Sample records for city housing authority

  1. New York Power Authority/New York City Housing Authority refrigerator replacement program, first program year evaluation. Final report

    Kinney, L.F.; Lewis, G. [Synertech Systems Corp., Syracuse, NY (United States); Pratt, R.G.; Miller, J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab., Richland, WA (United States)


    Acting as an energy services provider, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) has initiated a long-term project through which 20,000 refrigerators per year will be replaced with the most energy-efficient units possible in apartments managed by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). Using bulk purchasing as an incentive to appliance manufacturers to produce energy-efficient refrigerators suitable for use in apartments, replaced in the first year of the program, which ended in December 1996. These units, kWh per year. Savings were determined by field testing and laboratory testing of 220 existing refrigerators and 56 newly-installed units. In the next program year, a 15.0-cubic-foot Maytag refrigerator, newly-designed in response to bulk purchasing incentives, is being installed. The new unit has a label rating of 437 kWh per year, 31 percent better than 1993 energy standards. Old refrigerators removed from apartments are {open_quotes}demanufactured{close_quotes} in an environmentally-appropriate way and both metals and refrigerants are recovered for reuse.

  2. The New York Power Authority`s energy-efficient refrigerator program for the New York City Housing Authority -- 1997 savings evaluation

    Pratt, R.G.; Miller, J.D.


    This document describes the estimation of the annual energy savings achieved from the replacement of 20,000 refrigerators in New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) public housing with new, highly energy-efficient models in 1997. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) pays NYCHA`s electricity bills, and agreed to reimburse NYCHA for the cost of the refrigerator installations. Energy savings over the lifetime of the refrigerators accrue to HUD. Savings were demonstrated by a metering project and are the subject of the analysis reported here. The New York Power Authority (NYPA) identified the refrigerator with the lowest life-cycle cost, including energy consumption over its expected lifetime, through a request for proposals (RFP) issued to manufacturers for a bulk purchase of 20,000 units in 1997. The procurement was won by Maytag with a 15-ft{sup 3} top-freezer automatic-defrost refrigerator rated at 437 kilowatt-hours/year (kWh/yr). NYCHA then contracted with NYPA to purchase, finance, and install the new refrigerators, and demanufacture and recycle materials from the replaced units. The US Department of Energy (DOE) helped develop and plan the project through the ENERGY STAR{reg_sign} Partnerships program conducted by its Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). PNNL designed the metering protocol and occupant survey used in 1997, supplied and calibrated the metering equipment, and managed and analyzed the data collected by NYPA. The objective of the 1997 metering study was to achieve a general understanding of savings as a function of refrigerator label ratings, occupant effects, indoor and compartment temperatures, and characteristics (such as size, defrost features, and vintage). The data collected in 1997 was used to construct models of refrigerator energy consumption as a function of key refrigerator and occupant characteristics.

  3. Housing Booms and City Centers

    Edward L. Glaeser; Joshua D. Gottlieb; Kristina Tobio


    Popular discussions often treat the great housing boom of the 1996-2006 period as if it were a national phenomenon with similar impacts across locales, but across metropolitan areas, price growth was dramatically higher in warmer, less educated cities with less initial density and higher initial housing values. Within metropolitan areas, price growth was faster in neighborhoods closer to the city center. The centralization of price growth during the boom was particularly dramatic in those met...

  4. Assisted Housing - Public Housing Authorities - National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Public Housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Public...

  5. Dose by 222 Rn in houses of the Chihuahua city

    the radon was made every 10 minutes during three continuous days, with the AlphaGUARD Pro2000 equipment that also measures atmospheric parameters. The obtained data were analyzed with the Genitron software and was analyzed the variation of the radon concentration with the atmospheric parameters and a hours in that the person is in the room. Finally they were carried out the dosimetry calculations due to the radon in air, adding it with the dose received by floor and water due to the natural radionuclides. As it was expected, the city of Chihuahua when being on an uranifer floor and the materials of construction of housings are elaborated starting from this floor, high concentrations were presented of 222Rn. The third part of the houses had a bigger average to the 148 Bq/m3 in air, with values average for the whole day of up to 276 Bq/m3, as well as maxima values near to 900 Bq/m3. When making the calculation of the concentration for the night and dawn that it is when the one inhabitant remains in the room and that to avoid the cold he closes doors and windows, the radon concentration ascended until values of 305 Bq/m3. The calculation of the dosimetry was in high values for the radon of until 3.2 mSv/year that adding to the floor values (0.63 mSv/year) and water (0.016 mSv/year) it gives a value of 3.85 mSv/year, considering these values very superior to those registered in other cities of the country reported in the bibliography or by the CNSNS. (Author)

  6. Building Affordable Rental Housing in Unaffordable Cities: A Canadian Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

    Marion Steele; Francois Des Rosiers


    Many Canadian cities are short of affordable rental housing. Waiting lists for low-income housing are years in length, and new-build construction of rental housing has fallen over the last two decades. This study proposes a better way to build more low-income housing in expensive Canadian cities. A made-in-Canada Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) could leverage private sector expertise in site location, building, and management to build more and better low-income rental housing.

  7. Heterogeneous Responses of Chinese Cities' Housing Prices to Monetary Policies

    This works examine the responses of housing prices to the monetary policies in various Chinese cities. Thirty-five large and medium sized Chinese cities are classified into six clusters applying the minimum variance clustering method according to the calculated correlation coefficients between the housing price indices of every two cities. Time difference correlation analysis is then employed to quantify the relations between the housing price indices of the six clusters and the monetary policies. It is suggested that the housing prices of various cities evolved at different paces and their responses to the monetary policies are heterogeneous, and local economic features are more important than geographic distances in determining the housing price trends. (interdisciplinary physics and related areas of science and technology)

  8. Urban Structure and Housing Prices: Some Evidence from Australian Cities

    Mariano Kulish; Anthony Richards; Christian Gillitzer


    This paper studies determinants of some aspects of the structure of cities, including density and the price of land and housing. We use a version of the Alonso-Muth-Mills model, calibrated to broadly match some of the features of a representative large city. While the calibrated model omits many real-world features, it can nonetheless be used to explore the impact of factors such as: (i) the provision of transport infrastructure; (ii) zoning policies that limit housing density; (iii) friction...

  9. Rebuilding the housing: city life after a disaster

    Rodeghiero, Benedetha


    The reconstruction after a disaster is not just a matter of architecture, but implies the rebuilding of housing, which means the cultural relations between inhabitants and their environment. This paper reflects, trough a real case study, on the theme of the house, focusing on the relationship between public space and private space, often evaded by planning. Urban design and urban Planning are not just a proposal for a new urban order, but for a social harmony. The urban planning of a new city...


    Alpopi, Cristina


    The book “The city and the urban competition / Orasul si competitia urbana”, written by Irina Popescu, has recently been published at Economic Publishing House of Bucharest, Romania. The book is structured in 4 parts and it is very rich in concepts, ideas, theories, principles and comparative studies, representing an important contribution of the author to the development of the literature concerning the study of the city.

  11. Whole-House Solutions for Existing Homes: Philadelphia Housing Authority Energy-Efficiency Turnover Protocols



    The Philadelphia Housing Authority worked with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Program to integrate energy-efficiency measures into the refurbishment process that each unit normally goes through between occupancies.

  12. Peoria Housing Authority(PHA) Weatherization Training Project

    Phillip Chrismon; Jason Dollarhide


    The DOE Weatherization Training Project's goal is to obtain a solid foundation of administrative and technical knowledge so the Peoria Housing Authority (PHA) can establish and implement a successful Weatherization Program by 2011. The DOE weatherization Training Project's two objectives are to (1) build PHA's capabilities by (2) developing its staff members capacities via the acquisition of weatherization skills and competencies. The impacts from this project include: (a) the improvement and expansion of PHA staff skills, (b) the overall enhancement of the quality of the PHA workforce, which will (c) foster employment, (d) the ability to properly weatherize PHA housing stock, tribal buildings, and tribal members houses, which will (e) result in reduced energy use, and (f) improved tribal and household economies.

  13. The role of housing policy in the transformation of Central European cities

    Nataša Milanović


    The article deals with the process of housing privatization and urban revitalization in the transformation of Central European cities. Reforms require extensive privatization of firms as well as land and housing. The process of housing privatization includes changes in ownership, management of the housing stock and a new system of housing finances, which will affect new construction, modernization and rehabilitation of the existing stock and can lead to social and physical changes in cities. ...

  14. Club convergence of house prices: Evidence from China’s ten key cities

    Meng, Hao; Xie, Wen-Jie; Zhou, Wei-Xing


    The latest global financial tsunami and its follow-up global economic recession has uncovered the crucial impact of housing markets on financial and economic systems. The Chinese stock market experienced a marked fall during the global financial tsunami and China’s economy has also slowed down by about 2%-3% when measured in GDP. Nevertheless, the housing markets in diverse Chinese cities seemed to continue the almost nonstop mania for more than 10 years. However, the structure and dynamics of the Chinese housing market are less studied. Here, we perform an extensive study of the Chinese housing market by analyzing 10 representative key cities based on both linear and nonlinear econophysical and econometric methods. We identify a common collective driving force which accounts for 96.5% of the house price growth, indicating very high systemic risk in the Chinese housing market. The 10 key cities can be categorized into clubs and the house prices of the cities in the same club exhibit an evident convergence. These findings from different methods are basically consistent with each other. The identified city clubs are also consistent with the conventional classification of city tiers. The house prices of the first-tier cities grow the fastest and those of the third- and fourth-tier cities rise the slowest, which illustrates the possible presence of a ripple effect in the diffusion of house prices among different cities.

  15. Ripple Effect of Housing Prices among Chinese Deputy Provincial Cities Based on an Alternative Approach


    This paper applies a two-stage procedure of non-parametric testing and business cycle dating techniques to examine the ripple effect of housing prices among Chinese cities since 2006. Empirical analysis indicates that housing prices fluctuations among nineteen Chinese cities do have ripple effect. We divide the cities into three layers: Shenzhen and Guangzhou are in the first layer; Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xiamen are in the second; and other cities are in the third one. The dire...

  16. Determinants of Housing Liquidity in Chinese Cities:Does Market Maturity Matter?

    WU Jing; ZHENG Siqi


    Housing liquidity measures the ability to convert housing to cash as an important characteristic of housing stock.A simple model of buyer offers' distributions was used to theoretically explore the determinants of housing liquidity in a search process.An empirical ordinary least squares model of the time-on-market was developed using data collected in four Chinese cities (Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,and Shenzhen).The results show that in these four Chinese cities,market maturity dominates the variation of housing liquidity,with the effects of housing characteristics,seller's search cost,search strategy,and market conditions being less significant to the time-on-market equation.These empirical results indicate that the slow turn-over of housing stock may constrain the overall level of housing liquidity in major Chinese cities.

  17. Concentration levels of radon in air, indoors and outdoors in houses of Mexico City

    Concentration levels of radon in air, indoors and outdoors have been obtained in houses from Mexico City, with the purpose of relating them with the local environment. Measurements were performed both outdoors and indoors in 60 unifamiliar houses. Track detectors, LR-115, Type II, were used in several detection arrangements during four recording periods with times of exposure of three months each, with the purpose of analyzing the fluctuations due to seasonal changes. Data were obtained about the construction materials were the detection systems were located in order to establish a correlation of radon levels with the climatic parameters and the construction materials. The results of radon concentrations both indoors or outdoors were lower than the international recommendations (148 Bq/m3) (Author)

  18. 78 FR 317 - Redelegation of Authority to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing Counseling


    ... published in the Federal Register on June 20, 2012 (77 FR 37252), the authority for carrying out section 106... FR 37252). Authority: Section 7(d) of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Act (42 U.S.C... URBAN DEVELOPMENT Redelegation of Authority to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing...

  19. Aging Subsidized Housing Residents : A Growing Problem in U.S. Cities

    Gibler, Karen M.


    Many low-income elderly live in subsidized housing in central cities These aging tenants need adaptive physical structures and supportive services in order to age in place, but lack the resources to pay for them. The responses to the AHEAD Wave 2 survey are used to compare the housing conditions of elderly subsidized housing residents with unsubsidized tenants. Results indicate subsidized tenants have greater health and physical limitations. They are likely to have physically appropriate hous...

  20. Is there Long-Run Equilibrium in the House Prices of Australian Capital Cities?

    Le Ma,; Chunlu Liu


    In order to explore the long-run equilibrium in the house prices of different cities, studies on house price convergence have been conducted by a number of researchers. However, the majority of previous studies have neglected the effects of spatial heterogeneity and autocorrelation on house prices. This research improves on the investigation of house price convergence by developing a spatio-temporal autoregressive model based on a framework of panel regression methods. Both spatial heterogene...

  1. Housing markets, government behaviors, and housing choice: a case study of three cities in China

    Youqin Huang


    Housing reform in urban China has introduced market mechanisms into a previously welfare-oriented housing system. Although microlevel factors such as household characteristics begin to shape housing behavior in urban China as is the case in the West, macrolevel constraints and opportunities defined by not only housing stocks and housing markets but also local government behaviors continue to be crucial. By studying housing choice in Beijing, Chongqing, and Jiangyin, I find that local governme...

  2. Green Cities : Sustainable Low-Income Housing in Brazil

    World Bank


    Housing development has direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Through its design, construction, and operation, housing represents a significant point of direct consumption of natural materials, water, and energy. Therefore, greenhouse gas emissions embodied in housing can be very significant. Moreover, in Brazil, civil construction is responsible for the largest percentage of sol...

  3. Strategic energy planning within local authorities in the UK: A study of the city of Leeds

    This paper considers the development of a strategic energy body in a local authority in the UK and looks at the perceived need for, and possible roles of, such a body. Historically, energy provision and management has not usually been a strategic priority for UK local authorities. Yet energy considerations are implicit in key local authority responsibilities such as transport, waste management, planning, and the provision of housing services. In addition, recent UK central government policies support the move to localism and provide incentives for low-carbon energy generation. A study was undertaken to assess the potential (including both the perceived benefits and actual capacity to deliver) for Leeds City Council to develop a strategic body to execute delivery of city-level energy decision-making. We examine the perceived benefits to a range of main stakeholders, using data drawn from interviews with managers responsible for low-carbon and renewable energy projects across the city. Through participant observation we explore the capacity of a local authority to deliver a strategic energy body, and we briefly examine the possible forms of delivery. We conclude with recommendations for national policy that would enable the development of strategic energy bodies across local governments in the UK. - Highlights: ► Strategic energy planning is currently not a priority for UK local authorities. ► We present an empirical study of strategic energy planning in local authorities. ► Results from stakeholder interviews suggest support for a strategic energy body. ► We identify the capacity barriers to implementing a strategic energy body. ► We make recommendations for ways forward and support needed from national policy.

  4. Understanding Your Lease (A Tenant's Resource Packet for Harrisburg Housing Authority Residents). Final Report.

    Tri-County Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc., Harrisburg, PA.

    This report describes a project to develop instructional materials for the Harrisburg Housing Authority that would enable tenants to understand more clearly the terms of their lease agreements. Project products were designed for tenants, many of whom were students in adult basic education classes, and for housing authority personnel who…


    CURABAY, Şensu


    The city houses established and have been operating under the coordination of Eskisehir Tepebasi Municipality has adopted the aims of causing child, youth, and adults earn an occupation, of meeting the basic needs, of realizing the support for social, cultural, sport, and educational activities. However, due to the majority benefiting from the city house constituted by women, it has been restricted just with women attending there. Besides the need of acquiring an occupation, the women attendi...


    CURABAY, Sensu


    The city houses established and have been operating under the coordination of Eskisehir Tepebasi Municipality has adopted the aims of causing child, youth, and adults earn an occupation, of meeting the basic needs, of realizing the support for social, cultural, sport, and educational activities. However, due to the majority benefiting from the city house constituted by women, it has been restricted just with women attending there. Besides the need of acquiring an occupation, the women attendi...


    RASHID Rumana


    Full Text Available Bangladesh Traditional houses (B.T.H which are located in warm humid tropical climate represent a unique phenomenon with device capable to meet the comfort demand through environmental well adapted design.  Recently the traditional house and the contemporary design house (C.D.H for Bangladesh are examined by comparing the thermal performance within the same outdoor condition and the climatic region at the dense Dhaka city.  This comparison is based on field measurements of thermal performance of the traditional house and the contemporary design house within the same summer period. Quantitative method is used to measure the thermal performance. The field survey was conducted using two set of thermal data loggers were installed in both selected houses to record the air temperature and relative humidity of the outdoor and indoor spaces.  Data collection was carried out for the hot and wet month of summer period in June.  The research result concluded that the traditional houses of Bangladesh provided useful indicators of appropriate architectural design response to climate, particularly in the context of purely passive environmental control. However it is required to adapt a critical approach towards the modern contemporary architectural design strategy of deriving lesson from traditional houses to extend the period of indoor thermal environment inside the contemporary houses.

  8. Preparation of public housing energy efficiency publications for the Atlanta Housing Authority



    The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) has produced and evaluated the effectiveness of pamphlets prepared to encourage utility cost conservation. The target population for this project is not only public housing residents but also the public housing maintenance staff (who also have a dramatic impact on facility energy costs). Because the majority of the problems associated with excess resident utility costs occur during extreme cold weather of the heating season, heating conservation was the focus of this study.

  9. The housing policy nexus and people’s responses to housing challenges in post-communist cities

    Sasha Tsenkova


    Full Text Available This article explores major trends and patterns of change embedded in the overall process of economic, social and political transformation reshaping the urban challenges in eastern European cities. It reflects on important drivers of change such as efforts to create a market-based housing system and competitive housing markets in the post-communist urban world. The research draws much-needed attention to an important set of urban and housing policy issues with broad implications for understanding the transition process in the region. It explores the multi-layered processes of market-based housing reforms (privatisation, deregulation and devolution and their impact on the spatial transformation of urban housing markets in eastern European cities. The main argument, supported with empirical evidence from a number of eastern European cities, is that the impact of these most significant processes of urban change has created a mosaic of diverse urban challenges. Exploring these urban challenges through the housing lens sets the stage for a better understanding of urban social movements in eastern European cities and their dynamic realities. The article argues that the diverse role of urban social movements can be explained by reference to democratic traditions, practices and policy cultures in eastern European cities, and also to institutional structures and the capacity of non-market stakeholders. In some cases, stronger government and governance traditions since the political changes of the 1990s would allow non-government organisations to “voice” their concerns and be accepted as a legitimate partner in coalitions responding to urban challenges. In other cases, such capacity and institutional collaboration may be non-existent, leading to “exit” and abandonment of formal systems. In the first option, urban social movements have resurrected debates about gentrification and social segregation in housing estates and neighbourhoods previously

  10. Gentrification in black and white: the racial impact of public housing demolition in American cities.

    Goetz, Edward


    The gentrification that has transformed high-poverty neighbourhoods in US cities since the mid 1990s has been characterised by high levels of state reinvestment. Prominent among public-sector interventions has been the demolition of public housing and in some cases multimillion dollar redevelopment efforts. In this paper, the racial dimension of state-supported gentrification in large US cities is examined by looking at the direct and indirect displacement induced by public housing transformation. The data show a clear tendency towards the demolition of public housing projects with disproportionately high African American occupancy. The pattern of indirect displacement is more varied; public housing transformation has produced a number of paths of neighbourhood change. The most common, however, involve significant reductions in poverty, sometimes associated with Black to White racial turnover and sometimes not. The findings underscore the central importance of race in understanding the dynamics of gentrification in US cities. PMID:21949948

  11. Realisering af Smart City/Smart House i Nordjylland

    Lindgren, Peter; Saghaug, Kristin Margrethe


    beskriver tankerne, visionerne og perspektiverne i forhold til at realisere Smart House-konceptet i Region Nordjylland. Smart House-tankerne er baseret på at bygge smarte huse og smarte byggekomponenter til fremtidens brugere, hvor den nyeste teknologi indenfor byggematerialer kombineres med nye værdier....... Formålet med Smart House Nordjylland er at flytte byggeindustriens og forskernes fokus fra en indbyrdes konkurrence lokalt til et udviklende innovationssamarbejde, som sigter mod det globale marked. På denne måde kan regionen skabe et udstillingsvindue indenfor fremtidens byggeri gennem en interaktion...

  12. 77 FR 37241 - Delegations of Authority for the Office of Housing-Federal Housing Administration (FHA...


    ... Office of Multifamily Housing Programs, and the last publication was on October 12, 2006 (71 FR 60178... Mexico, Texas. Orleans, San Antonio (Also, a Multifamily Property Disposition Center is located in Fort... advances, grant programs, and some programs that assist communities in reducing crime. Under...

  13. 77 FR 37233 - Consolidated Delegation of Authority for the Office of Housing-Federal Housing Administration (FHA)


    ... require its application and to certify that a copy of any book, record, paper, microfilm, electronic... on October 12, 2006 (71 FR 6013). First, the authority previously delegated to the Assistant... money held in the various Office of Housing/FHA insurance funds that is not needed for...

