Sample records for 10m special-purpose family

  1. Test results of NREL 10M, special-purpose family of thin airfoils

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Starcher, K.L.; Nelson, V.C.; Wei, Jun [West Texas A& M Univ., Canyon, TX (United States)


    Two 25 kW Carter Wind Systems were tested to determine performance differences between production blades and rotors with NREL Special Purpose Thin Airfoils. Blade design, mold preparation, blade production, and testing were conducted. Design tools were created for computer modeling of the blade. The blades had the same twist, taper, and length as production blades. Flap natural frequency was adjusted to be as similar as possible between rotors, as was blade mass, blade center of gravity and rotor moment of inertia. Data collected were; wind speed at hub height, blade root flap & edgewise loads, main shaft torque, azimuth position, teeter angle, yaw angle and electrical power. These data were collected at 128 Hertz for data sets of eight seconds. This data set was then written to hard disk and the cycle repeated resulting in a file containing five and one half minutes of data. A data run consisted of; preflight checkout/warm-up of equipment, preflight calibration/verification of all sensors on both turbines, collection of five files of data (about thirty minutes of data), post flight calibration/verification of sensors. During this high speed data collection period there were a total of twenty-four data runs collected. Data were collected for wind speeds in the range about 7, 10 and 13 m/s. A data matrix was filled for clean, medium and heavy surface roughness. Baseline power curves, parametric pitch variation runs to establish testing pitch settings, high speed data collection runs with and without applied surface roughness were completed and analyzed. Data were compared using simple arithmetic mean, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis, rainflow counting algorithms and wavelet analysis. The NREL airfoils showed much less sensitivity to surface roughness. There were minimal root bending load differences. Annual energy production during long term operation is being determined. 9 refs., 7 figs.

  2. The Special Purpose Vehicle

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fomcenco, Alex


    The purpose of this article is to investigate whether the situation where two companies appear as originators or sponsors behind a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) can be described as a merger, although on micro scale. Are the underlying grounds behind the creation of an SPV much different than thos...

  3. Cluster algorithm special purpose processor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Talapov, A.L.; Shchur, L.N.; Andreichenko, V.B.; Dotsenko, V.S. (Landau Inst. for Theoretical Physics, GSP-1 117940 Moscow V-334 (USSR))


    In this paper, the authors describe a Special Purpose Processor, realizing the Wolff algorithm in hardware, which is fast enough to study the critical behaviour of 2D Ising-like systems containing more than one million spins. The processor has been checked to produce correct results for a pure Ising model and for Ising model with random bonds. Its data also agree with the Nishimori exact results for spin glass. Only minor changes of the SPP design are necessary to increase the dimensionality and to take into account more complex systems such as Potts models.

  4. Cluster Algorithm Special Purpose Processor (United States)

    Talapov, A. L.; Shchur, L. N.; Andreichenko, V. B.; Dotsenko, Vl. S.

    We describe a Special Purpose Processor, realizing the Wolff algorithm in hardware, which is fast enough to study the critical behaviour of 2D Ising-like systems containing more than one million spins. The processor has been checked to produce correct results for a pure Ising model and for Ising model with random bonds. Its data also agree with the Nishimori exact results for spin glass. Only minor changes of the SPP design are necessary to increase the dimensionality and to take into account more complex systems such as Potts models.

  5. First Cluster Algorithm Special Purpose Processor (United States)

    Talapov, A. L.; Andreichenko, V. B.; Dotsenko S., Vi.; Shchur, L. N.

    We describe the architecture of the special purpose processor built to realize in hardware cluster Wolff algorithm, which is not hampered by a critical slowing down. The processor simulates two-dimensional Ising-like spin systems. With minor changes the same very effective architecture, which can be defined as a Memory Machine, can be used to study phase transitions in a wide range of models in two or three dimensions.

  6. 7 CFR 916.54 - Special purpose shipments. (United States)


    ... Order Regulating Handling Regulations § 916.54 Special purpose shipments. (a) Except as otherwise... State of California; or (2) for such specified purposes (including shipments to facilitate the...

  7. 7 CFR 959.53 - Handling for special purposes. (United States)


    ... Regulating Handling Regulations § 959.53 Handling for special purposes. Regulations in effect pursuant to §§ 959.42, 959.52, or 959.60 may be modified, suspended, or terminated to facilitate handling of...

  8. 7 CFR 917.43 - Special purpose shipments. (United States)


    ... CALIFORNIA Order Regulating Handling Regulations § 917.43 Special purpose shipments. (a) Except as otherwise... continental United States; (2) for such specified purposes (including shipments to facilitate the conduct...

  9. 7 CFR 923.54 - Special purpose shipments. (United States)


    ... DESIGNATED COUNTIES IN WASHINGTON Order Regulating Handling Regulations § 923.54 Special purpose shipments... grading or packing to specified locations outside the production area and shipments to facilitate...

  10. 7 CFR 922.54 - Special purpose shipments. (United States)


    ... COUNTIES IN WASHINGTON Order Regulating Handling Regulations § 922.54 Special purpose shipments. (a) Except... quantities, or types of shipments, or for such specified purposes (including shipments to facilitate...

  11. 7 CFR 966.54 - Shipments for special purposes. (United States)


    ... Regulating Handling Regulation § 966.54 Shipments for special purposes. Upon the basis of recommendations and... facilitate handling of tomatoes for the following purposes: (a) For export; (b) For relief or for charity;...

  12. English for Special Purposes: Information Guide No. 2. (United States)

    British Council, London (England). English-Teaching Information Centre.

    The teaching and learning of English as a foreign language for special purposes is the focus of this annotated bibliography. The first section lists textbooks on English in social and physical sciences, general technology, engineering, transport and agriculture, medicine and various areas of commerce, including business correspondence. The books…

  13. UTV Expansion Pack: Special-Purpose Rank-Revealing Algorithms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fierro, Ricardo D.; Hansen, Per Christian


    This collection of Matlab 7.0 software supplements and complements the package UTV Tools from 1999, and includes implementations of special-purpose rank-revealing algorithms developed since the publication of the original package. We provide algorithms for computing and modifying symmetric rank-r...

  14. A special purpose silicon compiler for designing supercomputing VLSI systems (United States)

    Venkateswaran, N.; Murugavel, P.; Kamakoti, V.; Shankarraman, M. J.; Rangarajan, S.; Mallikarjun, M.; Karthikeyan, B.; Prabhakar, T. S.; Satish, V.; Venkatasubramaniam, P. R.


    Design of general/special purpose supercomputing VLSI systems for numeric algorithm execution involves tackling two important aspects, namely their computational and communication complexities. Development of software tools for designing such systems itself becomes complex. Hence a novel design methodology has to be developed. For designing such complex systems a special purpose silicon compiler is needed in which: the computational and communicational structures of different numeric algorithms should be taken into account to simplify the silicon compiler design, the approach is macrocell based, and the software tools at different levels (algorithm down to the VLSI circuit layout) should get integrated. In this paper a special purpose silicon (SPS) compiler based on PACUBE macrocell VLSI arrays for designing supercomputing VLSI systems is presented. It is shown that turn-around time and silicon real estate get reduced over the silicon compilers based on PLA's, SLA's, and gate arrays. The first two silicon compiler characteristics mentioned above enable the SPS compiler to perform systolic mapping (at the macrocell level) of algorithms whose computational structures are of GIPOP (generalized inner product outer product) form. Direct systolic mapping on PLA's, SLA's, and gate arrays is very difficult as they are micro-cell based. A novel GIPOP processor is under development using this special purpose silicon compiler.

  15. Monitoring and diagnostics of special-purpose turbomachines (United States)

    Gizelska, Małgorzata


    In the operation of special-purpose turbomachines, diagnostic tools are necessary. They enable control of the machine technical state and its operation parameters in the on-line mode. The acquisition and processing of the measurement data in real time is crucial as they are indicators of the machine functioning under various operating conditions. The paper presents two types of computer designed diagnostic tools to monitor in real time the dynamic and thermodynamic parameters of special-purpose turbomachines. The first one monitors the dynamics of the rotating system with an active magnetic bearing, the second - monitors the instant value of polytropic efficiency of the compression process, which was designed for the industrial machine.

  16. High-Performance Special-Purpose Computers in Science



    The next decade will be an exciting time for computational physicists. After 50 years of being forced to use standardized commercial equipment, it will finally become relatively straightforward to adapt one's computing tools to one's own needs. The breakthrough that opens this new era is the now wide-spread availability of programmable chips that allow virtually every computational scientist to design his or her own special-purpose computer.

  17. Monitoring and diagnostics of special-purpose turbomachines


    Małgorzata Gizelska


    In the operation of special-purpose turbomachines, diagnostic tools are necessary. They enable control of the machine technical state and its operation parameters in the on-line mode. The acquisition and processing of the measurement data in real time is crucial as they are indicators of the machine functioning under various operating conditions. The paper presents two types of computer designed diagnostic tools to monitor in real time the dynamic and thermodynamic par...

  18. Internal Ballistics of High Velocity Special Purpose Guns

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. K. Gupta


    Full Text Available More and more conventional guns are being utilized as special purpose guns to achieve very high velocity by using unconventionally high C/W ratios. The existing methods of internal ballistics give satisfactory results only for low (less than one C/W ratios. In the present paper the basic internal ballistic equations have been modified to cater for non-linear rate of burning, cubical form function and a realistic pressure gradient between breech face and the projectile base. The equations have been numerically solved. The results for low and high C/W ratios have been compared with those obtained by using conventional methods.

  19. Econometric Analysis of Factors Affecting Special Purpose Forests in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wang Lanhui; Cai Fei


    The forest estate is one of our most important natural resources. It is also the material foundation for sustainable forestry development in China. It is a timely topic of concern within the forestry community and touches the entire society. From a social economic point of view, the sustainable development has been promoted by the efficient use of the forest resources in a continuing improvement of the environment. The objective of the present analysis is to measure the effect of various factors, such as population, economic development and related policies on the use of the forest resources. The 29 provinces of Mainland China are classified in three regions, based largely on their level of economic development. For each region, the factors which affect the area of special purpose forests (SPF) are analyzed. Some recommendations are made for further improvement.

  20. 42 CFR 494.120 - Condition: Special purpose renal dialysis facilities. (United States)


    ... 42 Public Health 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Condition: Special purpose renal dialysis... RENAL DISEASE FACILITIES Patient Care § 494.120 Condition: Special purpose renal dialysis facilities. A special purpose renal dialysis facility is approved to furnish dialysis on a short-term basis at...

  1. Impact of transport layer protocols on the efficiency of special purpose radio-communications




    The efficiency of special purpose radio-communications depends on transport layer protocols. Meny factors have an impact on special purpose radio-communications efficiency, as well as TCP and UDP protocols. This paper presents the transport protocols throughput analysis in the HF and VHF radio-communications versus RTT and packet error rate probability. This paper considers a posibility of the application of TCP and UDP protocols in special purpose radio-communications. The following factors ...

  2. 41 CFR 105-50.001-4 - Special-purpose unit of local government. (United States)


    ... local government. 105-50.001-4 Section 105-50.001-4 Public Contracts and Property Management Federal... OR TECHNICAL SERVICES TO STATE AND LOCAL UNITS OF GOVERNMENT § 105-50.001-4 Special-purpose unit of local government. Special-purpose unit of local government means any special district,...

  3. Indexing, learning and content-based retrieval for special purpose image databases

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Huiskes, M.J.; Pauwels, E.J.


    This chapter deals with content-based image retrieval in special purpose image databases. As image data is amassed ever more effortlessly, building efficient systems for searching and browsing of image databases becomes increasingly urgent. We provide an overview of the current state-of-the art by t

  4. Indexing, learning and content-based retrieval for special purpose image databases

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Huiskes, M.J.; Pauwels, E.J.


    This chapter deals with content-based image retrieval in special purpose image databases. As image data is amassed ever more effortlessly, building efficient systems for searching and browsing of image databases becomes increasingly urgent. We provide an overview of the current state-of-the art by t

  5. ElevationOther_HILSHD10M (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Used ElevationDEM_DEM10M and the Arc/Info HILLSHADE command with "Shade", "z_units = .3048", azimuth = 315 degrees and altitude = 45 degrees options to create this...

  6. ElevationOther_ASPECT10M (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Used ElevationDEM_DEM10M and the Arc/Info ASPECT command to create this data layer representing compass direction of the aspect (rounded to whole numbers). Input...

  7. ElevationOther_SLOPE10M (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Used ElevationDEM_DEM10M and the Arc/Info SLOPE command with the "PERCENT_RISE" and ".3048" Z_unit options to create this data layer. Input source dataset is...

  8. Contamination of the environment by special purpose centrifuges used in clinical laboratories

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Harper, G.J.


    The generation of aerosols and the contamination of surfaces arising from the use of a number of special purpose centrifuges have been measured. Except when sealed containers were used all the equipment tested generated airborne particles and contaminated surrounding surfaces. The magnitude of this contamination was shown to be associated with several factors, and it could be considerably reduced by the use of sealed containers, and by fitting air filters. The significance of these findings and their application are discussed.

  9. Use of the water supply system of special purpose in buildings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Orlov Evgeniy Vladimirovich

    Full Text Available A water supply system of a special purpose is a necessary element in hot and cold shops of the industrial enterprises, office buildings and the medical centers, and also other rooms. The water supply systems of a special purpose, which give subsalty, sparkling water and water sated with oxygen, allow people to prevent, for example, strong dehydration of an organism, which is possible at big losses of water, especially in case of the people working in hot shops. Various elements of special drinking water supply system are given in the article, their main functions are described. Different types of the water folding devices pumping water to consumers, one of which is drinking fountain, are considered. Possible systems of water filtration, which can be established for quality improvement, are transferred. Among them the great role is played by membrane technologies and the return osmosis, which is widely applied now. Today there is a possibility of construction, both the centralized water supply system of a special purpose, and local. Besides, the least is a more preferable option taking into account capital expenditure for construction and operation, and also it can lead to solid resource-saving as a result of the electric energy saving going for water heating in heaters. Automatic machines of drinking water for a local water supply system of a special purpose have indisputable advantages. They are capable to carry out several functions at the same time, and also to distribute water to consumers. It allows placing all the necessary equipment, which will be well in harmony with the environment in their small and compact case, and will fit into any difficult interior of the room. Also they are very easily connected to the systems of an internal water supply system by means of a propylene tube that allows to change their sposition in space and to transfer to any place of the room with fast installation of equipment. Also the ecological effect was

  10. Special purpose hybrid transfinite elements and unified computational methodology for accurately predicting thermoelastic stress waves (United States)

    Tamma, Kumar K.; Railkar, Sudhir B.


    This paper represents an attempt to apply extensions of a hybrid transfinite element computational approach for accurately predicting thermoelastic stress waves. The applicability of the present formulations for capturing the thermal stress waves induced by boundary heating for the well known Danilovskaya problems is demonstrated. A unique feature of the proposed formulations for applicability to the Danilovskaya problem of thermal stress waves in elastic solids lies in the hybrid nature of the unified formulations and the development of special purpose transfinite elements in conjunction with the classical Galerkin techniques and transformation concepts. Numerical test cases validate the applicability and superior capability to capture the thermal stress waves induced due to boundary heating.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sergey S. Chromov


    Full Text Available The paper is untended to draw attention to information communication technologiesin teaching Russian as a foreign language for special purposes at level B 2. In thisregard the educational process of teaching Russian as a foreign language is examinedfor promoting quality improvement in the process of ELT.Technology-enhances language learning(TELL is described through computer-assisted language learning(CALL-presentations, webinars, videolectures. The authors share their experience obtained during teaching Russian as a foreign language forspecial purposes at the Department of Linguistics and cross-cultural communicationat MESI University.

  12. Special purpose computer system with highly parallel pipelines for flow visualization using holography technology (United States)

    Masuda, Nobuyuki; Sugie, Takashige; Ito, Tomoyoshi; Tanaka, Shinjiro; Hamada, Yu; Satake, Shin-ichi; Kunugi, Tomoaki; Sato, Kazuho


    We have designed a PC cluster system with special purpose computer boards for visualization of fluid flow using digital holographic particle tracking velocimetry (DHPTV). In this board, there is a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chip in which is installed a pipeline for calculating the intensity of an object from a hologram by fast Fourier transform (FFT). This cluster system can create 1024 reconstructed images from a 1024×1024-grid hologram in 0.77 s. It is expected that this system will contribute to the analysis of fluid flow using DHPTV.

  13. Design of special purpose database for credit cooperation bank business processing network system (United States)

    Yu, Yongling; Zong, Sisheng; Shi, Jinfa


    With the popularization of e-finance in the city, the construction of e-finance is transfering to the vast rural market, and quickly to develop in depth. Developing the business processing network system suitable for the rural credit cooperative Banks can make business processing conveniently, and have a good application prospect. In this paper, We analyse the necessity of adopting special purpose distributed database in Credit Cooperation Band System, give corresponding distributed database system structure , design the specical purpose database and interface technology . The application in Tongbai Rural Credit Cooperatives has shown that system has better performance and higher efficiency.

  14. The AEI 10 m prototype interferometer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gossler, S; Bertolini, A; Born, M; Dahl, K; Kranz, O; Lueck, H; Schnabel, R; Wanner, A; Westphal, T [Leibniz Universitaet Hannover, D-30167 Hannover (Germany); Chen, Y; Somiya, K [California Institute of Technology, Theoretical Astrophysics 130-33, Pasadena, CA 91125 (United States); Gering, D; Graef, C; Heinzel, G; Kawazoe, F; Kuehn, G; Mossavi, K; Taylor, J R [Albert-Einstein-Institut, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Gravitationsphysik, D-30167 Hannover (Germany); Hild, S; Strain, K A, E-mail: stefan.gossler@aei.mpg.d [University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ (United Kingdom)


    A 10 m prototype interferometer facility is currently being set up at the AEI in Hannover, Germany. The prototype interferometer will be housed inside a 100 m{sup 3} ultra-high vacuum envelope. Seismically isolated optical tables inside the vacuum system will be interferometrically interconnected via a suspension platform interferometer. Advanced isolation techniques will be used, such as inverted pendulums and geometrical anti-spring filters in combination with multiple-cascaded pendulum suspensions, containing an all-silica monolithic last stage. The light source is a 35 W Nd:YAG laser, geometrically filtered by passing it through a photonic crystal fibre and a rigid pre-modecleaner cavity. Laser frequency stabilisation will be achieved with the aid of a high finesse suspended reference cavity in conjunction with a molecular iodine reference. Coating thermal noise will be reduced by the use of Khalili cavities as compound end mirrors. Data acquisition and control of the experiments is based on the AdvLIGO digital control and data system. The aim of the project is to test advanced techniques for GEO 600 as well as to conduct experiments in macroscopic quantum mechanics. Reaching standard quantum-limit sensitivity for an interferometer with 100 g mirrors and subsequently breaching this limit, features most prominently among these experiments. In this paper we present the layout and current status of the AEI 10 m Prototype Interferometer project.

  15. Application of food irradiation technology in development of future special purposed foods

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Byun, Myung Woo; Shin, Myung Gon [Woosong University, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Ju Woon [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Jeongeup (Korea, Republic of)


    Advanced food technologies fused with radiation technology could be applied to the development of various special-purpose foods such space foods, combat rations, emergency foods, and sterile patient meals. In U.S.A, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the U.S. Army Natick Soldier RD and E Center co-developed the hazard analysis of critical control point, which is a essential hygienic control system in food industry. Moreover, strict manufacturing standards to produce shelf-stable foods using radiation (ionizing energy) technology were established. In Korea, the advanced food technologies to sterilize various foods using irradiation technology were expected to be applied as a hygiene process on group meals and ready-to-eat/ready-to cook foods, and to produce foods for patients with high hygienic, nutritional, and organoleptic qualities through the combination treatments with irradiation technology. And, it was considered that the advanced technology would improve the related industries and national economy by introducing the food irradiation technology to the Korean traditional fermented foods to improve their functionality. In conclusion, the advanced food technologies which are preoccupied by some developed countries like U.S.A. and Russia will make a contribution to the development of national science and technology, and competitiveness promotion of industry.

  16. English for special purposes in Serbian vocational high schools from 1996 to 2013

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Đukić Dušica


    Full Text Available The processes of globalization, economic cooperation with foreign countries and job opportunities have increased the need for English for Special Purposes (ESP. However, the ESP curriculum is not in accordance with the demand. The curriculum in use before the school year 2013/2014 was outdated, containing little explanations. Although the new curriculum is slightly improved, it still does not comply with the language demands of various professions. The ESP curriculum analysis has revealed that the topics for ESP syllabus are not developed and detailed enough. The reform of high school education has brought a new profession in our educational system - business administrator, with a new subject - business English. The students study ESP with the elements related to other vocational courses. The goal is to increase students’ self-esteem when communicating in English language. The new curriculum has enabled the use of authentic teaching material related to the profession, so the teaching process is not simply regarded as vocabulary learning. Creating new professions and reforming the existing ones enables the students to participate in the labor market offering them a great number of possibilities.

  17. Special-purpose computer for holography HORN-4 with recurrence algorithm (United States)

    Shimobaba, Tomoyoshi; Hishinuma, Sinsuke; Ito, Tomoyoshi


    We designed and built a special-purpose computer for holography, HORN-4 (HOlographic ReconstructioN) using PLD (Programmable Logic Device) technology. HORN computers have a pipeline architecture. We use HORN-4 as an attached processor to enhance the performance of a general-purpose computer when it is used to generate holograms using a "recurrence formulas" algorithm developed by our previous paper. In the HORN-4 system, we designed the pipeline by adopting our "recurrence formulas" algorithm which can calculate the phase on a hologram. As the result, we could integrate the pipeline composed of 21 units into one PLD chip. The units in the pipeline consists of one BPU (Basic Phase Unit) unit and twenty CU (Cascade Unit) units. These CU units can compute twenty light intensities on a hologram plane at one time. By mounting two of the PLD chips on a PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) universal board, HORN-4 can calculate holograms at high speed of about 42 Gflops equivalent. The cost of HORN-4 board is about 1700 US dollar. We could obtain 800×600 grids hologram from a 3D-image composed of 415 points in about 0.45 sec with the HORN-4 system.

  18. Operations with the special purpose dextrous manipulator on Space Station Freedom (United States)

    Cox, B.; Brown, D.; Hiltz, M.


    SPAR Canada is actively participating in the Space Station Freedom Program by contributing the Mobile Servicing System (MSS) which will be involved in assembly, maintenance and servicing of both the Space Station and the MSS itself. Part of the MSS is the Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator (SPDM), a two armed dextrous robot with advanced vision and manipulative capabilities. In addition to Space Station and payload servicing activities the SPDM will be designed to perform self maintenance on the MSS itself. The majority of Space Station equipment will be on orbit for the anticipated 30 year lifespan and the maintenance philosophy will be to repair by the exchange of Orbit Replacement Units or ORUs. The present concept, configuration, and operation of the SPDM and the detailed simulations associated with the maintenance of part of the MSS are described. The Design Reference Mission is the replacement of a Joint Drive Module on the Canadian large payload manipulator, the Space Station Remote Manipulator System. Other Design Reference Missions that were investigated are briefly described, and future operations activity to support the definition of SPDM requirements are discussed.

  19. MDGRAPE-4: a special-purpose computer system for molecular dynamics simulations. (United States)

    Ohmura, Itta; Morimoto, Gentaro; Ohno, Yousuke; Hasegawa, Aki; Taiji, Makoto


    We are developing the MDGRAPE-4, a special-purpose computer system for molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. MDGRAPE-4 is designed to achieve strong scalability for protein MD simulations through the integration of general-purpose cores, dedicated pipelines, memory banks and network interfaces (NIFs) to create a system on chip (SoC). Each SoC has 64 dedicated pipelines that are used for non-bonded force calculations and run at 0.8 GHz. Additionally, it has 65 Tensilica Xtensa LX cores with single-precision floating-point units that are used for other calculations and run at 0.6 GHz. At peak performance levels, each SoC can evaluate 51.2 G interactions per second. It also has 1.8 MB of embedded shared memory banks and six network units with a peak bandwidth of 7.2 GB s(-1) for the three-dimensional torus network. The system consists of 512 (8×8×8) SoCs in total, which are mounted on 64 node modules with eight SoCs. The optical transmitters/receivers are used for internode communication. The expected maximum power consumption is 50 kW. While MDGRAPE-4 software has still been improved, we plan to run MD simulations on MDGRAPE-4 in 2014. The MDGRAPE-4 system will enable long-time molecular dynamics simulations of small systems. It is also useful for multiscale molecular simulations where the particle simulation parts often become bottlenecks.

  20. Features of applying systems approach for evaluating the reliability of cryogenic systems for special purposes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. D. Chertov


    Full Text Available Summary. The analysis of cryogenic installations confirms objective regularity of increase in amount of the tasks solved by systems of a special purpose. One of the most important directions of development of a cryogenics is creation of installations for air separation product receipt, namely oxygen and nitrogen. Modern aviation complexes require use of these gases in large numbers as in gaseous, and in the liquid state. The onboard gas systems applied in aircraft of the Russian Federation are subdivided on: oxygen system; air (nitric system; system of neutral gas; fire-proof system. Technological schemes ADI are in many respects determined by pressure of compressed air or, in a general sense, a refrigerating cycle. For the majority ADI a working body of a refrigerating cycle the divided air is, that is technological and refrigerating cycles in installation are integrated. By this principle differentiate installations: low pressure; average and high pressure; with detander; with preliminary chilling. There is also insignificant number of the ADI types in which refrigerating and technological cycles are separated. These are installations with external chilling. For the solution of tasks of control of technical condition of the BRV hardware in real time and estimates of indicators of reliability it is offered to use multi-agent technologies. Multi-agent approach is the most acceptable for creation of SPPR for reliability assessment as allows: to redistribute processing of information on elements of system that leads to increase in overall performance; to solve a problem of accumulating, storage and recycling of knowledge that will allow to increase significantly efficiency of the solution of tasks of an assessment of reliability; to considerably reduce intervention of the person in process of functioning of system that will save time of the person of the making decision (PMD and will not demand from it special skills of work with it.

  1. UTV Expansion Pack - Special-Purpose Rank Revealing Algorithms (version 1.0 for Matlab 6.5)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fierro, Ricardo D.; Hansen, Per Christian

    This collection of Matlab software supplements and complements the package UTV Tools from 1999, and includes implementations of special-purpose rank-revealing algorithms developed since the publication of the original package. We provide algorithms for computing and modifying symmetric rank...

  2. Design of special purpose products made of nanomodified collagen-containing materials with radio-frequency discharge (United States)

    Makhotkina, L. Yu; Sharifullin, S. N.


    Research results shows that RF-plasma treatment increases the adhesion of the coating film to the leather uppers and resistance to abrasion and repeated bending of uppers, which define the ability of material to preserve its consumer properties and characterize longer safety of special purpose footwear form during its wearing.

  3. 41 CFR 102-73.196 - What types of special purpose space may the Department of Homeland Security lease? (United States)


    ... purpose space may the Department of Homeland Security lease? 102-73.196 Section 102-73.196 Public... Delegations § 102-73.196 What types of special purpose space may the Department of Homeland Security lease? The Department of Homeland Security is delegated authority to lease whatever space its...

  4. An application of queueing theory to the design of channel requirements for special purpose communications satellites. Ph.D. Thesis (United States)

    Hein, G. F.


    Special purpose satellites are very cost sensitive to the number of broadcast channels, usually will have Poisson arrivals, fairly low utilization (less than 35%), and a very high availability requirement. To solve the problem of determining the effects of limiting C the number of channels, the Poisson arrival, infinite server queueing model will be modified to describe the many server case. The model is predicated on the reproductive property of the Poisson distribution.

  5. A fast 3-D object recognition algorithm for the vision system of a special-purpose dexterous manipulator (United States)

    Hung, Stephen H. Y.


    A fast 3-D object recognition algorithm that can be used as a quick-look subsystem to the vision system for the Special-Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) is described. Global features that can be easily computed from range data are used to characterize the images of a viewer-centered model of an object. This algorithm will speed up the processing by eliminating the low level processing whenever possible. It may identify the object, reject a set of bad data in the early stage, or create a better environment for a more powerful algorithm to carry the work further.

  6. Kvass of special purpose

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. A. Korotkih


    Full Text Available The basic technological parameters of the grain mash fermentation, on the basis of the powdery malt extract prepared from green malt of buckwheat, with application of various types of microorganisms are investigated.

  7. Evaluation for special purposes


    Viorica Toma


    This article aims to present the principles of international accounting standards and regulations on how Romanian accepted recognition of assets in financial reports.Company's financial reports include financial statements and other statements / reports of the directors.At the same time, it will insist on base / type of value that can be used by evaluators to harmonize concepts and especially the bases of valuation for balance sheet recognition of assets.Currently identity is observed near or...

  8. Starloc (Sandia TARget LOcation Computer): A special-purpose computer architecture for target location within an image

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Napolitano, L.M. Jr.; Bryson, P.R.; Berry, K.R.; Klapp, S.R.; Leeper, J.E.; Redinbo, G.R.


    Starloc (Sandia TARget LOcation Computer) is a special-purpose computer designed for target location in an image. It is now under development and when completed will process two 256 pixel by 256 pixel input images per second, recognizing targets within them regardless of target variations such as rotation, range, brightness, and angle of view. Starloc's basic architecture consists of ten pipelined processing stages (eight for Fast Fourier Transform operations and two for pixel by pixel operations) arranged in a ring-like structure. Within each stage are a controller, image memory, address generator, and register file with parallel floating-point processors. Starloc is designed to be fault tolerant by including two hot standby stages that can be switched into the data path when other stages fail and by incorporating a comprehensive set of error checkers. Using currently available 10 MFLOP (million floating-point operations per second) floating-point processors, Starloc will run at a sustained rate of 188 MFLOPS with 94% efficiency. At this rate, it is performing 36 complex 256 pixel by 256 pixel two-dimensional Fast Fourier Transforms per second. 5 refs., 7 figs.

  9. ISS Operations for the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) Experiences from the Robotic Systems Evaluation Laboratory (RSEL) (United States)

    Spinler, Anthony B.


    The International Space Station (ISS) will present a new era of telerobotic operations on-orbit. Operating the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) in its tasks of maintaining the multitude of Space Station Orbital Replaceable Units (ORUs) creates numerous operational considerations not seen in the existing Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS) or the future Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS). The differences between the large arms and the dexterous arm greatly affect the interconnection of man, robot, and task. This paper presents some of the issues arising from this new breed of on-orbit robotics as garnered from over three years of ORU testing experience within the Robotic Systems Evaluation Laboratory (RSEL) at NASA Johnson Space Center. The effects of new robotic features on operations, the issues surrounding targets and visual cues, the differences in operating with Force Moment Accommodation (FMA), the effects of changes in task complexity and scale, the lack of supporting flight information, and the changes in procedures required by the dexterous task will be discussed.

  10. The 10m AEI prototype facility A brief overview

    CERN Document Server

    Westphal, Tobias; Bertolini, Alessandro; Born, Michael; Chen, Yanbei; Cumming, Alan V; Cunningham, Liam; Dahl, Katrin; Graef, Christian; Hammond, Giles; Heinzel, Gerhard; Hild, Stefan; Huttner, Sabina; Jones, Russel; Kawazoe, Fumiko; Koehlenbeck, Sina; Kuehn, Gerrit; Lueck, Harald; Mossavi, Kasem; Poeld, Jan H; Somiya, Kentaro; van Veggel, Marielle; Wanner, Alexander; Willke, Benno; Strain, Ken A; Gossler, Stefan; Danzmann, Karsten


    The AEI 10 m prototype interferometer facility is currently being constructed at the Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover, Germany. It aims to perform experiments for future gravitational wave detectors using advanced techniques. Seismically isolated benches are planned to be interferometrically interconnected and stabilized, forming a low-noise testbed inside a 100 m^3 ultra-high vacuum system. A well-stabilized high power laser will perform differential position readout of 100 g test masses in a 10 m suspended arm-cavity enhanced Michelson interferometer at the crossover of measurement (shot) noise and backaction (quantum radiation pressure) noise, the so-called Standard Quantum Limit (SQL). Such a sensitivity enables experiments in the highly topical field of macroscopic quantum mechanics. In this article we introduce the experimental facility and describe the methods employed, technical details of subsystems will be covered in future papers.

  11. ORNL 10-m small-angle X-ray scattering camera

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hendricks, R.W.


    A new small-angle x-ray scattering camera utilizing a rotating anode x-ray source, crystal monochromatization of the incident beam, pinhole collimation, and a two-dimensional position-sensitive proportional counter was developed. The sample, and the resolution element of the detector are each approximately 1 x 1 mm/sup 2/, the camera was designed so that the focal spot-to-sample and sample-to-detector distances may each be varied in 0.5-m increments up to 5 m to provide a system resolution in the range 0.5 to 4.0 mrad. A large, general-purpose specimen chamber has been provided into which a wide variety of special-purpose specimen holders can be mounted. The detector has an active area of 200 x 200 mm and has up to 200 x 200 resolution elements. The data are recorded in the memory of a minicomputer by a high-speed interface which uses a microprocessor to map the position of an incident photon into an absolute minicomputer memory address. The data recorded in the computer memory can be processed on-line by a variety of programs designed to enhance the user's interaction with the experiment. At the highest angular resolution (0.4 mrad), the flux incident on the specimen is 1.0 x 10/sup 6/ photons/s with the x-ray source operating at 45 kV and 100 mA. SAX and its associated programs OVF and MOT are high-priority, pre-queued, nonresident foreground tasks which run under the ModComp II MAX III operating system to provide complete user control of the ORNL 10-m small-angle x-ray scattering camera.

  12. RelationshipbetweentheexpressionofIP-10and IP-10mRNAinperipheralbloodandHBVDNA levelinpatientswithcirrhosis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jian Wang; Ping-Ping Wang; Gui-Ju Xiang; Xiao-Bin Hu


    BACKGROUND:Post-hepatitic cirrhosis is regarded as common and severe form of liver damage. Interferonγ-inducible protein 10 (IP-10), a member of the non-ELR (glutamic-leucine-arginine) motif CXC chemokine family, has recently been shown to recruit and activate speciifc subsets of leukocytes to sites of inlfammation or an immune response during the development of hepatic cirrhosis. However, the effects of IP-10 and IP-10 mRNA on inlfammatory inifltration at local sites and in the peripheral blood of patients with post-hepatitic cirrhosis as well as their relationship with viral load are still poorly deifned. This study aimed to detect the relationship between the expression of IP-10 in serum, IP-10 mRNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), and the levels of HBV DNA in the serum of patients, and to explore their role in the pathogenesis of cirrhosis. METHODS:Typical patients with cirrhosis after HBV infection were selected, and their serum IP-10 concentrations were evaluated with ELISA, the content of IP-10 mRNA in PBMCs was measured by real-time PCR, and the load of HBV DNA in serum and PBMCs was assessed by semi-quantitative analysis of gel imaging. RESULTS:The levels of IP-10 in serum and IP-10 mRNA in PBMCs of patients with cirrhosis were 299.9±77.2 pg/ml and 0.7500±0.1495, respectively. They were higher than those of controls (P CONCLUSIONS:The levels of IP-10 and IP-10 mRNA in the peripheral blood of patients with cirrhosis increase are closely correlated with the load of HBV DNA in serum, and play a key role in the progression of post-hepatitic cirrhosis.

  13. The Development of Strategies for the Assignment of Semantic Information to Unknown Lexemes in Text. Lenguas para Objetivos Especificas (Languages for Special Purposes), No. 5. (United States)

    Alderson, Charles; Alvarez, Guadalupe

    An English for Special Purposes (ESP) course being developed aims to give the students a series of techniques to help them handle vocabulary in a text, and teach them strategies for identifying meaning in context. Traditional strategies, such as the study of morphology, use of grammatical information, and exercises in dictionary usage, are…

  14. Electroholographic display unit for three-dimensional display by use of special-purpose computational chip for holography and reflective LCD panel. (United States)

    Shimobaba, Tomoyoshi; Shiraki, Atsushi; Masuda, Nobuyuki; Ito, Tomoyoshi


    We developed an electroholography unit, which consists of a special-purpose computational chip for holography and a reflective liquid-crystal display (LCD) panel, for a three-dimensional (3D) display. The special-purpose chip can compute a computer-generated hologram of 800x600 grids in size from a 3D object consisting of approximately 400 points in approximately 0.15 seconds. The pixel pitch and resolution of the LCD panel are 12 mum and 800x600 grids, respectively. We implemented the special purpose chip and LCD panel on a printed circuit board of approximately 28cmx13cm in size. After the calculation, the computer-generated hologram produced by the special-purpose chip is displayed on the LCD panel. When we illuminate a reference light to the LCD panel, we can observe a 3D animation of approximately 3cmx3cmx3cm in size. In the present paper, we report the electroholographic display unit together with a simple 3D display system.

  15. Prueba de Aptitud para el Aprendizaje de Lenguas Extranjeras (PAPALE) Language Aptitude Test (LAT) (First and Second Versions). English for Special Purposes. Emergency Care Attendant. (United States)

    Muro, Gertrude

    This book contains two versions of the Language Aptitude Test. It is part of a package of materials developed for use in an English for Special Purposes project, which offers classes in reading, grammar, and emergency care attendant training for limited English proficient students. Introductory material describes the parts of two versions and…

  16. RNase L controls terminal adipocyte differentiation, lipids storage and insulin sensitivity via CHOP10 mRNA regulation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fabre, Odile Martine Julie; Salehzada, T; Lambert, K


    of an endoribonuclease, endoribonuclease L (RNase L), using wild-type and RNase L-knockout mouse embryonic fibroblasts (RNase L(-/-)-MEFs). Here, we identify C/EBP homologous protein 10 (CHOP10), a dominant negative member of the CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein family, as a specific RNase L target. We show that RNase L...... RNase L in RNase L(-/-)-MEFs triggers CHOP10 mRNA instability, allowing increased lipids storage, insulin response and glucose uptake. Similarly, downregulation of CHOP10 mRNA with CHOP10 siRNA in RNase L(-/-)-MEFs improves their differentiation in adipocyte. In vivo, aged RNase L(-)/(-) mice present...

  17. Special Purpose Buoys - USACE IENC (United States)

    Department of Homeland Security — These inland electronic Navigational charts (IENCs) were developed from available data used in maintenance of Navigation channels. Users of these IENCs should be...

  18. Recipe and technology development for minced canned products of special purpose based on the underutilized north region fishery object (thorny skate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raibulov S. P.


    Full Text Available The paper presents the results of justifying the use of thorny skate in the technology of minced meat canned products of special purpose. The key criterion determined the specialized purpose of canned food is the high content of physiologically functional food ingredient of chondroitin sulfate in the cartilage of thorny skate wings. The high content of chondroitin sulfate in raw materials ensures that the content of the physiologically functional ingredient in the finished canned food will be at the level from 220 to 250 mg per 100 g of product. The method of IR blanching is presented for removing urea from the thorny skate muscle tissue. To confirm the efficiency of the developed method of urea removal, it has been proposed to use a modified photocolorimetric method for determination of mass fractions of urea in feed flour according to the governmental standard GOST R 50032–92 "Feed flour made of fish, marine mammals, crustaceans and invertebrates. Methods of determining the mass fraction of urea and calculation of the crude protein with a given mass fraction of carbamide". With the help of this technique, the efficiency of urea removal from the thorny skate tissue by the proposed method has been determined. The residual urea content in the meat of thorny skate after IR blanching is 0.76 %, which is two times lesser than border value of sensitivity of the person (approximated as 1.2 %. The paper presents the materials of experimental substantiation of optimum formulation of new canned meat based on the method of fuzzy modeling. The ratio of the main components of the meatballs recipe (thorny skate and Atlantic cod close to the optimum is 48 % by weight of meat for each component separately.

