Sample records for jeonbuk province 1979-1980

  1. 2008 Program for Invitation of Foreign Research Institutes to Jeonbuk Province and Enhancement of Technology Transfer

    This project was carried out to establish long-term tactical partnership with foreign research institutions for technology exchanges and facilities, and to develop cooperation projects for the core technology. Technical bases for inviting foreign R and D centers to Jeonbuk province has been established through consulting discussion and signing arrangement on cooperation between ARTI and the partner institute. Discussion in-depth on an R and D center of Russian IBMP in Jeonbuk has been made and an agendum for the R and D center was submitted to the 13th Korea-Russian Federation Joint Committee on Nuclear Cooperation. Based on consensus that technology exchange and enhanced collaboration would be reciprocally beneficial, the second ARTI-TARRI joint seminar is scheduled at Jeongeup in September 2009, when further discussion will be made on the subsidiary arrangement to KAERI-JAEA MOU. An consultant meeting was done in order to strengthen international cooperation and to get advice on attracting foreign R and D centers at the Provincial Office in May 2009. A fact finding visit to iThemba LABS in south Africa was made to conclude a Letter of Understanding (LOU) for cooperation in R and D of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals. The established collaborative relationship with world-leading research institutes such as IBMP, TARRI and iThemba LABS can make a role for inviting in the near future foreign R and D centers to Jeonbuk Province, and surely give a tactical influence on radiation industries in the Jeonbuk Province

  2. Progress report 1979 - 1980

    Experimental and theoretical results are reported obtained by staff of the IPP-Prague in the years 1979-1980 concerning high-frequency heating of plasma in tokamaks, interaction of relativistic electron beams with a plasma, and applied plasma physics. Preliminary experiments on additional hf heating in a small TM-1-MH tokamak and the new data acquisition and processing system Andromeda are described in Chapter 2. In Chapter 3 the specifications of the high-power electron accelerator REBEX 2 and some of the applied diagnostic systems (X-ray detectors and equipment for the Thomson scattering of laser light) are described in detail. Work in applied plasma physics is concentrated to thin film formation and plasma chemistry (Chpt.4). In theoretical papers in the last chapter several interesting questions of high-frequency plasma heating and beam plasma interaction are discussed (e.g., particle transport in hf-heated plasma, reflexing electron beam phenomena, particle trapping). (;.U.)

  3. Biology and medicine division annual report, 1979-1980

    Progress for 1979-1980 is reported from the following research groups and/or areas: research medicine; Donner Pavilion; Peralta Cancer Research Institute; environmental physiology; radiation biophysics and structural biophysics. Abstracts have been prepared for the 61 separate research programs described in this report for inclusion in the Energy Data Base

  4. Embryo culture in teratological surveillance and serum proteins in development. Progress report, 1979-1980

    Klein, N.W.


    Research progress for the period 1979-1980 is reported. The feasibility of using rat embryo cultures to test the teratogenic activity of serum was studied. The mechanisms regulating the synthesis of serum proteins were investigated. (ACR)

  5. Recession of Martian north polar cap - 1979-1980 Viking observations

    James, P. B.


    The polar regression curve for the Martian northern polar cap, derived from Viking observations for the 1979-1980 regression, is discussed, and comparisons with previous regression curves are made. Differences in the curves may be due to dust storms affecting the deposition of the cap. It is not possible to unambiguously ascribe differences between the curves to dynamical effects, since detailed information on the longitudinal dependence, which was an uncontrolled variable, is not available.

  6. Annual report 1979/1980

    The annual report concentrates result of investigations in the field of the production of radioisotopes, the synthesis of radioactive compounds and their characterization. Main topics are the production of 99Mo and the application of radioactive compounds in nuclear medicine especially as radiopharmaceuticals. A list of publications and lectures is enclosed. (author)

  7. AIAW Directory 1979-1980.

    American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Washington, DC. National Association for Girls and Women in Sport.

    This directory lists Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women member institutions alphabetically by names of colleges and universities. It includes contact persons at the institution, region, and the institution's sport program. A list of institutions sponsoring sports is also provided. Each sport list is alphabetically ordered by state…

  8. Progress report for 1979-1980

    This basically administrative report describes research in the following areas: π-neon interactions at 200 GeV; direct γ and e+e- pair production; studies of photon production in 16-GeV/c π+-p interactions; γ-p interactions at 20 GeV; and computer and hardware development. References are given to published work. An expenditure statement is included

  9. Trace elements in oil shale. Progress report, 1979-1980

    Chappell, W R


    The purpose of this research program is to understand the potential impact of an oil shale industry on environmental levels of trace contaminants in the region. The program involves a comprehensive study of the sources, release mechanisms, transport, fate, and effects of toxic trace chemicals, principally the trace elements, in an oil shale industry. The overall objective of the program is to evaluate the environmental and health consequences of the release of toxic trace elements by shale and oil production and use. The baseline geochemical survey shows that stable trace elements maps can be constructed for numerous elements and that the trends observed are related to geologic and climatic factors. Shale retorted by above-ground processes tends to be very homogeneous (both in space and in time) in trace element content. Leachate studies show that significant amounts of B, F, and Mo are released from retorted shales and while B and Mo are rapidly flushed out, F is not. On the other hand, As, Se, and most other trace elements are not present in significant quantities. Significant amounts of F and B are also found in leachates of raw shales. Very large concentrations of reduced sulfur species are found in leachates of processed shale. Very high levels of B and Mo are taken up in some plants growing on processed shale with and without soil cover. There is a tendency for some trace elements to associate with specific organic fractions, indicating that organic chelation or complexation may play an important role. Many of the so-called standard methods for analyzing trace elements in oil shale-related materials are inadequate. A sampling manual is being written for the environmental scientist and practicing engineer. A new combination of methods is developed for separating the minerals in oil shale into different density fractions. Microbial investigations have tentatively identified the existence of thiobacilli in oil shale materials such as leachates. (DC)

  10. Department of Atomic Energy [India]: Annual report 1979-1980

    The work of the research establishments, projects undertaken and public sector undertakings of the Department of Atomic Energy during the financial year 1979-80 is surveyed. The research and development activities of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre at Bombay, the Reactor Research Centre at Kalpakkam, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research at Bombay, the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics at Calcutta and the Tata Memorial Centre at Bombay are described. An account of the progress of heavy water production plant projects, the Madras and Narora Atomic Power Projects, the MHD project and the 100 MW thermal research reactor R-5 Project at Trombay is given. Performance of the Tarapur and Rajasthan Atomic Power Stations, Nuclear Fuel Complex at Hyderabad, Atomic Minerals Division, ISOMED (the radiation sterilisation plant for medical products) at Bombay, the Indian Rare Earths Ltd., the Uranium Corporation of India Ltd., and the Electronics Corporation of India Ltd., Hyderabad is reported. (M.G.B.)

  11. 1979-1980 Geothermal Resource Assessment Program in Washington

    Korosec, M.A.; Schuster, J.E.


    Separate abstracts were prepared for seven papers. Also included are a bibliography of geothermal resource information for the State of Washington, well temperature information and locations in the State of Washington, and a map of the geology of the White Pass-Tumac Mountain Area, Washington. (MHR)

  12. Peer Dynamics Final Evaluation Report. 1979/1980. Part 1.

    Cooper, Cathy; Walker, Connie

    This is Part I of a final evaluation of a program designed to reduce the incidence of destructive risk-taking behavior (e.g. drug-alcohol abuse, and juvenile delinquency) among school-age youth. Background research indicates that peer group pressure is the single most important factor in dictating the presence or absence of juvenile delinquency…

  13. Pollution Across Chinese Provinces

    Catherine Yap Co; Fanying Kong; Shuanglin Lin


    We revisit the environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) hypothesis using 1987-1995 data for Chinese provinces. A comparison of off-sample (1996-2004) predictions to actual emissions indicates that more stringent rules are still needed to fight industrial (waste water and dust) pollution. Auxiliary regressions show that conditional on income, northern provinces have lower industrial waste water pollution; non-coastal and provinces with smaller secondary industry shares have lower industrial (waste wa...

  14. Affirmative Action at American Bar Association Approved Law Schools: 1979-1980.

    Ramsey, Henry, Jr.


    Because of concern over possible retrenchment by law schools to increase minority representation since the Bakke decision, a survey of affirmative action programs in law school admissions was undertaken. The results indicate that the majority, at least outside the South, read the Bakke opinions as permitting such programs. (JMD)

  15. Title I ESEA, High School; English as a Second Language: 1979-1980. OEE Evaluation Report.

    New York City Board of Education, Brooklyn, NY. Office of Educational Evaluation.

    The report is an evaluation of the 1979-80 High School Title I English as a Second Language Program. Two types of information are presented: (1) a narrative description of the program which provides qualitative data regarding the program, and (2) a statistical analysis of test results which consists of quantitative, city-wide data. By integrating…

  16. Environment Health & Safety Research Program. Organization and 1979-1980 Publications



    This document was prepared to assist readers in understanding the organization of Pacific Northwest Laboratory, and the organization and functions of the Environment, Health and Safety Research Program Office. Telephone numbers of the principal management staff are provided. Also included is a list of 1979 and 1980 publications reporting on work performed in the Environment, Health and Safety Research Program, as well as a list of papers submitted for publication.

  17. Physics and medicine: the Bevatron/Bevalac experience, 1979-1980

    Heavy ion radiobiology has been integrated successfully into the research program at the Bevatron/Bevalac for the past several years. During the 1979 to 1980 year radiotherapy trials have been conducted side-by-side with the demanding program of heavy ion nuclear science research at this national facility. Careful attention is given to the scheduling of research on the SuperHILAC and Bevatron/Bevalac so that the nuclear science and biomedical programs at the Bevatron/Bevalac and the program at the SuperHILAC are served to maximum effect. Efforts to maximize the researchers' time have resulted in hardware, software, and operating improvements that offer a total machine availability of about 90% and a user availability of about 80%. Fast beam switching and beam sharing permit virtually simultaneous use of the Bevatron/Bevalac by two or more users. Current beam delivery systems will be augmented in FY 1981 to provide two ion energies per Bevatron/Bevalac pulse

  18. Biological surveys in the Firth-Mancha Research Natural Area, Alaska, 1979-1980

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — At Mancha Creek, an area within the forest-tundra ecotone, five major habitat types were identified and studied intensively for aspects of vegetation composition,...

  19. Progress report on research program in elementary particle theory, 1979-1980

    A qualitative description is given of research in the following areas: particle physics in relativistic astrophysics and cosmology; phenomenology of weak and electromagnetic interactions; strong interaction physics and quark-parton physics; quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and fundamental problems; and groups, gauges, and grand unified theories. Reports on this work have already been published, or will be, when it is completed

  20. Production of sugarcane and tropical grasses as renewable energy source. Third annual report, 1979-1980


    Research continued on tropical grasses from Saccharum and related genera as sources of intensively-propagated fiber and fermentable solids. Candidate screening for short-rotation grasses was expanded to include six sorghum x Sudan grass hybrids developed by the Dekalb Company. Sugacane and napier grass yield trends in year 3 include: (1) Increased yields with delay of harvest frequency; (2) lack of response to close spacing; (3) a superiority of napier grass over sugarcane when harvested at intervals of six months or less; and (4) a general superiority of the sugarcane variety NCo 310 over varieties PR 980 and PR 64-1791. Delayed tasseling of a wild, early-flowering S. spontaneum hybrid enabled three crosses to be made in December using commercial hybrids as female parents. Approximately 1000 seedlings were produced. The first field-scale minimum tillage experiment was completed. Sordan 77 produced 2.23 OD tons/acre/10 weeks, with winter growing conditions and a total moisture input of 4.75 inches. Mechanization trials included successful planting of napier grass with a sugarcane planter, and the mowing, solar-drying, and round--baling of napier grass aged three to six months. Production-cost and energy-balance studies were initiated during year 3 using first-ratoon data for intensively propagated sugarcane. Preliminary cost estimates for energy cane (sugarcane managed for total biomass rather than sucrose) were in the order of $25.46/OD ton, or about $1.70/mm Btus.

  1. Levels of strontium 90 in the environment at PINSTECH (Period 1979-1980)

    Strontium 90, a most toxic among the beta emitting radionuclides, is found in the environment originating mostly from the global fallout from nuclear tests. Radioactive concentration of this radionuclide was measured in air-borne particulates, precipitation, surface water, seasonal vegetables and other items of diet. The report describes a radiochemical procedure for the separation of Y 90 by solvent extraction leading to the determination of Sr 90 content in the environmental and biological samples. The report also presents data on the concentration of Sr 90 in the biomedia at PINSTECH during 1979-80. The values of these concentrations are fairly comparable to those published in the current literature. (author)

  2. Utslipp av avløpsvann Lista Aluminiumverk. Kontrollundersøkelser 1979 - 1980

    Knutzen, J.


    Mulige effekter av utslipp fra Lista Aluminiumverk er belyst ved observasjoner av avløpsvann, resipientvann, strandsonens flora og fauna, samt registrering av polysykliske aromatiske hydrokarboner (PAH) og fluor i tang og albuskjell. På de utslippsnære stasjonene er det registrert tydelige negative effekter på fjærebeltesamfunnet. I avstander over 500 m fra utslippet er det bare usikre indikasjoner på redusert forekomst av enkelte arter. Det sterkt varierende innhold av fluor i tang har ikke ...

  3. Biological Surveys in the Firth-Mancha Research Natural Area, Alaska, 1979-1980

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — At Mancha Creek, an area within the foresttundra ecotone, five major habitat types were identified and studied intensively for aspects of vegetation composition,...

  4. Uranium Provinces in China


    Three uranium provinces are recognized in China, the Southeast China uranium province, the Northeast China-lnner Mongolia uranium province and the Northwest China (Xinjiang) uranium province. The latter two promise good potential for uranium resources and are major exploration target areas in recent years. There are two major types of uranium deposits: the Phanerozoic hydrothermal type (vein type) and the Meso-Cenozoic sandstone type in different proportions in the three uranium provinces. The most important reason or prerequisite for the formation of these uranium provinces is that Precambrian uranium-enriched old basement or its broken parts (median massifs) exists or once existed in these regions, and underwent strong tectonomagmatic activation during Phanerozoic time. Uranium was mobilized from the old basement and migrated upwards to the upper structural level together with the acidic magma originating from anatexis and the primary fluids, which were then mixed with meteoric water and resulted in the formation of Phanerozoic hydrothermal uranium deposits under extensional tectonic environments. Erosion of uraniferous rocks and pre-existing uranium deposits during the Meso-Cenozoic brought about the removal of uranium into young sedimentary basins. When those basins were uplifted and slightly deformed by later tectonic activity, roll-type uranium deposits were formed as a result of redox in permeable sandstone strata.

  5. Refractory Minerals in Henan Province

    JIN Qinguo; LI Jing; LIU Jiehua; LIU Yanjun


    Henan province is very rich in refractory minerals of many varieties including silica, dolomite, graphite,pearlite, sepiolite, olivine, and sillimanite group minerals, besides the abundant reserves of fireclay and bauxite,which lay a good foundation for the development of the refractories industry of the province. The paper introduces the reserves, distribution and character of the refractory minerals in Henan province.

  6. Archangelsk Province Administration

    The radioactive waste accumulating in the north of the Russian Federation is generated by naval activity, nuclear ice-breakers of the Murmansk Shipping Company, and shipbuilding and ship repairing companies. This report analyses the situation in the town of Severodvinsk in Archangelsk Province and the proposed plans to prevent radioactive pollution of the territory

  7. Analysis of the structural parameters that influence gas production from the Devonian shale. Annual progress report, 1979-1980. Volume II. Data repository and reports published during fiscal year 1979-1980: regional structure, surface structure, surface fractures, hydrology

    Negus-De Wys, J.; Dixon, J. M.; Evans, M. A.; Lee, K. D.; Ruotsala, J. E.; Wilson, T. H.; Williams, R. T.


    This volume comprises appendices giving regional structure data, surface structure data, surface fracture data, and hydrology data. The fracture data covers oriented Devonian shale cores from West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. The subsurface structure of the Eastern Kentucky gas field is also covered. (DLC)

  8. Analysis of the structural parameters that influence gas production from the Devonian shale. Annual progress report, 1979-1980. Volume III. Data repository and reports published during fiscal year 1979-1980: production, unsponsored research

    Negus-De Wys, J.; Dixon, J. M.; Evans, M. A.; Lee, K. D.; Ruotsala, J. E.; Wilson, T. H.; Williams, R. T.


    This document consists of the following papers: inorganic geochemistry studies of the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field; lithology studies of upper Devonian well cuttings in the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field; possible effects of plate tectonics on the Appalachian Devonian black shale production in eastern Kentucky; preliminary depositional model for upper Devonian Huron age organic black shale in the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field; the anatomy of a large Devonian black shale gas field; the Cottageville (Mount Alto) Gas Field, Jackson County, West Virginia: a case study of Devonian shale gas production; the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field: a geological study of the relationships of Ohio Shale gas occurrences to structure, stratigraphy, lithology, and inorganic geochemical parameters; and a statistical analysis of geochemical data for the Eastern Kentucky Gas Field.

  9. Investigation of free-forced convection flows in cavity-type receivers. Final yearly report, 1979-1980

    Humphrey, J.A.C.


    A summary is provided of the first of three years of experimental and theoretical research on free-forced convection flows in cavity-type solar receivers. New experimental and theoretical results are presented and discussed. The implication of these findings, with respect to the future thrust of the research program, is clarified as well as is possible at the present time. Following various related conclusions a summary and tentative schedule of work projected for year two of research are presented.

  10. Combined macroscopic and microscopic approach to the fracture of metals. Technical annual progress report, 1979-1980

    The following results are reported: (1) extremely good theoretical-experimental correlation was found between our theoretical predictions based on asymptotic analysis with numerical finite element studies and the experimentally monitored crack growth for a large range of stable crack growth in 4140 steel; (2) a theoretical model was developed for the critical conditions of crack initiation at rigid particles as a precursor of ductile rupture in steels; (3) as part of environmentally sensitive fracture mechanisms, it was found that hydrogen can promote a ductile-to-brittle fracture transition with increasing charging current density in low carbon steel; and (4) a new variational principle has been established for the combined processes of plastic creep flow and grain boundary diffusion and has been constructively applied to the problem of cavity growth under creep conditions

  11. Progress report on research program in elementary particle theory, 1979-1980. [Univ. of Texas at Austin

    Sudarshan, E.C.G.; Ne' eman, Y.


    A qualitative description is given of research in the following areas: particle physics in relativistic astrophysics and cosmology; phenomenology of weak and electromagnetic interactions; strong interaction physics and quark-parton physics; quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and fundamental problems; and groups, gauges, and grand unified theories. Reports on this work have already been published, or will be, when it is completed. (RWR)

  12. Medicinal plants of Kermanshah province

    Mostafa Nemati Paykani; Nastaran Jalilian


    In order to collect and determine medicinal plants of Kermanshah province, at first a list of medicinal plants and their localities was prepared based on the floristic list of the Kermanshah province mentioned as medicinal plants in the related references. Then, stands of the mentioned medicinal plants were referred according to the topographic maps and the extracted localities and after collecting medicinal plant specimens, herbarium specimens were prepared based on the traditional taxonomic...

  13. Entrepreneur achievement. Liaoning province.

    Zhao, R


    This paper reports the successful entrepreneurial endeavors of members of a 20-person women's group in Liaoning Province, China. Jing Yuhong, a member of the Family Planning Association at Shileizi Village, Dalian City, provided the basis for their achievements by first building an entertainment/study room in her home to encourage married women to learn family planning. Once stocked with books, magazines, pamphlets, and other materials on family planning and agricultural technology, dozens of married women in the neighborhood flocked voluntarily to the room. Yuhong also set out to give these women a way to earn their own income as a means of helping then gain greater equality with their husbands and exert greater control over their personal reproductive and social lives. She gave a section of her farming land to the women's group, loaned approximately US$5200 to group members to help them generate income from small business initiatives, built a livestock shed in her garden for the group to raise marmots, and erected an awning behind her house under which mushrooms could be grown. The investment yielded $12,000 in the first year, allowing each woman to keep more than $520 in dividends. Members then soon began going to fairs in the capital and other places to learn about the outside world, and have successfully ventured out on their own to generate individual incomes. Ten out of twenty women engaged in these income-generating activities asked for and got the one-child certificate. PMID:12287775

  14. Strategy of converting Jiangsu Province A Foreign-trade Large Province into A Foreign-trade Strong Province


    @@ Jiangsu Province, after executing economic internationalization strategy and establishing the strategic goal of foreign-trade strong province,meaning to pursue a dominating position in the foreign trade relations, has become one of the foreign-trade large provinces of China and provided considerable international competitive power in some important fields.

  15. Strategy of converting Jiangsu Province A Foreign-trade Large Province into A Foreign-trade Strong Province


      Jiangsu Province, after executing economic internationalization strategy and establishing the strategic goal of foreign-trade strong province,meaning to pursue a dominating position in the foreign trade relations, has become one of the foreign-trade large provinces of China and provided considerable international competitive power in some important fields.……

  16. Fjve Ways to Revive Liaoning Province


    Construction of development zones along the Liaoning Province coastline could be the next big attraction for multinational investors Though the infrastructure is still under construction, Li Wancai, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, is highly confident about the future of

  17. Marketing and Aquaculture Sector in Antalya Province

    Gümüş*(2), Erkan; YILMAZ, Serpil


    In Turkey, the aquaculture sector that is rapid progress has also become an important sector for Antalya province as in other provinces in recent years. Antalya Province have an important potential both marine and inland water for aquaculture. However, it is not possible to talk about this potential can be used effectively because of an important tourist resort of Antalya Province. Nevertheless, a total of 5482 tons / year capacity has been operating 86 license...

  18. Research on Population Prediction of Guizhou Province

    Shuang; YU; Guang; LI


    In accordance with population development of Guizhou Province in 1977-2007,this paper adopts natural growth method,model prediction method and gray system GM (1,1) model prediction method to predict population of Guizhou Province in 2020. On the basis of overall consideration of many factors of population development and future development trend of Guizhou Province,it analyzes advantages and disadvantages of three prediction methods,and obtains the prediction value of total population of Guizhou Province in 2020.