  14. Vivienda privada de ciudad/Private Housing in the City

    Alfredo Rodríguez


    Full Text Available En Chile, en un período de unos veintiséis años (1980 a 2006 se construyeron más de quinientas mil viviendas sociales. Esta producción masiva, que redujo el déficit habitacional acumulado, fue el producto de un mecanismo de financiamiento público, el "subsidio habitacional", que ha tenido amplia difusión en otros países de América Latina.En este artículo se responde a la pregunta de cómo una política exitosa llegó a ser un fracaso en términos habitacionales y urbanos. Se señala que, después de más de treinta años, se reconoce que la política de vivienda social en Chile no era tal: era solo una política de financiamiento para la construcción de viviendas baratas. Política que resolvió el antiguo problema de los sin techo y que creó un nuevo problema el de los con techo. Para esto se revisa la historia del subsidio habitacional, los diferentes tipos de conjuntos de viviendas producidos, su localización, los problemas de convivencia que existen en dichos conjuntos.During a period of some 26 years (1980 to 2006, more than five hundred thousand social housing units were built in Chile. This mass production effectively reduced the accumulated housing deficit and was the result of a housing finance mechanism - a state subsidy awarded directly to construction companies -, a model which has been widely replicated in other countries in Latin America.This article responds to the question of how a successful policy came to be a failure in terms of housing and urban issues. After more than thirty years, it has become clear that social housing policy in Chile was not exactly so: it was merely a policy to finance the construction of cheaply-made housing units at a low-cost. The policy that resolved the former problem of those without housing (los sin techo created the new problem of those with housing (los con techo. Due to this situation, we review the history of this housing subsidy, the different types of housing complexes that

  15. Second-best Urban Tolls in a Monocentric City with Housing Market Regulations

    Tikoudis, Ioannis; Erik T. Verhoef; van Ommeren, Jos N.


    This paper investigates second-best congestion pricing in a monocentric city characterized by distortionary, rigid regulatory mechanisms in the housing market (building height restrictions, zoning and property taxation). The Pigouvian toll is shown to retain its optimality under any setting with quantity restrictions in the housing market. However, the extent of the quantity restriction determines the volume of the welfare gains in a non-monotonic fashion. This finding introduces a warning to...

  16. Housing prices, income and urban quality of life : an empirical study across 35 cities in China

    Fu, Beirong; 付蓓蓉


    Nowadays, the mobility and globalization of firms make it possible for people to choose their favorite working cities worldwide. Thus beyond employment and income, more and more attention has been paid to the comparison of urban quality of life (UQOL). As housing cost usually consists of the largest share of household budget which is thought as a “ticket” to live in a city, housing prices surely have great impact on the relative value of income and UQOL when one makes a relocation decision. W...

  17. Identify the ability to purchase a house in the five major cities of Java for the Indonesian middle class using correspondence analysis

    Ginanjar, Irlandia; Indratno, Sapto W.


    Ministry of Housing Republic of Indonesia explained that the Constitution mandates that every citizen has the right to reside. Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, and Yogyakarta are five of Java's major cities with high population and investment opportunities, so the housing needs in that five cities is very high. Market sentiment analysis recorded the average of property purchasing power for Indonesian society around Rp 250 million, which the author assumes that the highest price for Indonesian middle class. Based on the fact, does the Indonesian middle class have the ability to purchase a house in the five major cities of Java? What facilities do they get? Both questions can be answered using the results of correspondence analysis.

  18. 77 FR 37252 - Delegations of Authority for the Office of Housing-Federal Housing Administration (FHA...


    ... functions, including the authority to act as a claims collection officer and to write off or compromise debt... a claims collection officer and to write off or compromise debt up to $100,000; 3. All property... authority to act as a claims collection officer and to write off or compromise debt up to $100,000....

  19. Association of House Dust Allergen Concentrations With Residential Conditions in City and in Rural Houses

    Wardzyńska, Aleksandra; Majkowska-Wojciechowska, Barbara; Pełka, Jolanta; Korzon, Leszek; Kaczała, Magdalena; Jarzębska, Marzanna; Gwardys, Tomasz; Kowalski, Marek L.


    Background The aim of the study was to evaluate the relationship between house dust mite, cat and dog allergen levels with household characteristics in the houses of children living in urban and rural areas in central Poland. Methods Dust samples were collected from 141 urban and 191 rural houses. Der f1 + Der p1, Can f 1, and Fel d1 levels were measured and associated with residential conditions and atopy-related health outcomes assessed by clinical examination and skin prick testing. Result...

  20. ‘Alas, alas. House, oh house!’ : the collapse of the Cologne City Archive.

    Osborne, Dora


    When the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne (known as Cologne’s City Archive) collapsed in 2009, a municipal institution became visible in quite unintended ways. The incident and its consequences tell us about the structure, constitution and regulation of the archive as such but also about the significance of the archive for the memory culture that shapes Germany today. This article turns to the collapse to show how the archive is implicated in the politics of the city and of memory. I...

  1. Workers' Housing Estates In Postindustrial Cities - Modernization Or Revitalization?

    Gaweł, Dariusz


    The article presents a part of the results on the physiognomy of a postindustrial city under conditions of economic transformation in Poland. The study area encompasses industrial centers located in the region of the Central Industrial District (Centralny Okręg Przemysłowy - COP) in the Świętokrzystkie and Mazowieckie voivodeships (districts). The specific urban structure of the industrial city and unemployment among its inhabitants resulting from ownership transformations generate various problems. The workers' neighborhoods and colonies, which sprouted up so quickly at the beginning of the XX century, were a supply base for the rapidly developing industrial centers. Their clear urban structure and cultural potential they possess predispose them to developing necessary repair programs. Thus, the article draws attention to this form of settlement on the one hand, and on the other characterizes the activities assumed by gminas (municipalities) in the scope of modernizing and revitalizing these areas.

  2. The Impact of Housing Vouchers on Crime in US Cities and Suburbs

    Lens, MC


    This paper tests the common belief that subsidised housing contributes to higher crime rates. To do this, panel data on over 200 US cities are used and fixed effects models are estimated to control for unobserved differences between cities that may affect both voucher use and crime. Additionally, models are estimated that focus on the suburbs, to see if the steady increase in vouchers there has had any effect on crime. In cities, it is found that vouchers have a weak, negative relationship wi...

  3. State and the Low Cost Housing for the Poor: Fall of Bashentek Rehabilitation Project (BRP) in Dhaka City--Bangladesh

    Hussain, Rasel; Saha, Amit Kumar; Rabbani, Golam; Pervin, Irin; Shamma, Wasifa Tasnim; Khan, Sazzad Hossain


    In the era of neoliberalism now the people especially the lower income group of people is suffering a lot for the scarcity of housing. After migrating from the rural areas for a better life they discovered themselves in the slum like areas of the city as they are not capable to afford housing in the influential areas of the city due to higher…

  4. 77 FR 37237 - Delegations of Authority for the Office of Housing-Federal Housing Administration (FHA...


    ... Finance and Budget. That organization has not undergone major change since the October 12, 2006 (71 FR... any and all documents necessary to carry out the business of the Office of Finance and Budget... (FHA), Redelegation of Authority to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Finance and Budget...

  5. [Aging in cities and in the country (author's transl)].

    Lehr, U


    A growing concern with ecological issues has led gerontologist to analyze the life-situation of aged people in cities and in the country more precisely. While it is generally assumed that aging in the country has advantages to aging in the city, statistical figures (e.g. income, living conditions, health status, educational opportunities, institutions for the aged) show that country dweller's "cumulative disadvantages" have to be taken into consideration, disadvantages caused by interacting societal and individual factors in rural life. Psychological investigations--as e.g. the Bonn Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA)--show positive correlations between a central location of the home and increased general activity, broader scope of interests, more frequent use of communication media (newspapers, newscasts), better mood, greater readiness for involvement. While city-dwellers are more frequently engaged in social contacts outside of the family, country dwellers are more involved in interactions with the immediate family. The following practical considerations for the improvement of the situation of the aged in the country are presented: beginning in childhood and youth, conditions should be granted which allow the individual to live in ways which prevent too early aging; this ought to be supplemented by providing activating and stimulating environments for aging people and help for the aged, be it in special institutions or through activities in their familiar environment. It is shown that a differential ecogerontology is required, since (1) a simple distinction between city and country is by far too global, (2) similar ecological conditions are known to have different effects, depending on inter-individual differences, and (3) intraindividual patterns, and (4) it becomes evident that objective ecological conditions do not as clearly determine behavior in age as do cognitive representations of these ecological variables. This last statement is in accordance with the

  6. Building America Case Study: Philadelphia Housing Authority Energy-Efficiency Turnover Protocols, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


    Over one million HUD-supported public housing units provide rental housing for eligible low-income families across the country. A survey of over 100 public housing authorities (PHAs) across the country indicated that there is a high level of interest in developing low-cost solutions that improve energy efficiency and can be seamlessly included in the refurbishment process. Further, PHAs, have incentives (both internal and external) to reduce utility bills. ARIES worked with four PHAs to develop packages of energy efficiency retrofit measures the PHAs can cost-effectively implement with their own staffs in the normal course of housing operations at the time when units are refurbished between occupancies. The energy efficiency turnover protocols emphasized air infiltration reduction, duct sealing, and measures that improve equipment efficiency. ARIES documented implementation in 18 housing units. Reductions in average air leakage were 16 percent and duct leakage reductions averaged 23 percent. Total source energy consumption savings due to implemented measures was estimated at 3-10 percent based on BEopt modeling with a simple payback of 1.6 to 2.5 years. Implementation challenges were encountered mainly related to required operational changes and budgetary constraints. Nevertheless, simple measures can feasibly be accomplished by PHA staff at low or no cost. At typical housing unit turnover rates, these measures could impact hundreds of thousands of units per year nationally.

  7. The role of cities and local authorities following COP21 and the Paris Agreement

    Tollin, Nicola


    The article highlights the implications for cities, local authorities and non-party stakeholders of the Paris Agreement and the resolve of United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties COP21. The article focuses on the central role that cities will have in the implementation of the Paris Agreement itself, particularly with reference to mitigation, adaptation, capacity building and technology transfer. The Paragraphs finally identifies the key challenges for cities ...

  8. Spatial-Functional Analysis of Kurdish Courtyard Houses in Erbil City

    Faris A. Mustafa


    Full Text Available Problem statement: This study was to analyze the concept of spatial-function in courtyard house layout and its influence to the cultural and social activities. Themes such as integration, segregation, accessibility and zoning of the building space layout are required to be deliberated, in order to achieve further understanding about the Kurdish social and cultural benchmarks (norms that might have affected by the spatial configuration of the house layouts. Approach: The study was based on the analysis from selected samples of courtyard house layouts in Erbil city, through adopting the theory of space syntax and its techniques (gamma analysis method. The purpose was to interpret and identify the mutual relationship between space and social life through both scales of spatial-functional analysis. Functionally, illustration and classification of the key zones and sectors of the house; spatially, measuring the main syntactic characteristics of spatial systems (house layoutsand translating it to numerical data in order to identify their effect that forming spatial patterns. Results: The functional approach for the design of residential spaces had a clear impact on the method of formation and organization of residential spaces (functional sectors through the indicators of physical and intellectual change that affected the nature of spontaneous social interaction in the traditional Kurdish courtyard houses in the city of Erbil. Conclusion: Social variables and factors stemming from the customs and traditions of the community have a direct impact on the residential function through the way of forming and configuration of its interior spaces, which had supported by discovering Genotypic spatial-functional patterns of house layouts (study sample.

  9. Carbon Footprint of Housing in the Leeds City Region - A Best Practice Scenario Analysis

    Barrett, John; Dawkins, Elena (Stockholm Environment Inst. (Sweden))|(Univ. of York, Heslington, York YO10 5DD (United Kingdom))


    The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) was commissioned by the Environment Agency to carry out a carbon footprint analysis of the housing sector, using the Leeds City Region (LCR) as an example. The aim was to determine our ability to meet the 80 per cent by 2050 challenge of energy efficiency in the housing sector. The study relates specifically to LCR but its findings will help any planning and development teams make the right decisions and gain the resources necessary to meet carbon budgets at regional and local levels. With a growing population and an additional 263,000 housing units to be built within LCR by 2026, the housing sector would need to reduce its expected total carbon dioxide emissions by 38 million tonnes between 2010 and 2026 to be on track for 80 per cent savings in 2050. The report outlines the most detailed analysis to date of the required measures to deliver a growth-based regional housing strategy, alongside reducing carbon emissions. If the city region's new and existing housing is to attain the levels of energy efficiency necessary to deliver these carbon savings, big changes will be required in the way we build, maintain and run our homes over the next 20 years. There are pockets of good practice already in the region and the study shows that by combining innovative measures on construction standards, improvements to existing housing, low and zero carbon technologies and changing behaviour of householders, LCR can achieve the necessary savings to meet its carbon budget

  10. Business Confidence and Forecasting of Housing Prices and Rents in Large German Cities

    Kholodilin, Konstantin A.; Siliverstovs, Boriss


    In this paper, we evaluate the forecasting ability of 115 indicators to predict the housing prices and rents in 71 German cities. Above all, we are interested in whether the local business confidence indicators can allow substantially improving the forecasts, given the local nature of the real-estate markets. The forecast accuracy of different predictors is tested in a framework of a quasi out-of-sample forecasting. Its results are quite heterogeneous. No single indicator appears to dominate ...

  11. 78 FR 28606 - Announcement of Funding Awards for the Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency (HCV FSS...


    ... the City of P.O. Box 1207, 210 Kokomo IN 46903 20,828 Kokomo. East Taylor Street. Housing Authority of.... Housing Authority of the City of 209 Madison Street. Frederick MD 21701 49,860 Frederick....

  12. David Finkelstein. The House of Blackwood: Author-Publisher Relations in the Victorian Era

    Blackstock, Alan


    This book combines and expands on three articles previously published independently in journals of textual criticism. Though the added material on the rise and decline of the House of Blackwood from 1804 to 1912 will interest primarily readers concerned with the history of Blackwood's, the three core chapters presenting case studies of the relations of the firm with particular authors-John Hanning Speke, Charles Reade, and Margaret Oliphant-provide valuable insights into the ways in which Vic...

  13. Comfort temperatures inside low-cost housing : case : six warm climate cities in Mexico

    Gomez-Azpeitia, G. [Colima Univ., Colima (Mexico). Faculty of Architecture and Design; Bojorquez, G.; Romero, R. [Autonomic Univ. of Baja California, Mexicali (Mexico). Faculty of Architecture and Design; Ruiz, P. [Autonomic Univ. of Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutierrez (Mexico). Faculty of Architecture; Ochoa, J. [Sonora Univ., Hermosillo (Mexico). School of Architecture; Perez, M. [Autonomic Univ. of Yucatan, Merida (Mexico). Faculty of Engineering; Resendiz, O. [Autonomic Univ. of Baja California Sur, La Paz (Mexico). Dept. of Fishing Engineering; Llamas, A. [Autonomic Univ. of Sinaloa, Culiacan (Mexico). Faculty of Architecture


    Mexico's National Council for Housing and National Council for Science and Technology supported a research project on the thermal comfort and energy savings in low-cost housing in Mexico. The objective was to establish thermal comfort models and provide reliable diagnostic tools for architectural designers of low-cost housing. Another objective was to promote energy savings through the adjustment of operative temperatures in air conditioning equipment. The approach of the research was an adaptive one in order to evaluate the thermal sensation of individuals in their own habitat; allow the integral study of both physiological and psychological reactions; and consider the individuals as proactive occupants, in search of their thermal comfort. The results of a field study developed according to the adaptive approach principles were presented in this paper. The survey was carried out from 2006 to 2007 in low-cost housing units in 6 Mexican cities with warm climates. In all cases, the houses were naturally ventilated. The measuring periods were determined according to the climatic characteristics of each city. The results of the field study demonstrated the importance of having standards of thermal comfort specific to each location, which must be defined through the direct response of individuals and in the environment in which they perform their daily activities. The results also showed that in hot climates, acclimated people may find comfort in temperatures around 30 degrees C during the warmest seasons. Therefore, reducing the operating temperatures of air conditioning in such conditions represents a huge opportunity for saving electricity. 16 refs., 6 tabs., 6 figs.

  14. Housing and the construction of the city: the Paris Habitat Experience

    Javier Arpa


    Full Text Available In Paris, the history and the evolution of social housing provision merge with those of a centennial institution. Created in 1914, the Office Public d’Habitations à Bon Marché, currently called Paris Habitat, manages more than 1,200 operations, 120,000 housing units inhabited by 200,000 residents. This article reviews an investigation to this exceptional heritage commissioned by the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris, which resulted in the exhibition and catalogue Paris Habitat: Cent ans de ville, cent ans de vie, presented by the institution in 2015.The investigation, exhibition and publication were organized around the analysis of ten fragments of reality that, rather than matching administrative divisions or urban planning projects, span municipalities, districts and infrastructures. From low-cost to large-scale housing, from concerns with hygiene to ecology issues, each one of the building ensembles analyzed bears witness to the will to change society through housing. Written by the project’s main curator and catalogue editor, this review details the process through which essential questions formulated early on – What is the city we want like? How is it built? – were answered to: selecting from the wealth of material produced by Paris Habitat over one hundred years of activity, the team exposed their political stance on urban strategies at large. Importantly, Paris Habitat’s ‘actions’ substantiated the team’s belief that our knowledge of this long, continuous urban experiment can contribute to improve the metropolises of today and strengthen its ability to answer contemporary concerns: the transformation of offices into housing, new residents’ participation formulas, new building and conception processes, which are key elements in the making of cities that need to be dense, diverse, intense, fertile and agile.

  15. Cherchell: An Algerian Mediterranean Historical City with a Rich Islamic Heritage Housing

    Abdelkader BEHIRI


    Full Text Available Islamic residential architecture has some common architectural and architectonic elements issued from shared values such as privacy, simplicity and sobriety. Applied to residential architecture, these values led to some characteristic spaces and architectural elements such as patios or arcs. However, the Islamic civilisation is composed by different cultures spread on a great geographical area; this variety induced different interpretations of these elements by using different building shapes or materials. In this paper, we will present an example of this interpretation in the historical coastal city of Cherchell in northern Algeria. The city of Cherchell is a historic coastal city that witnessed the passage of several civilizations before the arrival of the Islamic one since its founding more than 2500 years ago. This specific situation as historical coastal city allowed the exchange with different civilizations around the Mediterranean Sea, giving rise in the Islamic period to a typical earth architecture characterised by a specific arch’s typology. The objective of this article is to present an interpretation of Islamic heritage housing architecture in a Mediterranean historical coastal city (through two specific elements: building material and architectonic element. The long term aim of this study is the dissemination of traditional technics and know-how in order restore cultural heritage buildings and construct new projects with a strong Islamic identity.

  16. Measure Guideline. Five Steps to Implement the Public Housing Authority Energy-Efficient Unit Turnover Checklist

    Liaukus, Christine [Building American Research Alliance, Kent, WA (United States)


    Five Steps to Implementing the PHA Energy Efficient Unit Turnover Package (ARIES, 2014) is a guide to prepare for the installation of energy efficient measures during a typical public housing authority unit turnover. While a PHA is cleaning, painting and readying a unit for a new resident, there is an opportunity to incorporate energy efficiency measures to further improve the unit's performance. The measures on the list are simple enough to be implemented by in-house maintenance personnel, inexpensive enough to be folded into operating expenses without needing capital budget, and fast enough to implement without substantially changing the number of days between occupancies, a critical factor for organizations where the demand for dwelling units far outweighs the supply. The following guide lays out a five step plan to implement the EE Unit Turnover Package in your PHA, from an initial Self-Assessment through to Package Implementation.

  17. The rehabilitation of housings in traditional centers of intermediate cities of Sancti Spiritus.

    José Camilo Valdivia Cruz


    Full Text Available The intermediate cities play an intermediation role between the big urban areas and the wide rural areas; of those that are influence center. Their potentiating can take to more balanced and more sustainable territorial developments; for reasons of their own scale to develop viable projects regarding the big cities. However they should solve many derived problems of their inattention in aspects like: the strategic planning, the physical and urbanistic planning and the solution of the difficulties of the housing and the habitat. In Sancti Spiritus the traditional centers of the cities of medium scale, present a high physical deterioration of their residence bottom at the moment; process that has been increased progressively with the step of the years. The loss of constructions, of values, of lodging capacity, of the local potentialities and the lack of programs toward those cities attempts against the physical preservation of those urban centers. To order a politic toward the recovery of their values of identity and their lodging capacities with integrality approaches, progressivity and sustainability is framed as possible solutions to the problem that present those places, inside the priorities of the constructive programs of the country.

  18. The refurbishment of high rise local authority housing blocks – involving the tenants: Lessons from the U.K.

    Richard Turkington


    Full Text Available Since the late 1960’s it has been a popular perception in Britain that “High-rise” social housing blocks (over six storeys are undesirable and therefore a major problem for Local Authority landlords. However, the status and significance of high rise blocks in the UK is beginning to change. This article discusses some of the programmes of refurbishment of high rise local authority housing.

  19. The refurbishment of high rise local authority housing blocks – involving the tenants: Lessons from the U.K.

    Richard Turkington; Suzanne Wheelaghan


    Since the late 1960’s it has been a popular perception in Britain that “High-rise” social housing blocks (over six storeys) are undesirable and therefore a major problem for Local Authority landlords. However, the status and significance of high rise blocks in the UK is beginning to change. This article discusses some of the programmes of refurbishment of high rise local authority housing.

  20. Contesting the financialization of urban space: Community organizations and the struggle to preserve affordable rental housing in New York City

    Fields, D.


    As cities have become both site and object of capital accumulation in a neoliberal political economy, the challenges to community practice aimed at creating, preserving, and improving affordable housing and neighborhoods have grown. Financial markets and actors are increasingly central to the workings of capitalism, transforming the meaning and significance of mortgage capital in local communities and redrawing the relationship between housing and urban inequality. This article addresses the ...

  1. Causes of Domestic Water Consumption Trends in the City of Alicante: Exploring the Links between the Housing Bubble, the Types of Housing and the Socio-Economic Factors

    Álvaro-Francisco Morote


    Full Text Available The European Mediterranean coastline has experienced major tourism-related urbanization since 1960. This is a dynamic that has led to increased spending on water consumption for urban and tourism-related uses. The objective of this paper is to define and to analyze how domestic water consumption in the city of Alicante evolved between 2000 and 2013. Real billing figures for individual households were analyzed according to the type of housing and the income level of the occupants. The conclusions drawn show that consumption fell over the period studied, and that there are different patterns in water expenditure depending on the type of housing and the inhabitants.