  19. Experimental Conditions: SE16_S10_M03_D01 [Metabolonote[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available SE16_S10_M03_D01 SE16 Effect of agricultural films for spinach leaf metabolites 2 SE16_S10... Spinacia oleracea Kurohaminstarland Leaf SE16_S10_M03 6.7mg [MassBase ID] MDLC1_35977 SE16_MS1 LC-FT

  20. Experimental Conditions: SE25_S10_M01_D01 [Metabolonote[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available SE25_S10_M01_D01 SE25 Comparison of leaf metabolites among cabbage varieties SE25_S10... Brassica oleracea var. capitata Kanpachi Leaf SE25_S10_M01 6.7mg [MassBase ID] MDLC1_29145 SE25_MS1 LC-FT

  1. Experimental Conditions: SE25_S10_M02_D02 [Metabolonote[Archive

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available SE25_S10_M02_D02 SE25 Comparison of leaf metabolites among cabbage varieties SE25_S10... Brassica oleracea var. capitata Kanpachi Leaf SE25_S10_M02 6.7mg [MassBase ID] MDLC1_29146 SE25_MS1 LC-FT

  2. Thinking on Teaching Method of English for Specialized Purpose in Psychology%心理学专业英语教学方法思考

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    对国内绝大多数心理学专业学生而言,专业外语主要以英语为主。在大中专院校普及英语教育的同时,结合学生自身主修的心理学专业,对其专业英语(ESP)的学习有非常好的促进作用。本文从心理学ESP教学的方法入手,探讨国内心理学ESP授课过程中的基本运作方式,旨在推进学科完善、全面、健康化发展。%For the most domestic psychology students, English is their mainly foreign language for spe-cial purposes. With the popularization of English education in colleges, learning ESP can greatly promote stu-dents' psychological knowledge. This thesis, proceeding from EPS teaching method, analyzes the basic teach-ing modes, aiming at developing this course perfectly, comprehensively and healthy.

  3. CRED 10m Gridded multibeam bathymetry of Sarigan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Gridded bathymetry shelf, bank and slope environments of Sarigan Island, CNMI. Bottom coverage was achieved in depths between 7 and 2761 meters, but this 10 m grid...

  4. 10m Gridded bathymetry of Swains Island, American Samoa, South Pacific (netCDF format) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Gridded (10 m cell size) bathymetry of the slope environment of Swains Island, American Samoa, South Pacific. Almost complete bottom coverage was achieved in depths...

  5. 10 m Rugosity grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Wake Island, West Central Pacific. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Rugosity is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA ship Hi'ialakai and R/V AHI using the Benthic Terrain Modeler with...

  6. CRED 10m Gridded multibeam bathymetry of Pagan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Gridded bathymetry shelf, bank and slope environments of Pagan Island, CNMI. Bottom coverage was achieved in depths between 3 and 3634 meters, but this 10m grid...

  7. 10 m Slope grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Wake Island, West Central Pacific. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA ship Hi'ialakai and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of...

  8. Bombom para dietas especiais: avaliação química e sensorial Chocolate confectionery for special purposes: chemical and sensorial evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marissol Richter


    Full Text Available Bombom é o produto constituído por massa de chocolate ou por um núcleo formado de recheios diversos, recobertos por uma camada de chocolate. Alimentos para fins especiais (diet são aqueles nos quais ocorrem modificações no conteúdo de nutrientes, adequados à utilização em dietas diferenciadas. O termo light pode ser utilizado quando for cumprido o atributo de redução mínima de 25% no valor energético total ou no conteúdo de nutrientes de alimentos comparados. Foram desenvolvidos um bombom controle e formulações de bombons diet/light, sendo apenas uma formulação selecionada para estudo. Um bombom comercial foi utilizado como referência. Foram elaboradas análises químicas (obtenção do valor calórico e análise sensorial (teste de aceitação com escala hedônica híbrida para avaliação dos produtos. A substituição dos açúcares por edulcorantes e agentes de corpo foi satisfatória, assim como o uso do substituto de gordura Benefat®. Na análise sensorial, o bombom especial obteve altos níveis de intenção de compra, podendo nesta análise ser considerado como um produto de grande potencial de mercado.Chocolate confectionery is a product consisting of either chocolate mass or a nucleus containing several fillings covered with a chocolate layer. Foods for special purposes are those in which modifications are made in what is related to the nutrients content, adapted to the utilization in differentiated diets. The term light is applied to a product providing it fulfils the attribute of a 25% minimum reduction in the total energetic value or nutrients content if compared to a similar, standard product. Two series of chocolate confectionery samples were prepared: a control sample and ten diet and light formulations, and one of these formulations was selected. A commercial chocolate confectionery was used as reference. The chocolate confectionery samples (control and special were compared using chemical and sensorial

  9. Optical Positions of ICRF Sources from CTIO 1.0M Data (United States)


    subject to a penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information if it does not display a currently valid OMB control number. 1. REPORT DATE...proyecto del USNO para enlazar los sistemas de referencia en radio y óptico, se tomaron datos con el telescopio CTIO de 1.0 m in 2009. Los primeros

  10. Crack growth of 10M Ni-Mn-Ga material in cyclic mechanical loading (United States)

    Aaltio, I.; Ge, Y.; Pulkkinen, H.; Sjöberg, A.; Söderberg, O.; Liu, X. W.; Hannula, S.-P.

    The 10M martensitic Ni-Mn-Ga single crystal materials are usually applied in the magneto-mechanical actuators. Therefore, it is important to know the possible effect of the long-term cyclic shape changes on their structure and behavior. This can be evaluated with the mechanical fatigue testing. In the present study, the single crystal 10M Ni-Mn-Ga samples of different compositions were applied to strain-controlled uniaxial mechanical cycling in the multivariant state at ambient temperature. The experiments revealed distinctive changes of the twin variant structure, especially in the mobile twin area, density of twin boundaries, and in the tendency for fatigue crack growth. Characterization of the crack surface showed that the cracks in the microscale grow in a step-wise manner on specific crystallographic planes, i.e, twin boundary planes, but that the macroscopic crack does not occur only along crystallographic directions.

  11. Pembuatan Digital Elevation Model Resolusi 10m dari Peta RBI dan Survei GPS dengan Algoritma Anudem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This study proposes the generation of Digital Elevation Model (DEM with spatial resolution of 10m x 10m by re-interpolation of elevation data. Data input for this study includes: (1 digitized datum coordinate from RBI map, (2 sample points surveyed by GPS, (3 digitized contour data fromSRTM DEM and ASTER GDEM2, and (4 digitized stream-network layer from RBI. All collected data were converted to mass point coordinats. On the top of Topogrid-ArcGIS, all points data were interpolated to produce DEM. After that the produced DEM were compared and evaluated to the SRTM and ASTER DEMvisually. The result shows that produced DEM are more accurate to represent the detailed topography of the study areas.

  12. The LENS 7 MeV, 10 mA Proton Linac

    CERN Document Server

    Derenchuk, Vladimir Peter; Bogdanov, Alexander; Jones, William P; Rinckel, Thomas; Solberg, Keith


    The Indiana University Cyclotron Facility (IUCF) has constructed and placed in operation a Low Energy Neutron Source (LENS) using a 10 mA, 7 MeV proton beam incident on a beryllium target. The proton delivery system (PDS) consists of a 25 keV proton injector, an AccSys Technology, Inc. PL7 Linac* and a beam transport line with non-linear beam spreading.** The accelerator and beamline equipment used in this construction are refurbished and upgraded components from the IUCF CIS/Cooler synchrotron*** facility. After commissioning the beam current at 7 MeV will be 10 mA with a pulse width of up to 300 μs and > 1% duty factor. The PDS was constructed and commissioning started in 2004. First operating results will be described.

  13. Localization of Aurorae with 10 m High Power Radar Technique, using a Rotating Antenna


    Hellgren, Gösta; Meos, Johan


    The paper describes the 10 m high power recorder with a rotating antenna that is used since May 1951 for the localization of aurorae at the Radio Wave Propagation Laboratory of the Kiruna Geophysical Observatory (67.8° N, 20.5° E). Continuous observations during the time May 1951–March 1952 have disclosed periods of auroral activity. The preliminary results from these observations indicate that there is a good correlation between the auroral activity, the magnetic activity, and ...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rudisill, T.; Pierce, R.


    The H-Canyon facility will be used to dissolve Pu metal for subsequent purification and conversion to plutonium dioxide (PuO{sub 2}) using Phase II of HB-Line. To support the new mission, the development of a Pu metal dissolution flowsheet which utilizes concentrated (8-10 M) nitric acid (HNO{sub 3}) solutions containing potassium fluoride (KF) is required. Dissolution of Pu metal in concentrated HNO{sub 3} is desired to eliminate the need to adjust the solution acidity prior to purification by anion exchange. The preferred flowsheet would use 8-10 M HNO{sub 3}, 0.015-0.07 M KF, and 0.5-1.0 g/L Gd to dissolve the Pu up to 6.75 g/L. An alternate flowsheet would use 8-10 M HNO{sub 3}, 0.1-0.2 M KF, and 1-2 g/L B to dissolve the Pu. The targeted average Pu metal dissolution rate is 20 mg/min-cm{sup 2}, which is sufficient to dissolve a 'standard' 2250-g Pu metal button in 24 h. Plutonium metal dissolution rate measurements showed that if Gd is used as the nuclear poison, the optimum dissolution conditions occur in 10 M HNO{sub 3}, 0.04-0.05 M KF, and 0.5-1.0 g/L Gd at 112 to 116 C (boiling). These conditions will result in an estimated Pu metal dissolution rate of {approx}11-15 mg/min-cm{sup 2} and will result in dissolution times of 36-48 h for standard buttons. The recommended minimum and maximum KF concentrations are 0.03 M and 0.07 M, respectively. The maximum KF concentration is dictated by a potential room-temperature Pu-Gd-F precipitation issue at low Pu concentrations. The purpose of the experimental work described in this report was two-fold. Initially a series of screening experiments was performed to measure the dissolution rate of Pu metal as functions of the HNO{sub 3}, KF, and Gd or B concentrations. The objective of the screening tests was to propose optimized conditions for subsequent flowsheet demonstration tests. Based on the rate measurements, this study found that optimal dissolution conditions in solutions containing 0.5-1.0 g/L Gd

  15. Results from the Blazar Monitoring Campaign at the Whipple 10m Gamma-ray Telescope

    CERN Document Server

    Steele, David; Charlot, P; Kurtanidze, O; Lahteenmaki, A; Montaruli, T; Sadun, A C; Villata, M


    In September 2005, the observing program of the Whipple 10 m gamma-ray telescope was redefined to be dedicated almost exclusively to AGN monitoring. Since then the five Northern Hemisphere blazars that had already been detected at Whipple are monitored routinely each night that they are visible. Thanks to the efforts of a large number of multiwavelength collaborators, the first year of this program has been very successful. We report here on the analysis of Markarian 421 observations taken from November, 2005 to May, 2006 in the gamma-ray, X-ray, optical and radio bands.

  16. Performance of the 10 m{sup 3} ICARUS liquid argon prototype

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Arneodo, F.; Badertscher, A.; Baiboussinov, B.; Battistoni, G.; Benetti, P.; Bernardini, E.; Bischofberger, M.; Di Tigliole, A.B.A. Borio; Brunetti, R.; Bueno, A.; Calligarich, E.; Campanelli, M.; Carpanese, C.; Cavalli, D.; Cavanna, F.; Cennini, P.; Centro, S.; Cesana, A.; Chen, C.; Chen, D.; Chen, Y.; Cline, D.; De Vecchi, C.; Credico, A. Di; Dolfini, R.; Ferrari, A.; Ferri, F.; Berzolari, A.G.A. Gigli; Gil-Botella, I.; Grandi, L.; Grillo, A.; Haag, A.; He, K.; Huang, X.; Kruse, A.; Laffranchi, M.; Li, Z.; Lisowski, M.; Lu, F.; Ma, J.; Matthey, C.; Mauri, F.; Mazza, D.; Meng, G.; Montanari, C.; Muraro, S.; Navas-Concha, S.; Nicoletto, M.; Nurzia, G.; Otwinowski, S.; Ouyang, Q.; Palamara, O. E-mail:; Pascoli, D.; Periale, L.; Petrera, S.; Mortari, G.P.G. Piano; Piazzoli, A.; Picchi, P.; Pietropaolo, F.; Rancati, T.; Rappoldi, A.; Raselli, G.L.; Rico, J.; Romualdi, B.; Rossella, M.; Rotilio, A.; Rubbia, A.; Rubbia, C.; Sala, P.; Scannicchio, D.; Scapparone, E.; Segreto, E.; Sergiampietri, F.; Sinanis, N.; Tatananni, E.; Terrani, M.; Ventura, S.; Vignoli, C.; Wang, H.; Woo, J.; Xu, G.; Xu, Z.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, Q.; Zhen, S


    We report on the performance of a liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber, operating in a 10 m{sup 3} cryostat. This device built in the framework of the ICARUS T600 programme to serve as a full test facility for the adopted cryogenics and mechanical solutions, was successfully tested in 2000 as the last step before the tests of the first 600 t ICARUS module 1 year later. In a final run at the Gran Sasso Laboratory, whose outcome provides the main subject of this paper, also the readout and imaging capabilities of the installed wire chamber and the overall performance of the detector have been successfully tested.

  17. Seasonal and daily variation of radon at 10 m depth in borehole, Garhwal Lesser Himalaya, India. (United States)

    Choubey, V M; Arora, B R; Barbosa, S M; Kumar, Naresh; Kamra, Leena


    Mostly accepted and widely reported radon (Rn(222)) measurements, a tool for earthquake precursor research, is a part of multi-parametric geophysical observation in the Garhwal Lesser Himalaya for earthquake related studies. Radon is being recorded continuously at an interval of 15 min at 10 m depth in a 68 m deep borehole. Three years high resolution 15 min data at 10 m depth shows a complex trend and has a strong seasonal effect along with some diurnal, semi-diurnal and multi-day recurring trends. A well-defined seasonal pattern is prominent with a high emanation in summer and low values in winter accounting for about a 30% decrease in count values in winter when the atmospheric temperature is very low at this station located 1.90 km above mean sea level. Diurnal, semi-diurnal and multi-day trends in this time-series are mainly observed during April-May and October-November. This is the period of spring and autumn when there is a high contrast in day-night atmospheric temperature. Hence the high fluctuation in Rn concentration is mainly caused by the temperature contrast between the air-column inside the borehole and the atmosphere above the earth's surface.

  18. Seasonal and daily variation of radon at 10 m depth in borehole, Garhwal Lesser Himalaya, India

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Choubey, V.M., E-mail: vchoubey@wihg.res.i [Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, 33, General Mahadeo Singh Road, Dehradun-248001 (India); Arora, B.R. [Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, 33, General Mahadeo Singh Road, Dehradun-248001 (India); Barbosa, S.M. [University of Lisbon, IDL, Campo Grande, Edificio C8, 1749-016 Lisboa (Portugal); Kumar, Naresh; Kamra, Leena [Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, 33, General Mahadeo Singh Road, Dehradun-248001 (India)


    Mostly accepted and widely reported radon (Rn{sup 222}) measurements, a tool for earthquake precursor research, is a part of multi-parametric geophysical observation in the Garhwal Lesser Himalaya for earthquake related studies. Radon is being recorded continuously at an interval of 15 min at 10 m depth in a 68 m deep borehole. Three years high resolution 15 min data at 10 m depth shows a complex trend and has a strong seasonal effect along with some diurnal, semi-diurnal and multi-day recurring trends. A well-defined seasonal pattern is prominent with a high emanation in summer and low values in winter accounting for about a 30% decrease in count values in winter when the atmospheric temperature is very low at this station located 1.90 km above mean sea level. Diurnal, semi-diurnal and multi-day trends in this time-series are mainly observed during April-May and October-November. This is the period of spring and autumn when there is a high contrast in day-night atmospheric temperature. Hence the high fluctuation in Rn concentration is mainly caused by the temperature contrast between the air-column inside the borehole and the atmosphere above the earth's surface.

  19. Features of 10-M-long, 50-MM-Twin-aperture LHC dipole magnet prototypes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Devred, A. [CEA Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France). Dept. d`Astrophysique, de la Physique des Particules, de la Physique Nucleaire et de l`Instrumentation Associee]|[CERN, Laboratoire Europeen pour la Physique des Particules, Geneva (Switzerland)


    In 1991, the Laboratoire Europeen pour la Physique des particules (CERN) has launched the fabrication in industry of seven 10-m long, 50-mm-twin-aperture dipole magnet prototypes for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Three of these prototypes were built in Italy, in collaboration with the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN, by Ansaldo Energia Spa, two were built in Germany by Noell GmbH, one was built in France by a consortium constituted by Jeumont Industries and GEC Alsthom, and the last one was built by a consortium constituted by Elin in Austria and Holec in the Netherlands. In this paper, we review the design and specific features of the seven LHC dipole magnet prototypes. (author) 21 refs.

  20. Optical layout for a 10m Fabry-P\\'erot Michelson interferometer with tunable stability

    CERN Document Server

    Gräf, Christian; Lück, Harald; Willke, Benno; Strain, Kenneth A; Goßler, Stefan; Danzmann, Karsten


    The sensitivity of high-precision interferometric measurements can be limited by Brownian noise within dielectric mirror coatings. This occurs, for instance, in the optical resonators of gravitational wave detectors where the noise can be reduced by increasing the laser beam size. However, the stability of the resonator and its optical performance often impose a limit on the maximally feasible beam size. In this article we describe the optical design of a 10\\,m Fabry-P\\'erot Michelson interferometer with tunable stability. Our design will allow us to carry out initial commissioning with arm cavities of high stability, while afterwards the arm cavity length can be increased stepwise towards the final, marginally stable configuration. Requiring only minimal hardware changes, with respect to a comparable "static" layout, the proposed technique will not only enable us to explore the stability limits of an optical resonator with realistic mirrors exhibiting inevitable surface imperfections, but also the opportunit...

  1. Innovative Structural Design Features for a 10 m Solar Sail Demonstrator (United States)

    Laue, G.; Moore, J.; Clayton, W.


    The successful development of sail architectures will require careful attention to a number of key issues including but not limited to material strength issues, stress conditions for the membrane, load interactions between membrane and structure, and membrane material planarity. Along with the inherent challenges of fabricating and handling very large membrane structures these issues will pose real challenges for the near-term development of practical sail technologies. SRS has developed innovative technologies that deal directly with the challenges of developing very large sail membranes. Some of these technologies include edge reinforcements and innovative reinforcement attachment techniques, production of flight durable sail materials of less than 2.5 micron thicknesses and large scale fabrication techniques. SRS has employed these technologies in several large 10 m demonstrators that have been delivered to LaRC for solar vacuum testing. Details of the design of this system will be discussed.

  2. Constraining the Bulk Density of 10m-Class Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 LA (United States)

    Mommert, Michael; Hora, Joseph; Farnocchia, Davide; Trilling, David; Chesley, Steve; Harris, Alan; Mueller, Migo; Smith, Howard


    The physical properties of near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) provide important hints on their origin, as well as their past physical and orbital evolution. Recent observations seem to indicate that small asteroids are different than expected: instead of being monolithic bodies, some of them instead resemble loose conglomerates of smaller rocks, so called 'rubble piles'. This is surprising, since self-gravitation is practically absent in these bodies. Hence, bulk density measurements of small asteroids, from which their internal structure can be estimated, provide unique constraints on asteroid physical models, as well as models for asteroid evolution. We propose Spitzer Space Telescope observations of 10 m-sized NEA 2012 LA, which will allow us to constrain the diameter, albedo, bulk density, macroporosity, and mass of this object. We require 30 hrs of Spitzer time to detect our target with a minimum SNR of 3 in CH2. In order to interpret our observational results, we will use the same analysis technique that we used in our successful observations and analyses of tiny asteroids 2011 MD and 2009 BD. Our science goal, which is the derivation of the target's bulk density and its internal structure, can only be met with Spitzer. Our observations will produce only the third comprehensive physical characterization of an asteroid in the 10m size range (all of which have been carried out by our team, using Spitzer). Knowledge of the physical properties of small NEAs, some of which pose an impact threat to the Earth, is of importance for understanding their evolution and estimating the potential of destruction in case of an impact, as well as for potential manned missions to NEAs for either research or potential commercial uses.

  3. 论内隐学习在高职专门用途外语教学中的运用%On Application of Implicit Learning in Vocational Special Purpose Foreign Language Teaching

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈思; 王显辉


    Set up special purpose foreign language courses are vocational colleges to meet the national need for strategic ad-justment of economic structure, develop a more comprehensive quality and innovative ability of composite applications tal-ents, especially highlighting the students' practical ability of the industry training is an important initiative. To make special purpose language teaching curriculum to better play its role, the paper discusses the use of implicit learning in specialized vocational foreign language teaching.%专门用途外语课程的设置是高职院校为适应国家经济结构战略性调整需要,培养出更多的具有综合素质和实践创新能力的应用型复合人才,特别突出强调对学生各行业的实践能力的培养一项重要举措。为了让专门用途外语课程更好地发挥其教学作用,本文论述了内隐学习在高职专门用途外语教学中的运用。

  4. Size-frequency distribution of boulders ≥10 m on comet 103P/Hartley 2 (United States)

    Pajola, Maurizio; Lucchetti, Alice; Bertini, Ivano; Marzari, Francesco; A'Hearn, Michael F.; La Forgia, Fiorangela; Lazzarin, Monica; Naletto, Giampiero; Barbieri, Cesare


    Aims: We derive the size-frequency distribution of boulders on comet 103P/Hartley 2, which are computed from the images taken by the Deep Impact/HRI-V imaging system. We indicate the possible physical processes that lead to these boulder size distributions. Methods: We used images acquired by the High Resolution Imager-Visible CCD camera on 4 November 2010. Boulders ≥10 m were identified and manually extracted from the datasets with the software ArcGIS. We derived the global size-frequency distribution of the illuminated side of the comet (~50%) and identified the power-law indexes characterizing the two lobes of 103P. The three-pixel sampling detection, together with the shadowing of the surface, enables unequivocally detection of boulders scattered all over the illuminated surface. Results: We identify 332 boulders ≥10 m on the imaged surface of the comet, with a global number density of nearly 140/km2 and a cumulative size-frequency distribution represented by a power law with index of -2.7 ± 0.2. The two lobes of 103P show similar indexes, i.e., -2.7 ± 0.2 for the bigger lobe (called L1) and -2.6+ 0.2/-0.5 for the smaller lobe (called L2). The similar power-law indexes and similar maximum boulder sizes derived for the two lobes both point toward a similar fracturing/disintegration phenomena of the boulders as well as similar lifting processes that may occur in L1 and L2. The difference in the number of boulders per km2 between L1 and L2 suggests that the more diffuse H2O sublimation on L1 produce twice the boulders per km2 with respect to those produced on L2 (primary activity CO2 driven). The 103P comet has a lower global power-law index (-2.7 vs. -3.6) with respect to 67P. The global differences between the two comets' activities, coupled with a completely different surface geomorphology, make 103P hardly comparable to 67P. A shape distribution analysis of boulders ≥30 m performed on 103P suggests that the cometary boulders show more elongated shapes

  5. High Resolution Imaging of Satellites with Ground-Based 10-m Astronomical Telescopes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marois, C


    High resolution imaging of artificial satellites can play an important role in current and future space endeavors. One such use is acquiring detailed images that can be used to identify or confirm damage and aid repair plans. It is shown that a 10-m astronomical telescope equipped with an adaptive optics system (AO) to correct for atmospheric turbulence using a natural guide star can acquire high resolution images of satellites in low-orbits using a fast shutter and a near-infrared camera even if the telescope is not capable of tracking satellites. With the telescope pointing towards the satellite projected orbit and less than 30 arcsec away from a guide star, multiple images of the satellite are acquired on the detector using the fast shutter. Images can then be shifted and coadded by post processing to increase the satellite signal to noise ratio. Using the Keck telescope typical Strehl ratio and anisoplanatism angle as well as a simple diffusion/reflection model for a satellite 400 km away observed near Zenith at sunset or sunrise, it is expected that such system will produced > 10{sigma} K-band images at a resolution of 10 cm inside a 60 arcsec diameter field of view. If implemented, such camera could deliver the highest resolution satellite images ever acquired from the ground.

  6. ANIR : Atacama Near-Infrared Camera for the 1.0-m miniTAO Telescope

    CERN Document Server

    Konishi, Masahiro; Tateuchi, Ken; Takahashi, Hidenori; Kitagawa, Yutaro; Kato, Natsuko; Sako, Shigeyuki; Uchimoto, Yuka K; Toshikawa, Koji; Ohsawa, Ryou; Yamamuro, Tomoyasu; Asano, Kentaro; Ita, Yoshifusa; Kamizuka, Takafumi; Komugi, Shinya; Koshida, Shintaro; Manabe, Sho; Matsunaga, Noriyuki; Minezaki, Takeo; Morokuma, Tomoki; Nakashima, Asami; Takagi, Toshinobu; Tanabé, Toshihiko; Uchiyama, Mizuho; Aoki, Tsutomu; Doi, Mamoru; Handa, Toshihiro; Kato, Daisuke; Kawara, Kimiaki; Kohno, Kotaro; Miyata, Takashi; Nakamura, Tomohiko; Okada, Kazushi; Soyano, Takao; Tamura, Yoichi; Tanaka, Masuo; Tarusawa, Ken'ichi; Yoshii, Yuzuru


    We have developed a near-infrared camera called ANIR (Atacama Near-InfraRed camera) for the University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory 1.0m telescope (miniTAO) installed at the summit of Cerro Chajnantor (5640 m above sea level) in northern Chile. The camera provides a field of view of 5'.1 $\\times$ 5'.1 with a spatial resolution of 0".298 /pixel in the wavelength range of 0.95 to 2.4 $\\mu$m. Taking advantage of the dry site, the camera is capable of hydrogen Paschen-$\\alpha$ (Pa$\\alpha$, $\\lambda=$1.8751 $\\mu$m in air) narrow-band imaging observations, at which wavelength ground-based observations have been quite difficult due to deep atmospheric absorption mainly from water vapor. We have been successfully obtaining Pa$\\alpha$ images of Galactic objects and nearby galaxies since the first-light observation in 2009 with ANIR. The throughputs at the narrow-band filters ($N1875$, $N191$) including the atmospheric absorption show larger dispersion (~10%) than those at broad-band filters (a few %), indicating that ...

  7. Invited review article: A 10 mK scanning probe microscopy facility. (United States)

    Song, Young Jae; Otte, Alexander F; Shvarts, Vladimir; Zhao, Zuyu; Kuk, Young; Blankenship, Steven R; Band, Alan; Hess, Frank M; Stroscio, Joseph A


    We describe the design, development and performance of a scanning probe microscopy (SPM) facility operating at a base temperature of 10 mK in magnetic fields up to 15 T. The microscope is cooled by a custom designed, fully ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatible dilution refrigerator (DR) and is capable of in situ tip and sample exchange. Subpicometer stability at the tip-sample junction is achieved through three independent vibration isolation stages and careful design of the dilution refrigerator. The system can be connected to, or disconnected from, a network of interconnected auxiliary UHV chambers, which include growth chambers for metal and semiconductor samples, a field-ion microscope for tip characterization, and a fully independent additional quick access low temperature scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and atomic force microscope (AFM) system. To characterize the system, we present the cooling performance of the DR, vibrational, tunneling current, and tip-sample displacement noise measurements. In addition, we show the spectral resolution capabilities with tunneling spectroscopy results obtained on an epitaxial graphene sample resolving the quantum Landau levels in a magnetic field, including the sublevels corresponding to the lifting of the electron spin and valley degeneracies.

  8. A Search for Dark Matter Annihilation with the Whipple 10m Telescope

    CERN Document Server

    Wood, M; Bradbury, S M; Buckley, J H; Byrum, K L; Chow, Y C K; Cui, W; Perez, I de la Calle; Falcone, A D; Fegan, S J; Finley, J P; Grube, J; Hall, J; Hanna, D; Holder, J; Horan, D; Humensky, T B; Kieda, D B; Kildea, J; Konopelko, A; Krawczynski, H; Krennrich, F; Lang, M J; Le Bohec, S; Nagai, T; Ong, R A; Perkins, J S; Pohl, M; Quinn, J; Rose, H J; Sembroski, G H; Vasilev, V V; Wagner, R G; Wakely, S P; Weekes, T C; Weinstein, A


    We present observations of the dwarf galaxies Draco and Ursa Minor, the local group galaxies M32 and M33, and the globular cluster M15 conducted with the Whipple 10m gamma-ray telescope to search for the gamma-ray signature of self-annihilating weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) which may constitute astrophysical dark matter (DM). We review the motivations for selecting these sources based on their unique astrophysical environments and report the results of the data analysis which produced upper limits on excess rate of gamma rays for each source. We consider models for the DM distribution in each source based on the available observational constraints and discuss possible scenarios for the enhancement of the gamma-ray luminosity. Limits on the thermally averaged product of the total self-annihilation cross section and velocity of the WIMP, , are derived using conservative estimates for the magnitude of the astrophysical contribution to the gamma-ray flux. Although these limits do not constrain pred...

  9. Realization of a 10M/100Mbps CMOS monolithic optical receiver (United States)

    Yan, Huangping; Li, Jifang; Cheng, Xiang; Lu, Jing; Huang, Yuanqing; Chen, Chao


    A monolithic optical receiver fabricated in standard 0.5μm CMOS process is presented. The fingered doublephotodetector with structure of P+/N-well and N-well/P-substrate is designed. Some critical characteristics of doublephotodetector are analyzed in detail. At 2.5V reverse voltage, the maximum dark current is 10 pA. The intrinsic cut-off frequency is above 100MHz. The measured and simulated responsivity is 0.04A/W and 0.03A/W at 850nm wavelength, respectively. In the testing of double-photodetector, the minimum and maximum of rise time is 2.67ns and 7.11ns while the minimum and maximum of fall time is 2.67ns and 31.78ns. A Spice model of DPD is established for the compatibledesign of OEIC. In simulation of pre-amplifier circuit, the pass-band gain is approximate 18.8 KΩ. The lower cut-off frequency is 7KHz while the upper cut-off frequency is 700MHz. The simulated eye diagram of OEIC at 100Mbps is featured of clear trace, wide eye-opening and small zero-crossing distortion. The small signal bandwidth of OEIC is about 54MHz. The eye diagram at 50Mbps and 250Mbps has some distortion due to direct current malajustment. In the point-to-point optical interconnection, the transmission bit rate of 72Mbps is achieved. The monolithic optical receiver can be applied in 10M/100Mbps optical data transmission.


    Federal Laboratory Consortium — This device is a specially designed shock tube for testing fabric samples in a controlled environment. The device determines the appropriate types of sensors to be...

  11. Electrical Characterization of Special Purpose Linear Microcircuits. (United States)


    Forced voltage VHS "Hold" step voltage VIH Logic ŕ" input voltage VII, Logic Ŕ" input voltage VIN Input voltage V10 Input offset voltage VIO AW...This measurement is performed similar to (10), but with Vcc = + 15 VDC, VIH = + 10.4 , and K6 energized. 12. Gain Error Drift (F7SW AT) The unipolar

  12. Special Purpose Crew Restraints for Teleoperation (United States)

    Whitmore, Mihriban; Holden, Kritina; Norris, Lena


    With permanent human presence onboard the International Space Station (ISS), and long duration space missions being planned for the moon and Mars, humans will be living and working in microgravity over increasingly long periods of time. In addition to weightlessness, the confined nature of a spacecraft environment results in ergonomic challenges such as limited visibility, and access to the activity area. These challenges can result in prolonged periods of unnatural postures for the crew, ultimately causing pain, injury, and loss of productivity. Determining the right set of human factors requirements and providing an ergonomically designed environment is crucial to mission success. While a number of general purpose restraints have been used on ISS (handrails, foot loops), experience has shown that these general purpose restraints may not be optimal, or even acceptable for some tasks that have unique requirements. For example, some onboard activities require extreme stability (e.g., glovebox microsurgery), and others involve the use of arm, torso and foot movements in order to perform the task (e-g. robotic teleoperation); standard restraint systems will not work in these situations. The Usability Testing and Analysis Facility (WAF) at the NASA Johnson Space Center began evaluations of crew restraints for these special situations by looking at NASAs Robonaut. Developed by the Robot Systems Technology Branch, Robonaut is a humanoid robot that can be remotely operated through a tetepresence control system by an operator. It was designed to perform work in hazardous environments (e.g., Extra Vehicular Activities). A Robonaut restraint was designed, modeled for the population, and ultimately tested onboard the KC-135 microgravity aircraft. While in microgravity, participants were asked to get in and out of the restraint from different locations, perform maximum reach exercises, and finally to teleoperate Robonaut while in the restraint. The sessions were videotaped, and participants completed a questionnaire at the end of each flight day. Results from this evaluation are being used to develop the human factors design requirements for teleoperation tasks in microgravity.

  13. 论英语语料库辅助下的学科专业英语(ESP)教学%Corpus-Assisted Teaching of English for Special Purpose (ESP)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    ESP教学是目前全球英语教学的发展趋势,虽然它对语言和学科专业内容都有一定的要求,但更侧重于应用语言学的研究范畴。我国的ESP课程仍旧需要由英语教师来承担主要教学任务。为了突破学科制约的瓶颈,ESP教师应利用多种英语语料库,参照现有的语料库辅助教学实践,结合具体专业学科内容,在课堂活动设计和专业英语教材编写等方面适当引入语料库数据,兼顾专业英语的国际化和本土化特色,以帮助学习者在真实语料信息中获取更专业的知识,与国际学术前沿快速接轨。%English for Special Purpose (ESP), as an international trend, is part of the Applied Linguistics. Thanks to the various English corpora, teachers are able to retrieve plenty of authentic language data of technical terms, sentence patterns, and some other distinctive features concerned with a certain profes sion. So long as the corpora remain conveniently accessible, teaching English for Special Purpose can be technically assisted for the benefit of both learners language skills and professional performance.

  14. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Wake Island, West Central Pacific. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard R/V...

  15. Slope 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Agrihan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA Ship Hiialaka'i and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of...

  16. Slope grid derived from 10m gridded bathymetry of Alamagan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA Ship Hiialaka'i and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of...

  17. Slope 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Asuncion Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry collected aboard NOAA Ship Hiialaka'i and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of change...

  18. Slope 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Supply Reef, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA Ship Hiialaka'i and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of...

  19. Slope 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Maug Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA Ship Hiialaka'i and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of...

  20. Slope 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Pagan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA Ship Hiialaka'i and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of...

  1. Slope 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Guguan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA Ship Hiialaka'i and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of...

  2. Slope 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Sarigan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA Ship Hiialaka'i and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of...

  3. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Wake Island, West Central Pacific. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry,...

  4. Adductor Canal Block With 10 mL Versus 30 mL Local Anesthetics and Quadriceps Strength

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jæger, Pia; Koscielniak-Nielsen, Zbigniew J; Hilsted, Karen Lisa;


    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Adductor canal block (ACB) is predominantly a sensory nerve block, but excess volume may spread to the femoral triangle and reduce quadriceps strength. We hypothesized that reducing the local anesthetic volume from 30 to 10 mL may lead to fewer subjects with quadriceps...

  5. Effect of IL-10 mRNA expression in acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity%白细胞介素-10mRNA表达在对乙酰氨基酚所致肝损害中的作用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    田丰; 解莹; 张亚杰


    Objective To investigate the role of interleukin-10( IL-10 ) in acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxic-ity. Methods To establish the model of acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in SD rats. The levels of serum ALT of AAP group and control group were measured by radioimmunoassay. Hepatic tissue samples were taken to evaluate pathological changes by HE staining and the IL-10 mRNA expression was detected by RT-PCR. Results Compared to control group, serum ALT( nKat/L )were progressively increased after acetaminophen administration( P < 0. 01 )in different time periods; Liver pathological damage were progressively exacerbated; The expression of IL-10 mRNA in liver tissue increased significantly( P <0. 01 ),and reached a peak at 12 h. Conclusion IL-10 has a strong inhibitory effect on pro-inflammatory cytokine expression, which may play a protective role in acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity.%目的 探讨白细胞介素-10(IL-10)在AAP肝损害中的作用.方法 应用对乙酰氨基酚(AAP)建立SD大鼠肝损害模型;AAP组和对照组分别测定血清ALT水平,HE染色观察肝脏病理变化,RT-PCR方法检测大鼠肝组织中IL-10 mRNA的表达.结果 AAP组和对照组相比,各时间点血清ALT水平均显著升高(P<0.01);肝脏病理损伤进行性加剧;肝组织IL-10 mRNA表达显著升高(P<0.01),于12 h达高峰.结论 IL-10可能具有抑制促炎因子表达作用,在AAP引起的肝损害中可能起到肝脏保护作用.

  6. English Teaching Reform in Master of Public Health by Introducing English for Special Purpose%基于ESP教学理念开展公共卫生硕士专业英语教学改革

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    黄锟; 陶芳标; 郝加虎; 张腊香; 李佳; 胡传来


    English for Special Purpose (ESP) is a competency-based training mode ,emphasizing on the language application ability matched for vocational capacity .In this article ,we have adopted ESP in the English teaching reform in Master of Public Health (MPH) .Based on the constructivism ,we start from the requirement analysis and establish multimodal approaches ,introducing task-based ap-proach and constructivism-based lexicological strategies ,conducting register analysis and discourse a-nalysis ,focusing on emotional factors and enhancing cooperative learning as well .By this way ,we aim to strengthen spoken and w ritten abilities in M PH ,and promote English applicability and practice in professional work of public health .%专门用途英语(ESP)是以“能力本位”为核心的教学形式,注重与职业能力相匹配的英语使用能力的培养。本文将ESP教学理念引入公共卫生硕士专业英语的教学改革,从学生需求出发,基于建构理论,开展任务型教学,引入多种建构主义词汇学习策略,结合语域分析和语篇分析,同时关注学习中的情感因素,构建多模态英语教学模式,加强合作学习,以提升公共卫生硕士听、说、读、写等技能,增强语言在公共卫生专业工作中的应用性和实践性。

  7. Comparisons of Monthly Mean 10 M Wind Speeds from Satellites and NWP Products Over the Global Ocean (United States)


    Resolution QSCAT SSM/I NOGAPS ERA-40 NCEP Sea Winds instrument on the Quick Scatterometer Special Sensor Microwave/Imager Navy Operational...measurements with 25-point smoothing as described earlier. [25] Within the latitudes spanning the Arctic and Antarctic , no ice mask is applied in order to...ET AL.: 10 M WINDS OVER THE GLOBAL OCEAN D16109 egies that blend two or more of these products to produce improved forcing fields. [53

  8. Utilization of Photo-Cross-Linkable Polymer for Mild Steel Corrosion Inhibition in 1.0 M HCl Medium (United States)

    Baskar, R.; Gopiraman, M.; Kesavan, D.; Subramanian, K.; Gopalakrishnan, S.


