Sample records for 5th regular inspection

  1. 5th Conference on Aerospace Materials, Processes, and Environmental Technology

    Cook, M. B. (Editor); Stanley, D. Cross (Editor)


    Records are presented from the 5th Conference on Aerospace Materials, Processes, and Environmental Technology. Topics included pollution prevention, inspection methods, advanced materials, aerospace materials and technical standards,materials testing and evaluation, advanced manufacturing,development in metallic processes, synthesis of nanomaterials, composite cryotank processing, environmentally friendly cleaning, and poster sessions.

  2. Variation regularity of metal magnetic memory signals with inspecting time-interval and location

    YAN Chun-yan; LI Wu-shen; DI Xin-jie; XUE Zhen-kui; BAI Shi-wu; LIU Fang-ming


    Influences of inspecting time-interval and location on varying behavior of metal magnetic memory (MMM) signals of defects were studied. Different areas in two precracked weldments were inspected at different time-intervals by type TSC-1M-4stress-concentration magnetic inspector to obtain MMM signals. Mechanisms of MMM signals varying behavior with inspecting time and space were analyzed and discussed respectively. It is found that MMM signals don't change with inspecting time-interval,since stress field and magnetic leakage field maintain unchanged at any time after welding. On the other hand, MMM signals differ greatly for different inspecting locations, because stress field and magnetic leakage field are unevenly distributed in defective ferromagnetic materials.

  3. Tools of Radio Astronomy, 5th edition

    Wilson, Thomas L.; Rohlfs, Kristian; Huttemeister, Susanne


    New 5th corrected edition of the book in Russian, translated by O. Verkhodanov and S. Trushkin, editing S.A. Trushkin from Special astrophysical observatory RAS. This edition contains the translation of the 5th Springer edition of 2009 and new additional chapter (wrote by authors) of Solutions of the problems.

  4. 5th International Conference on Cryocoolers


    The Cryocoolers 5 proceedings archives the contributions of leading international experts at the 5th International Cryocooler Conference that was held in Monterey, California on August 18-19, 1988. The authors submitted twenty six papers describing advancements and applications of cryocoolers in the temperature range below 80K. This year's conference was hosted by the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, and the conference proceedings reproduced here were published by the Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio.

  5. 5th International Robotic Sailing Conference

    Finnis, James


    Robotic sailing offers the potential of wind propelled vehicles which are sufficiently autonomous to remain at sea for months at a time. These could replace or augment existing oceanographic sampling systems, be used in border surveillance and security or offer a means of carbon neutral transportation. To achieve this represents a complex, multi-disciplinary challenge to boat designers and naval architects, systems/electrical engineers and computer scientists.  Since 2004 a series of competitions in the form of the Sailbot, World Robotic Sailing Championship and Microtransat competitions have sparked an explosion in the number of groups working on autonomous sailing robots. Despite this interest the longest distance sailed autonomously remains only a few hundred miles. Many of the challenges in building truly autonomous sailing robots still remain unsolved. These proceedings present the cutting edge of work in a variety of fields related to robotic sailing. They will be presented during the 5th International...

  6. Successful 5th China International Diecasting Congress & Exhibition


    @@ The 5th China International Diecasting Congress & Exhibition organized by the Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES) was successfully held in Shanghai, China on June 28to July 1, 2006.

  7. 5th Annual Pan-European Science and Big Physics Symposium on March 5th, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

    Balle, Ch


    The 5th Annual Pan-European Science and Big Physics Symposium on March 5th is a technical workshop that covers topics in the areas of control, measurement and diagnostics for accelerators, cyclotrons, tokamaks and telescopes. The symposium brings together over 60 scientists and engineers from major research labs around the world such as CERN, PSI, INFN, NPL, ESRF and other research institutions. Attend this event to share ideas and results and to learn from the presentations of your peers from different labs and experiments worldwide.

  8. 5th Regional Study on Cadastre and Spatial Data Infrastructure

    Ivica Skender


    Full Text Available In the aftermath of the 5th Regional Conference on Cadastre and Spatial Data Infrastructure (Banja Luka and Laktaši, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 6–8, 2012, the Republic Authority for Geodetic and Property Affairs of the Republic of Srpska and the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs published the 5th Regional Study on Cadastre and Spatial Data Infrastructure. The study was produced in the frame of the Project INSPIRATION – Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Western Balkans, which is being realized for the benefit and with cooperation of representatives of eight geodetic administrations in the region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia by consortium led by German company GFA of Hamburg, in cooperation with GDi GISDATA of Zagreb, experts from the Austrian Environmental Agency and German company con terra GmbH and financed from the European Union IPA funding programme for 2010.

  9. Time structure in the March 5th, 1979 event

    Fenimore, E.E.


    The March 5th, 1979 transient occurred on a source which is also a soft gamma repeater (SGR). A new analysis of the March 5th spectrum has shown that it is similar to a classic gamma-ray burst (no soft SGR-like component). Here we show that the variation in hardness within the initial peak is similar to that found in short, classic gamma-ray bursts. An analysis of the risetime of the peak shows that the best limit that can be put on it is {le}1 ms rather than the previously reported 0.2 ms. Classic gamma-ray bursts have shown risetimes the order of 2 ms.

  10. Proceedings of the 5th underground coal conversion symposium



    The 5th underground coal conversion symposium was held at Alexandria, Virginia, June 18--21, 1979. Thirty-three papers have been entered individually into EDB and ERA. Seven papers were also abstracted for Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis. Seven papers had been entered previously from other sources. The symposium was sponsored by the US Department of Energy, Division of Fossil Fuel Extraction. (LTN)

  11. The 5th National Logistics and Supply Chain Conference

    PEKER, İskender


    Abstract. The 5thNational Logistics and Supply Chain Conference (ULTZK) held in Mersin Divan Hotel on the 26-28 May 2016. A number of academics, logistics service receiver company representatives (manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, etc.), logistics service provider company representatives (transport, logistics, storage, etc.), non-governmental organization representatives, and the relevant public institution and organization representatives participated to the conducted panels and session...

  12. Proceeding of the 5th international workshop on reflectometry

    Kawahata, Kazuo (ed.)


    This is the proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Reflectometry, which was held on 5-7 March, 2001, at the National Institute for Fusion Science. In this workshop, the latest experimental results in reflectometry (profile and fluctuations studies), new technological developments and a broad scope of the theory and simulation codes were presented. The 19 of the presented papers are indexed individually. (author)

  13. Inspection on rural electrification cooperatives in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil - a step for the regularization; Inspecao de cooperativas de eletrificacao rural em Sao Paulo - um passo para sua regularizacao

    Pazzini, Luiz Henrique Alves; Kurahassi, Luiz Fernando; Ribeiro, Fernando Selles [Sao Paulo Univ. , SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Energia e Automacao Eletricas. Grupo de Energia]. E-mail:; Fernandes Filho, Guilherme Eugenio Filippo [UNESP, Guaratingueta, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia. Dept. de Energia]. E-mail:


    The state of Sao Paulo counts, now, with seventeen cooperatives of rural electrification that assist several areas of the state. Those agents of the electric sector are, in Brazil, going by a regularization process coordinated by ANEEL (Agencia Nacional das Empresas de Energia Eletrica) - the Brazilian electric energy agency. In Sao Paulo that process is being driven by the CSPE (Comissao de Servicos Publicos de Energia) - the Brazilian energy public service commission. One of the stages of that process was the inspection of the cooperatives, accomplished during the year of 1999 by five teams from UNESP and from USP. This paper describes the methodology used in those inspections and presents the main data. It concludes that the service rendered by the cooperatives is of good quality, and, than smaller is the cooperative, better is the attendance. It also the need of technological advancements that the cooperatives will have to accomplish if they want to participle in a competitive and regularity market. (author)

  14. 5th Computer Science On-line Conference

    Senkerik, Roman; Oplatkova, Zuzana; Silhavy, Petr; Prokopova, Zdenka


    This volume is based on the research papers presented in the 5th Computer Science On-line Conference. The volume Artificial Intelligence Perspectives in Intelligent Systems presents modern trends and methods to real-world problems, and in particular, exploratory research that describes novel approaches in the field of artificial intelligence. New algorithms in a variety of fields are also presented. The Computer Science On-line Conference (CSOC 2016) is intended to provide an international forum for discussions on the latest research results in all areas related to Computer Science. The addressed topics are the theoretical aspects and applications of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligences, Cybernetics, Automation Control Theory and Software Engineering.

  15. 5th International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Networks


    This book comprises peer-reviewed contributions presented at the 5th International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet 2015), held in Shanghai, China, 12-15 December, 2015. It includes new multi-disciplinary topics spanning a unique depth and breadth of cutting-edge research areas in Electronic Engineering, Communications and Networks, and Computer Technology. More generally, it is of interest to academics, students and professionals involved in Consumer Electronics Technology, Communication Engineering and Technology, Wireless Communication Systems and Technology, and Computer Engineering and Technology.

  16. Conference Report: 5th Annual Georgia Conference on Information Literacy

    Rebecca Ziegler


    Full Text Available The 5th annual Georgia Conference on Information Literacy took place in Savannah, Georgia on October 3-4, 2008. Since its inception, this conference has drawn participants from across the United States and even a few from abroad. Jointly sponsored by the Zach S. Henderson Library, the Department of Writing and Linguistics, the College of Education, and the Center for Continuing Education at Georgia Southern University, the conference offers both theoretical and practical discussions of the complex issues involved in teaching students how to find, interpret and use information in emerging electronic technologies against the backdrop of one of America’s loveliest cities.

  17. 5th European Conference on Mechanisms Science (EUCOMES)

    Viadero, Fernando; New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science : from Fundamentals to Industrial Applications


    This work presents the most recent research in the mechanism and machine science field and its applications. The topics covered include: theoretical kinematics, computational kinematics, mechanism design, experimental mechanics, mechanics of robots, dynamics of machinery, dynamics of multi-body systems, control issues of mechanical systems, mechanisms for biomechanics, novel designs, mechanical transmissions, linkages and manipulators, micro-mechanisms, teaching methods, history of mechanism science and industrial and non-industrial applications. This volume consists of the Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Mechanisms Science (EUCOMES), that was held in Guimarães, Portugal, from September 16 – 20, 2014. The EUCOMES is the main forum for the European community working in Mechanisms and Machine Science.

  18. 5th International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated Flows


    This volume collects various contributions from the 5th International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated Flows (ICJWSF2015) that took place in Stockholm during June 2015. Researchers from all around the world presented their latest results concerning fundamental and applied aspects of fluid dynamics. With its general character, the conference embraced many aspects of fluid dynamics, such as shear flows, multiphase flows and vortex flows, for instance. The structure of the present book reflects the variety of topics treated within the conference i.e. Jets, Wakes, Separated flows, Vehicle aerodynamics, Wall-bounded and confined flows, Noise, Turbomachinery flows, Multiphase and reacting flows, Vortex dynamics, Energy-related flows and a section dedicated to Numerical analyses.

  19. 5th International Conference on Optics Within Life Sciences

    Papazoglou, Theodore; Kalpouzos, Costas


    Following to previous OWLS conferences devoted to widespread applications of optics in life sciences, this 5th OWLS Conference focuses on recent achievements in applying lasers and optics in biomedicine and the preservation of our cultural heritage. Particular attention is paid to laser diagnostics in medicine, interaction of laser radiation with biological tissue, aspects of the preservation of cultural heritage, and the development of new systems for these studies. The contributors to this volume cover international research activities in the following areas: Laser-tissue interactions and tissue optics - photon migration in tissue; Medical sensors - fiber optics; Clinical use of lasers (dermatology, ENT, cardiology, etc.); Laser-based techniques in art conservation (cleaning, diagnostics, analytical applications); Imaging techniques and lasers in archaeology; Laser technologies in contemporary art (holography, marking, etc.); and New laser and opto-electronic systems for biomedical and art-related studies.

  20. 5th iTi Conference in Turbulence 2012

    Oberlack, Martin; Peinke, Joachim


      This volume collects the edited and reviewed contributions presented in the 5th iTi Conference in Bertinoro. covering fundamental aspects in turbulent flows. In the spirit of the iTi initiative, the volume is produced after the conference so that the authors had the possibility to incorporate comments and discussions raised during the meeting. Turbulence presents a large number of aspects and problems, which are still unsolved and which challenge research communities in engineering and physical sciences both in basic and applied research. The book presents recent advances in theory related to new statistical approaches, effect of non-linearities and presence of symmetries. This edition presents new contributions related to the physics and control of laminar-turbulent transition in wall-bounded flows, which may have a significant impact on drag reduction applications. Turbulent boundary layers, at increasing Reynolds number, are the main subject of both computational and experimental long research programs ...

  1. Report from the 5th Workshop on Extremely Large Databases

    Jacek Becla


    Full Text Available The 5th XLDB workshop brought together scientific and industrial users, developers, and researchers of extremely large data and focused on emerging challenges in the healthcare and genomics communities, spreadsheet-based large scale analysis, and challenges in applying statistics to large scale analysis, including machine learning. Major problems discussed were the lack of scalable applications, the lack of expertise in developing solutions, the lack of respect for or attention to big data problems, data volume growth exceeding Moore's Law, poorly scaling algorithms, and poor data quality and integration. More communication between users, developers, and researchers is sorely needed. A variety of future work to help all three groups was discussed, ranging from collecting challenge problems to connecting with particular industrial or academic sectors.

  2. 5th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics

    Kotzab, Herbert; Pannek, Jürgen


    These proceedings contain research papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics, held in Bremen, Germany, February 2016. The conference is concerned with dynamic aspects of logistic processes and networks. The spectrum of topics reaches from modeling, planning and control of processes over supply chain management and maritime logistics to innovative technologies and robotic applications for cyber-physical production and logistic systems. The growing dynamic confronts the area of logistics with completely new challenges: it must become possible to describe, identify and analyze the process changes. Moreover, logistic processes and networks must be redevised to be rapidly and flexibly adaptable to continuously changing conditions. The book primarily addresses researchers and practitioners from the field of industrial engineering and logistics, but it may also be beneficial for graduate students.

  3. 5th Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development Summit.

    Blair, Wade; Perros, Manos


    The 5th Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development Summit provided an up-to-date snapshot of the ongoing developments in the area. The topics covered ranged from updates on recently launched drugs (Kaletra), Fuzeon) and new investigational inhibitors (T-1249, Reverset, UK-427857, L-870810, PA-457, remofovir, VX-950), to the discovery of new antiviral targets and advances in technologies that may provide the substrate for the next generation of therapeutics. It is apparent from the range of presentations that much of today's efforts are focused on developing new classes of HIV inhibitors (gp41, integrase), while there is also considerable progress in hepatitis C, where a number of inhibitors have or should reach proof-of-concept studies in the coming months. Here we provide the highlights of this meeting, with particular emphasis on the new developments in HIV and hepatitis C virus.

  4. 5th International Conference on Sustainable Automotive Technologies

    Subic, Aleksandar; Trufin, Ramona


    This book captures selected peer reviewed papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Automotive Technologies, ICSAT 2013, held in Ingolstadt, Germany. ICSAT is the state-of-the-art conference in the field of new technologies for transportation. The book brings together the work of international researchers and practitioners under the following interrelated headings: fuel transportation and storage, material recycling, manufacturing and management costs, engines and emission reduction. The book provides a very good overview of research and development activities focused on new technologies and approaches capable of meeting the challenges to sustainable mobility. About the Editors: Prof. Dr. Jörg Wellnitz is the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany. Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Subic is the Head of the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University, Australia. Ramona Trufin, M.A. is the coordinator of the Facul...

  5. 5th International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving

    Deep, Kusum; Bansal, Jagdish; Nagar, Atulya; Das, Kedar


    This two volume book is based on the research papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving (SocProS 2015) and covers a variety of topics, including mathematical modelling, image processing, optimization methods, swarm intelligence, evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy logic, neural networks, forecasting, medical and health care, data mining, etc. Mainly the emphasis is on Soft Computing and its applications in diverse areas. The prime objective of this book is to familiarize the reader with the latest scientific developments in various fields of Science, Engineering and Technology and is directed to the researchers and scientists engaged in various real-world applications of ‘Soft Computing’.

  6. 5th International Conference on Research into Design


    This book showcases cutting-edge research papers from the 5th International Conference on Research into Design – the largest in India in this area – written by eminent researchers from across the world on design process, technologies, methods and tools, and their impact on innovation, for supporting design across boundaries. The special features of the book are the variety of insights into the product and system innovation process, and the host of methods and tools from all major areas of design research for the enhancement of the innovation process. The main benefit of the book for researchers in various areas of design and innovation are access to the latest quality research in this area, with the largest collection of research from India. For practitioners and educators, it is exposure to an empirically validated suite of theories, models, methods and tools that can be taught and practiced for design-led innovation.

  7. 5th International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Automatic Control

    Yao, Yufeng


    On the basis of instrument electrical and automatic control system, the 5th International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Automatic Control (CEEAC) was established at the crossroads of information technology and control technology, and seeks to effectively apply information technology to a sweeping trend that views control as the core of intelligent manufacturing and life. This book takes a look forward into advanced manufacturing development, an area shaped by intelligent manufacturing. It highlights the application and promotion of process control represented by traditional industries, such as the steel industry and petrochemical industry; the technical equipment and system cooperative control represented by robot technology and multi-axis CNC; and the control and support of emerging process technologies represented by laser melting and stacking, as well as the emerging industry represented by sustainable and intelligent life. The book places particular emphasis on the micro-segments field, such as...

  8. 5th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence

    Trawinski, Bogdan; Nguyen, Ngoc


    The book consists of 19 extended and revised chapters based on original works presented during a poster session organized within the 5th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence that was held between 11 and 13 of September 2013 in Craiova, Romania. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is titled “Agents and Multi-Agent Systems” and consists of 8 chapters that concentrate on many problems related to agent and multi-agent systems, including: formal models, agent autonomy, emergent properties, agent programming, agent-based simulation and planning. The second part of the book is titled “Intelligent Computational Methods” and consists of 6 chapters. The authors present applications of various intelligent computational methods like neural networks, mathematical optimization and multistage decision processes in areas like cooperation, character recognition, wireless networks, transport, and metal structures. The third part of the book is titled “Language and Knowled...

  9. 5th Conference on Information Technologies in Biomedicine

    Badura, Pawel; Kawa, Jacek; Wieclawek, Wojciech


    ITiB’2016 is the 5th Conference on Information Technologies in Biomedicine organized by the Department of Informatics & Medical Equipment of Silesian University of Technology every other year. The Conference is under the auspices of the Committee on Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The meeting has become a recognized event that helps to bridge the gap between methodological achievements in engineering and clinical requirements in medical diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitation. Mathematical information analysis, computer applications together with medical equipment and instruments have become standard tools underpinning the current rapid progress with developing Computational Intelligence. Members of academic societies of technical and medical background present their research results and clinical implementations. This proceedings (divided in 2 volumes) include the following sections: Ø Image Processing Ø Signal Processing Ø Medical Information System & ...

  10. Abstratcs of the 5th American Rabbit Congress

    5th American Rabbit Congress Toluca, Estado de México, Mexico, September 8-11, 2014


    Full Text Available The 5th American Rabbit Congress was held in Toluca, Mexico State, Mexico from September 8th to the 11th, 2014. Research works representing 14 countries were accepted to take part at the congress, including papers from Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Egypt, France, Hungary, Italy, México, Uruguay, the USA and Venezuela. These research works highlight the enormous interest, effort and commitment of the scientific community that bonds the trinomium of Research+Innovation+Technology Transfer, in favour of the integral development of rabbit rearing as an important primary activity that generates permanent employment, as well as healthy and nutritive meals for their respective countries for the XXI Century World. One major impact at this 5th American Rabbit Congress was the participation of Argentina, Brazil and China. The latter country’s report was presented by Laping Wu and Dong Wang (2014, showing that from 2005 to 2010, meat production of swine, beef and poultry underwent average growth of 2.6%, whereas rabbit meat production reported an annual average growth of 6.29%, reaching an annual volume of 761 000 tons, positioning China as the world’s main rabbit meat producer. This data highlights the great potential of rabbit production, both as an economic activity and a key strategy in the fight against hunger and poverty in many countries all over the world. During the congress, scientific works were presented related with the fields of Ethology, Housing & Welfare; Genetics; Reproduction; Digestive Physiology and Basic Nutrition; Feed Evaluation and Feeding; Pathology & Hygiene, Meat Quality, Safety & Dining; Management, Social & Economy. Furthermore, the meeting of the AB-WRSA chaired by the AB-WRSA founder, Dr. Steven Lukefahr, also took place at this congress, in which the new board of the American Branch was elected and the proposal put forward for the next American Rabbit Congress to be held in Costa

  11. 5th Seminar on Stochastic Processes, Random Fields and Applications

    Russo, Francesco; Dozzi, Marco


    This volume contains twenty-eight refereed research or review papers presented at the 5th Seminar on Stochastic Processes, Random Fields and Applications, which took place at the Centro Stefano Franscini (Monte Verità) in Ascona, Switzerland, from May 30 to June 3, 2005. The seminar focused mainly on stochastic partial differential equations, random dynamical systems, infinite-dimensional analysis, approximation problems, and financial engineering. The book will be a valuable resource for researchers in stochastic analysis and professionals interested in stochastic methods in finance. Contributors: Y. Asai, J.-P. Aubin, C. Becker, M. Benaïm, H. Bessaih, S. Biagini, S. Bonaccorsi, N. Bouleau, N. Champagnat, G. Da Prato, R. Ferrière, F. Flandoli, P. Guasoni, V.B. Hallulli, D. Khoshnevisan, T. Komorowski, R. Léandre, P. Lescot, H. Lisei, J.A. López-Mimbela, V. Mandrekar, S. Méléard, A. Millet, H. Nagai, A.D. Neate, V. Orlovius, M. Pratelli, N. Privault, O. Raimond, M. Röckner, B. Rüdiger, W.J. Runggaldi...

  12. The 5th ATLAS Physics Workshop in Rome: Social Aspects

    Ferrari, P.

    Rome, the political and cultural capital of Italy, hosted the 5th ATLAS Physics Workshop. The attendance of this workshop was larger than any expectation: 450 people participated, making it a great success in terms of informing the broadest possible audience about the achievements of the physics groups in the last two years. The workshop took place at AULA MAGNA of the Literature & Philosophy faculty of the University of Roma Tre. The conference room was bright and large and could easily accommodate the wide audience, and the discomfort of hours of sitting was nicely offset by the frequent coffee breaks with excellent sweets and a large variety of drinks, which always seemed to offer the chance to stand up just in time! Participants listening to a talk in Aula Magna. The workshop started on Monday 6th June 2005 around 12:00 with the registration procedures, followed by a light lunch that was served (as was practically every lunch during the week) just outside the conference room. This arrangement ...

  13. Teaching 5th grade science for aesthetic understanding

    Girod, Mark A.

    Many scientists speak with great zeal about the role of aesthetics and beauty in their science and inquiry. Few systematic efforts have been made to teach science in ways that appeal directly to aesthetics and this research is designed to do just that. Drawing from the aesthetic theory of Dewey, I describe an analytic lens called learning for aesthetic understanding that finds power in the degree to which our perceptions of the world are transformed, our interests and enthusiasm piqued, and our actions changed as we seek further experiences in the world. This learning theory is contrasted against two other current and popular theories of science learning, that of learning for conceptual understanding via conceptual change theory and learning for a language-oriented or discourse-based understanding. After a lengthy articulation of the pedagogical strategies used to teach for aesthetic understanding the research is described in which comparisons are drawn between students in two 5th grade classrooms---one taught for the goal of conceptual understanding and the other taught for the goal of aesthetic understanding. Results of this comparison show that more students in the treatment classroom had aesthetic experiences with science ideas and came to an aesthetic understanding when studying weather, erosion, and structure of matter than students in the control group. Also statistically significant effects are shown on measures of interest, affect, and efficacy for students in the treatment class. On measures of conceptual understanding it appears that treatment class students learned more and forgot less over time than control class students. The effect of the treatment does not generally depend on gender, ethnicity, or prior achievement except in students' identity beliefs about themselves as science learners. In this case, a significant interaction for treatment class females on science identity beliefs did occur. A discussion of these results as well as elaboration and

  14. 5th Austrian Hungarian workshop on celestial mechanics

    Süli, Áron


    The 5th Hungarian-Austrian Workshop on Celestial Mechanics took place from 9th until the 10th of April 2010 in Vienna, Austria. The workshop was held in the Institute for Astronomy of Vienna University. From the Eötvös University and from the host institute experts and PhD students gathered together to discuss the challenges and new results of the actual problems of celestial mechanics. The workshop was held in the meeting room at the Sternwarte of the Vienna University located in a magnificent park in the heart of Vienna. Following the themes of the four previous events the focus for this workshop ranged from the Trojan problem, dynamics in binary star systems and exoplanetray systems. We were pleased to acknowledge the support of the host university. The talks were characterized by a large spectrum, which is typical of the workshops on celestial mechanics. Several talks discussed different aspects of the trojan problem, such as the three Trojan Problem, dynamics of trojan-like planets in binary stars, the frequencies of their motion around the triangular lagrangian points, etc. Several speakers focused on the formation of planetary systems and on the field of exoplanetary systems, like exoplanetary systems in higher order mean motion resonances, formation of planets in binary systems, stability of exomoons etc. Some of the presentation used sophisticated mathematical tools in order to understand mean motion resonances, the Sitnikov problem applying the KAM and the Nekhoroshev theorem. The theme of a number of talks was the motion of Solar System bodies: dynamics of the newly discovered moons of Pluto and of near-Earth asteroids. General problems were also addressed, among others chaos in Hamiltonian systems, adaptive Lie-integration method and iterative solution approximation to the generalised Sitnikov problem.

  15. PREFACE: 5th Workshop of Young Researchers in Astronomy & Astrophysics

    Forgács-Dajka, Emese; Plachy, Emese; Molnár, László


    The 5th Workshop of Young Researchers in Astronomy and Astrophysics was held on 2-4 September 2009 at the Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary. This meeting fits into a conference series which can already be considered a tradition where the younger generation has the opportunity to present their work. The event was also a great opportunity for senior astronomers and physicists to form new connections with the next generation of researchers. The selection of invited speakers concentrated on the researchers currently most active in the field, mostly on a post-doctoral/tenure/fresh faculty position level. A number of senior experts and PhD students were also invited. As the conference focused on people rather than a specific field, various topics from theoretical physics to planetology were covered in three days. The programme was divided into six sections: Physics of the Sun and the Solar System Gravity and high-energy physics Galactic and extragalactic astronomy, cosmology Celestial mechanics and exoplanets Infrared astronomy and young stars Variable stars We had the pleasure of welcoming 10 invited review talks from senior researchers and 42 contributed talks and a poster from the younger generation. Participants also enjoyed the hospitality of the pub Pál at the Pálvölgyi-cave after giving, hearing and disputing countless talks. Brave souls even descended to the unbuilt, adventurous Mátyásvölgyi-cave. Memories of the conference were shadowed though. Péter Csizmadia, one of our participants and three other climbers attempted a first ever ascent to the Ren Zhong Feng peak in Sichuan, China, but they never returned from the mountains. Péter departed to China shortly after the conference, with best wishes from participants and friends. We dedicate this volume to his memory. The organisers thankthe Physics Doctoral School of Eötvös University for its hospitality. The workshop was supported by the Mecenatúra and Polányi Mihály Programmes of the National

  16. -Regular Modules

    Areej M. Abduldaim


    Full Text Available We introduced and studied -regular modules as a generalization of -regular rings to modules as well as regular modules (in the sense of Fieldhouse. An -module is called -regular if for each and , there exist and a positive integer such that . The notion of -pure submodules was introduced to generalize pure submodules and proved that an -module is -regular if and only if every submodule of is -pure iff   is a -regular -module for each maximal ideal of . Many characterizations and properties of -regular modules were given. An -module is -regular iff is a -regular ring for each iff is a -regular ring for finitely generated module . If is a -regular module, then .

  17. PREFACE: 5th International Conference on Mechatronics (ICOM'13)

    Akramin Shafie, Amir; Raisuddin Khan, Md


    The Fifth International Conference on Mechatronics (ICOM2013), took place in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from 2-4 July 2013. The biannual conference which started in 2001 is regularly organized by Faculty of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with the aims to serve as a platform for exchange of ideas on advances of in mechatronics and their applications as well as to foster research and worldwide collaboration. The theme for the 2013 conference was 'Mechatronics: Sustainable Development through Innovative Solutions'. The ICOM 2013 Conference consisted of Keynote Speeches (5) and oral contributions (150). The topics of the conference were: Mechatronic systems and Applications Intelligent Systems Control and Instrumentation Signal and Image Processing Machine Vision Robotics and Automation Manufacturing Mechatronics Green Mechatronics Mechatronic Education Smart Materials and Structures Active Vibration Control Computer and Information Technology MEMS and NEMS Biomechatronics and Rehabilitation Engineering Autonomous Systems Energy and Sustainability Transportation System It is our great pleasure to present this volume of IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) to the scientific community to promote further research in these areas. We believe that this volume will be both an excellent source of scientific material in the fast evolving fields that were covered by ICOM 2013. We thank the authors for their enthusiastic and high-grade contributions. We would also like to express our gratitude to the Organizing Committee, the Institutions and Sponsors and everyone who contributed to this conference through their supports and invaluable efforts. Editors Amir A Shafie Raisuddin Khan Mahbubur Rashid Department of Mechatronics, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Organizing Committee Md Raisuddin Khan Md Mozasser Rahman Shahrul Naim

  18. 深度包检测中一种正则表达式匹配算法的改进%Improvement of regular expression matching algorithm for deep packet inspection

    张巍; 陈佼; 赵美凯


    网络数据包内容检测技术已在网络安全、网络监视、HTTP负载均衡等方面得到广泛的应用,因此,对快速数据包内容的检测就变得异常重要。在数据包内容检测过程中,数据包的净载数据要通过一系列已经定义好的正则表达式模式进行数据匹配。在此,阐述目前数据包检测存在的问题,如传统数据包检测应用程序要求很大的内存空间去存储相应的正则表达式模式,提出一种大大降低对内存空间使用的改进算法。通过将该改进算法应用到以DFA为基础的包检测应用程序中,说明经过真实网络数据来检测算法的改进成果。结果表明了改进算法的有效性。%Content inspection technology for network data packet has been widely used in network security,network moni⁃toring,HTTP load balancing,etc. In content scanning of data packet,the payload data of the packet needs to be matched by a set of the specified regular expressions. The problem existing in the current data packet inspection is elaborated in this paper. That is,the traditional application program of data packet inspection needs a large memory space to store the corresponding regu⁃lar expression pattern. A improved algorithm that effectively reduces memory space usage is proposed. The application of the im⁃proved algorithm in DFA⁃based packet inspection program indicates the improvement achievements,which were obtained by de⁃tection of the true network data.

  19. Regular figures

    Tóth, L Fejes; Ulam, S; Stark, M


    Regular Figures concerns the systematology and genetics of regular figures. The first part of the book deals with the classical theory of the regular figures. This topic includes description of plane ornaments, spherical arrangements, hyperbolic tessellations, polyhedral, and regular polytopes. The problem of geometry of the sphere and the two-dimensional hyperbolic space are considered. Classical theory is explained as describing all possible symmetrical groupings in different spaces of constant curvature. The second part deals with the genetics of the regular figures and the inequalities fo

  20. Compactification of 5th dimension with usual and phantom scalar fields

    Dzhunushaliev, V


    A new compactification mechanism of the 5th dimension in a gravitating system with two scalar fields (one of which is phantom) is proposed. It was shown that such a model has solutions oscillating over an extra coordinate and giving a finite radius of compactification of the 5th dimension. Also a possibility of using the model for a greater number of extra dimensions is pointed out.

  1. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Constraints and Language Processing (CSLP 2008)

    This research report constitutes the proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Constraints and Language Processing (CSLP 2008) which is part of the European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (ESSLLI 2008), Hamburg, Germany, August 2008.......This research report constitutes the proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Constraints and Language Processing (CSLP 2008) which is part of the European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (ESSLLI 2008), Hamburg, Germany, August 2008....

  2. PREFACE: 5th International EEIGM/AMASE/FORGEMAT Conference on Advanced Materials Research

    Ayadi, Zoubir; Czerwiec, Thierry; Horwat, David; Jamart, Brigitte


    This issue of IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, contains manuscripts of talks that will be presented at the 5th International EEIGM/AMASE/FORGEMAT Conference on Advanced Materials Research that will be held at the Ecole Européenne d'Ingénieurs en Génie des Matériaux - European School of Materials Science and Engineering (EEIGM) in Nancy on November 4-5 2009. The conference will be organized by the EEIGM. The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists from the six European universities involved in the EEIGM and in the ''Erasmus Mundus'' AMASE Master (Advanced Materials Science and Engineering) programmes and in the Tempus FORGEMAT European project: Nancy-Université - EEIGM/INPL (Nancy, France), Universität des Saarlandes (Saarbrücken, Germany), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - ETSEIB (Barcelona, Spain), Luleå Tekniska Universitet (Luleå, Sweden), Universidad Politecnica de Valencia - ETSII (Valencia, Spain) and AGH University of Science and Technology, (Kralow, Poland). This conference is also open to other universities who have strong links with the EEIGM and it will provide a forum for exchange of ideas, cooperation and future directions by means of regular presentations, posters and a round-table discussion. After careful refereeing of all manuscripts, equally shared between the four editors, 26 papers have been selected for publication in this issue. The papers are grouped together into different subject categories: polymers, metallurgy, ceramics, composites and nanocomposites, simulation and characterization. The editors would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants who submitted their manuscripts during the conference and responded in time to the editors' request at every stage from reviewing to final acceptance. The editors are indebted to all the reviewers for painstakingly reviewing the papers at very short notice. Special thanks are called for the sponsors of the conference including

  3. Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits for 5th Generation mm-Wave Wireless Communications

    Rommel, Simon; Vegas Olmos, Juan José; Tafur Monroy, Idelfonso

    Hybrid photonic-wireless transmission schemes in the mm-wave frequency are promising candidates to enable the multi-gigabit per second data communications required from wireless and mobile networks of the 5th and future generations. Photonic integration may pave the way to practical applicability...

  4. 5th World Congress on ADHD: From Child to Adult Disorder

    Goryacheva T.G.


    Full Text Available The article concerns the 5th World ADHD Congress, organized by the World Federation of ADHD in May 2015. It informs about the lectures, symposia and discussions of diagnostics and differential diagnostics of ADHD, as well as issues, concerning intervention programs.

  5. Summary of the 5th Annual Scientific Session of Cardiology in South China



    @@ The 5th Annual Scientific Session of Cardiology inSouth China was held from April 3 -7, 2003 inGuangzhou. A seminar-- "The Frontline Problemsand New Viewpoints in Cardiology in Recent Times"was held at the same time.

  6. Vocabulary and Syntactic Knowledge Factors in 5th Grade Students' Reading Comprehension

    Mokhtari, Kouider; Niederhauser, Dale S.


    In this study, we examined 5th grade students' levels of vocabulary knowledge and syntactic awareness relative to their reading comprehension performance. The aim was to explore the contributions of vocabulary and syntactic awareness as potential sources of reading comprehension difficulty for these readers. Overall, we found that both vocabulary…

  7. The Performance of the European Market for Corporate Control : Evidence from the 5th Takeover Wave

    Martynova, M.; Renneboog, L.D.R.


    Abstract: For the 5th takeover wave, European M&As were expected to create significant takeover value: the announcement reactions were strongly positive for target shareholders (more than 8%) and the bidding shareholders also expected to gain a small though significant increase in market value of 0.

  8. A Patriotic Living Buddha——Story of the 5th Living Buddha Geda



    Geda was born into a serf's family in Garze County, Sichuan Province in 1903. At the age of seven, however, when the 4th Living Buddha of the Baili Monastery passed away, he was chosen as his soul boy and thus became the 5th Living Buddha.

  9. 75 FR 63478 - 5th Annual PHEMCE Stakeholders Workshop and BARDA Industry Day


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Office of the Secretary 5th Annual PHEMCE Stakeholders Workshop and BARDA Industry Day... Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (PHEMCE) Stakeholders Workshop and BARDA Industry Day to be... Pipeline and Exploring Multi-Use Potential. BARDA Industry Day Presentations. This free Workshop will...

  10. The Perspective Theory of Zong Bing in the 5th Century of China

    LiuKeming; ZuoHongshan


    A brief historical introduction of researches on perspective in ancient China is presented,this paper studied and discussed the perspective theory or Zong Bing (宗炳) in the 5th century of China, including Zong Bing and this An introduction to Landscape Painting, and its mathematical basis, drawing ideas of Zong Bing as well.

  11. Abstract book of the 5th Regional Symposium of the International Fossil Algae Association.

    Anna Fugagnoli


    Full Text Available The 5th Regional Symposium of the International Fossil Algae Association was organised by Davide Bassi and Anna Fugagnoli in the Dipartimento delle Risorse Naturali of the University of Ferrara.This volume regards the abstracts of the studies presented during the symposium.

  12. Mednarodna znanstvena konferenca ECEI 2010 = 5th European Conference on Innovation and Enterpreunership

    Elizabeta Zirnstein


    Full Text Available The 5th European Conference on Innovation and Enterpreunership –ecei 2010 was hosted by the National and Kapodistrian University ofAthens from 15th to 17th September 2010. More than 150 authors andco-authors from 38 countries shared their research results, viewpointsand ideas on a wide range of topics that fall into this important area ofresearch

  13. The Performance of the European Market for Corporate Control : Evidence from the 5th Takeover Wave

    Martynova, M.; Renneboog, L.D.R.


    For the 5th takeover wave, European M&As were expected to create significant takeover value: the announcement reactions were strongly positive for target shareholders (more than 35%) and the bidding shareholders also expected to gain a small though significant increase in market value of 0.5%.While,

  14. An Investigation of Science and Technology Teachers' Views on the 5th Grade Science Course

    Dasdemir, Ikramettin


    This study was conducted to explore the science and technology teachers' views on the implementation of 5th grade science course. Open-ended questions were used as a data collection tool. The study sample consisted of 28 science and technology teachers working in Erzurum in 2012-2013 education year. The data gathered were analysed via content…

  15. Adaptive regularization

    Hansen, Lars Kai; Rasmussen, Carl Edward; Svarer, C.


    Regularization, e.g., in the form of weight decay, is important for training and optimization of neural network architectures. In this work the authors provide a tool based on asymptotic sampling theory, for iterative estimation of weight decay parameters. The basic idea is to do a gradient descent...... in the estimated generalization error with respect to the regularization parameters. The scheme is implemented in the authors' Designer Net framework for network training and pruning, i.e., is based on the diagonal Hessian approximation. The scheme does not require essential computational overhead in addition...... to what is needed for training and pruning. The viability of the approach is demonstrated in an experiment concerning prediction of the chaotic Mackey-Glass series. The authors find that the optimized weight decays are relatively large for densely connected networks in the initial pruning phase, while...

  16. Corpus Analysis on People’s Daily reports around July 5th Riot in Xinjiang



    The dissertation has made an observation on the words,which own the highest frequencies,in the reports of People’s Daily on Xinjiang in year 2008、2009 and 2010 (all in Chinese)which around July 5th riots ,from 2 aspects below:what are the main features of People’s Daily;After July 5th riots,specifically from which aspects does government change the developing strategy in Xinjiang;So by doing this,we can find out a new method so as to learn and analysis the reports,and get some messages and ideas from the linguistic research.I analyzed 3 years’ corpora from words’ high frequencies and made comparison among them to get the result.

  17. Corpus Analysis on People’s Daily reports around July 5th Riot in Xinjiang



    The dissertation has made an observation on the words,which own the highest frequencies,in the reports of People’s Daily on Xinjiang in year 2008、2009 and 2010(all in Chinese)which around July 5th riots,from 2 aspects below:what are the main features of People’s Daily;After July 5th riots,specifically from which aspects does government change the developing strategy in Xinjiang;So by doing this,we can find out a new method so as to learn and analysis the reports,and get some messages and ideas from the linguistic research.I analyzed3 years’corpora from words’high frequencies and made comparison among them to get the result.

  18. 5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering

    European IFMBE MBEC : Cooperation for Effective Healthcare


    This volume presents the 5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (EMBEC),  held in Budapest, 14-18 September, 2011. The scientific discussion on the conference and in this conference proceedings include the following issues: - Signal & Image Processing - ICT - Clinical Engineering and Applications - Biomechanics and Fluid Biomechanics - Biomaterials and Tissue Repair - Innovations and Nanotechnology - Modeling and Simulation - Education and Professional

  19. Opening Speech at the 5th Great Wall International Forum on Geriatric Cardiology

    Shiwen WANG


    @@ Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, In the golden autumn of Beijing, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology, and the Institute of Geriatric Cardiology at Chinese PLA General Hospital, I am very delighted to extend my warmest welcome to the representatives, colleagues and distinguished guests, both domestic and abroad, to the 5th International Forum on Geriatric Cardiology.

  20. 5th World Congress of Music Therapy, Genoa 1985: An interview with Giovanna Mutti Calcinai

    Barbara Wheeler


    Full Text Available Material on the 5th World Congress of Music Therapy, chaired by Giovanna Mutti and held in Genoa, Italy, in 1985. In addition to its value as an opportunity for people from various countries to share their music therapy work, this congress was important because it is where the World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT was established. From this congress to the present, therefore, the world congresses and the WFMT move forward together.

  1. Virtual Visit to the ATLAS Control Room by 5th General Lyceum of Katerini


    Located in the city of Katerini, in northern Greece, the 5th General Lyceum of Katerini is a public high school with about 500 students. Although it is a new school (founded in school year 2007-2008), it is very actively involved in many educational projects. Our school visited CERN in April of 2009, guided in the facilities and the students were amazed. The new students now are even more eager to learn about CERN and the undergoing experiments!

  2. Excellent Diecastings Evaluated at the 5th China International Diecasting Congress & Exhibition


    @@ In order to better promote the development of diecasting industry in our country, to boost the application of new diecasting technology and techniques, to improve the competitive power of the diecasting enterprises in our country, to extend the international markets and to improve qualities of diecastings more quickly, the activity of evaluating high quality diecastings was organized by Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES) during the period of the 5th China International Diecasting Congress & Exhibition.

  3. Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits for 5th Generation mm-Wave Wireless Communications

    Rommel, Simon; Vegas Olmos, Juan José; Tafur Monroy, Idelfonso

    Hybrid photonic-wireless transmission schemes in the mm-wave frequency are promising candidates to enable the multi-gigabit per second data communications required from wireless and mobile networks of the 5th and future generations. Photonic integration may pave the way to practical applicability...... of such photonic-wireless hybrid links by reduction in complexity, size and – most importantly – cost....

  4. Phonetics Applied to English for Specific Purposes in 5th year-medicine Students.

    Elizabeth Mercedes Monagas Alvarez


    Full Text Available Background: Pronunciation of the English language has always been one of the biggest problems in our Spanish speaker students not only at different levels but also at different kinds of teaching. It is still a troublesome area where the majority of the students continue without establishing a correct communication with English speaker people. Objective: to elaborate a methodological strategy that allows the development of pronunciation skills in English with medical purpose in 5th year students. Methods: a quantitative qualitative comparative study developed in three groups of medicine students in the 5th academic year. A methodological strategy was developed to teach pronunciation. Mid term test and well as the final test were the most important variables to carry out this investigation. Surveys and class observation method were also applied. Results: The per cent of students evaluated as excellent and good in the final test (5 and 4 was elevated in regard to the mid term test in the first semester. None of them failed the oral final and written test. Conclusions: The methodological strategy elaborated for the 5th year students of the medicine specialty highly contributed to solve great part of the pronunciation problems developing pronunciation skills.

  5. Regular polytopes

    Coxeter, H S M


    Polytopes are geometrical figures bounded by portions of lines, planes, or hyperplanes. In plane (two dimensional) geometry, they are known as polygons and comprise such figures as triangles, squares, pentagons, etc. In solid (three dimensional) geometry they are known as polyhedra and include such figures as tetrahedra (a type of pyramid), cubes, icosahedra, and many more; the possibilities, in fact, are infinite! H. S. M. Coxeter's book is the foremost book available on regular polyhedra, incorporating not only the ancient Greek work on the subject, but also the vast amount of information

  6. Inspection Database

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — FDA is disclosing the final inspection classification for inspections related to currently marketed FDA-regulated products. The disclosure of this information is not...

  7. Inspection Database

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — FDA is disclosing the final inspection classification for inspections related to currently marketed FDA-regulated products. The disclosure of this information is...

  8. Measuring Listening Comprehension Skills of 5th Grade School Students with the Help of Web Based System

    Acat, M. Bahaddin; Demiral, Hilmi; Kaya, Mehmet Fatih


    The main purpose of this study is to measure listening comprehension skills of 5th grade school students with the help of web based system. This study was conducted on 5th grade students studying at the primary schools of Eskisehir. The scale used in the process of the study is "Web Based Listening Scale". In the process of the study,…

  9. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Thermal Field Theories and Their Applications


    This contains the Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Thermal Field Theories and Their Applications (TFT98) which took place on 10-14 August 1998 in Regensburg, Germany. The contents are in html and postscript format. The html files contain clickable links to the postscript files of the papers on the LANL e-print archive. All contributions underwent strict peer review before being accepted for this volume. Comments and suggestions for improvements should be sent to

  10. TFT98: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Thermal Field Theories and Their Applications

    Heinz, Ulrich


    This contains the Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Thermal Field Theories and Their Applications (TFT98) which took place on 10-14 August 1998 in Regensburg, Germany. The contents are in html and postscript format. The html files contain clickable links to the postscript files of the papers on the LANL e-print archive. All contributions underwent strict peer review before being accepted for this volume. Comments and suggestions for improvements should be sent to ulrich.heinz@c...

  11. Virtual Visit to the ATLAS Control Room by 5th Lyceum in Volos


    The city of Volos, situated at the centre of the Greek mainland, will be hosting the 7th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics this summer. In this context, and with support of PATHWAY and Discover the COSMOS projects, Volos` science education community is organising several pre-events aimed at bringing the world`s biggest experiments in science closer to students - the scientists of tomorrow. Senior high school students from the 5th Lyceum will have the unique opportunity to visit the ATLAS control room on the 28th March, about three months before their educational trip to CERN.