  2. Dose by {sup 222} Rn in houses of the Chihuahua city; Dosis por {sup 222} Rn en casas-habitacion de la ciudad de Chihuahua

    Colmenero S, L.H.; Talamantes F, C. [ITCH II, Ave. de las Industrias 11101, Chihuahua (Mexico); Villalba, M.L. [UACH, Facultad de Ingenieria, Chihuahua (Mexico); Dobson, P.F. [Laboratorio Nacional Lawrence Berkeley, California (United States); Ortalejo M, B. [UACH, Facultad de Enfermeria y Nutriologia, Chihuahua (Mexico)]. e-mail:


    selected. The quantification of the radon was made every 10 minutes during three continuous days, with the AlphaGUARD Pro2000 equipment that also measures atmospheric parameters. The obtained data were analyzed with the Genitron software and was analyzed the variation of the radon concentration with the atmospheric parameters and a hours in that the person is in the room. Finally they were carried out the dosimetry calculations due to the radon in air, adding it with the dose received by floor and water due to the natural radionuclides. As it was expected, the city of Chihuahua when being on an uranifer floor and the materials of construction of housings are elaborated starting from this floor, high concentrations were presented of {sup 222}Rn. The third part of the houses had a bigger average to the 148 Bq/m{sup 3} in air, with values average for the whole day of up to 276 Bq/m{sup 3}, as well as maxima values near to 900 Bq/m{sup 3}. When making the calculation of the concentration for the night and dawn that it is when the one inhabitant remains in the room and that to avoid the cold he closes doors and windows, the radon concentration ascended until values of 305 Bq/m{sup 3}. The calculation of the dosimetry was in high values for the radon of until 3.2 mSv/year that adding to the floor values (0.63 mSv/year) and water (0.016 mSv/year) it gives a value of 3.85 mSv/year, considering these values very superior to those registered in other cities of the country reported in the bibliography or by the CNSNS. (Author)

  3. The Use of Vegetation for Social Housing Renovation: a case study in the city of Palermo

    Pastore, L.; Corrao, R.; Heiselberg, Per

    thermal comfort. To achieve these goals the social housing complex of Medaglie d’Oro in the city of Palermo was chosen as case study in order to carry out some analyses for the assessment of outdoor comfort parameters of the area. By means of numerical simulations performed with the software ENVI-met, the...... actual state of the area was evaluated and four scenarios of renovation strategies through the integration with different vegetal species were proposed. The simulations show the effectiveness of the vegetation for the mitigation of the outside temperature and demonstrate that more accurate analyses on...... building indoor comfort can be performed taking into account the factors that influence its surrounding environment....

  4. Studying the Variation of Radon Level in Some Houses in Alexandria City, Egypt

    Inhalation of indoor radon has been recognized as one of the health hazards. In the present work a set of indoor radon measurements was carried out, in different Egyptian houses in Alexandria city, built of the same type of building materials, using time-integrated passive radon dosimeters containing LR-115 Type II solid state nuclear track detector. Measurements were carried out from October 2007 to June 2008. The results show that, the radon concentrations and the annual effective dose in these houses varied from (38.62 to 120.39) Bq m-3 and (0.96 to 3.06) mSv y-1 respectively. The mean values of radon concentrations in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens were: (50.93±7.14), (63.75±7.63), (105.3± 14.67) and (82.38±8.35) Bq m-3 respectively. Also the mean values of annual effective dose were (1.26±0.17), (1.58±0.185), (2.63±0.36) and (2.0± 0.20) mSv y-1, respectively. This data shows that, bathrooms and kitchens have significantly higher radon concentrations and annual radon dose

  5. Energy analysis and refurbishment proposals for public housing in the city of Bari, Italy

    From the perspectives of the energy and the environment, building stock should be considered a useful resource in the struggle against greenhouse gas emissions and scarcity of energy resources. The aim of this work is to provide an example of the application of a methodology to evaluate the energy needs of the building stock of a city and to determine the possible strategies for energy planning. This paper aims to obtain an estimate, on an urban scale, of the energy needs and CO2 emissions of the public residential buildings of Bari. This estimate is achieved by evaluating the critical issues of the built heritage, the most common architectural typologies and the heating systems in the territory of the city of Bari in southern Italy, as well as the possible strategies for upgrading energy efficiency, through the combined use of energy software and geo-referenced systems. Furthermore, several possible interventions are assumed to improve the energy performance of buildings in not only environmental terms but also economic terms through the instrument of cost–benefit analysis. The ultimate goal is to compare the different intervention strategies to determine which demonstrate greater cost effectiveness and feasibility for future energy planning. - Highlights: • An evaluation of the energy needs of existing buildings in a city in Southern Italy is provided. • Possible refurbishment strategies are evaluated. • An economic analysis is carried out to understand the feasibility of interventions. • An estimate on an urban scale of the energy-saving potential of public housing in Bari is provided

  6. 75 FR 21022 - Announcement of Funding Awards for the Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency...


    .... Taylor Street, Kokomo, IN 46903. Housing Authority of the City of 601 South Adams Street, 34,842 Marion..., 49,370 Frederick. Frederick, MD 21701. Housing Authority of Washington 319 East Antietam 31,000...

  7. Post-disaster housing reconstruction: Perspectives of the NGO and local authorities on delay issues

    Khalid, Khairin Norhashidah; Nifa, Faizatul Akmar Abdul; Ismail, Risyawati Mohamed; Lin, Chong Khai


    Post disaster reconstruction is complex, dynamic and chaotic in nature and as such represents many challenges because it is unlike normal construction. However, the time scale of reconstruction is shorter than the normal construction, but it often deals with uncertainties and the scale of the construction activities required is relatively high. After a disaster impacts a country, many governments, institutions and aid organizations cooperate and involved with the reconstruction process. This is seen as a tool for applying policies and programs designed to remedy the weakness in developmental policies, infrastructure and institutional arrangements. This paper reports a part of an on-going research on post-disaster housing reconstruction in Malaysia. An extensive literature review and pilot interviews were undertaken to establish the factors that contribute to the delay in post-disaster reconstruction project. Accordingly, this paper takes the perspective of recovery from non-government organization (NGO) and local authorities which act as providers of social services, builders of infrastructure, regulators of economic activity and managers of the natural environment. As a result, it is important on how those decisions are made, who is involved in the decision-making, and what are the consequences of this decision.

  8. The need for standards and codes to ensure an acoustically comfortable environment in multifamily housing buildings in Mexico City

    Kotasek Gonzalez, Eduardo; Rodriguez Manzo, Fausto


    It is clear that almost all kinds of buildings require protection against noise and undesirable sounds, however, there are some countries where this is not yet regulated, such is the case of Mexico. Mexico City, the biggest city in the world could also be the noisiest. This is a problem which is today being debated; in fact there is no doubt that this has an important influence on the acoustic comfort conditions of dwellings, besides the habits and culture of the inhabitants, which are very different from those in the Anglo-Saxon countries. These are all details that must be taken into account in the design of an acoustic comfort standard for buildings in cities like Mexico. In this paper we deal with this problem and it suggests some recommendations to consider in a proposed acoustic comfort standard or code to be applied in the design of multifamily housing buildings in Mexico City.

  9. Assessment of Displacement Flow at Ketandan Creeks to Optimizing Land Use in Jember New City Housing

    Entin Hidayah


    Full Text Available Displacement flow will caused a change in the flow characteristics such as flow depth, discharge, river slope and width of the river surface. If not carefully examined, it will cause the riverbed erosion, sedimentation and risk of flooding. This paper aims to assess the hydrology and hydraulics of the river flow changes in Ketandan creek in optimizing the use of land housing for Jember New City (JNC. Hydrology modelling studies conducted for the return period rainfall include a 2 year as normal discharge, and 100 year as flood condition. Simulation of flood designs used to assess changes in the flow regime in the channel and the risk of flooding with HEC-RAS program. The results of the study showed that for the flood design 3,1 m3/sec and 12,8 m3/sec will give the effect of critical water surface. In order to keep the flow of the river bed of critically needed as the drop-structure and spillway construction.

  10. Thermal Performance of Housing Open Spaces in the City of Mosul



    Full Text Available The rapid urban growth has lead to an urgent need to increase residential buildings in such a way that requires quick execution of such buildings. The appearance of modern materials such as reinforced concrete has helped in getting fast-constructed houses of a westerly pattern such that excluding the inherited styles that are in harmony with severe environment like that of the Middle East. This has resulted in a modern pattern of buildings lacks the microclimate which was enjoyed by the traditional pattern and which have provided the inhabitant with a relative thermal comfort. ‎This research try to compare different microclimates due to the variation of open architectural spaces patterns in the residential units (traditional ones represented by (the courtyards and Iwan and the modem one represented by the space of (garages and terraces in Summer in Mosul city. ‎ ‎The results showed that the traditional open spaces are the nearest to the thermal comfort zone, although both of them don't represent the ideal state of human comfort in this ‎period of Summer.

  11. Emergency Department Visits for Homelessness or Inadequate Housing in New York City before and after Hurricane Sandy.

    Doran, Kelly M; McCormack, Ryan P; Johns, Eileen L; Carr, Brendan G; Smith, Silas W; Goldfrank, Lewis R; Lee, David C


    Hurricane Sandy struck New York City on October 29, 2012, causing not only a large amount of physical damage, but also straining people's health and disrupting health care services throughout the city. In prior research, we determined that emergency department (ED) visits from the most vulnerable hurricane evacuation flood zones in New York City increased after Hurricane Sandy for several medical diagnoses, but also for the diagnosis of homelessness. In the current study, we aimed to further explore this increase in ED visits for homelessness after Hurricane Sandy's landfall. We performed an observational before-and-after study using an all-payer claims database of ED visits in New York City to compare the demographic characteristics, insurance status, geographic distribution, and health conditions of ED patients with a primary or secondary ICD-9 diagnosis of homelessness or inadequate housing in the first week after Hurricane Sandy's landfall versus the baseline weekly average in 2012 prior to Hurricane Sandy. We found statistically significant increases in ED visits for diagnosis codes of homelessness or inadequate housing in the week after Hurricane Sandy's landfall. Those accessing the ED for homelessness or inadequate housing were more often elderly and insured by Medicare after versus before the hurricane. Secondary diagnoses among those with a primary ED diagnosis of homelessness or inadequate housing also differed after versus before Hurricane Sandy. These observed differences in the demographic, insurance, and co-existing diagnosis profiles of those with an ED diagnosis of homelessness or inadequate housing before and after Hurricane Sandy suggest that a new population cohort-potentially including those who had lost their homes as a result of storm damage-was accessing the ED for homelessness or other housing issues after the hurricane. Emergency departments may serve important public health and disaster response roles after a hurricane, particularly for

  12. The Potential for Energy Retrofits within the City of Sacramento's Rental Housing Inspection Program

    Iverson, Megan M.; Sande, Susan; Britt, Michelle L.


    This report presents the results of an analysis performed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the City of Sacramento--under the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office of Weatherization and Intergovernmental Projects Technical Assistance Program--to help determine the potential for incorporating energy efficiency standards into the City’s existing Rental Housing Inspection Program as part of Sacramento’s efforts to create a Climate Action Plan.

  13. Rat sightings in New York City are associated with neighborhood sociodemographics, housing characteristics, and proximity to open public space.

    Walsh, Michael G


    Rats are ubiquitous in urban environments and, as established reservoirs for infectious pathogens, present a control priority for public health agencies. New York City (NYC) harbors one of the largest rat populations in the United States, but surprising little study has been undertaken to define rat ecology across varied features of this urban landscape. More importantly, factors that may contribute to increased encounters between rats and humans have rarely been explored. Using city-wide records of rat sightings reported to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, this investigation sought to identify sociodemographic, housing, and physical landscape characteristics that are associated with increased rat sightings across NYC census tracts. A hierarchical Bayesian conditional autoregressive Poisson model was used to assess these associations while accounting for spatial heterogeneity in the variance. Closer proximity to both subway lines and recreational public spaces was associated with a higher concentration of rat sightings, as was a greater presence of older housing, vacant housing units, and low education among the population. Moreover, these aspects of the physical and social landscape accurately predicted rat sightings across the city. These findings have identified specific features of the NYC urban environment that may help to provide direct control targets for reducing human-rat encounters. PMID:25237595

  14. Rat sightings in New York City are associated with neighborhood sociodemographics, housing characteristics, and proximity to open public space

    Michael G. Walsh


    Full Text Available Rats are ubiquitous in urban environments and, as established reservoirs for infectious pathogens, present a control priority for public health agencies. New York City (NYC harbors one of the largest rat populations in the United States, but surprising little study has been undertaken to define rat ecology across varied features of this urban landscape. More importantly, factors that may contribute to increased encounters between rats and humans have rarely been explored. Using city-wide records of rat sightings reported to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, this investigation sought to identify sociodemographic, housing, and physical landscape characteristics that are associated with increased rat sightings across NYC census tracts. A hierarchical Bayesian conditional autoregressive Poisson model was used to assess these associations while accounting for spatial heterogeneity in the variance. Closer proximity to both subway lines and recreational public spaces was associated with a higher concentration of rat sightings, as was a greater presence of older housing, vacant housing units, and low education among the population. Moreover, these aspects of the physical and social landscape accurately predicted rat sightings across the city. These findings have identified specific features of the NYC urban environment that may help to provide direct control targets for reducing human–rat encounters.

  15. Social housing plans of peronist government in mar del plata city, argentina, 1946-1955

    Rizzo, María de las Nieves


    This text presents an analysis of housing and its social spaces in relation to the production of typological and technological formal alternatives that are a vulnerable heritage at Mar del Plata, housing built between 1946 and 1955 by the Peronist government. The Peronist government intervention in relation to public housing was not restricted to physical dimension; it also redefined social relationships and political spaces. In those housing complexes the essential concerns where, among o...

  16. Identifying Variables Influencing Tenant Affordability to Pay Rent in Ipoh City Council Public Housing

    Salleh Nor Aini


    Full Text Available Affordability reflects the challenges faced by households in balancing the real cost of housing and non housing expenditures against income limitations placed upon the household. Various methods have been introduced to measure housing affordability among households. This study was undertaken to identify the variables influencing tenant affordability to pay rent. Data was obtained through questionnaire distribution on 350 MBI public housing tenants using the strata sampling technique. This study found that only ethnic group variable significantly influenced the ability to pay rent. The study’s findings proved that different ethnic groups faced different housing costs liabilities attributable to different socioeconomic status.

  17. Housing the Urban Poor: Planning, Business and Politics: A Case Study of Duaripara Slum, Dhaka city, Bangladesh

    Nahiduzzaman, Kh. Md.


    This study is conducted on Duripara slum of Dhaka city which is one of the fastest growing megalopolis and primate cities not only among the developing but also among the developed countries. The high rate of urbanization has posed a challenging dimension to the central, local govt. and concerned development authority. In Dhaka about 50% of the total urban population is poor and in the urbanization process the poor are the major contributors which can be characterized as urbanization of pover...

  18. Participation rate of housing cooperation members (Mehr and Explication effective factors on it in 1388 at Mashhad city

    Mohammadt Mazlome Khorasani


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is finding some answers to description of participation rate of housing cooperation members (Mehr in 1388 at Mashhad city and Explication effective factors on it. Theoretical discussions have been illustrated based on four paradigms socialistic: social facts, social definition, social behavior, and complex paradigm. The research method of this investigation based on a survey with sample volume about 380 persons with the help of Cocran formula from statistical society about 36330 members of housing cooperation (Mehr in Mashhad city. The method of sampling was based on random stratified method. The way of data Collection is information on questionnaires. The analysis of data have been implemented with SPSS application software in the frame of average descriptive statistics, Medium, Standard divergence, Kurosis and Skewness coefficients, hypothesis test with the help of appropriate tests to aim and variable assessment levels and using of regression analysis, finally path analysis. Then we assessed these categories and their independent variables such as: Economical disability and incapability to resources, assessment of financial and political supports of the government, lack of enough time for members, confidence to the managers, assuring to the resultant of the project, traditionalism, thankfulness, respect to the media advertisements, education level, mental preparation, responsibility, acknowledgement, satisfaction toward managers, social base, making in real housing, using mass media, alienation on the rate of cooperation members. In conclusion, member’s acknowledgement, using mass media and respecting to media advertisements and confidence to managers had the major and highest Impact on members cooperation.

  19. Local authorities faced with electricity market liberalization. The role of cities in electricity production and distribution in the Swiss Confederation

    In Switzerland, cities are highly involved in producing and - mainly - distributing electrical power. To those cities, defining what universal service and public interest service are seems essential, when faced with the opening energy markets. Such services can be guaranteed through concession contracts granted to companies conducting business on the city's territory It is the interest of regional distribution companies (one thousand in Switzerland...) to free themselves of local political requirements that could impair their growth. This new independence, combined with the good community service guarantee, should help those companies continue to contribute to the economic and lasting growth of the regions they have always served. (author)

  20. Finnish practice in building radon-safe houses - a survey of municipal authorities

    The study was carried out to chart radon prevention practices in municipalities with high indoor radon concentrations. The area under investigation consists of 95 municipalities in the most radon-prone area in Finland. About 75% of the municipalities investigated required or recommended reaction to radon at least in certain areas of the municipality, but only 30% of municipalities recommended such action in the whole area. The most important prevention measure against radon, radon-tight foundation construction, was recommended in only a few municipalities. Only about one fifth of the municipalities verified that the builders had succeeded in radon-safe construction by measuring indoor radon concentration in the new houses. (au)

  1. Acanthamoeba spp. in domestic tap water in houses of contact lens wearers in the metropolitan area of Mexico City.

    Bonilla-Lemus, Patricia; Ramírez-Bautista, Gerardo A; Zamora-Muñoz, Claudia; Ibarra-Montes, María Del Rocío; Ramírez-Flores, Elizabeth; Hernández-Martínez, María Dolores


    A survey was carried out in the metropolitan area of Mexico City to determine the presence of Acanthamoeba in the tap water of houses of contact lens wearers. Water samples were taken from the mains water entry, bathroom sinks and storage containers (roof tanks, cisterns) of 27 houses; and from the solution contained in the contact lens cases. Samples were filtered and cultured onto NNE medium. The isolates were identified based on their morphological features and pathogenicity. Total and fecal coliforms, water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and residual free-chlorine were measured by standard methods. Forty five isolates of Acanthamoeba from 200 water samples were obtained. The highest number of amoebae was isolated from cisterns and roof tanks. Most Acanthamoeba isolates were non-pathogenic, however, their presence in tap water is a potential hazard since some species can cause Acanthamoeba keratitis and granulomatous amoebic encephalitis. PMID:19995560

  2. Backyard Living – Integrative Policies Towards Migrant Workers: Housing Microfinance in Greater Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Martin Noltze


    Full Text Available The urban agglomeration of the Vietnamese southeast industrial driving force Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC has become the most outstanding benefi ciary of the remarkable economic growth and foreign investments in the Vietnamese economy since the start of a comprehensive economic reform process in the mid 1980s. The notable development towards the foremost economic centre led to a high influx of migrant workers. In the course of an ongoing expansion process towards a megacity of tomorrow, the defi cient provision of adequate housing remains one of the most challenging problems of rural migrants in Greater HCMC. However, a future-oriented sustainable megacity concept is strongly dependent on the successful integration of migrants into the urban society. Within this context, the housing market is considered to be a key aspect of comprehensive urban planning. Hereby, housing microfinance (HMF will be presented as an alternative housing finance scheme meeting the demand of a noteworthy number of poor and low-income people. Thereby HMF can do both: focus on specifi c needs of migrants with respect to their current life situation and enhance its outreach to a potential target group.

  3. The construction of the Public City. Governance of Urban Processes and Transformation: the role of Social Housing

    Matteo Gambaro


    Full Text Available The following report looks at a selection of research and consultancy activities carried out by members of the «Governance, Design and Valorisation for the Built Environment» Research Group from the BEST Department at the Politecnico di Milano on behalf of Novara City Council. This work was undertaken with the objective of framing a systematic and multi-scalar design to be used in the redevelopment and upgrading of social housing through an approach which emphasised reconstruction of urban relationships and enhancement of the landscape and environment of noteworthy segments of the city. The aforementioned activities were then concentrated within «Neighbourhood Contract III» and «URBACT Active Travel Network ATN» programmes.

  4. 76 FR 53933 - Delegation Authority for the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities


    ... transportation decisions, and increase the capacity to improve land use and zoning. DATES: Effective Date: August... land use and zoning to support market investments that support sustainable communities. OSHC is also... capacity to improve land use and zoning. The Secretary may revoke the authority authorized herein, in...

  5. Housing policy and conversions to condominiums in the Netherlands

    Weesep, J. van; M W A Maas


    The conversion of rental housing to condominiums has become a significant feature of the housing markets in major Dutch cities. The large number of conversions is in part a reaction to housing market regulations, by which specific categories of households are de facto excluded from the rental market. The conversion of the rental units and their subsequent sale to owner-occupiers diminished the availability of rental housing, which aroused the concern of housing authorities. Their evaluation o...


    Azman ISMAIL


    Full Text Available According to the human resource development literature, career program has two salient characteristics: career planning and career management. Recent studies in this area reveal that the ability of management to properly implement such career program characteristics may have a significant impact on job satisfaction. Although the nature of this relationship is interesting, little is known about the role of career program characteristics as an important antecedent of job satisfaction in the workplace career models. Therefore, this study was conducted to examine the relationship between career program and job satisfaction in a city based local authority in Sabah, Malaysia. A survey research method was used as the main instrument to gather data from employees in the organization. The outcomes of testing hypothesis using a stepwise regression analysis showed two important findings: first, career planning insignificantly correlated with job satisfaction. Secondly, career management significantly correlated with job satisfaction. Statistically, this result demonstrates that the career planning does not act as an important determinant of job satisfaction, career management act as an important determinant of job satisfaction in the career model of the organizational sample. In addition, discussion, implications and conclusion are elaborated.