    Novel biphenyl-based photo-cross-linkable polymers were synthesized and characterized by nuclear magnetic resonance and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Upon UV irradiation, the polymers were cross-linked even in the absence of photo initiator or sensitizers, and the rate of photo-cross-linking was examined and discussed. The effectiveness of both virgin and cross-linked polymers for corrosion resistance on mild steel in 1.0 M hydrochloric acid medium was investigated, using polarization studies, electrochemical impedance measurements as well as by adsorption isotherm and surface analysis. The results clearly indicated a dramatic increase in the efficiency of inhibition of corrosion on mild steel by the photo-cross-linked polymer as compared to virgin polymers.

  9. Heart rate recovery after the 10-m incremental shuttle walking test in older adults with intellectual disabilities. (United States)

    Oppewal, Alyt; Hilgenkamp, Thessa I M; van Wijck, Ruud; Evenhuis, Heleen M


    Heart rate recovery (HRR) after exercise is an independent predictor for cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. To investigate the usefulness of HRR in cardiorespiratory exercise testing in older adults with intellectual disabilities (ID), the aims of this study were (a) to assess HRR in older adults with ID after the 10-m incremental shuttle walking test (ISWT) and (b) its association with personal characteristics (gender, age, distance walked on the ISWT, level of ID, genetic syndrome causing ID, autism, behavioral problems, and peak heart rate (HRpeak)). HRR was assessed after the 10-m incremental shuttle walking test in 300 older adults (>50 years) with borderline to profound ID. HRR was defined as the change from HRpeak during the ISWT to heart rate measured after 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 min of passive recovery. The largest decrease in heart rate was in the first minute of recovery leveling off toward the fifth minute of recovery. An abnormal HHR (≤12 bpm) was seen in 36.1% of the participants with Down syndrome (DS) and in 30.7% of the participants with ID by other causes. After the fifth minute the heart rates of 69.4% of the participants with DS and of 61.4% of the participants with ID by other causes returned to resting levels. HRpeak and distance walked on the ISWT were positively related to all HRR measures. More severe ID was negatively related and having DS positively related to HRR after 3-5 min of recovery. The other characteristics were not significantly associated to HRR. HRR is a potentially useful outcome measure in cardiorespiratory fitness testing of older adults with ID with a direct, objective, and non-invasive measurement. Further research is needed to identify the relation between HRR and adverse health outcomes in this population.

  10. Identifying Meteor Streams Containing 10-m Bolides in Near-Earth Space and Determining their Temporal Evolution (United States)

    Lai, H.; Russell, C. T.; Wei, H.; Delzanno, G.; Connors, M. G.


    The collision rate of small bodies orbiting the Sun increases with decreasing size. While small bodies in the 10-m class are difficult to detect from Earth, they are relatively easily detected by interplanetary spacecraft with magnetometers. A 10m body need be struck by a body only 20 cm across (traveling at 20 km/s) to be completely disrupted. The solar wind will sweep up the charged nano-scale dust as it flows through the debris forming a magnetic cloud. Because of the large size of the magnetic cloud only a small drop in the solar wind speed is needed to provide the momentum flux required to accelerate the cloud radially from the Sun. The cloud is carried outward and can be detected by any one of several interplanetary spacecraft. This procedure was first utilized on debris co-orbiting with the comet 2201 Oljato as monitored beginning in 1978 by the Pioneer Venus Orbiter and followed up by Venus Express that is still in operation. The meteoroid trail dissipated in just 30 years. We have used ACE, Wind and STEREO to identify a meteor stream co-orbiting with asteroid 138175 whose descending node is aligned with the Sun and the Earth on about April 17 each year. We have followed this trail from 1998 to the present and find that material extends to over 30° in front of the asteroid. It has been a steady producer of collisions over the last 15 years. The period of very close approach of this material to Earth may be over for a while but the material should be accessible by robotic or crewed missions as the orbit of 139175 has only a modest eccentricity and inclination to the ecliptic plane. Matching orbits with it should be similar in difficulty to a Venus flyby mission.

  11. Geometry and stability of BenCm (n=1-10; m=1, 2, ..., to 11-n) clusters. (United States)

    Ghouri, Mohammed M; Yareeda, Lakshmi; Mainardi, Daniela S


    Density functional theory B3PW91/6-31+G* calculations on BenCm (n=1-10; m=1, 2, ..., to 11-n) clusters have been carried out to examine the effect of cluster size, relative composition, binding energy per atom, HOMO-LUMO gap, vertical ionization potential, and electron affinity on their relative stabilities. The most stable planar cyclic conformations of these clusters always show at least a set of two carbon atoms between two beryllium atoms, while structures where beryllium atoms cluster together, or allow the intercalation of one carbon atom between two of them, generally seem to be the least stable ones. Clusters containing 1, 2, and 3 beryllium atoms (Be2C8, Be3C6, Be2C6, BeC6, Be2C4, BeC4, Be2C2, and BeC2) are identified as clusters of "magic numbers" in terms of their high binding energy per atom, high HOMO-LUMO gap, vertical ionization potential, and second difference in energy per beryllium atom.

  12. HST Luminosity Functions of the Globular Clusters M10, M22, and M55. A comparison with other clusters

    CERN Document Server

    Piotto, G


    From a combination of deep Hubble Space Telescope V and I images with groundbased images in the same bands, we have obtained color-magnitude diagrams of M10, M22, and M55, extending from just above the hydrogen burning limit to the tip of the red giant branch, down to the white dwarf cooling sequence. We have used the color-magnitude arrays to extract main sequence luminosity functions (LFs) from the turnoff to about 0.13 solar masses. The LFs of M10 is significantly steeper than that for the other two clusters. The difference cannot be due to a difference in metallicity. A comparison with the LFs from Piotto, Cool, and King (1997), shows a large spread in the LF slopes. This spread is also present in the local mass functions (MFs) obtained from the observed LFs using different theoretical mass--luminosity relations. The dispersion in the MF slopes remains also after removing the mass segregation effects by using multimass King-Michie models. The globular cluster MF slopes are also flatter than the MF slope o...

  13. High-cycle fatigue of 10M Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloy in reversed mechanical loading (United States)

    Aaltio, I.; Soroka, A.; Ge, Y.; Söderberg, O.; Hannula, S.-P.


    Application of Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloys in magnetic-field-induced actuation relies on their performance in long-term high-cycle fatigue. In this paper the performance and changes in the microstructure of a Ni-Mn-Ga 10M martensite single crystal material are reported in a long-term mechanically induced shape change cycling. The longest test was run for 2 × 109 cycles at a frequency of 250 Hz and a strain amplitude of ± 1%. After the test a clear increase of the dynamic stiffness of the material was detected. Three specimens out of ten were cycled until fracture occurred and their fracture mechanism was studied. It was observed that the macroscopic crack growth took place roughly at a 45° angle with respect to the loading direction that was along the lang100rang crystallographic direction of the sample. The macroscopic fracture plane seemed to correspond roughly to the {111} crystal planes. On a microscopic scale the fracture propagated in a step-like manner at least partly along crystallographic planes. The steps at the fracture plane correspond to the {101} twin planes, with the height of steps along the lang101rang direction. The final fracture of the samples occurred in a brittle manner after the critical stress was exceeded.

  14. Ionization energies of niobium carbide clusters Nb(n)C(m) (n = 3-10, m = 0-7). (United States)

    Fukushima, Naoya; Miyajima, Ken; Mafuné, Fumitaka


    We prepared niobium carbide clusters, Nb(n)C(m), in the gas phase by a double laser ablation technique. A photoionization efficiency was measured as a function of the wavelength of an ionization laser to determine ionization energies (E(i)'s) of Nb(n)C(m) (n = 3-10, m = 0-7). The E(i)'s of Nb(4)C(4) and Nb(5)C(3) are found to be the lowest in the clusters studied. When the experimental E(i)'s are compared with the E(i)'s estimated by the density functional calculation previously reported (Harris, H.; Dance, I. J. Phys. Chem. A 2001, 105, 3340-3358), we determined Nb(5)C(3) to have a similar 2 x 2 x 2 cubic structure as Nb(4)C(4). We also found that the E(i)'s of carbon-rich clusters, Nb(n)C(m) (n 5 eV) than the E(i)'s of the niobium-rich clusters. The high E(i)'s are due to the structure of the carbon-rich clusters: carbon-carbon bonding is preferred when the number of carbon atoms exceeds the number of metal atoms. The structure was also discussed in relation to the reactivity of cluster ions with a hydrogen molecule.

  15. The search for short-term flares in extended VHE Crab Nebula observations with the Whipple 10m telescope

    CERN Document Server

    de Bhroithe, Anna O'Faolain


    In 1989, the Whipple 10m telescope achieved the first indisputable detection of a TeV gamma-ray source, the Crab Nebula. Until its decommissioning in 2011, the Whipple telescope took regular measurements of the nebula. With the recent discovery of GeV gamma-ray flaring activity in the Crab Nebula, it is an opportune time to return to the Whipple telescope data set and search its extensive archive for evidence of TeV flares. A data set on the Crab Nebula spanning ten years, 2000 - 2010, is compiled and searched for day-scale flaring activity using a Bayesian-block binning algorithm. No evidence for significant flaring activity is found. Monte Carlo simulations show that low levels of flux increase on short timescales are difficult to detect. Assuming a flare duration of seven days, 99% confidence level upper limits are calculated for the possible frequency of five-fold, two-fold and 1.5-fold flares in the data set. An upper limit of 0.02 flares per year is found for the five-fold flare, and a limit of 0.27 fla...

  16. Search for the CO-dark Mass in the Central Molecular Zone by using the ASTE 10-m Telescope (United States)

    Tanaka, Kunihiko


    Atomic carbon (C0) is one of the most abundant carbon-bearing species in the interstellar molecular gas, and its submillimeter lines are good tracers of low-density molecular clouds which are often dark in CO rotational lines. We present a new map of the central 150 pc region of the Milky Way in the 500 GHz [CI] line, which has been recently obtained with the ASTE 10-m telescope. The [CI] emission is brightest toward the central 5-pc region, where massive GMCs are absent. This [CI]-bright region is approximately centered toward Sgr A*, covering the entire circum-nuclear ring (CND) and the western part of the 50-km/s cloud. The C0/CO abundance ratio is 0.5-2 there, and the highest ratio is observed toward the CND but just outside of the 2-pc ring of dense gas. This discovery may suggest that the CO-dark component occupies a significant fraction of the molecular gas in the circumnuclear region.

  17. 不同固体滴灌专用肥在膜下滴灌棉花上的应用效果%Effects of Different Solid Drip-irrigation Special-purpose Fertilizer Applied to Cotton in Plastic Mulched / Drip Irrigated System

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王军; 关新元; 陈云; 李永生; 贾新峰; 王爱云; 张海军; 李炎明; 刘萍


    [目的]探讨膜下滴灌条件下不同固体滴灌专用肥的施用效果.[方法]在新疆生态条件下,选用高产棉花品系293和710为试材,采用田间小区对比试验,分析不同滴灌专用肥对棉花生物学性状、干物质累积与分配及产量的影响.[结果]不同滴灌专用肥均能明显提高棉花产量;同时,滴灌专用肥可明显增强棉花的生物学性状,增加棉株总干物质累积量及生殖器官干物质累积量.不同品种对滴灌专用肥的响应不同,293对有机肥、生物肥反应敏感,710对有机肥、无机肥反应较敏感.[结论]依据不同品种对滴灌专用肥的响应,通过协调关键栽培技术调控棉花生长,进而调节棉株干物质累积与分配,对实现新疆棉花超高产、高效具有重要意义.%[Objective] The effects of different solid drip-irrigation special-purpose fertilizer application were studied. [Method] A field experiment was conducted with different types and rates of fertilizer application and cultivars in Xinjiang. The effects of different solid drip-irrigation special-purpose fertilizer on biological characteristics, dry matter accumulation and partitioning and yield of cotton were studied. [ Result] Drip-irrigation special-purpose fertilizer could increase the yield of the cotton compared with the control. Moreover, it could enhance the biological characteristics and increase the dry matter of plant and reproductive organs, respectively. Additional, different cultivars had different effects in response of drip-irrigation special-purpose fertilizer. The cultivar of 293 was sensitive to organic fertilizer and bio-fertilizer, and the cultivar of 710 was sensitive to organic and inorganic fertilizer. [ Conclusion] According to the response of cotton cultivars to drip-irrigation special-purpose fertilizer, the accumulation and partitioning of dry matter should be regulated by using effective cultivation technique. It was meaningful for realizing the high

  18. Water Bodies’ Mapping from Sentinel-2 Imagery with Modified Normalized Difference Water Index at 10-m Spatial Resolution Produced by Sharpening the SWIR Band

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yun Du


    Full Text Available Monitoring open water bodies accurately is an important and basic application in remote sensing. Various water body mapping approaches have been developed to extract water bodies from multispectral images. The method based on the spectral water index, especially the Modified Normalized Difference Water Index (MDNWI calculated from the green and Shortwave-Infrared (SWIR bands, is one of the most popular methods. The recently launched Sentinel-2 satellite can provide fine spatial resolution multispectral images. This new dataset is potentially of important significance for regional water bodies’ mapping, due to its free access and frequent revisit capabilities. It is noted that the green and SWIR bands of Sentinel-2 have different spatial resolutions of 10 m and 20 m, respectively. Straightforwardly, MNDWI can be produced from Sentinel-2 at the spatial resolution of 20 m, by upscaling the 10-m green band to 20 m correspondingly. This scheme, however, wastes the detailed information available at the 10-m resolution. In this paper, to take full advantage of the 10-m information provided by Sentinel-2 images, a novel 10-m spatial resolution MNDWI is produced from Sentinel-2 images by downscaling the 20-m resolution SWIR band to 10 m based on pan-sharpening. Four popular pan-sharpening algorithms, including Principle Component Analysis (PCA, Intensity Hue Saturation (IHS, High Pass Filter (HPF and À Trous Wavelet Transform (ATWT, were applied in this study. The performance of the proposed method was assessed experimentally using a Sentinel-2 image located at the Venice coastland. In the experiment, six water indexes, including 10-m NDWI, 20-m MNDWI and 10-m MNDWI, produced by four pan-sharpening algorithms, were compared. Three levels of results, including the sharpened images, the produced MNDWI images and the finally mapped water bodies, were analysed quantitatively. The results showed that MNDWI can enhance water bodies and suppressbuilt

  19. HST luminosity functions of the globular clusters M10, M22, and M55. A comparison with other clusters (United States)

    Piotto, G.; Zoccali, M.


    From a combination of deep Hubble Space Telescope V and I images with groundbased images in the same bands, we have obtained color-magnitude diagrams of M10, M22, and M55, extending from just above the hydrogen burning limit to the tip of the red giant branch, down to the white dwarf cooling sequence. We have used the color-magnitude arrays to extract main sequence luminosity functions (LFs) from the turnoff to m ~ 0.13m_sun. The LFs of M10 is significantly steeper than that for the other two clusters. The difference cannot be due to a difference in metallicity. A comparison with the LFs from Piotto et al. (1997), shows a large spread in the LF slopes. This spread is also present in the local mass functions (MFs) obtained from the observed LFs using different theoretical mass-luminosity relations. The dispersion in the MF slopes remains also after removing the mass segregation effects by using multimass King-Michie models. The globular cluster MF slopes are also flatter than the MF slope of the field stars and of the Galactic clusters in the same mass interval. We interpret the MF slope dispersion and the MF flatness as an evidence of dynamical evolution which makes the present day globular cluster stellar MFs different from the initial MFs. The slopes of the present day MFs exclude that the low mass star can be dynamically relevant for the Galactic globular clusters. Based on HST observations retrieved from the ESO ST-ECF Archive, and on observations made at the European Southern Observatory, La Silla, Chile, and at the JKT telescope at La Palma, Islas Canarias.

  20. Upgrade of a 30 kV/10 mA anode power supply for triode type gyrotron

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Siravo, Ugo, E-mail:; Alberti, Stefano; Dubray, Jérémie; Fasel, Damien; Hogge, Jean-Philippe; Marlétaz, Blaise; Marmillod, Philippe; Perez, Albert; Silva, Miguel


    Highlights: • Triode type gyrotron is fed by 3 power supplies: the main, an anode PS(APS) and a heater. • This paper presents the upgrade of 3APS, supplied in 1999, that never fulfilled the specs. • The new working principle is very efficient, easy to implement, for a minimal cost. • Upgraded APS provides extended modulation capabilities, no overshoot and lowerripple. • This upgrade will allow exploring new operation regimes for the 3 TCV X3 gyrotrons. - The RF power of a gyrotron with a triode type magnetron-injection-gun (MIG) can be directly controlled via the voltage applied between its anode and its cathode. Hence, the performance of this type of gyrotron relies directly on the possibilities offered by the power supply controlling the anode to cathode voltage. For a system of gyrotrons connected to the same main high-voltage power supply, with a triode MIG one has the additional advantage of independently controlling each individual gyrotron. This paper presents the modifications brought to the three existing 30 kV/10 mA anode power supplies connected to the 500 kW/118 GHz/2s X3 gyrotrons operated on the TCV Tokamak. The new working principle based on phase-shift modulation (PSM) is described in detail. Experimental results obtained on dummy load are compared to simulations performed during the design phase. With respect to the initial working principle, the modulation frequency capability has been increased by a factor 10 reaching more than 5 kHz, whereas the output voltage ripple as well as the overshoot/undershoot have been significantly reduced.

  1. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Sarigan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA...

  2. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Agrihan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA...

  3. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Farallon de Pajaros (Uracas) Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA...

  4. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Guguan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA...

  5. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Asuncion Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry collected aboard NOAA...

  6. Mosaic of 10 m gridded multibeam bathymetry and bathymetry derived from multispectral IKONOS satellite imagery of Maug Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Gridded multibeam bathymetry is integrated with bathymetry derived from multpectral IKONOS satellite data. Gridded (5m and 10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry...

  7. Mosaic of 10 m gridded multibeam bathymetry and bathymetry derived from multispectral IKONOS satellite imagery of Asuncion Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Gridded multibeam bathymetry is integrated with bathymetry derived from multpectral IKONOS satellite data. Gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry collected...

  8. Mosaic of 10 m gridded multibeam bathymetry and bathymetry derived from multispectral IKONOS satellite imagery of Alamagan Island, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Gridded multibeam bathymetry is integrated with bathymetry derived from multispectral IKONOS satellite data. Gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry collected...

  9. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Pagan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry,...

  10. Slope 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Farallon de Pajaros (Uracas) Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Slope is derived from gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA Ship Hiialaka'i and R/V AHI. Cell values reflect the maximum rate of...

  11. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Pagan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA...

  12. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Guguan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry,...

  13. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Asuncion Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry...

  14. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Supply Reef, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry,...

  15. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Farallon de Pajaros (Uracas) Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry,...

  16. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Sarigan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry,...

  17. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Alamagan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry,...

  18. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Agrihan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry,...

  19. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Maug Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA...

  20. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Supply Reef, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA...

  1. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Zones 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Alamagan Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Zones are derived from a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry, collected aboard NOAA...

  2. Bathymetric Position Index (BPI) Structures 10 m grid derived from gridded bathymetry of Maug Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), USA. (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — BPI Structures are derived from two scales of a focal mean analysis on bathymetry and slope. The grid is based on gridded (10 m cell size) multibeam bathymetry,...

  3. An Overall Analysis of Various Segments of Special Purpose Vehicles Markets%近10年我国商用车、专用汽车、自卸车、半挂车及主要细分市场态势及关联度简析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This article conducted a thorough analysis of ten years’ sales data of commercial vehicles, tippers, semi-tractor and other main segments of special purpose vehicles, based on which a comparative analysis was made. In addition, it also made a brief analysis of future development trend. In fact, this analysis does not focus on the development trend of individual model, instead, it is trying to make conclusions through analysis among different models, and to ifnd out necessary connections in between and the similar and different factors as well.

  4. Discuss the administration pattern of special purpose cosmetics difference and strategy between China and foreign counties from medication regulatory administration angle of view%从药品监管职能视角探讨国内外特殊用途化妆品监管模式差异性及对策

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐昊; 王子寿; 何韦静; 谢婷


    Objective Discuss the administration pattern of special purpose cosmetics between China and foreign countries from medication regulatory administration angle of view, and provide advice and strategies to complete the special purpose cosmetics administration in China. Methods According to literature and investigation, analysis andgeneralize the difference of special purpose cosmetics regulatory administration pattern between China and America, Japan, EU. Results There are unities in making law and regulation about cosmetics administration and regulation department defining responsibility both in China and foreign countries. There are differences in definition, classification, material controlling, publicity, label management and post marketing administration. Conclusions Draw on the experience of abroad cosmetics administration pattern and management experience, make further efforts to complete the Special purpose cosmetics regulation, strengthen managing material, publicity, label and post marketing administration scientifically with the actual situation of cosmetics development in China to promote Chinese cosmetics industry’s sustainable development.%目的:从药品监管职能视角探讨国内外特殊用途化妆品监管模式,提出我国完善特殊化妆品监管的建议和对策。方法:通过文献与调研,分析、归纳中国、美国、日本和欧盟的特殊化妆品监管模式的差异性。结果:国内外在化妆品监管的法律、法规制定和监管部门确定与职责方面具有同一性,定义及分类、原料管理、宣传、标识管理和上市后监管等方面存在差异性。结论:借鉴国外化妆品监管模式及管理经验,结合我国化妆品发展的国情与实际,进一步完善特殊用途化妆品的规章制度,强化原料,宣传、标识和上市后监管等方面的科学管理,以促进我国化妆品行业的可持续发展。

  5. Portraits of Non-Tree Families

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Balgooy, van M.M.J.


    This is the third and final volume of the series ‘Malesian Seed Plants’. It contains the ‘portraits’ of 124 non-tree families, i.e. families which are mainly herbaceous, climbing, shrubby, or trees with a stem diameter at breast height of less than 10 cm or a height of less than 10 m. Users of the p

  6. Effects of different doses of acitretin on FGF10 mRNA transcription and its protein translation in HaCaT cells

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YU Chun-shui; TAN Sheng-shun; SUI Wei-chi; XI Yan-ping


    Objective:To observe the effects of different doses of acitretin on the transcription of FGF10 mRNA and the translation of FGF10 protein in cultured HaCaT cells. Methods: HaCaT cells were treated with different doses of acitretin for 48 h, then the changes on the transcription of FGF10 mRNA and the translation of FGF10 protein in these cells were detected by immunofluorescence and in situ hybridization assay. Results: Compared with the control group, the transcription of FGF10 mRNA and the translation of FGF10 protein were gradually decreased along with the increasing dose of acitretin. There were significant differences between different groups (P<0.01). Conclusion: Acitretin could inhibit the transcription of FGF10 mRNA and the translation of FGF10 protein in HaCaT cells. With the dose of acitretin increased, the stains of both FGF10 mRNA and FGF10 protein in HaCaT cells are reduced.

  7. Speakeasy: Vietnamese Translation Manual. English for Special Purposes: Nursing Aide. (United States)

    Phan, Van-Tanh

    This Vietnamese translation manual for nursing aides is designed to improve speaking skills of U.S. immigrants. Each section contains previews in Vietnamese as well as exercises and dialog situations that include English translations. Sections on introductions, time, meals, parts of the body, clothing and common articles, telephone situations,…

  8. 7 CFR 932.155 - Special purpose shipments. (United States)


    ... Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture (Continued) AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Marketing... § 932.55(b), packaged olives to be used in marketing development projects may be handled without regard...; (5) Type of olives used, either black or green ripe; (6) Container sizes; (7) Varieties used,...

  9. Special-Purpose High-Torque Permanent-Magnet Motors (United States)

    Doane, George B., III


    Permanent-magnet brushless motors that must provide high commanded torques and satisfy unusual heat-removal requirement are developed. Intended for use as thrust-vector-control actuators in large rocket engines. Techniques and concepts used to design improved motors for special terrestrial applications. Conceptual motor design calls for use of rotor containing latest high-energy-product rare-earth permanent magnets so that motor produces required torque while drawing smallest possible currents from power supply. Torque generated by electromagnetic interaction between stator and permanent magnets in rotor when associated electronic circuits applied appropriately temporally and spatially phased currents to stator windings. Phase relationships needed to produce commanded torque computed in response to torque command and to electronically sensed angular position of rotor relative to stator.

  10. 7 CFR 906.42 - Shipments for special purposes. (United States)


    ... LOWER RIO GRANDE VALLEY IN TEXAS Order Regulating Handling Regulation § 906.42 Shipments for special... combination thereof, in order to facilitate the handling of fruit: (a) For relief or for charity; (b)...

  11. 7 CFR 924.54 - Special purpose shipments. (United States)


    ... COUNTIES IN WASHINGTON AND IN UMATILLA COUNTY, OREGON Order Regulating Handling Regulations § 924.54... shipments to facilitate the conduct of marketing research and development projects established pursuant...

  12. 7 CFR 929.60 - Handling for special purposes. (United States)


    ... LONG ISLAND IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK Order Regulating Handling Reports and Records § 929.60 Handling... facilitate handling of excess cranberries for the following purposes: (a) Charitable institutions;...

  13. 7 CFR 920.54 - Special purpose shipments. (United States)


    ... Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture (Continued) AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Marketing Agreements and Orders; Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE KIWIFRUIT GROWN IN CALIFORNIA... (including shipments to facilitate the conduct of marketing research and development projects); or, (3)...

  14. Teaching Russian for special purposes in Italy. Some reflections about the book E. Cadorin, I. Kukushkina, Il russo tecnico-scientifico (Hoepli, Milano 2011, pp. 269 Riflessioni sull’insegnamento delle microlingue del russo. A proposito del volume di E. Cadorin, I. Kukushkina, Il russo tecnico-scientifico (Hoepli, Milano 2011, pp. 269

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Chiara Ferro


    Full Text Available The essay deals with the problems involved in teaching Russian as a foreign language in Italian Universities, in order to bring university courses into line with market demands in a globalized world.Over the last twenty years educated youngsters looking for jobs in commerce, law or tourism, have been required to have a series of skills, both in the linguistic and technical fields, that they can rarely achieve during academic lessons.The book by E. Cadorin and I. Kukushkina offers a great deal of original material intended for specialised advanced Russian language courses in the fields of natural sciences, technology, commerce, and so on. Appreciation of the book has stimulated reflections on wider questions related to “when, how and where?” Russian for special purposes should be taught in our universities.The essay deals with the problems involved in teaching Russian as a foreign language in Italian Universities, in order to bring university courses into line with market demands in a globalized world. Over the last twenty years educated youngsters looking for jobs in commerce, law or tourism, have been required to have a series of skills, both in the linguistic and technical fields, that they can rarely achieve during academic lessons. The book by E. Cadorin and I. Kukushkina offers a great deal of original material intended for specialised advanced Russian language courses in the fields of natural sciences, technology, commerce, and so on. Appreciation of the book has stimulated reflections on wider questions related to “when, how and where?” Russian for special purposes should be taught in our universities.

  15. Family Life (United States)

    ... With Family and Friends > Family Life Request Permissions Family Life Approved by the Cancer.Net Editorial Board , ... your outlook on the future. Friends and adult family members The effects of cancer on your relationships ...

  16. Dissolved families

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christoffersen, Mogens

    The situation in the family preceding a family separation is studied here, to identify risk factors for family dissolution. Information registers covering prospective statistics about health aspects, demographic variables, family violence, self-destructive behaviour, unemployment, and the spousal...

  17. Review of selected coil and collared-coil assembly data from 10-M-long, 50-MM-Twin-aperture LHC dipole magnet prototypes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Devred, A


    In 1991, the Laboratoire Europeen pour la Physique des Particules (CERN) has launched the fabrication in industry of seven 10 m long, 50 mm twin aperture dipole magnet prototypes for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The design and specific features of these magnets have been described elsewhere. In this paper, we review some of the coil and collared-coil assembly data and we analyze the influence of tooling imperfections on magnet assembly. (author)

  18. Investigation on High Performance of 10m Semi Anechoic Chamber by using Open-Top Hollow Pyramidal Hybrid EM Wave Absorber (United States)

    Kurihara, Hiroshi; Saito, Toshifumi; Suzuki, Yoshikazu; Nishikata, Atsuhiro; Hashimoto, Osamu

    The emission radiated from electric and electronic equipments is evaluated through OATS. Recently, it is not fully prepared the environment for OATS because of a variety of communication radiation sources (e.g., digital television broadcast and cellular phone station). Therefore, the EM anechoic chambers are becoming more and more important as EMI test site. On the other hand, the EM anechoic chambers are needed high performance in order to cut down EMI countermeasure cost and calculate the antenna factor. The objective of this paper is mainly to present the EM wave absorber design in order to obtain within ±2dB against the theoretical site attenuation values in the 10m semi anechoic chamber at 30MHz to 300MHz. We get the necessary reflectivity of EM wave absorber by the basic site attenuation equation. We design the open-top hollow pyramidal new hybrid EM wave absorber consisted of 180cm long dielectric loss foam and ferrite tiles. Then, we design the 10m semi anechoic chamber by using the ray-tracing simulation and construct it in the size of L24m×W15.2m×H11.2m. More over, we measure the site attenuation of the constructed 10m semi anechoic chamber by using the broadband calculable dipole antennas. As the result, we confirm the validity of the designed open-top hollow pyramidal new hybrid EM wave absorber.

  19. Effect of ultraviolet ray on expression of IL6 and IL10mRNA in peripheral blood monocytes of systemic lupus erythematosus cases%紫外线对SLE白介素-6和白介素-10mRNA表达的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐文英; 郭庆


    目的 探讨紫外线对系统性红斑狼疮(SLE)患者外周血单个核细胞(PBMC)表达白介素-6(IL-6)、白介素-10(IL-10)mRNA的影响.方法 提取SLE患者及健康对照的PBMC,用不同剂量311nm窄谱中波紫外线(NB-UVB)照射,以实时荧光相对定量聚合酶链反应分析照射前后PBMC IL-6、IL-10mRNA的相对表达.结果 SLE患者中狼疮肾炎(LN)患者PBMC高表达IL-6、IL-10mRNA,与非狼疮肾炎(非LN)患者及正常人差异很大,分别是正常人的(105.44±112.94)倍和(1.82±3.41)倍、(28.41±21.14)倍和(1.17±1.43)倍,其中狼疮肾炎(LN)患者PBMC高表达IL-6、IL-10 mRNA,且与临床中24h尿蛋白定量高度相关(r=0.82,0.87,P<0.05),而非狼疮肾炎系统性红斑狼疮患者与正常人相比,差异无统计学意义(t'=0.43,0.87,P>0.05);在紫外线照射后LN患者PBMC IL-6、IL-10mRNA的表达有升高也有降低,升高组SLE疾病活动指数、抗SSA抗体阳性率以及光敏性发生率明显高于降低组.结论 紫外线可改变SLE患者PBMC表达IL-6、IL-10mRNA,紫外线可能通过此途径影响SLE病情.%Objective To observe the impact of ultraviolet ray on the expression of IL-6, IL-10mRNA of peripheral blood monocytes (PBMC)from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Cases. Methods PBMC were isolated from SLE patients and healthy controls .Then they were irradiated with 311 nm narrow band-ultraviolet ray (NB-UVB)in various dbsages.IL-6,IL-10mRNA expression was measured by real-time quantitative PCR. Results The expression of IL-6, IL-10mRNA in SLE patient was very different. IL-6,IL-10mRNA were highly expressed in PBMC from lupus nephritis (LN),and its expression was highly related with 24-hour urinary protein quantitative (r=0.82,0.87,P0.05). The expression of IL-6,IL-10mRNA in LN could increase or decrease after exposured to ultraviolet ray. But the anti-SSA antibody positive rate, systemic lupus erythematosus activity index (SLEDAI)and photosensitivity in exopression -elevated group

  20. DNA synthesis and microtubule assembly-related events in fertilized Paracentrotus lividus eggs: reversible inhibition by 10 mM procaine. (United States)

    Raymond, M N; Foucault, G; Coffe, G; Pudles, J


    This report describes the effects of 10 mM procaine on microtubule assembly and on DNA synthesis, as followed by [3H]colchicine binding assays and [3H]thymidine incorporation respectively, in fertilized Paracentrotus lividus eggs. In the absence of microtubule assembly inhibitors, about 25% of the total egg tubulin is submitted to two cycles of polymerization prior to the first cell division, this polymerization process precedes DNA synthesis. If the zygotes are treated with 10 mM procaine in the course of the cell cycle, tubulin polymerization is inhibited or microtubules are disassembled. DNA synthesis is inhibited when procaine treatment is performed 10 min, before the initiation of the S-period. However, when the drug is applied in the course of this synthetic period, the process is normally accomplished, but the next S-period becomes inhibited. Moreover, procaine treatment increases the cytoplasmic pH of the fertilized eggs by about 0.6 to 0.8 pH units. This pH increase precedes microtubule disassembly and inhibition of DNA synthesis. Washing out the drug induces a decrease of the intracellular pH which returns to about the same value as that of the fertilized egg controls. This pH change is then followed by the reinitiation of microtubule assembly, DNA synthesis and cell division. Our results show that the inhibition of both tubulin polymerization and DNA synthesis in fertilized eggs treated with 10 mM procaine, appears to be related to the drug-induced increase in cytoplasmic pH.

  1. Synergism between rare earth cerium(IV) ion and vanillin on the corrosion of cold rolled steel in 1.0 M HCl solution

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Li Xianghong [Department of Fundamental Courses, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming 650224 (China)], E-mail:; Deng Shuduan [Department of Wood Science and Technology, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming 650224 (China); Fu Hui [Department of Fundamental Courses, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming 650224 (China); Mu Guannan [Department of Chemistry, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091 (China)


    The synergism between rare earth cerium(IV) ion and vanillin on the corrosion of cold rolled steel (CRS) in 1.0 M HCl solution was first investigated by weight loss, potentiodynamic polarization, ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer (UV-vis), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and atomic force microscope (AFM). The results revealed that vanillin had a moderate inhibitive effect, and the adsorption of vanillin obeyed the Temkin adsorption isotherm. For rare earth Ce{sup 4+}, it had a negligible effect. However, incorporation of Ce{sup 4+} with vanillin significantly improved the inhibition performance, and produced strong synergistic inhibition effect. Depending on the results, the synergism mechanism was proposed.

  2. Family History (United States)

    Your family history includes health information about you and your close relatives. Families have many factors in common, including their genes, ... as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Having a family member with a disease raises your risk, but ...

  3. Family Disruptions (United States)

    ... Spread the Word Shop AAP Find a Pediatrician Family Life Medical Home Family Dynamics Adoption & Foster Care ... Life Listen Español Text Size Email Print Share Family Disruptions Page Content Article Body No matter how ...

  4. Family Arguments (United States)

    ... Spread the Word Shop AAP Find a Pediatrician Family Life Medical Home Family Dynamics Adoption & Foster Care ... Life Listen Español Text Size Email Print Share Family Arguments Page Content Article Body We seem to ...

  5. Family Therapy (United States)

    ... may be credentialed by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Family therapy is often short term. ... challenging situations in a more effective way. References Marriage and family therapists: The friendly mental health professionals. American Association ...

  6. Family Privilege (United States)

    Seita, John R.


    Family privilege is defined as "strengths and supports gained through primary caring relationships." A generation ago, the typical family included two parents and a bevy of kids living under one roof. Now, every variation of blended caregiving qualifies as family. But over the long arc of human history, a real family was a…

  7. Elucidation of the Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in 1.0 M HCl by Catechin Monomers from Commercial Green Tea Extracts (United States)

    Nofrizal, S.; Rahim, Afidah A.; Saad, Bahruddin; Bothi Raja, P.; Shah, Affaizza M.; Yahya, S.


    The inhibitive action of commercial green tea extracts on mild steel (MS) in a 1.0 M hydrochloric acid solution was investigated by weight loss, potentiodynamic polarization, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). A high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) analysis showed conclusively that of the eight catechin monomers and caffeine found in the original extracts, only four components were responsible for the inhibition of MS. The decreasing adsorption capacity of monomers on MS is related to the stereochemistry of molecules and the number of phenolic groups, and it is as follows: epigallocatechin gallate > epicatechin gallate > epigallocatechin > epicatechin. Adsorption of green tea extract constituent was found to follow Langmuir adsorption isotherm and the calculated Gibb's free energy values indicated the physisorption of inhibitor over MS surface. Physisorption was supported well by the potential zero charge (PZC) and molecular surface energy-level calculations.

  8. Synergistic of a coumarin derivative with potassium iodide on the corrosion inhibition of aluminum alloy in 1.0 M H2SO4 (United States)

    Mohamad, Abu Bakar; Kadhum, Abdul Amir H.; Al-Amiery, Ahmed A.; Ying, Lim Chai; Musa, Ahmed Y.


    Synergistic effects of the addition of KI on the corrosion inhibitive performance of a coumarin derivative on an aluminum alloy in 1.0 M H2SO4 at different temperatures were studied using various electrochemical measurements. Density functional theory was used to calculate the quantum chemical parameters of the coumarin derivative. The experimental results showed that the coumarin derivative is considered as a mixedtype inhibitor. The corrosion potential values were almost unchanged upon the addition of PBBC to the acidic solution. The inhibition efficiency increases with increasing inhibitor concentration and increases further in the presence of 6.02 mM KI but decreases significantly at higher temperature. The adsorption of PBBC obeyed the Langmuir isotherm, and being chemically adsorbed at lower temperatures, while physical adsorption is favoured at higher temperature. The theoretical results indicated that the coumarin derivative was adsorbed onto the surface of Al2024 through the sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen atoms.

  9. 大学生专业英语学习自我效能感的影响因素及培养策略研究%Study on Influencing Factors of Perceived Academic Self-efficacy of College Students' English for Special Purpose and Cultivating Strategy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In recent years, English for special purpose has been attaching more and more importance. So it is quite important for students to improve their ability in this aspect. Self-efficacy is one of the roost important factors that could influence language study. The success in learning ESP, whether proper target and task are set, and whether scientific evaluation is adopted all contribute to the students' self-efficacy. Methods to cultivate and inspire it include helping students to set correct target, trying to make them feel success and give positive feedback, and establishing harmonious relationship between teachers and students.%近年来,随着英语在各行各业应用的不断推广,专业英语的重要性也日益突显出来,对于大学生来说,进一步提高专业英语学习能力就显得尤其重要.自我效能感是影响语言学习的非常重要的情感因素.影响大学生专业英语学习效能感的因素包括学习的成功经验,学习目标与任务的设置是否合理,评价方式是否科学等等.鉴于此,培养和激发大学生专业英语学习自我效能感可以从帮助学生树立正确的学习目标入手,让学生不断体验成功并给予积极的反馈与评价,并建立和谐的师生关系.

  10. Familial gigantism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wouter W. de Herder


    Full Text Available Familial GH-secreting tumors are seen in association with three separate hereditary clinical syndromes: multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1, Carney complex, and familial isolated pituitary adenomas.

  11. Familial dermographism. (United States)

    Jedele, K B; Michels, V V


    Urticaria in response to various physical stimuli has been reported in sporadic and familial patterns. The most common of these physical urticarias, dermographism, is a localized urticarial response to stroking or scratching of the skin and has not been reported previously to be familial. A four-generation family with dermographism, probably inherited as an autosomal dominant trait, is presented along with a discussion of sporadic dermographism and other types of familial physical urticarias.