  19. Neotectonics in the maritime provinces

    Seismic risk assessment in the Maritime Provinces requires input from not just historical, but also geological sources. A detailed search through published and unpublished geological literature reveals many examples - some probable, some possible -of neotectonic movement in the area. Examples range in tectonic significance from those that reflect exaggerated local imbalance to those that signify deep-seated stress. Evidence for neotectonism in the Maritimes is multidisciplined. It includes deformation in bedrock and quaternary deposits, and regional warping. Recent movement also is indicated by changes in relative sea level, in situ stress fields and geodetic fluctuations. Finally, and most unequivocally, neotectonism in the Maritime Provinces is manifested as the seismic events that have sporadically affected the area throughout its recent geological history, and continue up to the present day. 288 refs

  20. Transamazonic foundation from Borborema Province

    Geochronological data obtained in plutonic rocks of the Sao Vicente/Caico Groups present U/Pb values around 2.15 Ga. These rocks may have involved from an initial mantle or lower crust melting and fractionation process by 2.62-2.65 Ga., that is evidenced from Sm/Nd model ages. Relation betwen TTG-sequence and tectonic setting of the area and other localities in NE-Brazil suggest that the Transamazonic orogeny was the main crust-forming episode of the Borborema Province. (author)

  1. Customary Homicides in Diyarbakir Province.

    Yilmaz, Eyyup; Canturk, Nergis; Erkol, Zerrin; Kumral, Bahadir; Okumus, Ali M


    This study presents an analysis of the causes of so-called honor killings in the context of "customary homicide" and a discussion of preventive measures. Finalized case files of customary homicide between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2012 were retrospectively examined in Diyarbakir Province, Turkey. Of a total of 28 case victims, 17 (60.7%) were females and 11 (39.3%) were males. All perpetrators were male. There was a significant difference between male and female victims in terms of economic independence (p=0.000). A direct blood relationship or relationship by marriage (such as brother-in-law) was found to have a significant association with the gender of the victim (pwomen by society, replacement of patriarchal models with more modern attitudes, and encouragement of individuality may represent effective strategies that may help reduce the number of customary homicide, which represents a multifaceted problem. PMID:25921219

  2. Potential uranium provinces in some arabian countries

    This work represents an attempt to delineate potential uranium provinces in some Arabian countries using various related recognition criteria. Definition of these provinces is based on the available geologic and tectonic setting beside geochronological sequence and some geochemical characteristics. This trial would be of a great help for interchanging the ideas and necessary data for the development in the fields of uranium exploration and production. As a result of this study, a number of promising potential uranium provinces are recommended in some arabian countries. 5 figs

  3. Geologic Provinces of the Arctic, 2000 (prvarcst)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe Arctic portion of the U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of the World in 2000.

  4. Study on Banana Cooperatives in Hainan Province

    Huang, Huide; ZHANG, Wanzhen; Liu, Enping; Zhang, Xizhu


    This paper gives an overview of the distribution, member scale, production and operation of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province, and points out the market risk and natural risk faced by the production of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province. In order to promote the banana cooperatives to form new agricultural management system integrating organization and intensification, this paper puts forth the production and operation recommendations, such as joint production of banana cooperatives, ...

  5. The behaviour of consumer prices across provinces

    Wilkinson, Gordon


    Measures of core inflation enable a central bank to distinguish price movements that are transitory and generated by non-monetary events from those that are more permanent and related to prior monetary policy decisions. The author uses standard statistical measures to assess the behaviour of consumer prices across provinces and identify price components with more divergent price patterns. The results indicate that energy, shelter and tobacco prices are the most volatile across provinces. Very...

  6. Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Jiangsu Province, China

    LIAN Bin; DONG Yuan-Rong; HOU Wei-Guo; TONG Li-Hua; YUAN Sheng


    A survey was conducted for about 3 years to study the abundance and diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) in Jiangsu Province, China. The identification of the fungal species was based on the microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of their fruiting bodies. About 126 species of EMF were found in Jiangsu Province. These fungi were largely categorized into three orders (of 121 species), four families (of 96 species), and six genera (of about 86 species).

  7. Intestinal acariasis in Anhui Province

    Chao-Pin Li; Jian Wang


    The mites found in stored food and house comprise a large group of subclass Acari, belonging to the suborder Acardida of the order Acarifornes. They can be found in dust and vacuum samples from floors, furniture, mattresses, Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, and bedding. These mites are nidicolous and feed on organic debris, including sloughed human skin, fungi, spilled food, pollen, etc. These mites are particularly prevalent in Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, beds, though carpeted floors near beds or couches may also have large numbers. The most common species are Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae , Dermatophagoides farinae , D . pteronyssinus, Glycyphagus domesticus, G. Ornatus, Carpoglyphus lactis and Tarsonemus granarius, etc. The viability of mites in storage is quite strong and they can invade and parasitize the intestines of humans[1 -15]. They can cause pulmonary acariasis[16-25] , urinary acariasis[26-33] and so on. The dejecta of mites is a quite strong allergen and can cause different allergic diseases[34-44]. Intestinal acariasis can be caused by some mites related to the way of diet intake and invading against intestinal mucosa, intestinal muscle[45-5a]. The first report of intestinal acariasis caused by these mites was made by Hinman et al (1934)[45]. From then on, all kinds of studies on the disease have been reported gradually. In order to make an epidemiological survey of intestinal acariasis the investigation of the disease was taken in some areas of Anhui Province from 1989 to 1996.

  8. Odonata collected in Hainan and Guangdong Provinces, China in 2014

    Garrison, Rosser W.; Cordero-Rivera, Adolfo; Zhang, Haomiao


    A three week trip to Hainan and Guangdong provinces was conducted between 26 May and 11 June 2014, sampling odonates within the vicinity of Diaoluoshan National Nature Reserve, Shuimanxing Village (both Hainan Province) and Nankunshan Nature Reserve (Guangdong Province). Additionally, Cordero and Zhang collected at Shuimanxing Village between 13 and 23 June. A total of 103 species in 78 genera were found for Hainan Province and 51 species in 42 genera in Guangdong Province. Lists of all spec...

  9. Nature and Environment of the Hainan Province of China



    Hainan island enjoys a long history, but Hainan province is the youngest province of the People's Republic of China. The province has the smallest land area but the biggest ocean area of any province in China. As the largest island of Hainan province, Hainan island, like a pearl, is mounted in the vast blue water of South China Sea. With tropical resort resources, Hainan island has radiant sunshine, soft sandy beaches, blowing sea breeze, the relaxing and healthy spa, wonderful folkways of mi...

  10. Tectonic provinces of the Atlantic Ocean

    Pushcharovsky, Yu. M.


    The tectonic structure of the floor of the Atlantic Ocean beyond the continental margins is insufficiently studied. This is also true of its tectonic demarcation. The segmentation of the floor into regional-scale tectonic provinces of several orders proposed in this paper is primarily based on structural and historical geological features. It is shown that deep oceanic basins and fault tectonics are of particular importance in this respect. Tectonic provinces of two orders are distinguished by a set of attributes. The first-order provinces are the North, Central, South, and Antarctic domains of the Atlantic Ocean. They are separated by wide demarcation fracture zones into Transatlantic (transverse) second-order tectonic provinces. Ten such provinces are recognized (from the north southward): Greenland-Lofoten, Greenland-Scandinavia, Greenland-Ireland, Newfoundland-European, North American-African, Antilles-African, Angola-Brazil, Cape-Argentine, North Antarctic, and South Antarctic. This subdivision demonstrates significant differentiation in the geodynamic state of the oceanic lithosphere that determines nonuniform ocean formation and the tectonic features of the ocean floor. The latitudinal orientation of the second-order provinces inherits the past tectonic pattern, though newly formed structural units cannot be ruled out. The Earth rotation exerts a crucial effect on the crust and the mantle.

  11. An ethnobotanical survey on hormozgan province, Iran

    Omid Safa


    Full Text Available Objective: The present study is based on an ethnobotanical research project conducted in Hormozgan province that is located in south of Iran, bordering waters of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. This survey was carried out in order to recover the ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal knowledge of the residents of this province. They are using medicinal and functional plants for treating or preventing several diseases. Materials and Methods: Ethnobotanical data sheets were run with the native inhabitants and people of the province by arranging frequent field trips to different parts of the province and direct interviews with them especially those who were more familiar with the plants and their usage.Results: A total of 150 plant species belonging to 53 families were recorded for their ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal uses among the people of province. The records were developed by scientific names, family names, local names, medicinal parts used, different ways of their application, and traditional uses of the plants. There was high compliance in the use of plants in painful disorders, gastrointestinal, and dermatological diseases.Conclusion: This study revealed that the people of Hormozgan province have a rich knowledge of natural resources. The use and consumption of medicinal plants are still important parts of their life. Rational use of native medicinal plants may benefit and improve their living standards and quality of life. The results of this study can be used as a basis for selecting herbs for further pharmacological, phytochemical, and pharmacognostical studies.

  12. Resource assessment of low- and moderate-temperature geothermal waters in Calistoga, Napa County, California. Report of the second year, 1979-1980

    Youngs, L.G.; Bacon, C.F.; Chapman, R.H.; Chase, G.W.; Higgins, C.T.; Majmundar, H.H.; Taylor, G.C.


    Phase I studies included updating and completing the USGS GEOTHERM file for California and compiling all data needed for a California Geothermal Resources Map. Phase II studies included a program to assess the geothermal resource at Calistoga, Napa County, California. The Calistoga effort was comprised of a series of studies involving different disciplines, including geologic, hydrologic, geochemical and geophysical studies.

  13. Pervalence of intestinal parasites in Ordu province

    Ülkü Karaman


    Full Text Available Objective: The epidemiology of intestinal parasites vary according to country’s geographic location, sociocultural structure and diet. An epidemiological study of intestinal parasites has not been observed in Ordu Province and around. The aim of this study was determining the intestinal parasites data of Ordu Provincial Health Directorate retrosrectively. Methods: Between January 2006 and December 2013 the data of the provinceal Health Directorate of Ordu were retrospectively evaluated. Results: 7194 positivity has been reported in the study. Quantitative distribution of the parasites were as follows; 3415 Enterobius vermicularis, 2802 Ascaris lumbricoides, 1182 Entamoeba histolytica, 705 Giardia intestinalis, 682 Taenia spp, 245 Hookworm infection, 22 Trichuris trichiura, 17 Fasciola hepatica and 12 Strongiloides stercoralis. Conclusion: As a result intestinal parasites in Ordu Province is a major public health problem.

  14. Uranium provinces and the exploration industry

    There is little doubt that exploration by mining companies in established districts or 'provinces' has led to the discovery of substantial additional ore reserves. However, the competition for, and expenses of, land acquisitions in these known districts often prompts companies to search further afield. In some cases, new discoveries can merely be regarded as extensions of known provinces while others are located in completely new areas. Whether the explorers utilized concepts of metallogenic provinces in the course of such discoveries is questionable; rather, they would have sought the particular combinations of geological circumstances required by the model. Once a new deposit is found, however, the concept of a province, whether correct in that situation or not, is usually responsible for stimulating further activity. Recent examples of such behaviour are the Arizona Strip and NE Nebraska (USA) in provincial extensions and Roxby Downs, Lone Gull (NW Territories, Australia) and Lagoa Real (Brazil) in new areas. More routine and scientific application of metallogenic province theory by the uranium exploration industry would require evidence that not only the bulk of the world's uranium reserves but also the majority of the individual world-class deposits fall into geologically definable provinces. Such evidence should include the demonstration that particular areas of the Earth's crust had been enriched in uranium (with or without related elements) and that this enrichment had persisted through periods of crustal reworking and been responsible for concentrations of the metal ore deposits. The evidence described in the volume is critically reviewed in this context. (author). Refs, 4 figs

  15. Study on Banana Cooperatives in Hainan Province

    Huide; HUANG; Wanzhen; ZHANG; Enping; LIU; Xizhu; ZHANG


    This paper gives an overview of the distribution,member scale,production and operation of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province,and points out the market risk and natural risk faced by the production of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province. In order to promote the banana cooperatives to form new agricultural management system integrating organization and intensification,this paper puts forth the production and operation recommendations,such as joint production of banana cooperatives,timely planting of banana,brand management,and improvement of production and operation technical level.

  16. Geologic Provinces of the Caribbean Region, 2004 (prv6bg)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset includes a modified subset of polygon features that describe U.S. Geological Survey's defined geologic provinces of the World. Each province has a set...

  17. Sedimentary rocks Uranium in Cerro Largo Province

    With the aim of the uranium minerals exploration has been carried out several studies by UTE technicians in Cerro Largo Province from 1968 to 1969. In uranium concentration has been found pyrite, phosphate, iron oxides and manganese in uranium. Furthermore in La Divisa Ore were studied concentration Uranium enrichment has been studied in La Divisa ore

  18. Payenia volcanic province, southern Mendoza, Argentina

    Søager, Nina; Holm, Paul Martin; Llambias, Eduardo Jorge


    of the slab and the end of the shallow subduction period. The downwarping slab may have generated an enhanced mantle upwelling of both the intraplate and the MORB-like mantle sources. In samples from almost all parts of the Payenia province and in particular many Nevado, Llancanelo and older Payún...

  19. Nontyphoidal Salmonella Infection, Guangdong Province, China, 20121

    Huang, Xi; Huang, Qiong; Dun, Zhongjun; Huang, Wei; Wu, Shuyu; Liang, Junhua; Deng, Xiaoling


    We used active and passive surveillance to estimate nontyphoidal Salmonella (NTS) infection during 2012 in Guangdong Province, China. Under passive surveillance, for every reported NTS infection, an estimated 414.8 cases occurred annually. Under active surveillance, an estimated 35.8 cases occurred. Active surveillance provides remarkable advantages in incidence estimate. PMID:26982074

  20. Investigation on Atmospheric Corrosiveness in Hainan Province


    According to the results of four-year exposure tests for carbon steel samples in Hainan province, the influences of meteorological factors and Cl- on atmospheric corrosion were investigated. The feature of atmospheric corrosion in this area was summarized. A corrosive map for the area was drawn. The corrosion products on carbon steel at some typical places were analyzed by XRD and XPS.

  1. Human rabies in Zhejiang Province, China

    Jiangping Ren


    Conclusions: The majority of rabies cases occurred among 40–65-year-old male residents of northern, mid-west, and southeast Zhejiang Province. Further health education is needed to increase the coverage of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP in people exposed to possible rabid animals and rabies vaccine use in household animals.

  2. Cogeneration opportunities in the maritime provinces

    With the arrival of natural gas in New Brunswick in November 1999, the province will be faced with new power generation development opportunities in four different categories of power projects. These include industrial self generation (including cogeneration), merchant power plants, power projects to replace aging facilities, and power projects to help meet future environmental needs. New Brunswick's competitive advantage in harnessing the power generation development opportunities lies in the fact that it is close to major electricity markets in Quebec and New England. It also has many available generation sites. The province's many pulp and paper plants with large process steam needs are also ideal candidates for cogeneration. Some of the major competitive advantages of natural gas over coal are its lower operation and maintenance costs, it is thermally more efficient, produces lower emissions to the environment and prices are competitive. One of the suggestions in New Brunswick Power's new restructuring proposal is to unbundle electricity service in the province into generation and transmission and distribution services. Three gas-fired projects have already been proposed for the province. The 284 MW Bayside Power Project at the Courtenay Bay Generating Station is the most advanced

  3. Livestock rabies outbreaks in Shanxi province, China.

    Feng, Ye; Shi, Yanyan; Yu, Mingyang; Xu, Weidi; Gong, Wenjie; Tu, Zhongzhong; Ding, Laixi; He, Biao; Guo, Huancheng; Tu, Changchun


    Dogs play an important role in rabies transmission throughout the world. In addition to the severe human rabies situation in China, spillover of rabies virus from dogs in recent years has caused rabies outbreaks in sheep, cattle and pigs, showing that there is an increasing threat to other domestic animals. Two livestock rabies outbreaks were caused by dogs in Shanxi province, China from April to October in 2015, resulting in the deaths of 60 sheep, 10 cattle and one donkey. Brain samples from one infected bovine and the donkey were determined to be rabies virus (RABV) positive by fluorescent antibody test (FAT) and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The complete RABV N genes of the two field strains, together with those of two previously confirmed Shanxi dog strains, were amplified, sequenced and compared phylogenetically with published sequences of the N gene of RABV strains from Shanxi and surrounding provinces. All of the strains from Shanxi province grouped closely, sharing 99.6 %-100 % sequence identity, indicating the wide distribution and transmission of dog-mediated rabies in these areas. This is the first description of donkey rabies symptoms with phylogenetic analysis of RABVs in Shanxi province and surrounding regions. The result emphasizes the need for mandatory dog rabies vaccination and improved public education to eradicate dog rabies transmission. PMID:27422397

  4. Large igneous provinces (LIPs) and carbonatites

    Ernst, Richard E.; Bell, Keith


    There is increasing evidence that many carbonatites are linked both spatially and temporally with large igneous provinces (LIPs), i.e. high volume, short duration, intraplate-type, magmatic events consisting mainly of flood basalts and their plumbing systems (of dykes, sills and layered intrusions). Examples of LIP-carbonatite associations include: i. the 66 Ma Deccan flood basalt province associated with the Amba Dongar, Sarnu-Dandali (Barmer), and Mundwara carbonatites and associated alkali rocks, ii. the 130 Ma Paraná-Etendeka (e.g. Jacupiranga, Messum); iii. the 250 Ma Siberian LIP that includes a major alkaline province, Maimecha-Kotui with numerous carbonatites, iv. the ca. 370 Ma Kola Alkaline Province coeval with basaltic magmatism widespread in parts of the East European craton, and v. the 615-555 Ma CIMP (Central Iapetus Magmatic Province) of eastern Laurentia and western Baltica. In the Superior craton, Canada, a number of carbonatites are associated with the 1114-1085 Ma Keweenawan LIP and some are coeval with the pan-Superior 1880 Ma mafic-ultramafic magmatism. In addition, the Phalaborwa and Shiel carbonatites are associated with the 2055 Ma Bushveld event of the Kaapvaal craton. The frequency of this LIP-carbonatite association suggests that LIPs and carbonatites might be considered as different evolutionary ‘pathways’ in a single magmatic process/system. The isotopic mantle components FOZO, HIMU, EM1 but not DMM, along with primitive noble gas signatures in some carbonatites, suggest a sub-lithospheric mantle source for carbonatites, consistent with a plume/asthenospheric upwelling origin proposed for many LIPs.

  5. The Agricultural Export Competitiveness and Independent Innovation in Liaoning Province

    Guimin; WANG; Haixian; XIA


    Through the vertical and horizontal analysis of agricultural export data in Liaoning Province during the period 2006-2010,we can find that Liaoning Province has already a major exporter of agricultural products,but there is no significant increase in many indicators with great fluctuation or declining trend. Meanwhile,compared with other provinces,the competitive advantages of agricultural export in Liaoning Province are not obvious,lacking competitive potential. Analysis shows that it is a strenuous task for Liaoning Province to transform from a major exporter of agricultural products to strong export province; during the course,relying on independent innovation is the fundamental guarantee. Liaoning Province should rely on independent innovation,to create new agricultural varieties,lead the international standards of agricultural products,form the brand agriculture,and improve the agricultural industry chain.

  6. A Glance at Bohai Bay Oil Province

    Gao Shoubai


    @@ Chinese oil industry keeps on developing in 1994. The oil production of Bohai Bay Oil Province located in East China also keeps on growing. Geologically,the total area of Bohai Bay Basin is about 200 000 km2 and the main structural units are: Liaohe Depression, Huanghua Depression,Jizhong Depression, Linqing Depression, Jiyang Depression, Changwei Depression, Bozhong Depression,Chengning Uplift and Cangjing Uplift (see figure 1). Area of the main structural units is listed in following:

  7. Nitrate Concentration in Groundwater in Isfahan Province

    S.F Mousavi; M. Afyuni; A. Jafari Malekabadi; Khosravi, A.


    In recent decades, the use of nitrogen fertilizers has increased irrespective of their effects on soil properties, agricultural products and, particularly, on environmental pollution. Nitrate easily leaches from soils into groundwater. The objective of this study was to determine temporal and spatial nitrate concentrations in groundwater in agricultural, industrial and urban regions in some parts of Isfahan Province. Water samples were collected monthly from 75 agricultural, industrial, and u...

  8. Wind energy in the province Friesland, Netherlands

    In spite of the fact that wind energy is competitive, both technically as economically, it appears to be more and more difficult to install new wind turbine capacity in the Dutch province Friesland. The most important constraints are the limited capacity of the grid, licensing, noise pollution, and landscaping. It is expected that those constraints and objections from people living in the neighbourhood of wind turbines will get bigger

  9. An ethnobotanical survey on hormozgan province, Iran

    Omid Safa


    Conclusion: This study revealed that the people of Hormozgan province have a rich knowledge of natural resources. The use and consumption of medicinal plants are still important parts of their life.Rational use of native medicinal plants may benefit and improve their living standards and quality of life. The results of this study can be used as a basis for selecting herbs for further pharmacological, phytochemical, and pharmacognostical studies.

  10. Myxomycetes from Trabzon and Giresun Provinces (Turkey)

    Ocak, İjlal; İsmet HASENEKOĞLU


    This study serves as a checklist of the myxomycetes of Trabzon and Giresun provinces, Turkey. Sixty-one myxomycete were identified, 20 of which were collected in the field and 41 grown in moist chamber culture. In addition, we report all taxa new for Giresun and Trabzon, including the following 15 taxa new to Turkey: Licea biforis Morgan, Cribraria intricata Schrad., C. macrocarpa Schrad., Lycogala exiguum Morgan, Arcyria globosa Schw., A. nigella Emoto, A. magna Rex, Trichia erecta Rex, Dian...

  11. Ornithological observations on Karadag, Konya province, Turkey

    KIRWAN, Guy M.


    Few ornithological observations are available from the isolated massifs of the Central Plateau; and for Karadag, Konya province there exists only the records of Ramsay (1914) in the summer of 1907. Observations from a visit in June 1996 are pre-sented and compared with those of Ramsay and data from other sources, principally Roselaar (1995). The total number of bird species recorded on the mountain is 53, of which 18 have been proven to breed; it seems probable that the globally threatened...

  12. Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process in Negros Province

    del Prado, Fatima; Rosellon, Maureen Ane D.; Florendo, Gabriel Antonio


    This paper is a narrative account and assessment of the grassroots participatory budgeting (GPB) process in three municipalities of the Negros Province, namely, Sagay City, Hinigaran, and Cauayan. The GPB process was implemented with the objective of empowering civil society organizations (CSOs) to engage with local government and national government agencies in local development planning. This study is a rapid assessment of the GPB process and involved interviews and focus group discussions ...