  7. How website users segment a city: The geography of housing search in London

    Rae, A.; Sener, E


    This paper explores spatial patterns of housing search in London, using data generated by users of the UK's most popular real estate portal. By focusing on the variable geographies of ‘search extent’, it attempts to make a contribution to a long line of studies focused on understanding the fragmented geography of metropolitan housing markets. It also builds upon more recent work in economics on the utility of user-generated search data. After introducing our approach, we discuss the backgroun...

  8. On the data between the ratio of new supply houses at four tenures in Japan. At 47 prefectures and 80 cities; 300,000 and more population on 1995; Shinsetsu chako jutaku no riyo kankeibetsu deta. 47 todofuken and 80 toshi (jinko 300,000 nin 'heisei 7 {center_dot} kokucho' ijo narabini kencho shozaishi)(1993 {approx} 1997)

    Iida, Toshihiko; Kojina, Kyoji


    On the owned tenure, the average construction-started ratio spreaded from 1.15 houses in Amagasaki-shi to 6.30 houses in Hamamatsu-shi during 1983 {approx} 1987, the same values spreaded from 1.42 houses in Amagasaki-shi to 5083 houses in Akita-shi during 1988 {approx} 1992 and the same values spreaded from 1.44 houses in Osaka-shi to 6.67 houses in Aomori-shi during 1993 {approx} 1997. 2nd on the rental tenure, the average construction-started ratio spreaded from 1.88 house in Sakai-shi to 14.32 houses in Ichikawa-shi during 1983 {approx} 1987, the same values spreaded from 3.72 houses in Sakai-shi to 13.93 houses in Kawasaki-shi during 1988 {approx} 1992 and from 2.82 houses in Yokosuka-shi to 9.88 houses in Sendai-shi during 1993 {approx} 1997, espicialy 13.17 houses in Nishinomiya-shi. 3rd on the issued tenure, the average construction-started ratio spreaded from 0.05 houses in Maebashi-shi 0.45 houses in Mito-shi during 1983 {approx} 1992 and from 0.02 houses in Naha-shi to 0.74 houses in Omiya-shi during 1993 {approx} 1997, espicialy 1.00 houses in Nishinomiya-shi. 4th on the for-sale tenure, the average construction-started ratio spraeded from 0.36 houses in Kurashiki-shi 5.65 houses in Kobe-shi during 1983 {approx} 1987, the same values spreaded from 0.89 houses in Iwaki-shi and Fukui-shi to 6.14 houses in Fukuoka-shi during 1988 {approx} 1992 and from 0.63 houses in Kurashiki-shi to 7.51 houses in Urawa-shi during 1993 {approx} 1997, especially 8.66 houses in Nishinomiya-shi. The construction-started hoses of the rental tenure were leading during this fifteen years, but the construction-started houses of the for-sale tenure were increasing recently in Japan, though the same values of the owned tenure were continuing during this periods. At 80 cities the construction-started ratio of the rental tenure spreaded from 2.61 houses in Kitakyushu-shi to 12.01 houses in Hachioji-shi on 1993, the same values spreaded from 2.41 houses in Toyota-shi to 9.98 houses in

  9. Unintended effects of urban and housing policies on integration: "white" discontent in the Dutch city

    W.P.C. van Gent; S. Musterd


    Residential environments are a product of urban and housing policies and household responses. These environments develop as physical and social territories and have their own impacts on voting patterns. These specificities relate to several spheres of life, including political preferences and associ

  10. On the new supply houses per thousand heads during this five in Japan. At 47 prefectures and 80 cities; 300,000 and more population on 1995; Saikin 5 nenkan ni okeru riyo kankeibetsu jutaku chakodo suii. 47 todofuken and 80 toshi (jinko 300,000 nin 'heisei 7 {center_dot} kokucho' ijo narabini kencho shozaishi)(1993 {approx} 1997)

    Iida, Toshihiko; Kojina, Kyoji


    We studied before twice the construction-started houses per thousand heads during five years, 1983 {approx} 1987 and 1988 {approx} 1992 at 47 prefectures and 77 or 81 cities; 300,000 and more population and the cities of prefectural government in Japan. For the third time we study now the construction-started houses in Japan. We call the construction-started houses per thousand heads yearly the construction-started ratio at each areas. The average construction-started ratio was 11.10 houses during five years; 1983 {approx} 1987, so 12.51 houses during five years; 1988 {approx} 1992 and 11.99 houses during five years; 1993 {approx} 1997 in Japan. Then at prefectures the average construction-started ratio houses spreaded from 6.31 houses at Tottori-ken to 15.51 houses at Tokyo-to during 1983 {approx} 1987, so from 6.52 houses at Shimane-ken to 16.66 houses at Kanagawa-ken during five years; 1988 {approx} 1992 and from 8.01 house at Shimane-ken to 16.70 houses at Hyogo-ken during five years; 1993 {approx} 1997 in Japan. The same items of each tenure spreaded among some ranges during this period. Next we study on the four tenures, 1st on the owned tenure. On the owned tenure, the average construction-started ratio was 4.03 houses during 1983 {approx} 1987, so so 3.96 houses during 1988 {approx} 1992 and 4.39 houses during 1993 {approx} 1997 in Japan. 2nd on the rental tenure, the average construction-started ratio was 4.95 houses during 1983 {approx} 1987, so 5.87 houses during 1988 {approx} 1992 and 4.65 houses during 1993 {approx}1997 in Japan. 3rd on the issued tenure, the average construction-started ratio was 0.19 houses during five years; 1983 {approx} 1987, so 0.27 houses during five years; 1988 {approx} 1992 and 0.21 houses during five years; 1993 {approx} 1997 in Japan. 4th on the for-sale tenure, the average construction-started ratio was 1.93 houses during five years; 1983 {approx} 1987, so 2.41 houses during five years; 1988 {approx} 1992, so 2.73 houses

  11. The Cinematographic Representation of the City of Porto (as seen by the author in six films

    Paula Mota Santos


    Full Text Available Departing from a material cultural studies anthropology, the paper takes film production and consumption as part of representational systems, analysing the city image of Porto as represented in six Portuguese films of the 20 th century. Looking at what is filmed and how it is filmed, it highlights the main themes found in this city image production and discusses the role of film in the construction of a collective memory.

  12. 78 FR 7393 - Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request; 2014 New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey


    ... Vacancy Survey (NYCHVS) under contract for the City of New York. The primary purpose of the survey is to... above. Owner/renter status (tenure) is asked for all occupied units. Utility costs, monthly rent... Hours: 9,400. Estimated Total Annual Cost: The only cost to respondents is that of their...

  13. Phthalates in dormitory and house dust of northern Chinese cities: Occurrence, human exposure, and risk assessment.

    Li, Hai-Ling; Song, Wei-Wei; Zhang, Zi-Feng; Ma, Wan-Li; Gao, Chong-Jing; Li, Jia; Huo, Chun-Yan; Mohammed, Mohammed O A; Liu, Li-Yan; Kannan, Kurunthachalam; Li, Yi-Fan


    Phthalates are widely used chemicals in household products, which severely affect human health. However, there were limited studies emphasized on young adults' exposure to phthalates in dormitories. In this study, seven phthalates were extracted from indoor dust that collected in university dormitories in Harbin, Shenyang, and Baoding, in the north of China. Dust samples were also collected in houses in Harbin for comparison. The total concentrations of phthalates in dormitory dust in Harbin and Shenyang samples were significantly higher than those in Baoding samples. The total geometric mean concentration of phthalates in dormitory dust in Harbin was lower than in house dust. Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) was the most abundant phthalate in both dormitory and house dust. The daily intakes of the total phthalates, carcinogenic risk (CR) of DEHP, hazard index (HI) of di-isobutyl phthalate (DiBP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and DEHP were estimated, the median values for all students in dormitories were lower than adults who live in the houses. Monte Carlo simulation was applied to predict the human exposure risk of phthalates. HI of DiBP, DBP, and DEHP was predicted according to the reference doses (RfD) provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.EPA) and the reference doses for anti-androgenicity (RfD AA) developed by Kortenkamp and Faust. The results indicated that the risks of some students had exceeded the limitation, however, the measured results were not exceeded the limitation. Risk quotients (RQ) of DEHP were predicted based on China specific No Significant Risk Level (NSRL) and Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL). The predicted results of CR and RQ of DEHP suggested that DEHP could pose a health risk through intake of indoor dust. PMID:27186877

  14. Prevalence and Genetic Properties of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Definitive Phage Type 104 Isolated from Rattus norvegicus and Rattus rattus House Rats in Yokohama City, Japan▿ †

    Yokoyama, Eiji; Maruyama, Soichi; Kabeya, Hidenori; Hara, Siro; Sata, Shin; KUROKI, Toshiro; Yamamoto, Tomoko


    Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium was isolated from the intestinal contents of Rattus rattus and Rattus norvegicus house rats captured at two buildings, designated buildings J and YS, in Yokohama City, Japan. From October 1997 to September 1998, 52 of 339 (15.3%) house rats were found to carry Salmonella serovar Typhimurium definitive phage type 104 (DT104). In building J, 26 of 161 (16.1%) house rats carried DT104 over the 1-year study period, compared to 26 of 178 (14.6%) rats in buil...


    Adelaida Cristina HONTUŞ


    Full Text Available This paper is based on a comparative analysis of tourism demand and supply and the development of mountain tourism tendinţelorde plannaţional and internationally, the degree of capitalization of the mountain tourism in Romania, focusing on assessment of tourism in the tourist resort Campulung Muscel County Arges. The objective of this study consists of a comparative analysis of tourist traffic at the county level tourist resort and tourist board level. To perform this study we used a series of statistical data provided by the representatives of the City of Delhi Muscel on tourism and tourist traffic statistics on the county level and at the boarding house.

  16. Shaping the interior of city house from 19th century in Macedonia

    Namicev, Petar; Namiceva, Ekaterina


    The traditional architecture of the city in the 19th century in Macedonia contains certain aesthetic values, which occupies a significant place shaping the interior. The elements of the interior are incorporated in the final process of building, in the final shaping of the internal layout of the premises. Typically incorporating certain elements previously prepared to a composition designed. The elements in the interior are musandras, cupboards, ceilings, shelves, handrails, internal doors...

  17. Bias due to sample selection in propensity score matching for a supportive housing program evaluation in New York City.

    Sungwoo Lim

    Full Text Available OBJECTIVES: Little is known about influences of sample selection on estimation in propensity score matching. The purpose of the study was to assess potential selection bias using one-to-one greedy matching versus optimal full matching as part of an evaluation of supportive housing in New York City (NYC. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTINGS: Data came from administrative data for 2 groups of applicants who were eligible for an NYC supportive housing program in 2007-09, including chronically homeless adults with a substance use disorder and young adults aging out of foster care. We evaluated the 2 matching methods in their ability to balance covariates and represent the original population, and in how those methods affected outcomes related to Medicaid expenditures. RESULTS: In the population with a substance use disorder, only optimal full matching performed well in balancing covariates, whereas both methods created representative populations. In the young adult population, both methods balanced covariates effectively, but only optimal full matching created representative populations. In the young adult population, the impact of the program on Medicaid expenditures was attenuated when one-to-one greedy matching was used, compared with optimal full matching. CONCLUSION: Given covariate balancing with both methods, attenuated program impacts in the young adult population indicated that one-to-one greedy matching introduced selection bias.

  18. The House Sparrows Passer domesticus and Tree Sparrows Passer montanus: fine-scale distribution, population densities, and habitat selection in a Central European city

    Šálek, Martin; Riegert, J.; Grill, S.


    Roč. 50, č. 2 (2015), s. 221-232. ISSN 0001-6454 Institutional support: RVO:68081766 Keywords : House Sparrow * Tree Sparrow * urban environment * city green * built-up area * habitat selection * nest-site selection Subject RIV: EH - Ecology, Behaviour Impact factor: 0.745, year: 2014

  19. Parasites in the city: degree of urbanization predicts poxvirus and coccidian infections in house finches (Haemorhous mexicanus.

    Mathieu Giraudeau

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Urbanization can strongly impact the physiology, behavior, and fitness of animals. Conditions in cities may also promote the transmission and success of animal parasites and pathogens. However, to date, no studies have examined variation in the prevalence or severity of several distinct pathogens/parasites along a gradient of urbanization in animals or if these infections increase physiological stress in urban populations. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Here, we measured the prevalence and severity of infection with intestinal coccidians (Isospora sp. and the canarypox virus (Avipoxvirus along an urban-to-rural gradient in wild male house finches (Haemorhous mexicanus. In addition, we quantified an important stress indicator in animals (oxidative stress and several axes of urbanization, including human population density and land-use patterns within a 1 km radius of each trapping site. Prevalence of poxvirus infection and severity of coccidial infection were significantly associated with the degree of urbanization, with an increase of infection in more urban areas. The degrees of infection by the two parasites were not correlated along the urban-rural gradient. Finally, levels of oxidative damage in plasma were not associated with infection or with urbanization metrics. CONCLUSION/SIGNIFICANCE: These results indicate that the physical presence of humans in cities and the associated altered urban landscape characteristics are associated with increased infections with both a virus and a gastrointestinal parasite in this common songbird resident of North American cities. Though we failed to find elevations in urban- or parasite/pathogen-mediated oxidative stress, humans may facilitate infections in these birds via bird feeders (i.e. horizontal disease transmission due to unsanitary surfaces and/or elevations in host population densities and/or via elevations in other forms of physiological stress (e.g. corticosterone, nutritional.

  20. Evaluation Clean Air Effects on Tehran City Residential Houses Price in 2009

    Aghapour Sabbagi M.


    Full Text Available BackgroundsandObjectives: Environmental activitiesunknownprice and value caused establishing of some unique characteristics for mentioned commodities. One of these characteristics was existing gap between private and social cost and benefit. For assessing these activities different approaches include travel cost, willingness to pay and hedonic price had been suggested. According to Tehran's air pollution problem, in this study Hedonic approach had was used for the assessment of healthy air on Tehran's residential house price.Materials and Method : Hedonic approach is one of the methods that are used for evolution environmental goods. In this method, each good's price is estimated as a functions of that good`s properties. To gather this study information 300 questionnaires has been collected by random sampling from different area of Tehran.Result: Results revealed that activities in order to reduce air pollutions, in addition to environmental value have economical value form the point of view of consumers. Also, results show that willingness to pay of every Tehran's citizens for every square meter of house located in region with less pollution is between 1120 to 1350 thousands Rials.Conclusion: According to the obtained results can be said that, clean air as an environmental good from the viewpoint of consumers has economic value that can be calculated this value using methods such as Hedonic.

  1. Block-based Community in China’s Social Housing Development:A Case Study on Old City Renovation of Kashgar,Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region


    Through the analysis of the international definition and classification of slums,this paper explores the development of China’s social housing system and the renovation of the Old City of Kashgar.It argues that one of the issues in China’s social housing system is to solve the problems of the scarcity of spatial elements and the lack of developmental driving force in large mixed communities of the Han and minority nationalities.Then it examines the elements of renovation and approaches based on a survey of the local residents in different parts of Kashgar City.Comparing the international development of traditional residential quarters and block-based communities,the paper points out that the block-based community is preferred for its impartiality and sustainability,and applies this mode to the renovation of the Old City of Kashgar in the form of design guidelines.

  2. Central-local authority relationships and the institutional process of city creation

    Ai, Chi-Han; Elosua, Miguel; Li, Shantong


    As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, China is experiencing the largest scale of urbanisation in human history. More and more land is required to support this massive urbanisation. However, rural land acquisition and compensation to the changes in farmers’ household registration (hukou) are complex issues in the process of urbanisation under the dual land tenure between city and rural areas in China. Furthermore, local government has been under increasing financial pressure af...

  3. Assessment and Selection of Materials for Melbourne City Council House 2

    Dominique Hes


    Full Text Available This paper highlights the role of material selection in the development and contribution toward environmental excellence in the building project Council House 2 (CH2. The paper focuses on the assessment of material and the strategies used by the design team in CH2to ensure the best environmental result. The paper then goes on to explore in a case study the application of these strategies in the selection and specification of concrete on CH2. The purpose of the paper is to explore the difficulties and rewards of careful research of manufacturers' claims and the relative benefits of different materials. The paper concludes that the process of material selection adopted on this project has increased the education of architects and manufacturers alike as well as being environmentally beneficial.

  4. Analyzing the impact of rural housing credits on indices of physical development and housing patterns (Case study: villages in the central part of the city of Kashmar

    Javad Bazrafshan


    Full Text Available Giving credit to the villages for physical development and strengthening housing is one of the strategies and programs implemented in rural areas that to some extent, it has caused the empowerment of villages. Some facility will be provided to villagers as the loans of the improvement of rural housing in Iran which have some restrictions and requirements according to infrastructure, materials, and plan of houses and these restrictions and requirements of these houses will distinct them from the traditional rural housing. The goal of this research is the Analyzing the impact of rural housing credits on indices of physical development and housing patterns. The method of the research is analytic-descriptive and the documentary and field methods are used for collecting data. The results show that the dimension of the impact of housing credit on physical development has the maximum effect on the index of the change of rural architecture pattern and in the dimension of housing credits on housing pattern; it has the maximum impact on the index of the type of housing.

  5. Study on Spatial Commercial Housing Distribution of Prices in Jinan City%济南市商品住宅价格空间分布研究



    Through study on spatial distribution of commercial housing prices in Jinan city, characteristics and rule of spacial distribution of commercial housing prices are introduced, and elements which will affec commercial housing prices are determined. In order to promote development of commercial housing market in Jinan city, the housing industrial policies are formulated, and reasonable suggestions are put forward for carrying out urban plan.%通过对济南市商品住宅价格空间分布的研究,了解济南市商品住宅价格的空间分布的特征与规律,确定影响济南市商品住宅价格空间分布的因素,为促进济南市商品住宅市场的发展,政府制定住宅产业政策,合理进行城市规划等提出合理化的建议。

  6. The Low-Cost Housing Program of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

    Sayos, Anicia C.; Fernandez, Antonio C.


    With the passage of the Local Government Code in 1991, LGUs are challenged to efficiently manage its resources given the responsibility of delivery of basic services. With this premise, the “Population and Urbanization: Managing the Urbanization Process Under a Decentralized Governance Framework”, a joint project of the National Economic and Development Authority, Philippine Institute for Development Studies and Development Academy of the Philippines, has attempted to look at the means and st...

  7. The use of isotope ratios to apportion sources of lead in Jersey City, NJ, house dust wipe samples

    Lead stable isotope ratio (IR) analysis by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry was used to examine the relationship between sources of Pb in 22 dust wipe samples collected from 10 homes in Jersey City, NJ. Common lead sources examined included interior lead-based paints, exterior soils and street dusts, and indoor air. High correlations between IRs of wipe samples and both street dusts and exterior soils indicated these two exterior sources were indistinguishable. They were treated as a single exterior source in a source apportionment using IR matching and a simple mixing model. The upper-bound estimate of the contribution of interior lead-based paints to 10 floor- and eight sill-wipe samples was 56% and 50%, respectively. It was not possible to apportion sources in four of the 22 samples because wipe sample IRs were outside the range of measured sources. Examination of means obscures the variability in the data, however, as eight of the 18 apportioned samples matched interior or exterior source media. In most cases, however, sources from outside the home contribute as much Pb to house dust wipe samples as interior lead-based paints. (Copyright (c) 1998 Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam. All rights reserved.)

  8. Socioeconomic residential segregation and public housing policies. An approach from the Program “Mi Casa, Mi Vida”. Case study in the city of Cordoba, Argentina

    Florencia Molinatti


    Full Text Available This paper aims to analyze the possible effects of the housing program “Mi Casa, Mi Vida” in socioeconomic residential segregation in the city of Córdoba (Argentina. These effects are estimated from the study of the socioeconomic residential composition (before and after the implementation of the program, the mapping of residential movements generated by the program and the application of bivariate autocorrelation techniques. Among the key findings, most of the program beneficiaries are concentrated in poor areas surrounded by others in similar conditions. This fact favors the existence of a large cluster of poverty in the peripheries of the city and promotes marginalization and social exclusion.

  9. 15 CFR 50.40 - Fee structure for statistics for city blocks in the 1980 Census of Population and Housing.


    ... blocks in the 1980 Census of Population and Housing. 50.40 Section 50.40 Commerce and Foreign Trade... the 1980 Census of Population and Housing. (a) As part of the regular program of the 1980 census, the Census Bureau will publish printed reports containing certain summary population and housing...

  10. [Changes in the social situation of old-age pensioners in a city (an interval study) (author's transl)].

    Werling, H; John, H; John, H P


    The results of the study reveal that on the one hand a considerable share of the care required by ageing citizens is provided by members of their family, their friends and neighbours, but on the other hand that due to the forms of life of modern society, especially in cities, the management and organization of the care of the aged must be improved in all its stages in order to register and help every single person in this category in need for help. To achieve this objective all bodies concerned with caring for aged people should work jointly and in a co-ordinated fashion. Owing to the fact that, in our opinion, the present organizational forms of social care no longer meet the requirements determined by the humanitarian objectives of our socialist state the authors propose that new approaches should be elaborated, discussed and introduced. PMID:746656

  11. The "housing question" and the state-socialist answer: city, class and state remaking in 1950s Bucharest.

    Chelcea, Liviu


    Housing nationalization as a solution to urban inequalities has a long history in European social thought. This article describes housing nationalization in a state-socialist context. Using a political economy perspective and relying on recently released archival material about housing in 1950s Romania, I argue that nationalization may be regarded as a special type of urban process. Nationalization raised the occupancy rate and intensified the usage of existing housing, desegregated centrally located neighborhoods, turned some residential space into office space for state institutions, facilitated the degradation of the existing housing stock and gradually produced a socialist gentry. Aside from similarities with other state-socialist nationalizations from the same period, Romanian nationalization resembled the housing policies of other statist regimes. The data also suggest that, even in the context of revolutionary change, the state is a sum of multiple, often diverging projects, rather than a coherent actor. PMID:22518885

  12. Away from cities, informal developments provide affordable housing for those on low incomes, but conditions are often poor

    Sullivan, Esther; Olmedo, Carlos


    For many, informal settlements are an urban characteristic normally equated with developing countries, and not the United States. Esther Sullivan and Carlos Olmedo look at the rise of informal housing that often reaches far beyond the U.S.-Mexico border. Through a survey of residents in two informal housing communities in Texas, they find that home self-building provides an affordable way for people to obtain housing on little means. They also write that support is needed for those in informa...