  12. TFT '98 Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Thermal Field Theories and Their Applications

    Heinz, Ulrich W


    This contains the Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Thermal Field Theories and Their Applications (TFT98) which took place on 10-14 August 1998 in Regensburg, Germany. The contents are in html and postscript format. The html files contain clickable links to the postscript files of the papers on the LANL e-print archive. All contributions underwent strict peer review before being accepted for this volume. Comments and suggestions for improvements should be sent to

  13. Preface to Special Topic: Selected Papers from the 5th International Conference on Optofluidics.

    Fan, Shih-Kang; Yang, Zhenchuan


    The 5th International Conference on Optofluidics (Optofluidics 2015) was held in Taipei, Taiwan, July 26-29, 2015. The aim of this conference was to provide a forum to promote scientific exchange and to foster closer networks and collaborative ties between leading international researchers in optics and micro/nanofluidics across various disciplines. The scope of Optofluidics 2015 was deliberately broad and interdisciplinary, encompassing the latest advances and the most innovative developments in micro/nanoscale science and technology. Topics ranged from fundamental research to its applications in chemistry, physics, biology, materials, and medicine.

  14. The 5th surveillance testing for Kori unit 1 reactor vessel materials

    Chang, Kee Ok; Kim, Byoung Chul; Lee, Sam Lai; Choi, Kwun Jae; Gong, Un Sik; Chang, Jong Hwa; Joo, Yong Sun; Ahn, Sang Bok; Hong, Joon Hwa [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejeon (Korea)


    Surveillance testing for reactor vessel materials is performed in order to evaluate the irradiation embrittlement due to neutrons during operation and set the condition of safe operation of nuclear reactor. The 5th surveillance testing was performed primarily by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and Westinhouse corporation partially involved in testing and calculation data evaluation in order to obtain reliable test result. Fast neutron fluences for capsule V, T, S, R and P were 5.087E+18, 1.115E+19, 1.228E+19, 2.988E+19, and 3.938E+19n/cm2, respectively. The bias factor, the ratio of calculation/measurement, was 0.940 for the 1st through 5th testing and the calculational uncertainty, 7% satisfied the requirement of USNRC Reg.Guide DG-1053, 20%. The best estimated neutron fluence for reactor vessel inside surface was 1.9846E+19n/cm{sup 2} based on the end of 17th fuel cycle and it was predicted that the fluences of vessel inside surface at 24, 32, 40 and 48EFPY would reach 3.0593E+19, 4.0695E+19, 5.0797E+19 and 6.0900E+19n/cm{sup 2} based on the current calculation. PTS analysis for Kori unit 1 showed that 27.93EFPY was the threshold value for 300 deg F requirement. 71 refs., 33 figs., 52 tabs. (Author)

  15. 5th International Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks

    Hu, Wen; Ferrari, Federico; Zimmerling, Marco; Mottola, Luca


    This edited book presents the results of the 5th Workshop on Real-world Wireless Sensor Networks (REALWSN). The purpose of this workshop  was to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the area of sensor networks, with focus on real-world experiments or deployments of wireless sensor networks. Included were, nonetheless, emerging forms of sensing such as those that leverage smart phones, Internet of Things, RFIDs, and robots. Indeed, when working with real-world experiments or deployments, many new or unforeseen issues may arise: the network environment may be composed of a variety of different technologies, leading to very heterogeneous network structures; software development for large scale networks poses new types of problems; the performance of prototype networks may differ significantly from the deployed system; whereas actual sensor network deployments may need a complex combination of autonomous and manual configuration. Furthermore, results obtained through simulation are typically n...

  16. A Five Month Old Girl with Deletion in 5th Chromosome: Cri du Chat Syndrome

    Tolga Altuğ Şen


    Full Text Available This five month-old girl was admitted to our clinic due to failure to thrive. On physical examination, her weight, length and head circumference was below the 3rd percentile, she had blond hair, facial dysmorphism and high arched palate. Pronounced hypotonia and motor retardation was present and high-pitched crying was striking. In echocardiographic examination, secundum type ASD and midtrabecular VSD without any important hemodynamic effect was present. In cranial MRI exmination, dilated 4th ventricles and delayed myelinisation in basal ganglia was detected. By the help of high resolution binding teqhnique, deletion in the short arm of the 5th chromosome was detected and diagnosis of Cri du Chat Syndrome was made. (Journal of Current Pediatrics 2008; 6: 86-8

  17. 5th International Conference on Changeable, Agile, Reconfigurable and Virtual Production


    The changing manufacturing environment requires more responsive and adaptable manufacturing systems. The theme of the 5th International Conference on Changeable, Agile, Reconfigurable and Virtual production (CARV2013) is "Enabling Manufacturing Competitiveness and Economic Sustainability. Leading edge research and best implementation practices and experiences, which address these important issues and challenges, are presented. The proceedings include advances in manufacturing systems design, planning, evaluation, control and evolving paradigms such as mass customization, personalization, changeability, re-configurability and flexibility. New and important concepts such as the dynamic product families and platforms, co-evolution of products and systems, and methods for enhancing manufacturing systems' economic sustainability and prolonging their life to produce more than one product generation are treated. Enablers of change in manufacturing systems, production volume and capability, scalability and managing t...

  18. Genomics into Healthcare: the 5th Pan Arab Human Genetics Conference and 2013 Golden Helix Symposium.

    Fortina, Paolo; Al Khaja, Najib; Al Ali, Mahmoud Taleb; Hamzeh, Abdul Rezzak; Nair, Pratibha; Innocenti, Federico; Patrinos, George P; Kricka, Larry J


    The joint 5th Pan Arab Human Genetics conference and 2013 Golden Helix Symposium, "Genomics into Healthcare" was coorganized by the Center for Arab Genomic Studies ( in collaboration with the Golden Helix Foundation ( in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 17 to 19 November, 2013. The meeting was attended by over 900 participants, doctors and biomedical students from over 50 countries and was organized into a series of nine themed sessions that covered cancer genomics and epigenetics, genomic and epigenetic studies, genomics of blood and metabolic disorders, cytogenetic diagnosis and molecular profiling, next-generation sequencing, consanguinity and hereditary diseases, clinical genomics, clinical applications of pharmacogenomics, and genomics in public health.

  19. Vocabulary and Syntactic Knowledge Factors in 5th Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension

    Kouider MOKHTARI


    Full Text Available In this study, we examined 5th grade students’ levels of vocabulary knowledge and syntactic awareness relative to their reading comprehension performance. The aim was to explore the contributions of vocabulary and syntactic awareness as potential sources of reading comprehension difficulty for these readers. Overall, we found that both vocabulary knowledge and syntactic awareness contributed in significant yet unique ways to students’ reading comprehension performance. Students who showed weaknesses in vocabulary and syntax also performed poorly on measures of reading comprehension. Additionally, we found that syntactic awareness explained a small amount of additional variance in reading comprehension beyond what was explained by vocabulary. The implications of these findings are discussed in light of research and practice addressing the relationships among syntax, vocabulary, and reading comprehension for more and less skilled readers.

  20. Exploratory Factor Analysis of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Edition, Criteria for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

    McSweeney, Lauren B; Koch, Ellen I; Saules, Karen K; Jefferson, Stephen


    One change to the posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) nomenclature highlighted in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Edition (DSM-5; American Psychiatric Association, 2013) is the conceptualization of PTSD as a diagnostic category with four distinct symptom clusters. This article presents exploratory factor analysis to test the structural validity of the DSM-5 conceptualization of PTSD via an online survey that included the PTSD Checklist-5. The study utilized a sample of 113 college students from a large Midwestern university and 177 Amazon Mechanical Turk users. Participants were primarily female, Caucasian, single, and heterosexual with an average age of 32 years. Approximately 30% to 35% of participants met diagnostic criteria for PTSD based on two different scoring criteria. Results of the exploratory factor analysis revealed five distinct symptom clusters. The implications for the classification of PTSD are discussed.

  1. 5th International Conference on Engineering Surveying Brijuni, September 22-24, 2011

    Rinaldo Paar


    Full Text Available 5th International Conference on Engineering Surveying was held on the Brijuni Islands from 22 to 24 September 2011. The conference organizers were the Department of Surveying Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and the Institute for Applied Geodesy at the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, with the FIG Commission 6. The conference was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction of the Republic of Croatia. The conference took place in the Castrum Congress Hall of Hotel Neptun-Istra. The official language of the conference was English. The conference was attended by 70 representatives from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic and Slovakia, and a total of 40 papers were presented.

  2. Highlights from the 5th Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Virology.

    Salata, Cristiano; Calistri, Arianna; Palù, Giorgio


    The 5th National Congress of the Italian Society of Virology (SIV) was attended by junior- and senior-level virologists to promote interactions and scientific collaborations among the different areas of Virology and allied sciences. The invited and selected lecturers covered the following topics: General Virology and Viral Genetics; Virus-host Interaction and Pathogenesis; Viral Oncogenesis; Viral Immunology and Vaccines; Anti-viral Therapy; Innovative Diagnostics; Viral Biotechnologies and Cell and Gene Therapy. As in the previous editions (Salata and Palù, 2004; Salata et al., 2005), a specific topic was thoroughly covered in a roundtable. This year the elected subject was "HIV: determinants of pathogenicity and clinical implications." The final program and the abstract book can be found at the web site This report summarizes the lessons learned from the plenary lectures and the selected oral presentations of the 2005 meeting.

  3. Concepts and practices of teachers of argumentation skills at the 5th grade of basic education

    Andrezza da Costa França


    Full Text Available The present article seeks to discuss the concepts of two teachers regarding the teaching of argumentation skills and how they refl ect on their teaching practices with 5th grade students. The analysis of fi ve classes of each teacher has revealed that one of them adopted a concept of argumentation detached from day-to-day situations, expressed in the teaching of concepts and in a standard compositional form. The other teacher has shown a clearer understanding of the diversity of textual genres and of the situations in which one has to use argumentation skills, therefore generating more reading and writing activities based on the context, focusing on the analyzed genres’ characteristics. It is possible to conclude that the concept of argumentation as a discursive practice requires a greater knowledge of the diversity of situations and genres found in the society. This knowledge is essential for a more refl exive pedagogical practice centered on the social uses of writing.

  4. 5th International and 41st National Conference on FMFP 2014

    Das, Debopam; Srivastava, Rajesh; Panigrahi, P; Muralidhar, K


    This volume comprises the proceedings of the 42nd National and 5th International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power held at IIT Kanpur in December, 2014.The conference proceedings encapsulate the best deliberations held during the conference. The diversity of participation in the conference, from academia, industry and research laboratories reflects in the articles appearing in the volume. This contributed volume has articles from authors who have participated in the conference on thematic areas such as Fundamental Issues and Perspectives in Fluid Mechanics; Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Instability, Transition and Turbulence; Turbomachinery; Multiphase Flows; Fluid‐Structure Interaction and Flow‐Induced Noise; Microfluidics; Bio‐inspired Fluid Mechanics; Internal Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines; and Specialized Topics. The contents of this volume will prove useful to researchers from industry and academia alike. .

  5. Proceedings of the 5th US/German Workshop on Salt Repository Research Design and Operation

    Hansen, Francis D. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Leigh, Christi [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Stein, Walter [Karlsruhe Inst. of Technology (KIT) (Germany); Bollingerfehr, Wilhelm [DBE Technology, Peine (Germany); Von Berlepsche, Thilo [DBE Technology, Peine (Germany)


    The 5th US/German Workshop on Salt Repository Research, Design, and Operation was held in Santa Fe New Mexico September 8-10, 2014. The forty seven registered participants were equally divided between the United States (US) and Germany, with one participant from The Netherlands. The agenda for the 2014 workshop was under development immediately upon finishing the 4th Workshop. Ongoing, fundamental topics such as thermomechanical behavior of salt, plugging and sealing, the safety case, and performance assessment continue to advance the basis for disposal of heat-generating nuclear waste in salt formations. The utility of a salt underground research laboratory (URL) remains an intriguing concept engendering discussion of testing protocol. By far the most interest in this years’ workshop pertained to operational safety. Given events at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), this discussion took on a new sense of relevance and urgency.

  6. 5th international conference on design and modeling of mechanical systems

    Romdhane, Lotfi; Louati, Jamel; Amara, Abdelmajid


    The 5th International Congress on Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems (CMSM) was held in Djerba, Tunisia on March 25-27, 2013 and followed four previous successful editions, which brought together international experts in the fields of design and modeling of mechanical systems, thus contributing to the exchange of information and skills and leading to a considerable progress in research among the participating teams. The fifth edition of the congress (CMSM´2013), organized by the Unit of Mechanics, Modeling and Manufacturing (U2MP) of the National School of Engineers of Sfax, Tunisia, the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (MBL) of the National School of Engineers of Monastir, Tunisia and the Mechanics Laboratory of Sousse (LMS) of the National School of Engineers of Sousse, Tunisia, saw a significant increase of the international participation. This edition brought together nearly 300 attendees who exposed their work on the following topics: mechatronics and robotics, dynamics of mechanical systems, fl...

  7. 5th International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications

    Kacprzyk, Janusz; Ören, Tuncer; Filipe, Joaquim


    The present book includes a set of selected extended papers from the 5th International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications (SIMULTECH 2015), held in Colmar, France, from 21 to 23 July 2015. The conference brought together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in methodologies and applications of modeling and simulation. New and innovative solutions are reported in this book. SIMULTECH 2015 received 102 submissions, from 36 countries, in all continents. After a double blind paper review performed by the Program Committee, 19% were accepted as full papers and thus selected for oral presentation. Additional papers were accepted as short papers and posters. A further selection was made after the Conference, based also on the assessment of presentation quality and audience interest, so that this book includes the extended and revised versions of the very best papers of SIMULTECH 2015. Commitment to high quality standards is a major concern of SIMULTECH t...

  8. Proceedings of the 5th International workshop on hydrogen and fuel cells WICaC 2010



    The 5th International Workshop on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - WICaC 2010 aims to bring the most recent advances on fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. The conference will address the trends on hydrogen production, distribution, delivery, storage and infrastructure as well as fuel cell research, development, demonstration and commercialization. Some of the issues addressed at WICaC 2010 are: the official Brazilian hydrogen and fuel cell programs and its participation in the international programs and partnerships such as the IPHE (The International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy); the integration of renewable energy sources with hydrogen and fuel cell systems; the challenges to deploy the commercialization and use of fuel cells and hydrogen; distributed generation of energy; fuel cell uses in portable devices and in vehicles; life-cycle assessment of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies; environmental aspects; energy efficiency.

  9. 5th CIRP international conference on industrial product-service systems


    “An Industrial Product-Service System is characterized by the integrated and mutually  determined planning, development, provision and use of product and service shares including its immanent software components in Business-to-Business applications and represents a knowledge-intensive socio-technical system.” – Meier, Roy, Seliger (2010) Since the first conference in 2009, the CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems has become a well-established international forum for the review and discussion of advances, research results and industrial improvements. Researchers from all over the world have met at previous IPS² conferences in Cranfield (2009), Linköping (2010), Braunschweig (2011) and Tokyo (2012). In 2013, the 5th CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems is held in Bochum. Important topics of IPS² research presented at the conference are: planning and development, sustainability, business models, operation, service engineering, knowledge mana...

  10. The 5th surveillance testing for Kori unit 2 reactor vessel materials

    Chang, Kee Ok; Kim, Byoung Chul; Lee, Sam Lai; Choi, Kwon Jae; Gong, Un Sik; Chang, Jong Hwa; Joo, Yong Sun; Ahn, Sang Bok; Hong, Joon Hwa [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejeon (Korea)


    Surveillance testing for reactor vessel materials is performed in order to evaluate the irradiation embrittlement due to neutrons during operation and set the condition of safe operation of nuclear reactor. The 5th surveillance testing was performed completely by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute at Taejeon after the capsule was transported from Kori site including its removal from reactor. Fast neutron fluences for capsules were calculated and various testing including mechanical and chemistry analysis were performed in order to evaluate the integrity of Kori unit 2 reactor vessel during the operation until life time. The evaluation results are as follows; Fast neutron fluences for capsules V, R, P, T and N are 2.837E+18, 1.105E+19, 2.110E+19, 3.705E+19 and 4.831E+19n/cm{sup 2}, respectively. The bias factor, the ratio of measurement/calculation, was 0.918 for the 1st through 5th testing and the calculational uncertainty, 11.6% satisfied the requirement of USNRC Reg.Guide DG-1053, 20%. The best estimated neutron fluence for reactor vessel inside surface was 1.898E+19n/cm{sup 2} based on the end of 15th fuel cycle and it was predicted that the fluences of vessel inside surface at 32, 40, 48 and 56EFPY would reach 4.203E+19, 5.232E+19, 6.262E+19 and 7.291E+19n/cm{sup 2} based on the current calculation. The result through this analysis for Kori unit 2 showed that there would be no problem for the pressurized thermal shock(PTS) during the operation until design life. 49 refs., 35 figs., 48 tabs. (Author)

  11. Development of the AMES network throughout the 4th and 5th EURATOM framework programmes

    Sevini, F.; Debarberis, L.; Toerroenen, K.; Gerard, R.; Davies, L.M


    The AMES (Ageing Materials European Strategy) network started its activity in 1993 with the aim of studying ageing mechanisms and remedial procedures for structural materials used for nuclear reactor components. Acad. L.M. Davies led AMES during successful development from the beginning until the end of the 4th Framework Programme, and greatly contributed during the 5th Framework Programme with his precious advice and as EPLAF Chairman. Among others, during the 4th EURATOM Framework Program some projects co-financed by the European Commission were carried out on non-destructive monitoring techniques for thermal ageing, reference dosimetry, and reconstitution techniques applied to Charpy specimens. Within the 5th EURATOM Framework Program, other projects were approved for funding and are currently running. Their focus is on the mechanism of irradiation embrittlement of reactor pressure vessel materials, namely the influence of chemical composition, on the improvement of surveillance temperature measurement, on the validation of the master curve approach, and on non-destructive techniques to monitor ageing of irradiated steels, which all have relations to plant life management and extension. The paper will present an overview of the outcome of the projects having plant life management implications, especially non-destructive techniques applied to thermal ageing and neutron embrittlement monitoring (AMES-NDT and GRETE), improved surveillance for VVER 440 reactors (COBRA), dosimetry (AMES-DOSIMETRY, MADAM and REDOS), PISA and FRAME. The project co-ordinators have provided most of the material here presented, but together with them all the project members gave their contribution and are therefore acknowledged.

  12. Hospital Inspections

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Welcome to, a website run by the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ) that aims to make federal hospital inspection reports easier...

  13. Tectonic Implication of the 5th March 2005, Doublet Earthquake in Ilan, Taiwan

    En-Chao Yeh


    Full Text Available The 5th March 2005 earthquake doublet focal mechanism was determined as strike-slip faulting from Harvard and BATS moment tensor inversion. However, based on first motion polarities, the first shock has a normal focal mechanism (Wu et al. 2008a. This discrepancy has caused a debate over the focal mechanism solution because different focal mechanisms have different tectonic implications. Based on the dislocation determination from Global Position System (GPS measurements, we find this event includes both tensile and strike-slip components. This finding illustrates the reason for the differences in the determined focal mechanisms using two different types of seismic data and analyzing methods. Field mapping and microstructure examination results indicate that the ductile deformation around the study area was characterized by the evolution from transpression to transtension with a predominant strike-slip component, but present-day active structures may be dominated by normal faulting. Thus, the active tensile slip result determined from dislocation modeling strongly suggests that the back arc extension of the Okinawa trough influences the stress state in this region, and changes the major transtension from strike-slip faulting to normal faulting.

  14. The UK fuel poverty strategy: 5th annual progress report 2007



    This fifth annual progress report details government progress in 2007 in tackling fuel poverty and movement towards targets. The United Kingdom were the first country in the world to recognise the issue of fuel poverty and to put in place measures to tackle the issue, including spending 20 billion pounds sterling on benefits and programmes since the year 2000. The report covers progress to date, schemes and initiatives to tackle fuel poverty, the energy market and looks ahead to the future. Progress and development of the schemes across the devolved nations are also considered. This report is the first to publish the Government's proposals for the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) priority group, which were laid before Parliament on 5th December 2007. This report is the first to present the fuel poverty figures for 2005, and shows the effects of rising energy prices. The Government continues to take action to ensure that the energy market is working properly, and to encourage reform in the EU on energy market liberalisation - this should reduce pressure on prices. Those in fuel poverty have much to gain by switching supplier and this report outlines the action taken by Ofgem and Energywatch to encourage this.

  15. The 5th ATLAS Physics Workshop in Rome: Report from the Physics Sessions

    Cobal, M

    The 5th ATLAS physics workshop took place between the 6th and the 11th of June in Rome (after Trest '95, Grenoble '98, Lund '01, and Athens '03). This event turned out to be a great occasion to review the status of the physics and detector performance studies, under the beautiful sun of Rome. It is quite difficult to summarize the 100 talks (for a total of about 35 hours of presentations and discussions): I will just try to give here the general flavour of the workshop structure and conclusions. Four groups represented the Combined Detector Performances: Flavour tagging, E/gamma, Muon Combined and Jet/missing-transverse-energy/Tau. The main focus has been on the results of trigger studies: one introductory and one final talk provided the frame for more detailed presentations embedded in the relevant sessions. Progress was shown also from the Combined Testbeam analyses, where the data from the full ATLAS slice, collected in 2004, are being validated on real data reconstruction algorithms. During the physics ...

  16. Soft Computing Applications : Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop Soft Computing Applications

    Fodor, János; Várkonyi-Kóczy, Annamária; Dombi, Joszef; Jain, Lakhmi


                    This volume contains the Proceedings of the 5thInternational Workshop on Soft Computing Applications (SOFA 2012).                                The book covers a broad spectrum of soft computing techniques, theoretical and practical applications employing knowledge and intelligence to find solutions for world industrial, economic and medical problems. The combination of such intelligent systems tools and a large number of applications introduce a need for a synergy of scientific and technological disciplines in order to show the great potential of Soft Computing in all domains.                   The conference papers included in these proceedings, published post conference, were grouped into the following area of research: ·         Soft Computing and Fusion Algorithms in Biometrics, ·         Fuzzy Theory, Control andApplications, ·         Modelling and Control Applications, ·         Steps towa...

  17. The acquired preparedness risk model applied to smoking in 5th grade children.

    Combs, Jessica L; Spillane, Nichea S; Caudill, Leann; Stark, Brittany; Smith, Gregory T


    The very early onset of smoking predicts numerous health problems. The authors conducted the first test of one risk model for elementary school age smoking, known as the acquired preparedness (AP) model of risk, in a cross-sectional sample of 309 5th grade children. The model posits that (a) impulsivity-related personality traits contribute to risk for a variety of risky, maladaptive behaviors; (b) smoking expectancies confer risk only for smoking; and (c) the personality traits contribute to the formation of high risk expectancies for reinforcement from smoking, which in turn increases the likelihood of early onset smoking. The model was supported: the high-risk personality traits distinguished children engaging in any risky, maladaptive behavior from other children, and the smoking expectancies differentiated smokers from all other children. The relationship between personality tendencies to act rashly when experiencing intense positive or negative emotions and smoker status was partially mediated by expectancies for reinforcement from smoking. This model should be investigated longitudinally.

  18. The 5th Symposium on Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Plant Gene Expression (PTRoPGE)

    Karen S. Browning; Marie Petrocek; Bonnie Bartel


    The 5th Symposium on Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Plant Gene Expression (PTRoPGE) will be held June 8-12, 2005 at the University of Texas at Austin. Exciting new and ongoing discoveries show significant regulation of gene expression occurs after transcription. These post-transcriptional control events in plants range from subtle regulation of transcribed genes and phosphorylation, to the processes of gene regulation through small RNAs. This meeting will focus on the regulatory role of RNA, from transcription, through translation and finally degradation. The cross-disciplinary design of this meeting is necessary to encourage interactions between researchers that have a common interest in post-transcriptional gene expression in plants. By bringing together a diverse group of plant molecular biologist and biochemists at all careers stages from across the world, this meeting will bring about more rapid progress in understanding how plant genomes work and how genes are finely regulated by post-transcriptional processes to ultimately regulate cells.

  19. Risk Analysis of steam generation at the 5th refinery of South Pars Gas Company using HAZOP procedures

    Vahid Aziznezhad


    Full Text Available considering HSE management program in its strategic framework, and employing integrated methods and tools commonly employed in a chemical process plant, a hazard risk assessments at the steam generation unit was investigated in an Iranian South Pars gas refinery, using PHA-PRO6 software. Recommendations were made to improve safety and prevent possible hazards, taking into account several years of production experiences, past maintenances and reported accidents and near misses. Implicating safety improvements by adopting recommendation yielded from HAZOP studies is expected to reduce system risks and enhance its reliability. The main process hazards identified include water flow fluctuation, pump failures and excess pressure leading to pipe failures, condensation at compensating steam outlets, leakage, substandard maintenance practices, deviations in control of pH, oxygen content, corrosion, condensed water entrapment, were identified as some of the major sources of risks involved. These were considered in constitution of the risk matrix, from which main recommendations and execution time needed are produced. Using the available techniques and standards as well as installing flow control devices could ensure maintaining a normal operating pressure which will in turn, reduce pump stoppage and the unit being out of service due to water shortage. Starting-up procedure for the unit was also revised based on the results of this study. The need for regular (annual inspection of instrumentation controls especially solenoids and check valves were also emphasized. To avoid reverse flow of water into the boilers, installation of a check valve before HV 213 was recommended.

  20. Russia's China Year Embraces Chinese Auto to Russia——The 5th China Auto International Exhibition Tour


    @@ 2007 was the Russia's China Year,and one of big events for the remarkable year was the 5th China Auto International (Russia) Exhibition Tour.The tour flamed up the Chinese heat in this Eastern European nation.In 2006,Russia ranked the first largest country that imported autos from China,an impressive leap from that of the 2005,which was only ranked 6th.Therefore,when the organizing committee decided that the 5th China Auto International Exhibition Tour would be held in Russia,many automakers showed great interests.

  1. Patterns of Irregular Burials in Western Europe (1st-5th Century A.D.)

    Milella, Marco; Mariotti, Valentina; Belcastro, Maria Giovanna; Knüsel, Christopher J.


    Background Irregular burials (IB—burials showing features that contrast with the majority of others in their geographic and chronological context) have been the focus of archaeological study because of their relative rarity and enigmatic appearance. Interpretations of IB often refer to supposed fear of the dead or to social processes taking place in time-specific contexts. However, a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of IB for various geographical contexts is still lacking, a fact that hampers any discussion of these burials on a larger scale. Methods Here, we collected a bibliographic dataset of 375 IB from both Britain and Continental Europe, altogether spanning a time period from the 1st to the 5th century AD. Each burial has been coded according to ten dichotomous variables, further analyzed by means of chi-squared tests on absolute frequencies, non-metric multidimensional scaling, and cluster analysis. Results Even acknowledging the limits of this study, and in particular the bias represented by the available literature, our results point to interesting patterns. Geographically, IB show a contrast between Britain and Continental Europe, possibly related to historical processes specific to these regions. Different types of IB (especially prone depositions and depositions with the cephalic extremity displaced) present a series of characteristics and associations between features that permit a more detailed conceptualization of these occurrences from a socio-cultural perspective that aids to elucidate their funerary meaning. Conclusions and Significance Altogether, the present work stresses the variability of IB, and the need to contextualize them in a proper archaeological and historical context. It contributes to the discussion of IB by providing a specific geographic and chronological frame of reference that supports a series of hypotheses about the cultural processes possibly underlying their occurrence. PMID:26115408

  2. Ultrasonic Inspection


    Automation Industries Inc. has had more than $2 million in contracts to produce innovative equipment for the Apollo program. When Marshall Space Flight Center sought a fast nondestructive way to inspect butt welds in aluminum alloys for spacecraft, the company developed a reliable ultrasonic device using multiple transducers called "delta manipulators" which detect lack of weld penetration not readily seen in radiograph automation. Industry soon adapted the ultrasonic equipment to a unique rail inspection device that saves countless man hours. Device is contained in self propelled railroad cars produced and operated by the company to check old track welds for deterioration.

  3. Communicating Science to Impact Learning? A Phenomenological Inquiry into 4th and 5th Graders' Perceptions of Science Information Sources

    Gelmez Burakgazi, Sevinc; Yildirim, Ali; Weeth Feinstein, Noah


    Rooted in science education and science communication studies, this study examines 4th and 5th grade students' perceptions of science information sources (SIS) and their use in communicating science to students. It combines situated learning theory with uses and gratifications theory in a qualitative phenomenological analysis. Data were gathered…

  4. Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM) (5th, Chania, Greece, June 19-21, 2012)

    International Educational Data Mining Society, 2012


    The 5th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM 2012) is held in picturesque Chania on the beautiful Crete island in Greece, under the auspices of the International Educational Data Mining Society (IEDMS). The EDM 2012 conference is a leading international forum for high quality research that mines large data sets of educational…

  5. Coming 5th Edition of the API Standard 618: major changes compared to the API 618, 4th edition

    Pyle, A.; Eijk, A.; Elferink, H.


    This paper will present the highlights of changes that will be found in the 5th Edition of API 618, which is expected to be published in late 2003 or early 2004. Approximately every 5 years the API Standards are revised in such a way that the latest field experiences and proven designs are included

  6. Process evaluation of 'learn young, learn fair': A stress management programme for 5th and 6th graders

    Kraag, G.; Breukelen, G. van; Lamberts, P.; Vugts, O.; Kok, G.; Fekkes, M.; Huijer Abu-Sadd, H.


    This article describes the process evaluation of a stress management program called 'Learn Young, Learn Fair' for 5th and 6th graders. Studies, reviews and meta-analyses of prevention programs report that a common limitation in studies is the restricted documentation of process factors that contribu

  7. Proceedings 5th Symposium on Resilience Engineering, Managing trade-offs; 24th-27th June 2013 Soesterberg, Netherlands

    Herrera, I.; Schraagen, J.M.C.; Vorm, J. van der; Woods, D.D.


    The 5th Symposium continued this tradition and was organized by TNO around the theme of ‘Resilience Engineering: Managing Trade-offs,’ and brought together 140 researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines, multiple industry sectors and about 20 countries. The program addressed the challeng

  8. FANTASTIC-5G: flexible air interface for scalable service delivery within wireless communication networks of the 5th generation

    Schaich, Frank; Sayrac, Berna; Elayoubi, Salaheddine


    5th generation mobile networks will have to cope with a high degree of heterogeneity in terms of services, mobility, number of devices and so on. Thus, diverse and often contradicting key performance indicators need to be supported, but having multiple radio access technologies for multi-service ...

  9. A Brief Intervention to Bolster a 5th Grader's Regrouping Skills in Math

    Waugh, Matthew; Harrison, Gina L.


    This study examined the efficacy of a brief math intervention using cognitive behaviour instruction (CBI) supplemented by a mnemonic cue system for a 5th grade student with math computation and fluency difficulties. Regrouping operations in addition and subtraction were the targeted skills. Curriculum-based measurements were conducted at the end…

  10. Peter Landin: a computer scientist who inspired a generation, 5th June 1930 - 3rd June 2009


    Peter Landin: a computer scientist who inspired a generation, 5th June 1930 - 3rd June 2009 (Bornat, Richard) School of Engineering and Information Sciences, Middlesex University - The Burroughs, NW4 4BT - London - UNITED KINGDOM (Bornat, Richard) UNITED KINGDOM Registration: 2009-07-24 ePublished: 2009-08-13

  11. On Weak Regular *-semigroups

    Yong Hua LI; Hai Bin KAN; Bing Jun YU


    In this paper, a special kind of partial algebras called projective partial groupoids is defined.It is proved that the inverse image of all projections of a fundamental weak regular *-semigroup under the homomorphism induced by the maximum idempotent-separating congruence of a weak regular *-semigroup has a projective partial groupoid structure. Moreover, a weak regular *-product which connects a fundamental weak regular *-semigroup with corresponding projective partial groupoid is defined and characterized. It is finally proved that every weak regular *-product is in fact a weak regular *-semigroup and any weak regular *-semigroup is constructed in this way.

  12. News from the "5th International Meeting on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases" CAPRI 2010.

    Latella, Giovanni; Fiocchi, Claudio; Caprili, Renzo


    At the "5th International Meeting on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases selected topics of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including the environment, genetics, the gut flora, the cell response and immunomodulation were discussed in order to better understand specific clinical and therapeutic aspects. The incidence of IBD continues to rise, both in low and in high-incidence areas. It is believed that factors associated with 'Westernization' may be conditioning the expression of these disorders. The increased incidence of IBD among migrants from low-incidence to high-incidence areas within the same generation suggests a strong environmental influence. The development of genome-wide association scanning (GWAS) technologies has lead to the discovery of more than 100 IBD loci. Some, as the Th 17 pathway genes, are shared between Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), while other are IBD subtype-specific (autophagy genes, epithelial barrier genes). Disease-specific therapies targeting these pathways should be developed. Epigenetic regulation of the inflammatory response also appears to play an important role in the pathogenesis of IBD. The importance of gut flora in intestinal homeostasis and inflammation was reinforced, the concepts of eubiosis and dysbiosis were introduced, and some strategies for reverting dysbiosis to a homeostatic state of eubiosis were proposed. The current status of studies on the human gut microbiota metagenome, metaprotome, and metabolome was also presented. The cell response in inflammation, including endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress responses, autophagy and inflammasome-dependent events were related to IBD pathogenesis. It was suggested that inflammation-associated ER stress responses may be a common trait in the pathogenesis of various chronic immune and metabolic diseases. How innate and adaptive immunity signaling events can perpetuate chronic inflammation was discussed extensively. Signal transduction pathways provide intracellular

  13. Health in the 5th 5-years Development Plan of Iran: Main Challenges, General Policies and Strategies

    N Rostamigooran


    Full Text Available Access to the right to the highest attainable level of health is a constitutional right that obliges governments and other players to take step to increase all individuals’ chances of obtaining good health. At the least, health and education are two crucial requirements for this as well. Iran's vision 2025 is going to lead the country to a developed state with the highest rank of economic, scientific and technological status in the region. Enjoying health, welfare, food security, social security, equal opportunities, etc, are also considered as part of characteristics of Iranian society in 2025. Although health system of Iran has many achievements in providing health services specially for the poor following the Islamic Revolution of 1979, but the evidences gathered to develop the 5th 5-years economical, social and cultural plan (5th5YDP:2011-2015, listed a variety of main challenges in stewardship, financing, resources generation and service provision functions of the existing health system. Thus, to overcome the main challenges, about 11% of general policies of 5th5YDP are directly address health related issues with emphasizing on healthy human and comprehensive health approach with considering: Integration of policy making, planning, evaluation, supervision and public financing; Developing both quantity and quality of health insurance system and reducing out-of-pocket expenditures for health services to 30% by the end of the 5th plan. The strategies of 5th5YDP adopted by the parliament as an Act will change the health system fundamentally through tuning the main drivers; so, its implementation needs brave leaders, capable managers, motivated technical staff and social mobilization.

  14. PREFACE: 5th DAE-BRNS Workshop on Hadron Physics (Hadron 2011)

    Jyoti Roy, Bidyut; Chatterjee, A.; Kailas, S.


    The 5th DAE-BRNS Workshop on Hadron Physics was held at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai from 31 October to 4 November 2011. This workshop series, supported by the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Department of Atomic Energy (BRNS, DAE), Govt. of India, began ten years ago with the first one being held at BARC, Mumbai in October 2002. The second one was held at Puri in 2005, organized jointly by Institute of Physics, Bhubneswar and Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata. The 3rd and 4th ones took place, respectively, at Shantineketan in 2006, organized by Visva Bharati University, and at Aligarh in 2008, organized by Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. The aim of the present workshop was to bring together the experts and young researchers in the field of hadron physics (both experiment and theory) and to have in-depth discussions on the current research activities in this field. The format of the workshop was: a series of review lectures by various experts from India and abroad, the presentation of advanced research results by researchers in the field, and a review of major experimental programs being planned and pursued in major laboratories in the field of hadron physics, with the aim of providing a platform for the young participants for interaction with their peers. The upcoming international FAIR facility at GSI is a unique future facility for studies of hadron physics in the charm sector and hyper nuclear physics. The Indian hadron physics community is involved in this mega science project and is working with the PANDA collaboration on the development of detectors, simulation and software tools for the hadron physics programme with antiprotons at FAIR. A one-day discussion session was held at this workshop to discuss India-PANDA activities, the current collaboration status and the work plan. This volume presents the workshop proceedings consisting of lectures and seminars which were delivered during the workshop. We are thankful to

  15. PREFACE: 5th International Workshop on Top Quark Physics (TOP2012)

    Salamanna, G.; Boisvert, V.; Cerrito, L.; Khan, A.; Moretti, S.; Owen, M.; Schwanenberger, C.


    The 5th International Workshop on Top Quark Physics (TOP 2012) took place in Winchester, UK, from the 16-21 September. It gathered students as well as people active in the top quark sector and provided a framework to highlight the newest results and matters related to top quark physics. Discovered in 1995, the top quark is the sixth and heaviest of all quarks, and it is the only one with a lifetime short enough to be observed 'naked'. This makes it an important testing ground in the search for new physics. In fact, the fact of its mass being so much larger than the other quarks, hints at its special role in the Higgs mechanism. For the same reason, in many models of New Physics, new heavy resonances are expected to couple mostly with top quarks. Even if no new particles are observed, the direct correlation between its angular momentum and that of its detectable decay products allows us to probe indirectly New Physics in action when top quarks are created. In this edition of the TOP conference series, for the first time, the agenda was equally balanced between 'traditional' measurements and the now vast number of searches for physics BSM in the top quark sector, thanks mostly to the amount of data collected at the LHC in its Run I. New results were presented by both the Tevatron and the LHC collaborations: improved ttbar and single top cross-section measurements, refined techniques to measure the top quark mass and a large number of results on properties such as spin correlation and W boson polarization in top quark decays were shown. More technical discussions on the experimental issues, both from the detector and the simulation side also took place, drawing together experimentalists and theorists. Reviews of the latest results on ttbar asymmetry both from CDF and D0 and from ATLAS and CMS were shown, and theorists active in the field made some interesting points on this hot topic. Additionally, results on the search for fourth generation fermions and new

  16. The 5th Conference on Asian Trends in Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy.

    Akaza, Hideyuki; Moore, Malcolm A; Chang, Shu-Jen; Cheng, Christopher; Choi, Han Yong; Esuvaranathan, Kesavan; Hinotsu, Shiro; Hong, Sung-Joon; Kim, Choung-Soo; Kim, Wun-Jae; Murai, Masaru; Naito, Seiji; Soebadi, Doddy; Song, Jae-Mann; Umbas, Rainy; Usami, Michiyuki; Xia, Shujie; Yang, Chi-Rei


    The Conference on Asian Trends in Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy is an annual forum for Asian urologists now in its 5th year. The 2006 conference, held in Bali, Indonesia, was attended by 27 leading urologic oncologists from China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan and featured a packed program of presentations and discussions on a wide range of topics such as relationships among clinicians and the newly opened Asia Regional Office for Cancer Control of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), detection rates of prostate cancer by biopsy in each of the 6 Asian countries, and favored treatment modalities for hormone-refractory prostate cancer (HRPC) in each country. The first session of the conference kicked off with a keynote lecture entitled "Activities of the UICC ARO". UICC's new office will be the nerve center for its activities in the Asia region. Along with the Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (APOCP), UICC aims to shift the focus of attention to cancer control. As such APOCP's long-running publication the APJCP is to be re-launched as the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Control. Although UICC is primarily concerned with cancer, several risk factors for cancer are common also to other non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and an important strategy is to implement measures to control these various pathologic conditions as a whole. Apart from contributing to an Asian prostate cancer registry the UICC-ARO will provide training courses, working groups, and assistance in collecting and processing data. The keynote lecture was followed by a roundtable discussion on possible ways in which clinicians from each Asian country can work with UICC. A number of suggestions were put forth including better registration, epidemiology research, possible implementation of UICC prostate cancer guidelines, early detection and screening, and roles of diet and phytotherapy. The underlying reasons for the large but

  17. Restaurant inspection frequency and food safety compliance.

    Newbold, K Bruce; McKeary, Marie; Hart, Robert; Hall, Robert


    Although food premises are regularly inspected, little information is available on the effect of inspections on compliance records, particularly with respect to the impact of the frequency of inspection on compliance. The following presents the outcome of a study designed to assess the impact of increased inspection frequency on compliance measures in Hamilton, Ontario, in the absence of any other changes to food handler/safety programs or legislation. High-risk food inspection premises were randomly assigned three, four, or five inspections per year. Results indicate that no statistical difference existed in outcome measures based on frequency of inspection. When premises were grouped based on the average time between inspections, premises with greater time between inspections scored better compliance measures relative to premises that were inspected more frequently. The study was also unique for the level of consultation and collaboration sought from the public health inspectors (PHIs) assigned to the Food Safety Program. Their knowledge and experience with respect to the critical variables associated with compliance were a complementary component to the literature review conducted by the research team.




    It is proved that for a left Noetherian z-graded ring A,if every finitely generated graded A-module has finite projective dimension(i.e-,A is gr-regular)then every finitely generated A-module has finite projective dimension(i.e.,A is regular).Some applications of this result to filtered rings and some classical cases are also given.

  19. Organization of ESOMM-2014: 5th International Meeting on the Effects of Sound in the Ocean on Marine Mammals


    on the Effects of Sound in the Ocean on Marine Mammals 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) 5d. PROJECT...Organization of ESOMM-2014: 5th international meeting on the Effects of Sound in the Ocean on Marine Mammals Dr. Frans-Peter A. Lam Acoustics & Sonar...together with namelist. After the conference posters and presentations have been distributed. A special ESOMM-issue for Aquatic Mammals Journal has

  20. Fast Food Consumption and Food Prices: Evidence from Panel Data on 5th and 8th Grade Children

    Tamkeen Khan; Powell, Lisa M.; Roy Wada


    Fast food consumption is a dietary factor associated with higher prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States. The association between food prices and consumption of fast food among 5th and 8th graders was examined using individual-level random effects models utilizing consumption data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99 (ECLS-K), price data from American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association (ACCRA), and contextual outlet density data from...

  1. PREFACE: The 5th International Symposium on Quantum Theory and Symmetries (QTS5)

    Gadella, M.; Izquierdo, J. M.; Kuru, S.; Negro, J.; del Olmo, M. A.


    This special issue of Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical appears on the occasion of the 5th International Symposium on Quantum Theory and Symmetries (QTS5), held in Valladolid, Spain, from 22-28 July 2007. This is the fith in a series of conferences previously held in Goslar (Germany) 1999, QTS1; Cracow (Poland) 2001, QTS2; Cincinnati (USA) 2003, QTS3; and Varna (Bulgaria) 2005, QTS4. The QTS5 symposium gathered 181 participants from 39 countries working in different fields of theoretical physics. The spirit of the QTS conference series is to join researchers in a wide variety of topics in theoretical physics, as a way of making accessible recent results and the new lines of different fields. This is based on the feeling that it is good for a physicist to have a general overview as well as expertise in his/her own field. There are many other conferences devoted to specific topics, which are of interest to gain deeper insight in many technical aspects and that are quite suitable for discussions due to their small size. However, we believe that general conferences like this are interesting and worth keeping. We like the talks, in both plenary and parallel sessions, which are devoted to specific topics, to be prepared so as to be accessible to any researcher in any branch of theoretical physics. We think that this objective is compatible with rigour and high standards. As is well known, similar methods and techniques can be useful for many problems in different fields. We hope that this has been appreciated during the sessions of the QTS5 conference. The QTS5 conference offered the following list of topics: 1. Symmetries in string theory, quantum gravity and related topics 2. Symmetries in quantum field theories, conformal and related field theories, lattice and noncommutative theories, gauge theories 3.Quantum computing, information and control 4. Foundations of quantum theory 5. Quantum optics, coherent states, Wigner functions 6. Dynamical and

  2. PREFACE: The 5th International Symposium in Quantum Theory and Symmetries (QTS5)

    Arratia, O.; Calzada, J. A.; Gómez-Cubillo, F.; Negro, J.; del Olmo, M. A.


    This volume of Journal of Physics: Conference Series contains the Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium in Quantum Theory and Symmetries (QTS5), held in Valladolid, Spain, 22-28 July 2007. This is the fifth of a series of conferences previously held in Goslar (Germany) 1999, QTS1; Cracow (Poland) 2001, QTS2; Cincinnati (USA) 2003, QTS3, and Varna (Bulgaria) 2005, QTS4. The QTS5 symposium gathered 181 participants from 39 countries working in different fields on Theoretical Physics. The spirit of the QTS conference series is to join researchers in a wide variety of topics in Theoretical Physics, as a way to make accessible recent results and the new lines of different fields. The QTS5 conference offered the following list of topics: Symmetries in String Theory, Quantum Gravity and related Symmetries in Quantum Field Theories, Conformal and Related Field Theories, Lattice and Noncommutative Theories, Gauge Theories Quantum Computing, Information and Control Foundations of Quantum Theory Quantum Optics, Coherent States, Wigner Functions Dynamical and Integrable Systems Symmetries in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Symmetries in Particle Physics, Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics Time Asymmetric Quantum Mechanics SUSY Quantum Mechanics, PT symmetries and pseudo-Hamiltonians Mathematical Methods for Symmetries and Quantum Theories Symmetries in Chemistry Biology and other Sciences Papers accepted for publication in the present issue are based on the contributions from the participants in the QTS5 conference after a peer review process. In addition, a special issue of Journal Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical contains contributions from plenary speakers, some participants as well as contributions from other authors whose works fit into the topics of the conference. The organization of the conference had the following pattern. In the morning there were five plenary or general sessions for all the participants, which aimed to

  3. Regular Expression Pocket Reference

    Stubblebine, Tony


    This handy little book offers programmers a complete overview of the syntax and semantics of regular expressions that are at the heart of every text-processing application. Ideal as a quick reference, Regular Expression Pocket Reference covers the regular expression APIs for Perl 5.8, Ruby (including some upcoming 1.9 features), Java, PHP, .NET and C#, Python, vi, JavaScript, and the PCRE regular expression libraries. This concise and easy-to-use reference puts a very powerful tool for manipulating text and data right at your fingertips. Composed of a mixture of symbols and text, regular exp

  4. Customs Inspection


    required, for the per- DASDD9-%M) ii the single point of contact for formance of customs inspection functions. customs inspecion matters .in the Office...STATUS Onfdlt dotl. member of Rr": 21 DATE if officer of corporation . slu title) ATP OoM 6A N-7s) PtavIoux MuITUONs MAY BE UN&D Figure l-9. Reld.. and...grips. Commonly called HW-4. Serial number over 300,000 denotes the in- corporation of modified hammer safety components. Model HW-5T Double Action

  5. Dimensional regularization is generic

    Fujikawa, Kazuo


    The absence of the quadratic divergence in the Higgs sector of the Standard Model in the dimensional regularization is usually regarded to be an exceptional property of a specific regularization. To understand what is going on in the dimensional regularization, we illustrate how to reproduce the results of the dimensional regularization for the $\\lambda\\phi^{4}$ theory in the more conventional regularization such as the higher derivative regularization; the basic postulate involved is that the quadratically divergent induced mass, which is independent of the scale change of the physical mass, is kinematical and unphysical. This is consistent with the derivation of the Callan-Symanzik equation, which is a comparison of two theories with slightly different masses, for the $\\lambda\\phi^{4}$ theory without encountering the quadratic divergence. We thus suggest that the dimensional regularization is generic in a bottom-up approach starting with a successful low-energy theory. We also define a modified version of t...

