Book Review: Teachers taking action  

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Full Text Available In Teachers Taking Action: A Comprehensive Guide to Teacher Research, editors Cynthia Lassonde and Susan Israel provide readers with a text that offers advice to teacher researchers on topics ranging from understanding what it means to conduct teacher research to developing a study and then getting that study published.

Bob Fecho



Teachers Take the Lead (United States)

Classroom teachers can serve as instructional leaders to plan, execute, and assess staff development. Such responsibility can lead to successful outcomes, as evidenced by one school's teacher-led technology training. This article illustrates how sharing instructional leadership responsibilities helps develop collegiality among faculty members.

Corder, Gregory W.; Marshall, Ian; Lineweaver, Lori; McIntyre, Peggy



What It Would Take to Increase the Number of High School Astronomy Courses: A Survey of Principals and a Comparison to Astronomy Teachers, and a Prescription for Change (United States)

A survey to principals of high schools without astronomy points to the conditions needed to increase the number of high school astronomy courses and acceptable justifications for adding in a course. The former includes the need for more and better trained teachers, changing the perceptions of higher officials from local administrations to…

Krumenaker, Larry



Taking the Reins: Preservice Teachers Practicing Leadership (United States)

What makes the difference between a good teacher and a great one? Knowing one's content is important, but having strong leadership skills can tip the scales from mediocrity to excellence. The best time to begin practicing being a teacher leader is during the preservice years. By practicing leadership skills, one can begin to view oneself not only…

Dunlap, Karen; Hansen-Thomas, Holly



When Teachers Take Staff Development Personally (United States)

School administrators, eager to raise student achievement levels to meet the requirements of President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, are increasingly looking to staff development for the purpose of enhancing student achievement. How would it be possible for staff development to be more effective than it now is? Mountain View Alternative High…

McCarthy, Ellen H.



Going Beyond Test-Taking Strategies: Building Self-Regulated Students and Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Since the inception of No Child Left Behind (NCLB, standardized tests have been on the minds of students, parents, and educators, who are consistently concerned with how to increase test scores. In this article, the authors suggest that it is time to look beyond tests to enable willing, focused, and persistent - that is self-regulated - students and teachers. Self-regulated students and teachers take control of their learning, set goals, monitor progress, reflect on outcomes, are intrinsically motivated to learn, and demonstrate higher levels of achievement (Harter, 1996; Markman, 1979; Mason, Snyder, Sukhram, & Kedem, 2006; Perry, Nordby, & VandeKamp, 2003; Zimmerman, 2000, 2002. Supporting such self-regulation not only promotes more independent, competent, and motivated students and teachers, but is also likely to raise test scores (Paris & Paris, 2001. The authors suggest specific strategies for, and benefits of, the development of self-regulation in both students and teachers.

Erika Swarts Gray



Perspective-taking increases willingness to engage in intergroup contact. (United States)

The current research explored whether perspective-taking increases willingness to engage in contact with stereotyped outgroup members. Across three studies, we find that perspective-taking increases willingness to engage in contact with negatively-stereotyped targets. In Study 1, perspective-takers sat closer to, whereas stereotype suppressors sat further from, a hooligan compared to control participants. In Study 2, individual differences in perspective-taking tendencies predicted individuals' willingness to engage in contact with a hooligan, having effects above and beyond those of empathic concern. Finally, Study 3 demonstrated that perspective-taking's effects on intergroup contact extend to the target's group (i.e., another homeless man), but not to other outgroups (i.e., a man of African descent). Consistent with other perspective-taking research, our findings show that perspective-taking facilitates the creation of social bonds by increasing contact with stereotyped outgroup members. PMID:24465648

Wang, Cynthia S; Kenneth, Tai; Ku, Gillian; Galinsky, Adam D



Teacher Research Programs = Increased Student Achievement (United States)

Columbia University's Summer Research Program for Science Teachers (SRP), founded in 1990, is one of the largest, best known university professional development programs for science teachers in the U.S. For eight weeks in each of two consecutive summers, teachers participate as a member of a research team, led by a member of Columbia University's research faculty. In addition to the laboratory experience, all teachers meet weekly during the summer for a series of pedagogical activities to assist them in transferring the experience to their classrooms. The primary goal of the program is to provide K-12 science teachers with opportunities to work at the cutting edge of science and engineering, and thus to revitalize their teaching and help them to appreciate the use of inquiry-based methods in their classroom instruction. The secondary goals of the program are to give the pre-college teacher the ability to guide their students toward careers in science and engineering, to develop new teaching strategies, and to foster long-term scholarly collaborations. The last is especially important as it leads to a model of the teacher as active in science yet committed to the pre-college classroom. Since its inception, SRP has focused on an objective assessment of the program's impact on attitudes and instructional practices of participating teachers, on the performance of these teachers in their mentors' laboratories, and most importantly, on the impact of their participation in the program has on student interest and performance in science. Our research resulted in a paper published in the journal Science. SRP also facilitates a multi-site survey-based evaluation of other teacher research programs around the country. The author will present the findings of both studies.

Dubner, J.



Becoming Teachers: Examining How Preservice Elementary Teachers Use Language to Construct Professional Identities, Learn within Relationships, and Take Risks in the Classroom (United States)

This longitudinal qualitative study examined how four preservice elementary teachers used language to construct professional identities, learn within relationships, and take risks in the classroom during their final three semesters in teacher education coursework and field experiences. My female participants were former students of mine in the…

Ticknor, Anne Swenson



Taking Charge of Quality. How Teachers and Unions can Revitalize Schools. An Introduction and Companion to "United Mind Workers." (United States)

This book suggets that teachers and teacher unions should take the lead in making changes to promote educational quality and prepare students for the 21st century, where knowledge rather than industry will be the organizing principle. Part 1, "A Call to Action," describes how American society is changing and how these shifts necessitate the…

Kerchner, Charles Taylor; Koppich, Julia E.; Weeres, Joseph G.


Strawberry Square II: Take Time. Teacher's Guide. 33 Lessons in the Arts to Help Children Take Time with Life. (United States)

This teacher's guide accompanies a series of telelessons designed to stimulate arts activities in grades 2 and 3. It follows a story line established in "Strawberry Square" which centers around the revitilization of Strawberry Square by Skipper, the owner of the Tune Shoppe in the square. Each of the 15 lessons has four sections, which contain a…

Marcy, Nancy


Factors Influencing the Take-Up of Physics within Second-Level Education in Ireland--The Teachers' Perspective (United States)

There has been a disturbing decline in the take-up of physics within second-level education in Ireland since the early nineties. Here, an analysis is presented of the main factors influencing the take-up of physics from the perspective of secondary school teachers. The database underpinning the analysis is based on a comprehensive survey of…

Politis, Yurgos; Killeavy, Maureen; Mitchell, Peter I.



The Racing-Game Effect: Why Do Video Racing Games Increase Risk-Taking Inclinations?  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The present studies investigated why video racing games increase players’ risk-taking inclinations. Four studies reveal that playing video racing games increases risk taking in a subsequent simulated road traffic situation, as well as risk-promoting cognitions and emotions, blood pressure, sensation seeking, and attitudes toward reckless driving. Study 1 ruled out the role of experimental demand in creating such effects. Studies 2 and 3 showed that the effect of play...

Fischer, Peter; Greitemeyer, Tobias; Morton, Thomas; Kastenmu?ller, Andreas; Postmes, Tom; Frey, Dieter; Kubitzki, Jo?rg; Odenwa?lder, Jo?rg



Central exit examinations increase performance...but take the fun out of mathematics  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

In response to PISA, all German federal states but one have adopted central exit examinations (CEEs) at the end of all secondary school tracks. Theoretically, the advantages of CEEs are fairly undisputed. CEEs make teaching and learning output observable and comparable across schools, and provide incentives for teachers and students to increase their effort. In line with earlier research, we confirm that CEEs have a positive causal effect on student performance. We also investigate what actua...



Central exit examinations increase performance ...: But take the fun out of mathematics  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

In response to PISA, all German federal states but one have adopted central exit examinations (CEEs) at the end of all secondary school tracks. Theoretically, the advantages of CEEs are fairly undisputed. CEEs make teaching and learning output observable and comparable across schools, and provide incentives for teachers and students to increase their effort. In line with earlier research, we confirm that CEEs have a positive causal effect on student performance. We also investigate what actua...

Ju?rges, Hendrik; Schneider, Kerstin



Teacher Education and Training for Africa in the 21st Century: What Form Should It Take? (United States)

No nation can develop beyond the quality of its education system, which depends on the quality of teachers. Much of what teachers need to know to be successful is invisible to lay observers leading to the view that teaching requires little formal study. On the contrary, teachers seek answers to questions to enable them help students learn. They…

Boaduo, Nana Adu-Pipim; Milondzo, Khazamula Samson; Gumbi, Daphne



Longitudinal Effects of Pay Increase on Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: A Motivational Perspective  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The present study investigates the longitudinal effects of a pay-increase schema, known as the teachers’ cadre, on teachers’ job satisfaction. A total of 155 primary school teachers responded to a questionnaire tapping their overall job satisfaction over four occasions. The results of the study showed that pay increase did not have a significant effect on teachers’ job satisfaction. After pay increase, teachers with high academic attainments were significantly less satisfied with their teaching profession than teachers with low academic attainments. After pay increase, male teachers were significantly more satisfied with their teaching profession than female teachers. Length of service did not have a significant effect on teachers’ job satisfaction.





Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

We used a multiple baseline design across participants to determine if teacher greetings would reduce the latency to task engagement. Three participants were identified by their respective teachers as having difficulty initiating task-appropriate engagement at the beginning of class. Latency was measured from teacher greeting until the participant was actively engaged for 5 consecutive seconds. Results showed that teacher greetings were effective at reducing latency to task engagement for all...



Using Teacher Greetings to Increase Speed to Task Engagement (United States)

We used a multiple baseline design across participants to determine if teacher greetings would reduce the latency to task engagement. Three participants were identified by their respective teachers as having difficulty initiating task-appropriate engagement at the beginning of class. Latency was measured from teacher greeting until the participant…

Allday, R. Allan; Bush, Miranda; Ticknor, Nicole; Walker, Lindsay



Teacher Change in the Western Cape, South Africa: Taking a Big Step in Science Education. (United States)

Discusses how to teach overcrowded, underresourced classes using various approaches, describing a South African science teacher development project that tested the potential of using translation activities to promote teacher change. The project resulted in a significant pedagogical shifts. Researchers note that for the provision of additional…

Johnson, Sally; Monk, Martin; Watson, Rod; Hodges, Merle; Sadeck, Melanie; Scholtz, Zena; Botha, Tommy; Wilson, Brian



It Takes a Village: Investigating the Critical Role Clinical Faculty Play in Mathematics Teacher Education (United States)

The dispositions of preservice elementary education teachers toward reform-oriented mathematics education were surveyed before and after an extended pre-student teaching practicum. During the practicum, university and school-based personnel served as 'clinical faculty' as they supported the preservice teachers' practicum…

Bahr, Damon L.



Taking Part in the Dance: Technology Teachers Interacting with Communities of Practice (United States)

This research investigated how secondary school technology teachers planned and implemented units that enabled students to access authentic technological practice through their contact with a community of practice (CoP). It was found that when teachers plan to access a community of practice for their students a complex dance-style relationship…

Slatter, Wendy; France, Bev



The racing-game effect: why do video racing games increase risk-taking inclinations? (United States)

The present studies investigated why video racing games increase players' risk-taking inclinations. Four studies reveal that playing video racing games increases risk taking in a subsequent simulated road traffic situation, as well as risk-promoting cognitions and emotions, blood pressure, sensation seeking, and attitudes toward reckless driving. Study 1 ruled out the role of experimental demand in creating such effects. Studies 2 and 3 showed that the effect of playing video racing games on risk taking was partially mediated by changes in self-perceptions as a reckless driver. These effects were evident only when the individual played racing games that reward traffic violations rather than racing games that do not reward traffic violations (Study 3) and when the individual was an active player of such games rather than a passive observer (Study 4). In sum, the results underline the potential negative impact of racing games on traffic safety. PMID:19596767

Fischer, Peter; Greitemeyer, Tobias; Morton, Thomas; Kastenmüller, Andreas; Postmes, Tom; Frey, Dieter; Kubitzki, Jörg; Odenwälder, Jörg



Introducing topics from informatics into primary school curricula : how do teachers take it?  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The process of introducing compulsory ICT education at primary school level in the Czech Republic should be completed next year. Programming and Information, two topics from the basics of computer science have been included in a new textbook. The question is whether the new chapters of the textbook are comprehensible for primary school teachers, who have undergone no training in computer science. The paper reports on a pilot verification project in which pre-service primary school teachers we...

Vani?c?ek, Jir?i?



Caffeine protects against increased risk-taking propensity during severe sleep deprivation. (United States)

Previous research suggests that sleep deprivation is associated with declines in metabolic activity within brain regions important for judgement and impulse control, yet previous studies have reported inconsistent findings regarding the effects of sleep loss and caffeine on risk-taking. In this study, 25 healthy adults (21 men, four women) completed the Balloon Analog Risk Task (BART) and Evaluation of Risks (EVAR) scale at regular intervals to examine behavioral and self-reported risk-taking propensity during 75 h of continuous sleep deprivation. Participants received either four double-blind administrations of 200 mg caffeine (n=12) or indistinguishable placebo (n=13) gum bi-hourly during each of the 3 nights of sleep deprivation. No significant effects of drug group or sleep deprivation were evident on the BART or EVAR when measured at 51 h of wakefulness. However, by 75 h, the placebo group showed a significant increase in risk-taking behavior on the cost-benefit ratio and total number of exploded balloons on the BART, whereas the caffeine group remained at baseline levels. On the EVAR, several factors of self-reported risk-taking propensity, including total risk, impulsivity and risk/thrill seeking, were reduced among subjects receiving caffeine across the 3 days of sleep deprivation, but remained at baseline levels for the placebo group. These results suggest that 3 nights of total sleep deprivation led to a significant increase in behavioral risk-taking but not self-reported perception of risk-propensity. Overnight caffeine prevented this increase in risky behavior. PMID:20946437

Killgore, William D S; Kamimori, Gary H; Balkin, Thomas J



Taking a Stance through Visual Texts: Novice Teachers as Educational Agents (United States)

Drawing on qualitative methodologies that integrate verbal and non-verbal texts, this study investigated novice teachers' attributions of their experiences of internship, as conveyed through a visual text. Novices were invited to design a visual text that represented their experience during internship, as part of a national call entitled…

Orland-Barak, Lily; Maskit, Ditza



Taking on the Motivating Challenge: Rural High School Teachers' Perceptions and Practice (United States)

Motivating high school students is a complex and challenging task. Add the resource shortfall and issues that result from the small size and remoteness of rural districts, and it may seem a nearly impossible undertaking. Motivation theory and research offer potential tools for teachers to use, but what are the needs of rural students, and what…

Hardre, Patricia L.



Does Practice-Based Teacher Preparation Increase Student Achievement? Early Evidence from the Boston Teacher Residency  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The Boston Teacher Residency is an innovative practice-based preparation program in which candidates work alongside a mentor teacher for a year before becoming a teacher of record in Boston Public Schools. We find that BTR graduates are more racially diverse than other BPS novices, more likely to teach math and science, and more likely to remain teaching in the district through year five. Initially, BTR graduates for whom value-added performance data are available are no more effective at rai...

Papay, John P.; West, Martin Raymond; Fullerton, Jon; Kane, Thomas J.



Pedagogical Strategies to Increase Pre-service Teachers? Confidence in Computer Learning  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Pre-service teachers? attitudes towards computers significantly influence their future adoption of integrating computer technology into their teaching. What are the pedagogical strategies that a teacher education instructor or an instructional designer can incorporate to enhance a pre-service teacher?s comfort level in using computers? In this exploratory report, the researcher synthesizes related literature, provides a comprehensive list of theory-based instructional strategies, and describes a study of the perceptions of 189 pre-service teachers regarding strategies related to increasing their comfort in using computers.

Li-Ling Chen



Excessive alcohol consumption increases risk taking behaviour in travellers to Cusco, Peru. (United States)

The risks associated with alcohol intoxication are rarely discussed during pre-travel counselling. However, alcohol immoderation abroad may increase the exposure to health risks. Few studies have addressed alcohol consumption and risk taking behaviour in travellers to South America. From October to December of 2004, travellers leaving the city of Cusco in Peru were asked to fill out anonymous questionnaires regarding demographics, self-reported alcohol consumption, illness and risk behaviour for sexually-transmitted infection (STI) and travellers diarrhoea. Most travellers (87.2%) consumed alcohol and 20.4% reported inebriation in Cusco. Those admitting inebriation were more likely to be male, single, Cusco were more likely to seek medical attention, change itinerary, and report decreased satisfaction with the trip experience. In the multivariate analysis, inebriation was independently associated with reporting higher numbers of unsafe food choices, illicit drug use, and risky sexual activity. It is concluded that alcohol intoxication during travel was associated with increased risk taking behaviour for common travel related conditions. Although travel related illnesses were not associated with inebriation, some markers of illness severity were more often reported by those who admitted intoxication. Risk for heavy alcohol use abroad should be assessed during the pre-travel visit in certain groups and appropriate counselling should be provided. PMID:21420363

Cabada, Miguel M; Mozo, Karen; Pantenburg, Birte; Gotuzzo, Eduardo



One Size Fits All: The Increasing Standardisation of English Teachers' Work in England (United States)

English teachers in England have experienced a lengthy period of external constraint, increasingly controlling their practice. This constraint was originated in the 1989 National curriculum. Although in its first version it was in harmony with practice, its numerous revisions have moved it a long way from teachers' own values and beliefs. This…

Goodwyn, Andrew



Effects of Increased Self-Regulated Learning Opportunities on Student Teachers' Metacognitive and Motivational Development (United States)

This intervention study focused on the relationships between student teachers' self-regulated learning (SRL) opportunities, their use of metacognitive learning strategies and their motivation for learning. Results indicate that student teachers' use of metacognitive learning strategies increases significantly in learning environments with…

Vrieling, E. M.; Bastiaens, T. J.; Stijnen, S.



Low mate encounter rate increases male risk taking in a sexually cannibalistic praying mantis. (United States)

Male praying mantises are forced into the ultimate trade-off of mating versus complete loss of future reproduction if they fall prey to a female. The balance of this trade-off will depend both on (1) the level of predatory risk imposed by females and (2) the frequency of mating opportunities for males. We report the results of a set of experiments that examine the effects of these two variables on male risk-taking behavior and the frequency of sexual cannibalism in the praying mantis Tenodera sinensis. We experimentally altered the rate at which males encountered females and measured male approach and courtship behavior under conditions of high and low risk of being attacked by females. We show that male risk taking depends on prior access to females. Males with restricted access to females showed greater risk-taking behavior. When males were given daily female encounters, they responded to greater female-imposed risk by slowing their rate of approach and remained a greater distance from a potential mate. In contrast, males without recent access to mates were greater risk-takers; they approached females more rapidly and to closer proximity, regardless of risk. In a second experiment, we altered male encounter rate with females and measured rates of sexual cannibalism when paired with hungry or well-fed females. Greater risk-taking behavior by males with low mate encounter rates resulted in high rates of sexual cannibalism when these males were paired with hungry females. PMID:22558146

Brown, William D; Muntz, Gregory A; Ladowski, Alexander J



Increase in depth of field taking into account deconvolution by optimization of pupil mask  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

We consider optimization of hybrid imaging systems including a phase mask for enhancing the depth of field and a digital deconvolution step. We propose an image quality criterion that takes into account the variability of the system's point spread function along the expected defocus range and the noise enhancement induced by deconvolution. Considering the classical cubic phase mask as an example, we show that the optimization of this criterion may lead to filter parameters that are significan...

Diaz, Frederic; Goudail, Franc?ois; Loiseau, Brigitte; Huignard, Jean-pierre



Dopamine Agonist Increases Risk Taking but Blunts Reward-Related Brain Activity  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The use of D2/D3 dopaminergic agonists in Parkinson's disease (PD) may lead to pathological gambling. In a placebo-controlled double-blind study in healthy volunteers, we observed riskier choices in a lottery task after administration of the D3 receptor-preferring agonist pramipexole thus mimicking risk-taking behavior in PD. Moreover, we demonstrate decreased activation in the rostral basal ganglia and midbrain, key structures of the reward system, following unexpected high gains and therefo...



Low Mate Encounter Rate Increases Male Risk Taking in a Sexually Cannibalistic Praying Mantis  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Male praying mantises are forced into the ultimate trade-off of mating versus complete loss of future reproduction if they fall prey to a female. The balance of this trade-off will depend both on (1) the level of predatory risk imposed by females and (2) the frequency of mating opportunities for males. We report the results of a set of experiments that examine the effects of these two variables on male risk-taking behavior and the frequency of sexual cannibalism in the praying mantis Tenodera...

Brown, William D.; Muntz, Gregory A.; Ladowski, Alexander J.



Transcranial alternating current stimulation increases risk-taking behavior in the balloon analog risk task. (United States)

The process of evaluating risks and benefits involves a complex neural network that includes the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC). It has been proposed that in conflict and reward situations, theta-band (4-8?Hz) oscillatory activity in the frontal cortex may reflect an electrophysiological mechanism for coordinating neural networks monitoring behavior, as well as facilitating task-specific adaptive changes. The goal of the present study was to investigate the hypothesis that theta-band oscillatory balance between right and left frontal and prefrontal regions, with a predominance role to the right hemisphere (RH), is crucial for regulatory control during decision-making under risk. In order to explore this hypothesis, we used transcranial alternating current stimulation, a novel technique that provides the opportunity to explore the functional role of neuronal oscillatory activities and to establish a causal link between specific oscillations and functional lateralization in risky decision-making situations. For this aim, healthy participants were randomly allocated to one of three stimulation groups (LH stimulation/RH stimulation/Sham stimulation), with active AC stimulation delivered in a frequency-dependent manner (at 6.5?Hz; 1?mA peak-to-peak). During the AC stimulation, participants performed the Balloon Analog Risk Task. This experiment revealed that participants receiving LH stimulation displayed riskier decision-making style compared to sham and RH stimulation groups. However, there was no difference in decision-making behaviors between sham and RH stimulation groups. The current study extends the notion that DLPFC activity is critical for adaptive decision-making in the context of risk-taking and emphasis the role of theta-band oscillatory activity during risky decision-making situations. PMID:22347844

Sela, Tal; Kilim, Adi; Lavidor, Michal



Increasing the Supply of Secondary Teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Stakeholder Assessment of Policy Options in Six Countries (United States)

Over the next decade many countries of sub-Saharan Africa will face a demand for qualified secondary school teachers that current systems for teacher recruitment, training, deployment and retention will be unable to meet. While strategies for increasing teacher supply to meet this shortage have been suggested, less attention has been given to…

Dejaeghere, Joan G.; Chapman, David W.; Mulkeen, Aidan



Do Reinforcement and Induction Increase Prosocial Behavior? Results of a Teacher-Based Intervention in Preschools (United States)

Teachers were trained to use reinforcement and induction to increase prosocial behavior in a sample of 98 children in Head Start-affiliated preschools, using a peer coaching model. There was one control group and three intervention groups: reinforcement-only, induction-only, and reinforcement-and-induction. Results indicated that the intervention…

Ramaswamy, Vidya; Bergin, Christi



Evaluation of a teacher-led physical activity curriculum to increase preschooler physical activity  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Preschool students are generally sedentary at school, and few interventions have addressed whether teacher-led activities can increase physical activity at preschools. The current study aimed to increase physical activity in preschool children enrolled in childcare centers by training childcare providers to deliver a physical activity curriculum. A within-group pre-test/post-test design was used including 32 children at 4 preschools. A teacher-led physical activity curriculum, the Coordinated Approach to Child Health Early Childhood Education Curriculum (CEC was implemented in each childcare center for six weeks. Activity levels of participants were monitored through the use of accelerometers and direct observation for approximately five hours pre- and post-intervention. Time spent in moderate/vigorous physical activity in preschoolers in three of the four preschools suggested a positive trend increasing from 34.5% ± 13.2% baseline to 39.3% ± 15.4% at follow-up (p = 0.10. Teachers from all four centers reported spending 24.6 ± 13.0 minutes per activity session with up to two activity sessions completed per day. These results justify larger trials to determine the impact of a teacher-led physical activity curriculum on the intensity and duration of preschool students’ physical activity at school.

Jean Harvey-Berino



Merit Pay: Good for Teachers? (United States)

When asked to share her thoughts about merit-pay for teachers, one second-grade teacher said that it is a touchy subject. Other teachers, however, have a different take on the increasingly talked-about alternative pay systems. Whatever their viewpoint, merit-pay is an issue to watch. More and more districts are considering it and it could mean new…

Drevitch, Gary



Research on the Stiff Function of Network Media Taking Network Media Reports on Male Teachers as Examples  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In order to research on the stiff function of network media, this paper selects a special group-male teachers as research objects, analyzes comprehensively from the perspective of communication science, summarizes how the image of this group is set up in network media and what kind of communication effect is generated, and makes suggestions, which are expected to be beneficial for network media to exert effective function in public opinion supervision.

Kunjin Luo



Research on the Stiff Function of Network Media Taking Network Media Reports on Male Teachers as Examples  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

In order to research on the stiff function of network media, this paper selects a special group-male teachers as research objects, analyzes comprehensively from the perspective of communication science, summarizes how the image of this group is set up in network media and what kind of communication effect is generated, and makes suggestions, which are expected to be beneficial for network media to exert effective function in public opinion supervision.



Intragastric acidification increases the sensitivity of 14C-urea breath test in patients taking a proton pump inhibitor  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Objective: To investigate if intragastric acidification at the ingestion of 14C-urea can decrease the likelihood of false-negative (FN) results of urea breath test (UBT) in patients taking a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). Methods: Twenty-three patients with positive 14C-UBT (UBT-1) results underwent an acid suppression treatment with omeprazole 40 mg/d for 14 d. On day 13, patients underwent second standard UBT (YBT-2). On day 14, patients underwent a modified UBT (UBT-3), which included consuming 200 mL of 0.1 mol/L citric acid solution 30 min before and at the administration of 14C-urea. Mean 14CO2 expiration and the number of FN results were compared for the three UBTs. Results: Omeprazole caused a significant decrease in mean 14CO2 excretion between UBT-1[(5.57 +- 3.90) Bq/mmol] and UBT-2[(1.98 +- 1.42) Bq/mmol, t=5.867, P=0.000]. Omeprazole caused 10(43.5%) FN UBT-2 results. Mean 14CO2 expiration in UBT-3 [(4.93 +- 3.77) Bq/mmol] was greater than that in UBT-2 (t=-4.538, P=0.000). UBT-3 caused only 2 FN results (8.7%, x2=6.66, P14C-urea increases 14Co2 expiration and decreases FN 14C-UBT results in patients taking PPI



Greater exposure to sexual content in popular movies predicts earlier sexual debut and increased sexual risk taking. (United States)

Early sexual debut is associated with risky sexual behavior and an increased risk of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections later in life. The relations among early movie sexual exposure (MSE), sexual debut, and risky sexual behavior in adulthood (i.e., multiple sexual partners and inconsistent condom use) were examined in a longitudinal study of U.S. adolescents. MSE was measured using the Beach method, a comprehensive procedure for media content coding. Controlling for characteristics of adolescents and their families, analyses showed that MSE predicted age of sexual debut, both directly and indirectly through changes in sensation seeking. MSE also predicted engagement in risky sexual behaviors both directly and indirectly via early sexual debut. These results suggest that MSE may promote sexual risk taking both by modifying sexual behavior and by accelerating the normal rise in sensation seeking during adolescence. PMID:22810165

O'Hara, Ross E; Gibbons, Frederick X; Gerrard, Meg; Li, Zhigang; Sargent, James D



The Development of Reproductive Strategy in Females: Early Maternal Harshness [right arrow] Earlier Menarche [right arrow] Increased Sexual Risk Taking (United States)

To test a proposition central to J. Belsky, L. Steinberg, and P. Draper's (1991) evolutionary theory of socialization--that pubertal maturation plays a role in linking early rearing experience with adolescent sexual risk taking (i.e., frequency of sexual behavior) and, perhaps, other risk taking (e.g., alcohol, drugs, delinquency)--the authors…

Belsky, Jay; Steinberg, Laurence; Houts, Renate M.; Halpern-Felsher, Bonnie L.



Assessing Graduate Teacher Training Programs: Can a Teaching Seminar Reduce Anxiety and Increase Confidence? (United States)

Some effort to test the effectiveness of teacher assistant training programs is common, but these evaluations are typically limited to measures of student satisfaction. Two forms of assessment commonly used in elementary and secondary teacher training programs, measuring levels of teaching anxiety and teacher efficacy, may be of use for sociology…

Pelton, Julie A.



Incentives and Effort in the Public Sector : Have U.S. Education Reforms Increased Teachers? Work Hours?  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Beyond some contracted minimum, salaried workers? hours are largely chosen at the worker?s discretion and should respond to the strength of contract incentives. Accordingly, we consider the response of teacher hours to accountability and school choice laws introduced in U.S. public schools over the past two decades. Total weekly hours of full-time teachers have risen steadily since 1983 by about an hour, and after-school instructional hours have increased 34 percent since 1987. Average hours ...

Stoddard, Christiana; Kuhn, Peter



Teacher Research Programs: An Effective Form of Professional Development to Increase Student Achievement and Benefit the Economy (United States)

U.S. high school students perform markedly less well in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) than students in other economically advanced countries. This low level of STEM performance endangers our democracy and economy. The President's Council of Advisors in Science and Technology's 2004 report attributed the shortfall of students attracted to the sciences is a result of the dearth of teachers sufficiently conversant with science and scientists to enable them to communicate to their students the excitement of scientific exploration and discovery, and the opportunities science provides for highly rewarding and remunerative careers. Nonetheless, the United States has made little progress in correcting these deficiencies. Studies have shown that high-quality teaching matters more to student achievement than anything else schools do. This belief is buttressed by evidence from Columbia University's Summer Research Program for Science Teachers (SRP) that highly motivated, in-service science teachers require professional development to enable them and their students to perform up to their potential. Columbia's Summer Research Program is based on the premise that to teach science effectively requires experience in using the tools of contemporary science to answer unsolved questions. From its inception, SRP's goal has been to enhance interest and improve performance in science of students. It seeks to achieve this goal by increasing the professional competence of teachers. The reports of Elmore, Sanders and Rivers, and our own studies, show that professional development is a "key lever for improving student outcomes." While most middle and high school science teachers have taken college science courses that include cookbook laboratory exercises, the vast majority of them have never attempted to answer an unsolved question. Just as student learning depends on the expertise of teachers, the expertise of teachers depends on the quality of their professional development. Columbia University's teacher research program is a very effective form of professional development for pre- college science teachers and has a direct correlation to increased student motivation and achievement in science. The Program is premised on the beliefs that hands-on experience in the practice of science improves the quality and authenticity of science teaching, and that improved science teaching is correlated with increased student interest and achievement in science. The author will present the methodology of the program's evaluation citing statistically significant findings. The author will also show the economic benefits of teacher participation in a well-designed research program.

Dubner, J.



Is Conformity a Mediating Variable on Increased Risk-Taking Behavior Across Years of Membership in the Greek System?  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In the college subculture of Greek Life, members adhere to specific rules and norms in order to remain accepted, which could beindicative of conformity. This notion raises the question: what is the role of conformity on the risk taking behaviors of alcoholusage and sexual promiscuity as well as on the academic performance across years of membership? The article examines conformityin 31 fraternity members, cross-sectionally, using a compressed longitudinal design and hypothesizes members develop lower levelsof conformity after initiation, making them less susceptible to risk taking behaviors such as binge drinking, sexual promiscuityand decreased academic performance. Surveys were administered in paper format, and results were evaluated using a series ofanalysis of variance equations. The results indicated an interaction effect between peer conformity (high, low and alcoholicbeverages consumed as well as a main effects for between peer involvement (high, low and time on college GPA.




Mars Rover Curriculum: Teacher Self Reporting of Increased Frequency and Confidence in their Science and Language Arts Instruction (United States)

The University of Houston is in the process of developing a flexible program that offers children an in-depth educational experience culminating in the design and construction of their own model Mars rover. The program is called the Mars Rover Model Celebration (MRC). It focuses on students, teachers and parents in grades 3-8. Students design and build a model of a Mars rover to carry out a student selected science mission on the surface of Mars. A total of 65 Mars Rover teachers from the 2012-2013 cohort were invited to complete the Mars Rover Teacher Evaluation Survey. The survey was administered online and could be taken at the convenience of the participant. In total, 29 teachers participated in the survey. Teachers were asked to rate their current level of confidence in their ability to teach specific topics within the Earth and Life Science realms, as well as their confidence in their ability to implement teaching strategies with their students. In addition, they were asked to rate the degree to which they felt their confidence increased in the past year as a result of their participation in the MRC program. The majority of teachers (81-90%) felt somewhat to very confident in their ability to effectively teach concepts related to earth and life sciences to their students. In addition, many of the teachers felt that their confidence in teaching these concepts increased somewhat to quite a bit as a result of their participation in the MRC program (54-88%). The most striking increase in this area was the reported 48% of teachers who felt their confidence in teaching 'Earth and the solar system and universe' increased 'Quite a bit' as a result of their participation in the MRC program. The vast majority of teachers (86-100%) felt somewhat to very confident in their ability to effectively implement all of the listed teaching strategies. In addition, the vast majority reported believing that their confidence increased somewhat to quite a bit as a result of their participation in the MRC program (81-96%). The most striking increases were the percentage of teachers who felt their confidence increased 'Quite a bit' as a result of their participation in the MRC program in the following areas: 'Getting students interested in and curious about science' (63%); 'Teaching science as a co-inquirer with students' (56%); and 'Continually find better ways to teach science' (59%). The areas where teachers reported the least amount of increase were those related to: Fostering student reading comprehension skills during science instruction and learning and integrating reading language arts into my science teaching. This outcome, however, is not surprising as many teachers reported not implementing the language arts, comprehension and vocabulary aspects of the program. The program training for last year did not explicitly cover the language arts components in detail or with support.

Bering, E. A.; Carlson, C.; Nieser, K.; Slagle, E.



Meeting the Demand for TESL/TEFL Teachers: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Increasing Program Accessibility and Effectiveness (United States)

This paper assembles innovative ideas from several disciplines and offers an integrated discussion for improving TESL/TEFL curriculum design, specifically for individuals from peripheral social contexts and to address the global demand for ESL/EFL teachers. Overall, the suggested innovations serve to: (1) increase program accessibility to…

Smith, Catherine A.; Vellenga, Heidi E.; Parker, Marian; Butler, Norman L.



Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS increases risk taking behavior in the Balloon Analogue Risk Task  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The process of evaluating risks and benefits involves a complex neural network that includes the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC. It has been proposed that in conflict and reward situations, theta-band (4–8 Hz oscillatory activity in the frontal cortex may reflect an electrophysiological mechanism for coordinating neural networks monitoring behavior, as well as facilitating task-specific adaptive changes. The goal of the present study was to investigate the hypothesis that theta-band oscillatory balance between right and left frontal and prefrontal regions, with a predominance role to the right hemisphere, is crucial for regulatory control during decision-making under risk. In order to explore this hypothesis, we used transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS, a novel technique that provides the opportunity to explore the functional role of neuronal oscillatory activities and to establish a causal link between specific oscillations and functional lateralization in risky decision-making situations. For this aim, healthy participants were randomly allocated to one of three stimulation groups (LH stimulation / RH stimulation / Sham stimulation, with active AC stimulation delivered in a frequency-dependent manner (at 6.5 Hz; 1mA peak to-peak. During the AC stimulation, participants performed the Balloon Analog Risk Task. This experiment revealed that participants receiving LH stimulation displayed riskier decision-making style compared to sham and RH stimulation groups. However, there was no difference in decision-making behaviors between sham and RH stimulation groups. The current study extends the notion that DLPFC activity is critical for adaptive decision-making in the context of risk-taking and emphasis the role of theta-band oscillatory activity during risky decision-making situations.




Research on the Influencing Factors of Job Stress of University Teachers ---- Take Changchun University of Science and Technology as an Example  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The paper selects 159 teachers of Changchun University of Science and Technology (CUST) by stratifi ed sampling method to perform questionnaire survey, determines five factors that influence the job stress of university teachers by principal component analysis. It also analyzes the influence of academic title, gender, age, education background, length of service and discipline difference on the job stress so as to guide universities to deal with teachers’ job stress.

Meng, Bo; Guo, Liying



Incentives and Effort in the Public Sector: Have US Education Reforms Increased Teachers' Work Hours? (United States)

Beyond some contracted minimum, salaried workers' hours are largely chosen at the worker's discretion and should respond to the strength of contract incentives. Accordingly, we consider the response of teacher hours to accountability and school choice laws introduced in US public schools over the past two decades. Total weekly hours of full-time…

Stoddard, Christiana; Kuhn, Peter



Increasing Student Interaction Online: A Review of the Literature in Teacher Education Programs (United States)

Online education is one of the fastest growing trends in the use of technology. This study examined the role of student interaction in an online environment and implications for course development and online instruction. In a review of seminal articles in the area of pre-service teacher education courses, two research questions were addressed: (1)…

Ravenna, Georgianna; Foster, Chris; Bishop, Carolyn



Increase in Teachers' Knowledge about ADHD after a Week-Long Training Program: A Pilot Study (United States)

Objectives: ADHD affects 3% to 5% of school-age children. Clinical and community based epidemiological studies in Pakistan have shown a high prevalence of ADHD among school going children. A thorough review of literature shows that no studies of teachers' training programs regarding ADHD have been published in Pakistani research literature. The…

Syed, Ehsan Ullah; Hussein, Sajida Abdul



Increasing the satisfaction of general practitioners with continuing medical education programs: A method for quality improvement through increasing teacher-learner interaction  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Abstract Background Continuing medical education (CME for general practitioners relies on specialist-based teaching methods in many settings. Formal lectures by specialists may not meet the learning needs of practitioners and may cause dissatisfaction with traditional CME. Increasing learner involvement in teaching programs may improve learner satisfaction. Methods A quality improvement program for CME for 18 general practitioners in the Tel Aviv region was designed as a result of dissatisfaction with traditional CME activities. A two-step strategy for change was developed. The CME participants first selected the study topics relevant to them from a needs assessment and prepared background material on the topics. In the second step, specialist teachers were invited to answer questions arising from the preparation of selected topics. Satisfaction with the traditional lecture program and the new participatory program were assessed by a questionnaire. The quality criteria included the relevance, importance and applicability of the CME topic chosen to the participant's practice, the clarity of the presentation and the effective use of teaching aids by the lecturer and the potential of the lecturer to serve as a consultant to the participant. Results The participatory model of CME significantly increased satisfaction with relevance, applicability and interest in CME topics compared to the traditional lecture format. Conclusions Increased learner participation in the selection and preparation of CME topics, and increased interaction between CME teachers and learners results in increased satisfaction with teaching programs. Future study of the effect of this model on physician performance is required.

Fogelman Yacov



Consequences of Increased Self-Regulated Learning Opportunities on Student Teachers' Motivation and Use of Metacognitive Skills (United States)

This intervention study focused on the relationships between primary student teachers' self-regulated learning (SRL) opportunities, their motivation for learning and their use of metacognitive learning strategies. The participants were 3 teacher educators and 136 first-year student teachers. During one semester, teacher educators and student…

Vrieling, Emmy; Bastiaens, Theo; Stijnen, Sjef



Research on the Influencing Factors of Job Stress of University Teachers ---- Take Changchun University of Science and Technology as an Example  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available

The paper selects 159 teachers of Changchun University of Science and Technology (CUST by stratifi ed sampling method to perform questionnaire survey, determines five factors that influence the job stress of university teachers by principal component analysis. It also analyzes the influence of academic title, gender, age, education background, length of service and discipline difference on the job stress so as to guide universities to deal with teachers’ job stress.

Key words: University teacher; Job stress; Job performance

Résumé Le présent texte sélectionne 159 professeurs de l’Universitéde de la science et de la technologie de Changchun (CUST par la méthode d’échantillonnage stratifié pour effectuer enquęte par questionnaire, détermine cinq facteurs qui infl uencent le stress au travail des professeurs d’université par l’analyse en composantes principales. Il analyse également l’influence du titre de formation, le sexe, l’âge, l’éducation de base, la durée de service et de la différence de discipline sur le stress au travail afi n de guider les universités ŕ faire face au stress d’emploi des enseignants.

Mots clés: Professeur d’université; Le stress au travail; Le rendement au travail

Liying GUO



Electronic Portfolios in Teacher Education: A Case Study of Early Childhood Teacher Candidates (United States)

The use of electronic portfolios is increasingly becoming popular in teacher education programs. The electronic portfolio allows learners to express their work and take ownership over their own ability to plan and assess and reflect upon their learning during a specific period of time. While many teacher education programs have adopted electronic…

Ntuli, Esther; Keengwe, Jared; Kyei-Blankson, Lydia



Are Special Education Teachers Prepared to Teach the Increasing Number of Students Diagnosed with Autism? (United States)

In America, the number of children diagnosed with autism has increased to 1 out of every 150. The current trend in special education appears to support integrated education. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is recognized by many as a very effective instructional methodology in teaching children with autism. Parents are increasingly requesting that…

Loiacono, Vito; Allen, Barton



Taking Medication  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... or labels with you when you go to health appointments. Ask a family member to go to an appointment with you adn take notes so your not confused when you get home. Also, ask them to remind you to take your medications or labels when you go for any medical appointment.


Taking Medication  

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Full Text Available ... Access My Learning Access AADE7 System Find a Diabetes Educator Questions, Comments, Concerns? 800.338.3633 , ext. 100 Taking Medication Diabetes is a progressive condition. Depending on what type ...


Taking Medication (United States)

... Access My Learning Access AADE7 System Find a Diabetes Educator Questions, Comments, Concerns? 800.338.3633 , ext. 100 Taking Medication Diabetes is a progressive condition. Depending on what type ...


Taking Medication  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... schedule. Be sure to bring all medications or labels with you when you go to health appointments. ... to remind you to take your medications or labels when you go for any medical appointment.


Building Trusting Relationships for School Improvement: Implications for Principals and Teachers. By Request Series. (United States)

This booklet examines the issue of trust within the context of school improvement. Specifically, it looks at teacher-teacher and teacher-principal relationships. Drawing on existing research and the experiences of individual schools, it offers a summary of current literature and identifies specific steps that educators can take to increase the…

Brewster, Cori; Railsback, Jennifer


Culturally Relevant Collective Responsibility among Teachers of African-American Students in a High Poverty Elementary School (United States)

There is a construct of collective responsibility which is evident when teachers believe that increased teacher efforts result in increased student learning. The group of teachers in a school that believe their efforts are crucial in the learning process, and are willing to take responsibility for all students, regardless of the students' aptitude…

Gant, Monica Minor



Chinese Teachers' Views on the Increasing Use of Putonghua as a Medium of Instruction in Hong Kong Schools (United States)

The use of a particular language as medium of instruction (MOI) is a complex issue in multilingual and post-colonial contexts such as Hong Kong, on which teachers' voices are often neglected. To capture their voices, this paper reports on an interpretive inquiry of eight experienced Chinese teachers' professional experiences with a focus on their…

Gao, Xuesong; Leung, Pamela Pui-Wan; Trent, John



Language teachers and teaching  

CERN Document Server

This volume gathers contributions from a range of global experts in teacher education to address the topic of language teacher education. It shows how teacher education involves the agency of teachers, which forms part of their identity, and which they take on when integrating into the teaching community of practice. In addition, the volume explores the teachers' situated practice dynamic negotiation of classroom situations, socialization into the professional teaching culture, and ""on the ground experimentation"" with pedagogical skills/techniques.

Ben Said, Selim



Increasing the Chances of Implementing NGSS by Bolstering High School Teacher Knowledge and Views about Climate Change, a NICE NASA Example (United States)

Purpose of Presentation This paper will highlight how the results of this initial study foreshadow possibilities of NGSS (NGSS, 2013) playing out in high school classrooms in the near future. Research findings from a three-year NASA-funded project, Promoting Educational Leadership in Climate Science (PEL) will be presented. Objectives and Research Questions PEL aims to increase climate science literacy in high school teachers and students through scientific argumentation using authentic NASA data. This initial study focuses on the following questions: 1. Are teachers increasing their climate science knowledge? 2. Are there changes in teachers' views about climate change? 3. What resources and are provided to assist teachers to develop their students' scientific argumentation skills? Theoretical Framework Because of the changing nature of climate science knowledge and its relevance to societal issues, teachers must be able to understand the basic concepts and remain up-to-date on scientific issues. The need for a more thorough understanding of the concepts of climate change are highlighted by recent studies on the public perceptions and attitudes on the subject (Leiserowitz et al., 2013). Teachers need to understand the difference between skepticism as a characteristic of the nature of science and denial of climate change (Sommervillle & Hasol, 2011). Teachers need to understand the natural and human-induced factors affecting climate, and the potential consequences, and ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Generally, when teachers learn about a subject, they demonstrate more self-efficacy to teach about it (Bleicher & Lindgren, 2005). Analytic Strategy Data were analyzed using paired-samples t-tests, independent t -tests, and ANOVA. Latent class analysis was employed to analyze the Six America's Survey data. Correlational studies were conducted to examine possible relationships among variables. Findings in Brief Teachers' content knowledge increased significantly and teachers were more concerned about climate change after participation in PEL. Teachers with higher self-efficacy demonstrated higher climate change science knowledge. Teachers indicated that they felt more confident and were motivated to implement classroom lessons with their students that employed resources rich in NASA climate data and focused on scientific argumentation. References Bleicher, R.E., & Lindgren, J. (2005). Success in learning science and preservice science teaching self-efficacy. Journal of Science Teacher Education. 16, 205-225. Leiserowitz, A., Maibach, E., Roser-Renouf, C., Feinberg, G., & Howe, P.(2013) Climate change in the American mind: Americans' global warming beliefs and attitudes in April, 2013 Yale University and George Mason University. New Haven, CT: Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. Retrieved 7/26/13 from: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). (2013). Available at Somerville, R. C. J. & Hassol, S. J. (2011). Communicating the science of climate change. Physics Today, 64(10), 48-53.

Bleicher, R. E.



Pre-service Teachers’ Awareness and Attitudes on South Korea’s Increasing Cultural and Ethnic Diversity and the Role of Multicultural Education in K-12 Schools  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available As the number of multicultural students in South Korean schools continues to grow, activists and educators argue that South Korean schools are not meeting the needs of both multicultural and mono-cultural students and advocate for multicultural education. While educational literature looks at the meaning of multicultural education and how it can be implemented in the South Korean context, relatively little attention has been given to pre-service teachers’ understanding of cultural diversity and multicultural education. This paper explores how South Korean pre-service teachers understand the increasing ethnic and cultural diversity in South Korean society and multicultural education in South Korean schools. The responses suggest that multicultural education for pre-service teachers should facilitate a critical examination of South Korean identity as a political construct. Furthermore it should empower them to actively define multicultural education in their own contexts as a way to politically engage multiculturalism in and out of school.

Hong-soo Lee



Expression of a potato antimicrobial peptide SN1 increases resistance to take-all pathogen Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici in transgenic wheat. (United States)

Take-all, caused by soil-borne fungus Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici (Ggt), is a devastating root disease of wheat (Triticum aestivum) worldwide. Breeding resistant wheat cultivars is the most promising and reliable approach to protect wheat from take-all. Currently, no resistant wheat germplasm is available to breed cultivars using traditional methods. In this study, gene transformation was carried out using Snakin-1 (SN1) gene isolated from potato (Solanum tuberosum) because the peptide shows broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity in vitro. Purified SN1 peptide also inhibits in vitro the growth of Ggt mycelia. By bombardment-mediated method, the gene SN1 was transformed into Chinese wheat cultivar Yangmai 18 to generate SN1 transgenic wheat lines, which were used to assess the effectiveness of the SN1 peptide in protecting wheat from Ggt. Genomic PCR and Southern blot analyses indicated that the alien gene SN1 was integrated into the genomes of five transgenic wheat lines and heritable from T? to T? progeny. Reverse transcription-PCR and Western blot analyses showed that the introduced SN1 gene was transcribed and highly expressed in the five transgenic wheat lines. Following challenging with Ggt, disease test results showed that compared to segregants lacking the transgene and untransformed wheat plants, these five transgenic wheat lines expressing SN1 displayed significantly enhanced resistance to take-all. These results suggest that SN1 may be a potentially transgenic tool for improving the take-all resistance of wheat. PMID:23839728

Rong, Wei; Qi, Lin; Wang, Jingfen; Du, Lipu; Xu, Huijun; Wang, Aiyun; Zhang, Zengyan



Learning a Teachers Work (United States)

Purpose: The purpose of this article is to bridge the theoretical perspectives of workplace learning and teacher learning. Teacher learning takes place, for example, in the course of a teacher's work as well as in the institutional setting of a school. This article describes research conducted on such learning. Design/methodology/approach: The…

Maaranen, Katriina; Kynaslahti, Heikki; Krokfors, Leena



Taking SESAME to the classroom  

CERN Multimedia

The 2014 High School Teacher Programme (HST) is well under way, and this year it has a distinct Middle Eastern flavour, with eight teachers from the region among the 54 taking part.   Established in the late 1990s, HST is a three-week residential programme in English designed to give teachers a taste of frontier research and promote the teaching of modern physics in high schools. Along with the more than 30 other teacher schools given in the native language of the participants, HST aims to help teachers bring modern physics to the classroom and motivate their students to study science at upper secondary school and university. As part of the HST programme, teachers form working groups to develop lessons based on CERN science. This year, however, with eight teachers coming from Israel, Palestine, Iran and Jordan, all of which are members of SESAME, the international laboratory for Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Science Applications in the Middle East, one group is working on a dif...



Short-term data collection projects: A means to increase teacher content knowledge and bring authentic research experiences into the classroom (United States)

Short-term field research projects were embedded into a two-week, Mathematics and Science Partnership-funded, teacher institute devoted to increasing content knowledge about the physical basis of climate change. Teams of four teachers were encouraged to ask any research question related to weather or climate, and create a data collection method that they thought might help answer their question. They were provided with a range of measurement devices, from simple immersible thermometers to light sensors, probeware, and carbon dioxide concentration sensors. Teams were expected to design data collection sites in a middle-school setting, present site designs to their peers, collect data, present initial results, and participate in peer-review about site design and data collected. Teachers were encouraged to generate research questions that could be replicated with their students at their schools. Design complexity ranged widely with some teachers deliberately choosing to model sites their students might design and others making full use of more sophisticated technology. On the third day of the institute, each group presented their research question and setup for data collection in poster format. Large gaps in understanding about testable questions and effective data collection methods were apparent. Instead of addressing errors as groups presented, facilitators encouraged participants to explore each groups’ presentation and make comments using post-it notes. Participants were then encouraged to respond to the comments and consider modifying their questions, site designs, or data collection methods. Teams gathered data up to three times daily and were fully responsible for choosing means of data organization; by the second week most were using and becoming familiar with Microsoft Excel. Final presentations were in Microsoft PowerPoint. Teams were expected to graphically report data, present possible interpretations, and discuss any problems related to their initial questions or methods. All teams reported problems with their work and identified improvements for future research. Teachers reported that the field component was very helpful to their understanding of the process of science and to deepening their content knowledge about climate change research. Additionally they reported that they were much more likely to include short-term research projects in their own classrooms as a result of this experience. Short-term data collection experiences such as these can serve to: - Encourage teachers to provide students with the opportunity to develop their own questions, and design methods to answer those questions; - Expose teachers to common pitfalls in data collection methods so that teachers can later guide students as students encounter similar problems; - Familiarize teachers with widely available technology used to record and present data; - Refine teacher understanding of research and improve likelihood of success on longer research projects; - Enable teachers to look at data sets more critically and in more depth; - Better understand how to construct, read, and interpret data tables and graphs; and - Increase depth of understanding of science content.

Gaboardi, M.; Parker, W.; Rodriguez, D.



Do Perceptions of Being Treated Fairly Increase Students' Outcomes? Teacher-Student Interactions and Classroom Justice in Italian Adolescents (United States)

In this study, we have investigated the associations between the students' perceptions of teachers' interpersonal behaviour and some school outcomes--namely, academic achievement, learning motivation, and a sense of class belonging--considering the mediating role of classroom justice. Moreover, the impact of the school type was analysed. The…

Molinari, Luisa; Speltini, Giuseppina; Passini, Stefano



Strategies for the future operation of a nuclear power station of the first generation taking into consideration service life extension and increase in power  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

As a result of the constant increase in demand for power measures for extending the service life of existing plants and to increase their capacity are extremely important. In Switzerland there are good conditions for this. The new energy policy resulting from the referendum of September 1990 promotes programmes for increasing capacity (an increase of 10% is expected from the 5 nuclear power plants) and for extending their service life. The procedure for the two blocks of the Beznau nuclear plant is described. 2 figs



The Role of Teachers in Reducing/Increasing Listening Comprehension Test Anxiety: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Three components have been introduced for foreign language learning anxiety in the literature: Test anxiety, fear of negative evaluation and communication apprehension. This study teases out the first of the three components with special focus on listening comprehension test to investigate the correlation between listening test results and foreign language anxiety. More importantly, the study aims at questioning the role teachers can play in either alleviating or aggravating the anxi...

Naser Atasheneh; Ahmad Izadi



Teaching language teachers scaffolding professional learning  

CERN Document Server

Teaching Language Teachers: Scaffolding Professional Learning provides an updated view of as well as a reader-friendly introduction to the field of Teaching Teachers, with special reference to language teaching. By taking a decidedly Sociocultural perspective, the book addresses the main role of the Teacher of Teachers (ToT) as that of scaffolding the professional learning of aspiring teachers.

Maggioli, Gabriel Diaz



Teacher Growth and Assessment Process Procedural Handbook (United States)

Teacher Growth and Assessment (TGA) is a comprehensive teacher evaluation system that includes structures for both accountability and professional growth, taking teacher evaluation to a new level. TGA provides the opportunity to use teacher evaluation data to plan professional development, involve teachers in self-assessment, and structure…

Howard, Barbara B.



Trailblazing Teacher Contract Agreement Adopted in Baltimore (United States)

The Baltimore City Public Schools made national headlines late last year when the district adopted a new contract designed to take student learning and teacher professionalism to the next level. The three-year deal replaced conventional approaches to compensation--regular pay increases based on years in the system--with a new approach that gives…

Education Digest: Essential Readings Condensed for Quick Review, 2011



The Role of Teachers in Reducing/Increasing Listening Comprehension Test Anxiety: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Three components have been introduced for foreign language learning anxiety in the literature: Test anxiety, fear of negative evaluation and communication apprehension. This study teases out the first of the three components with special focus on listening comprehension test to investigate the correlation between listening test results and foreign language anxiety. More importantly, the study aims at questioning the role teachers can play in either alleviating or aggravating the anxiety which has been triggered in the listening test takers. For this purpose, a number of 60 intermediate-level EFL learners participated in the study. To measure the level of anxiety in the testees, a modified and translated version of foreign language class anxiety scale (FLCAS (developed by Horwtiz, Horwitz, and Cope, p. 1986 was used to be correlated with the testees’ scores in listening comprehension test. The results showed a moderate but significant negative correlation between FLCAS and listening comprehension (r=-.469. To answer the second research question, the high anxious participants underwent a treatment, which was designed to alleviate their foreign language learning anxiety. Immediately after the treatment, another listening comprehension test was administered to them to find out whether the treatment session can influence the test results. Using the statistical technique of t-test, the results showed that the high anxious informants had a significant improvement in the second listening comprehension test results due to the reduction of their level of anxiety in the treatment session. Finally, some suggestions were made to the teachers who seek to alleviate the amount of anxiety in their students.

Naser Atasheneh



Becoming a science teacher: The competing pedagogies of schools and teacher education (United States)

A culminating student teaching or internship experience is a central component of nearly every teacher education program and has been for most of teacher education's history. New teachers cite field experience and student teaching as the most beneficial, authentic, or practical aspect of teacher education. Teacher educators, however, have cause to view student teaching skeptically; student teachers often move away from the reform-minded practices espoused in teacher education. This multi-site ethnographic study investigated a full-year internship experience for six science interns at three diverse high schools as part of a teacher preparation program at a large state university. In taking an ecological perspective, this study documented the dynamic and evolving relationships between interns, cooperating teachers, teacher educators, and the school and classroom contexts. The goals of the study were to describe the changes in interns throughout the course of a year-long internship as a science teacher and to determine the relative influences of the various aspects of the ecology on interns. Data include fieldnotes from 311 hours of participant observation, 38 interviews with interns, cooperating teachers, and teacher educators, and 190 documents including course assignments, evaluations, and reflective journals. Interns' teaching practices were strongly influenced by their cooperating teachers. During the first two months, all six interns "used their mentor's script." When teaching, they attempted to re-enact lessons they witnessed their cooperating teachers enact earlier in the day. This included following the lesson structure, but also borrowing physical mannerisms, representations, anecdotes, and jokes. When interns could no longer follow their cooperating teacher due to an increased teaching load, they "followed their mentors' patterns"---implementing instruction that emphasized similar strategies---regardless of whether they were experiencing success in the classroom or not. To explore this disproportionate influence, this study documented the differences between the school-based placements and teacher education. Three contrasts were described. First, in schools, interns received support and assistance in real-time from cooperating teachers as they taught, while in teacher education, interns received support in planning for and reflecting on instruction. Second, in schools, interns and cooperating teachers' work had a task-orientation in which they solved concrete and contextualized problems together, while teacher educators were oriented toward ideas about teaching that might be generalized beyond the immediate context of the intern. Finally, in schools, interns acted like teachers. This meant dressing like a teacher, learning to use their bodies and voice in authoritative ways, and managing the physical space of the classroom. In teacher education classrooms, interns returned to talk and learn about teaching but reacquired the persona of students in their dress, movements, and social interactions. This study confirms the literature's consistent finding about the importance of cooperating teacher in the development of a student teacher's practices. In describing the worlds of the school and teacher education, it suggests reasons why the field experience acts as an influential "pedagogy of enactment" (Grossman, Hammerness, & McDonald, 2009) and discusses the implications for teacher education pedagogy.

Rozelle, Jeffrey J.


Taking the take but not the risk  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

The aim of this paper is to identify fiscal options that can increase the take but not the risk - or at least increase the take at acceptable levels of risk. This paper combines multinational corporations (MNCs) mining-investment-behavior characteristics, mineral-deposit distribution, and mineral economics with an analysis of fiscal regimes for taxing mineral deposits. It is not a rigoroc theoretical presentation, but rather a combination of experience and theory with examples to illustrate the implications of alternative fiscal regimes. The analysis is believed to be most relevant to those developing nations that have a policy to allow MNCs to play an active role in the development of their mineral resources. It is assumed that the major source of mining finance is external and that the major share of profits will be repatriated to the parent company and lending institutions. The basic premise is that a government's primary goal in its mineral-development strategy is maximizing revenue benefits from development of major mineral deposits. This does not imply that other goals, such as employment, regional development, and environmental protection, are unimportant. A clear understanding of the financial benefits from a major mineral development provides a quantitative basis for measuring benefits and costs of trade-offs among various goals. The paper is divided into five sections: (1) appropriate-profit criteria, (2) main considerations the designing an effective fiscal regime, (3) main fiscal elements, (4) comparisons of alternative fiscal regimes, and (5) optimal fiscal regime. 3 references, 4 figures, 4 tables.

Johnson, C.J.



Take Advantage of Constitution Day (United States)

The announcement of the mandate for Constitution and Citizenship Day shortly before September, 2005, probably led to groans of dismay. Not another "must-do" for teachers and schools already stressed by federal and state requirements for standardized tests, increasingly rigid curricula, and scrutiny from the public and officials. But the idea and…

McCune, Bonnie F.



The Social Perspective Taking Process: What Motivates Individuals to Take Another's Perspective? (United States)

Background/Context: A growing literature describes multiple benefits of social perspective taking--many of which are particularly important for schools. Despite these potential benefits for administrators, counselors, teachers, and students, little is known about social perspective taking as a process. Purpose/Research Question: If educational…

Gehlbach, Hunter; Brinkworth, Maureen E.; Wang, Ming-Te



Black Father Involvement in Gifted Education: Thoughts from Black Fathers on Increasing/Improving Black Father-Gifted Teacher Partnerships (United States)

Black fathers are important advocates in addressing the underrepresentation of Black students in gifted programs, as well as the achievement gaps between Black and White students. Black fathers increasingly understand the important role that Black mothers have traditionally played in supporting their gifted children's school experiences. As a…

Grantham, Tarek C.; Henfield, Malik S.



Teacher-student interactions and attachment states of mind as predictors of early romantic involvement and risky sexual behaviors  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Adolescents’ capacities to negotiate sexual behavior in romantic relationships have important implications for their reproductive and health outcomes. This study examined adolescents’ interactions with teachers and attachment states of mind as predictors of their romantic involvement and risky sexual behavior in an economically disadvantaged sample. Negative interactions with teachers predicted increased sexual risk-taking behaviors and females’ early romantic involvement. Preoccupied s...



Students' note-taking as a knowledge construction.  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Note-taking is the hegemonic study activity at university and, in many cases, the main ground for educational interaction between teacher and students. This observation has given rise to an increasing interest in studying students’ notetaking and its impact on learning. In broad terms, three lines of research have been developed in the last 40 years: the effects of note-taking and note-rewriting on some cognitive variables (attention, memory, comprehension, and so on; the relationship between quality of notes and significance of learning; and the changes in the teaching methodology which may enhance note-taking. However, the consideration of notes as a symbolic mediator which in certain educational conditions may promote knowledge construction and transformation and, ultimately, cognitive change has received much less attention. In a preliminary study of descriptive nature we confirmed that in the context of our universities note-taking basically performed a register and external memory function with respect to the contents which were to be assessed by the teacher. Only a reduced part of the studied sample attached notes an eminently epistemic function, turning classroom sessions into truly learning situations involving a strategic use (that is, conscious and intentional of the note-taking procedures using paraphrasing, inferences, analogies and other rhetorical resources. From the data collected in this study we initiated a research and educational innovation project in our respective universities which aimed at the modification of the instructional context so as to turn note-taking into a tool for conceptual change. These modifications had to do with basically three aspects: 1. Form students in the contextualised use of the different note-taking procedures so that they gradually acquired a ‘‘strategic knowledge’’ related to when and why a given type of note adjusted more suitably to the conditions of the note-taking context. 2. Turn students’ notes into a formative assessment tool through a process of external guidance and regulation carried out by the teacher with the objective of notes becoming a tool allowing for self-regulation of students’ own learning. 3. Establish note-taking teams in the classroom with the objective of promoting collaborative learning through the use of activities which emphasise interdependence and peer-assessment. This text presents this project in detail analysing the results obtained and discussing the different degrees of influence which an intervention/approach such as the one outlined here may have on university teaching.

Castello, M.




CERN Multimedia

The English Language Programme of the Lycée International de Ferney-Voltaire has two teaching posts available for la rentrée 2001. 1. Part-time teacher of Primary-level English Candidates for the post need to be mother-tongue English speakers. They should have a relevant degree and teaching qualification. The post involves teaching the English curriculum to pupils who are within the French educational system. Classes take place on Tuesday afternoons at the Lycée. Team spirit necessary as teachers work as a team. Induction & training are offered. 2. Part-time teacher of Secondary-level history-geography Candididates for the post need to be mother-tongue English speakers. They should have a relevant degree in history or geography and also a strong interest in the other subject. They should have a relevant teaching qualification and be confident classroom practioners. For more information on either of these posts please contact the school office on



Take Charge. Take the Test. PSA (:30)  

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

As part of the Take Charge. Take the Test. campaign, this 30 second PSA encourages African American women to get tested for HIV. Locations for a free HIV test can be found by visiting or calling 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).  Created: 3/7/2012 by National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP).   Date Released: 3/7/2012.




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Aim: To explore the knowledge and behaviour of adolescents from a low socio-economic region of Istanbul, regarding smoking and how these variables are affected by their teachers’ smoking status.Method: This is a descriptive study carried out between February-March 2007 among 6th-8th grade students of 3 primary schools in Tasdelen region. A questionnaire was filled out by adolescents under supervision about their smoking experience, related factors and whether the students were affected by their teachers’ smoking behaviour. After descriptive and comparative analysis of the data, a logistic regression analysis was performed.Results: Among the 560 participants, mean age was 13±1.08 (11-15. The incidence of a smoking experience at least once was 12%. At least one of the teachers was observed while smoking by 83.8% of the students, and 16% of them declared they were negatively affected by their teachers’ smoking behaviour. Among the factors related to smoking experience, the teachers’ smoking status (being a smoker increased the risk of smoking significantly, according to the regression analysis (p=0,008;OR 7,476;95% CI 1,703-32,826.Conclusion: Adolescents are influenced by teachers’ smoking at school. We think that the extent of this influence will decrease after the legislation (section number 5727, to take effect on July 19th 2009 prohibiting smoking in doors is passed.

Çi?dem Apayd?n Kaya



Teacher Identity Work in Mathematics Teacher Education (United States)

Becoming a teacher is not developing an identity, but is developing identity as a continuous process of constructing and deconstructing understandings within the complexities of social practice, beliefs, experiences, and social norms. I take up this stance on identity as articulated in Judith Butler's (1999) work with gender identity and…

Neumayer-Depiper, Jill



Take nothing for granted  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

An overview of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) natural gas supply, past, present and future, was presented. Reserves are considered as being more than adequate to meet supply requirements. In the long term, it is expected that there will be sufficient gas to fill all existing and currently planned pipelines serving the WCSB. Nevertheless, it does not pay to take anything for granted. One of the challenges facing the natural gas industry in an integrated North American market is to maintain a balance between deliverability and take-away capacity. Competition between fuels is also a factor that complicates matters. Measures taken by TransCanada Pipelines to prepare for the expected heightened competition were reviewed. Chief among them is the recent TransCanada/Nova merger which is expected to increase efficiency, decrease costs, provide a solid platform for continued growth, create customer-driven energy solutions and enable the new entity to successfully compete in an integrated North American market. The accord reached between CAPP, NOVA, SEPAC and TransCanada Pipelines and the status of the new Alberta tolls are further examples of measures taken by TransCanada Pipelines to prepare for all contingencies by leaving nothing to chance.

Turner, R. [NOVA Gas Transmission, Calgary, AB (Canada)



Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... information available about the medicine? There are many reasons patients don't take their medication properly, ranging ... psychological issues. Dr. Calvin Knowlton: Some of the reasons that people seem not to take medication in ...


Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... in the United States, most of us, our culture, is that we take antibiotics for seven to ... your medicine and as you take your medicine, cross it out-- put a big "X" through it. ...


Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... not completely give what they call a "bactericidal effect." That means taking the bacteria completely out of ... taking this medicine? What are the possible side effects and what do I do if they occur? ...


Taking Charge: An Introduction to Electricity (United States)

Spark your students' interest in electricity. Taking Charge is designed to help teachers bring the intimidating subject of electricity to students in the middle grades. These teacher-tested, hands-on activities use readily available materials and make students' first exposure to electricity a fun one. Students explore static electricity in the first module before seeing that static electricity can move as current electricity, which is investigated in the second module. The unique historical approach of the first module shows students how we developed our modern ideas of electricity by introducing them to the ideas of Ben Franklin and other early explorers of electricity.

Schafer, Larry E.



How can I improve my practice as a teacher and facilitator while working together with instructors/teachers in order to discuss with them and facilitate them in increasing the learning outcome of their students?  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This dissertation is a self-study research approach into my practice as a teacher and facilitator at Wau Vocational Training Center (WVTC). I examined my experiences as a teacher for 7 years, enquire the forms of my knowing and my claims that I know, through adapting a self-study research approach under the umbrella question: how can I improve my practice (Whitehead, 2009)? Throughout my first year as a master student at Akershus University College (HiAk), I have come to acquire new knowledge...



Teacher Perceptions of Teacher Bullying (United States)

This mixed-methods study examined elementary teachers' perceptions of teacher-student bullying. Grounded in previous research on peer bullying, the study posed several questions: to what extent did teachers perceive bullying of students by other teachers as a serious matter requiring intervention? Did they perceive teacher bullying as more serious…

Zerillo, Christine; Osterman, Karen F



Domain Building or Risk Taking  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The Nordic Countries are usually seen as the worlds must successful nations when it comes to gender equality, and the Scandinavian population in general appreciates values traditionally labeled feminine as caretaking and the quality of everyday life. However, the inequalities become obvious in school management. Among headmasters in High school in Denmark only 18 % are women despite of the fact that 52 % of the teachers are female. How can we explain that? This article is based on a survey answered by top- and middle level management staff. It rejects all traditional explanations of the relations between gender, values and family obligation but reveals an interesting difference between two strategies for career development: Domain Building and Risk Taking. Both strategies are applied by both men and women. However, one of them seems to be the most effective with regard to achieve a position as a top manager â?? and one of them is more often preferred by men than by women.

