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  1. Output filters for AC adjustable speed drives

    Blaabjerg, Frede; Hanigovszki, Norbert; Landkildehus, Jorn, Jorn


    -phase applications the occurrence of common-mode (CM) voltage is inherent due to asymmetrical output pulses [1]. Consequently, several secondary effects arise at the inverter's output: high-frequency conducted and radiated emissions, leakage current, motor insulation stress due to wave reflection [2], bearing stress......The standard industrial solution for adjustable speed drives (ASD) is the use of induction motors (IM) fed by voltage-source inverters (VSI). The inverter generates a pulsewidth modulated (PWM) voltage, with dv/dt values of about 6 kV/¿s or even more. In three-leg inverters for three...

  2. 基于MATLAB 的交流调速系统课程仿真教学研究%Simulation Teaching Research on the Course of AC Speed Adjustment System Based on MATLAB



    AC speed adjustment system is applied in the modern industry more and more widely. For this kind of professional practical course, the introduction of simulation teaching is of great significance.%交流调速系统在现代化工业生产中的应用越来越多。对于此类专业实践性很强的课程,仿真化教学的引入显得意义尤其重大。

  3. High-speed AC motors

    Jokinen, T.; Arkkio, A. [Helsinki University of Technology Laboratory of Electromechanics, Otaniemi (Finland)


    The paper deals with various types of highspeed electric motors, and their limiting powers. Standard machines with laminated rotors can be utilised if the speed is moderate. The solid rotor construction makes it possible to reach higher power and speed levels than those of laminated rotors. The development work on high-speed motors done at Helsinki University of Technology is presented, too. (orig.) 12 refs.

  4. Speed of adjustment: Evidence from Borsa Istanbul

    Emrah Arioglu


    Full Text Available In this study, we investigate the speed of adjustment for leverage ratios of firms listed on Borsa Istanbul, in order to investigate the prediction of the trade-off theory, regarding capital structure rebalancing. For this purpose, we estimate the speed of adjustment by using Generalized Method of Moments system estimation technique. The results of this estimation suggest the speed of adjustment as approximately 29%. This significant speed of adjustment is consistent with the prediction of trade-off theory, which suggests that firms follow target capital structures and when the firms' leverage ratios deviate from these targets; they make financial decisions with the goal of closing the gap between the previous year's leverage and target leverage of the current period.

  5. Speed Control of DC Motor using AC/AC/DC Converter Based on Intelligent Techniques

    Rakan Kh Antar


    Full Text Available    This paper describes the application of ac/ac/dc and ac/dc converters to control the speed of a separately excited DC motor. Artificial neural network and PI controller are trained to select the desired values of firing angles for triggering thyristors of the ac/ac/dc and ac/dc bridge converters in order to control the speed of the dc motor at a desired value with constant and different load torques in order to obtain the best speed response. Simulation results show that the rising time for ac/dc and ac/ac/dc converters at 250rpm are reduced about 79% and 89% respectively, while delay time it reduced about 69% and 64% respectively. Therefore, speed response of the dc motor is more efficient for closed loop system compared with open loop also the response of ac/ac/dc converter is better than ac/dc converter.

  6. Adjustable Speed Drives - Future Challenges and Applications

    Blaabjerg, Frede; Thoegersen, Paul


    The main trends within Adjustable Drives in industrial and appliance applications for the next decade are discussed based on the newest developments seen on the market and a few historical trends. Different drive configurations are presented and the general demands to adjustable speed drives...... are specified. Further on power architectures and motor types are discussed in a short term and long-term view. Possible drivers of the future development are identified, and the concept of an ?Electronic Motor? is discussed. A number of applications are presented where variable speed is attractive....

  7. Adjustable Speed Drives and Power Quality

    Davari, Pooya; Yang, Yongheng; Zare, Firuz;


    This paper provides an overview and proposes cost-effective and efficient opportunities in improving power quality in Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) systems. In particular, an Electronic Inductor (EI) technique has been used in single drives to overcome the existing challenges in conventional...

  8. Adjustable speed drives: Applications and R&D needs

    Stefanovic, V.R.


    The largest opportunity for the growth of adjustable speed drives (ASDs) during the next 5-6 years is in pump, fan and compressor (PFC) applications where a constant, fixed speed operation is converted to adjustable speed in order to realize energy savings. Inverter supplied induction motors are and will continue to be predominately used in these applications. Over the long term (10-15 years), the greatest ASD growth is expected in large volume consumer applications: first in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs) and in residential heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC). Both induction and a variety of AC Permanent Magnet motors are expected to be the dominant technology in this new field. The traditional ASD applications in industries which require adjustable speed (such as machine tools, robotics, steel rolling, extruders, paper mill finishing lines, etc.) offer a relatively limited potential for above average ASD growth since most of these applications have already converted to electronic speed control. As a result, ASD growth in this sector will essentially track the growth of the corresponding industries. If realized, both short and long term ASD growth opportunities will result in significant advancements of ASD technology, which will then substantially affect all other, more fragmented, ASD applications. In fact, any single large volume ASD application will serve as a catalyst for improving ASD characteristics in all other ASD applications with the same voltage rating. ASD cost and reliability (defined in the context of application compatibility) are the two most important factors which will determine whether the ASD growth opportunities are realized. Conversely, any technological improvement which carries a cost increase will be restricted to niche applications, at best. Consequently, future R & D efforts should be directed to secure reduction in ASD cost and improvement in ASD reliability. A specific action plan is outlined in this report.

  9. Design and Implementation of an Adjustable Speed Drive for Motion Control Applications

    J. Rodríguez-Reséndiz; J. M. Gutiérrez-Villalobos; D. Duarte-Correa; J. D. Mendiola-Santibañez; I. M. Santillán-Méndez


    In this article a hardware topology meant to compare the velocity performance of both an induction motor and a permanent magnet (PM) AC three-phase motor is presented. A variable reference is tracked by the sensorless vectorcontrolled adjustable speed drive (ASD) that permits, by means of the same type of control, performing the speed control loop of the two motors. The algorithms are programmed on a digital signal processor (DSP) in order to ensure efficient use of energy in the transistor ...

  10. An Adjustable-speed System With Single-phase AC Input Based on Electrolytic Capacitor-less Tapped-inductor Single-stage Boost Inverters%单相交流输入的无电解电容抽头电感单级升压逆变器在交流调速系统中的应用

    周玉斐; 黄文新; 赵健伍


    研究将无电解电容的单级升压逆变技术应用于变频调速系统。采用的抽头电感单级升压逆变器(tapped- inductor single-stage boost inverter,TISSBI)包含由1个抽头电感和2个二极管构成的无源网络,通过调节直通占空比和电感抽头的位置,能够实现单级升降压功能。将无电解电容的TISSBI应用于单相输入的变频调速系统,实现抗电网电压跌落、母线脉动抑制和提高输入功率因数的功能。用实验验证了理论分析方法的可行性。%This paper presented an adjustable-speed system with single-phase AC input based on the electrolytic capacitor-less single-stage boost inverter with tapped-inductor. The tapped-inductor single-stage boost inverter (TISSBI) includes an impedance network with one tapped inductor and two diodes, and it can realize buck or boost performance. In order to resist the grid voltage sags, output low frequency ripple decreasing, and input power factor improvement, this paper applied the electrolytic capacitor-less TISSBI to adjustable-speed system with single-phase AC input. Experimental results were carried out to verify the theoretical analysis.

  11. 21 CFR 880.5100 - AC-powered adjustable hospital bed.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered adjustable hospital bed. 880.5100... (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES GENERAL HOSPITAL AND PERSONAL USE DEVICES General Hospital and Personal Use Therapeutic Devices § 880.5100 AC-powered adjustable hospital bed. (a) Identification. An...

  12. An AC/AC Direct Power Conversion Topology Having Multiple Power Grid Connections with Adjustable Loading

    Klumpner, Christian; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Normally, a power converter has one supply port to connect to the power grid and one or multiple output ports to connect to AC loads that require variable voltage and variable frequency. As the trend on the energy market is towards deregulation, new converter topologies are needed to allow...... independent producers/consumers to connect to multiple distribution grids in order to optimise the electricity price, as this will vary during the day from one power distribution company to another one. It will be needed to have a load that can smoothly adjust the power consumed from each power grid in order...... these fraction power will be a necessary feature on a deregulated energy market. This paper presents a new topology of a power converter based on the Direct Power Conversion concept, which is able to connect to multiple grids and provide complete decoupling between without circulating power between the grids...

  13. Pitch Based Wind Turbine Intelligent Speed Setpoint Adjustment Algorithms

    Asier González-González


    Full Text Available This work is aimed at optimizing the wind turbine rotor speed setpoint algorithm. Several intelligent adjustment strategies have been investigated in order to improve a reward function that takes into account the power captured from the wind and the turbine speed error. After different approaches including Reinforcement Learning, the best results were obtained using a Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO-based wind turbine speed setpoint algorithm. A reward improvement of up to 10.67% has been achieved using PSO compared to a constant approach and 0.48% compared to a conventional approach. We conclude that the pitch angle is the most adequate input variable for the turbine speed setpoint algorithm compared to others such as rotor speed, or rotor angular acceleration.

  14. Interharmonic analysis and mitigation in adjustable speed drives

    Soltani, Hamid; Loh, Poh Chiang; Blaabjerg, Frede;


    This paper presents the theoretical background and studies on the supply side current interharmonics in a double-stage Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD), when they are initiated by motor current imbalance. Some useful approaches are then proposed to compensate for these interharmonic currents in parti...

  15. Effects of passive components on the input current interharmonics of adjustable-speed drives

    Soltani, Hamid; Blaabjerg, Frede; Zare, Firuz;


    speed drives with and/or without motor current imbalance. The investigation is done at different motor operating frequencies and load torque values. It shows that selecting the small filter components (ac choke, dc choke and dc-link capacitor) results in different performances in respect to those......Current and voltage source Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs) exert distortion current into the grid, which may produce some interharmonic components other than the characteristic harmonic components. This paper studies the effects of passive components on the input current interharmonics of adjustable...... interharmincs issued by motor current imbalance and other non-characteristic interharmonics. The results are helpful for engineers investigating the effects of drive filters on the input current interharmonic components....

  16. Design and Implementation of an Adjustable Speed Drive for Motion Control Applications

    J. Rodríguez-Reséndiz


    Full Text Available In this article a hardware topology meant to compare the velocity performance of both an induction motor and a permanent magnet (PM AC three-phase motor is presented. A variable reference is tracked by the sensorless vectorcontrolled adjustable speed drive (ASD that permits, by means of the same type of control, performing the speed control loop of the two motors. The algorithms are programmed on a digital signal processor (DSP in order to ensure efficient use of energy in the transistor bridge and proper tracking of the reference at low and high speeds. Regarding the torque performance, a laboratory test bed based on a torquemeter and two motors is constructed. The hardware implementation includes the power and the digital stages. A serial communication between the PC and the ASD is accomplished to put into operation in the user front-end because a high speed sample frequency is required for the analysis software that runs in the PC. This interface is used not only as comparing the speed response of the motors signals but also as looking the power quality analysis of each motor measurements based on software. Results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the sensorless scheme.

  17. AC-DC integrated load flow calculation for variable speed offshore wind farms

    Zhao, Menghua; Chen, Zhe; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This paper proposes a sequential AC-DC integrated load flow algorithm for variable speed offshore wind farms. In this algorithm, the variable frequency and the control strategy of variable speed wind turbine systems are considered. In addition, the losses of wind turbine systems and the losses...... of converters are also integrated into the load flow algorithm. As a general algorithm, it can be applied to different types of wind farm configurations, and the load flow is related to the wind speed....

  18. Speed/position sensor fault tolerant control in adjustable speed drives - A review.

    Bourogaoui, M; Sethom, H Ben Attia; Belkhodja, I Slama


    The position sensor is one of the most used devices in Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs). Its use is mandatory in electric machines vector control. In this paper, an interest was addressed to this field. Indeed, a bibliographical review, about Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) and Fault Tolerant Control (FTC) in ASDs, is presented. Thus, the paper deals with position sensor FDI and sensorless control-based FTC in ASDs. Moreover, this issue is mainly addressed to position sensor faults in ASDs. This paper is based on a wide literature review referring to scientific papers and manufacturer׳s technical documents. In total, 186 references in the open literature, dating back to 1981, have been investigated in order to perform this study.

  19. FLC based adjustable speed drives for power quality enhancement

    Sukumar Darly


    Full Text Available This study describes a new approach based on fuzzy algorithm to suppress the current harmonic contents in the output of an inverter. Inverter system using fuzzy controllers provide ride-through capability during voltage sags, reduces harmonics, improves power factor and high reliability, less electromagnetic interference noise, low common mode noise and extends output voltage range. A feasible test is implemented by building a model of three-phase impedance source inverter, which is designed and controlled on the basis of proposed considerations. It is verified from the practical point of view that these new approaches are more effective and acceptable to minimize the harmonic distortion and improves the quality of power. Due to the complex algorithm, their realization often calls for a compromise between cost and performance. The proposed optimizing strategies may be applied in variable-frequency dc-ac inverters, UPSs, and ac drives.

  20. Jump Testing and the Speed of Market Adjustment

    Rasmussen, Torben B.

    for high-frequency transaction data. To capture these microstructure effects, this paper suggests a model in which market prices adjust gradually to jumps in the underlying effcient price. A case study illustrates the empirical relevance of the model, and the performance of different jump tests...... is investigated here and in a simulation study. Evidence indicates that tests based on the largest of scaled price increments perform better than tests comparing measures of variability. Resolving the matter by testing at lower frequencies turns out to be less straightforward.......Asymptotic properties of jump tests rely on the property that any jump occurs within a single time interval no matter what the observation frequency is. Market microstructure effects in relation to news-induced revaluation of the underlying variable is likely to make this an unrealistic assumption...

  1. Sensorless speed estimation of an AC induction motor by using an artificial neural network approach

    Alkhoraif, Abdulelah Ali

    Sensorless speed detection of an induction motor is an attractive area for researchers to enhance the reliability of the system and to reduce the cost of the components. This paper presents a simple method of estimating a rotational speed by utilizing an artificial neural network (ANN) that would be fed by a set of stator current frequencies that contain some saliency harmonics. This approach allows operators to detect the speed in induction motors such an approach also provides reliability, low cost, and simplicity. First, the proposed method is based on converting the stator current signals to the frequency domain and then applying a tracking algorithm to the stator current spectrum in order to detect frequency peaks. Secondly, the ANN has to be trained by the detected peaks; the training data must be from very precise data to provide an accurate rotor speed. Moreover, the desired output of the training is the speed, which is measured by a tachometer simultaneously with the stator current signal. The databases were collected at many different speeds from two different types of AC induction motors, wound rotor and squirrel cage. They were trained and tested, so when the difference between the desired speed value and the ANN output value reached the wanted accuracy, the system does not need to use the tachometer anymore. Eventually, the experimental results show that in an optimal ANN design, the speed of the wound rotor induction motor was estimated accurately, where the testing average error was 1 RPM. The proposed method has not succeeded to predict the rotor speed of the squirrel cage induction motor precisely, where the smallest testing­average error that was achieved was 5 RPM.

  2. Mitigation of Harmonics and Interharmonics in VSI-Fed Adjustable Speed Drives



    Full Text Available The components of harmonics are integral multiple of the fundamental component and the components of inter-harmonics are are non integral multiple of the fundamental component. AC-DC-AC conversion systems used in variable speed drive are sources of inter-harmonics. There are several reasons for inter-harmonic generation in variable speed drives. In this paper, the generation of inter-harmonics in the supply side due to indirect frequency converter is considered. A passive filter is designed to mitigate harmonics and inter-harmonics. The accuracy of the proposed method is verified using the simulationtool of PSIM. Simulated results of VSI-fed induction motor with the proposed filter prove the effectiveness of mitigation.

  3. Instantaneous characteristics simulation and analysis on three-level brushless AC synchronous generators of aeronautic constant speed and frequency AC power system

    Ma, Xiaohe; Shen, Songhua


    This paper mainly introduces theoretical analysis and experimental results of instantaneous characteristics on a certain three level brushless three-phase AC synchronous generators. The analysis, modeling and simulations with Simplorer software of Ansoft Company are carried out. It establishes three level generator models, gives theoretical relation matrix equation, and simulates some instantaneous characteristics. Design of the system requires reliable simulation tools with comprehensive component libraries capable of dealing with complex system behavior. The simulation results verify that the proposed system model can efficiently simulate the instantaneous characteristics of the real AC generator system. It gives better design experiences and digital methods for aeronautic constant speed and frequency AC power system.

  4. Theoretical research on hydroviscous speed-adjusting clutch in soft-start of belt conveyor

    ZHOU Man-shan; ZHANG Yuan


    Through research on the application of hydroviscous speed-adjusting clutch in belt conveyor, this paper concluded that hydroviscous speed-adjusting clutch has many advantages such as controllable start and stop, overload protection and multi-motor power equilibrium. But its theory when used in large power fan and pump could not meet the needs of belt conveyor soft-start operation. Focusing on the theoretical analysis of the lubrication oil flow needed by the transmission procedure to form the oil-film. Put forward concrete calculation methods of lubrication flow and how to decide number of oil-films used in belt conveyor.

  5. Variable speed rotary compressor and adjustable speed drive efficiencies measured in the laboratory

    Miller, W. A.

    Two state-of-the-art variable-speed rotary compressors, of nominal one ton cooling capacity, were instrumented and tested in the laboratory. Both compressors were identical except for their respective variable-speed drive systems (i.e., motor and inverter). One compressor had an inverter driven induction motor (IDIM) drive, and the other had a permanent magnet electronically commutated motor drive (PM-ECM). The laboratory study evaluated the compressor's efficiency under representative variable-speed conditions. Testing was conducted as a function of compressor drive frequency and of refrigerant condensing and evaporating conditions. Saturated refrigerant conditions, inlet superheat, and subcooling were controlled using a secondary refrigerant calorimeter. Spectrum analysis was conducted on the current input to one phase of the three-phase drive systems to measure motor speed and characterize harmonic content of the inverters. An optimal volt per Hz ratio was determined at 120-, 90-, 60-, and 30-Hz drive frequencies and at different load conditions for the rotary with induction motor as driven by a PWM inverter and also by a motor generator set (ideal induction motor drive). Variation of voltage input to the compressor had the largest effect at the lowest drive frequency (30Hz). A 5 percent variation about the optimal voltage at 30 Hz frequency caused a roughly 5 percent drop in compressor isentropic efficiency. Calorimeter data were used to develop modulating compressor and drive system performance maps. Performances of the two compressors were compared and the rotary with PM-ECM drive showed better efficiency trends at 30-Hz drive frequency. Above the 30-Hz drive frequency no clear advantage was observed for the PM-ECM vs the IDIM, possibly due to oversizing of the PM-ECM inverter.

  6. Variable frequency inverter for ac induction motors with torque, speed and braking control

    Nola, F. J. (Inventor)


    A variable frequency inverter was designed for driving an ac induction motor which varies the frequency and voltage to the motor windings in response to varying torque requirements for the motor so that the applied voltage amplitude and frequency are of optimal value for any motor load and speed requirement. The slip frequency of the motor is caused to vary proportionally to the torque and feedback is provided so that the most efficient operating voltage is applied to the motor. Winding current surge is limited and a controlled negative slip causes motor braking and return of load energy to a dc power source.

  7. Input current interharmonics in adjustable speed drives caused by fixed-frequency modulation techniques

    Soltani, Hamid; Davari, Pooya; Loh, Poh Chiang;


    Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs) based on double-stage conversion systems may inject interharmonics distortion into the grid, other than the well-known characteristic harmonic components. The problems created by interharmonics make it necessary to find their precise sources, and, to adopt an approp...

  8. Performance Evaluation of Electronic Inductor-Based Adjustable Speed Drives with Respect to Line Current Interharmonics

    Soltani, Hamid; Davari, Pooya; Zare, Firuz;


    Electronic Inductor (EI)-based front-end rectifiers have a large potential to become the prominent next generation of Active Front End (AFE) topology used in many applications including Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs) for systems having unidirectional power flow. The EI-based ASD is mostly attract...

  9. Adjustable Speed Drives in the Next Decade. Future Steps in Industry and Academia

    Thøgersen, Paul; Blaabjerg, Frede


    The main trends for the next decade within the multi-disciplinarian field of adjustable speed drives are discussed, and a number of topics are especially addressed in this paper. The topics include market development over the last decade, historical development in power converter volume and weigh...

  10. Probability distribution of surface wind speed induced by convective adjustment on Venus

    Yamamoto, Masaru


    The influence of convective adjustment on the spatial structure of Venusian surface wind and probability distribution of its wind speed is investigated using an idealized weather research and forecasting model. When the initially uniform wind is much weaker than the convective wind, patches of both prograde and retrograde winds with scales of a few kilometers are formed during active convective adjustment. After the active convective adjustment, because the small-scale convective cells and their related vertical momentum fluxes dissipate quickly, the large-scale (>4 km) prograde and retrograde wind patches remain on the surface and in the longitude-height cross-section. This suggests the coexistence of local prograde and retrograde flows, which may correspond to those observed by Pioneer Venus below 10 km altitude. The probability distributions of surface wind speed V during the convective adjustment have a similar form in different simulations, with a sharp peak around ∼0.1 m s-1 and a bulge developing on the flank of the probability distribution. This flank bulge is associated with the most active convection, which has a probability distribution with a peak at the wind speed 1.5-times greater than the Weibull fitting parameter c during the convective adjustment. The Weibull distribution P(> V) (= exp[-(V/c)k]) with best-estimate coefficients of Lorenz (2016) is reproduced during convective adjustments induced by a potential energy of ∼7 × 107 J m-2, which is calculated from the difference in total potential energy between initially unstable and neutral states. The maximum vertical convective heat flux magnitude is proportional to the potential energy of the convective adjustment in the experiments with the initial unstable-layer thickness altered. The present work suggests that convective adjustment is a promising process for producing the wind structure with occasionally generating surface winds of ∼1 m s-1 and retrograde wind patches.

  11. Comparison of the Accuracy and Speed of Transient Mobile A/C System Simulation Models: Preprint

    Kiss, T.; Lustbader, J.


    The operation of air conditioning (A/C) systems is a significant contributor to the total amount of fuel used by light- and heavy-duty vehicles. Therefore, continued improvement of the efficiency of these mobile A/C systems is important. Numerical simulation has been used to reduce the system development time and to improve the electronic controls, but numerical models that include highly detailed physics run slower than desired for carrying out vehicle-focused drive cycle-based system optimization. Therefore, faster models are needed even if some accuracy is sacrificed. In this study, a validated model with highly detailed physics, the 'Fully-Detailed' model, and two models with different levels of simplification, the 'Quasi-Transient' and the 'Mapped- Component' models, are compared. The Quasi-Transient model applies some simplifications compared to the Fully-Detailed model to allow faster model execution speeds. The Mapped-Component model is similar to the Quasi-Transient model except instead of detailed flow and heat transfer calculations in the heat exchangers, it uses lookup tables created with the Quasi-Transient model. All three models are set up to represent the same physical A/C system and the same electronic controls. Speed and results of the three model versions are compared for steady state and transient operation. Steady state simulated data are also compared to measured data. The results show that the Quasi-Transient and Mapped-Component models ran much faster than the Fully-Detailed model, on the order of 10- and 100-fold, respectively. They also adequately approach the results of the Fully-Detailed model for steady-state operation, and for drive cycle-based efficiency predictions

  12. Commutation effect of Adjustable Speed Drives due to installation of active harmonic filters

    Asiminoaei, Lucian; Kalaschnikow, Sergej; Hansen, Steffan;


    The success of designing an industrial installation with Active Filters depends on how precise the load profile of the application is known, because this determines the amount of harmonic currents to be compensated. However, once the Active Filter is added to the installation, the harmonic curren...... and sizing industrial Active Filter applications together with Adjustable Speed Drives. Examples of using the developed toolbox are given in the paper, supported with practical measurements....... the commutation behavior of Adjustable Speed Drives when their harmonic currents are compensated by a Shunt Active Filter. The method is formulated as an analytical computation algorithm verified by simulations. Further on the method is implemented in a Harmonic Calculation Toolbox which facilitates calculation...

  13. Dynamic model tracking design for low inertia, high speed permanent magnet ac motors.

    Stewart, P; Kadirkamanathan, V


    Permanent magnet ac (PMAC) motors have existed in various configurations for many years. The advent of rare-earth magnets and their associated highly elevated levels of magnetic flux makes the permanent magnet motor attractive for many high performance applications from computer disk drives to all electric racing cars. The use of batteries as a prime storage element carries a cost penalty in terms of the unladen weight of the vehicle. Minimizing this cost function requires the minimum electric motor size and weight to be specified, while still retaining acceptable levels of output torque. This tradeoff can be achieved by applying a technique known as flux weakening which will be investigated in this paper. The technique allows the speed range of a PMAC motor to be greatly increased, giving a constant power range of more than 4:1. A dynamic model reference controller is presented which has advantages in ease of implementation, and is particularly suited to dynamic low inertia applications such as clutchless gear changing in high performance electric vehicles. The benefits of this approach are to maximize the torque speed envelope of the motor, particularly advantageous when considering low inertia operation. The controller is examined experimentally, confirming the predicted performance.

  14. A New Low-Cost Hybrid Switched Reluctance Motor for Adjustable-Speed Pump Applications

    Lu, Kaiyuan; Rasmussen, Peter Omand; Watkins, Steve;


    This paper presents a new low-cost hybrid switched reluctance (HSR) motor intended for use in adjustable-speed pump drive systems. The motor is a single-phase motor, driven by a unipolar converter, which uses both the reluctance torque and the permanent magnet interaction torque. Compared...... systems for low-cost applications. Finite-element models are used to analyze and predict the motor's performance. The proposed motor drive system has been fabricated, and its performance has been tested in the laboratory. These experimental results are also presented....

  15. An EMC Evaluation of the Use of Unshielded Motor Cables in AC Adjustable Speed Drive Applications

    Hanigovszki, Norbert; Poulsen, J.; Spiazzi, G.;


    -phase applications the occurrence of common-mode voltage is inherent due to asymmetrical output pulses. As a result, for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) reasons, in most applications shielded cables are used between the inverter and the motor, implying high installation costs. The present paper discusses the use...... filter with DC link connection. It is concluded that, from an EMC point of view, unshielded cables can give very good performance provided that a common-mode (CM) output filter is used....

  16. Feedforward Synchronised PWM for Adjustable Speed AC Drives with Different Control Modes

    Oleschuk, Valentin; Blaabjerg, Frede; Jensen, Flemming Buus


    This paper presents a novel method of direct synchronised pulswidth modulation (PWM) for three-phase voltage source inverters, feeding induction motors with different control regimes. It is based on the universal algorithm with either simplified algebraic or accurate trigonometric control functions...

  17. Dynamic melting and impurity particle tracking in continuously adjustable AC magnetic field

    Bojarevics, V.; Pericleous, K.


    The analysis of semi-levitation melting is extended to account for the presence of particles (impurities, broken metal dendrite agglomerates, bubbles) during the full melting cycle simulated numerically using the pseudo-spectral schemes. The AC coil is dynamically moving with the melt front progress, while the generated Joule heat serves to enhance the melting rate. The electromagnetic force is decomposed into the time average and the oscillating parts. The time average effects on the particle transport are investigated previously using approximations derived for a locally uniform magnetic field. This paper presents expressions for the skin-layer type of the AC force containing also the pulsating part which contributes to the particle drag by the ‘history’ and ‘added mass’ contributions. The intense turbulence in the bulk of molten metal additionally contributes to the particle dispersion. The paper attempts to demonstrate the importance of each of the mentioned effects onto the particle transport during the melting until the final pouring stage. The method could be extended to similar AC field controlled melting/solidification processes.

  18. Passive wide spectrum harmonic filter for adjustable speed drives in oil and gas industry

    Al Jaafari, Khaled Ali

    Non-linear loads such as variable speed drives constitute the bulky load of oil and gas industry power systems. They are widely used in driving induction and permanent magnet motors for variable speed applications. That is because variable speed drives provide high static and dynamic performance. Moreover, they are known of their high energy efficiency and high motion quality, and high starting torque. However, these non-linear loads are main sources of current and voltage harmonics and lower the quality of electric power system. In fact, it is the six-pulse and twelve-pulse diode and thyristor rectifiers that spoil the AC power line with the dominant harmonics (5th, 7th, 11th). They provide DC voltage to the inverter of the variable speed drives. Typical problems that arise from these harmonics are Harmonic resonances', harmonic losses, interference with electronic equipment, and line voltage distortion at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC). Thus, it is necessary to find efficient, reliable, and economical harmonic filters. The passive filters have definite advantage over active filters in terms of components count, cost and reliability. Reliability and maintenance is a serious issue in drilling rigs which are located in offshore and onshore with extreme operating conditions. Passive filters are tuned to eliminate a certain frequency and therefore there is a need to equip the system with more than one passive filter to eliminate all unwanted frequencies. An alternative solution is Wide Spectrum Harmonic passive filter. The wide spectrum harmonic filters are becoming increasingly popular in these applications and found to overcome some of the limitations of conventional tuned passive filter. The most important feature of wide spectrum harmonic passive filters is that only one capacitor is required to filter a wide range of harmonics. Wide spectrum filter is essentially a low-pass filter for the harmonic at fundamental frequency. It can also be considered as a

  19. Fifteen Years of Operation at NASA's National Transonic Facility with the World's Largest Adjustable Speed Drive

    Sydnor, George H.; Bhatia, Ram; Krattiger, Hansueli; Mylius, Justus; Schafer, D.


    In September 1995, a project was initiated to replace the existing drive line at NASA's most unique transonic wind tunnel, the National Transonic Facility (NTF), with a single 101 MW synchronous motor driven by a Load Commutated Inverter (LCI). This Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) system also included a custom four-winding transformer, harmonic filter, exciter, switch gear, control system, and feeder cable. The complete system requirements and design details have previously been presented and published [1], as well as the commissioning and acceptance test results [2]. The NTF was returned to service in December 1997 with the new drive system powering the fan. Today, this installation still represents the world s largest horizontal single motor/drive combination. This paper describes some significant events that occurred with the drive system during the first 15 years of service. These noteworthy issues are analyzed and root causes presented. Improvements that have substantially increased the long term viability of the system are given.

  20. LC Filter Design for Wide Band Gap Device Based Adjustable Speed Drives

    Vadstrup, Casper; Wang, Xiongfei; Blaabjerg, Frede


    the LC filter with a higher cut off frequency and without damping resistors. The selection of inductance and capacitance is chosen based on capacitor voltage ripple and current ripple. The filter adds a base load to the inverter, which increases the inverter losses. It is shown how the modulation index......This paper presents a simple design procedure for LC filters used in wide band gap device based adjustable speed drives. Wide band gap devices offer fast turn-on and turn-off times, thus producing high dV/dt into the motor terminals. The high dV/dt can be harmful for the motor windings and bearings...... affects the capacitor capacitor and the inverter current....

  1. LC-filter Resonance Cancellation with DPWM Inverters in Adjustable Speed Drives

    Vadstrup, Casper; Wang, Xiongfei; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Discontinuous PWM methods cannot easily be used in LC-filtered inverters for adjustable speed drives, as it causes resonances in the filter. This paper present a new method to cancel the resonance and compares this method to previously proposed methods. Wide band gap devices are entering the market...... offering high switching frequencies and low switching loss due to fast turn on and turn off. The fast turn on and turn off generates high dV/dt, which must be filtered e.g. to protect motors from bearing stress and avoid EMC issues. Discontinuous PWM methods can be reduced to reduce the losses......, no resonance will be generated in the filter. Simulations show that the proposed method effectively reduces the resonance in the filter....

  2. Distinct mechanisms mediate speed-accuracy adjustments in cortico-subthalamic networks

    Herz, Damian M; Tan, Huiling; Brittain, John-Stuart; Fischer, Petra; Cheeran, Binith; Green, Alexander L; FitzGerald, James; Aziz, Tipu Z; Ashkan, Keyoumars; Little, Simon; Foltynie, Thomas; Limousin, Patricia; Zrinzo, Ludvic; Bogacz, Rafal; Brown, Peter


    Optimal decision-making requires balancing fast but error-prone and more accurate but slower decisions through adjustments of decision thresholds. Here, we demonstrate two distinct correlates of such speed-accuracy adjustments by recording subthalamic nucleus (STN) activity and electroencephalography in 11 Parkinson’s disease patients during a perceptual decision-making task; STN low-frequency oscillatory (LFO) activity (2–8 Hz), coupled to activity at prefrontal electrode Fz, and STN beta activity (13–30 Hz) coupled to electrodes C3/C4 close to motor cortex. These two correlates differed not only in their cortical topography and spectral characteristics but also in the relative timing of recruitment and in their precise relationship with decision thresholds. Increases of STN LFO power preceding the response predicted increased thresholds only after accuracy instructions, while cue-induced reductions of STN beta power decreased thresholds irrespective of instructions. These findings indicate that distinct neural mechanisms determine whether a decision will be made in haste or with caution. DOI: PMID:28137358

  3. The Single-Phase AC-DC Conversion Circuit with Power Factor Adjustable%功率因数可调单相AC-DC变换电路∗

    杨力; 张师斌; 赵宁


    基于UCC28019A设计的功率因数可调单相AC-DC变换电路。 MSP430单片机作为其控制核心,使用高精度24 bitΣ-Δ型ADC采样,可完成对输入电压有效值、输入电流有效值、有功功率有效值、功率因数等参数的测量。由UCC28019A完成功率因数的校正,通过控制数字移相电路对外围电流反馈信号移相,实现功率因数在0.8~1.0范围内的调整。本设计还可通过对输出电流和电压的监测,实现2.5 A过流保护和36 V稳压输出的功能。%This design is a single-phase AC-DC conversion circuit with power factor adjustable based on UCC28019A. MSP430 is selected as the control core. We adopt the high precision 24-bitΣ-ΔADC to measure the input voltage RMS,the input current RMS,the active power RMS,the power factor and some other parameters. The power-factor correction is accomplished by UCC28019A. By controlling the digital phase shift circuit to shift the phase of the current feedback signal,the power factor can be set in the range of 0.8 to 1.0. By detecting the output current and voltage,the circuit has the function of 2.5A overcurrent protection and 36V regulated output.

  4. Does movement planning follow Fitts' law? Scaling anticipatory postural adjustments with movement speed and accuracy.

    Bertucco, M; Cesari, P


    We wanted to determine whether movement planning followed Fitts' law by investigating the relationship between movement planning and movement performance in experienced dancers executing a typical classical ballet step in which the big toe was pointed to targets at different distances and of different widths so as to obtain several indices of difficulty (ID). Movement time, velocity and variability at the target were the variables of movement performance kinematics; movement planning was evaluated by analysis of anticipatory postural adjustments (APAs) to assess their modulation at different IDs. Movement time and peak of velocity were found to scale with the ID only when individual movement distance across target widths was entered into the analysis. APA magnitude and duration both scaled according to movement parameters but not in the same way. APA magnitude scaled with movement velocity, while APA duration was sensitive to the amplitude-to-accuracy ratio following the ID for movements performed in the shortest time interval when on-line feedback control is probably not available. Here we show that timing of muscle activation acts as an independent central command that triggers fine-tuning for speed-accuracy trade-off.

  5. PV Array Driven Adjustable Speed Drive for a Lunar Base Heat Pump

    Domijan, Alexander, Jr.; Buchh, Tariq Aslam


    A study of various aspects of Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD) is presented. A summary of the relative merits of different ASD systems presently in vogue is discussed. The advantages of using microcomputer based ASDs is now widely understood and accepted. Of the three most popular drive systems, namely the Induction Motor Drive, Switched Reluctance Motor Drive and Brushless DC Motor Drive, any one may be chosen. The choice would depend on the nature of the application and its requirements. The suitability of the above mentioned drive systems for a photovoltaic array driven ASD for an aerospace application are discussed. The discussion is based on the experience of the authors, various researchers and industry. In chapter 2 a PV array power supply scheme has been proposed, this scheme will have an enhanced reliability in addition to the other known advantages of the case where a stand alone PV array is feeding the heat pump. In chapter 3 the results of computer simulation of PV array driven induction motor drive system have been included. A discussion on these preliminary simulation results have also been included in this chapter. Chapter 4 includes a brief discussion on various control techniques for three phase induction motors. A discussion on different power devices and their various performance characteristics is given in Chapter 5.

  6. Speed adjustment of blowers in refrigeration engineering. Exemplary applications; Verfahren der Drehzahlveraenderung von Ventilatoren in der Kaeltetechnik. Beispiel verschiedener Anwendungsfaelle

    Albig, J. [Ziehl-Abegg AG, Kuenzelsau (Germany)


    Apart from the motor performance, also the investment cost of speed adjustment systems decide the economic efficiency of blowers. The blower performance itself is left out of account in this investigation. The most common control strategies are investigated, i.e. voltage control, frequence control, and EC technology. (orig.)

  7. 锅炉给粉变频调速系统%Varying Frequency Speed Adjustment System for Boiler Feeding Coal



    This paper briefly introduces the design of varying frequency speed adjustment system for boiler feeding coal and simply introduces it's advantages.%简要介绍了锅炉给粉变频调速系统的设计,并概述了其优越性。

  8. Analysis of cutting-edge techniques in the high voltage and high power adjustable speed drive systems


    The high voltage and high power adjustable speed drive (ASD) system is one of the most attractive fields in power electronics, and it is also a very crucial technique for energy saving and emission reduction. This paper discussed and analyzed the main cutting-edge knowledge and issues in the process of exploiting the high voltage and high power ASD system.

  9. A New Generalized Two-Stage Direct Power Conversion Topology to Independently Supply Multiple AC Loads from Multiple Power Grids with Adjustable Power Loading

    Klumpner, Christian; Blaabjerg, Frede


    Normally, a power converter has one supply port to connect to the power grid and one output port to connect to an AC load that requires variable voltage and variable frequency. Converter topologies with multiple output ports, the so-called multi-drive converters are also used in order to share......) and continuously adjust these power fractions will become a desired feature. This paper presents a generalized Direct Power Converter topology, which is able to connect to multiple AC supplies proving complete decoupling and no circulating power between the input ports and to independently control multiple AC...... the cost of an active front-end rectifier. As the trend on the energy market is towards deregulation, new converter topologies are needed to allow independent producers/consumers to connect to multiple distribution grids in order to minimize the electricity price. Having the possibility to adjust smoothly...

  10. Wavelet-Fuzzy Speed Indirect Field Oriented Controller for Three-Phase AC Motor Drive

    Sanjeevikumar, Padmanaban; Daya, Febin; Blaabjerg, Frede


    wavelet transform and the fuzzy logic controller, to generate the scaled gains for the indirect FOC induction motor. Complete model of the proposed ac motor drive is developed with numerical simulation Matlab/Simulink software and tested under different working conditions. For experimental verification......, a hardware prototype was implemented and the control algorithm is framed using TMS320F2812 digital signal processor (dsp). Both simulation and hardware results presented in this paper are shown in close agreement and conformity about the suitability for industrial applications....

  11. Gait Parameter Adjustments for Walking on a Treadmill at Preferred, Slower, and Faster Speeds in Older Adults with Down Syndrome

    Beth A. Smith


    Full Text Available The combined effects of ligamentous laxity, hypotonia, and decrements associated with aging lead to stability-enhancing foot placement adaptations during routine overground walking at a younger age in adults with Down syndrome (DS compared to their peers with typical development (TD. Our purpose here was to examine real-time adaptations in older adults with DS by testing their responses to walking on a treadmill at their preferred speed and at speeds slower and faster than preferred. We found that older adults with DS were able to adapt their gait to slower and faster than preferred treadmill speeds; however, they maintained their stability-enhancing foot placements at all speeds compared to their peers with TD. All adults adapted their gait patterns similarly in response to faster and slower than preferred treadmill-walking speeds. They increased stride frequency and stride length, maintained step width, and decreased percent stance as treadmill speed increased. Older adults with DS, however, adjusted their stride frequencies significantly less than their peers with TD. Our results show that older adults with DS have the capacity to adapt their gait parameters in response to different walking speeds while also supporting the need for intervention to increase gait stability.

  12. Analysis of cutting-edge techniques in the high voltage and high power adjustable speed drive systems

    ZHAO ZhengMing; BAI Hua; YUAN LiQiang


    The high voltage and high power adjustable speed drive (ASD) system is one of the most attractive fields in power electronics, and it is also a very crucial technique for energy saving and emission re-duction. This paper discussed and analyzed the main cutting-edge knowledge and issues in the proc-ess of exploiting the high voltage and high power ASD system.

  13. Emperor penguins adjust swim speed according to the above-water height of ice holes through which they exit.

    Sato, Katsufumi; Ponganis, Paul J; Habara, Yoshiaki; Naito, Yasuhiko


    Emperor penguins leap from the water onto the sea ice. Their ability to reach above-water height depends critically on initial vertical speed of their leaping, assuming that the kinetic energy is converted to gravitational potential energy. We deliberately changed the above-water heights of ice hole exits, in order to examine whether penguins adjusted swim speed in accordance with the above-water height of the ice. Penguins were maintained in a corral on the fast ice in Antarctica, and voluntarily dived through two artificial ice holes. Data loggers were deployed on the penguins to monitor under water behavior. Nine instrumented penguins performed 386 leaps from the holes during experiments. The maximum swim speeds within 1 s before the exits through the holes correlated significantly with the above-water height of the holes. Penguins adopted higher speed to exit through the higher holes than through the lower holes. Speeds of some failed exits were lower than the theoretical minimum values to reach a given height. Penguins failed to exit onto the sea ice in a total of 37 of the trials. There was no preference to use lower holes after they failed to exit through the higher holes. Rather, swim speed was increased for subsequent attempts after failed leaps. These data demonstrated that penguins apparently recognized the above-water height of holes and adopted speeds greater than the minimal vertical speeds to reach the exit height. It is likely, especially in the case of higher holes (>40 cm), that they chose minimum speeds to exit through the holes to avoid excess energy for swimming before leaping. However, some exceptionally high speeds were recorded when they directly exited onto the ice from lower depths. In those cases, birds could increase swim speed without strokes for the final seconds before exit and they only increased the steepness of their body angles as they surfaced, which indicates that the speed required for leaps by emperor penguins were aided by

  14. Dynamic Modeling of Adjustable-Speed Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant: Preprint

    Muljadi, E.; Singh, M.; Gevorgian, V.; Mohanpurkar, M.; Havsapian, R.; Koritarov, V.


    Hydropower is the largest producer of renewable energy in the U.S. More than 60% of the total renewable generation comes from hydropower. There is also approximately 22 GW of pumped storage hydropower (PSH). Conventional PSH uses a synchronous generator, and thus the rotational speed is constant at synchronous speed. This work details a hydrodynamic model and generator/power converter dynamic model. The optimization of the hydrodynamic model is executed by the hydro-turbine controller, and the electrical output real/reactive power is controlled by the power converter. All essential controllers to perform grid-interface functions and provide ancillary services are included in the model.

  15. Using transfer ratio to evaluate EMC design of adjustable speed drive systems

    Zhao, D.; Ferreira, B.; Polinder, H.; Roc'h, A.; Leferink, F.B.J.


    This paper proposes a way to evaluate the conducted electromagnetic compatibility performance of variable speed drive systems. It is considered that the measured noise level is determined by two factors, the level of the noise source and the conversion efficiency of the propagation path from the sou

  16. A Novel Adjustment Method for Shearer Traction Speed through Integration of T-S Cloud Inference Network and Improved PSO

    Lei Si


    Full Text Available In order to efficiently and accurately adjust the shearer traction speed, a novel approach based on Takagi-Sugeno (T-S cloud inference network (CIN and improved particle swarm optimization (IPSO is proposed. The T-S CIN is built through the combination of cloud model and T-S fuzzy neural network. Moreover, the IPSO algorithm employs parameter automation adjustment strategy and velocity resetting to significantly improve the performance of basic PSO algorithm in global search and fine-tuning of the solutions, and the flowchart of proposed approach is designed. Furthermore, some simulation examples are carried out and comparison results indicate that the proposed method is feasible, efficient, and is outperforming others. Finally, an industrial application example of coal mining face is demonstrated to specify the effect of proposed system.

  17. The Use of Active Elements to Reduce the Size and Weight of Passive Components in Adjustable Speed Drives

    Maheshwari, Ram Krishan

    Adjustable speed drives are considered as workhorse of industry due to various applications in different kind of industries. According to a market survey, low voltage drives are most profitable in the drive industries. The drive consists of a machine and a converter, which processes grid power...... allows modeling the neutral-point voltage dynamics as a continuous function of the power drawn from the converter. This model shows that the neutral-point current is proportional to the power drawn from the converter, and it enables the use of well established classical control theory for the neutral...

  18. African elephants adjust speed in response to surface-water constraint on foraging during the dry-season.

    Chamaillé-Jammes, Simon; Mtare, Godfrey; Makuwe, Edwin; Fritz, Hervé


    Most organisms need to acquire various resources to survive and reproduce. Individuals should adjust their behavior to make optimal use of the landscape and limit the costs of trade-offs emerging from the use of these resources. Here we study how African elephants Loxodonta africana travel to foraging places between regular visits to waterholes. Elephant herds were tracked using GPS collars during two consecutive dry seasons in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. We segmented each individual movement track at each visit to water to define foraging trips, and then used trip-level statistics to build an understanding of movement strategies. Travel speed within these individually-consistent movement bouts was also analyzed to understand if speed was better linked to distance to water or progression in the trip over time. We found that elephants went further from water when drinking less often, which could result from a trade-off between drinking and foraging in less depleted, far from water, places. Speed increased towards the beginning and the end of the trips, and was also greater than observed during the wet season, suggesting that elephants were trying to save time. Numerous short trips traveled at greater speed, particularly when commuting to a different waterhole, was tentatively explained by the inability to drink at specific waterholes due to intra-specific interference. Unexpectedly elephants did not always minimize travel time by drinking at the closest waterhole, but the extra distance traveled remained never more than a few kilometers. Our results show how individuals may adjust movement behavior to deal with resource trade-offs at the landscape scale. We also highlight how behavioral context, here progression in the trip, may be more important than spatial context, here distance to water, in explaining animal movement patterns.

  19. African elephants adjust speed in response to surface-water constraint on foraging during the dry-season.

    Simon Chamaillé-Jammes

    Full Text Available Most organisms need to acquire various resources to survive and reproduce. Individuals should adjust their behavior to make optimal use of the landscape and limit the costs of trade-offs emerging from the use of these resources. Here we study how African elephants Loxodonta africana travel to foraging places between regular visits to waterholes. Elephant herds were tracked using GPS collars during two consecutive dry seasons in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. We segmented each individual movement track at each visit to water to define foraging trips, and then used trip-level statistics to build an understanding of movement strategies. Travel speed within these individually-consistent movement bouts was also analyzed to understand if speed was better linked to distance to water or progression in the trip over time. We found that elephants went further from water when drinking less often, which could result from a trade-off between drinking and foraging in less depleted, far from water, places. Speed increased towards the beginning and the end of the trips, and was also greater than observed during the wet season, suggesting that elephants were trying to save time. Numerous short trips traveled at greater speed, particularly when commuting to a different waterhole, was tentatively explained by the inability to drink at specific waterholes due to intra-specific interference. Unexpectedly elephants did not always minimize travel time by drinking at the closest waterhole, but the extra distance traveled remained never more than a few kilometers. Our results show how individuals may adjust movement behavior to deal with resource trade-offs at the landscape scale. We also highlight how behavioral context, here progression in the trip, may be more important than spatial context, here distance to water, in explaining animal movement patterns.

