longitudinally in 1996-1999 from 466 rural Guatemalan women with children Raven's Progressive Matrices and an illness management index (IMI). Women scoring in the lowest and middle tertiles of academic skills scored lower on the IMI compared to women in the highest tertile (-0.24 [95% CI: -0.54, 0.07]; -0.30 [95% CI: -0.54, -0.06], respectively) independent of sociodemographic factors, schooling, and Raven's scores. Among mothers with less than 1 year of schooling, scoring in the lowest tertile on the Raven's Progressive Matrices compared to the highest was significantly associated with scoring one point lower on the IMI (-1.18 [95% CI: -2.20, -0.17]). Greater academic skills were independently associated with maternal care during episodes of infant diarrhea. Schooling of young girls and/or community based programs that provide women with academic skills such as literacy, numeracy and knowledge could potentially improve mothers' care giving practices.

  2. Spinal Epidural Abscess in Adults: A 10-Year Clinical Experience at a Tertiary Care Academic Medical Center.

    Artenstein, Andrew W; Friderici, Jennifer; Holers, Adam; Lewis, Deirdre; Fitzgerald, Jan; Visintainer, Paul


    Background.  Delayed recognition of spinal epidural abscess (SEA) contributes to poor outcomes from this highly morbid and potentially lethal infection. We performed a case-control study in a regional, high-volume, tertiary care, academic medical center over the years 2005-2015 to assess the potential changing epidemiology, clinical and laboratory manifestations, and course of this disorder and to identify factors that might lead to early identification of SEA. Methods.  Diagnostic billing codes consistent with SEA were used to identify inpatient admissions for abstraction. Subjects were categorized as cases or controls based on the results of spinal imaging studies. Characteristics were compared using Fisher's exact or Kruskal-Wallis tests. All P values were 2-sided with a critical threshold of <.05. Results.  We identified 162 cases and 88 controls during the study period. The incidence of SEA increased from 2.5 to 8.0 per 10 000 admissions, a 3.3-fold change from 2005 to 2015 (P < .001 for the linear trend). Compared with controls, cases were significantly more likely to have experienced at least 1 previous healthcare visit or received antimicrobials within 30 days of admission; to have comorbidities of injection drug use, alcohol abuse, or obesity; and to manifest fever or rigors. Cases were also more likely to harbor coinfection at a noncontiguous site. When available, inflammatory markers were noted to be markedly elevated in cases. Focal neurologic deficits were seen with similar frequencies in both groups. Conclusions.  Based on our analysis, it appears that selected factors noted at the time of clinical presentation may facilitate early recognition of SEA.

  3. Tuberculosis trends in Saudis and non-Saudis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia--a 10 year retrospective study (2000-2009.

    Mohammad S Abouzeid

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB remains a public health problem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA, which has a very large labour force from high TB endemic countries. Understanding the epidemiological and clinical features of the TB problem, and the TB burden in the immigrant workforce, is necessary for improved planning and implementation of TB services and prevention measures. METHODS: A 10 year retrospective study of all TB cases reported in KSA covering the period 1st January 2000 to 31st December 2009. Data was obtained from TB reporting forms returned to the Ministry of Health. Data were then organised, tabulated and analysed for annual incidence rates by province, nationality, country of origin and gender. RESULTS: There was an annual increase in the number of TB cases registered from 3,284 in 2000 to 3,964 in 2009. Non-Saudis had nearly twice the TB incidence rate compared to Saudis (P = <0.05. All but four provinces (Najran, Riyadh, Makkah, Tabuk showed decreasing TB incidence rates. The highest rates were seen in the 65+ age group. In the 15-24 year age group the incidence rate increased from 15.7/100,000 in 2000 to 20.9/100,00 in 2009 (P = <0.05. The incidence of TB in Saudi males was higher than Saudi females. Conversely, for non-Saudis the TB incidence rates were significantly higher in females compared to males. CONCLUSIONS: Despite significant investments in TB control over 15 years, TB remains an important public health problem in the KSA affecting all age groups, and Saudis and non-Saudis alike. Identification of the major risk factors associated with the persistently high TB rates in workers migrating to KSA is required. Further studies are warranted to delineate whether such patients re-activate latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb infection or acquire new M.tb infection after arrival in KSA. Appropriate interventions are required to reduce TB incidence rates as have been implemented by other countries.

  4. Treatment Outcome of Tuberculosis Patients under Directly Observed Treatment Short Course and Factors Affecting Outcome in Southern Ethiopia: A Five-Year Retrospective Study.

    Gebremedhin Gebrezgabiher

    Full Text Available Tuberculosis (TB is one of the major public health and socio-economic issues in the 21st century globally. Assessment of TB treatment outcomes, and monitoring and evaluation of its risk factors in Directly Observed Treatment Short Course (DOTS are among the major indicators of the performance of a national TB control program. Hence, this institution-based retrospective study was conducted to determine the treatment outcome of TB patients and investigate factors associated with unsuccessful outcome at Dilla University Referral Hospital, southern Ethiopia. Five years (2008 to 2013 TB record of TB clinic of the hospital was reviewed. A total 1537 registered TB patients with complete information were included. Of these, 942 (61.3% were male, 1015 (66% were from rural areas, 544 (35.4% were smear positive pulmonary TB (PTB+, 816 (53.1% were smear negative pulmonary TB (PTB- and 177(11.5% were extra pulmonary TB (EPTB patients. Records of the 1537 TB patients showed that 181 (11.8% were cured, 1129(73.5% completed treatment, 171 (11.1% defaulted, 52 (3.4% died and 4 (0.3% had treatment failure. The overall mean treatment success rate of the TB patients was 85.2%. The treatment success rate of the TB patients increased from 80.5% in September 2008-August 2009 to 84.8% in September 2012-May 2013. Tuberculosis type, age, residence and year of treatment were significantly associated with unsuccessful treatment outcome. The risk of unsuccessful outcome was significantly higher among TB patients from rural areas (AOR = 1.63, 95% CI: 1.21-2.20 compared to their urban counterparts. Unsuccessful treatment outcome was also observed in PTB- patients (AOR = 1.77, 95% CI: 1.26-2.50 and EPTB (AOR = 2.07, 95% CI: 1.28-3.37 compared to the PTB+ patients. In conclusion, it appears that DOTS have improved treatment success in the hospital during five years. Regular follow-up of patients with poor treatment outcome and provision of health information on TB treatment to

  5. Incidence and Pattern of Cranio-Maxillofacial Injuries: A 22 year Retrospective Analysis of Cases Operated at Major Trauma Hospitals/Centres in Pune, India.

    Gadre, Kiran S; Halli, Rajshekhar; Joshi, Samir; Ramanojam, Shandilya; Gadre, Pushkar K; Kunchur, Ranjit; Bhosale, Gururaj; Kaul, Deepak


    This study aims to retrospectively analyze the incidence and pattern of cranio-maxillofacial injuries in the developing world in a hope to emphasize on authorities the need of improvising infrastructural facilities, medical and other. Hospital medical records with available radiographs of 6,872 patients treated for cranio-maxillofacial injuries at major trauma centres in Pune, India over a 22 year period (from July 1989 to June 2010) were reviewed. Relevant data pertaining to patients' age, sex, cause of injury, sites of injury, associated injuries, anaesthesia, various treatment modalities and complications were recorded and analyzed statistically. A total of 6,872 patients sustained maxillofacial injuries of which 5,936 (86.4 %) were caused by road traffic accidents (RTA), followed by fall in 608 cases. Distribution pattern of sex revealed male predominance (M:F-2.5:1) and the third decade age group (2,416) sustained maximum cranio-maxillofacial injuries. Of 12,503 cranio-maxillofacial sites involved, mandible (6,456) predominated, while there was middle third involvement in 5,024 cases. Most of the patients (4,856) were treated with open reduction and internal fixation without maxillo-mandibular fixation and complications were noted in 320 patients. In comparison to similar recent studies reported in the literature, our findings show that RTA remains the most common cause of cranio-maxillofacial injuries with male preponderance. Also RTA remains the major preventable etiological factor of cranio-maxillofacial injuries, which should prompt authorities to take "Herculean effort" to implement rules and educate people.

  6. Analysis of Prevalence and Clinical Features of Ameloblastoma and its Histopathological Subtypes in Southeast Myanmar and Lower Northern Thailand Populations: A 13-Year Retrospective Study


    Introduction Prevalence of ameloblastomas has been established worldwide but collective data of ameloblastoma in Southeast Asian countries has not been well analyzed. Aim Aim of this study was to report analysis and comparison of the prevalence and demographic data of clinical features of ameloblastoma and its histopathological variants in Southeast Myanmar and lower Northern Thailand populations. Materials and Methods A retrospective study on ameloblastoma was performed based on the availability of oral biopsy specimens in Faculty of Dentistry, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand, between January 2002 and August 2015. The collected data were subjected to descriptive statistical analyses with the SPSS version 17.0 statistical software package (SPSS Inc., Chicago, USA). Pearson’s chi square (χ2) test and t-test were employed. The critical level of significance was set at p<0.05. Results Total of 616 cases were reviewed, 30 cases (5%) were diagnosed as ameloblastoma with male:female ratio of 1.14:1. The mean age of the patients was 31.3±15.6 years. The predominance anatomical distribution was observed in the mandible (86.7%). Posterior body-ramus-angle region was the most common site. Almost all cases were asyptomatic and most common clinical manifestation was swelling of affected region. Multilocular radiolucency was observed in 70% of cases, whereas 30% were unilocular. Three subtypes of ameloblastomas were diagnosed: unicystic ameloblastoma (20%), conventional solid/multicystic ameloblastoma (70%), and desmoplastic ameloblastoma (10%). The most common histologic pattern was the plexiform type (57.2%) followed by follicular type (23.8%). Conclusion Prevalence of ameloblastoma in Southeast Myanmar and lower Northern Thailand populations correspond with data from other geographic areas of Thailand and other Asian countries. However, some demographic and histopathological profiles are different, with plexiform ameloblastoma being the most common subtype in

  7. Hypercholesterolemia is associated with the apolipoprotein C-III (APOC3 genotype in children receiving HAART: an eight-year retrospective study.

    Carlos A Rocco

    Full Text Available Polymorphisms in apolipoprotein genes have shown to be predictors of plasma lipid levels in adult cohorts receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART. Our objective was to confirm the association between the APOC3 genotype and plasma lipid levels in an HIV-1-infected pediatric cohort exposed to HAART. A total of 130 HIV-1-infected children/adolescents that attended a reference center in Argentina were selected for an 8-year longitudinal study with retrospective data collection. Longitudinal measurements of plasma triglycerides, total cholesterol, HDL-C and LDL-C were analyzed under linear or generalized linear mixed models. The contribution of the APOC3 genotype at sites -482, -455 and 3238 to plasma lipid levels prediction was tested after adjusting for potential confounders. Four major APOC3 haplotypes were observed for sites -482/-455/3238, with estimated frequencies of 0.60 (C/T/C, 0.14 (T/C/C, 0.11 (C/C/C, and 0.11 (T/C/G. The APOC3 genotype showed a significant effect only for the prediction of total cholesterol levels (p<0.0001. However, the magnitude of the differences observed was dependent on the drug combination (p = 0.0007 and the drug exposure duration at the time of the plasma lipid measurement (p = 0.0002. A lower risk of hypercholesterolemia was predicted for double and triple heterozygous individuals, mainly at the first few months after the initiation of Ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitor-based regimens. We report for the first time a significant contribution of the genotype to total cholesterol levels in a pediatric cohort under HAART. The genetic determination of APOC3 might have an impact on a large portion of HIV-1-infected children at the time of choosing the treatment regimens or on the counter-measures against the adverse effects of drugs.

  8. Survival status and predictors of mortality among severely acute malnourished children <5 years of age admitted to stabilization centers in Gedeo Zone: a retrospective cohort study

    Girum T


    Full Text Available Tadele Girum,1 Mesfin Kote,2 Befikadu Tariku,2 Henok Bekele3 1Department of Public Health, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Wolkite University, Wolkite, 2Department of Public Health, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Arba Minch University, Arba Minch, 3Department of Planning, Adare Hospital, Southern Region Health Bureau, Hawassa, Ethiopia Abstract: Despite the existence of standard protocol, many stabilization centers (SCs continue to experience high mortality of children receiving treatment for severe acute malnutrition. Assessing treatment outcomes and identifying predictors may help to overcome this problem. Therefore, a 30-month retrospective cohort study was conducted among 545 randomly selected medical records of children <5 years of age admitted to SCs in Gedeo Zone. Data was entered by Epi Info version 7 and analyzed by STATA version 11. Cox proportional hazards model was built by forward stepwise procedure and compared by the likelihood ratio test and Harrell’s concordance, and fitness was checked by Cox–Snell residual plot. During follow-up, 51 (9.3% children had died, and 414 (76% and 26 (4.8% children had recovered and defaulted (missed follow-up for 2 consecutive days, respectively. The survival rates at the end of the first, second and third weeks were 95.3%, 90% and 85%, respectively, and the overall mean survival time was 79.6 days. Age <24 months (adjusted hazard ratio [AHR] =2.841, 95% confidence interval [CI] =1.101–7.329, altered pulse rate (AHR =3.926, 95% CI =1.579–9.763, altered temperature (AHR =7.173, 95% CI =3.05–16.867, shock (AHR =3.805, 95% CI =1.829–7.919, anemia (AHR =2.618, 95% CI =1.148–5.97, nasogastric tube feeding (AHR =3.181, 95% CI =1.18–8.575, hypoglycemia (AHR =2.74, 95% CI =1.279–5.87 and treatment at hospital stabilization center (AHR =4.772, 95% CI =1.638–13.9 were independent predictors of mortality. The treatment outcomes and incidence of death

  9. A nation-wide multicenter 10-year (1999-2008 retrospective clinical study of endocrine therapy for Chinese females with breast cancer.