Hjort, Katrin; Abrahamsen, Marianne



Innovative Discipline. NEA Teacher-to-Teacher Books. (United States)

This book presents stories from teachers nationwide who tackled specific discipline challenges. Chapter 1, "Taking the Total Quality Road" (Judi Call, Beth Ziecheck, Janice Wright, and Kenneth Rigsby), discusses the use of Total Quality Management (TQM) in developing classroom management systems, explaining how Florida elementary teachers

Michalski, Marina, Ed.


Fernandez Takes Charge. (United States)

Discusses the impact that Chancellor Joseph Fernandez has had on the New York City school system. Discusses his ideological beliefs, which include school-based management and accountability. Comments on Fernandez's personal style and how this has affected his relationships with teachers, parents, principals, and others involved in the educational…

Traub, James



Math Wars: Taking Sides. (United States)

Teaching students for mathematical understanding is crucial. However, the current mathematics standards fall short in the guidance they offer to teachers who lack the experience and confidence to teach in a way that they themselves were not taught. (Contains 35 references and 3 figures.) (Author/MLF)

Marshall, John



A Case Study of Teacher Appraisal in Shanghai, China: In Relation to Teacher Professional Development (United States)

Literature has confirmed that teacher appraisal can and should facilitate the professional development of teachers. In the past, teacher appraisal in China has been conducted mainly for administrative purposes; nowadays, it is increasingly being viewed as a means of teacher professional development. However, the way in which teacher appraisal…

Zhang, Xiao Feng; Ng, Ho Ming



Opaqueness and Bank Risk Taking  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper investigates the relationship between opaqueness and bank risk taking. Using a sample of 199 banks from 38 countries over the period January 1996 to December 2006, I analyze whether more opaque banks are riskier than less opaque banks. I find suggestive evidence that commonly used proxies for bank opaqueness are significantly related to bank risk taking as measured by the Merton PD and the bank-individual Z-score, even after accounting for potential simultaneity between risk taking and opaqueness. More opaque banks seem to engage more in risk taking than less opaque banks. This result provides support to the common view that bank opaqueness is problematic and that transparency among financial institutions should be increased.

Patrick Behr



Teachers' Roles Revisited: Beyond Classroom Management. (United States)

This paper discusses the importance of teachers moving out of managerial roles into leadership roles. As this transformation occurs, real educational change and the empowerment of teacher leaders will take place. Managerial style teachers traditionally have clear expectations and set standards for their students. Activities, outcomes, and…

Suleiman, Mahmoud; Moore, Rock


Examination of factors which may contribute to the underrepresentation of African American teachers certified in science (United States)

Throughout this country the student population is becoming increasingly diverse, yet the teacher population does not reflect this diversity. This lack of diversity in the teacher population deprives students of color from having role models of the same race/ethnicity who look like them and who might have experiences which are similar to theirs (Epstein, 2005; Nettles & Perna, 1997). Having role models from their own race in the classroom could have a positive impact on students' attitudes about science (Perine, 2003), and facilitate their learning of the subject matter, and give students an incentive to do well in school (Vegas, Murnane, & Willett, 2001). In 2000, a national survey study of math and science teachers was conducted (Horizon Research, 2001). The majority of biology (90%), chemistry (93%), and physics (94%) teachers who participated in the study were White. Findings of the study revealed that only 55% to 60% of these teachers considered themselves well prepared to effectively teach a culturally diverse student population (Banilower, 2002; Smith, 2002; Wood, 2002). The majority of the teacher pool, which is White, prefer not to teach in urban communities as they have a preference for teaching jobs in the nonurban communities that are similar to those in which they were raised (Boyd, Lankford, Loeb, & Wyckoff, 2005; Epstein, 2005). The purpose of this quantitative study was to examine factors that may contribute to the underrepresentation of African American teachers certified in science. More specifically, it was decided to examine the high school experiences of in-service teachers. Study participants were teachers and other certificated faculty in two school districts located in the southern portion of the United States. Findings of the study revealed a statistically significant relationship between a teacher's decision to become certified in science and the following high school experiences: teachers and guidance counselors encouraging students to consider a career in science; having confidence in one's academic ability in science class; good student-teacher relationships; teachers and guidance counselors encouraging students to take higher level science courses; teachers having high expectations, overall, for all of their students. Upon examination of these experiences, it was revealed that: not being encouraged as much as other students to take higher level science courses; being discouraged from taking higher level science courses more than other students; the lack of availability of advance level science courses; and not taking at least three science courses create barriers to African American teachers becoming certified in science.

Davis, Rita C. F.


Pyramid Power: A Train-the-Trainer Model to Increase Teacher Usage of the ArtsConnectEd On-Line Resource. (United States)

In 2000, two Minnesota art museums began the development of statewide networks for training teachers to integrate Internet-based educational tools and resources into their classrooms and teaching techniques. This paper examines the design and implementation of a train-the-trainer program designed to promote the use of (a Web…

Sayre, Scott; Wetterlund, Kris


Incentives and Effort in the Public Sector: Have U.S. Education Reforms Increased Teachers' Work Hours? NBER Working Paper No. 11970 (United States)

Beyond some contracted minimum, salaried workers' hours are largely chosen at the worker's discretion and should respond to the strength of contract incentives. Accordingly, we consider the response of teacher hours to accountability and school choice laws introduced in U.S. public schools over the past two decades. Total weekly hours of full-time…

Stoddard, Christiana; Kuhn, Peter



Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... sure to ask the following six questions-- What is the name of the medicine? What is the medicine supposed to do? How and when ... and on the diary with the numbers, "today is the second of January." It's easy to remember-- write down the time you take your medicine and as you take your medicine, cross ...


Teacher Pay and Teacher Aptitude (United States)

Can changes in teacher pay encourage more able individuals to enter the teaching profession? So far, studies of the impact of pay on the aptitude distribution of teachers have provided mixed evidence on the extent to which altering teacher salaries represents a feasible solution to the teacher quality problem. One possible reason is that these…

Leigh, Andrew



Teachers as Literacy Leaders (United States)

The authors make the case that literacy leadership is not a quality restricted to specialists with extra certifications. Instead, literacy leadership qualities are within the grasp of every conscientious classroom teacher who is willing to take advantage of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Turner, Jennifer D.; Applegate, Mary DeKonty; Applegate, Anthony J.



Ways to Improve Lesson Planning: A Student Teacher Perspective (United States)

Learning to teach from practice lessons is at the core of student teacher preparation programs. But, there is no consensus regarding how to conduct this important aspect of pre-service teacher preparation. In view of the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education 2010 (India), observation that existing teacher education take the school…

Gafoor, K. Abdul; Umer Farooque, T. K.



Taking Acetaminophen Safely (United States)

Taking Acetaminophen Safely Introduction Acetaminophen is an active ingredient used to relieve pain and lower fever. It is available ... you can find more information about acetaminophen What Acetaminophen is Used For Acetaminophen temporarily: • lowers fever • relieves ...


Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... antibiotics fight a bacterial infection. The three or four days when you're starting to feel better, ... putting it to rest and in the next four days, if they stop taking it, the infection ...


Taking Acetaminophen Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... it can be harmful. Acetaminophen can cause serious liver injury. This reference summary discusses: • what acetaminophen is ... taking too much acetaminophen, which can cause serious liver injury, you must follow the information given by: • ...


Taking Acetaminophen Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... thinning drug warfarin, known also by the brand name Coumadin®. Taking acetaminophen may be unsafe for you. ... reviewed: 08/18/2011 4 Write: • the medicine name • the times of the day your child took ...


Taking Acetaminophen Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... This is very important if more than one person is caring for your child - for instance, you ... second dose of acetaminophen too soon • if a person takes more medicine than directed • if a person ...


Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... teeth or eating breakfast. By communicating with our health care providers and by accepting a greater responsibility in our own health care, we can learn to take our medicines safely.


Managerial Incentives to Take Asset Risk  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

We argue that incentives to take equity risk (\\equity incentives") only partially captureincentives to take asset risk (\\asset incentives"). This is because leverage, whilecentral to the theory of risk-shifting, is not explicitly considered by equity incentives.Employing measures of asset incentives that account for leverage, we nd that assetrisk-taking incentives can be large compared to incentives to increase rm value. Moreover,stock holdings can induce substantial risk-taking incentives, q...

Chesney, Marc; Stromberg, Jacob; Wagner, Alexander



Evaluating Teachers Ranking Using Fuzzy AHP Technique  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teachers are the backbone of any educational institution and responsible for quality education, a good teacher can produce good student but Indian institutions are very poor in terms of quality teachers, in spite of having well qualified faculty members in their institutions. There is always a question mark about quality teaching. A teacher with good academic records may not necessarily be a good teacher hence there should be a reliable technique to evaluate teachers quality for financial and administrative decision making .An institute management can take proper decision about teachers after choosing best teacher in their institution and also assign new responsibilities based on their quality. Fuzzy AHP is a multi criteria decision making technique which is frequently used to find out ranking and can be applied to find out teachers ranking ,the quality of teacher is fuzzy in nature hence fuzzy AHP approach can better deal with this situation and finally decide ranking of the teachers based on the multiple conflicting criteria of the teachers. A teacher may have many qualities like communication ability, knowledge level ,interaction with students etc. but all these qualities are qualitative not quantitative which is little bit difficult to deal with traditional theory .Fuzzy logic can be used to deal this type of problem . In this research work fuzzy logic based MCDM method: fuzzy AHP is used to decide the ranking of teacher for further decision making. Data of small sample size of teachers are collected from educational institution.

Dr. Hota H.S



Teacher's Myers-Briggs Personality Profiles: Identifying Effective Teacher Personality Traits (United States)

The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Beiderman Risk Taking (BRT) scale were administered to 58 teachers living in the state of Florida, USA. These teachers are considered part of prestigious group of educators who were nominated into the Florida League of Teachers by their superintendents/directors. Descriptive data includes frequency and…

Rushton, Stephen; Morgan, Jackson; Richard, Michael



Taking tissue seriously means taking communities seriously  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Abstract Background Health research is increasingly being conducted on a global scale, particularly in the developing world to address leading causes of morbidity and mortality. While research interest has increased, building scientific capacity in the developing world has not kept pace. This often leads to the export of human tissue (defined broadly from the developing to the developed world for analysis. These practices raise a number of important ethical issues that require attention. Discussion In the developed world, there is great heterogeneity of regulatory practices regarding human tissues. In this paper, we outline the salient ethical issues raised by tissue exportation, review the current ethical guidelines and norms, review the literature on what is known empirically about perceptions and practices with respect to tissue exportation from the developing to the developed world, set out what needs to be known in terms of a research agenda, and outline what needs to be done immediately in terms of setting best practices. We argue that the current status of tissue exportation is ambiguous and requires clarification lest problems that have plagued the developed world occur in the context of global heath research with attendant worsening of inequities. Central to solutions to current ethical concerns entail moving beyond concern with individual level consent and embracing a robust interaction with communities engaged in research. Conclusion Greater attention to community engagement is required to understand the diverse issues associated with tissue exportation.

Lavery James V



A caręncia de professores de cięncias e matemática na Educaçăo Básica e a ampliaçăo das vagas no Ensino Superior / The shortage of science and mathematics teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools and the increase of teachers' training courses  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese Este estudo parte das estatísticas do Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Anísio Teixeira sobre o Ensino Superior, para responder questőes de estudo que envolvem: a dimensăo da caręncia de professores no país, o crescimento da oferta de vagas nas licenciaturas presenciais, e a distância e as e [...] stimativas sobre o volume total de vagas necessárias para que o país possa formar licenciados em número suficiente para atender a Educaçăo Básica. Metodologicamente, este trabalho se apresenta como um estudo documental alicerçado na análise sistematizada de documentos, estatísticas e artigos da literatura. Os dados estatísticos sobre vagas, candidatos, ingressos, matrículas e concluintes săo entăo apresentados e discutidos quantitativamente, buscando-se elementos que fundamentem as consideraçőes feitas para o fortalecimento das políticas públicas na área. As conclusőes apontam que medidas complementares ŕ ampliaçăo de vagas nos cursos de licenciatura săo necessárias para a soluçăo da caręncia de professores no Brasil. Abstract in english This study starts with the statistics of Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Anísio Teixeira on higher education to answer some questions that involve the lack of teachers in the country, the growth of vacancies in the undergraduate on-site and distance courses and the estimates for the necess [...] ary vacancies so that the country can form licentiates in enough numbers to provide basic education. Methodologically this work is a document study and is based on a systematized analysis of documents, statistics and articles in the literature. The statistical data on vacancies, candidates, entrance, registrations and graduation are then presented and discussed looking for elements to base the considerations about the public politics in the area. The conclusions point to complementary measures for the enlargement of vacancies in degree courses which are necessary for the solution of the lack of teachers in Brazil.

Renato Santos, Araujo; Deise Miranda, Vianna.


Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... back twice as bad. Woman: Alright, that's for high blood pressure. Doctor: Okay. Woman: I take a half a ... that we can't feel, so people with high blood pressure--we really can't feel that, and so ...


Taking Care of Yourself (United States)

... Your doctor may give you a prescription for nitroglycerin. This medicine comes in a tablet or spray to provide immediate relief of angina. If you have angina that doesn't go away immediately when you rest, taking nitroglycerin should relieve your discomfort very quickly. If you ...


Taking Library Leadership Personally (United States)

This paper outlines the emerging trends for leadership in the knowledge era. It discusses these within the context of leading, creating and sustaining the performance development cultures that libraries require. The first step is to recognise that we all need to take leadership personally no matter whether we see ourselves as leaders or followers.…

Davis, Heather; Macauley, Peter



Monetary policy and risk taking  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

We assess the effects of monetary policy on bank risk to verify the existence of a risk-taking channel — monetary expansions inducing banks to assume more risk. We first present VAR evidence confirming that this channel exists and tends to concentrate on the bank funding side. Then, to rationalize this evidence we build a macro model where banks subject to runs endogenously choose their funding structure (deposits vs. capital) and risk level. A monetary expansion increases bank leverage and...

Angeloni, Ignazio; Faia, Ester; Lo Duca, Marco



Monetary policy and risk taking  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

We assess, through VAR evidence, the effects of monetary policy on banks' risk exposure and find the presence of a risk-taking channel. A model combining fragile banks prone to risk mis-incentives and credit constrained firms, whose collateral fluctuations generate a balance sheet channel, is used to rationalize the evidence. A monetary expansion increases bank leverage. With two consequences: on the one side this exacerbates risk exposure; on the other, the risk spiral depresses output, ther...

Angeloni, Ignazio; Faia, Ester; Lo Duca, Marco



Teacher to Teacher: Transgenerational Mentoring (United States)

This qualitative case study examines the relationship of teachers who mentor other teachers. We studied 125 autobiographical portfolios submitted by elementary and secondary teachers who had won awards as outstanding educators from their campuses and were competing at the district level. The research site was a midsize city (population 95,000) in…

Juarez-Torres, Rachel; Hurst, Jeannine Lane; Hurst, Roy



K-12 science education reform will take a decade, and community partnerships hold best hope for success  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

Fundamental change in K-12 science education in the United States, essential for full citizenship in an increasingly technological world, will take a decade or more to accomplish, and only the sustained, cooperative efforts of people in their own communities -- scientists, teachers, and concerned citizens -- will likely ensure success. These were among the themes at Sigma Xi`s national K-12 science education forum.

Keever, J.R.



Forest Field Trips among High School Science Teachers in the Southern Piedmont (United States)

Students benefit in many ways by taking field trips to forests. Improved academic performance, increased participation in outdoor recreation, and a better grasp of natural resources management are some of the advantages. However, trips are not easy for teachers to organize and lead. Declining budgets, on-campus schedules, and standards of learning…

McCabe, Shannon M.; Munsell, John F.; Seiler, John R.



Crime as risk taking  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Engagement in criminal activity may be viewed as risk-taking behaviour as it has both benefits and drawbacks that are probabilistic. In two studies, we examined how individuals' risk perceptions can inform our understanding of their intentions to engage in criminal activity. Study 1 measured youths' perceptions of the value and probability of the benefits and drawbacks of engaging in three common crimes (i.e. shoplifting, forgery, and buying illegal drugs), and examined how well these percept...

Dhami, Mk; Mandel, Dr



Teachers And The New Ict Challenges  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Information Communication Technology (ICT breakthroughs have brought new opportunities to restructure the learning and knowledge transfer environment. ICT technology has opened new avenues and brought new challenges to learners and teachers. The responsibility of learning has shifted to the learners and this allows the roles of teachers to change in tandem. However, we should not lose sight of the fact that teachers determine the quality of the learning that takes place, and not technology. This article discusses the changes that teachers would experience in this new learning environment and the implications on their pedagogic practice. It also shares what teachers say about using ICT in teaching.

Pramela Krish



Mentoring Teachers toward Excellence: Supporting and Developing Highly Qualified Teachers (United States)

Every year, more than 15,000 teachers vie for the chance to become certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Although the process is voluntary, National Board Certification is a widely recognized mark of distinction and is increasingly tied to leadership opportunities for teachers, salary increases, and improved student…

Shulman, Judith H., Ed.; Sato, Mistilina, Ed.



Teacher Clusters In South Africa: Opportunities and Constraints for Teacher Development and Change (United States)

Teacher clusters represent a recent experiment in the field of teacher professional development in South Africa. Increasingly, teacher clusters are being used as a substitute for the traditional approaches to professional development in helping teachers reshape their professional knowledge and change their classroom practices. What underlies this…

Jita, Loyiso C.; Ndlalane, Tembi C.



Take the IBS Test (United States)

... practice that will help improve efficiency and increase profitability. Learn from experts at ACG's live and web- ... practice that will help improve efficiency and increase profitability. Learn from experts at ACG's live and web- ...


2007 : governments take aim  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

In 2007, the Canadian oil industry's competitiveness was eroded by the strength of the Canadian dollar and low gas prices in a predominantly natural gas basin with the highest service costs in the world. The Alberta government had also announced that it intended to take a larger cut of oil and gas revenues beginning in 2009. In the previous year, the federal government announced that it would start taxing income trusts. This effort to address the issue of tax leakage erased $20 billion from the Canadian equities market. Although a coalition of 40 Calgary energy trusts presented a study that emphasized the key role trusts played in Canada's energy sector, the government remained firm and changes are expected to take effect in 2011. Other key events in 2007 were also listed in this article. British Columbia pulled in more revenue than Alberta from land sales and the industry spent $300 million for shale land prospects in the province. Kitimat, British Columbia was chosen as the site for a liquefied natural gas port. 1 tab., 1 fig



Teacher Incentives  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This chapter considers hidden teacher effort in educational production and discusses the implications of multiple teacher effort dimensions on optimum incentive contracts in a theoretical framework. The analysis of educational production in a multitask framework is a new and unique contribution of this chapter to the economics of education. We first characterize the first-best and second-best outcomes. The model is extended to address specific questions concerning teacher incentive schemes: W...



Compensation and Teacher Retention: A Success Story. (United States)

Describes components of successful teacher-evaluation and compensation program at the Ladue School District in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. Reports that salary increases based on performance evaluations improve teacher satisfaction and retention. (Contains 13 references.) (PKP)

Morice, Linda C.; Murray, James E.



News Teaching: The epiSTEMe project: KS3 maths and science improvement Field trip: Pupils learn physics in a stately home Conference: ShowPhysics welcomes fun in Europe Student numbers: Physics numbers increase in UK Tournament: Physics tournament travels to Singapore Particle physics: Hadron Collider sets new record Astronomy: Take your classroom into space Forthcoming Events (United States)

Teaching: The epiSTEMe project: KS3 maths and science improvement Field trip: Pupils learn physics in a stately home Conference: ShowPhysics welcomes fun in Europe Student numbers: Physics numbers increase in UK Tournament: Physics tournament travels to Singapore Particle physics: Hadron Collider sets new record Astronomy: Take your classroom into space Forthcoming Events



Training of adult education teachers : experiences from a teacher training programme in cooperative learning  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The background of the study was that a group of teachers should develop competences in order to apply a new pedagogical approach, cooperative learning (CL), in a skilled manner. The total competence development process included theoretical knowledge about the method, practical training in its use, and ongoing and extensive coaching related to the teachers' experiences of implementing CL. It was assumed that the competence development process would result in a higher usage of CL as well as an increasingly professional and more reflected application of the teaching method over the year. The results from the study, as indicated by the teachersâ?? completed logs, and supplemented by the data from the focus group interviews, show a different picture. Two months into the project, the teachers were using CL on a large scale. The average level of their use did not increase during the academic year. By two months into the course, teachers already perceived themselves as being able to apply the method. They also reported that their skills were developed further during the course. They found that they became better at solving educational challenges, that they became more satisfied with their own teaching, and that they were better able to solve the problems deriving from the heterogeneous composition of the student group. The data thus documents measurable but limited developments in the teachers competences after the first two month. Our analysis of the teachersâ?? reflection skills reveals that as early as two months into the project, a high level of reflection was taking place. Contrary to our initial assumptions, there is no gradual and continuous rise of the teachersâ?? competence. The increase in teaching competence is located relatively early in the academic year; after that there is only modest improvement.

Wahlgren, Bjarne



Superlattices start taking shape  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

The current furore surrounding nanotechnology makes it difficult to assess progress in this field. A clear breakthrough, however, is the recent creation of 3D binary superlattices of magnetic nanocrystals and semiconductor quantum dots by Chris Murray of IBM Research and co-workers in the US. The properties of these new materials can be tuned by controlling the size, shape and chemical identity of particles on the nanoscale (F Redl et al. 2003 Nature 423 968). The physical properties of a material depend largely on its structure. Take the differences between graphite and diamond. Both materials are made of pure carbon, but the different arrangements of their atoms in space are responsible for the difference between pencils and precious jewellery. The structure of a material is not only of importance at the atomic scale. Opals, for example, are colloidal crystals of silica microspheres, and their beautiful colouration is due to optical diffraction by their micro-scale structure. Structure on different length scales determines many other physical properties: graphite, for example, has a layered structure, which means that its electronic conductivity is anisotropic. The work of Murray and co-workers at Columbia University and the University of New Orleans now suggests that the structure of materials can also be controlled on the nanometre scale. In the September issue of Physics World Matthias Brust describes how this new material could have applications in the IT industry. (U.K.)

Brust, Matthias



DoubleTake Magazine (United States)

Like its newsstand companion, this online version of DoubleTake features a selection of articles, fiction, poetry, and photography from widely recognized artists. The latest issue offers photoessays by Justin Kimball and Stephen Scheer -- the former examines the ways humans interact with nature in recreational settings (don't miss the photograph of the elderly Arizona woman standing in her walled-in yard, next to her state-of-the-art propane grill, with a nervous hand out, checking for rain); the latter presents a series of photographs revealing the dense urban text of Brooklyn architecture. Also included here are a memoir of bodysurfing, an article on surfer legend Greg Noll, an essay about the friendship of Ulysses S. Grant and Mark Twain, and poetry by Billy Collins and Yusef Komunyakaa, among other things. One very helpful feature is the "classroom companion" that indexes articles, stories and poems to high-profile social topics and contains a classroom activity manual, which supplements each item with discussion questions and creative, often outside-the-classroom, activities. A searchable archive of the previous twenty issues is also available.


Activity Theory and Language Teacher Agency (United States)

This article takes a broadly sociocultural perspective on the development of an Armenian English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher. It focuses on how experiences and actions outside the professional development classroom influence language teacher agency. The paper is framed within activity theory and specifically draws on Galperin's orienting…

Feryok, Anne



Assisting Teachers in Teaching in Reading Instruction. (United States)

Reading aloud can help students who have problems comprehending social studies subject matter. Teachers, parents, and volunteers can all serve as effective oral readers. Teachers and principals should list goals for volunteers to achieve when reading aloud. In addition, to vary the oral reading approach, students can take turns reading aloud.…

Ediger, Marlow


Teaching in Color: A Critical Race Theory in Education Analysis of the Literature on Preservice Teachers of Color and Teacher Education in the US (United States)

In this article I take seriously the call for recruiting and retaining more preservice teachers of color by critically considering some of the pressing challenges they might encounter in teacher preparation programs. I draw from critical race theory (CRT) in education to review the extant literature on preservice teachers of color and teacher

Brown, Keffrelyn D.



Are Boys Better Off with Male and Girls with Female Teachers? A Multilevel Investigation of Measurement Invariance and Gender Match in Teacher-Student Relationship Quality (United States)

Although research consistently points to poorer teacher-student relationships for boys than girls, there are no studies that take into account the effects of teacher gender and control for possible measurement non-invariance across student and teacher gender. This study addressed both issues. The sample included 649 primary school teachers (182…

Spilt, Jantine L.; Koomen, Helma M. Y.; Jak, Suzanne



Can Early Careers Teachers Be Teacher Leaders? A Study of Second-Year Trainees in the Teach First Alternative Certification Programme (United States)

The most recent decade has seen a major growth in interest in teacher leadership, but there is limited research on the extent to which early career teachers can take on teacher leadership roles. In this article we explore this question by looking at teachers prepared through the alternative certification programme Teach First (TF), which aims to…

Muijs, Daniel; Chapman, Chris; Armstrong, Paul



Strawberry Square II: Take Time Song Book. 33 Lessons in the Arts to Help Children Take Time with Life. (United States)

Designed to accompany a series of telelessons to stimulate art activities in grades 2 and 3, this songbook correlates with activities in the teacher's guide. Titles of songs included in this book are: Take Time; The Frog's Flute; Howjido; 59th Street Bridge Song; The Put-Togetherer; Good Morning Starshine; Let the Sunshine In; Elephant Song; Spin…

Larson, Tom, Comp.


Practices and Prospects of Learner Autonomy: Teachers’ Perceptions  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Language learning process works through the learners’ own reflection on how they learn and it makes learners active in the sense that they learn to analyze their learning strategies. So they start making decisions, e.g., whether to improve them or not, and in which way. Generally, this trait is missing in traditional language teaching process and students are not expected to reflect upon their own learning, analyzing and evaluating their learning experience. Retrospective tasks, such as interviews, group discussion and structured questionnaires encourage learners to reflect upon learning and these retrospective activities may help learners to take responsibility for their language learning processes as autonomous learners and thus making a motivated learner. The role of the teacher is central to the development of learner autonomy (Hurd, Beaven, & Ortega, 2001; Benson, 2009. A teacher is required to create a classroom learning environment that is supportive of learner autonomy. This may involve the teacher first addressing learners’ past learning experiences, then slowly raising their awareness to the benefits of increased independence in their learning. Dickinson (1993 adds that learner training should aim to help learners develop the ability to take more responsibility for their own learning. To do this, a survey was conducted at Taif University English Language Centre (KSA to collect the opinion of teachers regarding the practices and prospects of learner autonomy in their classrooms. The sample consisted of 60 teachers from different countries teaching English to Arab students at University level. The study focused on the teachers’ notion of learner autonomy, its practices and prospects in Saudi Arabian context. Findings stress that it is important to provide learner training together with the studies and make it an integral part of the teaching process so as to help learners become autonomous.

AbdulRahman Al Asmari



Besieged Institutions and the Massachusetts Teacher Tests  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teacher testing was inaugurated in Massachusetts in 1998 and a 59% failure rate among test-takers led to public shaming of the teacher candidates and their colleges and universities in the media. Within a two-year time period, low-performing teacher education programs in Massachusetts initiated a wide range of test preparatory activities which led to a dramatic increase in their students' pass rates. The authors separate colleges and universities into three categories and examine their differentiated responses to teacher testing. Their finding that institutions of higher education have responded effectively to teacher testing does not preclude critique of teacher testing as currently practiced in Massachusetts.

Larry H. Ludlow



Social Responsibility of Management Teacher – Beyond Teaching -  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In the emerging world, responsibilities of a teacher have increased many folds. From being a person that just imparts bookish knowledge, a teacher now has the power to shape a better world. So, perhaps it’s time to understand the emerging teacher’s roles in irrespective of the subjects and levels of education. This article critically posits the responsibility of management teacher and also highlights on role beyond class room in Indian context of management education. The authors urge that the management educators should not forget the general responsibilities of teachers and should follow the frame of responsibility matrix for every walk of teaching profession.




Revitalizing Teacher-Made Tests: Quality Control Procedures. (United States)

This paper offers college teachers guidelines for improving their teacher made tests. It notes that teachers may focus on how well students have learned course objectives while being unaware of how the testing process itself contributes to the results obtained. The paper reports the results of a test-taking workshop designed to improve college…

Talbot, Gilles L.


Maricopa County Community College District Teacher Education Handbook (United States)

This handbook is designed to help teacher education students as they learn about the teaching profession and their responsibilities as a student taking teacher preparation course work. It is hoped that the handbook helps them to avoid delays and roadblocks in the pursuit of their goal to become a certified teacher. Since there are several degree…

Maricopa Community Colleges, 2010



Practicing What I Preach: Modelling Reflective Practice to Student Teachers. (United States)

This paper was designed to explore how the modeling of reflection by a teacher educator influences the development of preservice teachers' thinking and learning about teaching, and their subsequent reflective processes. The research was initiated to help student teachers develop an approach to teaching that might allow them to take more control of…

Loughran, John


Teachers' Knowledge of Education Law (United States)

The knowledge base of education-related law is growing at a rapid pace. The increase in federal and state statutes is rising commensurate with litigation that directs teachers on curricular, professional, and social matters. At the same time, numerous studies provide significant evidence that teachers lack an adequate level of knowledge of…

Littleton, Mark



Active Learning in Teacher Training  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In this article, the importance of active learning is highlighted, the necessityof using it in classes of young and older students is stressed.Especially in teacher training institutions , it’s stated that making the teacher trainees gain active learning experience will increase the frequency of using active learning techniques in their future classes.

Ay?e MENT?? TA?



Teacher Evaluation 2.0 (United States)

Increasingly, school districts, states, and teachers' unions are advancing evaluation reform through legislation and by negotiating changes to collective bargaining agreements. This has compelled education leaders and policy makers to grapple with difficult issues that have received lip service in the past: How can they help all teachers reach…

Education Digest: Essential Readings Condensed for Quick Review, 2011



Teacher Measurement: Testing: Status Report. (United States)

The issues and implications of state policies in teacher candidate testing meant to improve instruction, competence and the education system are reviewed. Arguments for teacher testing as quality controls and to increase public confidence in schools; guidelines to consider before implementing programs; and testing alternatives are discussed. (CM)

Vlaanderen, Russell B.



School development planning in Serbia: How teachers evaluate it  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available School development planning is an instrument of school internal development. It has been present in Serbian schools since 2002, but until today there have not been enough data regarding the way development planning takes place and what its effects are. The main question in this research is how the teachers directly involved in the process itself evaluate development planning in their schools. The sample consisted of 291 teachers from 51 primary schools in Serbia. They replied in written form to the open-ended questions regarding their opinion about the positive and the negative sides of school development planning. Data processing included creating categories of teacher answers and calculating the relative presence of answers by categories. Teachers estimated that the following were the positive sides of development planning: strengthening cooperation and team work, introducing planning practice, school development, increased participation, successful project realization and acquisition of new knowledge and advanced training. Teachers most often had no objections to development planning, and when they did, these referred to the following: insufficient support to the development team, resistance and lack of interest of their colleagues, demands of planning, problems with the functioning of the development team and poor plan realization. The results point out to the conclusion that school development planning is predominantly positively evaluated and at the same time provide the foundation for arriving at practical ideas regarding the future direction of the policies in the field of internal school development.

Stankovi? Dejan



Multicultural Education and teacher’s social well-being  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The configuration of new intergroup and interpersonal relations that take place in the receiving social context as a result of migratory processes, owns direct influences over the school scene. Having in account there are different paradigms and models in multicultural education (Banks, 2009, the aim of the study is to analyse the impact that has on teacher’s social well-being, the main or minor percentage of immigrant students in the schools. The Social Well-Being Scale of Keyes (1998, adapted by Blanco & Diaz (2005 was applied on a sample of 281 primary education teachers from Guipúzcoa, (Spain. They were distributed in three groups for its comparison. The results indicate, that those teachers that carry out their work in schools with greater concentration of immigrant students, presented the greater level of social well-being with respect to their colleagues who belong to schools characterized by the sociocultural homogeneity of the pupils.

Martínez Taboada, Cristina



Ski teachers '  

... Ski teachers 'Green Card' tests EU job mobility goals | EurActiv socialeurope,sports,Michel Barnier,Professional Qualifications Directive,ski instruction,worker mobility EU ... VIDEOS Home › Social Europe & Jobs › News Ski teachers 'Green Card' tests EU job mobility goals -A + A Published 17 April 2012,...updated 18 April 2012 Tags Michel Barnier, Professional Qualifications Directive, ski instruction, worker mobility European Commission plans to introduce a professional card for ski teachers ... Ski instruction is just one among hundreds of other professions that the European Commission wants to harmonise at the EU level by allowing ...


Being a Teacher of TCFL vs. Becoming a Teacher of TCFL : Exploring the professional identity formation of NTCs at Danish Universities  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

Recent debates on Chinese pedagogy tend to focus on teachers' implementation of curriculum, relatively little attention has been given to understanding teacher's professional identity and the interplay between 'being a teacher of TCFL' and 'becoming a teacher of TCFL'(Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language). This paper explores how the identity formation of five native-speaking teachers of Chinese (NTCs) takes place with regard to how their roles as 'being a Chinese teacher' and â??becoming a teacher of TCFL' are negotiated and constructed while teaching Chinese to degree students in Denmark. Key words: native-speaking teachers of Chinese, professional identity, Danish universities, teaching culture

Zhang, Chun



Teacher community in elementary charter schools.  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The organizational context of charter schools may facilitate the formation of a strong teacher community. In particular, a focused school mission and increased control over teacher hiring may lead to stronger teacher professional communities. This paper uses the 1999-2000 Schools and Staffing Survey to compare the level of teacher community in charter public and traditional public schools. It also estimates the effect of various charter policy variables and domains of school autonomy on teacher community. Charter school teachers report higher levels of teacher community than traditional public school teachers do, although this effect is less than one-tenth of a standard deviation and is dwarfed by the effect of a supportive principal, teacher decision-making influence, and school size. Charter public schools authorized by universities showed lower levels of teacher community than those authorized by local school districts. Teachers in charter schools that have flexibility over tenure requirements and the school budget report higher levels of teacher community. This study reveals that charter schools do facilitate the formation of strong teacher communities, although the effect is small. The analysis also suggests that the institutional origin of the charter school and specific areas of policy flexibility may influence teacher community.