  12. Extracellular vesicles shed by melanoma cells contain a modified form of H1.0 linker histone and H1.0 mRNA-binding proteins (United States)

    Schiera, Gabriella; Di Liegro, Carlo Maria; Puleo, Veronica; Colletta, Oriana; Fricano, Anna; Cancemi, Patrizia; Di Cara, Gianluca; Di Liegro, Italia


    Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are now recognized as a fundamental way for cell-to-cell horizontal transfer of properties, in both physiological and pathological conditions. Most of EV-mediated cross-talk among cells depend on the exchange of proteins, and nucleic acids, among which mRNAs, and non-coding RNAs such as different species of miRNAs. Cancer cells, in particular, use EVs to discard molecules which could be dangerous to them (for example differentiation-inducing proteins such as histone H1.0, or antitumor drugs), to transfer molecules which, after entering the surrounding cells, are able to transform their phenotype, and even to secrete factors, which allow escaping from immune surveillance. Herein we report that melanoma cells not only secrete EVs which contain a modified form of H1.0 histone, but also transport the corresponding mRNA. Given the already known role in tumorigenesis of some RNA binding proteins (RBPs), we also searched for proteins of this class in EVs. This study revealed the presence in A375 melanoma cells of at least three RBPs, with apparent MW of about 65, 45 and 38 kDa, which are able to bind H1.0 mRNA. Moreover, we purified one of these proteins, which by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry was identified as the already known transcription factor MYEF2. PMID:27633859

  13. Assessing topsoil and bedrock hydrodynamic properties from natural and artificial rainfalls over a 10m2 steep plot in Cevennes area (France) (United States)

    Adamovic, Marko; Bouvier, Christophe; Brunet, Pascal; Ayral, Pierre-Alain


    Flash floods are feature of Mediterranean climate characterized by heavy rainfalls in a few hours. Hydrological processes depend on both the topsoil and bedrock properties, which are still poorly known in the mountainous areas. Thus, special attention was paid to characterize the water fluxes in the shallow near-surface area. This study focuses on a 10-m2plot within a granitic hillslope in Cevennes area. Water content was monitored at several depths (up to 70cm) during both intense artificial and natural rainfall events, in order to study both infiltration and saturation processes in both extreme and normal conditions. Inverse modeling was performed in order to estimate parameters, such as θs, θr, α, n, Ks associated to the Mualem-Van Genuchten formulation, using the HYDRUS-1D software. The deep boundary condition was also calibrated to assess the properties of the deep layers. Although the topsoil depth is rather small (˜40 cm), the water storage during the rainfalls was estimated to be some hundreds millimeters, which largely exceeds the topsoil capacity. It suggests that the weathered area (and maybe the fractured rock area) below the soil, can have an active role in the water storage and sub-surface flow dynamics. Similar parameters were used to perform correct simulations under both artificial and natural rainfalls: thus artificial rainfalls enhance extreme conditions corresponding to flash floods occurrence, and the identified flux patterns are robust in natural conditions.

  14. The 10 m-resolution TINITALY DEM as a trans-disciplinary basis for the analysis of the Italian territory: Current trends and new perspectives (United States)

    Tarquini, Simone; Nannipieri, Luca


    The increasing availability of high resolution digital elevation models (DEMs) is changing our viewpoint towards Earth surface landforms. Nevertheless, large-coverage, intermediate-resolution DEMs are still largely used, and can be the ideal choice in several applications based on the processing of spatially-integrated information. In 2012 the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia opened a website for the free download of the "TINTALY" Digital Elevation Model (DEM), which covers the whole Italian territory. Since then, about 700 users from 28 different countries have been accredited for data download, and a report of 4 years of data dissemination and use is presented. The analysis of the intended use reveals that the 10 m-resolution, seamless TINITALY DEM is of use for an extremely assorted research community. Accredited users are working in virtually any branch of the Earth Sciences (e.g. Volcanology, Seismology, and Geomorphology), in spatially integrated humanities (e.g. History and Archaeology), and in other thematic areas such as in applied Physics and Zoology. Many users are also working in local administrations (e.g. Regions and Municipalities) for civil protection or land use planning purposes. In summary, the documented activity shows that the dissemination of seamless, large coverage elevation datasets can fertilize the technological progress of the whole society providing a significant benefit to stakeholders.

  15. High flux coherent supercontinuum soft X-ray source driven by a single-stage 10 mJ, kHz, Ti:sapphire laser amplifier

    CERN Document Server

    Ding, Chengyuan; Fan, Tingting; Hickstein, Daniel D; Popmintchev, Tenio; Zhang, Xiaoshi; Walls, Mike; Murnane, Margaret M; Kapteyn, Henry C


    We demonstrate the highest flux tabletop source of coherent soft X-rays to date, driven by a single-stage 10 mJ Ti:sapphire regenerative amplifier at 1 kHz. We first down-convert the laser to 1.3 um using a parametric amplifier, before up-converting it to soft X-rays using high harmonic generation in a high-pressure, phase matched, hollow waveguide geometry. The resulting optimally phase matched broadband spectrum extends to 200 eV, with a soft X-ray photon flux of > 10^6 photons/pulse/1% bandwidth at 1 kHz, corresponding to > 10^9 photons/s/1% bandwidth, or approximately a three order-of-magnitude increase compared with past work. Finally, using this broad bandwidth X-ray source, we demonstrate X-ray absorption spectroscopy of multiple elements and transitions in molecules in a single spectrum, with a spectral resolution of 0.25 eV, and with the ability to resolve the near edge fine structure.

  16. A Turnover in the Galaxy Main Sequence of Star Formation at $M_{*} \\sim 10^{10} M_{\\odot}$ for Redshifts $z < 1.3$

    CERN Document Server

    Lee, Nicholas; Casey, Caitlin M; Toft, Sune; Scoville, N Z; Hung, Chao-Ling; Floc'h, Emeric Le; Ilbert, Olivier; Zahid, H Jabran; Aussel, Herve; Capak, Peter; Kartaltepe, Jeyhan S; Kewley, Lisa J; Li, Yanxia; Schawinski, Kevin; Sheth, Kartik; Xiao, Quanbao


    The relationship between galaxy star formation rates (SFR) and stellar masses ($M_\\ast$) is re-examined using a mass-selected sample of $\\sim$62,000 star-forming galaxies at $z \\le 1.3$ in the COSMOS 2-deg$^2$ field. Using new far-infrared photometry from $Herschel$-PACS and SPIRE and $Spitzer$-MIPS 24 $\\mu$m, along with derived infrared luminosities from the NRK method based on galaxies' locations in the restframe color-color diagram $(NUV - r)$ vs. $(r - K)$, we are able to more accurately determine total SFRs for our complete sample. At all redshifts, the relationship between median $SFR$ and $M_\\ast$ follows a power-law at low stellar masses, and flattens to nearly constant SFR at high stellar masses. We describe a new parameterization that provides the best fit to the main sequence and characterizes the low mass power-law slope, turnover mass, and overall scaling. The turnover in the main sequence occurs at a characteristic mass of about $M_{0} \\sim 10^{10} M_{\\odot}$ at all redshifts. The low mass power...

  17. Lightweight Design and Analysis on a 10 m-length Pure Electric Bus%10 m纯电动客车轻量化设计与分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈乐强; 杨彦三; 杨延功; 孙国伟; 刘涛


    For a 10 m-length pure electric bus, the authors make it lightweight design through measures of its local parts using low-density materials, its chassis frame using high-strength materials and its partial skeleton structures taking optimization. Then, they use CAE to analyze the strength for the lightweight designed vehicle framework. The lightweight designed structure can not only meet the strength requirement of the vehicle but also increase the contin-uous travel distance of the vehicle.%通过对某10 m纯电动客车局部采用低密度材料,车架采用高强度材料,部分骨架结构采用优化的方法进行轻量化设计,并采用CAE对轻量化设计后的整车骨架进行强度分析。轻量化设计后的结构,不但能够满足整车的强度要求,而且能够增加车辆的续驶里程。

  18. Study on Breeding of Special Purpose for Oatmeal Pro-cessing Variety Jizhangyan 3-and Its Cultivation Technique%麦片加工专用皮燕麦品种冀张燕3号的选育及配套栽培技术研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周海涛; 杨晓虹; 李天亮; 张新军; 武永祯; 杨才


    [Objective] The study aimed to-introduce the breeding of special purpose for oatmeal processing variety Jizhangyan 3 and its euhivation technique. [Method] Jizhangyan 3 was selected from forty-two oat varieties which were introduced from foreign countries by Zhang, jiakou academy of agricultural sciences. The yield performance and the variety characteristic of Jizhangyan 3 were described and its main eultural techniques were introduced. [Result] The growing period of Jizhangyan 3 was 97.60 days, the thousand kernel weight was 36.63 g, and the rate of producing rice was 76.73%. The content of crude protein and crude lipid was 13.31% and 5.29%, respectively. The highest yield was up to 5 266.95 kg/hm2, and the yield in dry-rice land was 3 753.30 kg/hm2, 33.51% higher than Hongqi 2. [Conclusionl Jizhangyan 3 was suitable to be planted in Bashang of Hebei province and the same ecological areas such as Inner Mongolia and Shanxi province.%【目的】介绍麦片加工专用燕麦品种冀张燕3号的选育及配套栽培技术。【方法】冀张燕3号是张家口市农业科学院从国外引进的42个皮燕麦品种中筛选出的优质麦片加工专用型皮燕麦品种。介绍了该品种的产量表现、品种特征特性和栽培技术要点。[结果】该品种生育期97.60d,千粒重36.63g,出米率为76.73%,粗蛋白含量13.31%,粗脂肪含量5.29%,最高产量可达5266.95kg/hm2,一般旱地种植籽实产量为3753.30kg/hm2,比同类主栽品种红旗2号增产33.51%。【结论】该品种适宜在河北坝上以及周边相同生态类型区的内蒙、山西种植、

  19. Family Polymorphism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ernst, Erik


    safety and flexibility at the level of multi-object systems. We are granted the flexibility of using different families of kinds of objects, and we are guaranteed the safety of the combination. This paper highlights the inability of traditional polymorphism to handle multiple objects, and presents family...... polymorphism as a way to overcome this problem. Family polymorphism has been implemented in the programming language gbeta, a generalized version of Beta, and the source code of this implementation is available under GPL....

  20. My Family

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Everyone has a family.We live in it and feel very warm.There are three persons in my family,my mother,father and I.We live together very happily and there are many interesting stories about my family. My father is a hard-working man.He works as a doctor.He always tries his best to help every,patient and make patients comfortable.But sonetimes he works so hard

  1. Family literacy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sehested, Caroline


    I Projekt familielæsning, der er et samarbejde mellem Nationalt Videncenter for Læsning og Hillerød Bibliotek, arbejder vi med at få kontakt til de familier, som biblioteket ellers aldrig ser som brugere og dermed også de børn, der vokser op i familier, for hvem bøger og oplæsningssituationer ikke...... er en selvfølgelig del af barndommen. Det, vi vil undersøge og ønsker at være med til at udvikle hos disse familier, er det, man kan kalde family literacy....


    Wendt, Lisiane Dilli


    Platystomatidae (Signal Flies) are one of the largest families of Tephritoidea, with about 1200 species and four subfamilies, worldwide distributed. However, Platystomatidae are not well represented in the New World, and in the Neotropical Region only four genera and 26 species, belonging to Platystomatinae, are recorded. The family is a group understudied in Colombia and only one species is recorded to the country.

  3. Family matters

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kieffer-Kristensen, Rikke; Siersma, Volkert Dirk; Teasdale, Thomas William


    OBJECTIVES: To relate illness and family factors to emotional and behavioural problems in school-age children (7–14 years old) of parents with acquired brain injury and their healthy spouses. PARTICIPANTS, MATERIALS/METHODS: Members of 35 families in which a parent had been diagnosed with acquired...... brain injury participated. Family and brain injury characteristics were reported by the ill and healthy parents. Children self-reported post-traumatic stress symptoms (PSS) using the Child Impact of Events revised (CRIES). Emotional and behavioural problems among the children were also identified...... by the parents using the Achenbach’s Child Behaviour Checklist (CBCL). RESULTS: The family stress variables relating to the healthy spouse in all six comparisons were significant (p

  4. Small Families (United States)

    ... neighborhood activity centers also can fulfill these needs. Even if your relatives are scattered, try to strengthen your child's sense of family by keeping in touch by phone and letters. Encourage your child to draw pictures for relatives, ...

  5. Familial hypercholesterolemia (United States)

    ... hypercholesterolemia or early heart attacks High level of LDL cholesterol in either or both parents People from families ... called fibroblasts to see how the body absorbs LDL cholesterol Genetic test for the defect associated with this ...

  6. Family Structure and Family Processes in Mexican American Families


    Zeiders, Katharine H.; Roosa, Mark W.; Tein, Jenn-Yun


    Despite increases in single-parent families among Mexican Americans (MA), few studies have examined the association of family structure and family adjustment. Utilizing a diverse sample of 738 Mexican American families (21.7% single parent), the current study examined differences across family structure on early adolescent outcomes, family functioning, and parent-child relationship variables. Results revealed that early adolescents in single parent families reported greater school misconduct,...

  7. Comparison of 1.0 M gadobutrol and 0.5 M gadopentate dimeglumine-enhanced MRI in 471 patients with known or suspected renal lesions: Results of a multicenter, single-blind, interindividual, randomized clinical phase III trial

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    B. Tombach (Bernd); K. Bohndorf (Klaus); W. Brodtrager (Wolfgang); C.D. Claussen (Claus); C. Düber (Christoph); M. Galanski (Michael); E. Grabbe (Eckhardt); G. Gortenuti (Giacomo); M. Kuhn (Michael); W. Gross-Fengels (Walter); R. Hammerstingl (Renate); B. Happel (Brigitte); G. Heinz-Peer (Gertraud); G. Jung (Gregor); T. Kittner (Thomas); R. Lagalla; P. Lengsfeld (Philipp); R. Loose (Reinhard); R.H.G. Oyen (Raymond); P. Pavlica (Pietro); C. Pering (Christiane); R. Pozzi Mucelli (Roberto Silvio); T. Persigehl (Thorsten); P. Reimer (Peter); N.S. Renken (Nomdo); G.M. Richter (Götz); E.J. Rummeny (Ernst); F. Schäfer (Fritz); M. Szczerbo-Trojanowska (Malgorzata); A. Urbanik (Andrzej); T.J. Vogl (Thomas); P. Hajek (Paul)


    textabstractThe purpose of this phase III clinical trial was to compare two different extracellular contrast agents, 1.0 M gadobutrol and 0.5 M gadopentate dimeglumine, for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with known or suspected focal renal lesions. Using a multicenter, single-blind, in

  8. Finding Family

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ It took 14 years--and just two min-utes-for an adopted Chinese girl to find her biological family. July 21 this year marked the first anniversary of Haley Butler's finding of her biological parents in Maanshan in east China's Anhui Province.

  9. Finding Family

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Discovering her birth parents was an exciting adventure for a 15-year-old girl It took 14 years-and just two minutes-for an adopted Chinese girl to find her biological family.July 21 this year marked the first

  10. Family Genericity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ernst, Erik


    Type abstraction in object-oriented languages embody two techniques, each with its own strenghts and weaknesses. The first technique is extension, yielding abstraction mechanisms with good support for gradual specification. The prime example is inheritance. The second technique is functional abst...... the result as family genericity. The presented language design has been implemented....

  11. My Family

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    There are four people in my family. They are grandma, father,mother and I. Now we all live in Wuhan. They are from different places. My grandma comes from Sichuan. She likes hot(辣4的) meat very much. She doesn't like bread or noodles at all. She likes vegetables a little. My father is from Guang Zhou.

  12. Family Circle

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Foster care is conducive to giving orphaned children a better life For most children living in orphanages, having a real home is just a pipe dream. Although they may be well looked after, receive a good education and proper nutrition, the love and care that come from being part of a real family just aren't there.

  13. FAMILY RICHARDIIDAE. (United States)

    Wendt, Lisiane Dilli; Ale-Rocha, Rosaly


    Richardiidae are a family of "acalyptrate" Diptera represented by ca. 180 species distributed in the New World, mostly in the Neotropical region. The species that occur in Colombia have received little attention from taxonomists, and the great majority of them are known only from their type localities. Currently, 14 genera and 23 species are known to occur in the country.

  14. My Family

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    There are four people in my family--my parents, my brother and I. My name is Li Mei. I'm fifteen years old. I am of medium height and build. I like English very much. It's very interesting. I can play the piano very well. It makes me feel very happy.

  15. Natural Family Planning (United States)

    ... Sex and Birth Control Birth Control Natural Family Planning Natural Family Planning Birth ControlPrevention and WellnessSex and Birth Control Share Natural Family Planning Natural Family PlanningWhat is natural family planning?Natural ...

  16. ElevationDEM_DEM10m (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — This dataset is derived from the multi-resolution National Elevation Dataset (NED), at resolutions of both 1/3 arc-second (approx. 10 meters) and in limited areas,...

  17. Roles within the Family (United States)

    ... Spread the Word Shop AAP Find a Pediatrician Family Life Medical Home Family Dynamics Adoption & Foster Care ... Text Size Email Print Share Roles Within the Family Page Content Article Body Families are not democracies. ...

  18. Integrating Family Resilience and Family Stress Theory. (United States)

    Patterson, Joan M.


    The construct, family resilience, is defined differently by practitioners and researchers. This study tries to clarify the concept of family resilience. The foundation is family stress and coping theory, particularly the stress models that emphasize adaptation processes in families exposed to major adversities. (JDM)

  19. Calculation of the temperature in the container unit with a modified design for the production of {sup 99}Mo at the VVR-Ts research reactor facility (IVV.10M)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kazantsev, A. A., E-mail: [Experimental Scientific Research and Methodology Center Simulation Systems (Russian Federation); Sergeev, V. V. [Leipunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (Russian Federation); Kochnov, O. Yu. [Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry (Obninsk Branch) (Russian Federation)


    The temperature regime is calculated for two different designs of containers with uranium-bearing material for the upgraded VVR-Ts research reactor facility (IVV.10M). The containers are to be used in the production of {sup 99}Mo. It is demonstrated that the modification of the container design leads to a considerable temperature reduction and an increase in the near-wall boiling margin and allows one to raise the amount of material loaded into the container. The calculations were conducted using the international thermohydraulic contour code TRAC intended to analyze the technical safety of water-cooled nuclear power units.

  20. Family and family therapy in Russia. (United States)

    Bebtschuk, Marina; Smirnova, Daria; Khayretdinov, Oleg


    This article represents the information about family and family therapy in the context of culture, traditions and contemporary changes of social situations in Russia. The legislation of family rights are mentioned within items about marriage and family in the Constitution, Civil Code and Family Code of the Russian Federation which has changed during recent years. The definition of family and description of family structure are given through the prism of the current demographic situation, dynamics of statistics of marriage and divorce rates, mental disorders, disabilities and such phenomena as social abandonment. The actual curriculum, teaching of family therapy and its disadvantages, system of continuous education, supervision and initiatives of the Institute of Integrative Family Therapy in improvement of preparing of specialists who can provide qualified psychosocial assistance for the family according to the actual needs of society are noted. The directions of state and private practice of family counselling and therapy both for psychiatric patients and medical patients, for adults and children in a family systemic approach are highlighted with an indication of the spectrum of techniques and methods used by Russian professionals. The main obstacles and perspectives of development of family therapy in Russia are summarized.

  1. Family Reading Night (United States)

    Hutchins, Darcy; Greenfeld, Marsha; Epstein, Joyce


    This book offers clear and practical guidelines to help engage families in student success. It shows families how to conduct a successful Family Reading Night at their school. Family Night themes include Scary Stories, Books We Love, Reading Olympics, Dr. Seuss, and other themes. Family reading nights invite parents to come to school with their…

  2. Family Adjustment to Aphasia (United States)

    ... Public / Speech, Language and Swallowing / Disorders and Diseases Family Adjustment to Aphasia Richard S. was a senior manager ... It also presents a great challenge to the family. There may be tension among family members and ...

  3. Improving Family Communications (United States)

    ... Spread the Word Shop AAP Find a Pediatrician Family Life Medical Home Family Dynamics Adoption & Foster Care ... Listen Español Text Size Email Print Share Improving Family Communications Page Content Article Body How can I ...

  4. Normal Functioning Family (United States)

    ... Spread the Word Shop AAP Find a Pediatrician Family Life Medical Home Family Dynamics Adoption & Foster Care ... Español Text Size Email Print Share Normal Functioning Family Page Content Article Body Is there any way ...

  5. Families in the Military (United States)

    ... Families Guide - Search Spanish Facts for Families Guide Military Families No. 88; updated March 2017 Global conflict ... have led to deployment of large numbers of military personnel (active duty, Reserves, National Guard). As a ...

  6. Family Activities for Fitness (United States)

    Grosse, Susan J.


    This article discusses how families can increase family togetherness and improve physical fitness. The author provides easy ways to implement family friendly activities for improving and maintaining physical health. These activities include: walking, backyard games, and fitness challenges.

  7. Branding a family business


    Pohjola, Matti


    This master’s thesis main object was to understand better the very little researched topic: branding a family business. The main aim was to seek the values used behind family business that are the family values used in the brand and how the branding has been implemented in a family company. A qualitative method was chosen for this research for an interpretative analysis of the subject. Five family companies were chosen for the interviews. All these family companies are known Fi...

  8. Analysis of electrochemical noise (ECN) data in time and frequency domain for comparison corrosion inhibition of some azole compounds on Cu in 1.0 M H2SO4 solution (United States)

    Ramezanzadeh, B.; Arman, S. Y.; Mehdipour, M.; Markhali, B. P.


    In this study, the corrosion inhibition properties of two similar heterocyclic compounds namely benzotriazole (BTA) and benzothiazole (BNS) inhibitors on copper in 1.0 M H2SO4 solution were studied by electrochemical techniques as well as surface analysis. The results showed that corrosion inhibition of copper largely depends on the molecular structure and concentration of the inhibitors. The effect of DC trend on the interpretation of electrochemical noise (ECN) results in time domain was evaluated by moving average removal (MAR) method. Accordingly, the impact of square and Hanning window functions as drift removal methods in frequency domain was studied. After DC trend removal, a good trend was observed between electrochemical noise (ECN) data and the results obtained from EIS and potentiodynamic polarization. Furthermore, the shot noise theory in frequency domain was applied to approach the charge of each electrochemical event (q) from the potential and current noise signals.

  9. Families and family therapy in Hong Kong. (United States)

    Tse, Samson; Ng, Roger M K; Tonsing, Kareen N; Ran, Maosheng


    Family therapy views humans not as separate entities, but as embedded in a network of relationships, highlighting the reciprocal influences of one's behaviours on one another. This article gives an overview of family demographics and the implementation of family therapy in Hong Kong. We start with a review of the family demographics in Hong Kong and brief notes on families in mainland China. Demographics show that the landscape has changed markedly in the past decade, with more cross-border marriages, an increased divorce rate, and an ageing overall population - all of which could mean that there is increasing demand for professional family therapy interventions. However, only a limited number of professionals are practising the systems-based approach in Hong Kong. Some possible reasons as to why family therapy is not well disseminated and practised are discussed. These reasons include a lack of mental health policy to support family therapy, a lack of systematic family therapy training, and a shortage of skilled professionals. Furthermore, challenges in applying the western model in Chinese culture are also outlined. We conclude that more future research is warranted to investigate how family therapy can be adapted for Chinese families.

  10. Family doctors' involvement with families in Estonia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lember Margus


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Family doctors should care for individuals in the context of their family. Family has a powerful influence on health and illness and family interventions have been shown to improve health outcomes for a variety of health problems. The aim of the study was to investigate the Estonian family doctors' (FD attitudes to the patients' family-related issues in their work: to explore the degree of FDs involvement in family matters, their preparedness for management of family-related issues and their self-assessment of the ability to manage different family-related problems. Methods A random sample (n = 236 of all FDs in Estonia was investigated using a postal questionnaire. Altogether 151 FDs responded to the questionnaire (response rate 64%, while five of them were excluded as they did not actually work as FDs. Results Of the respondents, 90% thought that in managing the health problems of patients FDs should communicate and cooperate with family members. Although most of the family doctors agreed that modifying of the health damaging risk factors (smoking, alcohol and drug abuse of their patients and families is their task, one third of them felt that dealing with these problems is ineffective, or perceived themselves as poorly prepared or having too little time for such activities. Of the respondents, 58% (n = 83 were of the opinion that they could modify also relationship problems. Conclusions Estonian family doctors are favourably disposed to involvement in family-related problems, however, they need some additional training, especially in the field of relationship management.

  11. 10-m resolution grid of multibeam bathymetry in Massachusetts Bay (MB_BATHY10M) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The U.S. Geological Survey has conducted geologic mapping to characterize the sea floor offshore of Massachusetts. The mapping was carried out using a Simrad Subsea...

  12. Speakeasy: A Text for Speaking, Volume 1. English for Special Purposes Series: Nursing Aide. (United States)

    Clark, Marybeth

    This is the first of three volumes devoted to improving speech skills, in a series of materials for teaching English as a second language to adult nursing aide students. Three units contain five lessons each that emphasize survival skills. In the first unit, the student is taught how to make introductions and meet people, and the use of…

  13. Speakeasy: A Text for Speaking, Volume 3. English for Special Purposes Series: Nursing Aide. (United States)

    Clark, Marybeth

    This is the last of three volumes devoted to improving speech skills, in a series of materials for teaching English as a second language to adult nursing aide students. Three units contain five lessons each. The following subjects are covered: (1) talking about personal appearance, checking patients, and reporting to the nurse; (2) interviewing…

  14. Speakeasy. English for Special Purposes Series: Autobody Repair. Korean Translation Manual. (United States)

    Park, Yong-Ok

    This guide to spoken usage with exercises is designed to enrich the English vocabulary of speakers of Korean. Narrative portions of the text are in Korean. Emphasis is on survival skills and automobile repair skills. Chapters include "Time,""Getting to Know You,""Eating Out,""Opening a Savings Account,""Asking and Giving Directions,""Buying Work…

  15. Teacher's Manual for Speakeasy, Reading Right. English for Special Purposes Series: Nursing Aide. (United States)

    Clark, Marybeth; Hubbard, Katherine E.

    This teaching guide accompanies the speech skills and reading comprehension portions of a course in English as a second language for adult nursing aide students. The rationale of course organization is explained. The reading teacher is given general instructions on testing and review and the use of Cloze passages. The speech teacher is provided…

  16. Speakeasy: A Text for Speaking, Volume 2. English for Special Purposes Series: Nursing Aide. (United States)

    Clark, Marybeth

    This is the second of three volumes devoted to improving speech skills, in a series of materials for teachinq Enqlish as a second language to adult nursing aide students. Five units contain five lessons each. The following subjects are covered: (1) introductions on the job and orientation for the newly-hired nursing aide; (2) the present…

  17. Speakeasy: A Text for Speaking, Volume 2. English for Special Purposes Series: Autobody Repair. (United States)

    Peet, William, Jr.

    This is the second of two volumes devoted to dialogs designed for classroom use by students of English as a second language. Survival skills are emphasized. The dialogs are grouped under the following titles: (1) "Buying Furniture," (2) "Straightening Metal Surfaces," (3) "Opening a Checking Account," (4) "Going to the Doctor," (5) "Building…

  18. Speakeasy. English for Special Purposes Series: Autobody Repair. Ilocano Translation Manual. (United States)

    Berzabal, Ofelia G.

    This guide to spoken usage with exercises is designed to enrich the English vocabulary of speakers of Ilocano. Narrative portions of the text are in Ilocano. Emphasis is on survival language skills and automobile repair skills. Chapters include "Time,""Getting to Know You,""Eating Out,""Opening a Savings Account,""Asking and Giving…

  19. Teacher's Manual for Speakeasy, Hearsay, Reading Right. English for Special Purposes Series: Autobody Repair. (United States)

    Peet, William, Jr.; And Others

    A tripartite program of instruction in English as a second language for adults is described. Program materials discussed consist of a set of low vocabulary readers with exercises ("Reading Right"), a videotaped lecture accompanied by two workbooks with sets of exercises to develop listening comprehension ("Hearsay"), and two volumes of classroom…

  20. Speakeasy: A Text for Speaking, Volume 1. English for Special Purposes Series: Autobody Repair. (United States)

    Peet, William, Jr.

    This is the first of two volumes devoted to dialogs designed for classroom use by adult students of English as a second language. Survival skills are emphasized. The dialogs are grouped under the following titles: (1) "Time," (2) "Getting to Know You," (3) "Eating Out," (4) "Opening a Savings Account," (5) "Asking and Giving Directions," (6)…

  1. Speakeasy. English for Special Purposes Series: Autobody Repair. Vietnamese Translation Manual. (United States)

    Van-Tanh, Phan

    This guide to spoken usage with exercises is designed to enrich the English vocabulary of speakers of Vietnamese. Narrative portions of the text are in Vietnamese. Emphasis is on survival skills and automobile repair skills. Chapters include "Time,""Getting to Know You,""Eating Out,""Opening a Savings Account,""Asking and Giving…

  2. Enabling Effective E-Learning Creation on a Large Scale: Special-Purpose Authoring Tools

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Guralnick


    Full Text Available E-learning design and development today relies more on technological tools than ever before. In today’s world, for budget and efficiency reasons, e-learning is often created by people without a technical background, using the authoring tools that are available to them. While this process is in some ways unavoidable, the result is that e-learning design is often dictated as much by the capabilities of existing authoring tools as by educational and design principles. In order to support the creation of more sophisticated, effective, educationally-sound e-learning on a large scale, I suggest an approach based on “special-purpose” authoring tools, designed around pedagogical models in a way that encourages good design and speeds up development. In this paper, I describe that approach and provide a brief example of the approach in use.

  3. Special purpose parallel computer architecture for real-time control and simulation in robotic applications (United States)

    Fijany, Amir (Inventor); Bejczy, Antal K. (Inventor)


    This is a real-time robotic controller and simulator which is a MIMD-SIMD parallel architecture for interfacing with an external host computer and providing a high degree of parallelism in computations for robotic control and simulation. It includes a host processor for receiving instructions from the external host computer and for transmitting answers to the external host computer. There are a plurality of SIMD microprocessors, each SIMD processor being a SIMD parallel processor capable of exploiting fine grain parallelism and further being able to operate asynchronously to form a MIMD architecture. Each SIMD processor comprises a SIMD architecture capable of performing two matrix-vector operations in parallel while fully exploiting parallelism in each operation. There is a system bus connecting the host processor to the plurality of SIMD microprocessors and a common clock providing a continuous sequence of clock pulses. There is also a ring structure interconnecting the plurality of SIMD microprocessors and connected to the clock for providing the clock pulses to the SIMD microprocessors and for providing a path for the flow of data and instructions between the SIMD microprocessors. The host processor includes logic for controlling the RRCS by interpreting instructions sent by the external host computer, decomposing the instructions into a series of computations to be performed by the SIMD microprocessors, using the system bus to distribute associated data among the SIMD microprocessors, and initiating activity of the SIMD microprocessors to perform the computations on the data by procedure call.

  4. Teaching Xhosa for special purposes to physiotherapy students: A case study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bertie Neethling


    Full Text Available Adults generally find language learning difficult and often do not attain much success. This article reports a case study in which a group of learners English and Afrikaans speaking physiotherapy students at the University of the Western Cape learners were allowed to share in the planning of their Xhosa course. Strategies were used to enhance the learner’s awareness of their specific communicative needs. Students were then involved in reformulating these needs in terms of desired outcomes. This meant that realistic goals were set with the effect that the objective was seen as attainable. Fear of failure was no longer acute. By participating in the planning process the learners claimed ownership of the course: they experienced a sense of achievement is experienced even before the actual learning process started which strengthened the motivation that had originally led the learner to embark upon the learning exercise.

  5. Conceptual aspects in creation of fungus-resistant polyurethanes having special purpose (United States)

    Rudenko, A. V.; Saveliev, Yu. V.; Koval, E. Z.; Lenova, L. I.; Voloschuk, E. M.

    Based upon peculiarities of the structure of synthesized polyurethanes which allows one to include additional groups and heteroatoms in the processs of construction of fungus-resistant variants, the passive way of protection by means of introducing the Zn, Cu, Sn ions of metals (they were inaccessible for micromycets) into the structure of macromolecules is used. The synthesized polyurethanes, the macromolecule of which contains the fragments of Sn, Zn, Cu and Pb acetyleacetones, manifested the contact fungicide action on those micromycet strains which were detected in the orbital station. It should be noted that its activity was demonstrated in inhibing the process of spore sprouting and vitality maintaining during 3 to 10 days, with lysis of cell wall to follow.

  6. 77 FR 45921 - Alaskan Fuel Hauling as a Restricted Category Special Purpose Flight Operation (United States)


    ... the Federal Register (74 FR 39242) in which the FAA proposed to specify Alaskan fuel hauling as a... Purpose Flight Operation AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), (DOT). ACTION: Notice of policy... submitted was, ``The transport of the fuel could be made safer by limiting the payload on each flight to...

  7. Special Purpose Vehicle selskab – en »mikro fusion«, eller blot en samarbejdsmetode?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fomcenco, Alex


    Formålet med denne artikel er at undersøge, om det er korrekt at benævne det som en fusion - selvom på en mikroskala - når to selskaber optræder som initiativtagere til og stiftere af et SPV-selskab. Er bagvedliggende grunde ved oprettelsen af et SPV-selskab meget anderledes end dem i en fusion? ......? Hvad sker der egentlig når to selskaber opretter et SPV-selskab? Hvad adskiller et SPV-selskab fra en joint venture? Eller er det to begreber, som beskriver essentielt det samme?...

  8. Reading Right: A Text for Reading, Volume 3. English for Special Purposes Series: Nursing Aide. (United States)

    Hubbard, Katherine E.

    This is the third of four volumes devoted to reading instruction, in a series of materials for teaching English as a second language to adult nursing aide students. The three units included deal with fundamentals in nursing: asepsis, measurement and abbreviation, and emergencies. Each unit consists of readings interspersed with Cloze passages,…

  9. Productivity Improvement of a Special Purpose Machine Using DMAIC Principles: A Case Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sunil Dambhare


    Full Text Available Six Sigma is one of the popular methodologies used by the companies to improve the quality and productivity. It uses a detailed analysis of the process to determine the causes of the problem and proposes a successful improvement. Various approaches are adopted while following Six Sigma methodologies and one of them is DMAIC. The successful implementation of DMAIC and FTA is discussed in this paper. In this study, the major problem was of continuous rework up to 16%, which was leading to wastage of man hours and labor cost. Initially, fault tree analysis (FTA was used to detect the key process input variables (KPIVs affecting the output. Multivariable regression analysis was performed to know the possible relationship between the KPIVs and the output. The DMAIC methodology was successfully implemented to reduce the rework from 16% bores per month to 2.20% bores per month. The other problem of nonuniform step bores was also reduced significantly.

  10. The Market Analysis of Special Purpose Vehicle%专用汽车市场分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  11. The Application of a Mixed General/Special Purpose Hardware in On-Board SATSAT Processing

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bierens, L.H.J.


    In SATSAR huge amounts of data are involved corresponding to data rates of 100 to 1000 Mbits/s. The communication system and the intermediate storage on-board the satellite must handle this increasing amount of data as well. Furthermore, ground stations must process, broadcast and archive the SAR da

  12. A Programmer’s Assistant for a Special-Purpose Dataflow Language. (United States)


    Member slot: INSTANTIATE Valueclasi; IMEIHOD) Values: (LAMBDA (SELF) d )(CREATE.UNIT ( GENSYM ’E) NIL NIL SELF) Member slot: NAME-ELEMENT Valueclass...of Science in Computer Science in 1974. He enlisted in the Air Force in 1977, and received a commission upon graduation from Officers Training 1978. Next he was stationed at Keesler AFB, Mississippi. As an technical instructor on a mobile training team, he taught assembly language

  13. Percola: a special purpose programmable 64-BIT floating-point processor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Normand, J.M.


    The computer PERCOLA is designed for lengthy numerical simulations on a percolation problem in Statistical Mechanics of disordered media. The project that the computer is engaged on at present is intended to improve the true values of critical indices characteristic of the behaviour of electrical conductivity at percolation threshold in a system of random resistors. The architecture is based on an efficient highly iterative algorithm to compute the electrical conductivity of random resistor networks. This computer runs programs of percolation problems considered 10 percent faster than the Cray X-MP with the same 64-bit floating-point precision. Operating since May 1987, months of calculation have already been performed. Although best suited to a class of algorithms, the processor includes a powerful 32-bit integer random number generator and has many characteristics of general purpose 64-bit floating-point microprogrammable computers that can run programs for various type of problems with a peak performance of more than 25 Mflops. This high computing speed is not the result of one all-powerful feature, but a balance among several factors including supercomputer derived features such as mainly: concurrent functional units separately controlled from independent microcode fields, distinct buses for data, addresses and instructions, flexible and powerful address generators for matrix processing and an advanced pipeline design implementing high performance VLSI Weitek's and Analog Devices components.

  14. Software system for open loop control of a synchrotron via special purpose consoles

    CERN Document Server

    Benincasa, G P; Heymans, P


    Most of the physics experiments performed at CERN require protons with an energy of 28 GeV. This is obtained in three stages: a linear accelerator, Linac, where the protons are created and brought to 50 Me V; next a first circular accelerator, Synchrotron Injector or Booster, where they reach 800 MeV; eventually the high energy synchrotron, PS (Proton Synchrotron), where they are accelerated to the required top energy. In contrast to the Linac and PS, the Booster has been designed very recently and is still running-in. From the beginning, it was intended to be fully computer controlled, i.e. acquisition and/or control of most of its variables. Whereas the computer control has always been implemented both at PS and Linac in parallel with an existing 'manual' control system, at the Booster its design could be imbedded within the study of the overall project. (5 refs).

  15. Competitiveness of Family Businesses

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.A.A.M. Leenders (Mark); E. Waarts (Eric)


    textabstractThe purpose of this study is to systematically examine the advantages and disadvantages of different types of family businesses. We distinguish four different types of family businesses based on their family and business orientation: (1) House of Business, (2) Family Money Machine, (3) F

  16. Families in Transition . (United States)

    Bundy, Michael L., Ed.; Gumaer, James, Ed.


    Focuses on disrupted families and the role of the school counselor in helping children adjust. Describes characteristics of healthy families, and discusses the transition to the blended family, effects of divorce groups on children's classroom behavior, counseling children in stepfamilies, single-parent families, and parenting strengths of single…

  17. Strengthening Family Practices for Latino Families (United States)

    Chartier, Karen G.; Negroni, Lirio K.; Hesselbrock, Michie N.