  13. Simulated water productivity in Gansu Province, China

    Zhan, Jinyan; Sun, Zhongxiao; Wang, Zhan; Chen, Jiancheng; Li, Zhaohua

    Economic value of water and economic analysis of water use management in Gansu Province of China have attracted widespread public attention. With the socioeconomic development, research on water resources has become more important than before. In this study, we define "water productivity" as the changes of economic production outputs of sectoral activities in every cubic meter of water input, which is also the technical coefficient of water resource use in each sector. According to Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) framework, based on the Input-Output Table 2007 and water resources bulletin of Gansu Province, we introduced the water into the ORANI-G (A Generic Single-Country Computable General Equilibrium model) model through the nested constant elasticity of substitution (CES) production function to analyze the changes of economic productions caused by water supply changes. We then examined water productivity in different sectors. Empirical results showed that current water productivity is underestimated. Agricultural water productivity is lower than that of the secondary and tertiary industries, even although agricultural water use is the largest part of water use in Gansu Province, and therefore improving agricultural water productivity can greatly mitigate the water shortage. Simulation results indicate that industrial transformation and development of water-saving industries will also mitigate water scarcity. Moreover, sensitivity analysis shows that the empirical results are robust under different scenarios. The results also show that higher constant elasticity of substitution rate (CES) between water and other production factors will contribute to sustainable development.

  14. Korean speech sound development in children from bilingual Japanese-Korean environments

    Kim, Jeoung Suk; Lee, Jun Ho; Choi, Yoon Mi; Kim, Hyun Gi; Kim, Sung Hwan; Lee, Min Kyung; Kim, Sun Jun


    Purpose This study investigates Korean speech sound development, including articulatory error patterns, among the Japanese-Korean children whose mothers are Japanese immigrants to Korea. Methods The subjects were 28 Japanese-Korean children with normal development born to Japanese women immigrants who lived in Jeonbuk province, Korea. They were assessed through Computerized Speech Lab 4500. The control group consisted of 15 Korean children who lived in the same area. Results The values of the...

  15. Study on Sustainable Development Capability of Shandong Province

    Ren Ziping; Luo Qishan; Wang Yanchun; Deng Hongbing; Zhao Jingzhu


    Based on the indicator system of Sustainable Development ( SD ), Shandong Province was selected as an example for assessment with AHP method and the standard year was 1978. The conclusion was that Shandong Province' s ability of SD was being strengthened step by step, and there were also some restrictive factors, and according to the basic conditions of Shandong Province, countermeasures and strategy of SD were put forward.

  16. Political Ideology and Economic Freedom across Canadian Provinces

    Bjørnskov, Christian; Potrafke, Niklas

    This paper examines how political ideology influenced economic freedom in the Canadian provinces. We analyze the dataset of economic freedom indicators compiled by the Fraser Institute in 10 Canadian provinces over the 1981-2005 period and introduce two different indices of political ideology...... leftist and rightwing governments concerning the role of government in the economy and (2) indicates that ideological polarization concerns governments but less parliamentary fractions in the Canadian provinces. ...

  17. Measuring the competitiveness of the provinces of Ecuador

    Alvarado, Rafael


    The aim in this paper is constructs an index of competitiveness for the provinces (PCI) in Ecuador. The CPI measures the structural and institutional conditions that cause the provinces competitiveness. This index can be used as an indicator larger than the rate of growth of GDP or per capita income to measure the productive capacity of the provinces and the standard of living of its inhabitants. Factors included are economic, human capital, geography, infrastructure, institutions and markets...

  18. Evaluation of the Rural Human Settlement in Shandong Province

    Xu Hong; Shen Meiyu; Chen Xiangxiang


    Taking Shandong Province as the research object, this paper uses the principal component analysis method to evaluate the status of the rural human settlement in Shandong Province. It establishes the evaluation index system of the rural residential environment in Shandong Province, including living environment, economy, infrastructure, public service facilities, and ecological environment, in total five comprehensive index, and 20 second~ ary indexes. Through measurement and sorting of rural human environment development level of Shandong Province in 2010, the 17 cities are divided into-excellent, good, ordinary, poor-four development areas and are analyzed based on the restriction factor in the development of the region.

  19. Prenatal Care Services in Aydin Province

    Erdal BESER


    Full Text Available Aim of the study was to evaluate the quality and quantity of prenatal care in Aydin province. It was a cross-sectional study. 195 women (pregnant/women at postpartum period living in the Aydin province participated in the study. Cluster and simple random sampling method was used in the selection of women from 10 health centers (one rural-one urban health station each. Data obtained by face to face interview technique. Turkey Demografic Health Survey criteria were used for evaluation of the quantity of prenatal care as “sufficient” or “insufficient” and quality of prenatal care was scored as “1-2”(bad, “3-4”(moderate and “5-6”(good. Chi-square, Mann Whitney-U and t tests were used for analysis. One fifth of each pregnant women who were in last trimester and 11.3% of women in postpartum period stated that they were not followed up by an health personnel during pregnancy. One third of pregnant women who were in last trimester and 58.5% of women in postpartum period said they weren’t visited by an health personnel in the first trimester. Besides, quality points of prenatal care were found low, both in pregnant women and women in post partum period. It was found that living in urban areas, high education level and presence of social security effected getting adequate prenatal care. The quality and quantity of prenatal care was found less than expected in Aydin province which is located in the western region of Turkey. It is necessary that, health personnel must be more sensitive to convey “adequate” prenatal care especially women who are living in rural areas, who have low educational level and who have no social security. [TAF Prev Med Bull. 2007; 6(2: 137-141

  20. Hydrogeologic Provinces for California based upon established groundwater basins and watershed polygons.

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Ten hydrogeologic provinces of California are represented by a region- class feature called "provinces" within this digital data set. These provinces were...

  1. Cancer survival in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand.

    Sriamporn, S; Black, R J; Sankaranarayanan, R; Kamsa-ad, S; Parkin, D M; Vatanasapt, V


    Thailand is one of the few developing countries for which population-based cancer survival data are available. Using clinical follow-up information and reply-paid postal enquiries, 10,333 residents of Khon Kaen province registered with cancer in the period 1985-1992 were followed-up to the end of 1993. The sites of the most common cancers in the province were liver (5-year relative survival rate 9.2%), cervix (60.1%), lung (15.4%), breast (48.1%) and large bowel (41.9%). Results for Khon Kaen were compared with age-standardized survival data for the US and Scotland. Survival was consistently higher for US whites compared to Khon Kaen residents for those cancers whose prognosis is associated with early diagnosis (breast, cervix and large bowel) or the availability of intensive therapy (leukaemia and lymphoma). The main implication of these results for cancer control in Thailand is that the interventions of greatest potential benefit are those designed to promote early detection. More than one-third of all cancers in Thailand are liver tumours: primary prevention through control of hepatitis-B infection and liver fluke infestation is the only effective strategy for their control. PMID:7729937

  2. Guide the Construction of Ecological Province of China with the Ecological Economics Theory



    A major issue in China's present ecological economic construction is to build the ecological province. In March of 1999,Hainan Province of China proposed setting up the first ecological province and was accredited by the Bureau of State Environment Protection as the pilot project. Up to now for only four years, Hainan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Zhejiang,Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, eight provinces in the wholecountry, having launched the establishment of the ecological province. Meanwhile, the provinces such as Shaanxi, Hebei,


    This statistical summmary of the ecological condition of the estuarine resources is based on the results of the 1993 Louisianian Province Demonstration Project. The population of estuarine resources with the Louisianian Province consists of all estuarine areas located along the c...

  4. Integrated Coastal Management in the Province Ca Mau - Vietnam

    Stoop, B.; Bouziotas, D.; Hanssen, J.L.J.; Dunnewolt, J.; Postma, M.G.


    The province of Ca Mau is the southernmost part of Vietnam and the Mekong Delta. The water system of Ca Mau faces multiple challenges, both in its coastal zone and in its inland regions. the coastal zone in the province. In view of this, this study presents an integrated approach for combined coasta

  5. Province of Ontario nuclear emergency plan. Pt. 1

    The Province of Ontario Nuclear Emergency Plan has been developed pursuant to Section 8 of the Emergency Plans Act, 1983. This plan replaces the Province of Ontario Nuclear Contingency Off-Site Plan (June 1980) which is no longer applicable. The wastes plan includes planning, preparation, emergency organization and operational responsibilities and policy

  6. Review on wheat mutation breeding in Shandong province

    The history, achievements and current status of wheat mutation breeding in Shandong province are briefly reviewed. The common used techniques and steps for mutation breeding of wheat are introduced. Suggestions and prospect of wheat mutation breeding in Shandong province are listed. (authors)

  7. Measuring Convergence using Dynamic Equilibrium Models: Evidence from Chinese Provinces

    Pan, Lei; Posch, Olaf; van der Wel, Michel

    determine equilibrium dynamics. The inference on the structural parameters is done using a maximum-likelihood approach. We estimate our model using growth and population data for China’s provinces from 1978 to 2010. We report heterogeneity in the speed of convergence both across provinces and time. The...

  8. Developmental Strategies of Betel Nut Industry in Hainan Province


    The developmental status of the betel nut industry is introduced, including cultivation situation, processing and development situation, and consumer market situation. The result shows that the cultivation of betel nut in Hainan Province develops rapidly and the primary processing of betel nut has formed certain scale, but the deep processing of betel nut is backward. Except for the mino amount of the betel nuts consumed by Hainan Island, a large majority of the betel nuts are processed into dry fruit to sell to Hunan Province to reprocess. The problems exist in the development of betel nut industry in Hainan Province are analyzed, covering blind cultivation, extensive management, backward processing, lagged new product development and the single and concentrated consumer market. The strategic choice of developing the betel nut industry of Hainan Province is analyzed as well. Hainan Province should carry out the green, sustainable, diversified, cooperative and export-oriented industrial developmental strategy.

  9. The Development Model of Agricultural Insurance in Anhui Province

    Pu; YOU


    The agricultural economy in Anhui Province is developing so fast,but farmers are severely affected by the frequent occurrence of natural disasters. The current agricultural insurance mode is not suitable,therefore,the research on agricultural insurance modes of Anhui Province helps to promote the steady development of the agricultural production. Starting from situation of agricultural insurance in Anhui Province,learning from both experience of foreign country and the latest successful domestic modes,we try to put forward agricultural insurance mode framework which is suitable for Anhui Province. Based on the actual situation of Anhui Province,it is necessary to adopt the mode of government leading combined with agricultural mutual aid rather than copy the existing mode.

  10. Characteristics and significance of ductile shear zone in Tianli, Jiangxi Province and Youxi, Zhejiang Province

    The result of experiment show that 40Ar/39Ar plateau age of muscovite which is from Tianli petrofabric in Guanfeng county, Jiangxi Province is 1019 +- 0.9 Ma, and 40Ar/39Ar plateau age of biotite which is from migmatite in Youxi petrofabric Jiangshan county, Zhejiang Province is 501.2 +- 2.2 Ma, and the heat event age is 127 Ma. The research shows that they are two larger scale ductile shear zones. The 40Ar/39Ar plateau ages represent respectively the forming time of Tianli ductile shear zone and Youxi ductile shear zone. According to the age data and regional geological investigation analysis, they belong separately to the part of two tectonic units of Yangtze and south China. It also shows that Jiang-Shao tectonic zone undergoes multiphase orogeny which are Jinning, Caledonian, Indosinian and Yanshanian epoch. It is of geological significance for re-understand again the crust evolution of south China

  11. Agricultural Investment Environment in Shaanxi Province


    The features of ageing,low educational level and female domination on the part of agricultural labor forces,determine that the sustainable development of agriculture can not rely entirely on farmers,who are engaged in dispersed planting and small-scale operation,therefore,improving agricultural investment environment,and taking positive measures to promote diversification of the main body of agricultural investment,is the key to the healthy development of agriculture.From four aspects(the industrial base of agriculture,arable land resource conditions,capital investment capacity,input of means of production),this article establishes evaluation indicator system of agricultural investment environment in Shaanxi Province,and based on this,make recommendations for improvement of agricultural investment environment in Shaanxi.

  12. Development of the Alligator Rivers Uranium Province

    The mining and milling of the uranium ore deposits in the Alligator Rivers Province will depend on open-cut and underground mining operations and well-established treatment techniques. The Ranger Project has Government development approval and major site construction commenced following the end of the 1978/79 wet season. Present indications are that normal commercial production of 2 540 t U/a should occur towards the end of 1981. The Ranger Joint Venturers have stated that when it is commercially practicable production will be increased to 5 080 t U/a. The Nabarlek Project also has development approval and production is to commence in the latter half of 1980 at approximately 920 t U/a. The Jabiluka and Koongarra Projects have not yet been given Government development approval

  13. Medicinal plants used in Kirklareli Province (Turkey).

    Kültür, Sükran


    In this paper, 126 traditional medicinal plants from Kirklareli Province in Turkey have been reported. One hundred and twenty six plant species belonging to 54 families and among them 100 species were wild and 26 species were cultivated plants. Most used families were Rosaceae, Labiatae, Compositae and the most used plants were Cotinus coggyria, Sambucus ebulus, Achillea millefolium subsp. pannonica, Hypericum perforatum, Matricaria chamomilla var. recutita, Melissa officinalis subsp. officinalis, Juglans regia, Thymus longicaulis subsp. longicaulis var. subisophyllus, Malva sylvestris, Urtica dioica, Plantago lanceolata, Rosa canina, Ecballium elaterium, Artemisia absinthium, Viscum album subsp. album, Papaver rhoeas, Helleborus orientalis, Cydonia oblonga, Prunus spinosa subsp. dasyphylla, Rubus discolor, Sorbus domestica. A total of 143 medicinal uses were obtained. The traditional medicinal plants have been mostly used for the treatment of wounds (25.3%), cold and influenza (24.6%), stomach (20%), cough (19%), kidney ailments (18.2%), diabetes (13.4%). PMID:17257791

  14. Geochemistry of volcanic series of Aragats province

    In this contribution we discuss geochemical and isotope characteristics of volcanism of the Aragats volcanic province and possible petrogenetical models of magma generation in collision zone of Armenian highland. We talk about combination of some specific features of collision related volcanism such as dry and high temperature conditions of magma generation, that demonstrate some similarities to intraplate-like petrogenesis and presence of mantle source enriched by earlier subductions, indicative to island-arc type magma generation models. Based on comprehensive analysis of isotope and geochemical data and some published models of magma generation beneath Aragats we lead to a petrogenetic model of origin of Aragats system to be a result of magma mixture between mantle originated mafic magma with felsic, adakite-type magmas

  15. Dengue virus serotype in Aceh Province



    Full Text Available WHO estimated 50 million dengue infections happen every year in the world. In Indonesia, there were 90,245 DHF cases on 2012 with 816 deaths. In the Province of Aceh, 2,269 cases happened in the same year. This study aimed to identify dengue virus serotype in Aceh. Sampling was done in Kota Banda Aceh Hospital, Kota Lhokseumawe Hospital, Kabupaten Aceh Tamiang Hospital, Kabupaten Aceh Barat Hospital, and Kabupaten Simeulue Hospital between May to December 2012. This was a clinical laboratory research with observation design using cross sectional approach. Research’s population was sample from patients with dengue clinical symptom. Using purposive sampling technique, we have collected 100 samples from the five hospitals (20 samples from each hospital. From RT-PCR, we found 16 positive samples (9 samples were DENV-4, 3 samples were DENV-1, 2 samples were DENV-2, and 2 samples were DENV-3.

  16. Contribution on the Tabanidae (Diptera Fauna of Antalya Province

    Ferhat Altunsoy


    Full Text Available In this study, carried out 35 species in Antalya province. Totally 35 species, belonging Tabanidae were determined. The species Silvius alpinus, Chrysops viduatus, Atylotus loewianus, Tabanus atropathenicus, T. bifarius, T. cordiger, T. darimonti, T. glaucopis, T. leleani, T. lunatus, T. maculicornis; T. miki, T. portschinski, T. prometheus, T. spodopteroides, T. tinctus, T. sudeticus, Hemotopota italica, H. ocelligera, H. pallens, and H. subcylindrica are the first records for this province. The total number of determined species in Antalya province reaches to 52 with the result of this study and the previous studies.

  17. Highlights from Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa


    Although the extraction of mineral wealth has been the major influence in the history of Johannesburg and the surrounding Witwatersrand regions (with about 45% of all gold ever mined coming from there), the discovery of now-famous hominid fossils at the Sterkfontein Caves, and the convening of the world's largest-ever conference on environment and development, are setting a new stage for the future. The United Nations began the second Development and Environment Conference in Johannesburg on August 26, 2002. This meeting addresses the implementation of international goals to fight poverty and protect the global environment that were established at the first such conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The Johannesburg summit involves about forty thousand participants, and perhaps 100 world leaders. One of several official opening ceremonies for the conference was held at the Sterkfontein Caves to recognize the outstanding universal value of the paleo-anthropological fossils found there.These views from the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) highlight a number of the land use, vegetation, and geological features found within Gauteng Province (including the urban center of Johannesburg and the capital city Pretoria) and parts of the North West and Free State Provinces. The image on the right displays vegetation in red hues and is a false-color view utilizing data from MISR's near-infrared, red and blue bands. Both the natural-color view (left) and the false-color version were acquired by MISR's nadir camera on June 16, 2002. The urban areas appear as gray-colored pixels in the natural-color view, and exhibit colors corresponding with the relative abundance of vegetation found in the urban parts of this arid region.The mountains trending east-west near the center of the images extend from Pretoria in the east to Rustenberg in the west. These ranges, the Magaliesberg and Witwatersberg, separate the low-lying, hotter bushveld to the north from the cooler

  18. Comparative Study on Property Income of Farmers in Shaanxi Province

    DONG Hong


    According to statistic data of Shaanxi Province during 1997 to 2010,I conducted a comparative analysis on farmers’ property income from region,urban and rural factors and structure,established regression model,and studied the relationship between farmers’ property income and gross income.Results show that the growth of average property income of farmers in Shaanxi Province is clearly slow,and the gap is widening from the average national level;except 2001 and 2002,the average property income of urban and rural residents of Shaanxi Province kept a great difference;the proportion of rural residents’ property income is very small,basically not higher than 3%;there is a significant correlation between the property income and gross income of farmers in Shaanxi Province.Energetically developing rural economy and increasing farmers’ property are favorable to growth of farmers’ property income.

  19. Geologic provinces of Iran, 2000 (prv2cg)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set includes arcs, polygons, and polygon labels for geologic and petroleum provinces interpreted and designated by R.M. Pollastro based on numerous...

  20. South America Province Boundaries, 1999 (prv6ag)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — South America is part of Region 6 (Central and South America) for the World Energy Assessment. South America was divided into 107 geologic provinces as background...

  1. Alumina Producers in Shandong Province Allied to Win Negotiation


    <正>Faced with the soaring bauxite price,five alu- mina producers in Shandong Province jointly established Shangdong Bauxite Import Compa- nies Club to gain a better position in price ne- gotiation with foreign counterparts by getting


    JIANG Hui-ming; GU Li-li


    Jilin Province is one of the main grain-producing provinces of China, which has dominant position in maize production, by the view of its advantages in policy, location, breed and market. And after entering WTO,some measures have been taken to enhance maize competitive ability. But there are some difficulties in concentrating production to maize advantaged areas. This paper expounds the basis that Jilin Province becomes the advantage area of maize, analyzes the problems and puts forward the supporting policy. Some strategic measures are proposed,as developing comparable advantages, carrying out the strategy of un-equilibrium development and cultivating advantaged product areas of maize to rapidly improve the international competitive ability and productivity of maize in Jilin Province, cast the agricultural predicament off and promote the agricultural development into a new stage.

  3. Geologic Provinces of the Far East, 2000 (prv3al)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of the Far East (China, Mongolia, North and...

  4. Geologic Provinces of Southeast Asia, 2000 (prv3bl)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of Southeast Asia (Brunei, Indonesia,...

  5. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids #3

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  6. Development Strategy of Sugarcane Industry in Guangdong Province

    CHEN Yue-gui; WU Jian-tao; YANG Jun-xian; LI Qi-wei; XIE Jing; PAN Fang-yin; WU Wen-long; LIU Fu-ye; DENG Hai-hua; QI Yong-wen


    Guangdong Province is one of the main producing areas of sugarcane in China, and one of China’s three regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, having good basis and conditions for developing sugarcane industry. In this research, using the SWOT-AHP method, we set 20 assessment indicators (such as the regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, huge demand for domestic sugar, increased production costs and backward system of sugarcane), to analyze the development strategy of sugarcane industry in Guangdong Province, from strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of sugarcane industrial development in Guangdong Province. The results show that in order to promote the development of sugarcane industry in Guangdong Province, it is necessary to adopt the SO development strategy (relying on its own strengths and using favorable external environment), to achieve the rapid development.

  7. Overview of Land Consolidation in Anhui Province and Recommendations

    Wang, Wei; Yu, Zhongxiang


    The land consolidation projects in Anhui Province have brought huge economic and social benefits and made active contribution to increasing integrated grain productivity, stabilizing farmland area, increasing farmers’ income, accelerating new socialist countryside construction, and promoting integrated urban and rural development. With more than ten years of exploration and attempt, land consolidation, reclamation and development of Anhui Province has established relatively complete policy,...

  8. Infertility in Mazandaran province - north of Iran: an etiological study

    Nadali Musanejad; Gholamali Jursarayee; Ayyub Barzegarnejad; Sepideh Peivandi; Narges Moslemizadeh; Amir Esmailnejad Moghaddam; Abbasali Karimpour Malekshah


    Background: The prevalence and etiology of infertility are not similar in different parts of the world. There are only few reports of this topic in Iran. Objective: This study was conducted to determine the clinical patterns and major causes of infertility in Mazandaran province in north of Iran. Materials and Methods: The medical records of 3734 consecutive couples attending two infertility clinics in Mazandaran province, from 2003 to 2008, were reviewed. The couples had not had a viable bir...

  9. Evaluation of Congenital Hypothyroidism in Fars Province, Iran

    Hamdollah Karamifar; Mehrsadat Alavi; Zohreh Karamizadeh; Hedyeh Saneifard; Golmhossein Amirhakimi


    Objective In Iran thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) based neonatal screening program is included in health care services from 2005 for detection of patients with primary congenital hypothyroidism (CH). This study was performed for a critical evaluation of the screening program primary congenital hypothyroidism in Fars province, Iran. Methods From November 2006 to September 2007, TSH serum concentrations of 63031 newborns, 3 to 5 days old born in Fars province, were measured by heel prick. The...

  10. DEA Analysis of Agricultural Production Efficiency in Hainan Province

    Tang, Yao-yan; Cai, Dui


    On the basis of summarizing some literatures regarding research of agricultural production efficiency by using DEA at home, we conduct empirical analysis on agricultural production efficiency in 18 cities or counties of Hainan Province in the year 2002, 2005 and 2008 by using DEA model. The results show that in 2005 Hainan Province suffered from unusual drought and windstorm, which made the effective value of agricultural production in all cities or counties relatively low; the regions with D...

  11. Development Prospect of Aromatherapy Industry in Yunnan Province

    Peng, Ziyun; LI, Dantong; Rui CHEN; Qian, Min; Chen, Yiqi; YANG, Hongjun


    This paper firstly introduced domestic and foreign supply of products processed by aromatherapy plant. On the basis of predicting market demand of aromatherapy plant, it analyzed current development situation of the plant in Yunnan Province. It arrived at the conclusion that the industry has broad market prospect. Then, it analyzed competitive advantages and risk factors of aromatherapy plant in Yunnan Province. There are climate, location and price advantages, but due to lack of product stan...

