What It Would Take to Increase the Number of High School Astronomy Courses: A Survey of Principals and a Comparison to Astronomy Teachers, and a Prescription for Change (United States)

A survey to principals of high schools without astronomy points to the conditions needed to increase the number of high school astronomy courses and acceptable justifications for adding in a course. The former includes the need for more and better trained teachers, changing the perceptions of higher officials from local administrations to…

Krumenaker, Larry



FCS Teacher Takes on Obesity Epidemic (United States)

Fighting the childhood obesity problem at Mayfield Middle School is an ongoing campaign. As a family and consumer sciences (FCS) teacher, the author decided to go outside the box to teach students and their families how to cook healthy dishes, eat a balanced and nutritious diet, and exercise regularly. All students at Mayfield attend a 6-week…

Carlton, Toni





SUMMARY The paper presents health in general and highlights types of health-risks due to unhealthy living. We mention different factors that affect our lifestyle, such as smoking, various diets, (lack of) physical activities, alcohol consumption and, in the first place, stress. The empirical part presents results of the research carried out in some kindergartens in Styria (Ra?e, Fram, Starše, Maribor-Tezno). The survey included 50 pre-school teachers employed in kindergartens. It was im...

Hodak, Irena



Going Beyond Test-Taking Strategies: Building Self-Regulated Students and Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Since the inception of No Child Left Behind (NCLB, standardized tests have been on the minds of students, parents, and educators, who are consistently concerned with how to increase test scores. In this article, the authors suggest that it is time to look beyond tests to enable willing, focused, and persistent - that is self-regulated - students and teachers. Self-regulated students and teachers take control of their learning, set goals, monitor progress, reflect on outcomes, are intrinsically motivated to learn, and demonstrate higher levels of achievement (Harter, 1996; Markman, 1979; Mason, Snyder, Sukhram, & Kedem, 2006; Perry, Nordby, & VandeKamp, 2003; Zimmerman, 2000, 2002. Supporting such self-regulation not only promotes more independent, competent, and motivated students and teachers, but is also likely to raise test scores (Paris & Paris, 2001. The authors suggest specific strategies for, and benefits of, the development of self-regulation in both students and teachers.

Erika Swarts Gray



Research into Practice: Suggestions to Help Sustain Teacher Turn-Taking Talk and Socratic Questions with Low-Income Preschoolers (United States)

Research using an intensive single-session training to increase use of Socratic (open-ended) questions and to lengthen turn-taking talk with low-income preschoolers showed that immediate posttraining gains were not sustained in classrooms 3 months later. Suggestions are given for trainers and for teachers that can boost teacher ability to…

Honig, Alice Sterling; Martin, Patricia M.



Perspective-Taking Increases Willingness to Engage in Intergroup Contact  


The current research explored whether perspective-taking increases willingness to engage in contact with stereotyped outgroup members. Across three studies, we find that perspective-taking increases willingness to engage in contact with negatively-stereotyped targets. In Study 1, perspective-takers sat closer to, whereas stereotype suppressors sat further from, a hooligan compared to control participants. In Study 2, individual differences in perspective-taking tendencies predicted individual...

Wang, Cynthia S.; Kenneth, Tai; Ku, Gillian; Galinsky, Adam D.



Teacher Research Programs = Increased Student Achievement (United States)

Columbia University's Summer Research Program for Science Teachers (SRP), founded in 1990, is one of the largest, best known university professional development programs for science teachers in the U.S. For eight weeks in each of two consecutive summers, teachers participate as a member of a research team, led by a member of Columbia University's research faculty. In addition to the laboratory experience, all teachers meet weekly during the summer for a series of pedagogical activities to assist them in transferring the experience to their classrooms. The primary goal of the program is to provide K-12 science teachers with opportunities to work at the cutting edge of science and engineering, and thus to revitalize their teaching and help them to appreciate the use of inquiry-based methods in their classroom instruction. The secondary goals of the program are to give the pre-college teacher the ability to guide their students toward careers in science and engineering, to develop new teaching strategies, and to foster long-term scholarly collaborations. The last is especially important as it leads to a model of the teacher as active in science yet committed to the pre-college classroom. Since its inception, SRP has focused on an objective assessment of the program's impact on attitudes and instructional practices of participating teachers, on the performance of these teachers in their mentors' laboratories, and most importantly, on the impact of their participation in the program has on student interest and performance in science. Our research resulted in a paper published in the journal Science. SRP also facilitates a multi-site survey-based evaluation of other teacher research programs around the country. The author will present the findings of both studies.

Dubner, J.



Risk Taking Behaviour And Assertiveness Behaviour Of D.T.ED., Teacher Trainees – A Study  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The aim of the study is to investigate the risk taking behaviour and assertiveness behaviour of D.T.Ed., Teacher Trainees. The sample of the study consisted of 400 D.T.Ed., Teacher Trainees (129 male and 271 female. The tools used in the study were the Risk Taking Behaviour Scale by Answer Yousuf and Assertiveness Inventory by Tasneem Naqvi (1988.After framing necessary objectives and hypotheses, appropriate analysis was carried out on the collected data .From this analysis it was found that the risk taking behaviour and assertiveness behaviour of D.T.Ed., Teacher Trainees are in an average level and they do not differ significantly in their risk taking behaviour and assertiveness behaviour based on their parental qualification

A.C. Lal Kumar



Strawberry Square II: Take Time. Teacher's Guide. 33 Lessons in the Arts to Help Children Take Time with Life. (United States)

This teacher's guide accompanies a series of telelessons designed to stimulate arts activities in grades 2 and 3. It follows a story line established in "Strawberry Square" which centers around the revitilization of Strawberry Square by Skipper, the owner of the Tune Shoppe in the square. Each of the 15 lessons has four sections, which contain a…

Marcy, Nancy




We used a multiple baseline design across participants to determine if teacher greetings would reduce the latency to task engagement. Three participants were identified by their respective teachers as having difficulty initiating task-appropriate engagement at the beginning of class. Latency was measured from teacher greeting until the participant was actively engaged for 5 consecutive seconds. Results showed that teacher greetings were effective at reducing latency to task engagement for all...

Allday, R. Allan; Bush, Miranda; Ticknor, Nicole; Walker, Lindsay



Active Involvement, not Illusory Control, increases Risk Taking in a Gambling Game  


The research considers the influence of Choice (the possibility for the player to choose a gamble or another) and Involvement (the physical interaction with the gambling device) on risk taking in gambling games, and whether this influence is mediated by illusory control over the outcome of the gamble. Results of a laboratory experiment (n=100) show that (a) although Choice does increase illusory control, this influence does not translate in increased risk taking, and (b) whilst Involvement do...

Martinez, Frederic; Bonnefon, Jean-franc?ois; Hoskens, Julie



Extended Year, Extended Contracts: Increasing Teacher Salary Options. (United States)

Reports on an attempt to raise teacher salaries through an extended contract made possible through year-round school schedules. Teacher satisfaction with the 1987 experiment in three California schools (the Orchard Plan) has been high. Elements that have contributed to job satisfaction are discussed. (SLD)

Gandara, Patricia



Peers increase adolescent risk taking by enhancing activity in the brain’s reward circuitry (United States)

The presence of peers increases risk taking among adolescents but not adults. We posited that the presence of peers may promote adolescent risk taking by sensitizing brain regions associated with the anticipation of potential rewards. Using fMRI, we measured brain activity in adolescents, young adults, and adults as they made decisions in a simulated driving task. Participants completed one task block while alone, and one block while their performance was observed by peers in an adjacent room. During peer observation blocks, adolescents selectively demonstrated greater activation in reward-related brain regions, including the ventral striatum and orbitofrontal cortex, and activity in these regions predicted subsequent risk taking. Brain areas associated with cognitive control were less strongly recruited by adolescents than adults, but activity in the cognitive control system did not vary with social context. Results suggest that the presence of peers increases adolescent risk taking by heightening sensitivity to the potential reward value of risky decisions. PMID:21499511

Chein, Jason; Albert, Dustin; O’Brien, Lia; Uckert, Kaitlyn; Steinberg, Laurence



Developing teacher sensitivity to individual learning differences (ILDs) : Studies on increasing teacher effectiveness  


Effective teachers are sensitive to individual learning differences (ILDs). This dissertation investigates teacher changes as a result of eight long-term professional development (PD) courses (56-hours and 28-hours) designed to help them become more sensitive to ILDs. In these courses, the teachers were mediated to investigate their own and colleagues' ILDs with the help of learning style inventories and a cognitive style test. The styles scores, interviews of colleagues and mediated d...

Rosenfeld, M. N.



Taking Teacher Responsibility into Account(ability): Explicating Its Multiple Components and Theoretical Status (United States)

Accountability systems have important implications for schooling. Missing from discussions about their implementation, however, are ways they affect teacher responsibility. Responsibility has been insufficiently explicated in the education literature, including its impact on teacher motivation, emotion, and behavior. We propose that a…

Lauermann, Fani; Karabenick, Stuart A.



Increasing Elementary Teachers' Reading of Professional Journals: An Inservice Program. (United States)

Describes an inservice program designed to introduce elementary school teachers to good professional journals and to demonstrate to them methods of efficient and flexible reading of the journals so that they can find the most interesting ideas in a short period of time. (FL)

Stopper, Raymond



Evaluation of a teacher-led physical activity curriculum to increase preschooler physical activity  


Preschool students are generally sedentary at school, and few interventions have addressed whether teacher-led activities can increase physical activity at preschools. The current study aimed to increase physical ...

Jean Harvey-Berino; Janice Bunn; Brian Flynn; Anne Dorwaldt; Gregory Dana; Lizzy Pope; Margaret Dunn-Carver



An Investigation on Rural and Urban Primary Teachers’ Income in the Impoverished Areas of West China:Take Nanjiang County in Sichuan Province as an example  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Taking Nanjiang county in Sichuan Province as object?by using questionnaire and interview, this research tried to investigate the rural and urban primary teachers’ Income. The investigation showed that: there is an obvious gap between urban and rural primary teachers’ income. Compared with the rural primary school teachers, the urban primary teachers’ basic wage, allowance, Welfare and other income are all generally higher. The author analyzed the reasons for the gap and gave some advices. Keywords: impoverished areas; rural and urban primary teachers; income

Li-sha LIAO



Increasing Teachers' Use of Evidence-Based Classroom Management Strategies through Consultation: Overview and Case Studies (United States)

Many classroom teachers are faced with challenging student behaviors that impact their ability to facilitate learning in productive, safe environments. At the same time, high-stakes testing, increased emphasis on evidence-based instruction, data-based decision making, and response-to-intervention models have put heavy demands on teacher time and…

MacSuga, Ashley S.; Simonsen, Brandi



Reason to take physical education teachers choose the content that in sport in secondary education  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This article forms part of a study in which treatment was sought in order to know the area of sport in physical education in compulsory secondary education in the province of Huelva. In this article we focus on aspects that teachers have in mind when choosing the sports content. We examine a total of 63 teachers who were given a questionnaire. The data were analyzed using SPSS (13.0. The main findings are that the sport is content that has greater presence in our classrooms, being team sports the most developed. As for the main reasons for choosing facilities and find that materials are crucial. Another aspect is also taken into account is that content is motivating and innovative, interest and student demand, and self-knowledge and command of the teacher about the different sports.

José Robles Rodríguez



Reason to take physical education teachers choose the content that in sport in secondary education  


This article forms part of a study in which treatment was sought in order to know the area of sport in physical education in compulsory secondary education in the province of Huelva. In this article we focus on aspects that teachers have in mind when choosing the sports content. We examine a total of 63 teachers who were given a questionnaire. The data were analyzed using SPSS (13.0). The main findings are that the sport is content that has greater presence in our classrooms, being team sport...

José Robles Rodríguez; Francisco Javier Giménez Fuentes-Guerra



Taking a Stance through Visual Texts: Novice Teachers as Educational Agents (United States)

Drawing on qualitative methodologies that integrate verbal and non-verbal texts, this study investigated novice teachers' attributions of their experiences of internship, as conveyed through a visual text. Novices were invited to design a visual text that represented their experience during internship, as part of a national call entitled…

Orland-Barak, Lily; Maskit, Ditza



Teacher Improvement Projects in Guinea: Lessons Learned from Taking a Program to National Scale. (United States)

Highlights lessons learned from a small, grant-funded teacher improvement project in Guinea that went nationwide, including: it is possible to make such a system work on a national scale in a resource-scarce country; effective initial and continued training is critical for all participants; it is difficult to provide close-to-school assistance…

Schwille, John; Dembele, Martial; Diallo, Alpha Mahmoudou



Taking on the Motivating Challenge: Rural High School Teachers' Perceptions and Practice (United States)

Motivating high school students is a complex and challenging task. Add the resource shortfall and issues that result from the small size and remoteness of rural districts, and it may seem a nearly impossible undertaking. Motivation theory and research offer potential tools for teachers to use, but what are the needs of rural students, and what…

Hardre, Patricia L.



Peers increase adolescent risk taking even when the probabilities of negative outcomes are known. (United States)

The majority of adolescent risk taking occurs in the presence of peers, and recent research suggests that the presence of peers may alter how the potential rewards and costs of a decision are valuated or perceived. The current study further explores this notion by investigating how peer observation affects adolescent risk taking when the information necessary to make an informed decision is explicitly provided. We used a novel probabilistic gambling task in which participants decided whether to play or pass on a series of offers for which the reward and loss outcome probabilities were made explicit. Adolescent participants completed the task either alone or under the belief that they were being observed by an unknown peer in a neighboring room. Participants who believed a peer was observing them chose to gamble more often than participants who completed the task alone, and this effect was most evident for decisions with a greater probability of loss. These results suggest that the presence of peers can increase risk taking among adolescents even when specific information regarding the likelihood of positive and negative outcomes is provided. The findings expand our understanding of how peers influence adolescent decision making and have important implications regarding the value of educational programs aimed at reducing risky behaviors during adolescence. PMID:24447118

Smith, Ashley R; Chein, Jason; Steinberg, Laurence



Sleep deprivation during late pregnancy produces hyperactivity and increased risk-taking behavior in offspring. (United States)

Sleep deprivation in women resulting from their modern lifestyle, especially during pregnancy, is a serious concern as it can affect the health of the newborn. Anxiety disorders and cognitive deficits in the offspring are also on the rise. However, experimental studies on the effects of sleep loss during pregnancy, on emotional development and cognitive function of the newborn, are scanty in literature. In the current study, female rats were sleep-deprived for 5h by gentle handling, during the 6 days of the third trimester (days 14-19 of pregnancy). The effects of this sleep deprivation on anxiety-related behaviors of pups during their peri-adolescence age were studied using elevated plus maze (EPM). In addition to body weights of dams and offspring, the maternal behavior was also monitored. The weanlings of sleep-deprived dams showed heightened risk-taking behavior as they made increased explorations into the open arms of EPM. They also showed higher mobility in comparison to the control group. Though the body weights of sleep-deprived dams were comparable to those of the control group, their newborns had lower birth weight. Nevertheless, these pups gained weight and reached the control group values during the initial post-natal week. But after weaning, their rate of growth was lower than that of the control group. This is the first report providing evidences for the role of sleep during late pregnancy in shaping the neuropsychological development in offspring. PMID:25446439

Radhakrishnan, Arathi; Aswathy, B S; Kumar, Velayudhan Mohan; Gulia, Kamalesh K



Through your eyes: Incongruence of gaze and action increases spontaneous perspective taking  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available What makes people spontaneously adopt the perspective of others? Previous work suggested that perspective taking can serve understanding the actions of others. Two studies corroborate and extend that interpretation. The first study varied cues to intentionality of eye gaze and action, and found that the more the actor was perceived as potentially interacting with the objects, the stronger the tendency to take his perspective. The second study investigated how manipulations of gaze affect the tendency to adopt the perspective of another reaching for an object. Eliminating gaze cues by blurring the actor’s face did not reduce perspective-taking, suggesting that in the absence of gaze information, observers rely entirely on the action. Intriguingly, perspective-taking was higher when gaze and action did not signal the same intention, suggesting that in presence of ambiguous behavioral intention, people are more likely take the other’s perspective to try to understand the action.




Building Learning Communities to Increase Faculty and Preservice Teacher Use of Technology (United States)

Effective learning communities connect members so that they can share knowledge and experience. This article examines the process and outcomes of building learning communities to increase faculty and preservice teacher use of technology through PT[superscript 3] funding at three institutions: National-Louis University, the University of Houston,…

Borthwick, Arlene C.; Pierson, Melissa E.; Anderson, Cindy L.; Morris, Joyce L.; Lathem, Sandra A.; Parker, Holly Buckland



A Teaching Intervention to Increase Achievement of Hispanic Nonscience Majors Taking Physical Science Courses (United States)

This quasi-experimental pilot study of nonscience majors taking a physical science course at a university in South Texas was conducted on Hispanic undergraduate students, and is theory based--an application of attribution theory. That the treatment group outperformed the comparison group provides evidence of the positive effect of having students…

Poelzer, G. Herold; Zeng, Liang



Opening Up and Closing Down: How Teachers and TAs Manage Turn-Taking, Topic and Repair in Mathematics Lessons (United States)

Support for children with special educational needs in inclusive classrooms is increasingly provided by teaching assistants (TAs). They often have a direct pedagogical role, taking responsibility for instruction in mathematics. The quality of TAs' oral skills is crucial for learning but has rarely been researched. Using conversation analysis, this…

Radford, Julie; Blatchford, Peter; Webster, Rob



Evaluation of a teacher-led physical activity curriculum to increase preschooler physical activity  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Preschool students are generally sedentary at school, and few interventions have addressed whether teacher-led activities can increase physical activity at preschools. The current study aimed to increase physical activity in preschool children enrolled in childcare centers by training childcare providers to deliver a physical activity curriculum. A within-group pre-test/post-test design was used including 32 children at 4 preschools. A teacher-led physical activity curriculum, the Coordinated Approach to Child Health Early Childhood Education Curriculum (CEC was implemented in each childcare center for six weeks. Activity levels of participants were monitored through the use of accelerometers and direct observation for approximately five hours pre- and post-intervention. Time spent in moderate/vigorous physical activity in preschoolers in three of the four preschools suggested a positive trend increasing from 34.5% ± 13.2% baseline to 39.3% ± 15.4% at follow-up (p = 0.10. Teachers from all four centers reported spending 24.6 ± 13.0 minutes per activity session with up to two activity sessions completed per day. These results justify larger trials to determine the impact of a teacher-led physical activity curriculum on the intensity and duration of preschool students’ physical activity at school.

Jean Harvey-Berino



Dopamine Agonist Increases Risk Taking but Blunts Reward-Related Brain Activity  


The use of D2/D3 dopaminergic agonists in Parkinson's disease (PD) may lead to pathological gambling. In a placebo-controlled double-blind study in healthy volunteers, we observed riskier choices in a lottery task after administration of the D3 receptor-preferring agonist pramipexole thus mimicking risk-taking behavior in PD. Moreover, we demonstrate decreased activation in the rostral basal ganglia and midbrain, key structures of the reward system, following unexpected high gains and therefo...

Riba, Jordi; Kra?mer, Ulrike M.; Heldmann, Marcus; Richter, Sylvia; Mu?nte, Thomas F.



Low Mate Encounter Rate Increases Male Risk Taking in a Sexually Cannibalistic Praying Mantis  


Male praying mantises are forced into the ultimate trade-off of mating versus complete loss of future reproduction if they fall prey to a female. The balance of this trade-off will depend both on (1) the level of predatory risk imposed by females and (2) the frequency of mating opportunities for males. We report the results of a set of experiments that examine the effects of these two variables on male risk-taking behavior and the frequency of sexual cannibalism in the praying mantis Tenodera...

Brown, William D.; Muntz, Gregory A.; Ladowski, Alexander J.



Increasing the Teacher Rate of Behaviour Specific Praise and its Effect on a Child with Aggressive Behaviour Problems (United States)

A single subject design was used to investigate the effectiveness of an increase in teacher behaviour-specific praise statements to address anti-social behaviours demonstrated by a student who displays aggressive behaviours. Researchers agree that praise is effective in improving problem behaviours. They also agree that training teachers to use…

Moffat, Thecla Kudakwashe



Increased ultrasonic vocalizations and risk-taking in rat pups of sleep-deprived dams. (United States)

Ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs) in rodent pups are analogous to cries in human babies. There is reduction in USVs in pups after experimental deprivation of rapid eye movement sleep of dams during pregnancy. However, the effects of total sleep deprivation on the USVs of newborns and their emotional development are not documented. Male pups born to the rats that underwent total sleep deprivation for 5h during the third trimester made higher vocalizations, when tested on early postnatal days (pnds) in an isolation-paradigm. Their anxiety-related behaviors during pnds 25-28, were tested using elevated plus maze (EPM). In comparison to the control pups, weanlings of sleep-deprived dams made increased entries into the open arms and higher mobility in the EPM. Enhanced distress calls during early pnds and reduction in risk assessment in weanlings indicate a link between the two behaviors. The USVs during ontogeny may provide early signals about altered emotional development. PMID:25446215

Gulia, Kamalesh K; Patel, Niraj; Kumar, Velayudhan Mohan



Increasing self-efficacy and quality lesson planning using Lesson-Study with elementary preservice teachers (United States)

This qualitative, quasi-experimental study examined if lesson-study could be a successful approach in improving lesson plan quality and increasing self-efficacy levels toward teaching science at the preservice elementary teacher level in North Mississippi. Lesson-Study can be defined as a cycle of instructional improvement in which small groups work together to design and teach a lesson, revising again as needed over the course of a semester. This study described the experiences of two sections of preservice teachers enrolled in a science methods course as they engaged in lesson-study at a comprehensive university in Northeast Mississippi. One section of the class served as the control group while the other section, as the treatment group, received lesson-study over the course of the semester. Data was gathered in the form of interviews, observations, and a self-efficacy survey (STEBI-B). Lesson plans were also graded using a rubric to determine quality level. Findings indicated that, while not statistically significant, the treatment groups scores on the self-efficacy instrument increased more on average than the control groups' scores. There were also positive comments about the lesson study process from the teacher candidates in the treatment group as well as positive behaviors recorded by the researcher. Additionally, according to the external evaluators who graded the final drafts of the lessons, the treatment group had greater gains than the control class on average. These conclusions suggested the lesson study process implemented during the preservice teaching level can be beneficial.

Mitchell, Elizabeth Ann


Impacts of teachers’ competency on job performance in research universities with industry characteristics: Taking academic atmosphere as moderator  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Purpose: Research universities with industry characteristics play an irreplaceable role in national economic development and social development. With the rapid development of research universities with industry characteristics in China, these universities face new challenges in managing teachers and promoting their quality. This paper aims to examine the impact of teachers’ competency on job performance in research university with industry characteristics Design/methodology/approach: Based on the behavioral event interview and questionnaire methods, a four-dimension (i.e. basic quality, teaching ability, industry awareness and research capacity competency model was proposed, the influence mechanism of competency on job performance was examined using empirical research. Findings: We found that there is a significant positive correlation between the teachers’ competency level, four dimensions and job performance in research universities with industry characteristics, especially between research capacity, teaching ability, industry awareness and job performance. And academic atmosphere plays a regulatory role in the interaction between the competency and job performance. Practical implications: Our findings can help to improve the management level of teachers in research universities with industry characteristics.Originality/value: The paper introduces the competency theory to the teacher management in research universities with industry characteristics, and gives some interesting findings.

Anguo Xu



Pedagogical Strategies to Increase Pre-service Teachers? Confidence in Computer Learning  


Pre-service teachers? attitudes towards computers significantly influence their future adoption of integrating computer technology into their teaching. What are the pedagogical strategies that a teacher education instructor or an instructional designer can incorporate to enhance a pre-service teacher?s comfort level in using computers? In this exploratory report, the researcher synthesizes related literature, provides a comprehensive list of theory-based instructional strategies, and descri...

Li-Ling Chen



It Takes a Department! A Study of the Culture of Proficiency in Three Successful Foreign Language Teacher Education Programs (United States)

The aim of this study was to investigate the contexts and practices of three undergraduate foreign language teacher education programs identified by ACTFL/Language Testing International and reported by Glisan, Swender, and Surface (2013) as having a high success rate in propelling their graduates into the Advanced proficiency level on the ACTFL…

Brooks, Frank B.; Darhower, Mark Anthony



Incentives and Effort in the Public Sector : Have U.S. Education Reforms Increased Teachers? Work Hours?  


Beyond some contracted minimum, salaried workers? hours are largely chosen at the worker?s discretion and should respond to the strength of contract incentives. Accordingly, we consider the response of teacher hours to accountability and school choice laws introduced in U.S. public schools over the past two decades. Total weekly hours of full-time teachers have risen steadily since 1983 by about an hour, and after-school instructional hours have increased 34 percent since 1987. Average hours ...

Stoddard, Christiana; Kuhn, Peter



Research on the Stiff Function of Network Media Taking Network Media Reports on Male Teachers as Examples  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In order to research on the stiff function of network media, this paper selects a special group-male teachers as research objects, analyzes comprehensively from the perspective of communication science, summarizes how the image of this group is set up in network media and what kind of communication effect is generated, and makes suggestions, which are expected to be beneficial for network media to exert effective function in public opinion supervision.

Kunjin Luo



Intragastric acidification increases the sensitivity of 14C-urea breath test in patients taking a proton pump inhibitor  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Objective: To investigate if intragastric acidification at the ingestion of 14C-urea can decrease the likelihood of false-negative (FN) results of urea breath test (UBT) in patients taking a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). Methods: Twenty-three patients with positive 14C-UBT (UBT-1) results underwent an acid suppression treatment with omeprazole 40 mg/d for 14 d. On day 13, patients underwent second standard UBT (YBT-2). On day 14, patients underwent a modified UBT (UBT-3), which included consuming 200 mL of 0.1 mol/L citric acid solution 30 min before and at the administration of 14C-urea. Mean 14CO2 expiration and the number of FN results were compared for the three UBTs. Results: Omeprazole caused a significant decrease in mean 14CO2 excretion between UBT-1[(5.57 +- 3.90) Bq/mmol] and UBT-2[(1.98 +- 1.42) Bq/mmol, t=5.867, P=0.000]. Omeprazole caused 10(43.5%) FN UBT-2 results. Mean 14CO2 expiration in UBT-3 [(4.93 +- 3.77) Bq/mmol] was greater than that in UBT-2 (t=-4.538, P=0.000). UBT-3 caused only 2 FN results (8.7%, x2=6.66, P14C-urea increases 14Co2 expiration and decreases FN 14C-UBT results in patients taking PPI


Taking peer victimization research to the next level: complex interactions among genes, teacher attitudes/behaviors, peer ecologies, & classroom characteristics. (United States)

This commentary reviews research findings of the five papers in the special entitled "School-related Factors in the Development of Bullying Perpetration and Victimization", which represent critical areas that are often overlooked in the literature. First, one paper points to the complex interaction between a genetic disposition for aggression and classroom norms toward aggression. Second, an intervention paper unpacks the underlying mechanisms of an efficacious school-wide bully prevention program by opening the "black box" and testing for mediators. Third, the remaining studies employ a wide range of rigorous designs to identify how teachers' attitudes, behaviors, and classroom practices play a critical role in the prevalence of victimization and bullying in the classroom. Further, teachers' attitudes and behaviors are shown to be predictive of youth's willingness to intervene to assist a peer who is being victimized. Results are situated in what is known about bullying prevention, and how the findings from these studies could maximize the sensitivity of future prevention efforts. PMID:25345834

Espelage, Dorothy L



Classroom Profiling Training: Increasing Preservice Teachers' Confidence and Knowledge of Classroom Management Skills (United States)

Classroom management is a serious concern for beginning teachers including preservice teachers. The Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) has developed the Essential Skills for Classroom Management (ESCM), a system of positive and pro-active strategies for maintaining supportive learning environments. In addition, the…

Jackson, Cliff; Simoncini, Kym; Davidson, Mark



Reflective Essay: What Are the Major Challenges Faced by Teacher Education in an Increasing Global Society? (United States)

As she reflects on the question forming the title of this piece, the author begins with a premise--namely, that they became teacher educators because they are motivated to make a difference. They are committed to education, and they feel compelled to prepare the next generation of teachers. With the best of intentions, the author does not think…

Flores, Belinda Bustos



Reflection in Action: Increasing Teacher Awareness of the Learning Needs of Specific Socio-Cultural Groups. (United States)

Examines the issue of appropriate methodology for teaching English as a foreign language for differing sociocultural contexts. The article, based on the experiences of a team of teachers from a wide variety of teaching backgrounds, also examines the extent of the need for awareness raising in relation to learner backgrounds and teachers' varying…

Ainscough, Valerie



Thematic Blogs: Tools to Increase Interaction, Collaboration and Autonomy among Pre-Service Foreign Language Teachers (United States)

This paper reports a study that is done in an English Language Teaching (ELT) pre-service teacher undergraduate course at a university in Turkey. Seventy six EFL pre-service teachers were asked to create Thematic Blogs in groups by using WordPress. Each group was assigned a specific topic

Savas, Perihan



Exposure to Free-Play Modes in Simulated Online Gaming Increases Risk-Taking in Monetary Gambling. (United States)

This study examined the behavioral effects of practice modes in simulated slot machine gambling. A sample of 128 participants predominantly aged 18-24 years were randomly allocated to 1 of 4 pre-exposure conditions: control (no practice), standard 90 % return to player, inflated return to player and inflated return with pop-up messages. Participants in all conditions engaged in monetary gambling using a realistic online simulation of a slot machine. As predicted, the results showed that those players exposed to inflated or 'profit' demonstration modes placed significantly higher bets in the real-play mode as compared to the other groups. However, the groups did not differ in relation to how long they persisted in the real-play mode. Pop-up messages had no significant effect on monetary gambling behavior. The results of this study confirm that exposure to inflated practice or "demo" modes lead to short-term increases in risk-taking. These findings highlight the need for careful regulation and monitoring of internet gambling sites, as well as further research on the potential risks of simulated gambling activities for vulnerable segments of the gambling population. PMID:25023183

Frahn, Tahnee; Delfabbro, Paul; King, Daniel L



Aprendizagens profissionais de professores dos primeiros anos participantes num estudo de aula / Professional teachers of early education learning and taking part of a class study  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese O estudo de aula é um processo formativo que leva os professores a refletirem, através de um trabalho eminentemente colaborativo, sobre a sua prática profissional. Trata-se de uma experiência que envolve três momentos principais: planejamento, observação da aula, e reflexão pós-aula e seguimento. O [...] seu objetivo é criar condições para uma maior compreensão dos processos de raciocínio dos alunos por parte dos professores e, assim, contribuir para o seu desenvolvimento profissional. Neste artigo, analisamos as possibilidades formativas dos estudos de aula no que se refere às aprendizagens profissionais dos professores relativas à prática letiva, com enfoque na seleção de tarefas e na análise do raciocínio dos alunos, bem como à sua visão da colaboração e reflexão profissional. Para isso, seguiu-se uma metodologia qualitativa e interpretativa, tendo por base a observação participante. O estudo de aula que apresentamos decorreu num Agrupamento de Escolas, situado numa zona rural, e envolveu cinco professoras dos primeiros anos e uma equipe do Instituto de Educação. Os resultados reforçam a ideia de que os estudos de aula podem proporcionar aos professores um olhar mais atento sobre a natureza das tarefas a propor em sala de aula e levá-los a valorizar mais os processos de raciocínio dos seus alunos. Além disso, este trabalho evidencia o contributo do estudo de aula para o desenvolvimento de um trabalho colaborativo entre professores e para a sua valorização da reflexão. Abstract in english The study of an instructional class is a process of schooling that helps teachers to think through an eminent and collaborative work and their professional career. That study deals with the experience which involves three mostly important events: planning, observation of the instructional class and [...] questioning pos-classroom and follow-ups. Its objective is to create conditions for a bigger comprehension of the processes which involve reasoning from students motivated by teachers and, on that manner, the report contributes to the professional development. On this article, we analyze the schooling possibilities of studies for the classroom due respect to teachers' forms of learning skills related to their elective practice with the focus on selecting tasks along with students forms of reasoning as well as their professional vision of collaboration and the importance of questioning. This report follows a qualitative and interpretative methodology having on the background the actor as a basis of observation. The study of the instructional class we present takes place on a Given Number of Schools which can be located in a farming area in a rural zone and it involved a crew of 5 teachers from the 5th primary years from the Institute of Education. The results reinforce the idea that the studies of schooling class provide teachers with an attentive look over the nature of tasks to be suggested in the classroom and teachers help students to attribute more values over the tasks and the reasoning of their pupils. Thus, this work sets light over the contribution of the schooling class for the development of a collaborative work between teachers for its questioning.

Mónica, Baptista; João Pedro da, Ponte; Isabel, Velez; Estela, Costa.



Incentives and Effort in the Public Sector: Have US Education Reforms Increased Teachers' Work Hours? (United States)

Beyond some contracted minimum, salaried workers' hours are largely chosen at the worker's discretion and should respond to the strength of contract incentives. Accordingly, we consider the response of teacher hours to accountability and school choice laws introduced in US public schools over the past two decades. Total weekly hours of full-time…

Stoddard, Christiana; Kuhn, Peter



Offering Community Engagement Activities to Increase Chemistry Knowledge and Confidence for Teachers and Students (United States)

Given the emphasis on community engagement in higher education, academic departments need to become more involved in the community. This paper discusses a number of outreach activities undertaken by the chemistry department at Rhodes University, South Africa. The activities range from service learning to community engagement with teachers and…

Sewry, Joyce D.; Glover, Sarah R.; Harrison, Timothy G.; Shallcross, Dudley E.; Ngcoza, Kenneth M.



Physical Education Teacher Education: Creating a Foundation to Increase the Status of Physical Education in Schools (United States)

Physical education teacher education (PETE) programs have contributed to the marginalization of physical education in three significant ways. First, the nature of content knowledge is contested. Is content knowledge disciplinary knowledge, or is movement the content knowledge of our field? Second, PETE has failed to produce a critical mass of K-12…

Richardson, Karen Pagnano



Increasing the Teaching Efficacy of a Beginning Special Education Teacher Using Differentiated Instruction: A Case Study (United States)

This article provides a description of how a beginning special education teacher in an inclusion classroom used pre-assessment, self-assessment, and on-going assessment to implement the principles of differentiated instruction to become more responsive to her students' needs in a systematic way. This article describes a case study of one beginning…

Ernest, James M.; Heckaman, Kelly A.; Thompson, Shirley E.; Hull, Karla M.; Carter, Shannon W.



Is Conformity a Mediating Variable on Increased Risk-Taking Behavior Across Years of Membership in the Greek System?  

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Full Text Available In the college subculture of Greek Life, members adhere to specific rules and norms in order to remain accepted, which could beindicative of conformity. This notion raises the question: what is the role of conformity on the risk taking behaviors of alcoholusage and sexual promiscuity as well as on the academic performance across years of membership? The article examines conformityin 31 fraternity members, cross-sectionally, using a compressed longitudinal design and hypothesizes members develop lower levelsof conformity after initiation, making them less susceptible to risk taking behaviors such as binge drinking, sexual promiscuityand decreased academic performance. Surveys were administered in paper format, and results were evaluated using a series ofanalysis of variance equations. The results indicated an interaction effect between peer conformity (high, low and alcoholicbeverages consumed as well as a main effects for between peer involvement (high, low and time on college GPA.




Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS increases risk taking behavior in the Balloon Analogue Risk Task  

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Full Text Available The process of evaluating risks and benefits involves a complex neural network that includes the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC. It has been proposed that in conflict and reward situations, theta-band (4–8 Hz oscillatory activity in the frontal cortex may reflect an electrophysiological mechanism for coordinating neural networks monitoring behavior, as well as facilitating task-specific adaptive changes. The goal of the present study was to investigate the hypothesis that theta-band oscillatory balance between right and left frontal and prefrontal regions, with a predominance role to the right hemisphere, is crucial for regulatory control during decision-making under risk. In order to explore this hypothesis, we used transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS, a novel technique that provides the opportunity to explore the functional role of neuronal oscillatory activities and to establish a causal link between specific oscillations and functional lateralization in risky decision-making situations. For this aim, healthy participants were randomly allocated to one of three stimulation groups (LH stimulation / RH stimulation / Sham stimulation, with active AC stimulation delivered in a frequency-dependent manner (at 6.5 Hz; 1mA peak to-peak. During the AC stimulation, participants performed the Balloon Analog Risk Task. This experiment revealed that participants receiving LH stimulation displayed riskier decision-making style compared to sham and RH stimulation groups. However, there was no difference in decision-making behaviors between sham and RH stimulation groups. The current study extends the notion that DLPFC activity is critical for adaptive decision-making in the context of risk-taking and emphasis the role of theta-band oscillatory activity during risky decision-making situations.