    This study examined the effectiveness of a culturally adapted Strengthening Families Program (SFP) for Latinos to reduce risks for alcohol and drug use in children. Latino families, predominantly Puerto Rican, with a 9- to 12-year-old child and a parent(s) with a substance abuse problem participated in the study. Pre- and post-tests were conducted…

  18. ECMWF细网格10m风场产品在南海海域的预报检验%On Forecast Test of ECMWF 10 m Wind Field Products in South China Sea

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴俞; 冯文; 李勋; 许向春


    The ECMFWF(shortly ,EC) fine grid 10 m wind field forecast products in South China Sea from Jan ,2012 to Dec ,2013 have been tested .The result shows that ,firstly ,EC's wind speed forecasts are to‐tally bigger than happening to oil dock ,QIZHOU island ,YONGXING island ,and YONGSHU reef ,but the forecast to QIZHOU island and YONGSHU reef wind speeds not only exist the smallest system bias , close to 0m/s ,but also the relativity between the forecast and the happening is the best ;under the differ‐ent wind speed ,the EC wind direction forecast bias is mainly distributed over ± 45° ,and smaller wind speed ,bigger wind direction forecast bias dispersion ;EC forecast rmse error and mean bias are all small to southeast wind ,easterly wind and southwest wind ,and mean bias close to 0° ,but EC forecast effect is poorer to norther- ly and northwest wind direction .Secondly ,contrast EC 10 m wind speed forecast field bias with analysis field in different seasons ,shows that the mean wind speed forecast bias exist a similar big value distribution ,and are all located north South China Sea close to the coastal area of Southern China and the southeast South China Sea near Philippines west sea ,but rmse and variance distribution are differ‐ent ;EC wind speed forecast is more stable to the South China Sea in summer except 24h ,and the longer forecast prescription the bigger rmse and variance ,and model forecast is not stable .%对2012年1月至2013年12月ECMWF(简称EC)细网格10 m风场产品在南海海域的预报进行检验,结果表明:①EC对原油码头、七洲列岛、永兴岛、永暑礁4个海岛站的风速预报总体上比实况略偏大,其中对七洲列岛和永暑礁的风速预报不仅系统性偏差最小,接近0 m/s ,且预报与实况的相关性最好;在不同风速下EC预报的风向偏差多数集中分布在±45°之间,风速越小,风向预报偏差样本的离散度越大;EC对东南风向、偏东风向和

  19. An evaluation of acoustic seabed classification techniques for marine biotope monitoring over broad-scales (>1 km 2) and meso-scales (10 m 2-1 km 2) (United States)

    van Rein, H.; Brown, C. J.; Quinn, R.; Breen, J.; Schoeman, D.


    Acoustic seabed classification is a useful tool for monitoring marine benthic habitats over broad-scales (>1 km 2) and meso-scales (10 m 2-1 km 2). Its utility in this context was evaluated using two approaches: by describing natural changes in the temporal distribution of marine biotopes across the broad-scale (4 km 2), and by attempting to detect specific experimentally-induced changes to kelp-dominated biotopes across the meso-scale (100 m 2). For the first approach, acoustic backscatter mosaics were constructed using sidescan sonar and multibeam echosounder data collected from Church Bay (Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland) in 1999, 2008 and 2009. The mosaics were manually segmented into acoustic facies, which were ground-truthed using a drop-video camera. Biotopes were classified from the video by multivariate exploratory analysis and cross-tabulated with the acoustic facies, showing a positive correlation. These results were integrated with bathymetric data to map the distribution of seven unique biotopes in Church Bay. Kappa analysis showed the biotope distribution was highly similar between the biotope maps, possibly due to the stability of bedforms shaped by the tidal regime around Rathlin Island. The greatest biotope change in this approach was represented by seasonal and annual changes in the growth of the seagrass, Zostera marina. In the second approach, sidescan sonar data were collected before and after the removal of 100 m 2 of kelp from three sites. Comparison of the data revealed no differences between the high-resolution backscatter imagery. It is concluded that acoustic seabed classification can be used to monitor change over broad- and meso-scales but not necessarily for all biotopes; its success depends on the type of acoustic system employed and the biological characteristics of the target biotope.

  20. Cerebral neoplastic enhancing lesions: Multicenter, randomized, crossover intraindividual comparison between gadobutrol (1.0 M) and gadoterate meglumine (0.5 M) at 0.1 mmol Gd/kg body weight in a clinical setting

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Anzalone, Nicoletta, E-mail: [Department of Neuroradiology, Scientific Institute H.S. Raffaele, Via Olgettina 60, 20132 Milan (Italy); Scarabino, Tommaso, E-mail: [“L. Bonomo” Hospital Center, Viale Istria 1, 70031 Andria (Italy); Venturi, Carlo, E-mail: [U.O.C. Neuroimaging and Neurointerventional, “Santa Maria alle Scotte” Polyclinic, Viale Bracci 16, 53100 Siena (Italy); Cristaudo, Concetto, E-mail: [Cannizzaro Hospital, Via Messina, 829, 98125 Catania (Italy); Tartaro, Armando, E-mail: [Institute for Advanced Biomedical Techniques, Clinical Sciences and Bioimaging Dept., G.D’Annunzio University, Via dei Vestini, 66100 Chieti (Italy); Scotti, Giuseppe, E-mail: [University Scientific Institute, San Raffaele Hospital, Via Olgettina 60, 20090 Milano (Italy); Zimatore, Domenico, E-mail: [Maggiore Borgo Trento City Hospital, Piazzale Stefani 1, 37126 Verona (Italy); Floris, Roberto, E-mail: [Dept. of Diagnostic and Molecular Imaging, UOC of Neuroradiology, Tor Vergata Polyclinics, Viale Oxford 81, 00133 Roma (Italy); Carriero, Alessandro, E-mail: [“Maggiore della Carità” University Hospital, Corso Mazzini, 18, 28100 Novara (Italy); Longo, Marcello, E-mail: [“G. Martino” University Polyclinic, Via Consolare Valeria, 1, 98125 Messina (Italy); Cirillo, Mario, E-mail: [Second University Hospital c/o CTO, Viale Colli Aminei, 21, 80131 Napoli (Italy); and others


    Objective: Two macrocyclic extracellular contrast agents, one-molar neutral gadobutrol and ionic gadoterate meglumine, were compared to determine the overall preference for one or the other in a clinical setting. Materials and methods: Multicenter, randomized, single-blind, intra-individually controlled, comparison study with a corresponding blinded read. Efficacy analysis was based on 136 patients who underwent identical MRI examinations: group A first received 1.0 M gadobutrol followed by 0.5 M gadoterate meglumine 48 h to 7 days later; group B had a reversed administration order. Three independent blinded readers assessed off-site their overall diagnostic preference (primary efficacy parameter) based on a matched pairs approach. Results: Superiority of gadobutrol over gadoterate meglumine was demonstrated for the qualitative assessment of overall preference across all readers by a statistically significant difference between both contrast agents for this primary endpoint. Preferences in lesion enhancement (secondary endpoint) were also found significantly in favor of gadobutrol. For preference in lesion delineation from surrounding tissue/edema and for internal structure only a trend towards a higher proportion for gadobutrol was found (except for internal structure reported by one reader, which showed a result of statistical significance). Lesion contrast and relative lesion enhancement (quantitative parameters) were statistically significantly higher for gadobutrol compared to gadoterate meglumine. Conclusion: Contrast-enhanced MRI of neoplastic brain lesions at a dose of 0.1 mmol Gd/kg body weight, assessed in a standardized off-site blinded reading, results in a significantly higher qualitative and quantitative preference for gadobutrol compared to gadoterate meglumine.

  1. Assessing postpartum family functioning. (United States)

    Midmer, D; Talbot, Y


    The birth of a child requires adaptation and reorganization within the family system in order to accommodate the new family member and to allow the family to continue in its psychosocial development. Knowledge of the normative and transitional changes required at this stage of family life will enhance family practitioners' understanding of some of the common concerns and complaints related to them by various family members during the postpartum period. The Family FIRO model represents a helpful conceptual framework to increase the family physician's understanding of the issues of inclusion, control, and intimacy that are highlighted during the transition to parenthood. The authors briefly present this model and discuss its application to postpartum adjustment and its implications for health-care professionals.

  2. Family Caregiver Alliance (United States)

    ... on your schedule. Look for our launch soon! FAMILY CARE NAVIGATOR ─ Click on Your State AL AK ... Group) Smart Patients Caregivers Community In partnership with Family Caregiver Alliance Learn more Caregiver Research Caregivers exhibit ...

  3. IGSF9 Family Proteins

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Maria; Walmod, Peter Schledermann


    The Drosophila protein Turtle and the vertebrate proteins immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF), member 9 (IGSF9/Dasm1) and IGSF9B are members of an evolutionarily ancient protein family. A bioinformatics analysis of the protein family revealed that invertebrates contain only a single IGSF9 family gene......, the longest isoforms of the proteins have the same general organization as the neural cell adhesion molecule family of cell adhesion molecule proteins, and like this family of proteins, IGSF9 family members are expressed in the nervous system. A review of the literature revealed that Drosophila Turtle...... facilitates homophilic cell adhesion. Moreover, IGSF9 family proteins have been implicated in the outgrowth and branching of neurites, axon guidance, synapse maturation, self-avoidance, and tiling. However, despite the few published studies on IGSF9 family proteins, reports on the functions of both Turtle...

  4. National Military Family Association (United States)

    ... 931.6632 © 2016 - National Military Family Association Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Charity Navigator Four Star Charity GuideStar Exchange Better Business Bureau Charity Watch Independent Charity of America nonprofit ...

  5. Importance of Family Routines (United States)

    ... Structure Your Child's Nighttime Routine . Weekends: Weekends are good times for family togetherness. You might go grocery shopping as a family, visit museums and zoos, do chores​ that everyone participates in, go on ...

  6. MSUD Family Support Group (United States)

    ... Group The MSUD Family Support Group is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization for those with MSUD ... Family Support Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with no paid staff. Funds are needed ...

  7. Loosely coupled class families

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ernst, Erik


    are expressed using virtual classes seem to be very tightly coupled internally. While clients have achieved the freedom to dynamically use one or the other family, it seems that any given family contains a xed set of classes and we will need to create an entire family of its own just in order to replace one......Families of mutually dependent classes that may be accessed polymor- phically provide an advanced tool for separation of concerns, in that it enables client code to use a group of instances of related classes safely without depending on the exact classes involved. However, class families which...... of the members with another class. This paper shows how to express class families in such a manner that the classes in these families can be used in many dierent combinations, still enabling family polymorphism and ensuring type safety....

  8. Family Obligations in Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Koch-Nielsen, Inger

    How is the balance in obligations between the Family and the Danish Welfare State? Can we observe a trend to shift the responsibility back to the family? This booklet intends to sketch the legal framework around the division of responsibilities between the Family and the state and to analyse...... to what extent and where the unit of rights and obliagations is the individual and where it is the family or household....

  9. Family and Enterprise


    Fletcher, Denise Elaine


    This chapter provides a review of the different approaches that have been utilised to examine the link between family and enterprise. Definitional issues are addressed, as are rationalist and ‘systems’ ways of evaluating the relationship between family and enterprise. Criticism is made of the effects of rationalist thinking on studies of family businesses which have tended to create duality and polarity in our understanding of the family-enterprise relationship. It is argued that a developm...

  10. Family systems and fertility

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Moenkediek, Bastian


    This thesis studies the role of regional family organization principles, so called family systems, for explaining fertility behaviours in different parts of Europe. Studying family systems and its impact on fertility is important, because many aspects of societal life, such as the organization of we

  11. Families in Transition. (United States)

    Britton, Patti O., Ed.; McGee, Michael, Ed.


    This issue of "Emphasis" deals with families in transition, providing some model programs for the new family and some historical perspectives on how families have developed over time. Articles include: (1) "Nostalgia on the Right" (Nancy Theriot); (2) "Heart to Heart" (Nancy Harrington-MacLennan); (3) "The Media Get the Message" (Janet Alyn); (4)…

  12. Books in the Family. (United States)

    Swinger, Alice K.


    Opportunities for parents to encourage reading in the family are noted and ways to enhance the reading experience are discussed, including writing letters to book characters, singing combined with reading aloud, supplementing school subjects with enjoyable reading, sharing books at family gatherings, and using family experiences for book…

  13. Strengths of Remarried Families. (United States)

    Knaub, Patricia Kain; And Others


    Focuses on remarried families' (N=80) perceptions of family strengths, marital satisfaction, and adjustment to the remarried situation. Results indicated that although most would like to make some changes, scores on the measurements used were high. A supportive environment was the most important predictor of family strength and success. (JAC)

  14. Family traditions and generations. (United States)

    Schneiderman, Gerald; Barrera, Maru


    Currently, traditional family values that have been passed down through generations appear to be at risk. This has significant implications for the stability and health of individuals, families, and communities. This article explores selected issues related to intergenerational transmission of family values and cultural beliefs, with particular reference to Western culture and values that are rooted in Jewish and Christian traditions. It also examines family values and parenting styles as they influence the developing perspective of children and the family's adaptation to a changing world.

  15. Asteroid family ages

    CERN Document Server

    Spoto, Federica; Knezevic, Zoran


    A new family classification, based on a catalog of proper elements with $\\sim 384,000$ numbered asteroids and on new methods is available. For the $45$ dynamical families with $>250$ members identified in this classification, we present an attempt to obtain statistically significant ages: we succeeded in computing ages for $37$ collisional families. We used a rigorous method, including a least squares fit of the two sides of a V-shape plot in the proper semimajor axis, inverse diameter plane to determine the corresponding slopes, an advanced error model for the uncertainties of asteroid diameters, an iterative outlier rejection scheme and quality control. The best available Yarkovsky measurement was used to estimate a calibration of the Yarkovsky effect for each family. The results are presented separately for the families originated in fragmentation or cratering events, for the young, compact families and for the truncated, one-sided families. For all the computed ages the corresponding uncertainties are pro...

  16. Inside the Family Firm

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bennedsen, Morten; Nielsen, Kasper; Pérez-González, Francisco


    This paper uses a unique dataset from Denmark to investigate (1) the role of family characteristics in corporate decision making, and (2) the consequences of these decisions on firm performance. We focus on the decision to appoint either a family or an external chief executive officer (CEO). We...... show that a departing CEO's family characteristics have a strong predictive power in explaining CEO succession decisions: family CEOs are more frequently selected the larger the size of the family, the higher the ratio of male children and when the departing CEOs had only had one spouse. We...... then analyze the impact of family successions on performance. We overcome endogeneity and omitted variables problems of previous papers in the literature by using the gender of a departing CEO's first-born child as an instrumental variable (IV) for family successions. This is a plausible IV as male first...

  17. Opening Doors: Understanding School and Family Influences on Family Involvement (United States)

    Carlisle, Erin; Stanley, Lindsey; Kemple, Kristen Mary


    Family involvement in schooling can benefit young children, teachers, and families. Family involvement in schools can be influenced by both school-related and family-related factors. School-related factors include teachers' attitudes toward families, and school and teacher expectations. Family-related factors include ethnicity, prior school…

  18. Family governance practices and teambuilding : Paradox of the enterprising family

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Berent-Braun, M.M.; Uhlaner, L.M.


    This paper explores the relationship between family governance practices and financial performance of the business and family assets of business-owning families. A business-owning family that shares a focus on preserving and growing wealth as a family is defined as the enterprising family. Results o

  19. Family dynamics and family psychotherapy of psychosomatic. (United States)

    Wirsching, M; Stierlin, H


    Family therapy of psychosomatic disorders is oftern difficult and comparable to the therapy of psychotic patients. Nonetheless, the results published today by authors such as Minuchin and Selvini and our own experiences are promising indeed. We have found that what seemed to be a deep-rooted psychic structure changed rapidly and enduringly if the relationship field changed. Amelioration of symptoms is in many cases easily attained if they are understood in their function within a relational system. Also, we regard the system or family approach as a chance for medical practice. The general practioner who usually deals with family systems has, in our view, an ideal position to bring about change if he uses his authority and trust properly. He has to obtain a positive, not pathology-oriented view and should use family and social resources in spite of engaging in an often fruitless and endless contact with the designated patient, which only serves to maintain and even to increase the homeostatic lock of the family system.

  20. Advancing family psychology. (United States)

    Fiese, Barbara H


    To realize the broad and complex nature of the field of family psychology, I have slightly revised the mission statement of the Journal of Family Psychology (JFP) to capture contemporary scholarship in family psychology and to advance systems perspectives in this top-tier scientific journal. Over the next 6 years, I hope that authors will consider JFP as an outlet for their best work in the following areas: (1) JFP addresses societal challenges faced by families today; (2) JFP publishes important studies on what makes couple and family relationships work; (3) JFP is a leader in publishing reports that use cutting-edge sophisticated approaches to research design and data analysis; and (4) JFP imparts knowledge about effective therapy and prevention programs relevant to couples and families. The journal is also expanding its publication rate to eight issues per year.

  1. Internationalization of Family Businesses

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Boyd, Britta; Hollensen, Svend; Goto, Toshio


    This article focuses on the international joint venture formation process of family businesses. The reasoning behind Danfoss’ decision to cooperate with two competing family businesses in Japan and China as well as two nonfamily businesses in Canada and Britain will be analysed. In......-depth qualitative interviews reveal the driving forces on both sides and show how the psychic distance can be reduced between the different parent firms including the joint venture (JV) child. The purpose of this study is to compare equal split or equity joint ventures of non-family and family firms regarding...... the formation process including competences and cultures. The study indicates what core competences of a family business matter when cooperating in equal split joint ventures. Implications for family business owners and ideas for future research are discussed....

  2. Familial pituitary tumor syndromes. (United States)

    Elston, Marianne S; McDonald, Kerrie L; Clifton-Bligh, Roderick J; Robinson, Bruce G


    The vast majority of pituitary tumors are benign and occur sporadically; however, they can still result in significant morbidity and even premature mortality through mass effects and hormone dysfunction. The etiology of sporadic tumors is still poorly understood; by contrast, advances have been made in our understanding of familial pituitary adenoma syndromes in the past decade. Currently, four genes are known to be associated with familial pituitary tumor syndromes: MEN1, CDKN1B, PRKAR1A and AIP. The first three genes are associated with a variety of extrapituitary pathologies, for example, primary hyperparathyroidism with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1, which might aid identification of these syndromes. By contrast, AIP mutations seem to occur in the setting of isolated familial pituitary adenomas, particularly of the growth-hormone-secreting subtype. Awareness and identification of familial pituitary tumor syndromes is important because of potential associated pathologies and important implications for family members. Here, we review the current knowledge of familial pituitary tumor syndromes.

  3. KSF of family business


    Boroš, Petr


    Family business is a business in which family members have a large stake in ownership and also a deciding vote on business operation. This thesis deals with what makes the family businesses thriving. The research is conducted using the Good to Great framework by Jim Collins. Based mainly on quantitative and qualitative survey of 8 Czech companies of various fields and sizes, it was discovered that there are some links between the companies' success. These findings yield a set of recommendatio...

  4. Family in contemporary society


    Rabije Murati


    The family is part of social change and, as such changes and transform into steps with modern trends of society. Family function in a given society is structured according to the overall changes that occur in all areas of social life, not neglecting family life. The contemporary conditions impose requirements that must be met to move forward with the times that follow. In particular, should highlight the social changes that are related to the growth and advancement of the educational and prof...

  5. Saturating Sperner families

    CERN Document Server

    Gerbner, Dániel; Lemons, Nathan; Pálvölgyi, Dömötör; Palmer, Cory; Patkós, Balázs


    A family $\\cF \\subseteq 2^{[n]}$ saturates the monotone decreasing property $\\cP$ if $\\cF$ satisfies $\\cP$ and one cannot add any set to $\\cF$ such that property $\\cP$ is still satisfied by the resulting family. We address the problem of finding the minimum size of a family saturating the $k$-Sperner property and the minimum size of a family that saturates the Sperner property and that consists only of $l$-sets and $(l+1)$-sets.

  6. Family in contemporary society

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rabije Murati


    Full Text Available The family is part of social change and, as such changes and transform into steps with modern trends of society. Family function in a given society is structured according to the overall changes that occur in all areas of social life, not neglecting family life. The contemporary conditions impose requirements that must be met to move forward with the times that follow. In particular, should highlight the social changes that are related to the growth and advancement of the educational and professional standards, which will increase the overall impact on the family and its function. If you're looking for full responsibility of parents in the upbringing of children then it is necessary to see the conditions in which the family lives. For normal education and the rights of children with special meaning the number of members in the (quantity family. The tendency to a higher standard of economic life, a small number of children in the family and it is more than obvious that fewer family members or less have greater opportunity for parents to pay more attention to their children. One of the main roles of family, no matter where they are located in the city, village, developed or developing countries, by all means participate, intermediates and transfers the moral, social and other values in modern life.

  7. The Hoffmeister asteroid family (United States)

    Carruba, V.; Novaković, B.; Aljbaae, S.


    The Hoffmeister family is a C-type group located in the central main belt. Dynamically, it is important because of its interaction with the ν1C nodal secular resonance with Ceres, which significantly increases the dispersion in inclination of family members at a lower semimajor axis. As an effect, the distribution of inclination values of the Hoffmeister family at a semimajor axis lower than its centre is significantly leptokurtic, and this can be used to set constraints on the terminal ejection velocity field of the family at the time it was produced. By performing an analysis of the time behaviour of the kurtosis of the vW component of the ejection velocity field [γ2(vW)], as obtained from Gauss' equations, for different fictitious Hoffmeister families with different values of the ejection velocity field, we were able to exclude that the Hoffmeister family should be older than 335 Myr. Constraints from the currently observed inclination distribution of the Hoffmeister family suggest that its terminal ejection velocity parameter VEJ should be lower than 25 m s-1. Results of a Yarko-YORP Monte Carlo method to family dating, combined with other constraints from inclinations and γ2(vW), indicate that the Hoffmeister family should be 220^{+60}_{-40} Myr old, with an ejection parameter VEJ = 20 ± 5 m s-1.

  8. Communication in family businesses : Relationships between family and non-family managers


    Grytsaieva, Tetiana; Strandberg, Johan


    Problem: Family firms often comprise of a complex web of relationships between family and non-family managers that are active within the business. Family enterprises are also known for their closed communication and decision-making practices. It often occurs that families do not include non-family managers into important business-related discussions and do not consult their decisions with managers from outside of the family. At the same time, research in the area of family business defines th...

  9. The Rafita asteroid family (United States)

    Aljbaae, S.; Carruba, V.; Masiero, J. R.; Domingos, R. C.; Huaman, M.


    The Rafita asteroid family is an S-type group located in the middle main belt, on the right side of the 3J:-1A mean-motion resonance. The proximity of this resonance to the family left side in semi-major axis caused many former family members to be lost. As a consequence, the family shape in the (a, 1/D) domain is quite asymmetrical, with a preponderance of objects on the right side of the distribution. The Rafita family is also characterized by a leptokurtic distribution in inclination, which allows the use of methods of family age estimation recently introduced for other leptokurtic families such as Astrid, Hansa, Gallia, and Barcelona. In this work we propose a new method based on the behavior of an asymmetry coefficient function of the distribution in the (a, 1/D) plane to date incomplete asteroid families such as Rafita. By monitoring the time behavior of this coefficient for asteroids simulating the initial conditions at the time of the family formation, we were able to estimate that the Rafita family should have an age of 490 ± 200 Myr, in good agreement with results from independent methods such as Monte Carlo simulations of Yarkovsky and Yorp dynamical induced evolution and the time behaviour of the kurtosis of the sin (i) distribution. Asteroids from the Rafita family can reach orbits similar to 8% of the currently known near Earth objects. ≃1% of the simulated objects are present in NEO-space during the final 10 Myr of the simulation, and thus would be comparable to objects in the present-day NEO population.

  10. Assessment of Troubled Families. (United States)

    Combs-Orme, Terri; Thomas, Katherine H.


    Tests the utility of four standardized instruments used in assessing 105 families that sought services in a juvenile corrections setting for their teenage children. Results demonstrate that parents and adolescents can complete standardized assessment instruments and that the information provided can help in understanding distressed families. (RJM)

  11. The Family Victivallaceae

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Plugge, C.M.; Zoetendal, E.G.


    The family Victivallaceae is a member of the order Victivallales and holds only two cultured representatives: Victivallis vadensis strain CelloT and the uncharacterized strain NML 080035. They are Gram-negative, nonmotile, and anaerobic. Within the family as well as the order, cloned 16S rRNA gene s

  12. Golden Matrix Families (United States)

    Fontaine, Anne; Hurley, Susan


    This student research project explores the properties of a family of matrices of zeros and ones that arises from the study of the diagonal lengths in a regular polygon. There is one family for each n greater than 2. A series of exercises guides the student to discover the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the matrices, which leads in turn to…

  13. Helping Friends and Family (United States)

    ... chapter Join our online community Helping Friends and Family Part of living well with Alzheimer’s is adjusting to your “new normal” and helping family and friends do the same. Knowing what to ...

  14. America's Family Time Famine. (United States)

    Mattox, Jr., William R.


    Parents spend increasingly less time with their children because of the pressures of dual careers and single parenthood. Economic pressures and social values have affected sharing of family time. Studies show both parents and children consider spending time together the most important element in improving family life. (BC)

  15. Marriage or Family Therapy. (United States)

    Haley, Jay


    Reviews the differences between family therapy and marriage counseling in terms of professional organization, theory, and practice. Suggests that training in marriage therapy does not appear adequate for family therapy. The goal of the therapy field should be more consensus in theory and a single profession of therapists. (JAC)

  16. Narrative Family Therapy. (United States)

    Walsh, William M.; Keenan, Robert


    States that narrative family therapy is informed by social constructionism and postmodern worldviews, and is a relatively significant departure from mainstream psychotherapy. Discusses the use of narrative family therapy. Uses the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as an example. (MKA)

  17. Closure Issues with Families. (United States)

    Craig, Steven E.; Bischof, Gary H.

    Closure of the counseling relationship constitutes both an ending and a beginning. Although closure signifies the ending of the present counseling relationship, many family counselors conceptualize closure as the start of a working relationship between counselor and family that may be summoned in future times of crisis or during a difficult life…

  18. Selecting Family Interventions. (United States)

    Watts, Richard E.

    Just as counseling approaches designed for individuals have their theory-specific techniques, family counseling approaches also have theory-specific interventions and strategies. Whatever presenting problem the family brings to counseling, one or more of four essential components (communication, problem solving, roles and boundaries) is typically…

  19. Family Report 2011

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Freek Bucx


    Original title: Gezinsrapport 2011. Between 2007 and 2010 the Netherlands had its first ever Minister for Youth and Family. The position of the family in modern society is a subject of considerable debate, not just at political and policy level, but also in society itself. Voices are frequently hea

  20. Privacy in the family

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Newell, Bryce; Metoyer, Cheryl A.; Moore, Adam D.


    Popular access to increasingly sophisticated forms of electronic surveillance technologies has altered the dynamics of family relationships. Monitoring, mediated and facilitated by practices of both covert and overt electronic surveillance, has changed the nature of privacy within the family. In thi

  1. Changing Families, Changing Workplaces (United States)

    Bianchi, Suzanne M.


    American families and workplaces have both changed dramatically over the past half-century. Paid work by women has increased sharply, as has family instability. Education-related inequality in work hours and income has grown. These changes, says Suzanne Bianchi, pose differing work-life issues for parents at different points along the income…

  2. Fighting for the family

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Heiselberg, Maj Hedegaard


    The article explores how military deployment affects the everyday lives of Danish soldiers’ families. By approaching the challenges faced by soldiers and their partners from an anthropological perspective of the family, the article provides new insights into the social consequences of military...... deployment and the processes of militarization at home. Drawing on ethnographic examples from recent fieldwork among women, children, and soldiers at different stages of deployment, the article demonstrates how soldiers and their families attempt to live up to ideals about parenthood and family by creating...... ‘relational spaces’ that allow them to preserve intimate relationships despite geographical distances. Besides dealing with the practical responsibilities of everyday life, soldiers’ partners also fight to maintain the sense of closeness associated with normative ideals about family relations and a ‘good...

  3. Maintenance of family networks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    marsico, giuseppina; Chaudhary, N; Valsiner, Jaan


    Families are social units that expand in time (across generations) and space (as a geographically distributed sub-structures of wider kinship networks). Understanding of intergenerational family relations thus requires conceptualization of communication processes that take place within a small...... collective of persons linked with one another by a flexible social network. Within such networks, Peripheral Communication Patterns set the stage for direct everyday life activities within the family context. Peripheral Communication Patterns are conditions where one family network member (A) communicates...... manifestly with another member (B) with the aim of bringing the communicative message to the third member (C) who is present but is not explicitly designated as the manifest addressee of the intended message. Inclusion of physically non-present members of the family network (elders living elsewhere, deceased...

  4. Genetics of familial melanoma

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aoude, Lauren G; Wadt, Karin A W; Pritchard, Antonia L


    Twenty years ago, the first familial melanoma susceptibility gene, CDKN2A, was identified. Two years later, another high-penetrance gene, CDK4, was found to be responsible for melanoma development in some families. Progress in identifying new familial melanoma genes was subsequently slow; however......, with the advent of next-generation sequencing, a small number of new high-penetrance genes have recently been uncovered. This approach has identified the lineage-specific oncogene MITF as a susceptibility gene both in melanoma families and in the general population, as well as the discovery of telomere...... maintenance as a key pathway underlying melanoma predisposition. Given these rapid recent advances, this approach seems likely to continue to pay dividends. Here, we review the currently known familial melanoma genes, providing evidence that most additionally confer risk to other cancers, indicating...

  5. Familial malignant melanoma

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kopf, A.W.; Hellman, L.J.; Rogers, G.S.; Gross, D.F.; Rigel, D.S.; Friedman, R.J.; Levenstein, M.; Brown, J.; Golomb, F.M.; Roses, D.F.; Gumport, S.L.


    Characteristics associated with familial compared with nonfamilial malignant melanoma were assessed. These data were obtained from consecutive prospectively completed questionnaires on 1169 cases of cutaneous malignant melanoma. Of these, 69 patients indicated a positive family history for this cancer. Among the various clinical and histological variables compared, those that significantly correlated with the familial occurrence of malignant melanoma include younger age at first diagnosis, smaller diameter of the lesion, lower Clark level, decreased frequency of nonmelanoma skin cancer, and reduced prevalence of noncutaneous cancer. Increased awareness of malignant melanoma among family members could account for some of these observations. Identification of the familial variety of malignant melanoma has practical implications concerning early detection and prompt intervention.

  6. 75 FR 17946 - Family Report, MTW Family Report (United States)


    ... URBAN DEVELOPMENT Family Report, MTW Family Report AGENCY: Office of the Chief Information Officer, HUD... understand demographic, family profile, income, and housing information for participants in the Public... Following Information Title of Proposal: Family Report, MTW Family Report. OMB Approval Number:...

  7. Family Reconstruction: The Family within-a Group Experience. (United States)

    Satir, Virginia; And Others


    Presents Virginia Satir's Family Reconstruction, a group therapy experience that blends and extends her 1982 process therapy and 1983 conjoint family therapy approaches. Describes the family reconstruction process, the review of family reconstruction data in the pregroup interview, the family reconstruction process in the counseling group, and the…

  8. [Family oriented nursing care]. (United States)

    Lima-Rodríguez, Joaquin Salvador; Lima-Serrano, Marta; Sáez-Bueno, Africa


    Nursing has experienced an important methodological development, in which it gives priority to the individual, although at a socioeconomic level a marked interest is seen in the health care of the family unit and the NANDA (North American Nursing Diagnosis Association), NIC (Nursing Interventions Classification) and NOC (Nursing Outcomes Classification) nursing guidelines, using diagnoses, criteria of results and interventions orientated towards this aim. We consider to the family as an opened system consisted of human elements, with a common history, which they form a functional unit been ruled by own procedure. In this paper we look at those aspects that must be taken into account in nursing assessment of families from a systemic perspective, including some tools for data collection and analysis of information. In addition, we identify specific areas of intervention. We believe that the family must be studied from a nursing care point of view with its own characteristics as opposed to those possessed individually by each of its members. We also believe that, when assessment is centred on the Henderson unaided activities study or the Gordon functional health patterns, they are not useful in assessing the family unit. This work offers an assessment method centred on the family unit, which helps to identify the nursing diagnoses applicable to it. Our proposal, which has been successfully used by nursing students over the last few years, hopes to contribute to quality clinical practice with a tool orientated towards the family.

  9. Family Background and Entrepreneurship

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lindquist, Matthew J.; Sol, Joeri; Van Praag, Mirjam

    Vast amounts of money are currently being spent on policies aimed at promoting entrepreneurship. The success of such policies, however, rests in part on the assumption that individuals are not ‘born entrepreneurs’. In this paper, we assess the importance of family background and neighborhood...... treatment within families by gender and birth order does little to further increase our estimates of the importance of family-wide factors. We then go on to show that neighborhood effects, sibling peer effects, and parental income and education explain very little of these correlations. Parental...

  10. The Family Saprospiraceae

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    McIlroy, Simon Jon; Nielsen, Per Halkjær


    The Saprospiraceae, a family within the order Sphingobacteriales and the phylum Bacteroidetes, embrace the genera Saprospira, Lewinella, Haliscomenobacter, Aureispira, ‘‘Rubidimonas,’’ and ‘‘Portibacter.’’ The composition of the family, and delineation of genera and species, is largely defined...... associated with predation of other bacteria and algae. Family members are likely important in the breakdown of complex organic compounds in the environment. Such a role is at least demonstrated in situ for activated sludge wastewater treatment systems where these organisms are frequently observed...

  11. The contribution of familiness to the performance of family businesses

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    W. P. Venter


    Full Text Available While family businesses are known to consistently outperform non-family businesses in financial terms over the long run, family businesses have received comparatively little attention from researchers. In this article an explanation is offered for this superior performance in the form of the concept of "familiness" - the unique contribution that family involvement brings to any business (which is divided into founder capital and family capital. It is explained that family businesses possess no general competitive advantage over non-family businesses. The unique strength of successful family businesses does not lie in their espoused advantages, but in their ability to sustain and adapt, through family capital, the culture created by the founder. An evolutionary conceptual model of the creation and transmission of familiness is provided to explain how this unique strength influences family business performance over the long run.

  12. Product Family Assessment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kvist, Morten

    product this will in time lead to a patchwork of product variants, features, parts, and process technologies – i.e. a product family so complex that it becomes a burden in the companies’ daily operation. As a consequence there has been an increase in the number of companies that are beginning to change...... their focus from single products to entire product families and try to incorporate the development of product variety into a future product family. The key is to create fit between the product design and production setup. The challenge of understanding this fit and modelling dispositional relations between...... the existing product design and the production setup with an eye re-design the products and/or the production setup is the main topic for this research project. This research contributes with a visual modelling formalism which has its basis in the Product Family Master Plan (PFMP) presented in the work of Ulf...

  13. Asbestos: Protect Your Family (United States)

    ... Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Contact Us Protect Your Family How to Identify Materials That May Contain Asbestos ... Improper removal may actually increase your and your family’s exposure to asbestos fibers. Top of Page Asbestos ...

  14. Family Weight School treatment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nowicka, Paulina; Höglund, Peter; Pietrobelli, Angelo


    OBJECTIVE: The aim was to evaluate the efficacy of a Family Weight School treatment based on family therapy in group meetings with adolescents with a high degree of obesity. METHODS: Seventy-two obese adolescents aged 12-19 years old were referred to a childhood obesity center by pediatricians...... and school nurses and offered a Family Weight School therapy program in group meetings given by a multidisciplinary team. Intervention was compared with an untreated waiting list control group. Body mass index (BMI) and BMI z-scores were calculated before and after intervention. RESULTS: Ninety percent...... group with initial BMI z-score 3.5. CONCLUSIONS: Family Weight School treatment model might be suitable for adolescents with BMI z...

  15. Everyday Family Life

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Westerling, Allan


    What are the implications of ongoing processes of modernization and individualization for social relations in everyday life? This overall research question is the pivotal point in empirical studies at the Centre of Childhood-, Youth- and Family Life Research at Roskilde University. One research...... project takes a social psychological approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods in a longitudinal study of family life. The knowledge interest of the project is the constitution of communality and individuality in everyday family life. This article presents the theoretical framework...... and the conceptualization of everyday family life of the social psychological research agenda in this field. The main line of argument is that ongoing modernization is synonymous with accelerated processes of detraditionalization and individualization. This calls for a re-conceptualisation of ‘the family’ which enables...

  16. Unique Family Living Situations (United States)

    ... be treated with medicine?ResourcesAmerican Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Divorce and Children Last Updated: January 2017 This article was contributed by: editorial staff Tags: Adolescent, child, Psychiatric and Psychologic Emotional Well-Being, Family ...

  17. Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (United States)

    ... have a de novo (new) mutation in the APC gene. Most colorectal cancer is sporadic, meaning it occurs by chance, and ... a mutation in the APC gene. If an APC gene mutation is found, other family members may be ... tumor ...

  18. Familial Periodic Paralyses (United States)

    ... and less severe than the hypokalemic form. Muscle spasms are common. × Definition Familial periodic paralyses are a ... and less severe than the hypokalemic form. Muscle spasms are common. View Full Definition Treatment Treatment of ...

  19. Children and Families: 1984? (United States)

    Bronfenbrenner, Urie


    In order to develop normally, children need emotional involvement and shared activities with one or more adult(s). Public policy in the United States, unlike that of most industrialized societies, is not supportive of family life. (Author/GC)

  20. School and Family Life (United States)

    ... What Parents Need to Know Developing Your Child's Self-Esteem Disciplining Your Child Disciplining Your Child With Special ... Baby When a Parent is Deployed When a Pet Dies Family Life 5 Ways to Bully-Proof ...





    The role of women in family businesses is explored in the paper. Although recognized as generally very important players, the role of women is often defined as invisible in business decision-making, supportive in men’s traditional business domains and only rarelyadequately recognized and rewarded. The paper explores possible differences in the views of men and women who manage small family firms. Their attitudes opposing the traditional business roles ofwomen, different views on managerial, o...

  2. Familial adenomatous polyposis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bülow, Steffen


    Familial adenomatous polyposis is an autosomal dominant disease that includes early development of up to thousands of colorectal adenomas and several extracolonic manifestations. All untreated patients will develop colorectal adenocarcinoma. The treatment of choice is colectomy and ileorectal ana...... a national or regional polyposis register. The recent detection of a specific gene for familial adenomatous polyposis is a long step forward, and several problems may be solved by increasing international cooperation....

  3. Fixpoints vs Moore Families

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhang, Fuyuan; Nielson, Flemming; Nielson, Hanne Riis


    of a CTL formula can be described as the least element in a Moore family of acceptable sets of states for the static analysis. Turning the attention to the μ-calculus we are able to generalise this result to the alternation-free fragment whereas even for the fragment of alternation depth 2 we show...... that the fixed point characterisation cannot be recast as a Moore family property....

  4. Family Demands, Social Support and Family Functioning in Taiwanese Families Rearing Children with Down Syndrome (United States)

    Hsiao, C-Y.


    Background: Down syndrome (DS) affects not only children but also their families. Much remains to be learned about factors that influence how families of children with DS function, especially families in non-Western populations. The purpose of this cross-sectional, correlational study was to examine how family demographics, family demands and…

  5. Myth of the Perfect Family (United States)

    ... Spread the Word Shop AAP Find a Pediatrician Family Life Medical Home Family Dynamics Adoption & Foster Care ... Español Text Size Email Print Share The "Perfect" Family Page Content Article Body Is there such a ...