    Can Zhou

    Full Text Available Endocrine therapy (ET is one of the main systemic treatments for patients with breast cancer. To our knowledge, few studies have addressed the performance of ET or relevant influencing factors in cancer treatment in China. By retrospectively analyzing the clinicopathological data on breast cancer collected from representative hospitals of 7 traditional areas in China in one random month from each year between year 1999 and 2008, we found that: 1 The rate of the use of hormone receptor (HR testing was 83.8% (3529/4211, with the estrogen receptor-positive (ER+ rate and/or the progesterone receptor-positive (PR+ rate being 67.9% (2395/3529, and the ER-PR rate being 32.1% (1134/3529. 2 Of the 1599 patients who had received ET, 999 patients (58.3% were premenopausal while 600 (41.7% were postmenopausal; 1598 patients received adjuvant hormonal therapy (AHT, whereas only 1 patient received palliative therapy. The medications mainly administered to patients were anti-estrogen agents (80.3% [1283/1598], followed by AIs (15.5% [248/1598]. Of the 1598 patients receiving AHT, 1416 patients (88.6% were positive for ER and/or PR, while 75 (4.7% were negative for both and 108 patients (6.7% had unknown HR status. The ratio of the use of endocrine therapy for breast cancer patients with ER+ and/or PR+ status was 60.0% (1416/2395. 3 Results from the logistic regression analysis revealed that geography, occupations, and history of chemotherapy and surgery were dependent factors affecting the application of ET in breast cancer treatment in China (P<0.001. In conclusion, the use of ET on Chinese women with breast cancer is increasingly and gradually accounted into the standardized process. Economic status, occupations, and history of chemotherapy and surgery were key factors affecting the application of ET. People residing in developed areas, engaging in mental labour, having history of chemotherapy and surgery are susceptible to accept ET.

  10. The impact of social media on the academic performance of second year medical students at College of Medicine, University of Babylon, Iraq

    Ahmed Tawfeeq Alahmar


    Full Text Available Social media applications and their use among students have witnessed dramatic increase in the last decade and data on their effect on students academic performance are inconsistent. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of social media on the academic performance and grades of second year medical students at the College of Medicine, University of Babylon, Iraq. Second year medical students (n=57 completed online questionnaire about the type of social media they use frequently, time spent on these media in hours per day, the reasons for use of these media and the effect of social media on their grades. Students were also asked to provide the cumulative grades of physiology and anatomy courses. Time spent by students on social media and facebook messenger was correlated with combined grades of physiology and anatomy courses. All students have been using facebook and 96.5% have been using facebook messenger. Other popular applications were telegram, instagram and Average time spent on social media was 5.07+/- 2.93 and on facebook messenger was 1.80 +/-1.45 hours per day. Forty-two percent of students reported that social media have positive effect on their academic performance. No correlation has been found between time spent on social media or facebook messenger and students combined grades of physiology and anatomy. To conclude, social media and in particular facebook and facebook messenger are very popular among second year medical students. Time spent on social media seems to have no influence on second year medical students grades and academic performance. [J Med Allied Sci 2016; 6(2.000: 77-83

  11. Reciprocal effects between academic self-concept, self-esteem, achievement, and attainment over seven adolescent years: unidimensional and multidimensional perspectives of self-concept.

    Marsh, Herbert W; O'Mara, Alison


    In their influential review, Baumeister, Campbell, Krueger, and Vohs (2003) concluded that self-esteem--the global component of self-concept--has no effect on subsequent academic performance. In contrast, Marsh and Craven's (2006) review of reciprocal effects models from an explicitly multidimensional perspective demonstrated that academic self-concept and achievement are both a cause and an effect of each other. Ironically, both reviews cited classic Youth in Transition studies in support of their respective claims. In definitive tests of these counter claims, the authors reanalyze these data-including self-esteem (emphasized by Baumeister et al.), academic self-concept (emphasized by Marsh & Craven), and postsecondary educational attainment-using stronger statistical methods based on five waves of data (grade 10 through 5 years after graduation; N=2,213). Integrating apparently discrepant findings under a common theoretical framework based on a multidimensional perspective, academic self-concept had consistent reciprocal effects with both achievement and educational attainment, whereas self-esteem had almost none.

  12. Artrodese do quadril: estudo retrospectivo com mais de 20 anos de seguimento Hip arthrodesis: a minimum 20 year follow-up retrospective study

    José Ricardo Negreiros Vicente


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar os resultados a longo prazo de setenta pacientes submetidos à artrodese do quadril pela técnica original descrita por Davis. MÉTODOS: Realizamos um estudo clínico retrospectivo com 70 pacientes, operados entre 1982 e 1995. A presença de sintomas sobre a coluna lombar, joelho ipsilateral e quadril contralateral foi aferida assim como o sucesso da consolidação da artrodese, o posicionamento da mesma e a eventual indicação para conversão à artroplastia total do quadril. RESULTADOS: O tempo médio de seguimento foi 21,6 anos. Uma consolidação satisfatória foi constatada em 48 pacientes (85,7%. A dor lombar foi presente em 11 pacientes (19,6% e osteoartrite dolorosa do joelho em quatro pacientes (7,1%. Discussão: Dois trabalhos com seguimento superior ao nosso estudo ( 35 e 38 anos apresentaram repercussões sobre a coluna lombar mais prevalentes (57% e 62%, assim como dor no joelho homolateral (45% e 57% e indicação para conversão em artroplastia total do quadril (17% e 28%. CONCLUSÃO: Concluímos que a artrodese do quadril pela técnica de Davis apresenta resultados satisfatórios até o vigésimo ano, porém a presença de dor lombar é mais frequente com o passar dos anos e a dor no joelho homolateral sugere associação com a posição inicial em abdução do quadril artrodesado. Nivel de Evidência III, estudo clinico.OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the long-term results of seventy patients who underwent hip arthrodesis using the original technique described by Davis. METHODS: We carried out a retrospective study involving seventy patients submitted to hip arthrodesis between 1982 and 1995. The presence of symptoms involving the lumbar spine, ipsilateral knee, and contralateral hip was noted, as well as the success of the arthrodesis fusion, its positioning, and the need for conversion surgery to total hip replacement. RESULTS: The mean follow-up time was 21.6 years. A satisfactory hip fusion was found in 48 patients

  13. Bridging the Gap 10 Years Later: A Tool and Technique to Analyze and Evaluate Advanced Academic Curricular Units

    Beasley, Jennifer G.; Briggs, Christine; Pennington, Leighann


    The need for a shared vision concerning exemplary curricula for academically advanced learners must be a priority in the field of education. With the advent of the Common Core State Standards adoption in many states, a new conversation has been ignited over meeting the needs of students with gifts and talents for whom the "standard"…

  14. Improving Balance in Regression Discontinuity Design by Matching: Estimating the Effect of Academic Probation after the First Year of College

    Chi, Olivia L.; Dow, Aaron W.


    This study focuses on how matching, a method of preprocessing data prior to estimation and analysis, can be used to reduce imbalance between treatment and control group in regression discontinuity design. To examine the effects of academic probation on student outcomes, researchers replicate and expand upon research conducted by Lindo, Sanders,…

  15. The Influence of Perceived Parental Expectations and Pressures on Women's Academic Achievement during the First Year of College

    Furry, Allyson N.; Sy, Susan R.


    Previous research has examined the relationship between parental expectations and student academic performance. However, less attention has been given to the role of different parental pressures in students' achievement during their first semester of college. The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of perceived parental expectations…

  16. 32 CFR 242.8 - Academic, intellectual, and personal requirements for admission to the first-year class.


    ... academic requirements that are requisite for admission. These are as follows: (i) College preparation. All... matriculation. (ii) Prerequisite course work. Area of specialization in college is not a limiting factor in... a requirement for all entering students. The minimum undergraduate science prerequisites...

  17. The Influence of the College Environment and Student Involvement on First-Year Academic Self-Concept

    Stocksdale, Brent


    Enhancing the self-beliefs of college students--in particular, academic self-concept--has been suggested as one way to enhance college student success. However, the literature on the influence of college often does not clearly identify nor effectively assess the type of self-belief being investigated, and little remains known as to how and when…

  18. Documentation for the Academic Library Survey (ALS) Data File: Fiscal Year 2004 (Public Use). NCES 2007-343

    Schmitt, Carl M.; O'Shae, Patricia; Vaden, Kaleen


    This manual describes the methods, procedures, techniques, and activities that were used to produce the Academic Library Survey of 2004 (ALS:2004). This manual is designed to provide guidance and documentation for users of the ALS data. Included in the manual are the following: (1) an overview of the study and its predecessor studies; (2) an…

  19. Faculty Composition in Four-Year Institutions: The Role of Pressures, Values, and Organizational Processes in Academic Decision-Making

    Kezar, Adrianna; Gehrke, Sean


    This study broadens our understanding of conditions that shape faculty composition in higher education. We surveyed academic deans to evaluate their views on the professoriate, values, pressures, and practices pertaining to the use of non-tenure-track faculty (NTTF). We utilized [ordinary-least-squares] OLS regression to test a model for…

  20. Observed lesson structure during the first year of secondary education : Exploration of change and link with academic engagement

    Maulana, Ridwan; Opdenakker, Marie-Christine; Stroet, Kim; Bosker, Roel


    This study investigates whether lesson structure (LS) matters and which components are important for academic engagement during the first grade of secondary education. Data from videoed lessons of 10 Dutch and 12 Indonesian teachers analyzed using an observation protocol show that six LS components

  1. Paul Goodman, 30 Years Later: "Growing Up Absurd"; "Compulsory Mis-Education, and The Community of Scholars"; and "The New Reformation"--A Retrospective

    Kaminsky, James S.


    This article is a retrospective account of the legacy of Paul Goodman's major educational works: "Growing Up Absurd"; "Compulsory Mis-education, and The Community of Scholars"; and "The New Reformation." It is argued here that what remains of interest in Goodman's work is to be found in the tropes and the anarchic Zeitgeist of his work. The legacy…

  2. Factors Associated with Advanced Inferior Vena Cava Filter Removals: A Single-Center Retrospective Study of 203 Patients Over 7 Years

    Dowell, Joshua D., E-mail:; Wagner, Daniel, E-mail:; Elliott, Eric, E-mail: [The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Department of Radiology, Division of Interventional Radiology (United States); Yildiz, Vedat O., E-mail:; Pan, Xueliang, E-mail: [The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Center for Biostatistics (United States)


    PurposeTo identify factors associated with advanced inferior vena cava filter (IVCF) retrieval to raise awareness on technical considerations, retrieval efficiency, and patient safety.Materials and MethodsA single-center retrospective review was performed of 203 consecutive retrievable IVC filters placed between 2007 and 2014. Attempted retrievals were classified as advanced if the routine “snare and sheath” technique was initially unsuccessful after multiple attempts, or an alternate endovascular maneuver or access site was utilized. Patient and filter characteristics were recorded.Results203 attempted retrievals were reviewed (48.7 % male, 51.2 % female, mean age 52.7 years, mean dwell time 109 days). Advanced retrievals were observed in 20 patients (9.8 %) (15 females, 5 males). Fluoroscopy time (p ≤ 0.01, 34.3 ± 21.1 and 5.3 ± 4.5 min for advanced retrievals and routine retrievals respectively, same below), gender (p = 0.031), and retrieval tilt angle (p ≤ 0.01, 5.7 ± 5.10° vs. 11.9 ± 11.03°) were associated with advanced retrievals. Females were 3.16 times more likely to have an advanced retrieval performed than males with a significantly higher tilt angle in those with advanced retrieval. History of cancer (p = 0.502), dwell time (p = 0.916), retrieval caval diameter (p = 0.053), placement caval diameter (p = 0.365), filter type (p = 0.710), strut perforation (p = 0.506), placement tilt angle (p = 0.311), and age (p = 0.558) were not found significantly associated with advanced retrievals.ConclusionsWomen are at increased risk for advanced filter retrieval secondary to a significant change in filter tilt over time compared to men, independent of filter type or competing demographic or filter risks, likely placing them at increased risk for higher procedural fluoroscopy times.

  3. Predictors of Standard Follow-Up Completion after Sexual Exposure to HIV: Five-Year Retrospective Analysis in a French HIV-Infection Care Center.

    Pierre Gantner

    Full Text Available The care of exposed individuals to HIV remains a challenge regarding follow-up completion and HIV-testing of the partner. Identifying patients with risk of not fulfilling HIV-testing follow-up completion (FC, among patients demanding non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis (nPEP, may improve clinical practice.A retrospective chart review was conducted in a single French HIV-infection care center. FC predictors were assessed in a multivariate logistic regression model (Likelihood ratios test.Between 2009 and 2013, 646 sexual exposures to HIV were evaluated for nPEP, of which 507 effectively received nPEP (78%. FC rate was 30% (194/646. In the multivariate analysis, FC rates rose with age of exposed individuals (OR, 1.04 [0.25-4.28]; p<0.001 and decreased with the year of sexual exposure (OR, 0.74 [0.65-0.85]; p<0.001. FC was associated with sexual encounter with a sex worker (OR, 4.07 [0.98-16.82]; p<0.001 and nPEP use (OR, 2.69 [2.37-3.06]; p<0.001. nPEP early discontinuation was associated with decreased FC rates (OR, 0.18 [0.08-0.39]; p<0.001. No documented nPEP failure was identified. However, five Men who have Sex with Men (MSM nPEP recipients for unprotected anal receptive intercourse subsequently seroconverted to HIV more than 6 months after nPEP. Seroconversion to HIV was associated with the lack of FC (p = 0.04 and multiple presentations for nPEP over the study period (p = 0.002.We identified significant predictors of not fulfilling sequential HIV-testing. They appear to be linked with a self-perceived HIV risk, especially in young adults recently exposed. Enhanced counseling in targeted individuals with high risk behaviors and using smartphone and internet-based strategies may be interesting retention in care options.