Teacher Leadership: What Are Teachers Currently Practicing and What Do They Want to Practice? (United States)

School leadership theory has evolved since the 1980s from the traditional, hierarchical model to a democratic vision of leadership as an organizational phenomenon (Ogawa & Bossert, 1995). When classroom teachers are engaged in leadership activities, collective empowerment takes root and teachers' commitment to school goals increases. The purpose…

Sides, Lindsey Rutherford



Electronic Portfolios in Teacher Education: A Case Study of Early Childhood Teacher Candidates (United States)

The use of electronic portfolios is increasingly becoming popular in teacher education programs. The electronic portfolio allows learners to express their work and take ownership over their own ability to plan and assess and reflect upon their learning during a specific period of time. While many teacher education programs have adopted electronic…

Ntuli, Esther; Keengwe, Jared; Kyei-Blankson, Lydia



Listening Ability of Physical Education Teacher Department and Classroom Teacher Department Students on Interpersonal Communication  


In the educational process “listening” is taking an important role like interpersonal communication. So, it is possible to increase the activity of teacher in communication between teacher and student by gaining and strengthening the “listening ability”. In the point of this view, the purpose of this study was to find out interpersonalcommunication ability level of classroom and physical education teacher department students and make some suggestions.For this purpose, 150 classroom te...

Yoncalik, Og?uzhan; C?i?men, Zafer



The Major Challenges Facing Teacher Education in an Increasingly Global Society (United States)

Central to schools of education are the professional preparation and development of future educators, who will be responsible for preparing citizens to function and live in a global community. Globalization and schooling have the potential to successfully or unsuccessfully affect the skills that students need to succeed in an increasingly global…

Paese, Paul C.



Research on the Influencing Factors of Job Stress of University Teachers ---- Take Changchun University of Science and Technology as an Example  

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The paper selects 159 teachers of Changchun University of Science and Technology (CUST by stratifi ed sampling method to perform questionnaire survey, determines five factors that influence the job stress of university teachers by principal component analysis. It also analyzes the influence of academic title, gender, age, education background, length of service and discipline difference on the job stress so as to guide universities to deal with teachers’ job stress.

Key words: University teacher; Job stress; Job performance

Résumé Le présent texte sélectionne 159 professeurs de l’Universitéde de la science et de la technologie de Changchun (CUST par la méthode d’échantillonnage stratifié pour effectuer enquête par questionnaire, détermine cinq facteurs qui infl uencent le stress au travail des professeurs d’université par l’analyse en composantes principales. Il analyse également l’influence du titre de formation, le sexe, l’âge, l’éducation de base, la durée de service et de la différence de discipline sur le stress au travail afi n de guider les universités à faire face au stress d’emploi des enseignants.

Mots clés: Professeur d’université; Le stress au travail; Le rendement au travail

Liying GUO



Chinese Teachers' Views on the Increasing Use of Putonghua as a Medium of Instruction in Hong Kong Schools (United States)

The use of a particular language as medium of instruction (MOI) is a complex issue in multilingual and post-colonial contexts such as Hong Kong, on which teachers' voices are often neglected. To capture their voices, this paper reports on an interpretive inquiry of eight experienced Chinese teachers' professional experiences with a focus on their…

Gao, Xuesong; Leung, Pamela Pui-Wan; Trent, John



Increasing the Chances of Implementing NGSS by Bolstering High School Teacher Knowledge and Views about Climate Change, a NICE NASA Example (United States)

Purpose of Presentation This paper will highlight how the results of this initial study foreshadow possibilities of NGSS (NGSS, 2013) playing out in high school classrooms in the near future. Research findings from a three-year NASA-funded project, Promoting Educational Leadership in Climate Science (PEL) will be presented. Objectives and Research Questions PEL aims to increase climate science literacy in high school teachers and students through scientific argumentation using authentic NASA data. This initial study focuses on the following questions: 1. Are teachers increasing their climate science knowledge? 2. Are there changes in teachers' views about climate change? 3. What resources and are provided to assist teachers to develop their students' scientific argumentation skills? Theoretical Framework Because of the changing nature of climate science knowledge and its relevance to societal issues, teachers must be able to understand the basic concepts and remain up-to-date on scientific issues. The need for a more thorough understanding of the concepts of climate change are highlighted by recent studies on the public perceptions and attitudes on the subject (Leiserowitz et al., 2013). Teachers need to understand the difference between skepticism as a characteristic of the nature of science and denial of climate change (Sommervillle & Hasol, 2011). Teachers need to understand the natural and human-induced factors affecting climate, and the potential consequences, and ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Generally, when teachers learn about a subject, they demonstrate more self-efficacy to teach about it (Bleicher & Lindgren, 2005). Analytic Strategy Data were analyzed using paired-samples t-tests, independent t -tests, and ANOVA. Latent class analysis was employed to analyze the Six America's Survey data. Correlational studies were conducted to examine possible relationships among variables. Findings in Brief Teachers' content knowledge increased significantly and teachers were more concerned about climate change after participation in PEL. Teachers with higher self-efficacy demonstrated higher climate change science knowledge. Teachers indicated that they felt more confident and were motivated to implement classroom lessons with their students that employed resources rich in NASA climate data and focused on scientific argumentation. References Bleicher, R.E., & Lindgren, J. (2005). Success in learning science and preservice science teaching self-efficacy. Journal of Science Teacher Education. 16, 205-225. Leiserowitz, A., Maibach, E., Roser-Renouf, C., Feinberg, G., & Howe, P.(2013) Climate change in the American mind: Americans' global warming beliefs and attitudes in April, 2013 Yale University and George Mason University. New Haven, CT: Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. Retrieved 7/26/13 from: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). (2013). Available at Somerville, R. C. J. & Hassol, S. J. (2011). Communicating the science of climate change. Physics Today, 64(10), 48-53.

Bleicher, R. E.



Fostering Leadership Skills in Pre-Service Teachers (United States)

Teacher leadership is about empowering teachers to take a more active role in school improvement. Current pathways to teacher leadership, namely the Teacher Leader Master (TLM) degree program and teacher-led professional development, mainly target in-service teachers. Less attention has been paid to teacher leadership training in current teacher

Xu, Yuejin; Patmor, George



Teacher profiles  


...teacher Routes into physics teaching Making an application IOP Teacher Training Scholarships School Experience Programme Profiles Teacher profiles The path to becoming a physics ...of my highlights was when a set of pupils on my second school placement tried to persuade me to not leave at the end!...year I’m due to take up a teaching position in an all-boys school. The school is very keen for me to set up ...IOP Scholar I was working full time and gaining experience in English schools before I started my PGCE. I have a strong background ...


Teacher Involvement in Pre-Service Teacher Education (United States)

Many researchers in the field of teacher education have proposed the formation of partnerships between teachers and teacher educators, without explicitly stating what additional roles teachers might play in the teacher preparation process. This article describes how some pre-service teacher education programmes have increased the involvement of…

Mason, Kevin O.



Taking Medication (United States)

... Educator Questions, Comments, Concerns? 800 . 338 . 3633 Taking Medication Diabetes is a progressive condition. Depending on what ... healthcare team will be able to determine which medications they should be taking and help them understand ...


Taking Medication  

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Full Text Available ... Educator Questions, Comments, Concerns? 800 . 338 . 3633 Taking Medication Diabetes is a progressive condition. Depending on what ... healthcare team will be able to determine which medications they should be taking and help them understand ...


Short-term data collection projects: A means to increase teacher content knowledge and bring authentic research experiences into the classroom (United States)

Short-term field research projects were embedded into a two-week, Mathematics and Science Partnership-funded, teacher institute devoted to increasing content knowledge about the physical basis of climate change. Teams of four teachers were encouraged to ask any research question related to weather or climate, and create a data collection method that they thought might help answer their question. They were provided with a range of measurement devices, from simple immersible thermometers to light sensors, probeware, and carbon dioxide concentration sensors. Teams were expected to design data collection sites in a middle-school setting, present site designs to their peers, collect data, present initial results, and participate in peer-review about site design and data collected. Teachers were encouraged to generate research questions that could be replicated with their students at their schools. Design complexity ranged widely with some teachers deliberately choosing to model sites their students might design and others making full use of more sophisticated technology. On the third day of the institute, each group presented their research question and setup for data collection in poster format. Large gaps in understanding about testable questions and effective data collection methods were apparent. Instead of addressing errors as groups presented, facilitators encouraged participants to explore each groups’ presentation and make comments using post-it notes. Participants were then encouraged to respond to the comments and consider modifying their questions, site designs, or data collection methods. Teams gathered data up to three times daily and were fully responsible for choosing means of data organization; by the second week most were using and becoming familiar with Microsoft Excel. Final presentations were in Microsoft PowerPoint. Teams were expected to graphically report data, present possible interpretations, and discuss any problems related to their initial questions or methods. All teams reported problems with their work and identified improvements for future research. Teachers reported that the field component was very helpful to their understanding of the process of science and to deepening their content knowledge about climate change research. Additionally they reported that they were much more likely to include short-term research projects in their own classrooms as a result of this experience. Short-term data collection experiences such as these can serve to: - Encourage teachers to provide students with the opportunity to develop their own questions, and design methods to answer those questions; - Expose teachers to common pitfalls in data collection methods so that teachers can later guide students as students encounter similar problems; - Familiarize teachers with widely available technology used to record and present data; - Refine teacher understanding of research and improve likelihood of success on longer research projects; - Enable teachers to look at data sets more critically and in more depth; - Better understand how to construct, read, and interpret data tables and graphs; and - Increase depth of understanding of science content.

Gaboardi, M.; Parker, W.; Rodriguez, D.



Taking Medication  

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Full Text Available ... or labels with you when you go to health appointments. Ask a family member to go to an appointment with you adn take notes so your not confused when you get home. Also, ask them to remind you to take your medications or labels when you go for any medical appointment.


Taking Medication  

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Full Text Available ... when you go to health appointments. Ask a family member to go to an appointment with you adn take notes so your not confused when you get home. Also, ask them to remind you to take your medications or labels when you go for any medical appointment.


Taking Medication  

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Full Text Available ... you go to health appointments. Ask a family member to go to an appointment with you adn take notes so your not confused when you get home. Also, ask them to remind you to take your medications or labels when you go for any medical appointment.


The Classroom Check-up: A Classwide Teacher Consultation Model for Increasing Praise and Decreasing Disruptive Behavior  


School-based consultation typically focuses on individual student problems and on a small number of students rather than on changing the classroom system. The Classroom Check-up (CCU) was developed as a classwide consultation model to address the need for classroom level support while minimizing treatment integrity problems common to school-based consultation. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effects of the CCU and Visual Performance Feedback on teacher and student behavior. Resul...

Reinke, Wendy M.; Lewis-palmer, Teri; Merrell, Kenneth



Taking Medicines (United States)

... of this page please turn Javascript on. Taking Medicines Drugs in the Body Medicines can enter the body in many different ways, ... many steps happen along the way. Understanding how medicines work in your body can help you learn ...


How does an increase in undergraduate teaching load affect GP teacher motivation? A grounded theory study using data from a new medical school. (United States)

The opening of a new medical school is a cause for celebration. Starting with a clean slate often gives the opportunity to adopt more modern teaching practices. However, encouraging large numbers of clinicians to start teaching and to adopt these new methods brings its own set of challenges. During the expansion phase of a new medical school, it was often noted that new teachers seemed to have considerable difficulties, and often expressed these as negativity towards student placements. This did not chime with much of the work from established schools, which seemed to evaluate expansion of teaching more positively. We wanted to better understand the issues involved. Semi-structured interviews were conducted involving GPs who had received medical students over the first four years of a newly established medical school. The aims were to assess the impact of the students on the new teachers, and to try to better understand why some teachers were experiencing difficulties. We collected qualitative and quantitative data at the interviews. The qualitative data were analysed using grounded theory which aims to link emerging themes together. The findings suggest that as the quantity of teaching medical students increases, the enjoyment and commitment to teaching may decrease. Concerns over the administration of teaching may begin to predominate. Two factors may help to reduce this: 1 Adequate investment in manpower and premises to reduce time and space constraints on teaching. 2 Practices considering themselves as teaching practices where education is a part of the practice identity. PMID:23906166

Harding, Alex; Sweeney, Grace



Teaching language teachers scaffolding professional learning  

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Teaching Language Teachers: Scaffolding Professional Learning provides an updated view of as well as a reader-friendly introduction to the field of Teaching Teachers, with special reference to language teaching. By taking a decidedly Sociocultural perspective, the book addresses the main role of the Teacher of Teachers (ToT) as that of scaffolding the professional learning of aspiring teachers.

Maggioli, Gabriel Diaz



Taking Medication  

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Full Text Available ... to inject insulin or explain how diabetes pills work and when to take them. Effective drug therapy in combination with healthy lifestyle choices, can lower blood glucose levels, reduce the risk for diabetes complications and produce other clinical benefits. The goal is ...


Taking Medication  

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Full Text Available ... Store Events Make a Donation Access My Learning Access AADE7 System Find a Diabetes Educator Questions, Comments, Concerns? 800 . 338 . 3633 Taking Medication Diabetes is a progressive condition. Depending on what type a person has, their healthcare team will be able to determine which medications ...


Comparing Views of Primary School Mathematics Teachers and Prospective Mathematics Teachers about Instructional Technologies  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Technology is rapidly improving in both hardware and software side. As one of the contemporary needs people should acquire certain knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits to understand this technology, to adapt to it and to make use of its benefits. In addition, as in all domains of life, change and improvement is also unavoidable for educational field. As known, change and improvement in education depends on lots of factors. One of the most important factors is teacher. In order to disseminate educational reforms, teachers themselves should accept the innovation first (Hardy, 1998, Baki, 2002; Oral, 2004. There has been variety of studies investigating teacher and prospective teachers? competences, attitudes and opinions (Paprzychi, Vikovic & Pierson, 1994; Hardy, 1998; Kocasaraç, 2003; Lin, Hsiech and Pierson, 2004; Eliküçük, 2006; Ye?ilyurt, 2006; Fendi, 2007; Teo, 2008; Arslan, Kutluca & Özp?nar, 2009. As the common result of these studies indicate that teachers? interest towards using instructional technology have increased. Accordingly, most of the teachers began to think that using instructional technologies becomes inevitable for teachers. By reviewing the related literature, no studies have been come across comparing the opinions of teachers and teacher candidates about instructional technologies. In this study, it was aimed to investigate and compare the views of mathematics teachers with prospective mathematics teachers about ICT. It was considered that collecting opinions of teachers and teachers candidates about the instructional technologies, comparing and contrasting them will contribute to the field. To follow this research inquiry, a descriptive approach type; case study research design was applied. The reason for choosing such design is that the case study method permits studying one aspect of the problem in detail and in a short time (Yin, 2003; Çepni, 2007. The study was conducted with the total sample of 12. 3 of them were mathematics teachers chosen from 3 different schools of different social stratification among primary schools in Artvin city center in the spring term of 2008-2009 educational year, another 3 of them were mathematics teachers from 3 different schools of different social stratification among primary schools in Trabzon city. Prospective mathematics teachers at their last year were randomly chosen from the elementary mathematics teacher training program of Fatih Faculty of Education in Karadeniz Technical University.The chosen 6 teachers and 6 candidate teachers were interviewed with 9-item semi-structured interviews in duration of 25 to 40 minutes. The opinions of the teachers and candidate teachers were compared and interpreted in a multidimensional point of view by the researchers. Concerning the research inquiries, the obtained data were classified under the titles as; definition of the instructional technology concept, instructional technologies used by the participants, benefits of this usage, competences related to usage of these technologies, suggestions for using these technologies. Based on the data these results were drawn; while the teachers take the instructional technologies concept as technological tool specifically, the candidate teachers, on the other hand, perceive the concept from a broader point of view. The teachers are more acquainted with mainstream technological products like computer and internet however the candidate teachers are also aware of books, magazines and concrete materials. Complying with some previous studies (Baki, 2000; Ye?ilyurt, 2006; Lin, Hsiech and Pierson, 2004; Ayvac? et al., 2007, both teachers and candidate teachers agree on that using instructional technologies matters in a positive way. However, since the teachers are actively in-service, they mentioned on application problems, on the contrary the candidate teachers are unaware of the prospective problems. The reason of this situation may be the problems faced during the application but could not be envisaged in the theoretical pre-service education. T

Adnan Baki



The Role of Teachers in Reducing/Increasing Listening Comprehension Test Anxiety: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Three components have been introduced for foreign language learning anxiety in the literature: Test anxiety, fear of negative evaluation and communication apprehension. This study teases out the first of the three components with special focus on listening comprehension test to investigate the correlation between listening test results and foreign language anxiety. More importantly, the study aims at questioning the role teachers can play in either alleviating or aggravating the anxiety which has been triggered in the listening test takers. For this purpose, a number of 60 intermediate-level EFL learners participated in the study. To measure the level of anxiety in the testees, a modified and translated version of foreign language class anxiety scale (FLCAS (developed by Horwtiz, Horwitz, and Cope, p. 1986 was used to be correlated with the testees’ scores in listening comprehension test. The results showed a moderate but significant negative correlation between FLCAS and listening comprehension (r=-.469. To answer the second research question, the high anxious participants underwent a treatment, which was designed to alleviate their foreign language learning anxiety. Immediately after the treatment, another listening comprehension test was administered to them to find out whether the treatment session can influence the test results. Using the statistical technique of t-test, the results showed that the high anxious informants had a significant improvement in the second listening comprehension test results due to the reduction of their level of anxiety in the treatment session. Finally, some suggestions were made to the teachers who seek to alleviate the amount of anxiety in their students.

Naser Atasheneh




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teacher-training programmes at the universities should be at the level of and ideally ahead of developments in the schools. When both teaching organisations and the authorities place an emphasis on efforts towards increased professionalism in the work of the teacher, it is reasonable to ask how the teacher-training programmes at the universities can and should respond.  This is taking place at a time when new management systems are being put in place within the education sector.  The purposes of this article are to place the questions relating to efforts towards increased professionalism within a theoretical framework and to use this framework to discuss challenges faced by the teacher-training programmes at the universities in particular. The theoretical framework consists of four competing visions for influence in terms of the school’s activities: professionalism, administrative management of the school sector, school democracy and marketisation. I will use this theoretical framework to discuss the possibilities and limitations for efforts towards increased professionalism and their consequences for teacher-training institutions. The solutions to the conflicts between these visions suggest that it is rational to look for a balance between several positive but partially contradictory intentions.  The efforts towards increased professionalism have consequences both for student teachers and for established teachers, whilst tools for assessing teachers and making them accountable also have deep implications for teacher training.  The manner in which these tools will be used will have consequences for the competitive situation between schools.  Product development will be important in this perspective, which means a need to develop innovation skills within the teacher’s field of work. The conclusion must be that efforts towards increased professionalism based on tools for increasing responsibility and work assessment provides the teacher-training programmes at the universities with both significant challenges and with new opportunities.DOI:

Eyvind Elstad



Taking Charge: An Introduction to Electricity (e-book) (United States)

Spark your students' interest in electricity. Taking Charge is designed to help teachers bring the intimidating subject of electricity to students in the middle grades. These teacher-tested, hands-on activities use readily available materials a

Larry E. Schafer



The internal school audit as teachers’ learning.Master’s work  


Lithuania cares for education quality. The internal school audit is a part of education monitoring, which helps to increase quality and to know the level which Lithuania takes among the others European countries. Performing the internal school audit, the teachers learn a lot of new things. The aim of this magistrate work is to research the audit influence on the teachers’ learning. The objectives of this work are to analyze the publications related this question, to investigate the teachers...

Kirilova, Galina



Taking of history  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

Learning how to take a history is an extremely important discipline in the education of veterinary students. In our opinion the fact that this discipline is often neglected in traditional teaching is a big mistake. The mere thought of facing a real client can be almost paralysing to even the smartest student. So the more familiar a student can become with these situations the better. Since september 2006, veterinary students at Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, have received training in the discipline of history taking, using innovative educational methods: Online The students prepare themselves for the course by going online at home the day before class. Here they find a narrated PowerPoint presentation containing : 1) The principles of history taking 2) Client diversities – and the obstacles one might have to face with these different types of clients Video In class a series of videos are shown to the students. These videos shows different situations from the clinic and illustrate different types of clients. Some situations are taken from real life, others are made using actors. Each situation is discussed in class – we look at the obvious hurdles that we meet with the different types of clients, and we discuss any mistakes done by the veterinarian. Subjects such as ethical values, bad conscience, euthanasia, new family members, value of life, economy, maltreatment, etc. are often discussed. Live Role Playing We end up with a session of Live Role Play - the teacher/veterinarian acting as a client and one or two students acting as the veterinarian. Letting the teacher act as the client instead of an actor doing it, has two benefits. First of all the teacher is able to answer any question in a feasible way, knowing what the symptoms would be like in a given situation. Secondly, the students won’t be intimidated by the situation, as they are already familiar with the ‘client’. The ‘client’/teacher must be able to perform as different types of clients to make the sessions more interesting, colourful and fun. During these Live Role sessions, the students will get help and good advice from the ‘audience’. This way everybody in class participates and learn – and we all have fun!

Langebæk, Rikke


Teacher's Mind Resources: Teacher's Transforming Education (United States)

Proposing a teacher-based approach to educational reform, the Teacher's Mind Resources site is built around a recently published study of education, entitled Teaching in Mind: How Teacher Thinking Shapes Education. While largely promotional, the site offers a great deal of perspective into the current analysis of reformist trends and initiatives to stand on its own as a valuable source of insight and inspiration to educators at every level. Philosophically, the site's author is convinced that popular efforts to apply "universal" educational standards are meaningless - if they fail to take into account what each teacher brings to the class as an individual. Thus, it focuses on the teacher's mind as a unique tool destined to interpret every mandated standard differently and uniquely. Offering forums, media, and recently published research in the area, the Teacher's Mind site looks both to inform and engage all users.


"The Teacher Is an Octopus": Uncovering Preservice English Language Teachers' Prior Beliefs through Metaphor Analysis (United States)

Preservice teachers come to any teacher education course with prior experiences, knowledge and beliefs about learning and teaching. Additionally, the belief systems of preservice teachers often serve as a lens through which they view the content of the teacher education program. Consequently, it is essential that teacher educators take these prior…

Farrell, Thomas S. C.



Using of bathtubs on the basis of biologically active agents of a phytogenesis for increase of reserve opportunities at the persons who actively takes sports  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Recently considerable interest to application in the medical purposes of the preparations based on vegetable raw materials in connection with their low toxicity and considerable therapeutic efficiency has been increased. The research aimed studying of an influence of chestnut bathtubs on a physical state, functional cardiovascular reserves, vegetative nervous systems, a condition of a psycho-emotional background at the persons who are actively playing sports. Material and Methods. Examination of 30 almost healthy students actively (professionally playing sports was conducted. Results. Application of chestnut bathtubs promoted increase of functional reserves of vegetative nervous system and, therefore, functional reserves of cardiovascular system. Decrease in level of uneasiness and increase of emotional stability and tolerance to a stress was noted. Conclusion. Thus follows that use of chestnut bathtubs promotes increase of level of a physical state and functional reserves of cardiovascular system and vegetative nervous system, and also conducts to improvement of a psycho-emotional condition of the persons who are actively playing sports.

Kotenko K.V.



If the economic outlook continues to worsen, George Osborne will have to relax the pace of deficit reduction and take measures to increase demand in the economy  


Yesterday saw the Chancellor’s autumn statement. Tony Dolphin argues that the measures announced in this ‘mini-budget’ are not a real plan for growth. If increased demand is not generated – and only the government is in a position to do this – then unemployment and public sector borrowing will continue to rise in excess of previous predictions.

Dolphin, Tony



Edcamp: Teachers Take Back Professional Development (United States)

On an unseasonably cool morning in May 2010, scores of educators arrived in a room in Philadelphia. As the group mingled and chatted over coffee, individuals jotted down ideas for learning sessions and pinned them up on a big sheet of paper. The first EdCamp had begun. EdCamps are free, participatory events organized by educators for educators.…

Swanson, Kristen



Take Action: Stopping Energy Vampires (United States)

The Take Action column provides resources that help teachers engage students in activities that connect their science learning to their lives. In this article, students are introduced to household appliances and devices, called energy vampires, that contine to draw electrical current even when turned off. The article offers a few simple activities that students can take to reduce the impact of energy vampires. The Take Action column regularly appears in the free, online magazine Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle, which focuses on the essential principles of climate literacy.

Jessica Fries-Gaither


Using of bathtubs on the basis of biologically active agents of a phytogenesis for increase of reserve opportunities at the persons who actively takes sports  


Recently considerable interest to application in the medical purposes of the preparations based on vegetable raw materials in connection with their low toxicity and considerable therapeutic efficiency has been increased. The research aimed studying of an influence of chestnut bathtubs on a physical state, functional cardiovascular reserves, vegetative nervous systems, a condition of a psycho-emotional background at the persons who are actively playing sports. Material and Methods. Examination...

Kotenko K.V.; Korchazhkina N.B.; Ivanova I.I..; Petrova M.S.; Mihailova A.A.; Kapitonova N.V.



The valuation of knowledge and normative reflection in teacher qualification. A comparison of teacher educators, novice and experienced teachers.  


The transition from teacher education to work in schools has been described as an “epistemic clash”. Teacher educators’, novice teachers’ and experienced teachers’ valuation of the academic, practical and normative demands of teaching are compared using survey data from teacher education and schools. All groups value academic knowledge and practical skills highly. Teacher educators take a more positive attitude toward inclusion, and differ in their views of the normative demands of ...

Caspersen, Joakim



Increase in Na+/K+ pump numbers in vivo in healthy volunteers taking oral lithium carbonate and further upregulation in response to lithium in vitro.  


1. We have measured [3H]-ouabain binding to lymphocyte membranes in eight healthy volunteers before and after they had taken lithium carbonate for 14 days in doses which maintained the serum lithium concentration in the range 0.5-1.0 mmol 1-1. 2. There was a statistically significant increase in the [3H]-ouabain binding capacity of the lymphocyte membranes (reflecting the number of Na+, K+-ATPase molecules) after 14 days of lithium administration in vivo. This suggests that a failure to incre...

Antia, Ij; Dorkins, Ce; Wood, AJ; Aronson, Jk



Integrating Ict Into Teacher Education Programme  


Teacher educators are faced with the challenges of preparing a new generation of teachers to effectively use the new learning tool in their teaching practices. ICT is an ocean. This paper focuses the possible usage of ICT in teacher education. ICT teacher training can take many forms. We can organize various ICTuse as: Main content focus of teacher training, Part of teaching methods, Core technology for delivering teacher training, and Facilitate professional development & networking. ICT can...

Geeta Thakur



Black Father Involvement in Gifted Education: Thoughts from Black Fathers on Increasing/Improving Black Father-Gifted Teacher Partnerships (United States)

Black fathers are important advocates in addressing the underrepresentation of Black students in gifted programs, as well as the achievement gaps between Black and White students. Black fathers increasingly understand the important role that Black mothers have traditionally played in supporting their gifted children's school experiences. As a…

Grantham, Tarek C.; Henfield, Malik S.



Reaching the teachers  

CERN Multimedia

The fourth edition of CERN's High School Teachers programme welcomed 38 teachers to the Laboratory this July. For three weeks the teachers were immersed in the life of CERN, giving them a unique experience to take back to their classrooms.   Participants and organisers of the HST 2001 programme. The pupils of the teachers who attended the High School Teachers (HST) programme at CERN will notice a difference when they meet their teachers at the beginning of next term. They'll see a new-found enthusiasm in their eyes, and this will be thanks to the three weeks they spent at the Laboratory attending the summer students' lectures and working with other teachers from around the world. 'This experience fires you up again!,' explains Wim Peeters, a Belgian teacher at CERN for the second time. For many teachers of physics, university is a long time ago. Physics research has moved on, and there are many new things to learn. That's why CERN has the HST, so that teachers can mix with university students in ...



Listening Ability of Physical Education Teacher Department and Classroom Teacher Department Students on Interpersonal Communication  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In the educational process “listening” is taking an important role like interpersonal communication. So, it is possible to increase the activity of teacher in communication between teacher and student by gaining and strengthening the “listening ability”. In the point of this view, the purpose of this study was to find out interpersonalcommunication ability level of classroom and physical education teacher department students and make some suggestions.For this purpose, 150 classroom teacher and 150 physical education teacher department students voluntarily join the study. A questionnaire, validity and reliability tests were done, applied the samples. Researchers were applied percentage, frequency, mean and t-test for statistical analysis by using SPSS statistical program.In the result; listening ability of both classroom teacher department and physical education teacher department students was “medium level”. There was no significant difference between gender and different department students on “listening ability” and finally it was an important foundation to think about that students(except two of them did not have “the best listening ability”.





CERN Document Server

The English Language Programme of the Lycée International de Ferney-Voltaire has two teaching posts available for la rentrée 2001. 1. Part-time teacher of Primary-level English Candidates for the post need to be mother-tongue English speakers. They should have a relevant degree and teaching qualification. The post involves teaching the English curriculum to pupils who are within the French educational system. Classes take place on Tuesday afternoons at the Lycée. Team spirit necessary as teachers work as a team. Induction & training are offered. 2. Part-time teacher of Secondary-level history-geography Candididates for the post need to be mother-tongue English speakers. They should have a relevant degree in history or geography and also a strong interest in the other subject. They should have a relevant teaching qualification and be confident classroom practioners. For more information on either of these posts please contact the school office on



The Measurement of Teacher Efficacy: Hong Kong Primary In-Service Teachers (United States)

This study sought to measure general teacher efficacy levels of in-service primary teachers in Hong Kong. Participants included 725 Hong Kong in-service teachers, who were invited to take part in the study. These in-service teachers came from 28 different primary schools ranging from government, aided, private and direct subsidy schools. The…

Cheung, Hoi-yan



The Role of Theory in Teacher Education: Reconsidered from a Student Teacher Perspective (United States)

With the persistent criticism of teacher education as a backdrop, this article explores the common perception that teacher education is too theoretical. This article takes the view that the student teachers' assumptions regarding the concept of theory affect how they engage with theory during initial teacher education. Using a qualitative…

Sjølie, Ela



Students' note-taking as a knowledge construction.  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Note-taking is the hegemonic study activity at university and, in many cases, the main ground for educational interaction between teacher and students. This observation has given rise to an increasing interest in studying students’ notetaking and its impact on learning. In broad terms, three lines of research have been developed in the last 40 years: the effects of note-taking and note-rewriting on some cognitive variables (attention, memory, comprehension, and so on; the relationship between quality of notes and significance of learning; and the changes in the teaching methodology which may enhance note-taking. However, the consideration of notes as a symbolic mediator which in certain educational conditions may promote knowledge construction and transformation and, ultimately, cognitive change has received much less attention. In a preliminary study of descriptive nature we confirmed that in the context of our universities note-taking basically performed a register and external memory function with respect to the contents which were to be assessed by the teacher. Only a reduced part of the studied sample attached notes an eminently epistemic function, turning classroom sessions into truly learning situations involving a strategic use (that is, conscious and intentional of the note-taking procedures using paraphrasing, inferences, analogies and other rhetorical resources. From the data collected in this study we initiated a research and educational innovation project in our respective universities which aimed at the modification of the instructional context so as to turn note-taking into a tool for conceptual change. These modifications had to do with basically three aspects: 1. Form students in the contextualised use of the different note-taking procedures so that they gradually acquired a ‘‘strategic knowledge’’ related to when and why a given type of note adjusted more suitably to the conditions of the note-taking context. 2. Turn students’ notes into a formative assessment tool through a process of external guidance and regulation carried out by the teacher with the objective of notes becoming a tool allowing for self-regulation of students’ own learning. 3. Establish note-taking teams in the classroom with the objective of promoting collaborative learning through the use of activities which emphasise interdependence and peer-assessment. This text presents this project in detail analysing the results obtained and discussing the different degrees of influence which an intervention/approach such as the one outlined here may have on university teaching.

Castello, M.



Project RESTART: Preparing Nontraditional Adult Teacher Education Candidates to Become Special Education Teachers (United States)

In North Carolina, where the state must hire 10,000 teachers every year just to fill existing classrooms, highly qualified special education teachers are included in the top three areas of greatest teacher shortage, behind math and science. Such needs, which include an increase in teachers from ethnic minorities, challenge teacher educators to…

Kurtts, Stephanie A.; Cooper, Jewell E.; Boyles, Carolyn



Research trends in mathematics teacher education  

CERN Document Server

Research on the preparation and continued development of mathematics teachers is becoming an increasingly important subset of mathematics education research. Such research explores the attributes, knowledge, skills and beliefs of mathematics teachers as well as methods for assessing and developing these critical aspects of teachers and influences on teaching.Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education focuses on three major themes in current mathematics teacher education research: mathematical knowledge for teaching, teacher beliefs and identities, and tools and techniques to support teac

Lo, Jane-Jane; Van Zoest, Laura R



Reflections of Preservice Information Technology Teachers Regarding Cyberbullying  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The current phenomenological study addressed the reflections of preservice information technology (IT teachers regarding their cyberbullying or victimization experiences. Fifty five preservice IT teachers at a Turkish teacher training institution were offered a lecture with the purpose of awareness-raising on cyberbullying, which was followed by the assignment of take-home reflection papers. Document analysis on reflection papers led researchers to find out underlying themes regarding participants’ cyberbullying or victimization experiences. Findings revealed that females were more likely to be victims than males. Instant messaging programs, e-mail, cell phones and online social networks were used as means to cyberbully. Varying psychological consequences of victimization incidents were reported. Noted reactions to incidents were discontinuing interaction with bullies, and seeking family, peer and legal support. Findings further implied that awareness raising activities regarding cyberbullying were likely to reduce cyberbullying instances and increase preservice teachers’ action competence.

Yavuz Akbulut



Trading Places: From Physical Education Teachers to Teacher Educators (United States)

Recently, there has been an increase in research on becoming teacher educators, yet little is known about becoming physical education teacher educators (PETE). Responding to concerns about the current state of doctoral PETE programs and inadequate preparation of novice teacher educators, this paper explores our transition from high school teaching…

Casey, Ashley; Fletcher, Tim



Incentives and Effort in the Public Sector: Have U.S. Education Reforms Increased Teachers' Work Hours? NBER Working Paper No. 11970 (United States)

Beyond some contracted minimum, salaried workers' hours are largely chosen at the worker's discretion and should respond to the strength of contract incentives. Accordingly, we consider the response of teacher hours to accountability and school choice laws introduced in U.S. public schools over the past two decades. Total weekly hours of full-time…

Stoddard, Christiana; Kuhn, Peter



Urban Legend in Teacher Education (United States)

Many European American pre-service special education teachers participate in activities and coursework to prepare them to engage with diverse students in urban settings. This qualitative study explores the experience of two teacher candidates taking part in one such program. Specifically, the interactions and perceptions of the participants' first…

Smiley, Azure Dee



Teachers and Human Rights Education (United States)

Why do teachers need to be familiar with human rights? In multicultural societies, whose values take precedence? How do schools resolve tensions between children's rights and teachers' rights? Campaigners, politicians and the media cite human rights to justify or challenge anything from peaceful protest to military action. The phrase "human…

Osler, Audrey; Starkey, Hugh



Preparing Teachers for Professional Learning: Is There a Future for Teacher Education in New Teacher Induction? (United States)

Today the quality of teachers is held to be increasingly important yet there continue to be doubts about whether teacher education programs graduate teachers ready to meet the challenges of their initial years of teaching. In some jurisdictions, other agencies (Ministries of Education, school districts, and private providers) are supplementing the…

Kane, Ruth G.; Francis, Andrew



Learning to Lead: A New Teacher’s Perspectives on Teacher Leadership  


The question of teacher leadership is inextricably tied to teacher effectiveness. Leadership forms the foundation of classroom management and permeates all aspects of the curriculum. While many new teachers have visions of the kinds of leaders they wish to become, this vision is often complicated by the everyday realities of classroom life. Faced with increasingly difficult circumstances, it becomes infinitely more important for teachers to foster the trust and confidence required to make mea...

Kristie Bridges



National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse (United States)

Founded in 1986, the Recruiting New Teachers organization is driven by their mission, which is “to raise esteem for teaching, expand the pool of qualified teachers, and improve the nation’s teacher recruitment, development, and diversity policies and practices.” It is certainly a tall order, and one that maintaining the National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse site helps fulfill. With a site that is both visually legible and user-friendly, visitors can learn about current issues facing teachers from the homepage, and also search for a teaching job using a simple search engine. Those who might be not currently in the profession should look over the “Interested in Teaching?” section. Here they can learn about taking the first step towards becoming a teacher, whether they are a college student or someone just looking for a career change. Additionally, the site contains a section titled “Successful Teaching”, which contains important classroom tips and information on how to manage the transition from a teacher preparation program to the classroom.


Teachers as Literacy Leaders (United States)

The authors make the case that literacy leadership is not a quality restricted to specialists with extra certifications. Instead, literacy leadership qualities are within the grasp of every conscientious classroom teacher who is willing to take advantage of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Turner, Jennifer D.; Applegate, Mary DeKonty; Applegate, Anthony J.



The Problem of Foundational Courses in Teacher Education (United States)

The necessity of the foundational courses that take place in teaching courses in teacher education programs is a much-debated topic. Some writers argue that these courses are important since they help teachers and teacher candidates understand the dynamics in the process of teaching and learning and assist teachers in thinking extensively about…

Yuksel, Sedat



Key Issue: Recruiting Mathematics and Science Teachers at the High School Level (United States)

High attrition rates amongst secondary mathematics and science teachers disrupts studentsâ learning, concerns parents, and magnifies the stressors to which remaining teachers are subjected. The National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality provides a list of strategies for recruiting high school teachers: implement strategies that provide meaningful incentives for prospective teachers; specifically target those teachers with the experience and education to meet the needs of the school; build a relationship and craft a strategy with input from local institutions of higher education; view the strategies as part of a larger effort to recruit and retain high-quality teachers for every subject at every grade level; take advantage of the local supply of potential teachers; use the internet to increase the reach of recruitment efforts; provide high-quality opportunities for people in other professions to transfer into teaching; be selective in accepting candidates from alternative preparation programs; and broaden the diversity of prospective teachers. These tips are broken down into six steps, and examples are provided of programs with remarkably effective recruitment strategies.