  6. Robotic inspection technology-process an toolbox

    Hermes, Markus [ROSEN Group (United States). R and D Dept.


    Pipeline deterioration grows progressively with ultimate aging of pipeline systems (on-plot and cross country). This includes both, very localized corrosion as well as increasing failure probability due to fatigue cracking. Limiting regular inspecting activities to the 'scrapable' part of the pipelines only, will ultimately result into a pipeline system with questionable integrity. The confidence level in the integrity of these systems will drop below acceptance levels. Inspection of presently un-inspectable sections of the pipeline system becomes a must. This paper provides information on ROSEN's progress on the 'robotic inspection technology' project. The robotic inspection concept developed by ROSEN is based on a modular toolbox principle. This is mandatory. A universal 'all purpose' robot would not be reliable and efficient in resolving the postulated inspection task. A preparatory Quality Function Deployment (QFD) analysis is performed prior to the decision about the adequate robotic solution. This enhances the serviceability and efficiency of the provided technology. The word 'robotic' can be understood in its full meaning of Recognition - Strategy - Motion - Control. Cooperation of different individual systems with an established communication, e.g. utilizing Bluetooth technology, support the robustness of the ROSEN robotic inspection approach. Beside the navigation strategy, the inspection strategy is also part of the QFD process. Multiple inspection technologies combined on a single carrier or distributed across interacting container must be selected with a clear vision of the particular goal. (author)

  7. Robust Sparse Analysis Regularization

    Vaiter, Samuel; Dossal, Charles; Fadili, Jalal


    This paper studies the properties of L1-analysis regularization for the resolution of linear inverse problems. Most previous works consider sparse synthesis priors where the sparsity is measured as the L1 norm of the coefficients that synthesize the signal in a given dictionary. In contrast, the more general analysis regularization minimizes the L1 norm of the correlations between the signal and the atoms in the dictionary. The corresponding variational problem includes several well-known regularizations such as the discrete total variation and the fused lasso. We first prove that a solution of analysis regularization is a piecewise affine function of the observations. Similarly, it is a piecewise affine function of the regularization parameter. This allows us to compute the degrees of freedom associated to sparse analysis estimators. Another contribution gives a sufficient condition to ensure that a signal is the unique solution of the analysis regularization when there is no noise in the observations. The s...

  8. Introduction of an alternative standardized radiographic measurement method to evaluate volar angulation in subcapital fractures of the 5th metacarpal

    Hoffelner, Thomas; Resch, Herbert; Moroder, Philipp; Korn, Gundobert; Steinhauer, Felix [University of Salzburg, Department of Traumatology and Sports Injuries, Salzburg (Austria); Atzwanger, Joerg [University of Salzburg, Department of Radiology, Salzburg (Austria); Minnich, Bernd [University of Salzburg, Department of Organismic Biology, Salzburg (Austria); Tauber, Mark [Shoulder and Elbow Surgery ATOS Clinic Munich, Munich (Germany)


    The purpose of the present study was to compare the intra- and interobserver reliability of two different measurement methods for volar angulation of the 5th metacarpal (MC) in an attempt to establish a new standard measurement method to reduce interobserver discrepancies for therapeutic decisions. Twenty patients with subcapital fractures of the 5th MC were radiologically investigated. Imaging consisted of a radiographs in antero-posterior and precise lateral view in addition to a CT scan of the 5th MC. Measurement of volar angulation was accomplished using the conventional and the shaft articular surface (SAS) method. The measurements of five investigators were exported to a spreadsheet for statistical analysis to evaluate the intra-and interobserver reliability. The conventional technique showed large differences among the investigators and poor interobserver reliability (W = 0.328 and 0.307) both at injury (p = 0.001) and at follow-up (p = 0.189). The intraobserver concordance of all investigators showed better results with the SAS than with the conventional technique. With the SAS technique, no statistically significant difference among the investigators could be detected at either the time of injury (p = 0.418) or at follow-up (p = 0.526) with excellent interobserver reliability (W = 0.051 and W = 0.041). Evaluation of volar angulation at follow-up using CT scans did not show any statistically significant difference between the techniques with better correlation among the observers with the SAS technique (p = 0.838). The interobserver correlation of volar angulation with lateral radiographs using the conventional technique was insufficient. Therefore, we recommend the use of the novel SAS technique as standardized measurement method which showed higher accuracy and interobserver reliability in order to facilitate the choice of adequate treatment option. (orig.)

  9. It takes a community to define a discipline: the 5th anniversary of Environmental Research Letters It takes a community to define a discipline: the 5th anniversary of Environmental Research Letters

    Kammen, Dan


    commentary environment, a unique service in itself, and also a specific forum for research published in ERL. Individual topics often come up that warrant not only single articles, but collections of assessments, and ERL has published focus issues in key areas of environmental science including: tropical deforestation, wind energy, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and climate engineering. ERL is currently publishing seven high-quality focus issues in cutting-edge areas such as arctic vegetation dynamics and cryospheric changes. Research letters appearing in ERL have received regular and significant coverage in the wider media, with several major news outlets and agencies choosing to cover ERL research, such as Nature, BBC News, New Scientist, The Guardian, Scientific American, Le Monde and many others. 4.The future community of ERL The process of community support will take many forms at ERL. The journal is growing—we have published the highest number of articles ever in a single volume in 2011 and are looking to continue this growth through into 2012. ERL had an over 50% increase in submissions from 2010 to 2011. One initiative to mark the journal's 5th anniversary was the 'Best articles' collection [1] a nominated compilation of articles showcasing the quality of published work in ERL as well as the subject area breadth. Co-authors of the five winning articles have been awarded free publication in ERL until the end of 2012. We can also see the open access model working, in that our articles are highly downloaded outside of the traditionally strong geographical areas of academia (North America and Western Europe), showing that the journal's readership is geographically diverse with high interest from Asia, South America and Africa. The journal is committed to progress and innovation; coming soon will be a set of new communication tools and online innovations, including: Video abstracts from the start of 2012 (for example, the video commentary published alongside this

  10. Regular expressions cookbook

    Goyvaerts, Jan


    This cookbook provides more than 100 recipes to help you crunch data and manipulate text with regular expressions. Every programmer can find uses for regular expressions, but their power doesn't come worry-free. Even seasoned users often suffer from poor performance, false positives, false negatives, or perplexing bugs. Regular Expressions Cookbook offers step-by-step instructions for some of the most common tasks involving this tool, with recipes for C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and VB.NET. With this book, you will: Understand the basics of regular expressions through a

  11. A Grand Gathering of Ethnic Groups——The 5th National Games of Nationalities’ Traditional Sports


    AS you know, in addition to the Han nationality, China is home to 55 minorities with their own cultures and traditions. Most of the minorities live in the border areas of China. What a splendid scene it would be if all the ethnic groups put on their colorful costumes and performed their traditional sports at the same tournament! In November, 1995, Kunming on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau offered a chance for such a grand gathering when the 5th National Games of Nationalities’ Traditional Sports was held there. More than 3,300 athletes attended.

  12. Factors affecting the output pulse flatness of the linear transformer driver cavity systems with 5th harmonics

    Alexeenko, V. M.; Mazarakis, M. G.; Kim, A. A.; Kondratiev, S. S.; Sinebryukhov, V. A.; Volkov, S. N.; Cuneo, M. E.; Kiefer, M. L.; Leckby, J. J.; Oliver, B. V.; Maloney, P. D.


    We describe the study we have undertaken to evaluate the effect of component tolerances in obtaining a voltage output flat top for a linear transformer driver (LTD) cavity containing 3rd and 5th harmonic bricks [A. A. Kim et al., in Proc. IEEE Pulsed Power and Plasma Science PPPS2013 (San Francisco, California, USA, 2013), pp. 1354-1356.] and for 30 cavity voltage adder. Our goal was to define the necessary component value precision in order to obtain a voltage output flat top with no more than ±0.5 % amplitude variation.

  13. “Patenting Bioprinting Technologies in the US and Europe– The 5th element in the 3rd dimension"

    Minssen, Timo; Mimler, Marc


    of bioprinting- inventions are being patented or would be- protectable under European and US patent laws. Rather than focusing on the highly relevant questions that 3D printing poses for patent infringement doctrines and research exemptions , this paper concentrates on the question of patentable subject matter......, “Patenting Bioprinting Technologies in the US and Europe– The 5th element in the 3rd dimension", Working Paper, forthcoming in: RM Ballardini, M Norrgård & J Partanen (red), 3D printing, Intellectual Property and Innovation – Insights from Law and Technology. Wolters Klu. Available at SSRN:

  14. IBA investigations of loose garnets from Pietroasa, Apahida and Cluj-Someşeni treasures (5th century AD)

    Bugoi, R.; Oanţă-Marghitu, R.; Calligaro, T.


    This paper reports the archaeometric investigations of 418 loose garnets from Pietroasa and Cluj-Someşeni treasures and Apahida II and III princely grave inventories (5th century AD). The chemical composition of the gems was determined by external beam micro-PIXE technique at the AGLAE accelerator of C2RMF, Paris, France. Complementary observations made by Optical Microscopy revealed details on the gemstones cutting and polishing and permitted to identify certain mineral inclusions. The compositional results evidenced several types of garnets from the pyralspite series, suggesting distinct provenances for these Early Medieval gems.

  15. The 14th international workshop on wave hindcasting and forecasting and the 5th coastal hazards symposium

    Breivik, Øyvind; Alves, Jose Henrique; Greenslade, Diana; Horsburgh, Kevin; Swail, Val


    Following the 14th International Workshop on Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting and 5th Coastal Hazards Symposium in November 2014 in Key West, Florida, a topical collection has appeared in recent issues of Ocean Dynamics. Here, we give a brief overview of the 16 papers published in this topical collection as well as an overview of the widening scope of the conference in recent years. A general trend in the field has been towards closer integration between the wave and ocean modelling communities. This is also seen in this topical collection, with several papers exploring the interaction between surface waves and mixed layer dynamics and sea ice.

  16. IBA investigations of loose garnets from Pietroasa, Apahida and Cluj-Someşeni treasures (5th century AD)

    Bugoi, R., E-mail: [Horia Hulubei National Institute for Nuclear Physics and Engineering, Măgurele 077125 (Romania); Oanţă-Marghitu, R., E-mail: [Muzeul Naţional de Istorie a României, Bucureşti 030026 (Romania); Calligaro, T., E-mail: [Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France, C2RMF, Palais du Louvre – Porte des Lions, 75001 Paris (France); PSL Research University, Chimie ParisTech – CNRS, Institut de Recherche Chimie Paris, UMR8247, 75005 Paris (France)


    This paper reports the archaeometric investigations of 418 loose garnets from Pietroasa and Cluj-Someşeni treasures and Apahida II and III princely grave inventories (5th century AD). The chemical composition of the gems was determined by external beam micro-PIXE technique at the AGLAE accelerator of C2RMF, Paris, France. Complementary observations made by Optical Microscopy revealed details on the gemstones cutting and polishing and permitted to identify certain mineral inclusions. The compositional results evidenced several types of garnets from the pyralspite series, suggesting distinct provenances for these Early Medieval gems.

  17. Regular database update logics

    Spruit, Paul; Wieringa, Roel; Meyer, John-Jules


    We study regular first-order update logic (FUL), which is a variant of regular dynamic logic in which updates to function symbols as well as to predicate symbols are possible. We fi1rst study FUL without making assumptions about atomic updates. Second, we look at relational algebra update logic (RAU

  18. Regularization in kernel learning

    Mendelson, Shahar; 10.1214/09-AOS728


    Under mild assumptions on the kernel, we obtain the best known error rates in a regularized learning scenario taking place in the corresponding reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS). The main novelty in the analysis is a proof that one can use a regularization term that grows significantly slower than the standard quadratic growth in the RKHS norm.

  19. Measuring Listening Comprehension Skills of 5th Grade School Students with the Help of Web Based System

    M. Bahaddin Acat


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this study is to measure listening comprehension skills of 5th grade school students with the help of web based system. This study was conducted on 5th grade students studying at the primary schools of Eskisehir. The scale used in the process of the study is “Web Based Listening Scale”. In the process of the study, it was investigated that the level of differentiation listening skill and educational level of mother and father, family income level, Turkish Course grading note, the most popular and listened music genre. According to the results obtained that significant difference was found with listening skills and educational level of mother and father, family income level and the most popular and listened music genre. Also it was found that there is powerful relationship between listening skills and Turkish Course grading note. In the process of the research, it was observed the students used the web based system more attentive and motivated. Nevertheless, personalized measuring environment was provided by the web based system. Finally, it can be said that the web based systems can be used positively for language learning, teaching, and instruction, improving, measuring and assessing process.

  20. What predicts the selection of nursing as a career choice in 5th and 6th year school students?

    Neilson, Gavin R; Jones, Martyn C


    Demand for nursing care, and nurses, is growing in the United Kingdom given an increasingly ageing patient population with long-term co-morbidities. An ageing nursing workforce and fewer school leavers entering nursing are key barriers to student nurse recruitment. This paper aims to identify the socio-demographic and correlates nursing as a career choice in 5th and 6th year school students. This cross-sectional descriptive study gathered self-administered questionnaires from a total cohort of 5th and 6th year school students (n=1059) in one educational authority in Scotland. A response rate of 100% was achieved, with 702 students expressing a career choice. Some 71.7% (n=503) of students providing a full data set would never consider nursing, even if they obtained poor grades. Only 28.3% (n=199) would ever consider nursing. Students cited nursing as a career choice if they were female, of average to below average academic ability/achievement, expressed a positive attitude to nursing as a degree subject which was shared by their career guidance teacher. Each additional higher reduced the likelihood of nursing as a career choice by 22%. Nursing is an unpopular career choice amongst school students. Strategies are required to improve the occupational image of nursing in secondary education.

  1. PREFACE: 5th International Conference on Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers (IC-MAST2015)

    Hristoforou, E.; Vlachos, D. S.; Giouroudi, I.; Kar-Narayan, S.; Potirakis, S.


    The 5th International Conference on Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers, Mykonos island, Greece, hosted about 110 oral and poster papers and more than 90 participants. IC-MAS, as an international annual conference which tries to meet the needs for various types of sensors, particularly those which may be manufactured by low cost methods (i.e. hybrid sensors, smart specialization devices, particular applications not necessarily requiring integrated micro-nano technologies), covering all types of materials and physical effects, appears to be a necessity. IC-MAST has been established as a high quality international conference by: I. Gathering together multinational researchers from all over the world, working in different materials for sensors and transducers and technical applications of sensors, but also in some cases in the management of the data coming from sensors and transducers. The careful selection of the conference place (like Aegean Sea, Budapest, Prague, Bilbao, Mykonos etc) allows for enjoying the local hospitality and sightseeing. II. Emphasizing in hybrid sensors and smart specialization devices produced by inexpensive methods, without excluding of course micro-nano technology, from all kinds of solid state, liquid and gaseous materials, as well as in particular transducer applications (design and development, as well as use of sensing data) III. Innovatively implementing the Virtual Paper Concept, allowing for large impact of research works presented in the conference by authors who either have no time or no funding support for visiting a conference; this year more than 12 virtual papers are presented in the 5th IC MAST, following a standardized procedure via the our robust and reliable Conference Site (!) > IV. Allowing for lengthy technical and managerial discussions in terms of sensor, material and instrumentation development; furthermore, the different research groups gathered together are offered the particular

  2. Primary School 5th and 8th Graders' Understanding and Mental Models about the Shape of the World and Gravity

    Öztürk, Ayse; Doganay, Ahmet


    This study investigated primary school 5th and 8th graders' understanding and mental models related to the shape of the world and gravity, and how these models reflected the fact and what kind of a change there is from 5th to 8th graders. This research is based on a cross-sectional design. The study was conducted in a low socioeconomic level…

  3. Regularized maximum correntropy machine

    Wang, Jim Jing-Yan


    In this paper we investigate the usage of regularized correntropy framework for learning of classifiers from noisy labels. The class label predictors learned by minimizing transitional loss functions are sensitive to the noisy and outlying labels of training samples, because the transitional loss functions are equally applied to all the samples. To solve this problem, we propose to learn the class label predictors by maximizing the correntropy between the predicted labels and the true labels of the training samples, under the regularized Maximum Correntropy Criteria (MCC) framework. Moreover, we regularize the predictor parameter to control the complexity of the predictor. The learning problem is formulated by an objective function considering the parameter regularization and MCC simultaneously. By optimizing the objective function alternately, we develop a novel predictor learning algorithm. The experiments on two challenging pattern classification tasks show that it significantly outperforms the machines with transitional loss functions.

  4. Regular Expression Containment

    Henglein, Fritz; Nielsen, Lasse


    We present a new sound and complete axiomatization of regular expression containment. It consists of the conventional axiomatiza- tion of concatenation, alternation, empty set and (the singleton set containing) the empty string as an idempotent semiring, the fixed- point rule E* = 1 + E × E......* for Kleene-star, and a general coin- duction rule as the only additional rule. Our axiomatization gives rise to a natural computational inter- pretation of regular expressions as simple types that represent parse trees, and of containment proofs as coercions. This gives the axiom- atization a Curry......-Howard-style constructive interpretation: Con- tainment proofs do not only certify a language-theoretic contain- ment, but, under our computational interpretation, constructively transform a membership proof of a string in one regular expres- sion into a membership proof of the same string in another regular expression. We...

  5. On Regular Linear Relations

    T. (A)LVAREZ


    For a closed linear relation in a Banach space the concept of regularity is introduced and studied.It is shown that many of the results of Mbekhta and other authors for operators remain valid in the context of multivalued linear operators.We also extend the punctured neighbourhood theorem for operators to linear relations and as an application we obtain a characterization of semiFredholm linear relations which are regular.

  6. Regularities of Multifractal Measures

    Hun Ki Baek


    First, we prove the decomposition theorem for the regularities of multifractal Hausdorff measure and packing measure in $\\mathbb{R}^d$. This decomposition theorem enables us to split a set into regular and irregular parts, so that we can analyze each separately, and recombine them without affecting density properties. Next, we give some properties related to multifractal Hausdorff and packing densities. Finally, we extend the density theorem in [6] to any measurable set.

  7. 14C calendar chronologies and cultural sequences in 5th millennium BC in Slovenia and neighbouring regions

    Marko Sraka


    Full Text Available In the paper, Bayesian analysis of 14C dates implemented in the OxCal program is used to develop calendric time-scale chronologies of individual sites and archaeological cultures of the 5th millennium calBC in Slovenia and Croatia. Case studies are presented in which 14C dates are analysed and reinterpreted with the aid of contextual archaeological data. At the site level, stratigraphic sequences are used in models to constrain and then precisely date activities within them. At the regional level, the results of the chronological modelling of archaeological cultures are used to present them on a calendric time-scale and within a broader spatial framework of Central and Southeastern Europe. Special emphasis is placed upon critical comparison of modelled calendar and cultural sequences. On the basis of this comparison, some inconsistencies and contradictions in the relative chronological schemes of periods and archaeological cultures are presented.

  8. Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus Eggs in Canine Coprolite from the Sasanian Era in Iran (4(th/5(th Century CE.

    Gholamreza Mowlavi


    Full Text Available Present paper is the second publication introducing the paleoparasitological findings from animal coprolites obtained from archeological site of Chehrabad salt mine in northwestern Iran. The current archeological site is located in northwest of Iran, dated to the Sassanian Era (4(th/5(th century CE. In the summer 2012 the carnivore coprolite was obtained within the layers in the mine and were thoroughly analyzed for parasites using TSP rehydration technique. Eggs of 0 were successfully retrieved from the examined coprolite and were confidently identified based on reliable references. Identifying of M. hirudinaceus eggs in paleofeces with clear appearance as demonstrated herein, is much due to appropriate preservation condition has been existed in the salt mine .The present finding could be regarded as the oldest acanthocephalan infection in Iran.

  9. 5th International Symposium on Experimental Mechanics (5-ISEM) and 9th Symposium on Optics in Industry

    Furlong, Cosme; Barrientos, Bernardino; Pryputniewicz, Ryszard


    This book contains papers of the 5th International Symposium on Experimental Mechanics (5-ISEM) and the 9th Symposium on Optics in Industry (9-SOI), whose general theme is Emerging Challenges for Experimental Mechanics in Energy and Environmental Applications. These symposia are organized by Centro de Investigaciones en Optica (CIO) and Mexican Academy for Optics (AMO), under the sponsorship of the Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM) and other national and international Organizations; Symposia are interdisciplinary forums for engineers, technicians, researchers and managers involved in all fields of Optics, Opto-mechatronics, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering. · Addresses a broad readership including graduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and engineers working in experimental mechanics and in the application of optical methods · Covers a broad spectrum of topics highlighting the use of optical methods in experimental mechanics, energy, and in the environment.

  10. 5th Optimization Day

    Mees, Alistair; Fisher, Mike; Jennings, Les


    'Optimization Day' (OD) has been a series of annual mini-conferences in Australia since 1994. The purpose of this series of events is to gather researchers in optimization and its related areas from Australia and their collaborators, in order to exchange new developments of optimization theories, methods and their applications. The first four OD mini-conferences were held in The Uni­ versity of Ballarat (1994), The University of New South Wales (1995), The University of Melbourne (1996) and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (1997), respectively. They were all on the eastern coast of Australia. The fifth mini-conference Optimization Days was held at the Centre for Ap­ plied Dynamics and Optimization (CADO), Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Western Australia, Perth, from 29 to 30 June 1998. This is the first time the OD mini-conference has been held at the west­ ern coast of Australia. This fifth OD preceded the International Conference on Optimization: Techniques and Applica...

  11. Regularized Structural Equation Modeling.

    Jacobucci, Ross; Grimm, Kevin J; McArdle, John J

    A new method is proposed that extends the use of regularization in both lasso and ridge regression to structural equation models. The method is termed regularized structural equation modeling (RegSEM). RegSEM penalizes specific parameters in structural equation models, with the goal of creating easier to understand and simpler models. Although regularization has gained wide adoption in regression, very little has transferred to models with latent variables. By adding penalties to specific parameters in a structural equation model, researchers have a high level of flexibility in reducing model complexity, overcoming poor fitting models, and the creation of models that are more likely to generalize to new samples. The proposed method was evaluated through a simulation study, two illustrative examples involving a measurement model, and one empirical example involving the structural part of the model to demonstrate RegSEM's utility.

  12. Manifold Regularized Reinforcement Learning.

    Li, Hongliang; Liu, Derong; Wang, Ding


    This paper introduces a novel manifold regularized reinforcement learning scheme for continuous Markov decision processes. Smooth feature representations for value function approximation can be automatically learned using the unsupervised manifold regularization method. The learned features are data-driven, and can be adapted to the geometry of the state space. Furthermore, the scheme provides a direct basis representation extension for novel samples during policy learning and control. The performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated on two benchmark control tasks, i.e., the inverted pendulum and the energy storage problem. Simulation results illustrate the concepts of the proposed scheme and show that it can obtain excellent performance.

  13. Annotation of Regular Polysemy

    Martinez Alonso, Hector

    Regular polysemy has received a lot of attention from the theory of lexical semantics and from computational linguistics. However, there is no consensus on how to represent the sense of underspecified examples at the token level, namely when annotating or disambiguating senses of metonymic words...

  14. Aspects of Inspection Planning

    Faber, M. H.; Sørensen, John Dalsgaard


    Inspection planning for systems is considered with special emphasis to the effect of the quality of inspections on the system reliability and the probability of repair. Inspection quality is described and discussed in terms of inspection reliability and inspection coverage where the latter is set...... in relation to the correlation between the failure modes of the considered system. The inspection planning problem is described in general terms taking basis in the Bayesian decision theory. Practical applicable approaches are derived from the more general but also more involving formulations. The theoretical...... framework for updating of the reliability of components and systems on the basis of inspection results is outlined. Systems representative for inspection planning of different engineering systems subjected to typical deterioration processes are presented. Numerical simulation studies are performed...

  15. Final Report for DOE Support of 5th the International Workshop on Oxide Surfaces (IWOX-V)

    Charles T. Campbell


    The 5th International Workshop on Oxide Surfaces (IWOX-V) was held at Granlibakken Conference center in Lake Tahoe, CA, January 7-12. The total attendance was ~90. The breakdown of attendees by country is as follows: USA 41 Germany 18 Japan 7 UK 5 Italy 5 France 4 Austria 3 Denmark 3 Cech. Repub. 1 Ireland 1 New Zealand 1 India 1 The technical program included oral sessions on the electronic and magnetic properties of oxide surfaces, surface and interface structure, advances in theory, surface defects, thin film oxides on metals and on oxides, thin film metals on oxides, surface photochemistry, surface reactivity, and interactions with water. Two evening poster sessions had similar themes. As in previous years, the program stimulated significant interest and discussion among the attendees. The local expenses (food and lodging, $918 per person) for eight foreign invited speakers were covered by BES funds. In addition, partial reimbursement for travel ($328 per person) was supported by BES funds for two more foreign invited speakers.

  16. Distinct spatial characteristics of industrial and public research collaborations: Evidence from the 5th EU Framework Programme

    Scherngell, Thomas; 10.1007/s00168-009-0334-3


    This study compares the spatial characteristics of industrial R&D networks to those of public research R&D networks (i.e. universities and research organisations). The objective is to measure the impact of geographical separation effects on the constitution of cross-region R&D collaborations for both types of collaboration. We use data on joint research projects funded by the 5th European Framework Programme (FP) to proxy cross-region collaborative activities. The study area is composed of 255 NUTS-2 regions that cover the EU-25 member states (excluding Malta and Cyprus) as well as Norway and Switzerland. We adopt spatial interaction models to analyse how the variation of cross-region industry and public research networks is affected by geography. The results of the spatial analysis provide evidence that geographical factors significantly affect patterns of industrial R&D collaboration, while in the public research sector effects of geography are much smaller. However, the results show that te...

  17. [Progress and prospects on evaluation of ecological restoration: a review of the 5th World Conference on Ecological Restoration].

    Ding, Jing-Yi; Zhao, Wen-Wu


    The 5th World Conference on Ecological Restoration was held in Madison, Wisconsin, USA on October 6-11, 2013. About 1200 delegates from more than 50 countries attended the conference, and discussed the latest developments in different thematic areas of ecological restoration. Discussions on evaluation of ecological restoration were mainly from three aspects: The construction for evaluation indicator system of ecological restoration; the evaluation methods of ecological restoration; monitoring and dynamic evaluation of ecological restoration. The meeting stressed the importance of evaluation in the process of ecological restoration and concerned the challenges in evaluation of ecological restoration. The conference had the following enlightenments for China' s research on evaluation of ecological restoration: 1) Strengthening the construction of comprehensive evaluation indicators system and focusing on the multi-participation in the evaluation process. 2) Paying more attentions on scale effect and scale transformation in the evaluation process of ecological restoration. 3) Expanding the application of 3S technology in assessing the success of ecological restoration and promoting the dynamic monitoring of ecological restoration. 4) Carrying out international exchanges and cooperation actively, and promoting China's international influence in ecological restoration research.

  18. 5th status seminar of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hochtemperatur-Gasturbine. Proceedings; Fuenftes Statusseminar Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hochtemperatur-Gasturbine. Tagungsband



    Work on the high-temperature gas turbine started in October 1986 in the context of AG Turbo. The 5th status seminar took a look back, with 19 papers on the fluid mechanics of turbomachinery, analysis and mathematical description of flow phenomena. (orig./AKF) [Deutsch] Vor 10 Jahren, im Oktober 1986, wurden die ersten Entwicklungsarbeiten an der Hochtemperatur Gasturbine im Rahmen der AG Turbo begonnen. Dieses Ergebnis veranlasst uns heute, am Beginn des 5. Statusseminars, zu einem Rueckblick mit 19 Beitraegen, die im vorliegenden Bericht enthalten sind. Turbotech befasst sich mit der Verbesserung der fluidmechanischen Energieumsetzung in Turbomaschinen. Hier wurden schwerpunktmaessig Fragen behandelt, die sich mit der Analyse und mathematischen Beschreibung der realen Stroemung hochbelasteter Turbinen und Verdichter befassen. Die Beherrschung der hohen Temperaturen, insbesondere vor der Turbine, steht im Mittelpunkt des Interesses von Turbotherm. Fuer die Turbine konnten neue Herstellungstechnologien und erstmals keramische Werkstoffe auf ihre Eignung zum Einsatz in dieser untersucht werden. Aufgabe von Turboflam ist die Entwicklung moderner hochbelasteter Brennkammern mit einer stabilen, schadstoffarmen Verbrennung fuer fluessige und gasfoermige Brennstoffe. Zum Erreichen des Entwicklungszieles wurden die beiden Arbeitsschwerpunkte Brennkammermodellierung und Entwicklung neuer Brennkammerkonzepte gebildet. (orig./AKF)

  19. Fast Food Consumption and Food Prices: Evidence from Panel Data on 5th and 8th Grade Children

    Khan, Tamkeen; Powell, Lisa M.; Wada, Roy


    Fast food consumption is a dietary factor associated with higher prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States. The association between food prices and consumption of fast food among 5th and 8th graders was examined using individual-level random effects models utilizing consumption data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99 (ECLS-K), price data from American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association (ACCRA), and contextual outlet density data from Dun and Bradstreet (D&B). The results found that contextual factors including the price of fast food, median household income, and fast food restaurant outlet densities were significantly associated with fast food consumption patterns among this age group. Overall, a 10% increase in the price of fast food was associated with 5.7% lower frequency of weekly fast food consumption. These results suggest that public health policy pricing instruments such as taxes may be effective in reducing consumption of energy-dense foods and possibly reducing the prevalence of overweight and obesity among US children and young adolescents. PMID:22292115

  20. When should orthostatic blood pressure changes be evaluated in elderly: 1st, 3rd or 5th minute?

    Soysal, Pinar; Aydin, Ali Ekrem; Koc Okudur, Saadet; Isik, Ahmet Turan


    Detection of orthostatic hypotension (OH) is very important in geriatric practice, since OH is associated with mortality, ischemic stroke, falls, cognitive failure and depression. It was aimed to determine the most appropriate time for measuring blood pressure in transition from supine to upright position in order to diagnose OH in elderly. Comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) including Head up Tilt Table (HUT) test was performed in 407 geriatric patients. Orthostatic changes were assessed separately for the 1st, 3rd and 5th minutes (HUT1, HUT3 and HUT5, respectively) taking the data in supine position as the basis. The mean age, recurrent falls, presence of dementia and Parkinson's disease, number of drugs, alpha-blocker and anti-dementia drug use, and fasting blood glucose levels were significantly higher in the patients with versus without OH; whereas, albumin and 25-hydroxy vitamin D levels were significantly lower (pfasting blood glucose level was prominent in HUT1 as compared to HUT3 (p<0.01, p<0.05). Comparison of the patients that had OH only in HUT1, HUT3or HUT5 revealed no difference in terms of CGA parameters. These results suggests that orthostatic blood pressure changes determined at the 1st minute might be more important for geriatric practice. Moreover, 1st minute measurement might be more convenient in the elderly as it requires shorter time in practice.

  1. Communicating Science to Impact Learning? A Phenomenological Inquiry into 4th and 5th Graders' Perceptions of Science Information Sources

    Gelmez Burakgazi, Sevinc; Yildirim, Ali; Weeth Feinstein, Noah


    Rooted in science education and science communication studies, this study examines 4th and 5th grade students' perceptions of science information sources (SIS) and their use in communicating science to students. It combines situated learning theory with uses and gratifications theory in a qualitative phenomenological analysis. Data were gathered through classroom observations and interviews in four Turkish elementary schools. Focus group interviews with 47 students and individual interviews with 17 teachers and 10 parents were conducted. Participants identified a wide range of SIS, including TV, magazines, newspapers, internet, peers, teachers, families, science centers/museums, science exhibitions, textbooks, science books, and science camps. Students reported using various SIS in school-based and non-school contexts to satisfy their cognitive, affective, personal, and social integrative needs. SIS were used for science courses, homework/project assignments, examination/test preparations, and individual science-related research. Students assessed SIS in terms of the perceived accessibility of the sources, the quality of the content, and the content presentation. In particular, some sources such as teachers, families, TV, science magazines, textbooks, and science centers/museums ("directive sources") predictably led students to other sources such as teachers, families, internet, and science books ("directed sources"). A small number of sources crossed context boundaries, being useful in both school and out. Results shed light on the connection between science education and science communication in terms of promoting science learning.

  2. Fast food consumption and food prices: evidence from panel data on 5th and 8th grade children.

    Khan, Tamkeen; Powell, Lisa M; Wada, Roy


    Fast food consumption is a dietary factor associated with higher prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States. The association between food prices and consumption of fast food among 5th and 8th graders was examined using individual-level random effects models utilizing consumption data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99 (ECLS-K), price data from American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association (ACCRA), and contextual outlet density data from Dun and Bradstreet (D&B). The results found that contextual factors including the price of fast food, median household income, and fast food restaurant outlet densities were significantly associated with fast food consumption patterns among this age group. Overall, a 10% increase in the price of fast food was associated with 5.7% lower frequency of weekly fast food consumption. These results suggest that public health policy pricing instruments such as taxes may be effective in reducing consumption of energy-dense foods and possibly reducing the prevalence of overweight and obesity among US children and young adolescents.

  3. Fast Food Consumption and Food Prices: Evidence from Panel Data on 5th and 8th Grade Children

    Tamkeen Khan


    Full Text Available Fast food consumption is a dietary factor associated with higher prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States. The association between food prices and consumption of fast food among 5th and 8th graders was examined using individual-level random effects models utilizing consumption data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99 (ECLS-K, price data from American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association (ACCRA, and contextual outlet density data from Dun and Bradstreet (D&B. The results found that contextual factors including the price of fast food, median household income, and fast food restaurant outlet densities were significantly associated with fast food consumption patterns among this age group. Overall, a 10% increase in the price of fast food was associated with 5.7% lower frequency of weekly fast food consumption. These results suggest that public health policy pricing instruments such as taxes may be effective in reducing consumption of energy-dense foods and possibly reducing the prevalence of overweight and obesity among US children and young adolescents.

  4. Computational Aerodynamic Prediction for Integration of an Advanced Reconnaissance Pod on a 5th Generation Fighter Type Aircraft

    De Paolis P


    Full Text Available In this paper a computational aerodynamic prediction to support the aeromechanical integration of an advanced reconnaissance pod on a 5th generation fighter type aircraft is presented. The aim of the activity was to compare the aerodynamic characteristics of the new pod to a previous one already cleared on the same aircraft fleet, given verified inertial and structural similarity. Verifying the aforementioned aerodynamic similarity without involving extensive flight test activity was a must, to save time and to reduce costs. A two steps approach was required by the Certification Authority to verify, initially, the performance data compatibility in terms of aerodynamic coefficients of the old pod with the new one, in order to allow performance flight manual data interchangeability (a quantitative comparison was required; afterwards, a qualitative assessment was conducted to verify the absence of unsteadiness induced by the introduction in the external structure of the new pod of an auxiliary antenna case. Computational results are presented both for Straight and Level Un-accelerated Flight and SteadySideslip flight conditions at different Angles of Attack.

  5. Electronic Inspection of Beef

    Anselmo, Victor J.; Gammell, Paul M.; Clark, Jerry


    Two proposed methods for grading beef quality based on inspection by electronic equipment: one method uses television camera to generate image of a cut of beef as customer sees it; other uses ultrasonics to inspect live animal or unsliced carcasses. Both methods show promise for automated meat inspection.

  6. An Examination to Activities on Learning Domain of “Matter and Change” in the 4th and 5th Grade Science and Technology Textbooks

    Ayfer Karadaş


    Full Text Available The present study was conducted to investigate “Matter and Change” activities in the 4th and 5th Grade Science and Technology Textbook in Turkey in respect to “Science and Technology Programme” educational attainment, competency of concept teaching, accuracy of phrases and concepts after activities and in accordance with related subject. For this purpose, three 4th Grade and three 5th Grade Science and Technology Textbooks used in 2010-2011 terms and accepted as essential science textbook by Ministry of National Education were examined. Results show that more than half of the activities in the Grade textbooks and more activities in the Grade textbooks were consistent with educational attainments, some activities have no attainment, some attainments have more than one activity, and some attainments have no activities. Moreover, wrong or inaccurate definitions and phrases were determined.

  7. [Examining the reliability and validity of a Japanese version of the 12-item Erikson Psychosocial Stage Inventory (the 5th stage)].

    Hatano, Kai; Sugimura, Kazumi; Nakama, Reiko; Mizokami, Shinichi; Tsuzuki, Manabu


    This study aimed to develop a 12-item version of the Erikson Psychosocial Stage Inventory (the 5th stage) (EPSI (5th)) and examine its reliability and validity. University students (N = 545) participated in this study. Confirmatory factor analyses revealed that a two-factor model provided a better fit than alternative one-factor models. An analysis of Cronbach's α coefficients and the test-retest method showed acceptable scale reliability. In accordance with our hypotheses, correlation analyses revealed that the EPSI (5th) subscale scores (i.e., synthesis and confusion) were significantly related to measures of self-esteem, life satisfaction with life, and identity confusion. Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.

  8. Sparse structure regularized ranking

    Wang, Jim Jing-Yan


    Learning ranking scores is critical for the multimedia database retrieval problem. In this paper, we propose a novel ranking score learning algorithm by exploring the sparse structure and using it to regularize ranking scores. To explore the sparse structure, we assume that each multimedia object could be represented as a sparse linear combination of all other objects, and combination coefficients are regarded as a similarity measure between objects and used to regularize their ranking scores. Moreover, we propose to learn the sparse combination coefficients and the ranking scores simultaneously. A unified objective function is constructed with regard to both the combination coefficients and the ranking scores, and is optimized by an iterative algorithm. Experiments on two multimedia database retrieval data sets demonstrate the significant improvements of the propose algorithm over state-of-the-art ranking score learning algorithms.

  9. Regularized Reduced Order Models

    Wells, David; Xie, Xuping; Iliescu, Traian


    This paper puts forth a regularization approach for the stabilization of proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) reduced order models (ROMs) for the numerical simulation of realistic flows. Two regularized ROMs (Reg-ROMs) are proposed: the Leray ROM (L-ROM) and the evolve-then-filter ROM (EF-ROM). These new Reg-ROMs use spatial filtering to smooth (regularize) various terms in the ROMs. Two spatial filters are used: a POD projection onto a POD subspace (Proj) and a new POD differential filter (DF). The four Reg-ROM/filter combinations are tested in the numerical simulation of the one-dimensional Burgers equation with a small diffusion coefficient and the three-dimensional flow past a circular cylinder at a low Reynolds number (Re = 100). Overall, the most accurate Reg-ROM/filter combination is EF-ROM-DF. Furthermore, the DF generally yields better results than Proj. Finally, the four Reg-ROM/filter combinations are computationally efficient and generally more accurate than the standard Galerkin ROM.

  10. Regularizing portfolio optimization

    Still, Susanne; Kondor, Imre


    The optimization of large portfolios displays an inherent instability due to estimation error. This poses a fundamental problem, because solutions that are not stable under sample fluctuations may look optimal for a given sample, but are, in effect, very far from optimal with respect to the average risk. In this paper, we approach the problem from the point of view of statistical learning theory. The occurrence of the instability is intimately related to over-fitting, which can be avoided using known regularization methods. We show how regularized portfolio optimization with the expected shortfall as a risk measure is related to support vector regression. The budget constraint dictates a modification. We present the resulting optimization problem and discuss the solution. The L2 norm of the weight vector is used as a regularizer, which corresponds to a diversification 'pressure'. This means that diversification, besides counteracting downward fluctuations in some assets by upward fluctuations in others, is also crucial because it improves the stability of the solution. The approach we provide here allows for the simultaneous treatment of optimization and diversification in one framework that enables the investor to trade off between the two, depending on the size of the available dataset.

  11. k-Walk-Regular Digraphs

    Wen LIU; Jing LIN


    In this paper,we define a class of strongly connected digraph,called the k-walk-regular digraph,study some properties of it,provide its some algebraic characterization and point out that the O-walk-regular digraph is the same as the walk-regular digraph discussed BY Liu and Lin in 2010 and the D-walk-regular digraph is identical with the weakly distance-regular digraph defined by Comellas et al in 2004.

  12. Approximations in Inspection Planning

    Engelund, S.; Sørensen, John Dalsgaard; Faber, M. H.


    Planning of inspections of civil engineering structures may be performed within the framework of Bayesian decision analysis. The effort involved in a full Bayesian decision analysis is relatively large. Therefore, the actual inspection planning is usually performed using a number of approximations....... One of the more important of these approximations is the assumption that all inspections will reveal no defects. Using this approximation the optimal inspection plan may be determined on the basis of conditional probabilities, i.e. the probability of failure given no defects have been found...... by the inspection. In this paper the quality of this approximation is investigated. The inspection planning is formulated both as a full Bayesian decision problem and on the basis of the assumption that the inspection will reveal no defects....

  13. Implementing SPRINTT [Student Polar Research with IPY National(and International)Teacher Training] in 5th Grade Science

    Glass, D. S.


    I implemented the new NSF-funded SPRINTT (Student Polar Research with IPY National (and International) Teacher Training) curriculum with a 5th grade science class. SPRINTT, developed at U.S. Satellite Laboratory, Inc., is a 5-8 week science program teaching 5th through 10th graders to investigate climate change using polar data. The program includes perspectives of both Western scientists and the indigenous Northern population. The course contains three phases: Phase 1 includes content, data interpretation, and hands-on experiments to study Frozen Water, Frozen Land, and Food; Phase 2 (optional) includes further content on specific polar topics; and Phase 3 is a scaffolded research investigation. Before the course, teachers were trained via live webinars. This curriculum capitalizes on children’s innate fascination with our planet’s final frontier and combines it with the politically and scientifically relevant topic of climate change. In 2009, I used SPRINTT with 23 heterogeneous fifth grade students at National Presbyterian School in Washington DC for an environmental science unit. Overall, it was a success. The students met most of the learning objectives and showed enthusiasm for the material. I share my experiences to help other educators and curriculum developers. The Phase 1 course includes earth science (glaciers, sea ice, weather and climate, greenhouse gases, seasons, and human impacts on environments), life science (needs of living things, food and energy transfer, adaptations, and ecosystems and biomes) and physical science (phases of matter). Tailoring the program, I focused on Phase 1, the most accessible material and content, while deemphasizing the more cumbersome Phase 3 online research project. Pre-assessments documented the students’ misconceptions and informed instruction. The investigations were appropriately educational and interesting. For example, students enjoyed looking at environmental factors and their impact on the people in the

  14. 5th international exhaust gas and particulate emissions forum. Proceedings; 5. Internationales Forum Abgas- und Partikelemissionen. Beitraege



    The Proceedings of the 5th International Exhaust Gas and Particulate Emissions Forum contains 22 printed contributions as well as a CD-ROM. The titles of them are: (1) Diesel Emissions Control in the United States - 2010 and Beyond; (2) The MBE90 commercial vehicle engine for EPA '07 emissions regulations; (3) Concepts for engines and exhaust-gas cleaning systems for heavy duty trucks of the future; (4) HD Engine Technology for Near-Zero Emissions and Lowest Cost of Ownership; (5) (Partially-) Homogeneous Diesel Combustion; (6) Exhaust gas sensors for NOx storage catalysts and ammonia-SCR systems; (7) Sensors for modern exhaust gas after-treatment systems; (8) New reducing agents for low NOx-SCR Techno-logy; (9) Exhaust gas Aftertreatment on Lean Burn Gasoline Direct Injection Engines: The System of TWC and NOx-Storage Catalyst; (10) New Platinum/Palladium based catalyzed filter technologies for future passenger car applications; (11) Development of a Roadway Hydrocarbon Sorption Model and Characterization of a Novel PM Generator; (12) Requirements for current and future particulate measurement instrumentation from the point of view of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt; (13) Standardized dilution conditions for gravimetric PM sampling - measures to assure results that correlate; (14) Particle Counting according PMP; (15) Future high-confidence measurement of diesel particulate emissions for approval and development; (16) New developments in optical instrumentation for exhaust gas; (17) Simultaneous Detection of Gaseous and Particulate Exhaust Components by Photoacoustic Spectroscopy; (18) Boundaries of modern exhaust gas instrumentation; (19) Raising quality and reducing application effort through efficient data input to the particulate filter load model for a EURO5 diesel car; (20) Stop-start operation of diesel engines - modified require-ment for exhaust gas after-treatment?; (21) Particulates emission with Biodiesel B30 impact on CSF management; (22

  15. Breastfeeding, introduction of other foods and effects on health: a systematic literature review for the 5th Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

    Agneta Hörnell


    Full Text Available The present systematic literature review is part of the 5th revision of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations. The overall aim was to review recent scientific data valid in a Nordic setting on the short- and long-term health effects of breastfeeding (duration of both any and exclusive breastfeeding and introduction of foods other than breast milk. The initial literature search resulted in 2,011 abstracts; 416 identified as potentially relevant. Full paper review resulted in 60 quality assessed papers (6A, 48B, and 6C. A complementary search found some additional papers. The grade of evidence was classified as convincing, probable, limited-suggestive, and limited-no conclusion. The evidence was convincing of a protective dose/duration effect of breastfeeding against overweight and obesity in childhood and adolescence, overall infections, acute otitis media, and gastrointestinal and respiratory tract infections. The evidence was probable that exclusive breastfeeding for longer than 4 months is associated with slower weight gain during the second half of the first year which could be part of the reason behind the reduced risk of later overweight or obesity. There was also probable evidence that breastfeeding is a protective factor against inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, and diabetes (type 1 and 2, provides beneficial effects on IQ and developmental scores of children as well as a small reductive effect on blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels in adulthood. Other associations explored were limited-suggestive or inconclusive. In conclusion, convincing and probable evidence was found for benefits of breastfeeding on several outcomes. The recommendation in NNR2004 about exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months and continued partial breastfeeding thereafter can stand unchanged. The relatively low proportion of infants in the Nordic countries following this recommendation indicates that strategies that protect, support and promote

  16. The Place and Importance of Values Education in and 5th. Grade Primary School Social Studies Textbooks

    Mehmet Fatih Yiğit


    Full Text Available The term ‘value’ has been used in many different meanings until today in different areas and it has been the reason for confusion in values education. In this sense, Weber (1990 has stated that different approaches to the term ‘value’ have played a negative role for the production of values. Kohlberg (1981 has defined ‘value’ as giving moral decisions and acting accordingly while Hill (1991 interpreted values as the beliefs that people care and direct the life of individuals. On the other hand, Veugelers (2000 defined values as the beliefs that help individuals to decide what is good or evil. International organizations also saw the need to define values in accordance with their missions. In the Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, it is indicated that education should strengthen human rights and freedom while supporting tolerance among different religious groups, ethnicities and nations (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948. UNESCO is another organization that defined the role of values in education. According to the report by UNESCO, education becomes valuable if one learns (a how to know (b how to do, (c how to live together and (d how to be. In this sense, UNESCO has also claimed that in order to develop intercultural and interfaith dialogue, common values accepted by everyone should be given in schools. It has been observed that critical thinking and problem solving skills were given in values education programs in western societies while those skills have started to be taught in Turkey recently. In this study, the main values education movements and the processes and principles of teaching values education in real life are analyzed. We looked at the place of values education in 4th and 5th grade Social Studies textbooks in Turkey. After analyzing the basic processes and principles of values education, we looked at the values to be given to the students in the textbooks. Values education approaches have

  17. Determination of Motivation of 5th Grade Students Living in Rural and Urban Environments towards Science Learning and Their Attitudes towards Science-Technology Course

    Kenar, Ismail; Köse, Mücahit; Demir, Halil Ibrahim


    In this research, determination of motivation of 5th grade students living in rural and urban environments towards science learning and their attitudes towards science-technology course is aimed. This research is conducted based on descriptive survey model. Samples are selected through teleological model in accordance with the aim of this…

  18. ECOMIT : 5th international scientific conference on sustainable farming systems : November 5-7, 2008 in Piešt'any, Slovakia

    Lehocka, Z.; Klimekova, M.; Sukkel, W.