  4. A 100-Year Retrospective Landscape-Level Carbon Budget for the Sooke Lake Watershed, British Columbia: Constraining Estimates of Terrestrial to Aquatic DOC Transfers.

    Trofymow, J. A.; Smiley, B. P. K.


    To address how natural disturbance, forest harvest, and deforestation from reservoir creation affect landscape-level carbon (C) budgets, a retrospective C budget for the 8500 ha Sooke watershed from 1911 - 2012 was developed using historic spatial inventory and disturbance data. Data was input to a spatially-explicit version of the Carbon Budget Model-Canadian Forest Sector (CBM-CFS3), an inventory-based C budget model used to simulate forest C dynamics at multiple scales. In 1911 the watershed was dominated by mature/old Douglas-fir forests with aboveground biomass C (ABC) of 262 Mg C/ha and net ecosystem production (NEP) of 0.63 Mg C/ha/yr. Land was cleared around Sooke Lake, a dam built and lake expanded from 370 to 450 ha in 1915, 610 ha in 1970, 670 ha in 1980 and 810 ha in 2002. Along with deforestation, fires and localized harvest occurred from 1920 - 1940, reducing ABC to 189 Mg C/ha, with NEP varying from -1.63 to 0.13 Mg C/ha/yr. Distributed harvest occurred 1954 - 1998, with a minimum ABC of 148 Mg C/ha in 1991. By 2012 ABC (177 Mg C/ha) and NEP (2.29 Mg C/ha/yr) had increased. Over 100 years, 2430 ha forest was cut and replanted and 640 ha deforested. CBM-CFS3 includes transfers of dissolved organic C (DOC) to aquatic systems, however data has not been available to parameterize DOC flux. DOC fluxes are modelled as a fraction of decay loss from humified soil C with a default of 100% of losses to CO2 and 0% to DOC. Stream flow and [DOC] data from 1996 - 2012 for 3 watershed catchments, Rithet, Judge and Council were used to estimate annual DOC fluxes. Rithet, Judge and Council differed both in area % disturbed (logging or fire) over 100 years (39%, 93%, 91%) and in area % mature/old forest (>80yrs in 2012) (67%, 56%, 21%). DOC flux for Rithet and Judge ranged from 0.037 - 0.057 Mg C/ha/yr, Council averaged 0.017 Mg C/ha/yr. Low DOC fluxes were likely due to influences of a small lake in the catchment. Constraining CBM-CFS3 to observed DOC fluxes, required

  5. One year outcomes of a mentoring scheme for female academics: a pilot study at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

    Fear Nicola T


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The professional development of under-represented faculty may be enhanced by mentorship, but we understand very little about the mechanisms by which mentoring brings about change. Our study posed the research question, what are the mechanisms by which mentoring may support professional development in under-represented groups? The study aims to: (i to pilot a mentoring scheme for female academics; (ii to compare various health-related and attitudinal measures in mentees at baseline, 6 months, and 1 year into the mentoring relationship and, (iii to compare pre-mentoring expectations to outcomes at 6 months and 1 year follow-up for mentees and mentors. Methods Female academic mentees were matched 1:1 or 2:1 with more senior academic mentors. Online surveys were conducted to compare health-related and attitudinal measures and expectations of mentoring at baseline with outcomes at 6 months and 1 year using paired t-tests and McNemar's test for matched cohort data. Results N = 46 mentoring pairs, 44 (96% mentees completed the pre-mentoring survey, 37 (80% at 6 months and 30 (65% at 1 year. Job-related well-being (anxiety-contentment, self-esteem and self-efficacy all improved significantly and work-family conflict diminished at 1 year. Highest expectations were career progression (39; 89%, increased confidence (38; 87%, development of networking skills (33; 75%, better time-management (29; 66% and better work-life balance (28; 64%. For mentees, expectations at baseline were higher than perceived achievements at 6 months or 1 year follow-up. For mentors (N = 39, 36 (92% completed the pre-mentoring survey, 32 (82% at 6 months and 28 (72% at 1 year. Mentors' highest expectations were of satisfaction in seeing people progress (26; 69%, seeing junior staff develop and grow (19; 53%, helping solve problems (18; 50%, helping women advance their careers (18; 50% and helping remove career obstacles (13; 36%. Overall, gains at 6 months and 1

  6. Association between academic and non-academic variables and academic success of diploma nursing students in Pakistan.

    Ali, Parveen Azam; Naylor, Paul B


    This paper reports findings of an exploratory study conducted to determine an association between academic and non-academic factors and academic success of nursing diploma students in a province of Pakistan. Data were collected from the academic records of a cohort of 628 students. Multiple linear regression was used to identify the predictive association between certain academic and non-academic factors and academic success of the students. Regression models for each of three years were developed. Results indicated academic factors including preadmission qualifications, previous academic performance, academic performance in year one, academic performance in year two and type of school are significantly associated with the academic success of the students. Among non-academic factors, gender and place of domicile were found to be significantly associated with the academic success of the students.




    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: Mother to child transmission of HIV is a major route of HIV infection in children. The objective of this study is to analyze the response to implementation of PPTCT programme, the response of the spouses of the seropositive antenatal women to undergo HIV testing, mode of delivery and breast feeding practices adopted by the ser o positive postnatal women and the status of infants after delivery at 18 months. METHODS : This retrospective study was done in the Department Of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Guntur Medical College, Guntur, A.P, India and data collected from April 2009 to march 2014, a period of 5 years was studied. PPTCT centre was established in our institution in 2003. The practice in our institution is that all pregnant women attending the Antenatal clinic or Labour Room are counseled for HIV testing, and tested as per NACO guidelines. Babies born to HIV s e ropositive women are followed up to 18 months for confirmatory testing. RESULTS : The number of antenatal women counseled who opted for HIV testing were 99.4% and women who tested seropositive was 1.6 %, 1.3%, 0.9%, 0.84%, 0.6% for the years 2009 - 10, 10 - 11, 11 - 12, 12 - 13, 13 - 14 respectively showing a declining trend in the prevalence of HIV in antenatal women. 94.6% of women attended the post - test counseling . Spouses of ser o positive antenatal women who opted for testing was 52.5% and seropositivity in the spouses tested was 65.87% during the study period. Of the 767 seropositive women who delivered, 542(70.66% had vaginal delivery 225(29.33% had LSCS for obstetric indication. Of the 767 seropositive women who delivered 719(93.7% had live births, 28(3.65% had intrauterine fetal demise and 20(2.6% newborns died in the perinatal period. The number of seropositive women opting for exclusive replacement feeding was 54.4% during the study period April 2009 to March 2014. Confirmatory test for infants was done at 18 months and of the 136 infants tested, 14 were

  8. Book review: 'Four Decades of Marine Geosciences in India - A Retrospect, National Seminar organised in connection with 150 th year celebration of Geological Survey of India. Mangalore 14-16, March 2001'

    Rao, V.P.

    , Geological Survey of India, 27 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata - 700 016. 325p, Price INR: 575/-, US$: 32/-, UK?: 20/- Marine Geology is a relatively young branch of Geology. It was initiated in India at the Andhra University, Waltair in the late 40's... REVIEW PROCEEDINGS VOLUME OF THE NATIONAL SEMINAR FOUR DECADES OF MARINE GEOSCIENCES IN INDIA - A RETROSPECT', commemorating 150th year celebration of Geological Survey of India (GSI), Special Publication No.74, Published by the Director General...

  9. Changes in teachers' involvement versus rejection and links with academic motivation during the first year of secondary education: a multilevel growth curve analysis.

    Maulana, Ridwan; Opdenakker, Marie-Christine; Stroet, Kim; Bosker, Roel


    Research consistently shows that the learning environment plays an important role for early adolescents' learning and outcomes and suggests that good teacher-student relationships can serve as a protective factor for maintaining young adolescents' interest and active engagement in learning. However, less is known about the dynamic nature of teacher-student relationships and how they link with academic motivation development. Furthermore, little is known about the nature and the effects of teacher-student relationships in a cross-national context. The present study investigated changes in two components of teacher-student relationships (teachers' involvement vs. rejection) and examined links with students' academic motivation during the first grade of secondary school. Ten Dutch and ten Indonesian teachers (65 % female) from 24 classes were videoed 12 times across the school year, and four videos for each class were selected randomly and coded on teachers' involvement versus rejection. A total of 713 students (52 % girls) completed four-wave measures of their academic motivation after each video observation. Multilevel growth curve modeling revealed that the teacher's involvement changed in a curvilinear way and decreased across the first year of secondary education, while changes in the teacher's rejection did not follow a linear time function. Academic motivation changed in an undesirable way: controlled motivation increased, while autonomous motivation decreased over time. Teachers' involvement had a unique contribution in preventing high levels of controlled motivation in both countries. Findings suggest that teacher-student relationships (teachers' involvement) play an essential role in early adolescents' motivation regardless of the nations and should be a priority for schools.

  10. Characteristics of patients who are admitted with or acquire Pressure Ulcers in a District General Hospital; a 3 year retrospective analysis

    Worsley, Peter R.; Smith, Glenn; Schoonhoven, Lisette; Bader, Dan L.


    Abstract Aim The study aimed to characterize demographic and clinical practice factors associated with community (CAPU) and hospital acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU). Design A comparative retrospective evaluation of pressure ulcer data, collected from a district general hospital. Methods Demographic and pressure ulcer related data were collected from patients at risk of developing a pressure ulcer, collated by a single observer using a standardized tool. Comparisons were made within and betwee...

  11. Academic Performance on First-Year Medical School Exams: How Well Does It Predict Later Performance on Knowledge-Based and Clinical Assessments?

    Krupat, Edward; Pelletier, Stephen R; Dienstag, Jules L


    Number of appearances in the bottom quartile of 1st-year medical school exams were used to represent the extent to which students were having academic difficulties. Medical educators have long expressed a desire to have indicators of medical student performance that have strong predictive validity. Predictors traditionally used fell into 4 general categories: demographic (e.g., gender), other background factors (e.g., college major), performance/aptitude (e.g., medical college admission test scores), and noncognitive factors (e.g., curiosity). These factors, however, have an inconsistent record of predicting student performance. In comparison to traditional predictive factors, we sought to determine the extent to which academic performance in the 1st-year of medical school, as measured by examination performance in the bottom quartile of the class in 7 required courses, predicted later performance on a variety of assessments, both knowledge based (e.g., United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1 and Step IICK) and clinical skills based (e.g., clerkship grades and objective structured clinical exam performance). Of all predictors measured, number of appearances in the bottom quartile in Year 1 was the most strongly related to performance in knowledge-based assessments, as well as clinically related outcomes, and, for each outcome, bottom-quartile performance accounted for additional variance beyond that of the traditional predictors. Low academic performance in the 1st year of medical school is a meaningful risk factor with both predictive validity and predictive utility for low performance later in medical school. The question remains as to how we can incorporate this indicator into a system of formative assessment that effectively addresses the challenges of medical students once they have been identified.

  12. Facial fractures: a 1-year retrospective study in a hospital in Belo Horizonte Fraturas de face: um estudo retrospectivo de 1 ano em um hospital de Belo Horizonte

    Bruno Ramos Chrcanovic


    Full Text Available A retrospective study was performed to assess facial fractures in patients treated at a public hospital in Belo Horizonte, in 2000. The data collected included age, gender, etiology, distribution of maxillofacial trauma considering day of the week and month, anatomic site of the fracture, and treatment. The analyses involved descriptive statistics and chi-squared test, Bonferroni test and analysis of variance. A total of 1,326 facial fractures were found in 911 patients. Most fractures occurred in adults with age ranging from 21 to 30 years. Men were more affected than women, with a male-female ratio of 4.69:1. Accidents causing facial fractures occurred predominantly on weekends. Bicycle and motorcycle accidents were the major cause of trauma, followed by interpersonal violence, automobile accidents, and falls. When the relation between the gender and the etiology of facial fractures was analyzed, a significant relation was noted between these variables (p Um estudo retrospectivo foi realizado para avaliar fraturas faciais em pacientes atendidos no ano de 2000 em um hospital público de Belo Horizonte. As informações coletadas incluíam idade, sexo, etiologia, distribuição do trauma de acordo com o dia da semana e o mês, o local anatômico da fratura e o tratamento. As análises envolveram estatísticas descritivas, teste qui-quadrado, teste Bonferroni e análise de variância. Foram encontradas 1.326 fraturas de face em 911 pacientes. A maioria das fraturas ocorreu em adultos na faixa etária de 21 a 30 anos. Os homens foram mais acometidos do que as mulheres, numa proporção homem:mulher de 4,69:1. Os traumas causadores de fraturas faciais ocorreram predominantemente nos fins de semana. Os acidentes de moto e bicicleta foram a maior causa de trauma, seguidos por violência interpessoal, acidentes automobilísticos e quedas. Quando analisada a relação entre o gênero e a etiologia das fraturas de face, observou-se uma associa

  13. Learning in the context of community: The academic experiences of first-year arts and science students in a learning community program

    Schmidt, Nancy


    This study explored the academic experiences of two groups of first-year students in university, one in the arts and one in the science, who participated in a residential-based learning community program. Using qualitative and critical analysis of in-depth student interviews conducted over a fall and winter semester, I constructed their world as implied from their stories and narratives. From this vantage point, I investigated how students as novice learners negotiated their role as learners; the belief systems they brought with them to minimize academic risk; their coping strategies in a 12 week semestered system; and the tacit theories they acquired within their day-to-day educational experiences. A number of themes emerged from the research: students intentionally minimizing faculty contact until they developed 'worthiness'; learning as 'teacher pleasing'; disciplinary learning differences between the arts and sciences students; and a grade orientation that influenced what and how students learned. Within the broader political, ideological, and cultural framework of the university, I identified student patterns of accommodation, resistance, silence and submission in negotiating their roles as learners. By critiquing the academic side of university life as students experienced it and lived it as a community of learners, I exposed the tensions, contradictions, and paradoxes that emerged. I revealed the points of disjuncture that came from competing discourses within the university for these students: the discourse of community, the discourse of collective harmony, and the discourse of the market place.