Online Professional Experiences in Teacher Preparation Program: A Preservice Teacher Study (United States)

Teacher preparation is a process of instructional fulfillment in teacher education. This program is widely used in school that need professionalism in terms of networking. Supervisor take their role to support preservice teacher in many expected attributes which school workers should be known and learned in various kind of school contexts. This…

Nuangchalerm, Prasart; Prachagool, Veena; Sriputta, Patcharee



Teacher's Myers-Briggs Personality Profiles: Identifying Effective Teacher Personality Traits (United States)

The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Beiderman Risk Taking (BRT) scale were administered to 58 teachers living in the state of Florida, USA. These teachers are considered part of prestigious group of educators who were nominated into the Florida League of Teachers by their superintendents/directors. Descriptive data includes frequency and…

Rushton, Stephen; Morgan, Jackson; Richard, Michael



Teachers' Ratings of Relationships with Students: Links to Student and Teacher Characteristics (United States)

This exploratory study examined the associations between teacher-student relationship ratings and characteristics of students and teachers. A sample of fifth grade teachers (N = 115) and their students (N = 2070) were studied. Hierarchical linear modeling was employed to explore the associations between variables while taking both individual…

Buhl, Sara J.



Redesigning Schools to Reach Every Student with Excellent Teachers: Summary of Teacher Career Paths (United States)

These career paths match Public Impact's school models that use job redesign and technology to extend the reach of excellent teachers to more students, for more pay, within budget. Most models create new roles and teams enabling all teachers and staff to develop and contribute to excellence. In "reach-extended roles," excellent teachers take

Public Impact, 2012



Teacher Education Effectiveness: Quality and Equity of Future Primary Teachers' Mathematics and Mathematics Pedagogical Content Knowledge (United States)

The effectiveness of teacher education was examined by taking two indicators into account: future teachers' mean achievement on a paper-and-pencil test as an indicator of quality, and the variability of teacher achievement due to background characteristics as an indicator of equity. In detail, the effects of gender and language on mathematics…

Blomeke, Sigrid; Suhl, Ute; Kaiser, Gabriele



The environmental literacy of urban middle school teachers (United States)

This dissertation study assessed the environmental literacy of 292 urban, middle school teachers using the Wisconsin Environmental Literacy Survey (WELS). Environmental literacy may be defined in terms of observable behaviors. Specifically, the study examined four dimensions of participants' environmental literacy: (a) attitudes toward the environment, (b) beliefs about their own power and responsibility to affect environmental change, (c) personal behaviors and actions toward the environment, and (d) knowledge regarding ecology and environmental issues. The WELS measures these components of environmental literacy through a Likert-type attitude survey, a self-reporting behavior instrument, and a multiple choice measure of cognitive learning outcomes or environmental knowledge. These scores were combined to derive a total environmental literacy score. In addition, the study explored differences between African American and European American female teachers' environmental literacy; interactions between demographic variables; and patterns of frequently missed questions, environmental attitudes, or environmental behaviors. Differences in teachers' environmental literacy were examined relative to gender, racial/ethnic background, number of preservice environmental courses taken, number of inservice environmental courses taken, years of teaching experience, and subject area taught. Overall, teachers in the present study demonstrated nominal environmental literacy. Significant differences in scores on various subscales were found among teachers according to racial/ethnic background, subject area taught, and years of teaching experience. Taking preservice and inservice environmental courses appears to have a positive impact on environmental behavior, environmental sensitivity, awareness and values, but not appear to impact environmental knowledge. This study underscores the need for further descriptive environmental literacy research on urban, minority, and poor students and their teachers. In addition, future research should focus on further describing aspects of urban teachers' environmental literacy, and teacher preparation in environmental education as a means to increase the environmental literacy of students through their teachers.

Owens, Marcia Allen


Take nothing for granted  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

An overview of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) natural gas supply, past, present and future, was presented. Reserves are considered as being more than adequate to meet supply requirements. In the long term, it is expected that there will be sufficient gas to fill all existing and currently planned pipelines serving the WCSB. Nevertheless, it does not pay to take anything for granted. One of the challenges facing the natural gas industry in an integrated North American market is to maintain a balance between deliverability and take-away capacity. Competition between fuels is also a factor that complicates matters. Measures taken by TransCanada Pipelines to prepare for the expected heightened competition were reviewed. Chief among them is the recent TransCanada/Nova merger which is expected to increase efficiency, decrease costs, provide a solid platform for continued growth, create customer-driven energy solutions and enable the new entity to successfully compete in an integrated North American market. The accord reached between CAPP, NOVA, SEPAC and TransCanada Pipelines and the status of the new Alberta tolls are further examples of measures taken by TransCanada Pipelines to prepare for all contingencies by leaving nothing to chance


Social Responsibility of Management Teacher – Beyond Teaching -  


In the emerging world, responsibilities of a teacher have increased many folds. From being a person that just imparts bookish knowledge, a teacher now has the power to shape a better world. So, perhaps it’s time to understand the emerging teacher’s roles in irrespective of the subjects and levels of education. This article critically posits the responsibility of management teacher and also highlights on role beyond class room in Indian context of management education. The authors urge tha...

Barman, Arup



Teacher Educators' Identity: A Review of Literature (United States)

Research suggests that the development of a teacher educator identity is a central process in becoming a teacher educator. Recently, there has been an increasing interest in the concept of teacher identity. However, teacher educator identity seems to be still under-researched. In this article, a review of literature on teacher educator identity is…

Izadinia, Mahsa



Plans, Takes, and Mis-takes  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper analyzes what may have been a mistake bypianist Thelonious Monk playing a jazz solo in 1958.Even in a Monk composition designed for patternedmayhem, a note can sound out of pattern. We reframethe question of whether the note was a mistake and askinstead about how Monk handles the problem. Amazingly,he replays the note into a new pattern that resituatesits jarring effect in retrospect. The mistake, orbetter, the mis-take, was “saved” by subsequent notes.Our analysis, supported by reflections from jazz musiciansand the philosopher John Dewey, encourages areformulation of plans, takes, and mis-takes as categoriesfor the interpretation of contingency, surprise, andrepair in all human activities. A final section suggeststhat mistakes are essential to the practical plying andplaying of knowledge into performances, particularlythose that highlight learning.

Nathaniel Klemp



Forest Field Trips among High School Science Teachers in the Southern Piedmont (United States)

Students benefit in many ways by taking field trips to forests. Improved academic performance, increased participation in outdoor recreation, and a better grasp of natural resources management are some of the advantages. However, trips are not easy for teachers to organize and lead. Declining budgets, on-campus schedules, and standards of learning…

McCabe, Shannon M.; Munsell, John F.; Seiler, John R.



Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... means taking the bacteria completely out of the system. It might be just putting it to rest and in the next four days, if they stop taking it, the infection will come back twice ...


Learning - controlled or in collaboration? : A study about teacher´s apprehensions about teaching and learning  


This study’s purpose was to examine which main forms of teaching methods that occurs in the Swedish nine-year compulsory school and how often learning through social collaboration take place. The study contained literature and interviews with eight teachers. Our research-questions were: What is the teacher’s opinion about different teaching methods, their opinion about learning and teaching and if there were any difference between the teachers teaching younger or older students regarding ...

Bergsten, Daniel; Fredriksson, Bjo?rn



Iranian Teachers' Perceptions of Teacher Leadership Practices in Schools (United States)

Teacher leadership is increasingly seen as a key option for school reform and improvement. However, despite the extensive literature on teacher leadership, this issue has achieved little attention in Iran. To fill such a research gap, the present study examined teacher leadership practice in a sample of Iranian schools. The "Teacher

Aliakbari, Mohammad; Sadeghi, Aghdas





Education in the Indian region faces a number of problems. These problems include the shortage of qualified teachers, very large student populations, high drop-out rates of students and teachers, and weak curriculum. All of these negative aspects result in poor delivery of education. The education crisis is worsened by the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, increasing poverty, a brain drain in the teaching community, budgetary constraints, poor communication, and inadequa...

Girdhar lal Sharma



The Effect Of Secondary School Teachers’ Preparation Program On The Pre-service Teachers’ Self-efficacy Beliefs  


The purpose of this study is to investigate effect of secondary school mathematics teachers’ preparation program on the pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy. In this sense, self-efficacy beliefs towards mathematics scale developed by Umay (2001) were administered to 108 freshmen, junior and senior pre-service teachers enrolled in secondary school mathematics teachers’ education program at Karadeniz Technical University. Result revealed that junior pre-service teachers taking only mathema...

Fatih Karaku?; Akbulut, O?mer Engin



Teacher MA Attainment Rates, 1970-2000 (United States)

The share of female teachers in the U.S. with an MA more than doubled between 1970 and 2000. This increase is puzzling, as it is much larger than that of other college-educated women, and it occurred over a period of declining teacher aptitude. I estimate the contribution of changes in teacher demographic characteristics, increases in the returns…

Larsen, S. Eric





Officers in military are teachers in military school as well. Besides being commanders they also take parts as teachers. In the diploma paper we researched their educational side. We were interested in the features of military classes and training. Running the classes also brings different attitudes and relations among subject of the class as well as between the officers and the soldiers. A special kind of teaching with commanding, found in military, has the special purpose to train the soldi...

S?najder, Aleksandra



Teacher education and higher learning.  


Recent years .have witnessed moves in many countries to establish teaching as an all-graduate career. At the level of initial teacher education, certificate and diploma courses have gradually given way to courses leading to Bachelor's degrees, and for teachers qualified for a number of years under the older systems the number of in-service courses leading to degrees has increased. These moves reveal a significant shift in the way their work is viewed by the majority of teachers themselves ...

Hogan, Padraig



Transforming the Preparation of Physics Teachers: A Call to Action - T-TEP Final Report (United States)

Despite federal legislation mandating highly qualified teachers for every classroom, school districts confirm a considerable shortage of physics teachers year after year, greater than any other science discipline. Compounding this problem, the preparation of qualified physics teachers has failed to keep pace with a dramatic increase in the number of high-school students taking physics. The potential negative consequences of maintaining the status quo are far-reaching, both for physics as a discipline and for the U.S. economy and society as a whole. In response to the shortage of physics teachers in the U.S. and concerns about their effectiveness, the American Physical Society, American Association of Physics Teachers, and American Institute of Physics formed the Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics (T-TEP). T-TEP was charged with documenting the state of physics teacher preparation and with making recommendations for the development of exemplary physics teacher education programs. Except for a few excellent programs, T-TEP found that nationally, physics teacher preparation is inefficient, incoherent, and unprepared to deal with the current and future needs of the nation's students. An innovative national program is needed to develop new resources, expertise, and capacity in order to meet current and future national needs. Toward this end, T-TEP recommends establishing regional centers in physics education. These centers would be the main regional producers of well-qualified physics teachers and would be a nexus for scholarly work on physics education. In addition, the centers would help veteran science teachers at all levels deepen their knowledge and skills.

Physics, National T.



Ranking Teachers when Teacher Value-Added is Heterogeneous Across Students  


The typical measure used by researchers and school administrators to evaluate teachers is based on how the students' achievement increases after being exposed to the teacher, or based on the teacher's "value-added''. When teacher value-added is heterogeneous across her students, the typically used measure reflects differences in the average value-added the teacher provides. However, researchers, administrators, and parents may care not just about the average value-added, but also its dispersi...

Stacy, Brian



A Situative Perspective on Developing Writing Pedagogy in a Teacher Professional Learning Community (United States)

The bulk of current research on teacher professional development is focused on teacher learning in the context of teacher professional learning communities (PLCs). In teacher PLCs, groups of teachers meet regularly to increase their own learning and the learning of their students. Teacher PLCs offer a learning model in which, "new ideas and…

Pella, Shannon



Entrepreneurship Education for Science Teachers as a Means of Achieving National Transformation.  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper attempts to answer questions such as: How do science teachers perceive entrepreneurship education? Why is entrepreneurship education becoming more important? How can this theme be implemented and enhanced in the school context towards achieving National transformation in Nigeria? It is obvious that the question of how science teachers perceive the theme will definitely affect how they value it. A total of 40 science teachers (male and female teaching in Junior and Senior secondary Schools in Jos, Bukuru and environs were interviewed. One-third of the teachers studied re-evaluated their views or modified the manner in which they had earlier defined entrepreneurship education. One can therefore infer that the ability to re-evaluate and change one's attitude is influenced by an increased knowledge. An inner ability to manage the changes taking place in our post modern society and the labor market is stressed in this paper.

Habila Nuhu



Teacher Workspaces (United States)

Well-designed and -equipped teacher workspaces provide the opportunity to improve student achievement at every step of their K-12 education. Shared workspace enhances communication among teachers as they evaluate student performance individually and collectively, and share insights with one another. This paper addresses the key elements found in…

Gordon, Douglas



Integrating Ict Into Teacher Education Programme  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teacher educators are faced with the challenges of preparing a new generation of teachers to effectively use the new learning tool in their teaching practices. ICT is an ocean. This paper focuses the possible usage of ICT in teacher education. ICT teacher training can take many forms. We can organize various ICTuse as: Main content focus of teacher training, Part of teaching methods, Core technology for delivering teacher training, and Facilitate professional development & networking. ICT can be used to enhance richness and quality of teacher education in the classroom through web-based instruction, which can be implemented by Web-assisted classroom instruction and Individual learning.For effective learning, close and conducive learning environment in the college can be created through strategies like Development of instructional material, Use of web conferencing and blogs, Formation of discussion forum and newsgroup.

Geeta Thakur



Deliberate Practice in Teacher Education (United States)

Deliberate practice is increasingly recognised as necessary for professional development. This paper sets out to explore in what ways student teachers' learning activities in a teacher education programme can be characterised as deliberate practice. Based on an in-depth exploration of 574 learning activities, our results highlight the…

Bronkhorst, Larike H.; Meijer, Paulien C.; Koster, Bob; Vermunt, Jan D.



Can Early Careers Teachers Be Teacher Leaders? A Study of Second-Year Trainees in the Teach First Alternative Certification Programme (United States)

The most recent decade has seen a major growth in interest in teacher leadership, but there is limited research on the extent to which early career teachers can take on teacher leadership roles. In this article we explore this question by looking at teachers prepared through the alternative certification programme Teach First (TF), which aims to…

Muijs, Daniel; Chapman, Chris; Armstrong, Paul



School development planning in Serbia: How teachers evaluate it  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available School development planning is an instrument of school internal development. It has been present in Serbian schools since 2002, but until today there have not been enough data regarding the way development planning takes place and what its effects are. The main question in this research is how the teachers directly involved in the process itself evaluate development planning in their schools. The sample consisted of 291 teachers from 51 primary schools in Serbia. They replied in written form to the open-ended questions regarding their opinion about the positive and the negative sides of school development planning. Data processing included creating categories of teacher answers and calculating the relative presence of answers by categories. Teachers estimated that the following were the positive sides of development planning: strengthening cooperation and team work, introducing planning practice, school development, increased participation, successful project realization and acquisition of new knowledge and advanced training. Teachers most often had no objections to development planning, and when they did, these referred to the following: insufficient support to the development team, resistance and lack of interest of their colleagues, demands of planning, problems with the functioning of the development team and poor plan realization. The results point out to the conclusion that school development planning is predominantly positively evaluated and at the same time provide the foundation for arriving at practical ideas regarding the future direction of the policies in the field of internal school development.

Stankovi? Dejan



Mathematical Belief Change in Prospective Primary Teachers (United States)

The development and influence of beliefs in teacher education has been a topic of increasing interest for researchers in recent years. This study explores the responses of a group of prospective primary teachers to attempts to facilitate belief change as part of their initial teacher education programme in mathematics. The students' responses…

Grootenboer, Peter



Integration of Geospatial Science in Teacher Education (United States)

One of the primary missions of our university is to train future primary and secondary teachers. Geospatial sciences, including GIS, have long been excluded from teacher education curriculum. This article explains the curriculum revisions undertaken to increase the geospatial technology education of future teachers. A general education class…

Hauselt, Peggy; Helzer, Jennifer



Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... teeth or eating breakfast. By communicating with our health care providers and by accepting a greater responsibility in our own health care, we can learn to take our medicines safely.


Taking Acetaminophen Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available Taking Acetaminophen Safely Introduction Acetaminophen is an active ingredient used to relieve pain and lower fever. It is available ... you can find more information about acetaminophen What Acetaminophen is Used For Acetaminophen temporarily: • lowers fever • relieves ...


Taking Acetaminophen Safely (United States)

Taking Acetaminophen Safely Introduction Acetaminophen is an active ingredient used to relieve pain and lower fever. It is available ... you can find more information about acetaminophen What Acetaminophen is Used For Acetaminophen temporarily: • lowers fever • relieves ...


Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... better, the antibiotic is working in killing the bacteria, but it might not completely give what they call a "bactericidal effect." That means taking the bacteria completely out of the system. It might be ...


Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... teeth or eating breakfast. By communicating with our health care providers and by accepting a greater responsibility in our own health care, we can learn to take our medicines ...


Taking Current Antiretroviral Drugs (United States)

... rash. Do not take with lamivudine (Epivir) or Truvada. Epzicom 1 (600 mg abacavir + 300 mg 3TC; ... Emtriva,) lamivudine (Epivir,) stavudine (Zerit) or zidovudine (Retrovir.) Truvada (Combination pill) 1 (300 mg tenofovir + 200 mg ...


Student Teachers and Classroom Management: The Development of Strategies (United States)

This study of four preservice teachers was designed to answer the question of what preservice teachers describe as their views and experiences with classroom management during the student teaching experience. This is a question of importance to educators as successful learning in the classroom will not take place if a teacher is unable to utilize…

Prince, Courtney Dionne



Researching Teachers in Residence: Bringing More Minority Teachers and Preservice Teachers into the Research Arena. (United States)

This paper presents a method for increasing the pool of potential African-American educational researchers. The approach, called Researching Teachers in Residence (RTR), provides opportunities for inservice and preservice teachers to engage in collaborative research with university-based staff and faculty. RTR was started at Grambling (Louisiana)…

Newman, Kathryn A.


Collaboration Between Astronomers at UT Austin and K-12 Teachers: Connecting the Experience of Observing and Research with the Classroom (United States)

McDonald Observatory has a long history of providing teacher professional development (PD), and recently we have developed a new workshop model for more advanced participants. By choosing a select group of middle and high school teachers from those previously involved in our past PD programs, we have created a joint workshop / observing run program for them. After traveling to the observatory, the teachers participate in an actual observing run with a research astronomer. The teachers are trained first-hand how to take observations, operate the telescope, set up the instrument, and monitor observing conditions. The teachers are fully put in the role of observer. They are also given background information before and during the workshop related to the science and data they are helping to collect. The teachers work in teams to both perform the nightly observations with an astronomer, but to also perform new interactive classroom activities with education staff, and use other telescopes on the mountain. This is a unique experience for teachers since it allows them to take the resources and experiences directly back to their classrooms and students. They can directly relate to their students what skills for specific careers in STEM fields are needed. Evaluation from these workshops shows that there is: increased content knowledge among participants, greater impact that will be passed on to their students, and an authentic research experience that can't be replicated in other PD settings. In addition, not only is this program beneficial to the teachers, but this group is benefit to the education program of McDonald Observatory. Building on an existing PD program (with a 16 year history) we have the opportunity to test out new products and new education endeavors with this devoted group of well-trained teachers before bringing them to wider teacher and student audiences. This program is currently supported by the NSF grant AST-1211585 (PI Sneden).

Finkelstein, Keely D.; Sneden, Christopher; Hemenway, Mary Kay; Preston, Sandra; EXES Teachers Associate Program



Teacher Nostalgia and the Sustainability of Reform: The Generation and Degeneration of Teachers Missions, Memory, and Meaning (United States)

Purpose: This article focuses on the sustainability of reform through the lens of teachers' nostalgia--the major form of memory among a demographically dominant cohort of experienced older teachers. Unwanted change evokes senses of nostalgia for these lost missions that take two forms: social and political. As teachers age, their responses to…

Goodson, Ivor; Moore, Shawn; Hargreaves, Andy



Being a Teacher of TCFL vs. Becoming a Teacher of TCFL : Exploring the professional identity formation of NTCs at Danish Universities  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

Recent debates on Chinese pedagogy tend to focus on teachers' implementation of curriculum, relatively little attention has been given to understanding teacher's professional identity and the interplay between 'being a teacher of TCFL' and 'becoming a teacher of TCFL'(Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language). This paper explores how the identity formation of five native-speaking teachers of Chinese (NTCs) takes place with regard to how their roles as 'being a Chinese teacher' and ‘becoming a teacher of TCFL' are negotiated and constructed while teaching Chinese to degree students in Denmark. Key words: native-speaking teachers of Chinese, professional identity, Danish universities, teaching culture

Zhang, Chun



Foreign Language Teachers' Professional Development in Information Age (United States)

Cultivation of students' learning autonomy has raised new challenges to teachers' professional development, dynamic, continuous, lifelong full-scale development, with emphasis on the creativity and constancy of the teachers' quality development. The teachers' professional development can take the following approaches: studying theories about foreign language teaching with the aid of modern information technology; organizing online teaching research activities supported by information technology and carrying peer observation and dialogue -teaching reflection in internet environment and fostering scholarly teachers.

Fan, Xiying; Wu, Gang


Qualifying online teachers  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

Worldwide there is an increasing demand for educational institutions to offer part of their educations online and mixed mode. For institutions to comply with these demands, it is necessary to prepare teachers (and other members of the staff), to fulfil their responsibilities within the virtual environment. Teachers must be able to organize their courses pedagogically according to different conditions, i.e., subject domains, group sizes, variations within communication and interaction. Teachers must acquire knowledge and skills in handling Information and Communication Techniques (ICT) as well as pedagogical possibilities and constraints inherited in the software available. Several studies demonstrate that technical obstacles are easier to overcome than lack of communication skills. Also the consequenses of communication breakdowns tend to create serious problems that technology cannot solve. These problems concern how teachers function satisfactory as mediators and coaches in collaborative, knowledge sharing virtual environments. For example, how teachers support their students in becoming online-students and how they facilitate complex discussions on difficult topics. This is a big challenge for everybody involved in e-learning, and the challenge is not met by offering introductory courses for university teachers. Based on basis of a recent examination of concrete actions and strategies for the future within 11 Danish universities, the auther argues that there exists a severe mismatch between the organisational expectations and strategies and the competence-evolving activities that the same organisations offer to their staff. A recent case study of a university pedagogy course on e-learning for university teachers demonstrates and identifies some of the consequences of the mismatch. Finally the author suggests strategies to meet the demands of the future online university.

Levinsen, Karin



Taking a deep breath  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available While 2012 is going away, IJHDR prepares the celebration of its 5th anniversary! This is thus a time for reflection, to ponder on the good and bad experiences, to (rethink the next steps to improve our service to readers, authors and the scientific community at large. Along these hard, but rewarding first five years, IJHDR reached many readers and was supported by many authors all over the world, it achieved recognition by important scientific databases and societies. This success is the result of the joint work of the Editorial Board members and with GIRI, our hosting scientific society. IJHDR provided the homeopathic community an open, free, multimedia and electronic venue to share high-quality information. Focused on research articles, and open to the entire field of High Dilution research, including homeopathy and hormesis, IJHDR came to occupy a special place within the scientific map. Nevertheless, the goals achieved are not enough, but further improvement is needed for IJHDR keep on growing. Our aim for the next years is to maintain the original editorial vision and mission, while increasing even more the quality of publication. IJHDR will start 2013 by revising its Board of Consultants. Five years ago, when IJHDR was an unknown journal that still had to prove its quality, friends, idealists, and invited experts kindly contributed with their expertise to make peer review a mandatory step in the evaluation of articles. However, not only IJHDR grew, but also the editorial work did! The time arrives to include new experts in our Board of Consultant,, not only to share in the work, but to have cover a broader scope of knowledge, as HD research is a cross-disciplinary and emergent field. Also the structure of the articles will be revised. Improvement in the layout will be discussed to stimulate the use of multimedia resources like video and audio files, simulations, supplementary materials, links, and color images. Special attention will be paid to language revision and reference citation. Together with its authors and readers, IJHDR contributes to the development of a kind of knowledge close to the borders of science. Therefore, to establish a valid scientific background, the articles must be clearly written, and based on sound assumptions. High-visibility for articles is a fundamental aspect desired by all authors. As an open and free access journal, IJHDR meets that condition, and we are planning to make our influence and visibility even wider. Inclusion in the major databases has paramount importance in the academic milieu, however, it should be considered as a consequence, rather than a goal. In 2013, IJHDR will chair a collaborative project with several research institutions aiming to deliver information everywhere, increasing the visibility of the published articles. Thus, now it is the time to take a deep breath, relax, and prepare you for the forthcoming work! See you in 2013!

Carlos Renato Zacharias



Journey of "Becoming": Secondary Teacher Candidates' Concerns and Struggles (United States)

As is widely recognized in the teacher education field, it is a complex process for teacher candidates to become effective classroom teachers. With growing linguistic and cultural diversity in today's classrooms, as well as different social expectations for education, the teacher preparation process is becoming increasingly demanding and…

Cooper, Jewell E.; He, Ye



Teacher Leader Model Standards: Implications for Preparation, Policy, and Practice (United States)

Teacher leadership is increasingly recognized as a resource for instructional improvement. Consequently, teacher leader initiatives have expanded rapidly despite limited knowledge about how to prepare and support teacher leaders. In this context, the "Teacher Leader Model Standards" represent an important development in the field. In…

Berg, Jill Harrison; Carver, Cynthia L.; Mangin, Melinda M.



Stand-Alone Computer Courses in Teachers' IT Training (United States)

The stand-alone computer course is the earliest IT training model in teacher education. Designed in the early 1980s, the course responded to increasing demands from schools that teachers have adequate technology skills. The primary goal was to improve technology proficiency among preservice teachers. Research later determined that student teachers

Wang, Yu-Mei



Rapid inventory taking system  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

A data processing system designed to facilitate inventory taking is described. The process depends upon the earliest possible application of computer techniques and the elimination of manual operations. Data is recorded in optical character recognition (OCR) 'A' form and read by a hand held wand reader. Limited validation checks are applied before recording on mini-tape cassettes. 5 refs


Take Your Medicines Safely  

Medline Plus

Full Text Available ... back twice as bad. Woman: Alright, that's for high blood pressure. Doctor: Okay. Woman: I take a half a ... that we can't feel, so people with high blood pressure--we really can't feel that, and so ...


Take Three: Seasonal Flu  

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee describes how to keep from getting seasonal flu and spreading it to others by taking these three steps.  Created: 9/29/2010 by National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).   Date Released: 9/29/2010.



Issues in competence and pre-service teacher education. Part 1. Can outcomes-based programmes produce competent teachers?  


The Department of Education's Norms and Standards for Educators (Department of Education 2000) require that higher education institutions design and implement outcomes-based teacher education programmes to enable novice teachers to demonstrate their competence across a range of teacher roles. In this article the question of whether outcomes-based programmes can produce competent teachers is explored. This is done firstly by taking a closer look at competence and competence-based educati...

Fraser, William John; Killen, Roy; Killen, L. R.; Nieman, M. M.



Language Teacher Education in Finland and the Cultural Dimension of Foreign Language Teaching--A Student Teacher Perspective (United States)

The increasing importance attributed to the cultural dimension of foreign language (FL) education has entailed new demands for teachers and teacher educators. This paper explores the cultural agenda in Finnish language teacher education from a student teacher perspective. The focus is on the students' perceptions regarding how effectively cultural…

Larzen-Ostermark, Eva



Teacher's creative competence  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This article's aim is to study what 180 Polish teachers understand by creativity and how they put it into practice. The Creative competency of teachers was evaluated, using 6 variables: 1 understanding of teaching as a creative action; 2 knowledge of opportunities and secure limits in implementing creative changes; 3 ability to create and change elements of classroom work; 4 understanding of educational entities and having the ability to act in order to increase the autonomy of such entities; 5 critical thinking; 6 ability to research their own practice. To do so both a semi-structured interview and direct observation in their classroom were utilized. Results point out the need to foster teachers' innovative and creative capabilities.

Anna Babicka



Leading Change and Innovation in Teacher Preparation: A Blueprint for Developing TPACK Ready Teacher Candidates (United States)

When preparing TPACK ready teacher candidates, faculty must incorporate and model TPACK within the teacher education curriculum, which often requires an ongoing change process. But for change to take place we must consider the role leadership plays in the innovation of change. Leaders, deans and department heads must be an integral part of this…

Thomas, Tommye; Herring, Mary; Redmond, Pamela; Smaldino, Sharon



University Teacher Competencies in a Virtual Teaching/Learning Environment: Analysis of a Teacher Training Experience (United States)

This paper attempts to shed light on the competencies a university teacher must have in order to teach in virtual learning environments. A teacher training experience was designed by taking into account the methodological criteria established in line with previous theoretical principles. The main objective of our analysis was to identify the…

Guasch, Teresa; Alvarez, Ibis; Espasa, Anna



Teacher as Mediator: A Teacher's Influence on Students' Experiences Visiting an Art Museum (United States)

Teachers are a central factor in student learning in the classroom, but what impact does a teacher have on students' educational experiences in out-ofschool settings, such as the museum? As schools become increasingly open to community resources and partnerships, the teacher's realm of influence reaches beyond the classroom to community and…

Costantino, Tracie E.



Influence of Teacher Preparation Programmes on Preservice Teachers' Attitudes toward Inclusion (United States)

With the increased implementation of inclusive education, teacher educators have been challenged to make changes in programmes to prepare preservice teachers to educate diverse learners. These changes are reflected in various types of teacher preparation programmes that are transformations of traditional general education and special education…

Kim, Ji-Ryun



Critical Teacher Education and the Politics of Teacher Accreditation: Are We Practicing What We Preach? (United States)

With this article, we challenge the successful implementation of critical perspectives in an increasingly neoliberal and neoconservative educational climate. Although many teacher education programs challenge teachers to be critical and to empower students, current top-down accountability practices and policy mandates do not allow teachers the…

Aronson, Brittany; Anderson, Ashlee



Taking on Inquiry in Iowa (United States)

Over the last year, "School Library Monthly" ("SLM") has challenged school librarians to "nudge toward inquiry" through the "SLM" blog-driven submissions compiled by Kristin Fontichiaro. Iowa took up the challenge! This article describes how teacher librarians across Iowa teamed with classroom teachers to create inquiry-based learning plans for a…

Carruthers, Cheryl; Lampe, Karen



Developing fundamental principles for teacher education programs and practices  


Traditional approaches to teacher education are increasingly critiqued for their limited relationship to student teachers’ needs and for their meager impact on practice. Many pleas are heard for a radical new and effective pedagogy of teacher education in which theory and practice are linked effectively. Although various attempts to restructure teacher education have been published, no coherent body of knowledge exists about central principles underlying teacher education progra...

Korthagen, F.; Loughran, J.; Russell, T




CERN Multimedia

Part-time teacher of primary English needed from 1st December 2002 to teach English National Curriculum (KS2) and NLS to mother tongue or good second language English-speakers aged 7-10. 4 hours contact time per week, team planning, marking and meetings. Candidates should be English mother tongue qualified teachers, confident, flexible classroom practitioners and team players. For further details and how to apply: or 04 50 40 82 66. Apply as soon as possible, and in any case before November 20th. English National Programme - Lycée International, Ferney-Voltaire



Strawberry Square II: Take Time Song Book. 33 Lessons in the Arts to Help Children Take Time with Life. (United States)

Designed to accompany a series of telelessons to stimulate art activities in grades 2 and 3, this songbook correlates with activities in the teacher's guide. Titles of songs included in this book are: Take Time; The Frog's Flute; Howjido; 59th Street Bridge Song; The Put-Togetherer; Good Morning Starshine; Let the Sunshine In; Elephant Song; Spin…

Larson, Tom, Comp.


Echoes from teacher discourse: an inside-out perspective Echoes from teacher discourse: an inside-out perspective  


Researchers in teacher education have paid increasing attention to teacher reflectivity and its relevance for teaching/learning practices. However, to our knowledge, there has been no investigation of teacher reflectivity from the perspective of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL). In this paper we draw mainly on SFL to examine aspects of the relationship between teachers and learners as construed in self-evaluative reports written by 4 Brazilian teacher-trainees. These reports – sel...

Adriana de Carvalho Kuerten Dellagnelo; Jose Luiz Meurer



Line Up Your Ducks! Teachers First!: Teachers and Students Learning With Laptops in a Teacher Action Research Project  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teachers are increasingly expected to incorporate technology into their practices. However, they need experiences with using new technologies in their classrooms and support to talk about and reflect on those experiences.“Teachers first” was one of the main principles that Lankshear and Synder (2000 identified as key to teachers incorporating new technologies into their practice. To put this principle into place, you need to “line up your ducks”: there needs to be a structure, sustained support for that structure, and opportunities for active teacher participation. This article links findings from the first year of the “Learning with Laptops” project by focusing on the most experienced “teacher learners” and connects it with the research literature on teacher and student engagement. The findings contribute support for the principle: teachers (as learners first!

Teresa Strong-Wilson



Early Field Experiences in Language Teacher Education: An Ecological Analysis of a Program Implementation (United States)

Language teacher education (LTE) has received increased attention over the last several decades. Language teacher educators, university researchers, classroom teachers, and future teachers have contributed immensely to existing knowledge on how language teachers learn to teach. Researchers and practitioners have finally acknowledged that future…

Rodriguez Arroyo, Sandra




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available One of the important elements of curriculum changing process is teacher. This study was a qualitative study which was obtained with interview form the opinions of physics teachers about adaptation of new physics curriculum. The group of study 57 physics teachers worked in Isparta city at 2010-2011 educational terms. Obtained data from physics teachersconducted content analysis and given some quotations from views of physics teachers. Most of physics teachers (70% thought that there was a necessity change of physics curriculum, but they had some drawbacks and implications. Half of physics teachers stated to accommodate new physics curriculum. But others stated that either have struggled to accommodate or did not accommodate it. This situation was sign of troubles of changing process. They have proposed implications about applying and adaptation of new curriculum; have to increasing time of course, taking in-service training, preparing introduction CD, designing curriculum according to different type of secondary education, being parallel with curriculum and university entrance exam, recruiting educational environment.

Hasan Said TORTOP



language teachers  

CERN Multimedia

The Le Rosey Institute at Rolle (autumn and spring) and Gstaad (winter) is looking for part-time language teachers of ?Bulgarian, Farsi, Hindi, Korean and Romanian for the start of the autumn term in September 2007. For further details, please contact : Please send applications with CVs to



It Takes a School: Exploring the Relationship between Professional Learning Communities and Student Achievement (United States)

Professional learning communities (PLCs) are a widespread phenomenon in K-12 education, as they are perceived as a mechanism for enhancing teacher effectiveness and, therefore, student achievement. However, there is a dearth of empirical research on PLCs--particularly, the primary focus that the communities take, teachers' perceptions and…

Nadelson, Louis S.; Harm, Eian; Croft, Glen; McClay, Kerry; Ennis, Kimberly; Winslow, Rob



Male Teacher Shortage: Black Teachers' Perspectives (United States)

In this paper the authors draw on the perspectives of black teachers to provide a more nuanced analysis of male teacher shortage. Interviews with two Caribbean teachers in Toronto, Canada, are employed to illuminate the limits of an explanatory framework that foregrounds the singularity of gender as a basis for advocating male teachers as role…

Martino, Wayne; Rezai-Rashti, Goli M.



Impact of Teacher Preparation upon Teacher Efficacy (United States)

A cohort of students in a teacher preparation program completed questionnaires measuring their feelings of teacher self efficacy at three points in the program. Results suggest that pre-service teachers' feelings of self efficacy do improve as a result of their participation in such programs. (Contains 1 figure and 1 table. Teacher Efficacy…

Redmon, Robert J.



Australian Teachers' Careers. Teachers in Society. (United States)

This book focuses on career patterns and promotion of Australian school teachers. Following an introduction by the editors, the book is divided into 4 parts: Part 1, entitled "Understanding Teachers' Careers" includes 2 chapters: (l) "Teachers' Careers: A Conceptual Framework" (Rupert Maclean); and (2) "Teachers' Work: A Perspective on Schooling,"…

Maclean, Rupert, Ed.; McKenzie, Phillip, Ed.


Teachers’ beliefs, teachers’ goals and teachers’ classroom management : a study with primary teachers  


Teachers’ beliefs and teachers’ practices tend to fit together. However exceptions seem to be significant. This study, carried out with primary teachers (N = 279), explores the relation of teachers’ classroom management beliefs to teachers’ classroom goals and teachers’ practices. A cluster analysis identified three distinct teaching beliefs’ profiles: teacher-centered, student-centered and ambivalent/inconsistent. Clusters somehow overlap in the teaching goals they most value but...