Marisa Cannata



General Education Teachers Need to Be Prepared to Co-Teach the Increasing Number of Children with Autism in Inclusive Settings (United States)

The sustained increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has become a widespread concern throughout the US as well as globally. Federal mandates (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [IDEA], 2004; No Child Left Behind [NCLB]) have directed state education departments and local educational…

Loiacono, Vito; Valenti, Valerie



Internationalizing Teacher Education in the United States (United States)

As countries become increasingly interdependent, student populations in the United States are becoming more culturally diverse. These students' transnational perspectives present significant challenges to teachers, but a disconnect exists between the skills teachers need and those provided to them by colleges of education. As teacher preparation…

Shaklee, Beverly D., Ed.; Baily, Supriya, Ed.



Decision Taking as a Service  

CERN Document Server

Decision taking can be performed as a service to other parties and it is amenable to outtasking rather than to outsourcing. Outtasking decision taking is compatible with selfsourcing of decision making activities carried out in preparation of decision taking. Decision taking as a service (DTaaS) is viewed as an instance of so-called decision casting. Preconditions for service casting are examined, and compliance of decision taking with these preconditions is confirmed. Potential advantages and disadvantages of using decision taking as a service are considered.

Bergstra, Jan A



PolarTREC—A Model Program for Taking Polar Literacy into the Future (United States)

Polar TREC—Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating, is a three-year (2007-2009) NSF-funded International Polar Year (IPY) teacher professional development program that advances Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education by improving teacher content knowledge and instructional practices through Teacher Research Experiences (TRE) in the Arctic and Antarctic. Leveraging profound changes and fascinating science taking place in the polar regions, PolarTREC broadly disseminates activities and products to students, educators, researchers, and the public, connecting them with the Arctic and Antarctica and sustaining the widespread interest in the polar regions and building on the enthusiasm that was generated through IPY. Central to the PolarTREC Teacher Research Experience Model, over 40 teachers have spent two to eight weeks participating in hands-on research in the polar regions and sharing their experiences with diverse audiences via live events, online multimedia journals, and interactive bulletin boards. The Connecting Arctic/Antarctic Researchers and Educators (CARE) Network unifies learning community members participants, alumni, and others, developing a sustainable association of education professionals networking to share and apply polar STEM content and pedagogical skills. Educator and student feedback from preliminary results of the program evaluation has shown that PolarTREC’s comprehensive program activities have many positive impacts on educators and their ability to teach science concepts and improve their teaching methods. Additionally, K-12 students polled in interest surveys showed significant changes in key areas including amount of time spent in school exploring research activities, importance of understanding science for future work, importance of understanding the polar regions as a person in today’s world, as well as increased self-reported knowledge and interest in numerous science content areas. Building on previous programs and successes, PolarTREC has developed a successful internet based program for teachers and researchers to interact, leveraging their diverse experiences and expertise for the creation of interdisciplinary educational tools including online journals and forums, real-time Internet seminars, lesson plans, classroom activities, audio, video, and other highly relevant and adaptable educational resources that address a broad range of scientific topics. These highly accessible methods and resources are available to educators and students of varying ages and abilities across the globe, and have connected thousands of students and citizens to the excitement of polar science. PolarTREC provides a tested approach and a clear route for varying levels of researcher participation in the education community, therefore facilitating the types of positive benefits and understanding that ensure increased educator, student, and community understanding of science and the polar regions during times of interrelated global change. For more information, email or call 907-474-1600.

Warburton, J.; Timm, K.; Larson, A. M.



Involving teachers in school development  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available One of the key messages of the contemporary approach to school development is that teacher participation is a necessary precondition for the successfulness of this process. Experience from the world, however, shows that broad and active participation of teachers in school development is neither easy to achieve nor to sustain in the long run. Similarly, the first experiences with school developmental planning in Serbia from the first half of this decade also pointed out to the differences with respect to readiness of teachers to take over this new role. The research that will be presented in this paper was conducted with the aim of discovering and determining the levels and ways in which different factors influence teacher involvement in developmental activities in school, whereby those activities are of cooperative and leadership character. The research was conducted on the sample of 385 teachers from 51 primary schools in Serbia. The findings indicate that teacher involvement in school development is a product of a complex combination and interaction of numerous personal and contextual factors, bearing in mind that harmony of personal and professional identity and meanings ascribed to changes in school is of primary importance. The final part of the paper provides recommendations for system and organizational level in order for teacher involvement in school development to become a widespread and sustainable practice.

Stankovi? Dejan



Catch the Teacher Being Good--Pupils Aid Teachers to Develop Appropriate Classroom Behavior (United States)

Describes the involvement of pupils in increasing the frequency of teacher attention to appropriate classroom behaviors. Results indicate pupils can be successful intervention agents in aiding the teacher modify her behavior. (Author)

Csapo, Marg



Teacher community in elementary charter schools.  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The organizational context of charter schools may facilitate the formation of a strong teacher community. In particular, a focused school mission and increased control over teacher hiring may lead to stronger teacher professional communities. This paper uses the 1999-2000 Schools and Staffing Survey to compare the level of teacher community in charter public and traditional public schools. It also estimates the effect of various charter policy variables and domains of school autonomy on teach...

Marisa Cannata



Latino Literature Mediating Teacher Learning (United States)

This interpretive study draws on data from a larger inquiry into teacher learning in a graduate-level course on Latino literature at a large southwestern university. The article focuses on a small diverse group of educators taking part in a literature discussion of the novel "Before We Were Free" by J. Alvarez (2002). Using a sociocultural…

Martinez-Roldan, Carmen M.; Heineke, Amy J.



Taking Care of Pressure Sores (United States)

... Infections: Indwelling (Foley) Catheter Taking Care of Pressure Sores [Download this pamphlet: "Taking Care of Pressure Sores" - ( ... not show up right away. Stages of pressure sores and how to care for them: STAGE ONE ...


Prejudice in School: A research among Primary School Teachers  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This research will take into account the opinion of primary school's teachers on the possible existence of stereotyped or prejudicial opinions about the presence of foreign relationship between teacher and pupil. The 79 teachers and 396 children who took part in this prokect have been given a questionnaire investigating the occurrence of prejudicial behaviorus, and the quality of the relationship created by the teacher with pupils. The data collected show how prejudice appears to influence th...

Quaglia, Rocco



LHC Report: Take Five  

CERN Multimedia

The LHC is continuing to perform well and an integrated luminosity of over 5fb-1 has now been delivered to ATLAS and CMS. While keeping a close eye on beam induced heating and vacuum quality, the bunch current has been gently raised to over 1.4x1011 protons per bunch. This has given a peak luminosity of 3.6x1033 cm-2s-1. Some long fills have helped production and recent high points include 120pb-1 delivered in one fill and 580pb-1 delivered in one week.   Time has also been devoted to some special physics runs for TOTEM and ALFA. In these runs, the beam is de-squeezed to a ß* of 90 m in ATLAS and CMS. This is instead of the usual 1m ß*, and gives a larger beam size at interaction points. The increased beam size results in a reduced beam divergence at the interaction points. This permits TOTEM and ALFA to probe low-angle scattering and allows them to measure the total cross section of proton-proton interactions and the absolute luminosity cal...

Mike Lamont for the LHC Team



Price increase  

CERN Document Server

Please take note that after five years of stable prices at Restaurant No 1 a price increase will come into force on 1st January 2006. This increase has been agreed after discussions between the CSR (Comité de Surveillance des Restaurants) and the catering company Novae and will reflect the inflation rate of the last few years. In addition, a new children's menu will be introduced as well as 'Max Havelaar' fair-trade coffee at a price of 1.70 CHF.



Price increase  

CERN Document Server

Please take note that after five years of stable prices at Restaurant No 1 a price increase will come into force on 1st January 2006. This increase has been agreed after discussions between the CSR (Comité de Surveillance des Restaurants) and the catering company Novae and will reflect the inflation rate of the last few years. In addition, a new children's menu will be introduced, as well as 'Max Havelaar' fair-trade coffee at a price of 1.70 CHF.



Taking to the skies. (United States)

The role of Helicopter EMS must be to improve patient care and/or to ensure the most rapid transport of critically ill or injured patients. It has been suggested by Rhee et al, that the aeromedical service can be justified when the speed of the helicopter transport, the skills of the medical crew, and/or the ability of the helicopter to overcome environmental obstacles is likely to contribute to improved patient outcome. If one adds the essentials of well-trained, professional personnel and equipment, the "helicopter" becomes an important part of the overall medical care system and an essential component in improving patient outcome. While reviewing the role of the HEMS, it cannot be sufficiently emphasized that such a service in no way replaces an established ground ambulance system. A proficient, well-trained and well-equipped ground EMS program remains the backbone of an efficient pre-hospital and interhospital system. HEMS cannot be viewed as an isolated component of any EMS system. Instead, it must serve to complement the existing resources of the community. These is sufficient literature to suggest that the use of air medical services in transporting patients to tertiary care facilities or trauma centers has led to an improvement in overall survival rates. At the same time, an apparent paradox in mortality rate has occurred at the receiving hospital. While more patients are saved by speedy transport to a hospital, the mortality rate in that hospital may actually increase. Some patients who may have died from their injuries at the scene, or in transit, now die upon admission.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) PMID:10295823

Blumen, I J; Gordon, R S



Teacher, where Are You? (United States)

In recent years, much has been made of the increase in student absenteeism. However, an issue that has not received as much attention, but one that is equally critical to childhood education, is that of teacher absenteeism. It is important to note that schools are not only centers of learning, but also institutions that provide continuity for…

Whitehead, Diane P.



Considering the Impact of Preservice Teacher Beliefs on Future Practice (United States)

Preservice teacher beliefs merit additional attention from special education teacher-educators. Given current policy and reforms aimed at improving outcomes for students with disabilities and increasing the adoption of evidence-based practices, teacher-educators should recognize the barrier that preservice teacher beliefs can pose and consider…

Thomas, Cathy Newman



Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers: Meeting the Challenge of Diverse Family Structures. (United States)

Teacher education programs must help teachers handle children from diverse family backgrounds. Knowledge of family structures, acceptance of changes, and techniques for improving communication with parents should be included in preservice and inservice teacher education. Children's literature provides one way for teacher educators to increase

Midkiff, Ruby Bostick; Lawler-Prince, Dianne



How Much Do Teachers Earn?  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

In the continuing debate over how to improve education systems, many people argue that teachers` salaries need to be increased. This paper seeks to establish a reliable method for analyzing the issue using household survey data from Bolivia.

Piras, Claudia; Savedoff, William D.



Take-off mechanics in hummingbirds (Trochilidae). (United States)

Initiating flight is challenging, and considerable effort has focused on understanding the energetics and aerodynamics of take-off for both machines and animals. For animal flight, the available evidence suggests that birds maximize their initial flight velocity using leg thrust rather than wing flapping. The smallest birds, hummingbirds (Order Apodiformes), are unique in their ability to perform sustained hovering but have proportionally small hindlimbs that could hinder generation of high leg thrust. Understanding the take-off flight of hummingbirds can provide novel insight into the take-off mechanics that will be required for micro-air vehicles. During take-off by hummingbirds, we measured hindlimb forces on a perch mounted with strain gauges and filmed wingbeat kinematics with high-speed video. Whereas other birds obtain 80-90% of their initial flight velocity using leg thrust, the leg contribution in hummingbirds was 59% during autonomous take-off. Unlike other species, hummingbirds beat their wings several times as they thrust using their hindlimbs. In a phylogenetic context, our results show that reduced body and hindlimb size in hummingbirds limits their peak acceleration during leg thrust and, ultimately, their take-off velocity. Previously, the influence of motivational state on take-off flight performance has not been investigated for any one organism. We studied the full range of motivational states by testing performance as the birds took off: (1) to initiate flight autonomously, (2) to escape a startling stimulus or (3) to aggressively chase a conspecific away from a feeder. Motivation affected performance. Escape and aggressive take-off featured decreased hindlimb contribution (46% and 47%, respectively) and increased flight velocity. When escaping, hummingbirds foreshortened their body movement prior to onset of leg thrust and began beating their wings earlier and at higher frequency. Thus, hummingbirds are capable of modulating their leg and wingbeat kinetics to increase take-off velocity. PMID:15010485

Tobalske, Bret W; Altshuler, Douglas L; Powers, Donald R



Teacher Resources (United States)

This section of the Windows to the Universe web site provides information and resources for teachers including activities about astronomy, earth science, physical science, and NASA; educational links on such topics as biology, earth science, math, mythology, space science, and physics; and Share-a-thon, which allows users to share curriculum and activities with fellow teachers. Users can also search educational standards of Windows to the Universe content pages and access a teacher workbook for use with the Windows to the Universe website. Windows to the Universe is a user-friendly learning system pertaining to the Earth and Space sciences. The objective of this project is to develop an innovative and engaging web site that spans the Earth and Space sciences and includes a rich array of documents, including images, movies, animations, and data sets that explore the Earth and Space sciences and the historical and cultural ties between science, exploration and the human experience.

Johnson, Roberta




CERN Multimedia

Part-time teacher of primary English needed from 1st December 2002 to teach English National Curriculum (KS2) and NLS to mother tongue or good second language English-speakers aged 7-10. 4 hours contact time per week, team planning, marking and meetings. Candidates should be English mother tongue qualified teachers, confident, flexible classroom practitioners and team players. For further details and how to apply: or 04 50 40 82 66. Apply as soon as possible, and in any case before November 20th. English National Programme - Lycée International, Ferney-Voltaire



Teacher Institute: Exploratorium (United States)

The Teacher Institute at San Francisco's well-regarded Exploratorium was started in 1984, and since that time they have trained thousands of educators to excel at content-based discussions and to more effectively use web-based teaching resources. On the homepage, visitors interested in taking part in one of their workshops can learn more about their offerings, including their Summer Institutes. Other more geographically distant visitors (and those not so distant) should click right on over to the "Podcasts" area of the site. There are actually three sets of educational materials here, including the "Science Teaching Tips", "SmallTalk", and "Teacher Institute". In the "Science Teaching Tips" section, visitors can listen to almost 70 short episodes that include segments on how to teach about size and scale and the metric system. The "SmallTalk" podcasts are centered around nanotechnology and they feature short chats with scientists, artists, and writers. Finally, the "Teacher Institute" area features a few clips from past Institute gatherings for those who might be interested in attending one in the future.


A comparison between the views of teachers in South Africa and six other countries on involvement in school change  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english Worldwide, and especially in South Africa, change and decentralised decision-making have been topical issues in the provision of education for the past years. It appears that teachers - the key agents in implementing the policies concerned - are largely ignored in the pre-implementation phases, and [...] treated merely as implementers of these policies. The results from an empirical investigation revealed that the teachers in the South African sample expressed an exceptional degree of eagerness to be involved in decision-making and responsibility-taking concerning school change, even in aspects of management that could be considered as the principal's 'turf'. Although the views of a group of teachers in six other countries showed very similar result patterns, the sample of South African teachers was considerably more eager to be involved in initiatives of school change and related responsibilities than the teachers in the samples of the other countries. The results are illuminating, taking into consideration the increased workload of teachers, as well as certain other factors. Possible explanations for these observations are discussed.

Cassie, Swanepoel.



Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Now a day’s airplane is widely used vehicle. So it is very important to check the condition of the flight before it is take off. The main intension of this project is to check the fuel condition and temperature of the flight. According to this project whenever the temperature is high or fuel is low, the microcontroller display this information on LCD and intimate through buzzer.In this paper the microcontroller plays a major role in transmitting data to RF transmitter and here the data is transmitted using RF communication. In transmitter side microcontroller directs the data obtained from PC and at the receiver side microcontroller receives the data from the RF receiver and given to robot. Here we are using temperature sensor to read the temperature value. If the temperature value crosses the threshold value then the given data is send to the controller to display on the PC which is on the section II through ADC.Fuel indicator with two levels, low level and medium level. This we can achieve as used in cars, the gauge consists of two parts: The sensing unit and The indicator The sensing unit usually uses a float connected to a potentiometer. Typically printed ink design in a modern automobile. As the tank empties, the float drops and slides a moving contact along the resistor, increasing its resistance. In addition, when the resistance is at a certain point, it will also turn on a "low fuel" light on some vehicles





Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Ninety-two male and female second- and third-grade children were given a battery of tests including perspective-taking measures, a self-report values inventory, and assertiveness assessments. Teacher and peer ratings of assertiveness were also obtained. The children's prosocial and assertive behaviors were observed in the familiar environment of the school during free play and unstructured classtime over a period of several weeks. The children were also given the opportunity to help in a situ...



The social dimension of teaching: trust and teachers' efficacy beliefs  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Educational research increasingly highlights teachers’ trust in other school members to support school functioning. Besides, teachers’ efficacy beliefs are considered to be crucial in their functioning. To enhance teachers’ effectiveness, an understanding of the sources of their efficacy beliefs is therefore vital. This study investigates whether teachers’ trust in students, parents, colleagues, and the principal relate differently to various facets of teachers’ efficacy beliefs. Mu...

Maele, Dimitri; Houtte, Mieke



The social dimension of teaching: Trust and teachers’ efficacy beliefs  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Educational research increasingly highlights teachers’ trust in other school members to support school functioning. Besides, teachers’ efficacy beliefs are considered to be crucial in their functioning. To enhance teachers’ effectiveness, an understanding of the sources of their efficacy beliefs is therefore vital. This study investigates whether teachers’ trust in students, parents, colleagues, and the principal relate differently to various facets of teachers’ efficacy beliefs. Mu...

Maele, Dimitri; Houtte, Mieke



When science takes centre stage  

CERN Multimedia

The teachers at 'Science on stage' are not emotionally attached to their chalk. Neither are they are weary old men who sport tweed jackets with elbow-patches and enter into conversation with their blackboards. Actually, 'Science on stage' teachers are far from the cliché of the boring physics teacher who can only inspire yawns from his pupils. Some present the basic principles of mechanics using a bicycle, others explain chemistry with examples from everyday life. The most audacious of them go so far as to explain the Doppler effect by means of a play in which Einstein dreams about jumping cows... These are but a few of the activities and plays that will be shown during the EIROforum1 Science on Stage Festival (organised by 7 European scientific organisations including CERN), to be held from 21 to 25 November at CERN, Geneva. This festival is dedicated to the teaching science in order to make it more attractive. After the first edition 'Physics on Stage' which was held in 2000 at CERN, the laboratory agai...



Take Charge. Take the Test. "You Know" PSA (:60)  

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

As part of the Take Charge. Take the Test. campaign, this 60 second PSA encourages African American women to get tested for HIV. Locations for a free HIV test can be found by visiting or calling 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).  Created: 3/7/2012 by National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP).   Date Released: 3/7/2012.




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available One of the important elements of curriculum changing process is teacher. This study was a qualitative study which was obtained with interview form the opinions of physics teachers about adaptation of new physics curriculum. The group of study 57 physics teachers worked in Isparta city at 2010-2011 educational terms. Obtained data from physics teachersconducted content analysis and given some quotations from views of physics teachers. Most of physics teachers (70% thought that there was a necessity change of physics curriculum, but they had some drawbacks and implications. Half of physics teachers stated to accommodate new physics curriculum. But others stated that either have struggled to accommodate or did not accommodate it. This situation was sign of troubles of changing process. They have proposed implications about applying and adaptation of new curriculum; have to increasing time of course, taking in-service training, preparing introduction CD, designing curriculum according to different type of secondary education, being parallel with curriculum and university entrance exam, recruiting educational environment.

Hasan Said TORTOP



In the eyes of Turkish EFL learners: what makes an effective foreign language teacher?  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Research on the qualities of successful teachers in Turkey indicates that students consider teacher effectiveness as the ability to ensure an environment in which positive student-teacher interaction can take place. However, further studies are needed to clarify students’ perceptions of the qualities of effective foreign language teachers, in particular, thus providing educators with necessary information concerning the implementation of language teacher development programs. Therefore, 998...

C?elik, Servet; Ar?kan, Arda; Caner, Mustafa



Cultural Perspectives on Teacher Education (United States)

Populations that are underrepresented in physics generally are even more severely underrepresented among US physics teachers. Based on national data from the American Institute of Physics (AIP), 95% of physics teachers are White/non-Hispanic, about 1.5% are Hispanic, and approximately another 1.5% African-American. While 25% of our nation's African-American and Hispanic students now take physics in high school, they are very unlikely to have a role model, of similar race and ethnicity, teaching their physics classes. PhysTEC is making an effort to find and disseminate successful models for attracting more underrepresented minority students to high school physics teaching. This panel discussion, focusing on cultural perspectives on teacher education, will feature faculty from Minority Serving Institutions, which educate almost 60% of underrepresented minorities who get college degrees in the US, and individuals who have taught high school physics in areas with a dense minority population.

Muhoro, Peter; Cochran, Geraldine; Gonzalez, Victor; Rockward, Willie; Sunda-Meya, Anderson; Incera, Vivian



Developing Designs for Community Development in Four Types of Student Teacher Groups (United States)

It is becoming increasingly important for teachers to collaborate. Teacher community is found to be a fruitful notion when thinking about improving collaboration. Teachers can be prepared for working in such communities during teacher education. We examined how the practice of collaboration within different types of groups in teacher education can…

Dobber, Marjolein; Akkerman, Sanne; Verloop, Nico; Admiraal, Wilfried; Vermunt, Jan D.



Embarking on the Teaching Journey:Pre-service Teachers Reflecting upon Themselves as Future Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This article reports on a research study that examined 25 reflective papers written by pre-service teachers a few  weeks into attending primary teacher education. The overall aim of the study was to gain insight into the students’ thoughts and ways of reflecting as a basis for taking action to improve lecturing, tasks and exercises which promote reflection in the primary teacher education program. The students were asked to write a paper reflecting upon “The teacher I want to become”. Two research questions were posed upon the material: What images of teachers emerge in the texts? How is reflection carried out in constructing these images? The analysis of the reflective papers revealed that the students’ images of themselves might be placed in the main category; “caring teacher”. Furthermore their ways and levels of reflection varied considerably from descriptions and fragmented thoughts to accounts with elements of dialogic reflection.

Kitt Margaret Lyngsnes



Taking Care After A Concussion  

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

This podcast describes how to take care of yourself after a concussion, including proper recognition and response recommendations.  Created: 3/17/2010 by National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC).   Date Released: 3/17/2010.



Executive compensation and risk taking  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This paper studies the connection between risk taking and executive compensation in financial institutions. A theoretical model of shareholders, debtholders, depositors, and an executive suggests that 1) in principle, excessive risk taking (in the form of risk shifting) may be addressed by basing compensation on both stock price and the price of debt (proxied by the credit default swap spread), but 2) shareholders may be unable to commit to designing compensation contracts in this way and ind...

Bolton, Patrick; Mehran, Hamid; Shapiro, Joel



O projeto de educaçăo instituído a partir de 1990: caminhos percorridos na formaçăo de professores de química no Brasil Educational project run since 1990: educational paths followed by chemistry teachers in Brazil  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper presents and discusses governmental approaches to teacher training introduced in 1990, whose focus is the education of chemistry teachers. Therefore, the aim of this study was to establish the relationship between legal aspects and background needs present in the Brazilian educational context, taking into account that the last two decades has seen a significant increase in the chemistry licensure courses offered by higher education institutions in Brazil. Discussing these aspects of chemistry teachers provides a reflection on the real background needs for this group of professionals.

Nyuara Araújo da Silva Mesquita



O projeto de educaçăo instituído a partir de 1990: caminhos percorridos na formaçăo de professores de química no Brasil / Educational project run since 1990: educational paths followed by chemistry teachers in Brazil  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese [...] Abstract in english This paper presents and discusses governmental approaches to teacher training introduced in 1990, whose focus is the education of chemistry teachers. Therefore, the aim of this study was to establish the relationship between legal aspects and background needs present in the Brazilian educational con [...] text, taking into account that the last two decades has seen a significant increase in the chemistry licensure courses offered by higher education institutions in Brazil. Discussing these aspects of chemistry teachers provides a reflection on the real background needs for this group of professionals.

Nyuara Araújo da Silva, Mesquita; Thiago Miguel Garcia, Cardoso; Márlon Herbert Flora Barbosa, Soares.


Promoting Teacher Learning Through Learning Study Discourse: The Case of Science Teachers in Singapore (United States)

The potential of a theory of variation-framed learning study, a teacher professional development approach, to help teachers overcome curricular and pedagogical challenges associated with teaching new science curricula content was explored. With a group of Singapore teachers collaboratively planning and teaching new genetics content, phenomenographic analysis of data corpus from classroom observations, teacher meetings and interviews revealed teacher learning that manifested in the teachers' experiences. These were captured as (1) increased degrees of student-centered pedagogy and challenges to teachers' prior assumptions about science pedagogy, (2) increased awareness of possibilities and limitations of their beliefs about science pedagogy, and (3) emergence of new understandings about new curricular content and science pedagogy. The possibility of transformative and generative learning is also discussed.

Tan, Yuen Sze Michelle; Nashon, Samson Madera



Taking the heat out of global warming  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

According to UK Meteorological Scientists (a meeting in Bonn in November 1999), the increase in global temperatures as a result of the increasing greenhouse effect is likely to be considerably more than the 3''oC predicted earlier for the year 2100. However, the chairman of the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), urges researchers to keep cool and look for win-win situations where climate change may have environmental advantages. The achievements and views of Bob Watson (chairman of the IPCC) are discussed. Watson is in no doubt that global warming is increasing and his assessments of its impact are discussed. Even where there are doubts about the deleterious effects of global warming enhancement, we should still take mitigating actions where possible. The UK's actions to tackle climate change and the requirements of the Rio and Kyoto agreements are mentioned. Actions which individuals can take are also discussed. Stratospheric ozone depletion is mentioned briefly. (UK)

O' Driscoll, C.



Multitasking and Synchronous Work: Complexities in Teacher Work (United States)

Teacher work is described as increasing in complexity and intensity. Reasons for this include societal changes, reformed and increased work tasks, and the changed moral and normative character of teacher work, but also teachers' experiences of doing more than one thing at the same time, and of thinking about one's work at all times. The concept of…

Brante, Goran



How Social-Media Enhanced Learning Platforms Support Students in Taking Responsibility for Their Own Learning  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

Purpose â?? The paper is based on the chapter â??How Social Media Enhanced Learning Platforms Challenge and Motivate Students to Take Charge of Their Own Learning Processes â?? A Few Examplesâ?ť from the publication Increasing Student Engagement and Retention using Social Technologies: Facebook, e-Portfolios and other Social Networking Services and on the authorsâ?? research on ICT and social media enhanced learning in the foreign language/intercultural learning high school and university environment. Design/methodology/approach â?? The paper discusses learning in general and didactic practices in the two sectors and how social media enhanced learning platforms challenge and motivate students in their learning processes. Findings â?? The paper provides examples from didactic experiments carried out at the Copenhagen Business School and in Danish high schools. The authors focus on the changing role of teachers from the traditional role of (almost) full teacher responsibility for classroom action to a coaching and facilitating role where students assume increasing responsibility for their learning and for classroom activities. The paper also discusses the transfer and application of experiences made on the basis of changing didactic practices and views the positive and less positive experiences. Originality/value â?? The paper shares work-in-progress experience in regard to the growing body of knowledge about the use of ICT in the twenty-first century classroom.

Pals Svendsen, Lisbet; Mondahl, Margrethe



Besieged Institutions and the Massachusetts Teacher Tests  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Teacher testing was inaugurated in Massachusetts in 1998 and a 59% failure rate among test-takers led to public shaming of the teacher candidates and their colleges and universities in the media. Within a two-year time period, low-performing teacher education programs in Massachusetts initiated a wide range of test preparatory activities which led to a dramatic increase in their students' pass rates. The authors separate colleges and universities into three categories and examine their differ...

Ludlow, Larry H.; Dennis Shirley; Camelia Rosca




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study was conducted in order to investigate the perceptions of university students and teachers regarding responsibilities and abilities related to autonomous learning, and the autonomous activities both inside and outside the classroom. The study also investigated whether these responsibilities, abilities and activities changed significantly according to motivation level and gender. Qualitative data was gathered from 320 students and 24 teachers, together with quantitative data through interviews. The results suggest that students do not take responsibility for their learning although they have the ability, and teachers, themselves, take on most of the responsibilities, by perceiving their students incapable of fulfilling their responsibilities. This study suggests that both students and teachers need to understand the necessity of learner independence, and a training program on autonomous learning should be included in the language curriculum, particularly with regard to administration.




Reflections of Preservice Information Technology Teachers Regarding Cyberbullying  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The current phenomenological study addressed the reflections of preservice information technology (IT) teachers regarding their cyberbullying or victimization experiences. Fifty five preservice IT teachers at a Turkish teacher training institution were offered a lecture with the purpose of awareness-raising on cyberbullying, which was followed by the assignment of take-home reflection papers. Document analysis on reflection papers led researchers to find out underlying themes regarding partic...



Teachers' Domain: Dust Explosion (United States)

This video package illustrates the hazard of dust explosionsâspecifically, how a material that is not generally flammable suddenly becomes combustible when its surface area is increased. The featured chemical is lycopodium powder, which is not especially flammable in normal circumstances. But disperse it into the air, bring a flame close by and.....KABOOM. (Video may be viewed in slow motion.) Editor's Note: When a substance rapidly reacts with oxygen, energy is released in the form of heat and/or light. This type of exothermic reaction is known as combustion. This resource will be especially useful in helping students see that many factors can affect combustion: temperature, the concentration of the reactants, and surface area of the fuel. Teachers' Domain is a growing collection of more than 1,000 free educational resources compiled by researchers and experienced teachers to promote the use of digital resources in the classroom.



Four Takes on Tough Times (United States)

Educational Leadership talks with four experts in the fields of education policy and finance about how schools can weather the current financial crisis. Michael A. Rebell focuses on the recession and students' rights; Allan Odden suggests five steps schools can take to improve in tough times; Anthony Rolle describes the tension between equity and…

Rebell, Michael A.; Odden, Allan; Rolle, Anthony; Guthrie, James W.



Take of fetal liver transplants  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

An exploratory analysis of the problems of fetal liver take in an animal model has been performed, employing the mouse model of lethally radiation induced aplasia. The studies as well as the results of clinical fetal liver transplants are reported. (Auth.)



College Presidents Take on 21 (United States)

College presidents have long gotten flak for refusing to take controversial stands on national issues. A large group of presidents opened an emotionally charged national debate on the drinking age. In doing so, they triggered an avalanche of news-media coverage and a fierce backlash. While the criticism may sting, the prime-time fracas may help…

Fain, Paul




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The aim of this study was to examine qualitatively 109 third year primary teacher candidates’ views on being a good teacher. One open-ended question was posed to teacher candidates to be answered in writing. Although opinions about being a good teacher were categorized into six subtitles: personal characteristics, knowledge of subject and its teaching;, skills, professional growth, appreciation, and commitment to the mission, most of the answers were about different dimensions of personal characteristics.

Behiye UBUZ



Worldmindedness: Taking Off the Blinders  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available A dynamic web of global interconnectedness has expanded the engagement and political efficacy of citizens in the 21st century. The acceleration of knowledge creation, the dynamics of electronic communication and the resulting availability of global perspectives are changing the nature of public discourse and action. As more and more people gain access to information and interact with individuals and communities across the planet, they acquire new worldminded ways of learning, debating, and creating which in turn expand the scope of civic consciousness and responsibilities beyond national borders. In this article we look at ways in which teachers in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States are preparing young people to become worldminded citizens.

Sum Cho Po



Vocational Education and Training Teacher Professional Development: Tensions and Context (United States)

Planning and implementing teacher professional development is a process of engaging in organisational learning and change. Yet our planning and implementation of professional development is at times a series of one-off sessions and can be quite ad hoc. This paper argues that teacher learning takes place not only through formal sessions but also…

Bound, Helen



Cigarette smoking among school teachers in Tobago. (United States)

Tobago, until lately, was considered a society with a low prevalence of cigarette smoking. Recent surveys, however, showed an increasing smoking prevalence among school children. To assess whether teachers in Tobago can be credible role models for their pupils, we carried out a cross-sectional survey on their smoking-related attitudes and behaviour in 2002. We distributed anonymous, structured questionnaires to teachers of all 52 primary and secondary schools in the island and conducted structured observations in schools. Of 579 teachers present during the survey, 559 (97%) returned a completed questionnaire; 8.6% of the male and 2.4% of the female teachers reported to be current cigarette smokers; slightly higher proportions had ever been daily smokers. Teachers were well aware of the harmful effects of smoking. Significantly more non-smokers than current smokers were in favour of strict school smoking regulations. The vast majority of the teachers perceived anti-smoking education as their duty. None of the schools had dedicated smoking rooms for teachers, and we found no cigarette butts in or around teachers' rooms. In Tobago, teachers have a lower reported prevalence of cigarette smoking than their pupils. Thus, most teachers can be credible role models with regard to smoking prevention and should be encouraged to become more active in school-based preventive activities. PMID:15622682

Khechinashvili, G; Andall-Brereton, G; Razum, O



CEO job security and risk-taking  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

We use the length of employment contracts to estimate CEO turnover probability and its effects on risk-taking. Protection against dismissal should encourage CEOs to pursue riskier projects. Indeed, we show that firms with lower CEO turnover probability exhibit higher return volatility, especially idiosyncratic risk. An increase in turnover probability of one standard deviation is associated with a volatility decline of 17 basis points. This reduction in risk is driven largely by a decrease in...