  14. Gender, school and academic year differences among Spanish university students at high-risk for developing an eating disorder: An epidemiologic study

    Carrobles Jose A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The aim of this study was to assess the magnitude of the university population at high-risk of developing an eating disorder and the prevalence of unhealthy eating attitudes and behaviours amongst groups at risk; gender, school or academic year differences were also explored. Methods A cross-sectional study based on self-report was used to screen university students at high-risk for an eating disorder. The sample size was of 2551 university students enrolled in 13 schools between the ages of 18 and 26 years. The instruments included: a social-demographic questionnaire, the Eating Disorders Inventory (EDI, the Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ, the Symptom Check List 90-R (SCL-90-R, and the Self-Esteem Scale (RSE. The sample design is a non-proportional stratified sample by academic year and school. The prevalence rate was estimated controlling academic year and school. Logistic regression analysis was used to investigate adjusted associations between gender, school and academic year. Results Female students presented unhealthy weight-control behaviours as dieting, laxatives use or self-induced vomiting to lose weight than males. A total of 6% of the females had a BMI of 17.5 or less or 2.5% had amenorrhea for 3 or more months. In contrast, a higher proportion of males (11.6% reported binge eating behaviour. The prevalence rate of students at high-risk for an eating disorder was 14.9% (11.6–18 for males and 20.8% (18.7–22.8 for females, according to an overall cut-off point on the EDI questionnaire. Prevalence rates presented statistically significant differences by gender (p Conclusion The prevalence of eating disorder risk in university students is high and is associated with unhealthy weight-control practices, similar results have been found in previous studies using cut-off points in questionnaires. These results may be taken into account to encourage early detection and a greater awareness for seeking treatment in order

  15. A Report of Three Girls with Antithyroid Drug-Induced Agranulocytosis; Retrospective Analysis of 18 Cases Aged 15 Years or Younger Reported between 1995 and 2009.

    Minamitani, Kanshi; Oikawa, Junko; Wataki, Kunio; Kashima, Kyoko; Hoshi, Mari; Inomata, Hiroaki; Ota, Setsuo


    Agranulocytosis is an extremely serious, although rare, adverse effect of antithyroid drugs (ATDs), including methimazole (MMI) and propylthiouracil (PTU), in children and adolescents. There are few reports about the characteristics of ATD-induced agranulocytosis in Japanese children and adolescents. This report presents the cases of three girls with ATD-induced agranulocytosis and a retrospective analysis of 18 patients with ATD-induced agranulocytosis, whose cases had been referred to the drug manufacturer, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Our 3 patients, ranging in age from 12 to 14 yr, developed ATD-induced agranulocytosis between the 15th and 57th day of ATD treatment for hyperthyroidism. Fever and sore throat were the earliest symptoms of agranulocytosis. The patients were rescued by ceasing ATD therapy and administering antibiotics, potassium iodide, glucocorticoid, immunoglobulin and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF). We retrospectively analyzed 18 cases of ATD-induced agranulocytosis treated with MMI in 16 cases and PTU in 2 cases. Twelve patients were treated with 20-45 mg/d MMI. Agranulocytosis developed between the 15th and 1,344th day of therapy. In conclusion, considering the risk of ATD-induced agranulocytosis, we recommend low-dose MMI therapy for treatment of Graves' disease.

  16. Effects of the Family Bereavement Program on academic outcomes, educational expectations and job aspirations 6 years later: the mediating role of parenting and youth mental health problems.

    Schoenfelder, Erin N; Tein, Jenn-Yun; Wolchik, Sharlene; Sandler, Irwin N


    Experiencing the death of a parent during childhood is associated with a variety of difficulties, including lower academic achievement, that have implications for functioning in childhood and adulthood. This study examines effects of the Family Bereavement Program (FBP), a preventive intervention for parentally-bereaved youth and their caregivers, on grade point averages (GPA), educational expectations and job aspirations of youths 6 years after the intervention. A total of 244 bereaved youths ages 8-16 and their caregivers were randomized to either the FBP or a comparison group that received books about bereavement. Assessments occurred at pretest, post-test, and 11-month and 6-year follow-ups. Direct program effects on educational outcomes and job aspirations 6 years later were non-significant, although the program improved educational expectations for children with fewer behavior problems at program entry, and GPA for younger children. Mediational pathways for program effects on educational outcomes were also tested. Program-induced improvements in effective parenting at 11-month follow-up were associated with higher GPAs at 6-year follow-up for youth who were younger or for whom more time had passed since the loss. Program-induced improvements in parenting and teacher-rated youth mental health problems at the 6-year follow-up mediated program effects on youths' educational expectations for those with fewer behavior problems at program entry. The implications of these findings for understanding processes related to academic and educational outcomes following the death of a parent and for prevention efforts to help bereaved and other high-risk children succeed in school are discussed.

  17. Self-report measures of executive functioning are a determinant of academic performance in first-year students at a university of applied sciences.

    Baars, Maria A E; Nije Bijvank, Marije; Tonnaer, Geertje H; Jolles, Jelle


    Recent studies in late adolescents (age 17+) show that brain development may proceed till around the 25th year of age. This implies that study performance in higher education could be dependent upon the stage of brain maturation and neuropsychological development. Individual differences in development of neuropsychological skills may thus have a substantial influence on the outcome of the educational process. This hypothesis was evaluated in a large survey of 1760 first-year students at a University of Applied Sciences, of which 1332 are included in the current analyses. This was because of their fit within the age range we pre-set (17-20 years' old at start of studies). Student characteristics and three behavioral ratings of executive functioning (EF) were evaluated with regard to their influence on academic performance. Self-report measures were used: self-reported attention, planning, and self-control and self-monitoring. Results showed that students with better self-reported EF at the start of the first year of their studies obtained more study credits at the end of that year than students with a lower EF self-rating. The correlation between self-control and self-monitoring on the one hand, and study progress on the other, appeared to differ for male and female students and to be influenced by the level of prior education. The results of this large-scale study could have practical relevance. The profound individual differences between students may at least partly be a consequence of their stage of development as an adolescent. Students who show lower levels of attention control, planning, and self-control/self-monitoring can be expected to have a problem in study planning and study progress monitoring and hence study progress. The findings imply that interventions directed at the training of these (executive) functions should be developed and used in higher education in order to improve academic achievement, learning attitude, and motivation.

  18. The role of Ki-67 in women with a resistant prolactinoma: a retrospective analysis in 199 hospitalized patients over a period of 5 years.

    Lu, Chao; Ren, Zongming; Huan, Cheng; Cui, Guihua


    Proliferation-associated antigen Ki-67 is used for the histological evaluation of different tumors. Few studies have been conducted on women with a resistant prolactinoma. To better define the characteristics and to evaluate the differences between patients with different Ki-67 labeling index (LI), a retrospective study was designed to recruit 199 females with a resistant prolactinoma. The patients were divided into two groups, patients with Ki-67 LI≥3% and patients with Ki-67 LI3% group were also larger (p=0.043), had a higher rate of invasion (p=0.014), and were associated with more frequent polyuria and polydipsia (p=0.008) compared to the LI3% group remained significantly higher compared to patients with LI3% group were also significantly higher (p=0.037, p=0.041). Additionally, the postoperative PRL normalization rate was lower in patients with LI>3% compared with patients with LI3% and LIprolactinoma.

  19. Prevalence of nickel and cobalt allergy among female patients with dermatitis before and after Danish government regulation: a 23-year retrospective study

    Thyssen, Jacob Pontoppidan; Johansen, Jeanne Duus; Carlsen, Berit Christina


    BACKGROUND: An increased prevalence of nickel allergy prompted the Danish government to prohibit excessive nickel release (ie, >0.5 microg nickel/cm(2)/wk) from consumer products in 1990. Concomitant allergy to nickel and cobalt is often observed among patients with dermatitis, probably as a result...... of cosensitization. OBJECTIVES: The study investigated the development of nickel and cobalt allergy among Danish female patients with dermatitis tested between 1985 and 2007. This was done to examine whether Danish nickel regulation has reduced the prevalence of nickel allergy and to examine whether the prevalence...... of cobalt allergy has increased as a result of the nickel regulation. METHODS: A retrospective analysis of all patch test data from our database was performed (n = 10,335). Comparisons were made using a chi-square test for trend. Logistic regression analyses were used to test for associations. RESULTS...

  20. Does Kapandji wiring help in older patients? A retrospective comparative review of displaced intra-articular distal radial fractures in patients over 55 years.

    Board, T; Kocialkowski, A; Andrew, G


    Forty-six patients aged 55-90 with intra-articular displaced fractures of the distal radius were reviewed retrospectively. All patients were treated with either manipulation and plaster of Paris or Kapandji wiring. Radiographic and functional review was performed by an independent observer a mean of 17 months after the fracture. The results showed superior anatomical and functional results in the group treated with Kapandji wiring. The mean dorsal angle was significantly better in the wired group, and the improvement in dorsal angle, radial angle and radial length from presentation to final result was also significantly better. Functional results were excellent or good in 19/23 of the wired group, compared with 12/23 of the plaster group. There was a strong correlation between functional outcome and both dorsal angle and radial length at union. These results support the use of this method of wire fixation in older patients, as the technique is simple and complications were few.

  1. Academic Blogging: Academic Practice and Academic Identity

    Kirkup, Gill


    This paper describes a small-scale study which investigates the role of blogging in professional academic practice in higher education. It draws on interviews with a sample of academics (scholars, researchers and teachers) who have blogs and on the author's own reflections on blogging to investigate the function of blogging in academic practice…

  2. Design and Implementation of a Master of Science in Information and Computer Sciences - An Inventory and retrospect for the last four years

    Schommer, Christoph


    This Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences (MICS) is an international accredited master program that has been initiated in 2004 and started in September 2005. MICS is a research-oriented academic study of 4 semesters and a continuation of the Bachelor towards the PhD. It is completely taught in English, supported by lecturers coming from more than ten different countries. This report compass a description of its underlying architecture, describes some implementation details and gives a presentation of diverse experiences and results. As the program has been designed and implemented right after the creation of the University, the significance of the program is moreover a self-discovery of the computer science department, which has finally led to the creation of the today's research institutes and research axes.

  3. Self-report measures of Executive Functioning are a determinant of academic performance in first-year students at a university of applied sciences

    Maria A.E. Baars


    Full Text Available Recent studies in late adolescents (age 17+ show that brain development may proceed till around the 25th year of age. This implies that study performance in higher education could be dependent upon the stage of brain maturation and neuropsychological development. Individual differences in development of neuropsychological skills may thus have a substantial influence on the outcome of the educational process. This hypothesis was evaluated in a large survey of 1760 first-year students at a University of Applied Sciences, of which 1332 are included in the current analyses. This was because of their fit within the age range we pre-set (17-20 years’ old at start of studies. Student characteristics and three behavioural ratings of executive functioning (EF were evaluated with regard to their influence on academic performance. Self-report measures were used: self-reported attention, planning, and self-control & self-monitoring. Results showed that students with better self-reported EF at the start of the first year of their studies obtained more study credits at the end of that year than students with a lower EF self-rating. The correlation between self-control & self-monitoring on the one hand, and study progress on the other, appeared to differ for male and female students and to be influenced by the level of prior education. The results of this large-scale study could have practical relevance. The profound individual differences between students may at least partly be a consequence of their stage of development as an adolescent. Students who show lower levels of attention control, planning and self-control/self-monitoring can be expected to have a problem in study planning and study progress monitoring and hence study progress. The findings imply that interventions directed at the training of these (executive functions should be developed and used in higher education in order to improve academic achievement, learning attitude and motivation.

  4. Autologous stem cell transplantation for patients aged 60 years or older with refractory or relapsed classical Hodgkin's lymphoma: a retrospective analysis from the French Society of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cell Therapies (SFGM-TC).

    Stamatoullas, A; Brice, P; Gueye, M S; Mareschal, S; Chevallier, P; Bouabdallah, R; Nguyenquoc, S; Francois, S; Turlure, P; Ceballos, P; Monjanel, H; Bourhis, J-H; Guillerm, G; Mohty, M; Biron, P; Cornillon, J; Belhadj, K; Bonmati, C; Dilhuydy, M-S; Huynh, A; Bernard, M; Chrétien, M-L; Peffault de Latour, R; Tilly, H


    This report retrospectively analyzed the outcome of 91 patients aged 60 years or older with refractory/relapsed (R/R) classical Hodgkin's lymphoma (cHL) who underwent autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) between 1992 and 2013 and were reported to the French Society of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cell Therapies registry. The median age at transplant was 63 years. The majority of patients exhibited disease chemosensitivity to salvage treatment (57 complete responses, 30 partial responses, 1 progressive disease and 3 unknown). The most frequent conditioning regimen consisted of BCNU, cytarabine, etoposide, melphalan (BEAM) chemotherapy (93%). With a median follow-up of 54 months, 5-year estimates of overall survival (OS) and progression free survival (PFS) for the entire group were 67 and 54%, respectively. Despite the missing data, in univariate analysis, the number of salvage chemotherapy lines (1-2 versus ⩾3) significantly influenced the OS, unlike the other prognostic factors (stage III-IV at relapse, disease status before ASCT and negative positron emission tomography (PET) scan) encountered in younger patients. In spite of its limitations, this retrospective study with a long-term follow-up suggests that ASCT is a valid treatment option for chemosensitive R/R cHL in selected elderly patients, with an acceptable rate of toxicity.