  20. Enhanced Phase-Shifted Current Control for Harmonic Cancellation in Three-Phase Multiple Adjustable Speed Drive Systems

    Yang, Yongheng; Davari, Pooya; Zare, Firuz


    A phase-shifted current control can be employed to mitigate certain harmonics induced by the Diode Rectifiers (DR) and Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) as the front-ends of multiple parallel Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) systems. However, the effectiveness of the phase-shifted control relies on......-shifted current control is a cost-effective solution to multiple ASD systems in terms of harmonic cancellation.......A phase-shifted current control can be employed to mitigate certain harmonics induced by the Diode Rectifiers (DR) and Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) as the front-ends of multiple parallel Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) systems. However, the effectiveness of the phase-shifted control relies...... on the loading condition of each drive unit as well as the number of drives in parallel. In order to enhance the harmonic cancellation by means of the phase-shifted current control, the currents drawn by the rectifiers should be maintained almost at the same level. Thus, this paper firstly analyzes the impact...

  1. Adjustments with running speed reveal neuromuscular adaptations during landing associated with high mileage running training.

    Verheul, Jasper; Clansey, Adam C; Lake, Mark J


    It remains to be determined whether running training influences the amplitude of lower limb muscle activations prior to and during the first half of stance, and whether such changes are associated with joint stiffness regulation and usage of stored energy from tendons. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate neuromuscular and movement adaptations before and during landing in response to running training across a range of speeds. Two groups of high mileage (HM; >45 km/wk, n=13) and low mileage (LM; muscular activations before landing. Estimated elastic work about the ankle was found to be higher in the HM runners which might play a role in reducing weight acceptance phase muscle activation levels and improve muscle activation efficiency with running training.

  2. Exploration of combined adjustment laws about IGV,stator and rotational speed in off-design conditions in an axial compressor


    Experimental investigations are performed in a three-stage low-speed axial compressor with variable inlet guide vanes(IGV) and adjustable stators.The characteristics of the compressor,especially the efficiency and stall margin,are analyzed in design and off-design operation conditions by adjusting stagger angles of IGV and stators as well as changing the rotational speed.The experimental results show that the off-design performance of the multistage axial compressor is improved by restaggering of IGV and stators related to rotational speed.Considering the background of engineering applications,digital signal processing(DSP) technique is used to realize online adjustment of stagger angles according to the corresponding relations between incidence angles of rotor and rotational speed.

  3. Multi-scale calculation of settling speed of coarse particles by accelerated Stokesian dynamics without adjustable parameter

    Long Wang; Jiachun Li; Jifu Zhou


    The calculation of settling speed of coarse parti-cles is firstly addressed, with accelerated Stokesian dynamics without adjustable parameters, in which far field force act-ing on the particle instead of particle velocity is chosen as dependent variables to consider inter-particle hydrodynamic interactions. The sedimentation of a simple cubic array of spherical particles is simulated and compared to the results available to verify and validate the numerical code and computational scheme. The improved method keeps the same computational cost of the order O(Nlog N) as usual accelerated Stokesian dynamics does. Then, more realistic random suspension sedimentation is investigated with the help of Mont Carlo method. The computational results agree well with experimental fitting. Finally, the sedimentation of finer cohesive particle, which is often observed in estuary environment, is presented as a further application in coastal engineering.

  4. Improvement of power system stability by high speed power control of adjustable speed machine; Kahensokuki no koshutsuryoku seigyo ni yoru denryoku keito no anteido kojo

    Nojiri, K.; Kikuchi, T.; Nakagawa, H. [Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Osaka (Japan); Goto, M. [Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo (Japan); Nohara, H. [Hitachi Nuclear Engineering Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Large capacity adjustable speed machines (ASMs) at pumped storage power station have been put into full operation and the operating characteristics of ASM have been highly evaluated from the view point of power system operation. The output power (input power) of ASM can be controlled very quickly by applying a vector control scheme to the excitation control. This quick responsive feature of ASM can make it possible to improve the stability of the neighbor sub-power system. For improvement of transient stability, the output power of ASM is reduced very quickly in order to control the acceleration of neighbor generators during and after transmission line faults. For improvement of dynamic stability, the output power of ASM is modulated in accordance with the stabilizing signals detected from the swing of generator rotor or the power flow fluctuation on the transmission line. This paper describes the design concepts and method of control system for improving the transient and dynamic stability and proposes a power system stabilizing control system. The effects of the proposed stabilizing control system have been verified by a power system simulator. 9 refs., 15 figs., 1 tab.

  5. Six-step Voltage Control of PM Brushless AC Motors under High Speed Flux-weakening Operation for EV/HEV Applications



    The torque-speed characteristics of brushless motor having an interior permanent magnet rotor and a sinusoidalback-emf waveform are compared experimentally when it is operated in brushless AC (BLAC) mode and brushless DC(BLDC) modes with both 2-phase, 120° conduction (BLDC-120) and 3-phase,180° conduction (BLDC-180).Particularemphasis is on high-speed,six-step voltage controlled,flux-weakening operation.h is shown that for EV/HEV applications,even for interior PM brushless motors which have sinusoidal back-emf waveforms,in order to achieve maximum torque perampere capability over wide operation speed range,it is advantageous to employ a hybrid operation mode-BLAC operationin the constant torque region and six-step voltage control (BLDC-180 operation, together with current phase control) inthe flux-weakening region.

  6. Effects of priming exercise on the speed of adjustment of muscle oxidative metabolism at the onset of moderate-intensity step transitions in older adults.

    De Roia, Gabriela; Pogliaghi, Silvia; Adami, Alessandra; Papadopoulou, Christina; Capelli, Carlo


    Aging is associated with a functional decline of the oxidative metabolism due to progressive limitations of both O(2) delivery and utilization. Priming exercise (PE) increases the speed of adjustment of oxidative metabolism during successive moderate-intensity transitions. We tested the hypothesis that such improvement is due to a better matching of O(2) delivery to utilization within the working muscles. In 21 healthy older adults (65.7 ± 5 yr), we measured contemporaneously noninvasive indexes of the overall speed of adjustment of the oxidative metabolism (i.e., pulmonary Vo(2) kinetics), of the bulk O(2) delivery (i.e., cardiac output), and of the rate of muscle deoxygenation (i.e., deoxygenated hemoglobin, HHb) during moderate-intensity step transitions, either with (ModB) or without (ModA) prior PE. The local matching of O(2) delivery to utilization was evaluated by the ΔHHb/ΔVo(2) ratio index. The overall speed of adjustment of the Vo(2) kinetics was significantly increased in ModB compared with ModA (P ModA (P < 0.05), suggesting an improved O(2) delivery. Our data are compatible with the hypothesis that, in older adults, PE, prior to moderate-intensity exercise, beneficially affects the speed of adjustment of oxidative metabolism due to an acute improvement of the local matching of O(2) delivery to utilization.

  7. The Adjustment of AD Speed Command Range of Motor Controller%电机控制器的AD速度指令范围调整

    张松松; 卢刚; 李声晋; 周勇


    The data communication between host computer and brushless DC motor controller base on TMS320F28335 were researched and achieved, and the adjustment of AD speed command range was realized. The PC monitoring platform was programmed by the CVI8.5 language. The adjustment procedures of AD speed command rang was written by the C language , which was correspond to the PC monitoring platform. The experimental results validated the data communication between host computer and motor controller, and the adjustment of AD speed command range.%研究实现了基于TMS320F28335控制的无刷直流电动机控制器与上位机之间的数据通讯,并在此基础上实现了AD速度指令范围调整功能.用CV18.5编写了上位机监控平台,C语言编写了与之对应的AD速度指令范围调整程序,实验结果验证了上位机与电机控制器之间的数据通讯和AD速度指令范围调整功能.

  8. Structure of 15-Level Sub-Module Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter for Speed Control of AC Drive Applications

    R. Uthirasamy


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the implementation of a single phase 15-level Sub-Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter (SMCHBI for variable speed industrial drive applications. It consists of sub-multilevel modules and H-bridge inverter configuration. Sub-multilevel switches synthesize stepped DC link voltage and current from the DC sources. H-bridge inverter switches renovate stepped DC link voltage and current into sinusoidal waveform. Compared with conventional Cascaded Multilevel Inverter (CMLI, the proposed system employs the reduced number of power switches, DC sources and gate driver requirements. The proposed system not only reduces the overall system cost but also reduces the voltage stress across the inverter switches. The proposed system does not required additional resonant soft switching circuits for Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS of inverter. In the proposed method, variable frequency method is adopted for the speed control of industrial induction motor drives. A prototype model of 15-level SMCHB is developed and the performance of the systems is validated experimentally.

  9. Correlatos perceptivos e acústicos dos ajustes supraglóticos na disfonia Perceptive and acoustic correlates of supraglottis adjustments in dysfonia

    Aline Magri


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: avaliar os correlatos perceptivo-auditivos (ajustes supraglóticos e acústicos (formantes da qualidade vocal de indivíduos disfônicos com alterações glóticas, atendidos em ambulatório de fonoaudiologia de uma instituição hospitalar da cidade de São Paulo. MÉTODOS: o grupo estudado foi representado por amostras de voz de 20 indivíduos disfônicos com idades variadas entre 30 e 65 anos do sexo feminino (atendidos em um hospital da cidade de São Paulo e julgamentos perceptivo-auditivos da qualidade vocal por amostras avaliadas previamente por um grupo de juízes em atividade clínica. As amostras foram exploradas quanto à freqüência dos três primeiros formantes (F1, F2 e F3. Os valores foram considerados de forma qualitativa (comparados aos dados da análise perceptivo-auditiva e quantitativa (teste Qui-quadrado. RESULTADOS: os ajustes de qualidade vocal mais freqüentes foram laringe baixa, mandíbula fechada, lábios arredondados, corpo de língua abaixado, corpo de língua retraído, labiodentalização. Diferenças estatisticamente significantes foram encontradas para os valores de freqüência de F1 para os vocábulos "cata" (864 Hz e "gata" (814 Hz, p=0 e F3 para os vocábulos "cata" (2598 Hz e "gata" (2660 Hz, p=0,17 dos indivíduos do grupo estudado em relação aos valores de referência para o Português-Brasileiro. CONCLUSÃO: os ajustes de qualidade vocal identificados encontraram correspondência com a diminuição dos valores de F1 e F3 indicando tendências de ajustes do trato vocal.PURPOSE: to evaluate auditory perception (supraglottic adjustments and acoustic (formants of vocal quality in dysphonic individuals with glotic disorders, attended in a clinic a hospital in the city of São Paulo. METHODS: the studied was represented by voice samples taken form from 20 dysphonic people aged between 30 and 65 of the female gender (attended in a hospital in the city of Sao Paulo and the auditory perception

  10. Reduce consumption, improve production. Electronic adjustable speed drives and high performance motors; Consommez moins, produisez mieux. Variateurs electroniques de vitesse et moteurs performants

    David, A.; Pratmarty, D.; Dessoude, M. [Electricite de France (EDF), 92 - Clamart (France). Direction des Etudes et Recherches


    The electric power consumption from electric motors accounts for up to two third of industry`s electric power consumption. When equipped with electronic adjustable speed drives (ASD), energy savings of 10 to 50 percent, with an estimated average of 25 percent, may be achieved for pumps, fans and compressors, which account for 63 percent of motor applications. The advantages of electronic ASD, the installation recommendations which should be applied, the sensibility of ASDs to power cuts and harmonics, the characteristics of high efficiency motors, the energy aspects of motors with or without electronic ASD, and the EDF-ADEME (French energy conservation agency) approach for electricity demand side management, are described

  11. Possibilities of increased power output from existing generator plants. Feasible changes of existing generators. New technology, ASD (Adjustable Speed Drives); Muligheter for oekt effekt fra eksisterende generatoranlegg. Mulige endringer av bestaaende generatorer. Ny teknologi, ASD (Adustable Speed Drives)

    Elstroem, A.


    The present paper relates to the increase of power output from existing generator plants in Norway by new operation profiles. The paper focuses on the consequences of increasing the power turnover and production with a particular attention to the generator itself. In addition, some of the possibilities on the use of an ASD (Adjustable Speed Drives) installation are elucidated, which is a concept on regulating the number of revolutions within small limits by synchronous rotation. According to the author, the power output of generator increases between 10 to 30%

  12. Performance Study on Wide Speed Range of AC Servo Motor%交流伺服电机宽速度范围运行性能研究

    吉智; 何凤有


    为获得面装式交流伺服电机参数设计应遵循的规律,根据电机基本数学关系和电流控制理论建立了伺服系统仿真模型,研究了电机永磁磁链、电枢电感、电枢电阻对电机运行性能的影响,并利用快速原型技术进行了实验验证.结果表明:增大永磁磁链和减小电枢电感对于低速大转矩电机有利;而对于高速电机,则需要综合配置永磁磁链和电枢电感的大小以获得最佳性能;为降低损耗应控制电枢电阻.这说明必须根据电机工作状态合理设计电机参数,才能有效提高伺服系统性能.%In order to obtain the rules surface mounting AC servo motor parameter design should be followed) a simulation model for servo system was set up according to the motors mathematic basis and electric current control theoryi which was used to investigate the effects of such parameters as permanent magnetic flux, armature inductor, and armature resistance on motor operating performance. Furthermore, rapid prototyping method was used to validate the effectiveness and the results show that for low speed high torque motor the increment of permanent magnetic flux and reduction of armature inductance was favorable while for high speed motor the optimum performance was achieved when permanent magnetic flux and armature inductance comprehensively configurated and for all the anna-hire resistance should be controlled to lower the loss. So the operative mode of motor should be taken into considera-tion when reasonably designing motor parameters to enhance the property of AC servo system.


    Dan PRODAN


    Full Text Available This paperwork presents some systems for the adjustment of the main kinematic chains of theVertical Turning Lathes that have been used within the last 20 years. There are presented adjustment systemsused when having the machine equipped with older type motors, with only one speed, and also modern systemsfor which A.C. motors with the speed adjustable by frequency variation are needed. It insists on the presentrole of the “gearboxes” as torque multipliers and not as speed reducer.

  14. A semelparous fish continues upstream migration when exposed to alarm cue, but adjusts movement speed and timing

    Luhring, Thomas M; Meckley, Trevor D.; Johnson, Nicholas S.; Siefkes, Michael J.; Hume, John B.; Wagner, C. Michael


    Animals make trade-offs between predation risk and pursuit of opportunities such as foraging and reproduction. Trade-offs between antipredator behaviours and foraging are well suited to manipulation in laboratory and field settings and have generated a vast compendium of knowledge. However, much less is known about how animals manage trade-offs between predation risk and pursuit of reproductive opportunities in the absence of the confounding effects of foraging. In the present study, we investigated how the nonfeeding migratory life stage of sea lamprey, Petromyzon marinus, responds to odour from dead conspecifics (a cue that induces avoidance behaviours in laboratory and field studies). We released groups of PIT-tagged sea lamprey 65 m from the shore of Lake Michigan or 287 m upstream in Carp Lake River and used antennas to detect their movements in the river. As the breeding season progressed, sea lamprey initiated upstream movement earlier and were more likely to enter the river. Sea lamprey that began the night in Lake Michigan entered Carp Lake River at higher rates and accelerated upstream when exposed to high concentrations of alarm cue, consistent with animals attempting to minimize time spent in risky areas. Sea lampreys that began the night in the river delayed upstream movement when exposed to alarm cue, consistent with animals sheltering and gathering information about a source of risk. We attribute this context-specific reaction to alarm cue to differences in perceived vulnerability to predation in sheltered positions in the river versus exposed positions in the lake. Once in the river, the vast majority of sea lamprey moved upstream independent of alarm cue or Julian date. Although life-history-induced time and energy budgets place rigid constraints on the direction of migration, sea lamprey attend to predation risk by modifying movement timing and speed.

  15. Fault Tolerant Three-Phase AC Motor Drive Topologies:A Comparison of Features, Cost, and Limitations


    THE RELIABILITY of adjustables peed ac motor drives is an area of great interest for all members of the drives community and marketplace. This is particularly the case for the military, aerospace and automotive industries that are increasingly adopting variable speed drives in order to improve overall system efficiency and performance. There are certain safety critical applications such as steering, fuel pumps,

  16. Fuzzy efficiency optimization of AC induction motors

    Jani, Yashvant; Sousa, Gilberto; Turner, Wayne; Spiegel, Ron; Chappell, Jeff


    This paper describes the early states of work to implement a fuzzy logic controller to optimize the efficiency of AC induction motor/adjustable speed drive (ASD) systems running at less than optimal speed and torque conditions. In this paper, the process by which the membership functions of the controller were tuned is discussed and a controller which operates on frequency as well as voltage is proposed. The membership functions for this dual-variable controller are sketched. Additional topics include an approach for fuzzy logic to motor current control which can be used with vector-controlled drives. Incorporation of a fuzzy controller as an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) microchip is planned.

  17. Pressure-velocity model and speed adjustment strategy for in-pipe detector in gas pipeline%输气管道内检测器压力-速度模型及速度调整策略

    杨理践; 赵洋; 高松巍


    The operation speed of in-pipeline detector will affect the accuracy of the data detection during non-destructive testing of gas pipeline. So speed regulation problem of in-pipeline detector is studied in this paper. The speed regulation of in-pipeline detector can be seen as the speed change under different steady states. In this paper, the in-pipeline detector and up-down stream gas are regarded as a whole. According to the principles of fluid mechanics, the relationship between the pipeline pressure and speed of in-pipeline detector is analyzed under stable state; and the pressure-speed model of in-pipeline detector is built. The speed of in-pipeline detector is calculated under different steady states based on the pressure-speed model, which is used as the basis of speed adjustment of in-pipeline detector. The results of simulation operation in the Second Pipeline of West-East natural gas pipeline show that the speed of in-pipeline detector can be accurately calculated and effectively adjusted with the proposed model.%内检测器的运行速度在输气管道无损检测过程中会影响数据检测的精度.针对内检测器运行速度调节问题进行研究,内检测器速度调节可以看作不同稳态条件下速度的变化.将漏磁内检测器与上下游气体视为一个整体,并根据流体力学原理分析了平稳状态下管道压力与内检测器运行速度之间的关系,建立了内检测器的压力-速度模型.通过所建立的压力-速度模型,计算出管道不同稳态条件下的内检测器速度,并以此作为内检测器速度调节的依据.通过在西气东输二线管道模拟运行表明该模型可以准确地计算出内检测器的运行速度并可以有效的进行速度调节.

  18. 改进转速辨识方法用于矩阵变换器交流调速%Improved speed estimation method applying to AC speed-control of matrix converter

    夏益辉; 张晓锋; 乔鸣忠; 魏永清; 朱鹏


    Traditional rotor flux information is obtained by using integral control based on voltage model and current model, which results in rotor flux with large error and low response speed, and low precision and low response speed of estimated speed. To avoid the defects of the rotor flux information obtained by integral controller, the estimated speed method with combining predictive control with model referenced adaptive system was put forward. The predictive control has advantages of simple principle and easy to re-alize, the deadbeat control of the referenced rotor flux and model rotor flux can be realized by simply pre-dicting ahead of one sample period. The simulated results indicate that the system not only has good per-formances of the estimated speed but also of speed regulation by using proposed estimated speed method when applying to indirect vector control of induction motor fed by matrix convert.%传统的参考磁链和估计磁链分别通过电机的电压模型和电流模型直接积分获得,但积分存在累计误差大和响应延时等缺点,使得磁链观测结果不够快速准确,导致转速辨识和系统调速性能不是很理想。为克服这一缺点,提出将线性预测控制与模型参考自适应相结合的转速辨识方法。预测控制原理简单,易于实现,通过简单的超前一个采样周期预测,即可实现参考磁链和估计磁链的无差拍控制。仿真结果表明,基于预测控制和模型参考自适应的转速辨识方法应用于矩阵变换器驱动感应电机具有较好的转速辨识和系统调速性能,克服了积分方法获得磁链信息存在的缺点。

  19. Research on Fine-adjusting Optimization Technology of Ballastless Turnout on High Speed Railway%高速铁路无砟道岔精调优化技术



    无砟道岔精调是无砟轨道精调的重要内容,也是保证高速铁路高平顺性、高舒适性的前提。无砟道岔结构复杂,其精调与一般的轨道精调有很多不同之处。本文针对目前无砟道岔精调作业中的不足,从测量模式、精调流程等方面进行了优化,完善了作业流程控制机制和质量校核机制。通过对杭甬、杭长高速铁路无砟道岔动态检测数据的对比分析,评价精调优化的实施效果。结果表明,采用优化后的精调方法使道岔高低、轨距不平顺幅值分别降低了40%,50%,全线道岔轨道质量指数( TQI )降低了20.3%,精调优化效果显著。%As an important part of ballastless track fine-adjusting,ballastless turnout fine-adjusting provides the premise for high ride comfort and high security of high speed railway. Due to the complex structure of ballastless turnout,there are many differences between ballastless turnout fine-adjusting and normal track fine-adjusting. According to shortcomings of existing fine-adjusting,optimization was carried out from the aspects of measurement mode and fine-adjusting process,and operation process control mechanism and quality check mechanism were improved. T hrough the comparative analysis of ballastless turnout dynamic test data obtained from Hangzhou -Ningbo and Hangzhou -Changsha high speed railway,the effect of fine-adjusting optimization was evaluated. Results showed that fine-adjusting method after optimization makes the turnout height and gauge irregularity amplitude be reduced by 40% and 50% respectively and the track quality index( T QI) be reduced by 20. 3%,which indicated the optimization effect of fine-adjusting was remarkable.

  20. Design of variable frequeney speed-adjusting system of unloading cen-trifuger based on dsPIC control%基于dsPIC控制的离心机变频调速系统的设计



    Based on dsPIC30F3010 as the main core components, through software programming the control IPM module FSBB20CH60 which drive AC induction motor variable frequency speed control, and display by LED digital, the keyboard settings, door lock control, design of a good speed performance. The circuit is simple and reliable, cost-effective centrifuges for variable frequency speed control system.%以dsPIC30F3010为主要核心部件,通过软件编程控制IPM模块FSBB20CH60驱动交流感应电机进行变频调速,同时辅以LED数码显示、键盘设置、门锁控制等部分,设计了一个调速性能好、线路简单可靠、性价比高的离心机专用变频调速系统.

  1. 模糊控制在电机变频调速系统中的应用%Application of Fuzzy Control in Speed Control of AC Variable Frequency Motor System



    在对异步电机恒压频比变频调速系统数学模型分析的基础上,设计了一个结构和应用均较为简单的混合型模糊PID控制器,应用于由变频器+异步电机组成的非线性控制系统中.试验结果表明对异步电机变频调速这一非线性、快速多变、难于建模的复杂系统,模糊PID控制是实用且有效的.%Through the mathematical model analysis of asynchronous motor variable frequency speed-regulating system, a fuzzy & PID controller was designed that the structure was simple and the application was easy. It was applicable of the nonlinear system composed of frequency converter and asynchronous motors. The experimental results showed that the proposed method can be applied effectively and practically in AC variable frequency speed-regulating system which is nonlinear, fast changeful and difficult to be modeled.

  2. 不同调整路径下资本结构的调整速度比较分析——来自中国上市公司的经验证据%Comparative Research on Capital Structure Adjustment Speeds of Different Adjustment Approaches-An Empirical Study Based on Data from Chinese Listed Companies

    白明; 任若恩


    Based on partial adjustment model, this paper identifies the method of calculating capital structure adjustment speeds of different adjustment approaches, and compares the speeds of different adjustment approaches of Chinese listed companies, including commercial credit , short-term debt , long-term debt , stock and internal retain. The main findings are as follows. External fund is the main supply for Chinese listed companies, which seems to be the reverse of Pecking Order Theory. The most effective approach is stock and the least effective one is long-term debt. The distribution of the five adjustment speeds in different industries is different due to the different operation and ownership characteristics of the leading enterprises in different industries. The companies with financial surplus mainly depend on the stock adjustment approach while the ones with financial deficit prefer debt adjustment approach.%基于部分调整模型提出了不同调整路径下资本结构调整速度的计算方法,并且从全样本、分行业以及分现金状况三个方面,测算和比较了我国上市公司通过商业信用、短期负债、长期负债、股票以及内部留存五条路径调整资本结构的调整速度.研究发现:我国上市公司主要依靠外源资金调整资本结构,最有效的外源调整路径是股票,效率最低的路径是长期负债,调整路径的选择顺序与融资优序理论相悖;行业的经营特点和行业中龙头企业的所有制性质影响各路径调整速度的分布,各行业路径调整速度的分布存在明显差异;现金充裕的企业主要依靠调整股票路径,而现金短缺的企业则主要依靠债务调整路径.

  3. 基于MATLAB的无刷直流电机调速技术研究%Study of the Speed-adjusting Technology for BLDCM based on Matlab

    刘栋; 荣军; 曾可; 曾敏


    无刷直流电机在工农业生产中有着广泛的应用。文章主要研究了无刷直流电机PWM调速方式,建立无刷直流电机双闭环调速控制系统的数学模型,在Matlab/Simulink中进行了建模与仿真,并对仿真结果进行了分析。%Brushless DC motor is widely used in industrial and agricultural productions. The paper studies the PWM speed-regulation mode for brushless DC motor, builds up the mathematic model of double close-loop speed-regulation system for brushless DC motor, and makes modeling and simulation in Matlab/Simulink, and finally analyzes the simulation results.

  4. AC Speed Regulating Systems Based on the Fuzzy Self-tuning PID Control%交流调速系统的模糊自校正PID控制

    王丁磊; 马辉


    分析了异步电动机的变频调速原理,在利用矢量控制技术实现转矩和磁通解耦的基础上,增加模糊自校正PID算法实现了对速度的精确控制.通过MATLAB与传统PID速度控制算法进行仿真比较,证明了模糊自校正PID的控制性能要优越于传统PID的控制效果.%The principle of asynchronous motor's frequency control has been analyzed in this paper. Achieve precise control of speed by used the fuzzy self-tuning PID algorithm based on the technology of vector control torque and decoupling of magnetic flux. It has been proved that the control effect of the fuzzy self-tuning PID algorithm is superior to the control effect of traditional PID through simulation in MATLAB.

  5. Design of a Sub-Picosecond Jitter with Adjustable-Range CMOS Delay-Locked Loop for High-Speed and Low-Power Applications

    Abdulrazzaq, Bilal I.; Omar J. Ibrahim; Shoji Kawahito; Sidek, Roslina M.; Suhaidi Shafie; Nurul Amziah Md. Yunus; Lini Lee; Izhal Abdul Halin


    A Delay-Locked Loop (DLL) with a modified charge pump circuit is proposed for generating high-resolution linear delay steps with sub-picosecond jitter performance and adjustable delay range. The small-signal model of the modified charge pump circuit is analyzed to bring forth the relationship between the DLL’s internal control voltage and output time delay. Circuit post-layout simulation shows that a 0.97 ps delay step within a 69 ps delay range with 0.26 ps Root-Mean Square (RMS) jitter perf...

  6. Simulation of Chopper Cascade Adjustable Speed System Based on PWM Rectifier%基于PWM整流技术的斩波串级调速系统的仿真

    祝龙记; 周森


    A rotor-side chop cascade adjustable speed system based on PWM rectifier was proposed.The PWM rectifier worked on inverter condition and returns slip power of the rotor;this could not only improve the power factor of the system,but also reduce harmonic content of net-side.In Matlab/Simulink,the simulation model of chop cascade adjustable speed system was established.The reasonability and validity were testified by the coincidence of the simulation and experimentation results and theory analysis.%提出将PWM整流技术引入转子侧斩波串级调速系统中,PWM整流器工作于逆变状态回馈转差功率,不仅可以提高串级调速系统的功率因数,还可以减少网侧的谐波含量。在Matlab/Simulink环境下给出了基于PWM整流技术的斩波串级调速系统的仿真模型,最后通过仿真实验验证了控制方案的正确性。

  7. Stabilization of a large-capacity and long-distance transmission system by an adjustable speed flywheel generator; Kahensoku FWG ni yoru daiyoryo chokyori soden keito anteika no kento

    Takahashi, O; Sato, K.; Goto, K.; Sirosaki, T. [Tohoku Electric Power Co. Inc, Miyagi (Japan); Sanekata, J.; Amano, M.; Endo, M. [Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    An adjustable speed flywheel generator (FWG) is composed of a dynamotor and a flywheel which can accumulate energy as rotational energy. Its adjustable device operates owing to exciting the rotors by three-phase current. When the rotational speed does not coincide with the synchronous one, difference between the two, namely the slipped frequency, excites the rotors. According to this principle, the flywheel can run synchronizing with the transmission system. Selection of the location for FWGs being important from the standpoint of large-capacity and long-distance transmission, a PQ-sensitivity method has been proposed as a new technique, which can estimate the effect of both FWG`s active and reactive power with ease. Besides, regarding an input signal for stabilizing control, new method has been developed which apply the frequency of the bus instead of the power flow. Owing to this method, conventional stepwise changes of the power flow at every opening three-phase single-circuit have disappeared. As for the capacity of the FWG, the fact that the capacity of the exciter depends on the slip investigated, a designing method has been proposed. 8 refs., 17 figs., 3 tabs.

  8. Design of a Sub-Picosecond Jitter with Adjustable-Range CMOS Delay-Locked Loop for High-Speed and Low-Power Applications.

    Abdulrazzaq, Bilal I; Ibrahim, Omar J; Kawahito, Shoji; Sidek, Roslina M; Shafie, Suhaidi; Yunus, Nurul Amziah Md; Lee, Lini; Halin, Izhal Abdul


    A Delay-Locked Loop (DLL) with a modified charge pump circuit is proposed for generating high-resolution linear delay steps with sub-picosecond jitter performance and adjustable delay range. The small-signal model of the modified charge pump circuit is analyzed to bring forth the relationship between the DLL's internal control voltage and output time delay. Circuit post-layout simulation shows that a 0.97 ps delay step within a 69 ps delay range with 0.26 ps Root-Mean Square (RMS) jitter performance is achievable using a standard 0.13 µm Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) process. The post-layout simulation results show that the power consumption of the proposed DLL architecture's circuit is 0.1 mW when the DLL is operated at 2 GHz.

  9. Design of a Sub-Picosecond Jitter with Adjustable-Range CMOS Delay-Locked Loop for High-Speed and Low-Power Applications

    Bilal I. Abdulrazzaq


    Full Text Available A Delay-Locked Loop (DLL with a modified charge pump circuit is proposed for generating high-resolution linear delay steps with sub-picosecond jitter performance and adjustable delay range. The small-signal model of the modified charge pump circuit is analyzed to bring forth the relationship between the DLL’s internal control voltage and output time delay. Circuit post-layout simulation shows that a 0.97 ps delay step within a 69 ps delay range with 0.26 ps Root-Mean Square (RMS jitter performance is achievable using a standard 0.13 µm Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS process. The post-layout simulation results show that the power consumption of the proposed DLL architecture’s circuit is 0.1 mW when the DLL is operated at 2 GHz.

  10. Robust Non-Linear Direct Torque and Flux Control of Adjustable Speed Sensorless PMSM Drive Based on SVM Using a PI Predictive Controller

    F. Naceri


    Full Text Available This paper presents a new sensorless direct torque control method for voltage inverter – fed PMSM. The control methodis used a modified Direct Torque Control scheme with constant inverter switching frequency using Space Vector Modulation(DTC-SVM. The variation of stator and rotor resistance due to changes in temperature or frequency deteriorates theperformance of DTC-SVM controller by introducing errors in the estimated flux linkage and the electromagnetic torque.As a result, this approach will not be suitable for high power drives such as those used in tractions, as they require goodtorque control performance at considerably lower frequency. A novel stator resistance estimator is proposed. The estimationmethod is implemented using the Extended Kalman Filter. Finally extensive simulation results are presented to validate theproposed technique. The system is tested at different speeds and a very satisfactory performance has been achieved.


    Tao Benzao


    In this paper, adjustment factors J and R put forward by professor Zhou Jiangwen are introduced and the nature of the adjustment factors and their role in evaluating adjustment structure is discussed and proved.

  12. 可调行距高速插秧机移箱机构优化设计%Optimal Design for Seedling Box Mover of Space-adjustable High Speed Rice Transplanter

    熊玮; 朱德泉; 王延庆; 武立权; 蒋锐


    移箱机构是可调行距高速水稻插秧机的重要部件,其工作可靠性直接关系到栽植臂的取秧量,对整个插秧机工作性能有着重要影响。为此,通过对现有移箱机构的研究与分析,设计一种可调行距高速水稻插秧移箱机构。运用三维软件对转子和螺旋轴等核心零部件进行实体建模,通过动力学分析软件对其进行虚拟仿真,得出转子与不同过渡曲线的螺旋轴在运动过程中的接触力曲线图,并运用有限元分析软件对正弦过渡曲线的螺旋轴进行强度校核。最后运用多学科优化方法对移箱机构转子进行优化。结果表明:优化后的转子最大应力降低21.8%,移箱机构满足可调行距高速水稻插秧机工作性能要求。%The seedling box mover is an important part of space-adjustable high speed rice transplanter and its operation-al reliability influences the pinching amount of planting arms and working performances of the transplanter.The existing seedling box mover was researched and analyzed to design a new seedling box mover for space-adjustable high speed rice transplanter.Core components such as rotor, sliding sleeve and screw shaft were modeled by three-dimension software and were simulated virtually by dynamic software to obtain the contact force curves between the rotor and the screw shaft with different transition curves.The screw shaft with sine transition curve was analyzed by finite element analyzing soft-ware.The rotor of seedling box mover was optimized by multidisciplinary design optimization method eventually.The re-sult showed that the maximum stress of optimized rotor has reduced 21 .8%and optimized seedling box mover has met the performance demand of space-adjustable high speed rice transplanter.

  13. AcEST: DK963222 [AcEST

    Full Text Available sp|P81919|OR46A_DROME Odorant receptor 46a, isoform A OS=Drosoph... 32 2.8 sp|Q5MJ68|SPDYC_HUMAN Speed...FCFKA 181 CS +T + AV S L + +YV + AC Q FI C+ A Sbjct: 262 CSVLVLTANFYAIAVLSDERLELFKYVTYQACMLIQIFILCYYA 305 >sp|Q5MJ68|SPDYC_HUMAN Spee

  14. Modelling and Simulation of Vector Control Adjustable-speed System of Asynchronous Motor%三相异步电动机矢量控制调速系统的建模与仿真

    李家荣; 邓智泉


    简述了Matlab/Simulink软件的核心内容及已获实际应用的异步电机矢量变换控制系统的数学模型,介绍了用Matlab/Simulink为该系统建立完整仿真模型的过程,最后给出仿真结果.%Introduction is made to the core contents of Matlab/Simulink software and the applied maths model of vector control adjustable-speed system of asynchronous motor. Meanwhile, a brief account is given to the process in which simulation model is established for this system by Matlab/Simulink as well as the simulation results.

  15. 重机LK1900A型高速套结机机械部分的调整与维修%Adjustment and Maintenance of JUKI LK1900A High Speed Lockstitch Bar Tacking Machine



    本文从重机LK1900A型高速套结机针杆高度的确定、机针与摆梭配合的调整、压脚高度的调整、移动刀和固定刀的调整、挑线杆位置的调整、机械和电气部分常见故障的排除等几个方面,简要介绍了机器的使用调整与维修方法。%The paper discusses the JUKI LK1900A high speed lockstitch bar tacking machine,common faults excluded of mechanical parts,and the methods of machinery adjustment and maintenance.Including affirmatory the height of the needle bar,the needle and swing spindle cooperation,the height of presser foot,position of mobile knife and fixed knife,adjusting the position of thread-taking-up bar,etc.are described.

  16. Research on Mechanical Characteristics of AC Motor with Cascade DC Chopper Speed Control System%斩波串级调速系统电机机械特性曲线的研究

    王归新; 裴合伟; 晓琼; 鲜万春


    In high power application, wound AC motor rotor loop cascade control system has very good speed performance and energy-saving effect. Based on the analysis that the equivalent internal impedance of three-phase rectifier bridge influence rectifier output,rectifier bridge and follow-up circuit equivalent to the mo-tor rotor loop resistance, inferred to the mechanical characteristics in the cascade control system.Came to con-clusion that two influence factors for mechanical characteristics. The rotor loop equivalent impedance is more serious than rotor leakage reactance effect commutation overlap angle to mechanical characteristics influence. The simulation and the experiment verify the theory.%绕线转子式交流电机转子回路串级调速系统具有很好的调速性能和节电效果,在中大功率领域应用较多.基于对三相整流电路电源等效内阻抗对桥路整流输出的影响分析,将整流桥及其后续电路等效为电机转子回路的电阻,推导出在有串级调速系统下电机的机械特性,得出了影响电机机械特性的两方面因素,其中转子回路的等效阻抗对机械特性的影响相对于转子漏抗影响换相重叠角对机械特性的影响尤为严重的结论.仿真结果证实了理论推导的结论,并进行了实验验证.

  17. Convexity Adjustments

    M. Gaspar, Raquel; Murgoci, Agatha


    A convexity adjustment (or convexity correction) in fixed income markets arises when one uses prices of standard (plain vanilla) products plus an adjustment to price nonstandard products. We explain the basic and appealing idea behind the use of convexity adjustments and focus on the situations...

  18. Performance Parameter Calculation of Adjustable Speed Asynchronous Disk Magnetic Coupling%可调速异步盘式磁力联轴器性能参数计算

    杨超君; 郑武; 李直腾; 李志宝; 蒋生发


    提出一种具有新型结构的可调速异步盘式磁力联轴器,其从动盘导体采用深槽齿形结构,通过主从动盘之间的气隙长度的变化来改变磁场强度,从而实现速度的调节.该联轴器可应用在一些大转矩、大振动的机械装备中以避免振动,或实现电机在负载时的软启动.对该磁力联轴器结构与主磁路特点进行了分析,对一台9对极16槽的深槽式异步磁力联轴器进行三维静态、瞬态有限元模拟分析,获得了该磁力联轴器的磁场分布、电流分布情况;并对其转矩、功率损耗以及轴向力等性能参数进行计算,得出它们在瞬态情况下随时间变化的曲线.%A novel adjustable speed asynchronous disk magnetic coupling was proposed,of which conductor on driven plate adopted a deep slot teeth shape structure. While the length of air gap between drive and driven plate is changed, the strength of magnetic field is increased or reduced accordingly, then its run speed adjustment is available. It can be used in some high pulling torque and excess vibration of mechanical equipment to avoid vibration, or also realize the motor soft start when in load.Its configuration characteristics and main magnetic circuit characteristics were discussed herein and a deep slot asynchronous magnetic coupling with 9 pole-pairs and 16 slots was analyzed by three-dimensional FEM under static and transient state, the distribution of magnetic field and current were obtained. The performance parameters of the new coupling including torque, power loss and axial force were calculated, and their corresponding curves in the transient conditions were obtained.

  19. Chiropractic Adjustment

    ... syndrome) A certain type of stroke (vertebral artery dissection) after neck manipulation Don't seek chiropractic adjustment ... Chiropractic treatment. Rochester, Minn.: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research; 2015. Shekelle P, et al. Spinal ...

  20. AC 410 AC410 AC410 Unit 7 Homework Assignment



    AC 410 AC410 AC410 Unit 7 Homework Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:    Questions Requiring Analysis 14-30   Early in your first audit of Star Corporation, you notice that sales and year-end inventory are almost unchanged from the prior year. However, cost of goods sold is less than in the preceding year, and accounts payable also are down substantially. Gross profit has increased, but this increase has not c...

  1. 烟草柜式喂料机出柜自动调速系统的设计%Design of Automatic Discharge Speed Adjusting System for Silo Type Tobacco Feeder



    To reduce labor intensity and avoid tobacco jam,tobacco flow interruption and frequent start/stop operation in manual operation of the discharge from the silo type tobacco feeder,an automatic discharge speed adjusting system was designed with industrial Ethernet and distributed programmable control technology. The system was mainly composed of a programmable logic controller, frequency converters, motors and photoelectric switches. By monitoring the status of photoelectric switches installed on the high,middle and low levels of metering tube,the running frequencies of bottom belt and elevating belt were adjusted. The results showed that the automatic system reduced manual adjusting from 26 to 3 times/batch,tobacco jam,tobacco flow interruption and start/stop of equipment decreased from 3.4 to 0.2,from 2 to 0.2,and from 182 to 36 times/batch,respectively. It ensured the consistent tobacco flow supplying to the downstream equipment.%为解决烟草柜式喂料机出柜控制过程中存在的操作人员劳动强度大、堵料、断料及设备启停频繁等问题,利用工业以太网和分布式可编程控制技术设计了烟草柜式喂料机出柜自动调速系统。系统主要由可编程控制器、变频器、电机和对射式光电开关等组成,信号通过对喂料机底带电机和提升带电机运行频率构建控制模型,循环检测限量管高、中、低料位光电开关的遮挡状态,并根据光电开关不同状态组合,分别对底带电机和提升带电机的运行频率进行调整。结果表明:系统实现了物料出柜的快速自动调速,人工调节频次由26次/批次减少为3次/批次,堵料情况由3.4次/批次减少为0.2次/批次,断料情况由2次/批次减少为0.2次/批次,设备启停次数由182次/批次降低为36次/批次。改进后系统为后序加工设备提供了稳定的物料流量,保证了卷烟产品的工艺品质。

  2. 清金化痰汤对 COPD 模型大鼠肺组织中性粒细胞弹性蛋白酶及黏蛋白5AC 表达的影响%Qingjinhuatan decoction adjusting chronic obstructive pulmonary model rat in airway mucus hypersecretion by neutrophil elastase and mucin 5AC

    陈英; 冯淬灵; 李根茂; 葛东宇; 王骏; 李春盈; 姚小芹


    目的:探讨清金化痰汤调节慢性阻塞性肺疾病模型大鼠气道黏液高分泌的作用机制。方法40只清洁级 Wistar 大鼠随机分为空白对照组(A)、模型组(B)、清金化痰汤组(C)与克拉霉素组(D)。B、C、D 组大鼠均给与气道内滴注脂多糖(LPS)联合烟熏的方法建立慢性阻塞性肺疾病气道黏液高分泌模型。B、C、D 组连续30 d 分别给予生理盐水、清金化痰汤、克拉霉素灌胃,正常组正常喂养。实验第31天,处死大鼠,提取肺组织。每组随机选取6只,采用实时荧光定量 PCR 检测肺组织中性粒细胞弹性蛋白酶(HE)、黏蛋白5AC(MUC 5AC)基因表达,阿尔新兰-过碘酸雪夫法观察气道上皮杯状细胞增生,免疫组化法检测肺组织及气道上皮 HE、MUC 5AC 蛋白表达。结果模型组 HEmRHA、MUC 5AC mRHA 表达、杯状细胞数目、肺组织中 HE 及 MUC 5AC 表达均较空白对照组显著升高;清金化痰汤组、克拉霉素组 MUC 5ACmRHA、杯状细胞数目、肺组织中MUC 5AC 均较模型组显著降低;清金化痰汤组 HEmRHA、MUC 5ACmRHA、肺组织气道上皮 HE 表达较克拉霉素组降低;清金化痰汤组在杯状细胞增生、肺组织气道上皮 MUC 5AC 表达与克拉霉素组无差异。结论清金化痰汤可能通过调节 HE / MUC 5AC 途径,抑制慢性阻塞性肺疾病气道黏液高分泌。%Objective To explore Qingjinhuatan decoction’s mechanism on airway mucus hypersecretion of chro-nic obstructive pulmonary disease rat model. Methods Clean level Wistar rats(n = 40)are randomly divided into blank control group(A),model group(B),Qingjinhuatan decoction group(C)and Clarithromycin group(D). Using dripping LPS in bronchus and smoking to intervene on B,C and D group rat in order to build COPD airway mucus hy-persecretion model. B,C and D group rats are separately raised by normal saline,Qingjinhuatan decoction and Clar-ithromycin for 30 days

  3. Salary adjustments

    HR Department


    In accordance with decisions taken by the Finance Committee and Council in December 2007, salaries are adjusted with effect from 1 January 2008. Scale of basic salaries and scale of stipends paid to fellows (Annex R A 5 and R A 6 respectively): increased by 0.71% with effect from 1 January 2008. As a result of the stability of the Geneva consumer price index, the following elements do not increase: a)\tFamily Allowance, Child Allowance and Infant Allowance (Annex R A 3); b)\tReimbursement of education fees: maximum amounts of reimbursement (Annex R A 4.01) for the academic year 2007/2008. Related adjustments will be applied, wherever applicable, to Paid Associates and Students. As in the past, the actual percentage increase of each salary position may vary, due to the application of a constant step value and rounding effects. Human Resources Department Tel. 73566

  4. Salary adjustments

    HR Department


    In accordance with decisions taken by the Finance Committee and Council in December 2007, salaries are adjusted with effect from 1 January 2008. Scale of basic salaries and scale of stipends paid to fellows (Annex R A 5 and R A 6 respectively): increased by 0.71% with effect from 1 January 2008. As a result of the stability of the Geneva consumer price index, following elements do not increase: a) Family Allowance, Child Allowance and Infant Allowance (Annex R A 3). b) Reimbursement of education fees: maximum amounts of reimbursement (Annex R A 4.01) for the academic year 2007/2008. Related adjustments will be implemented, wherever applicable, to Paid Associates and Students. As in the past, the actual percentage increase of each salary position may vary, due to the application of a constant step value and the rounding effects. Human Resources Department Tel. 73566

  5. AC dynamometer; Koryu dinamo meter



    Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., developed an AC dynamometer for testing automobiles, and the product was delivered to Hokkaido Automotive Engineering College via Safety Automobile Company. The device is used for testing 1,300cc-class automobiles. It is similar to the conventional type in that its force of reaction to an imposed load is measured by load cells. It is a variable speed motor driven by an inverter (FRENIC5000VG5), whose specifications and features are mentioned below. It is a totally-enclosed self-cooled oscillating AC dynamometer that outputs 75kW, revolves at 1500/2868rpm, and operates for 30min. Since it is rated for a short time operation, the external fan is dispensed with, and this reduces noise. A number of parts for the standard type (R90 series) are utilized for reduction in the cost, and the time required for its delivery was short. (NEDO)

  6. Speeding Up



    In the wake of the global financial crisis, China has amazed the world with the speed of its economic recovery. But what has been even more surprising is the speed of its railway evolution. The unveiling of the 1,069-km Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway on December 26, 2009 pushed China's high-speed rail sys-tem-the total mileage, the average speed and the technology-to rank first in the world almost overnight.