  13. The Effect of Renting Cost on Housing Demand in the Isfahan City Period of Time (1981-2011)

    Amir Hortamani; Hossien Ostadi; Marzieh Memar


    One of the major problems is the lack of investment in rental housing. Experience has shown that cash transfers under a proper system of financing not only will not lead to economic mobility but does observe the effects of inflation in the housing sector and being active in the market to buy and sell real estate as a rapid increase in housing prices provides asset forms. In this study, the demand for rental housing in particular, the factors and the fee will form around it. Statistics used in...

  14. Private Low-Cost Housing and the Peri-Urban Frontier: The economics of building outside Indian cities

    Sinha, Nikhilesh; Dastur, Shahen


    This paper examines the role that the private sector can play in the creation of low-cost housing stock in India. We use theoretical and empirical evidence to establish the optimality of locating low-cost housing projects in peri-urban areas, and illustrate this with a case study of a successful low-cost housing project in Shapar-Veraval district in Gujarat. We conclude by suggesting that an infrastructure subsidy for low-cost developments in peri-urban locations may spur investment and addit...

  15. Review of the volume Expertiza etica si actiune sociala, author Mihaela FRUNZA, published at Tritonic Publishing House, Cluj

    Ana Caras


    Full Text Available This article represents the review of the volume Expertiza etica si actiune sociala, which is written by author Frunza. The purpose of the article is to expose the main defining aspects brought into discussions by the author, and also to expose the original elements identified in the content of the volume.

  16. House Slaves


    Rising house prices in China’s major cities is a major headache for people taking a first step on the property ladder and has led to a growing number sacrificing quality of life just to have a home of their own Closely watching the family’s spend- ing a

  17. Clay Houses

    Pedro, Cathy


    In this article, the author describes a project designed for fourth-graders that involves making clay relief sculptures of houses. Knowing the clay houses will become a family heirloom makes this lesson even more worth the time. It takes three classes to plan and form the clay, and another two to underglaze and glaze the final products.

  18. Energy Performance and Thermal Comfort of a High Efficiency House: RhOME for denCity, Winner of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

    Gabriele Battista


    Full Text Available The increase of people living in large cities and the expansion of new urban areas are keys to defining new sustainable models. It is estimated that about 70% of the EU population lives in urban areas, and it is expected to reach 80% by 2030. Consequently, it is important to find a new concept of buildings that can reduce the total energy consumption. The Solar Decathlon is an international university competition, born in 2002, created by the U.S. State Energy Department (DOE. Students are challenged to design and operate a full-scale, innovative and sustainable house able to exploit solar radiation as its sole energy source. The objective of the competition is to promote research and education in sustainable architecture and solar energy fields. This paper presents an overview on the contribution of LIFT (Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Technical Physics of Roma Tre University to the winning project of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition: The RhOME for denCity. This project consists of a building properly designed to produce a solar-powered house that is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive.

  19. Investigations on the Sociological Issue of Terrorism. Book review at the volume Sociologia terorismului. Author Maria-Cristina Aboboaie. Iasi, Romania: Lumen Publishing House, 2014

    Antonio SANDU


    Full Text Available Maria Cristina Aboboaie’s volume called Sociologia terorismului and published in 2014 at Lumen Publishing House aims to pave the way to such approach with sociological specificity, of the terrorism phenomenon itself, and also of the profound speech generated by the phenomenon of counter-terrorism. The sociological perspective on terrorism comes to complete the one of national security, that will outline a vision on the dynamic of the phenomenon, both in its extension and intension. Due to many acceptations that this phenomenon presents, the author of the volume requires a terminology clarification to explain the reader on the complex meanings of the terrorist phenomenon in the current world.

  20. Investigation of dreamy city Slavutich in Ukraine

    The new huge steel structure to cover the entire Chernobyl Reactor Building completed for the first stage and we visited Chernobyl last December. We visited also the hospital for all the Ukraine people who got the radiation from Chernobyl. We are impressed by the city where the hospital locates. There were a lot of workers required for Chernobyl recovery. They needed their resident houses. They decided to make the dreamy city for their residence and then constructed Slavutich city within two years where 24.700 people are living right now by free of charge. There are 11 story apartments and the independent houses with the garden where the people with three children can live. In Fukushima after two years from the bad accident the people are living in the tentative cold houses. There are only the bad news in Fukushima and I strongly insist to make the dreamy city in Fukushima to remember the smiles for the people. (author)

  1. 78 FR 28602 - Announcement of Funding Awards for the Public and Indian Housing Resident Opportunity and Self...


    ... CONTACT: Joseph E. Taylor, Grants Management Center, Office of Public and Indian Housing, Department of... Authority of the City of 209 Madison Street. Frederick MD......... 21701 216,000 Frederick....

  2. Housing Dependence and Intimate Relationships in the Lives of Low-Income Puerto Rican Mothers

    Clark, Sherri Lawson; Burton, Linda M.; Flippen, Chenoa A.


    Using longitudinal ethnographic data from the Three-City Study, the authors examined the relationship between 16 low-income Puerto Rican mothers' housing dependencies and their intimate partner relations. This study traced mothers' dependent housing arrangements and entree to marital or cohabiting relationships from their teens through their…

  3. Applying the Hedonic Pricing Model to the Prices of Single-Family Homes in the Oldest U.S. City, St. Augustine, Florida, Testing Whether Property Taxes Are Capitalized into Housing Prices

    Angjellari-Dajci, Fiorentina; Cebula, Richard


    This empirical investigation applies a hedonic pricing model to determine whether property taxes have been capitalized into housing prices of single-family homes in city of St. Augustine, Florida housing market for single family homes. There were sufficient data in this context to study a total of 4,017 single-family houses for the six-year period from 2008 to 2013 period. The sales price and property tax levels are expressed real terms, i.e., in 2005 dollars. The semi-log estimation reveals,...

  4. Description on the town housing termite's prevention and control in Lu'an city%六安市城镇房屋白蚁防治现状



    本文介绍了当下六安市城镇房屋白蚁防治工作的具体方法,以化学防治措施为主,监测控制技术防治为辅,严格遵循预防为主,防治结合,综合治理白蚁防治的工作原则.%This paper introduces the methods for termite' s prevention and control of urban housing in Lu' an city. Chemical control is the main method, supplemented by monitor-controlling technology. Strictly following the integrated control principle of termite .which is focus on termite' s prevention, combining the termite' s prevention and control.

  5. Control on Housing Segregation:Housing Modes and Public Policies


    <正>1. Housing segregation:advocating or controlling?The phenomenon of housing segregation has become more and more obvious in Chinese cities in recent years; however, there is no agreement on whether it should

  6. Housing in Los Angeles: Affordable Housing for the Future.

    Los Angeles Blue Ribbon Committee for Affordable Housing, CA.

    A 1988 mayoral committee assessed the seriousness of Los Angeles (California) housing problems and found that the city's housing efforts were sufficient in the 1960s, when the Federal Government took primary responsibility for housing and the average wage was adequate to support the cost of the average house or apartment. However, the following…

  7. Isolation and Identification of Pathogenic Filamentous Fungi and Yeasts From Adult House Fly (Diptera: Muscidae) Captured From the Hospital Environments in Ahvaz City, Southwestern Iran.

    Kassiri, Hamid; Zarrin, Majid; Veys-Behbahani, Rahele; Faramarzi, Sama; Kasiri, Ali


    Musca domestica L., 1758 is capable of transferring a number of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites to animals and humans. The objective of this study was to isolate and identify medically important filamentous fungi and yeasts from adult M. domestica collected from two wards of three hospital environments in Ahvaz city, Khuzestan Province, southwestern Iran. The common house flies were caught by a sterile net. These insects were washed in a solution of 1% sodium hypochlorite for 3 min and twice in sterile distilled water for 1 min. The flies were individually crushed with sterile swabs in sterile test tubes. Then 2 ml of sterile normal saline (0.85%) was added to each tube, and the tube was centrifuged for 5 min. The supernatant was then discarded, and the remaining sediment was inoculated with a sterile swab in the Sabouraud's dextrose agar medium containing chloramphenicol. Isolation and identification of fungi were made by standard mycological methods. In this research, totally 190 M. domestica from hospital environments were captured. In total, 28 fungal species were isolated. The main fungi isolated were Aspergillus spp. (67.4%), Penicillium sp. (11.6%), Mucorales sp. (11%), Candida spp. (10.5%), and Rhodotorula sp. (8.4%). Among the house flies caught at the hospitals, about 80% were found to carry one or more medically important species of fungi. This study has established that common house flies carry pathogenic fungi in the hospital environments of Ahvaz. The control of M. domestica in hospitals is essential in order to control the nosocomial fungal infections in patients. PMID:26405077

  8. Drug Abuse in the New York City Schools. A Report of the Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, House of Representatives, Ninety-Fifth Congress, Second Session (August 30-September 1, 1978).

    Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC.

    The January 1977 hearing by the U.S. House Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control mandated three days of further hearings in 1978. The focus was upon New York city schools, but reflected many similar situations in other urban school systems according to the committee's judgement. The committee also found that alcohol and marihuana usage…

  9. Chamberlain Heights Redevelopment: A Large Scale, Cold Climate Study of Affordable Housing Retrofits

    Donnelly, K. [Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings (CARB), Norwalk, CT (United States); Mahle, M. [Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings (CARB), Norwalk, CT (United States)


    The City of Meriden Housing Authority (MHA) collaborated with affordable housing developer Jonathon Rose Companies (JRC) to complete a gut renovation of 124 residential units in the Chamberlain Heights retrofit project. The affordable housing community is made up of 36 buildings in duplex and quad configurations located on 22 acres within two miles of downtown Meriden, CT. The final post-retrofit analysis showed 40-45% source energy savings over the existing pre-retrofit conditions.

  10. Housing Cooperatives and Social Capital: The Case of Vienna

    Richard Lang; Andreas Novy


    Drawing on the case of Vienna, the article examines the role of third sector housing for social cohesion in the city. With the joint examination of an organisational and an institutional level of housing governance, the authors apply an interdisciplinary, multi-level research approach which aims at contributing to a comprehensive understanding of social cohesion as a contextualised phenomenon which requires place-based as well as structural (multi-level) solutions. Using a larg...

  11. Integrated GPR and ERT as Enhanced Detection for Subsurface Historical Structures Inside Babylonian Houses Site, Uruk City, Southern Iraq

    Al-Khersan, Emad H.; Al-Ani, Jassim M. T.; Abrahem, Salah N.


    Uruk archaeological site, which located in Al-Muthanna Governorate southern Iraq, was investigated by integrated geophysical methods, ground penetration radar (GPR) and electric resistivity tomography (ERT) to image the historical buried structures. The GPR images show large radar attributes characterized by its continuous reflections having different widths. GPR attributes at shallower depth are mainly representing the upper part of Babylonian Houses that can often be found throughout the study area. In addition, radargrams characterized objects such as buried items, buried trenches and pits which were mainly concentrated near the surface. The ERT results show the presence of several anomalies at different depths generally having low resistivities. It is clear that the first upper zone can be found throughout the whole area and it may represent the top zone of the Babylonian houses. This zone is characterized by its dry clay and sandy soil containing surface broken bricks and slag mixed with core boulders. The second one underneath the top shows a prominent lower resistivity zone. It is probably caused by the moisture content that reduces the resistivity. The thickness of this zone is not equal at all parts of the site. The third deeper zone typically represents the archaeological walls. Most of the main anomalies perhaps referred to the buried clay brick walls. The map of the archaeological anomalies distribution and 3D view of the foundations at the study area using GPR and ERT techniques clearly show the characteristics of the Babylonian remains. A contour map and 3D view of Uruk show that the archaeological anomalies are concentrated mainly at the NE part of the district with higher values of wall height that range between 6 and 8 m and reach to more than 10 m. At the other directions, there are fewer walls with lower heights of 4-6 m and reach in some places the wall foot.

  12. Housing Dynamics: Theory Behind Empirics

    Wang, Ping; Xie, Danyang


    We construct a dynamic general equilibrium model of housing, incorporating some key features that bridge time and space. We model explicitly the evolution of housing structures/household durables and the separate role played by land, fully accounting for households’ locational choice decisions. Housing services derive positive utility, but are decayed away from the city center. Our model enables a full characterization of the dynamic paths of housing as well as housing and land prices. The mo...

  13. Marriage and the City

    Gautier, Pieter; Svarer, Michael; Teulings, Coen

    Do people move to cities because of marriage market considerations? In cities singles can meet more potential partners than in rural areas. Singles are therefore prepared to pay a premium in terms of higher housing prices. Once married, the marriage market benefits disappear while the housing...

  14. 市场转型期中国大城市低收入社区住房分异研究%Housing Differentiation in Low-Income Neighbourhoods in Large Chinese Cities under Market Transition

    柳林; 杨刚斌; 何深静


    基于2007年在广州、武汉、西安3个大城市的低收入社区开展的大型入户调查数据,在社区尺度探究了中国大城市低收入社区中不同社会经济群体间的住房分异情况,并分析了在社会经济转型背景下的制度因素(如户口、邻里类型、雇主类型等)和市场因素(如社会群体、年龄、受教育程度、家庭收入、职业等)对住房产权和居住条件的影响。通过计算泰尔指数发现,大城市低收入社区中不同群体间和群体内的住房分异情况都较显著,但群体内部的差异较群体间的差异更为明显。对住房条件的多元回归分析结果表明,低收入社区不同社会群体的住房条件在不同程度上受到制度因素和市场因素的影响。制度因素对住房面积等难以在短时间内改变的住房条件的作用较市场因素更显著,而市场因素对于住房设施等较易改变的住房条件的影响要比制度因素明显。%Based on a large-scale household survey conducted in low-income urban neighborhoods in three large Chinese cities, i.e. Guangzhou, Wuhan and Xi′an, this study examines China′s low income urban neigh-borhoods’between-group and within-group housing differentiation defined by different socioeconomic charac-teristics, and analyzes various determinants of housing differentiation under market transition, including institu-tional factors (hukou, neighborhood type, employer type, etc.) and market factors (social group, age, educa-tion, Household income, occupation, etc.). This study aims to present a comprehensive portrait of housing dif-ferentiation in low-income urban neighborhoods, and to understand how the confluence of state and market forces contribute to housing differentiation. The merits of this study mainly lie in two aspects:first, based on first-hand data source, this article presents a meticulous examination of housing differentiation within and be-tween groups categorized

  15. Pollution and city size: can cities be too small?

    Borck, Rainald; TABUCHI Takatoshi


    We study the optimal and equilibrium size of cities in a monocentric city model with environmental pollution. Pollution is related to city size through the effect of population on production, commuting, and housing consumption. If pollution is local, we find that equilibrium cities are too large, mirroring standard results in the theory of city systems. When pollution is global and per capita pollution declines with city size, however, equilibrium cities may be too small.

  16. Architectural and environmental retrofit of public social housing: opportunity for contemporary city. A case history in Rome

    Spartaco Paris


    Full Text Available Declension of the terms Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in relation to urban development, nowadays offers the opportunity for a new generation of spaces and architectures that interpret construction – dilapidated, neglected worn out or abandoned – as a real resource and hence value. Renewal activities concern new programmes and projects for rethinking uses, meanings and values which existing construction – from the individual building to the neighbourhood – contain and which can change. Indeed, nowadays, a series of design approaches can be acknowledged and consolidated; European best practices which reinterpret renewal projects – including energy regeneration –, not limiting themselves to technological and typological updating of buildings, but also to urban and social implications. The paper proposes to document these advanced reference scenarios, flanked by educational experimentation and research being performed in case studies developed together with Rome’s local building authority (ATER.

  17. 现代化背景下中国城市住宅发展所面临的问题%The problems of house development in the context of the modernization of Chinese cities

    徐娅; 杨豪中


    Aim Based on the history and modem development of Chinese cities, to explore the constructional system and developmental strategy of urban houses, then to redefine ways of development of urban houses in civil level , to accomplish new development of city. Methods Literature review, field investigation and theoretic analysis are combinated. Results The house development in Chiese cities bears tasks in terms of impvoving living of people , protecting resources and environment, keeping lower cost of house, and earring on cultural tradition. The macro-control and positive intervene of government would be necessary. Conclusion In the context of modernization, the development of urban houses should try to follow the sustainable strategy, and show more respect to the site of houses; The potential gap between conventional house and modern house should be understood; and a rational and efficient construction mechanism and policy should be emphasized based on market environment and people's capability.%目的 基于中国城市的历史和现代化发展,寻求对城市住宅建设体系和开发策略进行探寻,重新在城市的层面上制定住宅发展方式,实现城市的新发展.方法 查阅文献、野外调研和理论分析相结合.结果 现代化背景下的中国城市住宅发展面临着改善居民生活、保护资源与环境、保持较低成本、传承传统文化等问题.政府的宏观调控和积极干预成为解决问题的必要条件.结论 现代化背景下的城市住宅发展应努力制定可持续性策略,展现出对住宅所处基址更多的尊重;理解传统住宅和现代住宅之间的潜在隔阂;根据市场条件、普通市民的可承受度,强调理性和高效的建设机制和规范系统.

  18. Perceived spatial stigma, body mass index and blood pressure: a global positioning system study among low-income housing residents in New York City

    Dustin T. Duncan


    Full Text Available Previous research has highlighted the salience of spatial stigma on the lives of low-income residents, but has been theoretical in nature and/or has predominantly utilised qualitative methods with limited generalisability and ability to draw associations between spatial stigma and measured cardiovascular health outcomes. The primary objective of this study was to evaluate relationships between perceived spatial stigma, body mass index (BMI, and blood pressure among a sample of low-income housing residents in New York City (NYC. Data come from the community-based NYC Low-income Housing, Neighborhoods and Health Study. We completed a crosssectional analysis with survey data, which included the four items on spatial stigma, as well objectively measured BMI and blood pressure data (analytic n=116; 96.7% of the total sample. Global positioning systems (GPS tracking of the sample was conducted for a week. In multivariable models (controlling for individual-level age, gender, race/ethnicity, education level, employment status, total household income, neighborhood percent non-Hispanic Black and neighborhood median household income we found that participants who reported living in an area with a bad neighborhood reputation had higher BMI (B=4.2, 95%CI: -0.01, 8.3, P=0.051, as well as higher systolic blood pressure (B=13.2, 95%CI: 3.2, 23.1, P=0.01 and diastolic blood pressure (B=8.5, 95%CI: 2.8, 14.3, P=0.004. In addition, participants who reported living in an area with a bad neighborhood reputation had increased risk of obesity/overweight [relative risk (RR=1.32, 95%CI: 1.1, 1.4, P=0.02 and hypertension/pre-hypertension (RR=1.66, 95%CI: 1.2, 2.4, P=0.007. However, we found no differences in spatial mobility (based GPS data among participants who reported living in neighborhoods with and without spatial stigma (P>0.05. Further research is needed to investigate how placebased stigma may be associated with impaired cardiovascular health among individuals

  19. On the Permanent dwelling households on the HOUSING SURVEY. At 47 prefectures and 13 cities; Oct {center_dot} 1988, 1993; Keizoku kyoju jokyo: 47 todofuken {center_dot} 13 daitoshi. Heisei 5 nen, jutaku tokei chisa

    Kojina, Kyoji; Iida, Toshihiko; Hayashi, Teruaki


    In the 1960s the population moved from rural district to urban areas in Japan, afterward the movement of population between cities has been violent matters under social basic change, for reasons changing dwelling spots, change of job and place, school. We get the period of continued current dwelling of households on each tenure which are divided into seven ranks on 1988, eight ranks on 1993. So we express in a figure on accumulation ratio of the permanent dwelling households numbers on every rank and analyze the character. So to say, on the case of households of average movement the figure on accumulation ratio of permanent dwelling is the liner type, and on the case with little movement for long times the figure on accumulation ratio of permanent dwelling is the liner type, and on the case with little movement for long times the figure is located underneath, then on the case with intensive movement the figure is located above in graph. The permanent dwelling households under 17.75 years on Survey 1993 was 62.44 % in Japan, 65.74 % on Survey 1988. The same values of owned tenure was 45.41 %, at rental tenure was 86.98 % and at issued tenure was 94.58 % on Survey 1993. At 47 prefectures the accumulation ratio of the permanent dwelling households under 17.75 years on 1993 Housing Survey were scattered from 42.07 % in Ak ita-ken to 19.87 % in Hokkaido at total households, at owned tenure from 29.00 % in Shimane-ken to 57.65 % in Hokkaido and at rental tenure from 78.55 % in Wakayama-ken to 95.77 % in Toyama-ken and at issued tenure from 88.77 % in Nara-ken to 98.76 % in Okinawa-ken. At 13 large-cities the accumulation ratio of the permanent dwelling households under 17.75 years on 1993 Housing Survey were scattered from 64.54 % in Kyoto-shi to 83.41 % Sapporo-shi at total households, at owned tenure from 43.37 % in Tokyo-23ku to 68.59 % in Sapporo-shi and at public rental tenure from 57.89 % in Kawasaki-shi to 88.57 % in Sapporo-shi. Then the same values were

  20. Application of global positioning system methods for the study of obesity and hypertension risk among low-income housing residents in New York City: a spatial feasibility study

    Dustin T. Duncan


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of using global positioning system (GPS methods to under- stand the spatial context of obesity and hypertension risk among a sample of low-income housing residents in New York City (n = 120. GPS feasibility among participants was measured with a pre- and post-survey as well as adherence to a pro- tocol which included returning the GPS device as well as objective data analysed from the GPS devices. We also conducted qualitative interviews with 21 of the participants. Most of the sample was overweight (26.7% or obese (40.0%. Almost one-third (30.8% was pre-hypertensive and 39.2% was hypertensive. Participants reported high ratings of GPS acceptabil- ity, ease of use and low levels of wear-related concerns in addition to few concerns related to safety, loss or appearance, which were maintained after the baseline GPS feasibility data collection. Results show that GPS feasibility increased over time. The overall GPS return rate was 95.6%. Out of the total of 114 participants with GPS, 112 (98.2% delivered at least one hour of GPS data for one day and 84 (73.7% delivered at least one hour on 7 or more days. The qualitative interviews indicated that overall, participants enjoyed wearing the GPS devices, that they were easy to use and charge and that they generally for- got about the GPS device when wearing it daily. Findings demonstrate that GPS devices may be used in spatial epidemiology research in low-income and potentially other key vulnerable populations to understand geospatial determinants of obesity, hypertension and other diseases that these populations disproportionately experience.