  12. The Path Analysis of Farmers' Income Structure in Yunnan Province

    XIAO, Yongtian; Cui, Yu; HU, Lijia


    The problem of farmers' income growth is the key of issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers, so the farmers’ income growth is the fundamental starting point for agricultural and rural economic development. In this paper, we use the statistics concerning farmers' income in Yunnan Province from 1995 to 2012, to perform the path analysis of components of farmers' income in Yunnan Province, study the path of influence of components of farmers' income on farmers' net income, and t...

  13. Philonotis calcarea (Bryophyta in the Opole Province (Poland

    Stebel Adam


    Full Text Available Philonotis calcarea (Bruch & Schimp. Schimp. in Poland is a montane species, very rarely occurring in lowland, strictly protected by law. In the Opole Province till this time it has been known from four localities, reported from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. The paper presents description of the new locality and list of stations of P. calcarea in the Opole Province. Current distribution of this species is presented on the map.

  14. ICT Strategic Planning for Mazandaran Province

    Mohammad Reza Shojaie


    Full Text Available Today, regarding rapid changes in the environment, any organization, institution or country that overlooks its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, will face real challenges. Strategic planning in organizations is a common response to these challenges which also facilitate achieving goals in an organization. Today, the importance of ICT is increased, which necessitates ICT strategic planning to use ICT in organizations. So, this study aimed to propose ICT strategic plans for Mazandaran province. For this end, at first using stakeholders' viewpoints, the vision, mission and goals are provided. Then, Internal & External Matrix was suggested and identified factors were ranked using Analytic Network Processing (ANP. Then, concerning strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and using SWOT analysis, ICT strategies were provided. Finally, using QSPM matrix, the strategies were ranked. Regarding this ranking, dedicated budget to ICT in governmental organizations, using integration architecture, developing organizational and inter-organizational information systems, developing mechanisms to absorb national and local financial resources for extending ICT infrastructures and finally concerning ICT trainings for managers and people, were in the top of the list.

  15. Dinoflagellates of the Trentino Province, Italy

    Giovanna FLAIM


    Full Text Available The Trentino Province (Italy has more than 320 lakes diverse in size, geological substrate, altitude and trophic status, and representing most physico-chemical types of temperate lakes. A recent research project (SALTO offered the opportunity to study the dinoflagellate flora of 27 of these water bodies representing all lake types. In this paper 34 taxa of dinoflagellates assigned to eight genera (Ceratium, Glenodiniopsis, Glochidinium, Gymnodinium, Gyrodinium, Peridinium, Peridiniopsis and Tovellia in five families (Ceratiaceae, Glenodiniopsidaceae, Gymnodiniaceae, Peridiniaceae and Tovelliaceae and four genera of uncertain collocation (Baldinia, Borghiella, Durinskia and Staszicella are described. Two previously undescribed species and two new combinations are also included. Classification is based in part on Popovsk´y and Pfiester (1990, modified according to the results of recent molecular and ultrastructural analyses. Dinoflagellate taxonomy is currently undergoing extensive revision, and taxonomic decisions in the present article follow the recent orientations in dinoflagellate systematics. The taxonomical issues of the more problematic genera are discussed. Where appropriate, comments on ecological features of the species are also given.

  16. Municipal solid waste management in Cartago province

    Silvia M. Soto-Córdoba


    Full Text Available This paper resumes the principals results obtained by the grant EUROPEAID/126635/M/ACT/CR”, that was realized by FUNDATEC, and whose bene­ficiary was the “Federación de Municipalidades de Cartago, Costa Rica”, the Project received a funding of 74,920 euros. We work with all the Municipalities of the Cartago Province. In addition, we show the results of the interviews of social actors, visits to the recycle sites, visits of municipalities, during the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, and the review of literature. We describe the actual situation of the management of solid waste in Cartago, determinate the gene­ration rates by person and identified the principal landfill disposes, the recycle companies and deter­minate the main problems associated with the solid waste. It is hope that the information presented here, pro­vides the basis for the future construction of plans of municipal solid waste management, and for the capacitation of community organization in the pro­vince of Cartago.

  17. Church Tourism in Batangas Province, Philippines



    Full Text Available Church tourism has clearly increased over the past ten years. Churches are an important part of the tourism product of many parts of the country. This study aimed to determine the contribution of the churches in terms of social, cultural and economic aspects of the place, to identify the problems encountered in the promoting church tourism and propose plan of action to sustain the tourism of the Province of Batangas through churches. The researchers used the descriptive method of research and utilized self-made questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument of the study. The respondents were consisting of 5 people in the offices of the pilgrim churches from Batangas City and 10 churchgoers. The respondents agree that pilgrim churches contribute to tourism in terms of social and economics aspect while they strongly agree in term of cultural aspect. The most commonly experienced problems were the accessibility of the transportation and an action plan was proposed to address the problems encountered. The recommendation addressed that roving guards should be provided to ensure the safety and security of the tourists during their visit in the church. The church personnel may provide creative and command activities that will encourage people. Also they may have a briefing about the history of the church so that if visitor needs information it easy for them to answer and an action plan may be implemented to solve the problem encountered.

  18. The Teles Pires volcanic province: A paleogeoproterozoic silicic-dominated large igneous province in southwest Amazon craton and tectonic implications

    Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) are important features of the Earth history especially recognized during Paleo to Mezosoic times when they are related to the break up of supercontinents (Coffin and Eldhom, 1994). These provinces occur in several different tectonic settings such as volcanic passive margins, submarine ridges and continental and oceanic plateaux. Mafic-dominanted provinces are the most well known among the LIPs and the best examples are the Karoo, Kerguelem and Ontong-Java. LIPs including an important silicic component have been described in some basaltic provinces of southern Africa (Milner et al. 1992). More recently, silicic-dominated LIPs have been recognized in eastern Australia (Bryan et al., 2000), in southern South America (Pankhurst et al. 1998) and in Antartica Penninsula (Riley and Leat, 1999). The common characteristics of this kind of LIP include: 1) large volume of silicic rocks with dominance of ignimbrites, 2) active over 40 to 50 m.y.; and 3) spatially and temporally associated with plate break up. In this paper we present the main geologic and geochronologic characteristics of the Teles Pires volcanic province from southwest Amazon Craton, which allow its classification as a Paleoprotorozoic silicic-dominated LIP. Geologic implications of this suggestion includes the existence of a large cratonic plate as old as 1.81Ga for the Amazon Craton, therefore the proposed 1.85-1.55 Ga magmatic arc of Rio Negro-Juruena Province should be reviewed (au)

  19. Flora of soil fungi in Khuzestan province\\\\\\'s oil regions

    vida dawoodi


    Full Text Available   Introduction: Many Species of fungi with ability to metabolize of petroleum hydrocarbons are known so far. These fungi are resistant in oil contaminated sites.This investigation aims at studying fungal population diversity in oil contaminated soils of Khuzestan province and identifying fungal flora in these regions .   Materials and methods: Crude oil contaminated soil samples were collected from different regions of Khuzestan province. For isolation and enumeration of total heterotrophic fungi, Potato Dextrose Agar medium supplemented with streptomycine was used. The isolated fungi were identified via morphological studies, staining by lactophenol cotton blue, observation with a light microscope and comparing with descriptive and canonizative refereces .   Results: Total fungal counts ranged from 0.41 × 102 to 3333.33 × 102 CFU/g. Isolated fungi belong to Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Candida, Rhodotorula, Aureobasidium, Mucor, Rhizopus and Acremonium. Most dominant genera were Aspergillus and Penicillium .   Discussion and conclusion : Studies on isolation of fungi in oil containing environments showed that, abundance and fungal diversity in different stations significantly were different. The increase in the number of fungi in crude oil soils showes the probability of degradation and consumption of oil contaminated by fungi. Diversity and distribution of soil microbial population are determined by a number of environmental factors such as pH, electrical conductivity and soil organic matter .  

  20. Municipal solid waste management in Kurdistan Province, Iran.

    Abduli, Mohammad Ali; Nasrabadi, Touraj


    Kurdistan Province, with an area of 28,203 square kilometers, is located in a mountainous area in the western part of Iran. From 1967 to 1997, the urban population in the major eight cities of the Kurdistan Province-namely, Baneh, Bijar, Divan Darreh, Saghez, Sanandaj, Ghorveh, Kamyaran, and Marivan-increased from 102,250 to 705,715. The proportion of the population residing in urban areas increased 90 percent during this period. In most of the cities, solid waste handling remains primitive, and well-organized procedures for it have not been established. Traditional methods of disposal, with marginal inclusion of modern conveniences, appear to be the common practice. In general, the shortcomings of the prevailing practices can be summarized as follows: The municipal solid waste management systems (MSWMSs) in this province include unsegregated collection and open dumping of municipal solid wastes. Separation of municipal solid waste in this province is in the hands of scavengers. The MSWMSs in this province lack essential infrastructure. Thus, design and implementation of modern MSWMSs in this province are essential. Principal criteria for and methods of implementing these systems are as follows: (1) rationally evaluating all functional elements so that they operate in a steady-state or equilibrium manner; (2) creating all support elements for the MSWMS in each city; (3) introducing gradual privatization of MSWMS activities; (4) creating guidelines, regulations, and instructions for all elements of MSWMSs; and (5) giving priorities to source separation and recycling programs. This paper reviews the present status of MSWMSs in eight major cities of Kurdistan Province and outlines the principle guidelines and alternatives for MSWMSs. PMID:17390903

  1. Landscape Analysis of Geographical Names in Hubei Province, China

    Xixi Chen


    Full Text Available Hubei Province is the hub of communications in central China, which directly determines its strategic position in the country’s development. Additionally, Hubei Province is well-known for its diverse landforms, including mountains, hills, mounds and plains. This area is called “The Province of Thousand Lakes” due to the abundance of water resources. Geographical names are exclusive names given to physical or anthropogenic geographic entities at specific spatial locations and are important signs by which humans understand natural and human activities. In this study, geographic information systems (GIS technology is adopted to establish a geodatabase of geographical names with particular characteristics in Hubei Province and extract certain geomorphologic and environmental factors. We carry out landscape analysis of mountain-related geographical names and water-related geographical names respectively. In the end, we calculate the information entropy of geographical names of each county to describe the diversity and inhomogeneity of place names in Hubei province. Our study demonstrates that geographical names represent responses to the cultural landscape and physical environment. The geographical names are more interesting in specific landscapes, such as mountains and rivers.

  2. Spatial distribution of cancer in Kohgilooyeh and Boyerahmad province

    M Fararouei


    Full Text Available Spatial distribution of cancer is one of the powerful tools in epidemiology of cancer. The present study is designed to understand the geographical distribution of most frequent types of cancer in K&B province. Methods: All registered cases of cancer are reviewed and duplicate cases were removed. The data was analyzed using Arcgis software. Results: Of all registered cases, 1273  remained for analysis of which 57% were residences of urban areas. Cities including  Sisakht, Yasuj and Dehdsasht were shown to have highest incidence rates among the Urban areas. Dena, Sepidar and Kohmare Khaleghi had the highest rates among the rural areas in the province. Skin cancer was the most common type of cancer which had the highest rates of incidence in Sisakht and Dehdasht and Dena and Sepidar among urban and rural areas respectively. Conclusion: The distribution of cancer was not even in the province. Attitude and consumption of wild and regional plants are introduced as the potential risk factors for such a spatial distribution of the common cancers I the province. The results of this study could be used for further analytical studies to understand the regional etiology of cancer in the province.

  3. Strategies Formulation for Championship Sports In Zanjan Province

    Nasser Taghibigloo


    Full Text Available The purpose of this research is to design and develop strategies of championship sports in Zanjan Province- Iran. Here, the descriptive methodology would be applied based upon the case study. The Statistical population includes the physical education professors, the managers of Physical Education departments, educated coaches and M.A students in the province. The statistical sample encompasses 36 individuals selected totally due to limited Statistical population. To collect the data, we used library resources, literature and background review,interviews and open as well as closed questionnaires. Having developed the closed questionnaire, we had the validity confirmed by the professors and their reliability wasconfirmed using Cronbach alpha Coefficient (a=0/94. For research findings analysis purpose, Friedman test and group discussion were taken into account. After identifying the most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the field of championship sport and ranking them in the existing order, we selected most important ones through group discussion. Based upon the internal factors evaluation matrix (2/30 and external factors evaluation matrix (2/38, it was shown that the strategic position of the province is in WT area. Finally, regarding the research findings, specifically, the strategic status of the province, we would develop the necessary strategies for the championship sport development in theprovince through group discussion with the province authorities and elites.

  4. Fire Behavior in Pelalawan Peatland, Riau Province



    Full Text Available During dry season it is easily recognized that smoke will emerge at certain place both in Sumatra and Kalimantan that is in peatland. The worst situation occurred when fire burnt buried log in the logged over area where the fire fighter did not have any experience and knowledge on how to work with fire in peatland. Finally it had been found that one of the reasons why firefighter failed to fight fire in peatland is because they do not have any knowledge and experience on it. In order to know the fire behavior characteristics in different level of peat decomposition for fire management and sustainable management of the land for the community, research done in Pelalawan area, Riau Province, Indonesia, during dry season 2001. Three level of peat decomposition named Sapric, Hemic, and Fibric used. To conduct the research, two 400 m2 of plot each was established in every level of the peat decomposition. Burning done three weeks following slashing, cutting and drying at different time using circle method. During burning, flame length, rate of the spread of fire, flame temperature and following burning fuel left and the depth of peat destruction were measured. Results of research shown that in sapric site where sapric 2 has fuel load 9 ton ha-1 less than sapric 1, fire behavior was significantly different while peat destructed was deepest in sapric 2 with 31.87 cm. In hemic site where hemic 2 has fuel load 12.3 ton ha-1 more than hemic 1, fire behavior was significantly different and peat destructed deeper than hemic 1 that was 12.6 cm. In fibric site where fibric 1 has fuel load 3.5 ton ha-1 more than fibric 1, fire behavior was significantly different that has no burnt peat found. This results found that the different fuel characteristics (potency, moisture, bed depth, and type at the same level of peat decomposition will have significantly different fire behavior as it happened also on the depth of peat destruction except fibric. The same condition

  5. Quaternary basaltic volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Argentina

    Søager, Nina

    The extensive Quaternary volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Mendoza, Argentina, is investigated in this study by major and trace element analyses, Sr, Nd, Hf and Pb-isotopic analyses and Zr-Hf isotope dilution data on samples from almost the entire province. The samples are mainly...... basalts from all the studied volcanic fields in Payenia is signs of lower crustal contamination indicating assimilation of, in some cases, large amounts of trace element depleted, mafic, plagioclase-bearing rocks. The northern Payenia is dominated by backarc basalts erupted between late Pliocene to late...... Pleistocene times. These basalts mark the end of a period of shallow subduction of the Nazca slab beneath the Payenia province and volcanism in the Nevado volcanic field apparently followed the downwarping slab in a north-northwest direction ending in the Northern Segment. The northern Payenia basalts are...

  6. Overview of Land Consolidation in Anhui Province and Recommendations

    Wei; WANG; Zhongxiang; YU


    The land consolidation projects in Anhui Province have brought huge economic and social benefits and made active contribution to increasing integrated grain productivity,stabilizing farmland area,increasing farmers’ income,accelerating new socialist countryside construction,and promoting integrated urban and rural development. With more than ten years of exploration and attempt,land consolidation,reclamation and development of Anhui Province has established relatively complete policy,technical and business type regulations. However,there are still some weak links and problems,leading to slow project progress,and quality up to standard,fund management not standardized,and the masses not satisfactory for few projects. It summarized experience and achievements of rural land consolidation in Anhui Province and elaborated major existing problems in management of project implementation. Finally,it came up with pertinent recommendations for project implementation in rural land consolidation.

  7. Health Technology Assessment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Shanxi Province

    Yueze Liu; Jianwen Cao; Zuxun Lu


    Assess the current status of MRI in Shanxi province by health technology assessment method to provide suggestion and guidelines for future government decisions on the procurement and installation of new high-tech medical equipments. All of the 21 hospitals installed MRIs were surveyed.The results showed that 1 ) Diffusion of MRI is consistent with the economic development in different regional districts and hospital levels in Shanxi province. 2) There are better monetary returns of MRI in higher level hospitals than lower level hospitals. 3) Most MRIs in Shanxi province had been running at a loss, and the first class tertiary level hospitals had been making profit from providing MRI services to patients. 4) Better cost-benefit accorded with higher hospital level, more patients serviced etc. 5 ) The biggest investment risk is the initial purchase and installation of MRI. 6) Positive rates and veracity of MRI diagnosis were higher. 7) MRI is a safe equipment.

  8. Estimation of life expectancy in Sistan and Baluchestan province, Iran

    Fatemeh Roostaee


    Results: Based on the analysis of mortality data, life expectancy at birth for females and males were estimated of 71.5 (This ratio is the percentage of 12 months. 71.5, i.e. 71 years and 6 months and 68.2 years respectively, and for both sex combined, 69.7 years. These expected years as life expectancy has various values in the rank for the provinces cities. In the descending order the values of life expectancies are belong to Khash, Chabahar, Zahedan, Sarbaz, Zabol, Saravan, Nikshahr and Iranshahr cities in the given order. Conclusion: This health indicator has smallest value in Sistan and Baluchestan province in compared to other provinces and whole country as well. To increase life expectancy due to health conditions, economic efficiency and extensive planning by the authorities, planners and policy makers are required. [Int J Res Med Sci 2014; 2(3.000: 1035-1039

  9. Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Production Efficiency in Shaanxi Province


    This article analyses the agricultural production efficiency of all cities and areas in Shaanxi Province in the period 2006-2009 using data envelopment analysis method,and compares the agricultural production efficiency between all cities and areas.The results show that the agricultural production efficiency and scale efficiency of agriculture of Shaanxi Province are high on the whole,but the efficiency of agricultural technology is very low,agricultural development still relies on factor inputs,and the driving role of technological progress is not conspicuous.Finally the following countermeasures are put forward to promote agricultural productivity in Shaanxi Province:improve the construction of agricultural infrastructure,and increase agricultural input;accelerate the project of extending agricultural technology into households,and promote the conversion and use rate of agricultural scientific and technological achievements;establish and improve industrial system of agriculture,and speed up the building of various agricultural cooperative economic organizations.

  10. Lichens from Antalya, Cankiri, Konya and Nevsehir Provinces (Turkey).

    Yazici, K; Aslan, A; Etayo, J; Giordani, P


    A contribution to the lichen flora of Turkey is performed. A total of 171 lichen taxa (including 2 subspecies and 2 varieties) and 1 lichenicolous fungus are determined from 14 localities in Antalya, Cankiri, Konya and Nevşehir provinces of Turkey. Caloplaca scrobiculata H. Magn. is new to Turkey. Besides Caloplaca scrobiculata H. Magn. and Xanthoria sorediata (Vain.) Poelt were found for the second time in Asia. Carbonea vitellinaria (Nyl.) Hertel was found to grow on Candelariella vitellina (Hoffm.) Müll. Arg. while Muellerella pymaea (Körb.) D. Hawksw. var. athallina (Müll. Arg.) Triebel (lichenicolous fungus) on Tephromela atra (Huds.) Hafellner as parasitic. All lichen taxa found in Cankiri are new to this province (92 intraspecific taxa), while 39 new to Nevşehir, 8 new to Konya and 5 new to Antalya provinces. For every each taxon, the habitat pattern and distribution data are presented. PMID:19137828

  11. Reference dose levels for dental periapical radiography in Chonnam Province

    To establish reference doses of periapical radiography in Chonnam Province, Korea. The target-skin distances were measured for dental patient's 1235 exposures including 345 mandibular molar areas. Each periapical radiation exposure was simulated with exactly the same patients exposure parameters and the simulated radiation doses were measured utilizing Mult-O-Meter (Unfors Instruments, Billadal, Sweden). The measurements were done in 44 dental clinics with 49 dental x-ray sets in Chonnam Province for one or two weeks at each dental clinic during year 2006. The third quartile patient surface doses were 2.8 mGy for overall periapical exposures and 3.2 mGy for periapical mandibular molar exposures. The third quartile patient surface doses in Chonnam Province can be used as a guide to accepted clinical practice to reduce patient radiation exposure for the surveyed reference doses were below the recommended dental periapical radiography dose of 7 mGy by IAEA.

  12. The Mycetophagidae (Coleoptera of the Maritime Provinces of Canada

    Christopher Majka


    Full Text Available The Mycetophagidae (hairy fungus beetles of the Maritime Provinces of Canada are surveyed. Seven species in the genera Mycetophagus, Litargus, and Typhaea are found in the region. Six new provincial records are reported including Mycetophagus punctatus and Mycetophagus flexuosus, whichare newly recorded in the Maritime Provinces. The distribution of all species is mapped, colour habitus photographs of all species are figured, and an identification key to species is provided. The discussion notes that four of the species found in the region are apparently rare, possibly due to the history of forest management practices in the region; a situation similar to that of a significant proportion of other saproxylic beetles found in the Maritime Provinces.

  13. Note on Cladonia species (lichenized Ascomycota from Ardahan province (Turkey

    Piotr Osyczka


    Full Text Available This paper is the first report on Cladonia species from Ardahan, a north-eastern province of Turkey. A circumpolar boreal-low arctic species, Cladonia acuminata, rarely reported from Asia, and the recently described Cladonia monomorpha are reported as new for Turkey. Their detailed descriptions and taxonomical remarks are provided. Localities of other ascertained Cladonia species in the province supplement the knowledge of their distribution patterns in the country. In addition, the typically corticolous/lignicolous species Vulpicida pinastri is mentioned as also growing on primary squamules and podetia of C. pyxidata.

  14. Suicide and unemployment: a panel analysis of Canadian provinces.

    Jalles, João Tovar; Andresen, Martin A


    The objective of this study was to investigate the causal relationship between suicide and unemployment. We use panel data from Canadian provinces and use recent panel econometric techniques to account for endogenous structural breaks in both the unit root and cointegration testing procedures in order to account for statistical specification issues. We find that the relationship between unemployment and suicide is context dependent. We do find positive and statistically significant relationships, but only for males in particular provinces. The relationship between unemployment and suicide is not monolithic. Rather, relationships are not always as expected for different demographic groups and all places. PMID:24579917

  15. Malaria in Zhejiang Province, China, from 2005 to 2014

    Chen, Hualiang; Yao, Linong; Zhang, Lingling; Zhang, Xuan; Lu, Qiaoyi; Yu, Kegen; Ruan, Wei


    To summarize the changing epidemiological characteristics of malaria in Zhejiang Province, China, we collected data on malaria from the Chinese Notifiable Disease Reporting System (NDRS) and analyzed them. A total of 2,738 malaria cases were identified in Zhejiang Province from 2005 to 2014, of which 2,018 were male and 720 were female. Notably, only 7% of malaria cases were indigenous and the other cases were all imported. The number of malaria cases increased from 2005 to 2007, peaked in 20...