Lopes, Joa?o A.; Santos, Miguel



Teachers' Beliefs, Teachers' Goals and Teachers' Classroom Management: A Study with Primary Teachers  


Teachers' beliefs and teachers' practices tend to fit together. However exceptions seem to be significant. This study, carried out with primary teachers (N = 279), explores the relation of teachers' classroom management beliefs to teachers' classroom goals and teachers' practices. A cluster analysis identified three distinct teaching beliefs' profiles: teacher-centered, student-centered and ambivalent/inconsistent. Clusters somehow overlap in the teaching goals they most value but some striki...

Lopes, Jo U. E. O.; Miguel Santos



Running Twice as Fast? A Review of the Research Literature on Teachers' Stress. (United States)

A literature review of teacher stress in Scotland found that hours worked by teachers have not changed significantly over the last decade, but the number of unpopular tasks over which teachers have little control has increased, resulting in increased stress. Being forced to implement mandated changes also increases teacher stress. (Contains 46…

Wilson, Valerie; Hall, John



Metalinguistic awareness and teacher explanation  


In Hong Kong in the past five years, there has been a marked increase of interest in the language awareness of teachers (their ‘metalinguistic awareness’). This interest has been stimulated partly by a concern about declining standards of student achievement in both Chinese and English. Dissatisfaction with learners’ standards of English is linked to officially expressed concern about the quality of teachers of English, many of whom are neither subject-trained nor professionally trained...

Andrews, Sj



CLIMATE CHANGE: Taking Action  


in terms of our climate, scientists are using increasingly sophisticated computer \\models to project plausible changes over the coming decades. ..... within the EU \\and through our overseas network of climate change attachés internationally to ...



Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Education in the Indian region faces a number of problems. These problems include the shortage of qualified teachers, very large student populations, high drop-out rates of students and teachers, and weak curriculum. All of these negative aspects result in poor delivery of education. The education crisis is worsened by the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, increasing poverty, a brain drain in the teaching community, budgetary constraints, poor communication, and inadequate infrastructure.While societies in the region undergo rapid changes as a result of increased access to information, the majority of the school-going youth continue to undergo traditional rote learning. ICTs are one of the major contemporary factors shaping the global economy and producing rapid changes in society. They have fundamentally changed the way people learn, communicate, and do business.

Girdhar lal Sharma



Multitasking and Synchronous Work: Complexities in Teacher Work (United States)

Teacher work is described as increasing in complexity and intensity. Reasons for this include societal changes, reformed and increased work tasks, and the changed moral and normative character of teacher work, but also teachers' experiences of doing more than one thing at the same time, and of thinking about one's work at all times. The concept of…

Brante, Goran



O projeto de educação instituído a partir de 1990: caminhos percorridos na formação de professores de química no Brasil / Educational project run since 1990: educational paths followed by chemistry teachers in Brazil  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO Brazil | Language: Portuguese Abstract in portuguese [...] Abstract in english This paper presents and discusses governmental approaches to teacher training introduced in 1990, whose focus is the education of chemistry teachers. Therefore, the aim of this study was to establish the relationship between legal aspects and background needs present in the Brazilian educational con [...] text, taking into account that the last two decades has seen a significant increase in the chemistry licensure courses offered by higher education institutions in Brazil. Discussing these aspects of chemistry teachers provides a reflection on the real background needs for this group of professionals.

Nyuara Araújo da Silva, Mesquita; Thiago Miguel Garcia, Cardoso; Márlon Herbert Flora Barbosa, Soares.


Line Up Your Ducks! Teachers First!: Teachers and Students Learning With Laptops in a Teacher Action Research Project  


Teachers are increasingly expected to incorporate technology into their practices. However, they need experiences with using new technologies in their classrooms and support to talk about and reflect on those experiences.“Teachers first” was one of the main principles that Lankshear and Synder (2000) identified as key to teachers incorporating new technologies into their practice. To put this principle into place, you need to “line up your ducks”: there needs to be a structure, su...

Teresa Strong-Wilson; Manuela Pasinato; Kelly Ryan; Bob Thomas; Nicole Mongrain; Maija-Liisa Harju; Richard Doucet



GROND Takes Off (United States)

A new instrument has seen First Light at the ESO La Silla Observatory. Equipping the 2.2-m MPI/ESO telescope, GROND takes images simultaneously in seven colours. It will be mostly used to determine distances of gamma-ray bursts. Taking images in different filters simultaneously is important for the study of many astrophysical sources, and in particular of variable sources, such as close binaries or active galactic nuclei. But it is most crucial in the follow-up of gamma-ray bursts. Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are short flashes of energetic gamma-rays lasting from less than a second to several minutes. They release a tremendous quantity of energy in this short time making them the most powerful events since the Big Bang. ESO PR Photo 30a/07 ESO PR Photo 30a/07 GROND at the 2.2-m MPI/ESO Telescope Gamma-ray bursts, which are invisible to our eyes, are discovered by telescopes in space. After releasing their intense burst of high-energy radiation, they become detectable for a fleeting moment in the optical and in the near-infrared. This 'afterglow' fades very rapidly, making detailed analysis possible for only a few hours after the gamma-ray detection. This analysis is important in particular in order to determine the GRB's distance and, hence, intrinsic brightness. A first determination of the distance can be done by taking images through different filters, using the so-called photometric redshift [1]. Because a typical GRB afterglow becomes 15 times fainter after just 10 minutes, and over 200 times fainter after an hour, it is important to observe the object in as many filters as possible simultaneously. "To make the determination of distance of far-away objects as accurate as possible, we decided to use four different filters in the optical and three different filters in the near-infrared," says Jochen Greiner, who led the development of the GROND instrument. GROND stands for Gamma-Ray burst Optical/Near-Infrared Detector. GROND takes thus images of the same region of the sky in 7 different filters. The field of view in the near-infrared is 10 times 10 arcminutes, or 1/7th the area of the Full Moon. It is smaller in the visible, slightly above 5 x 5 arcmin. ESO PR Photo 30b/07 ESO PR Photo 30b/07 A Quasar in Different Colours GROND is presently in its commissioning phase and its first science demonstration has been achieved, showing that all technical systems work properly. In particular, GROND observed a quasar located more than 12 billion light-years away. As for many instruments specialising in the follow-up of gamma-ray bursts (see e.g. ESO 17/07 and 26/07), GROND can also be activated with a Rapid Response Mode (RRM): GRB alerts will be automatically fed into the system thus minimising the delay between the gamma-ray burst detection by a satellite and its observation by GROND. ESO PR Photo 30c/07 ESO PR Photo 30c/07 Quasar PKS 1251-407 at Different Wavelengths "The implementation of the RRM at the 2.2-m telescope is done in exactly the same way as for the VLT, and boosts ESO's leadership to offer observing systems with ultra fast response time towards GRB follow-up," says Michael Sterzik, Head of Science Operations Department at ESO La Silla. A dedicated data analysis pipeline is also being tested which will provide the distance of the burst a few minutes after the first observations. "Ultimately, the goal is to trigger ESO's VLT to perform spectroscopy of the source with fine-tuned settings, thereby maximising the scientific return of GRB follow-up observations of the VLT," says Greiner. GROND has been built by the Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in collaboration with the Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg.



Taking the plunge  

CERN Multimedia

On 8 and 15 October, 58 people took the plunge and headed to the Varembé swimming pool in Geneva for their first taste of scuba diving at one of the CERN scuba club’s free trial dives. Club president Alberto Pace, left, taking a new recruit on his first dive. The CERN scuba club was making waves down at the Varembe swimming pool on Wednesday 15 October. Thirty-six people turned up to the club’s second free trial dive. "It was fantastic," said Jörg, one of the new recruits, after his first ever dive. "I’ve always wanted to try diving and this was a free lesson, so I thought I would come and have a go." Fourteen of the club’s fully qualified instructors were there to give one-on-one tuition. After a first dive in the normal pool the new divers moved into the deep pool. Some took to the water like fish, and at one point an impromptu game of aqua-Frisbee broke out, five metres below the surface. Richard Catherall, who organi...



Teacher Resources (United States)

Resources for Preschool Teachers in the classroom. This link will have emotion faces and a tool to create a solution box for student use. Behavior This is the home page to Positive Behavior Intervention System PBIS Entering data for check points Creative Curriculum NAYEC national page along with the IA page NAEYC IA AEYC Dr. Jean's main page with some YouTube songs Dr. Jean ...

Miller, Heather



Science Teachers' Transformations of the Use of Computer Modeling in the Classroom: Using Research to Inform Training (United States)

This paper, from the UK group in the STTIS (Science Teacher Training in an Information Society) project, describes research into the nature of teachers' transformations of computer modeling, and the development of related teacher training materials. Eight teacher case studies help to identify factors that favor or hinder the take-up of innovative…

Stylianidou, Fani; Boohan, Richard; Ogborn, Jon



Taking Technology to Takoradi (United States)

High school students in Seattle's Global Technology Academy bring refurbished computers to schools and orphanages in developing areas of the world and teach young people the skills they need to advance in an increasingly information-based global marketplace. In 19 trips to date, teams of 5-15 students have taken computers and knowledge to such…

DePillis, Lydia



Chinese Teachers’ Professional Identity and Beliefs about the Teacher-Student Relationships in an Intercultural Context  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

This paper presents a qualitative study of immigrant Chinese teachers’ professional identity and beliefs about the teacher-student relationship in an intercultural context. Theoretically, this study takes its departure from a sociocultural perspective on understanding professional identity. The empirical analysis in the study drew mainly upon ethnographic interviews with a group of Chinese language teachers in Denmark concerning their life experiences, perceptions, and beliefs. The results of this study suggest that teachers’ beliefs about their roles as teachers and about student-teacher relationships are shaped by both their prior experiences and backgrounds and the current social and cultural contexts in which they are situated. Changes of context (e.g., from China to Denmark) often lead to a transformation of their professional identity and beliefs. Being a teacher in an intercultural context often exposes them to the confrontation of diverse challenges and dilemmas. On one hand, teachers in this study generally experienced a transformation from being a moral role model, subject expert, authority and parental role to being a learning facilitator and culture worker. On the other hand, they developed diverse individualized coping strategies to handle student-teacher interactions and other aspects of teachers’ professional identity.

Wang, Li; Du, Xiangyun



Teacher training for sex education. (United States)

The Population Program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston conducted a 3-year sex education teacher training program in cooperation with the Houston Independent School District. Existing sex education curricula and teacher training programs were reviewed during the project's last year, and working relationships with school personnel and community representatives were established. During the 2nd year contacts with school district personnel were increased. The project director trained 14 teacher trainers from the school district; 8 of the 14 trained a total of 40 teachers from a total of 10 schools. The 72-hour training program (nine 8-hour sessions, 1 day a week) for the teacher trainers was conducted from mid-January through mid-March 1980. Pre- and posttest knowledge and attitude assessments were conducted with trainers and teachers. 3rd year tasks included selecting student curricula, teaching students, evaluating the effectiveness of the teacher training based on classroom performance, and revising the training manual. Project and school personnel carefully discussed the criteria for teacher trainers and teachers. There are 4 learner-directed goals of the training project. They are for the trainees to be comfortable communicating about sexuality; understand factual information about human sexuality and social systems; recognize the influence of their sexual beliefs; values; and attitudes on their behavior; and comprehend the decision making, systems framework of the training. A 200-page training manual was developed. The training focus was to teach participants a comprehensive sex education program, to develop further their skills as trainers, and to provide information and experiences to answer questions about sex education for 8th and 10th grade students. PMID:6908935

Flaherty, C; Smith, P B



Theatre and Critical Consciousness in Teacher Education  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Education for social justice, or critical pedagogy, is designed to empower learners and often uses the arts as primary pedagogical means. It has gained increasing attention in teacher education in recent years. However, the author’s use of critical approaches to theatre with teacher education students raised serious questions about their limited level of consciousness, or empowerment, but also alternate possibilities, including theatre, for empowering students during their teacher education programs.

David Dillon



Decision Taking as a Service  

CERN Document Server

Decision taking can be performed as a service to other parties and it is amenable to outtasking rather than to outsourcing. Outtasking decision taking is compatible with selfsourcing of decision making activities carried out in preparation of decision taking. Decision taking as a service (DTaaS) is viewed as an instance of so-called decision casting. Preconditions for service casting are examined, and compliance of decision taking with these preconditions is confirmed. Potential advantages and disadvantages of using decision taking as a service are considered.

Bergstra, Jan A



Learning to Lead: A New Teacher’s Perspectives on Teacher Leadership  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The question of teacher leadership is inextricably tied to teacher effectiveness. Leadership forms the foundation of classroom management and permeates all aspects of the curriculum. While many new teachers have visions of the kinds of leaders they wish to become, this vision is often complicated by the everyday realities of classroom life. Faced with increasingly difficult circumstances, it becomes infinitely more important for teachers to foster the trust and confidence required to make meaningful connections with their students. This article discusses the qualities of effective leaders and the impact of effective leadership on students. It also considers some of the challenges that arise when pursuing one’s vision of leadership.

Kristie Bridges



How evaluation processes affect the professional development of five teachers in higher education  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper presents research that investigates the nature of the connection between the professional development of five teachers in higher education and the evaluation processes they have to undergo. Since teaching, scholarship, and service are the three components that evaluation measures, this research examines how the teachers’ professional development was reflected in these components, and how they viewed the connection between their professional activities and the evaluation process. One conclusion states that while the  evaluation process is intimidating and taxing, it develops the skills for the teaching component. The contribution stems principally from a mentoring channel, which enables teachers to receive counseling and guidance from experienced veteran colleagues. Mentoring encourages the teachers and prompts them to seek advice, study, scrutinize their work methods, and improve the quality of their teaching. Another conclusion reveals that during the first years of work in higher education, evaluation was not found to influence activity in the scholarship and service components. The evaluation requirements notwithstanding, the extent of the activity in these components was limited and non-intensive as a result of the teachers’ focus on teaching. Professional development deepens and expands as seniority increases and confidence in one’s teaching abilities grow. Despite the limited scale of the study, the research conclusions may serve as recommendations for institutions of higher education to consider providing a mentoring channel for the teachers who are in their first years of academic work. Furthermore, institutions should demonstrate flexibility vis-à-vis the extent and depth of such individuals’ activity in scholarship and services when evaluating them. Another recommendation is to encourage institutions to take into account the advantages of veteran teachers, and the fact that professional activities deepen and expand as seniority increases.

Leah Shagrir



Educational Design for Learning Games with a focus on the teacher’s roles  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

This paper deals with the challenges related to the development of an educational design for learning games. The focus will be on how instructional and introductory texts that are integrated in specific game-based platforms address teachers, and how and why these texts can be developed as part of the educational design of game-based learning. In the paper we shall conceptualize these texts as paratexts, following Genette’s terminology. In the paper we shall present an on-going development of an educational design concept for learning games with a focus on how teachers are and can be included in the design of game-based learning platforms. The teacher’s role is important in a game based school practice, as the teacher develops new functions as a teacher and new positions in relation to the students. A number of studies show that teachers often fail to take an active role when games are used in the classroom, as they often rely on the pupils to know what to do or believe that the students are active and engagedand therefore engaged in learning, when they are playing. However, the studies also show that the teacher’s role is imperative to the students’ benefits from learning, and often the pupils criticize the teacher’s failure to participate. Based on empirical studies we shall analyse different ways of employing paratexts directed to the teachers and in the educational design of game-based learning environments, and discuss what design aspects should be considered when addressing the teachers.

SØrensen, Birgitte Holm; Meyer, Bente Tobiesen


Taking CERN physics to South Asia  

CERN Multimedia

CERN physicists travelled to South Asia last month to bring a plethora of particle physics events to schools, universities and public venues. The initiative was the first of its kind in the region, and brought CERN particle physics to a new audience in Nepal and India.   Kathmandu University students take part in an ATLAS virtual visit. On 19 December 2014, students from Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University, Nepal and 16 schools in Punjab, India took part in a joint virtual visit to ATLAS. The visit, which was the first of its kind in South Asia, followed a two-day Masterclass in particle physics that took place simultaneously in the two countries. The Masterclass was organised as a part of Physics Without Frontiers, an International Centre for Theoretical Physics project in partnership with CERN. Besides the Masterclass, physics workshops led by ATLAS physicists Kate Shaw, Joerg Stelzer and Suyog Shrestha were held for high school students and science teachers in three different d...

Abha Eli Phoboo



Every teacher is a language teacher: Preparing teacher candidates for English language learners through service-learning  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Secondary school teachers in the United States are facing urgent challenges in their increasingly heterogeneous classrooms where the presence of English language learners (ELLs is becoming the norm. This study reports preliminary findings of a qualitative, interpretive case study of secondary school teacher candidates learning to teach English language learners through service-learning in Northern California. In a semester-long tutoring project, candidates focused on individual ELLs in their inquiry into language learning, in which they (reconstructed their sociolinguistic knowledge of English and their tutees’ home languages in context. Moreover, the mutually beneficial relationships among members of the language community encouraged candidates’ critical reflections on language learning. The study offers instructional experiences for teachers and teacher educators to develop sociolinguistic and pedagogical tools while supporting, and being supported by, the ELL communities. Keywords: teacher education, service-learning, sociocultural perspective, English language learners, secondary schools, teacher knowledge

Yanan Fan



Reflections of Preservice Information Technology Teachers Regarding Cyberbullying  


The current phenomenological study addressed the reflections of preservice information technology (IT) teachers regarding their cyberbullying or victimization experiences. Fifty five preservice IT teachers at a Turkish teacher training institution were offered a lecture with the purpose of awareness-raising on cyberbullying, which was followed by the assignment of take-home reflection papers. Document analysis on reflection papers led researchers to find out underlying themes regarding partic...

Yavuz Akbulut; Cem Çuhadar



Online resources in mathematics: teachers' genesis of use  

CERN Document Server

The long-term objective of our research is to develop the instrumental approach for teachers. A first step, presented in this paper, is to observe stable behaviours of teachers using internet resources in mathematics. We retain the scenarios as indicators of the genesis processes. We propose a scenario taxonomy taken from categories elaborated by computer sciences specialists and complemented to take into account didactical aspects. The descriptions provided by teachers permitted to observe an evolution of their scenarios elaboration's practices.

Bueno-Ravel, Laetitia



PBS Teachers (United States)

The PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) Teachers web site provides access to thousands of lesson plans, teaching activities, videos, and interactive games and simulations for all levels of instruction, Pre-K to 12. These resources are correlated to state, national, and Canadian educational standards and are tied to PBS' on-air and online programming (NOVA, Nature, and others). They are organized by topic (math, science and technology, social studies, and others). Within each topic area the resources are searchable by grade level and subtopic. Other materials include links to blogs on educational topics, news articles and event announcements, a frequently-asked-questions feature, and information on PBS' professional development program, Teacherline.




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Women are underrepresented in leadership positions in Turkish work life as well as in other countries. There are some social and personal barriers preventing women from managerial positions. One of the area in which women are underrepresented is school leadership. The main purpose of this study is to describe the attitudes and the views of the primary teachers and primary pre-service teachers related to the barriers preventing female teachers from attaining leadership positions in schools. In accordance with the main purpose of the study it was investigated whether there were any differences between the attitudes and the views of the primary teacher and the primary pre-service teachers. The attitudes and the views about the barriers facing female teachers in school leadership were also compared according to gender and the grades of the primary pre-service teachers. Data were collected from 114 primary teachers working in primary schools in Çayeli district and 192 primary pre-service teachers attending primary school teacher training program in the Faculty of Education in Rize University.The attitudes and the views of the primary teachers and primary pre-service teachers related to the barriers preventing female teachers from attaining leadership positions were described in two dimensions, personal attitudes and views, and social attitudes and views. Study results revealed that the attitudes and views differentiated significantly due to gender and position (teacher or pre-service teacher in both dimensions. Moreover, it was indicated that gender and the position of the primary teachers and the primary pre-service teachers have significant joint effects on the personal attitudes and views whereas joint effects of the gender and positions on the social attitudes and views were not observed at statistically significant level. As a conclusion, study results indicated that female primary teachers and female primary pre-service teachers have not negative attitudes and views for female promoting to school leadership as much as their male counterparts. However, female primary teachers and female primary pre-service teachers seemed to accept voluntarily the social female roles more than male primary teachers and male primary pre-service teachers.In accordance with the study results some suggestions were developed. First of all, it was proposed that traditional gender roles should be redefined in Turkish Educational System. Secondly, gender discrimination subject might take place in teacher training programs. Moreover, further gender studies were recommended in terms of motivation, stress, work satisfaction, work performance, work commitment and organizational culture.

Cemalettin ?PEK



Innovation through College Classroom Teacher: an Analysis of Experience (United States)

If we make a balance on the training received by the university professors to exercise its teaching skills we can find in Spain institutions, like Institute of Education Sciences (ICE), that have more than 40 years of existence, have been developing this role with great success and have data from this experience. It is true that only a few universities have created and promoted these institutions mostly from 70 Law and even today continue to develop training, modernized and adapted to the current needs of each university. Even some of them have created new ones, changed the name to Centers of Excellence or Innovation although not their functions, others such as the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), have incorporated these features of quality, innovation to their current actions. Despite this training in some universities, it is a voluntary and individual fact that every teacher, either by joining teaching for the first time or when want to upgrade, renovate or simply as a form of share experiences with other fellow teachers of other grades and may have the same problems. Looking at the same university context, in other countries, we see something similar in regards to common joint rules for access to the teaching profession as in other types of training, and also differences occurs in the recognition that training is done, unlike that resolves research and innovation taking place in the university. From a teacher training institution as the ICE at UPM, with a long experience in this training, we have managed to consolidate the organization and actions. In addition, we have learned to capture teachers attention, trying to find an appreciation for " the value of training " by the need to upgrade and the fact of knowing innovative methods and techniques to help them improve their teaching by, first, that students learn more and better themselves and, second, that teachers, mastering techniques, feel increasingly confident in the classroom and to the satisfaction of what they do is well done. Although this statement can be seen truncated as in the current moment research has higher priority versus teaching and scientific publications address the training and even mobility management or come to have more value than the training itself and learning along the life, although this phrase is used a lot from Bologna called Treaty. In these circumstances it is very difficult to practicing teachers, their training and educational needs updating, because what they are going to value professional development is, first, their research experience, giving the highest score at CV than to your educational background, teaching experience, also valued more educational management and administration. In this work we will provide objective data on the results regarding the university teachers training and different learning models that we have developed, as well as the achievements on the level of participation in the last ten years, the level of satisfaction and the innovation performance in the classroom, after receiving training. In addition, we would like to raise a discussion forum on the future of university faculty training for the profession of teaching and provoke interest here some questions for discussion and possible solutions: • Where should we focus on the university teachers training? • What is the status of university teacher Centers training in other EU countries? • What are the training models in other countries of the European Union? • What is the value and who appreciates the teacher training? • Should be mandatory or would be detrimental and would not be interested? A teacher should be an expert, brushing or reaching the excellence of their own knowledge, not to mention minimum-pedagogical training bases. Otherwise he will be an excellent researcher, something that is always needed, but mediocre or bad teacher that can cause irreparable damage to some students that fall in his class.

Gonzalez-Tirados, Rosa Maria; Medina-Rojas, Silvia





The aim of this study was to examine qualitatively 109 third year primary teacher candidates’ views on being a good teacher. One open-ended question was posed to teacher candidates to be answered in writing. Although opinions about being a good teacher were categorized into six subtitles: personal characteristics, knowledge of subject and its teaching;, skills, professional growth, appreciation, and commitment to the mission, most of the answers were about different dimensions of personal c...

Ubuz, Behiye; Sari, Sibel



LHC Report: Take Five  

CERN Document Server

The LHC is continuing to perform well and an integrated luminosity of over 5fb-1 has now been delivered to ATLAS and CMS. While keeping a close eye on beam induced heating and vacuum quality, the bunch current has been gently raised to over 1.4x1011 protons per bunch. This has given a peak luminosity of 3.6x1033 cm-2s-1. Some long fills have helped production and recent high points include 120pb-1 delivered in one fill and 580pb-1 delivered in one week.   Time has also been devoted to some special physics runs for TOTEM and ALFA. In these runs, the beam is de-squeezed to a ß* of 90 m in ATLAS and CMS. This is instead of the usual 1m ß*, and gives a larger beam size at interaction points. The increased beam size results in a reduced beam divergence at the interaction points. This permits TOTEM and ALFA to probe low-angle scattering and allows them to measure the total cross section of proton-proton interactions and the absolute luminosity cal...

Mike Lamont for the LHC Team



Making the transition to middle schooling: A case study of experienced science teachers coping with change (United States)

The increasing popularity of the middle school movement necessitates a need for more interpretive research in middle level education. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore science teachers' perceptions of the transition to a new middle school and the meanings they attached to this new experience. The participants were three eighth grade science teachers, each with 20 plus years of teaching experience. The primary data for analysis was a series of five interviews with each participant. Data collection also included weekly participant observation of team meetings. Findings revealed that the science teachers all had positive feelings attached to the ability to keep track of students' academic progress and behavior problems as a result of teaming. The changes associated with the first year were very stressful for all three, primarily the loss of the traditional junior high departmentalized structure. The two participants who transferred directly from the junior high school were very skeptical of any benefits from an interdisciplinary curriculum, the appropriateness of the middle school philosophy for eighth grade students, and the move to heterogeneously grouped science classes. In contrast, the former junior high teacher who had spent the past ten years teaching sixth grade at the elementary school had positive beliefs about the potential benefits of an interdisciplinary curriculum and heterogeneous grouping. Teacher stress associated with a change in the school setting and the science teachers' constraints to actualizing a meaningful middle schooling experience are illuminated. Teachers' lack of ownership in the reform decision making process, loss of time with their science teacher peers, diminished compliments from high school counterparts, and need for more empirical evidence supporting proposed changes all served as barriers to embracing the reform initiatives. The participants found taking a very slow approach to be their most useful means of coping with the stress of these changes. The discussion includes meta-assertions and recommendations concerning the leadership and planning process for movement to a middle school philosophy, the most appropriate building structure for meeting needs of science teachers, teachers as curriculum makers, and the nature of middle level professional development for experienced science teachers.

Strong, Donna Dorough


Looking for Daisy: Constructing Teacher Identities (United States)

Research on teacher identities is both important and increasing. In this forum contribution I re-interpret assertions about an African American science teacher's identities in terms of Jonathon Turner's ("2002") constructs of role identity and sub-identity. I contest the notion of renegotiation of identities, suggesting that particular role…

Ritchie, Stephen M.



The Preparation of Teachers for Multigrade Teaching (United States)

A large proportion of teachers throughout the world teach in multigrade classrooms, or classes with more than one grade level. It is reliably predicted that the number of multigrade classes will increase in the future. This paper addresses the issue of teacher education for multigrade. The main thesis of this paper is that the professional…

Mulryan-Kyne, Catherine



An Investigation of Teachers' Attitudes between School and Home Based Family Intervention Models Utilized by Public School Teachers in the People's Republic of China (United States)

Teachers' attitudes toward family intervention are of great import on ways of increasing student achievement and cooperative interactions between teachers and family. Despite expanding school growth, there is very little research in China that examines teachers' attitudes toward family intervention. In this study, 159 kindergarten teachers in…

Gu, Wei; Yawkey, Thomas D.



Training Methods for Special Education Teachers of the Future. (United States)

Appropriate teacher education for special education teachers in Sweden must take into account the following concepts: one handicap often causes a second (often social or psychological); education must begin where the child is, focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses; and team units should be used which are comprised of both ordinary and…

Jonsson, Ture


Teachers' Beliefs, Antiracism and Moral Education: Problems of Intersection. (United States)

Explores the potential problems of intersection between the defining aims of antiracist education and teachers' beliefs about the aims of education. Identifies a framework for differentiating three ethical perspectives that teachers often take in articulating and justifying their beliefs about the ideal aims of education. (CMK)

Boyd, Dwight; Arnold, Mary Louise



Research on Strategic-oriented College Teacher Performance Management System  


This study gives guiding principles for constructing strategic-oriented college teacher performance management system, including strategic orientation, systematicness, reliability, efficiency, operability and dynamism; it also designs a dynamic circulation process which takes achieving college strategic management objective system as the center and contains four key links: Making plans for college teacher performance evaluation, performance tutorship and implementation, performance evaluation...

Zhou Jingkun



Teacher Attitude towards Inclusion Practices and Special Needs Students (United States)

This paper investigates the varying attitudes of regular (mainstream) education teachers towards the implementation of inclusion in elementary and secondary school classrooms. This paper tries to take into account the need for a better understanding of teacher attitude towards inclusion and how the inclusive environment can be improved. The…

Ross-Hill, Rorie



The Effect Of Secondary School Teachers’ Preparation Program On The Pre-service Teachers’ Self-efficacy Beliefs  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to investigate effect of secondary school mathematics teachers’ preparation program on the pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy. In this sense, self-efficacy beliefs towards mathematics scale developed by Umay (2001 were administered to 108 freshmen, junior and senior pre-service teachers enrolled in secondary school mathematics teachers’ education program at Karadeniz Technical University. Result revealed that junior pre-service teachers taking only mathematical content knowledge have higher self-efficacy beliefs than freshmen and senior pre-service teachers. Moreover, there is no significant difference between freshmen pre-service mathematics teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs and senior pre-service mathematics’ self-efficacy beliefs.

Fatih Karaku?



A Review of Literature on Teacher Efficacy and Classroom Management (United States)

The purpose of this paper was to review the literature on teacher efficacy and classroom management. The conceptual framework of this paper was based on the theories of Rotter (1966) and Bandura (1977). The review of literature indicated that teacher efficacy helps teachers plan effective instructional strategies, increases performance, and…

Dibapile, Waitshega Tefo Smitta



Studying Science Teacher Identity: Current Insights and Future Research Directions (United States)

Over the past 10?years an increasing number of articles have been published in leading science education journals that report on research about teacher identity and describe interventions that support teacher identity development. My purpose in this review paper is to examine how the construct of science teacher identity has been conceptualised…

Avraamidou, Lucy



Preservice Teachers' Conceptions of Effective and Ineffective Teaching Practices (United States)

Given the focus on developing highly-qualified teachers to improve education, teacher education programs face increasing responsibility to prepare new teachers who can effectively enhance learning in all students. Standards and assessment criteria developed by national organizations in the United States address the qualifications of beginning as…

Sandholtz, Judith Haymore



Religious Segregation and Teacher Education in Northern Ireland (United States)

This paper surveys the extent of religious segregation in teacher education in Northern Ireland and notes that there are elements of separation within a general context of (increasing) common teacher education. With reference to liberal and communitarian theories the case for separate teacher education is considered. It is acknowledged that a case…

Nelson, James



Take-Home Physics: 65 High-Impact, Low-Cost Labs (e-Book) (United States)

Take-Home Physics is an excellent resource for high school physics teachers who want to devote more classroom time to complex concepts while challenging their students with hands-on homework assignments. This volume presents 65 take-home physics labs

Michael Horton



The Impact of Developing Social Perspective-Taking Skills on Emotionality in Middle and Late Childhood (United States)

A sample of 209 children was followed longitudinally to examine the impact of growing perspective-taking skills on positive and negative emotionality in middle and late childhood. Perspective-taking skills were assessed through interviews. Teachers rated children's emotional reactivity and capacity to regain a neutral state following emotional…

Bengtsson, Hans; Arvidsson, Asa



Discovery Education: Teacher Resources (United States)

The wide world of science comes alive with these great interactive teacher resources created by the team at Discovery Education. The hope is that these activities will help "foster deeper engagement and opportunities for students to take charge of their own learning with high quality, engaging, relevant tools." The materials here are divided into several areas, including Grades 9-12 and Grades 6-8. Each of these areas contains free resources in the core subjects of science, English, social studies, and math. Specifically, they include lesson plans and "Brain Boosters," which pose math puzzles and practical science problems. Farther along, visitors can also investigate the "Science of Everyday Life," which allows visitors the opportunity to learn about household technology via videos, scientist interviews, and other activities. [KMG





Ninety-two male and female second- and third-grade children were given a battery of tests including perspective-taking measures, a self-report values inventory, and assertiveness assessments. Teacher and peer ratings of assertiveness were also obtained. The children's prosocial and assertive behaviors were observed in the familiar environment of the school during free play and unstructured classtime over a period of several weeks. The children were also given the opportunity to help in a situ...

Larrieu, Julie Ann



Recruiting Expert Teachers into High-Needs Schools: Leadership, Money, and Colleagues (United States)

Teacher quality experts are urging policymakers to identify and target expert teachers and entice them to teach in high-needs schools. To understand what this might take, expert teachers in Arizona were surveyed to understand their job-related preferences to inform future recruitment policies. Findings should inform others about the important…

Amrein-Beardsley, Audrey



Primary and Secondary Teachers' Conceptions about Heritage and Heritage Education: A Comparative Analysis (United States)

This study describes and analyses the conceptions of primary teachers and secondary teachers of Physics-Chemistry, Biology-Geology and Geography-History with respect to the concept of heritage and its teaching and learning, taking the model of teacher-researcher as the theoretical referent. The data collection instrument used was a questionnaire,…

Gimenez, Jesus Estepa; Ruiz, Rosa Maria Avila; Listan, Mario Ferreras



Accounting for Movement between Childcare Classrooms: Does It Change Teacher Effects Interpretations? (United States)

Child care studies that have examined links between teachers' qualifications and children's outcomes often ignore teachers' and children's transitions between classrooms at a center throughout the day and only take into account head teacher qualifications. The objective of this investigation was to examine these traditional assumptions and to…

Setodji, Claude Messan; Le, Vi-Nhuan; Schaack, Diana



Emergence of Confucianism from Teachers' Definitions of Guidance and Discipline in Hong Kong Secondary Schools (United States)

Teachers in Hong Kong, as elsewhere, are concerned with students' misbehaviour. In secondary schools two teams of teachers, a guidance team and a discipline team, deal with it. This article examines how teachers make sense of their caring work and strategies for behaviour management. Taking an interactionist perspective, the framework suggested by…

Hue, Ming-Tak



Recalling 40 Years of Teacher Education in the USA: A Personal Essay (United States)

Taking the form of a personal essay, the author describes developments within teacher education in the USA over a 40-year period, since the founding of "JET." Beginning with his work within teacher education as a graduate student and moving across time, he describes major movements in teacher education, discusses several of the most…

Bullough, Robert V., Jr.



The role of physics departments in the recruitment, preparation and support of pre-college teachers of physics (United States)

The United States faces a critical shortage of qualified physics and physical science teachers. The number of high school students taking physics is increasing but the number of physics majors pursuing careers in pre-college teaching is not nearly sufficient to meet the demand. College and university physics departments have content expertise and ready access to potential future teachers of physics. In order to address the crisis in physics and physical science education, APS, AAPT, and AIP have developed the PhysTEC project. Seattle Pacific University is one of six fully funded PhysTEC sites. The PhysTEC project also supports a coalition of more than one hundred institutions that are committed to improving K-12 physics and physical science education. This talk will describe the national PhysTEC project along with our local PhysTEC program. We will explore ways in which physics departments can more fully integrate the preparation of pre-college physics teachers within existing departmental priorities. We will discuss opportunities for regional partnerships between 2-year and 4-year colleges, school districts, and teacher preparation programs. We will also highlight ways in which our research on the learning and teaching of physics informs the development of tools that teachers and teacher educators can use to diagnose student ideas and to design subsequent instruction that capitalizes on these ideas. In collaboration with Stamatis Vokos, Seattle Pacific University and Pam Kraus, Facet Innovations LLC.

Seeley, Lane



Helping Teachers become Leaders (United States)

For school improvement, more teachers need to function as leaders. Understanding the various dimensions of teacher leadership is requisite knowledge for encouraging the development of more teachers as leaders. Teacher leaders can fulfill multiple roles as they encounter obstacles in schools. The author addresses the challenge of supporting…

Phelps, Patricia H.



A New Teacher's Plea (United States)

New teachers are often too overwhelmed by their new responsibilities to be the effective teachers they wish to be. Brian K. Jones, a new teacher who loves his job but still thinks of quitting at least once a month, says that teachers need a more comprehensive system of supports before and after they enter the classroom. Such a system would include…

Jones, Brian K.



Teacher Education in Canada (United States)

Teacher education programmes within Canada are markedly different in structure and duration across the provinces, which affects programme delivery for teacher candidates and their opportunities for clinical practice. This paper provides a brief overview of Canadian pre-service teacher education, a summary of new teacher induction and mentoring…

Van Nuland, Shirley



Improving Teacher Education Programs (United States)

In this paper, the authors review current practices in pre-service teacher education. They suggest that radical improvements are possible and that, if practiced, would help mediate many of the pressures young teachers face. To do so, the authors: 1) outline the experiences of young teachers to consider how teachers might thrive in a difficult…

Harding, Kelly; Parsons, Jim



Technology Enhanced Teacher Evaluation (United States)

The purpose of this research and development study was to design and develop an affordable, computer-based, pre-service teacher assessment and reporting system to allow teacher education institutions and supervising teachers to efficiently enter evaluation criteria, record pre-service teacher evaluations, and generate evaluation reports. The…

Teter, Richard B.



Exploring Elementary Thai Teachers’ Use of Mathematics Textbook  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The aim of this study was to compare the approaches to use mathematics textbooks on primary school in-service teachers in the “Project for Professional Development of Mathematics’ teacher through Lesson Study and Open Approach’. The methodology is questionnaires-check lists, interviews and open ended questionnaires. The results on the approaches on teachers’ use of mathematics textbook found that the percentage of adherence and elaboration decrease and the percentage of creation increase after teachers attend the project.