  5. The Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries Annual Statistics: an exploratory twenty-five-year trend analysis.

    Byrd, Gary D; Shedlock, James


    This paper presents an exploratory trend analysis of the statistics published over the past twenty-four editions of the Annual Statistics of Medical School Libraries in the United States and Canada. The analysis focuses on the small subset of nineteen consistently collected data variables (out of 656 variables collected during the history of the survey) to provide a general picture of the growth and changing dimensions of services and resources provided by academic health sciences libraries over those two and one-half decades. The paper also analyzes survey response patterns for U.S. and Canadian medical school libraries, as well as osteopathic medical school libraries surveyed since 1987. The trends show steady, but not dramatic, increases in annual means for total volumes collected, expenditures for staff, collections and other operating costs, personnel numbers and salaries, interlibrary lending and borrowing, reference questions, and service hours. However, when controlled for inflation, most categories of expenditure have just managed to stay level. The exceptions have been expenditures for staff development and travel and for collections, which have both outpaced inflation. The fill rate for interlibrary lending requests has remained steady at about 75%, but the mean ratio of items lent to items borrowed has decreased by nearly 50%.

  6. Educational project “Mathematics for secondary education (MATEM”, your academic task during the year 2012: participants´ perspective

    Ana Lucía Alfaro Arce


    Full Text Available "MATEM" is a university outreach project. Among its objectives is to improve the mathematics education at the high school level and to accomplish it public universities work together with high school´s teachers and students. The study´s aim was to research various aspects of MATEM Project to order to evaluate its development and consider recommendations for making decisions. This paper summarizes the perceptions of high school students enrolled during 2012 in courses Precalculus and Calculus, moreover the opinion of mathematics teachers. The main results were that MATEM is an academic activity attractive for math teachers and student population from different regions of the country, although sometimes are not available the necessary conditions to develop it in their respective institutions, to have passed a university course, get more practice for the standard test at the end of high school, increase their math skills and prepare for college courses were the aspects that motivate students to enroll in the project, however the development of reasoning skills and abilities were more frequently pointed by respondents.

  7. Retrospective study of the healing processes of endodontically treated teeth characterized by osteolytic defects of the periapical area: four-year follow-up

    Angela Gusiyska


    Full Text Available One of the main objectives of primary endodontic treatment is the prevention of periapical tissue changes which, in the majority of clinical cases in general practice, does not take place because of the availability of a wide range of precise endodontic instruments. The healing process of the periapical area in teeth with inflammatory bone destruction is still a challenge in contemporary endodontic practice. The aim of this retrospective study was to assess the postoperative healing process of teeth with osteolytic defects in the periapical area. Eighty-nine endodontically treated teeth (n = 89 were included in the study. The teeth with necrotic pulp and without detectable periapical lesions were successfully treated in 92.9% of the cases. All of the incisors, canines and premolars showed significantly higher probabilities of success (97.8% than molars (90.9%; P = 0.036. In all monitored teeth, the maxillary first molars with periapical index (PAI 1 (80.2%, mandibular premolars with PAI3 (75% and mandibular molars with PAI5 (75% had the lowest rates of treatment success. In this study, the success rate of teeth with pulp necrosis complicated with a periapical lesion was 89.75% (P > 0.05. The analysis of the results from this study confirmed that the exact orthograde retreatment of the cases with osteolytic defects of the periapical area led to satisfactory healing and regeneration in the periapical area.

  8. An 11-year retrospective experience of antibodies against the voltage-gated potassium channel (VGKC) complex from a tertiary neurological centre.

    Huda, S; Wong, S H; Pettingill, P; O'Connell, D; Vincent, A; Steiger, M


    Acquired diseases classically associated with VGKC-complex antibodies include peripheral nerve hyperexcitability (PNH), Morvan's syndrome, limbic encephalitis (LE), and epilepsy. However, not all such patients have VGKC-complex antibodies and antibodies have been reported in patients without a defined immune-mediated syndrome. To analyse the clinical relevance of positive VGKC-complex antibodies requested on the basis of initial clinical suspicion. We retrospectively analysed patients with positive VGKC-complex antibodies (>100 pM) referred to our institution between 2001 and 2011. 1,614 VGKC-complex assays were performed in 1,298 patients. Titres >100 pM were detected in 57/1,298 (4 %) patients. A classic VGKC-complex channelopathy (60 %) was associated with VGKC-complex antibody titres >400 pM (p = 0.0004). LGI1 or CASPR2 antibodies were only detected in classic VGKC-complex channelopathies (LE; n = 3/4 and PNH; n = 1/5). VGKC-complex antibody titres VGKC-complex antibodies was higher than the age-matched national incidence of malignancy (OR 19.9, 95 % CI 8.97-44.0 p400 pM can help determine VGKC-complex antibody relevance. Antibody titres <400 pM are associated with PNH but also a more heterogeneous clinical spectrum. The antibody association in the latter is of doubtful clinical relevance. The rate of malignancy was significantly higher than the national incidence irrespective of titre.

  9. Factors associated with physicians' choice of a career in research: a retrospective report 15 years after medical school graduation.

    Krupat, Edward; Camargo, Carlos A; Strewler, Gordon J; Espinola, Janice A; Fleenor, Thomas J; Dienstag, Jules L


    Relatively little is known regarding factors associated with the choice of a research career among practicing physicians, and most investigations of this issue have been conducted in the absence of a theoretical/conceptual model. Therefore we designed a survey to identify the determinants of decisions to pursue a biomedical research career based upon the Theory of Planned Behavior and the concept of stereotype threat. From October 2012 through January 2014 electronic surveys were sent to four consecutive Harvard Medical School graduating classes, 1996-1999. Respondents provided demographic information, indicated their current research involvement, and provided retrospective reports of their experiences and attitudes when they were making career choices as they completed medical school. Multivariable ordinal regression was used to identify factors independently associated with current research involvement. Completed questionnaires were received from 358 respondents (response rate 65 %). In unadjusted analyses, variables associated with more extensive research involvement included non-minority status, male gender, lower debt at graduation, strong attitudes toward research at time of graduation, and greater social pressures to pursue research (all P career for women (OR 2.53, 95 % CI 1.00-6.40; P = 0.05). Most of the factors predicting research career choice involve factors that are potentially modifiable, suggesting that appropriately designed behavioral interventions may help to expand the size and diversity of the biomedical research community.

  10. NP-59 SPECT/CT Imaging in Stage 1 Hypertensive and Atypical Primary Aldosteronism: A 5-Year Retrospective Analysis of Clinicolaboratory and Imaging Features

    Yi-Chun Chen


    Full Text Available Objective. We retrospectively analyzed all primary aldosteronism (PA patients undergoing NP-59 SPECT/CT imaging with regard to their clinicolaboratory and imaging features, investigation, and outcomes. Material and Methods. 11 PA patients who presented to our hospital for NP-59 SPECT/CT imaging between April 2007 and March 2012 and managed here were analyzed. Results. Among 11 PA patients, eight (73% had stage 1 hypertension, three (27% stage 2 hypertension, four (36% normal plasma aldosterone concentration, nine (82% nonsuppressed plasma renin activity (PRA, six (55% normal aldosterone-renin-ratio (ARR, eight (73% serum potassium ≧3 mEq/L, seven (64% subclinical presentation, seven (64% negative confirmatory testing, and four (36% inconclusive results on CT scan and seven (64% on planar NP-59 scan. All 11 (100% patients had positive results on NP-59 SPECT/CT scan. Two (18% met typical triad and nine (82% atypical triad. Among nine atypical PA patients, three (33% had clinical presentation, six (67% subclinical presentation, six (67% negative confirmatory testing, and four (44% inconclusive results on CT scan and six (67% on planar NP-59 scan. All patients had improved outcomes. Significant differences between typical and atypical PA existed in PRA and ARR. Conclusions. NP-59 SPECT/CT may provide diagnostic potential in stage 1 hypertensive and atypical PA.

  11. Changes in Intra-pelvic Obliquity Angle 0-2 Years After Total Hip Arthroplasty and Its Effects on Leg Length Discrepancy:A Retrospective Study

    Yin Zhang; Tao Cheng; Xian-Long Zhang


    Background:Total hip arthroplasty (THA) is one of the most effective treatments for phase Ⅲ and Ⅳ hip arthrosis.Lower limb length balancing is one of the determining factors of a successful surgery,particularly in patients with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH).The purpose of this study was to evaluate the postoperative change in intra-pelvic obliquity (intra-PO) angle in the coronal plane and its effects on leg length discrepancy (LLD) within 2 years.Methods:A total of 78 patients (70 females,8 males) were enrolled in this study.All patients were suffering from DDH with varying degrees of LLD.Pelvic plain radiographs were collected before and after the operation.The intra-PO angles were measured 0,0.5,1 and 2 years after THA.At the same time,postoperative LLD was measured with blocking test.Results:PO changed significantly in the first year after THA surgery (0 year vs.0.5 year,P < 0.01;0.5 year vs.1 year,P < 0.01),and the changing value of intra-PO angle (△PO) slowed down substantially during the first 2 years after THA (0.5 year vs.0.5-1 year,P < 0.01;0.5-1 year vs.1-2 years,P < 0.01).With the change in intra-PO angle,LLD also got narrow within the 1st year (0 year vs.0.5 year,P < 0.01;0.5 year vs.1 year,P < 0.01).Elderly patients had a smaller intra-PO angle reduction (Group A vs.Group B,P =0.01;Group B vs.Group C,P< 0.01).Conclusions:Intra-PO angle and LLD gap narrowed with time after THA surgery.In particular,elderly patients had smaller change in intra-PO angle.

  12. The influence of study methods and knowledge processing on academic success and long-term recall of anatomy learning by first-year veterinary students.

    Ward, Peter J; Walker, James J


    The purpose of this investigation was to quantitatively and qualitatively identify the study methods and learning strategies that veterinary students used to study anatomy during their first year of professional school and to correlate these with their academic achievement and long-term recall of information. It was surmised that active study methods would be more beneficial than passive method, but this hypothesis was not supported. The activity or passivity of each study method was secondary to the way in which the students processed the learning. No single study method was associated with academic success or long-term recall; instead, successful students used a multitude of study methods while the struggling students relied on a single method alone, although these methods varied from student to student. Students and their study methods were profiled using the qualitative technique known as phenomenographic analysis to find those who studied in a deep or surface way. The deep-processing students, who commonly used multiple study methods, not only succeeded in the class but also had better recall. Students who relied on a memorization-heavy surface approach to learning had limited recall and tended to perform poorly in the class. These results strongly suggest that by encouraging students to integrate their studying by using multiple methods educators can improve both student grades and recall of complex topics.

  13. Fifteen years of aligning faculty development with primary care clinician-educator roles and academic advancement at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

    Simpson, Deborah; Marcdante, Karen; Morzinski, Jeffrey; Meurer, Linda; McLaughlin, Chris; Lamb, Geoffrey; Janik, Tammy; Currey, Laura


    Starting in 1991, the Medical College of Wisconsin's (MCW) primary care-focused faculty development programs have continuously evolved in order to sustain tight alignment among faculty members' needs, institutional priorities, and academic reward structures. Informed by literature on the essential competencies associated with academic success and using educational methods demonstrated to achieve targeted objectives, MCW's initial 1.5-day per month comprehensive faculty development programs prepared faculty as clinician-researchers, leaders, and educators. As institutional priorities and faculty roles shifted, a half-day per month advanced education program was added, and the comprehensive faculty development program transitioned to its current half-day per month program. Using a modular approach, this program focuses exclusively on clinician-educator competencies in curriculum, teaching, leadership, evaluation, and learner assessment. Instructional methods combine interactive, face-to-face sessions modeling a range of instructional strategies with between-session assignments now supported through an e-learning platform. All participants complete a required project, which addresses a divisional or departmental need, meets standards associated with scholarship, and is submitted to a peer-reviewed forum. To date, over 115 faculty members have enrolled in MCW's faculty development programs. Program evaluation over the 15-year span has served to guide program revision and to provide clear evidence of program impact. A longitudinal evaluation of comprehensive program graduates from 1993 to 1999 showed that 88% of graduates' educational projects were implemented and sustained more than one year after program completion. Since 2001, each participant, on average, attributes more than two peer-reviewed presentations and one peer-reviewed publication to program participation. Based on 15 years of evaluation data, five tenets associated with program success are outlined.

  14. First multi-year retrospective study on Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus prevalence in Ruditapes philippinarum harvested in Sacca di Goro, Italy

    Patrizia Serratore


    Full Text Available The present work describes a retrospective study aiming to verify a possible correlation between the environmental conditions (temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen, the abundance of Vibrio spp., and the prevalence of V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus in the Manila clam R. philippinarum harvested in Sacca di Goro, Emilia-Romagna Region, Northern Italy. On the whole, 104 samples, collected in the period 2007-2015 and submitted to microbiological analyses (isolation and genotyping, have been reconsidered for Vibrio spp. load, V. parahaemolyticus prevalence (total, gene marker toxRP; potentially pathogenic, gene markers tdh and/or trh and V. vulnificus prevalence (total, gene markers vvhA and hsp together with environmental data obtained from the monitoring activity of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Agency for the Prevention, the Environment and the Energy. Environmental data have been processed to calculate the median of each, assessing the seasonal range of seawater temperature (warmer months: April-October, T°C >16.45°C; cooler months November-March, T°C 27 psu, and dissolved oxygen (< or >8.2 mg/L. Total V. vulnificus, total and potentially pathogenic V. parahaemolyticus were present respectively in the 11.5, 29.8 and 6.7% of the samples. The Vibrio spp. load (mean value of 4.69±0.65 log10 colony forming unit g-1 and the prevalence of potentially pathogenic V. parahaemolyticus, were not significantly correlated to the environmental conditions (P>0.05, whereas the prevalence of both total V. vulnificus and total V. parahaemolyticus was significantly higher in the warmer period (P<0.05, without correlation with salinity and dissolved oxygen values (P>0.05.