  1. 基于云技术的智慧城市中大规模房屋数据处理%Using Cloud Technologies for Large-Scale House Data in Smart City

    曾羽琚; 陈明辉


    在智慧城市中传感器和设备收集各种数据,实现增值服务。主要关注来自智慧城市中的智能房屋数据,提出用于存储和处理大规模房屋数据的Scallop4SC平台,实现智慧城市服务。房屋数据分为房屋日志数据和房屋配置数据,分别使用HBase和MYSQL管理。通过HBase键值以schemaless方式存储管理异构日志数据。 MySQL管理配置数据,完成房屋数据查询。多节点 Hadoop/MapReduce 集群处理巨量房屋日志数据。最后通过实际一年的房屋日志数据,计算智能设备能耗并完成实验性评估。根据实验结果,探讨Scallop4SC处理智慧城市的数据规模。%In the smart city environment, a wide variety of data are collected from sensors and devices to achieve value-added services. In this paper, we especially focus on data taken from smart houses in the smart city, and propose a platform, called Scallop4SC, that stores and processes the large-scale house data. The house data is classified into log data or configuration data. Since the amount of the log is extremely large, we introduce the Hadoop/MapReduce with a multi-node cluster. On top of this, we use HBase key-value store to manage heterogeneous log data in a schemaless manner. On the other hand, to manage the configuration data, we choose MySQL to process various queries to the house data efficiently. We propose practical data models of the log data and the configuration data on HBase and MySQL, respectively. Then we show how Scallop4SC works as an efficient data platform for smart city services. We conduct an experimental evaluation to calculate device-wise energy consumption, using actual house log recorded for one year in our smart house. Based on the result, we discuss the applicability of Scallop4SC to city-scale data processing.

  2. Determination of radon in the air of housings of the Aguascalientes municipality

    This study reports the results of the first exploratory sampling of the radon concentration in the air in a group of housings of the Aguascalientes City, Mexico. The municipality of Aguascalientes was divided in 4 sampling areas considering a total of 179 housings. In these housings, the radon concentration in the air was monitored during a period of 10 days. The results obtained in this study indicate that the radon concentration in the air of 45% of the sampling housings overcomes the concentration limit of 250 Bq/m3 suggested by the EPA. (Author)

  3. 居民商品住房满意度研究——以义乌市为例%Commercial Housing Residents Satisfaction Research—— take Yiwu city as an example



    With the increasing rates of consumption demand of commercial housing in China, researches on resident housing satisfaction get more recognition by real estate industry.Delphi method and Analytic Hierarchy Process were used to set up satisfaction evaluation system of commercial housing,and the weight coefficient of evaluation indicators.On the basis of the analysis of questionnaire survey,resident housing satisfaction of Yiwu city is evaluated,and the suggestion of improving the satisfaction degree of commercial housing is put forward.%随着我国消费性商品住房比重的增加,房地产行业越来越重视居民住房满意度的研究.通过建立居民商品住房满意度评价体系,利用德尔菲法和层次分析法确定了影响满意度各因素的重要性权重,在居民住房满意度问卷调查分析的基础上,对义乌市居民商品住房满意度进行了评价,最后提出改善居民商品住房满意度的建议.

  4. 我国城市住房价格合理性评价研究——以南昌市为例%Study on Appraisal of Rationality of Housing Price in Chinese Cities -A Case Study of Nanchang



    This paper makes use of the three methods of residual income method, monthly payments in total household income ratio, and transverse comparative statistical data in major cities to derive simple for- mula to define the boundaries of housing price to income ratio. It defines the parameters of it combined with the actual market situation, and analyzes the relativity of housing price to income ratio and housing afford- ability index. Then it calculates and analyzes the housing prices to income ratio from 2004 to 2009 and the housing affordability index from 2004 to 2008 in Nanchang.%利用剩余收入法、月供款占家庭收入比例控制法、各大城市统计数据横向比较法这3种思路,推导出简便易行的公式确定房价收入比的界限,并结合市场实际情况对房价收入比的相关参数进行界定,分析了房价收入比与住房负担能力指数之间的相关性。以南昌市为例,计算分析了南昌市2004--2009年房价收入比和南昌市2004--2008年住房负担能力指数。

  5. The large-scale multi-story housing extensions as a prevaling expression of the post-socialist urban transformations. The case study of the neighborhood Stara Zeleznicka Kolonija, the city of Nis

    Vranic Petar


    Full Text Available This study considers how unstructured extensive housing upgrading has influenced social relations within fully upgraded multi-story housing areas during post-socialist urban transformations in the city of Nis. Two perspectives were adopted in the analysis: the evaluation of the planning and management of the upgrading process, and changes in the social relation in respect to changes in the built environment and social structure within the neighborhood after upgrading. The investigation is based on a triangulation approach relying on interviews, policy and regulation reviews, and observations. The research was carried out as a case study, analyzing the upgrading process at the city level but elaborating its effects on the example of the neighborhood of Stara Zeleznicka Kolonija (SZK. The research suggests a regressive approach to the planning of the upgrading process with critical implications both for community life in the fully regenerated neighborhoods, and the quality of the built environment. The research also indicates that within an inconsistent legislative environment, market-driven housing regeneration processes may lead to generic development with the denial of local social and physical specificities.

  6. Primary housing market in Elblag from 2008 till the first quarter of 2012 – selected aspects

    Marcin Duda


    Full Text Available National housing market is one of the first business branches which suffered an economic slowdown due to the global economic crisis started in United States of America in 2007. In this study author presents a situation of the primary housing market in Elblag and evaluates its development prospects in upcoming years. The research hypothesis is that the external factors related to the macroeconomic issues and Elblag’s internal problems, cause constant decline in prices of new housing, similarly to other Polish cities. To confirm the presented hypothesis and the evaluation of development possibilities, the author studies housing transaction price fluctuations for the properties built and sold by developers from 2008 till the first quarter of 2012. He also analyse demographic situation of the city, mortgages market and changes in GDP and GDP per capita over the past few years.

  7. Urban Decline and Durable Housing

    Edward L. Glaeser; Joseph Gyourko


    Most of America’s largest cities in 1950 have declined since then. In these declining areas, most homes cost less than the cost of new construction. In 1990, nearly 60 percent of all owner-occupied single-unit residences in Midwest central cities were valued at less than the cost of construction. Indeed, these declining cities appear to persist because of the durability of housing. We present a durable housing model that explains a number of facts about urban dynamics. Housing durability expl...

  8. Who now handles social housing provision? The role and performance of housing associations

    Veronica Coatham


    In Britain, Housing Associations are organizations whose prime objectives are to develop and manage housing for people in housing need and who are on low incomes. They are sometimes referred to as the “voluntary housing sector” or the “third arm” of rented housing provisions, separate from private sector landlords and rented housing provided by statutory local (municipal) housing authorities. This article discusses the role of housing associations in the UK housing market.

  9. The impact of housing policies and housing markets on ethnic spatial segregation

    Andersen, Hans Skifter; Andersson, Roger; Wessel, Terje;


    This paper examines how ethnic segregation is connected to an ethnic division of the housing market and a spatial separation of different housing tenures in four Nordic cities. Explanations for the differences across the cities are found by comparing housing markets and housing policies. The...... housing markets are in all four cities ethnically segmented with high concentrations of immigrants in some forms of tenures (especially social/public housing) and low concentrations in others. We further discuss the reasons for the observed pattern. The paper shows that the spatial distribution of...... housing, while co-operative housing is crucial in the fourth. It is also shown that a policy of neighbourhood tenure mix in one of the cities has resulted in a relatively low degree of segregation in spite of high concentrations of immigrants in social/public housing....

  10. Suburbs and Cities

    William N. Goetzmann; Matthew I. Spiegel; Susan M. Wachter


    This paper addresses the issue of how closely the fortunes of suburbs are tied to the fortunes of the central city. We use similarities in residential housing price dynamics as a measure of how closely the economies of cities and suburbs are related. We develop housing price indices for most of the zip codes in California, and use these in a clustering procedure to see whether cities and suburbs naturally aggregate together, or whether they move separately. We find that central cities tend to...

  11. Evaluating House Price Forecasts

    John M. Clapp; Carmelo Giaccotto


    House prices, unlike stock prices, appear to be predictable with some degree of accuracy. We use an autoregressive process to model the time series behavior of a city-wide house price index, and then produce one-quarter ahead forecasts for individual properties. Better real estate decisions require forecasting models with desirable properties for prediction errors (PEs). We propose that managers use a battery of tests to compare PEs; in particular, non-parametric smoothing of the empirical di...

  12. Investigations on the Sociological Issue of Terrorism. Book review at the volume Sociologia terorismului. Author Maria-Cristina Aboboaie. Iasi, Romania: Lumen Publishing House, 2014

    Antonio SANDU


    Maria Cristina Aboboaie’s volume called Sociologia terorismului and published in 2014 at Lumen Publishing House aims to pave the way to such approach with sociological specificity, of the terrorism phenomenon itself, and also of the profound speech generated by the phenomenon of counter-terrorism. The sociological perspective on terrorism comes to complete the one of national security, that will outline a vision on the dynamic of the phenomenon, both in its extension and intension. Du...

  13. Healthy Cities: a guide to the literature.

    Kenzer, M


    The author reviews the literature on attempts by city governments, international agencies, and nongovernmental and community organizations to improve city life around the world through Healthy Cities projects.

  14. A Regular City

    Arina Sharavina


    The article describes the first plans of Chita, which served as the basis for the city development. It presents contribution to the city history made by the Decembrist Dmiry Zavalishin’s, who was the first author of the city development plan. Peculiarities of the quarter development of the realized city plan are also presented.

  15. Housing Choice Voucher Program Support Division (PSD)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Management Programmatic Report for April to June 2010. This is inofrmation collected from Housing Authorities across the nation...

  16. The Czech Population's Opinions on the Housing Situation and Housing Policy: Does the Czech Republic Have 'Housing Classes'?

    Kostelecký, Tomáš


    Using data from the representative survey Housing Attitudes 2001 the author analyses the opinions of the Czech population on the situation in the housing market & general attitudes towards housing-related issues & housing policy. The article focuses on uncovering the connections between attitudes towards various aspects of housing policy & the respondents' positions in the housing market. On the basis of the results of the analyses the usefulness of the theory of 'housing classes' in the Czec...

  17. Operational Bottlenecks and Countermeasures of House Refuse Logistics System in Great Cities of China%我国大城市生活垃圾物流系统运作瓶颈与对策



    Along with the acceleration of urbanization and the increase of urban population of our county, house refuse logistics system in many big cities become difficult to satisfied the increasingly requirements of people's living standard. This article starts from the logistics operation processes of the metropolitan house refuse: collection、 classification、 transportation、 terminal treatment to analyze the bottleneck of the whole operation processes of the house refuse logistics system, and raises the countermeasures to build an efficient logistics system of the municipal solid waste based on this.%随着我国城市化进程的加快,城市人口数量的增加,许多大城市的生活垃圾物流系统难以满足日益提高的人民生活水平要求.本丈从大城市生活垃圾物流的运作流程:收集、分类,运输、末端处理分析了整个垃圾物流系统运作流程瓶颈,并据此提出了建立高效的城市生活垃圾物流系统的对策.

  18. Department of Energy Civilian Energy Programs Authorization Act for fiscal year 1987. US House of Representatives, Ninety-Ninth Congress, Second Session, July 28, 1986

    The House Science and Technology Committee report accompanying H.R. 4929 is favorable, with some changes, to the appropriation bill. The report lists 20 amendments to the bill which are primarily changes or additions to funding proposals. A list of witnesses who testified at hearings relating to the bill and subcommittee activities explain the rationale for raising the budgets for fossil energy, energy conservation, solar and geothermal programs, and general research, and deletions or reductions of other items. The report also addresses the need for information and technology transfers between scientists in the public and private sectors. Descriptions of specific programs include committee views of the programs as well as the funding levels. The report concludes with a review of how the legislation will affect existing law and the economy and with a recommendation for passage and dissenting views of the committee

  19. From Communicative Action to Social Practices. Book review Actiune comunicativa, justitie deliberativa si restaurativa – authors Antonio Sandu and Elena Unguru, Tritonic Publishing House, 2014

    Loredana TEREC-VLAD


    Full Text Available The book „Actiune comunicativa, justitie deliberativa si restaurativa. Perspective socio-juridice asupra medierii si probatiunii” (Communicative Action, Deliberative and Restorative Justice. Socio-legal Perspectives on Mediation and Probation published by Antonio Sandu and Elena Unguru under the aegis of Tritonic Publishing House calls for philosophical, sociological and legal reflections, being a transdisciplinary lesson about justice (Ciucã, A., 2014. The aim of this paper is to analyse the changes within the social reality; understanding the societal avatars is the result of an interpretative agreement achieved through communicative action (Sandu, A., Unguru, E. 2014. The paper has two parts, which provide an exhaustive analysis of mediation and probation.

  20. Ndebele Inspired Houses

    Rice, Nicole


    The house paintings of the South African Ndebele people are more than just an attempt to improve the aesthetics of a community; they are a source of identity and significance for Ndebele women. In this article, the author describes an art project wherein students use the tradition of Ndebele house painting as inspiration for creating their own…

  1. Housing culture

    Roesdahl, Else; Scholkmann, Barbara

    On houses and their furniture and fittings, and on the study of this - with a comparison of rural, urban, monastic and aristocratic housing, and a special section on heating technologies.......On houses and their furniture and fittings, and on the study of this - with a comparison of rural, urban, monastic and aristocratic housing, and a special section on heating technologies....

  2. Enacting a Progressive Housing Agenda

    Dreier, Peter


    The election of President Bill Clinton has put the problems of our cities, including housing and poverty, back on the national agenda. What does it really mean to say that an issue like housing is "back on the agenda"? After twelve years of Reagan-Bush anti-housing policies (policies enacted with the complicity of the Democrats in Congress, I might add), we have come so far from any real vision of a decent fed­ eral housing policy, that even returning to where we were in 1980 would leave us f...

  3. Determination of radon in the air of housings of the Aguascalientes municipality; Determinacion de radon en el aire en viviendas del municipio de Aguascalientes

    Jasso G, M.R.; Lira P, M.G.; Bonilla P, A.; Ruvalcaba S, L.; Gutierrez S, K.M.; Sandoval A, G.E. [Instituto Tecnologico de Aguascalientes, Av. Lopez Mateos 1801, 20256 Aguascalientes (Mexico); Sanchez H, L. [CNSNS, Dr. Barragan 779, 03020 Mexico D.F. (Mexico)]. e-mail:


    This study reports the results of the first exploratory sampling of the radon concentration in the air in a group of housings of the Aguascalientes City, Mexico. The municipality of Aguascalientes was divided in 4 sampling areas considering a total of 179 housings. In these housings, the radon concentration in the air was monitored during a period of 10 days. The results obtained in this study indicate that the radon concentration in the air of 45% of the sampling housings overcomes the concentration limit of 250 Bq/m{sup 3} suggested by the EPA. (Author)

  4. Interdependence of the green system to the verious functional system of the urban area (housing, work, recreation, technical infastructure) the city of Skopje, R. Macedonia

    Sandeva, Vaska; Despot, Katerina


    In a series of methods to achieve ecological balance in the urban environment, planning and construction of green system has a special place. This activity accompanies contemporary urban planning and as a science and practice, but in each case requires a specific approach. Formation principles and predict the effects of green planning systems are closely linked to the definition of the nature and content of the term "green system". "Green system of cities and other local bodies is a com...

  5. Valuation of Environmental Goods in Profit and Non-Profit Housing Sectors: Evidence from the Rental Market in the City of Zurich

    Silvia Banfi; Massimo Filippini; Andrea Horehájová


    This paper analyses the impact of electromagnetic pollution, noise and air pollution on the rent level for the aggregated and disaggregated market in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. Although there is no conclusive assessment about the health impacts of electromagnetic radiation people are nonetheless concerned about possible long term risks associated with the exposure. This risk perception may affect the price of dwellings located close to antenna. The regression results show that the envir...

  6. Seismic damage prediction of old houses in Chuzhou City and comparison analysis with actual damage%滁州市老旧房屋震害预测及与实际地震震害对比分析

    曹均锋; 刘庆忠; 张毅; 冯伟栋; 孙景江


    基于现场调查,并结合震害方面的经验,对滁州城区量大面广的老旧房屋的特点、抗震薄弱环节进行了评述;运用易损性概率分析法对所调查的老旧房屋进行了震害预测;进一步搜集了大量震害资料,总结了类似房屋的震害矩阵,对震害预测结果进行了对比检验.所得结果可供同类城市震害预测借鉴参考.%First,features and seismic weak links of old houses in Chuzhou City were commented in this paper based on field investigation and experience.Then,future earthquake damage of the surveyed old houses was predicted through probabilistic analysis of building earthquake disaster vulnerability.Next,actual seismic damage statistics was conducted based on lots of seismic damage data to validate the predicted seismic vulnerability.The presented seismic damage prediction and validation methods may give a reference to other technicians engaged in similiar works.

  7. PPP模式在贵阳市廉租房建设中的探索应用分析%The Exploration and Application of PPP Model in the Analysis of Low-rent Housing Construction in Guiyang City



    廉租房项目是由政府牵头的面向低收入人群的工程,但项目由于其投资量大,融资模式缺乏造成地方政府资金无法独立完成项目.本文试引入公私合作关系(PPP,public-private partnership)这种新兴融资模式解决廉租房融资困境,并用实物期权法与基于层次分析法下模糊评价法,对贵阳市廉租房项目在新融资模式下的财务可行性及风险进行估计,并所出现的问题进行探讨以寻求解决途径.%Low-rent housing construction is the key project that our government makes great efforts to carry on. This project is an urban housing system which aims to help the low-income groups. Lack of financing modes results the government in under-developed areas cannot carry out the project independently with only government funds. This thesis introduces the PPP (public-private partnership) mode, uses real option method and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation which based on analytic hierarchy process, tries to evaluate the financial viability and risk of Guiyang city low-rent housing project under ppp (public-private partnership) mode. At the end, discuss the problems emerging in the analytic process and find solutions.

  8. Helminth Infections of House Mouse (Mus musulus and Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus from the Suburban Areas of Hamadan City, Western Iran.

    Ali Yousefi


    Full Text Available To determine the prevalence and intensity of helminths and their zoonotic importance in small rodents inhabiting in the suburban areas of Hamadan City, Iran.The present survey was conducted on the helminth infections of two species of rodents Apodemus sylvaticus (n=60 and Mus musculus(n=72 in the suburban areas of Hamadan City during 2010-2012. Rodents were collected and examined for helminth in the different organs. The nematodes were collected in 5% formalin solution and cleared in lactophenol, cestodes and trematodes collected from intestine fixed in AFA solution and stained by acetocarmine, cleared in xylol for identification.Helminths found in A. sylvaticus and M. musculus and their prevalence for the first time in suburban areas of Hamadan City were as follows; In A. sylvaticus: Cysticercus fasciolaris(3.33%, Syphacia fredrici(26.67%, S. stroma(8.33%, Anoplocephalidae sp. (1.67%, Skrjabinotaenia lobata(5%, Plagiorchis muris(1.67% and in M. musculus:Hymenolepis nana (16.67%, H.diminuta (5.55%, S. obvelata(30.56%, S. ohtarom (9.72%, Rodentolepis crassa (1.39%, C. fasciolaris (1.39%. Among 11 species in two rodents 4 species including S. obvelata, H. nana, H.diminuta,and P. muris have zoonotic importance. Statistically the relation between gender and their helminth infections was not significant in either M. musculus or A. sylvaticus (P>0.05.This study reports 11 species of helminths and on the other hand 3 species were identified for the first time in Iran and 5 species of them have potential health importance for public health and cat.

  9. Mass Housing and Changings in Housing Demand, Case of Diyarbakir, Turkey

    Sinemillioglu, M. Oguz; Akýn, Can Tuncay; Özyýlmaz, Havva


    The aim of this study is to analyze changings in housing demand, especially in term of house size in Diyarbakýr case, in Turkey. Though Housing in Turkey is in a free market system, there is a Mass Housing Administration (TOKÝ) has been doing mass houses for, relatively, middle class income people. Diyarbakýr, one of the cities that TOKÝ has done two thousand houses, has taken too much migration, so that the demand in housing form and structure has different alterations. This process should b...