Suwarnnee Plianram



The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors for Teacher Motivation  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Education researchers and school administrators have faced the challenge of motivating teachers to higher levels of performance. In this regard, teacher motivation increases classroom performance and, accordingly, improves schooling and the overall quality of the school system. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the different types of motivational factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic, that influence teacher performance and contribute to teacher motivation.




Creationism and evolution views of brazilian teachers and teachers-to-be  


This paper aims at assessing the evolutionist and creationist conceptions of Brazilian teachers. The work was developed within the framework of the European project BIOHEAD-CITIZEN, which takes into account that scientific knowledge and teachers’ attitudes and values can influence the teaching practices. The large questionnaire BIOHEAD-CITIZEN, which was constructed to be applied in 19 countries in Europe, Africa and in Middle East, was applied, in this study, to six groups of Brazilian tea...

Caldeira, Ana Maria Andrade; Arau?jo, Elaine Sandra Nicolini Nabuco; Carvalho, Grac?a Simo?es



Educators must take the electronic revolution seriously. (United States)

The advanced fields in the physical sciences and quantitative social sciences began using computers years ago. But only recently has the electronic revolution reached the point where educators in both medicine and the humanities must take it seriously. This is because (1) computers have finally become powerful enough to permit the creation of teaching machines (called multimedia packages) that can manipulate the massive amounts of information involved in medicine and the humanities; and (2) the Internet is now fast enough and widely distributed enough to change teaching practices. Multimedia packages will drastically change traditional teaching and learning; the author reviews these and other likely impacts of these packages. For example, faculty members' effective contact with students will not be bound by time and place; students can learn at their own paces in their preferred modes; and the distinction between elementary and advanced learning will be virtually impossible to maintain. The Internet makes it possible to offer classes to students no matter where they or the teacher are located, to ignore strict constraints of time (a class discussion can go on for days), and to create "electronic communities" of students and faculty. The author reviews the great advantages of these capabilities, but states that this development of the virtual university could seriously undermine actual universities (e.g., difficulties of maintaining faculty competence in their disciplines; impossibility of deciding issues of department size and diversity; questions of the effectiveness of learning that does not take place face-to-face; problems of students' and teachers' time management, on which the traditional structures of curricula and teaching methods are built). Despite the fundamental adjustments that will be necessary, the author sees the electronic revolution in education as a necessary consequence of what is already taking place in research, where multimedia packages and the Internet are being used extensively, because in professional education, teaching and learning arise directly from research. Just as scholars and scientists have embraced this revolution, educators should embrace it in their educational programs and practices. PMID:8607916

Chodorow, S



Teacher quality and incentives theoretical and empirical effects of standards on teacher quality  


Applying the theory of yardstick competition to the schooling system, we show that it is optimal to have central tests of student achievement and to engage in benchmarking because it raises the quality of teaching. This is true even if teachers? pay (defined in monetary terms) is not performance related. If teachers value reputation, and if teaching output is measured so that it becomes comparable, teachers will increase their effort. The theory is tested using the German PISA-E data. Our est...

Juerges, Hendrik; Richter, Wolfram F.; Schneider, Kerstin



How Social-Media Enhanced Learning Platforms Support Students in Taking Responsibility for Their Own Learning  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

Purpose – The paper is based on the chapter “How Social Media Enhanced Learning Platforms Challenge and Motivate Students to Take Charge of Their Own Learning Processes – A Few Examples” from the publication Increasing Student Engagement and Retention using Social Technologies: Facebook, e-Portfolios and other Social Networking Services and on the authors’ research on ICT and social media enhanced learning in the foreign language/intercultural learning high school and university environment. Design/methodology/approach – The paper discusses learning in general and didactic practices in the two sectors and how social media enhanced learning platforms challenge and motivate students in their learning processes. Findings – The paper provides examples from didactic experiments carried out at the Copenhagen Business School and in Danish high schools. The authors focus on the changing role of teachers from the traditional role of (almost) full teacher responsibility for classroom action to a coaching and facilitating role where students assume increasing responsibility for their learning and for classroom activities. The paper also discusses the transfer and application of experiences made on the basis of changing didactic practices and views the positive and less positive experiences. Originality/value – The paper shares work-in-progress experience in regard to the growing body of knowledge about the use of ICT in the twenty-first century classroom.

Pals Svendsen, Lisbet; Mondahl, Margrethe



Training Teachers for Regional Colleges. (United States)

This report presents alternative plans for training teachers for the newly-established Regional Colleges in Burma. The Regional Colleges are three-year postsecondary institutions designed to train middle level technicians to help increase the production of goods and services needed in the Burmese economy. Concentrating on the Hawaii Community…

Hla Myint; And Others


Teachers' views on values education : A qualitative study in Sweden and Turkey  


The aim of the current study was to examine Swedish and Turkish teachers’ perspectives on values education. Qualitative interviews with 52 teachers were conducted and analyzed. Values education was mostly about compliance with societal values and norms. The learning goals or values in values education were mainly on how to treat others and on self-responsibility. Teachers did not take a critical approach. A main method of values education reported by the teachers was to be a good role model...

Thornberg, Robert; Og?uz, Ebru



Factors that Impact Preservice Teachers’ Growth in Conceptual Mathematical Knowledge During a Mathematics Methods Course  


Teachers’ conceptual understanding of elementary mathematics is believed to be fundamental to effective classroom level mathematics reform. This study examined preservice teachers’ change in conceptual mathematical knowledge after taking a reform-based mathematics methods course as part of a teacher certification program, and investigated the relationship between this change and factors such as preservice teachers’ academic background, initial levels of conceptual and procedural mathema...

Carlos Zerpa; Ann Kajander; Christina van Barneveld



Effect of Media Literacy on Prospective Social Studies Teachers’ Multicultural Attitudes  


A central concern for teacher education programs is to prepare future teachers to practice democratic education. It could be asserted that democratic education is almost impossible without a multicultural attitude of the teacher. The purpose of this study was to identify prospective social studies teachers’ multicultural attitude and if taking a Media Literacy course has an effect on their multicultural attitude scores. In this Quasi-Experimental research study, participants were comprised ...

Abdurrahman ?ahin; Türkan Çelik; Nurettin Bilgen



Web 2.0 Tools and the Evolving Pedagogy of Teacher Education (United States)

Teacher educators are constantly revisiting and revising their teacher education programs. Historically, research, educational policy, and accreditation requirements have been the impetus for renewal in teacher education. For the past 20 years, technology innovation has played an increasingly significant role in rethinking teacher education. This…

Adcock, Lee; Bolick, Cheryl



Teacher Mobility and Financial Incentives: A Descriptive Analysis of Denver's ProComp (United States)

Extensive teacher mobility can undermine policy efforts to develop a high-quality workforce. In response, policymakers have increasingly championed financial incentives to retain teachers. In 2006, the Denver Public Schools adopted an alternative teacher compensation reform, the Professional Compensation System for Teachers ("ProComp").…

Fulbeck, Eleanor S.



Rethinking Recruitment: The Comprehensive and Strategic Recruitment of Secondary Science Teachers (United States)

The shortage of science teachers has spurred a discussion about their retention and recruitment. While discussion about retaining science teachers has increased dramatically in just the last few years, science teacher educators have not attended to the recruitment of science teachers with the same tenacity. This paper is our effort to initiate…

Luft, Julie A.; Wong, Sissy S.; Semken, Steve



Functional Assessment and Teacher Collected Data. (United States)

Examines issues involved in collecting observational data and conducting a functional analysis of student problem behavior directly in the elementary classroom. Two cases of children with behavior disorders in special classes illustrate the active role that teachers can take in data collection and decision making prior to program changes.…

Symons, Frank J.; McDonald, Linda M.; Wehby, Joseph H.



Second Language Teacher Education. International Perspectives (United States)

The education of second language teachers takes place across diverse contexts, levels, settings, and geographic regions. By bringing together research, theory, and best practices from a variety of contexts (ESL/EFL, foreign language, bilingual and immersion education), this book contributes to building meaningful professional dialogue among…

Tedick, Diane J., Ed.



Using Diagnostic Assessment to Help Teachers Understand the Chemistry of the Lead-Acid Battery (United States)

Nineteen pre-service and in-service teachers taking a chemistry teaching methods course at a university in Hong Kong were asked to take a diagnostic assessment. It consisted of seven multiple-choice questions about the chemistry of the lead-acid battery. Analysis of the teachers' responses to the questions indicated that they had difficulty in…

Cheung, Derek



When science takes centre stage  

CERN Multimedia

The teachers at 'Science on stage' are not emotionally attached to their chalk. Neither are they are weary old men who sport tweed jackets with elbow-patches and enter into conversation with their blackboards. Actually, 'Science on stage' teachers are far from the cliché of the boring physics teacher who can only inspire yawns from his pupils. Some present the basic principles of mechanics using a bicycle, others explain chemistry with examples from everyday life. The most audacious of them go so far as to explain the Doppler effect by means of a play in which Einstein dreams about jumping cows... These are but a few of the activities and plays that will be shown during the EIROforum1 Science on Stage Festival (organised by 7 European scientific organisations including CERN), to be held from 21 to 25 November at CERN, Geneva. This festival is dedicated to the teaching science in order to make it more attractive. After the first edition 'Physics on Stage' which was held in 2000 at CERN, the laboratory agai...



Worker absence and shirking : evidence from matched teacher-school data.  


We utilise a unique matched teacher-school data set of absenteeism records to quantify the impact of group interaction on the absence behavior of primary and secondary teachers. To address problems of identification our study focuses on teachers who move between schools. The estimates for movers suggest that absenteeism is influenced by prevailing group absence behaviour at the school. Our finding suggests that a worker takes one more day of absenteeism if their average coworker takes 12 more...

Bradley, Steve; Green, Colin; Leeves, Gareth



Teachers' Place: Monterey Bay Aquarium (United States)

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has long had an ambitious outreach mission. As a result, its Teachers' Place is a fine resource for educators around the world. On the homepage, visitors will find sections such as Teacher Programs, Field Trips, and Classroom Resources. In the Classroom Resources area, visitors can take advantage of lesson plans and interactive media features that include Rocky Shore, Kelp Forest, Sea Otters, and Mission to the Deep. The Games & Interactives area includes downloadable posters, fact cards, and a virtual dive into Monterey Canyon that provides visitors with a truly immersive experience, minus the actual water, of course. This same section also has some pretty great tunes, such as "Hold On or Go With the Flow," which is a paean to surviving the rough and tumble world of the rocky shore.


The Teacher-Student Communication Pattern: A Need to Follow?  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study is intended to investigate the teacher-student communication patterns in an upperintermediate English class. There are major questions in this study; (a what the nature of interaction is in a foreign language classroom, (b what the characteristics of teacher-student turn taking are, (c what type of feedback is taken by the teacher, (d how the teacher's competence and performance are. The participants of the study are female adult students and a female teacher majoring English literature at MA level that has had five years of teaching experience. Five partial
sessions of the class are recorded, transcribed, and analyzed. According to the findings, the type of discourse is teacher-initiated one and the question type is both WH-questions and questions with auxiliaries. The way of student's reply is brief and limited to one teacher-student turn-taking. The type of interaction is based on the questions posed by the teacher and long interaction such as discussing, debating, and challenging could rarely be seen in the classroom in question. The type of
feedback depending on the skill and tasks dealt with, ranging from recast to direct correction. The teacher's competence and performance are satisfactory with correct pronunciation and near native accent.

Mohammad Hashamdar



Propositions of nuclear issue education for teachers and students  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Full text: Besides renewable energy forms, the nuclear energy seems to be of the greatest importance now. Recently the nuclear technology has developed almost in all domains of human activity. Unfortunately, common knowledge about physical processes involved in the nuclear energetics and furthermore, about the specific, nuclear radiation effects on the living tissues, is still very poor among the secondary and university students. We can find proofs for this statement in everyday situations and in literature. Thus, we should take every opportunity to speak about the complex nuclear problems, and that much more of the school time should be spend on teaching radioactivity phenomenon. We should acquaint students both with benefits and risks of the nuclear energy applications. Knowledge is certainly the cheapest way to prevent any nuclear danger. Taking this into account we designed the proposition of projects aimed at increase of nuclear issue knowledge and awareness among teachers and students: Project RADONET; Computer aided investigations of radioactivity with the use of GM detector; Competition 'Radioactive World'; Distance lecture on 'Radioactivity Around Us'. The main objective of project RADONET (RADON + NET) was concentrated on answering the question: Radon in our homes - is the risk acceptable? It was based on the concentration of radon investigations in indoor air, ground and drinking water and in the vicinity of TV and computer screens, made by the science tea computer screens, made by the science teachers from Torun. In our opinion, the knowledge about radon and its health risk should be implemented to the interdisciplinary science education as early as possible. Thus, inspiring by English and Hungarian researchers we propose the method of environmental education related to the radon issue. In collaboration with 35 science teachers from different regions of Poland educational research project RADONET for students was performed. The concentration of radon was measured by the use of passive method (TASTRAK detectors). For communication of researchers, teachers and students as well for discussion of the obtained results e-mail, WWW pages, etc. were used. As the result we created the preliminary map of radon concentration in Poland made by students and we got the evidence that the increasing number of teacher and pupils wish to take a part in this kind of educational investigations. Since the phenomenon of radioactivity was discovered by Henry Becquerel, Marie Curie- Sklodowska and Pierre Curie we know, that the 'ionizing radiation' is around us. It can be the stream of particles of the distinct kind - alpha, beta, protons, ions, neutrons and stream of high energy - X or gamma rays. But, naturally some problems arise: where does this radiation come from, how long does it live, is it dangerous to the human body, can we measure its amount and behaviour? In this paper we report our attempt to answer mainly the last question. For this purpose we designed and constructed computer controlled Geiger-Mueller counter with the dedicated software to measure ionising radiation intensity. The menu of the software contains the following options: characteristic of detector, intensity of the ionising radiation and its dependence on distance and type of absorbing material as well as statistical distribution of ionising radiation [8]. Last year, tribute to the 100th anniversary of Maria Curie-Sklodowska Nobel Prize, we organised the competition for educational projects under the general title Radioactive World. The competition was addressed to Polish teachers and their pupils. The Award Committee received 44 projects from upper and lower secondary schools. Knowledge and methodical level of all projects was very high. Most of them engaged not only the science subjects teachers but also specialists of literature, history and art. The committee awarded 15 projects which were the most original and their results were presented to the wide local community by press, radio and TV. The results of the best projects: original lessons plans, pos


STEM Teachers in Professional Learning Communities: From Good Teachers to Great Teaching (United States)

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teaching is more effective and student achievement increases when teachers join forces to develop strong professional learning communities in their schools. This finding is supported by a two-year National Science Foundation funded study, "STEM Teachers in Professional Learning Communities:…

Fulton, Kathleen; Britton, Ted



Non-Career Teachers in the Design Studio: Economics, Pedagogy and Teacher Development (United States)

As the economic pressure to teach more students with fewer (and less costly) instructors has increased in higher education, the utilisation of non-career teachers has become more prevalent. Design education has not escaped this phenomenon; non-career teachers, such as graduate and undergraduate students or design practitioners, have become…

Smith, Korydon; Smith, Carl



Radiation for Students and Teachers (United States)

... Public Reporters Librarians Students/Teachers PROGRAMS TOPICS REFERENCES Radiation Information for Students and Teachers Students/Teachers Main ... RadTown USA Careers People and Discoveries History of Radiation Protection Understanding Radiation Related Links Student Teacher Publications ...


Image of Ideal Teachers among Turkish Young Teacher Candidates (United States)

The aim of the current study is to determine the perception of teacher candidates concerning ideal teachers and to determine the perception of qualitative teachers that teacher candidates have and put a light on the selection of teacher candidates and the development of teacher-training programs. In the study, quantitative and qualitative…

Budak, Yusuf




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This contribution takes a closer look at literacy competence-related problems in socially andculturally diverse classrooms. Diversity in language and reading socialization both contribute significantlyto differences in literacy competences, which is something that surfaces in daily teaching practice. Asurvey among 169 primary and secondary school teachers in the Netherlands focused on the perspectiveof the teachers, since they are the ones who have to deal with the diversity in literacy. The extent ofthe problems the teachers indicated as being caused by their students’ lack of literacy competences isconsiderable in all classes. During their day-to-day teaching, teachers of multicultural classes experiencemore problems related to literacy competences than do teachers of monocultural classes. The resultsindicate that it is desirable if not vital to pay attention to the acquisition of literacy competences indiverse, multicultural classrooms in teacher training and refresher courses




National Curriculum Framework (NCF For Teacher Education  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The Right to Education Act has come into being making it mandatory for the state to provide free and compulsory education to almost 20 crore children in the 6-14 age group till class 8. The Right to Education Act mandates a schedule for the functioning of schools, which includes a teacher: student ratio of 1:30 till a student population of 200 students at the Primary Stage. This would increase the demand for qualified elementary school teachers many times. The country has to address the need of supplying well qualified and professionally trained teachers in larger numbers in the coming years. The NCF 2005 places different demands and expectations on the teacher, which need to be addressed by both initial and continuing teacher education.

Girdhar lal Sharma



Non-native EFL Teacher Trainees’ Attitude towards the Recruitment of NESTs and Teacher Collaboration in Language Classrooms  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teacher collaboration is a key feature of effective professional development and is a necessary element for improved student achievement and ongoing school success. This study investigated pre-service Non-Native English Speaking Teachers (NNESTs’ attitude towards the recruitment of Native English Speaking Teachers (NESTs and the collaboration with NESTs in EFL classrooms. The results show that most participants are not against the presence of NESTs as their teaching partners, but see qualification as the key criterion in recruiting NESTs. Even though the participants believe that team teaching with NESTs is beneficial to English learners, they are concerned about unequal partnerships and communication problems with NESTs. The results suggest that teacher educators need to take greater responsibilities to engage pre-service teachers in team teaching to support pre-service teachers’ professional lives.

Li-Yi Wang



Taking Care After A Concussion  

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

This podcast describes how to take care of yourself after a concussion, including proper recognition and response recommendations.  Created: 3/17/2010 by National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC).   Date Released: 3/17/2010.



Informatics perspectives on decision taking  


A decision is an act or event of decision taking. Decision making always includes decision taking, the latter not involving significant exchanges with non-deciding agents. A decision outcome is a piece of storable information constituting the result of a decision. Decision outcomes are typed, for instance: plan, command, assertion, or boolean reply to a question. A decision effect is any consequence of putting a decision outcome into effect. Decision outcomes must be expected by the decider t...

Bergstra, J. A.



ChemTeacher: Neutron (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Neutron page includes resources for teaching students about neutrons.



ChemTeacher: Electron (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Electron page includes resources for teaching students about electrons.



Teachers' Voices: Celebrating Excellence. (United States)

The annual theme issue of Childhood Education is dedicated to recognizing the achievements of teachers of the year. Teachers of the year describe their methods, beliefs, and concerns in personal statements. (DG)

Isenberg, Joan P.; And Others



Effects of teacher training  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The article gives a short overview over existing knowledge concerning the effect of teacher training in relation to adult learning. It presents a research design for measuring the effect of teacher traning.

Wahlgren, Bjarne; Larsen, Lea Lund



Teacher's identity: an attempt to describe a territory  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teachers should care for the emotional stability of their students, teachers must take on the work of social workers, teachers have to answer to those problems caused by the difficult socio-economic situation facing our students... Today, phrases like these are common in discussions among teachers and non-teachers. All of them, one way or another, relate to teacher's identity, and all are trying to tell their own truth about what is like being a teacher today. Obviously, not all refer to the processes of learning or teaching learning problems. What is then the identity of a teacher? What does the word "teacher" encapsulate in its meaning in today's society? We will try to make an approach to the definition of a teacher's identity but not looking for a single, dogmatic definition, but by highlighting some landscapes that will identify this territory. Our position will be, therefore, that of a cartographer trying to peer into the world through his own observations (provided he has the ability to travel to the land he is trying to represent, or with data from narratives of those who have traveled there already, or through representations made by others before him. Certainly, like any map, our representation will not be a finished product , but an attempt to present to other man and woman signs to orientate themselves in this new territory and that they themselves will enrich with their personal contributions.

Cristián Desbouts





Professional development for teachers is the range of formal and informal processes and activities that teachers engage in both inside and outside of the school, in order to improve their teaching knowledge and skills. The ultimate goal of teacher professional development is improving student learning outcomes. Research indicates that teachers have control over many factors that influence motivation, achievement and behaviour of their students. Therefore, professional development focusin...

Kayarkanni, Dr S.



Teacher Page - Deutsch Klasse (United States)

On this site you will find the resource needed to teach a German Level I Course. There are links below for lesson plans and a link to the student page. This page is an introductory page for the teacher. Below are four links that will provide teachers with additional resources to use in their classrooms. Teacher Page - Lesson Plans Teacher Page - Resources Student Page - Deutsch Klasse Student WebQuests ...

Frau Barlow



Three ways of understanding development as a teacher. (United States)

The demands on faculty in terms of teaching are increasing, but until recently there has been little discussion of how faculty perceive that development as a teacher can be achieved or what approaches they use or suggest themselves. The aim of this study is to explore how teachers in dentistry and medicine understand development as teachers. For this study, 20 teachers were interviewed. The interviews were analysed using a phenomenographic approach. Three different ways of understanding development were identified: 1) Development as a dental or medical clinician/expert as the teacher role is seen as a tacit part of the role of the clinician. 2) Experience and professional and personal maturation, related to personal and professional development and confidence in ones clinical role. 3) Knowledge in education and systematic teacher training as in this category, being a teacher is seen as a separate role from that of being a clinician. The differences in these three ways of understanding development as a teacher are shown in their different aims of development, what kind of knowledge that may be used and what methods they suggested. The way teachers understand what it means to develop as a teacher will affect their motivation for engaging in development activities, which activities they choose and their own aims of development. This means that awareness of teachers' understanding of development is central when developing support or faculty development activities for teachers. PMID:22251339

Stenfors-Hayes, T; Hult, H; Dahlgren, L O



Teacher Center Responses to Teacher Needs. (United States)

The intention of this article is to view specific means of meeting teacher needs through Maslow's multiple-factor theory of self-actualization. Under each of Maslow's five headings, a brief explanation of the use of the term and examples of teacher center services fitting under that heading are discussed. (Author)

Riley, Roberta D.; Mort, Ken



English Teacher Education as Literacy Teacher Education (United States)

This article presents the author's keynote address from the 2011 CEE Summer Conference at Fordham University in which he challenges educators to rethink what they do and how they do it. He talks about English teacher education as literacy teacher education. He tries to sketch a picture of the status quo and its limits, and an alternative picture…

Mayher, John S.



Performance Pay for Teachers (United States)

During the past few years, interest in shifting at least a portion of what teachers are paid away from a reliance on a traditional salary schedule to one that incorporates a pay for performance component has reached a new high. Proponents of the approach view it as a way to improve teacher quality by both motivating teachers and--through higher…

Protheroe, Nancy



A program for teachers  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

The program developed by the Spanish Atomic Forum aimed at high school teachers' training to nuclear science information in schools and universities, is presented. The rationale of its development and its implementation is discussed: among various observations, it was found out that seminars where teachers from science and teachers from other disciplines were mixed, are of a better efficiency towards nuclear energy acceptance


Pupil Evaluation of Teachers. (United States)

This investigation is concerned with (a) constructing a pupil evaluation of teachers (PET) scale, for use in grades 7-11, incorporating certain areas of teaching behavior, and affective pupil responses to teachers; and (b) using the scale as a source of feedback to both regular and student teachers. (Author)

Biggs, John; Chopra, Pran



Teacher’s Interaction Styles during Sociodramatic Play that Promote Reading and Writing among Preschoolers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study was conducted to help understand a teacher’s facilitation of reading and writing during sociodramatic play among Filipino preschoolers. It describes how Filipino preschool teachers demonstrate redirecting and extending style interactions as they participate during sociodramatic play. It also identifies the ways by which the teacher provided print-rich environments in the dramatic play area to promote early reading and writing among Filipino children with ages ranging from four years old to f ive years old and 11 months. Five female teachers from four schools in Quezon City that adopt the play curriculum based on a set of criteria were studied. Each teacher was interviewed regarding play, her role, and how she prepares the dramatic play area. She was observed for 10 consecutive school days. The teachers’ interaction styles were classified as either extending or redirecting. Four of the f ive teachers demonstrated at varying degrees both extending and redirecting styles as they participated in the children’s sociodramatic play. The interaction style of the teacher revealed her ability to perform within the context of the play and the ways she assisted children in performing reading and writing activities. The considerable increase in the frequency of children’s literacy activities during sociodramatic play could be attributed to the combination of extending style interaction and the integration of literacy materials in the dramatic play area.

Excelsa C. Tongson



CEO job security and risk-taking  


We use the length of employment contracts to estimate CEO turnover probability and its effects on risk-taking. Protection against dismissal should encourage CEOs to pursue riskier projects. Indeed, we show that firms with lower CEO turnover probability exhibit higher return volatility, especially idiosyncratic risk. An increase in turnover probability of one standard deviation is associated with a volatility decline of 17 basis points. This reduction in risk is driven largely by a decrease in...

Cziraki, Peter; Xu, Moqi



Informatics Perspectives on Decision Taking  

CERN Document Server

A decision is an act or event of decision taking. Decision making always includes decision taking, the latter not involving significant exchanges with non-deciding agents. A decision outcome is a piece of storable information constituting the result of a decision. Decision outcomes are typed, for instance: plan, command, assertion, or boolean reply to a question. A decision effect is any consequence of putting a decision outcome into effect. Decision outcomes must be expected by the decider to lead to certain decision effects, by way of their being put into effect. The availability of a model or of a theory of the causal chain leading from a decision outcome to one or more decision effects is assumed for the decision taker, otherwise the decision outcome is merely an utterance. Decision effectiveness measures the decision effects against objectives meant to be served with the decision. Decision taking is positioned amidst many similar notions including: decision making, decision process, decision making proce...

Bergstra, J A



The Relation between School Leadership from a Distributed Perspective and Teachers' Organizational Commitment: Examining the Source of the Leadership Function (United States)

Purpose: In this study the relationship between school leadership and teachers' organizational commitment is examined by taking into account a distributed leadership perspective. The relation between teachers' organizational commitment and contextual variables of teachers' perceptions of the quality and the source of the supportive and supervisory…

Hulpia, Hester; Devos, Geert; Van Keer, Hilde



Every teacher is a language teacher: Preparing teacher candidates for English language learners through service-learning  


Secondary school teachers in the United States are facing urgent challenges in their increasingly heterogeneous classrooms where the presence of English language learners (ELLs) is becoming the norm. This study reports preliminary findings of a qualitative, interpretive case study of secondary school teacher candidates learning to teach English language learners through service-learning in Northern California. In a semester-long tutoring project, candidates focused on individual ELLs in their...

Yanan Fan




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Professional development for teachers is the range of formal and informal processes and activities that teachers engage in both inside and outside of the school, in order to improve their teaching knowledge and skills. The ultimate goal of teacher professional development is improving student learning outcomes. Research indicates that teachers have control over many factors that influence motivation, achievement and behaviour of their students. Therefore, professional development focusing on effective classroom management will enhance a teacher's skills and performance in the classroom.




University-School Partnerships: An Exploratory Study of Nigerian Teachers Sitting in on Student Teachers' Lessons (United States)

The teacher education programme of Obafemi Awolowo University, like those of the other universities in Nigeria, and elsewhere, adopts a university-school partnership model in principle, requiring students in the programme to take academic courses in the university and go for teaching practice or field experience in a placement school. Through…

Ejieh, Michael U. C.



Classroom Management Training: Keeping New Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Many new teachers begin their first day of school with a sense of idealism. They expect to make a difference in the lives of young students. However, many soon learn the challenges of classroom, behavior management and feel great stress. Can more classroom management training in college and pre-service, student-teaching strategies help these novice educators? This article asks education professionals and researchers to evaluate their teacher training programs and increase classroom management training.

Michael R. Coggins



Classroom Management Training: Keeping New Teachers  


Many new teachers begin their first day of school with a sense of idealism. They expect to make a difference in the lives of young students. However, many soon learn the challenges of classroom, behavior management and feel great stress. Can more classroom management training in college and pre-service, student-teaching strategies help these novice educators? This article asks education professionals and researchers to evaluate their teacher training programs and increase classroom management...

Coggins, Michael R.



Recruiting the Next Generation of Science Teachers (United States)

This article by Ingrid Novodvorsky discusses the future of science educators. Undergraduate students at the University of Arizona who wish to become middle or high school science teachers have a unique opportunity to pursue their goal in the company of other science majors and under the guidance of science educators and experienced mentor teachers. This article presents some of the methods used to recruit science majors into the program, as well as plans to increase the number of students recruited.

Novodvorsky, Ingrid



Music teacher education as professional education  


The motives for describing music teacher education as professional education can be manifold. Since professions are regarded to have a certain, powerful position in society (Molander & Terum, 2008; Vågan & Grimen, 2008), along with a kind of exclusiveness and higher status than other vocational groups, some descriptions may seem to rest on a wish to strengthen the status of the music teacher vocation. These endeavours accord with the increased use of the terms ‘profession’ and ?...

Danielsen, Brit A?got Brøske; Johansen, Geir



Teachers’ knowledge for teaching compound interest  


There is increasing acknowledgement that teachers’ knowledge for teaching mathematics is multifaceted and topic specific. Given the paucity of research on the teaching and learning of financial mathematics in general, little can be known about teachers’ knowledge for teaching compound interest. However, since financial mathematics is a component of the school curriculum in South Africa, and an important element of financial literacy more broadly, attention needs to be given to knowledge f...

Craig Pournara





The need to adapt to the ever-increasing socio-professional requirements carries many risks to human health, both in somatic and psychological aspects. Strong stress associated with work leads to the occurrence of burnout syndrome. Persons performing so called aid professions, where teachers belong to a special group, are usually vulnerable to this syndrome. The aim of this paper is to present the causes, course and consequences of teacher burnout and to highlight the multidimensional nature ...

Romanowska-To??oczko Anna



Translanguaging, Identity, and Learning: Science Teachers as Engaged Language Planners (United States)

With shifts in demographics leading to increasingly diverse student populations, and pressures from state educational accountability offices to streamline budgets and improve test scores, teachers at the secondary level are increasingly challenged to support English learners new to US schools. Teachers, often with minimal understanding of second…

Langman, Juliet



Four Takes on Tough Times (United States)

Educational Leadership talks with four experts in the fields of education policy and finance about how schools can weather the current financial crisis. Michael A. Rebell focuses on the recession and students' rights; Allan Odden suggests five steps schools can take to improve in tough times; Anthony Rolle describes the tension between equity and…

Rebell, Michael A.; Odden, Allan; Rolle, Anthony; Guthrie, James W.



Influenza Round Table: Take Three  

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Podcasts

In this podcast, Dr. Joe Bresee describes how to keep from getting the flu and spreading it to others by taking these three steps.  Created: 11/3/2009 by National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).   Date Released: 11/3/2009.



GIFT: Geophysical Information For Teachers (United States)

Starting in 1991Geophysical Information For Teachers (GIFT) workshops were held in conjunction with AGU fall and spring meetings. These two-day workshops were designed to take advantage of AGU membership as presenters and to highlight recent developments in curriculum materials. Over a period of time the workshops evolved into a national program and a model for local or state workshops. Typically at the fall meeting the first day was held at the Exploratorium and consisted of curriculum materials presentations. Teachers learned about the development of new products for classrooms and participated in activity demonstrations. The second day was held at the AGU meeting site and featured six science talks by AGU members who were presenting papers at the meeting. Presenters were chosen to cover a broad range of geophysical sciences and subjects of topical interest. A similar model was followed at the spring and Ocean Sciences meetings with both days being held at the meeting venue. An AGU Council Project Grant was obtained in 1999 to expand the GIFT program to other venues and to develop a model for AGU members for setting up similar workshops in their home states. One-day workshops were held at the Washington State and South Carolina State Science Teachers annual meetings. These workshops consisted of science content lectures and curricular activities. Additionally, grant funding was used to create an Earth and Space Science Resource Day at National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) annual conventions. NSTA conventions are composed of short workshops and presentations and lectures on science teaching or education research. Occasional science lectures such as the AGU lecture offer science content information. At the 2002 convention AGU?s GIFT program joined with NESTA, NAGT, and AGI to coordinate a series of workshop events. Coupled with NESTA?s guided learning field trip teachers were offered a suite of science content and science-teaching activities focused on the Earth and Space sciences. Workshop evaluations revealed that the participants appreciated the opportunity to attend and participate in a scientific meeting. As a rule the science talks were held in high value, as teachers often do not have access to current science research. The curricular workshops were valued as an opportunity to bring new teaching materials into their classrooms.

Ireton, F.



Teacher Turnover and Teacher Quality: Refocusing the Issue. Trend 2. (United States)

The Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), which provides national data on rates of teacher turnover and sources of supply of new teachers, helped dispel certain myths about U.S. teacher supply and demand and led to concerns over teacher quality instead of teacher shortages as the central staffing issue of the 1990s. (SM)

Baker, David P.; Smith, Thomas



When Preservice Teachers Struggle or Fail: Mentor Teachers' Perspectives (United States)

The activity of working with a preservice teacher during an internship is a complex and intensive one representing a huge investment on the part of mentor teachers. Given this, it is not surprising that the effects on mentor teachers when their preservice teachers struggle or fail would be complex. We began to question how preservice teacher

Siebert, Cathy J.; Clark, Amy; Kilbridge, Amy; Peterson, Heather



Teachers’ Thought Processes: The Case of Tunisian Gymnastic University Teachers  


Teacher’s behaviour is substantially influenced and even determined by teachers’ thought processes. Several studies concerning effectiveness in physical education have analysed various topics such as student engagement, curriculum time allocation, teaching methods, teacher behaviour, and teacher perceptions. However, these investigations have not applied the classroom research findings identified by other researchers. Firstly, this study explains the implied thoughts o...

Naila Bali



Strengthening Teacher Education Program: Keys to Develop through Teacher Assessment  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teacher performance assessment is a part of a global trend based on teacher education program. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the American Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA program, to identify some of the features in creating a system for pre-service teachers in developing countries, and to suggest an ideal TPA model for strengthening the teacher education program.

Tecnam Yoon



New Teacher Perceptions of the "Teacher Leader" Movement (United States)

This study explored how untenured teachers define the concept of "teacher leadership" and how this understanding is evidenced in day-to-day practice. Results suggest that new teachers view "teacher leadership" as activities necessary for promotion to higher-level administrative roles. Much less consideration was given to the notion of teacher

Nolan, Barbara; Palazzolo, Laura



Strengthening Teacher Education Program: Keys to Develop through Teacher Assessment  


Teacher performance assessment is a part of a global trend based on teacher education program. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the American Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) program, to identify some of the features in creating a system for pre-service teachers in developing countries, and to suggest an ideal TPA model for strengthening the teacher education program.

Tecnam Yoon



Novice and expert teachers' conceptions of learners' prior knowledge (United States)

This study presents comparative case studies of preservice and first-year teachers' and expert teachers' conceptions of the concept of prior knowledge. Kelly's (The Psychology of Personal Construct, New York: W.W. Norton, 1955) theory of personal constructs as discussed by Akerson, Flick, and Lederman (Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 2000, 37, 363-385) in relationship to prior knowledge underpins the study. Six teachers were selected to participate in the case studies based upon their level experience teaching science and their willingness to take part. The comparative case studies of the novice and expert teachers provide insights into (a) how novice and expert teachers understand the concept of prior knowledge and (b) how they use this knowledge to make instructional decisions. Data collection consisted of interviews, classroom observations, and document analysis. Findings suggest that novice teachers hold insufficient conceptions of prior knowledge and its role in instruction to effectively implement constructivist teaching practices. While expert teachers hold a complex conception of prior knowledge and make use of their students' prior knowledge in significant ways during instruction. A second finding was an apparent mismatch between the novice teachers' beliefs about their urban students' life experiences and prior knowledge and the wealth of knowledge the expert teachers found to draw upon.

Meyer, Helen



Perspectives on Policy/Practice (DisConnection—Special Educators Turned Teacher Educators’ Points of View  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Educational policy and practice have long been disconnected. This paper explores the experiences of two former teachers turned teacher educators as they examine unintended consequences of policy reform. This paper positions No Child Left Behind’s and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act’s “Highly Qualified Teachers,” “Annual Yearly Progress,” and the issues of “evidence-based practices” alongside the authors’ personal school-based examples to demonstrate (disconnections between policy, schools, and classrooms. The analysis provides a critique of these policies to demonstrate where teacher educators can take an active role in helping future teachers understand implications of these policies.

Kathryn S. Young



Trying To Reduce Your Technostress?: Helpful Activities for Teachers and Library Media Specialists. (United States)

As pressure increases to integrate technology into instruction, many teachers and library media specialists are having difficulty coping with "technostress." Presents suggestions and activities for teachers and library media specialists designed to reduce "technostress." (PEN)

McKenzie, Barbara K.; And Others



Current Issues in Teacher Autonomy  


This paper provides a review of a selection of the literature in the field of English foreign language teaching related to teacher autonomy. The focus is on the core themes recurring in the literature, which comprise: rationale for teacher autonomy, definitions of the concept, descriptions of an autonomous teacher, recognition of the constraints on autonomy and suggestions for teacher education promoting teacher autonomy.