Cziraki, Peter; Xu, Moqi



Innovation through College Classroom Teacher: an Analysis of Experience (United States)

If we make a balance on the training received by the university professors to exercise its teaching skills we can find in Spain institutions, like Institute of Education Sciences (ICE), that have more than 40 years of existence, have been developing this role with great success and have data from this experience. It is true that only a few universities have created and promoted these institutions mostly from 70 Law and even today continue to develop training, modernized and adapted to the current needs of each university. Even some of them have created new ones, changed the name to Centers of Excellence or Innovation although not their functions, others such as the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), have incorporated these features of quality, innovation to their current actions. Despite this training in some universities, it is a voluntary and individual fact that every teacher, either by joining teaching for the first time or when want to upgrade, renovate or simply as a form of share experiences with other fellow teachers of other grades and may have the same problems. Looking at the same university context, in other countries, we see something similar in regards to common joint rules for access to the teaching profession as in other types of training, and also differences occurs in the recognition that training is done, unlike that resolves research and innovation taking place in the university. From a teacher training institution as the ICE at UPM, with a long experience in this training, we have managed to consolidate the organization and actions. In addition, we have learned to capture teachers attention, trying to find an appreciation for " the value of training " by the need to upgrade and the fact of knowing innovative methods and techniques to help them improve their teaching by, first, that students learn more and better themselves and, second, that teachers, mastering techniques, feel increasingly confident in the classroom and to the satisfaction of what they do is well done. Although this statement can be seen truncated as in the current moment research has higher priority versus teaching and scientific publications address the training and even mobility management or come to have more value than the training itself and learning along the life, although this phrase is used a lot from Bologna called Treaty. In these circumstances it is very difficult to practicing teachers, their training and educational needs updating, because what they are going to value professional development is, first, their research experience, giving the highest score at CV than to your educational background, teaching experience, also valued more educational management and administration. In this work we will provide objective data on the results regarding the university teachers training and different learning models that we have developed, as well as the achievements on the level of participation in the last ten years, the level of satisfaction and the innovation performance in the classroom, after receiving training. In addition, we would like to raise a discussion forum on the future of university faculty training for the profession of teaching and provoke interest here some questions for discussion and possible solutions: • Where should we focus on the university teachers training? • What is the status of university teacher Centers training in other EU countries? • What are the training models in other countries of the European Union? • What is the value and who appreciates the teacher training? • Should be mandatory or would be detrimental and would not be interested? A teacher should be an expert, brushing or reaching the excellence of their own knowledge, not to mention minimum-pedagogical training bases. Otherwise he will be an excellent researcher, something that is always needed, but mediocre or bad teacher that can cause irreparable damage to some students that fall in his class.

Gonzalez-Tirados, Rosa Maria; Medina-Rojas, Silvia



Meaningful contexts or dead mock reality: Which form will the everyday take?  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper describes the experiences of two teachers, Bulelwa and Kevin, who attempt to take on board the notion of incorporating the everyday into the mathematics, as the new South African Curriculum requires.  Both of them, though in different ways,  attempt to accommodate the two discourses, namely mathematics and the everyday. Because of their own different experiences and the different values they place on the everyday in mathematics, they handle the incorporation of the everyday quite differently. The paper argues that the practical experiences of these teachers provide insight into some of the practical challenges teachers have to negotiate in order to provide legitimacy for the everyday in mathematics.

Godfrey Sethole



Beliefs about Teaching Science: The Relationship between Elementary Teachers' Participation in Professional Development and Student Achievement (United States)

Because of increasing calls for school accountability, an increased emphasis placed on the role of the teacher, and theoretical connections between teacher beliefs and classroom action, a critical need exists to examine teacher professional development programs to determine their impact on teacher belief systems, teaching practices, and student…

Lumpe, Andrew; Czerniak, Charlene; Haney, Jodi; Beltyukova, Svetlana



Co-constructing Efficacy: A "Communities of Practice" Perspective on Teachers' Efficacy Beliefs (United States)

Teachers' efficacy beliefs are critical to improving student learning, but we have yet to fully understand how these beliefs develop. The prevailing model of teachers' efficacy development emerges from cognitive theories, but sociocultural theories may add insights to modeling the impact of teachers' school contexts. This case study takes a…

Takahashi, Sola



Emergence of Confucianism from Teachers' Definitions of Guidance and Discipline in Hong Kong Secondary Schools (United States)

Teachers in Hong Kong, as elsewhere, are concerned with students' misbehaviour. In secondary schools two teams of teachers, a guidance team and a discipline team, deal with it. This article examines how teachers make sense of their caring work and strategies for behaviour management. Taking an interactionist perspective, the framework suggested by…

Hue, Ming-Tak



Teacher’s training from an interdisciplinary scope  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available We are noticing that the society is involved in a deep social, cultural and economic change, which takes us a constant transformation on initial and permanent teacher’s training in all levels: child, primary, secondary and college education. Teachers have to be improving their objectives, contents and didactic methods permanently for the institutional and social improvement, innovation and development. First of all, we present a synthesis of different presentations that have contributed to the structure and large contents of the Congress. The lectures have dealt with thematic field related to social and cultural changes in the 21st century. Secondly, we have focused on a synthesis of the lectures presented by researchers, teachers and administrative assistants that have enriched us as a result of their contributions. This has allowed us to collect action lines, which in addition, help us to teach how to think, understand, be critical and build a more just, equal and democratic society. Finally, a number of accepted presentations have been taken into consideration in seventeen fields and their percentage of participation.

Antonio García Correa,



Creationism and evolution views of brazilian teachers and teachers-to-be  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This paper aims at assessing the evolutionist and creationist conceptions of Brazilian teachers. The work was developed within the framework of the European project BIOHEAD-CITIZEN, which takes into account that scientific knowledge and teachers’ attitudes and values can influence the teaching practices. The large questionnaire BIOHEAD-CITIZEN, which was constructed to be applied in 19 countries in Europe, Africa and in Middle East, was applied, in this study, to six groups of Brazilian tea...

Caldeira, Ana Maria Andrade; Arau?jo, Elaine Sandra Nicolini Nabuco; Carvalho, Grac?a Simo?es



Inservicing the Teachers. (United States)

Compares many teacher inservice programs to the artificial insemination of cows--decisions are made without teacher participation, teachers do not get to join in the act, and no one has much fun. Suggests that teachers be allowed to set their own goals and control their own learning. (Author/WD)

Sharma, Toni



Multiple Teachers: Multiple Gains? (United States)

This paper explores the concept of instrumental/vocal learning when studying the same instrument or voice with more than one concurrent teacher. In this context, teachers may be working as a team, or one or both teachers may not know of the other's contribution to a student's learning. Qualitative data from music students and teachers at the…

Haddon, Elizabeth



Guidelines for Cooperating Teachers. (United States)

The importance of student teaching and the impact the cooperating teacher has on the student teacher's experience leads to the formulation of guidelines for the cooperating teacher: (1) outline expectations; (2) provide for early and continued successes; and (3) communicate with the student teacher. (JL)

Cusimano, Barbara



Rating Teachers of Social Studies Instruction (United States)

Teachers are being increasingly held accountable for their quality of student instruction. They need to prepare well for each lesson taught and provide for individual differences among learners. Documentation of teaching success is desired. Tracking results of teacher effectiveness is salient. Thus, there needs to be an effective approach to use…

Ediger, Marlow



Looking for Daisy: Constructing Teacher Identities (United States)

Research on teacher identities is both important and increasing. In this forum contribution I re-interpret assertions about an African American science teacher's identities in terms of Jonathon Turner's ("2002") constructs of role identity and sub-identity. I contest the notion of renegotiation of identities, suggesting that particular role…

Ritchie, Stephen M.



Mission and Professionalism: What Teachers Can Do. (United States)

The growing teacher shortage and increasing bureaucratization of schools make it imperative that new means be developed to make teaching more attractive as a profession. Teacher organizations, professional newsletters, informal discussion groups, networking, ad hoc pressure groups, and alternative schools might provide some route to reform. (KH)

Ause, John



Science Partners for Teachers: Graduate Student-Teacher Partnerships (United States)

Science Partners for Teachers is a group of scientists (mostly graduate students) in the physical and biological sciences at the University of Chicago which establishes one-on-one partnerships with Chicago-area K-12 school teachers. The goal is to have both partners benefit from the interaction. As scientists, we want to learn more about how to teach, how to develop lesson plans, and improve our ability to disseminate scientific knowledge (with an eye towards increasing our marketability for our future job searches). In exchange, we offer to be a resource for teachers looking to update their science curricula and to help incorporate and increase the use of computers, and the internet into the classroom. But most of all, we want to develop a relationship in which the scientist gains an inside look at teaching while the teacher gains an inside look at science and the way science is done. This model for scientist-teacher interaction is unique among the ones we have encountered as it involves a one-on-one partnering between adults (no K-12 students involved) and is specficially tailored to mesh well with an over-committed graduate student's schedule. This group was founded and continues to be run by several astrophysics graduate students who are looking for creative ways to help themselves and other grad students prepare for alternative careers related to education, preferably involving both research and outreach.

Rebull, L. M.; Munoz-Franco, L.



The teacher under stress  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Empirical records consistently point to the fact that the phenomenon of stress is characteristic of service professions, especially of teacher’s. Although stress in teachers is a problem of public interest, it is still a relatively new field of empirical investigations. Data available show that stress in teachers can have negative effects on school as an organization teacher professional achievement, his/her and his/her family psychosocial status. The most frequent symptoms of a prolonged p...

Krnjaji? Stevan B.



A Review of Literature on Teacher Efficacy and Classroom Management (United States)

The purpose of this paper was to review the literature on teacher efficacy and classroom management. The conceptual framework of this paper was based on the theories of Rotter (1966) and Bandura (1977). The review of literature indicated that teacher efficacy helps teachers plan effective instructional strategies, increases performance, and…

Dibapile, Waitshega Tefo Smitta



Institutionalising Teacher Clusters in South Africa: Dilemmas and Contradictions (United States)

Increasingly, teacher clusters are being used as a substitute for the more traditional approaches to the professional development of teachers. With this goal in mind, many provincial education departments in South Africa have sought to institutionalise and encourage the formation of teacher clusters as vehicles for the continuing professional…

Jita, Loyiso C.; Mokhele, Matseliso L.



Approaches to Teacher Development in China: Hong Kong and Shanghai (United States)

In the late 1990s, Hong Kong and Shanghai began placed increasing emphasis on teacher development to raise the overall quality of education. As such, this research is guided by three questions: First, what approaches to teacher development have Hong Kong and Shanghai used? Second, in the views of teachers in the two cities, how have the different…

Lai, Manhong K.



Secondary Teacher Resignation in Western Australian: An Anthology of Existences (United States)

In recent years, Western Australian school have faced a significant increase in the number of secondary school teacher resignations. By analysing qualitative data gathered from interviews of 11 recently resigned secondary teachers, and three senior level administrators, the researchers sought to begin to understand the reasons behind a teacher

Fetherston, Tony; Lummis, Geoffrey



Taking an oil and gas company public  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

The increasing capital requirements in the energy industry have led a number of private, independent oil and gas companies to turn to the public market as a source for funding future growth. The principal asset of many of these companies, and often the primary determinant of value in the public market, is the firm's oil and gas reserves. Estimates of hydrocarbon reserves are usually based on studies and reports prepared by independent petroleum engineers. Although they play a key role in taking a company public, petroleum engineers usually do not get exposed to the entire process. THe purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the process of taking a company public and to clarify the petroleum engineer's role in the process.

Wesneski, L.E.



Tournament rewards and risk taking  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

In a tournament, a principal sets a prize, and several agents then compete to attain the highest observed output, and win the prize. This paper departs from the existing literature on tournaments by assuming that agents can influence the spread of their distribution of output, in addition to the mean. We ask in which way risk taking and effort interacts in equilibrium. First, under standard tournament rewards, the unique equilibrium will have a low level of effort and a high level of risk tak...

Hvide, Hans K.



A Catalyst for Change : Influencing Preservice Teacher Technology Proficiency  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

To prepare future teachers for today s technology driven society, Colleges of Education must produce technology proficient teachers, which involves a change in the attitude of educators, increased access to technology rich K-12 schools, and creating positive attitudes on the part of preservice teachers. The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not preservice teachers received the training and support that is needed to gain technology proficiency. The sample for this study consist...

Evans, Brandi P.; Gunter, Glenda A.



Ensuring Teacher Retention in a PDS (United States)

This study takes place at a Professional Development School (PDS). This PDS opened as a pre-K-5 public charter school, and as a PDS in collaboration with a local public university in Southern California. This qualitative study examined the challenges of teaching in a new PDS as expressed by the teachers' voices. Interview and survey data were…

Buchanan, Merilyn; Bleicher, Robert E.; Behshid, Sima; Evans, Charmon; Ngarupe, Linda



Fostering Multiliteracies Pedagogy through Preservice Teacher Education (United States)

Teacher education for literacy teaching is often fairly narrow in focus. New approaches are needed that are sociocultural in orientation and take due account of the diversity of language forms, both traditional and contemporary, formal and informal, literary and non-literary. We believe this need can be met by largely adopting a "multiliteracies"…

Rowsell, Jennifer; Kosnik, Clare; Beck, Clive



Using Diagnostic Assessment to Help Teachers Understand the Chemistry of the Lead-Acid Battery (United States)

Nineteen pre-service and in-service teachers taking a chemistry teaching methods course at a university in Hong Kong were asked to take a diagnostic assessment. It consisted of seven multiple-choice questions about the chemistry of the lead-acid battery. Analysis of the teachers' responses to the questions indicated that they had difficulty in…

Cheung, Derek



Accounting for Movement between Childcare Classrooms: Does it Change Teacher Effects Interpretations?  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Child care studies that have examined links between teachers' qualifications and children's outcomes often ignore teachers’ and children’s transitions between classrooms at a center throughout the day and only take into account head teacher qualifications. The objective of this investigation was to examine these traditional assumptions and to compare inferences made from these traditional models to methods accounting for transitions between classrooms and multiple teachers in a classroom....

Messan Setodji, Claude; Le, Vi-nhuan; Schaack, Diana



Taking it all back home  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

Reprocessing contracts stipulate that Cogema's and BNFL's foreign customers will take back their vitrified residues to ensure subsequent storage themselves. National policies have been defined by those customers for the interim storage on return. Belgium and Japan have chosen to store them in glass canisters in air-cooled pits - at Mol and at Rokkasho-mura, respectively (similar to their current stores at the reprocessing plants) -while Germany and Switzerland have opted to use storage flasks. Aware of the need for vitrified residue return, almost 10 years ago Transnucleaire began developing a new model of flask to suit the various needs of the utilities concerned. Named TN 28 V in view of its basic payload of 28 vitrified waste canisters, this flask is currently being manufactured in two versions: one for the routine transport of glass-containing canisters and another for their transport followed by a long period of interim storage. (author).

Kirchner, B.; Leers, H. (Transnucleaire, 75 - Paris (France))



Take Control of PDFpen 5  

CERN Document Server

After a whirlwind history and overview of PDF, you'll take a tour through PDFpen's tools and navigation. With those basics taken care of, you'll learn how to: Scan a document to PDF and make the text editable with OCRCombine pages from multiple files into a single PDFTurn a Web site into a multi-page PDFAdd or remove pages from a PDFAdd a hand-written signature to a PDFAdd page and URL links to a PDFMake a clickable table of contents for a PDFUse professional editing marks on a PDFEdit text within a PDF that was received in emailLeave comments on a PDF documentRemove sensitive or confidential

Cohen, Michael



Data Glove For Note Taking  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available We aim at creating a note-taking device typically to be used in a classroom environment. Traditional methods of writing have limited speed and cannot keep up with speech. Writing with pen on paper requires us to look at the paper, which can reduce concentration on the ongoing discussion. Laptops are costly, power consuming and heavy for such a trivial task. Voice to text programs dont have the freedom of choosing the text to be included, and noise in the room can affect performance of such a program. Smart phones have a small keypad, which demands more user concentration. We have created a glove that one can wear and touch-type on any flat surface with minimal costs and power consumption. With ergonomics in mind, the glove has been designed to yield ten self fabricated switch button sensors to finally create a complete utility for simple and an inexpensive typing tool.

Akshay Mahajan



Sampling vs. taking some - 59349  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Collecting a sample is a delicate task that is Not naively equivalent to simply 'taking some of the material'. The question examined is: 'What is it exactly?' The problem of sampling in general, and for nuclear decontamination in particular, is properly defined. A theory is presented (Gy's Theory of Sampling, a.k.a. TOS) that brings all the answers and allows us to put them to work. The author draws form his lifelong experience in research, teaching and practical applications in this domain to emphasize the critical odds (i.e. risks) of not taking sampling explicitly into account when assessing grades and concentrations. The evolution of the acceptance of this theory in the nuclear industry is finally illustrated, and a hopeful glimpse into the future concludes the presentation. Equally interesting, however, besides what has already been achieved at the CEA along these years, is the realization of what could not be done with TOS, and therefore had to be treated in some other ways - e.g. using mapping tools (geostatistical). It is one the great side-advantages of using a consistent theory that it warns you, before it is too late, that what you are trying to do will not work: TOS, indeed, much like its Geo-statistics sister, besides preventing many a disaster, can provide pragmatic lessons in scientific humility that are best not being left ignored. In conclusion, there are great tools out there, such as TOS, that are well worth investing into, and that our community should be much more attuned to. (author)



Teacher`s authority in public school  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The main goal of public schools is to give successful education. This can be achieved only through a successful teaching process. The latter, however, is being conducted only by the teacher who has authority. As for authority, it is achieved through the teacher's hiearchical position as well as through the teacher's perosnality, especially his/her actions. Transfer is an unconscious moment which is crucial to gaining authority.



Newly qualified teachers (NQTs)  

...Newly qualified teachers (NQTs) Institute of Physics NQT,NQTs,physics teacher, guide, help for, newly, qualified, iop This site ... IOP Institute of Physics For physics bull; For physicists bull; For all Home News About us Contact us Calendar MyIOP Search ...Careers Policy Resources You are here Education I am new to teaching physics Newly qualified teachers (NQTs) I am new teaching physics Student teachers Newly qualified teachers (NQTs) Managing the Marking Mountain Top tips for lesson observations Established teachers who are ...


Perspective-Taking in Structured and Unstructured Online Discussions (United States)

This study analyzes the extent to which students using web-based discussion boards show an increase in perspective-taking in structured and unstructured discussions. Messages from fifty-six students enrolled in one of two courses were content analyzed using Jarvela and Hakkinen's (2003) expansion of Selman's (1980) perspective-taking coding…

Chadwick, Scott; Ralston, Ekaterina



Rethinking Recruitment: The Comprehensive and Strategic Recruitment of Secondary Science Teachers (United States)

The shortage of science teachers has spurred a discussion about their retention and recruitment. While discussion about retaining science teachers has increased dramatically in just the last few years, science teacher educators have not attended to the recruitment of science teachers with the same tenacity. This paper is our effort to initiate…

Luft, Julie A.; Wong, Sissy S.; Semken, Steve



IN MY OPINION: Taking part matters (United States)

For a week last July, the University of Leicester played host to the 31st International Physics Olympiad. Sixty-three countries sent teams of five students, accompanied by two Leaders who were professors or teachers. The students faced two five-hour exams, one theory and one practical, woven into a week of visits and fun. The International Physics Olympiad has been held since 1967. The idea originated at a conference of the Czechoslovak Physical Society in Prague and the first competition was in Warsaw with teams from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania participating. The competition has grown in size and scope over the decades, and in 1991 it was awarded the medal of the International Commission on Physics Education. The citation reads `the International Physics Olympiad has become an achievement of world wide impact, and physics educators from various countries around the world have attested to the strong influence it has had in stimulating interests in physics among both students and teachers in their countries'. The British Physics Olympiad team was chosen from Year 13 students who had come through the selection procedure. Schools are invited to challenge their best pupils with a preliminary paper, sat and marked at school. Students gaining above a given threshold are encouraged to sit a second, three-hour paper, which is centrally marked and graded. From among the Gold-medal winners in this exam, the team of five is selected. Amid the pressures of A-levels, some practical and theory tuition is fitted in before the competition. The different countries use a variety of selection methods and coaching. The Australians managed a week of scientific and cultural education in Vienna prior to arriving at Leicester, and several teams talked of pre-competition work-camps. How much Physics can be crammed into a week? Countries that have institutions selecting pupils highly gifted in Maths and Science have a great start, as do those with the most demanding syllabuses for pre-university exams. In years gone by, some of our most gifted students happened to be taught by some of our most able teachers, and together they tackled the old Scholarship-level papers. The old O-level work gave students a solid grounding in classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, with lots of sums on which to anchor the concepts. Those who enjoyed this aspect of the science could launch into A-level studies of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and/or Further Maths, and relish the challenges hidden in the syllabuses. Advanced level aims have changed. Mathematical elements have been played down; traditional proofs and applications may be referred to but are no longer required learning for the candidates. The modular system allows less repetitive revision and consolidation of ideas so that students are not required to immerse themselves in the subject in the same way as a generation ago. Does this matter? The `new way' hopes to attract some students into Physics and Engineering who would have been intimidated by the rigour and commitment required to do well in the old system. The single-minded student has a wealth of information available to further his or her studies and will not be limited by the dictates of any syllabus. However, without the need to meet exam requirements, many of our most able students have been deprived of the pleasure of advancing their knowledge so far at school, and must wait for a degree course to take up the story. (We should worry if many of these potential scientists get deflected from Physics.) The change in A-level targets inevitably means that the UK is slipping down the IPhO medal table, but in the Olympic tradition it is the taking part that matters. The 31st Olympiad was won by the People's Republic of China, with five gold medals out of five. Heartiest congratulations to them and to Russia, who came second with two gold, two silver and a bronze. The other gold medals went to Hungary (2), India (2), Taiwan (2), Bulgaria (1) and Switzerland (1). The UK team won two bronze medals. Who will be lucky enough to g

Stone, Christine



Taking Charge of Professional Development: A Practical Model for Your School (United States)

Overcome budget cuts, lack of leadership, top-down mandates, and other obstacles to professional development by using this book's take-charge approach. Joseph H. Semadeni guides you through a systemic method to professional development that: (1) Motivates teachers to continuously learn and apply best practices; (2) Makes adult learning activities…

Semadeni, Joseph



Persuading Girls to Take Elective Physical Science Courses in High School: Who Are the Credible Communicators? (United States)

Identifies communicators whom eighth-grade girls perceive as credible regarding reasons for taking elective physical science courses in high school. Finds that father, woman science teacher, mother, and boy high school student are ranked highly. Attributes associated with the communicators were classified as prestige, trustworthiness, similarity,…

Koballa, Thomas R., Jr.



Take care of your mouse!  

CERN Multimedia

“Stop --- Think --- Click" is the basic recommendation for securely browsing the Internet and for securely reading e-mails. Users who have followed this recommendation in the past were less likely to have their computer infected or their computing account compromised. We would like to thank all those who donated their mouse to the CERN Animal Shelter for Computer Mice ( For those who still use a mouse, please stay vigilant and  alert: do not click on links whose origin you do not trust or which look like gibberish. Do not install untrusted software or plug-ins, since software from untrusted sources may infect or compromise your computer, or violate copyrights. Finally, take particular care with e-mails: Do not open unexpected or suspicious e-mails or attachments. Delete them if they do not concern you or if they appear strange. If in doubt, or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact

IT Department



ChemTeacher: Electronegativity (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Electronegativity page includes resources for teaching students about electronegativity.



ChemTeacher: Fission (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Fission page includes resources for teaching students about the discovery and applications of fission.



Effects of teacher training  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The article gives a short overview over existing knowledge concerning the effect of teacher training in relation to adult learning. It presents a research design for measuring the effect of teacher traning.

Wahlgren, Bjarne; Larsen, Lea Lund



Protecting Teachers' Privacy Rights. (United States)

Addresses concerns about school personnel records and legal precedents regarding privacy. Recommends inclusion in teacher education of content about teachers' privacy rights. Lists fair information practices for schools regarding the accuracy of and access to personnel records. (SK)

Spencer, Ray C.; Hoffman, Darlene Haffner



The Teacher as Editor. (United States)

Discusses similarities between teachers and editors, such as the fact that both editors and teachers have to approach manuscripts with open and attentive minds and respect the integrity of the text. (DF)

Bozanic, Nick



Teacher Page - Deutsch Klasse (United States)

On this site you will find the resource needed to teach a German Level I Course. There are links below for lesson plans and a link to the student page. This page is an introductory page for the teacher. Below are four links that will provide teachers with additional resources to use in their classrooms. Teacher Page - Lesson Plans Teacher Page - Resources Student Page - Deutsch Klasse Student WebQuests ...

Barlow, Frau



English Teacher Education as Literacy Teacher Education (United States)

This article presents the author's keynote address from the 2011 CEE Summer Conference at Fordham University in which he challenges educators to rethink what they do and how they do it. He talks about English teacher education as literacy teacher education. He tries to sketch a picture of the status quo and its limits, and an alternative picture…

Mayher, John S.



Teachers, Professionalism, and Craft. (United States)

Improving teachers' professional status involves identifying salient professional characteristics. The paper compares teaching with other professions. Teachers belong to a group of craft professions different from elite expert professions. Teacher education must produce skilled practitioners with a consciousness of craft to guide their work. (SM)

Pratte, Richard; Rury, John L.



Experienced New Teachers (United States)

Although many researchers have focused their efforts on studying first-year teachers, little research has been conducted about experienced new teachers, educators who have teaching experience but are new to a school or school system. This qualitative study of the experiences of three experienced new teachers reveals that many experienced new…

Gant, Angela B.



Teacher Educators: Hidden Professionals? (United States)

The pace of change in today's society means that there is an ongoing need for teachers to learn, have new knowledge and use new pedagogical approaches to meet the needs of their pupils. For many teachers, this requires redefining their identity as teachers and what "teaching" means in 21st century learning environments. These…

Livingston, Kay



Vocational Teacher Education Study. (United States)

A study was conducted to determine the present state of vocational education in Kentucky and the supply of and demand for vocational teachers. Results are summarized for vocational teacher education in general and for teachers in the areas of agricultural education, business and office education, marketing and distributive education, health and…

Tulloch, Charlotte


Coaching Beginning Teachers. (United States)

This study describes the effects of a program designed to train Dutch primary school teachers in skills needed to coach and act as mentors for beginning teachers. The study investigated whether mentors who participated in the training program would implement the target coaching skills and whether the beginning teachers coached by the mentors would…

Veenman, Simon; de Laat, Hanneke; Staring, Corine


The Teacher Talent Trove (United States)

Teacher leadership represents a powerful approach to assert the true professionalism that educators have long been seeking. Opportunities abound for teachers to contribute to school reform by demonstrating their leadership skills. This article considers strategies to rebuild the portrait of teachers and thereby encourage strong professional…

Quinn, Terrence



Teachers' Understanding of Bullying (United States)

Using semi-structured interviews, we examined teachers' understanding of bullying of children in their classes. Although teachers' definitions of bullying included both direct and indirect behaviours, several factors influenced how they characterized and responded to incidents. These factors included whether the teachers viewed an incident as…

Mishna, Faye; Scarcello, Iolanda; Pepler, Debra; Wiener, Judith



Teacher Education in Scandinavia. (United States)

The trend in Scandinavia is to broaden teacher education and training for academic secondary school teachers in order to overcome excessive specialization. The context of apprenticeship of pre-school, primary teachers is changing toward a more academically oriented program. However, the affective part of the learning/teaching process is becoming…

Wasser, Henry


Teachers’ oral presentation from students’ perspective  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The paper presents the results of a study of the opinion of fourth- and eighth-grade primary school students (N=880 on the characteristics of teachers’ oral presentation. The main goal is to take into account students’ opinion in the new didactic grounding of the monologue teaching method. This implies appreciation of the proven values of applying the monologue method in teaching and its adaptation to suit the needs of modern teaching, first of all, the needs of students. In this context, we think that the perception of the monologue method from students’ perspective is very significant in assessing the limitations and the possibilities of its application incurrent conditions. Students described the characteristics of teachers’ oral presentation that they liked best and least and provided suggestions on methods of enhancing the oral presentation of teachers. Students gave the most positive assessments to oral presentations that were clear from the linguistic, logical and the didactic and methodological aspects. On the other hand, the majority of students’ negative comments were related to inadequate behavior of some teachers as speakers and to “incomprehensible oral presentation”. The results show that students gave very clear and specific statements on the positive and negative characteristics of teachers’ oral presentation, which, in the given didactic context, can be very indicative for the enhancement of this teaching element both for teachers and the didactic experts.

Radovi? Vera Ž.



Teachers staying ahead of the game  

CERN Multimedia

Even though the school holidays are in full swing, some 40 high-school teachers have come to CERN to take part in the High School Teachers (HST) programme organised by the CERN Education Group (see box). Far from considering this as a piece of holiday fun, the teachers are getting their hands dirty and putting in some serious hours’ learning. The High School Teachers 2009 at CERN.The 3-week HST programme hosts dozens of teachers from around the world, offering a deeper insight into particle physics through a variety of lectures, visits and workshops. The programme’s ambitious overall aim is to help these teachers to inspire their students to follow careers in science. In the second week, they split up into working groups to evaluate CERN’s existing educational tools or create new ones. "This year, one of the groups is reviewing some of the CERN visits service itineraries," says HST programme manager Mick Storr. "From their pers...



Take Aim At Climate Change (United States)

This music video features a rap song about some of the causes and effects of climate change with the goal of increasing awareness of climate change and how it will impact nature and humans. The website also includes links to short fact sheets with lyrics to the song that are annotated with the sources of the information in the lyrics., Polar


[Influence of inclusive child day-care on nursery school teachers: a questionnaire survey of teachers with experience in inclusive child day-care in K City]. (United States)

The purpose of this survey questionnaire is to investigate the factors influencing how nursery school teachers perceive inclusive child day-care in K City in order to qualify what support we can provide. The questionnaire was sent to nursery school teachers with experience in inclusive child day-care in K City. Three hundred seventeen teachers provided sufficient data for analysis. The results of this survey suggest that teachers perceive inclusive child day-care to lead up to self-development and the pleasure of child-caring. On the other hand, they feel a burden of inclusive child day-care, with teachers in their 40 s feeling a stronger burden than teachers in their 20 s. And teachers with experience in taking care of emotionally disturbed children or teachers with experience in taking care of hearing-impaired children feel a stronger burden than teachers without experience in taking care of them. The results of our survey also suggest that it is necessary for support systems to have special knowledge about disabled children and special ways of caring, and to decrease teachers' burden or dissatisfaction with inclusive child day-care. PMID:16981409

Kawachi, Shinobu; Fukuzawa, Yukiko; Hamada, Yuuko



Take a Spin Through the Solar System (United States)

This resource is part of the Science Education Gateway (SEGway) project, funded by NASA, which is a national consortium of scientists, museums, and educators working together to bring the latest science to students, teachers, and the general public. This lesson plan features a student self-study guide for making comparisons of the rotation rates of 3 planets (Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn) and the Sun. The teacher's section contains lesson plans, materials, objectives, directions, and teaching ideas for this unit.

Mccarron, Kevin; Privat, Ginger; Levandovsky, Nellie


The Teacher Preparation Shell Game: Rebuttal to Albert LeBlanc's "Excellence in Music Teacher Education." (United States)

The shell game is a metaphor for a selection and retention process that should be established to counsel students as they try to earn a teacher's degree and teaching certification. This process, which involves taking required courses, participating in field work, and self-evaluation, is described. (RM)

Ritschel, Robert E.



The Relation between School Leadership from a Distributed Perspective and Teachers' Organizational Commitment: Examining the Source of the Leadership Function (United States)

Purpose: In this study the relationship between school leadership and teachers' organizational commitment is examined by taking into account a distributed leadership perspective. The relation between teachers' organizational commitment and contextual variables of teachers' perceptions of the quality and the source of the supportive and supervisory…

Hulpia, Hester; Devos, Geert; Van Keer, Hilde



Embedded, Emboldened, and (Net)Working for Change: Support-Seeking and Teacher Agency in Urban, High-Needs Schools (United States)

In this article, Lauren Anderson takes an inductive approach to the study of teacher agency, specifically considering who supports teachers, and how, in their efforts to advance equity in urban, high-needs schools. Drawing from a larger research project, Anderson focuses on a multiyear case study of one early-career teacher and incorporates social…

Anderson, Lauren



The Entrepreneurial Orientation Can Enhance the Teacher Performance in Higher Education  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The high employers demand for seeking the best candidate to perform the job with perfect professional skills make the job market competitive for the job seeking candidates specially the new graduates. The ease of rapid technology transfer and the continuous weak boundaries of the international borders compel the job seekers to continuously upgrade his or her professional skill set. This also affects the traditional role of the teacher in the class in which teacher had to meet the demands of the educational institution and the demands of his class simultaneously. The added dimension would be that the teacher must have to be fully aware with the changing demands of the job market, where students have to be employed. This complex situation requires from the teacher to create a balance between job market, educational institute and students. The classic framework of the classroom skills was not enough for the job market for which students were prepared and where public/private organizational demands frequently increased and changed. To meet these divergent demands teacher have to adopt the leadership style and use more entrepreneurial orientation skills like innovation, pro activeness and risk taking to play his role successfully. This paper tries to investigate that how entrepreneurial orientation skills helps the teacher in higher education to better satisfy their students as well as make them capable to be employed in the job market. Data has been collected within the strength of 200 students. The students are perusing the higher education from business education department of two different universities. The collected data has been analyzed through SPSS. The findings will definitely contribute new knowledge in the fields of leadership and entrepreneurship for teaching at higher education level, especially educational leadership.





Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Professional development for teachers is the range of formal and informal processes and activities that teachers engage in both inside and outside of the school, in order to improve their teaching knowledge and skills. The ultimate goal of teacher professional development is improving student learning outcomes. Research indicates that teachers have control over many factors that influence motivation, achievement and behaviour of their students. Therefore, professional development focusing on effective classroom management will enhance a teacher's skills and performance in the classroom.




The wind energy takes off  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

After having evoked the objectives defined for wind energy production by 2050, the important growth of wind energy in Europe and in other parts of the world, and its importance in terms of business and jobs, this article presents the Denmark model where the wind energy industry is a world leader but now faces the need of a new development model. It comments the investments and incentives implemented in Western countries after the first oil crisis. It outlines the increasing power of wind generators and their technological evolution, the development of offshore wind farms and their cost, and finally the intermittency problem and the case of small wind turbines



Taking power from the Nile  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

The progress of hydro-electric power development on the upper Nile in Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan is reviewed. Uganda was the first to benefit from the development of large-scale hydro-electric power. In 1954, the first of ten 15MW units at the Owen Falls dam was commissioned and since then exports of power have been made more or less continuously to Kenya. The Ugandan national grid has developed as a purely hydropower system and over the past ten years the installed capacity has been increased to 180MW. However, rapidly increasing demand can be met in the short term only by the construction of thermal plant and further realisation of the still considerable hydro potential is essential in the early years of the next century. Ethiopia`s topography combines a high plateau suitable for low-cost storage reservoirs with escarpments and gorges where heads greater than 1000m are possible. The hydropower potential in the Blue Nile basin is estimated as about 20GW. A number of hydro schemes have been carried out both on the Blue Nile and other rivers and there is considerable scope for export. Sudan has far less hydro power potential than Uganda or Ethiopia. Nevertheless, the extensive grid system built up over the past 35 years is largely based on hydro power from the Blue and Main Nile supplemented by thermal generation. Forecasts of demand into the middle of the next century point to the need for further expansion of hydro capacity in all three countries accompanied by the establishment of interconnections for exports. (UK)

Widgery, N.J.