  7. Peltier ac calorimeter

    Jung, D. H.; Moon, I. K.; Jeong, Y. H.


    A new ac calorimeter, utilizing the Peltier effect of a thermocouple junction as an ac power source, is described. This Peltier ac calorimeter allows to measure the absolute value of heat capacity of small solid samples with sub-milligrams of mass. The calorimeter can also be used as a dynamic one with a dynamic range of several decades at low frequencies.

  8. Speed Control of Induction Motor by Using Variable Frequency

    Drive Pooja Shinde; Rupali Burungale


    The variable speed drive is focused on voltage amplitude control. However, its only control speed in constraint limits. The load on Induction Motor is not constant & vary as per load requirement. so speed must be change as per load. If the supply voltage decreased motor torque also decreases, for maintaining same torque, slip decreases hence speed falls and motor speed is directly proportional to supply frequency, hence to maintain a speed, the supply V/F ratio must be vary ac...

  9. An Improved AC-BM Algorithm for Monitoring Watch List

    Mo Yiwen


    Full Text Available With the expanding of database of the watch list of anti-money laundering, improving the speed in matching between the watch list and the database of account holders and clients’ transaction is especially important. This paper proposes an improved AC-BM Algorithm, a matching algorithm of subsection, to improve the speed of matching. Experiment results show the time performance of the improved algorithm is better than traditional BM algorithm, AC algorithm and the AC-BM algorithm. It can improve the efficiency of on-line monitoring of anti-money laundering.  

  10. ACAC Converters for UPS

    Rusalin Lucian R. Păun


    Full Text Available This paper propose a new control technique forsingle – phase ACAC converters used for a on-line UPSwith a good dynamic response, a reduced-partscomponents, a good output characteristic, a good powerfactorcorrection(PFC. This converter no needs anisolation transformer. A power factor correction rectifierand an inverter with the proposed control scheme has beendesigned and simulated using Caspoc2007, validating theconcept.

  11. Circuit Regulates Speed Of dc Motor

    Weaver, Charles; Padden, Robin; Brown, Floyd A., Jr.


    Driving circuit regulates speed of small dc permanent-magnet motor in tape recorder. Two nested feedback loops maintain speed within 1 percent of constant value. Inner loop provides coarse regulation, while outer loop removes most of variation in speed that remains in the presence of regulation by the inner loop. Compares speed of motor with commanded speed and adjusts current supplied to motor accordingly.

  12. AC electric motors control advanced design techniques and applications

    Giri, Fouad


    The complexity of AC motor control lies in the multivariable and nonlinear nature of AC machine dynamics. Recent advancements in control theory now make it possible to deal with long-standing problems in AC motors control. This text expertly draws on these developments to apply a wide range of model-based control designmethods to a variety of AC motors. Contributions from over thirty top researchers explain how modern control design methods can be used to achieve tight speed regulation, optimal energetic efficiency, and operation reliability and safety, by considering online state var

  13. ACS: ALMA Common Software

    Chiozzi, Gianluca; Šekoranja, Matej


    ALMA Common Software (ACS) provides a software infrastructure common to all ALMA partners and consists of a documented collection of common patterns and components which implement those patterns. The heart of ACS is based on a distributed Component-Container model, with ACS Components implemented as CORBA objects in any of the supported programming languages. ACS provides common CORBA-based services such as logging, error and alarm management, configuration database and lifecycle management. Although designed for ALMA, ACS can and is being used in other control systems and distributed software projects, since it implements proven design patterns using state of the art, reliable technology. It also allows, through the use of well-known standard constructs and components, that other team members whom are not authors of ACS easily understand the architecture of software modules, making maintenance affordable even on a very large project.

  14. Precision electronic speed controller for an alternating-current motor

    Bolie, V.W.

    A high precision controller for an alternating-current multi-phase electrical motor that is subject to a large inertial load. The controller was developed for controlling, in a neutron chopper system, a heavy spinning rotor that must be rotated in phase-locked synchronism with a reference pulse train that is representative of an ac power supply signal having a meandering line frequency. The controller includes a shaft revolution sensor which provides a feedback pulse train representative of the actual speed of the motor. An internal digital timing signal generator provides a reference signal which is compared with the feedback signal in a computing unit to provide a motor control signal. The motor control signal is a weighted linear sum of a speed error voltage, a phase error voltage, and a drift error voltage, each of which is computed anew with each revolution of the motor shaft. The speed error signal is generated by a novel vernier-logic circuit which is drift-free and highly sensitive to small speed changes. The phase error is also computed by digital logic, with adjustable sensitivity around a 0 mid-scale value. The drift error signal, generated by long-term counting of the phase error, is used to compensate for any slow changes in the average friction drag on the motor. An auxillary drift-byte status sensor prevents any disruptive overflow or underflow of the drift-error counter. An adjustable clocked-delay unit is inserted between the controller and the source of the reference pulse train to permit phase alignment of the rotor to any desired offset angle. The stator windings of the motor are driven by two amplifiers which are provided with input signals having the proper quadrature relationship by an exciter unit consisting of a voltage controlled oscillator, a binary counter, a pair of read-only memories, and a pair of digital-to-analog converters.

  15. Simultaneous dimension reduction and adjustment for confounding variation.

    Lin, Zhixiang; Yang, Can; Zhu, Ying; Duchi, John; Fu, Yao; Wang, Yong; Jiang, Bai; Zamanighomi, Mahdi; Xu, Xuming; Li, Mingfeng; Sestan, Nenad; Zhao, Hongyu; Wong, Wing Hung


    Dimension reduction methods are commonly applied to high-throughput biological datasets. However, the results can be hindered by confounding factors, either biological or technical in origin. In this study, we extend principal component analysis (PCA) to propose AC-PCA for simultaneous dimension reduction and adjustment for confounding (AC) variation. We show that AC-PCA can adjust for (i) variations across individual donors present in a human brain exon array dataset and (ii) variations of different species in a model organism ENCODE RNA sequencing dataset. Our approach is able to recover the anatomical structure of neocortical regions and to capture the shared variation among species during embryonic development. For gene selection purposes, we extend AC-PCA with sparsity constraints and propose and implement an efficient algorithm. The methods developed in this paper can also be applied to more general settings. The R package and MATLAB source code are available at

  16. Power Electronic Transformer based Three-Phase PWM AC Drives

    Basu, Kaushik

    A Transformer is used to provide galvanic isolation and to connect systems at different voltage levels. It is one of the largest and most expensive component in most of the high voltage and high power systems. Its size is inversely proportional to the operating frequency. The central idea behind a power electronic transformer (PET) also known as solid state transformer is to reduce the size of the transformer by increasing the frequency. Power electronic converters are used to change the frequency of operation. Steady reduction in the cost of the semiconductor switches and the advent of advanced magnetic materials with very low loss density and high saturation flux density implies economic viability and feasibility of a design with high power density. Application of PET is in generation of power from renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar. Other important application include grid tied inverters, UPS e.t.c. In this thesis non-resonant, single stage, bi-directional PET is considered. The main objective of this converter is to generate adjustable speed and magnitude pulse width modulated (PWM) ac waveforms from an ac or dc grid with a high frequency ac link. The windings of a high frequency transformer contains leakage inductance. Any switching transition of the power electronic converter connecting the inductive load and the transformer requires commutation of leakage energy. Commutation by passive means results in power loss, decrease in the frequency of operation, distortion in the output voltage waveform, reduction in reliability and power density. In this work a source based partially loss-less commutation of leakage energy has been proposed. This technique also results in partial soft-switching. A series of converters with novel PWM strategies have been proposed to minimize the frequency of leakage inductance commutation. These PETs achieve most of the important features of modern PWM ac drives including 1) Input power factor correction, 2) Common

  17. 石武客专P60-1/18板式无砟高速道岔安装与精调技术%Installation and Fine Adjustment Technology of P60-1/18 Slab Turnout for Shijiazhuang-Wuhan High-speed Passer Railway



    以石武客专P60-1/18板式无砟高速道岔安装施工为背景,介绍了P60-1/18板式无砟高速道岔安装及精调的过程.详细论述了道岔安装前的准备工作,道岔安装的工艺流程,精调时采取的步骤,调整时均应遵循的原则并满足的要求,道岔焊接应注意的事项.对类似板式无砟高速道岔安装具有指导意义.%Taking Shijiazhuang-Wuhan passenger dedicated high-speed railway as an example, this paper introduces the installation and fine adjustment procedure of P60-1/18 high-speed slab turnout. The key issues a-bout the turnout are discussed: preparation work before erection of the rail turnout, flowchart of rail turnout erection, rail welding, and steps and principles for fine adjustment. The paper can provide some reference for the installation of similar non-ballast turnout.

  18. Hierarchical control strategy of reactive power for wind farm based on the composition of the front-end speed adjusting wind turbine%基于前端调速式风电机组的风电场无功分层控制策略*

    燕尧; 董海鹰


    前端调速式风电机组具有较强的动态无功调节能力,针对由前端调速式风电机组组成的风电场存在随风电出力的变化而引起的并网点电压波动的问题,提出了一种前端调速式风电场无功电压分层控制策略。该策略首先确定了风电场无功控制点的选取,利用风电场控制点电压偏差,通过整定控制得到整个风电场无功需求量,以风电场内有功网损最小为目标函数,采用改进的遗传算法优化分配给各台风机,并结合静止同步补偿器的无功输出来调节整个风电场的无功输出,达到维持控制点电压稳定的目的。最后以某一风电场的仿真结果验证了该策略的有效性和可行性。%The front-end speed adjusting wind turbine has strong dynamic reactive power regulation ability. Aiming at the wind farm with the front-end speed adjusting wind turbine exists grid connection node voltage fluctuation problem caused by the change of wind power, a hierarchical control strategy of reactive voltage in the front-end speed adjusting wind farm is proposed. The strategy determines the selection of the reactive power control point in the wind farm, utilizes the voltage deviation of the wind farm control point, and obtains the reactive power demand of the whole wind farm by the tuning control. The minimum real power loss of the wind farm is used as objective function to allocate to each wind turbine based on the optimized and improved genetic algorithm. The strategy combines the reactive power output of the Static Synchronous Compensator to adjust the reactive power output of the whole wind farm and thus to achieve the purpose of maintaining the voltage stability of the control point. The simulation results prove the feasibility and effectiveness of the strategy.

  19. AcEST: DK950971 [AcEST

    Full Text Available GN=... 37 0.66 tr|B1ACS4|B1ACS4_BALBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Balaenoptera borealis ... 37 0.66 tr|B1ACS3|B1ACS3...todon GN=DM... 37 1.1 tr|B1ACT4|B1ACT4_LISBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Lissodelphis borealis ... 37 1.1 tr|B1ACS2|B...SSSEEEIQSKNTEMESRRLTVDAY 160 >tr|B1ACS4|B1ACS4_BALBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Balaenoptera borealis GN=DMP1 PE=4 S

  20. Isolation of sequences flanking Ac insertion sites by Ac casting.

    Wang, Dafang; Peterson, Thomas


    Localizing Ac insertions is a fundamental task in studying Ac-induced mutation and chromosomal rearrangements involving Ac elements. Researchers may sometimes be faced with the situation in which the sequence flanking one side of an Ac/Ds element is known, but the other flank is unknown. Or, a researcher may have a small sequence surrounding the Ac/Ds insertion site and needs to obtain additional flanking genomic sequences. One way to rapidly clone unknown Ac/Ds flanking sequences is via a PCR-based method termed Ac casting. This approach utilizes the somatic transposition activity of Ac during plant development, and provides an efficient means for short-range genome walking. Here we describe the principle of Ac casting, and show how it can be applied to isolate Ac macrotransposon insertion sites.

  1. China' s Optimal Foreign Reserves : Quantitative Characteristics, Motivation Decomposition and Adjustment Speed%中国最优外汇储备:数量特征、动机分解与调整速度

    陈奉先; 邹宏元


    本文在非均衡框架下考察中国最优外汇储备数量特征并对持储动机进行静态和动态分解。结果发现:中国的实际和最优外汇储备量自2002年起陡增,但后者始终低于前者且二者缺口不断扩大;中国的最优外汇储备持有行为体现着交易性动机、预防性动机、重商主义动机和攀比动机,并受汇率因素影响;交易性动机和攀比动机对最优外汇储备持有行为的影响最大,预防性动机在2006年以后逐渐强化,重商主义动机和汇率因素的影响微弱;中国较低的储备缺口调整系数造成中国最优外汇储备量居高不下。外需拉动型的经济发展模式、强制结售汇制和汇率弹性不足则是导致储备缺口调整系数低下的重要原因。%This paper explores the quantitative characteristics of China' s optimal foreign reserves under disequilibrium framework and then decomposes reserve hoarding motivations in static and dynamic model. We find that:China' s actual and optimal foreign reserves are surging since 2002 with the later far below the former and their gap extending; China's accumulation of optimal foreign exchange reserves reveals the presence of transaction motivation, precautionary motivation, mercantilism motivation, competitive motivation and the influence of exchange rate volatility. The transaction motivation and competitive motivation are of the largest influence, and the precautionary motivation is of upward trending since 2006, while the mercantilism motivation and exchange rate factor are of weak influence; The lower adjustment coefficient λ finally leads to China' s high optimal foreign reserves. Export - oriented economic development mode, compulsory foreign exchange settlement regime and lack of foreign exchange rate flexibility lead to the lower adjustment coefficient λ.

  2. Speed mathematics

    Handley, Bill


    This new, revised edition of the bestselling Speed Mathematics features new chapters on memorising numbers and general information, calculating statistics and compound interest, square roots, logarithms and easy trig calculations. Written so anyone can understand, this book teaches simple strategies that will enable readers to make lightning-quick calculations. People who excel at mathematics use better strategies than the rest of us; they are not necessarily more intelligent. With Speed Mathematics you'll discover methods to make maths easy and fun. This book is perfect for stud

  3. AC-3 audio coder

    Todd, Craig


    AC-3 is a system for coding up to 5.1 channels of audio into a low bit-rate data stream. High quality may be obtained with compression ratios approaching 12-1 for multichannel audio programs. The high compression ratio is achieved by methods which do not increase decoder memory, and thus cost. The methods employed include: the transmission of a high frequency resolution spectral envelope; and a novel forward/backward adaptive bit allocation algorithm. In order to satisfy practical requirements of an emissions coder, the AC-3 syntax includes a number of features useful to broadcasters and consumers. These features include: loudness uniformity between programs; dynamic range control; and broadcaster control of downmix coefficients. The AC-3 coder has been formally selected for inclusion of the U.S. HDTV broadcast standard, and has been informally selected for several additional applications.

  4. On-Chip AC self-test controller

    Flanagan, John D.; Herring, Jay R.; Lo, Tin-Chee


    A system for performing AC self-test on an integrated circuit that includes a system clock for normal operation is provided. The system includes the system clock, self-test circuitry, a first and second test register to capture and launch test data in response to a sequence of data pulses, and a logic circuit to be tested. The self-test circuitry includes an AC self-test controller and a clock splitter. The clock splitter generates the sequence of data pulses including a long data capture pulse followed by an at speed data launch pulse and an at speed data capture pulse followed by a long data launch pulse. The at speed data launch pulse and the at speed data capture pulse are generated for a common cycle of the system clock.

  5. Development of a hardware-based AC microgrid for AC stability assessment

    Swanson, Robert R.

    As more power electronic-based devices enable the development of high-bandwidth AC microgrids, the topic of microgrid power distribution stability has become of increased interest. Recently, researchers have proposed a relatively straightforward method to assess the stability of AC systems based upon the time-constants of sources, the net bus capacitance, and the rate limits of sources. In this research, a focus has been to develop a hardware test system to evaluate AC system stability. As a first step, a time domain model of a two converter microgrid was established in which a three phase inverter acts as a power source and an active rectifier serves as an adjustable constant power AC load. The constant power load can be utilized to create rapid power flow transients to the generating system. As a second step, the inverter and active rectifier were designed using a Smart Power Module IGBT for switching and an embedded microcontroller as a processor for algorithm implementation. The inverter and active rectifier were designed to operate simultaneously using a synchronization signal to ensure each respective local controller operates in a common reference frame. Finally, the physical system was created and initial testing performed to validate the hardware functionality as a variable amplitude and variable frequency AC system.

  6. AC/RF Superconductivity

    Ciovati, Gianluigi [JLAB


    This contribution provides a brief introduction to AC/RF superconductivity, with an emphasis on application to accelerators. The topics covered include the surface impedance of normal conductors and superconductors, the residual resistance, the field dependence of the surface resistance, and the superheating field.

  7. Neural network based PWM AC chopper fed induction motor drive

    Venkatesan Jamuna


    Full Text Available In this paper, a new Simulink model for a neural network controlled PWM AC chopper fed single phase induction motor is proposed. Closed loop speed control is achieved using a neural network controller. To maintain a constant fluid flow with a variation in pressure head, drives like fan and pump are operated with closed loop speed control. The need to improve the quality and reliability of the drive circuit has increased because of the growing demand for improving the performance of motor drives. With the increased availability of MOSFET's and IGBT's, PWM converters can be used efficiently in low and medium power applications. From the simulation studies, it is seen that the PWM AC chopper has a better harmonic spectrum and lesser copper loss than the Phase controlled AC chopper. It is observed that the drive system with the proposed model produces better dynamic performance, reduced overshoot and fast transient response. .

  8. Annual Adjustment Factors

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — The Department of Housing and Urban Development establishes the rent adjustment factors - called Annual Adjustment Factors (AAFs) - on the basis of Consumer Price...

  9. Harmonic Calculation Toolbox in Industry Application for Adjustable Speed Drive

    Asiminoaei, Lucian; Blaabjerg, Frede; Hansen, Steffan


    Previous to electrical installation of large power non-linear loads, a comprehensive design-study is often required in order to determine if the overall installation complies with international regulations in respect to harmonics. Current THD voltage distortion and power factor are just few...... of an off-line database and new interpolation techniques very good results have been achieved. The final results obtained are very close to the measurements on real applications and the toolbox can be used for future ASD designs and installations....

  10. Harmonic Calculation Software for Industrial Applications with Adjustable Speed Drives

    Asiminoaei, Lucian; Hansen, S.; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This paper describes the evaluation of a new harmonic software. By using a combination of a pre-stored database and new interpolation techniques the software can very fast provide the harmonic data on real applications. The harmonic results obtained with this software have acceptable precision even...... with limited input data. The evaluation concludes here that this approach is very practical compared to other advanced harmonic analysis methods. The results are supported by comparisons of calculations and measurements given in an industrial application....

  11. Characterization of Input Current Interharmonics in Adjustable Speed Drives

    Soltani, Hamid; Davari, Pooya; Zare, Firuz


    -edge symmetrical regularly sampled Space Vector Modulation (SVM) technique, on the input current interharmonic components are presented and discussed. Particular attention is also given to the influence of the asymmetrical regularly sampled modulation technique on the drive input current interharmonics...

  12. Apparent speed increases at low luminance

    Vaziri-Pashkam, Maryam; Cavanagh, Patrick


    To investigate the effect of luminance on apparent speed, subjects adjusted the speed of a low-luminance rotating grating (0.31 cd/m2) to match that of a high-luminance one (1260 cd/m2). Above 4 Hz, subjects overestimated the speed of the low-luminance grating. This overestimation increased as a function of temporal rate and reached 30% around 10 Hz temporal rates. The speed overestimation became significant once the lower luminance was 2.4 log units lower than the high luminance comparison. ...

  13. AC propulsion system for an electric vehicle, phase 2

    Slicker, J. M.


    A second-generation prototype ac propulsion system for a passenger electric vehicle was designed, fabricated, tested, installed in a modified Mercury Lynx vehicle and track tested at the Contractor's site. The system consisted of a Phase 2, 18.7 kw rated ac induction traction motor, a 192-volt, battery powered, pulse-width-modulated, transistorized inverter packaged for under rear seat installation, a 2-axis, 2-speed, automatically-shifted mechanical transaxle and a microprocessor-based powertrain/vehicle controller. A diagnostics computer to assist tuning and fault finding was fabricated. Dc-to-mechanical-system efficiency varied from 78% to 82% as axle speed/torque ranged from 159 rpm/788 nm to 65 rpm/328 nm. Track test efficiency results suggest that the ac system will be equal or superior to dc systems when driving urban cycles. Additional short-term work is being performed under a third contract phase (AC-3) to raise transaxle efficiency to predicted levels, and to improve starting and shifting characteristics. However, the long-term challenge to the system's viability remains inverter cost. A final report on the Phase 2 system, describing Phase 3 modifications, will be issued at the conclusion of AC-3.

  14. Lifestyle-Adjusted Function: Variation beyond BADL and IADL Competencies

    Albert, Steven M.; Bear-Lehman, Jane; Burkhardt, Ann


    Purpose: Using the Activity Card Sort (ACS), we derived a measure of lifestyle-adjusted function and examined the distribution of this measure and its correlates in a community sample of older adults at risk for disability transitions. Design and Methods: Participants in the Sources of Independence in the Elderly project (n = 375) completed the…

  15. 78 FR 17102 - Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees; Correction


    ... United States Patent and Trademark Office 37 CFR Parts 1 and 41 RIN 0651-AC86 Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees; Correction AGENCY: United States Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce. ACTION: Interim rule. SUMMARY: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (Office) is correcting...

  16. 78 FR 19416 - Revisions to Patent Term Adjustment


    ... United States Patent and Trademark Office 37 CFR Part 1 RIN 0651-AC84 Revisions to Patent Term Adjustment AGENCY: United States Patent and Trademark Office, Commerce. ACTION: Interim final rule. SUMMARY: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (Office) is revising the rules of practice to implement...

  17. Homogeneity Adjustment of Annual Mean Wind Speed and Elementary Calculation of Fundamental Wind Pressure over Xinjiang Meteorological Stations%新疆气象站年均风速均一化订正与基本风压估算初探

    辛渝; 陈洪武; 李元鹏; 陈鹏翔; 余行杰; 王铁


    In order to develop detail survey and integrative evaluation of wind energy resource, the consistency corrections, objective homogeneity tests (such as SNHT, Potter, and CUSUM), and homogeneity adjustment of yearly mean wind speed series were carried out during 1970 - 2009 from four meteorological stations which represent wind areas according to their historical metadata features. During the period of non-automatic wind recorder, how to build the 10-tnin interval yearly maximum wind velocity series was also explored elementarily based on observed 2-min interval wind data. The results show as follows: 1) The yearly mean wind speed time series were inhomoge-neons, which was caused by the change of their surroundings or other uncertain factors at Burqin, Naomaohu, and Hongliuhe stations. From the values of the SNHT homogeneity adjustment and the buildings surrounding the stations, the most largely environment influence occurred at Burqin station where the time series broke off three times and the mean accumulated adjustment value reaches 0. 9 m · s-1 or so. There are two discontinuous points at Naomaohu station, one of which concerns location moving, and that of adjustment value is 0. l~0. 2 m · s-1. There exists one discontinuous point at Hongliuhe station, which also concerns location moving like Naomaohu station, and that of adjustment value is 0.1 - 0. 2 m · s-1. 2) On transforming the yearly maximum wind velocity of 10-min interval from that of observed 2-min interval under the control of some critical wind speed, it is acceptable to adopt the experiential formula fitting to the northwestern part of China at Shisanjianfang station, while it is better to employ their mean portion correlation at the other three stations.%为了较好地开展风能资源的详查与综合评价工作,根据新疆各风区挑选的参照站历史风况资料序列特点,在参考测站历史“元数据”直接进行非均一性检验与一致性订正基础上,对其中4

  18. High performance AC drives

    Ahmad, Mukhtar


    This book presents a comprehensive view of high performance ac drives. It may be considered as both a text book for graduate students and as an up-to-date monograph. It may also be used by R & D professionals involved in the improvement of performance of drives in the industries. The book will also be beneficial to the researchers pursuing work on multiphase drives as well as sensorless and direct torque control of electric drives since up-to date references in these topics are provided. It will also provide few examples of modeling, analysis and control of electric drives using MATLAB/SIMULIN

  19. AC Optimal Power Flow


    In this work, we have implemented and developed the simulation software to implement the mathematical model of an AC Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem. The objective function is to minimize the total cost of generation subject to constraints of node power balance (both real and reactive) and line power flow limits (MW, MVAr, and MVA). We have currently implemented the polar coordinate version of the problem. In the present work, we have used the optimization solver, Knitro (proprietary and not included in this software) to solve the problem and we have kept option for both the native numerical derivative evaluation (working satisfactorily now) as well as for analytical formulas corresponding to the derivatives being provided to Knitro (currently, in the debugging stage). Since the AC OPF is a highly non-convex optimization problem, we have also kept the option for a multistart solution. All of these can be decided by the user during run-time in an interactive manner. The software has been developed in C++ programming language, running with GCC compiler on a Linux machine. We have tested for satisfactory results against Matpower for the IEEE 14 bus system.

  20. Benchmarking judgmentally adjusted forecasts

    Ph.H.B.F. Franses (Philip Hans); L.P. de Bruijn (Bert)


    markdownabstractMany publicly available macroeconomic forecasts are judgmentally-adjusted model-based forecasts. In practice usually only a single final forecast is available, and not the underlying econometric model, nor are the size and reason for adjustment known. Hence, the relative weights give



    An adjustable microchip holder for holding a microchip is provided having a plurality of displaceable interconnection pads for connecting the connection holes of a microchip with one or more external devices or equipment. The adjustable microchip holder can fit different sizes of microchips...

  2. Single-Phase Direct AC-AC Boost Converter

    LUCANU, M.


    Full Text Available The paper presents a single-phase direct AC-AC boost converter. The circuit of the converter is simple and it has good performances, irrespective of the load nature. The adequate functioning and high performance of the circuit (the efficiency and waveform of the absorbed input current were tested both by simulation and experimentally.

  3. Compression Ratio Adjuster

    Akkerman, J. W.


    New mechanism alters compression ratio of internal-combustion engine according to load so that engine operates at top fuel efficiency. Ordinary gasoline, diesel and gas engines with their fixed compression ratios are inefficient at partial load and at low-speed full load. Mechanism ensures engines operate as efficiently under these conditions as they do at highload and high speed.

  4. The advantage of variable speed for multistage centrifugal blowers used in waste-water treatment plants

    Huang, X. [Gardner Denver Incorp., Peachtree City, GA (United States)


    The multistage centrifugal blower is primarily a 60 Hz market product. A two-pole AC induction motor directly drives the blower at 3600 RPM. These blowers have been used widely for the last three decades in the US for waste water treatment plant applications (WWTP) due to their simple design and rugged construction. The cost of energy drives the market towards not only an efficient single design point but also an efficient operating range when both flow and pressure are varied. On the other hand, if a blower is running at 3000 RPM as in the 50 Hz market, about 20% of flow and 40% of pressure are lost comparing to a 60 Hz application. To meet these new market challenges, the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) multistage centrifugal blower was designed, where the VFD serves not only as speed adjusting device to maximise the efficiency but also as a speed increaser to minimise the blower size. For existing WWTP installations, retrofit to a VFD drive requires minimum investment and leadtime while achieving drastic energy savings. A comparison with the gear drive high-speed single stage blower concept is also made. (Author)

  5. Speed Regulator for Permanent Magnet DC Boring Machine


    In this paper a variable-speed system for a loaded permanent magnet direct current boring machine (PMDCBM) is described in details. The voltage adjustment of PMDCBM is accomplished by means of solid state switch with a high gain Darlington transistor. The device designed possesses good variable speed characteristic and Iow loss at low speed. The speed can be regulated automatically to hold at an ideal value according to the load.

  6. On the Application of TLS Techniques to AC Electrical Drives

    M. Cirrincione


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the application of a new neuron, the TLS EXIN neuron, to AC induction motor drives. In particular, it addresses two important subjects of AC induction motor drives: the on-line estimation of the electrical parameters of the machine and the speed estimation in sensorless drives. On this basis, this work summarizes the parameter estimation and sensorless techniques already developed by the authors over these last few years, all based on the TLS EXIN. With regard to sensorless, two techniques are proposed: one based on the MRAS and the other based on the full-order Luenberger observer. The work show some of the most significant results obtained by the authors in these fields and stresses the important potentiality of this new neural technique in AC induction machine drives.

  7. Family Adjustment to Aphasia

    ... Public / Speech, Language and Swallowing / Disorders and Diseases Family Adjustment to Aphasia Richard S. was a senior manager ... It also presents a great challenge to the family. There may be tension among family members and ...

  8. Remotely Adjustable Hydraulic Pump

    Kouns, H. H.; Gardner, L. D.


    Outlet pressure adjusted to match varying loads. Electrohydraulic servo has positioned sleeve in leftmost position, adjusting outlet pressure to maximum value. Sleeve in equilibrium position, with control land covering control port. For lowest pressure setting, sleeve shifted toward right by increased pressure on sleeve shoulder from servovalve. Pump used in aircraft and robots, where hydraulic actuators repeatedly turned on and off, changing pump load frequently and over wide range.

  9. Weighted triangulation adjustment

    Anderson, Walter L.


    The variation of coordinates method is employed to perform a weighted least squares adjustment of horizontal survey networks. Geodetic coordinates are required for each fixed and adjustable station. A preliminary inverse geodetic position computation is made for each observed line. Weights associated with each observed equation for direction, azimuth, and distance are applied in the formation of the normal equations in-the least squares adjustment. The number of normal equations that may be solved is twice the number of new stations and less than 150. When the normal equations are solved, shifts are produced at adjustable stations. Previously computed correction factors are applied to the shifts and a most probable geodetic position is found for each adjustable station. Pinal azimuths and distances are computed. These may be written onto magnetic tape for subsequent computation of state plane or grid coordinates. Input consists of punch cards containing project identification, program options, and position and observation information. Results listed include preliminary and final positions, residuals, observation equations, solution of the normal equations showing magnitudes of shifts, and a plot of each adjusted and fixed station. During processing, data sets containing irrecoverable errors are rejected and the type of error is listed. The computer resumes processing of additional data sets.. Other conditions cause warning-errors to be issued, and processing continues with the current data set.

  10. Ac Synchronous Servo Based On The Armature Voltage Prediction Model

    Hoshino, Akihiro; Kuromaru, Hiroshi; Kobayashi, Shinichi


    A new control method of the AC synchro-nous servo-system (Brushless DC servo-system) is discussed. The new system is based on the armature voltage prediction model. Without a resolver-digital-conver-ter nor a tachometer-generator, the resolver provides following three signals to the system immediately, they are the current command, the induced voltage, and the rotor speed. The new method realizes a simple hardware configuration. Experimental results show a good performance of the system.

  11. ACS CCD Stability Monitor

    Grogin, Norman


    A moderately crowded stellar field in the cluster 47 Tuc {6 arcmin West of the cluster core} is observed every four months with the WFC. The first visit exercises the full suite of broad and narrow band imaging filters and sub-array modes; following visits observe with only the six most popular Cycle 18 filters in full-frame mode. The positions and magnitudes of objects will be used to monitor local and large scale variations in the plate scale and the sensitivity of the detectors and to derive an independent measure of the detector CTE. One exposure in each sub-array mode with the WFC will allow us to verify that photometry obtained in full-frame and in sub-array modes are repeatable to better than 1%. This test is important for the ACS Photometric Cross-Calibration program, which uses sub-array exposures. This program may receive additional orbits to investigate ORIENT-dependent geometric distortion, which motivates the ORIENT and BETWEEN requirement on the first visit.

  12. Using AC Motors in Robotics

    Hosein Marzi


    Full Text Available It has been proven that fuzzy controllers are capable of controlling non-linear systems where it is cumbersome to develop conventional controllers based on mathematical modeling. This paper describes designing fuzzy controllers for an AC motor run mechanism. It also compares performance of two controllers designed based on Mamdani and Takagi-Sugeno with the conventional control scheme in a short track length, following a high disturbance. Fine and rapid control of AC motors have been a challenge and the main obstacle in gaining popularity in use of AC motors in robots actuators. This chapter reviews how use of intelligent control scheme can help to solve this problem.

  13. Adjustment of automatic control systems of production facilities at coal processing plants using multivariant physico- mathematical models

    Evtushenko, V. F.; Myshlyaev, L. P.; Makarov, G. V.; Ivushkin, K. A.; Burkova, E. V.


    The structure of multi-variant physical and mathematical models of control system is offered as well as its application for adjustment of automatic control system (ACS) of production facilities on the example of coal processing plant.

  14. Touch Screen based Speed Control of Single Phase Induction Motor

    S. Mallika


    Full Text Available This paper gives a brief idea of touch screen technology and its interfacing with a controller to control the speed of single phase induction motor. Here touch screen technology and Programmable System on Chip (PSOC microcontroller concept is utilized which is less spaceconsumption and easy to design. The aim of this paper is to have remote sensing and speed control of an AC motor.

  15. High speed data converters

    Ali, Ahmed MA


    This book covers high speed data converters from the perspective of a leading high speed ADC designer and architect, with a strong emphasis on high speed Nyquist A/D converters. For our purposes, the term 'high speed' is defined as sampling rates that are greater than 10 MS/s.

  16. Measures for speed management.


    Measures for speed management are essential for limiting the negative effects of driving too fast and at inappropriate speeds. To begin with, safe and credible speed limits need to be determined. Dynamic and variable speed limits that take into account the current circumstances, such as weather cond

  17. Partial AC-coupling minigrids

    Moix, Pierre-Olivier; Ruchet, Claude [Studer Innotec, Sion (Switzerland)


    Partial AC-coupling: - It is feasible to make AC-coupling of some compatible elements without V/f droops. Standard elements available on the market were tested. - Optimum design for efficiency is a share of the solar modules between DC-coupling with a solar charger and AC-coupling with a grid inverter according to the load profile. - Partial AC-coupling is better in term of robustness; it is more reliable to have at least a part of the solar production connected directly to DC, or even only DC coupling. The presented concepts are not only theoretical but were implemented and tested on real products available on the market. Many tests have been done to find out the limits and problems that can occur with the use of grid connected and stand alone inverter together. Many combinations were tested and it was found robust enough to be used in the field with the precautions mentioned about microcycling. (orig.)

  18. Aislamiento acústico

    Tobío, J. M.


    Full Text Available This is a very specific subject in the field of architectural acoustics, namely, insulation'. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical foundations of this phenomenon, and the most simple formula are developed to calculate easily the transmission losses of a material or the constructional insulating arrangements. The practical aspect of insulation can be considered by means of several graphs and charts, without the use of mathematics, and utilising common materials, that will not substantially increase the cost of the project. Finally this papers offers a critical discussion of building codes, and their reference to the acoustical insulation of dwellings, and data is included on the new regulations of the Madrid Municipality.Se trata un tema muy concreto de la Acústica Arquitectónica, el aislamiento, haciendo hincapié en los fundamentos teóricos del fenómeno y estableciendo las fórmulas más sencillas que permiten calcular fácilmente las pérdidas de transmisión de un material o disposición constructiva aislante. Varias gráficas y abacos permiten abordar, sin ningún tratamiento matemático, el problema práctico del aislamiento, aprovechando los materiales comunes y sin ocasionar gastos que graven sustancialmente el importe del proyecto. Por último, se hace un estudio crítico de las normas y su incidencia en los problemas del aislamiento de viviendas, incluyendo datos referentes a la nueva Ordenanza del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

  19. ACS after SM4: On-orbit Verification of the HST Advanced Camera for Surveys Repair

    Golimowski, David A.; Cheng, E. S.; Loose, M.; Sirianni, M.; Lupie, O. L.; Smith, L. J.; Arslanian, S.; Boyce, K. R.; Chapman, G.; Chiaberge, M.; Desjardins, T.; Dye, D.; Ellis, T.; Grogin, N. A.; Lim, P.; Lucas, R. A.; Maybhate, A.; Mil, K. J.; Mutchler, M.; Ricardo, R.; Scott, B.; Serrano, B.; Suchkov, A.; Waczynski, A.; Welty, A. D.; Wheeler, T.; Wilson, E.


    The newly replaced CCD electronics box (CEB-R) of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) features a programmable SIDECAR ASIC manufactured by Teledyne. The CEB-R not only restores the functionality of the ACS Wide Field Camera (WFC), but it allows optimization of the WFC's imaging performance via on-orbit adjustment of CCD bias and clock voltages and serial-data transmission timing. We describe the strategy, preparation, execution, and results of the ACS Optimization Campaign, an unprecedented on-orbit extension of ground-based integration and testing that was conducted during the HST Servicing Mission Observatory Verification period.

  20. Auto Adjusting Astronomical Telescope

    Rohit R. Ghalsasi


    Full Text Available Astronomical telescope is powerful and basic tool for star or celestial observation. Here we proposed integrated system using Raspberry Pi for auto adjusting astronomical telescope. This integrated circuit helps to control stellar monitoring, stellar targeting, and tracking functions of telescope. Astro compass gives the direction of the celestial objects.

  1. Psychological Adjustment and Homosexuality.

    Gonsiorek, John C.

    In this paper, the diverse literature bearing on the topic of homosexuality and psychological adjustment is critically reviewed and synthesized. The first chapter discusses the most crucial methodological issue in this area, the problem of sampling. The kinds of samples used to date are critically examined, and some suggestions for improved…

  2. Sustainable urban regime adjustments

    Quitzau, Maj-Britt; Jensen, Jens Stissing; Elle, Morten;


    The endogenous agency that urban governments increasingly portray by making conscious and planned efforts to adjust the regimes they operate within is currently not well captured in transition studies. There is a need to acknowledge the ambiguity of regime enactment at the urban scale. This direc...

  3. Pitch Angle Control for Variable Speed Wind Turbines

    Chen, Zhe; Zhang, Jianzhong; Cheng, M;


    controller, the mathematical model of the system should be known well. A fuzzy logic pitch angle controller is developed in this paper, in which it does not need well known about the system and the mean wind speed is used to compensate the non-linear sensitivity. The fuzzy logic control strategy may have......Pitch angle control is the most common means for adjusting the aerodynamic torque of the wind turbine when wind speed is above rated speed and various controlling variables may be chosen, such as wind speed, generator speed and generator power. As conventional pitch control usually use PI...

  4. Modelling ac ripple currents in HTS coated conductors

    Xu, Zhihan; Grilli, Francesco


    Dc transmission using high temperature superconducting (HTS) coated conductors (CCs) offers a promising solution to the globally growing demand for effective, reliable and economic transmission of green energy up to the gigawatt level over very long distances. The credible estimation of the losses and thereby the heat dissipation involved, where ac ripples (introduced in rectification/ac-dc conversion) are viewed as a potential source of notable contribution, is highly essential for the rational design of practical HTS dc transmission cables and corresponding cryogenic systems to fulfil this demand. Here we report a targeted modelling study into the ac losses in a HTS CC subject to dc and ac ripple currents simultaneously, by solving Maxwell’s equations using the finite element method (FEM) in the commercial software package COMSOL. It is observed that the instantaneous loss exhibits only one peak per cycle in the HTS CC subject to sinusoidal ripples, given that the amplitude of the ac ripples is smaller than approximately 20% of that of the dc current. This is a distinct contrast to the usual observation of two peaks per cycle in a HTS CC subject to ac currents only. The unique mechanism is also revealed, which is directly associated with the finding that, around any local minima of the applied ac ripples, the critical state of -J c is never reached at the edges of the HTS CC, as it should be according to the Bean model. When running further into the longer term, it is discovered that the ac ripple loss of the HTS CC in full-wave rectification decays monotonically, at a speed which is found to be insensitive to the frequency of the applied ripples within our targeted situations, to a relatively low level of approximately 1.38 × 10-4 W m-1 in around 1.7 s. Comparison between this level and other typical loss contributions in a HTS dc cable implies that ac ripple currents in HTS CCs should only be considered as a minor source of dissipation in superconducting dc

  5. The Design of Sport Bicycle Speed Odometer

    Dongbing Liu


    Full Text Available As bicycle sport equipment, a sport bike needs a speed and distance measuring device, due to the characteristic of road cycling, thereby mastering the state of motion. According to external conditions such as temperature, wind speed, the bike can make the appropriate adjustment to achieve the best movement effect. The bicycle speed odometer is a major accessibility tool that satisfies with needs of the people with fast development. This study elaborated a bike speed odometer design based on Hall element, taking AT89C52 single chip as the core, measuring speed with A44E Hall sensor, to finish the bike mileage/speed measurement and statistics by displaying bike mileage and speed in real time. By using the Hall elements, the hardware of speed odometer input the number of pulse of per circle into the single-chip computer system. Then the signal processed by the single-chip computer displays. The software is programmed with assembly language and modular design idea. The design of the hardware circuit is simple and the subroutine has universal property, which fully meet the design requirements and possess a wide range of application and dissemination value.

  6. The Use of AC Servo in Heavy Duty Double Housing Planer%交流伺服在重型龙门刨床的使用



    Reduce heavy planer workbench fast moving system, the impact on the reducer , heavy duty double housing plan-er workbench electrical control movement diversification, application of cost-effective, reliable operation of the control scheme has been imperative. Ac servo and speed feedback control with speed/position, etc. From two aspects of optimization design to achieve the workbench infinitely adjustable-speed.%减小重型刨床工作台快速移动换向时,对减速箱的冲击,重型龙门刨床工作台电气控制运动多样化,应用性价比高,运行可靠的控制方案已势在必行。交流伺服兼速度反馈跟速度/位置等多种控制。从2个方面优化设计来实现工作台的无级调速。

  7. Control of Adjustable Compliant Actuators

    Berno J.E. Misgeld


    Full Text Available Adjustable compliance or variable stiffness actuators comprise an additional element to elastically decouple the actuator from the load and are increasingly applied to human-centered robotic systems. The advantages of such actuators are of paramount importance in rehabilitation robotics, where requirements demand safe interaction between the therapy system and the patient. Compliant actuator systems enable the minimization of large contact forces arising, for example, from muscular spasticity and have the ability to periodically store and release energy in cyclic movements. In order to overcome the loss of bandwidth introduced by the elastic element and to guarantee a higher range in force/torque generation, new actuator designs consider variable or nonlinear stiffness elements, respectively. These components cannot only be adapted to the walking speed or the patient condition, but also entail additional challenges for feedback control. This paper introduces a novel design method for an impedance-based controller that fulfills the control objectives and compares the performance and robustness to a classical cascaded control approach. The new procedure is developed using a non-standard positive-real Η2 controller design and is applied to a loop-shaping approach. Robust norm optimal controllers are designed with regard to the passivity of the actuator load-impedance transfer function and the servo control problem. Classical cascaded and positive-real Η2 controller designs are validated and compared in simulations and in a test bench using a passive elastic element of varying stiffness.

  8. Metric adjusted skew information

    Hansen, Frank


    establish a connection between the geometrical formulation of quantum statistics as proposed by Chentsov and Morozova and measures of quantum information as introduced by Wigner and Yanase and extended in this article. We show that the set of normalized Morozova-Chentsov functions describing the possible...... quantum statistics is a Bauer simplex and determine its extreme points. We determine a particularly simple skew information, the "¿-skew information," parametrized by a ¿ ¿ (0, 1], and show that the convex cone this family generates coincides with the set of all metric adjusted skew informations.......We extend the concept of Wigner-Yanase-Dyson skew information to something we call "metric adjusted skew information" (of a state with respect to a conserved observable). This "skew information" is intended to be a non-negative quantity bounded by the variance (of an observable in a state...

  9. Fiscal adjustment in Brazil

    Fabiana Rocha


    Full Text Available Two questions are addressed in this paper. The first one is the determination of periods of fiscal consolidation and fiscal stimulus. The second one is the importance of the composition of fiscal adjustments for their success, defined as a declining debt to GDP ratio. We, characterize 1994 and 1999 as points of fiscal consolidation. The 1994 consolidation can not be considered successful since after that period the debt to GDP ratio has grown continuously. The adjustment can be characterized as a type 2 adjustment (Alesina and Perotti (1997 in the sense that cuts were made mainly in public investment, while government wages and transfers remained almost unchanged. This type of adjustment usually has a low likelihood of being a success.Duas questões são tratadas neste artigo. A primeira é a determinação dos períodos de consolidação fiscal e estímulo fiscal. A segunda questão é a importância da composição dos ajustamentos fiscais para o seu sucesso, definido como um declínio na razo dívida/PIB. Nós, caracterizamos 1994 e 1999 como pontos de consolidação fiscal. A consolidação de 1994 não pode ser considerada um sucesso pois nos anos seguintes a razão dívida/PIB cresceu continuamente. O ajustamento pode ser considerado como um ajustamento do tipo 2 (Alesina and Perotti, 1997 no sentido de que foram feitos cortes principalmente no investimento público, enquanto os salários e transferências permaneceram praticamente inalterados. Este tipo de ajustamento geralmente tem uma baixa probabilidade de sucesso.

  10. System and method for motor speed estimation of an electric motor

    Lu, Bin [Kenosha, WI; Yan, Ting [Brookfield, WI; Luebke, Charles John [Sussex, WI; Sharma, Santosh Kumar [Viman Nagar, IN


    A system and method for a motor management system includes a computer readable storage medium and a processing unit. The processing unit configured to determine a voltage value of a voltage input to an alternating current (AC) motor, determine a frequency value of at least one of a voltage input and a current input to the AC motor, determine a load value from the AC motor, and access a set of motor nameplate data, where the set of motor nameplate data includes a rated power, a rated speed, a rated frequency, and a rated voltage of the AC motor. The processing unit is also configured to estimate a motor speed based on the voltage value, the frequency value, the load value, and the set of nameplate data and also store the motor speed on the computer readable storage medium.

  11. Performance Analysis of Phase Controlled Unidirectional and Bidirectional AC Voltage Controllers

    Abdul Sattar Larik


    Full Text Available AC voltage controllers are used to vary the output ac voltage from a fixed ac input source. They are also commonly called ac voltage regulators or ac choppers. The output voltage is either controlled by PAC (Phase Angle Control method or on-off control method. Due to various advantages of ac voltage controllers, such as high efficiency, simplicity, low cost and ability to control large amount of power they efficiently control the speed of ac motors, light dimming and industrial heating, etc. These converters are variable structure systems and generate harmonics during the operation which will affect the power quality when connected to system network. During the last couple of years, a number of new semiconductor devices and various power electronic converters has been introduced. Accordingly the subject of harmonics and its problems are of great concern to power industry and customers. In this research work, initially the simulation models of single phase unidirectional and bidirectional ac voltage controllers were developed by using MATLAB software. The harmonics of these models are investigated by simulation. In the end, the harmonics were also analyzed experimentally. The simulated as well as experimental results are presented.