    Ecomit is the name of the conference on sustainable agriculture that has been organized for the 5th time in Slovakia. Ecomit stands for ecological meeting and these motives been the leading motives for the organizers and supporters of Ecomit. The conference was focused on knowledge about sustainable

  19. Final technical report: Partial support for US participants in the 5th International Marine Biotechnology Conference, Townsville, Australia, Sept 29 - Oct 5, 2000

    Zohar, Yonathan; Hill, R.; Robb, F.


    Funding was provided for US participants in the 5th International Marine Biotechnology Conference held in Townsville, Australia from September 29 to October 5, 2000. DOE funds were used for travel awards for six US participants in this conference. DOE funds were successfully used to advance participation of US scientists in the important emerging field of marine biotechnology.

  20. New Trends of Die Casting Market in China——A Commentary on the 5th China International Die Casting Exhibition

    QU Xue-liang


    @@ The 5th China International Die Casting Exhibition, sponsored by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) and China Productivity Promotion Center of Machinery Industry, organized by Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES) and China Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry, was successfully held on June 28 to July 1,2006 in INTEX Shanghai, China.

  1. Measures of self-efficacy and norms for low-fat milk consumption are reliable and related to beverage consumption among 5th graders at school lunch

    The objective was to determine the reliability and validity of scales measuring low-fat milk consumption self-efficacy and norms during school lunch among a cohort of 5th graders. Two hundred seventy-five students completed lunch food records and a psychosocial questionnaire measuring self-efficacy ...

  2. Comparison of the Leiter International Performance Scale-Revised and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, 5th Edition, in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Grondhuis, Sabrina Nicole; Mulick, James A.


    A review of hospital records was conducted for children evaluated for autism spectrum disorders who completed both the Leiter International Performance Scale-Revised (Leiter-R) and Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, 5th Edition (SB5). Participants were between 3 and 12 years of age. Diagnoses were autistic disorder (n = 26, 55%) and pervasive…

  3. Immediate and Short-Term Effects of the 5th Grade Version of the "keepin' it REAL" Substance Use Prevention Intervention

    Hecht, Michael L.; Elek, Elvira; Wagstaff, David A.; Kam, Jennifer A.; Marsiglia, Flavio; Dustman, Patricia; Reeves, Leslie; Harthun, Mary


    This study assessed the immediate and short-term outcomes of adapting a culturally-grounded middle school program, "keepin' it REAL", for elementary school students. After curriculum adaptation, 10 schools were randomly assigned to the intervention in 5th grade with follow-up boosters in 6th grade; 13 schools were randomly assigned to the control…

  4. 5th National Audit Project (NAP5) on accidental awareness during general anaesthesia: summary of main findings and risk factors.

    Pandit, J J; Andrade, J; Bogod, D G; Hitchman, J M; Jonker, W R; Lucas, N; Mackay, J H; Nimmo, A F; O'Connor, K; O'Sullivan, E P; Paul, R G; Palmer, J H M G; Plaat, F; Radcliffe, J J; Sury, M R J; Torevell, H E; Wang, M; Hainsworth, J; Cook, T M


    We present the main findings of the 5th National Audit Project (NAP5) on accidental awareness during general anaesthesia (AAGA). Incidences were estimated using reports of accidental awareness as the numerator, and a parallel national anaesthetic activity survey to provide denominator data. The incidence of certain/probable and possible accidental awareness cases was ~1:19,600 anaesthetics (95% confidence interval 1:16,700-23,450). However, there was considerable variation across subtypes of techniques or subspecialities. The incidence with neuromuscular block (NMB) was ~1:8200 (1:7030-9700), and without, it was ~1:135,900 (1:78,600-299,000). The cases of AAGA reported to NAP5 were overwhelmingly cases of unintended awareness during NMB. The incidence of accidental awareness during Caesarean section was ~1:670 (1:380-1300). Two-thirds (82, 66%) of cases of accidental awareness experiences arose in the dynamic phases of anaesthesia, namely induction of and emergence from anaesthesia. During induction of anaesthesia, contributory factors included: use of thiopental, rapid sequence induction, obesity, difficult airway management, NMB, and interruptions of anaesthetic delivery during movement from anaesthetic room to theatre. During emergence from anaesthesia, residual paralysis was perceived by patients as accidental awareness, and commonly related to a failure to ensure full return of motor capacity. One-third (43, 33%) of accidental awareness events arose during the maintenance phase of anaesthesia, mostly due to problems at induction or towards the end of anaesthesia. Factors increasing the risk of accidental awareness included: female sex, age (younger adults, but not children), obesity, anaesthetist seniority (junior trainees), previous awareness, out-of-hours operating, emergencies, type of surgery (obstetric, cardiac, thoracic), and use of NMB. The following factors were not risk factors for accidental awareness: ASA physical status, race, and use or omission

  5. Technological Characterization of Wall Paintings from the A Mithraic Tomb Dated to 4th-5th Century AD, Gargaresc, Libya

    Abd El Salam, S.; Maniatis, Y.


    The excavations of Gargaresc started in 1965 and were one of the most important archaeological sites in Tripoli because it includes a period of about 500 years starting from the 1stc. AD was and continuing until the 5th century AD. The Mithraic tomb is one of the most important outlying monuments of Oea, 200 yards south of the western end of Gargaresc oasis, on the left of the Tripoli-Zuara road between kilometers 5 & 6. The tomb is cut in an outcrop of soft sandstone. The wall paintings found were symbolic to the religion of that period; which contained a mixture of older religions and Christian, and presented the interaction between the artistic and religious elements of that time. Several optical, chemical and mineralogical methods were applied to identify the materials, composition and technology of the plasters and mortars, as well as, the pigments used in the tomb. These are: -OP: Optical microscopy was used as the initial examination of polished cross-sections to identify the structure and microstratigraphy of the plasters and mortars as well as the painted layers. -MCT: Micro-chemical tests were used to identify the type of the plasters and mortars- calcium aluminium silicate and water-soluble salt to identify sulphates, chlorides, carbonates, nitrites and nitrates. -SM: Standard methods for chemical analysis to identify the quantitative and qualitative nature of the plasters and mortars and their mixture. -SEM & EDS: Analytical Scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive x-ray analysis system to examine the micrmorphology and determine the chemical composition of the plasters, pigments and the inclusions. -XRD: X-ray powder diffraction to identify the mineralogical composition of the plasters, mortars and pigments. On the bases of all the data obtained, it was possible to establish the nature of the plasters, mortars and their binder. The examination and analysis gave a full picture about the materials and the approximate ratio of amount of

  6. Parasite-antigen driven expansion of IL-5(- and IL-5(+ Th2 human subpopulations in lymphatic filariasis and their differential dependence on IL-10 and TGFβ.

    Rajamanickam Anuradha

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Two different Th2 subsets have been defined recently on the basis of IL-5 expression - an IL-5(+Th2 subset and an IL-5(-Th2 subset in the setting of allergy. However, the role of these newly described CD4(+ T cells subpopulations has not been explored in other contexts. METHODS: To study the role of the Th2 subpopulation in a chronic, tissue invasive parasitic infection (lymphatic filariasis, we examined the frequency of IL-5(+IL-4(+IL-13(+ CD4(+ T cells and IL-5(-IL-4 IL-13(+ CD4(+ T cells in asymptomatic, infected individuals (INF and compared them to frequencies (Fo in filarial-uninfected (UN individuals and to those with filarial lymphedema (CP. RESULTS: INF individuals exhibited a significant increase in the spontaneously expressed and antigen-induced Fo of both Th2 subpopulations compared to the UN and CP. Interestingly, there was a positive correlation between the Fo of IL-5(+Th2 cells and the absolute eosinophil and neutrophil counts; in addition there was a positive correlation between the frequency of the CD4(+IL-5(-Th2 subpopulation and the levels of parasite antigen - specific IgE and IgG4 in INF individuals. Moreover, blockade of IL-10 and/or TGFβ demonstrated that each of these 2 regulatory cytokines exert opposite effects on the different Th2 subsets. Finally, in those INF individuals cured of infection by anti-filarial therapy, there was a significantly decreased Fo of both Th2 subsets. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest that both IL-5(+ and IL-5(-Th2 cells play an important role in the regulation of immune responses in filarial infection and that these two Th2 subpopulations may be regulated by different cytokine-receptor mediated processes.

  7. Modular Regularization Algorithms

    Jacobsen, Michael


    The class of linear ill-posed problems is introduced along with a range of standard numerical tools and basic concepts from linear algebra, statistics and optimization. Known algorithms for solving linear inverse ill-posed problems are analyzed to determine how they can be decomposed into indepen......The class of linear ill-posed problems is introduced along with a range of standard numerical tools and basic concepts from linear algebra, statistics and optimization. Known algorithms for solving linear inverse ill-posed problems are analyzed to determine how they can be decomposed...... into independent modules. These modules are then combined to form new regularization algorithms with other properties than those we started out with. Several variations are tested using the Matlab toolbox MOORe Tools created in connection with this thesis. Object oriented programming techniques are explained...... and used to set up the illposed problems in the toolbox. Hereby, we are able to write regularization algorithms that automatically exploit structure in the ill-posed problem without being rewritten explicitly. We explain how to implement a stopping criteria for a parameter choice method based upon...

  8. Structure for Regular Inclusions

    Pitts, David R


    We study pairs (C,D) of unital C*-algebras where D is an abelian C*-subalgebra of C which is regular in C. When D is a MASA in C, there exists a unique completely positive unital map E of C into the injective envelope I(D) of D whose restriction to D is the identity on D. We show that the left kernel of E is the unique closed two-sided ideal of C maximal with respect to having trivial intersection with D. We introduce a new class of well behaved state extensions, the compatible states; we identify compatible states when D is a MASA in C in terms of groups constructed from local dynamics near a pure state on D. When C is separable, D is a MASA in C, and the pair (C,D) is regular, the set of pure states on D with unique state extensions to C is dense in D. The map E can be used as a substitute for a conditional expectation in the construction of coordinates for C relative to D. We show that certain classes of compatible states have natural groupoid operations, and we show that constructions of Kumjian and Renau...

  9. Evolutionary internalized regularities.

    Schwartz, R


    Roger Shepard's proposals and supporting experiments concerning evolutionary internalized regularities have been very influential in the study of vision and in other areas of psychology and cognitive science. This paper examines issues concerning the need, nature, explanatory role, and justification for postulating such internalized constraints. In particular, I seek further clarification from Shepard on how best to understand his claim that principles of kinematic geometry underlie phenomena of motion perception. My primary focus is on the ecological validity of Shepard's kinematic constraint in the context of ordinary motion perception. First, I explore the analogy Shepard draws between internalized circadian rhythms and the supposed internalization of kinematic geometry. Next, questions are raised about how to interpret and justify applying results from his own and others' experimental studies of apparent motion to more everyday cases of motion perception in richer environments. Finally, some difficulties with Shepard's account of the evolutionary development of his kinematic constraint are considered.

  10. Ensemble manifold regularization.

    Geng, Bo; Tao, Dacheng; Xu, Chao; Yang, Linjun; Hua, Xian-Sheng


    We propose an automatic approximation of the intrinsic manifold for general semi-supervised learning (SSL) problems. Unfortunately, it is not trivial to define an optimization function to obtain optimal hyperparameters. Usually, cross validation is applied, but it does not necessarily scale up. Other problems derive from the suboptimality incurred by discrete grid search and the overfitting. Therefore, we develop an ensemble manifold regularization (EMR) framework to approximate the intrinsic manifold by combining several initial guesses. Algorithmically, we designed EMR carefully so it 1) learns both the composite manifold and the semi-supervised learner jointly, 2) is fully automatic for learning the intrinsic manifold hyperparameters implicitly, 3) is conditionally optimal for intrinsic manifold approximation under a mild and reasonable assumption, and 4) is scalable for a large number of candidate manifold hyperparameters, from both time and space perspectives. Furthermore, we prove the convergence property of EMR to the deterministic matrix at rate root-n. Extensive experiments over both synthetic and real data sets demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework.

  11. Rotating regular black holes

    Bambi, Cosimo


    The formation of spacetime singularities is a quite common phenomenon in General Relativity and it is regulated by specific theorems. It is widely believed that spacetime singularities do not exist in Nature, but that they represent a limitation of the classical theory. While we do not yet have any solid theory of quantum gravity, toy models of black hole solutions without singularities have been proposed. So far, there are only non-rotating regular black holes in the literature. These metrics can be hardly tested by astrophysical observations, as the black hole spin plays a fundamental role in any astrophysical process. In this letter, we apply the Newman-Janis algorithm to the Hayward and to the Bardeen black hole metrics. In both cases, we obtain a family of rotating solutions. Every solution corresponds to a different matter configuration. Each family has one solution with special properties, which can be written in Kerr-like form in Boyer-Lindquist coordinates. These special solutions are of Petrov type ...

  12. Rotating regular black holes

    Bambi, Cosimo, E-mail:; Modesto, Leonardo, E-mail:


    The formation of spacetime singularities is a quite common phenomenon in General Relativity and it is regulated by specific theorems. It is widely believed that spacetime singularities do not exist in Nature, but that they represent a limitation of the classical theory. While we do not yet have any solid theory of quantum gravity, toy models of black hole solutions without singularities have been proposed. So far, there are only non-rotating regular black holes in the literature. These metrics can be hardly tested by astrophysical observations, as the black hole spin plays a fundamental role in any astrophysical process. In this Letter, we apply the Newman–Janis algorithm to the Hayward and to the Bardeen black hole metrics. In both cases, we obtain a family of rotating solutions. Every solution corresponds to a different matter configuration. Each family has one solution with special properties, which can be written in Kerr-like form in Boyer–Lindquist coordinates. These special solutions are of Petrov type D, they are singularity free, but they violate the weak energy condition for a non-vanishing spin and their curvature invariants have different values at r=0 depending on the way one approaches the origin. We propose a natural prescription to have rotating solutions with a minimal violation of the weak energy condition and without the questionable property of the curvature invariants at the origin.

  13. Regularity of preventive foot care in persons with diabetes: results from the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study.

    Iversen, Marjolein M; Ostbye, Truls; Clipp, Elizabeth; Midthjell, Kristian; Uhlving, Sverre; Graue, Marit; Hanestad, Berit R


    The purpose of the present study was to examine the regularity of preventive care for persons with diabetes in the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study to identify associated demographic, lifestyle, and disease-related factors. Among 1,972 persons with diabetes, 1,459 (74%) answered questions related to preventive foot care. The final sample included 1,312 persons with known diabetes, but without a self-reported history of foot ulcer. Almost 85% reported receiving regular clinical diabetes examinations, 31.7% reported regular foot inspection by health care personnel, and 66.3% reported foot self-inspection. Only 58.8% reported regular clinical diabetes examination combined with foot inspection. Males, patients not using insulin, and those with shorter diabetes duration or macrovascular complications were more likely to report less regular preventive care.




    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to know the teachers’ opinions in terms of multiple intelligence theory about the objectives and activities in the units of “Earth, Sun and Moon” and the “Electricity in Our Life” in the primary education 5th grade science and technology curriculum. The survey model was used in this study. The population of this study consists of 262 5th grade teachers working in the center of Malatya. The sample consists of 190 5th grade teachers who were selected randomly. Questionnaire was used to collect data that are consisted of 70 items. Teachers are asked to select one dominant intelligence type for 65 objectives and activities. To analyze the data, the background information of teachers like seniority, graduated faculty, whether or not they had in-service education were compared to teachers opinions about which intelligence area is suitable with these objectives and activities and these comparison information was given and commented with frequencies, percentages and cross tabs. Given the results of this study, about evaluating the objectives and activities in these units, taking all activities in the teaching-learning process into consideration, it is discovered that, teachers generally focus on visual, spatial, logical and mathematical intelligence areas and they think in the same way regardless of their seniority, graduated faculty, and whether or not they had in-service education about teaching-learning theories and models. Some advices are given based on the results of this study.

  15. Comparison of two Methods of Cooperative Larning and Traditional on Self-efficacy and Academic Motivation 5th grade Mathematics Students in Arak

    Elham Kheirandish


    Full Text Available The main objective of this study was to compare effectiveness of two methods of teaching using traditional participatory and self-efficacy and academic motivation 5 th grade mathematics students in Arak. A method of this study was quasi-experimental and pretest - posttest with control group. The population of this study was all students in fifth grade day schools in Arak. The sample size was 60 students in 5th grade girls who were selected by random sampling method. Instruments in this study were mathematical motivation questionnaire and self-efficacy questionnaire of Matthias Jerusalem and Ralf Schwarzer and Nezami. To analyze the data, descriptive statistics and inferential analysis of covariance was used. The results showed that cooperative learning on students' motivation in mathematics self-efficacy and positive effect. So it can be concluded that the teaching style of cooperative learning than traditional teaching methods play an important role in self-efficacy and academic motivation mathematics students in 5th grade.

  16. Vitrification vs. slow cooling protocol using embryos cryopreserved in the 5th or 6th day after oocyte retrieval and IVF outcomes.

    Joanna Matysiak


    Full Text Available Modifying cryopreservation protocols may be seen as a way to simplify cryobanking procedure and increase satisfying outcomes. The aim of the study was to evaluate the influence of slow cooling protocol and vitrification on IVF outcomes using embryos preserved in the 5th or 6th day after oocyte retrieval. The study compared 2 groups of human embryos underwent slow cooling protocol (n=189 and vitrification (n=58. All embryos were cryopreserved in the 5th or 6th day after oocyte retrieval. Pre- and postfreezing embryo evaluation was performed in 2 or 3 steps scale, respectively. The study evaluates the effectiveness of two freezing methods and influence of the freezing day, pre- and postfreezing embryo grading on clinical pregnancy rate. Study showed higher pregnancy rate after vitrification (50.4% than slow cooling protocol (25.9%. Significantly higher pregnancy rate was observed, when embryo preserved in the 5th day after oocyte retrieval (50.3% than in the 6th day (22.7%. Postfreezing embryos evaluation showed that high quality blastocysts gave nearly four times better pregnancy outcomes than the ones evaluated as poor quality, and three times better than the ones evaluated as moderate. Prospective trials are needed to evaluate pregnancy and neonatal outcomes after vitrification. The number of controlled studies concerning vitrification has not been large enough, yet.


    Slaven Smojver


    Full Text Available Ever increasing scope and complexity of regulations and other rules that govern human society emphasise importance of the inspection of compliance to those rules. Often-used approaches to the inspection of compliance suffer from drawbacks such as overly idealistic assumptions and narrowness of application. Specifically, inspection models are frequently limited to situations where inspected entity has to comply with only one rule. Furthermore, inspection strategies regularly overlook some useful and available information such as varying costs of compliance to different rules. This article presents an agent-based model for inspection of compliance to many rules, which addresses abovementioned drawbacks. In the article, crime economic, game-theoretic and agent-based modelling approaches to inspection are briefly described, as well as their impact on the model. The model is described and simulation of a simplified version of the model is presented. The obtained results demonstrate that inspection strategies which take into account rules’ compliance costs perform significantly better than random strategies and better than cycle-based strategies. Additionally, the results encourage further, wider testing and validation of the model.

  18. 46 CFR 164.009-23 - Factory inspection.


    ... 46 Shipping 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Factory inspection. 164.009-23 Section 164.009-23...: SPECIFICATIONS AND APPROVAL MATERIALS Noncombustible Materials for Merchant Vessels § 164.009-23 Factory... regular schedule. However, the Commander of the Coast Guard District in which a factory is located...

  19. Regular Bisimple ω2-semigroups

    汪立民; 商宇


    @@ The regular semigroups S with an idempotent set Es = {e0,e1,…,en,…} such that e0 > e1 >…> en >… is called a regular ω-semigroup. In [5] Reilly determined the structure of a regular bisimple ω-semigroup as BR(G,θ),which is the classical Bruck-Reilly extension of a group G.

  20. Adaptive Regularization of Neural Classifiers

    Andersen, Lars Nonboe; Larsen, Jan; Hansen, Lars Kai


    We present a regularization scheme which iteratively adapts the regularization parameters by minimizing the validation error. It is suggested to use the adaptive regularization scheme in conjunction with optimal brain damage pruning to optimize the architecture and to avoid overfitting. Furthermo......, we propose an improved neural classification architecture eliminating an inherent redundancy in the widely used SoftMax classification network. Numerical results demonstrate the viability of the method...

  1. Completely regular fuzzifying topological spaces

    A. K. Katsaras


    Full Text Available Some of the properties of the completely regular fuzzifying topological spaces are investigated. It is shown that a fuzzifying topology τ is completely regular if and only if it is induced by some fuzzy uniformity or equivalently by some fuzzifying proximity. Also, τ is completely regular if and only if it is generated by a family of probabilistic pseudometrics.

  2. On Ideals of Regular Rings

    CHEN Huan Yin; LI Fu An


    In this paper, we investigate ideals of regular rings and give several characterizations for an ideal to satisfy the comparability. In addition, it is shown that, if Ⅰ is a minimal two-sided ideal of a regular ring R, then Ⅰ satisfies the comparability if and only if Ⅰ is separative. Furthermore, we prove that, for ideals with stable range one, Roth's problem has an affirmative solution. These extend the corresponding results on unit-regularity and one-sided unit-regularity.

  3. Constrained and regularized system identification

    Tor A. Johansen


    Full Text Available Prior knowledge can be introduced into system identification problems in terms of constraints on the parameter space, or regularizing penalty functions in a prediction error criterion. The contribution of this work is mainly an extension of the well known FPE (Final Production Error statistic to the case when the system identification problem is constrained and contains a regularization penalty. The FPECR statistic (Final Production Error with Constraints and Regularization is of potential interest as a criterion for selection of both regularization parameters and structural parameters such as order.

  4. On regular rotating black holes

    Torres, R.; Fayos, F.


    Different proposals for regular rotating black hole spacetimes have appeared recently in the literature. However, a rigorous analysis and proof of the regularity of this kind of spacetimes is still lacking. In this note we analyze rotating Kerr-like black hole spacetimes and find the necessary and sufficient conditions for the regularity of all their second order scalar invariants polynomial in the Riemann tensor. We also show that the regularity is linked to a violation of the weak energy conditions around the core of the rotating black hole.

  5. Signal Station Inspection Reports

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Handwritten reports resulting from detailed inspections of US Army Signal Service Stations, 1871-1889. Features reported included instrument exposure and condition,...

  6. Nuclear Plant Inspection


    Engineers from the Power Authority of the State of New York use a Crack Growth Analysis Program supplied by COSMIC (Computer Software Management and Information Center) in one stage of nuclear plant inspection. Welds of the nuclear steam supply system are checked for cracks; radiographs, dye penetration and visual inspections are performed to locate cracks in the metal structure and welds. The software package includes three separate crack growth analysis models and enables necessary repairs to be planned before serious problems develop.

  7. Online co-regularized algorithms

    Ruijter, T. de; Tsivtsivadze, E.; Heskes, T.


    We propose an online co-regularized learning algorithm for classification and regression tasks. We demonstrate that by sequentially co-regularizing prediction functions on unlabeled data points, our algorithm provides improved performance in comparison to supervised methods on several UCI benchmarks

  8. Regularly timed events amid chaos

    Blakely, Jonathan N.; Cooper, Roy M.; Corron, Ned J.


    We show rigorously that the solutions of a class of chaotic oscillators are characterized by regularly timed events in which the derivative of the solution is instantaneously zero. The perfect regularity of these events is in stark contrast with the well-known unpredictability of chaos. We explore some consequences of these regularly timed events through experiments using chaotic electronic circuits. First, we show that a feedback loop can be implemented to phase lock the regularly timed events to a periodic external signal. In this arrangement the external signal regulates the timing of the chaotic signal but does not strictly lock its phase. That is, phase slips of the chaotic oscillation persist without disturbing timing of the regular events. Second, we couple the regularly timed events of one chaotic oscillator to those of another. A state of synchronization is observed where the oscillators exhibit synchronized regular events while their chaotic amplitudes and phases evolve independently. Finally, we add additional coupling to synchronize the amplitudes, as well, however in the opposite direction illustrating the independence of the amplitudes from the regularly timed events.

  9. Conservative regularization of compressible flow

    Krishnaswami, Govind S; Thyagaraja, Anantanarayanan


    Ideal Eulerian flow may develop singularities in vorticity w. Navier-Stokes viscosity provides a dissipative regularization. We find a local, conservative regularization - lambda^2 w times curl(w) of compressible flow and compressible MHD: a three dimensional analogue of the KdV regularization of the one dimensional kinematic wave equation. The regulator lambda is a field subject to the constitutive relation lambda^2 rho = constant. Lambda is like a position-dependent mean-free path. Our regularization preserves Galilean, parity and time-reversal symmetries. We identify locally conserved energy, helicity, linear and angular momenta and boundary conditions ensuring their global conservation. Enstrophy is shown to remain bounded. A swirl velocity field is identified, which transports w/rho and B/rho generalizing the Kelvin-Helmholtz and Alfven theorems. A Hamiltonian and Poisson bracket formulation is given. The regularized equations are used to model a rotating vortex, channel flow, plane flow, a plane vortex ...

  10. Nonconvex Regularization in Remote Sensing

    Tuia, Devis; Flamary, Remi; Barlaud, Michel


    In this paper, we study the effect of different regularizers and their implications in high dimensional image classification and sparse linear unmixing. Although kernelization or sparse methods are globally accepted solutions for processing data in high dimensions, we present here a study on the impact of the form of regularization used and its parametrization. We consider regularization via traditional squared (2) and sparsity-promoting (1) norms, as well as more unconventional nonconvex regularizers (p and Log Sum Penalty). We compare their properties and advantages on several classification and linear unmixing tasks and provide advices on the choice of the best regularizer for the problem at hand. Finally, we also provide a fully functional toolbox for the community.

  11. Regular Small-World Network

    ZOU Zhi-Yun; MAO Bao-Hua; HAO Hai-Ming; GAO Jian-Zhi; YANG Jie-Jiao


    According to the deficiencies in Watts and Strogatz's small-world network model, we present a new regular model to establish the small-world network. Besides the property of the small-world, this model has other properties such as accuracy in controlling the average shortest path length L, and the average clustering coefficient C, also regular network topology as well as enhanced network robustness. This method improves the construction of the small-world network essentially, so that the regular small-world network closely resembles the actual network. We also present studies on the relationships among the quantities of a variety of edges, L and C in regular small-world network in detail. This research lays the foundation for the establishment of the regular small-world network and acts as a good guidance for further research of this model and its applications.

  12. Approximate Sparse Regularized Hyperspectral Unmixing

    Chengzhi Deng


    Full Text Available Sparse regression based unmixing has been recently proposed to estimate the abundance of materials present in hyperspectral image pixel. In this paper, a novel sparse unmixing optimization model based on approximate sparsity, namely, approximate sparse unmixing (ASU, is firstly proposed to perform the unmixing task for hyperspectral remote sensing imagery. And then, a variable splitting and augmented Lagrangian algorithm is introduced to tackle the optimization problem. In ASU, approximate sparsity is used as a regularizer for sparse unmixing, which is sparser than l1 regularizer and much easier to be solved than l0 regularizer. Three simulated and one real hyperspectral images were used to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm in comparison to l1 regularizer. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm is more effective and accurate for hyperspectral unmixing than state-of-the-art l1 regularizer.

  13. Inspection Strategies for Concrete Bridges

    Sørensen, John Dalsgaard; Thoft-Christensen, Palle


    In this paper an optimal inspection strategy for concrete bridges based on periodic routine and detailed inspections is presented. The failure mode considered is corrosion of the reinforcement due to chlorides. A simple modelling of the corrosion and of the inspection strategy is presented....... The optimal inspection strategy is determined from an optimization problem, where the design variables are time intervals between detailed inspections and the concrete cover. The strategy is illustrated on a simple structure, namely a reinforced concrete beam....

  14. PREFACE: 5th Symposium on Large TPCs for Low Energy Rare Event Detection and Workshop on Neutrinos from Supernovae

    Irastorza, Igor G.; Scholberg, Kate; Colas, Paul; Giomataris, Ioannis


    The Fifth International Symposium on large TPCs for low-energy rare-event detection was held at the auditorium of the Astroparticle and Cosmology (APC) Laboratory in Paris, on 14-17 December 2010. As for all previous meetings, always held in Paris in 2008, 2006, 2004 and 2002, it brought together a significant community of physicists involved in rare event searches and/or development of time projection chambers (TPCs). As a novelty this year, the meeting was extended with two half-day sessions on Supernova physics. These proceedings also include the contributions corresponding to the supernova sessions. The purpose of the meeting was to present and discuss the status of current experiments or projects involving the use of TPCs to search for rare events, like low-energy neutrinos, double beta decay, dark matter or axion experiments, as well as to discuss new results and ideas in the framework of the last developments of Micro Pattern Gaseous Detectors (MPGD), and how these are being - or could be - applied to these searches. As in previous meetings in this series, the format included an informal program with some recent highlighted results, rather than exhaustive reviews, with time for discussion and interaction. The symposium, the fifth of the series, is becoming consolidated as a regular meeting place for the synergic interplay between the fields of rare events and TPC development. The meeting started with a moving tribute by Ioannis Giomataris to the memory of George Charpak, who recently passed away. We then moved on to the usual topics like the status of some low-energy neutrino physics and double beta decay experiments, dark matter experiments with directional detectors, axion searches, or development results. A relevant subject this time was the electroluminescence in Xe TPCs, covered by several speakers. Every time the conference program is enriched with original slightly off-topic contributions that trigger the curiosity and stimulate further thought. As

  15. Preface: Special Issue of the 5th International Symposium on Biological and Environmental Chemistry of DMS(P) and Related Compounds, Goa, India, 19–22 October 2010

    Stefels, J.; Shenoy, D.M.; Simo, R.; Malin, G.; Levasseur, M.; Belviso, S.; DileepKumar, M.

    • Dileep Kumar Published online: 4 August 2012 � Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2012 This Special Issue of Biogeochemistry contains a selection of papers presented at the 5th International Symposium on Biological and Environmental Chem- istry of DMS... will be held in Barcelona, Spain, will be announced soon. Two major publications in the 80s stimulated the work of this truly international DMS research com- munity. Shaw (1983) was the first to propose a link between ocean biota and Earth’s radiation budget...

  16. The 5th World Congress of chemical engineering: Technologies critical to a changing World. Volume II: Agriculture, food biotechnology biomedical electric power process safety



    Volume 2 of the proceedings from the 5th World Congress of Chemical Engineering covers four major topic areas from which papers were selected for the database: Agriculture, Food; Biotechnology; Electric Power, and Process Safety. Pertinent subtopics include: Renewable Resource Engineering; Special Processes in the Food Industry; Advances in Metabolite Production; Advances in Fermentation and Cell Culture Engineering; Coal and Nuclear Central Station Power Plants; Large Natural Gas Fired Power Stations; Distributed Generation; Potential Impact of Biomass Energy; and Chemical Hazards in Plant Design. 29 papers were selected from Volume 1 for the database.

  17. Routing cancer immunology and immunotherapy from the lab to the clinic 4-5 th March 2014, Center for Applied Medical Research and University Clinic, Pamplona, Spain.

    Aznar, M Ángela; Melero, Ignacio; Quetglas, José I


    New approaches to generate effective anticancer responses by either inducing immune responses or inhibiting immunosuppression are under development to improve efficacy in patients. On March 4-5th, 2014, a symposium was held in Pamplona, Spain, to report the new strategies showing preclinical and clinical results regarding translational research efforts on the topic. Participants interacted through oral presentations of 15 speakers and further discussions on topics that included novel therapeutic agents for cancer immunotherapy, viral vectors and interferon-based approaches, experimental tumor imaging and immunostimulatory monoclonal antibodies. Promising agents to target cancer cells and therapeutic approaches that are under translation from bench to patients were presented.

  18. The 5th world symposium for lymphedema surgery-Recent updates in lymphedema surgery and setting up of a global knowledge exchange platform.

    Loh, Charles Yuen Yung; Wu, Jerry Chih-Wei; Nguyen, Alexander; Dayan, Joseph; Smith, Mark; Masia, Jaume; Chang, David; Koshima, Isao; Cheng, Ming-Huei


    The successful completion of the 5th World Symposium for Lymphedema Surgery (WSLS) marks another milestone in the development and advancement of the management of lymphedema. We present our experience in organizing such a scientific lymphedema conference as well as a summary of seven variable live surgeries used for treating lymphedema. An update of current knowledge and determination of future direction in the treatment of lymphedema was made possible via WSLS 2016. J. Surg. Oncol. 2017;115:6-12. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  19. 5th Annual Horizontal directional Drilling Survey%第5次美国水平定向钻进市场调查



    The struggling horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market saw little relief in 2002 and through the first quarter of 2003, but the technology remains popular with gas and electric utilities along with transmission pipeline companies. Over the past two years, the technology continues to gain acceptance in the potentially lucrative sewer and water market. This information and detailed perspective on the current state of the HDD market are included in Underground Construction's exclusive 5th Annual HDD Survey.Which was conducted in April and May of this year. Survey were sent to approximately 4,500 contractors,utilities and pipeline companies who own (or rent) and operate HDD equipment.

  20. (SPartners for Heart Health: a school-based program for enhancing physical activity and nutrition to promote cardiovascular health in 5th grade students

    Sehnert Scott T


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The American Heart Association Position Statement on Cardiovascular Health Promotion in Public Schools encourages school-based interventions for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD through risk factor prevention or reduction in children with an emphasis on creating an environment that promotes healthy food choices and physical activity (PA. In an effort to address issues related to CVD risk factors including obesity in Michigan children, a multi-disciplinary team of Michigan State University (MSU faculty, clinicians, and health profession students was formed to "(Spartner" with elementary school physical education (PE teachers and MSU Extension staff to develop and implement a cost-effective, sustainable program aimed at CVD risk factor prevention and management for 5th grade students. This (Spartnership is intended to augment and improve the existing 5th grade PE, health and nutrition curriculum by achieving the following aims: 1 improve the students' knowledge, attitudes and confidence about nutrition, PA and heart health; 2 increase the number of students achieving national recommendations for PA and nutrition; and 3 increase the number of students with a desirable CVD risk factor status based on national pediatric guidelines. Secondary aims include promoting school staff and parental support for heart health to help children achieve their goals and to provide experiential learning and service for MSU health profession students for academic credit. Methods/Design This pilot effectiveness study was approved by the MSU IRB. At the beginning and the end of the school year students undergo a CVD risk factor assessment conducted by MSU medical students and graduate students. Key intervention components include eight lesson plans (conducted bi-monthly designed to promote heart healthy nutrition and PA behaviors conducted by PE teachers with assistance from MSU undergraduate dietetic and kinesiology students

  1. Inspection of surveillance activities and administrative leave policy at Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, Oregon


    The authors conducted an inspection of surveillance activities and administrative leave policy at the Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, Oregon. The purpose of their inspection was to determine if a covert video surveillance operation conducted at Bonneville Power Administration was consistent with Department of Energy policies and procedures and other applicable regulations and procedures, and to determine if administrative leave policies and procedures used at Bonneville Power Administration in a specific instance were consistent with Department of Energy requirements and the Code of Federal Regulations. This inspection focused on a specific incident that occurred in 1989 on the 5th floor of the BPA Headquarters Building located in Portland, Oregon. The incident involved the soiling of an employee`s personal property with what appeared to be urine.




    not die, this rate is 47.3% for female students and 52.7 % for male students. As a consequence of the research, it has been revealed that the living and non-living things concepts in the mind of the elementary school (4th and 5th classes pupils do not differentiate from each other by gender. Living and non-living concepts are the basic concepts of biology and as a result of this research it is recommended that the elementary pupils be taught living and non-living things without looking gender.

  3. A Criterion for Regular Sequences

    D P Patil; U Storch; J Stückrad


    Let be a commutative noetherian ring and $f_1,\\ldots,f_r \\in R$. In this article we give (cf. the Theorem in $\\mathcal{x}$2) a criterion for $f_1,\\ldots,f_r$ to be regular sequence for a finitely generated module over which strengthens and generalises a result in [2]. As an immediate consequence we deduce that if $V(g_1,\\ldots,g_r) \\subseteq V(f_1,\\ldots,f_r)$ in Spec and if $f_1,\\ldots,f_r$ is a regular sequence in , then $g_1,\\ldots,g_r$ is also a regular sequence in .

  4. Advances in inspection automation

    Weber, Walter H.; Mair, H. Douglas; Jansen, Dion; Lombardi, Luciano


    This new session at QNDE reflects the growing interest in inspection automation. Our paper describes a newly developed platform that makes the complex NDE automation possible without the need for software programmers. Inspection tasks that are tedious, error-prone or impossible for humans to perform can now be automated using a form of drag and drop visual scripting. Our work attempts to rectify the problem that NDE is not keeping pace with the rest of factory automation. Outside of NDE, robots routinely and autonomously machine parts, assemble components, weld structures and report progress to corporate databases. By contrast, components arriving in the NDT department typically require manual part handling, calibrations and analysis. The automation examples in this paper cover the development of robotic thickness gauging and the use of adaptive contour following on the NRU reactor inspection at Chalk River.

  5. On Regular Power-Substitution

    Huanyin CHEN


    The necessary and sufficient conditions under which a ring satisfies regular power-substitution are investigated. It is shown that a ring R satisfies regular power-substitution if and only if a(-~)b in R implies that there exist n ∈ N and a U ∈ GLn(R) such that aU =Ub if and only if for any regular x ∈ R there exist m,n ∈ N and U ∈ GLn(R) such that xmIn = xmUxm, where a(-~)b means that there exists x, y, z ∈ R such that a = ybx, b = xaz and x = xyx = xzx. It is proved that every directly finite simple ring satisfies regular power-substitution. Some applications for stably free R-modules are also obtained.

  6. Regular and Periodic Tachyon Kinks

    Bazeia, D.; Menezes, R.; Ramos, J. G.


    We search for regular tachyon kinks in an extended model, which includes the tachyon action recently proposed to describe the tachyon field. The extended model that we propose adds a new contribution to the tachyon action, and seems to enrich the present scenario for the tachyon field. We have found stable tachyon kinks of regular profile, which may appropriately lead to the singular kink found by Sen sometime ago. Also, under specific conditions we may find periodic array of kink-antikink co...


    CHARTRAND, RICK [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    The authors show that using a nonconvex penalty term to regularize image reconstruction can substantially improve the preservation of object shapes. The commonly-used total-variation regularization, {integral}|{del}u|, penalizes the length of the object edges. They show that {integral}|{del}u|{sup p}, 0 < p < 1, only penalizes edges of dimension at least 2-p, and thus finite-length edges not at all. We give numerical examples showing the resulting improvement in shape preservation.

  8. Regularization with a pruning prior

    Goutte, Cyril; Hansen, Lars Kai


    We investigate the use of a regularization priorthat we show has pruning properties. Analyses areconducted both using a Bayesian framework and withthe generalization method, on a simple toyproblem. Results are thoroughly compared withthose obtained with a traditional weight decay.......We investigate the use of a regularization priorthat we show has pruning properties. Analyses areconducted both using a Bayesian framework and withthe generalization method, on a simple toyproblem. Results are thoroughly compared withthose obtained with a traditional weight decay....

  9. Commuting Π-regular rings

    Shervin Sahebi


    Full Text Available ‎$R$ is called commuting regular ring (resp‎. ‎semigroupif‎ for each $x,y\\in R$ there exists $a\\in R$‎ such that$xy=yxayx$‎. ‎In this paper‎, ‎we introduce the concept of‎‎commuting $\\pi$-regular rings (resp‎. ‎semigroups and‎‎study various properties of them.

  10. Inspection management system

    Coto, L.F.M.; Alvarez, M.A.L.


    The main features of the application developed by UNION FENOSA and NorControl for inspection management are exposed. This application has been built on the basis of a Geographic Information System, whose advantages on other database systems are explained. This system, has been developed with the main objective of getting a better and easier utilization of the data collected from the inspections, in order to reduce service failures and obtain a bigger return of the effort invested in them. They are also exposed the work line and the steps followed for the implementation of the system in the Meirama steam plant, and the results obtained up to date.

  11. Computer vision barrel inspection

    Wolfe, William J.; Gunderson, James; Walworth, Matthew E.


    One of the Department of Energy's (DOE) ongoing tasks is the storage and inspection of a large number of waste barrels containing a variety of hazardous substances. Martin Marietta is currently contracted to develop a robotic system -- the Intelligent Mobile Sensor System (IMSS) -- for the automatic monitoring and inspection of these barrels. The IMSS is a mobile robot with multiple sensors: video cameras, illuminators, laser ranging and barcode reader. We assisted Martin Marietta in this task, specifically in the development of image processing algorithms that recognize and classify the barrel labels. Our subsystem uses video images to detect and locate the barcode, so that the barcode reader can be pointed at the barcode.


    Jin, Ginger Zhe; Lee, Jungmin


    In this article, we show that a small innovation in inspection technology can make substantial differences in inspection outcomes. For restaurant hygiene inspections, the state of Florida has introduced a handheld electronic device, the portable digital assistant (PDA), which reminds inspectors of 1,000 potential violations that may be checked for. Using inspection records from July 2003 to June 2009, we find that the adoption of PDA led to 11% more detected violations and subsequently restau...

  13. Ofsted Re-Inspected

    Coffield, Frank


    The author never thought he would have to thank Ofsted for a change in its approach that may result in a major improvement in provision; and yet, with the introduction of the revised Common Inspection Framework (CIF), it has made teaching and learning (T&L) the first priority throughout the learning and skills sector. While he wishes to…

  14. The 5th National Audit Project (NAP5) on accidental awareness during general anaesthesia: summary of main findings and risk factors.

    Pandit, J J; Andrade, J; Bogod, D G; Hitchman, J M; Jonker, W R; Lucas, N; Mackay, J H; Nimmo, A F; O'Connor, K; O'Sullivan, E P; Paul, R G; Palmer, J H MacG; Plaat, F; Radcliffe, J J; Sury, M R J; Torevell, H E; Wang, M; Hainsworth, J; Cook, T M


    We present the main findings of the 5th National Audit Project on accidental awareness during general anaesthesia. Incidences were estimated using reports of accidental awareness as the numerator, and a parallel national anaesthetic activity survey to provide denominator data. The incidence of certain/probable and possible accidental awareness cases was ~1:19 600 anaesthetics (95% CI 1:16 700-23 450). However, there was considerable variation across subtypes of techniques or subspecialties. The incidence with neuromuscular blockade was ~1:8200 (1:7030-9700), and without it was ~1:135 900 (1:78 600-299 000). The cases of accidental awareness during general anaesthesia reported to 5th National Audit Project were overwhelmingly cases of unintended awareness during neuromuscular blockade. The incidence of accidental awareness during caesarean section was ~1:670 (1:380-1300). Two thirds (82, 66%) of cases of accidental awareness experiences arose in the dynamic phases of anaesthesia, namely induction of and emergence from anaesthesia. During induction of anaesthesia, contributory factors included: use of thiopental; rapid sequence induction; obesity; difficult airway management; neuromuscular blockade; and interruptions of anaesthetic delivery during movement from anaesthetic room to theatre. During emergence from anaesthesia, residual paralysis was perceived by patients as accidental awareness, and commonly related to a failure to ensure full return of motor capacity. One third (43, 33%) of accidental awareness events arose during the maintenance phase of anaesthesia, most due to problems at induction or towards the end of anaesthesia. Factors increasing the risk of accidental awareness included: female sex; age (younger adults, but not children); obesity; anaesthetist seniority (junior trainees); previous awareness; out-of-hours operating; emergencies; type of surgery (obstetric, cardiac, thoracic); and use of neuromuscular blockade. The following factors were

  15. 5th August 2008 - British Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills J. Denham MP visiting LHCb experimental area with Collaboration Spokesperson A. Golutvin and users T. Bowcock and U. Egede.

    Claudia Marcelloni


    5th August 2008 - British Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills J. Denham MP visiting LHCb experimental area with Collaboration Spokesperson A. Golutvin and users T. Bowcock and U. Egede.

  16. Quotient Complexity of Regular Languages

    Janusz Brzozowski


    Full Text Available The past research on the state complexity of operations on regular languages is examined, and a new approach based on an old method (derivatives of regular expressions is presented. Since state complexity is a property of a language, it is appropriate to define it in formal-language terms as the number of distinct quotients of the language, and to call it "quotient complexity". The problem of finding the quotient complexity of a language f(K,L is considered, where K and L are regular languages and f is a regular operation, for example, union or concatenation. Since quotients can be represented by derivatives, one can find a formula for the typical quotient of f(K,L in terms of the quotients of K and L. To obtain an upper bound on the number of quotients of f(K,L all one has to do is count how many such quotients are possible, and this makes automaton constructions unnecessary. The advantages of this point of view are illustrated by many examples. Moreover, new general observations are presented to help in the estimation of the upper bounds on quotient complexity of regular operations.

  17. Blast Mitigation Sea Analysis - Evaluation of Lumbar Compression Data Trends in 5th Percentile Female Anthropomorphic Test Device Performance Compared to 50th Percentile Male Anthropomorphic Test Device in Drop Tower Testing


    in 5th Percentile Female Anthropomorphic Test Device Performance Compared to 50th Percentile Male Anthropomorphic Test Device in Drop Tower Testing ...for advertising or product endorsement purposes. UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED • Baseline drop tower data collected from Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs...development • Testing completed with: – 5th Percentile Female ATDs and 50th Percentile Male Hybrid III ATDs – 200 g or 350 g pulse • ATD data quality

  18. Regular

    Ratanpal B S; Sharma Jaita


    The charged anisotropic star on paraboloidal space-time is reported by choosing a particular form of radial pressure and electric field intensity. The non-singular solution of Einstein–Maxwell system of equation has been derived and it is shown that the model satisfies all the physical plausibility conditions. It is observed that in the absence of electric field intensity, the model reducesto a particular case of uncharged Sharma and Ratanpal model. It is also observed that the parameter used in the electric field intensity directly affects mass of the star.