  6. Familial gastric cancer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bresciani Cláudio


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Familial aggregation of gastric cancer has pointed out to a possible hereditary and genetic factor involved in the carcinogenesis of this disease. The diffuse type gastric cancer patients are frequently younger and the tumor has locally infiltrative growth pattern early in its development. Observation of families with frequent early onset gastric cancer has led to the identification of a novel gene implicated in gastric cancer susceptibility: CDH1/E-cadherin. Diffuse familiar gastric cancer is defined as any family presenting: two first-degree relatives with diffuse gastric cancer, one of them with age under 50 years or at least 3 first-degree relatives irrespective age of onset. CASE REPORT: The family reported by us does not fit in any of the classification proposed. The precise identification of these families by clinical and molecular tools is of great importance. The case reported is an example of a family that probably is a form of hereditary gastric cancer not yet fully understood. CONCLUSION: Soon there will be new criteria, possibly including genetic and molecular characteristics.

  7. The intersubjectivity of family consumption

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Linnet, Jeppe Trolle

    This study of everyday consumption is based on an ethnographic fieldwork conducted among four Danish middle-class families in Copenhagen, from which an illustrative example of family car purchase is drawn. By introducing two new concepts to the study of family consumption; intra-family consumer...... identity and family scape, I analyze how family members negotiate purchase decisions, and relate to each other’s preferences and desires, as well as those of other families. I consider how family members' interrelations as consumers and long-term negotiations over symbolic meanings of consumption...

  8. Changing families, changing workplaces. (United States)

    Bianchi, Suzanne M


    American families and workplaces have both changed dramatically over the past half-century. Paid work by women has increased sharply, as has family instability. Education-related inequality in work hours and income has grown. These changes, says Suzanne Bianchi, pose differing work-life issues for parents at different points along the income distribution. Between 1975 and 2009, the labor force rate of mothers with children under age eighteen increased from 47.4 percent to 71.6 percent. Mothers today also return to work much sooner after the birth of a child than did mothers half a century ago. High divorce rates and a sharp rise in the share of births to unmarried mothers mean that more children are being raised by a single parent, usually their mother. Workplaces too have changed, observes Bianchi. Today's employees increasingly work nonstandard hours. The well-being of highly skilled workers and less-skilled workers has been diverging. For the former, work hours may be long, but income has soared. For lower-skill workers, the lack of "good jobs" disconnects fathers from family obligations. Men who cannot find work or have low earnings potential are much less likely to marry. For low-income women, many of whom are single parents, the work-family dilemma is how to care adequately for children and work enough hours to support them financially. Jobs for working-class and lower middle-class workers are relatively stable, except in economic downturns, but pay is low, and both parents must work full time to make ends meet. Family income is too high to qualify for government subsidized child care, but too low to afford high-quality care in the private market. These families struggle to have a reasonable family life and provide for their family's economic well-being. Bianchi concludes that the "work and family" problem has no one solution because it is not one problem. Some workers need more work and more money. Some need to take time off around the birth of a child

  9. Family planning Indonesia. (United States)

    Singarimbun, M


    The growth of family planning activities in Indonesia in the Postwar period is traced; and future prospects for family planning are assessed. Transmigration projects initiated by the Dutch and supported by President Sukarno after Indonesian independence as a means of decreasing population pressure on the island of Java, are identified as the only official response to the population problem until 1965. In the face of the government's opposition to the idea of birth control as a population control measure, the activities of the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA) after its founding in 1957 were limited to advising mothers on spacing of their children for health reasons. Statements made in support of a national family planning program by government officials at a 1967 IPPA Congress and on other occasions are noted. The major components of an approved national family planning program to start in 1969 are described. However, the government's policy as of late 1967 and early 1968 is characterized as one of mainly benevolent encouragement and help to voluntary organizations. The chief impediment to family planning in Indonesia is said to be a lack of motivation and the force of traditional values that favor large families. On the positive side are: 1) Studies showing considerable interest in birth control by the rural population; 2) A long history of traditional birth control practices; 3) The absence of outright opposition by religious groups to the principle of family planning. However, financial costs, the need for the training of personnel, and a general unawareness of the magnitude of the task lying ahead constitute other formidable obstacles.

  10. Familial pancreatic cancer. (United States)

    Klein, A P; Hruban, R H; Brune, K A; Petersen, G M; Goggins, M


    Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the United States and will be responsible for an estimated 28,900 deaths in 2001. Relatively little is known of its etiology, and the only well-established risk factor is cigarette smoking. Studies over the past 3 decades have shown that 4%-16% of patients with pancreatic cancer have a family history of the disease. A small fraction of this aggregation can be accounted for in inherited cancer syndromes, including familial atypical multiple-mole melanoma, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, hereditary breast-ovarian cancer, hereditary pancreatitis, and hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. These syndromes arise as a result of germline mutations in the BRCA2, pl6 (familial atypical multiple-mole melanoma), mismatch repair (hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer), and STK11 (Peutz-Jeghers syndrome) genes. In addition, hereditary plays a role in predisposing certain patients with apparently sporadic pancreatic cancer. Many patients with pancreatic cancers caused by a germline mutation in a cancer-causing gene do not have a pedigree that is suggestive of a familial cancer syndrome. A recent prospective analysis of the pedigrees in the National Familial Pancreatic Tumor Registry found that individuals with a family history of pancreatic cancer in multiple first-degree relatives have a high risk of pancreatic cancer themselves. The identification of such high-risk individuals will help clinicians target screening programs and develop preventive interventions with the hope of reducing the mortality of pancreatic cancer in these families.

  11. 75 FR 9247 - Single Family Mortgage Insurance Premium, Single Family (United States)


    ... URBAN DEVELOPMENT Single Family Mortgage Insurance Premium, Single Family AGENCY: Office of the Chief... the Single Family Premium Collection Subsystem-Upfront (SFPCS-U) to remit the upfront premium to... manage and process upfront single family mortgage insurance premium collections and corrections to...

  12. Engaging Families in In-Home Family Intervention (United States)

    Thompson, Ronald W.; Koley, Sarah


    Boys Town has created a program called In-Home Family Services to deliver help to families in stress. In-home family intervention programs have become widely used to help more families who are at risk and experiencing difficulties with a wide range of problems including domestic violence, child behavior problems, parent-child and family…

  13. Use of family management styles in family intervention research. (United States)

    Alderfer, Melissa A


    Family management styles (FMSs) explain some of the complexities embedded in a family with a child who has chronic illness. The FMS typologies provide descriptions of family adjustment and management of care. These 5 distinct patterns may be valuable in tailoring and evaluating family interventions in research.

  14. Acculturation gaps in Vietnamese immigrant families: Impact on family relationships


    Ho, Joyce; Birman, Dina


    Vietnamese immigrants in the United States face acculturation challenges involving the individual, family, and community. Experts suggest that immigrant family members acculturate at different rates resulting in an acculturation gap, which negatively influences family adjustment. In this study we examined the degree and patterns of acculturation differences between 104 first generation immigrant Vietnamese adolescents and their parents, and whether acculturation gap affected family relationsh...

  15. Opportunity NYC--Family Rewards: Qualitative Study of Family Communication (United States)

    Fraker, Carolyn A.; Greenberg, David


    Aimed at low-income families in six of New York City's highest-poverty communities, the Family Rewards program ties cash rewards to a pre-specified set of activities. This paper presents the qualitative findings from interviews with 77 families. It examines how families incorporated the program into their households, and specifically the…

  16. Family focused nursing education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. A. E. Thompson


    Full Text Available At the present time the majority of nurse education programmes are firmly tied to the perspectives of curative medicine within hospitals - they are disease and hospital oriented. This model, which indicates a 'sickness’ concept of nursing is entirely inappropriate if contemporary and future health care needs are to be met. The shift in education should be towards a health, family and whole person centered approach. The family is the most fundamental and dynamic unit in society with a profound influence upon its members. Besides performing a variety of other functions, the family has a central role in promoting and maintaining the health of its members. Because the family unit is the microcosm of society and accurately reflects the needs of society at large it is appropriate that this should be a key area of experience. Family attachments during training provide opportunities for close and committed contact with people in their everyday world and for learning what is really important to them.

  17. [The LDL receptor family]. (United States)

    Meilinger, Melinda


    The members of the LDL receptor family are structurally related endocytic receptors. Our view on these receptors has considerably changed in recent years. Not only have new members of the family been identified, but also several interesting observations have been published concerning the biological function of these molecules. The LDL receptor family members are able to bind and internalize a plethora of ligands; as a consequence, they play important roles in diverse physiological processes. These receptors are key players in the lipoprotein metabolism, vitamin homeostasis, Ca2+ homeostasis, cell migration, and embryonic development. Until recently, LDL receptor family members were thought to be classic endocytic receptors that provide cells with metabolites on one hand, while regulating the concentration of their ligands in the extracellular fluids on the other hand. However, recent findings indicate that in addition to their cargo transport function, LDL receptor family members can act as signal transducers, playing important roles in the development of the central nervous system or the skeleton. Better understanding of physiological and pathophysiological functions of these molecules may open new avenues for the treatment or prevention of many disorders.

  18. Familial pituitary adenomas. (United States)

    Vandeva, S; Vasilev, V; Vroonen, L; Naves, L; Jaffrain-Rea, M-L; Daly, A F; Zacharieva, S; Beckers, A


    Pituitary adenomas are benign intracranial neoplasms that present a major clinical concern because of hormonal overproduction or compression symptoms of adjacent structures. Most arise in a sporadic setting with a small percentage developing as a part of familial syndromes such as multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1), Carney complex (CNC), and the recently described familial isolated pituitary adenomas (FIPA) and MEN-4. While the genetic alterations responsible for the formation of sporadic adenomas remain largely unknown, considerable advances have been made in defining culprit genes in these familial syndromes. Mutations in MEN1 and PRKAR1A genes are found in the majority of MEN1 and CNC patients, respectively. About 15% of FIPA kindreds present with mutations of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor-interacting protein (AIP) gene. Mutations in the CDKN1B gene, encoding p27(Kip)¹ were identified in MEN4 cases. Familial tumours appear to differ from their sporadic counterparts not only in genetic basis but also in clinical characteristics. Evidence suggests that, especially in MEN1 and FIPA, they are more aggressive and affect patients at younger age, therefore justifying the importance of early diagnosis. In this review, we summarize the genetic and clinical characteristics of these familial pituitary adenomas.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mr Anshu


    Full Text Available The role of women in family businesses is explored in the paper. Although recognized as generally very important players, the role of women is often defined as invisible in business decision-making, supportive in men’s traditional business domains and only rarelyadequately recognized and rewarded. The paper explores possible differences in the views of men and women who manage small family firms. Their attitudes opposing the traditional business roles ofwomen, different views on managerial, ownership and transition issues and possible gender discrimination are examined. The findings support the paradigm of a different, more feminine style of management, while signs of discrimination are not clearly revealed. This paper is based on a research intended to provide acomparative analysis of the status of women entrepreneurs and men entrepreneurs in Family Business in India. It first draws demographic & psychographic profiles of women and men entrepreneurs in family business, identifies & addresses operational problems faced by women and men entrepreneurs in family business, draws theirinclination for future plans for growth and expansion and also for the furtherance of research on women entrepreneurs in India.

  20. Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine Qingre Lishi Yin on Expressions of IL-6mRNA and IL-8mRNA and IL-10mRNA and Secretion of IL-8 and IL-10 in HaCaT Cells%中药清热利湿饮对HaCaT细胞表达IL-6mRNA、IL-8mRNA、IL-10mRNA及分泌IL-8、IL-10的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    范玉; 杜锡贤; 张春红



  1. Understanding Family Interaction Patterns in Families With Alzheimer's Disease. (United States)

    Schaber, Patricia; Blair, Kate; Jost, Ellen; Schaffer, Molly; Thurner, Emily


    This qualitative study explores the dynamic changes that occur in family interaction patterns when Alzheimer's disease is present. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 15 participants who have a family member with the disease. Using modified analytic induction, guided by the dimensions of the Family Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO) Model, participants shared how Alzheimer's disease affected family structure, control dynamics, and intimacy among family members. Findings demonstrate that (a) families reorganize and restructure based on geographic proximity and shifting roles, act out of filial responsibility, and strive to preserve shared meanings and rituals; (b) decision making increases around care of the person with Alzheimer's disease and shifts to the primary caregiver or other family members based on their abilities; and (c) expressions of intimacy intensify while personality is preserved in the person with the disease. The Family FIRO model can inform practitioners using family-centered care with families with Alzheimer's disease.

  2. Understanding family member suicide narratives by investigating family history. (United States)

    Ratnarajah, Dorothy; Maple, Myfanwy; Minichiello, Victor


    The complex family environments in which a suicide death had previously occurred were explored in a qualitative study of narratives of suicide-bereaved participants. The participants searched for reasons why the suicide occurred in their family. Family patterning stories and the context of the environment in which the suicide death occurred provided an additional depth of meaning into the relational aspects of the family. Fractured families emerged as an important theme. Shared in the narratives were stories of conditions within the family that may have contributed to vulnerability towards persistent negative feelings about their lives, their family, and their future. The study also identifies the strengths of family culture that led to resilience in the suicide bereaved. These stories highlight the importance of support for those bereaved by the suicide of a close family member and the issues that places people in vulnerable situations that perhaps may explain the increased risk of suicide for those bereaved family members.

  3. Families from Supergroups

    CERN Document Server

    Barr, S M


    As was shown in 1984 by Caneschi, Farrar, and Schwimmer, decomposing representations of the supergroup SU(M|N), can give interesting anomaly-free sets of fermion representations of SU(M) x SU(N) x U(1). It is shown here that such groups can be used to construct realistic grand unified models with non-abelian gauged family symmetries. A particularly simple three-family example based on SU(5) x SU(2) x U(1) is studied. The forms of the mass matrices, including that of the right-handed neutrinos, are determined in terms of SU(2) Clebsch coefficients. Models of this type would have a rich phenomenology if part of the family symmetry is broken near the electroweak scale.

  4. Innovation in Family Firms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Filser, Matthias; Brem, Alexander; Gast, Johanna


    Over the past decade, research on innovation in family firms has received growing attention by scholars and practitioners around the globe with a wide range of aspects explored within the current body of literature. Despite the constantly growing number of scientific publications, research lacks...... a comprehensive and critical review of past and present research achievements. First, conducting a bibliometric analysis with a focus on innovation in family firms, we identify five topical clusters that help to understand the foundations of recent findings: namely ownership and governance, structural settings......, organizational culture and behaviour, resources, and innovation and strategy. Second, based on a thorough literature review the major research avenues are reflected. The comparison of the results of both analyses showed the following areas for future research on family firm innovation: members‘ individual human...

  5. The Family Startup Program

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Trillingsgaard, Tea; Maimburg, Rikke Damkjær; Simonsen, Marianne


    Background: Inadequate parenting is an important public health problem with possible severe and long-term consequences related to child development. We have solid theoretical and political arguments in favor of efforts enhancing the quality of the early family environment in the population at large....... However, little is known about effect of universal approaches to parenting support during the transition to parenthood. This protocol describes and experimental evaluation of group based parenting support, the Family Startup Program (FSP), currently implemented large scale in Denmark. Methods....../design: Participants will be approximately 2500 pregnant women and partners. Inclusion criteria are parental age above 18 and the mother expecting first child. Families are recruited when attending routine pregnancy scans provided as a part of the publicly available prenatal care program at Aarhus University Hospital...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The Idea of approach to maintain small family norm in the family and so to the society is the hope for almost all of the couples as the saying -"Small family is a happy family". And every couple always thinks and plan for a safer and better future.





    The Idea of approach to maintain small family norm in the family and so to the society is the hope for almost all of the couples as the saying -"Small family is a happy family". And every couple always thinks and plan for a safer and better future.

  8. Gendered Discourse about Family Business (United States)

    Danes, Sharon M.; Haberman, Heather R.; McTavish, Donald


    Language patterns of family business owners were explored by identifying discourse styles and emphasized ideas in four presenting contexts: business, family, intersection of family and business, and business success. The content analysis supports the existence of a general discourse style within family businesses and of similarities and…

  9. 75 FR 63753 - Family Offices (United States)


    ... family, provides advice to a broader group of clients and much more resembles the business model common... investment advisory business, and not a family managing its own wealth. 2. Ownership and Control We propose... feature helped distinguish these family offices from the family-run investment advisory businesses...

  10. The Economy, Families and Schools (United States)

    Williamson, Ronald


    The recession has impacted American families and the schools their children attend like nothing in recent memory. Many families continue to struggle with the impact of joblessness. The number of homeless children and youth is staggering. Families struggle with access to health care, growing hunger and greater instability in the family unit.…



    Dr. V.N. Sreekumar


    Abstract                           The family is based on and supports primary relations. It provides Very serious especially if the parents don't get along, Insecurity, instability, problems in school, at home, etc. Counseling is always helpful, someone non-biased so the child feels they can trust someone. Children that come from broken families will most likely have a difficult time in life, struggle and turn to drug abuse or other negative behavior. Some kids get made fun of and have ...

  12. My Family s Looks

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    I have a happy family.There are three people in my family: My mother, my father and I. Let me tell you about my family’s looks: My father has short straight hair and bright black eyes. He is medium build and he is very tall. He is such a good teacher that all of us love and respect him. He likes telling jokes. He never stops talking. I love my hand- some father just because he loves me. My mother is a kind and gentle woman. She has long curly fair hair. She is tall and slim. I think she is beautiful. But no...

  13. 解密"family"

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ 小朋友们,你一定熟悉"family"这个单词吧,它的意思是"家,家庭".提起它,你是否会想到自己的爸爸和妈妈呢?为什么?因为"family"这个单词本身就包含了爸爸和妈妈,而且还表达了对他们的爱呢!下面就听我细细地为你解读吧!

  14. Familial hemicrania continua. (United States)

    Weatherall, Mark W; Bahra, Anish


    There are now three known causative genes for familial hemiplegic migraine and increasing evidence to support a genetic predisposition to the more common types of migraine with and without aura, and for cluster headache. We present the first reported case of familial hemicrania continua. A mother and daughter developed hemicrania continua at the same time of life. Both showed an absolute response to indometacin and at similar doses. Both also suffered from migraine with aura. We discuss the increasing support for a genetic predisposition to dysfunction of the pain system within the brain manifesting as primary headache.

  15. Another way to teach family: family nursing game

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carla Sílvia Neves da Nova Fernandes


    Full Text Available Current paper describes the application of an innovative strategy to teach family, within a hospital context, by sensitizing nurses on the family subject through the use of a game. Given the hospitalization of a relative, the family faces changes in its dynamics caused by the crisis it is exposed to. It is the relevance for including the family within the care process. Since nurses are expected to assume a key role for which they need specific competence to intervene in families when experiencing an eventual crisis. The in-service education becomes a strategy of generating new skills and enhances human capital to improve the quality of nursing care. Considering the importance of including family in the care context, a playful tool called Family Nursing Game has been invented for teaching the family, especially by passing a model of family intervention. The strategy is based on the belief of the existence of relationship between game and learning.

  16. Crowding and Family Relations (United States)

    Booth, Alan; Edwards, John N.


    The effect of household and neighborhood crowding on the relations between spouses, those between parents and children, and the relations among children are examined; a sample of urban families residing in conditions ranging from open to highly compressed provided the data for the investigation and multiple regression was used to analyze the…

  17. It Takes a Family

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts


    This podcast follows an African American man with diabetes and his family as they discuss living healthfully with diabetes.  Created: 11/1/2007 by National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP), a joint program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.   Date Released: 11/12/2007.

  18. Not Your Family Farm (United States)

    Tenopir, Carol; Baker, Gayle; Grogg, Jill E.


    The information industry continues to consolidate, just as agribusiness has consolidated and now dominates farming. Both the family farm and the small information company still exist but are becoming rarer in an age of mergers, acquisitions, and increased economies of scale. Small companies distinguish themselves by high quality, special themes,…

  19. The palm family (Arecaceae)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nadot, Sophie; Alapetite, Elodie; Baker, William J.


    Among the 416 angiosperm families, palms (Arecaceae) are striking in possessing almost all possible combinations of hermaphroditic and/or unisexual flowers, making them a particularly interesting subject for studies of the evolution of plant sexuality. The purpose of this review is to highlight...

  20. The colpitts oscillator family

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lindberg, Erik; Murali, K.; Tamasevicius, A.

    A tutorial study of the Colpitts oscillator family defined as all oscillators based on a nonlinear amplifier and a three- terminal linear resonance circuit with one coil and two capacitors. The original patents are investigated. The eigenvalues of the linearized Jacobian for oscillators based...

  1. Familial Crouzon syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Y Samatha


    Full Text Available Crouzon syndrome is an autosomal dominant condition of the craniosynostotic syndromes without syndactyly and with various dentofacial anomalies. Craniosynostosis, maxillary hypoplasia, shallow orbits, ocular proptosis and hypertelorism are the characteristic features of Crouzon syndrome. This report describes the variable clinical features in affected individuals over two generations of a family with dentofacial deformities and review of literature.

  2. Family Sequencing and Cooperation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Grundel, S.; Ciftci, B.B.; Borm, P.E.M.; Hamers, H.J.M.


    To analyze the allocation problem of the maximal cost savings of the whole group of jobs, we define and analyze a so-called corresponding cooperative family sequencing game which explicitly takes into account the maximal cost savings for any coalition of jobs. Using nonstandard techniques we prove t

  3. Family Play Therapy. (United States)

    Ariel, Shlomo

    This paper examines a case study of family play therapy in Israel. The unique contributions of play therapy are evaluated including the therapy's accessibility to young children, its richness and flexibility, its exposure of covert patterns, its wealth of therapeutic means, and its therapeutic economy. The systematization of the therapy attempts…

  4. Homozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Cuchel, Marina; Bruckert, Eric; Ginsberg, Henry N


    AIMS: Homozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia (HoFH) is a rare life-threatening condition characterized by markedly elevated circulating levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and accelerated, premature atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ACVD). Given recent insights into the...

  5. The Pycnogonid family Austrodecidae

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stock, J.H.


    DE PYCNOGONIDEN- FAMILIE AUSTRODECIDAE Toen mij, in 1954, uit Oslo een verzameling Pycnogonida van de „Norwegian Scientific Expedition to Tristan da Cunda 1937—1938“ ter bewerking werd opgezonden, kon ik niet vermoeden dat deze kleine collectie aanleiding zou geven tot een uitgebreide revisie van ee

  6. Family Constellations in Europe

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    A. Puur; L. Sakkeus; N. Schenk (Niels); A. Põldma


    textabstractThe importance of one’s family in times of need is unquestionable. Young children rely on their parents for proper living conditions, who in turn receive help from their aging parents in raising and caring for their children. There also comes a time when elderly parents themselves requir

  7. Serving Migrant Families, 1975. (United States)

    Oliver, Barbara, Ed.

    The directory describes services provided to migratory agricultural workers and their families, through the governmental and nongovernmental agencies interested in and responsible for their well-being. Agencies are grouped into: (1) United States government agencies, (2) North Carolina State government agencies, and (3) private organizations.…

  8. A Family of Mice

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ 一、故事内容 There is a family of mice in my house. They are father mouse, mother mouse and baby mouse. Baby mouse likes dancing. He is very cute. Father mouse likes watching TV. He likes the sports on TV best. These three mice are clever.

  9. Family Feathers. [Videotape Series]. (United States)


    Family Feathers is a set of 18 videotapes for parents of preschool children, created by the Alaska Native Home Base Video Project of the Tlingit and Haida Head Start Program. This series offers culturally relevant solutions to the challenges of parenting, drawing on practical advice from Tlingit and Haida parents, wisdom from elders, and some of…

  10. Transfers of Family Businesses to Non-Family Buyers - The Selling Business Family Perspective


    Sten, Jan


    This study focuses on business families and how they handle transitions such as business transfers. It also tries to shift the balance of research away from successions and towards business transfers as a key topic for family business researchers. In addition, it contributes to the family business research field by further highlighting the importance of the various different contributions in the family business from business family members other than the entrepreneurial founder. Based on ...

  11. Sinopec offers HK$10m to clean up affected beaches

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Sinopec has established a HK$10 million fund to assist green groups in cleaning up the millions of plastic pellets from a container ship that have been washed ashore on local beaches and fish farms. The 150 tons of polypropylene pellets were being shipped on board a freighter Yong Xin .lie 1 from Nansha Port to Shantou when signal l0 typhoon Vicente struck on ,luly 23. The pellets, in six containers, were blown into the sea. The pellets then washed onto the outlying islands of Hong Kong, stirring concerns over environmental damage to the ocean itself, as well as to marine life.

  12. Family size effects: a review. (United States)

    Wagner, M E; Schubert, H J; Schubert, D S


    Larger families are more frequent with early marriage and rapid birth of the first child. In larger families, child rearing becomes more rule ridden, less individualized, with corporal punishment and less investment of resources. Smaller families tend to result in higher IQ, academic achievement, and occupational performance. Large families produce more delinquents and alcoholics. Perinatal morbidity and mortality rates are higher in large families as birth weights decrease. Mothers of large families are at higher risk of several physical diseases. Common methodological errors are indicated and exemplary studies are described.

  13. Familial hypophosphatemic rickets

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sattur A


    Full Text Available Rickets is the failure of mineralization of osteoid and newly formed bones in a child skeleton. It is commonly associated with vitamin D deficiency; however, it can be because of a decrease in the serum phosphate levels leading to inadequate mineralization of cartilage and bone, consequent skeletal deformities, and growth retardation. The hypophosphatemic conditions that interfere in bone mineralization comprise many hereditary or acquired diseases. One of the hereditary types of hypophosphatemic rickets is the familial hypophosphatemic rickets. This rare variety was diagnosed in a 9-year-old patient who had come with a chief complaint of a missing tooth. In the present case, radiographic aspects of oral and systemic manifestations of familial hypophosphatemic rickets are highlighted.

  14. Designing Product Families

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Per Erik Elgård; Miller, Thomas Dedenroth


    Manufacturing companies that operate with products aimed at different market segments and applications are experiencing an increasing demand from customers who expect products to be tailored to their exact needs rather than accepting general products based on average customer needs. This trend ha...... led to a new business paradigm, "mass customization", where companies strive to provide highly customized products while still maintaining the efficiency of the classical mass production enterprise. One of the key factors in mass customization has been efficient use of product platforms...... as a foundation for the customization process, whereby the customized products become variants of a product family with a high degree of reuse and utilization of kinship between the individual variants.With this paper, we will discuss the development of platform based product families from three points of view...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adrián NAGY


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to examine the franchise as a form of enterprise in perspective to existing family businesses and how can they operate this way. Why is this form better for them, what advantages it has? In this case an ice cream shop’s economic inidicators were examined ,one which is owned by a hungarian family in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county who runs several shops like this. That is why this study was made, to find out if it is possible to run it sucsessfully and what costs does the newcomers in the franchise business network have to pay and how much is the time on the return of investments.

  16. Familial neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kvistgaard, Helene


    Familial neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus (FNDI) is characterized by severe low-solute polyuria and polydipisa. The disease is caused by a deficient neurosecretion of the antidiuretic hormone arginine vasopressin (AVP). The hormone is normally synthesized by the magnocellular neurons in the pa......Familial neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus (FNDI) is characterized by severe low-solute polyuria and polydipisa. The disease is caused by a deficient neurosecretion of the antidiuretic hormone arginine vasopressin (AVP). The hormone is normally synthesized by the magnocellular neurons...... as one sporadic case of early-onset diabetes insipidus. Genetic testing of the sporadic case of diabetes insipidus revealed a highly unusual mosaicism for a variation in the gene encoding the AVP receptor (AVPR2). This mosaicism had resulted in a partial phenotype and initial diagnostic difficulties...

  17. Familial reactive perforating collagenosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bhat Yasmeen


    Full Text Available Background: Reactive perforating collagenosis (RPC is one of the rare forms of transepidermal elimination in which genetically altered collagen is extruded from the epidermis. This disease usually starts in early childhood as asymptomatic umbilicated papules on extremities, and the lesions become more conspicuous with age. Aims: The objective of our study was to determine the clinico-pathological features of RPC and the response to various treatment modalities. Methods: Ten patients of RPC, belonging to five different families, were studied clinically. Various laboratory investigations were carried out and diagnosis was made by histopathology of the lesions. Patients were given various topical and oral treatments. Results: RPC is familial in most cases without any definite inheritance pattern. It begins in childhood and the lesions are usually recurrent and become profuse and large with age. Systemic diseases have no role in the onset of lesions. Conclusion: Oral and topical retinoids in combination with emollients is the best treatment option.

  18. Marriage and Family Therapy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    About the author: Chen Yiyun graduated from the Russian Language and Literature Departraent at Beijing University in 1964. She then enrolled at the Sociology Institute of the China Academy of Social Sciences in 1978. Upon graduation, she remained at the Institute as a research fellow. She later became editor-in-chief of the magazine Sociology Abroad. She translated and edited dozens of sociology books. In 1988, after she returned from the United States, she devoted herself to the research of sociology and marriage consultation. In 1993, Chen set up the Jinglun Family Science Center, a non-governmental organization which is a combination of scientific research and social practice. She organized scholars, social workers and volunteers from sectors of public health, education and legislation to conduct useful activities to promote democracy in the family, equality, health and civilization.

  19. Study of a family that overcomes poverty issues: family resilience?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Ángela Mattar Yunes


    Full Text Available Generally, researches with families focus the difficulties and the negative aspects of family life by bringing up their maladjustments and failures. The interest in family resilience contributes to change this logic by demonstrating the healthy aspects of the family world. Nevertheless, the term resilience presents ideological controversies which are more severe when the discussion is about families and poverty. In order to diminish these contradictions this study adopted a systemic concept of resilience which refers to “those processes that make possible to overcome adversities”. A case study was realized with a low income family who lived in a “very poor” neighborhood in the deep south of Brazil. The methodological strategies to the formal investigation of the family were: life history of the family using the principles of reflexive interview, genograms and data analyses through the approach of the grounded theory. The results showed that the family lived a number of risk experiences such as adoption, privation of basic needs, migration and diseases. Among the indicators of their abilities of “overcoming adversities”, emerged the belief system as the core of the discourses. The family showed that they value the interpersonal relationships through intra and extra familiar interactions based in the patterns of help, learning, affection and solidarity. During the crisis the family gives meaning to the difficulties in order to maintaining the situation controlled through cohesion, open communication, mutual respect and getting support of the extended family/ social network. The pos-adversity period is perceived as benefic and transforming as the family feels stronger and with feelings of solidarity, which is a mark of this family. Their attitude in relation to the neighborhood is active in the sense of promoting the welfare of other families who live in the same social address. Would those above identified processes be adequate to

  20. Enhancing family resilience through family narrative co-construction. (United States)

    Saltzman, William R; Pynoos, Robert S; Lester, Patricia; Layne, Christopher M; Beardslee, William R


    We draw upon family resilience and narrative theory to describe an evidence-based method for intervening with military families who are impacted by multiple wartime deployments and psychological, stress-related, or physical parental injuries. Conceptual models of familial resilience provide a guide for understanding the mechanics of how families respond and recover from exposure to extreme events, and underscore the role of specific family processes and interaction patterns in promoting resilient capabilities. Leading family theorists propose that the family's ability to make meaning of stressful and traumatic events and nurture protective beliefs are critical aspects of resilient adaptation. We first review general theoretical and empirical research contributions to understanding family resilience, giving special attention to the circumstances, challenges, needs, and strengths of American military families. Therapeutic narrative studies illustrate the processes through which family members acquire meaning-making capacities, and point to the essential role of parents' in facilitating discussions of stressful experiences and co-constructing coherent and meaningful narratives. This helps children to make sense of these experiences and develop capacities for emotion regulation and coping. Family-based narrative approaches provide a structured opportunity to elicit parents' and children's individual narratives, assemble divergent storylines into a shared family narrative, and thereby enhance members' capacity to make meaning of stressful experiences and adopt beliefs that support adaptation and growth. We discuss how family narratives can help to bridge intra-familial estrangements and re-engage communication and support processes that have been undermined by stress, trauma, or loss. We conclude by describing a family-based narrative intervention currently in use with thousands of military children and families across the USA.

  1. Family and Cultural Capital. The perspective of familiness


    Ortíz García, Pilar; Olaz Capitán, Ángel José; Monreal Martínez, Juan


    The influence of the family on a business, its commitment to the company and the values it conveys form a capital capable of influencing the global development of a business. This research analyzes family capital and in particular its cultural components as a resource influencing the direction of the company. Corporate culture as a guiding philosophy for family business strategy is a key factor in its success. In short, the cultural capital of a family business is a capac...

  2. The chicken SLAM family. (United States)

    Straub, Christian; Viertlboeck, Birgit C; Göbel, Thomas W


    The signaling lymphocytic activation molecule (SLAM) family of receptors is critically involved in the immune regulation of lymphocytes but has only been detected in mammals, with one member being present in Xenopus. Here, we describe the identification, cloning, and analysis of the chicken homologues to the mammalian SLAMF1 (CD150), SLAMF2 (CD48), and SLAMF4 (CD244, 2B4). Two additional chicken SLAM genes were identified and designated SLAMF3like and SLAM5like in order to stress that those two receptors have no clear mammalian counterpart but share some features with mammalian SLAMF3 and SLAMF5, respectively. Three of the chicken SLAM genes are located on chromosome 25, whereas two are currently not yet assigned. The mammalian and chicken receptors share a common structure with a V-like domain that lacks conserved cysteine residues and a C2-type Ig domain with four cysteines forming two disulfide bonds. Chicken SLAMF2, like its mammalian counterpart, lacks a transmembrane and cytoplasmic domain and thus represents a glycosyl-phosphatidyl-inositol-anchored protein. The cytoplasmic tails of SLAMF1 and SLAMF4 display two and four conserved immunoreceptor tyrosine-based switch motifs (ITSMs), respectively, whereas both chicken SLAMF3like and SLAMF5like have only a single ITSM. We have also identified the chicken homologues of the SLAM-associated protein family of adaptors (SAP), SAP and EAT-2. Chicken SAP shares about 70 % identity with mammalian SAP, and chicken EAT-2 is homologous to mouse EAT-2, whereas human EAT-2 is much shorter. The characterization of the chicken SLAM family of receptors and the SAP adaptors demonstrates the phylogenetic conservation of this family, in particular, its signaling capacities.

  3. What determines family structure?


    Blau, David M.; van der Klaauw, Wilbert


    We estimate the effects of policy and labor market variables on the fertility, union formation and dissolution, type of union (cohabiting versus married), and partner choices of the NLSY79 cohort of women. These demographic behaviors interact to determine the family structure experienced by the children of these women: living with the biological mother and the married or cohabiting biological father, a married or cohabiting step father, or no man. We find that the average wage rates available...

  4. Family planning: where now? (United States)

    Saunders, L


    The focus is in terms of family planning as an exercise in induced social change; the objective is to alter the reproductive patterns of societies sufficiently to bring about a significant reduction in fertility. The year 1974 emerges as the year in which family planning as a social movement achieved maturity and was confirmed as a legitimate area for national policy and programming, a year of determined and varied efforts to reduce population growth. In affirming the rights and responsibilities of people and the obligations of governments in population concerns, the Bucharest Conference conferred its seal of approval on a movement that had made considerable progress since it began early in the 19th century. The evolution of birth control as a social movement which began with Francis Place's printing and distributing contraceptive bills in 1820 was encouraged by other writings in England and the U.S. over the next 50 years. Several overlapping phases can be distinguished in the global response to a new sense of urgence regarding population concerns following World War 2. Moving from a global perspective to consideration of family planning as it exists in the programs of individual countries, the achievement is not so great and the prospects are less hopeful. Although it has had success as a social movement and is now accepted as a government responsibility, family planning programs still have a long way to go before they develop the scope, vigor, and versatility that is required for there to be widespread demographic change. 1 change that is needed is for a stronger and more visible political commitment and commitment on the basis of demographic rather than health or welfare reasons.

  5. Intermediate Family Therapy Skills



    The field of marriage and family therapy (MFT) has prospered since its beginnings nearly 50 years ago. In order to keep the field current and competitive with other related professions, empirical research is necessary. Although there has been an upsurge of research on the effectiveness and specialty areas of MFT, one area has been overlooked: skills. THe empirical research that has been performed has focused its attention on beginning therapists. The current research took the next step in...

  6. Tom’s family

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Tom’s family lives at Eighty-sixth King Street.Tom’s mother is a housewife and his father is a policeman.In the morning,Tom’s father goes to work and Tom goes to school.His father takes him to school every day.Tom’s mother stays at home and does the housework every day.She always eats lunch at noon.

  7. Family Planning Services

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    According to the China national programme of economic and social development, by 2000 the standard of living of Chinese people will have been fairly welloff. In order to accomplish the goal, the government has comprised the population development in the national social economic development programme. Family planning (FP) work will contribute to the general goal of social economy and development. Reform and open policy and establishment of socialist market economy sys

  8. Family Planning in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    China is a developing country with vast territory, numerous population and relatively poor economic foundation. The basic features of China's population are of great quantity and considerable annual increase of population as well as its uneven distribution in different regions. For improvement of living standard of the people,Chinese Government began to advocate family planning throughout this country in the beginning of the 1970s while a strenuous effort was made to develop economy.

  9. Psychoanalysis: a dysfunctional family? (United States)

    Grosskurth, P


    The discussion opens with an account of the author's mother's bizarre family in which a strong, charismatic grandmother maintained absolute control over her large family by encouraging a neurotic dependence in them through daily reports of their complaints. Getting interested in psychoanalysis in an effort to understand the dynamics of this dysfunctional family, the author, a biographer, turned to the study of Melanie Klein, becoming entranced by her ideas. Her research also revealed how Klein had discouraged her followers from developing ideas that diverged in any way from her own. Her portrait of the pioneer analyst provoked intense indignation. A similar pattern of absolute loyalty to his person and theories was to be found in Freud's Secret Committee, formed primarily as a means of getting rid of Jung who had been showing disturbing signs of independence. When Ferenczi and Rank began to pursue independent lines of enquiry in their work, they too were though to be undermining the foundations of classical psychoanalysis. Finally, the author concludes that though there have been sorry incidents in psychoanalysis, we should be mature enough to accept both the contributions of the early pioneers and the realizations that new ideas must be permitted to evolve.

  10. Family Counseling Interventions: Understanding Family Systems and the Referral Process. (United States)

    McWhirter, Ellen Hawley; And Others


    This article describes concepts underlying the idea of the "family as a system"; compares and contrasts four approaches to family therapy (those of Virginia Satir, Jay Haley, Murray Bowen, and Salvador Minuchin); and offers suggestions to teachers referring parents for family counseling. (DB)

  11. A Family Affair : Explaining Co-Working By Family Members

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ruijter, Esther de; Lippe, Tanja van der; Raub, Werner; Weessie, Jeroen


    This study focuses on co-working by intimate partners and other family members in entrepreneurs’ businesses. We hypothesize that co-working by family is beneficial because it reduces trust problems associated with employment relations. On the other hand, co-working is risky because co-working family

  12. Changing Families, Changing Responsibilities: Family Obligations Following Divorce and Remarriage. (United States)

    Ganong, Lawrence H.; Coleman, Marilyn

    The high incidence of divorce and remarriage means that the structure of American families is changing. Drawing on 13 studies that explore intergenerational obligations, this book discusses the responsibilities of family members to one another after divorce and remarriage. Chapter 1, "Who Is Responsible for Dependent Family Members?," presents an…

  13. Family Structure, Family Processes, and Adolescent Smoking and Drinking (United States)

    Brown, Susan L.; Rinelli, Lauren N.