  10. Is China’s Housing Overpriced?

    吴璟; 刘洪玉


    Based on the data from 36 major cities in 2004 and 2005, this paper analyses the rationality of present housing price level, focusing on the high price-to-income ratio in the market. The results indicate that, current property prices in most cities are reasonable, and the problem occurs only in a few cities. Housing difficulties for urban dwellers are mainly twofold: low affordability of down payment by first-time homebuyers, and low affordability by low-income and medium low-income households. In order to achieve social harmony in the housing sector and provide a healthy environment for the housing market, the government should improve the public housing system and increase input to make public housing affordable.

  11. Housing Systems and Ethnic Spatial Segregation

    Andersen, Hans Skifter; Andersson, Roger; Wessel, Terje;

    Residential spatial segregation is related to housing markets and housing policies. In this paper, ethnic segregation is compared across four Nordic capitals and explanations for the differences are examined by comparing the housing markets and housing policies of the countries. The housing markets...... composition of neighbourhoods. Ethnic segmentation of housing tenures thus contributes to segregation, but the effect is much dependent on how tenures are distributed across space. In one of the cities, the policy of neighbourhood tenure mix has resulted in a relatively low degree of segregation in spite of...

  12. The Role of Housing Type and Housing Quality in Urban Children with Asthma

    Northridge, Jennifer; Ramirez, Olivia F.; Stingone, Jeanette A.; Claudio, Luz


    The goal of this study was to assess the relationship between type and quality of housing and childhood asthma in an urban community with a wide gradient of racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and housing characteristics. A parent-report questionnaire was distributed in 26 randomly selected New York City public elementary schools. Type of housing was categorized using the participants’ addresses and the Building Information System, a publicly-accessible database from the New York City Department of...




    Allergic rhinitis especially perennial type makes life miserable for the patient. House dust mite is one of the major players causing it. This study is to compare the allergen i n city of house dust mite versus house dust and evaluate any cross - allergenicity between them. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective study in a tertiary referral ...

  14. Haunted by Houses

    McNeece, Molly


    Two fourth-grade teachers presented the idea of using the author's art class to inspire the students to write creatively. The theme of scary stories needed an art project to match. The author immediately had a favorite lesson in mind. By putting a small twist on one of her standard "Frank Lloyd Wright House" projects, scary plans began to take…

  15. The demise of compound houses

    Andreasen, Jørgen; Eskemose Andersen, Jørgen


    The compound house has long provided the accomodation required by low income households in West African cities. In Kumasi, Ghana, evidence suggests that no new compounds are being built. Instead, the city is being ringed by relatively affluent villa-style development while neighbourhoods dominated...... the neighbourhood unity is a challenge for urban planners. However they represent good value for money, cost little to build, suit traditional inheritence patterns, allow independent life at low cost and allow sharing of services with a finite and known group (albeit within a potential conflictive...... characteristics of compound housing and analyses the advantages and disadvantages of life within such housing in Kumasi. Issues of privacy, image and communal life are usually cited by occupants dissatiesfied with life in compound houses, and the difficulty of extending them without spoiling the open spaces and...

  16. Radon house doctor

    The term house doctor may be generalized to include persons skilled in the use of instruments and procedures necessary to identify, diagnose, and correct indoor air quality problems as well as energy, infiltration, and structural problems in houses. A radon house doctor would then be a specialist in radon house problems. Valuable experience in the skills necessary to be developed by radon house doctors has recently been gained in an extensive radon monitoring and mitigation program in upstate New York sponsored by Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. These skills, to be described in detail in this paper, include: (i) the use of appropriate instruments, (ii) the evaluation of the symptoms of a radon-sick house, (iii) the diagnostic procedures required to characterize radon sources in houses, (iv) the prescription procedures needed to specify treatment of the problem, (v) the supervision of the implementation of the treatment program, (vi) the check-up procedures required to insure the house cured of radon problems. 31 references, 3 tables

  17. CARTOGRAFÍA DE LA CIUDAD: LA CASA SUBVERSIVA EN NACISTE PINTADA (1999 DE CARMEN BERENGUER Cartography of the city: The subversive house in Naciste Pintada by Carmen Berenguer

    Tatiana Calderón


    Full Text Available La escritura de Carmen Berenguer se sustenta en dos preguntas fundamentales: ¿Cuál es el lugar de la literatura? y ¿Si soy mujer, quién soy? Así, la hibridez discursiva en Naciste Pintada participa de una rearticulación de lo urbano desde la perspectiva de una mujer poeta habitando un mundo fragmentado y fragmentario. La ciudad descrita es neo-barroca, maquillada y, esencialmente, travesti. La casa, inmanente y femenina -lugar de la especula(rización de la mujer- deviene pública y subvierte el discurso hegemónico de la ciudad, trascendente y masculina. La pérdida de su carácter privado altera el imaginario de la casa y favorece los cambios sociales. En Naciste pintada hay dos discursos de la mujer insertos en dos ciudades significativas: uno es poético (Valparaíso, centro perdido de la poeta y el otro coloquial (Santiago, su hábitat. La casa, figura metonímica, sugiere otra cartografía significante de la ciudad y plantea la aterritorialidad de la mujer en el mundo posmoderno.Carmen Berenguer’s writing is shaped by two fundamentals questions: What is the place of literature? And if I’m a woman, who am I? Thus, the discursive hybridism contemplated in Naciste Pintada is part of a new urban articulation from a female poet’s vision living in a fragmented world. The city described in this novel is neo-baroque, maked-up and essentially disguised. The home, immanent and feminine, place of woman’s specula(risation, becomes public, and denatures the hegemonic discourse of the city, transcendent and masculine. The lost of its private characteristic subverts the house’s imaginary and implies social changes. In Naciste Pintada, we perceive two women’s discourses inserted in two specifics cities: the first one is poetic (Valparaiso, the lost center of the poet, and the other is colloquial (Santiago, her habitat. The house, metonymic trope, suggests another significant map of the city, and establishes the woman aterritoriality in

  18. City 2020+

    Schneider, C.; Buttstädt, M.; Merbitz, H.; Sachsen, T.; Ketzler, G.; Michael, S.; Klemme, M.; Dott, W.; Selle, K.; Hofmeister, H.


    several public transport units running all across the city. This is accompanied by an analysis of probability density functions (PDF) for heat waves based on recent climate data and climate projections. A dense net of 40 PM measurement sites is operated in order to obtain the spatial pattern of PM concentration as depending on meteorological condition and location. It is lined out how this climate related sub-projects interact with investigations on social networks, governance issues, buildings structure development and health outcome. Related to the later the chemical composition of PM is analyzed in more detail and related to the spatial patterns of health deficiencies. At a later stage City2020+ will propose new strategies based on cooperation from the fields of medicine, geography, sociology, history, civil engineering, and architecture for adapting the city for future needs. The Project CITY 2020+ is part of the interdisciplinary Project House HumTec (Human Sciences and Technology) at RWTH Aachen University funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments through the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG).

  19. Determination of radon levels in Mexico City

    The study of the determination of radon levels in the houses room in Mexico City is part of the project Emanometry of the radon. To carry out this study, the passive method was used, which consists of: thin film dosemeter of cellulose nitrate, container of the same one and spark accountant. The method is based on the mensurations of exhibition of the number of marks of alpha track is of the open type and it allows to average the radon activity along several weeks and it presents low concentrations. This study was carried out in 4 periods of exhibition of 3 months each one. (Author)

  20. Spatial Dependence in House Prices: Evidence from China's Interurban Housing Market

    Gong, Yunlong; Boelhouwer, Peter; Haan, Jan


    "Spatial thinking" is increasingly popular in housing market studies and spatial dependence across properties has been widely investigated in the intra-city housing market. The contribution of this paper is to study the spatial dependence and spillover effect of house prices from an interurban perspective, referring to the spatial interaction across local housing markets. The extensive literature study concludes that following behavior, migration and equity transfer and spatial arbitrage of c...

  1. Allegheny County Housing and Community Environment Inspections

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — Residential housing inspections and inspections in response to complaints for community environment problems, such as open vacant structures, vacant lots with...

  2. Futures of cities


    Arkitektskole. Bogen  har 3 dele. Principles: Copenhagen Agenda for Sustainable Living, 10 principper udviklet af Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen illustreret af arkitektstuderende. Congress: Futures of Cities, Emerging Urbanisms- Emerging Practices, oplæg fra unge tegnestuer til temaet fremlagt på Student Congress......Bogen dokumenterer resultater fra den internationale kongres Futures of Cities arrangeret af IFHP International Federation of Housing and Planning, Realdania, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole og City of Copenhagen. Kongressen blev afholdt i september 2007 i Øksnehallen og på Kunstakademiets...

  3. Malaysian Affordability Housing Policies Revisited

    Samad Diwa


    Full Text Available Housing has always been a significant aspiration of family expression and distinctly priciest investment by household. It plays a momentous role in the country’s economy and so central to the societal well-being that is emplaced in the United Nation Universal declaration of Human rights. Yet in developed and developing world alike, cities struggle to provide decent housing for lower and middle income population. The provision of affordable housing is a major policy concern around the world with Malaysia being no exception; rising income hardly keep pace with price hike of housing unit and housing interventions has majorly concentrated on demand side leading to a non-responsive supply sector. Therefore, this paper highlights affordable housing issues pertaining Malaysia. It formulates Malaysian Map of affordability and conducts an evaluation of global housing schemes to better identify policy priorities for Malaysia. It’s significant to harmonize supply and demand side factors in the housing market to ensure that housing supply fits the needs of citizens based on the location, price and target group. In case of Malaysia supply oriented initiative are of urgency in short and medium run. This must be supported by long term demand side schemes in parallel. Convergence of these two factors is essential for a balanced equilibrium and obtaining affordability.

  4. Instructions for Authors


    <正>1.Items of the paper Title,author’s name and working unit,abstract,key words,text and reference. 2.Author and working unit Entitled authors should be those involved in the research and would be able to answer relevant questions.The working units,cities and

  5. American Houses



    American houses usually have private kitchens,a living room and sometimes separate areas for eating and watching television,A house usually has its own mailbox,a yard with plants or perhaps a lawn,and a place to store garbage out of sight.

  6. Housing Booms and Busts, Labor Market Opportunities, and College Attendance

    Kerwin Kofi Charles; Erik Hurst; Notowidigdo, Matthew J.


    We study how the recent national housing boom and bust affected college enrollment and attainment during the 2000s. We exploit cross-city variation in local housing booms, and use a variety of data sources and empirical methods, including models that use plausibly exogenous variation in housing demand identified by sharp structural breaks in local housing prices. We show that the housing boom improved labor market opportunities for young men and women, thereby raising their opportunity cost o...

  7. New mediterranean elements in contemporary housing. The case of Barcelona


    In the face of increasing and differentiating the low-cost housing demand and the trend of establishing new paradigms in the contemporary housing design, the architectural investigation has replaced into its disciplinary statement the topic of housing as central question in research and design experimentation. The city of Barcelona has codified in the last years innovative modalities of public management in social housing, offering interesting points of reflection on the idea of housing and o...

  8. Subsidized Housing, Public Housing, and Adolescent Violence and Substance Use

    Leech, Tamara G. J.


    This study examines the separate relationships of public housing residence and subsidized housing residence to adolescent health risk behavior. Data include 2,530 adolescents aged 14 to 19 who were children of the National the Longitudinal Study of Youth. The author used stratified propensity methods to compare the behaviors of each…

  9. Fear and Loathing in the Housing Market

    Chauvet, Marcelle; Gabriel, Stuart; Lutz, Chandler

    determination of national and city-specific housing returns, the VIX, foreclosures, and returns on subprime mortgage credit-default swaps. Further, the effects of housing distress on returns are asymmetric and stronger during times of crisis. Overall, results suggest that real estate and related markets are...

  10. Fear and Loathing in the Housing Market

    Chauvet, Marcelle; Gabriel, Stuart; Lutz, Chandler

    the determination of subprime mortgage credit-default swaps, the VIX, foreclosures, and national or city-specific housing returns. Further, the effects of housing distress on returns are asymmetric and stronger during times of crisis. Overall, results suggest that real estate and related markets are...

  11. Housing, Urban Renewal and Socio-Spatial Integration. A Study on Rehabilitating the Former Socialistic Public Housing Areas in Beijing

    Xiaoxi Hui


    The initiative of this study derived from my concern of two critical urban issues in China today: housing and urban renewal. In the recent two decades, the Chinese urban housing stock underwent a significant, if not extreme, transformation. From 1949 to 1998, the urban housing stock in China largely depended on the public sector, and a large amount of public housing areas were developed under the socialistic public housing system in Beijing and other Chinese cities. Yet in 1998, a radical hou...

  12. CDBG Housing Activity

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — CDBG activity related to housing, including multifamily rehab, housing services, code enforcement, operation and repair of foreclosed property and public housing...

  13. The City Mouse and the Country Mouse


    Once two mice (老鼠) were good friends. One lived in the city, the other lived in the country (乡村). After many years, the city mouse came to see the country mouse. The country mouse took him to his house in a field. He gave him the nicest food that he could find. The city mouse said,

  14. The Housing Question of Young Families in Cheliabinsk

    Gurevich, M. A.; Radilovskaia, T. Iu.


    In the city's target program to implement the national project "Accessible and Comfortable Housing for the Citizens of Russia," in Cheliabinsk a great deal of attention is being focused on supplying young families with housing. The financing of the program for 2006 to 2010 comes to 17,884,000 rubles, provided from city, oblast, and federal budgets…

  15. 24 CFR 266.100 - Qualified housing finance agency (HFA).


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Qualified housing finance agency... AUTHORITIES HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY RISK-SHARING PROGRAM FOR INSURED AFFORDABLE MULTIFAMILY PROJECT LOANS Housing Finance Agency Requirements § 266.100 Qualified housing finance agency (HFA). (a)...

  16. Passive houses in Norway

    Halse, Andreas


    The paper analyzes the introduction of passive houses in the Norwegian house market. Passive houses are houses with extremely low levels of energy consumption for heating, and have not yet been built in Norway, but have started to enter the market in Germany and some other countries. The construction sector is analyzed as a sectoral innovation system. The different elements of the innovation system are studied. This includes government agencies, producers, consumers, finance and education. The analysis shows that passive and low-energy houses are on the verge of market breakthrough. This can partly be explained by economic calculations, and partly by processes of learning and change in the institutional set-up of the sector. The construction sector is a sector characterized by low innovative intensity and little interaction between different agents. Those working to promote passive houses have to some extent managed to cope with these challenges. This has happened by breaking away from the traditional focus of Norwegian energy efficiency policies on technology and the economically rational agents, by instead focusing on knowledge and institutional change at the level of the producers. (Author)

  17. Diversidad de arañas (Arachnida: Araneae asociadas con viviendas de la ciudad de México (Zona Metropolitana Spider diversity (Arachnida: Araneae associated with houses in México city (Metropolitan area

    César Gabriel Durán-Barrón


    Full Text Available La ecología urbana es un área de investigación relativamente reciente. Los ecosistemas urbanos son aquellos definidos como ambientes dominados por el hombre. Con el proceso de urbanización, insectos y arácnidos silvestres aprovechan los nuevos microhábitats que las viviendas humanas ofrecen. Se revisaron arañas recolectadas dentro de 109 viviendas durante los años de 1985 a 1986, 1996 a 2001 y 2002 a 2003. Se cuantificaron 1 196 organismos , los cuales se determinaron hasta especie. Se obtuvo una lista de 25 familias, 52 géneros y 63 especies de arañas sinantrópicas. Se utilizaron 3 índices (ocupación, densidad y estacionalidad y un análisis de intervalos para sustentar la siguiente clasificación: accidentales (índice de densidad de 0-0.9, ocasionales (1-2.9, frecuentes (3.0-9.9 y comunes (10 en adelante. Se comparan las faunas de arañas sinantrópicas de 5 países del Nuevo Mundo.Urban ecology is a relatively new area of research, with urban ecosystems being defined as environments dominated by humans. Insects and arachnids are 2 groups that successfully exploit the habitats offered by human habitations. We analyzed the occurrence and densities of spiders found in houses in México City. We used material collected between 1985 and 2003. We recorded 1 196 spiders from 109 houses. The list includes 25 families, 52 genera and 63 species of synanthropic spiders. Indices of ocupation, density and seasonality, as well as rank analyses were used to make the following classification of synanthropism: accidental (density index 0-0.9, occasional (1-2.9, frequent (3.0-9.9 and common (10 or more. The synanthropic spider faunas of 5 New World countries are compared.


    耿继进; 唐琳; 李炜文; 刘颖; 张俊平


    The purpose of our study is to develop an automated valuation information system for the compensation of land expropriation and houses dismantlement and removal ( LHAVS) in Shenzhen City in order to improve the operation efficiency of compensation valuation in regard to dismantlement and removal and the quality of the corresponding results. The method used in our study is that taking the automated valuation model as the basis, employing computer technology to establish the overall framework of LHAVS for Shenzhen. The outcomes of our study are; making clear the background, targets and contents as well as the overall design concept of system in regard to the research and development of LHAVS for Shenzhen; realising the integration of system functions of valuation business in different types and the automatisation of valuation operation on the basis of uniform database and software platform. The conclusion gained is that the implementation of LHAVS provides a useful exploration in guaranteeing the objectivity, impartiality and rationality of valuation results for the compensation of urban land expropriation and house dismantlement and removal.%研究目的:开发深圳市征收地和房屋拆迁补偿自动评估信息系统,提高拆迁补偿评估工作效率和成果质量.研究方法:以自动评估模型为基础,应用计算机技术,建立深圳市征收地拆迁自动评估信息系统总体架构.研究结果:明确深圳市征收地拆迁自动评估信息系统研究和开发的背景、目标、内容及系统的总体设计思路,基于统一的数据库和软件平台,实现不同类型评估业务的系统功能集成和评估工作的自动化.研究结论:系统实现对保障城市征收地拆迁补偿评估结果的客观、公正和合理性提供了有益探索.

  19. Title: The Impact of 2006-2012 CReSIS Summer Research Programs that Influence Student's Choice of a STEM Related Major in College Authors: Dr. Darnell Johnson Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909 Dr. Linda Hayden Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, 27909

    Johnson, D.


    Abstract: Researchers, policymakers, business, and industry have indicated that the United States will experience a future shortage of professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Several strategies have been suggested to address this impending shortage, one of which includes increasing the representation of females and minorities in the STEM fields. In order to increase the representation of underrepresented students in the STEM fields, it is important to understand the motivational factors that impact underrepresented students' interest in STEM academics and extracurricular programs. Research indicates that greater confidence leads to greater interest and vice versa (Denissen et al., 2007). In this paper, the mathematics research team examined the role of practical research experience during the summer for talented minority secondary students studying in STEM fields. An undergraduate research mathematics team focused on the link between summer research and the choice of an undergraduate discipline. A Chi Square Statistical Test was used to examine Likert Scale results on the attitude of students participating in the 2006-2012 Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) Summer Research Programs for secondary students. This research was performed at Elizabeth City State University located in northeastern North Carolina about the factors that impact underrepresented students' choices of STEM related majors in college. Results can be used to inform and guide educators, administrators, and policy makers in developing programs and policy that support and encourage the STEM development of underrepresented students. Index Terms: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Underrepresented students

  20. Laud and Satire of the Authority during Peruvian Viceroyalty: the Loa al corregidor Valdivieso, an Unknown Piece from the City of Piura (1775

    Manuel Prendes Guardiola


    Full Text Available The present work states the existence of a short theatrical piece represented in 1775 during the celebrations for the coming to power of Matías de Valdivieso as corregidor (crown official of Piura. Prior to the transcription of the text, it summarizes and comments its contents, and identifies its features as typical of the post-Calderon courtier loa (introductory piece gender, conceived not as a laudatory discourse but as a «miniature comedy». Also, it conducts an approximation to the circumstances in which the loa was represented and which explain its conservation in records of a judicial process because of insults against in Piura’s authorities.

  1. Conformal house

    Ryttov, Thomas Aaby; Sannino, Francesco


    fixed point. As a consistency check we recover the previously investigated bounds of the conformal windows when restricting to a single matter representation. The earlier conformal windows can be imagined to be part now of the new conformal house. We predict the nonperturbative anomalous dimensions at...... the infrared fixed points. We further investigate the effects of adding mass terms to the condensates on the conformal house chiral dynamics and construct the simplest instanton induced effective Lagrangian terms...

  2. Housing Market and Housing Investment (Japanese)

    UNAYAMA Takashi


    This paper aims to explain why housing investment in Japan stagnated in the 2000s. Housing investment consists of two parts: replacement and a net increase of housing stock, which can be further decomposed into changes in the number of households and the housing utilization rate. Using the Housing and Land Survey, it is shown that all of the following factors caused the decrease in housing investment: house replacement decreased due to an increasing share of non-wooden houses and collective h...