  16. RTG resource book for western states and provinces: Final proceedings



    The Western Interstate Energy Board held a workshop and liaison activities among western states, provinces, and utilities on the formation of Regional Transmission Groups (RTGs). Purpose of the activities was to examine the policy implications for western states and provinces in the formation of RTGs in the West, the implications for western ratepayers and utilities of the RTG formation and potential impacts of RTGs on the western electricity system. The workshop contributed to fulfilling the transmission access and competition objectives of Title VII of the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

  17. Integrated Coastal Management in the Province Ca Mau - Vietnam

    Stoop, B; Bouziotas, D.; Hanssen, J.L.J.; Dunnewolt, J.; Postma, M.G.


    The province of Ca Mau is the southernmost part of Vietnam and the Mekong Delta. The water system of Ca Mau faces multiple challenges, both in its coastal zone and in its inland regions. the coastal zone in the province. In view of this, this study presents an integrated approach for combined coastal and inland water management in Ca Mau, under the scope of climate and socio-economic change. Firstly, an extensive literature study is performed on the current status of both the coastal zone and...

  18. Some Environmental Consequences of Large Igneous Provinces

    Coffin, M. F.


    The formation of large igneous provinces (LIPs)—continental flood basalts, ‘volcanic’ margins, and oceanic plateaus—may impact the atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere by rapidly releasing huge amounts of particulates, magmatic volatiles (CO2, SO2, Cl, F, etc.), and potentially volatiles (CO2, CH4, SO2, etc.) from intruded sediments (e.g., carbonates, organic-rich shales, evaporites). A key factor affecting the magnitude of volatile release is whether eruptions are subaerial or marine; hydrostatic pressure inhibits vesiculation and degassing of relatively soluble volatile components (H2O, S, Cl, F) in deep water submarine eruptions, although low solubility components (CO2, noble gases) are mostly degassed even at abyssal depths. Directly or indirectly, such injections may cause changes in the atmosphere/ocean system that can lead to perturbations of atmosphere/ocean chemistry, circulation, ecology, and biological productivity. These changes can be global in extent, particularly if environmental conditions were at or near a threshold state or tipping point. LIPs may have been responsible for some of the most dramatic and rapid changes in the global environment. For example, between ~145 and ~50 Ma, the global ocean was characterized by chemical and isotopic variations (especially in C and Sr isotope ratios, trace metal concentrations, and biocalcification), relatively high temperatures, high relative sea level, episodic deposition of black shales (oceanic anoxic events), high production of hydrocarbons, mass extinctions of marine organisms, and radiations of marine flora and fauna. Temporal correlations between the intense pulses of igneous activity associated with LIP formation and environmental changes suggest more than pure coincidence. The 1783-84 eruption of Laki on Iceland provides the only historical record of the type of volcanism that constructs transient LIPs. Although Laki produced a basaltic lava flow representing only ~1% of the volume of a typical

  19. Magmatic systems of large continental igneous province

    Sharkov, Evgenii


    Large igneous provinces (LIPs) of the modern type are known from the middle Paleoproterozoic and have a great abundance in the Phanerozoic. The most researches considered their appearance with ascending of the mantle thermochemical superplumes which provided simultaneously eruption of the same type of lavas on the huge territories. Judging on presence among them different subprovinces, formation of concrete magmatic systems were linked with protuberances (secondary plumes) on the superplumes surfaces. We suggest that origin of such plumes was linked with local enrichment of upper part of the superplumes head beneath roofing by fluid components; it led to lowering of the plume material density and initiated ascending of the secondary plumes. As a result, their heads, where partial melting occurred, can reach the level of the upper crust as it follows from absence of lower-crustal rocks among xenoliths in basalts, although mantle xenoliths existed in them. Important feature of LIPs is presence of two major types of mafic lavas: (1) geochemical-enriched alkali Fe-Ti basalts and picrites, and (2) basalts of normal alkalinity (tholeiites) with different contents of TiO2. At that the first type of mafites are usually typical for lower parts of LIPs which initially developed as continental rifts, whereas the second type composed the upper part of the traps' cover. Magmatic systems of the LIPs are subdivided on three levels of different deep: (1) zones of magma generation, (2) areas of transitional magma chambers where large often layered intrusive bodies are formed, and (3) areas on surface where lava eruptions and subvolcanic intrusions occurred. All these levels are linked by feeder dykes. The least known element of the system is area of magma generation, and, especially, composition of melting substratum. Important information about it is contained in aforementioned mantle xenoliths in alkali basalts and basanites. They practically everywhere are represented by two

  20. Empirical Analysis on the Determinants of Economic Growth in Shaanxi Province, China


    Status of economic development in Shaanxi Province is analyzed, showing that Shaanxi Province has achieved the fast and stable economic growth; and total GDP and fixed assets investment have shown a sustainable growth. According to the time series statistics of Shaanxi Province in the years 1978-2008, Cobb-Douglas Function is used to carry out the empirical analysis on the contribution of fixed assets investment and labor input to economic growth of Shaanxi Province, China. Result shows that capital and labor input are the major driving forces for the economic growth of Shaanxi Province. In other words, economic growth mode of Shaanxi Province is still extensive. Economic growth of Shaanxi Province is increasingly dependent on capital investment and technological progress. Contribution rates of capital and labor to economic growth are 66.9% and 33.1%, respectively. Therefore, investment is a source of economic growth in Shaanxi Province through the reform and opening up in the last three decades.

  1. Total Petroleum Systems of the Illizi Province, Algeria and Libya—Tanezzuft-Illizi

    Klett, T.R.


    Undiscovered conventional oil and gas resources were assessed within a total petroleum system of the Illizi Province (2056) as part of the U.S. Geological Survey World Petroleum Assessment 2000. The Illizi Province is in eastern Algeria and a small portion of western Libya. The province and its total petroleum system coincide with the Illizi Basin. Although several total petroleum systems may exist within the Illizi Province, only one “composite” total petroleum system is identified. This ...

  2. Stainability of Cultivated Land in Henan Province Based on Ecological Footprint

    Li, Ying-chao


    This paper summarizes the regional situation of Henan Province of China, and introduces the principle of ecological footprint mode, as well as computing formulas of ecological footprint and ecological capacity. According to the related data of Henan Province from 1998 to 2007, this paper firstly calculates the per capita ecological footprint and per capita ecological capacity of Henan Province. Result indicates that cultivated land in Henan Province shows ecological surplus with sustainable l...

  3. China's Most Populous Province to Ban Fetus Sex Identification


    Henan, the most populous province in central China,is plagued by an excessively high sex ratio imbalance at birth in certain parts of the province. To ameliorate the situation, the province will enact regulations to ban non-medically necessary fetus gender identification and sex-selective abortions.

  4. Some Lichens From Afyonkarahisar and Kırıkkale Provinces



    As a result of lichenological study in Turkey, in the provinces of Afyonkarahisar and Kırıkkale, we report 120 taxa of lichen. 78 taxa are new to the province of Afyonkarahisar and 22 taxa are new to the provinces of Kırıkkale. Key Words: biodiversity, lichenized fungi, Kırıkkale, new records 

  5. Contribution to the knowledge of Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Hainan Province of China.

    Chen, Zhi-Teng; Du, Yu-Zhou


    The species of the perlid genus Neoperla are reviewed from Hainan Province, China. Three species of Neoperla, N. minuta sp. nov., N. wuzhishana sp. nov., and N. sexlobata sp. nov. are described from this island province and compared with other taxa. A provisional key is presented to the known Neoperla males from Hainan Province. PMID:27470851

  6. Investigation of natural radioactivity level of the waters in Guangdong province

    This paper reports the investigation results of natural radioactivity level in river, lake, reservoir, spring, tap water and offshore water in Guangdong Province and Hainan Province. There were totally 220 samples collected from 144 measuring points. The results show that the radioactivity level of varied water bodies of the province was within normal natural background

  7. Sindh Province, Pakistan Student Assessment : SABER Country Report 2012

    World Bank


    In 2012, Sindh Province, Pakistan joined the Russia Education Aid for Development (READ) trust fund program, the goal of which is to help countries improve their capacity to design, carry out, analyze, and use assessments for improved student learning. As part of the READ trust fund program, and in order to gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of its existing assessm...

  8. Punjab Province, Pakistan Student Assessment : SABER Country Report 2012

    World Bank


    In 2012, Punjab Province, Pakistan joined the Russia Education Aid for Development (READ) trust fund program, the goal of which is to help countries improve their capacity to design, carry out, analyze, and use assessments for improved student learning. As part of the READ trust fund program, and in order to gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of its existing assess...

  9. The deforestation of rural areas in the Lower Congo Province.

    Iloweka, Ernest Manganda


    The Lower Congo is one of eleven provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is located southwest of Kinshasa Town Province. It has an area of approximately 53.947 km2 with a population of 1,504,361 at an estimated 237 persons per km2. The Province comprises five districts, including Lukaya and Cataracts where rural poverty is severe and the population struggle to make a living through agriculture and woodcutting. These activities result in excessive resource exploitation. The high demand for foodstuffs and the high consumption of wood (for energy, construction and export) in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the expanding towns of Matadi and Boma in the Lower Congo Province, are speeding the deforestation rate and unbalancing forest ecosystems. In addition there is the stress resulting from reduced josher (the rest period for agriculture ground), plus climate change and erosion. The phenomena that that we need to address in these two districts include deforestation, reduced josher, excessive agriculture, erosion, burning and climate change which taken together largely explain the current soil degradation. These areas are marked by excessive post deforestation savannah formation and extended areas of sandy soil, distributed throughout grass and shrub savannahs. This desertification, which is rampant in Lukaya and Cataracts, risks imprisoning the rural population in a vicious cycle of poverty if adequate solutions are not found. PMID:15641386

  10. A biogenic volatile organic compounds emission inventory for Yunnan Province

    WANG Zhi-hui; BAI Yu-hua; ZHANG Shu-yu


    The first detailed inventory for volatile organic compounds(VOC) emissions from vegetation over Yunnan Province, China was presented. The spatially and temporally resolved inventory was developed based on a geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing(RS) data and field measurement data, such as digitized land-use data, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVl) and temperature data from direct real-time measurement. The inventory has a spatial resolution of 5 km × 5 km and a time resolution of 1 h.Urban, agriculture, and natural land-use distributions in Yunnan Province were combined with biomass factors for each land-use category to produce a spatially resolved biomass inventory. A biogenic emission inventory was developed by combining the biomass inventory with hourly emission rates for tree, shrub and ground cover species of the study area. Correcting for environmental factors, including light intensity and temperature, a value of 1.1 × 1012 gC for total annual biogenic VOC emissions from Yunnan Province, including 6.1 × 1011 gCfor isoprene, 2.1 × 1011 gC for monoterpenes, and 2.6 × 1011 gC for OVOC was obtained. The highest VOC emissions occurred in the northwestern, southwestern and north region of Yunnan Province. Some uncertainties were also discussed in this study.

  11. Drugs Prescribed by Dentists in Fars Province, Iran

    Fani; Ghaeminia; Farjood


    Background Medication is one of the supplementary steps in dental treatment. Dentists prescribe medicine in order to avoid post-surgery complications. To the best knowledge of the researchers, no thorough study has been carried out to review the prescribed drugs in Fars province, Iran. Objectives The current study aimed to determine the current status of the issue and compare it with global standards. ...

  12. Epidemiology of malt fever in Kermanshah province in 2011

    Yazdan Hamzavi


    Full Text Available Background: Brucellosis is a zoonotic, chronic and infectious disease in many developing countries, including Iran. This study investigated some of the epidemiological features of the disease in Kermanshah province in 2011. Methods: In this descriptive study, all of the patients with brucellosis reported to the health center of the province during the year 2011 were studied. The demographic and some epidemiologic parameters of the disease were recorded in the questionnaires. All collected data were analyzed using SPSS (version19 software. Results: Totally, 777 cases of brucellosis were reported to the health center of the province in 2011. The lowest incidence of brucellosis in the province was 40.8/100000 .The highest and lowest incidence rates were seen in Dalahoo (215.2/100 000 and Javanrood (12.6/100 000 districts, respectively. 47.4% of the patients were female and about half of the patients were under 30 years old. Raw milk was the most common cause of the disease consumed by 81.9% of the cases. Also, 87.6% of the patients were living in rural areas and the peak of disease was seen in the spring and summer months. Conclusion: Despite the significant reduction, it seems that the incidence of disease in some rural areas of the districts such as Dalahoo and Sarpol-e-Zahab are very high.

  13. Characterizing preventive activity in Camagüey province

    Hernández, María


    Full Text Available The article describes the characteristic features of preventive activities within the System of Education at Camaguey province. This information herein gathers results from a research investigation project and might be of interest for teachers, principals and investigators as a professional tool.

  14. Nontyphoidal Salmonella Infection, Guangdong Province, China, 2012(1).

    Huang, Xi; Huang, Qiong; Dun, Zhongjun; Huang, Wei; Wu, Shuyu; Liang, Junhua; Deng, Xiaoling; Zhang, Yonghui


    We used active and passive surveillance to estimate nontyphoidal Salmonella (NTS) infection during 2012 in Guangdong Province, China. Under passive surveillance, for every reported NTS infection, an estimated 414.8 cases occurred annually. Under active surveillance, an estimated 35.8 cases occurred. Active surveillance provides remarkable advantages in incidence estimate. PMID:26982074

  15. Remediation of Legacy Arsenic Mining Areas in Yunnan Province, China

    Ian H. von Lindern


    Conclusions. The success of the demonstration project was recognized and has provided direction and momentum for a wider effort by the Province to address mining pollution and water contamination challenges. It demonstrates the success of using known techniques for environmental remediation in the US, with local partners in China responding to their communities’ health and environmental problems.

  16. Textile & Garment Export Situation from five Provinces in Nov


    Guangdong:The Decline Trend of Export Growth Rate Slowered In the first 11 months of 2008,the export of textile and garment in Guangdong province reached 30.8 billion USD,down 19.7%on the same periond of previous


    Akbulut, Süleyman; KETEN, Akif


    In this study, trout breeding facilities of Duzce Province, a suitable place for trout breeding, were evaluated. As a result of this evaluation, current status, capacities, and problems of trout breeding facilities were determined. Some suggestions were provided to solve these problems and increase the capacity of trout breeding facilities. Keywords: Duzce, Trout Breeding.

  18. Malaria Epidemiology in Mersin Province, Turkey from 2002 to 2011



    Full Text Available Background: Malaria is an infectious disease caused by Plasmodium spp. with high morbidity and mortality in human in tropical and subtropical regions. In recent years, number of malaria cases has been significantly reduced because of fight with the disease in Turkey. This study intended to investigate the malaria epidemiology in Mersin Province from 2002 to 2011 using data from the provincial Public Health Directorate.Methods: Over ten years, 303573 blood samples were taken from the people by active and passive surveillance methods and blood smears were prepared. Smears were stained with Giemsa and examined under the microscope.Results: Totally, 73 people including 44 male and 29 female were positive in terms of Plasmodium spp. It was determined that P. vivax observed in 67 cases while P. falciparum in 6 cases. Cases were mainly observed in 15 to 44 years old range, showed an increase between June-September periods and a significant decrease after 2006. Out of the 73 malaria cases, 54 cases were from Mersin Province and 13 cases were imported from another province of Turkey. Six cases were transmitted from abroad.Conclusion: These results provide information about malaria epidemiology in an endemic area in Turkey and contribute its prevention in Mersin Province

  19. Child Maltreatment among School Children in the Kurdistan Province, Iran

    Stephenson, Rob; Sheikhattari, Payam; Assasi, Nazilla; Eftekhar, Hassan; Zamani, Qasem; Maleki, Bahram; Kiabayan, Hamid


    Objective: This study examines the determinants of three types of child maltreatment: physical maltreatment, mental maltreatment, and child neglect among school children in the Kurdistan Province of Iran. The analysis examines the impact of socioeconomic, familial, demographic, and household dynamic factors on the three child maltreatment…

  20. Identification of mantle plumes in the Emeishan Large Igneous Province

    Yi-Gang Xu; Jifeng Xu; Yue-Jun Wang; Bin He; Xiaolong Huang; Zhenyu Luo; Sun-Lin Chung; Long Xiao; Dan Zhu; Hui Shao; Wei-Ming Fan


    @@ The plume hypothesis has been recently challengedlargely because some fundamental aspects predicted bythe modeling of plumes are found to be lacking in someclassic hotspot regions. This review paper summarizesrecent achievements made in the late Permian Emeishan continental flood basalt province in southwest China.

  1. Decentralization, economic development, and growth in Turkish provinces

    Tosun, Mehmet Serkan; Yilmaz, Serdar


    There have been important developments in the decentralization of the government structure in Turkey since the early 1980s. This paper examines economic development and growth in Turkish provinces. Although there is a rich literature on the economic effects of government decentralization from both developed and developing countries, these effects have not been examined widely in the contex...

  2. Genotyping Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi Province, Northwestern China.

    Guang-Hui Zhao

    Full Text Available The present study examined the prevalence and genotypes of Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi province, China. A total of 2071 fecal samples (847 from Qinchuan cattle and 1224 from dairy cattle were examined for the presence of Cryptosporidium oocysts, and 70 samples (3.4% were C. andersoni-positive and those positive samples were identified by PCR amplification of the small subunit ribosomal RNA (SSU rRNA and the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (COWP genes. C. andersoni was the only species found in the examined cattle in this province. Fifty-seven C. andersoni isolates were characterized into 5 MLST subtypes using multilocus sequence typing analysis, including a new subtype in the native beef breed Qinchuan cattle. All of these C. andersoni isolates presented a clonal genetic structure. These findings provide new insights into the genetic structure of C. andersoni isolates in Shaanxi province and basic data of Cryptosporidium prevalence status, which in turn have implications for controlling cryptosporidiosis in this province.

  3. An Epidemiological Study of Psychiatric Disorders in Hamadan Province , 2001

    M.R. Mohammadi


    Full Text Available The burden of psychiatric disorders in the developed countries has been identified by the screening questionnaires and standard clinical interviews at a high level, but the epidemiological studies of psychiatric disorders in our country are brief and their numbers are few. Planning for providing essential mental health services to the people requires us to be knowledgeable about the present status of psychiatric disorders in the society. The objective of this research was to carry out the epidemiological study of the psychiatric disorders in the individuals 18 years and above in urban and rural areas of Hamadan province. 664 individuals selected through randomized clustered and systematic sampling methods among the existing families of Hamadan province and the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia (SADS questionnaires completed by the clinical psychologist. The diagnosis of the disorders was based on DSM-IV classification criteria.The results of the study showed that the overall prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the province was 11.28% (17.2% in women , 5.8% in men. The anxiety and mood disorders with 5.87 and 2.71% respectively had the highest prevalence in the province. The prevalence of psychotic disorders in this study was 0.60% , neuro- cognitive disorders 1.35% and dissociative disorders 0.75%. In the group of mood disorders, major depression with 2.56% and in the group of anxiety disorders, phobia with 2.56% had the higher prevalence. This study showed that 8.13% of studied individuals suffered from at least one of the psychiatric disorders. The prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the province among the individuals in the age group of 66 years and above was 13.33%, individuals whose spouses had passed away 18.75%, urban residents of province 9.81%, illiterate individuals 12.80% and housewife individuals 12.31% was more than other individuals in the sample. Being aware of this matter reveals the responsibility of the

  4. Seroprevalence of Toxocariasis in Children in East- Azerbaijan Province, Iran

    Yagoob Garedaghi


    Full Text Available Purpose: Toxocariasis is a zoonotic disease caused by the ascarid of dogs and cats, the main representative of which is a Toxocara canis. Distribution of the disease is world wide and is more prevalent in children. The present study was carried out in children of East Azerbaijan Province, Iran, to determine the toxocariasis seropositivity. Material and Methods: For the present seroepidemiological study, blood samples were collected at random from children of all the five districts of the East Azerbaijan Province. A total of 336 children, 187 males and 149 females in age group of 0-15 years were selected for the present study. ELISA was used for detection of IgG antibodies against Toxocara excretory secretary antigen. A questionnaire interview was conducted to obtain the data concerning their age, sex and habits. The particular points in the questionnaire asked were recorded on the format right on the spot. Results: Gender was found to be a significant risk factor for the Toxocara infection in children population. Male children were found more infected (41.71% as compared to females (24.16%. The total seroprevalence of T. canis antibodies in children of East Azerbaijan Province was 29.46 %. The risk factors that were found associated with the infection of toxocariasis in children population of East Azerbaijan Province include family back ground, status of living conditions, awareness, etc. Conclusion: The present study reveals high prevalence of T. canis infection in children of East Azerbaijan Province. It is important to raise the awareness of health professionals, public and educators to the fact that toxocariasis is a public health problem. Health promotion by means of a school based educational approach, diagnosis and continuous programme of treatment are necessary. [Cukurova Med J 2013; 38(4.000: 581-586

  5. Sediment provenance and province of the southern Yellow Sea: Evidence from light mineral

    WANGKunshan; SHIXuefa; JIANGXiaoli


    The distribution for percent content of light mineral is divided in detail to emphasize distributional trends of higher and lower contents by using 222 samples of light mineral in the southern Yellow Sea. 5 mineral provinces are divided, and they are Ⅰ -north mineral province of the southern Yellow Sea, the sediment dominantly derived from the Yellow River; Ⅱ-mixed mineral province, the sediment derived from both the Yellow River and Yangtze River; Ⅲ-middle mineral province, the sediment derived mainly from the Yellow River and a part of sediment derived from Yangtze River; Ⅳ-province east of Yangtze River mouth, the sediment derived dominantly from Yangtze River; and Ⅴ-south mineral province, sediment was affected by relict sediment and modern sediment of Yangtze River. In this paper, the assemblage of dominant mineral and diagnostic mineral for the five provinces are discerned.

  6. The Brazil-Angola alkaline - carbonatite province and its main economic aspects

    The principal characteristics of the Brazil-Angola Alkaline Carbonatite Province are defined and described with specific reference to tectonic setting and economic aspects. The economic aspects of the Brazilian uranium deposits are emphasised. The Brazil-Angola Alkaline-Carbonatite Province can be divided into six Brazilian sub-provinces and two Angolan sub-provinces. Correlation between the sub-provinces of Brazil and Angola remains speculative due to the lack of detailed information, especially age determinations on the Angolan rocks. However, an analysis of the tectonic and petrochemical aspects suggests that the two Brazilian sub-provinces situated along the littoral of Rio de Janeiro/ Sao Paulo and around the periphery of the Parana Basin may be more easily comparable to the two Angolan sub-provinces than the remaining four. (Author)

  7. Logistics and Sampling Plan for Task 2: 1979-1980 IRS Comparison Study. Quality Control Analysis of Selected Aspects of Programs Administered by the Bureau of Student Financial Assistance.