  12. Hopping models and ac universality

    Dyre, Jeppe; Schrøder, Thomas


    Some general relations for hopping models are established. We proceed to discuss the universality of the ac conductivity which arises in the extreme disorder limit of the random barrier model. It is shown that the relevant dimension entering into the diffusion cluster approximation (DCA) is the h......Some general relations for hopping models are established. We proceed to discuss the universality of the ac conductivity which arises in the extreme disorder limit of the random barrier model. It is shown that the relevant dimension entering into the diffusion cluster approximation (DCA......) is the harmonic (fracton) dimension of the diffusion cluster. The temperature scaling of the dimensionless frequency entering into the DCA is discussed. Finally, some open problems regarding ac universality are listed....

  13. Adjustment Criterion and Algorithm in Adjustment Model with Uncertain

    SONG Yingchun


    Full Text Available Uncertainty often exists in the process of obtaining measurement data, which affects the reliability of parameter estimation. This paper establishes a new adjustment model in which uncertainty is incorporated into the function model as a parameter. A new adjustment criterion and its iterative algorithm are given based on uncertainty propagation law in the residual error, in which the maximum possible uncertainty is minimized. This paper also analyzes, with examples, the different adjustment criteria and features of optimal solutions about the least-squares adjustment, the uncertainty adjustment and total least-squares adjustment. Existing error theory is extended with new observational data processing method about uncertainty.

  14. AC410 Unit 9 Assignment



     AC410 Unit 9 Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:   18–29. The CPA firm of Carson & Boggs LLP is performing an internal control audit in accordance with PCAOB Standard No. 5. The partner in charge of the engagement has asked you to explain the process of determining which controls to test. Describe the process, presenting each of the links in this process and a short summary of how the auditors approach each of them. v ...

  15. Nuclear structure of $^{231}$Ac

    Boutami, R; Mach, H; Kurcewicz, W; Fraile, L M; Gulda, K; Aas, A J; García-Raffi, L M; Løvhøiden, G; Martínez, T; Rubio, B; Taín, J L; Tengblad, O


    The low-energy structure of 231Ac has been investigated by means of gamma ray spectroscopy following the beta-decay of 231Ra. Multipolarities of 28 transitions have been established by measuring conversion electrons with a mini-orange electron spectrometer. The decay scheme of 231Ra --> 231Ac has been constructed for the first time. The Advanced Time Delayed beta-gamma-gamma(t) method has been used to measure the half-lives of five levels. The moderately fast B(E1) transition rates derived suggest that the octupole effects, albeit weak, are still present in this exotic nucleus.

  16. AcEST: DK961189 [AcEST

    Full Text Available OS=A... 127 7e-29 sp|Q94B08|GCP1_ARATH Germination-specific cysteine protease 1 OS... 125 2e-28 sp|P00785|AC...IRNSWGLNWGDSGYVKLQRNIDDPFGKCGIAMMPSYP 347 >sp|Q94B08|GCP1_ARATH Germination-specific cysteine protease 1 OS=

  17. AcEST: BP917259 [AcEST

    Full Text Available Q96AC6|KIFC2_HUMAN Kinesin-like protein KIFC2 OS=Homo sapiens... 30 9.0 sp|O88737|BSN_MOUSE Protein bassoon ... WGQPG AAGS + PG Sbjct: 748 SSSPTEWVKWSWGQPG-------AAGSRAPPG 772 >sp|O88737|BSN_MOUSE Protein bassoon

  18. AcEST: BP921446 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 34 2e-30 tr|A4VIU1|A4VIU1_PSEU5 Putative uncharacterized protein OS=Pseud... 129 1e-28 tr|Q11HF6|Q11HF6_MESSB...EHTHLMLDSKAGWVEPHIQAGDRCFAEYPDESLAQWHERLGL 159 >tr|Q11HF6|Q11HF6_MESSB Glutathione-dependent formaldehyde-ac

  19. AcEST: DK943932 [AcEST

    Full Text Available rella paten... 145 2e-33 tr|B6T2L2|B6T2L2_MAIZE Sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphatase ...EAL++SHVCK+AC Sbjct: 67 ATACVNTFGDEQLAVDMLADKLLFEALRHSHVCKYAC 103 >tr|B6T2L2|B6T2L2_MAIZE Sedoheptulose-1,7-

  20. AcEST: DK953266 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 34 0.49 sp|A5VSF3|ACSA_BRUO2 Acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase OS=Brucella ov... 34 0.49 sp|Q8YJ48|ACSA_BRUME Ac... K++ + NK L+ R G WG GR++ Sbjct: 180 FVITADEGVRGGKPVALKENTDTAIDIAAKQYVMVNKVLVVRRTGGKVSWGRGRDL 235 >sp|A5VSF3|ACSA_BRUO2

  1. 77 FR 1658 - Adjustment of the Amount for the Optional Rider for Proof of NVOCC Financial Responsibility for...


    ... 46 CFR Part 515 RIN 3072-AC46 Adjustment of the Amount for the Optional Rider for Proof of NVOCC... rules regarding the amount of bond coverage required in its optional China Bond Rider for Non-Vessel... Adjustment of the Amount for the FMC Optional China Bond Rider. Background Under a Memorandum...

  2. Jordan Adjusted Human Development

    Ababsa, Myriam


    Jordan Human Development Index (HDI) and Adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI) In 1990, the United Nations Development Programme designed a Human Development Index composed of life expectancy at birth, level of education and gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. In 2011, the UNDP ranked Jordan 95th out of 187 countries with a human development index of 0.698, up from 0.591 in 1990, making it the leading medium-range country for human development (fig. VIII.1). In 2010, the inequality adj...

  3. Adjustable Reeds For Weaving

    Farley, Gary L.


    Local characteristics of fabrics varied to suit special applications. Adjustable reed machinery proposed for use in weaving fabrics in various net shapes, widths, yarn spacings, and yarn angles. Locations of edges of fabric and configuration of warp and filling yarns varied along fabric to obtain specified properties. In machinery, reed wires mounted in groups on sliders, mounted on lengthwise rails in reed frame. Mechanisms incorporated to move sliders lengthwise, parallel to warp yarns, by sliding them along rails; move sliders crosswise by translating reed frame rails perpendicular to warp yarns; and crosswise by spreading reed rails within group. Profile of reed wires in group on each slider changed.

  4. Sensorless operation of surface mount permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motors

    Toliyat, H.A.; Rahman, K.M.; Shet, D.S.


    A sensorless field oriented control scheme for surface mount permanent magnet ac (PMAC) motor with split phase stator windings is presented. This motor is obtained by splitting the phase windings of a conventional three phase motor. The six-phase motor, however is run as a three-phase motor by connecting the split phase stator windings in series, while the taps are made available for voltage measurements. By measuring the terminal voltages and the line currents, absolute position of the permanent magnet ac motor driven by a current regulated PWM inverter with a hysteresis controller is estimated. The estimated position information is independent of the stator resistance, thus this scheme is even applicable at low speeds. Results are presented to show the effectiveness of the new controller, and it is also shown that the position error is negligible.

  5. ACS from development to operations

    Caproni, Alessandro; Colomer, Pau; Jeram, Bogdan; Sommer, Heiko; Chiozzi, Gianluca; Mañas, Miguel M.


    The ALMA Common Software (ACS), provides the infrastructure of the distributed software system of ALMA and other projects. ACS, built on top of CORBA and Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware, is based on a Component- Container paradigm and hides the complexity of the middleware allowing the developer to focus on domain specific issues. The transition of the ALMA observatory from construction to operations brings with it that ACS effort focuses primarily on scalability, stability and robustness rather than on new features. The transition came together with a shorter release cycle and a more extensive testing. For scalability, the most problematic area has been the CORBA notification service, used to implement the publisher subscriber pattern because of the asynchronous nature of the paradigm: a lot of effort has been spent to improve its stability and recovery from run time errors. The original bulk data mechanism, implemented using the CORBA Audio/Video Streaming Service, showed its limitations and has been replaced with a more performant and scalable DDS implementation. Operational needs showed soon the difference between releases cycles for Online software (i.e. used during observations) and Offline software, which requires much more frequent releases. This paper attempts to describe the impact the transition from construction to operations had on ACS, the solution adopted so far and a look into future evolution.

  6. Continuously adjustable Pulfrich spectacles

    Jacobs, Ken; Karpf, Ron


    A number of Pulfrich 3-D movies and TV shows have been produced, but the standard implementation has inherent drawbacks. The movie and TV industries have correctly concluded that the standard Pulfrich 3-D implementation is not a useful 3-D technique. Continuously Adjustable Pulfrich Spectacles (CAPS) is a new implementation of the Pulfrich effect that allows any scene containing movement in a standard 2-D movie, which are most scenes, to be optionally viewed in 3-D using inexpensive viewing specs. Recent scientific results in the fields of human perception, optoelectronics, video compression and video format conversion are translated into a new implementation of Pulfrich 3- D. CAPS uses these results to continuously adjust to the movie so that the viewing spectacles always conform to the optical density that optimizes the Pulfrich stereoscopic illusion. CAPS instantly provides 3-D immersion to any moving scene in any 2-D movie. Without the glasses, the movie will appear as a normal 2-D image. CAPS work on any viewing device, and with any distribution medium. CAPS is appropriate for viewing Internet streamed movies in 3-D.

  7. Adolescent Mothers' Adjustment to Parenting.

    Samuels, Valerie Jarvis; And Others


    Examined adolescent mothers' adjustment to parenting, self-esteem, social support, and perceptions of baby. Subjects (n=52) responded to questionnaires at two time periods approximately six months apart. Mothers with higher self-esteem at Time 1 had better adjustment at Time 2. Adjustment was predicted by Time 2 variables; contact with baby's…

  8. A New High Speed Induction Motor Drive based on Field Orientation and Hysteresis Current Comparison

    Ogbuka, Cosmas; Nwosu, Cajethan; Agu, Marcel


    This paper presents a new high speed induction motor drive based on the core advantage of field orientation control (FOC) and hysteresis current comparison (HCC). A complete closed loop speed-controlled induction motor drive system is developed consisting of an outer speed and an inner HCC algorithm which are optimised to obtain fast and stable speed response with effective current and torque tracking, both during transient and steady states. The developed model, being speed-controlled, was examined with step and ramp speed references and excellent performances obtained under full load stress. A speed response comparison of the model with the standard AC3 (Field-Oriented Control Induction Motor Drive) of MATLAB Simpower systems shows that the model achieved a rise time of 0.0762 seconds compared to 0.2930 seconds achieved by the AC3. Also, a settle time of 0.0775 seconds was obtained with the developed model while that of the AC3 model is 0.2986 seconds confirming, therefore, the superiority of the developed model over the AC3 model which, hitherto, served as a reference standard.

  9. Speed and income

    Fosgerau, Mogens


    The relationship between speed and income is established in a microeconomic model focusing on the trade-off between travel time and the risk of receiving a penalty for exceeding the speed limit. This is used to determine when a rational driver will choose to exceed the speed limit. The relationship...... between speed and income is found again in the empirical analysis of a cross-sectional dataset comprising 60,000 observations of car trips. This is used to perform regressions of speed on income, distance travelled, and a number of controls. The results are clearly statistically significant and indicate...... an average income elasticity of speed of 0.02; it is smaller at short distances and about twice as large at the longest distance investigated of 200 km....

  10. AcEST: DK954361 [AcEST

    Full Text Available nin T, cardiac muscle OS=Homo sapiens... 35 0.27 sp|P98193|DMP1_RAT Dentin matrix...86TM6|SYVN1_HUMAN E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase synoviolin OS=... 33 1.4 sp|O55188|DMP1_MOUSE Dentin matrix ac...EEDAEAEAETEETRAEEDEEEEEAKEAEDG 68 Query: 329 PADQETP 349 P ++ P Sbjct: 69 PMEESKP 75 >sp|P98193|DMP1_RAT Dentin

  11. AcEST: DK956827 [AcEST

    Full Text Available n, cytoplasmic 1 OS=Salmo salar GN=AC... 389 e-107 tr|B3TH90|B3TH90_POERE Beta-actin OS=Poecilia reticulata ...PE=2 SV=1 389 e-107 tr|B3TH89|B3TH89_POERE Beta-actin OS=Poecilia reticulata PE=4 SV=1 389 e-107 tr|B3GLI4|B

  12. AcEST: DK943965 [AcEST

    Full Text Available FKBP-type OS=Cya... 55 2e-06 tr|B8EIG1|B8EIG1_METSI Peptidylprolyl isomerase FKBP-type OS=Met... 53 9e-06 t... type OS=Ac... 51 4e-05 tr|B8I9L2|B8I9L2_METNO Peptidylprolyl isomerase FKBP-type OS=Met.

  13. Adjusting to the Emergent

    Revsbæk, Line

    In her doctoral thesis Line Revsbaek explores newcomer innovation related to organizational entry processes in a changing organization. She introduces process philosophy and complexity theory to research on organizational socialization and newcomer innovation. The study challenges assumptions...... in standardized induction programs where newcomers are cast in roles as insecure novices needing to be “taught the ropes” of the organizational culture. Linked with this, it is suggested that the prevailing dichotomy of ‘newcomer assimilation’ versus ‘organizational accommodation’ is replaced with a notion...... of ‘adjusting to the emergent’. Newcomer innovation is portrayed as carrying a variety of possible significations, such as unintentional innovation effects of newcomer’s proactive self-socializing behavior; an inspirational basis for designing innovation-generating employee induction; ‘resonant instances...


    ÇOLAK, İlhami; Ramazan BAYINDIR


    In this study, a PI controlled separately excited direct current (DC) motor speed has been controlled using PIC 16F877 controller. In the PIC 16F877 programming as a PI controller, the speed of the motor is expected to follow the reference speed. Speed of the motor is measured by a tacho generator and then, the voltage applied to the motor is adjusted by a semiconductor power switch using pulse width modulation (PWM) technique. Drive circuit was tested with 0.9 kW DC motor. Experimental resul...

  15. 46 CFR 154.1864 - Vessel speed within speed reduction.


    ... 46 Shipping 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Vessel speed within speed reduction. 154.1864 Section... Vessel speed within speed reduction. The master shall ensure that the speed of the vessel is not greater than the posted speed reduction....

  16. Adaptive Backstepping design of an Observer for the Rotor Speed and Field of an Induction Motor

    Rasmussen, Henrik


    is de-veloped. The resulting scheme leads to a nonlinear full order observer for the rotor field. The rotor speed and the stator resis-tance are estimated by adaptive backstepping. Assuming motor parameters known the design achieves stability with guaran-teed region of attraction. The adaptive......High performance operation of speed controlled AC drives without mechanical speed/position sensors rely on the dynamic models for estimation of flux and speed. Using backstepping, which is a recursive nonlinear design method, a new approach for the design of observers for speed sensorless control...

  17. Performance of AC/graphite capacitors at high weight ratios of AC/graphite

    Wang, Hongyu [IM and T Ltd., Advanced Research Center, Saga University, 1341 Yoga-machi, Saga 840-0047 (Japan); Yoshio, Masaki [Advanced Research Center, Department of Applied Chemistry, Saga University, 1341 Yoga-machi, Saga 840-0047 (Japan)


    The effect of negative to positive electrode materials' weight ratio on the electrochemical performance of both activated carbon (AC)/AC and AC/graphite capacitors has been investigated, especially in the terms of capacity and cycle-ability. The limited capacity charge mode has been proposed to improve the cycle performance of AC/graphite capacitors at high weight ratios of AC/graphite. (author)

  18. More Than Just Speed


    The 1,318-km Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway will finally come into operation at the end of June.Since construction began three years ago,the speedy railway has grabbed worldwide attention because of its design as the world’s longest and fastesthigh-speed rail line utilizing the most advanced technology.

  19. Speed enforcement in Norway

    Elvik, Rune


    This paper probes the relationship between changes in the risk of apprehension for speeding in Norway and changes in the amount of speeding. The paper is based on a game-theoretic model of how the rate of violations and the amount of enforcement is determined by the interaction between drivers...

  20. Effectiveness of Motorcycle speed controlled by speed hump

    Pornsiri Urapa


    Full Text Available Speed humps are one of the traffic calming measures widely accepted to control vehicle speed in the local road. Humps standards from the western countries are designed mainly for the passenger car. This study, therefore, aims to reveal the effectiveness of speed hump to control the motorcycle speed. This study observes the free-flow speed of the riders at the total of 20 speed bumps and humps. They are 0.3-14.8 meter in width and 5-18 centimeter in height. The results reveal that the 85th percentile speeds reduce 15-65 percent when crossing the speed bumps and speed humps. Besides, this study develops the speed model to predict the motorcycle mean speed and 85th percentile speed. It is found that speed humps follow the ITE standard can control motorcycle crossing speeds to be 25-30 Kph which are suitable to travel on the local road.

  1. A New Coordinated Voltage Control Scheme for Offshore AC Grid of HVDC Connected Offshore Wind Power Plants

    Sakamuri, Jayachandra N.; Cutululis, Nicolaos Antonio; Rather, Zakir Hussain;


    This paper proposes a coordinated voltage control scheme (CVCS) which enhances the voltage ride through (VRT) capability of an offshore AC grid comprised of a cluster of offshore wind power plants (WPP) connected through AC cables to the offshore voltage source converter based high voltage DC (VSC-HVDC......) converter station. Due to limited short circuit power contribution from power electronic interfaced variable speed wind generators and with the onshore main grid decoupled by the HVDC link, the offshore AC grid becomes more vulnerable to dynamic voltage events. Therefore, a short circuit fault...... in the offshore AC Grid is likely to have significant implications on the voltage of the offshore AC grid, hence on the power flow to the onshore mainland grid. The proposed CVCS integrates individual local reactive power control of wind turbines and of the HVDC converter with the secondary voltage controller...

  2. AcEST: DK943968 [AcEST


  3. AcEST: DK954735 [AcEST

    Full Text Available AC ■■Homology search results ■■ - Swiss-Prot (release 56.9) Link to BlastX Result : Swiss-Prot sp_hit_id Q7TMD5 Definition sp| significant alignments: (bits) Value sp|Q7TMD5|ZC3HE_RAT Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 1... ...tein pstB ... 30 5.8 sp|Q2S081|PSTB_SALRD Phosphate import ATP-binding protein pstB O... 30 7.6 >sp|Q7TMD5

  4. Embodied linearity of speed control in Drosophila melanogaster.

    Medici, V; Fry, S N


    Fruitflies regulate flight speed by adjusting their body angle. To understand how low-level posture control serves an overall linear visual speed control strategy, we visually induced free-flight acceleration responses in a wind tunnel and measured the body kinematics using high-speed videography. Subsequently, we reverse engineered the transfer function mapping body pitch angle onto flight speed. A linear model is able to reproduce the behavioural data with good accuracy. Our results show that linearity in speed control is realized already at the level of body posture-mediated speed control and is therefore embodied at the level of the complex aerodynamic mechanisms of body and wings. Together with previous results, this study reveals the existence of a linear hierarchical control strategy, which can provide relevant control principles for biomimetic implementations, such as autonomous flying micro air vehicles.

  5. Photonic Technologies for Ultra-High-Speed Information Highways

    Bouchoule, S; Lèfevre, R.; Legros, E.;


    The ACTS project HIGHWAY (AC067) addresses promising ultra-high speed optoelectronic components and system technologies for 40 Gbit/s time-division-multiplexed (TDM) transport systems. Advanced 40 Gbit/s TDM system lab demonstrators are to be realized and tested over installed field fiber testbed....... This paper reviews the current status of 40 Gbit/s TDM components and subsystem technologies achieved in HIGHWAY. The results of HIGHWAY 40 Gbit/s TDM systems and field tests will be reported in a subsequent paper. (C) 1999 Academic Press.......The ACTS project HIGHWAY (AC067) addresses promising ultra-high speed optoelectronic components and system technologies for 40 Gbit/s time-division-multiplexed (TDM) transport systems. Advanced 40 Gbit/s TDM system lab demonstrators are to be realized and tested over installed field fiber testbeds...

  6. Metric-adjusted skew information

    Liang, Cai; Hansen, Frank


    We give a truly elementary proof of the convexity of metric-adjusted skew information following an idea of Effros. We extend earlier results of weak forms of superadditivity to general metric-adjusted skew information. Recently, Luo and Zhang introduced the notion of semi-quantum states...... on a bipartite system and proved superadditivity of the Wigner-Yanase-Dyson skew informations for such states. We extend this result to the general metric-adjusted skew information. We finally show that a recently introduced extension to parameter values 1 information is a special case...... of (unbounded) metric-adjusted skew information....

  7. Convexity Adjustments for ATS Models

    Murgoci, Agatha; Gaspar, Raquel M.

    Practitioners are used to value a broad class of exotic interest rate derivatives simply by preforming for what is known as convexity adjustments (or convexity corrections). We start by exploiting the relations between various interest rate models and their connections to measure changes. As a re......Practitioners are used to value a broad class of exotic interest rate derivatives simply by preforming for what is known as convexity adjustments (or convexity corrections). We start by exploiting the relations between various interest rate models and their connections to measure changes....... As a result we classify convexity adjustments into forward adjustments and swaps adjustments. We, then, focus on affine term structure (ATS) models and, in this context, conjecture convexity adjustments should be related of affine functionals. In the case of forward adjustments, we show how to obtain exact...... formulas. Concretely for LIBOR in arrears (LIA) contracts, we derive the system of Riccatti ODE-s one needs to compute to obtain the exact adjustment. Based upon the ideas of Schrager and Pelsser (2006) we are also able to derive general swap adjustments useful, in particular, when dealing with constant...

  8. Adjustment computations spatial data analysis

    Ghilani, Charles D


    the complete guide to adjusting for measurement error-expanded and updated no measurement is ever exact. Adjustment Computations updates a classic, definitive text on surveying with the latest methodologies and tools for analyzing and adjusting errors with a focus on least squares adjustments, the most rigorous methodology available and the one on which accuracy standards for surveys are based. This extensively updated Fifth Edition shares new information on advances in modern software and GNSS-acquired data. Expanded sections offer a greater amount of computable problems and their worked solu

  9. Gas speed flow transducer

    Godovaniouk V. N.


    Full Text Available The design of a gas speed flow transducer using the coupling of gas speed and heat streams within the transducer itself is proposed. To maintain the heat balance between two thermoresistors under gas stream at different temperatures, it provides energy consumption monitoring. The detailed combined planar technology for the transducer production is presented. The worked-out measurement procedure allows to make measurements in the temperature range. Information enough to organize production of cheap, reliable and precise gas speed flow transducers is given.

  10. A Novel High-Speed Configurable Viterbi Decoder for Broadband Access

    Benaissa Mohammed


    Full Text Available A novel design and implementation of an online reconfigurable Viterbi decoder is proposed, based on an area-efficient add-compare-select (ACS architecture, in which the constraint length and traceback depth can be dynamically reconfigured. A design-space exploration to trade off decoding capability, area, and decoding speed has been performed, from which the maximum level of pipelining against the number of ACS units to be used has been determined while maintaining an in-place path metric updating. An example design with constraint lengths from 7 to 10 and a 5-level ACS pipelining has been successfully implemented on a Xilinx Virtex FPGA device. FPGA implementation results, in terms of decoding speed, resource usage, and BER, have been obtained using a tailored testbench. These confirmed the functionality and the expected higher speeds and lower resources.

  11. Load flow analysis for variable speed offshore wind farms

    Chen, Zhe; Zhao, Menghua; Blaabjerg, Frede


    A serial AC-DC integrated load flow algorithm for variable speed offshore wind farms is proposed. It divides the electrical system of a wind farm into several local networks, and different load flow methods are used for these local networks sequentially. This method is fast, more accurate, and many...... and integrated into the load flow algorithm: one takes into account the control strategy of converters and the other considers the power losses of converters. In addition, different types of variable speed wind turbine systems with different control methods are investigated. Finally, the method is demonstrated...

  12. Speed Control of Induction Motor using FOC Method

    Hafeezul Haq


    Full Text Available An increasing number of applications in high performing electrical drive systems use nowadays, squirrel-cage induction motors. This paper describes a simplified method for the speed control of a three phase AC drive using Proportional-Integral controller. The simulation results show that the step response of the model is very fast, steady and able to work in four quadrants, and robustness and high performance is achieved.

  13. Effect of the magnetic material on AC losses in HTS conductors in AC magnetic field carrying AC transport current

    Wan, Xing-Xing; Huang, Chen-Guang; Yong, Hua-Dong; Zhou, You-He


    This paper presents an investigation on the AC losses in several typical superconducting composite conductors using the H-formulation model. A single superconducting strip with ferromagnetic substrate or cores and a stack of coated conductors with ferromagnetic substrates are studied. We consider all the coated conductors carrying AC transport currents and simultaneously exposed to perpendicular AC magnetic fields. The influences of the amplitude, frequency, phase difference and ferromagnetic materials on the AC losses are investigated. The results show that the magnetization losses of single strip and stacked strips have similar characteristics. The ferromagnetic substrate can increase the magnetization loss at low magnetic field, and decrease the loss at high magnetic field. The ferromagnetic substrate can obviously increase the transport loss in stacked strips. The trends of total AC losses of single strip and stacked strips are similar when they are carrying current or exposed to a perpendicular magnetic field. The effect of the frequency on the total AC losses of single strip is related to the amplitude of magnetic field. The AC losses decrease with increasing frequency in low magnetic field region while increase in high magnetic field region. As the phase difference changes, there is a periodic variation for the AC losses. Moreover, when the strip is under only the transport current and magnetic field, the ferromagnetic cores will increase the AC losses for large transport current or field.

  14. Wind_Speeds_Master

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set included wind speeds for each subregion in the study (Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine, Southern New England, Middle Atlantic Bight) . The data came from...

  15. Speeding up Transportation


    @@ 2007 was an excellent year for the transportation industry, marked by high speed railway transportation, development of the national expressway network and launch of the Chang'e lunar probe satellite.

  16. Effective AC needleless and collectorless electrospinning for yarn production.

    Pokorny, P; Kostakova, E; Sanetrnik, F; Mikes, P; Chvojka, J; Kalous, T; Bilek, M; Pejchar, K; Valtera, J; Lukas, D


    Nanofibrous materials are essential components for a wide range of applications, particularly in the fields of medicine and material engineering. These include protective materials, sensors, cosmetics, hygiene, filtration and energy storage. The most widely used and researched technology in these fields is electrospinning. This method for producing fibers yields highly promising results thanks to its versatility and simplicity. Electrospinning is employed in multiple forms, among which needle and needleless direct current (DC) variants are the most distinctive. The former is based on the generation of just one single jet from a nozzle; hence this fabrication process is not very productive. The latter uses the destabilization of free liquid surfaces by means of an electric field, which enhances the throughput since it produces numerous jets, emitted from the surfaces of rollers, spheres, strings and spirals. However, although some progress in total producibility has been achieved, the efficiency of the DC method still remains relatively low. A further drawback of DC electrospinning is that both variants need a collector, which makes it difficult to combine DC electrospinning easily with other technologies due to the presence of the high field strength within the entire spinning zone. This paper describes our experiments with AC electrospinning. We show that alternating current (AC) electrospinning based on a needleless spinning-electrode provides a highly productive smoke-like aerogel composed of nanofibers. This aerogel rises rapidly from the electrode like a thin plume of smoke, without any need for a collector. Our work shows that AC needleless electrospinning gains its efficiency and collector-less feature thanks to the creation of a perpetually charge-changing virtual counter-electrode composed of the nanofibers emitted. High-speed camera recordings demonstrate the formation mechanism of the nanofibrous plume, which is wafted by an electric wind. This wind

  17. Police enforcement and driving speed.


    Speed limits are violated frequently in the Netherlands. As speed is an important factor in road crashes, the surveillance of driving speeds is one of the spearheads in the policy plans of the Dutch police. Different methods of speed enforcement have proved to be effective in reducing speed and cras

  18. Calculating Speed of Sound

    Bhatnagar, Shalabh


    Sound is an emerging source of renewable energy but it has some limitations. The main limitation is, the amount of energy that can be extracted from sound is very less and that is because of the velocity of the sound. The velocity of sound changes as per medium. If we could increase the velocity of the sound in a medium we would be probably able to extract more amount of energy from sound and will be able to transfer it at a higher rate. To increase the velocity of sound we should know the speed of sound. If we go by the theory of classic mechanics speed is the distance travelled by a particle divided by time whereas velocity is the displacement of particle divided by time. The speed of sound in dry air at 20 °C (68 °F) is considered to be 343.2 meters per second and it won't be wrong in saying that 342.2 meters is the velocity of sound not the speed as it's the displacement of the sound not the total distance sound wave covered. Sound travels in the form of mechanical wave, so while calculating the speed of sound the whole path of wave should be considered not just the distance traveled by sound. In this paper I would like to focus on calculating the actual speed of sound wave which can help us to extract more energy and make sound travel with faster velocity.

  19. Universality of ac conduction in disordered solids

    Dyre, Jeppe; Schrøder, Thomas


    as a function of a suitably scaled frequency becomes independent of details of the disorder in the extreme disorder limit, i.e., when the local randomly varying mobilities cover many orders of magnitude. The two universal ac conductivities are similar, but not identical; both are examples of unusual non......-power-law universalities. It is argued that ac universality reflects an underlying percolation determining dc as well as ac conductivity in the extreme disorder limit. Three analytical approximations to the universal ac conductivities are presented and compared to computer simulations. Finally, model predictions......The striking similarity of ac conduction in quite different disordered solids is discussed in terms of experimental results, modeling, and computer simulations. After giving an overview of experiment, a macroscopic and a microscopic model are reviewed. For both models the normalized ac conductivity...

  20. Spousal Adjustment to Myocardial Infarction.

    Ziglar, Elisa J.

    This paper reviews the literature on the stresses and coping strategies of spouses of patients with myocardial infarction (MI). It attempts to identify specific problem areas of adjustment for the spouse and to explore the effects of spousal adjustment on patient recovery. Chapter one provides an overview of the importance in examining the…

  1. Mood Adjustment via Mass Communication.

    Knobloch, Silvia


    Proposes and experimentally tests mood adjustment approach, complementing mood management theory. Discusses how results regarding self-exposure across time show that patterns of popular music listening among a group of undergraduate students differ with initial mood and anticipation, lending support to mood adjustment hypotheses. Describes how…

  2. A complete generalized adjustment criterion

    Perković, Emilija; Textor, Johannes; Kalisch, Markus; Maathuis, Marloes H.


    Covariate adjustment is a widely used approach to estimate total causal effects from observational data. Several graphical criteria have been developed in recent years to identify valid covariates for adjustment from graphical causal models. These criteria can handle multiple causes, latent confound

  3. Construstion and Control of AC Excitation Double-Feedback Generator Model%交流励磁双馈发电机模型的建立与控制

    张尧; 李文楷; 郭立


    众所周知,采用交流励磁双馈发电机的变速恒频风力发电系统具有许多优点,例如最大限度的捕捉风能,允许原动机在一定范围内变速运行,可灵活调节系统的有功和无功功率,起到功率因数补偿的作用。为了能比较清楚地研究变速恒频双馈风电系统的工作特性,需要建立一套能合理反映交流励磁双馈发电机运行特性、且适合应用于变速恒频风电机组性能研究的数学模型。%As everyone knows, the variable speed constant frequency wind power generation system, which uses AC excitation double-feedback generator, has many advantages, such as the maximum wind energy capture, allows the prime mover in a certain range of variable speed operation, the flexible adjustment of system of active and reactive power, the power factor compensation effect. In order to better research on the operating characteristics of the variable speed constant fre- quency doubly-fed wind power system, need to establish a set of mathematical model that can reasonable reflect AC excitation double-feedback generator operation characteristics, and is suitable for variable soeed constant frequency wind turbine performance study.

  4. Bayes linear covariance matrix adjustment

    Wilkinson, Darren J


    In this thesis, a Bayes linear methodology for the adjustment of covariance matrices is presented and discussed. A geometric framework for quantifying uncertainties about covariance matrices is set up, and an inner-product for spaces of random matrices is motivated and constructed. The inner-product on this space captures aspects of our beliefs about the relationship between covariance matrices of interest to us, providing a structure rich enough for us to adjust beliefs about unknown matrices in the light of data such as sample covariance matrices, exploiting second-order exchangeability and related specifications to obtain representations allowing analysis. Adjustment is associated with orthogonal projection, and illustrated with examples of adjustments for some common problems. The problem of adjusting the covariance matrices underlying exchangeable random vectors is tackled and discussed. Learning about the covariance matrices associated with multivariate time series dynamic linear models is shown to be a...

  5. Parental Divorce and Children's Adjustment.

    Lansford, Jennifer E


    This article reviews the research literature on links between parental divorce and children's short-term and long-term adjustment. First, I consider evidence regarding how divorce relates to children's externalizing behaviors, internalizing problems, academic achievement, and social relationships. Second, I examine timing of the divorce, demographic characteristics, children's adjustment prior to the divorce, and stigmatization as moderators of the links between divorce and children's adjustment. Third, I examine income, interparental conflict, parenting, and parents well-being as mediators of relations between divorce and children's adjustment. Fourth, I note the caveats and limitations of the research literature. Finally, I consider notable policies related to grounds for divorce, child support, and child custody in light of how they might affect children s adjustment to their parents divorce.

  6. RHIC spin flipper AC dipole controller

    Oddo, P.; Bai, M.; Dawson, C.; Gassner, D.; Harvey, M.; Hayes, T.; Mernick, K.; Minty, M.; Roser, T.; Severino, F.; Smith, K.


    The RHIC Spin Flipper's five high-Q AC dipoles which are driven by a swept frequency waveform require precise control of phase and amplitude during the sweep. This control is achieved using FPGA based feedback controllers. Multiple feedback loops are used to and dynamically tune the magnets. The current implementation and results will be presented. Work on a new spin flipper for RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) incorporating multiple dynamically tuned high-Q AC-dipoles has been developed for RHIC spin-physics experiments. A spin flipper is needed to cancel systematic errors by reversing the spin direction of the two colliding beams multiple times during a store. The spin flipper system consists of four DC-dipole magnets (spin rotators) and five AC-dipole magnets. Multiple AC-dipoles are needed to localize the driven coherent betatron oscillation inside the spin flipper. Operationally the AC-dipoles form two swept frequency bumps that minimize the effect of the AC-dipole dipoles outside of the spin flipper. Both AC bumps operate at the same frequency, but are phase shifted from each other. The AC-dipoles therefore require precise control over amplitude and phase making the implementation of the AC-dipole controller the central challenge.

  7. AcEST: DK956298 [AcEST

    Full Text Available AIZE Glutamate dehydrogenase OS=Zea mays GN=GDH1... 370 e-102 sp|Q43314|DHE1_ARATH Glutamate dehydrogenase 1...HGK 202 >sp|P93541|DHE3_SOLLC Glutamate dehydrogenase OS=Solanum lycopersicum GN=GDH1 PE=2 SV=1 Length = 412...RG ++A EALL ++G+ Sbjct: 181 RDAATGRGALFATEALLNEHGK 202 >sp|Q43260|DHE3_MAIZE Glutamate dehydrogenase OS=Zea mays GN=GDH1...ATH Glutamate dehydrogenase 1 OS=Arabidopsis thaliana GN=GDH1 PE=1 SV=1 Length = 411 Score = 369 bits (946),...AC Glutamate dehydrogenase OS=Nicotiana taba... 376 e-103 tr|A7YVW3|A7YVW3_ACTCH GDH1 OS=Actinidia chinensis GN=GDH1

  8. AcEST: DK959751 [AcEST

    Full Text Available .. 86 1e-16 sp|A0FGR8|ESYT2_HUMAN Extended synaptotagmin-2 OS=Homo sapiens G... 72 3e-12 sp|Q6PFQ7|RASL2_MOU...SE Ras GTPase-activating protein 4 OS=Mus mus... 72 4e-12 sp|Q3TZZ7|ESYT2_MOUSE Extended...ivating-like protein 1 OS=Mus mu... 65 3e-10 sp|Q5M7N9|ESYT3_XENTR Extended synaptotagmin-3 OS=Xenopus tropi... 1 OS=Homo s... 61 6e-09 sp|Q8L7A4|AGD11_ARATH Probable ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase-ac... 61 6e-09 sp|Q7ZWU7|EST2B_XENLA Extended... synaptotagmin-2-B OS=Xenopus laev... 60 1e-08 sp|Q5FWL4|EST2A_XENLA Extended

  9. AcEST: BP920842 [AcEST

    Full Text Available ta... 59 6e-09 sp|Q3TZZ7|ESYT2_MOUSE Extended synaptotagmin-2 OS=Mus musculus G... 59 7e-09 sp|Q9ZT47|PP16A_...CUCMA 16 kDa phloem protein 1 OS=Cucurbita maxim... 57 2e-08 sp|A0FGR8|ESYT2_HUMAN Extended synaptotagmin-2 ... domain-conta... 56 6e-08 sp|Q8L7A4|AGD11_ARATH Probable ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase-ac... 55 8e-08 sp|A0FGR9|ESYT3_HUMAN Extended... synaptotagmin-3 OS=Homo sapiens G... 55 1e-07 sp|Q5DTI8|ESYT3_MOUSE Extended synap...totagmin-3 OS=Mus musculus G... 54 2e-07 sp|Q5M7N9|ESYT3_XENTR Extended synaptota

  10. AcEST: DK951241 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 2e-33 sp|Q8L770|CLPR3_ARATH ATP-dependent Clp protease proteolytic sub... 38 0.036 sp|Q5IBH7|SPDYA_MOUSE Speed...Arabido... 32 3.4 sp|Q8LB10|CLPR4_ARATH ATP-dependent Clp protease proteolytic sub... 32 3.4 sp|Q8R496|SPDYA_RAT Speed...LDGRIVYIGMPLVPAVTELVVA 148 >sp|Q5IBH7|SPDYA_MOUSE Speedy protein A OS=Mus musculu...M +VP+VTELI+A Sbjct: 114 RIVYLGMSLVPSVTELILA 132 >sp|Q8R496|SPDYA_RAT Speedy protein A OS=Rattus norvegicus

  11. An Analysis of Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Power-Control Methods with Fluctuating Wind Speed

    Seung-Il Moon


    Full Text Available Variable-speed wind turbines (VSWTs typically use a maximum power-point tracking (MPPT method to optimize wind-energy acquisition. MPPT can be implemented by regulating the rotor speed or by adjusting the active power. The former, termed speed-control mode (SCM, employs a speed controller to regulate the rotor, while the latter, termed power-control mode (PCM, uses an active power controller to optimize the power. They are fundamentally equivalent; however, since they use a different controller at the outer control loop of the machine-side converter (MSC controller, the time dependence of the control system differs depending on whether SCM or PCM is used. We have compared and analyzed the power quality and the power coefficient when these two different control modes were used in fluctuating wind speeds through computer simulations. The contrast between the two methods was larger when the wind-speed fluctuations were greater. Furthermore, we found that SCM was preferable to PCM in terms of the power coefficient, but PCM was superior in terms of power quality and system stability.

  12. Variable Speed Rotor System Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Variable speed rotors will give helicopters several advantages: higher top speed, greater fuel efficiency, momentary emergency over-power, resonance detuning...

  13. Engine control system having speed-based timing

    Willi, Martin L [Dunlap, IL; Fiveland, Scott B [Metamora, IL; Montgomery, David T [Edelstein, IL; Gong, Weidong [Dunlap, IL


    A control system for an engine having a cylinder is disclosed having an engine valve movable to regulate a fluid flow of the cylinder and an actuator associated with the engine valve. The control system also has a controller in communication with the actuator. The controller is configured to receive a signal indicative of engine speed and compare the engine speed signal with a desired engine speed. The controller is also configured to selectively regulate the actuator to adjust a timing of the engine valve to control an amount of air/fuel mixture delivered to the cylinder based on the comparison.

  14. Enhancing stability of industrial turbines using adjustable partial arc bearings

    Chasalevris, Athanasios; Dohnal, Fadi


    The paper presents the principal of operation, the simulation and the characteristics of two partial-arc journal bearings of variable geometry and adjustable/controllable stiffness and damping properties. The proposed journals are supposed to consist of a scheme that enables the periodical variation of bearing properties. Recent achievements of suppressing rotor vibrations using plain circular journal bearings of variable geometry motivate the further extension of the principle to bearings of applicable geometry for industrial turbines. The paper describes the application of a partial-arc journal bearing to enhance stability of high speed industrial turbines. The proposed partial-arc bearings with adjustable/controllable properties enhance stability and they introduce stable margins in speeds much higher than the 1st critical.

  15. Investigation of the Coupling Paths of a Galvanically Isolated AC/AC Converter

    Roc'h, Anne; Zhao, Dongsheng; Leferink, Frank; Polinder, Henk; Ferreira, Braham


    A galvanically isolated three-phase AC/AC converter with a high-frequency AC-link has been analyzed from an EMC point of view. This is a special configuration because of a large number of switches, a high frequency transformer, and a fourwire output. The essential coupling paths are identified. Corr

  16. Managing psychosocial adjustment to aphasia.

    Müller, D


    This article argues for incorporating psychosocial adjustment into treatment plans for people with aphasia. It proposes that rehabilitation is a social rather than a medical construct and that by adopting a broad range of intervention strategies, more effective approaches to reintegration can be adopted. Outcome measures relating to self-esteem are judged to be central to evaluating the efficacy of treatment. The role of social factors in managing psychosocial adjustment are considered alongside individual and family approaches to counseling. It is concluded that clinicians need to broaden their treatment program to include psychosocial adjustment in rehabilitation.


    Richard TAY


    Full Text Available While there has been extensive research on the effect of sensation seeking on risky driving, relatively little research has been conducted on Type-A personality. The motivations for speeding are likely to be different for each group and these differences have important implications for the design, implementation and expected efficacy of road safety countermeasures. This paper examines the influence of sensation seeking and Type-A behavior pattern on speeding behaviour. A sample of 139 staff and students in an Australian university were surveyed in July 2001 to gather information on their gender, age, personality and self-reported speeding behaviour. The data were analysed using correlations and analysis of variance procedures. Finally, some implications for road safety are discussed.

  18. AC-tabsmodeller for superledende kabelledere

    Østergaard, Jacob; Holm (fratrådt), Jesper; Understrup (fratrådt), Henriette;


    I denne rapport opstilles tre modeller for beregning af AC-tab (vekselstrømstab) i superledende kabelledere. Beregning af tabenes størrelse er væsentlig i forbindelse med vurdering af superlederteknologiens anvendelighed til AC-applikationer. Viden om tabenes natur giver desuden et vigtigt...

  19. Yuan Exchange Rate 'Properly Adjusted'


      The currency exchange rate was "properly adjusted" this year and takes into account effects on the country's neighbors and the world, Premier Wen Jiabao said at a regional meeting in Malaysia.……

  20. Adjustable Induction-Heating Coil

    Ellis, Rod; Bartolotta, Paul


    Improved design for induction-heating work coil facilitates optimization of heating in different metal specimens. Three segments adjusted independently to obtain desired distribution of temperature. Reduces time needed to achieve required temperature profiles.

  1. The Measurement of the Speed of Light Using a Laser Pointer.

    Mak, Se-yuen; Yip, Din-yan


    Presents a method for measuring the speed of light using a laser pointer with adjustable focus as the signal carrier, a signal generator to modulate the light beam, and a student oscilloscope to detect the phase shift. (Author/CCM)

  2. Adjustable chain trees for proteins

    Winter, Pawel; Fonseca, Rasmus


    A chain tree is a data structure for changing protein conformations. It enables very fast detection of clashes and free energy potential calculations. A modified version of chain trees that adjust themselves to the changing conformations of folding proteins is introduced. This results in much...... tighter bounding volume hierarchies and therefore fewer intersection checks. Computational results indicate that the efficiency of the adjustable chain trees is significantly improved compared to the traditional chain trees....

  3. Experimenting with End-Correction and the Speed of Sound

    LoPresto, Michael C.


    What follows is an alternative to the standard tuning fork and quarter-wave tube speed of sound experiment. Rather than adjusting the water level in a glass or plastic tube to vary the length of an air column, a set of resonance tubes of different lengths is used. The experiment still demonstrates the principles of standing waves in air columns…

  4. Sensorless Vector Control of AC Induction Motor Using Sliding-Mode Observer

    Phuc Thinh Doan


    Full Text Available This paper develops a sensorless vector controlled method for AC induction motor using sliding-mode observer. For developing the control algorithm, modeling of AC induction motor is presented. After that, a sliding mode observer is proposed to estimate the motor speed, the rotor flux, the angular position of the rotor flux and the motor torque from monitored stator voltages and currents. The use of the nonlinear sliding mode observer provides very good performance for both low and high speed motor operation. Furthermore, the proposed system is robust in motor losses and load variations. The convergence of the proposed observer is obtained using the Lyapunov theory. Hardware and software for simulation and experiment of the AC induction motor drive are introduced. The hardware consists of a 1.5kw AC induction motor connected in series with a torque sensor and a powder brake. A controller is developed based on DSP TMS320F28355. The simulation and experimental results illustrate that fast torque and speed response with small torque ripples can be achieved. The proposed control scheme is suitable to the application fields that require high performance of torque response such as electric vehicles. doi: [How to cite this article: Doan, P. T., Nguyen, T. T., Jeong, S. K., Oh, S. J., & Kim, S. B. (2013. Sensorless Vector Control of AC Induction Motor Using Sliding-Mode Observer. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 4(2, 39-43; doi:

  5. Cloud speed sensor

    V. Fung


    Full Text Available Changing cloud cover is a major source of solar radiation variability and poses challenges for the integration of solar energy. A compact and economical system that measures cloud motion vectors to estimate power plant ramp rates and provide short term solar irradiance forecasts is presented. The Cloud Speed Sensor (CSS is constructed using an array of luminance sensors and high-speed data acquisition to resolve the progression of cloud passages across the sensor footprint. An embedded microcontroller acquires the sensor data and uses a cross-correlation algorithm to determine cloud motion vectors. The CSS was validated against an artificial shading test apparatus, an alternative method of cloud motion detection from ground measured irradiance (Linear Cloud Edge, LCE, and a UC San Diego Sky Imager (USI. The CSS detected artificial shadow directions and speeds to within 15 and 6% accuracy, respectively. The CSS detected (real cloud directions and speeds without average bias and with average weighted root mean square difference of 22° and 1.9 m s−1 when compared to USI and 33° and 1.5 m s−1 when compared to LCE results.

  6. More Than Just Speed


    Following more than 10 years of deliberation and planning,construc- tion of the 1,320-km Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway began in mid- April.Following the world’s most elevated Qinghai-Tibet Railway,which

  7. Variable speed generators

    Boldea, Ion


    With the deregulation of electrical energy production and distribution, says Boldea (Polytechnical Institute, Timisoara, Romania) producers are looking for ways to tailor their electricity for different markets. Variable-speed electric generators are serving that purpose, up to the 400 megavolt ampere unit size, in Japan since 1996 and Germany sinc

  8. Speed mathematics simplified

    Stoddard, Edward


    Entertaining, easy-to-follow suggestions for developing greater speed and accuracy in doing mathematical calculations. Surefire methods for multiplying without carrying, dividing with half the pencil work of long division, plus advice on how to add and subtract rapidly, master fractions, work quickly with decimals, handle percentages, and much more.