Wis?niewska, Danuta



What affects teacher ratings of student behaviors? The potential influence of teachers' perceptions of the school environment and experiences. (United States)

Teachers serve as the natural raters of students within the school and classroom contexts. Yet teachers' ratings of their students may vary based on these contextual factors. The current study explored the extent to which teacher perceptions of the school environment predict their longitudinal ratings of student behaviors. Data for this study come from 702 teachers in 42 elementary schools. Teachers self-reported their perceptions of the school context at a single time point, and provided ratings of their students' behavior via the Teacher Observation of Classroom Adaption-Checklist (TOCA-C) across three school years. Latent profile analysis identified three latent classes of teachers based on their ratings of school organizational health, burnout, and efficacy. A regression framework demonstrated an association between the baseline profiles in relation to TOCA-C ratings of student behavior across 3 years. Teachers with more favorable perceptions of the environment had lower initial ratings of concentration problems, disruptive behavior, and internalizing symptoms, and higher ratings of prosocial behaviors and family involvement. They also showed slower growth in their ratings of emotion dysregulation and greater increases of their ratings of family involvement over time. This work is particularly important for determining the extent to which teacher ratings may be biased by teacher and contextual factors, and may have implications for the identification of teachers who may rate students poorly over time. PMID:23949475

Pas, Elise T; Bradshaw, Catherine P



Language Assessment Literacy as Self-Awareness: "Understanding" the Role of Interpretation in Assessment and in Teacher Learning (United States)

The increasing influence of sociocultural theories of learning on assessment practices in second language education necessitates an expansion of the knowledge base that teacher-assessors need to develop (what teachers need to know) and related changes in the processes of language teacher education (how they learn and develop it). Teacher assessors…

Scarino, Angela



A Dip into the World of Particles for Swedish Teachers  

CERN Multimedia

For three full days, forty-one Swedish secondary school physics teachers were introduced to the rudiments of the particle physics. This series of courses is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The Swedish teachers followed lectures, visited CERN experiments... ... and analysed the latest DELPHI data. 'I am sure that, as in previous years, many of these teachers will return to CERN with their students. It is an excellent way of encouraging young people to orient themselves towards physics.' Staffan Hörnberg, Vice President of the International Centre for Education and Development, is enthusiastic about the repercussions of the teaching programme for Swedish teachers that he organises with CERN physicist, Richard Jacobsson. For the tenth consecutive year, this series of introductory courses to particle physics was a success. Forty-one teachers came from schools all over Sweden to take part in lectures and visits on the theme of particle physics, its methods of investigation, and its applications. San...



Taking photographs with a microscope.  


We describe a simple, economical, and highly practical technique for taking digital photographs of specimens visualized through a light microscope. Most models of light microscope and compact digital camera, and even some cameraphones, can be used. The technique is quick to learn and can easily be performed in a resource-poor setting. It can be used to assist with diagnosis in remote areas and can be extremely useful for teaching.

Maude, Rj; Koh, Gc; Silamut, K.



The Role of Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Training (PITT) Programmes in Preparing Teachers for HIV Curriculum Integration (United States)

Despite significant global efforts to mitigate HIV and AIDS, the epidemic continues to be a serious problem to the human race. It has claimed many productive individuals, including teachers, administrators, and parents, and has left millions of traumatized and orphaned children. Unfortunately, few teachers are prepared to take on the extra tasks…

Mugimu, Christopher B.; Nabadda, Rosemary



New Horizons Educator Fellowship Program: Taking You to Pluto (United States)

The New Horizons Educator Fellowship Program (NHEFP), originally based on the MESSENGER Fellows Program, is a public outreach initiative for motivated volunteers across the nation. These volunteers are master teachers who communicate the excitement of NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto and information about recent discoveries to teachers, students, and people in their local communities. Many of the Fellows utilize their experiences and knowledge as members of other programs such as MESSENGER Fellows, Heliophysics Educator Ambassadors, Solar System Educators and Ambassadors to promote the mission thorough professional development workshops incorporating themes, activities, and recent discoveries with other NASA programs to present a well-rounded view of our Solar System. Unlike teacher-volunteer programs tied to missions that take place closer to Earth, the time between New Horizons' launch and its closest approach to Pluto is 9.5 years, with the spacecraft in hibernation for most of its voyager. NHEFP has maintained a core group of Fellows who, through periodic face-to-face or remote training, have taken advantage of opportunities for networking, sharing of ideas in best practices, activities, and presenting and keeping audiences interested in the mission during its long journey to Pluto. This involvement has been key to the program's success.

Weir, H. M.; Beisser, K.; Hallau, K. G.



Take-Home Physics: 65 High-Impact, Low-Cost Labs (United States)

Available May 2009. Take-Home Physics is an excellent resource for high school physics teachers who want to devote more classroom time to complex concepts while challenging their students with hands-on homework assignments. This volume presents 65 take-home physics labs that use ordinary household items or other inexpensive materials to tackle motion and kinematics; forces and energy; waves, sound, and light; and electricity and magnetism. The result: Students learn background knowledge, reinforce basic process skills, practice discovery, and bridge classroom learning with real-world application--all while getting excited about homework. Teachers can also integrate science and literacy by requiring the use of lab notebooks with formal write-ups. Materials lists and safety notes, as well as both student activity pages and teacher notes are included.

Michael Horton



In search of global learning in teacher education  


This article discusses teacher education in the Finnish context from intercultural and global perspectives. It describes the M.Ed. International Programme, which has been developed as an action research process in the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Oulu in order to increase student teachers' intercultural sensitivity and global awareness. The aims, contents and methods of the programme are discussed as well as results from the data that has been gathered from the researc...

Ra?sa?nen, Rauni



Factors Influencing the Recruitment and Retention of Special Education Teachers: An Evaluation of Teacher Retention in a Southeastern Metropolitan School District (United States)

The national shortage of certified special education teachers has reached crisis proportions. This shortage has been exacerbated by increases in special education populations and high attrition rates of special education teachers. This study examined the factors influencing the recruitment and retention of special education teachers. Several…

Kagler, Fiesta T.



Teachers and Bullying Developing a Deeper Understanding of Teachers' Perceptions of Teacher-to-Student Bullying (United States)

Students report that teachers bully them, but a review of the literature indicates that little attention has been given to teacher-to-student bullying. This study used a mixed-methods approach to investigate elementary teachers' perceptions of seriousness and their intent to intervene in teacher bullying incidents. Results indicated that teachers

Zerillo, Christine



Quality Teacher Educators = Quality Teachers? Conceptualizing Essential Domains of Knowledge for Those Who Teach Teachers (United States)

Becoming a teacher educator involves more than a job title. One becomes a teacher educator as soon as one does teacher education, but one's professional identity as a teacher educator is constructed over time. Developing an identity and practices in teacher education is best understood as a process of becoming. Though the work of teaching…

Goodwin, A. Lin; Kosnik, Clare



Taking the Helm in Cheating Scandals (United States)

Last July, the Atlanta Public Schools became the poster district for teachers and principals behaving badly. State investigators found that, in 44 schools across the city, 178 teachers and administrators had systematically cheated on the state standardized tests taken by their students in 2009. The largest cheating scandal by far has cast a pall…

Schachter, Ron



A New Model for Climate Science Research Experiences for Teachers (United States)

After two years of running a climate science teacher professional development program for secondary teachers, science educators from UCAR and UNC-Greeley have learned the benefits of providing teachers with ample time to interact with scientists, informal educators, and their teaching peers. Many programs that expose teachers to scientific research do a great job of energizing those teachers and getting them excited about how research is done. We decided to try out a twist on this model - instead of matching teachers with scientists and having them do science in the lab, we introduced the teachers to scientists who agreed share their data and answer questions as the teachers developed their own activities, curricula, and classroom materials related to the research. Prior to their summer experience, the teachers took three online courses on climate science, which increased their background knowledge and gave them an opportunity to ask higher-level questions of the scientists. By spending time with a cohort of practicing teachers, each individual had much needed time to interact with their peers, share ideas, collaborate on curriculum, and learn from each other. And because the goal of the program was to create classroom modules that could be implemented in the coming school year, the teachers were able to both learn about climate science research by interacting with scientists and visiting many different labs, and then create materials using data from the scientists. Without dedicated time for creating these classroom materials, it would have been up to the teachers to carve out time during the school year in order to find ways to apply what they learned in the research experience. We feel this approach worked better for the teachers, had a bigger impact on their students than we originally thought, and gave us a new approach to teacher professional development.

Hatheway, B.



Constructing a Self-Funded Program Takes More than Just Dollars and Cents (United States)

With a little ingenuity and a lot of dedication, the author created a self-funded construction program that is weathering the ups and downs of school funding; it enjoys great support from the community, is accomplishing more with less, and collaborative efforts between teachers are paying off. Creating such a program takes time, vision,…

Burke, Scott



Predictive Validity of the English Language Teacher Competency Test  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study intends to examine the predictive validity of the English Language Teacher Competency Test (ELT-CT designed by Pishghadam (2010. To achieve this end, 100 teachers were asked to take ELT-CT and 700 students were asked to determine their teacher success. Moreover, studnets` final exam scores were used to analyze the data. The results have shown that the test has predictive validity with respect to both of the dependent variables. Finally, statistical results were discussed, and implications were provided in the context of English language teaching and learning.

Reza Pishghadam



In-Service Teacher Training in Secondary Education According to Regions and Departments: The Case of Asturias (Spain  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study aims to analyse in-service teacher training and, more specifically, to explore the existing relationship between in-service teacher training and teachers’ and school variables. The present research offers a detailed analysis of secondary school teacher in-service training variables (type of training activity and activity content in Asturias (Spanish and of the relationship between this in-service teacher training and teachers’ and context variables (i.e. departments and regions. Evidence is provided to show that in-service teacher training should be organized taking into account these differences (context, teacher variables, in- service teacher training variables among departments, schools and districts to ccater for inequalities.

Paula González-Vallinas



Teachers' orientations towards writing  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study of 29 teachers from four states in the US investigated teachers' orientations towards writing and the influences on their beliefs. Through interviews about writing instruction, the researchers found significant differences between teachers in high and low-income schools. While teachers in high-income schools valued rhetorical style, developing voice, and reading-writing connections, teachers in low-income schools focused on grammar, mechanics and sentence structure. Teachers in high-income schools appear to be exercising more choice in curricular materials and valuing quality of writing beyond grammar and mechanics, whereas teachers in low-income schools are using specific curriculum mandated by the districts. Influences on teachers' orientations included school context, programs and materials, and assessments. The study raises concerns that students in low-income schools are missing out on authentic, challenging, and meaningful writing opportunities since the focus is on skills-based instruction. The findings point to the need for teachers to provide all students with opportunities to develop rhetorical style, voice, and reading-writing connections in addition to grammar, mechanics, and sentence structure.

Sarah J. McCarthey & Dumisile Mkhize



Autobiography: Inspiring new visions of teacher learning  


Abstract: The purpose of this article is to broaden the tradition of autobiography by using it as a way in which teachers can identify sources of inspiration in their educational experience. In the process, my aim is to make explicit the links between autobiography, learning and meta learning. Extending autobiographical inquiry to include different levels at which learning takes place serves to highlight the importance not only of the individual context of learning (the private self), but als...

Irene Simon



A Study of EFL Teachers' Locus of Control and Self-regulation and the Moderating Role of Self-efficacy  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The present study investigated the relationship between EFL teachers' locus of control and self-regulation and the moderating role of self-efficacy. To empirically investigate the theorized relationship between self-regulation and locus of control, 63 English teachers were selected according to a convenience sampling from different language institutes in Mashhad. The participants were asked to complete the' Teacher Self-Regulation Scale' as well as the 'Teacher Locus of Control Scale'. The data supported the theoretical expectation of a linkage between self-regulation and locus of control. The results indicated a significant relationship between teachers' self-regulation and internal locus of control. It was found that about 48% of the variation in teacher self-regulation can be explained by taking their internal LOC into account. Subsequent data analyses indicated that among the components of self-regulation, 'mastery goal orientation', and 'intrinsic interest' have the highest correlations with teacher locus of control. The findings also illustrated that teacher self-efficacy had no significant impact on the relationship between self-regulation and locus of control. This suggests that regardless of the teacher self-efficacy level, a teacher self-regulation is related to his/her internal locus of control. The results derived from the present study should encourage teacher educators to take advantage of this relationship by providing EFL teachers with programs and experiences for developing effective paths for enhancing teacher self-regulatory skills as well as their internal tendencies and perceptions.

Mohammad Taghi Monshi Toussi



Easing the transition for queer student teachers from program to field: implications for teacher education. (United States)

Tensions exist between what some queer student teachers experience in the university setting, their lives in schools during field placements, and upon graduation. We describe a series of workshops designed for queer student teachers and their allies that were conducted prior to field placement. Participants revealed high degrees of satisfaction with the program and increased feelings of personal and professional self-efficacy. Participants reported high levels of experienced homophobia in their academic programs; as such, the workshops were a valuable "safe space." These workshops appear to fill a significant gap for queer students and their allies in teacher preparation programs. PMID:24479552

Benson, Fiona J; Smith, Nathan Grant; Flanagan, Tara



Student involvement in learning: Collaboration in science for PreService elementary teachers (United States)

The present study provided insights regarding the interactions that take place in collaborative science laboratory and regarding the outcome of such interactions. Science laboratory experiences structured by teachers have been criticized for allowing very little, if any, meaningful learning. However, this study showed that even structured laboratory experiments can provide insightful experience for students when conducted in a group setting that demanded interactive participation from all its members. The findings of the present study underscored the synergistic and supportive nature of collaborative groups. Here, students patiently repeated explanations to support the meaning construction on the part of their slower peers and elaborated their own understanding in the process; groups negotiated the meaning of observations and the corresponding theoretical explanations; students developed and practiced a range of social skills necessary in today’s workplace; and off-task behavior was thwarted by the group members motivated to work toward understanding rather than simply generating answers for task completion. The current findings suggest an increased use of collaborative learning environments for the teaching of science to elementary education majors. Some teachers have already made use of such settings in their laboratory teaching. However, collaborative learning should not be limited to the laboratory only, but be extended to more traditionally structured classes. The effects of such a switch in activity structures, increased quality of peer interaction, mastery of subject matter content, and decreased anxiety levels could well lead to better attitudes toward science among preservice elementary school teachers and eventually among their own students.

Roychoudhury, Anita; Roth, Wolff-Michael




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teaching today is no longer a craft passed on without change from one generation to the next. Teaching as one has seen teaching done, or teaching as one has been taught is the trend of the day. Teacher education is a tentacle in the educational system which has policies and procedures designed to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school and wider community. The main function of teacher education is to develop professionalism in the teacher trainees. The enhancement of teacher quality and professionalism of teachers is in the hands of the teacher educators. Who is a Teacher Educator.? A simple answer would be anyone who educates teachers. In this paper the author has defined a Teacher Educator as one who provides formal instruction and conduct research and development for educating prospective and practicing teachers. Teacher educators provide the professional education component of pre-service programs and the staff development component of in-service programs. The paper discusses the standards for teacher educators set by Association of Teacher Educators, Virgina, USAand its relevance to Indian teacher educators. Some of the areas discussed are teaching, cultural competence, professional development, program development, research etc ,. A more systemic orchestrated approach to selection, preparation, and renewal of teacher educators is the need of the hour. Teacher educators should explore new options for determining their roles and how those roles in working with teacher candidates are to be defined.




Prescribed medicines: who takes what?  


The number of prescribed medicines dispensed in England and Wales increased by 21% between 1969 and 1977. Surveys carried out at the Institute for Social Studies in Medical Care have been used to compare the reported consumption of prescribed medicines in those two years. Although there were some changes in the distribution of prescribed medicines between age, sex, and social class groups, there did not appear to be an increase in the use of these medicines commensurate with the increase in t...

Anderson, R.



The impact of note-taking for learning in higher education : A smart digital enhanced learning setting  


The typical traditional tool (i.e. pen and paper) for note-taking is simple and lightweight. Although the methods used by teachers, particularly at university level, have changed significantly from paper documentation to digital resources, most students still feel more comfortable recording class notes using pen and paper. In this paper I argue that digital advances have not been optimized for the once static environment of academic note-taking. The note-taking habits of students must be stud...

Liu, I. Jung



Portfolio as a tool to stimulate teachers' reflections. (United States)

Portfolios are increasingly being used to stimulate teachers' reflections. Frameworks for reflection on teaching often emphasize competencies and behaviours. However, other aspects of teacher functioning are also important, such as the teaching environment and individual teachers' beliefs, professional identity and mission. In a study among five medical school teachers, we explored how a portfolio stimulated reflections on the various aspects of teaching functioning. Outcomes of written portfolio assignments were collected and analysed to identify examples of reflections on the various aspects of teacher functioning. Examples of reflections on all aspects of teacher functioning were found, although examples of reflections on competencies were easier to find than those on beliefs, identity and mission. This study might help teachers and their trainers and coaches to recognize different aspects of teacher functioning when discussing portfolios for professional development purposes. However, further development of assignments and other methods to stimulate reflections on beliefs, identity and mission are needed. Furthermore, apart from the content of teachers' reflections, teachers' reflection processes should be researched, as well as the effects of portfolio meetings with peers and coaches. PMID:16753728

Tigelaar, Dineke E H; Dolmans, Diana H J M; de Grave, Willem S; Wolfhagen, Ineke H A P; van der Vleuten, Cees P M



"Don't take diabetes for granted." (United States)

... please turn Javascript on. Feature: Diabetes Stories "Don't take diabetes for granted." Past Issues / Fall 2009 ... regularly, and take your medicines on time. Don't take diabetes for granted! Fall 2009 Issue: Volume ...


Teacher Reflection in Literacy Education– Borrowing from Bakhtin  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In this article, we introduce Bakhtin’s (1981 idea of revoicing and situate our data drawn from a graduate literacy methods course for in-service teachers in the United States in this framework. This study is exploratory in nature. We use data from a single literacy methods class to explore and shed light on the “how-to” of teacher reflection using a Bakhtinian framework. As teacher educators, we believe that introducing new frameworks and perspectives that enable professionals to dismantle the binary of theory and practice by putting reflection into action is of high priority for the field.We discuss in detail an activity in a literacy methods class that requires the in-service teachers to put the idea of culturally relevant teaching (Ladson-Billings, 1994 into action by dramatizing a read-aloud in a childhood classroom, and to observe and analyze what happens when an idea from a class reading (culturally relevant teaching takes a dimensional spin into practice (a dramatized classroom scenarios. In doing so, the in-service teachers were challenged to reinterpret and revoice the concept of “culturally relevant teaching” to meet the realities of their own classrooms and their own pedagogical tales (Dyson, 2002. The main purpose of this paper is to contribute to the literature on teacher reflection by shifting the focus from theorizing about teacher reflection to the enactment of teacher reflection.

Soyong Lee



The value of open distance learning (ODL) in assisting History teachers with heritage investigation.  


This article highlights some of the challenges facing history teachers in designing and assessing heritage investigation projects in the Further Education and Training (FET) band and the need for teachers to be proactive in terms of their professional development. It also explores ways in which open distance learning (ODL) can address these challenges by providing guidance, encouragement, practical skills training and resource material, especially to those teachers who cannot take their learn...

Lubbe, Henrie?tte J.



Jordanian chemistry (student) teachers beliefs about chemistry teaching and their views on educational reform  


This work is an accumulative thesis consists of four main papers. The purpose of this thesis was, to investigate different aspects of (students) teachers beliefs about chemistry teaching in secondary schools for the case of Jordan - a country where the base of knowledge about teachers beliefs is very rare. The principle points that were primarily dealt with are achieving a general overview of chemistry teachers beliefs in Jordan while taking findings from a developed Western country (Germany)...

Al-amoush, Siham



Study On Establishing National Standard Of Vocational Teachers’ Training In China  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Developing vocational education is an important strategy in current Chinese education. However, vocational teachers are in a shortage and there isn’t a sound system of training and cultivating these teachers. Especially, there hasn’t formed any effective standard of vocational teachers. These three factors are the main reasons to hinder the development and increase of its quality and level. Therefore, establishing national standard of vocational teacher training is becoming very necessary. In this paper the author explores the standard and system of vocational teacher training from two aspects, namely, grasping professional skills and professional teaching competence. National standard of vocational teacher training will become a basis for vocational teacher qualification. According to this standard, vocational teacher qualification curriculum will be built and implemented by vocational educational institutions. We will share our experiences and measures in building vocational teacher qualification system in China and explore some key issues.

Qiding Yu



Primary and secondary school mental health teachers in professional identity of intervention programs  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available To explore the impact of teacher training on the professional identity of primary and secondary school mental health teachers, this study conducted a half-month professional development training program to 54 primary and secondary school mental health teachers, and performed measurement on the professional identity of the teachers in the experimental group and the control group with “Teachers’ Professional Identity Questionnaire”. The result shows that after the training there is a significant improvement in the professional identity of the teachers in the experimental group, and the teachers’ scores on the four dimensions of profession identity: the sense of role, the professional behavioral tendency, the occupational values, and the sense of belonging, all increased significantly. This indicates that the curriculum intervention for the primary and secondary school mental health teachers could effectively improve the teachers’ professional identity.

Hao Lei



Quality or Quantity: A Statement for Teacher Training in Turkey  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Developed countries are initiating and implementing effective and appropriate technics in the field of teacher training. In Turkey, much research has been done in order to determine the qualification of teachers and, by this way, to train qualified teachers. Ministry of Education, Turkish Council of Higher Education, Faculties of Education and Faculties of Sciences have cooperated some certification systems, however, the research which is not supported by preliminary studies but exposured to political coercions lowered the quality of education. Besides, quantity is increased by pedagogical formation programs. In this study, Turkish teacher training system is analyzed with respect to quantity and quality.




Occupational Stress among Teachers. (United States)

Two studies were conducted to investigate the degree to which occupational stress among teachers could be attributed to personal characteristics of the individuals themselves. The first study developed dispositional stress scales. The second examined correlations between these scales, occupational stress scales, and teachers' attitudes toward…

Albertson, Larry M.; Kagan, Dona M.



Teachers Behaving Badly. (United States)

Incivility by teachers can turn into behavior that injures careers. Workplace "mobbing" or bullying begins when an individual becomes the target of disrespectful and harmful behavior. Recounts experiences of two teachers. Offers suggestions to school leaders to stop this incivility. (MLF)

Waggoner, Chuck



Motivation innovation future teacher  


This article is devoted to the study of motivation innovation of future teachers. The study was conducted at the Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of Physical Education and Safety CSPU. We used data from a survey 247 students of 4–5 courses, the aim of which was to study the motives that impel prospective teachers to engage in innovative activities.

Vera Elagina; Elena Nemydraya



Engaged to the Teacher  


A high school teacher surveys her students about what engages them in the classroom. She discovers that her students are authorities on engagement and that her ideas about how to engage students do, for the most part, correspond with theirs. It seems that the relationship between teacher and student is at the heart of student engagement.

Louise Jarrett



Teachers in Class (United States)

In this article, I argue for a closer read of the daily "class work" of teachers, as posited by Reay, 1998. In developing exploratory class portraits of four teachers who occupy distinctive social positions (two from working-class homes now teaching upper-middle-class children and two from upper-middle-class homes now teaching poor children), I…

Van Galen, Jane



Children as Art Teachers (United States)

A goal of art learning is always independence, for everyone to become their own art teacher. Teaching for artistic independence can never start too early. As art teachers, children acquire confidence in their art, and in coming to school as artists. Children should be considered artists in residence and visiting artists in schools. It makes sense…

Szekely, George



SCIS Teacher's Handbook. (United States)

This teacher's handbook provides information about the philosophy, rationale, and teaching strategies of the Science Curriculum Improvement Study (SCIS) program, as well as information about the SCIS physical and life science sequences to provide teachers with an understanding of the program's overall content and structure. Much of the material in…

Karplus, Robert, Comp.; Lawson, Chester A., Comp.


Teachers with Drive (United States)

For students in U.S. classrooms today, the odds of being assigned to an inexperienced teacher are higher than they have ever been because so many teachers, some in the top 20 percent of effectiveness are leaving the classroom in their first five years. Coggins and Diffenbaugh turn to Daniel Pink's work on drive to determine how to motivate…

Coggins, Celine; Diffenbaugh, P. K.



The Interpersonal Teacher Model. (United States)

The Tuckman Teacher Feedback Form identifies five interpersonal teaching factors and styles: organized (managerial), dynamic (charismatic), flexible (laissez-faire), warm/accepting (personable), and creative (imaginative). The feedback generated can help student teachers adjust teaching style prior to service. (SK)

Tuckman, Bruce W.



Consistency in Teachers' Judgments (United States)

Professional teachers at first stage of secondary school were asked to assess the relative weights of five dimensions that in Italy must be considered when the final grades of students are decided. The teachers were also asked to give an overall evaluation of two samples of "typical" (i.e., students who record similar performances on all the…

Canal, Luisa; Bonini, Nicolao; Micciolo, Rocco; Tentori, Katya



The teacher under stress  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Empirical records consistently point to the fact that the phenomenon of stress is characteristic of service professions, especially of teacher’s. Although stress in teachers is a problem of public interest, it is still a relatively new field of empirical investigations. Data available show that stress in teachers can have negative effects on school as an organization teacher professional achievement, his/her and his/her family psychosocial status. The most frequent symptoms of a prolonged professional stress are anxiety, depression, frustration, unfriendly behavior towards students and colleagues, emotional weariness, and extreme tension. Health and psychological problems cause, most frequently, the reduction of self-esteem job dissatisfaction, job resignation, absenteeism, and wrong decision-making. In an attempt to call professional public attention to negative effects of stress on the outcomes of teacher work, we have analyzed four important aspects of stress teachers experience in their everyday work (a definition and measurement of stress, (b distribution and sources of stress (problem behaviors in students, poor working conditions, lack of time, poor school ethos, (c teacher personality traits (sex, age, work experience, locus of control, job satisfaction, intention to resign absenteeism, (d strategies for overcoming and reducing negative effects of stress (direct action techniques, palliative techniques.

Krnjaji? Stevan B.



Inventing Teacher-Writers (United States)

K-12 teachers are often encouraged to develop their own writing projects and practices, in order to enrich their writing pedagogy and share knowledge with other educators. Yet, in pursuing their own writing, teachers face a number of constraints, not the least of which is limited time. These constraints may be particularly salient for beginning…

Dawson, Christine



The Classroom Teachers’ Views on Computer Use in Their Courses  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The educational activities that our teachers do and use computers during the time of training and the surrounding of education are exceedingly important on account of the quality of education. The aim of this study is to get views of teachers about using computers. In this study, it was used used Focus Group Interview which is a qualitive resarch technique. Semi-structured interview technique was used in the study. By the aim of the finding the answers of the questions using in the research. Group focus negotiation was done with six teachers from Sheyh Shamil Primary School. Results of the excimining, these verities were found: Classroom teachers find themselves partially enough about using computers. The teachers declare that they use computers partially in their educational activities. Most of the time using computers in the classroom increase the level of student achievement. Most of the time, the teacher can?t follow current softwares related to computers at the school.




Learning about teacher leadership through the lived experiences of high school teacher leaders  


As more researchers have studied the benefits of treating schools and learning as complex systems, educators have taken this to a more practical level by encouraging leadership capacity at the grassroots level. On the whole, teacher leadership is used as both an improvement strategy and an empowerment tool to improve our schools. In British Columbia, Canada, the concept of teacher leadership is gaining increased attention; however, its practical application is less well understood. While rece...

Lau, Sharon Wing Yan



IN MY OPINION: Taking part matters (United States)

For a week last July, the University of Leicester played host to the 31st International Physics Olympiad. Sixty-three countries sent teams of five students, accompanied by two Leaders who were professors or teachers. The students faced two five-hour exams, one theory and one practical, woven into a week of visits and fun. The International Physics Olympiad has been held since 1967. The idea originated at a conference of the Czechoslovak Physical Society in Prague and the first competition was in Warsaw with teams from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania participating. The competition has grown in size and scope over the decades, and in 1991 it was awarded the medal of the International Commission on Physics Education. The citation reads `the International Physics Olympiad has become an achievement of world wide impact, and physics educators from various countries around the world have attested to the strong influence it has had in stimulating interests in physics among both students and teachers in their countries'. The British Physics Olympiad team was chosen from Year 13 students who had come through the selection procedure. Schools are invited to challenge their best pupils with a preliminary paper, sat and marked at school. Students gaining above a given threshold are encouraged to sit a second, three-hour paper, which is centrally marked and graded. From among the Gold-medal winners in this exam, the team of five is selected. Amid the pressures of A-levels, some practical and theory tuition is fitted in before the competition. The different countries use a variety of selection methods and coaching. The Australians managed a week of scientific and cultural education in Vienna prior to arriving at Leicester, and several teams talked of pre-competition work-camps. How much Physics can be crammed into a week? Countries that have institutions selecting pupils highly gifted in Maths and Science have a great start, as do those with the most demanding syllabuses for pre-university exams. In years gone by, some of our most gifted students happened to be taught by some of our most able teachers, and together they tackled the old Scholarship-level papers. The old O-level work gave students a solid grounding in classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, with lots of sums on which to anchor the concepts. Those who enjoyed this aspect of the science could launch into A-level studies of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and/or Further Maths, and relish the challenges hidden in the syllabuses. Advanced level aims have changed. Mathematical elements have been played down; traditional proofs and applications may be referred to but are no longer required learning for the candidates. The modular system allows less repetitive revision and consolidation of ideas so that students are not required to immerse themselves in the subject in the same way as a generation ago. Does this matter? The `new way' hopes to attract some students into Physics and Engineering who would have been intimidated by the rigour and commitment required to do well in the old system. The single-minded student has a wealth of information available to further his or her studies and will not be limited by the dictates of any syllabus. However, without the need to meet exam requirements, many of our most able students have been deprived of the pleasure of advancing their knowledge so far at school, and must wait for a degree course to take up the story. (We should worry if many of these potential scientists get deflected from Physics.) The change in A-level targets inevitably means that the UK is slipping down the IPhO medal table, but in the Olympic tradition it is the taking part that matters. The 31st Olympiad was won by the People's Republic of China, with five gold medals out of five. Heartiest congratulations to them and to Russia, who came second with two gold, two silver and a bronze. The other gold medals went to Hungary (2), India (2), Taiwan (2), Bulgaria (1) and Switzerland (1). The UK team won two bronze medals. Who will be lucky enough to g

Stone, Christine



Teachers’ Perceptions of the Present and Optimum Status of the In-Service EFL Teacher Preparation Programs  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The present study sought the different perceptions of Iranian EFL instructors and teachers on the present and optimum status of in-service programs. A 26-item questionnaire completed by 90 participants, thirty of whom were instructors and the rest were teachers, revealed that instructors and teachers had different conceptions about these in-service programs. In the light of the results gained from questionnaire and interview, it is suggested that although most teachers were satisfied with these programs, they lacked adequate motivation to participate in these programs. Moreover, most instructors were not also satisfied with the present in-service programs, and they were looking for reforms in the educational plans and programs. The findings also suggest that, on the one hand, instructors should provide teachers with appropriate motives to enthusiastically take part in these classes, and they should feel responsible to address teachers’ weaknesses and strengths both theoretically and practically. On the other hand, teachers should seize theses opportunities with both hands to ameliorate and refresh their English knowledge. Therefore, it is suggested instructors and teachers should reconcile as far as methodological and pedagogical implications are concerned.

Parviz Birjandi



Taking it all back home  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Reprocessing contracts stipulate that Cogema's and BNFL's foreign customers will take back their vitrified residues to ensure subsequent storage themselves. National policies have been defined by those customers for the interim storage on return. Belgium and Japan have chosen to store them in glass canisters in air-cooled pits - at Mol and at Rokkasho-mura, respectively (similar to their current stores at the reprocessing plants) -while Germany and Switzerland have opted to use storage flasks. Aware of the need for vitrified residue return, almost 10 years ago Transnucleaire began developing a new model of flask to suit the various needs of the utilities concerned. Named TN 28 V in view of its basic payload of 28 vitrified waste canisters, this flask is currently being manufactured in two versions: one for the routine transport of glass-containing canisters and another for their transport followed by a long period of interim storage. (author)


Data Glove For Note Taking  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available We aim at creating a note-taking device typically to be used in a classroom environment. Traditional methods of writing have limited speed and cannot keep up with speech. Writing with pen on paper requires us to look at the paper, which can reduce concentration on the ongoing discussion. Laptops are costly, power consuming and heavy for such a trivial task. Voice to text programs dont have the freedom of choosing the text to be included, and noise in the room can affect performance of such a program. Smart phones have a small keypad, which demands more user concentration. We have created a glove that one can wear and touch-type on any flat surface with minimal costs and power consumption. With ergonomics in mind, the glove has been designed to yield ten self fabricated switch button sensors to finally create a complete utility for simple and an inexpensive typing tool.

Akshay Mahajan



Emotionally intelligent teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available In this article, we describe the importance of complementing teachers’ training with the learning and development of social and emotional aspects. It is in this way that Emotional Intelligence (EI –understood as a complement of the cognitive development of teachers and students– is to play a role in the educational context. We review Mayer & Salovey’s ability model (1997, some of the programmes of socio-emotional improvement that are also designed for teachers and several activities for the development of teachers’ EI. In addition, we examine the implications for teachers derived from the development of their EI to enhance their capacity to appropriately perceive, understand and manage one’s own emotions and those of others.

Rosario Cabello



Enhancing Teachers' Motivation to Apply Humanist Information Technology Innovations (United States)

This article focuses on the following issue: How can we build a training and support system that would enhance the motivation and capacity of teachers for high-quality implementation of information technology innovations guided by humanist ideas? That is, a system that would not only increase teachers' motivation to apply Humanist Information…

Assor, Avi



How South Korean Teachers Handle an Incident of School Bullying (United States)

With school-level variables receiving increasing attention for their role in the maintenance of bullying behaviors, this study examined teacher responses to a hypothetical bullying situation among a sample of South Korean teachers. Using an online survey method, school-level variables (anti-bullying policy and anti-bullying program) and individual…

Yoon, Jina; Bauman, Sheri; Choi, Taesan; Hutchinson, Alisa S.



An Examination of Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Cyberbullying (United States)

Today, in parallel with the increase of technology use, cyberbullying becomes one of the major issues in schools affecting students' lives negatively similar to bullying. To minimize the negative effects of cyberbullying and to get preservice teachers ready for managing cyberbullying, it is necessary to examine preservice teachers' perception…

Yilmaz, Harun



Grandfathered ESL Teacher Development: Assessment of Change and Lessons Learned. (United States)

Because of dramatically increasing numbers of limited-English-proficient students and a lack of certified English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) teachers, the University of Massachusetts-Lowell collaborated with area school districts to offer an ESL professional development program for 20 grandfathered ESL teachers. (Contains six references.) (LB)

Jochums, Brenda L.; Rodriguez, Juan C.



Secondary-Level Student Teachers' Conceptions of Mathematical Proof (United States)

Recent reforms in mathematics education have led to an increased emphasis on proof and reasoning in mathematics curricula. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics highlights the important role that teachers' knowledge and beliefs play in shaping students' understanding of mathematics, their confidence in and outlook on mathematics…

Varghese, Thomas



"Contact Us Next Year": Tracing Teachers' Use of Gifted Practices. (United States)

This study followed up teachers two years after they had attended a summer institute on gifted education to identify changes teachers made in their classrooms. It identified factors that either supported (student success, personal challenge, and increasing self confidence) or impeded (feelings of isolation, school bureaucracy, large class size,…

Cashion, Marie; Sullenger, Karen



Performance-Related Pay: District and Teacher Characteristics (United States)

This study examined the characteristics of performance-related pay (PRP) for teachers in the United States. From 1999 to 2007, the percentage of districts offering PRP and the percentage of teachers receiving PRP increased significantly. Large and ethnically diverse districts in urban areas with less union influence were more likely to offer PRP.…

Liang, Guodong; Akiba, Motoko



Teacher Acquisition of Functional Analysis Methods Using Pyramidal Training (United States)

Pyramidal training involves an experienced professional training a subset of individuals who, in turn, train additional individuals. Pyramidal training is effective for training a variety of behavior-analytic skills with direct-care staff, parents, and teachers. As teachers' roles in behavioral assessment increase, pyramidal training may be…

Pence, Sacha T.; St. Peter, Claire C.; Giles, Aimee F.



Professional Myopia: Job Satisfaction and the Management of Teachers. (United States)

Documents greater teacher attrition in the United Kingdom than previously realized and demands a halt to this trend. Urges increasing teacher managers' awareness of factors diminishing job satisfaction, an important factor influencing decisions to leave the profession. Presents three job satisfaction models used in business with possible…

Mercer, David; Evans, Barbara



Improving Teacher Education through Inquiry-Based Learning  


Preservice educators face daunting challenges throughout their professional development, but no challenge is greater than that of contextualizing their instruction within multicultural environments. Addressing the increasing diversity and ever-changing cultures within student populations is often skimmed over within teacher education curriculums; yet, its importance to the success of preservice teachers cannot be understated. Investigators developed two specific projects which led...