    Walker, Gail; Kuchak, JoAnn

    The type, number, and scope of errors on Basic Educational Opportunity Grant (BEOG) program applications were estimated in a replication of a 1976-1977 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Comparison Study. Information reported on BEOG applicants and IRS income tax returns was compared for various categories of applicants. The study provides information…

  8. What Should Be the Future Direction of the Foreign Policy of the United States?: National Debate Topic for High Schools, 1979-1980, Pursuant to Public Law 88-246.

    Library of Congress, Washington, DC. Congressional Research Service.

    This book provides information on the 1979-80 national high school debate topic (United States foreign policy). The volume begins with a group of articles selected to provide an overview of foreign policy considerations and a general context for discussions of the three propositions within the designated topic. The book also contains sections with…

  9. Development Prospect of Aromatherapy Industry in Yunnan Province

    Ziyun; PENG; Dantong; LI; Rui; CHEN; Min; QIAN; Yiqi; CHEN; Hongjun; YANG


    This paper firstly introduced domestic and foreign supply of products processed by aromatherapy plant. On the basis of predicting market demand of aromatherapy plant,it analyzed current development situation of the plant in Yunnan Province. It arrived at the conclusion that the industry has broad market prospect. Then,it analyzed competitive advantages and risk factors of aromatherapy plant in Yunnan Province. There are climate,location and price advantages,but due to lack of product standard,it is difficult to guarantee quality,and there are certain market risks. Finally,it put forward recommendations for development of aromatherapy industry:( 1) taking full advantage of preferential policies to set up leading enterprises and realize radiated development;( 2) bringing into play of resource advantages and introducing capitals and technologies;( 3) Fostering market and driving the industrial development.

  10. Seismic Zonation of Central-Southern Hunan Province, China

    Li Ying; Xu Guangyin; Chen Kun; Gao Mengtan


    Based on basic data used in compiling the Zonation Map of Earthquake Ground Motion Parameters in China, recent research on seismic safety assessment for engineering sites in central-southern Hunan Province, the new attenuation relationships of moderate earthquakes and the background seismicity data obtained by modern instrumental earthquake records since 1970, a new result of seismic zonation of central-southern Hunan Province is provided. The result shows that the area with PGA = 0.05g has obviously increased in the new map compared with the previous one and is relatively consistent with the seismic disaster characteristics of moderate earthquakes that took place in the central-southern part of Hunan in recent years.This result will benefit the research and compilation of a new-generation seismic zonation map of earthquake ground motion parameters and the seismic hazard assessment in the moderate earthquake active regions in the central and eastern part of China.

  11. Supervolcanoes within an ancient volcanic province in Arabia Terra, Mars.

    Michalski, Joseph R; Bleacher, Jacob E


    Several irregularly shaped craters located within Arabia Terra, Mars, represent a new type of highland volcanic construct and together constitute a previously unrecognized Martian igneous province. Similar to terrestrial supervolcanoes, these low-relief paterae possess a range of geomorphic features related to structural collapse, effusive volcanism and explosive eruptions. Extruded lavas contributed to the formation of enigmatic highland ridged plains in Arabia Terra. Outgassed sulphur and erupted fine-grained pyroclastics from these calderas probably fed the formation of altered, layered sedimentary rocks and fretted terrain found throughout the equatorial region. The discovery of a new type of volcanic construct in the Arabia volcanic province fundamentally changes the picture of ancient volcanism and climate evolution on Mars. Other eroded topographic basins in the ancient Martian highlands that have been dismissed as degraded impact craters should be reconsidered as possible volcanic constructs formed in an early phase of widespread, disseminated magmatism on Mars. PMID:24091975

  12. Demand Response in the West: Lessons for States and Provinces

    Douglas C. Larson; Matt Lowry; Sharon Irwin


    OAK-B135 This paper is submitted in fulfillment of DOE Grant No. DE-FG03-015F22369 on the experience of western states/provinces with demand response (DR) in the electricity sector. Demand-side resources are often overlooked as a viable option for meeting load growth and addressing the challenges posed by the region's aging transmission system. Western states should work together with utilities and grid operators to facilitate the further deployment of DR programs which can provide benefits in the form of decreased grid congestion, improved system reliability, market efficiency, price stabilization, hedging against volatile fuel prices and reduced environmental impacts of energy production. This report describes the various types of DR programs; provides a survey of DR programs currently in place in the West; considers the benefits, drawbacks and barriers to DR; and presents lessons learned and recommendations for states/provinces.

  13. Origin of Quaternary Red Clay of Southern Anhui Province



    The particle-size distribution,heavy mineral constituents and rare earth elements(REE) characteristics of the Quaternary red clay of southern Anhui Province were studied to explore the origin of the clay.The results showed that the clay had some properties of areolian deposits,which could be compared with,those of the loess in North China ;and its chondrite-normalized curves of REE were similar to those of the Xiashu loess implying tha they shared the same orighin.It was concluded in combination with the results rported by other researchers that the Quaternary red clay of southern Anhui Province originated from aolian deposts, and this could reveal the cycles of warm and cold climates in the area during the Quaternary period.

  14. Impacts of Climate Change on Droughts in Gilan Province, Iran

    Ladan Kazemi Rad; Hosein Mohammadi; Vahid Teyfoori


    Drought as a complex natural hazard is best characterized by multiple climatological and hydrological parameters and its assessment is important for planning and managing water resources. So understanding the history of drought in an area is essential like investigating the effects of drought. In this study at first climate parameters affecting the drought have downscaled by LARS-WG stochastic weather generator over Gilan province in Iran. After choosing a suitable model, the outputs were use...

  15. Development Strategy of Sugarcane Industry in Guangdong Province

    Chen, Yue-gui; Wu, Jian-tao; Yang, Jun-xian; Li, Qi-Wei; Xie, Jing; Pan, Fang-yin; Wu, Wen-long; Liu, Fu-ye; Deng, Hai-hua; Qi, Yong-wen


    Guangdong Province is one of the main producing areas of sugarcane in China, and one of China's three regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, having good basis and conditions for developing sugarcane industry. In this research, using the SWOT-AHP method, we set 20 assessment indicators (such as the regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, huge demand for domestic sugar, increased production costs and backward system of sugarcane), to analyze the development strategy of sugarcane in...

  16. An investigation of gamma background radiation in Hamadan province, Iran

    The general population, everywhere in the world is exposed to a small dose of ionising radiation from natural sources. Stochastic effects such as cancer and genetic disorders are caused when living creatures are exposed to low doses. In Iran, it is measured in some cities, especially in high-background areas such as Ramsar, but so far there is no measurement in the Hamadan province. Hamadan is located in the west of Iran. Measurements were performed using a RDS-110 survey meter, CaSO4:Dy thermoluminescence dosimetries (TLDs) and a Harshaw 4000 TLD reader. To estimate the dose rate outdoors, four stations along the main directions (north, south, west and east) and one in the town centre were selected. Mean annual X and gamma equivalent dose in Hamadan province are 1.12±0.22 and 1.66±0.07 mSv, which related to RDS-110 survey meter and TLDs measurements, respectively. The TLDs and RDS-110 results are representative of the external photon radiation doses for the selected monitoring locations and for those locations for the hours during which the measurements were taken, respectively. Maximum and minimum of external photon radiation doses are related to Hamadan and Kaboudar-Ahang towns, respectively. According to the results of the study, it seems that the annual X and gamma equivalent dose in Hamadan province exceeded the global mean external exposure amounts by the UNSCEAR, and further studies are needed to measure internal exposures to determine the total environmental radiation level in Hamadan province. (authors)

  17. Molecular analysis of fragile X syndrome in Antalya Province

    Bilgen T; Keser I; Mihci E; Haspolat S; Tacoy S; Luleci G


    Background: Detection of the (CGG)n repeats in the FMR1 gene that cause the fragile X syndrome (FXS), has become a milestone for phenotype-genotype correlation in FXS. Aims: To screen the FMR1 gene CGG repeats in index cases with FXS and their family members in the Antalya Province. Setting and design: This study was prospectively conducted between January 200and March 2005 in Department of Medical Biology and Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, Akdeniz University, Antalya. Materials and Method...

  18. Mafia-style domination: the Philippine province of Pampanga

    Kreuzer, Peter


    "The present study investigates provincial politics in Pampanga, an economically highly developed province in the Philippines. The local mode of domination closely resembles practices employed by the classical Mafia of Sicily and Calabria. “Mafia” in this report does not refer to criminal organization but to how a territory and its population is dominated. The analyses of the economic foundations of domination as well as the respective roles of patronage, violence and extralegal practices rev...

  19. Disposal of Rare Earth NORM Residues in Jiangsu Province, China

    The present situation of NORM residues arising from rare earths extraction and separation in Jiangsu Province has been investigated comprehensively. The management of these residues is discussed and analysed with respect to the separation technology, the activity concentrations, the amounts of residue generated and the regional eco-environmental features. Some conclusions and suggestions on the disposal of these NORM residues are given, with reference to the relevant national laws, regulations and standards. (author)

  20. Induced Institutional Transition of Contract Farming in Shandong Province

    Sun, Bao-Chun


    This article describes the process of institutional transition of contract farming in Shandong Province. The changes in preparatory stage of contract farming express in: One, the information asymmetry of the two sides of the contract is reducing; Two, the security system of contract farming tends to be perfection; Three, the organizational form of contract farming tends to be simplification. The measures taken in production stage of agricultural product are as follows: The first is investment...

  1. Evaluation of foaling heat in Arabian mares in Ninevah province

    M. A. Rahawy


    The present study was conducted to study the relationship between breeding season of Arabian mares at first estrous afterfoaling and pregnancy rate. Thirty six mares were divided in to two groups according to foaling heat in breeding season,transitional periods. Animals included in this study were maintained with the same management and conditions in the specialbreeding stables. This study was performed in a farm located in Nineveh province during the period from June 2008 to June2010. The ma...

  2. Strategic Marketing Plan for Huishang Bank in Anhui Province

    Qian, Yani


    Huishang Bank Corporation Limited Company was founded on December 28, 2005, and it has operated since January 1, 2006. Before it was established, it merged with six cities' commercial banks and seven urban credit banks in Anhui Province. It then became the first regional bank which had developed from city commercial bank in China. In the last five years, Huishang bank has already got significant progress, and it entered top 500 global banks in 2010. This thesis focuses on the strategic m...

  3. Comprehensive evaluation on urban competitiveness - A Case of Xinjiang Province

    Wan, Qiu-cheng


    This paper constructs the index system and econometric model of comprehensive evaluation on urban competitiveness, then adopts the factor analysis method to measure the urban competitiveness of 22 prefecture-level cities in Xinjiang Province. The 22 prefecture-level cities are divided into four levels according to the measurement result. Comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the cities in each level is carried out. And related countermeasures and proposals on how to im...

  4. Attitude, motivation, and consumption of seafood in Bacninh province, Vietnam

    Thom, Nguyen Tien


    This study applies the theory planed behavior (TPB - Ajzen, 1991) to investigate the general antecedents of seafood consumption in Bacninh province of Vietnam. The results show that customers in the area consume seafood at a low frequency although they have high motivation and positive attitude toward fish consumption. A further investigation reveals that quality, negative effects, and suitability have significant impact on attitude, while availability, suitability, and value are main determi...

  5. Problems in Food Safety of Hunan Province and Countermeasures

    OUYANG, Fanfan; Deng, Fangming


    In recent years, serious food safety accidents are of frequent occurrence. Although government has taken many practical and feasible measures to contain food safety accidents, new food safety accidents still emerge in large numbers. In this situation, food safety control is a long-term and arduous task to be performed jointly by many government departments. Finally, it presents corresponding countermeasures and recommendations on the basis of current situations of food safety in Hunan Provinc...

  6. Influencing Factors on Farming System Development in Shandong Province


    The developmental situation of the farming system in Shandong Province is introduced.At present,Shandong Province is at the semi-intensive,semi-commercial and semi-sufficiency level of farming system.Eastern coast and central Shandong agricultural zones are moving in the direction of modern farming system,having formed a preliminary new pattern of the coordinated development of grain,feedstuff,economic and other crops.Influencing factors on the development of farming system in Shandong Province is analyzed,which are agricultural production condition and input level,population and food,policy measures,development of natural resources and regions,agricultural industrialization and urbanization level,and scientific and technological level.Total population will be within 100 million at the year 2020;per capita annual share of grain will be 475 kilograms;and there is great pressure on grain production.Therefore,we must change the pattern of agricultural development and accelerate the establishment of modern farming system.Agricultural machinery,water conservancy projects,and chemical fertilizer application have greatly affected the development of farming system.Improvement of production conditions has promoted the adjustment of agricultural structure,increased the planting ratio of winter wheat-summer maize,and improved multiple-cropping index.Development of agricultural industrialization has promoted the transfer of rural labor force and the establishment of modern farming system;while the unbalanced development of cities has restricted the establishment of modern farming system.Therefore,the appropriate policy,scientific and rational regional distribution,and advanced science and technology can help to set up the modern farming system in Shandong Province.

  7. Development of Low Permeability Oilfields in Shengli Oil Province

    Wang Binhai; Fan Naifu


    @@ Shengli oil province,complicated in geology and rich in resources, is the second largest oil production basin of China. Except for some big/medium sized oil/gas field with high and medium permeability which have already been put into production. There are 11oil fields at great depth with low permeability of less than 50 ×10-3 μm2 have been discovered with 12. 2% of the total proved original oil in place.

  8. The Alto Paraguay Alkaline Province: petrographic, geochemical and geochronological characteristics

    The Alto Paraguay Province is located at the border of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraguay, between the coordinates 21 deg 10'to 23 deg 25'of Southern latitude and 57 deg 10' to 58 deg 00', having the city of Porto Murtinho as the main reference point. The geotectonic domain of the area is governed by the precambric units of the Southern extreme of the Amazonic craton which developed a long and accentuated activity, giving rise to folds and important faults, that in several cases seem to have exerted an effective control of the magmatic manifestations. Radiometric data indicate that the emplacement of the syenitic bodies took place in the Permo-Triassic period, with a major incidence in the interval 260-240 Ma, representing thus, an important phase of alkaline magmatic affinity associated to the Parana Basin which is believed is to be unique, since the other known areas (Central, Amambay and Rio Apa Provinces, Paraguay, Velasco Province, Bolivia) are considerably younger (140-120 Ma). Syenitic rocks from the Alto Paraguay Province show wide variation in the ratio 87 Sr/86 Sr (0.703361 - 0.707734). Excluding the Cerro Boggiani rocks (0.703837-0.707734), values for the nepheline syenites (0.703361-0.703672) general lower than those of the other syenites types. Alkaline syenites cover the interval 0.703510- 0.703872, while quartz syenites and syenogranites are 0.704562 and 0.707076, respectively. geologic evidence, in addition to petrographic, geochemical and isotopic (Sr) data, suggest that the syenitic rocks have been derived from an unique mantelic parental liquid, by fractional crystallization and assimilation processes, which are assumed to be occurred during the emplacement of the magma in the crust. (author)

  9. Developmental Strategies of Betel nut Industry in Hainan Province

    Chen, Jun; Han, Xuan; Liu, Li-Yun; Feng, Mei-li; Li, Zhuan; Qin, Hai-tang


    The developmental status of the betel nut industry is introduced, including cultivation situation, processing and development situation, and consumer market situation. The result shows that the cultivation of betel nut in Hainan Province develops rapidly and the primary processing of betel nut has formed certain scale, but the deep processing of betel nut is backward. Except for the minority of the betel nuts consumed by Hainan Island, a large majority of the betel nuts are processed into dry...

  10. Carrying Capacity of Cultivated Land in Henan Province

    Jie, Li; Hong, Lin


    According to the 1998-2008 Henan Statistic Yearbook, Grey Forecasting Model and Time Series Model are used to forecast the carrying capacity of cultivated land in Henan Province. According to the contradiction between limited carrying capacity of cultivated land and the growth of population and food safety, we should strictly implement land use planning, enhance the land protection awareness of farmers, establish effective mechanism of cultivated land protection, promote the land ecumenical a...

  11. New records for the Turkish macrofungi from Amasya province

    AKTAŞ, Sinan; ÖZTÜRK, Celâleddin; KAŞIK, Gıyasettin; DOĞAN, Hasan Hüseyin


    Macrofungi specimens were collected from different localities in Amasya province between 2002 and 2005, particularly during the months of spring and autumn. In all, 16 species were identified as new records; 1 species belongs to Ascomycetes and the other 15 species belong to Basidiomycetes. These new species are Hypoxylon multiforme, Polyporus melanopus, Hygrophorus pratensis var. pratensis, Hygrocybe ovina, Clitocybe ornamentalis, Hemimycena pseudocrispula, Mycena adscendens, Baespora myriad...

  12. Consumption Status of Rural Residents in Shanxi Province

    Liu, Min; Fang, Yafeng; Feng, Xu-fang


    After the analysis on the consumption changes of rural residents in Shanxi Province during the 30 years since the reform and opening up, it indicates that, their consumption scale has been expanding, the consumption level have been greatly promoted, the consumption structure has been gradually becoming reasonable and the consumption quality have been obviously improved. An analysis is also conducted on the influencing factors constraining the consumption demand of rural residents, mainly incl...

  13. Market orientation vs. inovativeness of SMEs of Podlaskie province

    Joanna Ejdys


    This research aims to examine the impact of marketing orientation on the innovation level among Small and Medium Size (SMEs) from Podlaskie Province. A survey utilizing a questionnaire was conducted among 137 companies in the Podlaskie Voivodeship. Altogether 3 hypotheses concerning marketing orientation and innovativeness level have been examined with the use of the hierarchical regression techniques. The relation between three types of marketing orientation and innovativeness has been analy...

  14. Microbial characteristics of food preparations in Benevento province

    Vittoria Ricci; Letizia Petrella; Marika Mercurio; Francesca Barone


    The aim of this preliminary study was to determine the microbiological quality of pastry products and gastronomic preparations served in food service establishments in Benevento province, Southern Italy. A total of 125 samples were collected from food service establishments. Parameters investigated were: aerobic plate counts (APCs), total Coliform bacteria counts, beta-glucuronidase-positive Escherichia (E.) coli counts, Enterobacteriaceae counts, coagulase-positive Staphylococci counts, isol...

  15. Incidence of Neonatal Hyperphenylalaninemia in Fars Province, South Iran

    Gholamhossein Amirhakimi; Zohreh Karamizadeh; Mahtab Ordoei; Hamdollah Karamifar


    Objective: Phenylalanine hydroxylase or its cofactor, tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4), deficiency causes accumulation of phenylalanine in body fluids and central nervous system. Considering the fact that hyperphenylalaninemia is a preventable cause of mental retardation in infants, the objective of this study was to determine the incidence of congenital hyperphenylalaninemia in Fars province, south of Iran.Methods: In a period of one year from November 2007 to November 2008 blood samples were withd...

  16. Geochemical characterization of Quaternary tephras from the Campanian Province, Italy

    C. S. M. Turney; Blockley, S.P.E.; Lowe, J.J.; Sabine Wulf; N. P. Branch; G. Mastrolorenzo; Swindle, G.; Nathan, R; Pollard, A. M.;  


    The Campanian province has a rich history of human interaction with volcanic eruptions. In a region currently inhabited by 3 million people, it is crucial to have precise and accurate geochemical characterization of volcanic units within the region so as to identify the spatial distribution of past events. Furthermore, tephrochronology is becoming an important tool in the region for correlating past environmental records. Unfortunately, many of the key units have been geochemically analysed u...

  17. Epidemiological analysis of injury in Shandong Province, China

    Zhang Jiyu


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Injury is an emerging public health problem with social development and modernization in developing countries. To describe the prevalence and burden of injury and provide elaborate information for policy development, we conducted a community-based household survey in the Shandong Province of China. Methods The survey was conducted in 2004. Participants were selected by a multi-stage random sampling method. Information on injuries occurring in 2003 was collected in four cities and six rural counties in Shandong Province, China. Results The estimated incidence rate of injury in Shandong Province was 67.7 per 1,000. Injury incidence was higher in rural areas (84.3 per 1,000 than in urban areas (42.9 per 1,000, and was higher among males (81.1 per 1,000 than females (54.1 per 1,000. The average years of potential life lost is 37.7 years for each fatal injury. All injuries together caused 6,080,407 RMB yuan of direct and indirect economic loss, with traffic injuries accounting for 44.8% of the total economic loss. Conclusion Injury incidence was higher among males than females, and in rural areas than in urban areas. Youngsters suffered the highest incidence of injury. Injury also caused large losses in terms of both economics and life, with traffic injuries contributing the most to this loss. Strategies for prevention of injury should be developed.

  18. The South-East Karst Province of South Australia

    Grimes, K. G.


    The South-East Karst Province of South Australia is an extensive area of low relief with dolines, cenotes, uvalas, and a variety of cave types developed in the soft, porous, flat-lying Tertiary Gambier Limestone and also as syngenetic karst in the overlying calcarenite dunes of the Pleistocene Bridgewater Formation. The most spectacular surface karst features are the large collapse dolines, especially those that extend below the water table to form cenotes. Shallow swampy hollows occur in superficial Quaternary sediments. These are an enigmatic feature of the Bool Region, where all gradations appear to occur between definite karst dolines and nonkarstic hollows. Some depressions may be polygenetic—involving a combination of: (1) primary depositional hollows on coastal flats or in dune fields, (2) deflation, and (3) karst solution and subsidence. There are extensive underwater cave systems in the southern part of the province, and the bulk of the cave development there may well lie below the present water table, although these systems would have been at least partly drained during the lower sea levels of the last glacial period. Systematic variations within the province reflect differences in the parent rock types, the extent and nature of the cover and, most importantly, the hydrology—in particular the depth to the water table and its gradient.

  19. Investigation of Vegetation Species in Desert Areas of Fars Province

    Fozoni, L.; Fakhireh, A.