  15. Survival status and predictors of mortality among severely acute malnourished children <5 years of age admitted to stabilization centers in Gedeo Zone: a retrospective cohort study

    Girum, Tadele; Kote, Mesfin; Tariku, Befikadu; Bekele, Henok


    Despite the existence of standard protocol, many stabilization centers (SCs) continue to experience high mortality of children receiving treatment for severe acute malnutrition. Assessing treatment outcomes and identifying predictors may help to overcome this problem. Therefore, a 30-month retrospective cohort study was conducted among 545 randomly selected medical records of children Snell residual plot. During follow-up, 51 (9.3%) children had died, and 414 (76%) and 26 (4.8%) children had recovered and defaulted (missed follow-up for 2 consecutive days), respectively. The survival rates at the end of the first, second and third weeks were 95.3%, 90% and 85%, respectively, and the overall mean survival time was 79.6 days. Age <24 months (adjusted hazard ratio [AHR] =2.841, 95% confidence interval [CI] =1.101–7.329), altered pulse rate (AHR =3.926, 95% CI =1.579–9.763), altered temperature (AHR =7.173, 95% CI =3.05–16.867), shock (AHR =3.805, 95% CI =1.829–7.919), anemia (AHR =2.618, 95% CI =1.148–5.97), nasogastric tube feeding (AHR =3.181, 95% CI =1.18–8.575), hypoglycemia (AHR =2.74, 95% CI =1.279–5.87) and treatment at hospital stabilization center (AHR =4.772, 95% CI =1.638–13.9) were independent predictors of mortality. The treatment outcomes and incidence of death were in the acceptable ranges of national and international standards. Intervention to further reduce deaths has to focus on young children with comorbidities and altered general conditions. PMID:28176953

  16. Patch Test Results in Patients with Allergic Contact Dermatitis in the Western Black Sea Region: A Five-Year Retrospective Study



    Full Text Available Background and Design: In this retrospective study, patch test results of 304 patients with allergic contact dermatitis (ACD, who were tested with the European Standard Series, were evaluated. The aim of the study was to determine the frequency of positive reactions to different sensitizers in patients with ACD and to identify sex and age differences.Material and Method: We evaluated a total of 304 patients (195 (64.1% female and 109 (35.9% male who applied to our clinic between the period of January 2003 and December 2008 and who were tested with patch test with the consideration of ACD. Patch test results were assessed according to the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group at 48 and 72 hours after initial application.Results: Lesions of ACD were found to be most frequent on the hands (65.5%. A total of 95 (31.3% patients had one or more positive patch test reactions. The most common allergens were nickel sulfate (14.8% followed by cobalt chloride (9.2%, potassium dichromate (6.6%, balsam of Peru (3.6%, fragrance mix (3.3%, mercaptobenzothiazole (3% and colophonium (2.3%. Positive reactions to nickel sulfate were more common among women, especially those in younger group. Frequency of contact allergy to lanolin, mercapto mix, epoxy resin, paraben mix and quaternium-15 were relatively low, while no positive reaction was obtained to formaldehyde in any case. In 51.6% of patients with positive reaction, the responsible allergen was detected by testing with the European Standard Series.Conclusion: Although this study shows that sensitization rate to metals and fragrance are still high in our region, as well as in our country, and are more frequent in females than in males, future prospective multicenter studies with large number of patients would point out the adequacy of the European Standard Series in our country. (Turk­derm 2011; 45: 198-202

  17. Associations between fine and gross motor skills, aerobic fitness, cognition and academic performance in 7-8 years old Danish children

    Lind, Rune Rasmussen; Beck, Mikkel Malling; Geertsen, Svend Sparre

    Purpose: The current literature is concentrated around the positive effects of aerobic fitness (AF) on performance in cognitive tests (CP) and academic performance (AP) (reviewed in Hillman 2008). However, motor skills (MS) are often overlooked in this equation, and studies evaluating both AF......, phonological working-memory capacity (PWM), spatial working-memory capacity (SWM), math performance (MP) and fine- and gross-motor skill (FMS & GMS) assessed. Results: Significant associations were found between FMS and MP (P ... and MS and their relationship to CP and AP are presently lacking. Thus, the purpose of this baseline-association study was to investigate the relationship between MS, AF, CP and AP in children. Method: 166 1st grade children (72 girls, mean age 7.5 years +/-0.31) from the Copenhagen area had their AF...

  18. Academic Review on 60-Year Logistics Evolution in America%魄物流功概念痞。美、囝渤游葬

    王宪; 毛立群


    Since the concept of logistics fi~t appeared in U.S. Military, it has been more than 60 years so far. A review about this past history in terms of academiCs, education and discipline is helpful to the deepening understanding of logistics and the envisage of future development. Meanwhile, the U.S. logistics evolution offers some use/hi lesson to China logistics reform.%物流首先出现在美国军事用途中,至今有60年的历史了。回顾物流在美国的发展和研究状况,从历史和学术研究史的角度看,对深入认识物流的本质和未来发展趋势都有着重要的作用。

  19. When Do First-Year College Students Drink Most during the Academic Year? An Internet-Based Study of Daily and Weekly Drinking

    Tremblay, Paul F.; Graham, Kathryn; Wells, Samantha; Harris, Roma; Pulford, Roseanne; Roberts, Sharon E.


    Objective: The authors investigated the alcohol consumption trajectories among first-year university students. Participants: A sample of 415 students attending a large university in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, was recruited. Methods: Students completed a baseline questionnaire and 26 weekly brief Internet surveys assessing alcohol consumption…

  20. Prekindergarten Programs for 3 and 4 Year Old Children at Risk of Academic Failure: 1986-87 School Year. Second Interim Report.

    Helmich, Edith

    This document summarizes information on the second year of operation of 93 projects participating in the State of Illinois prekindergarten educational grant program for children at-risk due to environmental deficits. Contents provide: (1) background information on the legislation establishing the program, program evaluation schedules, and a…

  1. A brief account on the study of the insulin crystal structure In retrospect:Forty years after the determination of insulin’s crystal structure by Chinese scientists


    "Standards there as high as achieved elsewhere";news delivered to the world by Science in China Approximately forty years ago when China was undergoing a period of great difficulty, Science in China, previously

  2. The LMD System Experience as a Struggle between the Educational Development and Reform: An Analytical Study of the Endeavour of the Academic Year 2004/2005 in Bejaia University with Suggested Solutions

    Idri, Nadia


    Background: In this article, we are going to present some details about the educational reform at the level of higher education (i.e. University level) taking the case of the University of Abderrahmane Mira, Bejaia. After a year of its application, we aim at mapping out the problems we have met during the last academic year and trying to find out…

  3. Providing Transparency and Credibility: The Selection of International Students for Australian Universities. An Examination of the Relationship between Scores in the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT), Final Year Academic Programs and an Australian University's Foundation Program

    Lai, Kelvin; Nankervis, Susan; Story, Margot; Hodgson, Wayne; Lewenberg, Michael; Ball, Marita MacMahon


    Throughout 2003-04 five cohorts of students in their final year of school studies in various Malaysian colleges and a group of students completing an Australian university foundation year in Malaysia sat the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT). The ISAT is a multiple-choice test of general academic abilities developed for students whose…

  4. The Role Biomedical Science Laboratories Can Play in Improving Science Knowledge and Promoting First-Year Nursing Academic Success

    Arneson, Pam


    The need for additional nursing and health care professionals is expected to increase dramatically over the next 20 years. With this in mind, students must have strong biomedical science knowledge to be competent in their field. Some studies have shown that participation in bioscience laboratories can enhance science knowledge. If this is true, an…

  5. Differential Use of Learning Strategies in First-Year Higher Education: The Impact of Personality, Academic Motivation, and Teaching Strategies

    Donche, Vincent; De Maeyer, Sven; Coertjens, Liesje; Van Daal, Tine; Van Petegem, Peter


    Background. Although the evidence in support of the variability of students' learning strategies has expanded in recent years, less is known about the explanatory base of these individual differences in terms of the joint Influences of personal and contextual characteristics. Aims. Previous studies have often investigated how student learning is…

  6. If It's Going to Be, It's up to Me: First-Year Psychology Students' Experiences Regarding Academic Success

    Naude, Luzelle; Nel, Lindi; van der Watt, Ronel; Tadi, Florence


    Student life is marked by substantial growth in areas such as self-regulation abilities. In this article, the experiences of first-year Psychology students are explored through the lenses of the self-determination theory. Both content and thematic analyses were done with 79 students' reflections on the aspects they regarded as…

  7. Effects of Three Years of Piano Instruction on Children's Academic Achievement, School Performance and Self-Esteem

    Costa-Giomi, Eugenia


    This study of the effects of three years of piano instruction is based on a sample of 117 fourth-grade children attending public schools in Montreal. The children had never participated in formal music instruction, did not have a piano at home, and their annual family income was below $40,000 Can. Children in the experimental group (n = 63)…

  8. Two-Year Impact of a Mindfulness-Based Program on Preschoolers' Self-Regulation and Academic Performance

    Thierry, Karen L.; Bryant, Heather L.; Nobles, Sandra Speegle; Norris, Karen S.


    Research Findings: Students experienced a mindfulness program designed to enhance their self-regulation in prekindergarten and kindergarten. At the end of the 1st year of the program, these students showed improvements in teacher-reported executive function skills, specifically related to working memory and planning and organizing, whereas…

  9. Academics respond

    Hazel, Spencer


    Contribution to the article "Academics respond: Brexit would weaken UK university research and funding", Guardian Witness, The Guardian, UK......Contribution to the article "Academics respond: Brexit would weaken UK university research and funding", Guardian Witness, The Guardian, UK...

  10. Academic Training: Academic Training Lectures-Questionnaire


    ACADEMIC TRAINING Françoise Benz tel. 73127 SUGGEST AND WIN! Its time to plan the 2004-2005 lecture series. From today until March 19 you have the chance to give your contribution to planning for next year's Academic Training Lecture Series. At the web site: you will find questionnaires proposing topics in high energy physics, applied physics and science and society. Answering the questionnaire will help ensure that the selected topics are as close as possible to your interests. In particular requests and comments from students will be much appreciated. To encourage your contribution, the AT Committee will reward one lucky winner with a small prize, a 50 CHF coupon for a book purchase at the CERN bookshop.

  11. Recent incidence of type 1 diabetes mellitus in children 0–14 years in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada climbs to over 45/100,000: a retrospective time trend study

    Newhook Leigh A


    Full Text Available Abstract Background To study and update the provincial incidence of type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL, a province of Canada with a very high incidence previously reported in 2006, and one of the highest incidences reported worldwide. This is a retrospective time trend study of the incidence of T1DM, in children aged 0–14 years from 1987–2010 inclusive. Findings Over the study period 931 children aged 0–14 years were diagnosed with T1DM. The incidence of T1DM in this population over the period 1987 – 2010 inclusive was 37.7 per 100,000 per year (95% CI 35. 3, 40.2 The incidence from 2007–2010 was 49.9 per 100,000 per year (95% CI 42.2, 57.6. The incidence over this 24 year period increased by a factor of 1.03 per 100,000 per year. Conclusion NL has one of the highest incidences of T1DM reported worldwide. Potential reasons for the very high incidence could be related to the unique genetic background of the population, northern latitude and vitamin D insufficiency, low breastfeeding rates, and high rates of cesarean section.

  12. Web-scale discovery in the arts: Royal Holloway’s first year undergraduates and academics feed back

    Coles, Kim


    This poster will highlight the key findings of my MSc Dissertation, submitted in May 2014 to Robert Gordon University, which was awarded the Dorothy Williams award at graduation. It will introduce the aims of the research; to collect data on previous information-seeking experience and current information-seeking skills using the Primo Central discovery system from first-year arts undergraduates at Royal Holloway University of London. The quantitative results of a survey and test were compared...

  13. Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Military Service Academies: Academic Program Year 2011-2012


    training to all Midshipmen Plebe Summer Detailers. Midshipmen Liaison Officers were also provided with one hour of first responder training in case an...incident of sexual harassment or assault occurred during the summer training period. During their initial “ Plebe ” summer, all midshipmen were provided...during the year (e.g. pre-cruise brief, and Plebe indoc). Also reinforced as part of the SAPR-L training presented to each company August through

  14. Measuring the ambiguity tolerance of medical students: a cross-sectional study from the first to sixth academic years


    Background Tolerance of ambiguity, or the extent to which ambiguous situations are perceived as desirable, is an important component of the attitudes and behaviors of medical students. However, few studies have compared this trait across the years of medical school. General practitioners are considered to have a higher ambiguity tolerance than specialists. We compared ambiguity tolerance between general practitioners and medical students. Methods We designed a cross-sectional study to evaluat...

  15. A brief account on the study of the insulin crystal structure In retrospect: Forty years after the determination of insulin's crystal structure by Chinese scientists

    WANG Da-Cheng; GU XiaoCheng


    @@ "Standards there as high as achieved elsewhere"; news delivered to the word by Science in China Approximately forty years ago when China was undergoing a period of great difficulty, Science in China, previously known as Scientia Sinica, published articles during three consecutive years (Scientia Sinica (test issue) 1972; Scientia Sinica 1973, No.1, 93; Scientia Sinica 16(1973)136; Scientia Sinica 17(1974)51) on crystal structure analysis of the rhombohedral 2-zinc pork insulin molecule at resolutions of 4.0 A, 2.50 A and 1.80 A, respectively (Figures 1 and 2).