Developing Communication Skills of EFL Teacher Trainees  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Higher Education Council of Turkey has added a one term course named as “Effective Communication Skills” to the curriculum since 2006 in Foreign Language Education Departments because of the crucial importance of communication in the information society. In order to test the effectiveness of this course, a research project was developed by looking at the pre-and post course interviews conducted with first year teacher trainees about communication skills compared with the fourth year students’ ideas who did not take the course. This paper describes both the significance of effective communication skills and the benefits of the course for developing teacher trainees’ effective communication skills. The implementations and suggestions for teacher education has also been discussed.

Kadriye Dilek Akp?nar



Teachers Teaching Teachers (T3)[TM]. Volume 5, Number 3 (United States)

"Teachers Teaching Teachers" ("T3") focuses on coaches' roles in the professional development of teachers. Each issue also explores the challenges and rewards that teacher leaders encounter. This issue includes: (1) Building Bridges: Data Help Instructional Coach Make Vital Connections with Teachers (Theresa Long); (2) NSDC Tool: Instructional…

Crow, Tracy, Ed.



Hadron therapy takes off in Europe  

CERN Multimedia

A joint meeting of ULICE, ENLIGHT and PARTNER recently took place in Marburg (Germany). The three initiatives are shaping both the present and the future of hadron therapy in Europe, where new cutting-edge facilities have started to fight cancer with beams of protons and carbon ions.   A pictorial representation of a raster scan on a tumour. (Photo courtesy of HIT/GSI/Siemens.) Thanks to a very active multidisciplinary community consisting of physicists, biologists, radiobiologists, engineers, IT specialists and medical doctors, hadron therapy is taking off in Europe. Indeed, after a few decades during which the innovative technique was mainly used experimentally in Japan, the US and a couple of pioneering laboratory-based facilities in Europe, today an increasing number of hospitals are being equipped with synchrotrons and dedicated treatment rooms. “Asia and Europe are at the forefront of research and use of carbon ions in the treatment of some rare and radio-resistant t...

CERN Bulletin



Prostate Cancer: Take Time to Decide (United States)

... 983KB] Cancer Home “Take Time to Decide” Infographic Prostate Cancer: Take Time to Decide Most prostate cancers ... prostate cancer. Who has a higher risk for prostate cancer? Men who are 50 years old or ...


Take Charge of Your Diabetes (Nerve Damage) (United States)

... Ańadir en... Favorites Delicious Digg Google Bookmarks Take Charge of Your Diabetes Some Signs of Diabetic Nerve ... There’s a lot you can do to take charge and prevent nerve damage. A recent study shows ...


Take Charge of Your Diabetes (Kidney Problems) (United States)

... Ańadir en... Favorites Delicious Digg Google Bookmarks Take Charge of Your Diabetes Testing Your Kidneys Protecting Your ... There’s a lot you can do to take charge and prevent kidney problems. A recent study shows ...


Take Charge of Your Diabetes (Eye Problems) (United States)

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Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer (United States)

Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer Posted: 08/13/2012 Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer Cancer Will Change ... are treated successfully.Others will live a long time before dying from it. So, try to make ...


Empirical Acquisition of Teachers’ Beliefs About Special Education  

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Full Text Available There is empirically evidence that attitudes and beliefs take a moderating role as attributes of different professionals for the conceptualization of instructions in school classes as well as the use of specific didactical concepts. But it remains to be investigated whether beliefs are also constitutive for the profession of special education teachers, especially regarding forthcoming changes in schools as a result of the implementation of the idea of inclusion. The question also arises whether primary school teachers show different beliefs compared to teachers in special schools. In the present study a heuristic model of teacher beliefs was developed and on this basis a quantitative questionnaire was designed. The sample (elementary and special education teachers and student-teachers, N=330 was used to evaluate the heuristic model as well as the questionnaire. Through exploratory factor analysis a three factor model could be obtained. On the basis of those factors scales could show differences among the different types of teachers by using t-tests. Here evidence is provided that beliefs differ among elementary and special education teachers and student-teachers. Also, the results show that the questionnaire – despite some constraints and further research demands – presents a promising basic approach for the empirical acquisition of beliefs.

Jan Kuhl



How to Motivate Science Teachers to Use Science Experiments  

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Full Text Available A science experiment is the core tool in science education. This study describes the science teachers' professional competence to implement science experiments in teaching/learning science. The main objective is the motivation of science teachers to use science experiments. The presented research tries to answer questions aimed at the science teachers' skills to use science experiments in teaching/learning science. The research discovered the following facts: science teachers do not include science experiments in teaching/learning in a suitable way; are not able to choose science experiments corresponding to the teaching phase; prefer teachers' demonstration of science experiments; are not able to improvise with the aids; use only a few experiments. The important research result is that an important motivational tool for science teachers is the creation of simple experiments. Examples of motivational simple experiments used into teachers' training for increasing their own creativity and motivation are presented.

Josef Trna



Music teacher education as professional education  

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The motives for describing music teacher education as professional education can be manifold. Since professions are regarded to have a certain, powerful position in society (Molander & Terum, 2008; Vĺgan & Grimen, 2008), along with a kind of exclusiveness and higher status than other vocational groups, some descriptions may seem to rest on a wish to strengthen the status of the music teacher vocation. These endeavours accord with the increased use of the terms ‘profession’ and ?...

Danielsen, Brit A?got Brřske; Johansen, Geir




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The need to adapt to the ever-increasing socio-professional requirements carries many risks to human health, both in somatic and psychological aspects. Strong stress associated with work leads to the occurrence of burnout syndrome. Persons performing so called aid professions, where teachers belong to a special group, are usually vulnerable to this syndrome. The aim of this paper is to present the causes, course and consequences of teacher burnout and to highlight the multidimensional nature ...

Romanowska-To??oczko Anna



Better Video - Streaming Lessons among Palestinian Teachers  

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This study aimed to investigate the effects of redundant information in video streaming of ICDL course for Palestinian trainee-teachers. Two modes of video streaming were used, namely video and narration (VN) mode, and video and narration cum text (VTN) mode of ICDL course. The sample consisted of 203 trainee-teachers in the National Institute for Training (NIT) in Gaza. The results showed that redundancy in the VTN mode increases cognitive overload and split attentions; hence inhibiting the ...



Georgia Teachers in Academic Laboratories: Research Experiences in the Geosciences (United States)

The Georgia Intern-Fellowships for Teachers (GIFT) is a collaborative effort designed to enhance mathematics and science experiences of Georgia teachers and their students through summer research internships for teachers. By offering business, industry, public science institute and research summer fellowships to teachers, GIFT provides educators with first-hand exposure to the skills and knowledge necessary for the preparation of our future workforce. Since 1991, GIFT has placed middle and high school mathematics, science and technology teachers in over 1000 positions throughout the state. In these fellowships, teachers are involved in cutting edge scientific and engineering research, data analysis, curriculum development and real-world inquiry and problem solving, and create Action Plans to assist them in translating the experience into changed classroom practice. Since 2004, an increasing number of high school students have worked with their teachers in research laboratories. The GIFT program places an average of 75 teachers per summer into internship positions. In the summer of 2005, 83 teachers worked in corporate and research environments throughout the state of Georgia and six of these positions involved authentic research in geoscience related departments at the Georgia Institute of Technology, including aerospace engineering and the earth and atmospheric sciences laboratories. This presentation will review the history and the structure of the program including the support system for teachers and mentors as well as the emphasis on inquiry based learning strategies. The focus of the presentation will be a comparison of two placement models of the teachers placed in geoscience research laboratories: middle school earth science teachers placed in a 6 week research experience and high school teachers placed in 7 week internships with teams of 3 high school students. The presentation will include interviews with faculty to determine the value of these experiences to the scientific community and interviews/classroom observations of teachers to determine the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the students through the implementation of their Action Plans into their classroom.

Barrett, D.



Recognising Behaviour that Increases Learning: The Possible Role of Incentives in the Teaching Profession. Research Article (United States)

This article argues that incentives can help increase teacher performance and retention. Incentives send out a clear signal of what an education system expects from its teachers; at the same time teachers do respond to incentives inherent in the education system. Many education systems have weak incentives and therefore fail to signal to teachers

Mabogoane, Thabo; Patel, Firoz



A Dip into the World of Particles for Swedish Teachers  

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For three full days, forty-one Swedish secondary school physics teachers were introduced to the rudiments of the particle physics. This series of courses is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The Swedish teachers followed lectures, visited CERN experiments... ... and analysed the latest DELPHI data. 'I am sure that, as in previous years, many of these teachers will return to CERN with their students. It is an excellent way of encouraging young people to orient themselves towards physics.' Staffan Hörnberg, Vice President of the International Centre for Education and Development, is enthusiastic about the repercussions of the teaching programme for Swedish teachers that he organises with CERN physicist, Richard Jacobsson. For the tenth consecutive year, this series of introductory courses to particle physics was a success. Forty-one teachers came from schools all over Sweden to take part in lectures and visits on the theme of particle physics, its methods of investigation, and its applications. San...



The Role of the Teachers Advisory Centres in the Qualitative Improvement of Teacher Education in Kenya. African Studies in Curriculum Development & Evaluation. No. 71. (United States)

One strategy Kenyan educational authorities adopted in their search for the most effective, efficient, and economical system of updating inservice teachers, without taking them away from their jobs, was the Teacher Advisory Centre (TAC) concept. A study evaluated the extent to which 13 of 43 TACs in Kenya have fulfilled their prescribed…

Odede, Esther A.


Physicians take to the field. (United States)

A joint project on the Ministry of Health, Addis Ababa University, the Jimma Institute of Health Services, the Gondar College of Health Sciences, and McGill University in Montreal, Canada is involved with working to improve the health care system in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has established postgraduate degrees in public health for district health managers, and overseas fellowships for students in order to train health professionals to work in 359 districts (awrajas). The emphasis is on district managers because of their link to the people, to stimulating community participation, and to coordinating activities. Training programs are available for physicians who have worked in rural areas for 2 years; completion of the program usually means placement as district health managers. One student was able to reduce respiratory illness among textile mill workers because of the success of his research thesis on byssinosis. 40% of Ethiopia has district health centers which provide primary health care and coordinate health resources. A 1st priority is convincing local leaders to construct latrines and provide safe sources of drinking water. The example of the functioning of the Suluta health district is provided. Of the 129,000 inhabitants, the health personnel and facilities provide for only 25% of the villages in the district. The district director is completing his thesis on field trials of oral rehydration therapy. Student research is supervised by physicians based at Addis Ababa University. An example is given of one such visit to a student studying adolescent sexual behavior and illegal abortion increases. Student work involved research, an action plan which identifies priorities for the area, and a health profile. Students learn how to compile data and plot graphs in a country where rural birth and death records are not kept. Record keeping, reference books and materials were also needed for the organization; technical resources were provided to this end. Computers and CD-ROMS have expended the resource base. Standards have improved since the initiation of the program, and the importance of the training was evident in the ability to handle the meningitis epidemic in 1989 and the coup in 1991. Economic conditions need to improve and be directed to health personnel, drugs, books and supplies. PMID:12285835

Penfield, W



Capital income taxation and risk taking under prospect theory  

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This research examines capital income taxation for a loss averse investor under some acceptable in the literature reference levels relative to which are the changes in the level of wealth valued. Depending on the reference level, some results indicate that it could be possible for a capital income tax increase not to stimulate risk taking even if the tax code provides the attractive full loss offset provisions. However, risk taking can be stimulated if the investor interprets part of the tax ...



Expectations of Preschool Teachers About Their Professional Development  

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Full Text Available development, focusing on their professional and personal expectations. The first part includes a short presentation of modern trends for an ever-increasing preschool teacher professionalism, which also relates to their own (ever-increasing expectations. That is followed by an analysis based on our empirical study which we carried out on a population of 616 Slovenian and Croatian preschool education students and preschool teachers. Those analyses revealed a series of interesting (expected/unexpected similarities and differences in preschool teachers’ expectations about their professional development based on their background (teacher, student, gender (male, female, status (beginners, established, experienced, and country (Slovenia, Croatia.

Lepi?nik Vodopivec Jurka



Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Patients Taking Antiplatelet Agents  

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Continuation  of antiplatelet agents during extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy may lead to increased risk of procedure-related bleeding. However, temporary interruption of these agents increases the risk of thrombotic event. The aim of this article was to review the management of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in patients taking antiplatelet agents.



Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Patients Taking Antiplatelet Agents  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Continuation  of antiplatelet agents during extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy may lead to increased risk of procedure-related bleeding. However, temporary interruption of these agents increases the risk of thrombotic event. The aim of this article was to review the management of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in patients taking antiplatelet agents.

Cevahir Özer



Lessons Learned in Using TAKE 10! with Hispanic Children (United States)

Physical inactivity and lack of nutritious diets increase children's risk of obesity, especially children from low-income and ethnic minority groups. To address this risk, the school-based TAKE 10! program was implemented to increase the physical activity and improve the nutrition of K-6th grade students in one public urban school serving a…

Tsai, Pei-Yun; Boonpleng, Wannaporn; McElmurry, Beverly J.; Park, Chang Gi; McCreary, Linda



Teachers' experience with dyslexia  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This dissertation examines how Slovene teachers and Slovene teachers in Italy deal with dyslexia - a specific learning disability which mainly affects the development of literacy and skills related to language. The theoretical part focuses on dyslexic students’ difficulties, teachers’ acquisition of knowledge about dyslexia, teaching methods applied to dyslexic students and dyslexia regulations in force in Slovenia and Italy. The empirical part presents the research results relating to te...

Croselli, Martina



Teacher's communication skills  

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Teacher's communication skills are one of the most powerful tools in its work. His professional competence, the role of being the expert in teaching specific subject of the field of subjects, must always go hand in hand with his teaching competence, the ability and skills that enable methods and forms of work that are appropriate for students’ abilities. The focus of research is the analysis of communication relations between teacher and students and between teacher and parents. A modern sc...



Beginning Teacher Programs  

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This article reports the findings from the conduct of a 50- state survey to determine the status of state requirements and state components of beginning teacher programs instituted from 1983 to 1992. The article discusses the implementation of beginning teacher programs during the 1980s reform movement and describes the methodology used for the study. An analysis of seven state policy issues derived from an interpretation of the information about beginning teacher programs is provided, and fo...




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The aim of this article is to describe the proposed methodology of identification of the students’ weights or preferences of teacher’s managerial competencies at the Faculty of Economics, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CULS). The goal of this article is not to evaluate the teacher’s scientific ability but describe the evaluation of the teacher’s managerial competencies weights from students’ point of view. For setting of weights there are many different methods that va...



Quality Teacher Educators = Quality Teachers? Conceptualizing Essential Domains of Knowledge for Those Who Teach Teachers (United States)

Becoming a teacher educator involves more than a job title. One becomes a teacher educator as soon as one does teacher education, but one's professional identity as a teacher educator is constructed over time. Developing an identity and practices in teacher education is best understood as a process of becoming. Though the work of teaching…

Goodwin, A. Lin; Kosnik, Clare



Teachers and Bullying Developing a Deeper Understanding of Teachers' Perceptions of Teacher-to-Student Bullying (United States)

Students report that teachers bully them, but a review of the literature indicates that little attention has been given to teacher-to-student bullying. This study used a mixed-methods approach to investigate elementary teachers' perceptions of seriousness and their intent to intervene in teacher bullying incidents. Results indicated that teachers

Zerillo, Christine



Teachers' orientations towards writing  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study of 29 teachers from four states in the US investigated teachers' orientations towards writing and the influences on their beliefs. Through interviews about writing instruction, the researchers found significant differences between teachers in high and low-income schools. While teachers in high-income schools valued rhetorical style, developing voice, and reading-writing connections, teachers in low-income schools focused on grammar, mechanics and sentence structure. Teachers in high-income schools appear to be exercising more choice in curricular materials and valuing quality of writing beyond grammar and mechanics, whereas teachers in low-income schools are using specific curriculum mandated by the districts. Influences on teachers' orientations included school context, programs and materials, and assessments. The study raises concerns that students in low-income schools are missing out on authentic, challenging, and meaningful writing opportunities since the focus is on skills-based instruction. The findings point to the need for teachers to provide all students with opportunities to develop rhetorical style, voice, and reading-writing connections in addition to grammar, mechanics, and sentence structure.

Sarah J. McCarthey & Dumisile Mkhize



The role of teachers in delivering education about respectful relationships: exploring teacher and student perspectives. (United States)

The focus of this article is a school-based respectful relationships (RRs) pilot project involving grade 8 and 9 students. The project sought to develop a primary prevention approach to gender-based violence (GBV) in Australia. Of particular concern is the curriculum delivery component of a whole school approach that was piloted over a 10-week period in four High Schools in Melbourne, Victoria in 2010. Using data collected from teachers and students through survey, focus group interviews and student written reflections, the article identifies the key role of the teacher, the curriculum materials and the curriculum context in assisting teachers to teach about GBV. Although there was opposition to teaching specifically about GBV by some male teachers, the data indicate that this did not detract from teachers exploring these issues under a 'RRs' framework. Through 'supported risk taking', and the adoption of participatory teaching approaches and affirming and inclusive classrooms, teachers and students ended up with a positive experience of teaching and learning about GBV. PMID:24939857

Ollis, Debbie



Later Leaders in Education: Roma Gans--Teacher of Teachers. (United States)

Retired teacher Roma Gans is described in terms of her early life and education, early teaching experience, teaching experience at Teachers College, publishing experience, citizenship, and retirement. (DG)

Almy, Millie



In-Service Teacher Training in Secondary Education According to Regions and Departments: The Case of Asturias (Spain  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study aims to analyse in-service teacher training and, more specifically, to explore the existing relationship between in-service teacher training and teachers’ and school variables. The present research offers a detailed analysis of secondary school teacher in-service training variables (type of training activity and activity content in Asturias (Spanish and of the relationship between this in-service teacher training and teachers’ and context variables (i.e. departments and regions. Evidence is provided to show that in-service teacher training should be organized taking into account these differences (context, teacher variables, in- service teacher training variables among departments, schools and districts to ccater for inequalities.

Paula González-Vallinas



Language Assessment Literacy as Self-Awareness: "Understanding" the Role of Interpretation in Assessment and in Teacher Learning (United States)

The increasing influence of sociocultural theories of learning on assessment practices in second language education necessitates an expansion of the knowledge base that teacher-assessors need to develop (what teachers need to know) and related changes in the processes of language teacher education (how they learn and develop it). Teacher assessors…

Scarino, Angela



Sweet! Generation "D" Takes on Media Convergence. (United States)

Notes that professional journalists continually emphasize the need for developing skills for all delivery systems. Proposes that students interested in journalism should learn about technology and develop projects without the guidance of a teacher or advisor. Describes students' experience with media convergence in a summer journalism workshop.…

Tarpenning, David; Schaub, Laura



A Study of EFL Teachers' Locus of Control and Self-regulation and the Moderating Role of Self-efficacy  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The present study investigated the relationship between EFL teachers' locus of control and self-regulation and the moderating role of self-efficacy. To empirically investigate the theorized relationship between self-regulation and locus of control, 63 English teachers were selected according to a convenience sampling from different language institutes in Mashhad. The participants were asked to complete the' Teacher Self-Regulation Scale' as well as the 'Teacher Locus of Control Scale'. The data supported the theoretical expectation of a linkage between self-regulation and locus of control. The results indicated a significant relationship between teachers' self-regulation and internal locus of control. It was found that about 48% of the variation in teacher self-regulation can be explained by taking their internal LOC into account. Subsequent data analyses indicated that among the components of self-regulation, 'mastery goal orientation', and 'intrinsic interest' have the highest correlations with teacher locus of control. The findings also illustrated that teacher self-efficacy had no significant impact on the relationship between self-regulation and locus of control. This suggests that regardless of the teacher self-efficacy level, a teacher self-regulation is related to his/her internal locus of control. The results derived from the present study should encourage teacher educators to take advantage of this relationship by providing EFL teachers with programs and experiences for developing effective paths for enhancing teacher self-regulatory skills as well as their internal tendencies and perceptions.

Mohammad Taghi Monshi Toussi



How three biology teachers describe their teaching practice through metaphor (United States)

Three exemplary high school biology teachers used metaphor to describe their teaching practice. Major themes associated with the teaching metaphor were identified using personal and professional history, curriculum and instruction strategies, reflection on the types and levels of classroom discourse, and reflection on the classroom social environment. Teacher A used the metaphor of a teacher is a nurturer. Themes associated with the nurturer metaphor included an emphasis on the affective dimension of learning and learning by doing. Providing a warm and supportive environment, being approachable to the student, taking a personal interest in the students, limiting student frustration, encouraging involvement, emphasizing student-to-student relationships and student-to-teacher relationships were evidences supporting Teacher A's metaphor of nurturer. Teacher B used the metaphor of a teacher is a provider. Themes associated with the provider metaphor included providing a safe environment, providing a classroom where ideas can be shared without fear of ridicule, providing information, and efficiency. Providing knowledge in a context of approachability and hands on activities were also associated with the provider metaphor. Teacher C used the metaphor of a teacher is an inspirer. Themes associated with the inspirer metaphor included a love of learning, making learning fun, student independence, and striving to do one's best. In the absence of a context in which the inspirer metaphor is possible, Teacher C indicated she could settle for part of the inspirer metaphor relating to nurturing. Results of the study suggest beliefs and images associated with teaching practice of the participants can be described using metaphor. Furthermore, each teacher's metaphor was consistently reflected in the: (1) personal and professional history of the teacher; (2) curriculum and instructional strategies used by the teacher; (3) types and levels of classroom interaction patterns observed during the study, and (4) nature of the classroom social environment. That is, the teacher's metaphor was congruent with many aspects of her teaching practice. Finally, each teacher's metaphor was stable over time. Once a teacher had identified their teaching metaphor, it did not change during the period of the study.

Harrell, Pamela Esprivalo


Teacher Reflection in Literacy Education– Borrowing from Bakhtin  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In this article, we introduce Bakhtin’s (1981 idea of revoicing and situate our data drawn from a graduate literacy methods course for in-service teachers in the United States in this framework. This study is exploratory in nature. We use data from a single literacy methods class to explore and shed light on the “how-to” of teacher reflection using a Bakhtinian framework. As teacher educators, we believe that introducing new frameworks and perspectives that enable professionals to dismantle the binary of theory and practice by putting reflection into action is of high priority for the field.We discuss in detail an activity in a literacy methods class that requires the in-service teachers to put the idea of culturally relevant teaching (Ladson-Billings, 1994 into action by dramatizing a read-aloud in a childhood classroom, and to observe and analyze what happens when an idea from a class reading (culturally relevant teaching takes a dimensional spin into practice (a dramatized classroom scenarios. In doing so, the in-service teachers were challenged to reinterpret and revoice the concept of “culturally relevant teaching” to meet the realities of their own classrooms and their own pedagogical tales (Dyson, 2002. The main purpose of this paper is to contribute to the literature on teacher reflection by shifting the focus from theorizing about teacher reflection to the enactment of teacher reflection.

Soyong Lee



The challenges of leader's role of the teacher  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper deals with the leader's role of the teacher in school, as one of central persons in educational process, and the creation of a climate stimulative for learning. Besides defining the leader's role of the teacher, which is here treated as an aspect of participation in decision-making and responsibility, different manifestations of that role in school are discussed, as well as its importance for contemporary education and possibilities and challenges of encouraging the development of teachers-leaders. The results of several studies that present the leader's role of the teacher from the point of view of different participants in school life are displayed. It is concluded that leadership of teachers in school is desirable and that it should be encouraged, since it contributes to democratisation of school climate, stimulates pupils' achievements, motivates other teachers, as well as that it is necessary to analyze numerous obstacles to leadership of teachers. Among the most important obstacles are those stemming from institutional inertia, the fear of taking risks and resistance of school principals to developing the leadership of teachers.

Pavlovi? Branka



Teachers Behaving Badly. (United States)

Incivility by teachers can turn into behavior that injures careers. Workplace "mobbing" or bullying begins when an individual becomes the target of disrespectful and harmful behavior. Recounts experiences of two teachers. Offers suggestions to school leaders to stop this incivility. (MLF)

Waggoner, Chuck



Tell Me, Teacher (United States)

As part of an inservice program, author attempted to explain the dangers of overcontrolling'' parents and teachers to the development of healthy children. Finding scholarly discussion generating little interest, he recalled a troubling experience encountered as a science teacher and told it in the poem and narrative of this article. (Editor/CB)

Cole, Henry P.



Grooming Great Urban Teachers (United States)

Master teachers working in real urban classrooms have shared their exemplary teaching practices in an After-School Pedagogical Laboratory (L-TAPL), a program for elementary students that aims to improve the achievement of urban students and the competence of their teachers. The L-TAPL enrichment program curriculum includes language arts, math,…

Foster, Michele; Lewis, Jeffrey; Onafowora, Laura



Alchemy and the Teacher (United States)

In order for teachers to reflect deeply upon themselves, they need powerful models and images to guide their introspection. In teacher reflectivity, as in the therapeutic processes, psychic energy must ultimately be "contained" by models and modalities that enable one to make sense out of one's inner and outer experiences. This enables those…

Mayes, Clifford



Recommended Readings for Teachers. (United States)

Three professors from the City University of New York colleges recommend 5 books for English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) teachers, including 3 novels, a 23-essay collection for ESL writing teachers on portfolios, and a critical volume on ESL instruction. (LB)

Block, Ellen; And Others



Teachers for Multicultural Education. (United States)

Developing teachers for multicultural education is an essential assignment for teacher education and school administration today so that educators might help their students learn to live in a multicultural society. In an earlier view, public schools were considered the "great equalizers" among America's social institutions. The assumption was that…

Rivlin, Harry N.; Gold, Milton J.


The Flexible Teacher (United States)

In her 35-year teaching career, which has spanned the secondary and the postsecondary levels, the author has studied both effective and ineffective teaching. In this article, she asserts that there is no recipe or formula for being an effective teacher. Instead, good teaching depends on the teachers' ability to respond to the classroom context and…

Christenbury, Leila



Teachers Who Care (United States)

This article is one of a series that grew out of the question: Just what does educational research have to say to science teachers? In the case of the topic dealt with here, however--the effects of caring teachers on student learning--the question might bet

Rowe, Mary B.



Caring Teachers: Adolescents' Perspectives. (United States)

Teachers represent a connection between students and parents. They have an enormous impact on how the philosophy of a school is translated and communicated to these two groups of constituents. Teachers are also intermediaries between the institution and the students, yet because of their sheer numbers in these institutions, they are also part of…

Ferreira, Maria M.


Teachers in Class (United States)

In this article, I argue for a closer read of the daily "class work" of teachers, as posited by Reay, 1998. In developing exploratory class portraits of four teachers who occupy distinctive social positions (two from working-class homes now teaching upper-middle-class children and two from upper-middle-class homes now teaching poor children), I…

Van Galen, Jane



The teacher under stress  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Empirical records consistently point to the fact that the phenomenon of stress is characteristic of service professions, especially of teacher’s. Although stress in teachers is a problem of public interest, it is still a relatively new field of empirical investigations. Data available show that stress in teachers can have negative effects on school as an organization teacher professional achievement, his/her and his/her family psychosocial status. The most frequent symptoms of a prolonged professional stress are anxiety, depression, frustration, unfriendly behavior towards students and colleagues, emotional weariness, and extreme tension. Health and psychological problems cause, most frequently, the reduction of self-esteem job dissatisfaction, job resignation, absenteeism, and wrong decision-making. In an attempt to call professional public attention to negative effects of stress on the outcomes of teacher work, we have analyzed four important aspects of stress teachers experience in their everyday work (a definition and measurement of stress, (b distribution and sources of stress (problem behaviors in students, poor working conditions, lack of time, poor school ethos, (c teacher personality traits (sex, age, work experience, locus of control, job satisfaction, intention to resign absenteeism, (d strategies for overcoming and reducing negative effects of stress (direct action techniques, palliative techniques.

Krnjaji? Stevan B.



A Community of Teachers (United States)

The philosophies behind teachers education programs and the classrooms where their students have their field experiences may be very different, especially in elementary classrooms since passage of NCLB. For students at Berea College, an institution with a unique history and mission, the disconnect can interfere with the prospective teacher's…

Starnes, Bobby Ann; Saderholm, Jon; Webb, Althea



Statistics Teacher Network (United States)

This website provides links to all current and past issues of "The Statistics Teacher Network". This newsletter for K-12 teachers is published three times a year, and presents up to date articles that describe statistical activities that have been successful in the classroom. It also informs educators of statistical workshops, programs, and reviews of books, software, and calculators.



Children as Art Teachers (United States)

A goal of art learning is always independence, for everyone to become their own art teacher. Teaching for artistic independence can never start too early. As art teachers, children acquire confidence in their art, and in coming to school as artists. Children should be considered artists in residence and visiting artists in schools. It makes sense…

Szekely, George



Teacher Dismissal for Cause (United States)

This case presents a discussion of events that led to the dismissal of a teacher for cause. A first year high school principal is confronted with teacher behavior that creates a dangerous situation for students. The decision process to determine the appropriate organizational response involves a number of individuals and systems. The…

Allison, Brad; Schumacher, Gary; Hammonds, Craig



Counseling Skills for Teachers (United States)

By necessity, today's teachers do much more than deliver instruction. In the classroom, on the playground, or even in the parking lot, teachers are often called upon to respond quickly and appropriately to students' social and emotional needs, drawing from instinct more than anything else. In this second edition of "Counseling Skills for…

Kottler, Jeffrey A.; Kottler, Ellen



Perceived perspective taking: When others walk in our shoes. (United States)

A great deal of psychological research has investigated the influence of perspective taking on individuals, indicating that perspective taking increases the extent to which people like, feel a sense of self-other overlap with, and help those whose perspective they take. However, previous investigations of the topic have been limited to the study of the perspective taker, rather than the individual whose perspective has been taken. The purpose of the current work is to begin to fill this large gap in the literature by examining the consequences of believing that another individual is taking one's perspective, a phenomenon we refer to as perceived perspective taking. Over a series of 6 experiments, we demonstrate that perceiving that one's perspective has been taken confers many of the same interpersonal benefits as taking another's perspective. Specifically, our data suggest that believing that another person has successfully taken one's perspective results in an increased liking for, a greater sense of self-other overlap with, and more help provided to that person. Consistent with predictions, we find that one's self-other overlap with the perspective taker and the amount of empathy one perceives the perspective taker to feel operate in tandem to mediate the link between perceived perspective taking and liking for the perspective taker. Further, a mediational path from perceived perspective taking to helping behavior through liking is supported. Future directions are discussed, along with implications for theory and application in domains such as intergroup relations, conflict resolution, and political campaigning. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2014 APA, all rights reserved). PMID:24841098

Goldstein, Noah J; Vezich, I Stephanie; Shapiro, Jenessa R



Beginning Teacher Programs  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This article reports the findings from the conduct of a 50- state survey to determine the status of state requirements and state components of beginning teacher programs instituted from 1983 to 1992. The article discusses the implementation of beginning teacher programs during the 1980s reform movement and describes the methodology used for the study. An analysis of seven state policy issues derived from an interpretation of the information about beginning teacher programs is provided, and four major themes identified in beginning teacher programs are presented. Appendices include detailed state-by-state information about beginning teacher programs and an annotated reference list of state materials and publications related to these programs.

Carol B. Furtwengler



Pre-Service Chemistry Teachers' Expectations and Experiences in the School Experience Course (United States)

The purpose of this study is to investigate prospective chemistry teachers' expectations and experiences of teaching practice. Six (four females and two males) pre-service chemistry teachers taking a School Experience II course participated in the study. A case study design was employed. The data were collected from multiple sources including…

Kirbulut, Zubeyde D.; Boz, Yezdan; S. Kutucu, Elif



High School Teachers' Perceptions of the Inclusion of History of Mathematics in the Classroom (United States)

The goal of this research study was to gain an understanding of high school teachers' perceptions of the role of history of mathematics in the classroom as well as their underlying view of mathematics as a discipline. High school teachers from 379 Public High Schools in Massachusetts were contacted and encouraged to take an on-line Likert scale…

Bolinger Horton, Leslie



Developing Reflective Thinking: Encouraging Pre-Service Teachers to Be Responsible for Their Own Learning (United States)

In pursuit of quality education in Bhutan there has been a desire to shift from teacher-dominant class teaching to students taking initiative in their own learning. This paper investigated the issue of moving teaching and learning from teacher-centered classes to independent learning of students. The research was carried out at Samtse College of…

Rinchen, Sonam



Teacher and Student Perceptions of the International Baccalaureate Program: A First Year Perspective (United States)

This study examined the perceptions of teachers and students during the first year of implementation of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program at a high school. The research team interviewed all IB teachers and students regarding their decision to teach/enroll in IB; how IB differed from teaching/taking regular courses; and other…

Culross, Rita R.; Tarver, Emily T.



Preparing Beginning Reading Teachers: An Experimental Comparison of Initial Early Literacy Field Experiences (United States)

This randomized-control trial examined the learning of preservice teachers taking an initial Early Literacy course in an early childhood education program and of the kindergarten or first grade students they tutored in their field experience. Preservice teachers were randomly assigned to one of two tutoring programs: Book Buddies and Tutor…

Al Otaiba, Stephanie; Lake, Vickie E.; Greulich, Luana; Folsom, Jessica S.; Guidry, Lisa



Practice Makes Perfect: Prospective Teachers Develop Skills in Decision-Making. (United States)

Preservice teachers must develop decision making skills and feel comfortable with decision making processes. Prospective teachers at MidAmerican Nazarene College (MNU), Kansas, are involved in a research based output system called the Decision-Making Packet (DMP). DMP's are units of study that allow students choice and require their pupils to take

John, Martha Tyler; Norton, Robert


eTeacher: Providing Personalized Assistance to E-Learning Students (United States)

In this paper we present eTeacher, an intelligent agent that provides personalized assistance to e-learning students. eTeacher observes a student's behavior while he/she is taking online courses and automatically builds the student's profile. This profile comprises the student's learning style and information about the student's performance, such…

Schiaffino, Silvia; Garcia, Patricio; Amandi, Analia



Beliefs and attitudes about assessment of a sample of student teachers in South Africa  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The purpose of this study was to take the first steps in a long-term approach to helping South African teachers understand and respond to government demands that they change their assessment practices. Specifically, it attempted to identify the beliefs, perceptions and attitudes about assessment that student teachers bring with them to courses that are designed to equip



Facilitating Learning Competence: Perspectives on an Expanded Role for Second-Language Teachers. (United States)

Considers the implications of research on intentional learning processes for the role of the second language teacher. It is recommended that teachers take on the task of helping their students refine their competence as learners. Techniques for classroom practice are suggested. (MSE)

Wenden, Anita L.