    The Fars province is located in the south of IRAN, with area of 122830Km2. This areas involved saline and alkaline soils. The aim of this research is investigation of salty lands and vegetation degradation for offering of sociable species for any area. Recognition studying of desert area in Fars province was identified using all available data and using GIS and RS technologies. In this study, main indicators have been appointed using Floristical-Fizionomicaly method. Vegetation per cent, growth form, density and altitude were considered as main indicators. More than 50 species of halophytes were collected and 25 plant types were identified in 17 zones of studied area. The main plant types were as follows: Hammada, Halocnemum-Aeluropus and Halocnemum-limonium. Ultimately, halophytes cover map was prepared. In the end of growth season, 50 soil samples from halophyte types in two horizons 0-30cm and 30-100cm were taken and tested. The result showed, the studied area, has saline lands surface and high salinity land with cover of 9000Km2. Keyword: Saline Soil, Alkaline Soil, Halophytes, Fars Province

  20. Field test of new poplar clone in Shangdong Province

    QIN Guang-hua; JIANG Yue-zhong; QIAO Yu-ling; B.Nottola


    Poplar is one of the dominant tree species for the establishment of fast growing plantations in Shandong Province. Eighteen poplar clones belonging to Populus aigeiros section were introduced from Italy, Turkey and domestic regions. Populus deltoides cv. 'Lux' I-69/55 (I-69), which was widely used in Shandong Province, China, was taken as control clone (I-69). Following a randomized complete block design, seedling test and controlled afforestation trials were carried out at Juxian County, Caoxian County and Laiyang City. The results showed that the poplar clone (Populus × euramericana cv. '102/74'), namely 102/74, performed well both in terms of adaptability and growth rate. The mean height of 13.9 m (H), diameter at breast height of 18.0 cm (DBH) and volume growth of 0.1445 m3 (V) were 2.2 %, 21.6% and 52.9 % higher than those of I-69 (CK), respectively, at the age of 5 years at three experimental sites. Moreover, the clone can be propagated easily and showed high resistance to poplar disease, pest as well as salinity and had longer growing period. Furthermore, wood basic density and fiber length of new poplar clone (102/74) were as same as I-69 (CK). It was concluded that the selected clone (102/74) was ideal for the establishment of fast-growing poplar plantations, especially for the pulpwood plantations in Shandong Province.

  1. Research on the Industrial Ecologicalization in Yunnan Province


    By using ecological carrying capacity, ecological footprint method and shift-share analysis and the data from Yunnan Statistical Yearbook and China Statistical Yearbook, the status quo of industrial ecologicalization development in Yunnan Province is analyzed from the aspects of consumption of resources and environment, production technology and industrial pollution and industrial structure. The results show that the economic growth in Yunnan Province is based on the huge consumption of resources; the consumption of natural environment has surpassed its carrying capacity; the production technology is relatively backward and the comprehensive use efficiency of the "three wastes" is low; the solid waste emission of the ten thousand GDP far exceeds the average level of the whole county; the total emissions of industrial waste gas and domestic sewage are increasing; the efficiency of industrial structure is bad. On the strength of the analysis, the relevant measures on ecological industrial development in Yunnan Province is put forward, covering strengthening the awareness of saving resources and protecting environment; establishing energy-saving type national economy and social system; actively adjusting industrial structure; strengthening ecological construction of the three major industries.


    YU Shu-xia; SHANG Jin-cheng; GUO Huai-cheng


    The main purpose of this study is to give evaluation of ecological services of Jilin Province,Northeast China.To take this value into decision-making and GDP accounting system is considered to be one of the economic solutions for ecological problems.The evaluation is based on the methods proposed by COSTANZA et al.,and some modifications about unit value of forest and cropland system were made according to the real characters of ecosystem,climate,natural conditions etc.,in Jilin Province.Total value of ecosystem services is about 554.404×109yuan(RMB)/a,which is about 4.9 times of GDP of the corresponding period.The results of this study could be used as a fundamental work for the construction of ecological province,which was carried out from 2001,and could provide ecological information for decision-making.Furthermore,the necessities for the further studies on the evaluation of ecological services and natural capital were discussed.

  3. Uranium provinces and their time-bound characteristics

    Although uranium is ubiquitous, it needs a certain geological setting in order to accumulate and it has been demonstrated that the migration and concentration of uranium depends primarily on its oxidation state and on the presence of certain elements which constitute the earth's crust. The uranium provinces of the globe are distinctly time-bound and occur in a series of five clearly defined mega-rhythms ranging from the early Proterozoic to the Recent. A different type, or a combination of different types, of mineralization is found to be characteristic of each epoch, and study of these variations has in the recent past led to a better understanding of the behaviour of uranium under wide-ranging conditions. This paper reviews the time-bound characteristics of the uranium provinces of southern Africa in the context of their global setting and their relationship to other uranium provinces. The nature and origin of the hiatus between each of the major pulses of uranium mineralization are also reflected on

  4. Spatial and Statistical Analysis of Leptospirosis in Guilan Province, Iran

    Nia, A. Mohammadi; Alimohammadi, A.; Habibi, R.; Shirzadi, M. R.


    The most underdiagnosed water-borne bacterial zoonosis in the world is Leptospirosis which especially impacts tropical and humid regions. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the number of human cases is not known precisely. Available reports showed that worldwide incidences vary from 0.1-1 per 100 000 per year in temperate climates to 10-100 per 100 000 in the humid tropics. Pathogenic bacteria that is spread by the urines of rats is the main reason of water and soil infections. Rice field farmers who are in contact with infected water or soil, contain the most burden of leptospirosis prevalence. In recent years, this zoonotic disease have been occurred in north of Iran endemically. Guilan as the second rice production province (average=750 000 000 Kg, 40% of country production) after Mazandaran, has one of the most rural population (Male=487 679, Female=496 022) and rice workers (47 621 insured workers) among Iran provinces. The main objectives of this study were to analyse yearly spatial distribution and the possible spatial clusters of leptospirosis to better understand epidemiological aspects of them in the province. Survey was performed during the period of 2009-2013 at rural district level throughout the study area. Global clustering methods including the average nearest neighbour distance, Moran's I and General G indices were utilized to investigate the annual spatial distribution of diseases. At the end, significant spatial clusters have been detected with the objective of informing priority areas for public health planning and resource allocation.

  5. Malaria Situation and Anopheline Mosquitoes in Qom Province, Central Iran

    B Farzinnia


    Methods: This study was carried out in two parts. First stage was data collection about malaria cases using recorded documents of patients in the Province health center, during 2001–2008. The second stage was entomological survey conducted by mosquito larval collection method in 4 villages with different geographical positions in 2008. Data were analyzed using Excel software. Results: Of 4456 blood slides, 10.9% out were positive. Most of cases were imported from other countries (90.4%, mainly from Afghanistan (56.5% and Pakistan (16.3%. Slide positive rate showed a maximum of 16.9% and a minimum of 2.9% in 2008 and 2007, respectively. Plasmodium vivax was causative agent of 93.75% of cases, fol­lowed by P. falciparum (6.25%. More than 15 years old age group contained the most malaria reported cases (66.7%. Two Anopheles species, An. superpictus and An. claviger were collected and identified. This is the first report of Anopheles claviger in Qom Province. Conclusion: Malaria is in the control stage in Qom Province. The rate of local transmission is very low (only 1 case, shows Anopheles superpictus, as the main malaria vector of central part of Iran, can play its role in malaria transmission in the area.

  6. Molecular Identification of Nosema species in East Azerbaijan province, Iran

    Razmaraii, N.


    Full Text Available Nosema is a genus of microsporidia, which have significant negative impacts on honeybees. The aim of thisstudy is the epidemiological evaluation and molecular characterization of Nosema spices in various countiesof East-Azerbaijan province (Northwest of Iran. 387 samples were collected from colonies maintained invarious counties of East-Azerbaijan province. Samples after preparation were examined by a lightmicroscope for presence of Nosema spores. PCR method (SSUrRNA gene was used to differentiatebetween Nosema apis (N. apis and N. ceranae. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. Totalinfection prevalence of the microscopic evaluation and PCR tests were 225 (58.1% and 260 (67.1%respectively, total validity of PCR test against the microscopic test was computed equal to 1.1 in this case.Disease distribution in various counties of study area was variable and N. ceranae was the only Nosema species found to infect honeybees. The one species presence and different distribution of Nosema positive samples in various counties of East-Azerbaijan province may be due to multiple reasons. Furthermore,epidemiological information helps us to improve disease management practices in the studied area, apply new hygiene policy and reduce extra costs of production.

  7. Research on Farmers’ Property Income in Jiangsu Province


    Relying on the statistics,the property income status of Jiangsu Province is expounded.In the first place,farmers’ property income takes a low proportion to the total income for its small cardinal number;in the second place,although farmers’ property income has increased continuously,the growth fluctuates;in the third place,the growth tempo of farmers’ property income is faster than the growth tempo of net income;in the fourth place,per capita property income of farmers is obviously lower than that of urban residents.The reasons that affect the property income of farmers in Jiangsu Province are analyzed,which cover low income level of rural residents,imperfect land system,imperfect rural financial system,imperfect rural housing system and imperfect rural social security system.On the basis of the above analysis,the targeted measures on improving the property income of farmers in Jiangsu Province are put forward.Firstly,the government should improve farmers’ income and lay solid foundation for property income;secondly,the government should clarify land property rights and explore the land transfer situation;thirdly,the government should accelerate rural financial system reform and perfect rural financial system;fourthly,the government should vigorously implement the transfer of houses in rural collective residents and perfect rural housing rent market;fifthly,the government should promote the reform of rural social security system and solve farmers’ worries.

  8. alpha-thalassemia mutations in Khuzestan Province, Southwest Iran.

    Zandian, Khodamorad; Nateghi, Jamal; Keikhaie, Bijan; Pedram, Mohammad; Hafezi-Nejad, Nima; Hadavi, Valeh; Oberkanins, Christian; Azarkeivan, Azita; Law, Hai-Yang; Najmabadi, Hossein


    Although alpha-thalassemia (alpha-thal) is the most common hereditary hemoglobin (Hb) disorder in Iran, no comprehensive data are so far available on the prevalence of the disease in the province of Khuzestan in Southwest Iran. This study investigates the spectrum of alpha-thal mutations in this region. One hundred and twenty-one subjects from Khuzestan Province, Iran, were initially tested for the three most common Iranian alpha-thal mutations (- alpha3.7, -alpha4.2, and --MED) by gap-polymerase chain reaction (gap-PCR). Reverse hybridization test strips and DNA sequencing were used to identify additional alpha-globin mutations. A total of 131 mutated alpha-globin alleles were identified in these patients. Of the 13 mutations that were detected in Khuzestan Province, Iran, the - alpha3.7 single gene deletion was the most frequently identified variant, representing 62.6% of the total; we also observed significant numbers of individuals with compound heterozygous mutations. On the basis of our results, we strongly recommend screening for the most common mutations to improve the molecular diagnosis of anemia in this region. PMID:19065332

  9. Incidence of Neonatal Hyperphenylalaninemia in Fars Province South Iran

    Hamdollah Karamifar


    Full Text Available Objective:Phenylalanine hydroxylase or its cofactor, tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4, deficiency causes accumulation of phenylalanine in body fluids and central nervous system. Considering the fact that hyperphenylalaninemia is a preventable cause of mental retardation in infants, the objective of this study was to determine the incidence of congenital hyperphenylalaninemia in Fars province, south of Iran.Methods:In a period of one year from November 2007 to November 2008 blood samples were withdrawn from all newborns born in Fars province for measurement of serum phenylalanine. The samples with a serum level of � 2 mg/dl were referred to pediatric endocrine clinic for confirmation and determination of the type of hyperphenylalaninemia by quantitive serum phenylalanine measurements by using High-Pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC method.Findings:Nine out of 76966 newborns had a serum phenylalanine level �2mg/dl, of which 8 cases were confirmed by HPLC. The incidence of the disease was 1:10000. The incidence of mild hyperphenylalaninemia and phenylketonuria (PKU among the patients was 62.5% and 37.5% respectively and the incidence of BH4 deficiency was 1/76966.Conclusion:These findings indicate a high incidence of hyperphenylalaninemia, in the newborns from Fars province. The high incidence makes a comprehensive screening program for management of the disease necessary.

  10. A key to the Soricidae, Macroscelididae, Gliridae and Muridae of Gauteng, North West Province, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province, South Africa

    Christia H. Newbery


    Full Text Available A practical key to the shrews, elephant-shrews, dormice, rats and mice based on external field characteristics is presented. Size, tail features and lengths, dorsal and ventral body colour, etc. are the important characteristics, while habitat and distribution are also incorporated. The small mammals included in the key are from Gauteng, North West Province, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province.


    Yueze Liu; Jianwen Cao; Zuxun Lu


    Objectives: To evaluate the current status of magnetic resonance imagers (MRI) in Shanxi province and provide evidence for decision-making on the allocation of MRI in China. Methods Data on the allocation of MRI in Shanxi province from 1998 to 2002 were obtained using standardized questionnaires. Descriptive statistic was generated. Results Six major trends can be discerned from the study. 1) MRI is diffusing slower in Shanxi province than other countries including some developing countries such as Mexico. 2) MRI was firstly installed in tertiary level hospitals and then diffusion in lower level hospitals in Shanxi province. 3) Most of MR1 with superconducting magnet system have been installed in higher level hospitals. 4) The number of MRI in Shanxi province and Taiyuan municipality (the metropolis of Shanxi province) is more than that of standard promulgated by National Committee of Plan, and Ministry of Finance and MOH. 5) Although MRI diffusion in Shanxi province is developed rapidly, the number of MRI in Shanxi province is still less than the number of CT scanners. 6) Permanent magnet and superconducting magnet has emerged as the dominant MRI technology in Shanxi province. Conclusions 1) Diffusion of permanent magnet MRI should be supported sakes for a better function/price in the area of lower economic level such as Shanxi province. 2) Diffusion of MRI should be consistent with economic level. Economic level of districts should be considered when health policy related to MRI diffusion was made.

  12. An Empirical Analysis of Influential Factors in International Tourism Income in Sichuan Province

    Qizhi Yang


    Full Text Available Sichuan Province is abundant in tourism resources, a big tourism province. Its tourism income occupies a relatively great rate in the total output value of local area. However, an analysis of the tourism income structure of Sichuan Province, it is found that whether in terms of the total output or the proportion it occupies, the international tourism income lags behind domestic tourism income. In the meanwhile, whether compared with such cosmopolis as Beijing and Shanghai or compared with Jiangsu and Shandong, the international tourism income of Sichuan Province occupies a small rate, which is out of line with the status of big tourism province of Sichuan Province. However, as a primary means for foreign exchange earning in Sichuan Province, the international tourism income has a significance that can not be ignored. Thus, it is necessary to analyze the influential factors that affect the international tourism income of Sichuan Province, take relevant measures to improve the international tourism condition in Sichuan Province, improve the international tourism income and make greater contributions to economic development of foreign exchange earning in Sichuan Province.

  13. Empirical Analysis on the Grain Supply Capacity of Hubei Province,China


    According to the investigation results of grain production and demand status of administrative units at county level in Hubei Province in the years 2004-2007,status and trend of grain production and grain demand in Hubei Province are analyzed,so as to discuss the grain supply capacity of Hubei Province.Result shows that affected by the adjustment of agricultural structure and the transfer of rural labor,Hubei Province shows a significant decrease in grain production before the year 2002,and a gradual increase in both grain production scale and grain supply capacity after the year 2004.It is forecasted that in the year 2020,Hubei Province will provide 13 100 thousand tons marketable grain to the state and will become a core province ensuring the grain security of China.

  14. The Evaluation of the Agricultural Mechanization Level of Sivas Province Between 1997-2007 Years

    yardımcısı, Baş editör ve; ASLAN, İhsan


    The aim of this study was to determine the mechanizaton level of Sivas Province between 1997-2007 years. The datas of study were collected from statistical database of Sivas Province Agriculture Directorship. In determination of the agricultural mechanization level of Sivas province; the criteria such as tractor power per cultivated land unit (kW/ha), tractor number per 1000 ha cultivated land unit (tractor/1000 ha) and cultivated land per tractor number (ha/tractor) were used.

  15. Measurement and Evaluation of Efficiency of Regional Technical Innovation Jiangsu Province

    龚荒; 王新宇


    The target system was built to evaluate the efficiency of technical innovation for 13 cities and three regions in Jiangsu province based on the data envelopment analysis. This paper comparatively analyzed the efficiency of innovation and scaling return for each region in Jiangsu province. The projection analysis on production frontier face for inefficient regions was also performed. Evolving rules and regional difference of technical innovation system of Jiangsu province were explored. Some important results and suggestion were obtained.

  16. Study on Improving Development Strategies of New Rural Social Pension Insurance System in Heilongjiang Province

    Zhang Qi-wen; Li Hui-fang; Gao Li-na


    Since 2009, the new rural pension insurance in Heilongjiang Province has obtained certain achievements, but the effects are not obvious. Reflection on the development process, we find that there are a lot of problems. Therefore, in order to guarantee the smooth implementation of new rural social pension insurance work in Heilongjiang Province, this paper combined with the reality to provide several suggestions for improving the new rural social pension insurance system in Heilongjiang Province.

  17. Simulation of Change Trend of Drought in Shaanxi Province in Future Based on PRECIS Model


    [Objective] The aim was to predict the change trend of drought in Shaanxi Province in future. [Method] Based on the regional climate model PRECIS from Hadley Climate Center, British Meteorological Bureau, taking precipitation anomaly percentage as assessment index, the change trend of drought in Shaanxi Province in reference years (1971-1990) was simulated, and the change trend of drought in Shaanxi Province from 2071 to 2100 was predicted. [Result] The simulated value of drought frequency in reference year...

  18. Foreign direct investment in provinces: A spatial regression approach to FDI in Vietnam

    Esiyok, Bulent; Ugur, Mehmet


    Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows into Vietnam have increased significantly in recent years, with unequal distribution between provinces and regions. We aim to contribute to the literature on locational determinants of FDI by accounting for spatial interdependence between 62 Vietnamese provinces from 2006-2009. For this purpose, we estimate a spatial lag model using maximum likelihood estimation method. We report existence of spatial dependence between provinces as well as spatial spill-o...

  19. Evaluation of Ecological Carrying Capacity of Henan Province under the Sustainable Development

    Jiang, Xiao-Ping


    Based on the overview of social economy of Henan Province, I probe into the concept and evaluation of ecological carrying capacity. By using the ecological footprint analysis and the data of various kinds of land supply of Henan Province from 2000 to 2008, the ecological carrying capacity of Henan Province is analyzed. It is unveiled that inharmonious population, natural resources and economic resources affects the efficiency of the sustainable development of ecological carrying capacity of H...

  20. The Strategic Study on Low-carbon Transformation of Food Packaging Industry of Anhui Province

    Fang Wang


    For exploring low-carbon development of packaging industry of Anhui province and abating gradual deterioration of global energy, environment and climate. Based on the related theory of the low-carbon economy, combined with the characteristics of food packaging industry of Anhui Province, the thesis is designed to explore some strategies of low-carbon transition of food packaging industry in Anhui Province from the aspects of constructing low-carbon social atmosphere, the formulating relevant ...

  1. The Impact of Coal Mining on the Economy and Environment of South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia

    Luthfi Fatah


    This study investigates the impact of coal mining on the economy and environment of South Kalimantan Province, one of the most important coal producing regions in Indonesia. It uses a Social Accounting matrix to assess how the industry affects the province's economy and the livelihoods of its people. It also investigates what policy options will best reduce its negative environmental impacts at least cost to the province's economy. The study, by Luthfi Fatah of Lambung Mangkurat University, f...

  2. Research on the International Export Competitiveness of Honey – Taking Anhui Province as an example

    Yu Hua; Qi Yanbin; Yan Yubao; Cui Pengbo


    This article uses the data of honey export from 2000 to 2013 (Jan. to Aug.) to make an analysis on the fluctuation of honey export number and price in Anhui Province in order to know about the current situation of honey export in Anhui Province. Then it quantitatively makes an analysis on the current situation of international export competitiveness of honey in Anhui Province by market share, trade competitiveness index, export quality index and other methods; It also uses the analysis result...

  3. Land Demand and Land Use Regulation for the Building of International Tourist Island in Hainan Province

    Li, Bin; Gao, Yuan; Lin, Bo; Luo, Sheng-wei; Li, Gang; Li, Xiao-Ye


    We conduct analysis on the urban construction's demand for land, tourism's demand for land, infant industry's demand for land and infrastructure's demand for land in Hainan Province, respectively, and forecast the amount of newly-added land in Hainan Province in 2015 compared to 2008. Based on regional characteristics, we analyze the main problems in land use in Hainan Province, and work out the regional land use regulation plan, to provide scientific guidance for the building of Internationa...

  4. An Empirical Analysis of Influential Factors in International Tourism Income in Sichuan Province

    Qizhi Yang; Feng Ye; Fuhui Yan


    Sichuan Province is abundant in tourism resources, a big tourism province. Its tourism income occupies a relatively great rate in the total output value of local area. However, an analysis of the tourism income structure of Sichuan Province, it is found that whether in terms of the total output or the proportion it occupies, the international tourism income lags behind domestic tourism income. In the meanwhile, whether compared with such cosmopolis as Beijing and Shanghai or compared with Jia...

  5. Issues Existing in the Capital Market in Jilin Province and Solutions

    Hong Li


    Development of the capital market has attracted external sources of finance to the great extent, promoted Jilin Province to change from an old industrial base to an advanced international manufacturing base and greatly enhanced the overall economic strength of Jilin Province. Nonetheless, considering the current situation, mobility of capital in economy of Jilin Province is not yet strong and insufficient capital is still an impediment to constrain economic and social development of Jilin Pro...

  6. Study on Measures and Policies to Reduce Pollution in Raising Livestock and Poultry in Jiangsu Province

    Liang, Yonghong; GUAN, Yongxiang; Wu, Hao; Wang, Zichen


    As a developed province in China, Jiangsu Province is competitive in the livestock and poultry production industry. With the development and growing intensity of livestock and poultry industry, animal pollution has become the major source of panel agricultural pollution. This paper studied the characteristics of livestock and poultry industry in Jiangsu Province: large amount of livestock poultry, imbalanced development of livestock and regional differences, large pollution, large amount of p...

  7. A spatial regression approach to FDI in Vietnam: province-level evidence

    Esiyok, Bulent; Ugur, Mehmet


    Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows into Vietnam have increased significantly in recent years and are distributed unequally between provinces. This paper aims to investigate the locational determinants of FDI in 62 Vietnamese provinces and whether spatial dependence is a significant factor that both researchers and policy-makers should take into account. We report that province-specific percapita income, secondary education enrolment, labor costs, openness to trade, and domestic investment ...

  8. Simulation Calculation and Distribution Characteristics of Terrain Reflected Radiation in Fujian Province


    [Objective] The aim was to study the distribution characteristics of terrain reflected radiation in Fujian Province.[Method] Based on solar radiation data,digital elevation model (DEM) and surface meteorological observation data in Fujian Province,plus surface albedo obtained by using remote sensing inversion method,the distribution of terrain reflected radiation in Fujian Province from 1988 to 2007 was simulated,and then its temporal and spatial distribution characteristics was studied.[Result] The simulat...