  19. Variations in the geomagnetic field strength in the 5th 3rd centuries BC in the eastern Mediterranean (according to narrowly dated ceramics)

    Nachasova, I. E.; Burakov, K. S.; Il'Ina, T. A.


    The magnetization of ceramics from the eastern Mediterranean dated within a short period (mostly shorter than ±20 years) has been studied, which made it possible to specify the geomagnetic field variations on the time interval 5th 3rd centuries BC. The 11-year time series of the geomagnetic field strength values has been constructed. The field strength changes have been considered, which indicated that the centennial variation with a characteristic time of ˜130 years (according to the obtained data) is observed on this time interval as well as during the last two millennia. The ceramic material from the Mayskaya Gora archeological site (Taman), the preparation succession of which was established based on the shape of pottery but the problem of absolute dating was not solved, has been dated.

  20. An Exploratory Study of 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Summer Camp Participants’ Attitudes and Intentions Towards Physical Activity

    Melissa Cater


    Full Text Available Physical inactivity is a growing problem among children, particularly school-aged youth. Research suggests children are especially prone to inactivity in the summer months when access to structured school-time and extra-curricular activities is reduced. Community programs like residential summer camps offer an excellent environment for engaging children in enjoyable physical activities while also helping them learn to be more physically active when they return home. Pre-existing attitudes often influence how much change a program inspires in an individual. The purpose of this study was to explore 4th, 5th, and 6th grade summer camp participants’ attitudes towards physical activity. Results of this study indicate that youth have a fairly neutral, though positive, attitude towards physical activity and that parental support of physical activity is still extremely important, even at this age. Campers also indicated relatively high intentions to remain physically active in the two weeks after the camp ended

  1. Efficient Hyperelastic Regularization for Registration

    Darkner, Sune; Hansen, Michael Sass; Larsen, Rasmus;


    For most image registration problems a smooth one-to-one mapping is desirable, a diffeomorphism. This can be obtained using priors such as volume preservation, certain kinds of elasticity or both. The key principle is to regularize the strain of the deformation which can be done through penalizat......For most image registration problems a smooth one-to-one mapping is desirable, a diffeomorphism. This can be obtained using priors such as volume preservation, certain kinds of elasticity or both. The key principle is to regularize the strain of the deformation which can be done through...... penalization of the eigen values of the stress tensor. We present a computational framework for regularization of image registration for isotropic hyper elasticity. We formulate an efficient and parallel scheme for computing the principal stain based for a given parameterization by decomposing the left Cauchy...

  2. Overview of the software inspection process

    Lane, G.L.; Dabbs, R. [Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    This tutorial introduces attendees to the Inspection Process and teaches them how to organize and participate in a software inspection. The tutorial advocates the benefits of inspections and encourages attendees to socialize the inspection process in their organizations.

  3. 7 CFR 29.40 - Mandatory inspection.


    ... Regulations of the Department of Agriculture AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Standards, Inspections, Marketing... INSPECTION Regulations Definitions § 29.40 Mandatory inspection. Inspection authorized or required under section 5 of the Act or Section 759 of the Appropriations Act. definitions...

  4. Final report for the 5th surveillance test of the reactor pressure vessel material (capsule Y) of Yonggwang Nuclear Power Plant unit 2

    Lee, Sam Lai; Kim, ByoungChul; Chang, Kee Ok (and others)


    Surveillance testing for reactor vessel materials is performed in order to evaluate the irradiation embrittlement due to neutrons during operation and set the condition of safe operation of nuclear reactor. The 5th surveillance testing was performed completely by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute at Daejeon after the capsule was transported from Yonggwang site including its removal from reactor. Fast neutron fluences for capsules were calculated and various testing including mechanical and chemistry analysis were performed in order to evaluate the integrity of Yonggwang unit 2 reactor vessel during the operation until life time. The evaluation results are as follows; Fast neutron fluences for capsules U, V, X, W and Y are 5.777E+18, 1.5371E+19, 3.7634E+19, 4.3045E+19, and 4.8662E+19n/cm{sup 2}, respectively. The bias factor, the ratio of calculation/measurement, was 0.953 for the 1st through 5th testing and the calculational uncertainty,7.2% satisfied the requirement of USNRC Reg.Guide 1.190, 20%. The best estimated neutron fluence for reactor vessel inside surface was 1.659E+19n/cm{sup 2} based on the end of 13th fuel cycle and it was predicted that the fluences of vessel inside surface at 32, 48, 56 and 64EFPY would reach 3.625E+19, 5.293E+19, 6.127E+19 and 6.960E+19n/cm{sup 2} based on the current calculation. The result through this analysis for Yonggwang unit 2 showed that there would be no problem for the Pressurized Thermal Shock(PTS) during the operation until design life.

  5. Regular algebra and finite machines

    Conway, John Horton


    World-famous mathematician John H. Conway based this classic text on a 1966 course he taught at Cambridge University. Geared toward graduate students of mathematics, it will also prove a valuable guide to researchers and professional mathematicians.His topics cover Moore's theory of experiments, Kleene's theory of regular events and expressions, Kleene algebras, the differential calculus of events, factors and the factor matrix, and the theory of operators. Additional subjects include event classes and operator classes, some regulator algebras, context-free languages, communicative regular alg

  6. Inspection and teachers’ emotions: An emotional evaluation of inspection

    Binali Tunç


    Full Text Available In the study, inspection is discussed in relation to the teachers’ feelings and emotions it creates before inspection, during inspection and after inspection process. Teacher’s emotions have been investigated intentionally as emotional side of education has been neglected. Education is closely related to the emotions of teachers, who are the most important producers of educational activities.Educational activities are reduced to standard activities and defined with simple explanations or single labels such as ‘good-bad’, ‘successful-unsuccessful’, ‘adequate-inadequate’. Inspection causes emotions to be neglected. Moreover, recently, it has been discussed that there are approaches and systems that suggest constant and multi-dimensional inspection instead of traditional inspection.Qualitative research model was used to understand of teacher emotions. A semi structured form was used for the 38 primary school teachers’ interviews. After teacher interviews were completed, we analyzed and compared the interviews. Participants’ expressions were checked in terms of correctness, potential validity and reliability problems such as misinterpretation.   The results of the study can be summarized as follows: There were no positive expressions related to the emotional impact of inspection on teachers. In addition, teachers felt that the inspectors were stressed, anxious, uneasy, accusatory, coercive, looking for defect and areas of unsuccessful teaching performance. Most of teachers reported that being observed and evaluated caused them to have negative emotions.Teachers’ perceptions about inspection are found to be negative. There are no statements that indicate there is a positive impression of inspection on teachers. The emotions that are experienced before inspection: pressure, hurry, stress, concern, tension, anxiety, worry, uncertainty; during inspection: stress, tension, anger, loss of strength, humiliation and lack of self

  7. 5th European Turbulence Conference


    Under the auspices of the Euromech Committee, the Fifth European Turbulence Conference was held in Siena on 5-8 July 1994. Following the previous ETC meeting in Lyon (1986), Berlin (1988), Stockholm (1990) and Delft (1992), the Fifth ETC was aimed at providing a review of the fundamental aspects of turbulence from a theoretical, numerical and experimental point of view. In the magnificent town of Siena, more than 250 scientists from all over the world, spent four days discussing new ideas on turbulence. As a research worker in the field of turbulence, I must say that the works presented at the Conference, on which this book is based, covered almost all areas in this field. I also think that this book provides a major opportunity to have a complete overview of the most recent research works. I am extremely grateful to Prof. C. Cercignani, Dr. M. Loffredo, and Prof. R. Piva who, as members of the local organizing committee, share the success of the Conference. I also want to thank Mrs. Liu' Catena, for her inva...

  8. Beginning XML, 5th Edition

    Fawcett, Joe; Quin, Liam R E


    A complete update covering the many advances to the XML language The XML language has become the standard for writing documents on the Internet and is constantly improving and evolving. This new edition covers all the many new XML-based technologies that have appeared since the previous edition four years ago, providing you with an up-to-date introductory guide and reference. Packed with real-world code examples, best practices, and in-depth coverage of the most important and relevant topics, this authoritative resource explores both the advantages and disadvantages of XML and addresses the mo

  9. 5th European Rheology Conference


    Global sustainable development of the world economy requires better understanding and utilization of natural recourses. In this endeavor rheology has an indispensable role. The Rheology Conferences are therefore always an important event for science and technology. The Fifth European Rheology Conference, held from September 6 to 11 in the Portoro-z, Slovenia, will be the first AlI-European rheology meeting after the formal constitution of the European Society ofRheology. As such it will be a special historical event. At this meeting the European Society of Rheology will introduce the Weissenberg Medal, to be bestowed every four years to an individual for hislhers contribution to the field of Rheology. The recipient ofthe first award will be professor G. Marrucci ofthe Universita degli Studi di Napoli, Italy. Two mini Symposia will be part of the Conference. The first, on Industrial Rheology, will commemorate the late professor G. Astarita. The second will honor the eightieth birthday of professor N.W. Tschoeg...

  10. Regularization in Matrix Relevance Learning

    Schneider, Petra; Bunte, Kerstin; Stiekema, Han; Hammer, Barbara; Villmann, Thomas; Biehl, Michael


    A In this paper, we present a regularization technique to extend recently proposed matrix learning schemes in learning vector quantization (LVQ). These learning algorithms extend the concept of adaptive distance measures in LVQ to the use of relevance matrices. In general, metric learning can displa

  11. Regular inference as vertex coloring

    Costa Florêncio, C.; Verwer, S.


    This paper is concerned with the problem of supervised learning of deterministic finite state automata, in the technical sense of identification in the limit from complete data, by finding a minimal DFA consistent with the data (regular inference). We solve this problem by translating it in its enti

  12. Singularities of slice regular functions

    Stoppato, Caterina


    Beginning in 2006, G. Gentili and D.C. Struppa developed a theory of regular quaternionic functions with properties that recall classical results in complex analysis. For instance, in each Euclidean ball centered at 0 the set of regular functions coincides with that of quaternionic power series converging in the same ball. In 2009 the author proposed a classification of singularities of regular functions as removable, essential or as poles and studied poles by constructing the ring of quotients. In that article, not only the statements, but also the proving techniques were confined to the special case of balls centered at 0. In a subsequent paper, F. Colombo, G. Gentili, I. Sabadini and D.C. Struppa (2009) identified a larger class of domains, on which the theory of regular functions is natural and not limited to quaternionic power series. The present article studies singularities in this new context, beginning with the construction of the ring of quotients and of Laurent-type expansions at points other than ...

  13. Regularized Statistical Analysis of Anatomy

    Sjöstrand, Karl


    This thesis presents the application and development of regularized methods for the statistical analysis of anatomical structures. Focus is on structure-function relationships in the human brain, such as the connection between early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and shape changes of the corpus cal...

  14. Recursively-regular subdivisions and applications

    Rafel Jaume


    Full Text Available We generalize regular subdivisions (polyhedral complexes resulting from the projection of the lower faces of a polyhedron introducing the class of recursively-regular subdivisions. Informally speaking, a recursively-regular subdivision is a subdivision that can be obtained by splitting some faces of a regular subdivision by other regular subdivisions (and continue recursively. We also define the finest regular coarsening and the regularity tree of a polyhedral complex. We prove that recursively-regular subdivisions are not necessarily connected by flips and that they are acyclic with respect to the in-front relation. We show that the finest regular coarsening of a subdivision can be efficiently computed, and that whether a subdivision is recursively regular can be efficiently decided. As an application, we also extend a theorem known since 1981 on illuminating space by cones and present connections of recursive regularity to tensegrity theory and graph-embedding problems.     

  15. Spelling Pronunciations: Transforming Irregularity into Regularity

    Landerl, Karin; Thaler, Verena; Reitsma, Pieter


    In a 10-day training, the efficacy of spelling pronunciations on German speaking 5th-graders' spelling skills for irregular words was examined. Poor spellers were less efficient in learning the spelling pronunciations than age-adequate spellers. On post-tests, 1 week after the last training day and between 5 and 12 weeks after post-test 1, poor…

  16. Shell Inspection History and Current CMM Inspection Efforts

    Montano, Joshua Daniel [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The following report provides a review of past and current CMM Shell Inspection efforts. Calibration of the Sheffield rotary contour gauge has expired and the primary inspector, Matthew Naranjo, has retired. Efforts within the Inspection team are transitioning from maintaining and training new inspectors on Sheffield to off-the-shelf CMM technology. Although inspection of a shell has many requirements, the scope of the data presented in this report focuses on the inner contour, outer contour, radial wall thickness and mass comparisons.

  17. Offshore observations of aftershocks following the January 5th 2013 Mw 7.5 Queen Charlotte-Fairweather fault earthquake, southeast Alaska

    Roland, E. C.; Gulick, S. P.; Levoir, M. A.; Haeussler, P. J.


    We present initial results from a rapid-response ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) deployment that recorded aftershock activity on the Queen Charlotte-Fairweather (QC-F) fault following the Mw 7.5 earthquake on January 5th 2013 near Craig, Alaska. This earthquake was the second of two Mw > 7 events on this fault system in a 3 month time period; the Craig earthquake followed a Mw 7.8 thrust event that occurred in October 2012, west of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Although the QC-F is a major plate boundary fault, little is known about the regional fault structure, interseismic coupling, and rheological controls on the depth distribution of seismic slip along the continent-ocean transform. The majority of the QC-F fault system extends offshore western British Columbia and southeast Alaska, making it difficult to characterize earthquakes and fault deformation with land-based seismic and geodetic instruments. This experiment is the first ever offshore seismometer deployment to record earthquake activity along this northern segment of the QC-F system, and was set in motion with help from the US Coast Guard, who provided a vessel and crew to deploy and recover the OBS array on short notice. The seismic array utilized 6 GeoPro short period OBS from the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics, which recorded approximately 3 weeks of aftershock activity in April-May of 2013. Combining high-quality local OBS recordings with land-based seismic observations from Alaska Earthquake Information Center (AEIC) stations to the east, we present more precise aftershock locations and depths that help to better characterize fault zone architecture along the northern section of the QC-F. Although moment tensor solutions indicate that the January 5th mainshock sustained slip consistent with Pacific-North America plate motions, aftershock focal mechanisms indicate some interaction with neighboring faults, such as the Chatham Straight fault. This new OBS dataset will also help to

  18. Comparative study of Palito inspection and MFL Inspection

    Araujo, Anne A. de; Miranda, Ivan Vicente Janvrot; Silva, Jose Augusto Pereira da [Pipeway Engenharia, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Guimaraes, Frederico S.; Magalhaes, Joao Alfredo P. [Minds at Work, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Sabino, Joao Marcos [Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS/UN-RN/CE), Natal, RN (Brazil). Unidade de Negocios Rio Grande do Norte e Ceara


    A 16 inches oil pipeline was surveyed with MFL and Palito pig in 2007. The MFL inspection was performed by Pipeway Engenharia while Palito inspection was performed by PETROBRAS. A comparison between the results of these two ILI inspections has been made to validate Palito Pig and to assess main characteristics and differences between the two techniques. The purpose of this paper is to detail the methodology applied to perform the comparison and to present a comparative study of results registered in the MFL and Palito inspections by Pipeway Engenharia, PETROBRAS/CENPES and CPTI/PUC-Rio. (author)

  19. Energy functions for regularization algorithms

    Delingette, H.; Hebert, M.; Ikeuchi, K.


    Regularization techniques are widely used for inverse problem solving in computer vision such as surface reconstruction, edge detection, or optical flow estimation. Energy functions used for regularization algorithms measure how smooth a curve or surface is, and to render acceptable solutions these energies must verify certain properties such as invariance with Euclidean transformations or invariance with parameterization. The notion of smoothness energy is extended here to the notion of a differential stabilizer, and it is shown that to void the systematic underestimation of undercurvature for planar curve fitting, it is necessary that circles be the curves of maximum smoothness. A set of stabilizers is proposed that meet this condition as well as invariance with rotation and parameterization.

  20. Regular Motions of Resonant Asteroids

    Ferraz-Mello, S.


    RESUMEN. Se revisan resultados analiticos relativos a soluciones regulares del problema asteroidal eliptico promediados en la vecindad de una resonancia con jupiten Mencionamos Ia ley de estructura para libradores de alta excentricidad, la estabilidad de los centros de liberaci6n, las perturbaciones forzadas por la excentricidad de jupiter y las 6rbitas de corotaci6n. ABSTRAC This paper reviews analytical results concerning the regular solutions of the elliptic asteroidal problem averaged in the neighbourhood of a resonance with jupiter. We mention the law of structure for high-eccentricity librators, the stability of the libration centers, the perturbations forced by the eccentricity ofjupiter and the corotation orbits. Key words: ASThROIDS

  1. Maximum mutual information regularized classification

    Wang, Jim Jing-Yan


    In this paper, a novel pattern classification approach is proposed by regularizing the classifier learning to maximize mutual information between the classification response and the true class label. We argue that, with the learned classifier, the uncertainty of the true class label of a data sample should be reduced by knowing its classification response as much as possible. The reduced uncertainty is measured by the mutual information between the classification response and the true class label. To this end, when learning a linear classifier, we propose to maximize the mutual information between classification responses and true class labels of training samples, besides minimizing the classification error and reducing the classifier complexity. An objective function is constructed by modeling mutual information with entropy estimation, and it is optimized by a gradient descend method in an iterative algorithm. Experiments on two real world pattern classification problems show the significant improvements achieved by maximum mutual information regularization.

  2. Central charges in regular mechanics

    Cabo-Montes de Oca, Alejandro; Villanueva, V M


    We consider the algebra associated to a group of transformations which are symmetries of a regular mechanical system (i.e. system free of constraints). For time dependent coordinate transformations we show that a central extension may appear at the classical level which is coordinate and momentum independent. A cochain formalism naturally arises in the argument and extends the usual configuration space cochain concepts to phase space.

  3. Fast regularized image interpolation method

    Hongchen Liu; Yong Feng; Linjing Li


    The regularized image interpolation method is widely used based on the vector interpolation model in which down-sampling matrix has very large dimension and needs large storage consumption and higher computation complexity. In this paper, a fast algorithm for image interpolation based on the tensor product of matrices is presented, which transforms the vector interpolation model to matrix form. The proposed algorithm can extremely reduce the storage requirement and time consumption. The simulation results verify their validity.

  4. Efficient Hyperelastic Regularization for Registration

    Darkner, Sune; Hansen, Michael S; Larsen, Rasmus;


    For most image registration problems a smooth one-to-one mapping is desirable, a diffeomorphism. This can be obtained using priors such as volume preservation, certain kinds of elasticity or both. The key principle is to regularize the strain of the deformation which can be done through penalizat......For most image registration problems a smooth one-to-one mapping is desirable, a diffeomorphism. This can be obtained using priors such as volume preservation, certain kinds of elasticity or both. The key principle is to regularize the strain of the deformation which can be done through...... penalization of the eigen values of the stress tensor. We present a computational framework for regularization of image registration for isotropic hyper elasticity. We formulate an efficient and parallel scheme for computing the principal stain based for a given parameterization by decomposing the left Cauchy...... elastic priors such at the Saint Vernant Kirchoff model, the Ogden material model or Riemanian elasticity. We exemplify the approach through synthetic registration and special tests as well as registration of different modalities; 2D cardiac MRI and 3D surfaces of the human ear. The artificial examples...

  5. From Dimensional to Cut-Off Regularization

    Dillig, M


    We extent the standard approach of dimensional regularization of Feynman diagrams: we replace the transition to lower dimensions by a 'natural' cut-off regulator. Introducing an external regulator of mass Lambda^(2e), we regain in the limit e -> 0 and e > 0 the results of dimensional and cut-off regularization, respectively. We demonstrate the versatility and adequacy of the different regularization schemes for practical examples (such as non covariant regularization, the axial anomaly or regularization in effective field theories).

  6. The Hetu'u Global Network: Using the rare June 5th/6th Transit of Venus to Bring Astronomy to the Remote Easter Island

    Faherty, Jacqueline; Rodriguez, D.


    There are rare times in astronomy when a celestial event, visible in broad daylight, can be used to measure a fundamental parameter and inspire a globe full of school age students. The June 5th/6th transit of Venus was one such event. In celebration, nine astronomy postdocs from the Chilean mainland traveled to Easter Island to lead a series of astronomy outreach activities over three days, culminating in a transit-viewing event. Our team dubbed "Equipo Hetu'u" or "Team Star" in the Rapa Nui (Easter Island native) language spent two days giving astronomy talks and doing hands-on demonstrations at the Museo Antropologico P. Sebastian Englert. In the final day-and-a-half leading up to the transit, we visited the science classes in the majority of the schools on the island, in order to spread the message about the once-in-a-lifetime transit event, highlighting how we planned on using it to measure the distance to the Sun. We estimate over 25% 1500 people) of this remote island participated in one or more of our organized activities. Our experience with this project is an excellent lesson on how to organize, lead, and fully execute a major outreach endeavor that inspires hundreds with minimal resources (save the spectacular event provided by the cosmos).

  7. Results of an all-sky high-frequency Einstein@Home search for continuous gravitational waves in LIGO 5th Science Run

    Singh, Avneet; Eggenstein, Heinz-Bernd; Zhu, Sylvia; Pletsch, Holger; Allen, Bruce; Bock, Oliver; Maschenchalk, Bernd; Prix, Reinhard; Siemens, Xavier


    We present results of a high-frequency all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from isolated compact objects in LIGO's 5th Science Run S5 data, using the computing power of the Einstein@Home volunteer computing project. This is the only dedicated continuous gravitational wave search that probes this high frequency range on S5 data. We find no significant candidate signal, so we set 90%-confidence level upper-limits on continuous gravitational wave strain amplitudes. At the lower end of the search frequency range, around 1250 Hz, the most constraining upper-limit is $5.0\\times 10^{-24}$, while at the higher end, around 1500 Hz, it is $6.2\\times 10^{-24}$. Based on these upper-limits, and assuming a fiducial value of the principal moment of inertia of $10^{38}$kg$\\,$m$^2$, we can exclude objects with ellipticities higher than roughly $2.8\\times10^{-7}$ within 100 pc of Earth with rotation periods between 1.3 and 1.6 milliseconds.

  8. Beyond the Thader valley: settlement patterns and territorial dynamics in southern Murcia (Spain between the 5th BC and the 2nd century AC

    Leticia López-Mondéjar


    Full Text Available This paper explores the settlement patterns in the Iberian southeast, in particular in the valleys of the Quípar and the Guadalentín rivers, during the 5th BC-2nd century AC. It presents for the first time a global, diachronic and comparative analysis of the Iron Age and Roman sites in the southern area of Murcia, approaching the territorial dynamics which defined its transformation during those centuries. All the archaeological information of these territories (202 sites has been compiled, reviewed and analysed through a Geographic Information System, along with those data relative to the spatial context of the sites (roads, lands and natural resources, traditional and historic environmental exploitation, etc.. On the one hand, these data allow us to outline the evolution of this area from a long-term perspective which the regional studies lack; on the other hand, they contribute to insert this southern area within the processes defined in the nearby territories during these centuries, such as Alicante and Andalucía.

  9. An Opportunity to achieve the 5th Millennium Development Goal in Kenya using E-Medical Consultation in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertension in Pregnancy



    Full Text Available This study sought to establish the challenges that the Reproductive Health Division (High Risk Pregnancy Clinic at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital based in Eldoret town, one of the two referral hospitals in Kenya, faces in achieving the 5th Millennium Development Goal and adopting e-medical consultation as a way of improving maternal healthcare for patients with Hypertension in Pregnancy and reducing maternal deaths. The study was carried out using hybrid of qualitative and quantitative research methodology In this paper, an outline of the strategies and pillars that the Clinic needs to adopt to embrace the use of e-medical consultation for the diagnosis, treatment and management of Hypertension in Pregnancy is presented. The survey conducted established that the division is still lagging behind and has not adopted the use of e-Health, especially in the consultation sessions between the doctors and patients. The outlined strategies when implemented will help steer the Reproductive Health Division (High Risk Pregnancy Clinic towards making healthcare services available in an efficient and effective way to expectant women with the condition. The model could be adopted to extend the same to less endowed areas around the globe, where specialist: patient ratio is low.

  10. Waste inspection tomography (WIT)

    Bernardi, R.T. [Bio-Imaging Research, Inc., Lincolnshire, IL (United States)


    Waste Inspection Tomography (WIT) provides mobile semi-trailer mounted nondestructive examination (NDE) and assay (NDA) for nuclear waste drum characterization. WIT uses various computed tomography (CT) methods for both NDE and NDA of nuclear waste drums. Low level waste (LLW), transuranic (TRU), and mixed radioactive waste can be inspected and characterized without opening the drums. With externally transmitted x-ray NDE techniques, WIT has the ability to identify high density waste materials like heavy metals, define drum contents in two- and three-dimensional space, quantify free liquid volumes through density and x-ray attenuation coefficient discrimination, and measure drum wall thickness. With waste emitting gamma-ray NDA techniques, WIT can locate gamma emitting radioactive sources in two- and three-dimensional space, identify gamma emitting, isotopic species, identify the external activity levels of emitting gamma-ray sources, correct for waste matrix attenuation, provide internal activity approximations, and provide the data needed for waste classification as LLW or TRU.

  11. UAV Low Altitude Photogrammetry for Power Line Inspection

    Yong Zhang


    Full Text Available When the distance between an obstacle and a power line is less than the discharge distance, a discharge arc can be generated, resulting in the interruption of power supplies. Therefore, regular safety inspections are necessary to ensure the safe operation of power grids. Tall vegetation and buildings are the key factors threatening the safe operation of extra high voltage transmission lines within a power line corridor. Manual or laser intensity direction and ranging (LiDAR based inspections are time consuming and expensive. To make safety inspections more efficient and flexible, a low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV remote-sensing platform, equipped with an optical digital camera, was used to inspect power line corridors. We propose a semi-patch matching algorithm based on epipolar constraints, using both the correlation coefficient (CC and the shape of its curve to extract three dimensional (3D point clouds for a power line corridor. We use a stereo image pair from inter-strip to improve power line measurement accuracy by transforming the power line direction to an approximately perpendicular to epipolar line. The distance between the power lines and the 3D point cloud is taken as a criterion for locating obstacles within the power line corridor automatically. Experimental results show that our proposed method is a reliable, cost effective, and applicable way for practical power line inspection and can locate obstacles within the power line corridor with accuracy better than ±0.5 m.

  12. Regularization methods in Banach spaces

    Schuster, Thomas; Hofmann, Bernd; Kazimierski, Kamil S


    Regularization methods aimed at finding stable approximate solutions are a necessary tool to tackle inverse and ill-posed problems. Usually the mathematical model of an inverse problem consists of an operator equation of the first kind and often the associated forward operator acts between Hilbert spaces. However, for numerous problems the reasons for using a Hilbert space setting seem to be based rather on conventions than on an approprimate and realistic model choice, so often a Banach space setting would be closer to reality. Furthermore, sparsity constraints using general Lp-norms or the B

  13. Regularized degenerate multi-solitons

    Correa, Francisco


    We report complex PT-symmetric multi-soliton solutions to the Korteweg de-Vries equation that asymptotically contain one-soliton solutions, with each of them possessing the same amount of finite real energy. We demonstrate how these solutions originate from degenerate energy solutions of the Schroedinger equation. Technically this is achieved by the application of Darboux-Crum transformations involving Jordan states with suitable regularizing shifts. Alternatively they may be constructed from a limiting process within the context Hirota's direct method or on a nonlinear superposition obtained from multiple Baecklund transformations. The proposed procedure is completely generic and also applicable to other types of nonlinear integrable systems.

  14. Academic Training Lecture - Regular Programme

    PH Department


    Regular Lecture Programme 9 May 2011 ACT Lectures on Detectors - Inner Tracking Detectors by Pippa Wells (CERN) 10 May 2011 ACT Lectures on Detectors - Calorimeters (2/5) by Philippe Bloch (CERN) 11 May 2011 ACT Lectures on Detectors - Muon systems (3/5) by Kerstin Hoepfner (RWTH Aachen) 12 May 2011 ACT Lectures on Detectors - Particle Identification and Forward Detectors by Peter Krizan (University of Ljubljana and J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia) 13 May 2011 ACT Lectures on Detectors - Trigger and Data Acquisition (5/5) by Dr. Brian Petersen (CERN) from 11:00 to 12:00 at CERN ( Bldg. 222-R-001 - Filtration Plant )

  15. Industrial Inspection System


    ACTIS+ is a smaller, personal computer version of ACTIS, a computed tomography system which finds its origins in the Apollo lunar landing research. It is used to identify imperfections in aerospace structures and components. Designed to be added to an existing real time radiography system, its components include a high precision rotation/elevation manipulator, color image monitor, graphical user interface monitor, and PC compatible workstation. Cross-sectional CT images are more detailed than radiographic images and the high speed scanning feature offers the capability for 100 percent inspection in a production environment. Bio-Imaging Research, Inc. (BIR) originally developed ACTIS for Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), and commercial units were sold to aerospace manufacturers. The technology was refined for ACTIS+, which is principally used in non-destructive testing.

  16. Labor inspection in Brazil

    Adalberto Cardoso


    Full Text Available One aspect the literature overlooks on the effects of labor regulation of labor market efficiency is the degree of the legislation's effectiveness, i.e., its actual enforcement in daily work relations. Even the more sophisticated econometric studies (which take into account the effects of interaction between labor market regulatory institutions in explaining its dynamics leave this central issue aside, namely enforcement versus non-enforcement of the law. Keeping this issue in mind, we seek to answer the following question in this article: given that the effectiveness of labor legislation depends on the interaction between the overall sanctions and the probability of the employer getting caught breaking the law, and given that the law's effectiveness is a decisive aspect for the real measurement of a country's labor costs, to what extent is the Brazilian labor inspection system designed to meet its objective, namely, to enforce the law?

  17. EDITORIAL: Artificial Muscles: Selected papers from the 5th World Congress on Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles and Nano-Bio (Osaka, Japan, 25-27 November 2009) Artificial Muscles: Selected papers from the 5th World Congress on Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles and Nano-Bio (Osaka, Japan, 25-27 November 2009)

    Shahinpoor, Mohsen


    The 5th World Congress on Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles and Nano-Bio and the 4th International Conference on Artificial Muscles were held in Osaka, Japan, 23-27 November 2009. This special section of Smart Materials and Structures is devoted to a selected number of research papers presented at this international conference and congress. Of the 76 or so papers presented at the conference, only 10 papers were finally selected, reviewed and accepted for this special section, following the regular reviewing procedures of the journal. This special section is focused on polymeric artificial muscles, electroactive polymers, multifunctional nanocomposites and their applications. In particular, an electromechanical model for self-sensing ionic polymer-metal composite actuating devices with patterned surface electrodes is presented which discusses the concept of creating self-sensing ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMC) actuating devices with patterned surface electrodes where actuator and sensor elements are separated by a grounded shielding electrode. Eventually, an electromechanical model of the device is also proposed and validated. Following that, there is broad coverage of polytetrahydrofurane-polyethylene oxide-PEDOT conducting interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) for high speed actuators. The conducting polymer (poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)) is incorporated within the IPNs, which are synthesized from polyethylene oxide (PEO)/polytetrahydrofurane (PTHF) networks. PEO/PTHF IPNs are prepared using poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate and dimethacrylate and hydroxythelechelic PTHF as starting materials. The conducting IPN actuators are prepared by oxidative polymerization of 3,4-ethylenedioxithiophene (EDOT) using FeCl3 as an oxidizing agent within the PEO/PTHF IPN host matrix. Subsequently, giant and reversible magnetorheology of carrageenan/iron oxide magnetic gels are discussed and the effect of magnetic fields on the viscoelastic properties

  18. Surgery for Intermediate and Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Consensus Report from the 5th Asia-Pacific Primary Liver Cancer Expert Meeting (APPLE 2014)

    Ho, Ming-Chih; Hasegawa, Kiyoshi; Chen, Xiao-Ping; Nagano, Hiroaki; Lee, Young-Joo; Chau, Gar-Yang; Zhou, Jian; Wang, Chih-Chi; Choi, Young Rok; Poon, Ronnie Tung-Ping; Kokudo, Norihiro


    Background The Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) staging and treatment strategy does not recommended surgery for treating BCLC stage B and C hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, numerous Asia-Pacific institutes still perform surgery for this patient group. This consensus report from the 5th Asia-Pacific Primary Liver Cancer Expert Meeting aimed to share opinions and experiences pertaining to liver resection for intermediate and advanced HCCs and to provide evidence to issue recommendations for surgery in this patient group. Summary Thirteen experts from five Asia-Pacific regions were invited to the meeting; 10 of them (Japan: 2, Taiwan: 3, South Korea: 2, Hong Kong: 1, and China: 2) voted for the final consensus. The discussion focused on evaluating the preoperative liver functional reserve and surgery for large tumors, multiple tumors, HCCs with vascular invasion, and HCCs with distant metastasis. The feasibility of future prospective randomized trials comparing surgery with transarterial chemoembolization for intermediate HCC and with sorafenib for advanced HCC was also discussed. The Child-Pugh score (9/10 experts) and indocyanine green retention rate at 15 min (8/10) were the most widely accepted methods for evaluating the preoperative liver functional reserve. All (10/10) experts agreed that portal hypertension, tumor size >5 cm, portal venous invasion, hepatic venous invasion, and extrahepatic metastasis are not absolute contraindications for the surgical resection of HCC. Furthermore, 9 of the 10 experts agreed that tumor resection may be performed for patients with >3 tumors. The limitations of surgery are associated with a poor liver functional reserve, incomplete tumor resection, and a high probability of recurrence. Key Messages Surgery provides significant survival benefits for Asian-Pacific patients with intermediate and advanced HCCs, particularly when the liver functional reserve is favorable. However, prospective randomized controlled trials

  19. 5th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention: summary of key research and implications for policy and practice – Operations research

    Kort Rodney


    Full Text Available Abstract Operations research was added as a fourth scientific track to the pathogenesis conference series at the 5th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2009 in recognition of the importance of this growing research field and the need for applied research to inform and evaluate the scale up of some key interventions in HIV treatment, care and prevention. Several studies demonstrated how task shifting and the decentralization of health services can leverage scarce health care resources to support scale-up efforts. For example, a Ugandan study comparing home-based and facility-based antiretroviral therapy (ART delivery found that both delivered equivalent clinical outcomes, but home-based delivery resulted in substantial cost savings to patients; and a retrospective cohort analysis of an HIV care programme in Lesotho demonstrated that devolving routine patient management to nurses and trained counsellors resulted in impressive gains in annual enrolment, retention in care and other clinical indicators. Studies also demonstrated how the use of trained counsellors and public health advisors could effectively expand both clinical and public health capacity in low-income settings. Studies evaluating the impact of integrating HIV and TB care resulted in improved treatment outcomes in coinfected populations, the development of environmental interventions to reduce TB transmission, and uncovering of the extent of multi-drug-resistant and extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB and XDR-TB in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Some mathematical modelling and cost-effectiveness studies presented at this meeting addressed interventions to increase retention in care, and strengthened the evidentiary basis for universal voluntary testing and immediate ART on reducing HIV transmission; debate continued about the relative merits of clinical versus laboratory monitoring. Finally, a provocative plenary presentation outlined the

  20. Simplified Approach to Inspection Planning

    Bloch, Allan; Sørensen, John Dalsgaard; Faber, M. H.


    A simplified and practically applicable approach for risk based inspection planning of fatigue sensitive structural details is presented. The basic idea behind the approach is that the fatigue sensitive details are categorized according to their stress intensity factors and their design fatigue l...... of steel structures. The validity of the proposed approach is illustrated through a study regarding inspection planning of offshore structures....... life to service life ratio, i.e. the fatigue design factor (FDF) and SN curve. When the reserve strength ratio (RSR) and the corresponding probability of total structural failure given fatigue failure of the considered detail is known it is possible to make a generic description of fatigue sensitive...... structural details and thereby develop pre-made inspection plans in tables which depend on relative cost of inspections, repairs and failures. Due to the simplicity of the format of the developed inspection plans the proposed approach has a high potential in code making for the design and maintenance...

  1. 9 CFR 381.68 - Maximum inspection rates-New turkey inspection system.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Maximum inspection rates-New turkey inspection system. 381.68 Section 381.68 Animals and Animal Products FOOD SAFETY AND INSPECTION SERVICE... Procedures § 381.68 Maximum inspection rates—New turkey inspection system. (a) The maximum inspection...

  2. Robust integral stabilization of regular linear systems

    XU Chengzheng; FENG Dexing


    We consider regular systems with control and observation. We prove some necessary and sufficient condition for an exponentially stable regular system to admit an integral stabilizing controller. We propose also some robust integral controllers when they exist.

  3. Generalization performance of regularized neural network models

    Larsen, Jan; Hansen, Lars Kai


    Architecture optimization is a fundamental problem of neural network modeling. The optimal architecture is defined as the one which minimizes the generalization error. This paper addresses estimation of the generalization performance of regularized, complete neural network models. Regularization...

  4. On Comparison of Adaptive Regularization Methods

    Sigurdsson, Sigurdur; Larsen, Jan; Hansen, Lars Kai


    , a very flexible regularization may substitute the need for selection procedures. This paper investigates recently suggested adaptive regularization schemes. Some methods focus directly on minimizing an estimate of the generalization error (either algebraic or empirical), whereas others start from...

  5. Comparison between different methods for inspection of wooden poles in service in electricity distribution networks; Comparacao entre diferentes metodos de inspecao de postes de madeira em servico em redes de distribuicao de energia

    Cruz, M.A.O.; Pires, M.; Dedavid, B.A.; Vidor, F.L.R.; Oliveira, W.S.; Abruzzi, R.C. [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia e Tecnologia de Materiais (PGETEMA)], Email:


    The pole is the main support structure of the electric network and should be inspected regularly to ensure system security. The aim of this study is to compare traditional and instrumental inspection methods of the wooden poles in service in AES Sul power distribution network (Montenegro, RS). The inspections were conducted in about 180 poles in two measurement campaigns (2001 and 2010). The procedure was based on the traditional inspection (visual inspection, percussion and effort lateral) and instrumental method based on Polux equipment that measures the penetration resistance and moisture content of wood. The results were compared in search of assertiveness of the methods used to subsidize the standardization of inspection procedures. (author)


    Huang Xiaowei; Wu Chuansheng; Wu Di


    This article presents a fast convergent method of iterated regularization based on the idea of Landweber iterated regularization, and a method for a-posteriori choice by the Morozov discrepancy principle and the optimum asymptotic convergence order of the regularized solution is obtained. Numerical test shows that the method of iterated regu-larization can quicken the convergence speed and reduce the calculation burden efficiently.

  7. Weakly and Strongly Regular Near-rings

    N.Argac; N.J.Groenewald


    In this paper, we prove some basic properties of left weakly regular near-rings.We give an affirmative answer to the question whether a left weakly regular near-ring with left unity and satisfying the IFP is also right weakly regular. In the last section, we use among others left 0-prime and left completely prime ideals to characterize strongly regular near-rings.


    周树清; 冉启康


    The regularity of the gradient of H lder continuous solutions of quasi-linear elliptic systems of the form -Dj(aij(x, u, Du)Diuk) = -Difik + gkis investigated. Partial regularity and ε-regularity are shown to hold under the structural assumption-Dj(aij(x,u, Du)) = hi ∈ L∞.

  9. On the Construction of Regular Orthocryptogroups

    Xiang Zhi KONG


    The aim of this paper is to study regular orthocryptogroups. After obtaining some charac-terizations of such semigroups, we establish the construction theorem of regular orthocryptogroups. Asan application, we give the construction theorem of right quasi-normal orthocryptogroups and studyhomomorphisms between two regular orthocryptogroups.




    In this paper the classical theorem of Zareckii about regular relations is generalized and an intrinsic characterization of regularity is obtained. Based on the generalized Zareckii theorem and the intrinsic characterization of regularity, the authors give a characterization of monotone normality of ordered spaces. A new proof of the UrysohnNachbin lemma is presented which is quite different from the classical one.

  11. Counting Rooted Nearly 2-regular Planar Maps

    郝荣霞; 蔡俊亮


    The number of rooted nearly 2-regular maps with the valency of rootvertex, the number of non-rooted vertices and the valency of root-face as three parameters is obtained. Furthermore, the explicit expressions of the special cases including loopless nearly 2-regular maps and simple nearly 2-regular maps in terms of the above three parameters are derived.

  12. Regular Pentagons and the Fibonacci Sequence.

    French, Doug


    Illustrates how to draw a regular pentagon. Shows the sequence of a succession of regular pentagons formed by extending the sides. Calculates the general formula of the Lucas and Fibonacci sequences. Presents a regular icosahedron as an example of the golden ratio. (YP)

  13. Regularized degenerate multi-solitons

    Correa, Francisco; Fring, Andreas


    We report complex {P}{T} -symmetric multi-soliton solutions to the Korteweg de-Vries equation that asymptotically contain one-soliton solutions, with each of them possessing the same amount of finite real energy. We demonstrate how these solutions originate from degenerate energy solutions of the Schrödinger equation. Technically this is achieved by the application of Darboux-Crum transformations involving Jordan states with suitable regularizing shifts. Alternatively they may be constructed from a limiting process within the context Hirota's direct method or on a nonlinear superposition obtained from multiple Bäcklund transformations. The proposed procedure is completely generic and also applicable to other types of nonlinear integrable systems.

  14. Modeling polycrystals with regular polyhedra

    Paulo Rangel Rios


    Full Text Available Polycrystalline structure is of paramount importance to materials science and engineering. It provides an important example of a space-filling irregular network structure that also occurs in foams as well as in certain biological tissues. Therefore, seeking an accurate description of the characteristics of polycrystals is of fundamental importance. Recently, one of the authors (MEG published a paper in which a method was devised of representation of irregular networks by regular polyhedra with curved faces. In Glicksman's method a whole class of irregular polyhedra with a given number of faces, N, is represented by a single symmetrical polyhedron with N curved faces. This paper briefly describes the topological and metric properties of these special polyhedra. They are then applied to two important problems of irregular networks: the dimensionless energy 'cost' of irregular networks, and the derivation of a 3D analogue of the von Neumann-Mullins equation for the growth rate of grains in a polycrystal.

  15. Natural frequency of regular basins

    Tjandra, Sugih S.; Pudjaprasetya, S. R.


    Similar to the vibration of a guitar string or an elastic membrane, water waves in an enclosed basin undergo standing oscillatory waves, also known as seiches. The resonant (eigen) periods of seiches are determined by water depth and geometry of the basin. For regular basins, explicit formulas are available. Resonance occurs when the dominant frequency of external force matches the eigen frequency of the basin. In this paper, we implement the conservative finite volume scheme to 2D shallow water equation to simulate resonance in closed basins. Further, we would like to use this scheme and utilizing energy spectra of the recorded signal to extract resonant periods of arbitrary basins. But here we first test the procedure for getting resonant periods of a square closed basin. The numerical resonant periods that we obtain are comparable with those from analytical formulas.

  16. A Response to Lawrence Ferrara's Chapter Four in R. Phelps, R. Sadoff, E. Warburton, and L. Ferrara, "A Guide to Research in Music Education," 5th Edition (Lanham, Maryland, Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2005)

    Heller, Jack


    A reply to Lawrence Ferrara's Chapter 4 in R. Phelps, R. Sadoff, E. Warburton, and L. Ferrara, "A Guide to Research in Music Education," 5th Edition is presented. It it curious that Ferrara disagrees with Jack Heller and Edward J. P. O'Connor's view that "philosophy" is not "research," yet in the chapter headings in the book A Guide to Research in…

  17. Effect of regularization parameters on geophysical reconstruction

    Zhou Hui; Wang Zhaolei; Qiu Dongling; Li Guofa; Shen Jinsong


    In this paper we discuss the edge-preserving regularization method in the reconstruction of physical parameters from geophysical data such as seismic and ground-penetrating radar data.In the regularization method a potential function of model parameters and its corresponding functions are introduced.This method is stable and able to preserve boundaries, and protect resolution.The effect of regularization depends to a great extent on the suitable choice of regularization parameters.The influence of the edge-preserving parameters on the reconstruction results is investigated and the relationship between the regularization parameters and the error of data is described.

  18. Determine point-to-point networking interactions using regular expressions

    Konstantin S. Deev


    Full Text Available As Internet growth and becoming more popular, the number of concurrent data flows start to increasing, which makes sense in bandwidth requested. Providers and corporate customers need ability to identify point-to-point interactions. The best is to use special software and hardware implementations that distribute the load in the internals of the complex, using the principles and approaches, in particular, described in this paper. This paper represent the principles of building system, which searches for a regular expression match using computing on graphics adapter in server station. A significant computing power and capability to parallel execution on modern graphic processor allows inspection of large amounts of data through sets of rules. Using the specified characteristics can lead to increased computing power in 30…40 times compared to the same setups on the central processing unit. The potential increase in bandwidth capacity could be used in systems that provide packet analysis, firewalls and network anomaly detectors.

  19. Codified Risk Based Inspection Planning

    Sørensen, John Dalsgaard; Faber, M.H.


    and member failure and at the same time minimizing overall total service life costs. Generic inspections plans can then be established for representative fatigue sensitive details in terms of characteristics such as FDF (Fatigue Design Factor), detail type, RSR (Reserve Strength Ratio) given fatigue failure......Simplified methods are described for reliability- and risk-based inspection planning of steel structures. The methods simplify the practical aspects of identifying inspection plans complying both with specific requirements to the maximum acceptable annual probability of structural collapse...