  9. Spindle picker harvest speed effects

    The gear drive of a modern John Deere Pro 16 picker unit was modified so that spindle speed was reduced without changing the drum speed. Three 1-row picking units were used in the study, one with the standard drive speeds, one with 25% reduction in spindle drive speed, and one with 50% reduction in...

  10. Advanced AC permanent magnet axial flux disc motor for electric passenger vehicle

    Kliman, G. B.


    An ac permanent magnet axial flux disc motor was developed to operate with a thyristor load commutated inverter as part of an electric vehicle drive system. The motor was required to deliver 29.8 kW (40 hp) peak and 10.4 kW (14 hp) average with a maximum speed of 11,000 rpm. It was also required to run at leading power factor to commutate the inverter. Three motors were built.

  11. Technological parameters of die casting and quality of casting from EN AC46500 alloy


    Die casting represents the highest technological level of metal mold casting. This technology enables production of almost all final products without necessity of further processing. The important aspect of efficiency and production is a proper casting parameters setting. In the submitted paper following die casting parameters are analyzed: plunger pressing speed and pressure. The studied parameters most significantly affect a qualitative of castings from EN AC46500 alloy and they influence t...

  12. Improving speed behaviour : the potential of in-car speed assistance and speed limit credibility.

    Nes, C.N. van Houtenbos, M. & Schagen, I.N.L.G. van


    Speeding is still a common practice on many roads and it contributes to a significant number of crashes. Two new approaches to solve speeding issues are focused on: intelligent speed assistance systems (ISA) and speed limit credibility. Research has indicated that ISA is promising with respect to im

  13. The AC magnetic susceptibility of high temperature superconductors

    Salim, M


    This research concerns the development of AC magnetic susceptometers and use of susceptometers in analysing high temperature superconductors. Two of the designs were a differential magnetic susceptometer (DMS) and a double coil screening susceptometer (DCSS) whose descriptions are given in detail including coil design, field measurements, susceptometer operation, experimental instrumentation, phase adjustment, susceptometer calibration and sensitivity for each design. Theoretical details are given regarding each design in order to calculate the complex external and internal susceptibility. Investigation concerning the demagnetisation factor of different geometries, and the significant features and limitation for each design are also provided. The susceptometers were applied to a wide range of YBCO samples, which includes bulk samples with different geometry (i.e. Slabs, disk, powder and thick film) and thin films with different oxygen contents. Several silver sheathed Bi-2223 tapes were also involved. This al...

  14. Team-oriented Adaptive Droop Control for Autonomous AC Microgrids

    Shafiee, Qobad; Nasirian, Vahidreza; Guerrero, Josep M.;


    This paper proposes a distributed control strategy for voltage and reactive power regulation in ac Microgrids. First, the control module introduces a voltage regulator that maintains the average voltage of the system on the rated value, keeping all bus voltages within an acceptable range. Dynamic...... consensus protocol is used to estimate the average voltage across the Microgrid. This estimation is further utilized by the voltage regulator to elevate/lower the voltage-reactive power (Q-E) droop characteristic, compensating the drop caused by the droop mechanism. The second module, the reactive power...... regulator, dynamically fine-tunes the Q-E coefficients to handle the proportional reactive power sharing. Accordingly, locally supplied reactive power of any source is compared with neighbor sources and the local droop coefficient is adjusted to mitigate and, ultimately, eliminate the load mismatch...

  15. AC impedance study of degradation of porous nickel battery electrodes

    Lenhart, Stephen J.; Macdonald, D. D.; Pound, B. G.


    AC impedance spectra of porous nickel battery electrodes were recorded periodically during charge/discharge cycling in concentrated KOH solution at various temperatures. A transmission line model (TLM) was adopted to represent the impedance of the porous electrodes, and various model parameters were adjusted in a curve fitting routine to reproduce the experimental impedances. Degradation processes were deduced from changes in model parameters with electrode cycling time. In developing the TLM, impedance spectra of planar (nonporous) electrodes were used to represent the pore wall and backing plate interfacial impedances. These data were measured over a range of potentials and temperatures, and an equivalent circuit model was adopted to represent the planar electrode data. Cyclic voltammetry was used to study the characteristics of the oxygen evolution reaction on planar nickel electrodes during charging, since oxygen evolution can affect battery electrode charging efficiency and ultimately electrode cycle life if the overpotential for oxygen evolution is sufficiently low.

  16. Adjusting to Chronic Health Conditions.

    Helgeson, Vicki S; Zajdel, Melissa


    Research on adjustment to chronic disease is critical in today's world, in which people are living longer lives, but lives are increasingly likely to be characterized by one or more chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses may deteriorate, enter remission, or fluctuate, but their defining characteristic is that they persist. In this review, we first examine the effects of chronic disease on one's sense of self. Then we review categories of factors that influence how one adjusts to chronic illness, with particular emphasis on the impact of these factors on functional status and psychosocial adjustment. We begin with contextual factors, including demographic variables such as sex and race, as well as illness dimensions such as stigma and illness identity. We then examine a set of dispositional factors that influence chronic illness adjustment, organizing these into resilience and vulnerability factors. Resilience factors include cognitive adaptation indicators, personality variables, and benefit-finding. Vulnerability factors include a pessimistic attributional style, negative gender-related traits, and rumination. We then turn to social environmental variables, including both supportive and unsupportive interactions. Finally, we review chronic illness adjustment within the context of dyadic coping. We conclude by examining potential interactions among these classes of variables and outlining a set of directions for future research.

  17. Do speed cameras reduce speeding in urban areas?

    Oliveira, Daniele Falci de; Friche, Amélia Augusta de Lima; Costa, Dário Alves da Silva; Mingoti, Sueli Aparecida; Caiaffa, Waleska Teixeira


    This observational study aimed to estimate the prevalence of speeding on urban roadways and to analyze associated factors. The sample consisted of 8,565 vehicles circulating in areas with and without fixed speed cameras in operation. We found that 40% of vehicles 200 meters after the fixed cameras and 33.6% of vehicles observed on roadways without speed cameras were moving over the speed limit (p cameras, more women drivers were talking on their cell phones and wearing seatbelts when compared to men (p < 0.05 for both comparisons), independently of speed limits. The results suggest that compliance with speed limits requires more than structural interventions.

  18. Perfecting the Photometric Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras

    Bohlin, Ralph C.


    Newly acquired data and improved data reduction algorithms mandate a fresh look at the absolute flux calibration of the charge-coupled device cameras on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). The goals are to achieve a 1% accuracy and to make this calibration more accessible to the HST guest investigator. Absolute fluxes from the CALSPEC1 database for three primary hot 30,000-60,000K WDs define the sensitivity calibrations for the Wide Field Channel (WFC) and High Resolution Channel (HRC) filters. The external uncertainty for the absolute flux is ˜1%, while the internal consistency of the sensitivities in the broadband ACS filters is ˜0.3% among the three primary WD flux standards. For stars as cool as K type, the agreement with the CALSPEC standards is within 1% at the WFC1-1K subarray position, which achieves the 1% precision goal for the first time. After making a small adjustment to the filter bandpass for F814W, the 1% precision goal is achieved over the full F814W WFC field of view for stars of K type and hotter. New encircled energies and absolute sensitivities replace the seminal results of Sirianni et al. that were published in 2005. After implementing the throughput updates, synthetic predictions of the WFC and HRC count rates for the average of the three primary WD standard stars agree with the observations to 0.1%.

  19. Perfecting the Photometric Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras

    Bohlin, Ralph C


    Newly acquired data and improved data reduction algorithms mandate a fresh look at the absolute flux calibration of the CCD cameras on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). The goals are to achieve a 1\\% accuracy and to make this calibration more accessible to the HST guest investigator. Absolute fluxes from the CALSPEC\\footnote{} database for three primary hot 30,000--60,000K WDs define the sensitivity calibrations for the WFC and HRC filters. The external uncertainty for the absolute flux is $\\sim$1\\%, while the internal consistency of the sensitivities in the broadband ACS filters is $\\sim$0.3\\% among the three primary WD flux standards. For stars as cool as K type, the agreement with the CALSPEC standards is within 1\\% at the WFC1-1K subarray position, which achieves the 1\\% precision goal for the first time. After making a small adjustment to the filter bandpass for F814W, the 1\\% precision goal is achieved over the full ...

  20. The Feasibility of Applying AC Driven Low-Temperature Plasma for Multi-Cycle Detonation Initiation

    Zheng, Dianfeng


    Ignition is a key system in pulse detonation engines (PDE). As advanced ignition methods, nanosecond pulse discharge low-temperature plasma ignition is used in some combustion systems, and continuous alternating current (AC) driven low-temperature plasma using dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) is used for the combustion assistant. However, continuous AC driven plasmas cannot be used for ignition in pulse detonation engines. In this paper, experimental and numerical studies of pneumatic valve PDE using an AC driven low-temperature plasma igniter were described. The pneumatic valve was jointly designed with the low-temperature plasma igniter, and the numerical simulation of the cold-state flow field in the pneumatic valve showed that a complex flow in the discharge area, along with low speed, was beneficial for successful ignition. In the experiments ethylene was used as the fuel and air as oxidizing agent, ignition by an AC driven low-temperature plasma achieved multi-cycle intermittent detonation combustion on a PDE, the working frequency of the PDE reached 15 Hz and the peak pressure of the detonation wave was approximately 2.0 MPa. The experimental verifications of the feasibility in PDE ignition expanded the application field of AC driven low-temperature plasma. supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51176001)

  1. Memory effect in ac plasma displays

    Szlenk, K.; Obuchowicz, E.


    The bistable or `memory' mode of operation of an ac plasma display panel is presented. The difference between dc and ac plasma panel operation from the point of view of memory function is discussed. The graphic ac plasma display with thin film Cr-Cu-Cr electrodes was developed in OBREP and its basic parameters are described. It consists of 36 X 59 picture elements, its outer dimensions are: 76 X 52 mm2 and the screen size is: 49 X 30 mm2. The different dielectric glass materials were applied as dielectric layers and the influence of the properties of these materials on display parameters and memory function was investigated.

  2. AcEST: DK953406 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 1 3e-27 sp|Q5IBH7|SPDYA_MOUSE Speedy protein A OS=Mus musculus GN=Spdya ... 34 0.47 sp|Q8R496|SPDYA_RAT Speed...ICYLG 185 >sp|Q5IBH7|SPDYA_MOUSE Speedy protein A OS=Mus musculus GN=Spdya PE=1 SV=1 Length = 310 Score = 34...10 TPPTVTIHVKSGSNRSHQTRKPISLKRPILKDSWEASENNAQ 51 >sp|Q8R496|SPDYA_RAT Speedy protein A OS=Rattus norvegicus ...2 tr|B8JJC0|B8JJC0_MOUSE Speedy homolog A (Drosophila) OS=Mus musc... 34 5.2 tr|B8JJB9|B8JJB9_MOUSE Speedy h

  3. Forecasting Solar Wind Speeds

    Suzuki, T K


    By explicitly taking into account effects of Alfven waves, I derive from a simple energetics argument a fundamental relation which predicts solar wind (SW) speeds in the vicinity of the earth from physical properties on the sun. Kojima et al. recently found from their observations that a ratio of surface magnetic field strength to an expansion factor of open magnetic flux tubes is a good indicator of the SW speed. I show by using the derived relation that this nice correlation is an evidence of the Alfven wave which accelerates SW in expanding flux tubes. The observations further require that fluctuation amplitudes of magnetic field lines at the surface should be almost universal in different coronal holes, which needs to be tested by future observations.

  4. Research on the Plasma Anemometer Based on AC Glow Discharge

    Bing Yu


    Full Text Available A new plasma anemometer based on AC glow discharge is designed in this article. Firstly, theoretical analysis of plasma anemometer working principle is introduced to prove the feasibility of the experimental measurement method. Then the experiments are carried out to study the effects of different parameters on the static discharge characteristics of the plasma anemometer system, by which the system optimization methods are obtained. Finally, several groups of appropriate parameters are selected to build the plasma anemometer system based on resistance capacitance coupling negative feedback AC glow discharge, and different airflow speeds are applied to obtain the achievable velocity measurement range. The results show that there is a linear relationship between airflow velocity and discharge current in an allowable error range, which can be applied for airflow velocity measurement. Negative feedback coupling module, which is composed of the coupling resistance and the coupling capacitance, has good effects on improving the system stability. The measurement range of the airflow velocity is significantly increased when the electrode gap is 3 mm, coupling resistance is 470 Ω, and coupling capacitance is 220 pF.




    Full Text Available Photovoltaic generators (PVG are increasingly used to provide electricity in remote areas. However, in many applications the DC generated electricity by a PVG need to be converted to AC. Traditionally DC to AC inverters have been widely used for this purpose. In this paper, a different system is proposed in which a self excited induction generator (SEIG driven by a permanent magnet DC motor (DCM and powered from a PVG through a maximum power point tracker (MPPT are used. A step-up chopper is utilized as an MPPT unit. The proposed system is modelled in time domain, and a detailed transient and steady-state analysis are presented. The main reason behind analyzing the system in the time domain is because of the fact that for unknown speeds, the methods developed for steady-state analysis of SEIGs can not be applied. The presented work shows that the full available power of the PVG can be harnessed by selecting suitable values for the duty cycle and the frequency of the step up chopper and the excitation capacitor of the SEIG. It is also shown that with such a combination power utilization efficiency of more than 83% can be achieved.

  6. MCCB warm adjustment testing concept

    Erdei, Z.; Horgos, M.; Grib, A.; Preradović, D. M.; Rodic, V.


    This paper presents an experimental investigation in to operating of thermal protection device behavior from an MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker). One of the main functions of the circuit breaker is to assure protection for the circuits where mounted in for possible overloads of the circuit. The tripping mechanism for the overload protection is based on a bimetal movement during a specific time frame. This movement needs to be controlled and as a solution to control this movement we choose the warm adjustment concept. This concept is meant to improve process capability control and final output. The warm adjustment device design will create a unique adjustment of the bimetal position for each individual breaker, determined when the testing current will flow thru a phase which needs to trip in a certain amount of time. This time is predetermined due to scientific calculation for all standard types of amperages and complies with the IEC 60497 standard requirements.

  7. Monitoring speed before and during a speed publicity campaign.

    van Schagen, Ingrid; Commandeur, Jacques J F; Goldenbeld, Charles; Stipdonk, Henk


    Driving speeds were monitored during a period of 16 weeks encompassing different stages of an anti-speeding campaign in the Netherlands. This campaign targeted speed limit violations in built-up areas. The observation periods differed in terms of intensity and media used for the campaign. Small road-side radars, mounted in light poles, were used and registered the speeds on 20 locations in built-up areas. Speeds of over 10 million vehicles were measured. Ten locations had a posted speed limit of 50km/h; the other ten had a posted speed limit of 30km/h. Posters were placed at half of each group of locations to remind drivers of the speed limit. The average speed on the 50km/h roads was 46.2km/h, and 36.1km/h on the 30km/h roads. The average proportions of vehicles exceeding the speed limit were 33.3% and 70.1% respectively. For the 30km/h roads, the data shows differences in speed and speeding behaviour between the six distinguished observation periods, but overall these differences cannot be logically linked to the contents of the phases and, hence, cannot be explained as an effect of the campaign. The only exception was an effect of local speed limit reminders on the 30km/h roads. This effect, however, was temporary and had disappeared within a week.

  8. On the speed of fast and slow rupture fronts along frictional interfaces

    Trømborg, Jørgen Kjoshagen; Thøgersen, Kjetil; Scheibert, Julien; Malthe-Sørenssen, Anders


    The transition from stick to slip at a dry frictional interface occurs through the breaking of the junctions between the two contacting surfaces. Typically, interactions between the junctions through the bulk lead to rupture fronts propagating from weak and/or highly stressed regions, whose junctions break first. Experiments find rupture fronts ranging from quasi-static fronts with speeds proportional to external loading rates, via fronts much slower than the Rayleigh wave speed, and fronts that propagate near the Rayleigh wave speed, to fronts that travel faster than the shear wave speed. The mechanisms behind and selection between these fronts are still imperfectly understood. Here we perform simulations in an elastic 2D spring--block model where the frictional interaction between each interfacial block and the substrate arises from a set of junctions modeled explicitly. We find that a proportionality between material slip speed and rupture front speed, previously reported for slow fronts, actually holds ac...

  9. Microcontroller based PWM Inverter for Speed Control of a Three Phase Induction Motor

    M. A. Latif


    Full Text Available Three phase induction motor has proven to be an extremely reliable electromechanical energy conversion device for over 100 years. The speed control of induction motor is a crying need for the real world industrial applications. However, there are so many options available for the precise speed control of induction motor except by changingthe frequency. Therefore to achieve the goal of speed control of induction motor, there is no alternative of inverters. With the availability of high speed power semiconductor devices, the three phase inverters play the key role for variable speed ac motor drives. In addition to the speed control, the inverter can also provide some unique features, like voltage control, torque control, power factor correction, auto breaking, built in protection system and so forth.In this paper, a three phases PWM inverter using MC3PHAC microcontroller with computer interface is proposed to run a squirrel case induction motor. Some results of the proposed inverter are presented.

  10. Tax Adjusted for Imported Equipment


    @@ Ministry of Finance, Central Administration of Customs, and State Administration of Taxation of P.R. of China jointly issued a "Notice on the Lists Related to the Interim Provisions on the Adjustment of Import Tax Policy on Major Technical Equipment" (the Notice) on April 13rd to adjust the list of equipment catalog and merchandise attached to the "Interim Provisions on the Import Tax Policy on Major Technical Equipment", as well as the preferential scope and extent of the import tax on a number of major technical equipment.

  11. Effects of AC Electric Field on Small Laminar Nonpremixed Flames

    Xiong, Yuan


    baseline case, leading to the formation of toroidal vortices. Increased residence time and heat recirculation inside the vortex resulted in appreciable formation of PAHs and soot near the nozzle exit. Decreased residence time along the jet axis through flow acceleration by the vortex led to a reduction in the soot volume fraction in the downstream sooting zone. Electromagnetic force generated by AC was proposed as a viable mechanism for the formation of the toroidal vortex. By varying applied AC in a wide range of frequency and voltage, several insta- bility modes were observed, including flicking flames, partial pinch-off of flames, and spinning flames. High speed imaging together with Mie scattering techniques were combined to reveal the flame dynamics as well as the flow structure inside the flames. Original steady toroidal vortices triggered by AC were noted to exhibit axisymmetric axial instability in the flicking and partial pinch-off modes and non-axisymmetric azimuthal instability in the spinning mode. Electrical measurements were also conducted simultaneously to identify the voltage, current, and electrical power responses. Integrated power was noted to be sensitive to indicate subtle variation of flames properties and to the occurrence of axial instability. Under low frequency AC forcing with electrical conditions not generating toroidal vortices, responses of flames were further investigated. Several nonlinear flame responses, including frequency doubling and tripling phenomena, were identified. Spectral analysis revealed that such nonlinear responses were attributed to the combined effects of triggering buoyancy-induced oscillation of the flame as well as the Lorenz force generated by applying AC. Phase delay behaviors between the applied voltage and the heat release rate (or flame size) were also studied to explore the potential of applying AC in controlling flame instability. It was found that the phase delay had large variations for AC frequency smaller than

  12. DC-Modulated PFC Buck-Type AC/AC Converter for Light Dimming

    罗方林; 叶虹


    Dimmers are very widely applied in theatres, cinemas, dancing-parties, auditoriums and signal systems. They are usually supplied by single-stage AC/AC converters in the past with voltage regulation technique with the disadvantages of high total harmonic distortion, low power factor and poor power transfer efficiency. This paper introduces a novel method-DC-modulation that implements DC/DC conversion technology into AC/AC converters. The DC-modulated single-stage PFC AC/AC converters effectively improved the power factor up to 0.999 and the power transfer efficiency up to 97.8 %. The experimental results verified our design and calculation. This technique will be widely used in light dimming and other industrial applications.

  13. 77 FR 51935 - Adjustment of the Amount for the Optional Bond Rider for Proof of NVOCC Financial Responsibility...


    ... 46 CFR Part 515 RIN 3072-AC46 Adjustment of the Amount for the Optional Bond Rider for Proof of NVOCC... bond coverage on the optional China Bond Rider for Non- Vessel-Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs). The... bond rider to be filed with a licensed NVOCC's proof of financial responsibility to provide...

  14. DAC for High Speed and Low Power Applications Using Abacus

    Shankarayya G. Kambalimath


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a Chinese Abacus Digital-to-Ana log Converter (DAC for high speed and low power applications like audio and video applica tions. This circuit of DAC uses resister strings to get a good analog output. The designed D AC uses the algorithm of abacus. Instead of using binary code, here we use abacus code to contr ol the switches. So the complexity and the area will be reduced automatically. The 8-bit D AC is comprised of 12 resistors and 24 NMOS switches. The 8-bit Abacus resistor DAC requires 12 resistors and 24 switches. The 8-bit resistor-string DAC requires 255 resistors and 256 switches. The most important advantages are that the numbers of both resistors and switches are all reduced effectively. The simulation environment uses 1 μ m process technology

  15. The role of visual processing speed in reading speed development.

    Muriel Lobier

    Full Text Available A steady increase in reading speed is the hallmark of normal reading acquisition. However, little is known of the influence of visual attention capacity on children's reading speed. The number of distinct visual elements that can be simultaneously processed at a glance (dubbed the visual attention span, predicts single-word reading speed in both normal reading and dyslexic children. However, the exact processes that account for the relationship between the visual attention span and reading speed remain to be specified. We used the Theory of Visual Attention to estimate visual processing speed and visual short-term memory capacity from a multiple letter report task in eight and nine year old children. The visual attention span and text reading speed were also assessed. Results showed that visual processing speed and visual short term memory capacity predicted the visual attention span. Furthermore, visual processing speed predicted reading speed, but visual short term memory capacity did not. Finally, the visual attention span mediated the effect of visual processing speed on reading speed. These results suggest that visual attention capacity could constrain reading speed in elementary school children.

  16. Monitoring speed before and during a speed publicity campaign.

    Schagen, I.N.L.G. van Commandeur, J.J.F. Goldenbeld, C. & Stipdonk, H.


    Driving speeds were monitored during a period of 16 weeks encompassing different stages of an anti-speeding campaign in the Netherlands. This campaign targeted speed limit violations in built-up areas. The observation periods differed in terms of intensity and media used for the campaign. Small road

  17. The Effect of the Feedback Controller on Superconducting Tokamak AC Losses + AC-CRPP user manual

    Schaerz, B.; Bruzzone, P.; Favez, J.Y.; Lister, J.B.; Zapretilina, E


    Superconducting coils in a Tokamak are subject to AC losses when the field transverse to the coil current varies. A simple model to evaluate the AC losses has been derived and benchmarked against a complete model used in the ITER design procedure. The influence of the feedback control strategy on the AC losses is examined using this model. An improved controller is proposed, based on this study. (author)

  18. Guiding Principles in Selecting AC To DC Converters For Power Factor Corrections in AC Transmission System

    Ibekwe B.E


    Full Text Available The ac to dc converters’ power factors correction in ac transmission system were investigated. The studies include: phase-controlled converter; pulse width modulated (PWM converter and ac input current shaped converter. Using Fourier series, power factors of these converters were calculated and simulated using MATLAB. The resulting curves are displayed in the hard copies for practical guides in the choice of converters; and comparatively, current shaped type is the best.

  19. 马士基将重组AC-2和AC-3航线




  20. Cooperative Frequency Control for Autonomous AC Microgrids

    Shafiee, Qobad; Quintero, Juan Carlos Vasquez; Guerrero, Josep M.;


    Distributed secondary control strategies have been recently studied for frequency regulation in droop-based AC Microgrids. Unlike centralized secondary control, the distributed one might fail to provide frequency synchronization and proportional active power sharing simultaneously, due to having...... not require measuring the system frequency as compared to the other presented methods. An ac Microgrid with four sources is used to verify the performance of the proposed control methodology....

  1. An adjustable contracted CI method

    王育彬; 甘正汀; 苏克和; 文振翼


    A new contracted CI scheme——adjustable contracted CI scheme——is presented and programed. The efficiency of this scheme is tested by some example calculations. The result shows that the application of the new scheme is flexible and the correlation energy loss is lower than that of the original externally contracted CI method.

  2. Adjustment or updating of models

    D J Ewins


    In this paper, first a review of the terminology used in the model adjustment or updating is presented. This is followed by an outline of the major updating algorithms cuurently available, together with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the current state-of-the-art of this important application and part of optimum design technology.

  3. imulation Results of Single Stage AC- AC Converter for Induction Heating



    Full Text Available This paper presents simulation of single stage Induction heating system with series Load Resonance. Low frequency AC is converted in to High Frequency Ac using newly developed ZVS-PWM high frequency inverter. This High Frequency is used for Induction Heating .Single stage AC-AC converter system is modeled and simulated using Matlab Simulink. The simulation results of ZVS-PWM high frequency system are presented. The effectiveness of this UFAC-to-HFAC direct power frequency converter using IGBTs for consumer high-frequency IH appliances is evaluated and proved on the basis of simulation results.

  4. The speed of a cyclist

    Hennekam, Wim


    The author illustrates an interesting application of physics teaching. The effect of a few laws of mechanics on bicycle speed are examined, and some improvements to increase bicycle speed are considered.

  5. Speeding Up Innovation

    Sørensen, Flemming; Mattsson, Jan


    Minimisation of time-to-market strategies can provide companies with a competitive advantage in dynamic and competitive environments. Using parallel innovation processes has been emphasised as one strategy to speed up innovation processes and consequently minimise the time-to-market of innovations...... in parallel innovation processes and in this way sustain speedy innovation processes. A case study of an innovation network is carried out by analysing communication structures and the information contents of emails related to a particular innovation process. The analysis shows how certain characteristics...

  6. High speed flywheel

    McGrath, Stephen V.


    A flywheel for operation at high speeds utilizes two or more ringlike coments arranged in a spaced concentric relationship for rotation about an axis and an expansion device interposed between the components for accommodating radial growth of the components resulting from flywheel operation. The expansion device engages both of the ringlike components, and the structure of the expansion device ensures that it maintains its engagement with the components. In addition to its expansion-accommodating capacity, the expansion device also maintains flywheel stiffness during flywheel operation.

  7. Controlling speed and direction during interception: an affordance-based approach.

    Bastin, Julien; Fajen, Brett R; Montagne, Gilles


    The coordination of direction and speed of self-motion when intercepting a target moving parallel to the ground plane was examined. Subjects viewed a computer-generated environment comprised of a textured ground plane and a moving target. Turning rate was controlled using a steering wheel and speed was controlled using a foot pedal. It was hypothesized that these two degrees of freedom would be coordinated such that the speed required to intercept the target (i.e., the ideal speed) would be maintained below the subject's maximum possible speed. As predicted, subjects turned toward the target when ideal speed was less than maximum speed and ahead of the target when ideal speed was greater than maximum speed. When behavior was compared across groups with different maximum speed capabilities, it was found that the ratio of ideal to maximum speed was invariant across groups at critical points of both steering and speed adjustments. Finally, subjects rapidly recalibrated to a sudden increase or decrease in maximum speed. The results suggest that actors coordinate steering and speed during interception in a way that takes into account the limits on their action capabilities. Discussion focuses on the role of calibration and the implications of the present findings for existing models of visually guided interception.

  8. Speed versus accuracy in collective decision making.

    Franks, Nigel R; Dornhaus, Anna; Fitzsimmons, Jon P; Stevens, Martin


    We demonstrate a speed versus accuracy trade-off in collective decision making. House-hunting ant colonies choose a new nest more quickly in harsh conditions than in benign ones and are less discriminating. The errors that occur in a harsh environment are errors of judgement not errors of omission because the colonies have discovered all of the alternative nests before they initiate an emigration. Leptothorax albipennis ants use quorum sensing in their house hunting. They only accept a nest, and begin rapidly recruiting members of their colony, when they find within it a sufficient number of their nest-mates. Here we show that these ants can lower their quorum thresholds between benign and harsh conditions to adjust their speed-accuracy trade-off. Indeed, in harsh conditions these ants rely much more on individual decision making than collective decision making. Our findings show that these ants actively choose to take their time over judgements and employ collective decision making in benign conditions when accuracy is more important than speed.

  9. 21 CFR 886.1850 - AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope. 886.1850... (CONTINUED) MEDICAL DEVICES OPHTHALMIC DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 886.1850 AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope. (a) Identification. An AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope is an AC-powered device that is...

  10. 21 CFR 886.4440 - AC-powered magnet.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered magnet. 886.4440 Section 886.4440 Food... DEVICES OPHTHALMIC DEVICES Surgical Devices § 886.4440 AC-powered magnet. (a) Identification. An AC-powered magnet is an AC-powered device that generates a magnetic field intended to find and...

  11. 21 CFR 888.1240 - AC-powered dynamometer.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered dynamometer. 888.1240 Section 888.1240...) MEDICAL DEVICES ORTHOPEDIC DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 888.1240 AC-powered dynamometer. (a) Identification. An AC-powered dynamometer is an AC-powered device intended for medical purposes to...

  12. 21 CFR 886.1630 - AC-powered photostimulator.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered photostimulator. 886.1630 Section 886...) MEDICAL DEVICES OPHTHALMIC DEVICES Diagnostic Devices § 886.1630 AC-powered photostimulator. (a) Identification. An AC-powered photostimulator is an AC-powered device intended to provide light stimulus...

  13. 78 FR 39345 - ACS Wireless, Inc.; Notice of Application


    ... No. 812-14066] ACS Wireless, Inc.; Notice of Application AGENCY: Securities and Exchange Commission... (``Act''). Summary of Application: ACS Wireless, Inc. (``ACS Wireless'') seeks an order under section 3(b..., reinvesting, owning, holding or trading in securities. ACS Wireless is primarily engaged in providing...

  14. Mono-switch AC-DC/DC-DC converter for single-phase UPS%单相UPS的单开关AC-DC/DC-DC变换电路

    李宋; 叶满园; 袁义生


    A mono-switch AC-DC/DC-DC converter used in single-phase UPS system is introduced,which consists of one power switch and six diodes. As both AC-DC rectifier and DC-DC booster,its operating modes and working principle are detailed. The single-cycle nonlinear control is adopted,which applies two low-speed PI regulators to control the voltage of two capacitors on DC link and a high-speed PI regulator to control the input current. Simulative results prove that,being simple and reliable,it outputs stable DC bus voltage with high input power factor and low THD.%介绍了一种应用在单相UPS系统中的新型单开关AC-DC/DC-DC变换电路,该电路由1个功率开关器件和6个二极管组成,能够实现AC/DC整流和DC/DC升压2种功能.在详细分析了该电路运行模式及工作原理的基础上,采用了单周期非线性控制理论对其进行控制,利于2个低速PI调节器对直流母线上的2个电容器电压进行控制,1个高速PI调节器对输入电流进行控制.仿真结果表明,该电路简单可靠,输入功率因数高,电流谐波失真小,可以获得稳定的正负直流母线电压.

  15. Nominal exchange rate flexibility and real exchange rate adjustment : evidence from dual exchange rates in developing countries

    Cheung, Yin-Wong; Lai, Kon-Sun


    This study investigates whether exchange rate flexibility aids real exchange rate adjustment based on intra-period data on dual exchange rates from developing countries. Specifically, it analyzes whether the flexible parallel market rate produces faster or slower real exchange rate adjustment than the much less flexible official rate does. Half-life estimates of adjustment speeds are obtained using fractional time series analysis. We find no systematic evidence that greater exchange rate flex...

  16. Adjustable wheelchair and method for adjusting said adjustable wheelchair, and wheelchair assembly

    Oosterhuis, D.S.


    The invention relates to an adjustable wheelchair comprising: -a carriage; -two rear wheels; -at least one front wheel; -at least one footrest; -a sub-frame; -a seat; and -a backrest; wherein the two rear wheels, the at least one front wheel and the at least one footrest are mounted to the carriage,

  17. AC Electrokinetics of Physiological Fluids for Biomedical Applications.

    Lu, Yi; Liu, Tingting; Lamanda, Ariana C; Sin, Mandy L Y; Gau, Vincent; Liao, Joseph C; Wong, Pak Kin


    Alternating current (AC) electrokinetics is a collection of processes for manipulating bulk fluid mass and embedded objects with AC electric fields. The ability of AC electrokinetics to implement the major microfluidic operations, such as pumping, mixing, concentration, and separation, makes it possible to develop integrated systems for clinical diagnostics in nontraditional health care settings. The high conductivity of physiological fluids presents new challenges and opportunities for AC electrokinetics-based diagnostic systems. In this review, AC electrokinetic phenomena in conductive physiological fluids are described followed by a review of the basic microfluidic operations and the recent biomedical applications of AC electrokinetics. The future prospects of AC electrokinetics for clinical diagnostics are presented.

  18. Prospects for Brushless ac Motors with HTS Rotors

    McCulloch, M. D.; Jim, K.; Kawai, Y.; Dew-Hughes, D.; Morgan, C.; Goringe, M. J.; Grovenor, C. R. M.


    There is a superconducting equivalent for every type of brushless ac motor; permanent magnet, reluctance, hysteresis and induction (squirrel cage) motor. The particular advantage of superconducting versions of these machines is that they are expected to provide much higher power densities than their conventional equivalents. The behaviour of superconducting rotors fabricated in the form of (a) squirrell cages from silver coated with melt-processed Bi-2212, (b) tubes cast centifugally from Bi-2212, and (c) small cylinders of melt-processed and seeded YBCO has been studied in rotating magnetic fields provided by conventional motor coils. Measurements of static torque, and values of dynamic torque deduced from angular velocity and acceleration have been used to characterise the potential performance of these embryonic machines. Two broad types of behaviour have been observed. In the Bi-2212 rotors the torque decreases with increasing rotor speed; this behaviour is believed due to flux creep. By contrast the strong-pinning YBCO rotors maintain a constant torque up to synchronous speed. Mathematical modelling of flux penetration and distribution within the rotors is able to reproduce both types of the observed behaviour. Power densities some 5 to 10 times that of conventional machines are predicted to be achievable in optimised prototype machines.

  19. Voltage-sharing Characteristics of Porcelain Insulators for 750 kV AC Substation%Voltage-sharing Characteristics of Porcelain Insulators for 750 kV AC Substation

    ZHANG Shi-ting; PENG Zong-ren; LIAO Jin tao


    Considering the complex environment in 750 kV AC substation, porcelain insulators have particular electric field and voltage distribution in comparison with those used in AC transmission line, meanwhile, the investigation of a typical 750 kV AC substation located in Lanzhou with ultraviolet imager (UVI) demonstrated that the corona dis- charge of some insulators is serious due to the improper structure design and installation, so research on porcelain insulators used in substation is needed. The three-dimensional finite element method (FEM) 750 kV AC substation calculation model was established to calculate electric field and voltage distribution of insulators, and the voltage distribution curves along insulators which are classified by type and suspension location were obtained using a novel FEM method which can effectively reduce the calculation amount without losing accuracy, meanwhile, the effect of the grading ring for improving voltage distribution of insulators was studied by adjusting the structure parameters of grad- ing ring. Consequently, an optimization structure of rings was proposed by improving the voltage distribution of insu- lator string and reducing the electric strength of grading ring for the purpose of restricting corona noise, and the on- site observations by UVI showed that the newly manufactured and installed grading ring could obviously avoid the occurrences of corona discharge which validates the optimization design. This paper proposed an effective method combi ning UVI observation and FEM calculation to study voltage-sharing characteristics of porcelain insulators, and the results can provide experiences and references for the design of 750 kV AC substation.

  20. The Sloan Lens ACS Survey. V. The full ACS strong-lens sample

    Bolton, Adam S.; Burles, Scott; Koopmans, Leon V. E.; Treu, Tommaso; Gavazzi, Raphael; Moustakas, Leonidas A.; Wayth, Randall; Schlegel, David J.


    We present the definitive data for the full sample of 131 strong gravitational lens candidates observed with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) aboard the Hubble Space Telescope by the Sloan Lens ACS (SLACS) Survey. All targets were selected for higher redshift emission lines and lower redshift c

  1. Approaches to building single-stage AC/AC conversion switch-mode audio power amplifiers

    Ljusev, Petar; Andersen, Michael Andreas E.


    This paper discusses the possible topologies and promising approaches towards direct single-phase AC-AC conversion of the mains voltage for audio applications. When compared to standard Class-D switching audio power amplifiers with a separate power supply, it is expected that direct conversion...

  2. Atypical anticipatory postural adjustments during gait initiation among individuals with sub-acute stroke.

    Rajachandrakumar, Roshanth; Fraser, Julia E; Schinkel-Ivy, Alison; Inness, Elizabeth L; Biasin, Lou; Brunton, Karen; McIlroy, William E; Mansfield, Avril


    Anticipatory postural adjustments, executed prior to gait initiation, help preserve lateral stability when stepping. Atypical patterns of anticipatory activity prior to gait initiation may occur in individuals with unilateral impairment (e.g., stroke). This study aimed to determine the prevalence, correlates, and consequences of atypical anticipatory postural adjustment patterns prior to gait initiation in a sub-acute stroke population. Forty independently-ambulatory individuals with sub-acute stroke stood on two force plates and initiated gait at a self-selected speed. Medio-lateral centre of pressure displacement was calculated and used to define anticipatory postural adjustments (shift in medio-lateral centre of pressure >10mm from baseline). Stroke severity, motor recovery, and functional balance and mobility status were also obtained. Three patterns were identified: single (typical), absent (atypical), and multiple (atypical) anticipatory postural adjustments. Thirty-five percent of trials had atypical anticipatory postural adjustments (absent and multiple). Frequency of absent anticipatory postural adjustments was negatively correlated with walking speed. Multiple anticipatory postural adjustments were more prevalent when leading with the non-paretic than the paretic limb. Trials with multiple anticipatory postural adjustments had longer duration of anticipatory postural adjustment and time to foot-off, and shorter unloading time than trials with single anticipatory postural adjustments. A high prevalence of atypical anticipatory control prior to gait initiation was found in individuals with stroke. Temporal differences were identified with multiple anticipatory postural adjustments, indicating altered gait initiation. These findings provide insight into postural control during gait initiation in individuals with sub-acute stroke, and may inform interventions to improve ambulation in this population.

  3. Cyclotron and linac production of Ac-225.

    Melville, Graeme; Allen, Barry J


    Radium needles that were once implanted into tumours as a cancer treatment are now obsolete and constitute a radioactive waste problem, as their half-life is 1600 years. The reduction of radium by photonuclear transmutation by bombarding Ra-226 with high-energy photons from a medical linear accelerator (linac) has been investigated. A linac dose of 2800 Gy produced about 2.4 MBq (64 microCi) of Ra-225, which decays to Ac-225 and can then be used for 'Targeted Alpha Therapy' (TAT) of cancer. This result, while consistent with theoretical calculations, is far too low to be of practical use unless much larger quantities of radium are irradiated. The increasing application of Ac-225 for cancer therapy indicates the potential need for its increased production and availability. This paper investigates the possibility of producing of Ac-225 in commercial quantities, which could potentially reduce obsolete radioactive material and displace the need for expensive importation of Ac-225 from the USA and Russia in the years ahead. Scaled up production of Ac-225 could theoretically be achieved by the use of a high current cyclotron or linac. Production specifications are determined for a linac in terms of current, pulse length and frequency, as well as an examination of other factors such as radiation issues and radionuclei separation. Yields are compared with those calculated for the Australian National Cyclotron in Sydney.


    Rogers, B.T. Jr.; Davis, W.C.


    This patent relates to high speed cameras having resolution times of less than one-tenth microseconds suitable for filming distinct sequences of a very fast event such as an explosion. This camera consists of a rotating mirror with reflecting surfaces on both sides, a narrow mirror acting as a slit in a focal plane shutter, various other mirror and lens systems as well as an innage recording surface. The combination of the rotating mirrors and the slit mirror causes discrete, narrow, separate pictures to fall upon the film plane, thereby forming a moving image increment of the photographed event. Placing a reflecting surface on each side of the rotating mirror cancels the image velocity that one side of the rotating mirror would impart, so as a camera having this short a resolution time is thereby possible.

  5. In situ local shock speed and transit shock speed

    S. Watari

    Full Text Available A useful index for estimating the transit speeds was derived by analyzing interplanetary shock observations. This index is the ratio of the in situ local shock speed and the transit speed; it is 0.6–0.9 for most observed shocks. The local shock speed and the transit speed calculated for the results of the magnetohydrodynamic simulation show good agreement with the observations. The relation expressed by the index is well explained by a simplified propagation model assuming a blast wave. For several shocks the ratio is approximately 1.2, implying that these shocks accelerated during propagation in slow-speed solar wind. This ratio is similar to that for the background solar wind acceleration.

    Keywords. Interplanetary physics (Flare and stream dynamics; Interplanetary shocks; Solar wind plasma

  6. Speed-calming measures and their Effect on driving speed

    Agerholm, Niels; Knudsen, Daniel; Variyeswaran, Kajan


    Speeding increases the risk and severity of accidents, especially for vulnerable road users. Hence, minimisation of speeding in built-up areas is vital. Some countries widely use speed-calming measures (SCs). Documentation shows that SCs reduce speeding considerably although various types...... and designs of SCs affect this reduction. This paper includes studies of the effects from establishment of sinus speed humps of height 10 cm and length 950 cm and chicanes (with a free carriageway width of 5,30 cm and a length between the 0.5 m wide obstacles of 18 m) as a before/after study where the speed...... pattern after establishing SCs is compared with the one before. Floating Car Data used for analyses includes 3,216 trips passing one/more SCs. The main results are that the effect from SCs decreases with the distance from the SCs and that a clear pattern is hard to establish above 75 m from the SC...

  7. AC/DC and DC/AC Converty Circuits in Power Supply Equipment%电源设备中AC/DC和DC/AC变换电路




  8. Improved SCR ac Motor Controller for Battery Powered Urban Electric Vehicles

    Latos, T. S.


    An improved ac motor controller, which when coupled to a standard ac induction motor and a dc propulsion battery would provide a complete electric vehicle power train with the exception of the mechanical transmission and drive wheels was designed. In such a system, the motor controller converts the dc electrical power available at the battery terminals to ac electrical power for the induction motor in response to the drivers commands. The performance requirements of a hypothetical electric vehicle with an upper weight bound of 1590 kg (3500 lb) were used to determine the power rating of the controller. Vehicle acceleration capability, top speed, and gradeability requisites were contained in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Schedule 227a(d) driving cycle. The important capabilities contained in this driving cycle are a vehicle acceleration requirement of 0 to 72.4 kmph (0 to 45 mph) in 28 seconds a top speed of 88.5 kmph (55 mph), and the ability to negotiate a 10% grade at 48 kmph (30 mph). A 10% grade is defined as one foot of vertical rise per 10 feet of horizontal distance.

  9. Mixing Board Versus Mouse Interaction In Value Adjustment Tasks

    Bergner, Steven; Kirkpatrick, Arthur E; Möller, Torsten


    We present a controlled, quantitative study with 12 participants comparing interaction with a haptically enhanced mixing board against interaction with a mouse in an abstract task that is motivated by several practical parameter space exploration settings. The study participants received 24 sets of one to eight integer values between 0 and 127, which they had to match by making adjustments with physical or graphical sliders. Based on recorded slider motion path data, we developed an analysis algorithm that identifies and measures different types of activity intervals, including error time moving irrelevant sliders and end time in breaks after completing each trial item. Our results showed a significant increase in speed of the mixing board interaction accompanied by reduced perceived cognitive load when compared with the traditional mouse-based GUI interaction. The gains in speed are largely due to the improved times required for the hand to reach for the first slider (acquisition time) and also when moving b...

  10. The Role of Visual Processing Speed in Reading Speed Development

    Muriel Lobier; Matthieu Dubois; Sylviane Valdois


    A steady increase in reading speed is the hallmark of normal reading acquisition. However, little is known of the influence of visual attention capacity on children's reading speed. The number of distinct visual elements that can be simultaneously processed at a glance (dubbed the visual attention span), predicts single-word reading speed in both normal reading and dyslexic children. However, the exact processes that account for the relationship between the visual attention span and reading s...

  11. A Stimulated Raman Scattering CMOS Pixel Using a High-Speed Charge Modulator and Lock-in Amplifier

    De Xing Lioe


    Full Text Available A complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS lock-in pixel to observe stimulated Raman scattering (SRS using a high speed lateral electric field modulator (LEFM for photo-generated charges and in-pixel readout circuits is presented. An effective SRS signal generated after the SRS process is very small and needs to be extracted from an extremely large offset due to a probing laser signal. In order to suppress the offset components while amplifying high-frequency modulated small SRS signal components, the lock-in pixel uses a high-speed LEFM for demodulating the SRS signal, resistor-capacitor low-pass filter (RC-LPF and switched-capacitor (SC integrator with a fully CMOS differential amplifier. AC (modulated components remained in the RC-LPF outputs are eliminated by the phase-adjusted sampling with the SC integrator and the demodulated DC (unmodulated components due to the SRS signal are integrated over many samples in the SC integrator. In order to suppress further the residual offset and the low frequency noise (1/f noise components, a double modulation technique is introduced in the SRS signal measurements, where the phase of high-frequency modulated laser beam before irradiation of a specimen is modulated at an intermediate frequency and the demodulation is done at the lock-in pixel output. A prototype chip for characterizing the SRS lock-in pixel is implemented and a successful operation is demonstrated. The reduction effects of residual offset and 1/f noise components are confirmed by the measurements. A ratio of the detected small SRS to offset a signal of less than 10−5 is experimentally demonstrated, and the SRS spectrum of a Benzonitrile sample is successfully observed.

  12. A Stimulated Raman Scattering CMOS Pixel Using a High-Speed Charge Modulator and Lock-in Amplifier.

    Lioe, De Xing; Mars, Kamel; Kawahito, Shoji; Yasutomi, Keita; Kagawa, Keiichiro; Yamada, Takahiro; Hashimoto, Mamoru


    A complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) lock-in pixel to observe stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) using a high speed lateral electric field modulator (LEFM) for photo-generated charges and in-pixel readout circuits is presented. An effective SRS signal generated after the SRS process is very small and needs to be extracted from an extremely large offset due to a probing laser signal. In order to suppress the offset components while amplifying high-frequency modulated small SRS signal components, the lock-in pixel uses a high-speed LEFM for demodulating the SRS signal, resistor-capacitor low-pass filter (RC-LPF) and switched-capacitor (SC) integrator with a fully CMOS differential amplifier. AC (modulated) components remained in the RC-LPF outputs are eliminated by the phase-adjusted sampling with the SC integrator and the demodulated DC (unmodulated) components due to the SRS signal are integrated over many samples in the SC integrator. In order to suppress further the residual offset and the low frequency noise (1/f noise) components, a double modulation technique is introduced in the SRS signal measurements, where the phase of high-frequency modulated laser beam before irradiation of a specimen is modulated at an intermediate frequency and the demodulation is done at the lock-in pixel output. A prototype chip for characterizing the SRS lock-in pixel is implemented and a successful operation is demonstrated. The reduction effects of residual offset and 1/f noise components are confirmed by the measurements. A ratio of the detected small SRS to offset a signal of less than 10(-)⁵ is experimentally demonstrated, and the SRS spectrum of a Benzonitrile sample is successfully observed.