Evan Ortlieb



Increasing teacher motivation and supervision is an important but not sufficient strategy for improving praziquantel uptake in Schistosoma mansoni control programs : serial cross sectional surveys in Uganda  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

Realization of the public health benefits of mass drug administration (MDA) for the control of schistosomiasis depends on achieving and maintaining high annual treatment coverage. In Uganda, the uptake of preventive treatment for schistosomiasis among school-age children in 2011 was only 28%. Strategies are needed to increase uptake.

Muhumuza, Simon; Katahoire, Anne



Introducing peer observation of teaching to GP teachers: a questionnaire study. (United States)

In medical education programmes which rely on clinical teachers spread across diverse sites, the application of peer observation of teaching offers the potential of both supporting teachers and maintaining quality. This paper reports on a questionnaire survey carried out with general practitioner (GP) teachers of medical undergraduate students from King's College London School of Medicine at Guy's, King's College and St Thomas' Hospitals. The aim of the study was to determine GP teachers' views on a proposed programme of peer observation of their teaching. The majority of GP teachers identified benefits of the proposed scheme with 69% saying it would help improve the education of future doctors. However, despite seeing the benefits, less than half wished to take part in the programme. Two thirds cited time and paperwork as major disincentives to taking part and 62% said that they felt it would make them feel under scrutiny. No associations were found between measures of workload and willingness to take part. This suggests that a fundamental fear of scrutiny and criticism may be the main hurdle to be overcome in implementing the scheme. Imposing peer observation on GP teachers in the form proposed could create suspicion and distance between the university department and practice-based GP teachers and may even result in a loss of teachers. The introduction of peer observation is more likely to be successful if GPs' apprehensions are addressed. Using peer observation to strengthen the process of quality assurance may undermine its role in the support and development of clinical teachers. PMID:16707288

Adshead, Lesley; White, Patrick T; Stephenson, Anne



More than "Just" Changing Diapers: The Experiences of Preservice Early Childhood Teachers in Infant Field Placements (United States)

Despite the fact that early childhood preservice teachers are typically being prepared to work with children from birth through age 8, preservice field experiences with infants continue to be largely missing in early childhood teacher preparation programs Since the education and care of infants often takes place in vastly different settings than…

Beck, Lisa Marie Powell



Motivation and Quality of Work Life among Secondary School EFL Teachers (United States)

This study set out to investigate the relationship between quality of work life and teacher motivation among 160 secondary school English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers in Tehran, Iran. In addition, 30 of the participants were randomly selected to take part in follow-up interviews which asked why they felt the way they reported. The results…

Baleghizadeh, Sasan; Gordani, Yahya



Creating Metacognitive Awareness in the Lab: Outcomes for Preservice Science Teachers (United States)

This study investigated the influence of metacognitive guidance on pre-service science teachers' scientific knowledge, science process skills, and views about the nature of science. The sample included 48 pre-service science teachers taking a first-year chemistry laboratory course in a public university in Turkey. During the 11-week course, the…

Saribas, Deniz; Mugaloglu, Ebru Z.; Bayram, Hale



Does It Work? Evaluation Guidelines for Development Education Teachers. Development Education Paper No. 13. (United States)

Basic guidelines, evaluation techniques, and models are suggested for secondary and university teachers struggling with development education, an area of education that demands innovation and individual approaches. Evaluation can take two approaches: formative and summative. Summative testing observes overall results, tests teacher effectiveness,…

Spivey, Carlisle


Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Connecting New Zealand Teachers of Science with Their Maori Students (United States)

This paper illustrates how important changes can occur in science learning and teaching if teachers take the trouble to understand and respect the cultural worlds of Indigenous students, and incorporate something of this understanding within their teaching practice. Ten teachers participated in a specially-designed one-year university postgraduate…

Glynn, Ted; Cowie, Bronwen; Otrel-Cass, Kathrin; Macfarlane, Angus



An Examination of Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers' Approaches to Construct and Solve Mathematical Modelling Problems (United States)

This study examines the approaches displayed by pre-service mathematics teachers in their experiences of constructing mathematical modelling problems and the extent to which they perform the modelling process when solving the problems they construct. This case study was carried out with 35 pre-service teachers taking the Mathematical Modelling…

Bukova-Guzel, Esra



O Say, They Can Sing! Teachers Share Their Tips for Teaching the National Anthem (United States)

Teachers who have made "The Star-Spangled Banner" a central part of their students' repertoire have found that students can learn it and take pride in staging this familiar song that even their parents consider too difficult. Many teachers recognize that the first obstacle in teaching the anthem is that students do not know the words or understand…

Preston, Teresa K.



Seeking the Source of Spelling Problems: A Teacher's Profile of Underachieving Spellers. (United States)

Although clinical testing is necessary for a final diagnosis of learning disabilities, spelling errors can serve as one of the major "red flags" to warn teachers of the possibility of their existence. Two steps that teachers can take to help poor spellers are: (1) determining the specific type of spelling weakness in light of the common "routes"…

McAlexander, Patricia J.


Life in the Village: Teacher Community and Autonomy in an Early Childhood Education Center (United States)

This article presents findings from a qualitative case study of a public early childhood education center whose motto, the familiar African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child," reflects the emphasis given to teacher community in the official school discourse. The meanings teachers gave to professional community were investigated.…

Blank, Jolyn



Squaring the Peg or Rounding the Hole: Teacher Categorization of Pupils' Routine Acts. (United States)

Taking an ethnomethodological perspective, this paper addresses itself to the central question of how meanings are constructed by members to create social reality. Here, the interest lies in explicating the interpretive procedures used by the classroom teacher in constructing pupil categorizations. As a specialist, the teacher is expected to be…

Volpe, Joan


Shifting Frames: Inside the Pathways and Obstacles of Two Teachers' Literacy Instruction (United States)

The dynamics of discourse in literacy classrooms offers a complex paradigm for describing the communication patterns that exist among the agents (teachers and students) involved. The discourse patterns that exist in classrooms contextualize the pathways individuals take to assume understanding. Through interviews and case studies of two teachers

Rowsell, Jennifer; Casey, Heather K.



Exploring Student Teachers' Beliefs about Language Learning and Teaching: A Longitudinal Study (United States)

This paper presents a four-year longitudinal study of student teachers' beliefs about language learning and teaching over the course of an English teacher education (ELT) program. The study attempts to track possible changes in the beliefs and to analyze the impact of an ELT pre-service program by taking the program itself as a dynamic variable.…

Ozmen, Kemal Sinan



Taking over someone else's e-learning design: challenges trigger change in e-learning beliefs and practices  


As universities invest in the development of e-learning resources, e-learning sustainability has come under consideration. This has largely focused on the challenges and facilitators of organisational and technological sustainability and scalability, and professional development. Little research has examined the experience of a teacher dealing with e-learning sustainability when taking over a course with an e-learning resource and associated assessment. This research focuses on a teacher who ...

Scott, Karen M.



Principal's Leader Power, Teacher Empowerment, Teacher Compliance and Conflict. (United States)

Investigates the relationship among principal leadership power; teacher empowerment; teacher compliance; and conflict within self, with peers, and with the principal, based on a survey of 250 teachers. Factor analysis and regression analysis revealed a strong association for expert power and referent power with each conflict dimension and teacher

Johnson, Patsy E.; Short, Paula M.



Teachers' and School Administrators' Perceptions and Expectations on Teacher Leadership (United States)

In this study it is aimed to find out primary school teachers' and principals' expectations and perceptions related to teachers' leadership. The population of this survey consists of primary school teachers and principals in Odunpazari, one of the two central municipalities in Eskisehir, in 2011-2012 educational year. Teachers and principals of…

Kiranh, Semra



Teacher Leadership Development in PDSs: Perceptions of 22 Veteran Teachers (United States)

Although there is no common definition for teacher leadership, the concept is continually advanced as a key component for both the success of schools and professionalization of teachers. Many view teacher leadership as specific administrative roles while others view it as any opportunity in which teachers contribute to the decision-making process.…

Cosenza, Michael N.



Good Teaching Matters, Teachers Matter, and Teacher Education Matters (United States)

This paper was the keynote address at the June 6, 2012 Occidental College completion ceremony for new teachers completing their teacher credential program. This occasion was momentous because it was the final new teacher graduation that Occidental College would hold, due to the previously announced closure of the teacher preparation program by the…

Gordon, Lynn Melby



Teacher Control and Affiliation: Do Students and Teachers Agree? (United States)

Using an interpersonal circumplex model, we examined whether teachers and students in secondary education apply a similar frame of reference when thinking about how a teacher relates to students. We also examined the alignment of teacher and student perceptions of two dimensions of the teacher-student relationship: Control and Affiliation. Results…

Brekelmans, Mieke; Mainhard, Tim; den Brok, Perry; Wubbels, Theo



Parent Teacher Education Connection: Preparing Preservice Teachers for Family Engagement (United States)

This article describes the Parent Teacher Education Curriculum, a Web-based curriculum focused on instructing teachers about best practices in family involvement and assesses its impact on the knowledge and attitudes of preservice teachers related to family involvement. Pre- and post-measures of preservice teacher candidate knowledge of and…

Brown, Amber L.; Harris, Mary; Jacobson, Arminta; Trotti, Judy



Improving Teacher Performance: Toward a Theory of Teacher Motivation. (United States)

Despite a century-long history of teacher-incentive programs in the United States, discovering what matters to teachers and how best to motivate them remains a complex puzzle. This paper features a literature review that investigates the motivational dimension of teacher performance and constructs a theory of teacher motivation. The paper…

Ozcan, Mustafa


Training English Language Student Teachers to Become Reflective Teachers (United States)

Reflective teaching practice has become a central theme in professional growth at the pre-service teacher education level almost everywhere. English language teaching (ELT) teacher trainers, like any other teacher trainers, have a powerful role to play in fostering reflection in their student teachers through the approaches and strategies they…

Al-Issa, Ali; Al-Bulushi, Ali



Developing and Rewarding Excellent Teachers: The Scottish Chartered Teacher Scheme (United States)

The Scottish Chartered Teacher Scheme was designed to recognise and reward teachers who attained high standards of practice. The scheme emerged in 2001 as part of an agreement between government, local employing authorities and teacher organisations. Policies such as the chartered teacher scheme aim to benefit students in two main ways: by…

Ingvarson, Lawrence



Teacher Development in Action: Understanding Language Teachers' Conceptual Change (United States)

Bringing together multiple sources of data and combining existing theories across language teacher cognition, teacher education, second language motivation, and psychology, this empirically-grounded analysis of teacher development in action offers new insights into the complex and dynamic nature of language teachers' conceptual change. (Contains…

Kubanyiova, Magdalena



How Vocational Teachers Describe Their Vocational Teacher Identity (United States)

Given the current demands of Swedish vocational education and the withdrawal of the requirement for formal teacher competence in vocational subject teachers, the aim of this article is to develop knowledge of what it means to be a vocational subject teacher in an upper secondary school, i.e. how vocational subject teachers describe their…

Köpsén, Susanne



Robert Noyce mathematics and science teacher preparation and retention at two California State University campuses (United States)

There is a persistent and growing shortage in the supply of "highly qualified" future science and mathematics teachers in the nation's classrooms. As a consequence, as many as 53% science and 23% math students take classes from teachers who are teaching out-of-field. Currently, there are many established programs that provide incentives for science and math students to enter the teaching profession. One program in particular, the Robert Noyce Scholars Program, was the genesis of the Authorization Act of 2002 - P.L. 107-368 and is funded by the National Science Foundation specifically to address the need for highly qualified STEM Teachers. IHEs, which are awarded these grant funds, are provided with significant funding for student scholarships and are expected to provide programmatic support for these students who are planning to become teachers. Programmatic support is intended to enhance the preparation of these future STEM teachers who are expected to teach in high needs classrooms. The purpose of this study was to examine if different views of the teacher education program exist between teachers who have been supported by the Noyce programs and those who have not received Noyce support. Noyce teachers and non-Noyce teachers are two aggregate groups that included teachers from CSU, Fresno and CSU, Long Beach. This study also examined retention percentages and demographic composition of Noyce-supported teachers from both campuses as an aggregate group in comparison to teachers in the nation and in the state. The study found no significant differences between Noyce teachers and non-Noyce teachers on their views about their teacher preparation program. Both groups on average reported their preparation to be adequate. Significant proportional differences by ethnicity were found between Noyce teachers and the general teacher population in the U.S. and California. Significant proportional differences by ethnicity and content area were also found between high school teachers in the U.S. and high school teachers in the Noyce Teacher community. Retention rates among beginning teachers were also found to be higher for the Noyce Teacher Community when compared to the general population of teachers in the U.S. and California.

Arvizu, Jaime


Teachers' Organisations and Their Role in Teachers Welfare  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The paper is aimed at to acquaint regarding teachers organizations and their role inteacher welfare. Teachers' organization has to play decisive role in back drop of therecent educational reforms. The role of teachers' organizations in fosteringprofessionalism and initiating teachers into social action can hardly is overemphasizedgiven the key position that the teacher holds in a society. The obligations whichconstitute the academic ethics are not the same as a comprehensive code of conduct foruniversity teachers in all spheres of life. A working of the teachers' organizations in Indiareveals that they have addressed themselves to fulfilling union-type functions.

Bijendr Pradhan



Adaptive and Motivated: Psychological Qualities of College Students in Teacher Education Programs in Taiwan (United States)

Teacher quality has been a perennial issue in the field of education. In addition to academic ability, psychological and motivational characteristics are regarded as increasingly important dimensions of teacher quality. This study has established a multidimensional framework of teacher quality including social competency, adaptive ability and…

Wang, Hsiou-huai



Evaluating Socio-Cultural Pedagogy in a Distance Teacher Education Program (United States)

Increasing pressure has been placed on teacher education to prepare teachers to educate bilingual/bicultural students using scientifically-based teaching methods. Socio-cultural theory and pedagogy have emerged as a research-based foundation for diversity teacher preparation. Socio-cultural theory rests on the premise that learning is social,…

Teemant, Annela



Responding to the Challenge: Giving Pre-Service Classroom Teachers a Musical Language and Understanding (United States)

Pre-service teacher degree programs are increasingly crowded with subjects covering the wide gamut of knowledge a teacher requires. Ensuring musical knowledge and language for classroom teaching poses a difficult problem for teacher educators. This article examines the challenges of including in the pre-service classroom teaching program a music…

Munday, Jenni; Smith, Wyverne



How to Be a Wise Consumer of Coaching: Strategies Teachers Can Use to Maximize Coaching's Benefits (United States)

Instructional coaching is gaining popularity as a school-based effort to increase teacher effectiveness and student achievement. A coach can be broadly defined as a person who works collaboratively with a teacher to improve that teacher's practice and content knowledge, with the ultimate goal of affecting student achievement. By its very nature,…

Yopp, David; Burroughs, Elizabeth A.; Luebeck, Jennifer; Heidema, Clare; Mitchell, Arlene; Sutton, John



The Extent of Teacher Participation in Decision-Making in Secondary Schools in Zimbabwe (United States)

In Zimbabwe, there have been some debates on democratisation and decentralisation, which led to the development of policies meant to increase teacher participation in decision-making in schools. However, despite these developments, teacher participation in decision-making in Zimbabwean schools is regarded as insignificant. Teachers work closely…

Wadesango, Newman



Long-Term Effects of Teacher Performance Pay: Experimental Evidence from India (United States)

While the idea of teacher performance-pay is increasingly making its way into policy, the evidence on the effectiveness of such programs is both limited and mixed. The central questions in the literature on teacher performance pay to date have been whether teacher performance pay based on test scores can improve student achievement, and whether…

Muralidharan, Karthik



Demographic Differences in Changing Pre-Service Teachers' Attitudes, Sentiments and Concerns about Inclusive Education (United States)

The preparation of teachers for regular schools has clearly needed to undergo quite significant change in recent years. One major adjustment has been the necessity to prepare teachers for progressively more diverse student populations as they will increasingly be required to teach in inclusive classrooms. Many teacher education institutions are,…

Forlin, Chris; Loreman, Tim; Sharma, Umesh; Earle, Chris



A Meta-Analysis: Exploring the Effects of Gender on Organisational Commitment of Teachers (United States)

The consequences of organisational commitment (OC) are of great importance to organisations. Considering the effect of teacher commitment on student success and the increasing teacher turnover rates in the world, studies focusing on the organisational commitment of teachers gained more importance. However there is still a significant gap about the…

Dalgiç, Gülay



Global Paradigm Shift in Pedagogy and English Language Teachers' Professional Development in Pakistan  


Education system like other areas of modern society has undergone a phenomenal paradigm shift from learning to e learning and teacher to e teacher. The shift embodies substantial departure from objectivist teacher centered instructional methodology to collaborative, interactive, customized, metacognitive and constructivist pedagogical approaches. The paradigm also signifies increased use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in teaching/ learning practices and higher education ...

Asim Karim



A Different Role for Teachers Unions? Cooperation Brings High Scores in Canada and Finland (United States)

American teachers unions are increasingly the target of measures, authored by friends and foes alike, intended to limit their power or eviscerate them. One would never guess that the countries that are among the top 10 in student performance have some of the strongest teachers unions. Are those unions in some way different from American teachers

Tucker, Marc



The Value of the Teacher Work Sample for Improving Instruction and Program (United States)

Secondary teachers increasingly face student differences in ability, background, socioeconomic status, and language. One method designed to prepare future teachers for dealing with these challenges is the teacher work sample (TWS), which has been widely adopted by colleges of education as part of performance-based accreditation requirements. A…

Devlin-Scherer, Roberta; Burroughs, Greer; Daly, Jim; McCartan, William



Better Physics Teaching Can Increase Physics Enrollment  


Our main goal is to develop plans to increase physics enrollment. Once again we thoroughly analyze the problem from the beginning and reach the conclusion that the most appropriate starting point in this direction should be to look into K-12 teaching. We give a few recommendations to improve science/physics teaching at K-12 level. It is proposed that the quickest way to make some advancement is to start teacher training or refresher courses for school teachers to fill up the...

Masood, Samina S.



Taking over someone else's e-learning design: challenges trigger change in e-learning beliefs and practices  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available As universities invest in the development of e-learning resources, e-learning sustainability has come under consideration. This has largely focused on the challenges and facilitators of organisational and technological sustainability and scalability, and professional development. Little research has examined the experience of a teacher dealing with e-learning sustainability when taking over a course with an e-learning resource and associated assessment. This research focuses on a teacher who was inexperienced with e-learning technology, yet took over a blended unit of study with an e-learning resource that accounted for one-fifth of the subject assessment and was directed towards academic skills development relevant to the degree program. Taking a longitudinal approach, this research examines the challenges faced by the new teacher and the way she changed the e-learning resource and its implementation over two years. A focus of the research is the way the teacher's reflections on the challenges and changes provided an opportunity and stimulus for change in her e-learning beliefs and practices. This research has implications for the way universities support teachers taking over another teacher's e-learning resource, the need for explicit documentation of underpinning beliefs and structured handover, the benefit of teamwork in developing e-learning resources, and provision of on-going support.

Karen M. Scott



Take a Spin Through the Solar System (United States)

This resource is part of the Science Education Gateway (SEGway) project, funded by NASA, which is a national consortium of scientists, museums, and educators working together to bring the latest science to students, teachers, and the general public. This lesson plan features a student self-study guide for making comparisons of the rotation rates of 3 planets (Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn) and the Sun. The teacher's section contains lesson plans, materials, objectives, directions, and teaching ideas for this unit.

Mccarron, Kevin; Privat, Ginger; Levandovsky, Nellie


Teachers' and School Administrators' Perceptions and Expectations on Teacher Leadership  


In this study it is aimed to find out primary school teachers’ and principals’ expectations and perceptions related to teachers’ leadership. The population of this survey consists of primary school teachers and principals in Odunpazar?, one of the two central municipalities in Eski?ehir, in 2011-2012 educational year. Teachers and principals of eight primary schools were taken as a sample among low, middle, high socio-economic level primary schools in Odunpazar?. 195 teachers and pri...

Semra K?ranl?



Teachers' Organisations and Their Role in Teachers Welfare  


The paper is aimed at to acquaint regarding teachers organizations and their role inteacher welfare. Teachers' organization has to play decisive role in back drop of therecent educational reforms. The role of teachers' organizations in fosteringprofessionalism and initiating teachers into social action can hardly is overemphasizedgiven the key position that the teacher holds in a society. The obligations whichconstitute the academic ethics are not the same as a comprehensive code of conduct f...

Bijendr Pradhan





Teacher education – both pre-service and in-service is responsible for developing quality teaching work-force. It is generally observed that the quality of pre-service teacher education is low. It does not equip prospective teachers with requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform effectively in their work-situation.So,in-service education of teachers is considered to be key aspect of school improvement efforts. The training, retraining and updating of teachers are ...

Suman Dala; Neetu Sharma, N. N.



More than "Just" a Teacher (United States)

Most teachers often pass themselves off as "just" teachers, when in truth they are so much more. Teacher, adviser, consultant, confidante, manager, leader, partner, collaborator, role model, councillor, researcher, learner, friend. Of course, in the 21st-century education system teachers are expected to carry out roles well beyond "just"…

Bianchi, Lynne



Coaching Teachers-in-Training. (United States)

In this study, the implementation effects of a program for teaching coaching skills to Dutch primary school teachers acting as supervising or cooperating teachers for teachers-in-training are described. Coaching is a form of in-class support intended to provide teachers-in-training with feedback on their functioning and, thereby, stimulate…

Veenman, Simon; Gerrits, Jacqueline; Kenter, Jacqueline


Regulating Collaboration in Teacher Education (United States)

Collaboration in teacher education can be seen as a way to prepare student teachers for future social practices at school. When people collaborate with each other, they have to regulate their collaboration. In the Dutch teacher education programme that was investigated, student teachers were members of different types of groups, each of which had…

Dobber, Marjolein; Akkerman, Sanne F.; Verloop, Nico; Vermunt, Jan D.



Take care of your mouse!  

CERN Multimedia

“Stop --- Think --- Click" is the basic recommendation for securely browsing the Internet and for securely reading e-mails. Users who have followed this recommendation in the past were less likely to have their computer infected or their computing account compromised. We would like to thank all those who donated their mouse to the CERN Animal Shelter for Computer Mice ( For those who still use a mouse, please stay vigilant and  alert: do not click on links whose origin you do not trust or which look like gibberish. Do not install untrusted software or plug-ins, since software from untrusted sources may infect or compromise your computer, or violate copyrights. Finally, take particular care with e-mails: Do not open unexpected or suspicious e-mails or attachments. Delete them if they do not concern you or if they appear strange. If in doubt, or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact

IT Department



Between demands and controle : A quantitative study about teachers´work satisfaction  


ABSTRACT This composition is based on a survey which purpose is to look into how teachers' work satisfaction is influenced by the work conditions prevailed for teachers at their workplaces. The teachers' profession is interesting because of the reason that there has been many changes within the school's field of activities as there has been a change-over to target governing, a change that got consequences for teachers not at least in form of an increasing responsibility,  and more involvemen...

Johansson, Karin




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The evidence for gesture being a vital element in the classroom is becoming insurmountable; however, it remains to be seen how long it will take to be fully utilized in the EFL classroom. This study, using a qualitative descriptive methodology, briefly examines how a group of teachers perceive gesturing after viewing a video performance of an EFL practitioner. All of the data was collected online via a questionnaire and a recorded semi-structured interview. Volunteers were, or had been, teaching English within the past twelve months and approached the researcher to take part in the study via social media. The results of the study suggest that teachers fully acknowledge the importance of gesture and commonly attribute similar functions to specific gestures within a teaching performance. Overall, the results offer numerous pedagogical implications for gesture and SLA and support previous assertions regarding the need to make teachers fully aware of the gestures they use in the classroom. Analysis of the questionnaires also revealed that teachers seldom have the opportunity to view their own teaching and suggests that gesture needs to play a much greater role within critical reflective practice.

John Michael THOMPSON



Teacher Leaders Network (United States)

The Teacher Leaders Network (TLN) is an independent, web-based network of experienced, leading, and award-winning teachers who have achieved success as authors, professional developers, trained mentors, policy consultants, and community leaders. This virtual community participates in daily online discussions that explore and debate the merits of educational policies, techniques, and philosophies. Materials available at the TLN web site include weblogs in which members share their experience and insights; links to resources for teacher leadership, coaching and mentoring, education policy, and other topics; links to news articles and publications; and information on the organization's sponsors, funding, and partners.


Novas tecnologias na educação: transformações da prática pedagógica no discurso do professor = New technologies in education: changes in the pedagogical practice according to teacher’s speech  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta os resultados de uma pesquisa que investigou as percepções de um grupo de professores sobre possíveis transformações ocorridas em suas práticas pedagógicas após terem participado do Curso de Formação Continuada ‘Introdução à Educação Digital’, evento promovido pelo Programa Nacional de Formação Continuada em Tecnologia Educacional - Proinfo Integrado e desenvolvido pelo Núcleo de Tecnologia Educacional - NTE de Itajaí, Estado de Santa Catarina. Os dados foram coletados mediante a aplicação de dois questionários denominados de pré-curso e pós-curso. Os resultados apontaram que, após a participação no referido curso, ocorreram mudanças na prática pedagógica, com incremento no uso técnico-pedagógico do computador e introdução dos recursos mais avançados. A pesquisa, contudo, também revelou que o número de professores que usam o computador nas atividades com os alunos é ainda pequeno e este uso restringe-se aos laboratórios de Informática das escolas.This paper presents the results of a research which examined the perceptions of a group of teachers about the changes occurred in their pedagogical practices after taking part in the course called ‘Introduction to the Digital Education’ promoted by the Continued Formation National Program in Educational Technology – Integrated Proinfo and developed by the Educational Technology Center – NTE in Itajaí, Santa Catarina State, from 2008 to 2009. The data were collected through the application of two surveys calted pre-course and post-course. The results pointed out that after participating in the course some changes happened in the teacher´s pedagogical practice with an increase in the technical and pedagogical use of the computer and the inclusion of more advanced sources. Nevertheless the research also showed that the number of teachers who use the computer in student´s tasks is still small and this use is restricted to the school computer labs.

Suênia Lino Molin



Monterey Bay Aquarium Teachers & Kids (United States)

Education page with resources for teachers and students. Teacher's Place has teacher professional development opportunities such as Wetlands Teacher Institute and Teacher Open House, a quarterly electronic educator newsletter, and hands-on elementary level classroom activities. Subjects include: kelp forests, sea otters, sharks, tide pools, and penguins. Kid's Corner has games and activities, aquarium career information, summer programs, web cams, and animal field guides.


Training of Adult Education Teachers : Experiences from a teacher training programme in cooperative learning  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

The background of the study was that a group of teachers should develop competences in order to apply a new pedagogical approach, cooperative learning (CL), in a skilled manner. The total competence development process included theoretical knowledge about the method, practical training in its use, and ongoing and extensive coaching related to the teachers' experiences of implementing CL. It was assumed that the competence development process would result in a higher usage of CL as well as an increasingly professional and more reflected application of the teaching method over the year. The results from the study, as indicated by the teachers’ completed logs, and supplemented by the data from the focus group interviews, show a different picture. Two months into the project, the teachers were using CL on a large scale. The average level of their use did not increase during the academic year. By two months into the course, teachers already perceived themselves as being able to apply the method. They also reported that their skills were developed further during the course. They found that they became better at solving educational challenges, that they became more satisfied with their own teaching, and that they were better able to solve the problems deriving from the heterogeneous composition of the student group. The data thus documents measurable but limited developments in the teachers competences after the first two month.

Wahlgren, Bjarne


Enhancing Prospecitve Teachers' Coordination of Center and Spread: A Window Into Teacher Education Material Development  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This paper describes a development and evaluation process used to create teacher education materials that help prepare middle and secondary mathematics teachers to teach data analysis and probability concepts with technology tools. One aspect of statistical reasoning needed for teaching is the ability to coordinate understandings of center and spread. The materials attempt to foster such coordination by emphasizing reasoning about intervals of data rather than a single focus on a point estimate (e.g., measure of center. We take a close look at several different data sources across multiple implementation semesters to examine prospective mathematics teachers’ ability to reason with center and spread in a coordinated way. We also look at the prospective teachers’ ability to apply their understandings in pedagogical tasks. Our analysis illustrates the difficulty in both achieving this understanding and transferring it to teaching practices. We provide examples of how results were used to revise the materials and address issues of implementation by mathematics teacher educators.

Hollylynne S. Lee



Teacher in the Transformative Learning Space  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

Abstract to the conference “Teachers and Trainers in Lifelong Learning” Workshop A: Future Competences of Persons working in Lifelong Learning Title of proposal: Teacher in the Transformative Learning Spaces Author: Elina Maslo, dr. paed., National Library of Education, The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Key words: learning, lifelong learning, adult learning, workplace learning, transformative learning spaces, teachers competencies During many years of research on lifelong foreign language learning with very different groups of learners, we found some criteria, which makes learning process successful. Since then we tried to find some other examples on “successful learning” from the formal, informal and non-formal learning environments, trying to prove those criteria. This conference paper will present the newest example: the research library, which is a very interesting example on the mixture of those very different environments. Taking the library example, we will show the new role of the teacher in the transformative learning spaces, namely, a person helping to learn. Using the systemic-constructivist approach to life and learning (Reich) and taking into consideration that the learning process is multidimensional (Pestalozzi, Illeris), we believe, that learning is only possible if learners themselves are able to realize their own learning process, which must be personally significant for them. With this understanding the most important task for the teachers or supervisors is to help their learners to create a transformative learning space for their own learning. The goal of this paper is to research the teachers (supervisors, counsellors) role in the possibilities to learn at the library, analyzing the learning process from many different perspectives (the users of the library – students of different grades, non studying people, researchers; the people working at the library – office workers, librarians, research staff; teachers and supervisors) and answering the key question: what makes the learning process successful? Methods/methodology: The complicated process of learning and the role of a teacher at the research library will be analyzed from different perspectives by different learning participators using qualitative research methodology (interviews, observations, smaller action research projects, group discussions). A special attention will be paid to the systematic review of literature, the analysis of previous studies, with the aim of ensuring the valuable evidence of the research analysis. Expected Outcomes/results: There will be given a qualitative analysis of the library as a transformative learning space, which can be used as inspiration in all formal, non-formal and informal educational environments. The criteria, which makes the learning process successful in many contexts, will be presented. The competencies needed by teacher in the transformative learning spaces will be described. Intent of publication: The intent of the publication is to show the mechanism of learning in non traditional environment and the teachers role in those transformative learning spaces. The study aims to show, that there are some universal criteria, which makes learning process successful. Those criteria can be used in many different learning environments. The criteria have a connection to the competencies needed by teachers in transformative learning spaces. References: Illeris, Knud (2001): Læring – aktuel læringsteori i spændingsfeltet mellem Piaget, Freud og Marx. Roskilde Universitetsforlag. Illeris, Knud (2008): Læring i et positivt psykologisk perspektiv. København: Hans Reitzels Forlag. Lave, Jean and Etienne Wenger (1991): Situated Learning. Legitimate Peripheral Participation. Cambridge University Press. Mezirow, Jack and Associates (2000): Learning as Transformation. Critical Perspectives on Theory in Progress. Jossey-Bass Publishers: San Francisco.Reich, Kersten (2005): Systemisch-kinstruktivistische Pädagogik – Einf?hrung in Grundlagen einer interaktionistisch-konst

Maslo, Elina


Methods for Marine Ecosystems Research through the Use of PDAs with Preservice Teachers  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Science teachers are charged with the task of providing students in grades K-12 with opportunities that will enable them to make sense of science and develop habits of mind. One goal of science education is to prepare well-rounded citizens who are scientifically literate. Through inquiry-based learning, students formulate questions, perform investigations, and construct new understandings. It is important for preservice science teachers to be introduced to current techniques, discoveries, and debates in the field of science. The use of personal digital assistants (PDAs can provide K-12 students with increased opportunities for exploring and learning through scientific investigations. In order for these devices to be successfully integrated into classroom instruction, changes in teaching methodologies must be adopted. This paper presents a model lesson that can be used to guide preservice teachers in the use of PDAs for studying a marine ecosystem. The field experience takes place on the shoreline of Long Island Sound at Stratford Point, in Stratford Connecticut.

Antoinette Bruciati



Space Weather Around the World: Using Educational Technology to Engage Teachers and Students in Science Research (United States)

The Space Weather Around the World Program uses NASA satellite data and education technology to provide a framework for students and teachers to study the effects of solar storms on the Earth and then report their results at their own school and to others around the world. Teachers and students are trained to create Space Weather Action Centers by building their own equipment to take data or using real satellite and/or ground-based data available through the internet to study and track the effects of solar storms. They can then predict "space weather" for our planet and what the effects might be on aurora, Earth-orbiting satellites, humans in space, etc. The results are presented via proven education technology techniques including weather broadcasts using green screen technology, podcasts, webcasts and distance learning events. Any one of these techniques can capture the attention of the audience, engage them in the science and spark an interest that will encourage continued participation. Space Weather Around the World uses all of these techniques to engage millions. We will share the techniques that can be applied to any subject area and will increase participation and interest in that content. The Space Weather program provides students and teachers with unique and compelling teaching and learning experiences that will help to improve science literacy, spark an interest in careers in Science, Technology, Engineeering, and Mathematics (STEM), and engage children and adults in shaping and sharing the experience of discovery and exploration.

Lewis, E.; Cline, T.; Thieman, J.



Educational Assessment Profile of Teachers in the Sultanate of Oman  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This study builds on a previous pilot study conducted by Alkharusi, Aldhafri, Alnabhani, and Alkalbani (2012 to explore educational assessment attitudes, competence, knowledge, and practices of in-service teachers in the Sultanate of Oman. The present study extends the previous pilot study by surveying a larger sample of in-serivce teachers teaching grades 5 to 12 in all educational governorates in the Sultanate of Oman as opposed to 165 in-service teachers teaching grades 5 to 10 in one educational governorate. Specifically, the study aimed at developing a profile of educational assessment attitudes, competence, knowledge, and practices for teachers in the Sultanate of Oman. The profile was developed as a function of teachers’ gender, nationality, educational governorate, teaching grade, qualification, teaching subject, pre-service assessment training, in-service assessment training, teaching load, and teaching experience. The study employed a descriptive survey research design. Participants were 3557 in-service teachers teaching various subject areas in grades 5 to 12 randomly selected from all educational governorates in the Sultanate of Oman. Confirming Alkharusi et al. (2012 study, findings of the current study showed that the teachers tended to have a positive attitude towards educational assessment. Despite their perception as being competent in educational assessment, they demonstrated a low level of the educational assessment knowledge. Further, the teachers indicated using different classroom assessments mainly for grading and increasing students’ desire for learning. Teaching load and teaching experience explained some of the differences in the teachers’ educational assessment profile. Also, the educational assessment profile varied as a function of the selected demographic and background variables. The findings pointed to a conclusion that professional educational assessment programs for teachers should be continued and tailored to the needs and nature of the teachers’ classroom realities. Future research is needed to judge the validity of the teachers’ self-report surveys concerning educational assessment.

Hussain Alkharusi




Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Teaching is a noble profession and a teacher plays an important role in society. In this modern world, we have well deviated from the “Gurukul” system of Indian teaching-learning process in educating our young mass. In order to cope with the rapid developments in the technological world and the education system, a technical teacher has to understand the system as a whole to play a pivotal role. In this paper, we present the attributes, characteristics and duties of a teacher for successful career in technical education, who takes up the profession by virtue of his/her interest not by compulsion. In addition, some suggestions have been highlighted to improvethe working condition for a teacher in technical institutes.

Dr. Akshaya Kumar Sabat,



Studying Biotechnological Methods Using Animations: The Teacher's Role (United States)

Animation has great potential for improving the way people learn. A number of studies in different scientific disciplines have shown that instruction involving computer animations can facilitate the understanding of processes at the molecular level. However, using animation alone does not ensure learning. Students sometimes miss essential features when they watch only animations, mainly due to the cognitive load involved. Moreover, students seem to attribute a great deal of authority to the computer and may develop misconceptions by taking animations of abstract concepts too literally. In this study, we attempted to explore teachers' perceptions concerning the use of animations in the classroom while studying biotechnological methods, as well as the teachers' contribution to the enactment of animations in class. Thirty high-school biotechnology teachers participated in a professional development workshop, aimed at investigating how teachers plan for and support learning with animation while studying biotechnological methods in class. From that sample, two teachers agreed to participate in two case studies aimed at characterizing teachers' contribution to the enactment of animations in class while studying biotechnological methods. Our findings reveal marked teacher contribution in the following three aspects: establishing the "hands-on" point of view, helping students deal with the cognitive load that accompanies the use of animation, and implementing constructivist aspects of knowledge construction while studying using animations.

Yarden, Hagit; Yarden, Anat



Teacher Professional Development as a Scientific Problem in Comparative Pedagogics  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available Cogent argument for better understanding of the take-up of teacher professional development through understanding the definition itself has been presented. The main constituents of the definition with reference to different sources of information in psychology, philosophy and pedagogics have been analyzed. To make the research more logical, the definitions “personality development”, “professional development” and “teacher professional development” have been studied in consecutive order. The literature review, which is based on Ukrainian and foreign documents observation, shows different approaches to defining the notion studied: a process-based approach and a system-based approach, as well as their conditional character and appropriateness. In authors’ view, teacher education is a key issue in basic development sectors of any country of the world. Teachers’ professional activities must not focus on individual content only but bear in mind students’ intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral, social and cultural well being. Teacher professional development is a powerful and effective premise for sustained improvement of student outcomes. On the whole, teacher professional development can be defined as a long-term complex process of qualitative changes in teaching aimed at teacher performance improvement in the classroom and ensuring students’ success. According to the study, this process can be compulsory or so called optional. The effectiveness of professional development is structured: leadership, knowledge, available recourses, high level of collaboration, appropriate evaluation and sustainability.