    This study examined whether family structure was associated with adolescent risk behaviors, including smoking and drinking. Family living arrangements have become increasingly diverse, yet research on adolescent risk behaviors has typically relied on measures of family structure that do not adequately capture this diversity. Data from the…

  14. Fostering Families' and Children's Rights to Family Connections (United States)

    Landsman, Miriam J.; Boel-Studt, Shamra


    Recent federal legislation strengthens children's and families' rights to family-centered practice by increasing the responsibility of child welfare agencies to identify and engage extended family members in providing care and support to children placed out of the home. Preliminary results from an experimental study of a federally funded family…

  15. Cybernetics of Brief Family Therapy. (United States)

    Keeney, Bradford P.; Ross, Jeffrey M.


    Presents a cybernetic view of brief family therapy. Includes a historical discussion of the key ideas underlying brief family therapy, a cybernetic model of therapeutic change, and a clinical case for exemplification. (Author/JAC)

  16. One Family's Struggle with Chickenpox

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Tos Ferina AAP CME ask your doctor brochure family stories faq meet dr. gary freed meet keri ... media video/audio pneumonia tb overview links & resources families advocacy about civil rights kids' rights sample school ...

  17. National Survey of Family Growth (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) gathers information on family life, marriage and divorce, pregnancy, infertility, use of contraception, and men's and...

  18. Family Health History and Diabetes (United States)

    ... Professionals Community Organizations​ ​​ ​ HealthSense Alternate Language URL Español Family Health History and Diabetes Page Content Family health history is an important risk factor for ...

  19. One Family's Struggles with Rotavirus

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... Tos Ferina AAP CME ask your doctor brochure family stories faq meet dr. gary freed meet keri ... media video/audio pneumonia tb overview links & resources families advocacy about civil rights kids' rights sample school ...

  20. A Family Finds Its Way (United States)

    ... Past Issues Cover Story: Traumatic Brain Injury A Family Finds Its Way Past Issues / Fall 2008 Table ... are living with serious health conditions as a family. Photo courtesy of Stefan Radtke, ...

  1. 10-m resolution gray-scale image of multibeam bathymetry in Massachusetts Bay (MB_BATHYGS10M.TIF) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The U.S. Geological Survey has conducted geologic mapping to characterize the sea floor offshore of Massachusetts. The mapping was carried out using a Simrad Subsea...

  2. 10-m resolution image of shaded relief multibeam bathymetry in Massachusetts Bay (MB_SRELIEF10M.TIF) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The U.S. Geological Survey has conducted geologic mapping to characterize the sea floor offshore of Massachusetts. The mapping was carried out using a Simrad Subsea...

  3. 14 CFR 63.23 - Special purpose flight engineer and flight navigator certificates: Operation of U.S.-registered... (United States)


    ... purpose flight engineer and flight navigator certificates: Operation of U.S.-registered civil airplanes... flight engineer or flight navigator duties on a civil airplane of U.S. registry, leased to a person not a... certificate holder is performing flight engineer or flight navigator duties on the U.S.-registered...

  4. 41 CFR 102-73.170 - What types of special purpose space may the Department of Agriculture lease? (United States)


    ... Property Management Federal Property Management Regulations System (Continued) FEDERAL MANAGEMENT... 41 Public Contracts and Property Management 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false What types of special...) Space for agricultural commodities stored in licensed warehouses and utilized under warehouse...

  5. Contribution on family business definition


    Vallone, C


    Despite numerous researches and an ample literature, there is not a unanimously and approved family business definition which identify family businesses from nonfamily businesses. Which are the aspects to describe exactly a family business? Which are the aspects that help to recognise family business from nonfamily business? Answering to these questions means to circumscribe the field of investigation, and obtain a comparable sample for international researches; to individualize the presence ...

  6. Pars planitis in a family. (United States)

    Tejada, P; Sanz, A; Criado, D


    The familial occurrence of pars planitis is rare. We have found ten cases reported previously. We describe a new case of pars planitis in a family. The affected members included a mother and two of her four children. The family was tested for HLA antigens in order to establish a comparison with others HLA types by different authors. We have not identified any cause for the familial occurrence of this disease. We discuss the role of genetic and ambiental factors.

  7. Canada's family violence initiative: partnerships


    Scott Elaine


    Under Canada's four-year, $136 million Family Violence Initiative, the federal government is calling upon all Canadians to work in partnerships towards the elimination of family violence - child abuse, violence against women, and elder (senior) abuse. Family violence is a complex problem and requires the efforts of all Canadians to resolve it. One of the key themes of the Initiative - a multidisciplinary approach to the problem of family violence - is reflected in the selection and developmen...

  8. Family conditions and children abuse


    Platone, Maria Luisa


    This article deals with family conditions (structure and family system interactive patterns) which are considered as risk factors for children abuse. Method. Descriptive research multimethod (cuantitative and cualitative), data were obtained from a retrospective study (1970-2000) of public and private elementary schools, from pre-school to sixth grade. The instruments used were: 1) the family test drawing, 2) a questionnaire to the child. 3) a questionnaire to the teachers about family condit...

  9. Family control and financing decisions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Croci, Ettore; Doukas, John A.; Gonenc, Halit


    This study uses a comprehensive European dataset to investigate the role of family control in corporate financing decisions during the period 1998-2008. We find that family firms have a preference for debt financing, a non-control-diluting security, and are more reluctant than non-family firms to ra

  10. Food Safety for Your Family (United States)

    ... to 2-Year-Old Food Safety for Your Family KidsHealth > For Parents > Food Safety for Your Family Print A A A What's in this article? ... your best to prepare tasty meals for your family. But one thing that might not cross your ...

  11. Ecological Correlates of Family Functioning. (United States)

    Meyers, Steven A.; Varkey, Soji; Aguirre, Angela M.


    Explores how parents' psychological functioning, social relationships, and demographic characteristics relate to family functioning with a sample of 197 participants. Significant associations between predictor variables and family functioning were found as rated by mothers, caseworkers, and coders of family interaction tasks. (JDM)

  12. The growing VAO flavoprotein family

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leferink, Nicole G. H.; Heuts, Dominic P. H. M.; Fraaije, Marco W.; van Berkel, Willem J. H.


    The VAO flavoprotein family is a rapidly growing family of oxidoreductases that favor the covalent binding of the FAD cofactor. In this review we report on the catalytic properties of some newly discovered VAO family members and their mode of flavin binding. Covalent binding of the flavin is a self-

  13. NASA Science Served Family Style (United States)

    Noel-Storr, Jacob; Mitchell, S.; Drobnes, E.


    Family oriented innovative programs extend the reach of many traditional out-of-school venues to involve the entire family in learning in comfortable and fun environments. Research shows that parental involvement is key to increasing student achievement outcomes, and family-oriented programs have a direct impact on student performance. Because families have the greatest influence on children's attitudes towards education and career choices, we have developed a Family Science program that provides families a venue where they can explore the importance of science and technology in our daily lives by engaging in learning activities that change their perception and understanding of science. NASA Family Science Night strives to change the way that students and their families participate in science, within the program and beyond. After three years of pilot implementation and assessment, our evaluation data shows that Family Science Night participants have positive change in their attitudes and involvement in science.  Even after a single session, families are more likely to engage in external science-related activities and are increasingly excited about science in their everyday lives.  As we enter our dissemination phase, NASA Family Science Night will be compiling and releasing initial evaluation results, and providing facilitator training and online support resources. Support for NASA Family Science Nights is provided in part through NASA ROSES grant NNH06ZDA001N.

  14. Theme Section: Focus on Families. (United States)

    Ungar, Manya; And Others


    A collection of 14 brief articles considers the effects of family environment and lifestyle on children and provides suggestions for healthier family relations. The articles cover such topics as: family stress; preschool academic programs; stepfamilies; corporate child care; fathers; divorce; only children; single and working parents; and death.…

  15. Family members' experiences of autopsy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Oppewal, F; Meyboom-de Jong, B


    Background. The experiences of family members will teach us how to handle an autopsy, the ultimate quality assessment tool. Objective. The aim of this study was to determine surviving family members' experience of autopsy. Method. Seven GPs were asked to approach surviving family members of autopsie

  16. Administration for Children and Families (United States)

    ... Releases RSS Feeds Speeches Videos What is the Administration for Children & Families? The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is a division ... Center Blog Press Releases RSS Feeds Speeches Videos Administration for Children & Families U.S. Department of Health & Human ...

  17. Family identity: black-white interracial family health experience. (United States)

    Byrd, Marcia Marie; Garwick, Ann Williams


    The purpose of this interpretive descriptive study was to describe how eight Black-White couples with school-aged children constructed their interracial family identity through developmental transitions and interpreted race to their children. Within and across-case data analytic strategies were used to identify commonalities and variations in how Black men and White women in couple relationships formed their family identities over time. Coming together was the core theme described by the Black-White couples as they negotiated the process of forming a family identity. Four major tasks in the construction of interracial family identity emerged: (a) understanding and resolving family of origin chaos and turmoil, (b) transcending Black-White racial history, (c) articulating the interracial family's racial standpoint, and (d) explaining race to biracial children across the developmental stages. The findings guide family nurses in promoting family identity formation as a component of family health within the nurse-family partnership with Black-White mixed-race families.

  18. Dual-career family as an exampleof egalitarian family

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joanna Ostrouch-Kamińska


    Full Text Available The economic, cultural, and social transformation, growth of women's economic strength as well as the level of their education, and development of ideas of equal rights of women and men on the labour market and in social life cause changes in gender relation in the family. Poles more and more often declare and support egalitarian family, and a new model of a family appears among existing ones – dual-career family.The main aim of the article is to consider the sources of its rise, description of gender positions in marital relation, the division of tasks and responsibilities, possible dilemmas and conflicts, but also emotional, intellectual and social advantages. The analysis were put into context of changes in defining and describing family, and also in context of different family discourses. One of them was underlined the most – egalitarian one as the most approximate to the way of defining and understanding dual-career family model.

  19. Family dynamics and infant temperament in Danish families

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wilson, M.E.; Hall, Elisabeth O.C.; White, M.A.


    Transition to parenthood involves the fine balance of family dynamics which both affect, and are affected by, the infant's temperament. The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in family dynamics over the transition to parenthood and the relationship of family dynamics to infant...... temperament. A sample of 99 families in Odense, Denmark, completed the Family Dynamics Measure in the third trimester of pregnancy and again when the infant was 8-9 months old. At this second time, the mothers also completed the Revised Infant Temperament Questionnaire. Overall we found small changes......, although always in a negative direction, in family dynamics over this transition. The largest change was an increase in perceived role conflict reported by both mothers and fathers. Mothers reported more role conflict than fathers. Positive family dynamics were related to infant rhythmicity....

  20. The cullin protein family. (United States)

    Sarikas, Antonio; Hartmann, Thomas; Pan, Zhen-Qiang


    Cullin proteins are molecular scaffolds that have crucial roles in the post-translational modification of cellular proteins involving ubiquitin. The mammalian cullin protein family comprises eight members (CUL1 to CUL7 and PARC), which are characterized by a cullin homology domain. CUL1 to CUL7 assemble multi-subunit Cullin-RING E3 ubiquitin ligase (CRL) complexes, the largest family of E3 ligases with more than 200 members. Although CUL7 and PARC are present only in chordates, other members of the cullin protein family are found in Drosophila melanogaster, Caenorhabditis elegans, Arabidopsis thaliana and yeast. A cullin protein tethers both a substrate-targeting unit, often through an adaptor protein, and the RING finger component in a CRL. The cullin-organized CRL thus positions a substrate close to the RING-bound E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme, which catalyzes the transfer of ubiquitin to the substrate. In addition, conjugation of cullins with the ubiquitin-like molecule Nedd8 modulates activation of the corresponding CRL complex, probably through conformational regulation of the interactions between cullin's carboxy-terminal tail and CRL's RING subunit. Genetic studies in several model organisms have helped to unravel a multitude of physiological functions associated with cullin proteins and their respective CRLs. CRLs target numerous substrates and thus have an impact on a range of biological processes, including cell growth, development, signal transduction, transcriptional control, genomic integrity and tumor suppression. Moreover, mutations in CUL7 and CUL4B genes have been linked to hereditary human diseases.

  1. Familial vesicoureteral reflux


    朴, 勺; 新井, 豊; 友吉, 唯夫; 吉田, 修


    Primary vesicoureteral reflux was seen in 2 siblings in a family of 5 (1 daughter and 2 sons). Voiding cystogram of elder sister, who complained of fever and backache, showed bilateral reflux at the age of 6. Left reflux disappeared soon but right reflux persisted. Right antireflux operation was performed at the age of 9, but right renal function deteriorated gradually. Right nephrectomy was done at the age of 12 because of persistent pyuria and renal stones. The second case was her younger b...

  2. The laminin family. (United States)

    Aumailley, Monique


    Laminins are large molecular weight glycoproteins constituted by the assembly of three disulfide-linked polypeptides, the α, β and γ chains. The human genome encodes 11 genetically distinct laminin chains. Structurally, laminin chains differ by the number, size and organization of a few constitutive domains, endowing the various members of the laminin family with common and unique important functions. In particular, laminins are indispensable building blocks for cellular networks physically bridging the intracellular and extracellular compartments and relaying signals critical for cellular behavior, and for extracellular polymers determining the architecture and the physiology of basement membranes.

  3. Balancing family and work (United States)

    Showstack, Randy


    More than 45% of women scientists at top universities in the United States have indicated that their careers have kept them from having as many children as they want, according to an 8 August study, “Scientists want more children,” which appears in the journal PLoS ONE. The study, by sociologists Elaine Howard Ecklund of Rice University and Anne Lincoln of Southern Methodist University, indicates that 24.5% of male scientists surveyed indicated the same concerns. The study also found that among junior scientists, 29% of women indicated concern that a science career would prevent them from having a family; 7% of men indicated the same concern.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    It is well known that beam position monitors (BPM) utilizing signals from pickup electrodes (PUE) provide good resolution and relative accuracy. The absolute accuracy (i.e. position of the orbit in the vacuum chamber) is not very good due to the various reasons. To overcome the limitation it was suggested to use magnetic centers of quadrupoles for the calibration of the BPM [1]. The proposed method provides accuracy better then 200 microns for centering of the beam position monitors using modulation of the whole quadrupole family.

  5. Celibacy and Family Disruption

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emaletdinov B. M.


    Full Text Available Causes for celibacy, divorces and successful marriage are discussed in the article. Absence of true love and inability to build and keep it are the main reasons for family disruption. Amorousness, immature love and various forms of false or flawed love substitute the true feeling. It is caused by increased women’s independence, loss of mutual understanding and trust (due to infidelity or jealousy, incompatibility of characters or values. Celibacy is often conditioned by physical disability, revaluation of freedom and independence, huge requirements to partners, consumer attitude to life, infertility, alcohol and drug abuse, abnormalities in personality and sexuality.

  6. Congenital familial hypertonia. (United States)

    DeLuca, Carl F; Cashore, William J


    1. This complex of symptoms appears to be congenital, familial, and hereditary. It is apparently transmitted by a dominant gene, probably on chromosome 5. 2. Hypertonicity with rigidity of all voluntary muscles usually presents at birth. 3. Feeding problems are due to dysphagia or laryngospasm associated with aspiration and dyspnea. 4. Respiratory problems are characterized by apneic episodes due to muscle spasm. 5. Prolonged episodes of muscular rigidity secondary to sudden stimuli result in frequent falls, characteristically en bloc, like a statue. 6. Continuous electromyographic activity even at rest (with absence of fasciculations) improves after intravenous diazepam.

  7. Familial risk factors in autism. (United States)

    Brimacombe, Michael; Xue Ming; Parikh, Amisha


    Familial history risk factors in relation to autism were examined in a cohort of 164 autistic children referred to The Autism Center at New Jersey Medical School-University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, over a 2-year period (2001-2003). Information related to familial history was obtained from each family and reviewed by a clinician. It is shown that these families carry a higher overall burden of psychiatric and developmental illnesses compared to reported national levels. These families also carry a relatively high incidence of medical disorders, independently of developmental and psychiatric disorders. This work supports the underlying presence of genetic factors in the etiology of autism.

  8. Family needs after brain injury

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Norup, Anne; Perrin, Paul B; Cuberos-Urbano, Gustavo


    OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to explore differences by country in the importance of family needs after traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as differences in met/unmet needs. METHOD: Two hundred and seventy-one family members of an individual with TBI in Mexico, Colombia, Spain......, Denmark, and Norway completed the Family Needs Questionnaire. RESULTS: Eight of the ten needs rated as most important globally were from the Health Information subscale. Importance ratings on the Health Information, Professional Support, and Involvement With Care subscales were similar across countries......, but Mexican family members rated Instrumental Support needs as less important than Colombian, Spanish, and Danish family members, and also rated their Community Support needs as less important than Danish and Spanish family members. Mexican family member's rated emotional support needs as less important than...

  9. Juvenile Delinquency and Family Structure

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Alberto Ramírez Villaseñor


    Full Text Available The present study is an analysis of twelve family structure variables in a sample of 250 under-age offenders' families. All families had been remitted to the Parents Group at the Behavioral Control Clinic between February and September, 1988, charged with theft and/or drug abuse. There are certain factors in those families ( such as immigration, the attributed value of the identified patient, his adolescent stage, the presence of extensive family members and a dead brother that seem to decide the symptomatology even more than other frequently mentioned variables (i.e., parents civil status, separations, divorces, new marriages, mother's occupation. The detected family structure seems to show a very close link between mother and identified patient that displaces the father to the system's periphery. We consider that this form of family structure leads to situations such as single mothers or promiscuous daughters who show similar symptoms to those shown in the identified patient.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XU Ning; DING Yan-qing; XU Li


    @@ Clinical History A 41-year-old female was admitted into Nan Fang Hospital for severe abdominal pain with bloody-mucoid stool for a month. The symptoms started a year ago without obvious causes and she did not have any systemic treatment.The patient felt fatigue and loss of weight for the last three months and increased frequency of bloody-mucoid discharge from 2-4 times/day to 10 times/day for the last month. Two weeks ago the patient had a proctoscope with biopsy in Pan Yu people's Hospital. The pathological diagnosis was rectal villous adenoma with focal malignant changes. Rectal examination in this hospital found a rectal mass, 4 cm from the anus, longitudinal growing and occupying a quarter of the circumference. Further colonofiberscope diagnosis was familial polyposis of colon.Family history showed that her father died of lung cancer,her mother died of colonic cancer and her brother and sister were healthy. A total colo-rectectomy with ileostomy was performed.

  11. A compact SADM family (United States)

    Barbet, Vincent; Le Quintrec, Cyrille; Jeandot, Xavier; Chaix, Alain; Grain, Eric; Roux, Jerome


    Alcatel Space has developed a new SADM family driven by cost, modularity, mass and performances. The modularity concept is based on separating the rotation drive function from the electrical transfer function. The drive actuator has been designed for various applications where pointing and reliability is needed. It can be associated with high dissipative rotary devices (SA collectors, RF joints..). The design goal was to minimize the number of parts in order to reach the most simple and compact mechanism. Mass reduction was achieved by reducing as much as possible the load path between the Solar Array interface and the spacecraft interface. Following these guidelines, the drive actuator was developed and qualified on ATV SADM (part od Alcatel Space Solar Array Drive Sub System for ATV). Further more a high power integrated collector was qualified inside the SADM for Geo-stationary telecom satellite (SPACEBUS platforms). Fine thermal and mechanical modeling was necessary to predict SADM behaviors for the numerous thermal environments over the missions (steady and transient cases). These modeling were well correlated through mechanical and thermal balances qualification tests. The challenging approach of thermal dissipation in a compact design leads to a family of 3 SADM capabilities form 2kW up to 15kW per SADM weighing less than 4.5 kg each.

  12. Familial hypercholesterolemia: A review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mithun J Varghese


    Full Text Available Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH is a genetic disorder of lipoprotein metabolism resulting in elevated serum low-density lipoprotein (LDL cholesterol levels leading to increased risk for premature cardiovascular diseases (CVDs. The diagnosis of this condition is based on clinical features, family history, and elevated LDL-cholesterol levels aided more recently by genetic testing. As the atherosclerotic burden is dependent on the degree and duration of exposure to raised LDL-cholesterol levels, early diagnosis and initiation of treatment is paramount. Statins are presently the mainstay in the management of these patients, although newer drugs, LDL apheresis, and other investigational therapies may play a role in certain subsets of FH, which are challenging to treat. Together these novel treatments have notably improved the prognosis of FH, especially that of the heterozygous patients. Despite these achievements, a majority of children fail to attain targeted lipid goals owing to persistent shortcomings in diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. This review aims to highlight the screening, diagnosis, goals of therapy, and management options in patients with FH.

  13. Family medicine in Cuba

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Alemañy Pérez


    Full Text Available Over the past 50 years, the Cuban health system has been developing a roster of programs to ensure its social mission: to achieve a health status of the population consistent with the priority established by the highest authorities of the country. In response to the call of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, to create a different doctor and a new specialist that would take into account the needs of the Cuban population; the family doctor model was implemented. Thus, in the decade of the eighties, the “Family Doctor and Nurse Working Program” was established, together with the corresponding polyclinic and hospital. At the same time, comprehensive general medicine as a medical specialty was created to serve the primary health care services. Both actions constituted a vital component in the development of Cuban public health services in recent decades. This article presents an account of the unique characteristics of these processes, while highlighting their impact on health indicators, as well as the participation of this specialty in the training of human resources for the health system.

  14. No evidence of persisting unrepaired nuclear DNA single strand breaks in distinct types of cells in the brain, kidney, and liver of adult mice after continuous eight-week 50 Hz magnetic field exposure with flux density of 0.1 mT or 1.0 mT.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hubert Korr

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: It has been hypothesized in the literature that exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (50 or 60 Hz may lead to human health effects such as childhood leukemia or brain tumors. In a previous study investigating multiple types of cells from brain and kidney of the mouse (Acta Neuropathologica 2004; 107: 257-264, we found increased unrepaired nuclear DNA single strand breaks (nDNA SSB only in epithelial cells of the choroid plexus in the brain using autoradiographic methods after a continuous eight-week 50 Hz magnetic field (MF exposure of adult mice with flux density of 1.5 mT. METHODS: In the present study we tested the hypothesis that MF exposure with lower flux densities (0.1 mT, i.e., the actual exposure limit for the population in most European countries, and 1.0 mT shows similar results to those in the previous study. Experiments and data analysis were carried out in a similar way as in our previous study. RESULTS: Continuous eight-week 50 Hz MF exposure with 0.1 mT or 1.0 mT did not result in increased persisting unrepaired nDNA SSB in distinct types of cells in the brain, kidney, and liver of adult mice. MF exposure with 1.0 mT led to reduced unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS in epithelial cells in the choroid plexus of the fourth ventricle in the brain (EC-CP and epithelial cells of the cortical collecting duct in the kidney, as well as to reduced mtDNA synthesis in neurons of the caudate nucleus in the brain and in EC-CP. CONCLUSION: No evidence was found for increased persisting unrepaired nDNA SSB in distinct types of cells in the brain, kidney, and liver of adult mice after continuous eight-week 50 Hz magnetic field exposure with flux density of 0.1 mT or 1.0 mT.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oshrat E. Tayer-Shifman


    Full Text Available family: ">Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF is an autosomal recessive hereditary disease which is characterized by recurrent attacks of fever and peritonitis, pleuritis, arthritis, or erysipelas-like skin disease. As such, FMF is a prototype of autoinflammatory diseases where genetic changes lead to acute inflammatory episodesfamily: ">.family: "> Systemic inflammation – in general - may increase procoagulant factors, and decrease natural anticoagulants and fibrinolytic activityfamily: ">.family: "> Therefore, it is anticipated to see more thrombotic events among FMF patients compared with healthy subjectsfamily: ">.family: "> However, reviewing the current available literature and based upon our personal experience, thrombotic events related purely to FMF are very rarefamily: ">.family: "> Possible explanation for this discrepancy is that along with the procoagulant activity during FMF acute attacks, anticoagulant and fibrinolytic changes are also taking placefamily: ">.family: "> Furthermore, it may well be that during the acute attack of FMF the procoagulant factors are consumed or used for the purpose of inflammation so that nothing is left for their role in the coagulation pathwayfamily: ">. family: ">Colchicine may also play a role in reducing inflammation thereby decreasing hypercoagulabilty

  16. Family dynamics and postnatal depression. (United States)

    Tammentie, T; Tarkka, M-T; Astedt-Kurki, P; Paavilainen, E; Laippala, P


    Research has shown that postnatal depression (PND) affects 10-15% of mothers in Western societies. PND is not easily identified and therefore it often remains undetected. Untreated depression has a detrimental effect on the mother and child and the entire family. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the state of family dynamics after delivery and whether the mother's PND was associated with family dynamics. The study used a survey covering the catchment area of one Finnish university hospital. Both primi- and multiparas took part and data were collected using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) for mothers and the Family Dynamics Measure II (FDM II) for both mothers and fathers. The data were analysed using SPSS statistical programme and frequency and percentage distributions, means and standard deviations were examined. Correlations were analysed using Spearman's correlation coefficients. The significance of any differences between mothers' and fathers' scores was determined with a paired t-test. Of the families participating in the study (373 mothers and 314 partners), 13% of the mothers suffered from PND symptoms (EPDS score of 13 or more). As a whole, family dynamics in the families participating in the study were reported to be rather good. However, mothers having depressive symptoms reported more negative family dynamics compared with other families. With the exception of individuation, mothers having depressive symptoms reported more negative family dynamics than their partners. With the exception of role reciprocity, non-depressed mothers reported more positive family dynamics than their partners. Knowledge of the association of mothers' PND with family dynamics could help to develop nursing care at maternity and child welfare clinics and maternity hospitals. Depressed mothers and their families need support to be able to make family dynamics as good as possible.

  17. Familial adenomatous polyposis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rozen Paul


    Full Text Available Abstract Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP is characterized by the development of many tens to thousands of adenomas in the rectum and colon during the second decade of life. FAP has an incidence at birth of about 1/8,300, it manifests equally in both sexes, and accounts for less than 1% of colorectal cancer (CRC cases. In the European Union, prevalence has been estimated at 1/11,300-37,600. Most patients are asymptomatic for years until the adenomas are large and numerous, and cause rectal bleeding or even anemia, or cancer develops. Generally, cancers start to develop a decade after the appearance of the polyps. Nonspecific symptoms may include constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, palpable abdominal masses and weight loss. FAP may present with some extraintestinal manifestations such as osteomas, dental abnormalities (unerupted teeth, congenital absence of one or more teeth, supernumerary teeth, dentigerous cysts and odontomas, congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium (CHRPE, desmoid tumors, and extracolonic cancers (thyroid, liver, bile ducts and central nervous system. A less aggressive variant of FAP, attenuated FAP (AFAP, is characterized by fewer colorectal adenomatous polyps (usually 10 to 100, later age of adenoma appearance and a lower cancer risk. Some lesions (skull and mandible osteomas, dental abnormalities, and fibromas on the scalp, shoulders, arms and back are indicative of the Gardner variant of FAP. Classic FAP is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner and results from a germline mutation in the adenomatous polyposis (APC gene. Most patients (~70% have a family history of colorectal polyps and cancer. In a subset of individuals, a MUTYH mutation causes a recessively inherited polyposis condition, MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP, which is characterized by a slightly increased risk of developing CRC and polyps/adenomas in both the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. Diagnosis is based on a

  18. Family pediatrics: report of the Task Force on the Family. (United States)

    Schor, Edward L


    WHY A TASK FORCE ON THE FAMILY? The practice of pediatrics is unique among medical specialties in many ways, among which is the nearly certain presence of a parent when health care services are provided for the patient. Regardless of whether parents or other family members are physically present, their influence is pervasive. Families are the most central and enduring influence in children's lives. Parents are also central in pediatric care. The health and well-being of children are inextricably linked to their parents' physical, emotional and social health, social circumstances, and child-rearing practices. The rising incidence of behavior problems among children attests to some families' inability to cope with the increasing stresses they are experiencing and their need for assistance. When a family's distress finds its voice in a child's symptoms, pediatricians are often parents' first source for help. There is enormous diversity among families-diversity in the composition of families, in their ethnic and racial heritage, in their religious and spiritual orientation, in how they communicate, in the time they spend together, in their commitment to individual family members, in their connections to their community, in their experiences, and in their ability to adapt to stress. Within families, individuals are different from one another as well. Pediatricians are especially sensitive to differences among children-in their temperaments and personalities, in their innate and learned abilities, and in how they view themselves and respond to the world around them. It is remarkable and a testament to the effort of parents and to the resilience of children that most families function well and most children succeed in life. Family life in the United States has been subjected to extensive scrutiny and frequent commentary, yet even when those activities have been informed by research, they tend to be influenced by personal experience within families and by individual and

  19. Genetic analysis of familial spontaneous pneumothorax in an Indian family. (United States)

    Ray, Anindita; Paul, Suman; Chattopadhyay, Esita; Kundu, Susmita; Roy, Bidyut


    Familial spontaneous pneumothorax is one of the phenotypes of Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome (BHDS), an autosomal dominant condition associated with folliculin (FLCN). We investigated clinical and genetic data of an Indian family having two patients suffering from spontaneous pneumothorax in the absence of skin lesions or renal tumors. HRCT scan of patient's lung revealed paracardiac cysts, and DNA sequencing of all 14 exons of FLCN from patients showed the presence of heterozygous "C allele" deletion in the poly-cytosine (poly-C) tract of exon 11 leading to truncated folliculin. This mutation was also observed in four asymptomatic members of the family. Our results confirmed the presence of deletion mutation in poly-C tract of FLCN in members of BHDS family. This is the first report of genetic insight in a BHDS family from India but in-depth studies with a larger sample set are necessary to understand mechanism of familial pneumothorax.

  20. Acculturation gaps in Vietnamese immigrant families: Impact on family relationships (United States)

    Ho, Joyce; Birman, Dina


    Vietnamese immigrants in the United States face acculturation challenges involving the individual, family, and community. Experts suggest that immigrant family members acculturate at different rates resulting in an acculturation gap, which negatively influences family adjustment. In this study we examined the degree and patterns of acculturation differences between 104 first generation immigrant Vietnamese adolescents and their parents, and whether acculturation gap affected family relationships. Operationalizing the “gap” as both absolute value of differences in acculturation and interactions of parent and adolescent acculturation levels, we examined the impact of such gaps in Vietnamese and American language, identity, and behavioral acculturation on family relationships. Results revealed that family cohesion and satisfaction were predicted by gaps in Vietnamese identity acculturation, but not by gaps in other acculturation domains. PMID:20161537

  1. Family Ties: The Role of Family Context in Family Health History Communication About Cancer. (United States)

    Rodríguez, Vivian M; Corona, Rosalie; Bodurtha, Joann N; Quillin, John M


    Family health history about cancer is an important prevention and health promotion tool. Yet few studies have identified family context factors that promote such discussions. We explored relations among family context (cohesion, flexibility, and openness), self-efficacy, and cancer communication (gathering family history, sharing cancer risk information, and frequency) in a diverse group of women enrolled in a randomized control trial. Baseline survey data for 472 women were analyzed. The women's average age was 34 years, 59% identified as Black, 31% had graduated high school, and 75% reported a family history of any cancer. Results showed that greater family cohesion and flexibility were related to higher communication frequency and sharing cancer information. Women who reported greater self-efficacy were more likely to have gathered family history, shared cancer risk information, and communicated more frequently with relatives. Openness was not associated with communication but was related to greater family cohesion and flexibility. Adjusting for demographic variables, self-efficacy, and family cohesion significantly predicted communication frequency. Women with higher self-efficacy were also more likely to have gathered family health history about cancer and shared cancer risk information. Future research may benefit from considering family organization and self-efficacy when developing psychosocial theories that in turn inform cancer prevention interventions.

  2. [Familial articular chondrocalcinosis: study of an Alsatian family]. (United States)

    Netter, P; Loeuille, D; Jouzeau, J Y; Gillet, P; Peterschmitt, J; Pourel, J; Gaucher, A


    Familial articular chondrocalcinosis is a chronic articular disease characterized by acute intermittent attacks of arthritis, presence of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystal in synovial fluid, cartilage and periarticular soft tissue and by x rays calcium deposition in articular cartilage. A family originating from Alsace, with an autosomal dominant transmission has been studied. As in English and Argentinean families, a linkage to the short arm of chromosome 5p has been found. These results suggest that a defective gene at this location may be related to the chondrocalcinosis in these families.

  3. Medical History: Compiling Your Medical Family Tree (United States)

    ... family medical history, sometimes called a medical family tree, is a record of illnesses and medical conditions ... to consult family documents, such as existing family trees, baby books, old letters, obituaries or records from ...

  4. Four Families Characte rized by Culture

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    in recent years, such characteristic families as the family of Beijing opera, the family of calligraphy and the family of paper-cutting have emerged in the Beixinqiao Neighborhood of Dongcheng District, in Beijing.

  5. Familial nevus of ota

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kumari Rashmi


    Full Text Available A 23-year-old pregnant woman with an asymptomatic unilateral, bluish, pigmented lesion on her left periocular skin was referred from the obstetrics department for dermatological evaluation. Dermatologic examination revealed unilateral, blue-gray, poorly defined macule on the periorbital skin of the left side of the face mainly over the malar prominence and left temple not crossing the midline, conforming to the maxillary division of trigeminal nerve distribution. The pigmentation was speckled with interspersed dark-brownish elements. Her father, a 47 - year- old man had a similar pigmentation at the same site over the malar prominence of face not extending onto the forehead. Here we report two cases of nevus of Ota occurring in 2 generations of the same family for its rarity.

  6. Cross-Sperner families

    CERN Document Server

    Gerbner, Dániel; Palmer, Cory; Patkós, Balázs; Szécsi, Vajk


    A pair of families $(\\cF,\\cG)$ is said to be \\emph{cross-Sperner} if there exists no pair of sets $F \\in \\cF, G \\in \\cG$ with $F \\subseteq G$ or $G \\subseteq F$. There are two ways to measure the size of the pair $(\\cF,\\cG)$: with the sum $|\\cF|+|\\cG|$ or with the product $|\\cF|\\cdot |\\cG|$. We show that if $\\cF, \\cG \\subseteq 2^{[n]}$, then $|\\cF||\\cG| \\le 2^{2n-4}$ and $|\\cF|+|\\cG|$ is maximal if $\\cF$ or $\\cG$ consists of exactly one set of size $\\lceil n/2 \\rceil$ provided the size of the ground set $n$ is large enough and both $\\cF$ and $\\cG$ are non-empty.

  7. Contemporary family life

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Viala, Eva Silberschmidt


    to parents’ daily practices with their child. Contrary to the paradox in existing research between the ideal of gender equality on the one hand, and the differentiated and gender-based division of housework and care on the other, it is argued that changes are accruing even though parents still appear...... of complementary gender roles as well as in new understandings of gender equality based on ideals of mutual trust, respect and support. As a result, it is important to investigate how parenthood, family life and parental roles are constantly reflected upon and reproduced, negotiated and transformed through...... to adopt gender-based models when it comes to the day-to-day care and the distribution of domestic chores. Through empirical analyses it is demonstrated how the advent of the child becomes a fulcrum, and also how female and male parents’ expectations, beliefs and practises are rooted in traditional notions...

  8. Why family planning matters. (United States)

    Jensen, Jeffrey T


    Family planning is one of the principle tools of human development. Ensuring that all babies are wanted and planned reduces health care and social costs. Human numbers will increase to 11 billion by the end of this century, and human activities are the leading cause of environmental change that threaten our health and happiness. Therefore, the provision of highly effective contraceptive methods represents an important priority of primary medical care. Since women and men with complicated medical problems remain interested in sex, medical and surgical specialists need to understand how contraception and pregnancy will interact with the underlying condition. This paper discusses the interaction between population growth and the environment, and reviews modern methods of contraception.

  9. Effect of Danshen aqueous extract on serum hs-CRP, IL-8, IL-10, TNF-α levels, and IL-10 mRNA, TNF-α mRNA expression levels, cerebral TGF-β1 positive expression level and its neuroprotective mechanisms in CIR rats. (United States)

    Liang, Xue-Yun; Li, Hai-Ning; Yang, Xiao-Yan; Zhou, Wen-Yan; Niu, Jian-Guo; Chen, Ben-Dong


    To observe the effects of Danshen aqueous extract (DSAE) on the cerebral tissue and nerve stem cells in cerebral ischemia reperfusion (CIR) rats. The model rats were prepared by occlusion of the middle cerebral artery for 2 h and then by reperfusion. They were randomly divided into five groups: a control group, an CIR group and three DSAE-treated groups. As compared with the sham control group, there was significant increase (P hs-CRP) and interleukin-8 (IL-8) levels, interleukin-10 (IL-10), tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) levels, and IL-10 mRNA, TNF-α mRNA expression levels, function score, Infarct size, TUNEL + cell counts, cerebral transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF-β1) positive expression and cerebral neuron specific enolase (NSE) levels, and decrease in fas-associated protein with death domain (FADD) and death-associated protein (Daxx) positive expression levels in the CIR group. Compared with CIR group, DSAE treatment dose-dependently significantly decreased serum hs-CRP, IL-8, IL-10, TNF-α levels, and IL-10 mRNA, TNF-α mRNA expression levels, function score, Infarct size, TUNEL + cell counts, cerebral TGF-β1 positive expression and cerebral NSE levels, and increase FADD and Daxx positive expression levels in the CIR + DSAE groups. Taken together, these results suggest that DSAE has a neuroprotective role in the CIR rats, which may be related to improvement of immunity function, proteins and genes expression.

  10. Familial hemiplegic migraine. (United States)

    Hansen, Jakob Møller


    Familial hemiplegic migraine (FHM) is a rare, dominantly inherited subtype of migraine with aura, where hemiplegia occurs during the aura phase. Mutation screening of families with FHM has revealed a range of different mutations. The mutated FHM genes code for ion transport proteins. Animal and cellular studies have associated the mutated FHM genes with disturbed ion homeostasis, altered cellular excitability and altered neurotransmitter release. Abnormal cortical excitability due to dysfunctional ion-channels might facilitate cortical spreading depression (CSD) and thereby migraine aura and migraine headache. Genotyped FHM patients offer us the chance to study the interplay between genotype and phenotype and may be regarded as a genetic migraine model. FHM studies might open for a better understanding of the molecular migraine pathology, and potentially help to unravel the pathogenesis of the more common migraine forms. We have therefore studied genotyped FHM patients to understand the effect of genotype on the response to migraine provoking substances. We show here that two known migraine triggers failed to induce more migraine aura or migraine headache in FHM-patients than in healthy controls, thus indicating that the FHM genotype does not confer hypersensitivity to these migraine triggers. This has implications for our understanding of the headache mechanisms and raises the question whether FHM share neurobiological background with the common types of migraine. The aims of the present thesis were to test the hypothesis that FHM mutations might be associated with hypersensitivity to known migraine triggers and, thereby, share pathophysiological pathways with the common types of migraine, but our results disprove this hypothesis. Thus, FHM seems very different from MO and MA, both genetically and pathophysiologically. The fact that FHM genes regulate ion homeostasis cannot be extrapolated to the common types of migraine.