  13. Hierarchical Control of Parallel AC-DC Converter Interfaces for Hybrid Microgrids

    Lu, Xiaonan; Guerrero, Josep M.; Sun, Kai;


    In this paper, a hierarchical control system for parallel power electronics interfaces between ac bus and dc bus in a hybrid microgrid is presented. Both standalone and grid-connected operation modes in the dc side of the microgrid are analyzed. Concretely, a three-level hierarchical control syst...... the three control levels is developed in order to adjust the main control parameters and study the system stability. Experimental results of a 2×2.2 kW parallel ac-dc converter system have shown satisfactory realization of the designed system.......In this paper, a hierarchical control system for parallel power electronics interfaces between ac bus and dc bus in a hybrid microgrid is presented. Both standalone and grid-connected operation modes in the dc side of the microgrid are analyzed. Concretely, a three-level hierarchical control system...... is implemented. In the primary control level, the decentralized control is realized by using the droop method. Local ac current proportional-resonant controller and dc voltage proportional-integral controller are employed. When the local load is connected to the dc bus, dc droop control is applied to obtain...

  14. AC susceptibilities of grain-textured superconductors

    Sakamoto, N.; Fukuda, Y.; Koga, M.; Akune, T.; Khan, H. R.; Lüders, K.


    In-phase χ n‧ and out-phase χ n″ components of nth harmonics of AC susceptibility with measuring parameters of a DC magnetic field Bdc, an amplitude Ba and a frequency f of the superimposed AC magnetic fields give substantial information of the superconducting properties. In low- Tc metallic superconductors, χ1‧ shows smooth transition and χ1″ does single peak. High- Tc oxide superconductors with anisotropic and grain-textured structures show deformed complex characteristics. Double peaks in χ1″ and shoulders in χ1‧ appear in AC susceptibility of Hg-1223 superconductors. Instead of simple Bean model, a grained model, where the superconducting grains are immersed in weak superconducting matrix, are proposed. The susceptibilities numerically analyzed using the model show varied and deformed curves and are successfully compared with the measured results.

  15. Pay as You Speed, ISA with incentive for not speeding

    Lahrmann, Harry; Agerholm, Niels; Tradisauskas, Nerius


    To simulate a market introduction of Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) and to study the effect of a Pay as You Speed (PAYS) concept, a field trial with 153 drivers was conducted during 2007–2009. The participants drove under PAYS conditions for a shorter or a longer period. The PAYS concept...... consisted of informative ISA linked with economic incentive for not speeding, measured through automatic count of penalty points whenever the speed limit was exceeded. The full incentive was set to 30% of a participant's insurance premium. The participants were exposed to different treatments...

  16. Fully digital controlled A.C. servo engraving machine based on DEC4DA

    Shu, Zhibing; Chen, Xianfeng; Zhang, Hairong; Huang, Yiqun; Yan, Caizhong


    A novel engraving machine (NUT-1A) is presented, in which fully digital controlled AC system based on DEC4DA was used to improve the machining precision and sensitivity. This engraving machine was constructed around AC servo motor with encoder, controlled by a servo motor control card - DEC4DA. As the upper unit of AC servo motor, DEC4DA was a numerical control generator, which received pulses form CPU by ISA bus, and these pulses were amplified and converted to drive AC servo actuator. This novel engraving machine can achieve a higher positioning accuracy of +/-0.01mm and positioning repetition of +/-0.005mm, and its resolution is 0.001mm/0.0001mm. Moreover, because of multi-closed loops were used in the system, the steady and transient performances are more excellent. This system ensures a much quicker current regulation in closed-loop operation, of acceleration and braking in both directions, as well as stable speed characteristics. Amplifier boards are protected against excessive current, excessive temperature and short circuiting of the motor supply cables.

  17. The Effective AC Response of Nonlinear Composites

    WEI En-Bo; GU Guo-Qing


    A perturbative approach is used to study the AC response of nonlinear composite media, which obey a current-field relation of the form J = σ E + χ|E|2 E with components having nonlinear response at finite frequencies. For a sinusoidal applied field, we extend the local potential in terms of sinusoidal components at fundamental frequency and high-order harmonic frequencies to treat the nonlinear composites. For nonlinear composite media vith a low concentrations of spherical inclusions, we give the formulae of the nonlinear effective AC susceptibility χ*3ω at the third harmonic frequency.

  18. Control of Power Converters in AC Microgrids

    Rocabert, Joan; Luna, Alvaro; Blaabjerg, Frede;


    The enabling of ac microgrids in distribution networks allows delivering distributed power and providing grid support services during regular operation of the grid, as well as powering isolated islands in case of faults and contingencies, thus increasing the performance and reliability of the ele......The enabling of ac microgrids in distribution networks allows delivering distributed power and providing grid support services during regular operation of the grid, as well as powering isolated islands in case of faults and contingencies, thus increasing the performance and reliability...

  19. The ACS Nearby Galaxy Survey Treasury

    Dalcanton, Julianne J; Seth, Anil C; Dolphin, Andrew; Holtzman, Jon; Rosema, Keith; Skillman, Evan D; Cole, Andrew; Girardi, Leo; Gogarten, Stephanie M; Karachentsev, Igor D; Olsen, Knut; Weisz, Daniel; Christensen, Charlotte; Freeman, Ken; Gilbert, Karoline; Gallart, Carme; Harris, Jason; Hodge, Paul; de Jong, Roelof S; Karachentseva, Valentina; Mateo, Mario; Stetson, Peter B; Tavarez, Maritza; Zaritsky, Dennis; Governato, Fabio; Quinn, Thomas


    The ACS Nearby Galaxy Survey Treasury (ANGST) is a systematic survey to establish a legacy of uniform multi-color photometry of resolved stars for a volume-limited sample of nearby galaxies (D14 million stars. In this paper we present the details of the sample selection, imaging, data reduction, and the resulting photometric catalogs, along with an analysis of the photometric uncertainties (systematic and random), for both t he ACS and WFPC2 imaging. We also present uniformly derived relative distances measured from the apparent magnitude of the TRGB.

  20. AC410 Unit 2 Homework Assignment



      AC410 Unit 2 Homework Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:   3-31 Ron Barber, CPA, is auditing the financial statements of DGF, Inc., a publicly held company. During the course of the audit, Barber discovered that DGF has been making illegal bribes to foreign government officials to obtain business, and he reported the matter to senior management and the board of directors of DGF. Required: If management a...

  1. Monetary policy and dynamic adjustment of corporate investment: A policy transmission channel perspective

    Qiang; Fu; Xing; Liu


    We investigate monetary policy effects on corporate investment adjustment,using a sample of China’s A-share listed firms(2005–2012), under an asymmetic framework and from a monetary policy transmission channel perspective. We find that corporate investment adjustment is faster in expansionary than contractionary monetary policy periods. Monetary policy has a significant effect on adjustment speed through monetary and credit channels. An increase in the growth rate of money supply or credit accelerates adjustment.Both effects are significantly greater during tightening than expansionary periods. The monetary channel has significant asymmetry, whereas the credit channel has none. Leverage moderates the relationship between monetary policy and adjustment, with a greater effect in expansionary periods. This study enriches the corporate investment behavior literature and can help governments develop and optimize macro-control policies.

  2. Monetary policy and dynamic adjustment of corporate investment: A policy transmission channel perspective

    Qiang Fu


    Full Text Available We investigate monetary policy effects on corporate investment adjustment, using a sample of China’s A-share listed firms (2005–2012, under an asymmetic framework and from a monetary policy transmission channel perspective. We find that corporate investment adjustment is faster in expansionary than contractionary monetary policy periods. Monetary policy has a significant effect on adjustment speed through monetary and credit channels. An increase in the growth rate of money supply or credit accelerates adjustment. Both effects are significantly greater during tightening than expansionary periods. The monetary channel has significant asymmetry, whereas the credit channel has none. Leverage moderates the relationship between monetary policy and adjustment, with a greater effect in expansionary periods. This study enriches the corporate investment behavior literature and can help governments develop and optimize macro-control policies.

  3. Cascaded Buck-Boost AC/AC converter%级联式Buck-Boost AC/AC变换器

    张友军; 丁明昌; 任永保; 王阿敏; 翁振明


    详细分析了Buck型和Boost型AC/AC变换器的工作原理及其控制方法,在此基础上提出了一种新型级联式Buck-Boost AC/AC变换器及其三模式控制策略.三模式控制策略是比较输入电压与基准输出电压的大小,使得变换器只有3种工作模式:Buck模式、Boost模式和滤波模式.该电路虽然由Buck型和Boost型AC/AC变换器2级变换器级联而成,并采用2级占空比调制,但实际上最多只存在一级功率变换,具有控制简单、变换效率高、开关管电压应力低等优点.仿真结果证明了级联式Buck-Boost AC/AC变换器及其控制策略的可行性和理论分析的正确性.

  4. Pay as You Speed, ISA with incentive for not speeding: results and interpretation of speed data.

    Lahrmann, Harry; Agerholm, Niels; Tradisauskas, Nerius; Berthelsen, Kasper K; Harms, Lisbeth


    To simulate a market introduction of Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) and to study the effect of a Pay as You Speed (PAYS) concept, a field trial with 153 drivers was conducted during 2007-2009. The participants drove under PAYS conditions for a shorter or a longer period. The PAYS concept consisted of informative ISA linked with economic incentive for not speeding, measured through automatic count of penalty points whenever the speed limit was exceeded. The full incentive was set to 30% of a participant's insurance premium. The participants were exposed to different treatments, with and without incentive crossed with informative ISA present or absent. The results showed that ISA is an efficient tool for reducing speeding particularly on rural roads. The analysis of speed data demonstrated that the proportion of distance driven above the speed where the ISA equipment responded (PDA) was a sensitive measure for reflecting the effect of ISA, whereas mean free flow speed and the 85th percentile speed, were less sensitive to ISA effects. The PDA increased a little over time but still remained at a low level; however, when ISA was turned off, the participants' speeding relapsed to the baseline level. Both informative ISA and incentive ISA reduced the PDA, but there was no statistically significant interaction. Informative reduced it more than the incentive.

  5. High Speed Viterbi Decoder Architecture

    Paaske, Erik; Andersen, Jakob Dahl


    The fastest commercially available Viterbi decoders for the (171,133) standard rate 1/2 code operate with a decoding speed of 40-50 Mbit/s (net data rate). In this paper we present a suitable architecture for decoders operating with decoding speeds of 150-300 Mbit/s.......The fastest commercially available Viterbi decoders for the (171,133) standard rate 1/2 code operate with a decoding speed of 40-50 Mbit/s (net data rate). In this paper we present a suitable architecture for decoders operating with decoding speeds of 150-300 Mbit/s....

  6. Power Quality Control and Design of Power Converter for Variable-Speed Wind Energy Conversion System with Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generator

    Yüksel Oğuz


    Full Text Available The control strategy and design of an AC/DC/AC IGBT-PMW power converter for PMSG-based variable-speed wind energy conversion systems (VSWECS operation in grid/load-connected mode are presented. VSWECS consists of a PMSG connected to a AC-DC IGBT-based PWM rectifier and a DC/AC IGBT-based PWM inverter with LCL filter. In VSWECS, AC/DC/AC power converter is employed to convert the variable frequency variable speed generator output to the fixed frequency fixed voltage grid. The DC/AC power conversion has been managed out using adaptive neurofuzzy controlled inverter located at the output of controlled AC/DC IGBT-based PWM rectifier. In this study, the dynamic performance and power quality of the proposed power converter connected to the grid/load by output LCL filter is focused on. Dynamic modeling and control of the VSWECS with the proposed power converter is performed by using MATLAB/Simulink. Simulation results show that the output voltage, power, and frequency of VSWECS reach to desirable operation values in a very short time. In addition, when PMSG based VSWECS works continuously with the 4.5 kHz switching frequency, the THD rate of voltage in the load terminal is 0.00672%.

  7. Power quality control and design of power converter for variable-speed wind energy conversion system with permanent-magnet synchronous generator.

    Oğuz, Yüksel; Güney, İrfan; Çalık, Hüseyin


    The control strategy and design of an AC/DC/AC IGBT-PMW power converter for PMSG-based variable-speed wind energy conversion systems (VSWECS) operation in grid/load-connected mode are presented. VSWECS consists of a PMSG connected to a AC-DC IGBT-based PWM rectifier and a DC/AC IGBT-based PWM inverter with LCL filter. In VSWECS, AC/DC/AC power converter is employed to convert the variable frequency variable speed generator output to the fixed frequency fixed voltage grid. The DC/AC power conversion has been managed out using adaptive neurofuzzy controlled inverter located at the output of controlled AC/DC IGBT-based PWM rectifier. In this study, the dynamic performance and power quality of the proposed power converter connected to the grid/load by output LCL filter is focused on. Dynamic modeling and control of the VSWECS with the proposed power converter is performed by using MATLAB/Simulink. Simulation results show that the output voltage, power, and frequency of VSWECS reach to desirable operation values in a very short time. In addition, when PMSG based VSWECS works continuously with the 4.5 kHz switching frequency, the THD rate of voltage in the load terminal is 0.00672%.

  8. Power Quality Control and Design of Power Converter for Variable-Speed Wind Energy Conversion System with Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generator

    Oğuz, Yüksel; Güney, İrfan; Çalık, Hüseyin


    The control strategy and design of an AC/DC/AC IGBT-PMW power converter for PMSG-based variable-speed wind energy conversion systems (VSWECS) operation in grid/load-connected mode are presented. VSWECS consists of a PMSG connected to a AC-DC IGBT-based PWM rectifier and a DC/AC IGBT-based PWM inverter with LCL filter. In VSWECS, AC/DC/AC power converter is employed to convert the variable frequency variable speed generator output to the fixed frequency fixed voltage grid. The DC/AC power conversion has been managed out using adaptive neurofuzzy controlled inverter located at the output of controlled AC/DC IGBT-based PWM rectifier. In this study, the dynamic performance and power quality of the proposed power converter connected to the grid/load by output LCL filter is focused on. Dynamic modeling and control of the VSWECS with the proposed power converter is performed by using MATLAB/Simulink. Simulation results show that the output voltage, power, and frequency of VSWECS reach to desirable operation values in a very short time. In addition, when PMSG based VSWECS works continuously with the 4.5 kHz switching frequency, the THD rate of voltage in the load terminal is 0.00672%. PMID:24453905

  9. YBCO thin films in ac and dc films

    Shahzada, S


    We report studies on the dc magnetization of YBCO thin films in simultaneously applied dc and ac fields. The effect of the ac fields is to decrease the irreversible magnetization drastically leading to complete collapse of the hysteresis loops for relatively small ac fields (250e). The magnitude of the decrease depends on the component of the ac field parallel to the c-axis. The decrease is non-linear with ac amplitude and is explained in the framework of the critical state response of ultra thin films in perpendicular geometry. The ac fields increase the relaxation rapidly at short times while the long time response appears unaffected. (author)




    Full Text Available The proposed topology reduces the total harmonic distortion (THD of a high frequency AC/AC Converter well below the acceptable limit. This paper deals with a novel single phase AC/DC/AC soft switching utility frequency AC to high frequency AC converter. In this paper a single phase full bridge inverter with Vienna rectifier as front end is used instead of conventional diode bridge rectifier to provide continuous sinusoidal input current with nearly unity power factor at the source side with extremely low distortion.. This power converter is more suitable and acceptable for cost effective high frequency (HF consumer induction heating applications.

  11. AcsA-AcsB: The core of the cellulose synthase complex from Gluconacetobacter hansenii ATCC23769.

    McManus, John B; Deng, Ying; Nagachar, Nivedita; Kao, Teh-hui; Tien, Ming


    The gram-negative bacterium, Gluconacetobacter hansenii, produces cellulose of exceptionally high crystallinity in comparison to the cellulose of higher plants. This bacterial cellulose is synthesized and extruded into the extracellular medium by the cellulose synthase complex (CSC). The catalytic component of this complex is encoded by the gene AcsAB. However, several other genes are known to encode proteins critical to cellulose synthesis and are likely components of the bacterial CSC. We have purified an active heterodimer AcsA-AcsB from G. hansenii ATCC23769 to homogeneity by two different methods. With the purified protein, we have determined how it is post-translationally processed, forming the active heterodimer AcsA-AcsB. Additionally, we have performed steady-state kinetic studies on the AcsA-AcsB complex. Finally through mutagenesis studies, we have explored the roles of the postulated CSC proteins AcsC, AcsD, and CcpAx.

  12. Sensorless AC electric motor control robust advanced design techniques and applications

    Glumineau, Alain


    This monograph shows the reader how to avoid the burdens of sensor cost, reduced internal physical space, and system complexity in the control of AC motors. Many applications fields—electric vehicles, wind- and wave-energy converters and robotics, among them—will benefit. Sensorless AC Electric Motor Control describes the elimination of physical sensors and their replacement with observers, i.e., software sensors. Robustness is introduced to overcome problems associated with the unavoidable imperfection of knowledge of machine parameters—resistance, inertia, and so on—encountered in real systems. The details of a large number of speed- and/or position-sensorless ideas for different types of permanent-magnet synchronous motors and induction motors are presented along with several novel observer designs for electrical machines. Control strategies are developed using high-order, sliding-mode and quasi-continuous-sliding-mode techniques and two types of observer–controller schemes based on backstepping ...

  13. First Year Adjustment in the Secondary School.

    Loosemore, Jean Ann


    This study investigated the relationship between adjustment to secondary school and 17 cognitive and noncognitive variables, including intelligence (verbal and nonverbal reasoning), academic achievement, extraversion-introversion, stable/unstable, social adjustment, endeavor, age, sex, and school form. (CP)

  14. Theory of Work Adjustment Personality Constructs.

    Lawson, Loralie


    To measure Theory of Work Adjustment personality and adjustment style dimensions, content-based scales were analyzed for homogeneity and successively reanalyzed for reliability improvement. Three sound scales were developed: inflexibility, activeness, and reactiveness. (SK)

  15. Research Design in Marital Adjustment Studies.

    Croake, James W.; Lyon, Rebecca S.


    The numerous marital adjustment studies which exist in the literature are confounded by basic design problems. Marital stability should be the baseline for data. It is then possible to discuss "happiness,""success,""adjustment," and "satisfaction." (Author)

  16. 76 FR 65633 - RIN 1904-AC43


    ... 1904-AC43. Comments may be submitted using any of the following methods: Federal eRulemaking Portal... and avoid the use of special characters or any form of encryption. Postal Mail: Ms. Brenda Edwards, U... FR 56678 (September 14, 2011) to make available and invite comments on the framework document...

  17. AC Losses of Prototype HTS Transmission Cables

    Demko, J.A.; Dresner, L.; Hughey, R.L.; Lue, J.W.; Olsen, S.K.; Sinha, U.; Tolbert, J.C.


    Since 1995 Southwire Company and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have jointly designed, built, and tested nine, l-m long, high temperature superconducting (HTS) transmission cable prototypes. This paper summarizes the AC loss measurements of five of the cables not reported elsewhere, and compares the losses with each other and with theory developed by Dresner. Losses were measured with both a calorimetric and an electrical technique. Because of the broad resistive transition of the HTS tapes, the cables can be operated stably beyond their critical currents. The AC losses were measured in this region as well as below critical currents. Dresner's theory takes into account the broad resistive transition of the HTS tapes and calculates the AC losses both below and above the critical current. The two sets of AC 10SS data agree with each other and with the theory quite welL In particular, at low currents of incomplete penetration, the loss data agree with the theoretical prediction of hysteresis loss based on only the outer two Iayers carrying the total current.

  18. AC power generation from microbial fuel cells

    Lobo, Fernanda Leite; Wang, Heming; Forrestal, Casey; Ren, Zhiyong Jason


    Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) directly convert biodegradable substrates to electricity and carry good potential for energy-positive wastewater treatment. However, the low and direct current (DC) output from MFC is not usable for general electronics except small sensors, yet commercial DC-AC converters or inverters used in solar systems cannot be directly applied to MFCs. This study presents a new DC-AC converter system for MFCs that can generate alternating voltage in any desired frequency. Results show that AC power can be easily achieved in three different frequencies tested (1, 10, 60 Hz), and no energy storage layer such as capacitors was needed. The DC-AC converter efficiency was higher than 95% when powered by either individual MFCs or simple MFC stacks. Total harmonic distortion (THD) was used to investigate the quality of the energy, and it showed that the energy could be directly usable for linear electronic loads. This study shows that through electrical conversion MFCs can be potentially used in household electronics for decentralized off-grid communities.

  19. Thermal Simulation of AC Electromagnetic Contactor

    NIUChun-ping; CHENDe-gui; ZHANGJing-shu; LIXing-wen


    Transient magnetic circuit method is adopted to calculate the power loss in winding and shading coil. Based on the analysis of heat transfer process in AC contactor, a thermal model is proposed and the temperature field distribution is simulated with 3-D FEM of ANSYS.Comparison of simulation results with measurements shows that the proposed method is effective.

  20. A dry-cooled AC quantum voltmeter

    Schubert, M.; Starkloff, M.; Peiselt, K.; Anders, S.; Knipper, R.; Lee, J.; Behr, R.; Palafox, L.; Böck, A. C.; Schaidhammer, L.; Fleischmann, P. M.; Meyer, H.-G.


    The paper describes a dry-cooled AC quantum voltmeter system operated up to kilohertz frequencies and 7 V rms. A 10 V programmable Josephson voltage standard (PJVS) array was installed on a pulse tube cooler (PTC) driven with a 4 kW air-cooled compressor. The operating margins at 70 GHz frequencies were investigated in detail and found to exceed 1 mA Shapiro step width. A key factor for the successful chip operation was the low on-chip power consumption of 65 mW in total. A thermal interface between PJVS chip and PTC cold stage was used to avoid a significant chip overheating. By installing the cryocooled PJVS array into an AC quantum voltmeter setup, several calibration measurements of dc standards and calibrator ac voltages up to 2 kHz frequencies were carried out to demonstrate the full functionality. The results are discussed and compared to systems with standard liquid helium cooling. For dc voltages, a direct comparison measurement between the dry-cooled AC quantum voltmeter and a liquid-helium based 10 V PJVS shows an agreement better than 1 part in 1010.

  1. Protection of AC and DC Microgrids

    Beheshtaein, Siavash; Savaghebi, Mehdi; Quintero, Juan Carlos Vasquez;


    In future, distributed energy resources (RESs) will be utilized at consumption points. As a consequence, power flow and fault current would be bidirectional and topologydependent; and hence the conventional protection strategies would be inefficient. This paper categorizes the main challenges in AC...

  2. Modeling of long High Voltage AC Underground

    Gudmundsdottir, Unnur Stella; Bak, Claus Leth; Wiechowski, W. T.


    This paper presents the work and findings of a PhD project focused on accurate high frequency modelling of long High Voltage AC Underground cables. The project is cooperation between Aalborg University and The objective of the project is to investigate the accuracy of most up to date...

  3. From Beamline to Scanner with 225Ac

    Robertson, Andrew K. H.; Ramogida, Caterina F.; Kunz, Peter; Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Cristina; Schaffer, Paul; Sossi, Vesna


    Due to the high linear energy transfer and short range of alpha-radiation, targeted radiation therapy using alpha-emitting pharmaceuticals that successfully target small disease clusters will kill target cells with limited harm to healthy tissue, potentially treating the most aggressive forms of cancer. As the parent of a decay chain with four alpha- and two beta-decays, 225Ac is a promising candidate for such a treatment. However, this requires retention of the entire decay chain at the target site, preventing the creation of freely circulating alpha-emitters that reduce therapeutic effect and increase toxicity to non-target tissues. Two major challenges to 225Ac pharmaceutical development exist: insufficient global supply, and the difficulty of preventing toxicity by retaining the entire decay chain at the target site. While TRIUMF works towards large-scale (C i amounts) production of 225Ac, we already use our Isotope Separation On-Line facility to provide small (overview of this research program and the journey of 225Ac from the beamline to the scanner. This research is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

  4. Aging, Counterfeiting Configuration Control (AC3)


    relabeled fake microcircuit chips from overseas - threaten the reliability, safety, and performance of DoD systems. These systems are vulnerable... NASA , Raytheon internal, etc. Aging, Counterfeiting Configuration Control (AC3) Page 13 of 28 are important in determining the alert’s priority

  5. An Algebraic Method of Synchronous Pulsewidth Modulation for Converters for Adjustable Speed Drives

    Oleschuk, Valentin; Blaabjerg, Frede


    This paper describes the basic peculiarities of a new method of feedforward synchronous pulsewidth modulation (PWM) of the output voltage of converters, based on one-stage closed-form strategy of PWM with pure algebraic control dependencies. It is applied to voltage source inverters...... with a continuous scheme of conventional voltage space vector modulation and with two basic variants of symmetrical discontinuous PWM. Simulations give the behaviour of the proposed method and show the advantage of algebraic synchronous PWM compared with the typical asynchronous, for low indices of the frequency...

  6. Power-Quality-Oriented Optimization in Multiple Three-Phase Adjustable Speed Drives

    Yang, Yongheng; Davari, Pooya; Blaabjerg, Frede;


    , low cost, and high reliability during operation. Yet, DRs and SCRs bring harmonic distortions in the mains and thus lowering the overall efficiency. Power quality standards/rules are thus released. For multiple ASD systems, certain harmonics of the total grid current can be mitigated by phase...

  7. Interharmonic mitigation of adjustable speed drives using an active DC-link capacitor

    Soltani, Hamid; Loh, Poh Chiang; Blaabjerg, Frede;


    operating frequency. As there is a growing discussion about the interharmonic effects on the grid and its limitation, the reduction and mitigation of these components is worthwhile especially when more drives are tied to the grid. This paper proposes a new dc-link active capacitor in order to reduce...

  8. Performance Evaluation of Electronic Inductor-Based Adjustable Speed Drives with Respect to Line Current Interharmonics

    Soltani, Hamid; Davari, Pooya; Zare, Firuz;


    attractive due to its improved harmonic performance compared to a conventional ASD. In this digest, the input currents of the EI-based ASD are investigated and compared with the conventional ASDs with respect to interharmonics, which is an emerging power quality topic. First, the main causes...

  9. Power-Quality-Oriented Optimization in Multiple Three-Phase Adjustable Speed Drives

    Yang, Yongheng; Davari, Pooya; Blaabjerg, Frede


    to minimize the THD level of the total current at the point of common coupling. Simulations with the optimized results are carried out and laboratory tests on a two-drive system are provided to demonstrate the phase-shifting harmonic mitigation scheme. Issues concerning the practical implementation......) the phaseshifts (i.e., firing angles) for the corresponding SCR-fed drives. This paper thus adopts a particle swarm optimization algorithm to optimize the power levels and the firing angles for multi-drive systems considering a fixed number of drives when practically implemented. The optimization is done...


    Oleschuk V.I.


    Full Text Available Split-phase symmetrical motor drive on the base of two voltage source inverters, controlled by algorithms of synchronized pulse width modulation (PWM, has been investigated. Simulation results are presented for dual three-phase power conversion systems with continuous, discontinuous and combined versions of synchronized PWM.

  11. Motivating inhibition - reward prospect speeds up response cancellation.

    Boehler, Carsten N; Hopf, Jens-Max; Stoppel, Christian M; Krebs, Ruth M


    Reward prospect has been demonstrated to facilitate various cognitive and behavioral operations, particularly by enhancing the speed and vigor of processes linked to approaching reward. Studies in this domain typically employed task regimes in which participants' overt responses are facilitated by prospective rewards. In contrast, we demonstrate here that even the cancellation of a motor response can be accelerated by reward prospect, thus signifying reward-related benefits on restraint rather than approach behavior. Importantly, this facilitation occurred independent of strategy-related adjustments of response speed, which are known to systematically distort the estimation of response-cancellation speed. The fact that motivational factors can indeed facilitate response inhibition is not only relevant for understanding how motivation and response inhibition interact in healthy participants but also for work on various patient groups that display response-inhibition deficits, suggesting that core differences in the ability to inhibit motor responses have to be differentiated from motivational factors.

  12. Capital adjustment patterns on Dutch pig farms

    Gardebroek, C.


    This paper develops a generalised adjustment cost framework that explicitly accounts for zero investments on Dutch pig farms. A farm-specific flexible adjustment cost function is used to account for differences in adjustment costs between farms. Using the Generalised Method of Moments the Euler equa

  13. Digital model for harmonic interactions in AC/DC/AC systems

    Guarini, A.P.; Rangel, R.D.; Pilotto, L.A.S.; Pinto, R.J.; Passos Junior, R. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The main purpose of this paper is to present a model for calculation of HVdc converter harmonics taking into account the influence of the harmonic interactions between the ac systems in dc link transmissions. The ideas and methodologies used in the model development take into account the dc current ripple and ac voltage distortion in the ac systems. The theory of switching functions is applied to contemplate for the frequency conversions between the ac and dc sides, in an iterative process. It is possible then to obtain, even in balanced situations, non-characteristic harmonics that are produced by frequencies originated in the other terminal, which can be significant in a strongly coupled system, such as back-to-back configuration. (author) 9 refs., 3 figs.

  14. Implementation and Control of an AC/DC/AC Converter for Double Wound Flywheel Application

    J. G. Oliveira


    Full Text Available An all-electric driveline based on a double wound flywheel, connected in series between main energy storage and a wheel motor, is presented. The flywheel works as a power buffer, allowing the battery to deliver optimized power. It also separates electrically the system in two sides, with the battery connected to the low voltage side and the wheel motor connected to the high voltage side. This paper presents the implementation and control of the AC/DC/AC converter, used to connect the flywheel high voltage windings to the wheel motor. The converter general operation and the adopted control strategy are discussed. The implementation of the AC/DC/AC converter has been described from a practical perspective. Results from experimental tests performed in the full-system prototype are presented. The prototype system is running with satisfactory stability during acceleration mode. Good efficiency and unity power factor could be achieved, based on vector control and space vector modulation.

  15. NTF – wind speed comparison

    Vesth, Allan; Gómez Arranz, Paula

    The report describes measurements carried out on a given turbine. A comparison between wind speed on the met mast and Nacelle Wind speed are made and the results are presented on graphs and in a table. The data used for the comparison are the data that are same as used for the power curve report...

  16. Optimal Speed Control for Cruising

    Blanke, M.


    With small profit margins in merchant shipping and more than eighty percent of sailing time being cross ocean voyages, speed control is crucial for vessel profitability......With small profit margins in merchant shipping and more than eighty percent of sailing time being cross ocean voyages, speed control is crucial for vessel profitability...

  17. How to Improve Reading Speed



    @@ It is well known that reading plays an important role not only in our daily life but also in learning a foreign language.And,of course,reading depends on reading speed to some degree.So it is natural that it is important to improve reading speed.

  18. AcEST Contig - AcEST | LSDB Archive [Life Science Database Archive metadata

    Full Text Available [ Credits ] BLAST Search Image Search Home About Archive Update History Contact us File URL: File size: 1.34MB Simple search URL Da...Joomla SEF URLs by Artio About This Database Database Description Download License Update History of This Database Site Policy | Contact Us AcEST Contig - AcEST | LSDB Archive ...

  19. Dicty_cDB: FCL-AC21 [Dicty_cDB

    Full Text Available FCL (Link to library) FCL-AC21 (Link to dictyBase) - - - Contig-U15479-1 FCL-AC21E ...(Link to Original site) - - - - - - FCL-AC21E 632 Show FCL-AC21 Library FCL (Link to library) Clone ID FCL-AC2... Representative seq. ID FCL-AC2...1E (Link to Original site) Representative DNA sequence >FCL-AC21 (FCL-AC21Q) /CSM/FCL/FCL-AC/FCL-AC2...M/SL/SLG7-D/SLG773Q.Seq.d/ 1205 0.0 FCL-AC21 (FCL-AC21Q) /CSM/FCL/FCL-AC/FCL-AC21

  20. Severe mental illness and mortality of hospitalized ACS patients in the VHA

    Shore James H


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Severe mental illness (SMI has been associated with more medical co-morbidity and less cardiovascular procedure use for older patients with myocardial infarction. However, it is unknown whether SMI is associated with increased long term mortality risk among patients presenting with acute coronary syndromes (ACS. We tested the hypothesis that SMI is associated with higher one-year mortality following ACS hospitalization. Methods All ACS patients (n = 14,194 presenting to Veterans Health Administration (VHA hospitals between October 2003 and September 2005 were included. Survival analysis evaluated the association between SMI and one-year all-cause mortality, adjusting for demographics, co-morbidities, in-hospital treatment, and discharge medications. Results Overall, 18.4 % of ACS patients had SMI. Patients with SMI were more likely female, younger, Caucasian race, have a history of alcohol abuse, liver disease, dementia, hypertension and more likely to be a current smoker; however, prior cardiac history was similar between the 2 groups. There were no significant differences in cardiac procedure use, including coronary angiogram (38.7% vs. 40.3%, p = 0.14 or coronary revascularization (31.0% vs. 32.3%, p = 0.19, and discharge medications between those with and without SMI. One-year mortality was lower for patients with SMI (15.8% vs. 19.1%, p Conclusion Among ACS patients in the VHA, SMI is prevalent, affecting almost 1 in 5 patients. However, patients with SMI were as likely to undergo coronary revascularization and be prescribed evidence-based medications at hospital discharge, and were not at elevated risk of adverse 1-year outcomes compared to patients without SMI.

  1. Application of direct torque control to electric screw presses for speeding up torque response and reducing starting current

    FENG Yi; HUANG Shu-huai; LI Jun-chao; XIONG Xiao-hong


    Fast response and stable torque output are crucial to the performance of electric screw presses. This paper describes the design of a direct torque control (DTC) system for speeding up torque response and reducing the starting current of electric screw presses and its application to the J58K series of numerical control electric screw presses with a dual-motor drive. The DTC drive system encompasses speed control, torque reference control, and switching frequency control. Comparison of the DTC duaI-AC induction motor drive with corresponding AC servo motor drive showed that for the J58K-315 electric screw press, the DTC drive system attains a higher maximum speed (786 r/min) within a shorter time (1.13 s) during a 250 mm stroke and undergoes smaller rise in temperature (42.0 ℃) in the motor after running for 2 h at a 12 min strike fi'equency than the AC servo motor drive does (751 r/min within 1.19 s, and 50.6 ℃ rise). Moreover, the DTC AC induction motor drive, with no need for a tachometer or position encoder to feed back the speed or position of the motor shaft, enjoys increased reliability in a strong-shock work environment.

  2. Analysis of a piezoelectric power harvester with adjustable frequency by precise electric field method.

    Wang, Yujue; Lian, Ziyang; Yao, Mingge; Wang, Ji; Hu, Hongping


    A power harvester with adjustable frequency, which consists of a hinged-hinged piezoelectric bimorph and a concentrated mass, is studied by the precise electric field method (PEFM), taking into account a distribution of the electric field over the thickness. Usually, using the equivalent electric field method (EEFM), the electric field is approximated as a constant value in the piezoelectric layer. Charge on the upper electrode (UEC) of the bimorph is often assumed as output charge. However, different output charge can be obtained by integrating on electric displacement over the electrode with different thickness coordinates. Therefore, an average charge (AC) on thickness is often assumed as the output value. This method is denoted EEFM AC. The flexural vibration of the bimorph is calculated by the three methods and their results are compared. Numerical results illustrate that EEFM UEC overestimates resonant frequency, output power, and efficiency. EEFM AC can accurately calculate the output power and efficiency, but underestimates resonant frequency. The performance of the harvester, which depends on concentrated mass weight, position, and circuit load, is analyzed using PEFM. The resonant frequency can be modulated 924 Hz by moving the concentrated mass along the bimorph. This feature suggests that the natural frequency of the harvester can be adjusted conveniently to adapt to frequency fluctuation of the ambient vibration.

  3. Comparing acceleration and speed tuning in macaque MT: physiology and modeling.

    Price, N S C; Ono, S; Mustari, M J; Ibbotson, M R


    Studies of individual neurons in area MT have traditionally investigated their sensitivity to constant speeds. We investigated acceleration sensitivity in MT neurons by comparing their responses to constant steps and linear ramps in stimulus speed. Speed ramps constituted constant accelerations and decelerations between 0 and 240 degrees /s. Our results suggest that MT neurons do not have explicit acceleration sensitivity, although speed changes affected their responses in three main ways. First, accelerations typically evoked higher responses than the corresponding deceleration rate at all rates tested. We show that this can be explained by adaptation mechanisms rather than differential processing of positive and negative speed gradients. Second, we inferred a cell's preferred speed from the responses to speed ramps by finding the stimulus speed at the latency-adjusted time when response amplitude peaked. In most cells, the preferred speeds inferred from deceleration were higher than those for accelerations of the same rate or from steps in stimulus speed. Third, neuron responses to speed ramps were not well predicted by the transient or sustained responses to steps in stimulus speed. Based on these findings, we developed a model incorporating adaptation and a neuron's speed tuning that predicted the higher inferred speeds and lower spike rates for deceleration responses compared with acceleration responses. This model did not predict acceleration-specific responses, in accordance with the lack of acceleration sensitivity in the neurons. The outputs of this single-cell model were passed to a population-vector-based model used to estimate stimulus speed and acceleration. We show that such a model can accurately estimate relative speed and acceleration using information from the population of neurons in area MT.

  4. Morphological studies of the galaxy populations in distant "Butcher-Oemler" clusters with HST. II. AC103, AC118 and AC114 at z=0.31

    Couch, W J; Smail, I; Ellis, Richard S; Sharples, R M


    We present new results of a program to study the detailed morphologies of galaxies in intermediate redshift clusters and hence understand the physical origin of the enhanced star formation in these environments at earlier epochs. Deep, high resolution imagery has been obtained of 3 rich clusters, AC103,AC118 & AC114 at z=0.31, using the WFPC2 on HST. For AC103 & AC118, single pointings covering a central 0.5x0.5Mpc have been obtained; for AC114, 4 pointings covering a 1.2x0.7Mpc area have been obtained, allowing the more outer regions of a distant cluster to be studied. Hubble types plus evidence for dynamical interactions and/or structural abnormalities have been determined visually for all galaxies down to R=22.25 in AC103 & AC118 and R=23.0 in AC114.We find the numbers of spirals (Sa-Sdm) in our clusters to be up to 4x higher than that seen in present-day clusters; only in the virialised core of our most massive regular cluster, AC114, do we see morphological fractions approaching those of the ...

  5. Importance of Attenuation Correction (AC) for Small Animal PET Imaging

    El Ali, Henrik H.; Bodholdt, Rasmus Poul; Jørgensen, Jesper Tranekjær;


    was performed. Methods: Ten NMRI nude mice with subcutaneous implantation of human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) were scanned consecutively in small animal PET and CT scanners (MicroPETTM Focus 120 and ImTek’s MicroCATTM II). CT-based AC, PET-based AC and uniform AC methods were compared. Results: The activity...

  6. Methods for Addressing Missing Data with Applications from ACS Exams

    Brandriet, Alexandra; Holme, Thomas


    As part of the ACS Examinations Institute (ACS-EI) national norming process, student performance data sets are collected from professors at colleges and universities from around the United States. Because the data sets are collected on a volunteer basis, the ACS-EI often receives data sets with only students' total scores and without the students'…

  7. 21 CFR 880.5500 - AC-powered patient lift.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false AC-powered patient lift. 880.5500 Section 880.5500... Devices § 880.5500 AC-powered patient lift. (a) Identification. An AC-powered lift is an electrically powered device either fixed or mobile, used to lift and transport patients in the horizontal or...

  8. 7 CFR 1737.31 - Area Coverage Survey (ACS).


    ... 7 Agriculture 11 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Area Coverage Survey (ACS). 1737.31 Section 1737.31... Studies-Area Coverage Survey and Loan Design § 1737.31 Area Coverage Survey (ACS). (a) The Area Coverage Survey (ACS) is a market forecast of service requirements of subscribers in a proposed service area....

  9. AC LED的研究现状与发展%Current research and development of AC LED

    满瑞; 李秋俊


    介绍了AC LED的特征及其工作原理,分析了AC LED相比于DC LED的优缺点,概述了AC LED在国内外的研究进展及其应用现状,讨论了AC LED技术发展过程中面临的挑战,并展望了其发展趋势.%The characteristics and operation principles of AC LED were presented.The advantages and disadvantages of AC LED compared with the DC LED were analyzed.The development and the latest application of AC LED were described.The challenges of the competition with the traditional light source were discussed,as well as the development trend of AC LED.

  10. Application of Full-Order and Simplified EKFs to Sensorless PM Brushless AC Machines

    Xi Zhu; Zi-Qiang Zhu; David Howe


    This paper em ploys an extended Kalman filter (EKF) to estimate the rotor position and speed of a vector controlled surface-mounted permanent magnet (PM) brushless AC (BLAC) motor from measured terminal voltages and currents only. Both full-order and simplified EKFs are employed and their simulated performance capabilities are compared.Excellent agreement is achieved between estimated and commanded results. The EKF is also employed to identify the stator flux-linkage due to the PMs, which is influenced by temperature variation and magnetic saturation.

  11. Technological parameters of die casting and quality of casting from EN AC46500 alloy

    Š. Gašpár


    Full Text Available Die casting represents the highest technological level of metal mold casting. This technology enables production of almost all final products without necessity of further processing. The important aspect of efficiency and production is a proper casting parameters setting. In the submitted paper following die casting parameters are analyzed: plunger pressing speed and pressure. The studied parameters most significantly affect a qualitative of castings from EN AC46500 alloy and they influence the most a gained porosity level as well as basic mechanical properties represented by permanent deformations.

  12. Cold atom trap with zero residual magnetic field: the ac magneto-optical trap.

    Harvey, Matthew; Murray, Andrew James


    A novel atom trap is described using alternating current to generate the magnetic B field, together with high speed polarization switching of the damping laser field. This combination produces a trap as effective as a standard magneto-optical trap (MOT), with the advantage that the average B field is zero. No net current is hence induced in surrounding conductive elements, and the B field produced by the ac MOT is found to switch off >300 times faster than a conventional MOT. New experiments can hence be performed, including charged particle probing or detection of the cold target ensemble.

  13. Optimal swimming speed in head currents and effects on distance movement of winter-migrating fish

    Brodersen, J.; Nilsson, P.A.; Ammitzbøl, J.


    ecologically and economically important. We here use passive and active telemetry to study how winter migrating roach regulate swimming speed and distance travelled per day in response to variations in head current velocity. Furthermore, we provide theoretical predictions on optimal swimming speeds in head...... currents and relate these to our empirical results. We show that fish migrate farther on days with low current velocity, but travel at a greater ground speed on days with high current velocity. The latter result agrees with our predictions on optimal swimming speed in head currents, but disagrees...... with previously reported predictions suggesting that fish ground speed should not change with head current velocity. We suggest that this difference is due to different assumptions on fish swimming energetics. We conclude that fish are able to adjust both swimming speed and timing of swimming activity during...

  14. Variable Speed Wind Turbine Based on Multiple Generators Drive-Train Configuration

    Deng, Fujin; Chen, Zhe


    A variable speed wind turbine is presented in this paper, where multiple permanent magnet synchronous generators (MPMSGs) drive-train configuration is employed in the wind turbine. A cascaded multilevel converter interface based on the MPMSGs is developed to synthesize a desired high ac sinusoidal...... output voltage, which could be directly connected to the grids. What is more, such arrangement has been made so that the output ac voltage having a selected phase angle difference among the stator windings of multiple generators. A phase angle shift strategy is proposed in this paper, which effectively...... reduce the fluctuation of the electromagnetic torque sum and results in a good performance for the MPMSGs structure. The simulation study is conducted using PSCAD/EMTDC, and the results verify the feasibility of this variable speed wind turbine based on multiple generators drive-train configuration....

  15. ACS algorithm-based adaptive fuzzy PID controller and its application to CIP-Ⅰ intelligent leg

    TAN Guan-zheng; DOU Hong-quan


    Based on the ant colony system (ACS) algorithm and fuzzy logic control, a new design method for optimal fuzzy PID controller was proposed. In this method, the ACS algorithm was used to optimize the input/output scaling factors of fuzzy PID controller to generate the optimal fuzzy control rules and optimal real-time control action on a given controlled object. The designed controller, called the Fuzzy-ACS PID controller, was used to control the CIP-Ⅰ intelligent leg. The simulation experiments demonstrate that this controller has good control performance. Compared with other three optimal PID controllers designed respectively by using the differential evolution algorithm, the real-coded genetic algorithm, and the simulated annealing, it was verified that the Fuzzy-ACS PID controller has better control performance. Furthermore, the simulation results also verify that the proposed ACS algorithm has quick convergence speed, small solution variation, good dynamic convergence behavior, and high computation efficiency in searching for the optimal input/output scaling factors.

  16. 78 FR 49318 - Availability of Draft Advisory Circular (AC) 90-106A and AC 20-167A


    ... Systems (78 FR 34935-34958) (Docket No.: FAA-2013-0485; Notice No. 1209). AC 90-106A, Enhanced Flight... the Federal Register published on April 11, 2000 (65 FR 19477-19478), as well as at http://DocketsInfo... Federal Aviation Administration Availability of Draft Advisory Circular (AC) 90-106A and AC 20-...

  17. Fixed-speed active-stall wind turbines in offshore applications

    Akhmatov, Vladislav; Nielsen, Arne Hejde


    A large offshore wind farm in the East Danish power system was commissioned in 2003 at Rodsand. The power capacity of the wind farm is 165 MW divided between 72 wind turbines. For this large offshore application, robust and well-known wind technology has been chosen in the form of fixed-speed, ac......-speed, active-stall wind turbines equipped with induction generators. In this paper, maintaining and improving the short-term voltage stability is discussed and systematized in terms of this wind technology. Copyright (C) 2004 John Wiley Sons, Ltd....

  18. Psychosocial adjustment to recurrent cancer.

    Mahon, S M; Cella, D F; Donovan, M I


    This descriptive study of the perceptions and needs of people with recurrent malignancies asks three questions: How do patients describe the meaning of a recurrence of cancer? Do individuals perceive the diagnosis of recurrence and the initial diagnosis of cancer differently? What are the key psychosocial problems associated with recurrent cancer? The theoretical framework was based on Lazarus and Folkman's theory of stress, appraisal, and coping. Subjects completed the Impact of Event Scale (IES), the Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale--Self-Report (PAIS), and a semistructured qualitative interview. The interview elicited perceptions of the event of recurrence and differences between the diagnosis of recurrence and the initial diagnosis. The convenience sample included 40 patients diagnosed with recurrent cancer within the last 30 days. Many subjects (78%) reported that the recurrence was more upsetting than the initial diagnosis. Scores on both the IES and the PAIS were high when compared to normative samples of patients with cancer suggesting that this sample of patients experienced a lot of psychological distress as well as problems at home, work, and in their social lives. These concerns often were unknown to caregivers. Although more research is needed, the authors propose that, with more accurate assessment, more effective intervention could be implemented and the quality of life improved for patients with recurrent cancer.