  16. Academic Jibberish

    Krashen, Stephen


    In this article, the author talks about academic jibberish. Alfie Kohn states that a great deal of academic writing is incomprehensible even to others in the same area of scholarship. Academic Jibberish may score points for the writer but does not help research or practice. The author discusses jibberish as a career strategy that impresses those…

  17. Academic writing

    Eremina, Svetlana V.


    The series of workshops on academic writing have been developed by academic writing instructors from Language Teaching Centre, Central European University and presented at the Samara Academic Writing Workshops in November 2001. This paper presents only the part dealing with strucutre of an argumentative essay.

  18. 中国生理学会八十周年回顾%Eighty years of Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences in retrospect



    @@ The Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences (CAPS) celebrated her 80th anniversary last November. Eighty years ago, Dr. Robert K. S. Lim, Professor of Physiology at the Peking Union Medical College, in association with Dr. Wu Xian (Professor of Biochemistry) and Dr. B. E. Read (Professor of Pharmacology), sponsored the establishment of the Chinese Physiological Society.

  19. Smoking Cessation Carries a Short-Term Rising Risk for Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus Independently of Weight Gain: A 6-Year Retrospective Cohort Study

    Yi-Ting Sung


    Full Text Available Background. The effects of smoking on human metabolism are complex. Although smoking increases risk for diabetes mellitus, smoking cessation was also reported to be associated with weight gain and incident diabetes mellitus. We therefore conducted this study to clarify the association between smoking status and newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus. Methods. An analysis was done using the data of a mass health examination performed annually in an industrial park from 2007 to 2013. The association between smoking status and newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus was analyzed with adjustment for weight gain and other potential confounders. Results. Compared with never-smokers, not only current smokers but also ex-smokers in their first two years of abstinence had higher odds ratios (ORs for newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus (never-smokers 3.6%, OR as 1; current smokers 5.5%, OR = 1.499, 95% CI = 1.147–1.960, and p=0.003; ex-smokers in their first year of abstinence 7.5%, OR = 1.829, 95% CI = 0.906–3.694, and p=0.092; and ex-smokers in their second year of abstinence 9.0%, OR = 2.020, 95% CI = 1.031–3.955, and p=0.040. Conclusion. Smoking cessation generally decreased risk for newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus. However, increased odds were seen within the first 2 years of abstinence independently of weight gain.

  20. Retrospection on the Development of China Unicom in Ten Years%中国联通:波澜壮阔十年路



    China United Telecommunications Corporation welcomes its tenth anniversary on July 19,2004. After ten years' development, China Unicom has changed from a fresh enterprise into the main participator and competitor in China telecom market. Apart from getting the outstanding achievement,China Unicom also conduces to the reform and development of China telecom industry. For China Unicom, the last ten years are the right period of adopting new technologies to improve productivity,regulating corporate governance structure to establish modern enterprise system, innovating telecom services to improve the service level, and trying to break telecom monopoly to promote the market competition. Despite the furious competition in telecom market, its total asset increases from 1.34 billion yuan in beginning to 205 billion yuan, and the number of its mobile phone users has exceeded 100 million. Now China Unicom has become a comprehensive telecom enterprise run according to modern enterprise system and international criterion.

  1. Iron-Folic Acid Supplementation During Pregnancy Reduces the Risk of Stunting in Children Less Than 2 Years of Age: A Retrospective Cohort Study from Nepal.

    Nisar, Yasir Bin; Dibley, Michael J; Aguayo, Victor M


    The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of antenatal iron-folic acid (IFA) supplementation on child stunting in Nepalese children age pregnancy (aRR = 0.77, 95% CI = 0.64-0.92). Antenatal IFA supplementation significantly reduced the risk of stunting in Nepalese children age <2 years. The greatest impact on the risk reduction of child stunting was when IFA supplements were started ≤6 months with ≥90 supplements were used.

  2. Accuracy of Cone-beam Computed Tomography and Periapical Radiography in Endodontically Treated Teeth Evaluation: A Five-Year Retrospective Study


    Background: This study aimed to evaluate the accuracy of two imaging methods in detecting the apical pathology in endodontically treated teeth. Material and Methods: A clinical examination from a sample of 156 teeth of patients treated by students of masters in endodontics at the Care Center of the Faculty of Dentistry at St. Joseph University, Beirut was done after 5 years of follow-up. Periradicular digital radiographs and a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT)scans were taken and analyzed ...

  3. Is sexual abuse a part of war? A 4-year retrospective study on cases of sexual abuse at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya

    Mary W. Kuria


    Full Text Available The harmful effects of sexual abuse are long lasting. Sexual abuse when associated with violence is likely to impact negatively on the life of the victim. Anecdotal reports indicate that there was an increase in the number of cases of sexual violence following the 2007 post election conflict and violence in Kenya. Although such increases in sexual abuse are common during war or conflict periods the above reports have not been confirmed through research evidence. The purpose of the current study is to establish the trend in numbers of reported cases of sexual abuse at Kenyatta National Hospital over a 4-year period (2006-2009. Data on sexually abused persons for the year 2006-2009 was retrieved from the hospitals record. A researcher designed questionnaire was used to collect relevant data from the completed Post Rape Care (PRC form. The PRC-Ministry of Health no. 363 (MOH363 form is mandatorily completed by the physician attending the sexually abused patient. There was an increase in the number of cases of sexual abuse reported in 2007 election year in Kenya, with a statistically significant increase in the sexually abused male cases. Sexual crime is more prevalent when there is war or conflict.

  4. A survey of oral and maxillofacial biopsies in children: a single-center retrospective study of 20 years in Pelotas-Brazil

    Giana da Silveira Lima


    Full Text Available Despite the large number of published cases about oral and maxillofacial pediatric lesions, the literature is scarce on epidemiological studies regarding the prevalence of these entities. This study retrieved oral and maxillofacial pediatric lesions from the Center of Diagnosis of Oral Diseases (CDDB at the Dental School of the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPEL, comprising a 20-year period (1983-2002. From the total of 9,465 biopsies received in this period, 625 (6.6% were from children aged 0 to 14 years. Regardless of the histopathological diagnosis, patient data referring to lesion location, sex and age were collected. Diagnoses were grouped in 13 categories. As much as 89% of the cases occurred in patients aged 7 to 14 years (53% in females and 47% in males. Mucocele (17.2% was the most common type of lesion, followed by dentigerous cyst (8.6%. In the category of odontogenic tumors, odontoma was the most frequent lesion (64.2%. Malignant lesions were observed in a small section of the sample (1.2%. Generally, the results of the present study are in line with those reported in the literature concerning the most prevalent lesions in the pediatric population. Most lesions were benign, and malignant lesions were diagnosed in a very small part of the sample.

  5. Associations of retrospective and concurrent lipid levels with subclinical atherosclerosis prediction after 20 years of follow-up: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study

    Raynor, Lewis A.; Schreiner, Pamela J.; Loria, Catherine M.; Carr, J. Jeffrey; Pletcher, Mark J.; Shikany, James M.


    Purpose Using data from the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study, we sought to determine how well lipids measured at baseline and at 20 years predict the presence of subclinical atherosclerosis. Methods Complete risk factor, coronary artery calcification (CAC), and carotid intima media thickness (CIMT) data were available for 2435 participants. Lipids were categorized into quartiles, CAC at Y20 was dichotomized as present/absent, and CIMT was dichotomized as ≥84 or <84th overall percentile. Multivariable logistic regression was used to model the association between lipids and CAC/CIMT. C statistics were used to assess the discriminative value of each lipid measure in predicting the presence of CAC or CIMT at Y20. Results Lipid levels measured in young adulthood as well as middle age were both associated with subclinical disease in middle age. The discriminatory value of lipids was virtually identical at baseline, when participants were 18–30 years of age, and 20 years later. Neither baseline nor Y20 lipid data were strong predictors of Y20 subclinical disease despite statistically significant associations. Conclusions These results are consistent with a growing body of evidence that early-life exposure to nonoptimal lipids matters and lifestyle modifications administered earlier in the lifespan could slow the progress of the atherosclerotic plaques. PMID:23889858

  6. Cardiogenetic counseling : An overview of results and daily practice after 15 years experience

    Hofman, Nynke; Kolder, Iris; Alders, Marielle; Mannens, Marcel; Tan, Hanno; Van Langen, Irene; Wilde, Arthur


    Introduction: We evaluated the results of 15 years of cardiogenetic counseling in the Academic Medical Center (AMC). Methods: We retrospectively analyzed all families who were counseled between 1996 and 2011 with a suspected inherited arrhythmia syndrome including primary electrical diseases, cardio

  7. Implementation of E-Portfolio in the First Academic Year at the University of Teacher Education St. Gallen

    Andrea Christen


    Full Text Available The students of the university of teachereducation St.Gallen (PHSG, Switzerland document aspectsof their learning process affiliated with their firstexperiences in a practical training class during their firstacademic year linked with an E-Portfolio (Weblog. Thefirst presented study reports findings (n= 129;questionnaire; Man Withney U-Tests; Wilcoxon SignedRank Tests concerning the attitude of the students to the EPortfolioin the domains of precognition, attitude, interests,use, relevance, learning progress, effort and motivation. Thesecond study reveals first findings concerning theimplementation of E-Assessment with a first strategic focuson the work schedule of involved professors and processorientated assessment, which assesses the learning processon the E-Portfolio on a weekly basis (n=13; interview;development of an assessment scale.

  8. 肠外营养支持临床应用七年回顾%A Retrospective study of parenteral nutrition support in 7 years periods

    徐鹏远; 许世才; 谭晶; 陈加勇; 甘平; 孙敏


    目的分析7年来肠外营养支持在我院临床应用的疗效.方法据不完全统计,从1992年中旬到1999年11月,对2768例病人进行了以肠外营养为主的营养支持.凡严重感染、创伤可能引起之营养不良,不能进食,胃肠道无功能或胃肠道需要休息,以及各种原因引起或即将引起营养不良者均为肠外营养适应症.2768例病人分布于我院普外科,SICU、烧伤、胸外、骨科、干疗科,神经内科,肾内,血液等17个科室,其中外科系统占71.8%,内科仅占28.2%.结果和结论1.肠外营养是治疗危重病人的重要手段,它使重症胰腺炎,肠瘘,严重感染,严重创伤等病人获得了治愈机会.2.危重病人处于严重应激和代谢紊乱,治疗中应遵循代谢支持原则,减少糖量,增加氮量.3.治疗中应注意保护胃肠粘膜屏障,少量早期进食和口服谷氨酰胺是保护胃肠粘膜屏障简单有效的方法.4.对于严重创伤病人,尽管提供了足够而合理的营养底物,但病人的分解代谢并不因此而减轻,给予代谢调理剂(如生长激素)是有益的.5.肿瘤病人的营养支持应配合化疗或用于围手术期,肝功能差的病人则应提高支链氨基酸含量,肾衰病人应降低氮量,主要提供必需氨基酸.6.一旦肠道能利用就要尽可能利用,肠内营养能保护肠屏障功能,还能改善内脏血液循环障碍,加速重症病人的康复.7.肠外营养的并发症时有发生,要特别注意.%We performed a retrospective study to assess the therapeutic effect of Parenteral Nutrition (PN) support in our hospital. From may 1992 to November 1999, there are about 2 768 patients received the Parenteral Nutrition. The Patients were varied, such as were limited or unusable of gut, be unable to eat (because of coma, severe anoxia, or mental disturbance), severe trauma and stress and all other diseases that may develop to malnutrition. They come from the Gastrointestinal Surgical Department, SICU

  9. The Use of Flashcards in Teaching English for the Sixth Year Students of SDN 1 Tuntang in the academic year of 2002 - 2003

    Insaniyah Insaniyah


    Full Text Available This research is to study the use of flashcards to teach English vocabulary. Teaching material in above is virtually concerning with visual aids. By using visual aids, expected that the teachers would be able to motivate them to learn and pay deep attention to the presentable materials by the teachers, so the students will not be tedious. This is an experimental research. The subject of the study is limited to the students of the sixth year of SDN 1 Tuntang, which has 27 students as the sample. She focuses on teaching method, which gives emphasis on flashcards as media in teaching vocabulary. To prove the success of teaching the writer compares between the result pre-test and post-test. The findings of this study showed that there are 20 students or 60 % are categorized as excellent, 15, 6 % or 3 students are as good students, 12, 5 % or 3 students are as fair, and 3, 1 % students are as poor. It means that teaching English vocabularies by using flashcards are very effective.


    Agus Safudin


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to find out how far the errors of simple present tense produced bythe second year students of SMP N 1 Susukan. The research was conducted at State Junior High School (SMP N 1 Susukan, Regency of Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. The objects of this research were the eighth graders. This is quantitative research. The writer uses random sampling by lottery. There are about 75 students and the writer took 50% as the sample.The errors made by the students were divided into eight aspects. (1 Error in using auxiliary is 36.75%. (2 Error in using plural noun is 22.90%. (3 Error in using to be is (am, is, are, is 7.69%.(4 Error in adverb of manneris 4.27%. (5 Error in using verb in simple present tense is 4.78%. (6 Error in using possessive sentence 5.24%. (7 Error in using imperative sentence is 0.34%. (8 Error due to ignorant is 11.28%. Relating to those errors there should be the preventing efforts by the teachers such as providing lots of examples of English and Indonesian sentences so that the students have greater understanding about the difference of those languages.

  11. Retention and marginal adaptation of a compomer placed in non-stress-bearing areas used with the total-etch technique: a 3-year retrospective study.