  11. On the Astrid asteroid family

    CERN Document Server

    Carruba, V


    Among asteroid families, the Astrid family is peculiar because of its unusual inclination distribution. Objects at $a\\simeq$~2.764 au are quite dispersed in this orbital element, giving the family a "crab-like" appearance. Recent works showed that this feature is caused by the interaction of the family with the $s-s_C$ nodal secular resonance with Ceres, that spreads the inclination of asteroids near its separatrix. As a consequence, the currently observed distribution of the $v_W$ component of terminal ejection velocities obtained from inverting Gauss equation is quite leptokurtic, since this parameter mostly depends on the asteroids inclination. The peculiar orbital configuration of the Astrid family can be used to set constraints on key parameters describing the strength of the Yarkovsky force, such as the bulk and surface density and the thermal conductivity of surface material. By simulating various fictitious families with different values of these parameters, and by demanding that the current value of ...

  12. Reconciling Work and Family Life

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holt, Helle

    The problems of balancing work and family life have within the last years been heavily debated in the countries of the European Union. This anthology deals with the question of how to obtain a better balance between work and family life. Focus is set on the role of companies. The anthology tries...... to shed some light on questions such as: How can compagnies become more family friendly? What are the barriers and how can they be overcome? What is the social outcome when companies are playing an active role in employees’ possiblities for combining family life and work life? How are the solutions...... on work/ family unbalance/ problems related to the growing social problems related to unemployment? The anthology is the result of a reseach-network on ”Work-place Contributions ro Reconcile Work and Family Life” funded by the European Commission, DG V, and co-coordinated by the editors....

  13. Familial Chiari malformation: case series. (United States)

    Schanker, Benjamin D; Walcott, Brian P; Nahed, Brian V; Kahle, Kristopher T; Li, Yan Michael; Coumans, Jean-Valery C E


    Chiari malformations (Types I-IV) are abnormalities of the posterior fossa that affect the cerebellum, brainstem, and the spinal cord with prevalence rates of 0.1%-0.5%. Case reports of familial aggregation of Chiari malformation, twin studies, cosegregation of Chiari malformation with known genetic conditions, and recent gene and genome-wide association studies provide strong evidence of the genetic underpinnings of familial Chiari malformation. The authors report on a series of 3 family pairs with Chiari malformation Type I: 2 mother-daughter pairs and 1 father-daughter pair. The specific genetic causes of familial Chiari malformation have yet to be fully elucidated. The authors review the literature and discuss several candidate genes. Recent advances in the understanding of the genetic influences and pathogenesis of familial Chiari malformation are expected to improve management of affected patients and monitoring of at-risk family members.

  14. The family Asteraceae: General introduction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. P. J. Herman


    Full Text Available The family Asteraceae (the daisy family is probably the largest plant family in the world. It is cosmopolitan in distribution and is economically important as many members are used for food, medicinal purposes, grazing for stock, or ornamentals, while some are troublesome weeds or poisonous to animals. The ‘flower ’is actually a collection of flowers grouped together to form a capitulum.

  15. Key Concepts in Family Studies


    Ribbens McCarthy, Jane; Edwards, Rosalind


    Taken from the book to be published by Sage in December 2010, this document provides the Introduction to the book, in which the authors discuss issues in Family Studies as a contemporary field of academic and professional work. Their discussion includes: some of the different positions adopted by researchers towards the use of the language of 'family'; the broad themes generally included in this field of study; and dilemmas in evaluations of, and interventions in, family lives.\\ud

  16. Generating families and constructible sheaves


    Shende, Vivek


    Let $\\Lambda$ be a Legendrian in the jet space of some manifold $X$. To a generating family presentation of $\\Lambda$, we associate a constructible sheaf on $X \\times \\mathbb{R}$ whose singular support at infinity is $\\Lambda$, and such that the generating family homology is canonically isomorphic to the endomorphism algebra of this sheaf. That is, the theory of generating family homology embeds in sheaf theory, and more specifically in the category studied in [STZ]. When $X = \\mathbb{R}$, i....

  17. [Private enterprise and family planning]. (United States)


    In the city of Tebicuary, Paraguay, the main local private industry, a sugar refinery, has organized for its workers and their families a consultory for family planning and for materno-infant services. The consultory not only offers advice and services on prenatal diagnosis, medical assistance to infants and children and maternal health, but it sponsors lectures and distributes literature related to family planning problems.

  18. Roadmap for Navy Family Research. (United States)


    ad family status . service. ad pl ce of seig m uot. AMA 2: Ancona the potential evailability of evicee, a. Analyse comunication endto Very families...procedures during deployment ABOUIT NW (e.g.. *ship-tinily comunications , pay differ- entials. us. of smrgency Ile, and identify To ZSELOP alternative...09 NAVY FAMIILIES *11* I.- Study *conosical, psychological , and social " rank * duŕ military "areer " employment status . extent of of spouse family

  19. Selected Internet Resources on Family History. (United States)

    Mintz, Steven


    Provides a list of Internet resources on family history that cover topics such as colonial families, shifting family ideals, families in the Early Republic, families in bondage, westward migration, families during the Great Depression, journals, reference sources, and lesson plans. (CMK)

  20. Differences between Chinese and Western Family Education

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Family education is elementary and important for children.Because of different culture,China and other western countries have different family education.This paper mainly analyzes these differences in three aspects:values of family education,ways of family education and influences of family education.In the end,it provides some suggestions for improving Chinese family education.

  1. Policy implications for familial searching

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kim Joyce


    Full Text Available Abstract In the United States, several states have made policy decisions regarding whether and how to use familial searching of the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS database in criminal investigations. Familial searching pushes DNA typing beyond merely identifying individuals to detecting genetic relatedness, an application previously reserved for missing persons identifications and custody battles. The intentional search of CODIS for partial matches to an item of evidence offers law enforcement agencies a powerful tool for developing investigative leads, apprehending criminals, revitalizing cold cases and exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals. As familial searching involves a range of logistical, social, ethical and legal considerations, states are now grappling with policy options for implementing familial searching to balance crime fighting with its potential impact on society. When developing policies for familial searching, legislators should take into account the impact of familial searching on select populations and the need to minimize personal intrusion on relatives of individuals in the DNA database. This review describes the approaches used to narrow a suspect pool from a partial match search of CODIS and summarizes the economic, ethical, logistical and political challenges of implementing familial searching. We examine particular US state policies and the policy options adopted to address these issues. The aim of this review is to provide objective background information on the controversial approach of familial searching to inform policy decisions in this area. Herein we highlight key policy options and recommendations regarding effective utilization of familial searching that minimize harm to and afford maximum protection of US citizens.

  2. Semi-legal family life

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rytter, Mikkel


    In 2002, the Danish government introduced new legislation on family reunification to restrict the transnational arranged marriages that were occurring among some immigrant groups. Since then, thousands of people have emigrated from Denmark to Sweden where, as citizens of the European Union......, they are entitled to family reunification. In this article, I introduce the concept of semi-legality to describe the situation whereby Pakistani transnational couples commute on a regular basis between their legal residences in Sweden and their places of work or networks of friends and family in Denmark...... patterns and family life among Pakistani immigrants but also have long- lasting effects on the relationship between minorities and majorities in Denmark....

  3. Canada's family violence initiative: partnerships

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elaine Scott


    Full Text Available Under Canada's four-year, $136 million Family Violence Initiative, the federal government is calling upon all Canadians to work in partnerships towards the elimination of family violence - child abuse, violence against women, and elder (senior abuse. Family violence is a complex problem and requires the efforts of all Canadians to resolve it. One of the key themes of the Initiative - a multidisciplinary approach to the problem of family violence - is reflected in the selection and development of projects. Activities funded by the seven federal departments and agencies involved in the Initiative emphasize partnerships with the professional, voluntary, corporate, non-government and government sectors.

  4. Schizophrenia: Impact on Family Dynamics. (United States)

    Caqueo-Urízar, Alejandra; Rus-Calafell, Mar; Craig, Thomas K J; Irarrazaval, Matias; Urzúa, Alfonso; Boyer, Laurent; Williams, David R


    In many societies, family members are now the primary caregivers of mental health patients, taking on responsibilities traditionally under the purview of hospitals and medical professionals. The impact of this shift on the family is high, having both an emotional and economic toll. The aim of this paper is to review the main changes that occur in family dynamics for patients with schizophrenia. The article addresses three central themes: (i) changes in the family at the onset of the disorder, (ii) consequences for family members because of their caregiver role, and (iii) family interventions aimed at improving the complex dynamics within the family. After analyzing and discussing these themes, it is observed that despite advances in the field, the viability of taking care of a patient with schizophrenia by the family remains a challenge. Improving care will require commitments from the family, the mental health service system, and local and national governments for greater investments to improve the quality of life of society in general and individuals with schizophrenia in particular.

  5. The Role of Family Functioning in Bipolar Disorder in Families (United States)

    Du Rocher Schudlich, Tina D.; Youngstrom, Eric A.; Calabrese, Joseph R.; Findling, Robert L.


    Investigated the association between family functioning and conflict and their links with mood disorder in parents and with children's risk for bipolar disorder. Participants were 272 families with a child between the ages of 5-17 years. Parents' history of psychiatric diagnoses and children's current diagnoses were obtained via semi-structured…

  6. Type Families with Class, Type Classes with Family

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Serrano, Alejandro; Hage, Jurriaan; Bahr, Patrick


    Type classes and type families are key ingredients in Haskell programming. Type classes were introduced to deal with ad-hoc polymorphism, although with the introduction of functional dependencies, their use expanded to type-level programming. Type families also allow encoding type-level functions...

  7. Family Connections: Family Conversations in Informal Learning Environments (United States)

    Riedinger, Kelly


    This article begins with two examples that demonstrate adult interactions with young learners during conversations in informal learning environments. Family visits to informal learning environments provide opportunities to learn together, interact, engage in conversations, and learn more about one another. This article explores family learning in…

  8. Acculturative Family Distancing (AFD) and Depression in Chinese American Families (United States)

    Hwang, Wei-Chin; Wood, Jeffrey J.; Fujimoto, Ken


    Objective: Knowledge of acculturative processes and their impact on immigrant families remains quite limited. Acculturative family distancing (AFD) is the distancing that occurs between immigrant parents and their children and is caused by breakdowns in communication and cultural value differences. It is a more proximal and problem-focused…

  9. "Family Matters:" Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and the Family (United States)

    Olson, Heather Carmichael; Oti, Rosalind; Gelo, Julie; Beck, Sharon


    Information about "family matters" is vital to developing targeted interventions, reducing placement disruption, and enhancing outcome in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). The quality of the caregiving environment and family function are associated with long-term outcome in natural history study of individuals with FASD. This article…

  10. Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Baussan Christiane


    Full Text Available Abstract Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC refers to heterogeneous group of autosomal recessive disorders of childhood that disrupt bile formation and present with cholestasis of hepatocellular origin. The exact prevalence remains unknown, but the estimated incidence varies between 1/50,000 and 1/100,000 births. Three types of PFIC have been identified and related to mutations in hepatocellular transport system genes involved in bile formation. PFIC1 and PFIC2 usually appear in the first months of life, whereas onset of PFIC3 may also occur later in infancy, in childhood or even during young adulthood. Main clinical manifestations include cholestasis, pruritus and jaundice. PFIC patients usually develop fibrosis and end-stage liver disease before adulthood. Serum gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT activity is normal in PFIC1 and PFIC2 patients, but is elevated in PFIC3 patients. Both PFIC1 and PFIC2 are caused by impaired bile salt secretion due respectively to defects in ATP8B1 encoding the FIC1 protein, and in ABCB11 encoding the bile salt export pump protein (BSEP. Defects in ABCB4, encoding the multi-drug resistant 3 protein (MDR3, impair biliary phospholipid secretion resulting in PFIC3. Diagnosis is based on clinical manifestations, liver ultrasonography, cholangiography and liver histology, as well as on specific tests for excluding other causes of childhood cholestasis. MDR3 and BSEP liver immunostaining, and analysis of biliary lipid composition should help to select PFIC candidates in whom genotyping could be proposed to confirm the diagnosis. Antenatal diagnosis can be proposed for affected families in which a mutation has been identified. Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA therapy should be initiated in all patients to prevent liver damage. In some PFIC1 or PFIC2 patients, biliary diversion can also relieve pruritus and slow disease progression. However, most PFIC patients are ultimately candidates for liver transplantation

  11. A growing family

    CERN Multimedia


    Increasing membership of the CERN family featured strongly at the CERN Council meetings this week, with Serbia’s ratification documents being received along with an application for Associate Membership from Ukraine. We also learned that an official application is on its way from Brazil and I can report that discussions are ongoing with several other countries around the world.   Serbia joins Israel as an Associate Member in the pre-stage to Membership, and since Yugoslavia was a founder member of CERN in 1954, it was good to welcome Belgrade back. Looking forward, the Council has agreed to set up fast fact finding missions to other applicant countries, so I think it’s fair to say that 2012 will be a year of growth for CERN, fulfilling our mission of science bringing nations together. In a similar vein, it was a pleasure for me to be able to report to the Council an important development at SESAME, the light source for the Middle East established in Jordan on the CERN mode...

  12. Familial amyloid polyneuropathy. (United States)

    Planté-Bordeneuve, Violaine; Said, Gerard


    Familial amyloid polyneuropathies (FAPs) are a group of life-threatening multisystem disorders transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait. Nerve lesions are induced by deposits of amyloid fibrils, most commonly due to mutated transthyretin (TTR). Less often the precursor of amyloidosis is mutant apolipoprotein A-1 or gelsolin. The first identified cause of FAP-the TTR Val30Met mutation-is still the most common of more than 100 amyloidogenic point mutations identified worldwide. The penetrance and age at onset of FAP among people carrying the same mutation vary between countries. The symptomatology and clinical course of FAP can be highly variable. TTR FAP typically causes a nerve length-dependent polyneuropathy that starts in the feet with loss of temperature and pain sensations, along with life-threatening autonomic dysfunction leading to cachexia and death within 10 years on average. TTR is synthesised mainly in the liver, and liver transplantation seems to have a favourable effect on the course of neuropathy, but not on cardiac or eye lesions. Oral administration of tafamidis meglumine, which prevents misfolding and deposition of mutated TTR, is under evaluation in patients with TTR FAP. In future, patients with FAP might benefit from gene therapy; however, genetic counselling is recommended for the prevention of all types of FAP.

  13. Expectation Propagation for Exponential Families


    Seeger, Matthias


    This is a tutorial describing the Expectation Propagation (EP) algorithm for a general exponential family. Our focus is on simplicity of exposition. Although the overhead of translating a specific model into its exponential family representation can be considerable, many apparent complications of EP can simply be sidestepped by working in this canonical representation.

  14. The Ritualization of Family Ties. (United States)

    Cheal, David


    Examines three theories of family ritual derived from Emile Durkheim's sociology of social order: the structural-functional theory, constructionist theory, and mobilization theory. Concludes that rituals maintain traditional family structures, yet are creative in that they may define new forms of relationships and support emerging possibilities…

  15. Family Mentoring: A Life Experience. (United States)

    Whitman, Brenda; Perrin, Kathy Riske; Knudson-Buresh, Alana


    Pre/posttest data from 84 nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and social work students who were mentored by families of children with special needs indicated an increase in family-centered attitudes, understanding, and respect among these future service providers. (SK)

  16. Familial influences on adolescent smoking. (United States)

    Avenevoli, Shelli; Merikangas, Kathleen Ries


    The family unit is the primary source of transmission of basic social, cultural, genetic, and biological factors that may underlie individual differences in smoking. Existing information on the role of familial factors in tobacco use is characterized by two separate, but somewhat overlapping, lines of research: genetic epidemiological studies and risk-factor research. The present paper summarizes and evaluates studies assessing the association between adolescent smoking and parent and sibling smoking behaviors. A review of 87 studies reveals that methods are limited by a lack of standardized instruments, failure to measure important confounding and mediating factors, reliance on cross-sectional designs and the use of inconsistent definitions of tobacco-related behavior and assessment procedures. Moreover, there are no systematic family studies of the acquisition and continuation of smoking that have employed contemporary methodological standards for examining familial aggregation of tobacco behaviors among adolescents. Findings across studies show weak and inconsistent associations between parent and adolescent smoking; inconsistent findings may be attributed to methodological issues or associated factors that may complicate the relation between parent and adolescent smoking. Sibling and peer smoking show greater associations with adolescent smoking. Suggestions for future research include contemporary family studies that delineate meaningful phenotypes of tobacco use and prospective work on the later stages of tobacco use and the timing of the influence and valence of parent and family factors. Integration of the risk factor approach within the family study design may enrich both approaches to elucidate familial influences on smoking.

  17. Family transitions and juvenile delinquency. (United States)

    Schroeder, Ryan D; Osgood, Aurea K; Oghia, Michael J


    There is a large body of research that shows children from non-intact homes show higher rates of juvenile delinquency than children from intact homes, partially due to weaker parental control and supervision in non-intact homes. What has not been adequately addressed in the research is the influence of changes in family structure among individual adolescents over time on delinquent offending. Using the first and third waves of the National Youth Study, we assess the effect of family structure changes on changes in delinquent offending between waves through the intermediate process of changes in family time and parental attachment. Although prior research has documented adolescents in broken homes are more delinquent than youth in intact homes, the process of family dissolution is not associated with concurrent increases in offending. In contrast, family formation through marriage or cohabitation is associated with simultaneous increases in offending. Changes in family time and parental attachment account for a portion of the family formation effect on delinquency, and prior parental attachment and juvenile offending significantly condition the effect of family formation on offending.

  18. Photographer Puts Family in Focus

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    WITH the rise in the standard of living, the camera—like the television set, the video cassette recorder and the cassette player—has become another essential entertainment tool for families. If you ask young parents who is photographed most in the family, chances are they will readily tell you that the child is the focus.

  19. Scholars Talk About Family Violence

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    SINCE ancient times in China, the clash between couples has been called "family affairs" that "even good officials can not settle." Although the state and women’s organizations have tried to apply the means of law and public opinion to protect women’s rights and interests in the family, not everyone

  20. Issues in Training Family Scientists. (United States)

    Ganong, Lawrence H.; And Others


    Issues related to graduate education in family science, especially at the doctoral level, are explored. Discusses competencies family scientists should have, as well as experiences necessary to help students acquire them. Proposes ideas for a core curriculum, identifies controversies and unresolved issues, and examines training for the future.…

  1. Population Growth: Family Planning Programs. (United States)

    Doberenz, Alexander R., Ed.; Taylor, N. Burwell G., Ed.

    These proceedings of the second annual symposium on population growth bring together speeches and panel discussions on family planning programs. Titles of speeches delivered are: Communicating Family Planning (Mrs. Jean Hutchinson); Effects of New York's Abortion Law Change (Dr. Walter Rogers); The Law and Birth Control, Sterilization and Abortion…

  2. Family Assessment and Genetic Counseling. (United States)

    Carpenter, Pat; And Others

    Presented are two papers from a panel discussion on prenatal diagnosis and genetic counseling with families. D. Blackston (director of the Developmental Evaluation Clinic, Decatur, Georgia) points out that a concise family history, pregnancy and birth data, developmental history, careful physical examination, and appropriate laboratory studies are…

  3. Family Ties and Civic Virtues

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ljunge, Jan Martin

    I establish a positive relationship between family ties and civic virtues, as captured by disapproval of tax and benefit cheating, corruption, and a range of other dimensions of exploiting others for personal gain. I find that family ties are a complement to social capital, using within country...

  4. Family Medicine's Waltz with Systems (United States)

    Downing, Raymond


    Family Medicine first formally confronted systems thinking with the adoption of the biopsychosocial model for understanding disease in a holistic manner; this is a description of a natural system. More recently, Family Medicine has been consciously engaged in developing itself as a system for delivering health care, an artificial system. We make…

  5. Medicaid and Family Wealth Transfer (United States)

    Lee, Jinkook; Kim, Hyungsoo; Tanenbaum, Sandra


    Purpose: This study examines whether the relationship between making familial wealth transfers and becoming a Medicaid recipient sheds light on the current debate about Medicaid estate planning, whereby some elders transfer their assets to their families to qualify for Medicaid. Design and Methods: Using the Health and Retirement Study, we tracked…

  6. Family and Youth Services Bureau (United States)

    ... in the U.S. Building Connections to End Domestic Violence See Images and Stories from FYSB’s Tribal Peer-to-Peer Meeting What is the Family & Youth Services Bureau (FYSB)? The Family ... National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE ( ...

  7. Counselling Intervention for Family Security (United States)

    Fareo, Dorcas Oluremi


    All couples look forward to having normal healthy babies. The issues of disabilities in their children shake the families and serve as sources of severe psychological disruption to family adjustment. The parents of such children live with many difficult issues and frequently experience trauma, grief and stress. This article deals with counselling…

  8. Family solidarity in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dykstra, P.A.; Kalmijn, M.; Knijn, T.C.M.; Komter, A.E.; Liefbroer, A.C.; Mulder, C.H.


    So far, little is understood about the causes and potential implications of changing family patterns. Insight into these processes is essential in framing policies to safeguard the solidarity thal families help providing.This volume aims to contribute to this insight by offering a first overview of

  9. Optic neuropathy in familial dysautonomia. (United States)

    Groom, M; Kay, M D; Corrent, G F


    Optic atrophy, which is indicative of a CNS disorder, is a rarely described manifestation of familial dysautonomia (Riley-Day syndrome). As these patients are now living longer, the prevalence of optic neuropathy also may be increasing. We present a man with familial dysautonomia and visual loss resulting from optic atrophy and visual field defect suggestive of chiasmal pathology.

  10. Family Kindergarten = Kinder para familias. (United States)

    Curtin, Jolinda

    The Family Kindergarten program designed and pilot tested by a bilingual kindergarten teacher at Garretson Elementary School in Corona, California, is described. Based on the premise that parents are the most important and influential educators of children, Family Kindergarten was conceived as an evening class that includes parents and children…

  11. Monilethrix : Report Of A Family

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bhalla Mala


    Full Text Available Monilethrix is a rare inherited structural defect of the hair shaft resulting in increased fragility of the hair. It is a genetically heterogenous condition. We describe a family with autosomnal recessive inheritance with four members affected and a significant correlation of disease with consanguineous marriages in the family.

  12. Using Dreams in Family Therapy. (United States)

    Kane, Connie M.


    States that current literature suggests that dreams are seldom used by marriage and family therapists, yet dreams can be powerful tools in therapeutic treatment. Includes clinical examples that demonstrate the effective use of dreams in marriage and family therapy. Discusses the interface between dream interpretation and systems therapy. (MKA)

  13. South Asian Families in Diaspora

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Singla, Rashmi


      South Asian Family in Diaspora: Retreat from marriage, myth or reality?   This paper proposes to explore the dynamics of close ties in the South Asian families in the Nordic countries, especially Denmark through intimate partnership formation in the context of late modern societal discourse...

  14. Power Politics of Family Psychotherapy. (United States)

    Whitaker, Carl A.

    It is postulated that the standard framework for psychotherapy, a cooperative transference neurosis, does not validly carry over to the successful psychotherapy of a two-generation family group. In many disturbed families, the necessary and sufficient dynamics for change must be initiated, controlled, and augmented by a group dynamic power-play,…

  15. International Perspectives on Family Violence. (United States)

    Gelles, Richard J.; Cornell, Claire Pedrick

    This paper reviews a sampling of the literature on child abuse, spouse abuse, and family violence from around the world. The 72 books, journal articles, newspaper articles, and legislative reports which are included cover the period 1960-1981. A section on where family violence research has been conducted includes studies on child abuse and…

  16. Family therapy, conflicts and change

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Musaeus, Peter


    Given the relative lack of sociocultural approaches to therapy, this presentation aims to contribute to a sociocultural understanding of motivation and socio-emotional problems in children and families undergoing family therapy. The study was designed as a case study using semi structured...... interviews with 15 families undergoing family therapy delivered by a communal agency in Denmark.   Using notions of crisis interlinked with institutions and everyday lives (Hedegaard) framed by historical, contentious struggles (Holland and Lave), a model of conflict, violence, learning and motivation...... will be sketched pertaining to the area of family therapy. The study argues for the importance of a holistic, non-mechanical (Valsiner) approach to motivation for change in understanding how "at risk" or "problematic" children and youth (who are for instance experiencing school absenteeism, domestic violence...

  17. X-Y Converter Family

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bhaskar, Mahajan Sagar; Sanjeevikumar, Padmanaban; Wheeler, Patrick


    A New breed of a buck boost converter, named as the XY converter family is proposed in this article. In the XY family, 16 topologies are presented which are highly suitable for renewable energy applications which require a high ratio of DC-DC converter; such as a photovoltaic multilevel inverter...... system, high voltage automotive applications and industrial drives. Compared to the traditional boost converter and existing recent converters, the proposed XY converter family has the ability to provide a higher output voltage by using less number of power devices and reactive components. Other distinct...... features of the XY converter family are i) Single control switch ii) Provide negative output voltage iii) Non-isolated topologies iv) High conversion ratio without making the use of high duty cycle and v) modular structure. XY family is compared with the recent high step-up converters and the detailed...

  18. On family secrets and -K. (United States)

    Orgad, Yariv


    In this paper I present a novel interpretation of family secrets. Leaning on Bion's concept of -K, the constitution of secrecy is interpreted in terms of family dynamics that actively prevent knowledge formation and mental growth. Family secrets are interpreted as a destructive process that attacks the family's truth-generating-space - the shared semiotic space within which meanings are constituted through family relationships. The paper explores the microstructure interpersonal process of -K through the analysis of Mike Leigh's movie, Secrets and Lies. Two scenes in the movie are used to demonstrate how -K is worked out in the form of a specific intersubjective semiotic endeavor that unconsciously blocks the process of meaning-making.

  19. A Framework for Studying Family Socialization over the Life Cycle: The Case of Family Violence. (United States)

    Kalmuss, Debra; Seltzer, Judith A.


    Uses lifetime perspective on family socialization as framework for understanding effects of divorce and remarriage on family violence. Identifies three family socialization experiences (family of origin, family in transition, and current family) that shape behavior. Recommends extending framework to investigate other family transitions and…

  20. Classification of Family Risk in a Family Health Center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Priscila Tadei Nakata


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: to identify and classify the degree of family risk in a Family Health Center by means of a multidimensional evaluation instrument. METHOD: a cross-sectional study, with a quantitative and descriptive design, which evaluated 927 families registered in the center, which covers five micro-areas. The Coelho and Savassi Scale was applied, this consisting of 13 sentinels of evaluation of the social risk, using secondary data available in the File A of the families' medical records, in the last trimester of 2011. The data was analyzed using the SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences for Windows software, version 18.0. RESULTS: among the families studied, 68.5% were classified as not being at risk. It was ascertained that the smallest proportion of at-risk families (8.2% was found in micro-area 1, and that micro-area 4 had the highest proportion (55.9%. The most-prevalent risk situations were poor conditions of basic sanitation, systemic arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus and drug addiction. CONCLUSION: this study's results make it possible to create support for the planning of home visits, to implement health surveillance actions, and for health professionals to better understand the vulnerabilities of the families attended.

  1. Understanding Dying Patients and Their Families (United States)

    Librach, S.L.; Talbot, Yves


    Caring for dying patients and their families presents unique opportunities and challenges for the family physician. The family FIRO model provides a simple way of assessing families and providing appropriate, individualized care. This article outlines the model, discusses the care of dying patients and their families from the FIRO perspective, and provides a guideline for the family physician. A framework is suggested for teaching residents to support families. PMID:21228989

  2. Family Change and Implications for Family Solidarity and Social Cohesion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ravanera, Zenaida


    Full Text Available EnglishSocial cohesion can be viewed in terms of common projects and networks of social relations that characterize families, communities and society. In the past decades, the basis for family cohesion has shifted from organic to mechanical or from breadwinner to collaborative model. As in many Western countries, data on family change in Canada point to a greater flexibility in the entry and exit from relationships, a delay in the timing of family events, and a diversity of family forms. After looking at changes in families and in the family setting of individuals, the paper considers both intra-family cohesion and families as basis for social cohesion. Implications are raised for adults, children and publicp olicy.FrenchLa cohésion sociale peut se voir à travers les projets communs et les réseaux desrelations sociales qui caractérisent les familles, les communautés et les sociétés.La base de cohésion familiale est passée d’organique à mécanique, pour utiliserles termes de Durkheim, ou vers un modèle de collaboration plutôt qu’unepartage asymétrique de tâches. Comme dans d’autres sociétés orientales, lafamille au Canada est devenue plus flexible par rapport aux entrées et sortiesd’unions, il y a un délais dans les événements familiaux, et une variété deformes de familles. Après un regard sur les changements dans les familles etdans la situation familiale des individus, nous considérons la cohésion intrafamilialeet la famille comme base de cohésion sociale. Nous discutons desimpacts sur les adultes, les enfants et la politique publique.

  3. Lepton family number violation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Herczeg, P.


    At present there is evidence from neutrino oscillation searches that the neutrinos are in fact massive particles and that they mix. If confirmed, this would imply that the conservation of LFN is not exact. Lepton family number violation (LFNV) has been searched for with impressive sensitivities in many processes involving charged leptons. The present experimental limits on some of them (those which the author shall consider here) are shown in Table 1. These stringent limits are not inconsistent with the neutrino oscillation results since, given the experimental bounds on the masses of the known neutrinos and the neutrino mass squared differences required by the oscillation results, the effects of LFNV from neutrino mixing would be too small to be seen elsewhere (see Section 2). The purpose of experiments searching for LFNV involving the charged leptons is to probe the existence of other sources of LFNV. Such sources are present in many extensions of the SM. In this lecture the author shall discuss some of the possibilities, focusing on processes that require muon beams. Other LFNV processes, such as the decays of the kaons and of the {tau}, provide complementary information. In the next Section he shall consider some sources of LFNV that do not require an extension of the gauge group of the SM (the added leptons or Higgs bosons may of course originate from models with extended gauge groups). In Section 3 he discusses LFNV in left-right symmetric models. In Section 4 he considers LFNV in supersymmetric models, first in R-parity conserving supersymmetric grand unified models, and then in the minimal supersymmetric standard model with R-parity violation. The last section is a brief summary of the author`s conclusions.

  4. The Psychiatric Family Nurse Practitioner: A Collaborator in Family Practice


    Cunningham, Patricia D.


    The potential of the psychiatric family nurse practitioner (Psych.F.N.P.) to contribute to family practice through physical care and mental health care exists in the here and now. This role is a synthesis of 2 advanced practice roles, the psychiatric clinical nurse specialist (Psych.C.N.S.) and family nurse practitioner (F.N.P.), both of which continue to have great utility independently. This synthesis is a practical application of concepts that have evolved to meet the changing patterns of ...

  5. Incest and the family physician. (United States)

    Boekelheide, P D


    This paper is a review of incest from epidemiologic, familial, and individual points of view. The incest taboo has characterized almost every culture and society throughout the ages. Respect for the incest barrier is a cultural demand made by society and is not a physiological or biological imperative. Overt incest occurs in a dysfunctional family through tension-reducing "acting out." The family physician is in a unique position to observe and understand the family dynamics which both help maintain defenses against the incestuous wishes as well as, in some families, contribute to the practice of incest. For 2,000 years physicians have taken the Hippocratic oath, with its explicit love relationship clause, as a reminder of their ethical responsibilities towards their patients. Examples of para-incestuous relationships between vulnerable individuals and authoritative helping figures are cited. A psychodynamic rationale is offered as to why sexual relationships between patients and their family physicians are not therapeutically beneficial. Clues for assessment and ten preventive measures are presented to enable physicians to monitor themselves and the families in their practice.

  6. [Family intervention according to Roy]. (United States)

    de Montigny, F


    The author presents a care plan based upon Sister Callista Roy's conceptual model, that is recognized as well suited to the family system. This, the first of two-part series, focuses on the first two steps of the care plan--the theoretical and practical aspects of data collection and data analysis. The subjects are a single mother and her son. During the first level of evaluation of the family system, the nurse observes and explores the family system's behavior as well as that of each of the family members using the four modes of adaptation: physiological needs, self-concept, role function, and interdependence relations. During the second level of evaluation, the nurse identifies observed and reported stimuli or factors within the family environment that influence observed behaviors. During the data analysis, the nurse determines if the reported or observed behaviors are adaptive or non-adaptive toward maintaining the bio-psycho-social integrity of the family. The nurse also determines if the behaviors allow for achievement of identified goals. The nurse establishes links between the behaviors and the stimuli, classes and organizes the findings, and formulates an appropriate nursing care plan. Next month's article will focus on the planning, implementation and evaluation of the nursing care plan. It will focus equally on the ways in which the nurse can facilitate the family's adaptation.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李延峰; 郭玉璞; 池田修一; 方定华


    This paper reports a familial amyloid polyneumpathy (FAP) family in China. This family being investigated had 69 members of five generations. From the third generation, there have been 16 patients. The age of onset was about 3 to 5 decades. The initial symptoms were autonomic nerve symptcans, such as impotence, dyspepaia and diarrhoea, associated with the sensory loss of lower extremities. As the disease progressed. the upper extremities and motor ability were also involved. The duration of disease course wasabout 8-10 years, most patients died of infection and cacbexia. Sural biopsy in 3 patients had showed positive Congo red staining. From the clinical view, this FAP family is similar to FAP I found in Japan. Thetrue classification, however, should be confirmed by further genetic analysis.

  8. At the Table with Family and Making Family Meals Manageable (United States)

    ... behaviors measured included substance use, sexual activity, depression/suicide, violence, antisocial behaviors, school problems, and binge eating/purging (7). For younger kids ( middle school age) family meals were also a protective factor that supported ...

  9. Same sex families and children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mršević Zorica


    Full Text Available Introduction comprises the information on two main forms of same sex families, civic partnership (same sex partnership and same sex marriage. Countries and various status modalities of legal regulations are mentioned. The main part of the text is dedicated to presentation of the findings of the most recent research on various aspects regarding children of same sex partnerships. It comprises presentations grouped in four main chapters: acceptance of same sex partnerships, acceptance of legal recognition of the same sex partnerships, family plans of homosexual teenagers, and raising children within and by the same sex partners. Also the real life cases mirroring legal changes through their life destinies are presented, such is e.g. the Irish way to legalization of the same sex partnerships. In addition, a love story of two women crowned by giving birth of their four children is mentioned. Reasons against and negative reactions the author puts under the title Homophobia. In the Concluding remarks, the author presents the most recent examples of legal changes happened in Norway, Ecuador, and in the American states of California and Connecticut. It was also stated that in European countries of low birth rate, the same sex families are inevitably identified as one of demographically valuable source of creating and raising children, which is worthy to be supported, rather than being hindered without reason and discriminated. Although different than a model of heterosexual family, same sex partnerships neither are harrowing to traditional family values, nor reflex of any kind of promiscuous, antisocial behavior, avoidance of parenthood, and negation of family. Quite opposite, these families are an outcome of endeavors of homosexuals not to be deprived of family, parenthood and all of other values of stabile, monogamous, emotional/sexual socially accepted and legally recognized and regulated conventional family. .

  10. Working to End Family Homelessness. Annual Report (United States)

    National Center on Family Homelessness (NJ1), 2012


    The National Center on Family Homelessness is determined to end family homelessness. Sheltering families provides a temporary safe haven. Connecting families to permanent housing, essential services, and critical supports can change their lives forever. Through research the Center learns what families need to rebound from the housing, economic,…

  11. Family Writing: Voices in Print, Voices Heard (United States)

    Weih, Timothy G.; Shaffer, Jennifer


    What can family members learn about each other from writing together? What sense of community can develop between family members and across families as they write together? What areas of culture and community can be realized as families write together? These are the questions that fostered this current inquiry into a family writing project. Four…

  12. Family Process 1962-1969. (United States)

    Beels, Christian


    This is a personal recollection of the first 8 years of Family Process, the volumes published under the first Editor, Jay Haley, and strongly influenced by the Mental Research Institute at Palo Alto, of which Haley was a member. The later influence of the group's "double bind" hypothesis of schizophrenia is explored. Some ideas about the influence of theory on practice are suggested. Several examples of experiments in the social setting of family work are picked out of these volumes because of their influence on later programs. Finally, the essay offers a retrospective appreciation of the influence of Gregory Bateson on the mood of "revolution" forecast in the opening years of Family Process.

  13. Family skills for overcoming adversity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mónica Patricia Ardila Hernández


    Full Text Available This section draws on research four families in displacement in Tunja Boyacá step of this research is to present the problem of displacement from another different look that has embargoed regarding this topic. Critical reflection was raised from resilient approach Parsons theory in order to understand families immersed in this conflict as change agents capable of adapting to a new system and overcome adversity. Within this scheme is used to obtain qualitative research of the following categories : adaptation to the new social context risk factors present in families and protective factors.

  14. Family Economic Security Policies and Child and Family Health. (United States)

    Spencer, Rachael A; Komro, Kelli A


    In this review, we examine the effects of family economic security policies (i.e., minimum wage, earned income tax credit, unemployment insurance, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) on child and family health outcomes, summarize policy generosity across states in the USA, and discuss directions and possibilities for future research. This manuscript is an update to a review article that was published in 2014. Millions of Americans are affected by family economic security policies each year, many of whom are the most vulnerable in society. There is increasing evidence that these policies impact health outcomes and behaviors of adults and children. Further, research indicates that, overall, policies which are more restrictive are associated with poorer health behaviors and outcomes; however, the strength of the evidence differs across each of the four policies. There is significant diversity in state-level policies, and it is plausible that these policy variations are contributing to health disparities across and within states. Despite increasing evidence of the relationship between economic policies and health, there continues to be limited attention to this issue. State policy variations offer a valuable opportunity for scientists to conduct natural experiments and contribute to evidence linking social policy effects to family and child well-being. The mounting evidence will help to guide future research and policy making for evolving toward a more nurturing society for family and child health and well-being.

  15. Family, Team or Something Else?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John Murtha


    Full Text Available When referring to staff, is the term "family" or "team" most accurate? John Murtha explores the importance of setting a company's core value to create and maintain a positive culture, expectations, and support hiring practices.

  16. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — This is the FY2009 Work Participation Rate data for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program. It provides state-by-state data on Work Participation...

  17. Kaiser Family Foundation - Content Search (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Chartpacks, chartbooks, factsheets, reports, and slide presentations bring Kaiser Family Foundation information to life, and can be easily incorporated into your...

  18. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: Family Stories

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Smyk


    Full Text Available Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC is a chronic immune-mediated cholestatic liver disease of unknown aetiology which affects mostly women in middle age. Familial PBC is when PBC affects more than one member of the same family, and data suggest that first-degree relatives of PBC patients have an increased risk of developing the disease. Most often, these familial clusters involve mother-daughter pairs, which is consistent with the female preponderance of the disease. These clusters provide evidence towards a genetic basis underlying PBC. However, clusters of nonrelated individuals have also been reported, giving strength to an environmental component. Twin studies have demonstrated a high concordance for PBC in monozygotic twins and a low concordance among dizygotic twins. In conclusion, studies of PBC in families clearly demonstrate that genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors play a role in the development of the disease.

  19. Birth control and family planning (United States)

    ... page: // Birth control and family planning To use the sharing features ... please enable JavaScript. Your choice of a birth control method depends on a number of factors, including ...

  20. National Center on Family Homelessness (United States)

    ... You are here Home National Center on Family Homelessness Center A staggering 2.5 million children are ... raise awareness of the current state of child homelessness in the United States, documents the number of ...