  19. Lazy AC-Pattern Matching for Rewriting

    Walid Belkhir; Alain Giorgetti


    We define a lazy pattern-matching mechanism modulo associativity and commutativity. The solutions of a pattern-matching problem are stored in a lazy list composed of a first substitution at the head and a non-evaluated object that encodes the remaining computations. We integrate the lazy AC-matching in a strategy language: rewriting rule and strategy application produce a lazy list of terms.

  20. AC plasma anemometer—characteristics and design

    Marshall, Curtis; Matlis, Eric; Corke, Thomas; Gogineni, Sivaram


    The characteristics and design of a high-bandwidth flow sensor that uses an AC glow discharge (plasma) as the sensing element is presented. The plasma forms in the air gap between two protruding low profile electrodes attached to a probe body. The output from the anemometer is an amplitude modulated version of the AC voltage input that contains information about the mean and fluctuating velocity components. The anemometer circuitry includes resistance and capacitance elements that simulate a dielectric-barrier to maintain a diffuse plasma, and a constant-current feedback control that maintains operation within the desired glow discharge regime over an extended range of air velocities. Mean velocity calibrations are demonstrated over a range from 0 to 140 m s-1. Over this velocity range, the mean output voltage varied linearly with air velocity, providing a constant static sensitivity. The effect of the electrode gap and input AC carrier frequency on the anemometer static sensitivity and dynamic response are investigated. Experiments are performed to compare measurements obtained with a plasma sensor operating at two AC carrier frequencies against that of a constant-temperature hot-wire. All three sensors were calibrated against the same known velocity reference. An uncertainty based on the standard deviation of the velocity calibration fit was applied to the mean and fluctuating velocity measurements of the three sensors. The motivation is not to replace hot-wires as a general measurement tool, but rather as an alternative to hot-wires in harsh environments or at high Mach numbers where they either have difficulty in surviving or lack the necessary frequency response.

  1. Lazy AC-Pattern Matching for Rewriting

    Walid Belkhir


    Full Text Available We define a lazy pattern-matching mechanism modulo associativity and commutativity. The solutions of a pattern-matching problem are stored in a lazy list composed of a first substitution at the head and a non-evaluated object that encodes the remaining computations. We integrate the lazy AC-matching in a strategy language: rewriting rule and strategy application produce a lazy list of terms.

  2. To the Problem of Electromechanical Interaction in Elevators with Controlled Electric Drive and Fuzzy Speed Controller

    A. S. Koval


    Full Text Available The paper considers problems concerning electromechanical interaction in elevators with an adjustable asynchronous electric drive equipped with the vector control systems under direct torque control and direct torque control with pulse-width modulator. A mathematical description of electromechanical elevator system with due account of nonlinearity of the worm gear is given in the paper. The paper presents a simplified circuit design of a control system with a fuzzy speed controller. It has been established that the factor of electromechanical interaction in electromechanical system with the adjustable asynchronous electric drive and an fuzzy speed controller is within the range which corresponds to existence of the essential electromechanical interaction.

  3. Demonstration of variable speed permanent magnet generator at small, low-head hydro site

    Brown Kinloch, David [Shaker Landing Hydro Associates, Inc., Louisville, KY (United States)


    Small hydro developers face a limited set of bad choices when choosing a generator for a small low-head hydro site. Direct drive synchronous generators are expensive and technically complex to install. Simpler induction generators are higher speed, requiring a speed increaser, which results in inefficiencies and maintenance problems. In addition, both induction and synchronous generators turn at a fixed speed, causing the turbine to run off its peak efficiency curve whenever the available head is different than the designed optimum head.The solution to these problems is the variable speed Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG). At the Weisenberger Mill in Midway, KY, a variable speed Permanent Magnet Generator has been installed and demonstrated. This new PMG system replaced an existing induction generator that had a HTD belt drive speed increaser system. Data was taken from the old generator before it was removed and compared to data collected after the PMG system was installed. The new variable speed PMG system is calculated to produce over 96% more energy than the old induction generator system during an average year. This significant increase was primarily due to the PMG generator operating at the correct speed at the maximum head, and the ability for the PMG generator to reduce its speed to lower optimum speeds as the stream flow increased and the net head decreased.This demonstration showed the importance of being able to adjust the speed of fixed blade turbines. All fixed blade turbines with varying net heads could achieve higher efficiencies if the speed can be matched to the optimum speed as the head changes. In addition, this demonstration showed that there are many potential efficiencies that could be realized with variable speed technology at hydro sites where mismatched turbine and generator speeds result in lower power output, even at maximum head. Funding for this project came from the US Dept. of Energy, through Award Number DE-EE0005429.

  4. Direct Torque Control of a Small Wind Turbine with a Sliding-Mode Speed Controller

    Sri Lal Senanayaka, Jagath; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Robbersmyr, Kjell G.


    In this paper. the method of direct torque control in the presence of a sliding-mode speed controller is proposed for a small wind turbine being used in water heating applications. This concept and control system design can be expanded to grid connected or off-grid applications. Direct torque control of electrical machines has shown several advantages including very fast dynamics torque control over field-oriented control. Moreover. the torque and flux controllers in the direct torque control algorithms are based on hvsteretic controllers which are nonlinear. In the presence of a sliding-mode speed control. a nonlinear control system can be constructed which is matched for AC/DC conversion of the converter that gives fast responses with low overshoots. The main control objectives of the proposed small wind turbine can be maximum power point tracking and soft-stall power control. This small wind turbine consists of permanent magnet synchronous generator and external wind speed. and rotor speed measurements are not required for the system. However. a sensor is needed to detect the rated wind speed overpass events to activate proper speed references for the wind turbine. Based on the low-cost design requirement of small wind turbines. an available wind speed sensor can be modified. or a new sensor can be designed to get the required measurement. The simulation results will be provided to illustrate the excellent performance of the closed-loop control system in entire wind speed range (4-25 m/s).

  5. Flow Control Strategy for the High Speed Network Based on Control Theory


    Design of an effective congestion control scheme is a hot topic in the development of computer network. The flow control scheme can adjust the packet sending rate in source host, thus effectively avoiding the network congestion. This paper proposes a new flow control scheme based on discrete control theory. The simulation results show that this method can adjust the sending rate and queue level in buffer rapidly and effectively. The method is easy to implement and applicable to high speed networks.

  6. The Hubble Legacy Archive ACS Grism Data

    Kuemmel, M; Fosbury, R; Haase, J; Hook, R N; Kuntschner, H; Lombardi, M; Micol, A; Nilsson, K K; Stoehr, F; Walsh, J R


    A public release of slitless spectra, obtained with ACS/WFC and the G800L grism, is presented. Spectra were automatically extracted in a uniform way from 153 archival fields (or "associations") distributed across the two Galactic caps, covering all observations to 2008. The ACS G800L grism provides a wavelength range of 0.55-1.00 \\mu$m, with a dispersion of $40 \\ \\AA / pixel$ and a resolution of $\\sim 80\\ \\AA$ for point-like sources. The ACS G800L images and matched direct images were reduced with an automatic pipeline that handles all steps from archive retrieval, alignment and astrometric calibration, direct image combination, catalogue generation, spectral extraction and collection of metadata. The large number of extracted spectra (73,581) demanded automatic methods for quality control and an automated classification algorithm was trained on the visual inspection of several thousand spectra. The final sample of quality controlled spectra includes 47,919 datasets (65% of the total number of extracted spect...

  7. AC susceptibilities of grain-textured superconductors

    Sakamoto, N. [Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyushu Sangyo University, 2-3-1 Matsukadai, 813-8503 Fukuoka (Japan)], E-mail:; Fukuda, Y.; Koga, M.; Akune, T. [Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyushu Sangyo University, 2-3-1 Matsukadai, 813-8503 Fukuoka (Japan); Khan, H.R. [Institut von Ionenstrahl und Vakuum Technologie, 73728 Esslingen (Germany); Lueders, K. [Freie Universitaet Berlin, Arnimallee, Fac.Physik, D-14195 Berlin (Germany)


    In-phase {chi}{sub n}' and out-phase {chi}{sub n}'' components of nth harmonics of AC susceptibility with measuring parameters of a DC magnetic field B{sub dc}, an amplitude B{sub a} and a frequency f of the superimposed AC magnetic fields give substantial information of the superconducting properties. In low-T{sub c} metallic superconductors, {chi}{sub 1}' shows smooth transition and {chi}{sub 1}'' does single peak. High-T{sub c} oxide superconductors with anisotropic and grain-textured structures show deformed complex characteristics. Double peaks in {chi}{sub 1}'' and shoulders in {chi}{sub 1}' appear in AC susceptibility of Hg-1223 superconductors. Instead of simple Bean model, a grained model, where the superconducting grains are immersed in weak superconducting matrix, are proposed. The susceptibilities numerically analyzed using the model show varied and deformed curves and are successfully compared with the measured results.

  8. 单相直接AC-AC变换器的实现与分析%The Implementation and Analysis of Simple Phase Direct AC-AC Converter

    万衡; 喻嬿; 黄道



  9. High-Speed Ring Bus

    Wysocky, Terry; Kopf, Edward, Jr.; Katanyoutananti, Sunant; Steiner, Carl; Balian, Harry


    The high-speed ring bus at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) allows for future growth trends in spacecraft seen with future scientific missions. This innovation constitutes an enhancement of the 1393 bus as documented in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 1393-1999 standard for a spaceborne fiber-optic data bus. It allows for high-bandwidth and time synchronization of all nodes on the ring. The JPL ring bus allows for interconnection of active units with autonomous operation and increased fault handling at high bandwidths. It minimizes the flight software interface with an intelligent physical layer design that has few states to manage as well as simplified testability. The design will soon be documented in the AS-1393 standard (Serial Hi-Rel Ring Network for Aerospace Applications). The framework is designed for "Class A" spacecraft operation and provides redundant data paths. It is based on "fault containment regions" and "redundant functional regions (RFR)" and has a method for allocating cables that completely supports the redundancy in spacecraft design, allowing for a complete RFR to fail. This design reduces the mass of the bus by incorporating both the Control Unit and the Data Unit in the same hardware. The standard uses ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) packets, standardized by ITU-T, ANSI, ETSI, and the ATM Forum. The IEEE-1393 standard uses the UNI form of the packet and provides no protection for the data portion of the cell. The JPL design adds optional formatting to this data portion. This design extends fault protection beyond that of the interconnect. This includes adding protection to the data portion that is contained within the Bus Interface Units (BIUs) and by adding to the signal interface between the Data Host and the JPL 1393 Ring Bus. Data transfer on the ring bus does not involve a master or initiator. Following bus protocol, any BIU may transmit data on the ring whenever it has data received from its host. There

  10. Swimming speed of larval snail does not correlate with size and ciliary beat frequency.

    Chan, Kit Yu Karen; Jiang, Houshuo; Padilla, Dianna K


    Many marine invertebrates have planktonic larvae with cilia used for both propulsion and capturing of food particles. Hence, changes in ciliary activity have implications for larval nutrition and ability to navigate the water column, which in turn affect survival and dispersal. Using high-speed high-resolution microvideography, we examined the relationship between swimming speed, velar arrangements, and ciliary beat frequency of freely swimming veliger larvae of the gastropod Crepidula fornicata over the course of larval development. Average swimming speed was greatest 6 days post hatching, suggesting a reduction in swimming speed towards settlement. At a given age, veliger larvae have highly variable speeds (0.8-4 body lengths s(-1)) that are independent of shell size. Contrary to the hypothesis that an increase in ciliary beat frequency increases work done, and therefore speed, there was no significant correlation between swimming speed and ciliary beat frequency. Instead, there are significant correlations between swimming speed and visible area of the velar lobe, and distance between centroids of velum and larval shell. These observations suggest an alternative hypothesis that, instead of modifying ciliary beat frequency, larval C. fornicata modify swimming through adjustment of velum extension or orientation. The ability to adjust velum position could influence particle capture efficiency and fluid disturbance and help promote survival in the plankton.

  11. Swimming speed of larval snail does not correlate with size and ciliary beat frequency.

    Kit Yu Karen Chan

    Full Text Available Many marine invertebrates have planktonic larvae with cilia used for both propulsion and capturing of food particles. Hence, changes in ciliary activity have implications for larval nutrition and ability to navigate the water column, which in turn affect survival and dispersal. Using high-speed high-resolution microvideography, we examined the relationship between swimming speed, velar arrangements, and ciliary beat frequency of freely swimming veliger larvae of the gastropod Crepidula fornicata over the course of larval development. Average swimming speed was greatest 6 days post hatching, suggesting a reduction in swimming speed towards settlement. At a given age, veliger larvae have highly variable speeds (0.8-4 body lengths s(-1 that are independent of shell size. Contrary to the hypothesis that an increase in ciliary beat frequency increases work done, and therefore speed, there was no significant correlation between swimming speed and ciliary beat frequency. Instead, there are significant correlations between swimming speed and visible area of the velar lobe, and distance between centroids of velum and larval shell. These observations suggest an alternative hypothesis that, instead of modifying ciliary beat frequency, larval C. fornicata modify swimming through adjustment of velum extension or orientation. The ability to adjust velum position could influence particle capture efficiency and fluid disturbance and help promote survival in the plankton.

  12. Predictors of Social Mobilization Speed

    Alstott, Jeff; Velu, Chander


    Mobilization across social networks is becoming increasingly influential, but little is known about what traits of individuals and their relationships affect their speed of mobilization between them. We ran a global social mobilization contest and recorded personal traits of the participants and those they mobilized. We examined how those traits influenced the speed of mobilization. Individuals mobilized faster when they heard about the contest directly from the contest organization, and decreased in speed when hearing from less personal source types (e.g. family vs. media). Mobilization was faster when the mobilizer and the mobilized heard about the contest through the same source type, and slower when both individuals were in different countries. Females mobilized other females faster than males mobilized other males. Mobilization was faster with young recruiters and old recruits, and slower with old recruiters and young recruits. These findings suggest ways to optimize the speed of social mobilization.

  13. Dynamic Dazzle Distorts Speed Perception.

    Joanna R Hall

    Full Text Available Static high contrast ('dazzle' patterns, such as zigzags, have been shown to reduce the perceived speed of an object. It has not escaped our notice that this effect has possible military applications and here we report a series of experiments on humans, designed to establish whether dynamic dazzle patterns can cause distortions of perceived speed sufficient to provide effective defence in the field, and the extent to which these effects are robust to a battery of manipulations. Dynamic stripe patterns moving in the same direction as the target are found to increase the perceived speed of that target, whilst dynamic stripes moving in the opposite direction to the target reduce the perceived speed. We establish the optimum position for such dazzle patches; confirm that reduced contrast and the addition of colour do not affect the performance of the dynamic dazzle, and finally, using the CO2 challenge, show that the effect is robust to stressful conditions.

  14. Statin Use and Decline in Gait Speed in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

    Lo-Ciganic, W. H.; Perera, S.; Gray, S. L.;


    speed of 0.1m/s or more increased from 22.2% in 1998 to 23.9% in 2003. Statin use was not associated with decline in gait speed of 0.1m/s or more (adjusted odds ratio (AOR)=0.90, 95% confidence interval (CI)=0.77-1.06). Similar nonsignificant trends were also seen with the use of hydrophilic...

  15. Honeybees' speed depends on dorsal as well as lateral, ventral and frontal optic flows.

    Geoffrey Portelli

    Full Text Available Flying insects use the optic flow to navigate safely in unfamiliar environments, especially by adjusting their speed and their clearance from surrounding objects. It has not yet been established, however, which specific parts of the optical flow field insects use to control their speed. With a view to answering this question, freely flying honeybees were trained to fly along a specially designed tunnel including two successive tapering parts: the first part was tapered in the vertical plane and the second one, in the horizontal plane. The honeybees were found to adjust their speed on the basis of the optic flow they perceived not only in the lateral and ventral parts of their visual field, but also in the dorsal part. More specifically, the honeybees' speed varied monotonically, depending on the minimum cross-section of the tunnel, regardless of whether the narrowing occurred in the horizontal or vertical plane. The honeybees' speed decreased or increased whenever the minimum cross-section decreased or increased. In other words, the larger sum of the two opposite optic flows in the horizontal and vertical planes was kept practically constant thanks to the speed control performed by the honeybees upon encountering a narrowing of the tunnel. The previously described ALIS ("AutopiLot using an Insect-based vision System" model nicely matches the present behavioral findings. The ALIS model is based on a feedback control scheme that explains how honeybees may keep their speed proportional to the minimum local cross-section of a tunnel, based solely on optic flow processing, without any need for speedometers or rangefinders. The present behavioral findings suggest how flying insects may succeed in adjusting their speed in their complex foraging environments, while at the same time adjusting their distance not only from lateral and ventral objects but also from those located in their dorsal visual field.


    Hong Yue; Liu Jin; Wang Yungeng


    Multi-frictional disks are employed to transmit the torque in speeding wet clutch, and the oil thickness within frictional disks could be adjusted for practical output speeding.As oil combined with α-hydrocarbon or polyester is getting widely used as lubricant and the speeding wet clutch works within hydrodynamic lubrication, mixture lubrication, boundary lubrication and contact situation, established the thermal analysis model for investigating the behavior of frictional disks in speeding wet clutch, which covers the power-law fluid model, Patir-Cheng average flow model, GT asperity contact model, oil film inertia and heat effects, mean energy equation, and heat conduction equation.The formulas in the model are deduced.The numeral calculation and analysis for hydrodynamic lubrication and mixture lubrication are executed.Relationships and variations among transmitting torque, mean push pressure, output speed, and load are presented.Thermal effect should be considered during the hydrodynamic lubrication and larger transmitting torque makes earlier entrance to mixture lubrication.

  17. Speed Control of Induction Motor Using PLC and SCADA System

    Ayman Seksak Elsaid,


    Full Text Available Automation or automatic control is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat-treating ovens, switching in telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention. Some processes have been completely automated. The motor speed is controlled via the driver as an open loop control. To make a more precise closed loop control of motor speed we will use a tachometer to measure the speed and feed it back to the PLC, which compares to the desired value and take a control action, then the signal is transferred to the motor – via driver – to increase / decrease the speed. We will measure the speed of the motor using an incremental rotary encoder by adjusting parameters (PLC, driver and also we need to reduce the overall cost of the system. Our control system will be held using the available Siemens PLC. In addition, we will monitor motor parameters via SCADA system.

  18. Self-Commissioning of AC Motor Drives

    Odhano, Shafiq Ahmed


    In modern motion control and power conversion applications, the use of inverter-fed electrical machines is fast growing with continuous development in the field of power electronics and drives. The Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) supply for electrical machines gives superior performance in terms of speed control, efficiency and dynamics compared to the machines operated directly from the mains. In one of the most basic configurations, a drive system consists of a closed loop speed ...

  19. Code Speed Measuring for VC++


    UNCLASSIFIED AD-E403 688 Technical Report ARWSE-TR-14025 CODE SPEED MEASURING FOR VC++ Tom Nealis...TYPE Final 3. DATES COVERED (From – To) 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE CODE SPEED MEASURING FOR VC++ 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c...ABSTRACT It’s often important to know how fast a snippet of code executes. This information allows the coder to make important decisions

  20. Do Speed Cameras Reduce Collisions?

    Skubic, Jeffrey; Johnson, Steven B.; Salvino, Chris; Vanhoy, Steven; Hu, Chengcheng


    We investigated the effects of speed cameras along a 26 mile segment in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. Motor vehicle collisions were retrospectively identified according to three time periods – before cameras were placed, while cameras were in place and after cameras were removed. A 14 mile segment in the same area without cameras was used for control purposes. Five cofounding variables were eliminated. In this study, the placement or removal of interstate highway speed cameras did not indepe...

  1. Do speed cameras reduce collisions?

    Skubic, Jeffrey; Johnson, Steven B; Salvino, Chris; Vanhoy, Steven; Hu, Chengcheng


    We investigated the effects of speed cameras along a 26 mile segment in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. Motor vehicle collisions were retrospectively identified according to three time periods - before cameras were placed, while cameras were in place and after cameras were removed. A 14 mile segment in the same area without cameras was used for control purposes. Five cofounding variables were eliminated. In this study, the placement or removal of interstate highway speed cameras did not independently affect the incidence of motor vehicle collisions.

  2. Speed management : enforcement and new technologies.

    Wegman, F.C.M. & Goldenbeld, C.


    Due to the massive character of speeding and inappropriate travel speeds, speed management continues to be an important and challenging policy area. Estimates are that in about a quarter to one third of fatal crashes excessive speeds are involved, making speed one of the crucial factors in road safe

  3. 36 CFR 4.21 - Speed limits.


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Speed limits. 4.21 Section 4... TRAFFIC SAFETY § 4.21 Speed limits. (a) Park area speed limits are as follows: (1) 15 miles per hour... superintendent may designate a different speed limit upon any park road when a speed limit set forth in...

  4. Speed Variance and Its Influence on Accidents.

    Garber, Nicholas J.; Gadirau, Ravi

    A study was conducted to investigate the traffic engineering factors that influence speed variance and to determine to what extent speed variance affects accident rates. Detailed analyses were carried out to relate speed variance with posted speed limit, design speeds, and other traffic variables. The major factor identified was the difference…

  5. Molecular biology of maize Ac/Ds elements: an overview.

    Lazarow, Katina; Doll, My-Linh; Kunze, Reinhard


    Maize Activator (Ac) is one of the prototype transposable elements of the hAT transposon superfamily, members of which were identified in plants, fungi, and animals. The autonomous Ac and nonautonomous Dissociation (Ds) elements are mobilized by the single transposase protein encoded by Ac. To date Ac/Ds transposons were shown to be functional in approximately 20 plant species and have become the most widely used transposable elements for gene tagging and functional genomics approaches in plants. In this chapter we review the biology, regulation, and transposition mechanism of Ac/Ds elements in maize and heterologous plants. We discuss the parameters that are known to influence the functionality and transposition efficiency of Ac/Ds transposons and need to be considered when designing Ac transposase expression constructs and Ds elements for application in heterologous plant species.

  6. Ergonomic evaluation of the Apple Adjustable Keyboard

    Tittiranonda, P.; Burastero, S.; Shih, M. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA (United States); Rempel, D. [University of California Berkeley/San Francisco (United States). Ergonomics Laboratory


    This study presents an evaluation of the Apple Adjustable Keyboard based on subjective preference and observed joint angles during typing. Thirty five keyboard users were asked to use the Apple adjustable keyboard for 7--14 days and rate the various characteristics of the keyboard. Our findings suggest that the most preferred opening angles range from 11--20{degree}. The mean ulnar deviation on the Apple Adjustable keyboard is 11{degree}, compared to 16{degree} on the standard keyboard. The mean extension was decreased from 24{degree} to 16{degree} when using the adjustable keyboard. When asked to subjectively rate the adjustable keyboard in comparison to the standard, the average subject felt that the Apple Adjustable Keyboard was more comfortable and easier to use than the standard flat keyboard.

  7. Bias Adjusted Precipitation Threat Scores

    F. Mesinger


    Full Text Available Among the wide variety of performance measures available for the assessment of skill of deterministic precipitation forecasts, the equitable threat score (ETS might well be the one used most frequently. It is typically used in conjunction with the bias score. However, apart from its mathematical definition the meaning of the ETS is not clear. It has been pointed out (Mason, 1989; Hamill, 1999 that forecasts with a larger bias tend to have a higher ETS. Even so, the present author has not seen this having been accounted for in any of numerous papers that in recent years have used the ETS along with bias "as a measure of forecast accuracy".

    A method to adjust the threat score (TS or the ETS so as to arrive at their values that correspond to unit bias in order to show the model's or forecaster's accuracy in extit{placing} precipitation has been proposed earlier by the present author (Mesinger and Brill, the so-called dH/dF method. A serious deficiency however has since been noted with the dH/dF method in that the hypothetical function that it arrives at to interpolate or extrapolate the observed value of hits to unit bias can have values of hits greater than forecast when the forecast area tends to zero. Another method is proposed here based on the assumption that the increase in hits per unit increase in false alarms is proportional to the yet unhit area. This new method removes the deficiency of the dH/dF method. Examples of its performance for 12 months of forecasts by three NCEP operational models are given.

  8. Efficient Adjustable Reflectivity Smart Window

    D. Morgan Tench


    This project addressed the key technical issues for development of an efficient smart window based on reversible electrochemical transfer of silver between a mirror electrode and a localized counter electrode. Effort to provide uniform switching over large areas focused on use of a resistive transparent electrode innerlayer to increase the interelectrode resistance. An effective edge seal was developed in collaboration with adhesive suppliers and an electrochromic device manufacturer. Work to provide a manufacturable counter electrode focused on fabricating a dot matrix electrode without photolithography by electrodeposition of Pt nuclei on inherent active sites on a transparent oxide conductor. An alternative counter electrode based on a conducting polymer and an ionic liquid electrolyte was also investigated. Work in all of these areas was successful. Sputtered large-bandgap oxide innerlayers sandwiched between conductive indium tin oxide (ITO) layers were shown to provide sufficient cross-layer resistance (>300 ohm/cm{sup 2}) without significantly affecting the electrochemical properties of the ITO overlayer. Two edge seal epoxies, one procured from an epoxy manufacturer and one provided by an electrochromic device manufacturer in finished seals, were shown to be effective barriers against oxygen intrusion up to 80 C. The optimum density of nuclei for the dot matrix counter electrode was attained without use of photolithography by electrodeposition from a commercial alkaline platinum plating bath. Silver loss issues for cells with dot matrix electrodes were successfully addressed by purifying the electrolyte and adjusting the cell cycling parameters. More than 30K cycles were demonstrated for a REM cell (30-cm square) with a dot matrix counter electrode. Larger cells (30-cm square) were successfully fabricated but could not be cycled since the nucleation layers (provided by an outside supplier) were defective so that mirror deposits could not be produced.

  9. Size-Adjustable Microdroplets Generation Based on Microinjection

    Shibao Li


    Full Text Available Microinjection is a promising tool for microdroplet generation, while the microinjection for microdroplets generation still remains a challenging issue due to the Laplace pressure at the micropipette opening. Here, we apply a simple and robust substrate-contacting microinjection method to microdroplet generation, presenting a size-adjustable microdroplets generation method based on a critical injection (CI model. Firstly, the micropipette is adjusted to a preset injection pressure. Secondly, the micropipette is moved down to contact the substrate, then, the Laplace pressure in the droplet is no longer relevant and the liquid flows out in time. The liquid constantly flows out until the micropipette is lifted, ending the substrate-contacting situation, which results in the recovery of the Laplace pressure at the micropipette opening, and the liquid injection is terminated. We carry out five groups of experiments whereupon 1600 images are captured within each group and the microdroplet radius of each image is detected. Then we determine the relationship among microdroplet radius, radius at the micropipette opening, time, and pressure, and, two more experiments are conducted to verify the relationship. To verify the effectiveness of the substrate-contacting method and the relationship, we conducted two experiments with six desired microdroplet radii are set in each experiment, by adjusting the injection time with a given pressure, and adjusting the injection pressure with a given time. Then, six arrays of microdroplets are obtained in each experiment. The results of the experiments show that the standard errors of the microdroplet radii are less than 2% and the experimental errors fall in the range of ±5%. The average operating speed is 20 microdroplets/min and the minimum radius of the microdroplets is 25 μm. This method has a simple experimental setup that enables easy manipulation and lower cost.

  10. The organization of anticipatory postural adjustments

    Aruin Alexander S.


    Central control of posture is expressed through anticipatory and compensatory postural adjustments. Anticipatory postural adjustments (APAs) precede planned postural perturbations and minimize them with anticipatory corrections, while compensatory postural adjustments deal with actual perturbations of balance that occur as a result of suboptimal efficiency of anticipatory corrections. The process of generation of APAs is affected by three major factors: expected magnitude and direction of the...

  11. Development of Adjustable Grazing Incidence Optics

    Reid, Paul B.; Davis, W.; Schwartz, D. A.; Trolier-McKinstry, S.; Wilke, R. H. T.


    We report on the development of adjustable grazing incidence optics. We are developing bimorph mirrors for high resolution (sub-arc second) imaging. Bimorph mirrors consist of a thin layer of piezo-electric material deposited on the back surface of a thin (material localizes the strain to the particular piezo "pixel.” Mirror figure errors are corrected (on-orbit) via induced localized deformations. We have successfully deposited a 1-micrometer thick layer of the piezo-electric material lead-zirconate-titanate (PZT) on thin glass mirrors. We report on the electrical and mechanical properties of the bimorph mirrors, and mirror requirements. We discuss finite element modeling of bimorph mirrors. In particular, we focus on how a difference in mirror mounting affects the influence functions ( the induced deformations). We are also developing the use of electrostrictive adjusters for moderate resolution (a few arc second) imaging. Electroplated nickel/cobalt full shells are mounted together using the adjusters. The adjusters are arrayed axially and tangentially between shells, with their adjustable dimension in the radial direction. Each shell is adjusted and fixed in place during mirror assembly, starting with the innermost shell. We review finite element modeling of the adjustable optics and the application of the adjustment system to correct manufacturing errors. We discuss initial tests using electrostrictive adjusters to change the shape of flat mirror segments. This work is supported by NASA Contract NNX09AE87G and a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

  12. Two cases of aerodynamic adjustment of sastrugi

    C. Amory


    Full Text Available In polar regions, sastrugi are a direct manifestation of wind driven snow and form the main surface roughness elements. In turn, sastrugi influence the local wind field and associated aeolian snow mass fluxes. Little attention has been paid to these feedback processes, mainly because of experimental difficulties, and, as a result most polar atmospheric models currently ignore sastrugi. More accurate quantification of the influence of sastrugi remains a major challenge. In the present study, wind profiles and aeolian snow mass fluxes were analyzed jointly on a sastrugi covered snowfield in Antarctica. Neutral stability 10 m air-snow drag coefficients CDN10 were computed from six level wind speed profiles collected in Adélie Land during austral winter 2013. The aeolian snow mass flux in the first meter above the surface of the snow was also measured using a windborne snow acoustic sensor. This paper focuses on two cases during which sastrugi responses to shifts in wind direction were evidenced by variations in snow mass flux and drag coefficients. Using this dataset, it was shown that (i the timescale of sastrugi aerodynamic adjustment can be as short as 3 h for friction velocities of 1 m s−1 or above and during strong windborne snow conditions, (ii CDN10 values were in the range of 1.3–1.5 × 103 when the wind was well aligned with the sastrugi and increased to 3 × 103 or higher when the wind only shifted 20–30°, (iii CDN10 can increase (to 120 % and the aeolian snow mass flux can decrease (to 80 % in response to a shift in wind direction, and (iv knowing CDN10 is not sufficient to estimate the erosion flux that results from drag partitioning at the surface because CDN10 includes the contribution of the sastrugi form drag. These results not only support the existence of feedback mechanisms linking sastrugi, aeolian particle transport and surface drag properties over snow surface but also provide orders of magnitude, although further

  13. AC/DC Power Flow Computation Based on Improved Levenberg-Marquardt Method

    Cao, Jia; Yan, Zheng; Fan, Xiang; Xu, Xiaoyuan; Li, Jianhua; Cao, Lu


    Under the case of ill-conditioning system, this paper is concerned with the AC/DC power flow calculation. The improved Levenberg-Marquardt (ILM) method with adaptive damping factor selection is applied to solve the AC/DC power flow problem. The main purpose of this paper is as follows: one is to provide comparison reference between Newton method, classical LM method (CLM) and ILM method under the well-conditioning system; the other is to research what is the maximal load withstood by power system, under the case of ill-conditioning. Finally, those methods are tested on the 22-bus, the IEEE 118-bus AC/DC system, respectively. Numerical results indicate that the ILM method has the advantage of fast convergent speed. When expanding loads in a certain extent, ILM method can at least find least square solutions, whereas Newton method and CLM method would divergent, and the convergent property of Newton method can be improved by taking some measurements using the information of a least square solution obtained by ILM method.


    田铭兴; 李群峰


    Objective For a brushless AC generator with a rotary rectifier, it is necessary and significant to model and simulate at normal and fault operation states. Methods Two new concepts, namely, Simulink signals and PSB(Power System Blockset) variables, are proposed, and the difference between the two concepts is clarified. Based on the new model for synchronous machines[1], a simulation model for a brushless AC generator with a rotary rectifier is constructed by Matlab/Simulink/PSB. This new model, which has a speed input terminal and an exciting voltage input one, can simulate the real electrical characters and direct mechanical connection between two synchronous machines perfectly. The rotary rectifier is a three-phase full-wave bridge rectifier which consists of six diodes. The model for the diodes is a macro-model which possesses much better accuracy than an ideal one of switches. Results Based on the present model, some simulation results such as exciting current waveform, phase current waveform and phase voltbge waveform are afftained at several operation conditions. Conclusion The simulation for a brushless AC generator with a rotary rectifier is demonstrated at normal and fault operation states, respectively. The results confirm the presented method.

  15. 隔离式SEPIC三电平AC-AC变换器的研究%Research of Isolated SEPIC Three-level AC - AC Converter

    周振军; 李磊


    电力电子装置已在电力系统中得到了越来越广泛的应用,代表之一就是交流调压稳压装置.但是目前的交流调压稳压器多数采用AC-DC-AC的变换方式,这种调压稳压器不仅体积大、噪音大,而且开关管的电压应力大、输出电压波形质量低.提出了一种新型的隔离式交-交变换器,它是在sepic变换器(单端初级电感转换器)的基础上引入了推挽式变压器实现电气隔离.分析了工作原理,给出了控制策略,并通过仿真论证了变换器开关管电压应力小、输出电压波形质量高等特点.%Power electronics have been more widely used in power systems. One representative of power electronics is AC voltage regulator. But the AC - DC - AC conversion type is widely used for voltage regulator now. These AC voltage regulator not only have big bulk and high noise,but also with high power switch voltage stress and low quality of output waveform. To solve these problems)an isolated three-level AC - AC direct converter was proposed. It joined the push-pull transformer to achieve electrical isolation based on sepic AC -AC converter. Its operation principle and control strategies of the converter were investigated. By modeling and simulation,the performances of the AC - AC converter were verified, such as low switch voltage stress, high quality of output waveform and so on.

  16. Effect of speed matching on fundamental diagram of pedestrian flow

    Fu, Zhijian; Luo, Lin; Yang, Yue; Zhuang, Yifan; Zhang, Peitong; Yang, Lizhong; Yang, Hongtai; Ma, Jian; Zhu, Kongjin; Li, Yanlai


    Properties of pedestrian may change along their moving path, for example, as a result of fatigue or injury, which has never been properly investigated in the past research. The paper attempts to study the speed matching effect (a pedestrian adjusts his velocity constantly to the average velocity of his neighbors) and its influence on the density-velocity relationship (a pedestrian adjust his velocity to the surrounding density), known as the fundamental diagram of the pedestrian flow. By the means of the cellular automaton, the simulation results fit well with the empirical data, indicating the great advance of the discrete model for pedestrian dynamics. The results suggest that the system velocity and flow rate increase obviously under a big noise, i.e., a diverse composition of pedestrian crowd, especially in the region of middle or high density. Because of the temporary effect, the speed matching has little influence on the fundamental diagram. Along the entire density, the relationship between the step length and the average pedestrian velocity is a piecewise function combined two linear functions. The number of conflicts reaches the maximum with the pedestrian density of 2.5 m-2, while decreases by 5.1% with the speed matching.

  17. Precision Adjustable Liquid Regulator (ALR)

    Meinhold, R.; Parker, M.


    A passive mechanical regulator has been developed for the control of fuel or oxidizer flow to a 450N class bipropellant engine for use on commercial and interplanetary spacecraft. There are several potential benefits to the propulsion system, depending on mission requirements and spacecraft design. This system design enables more precise control of main engine mixture ratio and inlet pressure, and simplifies the pressurization system by transferring the function of main engine flow rate control from the pressurization/propellant tank assemblies, to a single component, the ALR. This design can also reduce the thermal control requirements on the propellant tanks, avoid costly Qualification testing of biprop engines for missions with more stringent requirements, and reduce the overall propulsion system mass and power usage. In order to realize these benefits, the ALR must meet stringent design requirements. The main advantage of this regulator over other units available in the market is that it can regulate about its nominal set point to within +/-0.85%, and change its regulation set point in flight +/-4% about that nominal point. The set point change is handled actively via a stepper motor driven actuator, which converts rotary into linear motion to affect the spring preload acting on the regulator. Once adjusted to a particular set point, the actuator remains in its final position unpowered, and the regulator passively maintains outlet pressure. The very precise outlet regulation pressure is possible due to new technology developed by Moog, Inc. which reduces typical regulator mechanical hysteresis to near zero. The ALR requirements specified an outlet pressure set point range from 225 to 255 psi, and equivalent water flow rates required were in the 0.17 lb/sec range. The regulation output pressure is maintained at +/-2 psi about the set point from a P (delta or differential pressure) of 20 to over 100 psid. Maximum upstream system pressure was specified at 320 psi

  18. Performance evaluation of high speed compressors for high speed multipliers

    Nirlakalla Ravi


    Full Text Available This paper describes high speed compressors for high speed parallel multipliers like Booth Multiplier, Wallace Tree Multiplier in Digital Signal Processing (DSP. This paper presents 4-3, 5-3, 6-3 and 7-3 compressors for high speed multiplication. These compressors reduce vertical critical path more rapidly than conventional compressors. A 5-3 conventional compressor can take four steps to reduce bits from 5 to 3, but the proposed 5-3 takes only 2 steps. These compressors are simulated with H-Spice at a temperature of 25°C at a supply voltage 2.0V using 90nm MOSIS technology. The Power, Delay, Power Delay Product (PDP and Energy Delay Product (EDP of the compressors are calculated to analyze the total propagation delay and energy consumption. All the compressors are designed with half adder and full Adders only.

  19. Low speed phaselock speed control system. [for brushless dc motor

    Fulcher, R. W.; Sudey, J. (Inventor)


    A motor speed control system for an electronically commutated brushless dc motor is provided which includes a phaselock loop with bidirectional torque control for locking the frequency output of a high density encoder, responsive to actual speed conditions, to a reference frequency signal, corresponding to the desired speed. The system includes a phase comparator, which produces an output in accordance with the difference in phase between the reference and encoder frequency signals, and an integrator-digital-to-analog converter unit, which converts the comparator output into an analog error signal voltage. Compensation circuitry, including a biasing means, is provided to convert the analog error signal voltage to a bidirectional error signal voltage which is utilized by an absolute value amplifier, rotational decoder, power amplifier-commutators, and an arrangement of commutation circuitry.

  20. Dazzle camouflage affects speed perception.

    Nicholas E Scott-Samuel

    Full Text Available Movement is the enemy of camouflage: most attempts at concealment are disrupted by motion of the target. Faced with this problem, navies in both World Wars in the twentieth century painted their warships with high contrast geometric patterns: so-called "dazzle camouflage". Rather than attempting to hide individual units, it was claimed that this patterning would disrupt the perception of their range, heading, size, shape and speed, and hence reduce losses from, in particular, torpedo attacks by submarines. Similar arguments had been advanced earlier for biological camouflage. Whilst there are good reasons to believe that most of these perceptual distortions may have occurred, there is no evidence for the last claim: changing perceived speed. Here we show that dazzle patterns can distort speed perception, and that this effect is greatest at high speeds. The effect should obtain in predators launching ballistic attacks against rapidly moving prey, or modern, low-tech battlefields where handheld weapons are fired from short ranges against moving vehicles. In the latter case, we demonstrate that in a typical situation involving an RPG7 attack on a Land Rover the reduction in perceived speed is sufficient to make the grenade miss where it was aimed by about a metre, which could be the difference between survival or not for the occupants of the vehicle.

  1. Generalized Geometric Quantum Speed Limits

    Pires, Diego Paiva; Cianciaruso, Marco; Céleri, Lucas C.; Adesso, Gerardo; Soares-Pinto, Diogo O.


    The attempt to gain a theoretical understanding of the concept of time in quantum mechanics has triggered significant progress towards the search for faster and more efficient quantum technologies. One of such advances consists in the interpretation of the time-energy uncertainty relations as lower bounds for the minimal evolution time between two distinguishable states of a quantum system, also known as quantum speed limits. We investigate how the nonuniqueness of a bona fide measure of distinguishability defined on the quantum-state space affects the quantum speed limits and can be exploited in order to derive improved bounds. Specifically, we establish an infinite family of quantum speed limits valid for unitary and nonunitary evolutions, based on an elegant information geometric formalism. Our work unifies and generalizes existing results on quantum speed limits and provides instances of novel bounds that are tighter than any established one based on the conventional quantum Fisher information. We illustrate our findings with relevant examples, demonstrating the importance of choosing different information metrics for open system dynamics, as well as clarifying the roles of classical populations versus quantum coherences, in the determination and saturation of the speed limits. Our results can find applications in the optimization and control of quantum technologies such as quantum computation and metrology, and might provide new insights in fundamental investigations of quantum thermodynamics.

  2. Efficiency of particle swarm optimization applied on fuzzy logic DC motor speed control

    Allaoua Boumediene


    Full Text Available This paper presents the application of Fuzzy Logic for DC motor speed control using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO. Firstly, the controller designed according to Fuzzy Logic rules is such that the systems are fundamentally robust. Secondly, the Fuzzy Logic controller (FLC used earlier was optimized with PSO so as to obtain optimal adjustment of the membership functions only. Finally, the FLC is completely optimized by Swarm Intelligence Algorithms. Digital simulation results demonstrate that in comparison with the FLC the designed FLC-PSO speed controller obtains better dynamic behavior and superior performance of the DC motor, as well as perfect speed tracking with no overshoot.

  3. Operation analysis of AC traction motors in terms of electromagnetic torque capability on sustainable railway vehicles

    Bulucea Cornelia A.


    Full Text Available Sustainable operation of electric railway systems represents a significant purpose nowadays in the development of high power and high speed locomotives and trains. At present, high speed electric vehicles mostly work with three-phase induction motors or three-phase synchronous motors as traction motors. The two electric machine types have different efficiencies at different operation points, and experience differences with respect to safety, speed and power, energy use and exergy efficiency. An important issue that correlates these aspects is the electromagnetic torque developed by an electric traction motor. In order to provide an overview of the technical performance of the operation of sustainable railway systems, a detailed analysis is carried out of the electromagnetic torque capability of AC electric motors utilized as traction motors in modern locomotives of high power and/or high speed. The results of this work may help in enhancing the main criteria for optimising the safe and sustainable operation of electric railway traction systems.


    S. YU. Buryak


    Full Text Available Purpose. In order to ensure reliability, security, and the most important the continuity of the transportation process, it is necessary to develop, implement, and then improve the automated methods of diagnostic mechanisms, devices and rail transport systems. Only systems that operate in real time mode and transmit data on the instantaneous state of the control objects can timely detect any faults and thus provide additional time for their correction by railway employees. Turnouts are one of the most important and responsible components, and therefore require the development and implementation of such diagnostics system.Methodology. Achieving the goal of monitoring and control of railway automation objects in real time is possible only with the use of an automated process of the objects state diagnosing. For this we need to know the diagnostic features of a control object, which determine its state at any given time. The most rational way of remote diagnostics is the shape and current spectrum analysis that flows in the power circuits of railway automatics. Turnouts include electric motors, which are powered by electric circuits, and the shape of the current curve depends on both the condition of the electric motor, and the conditions of the turnout maintenance. Findings. For the research and analysis of AC electric point motor it was developed its mathematical model. The calculation of parameters and interdependencies between the main factors affecting the operation of the asynchronous machine was conducted. The results of the model operation in the form of time dependences of the waveform curves of current on the load on engine shaft were obtained. Originality. During simulation the model of AC electric point motor, which satisfies the conditions of adequacy was built. Practical value. On the basis of the constructed model we can study the AC motor in various mode of operation, record and analyze current curve, as a response to various changes

  5. 76 FR 42140 - Rate Adjustment Remand


    ... the plain meaning of the words ``due to'' in section 3622(d)(1)(E) requires a causal relationship... causal relationship between the amount of a requested adjustment and the exigent circumstances' impact on...'' phrase does not adequately express how close the relationship between the proposed adjustment and...

  6. 38 CFR 18.444 - Academic adjustments.


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Academic adjustments. 18.444 Section 18.444 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS (CONTINUED....444 Academic adjustments. (a) Academic requirements. A recipient shall make necessary modifications...

  7. Cultural Distance Asymmetry in Expatriate Adjustment

    Selmer, Jan; Chiu, Randy K.; Shenkar, Oded


    Purpose - The current literature implicitly assumes a symmetric impact of cultural distance (CD) on expatriate adjustment. By using distance as a predictor of adjustment, the literature has rendered the direction of the flow irrelevant: a US expatriate in Germany is presumed to face the same hurd...

  8. Adjusting to Retirement: Considerations for Counselors.

    LaBauve, Bill J.; Robinson, Chester R.


    Examines retirement, while focusing on issues older adults face in adjusting to retirement, and suggests implications for counseling people who are making this transition. Discusses adjustment to retirement in terms of role, disengagement, activity, continuity, crisis, and compromise/negotiation theories. (Author/MKA)

  9. Ergonomically Adjustable School Furniture for Male Students

    Al-Saleh, Khalid S.; Ramadan, Mohamed Z.; Al-Ashaikh, Riyad A.


    The need for adjustability in school furniture, in order to accommodate the variation in anthropometric measures of different genders, cultures and ages is becoming increasingly important. Four chair-table combinations, different in dimensions, with adjustable chair seating heights and table heights were designed, manufactured and distributed to…

  10. 24 CFR 886.112 - Rent adjustments.


    ... Adjustment Factor most recently published by HUD in the Federal Register in accordance with 24 CFR part 888... unassisted housing in the area to ensure that adjustments in the Contract Rents shall not result in material differences between the rents charged for assisted and comparable unassisted units. Contract Rents may...

  11. 7 CFR 1744.64 - Budget adjustment.


    ... another source, requests a deficiency loan, or scales back the project. (b) RUS may make a budget... AGRICULTURE POST-LOAN POLICIES AND PROCEDURES COMMON TO GUARANTEED AND INSURED TELEPHONE LOANS Advance and... description of how the adjustment will affect loan purposes. RUS will not approve a budget adjustment...

  12. Macroeconomic shocks and firms' labor adjustment

    Eriksson, Tor


    , but a brief discussion of cross-country differences and similarities in firmlevel labor adjustment is also provided. For Denmark, remarkable long-term stability in firms’ labor adjustment technologies is observed and the cross-country comparisons reveal striking similarities between countries with very...... diverse labor market institutions....