    Prati, C; Chersoni, S; Cretti, L; Montanari, G


    The aim of this clinical study was to evaluate class V and class III cavities restored with a polyacid-modified resin composite (compomer) restorative material in association with two different dentin-enamel bonding systems: Dyract-PSA (Primer Sealer Adhesive-DentSply, Germany) and Prime & Bond 2.0 (DentSply, Germany). The control group was a hybrid composite used with ProBond bonding system (DentSply, Germany). A total of 116 restorations (79 class V, 37 class III) were made and reevaluated after 1, 2 and 3 years in 55 patients in two private practices and in a university department. Class V nonretentive cavities were located at the CEJ level and class III at interproximal level close to CEJ. Each cavity was prepared using a water-cooled, high-speed handpiece with a fine diamond burr. A small bevel was prepared along enamel margin. Cavity dimensions were no more than 3.5 x 3.5 mm (using burr as reference point). Each restoration was finished immediately with fine diamond burrs and Sof-Lex disks (3 M, USA). The criteria that were evaluated by the USPHS method included: retention, color match, marginal integrity, marginal discoloration, and secondary caries. Results indicated that all compomer restorations were fully retained at 3 years, and that no secondary caries detected. Seven composite restorations were lost during the 3-year study. No statistical differences were observed between class III and class V or among other conditions (e.g., upper-lower arc, sex, age). This study demonstrates that compomers are suitable restorative materials for class III-V restorations. They may represent a clinical alternative to composites in class V and III restorations.

  12. Nuclear magnetic resonance-based metabonomics reveals strong sex effect on plasma metabolism in 17-year-old Scandinavians and correlation to retrospective infant plasma parameters.

    Bertram, Hanne Christine; Duus, Jens Ø; Petersen, Bent O; Hoppe, Camilla; Larnkjaer, Anni; Schack-Nielsen, Lene; Mølgaard, Christian; Michaelsen, Kim F


    Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)-based metabonomics was carried out on plasma samples from a total of seventy-five 17-year-old Danes to investigate the impact of key parameters such as sex, height, weight, and body mass index on the plasma metabolite profile in a normal, healthy population. Principal component analysis identified sex to have a large impact on the NMR plasma metabolome, whereas no apparent effects of height, weight, and body mass index were found. Partial least square regression discriminant analysis and quantification of relative metabolite concentrations by integration of NMR signals revealed that the sex effect included differences in plasma lipoproteins (mainly high-density lipoprotein), glucose, choline, and amino acid content. Accordingly, the present study suggests a higher lipid synthesis in young women than young men and a higher protein turnover in young men compared with women. Data on plasma content of triglyceride, lipoprotein fractions, and cholesterol at an age of 9 months were available for selected individuals (n = 40); and partial least square regressions revealed correlations between these infant parameters and the NMR plasma metabolome at an age of 17 years. In conclusion, the present study demonstrates the feasibility of NMR-based metabonomics for obtaining a deeper insight into interindividual differences in metabolism and for exploring relationships between parameters measured early in life and metabolic status at a later stage.

  13. The states of marriage and fertility of women born in the reign of Guangxu of the Qing: a retrospective survey of the states of marriage and fertility of 90-94-year old women in Hebei province.

    Zhang, R; Ren, L; Zhao, X


    The results of a retrospective study of marriage and fertility among 90- 94 year old women in Hebei Province, China, in 1980 are discussed. This population is important because of deficiencies in available data and as a historical record of demographic change since feudal times which may help to understand modern patterns. The survey provided 4002 questionnaires (.07% of the entire provincial population). Survey methods are briefly described and assurances are made for its reliability. The findings reported pertain to 1) average age at 1st marriage which was 19.3 years for women in the former Qing He township of Beijing; 2) distributions of age at 1st marriage, which reveal that 75.91% were married between 16-20 years; 3) the average age at primiparity and the age distribution at primiparity, which was 22.5 years and concentrated in the 20-24 age group; 4) the average interval between 1st and 2nd births, which was 3.66 years; 5) women's lifelong average number of children born and number of parities, which averaged 6.03 children/woman and 6.2 live parities/woman and 3.30% infertility (46.7% had 6-7 live born children); 6) age at 1st marriage and fertility; 7) final parity fertility age and fertility; and 7) the state of infant mortality, which was 181.47% in 1 year of which the mortality rate of males was and 162.47% for females. Comparisons are made to current data. Considerable advances have been made since these women were born in 1892-96, particularly in terms of infant mortality which in 1980-83 was 34%. Age at 1st marriage was similar up to the period of Liberation in 1954, but 4.14 years lower that the average of 23.12 years in 1979. While primiparity at age 24 accounted for 81.65% of the total, in 1985 there was around 25% completed primiparity in each 5-year age group between 25-29 years and 45-49 years. The 60.56% having a birth interval of 2-3 years is lower than the 65% in 1985. The average number of live births was lower in 1985 (4.28). These 90

  14. Assessment of Health Status of Successfully Treated Category I Patients under RNTCP Program, Five Years After Treatment Completion and ndash; A Retrospective Cohort Study from A Coastal District of India

    Kirthinath Ballal


    Full Text Available "Background: Tuberculosis remains a major public health problem worldwide and also in India. Inspite of RNTCP being a comprehensive programme for effective management and control of tuberculosis, efficacy of DOTS regimen is questioned by private practitioners. Methods: A retrospective cohort study was carried out in a coastal district of India to assess the health status of successfully treated Category I patients under RNTCP program, five years after treatment completion. An interview was conducted with all the available subjects at their residence using a semi-structured pre-tested interview. Results: Out of 224 registered new sputum positive patients, 177 cases were successfully treated during the recruiting year, accounting for a success rate of 79%. Of the 177 treated patients, 118 were traceable during the study period, out of which 100 subjects had survived after 5 years and were available for the interview. Recurrence of TB was reported in 2 patients during the follow up period. Conclusion: This five years follow up study shows a good long term success rate of TB patient's treatment. Hence, it reaffirms the scientific basis of RNTCP policy of DOTS regimen to be the right strategy for TB control. [Natl J Community Med 2016; 7(5.000: 425-429

  15. Chest trauma experience over eleven-year period at al-mouassat university teaching hospital-Damascus: a retrospective review of 888 cases

    Al-Koudmani Ibrahim


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Thoracic trauma is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in developing countries. In this study, we present our 11-year experience in the management and clinical outcome of 888 chest trauma cases as a result of blunt and penetrating injuries in our university hospital in Damascus, Syria. Methods We reviewed files of 888 consequent cases of chest trauma between January 2000 and January 2011. The mean age of our patients was 31 ± 17 years mostly males with blunt injuries. Patients were evaluated and compared according to age, gender, etiology of trauma, thoracic and extra-thoracic injuries, complications, and mortality. Results The leading cause of the trauma was violence (41% followed by traffic accidents (33%. Pneumothorax (51%, Hemothorax (38%, rib fractures (34%, and lung contusion (15% were the most common types of injury. Associated injuries were documented in 36% of patients (extremities 19%, abdomen 13%, head 8%. A minority of the patients required thoracotomy (5.7%, and tube thoracostomy (56% was sufficient to manage the majority of cases. Mean hospital LOS was 4.5 ± 4.6 days. The overall mortoality rate was 1.8%, and morbidity (n = 78, 8.7%. Conclusions New traffic laws (including seat belt enforcement reduced incidence and severity of chest trauma in Syria. Violence was the most common cause of chest trauma rather than road traffic accidents in this series, this necessitates epidemiologic or multi-institutional studies to know to which degree violence contributes to chest trauma in Syria. The number of fractured ribs can be used as simple indicator of the severity of trauma. And we believe that significant neurotrauma, traffic accidents, hemodynamic status and GCS upon arrival, ICU admission, ventilator use, and complication of therapy are predictors of dismal prognosis.

  16. Prevalence and cumulative incidence of abnormal cervical cytology among HIV-infected Thai women: a 5.5-year retrospective cohort study

    Thamkhantho Manopchai


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Cervical cancer is one of the most common AIDS-related malignancies in Thailand. To prevent cervical cancer, The US Public Health Service and The Infectious Disease Society of America have recommended that all HIV-infected women should obtain 2 Pap smears 6 months apart after the initial HIV diagnosis and, if results of both are normal, should undergo annual cytological screening. However, there has been no evidence in supporting whether this guideline is appropriate in all settings - especially in areas where HIV-infected women are living in resource-constrained condition. Methods To determine the appropriate interval of Pap smear screenings for HIV-infected Thai women and risk factors for subsequent abnormal cervical cytology, we assessed the prevalence, cumulative incidence and associated factors of cervical cell abnormalities (atypical squamous cell of undetermined significance or higher grades, ASCUS+ among this group of patients. Results The prevalence of ASCUS+ was 15.4% at the first visit, and the cumulative incidence of ASCUS+ gradually increased to 37% in the first 3.5 years of follow-up appointments (first 7 times, and tended to plateau in the last 2 years. For multivariate correlation analysis, women with a CD4 count P = 0.043. There were no associations of subsequent ASCUS+ with age, pregnancy, contraceptive method, highly active anti-retroviral treatment, assumed duration of infection, or the CD4 count nadir level. Conclusion There are high prevalence and cumulative incidence of ASCUS+ in HIV-infected Thai women. With a high lost-to-follow-up rate, an appropriate interval of Pap smear screening cannot be concluded from the present study. Nevertheless, the HIV-infected Thai women may require more than two normal semi-annual Pap smears before shifting to routinely annual cytologic screening.

  17. Mini dental implants for long-term fixed and removable prosthetics: a retrospective analysis of 2514 implants placed over a five-year period.

    Shatkin, Todd E; Shatkin, Samuel; Oppenheimer, Benjamin D; Oppenheimer, Adam J


    Over the past decade, endosseous implants of increasingly smaller diameters have been introduced into the field of dentistry. Small diameter implants (SDIs) are generally 2.75 mm to 3.3 mm in diameter. They are frequently used in cases of limited alveolar anatomy Mini dental implants (MDIs) are smaller than their SDI counterparts, with diameters ranging from 1.8 mm to 2.4 mm. They are suitable for long-term use-a task for which the device was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The following study describes the authors' experience with MDIs under this indication. Over a 5-year period, 2514 MDIs were placed in 531 patients. The mean duration of follow-up was 2.9 years. The implants supported fixed (1278) and removable prostheses (1236), with nearly equal placement in the mandible and maxilla (1256 and 1258, respectively). The overall implant survival was 94.2%. Based on a Cox proportional hazards model, statistically significant predictors of failure include use in removable prostheses (hazard ratio = 4.28), the posterior maxilla (3.37), atrophic bone (3.32), and cigarette smokers (2.28). Implant failures (145) were attributed to mobility with or without suppuration (19% vs 81%, respectively). The mean failure time for these implants was approximately 6.4 months (193+/-42 days). This temporally correlates with the osseointegration period. A learning curve was established for this procedure, and implant survival improved with placement experience. Based on these results, the authors have devised treatment guidelines for the use of MDIs in long-term fixed and removable prostheses. MDIs are not a panacea; however, proper training enables the general dentist to successfully implement MDIs into clinical practice.

  18. Academic Words and Academic Capitalism

    Michael Billig


    Full Text Available This paper suggests that it is the best and worst of times for academic work. It is the best of times because there are more academics publishing than ever before. It is the worst of times because there is much unnecessary publication. Working in the competitive conditions of academic capitalism, academics feel impelled to keep publishing, whether or not they have anything to say. The pressures to publish continually and to promote one’s own approach are reflected in the way that social scientists are writing. Academics use a noun-based technical language, which is less precise than ordinary language. Postgraduates are taught this way of writing as a precondition for entering the social sciences. In this way, the nature of academic capitalism not only determines the conditions under which academics are working but it affects the way that they are writing.

  19. Case study: a data warehouse for an academic medical center.

    Einbinder, J S; Scully, K W; Pates, R D; Schubart, J R; Reynolds, R E


    The clinical data repository (CDR) is a frequently updated relational data warehouse that provides users with direct access to detailed, flexible, and rapid retrospective views of clinical, administrative, and financial patient data for the University of Virginia Health System. This article presents a case study of the CDR, detailing its five-year history and focusing on the unique role of data warehousing in an academic medical center. Specifically, the CDR must support multiple missions, including research and education, in addition to administration and management. Users include not only analysts and administrators but clinicians, researchers, and students.

  20. Retrospective Analysis of Discrepancies between Clinical and Histopathological Diagnoses in Head and Neck Lesions: An Institutional Study with 10 Years Database

    Ketki P Kalele


    Full Text Available Introduction: Oral and maxillofacial lesions present a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations ranging from an asympto - matic small lesion to a large destructive one. Several lesions mimic each other in their clinical presentation posing a diag - nostic dilemma. Due to interoperator subjectivity and lack of defined objective diagnostic criteria, histopathological investi - gation, most of the times, plays a vital role in final diagnosis. Many studies have reported the concordance rates among the clinical and histopathological diagnoses of oral lesions, however, there are very few studies which have highlighted the discrepancies in them that have led to drastic changes in the lines of diagnoses and treatment. This institutional retro - spective descriptive study intended to highlight this lacuna by going through histopathological registry to study such cases with discrepancies in clinical and histopathological diagnoses in last 10 years. The aim of this study was to systematically analyze the discrepancies in clinical and histopathological diagnoses of various oral lesions with an emphasis on malig - nant and nonmalignant groups so as to stress the importance of histopathological examination to ultimately minimize the risk of inadvertent inappropriate treatment. Materials and methods: A total of 1570 cases that were reported to our institute over a period of 10 years were evaluated from the histopathology registry. Out of these, 1300 cases met our inclusion criteria. Discrepancies were charted as major and minor discrepancies and discrepancy indices were calculated. Lesions were divided into malignan t and nonmalignant groups and were subjected to d i agnostic-screening test evaluation to assess the discrepancies. Results: Total discrepancy value (discrepancy index obtained was 12.9%, out of which 9.23% showed major discrepancies and 3.69% showed minor discrepancies. Ninety-five percent confidence interval (CI was calculated, and was found in