  9. Agricultural water-saving potential and feasibility of developing semi-dryland farming in Henan Province

    Huang Xiuqiao; Wang Jinglei


    Based on the collected data in the current status of developing and utilizing water resources and imple-menting water-saving agriculture in Henan Province,and taking into account the influence of engineering,agro-nomic and management measures,the water-saving potential in past years and the feasibility of implementing semi-dryland farming were analyzed in Henan Province. Finally,specific technical measures of developing semi-dryland farming in different areas of Henan Province were proposed.

  10. Estimation on the Total Quantity of Biomass Energy and Its Environmental Benefit Analysis in Shandong Province


    [Objective] The aim was to estimate the total quantity of biomass energy and analyze its environmental benefit in Shandong Province.[Method] Based on the data from the statistics yearbook of Shandong Province in 2010,the total quantity of biomass resources and biomass energy in Shandong Province in 2009 was estimated,and its environmental benefit was analyzed.[Result] Biomass resources in Shandong Province mainly refer to crop residues,forest residues,grassland changed from degraded land.If degraded land be...

  11. Land Demand and Land Use Regulation for the Building of International Tourist Island in Hainan Province

    LI Bin; GAO Yuan; LIN Bo; LUO Sheng-wei; LI Gang; LI Xiao-ye


    We conduct analysis on the urban construction’s demand for land, tourism’s demand for land, infant industry’s demand for land and infrastructure’s demand for land in Hainan Province, respectively, and forecast the amount of newly-added land in Hainan Province in 2015 compared to 2008. Based on regional characteristics, we analyze the main problems in land use in Hainan Province, and work out the regional land use regulation plan, to provide scientific guidance for the building of International tourist island in Hainan Province.

  12. Analysis on the Climatic Characteristics of Temperature in "24 Solar Terms" in Liaoning Province


    [Objective] The aim was to analyze the climatic characteristics of temperature in "24 solar terms" in Liaoning Province.[Method] Based on the daily temperature data from 56 stations in Liaoning Province from 1951 to 2009,the climatic characteristics of temperature in "24 solar terms" in Liaoning Province in recent 59 years were analyzed.[Result] The time series of average temperature in "24 solar terms" in Liaoning Province showed quasi normal distribution from 1951 to 2009,namely single peak type.Great Hea...

  13. Strengths,Problems,and Recommendations of Potato Staple Food Development in Zhejiang Province

    Weifang; FAN; Aiping; LAI; Guoquan; LU


    China launched the potato staple food strategy in 2015. The potato staple food strategy focuses on increasing potato consumption and promoting potato production through processing and use of potato staple food. This provides new opportunity for development of potato in Zhejiang Province. This paper analyzed development strengths and existing problems of the potato industry in Zhejiang Province. On this basis,it came up with pertinent recommendations for potato staple food development in Zhejiang Province,so as to guide consumption with nutrition,and guide production with consumption,to provide theoretical foundation for development of potato industry in Zhejiang Province.


    Taskaya, Serap; Sahin, Bayram; Demirkiran, Mustafa; Yalcin, Pinar Balcik


    The sizes of human resources for health are the most important indicators which are used to determine the level of health status among countries, regions or provinces. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between health workforce to population ratios and economic development ranking of provinces. The data on economic development ranking of provinces were obtained from          "Socio-Economic Development Ranking of Provinces and Regions "published in 2013 by the Republic of Tu...

  15. On Promoting the Construction of Model Province of National Rural Informationization in Hubei

    Pengfei Zhang


    Full Text Available The construction of model province of national rural informationization, which needs more departments jointly and participants, is a systematic, socialized major project. Hubei provincial government, standing in the angle of planning the province's economic and social development as a whole, proposes the “one Yuan multi-level” development strategy and it has laid a solid foundation to make Hubei province become the construction pilot provinces of “model province of national rural informationization”. In the construction of model province of rural informationization, the open and inclusive concept is of great significance to realize national long-term goals and make the rural information service sustained and long efficient. At the same time, each department and each participation main body coordinate with each other, which realize the integration of rural information service resources and prevent rural information service from redundant and inefficient investment. Therefore, in the construction of model province of national rural informationization, Hubei province need to uphold the open and inclusive concept, further emancipate the mind, and complement each other. It should strengthen organizational leadership, complete the top planning and design, strengthen the department coordination, innovate information services operating mechanism, strengthen integration of information resources and integrated application of service platform, strengthen the system construction and examination management, strengthen the propaganda guidance, and further promote each work of model province carried out smoothly and orderly.

  16. Research on the International Export Competitiveness of Honey – Taking Anhui Province as an example

    Yu Hua


    Full Text Available This article uses the data of honey export from 2000 to 2013 (Jan. to Aug. to make an analysis on the fluctuation of honey export number and price in Anhui Province in order to know about the current situation of honey export in Anhui Province. Then it quantitatively makes an analysis on the current situation of international export competitiveness of honey in Anhui Province by market share, trade competitiveness index, export quality index and other methods; It also uses the analysis result to find out the relevant factors that affect the international honey export competitiveness and proposes the relevant countermeasures to improve the international competitiveness of honey in Anhui Province.

  17. Amazonian volcanic activity at the Syrtis volcanic province, Mars

    Platz, Thomas; Jodlowski, Piotr; Fawdon, Peter; Michael, Greg; Tanaka, Kenneth


    The Syrtis Major volcanic province, including the entire Syrtis Major Planum, is located near the Martian highland/lowland transitional zone west of Isidis Planitia. It covers ≡7.4×105 km2 and contains two low-shield volcanic edifices with N-S elongated calderas named Nili and Meroe Paterae. The estimated thickness of erupted material in the province ranges from approximately 0.5 km to 1.0 km with a total volume of about 1.6-3.2×105 km3 [1]. The timing of volcanic activity in the Syrtis Major volcanic province has been suggested to be restricted to the Hesperian Period [1-4]. In the geological map of Greeley and Guest [2], volcanic material of Syrtis Major was assigned an Hesperian age based on the density of observed craters larger than 5 km in diameter. Using the same crater density range, recent studies of Hiesinger et al. [1] and Tanaka et al. [3] and Tanaka et al. [4] assigned an Early Hesperian and Early to Late Hesperian age, respectively, for the entire province. In this study we mapped lava flows, lava channels, and major lava-flow margins and report model ages for lava-flow formation and caldera segments of Nili and Meroe Paterae. The objective of this ongoing survey is to better understand the eruption frequency of this volcanic province. In total, we mapped 67 lava flows, caldera segments, and intra-crater fillings of which 55 were dated. Crater size-frequency distributions (CSFD) were mapped on HRSC and CTX imagery using CraterTools [5]. CSFDs were analyzed and model ages determined in Craterstats [6] using the production and chronology functions of Ivanov [7] and Hartmann and Neukum [8], respectively. A detailed description of the utilization of the crater-counting technique and its limitations with respect to small-scale mapping is given in Platz et al. [9]. Model ages range between 838 Ma (Middle Amazonian) to 3.6 Ga (Late Hesperian). In our survey, a broad age peak occurs between 2 to 2.6 Ga, continuously declining thereafter. We note that

  18. Trachoma rapid assessment in Shandong province of China

    Qu Yi; Bi Hongsheng; Wen Ying; Li Chaofeng; Wu Hui


    Background This research aims at identifying relative interventions on trachoma and testing the effectiveness of control measures adopted by assessing its prevalence and related risk factors in Shandong province of China.Methods Trachoma rapid assessment (TRA) was conducted in 6 sub-districts selected from Shandong province based on primary high risk assessment.Active trachoma in children aged 1-9 years and environmental risk factors of trachoma (unclean faces,absence of running water,and absence of flush toilets) were assessed (TRA 1).Control measures were taken in endemic areas.A second TRA (TRA 2) was conducted after 12 months in the same 6 districts and findings of the two TRAs were compared.Results In TRA 1,we found trachoma in 3 sub-districts and the detection rate was 4% (95% Cl:0.39%-11.12%),6% (95% Cl:1.18%-14.17%),and 6% (95% Cl:1.18%-14.17%) respectively.We could not find trachoma cases in TRA 2.Research data supports that children living with environmental risk factors face an increased risk to active trachoma.However,we could not find statistical evidence for this association,which may be caused by the limited data on prevalence.Conclusions This research indicates that the TRA methodology is easy to assess trachoma and its related risk factors.Based on the results of this study,we have already achieved the goal of "elimination of trachoma" in Shandong province,as the detection rate of trachomatous inflamation follicular/trachomatous inflammation intense in 1-9-year-old children was less than 5%.


    Sh. Sarafraz, M. R. Khani, K. Yaghmaeian


    Full Text Available Hospital wastewaters are one of the most contaminating wastewaters and need to be paid more attention due to containing infectious agents. In this study, which had been conducted in a period of one year, 7 public hospitals were selected out of 12 public hospitals in Hormozgan Province of Iran. For studying quality of wastewater in hospitals, both influent and effluent wastewaters of treatment plant, if any, were sampled once in each season and totally 30 mixed samples were obtained. In order to determine the quality of hospital wastewaters in all samples, parameters such as pH, BOD5, COD, TSS and temperature were measured. Results of investigation on annual water consumption indicated that average water consumption in hospitals of the province was 194m3/d., considering water-to-wastewater conversion ratio of 0.8 and green yard ratio of 0.3. Wastewater production rate had been estimated to be 47m3/d and 0.362 m3/d.bed. Results indicated that in 7 hospitals of Hormozgan province, mean values of BOD5 ,COD ,TSS in raw wastewater were 242.25 mg/L, 628.1 mg/L and 231.25 mg/L, respectively, pH=7.42 and temperature=30.17 ºC. In Khalij-e-Fars hospital which had wastewater treatment plant, values of these parameters in effluent were 12.53 mg/L and 51.7 mg/L, 19.68 mg/L, respectively, with pH=7.39 and temperature=26.1 ºC. Comparison between values of influent and effluent wastewaters indicated that in understudy cases, contamination rate was higher than determined limits, as compared to environmental standards of the country and it was necessary to establish appropriate treatment plants in these units.

  20. Main Clay Minerals in Soils of Fujian Province,China



    The clay minerals of more than 200 soil samples collected from various sites of Fujian Province were studied by the X-ray diffraction method and transmission electron microscopy to study their distribution and evolution.Montmorillonite was found in coastal solonchak,paddy soils derived from marine deposit,lacustrine deposit and river deposit,and some lateritic red soil,red soil and yellow soil with a low weathering degree.Chlorite existed mainly in coastal solonchak and paddy soil developed from marine deposit.1.4nm intergradient mineral appeared frequently in yellow soil,red soil and lateritic red soil.The content of 1.4nm intergradient mineral increased with the decrease of weathering degree from lateritic red soil to red soil to yellow soil.Hydrous micas were more in coastal solonchak,paddy soils derived from marine deposit,lacustrine deposit and river deposit.and puple soil from purple shale than in other soils.Kaolinte was the most important clay mineral in the soils iun this province.The higher the soil weathering degree,the more the kaolinite existed.From yellow soil to red soil to lateritic red soil,kaolinite increased gradually,Kaolinite was the predominant clay mineral accompanied by few other minerals in typical lateritic red soil. Tubular halloysite was a widespread clay mineral in soils of Fujian Province with varying quantities.The soil derived from the paent rocks rich in feldspar contained more tubular halloysite.Spheroidal halloysite was found in a red soil and a paddy soil developed from olivine basalt gibbsite in the soils in this district was largely“primary gibbsite” which formed in the early weathering stage.Gibbsite decreased with the increase of weathering degree from yellow soil to red soil to lateritic red soil.Goethite also decreased in the same sequence while hematite increased.

  1. The Magellan mound province in the Porcupine Basin

    Huvenne, V. A. I.; Bailey, W. R.; Shannon, P. M.; Naeth, J.; di Primio, R.; Henriet, J. P.; Horsfield, B.; de Haas, H.; Wheeler, A.; Olu-Le Roy, K.


    The Magellan mound province is one of the three known provinces of carbonate mounds or cold-water coral banks in the Porcupine Seabight, west of Ireland. It has been studied in detail using a large and varied data set: 2D and 3D seismic data, sidescan sonar imagery and video data collected during ROV deployment have been used to describe the mounds in terms of origin, growth processes and burial. The aim of this paper is to present the Magellan mounds and their setting in an integrated, holistic way. More than 1,000 densely spaced and mainly buried mounds have been identified in the area. They all seem to be rooted on one seismic reflection, suggesting a sudden mound start-up. Their size and spatial distribution characteristics are presented, together with the present-day appearance of the few mounds that reach the seabed. The underlying geology has been studied by means of fault analysis and numerical basin modelling in an attempt to identify possible hydrocarbon migration pathways below or in the surroundings of the Magellan mounds. Although conclusive evidence concerning the processes of mound initiation proves to be elusive, the results of both fault analysis and 2D numerical modelling failed to identify, with confidence, any direct pathways for focused hydrocarbon flow to the Magellan province. Diffuse seepage however may have taken place, as drainage area modelling suggests a possible link between mound position and structural features in the Hovland-Magellan area. During mound development and growth, the interplay of currents and sedimentation seems to have been the most important control. Mounds which could not keep pace with the sedimentation rates were buried, and on the few mounds which maintained growth, only a few corals survive at present.

  2. Echinococcosis/Hydatidosis in Ilam Province, Western Iran

    Jahangir Abdi


    Full Text Available Background: Hydatidosis is a zoonotic disease of global prevalence. It causes considerable health problems and economic losses throughout the world, including Iran. The objective of this study was to assess the current status of echinococco­sis/hydatidosis in the province of Ilam (western Iran. Methods: From April to September 2011, 65 stray dogs were collected from urban and rural areas of Ilam City. Parasites were isolated from the dogs and stained with carmine. A taxonomic study was carried out by measuring different parts of hel­minths. Meat inspection documents from slaughterhouses in Ilam were used to assess the prevalence of hydatidosis during a 3-year period in sheep, cattle, and goats. ELISA test was used to detect the presence of antibodies to hydatidosis in human sera. Clinical records from 2000 to 2010 of either treated or diagnosed pa­tients from public hospitals of this province were reviewed. Results: The prevalence of Echinococcus granulosus infection in stray dogs was 9%. A total of 81,726 animals were assessed for hydatidosis; 2.94% (2403 cases had liver hydatidosis and 2.34% (1918 cases had lung hydatidosis. Within a 10-year period, 140 patients (91 females and 49 males were treated for hydatidosis. Of 1200 hu­man sera, 2.25% (27 patients were seropositive for hydatidosis. Conclusion: Hydatidosis is endemic in Ilam Province especially in rural area. The health and economic losses caused by the disease are significant; thus, our efforts need to be focused on the control of this disease.


    A. Mohammadi Nia


    Full Text Available The most underdiagnosed water-borne bacterial zoonosis in the world is Leptospirosis which especially impacts tropical and humid regions. According to World Health Organization (WHO, the number of human cases is not known precisely. Available reports showed that worldwide incidences vary from 0.1-1 per 100 000 per year in temperate climates to 10-100 per 100 000 in the humid tropics. Pathogenic bacteria that is spread by the urines of rats is the main reason of water and soil infections. Rice field farmers who are in contact with infected water or soil, contain the most burden of leptospirosis prevalence. In recent years, this zoonotic disease have been occurred in north of Iran endemically. Guilan as the second rice production province (average=750 000 000 Kg, 40% of country production after Mazandaran, has one of the most rural population (Male=487 679, Female=496 022 and rice workers (47 621 insured workers among Iran provinces. The main objectives of this study were to analyse yearly spatial distribution and the possible spatial clusters of leptospirosis to better understand epidemiological aspects of them in the province. Survey was performed during the period of 2009–2013 at rural district level throughout the study area. Global clustering methods including the average nearest neighbour distance, Moran’s I and General G indices were utilized to investigate the annual spatial distribution of diseases. At the end, significant spatial clusters have been detected with the objective of informing priority areas for public health planning and resource allocation.

  4. Hospital Preparedness of Semnan Province to Deal with Disasters

    Mohammad Amiri


    Full Text Available Introduction: Hospitals are major health service places which deal with disasters and whose preparedness and offering on time services play vital role in reduction of injuries and death. This research was conducted to determine preparedness of hospitals in Semnan province to deal with disasters (2010. Methods: In this practical, cross-sectional study, all head managers of hospitals in Semnan Province were selected through the census method, and a questionnaire comprising 40 questions and a checklist include of 133 questions were completed through observation and interview. The collected data were analyzed using ANOVA. Results: Out of the 10 studied hospitals, 50% were teaching hospitals and the rest were therapeutic. Average preparedness of programming support for vital services was 80%, for natural disasters management programs in hospital was 65%, for programming for environmental health activities against disasters was 56.2%, for security of equipments and hazardous material was 64.2%, for programming for reduction in structural dangers was 43.8%, for evacuation and field treatment was 49.5%, and average score for hospital educational planning to deal with disasters was 42.2%. ANOVA test has shown significant relationship between manager’s awareness and hospital preparedness, (P=0.001. Hence province hospitals with 58.4±15.7% average, attain medium level against disasters. Conclusion: Results indicate that managers require to be trained in confronting disasters and it is essential to retrain managers in all the fields including environmental health activities against disasters reduction in structural dangers and programming for evacuation and field treatment for confronting disasters.

  5. Chronic patient care at North West Province clinics

    Claire van Deventer


    Full Text Available Background: Chronic illnesses are a significant burden to the health services in South Africa. There is a specific national health plan whereby chronically ill patients who are acceptably controlled should be managed at clinic level. The perception has emerged that the management of primary care has not been optimal in the Southern District of the North West Province. This provided the motivation to initiate this research, namely consideration of chronic patient care at clinics in the North West Province of South Africa.Method: A cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out at four randomly selected clinics covering four sub-districts in the Southern District (North West Province. This was done using charts and registers at the clinics. Inclusion criteria were patients older than 18, and presenting with the following chronic illnesses: asthma/chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD, hypertension, diabetes and epilepsy. The major focus areas were the regular assessment of the patients, the level of control of the illness and the use of the Essential Drugs List and Standard Treatment Guidelines (EDL/STG.Results: In the cases of all the chronic illnesses it was found that regular assessments were poorly done, with asthma (peak flow measurements being the most poorly done. Control was generally less than 50% for all the illnesses, although the EDL was followed fairly well by the personnel at the clinics.Conclusion: In the light of the burden of chronic illness the results give cause for great concern about the quality of care for chronically ill patients, and reasons were sought for some of the poor results. A subsequent decision was taken to carry out comprehensive quality improvement projects on each of the illnesses over the following five years.

  6. Midwifery workforce profile in Limpopo Province referral hospitals

    Sam T. Ntuli


    Full Text Available Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Background: In sub-Saharan Africa including South Africa, maternal mortality rates remain unacceptably high due to a shortage of registered nurses with advanced midwifery diplomas.Objective: To determine the profile of registered nurses (RNs involved in maternity care in public referral hospitals of the Limpopo Province, South Africa.Method: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in all maternity units of Limpopo’s public referral hospitals. The study population comprised of 210 registered nurses, who became the study sample. Data on their educational profile and work experience in midwifery was analysed using STATA version 9.0.Results: The mean age of the 210 registered nurses was 44.5 ± 9.1 years (range 21 to 62. The majority (152/210; 70% were 40 years and older, 56% (117/210 had been working for more than 10 years, and 63/210 (30% were due to retire within 10 years. Only 22% (46/210 had advanced midwifery diplomas, i.e. after their basic undergraduate training. Only six (2.9% of the RNs providing maternity care in these referral hospitals were studying for advanced midwifery diplomas at the time of the study.Conclusion: This study demonstrated a shortage of registered nurses with advanced midwifery training/diplomas in referral hospitals of the Limpopo Province. This has a potentially negative effect in reducing the high maternal mortality rate in the province.

  7. HIV/AIDS knowledge in detention in Hunan province, China

    Chen Xi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Injection drug use (IDU is one of the major modes of HIV transmission in China. Drug use is illegal in China, all identified drug users are registered by Public Security Bureau, and most were sent to detention; most detainees engaged in high risk behaviours. In order to well understand the HIV/AIDS knowledge among detainees, a survey was conducted in different detention settings in Hunan province in 2008 to assess knowledge and attitudes about HIV among detainees and to provide useful information for HIV prevention and intervention strategies in detention centers. Methods A cross-sectional survey was conducted in 10 detentions in Hunan province, China, and demographic information along with knowledge and attitude of HIV/AIDS was collected through standardized interviews. Descriptive statistics were used to describe HIV knowledge, attitudes, and education services among detainees. Results There were 956 detainees interviewed from 10 detention centers. The male to female ratio was 2.24:1. The majority detainees received nine years of compulsory education, accounting for 51.5%. There were nine questions to assess HIV/AIDS knowledge of detainees, and 35.7% of those surveyed answered all nine questions correctly. There were 92.3% (882/956 who consented to be informed about the HIV antibody test results when tested, and 81% (774/956 elected that their family members were also informed. All detention centers had an organized HIV/AIDS education program. Conclusion This study gives us an overview about HIV/AIDS knowledge in detention in Hunan province, and all detention sites in the study provided HIV/AIDS intervention services among detainees that focused on HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitude, and health behaviors.

  8. Development Situation and Future Tendency of Liaohe Oil Province

    Cao Weigeng


    @@ Liaohe Oil Province is the third largest one stably developing in China. It's composed of more than 20 oil and gas fields with complicated geological conditions. It has various types of reservoir developing 14 sets of oil-bearig horizon with multi-types of crude oil (light oil,heavy oil and high pour-point oil). From 1970 to the end of 1993, there were 22 oilfields which have been put into exploitation, including Huaxiling Oilfield etc. More, Shuangnan and Kailu Oilfields are now on trial production. Since 1984,the annual incremental production of crude oil from these fields reached over 85× 104 t (see Fig. 1).

  9. Palynological analysis of honeys from Palencia Province (Spain)

    Herrero, Baudilio; Valencia-barrera, Rosa María


    A pollen analysis of 49 honey samples from Palencia province has been carried out. According to the pollen spectra found, most of them are multifloral (27); 22 samples were monofloral. The monofloral honeys were Erica type followed by Centaurea, Reseda, Onobrychis, Rubus, Cytisus and Hederá. 126 different pollen types were recorded, belonging to 41 families. 53 of them reached percentages over 3% in some samples. The other 73 types did not reach percentages over 3% in any of the 49 samples. T...

  10. Survey of Dogs’ Parasites in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran

    GhR Razmi


    "nBackground: Dog is known to act as definitive host for some parasites that cause important diseases in man and animals. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of Neospora caninum and other intestinal parasites in dogs in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran. "nMethods: A cross-sectional study was done concerning frequency of N. canium and other in­testinal parasites in dogs in Mashhad area. Totally, 174 fecal samples from 89 farm dogs and 85 household dogs were collected fro...