  13. Adjustment of the Internal Tax Scale


    In application of Article R V 2.03 of the Staff Regulations, the internal tax scale has been adjusted with effect on 1 January 2012. The new scale may be consulted via the CERN Admin e-guide.  The notification of internal annual tax certificate for the financial year 2012 takes into account this adjustment. HR Department (Tel. 73907)

  14. Research on Adjust Time of Premium


    By considering economic strength and economic profit of insurance company, this paper presents a concept-contact point, and gives premium expectation adjust time model which provides more practical significance for insurance company to make rational adjustment of premium. Finally, an illustration is given to show their application.

  15. Divorcing Parents: Guidelines for Promoting Children's Adjustment.

    Freeman, Kurt A.; Adams, Christina D; Drabman, Ronald S.


    There are measures that parents can take to help their children through the often distressing process of parental divorce. Describes the empirical literature regarding issues and factors relevant to children's adjustment to divorce. Provides practical guidelines and suggestions likely to help parents enhance their children's adjustment.…

  16. Religiousity, Spirituality and Adolescents' Self-Adjustment

    Japar, Muhammad; Purwati


    Religiuosity, spirituality, and adolescents' self-adjustment. The objective of this study is to test the correlation among religiosity, spirituality and adolescents' self-adjustment. A quantitative approach was employed in this study. Data were collected from 476 junior high schools students of 13 State Junior High Schools and one Junior High…

  17. A novel adjustable multiple cross-hexagonal search algorithm for fast block motion estimation


    In this paper, we propose a novel adjustable multiple cross-hexagonal search (AMCHS) algorithm for fast block motion estimation. It employs adjustable multiple cross search patterns (AMCSP) in the first step and then uses half-way-skip and half-way-stop technique to determine whether to employ two hexagonal search patterns (HSPs) subsequently. The AMCSP can be used to find small motion vectors efficiently while the HSPs can be used to find large ones accurately to ensure prediction quality.Simulation results showed that our proposed AMCHS achieves faster search speed, and provides better distortion performance than other popular fast search algorithms, such as CDS and CDHS.

  18. DC injection into low voltage AC networks



    This report summarises the results of a study investigating the impact of levels of injected DC current injections on a low voltage AC distribution network systems in order to recommend acceptable limits of DC from microgeneration. Relevant literature is reviewed, and the impact of DC levels in distribution transformers, transformer modelling, and instrumental transformers are discussed. The impact of DC in residual current devices (RCD) and in domestic electricity watt hour meters is examined along with DC enhanced corrosion, corrosion failure, and the measurement of DC current injection. Sources of DC injection outlined include DC from computer power supplies, network faults, geomagnetic phenomena, lighting circuits/dimmers, and embedded generators.

  19. Flexible AC transmission systems modelling and control

    Zhang, Xiao-Ping; Pal, Bikash


    The extended and revised second edition of this successful monograph presents advanced modeling, analysis and control techniques of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS). The book covers comprehensively a range of power-system control problems: from steady-state voltage and power flow control, to voltage and reactive power control, to voltage stability control, to small signal stability control using FACTS controllers. In the six years since the first edition of the book has been published research on the FACTS has continued to flourish while renewable energy has developed into a mature and

  20. Adjustment time of the first baroclinic Rossby wave in the global oceans

    FAN Haimei; LI Bingrui; XU Ren; ZHANG Zhenglong; LI Yihong


    According to the freely linear Rossby wave theory, global 1°×1° climatology of Rossby deformation radius and phase speed are studied under the flat bottom fluid approximation. Geographical variations in the contours of the phase speed are very similar to those of the Rossby radius of formation, which are mainly affected by stratification, rotation, water depth, topography, etc. The basin-crossing time of the first baroclinic Rossby wave is obtained and analyzed in the global ocean basins. The results are useful to learn the importance of Rossby wave and the adiabatic adjustment of large-scale ocean circulation.

  1. Parametric Adjustments to the Rankine Vortex Wind Model for Gulf of Mexico Hurricanes


    28.6 93 320 18 195 931 Category 3 DOLLY - 2008 Month Day Hour Lat. Log. Dir. Translational speed (km=h) Max wind speed (km=h) Pressure (mb) Type 7 21 18...are chosen for a detailed examination. These are Ivan (2004), Katrina (2005), Rita (2005), Dolly (2008), and Ike (2008). At the location of one or...for hurricane Katrina (0600 UTC, 8/27/2005), with an adjustment by a factor of Fig. 4 Wind fields (m=s) for hurricanes Dolly and Ike: (a) asymmetric RV

  2. Very-low speed control of PMSM based on EKF estimation with closed loop optimized parameters.

    Xu, Dong; Zhang, Shaoguang; Liu, Jingmeng


    When calculating the speed from the position of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), the accuracy and real-time are limited by the precision of the sensor. This problem causes crawling and jitter at very-low speed. Using the angle from the position sensor, an extended Kalman filter (EKF) designed in dq-coordinate is presented to solve this problem. The usage of position sensor simplifies the model and improves the accuracy of speed estimation. Specially, a closed loop optimal (CLO) method is devised to overcome the difficulty to adjust the parameters of the EKF. The EKF is the feedback link of speed control, CLO method is derived from the perspective of the speed step response to optimize the measurement covariance matrix and the system covariance matrix of EKF. Simulation and experimental results, comparing the low-speed performance of the EKF and sensor feedback methods, prove the effectiveness of the method to adjust the parameters of EKF and the advantages in eliminating the low speed jitter.

  3. Does an active adjustment of aerodynamic drag make sense?

    Maciejewski, Marek


    The article concerns evaluation of the possible impact of the gap between the tractor and semitrailer on the aerodynamic drag coefficient. The aim here is not to adjust this distance depending on the geometrical shape of the tractor and trailer, but depending solely on the speed of articulated vehicle. All the tests have form of numerical simulations. The method of simulation is briefly explained in the article. It considers various issues such as the range and objects of tests as well as the test conditions. The initial (pre-adaptive) and final (after adaptation process) computational meshes have been presented as illustrations. Some of the results have been presented in the form of run chart showing the change of value of aerodynamic drag coefficients in time, for different geometric configurations defined by a clearance gap between the tractor and semitrailer. The basis for a detailed analysis and conclusions were the averaged (in time) aerodynamic drag coefficients as a function of the clearance gap.

  4. The Enhanced Speed Bag System


    system for helicopter resupply is a crucial development in aerial sustainment .  By Capt. Jude G.B. Coe Three enhanced speed bag systems are rigged on...NI NG & ED UC AT IO N 47 Army Sustainment July–August 2015 multipurpose cargo bag with pad- ding, one speed line assembly with a cable grip that...understand- ing of how to set up and rig the ESBS inside a Black Hawk. Validation Exercise After two joint in-progress reviews , Task Force Talon and the Iron

  5. Instant PageSpeed optimization

    Jaiswal, Sanjeev


    Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. Instant PageSpeed Optimization is a hands-on guide that provides a number of clear, step-by-step exercises for optimizing your websites for better performance and improving their efficiency.Instant PageSpeed Optimization is aimed at website developers and administrators who wish to make their websites load faster without any errors and consume less bandwidth. It's assumed that you will have some experience in basic web technologies like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and the basics of netw

  6. High-speed pulse techniques

    Coekin, J A


    High-Speed Pulse Techniques covers the many aspects of technique in digital electronics and encompass some of the more fundamental factors that apply to all digital systems. The book describes the nature of pulse signals and their deliberate or inadvertent processing in networks, transmission lines and transformers, and then examines the characteristics and transient performance of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. Some of the problems associated with the assembly of these into viable systems operating at ultra high speed are also looked at. The book examines the transients and w

  7. High-speed photonics interconnects

    Chrostowski, Lukas


    Dramatic increases in processing power have rapidly scaled on-chip aggregate bandwidths into the Tb/s range. This necessitates a corresponding increase in the amount of data communicated between chips, so as not to limit overall system performance. To meet the increasing demand for interchip communication bandwidth, researchers are investigating the use of high-speed optical interconnect architectures. Unlike their electrical counterparts, optical interconnects offer high bandwidth and negligible frequency-dependent loss, making possible per-channel data rates of more than 10 Gb/s. High-Speed

  8. Speeding chemical reactions by focusing

    Lacasta, A M; Sancho, J M; Lindenberg, K


    We present numerical results for a chemical reaction of colloidal particles which are transported by a laminar fluid and are focused by periodic obstacles in such a way that the two components are well mixed and consequently the chemical reaction is speeded up. The roles of the various system parameters (diffusion coefficients, reaction rate, obstacles sizes) are studied. We show that focusing speeds up the reaction from the diffusion limited rate (t to the power -1/2) to very close to the perfect mixing rate, (t to the power -1).

  9. Rotor speed estimation for indirect stator flux oriented induction motor drive based on MRAS scheme

    Youssef Agrebi


    Full Text Available In this paper, a conventional indirect stator flux oriented controlled (ISFOC induction motor drive is presented. In order to eliminate the speed sensor, an adaptation algorithm for tuning the rotor speed is proposed. Based on the model reference adaptive system (MRAS scheme, the rotor speed is tuned to obtain an exact ISFOC induction motor drive. The reference and adjustable models, developed in stationary stator reference frame, are used in the MRAS scheme to estimate induction rotor peed from measured terminal voltages and currents. The IP gains speed controller and PI gains current controller are calculated and tuned at each sampling time according to the new estimated rotor speed. The proposed algorithm has been tested by numerical simulation, showing the capability of driving active load; and stability is preserved. Experimental results obtained with a general-purpose 1-kW induction machine are presented showing the effectiveness of the proposed approach in terms of dynamic performance.




    Full Text Available Recently, a new generation of ac-ac single-phase and three-phase power converters with more commutations per half cycle has been proposed for ac power due to the increasing availability and power capability of high frequency controlled-on and off power emiconductor switching devices. This paper presents three phase ac-acconverter whose control strategy is based on modified sinusoidal ulse-width modulation switching technique. As majority of the industrial loads are being inductive, the power factor is less. To improve the power factor, the delayed current is shifted to the input voltage, through a modification of the classical sinusoidal pulse width modulation switching technique. In this way, the decrease in the phase angle between the input current and voltage is feasible, and consequently, high cost compensation capacitors can be avoided. The improvement of power factor through this switching technique on the proposed converter is investigated and verified via simulation using the software Matlab/Simulink.

  11. Every Speed Breaker Is A Source Of Power

    N. N. Ghuge,


    Full Text Available Electricity in India, is a big problem which is faced by people who reside in the country. Electricity is the form of energy, Electricity is a basic part of nature and it is one of our most widely used forms of energy. We get electricity, which is a secondary energy source, from the conversion of other sources of energy, like coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear power and other natural sources, which are called primary sources. Before electricity generation began slightly over 100 years ago, we use kerosene lamps, and rooms were warmed by wood-burning or coal burning stoves. Direct current (DC electricity had been used in arc lights for outdoor lighting. In the late-1800s, Nikola Tesla pioneered the generation, transmission, and use of alternating current (AC electricity, which can be transmitted over much greater distances than direct current. Generating electricity by speed breakers is innovative and useful concept. R

  12. Analysis of Variable Speed PFC Chopper Fed BLDC Motor Drive

    A Jeya Selvan Renius


    Full Text Available This paper provides the detailed analysis of the DC-DC chopper fed Brushless DC motor drive used for low-power applications. The various methods used to improve the power quality at the ac mains with lesser number of components are discussed. The most effective method of power quality improvement is also simulated using MATLAB Simulink. Improved method of speed control by controlling the dc link voltage of Voltage Source Inverter is also discussed with reduced switching losses. The continuous and discontinuous modes of operation of the converters are also discussed based on the improvement in power quality. The performance of the most effective solution is simulated in MATLAB Simulink environment and the obtained results are presented.

  13. Djungle power. A more remote AC bus

    Boehnke, Heinz W. [Technosol, Jork (Germany)


    The Dzanga-Sangha Reserve in the Central African Republic is probably one of the world's most remote protected rainforest areas, much to the benefit of the rare species of lowland gorilla, forest elephant and local pygmy population Ba'Aka. The park is co-managed by the ''WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature'' with sponsoring from the German Regenwald-Stiftung. In 2008 wwf decided to switch from the old, failing generator supply to a solar hybrid mini-grid, along with stringent measures of energy conservation and management. After a careful energy audit Technosol designed an AC-bus system with a 22 kWp PV generator which should overcome the dependency on the old generators and their fuel demands. For 15 buildings, an entirely new distribution network was installed, state of the art energy saving devices introduced and an energy metering system deviced. The installation is operating since August 2009. In such remote locations, the reliability of the AC-bus over other generator-based solutions will be demonstrated and with the support of international organisations like the wwf the practical application of solar hybrid supply becomes a landmark of sustainable energy concepts. (orig.)

  14. Electrothermally driven flows in ac electrowetting.

    García-Sánchez, Pablo; Ramos, Antonio; Mugele, Frieder


    Mixing within sessile drops can be enhanced by generating internal flow patterns using ac electrowetting. While for low ac frequencies, the flow patterns have been attributed to oscillations of the drop surface, we provide here the driving mechanism of the hitherto unexplained high-frequency flows. We show that: (1) the electric field in the liquid bulk becomes important, leading to energy dissipation due to Joule heating and a temperature increase of several degrees Celsius, and (2) the fluid flow at these frequencies is generated by electrothermal effect, i.e., gradients in temperature give rise to gradients in conductivity and permittivity, the electric field acting on these inhomogeneities induces an electrical body force that generates the flow. We solved numerically the equations for the electric, temperature and flow fields. The temperature is obtained from a convection-diffusion equation where Joule heating is introduced as a source term. From the solution of the electric field and the temperature, we compute the electrical force that acts as a body force in Stokes equations. Our numerical results agree with previous experimental observations.

  15. Cascading failures in ac electricity grids

    Rohden, Martin; Jung, Daniel; Tamrakar, Samyak; Kettemann, Stefan


    Sudden failure of a single transmission element in a power grid can induce a domino effect of cascading failures, which can lead to the isolation of a large number of consumers or even to the failure of the entire grid. Here we present results of the simulation of cascading failures in power grids, using an alternating current (AC) model. We first apply this model to a regular square grid topology. For a random placement of consumers and generators on the grid, the probability to find more than a certain number of unsupplied consumers decays as a power law and obeys a scaling law with respect to system size. Varying the transmitted power threshold above which a transmission line fails does not seem to change the power-law exponent q ≈1.6 . Furthermore, we study the influence of the placement of generators and consumers on the number of affected consumers and demonstrate that large clusters of generators and consumers are especially vulnerable to cascading failures. As a real-world topology, we consider the German high-voltage transmission grid. Applying the dynamic AC model and considering a random placement of consumers, we find that the probability to disconnect more than a certain number of consumers depends strongly on the threshold. For large thresholds the decay is clearly exponential, while for small ones the decay is slow, indicating a power-law decay.

  16. Transport AC Losses in Striated YBCO Coated Conductors (Postprint)


    AFRL-RZ-WP-TP-2012-0124 TRANSPORT AC LOSSES IN STRIATED YBCO COATED CONDUCTORS (POSTPRINT) G.A. Levin and P.N. Barnes Mechanical Energy...TRANSPORT AC LOSSES IN STRIATED YBCO COATED CONDUCTORS (POSTPRINT) 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER In-house 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT...2006. 14. ABSTRACT DC current-voltage characteristics and transport ac losses of striated and non-striated Y1Ba2Cu3O7-δ ( YBCO ) coated conductors

  17. An Inexpensive and Versatile Version of Kundt's Tube for Measuring the Speed of Sound in Air

    Papacosta, Pangratios; Linscheid, Nathan


    Experiments that measure the speed of sound in air are common in high schools and colleges. In the Kundt's tube experiment, a horizontal air column is adjusted until a resonance mode is achieved for a specific frequency of sound. When this happens, the cork dust in the tube is disturbed at the displacement antinode regions. The location of the…

  18. Speed-Sensorless Vector Control of Primary Cascaded Linear Induction Motor%初级级联直线感应电机的无速度传感器矢量控制

    马家庆; 周大进; 赵立峰; 张勇; 赵勇


    For investigating the performance of constant and adaptive speed regulation of cascaded linear induction motor (LIM)in maglev system,a new speed-sensorless vector controller was designed based on the Maxwell equations by analyzing the relationship between the thrust of the LIM and the current vector of the primary winding. The reasonability and the effectiveness of this controller were verified by numerical simulation using Matlab/Simulink. The results show that when facing small perturbation of the speed,the controller can automatically adjust the DC bus voltage of the rectifier through the inner current loop and the outer voltage loop to stabilize the speed within 10 ms. When receiving the reference speed value,the frequency of the AC side of the inverter is regulated to obtain a suitable value of the synchronous speed;the regulating time is less than 50 ms and within 3 cycles of power frequency,meeting the requirements of control performance in maglev system.%为了研究磁浮系统中的恒速驱动及适时速度调节性能,根据Maxwell方程及电机的矢量控制原理,以磁浮系统中的直线感应电动机为研究对象,在其推力与初级绕组中电流矢量关系的基础上,设计了无速度传感器矢量控制器,并利用Matlab/Simulink软件验证控制器的正确性。研究结果表明:当速度在小范围内受扰动时,控制器运用电流内环、电压外环控制方式自动调节整流器的直流母线电压,调节时间小于10 ms;当控制器接收到指令速度时,改变逆变器的频率,该频率改变电机同步速,达到调速的目的,调节时间小于50 ms,表明在工频小于3个周期时,满足磁浮系统的控制要求。

  19. Overall impact of speed-related initiatives and factors on crash outcomes.

    D'Elia, A; Newstead, S; Cameron, M


    From December 2000 until July 2002 a package of speed-related initiatives and factors took place in Victoria, Australia. The broad aim of this study was to evaluate the overall impact of the package on crash outcomes. Monthly crash counts and injury severity proportions were assessed using Poisson and logistic regression models respectively. The model measured the overall effect of the package after adjusting as far as possible for non-speed road safety initiatives and socio-economic factors. The speed-related package was associated with statistically significant estimated reductions in casualty crashes and suggested reductions in injury severity with trends towards increased reductions over time. From December 2000 until July 2002, three new speed enforcement initiatives were implemented in Victoria, Australia. These initiatives were introduced in stages and involved the following key components: More covert operations of mobile speed cameras, including flash-less operations; 50% increase in speed camera operating hours; and lowering of cameras' speed detection threshold. In addition, during the period 2001 to 2002, the 50 km/h General Urban Speed Limit (GUSL) was introduced (January 2001), there was an increase in speed-related advertising including the "Wipe Off 5" campaign, media announcements were made related to the above enforcement initiatives and there was a speeding penalty restructure. The above elements combine to make up a package of speed-related initiatives and factors. The package represents a broad, long term program by Victorian government agencies to reduce speed based on three linked strategies: more intensive Police enforcement of speed limits to deter potential offenders, i.e. the three new speed enforcement initiatives just described - supported by higher penalties; a reduction in the speed limit on local streets throughout Victoria from 60 km/h to 50 km/h; and provision of information using the mass media (television, radio and billboard) to

  20. Augmented reality usage for prototyping speed up

    Stastny, Jiri; Koubek, Tomas; Landa, Jaromir


    The first part of the article describes our approach for solution of this problem by means of Augmented Reality. The merging of the real world model and digital objects allows streamline the work with the model and speed up the whole production phase significantly. The main advantage of augmented reality is the possibility of direct manipulation with the scene using a portable digital camera. Also adding digital objects into the scene could be done using identification markers placed on the surface of the model. Therefore it is not necessary to work with special input devices and lose the contact with the real world model. Adjustments are done directly on the model. The key problem of outlined solution is the ability of identification of an object within the camera picture and its replacement with the digital object. The second part of the article is focused especially on the identification of exact position and orientation of the marker within the picture. The identification marker is generalized into the tr...

  1. TCP-Adaptive in High Speed Long Distance Networks

    Quan Liu


    Full Text Available With the development of high performance computing and increasing of network bandwidth, more and more applications require fast data transfer over high-speed long-distance networks. Research shows that the standard TCP Reno cannot fulfill the requirement of fast transfer of massive data due to its conservative congestion control mechanism. Some works have been proposed to improve the TCP throughput performance using more aggressive window increasing tactics and obtain substantial achievements. However, they cannot be strictly proved to be comprehensively suitable for high-speed complex network environments. In this paper, we propose TCP-Adaptive, an adaptive congestion control algorithm adjusting the increasing congestion window dynamically. The algorithm improves logarithmic detection procedure for available bandwidth in the flow path by distinguishing the first detection in congestion avoidance and retransmission timeout. On the other hand, an adaptive control algorithm is proposed to achieve better performance in high-speed long-distance networks. The algorithm uses round trip time (RTT variations to predict the congestion trends to update the increments of congestion window. Simulations verify the property of TCP-Adaptive and show satisfying performance in throughput, RTT fairness aspects over high-speed long-distance networks. Especially in sporadic loss environment, TCP-Adaptive shows a significant adaptability with the variations of link quality

  2. Role of Osmotic Adjustment in Plant Productivity

    Gebre, G.M.


    Successful implementation of short rotation woody crops requires that the selected species and clones be productive, drought tolerant, and pest resistant. Since water is one of the major limiting factors in poplar (Populus sp.) growth, there is little debate for the need of drought tolerant clones, except on the wettest of sites (e.g., lower Columbia River delta). Whether drought tolerance is compatible with productivity remains a debatable issue. Among the many mechanisms of drought tolerance, dehydration postponement involves the maintenance of high leaf water potential due to, for example, an adequate root system. This trait is compatible with productivity, but requires available soil moisture. When the plant leaf water potential and soil water content decline, the plant must be able to survive drought through dehydration tolerance mechanisms, such as low osmotic potential or osmotic adjustment. Osmotic adjustment and low osmotic potential are considered compatible with growth and yield because they aid in the maintenance of leaf turgor. However, it has been shown that turgor alone does not regulate cell expansion or stomatal conductance and, therefore, the role of osmotic adjustment is debated. Despite this finding, osmotic adjustment has been correlated with grain yield in agronomic crop species, and gene markers responsible for osmotic adjustment are being investigated to improve drought tolerance in productive progenies. Although osmotic adjustment and low osmotic potentials have been investigated in several forest tree species, few studies have investigated the relationship between osmotic adjustment and growth. Most of these studies have been limited to greenhouse or container-grown plants. Osmotic adjustment and rapid growth have been specifically associated in Populus and black spruce (Picea mariuna (Mill.) B.S.P.) progenies. We tested whether these relationships held under field conditions using several poplar clones. In a study of two hybrid poplar

  3. AC Own Motion Percentage of Randomly Sampled Cases

    Social Security Administration — Longitudinal report detailing the numbers and percentages of Appeals Council (AC) own motion review actions taken on un-appealed favorable hearing level decisions...

  4. Adjustment and mental health problem in prisoners

    Sudhinta Sinha


    Full Text Available Background : "Crime" is increasing day by day in our society not only in India but also all over the world. In turn, the number of prisoners is also increasing at the same rate. They remain imprisoned for a long duration or in some cases for the whole life. Living in a prison for long time becomes difficult for all inmates. So they often face adjustment and mental health problems. Recent findings suggest that mental illness rate in prison is three times higher than in the general population. Objective: The aim of the present study was to investigate the adjustment and the mental health problem and its relation in the prisoners. Materials and Methods : In the present study, 37 male prisoners of district jail of Dhanbad District of Jharkhand were selected on purposive sampling basis. Each prisoner was given specially designed Performa - Personal Data Sheet, General Health Questionnaire-12 and Bell Adjustment Inventory. Appropriate statistical tools were used to analyze the data. Results: The results obtained showed poor adjustment in social and emotional areas on the adjustment scale. The study also revealed a significant association between adjustment and mental health problem in the prisoners. Conclusion: The prisoners were found to have poor social and emotional adjustment which has strong association with their mental health.

  5. Algebra 1's Speed Trap

    Gupta, Neil Kenneth


    Students often look for real-life situations where they can apply the concepts they learn. A project of measuring the speed of moving cars demonstrates that they learn communication skills, teamwork skills, and develop patience specially when work in a group with a common purpose.

  6. High-speed OTDM switching

    Jepsen, Kim Stokholm; Mikkelsen, Benny; Clausen, Anders


    Optical TDM (OTDM) continues to be of interest both for point-point transmission and as a networking technology for both LANs and long-distance fibre transmission. Recent research has demonstrated enabling techniques for OTDM networks at high speeds. In conclusion, OTDM is emerging as an attracti...

  7. Couples' patterns of adjustment to colon cancer.

    Northouse, L L; Mood, D; Templin, T; Mellon, S; George, T


    The objectives for this longitudinal study were to: (a) compare colon cancer patients' and their spouses' appraisal of illness, resources, concurrent stress, and adjustment during the first year following surgery; (b) examine the influence of gender (male vs female) and role (patient vs spouse caregiver) on study variables; (c) assess the degree of correlation between patients' and spouses' adjustments; and (d) identify factors that affect adjustment to the illness. Fifty-six couples were interviewed at one week post diagnosis, and at 60 days and one year post surgery. Based on a cognitive-appraisal model of stress, the Smilkstein Stress Scale was used to measure concurrent stress; the Family APGAR, Social Support Questionnaire, and Dyadic Adjustment Scale were used to measure social resources; the Beck Hopelessness Scale and Mishel Uncertainty in Illness Scales were used to measure appraisal of illness; and the Brief Symptom Inventory and Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale were used to measure psychosocial adjustment. Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance indicated that spouses reported significantly more emotional distress and less social support than patients. Gender differences were found, with women reporting more distress, more role problems, and less marital satisfaction, regardless of whether they were patient or spouse. Both patients and spouses reported decreases in their family functioning and social support, but also decreases in emotional distress over time. Moderately high autocorrelations and modest intercorrelations were found among and between patients' and spouses' adjustment scores over time. The strongest predictors of patients' role adjustment problems were hopelessness and spouses' role problems. The strongest predictors of spouses' role problems were spouses' own baseline role problems and level of marital satisfaction. Interventions need to start early in the course of illness, be family-focused, and identify the couples at risk of

  8. Exploring of Chinese High-speed Railways



    Based ion experiences of high-speed railways in foreign countries,the speed-raise situation of the Chinese railways,the research & development and test of high-speed transportation carries,as well as the prospective of high-speed railway in China are introduced.

  9. 14 CFR 25.1507 - Maneuvering speed.


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Maneuvering speed. 25.1507 Section 25.1507....1507 Maneuvering speed. The maneuvering speed must be established so that it does not exceed the design maneuvering speed V A determined under § 25.335(c)....

  10. 14 CFR 91.117 - Aircraft speed.


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Aircraft speed. 91.117 Section 91.117... speed. (a) Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, no person may operate an aircraft below 10... than the maximum speed prescribed in this section, the aircraft may be operated at that minimum speed....

  11. Improving homogeneity by dynamic speed limit systems.

    Nes, N. van Brandenberg, S. & Twisk, D.A.M.


    Homogeneity of driving speeds is an important variable in determining road safety; more homogeneous driving speeds increase road safety. This study investigates the effect of introducing dynamic speed limit systems on homogeneity of driving speeds. A total of 46 subjects twice drove a route along 12

  12. 14 CFR 27.1509 - Rotor speed.


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Rotor speed. 27.1509 Section 27.1509... Rotor speed. (a) Maximum power-off (autorotation). The maximum power-off rotor speed must be established... minimum power-off rotor speed must be established so that it is not less than 105 percent of the...

  13. 14 CFR 29.1509 - Rotor speed.


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Rotor speed. 29.1509 Section 29.1509....1509 Rotor speed. (a) Maximum power-off (autorotation). The maximum power-off rotor speed must be... minimum power-off rotor speed must be established so that it is not less than 105 percent of the...

  14. 45 CFR 3.26 - Speed limit.


    ... 45 Public Welfare 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Speed limit. 3.26 Section 3.26 Public Welfare... INSTITUTES OF HEALTH FEDERAL ENCLAVE Traffic Regulations § 3.26 Speed limit. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. A driver of a vehicle may not exceed the speed limit....

  15. Structural Adjustment of Oasis Agriculture in Xinjiang

    Lei Jun; Zhang Xiaolei


    Xinjiang's oasis agriculture has made enormous strides over past decades. Structural adjustment of oasis agriculture sector has promoted production diversification. Xinjiang's oasis agriculture sector is entering a new era. The era means more adjustments in oasis agricultural and rural economic structure so as to realize the sustainable development of agriculture. By summing and analyzing the main problems in Xinjinag's oasis agricultural structure,such as raising farmer's income, industry structure within agriculture, rural urbanization, pressure coming from market, agricultural environment degradation,puts forward the thinking, director and countermeasures to adjust oasis agricultural structure.

  16. A note on how to iterate adjustment

    Wagschal, Jehudah J.; Yeivin, Yehuda [Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Racah Institute of Physics, Jerusalem (Israel)


    We study the elementary problem of adjusting a given parameter library by one measured response so that calculating the response with the adjusted library reproduces the measured value. We formulate the problem of the least-squares adjustment for non-linear responses, and offer a reasoned iteration scheme to solve it. A numerical example illustrates the success of the proposed procedure. Our scheme is identical to that suggested by Perey, and thus adds insight, offers justification, and also serves as a formal proof of the latter. (author)

  17. Tradeoff between speed and static power dissipation of ultra-thin body SOI MOSFETs

    Tian Yu; Huang Ru; Zhang Xing; Wang Yang-Yuan


    The speed performance and static power dissipation of the ultra-thin-body (UTB) MOSFETs have been comprehensively investigated, with both DC and AC behaviours considered. Source/drain extension width (Lsp) and silicon film thickness (tsi) are two independent parameters that influence the speed and static power dissipation of UTB siliconon-insulator (SOI) MOSFETs respectively, which can result in great design flexibility. Based on the different effects of physical and geometric parameters on device characteristics, a method to alleviate the contradiction between power dissipated and speed of UTB SOI MOSFETs is proposed. The optimal design regions of tsi and Lsp for low operating power and high performance logic applications are given, which may shed light on the design of UTB SOI MOSFETs.

  18. Sonde Adjust Value-Added Product Technical Report

    Troyan, D


    The Sonde Adjust (SONDEADJUST) value-added product (VAP) creates a file that includes all fields from original Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility (ARM Facility) radiosonde files and contains several value-added fields that provide adjustments related to well-known humidity issues. SONDEADJUST produces data that correct documented biases in radiosonde humidity measurements. Previous efforts towards applying some of these corrections are available via the discontinued PI product sgpsondecorr1miloC1. Unique fields contained within this datastream include smoothed original relative humidity, dry bias corrected relative humidity, and final corrected relative humidity. The smoothed RH field refines the relative humidity from integers-the resolution of the instrument-to fractions of a percent. This profile is then used to calculate the dry bias corrected field. The final correction fixes the time-lag problem and uses the dry-bias field as input into the algorithm. In addition to dry bias, solar heating is another correction that is encompassed in the final corrected RH field. Output from SONDEADJUST differs from the previous RH-corrected datastreams in important ways. First, all three types of ARM radiosondes-Vaisala RS-80, RS-90, and RS-92-are corrected using dedicated procedures and/or parameters. Second, the output variables include all of those found in the original radiosonde file: dry bulb temperature, dewpoint temperature, wind speed, wind direction, eastward wind component, northward wind component, wind status (a Vaisala-produced field used in conjunction with the Loran system), ascent rate, and original relative humidity. Additional humidity fields are smoothed relative humidity, dry biased corrected relative humidity, final ambient relative humidity, and scaled adjusted relative humidity. Third, quality control (QC) flags of the fields from the original radiosonde datastream are brought into the SONDEADJUST output file. Additional QC

  19. Cutting tool materials for high speed machining

    LIU Zhanqiang; AI Xing


    High speed machining (HSM) is one of the emerging cutting processes, which is machining at a speed significantlyhigher than the speed commonly in use on the shop floor. In the last twenty years, high speed machining has received great attentions as a technological solution for high productivity in manufacturing. This article reviews the developments of tool materials in high speed machining operations, and the properties, applications and prospective developments of tool materials in HSM are also presented.

  20. A Non-linear Controller for Single-Phase AC-AC Power Converter to meet UPS Performance Index

    Abdelhafid Ait Elmahjoub


    Full Text Available This article focuses on AC-AC power converter that can be used for uninterruptible power supply (UPS. The converter is built on two stages: a AC-DC input stage and a DC-AC output stage. The two blocks are connected by an intermediate DC bus. The aim of control is threefold: i power factor correction ii regulation of DC bus iii generating a sinusoidal voltage at the output. The synthesis of controllers has been achieved through the technique of nonlinear backstepping control. A detailed analysis of the stability control system is presented. The performances of regulators have been validated by numerical simulation in MATLAB / SIMULINK.

  1. [Intestinal occlusion and abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS)].

    Stagnitti, Franco


    Intestinal occlusion is defined as an independent predictive factor of intra-abdominal hypertension (IAH) which represents an independent predictor of mortality. Baggot in 1951 classified patients operated with intestinal occlusion as being at risk for IAH ("abdominal blow-out"), recommending them for open abdomen surgery proposed by Ogilvie. Abdominal surgery provokes IAH in 44.7% of cases with mortality which, in emergency, triples with respect to elective surgery (21.9% vs 6.8%). In particular, IAH is present in 61.2% of ileus and bowel distension and is responsible for 52% of mortality (54.8% in cases with intra-abdominal infection). These patients present with an increasing intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) which, over 20-25 mmHg, triggers an Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (ACS) with altered functions in some organs arriving at Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS). The intestine normally covers 58% of abdominal volume but when there is ileus distension, intestinal pneumatosis develops (third space) which can occupy up to 90% of the entire cavity. At this moment, Gastro Intestinal Failure (GIF) can appear, which is a specific independent risk factor of mortality, motor of "Organ Failure". The pathophysiological evolution has many factors in 45% of cases: intestinal pneumatosis is associated with mucosal and serous edema, capillary leakage with an increase in extra-cellular volume and peritoneal fluid collections (fourth space). The successive loss of the mucous barrier permits a bacterial translocation which includes bacteria, toxins, pro-inflammatory factors and oxygen free radicals facilitating the passage from an intra-abdominal to inter-systemic vicious cyrcle. IAH provokes the raising of the diaphragm, and vascular and visceral compressions which induce hypertension in the various spaces with compartmental characteristics. These trigger hypertension in the renal, hepatic, pelvic, thoracic, cardiac, intracranial, orbital and lower extremity areas, giving

  2. Annual adjustments to 2016 financial benefits

    HR Department


    In accordance with recommendations made by the Finance Committee and decisions taken by the Council in December 2015, no adjustments have been made to basic salaries and stipends, subsistence allowances or family benefits as at 1 January 2016.  

  3. Annual adjustments to 2014 financial benefits


    In accordance with recommendations made by the Finance Committee and decisions taken by Council in December 2013, no adjustments have been made to basic salaries and stipends, subsistence allowances or family benefits as at 1 January 2014. HR Department

  4. Annual adjustments to 2015 financial benefits

    HR Department


    In accordance with recommendations made by the Finance Committee and decisions taken by Council in December 2014, no adjustments have been made to basic salaries and stipends, subsistence allowances or family benefits as at 1 January 2015.

  5. Determinants of intercultural adjustment among expatriate spouses

    Ali, Anees; Van der Zee, K.I.; Sanders, G


    The adaptation of expatriate families to a host country seems crucial to successful fulfilment of international business assignments. The present study focused on personality, family characteristics and characteristics of expatriates' work life as determinants of the intercultural adjustment of expa

  6. Risk-adjusted monitoring of survival times

    Sego, Landon H.; Reynolds, Marion R.; Woodall, William H.


    We consider the monitoring of clinical outcomes, where each patient has a di®erent risk of death prior to undergoing a health care procedure.We propose a risk-adjusted survival time CUSUM chart (RAST CUSUM) for monitoring clinical outcomes where the primary endpoint is a continuous, time-to-event variable that may be right censored. Risk adjustment is accomplished using accelerated failure time regression models. We compare the average run length performance of the RAST CUSUM chart to the risk-adjusted Bernoulli CUSUM chart, using data from cardiac surgeries to motivate the details of the comparison. The comparisons show that the RAST CUSUM chart is more efficient at detecting a sudden decrease in the odds of death than the risk-adjusted Bernoulli CUSUM chart, especially when the fraction of censored observations is not too high. We also discuss the implementation of a prospective monitoring scheme using the RAST CUSUM chart.

  7. 76 FR 67500 - Postal Service Price Adjustment


    ... Adjustment Notice states that the overall average for Special Services is a result of large price reductions...; Address Management Services; Caller Service; Change-of-Address Credit Card Authentication; Confirm... Periodicals, Nonprofit and Classroom Periodicals, Science of Agriculture Periodicals advertising...

  8. Continuity Adjustment for Control Charts for Attributes

    L.K. Chan; T.K. Mak; B. Tao


    A unified approach is proposed for making a continuity adjustment on some control charts for attributes, e.g., np-chart and c-chart, through adding a uniform (0, 1) random observation to the conventional sample statistic (e.g., npi and ci). The adjusted sample statistic then has a continuous distribution. Consequently, given any Type I risk α (the probability that the sample statistic is on or beyond the control limits),control charts achieving the exact value of α can be readily constructed. Guidelines are given for when to use the continuity adjustment control chart, the conventional Shewhart control chart (with ±3 standard deviations control limits), and the control chart based on the exact distribution of the sample statistic before adjustment.

  9. Annual adjustments to 2013 financial benefits


    In accordance with recommendations made by the Finance Committee and decisions taken by Council in December 2012, no adjustments have been made to basic salaries and stipends, subsistence allowances or family benefits as at 1 January 2013. HR Department

  10. Unconscious local motion alters global image speed.

    Sieu K Khuu

    Full Text Available Accurate motion perception of self and object speed is crucial for successful interaction in the world. The context in which we make such speed judgments has a profound effect on their accuracy. Misperceptions of motion speed caused by the context can have drastic consequences in real world situations, but they also reveal much about the underlying mechanisms of motion perception. Here we show that motion signals suppressed from awareness can warp simultaneous conscious speed perception. In Experiment 1, we measured global speed discrimination thresholds using an annulus of 8 local Gabor elements. We show that physically removing local elements from the array attenuated global speed discrimination. However, removing awareness of the local elements only had a small effect on speed discrimination. That is, unconscious local motion elements contributed to global conscious speed perception. In Experiment 2 we measured the global speed of the moving Gabor patterns, when half the elements moved at different speeds. We show that global speed averaging occurred regardless of whether local elements were removed from awareness, such that the speed of invisible elements continued to be averaged together with the visible elements to determine the global speed. These data suggest that contextual motion signals outside of awareness can both boost and affect our experience of motion speed, and suggest that such pooling of motion signals occurs before the conscious extraction of the surround motion speed.

  11. Industrial Forecasts after Export Rebates Adjustment


    @@ On June 19, 2007, the Circular of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation concerning Lowering the Export Rebate Rates for Some Commodities was published, which finally proved the early rumor of tax rebate adjustment to be true.According to the Circular, the export rebate rates for some commodities have been adjusted upon approval of the State Council and the new rates have become in force since July 1, 2007.

  12. Price Changes, Resource Adjustments and Rational Expectations

    Hoffmann, Kira

    This study investigates the relationship between the accuracy of managerial demand expectations, resource adjustment decisions and selling price changes. In line with rational expectation theory, it is argued that managers adjust resources and selling prices differently in response to expected...... that cost elasticity is higher when a demand decrease is expected among companies with similar exposure to demand uncertainty. Overall, this implies that managerial competences in predicting future demand significantly determines firms’ profitability; especially when demand uncertainty is high...

  13. Effective ac response in weakly nonlinear composites

    Wei Enbo [Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao 266071 (China); Yang Zidong [College of Power Engineering, University of Shanghai Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093 (China); Gu Guoqing [Information College of Science and Technology, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062 (China)


    The perturbation method is developed to deal with the problem of determining the effective nonlinear conductivity of Kerr-like nonlinear media under an external ac electric field. As an example, we have considered the cylindrical inclusion embedded in a host under the sinusoidal external field E{sub 1} sin (<{omega}t) + E{sub 3} sin (3<{omega}t) with frequencies{omega} and 3{omega}. The potentials of composites at higher harmonics are derived in both local inclusion particle and host regions. The effective responses of bulk nonlinear composites at basic frequency and harmonics are given for cylindrical composites in the dilute limit. Moreover, the relationships between the nonlinear effective responses at the basic frequency and the third harmonics are derived.

  14. The AC and DC Conductivity of Nanocomposites

    David S. McLachlan


    Full Text Available The microstructures of binary (conductor-insulator composites, containing nanoparticles, will usually have one of two basic structures. The first is the matrix structure where the nanoparticles (granules are embedded in and always coated by the matrix material and there are no particle-particle contacts. The AC and DC conductivity of this microstructure is usually described by the Maxwell-Wagner/Hashin-Shtrikman or Bricklayer model. The second is a percolation structure, which can be thought to be made up by randomly packing the two types of granules (not necessarily the same size together. In percolation systems, there exits a critical volume fraction below which the electrical properties are dominated by the insulating component and above which the conducting component dominates. Such percolation systems are best analyzed using the two-exponent phenomenological percolation equation (TEPPE. This paper discusses all of the above and addresses the problem of how to distinguish among the microstructures using electrical measurements.

  15. Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS

    Andrea eAntal


    Full Text Available Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS seems likely to open a new era of the field of noninvasive electrical stimulation of the human brain by directly interfering with cortical rhythms. It is expected to synchronize (by one single resonance frequency or desynchronize (e.g. by the application of several frequencies cortical oscillations. If applied long enough it may cause neuroplastic effects. In the theta range it may improve cognition when applied in phase. Alpha rhythms could improve motor performance, whereas beta intrusion may deteriorate them. TACS with both alpha and beta frequencies has a high likelihood to induce retinal phosphenes. Gamma intrusion can possibly interfere with attention. Stimulation in the ripple range induces intensity dependent inhibition or excitation in the motor cortex most likely by entrainment of neuronal networks, whereas stimulation in the low kHz range induces excitation by neuronal membrane interference. TACS in the 200 kHz range may have a potential in oncology.

  16. AC Dielectrophoresis Using Elliptic Electrode Geometry

    S. M. Rezaul Hasan


    Full Text Available This paper presents negative AC dielectrophoretic investigations using elliptic electrode geometry. Simulations of the electric field gradient variation using various ratios of the semimajor and the semiminor axis were carried out to determine the optimum elliptic geometry for the dielectrophoretic electrokinetics of specimen in an assay with laminar (low Reynolds number fluid flow. Experimental setup of the elliptic electrode assembly using PCB fabrication and electrokinetic accumulation of specimen in a dielectrophoretic cage is also being reported. Using an actuating signal between 1 kHz and 1 MHz, successful trapping of 45 μm polystyrene beads suspended in distilled water was demonstrated due to negative dielectrophoresis near 100 kHz using the novel elliptic electrode.

  17. Composite Based EHV AC Overhead Transmission Lines

    Sørensen, Thomas Kjærsgaard

    Overhead lines at transmission level are the backbone of any national power grid today. New overhead line projects however are at the same time subject to ever greater public resistance due to the lines environmental impact. As full undergrounding of transmission lines at extra high voltage (EHV......) levels are still not seen as possibility, the future expansion of transmission grids are dependent on new solutions with lessened environment impact, especially with regard to the visual impact. In the present Thesis, composite materials and composite based overhead line components are presented...... and analysed with regard to the possibilities, limitations and risks widespread application of composite materials on EHV AC overhead transmission lines may present. To form the basis for evaluation of the useability of composite materials, dierent overhead line projects aimed at reducing the environmental...

  18. Relationship between speed and traffic accident and speed limit on freeway

    CHENG Guo-zhu; PEI Yu-long


    To develop an equation between discrete degree of speed and traffic accident on freeway in China and give reasonable suggestions of speed management, the relation model was established between speed standard deviation and accident rate per 100,000,000 vehicle kilometers by regression analysis. The model shows that the more discrete is the speed distribution, the higher is the accident rate, which provides theoretical gist for speed limit on freeway. It is suggested that speed limit should be set according to 85th percentile speed obtained by the relationship between 85th percentile speed and Rcc, (curvature change rate of single circular curve), anddifferent speed limits should be set for cars and trucks. Through analyzing spot speed data of eight freeways in China, regression models were established between 85th percentile speed and RCCs and 15th percentile speed and RCCs. Reasonable speed limit suggestion values are put forward through these models.

  19. The effect of accuracy motivation on anchoring and adjustment: do people adjust from provided anchors?

    Simmons, Joseph P; LeBoeuf, Robyn A; Nelson, Leif D


    Increasing accuracy motivation (e.g., by providing monetary incentives for accuracy) often fails to increase adjustment away from provided anchors, a result that has led researchers to conclude that people do not effortfully adjust away from such anchors. We challenge this conclusion. First, we show that people are typically uncertain about which way to adjust from provided anchors and that this uncertainty often causes people to believe that they have initially adjusted too far away from such anchors (Studies 1a and 1b). Then, we show that although accuracy motivation fails to increase the gap between anchors and final estimates when people are uncertain about the direction of adjustment, accuracy motivation does increase anchor-estimate gaps when people are certain about the direction of adjustment, and that this is true regardless of whether the anchors are provided or self-generated (Studies 2, 3a, 3b, and 5). These results suggest that people do effortfully adjust away from provided anchors but that uncertainty about the direction of adjustment makes that adjustment harder to detect than previously assumed. This conclusion has important theoretical implications, suggesting that currently emphasized distinctions between anchor types (self-generated vs. provided) are not fundamental and that ostensibly competing theories of anchoring (selective accessibility and anchoring-and-adjustment) are complementary.

  20. Adjustable versus non-adjustable suture techniques for concomitant horizontal strabismus: a comparative study

    Galton C. Vasconcelos


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Purpose: To compare the surgical results of adjustable and non-adjustable horizontal strabismus surgery for concomitant horizontal strabismus. Methods: The charts of 231 patients, who underwent horizontal strabismus surgery, selected using probabilistic sampling, were retrospectively reviewed. Patients were divided into two groups according to the surgical technique used and strabismus type. The adjustable suture technique was used for 107 patients (Group 1, and non-adjustable or conventional surgery was performed in the remaining 124 patients (Group 2. Patients with esotropia (ET or exotropia (XT of 5 PD, syndromes, restrictive or paretic strabismus, reoperations, botulinum toxin injection, and patients postoperatively followed up for 50% was present in all subgroups. Significant differences between strabismus groups submitted to adjustable technique and non-adjustable on postoperative day 1 were observed (p=0.00 for ET and p=0.01 for XT and at the last visit for the XT group with a follow-up of at least 1 year (p=0.05. Conclusion: The adjustable suture technique produced a higher success rate than non-adjustable strabismus surgery for both ET and XT groups on postoperative day 1. For XT patients, the adjustable suture technique appears to produce better surgical results than non-adjustable surgery, when the surgical goal is long-lasting maintenance of a small hypercorrection.