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Acceptance of self-evaluation as a complex, challenging activities and competencies of teachers ceased to be the issue of his personal choice, so this process the teacher must accept as an unavoidable factor in their professional development and, in the classroom, to take responsibility for the affirmation of pedagogy and design appropriate learning environment for it.

Esad Kurejšepi



Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Connecting New Zealand Teachers of Science with Their Maori Students (United States)

This paper illustrates how important changes can occur in science learning and teaching if teachers take the trouble to understand and respect the cultural worlds of Indigenous students, and incorporate something of this understanding within their teaching practice. Ten teachers participated in a specially-designed one-year university postgraduate…

Glynn, Ted; Cowie, Bronwen; Otrel-Cass, Kathrin; Macfarlane, Angus



Online Learning: Patterns of Engagement and Interaction among In-Service teachers. (United States)

Analyzed the patterns and types of collaborative interactions taking place in three online teacher education classes and used the findings as a guide in the design of instructional interventions. (Author/VWL)

Pawan, Faridah; Paulus, Trena M.; Yalcin, Senom; Chang, Ching-Fen



Airplane Take-off Performance Indicator. (United States)

A single-dial direct information source is presented to the pilot of an aircraft of the net thrust of the aircraft during take-off, taking into account not only the engine output, but also compensating for any retarding forces that may act as a drag on th...

F. J. Bailey J. W. Westmore



Take Action: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (United States)

The Take Action column in the free, online magazine Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle suggests actions young people (K-grade 5) can take to reduce the impacts of climate change. The magazine examines the recognized essential principles of climate literacy and the climate sciences as well as the guiding principle for informed climate decisions.

Fries-Gaither, Jessica



CNS Institute for Physics Teachers (United States)

This professional development program from Cornell University's Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS), designed specifically for high-school physics teachers, updates educators on recent advances in physics and related applications. It provides take-home laboratory exercises designed to meet the time and budgetary constraints of a typical high school. Site materials include an overview of the program and information on workshops and summer courses, a collection of downloadable, inquiry-based laboratory exercises, and information about an equipment lending library that supports the lab activities and is available to program participants. The Institute offers two-week and one-week programs, both for graduate credit. Participants are selected and awarded grants covering the full cost of attending the program.



Good Teaching Matters, Teachers Matter, and Teacher Education Matters (United States)

This paper was the keynote address at the June 6, 2012 Occidental College completion ceremony for new teachers completing their teacher credential program. This occasion was momentous because it was the final new teacher graduation that Occidental College would hold, due to the previously announced closure of the teacher preparation program by the…

Gordon, Lynn Melby



Psychognostic component of teacher`s professional activity  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The article tells about teacher`s psychognostic apparatus and its role in this process. Proposed a model of teacher`s psychognostic activity realization within the bounds of educational process with the usage of psychological service elements.

Albina Minahmetova



Teacher Performance Assessment in Teacher Education: An Example in Malaysia (United States)

As part of a cross-cultural collaboration, a teacher performance assessment (TPA) was implemented during 2009 in three Malaysian institutes of teacher education. This paper reports on the TPA for graduating primary teachers in Malaysia. The investigation focused on the pre-service teachers' perceptions about whether the TPA provided them with an…

Gallant, Andrea; Mayer, Diane



Teacher Wellbeing: The Importance of Teacher-Student Relationships (United States)

Many studies have examined the importance of teacher-student relationships for the development of children. Much less is known, however, about how these relationships impact the professional and personal lives of teachers. This review considers the importance of teacher-student relationships for the wellbeing of teachers starting from the…

Spilt, Jantine L.; Koomen, Helma M. Y.; Thijs, Jochem T.



Teachers' and School Administrators' Perceptions and Expectations on Teacher Leadership (United States)

In this study it is aimed to find out primary school teachers' and principals' expectations and perceptions related to teachers' leadership. The population of this survey consists of primary school teachers and principals in Odunpazari, one of the two central municipalities in Eskisehir, in 2011-2012 educational year. Teachers and principals of…

Kiranh, Semra



Developing and Rewarding Excellent Teachers: The Scottish Chartered Teacher Scheme (United States)

The Scottish Chartered Teacher Scheme was designed to recognise and reward teachers who attained high standards of practice. The scheme emerged in 2001 as part of an agreement between government, local employing authorities and teacher organisations. Policies such as the chartered teacher scheme aim to benefit students in two main ways: by…

Ingvarson, Lawrence



Study On Establishing National Standard Of Vocational Teachers’ Training In China  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Developing vocational education is an important strategy in current Chinese education. However, vocational teachers are in a shortage and there isn’t a sound system of training and cultivating these teachers. Especially, there hasn’t formed any effective standard of vocational teachers. These three factors are the main reasons to hinder the development and increase of its quality and level. Therefore, establishing national standard of vocational teacher training is becoming very necessary. In this paper the author explores the standard and system of vocational teacher training from two aspects, namely, grasping professional skills and professional teaching competence. National standard of vocational teacher training will become a basis for vocational teacher qualification. According to this standard, vocational teacher qualification curriculum will be built and implemented by vocational educational institutions. We will share our experiences and measures in building vocational teacher qualification system in China and explore some key issues.

Qiding Yu



Primary and secondary school mental health teachers in professional identity of intervention programs  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available To explore the impact of teacher training on the professional identity of primary and secondary school mental health teachers, this study conducted a half-month professional development training program to 54 primary and secondary school mental health teachers, and performed measurement on the professional identity of the teachers in the experimental group and the control group with “Teachers’ Professional Identity Questionnaire”. The result shows that after the training there is a significant improvement in the professional identity of the teachers in the experimental group, and the teachers’ scores on the four dimensions of profession identity: the sense of role, the professional behavioral tendency, the occupational values, and the sense of belonging, all increased significantly. This indicates that the curriculum intervention for the primary and secondary school mental health teachers could effectively improve the teachers’ professional identity.

Hao Lei



Is Successful Scaffolding an Illusion? Shifting Patterns of Responsibility and Control in Teacher-Student Interaction during a Long-Term Learning Project. (United States)

Examines the process of scaffolding in terms of secondary school teachers' and students' discussions and how transition from teacher regulation to student regulation takes place during a learning project carried out in a Web-based learning environment. The teacher's role as challenger, monitor, and evaluator of student learning and implications…

Rasku-Puttonen, Helena; Etelapelto, Anneli; Arvaja, Maarit; Hakkinen, Paivi



Teacher Induction: Exploring Beginning Teacher Mentorship (United States)

Induction programs, including mentorship, serve to bridge the transition from preservice to in-service teaching. This study explored the mentorship experiences of Saskatchewan beginning teachers. Analysis of interviews identified three themes: assigned/unassigned mentors, engaged/disengaged mentors, and single/multiple mentors. One moderating…

Hellsten, Laurie-ann M.; Prytula, Michelle P.; Ebanks, Althea; Lai, Hollis



Role of the Supervising Teacher. (United States)

This speech outlines the role of the teacher supervisor in public schools. After a review of the negative aspects faced by many student teachers, recommendations are made for a better working and learning relationship between the teacher supervisor and the student teacher. The integrated program at Lenoir Rhyne College includes the following…

Painter, Lorene H.


More than "Just" a Teacher (United States)

Most teachers often pass themselves off as "just" teachers, when in truth they are so much more. Teacher, adviser, consultant, confidante, manager, leader, partner, collaborator, role model, councillor, researcher, learner, friend. Of course, in the 21st-century education system teachers are expected to carry out roles well beyond "just"…

Bianchi, Lynne



Coaching Teachers-in-Training. (United States)

In this study, the implementation effects of a program for teaching coaching skills to Dutch primary school teachers acting as supervising or cooperating teachers for teachers-in-training are described. Coaching is a form of in-class support intended to provide teachers-in-training with feedback on their functioning and, thereby, stimulate…

Veenman, Simon; Gerrits, Jacqueline; Kenter, Jacqueline


Project ASTRO: How-To Manual for Teachers and Astronomers. (United States)

Project ASTRO is an innovative program to support science education by linking teachers and students in grades 4-9 with amateur and professional astronomers with the overall goal being to increase students' interest in astronomy and science in general. This manual was designed for teachers, amateur and professional astronomers, youth group…

Richter, Jessica; Fraknoi, Andrew


World History and Teacher Education: Challenges and Possibilities (United States)

This article discusses the role that teacher educators can play in helping their students develop a fuller understanding of world history. Trends such as globalization have led to calls for increased teaching about the diverse cultures and peoples of the world. However, prospective teachers' educational backgrounds have in most cases not…

Marino, Michael



Reading Comprehension Strategies: An International Comparison of Teacher Preferences (United States)

In response to international concern over poor reading skills among adolescent learners, teachers of these students are encouraged to integrate reading comprehension instruction into their classrooms. To increase the likelihood that reading comprehension strategies are effectively used in schools, teachers in all content areas need extensive…

Kissau, Scott; Hiller, Florian



Teachers' Conceptions of Reading Comprehension and Motivation to Read (United States)

Given the increasing number of immigrant students in the USA initially schooled in Mexico, Central America, and South America, and the dearth of investigations examining the beliefs of teachers from Mexico, Central America, or South America, an exploration of Latin American teachers' conceptions may inform policy-makers and researchers about…

Taboada, Ana; Buehl, Michelle M.



Factors Affecting Canadian Teachers' Willingness to Teach Sexual Health Education (United States)

Non-specialist teachers in Canada are increasingly required to teach sexual health topics. However, research suggests that they do not always do so willingly. This study examined the associations between the characteristics of non-specialist elementary and middle school teachers (n = 294) in Canadian schools and their willingness to provide sexual…

Cohen, Jacqueline N.; Byers, E. Sandra; Sears, Heather A.



How Biology Teachers Can Respond to Intelligent Design (United States)

Teachers of biology and related subjects are increasingly meeting objections from students and their parents to the teaching of evolution and the exclusion of what is called the theory of Intelligent Design. This paper attempts to draw together arguments and evidence which may be used by such teachers. Four lessons are drawn from the 1982…

Mackenzie, Jim



Rio Salado College Online Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation Program (United States)

The innovative Rio Salado College Online Post Baccalaureate Teacher Education program is a community collaboration that increases student access to high-quality teacher preparation courses for elementary, secondary, and special education, through flexible, convenient, anytime, anywhere e-learning. In its inaugural year (2001-2002), the program…

Johnson, Janet; Briden, Mary



Deaf People as British Sign Language Teachers: Experiences and Aspirations (United States)

Little research has been undertaken into the profession of British Sign Language (BSL) teaching, despite a huge increase in the number of BSL classes offered over the past twenty years. Following the introduction of Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills standards in 2007, BSL teachers working in "further education" (FE) colleges were required to…

Atherton, Martin; Barnes, Lynne



Mexico, Our Closest Neighbor: Three Elementary Teachers' Perspectives (United States)

The authors describe how three elementary teachers working in very different parts of the United States teach about Mexico. These teachers' practices allow them to enhance the traditional social studies curriculum, help children learn about themselves and other people, and increase children's capacities for global citizenship. (Contains 1 figure.)

Field, Sherry L.; Bauml, Michelle; LeCompte, Karon; Alleman, Janet



Beginning Teacher Induction: What the Data Tell Us (United States)

Induction support programs for beginning teachers is an education reform whose time has come. The national data indicate that over the past couple of decades the number of beginning teachers has ballooned in the U.S. Simultaneously, there has been a large increase in the number of states, districts, and schools offering induction programs.…

Ingersoll, Richard M.



Action Research with Undergraduate Preservice Teachers: Emerging/Merging Voices (United States)

This inquiry investigates action research as a tool to facilitate reflective practice in undergraduate preservice teachers. Typically utilized in graduate programs, action research is a viable tool for increasing preservice teachers' systematic classroom-based inquiry. This process is examined through a theoretical framework of narrative inquiry,…

Carboni, Lisa Wilson; Wynn, Susan R.; McGuire, Colleen M.



Teacher Education in Scotland--Riding out the Recession? (United States)

Background: Teacher education in Scotland has developed its own trajectory for many years and this distinctiveness appears to have increased since the creation of the Scottish Parliament in 1999. Teachers' pay and conditions were addressed in 2001 by the agreement "A teaching profession for the 21st century." This agreement led to a number of…

Menter, Ian; Hulme, Moira



Play in the School Context? The Perspectives of Finnish Teachers (United States)

Playful learning environments (PLEs) have been constructed in schoolyards in Finland with the aim of increasing learning through play in curriculum-based education. In order to better understand and inform this development, the Hyvonen sets out to ascertain how teachers view and use play in kindergarten and elementary education. Fourteen teachers

Hyvonen, Pirkko Tellervo



Investigating the role of educative curriculum materials in supporting teacher enactment of a field-based urban ecology investigation (United States)

This multiple case study examined how three urban science teachers used curriculum materials designed educatively. Educative curriculum materials have been suggested as one way to support science teacher learning, particularly around new innovations and new pedagogies and to support teachers in evaluating and modifying materials to meet the needs of their students (Davis & Krajcik, 2005). While not a substitute for professional development, educative curriculum materials may provide an opportunity to support teachers' enactment and learning in the classroom context (Davis & Krajcik, 2005; Remillard, 2005; Schneider & Krajcik, 2002). However, little work has examined how science teachers interact with written curriculum materials to design classroom instruction. Grounded in sociocultural analysis, this study takes the theoretical stance that teachers and curriculum materials are engaged in a dynamic and participatory relationship from which the planned and enacted curriculum emerges (Remillard, 2005). Teaching is therefore a design activity where teachers rely on their personal resources and the curricular resources to construct and shape their students' learning experiences (Brown, 2002). Specifically this study examines how teacher beliefs influence their reading and use of curriculum and how educative features in the written curriculum inform teachers' pedagogical decisions. Data sources included classroom observation and video, teacher interviews, and classroom artifacts. To make sense how teachers' make curricular decisions, video were analyzed using Brown's (2002) Pedagogical Design for Enactment Framework. These coded units were examined in light of the teacher interviews, classroom notes and artifacts to examine how teachers' beliefs influenced these decisions. Data sources were then reexamined for evidence of teachers' use of specific educative features. My analyses revealed that teachers' beliefs about curriculum influenced the degree to which teachers relied on their own personal resources or the curricular resources in designing the taught curriculum. Teacher experience was also found to influence the degree to which teachers relied on their personal resources. Implications for teacher learning, professional development and curriculum development are discussed.

Houle, Meredith


Age, CEO Succession, and Risk Taking  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available CEO successions are major corporate events with the potential to change corporate direction.  We investigate risk-taking following CEO succession and whether age affects CEO succession.  In 679 CEO successions occurring between 1992 and 2005 in 650 small, medium and large-cap North American firms, we find that, except when the predecessor CEO was forced to leave, successor CEOs tend to entrench the status quo in terms of age. Board age has implications for corporate risk taking, with older boards being associated with less firm risk taking.

Nancy D Ursel



Views of parents, teachers and children on health promotion in kindergarten : first results from formative focus groups and observations  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The aim of the study was to capture the views of children, parents and teachers on the topic of physical activity in kindergarten through observation and focus group interviews. The study was conducted in the kindergartens from the sampling group in the Danish part of PERISCOPE. 1 st methodology : Children interviewed inside by the researcher on preferable movements and settings and then observed outside during their playtime. 2 nd methodology : Children asked to draw themselves playing their most preferred physical activity. Parents and kindergarten teachers interviewed in two different groups, using an identical guide. Children are skilled in taking advantage of the space and facilities available for physical activity; girls need more support than boys to initiate physical activity; children are happy with the facilities and the toys available in the kindergarten. Teachers feel an increasing pressure to take more responsibility and initiatives for the children â?? s health habits. Parents state that if more physical activity is initiated in the kindergarten, it could make children request domestic activity. Physical activity and movement concept are too abstract for children of this age to talk about: they quickly lose their focus and concentration. The new methodology of videotaping gives the researcher the chance to interpret facial expressions to capture movement, talk and actions, and to make a distinction among children, as they tend to interrupt each other. However, this method contains a weakness, if used alone, by the fact that the shooting is only a refl ection of what the video camera has recorded.

Sansolios, Sanne; Mikkelsen, Bent Egberg



Teacher in the Transformative Learning Space  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

Abstract to the conference â??Teachers and Trainers in Lifelong Learningâ?ť Workshop A: Future Competences of Persons working in Lifelong Learning Title of proposal: Teacher in the Transformative Learning Spaces Author: Elina Maslo, dr. paed., National Library of Education, The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Key words: learning, lifelong learning, adult learning, workplace learning, transformative learning spaces, teachers competencies During many years of research on lifelong foreign language learning with very different groups of learners, we found some criteria, which makes learning process successful. Since then we tried to find some other examples on â??successful learningâ?ť from the formal, informal and non-formal learning environments, trying to prove those criteria. This conference paper will present the newest example: the research library, which is a very interesting example on the mixture of those very different environments. Taking the library example, we will show the new role of the teacher in the transformative learning spaces, namely, a person helping to learn. Using the systemic-constructivist approach to life and learning (Reich) and taking into consideration that the learning process is multidimensional (Pestalozzi, Illeris), we believe, that learning is only possible if learners themselves are able to realize their own learning process, which must be personally significant for them. With this understanding the most important task for the teachers or supervisors is to help their learners to create a transformative learning space for their own learning. The goal of this paper is to research the teachers (supervisors, counsellors) role in the possibilities to learn at the library, analyzing the learning process from many different perspectives (the users of the library â?? students of different grades, non studying people, researchers; the people working at the library â?? office workers, librarians, research staff; teachers and supervisors) and answering the key question: what makes the learning process successful? Methods/methodology: The complicated process of learning and the role of a teacher at the research library will be analyzed from different perspectives by different learning participators using qualitative research methodology (interviews, observations, smaller action research projects, group discussions). A special attention will be paid to the systematic review of literature, the analysis of previous studies, with the aim of ensuring the valuable evidence of the research analysis. Expected Outcomes/results: There will be given a qualitative analysis of the library as a transformative learning space, which can be used as inspiration in all formal, non-formal and informal educational environments. The criteria, which makes the learning process successful in many contexts, will be presented. The competencies needed by teacher in the transformative learning spaces will be described. Intent of publication: The intent of the publication is to show the mechanism of learning in non traditional environment and the teachers role in those transformative learning spaces. The study aims to show, that there are some universal criteria, which makes learning process successful. Those criteria can be used in many different learning environments. The criteria have a connection to the competencies needed by teachers in transformative learning spaces. References: Illeris, Knud (2001): Læring â?? aktuel læringsteori i spændingsfeltet mellem Piaget, Freud og Marx. Roskilde Universitetsforlag. Illeris, Knud (2008): Læring i et positivt psykologisk perspektiv. København: Hans Reitzels Forlag. Lave, Jean and Etienne Wenger (1991): Situated Learning. Legitimate Peripheral Participation. Cambridge University Press. Mezirow, Jack and Associates (2000): Learning as Transformation. Critical Perspectives on Theory in Progress. Jossey-Bass Publishers: San Francisco.Reich, Kersten (2005): Systemisch-kinstruktivistische Pädagogik â?? EinfĎ?hrung in Gru

Maslo, Elina


Narrative construction of teacher identity  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

There has been an overemphasis within narrative approaches to teacher identity to use autobiographical material and personal accounts from teachers or teacher students as material sources for analysis. Very few studies draw on alternative empirical sources as a point of departure to investigate the narrative construction of teacher identity. This thesis therefore investigates how teacher identity is narratively constructed by three significant actors within the Norwegian elementary school sys...



Information Literacy for Future Teachers  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The main goal of this study is to evaluate primary teacher education programs in Croatia. Prior to evaluation of the primary teacher education programs, expected primary teacher education competencies were defined. The expected teacher competencies were determined according to the goals stated in the Croatian national curriculum. In addition, international guidelines for information literacy development among primary education teachers were used. An extensive literature review on inf...



Monterey Bay Aquarium Teachers & Kids (United States)

Education page with resources for teachers and students. Teacher's Place has teacher professional development opportunities such as Wetlands Teacher Institute and Teacher Open House, a quarterly electronic educator newsletter, and hands-on elementary level classroom activities. Subjects include: kelp forests, sea otters, sharks, tide pools, and penguins. Kid's Corner has games and activities, aquarium career information, summer programs, web cams, and animal field guides.


Supporting Teachers in Identifying Students' Learning Styles in Learning Management Systems: An Automatic Student Modelling Approach (United States)

In learning management systems (LMSs), teachers have more difficulties to notice and know how individual students behave and learn in a course, compared to face-to-face education. Enabling teachers to know their students' learning styles and making students aware of their own learning styles increases teachers' and students' understanding about…

Graf, Sabine; Kinshuk; Liu, Tzu-Chien



Effects of Training Teachers in Enthusiasm on Student Achievement and Attitudes. (United States)

A study was conducted to determine if training to increase teachers' observable level of enthusiasm had a subsequent effect on student achievement and attitudes toward the teacher and curriculum. Seventeen first-year elementary teachers were randomly assigned to either an enthusiasm training treatment or a no training treatment. Following the…

Bettencourt, Edward M.; And Others


Gaining Confidence, Managing Conflict: Early Career Conceptions of Teacher Leadership during Graduate Coursework (United States)

Increasingly, graduate programs in education are promoting the development of teacher leadership. Yet the discussion on how to prepare teachers for leadership roles and responsibilities is only beginning. In this article, we draw on the written reflections of early career teachers enrolled in a curriculum and instruction master's program so…

Carver, Cynthia L.; Meier, Jeanne M.



Restructuring Teachers' Work and Trade Union Responses in England: Bargaining for Change? (United States)

A key feature of current school-sector reform in England is the restructuring of teachers' work and the increased use of support staff to undertake a range of activities previously undertaken by teachers. Supporters speak of a new teacher professionalism focused on the "core task" of teaching. Critics fear deprofessionalization through a process…

Stevenson, Howard



A Research Review of the Impact of Accountability Policies on Teachers' Workplace Relations (United States)

This article reviews research on changes in teachers' workplace relations in a policy context that increasingly emphasizes accountability. The findings indicate that a greater focus on testing and student performance often leads to less attention to the caring and relational aspects of teachers' work. Prevailing and enduring ideas about teachers'…

Mausethagen, Solvi



The Production of Quality Teachers to Boost the Efficiency of Nigeria's Education System (United States)

All nations are desirous of quality education to engineer and consolidate their developmental process. Since teachers implement education policy and programmes, they exert great influence on the quality of the educational output. Teacher training institutions and programmes designed for the education of teachers have been on the increase since…

Ayodele, J. B.; Akindutire, I. O.



The Association among Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Academic Performance of Preservice Teachers (United States)

New teachers often struggle with handling their students and their many responsibilities because of demanding nature of the job. A strong preservice preparation is critical to teachers' success and increases teacher retention in the profession. This quantitative study examined the association among emotional intelligence, as measured by the…

Trapp, Caryn S.



The Impact of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy on Teacher Efficacy and Student Achievement (United States)

This literature review explores the potential impact of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) on teacher efficacy and student achievement. Research conducted to date, focusing on increasing teacher efficacy and student achievement, has produced mixed results. Teachers continue to think, emote, and behave in unhelpful ways. REBT appears to…

Warren, Jeffrey M.



A Better Way to Pay: Five Rules for Reforming Teacher Compensation. Backgrounder. No, 2681 (United States)

Despite ongoing debates over the adequacy of teacher compensation, the design of merit pay systems, and the structure of pension benefits, there is broad agreement that teacher pay should be designed to recruit--and retain--the highest-quality teachers in a cost-effective manner. Policymakers should avoid across-the-board pay increases, and focus…

Richwine, Jason



The Extent of Teacher Participation in Decision-Making in Secondary Schools in Zimbabwe (United States)

In Zimbabwe, there have been some debates on democratisation and decentralisation, which led to the development of policies meant to increase teacher participation in decision-making in schools. However, despite these developments, teacher participation in decision-making in Zimbabwean schools is regarded as insignificant. Teachers work closely…

Wadesango, Newman



Telling Is Compelling: The Impact of Student Reports of Bullying on Teacher Intervention (United States)

Research increasingly recognises the importance of student bystander and adult educator shared responsibility for successful bully prevention. The role of teacher observations versus student reports of bullying, as well as staff preparedness, as predictors of teacher involvement was investigated in 115 middle school teachers. Being told by…

Novick, Rona Milch; Isaacs, Jenny



Beyond Induction: The Continuing Professional Development Needs of Early-Career Teachers in Scotland (United States)

Continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers in Scotland, as in many other countries worldwide, is receiving increased attention. Within the Scottish context, a gap in the CPD framework had been identified for early-career teachers who have completed the induction year but are not yet eligible to embark on the Chartered Teacher

Kennedy, Aileen; McKay, Jane



Lagging in the Race: The Impact of Teacher Morale on Student Achievement (United States)

The effect teachers have on student achievement is perennial. Several factors contribute to declining teacher morale. Teachers have an insuperable amount of responsibilities and duties. Stress related to increased federal, state, and local demands, low pay, lack of administrative support, and heightened discipline problems, are all factors that…

Covington, Char-Shenda D.



Teacher Reflection as Teacher Change, and Teacher Change as Moral Response (United States)

Teacher reflection has been a popular topic during the past twenty years. The literature generally discusses teacher reflection as either (a) retrospection, (b) problem solving, (c) critical reflection, or (d) reflection-in-action. This qualitative study went beyond these typical descriptors to characterize teacher reflection instead as teacher

Boody, Robert M.



Becoming a Content-ESL Teacher: A Dialogic Journey of a Science Teacher and Teacher Educator (United States)

This dialogical narrative describes the observations and changes in instruction of an 8th-grade science teacher in an English language learner (ELL) sheltered science class before and after receiving instruction in ESL methods, and the backdrop for the teacher's growth, as narrated by the second language teacher educator who directed the teacher's…

Welsh, Lori C.; Newman, Karen L.



Don't Take This with That!  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... Don't take this with that! Grapefruit causes problems when taken with certain medications Sometimes the juice ... warning. It can save you a bushel of problems. How it does or doesn’t work Depending ...


Don't Take This with That!  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... the prescribed dosage of the medication. If the label on your medicine reads “DO NOT TAKE WITH ... guide or information sheet. Read the Drug Facts label on your non-prescription medicine, which will let ...


Tips for Taking Care of Your Limb (United States)

... Technorati Yahoo MyWeb by Paddy Rossbach, RN, Former Amputee Coalition President & CEO, and Terrence P. Sheehan, MD ... crisis. Limb Care If you are a new amputee, it's better to take a bath or shower ...


Safe Handling of Take-Out Foods (United States)

... and some are cold when purchased. Foods from fast food restaurants are most often consumed immediately. Take-out ... spoil or become unsafe to eat. Do not taste. Freezer Storage at 0 °F or Below Cooked ...


Taking the Pressure Off Sports Competition  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... usually takes a team effort to win the game. What all sports competitions have in common is ... high school teams get nervous before a big game. Even professional players feel nervous sometimes! Feeling a ...


Device for taking oriented core sample  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

A device is proposed for taking oriented core sample by multiple application and recording of the position of markers during crown drilling of inclined wells. The device contains an inner core-reception tube that does not rotate during drilling which can be moved forward and backward in relation to the outer crown pipe. A sensor is rigidly attached for position of th apsidal plane and a mechanism for making the marks on the core sample. With nonrotating pipes, the consumption of flushing fluid increases, as a result of the developing gage pressure, one pipe is moved downwards in relation to the other. Motion of the mechanism applies a mark on the side surface of the core sample, and at the same time, in sensor 3 also triggered from the gage fluid pressure, sphere 5 which occupies the lower position in the apsidal plane is pressed into the plate made of soft metal. After reduction in fluid consumption, the pipe is lifted to the initial position, at the same time the mechanism leaves the core sample, and the base is lifted to the inital position. When it is lifted, the push rod acts on the spring-loaded shutter. The stopping part of the shutter is selected so that during its motion, only one projection passes, blocking the other which is closest in a radial direction. Under the influence of the twisting spring. the drum is turned one step, two spring-loaded rods move until they rest on the bottom of the corresponding grooves on the cylindrical surface of the drum and release the peripheral cylinder which drops and shifts the sphere towards the v-v axis by cylinder wall thickness. In the new cycle of applying the marker. The sphere which is in the apsidal plane is pressed into the plate from the previous marker to a distance equal to the thickness of the cylinder wall. The subsequent cycles are kinematically repeated.

Bobylev, F.A.; Malyakov, I.G.; Shekhtman, E.N.



Psychopathy and Risk Taking among Jailed Inmates  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Several clinical descriptions of psychopathy suggest a link to risk taking; however the empirical basis for this association is not well established. Moreover, it is not clear whether any association between psychopathy and risk taking is specific to psychopathy or reflects shared variance with other externalizing disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder, alcohol use disorders, and drug use disorders. In the present study we aimed to clarify relationships between psychopathy and ris...

Swogger, Marc T.; Walsh, Zach; Lejuez, C. W.; Kosson, David S.



Test Taking Strategies: Implications for Test Validation  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

To collect pieces of evidence for the construct validity of the reading section of a high-stakes test, test taking strategies of 40 test takers were analyzed via a checklist of strategies. The checklist consisted of 28 strategies tapping test takers’ behaviors while taking some reading comprehension items. The goal was to see whether there was concordance between the type of strategies and the item types in the reading comprehension passages. For example, if the strategy of guessing is ...

Mohammad Salehi



Age, CEO Succession, and Risk Taking  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

CEO successions are major corporate events with the potential to change corporate direction.  We investigate risk-taking following CEO succession and whether age affects CEO succession.  In 679 CEO successions occurring between 1992 and 2005 in 650 small, medium and large-cap North American firms, we find that, except when the predecessor CEO was forced to leave, successor CEOs tend to entrench the status quo in terms of age. Board age has implications for corporate risk taking, with old...

Eahab Elsaid; Ursel, Nancy D.




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teaching is a noble profession and a teacher plays an important role in society. In this modern world, we have well deviated from the “Gurukul” system of Indian teaching-learning process in educating our young mass. In order to cope with the rapid developments in the technological world and the education system, a technical teacher has to understand the system as a whole to play a pivotal role. In this paper, we present the attributes, characteristics and duties of a teacher for successful career in technical education, who takes up the profession by virtue of his/her interest not by compulsion. In addition, some suggestions have been highlighted to improvethe working condition for a teacher in technical institutes.

Dr. Akshaya Kumar Sabat,



Increasing implementation of special education instruction in mainstream preschools: direct and generalized effects of nondirective consultation.  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Two studies evaluated a consultation strategy for increasing teachers' implementation of instruction related to specific Individualized Education Plan objectives for handicapped children mainstreamed into regular preschool programs. In the first study, teachers viewed videotaped sequences of regular classroom routines and were asked to generate ideas for embedding IEP-related instruction into those routines. All teachers demonstrated increases in instructional behaviors in targeted routines, ...

Peck, C. A.; Killen, C. C.; Baumgart, D.



Perspective-Taking and Self-Other Overlap: Fostering Social Bonds and Facilitating Social Coordination  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Abstract The present article offers a conceptual model for how the cognitive processes associated with perspective-taking facilitate social coordination and foster social bonds. We suggest that the benefits of perspective-taking accrue through an increased self-other overlap in cognitive representations and discuss the implications of this perspective-taking induced self-other overlap for stereotyping ...



Perspective-Taking and Self-Other Overlap: Fostering Social Bonds and Facilitating Social Coordination  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The present article offers a conceptual model for how the cognitive processes associated with perspective-taking facilitate social coordination and foster social bonds. We suggest that the benefits of perspective-taking accrue through an increased self-other overlap in cognitive representations and discuss the implications of this perspective-taking induced self-other overlap for stereotyping and prejudice. Whereas per...

Galinsky, Adam D.; Ku, Gillian; Wang, Cynthia S.



Getting Along with Teachers (United States)

... you have this kind of relationship with a teacher, he or she can be someone to turn to with problems, such as problems with learning or school issues, such as bullying . As a kid in elementary or middle school, ...


Physics Teacher Quality (United States)

Physics Teacher Quality at Angelo State University (ASU) and Education Service Center Region XV is funded through a US Department of Education grant. In this program secondary science teachers from local and rural districts within Region XV learn and practice physics and principles of technology concepts emphasized in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), improve practice of 5E model of guided inquiry, and complete activity-based laboratories and field investigations. Investigations include field and laboratory safety, environmental responsibility, ethical practices, application of scientific methods to open-ended problems encountered in the physical sciences, and critical thinking and problem solving. Teachers are assessed through pre- and post- testing, lab practicum, and classroom observation over a two-year cycle. Assessment data from 2004 through 2008 indicates Physics Teacher Quality is changing teaching behavior in the secondary classroom.

Wallace, Andrew; Bixler, David



Study On Establishing National Standard Of Vocational Teachers’ Training In China  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

Developing vocational education is an important strategy in current Chinese education. However, vocational teachers are in a shortage and there isn’t a sound system of training and cultivating these teachers. Especially, there hasn’t formed any effective standard of vocational teachers. These three factors are the main reasons to hinder the development and increase of its quality and level. Therefore, establishing national standard of vocational teacher training...

Qiding Yu



Factors affecting the career choice of first-year student teachers  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

The lack of appropriately qualified teachers in South Africa is growing rapidly and frequency of debates about the decline in teacher numbers in South Africa is increasing. In this study, the results of an investigation into possible factors that impact on the career choice of student teachers are reported. The reasons why first-year student teachers at the University of Pretoria chose teaching as a career were studied by using a non-experimental design (survey design; administering a non-sta...

Maree, Kobus; Maree, J. G.; Hislop-esterhuysen, Natalie; Swanepoel, Andre; Linde, Michael J.



Determining factors of the use of e-learning environments by university teachers  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

E-learning environments increasingly serve as important infrastructural features of universities that enable teachers to provide students with different representations of knowledge and to enhance interaction between teachers and students and amongst students themselves. This study was designed to identify factors that can explain teachers' use of e-learning environments in higher education. A questionnaire was completed by 178 teachers from a wide variety of departments at Wageningen Univers...