  20. 亚洲棉5号染色体RGAs克隆与分析%Cloning and Analysis of RGAs from 5th Chromosome in Gossypiumn arboreum

    彭仁海; 程华; 刘方; 王春英; 黎绍惠; 张香娣; 王玉红; 王坤波


    棉花是最主要的天然纤维作物,深入进行棉花基因组研究具有重要意义.采用酶解、前后低渗和轻压相结合的方法制备亚洲棉染色体中期膜载片,激光法分离亚洲棉第5号单染色体,建单染色体扩增池后克隆其抗病基因同源序列(RGAs),获得P7、P12、P19和P23等4个序列.序列比对和聚类分析表明,这4条序列均为NBS-LRR类RGAs,P7、P12、P19聚成一类,它们之间的同源性很高,P23聚成另一类,与黑松的RPS2和油菜的RGA30同源性较高.为该染色体分子标记开发、基因克隆乃至全序列测定奠定基础.%Cotton is one of the main natural fiber crops. it is important to accumulate basic data in cotton genome research. The high quality metaphase chromosome membrane preparations of G. arboreum were obtained integrated with method of pre-hypotonicity, enzymolysis, post- hypotonicity and squashed with cover slide. A 5th chromosome was microdissected. Amplified production was obtained after the sequential procedures of protein-removing, enzymolysis and linker adaptor PCR (LA-PCR). A verified system was constructed after integrated the method of Southern blotting, SSR primer amplification and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Four nucleotide sequence P7, P12, P19 and P23 were obtained. The blast results showed that they are NBS-LRR-type resistant gene analog (RGA). Clustering analysis indicated that the sequences of P7, P12, P19 were high homologous and in the same cluster, the P23 was in other cluster and homologous with RPS2 gene of B. nigra and RGA30 gene of B. napus.

  1. Regular Black Holes with Cosmological Constant

    MO Wen-Juan; CAI Rong-Gen; SU Ru-Keng


    We present a class of regular black holes with cosmological constant Λ in nonlinear electrodynamics. Instead of usual singularity behind black hole horizon, all fields and curvature invariants are regular everywhere for the regular black holes. Through gauge invariant approach, the linearly dynamical stability of the regular black hole is studied. In odd-parity sector, we find that the Λ term does not appear in the master equations of perturbations, which shows that the regular black hole is stable under odd-parity perturbations. On the other hand, for the even-parity sector, the master equations are more complicated than the case without the cosmological constant. We obtain the sufficient conditions for stability of the regular black hole. We also investigate the thermodynamic properties of the regular black hole, and find that those thermodynamic quantities do not satisfy the differential form of first law of black hole thermodynamics. The reason for violating the first law is revealed.

  2. Advanced algorithms for radiographic material discrimination and inspection system design

    Gilbert, Andrew J.; McDonald, Benjamin S.; Deinert, Mark R.


    X-ray and neutron radiography are powerful tools for non-invasively inspecting the interior of objects. Materials can be discriminated by noting how the radiographic signal changes with variations in the input spectrum or inspection mode. However, current methods are limited in their ability to differentiate when multiple materials are present, especially within large and complex objects. With X-ray radiography, the inability to distinguish materials of a similar atomic number is especially problematic. To overcome these critical limitations, we augmented our existing inverse problem framework with two important expansions: 1) adapting the previous methodology for use with multi-modal radiography and energy-integrating detectors, and 2) applying the Cramer-Rao lower bound to select an optimal set of inspection modes for a given application a priori. Adding these expanded capabilities to our algorithmic framework with adaptive regularization, we observed improved discrimination between high-Z materials, specifically plutonium and tungsten. The combined system can estimate plutonium mass within our simulated system to within 1%. Three types of inspection modes were modeled: multi-endpoint X-ray radiography alone; in combination with neutron radiography using deuterium-deuterium (DD); or in combination with neutron radiography using deuterium-tritium (DT) sources.

  3. Public Housing Physical Inspection Scores

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center conducts physical property inspections of properties that are owned, insured or subsidized by HUD, including public housing and...

  4. Multifamily Housing Physical Inspection Scores

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center conducts physical property inspections of properties that are owned, insured or subsidized by HUD, including public housing and...

  5. National Automated Conformity Inspection Process -

    Department of Transportation — The National Automated Conformity Inspection Process (NACIP) Application is intended to expedite the workflow process as it pertains to the FAA Form 81 0-10 Request...

  6. Sea bed mapping and inspection



    The conference has 24 presentations on the topics: Sea bed mapping, inspection, positioning, hydrography, marine archaeology, remote operation vehicles and computerized simulation technologies, oil field activities and plans, technological experiences and problems. (tk)

  7. Learning regularized LDA by clustering.

    Pang, Yanwei; Wang, Shuang; Yuan, Yuan


    As a supervised dimensionality reduction technique, linear discriminant analysis has a serious overfitting problem when the number of training samples per class is small. The main reason is that the between- and within-class scatter matrices computed from the limited number of training samples deviate greatly from the underlying ones. To overcome the problem without increasing the number of training samples, we propose making use of the structure of the given training data to regularize the between- and within-class scatter matrices by between- and within-cluster scatter matrices, respectively, and simultaneously. The within- and between-cluster matrices are computed from unsupervised clustered data. The within-cluster scatter matrix contributes to encoding the possible variations in intraclasses and the between-cluster scatter matrix is useful for separating extra classes. The contributions are inversely proportional to the number of training samples per class. The advantages of the proposed method become more remarkable as the number of training samples per class decreases. Experimental results on the AR and Feret face databases demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

  8. System-dependent earthquake inspection procedures at Paranal Observatory

    Osorio, J.; Ramirez, A.


    Paranal Observatory is located near Antofagasta city, northern Chile, one of the most seismic regions in the world. Telescopes and scientific instruments are permanently exposed to the risk of damage caused by earthquake events, ranging from optical misalignment to complete cease of operations. A seismic monitor is installed on the site, providing real-time data to make rapid post-earthquake assessments of expected damage and determine the areas, type and level of inspections to be carried out before continuing with the regular operations. With more than ten years of seismic data and its correlation with reported issues, we show that the inspection and recovery strategy can be defined taking into account the characteristics of the seismic event and according to system-dependent criteria.

  9. Ideal regularization for learning kernels from labels.

    Pan, Binbin; Lai, Jianhuang; Shen, Lixin


    In this paper, we propose a new form of regularization that is able to utilize the label information of a data set for learning kernels. The proposed regularization, referred to as ideal regularization, is a linear function of the kernel matrix to be learned. The ideal regularization allows us to develop efficient algorithms to exploit labels. Three applications of the ideal regularization are considered. Firstly, we use the ideal regularization to incorporate the labels into a standard kernel, making the resulting kernel more appropriate for learning tasks. Next, we employ the ideal regularization to learn a data-dependent kernel matrix from an initial kernel matrix (which contains prior similarity information, geometric structures, and labels of the data). Finally, we incorporate the ideal regularization to some state-of-the-art kernel learning problems. With this regularization, these learning problems can be formulated as simpler ones which permit more efficient solvers. Empirical results show that the ideal regularization exploits the labels effectively and efficiently.

  10. Virtual World Security Inspection

    Nicholas Charles Patterson


    Full Text Available Virtual property theft is a serious problem that exists in virtual worlds. Legitimate users of these worlds invest considerable amounts of time, effort and real-world money into obtaining virtual property, but unfortunately, are becoming victims of theft in high numbers. It is reported that there are over 1 billion registered users of virtual worlds containing virtual property items worth an estimated US$50 billion dollars. The problem of virtual property theft is complex, involving many legal, social and technological issues. The software used to access virtual worlds is of great importance as they form the primary interface to these worlds and as such the primary interface to conduct virtual property theft. The security vulnerabilities of virtual world applications have not, to date, been examined. This study aims to use the process of software inspection to discover security vulnerabilities that may exist within virtual world software – vulnerabilities that enable virtual property theft to occur. Analyzing three well know virtual world applications World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Entropia Universe, this research utilized security analysis tools and scenario testing with focus on authentication, trading, intruder detection and virtual property recovery. It was discovered that all three examples were susceptible to keylogging, mail and direct trade methods were the most likely method for transferring stolen items, intrusion detection is of critical concern to all VWEs tested, stolen items were unable to be recovered in all cases and lastly occurrences of theft were undetectable in all cases. The results gained in this study present the key problem areas which need to be addressed to improve security and reduce the occurrence of virtual property theft.

  11. Traffic-Aware Frequent Elements Matching Algorithms for Deep Packet Inspection

    Kefu Xu


    Full Text Available     Deep packet inspection sometimes is called application level semantic detection, which capable of examining the content of data packets in order to provide application-specific services and improve network security. Application traffic classification based on regular expressions is an essential step for deep packet inspection. However regular expression, especially multiple regular expressions matching is known to require intensive system resources and is often a performance bottleneck. Currently, the DFAs of regular expression are constructed in the preprocessing stage and the context of network streams is excluded which leads to low throughputs. In this paper, we analyzed the application level protocols and found that the protocols are uniformly distributed and it is changing dynamically. From the protocol distribution characteristic, we proposed an adaptive multiple regular expressions matching method for application traffic classification with deep packet inspection. The adaptive method, schedule the multiple DFAs through splay tree by matching probability other than linear scheduling in linked list, can adjust scheduling sequence according with the changing dynamic traffics. We evaluate the proposed method with the L7 rules; experiments proved that our method can improve the throughputs more than three times.

  12. 46 CFR 61.30-15 - Visual inspection.


    ... INSPECTIONS Tests and Inspections of Fired Thermal Fluid Heaters § 61.30-15 Visual inspection. Thermal fluid heaters are examined by a marine inspector at the inspection for certification, periodic inspection...

  13. 23 CFR 650.311 - Inspection frequency.


    ... 23 Highways 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Inspection frequency. 650.311 Section 650.311 Highways..., STRUCTURES, AND HYDRAULICS National Bridge Inspection Standards § 650.311 Inspection frequency. (a) Routine... level and frequency to which these bridges are inspected considering such factors as age,...

  14. Challenges Faced in Modern Quality Inspection

    Borkowski Stanisław


    Full Text Available Point of view, preferences and priorities of quality inspection in modern production systems have changed. Quality inspection in its activities is no longer limited only to the documentation of the past, nor is it seen solely as a tool for the detection of nonconformity. Nowadays, the most important quality inspection function is prevention, whose most important goal is to make it before nonconformity. What is expected from modern quality inspection is that it actively improves the production and quality as well as reduces the costs. The aim of the article is to present requirements, guidelines and challenges in the organization of modern quality inspection in a manufacturing company. The role of quality inspection in the classical model and modern model of quality improvement was presented. Determinants of effective quality inspection were presented, as well. The quality inspection methods that best fit into the paradigm of modern quality inspection, that is source inspection, together with visual management were pointed out.

  15. Regularized Laplacian Estimation and Fast Eigenvector Approximation

    Perry, Patrick O


    Recently, Mahoney and Orecchia demonstrated that popular diffusion-based procedures to compute a quick \\emph{approximation} to the first nontrivial eigenvector of a data graph Laplacian \\emph{exactly} solve certain regularized Semi-Definite Programs (SDPs). In this paper, we extend that result by providing a statistical interpretation of their approximation procedure. Our interpretation will be analogous to the manner in which $\\ell_2$-regularized or $\\ell_1$-regularized $\\ell_2$-regression (often called Ridge regression and Lasso regression, respectively) can be interpreted in terms of a Gaussian prior or a Laplace prior, respectively, on the coefficient vector of the regression problem. Our framework will imply that the solutions to the Mahoney-Orecchia regularized SDP can be interpreted as regularized estimates of the pseudoinverse of the graph Laplacian. Conversely, it will imply that the solution to this regularized estimation problem can be computed very quickly by running, e.g., the fast diffusion-base...

  16. A multiplicative regularization for force reconstruction

    Aucejo, M.; De Smet, O.


    Additive regularizations, such as Tikhonov-like approaches, are certainly the most popular methods for reconstructing forces acting on a structure. These approaches require, however, the knowledge of a regularization parameter, that can be numerically computed using specific procedures. Unfortunately, these procedures are generally computationally intensive. For this particular reason, it could be of primary interest to propose a method able to proceed without defining any regularization parameter beforehand. In this paper, a multiplicative regularization is introduced for this purpose. By construction, the regularized solution has to be calculated in an iterative manner. In doing so, the amount of regularization is automatically adjusted throughout the resolution process. Validations using synthetic and experimental data highlight the ability of the proposed approach in providing consistent reconstructions.

  17. Hidden Regular Variation: Detection and Estimation

    Mitra, Abhimanyu


    Hidden regular variation defines a subfamily of distributions satisfying multivariate regular variation on $\\mathbb{E} = [0, \\infty]^d \\backslash \\{(0,0, ..., 0) \\} $ and models another regular variation on the sub-cone $\\mathbb{E}^{(2)} = \\mathbb{E} \\backslash \\cup_{i=1}^d \\mathbb{L}_i$, where $\\mathbb{L}_i$ is the $i$-th axis. We extend the concept of hidden regular variation to sub-cones of $\\mathbb{E}^{(2)}$ as well. We suggest a procedure of detecting the presence of hidden regular variation, and if it exists, propose a method of estimating the limit measure exploiting its semi-parametric structure. We exhibit examples where hidden regular variation yields better estimates of probabilities of risk sets.

  18. New Regularization Method in Electrical Impedance Tomography

    侯卫东; 莫玉龙


    Image reconstruction in elecrical impedance tomography(EIT)is a highly ill-posed inverse problem,Regularization techniques must be used in order to solve the problem,In this paper,a new regularization method based on the spatial filtering theory is proposed.The new regularized reconstruction for EIT is independent of the estimation of impedance distribution,so it can be implemented more easily than the maxiumum a posteriori(MAP) method.The regularization level in our proposed method varies spatially so as to be suited to the correlation character of the object's impedance distribution.We implemented our regularization method with two dimensional computer simulations.The experimental results indicate that the quality of the reconstructed impedance images with the descibed regularization method based on spatial filtering theory is better than that with Tikhonov method.

  19. Total variation regularization with bounded linear variations

    Makovetskii, Artyom; Voronin, Sergei; Kober, Vitaly


    One of the most known techniques for signal denoising is based on total variation regularization (TV regularization). A better understanding of TV regularization is necessary to provide a stronger mathematical justification for using TV minimization in signal processing. In this work, we deal with an intermediate case between one- and two-dimensional cases; that is, a discrete function to be processed is two-dimensional radially symmetric piecewise constant. For this case, the exact solution to the problem can be obtained as follows: first, calculate the average values over rings of the noisy function; second, calculate the shift values and their directions using closed formulae depending on a regularization parameter and structure of rings. Despite the TV regularization is effective for noise removal; it often destroys fine details and thin structures of images. In order to overcome this drawback, we use the TV regularization for signal denoising subject to linear signal variations are bounded.

  20. Regular Disjunction-Free Default Theories



    In this paper, the class of regular disjunction-free default theories is introduced and investigated. A transformation from regular default theories to normal default theories is established. The initial theory and the transformed theory have the same extensions when restricted to old variables. Hence, regular default theories enjoy some similar properties (e.g., existence of extensions, semi-monotonicity) as normal default theories. Then, a new algorithm for credulous reasoning of regular theories is developed. This algorithm runs in a time not more than O(1.45n), where n is the number of defaults. In case of regular prerequisite-free or semi-2CNF default theories, the credulous reasoning can be solved in polynomial time. However, credulous reasoning for semi-Horn default theories is shown to be NP-complete although it is tractable for Horn default theories. Moreover, skeptical reasoning for regular unary default theories is co-NP-complete.

  1. Regular Disjunction-Free Default Theories

    Xi-Shun Zhao


    In this paper, the class of regular disjunction-free default theories is introduced and investigated.A transformation from regular default theories to normal default theories is established. The initial theory and the transformed theory have the same extensions when restricted to old variables. Hence, regular default theories enjoy some similar properties (e.g., existence of extensions, semi-monotonicity) as normal default theories. Then,a new algorithm for credulous reasoning of regular theories is developed. This algorithm runs in a time not more than O(1.45n), where n is the number of defaults. In case of regular prerequisite-free or semi-2CNF default theories, the credulous reasoning can be solved in polynomial time. However, credulous reasoning for semi-Horn default theories is shown to be NP-complete although it is tractable for Horn default theories. Moreover, skeptical reasoning for regular unary default theories is co-NP-complete.


    Rachel Landry


    The objective of this contract between Oceaneering Space Systems (OSS) and the Department of Energy (DOE) was to provide a tool for the DOE to inspect the inside tank walls of underground radioactive waste storage tanks in their tank farms. Some of these tanks are suspected to have leaks, but the harsh nature of the environment within the tanks precludes human inspection of tank walls. As a result of these conditions only a few inspection methods can fulfill this task. Of the methods available, OSS chose to pursue Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM), because it does not require clean surfaces for inspection, nor any contact with the Surface being inspected, and introduces no extra by-products in the inspection process (no coupling fluids or residues are left behind). The tool produced by OSS is the Robotic Tank Inspection End Effector (RTIEE), which is initially deployed on the tip of the Light Duty Utility Arm (LDUA). The RTEE combines ACFM with a color video camera for both electromagnetic and visual inspection The complete package consists of an end effector, its corresponding electronics and software, and a user's manual to guide the operator through an inspection. The system has both coarse and fine inspection modes and allows the user to catalog defects and suspected areas of leakage in a database for further examination, which may lead to emptying the tank for repair, decommissioning, etc.. The following is an updated report to OSS document OSS-21100-7002, which was submitted in 1995. During the course of the contract, two related subtasks arose, the Wall and Coating Thickness Sensor and the Vacuum Scarifying and Sampling Tool Assembly. The first of these subtasks was intended to evaluate the corrosion and wall thinning of 55-gallon steel drums. The second was retrieved and characterized the waste material trapped inside the annulus region of the underground tanks on the DOE's tank farms. While these subtasks were derived from the original

  3. Regularity effect in prospective memory during aging

    Geoffrey Blondelle


    Full Text Available Background: Regularity effect can affect performance in prospective memory (PM, but little is known on the cognitive processes linked to this effect. Moreover, its impacts with regard to aging remain unknown. To our knowledge, this study is the first to examine regularity effect in PM in a lifespan perspective, with a sample of young, intermediate, and older adults. Objective and design: Our study examined the regularity effect in PM in three groups of participants: 28 young adults (18–30, 16 intermediate adults (40–55, and 25 older adults (65–80. The task, adapted from the Virtual Week, was designed to manipulate the regularity of the various activities of daily life that were to be recalled (regular repeated activities vs. irregular non-repeated activities. We examine the role of several cognitive functions including certain dimensions of executive functions (planning, inhibition, shifting, and binding, short-term memory, and retrospective episodic memory to identify those involved in PM, according to regularity and age. Results: A mixed-design ANOVA showed a main effect of task regularity and an interaction between age and regularity: an age-related difference in PM performances was found for irregular activities (older < young, but not for regular activities. All participants recalled more regular activities than irregular ones with no age effect. It appeared that recalling of regular activities only involved planning for both intermediate and older adults, while recalling of irregular ones were linked to planning, inhibition, short-term memory, binding, and retrospective episodic memory. Conclusion: Taken together, our data suggest that planning capacities seem to play a major role in remembering to perform intended actions with advancing age. Furthermore, the age-PM-paradox may be attenuated when the experimental design is adapted by implementing a familiar context through the use of activities of daily living. The clinical

  4. Ambiguities in Pauli-Villars regularization

    Kleiss, Ronald H P


    We investigate regularization of scalar one-loop integrals in the Pauli- Villars subtraction scheme. The results depend on the number of sub- tractions, in particular the finite terms that survive after the diver- gences have been absorbed by renormalization. Therefore the process of Pauli-Villars regularization is ambiguous. We discuss how these am- biguities may be resolved by applying an asymptotically large number of subtractions, which results in a regularization that is automatically valid in any number of dimensions.

  5. Regularized brain reading with shrinkage and smoothing

    Wehbe, Leila; Ramdas, Aaditya; Steorts, Rebecca C.; Shalizi, Cosma Rohilla


    Functional neuroimaging measures how the brain responds to complex stimuli. However, sample sizes are modest, noise is substantial, and stimuli are high dimensional. Hence, direct estimates are inherently imprecise and call for regularization. We compare a suite of approaches which regularize via shrinkage: ridge regression, the elastic net (a generalization of ridge regression and the lasso), and a hierarchical Bayesian model based on small area estimation (SAE). We contrast regularization w...

  6. The Technology Trend of Japanese Patent for the Nuclear Fuel Assembly Inspection

    Cho, Jai Wan; Choi, Young Soo; Lee, Nam Ho; Jeong, Kyung Min; Suh, Yong Chil; Kim, Chang Hoi; Shin, Jung Cheol


    Japanese technology patents for the nuclear fuel assembly inspection unit, from the year 1993 to the year 2006, were investigated. The fuel rods which contain fissile material are grouped together in a closely-spaced array within the fuel assembly. Various kinds of reactor including the PWR reactor are being operated in Japan. There are many kinds of nuclear fuel assemblies in Japan, and the shape and the size of these nuclear fuel assemblies are various also. As the structure of these various fuel assemblies is a regular square as the same as the Korean one, the inspection method described in Japanese technology patent can be applied to the inspection of the nuclear fuel assembly of the Korea. This report focuses on advances in VIT(visual inspection test) of nuclear fuel assembly using the state-of-the-art CCD camera system.

  7. Local and Nonlocal Regularization to Image Interpolation

    Yi Zhan


    Full Text Available This paper presents an image interpolation model with local and nonlocal regularization. A nonlocal bounded variation (BV regularizer is formulated by an exponential function including gradient. It acts as the Perona-Malik equation. Thus our nonlocal BV regularizer possesses the properties of the anisotropic diffusion equation and nonlocal functional. The local total variation (TV regularizer dissipates image energy along the orthogonal direction to the gradient to avoid blurring image edges. The derived model efficiently reconstructs the real image, leading to a natural interpolation which reduces blurring and staircase artifacts. We present experimental results that prove the potential and efficacy of the method.

  8. Regularization and error assignment to unfolded distributions

    Zech, Gunter


    The commonly used approach to present unfolded data only in graphical formwith the diagonal error depending on the regularization strength is unsatisfac-tory. It does not permit the adjustment of parameters of theories, the exclusionof theories that are admitted by the observed data and does not allow the com-bination of data from different experiments. We propose fixing the regulariza-tion strength by a p-value criterion, indicating the experimental uncertaintiesindependent of the regularization and publishing the unfolded data in additionwithout regularization. These considerations are illustrated with three differentunfolding and smoothing approaches applied to a toy example.

  9. The regularity of quotient paratopological groups

    Banakh, Taras


    Let $H$ be a closed subgroup of a regular abelian paratopological group $G$. The group reflexion $G^\\flat$ of $G$ is the group $G$ endowed with the strongest group topology, weaker that the original topology of $G$. We show that the quotient $G/H$ is Hausdorff (and regular) if $H$ is closed (and locally compact) in $G^\\flat$. On the other hand, we construct an example of a regular abelian paratopological group $G$ containing a closed discrete subgroup $H$ such that the quotient $G/H$ is Hausdorff but not regular.

  10. Branch Processes of Regular Magnetic Monopole

    MO Shu-Fan; REN Ji-Rong; ZHU Tao


    In this paper, by making use of Duan's topological current theory, the branch process of regular magnetic monopoles is discussed in detail Regular magnetic monopoles are found generating or annihilating at the limit point and encountering, splitting, or merging at the bifurcation point and the degenerate point systematically of the vector order parameter field φ(x).Furthermore, it is also shown that when regular magnetic monopoles split or merge at the degenerate point of field function φ, the total topological charges of the regular magnetic monopoles axe still unchanged.

  11. Ideal-comparability over Regular Rings

    Huan Yin CHEN; Miao Sen CHEN


    We introduce the concept of ideal-comparability condition for regular rings. Let I be an ideal of a regular ring R. If R satisfies the Ⅰ-comparability condition, then R is one-sided unit-regular if and only if so is R/I. Also, we show that a regular ring R satisfies the general comparability if and only if the following hold: (1) R/I satisfies the general comparability; (2) R satisfies the general Ⅰ-comparability condition; (3) The natural map B(R) → B(R/I) is surjective.

  12. Iterative Regularization with Minimum-Residual Methods

    Jensen, Toke Koldborg; Hansen, Per Christian


    We study the regularization properties of iterative minimum-residual methods applied to discrete ill-posed problems. In these methods, the projection onto the underlying Krylov subspace acts as a regularizer, and the emphasis of this work is on the role played by the basis vectors of these Krylov...... subspaces. We provide a combination of theory and numerical examples, and our analysis confirms the experience that MINRES and MR-II can work as general regularization methods. We also demonstrate theoretically and experimentally that the same is not true, in general, for GMRES and RRGMRES their success...... as regularization methods is highly problem dependent....

  13. Iterative regularization with minimum-residual methods

    Jensen, Toke Koldborg; Hansen, Per Christian


    We study the regularization properties of iterative minimum-residual methods applied to discrete ill-posed problems. In these methods, the projection onto the underlying Krylov subspace acts as a regularizer, and the emphasis of this work is on the role played by the basis vectors of these Krylov...... subspaces. We provide a combination of theory and numerical examples, and our analysis confirms the experience that MINRES and MR-II can work as general regularization methods. We also demonstrate theoretically and experimentally that the same is not true, in general, for GMRES and RRGMRES - their success...... as regularization methods is highly problem dependent....

  14. Overview of the 80(th) Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society - The Past, Present and Future of Cardiovascular Medicine in Japan - - The 5(th) Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

    Takahashi, Jun; Satoh, Kimio; Fukuda, Koji; Sugimura, Koichiro; Matsumoto, Yasuharu; Nakano, Makoto; Tsuburaya, Ryuji; Aoki, Tatsuo; Hao, Kiyotaka; Nishimiya, Kensuke; Ito, Kenta; Sakata, Yasuhiko; Shimokawa, Hiroaki


    The 80(th)Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society was held in Sendai, Japan, on March 18-20, 2016, which coincided with the 5(th)anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake that hit the Tohoku area on March 11, 2011. Thus, the main themes for this meeting were "The Past, Present and Future of Cardiovascular Medicine in Japan" and "The 5(th)Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake". Despite the provincial location, approximately 15,000 people attended during the 3-day meeting, and there were in-depth discussions in each of the various sessions on these themes. Especially, to our great pleasure, the Japanese Royals, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, kindly visited the panel exhibition of the Great East Japan Earthquake and spoke words of appreciation to us. The meeting successfully completed and we sincerely appreciate the great cooperation and support from all affiliates. (Circ J 2016; 80: 1689-1694).

  15. Fast and compact regular expression matching

    Bille, Philip; Farach-Colton, Martin


    We study 4 problems in string matching, namely, regular expression matching, approximate regular expression matching, string edit distance, and subsequence indexing, on a standard word RAM model of computation that allows logarithmic-sized words to be manipulated in constant time. We show how...

  16. Regularity of harmonic maps with the potential

    CHU; Yuming


    The aim of this work is to prove the partial regularity of the harmonic maps with potential. The main difficulty caused by the potential is how to find the equation satisfied by the scaling function. Under the assumption on the potential we can obtain the equation, however, for a general potential, even if it is smooth, the partial regularity is still open.

  17. On the Equivalence of Regularization Schemes

    YANG Ji-Feng


    We illustrate via the sunset diagram that dimensional regularization ‘deforms' the nonlocal contentsof multi-loop diagrams with its equivalence to cutoff regularization scheme recovered only after sub-divergence wassubtracted. Then we employed a differential equation approach for calculating loop diagrams to verify that dimensionalare argued especially in nonperturbativc perspective.

  18. Regularization algorithms based on total least squares

    Hansen, Per Christian; O'Leary, Dianne P.


    Discretizations of inverse problems lead to systems of linear equations with a highly ill-conditioned coefficient matrix, and in order to compute stable solutions to these systems it is necessary to apply regularization methods. Classical regularization methods, such as Tikhonov's method or trunc...

  19. Regular Decompositions for H(div) Spaces

    Kolev, Tzanio [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States). Center for Applied Scientific Computing; Vassilevski, Panayot [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States). Center for Applied Scientific Computing


    We study regular decompositions for H(div) spaces. In particular, we show that such regular decompositions are closely related to a previously studied “inf-sup” condition for parameter-dependent Stokes problems, for which we provide an alternative, more direct, proof.

  20. Adaptive regularization of noisy linear inverse problems

    Hansen, Lars Kai; Madsen, Kristoffer Hougaard; Lehn-Schiøler, Tue


    In the Bayesian modeling framework there is a close relation between regularization and the prior distribution over parameters. For prior distributions in the exponential family, we show that the optimal hyper-parameter, i.e., the optimal strength of regularization, satisfies a simple relation: T...

  1. 12 CFR 725.3 - Regular membership.


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Regular membership. 725.3 Section 725.3 Banks and Banking NATIONAL CREDIT UNION ADMINISTRATION REGULATIONS AFFECTING CREDIT UNIONS NATIONAL CREDIT UNION ADMINISTRATION CENTRAL LIQUIDITY FACILITY § 725.3 Regular membership. (a) A natural person...

  2. A regularized stationary mean-field game

    Yang, Xianjin


    In the thesis, we discuss the existence and numerical approximations of solutions of a regularized mean-field game with a low-order regularization. In the first part, we prove a priori estimates and use the continuation method to obtain the existence of a solution with a positive density. Finally, we introduce the monotone flow method and solve the system numerically.

  3. Autonomous underwater riser inspection tool

    Camerini, Claudio; Marnet, Robson [Petrobras SA, (Brazil); Freitas, Miguel; Von der Weid, Jean Pierre [CPTI/PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, (Brazil); Artigas Lander, Ricardo [EngeMOVI, Curitiba, (Brazil)


    The detection of damage on the riser is a serious concern for pipeline companies. Visual examinations by remotely operated vehicle (ROV) are presently carried out to detect the defects but this process has limitations and is expensive. This paper presents the development of a new tool to ensure autonomous underwater riser inspection (AURI) that uses the riser itself for guidance. The AURI, which is autonomous in terms of control and power supply, is equipped with several cameras that perform a complete visual inspection of the riser with 100 % coverage of the external surface of the riser. The paper presents the detailed characteristics of the first AURI prototype, describes its launching procedure and provides the preliminary test results from pool testing. The results showed that the AURI is a viable system for autonomous riser inspection. Offshore tests on riser pipelines are scheduled to be performed shortly.

  4. Regular Expression Matching and Operational Semantics

    Rathnayake, Asiri; 10.4204/EPTCS.62.3


    Many programming languages and tools, ranging from grep to the Java String library, contain regular expression matchers. Rather than first translating a regular expression into a deterministic finite automaton, such implementations typically match the regular expression on the fly. Thus they can be seen as virtual machines interpreting the regular expression much as if it were a program with some non-deterministic constructs such as the Kleene star. We formalize this implementation technique for regular expression matching using operational semantics. Specifically, we derive a series of abstract machines, moving from the abstract definition of matching to increasingly realistic machines. First a continuation is added to the operational semantics to describe what remains to be matched after the current expression. Next, we represent the expression as a data structure using pointers, which enables redundant searches to be eliminated via testing for pointer equality. From there, we arrive both at Thompson's lock...

  5. A linear functional strategy for regularized ranking.

    Kriukova, Galyna; Panasiuk, Oleksandra; Pereverzyev, Sergei V; Tkachenko, Pavlo


    Regularization schemes are frequently used for performing ranking tasks. This topic has been intensively studied in recent years. However, to be effective a regularization scheme should be equipped with a suitable strategy for choosing a regularization parameter. In the present study we discuss an approach, which is based on the idea of a linear combination of regularized rankers corresponding to different values of the regularization parameter. The coefficients of the linear combination are estimated by means of the so-called linear functional strategy. We provide a theoretical justification of the proposed approach and illustrate them by numerical experiments. Some of them are related with ranking the risk of nocturnal hypoglycemia of diabetes patients.

  6. Minimal regular 2-graphs and applications

    FAN; Hongbing; LIU; Guizhen; LIU; Jiping


    A 2-graph is a hypergraph with edge sizes of at most two. A regular 2-graph is said to be minimal if it does not contain a proper regular factor. Let f2(n) be the maximum value of degrees over all minimal regular 2-graphs of n vertices. In this paper, we provide a structure property of minimal regular 2-graphs, and consequently, prove that f2(n) = n+3-i/3where 1 ≤i≤6, i=n (mod 6) andn≥ 7, which solves a conjecture posed by Fan, Liu, Wu and Wong. As applications in graph theory, we are able to characterize unfactorable regular graphs and provide the best possible factor existence theorem on degree conditions. Moreover, f2(n) and the minimal 2-graphs can be used in the universal switch box designs, which originally motivated this study.

  7. On regularizations of the Dirac delta distribution

    Hosseini, Bamdad; Nigam, Nilima; Stockie, John M.


    In this article we consider regularizations of the Dirac delta distribution with applications to prototypical elliptic and hyperbolic partial differential equations (PDEs). We study the convergence of a sequence of distributions SH to a singular term S as a parameter H (associated with the support size of SH) shrinks to zero. We characterize this convergence in both the weak-* topology of distributions and a weighted Sobolev norm. These notions motivate a framework for constructing regularizations of the delta distribution that includes a large class of existing methods in the literature. This framework allows different regularizations to be compared. The convergence of solutions of PDEs with these regularized source terms is then studied in various topologies such as pointwise convergence on a deleted neighborhood and weighted Sobolev norms. We also examine the lack of symmetry in tensor product regularizations and effects of dissipative error in hyperbolic problems.

  8. WJD 5th Anniversary Special Issues(2): Type 2 diabetes Effects of exercise training on mitochondrial function in patients with type 2 diabetes

    Steen; Larsen; Stinna; Skaaby; J?rn; W; Helge; Flemming; Dela


    Type 2 diabetes is characterized by a decreased ability of insulin to facilitate glucose uptake into insulin sensitive tissue,i.e.,skeletal muscle.The mechanism behind this is at the moment unresolved.It has been suggested that increased amount of lipids inside the skeletal muscle(intramuscular triglyceride,diacylglycerol and ceramides)will impair insulin action in skeletal muscle,but data are not consistent in the human literature.It has also been hypothesized that the impaired insulin sensitivity is due to a dysfunction in the mitochondria resulting in an impaired ability to oxidize lipids,but the majority of the literature is not supporting this hypothesis.Recently it has been suggested that the production of reactive oxygen species play an essential role in skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity.It is well accepted that physical activity(endurance,strength and high intensity training)improves insulin sensitivity in healthy humans and in patients with type 2 diabetes.Whether patients with type 2 diabetes have the same beneficial effects(same improvement)as control subjects,when it comes to regular physical activity in regard to mitochondrial function,is not established in the literature.This review will focus only on the effect of physical activity on skeletal muscle(mitochondrial function)in patients with type 2 diabetes.

  9. Evaluation of inservice inspection examinatiions

    Aldrich, D.A.; Cook, J.F.


    In order to evaluate the effectiveness of Section 11, Division 1, Rules for Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components,'' of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code examinations, 26 inservice inspection (ISI) summary reports from 24 facilities were reviewed. It was found that these ASME Code examinations and tests are instrumental in revealing indications and defects in welds and plant components. In addition, this study uncovered that fact that some of the Section 11 requirements are apparently not clear and are misunderstood by some of the facilities. Also, the need for more stringent requirements was evaluated and some Code changes are recommended.

  10. Evaluation of inservice inspection examinatiions

    Aldrich, D.A.; Cook, J.F.


    In order to evaluate the effectiveness of Section 11, Division 1, ``Rules for Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components,`` of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code examinations, 26 inservice inspection (ISI) summary reports from 24 facilities were reviewed. It was found that these ASME Code examinations and tests are instrumental in revealing indications and defects in welds and plant components. In addition, this study uncovered that fact that some of the Section 11 requirements are apparently not clear and are misunderstood by some of the facilities. Also, the need for more stringent requirements was evaluated and some Code changes are recommended.

  11. Planning Annual Shutdown Inspection for BFB Boiler

    Sorsa, Tatu


    The goal of this thesis was to create an illustrative guidebook of annual inspection planning for BFB boiler to help power plant operator when planning of annual inspection is topical. This thesis was made for Andritz Oy and it is based on inspection reports and experiences of BFB boiler’s maintenance and inspection staff. In this thesis it is shown how to plan an annual inspection for BFB boiler and thesis gives good tools and hints for operator to manage inspection from the beginning ...

  12. Quantitative regularities in floodplain formation

    Nevidimova, O.


    Quantitative regularities in floodplain formation Modern methods of the theory of complex systems allow to build mathematical models of complex systems where self-organizing processes are largely determined by nonlinear effects and feedback. However, there exist some factors that exert significant influence on the dynamics of geomorphosystems, but hardly can be adequately expressed in the language of mathematical models. Conceptual modeling allows us to overcome this difficulty. It is based on the methods of synergetic, which, together with the theory of dynamic systems and classical geomorphology, enable to display the dynamics of geomorphological systems. The most adequate for mathematical modeling of complex systems is the concept of model dynamics based on equilibrium. This concept is based on dynamic equilibrium, the tendency to which is observed in the evolution of all geomorphosystems. As an objective law, it is revealed in the evolution of fluvial relief in general, and in river channel processes in particular, demonstrating the ability of these systems to self-organization. Channel process is expressed in the formation of river reaches, rifts, meanders and floodplain. As floodplain is a periodically flooded surface during high waters, it naturally connects river channel with slopes, being one of boundary expressions of the water stream activity. Floodplain dynamics is inseparable from the channel dynamics. It is formed at simultaneous horizontal and vertical displacement of the river channel, that is at Y=Y(x, y), where х, y - horizontal and vertical coordinates, Y - floodplain height. When dу/dt=0 (for not lowering river channel), the river, being displaced in a horizontal plane, leaves behind a low surface, which flooding during high waters (total duration of flooding) changes from the maximum during the initial moment of time t0 to zero in the moment tn. In a similar manner changed is the total amount of accumulated material on the floodplain surface

  13. SAFIRE - a robotic inspection system for CANDU feeders

    Buckingham, R. [OC Robotics, Bristol (United Kingdom)


    The condition of primary circuit feeder pipes in CANDU reactors is relevant to the commercial viability and plant life. One known wear mechanism is external fretting between feeder pipes and adjacent services or support structures, particularly within the Upper Feeder Cabinet (UFC). Fretting leads to wall thinning which must not exceed certain agreed limits. Chafe shields have been added to protect the feeder pipes. Regular inspections are required of the chafe shields, feeder pipes and other structures that may cause feeder damage. Historically, the dose received by inspectors conducting this work has been significant. For this reason Ontario Power Generation has invested in a remotely operated robot system to conduct visual inspections within the UFC. This system, called SAFIRE for 'Snake-Arm Feeder Inspection Robot Equipment' has been deployed at Pickering during 2010 and 2011 and has been used to inspect areas that are extremely difficult to inspect with existing manual techniques. The 2011 scope of work included inspection of a total of 660 feeder pipes in three UFC quadrants, in two reactors. The full scope was completed over a one-month period in Autumn 2011 in which SAFIRE was used during 23, twelve hour shifts. This included two periods each of 72 hours of continuous operation using multiple teams of operators. SAFIRE is remote controlled delivery system for multiple cameras to record still images and video. The main system elements include a snake-arm robot mounted on a mobile vehicle. It can be controlled from up to 500m away using a fibre/copper connection. The snake-arm is 2.2m long, 25mm wide and has 18 degrees of freedom. It is designed to snake between the rows of feeder pipes to inspect feeder/hanger interfaces, both above and below the feeder cabinet catwalks. Future upgrades offer the potential to add additional tools to increase functionality. This paper describes the SAFIRE development process from inception to operational experience

  14. Multiple graph regularized protein domain ranking

    Wang, Jim Jing-Yan


    Background: Protein domain ranking is a fundamental task in structural biology. Most protein domain ranking methods rely on the pairwise comparison of protein domains while neglecting the global manifold structure of the protein domain database. Recently, graph regularized ranking that exploits the global structure of the graph defined by the pairwise similarities has been proposed. However, the existing graph regularized ranking methods are very sensitive to the choice of the graph model and parameters, and this remains a difficult problem for most of the protein domain ranking methods.Results: To tackle this problem, we have developed the Multiple Graph regularized Ranking algorithm, MultiG-Rank. Instead of using a single graph to regularize the ranking scores, MultiG-Rank approximates the intrinsic manifold of protein domain distribution by combining multiple initial graphs for the regularization. Graph weights are learned with ranking scores jointly and automatically, by alternately minimizing an objective function in an iterative algorithm. Experimental results on a subset of the ASTRAL SCOP protein domain database demonstrate that MultiG-Rank achieves a better ranking performance than single graph regularized ranking methods and pairwise similarity based ranking methods.Conclusion: The problem of graph model and parameter selection in graph regularized protein domain ranking can be solved effectively by combining multiple graphs. This aspect of generalization introduces a new frontier in applying multiple graphs to solving protein domain ranking applications. 2012 Wang et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

  15. A unified method of inspection and quality control

    P.V. Krishna Iyer


    Full Text Available It has been shown earlier that the mean and range charts used for S.Q.C. can be replaced by a single chart showing the largest and smallest values of samples taken from the machine at regular intervals. This chart designated as L-S chart has been found to be economical and efficient in many respects. The present paper shows that by modifying the sampling procedure, the S.Q.C. chart, besides providing information on the machine setting, tool wearing etc. for controlling the quality of the products collected during sampling intervals and thus enables us to dispense with 100 percent stage inspection which is in practice in the ordnance factories. The modification consists in taking one or two jobs from the machine at regular intervals and another four jobs at random from the products manufactured during every interval. The samples so selected are plotted on a chart against the specification limits. The collections during the different intervals will be accepted if all the four jobs are within the specification limits; otherwise screening will be done. Condition of the machine is judged mainly from the jobs taken from it. The experimental investigations conducted at Gun and Shell Factory, Cossipore show that this procedure works as effectively as the L-S chart and cent per cent inspection

  16. Research on inspection of stability of subsiding area in composite rock-mass roadway



    The research concentrates mainly on the development of failure process in composite rock-mass through acoustic emission, convergence inspection, stress measurement, subside area measurement, level measurement in the process of stability and safety monitoring as well as inspecting of subside area in composite hard rock. In terms of the modern signal analysis technology, various aspects are discussed. The monitoring result and the stability of rock mass can be synthetically evaluated and inferred, and the location of acoustic origin according to the acoustic emission regularity can be successfully detected. Finally the key factors of the deformation can be inferred from in subside area.

  17. Artificial Intelligence Assists Ultrasonic Inspection

    Schaefer, Lloyd A.; Willenberg, James D.


    Subtle indications of flaws extracted from ultrasonic waveforms. Ultrasonic-inspection system uses artificial intelligence to help in identification of hidden flaws in electron-beam-welded castings. System involves application of flaw-classification logic to analysis of ultrasonic waveforms.

  18. FAA Fluorescent Penetrant Laboratory Inspections



    The Federal Aviation Administration Airworthiness Assurance NDI Validation Center currently assesses the capability of various non-destructive inspection (NDI) methods used for analyzing aircraft components. The focus of one such exercise is to evaluate the sensitivity of fluorescent liquid penetrant inspection. A baseline procedure using the water-washable fluorescent penetrant method defines a foundation for comparing the brightness of low cycle fatigue cracks in titanium test panels. The analysis of deviations in the baseline procedure will determine an acceptable range of operation for the steps in the inspection process. The data also gives insight into the depth of each crack and which step(s) of the inspection process most affect penetrant sensitivities. A set of six low cycle fatigue cracks produced in 6.35-mm thick Ti-6Al-4V specimens was used to conduct the experiments to produce sensitivity data. The results will document the consistency of the crack readings and compare previous experiments to find the best parameters for water-washable penetrant.

  19. Low power implementation of datapath using regularity

    LAI Li-ya; LIU Peng


    Datapath accounts for a considerable part of power consumption in VLSI circuit design. This paper presents a method for physical implementation of datapath to achieve low power consumption. Regularity is a characteristic of datapath and the key of the proposed method, where synthesis is tightly combined with placement to make full use of regularity, so that low power consumption is achieved. In This paper, a new concept of Synthesis In Relative Placement (SIRP) is given to deal with the semi-regularity in some datapath. Experimental results of a sample circuit validated the proposed method.

  20. Limitations on Dimensional Regularization in Renyi Entropy

    Bao, Ning


    Dimensional regularization is a common method used to regulate the UV divergence of field theoretic quantities. When it is used in the context of Renyi entropy, however, it is important to consider whether such a procedure eliminates the statistical interpretation thereof as a measure of entanglement of states living on a Hilbert space. We therefore examine the dimensionally regularized Renyi entropy of a 4d unitary CFT and show that it admits no underlying Hilbert space in the state-counting sense. This gives a concrete proof that dimensionally regularized Renyi entropy cannot always be obtained as a limit of the Renyi entropy of some finite-dimensional quantum system.


    De-lin Chu; Da-yong Cai


    Problem of regularization of a singular system by derivative and proportional output feedback is studied. Necessary and sufficient conditions are obtained under which a singular system can be regularized into a closed-loop system that is regular and of index at most one. The reduced form is given that can easily explore the system properties as well as the feedback to be determined. The main results of the present paper are based on orthogonal transformations. Therefore, they can be implemented by numerically stable ways.

  2. J-regular rings with injectivities

    Shen, Liang


    A ring $R$ is called a J-regular ring if R/J(R) is von Neumann regular, where J(R) is the Jacobson radical of R. It is proved that if R is J-regular, then (i) R is right n-injective if and only if every homomorphism from an $n$-generated small right ideal of $R$ to $R_{R}$ can be extended to one from $R_{R}$ to $R_{R}$; (ii) R is right FP-injective if and only if R is right (J, R)-FP-injective. Some known results are improved.

  3. Monitoring Interior and Exterior Wall Inspections within a Virtual Environment

    A. Z. Sampaio


    Full Text Available This paper describes two prototype applications based on the Virtual Reality (VR technology for use in maintenance planning of buildings. In a building, the paint coating applied to interior walls and the different types of materials applied to façades convey their aesthetic character and also perform an important function of protection. This a construction component which is exposed to agents of deterioration related to its use, needing the regular evaluation of its state of repair. The applications support the performance of such periodic inspections and the monitoring of interior and exterior wall maintenance, using the VR technology. Used during an inspection visit, the applications allow users to consult a database of irregularities, normally associated with the coating, classified by the most probable causes and by the recommended repair methodologies. In addition, a chromatic scale related to the degree of deterioration of the coating, defined as a function of the time between the dates of the application of the paint and the scheduled repainting, can be attributed to each element of coating monitored. This use of the VR technology allows inspections and the evaluation of the degree of wear and tear of materials to be carried out in a highly direct and intuitive manner.

  4. Automated Ply Inspection (API) for AFP Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The Automated Ply Inspection (API) system autonomously inspects layups created by high speed automated fiber placement (AFP) machines. API comprises a high accuracy...

  5. Advanced robotics for inspection and maintenance applications

    Fisher, B. [Intech Inc., Chattanooga, Tennessee (United States)


    The BOP inspection market provides unique and challenging environments for inspection. Intech has developed a flexible manipulator platform that supports these needs, namely accuracy and environmental hazards in a cost effective package. (author)

  6. Piping inspection carriage having axially displaceable sensor

    Zollinger, William T.; Treanor, Richard C.