Avshenyuk Natalia



Physics Teacher Quality (United States)

Physics Teacher Quality at Angelo State University (ASU) and Education Service Center Region XV is funded through a US Department of Education grant. In this program secondary science teachers from local and rural districts within Region XV learn and practice physics and principles of technology concepts emphasized in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), improve practice of 5E model of guided inquiry, and complete activity-based laboratories and field investigations. Investigations include field and laboratory safety, environmental responsibility, ethical practices, application of scientific methods to open-ended problems encountered in the physical sciences, and critical thinking and problem solving. Teachers are assessed through pre- and post- testing, lab practicum, and classroom observation over a two-year cycle. Assessment data from 2004 through 2008 indicates Physics Teacher Quality is changing teaching behavior in the secondary classroom.

Wallace, Andrew; Bixler, David



Letter to a Teacher (United States)

... This activity can lead to a more accepting attitude of differences among people. Also, if there appears ... their classmates at this time is also helpful. Teachers of older children might have the class make ‘ ...


Wind Energy Teachers Guide  

Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

This guide, created by the American Wind Association, with support from the U.S. Department of Energy, is a learning tool about wind energy targeted toward grades K-12. The guide provides teacher information, ideas for sparking children's and students' interest, suggestions for activities to undertake in and outside the classroom, and research tools for both teachers and students. Also included is an additional resources section.




Teacher – parents communication  


This diploma paper shows the meaning of communication as the basis of relationship between people, and its meaning in the teacher – parent relationship. In the beginning I present the facts of communication and its rules and I follow with the importance of communication between teacher and parents. This communication represents the main topic as it is very important for a more quality life of children within a family and school. I emphasise the meaning and value of effective communicati...

Grilj, Alenka



Teachers and nuclear energy  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

The aims of the seminar were: to exchange national experience in informing and assisting teachers in the nuclear field, and to determine the conditions for improving the effectiveness of these programmes; to develop an international understanding on the basic training and information requirements to assist secondary-school teachers in discussing nuclear energy in an appropriately wide and balanced context at school; to study the respective contributions of national authorities, industry and relevant institutes in this endeavour


Training and informing teachers  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Nuclear Electric operates 12 nuclear plants in England and Wales. Through the Visitors Centres attached to these power stations and complementary national initiatives, the company is able to provide a broad ranging educational programme for teachers and pupils. The company's policy and its education programme (books, visits, conference, events,...) are detailed from the perspective of both teachers and pupils. An evaluation of the education programme at Visitor Centres is under way and is already identifying new initiatives for the company to explore


Indigenizing Teacher Education: An Action Research Project (United States)

This action research report focuses on a new elective course entitled "Indigenizing Education: Education for/about Aboriginal Peoples" that was developed and taught by two teacher educators--one Euro-Canadian and the other Metis. The purpose of the course was to increase understanding of Indigenous peoples and of the impact of…

Kitchen, Julian; Raynor, Marg



Becoming Teacher-Librarian 2.0  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available This article discusses the place of Web 2.0 social software in the school library program. It examines the potential of this technology for enhancing teaching and learning, and the implications for students' information literacy. The article suggests ways for teacher-librarians to engage in professional learning to increase their knowledge of this evolving field.

Anita Mary Brooks Kirkland



Assessment Literacy for Teachers: Faddish or Fundamental? (United States)

In recent years, increasing numbers of professional development programs have dealt with assessment literacy for teachers and/or administrators. Is assessment literacy merely a fashionable focus for today's professional developers or, in contrast, should it be regarded as a significant area of professional development interest for many years to…

Popham, W. James



Changing Teacher Preparation in Art Education (United States)

Within art education, Day (1997) and others (for example; Beudert, 2006; Galbraith, 2001; Galbraith & Grauer, 2004; Hutchens, 1997; Sabol, 2004; Thurber, 2004; Zimmerman, 1997, 2004) have called for increased research into teacher preparation in order to understand current practice, to recognize what is working well, and to determine directions…

Henry, Carole; Lazzari, Mary



Engaging Pennsylvania Teachers in Watershed Education (United States)

Water-resource scientists have become increasingly concerned about global water quality and quantity issues. Water and watershed education are now mandated topics for school-aged youth. Pennsylvania teachers lack consistent and accessible curricula to teach students about water quality and quantity. A mail survey administered in 2004 determined…

Gruver, Joshua; Luloff, A. E.



Models: Electric and Magnetic Interactions, Teacher's Guide. (United States)

The unit presented in this teacher's guide is one of two developed for the sixth and final year in the Science Curriculum Improvement Study (SCIS) curriculum. The concept of a scientific model is introduced in this unit with activities directed toward increasing student understanding of electric and magnetic phenomena through concrete experience…

Karplus, Robert


Hadron therapy takes off in Europe  

CERN Multimedia

A joint meeting of ULICE, ENLIGHT and PARTNER recently took place in Marburg (Germany). The three initiatives are shaping both the present and the future of hadron therapy in Europe, where new cutting-edge facilities have started to fight cancer with beams of protons and carbon ions.   A pictorial representation of a raster scan on a tumour. (Photo courtesy of HIT/GSI/Siemens.) Thanks to a very active multidisciplinary community consisting of physicists, biologists, radiobiologists, engineers, IT specialists and medical doctors, hadron therapy is taking off in Europe. Indeed, after a few decades during which the innovative technique was mainly used experimentally in Japan, the US and a couple of pioneering laboratory-based facilities in Europe, today an increasing number of hospitals are being equipped with synchrotrons and dedicated treatment rooms. “Asia and Europe are at the forefront of research and use of carbon ions in the treatment of some rare and radio-resistant t...

CERN Bulletin



Methanization takes countryside by storm  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

A new plant is operating in Brittany: it transforms cattle effluents and slaughterhouse wastes into electric power through natural fermentation. Thus, every year, 75.000 tons of organic wastes will produce methane and 1.5 MW. Other projects exist in the same region. One faced the opposition of the population. Therefore, the idea is now to develop smaller projects. France is very late compared to Germany and the Netherlands. The Grenelle de l'Environnement seems to have boosted these projects, notably due to the increase of the electricity purchase price proposed by EDF. Another issue is discussed: the development of this industrial sector in France


The wind energy takes off  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

After having evoked the objectives defined for wind energy production by 2050, the important growth of wind energy in Europe and in other parts of the world, and its importance in terms of business and jobs, this article presents the Denmark model where the wind energy industry is a world leader but now faces the need of a new development model. It comments the investments and incentives implemented in Western countries after the first oil crisis. It outlines the increasing power of wind generators and their technological evolution, the development of offshore wind farms and their cost, and finally the intermittency problem and the case of small wind turbines


Pathways to Pluralism: Religious Issues in American Culture. Teacher's Guide. (United States)

Any program used to teach about religion in the social studies must meet certain criteria. The materials must be socially significant and suitable to the classroom. The teaching strategy must promote genuine learning, taking every safeguard to prevent indoctrination. Only then is the public school teacher warranted, legally and morally, to…

Spivey, Robert A.; And Others


Language Interpretation for Diverse Families: Considerations for Special Education Teachers (United States)

The special education field is challenged by a lack of attention to and recruitment of well-trained language interpreters in schools. As such, special education teachers need to take a leadership role in working with interpreters to ensure diverse families are collaborative members of individualized education program (IEP) teams. Using the…

More, Cori M.; Hart, Juliet E.; Cheatham, Gregory A.



A Role for English Language Teachers in Trauma Healing (United States)

Because English language teachers should take into account the social-psychological situation of the students they teach, they must be sensitive to the effects of traumatic stress among learners. Refugee and immigrant children are frequently survivors of trauma, along with their peers in crisis-torn English as a foreign language settings around…

Medley, Michael



European Teacher Education: A Fractal Perspective Tackling Complexity (United States)

This article takes stock of the complex scenario of the European education space in its past, present and future developments, which highlights the priorities of the modernisation, improvement and convergence of the goals for education and training systems in the knowledge and learning society. The critical case of teacher education is then…

Caena, Francesa; Margiotta, Umberto



The perceptions of teachers and school principals of each other's disposition towards teacher involvement in school reform  

Scientific Electronic Library Online (English)

Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english Worldwide teachers are faced with the task of continuously facilitating and implementing educational reform that has been designed without their participation. This exclusion of the key agents, who must mediate between the change agenda and actual change in the classroom, from the planning and decis [...] ion-making processes, is detrimental to educational reform. Although school-based management has recently emerged as the instrument to accomplish the decentralisation of decision-making powers to school level, the success thereof depends largely on school principals' disposition regarding teacher involvement. It is argued that the expectation of principals regarding their own leadership role, as well as the professional role teachers should fulfil, is a primary determinant of principals' willingness to involve teachers in responsibility-taking processes outside the classroom. The results from an empirical investigation revealed that principals' perception, of the wishes of teachers regarding involvement, significantly underestimated teachers' actual involvement wishes. Likewise, the expectation of teachers regarding the willingness of principals to involve them was a significant underestimation of the involvement level principals are actually in favour of. These misperceptions probably discourage actual school-based management and could jeopardize the implementation of educational reform in general.

Cassie, Swanepoel.



The perceptions of teachers and school principals of each other's disposition towards teacher involvement in school reform  

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Full Text Available Worldwide teachers are faced with the task of continuously facilitating and implementing educational reform that has been designed without their participation. This exclusion of the key agents, who must mediate between the change agenda and actual change in the classroom, from the planning and decision-making processes, is detrimental to educational reform. Although school-based management has recently emerged as the instrument to accomplish the decentralisation of decision-making powers to school level, the success thereof depends largely on school principals' disposition regarding teacher involvement. It is argued that the expectation of principals regarding their own leadership role, as well as the professional role teachers should fulfil, is a primary determinant of principals' willingness to involve teachers in responsibility-taking processes outside the classroom. The results from an empirical investigation revealed that principals' perception, of the wishes of teachers regarding involvement, significantly underestimated teachers' actual involvement wishes. Likewise, the expectation of teachers regarding the willingness of principals to involve them was a significant underestimation of the involvement level principals are actually in favour of. These misperceptions probably discourage actual school-based management and could jeopardize the implementation of educational reform in general.

Cassie Swanepoel



Views of Turkish Primary School Teacher Candidates on Observation Field Trip to Combined Classes in Rural Settlements  

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Full Text Available The general purpose of this study is to evaluate the views of primary school teacher candidates who have been taking the “Teaching in Combined Classes” course and who went on a one-time observation field trip to primary schools on this observation. The study is a qualitative research in the survey model. Study group of the research is made up of teacher candidates who were primary education department seniors at Konya University Ahmet Kelesoglu Faculty of Education during the spring semester of 2011-2012 academic year. 40 volunteer teacher candidates participated in the study. In the study, since the views of teacher candidates were taken in writing, “descriptive analysis” method which is a qualitative research technique is used for data analysis. In this research, the data are presented by taking the survey questions into account. Survey forms were numbered from 1 to 40. Direct quotations have been taken from teacher candidates’ statements to reflect the views of the teacher candidates. While taking quotations, the numbers assigned to teacher candidates were used. According to the data findings, the majority of the teacher candidates expressed that they would want to work in combined classes after the observation field trip. All of the teacher candidates stated that making an observation filed trip to village schools with combined classes contributed to their professional development. Most of the teacher candidates expressed that observation field trips to combined classes should be two semesters.

Ayse Mentis Tas



Becoming Agents of Change through Participation in a Teacher-Driven Professional Research Community  

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This study involves a theory-based teacher professional development model that was created to address two problems. First, dominant modes of science teacher professional development have been inadequate in helping teachers create learning environments that engage students in the practices of science, as called for most recently by the NGSS. Second, there is a lack of teacher presence and voice in the national dialogue on education reform and assessment. In this study, teachers led and participated in a professional community focusing on STEM education research. In this community, teachers became increasingly responsible for designing and enacting learning experiences for themselves and their colleagues. We investigated the characteristics of the science teachers learning process. Findings suggest that teachers who participated in this model generated knowledge and practices about teaching and learning while simultaneously developing identities and practices as education reform advocates and agents of educatio...

Ross, Mike; Otero, Valerie



The language teacher as go-between  

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Full Text Available In a world of increased multilingualism and multiculturalism, foreign languageteachers seem to be challenged to be less authoritative transmitters of linguisticor pragmatic knowledge, than mediators between various identities, discoursesand worldviews. This article attempts to define the challenges and the paradoxesin language teacher education, suggests a way of conceptualizing such an educa-tion in the multilingual/multicultural environments we live in today, and exam-ines on a concrete example how a view of the language teacher as a go-betweencan lead to a more democratically oriented foreign language education.

Claire Kramsch



National Curriculum Framework (NCF) For Teacher Education  


The Right to Education Act has come into being making it mandatory for the state to provide free and compulsory education to almost 20 crore children in the 6-14 age group till class 8. The Right to Education Act mandates a schedule for the functioning of schools, which includes a teacher: student ratio of 1:30 till a student population of 200 students at the Primary Stage. This would increase the demand for qualified elementary school teachers many times. The country has to address the nee...

Girdhar lal Sharma



Assessing Teachers' Needs for Environmental Education Services (United States)

This article describes a case in which a needs assessment was conducted by graduate students in the Environmental Education Program Development course at the University of Florida. This assessment served to provide guidance for program improvement to the Crown Region Environmental Education Service Project (RSP), and to provide students with experience in developing tools and designing strategies to conduct program evaluations. The assessment consisted of focus groups and a mass mailing of surveys. It indicated that teachers hold positive attitudes toward environmental education (EE), include elements of citizenship and action-taking in their definition of EE, but have relatively little contact with the RSP. Teachers' perspectives on EE also differed widely as a function of the school administration and educational philosophy.

Monroe, Martha


Competence analysis of dance teacher‘s as leisure organizer‘s  


The object: dance teacher‘s as leisure organizer‘s competence. The aim: identify dance teacher‘s as leisure organizer‘s competence. The problem: does dance teachers have leisure organizer competencies? Work tasks: 1. Define the concept of a dance teacher competencies in theoretical aspect; 2. Find out dance teacher’s competence improving the ways and opportunity; 3. Examine dance teacher‘s as leisure organizer‘s competences. Conclusions and main results: study reveal...

Joncevaite, Inesa



Prostate Cancer: Take Time to Decide (United States)

... High-quality PDF for professional printing [PDF-983KB] Cancer Home Prostate Cancer: Take Time to Decide Infographic Language: English Español (Spanish) Share Compartir Prostate Cancer: Take Time to Decide Most prostate cancers grow ...


Taking Aspirin to Protect Your Heart (United States)

Taking Aspirin to Protect Your Heart American Diabetes Association? ? 1–800–DIABETES (342–2383)? ? ©2009 by ... and stroke. Toolkit No. 23 What can taking aspirin do for me? If you are at high ...


Integrating sustainability into Business Education teacher training  

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Full Text Available SciELO South Africa | Language: English Abstract in english Businesses are increasingly coming under scrutiny from stakeholders who expect them to report how they protect the environment, how they guarantee no human and labour violations in their value chain, and how they function on ethical business principles. Businesses are trying to adjust to these chang [...] ing environments for the betterment of society and the planet while still concentrating on profit. The same awareness and inquiry would be expected from business education student teachers who teach business principles and business operations. This study, which was conducted at three universities, describes the perspectives and sustainability virtues of pre-service business education teachers who attended a workshop aimed at integrating sustainability in their teacher training curriculum. A qualitative framework was adopted using three methods: focus-group discussions, reflection based on a video recording and a critical analysis of the curriculum. Findings suggest that incremental shifts in critical self-awareness of business education pre-service teachers occurred. A business education and education for sustainability synthesis is recommended and provided as a conceptual framework in this study. This synthesis can be a useful place to start to elicit critical self-awareness when pre-service teachers have to deal with the complex mix of the five types of learning, namely disciplinary, situational, practical, fundamental and pedagogical learning.

Carina, America.



Approaches to Building Teacher-Parent Cooperation  

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Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to explore the areas of cooperation inwhich parent and teacher expectations were the same and where they differed. Data were obtained from a sample of 55 randomly selected primary schools. We analyzed school-to home communications, parentalinfluence on school decisions, and parent involvement in different school activities. At the same time, we also explored building cooperation among the teachers, students, and their parents, within the framework of the program ‘Reading and Conversation’. The findings indicated that the third- and ninth- grade lead teachers were mostly in agreement about the importance of parent involvement and as such represented a fairly homogenous group. The third-grade lead teachers were more open about actual involvement of parents in instruction than their ninth-grade colleagues, who were more cautious and restrained. In contrast to the lead teachers who represented a relatively narrow professional group, parents’ views were much more diverse. Parental education was the best predictor of their readiness to become involved in the life and work of their children’s school. Whether the area in which the families lived was urban or suburban did not make any difference. The evaluation of the one-year ‘Reading and Conversation’ programme revealed increases in parents’motivation to collaborate with the school as a consequence of the program’s approach to work, as well as improvement in mutual relationships and dialogue.

Franc Cankar



Mrs. Miller's Evolution in Teaching Science as Inquiry: A Case Study of a Teacher's Change in Responsiveness (United States)

Calls for reform-based science instruction have highlighted inquiry as a critical component in science education (e.g. National Research Council [NRC], 1996, 2000, 2007). To date, there has been little research describing how teachers' classroom practice changes as they implement inquiry-based instruction. This study characterizes how an experienced elementary school teacher changed with respect to her responsiveness to student thinking (i.e. the degree to which she followed up on her students' ideas) as she implemented three iterations of an inquiry-based module on the water cycle. This research was guided by two overarching questions: (1) How can a teacher's responsiveness to student thinking be characterized?; and (2) How does one teacher, Mrs. Miller, change with respect to her responsiveness to her students' thinking over the course of three iterations of an inquiry-based module? In order to answer these questions, two distinct, yet complementary, methods of analysis were used. Method 1. Discourse analysis of classroom dialogue led to the operationalization of the "redirection." Redirections are teacher bids to "redirect" students' attention from one locus to another and reflect differing degrees of responsiveness, according to the degree to which the teacher takes up students' ideas. Initial quantitative analyses of Mrs. Miller's redirections showed that while she did change in her responsiveness to student thinking, the change was not linear. When Mrs. Miller's highly responsive redirections were analyzed, however, she seemed more likely to use highly responsive redirections to perpetuate students' potentially productive ideas during Implementation 2 and especially during Implementation 3. Such results suggested that Mrs. Miller grew in responsiveness over time. Method 2. Phenomenological analyses of Mrs. Miller's practice provided further support of her increased responsiveness to student thinking. Mrs. Miller seemed more willing to encourage students' consideration and elaboration of "alternative" explanations during Implementations 2 and 3. Additionally, she appeared more likely to allow student ideas to inform future discussions during later implementations. This research provides the educational community with a detailed description of a veteran teacher's change in responsiveness during inquiry instruction and establishes a foundation from which others interested in teacher change and/or promoting reform-based instruction can build.

Lineback, Jennifer Evarts


Praise Counts: Using Self-Monitoring to Increase Effective Teaching Practices (United States)

The authors examined the effectiveness of self-monitoring for increasing the rates of teacher praise statements and the acceptability of using this technique for teachers. The participant was a first-year teacher of high school students with emotional and behavioral disturbances. The authors completed this study in an ABA maintenance design. They…

Kalis, Tara M.; Vannest, Kimberly J.; Parker, Rich



Educators: Are Web-Based Resources an Effective Means for Increasing Knowledge in Higher Education? (United States)

Many institutions of higher education (IHEs) that prepare teachers encounter the challenge of increasing requirements of general education preservice teachers so they are properly prepared to teach all students, including those with disabilities. This study examined the impact of a Web-based resource on preservice general education teachers'…

Courtad, Carrie Anna



Slavia takes the Czech path  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Biodiesel was the main reason Slavia Capital bought the oil processing company, Palma Tumys, Bratislava last year. The biofuels added to fuel produced from oil are one of the core products of this investment group. But today Slavia is profiting more from the production of edible oils and margarine produced by the Palma Group. It has benefited from the global increase in food prices. But Palma is also profiting from the experience and contacts of its new Czech managers appointed by the new owner. They have found a place in Czech stores for Slovak oils and margarines. In the past the company only used to supply its products to Czech bakers. And they even found a place for biodiesel. Petr Zejdlik is Czech and is the chairman of the board of Palma Group. Matej Valtr, is also Czech and is responsible for managing company strategies. They replaced the former owners, original Slovak privatizers who used to manage the company and did not do badly. They managed to keep one of the biggest Slovak food processing companies in good shape and in profit and j with stable revenues of around 90 mil. EUR. But finally they gave in to international competition from Bunge, Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland and sold the company to a financially strong investor. (author)


Natural gas industry takes stock  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

This paper is a summary of the main topics discussed at the 1996 International Gas Research Conference (IGRC) which has taken place in Cannes (France) with more than 650 participants. From the examination of the technical program of the IGRC meeting, the main following points and developing technologies were presented: the new techniques of gas extraction from coal in exploration and production, the underground storage of natural gas, the lifetime of distribution networks, the fuel cells, the natural gas vehicles and the combustion quality, the cogeneration and the reduction of pollutants. The paper focusses on the new projects presented by Gaz de France for the reduction of storage and supplying costs, for the improvement of safety and reliability of distribution systems, for the promotion of gas appliances by the development of new technologies and equipments etc. The economic and environmental impacts of the increasing use of natural gas was discussed too. Finally, the research and development programs carried out by Gaz de France in collaboration with other gas companies in the framework of international collaborations are described. (J.S.). 1 fig., 4 photos


Attitudes of Student-teachers towards Written Teacher’s Guide  

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Full Text Available The literature on Teacher’s Guides combines knowledge of discipline-related content and pedagogy-related content in reference to the objectives and contents of the Ministry of Education curriculum. It serves as a self-study tool that provides guidelines of how to teach in light of the various changing goals and needs of the teacher. The corpus on which this research focused was the Teacher’s Guide for Hebrew literature and the question we focused on was: Do student-teachers of Hebrew literature at a teacher education college who use this tool find that it meets their expectations? The qualitative and quantitative findings of the research, which involved 21 student-teachers for Hebrew literature at a teacher education college, led to the conclusion that the students’ expectations of the Teacher’s Guide differ from the disciplinary qualities and especially the didactic qualities it actually contains. The Teacher’s Guide is not organized in a manner suited to student-teachers even though they are a primary target audience for it.

Lea Baratz



Portuguese-language high school teacher programme extends its reach to South America and Africa  

CERN Multimedia

From 5 to 10 September, a record 75 teachers from Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, São Tomé and Cape Verde will take part in the Portuguese-language high school teacher programme at CERN.   The group of Portuguese-sepaking teachers who visited CERN in 2009. CERN usually focuses on the Member States when organizing its national teacher programmes, providing them with additional return on their investment in the Laboratory by helping to train and inspire the next generation of scientists. However, Portugal’s Laboratório de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas (LIP), through the Agency Ciência Viva, has taken the initiative to go beyond the borders of Portugal and include other countries that speak Portuguese. Last year there were 60 participants in the programme, including 11 teachers from Brazil and 5 from Mozambique. This year brings even more teachers from more African co...

Carolyn Lee



Reading strategy instruction and teacher change: implications for teacher training  

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Full Text Available I report on teacher change in the context of a reading strategy instruction intervention. Reading Strategy Instruction (RSI was implemented by three teachers, new to the concept, over a period of 15 weeks. Observations of these teachers showed that a multitude of factors affect the uptake of RSI as part of everyday teaching practice, and that teachers seem to move through distinct phases in their uptake of RSI. The article focuses on teachers' reaction to RSI and highlights a number of issues that are important to the implementation of RSI, not the least of which is that a clear need exists for changes to in-service teacher training and support and pre-service teacher training. In an effort to address these training issues the article contains specific recommendations for pre-service teacher training in particular.

Nanda M Klapwijk



Distance Learning and Teacher Education in Botswana: Opportunities and Challenges  

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Full Text Available This paper reports on a study at Molepolole College of Education (MCE involving teachers and tutors in the Diploma in Primary Education (DPE program by distance mode, an in-service program aimed at upgrading academic and professional qualifications of primary school teachers in Botswana. The study sought to understand the level of access and the challenges faced by teachers and tutors. Data was collected through in-depth interviews, survey, and document analysis. Findings showed that teachers should be enrolled in the program at a younger age, and issues that lead to delays in completion must be addressed. The paper recommends that the Ministry of Education (MOE hire full-time tutors to support teachers at their bases, provide resources for practical subjects, organize workshops to familiarize tutors with appropriate strategies for adult learners, increase the duration of residential sessions, explore the use of alternative instructional technologies, and institute regular customer evaluations.

Anne L Sikwibele



Professional Partnerships: Supporting the Preparation of Pre-Service Teachers Through a Tiered Online Mentoring System  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The University of Maryland University College’s (UMUC Department of Education developed a program to increase achievement of secondary school students and increase retention of Master of Arts in Teaching Program (MAT pre-service teacher candidates entitled, “Professional Partnerships”. “Professional Partnerships” is a tiered system of support that promotes stakeholder success by providing online mentoring to pre-service teacher candidates from master mentor teachers. The master mentor teachers were provided with web conferencing workshops and online mentoring in the use of technology tools, The goals of the program are based upon the Redesign of Teacher Education and a research based framework that strengthens partnerships with local school districts to include: improvement of secondary student achievement, enhancement of instruction provided by teacher candidates and in-class teachers through the use of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM content as a tool for instruction, improvement, assessment, and communication within the global educational community.

Barbara Schwartz-Bechet



Master Teachers/ Teacher-in-Residence Funding & Recruiting Strategies (United States)

There is no question that a university or external funding agency must make a significant financial commitment to support a Teacher-in-Residence. Nevertheless, several PhysTEC sites have made the commitment to fund TIRs out of their own budgets, in order to sustain the benefits that only a Master Teacher can bring to a department that wishes to prepare high-quality teachers. In addition, several universities have attracted external corporate funding for a Teacher-in-Residence program.



Taking a chance: Sex, alcohol & acquaintance rape  

DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

This article analysis meanings of alcohol in relation to young people’s sexuality, with the specific focus on when this go wrong and end in acquaintance rape. Drinking is a way to stage oneself as mature and is intentionally used by both male and female youth to make sexual pleasure possible. It is argued that in the context of sexuality among young people there is a fine line between freedom and gender specific restrictions. The concept of risk has traditionally dominated research on acquaintance rape and alcohol drinking among youth. This article introduces chance along the concept of risk in order to grasp the complexities of the grey zone situations of acquaintance rape among youth. The risks of social stigmas within the gendergame increase with drinking alcohol in the same time as the chances of expanding the limitations of genderroles also increase with drinking. These social stigmas embedded in the genderroles are central for understanding when a pleasurable situation turns into acquaintance rape. The article is based on 95 police reports of rape and 37 focus groups on alcohol and sexuality with Danish youth. The analysis takes it onset in a single case.

Demant, Jakob; Heinskou, Marie Bruvik



Physicians take to the field. (United States)

A joint project on the Ministry of Health, Addis Ababa University, the Jimma Institute of Health Services, the Gondar College of Health Sciences, and McGill University in Montreal, Canada is involved with working to improve the health care system in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government has established postgraduate degrees in public health for district health managers, and overseas fellowships for students in order to train health professionals to work in 359 districts (awrajas). The emphasis is on district managers because of their link to the people, to stimulating community participation, and to coordinating activities. Training programs are available for physicians who have worked in rural areas for 2 years; completion of the program usually means placement as district health managers. One student was able to reduce respiratory illness among textile mill workers because of the success of his research thesis on byssinosis. 40% of Ethiopia has district health centers which provide primary health care and coordinate health resources. A 1st priority is convincing local leaders to construct latrines and provide safe sources of drinking water. The example of the functioning of the Suluta health district is provided. Of the 129,000 inhabitants, the health personnel and facilities provide for only 25% of the villages in the district. The district director is completing his thesis on field trials of oral rehydration therapy. Student research is supervised by physicians based at Addis Ababa University. An example is given of one such visit to a student studying adolescent sexual behavior and illegal abortion increases. Student work involved research, an action plan which identifies priorities for the area, and a health profile. Students learn how to compile data and plot graphs in a country where rural birth and death records are not kept. Record keeping, reference books and materials were also needed for the organization; technical resources were provided to this end. Computers and CD-ROMS have expended the resource base. Standards have improved since the initiation of the program, and the importance of the training was evident in the ability to handle the meningitis epidemic in 1989 and the coup in 1991. Economic conditions need to improve and be directed to health personnel, drugs, books and supplies. PMID:12285835

Penfield, W



Engineering teacher training models and experiences (United States)

Institutions and Organisations that take training seriously and devote time, effort and resources, etc, to their own teams are more likely to succeed, since both initial teacher training and continuous improvement, studies, hours of group discussion, works on innovation and educational research, talks and permanent meetings, etc, will all serve to enhance teaching and its quality. Teachers will be able to introduce new components from previously taught classes into their university teaching which will contribute to improving their work and developing a suitable academic environment to include shared objectives, teachers and students. Moreover, this training will serve to enhance pedagogic innovation, new teaching-learning methodologies and contribute to getting teaching staff involved in respect of the guidelines set out by the EHEA. Bearing in mind that training and motivation can be key factors in any teacher's "performance", their productivity and the quality of their teaching, Teacher Training for a specific post inside the University Organisation is standard practice of so-called Human Resources management and an integral part of a teacher's work; it is a way of professionalising the teaching of the different branches of Engineering. At Madrid Polytechnic University, in the Institute of Educational Sciences (ICE), since it was founded in 1972, we have been working hard with university teaching staff. But it was not until 1992 after carrying out various studies on training needs that we planned and programmed different training actions, offering a wide range of possibilities. Thus, we designed and taught an "Initial Teacher Training Course", as it was first called in 1992, a programme basically aimed to train young Engineering teachers just setting out on their teaching career. In 2006, the name was changed to "Advanced University Teacher Training Course". Subsequently, with the appearance of the Bologna Declaration and the creation of the European Higher Education Area, we renewed the programme, content and methodology, teaching the course under the name of "Initial Teacher Training Course within the framework of the European Higher Education Area". Continuous Training means learning throughout one's life as an Engineering teacher. They are actions designed to update and improve teaching staff, and are systematically offered on the current issues of: Teaching Strategies, training for research, training for personal development, classroom innovations, etc. They are activities aimed at conceptual change, changing the way of teaching and bringing teaching staff up-to-date. At the same time, the Institution is at the disposal of all teaching staff as a meeting point to discuss issues in common, attend conferences, department meetings, etc. In this Congress we present a justification of both training models and their design together with some results obtained on: training needs, participation, how it is developing and to what extent students are profiting from it.

González-Tirados, R. M.



Take-or-Pay under Japanese energy policy  

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Japan has tried to increase the import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) because of the nation's fragile energy supply structure. In Japan, almost all LNG is imported under long-term contracts with a Take-or-Pay clause, although buyers assume considerable risk under such a clause. This paper tries to determine why the Take-or-Pay clause has been retained in LNG import contracts in Japan, focusing on the relation between Take-or-Pay and energy security policy. It is found that the government has not pursued a consistent, consecutive policy on Take-or-Pay under the changing energy situation after oil crises. On the one hand, the government has accepted Take-or-Pay because it secures a stable supply of LNG, but on the other hand, it has tried to scrap Take-or-Pay in order to reduce buyers' risk. Furthermore, it was not until the middle/late 1990s that the government implemented deregulation. It is concluded that the government's energy security policy has played an important role in keeping Take-or-Pay in Japan


The Professionalism of Certified Teachers in Instructional Process: A Case Study of Secondary School Teachers in Jambi  

Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

Full Text Available The purpose of this research is to reveal teaching commitment of certified teachers who teach in private Madrasah in Jambi to increase the learning. The participants are teachers (civil servant who teach in several private Madrasah in Jambi. It is the phenomenology qualitative research, referring to the eleventh steps proposed by Spradley (1980. This research revealed two important findings. First, the teachers realize that they need to be committed in their teaching as a way to improve their professionalism and also instructional quality. The second important finding is that there is a lack of supervisory effort to supervise certified teachers, and thus there has no coordination between teachers and the stakeholders. This makes MGMP and KKG does not run effectively.

Syahran Jailani



Motivation, Work Satisfaction, and Teacher Change among Early Childhood Teachers (United States)

This study tests the explanatory power of Deci and Ryan's (1985) self-determination theory as a framework for describing how interactions between early childhood teachers and the systems within which their work is embedded influence motivation for professional growth and change in teaching practice. Fifty-four early childhood teachers and teacher

Wagner, Brigid Daly; French, Lucia



Recognising and Developing Urban Teachers: Chartered London Teacher Status (United States)

Chartered London Teacher (CLT) status is a unique scheme designed by London Challenge to recognise and reward teachers' achievements and provide a framework for professional development. As well as having the prestige of being a Chartered London Teacher for life, educators receive a one-time payment of 1,000 British pounds from the school budget…

Bubb, Sara; Porritt, Vivienne



Programmatic Issues in Teacher Education: The Texas Teacher Corps Experience. (United States)

Various aspects of program planning and implementation in the Texas Teacher Corps Network are explored. The following topics are covered: 1) program conceptualization and design; 2) intern and team leader recruitment; 3) Teacher Corps experiences dealing with graduate admission processes and their implications for change; 4) management of Teacher

Olivarez, Ruben Dario, Ed.


Six Beginning Music Teachers' Music Teacher Role Identities (United States)

In this study, I used a qualitative approach to explore the music teacher role identities of six beginning music teachers prior to, during, and after their student teaching experience. Data collection included participant-observation, interviews, and e-mail communication. Specifically, I looked at what each of these beginning music teachers

Paise, Michele Paynter



Special Education Teacher Retention: An Examination of Selected Veteran Teachers (United States)

Special Education Teacher Retention: An Examination of Selected Veteran Teachers is a qualitative study that examined what prompted veteran special education teachers to continue in the critical shortage fields even though they contend with challenging situations that have been a deterrent for others to remain in the classroom (e.g. Nelson, 2001).…

Hogan, Andrea E.



Teachers' and Preservice Teachers' Professional Goals and Motivation. (United States)

Expectancy-valence models are used most in the field of motivational psychology. However, teachers' motivation had not been studied by these models and only limited research exists assessing the expectancy and the valence constructs. This study's aim was to examine preservice teachers' and practicing teachers' motivation by the expectancy-valence…

Jesus, Saul Neves de


Does Teacher Education Produce Better Special Education Teachers? (United States)

Twenty traditionally licensed first-year teachers and 20 first-year teachers with emergency provisional licensure were observed and evaluated by an experienced supervisor, unaware of licensure status, using a teacher rating scale with three subscales, based on a framework for teaching developed by Danielson (1996). The subscales included planning…

Nougaret, Andre A.; Scruggs, Thomas E.; Mastropieri, Margo A.



Opportunities of the Collaborative Mentoring Relationships between Teachers and Student Teachers in the Classroom: The Views of Teachers, Student Teachers and University Tutors (United States)

This article explores the views of teachers, student teachers and university tutors about the opportunities of the collaborative mentoring relationships between teachers and student teachers. A qualitative approach was employed to conduct the study using a semi-structured type of interview with teachers, student teachers and university tutors.…

Aderibigbe, Semiyu Adejare



School nurses take lead on FGM. (United States)

Female genital mutilation is now recognised as an important public health issue in the UK, requiring action from nurses and midwives. School nurses in particular are being enlisted to identify and support girls at risk of FGM, and help teachers have the confidence to intervene. Every nurse needs to know how to support women living with the consequences of FGM. PMID:24964284

Trueland, Jennifer



Taking Steps toward PK-3 Success (United States)

This tandem brief examines state policies and practices regarding critical PK-3 working conditions and identifies strategies to influence teacher job quality through collective bargaining and other collaborative processes. The document is designed to support efforts to change or implement policies that will improve the teaching and learning…

Eubanks, Shyrelle



78 FR 37209 - Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; Taking Marine Mammals Incidental to... (United States)

...Atmospheric Administration RIN 0648-XC564 Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; Taking Marine Mammals Incidental to Marine Seismic Survey in the Beaufort Sea, Alaska Correction...



ChemTeacher: Metric System (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Metric System page includes resources for teaching students about the metric system.



ChemTeacher: Metric Prefixes (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Metric Prefixes page includes resources for teaching students about prefixes used in the metric system.



ChemTeacher: Oxidation States (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Oxidation States page includes resources for teaching students about determining oxidation states of atoms within compounds.



ChemTeacher: Equilibrium Constant (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Equilibrium Constant page includes resources for teaching students about defining and using equilibrium constants.



ChemTeacher: Lab Safety (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Lab Safety page includes resources for teaching students about keeping safe in the laboratory.



ChemTeacher: Combination Reactions (United States)

ChemTeacher compiles background information, videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets and activities for high school teachers to use in their classrooms. The Combination Reactions page includes resources for teaching students about identifying and predicting combination reactions.