Mahdizadeh, H.; Biemans, H. J. A.; Mulder, M.



A Role for English Language Teachers in Trauma Healing (United States)

Because English language teachers should take into account the social-psychological situation of the students they teach, they must be sensitive to the effects of traumatic stress among learners. Refugee and immigrant children are frequently survivors of trauma, along with their peers in crisis-torn English as a foreign language settings around…

Medley, Michael



Teachers' conceptions about students' mathematical reasoning : Gendered or not?  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

This study looks at how upper secondary school teachers gender stereotype aspects of students' mathematical reasoning. Girls were attributed gender symbols including insecurity, use of standard methods and imitative reasoning. Boys were assigned the symbols such as multiple strategies especially on the calculator, guessing and chance-taking

Sumpter, Lovisa




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Competence in building and interpreting statistical graphs take part of statistical literacy that a well informed citizen need to critically face the information society. In this paper we summarise research related graphical understanding in children and pre-service teachers. We finish with some didactic recommendations to improve the statistical literacy in both groups.

Pedro Arteaga



From Cohort to Community in a Preservice Teacher Education Program. (United States)

Evaluated the effects on student teachers of a preservice program that grouped them into cohorts and emphasized community- building. Interview, observation, and questionnaire data highlighted positive effects (high participation levels in group activities, greater awareness of the value of collaboration, and greater willingness to take risks in…

Beck, Clive; Kosnik, Clare



Parents’ and Teachers’ Opinions about the School Food Policy in Belgian Flemish Nursery Schools  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The partnership of parents, teachers, and schools is necessary to develop effective school food interventions. To gather parents’ and teachers’ opinions and perceptions about the school food policy, 884 parents and 70 teachers of preschoolers completed a questionnaire. School food policy is an issue of importance for parents and teachers: the majority agrees that schools should restrict the availability of snacks and soft drinks; however, to replace fruit juice and sugared milk drinks with sugarless alternatives will take special effort. Fruit is not always available at school, although parents would appreciate it. Parents of lower educational level are in general more permissive.

Isabelle Wittebroodt



Parents' and Teachers' Opinions about the School Food Policy in Belgian Flemish Nursery Schools (United States)

The partnership of parents, teachers, and schools is necessary to develop effective school food interventions. To gather parents' and teachers' opinions and perceptions about the school food policy, 884 parents and 70 teachers of preschoolers completed a questionnaire. School food policy is an issue of importance for parents and teachers: the majority agrees that schools should restrict the availability of snacks and soft drinks; however, to replace fruit juice and sugared milk drinks with sugarless alternatives will take special effort. Fruit is not always available at school, although parents would appreciate it. Parents of lower educational level are in general more permissive.

Vereecken, Carine; van Houte, Hilde; Martens, Veerle; Wittebroodt, Isabelle; Maes, Lea



The Training of Teachers in a Society of Information and Communication  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This article is focused on the impact of the information and communication society on the teacher and teaching. The contemporary society requires a new type of culture and civilization. The teacher training must redefine itself according to the new standards of society and students’ needs. The teacher should be able to create a learning context in which students can develop active and constructive processes of acquiring knowledge and skills that stimulate students to set their goals and take responsibility for their own learning activities and processes. The constructivist paradigm can help the teacher to assume the new role.

Mihaela Voinea



Teachers and perceptions  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

A questionnaire was circulated in 2007 to the career-guidance counselors or, in their absence, mathematics teachers, teaching at the 200 primary feeder schools of the University of Pretoria to determine their perception of the accounting profession in comparison to the engineering, legal and medical professions. The South African secondary school teachers generally held the accounting profession in lower esteem than the engineering and medical professions, but in higher esteem than the legal ...

Coetzee, Stephen; Oberholzer, Ruanda



Training and informing teachers  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Nuclear Electric operates 12 nuclear plants in England and Wales. Through the Visitors Centres attached to these power stations and complementary national initiatives, the company is able to provide a broad ranging educational programme for teachers and pupils. The company's policy and its education programme (books, visits, conference, events,...) are detailed from the perspective of both teachers and pupils. An evaluation of the education programme at Visitor Centres is under way and is already identifying new initiatives for the company to explore



Lava Layering: Teacher Page (United States)

This is the Teacher Page of an activity that teaches students about the stratigraphy of lava flows produced by multiple eruptions. This page has background information on lava flows (with an emphasis on the Moon), recipes for the play dough required for the activity, and questions for the teacher to ask. The procedures for this activity can be found on the Student Page. This activity is part of Exploring Planets in the Classroom's Volcanology section.


Teachers before the 'threshold'  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

During the summer of 2000, the government will introduce a new system of pay and performance management for teachers. The Centre for Economic Performance is conducting a ‘before-andafter’ panel study of teachers and schools to ascertain its effects on motivation and performance. This paper reports preliminary findings from the first wave of the survey, before the introduction of the new system. The likely effects of the new system, on the basis of these results, are examined from the poin...

Marsden, David



Methods for Marine Ecosystems Research through the Use of PDAs with Preservice Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Science teachers are charged with the task of providing students in grades K-12 with opportunities that will enable them to make sense of science and develop habits of mind. One goal of science education is to prepare well-rounded citizens who are scientifically literate. Through inquiry-based learning, students formulate questions, perform investigations, and construct new understandings. It is important for preservice science teachers to be introduced to current techniques, discoveries, and debates in the field of science. The use of personal digital assistants (PDAs can provide K-12 students with increased opportunities for exploring and learning through scientific investigations. In order for these devices to be successfully integrated into classroom instruction, changes in teaching methodologies must be adopted. This paper presents a model lesson that can be used to guide preservice teachers in the use of PDAs for studying a marine ecosystem. The field experience takes place on the shoreline of Long Island Sound at Stratford Point, in Stratford Connecticut.

Antoinette Bruciati



Teacher Research Experiences: What We Have Learned and What We Need to Know (United States)

The immersion of teachers in scientific research is an effective model for science teacher professional development that builds the capacity of teachers to engage students in scientific inquiry. Most science teachers have had little opportunity to "practice" science. Yet national and state science education standards expect teachers to provide these kinds of experiences for their students. Through the renewal and enhancement that a teacher research experience (TRE) offers, teachers become more capable and motivated to challenge their classes through inquiry-based activities. Although TREs are believed to be successful, there is little published research on their impacts to teaching practice and student science competencies. Research shows that teacher expertise can account for approximately 40 percent of the variance in student learning in reading and mathematics achievement more than any other single factor including student background. Other studies show a similar correlation between teacher expertise and student achievement across the subject areas. There is a critical need for empirical research on the impacts of TREs on science education. Future research could guide funding agencies in setting priorities for the professional development of science teachers as it fine tunes the TRE model to achieve the maximum impact. This presentation will review some of the available literature on TREs and accepted best practices. It will also point to future directions that the TRE community can take to optimize these worthwhile opportunities for teachers.

Scowcroft, G. A.; Knowlton, C. W.



How to Recruit and Retain Teachers and Other School Leaders in Hard-to-Staff Rural and Small School Districts. A Toolkit Including Procedures for Implementing a Systematic Approach for Attracting, Selecting, Appointing, Socializing, and Retaining Teachers and Other School Leaders in Hard-to-Staff Rural and Small School Districts (United States)

Recruiting and retaining teachers and other personnel continues to be one of the most critical issues in rural schools. The need for teachers in the U.S. is expected to grow significantly as large numbers of teachers retire, many taking advantage of early retirement incentives. In searching for ways to meet new federal law requirements outlined in…

Ahearn, Charles; Harmon, Hobart; Sanders, John R.



Student to Teacher  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teacher preparation cast in Heidegger’s terms is “present-at-hand” (potentially useful until interrogation makes it ready-to-hand (actually useable. What authentic questions prompt teaching to become ready-to-hand for the beginning teacher? How might we show that the essential particularity for phronesis (knowledge as practical wisdom resides in teaching other Beings who are not just present or ready for us, but are creating the very world in which we encounter within the classroom? The study described below, undertaken in the 2008/2009 school year, juxtaposes passages from Being and Time (Heidegger, 1962 with observations in the classroom, knowledge of the local university teacher preparation program, and interviews with beginning teachers. So that no teacher might be able to self-identify, “Becky” and “Eloise” are both fictitious names. “Becky” comes from a university program outside the area now teaching in the district described in the study, whereas “Eloise” was educated in the local teacher preparation program.

Sheila Spence



Learning to Foster Autonomy: The Role of Teacher Education Materials  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In recent years there has been an increased appreciation of the interrelationship between learner autonomy and teacher autonomy, both in the classroom and in the self-access centre. One obvious impact on learners’ autonomy is their teachers’ understanding of what autonomy means, and their ability to implement it in the classroom. Especially for beginning teachers, knowledge of learner autonomy is likely to be shaped in large part by the professional training they receive and the amount of attention given to the topic during their teacher education. It is therefore important to ask to what extent teacher training courses prepare teachers for fostering autonomy, including those teachers working in self-access centres. This study attempts to answer that question by critically investigating a range of popular teacher training course materials widely used in professional programmes worldwide. We apply an evaluative framework to identify 1 what information teachers are given about learner autonomy, and 2 the extent to which the materials cover the teaching of different skills for independent learning. Perhaps surprisingly, despite the growing interest in autonomy, it was found that the selected books included almost no information about learner autonomy at all and did not, with one or two minor exceptions, focus on the development of skills for supporting autonomous learning.

Hayo Reinders



Educational Assessment Profile of Teachers in the Sultanate of Oman  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study builds on a previous pilot study conducted by Alkharusi, Aldhafri, Alnabhani, and Alkalbani (2012 to explore educational assessment attitudes, competence, knowledge, and practices of in-service teachers in the Sultanate of Oman. The present study extends the previous pilot study by surveying a larger sample of in-serivce teachers teaching grades 5 to 12 in all educational governorates in the Sultanate of Oman as opposed to 165 in-service teachers teaching grades 5 to 10 in one educational governorate. Specifically, the study aimed at developing a profile of educational assessment attitudes, competence, knowledge, and practices for teachers in the Sultanate of Oman. The profile was developed as a function of teachers’ gender, nationality, educational governorate, teaching grade, qualification, teaching subject, pre-service assessment training, in-service assessment training, teaching load, and teaching experience. The study employed a descriptive survey research design. Participants were 3557 in-service teachers teaching various subject areas in grades 5 to 12 randomly selected from all educational governorates in the Sultanate of Oman. Confirming Alkharusi et al. (2012 study, findings of the current study showed that the teachers tended to have a positive attitude towards educational assessment. Despite their perception as being competent in educational assessment, they demonstrated a low level of the educational assessment knowledge. Further, the teachers indicated using different classroom assessments mainly for grading and increasing students’ desire for learning. Teaching load and teaching experience explained some of the differences in the teachers’ educational assessment profile. Also, the educational assessment profile varied as a function of the selected demographic and background variables. The findings pointed to a conclusion that professional educational assessment programs for teachers should be continued and tailored to the needs and nature of the teachers’ classroom realities. Future research is needed to judge the validity of the teachers’ self-report surveys concerning educational assessment.

Hussain Alkharusi



Taking Risks, Negotiating Relationships: One Teacher's Transition towards a Dialogic Classroom. CELA Research Report. (United States)

Building on previous work that showed the importance of discussion for teaching literature and that discussion in low-achieving high school English classes is particularly infrequent (Nystrand, 1997), this study investigated a low-achieving class that featured regular discussions to gain insights into how dialogically organized instruction emerged…

Christoph, Julie Nelson; Nystrand, Martin


Taking Charge of Our Educational Journey  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In this interview Julie Payette discusses the role education has had in her life and in achieving her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. She shares her experience of attending the United World College of the Atlantic as a teenager and her discovery of the value of learning languages. Julie speaks on the importance of parental support in encouraging children to pursue higher education and expresses some thoughts on teacher preparation. She also comments on how stereotypes and stigmas can still prevent girls from choosing to become scientists. Finally, Julie gives us a glimpse of what it feels like to contemplate planet earth from the window of a space shuttle.

Julie Payette



The perceptions of teachers and school principals of each other's disposition towards teacher involvement in school reform  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Worldwide teachers are faced with the task of continuously facilitating and implementing educational reform that has been designed without their participation. This exclusion of the key agents, who must mediate between the change agenda and actual change in the classroom, from the planning and decision-making processes, is detrimental to educational reform. Although school-based management has recently emerged as the instrument to accomplish the decentralisation of decision-making powers to school level, the success thereof depends largely on school principals' disposition regarding teacher involvement. It is argued that the expectation of principals regarding their own leadership role, as well as the professional role teachers should fulfil, is a primary determinant of principals' willingness to involve teachers in responsibility-taking processes outside the classroom. The results from an empirical investigation revealed that principals' perception, of the wishes of teachers regarding involvement, significantly underestimated teachers' actual involvement wishes. Likewise, the expectation of teachers regarding the willingness of principals to involve them was a significant underestimation of the involvement level principals are actually in favour of. These misperceptions probably discourage actual school-based management and could jeopardize the implementation of educational reform in general.

Cassie Swanepoel



The perceptions of teachers and school principals of each other's disposition towards teacher involvement in school reform  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english Worldwide teachers are faced with the task of continuously facilitating and implementing educational reform that has been designed without their participation. This exclusion of the key agents, who must mediate between the change agenda and actual change in the classroom, from the planning and decis [...] ion-making processes, is detrimental to educational reform. Although school-based management has recently emerged as the instrument to accomplish the decentralisation of decision-making powers to school level, the success thereof depends largely on school principals' disposition regarding teacher involvement. It is argued that the expectation of principals regarding their own leadership role, as well as the professional role teachers should fulfil, is a primary determinant of principals' willingness to involve teachers in responsibility-taking processes outside the classroom. The results from an empirical investigation revealed that principals' perception, of the wishes of teachers regarding involvement, significantly underestimated teachers' actual involvement wishes. Likewise, the expectation of teachers regarding the willingness of principals to involve them was a significant underestimation of the involvement level principals are actually in favour of. These misperceptions probably discourage actual school-based management and could jeopardize the implementation of educational reform in general.

Cassie, Swanepoel.


Assessing allowable take of migratory birds (United States)

Legal removal of migratory birds from the wild occurs for several reasons, including subsistence, sport harvest, damage control, and the pet trade. We argue that harvest theory provides the basis for assessing the impact of authorized take, advance a simplified rendering of harvest theory known as potential biological removal as a useful starting point for assessing take, and demonstrate this approach with a case study of depredation control of black vultures (Coragyps atratus) in Virginia, USA. Based on data from the North American Breeding Bird Survey and other sources, we estimated that the black vulture population in Virginia was 91,190 (95% credible interval = 44,520?212,100) in 2006. Using a simple population model and available estimates of life-history parameters, we estimated the intrinsic rate of growth (rmax) to be in the range 7?14%, with 10.6% a plausible point estimate. For a take program to seek an equilibrium population size on the conservative side of the yield curve, the rate of take needs to be less than that which achieves a maximum sustained yield (0.5 x rmax). Based on the point estimate for rmax and using the lower 60% credible interval for population size to account for uncertainty, these conditions would be met if the take of black vultures in Virginia in 2006 was <3,533 birds. Based on regular monitoring data, allowable harvest should be adjusted annually to reflect changes in population size. To initiate discussion about how this assessment framework could be related to the laws and regulations that govern authorization of such take, we suggest that the Migratory Bird Treaty Act requires only that take of native migratory birds be sustainable in the long-term, that is, sustained harvest rate should be

Runge, M.C.; Sauer, J.R.; Avery, M. L.; Blackwell, B.F.; Koneff, M.D.



The Perceptions In Respect To The Education Projects In Province Of The Teachers’ In Charge Of The Elementary Schools  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Nowadays, there are important events such as the black board replaced by the smart board, the textbooks replaced by tablet computers and a dazling speed of change occured in education process. But, it has been seen that all of these changes could be succeded by the all stakeholders’ heart and brain power and theirs the strong believes in change. Change is taking place so quickly, the teachers named the actors of the education scene, how they share their point of change and, most importantly believe in the necessity of change? In this study, we have tried to find out the answers to questions mentioned above. As a result, we tried to ascertain the perceptions about education change efforts of teachers served in primary schools. In the study, the general survey model named descriptive research method was conducted. The frequency and percentage values were used in the resolution of data. The differences of teachers’ gender, seniority, academic background, branch were compared by T-test; seniority, branch, academic background were compared by one factor variance analysis form (ANOVA and multi dimensional comparing was used by Scheffe method. According the result of research, the teachers have seen themselves open to the change efforts. They have thougt that Increasing The Success In Education Project In Sakarya (ISEPS and other projects were usable, resultable and had the tendecy to increase the success in education. However they have pointed out that, the change efforts were not planned, their opinions were not taken and there were difficulty to study on more than one project at the same time. They explained that these attitudes mentioned above prevented the change efforts in education. There have been meaningful diffirence among the teachers’ seniority, the realization level of project and ISEPS, the motivation and communication levels.

Özlem Hilal ÖRGEV



The Development of a Teacher Salary Parcel Tax: The Quality Teacher and Education Act in San Francisco (United States)

This case study will serve primarily as an historical account detailing the development of Quality Teacher and Education Act (QTEA). QTEA and the most salient details that led to its eventual passage, serving as an information source for San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and other districts when they take on potentially controversial…

Hough, Heather J.; Loeb, Susanna



Mobile Learning in Maths Teacher Education: Using iPads to Support Pre-Service Teachers' Professional Development (United States)

An emerging body of literature explores mobile learning in teacher education contexts. A common theme is the facilitation of collaborative, authentic professional learning experiences, often leveraged by the immediate and spontaneous nature of learning in informal settings. This paper takes a snapshot of current developments with mobile learning…

Kearney, Matthew; Maher, Damian



Government takes decline as nations diversify terms to attract investment  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

A new review of 324 fiscal systems in 159 countries indicates that the trend of declines in government take has continued during the last 2 years. An earlier OGJ article concluded that government take had declined considerably during the previous decade in response to an increased availability of acreage. The fiscal system rating is based on eight economic yardsticks. They are: rate of return; net present value per barrel; ability to absorb geological risk; attractiveness of incremental exploration investments; attractiveness of incremental development investments; government take; bonanza economics; and the degree of front-end loading of the fiscal system. Based on these criteria the fiscal systems are rated, based on a point system, from the most attractive (five star) terms to the least attractive (one star). Table 1 provides an overview of the rating and ranking of 50 of the most interesting fiscal systems. Figure 1 provides the government take and corporate take for the systems listed in Table 1, based on a weighted average of 12 fields. The paper discusses attractive, tough, and diversifying terms, and regional competition



Biology Student Teachers' Conceptual Frameworks regarding Biodiversity (United States)

In recent years, biodiversity has received a great deal of attention worldwide, especially in environmental education. The reasons for this attention are the increase of human activities on biodiversity and environmental problems. The purpose of this study is to investigate biology student teachers' conceptual frameworks regarding biodiversity.…

Dikmenli, Musa



Changing Teacher Preparation in Art Education (United States)

Within art education, Day (1997) and others (for example; Beudert, 2006; Galbraith, 2001; Galbraith & Grauer, 2004; Hutchens, 1997; Sabol, 2004; Thurber, 2004; Zimmerman, 1997, 2004) have called for increased research into teacher preparation in order to understand current practice, to recognize what is working well, and to determine directions…

Henry, Carole; Lazzari, Mary



Indigenizing Teacher Education: An Action Research Project (United States)

This action research report focuses on a new elective course entitled "Indigenizing Education: Education for/about Aboriginal Peoples" that was developed and taught by two teacher educators--one Euro-Canadian and the other Metis. The purpose of the course was to increase understanding of Indigenous peoples and of the impact of…

Kitchen, Julian; Raynor, Marg



A Teachers’ Guide for Action  

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Teacher Incentives and Student Achievement: Evidence from New York City Public Schools. NBER Working Paper No. 16850 (United States)

Financial incentives for teachers to increase student performance is an increasingly popular education policy around the world. This paper describes a school-based randomized trial in over two-hundred New York City public schools designed to better understand the impact of teacher incentives on student achievement. I find no evidence that teacher

Fryer, Roland G.



Globalization and paradigm changes in Teacher Education: Revolutionizing Teaching Learning Process at School Level in Pakistan  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The world has become a global village. No county can live in isolation without seeking impact of global trends and a change in all field of life education is the most important tool in national development. So this age of knowledge has great impact on education. Teacher education is the brain of all educational disciplines as it delivers education to train the prospective teachers. It is also the mother of all professions. Like all other professions, globalization is also affecting teacher education. Therefore there is a global paradigm shift in teacher education. The main purpose of this study was to explore the paradigm shift in teacher education which has revolutionized teaching learning process at school level. The teacher education programs of five public universities of Pakistan where focused to fulfill the objectives of the study. The study was quantitative as well as qualitative in nature. Information regarding shift paradigm in teacher education were gathered by conducting self administered surveys, document analysis and interviews. Sample of the study comprised of prospective teachers, working teachers and executives (directors and 100 prospective teahers, 50 working teachers and 20 executives were selected by using random sampling techniques, collected data was analyzed by implementing simple descriptive statistical techniques such as percentages. The main paradigm changes in teacher education in perception of the selected respondents were: increase in duration of teacher education programmes, standard based curriculum, balance in theory and practice, shift from teacher to student centered delivery system, quality assurance and shift in assessment procedures.

Muhammad Iqbal



Supervision Practices and Teachers’ Satisfaction in Public Secondary Schools: Malaysia and China  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to explore supervision practices among school management teams and teachers’ satisfaction in secondary schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and He Fei, China. The samples consist of 248 managers and 367 teachers in Kuala Lumpur, and 175 managers and 346 teachers in He Fei. The study indicates that the level of supervision practices in Kuala Lumpur is higher from the managers’ standpoint than from the teachers’. Simultaneously, there was no difference between managers’ and teachers’ view of the level of supervision practices in He Fei. Secondly, supervision practices have a positive and medium relationship to teacher satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur, while there was positive and strong relationship between them in He Fei. In other words, if the level of supervision practices decreases, so will teacher satisfaction. It may therefore be in the interests of both cities’ school managers and teachers to increase the levels of supervision practices.

Mohd Izham Mohd Hamzah



Attitudes of Student-teachers towards Written Teacher’s Guide  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The literature on Teacher’s Guides combines knowledge of discipline-related content and pedagogy-related content in reference to the objectives and contents of the Ministry of Education curriculum. It serves as a self-study tool that provides guidelines of how to teach in light of the various changing goals and needs of the teacher. The corpus on which this research focused was the Teacher’s Guide for Hebrew literature and the question we focused on was: Do student-teachers of Hebrew literature at a teacher education college who use this tool find that it meets their expectations? The qualitative and quantitative findings of the research, which involved 21 student-teachers for Hebrew literature at a teacher education college, led to the conclusion that the students’ expectations of the Teacher’s Guide differ from the disciplinary qualities and especially the didactic qualities it actually contains. The Teacher’s Guide is not organized in a manner suited to student-teachers even though they are a primary target audience for it.

Lea Baratz



Portuguese-language high school teacher programme extends its reach to South America and Africa  

CERN Document Server

From 5 to 10 September, a record 75 teachers from Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Săo Tomé and Cape Verde will take part in the Portuguese-language high school teacher programme at CERN.   The group of Portuguese-sepaking teachers who visited CERN in 2009. CERN usually focuses on the Member States when organizing its national teacher programmes, providing them with additional return on their investment in the Laboratory by helping to train and inspire the next generation of scientists. However, Portugal’s Laboratório de Instrumentaçăo e Física Experimental de Partículas (LIP), through the Agency Cięncia Viva, has taken the initiative to go beyond the borders of Portugal and include other countries that speak Portuguese. Last year there were 60 participants in the programme, including 11 teachers from Brazil and 5 from Mozambique. This year brings even more teachers from more African co...

Carolyn Lee



An Evaluation of the Questions Chemistry Teachers Asked in Exams in Terms of the Target Behaviors  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The measurement and evaluation constitute an important part of science education. Therefore, it is particularly important that teachers have sufficient knowledge about the measurement and evaluation in terms of quality of education. In this study, to what extent the questions chemistry teachers used in the examinations reflected the target behaviors in the chemistry learning program in high schools and which criteria the teachers used in determining the examination questions were investigated. For this purpose, the questionnaire and document analysis were conducted. 389 examination questions were gathered from 14 chemistry teachers. In addition, a questionnaire consisting of 15 open-ended items related to measurement tools they used and quality of the questions in these tools was administered to the teachers. Results showed that the teachers in the sample group did not have sufficient knowledge on the measurement and evaluation and did not take into consideration the target behaviors.

Hülya Demircio?lu



Especially for High School Teachers (United States)

Writing Across the Curriculum The notion that student learning is enhanced through writing is widely accepted at all educational levels if the product is fairly assessed and the learner is provided with feedback. Finding the time to critically evaluate student papers is difficult at best and competes with time needed to prepare laboratory investigations. A few weeks ago a teacher who has extensive extracurricular responsibilities that include extensive interaction with parents and community members shared with me his frustration in not being able to grade written reports. This teacher is the head football coach at his school, but many readers experience the same difficulties due to a variety of duties. There are no easy or completely satisfying answers to this problem, but this issue contains an account of a successful approach (Writing in Chemistry: An Effective Learning Tool, pp 1399-1403). Although they are based on experience in college courses, several ideas described in the article could be applied in high school chemistry courses. In another article, the author of Precise Writing for a Precise Science (pp 1407-1408) identifies 20 examples of familiar, but incorrect, grammatical constructions and explains how to phrase each one correctly. Chemical Education Research: Improving Chemistry Learning The results from research on how students learn have greatly increased our understanding of cognition in recent years. However, the results are often published in the science education research literature and are not readily accessible to the classroom teacher. Additionally, the research reports are couched in specialized terminology. This issue contains a Viewpoints article (pp 1353-1361) that bridges the gap between research results and classroom application. It was written by two veteran chemical educators, Dudley Herron and Susan Nurrenbern. The shift from behaviorism to constructivism as the dominant theory of learning is described briefly to provide a context for constructivist approaches. In the section titled "What Research Has Revealed", the authors provide a succinct summary of specific research findings under three tantalizing subheadings: "What You Think You Know May Not Be the Way It Is", "Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport!", and "Appropriate Outcomes Must Be Identified and Measured". The authors' insight into future research challenges is detailed in a sidebar. ChemEd'99: A Great Success The 1999 ChemEd Conference was a great success, judging by the many very favorable comments of high school teachers who attended. Thanks and congratulations go to Babu George and to the many volunteers who made this event possible through a great deal of hard work, ingenuity, and creativity. Many of the volunteers who gave so generously of their time, before and during the conference, are high school teachers. The program reflected the broad range of needs and interests of high school teachers. Credit for the success also should go to the many presenters. The workshops, demonstrations, papers, and posters that I attended were of high quality and useful to teachers. Conversation with other attendees convinced me that the same degree of quality and utility was characteristic of the entire conference program. Demonstrations are always an outstanding feature of ChemEd conferences and the Signature Demonstrations continued this tradition, as did the large number of demonstration sessions scheduled throughout the general program. The Reg Friesen Memorial Lecture, delivered by Steve Spangler, featured spectacular and stimulating demonstrations in the context of building connections between chemical concepts and real-world applications. Some other themes that permeated the general program were Internet applications, methods of assessment, safety and waste disposal, calculator and computer based laboratory methods, and ideas for making classroom instruction interesting and effective. Thank you to each reader who visited the JCE Exhibit or participated in our workshop on using JCE Activities. We e

Howell, J. Emory



Reading strategy instruction and teacher change: implications for teacher training  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english I report on teacher change in the context of a reading strategy instruction intervention. Reading Strategy Instruction (RSI) was implemented by three teachers, new to the concept, over a period of 15 weeks. Observations of these teachers showed that a multitude of factors affect the uptake of RSI as [...] part of everyday teaching practice, and that teachers seem to move through distinct phases in their uptake of RSI. The article focuses on teachers' reaction to RSI and highlights a number of issues that are important to the implementation of RSI, not the least of which is that a clear need exists for changes to in-service teacher training and support and pre-service teacher training. In an effort to address these training issues the article contains specific recommendations for pre-service teacher training in particular.

Nanda M, Klapwijk.


Reading strategy instruction and teacher change: implications for teacher training  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available I report on teacher change in the context of a reading strategy instruction intervention. Reading Strategy Instruction (RSI was implemented by three teachers, new to the concept, over a period of 15 weeks. Observations of these teachers showed that a multitude of factors affect the uptake of RSI as part of everyday teaching practice, and that teachers seem to move through distinct phases in their uptake of RSI. The article focuses on teachers' reaction to RSI and highlights a number of issues that are important to the implementation of RSI, not the least of which is that a clear need exists for changes to in-service teacher training and support and pre-service teacher training. In an effort to address these training issues the article contains specific recommendations for pre-service teacher training in particular.

Nanda M Klapwijk



??????????????? Research on How to Mold Teacher’s Personality Charisma  

Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER)

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The personality charisma of a teacher plays a very important role in the physical, intellectual and psychological development of college students. As a teacher, we should shape our own charisma by the fol-lowing...




Restructuring Teachers' Work  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Despite repeated attempts to reform schools, teachers' work has remained surprisingly stable. The purpose of this study was to investigate implementation of a state-funded restructuring initiative that intended broad changes in teachers' professional roles. Sponsors of the founding legislation reasoned that changes in teachers' roles would contribute to higher student achievement. This study examined the question of whether and how this program of comprehensive whole-school change promoted changes in teachers' roles in school governance, collegial relations, and the classroom. Further, the study traced the relationship of these changes to one another, and weighed the likelihood that they had the capacity to affect core educational practices. Theoretically, this study is situated in the available literature on teachers' collegial relations; participation in shared decision making; and classroom roles, relationships and practice. Three elementary schools served as the sites for intensive qualitative data collection completed over a two-year period. The schools differed in geographic location (two urban, one rural, but all enrolled a racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse population of students, and more than half of the students in each school qualified for free or reduced price lunch. The study resulted in multiple types and sources of data on teachers' professional roles, including: observations in classrooms, collegial interactions, and governance situations; interviews with teachers (including teacher leaders, parents, administrators, and students; and documents pertaining to the restructuring plans and process. Findings show that changes in the three areas were achieved unevenly in the three schools. All three schools introduced changes in classroom practice and roles, ranging from the adoption of multi-age classrooms to more modest innovations in curriculum or instruction. In only one case were changes in professional roles outside the classroom organized to support and sustain classroom changes. Two of the three schools introduced changes in staff organization (teacher teams and leadership (governance committees, but under-estimated the professional development and other supports that would in turn support changes in classroom practice. Altogether, it appears unlikely that the observed changes in professional roles were sufficiently well established and connected to affect core educational practice in the long run.

Lisa Kirtman



Instructional Technology for Teachers: Preparation for Classroom Diversity. (United States)

Discusses instructional design procedures for teachers to increase instructional effectiveness in classrooms with a culturally diverse student body. Highlights include analyzing learner characteristics using standardized tests and informal assessment techniques; specifying instructional strategies that are particularly useful in multicultural…

Sheffield, Caryl J.



Sound Stories Cultivate Historic Empathy in Teachers and Students  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available With the increased demand for culturally and linguistically relevant teaching, this paper explores the use of sound stories to cultivate empathetic understanding in undergraduate preservice teachers. I inquiry into the process of creating, writing, and performing a sound story about my family’s American Japanese imprisonment experience to better understand this teaching method and adapt it for teacher education. The inquiry reveals counter stories of agency and resistance, as well as a powerful and creative teaching tool for increasing empathy in both the teacher and students.

Sumer Seiki



Engineering teacher training models and experiences (United States)

Institutions and Organisations that take training seriously and devote time, effort and resources, etc, to their own teams are more likely to succeed, since both initial teacher training and continuous improvement, studies, hours of group discussion, works on innovation and educational research, talks and permanent meetings, etc, will all serve to enhance teaching and its quality. Teachers will be able to introduce new components from previously taught classes into their university teaching which will contribute to improving their work and developing a suitable academic environment to include shared objectives, teachers and students. Moreover, this training will serve to enhance pedagogic innovation, new teaching-learning methodologies and contribute to getting teaching staff involved in respect of the guidelines set out by the EHEA. Bearing in mind that training and motivation can be key factors in any teacher's "performance", their productivity and the quality of their teaching, Teacher Training for a specific post inside the University Organisation is standard practice of so-called Human Resources management and an integral part of a teacher's work; it is a way of professionalising the teaching of the different branches of Engineering. At Madrid Polytechnic University, in the Institute of Educational Sciences (ICE), since it was founded in 1972, we have been working hard with university teaching staff. But it was not until 1992 after carrying out various studies on training needs that we planned and programmed different training actions, offering a wide range of possibilities. Thus, we designed and taught an "Initial Teacher Training Course", as it was first called in 1992, a programme basically aimed to train young Engineering teachers just setting out on their teaching career. In 2006, the name was changed to "Advanced University Teacher Training Course". Subsequently, with the appearance of the Bologna Declaration and the creation of the European Higher Education Area, we renewed the programme, content and methodology, teaching the course under the name of "Initial Teacher Training Course within the framework of the European Higher Education Area". Continuous Training means learning throughout one's life as an Engineering teacher. They are actions designed to update and improve teaching staff, and are systematically offered on the current issues of: Teaching Strategies, training for research, training for personal development, classroom innovations, etc. They are activities aimed at conceptual change, changing the way of teaching and bringing teaching staff up-to-date. At the same time, the Institution is at the disposal of all teaching staff as a meeting point to discuss issues in common, attend conferences, department meetings, etc. In this Congress we present a justification of both training models and their design together with some results obtained on: training needs, participation, how it is developing and to what extent students are profiting from it.

González-Tirados, R. M.



Teen Risk-Taking: A Statistical Portrait (United States)

Drawing on data from three major national surveys of teenagers's risk-taking behavior conducted by the US government and University-based social scientists, in June 2000 the Urban Institute released this report assessing the levels of teenagers's involvement in one or more identified risk-taking behaviors. These behaviors include "regular alcohol use, binge drinking, regular tobacco use, marijuana use, other illegal drug use, fighting, weapon carrying, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, and risky sexual activity." The reports indicate that risk-taking behavior has actually declined overall among adolescents from 1990 to 1997. However, for one demographic group, Hispanics, the levels have almost doubled. The report also analyze teenagers's participation in "desirable family, school, or community activities" and conclude that "many risk-taking teens earn good grades, go to church, play sports, or spend quality time with