    A pipe inspection instrument carriage for use with a pipe crawler for performing internal inspections of piping surfaces. The carriage has a front leg assembly, a rear leg assembly and a central support connecting the two assemblies and for mounting an instrument arm having inspection instruments. The instrument arm has a y-arm mounted distally thereon for axially aligning the inspection instrumentation and a mounting block, a linear actuator and axial movement arm for extending the inspection instruments radially outward to operably position the inspection instruments on the piping interior. Also, the carriage has a rotation motor and gear assembly for rotating the central support and the front leg assembly with respect to the rear leg assembly so that the inspection instruments azimuthally scan the piping interior. The instrument carriage allows performance of all piping inspection operations with a minimum of moving parts, thus decreasing the likelihood of performance failure.

  7. Allegheny County Housing and Community Environment Inspections

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — Residential housing inspections and inspections in response to complaints for community environment problems, such as open vacant structures, vacant lots with...

  8. Development of Reactor Vessel Bottom Mount Instrumentation Nozzle Routine Inspection Device

    Khaled, Atya Ahmed Abdallah; Ihn, Namgung [KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School, Ulsan (Korea, Republic of)


    The primary coolant water of pressurized water reactors has created cracks in j-weld of penetrations with Alloy 600 through a process called primary water stress corrosion cracking. On October 6, 2013, BMI nozzle number 3 at Palo Verde Unit 3 (PVNGS-3) exhibited small white de-posits around the annulus. Nozzle attachment to the RV lower head is by J-groove weld to the inside penetration of the nozzle and the weld material is of Alloy 600 material. Above two cases clearly show the necessity of routine inspection of RV lower head penetration during refueling outage. Nondestructive inspection is generally performed to detect fine cracks or defects that may develop during operation. Defects usually occur at weld regions, hence most non-destructive inspection is to scan and check any defects or crack in the weld region. BMI nozzles at the bottom head of a nuclear reactor vessel (RV) are one of such area for inspection. But BMI nozzles have not been inspected during regular refuel outage due to the relative small size of BMI nozzle and limited impact of the consequences of BMI leak. However, there is growing concern since there have been leaks at nuclear power plants (NPPs) as well as recent operating experience. In this study, we propose a system that is conveniently used for nondestructive inspection of BMI nozzles during regular refueling outage without removing all the reactor internals. A 3D model of the inspection system was also developed along with the RV and internals which permits a virtual 3D simulation to check the design concept and usability of the system.

  9. Experimental Stress Analysis at Railway Inspection Pit

    Nicuşor Laurentiu Zaharia


    Full Text Available Railway inspection pits are used in railway halls. The purpose of inspection pits is to allow the working under the vehicle. Inspection pits can be found in locomotive depots, factories etc. The new design for a inspection pit in a railway hall involve tests in purpose of homologations the railway infrastructure. Before the homologation committee meeting, tests are made; after the test, a testing report is made which it will be part at homologation documents.

  10. Regularities and Radicals in Near-rings

    N.J. Groenewald


    Let F be a regularity for near-rings and F(R) the largest FR-regular ideal in R. In the first part of this paper, we introduce the concepts of maximal Fmodular ideals and F-primitive near-rings to characterize F(R) for any near-ring regularity F. Under certain conditions, F(R) is equal to the intersection of all the maximal F-modular ideals of R. As examples, we apply this to the different analogs of the Brown-McCoy radicals and also the Behrens radicals. In the last part of this paper, we show that for certain regularities, the class of F-primitive near-rings forms a special class.

  11. A Biordered Set Representation of Regular Semigroups

    Bing Jun YU; Mang XU


    In this paper, for an arbitrary regular biordered set E, by using biorder-isomorphisms between the ω-ideals of E, we construct a fundamental regular semigroup WE called NH-semigroup of E, whose idempotent biordered set is isomorphic to E. We prove further that WE can be used to give a new representation of general regular semigroups in the sense that, for any regular semigroup S with the idempotent biordered set isomorphic to E, there exists a homomorphism from S to WE whose kernel is the greatest idempotent-separating congruence on S and the image is a full symmetric subsemigroup of WE. Moreover, when E is a biordered set of a semilattice E0, WE is isomorphic to the Munn-semigroup TE0; and when E is the biordered set of a band B, WE is isomorphic to the Hall-semigroup WB.

  12. Spectral partitioning of random regular blockmodels

    Barucca, Paolo


    Graph partitioning problems emerge in a wide variety of complex systems, ranging from biology to finance, but can be rigorously analyzed and solved only for a few graph ensembles. Here, an ensemble of random graphs with regular block structure is introduced, for which analytical results can be obtained. In particular, the spectral density of such random regular blockmodels is computed exactly for a modular, bipartite and core-periphery structure. McKay's law for random regular graphs is found analytically to apply also for regular modular and bipartite structures when blocks are homogeneous. In core-periphery structures, where blocks are intrinsically heterogeneous, a new law is found to apply for the spectral density. Exact solution to the inference problem is provided for the models discussed. All analytical results show perfect agreement with numerical experiments. Final discussion summarizes results and outlines the relevance of the results for the solution of graph partitioning problems in other graph en...

  13. The regularization of Old English weak verbs

    Marta Tío Sáenz


    Full Text Available This article deals with the regularization of non-standard spellings of the verbal forms extracted from a corpus. It addresses the question of what the limits of regularization are when lemmatizing Old English weak verbs. The purpose of such regularization, also known as normalization, is to carry out lexicological analysis or lexicographical work. The analysis concentrates on weak verbs from the second class and draws on the lexical database of Old English Nerthus, which has incorporated the texts of the Dictionary of Old English Corpus. As regards the question of the limits of normalization, the solution adopted are, in the first place, that when it is necessary to regularize, normalization is restricted to correspondences based on dialectal and diachronic variation and, secondly, that normalization has to be unidirectional.

  14. Could Regular Pot Smoking Harm Vision?

    ... fullstory_162441.html Could Regular Pot Smoking Harm Vision? Study suggests that it might slow signaling among ... may be linked to a limited degree of vision impairment, a new French study suggests. The finding ...

  15. On π-regularity of General Rings



    A general ring means an associative ring with or without identity. An idempotent e in a general ring I is called left (right) semicentral if for every x∈ I,xe = exe (ex = exe). And I is called semiabelian ff every idempotent in I is left or right semicentral. It is proved that a semiabelian general ring I is π-regular if and only ff the set N(I) of nilpotent elements in I is an ideal of I and I/N(I) is regular. It follows that if I is a semiabelian general ring and K is an ideal of I,then I is π-regular if and only if both K and I/K are r-regular. Based on this we prove that every semiabelian GVNL-ring is an SGVNL-ring. These generalize several known results on the relevant subject. Furthermore we give a characterization of a semiabelian GVNL-ring.

  16. Comparability for ideals of regular rings

    CHEN Huanyin


    In this paper we investigate necessary and sufficient conditions under which the ideals possess comparability structure. For regular rings, we prove that every square matrix over ideals satisfying general comparability admits a diagonal reduction by quasi invertible matrices.

  17. Regularity of optimal transport maps and applications

    Philippis, Guido


    In this thesis, we study the regularity of optimal transport maps and its applications to the semi-geostrophic system. The first two chapters survey the known theory, in particular there is a self-contained proof of Brenier’ theorem on existence of optimal transport maps and of Caffarelli’s Theorem on Holder continuity of optimal maps. In the third and fourth chapter we start investigating Sobolev regularity of optimal transport maps, while in Chapter 5 we show how the above mentioned results allows to prove the existence of Eulerian solution to the semi-geostrophic equation. In Chapter 6 we prove partial regularity of optimal maps with respect to a generic cost functions (it is well known that in this case global regularity can not be expected). More precisely we show that if the target and source measure have smooth densities the optimal map is always smooth outside a closed set of measure zero.

  18. Modelling in Optimal Inspection and Repair

    Sørensen, John Dalsgaard; Rackwitz, R.; Faber, M.H.;


    A model for reliability based optimal inspection and repair strategies is described. The total expected costs in the lifetime is minimized with the number of inspections, the inspection times and efforts, the repair crack size limit and a design parameter as optimization variables. The equivalenc...

  19. *-Regular Leavitt Path Algebras of Arbitrary Graphs

    Gonzalo ARANDA PINO; Kulumani RANGASWAMY; Lia VA(S)


    If K is a field with involution and E an arbitrary graph,the involution from K naturally induces an involution of the Leavitt path algebra LK(E).We show that the involution on LK(E) is proper if the involution on K is positive-definite,even in the case when the graph E is not necessarily finite or row-finite.It has been shown that the Leavitt path algebra LK(E) is regular if and only if E is acyclic.We give necessary and sufficient conditions for LK(E) to be *-regular (i.e.,regular with proper involution).This characterization of *-regularity of a Leavitt path algebra is given in terms of an algebraic property of K,not just a graph-theoretic property of E.This differs from the.known characterizations of various other algebraic properties of a Leavitt path algebra in terms of graphtheoretic properties of E alone.As a corollary,we show that Handelman's conjecture (stating that every *-regular ring is unit-regular) holds for Leavitt path algebras.Moreover,its generalized version for rings with local units also continues to hold for Leavitt path algebras over arbitrary graphs.

  20. Lucky guess or knowledge: a cross-sectional study using the Bland and Altman analysis to compare confidence-based testing of pharmacological knowledge in 3rd and 5th year medical students.

    Kampmeyer, Daniela; Matthes, Jan; Herzig, Stefan


    Multiple-choice-questions are common in medical examinations, but guessing biases assessment results. Confidence-based-testing (CBT) integrates indicated confidence levels. It has been suggested that correctness of and confidence in an answer together indicate knowledge levels thus determining the quality of a resulting decision. We used a CBT approach to investigate whether decision quality improves during undergraduate medical education. 3rd- and 5th-year students attended formative multiple-choice exams on pharmacological issues. Students were asked to indicate their confidence in a given answer. Correctness of answers was scored binary (1-correct; 0-wrong) and confidence levels were transformed to an ordinal scale (guess: 0; rather unsure: 0.33; rather sure: 0.66; very sure: 1). 5th-year students gave more correct answers (73 ± 16 vs. 49 ± 13 %, p confident regarding the correctness of their answers (0.61 ± 0.18 vs. 0.46 ± 0.13, p students (r = 0.81 vs. r = 0.52), but agreement of confidence and correctness ('centration') was lower. By combining the Bland-and-Altman approach with categories of decision-quality we found that 5th-year students were more likely to be 'well-informed' (41 vs. 5 %), while more 3rd-students were 'uninformed' (24 vs. 76 %). Despite a good correlation of exam results and confidence in given answers increased knowledge might be accompanied by a more critical view at the own abilities. Combining the statistical Bland-and-Altman analysis with a theoretical approach to decision-quality, more advanced students are expected to apply correct beliefs, while their younger fellows are rather at risk to hesitate or to act amiss.

  1. Robotized Inspection of Vertical Structures of a Solar Power Plant Using NDT Techniques

    Torsten Felsch


    Full Text Available Concentrated solar power (CSP plants are expansive facilities that require substantial inspection and maintenance. A fully automated inspection robot increases the efficiency of maintenance work, reduces operating and maintenance costs, and improves safety and work conditions for service technicians. This paper describes a climbing robot that is capable of performing inspection and maintenance on vertical surfaces of solar power plants, e.g., the tubes of the receiver in a central tower CSP plant. Specifically, the service robot’s climbing mechanism is explained and the results of the nondestructive inspection methods are reviewed. The robot moves on the panels of the receiver in the tower and aligns the sensors correctly for inspection. The vertical movement of the climbing kinematics is synchronized with the movement of the tower’s crane. Various devices that detect surface defects and thickness losses inside the tube were integrated into the robot. Since the tubes are exposed to very high radiation, they need to be inspected regularly.

  2. Interplanetary magnetic field power spectra with frequencies from 2.4 X 10 to the -5th HZ to 470 HZ from HELIOS-observations during solar minimum conditions

    Denskat, K. U.; Beinroth, H. J.; Neubauer, F. M.

    HELIOS-2 observations of the interplanetary vector magnetic field are used to obtain power spectral density estimates from 2.4 x 10 to the -5th Hz up to 470 Hz. The instrumentation, measuring method, and raw data analysis are briefly described, and a short summary of the algorithm used for the computation of the density estimates from flux-gate magnetometer data is given. Examples are presented of magnetic field power spectra observed at different heliocentric distances as well as the variation of the spectra in the course of a high-speed stream. The observed spectra are interpreted in terms of waves and of MHD turbulence.

  3. Analysis on the Revision of the Economics Category in. CLC 5th Edition%试析《中图法》第五版对经济大类的修订



    The paper analyses the revision of the Economics category in Chinese Library Classification, the 5th edition. This paper also gives some suggestions to the category setting of the Gambling Industry, Lottery Industry, Tourism Science and Enterprise Pricing.%围绕《中图法》第五版对F经济大类的修订情况进行了比较综合的分析,并就博彩业、彩票业、旅游学和企业定价等主题的立类问题提出了相应的修订意见和建议。


    LiPeng; PanZuliang


    Based on the modified Jocobi elliptic function expansion method and the modified extended tanh-function method, a new algebraic method is presented to obtain multiple travelling wave solutions for nonlinear wave equations. By using the method ,Ito's 5th-order and 7th-order mKdV equations are studied in detail and more new exact Jocobi elliptic function periodic solutions are found. With modulus m→1 or m→0, these solutions degenerate into corresponding solitary wave solutions, shock wave solutions and trigonometric function solutions.

  5. The Brief Introduction to "The 5th International Workshop on the Fundamental Research for Mitigation Earthquake Hazards" Held in Korea%中日美韩"地震减灾国际研讨会"简介

    郑秀芬; 郑需要


    @@ 应韩国气象厅气象研究所的邀请, 中国地震局地球物理研究所的郑需要研究员和郑秀芬博士于2005年12月18日至23日期间, 赴韩国济州岛参加了由韩国气象厅气象研究所主办的第五届中、日、美、韩"地震减灾国际研讨会"(The 5th International Workshop on the Fundamental Research for Mitigation Earthquake Hazards).

  6. Evaluation of sensitivity and specificity of routine meat inspection of Danish slaughter pigs using Latent Class Analysis

    Bonde, Marianne; Toft, Nils; Thomsen, Peter;


    Two groups of observers, regular meat inspectors and two veterinary researchers, respectively, conducted independent veterinary meat inspection of organs of slaughter pigs from organic or conventional production systems slaughtered at one abattoir in April 2005. A total of 3054 pigs (899 organic ...

  7. The Least Regular Order with Respect to a Regular Congruence on Ordered Γ-Semigroups



    The motivation mainly comes from the conditions of congruences to be regular that are of importance and interest in ordered semigroups.In 1981,Sen has introduced the concept of the Γ-semigroups.We can see that any semigroup can be considered as a Γ-semigroup.In this paper,we introduce and characterize the concept of the regular congruences on ordered Γ-semigroups and prove the following statements on an ordered Γ-semigroup M:(1) Every ordered semilattice congruences is a regular congruence.(2) There exists the least regular order on the T-semigroup M/p with respect to a regular congruence p on M.(3) The regular congruences are not ordered semilattice congruences in general.

  8. Generative inspection process planner for integrated production

    Brown, C.W. (Allied-Signal Aerospace Co., Kansas City, MO (USA). Kansas City Div.); Gyorog, D.A. (Kansas Univ., Lawrence, KS (USA). Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)


    This work describes the design prototype development of a generative process planning system for dimensional inspection. The system, IPPEX (Inspection Process Planning EXpert), is a rule-based expert system for integrated production. Using as advanced product modeler, relational databases, and artificial intelligence techniques, IPPEX generates the process plan and part program for the dimensional inspection of products using CMMs. Through an application interface, the IPPEX system software accesses product definition from the product modeler. The modeler is a solid geometric modeler coupled with a dimension and tolerance modeler. Resource data regarding the machines, probes, and fixtures are queried from databases. IPPEX represents inspection process knowledge as production rules and incorporates an embedded inference engine to perform decision making. The IPPEX system, its functional architecture, system architecture, system approach, product modeling environment, inspection features, inspection knowledge, hierarchical planning strategy, user interface formats, and other fundamental issues related to inspection planning and part programming for CMMs are described. 27 refs., 16 figs., 4 tabs.

  9. A Construction for P-Regular Semigroups


    @@A regular semigroup S with a special involution *, i.e., a unaryoperation on S satisfying (x*)*=x, xx*x=x, (xy)*=y*x* x, y S, is called a regular *-semigroup[1]. It has been shown by Yamada[2] that a regular semigroup S is a regular *-semigroup if and only if ithas a P-system, that is to say, there is a subset P ofE(S) such that   (c.1) (1) ( p, q P) pq E(S), pqp P;   (2) ( a S) ( | a+ V(a)) aP1a+, a+P1a P.As a generalization of regular *-semigroup and orthodox semigroup,Yamada[3] defined P-regular semigroup. Let S be a regularsemigroup. A subset P of E(S) is called a C-set in S if   (c.2) (1) ( p, q P) pq E(S), pqp P;   (2) ( a S) ( a+ V(a)) aP1a+, a+P1a P.   In this case, (S,P) forms a P-regular semigroup, innotation S(P). The element a+ in(c.2) (2) is called a P-inverse of a. The set of all P-inverses of a is denoted by VP(a). S(P) is said to bestrongly, meanwhile P is called a strong C-set in S, ifVP(p) P for all p P. A partial groupoid E as well as its partial subgroupoid Pforms a P-regular partial band and is denoted by E(P) if itis exactly the subalgebra of the idempotents in some P-regularsemigroup S(P). In this case, S(P) is called an adjacentsemigroup E(P). All P-regular partial bands are obtained inZhang and He[4].

  10. Developing the information management system for safeguards national inspection

    Park, S. J.; Jeon, I.; Park, W. S.; Min, K. S. [KAERI, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    The inspection information management system for safeguards national inspection is aimed to do the national safeguards inspection with efficiency, and to decrease the inspector's load to write inspection report by systematizing the inspection jobs and sharing the inspection data. National safeguards inspection is consisted two large jobs. The first is the national safeguards supporting job of managing to support the national inspection mission. The other is the writing a national inspection report after completing the national inspection. Before the developing of inspection information management system, the official tools(spread sheet, word processor) are usually used. But there is problem to share the data, to produce the statistics data. To solve the these problem, we developed the inspection information management system that process the job from initial to final inspection work, and opened user education. This paper explain the procedure of developing the inspection information management system for safeguards national inspection.

  11. Regularities, Natural Patterns and Laws of Nature

    Stathis Psillos


    Full Text Available  The goal of this paper is to sketch an empiricist metaphysics of laws of nature. The key idea is that there are regularities without regularity-enforcers. Differently put, there are natural laws without law-makers of a distinct metaphysical kind. This sketch will rely on the concept of a natural pattern and more significantly on the existence of a network of natural patterns in nature. The relation between a regularity and a pattern will be analysed in terms of mereology.  Here is the road map. In section 2, I will briefly discuss the relation between empiricism and metaphysics, aiming to show that an empiricist metaphysics is possible. In section 3, I will offer arguments against stronger metaphysical views of laws. Then, in section 4 I will motivate nomic objectivism. In section 5, I will address the question ‘what is a regularity?’ and will develop a novel answer to it, based on the notion of a natural pattern. In section 6, I will raise the question: ‘what is a law of nature?’, the answer to which will be: a law of nature is a regularity that is characterised by the unity of a natural pattern.

  12. Counting colorings of a regular graph

    Galvin, David


    At most how many (proper) q-colorings does a regular graph admit? Galvin and Tetali conjectured that among all n-vertex, d-regular graphs with 2d|n, none admits more q-colorings than the disjoint union of n/2d copies of the complete bipartite graph K_{d,d}. In this note we give asymptotic evidence for this conjecture, giving an upper bound on the number of proper q-colorings admitted by an n-vertex, d-regular graph of the form a^n b^{n(1+o(1))/d} (where a and b depend on q and where o(1) goes to 0 as d goes to infinity) that agrees up to the o(1) term with the count of q-colorings of n/2d copies of K_{d,d}. An auxiliary result is an upper bound on the number of colorings of a regular graph in terms of its independence number. For example, we show that for all even q and fixed \\epsilon > 0 there is \\delta=\\delta(\\epsilon,q) such that the number of proper q-colorings admitted by an n-vertex, d-regular graph with no independent set of size n(1-\\epsilon)/2 is at most (a-\\delta)^n.

  13. Modified sparse regularization for electrical impedance tomography.

    Fan, Wenru; Wang, Huaxiang; Xue, Qian; Cui, Ziqiang; Sun, Benyuan; Wang, Qi


    Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) aims to estimate the electrical properties at the interior of an object from current-voltage measurements on its boundary. It has been widely investigated due to its advantages of low cost, non-radiation, non-invasiveness, and high speed. Image reconstruction of EIT is a nonlinear and ill-posed inverse problem. Therefore, regularization techniques like Tikhonov regularization are used to solve the inverse problem. A sparse regularization based on L1 norm exhibits superiority in preserving boundary information at sharp changes or discontinuous areas in the image. However, the limitation of sparse regularization lies in the time consumption for solving the problem. In order to further improve the calculation speed of sparse regularization, a modified method based on separable approximation algorithm is proposed by using adaptive step-size and preconditioning technique. Both simulation and experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed method in improving the image quality and real-time performance in the presence of different noise intensities and conductivity contrasts.

  14. Regular Expression Matching and Operational Semantics

    Asiri Rathnayake


    Full Text Available Many programming languages and tools, ranging from grep to the Java String library, contain regular expression matchers. Rather than first translating a regular expression into a deterministic finite automaton, such implementations typically match the regular expression on the fly. Thus they can be seen as virtual machines interpreting the regular expression much as if it were a program with some non-deterministic constructs such as the Kleene star. We formalize this implementation technique for regular expression matching using operational semantics. Specifically, we derive a series of abstract machines, moving from the abstract definition of matching to increasingly realistic machines. First a continuation is added to the operational semantics to describe what remains to be matched after the current expression. Next, we represent the expression as a data structure using pointers, which enables redundant searches to be eliminated via testing for pointer equality. From there, we arrive both at Thompson's lockstep construction and a machine that performs some operations in parallel, suitable for implementation on a large number of cores, such as a GPU. We formalize the parallel machine using process algebra and report some preliminary experiments with an implementation on a graphics processor using CUDA.

  15. Mining High Utility Itemsets with Regular Occurrence

    Komate Amphawan


    Full Text Available High utility itemset mining (HUIM plays an important role in the data mining community and in a wide range of applications. For example, in retail business it is used for finding sets of sold products that give high profit, low cost, etc. These itemsets can help improve marketing strategies, make promotions/ advertisements, etc. However, since HUIM only considers utility values of items/itemsets, it may not be sufficient to observe product-buying behavior of customers such as information related to “regular purchases of sets of products having a high profit margin”. To address this issue, the occurrence behavior of itemsets (in the term of regularity simultaneously with their utility values was investigated. Then, the problem of mining high utility itemsets with regular occurrence (MHUIR to find sets of co-occurrence items with high utility values and regular occurrence in a database was considered. An efficient single-pass algorithm, called MHUIRA, was introduced. A new modified utility-list structure, called NUL, was designed to efficiently maintain utility values and occurrence information and to increase the efficiency of computing the utility of itemsets. Experimental studies on real and synthetic datasets and complexity analyses are provided to show the efficiency of MHUIRA combined with NUL in terms of time and space usage for mining interesting itemsets based on regularity and utility constraints.

  16. Improvement of resource efficiency by efficient waste shipment inspections; Steigerung der Ressourceneffizienz durch effiziente Kontrollen von Abfallverbringungen

    Schilling, Stephanie [Institut fuer Oekologie und Politik GmbH (OEKOPOL), Hamburg (Germany)


    Illegal shipment of waste as well as enforcement related to waste shipment have been regularly the centre of attention of public and professional debates and are also a topic of cross-national relations. In addition, the fear persists that by illegal waste shipments waste is treated in plants neither adapted to protect the environment and health nor having sufficient recuperation capabilities for precious raw materials. This project therefore intends to clarify the status quo of waste shipment inspections in the 16 federal states of Germany (Bundeslaender, in the following cited as states or federal states) to identify potential for development regarding the organisation and execution of inspections and to elaborate recommendations to optimise enforcement activities and further development of European and German legislative regulations. In order to optimise the enforcement of the European Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) and the German Waste Shipment Act (AbfVerbrG), an adequate number of qualified personnel is necessary within all bodies involved into waste shipment inspections. Those bodies are namely the competent waste authorities, customs, police, the Federal Office for Transport of Goods (BAG), the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) and the prosecution offices. An adequate number of qualified personnel is not provided for in all states/authorities. This is also reflected in the number of transport and plant inspections which deviate between zero to a fixed number per year as well as being continuously performed and based occasion-/cause oriented inspections. Tangible means like access to IT-systems and the Internet should be provided for on-site inspections. Besides qualified and experienced personnel also IT-Systems have a relevant impact on the preselection of the entity to be inspected as well as for on-the-spot investigations. Therefore IT-System can increase the efficiency of inspections (inspections per time unit resp. exposure of illegal shipments per time

  17. Study on the 5 th Dalai Lama’s The Record of the TibetanKingsand Noblemen%五世达赖之《西藏王臣记》研究



    著名宗教领袖五世达赖一生对西藏的政治及佛教等诸多方面做出过突出贡献。同时,他又是一位杰出的史学家,一生著述如虹,其著作《西藏王臣记》特点鲜明,行文古奥简洁,用词典雅华丽,具有很高的文学价值。此外,该著述包含了许多丰富而珍贵的历史资料,具有极高的史料价值,是五世达赖留给后人的极其珍贵的历史文化遗产。%As a renowned religious leader,the 5th Dalai Lama made prominent contributions to Tibetan politics,Buddhism and many other aspects of the Tibetan society.Meanwhile,he was also a brilliant and prolific historian.Among his many works,his masterpiece The Record of the Tibetan Kings and Noblemen has a high literary value for its unique features, conciseness and beautiful words.Besides,this book contains lots of rich and valuable historical literature.Hence it has great historical value.It is a very precious historical heritage the 5th Dalai Lama left behind to later generations.

  18. Regular-fat dairy and human health

    Astrup, Arne; Bradley, Beth H Rice; Brenna, J Thomas


    In recent history, some dietary recommendations have treated dairy fat as an unnecessary source of calories and saturated fat in the human diet. These assumptions, however, have recently been brought into question by current research on regular fat dairy products and human health. In an effort...... to disseminate, explore and discuss the state of the science on the relationship between regular fat dairy products and health, symposia were programmed by dairy industry organizations in Europe and North America at The Eurofed Lipids Congress (2014) in France, The Dairy Nutrition Annual Symposium (2014......) in Canada, The American Society for Nutrition Annual Meeting held in conjunction with Experimental Biology (2015) in the United States, and The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (2015) in Germany. This synopsis of these symposia describes the complexity of dairy fat and the effects regular...

  19. Robust super-resolution without regularization

    Pham, T Q [Canon Information Systems Research Australia, 1 Thomas Holt drive, North Ryde, NSW 2113 (Australia); Vliet, L J v [Quantitative Imaging Group, Department of Imaging Science and Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology, Lorentzweg 1, 2628 CJ Delft (Netherlands); Schutte, K [Electro-Optics Group, TNO Defence, Security and Safety, PO Box 96864, 2509 JG The Hague (Netherlands)


    Super-resolution restoration is the problem of restoring a high-resolution scene from multiple degraded low-resolution images under motion. Due to imaging blur and noise, this problem is ill-posed. Additional constraints such as smoothness of the solution (i.e. regularization) is often required to obtain a stable solution. While regularizing the cost function is a standard practice in image restoration, we propose a restoration algorithm that does not require this extra regularization term. The robustness of the algorithm is achieved by a robust error norm that does not response to intensity outliers. With the outliers suppressed, our solution behaves similarly to a maximum-likelihood solution under the presence of Gaussian noise. The effectiveness of our algorithm is demonstrated with super-resolution restoration of real infrared image sequences under severe aliasing and intensity outliers.

  20. Landweber iterative regularization for nearfield acoustic holography

    BI Chuanxing; CHEN Xinzhao; ZHOU Rong; CHEN Jian


    On the basis of the distributed source boundary point method (DSBPM)-based nearfield acoustic holography (NAH), Landweber iterative regularization method is proposed to stabilize the NAH reconstruction process, control the influence of measurement errors on the reconstructed results and ensure the validity of the reconstructed results. And a new method, the auxiliary surface method, is proposed to determine the optimal iterative number for optimizing the regularization effect. Here, the optimal number is determined by minimizing the relative error between the calculated pressure on the auxiliary surface corresponding to each iterative number and the measured pressure. An experiment on a speaker is investigated to demonstrate the high sensitivity of the reconstructed results to measurement errors and to validate the chosen method of the optimal iterative number and the Landweber iterative regularization method for controlling the influence of measurement errors on the reconstructed results.

  1. Regularization and Migration Policy in Europe

    Philippe de Bruycker


    Full Text Available The following pages present, in a general way, the contents of Regularization of illegal immigrants in the European Union, which includes a comparative synthesis and statistical information for each of the eight countries involved; a description of actions since the beginning of the year 2000; and a systematic analysis of the different categories of foreigners, the types of regularization carried out, and the rules that have governed these actions.In relation to regularization, the author considers the political coherence of the actions taken by the member states as well as how they relate to two ever more crucial aspects of immigration policy –the integration of legal resident immigrants and the fight againstillegal immigration in the context of a control of migratory flows.

  2. Fractional Regularization Term for Variational Image Registration

    Rafael Verdú-Monedero


    Full Text Available Image registration is a widely used task of image analysis with applications in many fields. Its classical formulation and current improvements are given in the spatial domain. In this paper a regularization term based on fractional order derivatives is formulated. This term is defined and implemented in the frequency domain by translating the energy functional into the frequency domain and obtaining the Euler-Lagrange equations which minimize it. The new regularization term leads to a simple formulation and design, being applicable to higher dimensions by using the corresponding multidimensional Fourier transform. The proposed regularization term allows for a real gradual transition from a diffusion registration to a curvature registration which is best suited to some applications and it is not possible in the spatial domain. Results with 3D actual images show the validity of this approach.

  3. Shadow of rotating regular black holes

    Abdujabbarov, Ahmadjon; Ahmedov, Bobomurat; Ghosh, Sushant G


    We study the shadows cast by the different types of rotating regular black holes viz. Ay\\'on-Beato-Garc\\'ia {(ABG)}, Hayward, and Bardeen. These black holes have in addition to the total mass ($M$) and rotation parameter ($a$), different parameters as electric charge ($Q$), deviation parameter ($g$), and magnetic charge ($g_{*}$), respectively. Interestingly, the size of the shadow is affected by these parameters in addition to the rotation parameter. We found that the radius of the shadow in each case decreases monotonically and the distortion parameter increases when the value of these parameters increase. A comparison with the standard Kerr case is also investigated. We have also studied the influence of the plasma environment around regular black holes to discuss its shadow. The presence of the plasma affects the apparent size of the regular black hole's shadow to be increased due to two effects (i) gravitational redshift of the photons and (ii) radial dependence of plasma density.

  4. Interaction of Regular and Chaotic States

    De Pace, A; Weidenmüller, H A


    Modelling the chaotic states in terms of the Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble of random matrices (GOE), we investigate the interaction of the GOE with regular bound states. The eigenvalues of the latter may or may not be embedded in the GOE spectrum. We derive a generalized form of the Pastur equation for the average Green's function. We use that equation to study the average and the variance of the shift of the regular states, their spreading width, and the deformation of the GOE spectrum non-perturbatively. We compare our results with various perturbative approaches.

  5. Regular transport dynamics produce chaotic travel times.

    Villalobos, Jorge; Muñoz, Víctor; Rogan, José; Zarama, Roberto; Johnson, Neil F; Toledo, Benjamín; Valdivia, Juan Alejandro


    In the hope of making passenger travel times shorter and more reliable, many cities are introducing dedicated bus lanes (e.g., Bogota, London, Miami). Here we show that chaotic travel times are actually a natural consequence of individual bus function, and hence of public transport systems more generally, i.e., chaotic dynamics emerge even when the route is empty and straight, stops and lights are equidistant and regular, and loading times are negligible. More generally, our findings provide a novel example of chaotic dynamics emerging from a single object following Newton's laws of motion in a regularized one-dimensional system.

  6. Stability Analysis for Regularized Least Squares Regression

    Rudin, Cynthia


    We discuss stability for a class of learning algorithms with respect to noisy labels. The algorithms we consider are for regression, and they involve the minimization of regularized risk functionals, such as L(f) := 1/N sum_i (f(x_i)-y_i)^2+ lambda ||f||_H^2. We shall call the algorithm `stable' if, when y_i is a noisy version of f*(x_i) for some function f* in H, the output of the algorithm converges to f* as the regularization term and noise simultaneously vanish. We consider two flavors of...

  7. No finite $5$-regular matchstick graph exists


    A graph $G=(V,E)$ is called a unit-distance graph in the plane if there is an injective embedding of $V$ in the plane such that every pair of adjacent vertices are at unit distance apart. If additionally the corresponding edges are non-crossing and all vertices have the same degree $r$ we talk of a regular matchstick graph. Due to Euler's polyhedron formula we have $r\\le 5$. The smallest known $4$-regular matchstick graph is the so called Harborth graph consisting of $52$ vertices. In this ar...

  8. Learning Rates for -Regularized Kernel Classifiers

    Hongzhi Tong


    Full Text Available We consider a family of classification algorithms generated from a regularization kernel scheme associated with -regularizer and convex loss function. Our main purpose is to provide an explicit convergence rate for the excess misclassification error of the produced classifiers. The error decomposition includes approximation error, hypothesis error, and sample error. We apply some novel techniques to estimate the hypothesis error and sample error. Learning rates are eventually derived under some assumptions on the kernel, the input space, the marginal distribution, and the approximation error.

  9. On d-Walk Regular Graphs

    Estrada, Ernesto; de la Pena, Jose A.


    Let G be a graph with set of vertices 1,...,n and adjacency matrix A of size nxn. Let d(i,j)=d, we say that f_d:N->N is a d-function on G if for every pair of vertices i,j and k>=d, we have a_ij^(k)=f_d(k). If this function f_d exists on G we say that G is d-walk regular. We prove that G is d-walk regular if and only if for every pair of vertices i,j at distance

  10. Width Distributions for Convex Regular Polyhedra

    Finch, Steven R


    The mean width is a measure on three-dimensional convex bodies that enjoys equal status with volume and surface area [Rota]. As the phrase suggests, it is the mean of a probability density f. We verify formulas for mean widths of the regular tetrahedron and the cube. Higher-order moments of f_tetra and f_cube have not been examined until now. Assume that each polyhedron has edges of unit length. We deduce that the mean square width of the regular tetrahedron is 1/3+(3+sqrt(3))/(3*pi) and the mean square width of the cube is 1+4/pi.

  11. Computational defect review for actinic mask inspections

    Morgan, Paul; Rost, Daniel; Price, Daniel; Corcoran, Noel; Satake, Masaki; Hu, Peter; Peng, Danping; Yonenaga, Dean; Tolani, Vikram


    As optical lithography continues to extend into low-k1 regime, resolution of mask patterns continues to diminish. The limitation of 1.35 NA posed by water-based lithography has led to the application of various resolution enhancement techniques (RET), for example, use of strong phase-shifting masks, aggressive OPC and sub-resolution assist features, customized illuminators, etc. The adoption of these RET techniques combined with the requirements to detect even smaller defects on masks due to increasing MEEF, poses considerable challenges for a mask inspection engineer. Inspecting masks under their actinic-aerial image conditions would detect defects that are more likely to print under those exposure conditions. However, this also makes reviewing such defects in their low-contrast aerial images very challenging. On the other hand, inspecting masks under higher resolution inspection optics would allow for better viewing of defects post-inspection. However, such inspections generally would also detect many more defects, including printable and nuisance, thereby making it difficult to judge which are of real concern for printability on wafer. Often, an inspection engineer may choose to use Aerial and/or high resolution inspection modes depending on where in the process flow the mask is and the specific device-layer characteristics of the mask. Hence, a comprehensive approach is needed in handling defects both post-aerial and post-high resolution inspections. This analysis system is designed for the Applied Materials Aera™ mask inspection platform, all data reported was collected using the Aera.


    West, B.; Waltz, R.


    Aqueous radioactive wastes from Savannah River Site (SRS) separations and vitrification processes are contained in large underground carbon steel tanks. Inspections made during 2011 to evaluate these vessels and other waste handling facilities along with evaluations based on data from previous inspections are the subject of this report. The 2011 inspection program revealed that the structural integrity and waste confinement capability of the Savannah River Site waste tanks were maintained. All inspections scheduled per SRR-LWE-2011-00026, HLW Tank Farm Inspection Plan for 2011, were completed. Ultrasonic measurements (UT) performed in 2011 met the requirements of C-ESR-G-00006, In-Service Inspection Program for High Level Waste Tanks, Rev. 3, and WSRC-TR-2002-00061, Rev.6. UT inspections were performed on Tanks 25, 26 and 34 and the findings are documented in SRNL-STI-2011-00495, Tank Inspection NDE Results for Fiscal Year 2011, Waste Tanks 25, 26, 34 and 41. A total of 5813 photographs were made and 835 visual and video inspections were performed during 2011. A potential leaksite was discovered at Tank 4 during routine annual inspections performed in 2011. The new crack, which is above the allowable fill level, resulted in no release to the environment or tank annulus. The location of the crack is documented in C-ESR-G-00003, SRS High Level Waste Tank Leaksite Information, Rev.6.

  13. Steam generator tube inspection in Japan

    Fukui, Shigetaka [Japan Power Engineering and Inspection Corp., Tokyo (Japan)


    Steam generator tube inspection was first carried out in 1971 at Mihama Unit-1 that is first PWR plant in Japan, when the plant was brought into the first annual inspection. At that time, inspection was made on sampling basis, and only bobbin coil probe was used. After experiencing various kinds of tube degradations, inspection method was changed from sampling to all number of tubes, and various kinds of probes were used to get higher detectability of flaw. At present, it is required that all the tubes shall be inspected in their full length at each annual inspection using standard bobbin coil probe, and some special probes for certain plants that have susceptibility of occurrence of flaw. Sleeve repaired portion is included in this inspection. As a result of analyses of eddy current testing data, all indications that have been evaluated to be 20% wall thickness or deeper shall be repaired by either plugging or sleeving, where flaw morphology is to be a wastage or wear. Other types of flaw such as IGA/SCC are not allowed to be left inservice when those indications are detected. These inspections are performed according to inspection procedures that are approved by regulatory authority. Actual inspections are witnessed by the Japan Power engineering and inspection corporation (JAPEIC)`s inspectors during data acquisition and analysis, and they issue inspection report to authority for review and approval. It is achieved high safety performance of steam generator through this method of inspections, however. some tube leakage problems were experienced in the past. To prevent recurrence of such events, government is conducting development and verification test program for new eddy current testing technology.

  14. On a correspondence between regular and non-regular operator monotone functions

    Gibilisco, P.; Hansen, Frank; Isola, T.


    We prove the existence of a bijection between the regular and the non-regular operator monotone functions satisfying a certain functional equation. As an application we give a new proof of the operator monotonicity of certain functions related to the Wigner-Yanase-Dyson skew information....

  15. Bovine tuberculosis: prevalence and diagnostic efficacy of routine meat inspection procedure in Woldiya municipality abattoir north Wollo zone, Ethiopia.

    Aylate, Alemu; Shah, Shahid Nazir; Aleme, Haileluel; Gizaw, Tarkegn Tintagu


    Bovine tuberculosis (BTB) is a widespread and endemic disease of cattle in Ethiopia posing a significant threat to public health. Regular surveillance by skin test, bacteriology, and molecular methods is not feasible due to lack of resources. Thus, routine abattoir (RA) inspection will continue to play a key role for national surveillance. A cross-sectional study was conducted at Woldiya municipal abattoir from April 1, 2009 to April 5, 2010 to estimate the prevalence of BTB in slaughtered cattle on the basis of detailed abattoir inspection and to compare efficacy of RA inspection with respect to detailed abattoir inspection and isolation and identification of Mycobacterium. Diagnostic accuracies (with corresponding measures of statistical uncertainty) were determined by computing test property statistics (sensitivity and specificity). Agreement between RA and detailed abattoir inspections was measured using kappa statistics. Out of 1,029 slaughtered heads of cattle examined during the study period, 63 (6.12 %) and 15 (1.45 %) were diagnosed with gross tuberculous lesions by detailed abattoir meat inspections and RA meat inspections, respectively, making a prevalence of 6.12 % (95 % CI: 5.2-7.1) on the basis of detailed abattoir inspection. About 59.45 % of tuberculous lesions were observed in the lungs and associated lymph nodes, whereas 35.13 % lesions were from the lymph nodes of the head. From 63 cattle suspected with tuberculosis (TB) based on detailed abattoir meat inspection, nine (19.05 %) were identified as Mycobacterium bovis, while three (4.8 %) as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The sensitivity of RA meat inspection was 23.8 % in comparison to the detailed abattoir meat inspection and 25 % in comparison to culture, respectively. Poor agreement (k = 0.37) was seen between RA meat examination and detailed abattoir meat examination methods. Similarly, poor agreement (k = 0.013) was seen between RA meat examination and culture results. In

  16. A study on in-pipe inspection mobile robots, 3; Basic strategy of inspection path planning for inspection mobile robots

    Fukuda, Toshio (Nagoya Univ. (Japan). Faculty of Engineering); Hosokai, Hidemi; Uemura, Masahiro


    This paper deals with inspection path planning for in-pipe inspection mobile robots which have the capability of moving through complicated pipeline networks. It is imperative that the robot systems have an inspection path planning system for such networks for their reasonable and rational operation, controlled by themselves or by the operators. The planning mainly requires two projects: the selection of the place to put the robot in or out, and the generation of the paths in the networks. This system provides the for complicated problems with plural inspection points using a basic strategy of systematically producing patterns and dividing partial problems of simple searches based on rules. (author).

  17. Instant Adobe Edge Inspect starter

    Khan, Joseph


    Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks. This easy-to-understand Starter guide will get you up to speed with Adobe Edge Inspect quickly and with little effort.This book is for frontend web developers and designers who are developing and testing web applications targeted for mobile browsers. It's assumed that you have a basic understanding of creating web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as being familiar with running web pages from local HTTP servers. Readers are a

  18. STIP-V Inspection Report

    Saleh, Tarik A. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Quintana, Matthew Estevan [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Romero, Tobias J. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    The Los Alamos National Laboratory samples from the STIP-­V irradiation arrived at LANL on December 24th, 2014, after some delays en-­route from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). The samples were transferred to the Wing 9 hot cells in early January and unpacked and inspected in cell with the Hirox Digital Optical microscope. The complete sample matrix of LANL specimens can be seen in table one. Due to space and budgetary issues, no TEM samples were sent back to LANL. Additionally the HT9-­WO, HT9-­Shot and T91-Shot samples are actually bend bars, rather than the tensile samples listed.

  19. Quality Inspection of Printed Texts

    Pedersen, Jesper Ballisager; Nasrollahi, Kamal; Moeslund, Thomas B.


    Inspecting the quality of printed texts has its own importance in many industrial applications. To do so, this paper proposes a grading system which evaluates the performance of the printing task using some quality measures for each character and symbols. The purpose of these grading system is two......-folded: for costumers of the printing and verification system, the overall grade used to verify if the text is of sufficient quality, while for printer's manufacturer, the detailed character/symbols grades and quality measurements are used for the improvement and optimization of the printing task. The proposed system...

  20. Regularization of turbulence - a comprehensive modeling approach

    Geurts, B. J.


    Turbulence readily arises in numerous flows in nature and technology. The large number of degrees of freedom of turbulence poses serious challenges to numerical approaches aimed at simulating and controlling such flows. While the Navier-Stokes equations are commonly accepted to precisely describe fluid turbulence, alternative coarsened descriptions need to be developed to cope with the wide range of length and time scales. These coarsened descriptions are known as large-eddy simulations in which one aims to capture only the primary features of a flow, at considerably reduced computational effort. Such coarsening introduces a closure problem that requires additional phenomenological modeling. A systematic approach to the closure problem, know as regularization modeling, will be reviewed. Its application to multiphase turbulent will be illustrated in which a basic regularization principle is enforced to physically consistently approximate momentum and scalar transport. Examples of Leray and LANS-alpha regularization are discussed in some detail, as are compatible numerical strategies. We illustrate regularization modeling to turbulence under the influence of rotation and buoyancy and investigate the accuracy with which particle-laden flow can be represented. A discussion of the numerical and modeling errors incurred will be given on the basis of homogeneous isotropic turbulence.

  1. A Note on Left Regular Semiring

    N. Sulochana


    Full Text Available In this paper we have focused on the additive and multiplicative identity „e‟ and determine the additive and multiplicative semigroups. Here we established that, A semiring S in which (S, + and (S, • are left singular semigroups, then S is a left regular semiring. We have framed an example for this proposition by considering a two element set

  2. Coprime factorization for regular linear systems

    Curtain, R; Weiss, G; Weiss, M


    Mild sufficient conditions are given for the existence of a doubly coprime factorization of the transfer function of a regular linear system, as well as formulae for such a factorization. The results are illustrated by two examples of delay systems, one of which has infinitely many unstable poles. C

  3. Dynamic stabilization of regular linear systems

    Weiss, G; Curtain, RF


    We consider a general class of infinite-dimensional linear systems, called regular linear systems, for which convenient representations are known to exist both in time and in frequency domain, For this class of systems, we investigate the concepts of stabilizability and detectability, in particular,

  4. Regular-fat dairy and human health

    Astrup, Arne; Bradley, Beth H Rice; Brenna, J Thomas;


    to disseminate, explore and discuss the state of the science on the relationship between regular fat dairy products and health, symposia were programmed by dairy industry organizations in Europe and North America at The Eurofed Lipids Congress (2014) in France, The Dairy Nutrition Annual Symposium (2014...

  5. On the regularity in some variational problems

    Ragusa, Maria Alessandra; Tachikawa, Atsushi


    Our main goal is the study some regularity results where are considered estimates in Morrey spaces for the derivatives of local minimizers of variational integrals of the form 𝒜 (u ,Ω )= ∫Ω F (x ,u ,D u ) dx where Ω is a bounded domain in ℝm and the integrand F have some different forms.




    Let A be aj ×d (0,1) matrix. It is known that ifj = 2k-1is odd, then det(AAT) ≤(j+1)((j+1)d/4j)j; ifj is even, then det(AAT) ≤ (j+1)((j+2)d/4(j+1))j. A is called a regularD-optimal matrix if it satisfies the equality of the above bounds. In this note, it is proved thatifj = 2k - 1 is odd, then A is a regular D-optimal matrix if and only if A is the adjacent matrixof a (2k - 1, k, (j + 1)d/4j)-BIBD; if j = 2k is even, then A is a regular D-optimal matrix ifand only if A can be obtained from the adjacent matrix B of a (2k + 1, k + 1, (j + 2)d/4(j + 1))-BIBD by deleting any one row from B. Three 21 × 42 regular D-optimal matrices, which wereunknown in [11], are also provided.

  7. Regular Submanifolds in Conformal Space Qnp

    Changxiong NIE; Chuanxi WU


    The authors study the regular submanifolds in the conformal space Qnp and introduce the submanifold theory in the conformal space Qnp.The first variation formula of the Willmore volume functional of pseudo-Riemannian submanifolds in the conformal space Qnp is given.Finally,the conformal isotropic submanifolds in the conformal space Qnp are classified.

  8. Regular conformal system for Einstein equations

    Choquet-Bruhat, Y.; Novello, M.


    We give a system of partial differential equations satisfied by a metric g conformal to an Einstein metric and by the conformal factor, regular system in the sense that it does not contain negative powers of We use the ideas of Friedrich but we obtain here a hyperbolic system in the sense of Leray, by a different method.

  9. Deconvolution and Regularization with Toeplitz Matrices

    Hansen, Per Christian


    of these discretized deconvolution problems, with emphasis on methods that take the special structure of the matrix into account. Wherever possible, analogies to classical DFT-based deconvolution problems are drawn. Among other things, we present direct methods for regularization with Toeplitz matrices, and we show...

  10. Neural Classifier Construction using Regularization, Pruning

    Hintz-Madsen, Mads; Hansen, Lars Kai; Larsen, Jan;


    In this paper we propose a method for construction of feed-forward neural classifiers based on regularization and adaptive architectures. Using a penalized maximum likelihood scheme, we derive a modified form of the entropic error measure and an algebraic estimate of the test error. In conjunction...

  11. Bayesian regularization of diffusion tensor images

    Frandsen, Jesper; Hobolth, Asger; Østergaard, Leif;


    several directions. The measured diffusion coefficients and thereby the diffusion tensors are subject to noise, leading to possibly flawed representations of the three dimensional fibre bundles. In this paper we develop a Bayesian procedure for regularizing the diffusion tensor field, fully utilizing...

  12. Regularity of rotational travelling water waves.

    Escher, Joachim


    Several recent results on the regularity of streamlines beneath a rotational travelling wave, along with the wave profile itself, will be discussed. The survey includes the classical water wave problem in both finite and infinite depth, capillary waves and solitary waves as well. A common assumption in all models to be discussed is the absence of stagnation points.

  13. Regular and context-free nominal traces

    Mezzetti, Gianluca


    Two kinds of automata are presented, for recognising new classes of regular and context-free nominal languages. We compare their expressive power with analogous proposals in the literature, showing that they express novel classes of languages. Although many properties of classical languages hold ...

  14. Strategies of Teachers in the Regular Classroom

    De Leeuw, Renske Ria; De Boer, Anke Aaltje


    It is known that regular schoolteachers have difficulties in educating students with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties (SEBD), mainly because of their disruptive behavior. In order to manage the disruptive behavior of students with SEBD many advices and strategies are provided in educational literature. However, very little is known…

  15. Strategies of teachers in the regular classroom

    de Leeuw, Renske Ria; de Boer, Anke Aaltje


    It is known that regular schoolteachers have difficulties in educating students with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties (SEBD), mainly because of their disruptive behavior. In order to manage the disruptive behavior of students with SEBD many advices and strategies are provided in educati

  16. Tikhonov Regularization and Total Least Squares

    Golub, G. H.; Hansen, Per Christian; O'Leary, D. P.


    formulation involves a least squares problem, can be recast in a total least squares formulation suited for problems in which both the coefficient matrix and the right-hand side are known only approximately. We analyze the regularizing properties of this method and demonstrate by a numerical example that...

  17. Annotation of regular polysemy and underspecification

    Martínez Alonso, Héctor; Pedersen, Bolette Sandford; Bel, Núria


    We present the result of an annotation task on regular polysemy for a series of seman- tic classes or dot types in English, Dan- ish and Spanish. This article describes the annotation process, the results in terms of inter-encoder agreement, and the sense distributions obtained with two methods...

  18. Contour Propagation With Riemannian Elasticity Regularization

    Bjerre, Troels; Hansen, Mads Fogtmann; Sapru, W.;


    the planning CT onto the rescans and correcting to reflect actual anatomical changes. For deformable registration, a free-form, multi-level, B-spline deformation model with Riemannian elasticity, penalizing non-rigid local deformations, and volumetric changes, was used. Regularization parameters was defined...

  19. The moduli space of regular stable maps

    Robbin, Joel; Salamon, Dietmar; 10.1007/s00209-007-0237-x


    The moduli space of regular stable maps with values in a complex manifold admits naturally the structure of a complex orbifold. Our proof uses the methods of differential geometry rather than algebraic geometry. It is based on Hardy decompositions and Fredholm intersection theory in the loop space of the target manifold.

  20. Optimal Regularizing Effect for Scalar Conservation Laws

    Golse, François


    We investigate the regularity of bounded weak solutions of scalar conservation laws with uniformly convex flux in space dimension one, satisfying an entropy condition with entropy production term that is a signed Radon measure. The proof is based on the kinetic formulation of scalar conservation laws and on an interaction estimate in physical space.

  1. Generalisation of Regular and Irregular Morphological Patterns.

    Prasada, Sandeep; and Pinker, Steven


    When it comes to explaining English verbs' patterns of regular and irregular generalization, single-network theories have difficulty with the former, rule-only theories with the latter process. Linguistic and psycholinguistic evidence, based on observation during experiments and simulations in morphological pattern generation, independently call…

  2. Backlit Keyboard Inspection Using Machine Vision

    Der-Baau Perng; Hsiao-Wei Liu; Po-An Chen


    Abstract⎯A robust system for backlit keyboard inspection is revealed. The backlit keyboard not only has changeable diverse colors but also has the laser marking keys. The keys on the keyboard can be divided into regions of function keys, normal keys, and number keys. However, there might have some types of defects: incorrect illuminating area, non-uniform illumination of specified inspection region (IR), and incorrect luminance and intensity of individual key. Since the illumination features of backlit keyboard are too complex to inspect for human inspector in the production line, an auto-mated inspection system for the backlit keyboard is proposed in this paper. The system was designed into the operation module and inspection module. A set of image processing methods were developed for these defects inspection. Some experimental results demonstrate the robustness and effectiveness of the proposed system.

  3. User interface inspection methods a user-centered design method

    Wilson, Chauncey


    User Interface Inspection Methods succinctly covers five inspection methods: heuristic evaluation, perspective-based user interface inspection, cognitive walkthrough, pluralistic walkthrough, and formal usability inspections. Heuristic evaluation is perhaps the best-known inspection method, requiring a group of evaluators to review a product against a set of general principles. The perspective-based user interface inspection is based on the principle that different perspectives will find different problems in a user interface. In the related persona-based inspection, colleagues assume the


    孙根年; 范佩


    从十一五节能目标出发,利用2006~2010年全国30个省区的统计数据,分析了各省区节能效率及绿色距离的变化。结论如下:(1)依据各省区单位GDP能耗、单位IAV能耗和单位GDP电耗数据计算它们的节能量与节能效率,结果发现各省区节能量与节能效率差异较大;(2)利用单位GDP能耗与单位IAV能耗、单位GDP电耗的面板数据,确定了生态省建设的单位IAV能耗、单位GDP电耗标准分别为1.513 7tce和955.47度;(3)依据能耗绿色距离和生态化实现度公式,分析了各省区能耗绿色距离和生态化实现度的变化。既是对过去5a各省区节能效率的回顾性评价,同时也为未来5a各省区节能降耗提供了参考依据。%Based on the data of 30 provinces during 2006-2010 in China, the paper analyzes the variable quantity of saving efficiency and green gap of 30 provinces in China during 11· 5^th Plan. Conclusions are as follows. (1) Based on the regional data of unit GDP energy consumption, unit IAV energy consumption and unit GDP power consumption, the paper analyzes the regional saving efficiency during 11 · 5^th Plan. (2) Based on the data of unit GDP energy consumption,unit IAV energy consumption and unit GDP power consumption, the paper make the standards of unit IAV energy consumption and unit GDP power consump- tion in ecological development. (3) Based on the formula of green gap on energy consumption,the paper an- alyzes the regional variable quantity of green gap and ecology realization degree. This paper evaluates the regional saving efficiency during 11 · 5^th Plan,and at the same time,it provides the reference for the next five years to save energy and reduce consumption.

  5. 14 CFR 91.409 - Inspections.


    ... procedures manual available and readily understandable to pilot and maintenance personnel containing, in... the name and address of the person responsible for scheduling the inspections required by the...

  6. Non-Destructive Inspection Lab (NDI)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The NDI specializes in applied research, development and performance of nondestructive inspection procedures (flourescent penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonics,...

  7. Computer vision technology in log volume inspection


    Log volume inspection is very important in forestry research and paper making engineering. This paper proposed a novel approach based on computer vision technology to cope with log volume inspection. The needed hardware system was analyzed and the details of the inspection algorithms were given. A fuzzy entropy based on image enhancement algorithm was presented for enhancing the image of the cross-section of log. In many practical applications the cross-section is often partially invisible, and this is the major obstacle for correct inspection. To solve this problem, a robust Hausdorff distance method was proposed to recover the whole cross-section. Experiment results showed that this method was efficient.

  8. 33 CFR 127.403 - Inspections.


    ...) WATERFRONT FACILITIES WATERFRONT FACILITIES HANDLING LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS AND LIQUEFIED HAZARDOUS GAS Waterfront Facilities Handling Liquefied Natural Gas Maintenance § 127.403 Inspections. The operator...

  9. [Review of:] Context: Nature, Impact, and Role; 5th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, CoLIS 2005, Glasgow 2005; Proceedings. Eds.: Fabio Crestani, Ian Ruthven. Berlin: Springer, 2005. xiii, 250 S., ISBN 3-540-26178-8


    Book review of Context: Nature, Impact, and Role; 5th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, CoLIS 2005, Glasgow 2005; Proceedings. Eds.: Fabio Crestani, Ian Ruthven. Berlin: Springer, 2005. xiii+250p., ISBN 3-540-26178-8 (pbk). This is volume 3507 of "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" (LNCS). It contains the papers of the 5th CoLIS meeting, most of them rather sophisticated, and makes an interesting reading.

  10. A novel combined regularization algorithm of total variation and Tikhonov regularization for open electrical impedance tomography.

    Liu, Jinzhen; Ling, Lin; Li, Gang


    A Tikhonov regularization method in the inverse problem of electrical impedance tomography (EIT) often results in a smooth distribution reconstruction, with which we can barely make a clear separation between the inclusions and background. The recently popular total variation (TV)regularization method including the lagged diffusivity (LD) method can sharpen the edges, and is robust to noise in a small convergence region. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a novel regularization method combining the Tikhonov and LD regularization methods. Firstly, we clarify the implementation details of the Tikhonov, LD and combined methods in two-dimensional open EIT by performing the current injection and voltage measurement on one boundary of the imaging object. Next, we introduce a weighted parameter to the Tikhonov regularization method aiming to explore the effect of the weighted parameter on the resolution and quality of reconstruction images with the inclusion at different depths. Then, we analyze the performance of these algorithms with noisy data. Finally, we evaluate the effect of the current injection pattern on reconstruction quality and propose a modified current injection pattern.The results indicate that the combined regularization algorithm with stable convergence is able to improve the reconstruction quality with sharp contrast and more robust to noise in comparison to the Tikhonov and LD regularization methods solely. In addition, the results show that the current injection pattern with a bigger driver angle leads to a better reconstruction quality.

  11. Analysis of pulsed eddy current data using regression models for steam generator tube support structure inspection

    Buck, J. A.; Underhill, P. R.; Morelli, J.; Krause, T. W.


    Nuclear steam generators (SGs) are a critical component for ensuring safe and efficient operation of a reactor. Life management strategies are implemented in which SG tubes are regularly inspected by conventional eddy current testing (ECT) and ultrasonic testing (UT) technologies to size flaws, and safe operating life of SGs is predicted based on growth models. ECT, the more commonly used technique, due to the rapidity with which full SG tube wall inspection can be performed, is challenged when inspecting ferromagnetic support structure materials in the presence of magnetite sludge and multiple overlapping degradation modes. In this work, an emerging inspection method, pulsed eddy current (PEC), is being investigated to address some of these particular inspection conditions. Time-domain signals were collected by an 8 coil array PEC probe in which ferromagnetic drilled support hole diameter, depth of rectangular tube frets and 2D tube off-centering were varied. Data sets were analyzed with a modified principal components analysis (MPCA) to extract dominant signal features. Multiple linear regression models were applied to MPCA scores to size hole diameter as well as size rectangular outer diameter tube frets. Models were improved through exploratory factor analysis, which was applied to MPCA scores to refine selection for regression models inputs by removing nonessential information.

  12. OLD SCHOOL LINGUISTICS MADE NEW— REVIEW OF Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction. 5th ed. By William O’Grady, John Archibald, Mark Arnoff, and Janie Rees-Miller. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2005. Pp. xxvi + 684.

    Chris Wen-chao Li


    Full Text Available Amidst the recent explosion of interest in linguistic science and the subsequent publication of large numbers of introductory works on the subject, O'Grady et al.'s Contemporary Linguistics (5th ed. stands out as a solid general purpose primer directed at an academic audience. Written by some eighteen contributors specializing in each of the seventeen branches of linguistics covered, topics are judiciously chosen while drawing on current scholarship and integrating different theoretical persuasions, without losing sight of the book's target readership. The result is an up-to-date text balanced in its treatment of subject matter and perspectives--a work that lives up to its moniker of "Contemporary" Linguistics.

  13. The regular representation and regular covariant representation of crossed products of Woronowicz C*-algebras

    ZHANG; Xiaoxia; GUO; Maozheng


    In this paper, it is shown that the regular representation and regular covariant representation of the crossed products A×α G correspond to the twisted multiplicative unitary operators, where A is a Woronowicz C*-algebra acted upon by a discrete group G. Meanwhile, it is also shown that the regular covariant C*-algebra is the Woronowicz C*-algebra which corresponds to a multiplicative unitary. Finally, an explicit description of the multiplicative unitary operator for C(SUq(2))×α Z is given in terms of those of the Woronowicz C*-algebra C(SUq(2)) and the discrete group G.

  14. The interactive on-site inspection system: An information management system to support arms control inspections

    DeLand, S.M.; Widney, T.W.; Horak, K.E.; Caudell, R.B.; Grose, E.M.


    The increasing use of on-site inspection (OSI) to meet the nation`s obligations with recently signed treaties requires the nation to manage a variety of inspection requirements. This document describes a prototype automated system to assist in the preparation and management of these inspections.

  15. Regularization and Iterative Methods for Monotone Variational Inequalities

    Xiubin Xu


    Full Text Available We provide a general regularization method for monotone variational inequalities, where the regularizer is a Lipschitz continuous and strongly monotone operator. We also introduce an iterative method as discretization of the regularization method. We prove that both regularization and iterative methods converge in norm.

  16. Thermodynamic inspection of concrete using a controlled heat source

    Milne, James M.


    Concrete is not quite such a non-destructable material as many are led to believe. It can deteriorate with time due to changes in the chemistry, the effect of moisture penetration and the corrosion of reinforcing steel bars. Much of this damage occurs relatively close to the surface, sometimes revealed by discolourations or the presence of cracks and sometimes as spallation when the corrosion products of steel cause delamination of the near surface concrete. These effects may occur in good quality concrete but their severity and rapidity of onset may be enhanced by fabrication defects when aggregates may not be to specification or the packing conditions cause porosity. It may thus be months or even years afterwards that these defects come to light. As a consequence a new industry has been formed to inspect concrete structures which may include X-ray equipment, linac accelerators, gamma isotope sources, ultrasonics, radar and of course thermography. Each of these nethods will have their own particular attractive features and merits. But most of these activities tend to be used more as a "fire fighting" service than as one ensuring regular maintenance of critical structures or even as quality control of structures during building. Quite often it seems that Non-destructive Testing is turned into a litigation service for dissatisfied customers and thermography is no stranger to this topic. It is heartening to see that the ASTM organisation in the USA and British Standards are encouraging and developing suitable standards for the inspection of concrete by thermographic techniques.

  17. Inspection of chimneys for Carolina Power and Light Company

    Rabon, T.R. [Carolina Power and Light Co., Raleigh, NC (United States)


    Regular inspection and appropriate examination, with immediate follow-up repairs, are paramount to properly maintain chimneys. Chimneys are required to operate the units. Failure of a chimney could result in loss of life and could damage the unit(s). The previous program of performing visual inspections only, without the benefit of nondestructive testing and core examination, was unsatisfactory. The cost of examination with follow-up repairs is a sound investment compared to the cost associated with an extended outage for major repairs or replacement. The basic operating conditions for which the chimneys were designed have changed significantly. Originally, the chimneys were to operate with dry, hot gases; possess a high natural updraft and temperatures above acid dew point; and maintain negative pressure inside the liner--such that small liner cracks did not create a concern. The present conditions of operation are significantly different. These are wet, lower gas temperatures, acid saturated gases, less natural draft, and sometimes positive pressure inside the liner. There is now exfiltration of flue gas through any present liner cracks, breech seals, and open mortar joints into the annular space. The concrete sheath is not durable against exposure to flue gas.

  18. Thermal Tracking in Mobile Robots for Leak Inspection Activities

    Iñaki Maurtua


    Full Text Available Maintenance tasks are crucial for all kind of industries, especially in extensive industrial plants, like solar thermal power plants. The incorporation of robots is a key issue for automating inspection activities, as it will allow a constant and regular control over the whole plant. This paper presents an autonomous robotic system to perform pipeline inspection for early detection and prevention of leakages in thermal power plants, based on the work developed within the MAINBOT ( European project. Based on the information provided by a thermographic camera, the system is able to detect leakages in the collectors and pipelines. Beside the leakage detection algorithms, the system includes a particle filter-based tracking algorithm to keep the target in the field of view of the camera and to avoid the irregularities of the terrain while the robot patrols the plant. The information provided by the particle filter is further used to command a robot arm, which handles the camera and ensures that the target is always within the image. The obtained results show the suitability of the proposed approach, adding a tracking algorithm to improve the performance of the leakage detection system.

  19. Thermal tracking in mobile robots for leak inspection activities.

    Ibarguren, Aitor; Molina, Jorge; Susperregi, Loreto; Maurtua, Iñaki


    Maintenance tasks are crucial for all kind of industries, especially in extensive industrial plants, like solar thermal power plants. The incorporation of robots is a key issue for automating inspection activities, as it will allow a constant and regular control over the whole plant. This paper presents an autonomous robotic system to perform pipeline inspection for early detection and prevention of leakages in thermal power plants, based on the work developed within the MAINBOT ( European project. Based on the information provided by a thermographic camera, the system is able to detect leakages in the collectors and pipelines. Beside the leakage detection algorithms, the system includes a particle filter-based tracking algorithm to keep the target in the field of view of the camera and to avoid the irregularities of the terrain while the robot patrols the plant. The information provided by the particle filter is further used to command a robot arm, which handles the camera and ensures that the target is always within the image. The obtained results show the suitability of the proposed approach, adding a tracking algorithm to improve the performance of the leakage detection system.

  20. 9 CFR 354.121 - Ante-mortem inspection.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Ante-mortem inspection. 354.121 Section 354.121 Animals and Animal Products FOOD SAFETY AND INSPECTION SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE... Procedures; Ante-Mortem Inspections § 354.121 Ante-mortem inspection. An ante-mortem inspection of...

  1. 9 CFR 590.925 - Inspection of imported egg products.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Inspection of imported egg products... AGRICULTURE EGG PRODUCTS INSPECTION INSPECTION OF EGGS AND EGG PRODUCTS (EGG PRODUCTS INSPECTION ACT) Imports § 590.925 Inspection of imported egg products. (a) Except as provided in § 590.960, egg products...

  2. 9 CFR 590.402 - Egg products inspection certificates.


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Egg products inspection certificates... AGRICULTURE EGG PRODUCTS INSPECTION INSPECTION OF EGGS AND EGG PRODUCTS (EGG PRODUCTS INSPECTION ACT) Certificates § 590.402 Egg products inspection certificates. (a) Upon request of the applicant or the...

  3. 5th Algerian Congress of Mechanics

    Pluvinage, Guy; Azouaoui, Krimo


    This book covers a variety of topics in mechanics, with a special emphasis on material mechanics. It reports on fracture mechanics, fatigue of materials, stress-strain behaviours, as well as transferability problems and constraint effects in fracture mechanics. It covers different kind of materials, from metallic materials such as ferritic and austenitic steels, to composites, concrete, polymers and nanomaterials. Additional topics include heat transfer, quality control and reliability of structures and components. Furthermore, the book gives particular attention to new welding technologies such as STIR welding and spray metal coating, and to novel methods for quality control, such as Taguchi design, fault diagnosis and wavelet analysis. Based on the 2015 edition of the Algerian Congress of Mechanics (Congrès Algérien de Mécanique, CAM), the book also covers energetics, in terms of simulation of turbulent reactive flow, behaviour of supersonic jet, turbulent combustion, fire induced smoke layer, and heat a...

  4. 5th International Munich Chassis Symposium 2014


    The key drivers of innovation in the field of chassis systems are measures to improve vehicle dynamics and driving safety, efforts to reduce fuel consumption, and intelligent development methods. In addition, chassis development is focusing on enhancing ride comfort while also improving NVH characteristics. At the same time, modularization strategies, concepts for the electrification of the powertrain, and steps towards greater system connectivity are making increasingly complex demands on the chassis and its development. Developers are being called upon to respond to these challenges with a variety of solutions. Contents The chassis of the future.- Trends in chassis development.- New chassis systems.- Vehicle dynamics tuning.- Chassis functions.- Driving simulators and development methods.- Ride comfort.- Vehicle stability.- Innovative steering systems and redundancy.- Electronics and testing.- The future of the braking system.- Development methods.- New tire developments and virtual methods.- Tire pressure ...

  5. 5th Annual Earth System Grid Federation

    Williams, Dean N. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)


    The purpose of the Fifth Annual Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) Face-to-Face (F2F) Conference was to present the most recent information on the state of ESGF’s software stack and to identify and address the data needs and gaps for the climate and weather communities that ESGF supports.

  6. Towards 5th Generation Wireless Communication Systems

    Nicola Marchetti


    This paper introduces the general landscape of next⁃generation wireless communication systems (5G), including the impetus and requirements of 5G and the candidate technologies that might help 5G achieve its goals. The following areas, which the author considers particularly relevant, are discussed: detection of and access to free spectrum over bands of a heterogeneous nature, ex⁃treme densification of networks (massive base station deployments), extreme increase in the number of antennas in base station ar⁃rays and their interaction with a novel waveform, integration of both wireless and optical sides of telecom networks, and study of wireless networks from the perspective of complex systems science. The author discusses recent research conducted by his team in each of these research areas.

  7. 5th Physics and Society Forum - EPS


    The Fifth Physics and Society Forum, organized by the European Physical Society, will take place at CERN from 28 to 29 March 2012. 
The purpose of the meeting is to explore the challenges experienced by physicists who leave their field of study to pursue alternative careers in the market place outside of teaching and university-based research. 
     It is widely recognized that a knowledgeable society is a prerequisite for growth. Value is only created if knowledge can be transformed into know-how and "know-how-to-do". Today it is widely recognized that a society is unable to grow and sustain an advanced science system unless equally advanced production is present. Today production is off-shored to emerging economies in Asia and elsewhere where labour costs are more favourable. European physicists therefore have the choice of being smarter, working harder and working cheaper or moving into other fields. 

 Registration is open until 1st March 2012. Please ...

  8. Participants of the 5th Solvay Congress

    Benjamin Croupie, Bruxelles


    1st line. r. : I Langmeir, M Planck, M Curie, H A Lorentz, A Einstein, P Langevin, Ch E Guye, C T R Wilson, O W Richardson 2nd line r. : P Debye, M Knudesen, W L Bragg, H A Kramers, P A M Dirac, A H Compton, L V De Broglie, M Born, N Bohr3rd line, l. to r. : A Piccard, E Henriot, P ehrenfest, E Herzen, Th De Donder, E Schroendinger, E Verschaffelt, W Pauli, w Heisenberg, R H Fowler

  9. 5th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity

    Reiter, Reinhold; Landsberg, Helmut


    These Proceedings are published to give a full account of the Fifth International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity held in September 1974 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps in Germany. Traditionally, the Proceedings of these Conferences have served as reference books updating the textbooks and monographs on Atmospheric Electricity. As treated by these Conferences, Atmos­ pheric Electricity covers all aspects of this science, including the processes and problems which reach out into the Earth's environment as well as analogous processes on other planets and on the Moon. A history of these Conferences, an account of their purpose, and an outline of the scope and the preparation is to be found at the end of these Proceedings. There, also the Business Meetings of the involved organizations are mentioned. The Proceedings closely follow the original program and are accordingly organized into "Sessions". The papers printed in each "Session" in this book are the ones which were accepted for the sess...

  10. 5th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence

    Novais, Paulo; Nihan, Céline; Rodríguez, Juan


    Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is a recent paradigm emerging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), where computers are used as proactive tools assisting people with their day-to-day activities, making everyone’s life more comfortable. Another main concern of AmI originates from the human computer interaction domain and focuses on offering ways to interact with systems in a more natural way by means user friendly interfaces. This field is evolving quickly as can be witnessed by the emerging natural language and gesture based types of interaction. The inclusion of computational power and communication technologies in everyday objects is growing and their embedding into our environments should be as invisible as possible. In order for AmI to be successful, human interaction with computing power and embedded systems in the surroundings should be smooth and happen without people actually noticing it. The only awareness people should have arises from AmI: more safety, comfort and wellbeing, emerging in a natural and inh...

  11. 5th Workshop on Complex Networks

    Menezes, Ronaldo; Omicini, Andrea; Poncela-Casasnovas, Julia


    A network is a mathematical object consisting of a set of points that are connected to each other in some fashion by lines. It turns out this simple description corresponds to a bewildering array of systems in the real world, ranging from technological ones such as the Internet and World Wide Web, biological networks such as that of connections of the nervous systems, food webs, or  protein interactions, infrastructural systems such as networks of roads, airports or the power-grid, to patterns of social and professional relationships such as friendship, sex partners, network of Hollywood actors, co-authorship networks and many more. Recent years have witnessed a substantial amount of interest within the scientific community in the properties of these networks. The emergence of the internet in particular, coupled with the widespread availability of inexpensive computing resources has facilitated studies ranging from large scale empirical analysis of networks in the real world, to the development...

  12. 5th World Congress of Paraconsistent Logic

    Chakraborty, Mihir; Dutta, Soma


    The present book discusses all aspects of paraconsistent logic, including the latest findings, and its various systems. It includes papers by leading international researchers, which address the subject in many different ways: development of abstract paraconsistent systems and new theorems about them; studies of the connections between these systems and other non-classical logics, such as non-monotonic, many-valued, relevant, paracomplete and fuzzy logics; philosophical interpretations of these constructions; and applications to other sciences, in particular quantum physics and mathematics. Reasoning with contradictions is the challenge of paraconsistent logic. The book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers working in mathematical logic, computer science, philosophical logic, linguistics and physics.

  13. 5th Dagstuhl Seminar on Geometric Modelling

    Brunnett, Guido; Farin, Gerald; Goldman, Ron


    In 19 articles presented by leading experts in the field of geometric modelling the state-of-the-art on representing, modeling, and analyzing curves, surfaces as well as other 3-dimensional geometry is given. The range of applications include CAD/CAM-systems, computer graphics, scientific visualization, virtual reality, simulation and medical imaging. The content of this book is based on selected lectures given at a workshop held at IBFI Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany. Topics treated are: – curve and surface modelling – non-manifold modelling in CAD – multiresolution analysis of complex geometric models – surface reconstruction – variational design – computational geometry of curves and surfaces – 3D meshing – geometric modelling for scientific visualization – geometric models for biomedical applications

  14. 5th International Conference on Valence Fluctuations

    Malik, S


    During the Koln meeting (August 28-31, 1984), Irdia was chosen as the venue for the next International Conference on Valence Fluctuations. lhis was in recognition ard appreciation of the work done, both experimental ard theoretical, by the Irdian scientists in this area during the last decade. We decided to hold this Conference in the month of January, 1987 at Bangalore. lhe subject of Valence Fluctuations has kept itself alive ard active as it has provided many shocks ard suprises particularly among the Ce- ard U-based intermetallies. lhe richness of many interesting physical phenomena occurring in mixed valent materials, the flexibility of modifying their physical properties (by alloying, for example) ard the possibility of synthesizing a wide variety of new such materials seem to be the key factors in this regard. Barely six months before this Conference, an International Conference on Anomalous Rare Earths and Actinides (ICAREA) had been held at Grenoble (July, 1986) which also focussed on mixed valence a...

  15. International Workshop on Microplasmas (5th)


    attractive fields of applications based on high energy density physics, e.g. ion and electron acceleration, laboratory astrophysics , x-ray lasers and...and its applications in laboratory astrophysics , material science and novel radiation source development. References 1)R. Kodama et al., Nature...influences of humid air diffusing into the discharge domain on plasma chemistry. Our fluid model includes 46 species and over 200 elementary

  16. 5th China Satellite Navigation Conference

    Jiao, Wenhai; Wu, Haitao; Lu, Mingquan


    China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2014 Proceedings presents selected research papers from CSNC2014, held on 21-23 May in Nanjing, China. The theme of CSNC2014 is 'BDS Application: Innovation, Integration and Sharing'. These papers discuss the technologies and applications of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), and the latest progress made in the China BeiDou System (BDS) especially. They are divided into 9 topics to match the corresponding sessions in CSNC2014, which broadly covered key topics in GNSS. Readers can learn about the BDS and keep abreast of the latest advances in GNSS techniques and applications.  SUN Jiadong is the Chief Designer of the Compass/ BDS, and the Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS); JIAO Wenhai is a researcher at China Satellite Navigation Office; WU Haitao is a professor at Navigation Headquarters, CAS; LU Mingquan is a professor at Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University.

  17. 5th International Workshop on Information Optics

    Javidi, Bahram; Vallmitjana, Santiago


    Optical and photonic systems and devices have significant potential for homeland security. This title presents significant technical contributions from leaders of industry, government, and academia in the field of optical and photonic sensors, systems and devices for detection, identification, prevention, sensing, security, verification, and more.

  18. 5th International Conference on Complex Systems

    Braha, Dan; Bar-Yam, Yaneer


    The International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS) creates a unique atmosphere for scientists of all fields, engineers, physicians, executives, and a host of other professionals to explore common themes and applications of complex system science. With this new volume, Unifying Themes in Complex Systems continues to build common ground between the wide-ranging domains of complex system science.

  19. ELECTIONS PENSION FUND 5th candidate


    ORGANISATION EUROPEENNE POUR LA RECHERCHE NUCLEAIRE CERN EUROPEAN ORGANIZATION FOR NUCLEAR RESEARCH CAISSE DE PENSIONS / PENSION FUND Caisse de Pensions - ELECTIONS - Pension Fund This candidature has been duly registered and is hereby presented in accordance with paragraph 6.h of the Regulations for Elections to the Governing Board of the Pension Fund. Candidate :  Name : Sonnemann  First Name : Florian Since my arrival at CERN in 1997 I have worked in the accelerator and administrative sectors. I have recently been elected as member of the Staff Council and of the Executive Committee of the Staff Association in which I am actively following matters concerning the Pension Fund. My candidature for the Governing Board of the CERN Pension Fund is mainly motivated to add my part in ensuring a solid financial situation of the Pension Fund. The Pension Fund is our only social security system. I wish to play a role in ensuring that the pensions will remain a secure revenue for all staff membe...

  20. The 5th BAPE Shark Parka


    其实第一次NIGO用原祖BAPE camo用在Shark Parka的半边帽上,就已经猜到shark parka那迷彩部分,总有一日会加入BAPE camo的其他颜色,然而继第四代shark parka后,最新推出的第五代shark parka终于再将帽子上的颜色转变,还一口气追加了红、黑、蓝、紫、白五色(红黑两色为南青山BAPE Exclusive限定)。

  1. 5th AKUTNE.CZ Congress

    Petr Štourač


    Full Text Available This year's AKUTNE.CZ Congress was endorsed by the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University (MU, the University Hospital Brno, the Czech Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (CSARIM, the Czech Society of Intensive Care Medicine (CSIM, the Czech and Slovak Forum for Sepsis (CSFS, the MEdical FAculties NETwork (MEFANET, and the Expert Group for Obstetric Anaesthesia and Analgesia at CSARIM. The Congress was organized by the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine at the University Hospital Brno, the AKUTNE.CZ portal, the AKUTNE.CZ Foundation, the Czech Medical Chamber, and the Professional and Trade Union of Medical Workers of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.




    BI-OMP supports DOE's mission in Climate Change Research. The program provides the fundamental understanding of the linkages between carbon and nitrogen cycles in ocean margins. Researchers are providing a mechanistic understanding of these cycles, using the tools of modern molecular biology. The models that will allow policy makers to determine safe levels of greenhouse gases for the Earth System.

  3. 5th International Conference on Operator Theory

    Douglas, R; Nagy, B; Voiculescu, D; Arsene, Gr


    The first of the annual Operator Theory conferences in Ti­ mi~oara held four years ago was a meeting of operator theory spe­ cialists from the National Institute for Scientific and Techni­ cal Creation in Bucharest and from the University of Timi~oara. Since then, the participation to these conferences has greatly increased, by being attended first by operator theorists from allover the country and (since 1978) by an increasing number of foreign mathematicians. Thus the 1980 Conference can be regarded as a truly international Operator Theory meeting, fifteen coun­ tries being represented at it. These conferences are conceived as a means to promote the cooperation between specialists in all areas of Operator Theory. Among the main topics in 1980 were: dilation theory, invariant subspaces, connections with the theory of cX-algebras, subnormal operators, multidimensional functional calculus etc. Though not included in this volume, we would like to mention that in 1980 some special sessions concerning other f...

  4. 5th International Conference on ICT Innovations

    Anastas, Misev; ICT Innovations 2013 : ICT Innovations and Education


    Information communication technologies have become the necessity in everyday life enabling increased level of communication, processing and information exchange to extent that one could not imagine only a decade ago. Innovations in these technologies open new fields in areas such as: language processing, biology, medicine, robotics, security, urban planning, networking, governance and many others. The applications of these innovations are used to define services that not only ease, but also increase the quality of life. Good education is essential for establishing solid basis of individual development and performance. ICT is integrated part of education at every level and type. Therefore, the special focus should be given to possible deployment of the novel technologies in order to achieve educational paradigms adapted to possible educational consumer specific and individual needs.  This book offers a collection of papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on ICT Innovations held in September 20...

  5. Towards lattice-regularized Quantum Gravity

    Diakonov, Dmitri


    Using the Cartan formulation of General Relativity, we construct a well defined lattice-regularized theory capable to describe large non-perturbative quantum fluctuations of the frame field (or the metric) and of the spin connection. To that end we need to present the tetrad by a composite field built as a bilinear combination of fermion fields. The theory is explicitly invariant under local Lorentz transformations and, in the continuum limit, under general covariant transformations, or diffeomorphisms. Being well defined for large and fast varying fields at the ultraviolet cutoff, the theory simultaneously has chances of reproducing standard General Relativity in the infrared continuum limit. The present regularization of quantum gravity opens new possibilities of its unification with the Standard Model.

  6. Testing the Equivalence of Regular Languages

    Marco Almeida


    Full Text Available The minimal deterministic finite automaton is generally used to determine regular languages equality. Antimirov and Mosses proposed a rewrite system for deciding regular expressions equivalence of which Almeida et al. presented an improved variant. Hopcroft and Karp proposed an almost linear algorithm for testing the equivalence of two deterministic finite automata that avoids minimisation. In this paper we improve the best-case running time, present an extension of this algorithm to non-deterministic finite automata, and establish a relationship between this algorithm and the one proposed in Almeida et al. We also present some experimental comparative results. All these algorithms are closely related with the recent coalgebraic approach to automata proposed by Rutten.

  7. Basic analysis of regularized series and products

    Jorgenson, Jay A


    Analytic number theory and part of the spectral theory of operators (differential, pseudo-differential, elliptic, etc.) are being merged under amore general analytic theory of regularized products of certain sequences satisfying a few basic axioms. The most basic examples consist of the sequence of natural numbers, the sequence of zeros with positive imaginary part of the Riemann zeta function, and the sequence of eigenvalues, say of a positive Laplacian on a compact or certain cases of non-compact manifolds. The resulting theory is applicable to ergodic theory and dynamical systems; to the zeta and L-functions of number theory or representation theory and modular forms; to Selberg-like zeta functions; andto the theory of regularized determinants familiar in physics and other parts of mathematics. Aside from presenting a systematic account of widely scattered results, the theory also provides new results. One part of the theory deals with complex analytic properties, and another part deals with Fourier analys...

  8. Totally Corrective Boosting for Regularized Risk Minimization

    Shen, Chunhua; Barnes, Nick


    Consideration of the primal and dual problems together leads to important new insights into the characteristics of boosting algorithms. In this work, we propose a general framework that can be used to design new boosting algorithms. A wide variety of machine learning problems essentially minimize a regularized risk functional. We show that the proposed boosting framework, termed CGBoost, can accommodate various loss functions and different regularizers in a totally-corrective optimization fashion. We show that, by solving the primal rather than the dual, a large body of totally-corrective boosting algorithms can actually be efficiently solved and no sophisticated convex optimization solvers are needed. We also demonstrate that some boosting algorithms like AdaBoost can be interpreted in our framework--even their optimization is not totally corrective. We empirically show that various boosting algorithms based on the proposed framework perform similarly on the UCIrvine machine learning datasets [1] that we hav...

  9. Effort variation regularization in sound field reproduction

    Stefanakis, Nick; Jacobsen, Finn; Sarris, Ioannis


    . Specifically, it is suggested that the phase differential of the source driving signals should be in agreement with the phase differential of the desired sound pressure field. The performance of the suggested method is compared with that of conventional effort regularization, wave field synthesis (WFS......In this paper, active control is used in order to reproduce a given sound field in an extended spatial region. A method is proposed which minimizes the reproduction error at a number of control positions with the reproduction sources holding a certain relation within their complex strengths......), and adaptive wave field synthesis (AWFS), both under free-field conditions and in reverberant rooms. It is shown that effort variation regularization overcomes the problems associated with small spaces and with a low ratio of direct to reverberant energy, improving thus the reproduction accuracy...

  10. Power-law regularities in human language

    Mehri, Ali; Lashkari, Sahar Mohammadpour


    Complex structure of human language enables us to exchange very complicated information. This communication system obeys some common nonlinear statistical regularities. We investigate four important long-range features of human language. We perform our calculations for adopted works of seven famous litterateurs. Zipf's law and Heaps' law, which imply well-known power-law behaviors, are established in human language, showing a qualitative inverse relation with each other. Furthermore, the informational content associated with the words ordering, is measured by using an entropic metric. We also calculate fractal dimension of words in the text by using box counting method. The fractal dimension of each word, that is a positive value less than or equal to one, exhibits its spatial distribution in the text. Generally, we can claim that the Human language follows the mentioned power-law regularities. Power-law relations imply the existence of long-range correlations between the word types, to convey an especial idea.

  11. Tracking magnetogram proper motions by multiscale regularization

    Jones, Harrison P.


    Long uninterrupted sequences of solar magnetograms from the global oscillations network group (GONG) network and from the solar and heliospheric observatory (SOHO) satellite will provide the opportunity to study the proper motions of magnetic features. The possible use of multiscale regularization, a scale-recursive estimation technique which begins with a prior model of how state variables and their statistical properties propagate over scale. Short magnetogram sequences are analyzed with the multiscale regularization algorithm as applied to optical flow. This algorithm is found to be efficient, provides results for all the spatial scales spanned by the data and provides error estimates for the solutions. It is found that the algorithm is less sensitive to evolutionary changes than correlation tracking.

  12. Least square regularized regression in sum space.

    Xu, Yong-Li; Chen, Di-Rong; Li, Han-Xiong; Liu, Lu


    This paper proposes a least square regularized regression algorithm in sum space of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces (RKHSs) for nonflat function approximation, and obtains the solution of the algorithm by solving a system of linear equations. This algorithm can approximate the low- and high-frequency component of the target function with large and small scale kernels, respectively. The convergence and learning rate are analyzed. We measure the complexity of the sum space by its covering number and demonstrate that the covering number can be bounded by the product of the covering numbers of basic RKHSs. For sum space of RKHSs with Gaussian kernels, by choosing appropriate parameters, we tradeoff the sample error and regularization error, and obtain a polynomial learning rate, which is better than that in any single RKHS. The utility of this method is illustrated with two simulated data sets and five real-life databases.

  13. Extreme values, regular variation and point processes

    Resnick, Sidney I


    Extremes Values, Regular Variation and Point Processes is a readable and efficient account of the fundamental mathematical and stochastic process techniques needed to study the behavior of extreme values of phenomena based on independent and identically distributed random variables and vectors It presents a coherent treatment of the distributional and sample path fundamental properties of extremes and records It emphasizes the core primacy of three topics necessary for understanding extremes the analytical theory of regularly varying functions; the probabilistic theory of point processes and random measures; and the link to asymptotic distribution approximations provided by the theory of weak convergence of probability measures in metric spaces The book is self-contained and requires an introductory measure-theoretic course in probability as a prerequisite Almost all sections have an extensive list of exercises which extend developments in the text, offer alternate approaches, test mastery and provide for enj...

  14. Chiral Perturbation Theory With Lattice Regularization

    Ouimet, P P A


    In this work, alternative methods to regularize chiral perturbation theory are discussed. First, Long Distance Regularization will be considered in the presence of the decuplet of the lightest spin 32 baryons for several different observables. This serves motivation and introduction to the use of the lattice regulator for chiral perturbation theory. The mesonic, baryonic and anomalous sectors of chiral perturbation theory will be formulated on a lattice of space time points. The consistency of the lattice as a regulator will be discussed in the context of the meson and baryon masses. Order a effects will also be discussed for the baryon masses, sigma terms and magnetic moments. The work will close with an attempt to derive an effective Wess-Zumino-Witten Lagrangian for Wilson fermions at non-zero a. Following this discussion, there will be a proposal for a phenomenologically useful WZW Lagrangian at non-zero a.

  15. Regular black hole in three dimensions

    Myung, Yun Soo; Yoon, Myungseok


    We find a new black hole in three dimensional anti-de Sitter space by introducing an anisotropic perfect fluid inspired by the noncommutative black hole. This is a regular black hole with two horizons. We compare thermodynamics of this black hole with that of non-rotating BTZ black hole. The first-law of thermodynamics is not compatible with the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy.

  16. Sparse regularization for force identification using dictionaries

    Qiao, Baijie; Zhang, Xingwu; Wang, Chenxi; Zhang, Hang; Chen, Xuefeng


    The classical function expansion method based on minimizing l2-norm of the response residual employs various basis functions to represent the unknown force. Its difficulty lies in determining the optimum number of basis functions. Considering the sparsity of force in the time domain or in other basis space, we develop a general sparse regularization method based on minimizing l1-norm of the coefficient vector of basis functions. The number of basis functions is adaptively determined by minimizing the number of nonzero components in the coefficient vector during the sparse regularization process. First, according to the profile of the unknown force, the dictionary composed of basis functions is determined. Second, a sparsity convex optimization model for force identification is constructed. Third, given the transfer function and the operational response, Sparse reconstruction by separable approximation (SpaRSA) is developed to solve the sparse regularization problem of force identification. Finally, experiments including identification of impact and harmonic forces are conducted on a cantilever thin plate structure to illustrate the effectiveness and applicability of SpaRSA. Besides the Dirac dictionary, other three sparse dictionaries including Db6 wavelets, Sym4 wavelets and cubic B-spline functions can also accurately identify both the single and double impact forces from highly noisy responses in a sparse representation frame. The discrete cosine functions can also successfully reconstruct the harmonic forces including the sinusoidal, square and triangular forces. Conversely, the traditional Tikhonov regularization method with the L-curve criterion fails to identify both the impact and harmonic forces in these cases.

  17. A short proof of increased parabolic regularity

    Stephen Pankavich


    Full Text Available We present a short proof of the increased regularity obtained by solutions to uniformly parabolic partial differential equations. Though this setting is fairly introductory, our new method of proof, which uses a priori estimates and an inductive method, can be extended to prove analogous results for problems with time-dependent coefficients, advection-diffusion or reaction diffusion equations, and nonlinear PDEs even when other tools, such as semigroup methods or the use of explicit fundamental solutions, are unavailable.

  18. Stream Processing Using Grammars and Regular Expressions

    Rasmussen, Ulrik Terp

    Kleenex, a language for expressing high-performance streaming string processing programs as regular grammars with embedded semantic actions, and its compilation to streaming string transducers with worst-case linear-time performance. Its underlying theory is based on transducer decomposition into oracle...... is based on a bottom-up tabulation algorithm reformulated using least fixed points and evaluated using an instance of the chaotic iteration scheme by Cousot and Cousot....

  19. Computational Topology for Regular Closed Sets

    project, The I-TANGO; :; Peters, T J; Bisceglio, J.; Ferguson, D. R.; Hoffmann, C.M.; Maekawa, T.; Patrikalakis, N.M.; Sakkalis, T.; N F Stewart


    The Boolean algebra of regular closed sets is prominent in topology, particularly as a dual for the Stone-Cech compactification. This algebra is also central for the theory of geometric computation, as a representation for combinatorial operations on geometric sets. However, the issue of computational approximation introduces unresolved subtleties that do not occur within "pure" topology. One major effort towards reconciling this mathematical theory with computational practice is our ongoing ...

  20. Hyperspectral Image Recovery via Hybrid Regularization

    Arablouei, Reza; de Hoog, Frank


    Natural images tend to mostly consist of smooth regions with individual pixels having highly correlated spectra. This information can be exploited to recover hyperspectral images of natural scenes from their incomplete and noisy measurements. To perform the recovery while taking full advantage of the prior knowledge, we formulate a composite cost function containing a square-error data-fitting term and two distinct regularization terms pertaining to spatial and spectral domains. The regularization for the spatial domain is the sum of total-variation of the image frames corresponding to all spectral bands. The regularization for the spectral domain is the l1-norm of the coefficient matrix obtained by applying a suitable sparsifying transform to the spectra of the pixels. We use an accelerated proximal-subgradient method to minimize the formulated cost function. We analyze the performance of the proposed algorithm and prove its convergence. Numerical simulations using real hyperspectral images exhibit that the proposed algorithm offers an excellent recovery performance with a number of measurements that is only a small fraction of the hyperspectral image data size. Simulation results also show that the proposed algorithm significantly outperforms an accelerated proximal-gradient algorithm that solves the classical basis-pursuit denoising problem to recover the hyperspectral image.