  3. Sustainable Planning to Foster a Quality Living Environment of Public Housing: The Hong Kong Housing Authority's Experience%以可持续规划缔造公营房屋优质居住环境:香港房屋委员会的经验

    冯宜萱; 苏洁琼; 徐会夫


    The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) is a statutory body committed to providing affordable quality housing to people who cannot afford private housing. About 30% of the 7 million population in Hong Kong is living in public rental housing, and another 15% of the population are living in subsidized sale flats provided by HKHA. Currently, we have a stock of about 720 000 flats in our public rental estates. To meeting the rising demand for public housing flats, we are building an average of 15 000 new flats every year with a rolling 5-year programme. Although we are striving hard to meet the quantitative flat production target under severe land, community and environmental constraints, we have never set aside our established qualitative goals for sustainability, which include providing homes for safe, green and healthy living in harmonious communities, developing properties that are functional and cost-effective, environment-friendly and people-oriented. Over the past decade, we have been progressively developing and implementing a series of new initiatives and tools in the planning and design stages so as to foster a quality living environment for our residents. Such footsteps are worth recording and sharing among the planning profession so that the lessons learnt can spur further improvements. This paper makes reference to HKHA' s experience of the initiatives adopted in the feasibility study stage, the conceptual layout planning stage and the scheme design stage. It covers how HKHA makes use of its sustainable planning and design approaches to keep pace with the rising public aspiration for quality living environment of public housing in Hong Kong. The HKHA also works closely with the local community to foster the concept of harmonious society. In short, our public housing programme has been the keystone to the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong, and an anchor of our public administration for more than half a century.%香港房屋委员会(香港房委会)是

  4. The Cause of Love Tragedy in Remote City and the Author's Creating Mind%《边城》爱情悲剧的成因及作家的创作心理



    In terms of cultural psychology, the love tragedies of Cuicui and her mother in Remote City are largely their personality tragedies.The personality weaknesses of the characters are actually the unconscious refraction of the author 's.This love tragedy infiltrates the author's own experiences of life and local culture , and exhibits the author's thinking and worry about XiangXi cul-ture.%  从文化心理角度看,《边城》中翠翠母女二人的爱情悲剧在很大程度上是一种性格上的悲剧,而人物性格中的弱处实际上也是作家自身性格弱处的一种不自觉的折射。在爱情悲剧的故事里,浸透了作家自身的生命体验与乡土文化体验,作家在爱情悲剧的故事里表现出了对于湘西文化的思考与忧虑。

  5. Wellbeing Impacts of City Policies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Rosemary Hiscock


    Full Text Available To mitigate climate change, city authorities are developing policies in areas such as transportation, housing and energy use, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to their effects on greenhouse gas emissions, these policies are likely to have consequences for the wellbeing of their populations for example through changes in opportunities to take physical exercise. In order to explore the potential consequences for wellbeing, we first explore what ‘wellbeing’ is and how it can be operationalised for urban planners. In this paper, we illustrate how wellbeing can be divided into objective and subjective aspects which can be measured quantitatively; our review of measures informs the development of a theoretical model linking wellbeing to policies which cities use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, we discuss the extent to which the links proposed in the conceptual model are supported by the literature and how cities can assess wellbeing implications of policies.

  6. Walkout in Crystal City

    Barrios, Greg


    When students take action, they create change that extends far beyond the classroom. In this article, the author, who was a former teacher from Crystal City, Texas, remembers the student walkout that helped launch the Latino civil rights movement 40 years ago. The Crystal City student walkout remains a high point in the history of student activism…

  7. Moving a House by Moved Participants

    Axel, Erik

    The author performed an investigation of how a house was designed. He participated mainly in meetings, in which the house was engineered. The meetings proceeded in an agreeable atmosphere. While the architect was mostly concerned with integrating the functionality of the house, the engineer engaged...

  8. Diagnosing Beijing 2020: Mapping the Ungovernable City

    Robin Visser


    Full Text Available Beijing Municipality, characterised by the ‘off-ground’ architecture distinguishing neo-liberal privatisation, is attempting to mitigate the damaging effects of rampant development on the social fabric, cultural heritage, and the environment by adopting sustainable urban planning. I argue that the sustainability rhetoric in the Beijing Municipality 2020 Plans functions in part as strategic metaphors masking unnamed, imminent threats to governance. In this article I diagnose four Beijing plans (Beijing 2006-2015 ‘Rail Transit Plan’ for Compact City, Beijing 2005-2020 ‘Underground Space Plan’ for Alternative Space, Beijing 2006-2020 ‘Undeveloped Area Plan’ for Ecological Responsibility, and Beijing 2006-2010 ‘Low-income Housing Plan’ for Affordability and Liveability. A diagrammatics of the plans illuminates not so much a mapping of Beijing’s future as the forms of spontaneity preoccupying the nation at this historical juncture. The Beijing 2020 plan, as city mapping more generally, discloses the imminence of ungovernable city. The fact that citizens are demanding greater authority over Beijing governance suggests that radical alterations to its urban fabric and quality of life have incited the imminent sociability that is the city.

  9. Gender and ethnic discrimination in the rental housing market

    Bengtsson, Ragnar; Iverman, Elis; Hinnerich, Bjørn Tyrefors


    *Corresponding author. E-mail: We use a field experiment to measure discrimination in the housing market in Stockholm. Four fictitious persons, of different gender, with distinct-sounding Arabic or Swedish names, are randomly assigned to vacant apartments. We extend the...... study by Ahmed and Hammarstedt (2008). There are two new results. First, we provide evidence that there is no or little gender premium for the female with the Arabic name, which suggests that ethnic discrimination dominates the effects of gender. Secondly, discriminatory behaviour is only found in the...... suburbs or satellite cities/towns of Stockholm County not in the densely populated, affluent, city center. Moreover, we can replicate that there is a gender premium for females with Swedish names. However, we are not able to confirm that males with Arabic names face discrimination....

  10. From ecological houses to sustainable cities

    Lauring, Michael


    crisis in 1973 to present day also seen in relation to resource, political and cultural preconditions. The article shows, how sustainability forces architects to reintegrate techniques and urban aspects as crucial parts of design considerations, thus questioning artificial and autonomous approaches to...

  11. La Lever house, New York

    Sergio de Miguel


    Full Text Available


    En el último siglo la mítica ciudad de Nueva York ha sido capaz de definir y transmitir las más contagiosas propuestas de  construcción del futuro.
    El edificio de la Lever House, erigido en el corazón de Manhattan al comienzo de la prodigiosa década de los cincuenta, consiguió ser la constatación de que el perseguido sueño de la “torre de cristal” era por fin posible. La poética y secular conquista de la  levedad avanzó entonces a través de un prosaico y paradójico objeto publicitario. Un particular crisol de negocio, oportunidad y audacia hicieron de ésta sorprendente pieza un icono   fundamental de la globalizada arquitectura moderna americana.

    Nota* En la edición electrónica este artículo se ha publicado con toda documentación gráfica aportada por el autor.

    Palabras clave

    Lever house, torre, levedad, cristal, publicidad, icono


    In the last century, the mythical city of New York has been able to define and transmit the most contagious proposals of  innovative construction.
    The Lever House Building, erected in the heart of Manhattan at  the start of the prodigious 1950s managed to become a  statement for the possibility of finally realizing the sought‐after
    dream of building a glass tower. The poetics and secular   conquest of lightness therefore made a leap forward through a prosaic and paradoxical publicity item. A special crucible of business, opportunity and audacity made a fundamental icon of globalized modern American Architecture out of this surprising work.

    Note * In the online edition this article is published with all graphic material provided by the author.

  12. Residential Mobility and Local Housing Market Differences

    Vlist, van der, P Piet; Gorter, C.; P. Nijkamp; Rietveld, P.


    The authors extend previous literature on variations in mobility rates across local housing markets by examining the linkage of mobility rates at the household level to the structure of local housing markets. The results suggest that residential mobility rates differ widely across local housing markets, substantiating the view that residential relocation is intimately intertwined with conditions at the local level. Local housing-market conditions also have different effects on mobility rates ...

  13. Active house

    Eriksen, Kurt Emil; Olesen, Gitte Gylling Hammershøj


    Formålet med dette abstrakt er at illustrere, at huse kan være konstrueret til at basere sig udelukkende på vedvarende energikilder og samtidig være CO2-neutrale og producere mere energi end de forbruger. Active House Visionen undersøger disse muligheder i otte demonstration huse i fem forskellige...

  14. China’s Low Income Urban Housing

    Ian G. Cook


    Full Text Available In this paper, firstly we briefly outline the historical legacies of inner-city housing that are the focus for redevelopment today, and then summarise the legacy of mass housing built by the work-unit or danwei in the Maoist era. The bulk of the paper, however, is then concerned with the switch to privatisation (via ‘market socialism with Chinese characteristics’ in the Reform Period under Deng Xiaoping and his successors, and the role of land policy that forms an important constraint on housing provision. Demand for low-income housing is in part due to the continuation of the Maoist hukou registration system which acts as a major barrier to full participation in the housing market and consequently China’s cities now have a huge migrant non-hukou ‘floating population’ (liudong renkou that must be housed via alternative means, preferably as cheaply and effectively as possible. There is also the situation of the ‘ant tribe’ of young low-paid college graduates to consider. For people like these renting in overcrowded conditions is one option, but because of China’s unique development trajectory, (driven by the Chinese Communist Party since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, self-help housing is not a major form of housing provision, therefore there are few examples to consider. Hence, we discuss several examples of China’s low income urban housing.

  15. 房价上涨影响居民消费的作用机制分析——基于预防性储蓄效应视角%Analysis on the Mechanism of City Housing Price to Residents' Consumption ---From the Respective of Precautionary Saving Effect



    通过引入流动性约束和不确定性等因素,分析了房价波动影响居民消费的预防性储蓄效应这一作用机制。研究发现,不论是从长期还是短期来看,房价上涨通过预防性储蓄效应对居民消费产生负面影响,换言之,房价上涨通过不确定性因素和流动性约束导致居民预防性储蓄增加最终会使居民消费下降,短期内预防性储蓄效应的影响系数要小于其长期影响系数。%By introducing the liquidity constraints and uncertainty the paper analyzes mechanism of precautionary saving effect. The research shows whether in the long - term or short - term the precautionary saving effect of our cities housing prices affecting consumption is negative and more obvious in the short - term. Specifically, by uncer- tainty and liquidity constraints housing price rising can make precautionary savings increase and eventually decline consumption. In addition, whether in the long - term or short - term the consumer confidence effect of city housing prices affecting consumption is dramatically t)ositive and more obvious in the long- term.

  16. Heterogeneous Responses of Chinese Cities' Housing Prices to Monetary Policies

    闫妍; 王延颋; 朱晓武


    This works examine the responses of housing prices to the monetary policies in various Chinese cities. Thirty-five large and medium sized Chinese cities are classified into six clusters applying the minimum variance clustering method according to the calculated correlation coefficients between the housing price indices of every two cities. Time difference correlation analysis is then employed to quantify the relations between the housing price indices of the six clusters and the monetary policies. It is suggested that the housing prices of various cities evolved at different paces and their responses to the monetary policies are heterogeneous, and local economic features are more important than geographic distances in determining the housing price trends.

  17. Housing sector in emerging countries and international climate policy

    After a first part on the relationship between housing and greenhouse effect in developing countries (assessment of the share of the housing-tertiary sector in CO2 emissions in the world, housing stock growth and livelihood improvement, trend towards a sustainable city), this report proposes an overview of the Chinese situation in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption in the housing sector, fossil energy production, energy prices, urban demographic dynamics and its impact on the housing stock. It describes the Chinese institutional frame (housing policy reform, energy mastering policy, actors of the housing sector), discusses some perspective aspects of housing energy consumption and CO2 emissions: energy consumption by 2020, regional approach, usages of electricity, evolution of the housing stock by 2020, potential gains in CO2 emissions, methodological framework for the assessment of the evolution of housing energy consumptions, simulation tool

  18. Vers la ville compacte qualitative ? Gestion de la périurbanisation et actions publiques Towards the qualitative compact city ? The control of peri-urbanization and the action of public authorities

    Jean-Marie Halleux


    Full Text Available Cet article consacré à l’action publique en matière de périurbanisation interroge le caractère réaliste des ambitions de l’urbanisme durable pour la compacité qualitative des villes. Pour ce faire, nous analysons l’action des décideurs publics en discernant les trois images repères du comportement “aménagiste”, du comportement “expansionniste” et du comportement “sectoriel a-spatial”. Cela conduit à souligner l’attitude multi-facette de l’intervention publique en matière de territoire. Cela conduit également à conclure qu’orienter les évolutions urbaines vers la compacité qualitative nécessiterait des remises en cause fondamentales, tant en termes de politiques sectorielles qu’en termes de démocratie locale et d’équilibre entre droits individuels et droits collectifs.This paper examines the action of public authorities in the domain of peri-urbanization, with the aim to assess the realistic nature of planners’ ambitions for urban compactness. It is in this perspective that we analyse the intervention of public authorities by differentiating the three reference images of “planning-oriented” behaviours, “expansion-oriented” behaviours and “a spatial sector-based” behaviours. This leads to underline the multi-facet attitude of public authorities in the domain of spatial planning. This also leads to the conclusion that the concretization of compact-city objectives would require to call into question the balance between individual and collective rights as well as the conditions of local democracy and the objectives of important sector-based policies.

  19. Spatial Dependence in House Prices: Evidence from China¡¯s Interurban Housing Market

    Yunlong Gong; Peter Boelhouwer; Jan de Haan


    ¡°Spatial thinking¡± is increasingly popular in housing market studies and spatial dependence across properties has been widely investigated in the intra-city housing market. The contribution of this paper is to study the spatial dependence and spillover effect of house prices from an interurban perspective, referring to the spatial interaction across local housing markets. The extensive literature study concludes that following behavior, migration and equity transfer and spatial arbitrag...


    Paula SCALCAU


    A new edition of documentary sources, entitled "Documents of Severin municipality (1911-1915)" has recently been published at Alma Publishing House of Craiova, Romania. This is the fourth volume of a vast collection of documents about the administration of the Drobeta Turnu Severin city, which began to be published since 2005. The authors, Nicolae Chipurici and Tudor Ratoi, are two Romanian historians well known for their efforts to present important subjects concerning the heritage of the Ro...

  1. Smart Houses


    GWS takes plans for a new home and subjects them to intensive computerized analysis that does 10,000 calculations relative to expected heat loss and heat gain, then provides specifications designed specifically for each structure as to heating, cooling, ventilation and insulation. As construction progresses, GWS inspects the work of the electrical, plumbing and insulation contractors and installs its own Smart House Radiant Barrier. On completion of the home, GWS technicians use a machine that creates a vacuum in the house and enables computer calculation of the air exchanged, a measure of energy efficiency. Key factor is the radiant barrier, borrowed from the Apollo program. This is an adaptation of a highly effective aluminized heat shield as a radiation barrier holding in or keeping out heat, cold air and water vapor.

  2. Education Cities

    Shaked, Haim


    In recent years, several cities in Israel have labeled themselves "Education Cities," concentrating on education as their central theme. Employing qualitative techniques, this article aims to describe, define, and conceptualize this phenomenon as it is being realized in three such cities. Findings show that Education Cities differ from…

  3. Image city


    Image city exhibition explores a condition of mediation, through a focus on image and sound narratives with a point of departure on a number of Asian cities.......Image city exhibition explores a condition of mediation, through a focus on image and sound narratives with a point of departure on a number of Asian cities....

  4. Thermal evaluation by means of simulation of two houses with different materials in the city of La Paz, B.C.S.; Evaluacion termica mediante simulacion de dos casas con materiales diferentes en la ciudad de la Paz, B.C.S.

    Resendiz Pacheco, Oscar; Morillon Galvez, David; Chavez M, Elizabeth; Poujol G, Federico; Flores I, Alfredo [Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur (Mexico)


    In this article the evaluation of two houses of social interest in the city of La Paz is presented, in terms of the thermal comfort that could be offered to their users with a minimum cost of energy by means of a simulation of their thermal behavior with the program TRNSYS. One of the houses is constructed in a large extent with adobe, for the walls and brick for the ceilings and the other is a typical construction of social interest built with conventional materials. The obtained results are presented, with which some recommendations that can be made tending to improve comfort and energy saving in houses of social interest. These recommendations consider the type of material as much as the geometry of the houses. [Spanish] En este articulo se presenta la evaluacion de dos casas de interes social para la ciudad de La Paz, en terminos del confort termico que pudieran ofrecer a sus usuarios con un gasto minimo de energia mediante una simulacion de su comportamiento termico con el programa TRNSYS. Una de las casas esta construida en su mayor parte con adobe, para las paredes y ladrillo para los techos y la otra es una construccion tipica de interes social construida de materiales convencionales. Se presentan los resultados obtenidos, con los que se pueden hacer algunas recomendaciones tendientes a mejorar confort y ahorro de energia en casas de interes social. Estas recomendaciones consideran tanto el tipo de material como la geometria de las casas.

  5. Housing Gap


    Measures to cool down China's red-hot housing market are sweeping the country. The State Council, China's cabinet, issued a circular in late May announcing an increase in the minimum down payment for a new apartment larger than 90 square meters to 30 percent from 20 percent and imposing a transaction tax on properties resold within five years of purchase, among others. One of the aims, according to the cir-

  6. Speculative price bubbles in urban housing markets in Germany

    Kholodilin, Konstantin A.; Michelsen, Claus; Ulbricht, Dirk


    The surge in the German house prices starting in 2010 raised fears about the emergence of a speculative bubble. Given a local nature of housing markets, it is not clear to what extent the bubble, if any, is spread across different cities. In this paper, we test for speculative house price bubbles in 127 large German cities over the last 20 years. Along with testing bubbles for each city separately, we apply two new testing approaches: a panel data and principal components version of explosive...

  7. Temporary Dwelling of Social Housing in Turin. New Responses to Housing Discomfort

    Giulia Bau’


    Full Text Available In Turin the Compagnia di San Paolo had fostered two social housing initiatives, committed in handling the complex and fragmented housing discomfort issue. In the face of the social, economic and cultural development that has radically changed the housing emergency distinctive features, the new housing policies, realised with interventions of Edilizia Residenziale Sociale (ERS,  represent one possible response to the growing housing needs of a wide segment of population. The two temporary dwelling of social housing are born under a common denominator: the challenge has required the ability to find the balance between solidarity, social inclusion, housing rights and the real estate market. In the meantime they represent city laborato¬ries where testing good practices and innovative usual procedures and engine of new experiences and future experimentations.

  8. The Social Consequences of Housing

    Edward L. Glaeser; Bruce Sacerdote


    The Social capital literature documents a connection between social connection and economic outcomes of interest ranging from government quality to economic growth. Popular authors suggest that housing and architecture are important determinants of social connection. This paper examines the connection between housing structure and social connection. We find that residents of large apartment buildings are more likely to be socially connected with their neighbors, perhaps because the distance b...

  9. The role of housing type and housing quality in urban children with asthma.

    Northridge, Jennifer; Ramirez, Olivia F; Stingone, Jeanette A; Claudio, Luz


    The goal of this study was to assess the relationship between type and quality of housing and childhood asthma in an urban community with a wide gradient of racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and housing characteristics. A parent-report questionnaire was distributed in 26 randomly selected New York City public elementary schools. Type of housing was categorized using the participants' addresses and the Building Information System, a publicly-accessible database from the New York City Department of Buildings. Type of housing was associated with childhood asthma with the highest prevalence of asthma found in public housing (21.8%). Residents of all types of private housing had lower odds of asthma than children living in public housing. After adjusting for individual- and community-level demographic and economic factors, the relationship between housing type and childhood asthma persisted, with residents of private family homes having the lowest odds of current asthma when compared to residents of public housing (odds ratio: 0.51; 95% confidence interval, 0.22, 1.21). Factors associated with housing quality explain some of the clustering of asthma in public housing. For example, the majority (68.7%) of public housing residents reported the presence of cockroaches, compared to 21% of residents of private houses. Reported cockroaches, rats, and water leaks were also independently associated with current asthma. These findings suggest differential exposure and asthma risk by urban housing type. Interventions aimed at reducing these disparities should consider multiple aspects of the home environment, especially those that are not directly controlled by residents. PMID:20063071




    Full Text Available Allergic rhinitis especially perennial type makes life miserable for the patient. House dust mite is one of the major players causing it. This study is to compare the allergen i n city of house dust mite versus house dust and evaluate any cross - allergenicity between them. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective study in a tertiary referral hospital. MATERIALS & METHODS: Forty patients of allergic rhinitis and well matched controls were subjected to intradermal skin tests to house dust and house dust mite allergen. The skin tests were graded as per standard norms and the responses matched after correlating with different parameters. Statistical analysis was done and the results evaluated. RESULTS: House dust mite was the main allergen, as compared to house dust, responsible for causing allergic rhinitis. The allergen reactivity potential of house dust mite was significantly more as compared to house dust. And, as such there was no statistically significant cross - allergenicity between the two groups. CONCLUSION: House dust mite rather than house dust is the main culprit in causing allergic rhinitis. Hence, precautionary and preventive measures to control the exposure to house dust mite can be undertaken

  11. URBox : High tech energy and informal housing

    Cuperus, Y.J.; Smets, D.


    This paper reports on the URBox concept encompassing the high tech end of solar energy and informal low cost and affordable housing. It aims to contribute to solving the global energy crisis by building solar energy settlements in deserts where land is affordable and sunshine in abundance. First the award winning Solar City 2050 is described and already existing technology is mentioned. In addition to the energy crisis there are the potential food, water, health, housing and immigration crise...

  12. Super public, a housing project in China

    Zhao, Yizhou


    Nowadays urbanization has been processing in a very fast speed in China. Meanwhile, urbanization also leads to many negative effects on Chinese cities. Public space is widely undermined in housing blocks, streets and communities. By researching urbanism design theories and space types, the thesis attempts to conclude the design thinking for public space and provide suggestions for architectural design based on China's realities. With the conditions of Super Public, a housing project would com...

  13. A Countrywide House Price Index for 152 Years

    Lunde, Jens; Helding Madsen, Anders; Lundbæk Laursen, Maria

    Herengracht (the Netherlands), Norway, USA, France, and recently also Australia. Until now, the here presented house price index for Denmark is the longest countrywide house price index ever been published, based on official data, and qualitatively probably the best long house price index.......The presented house price index for Denmark from 1860 to 2012 has been constructed by analysing already published data from Statistics Denmark. Houses are heterogeneous assets, and nowadays they differ in many aspects from houses in 1860. Due to improved building quality, urbanization and the...... revolution of the transportation, they are now situated in much larger cities and fewer houses are found in the countryside. Furthermore the houses are more and better equipped. Obviously, conceptual and practical difficulties exist in separating the value and the price of the houses when the development in...

  14. The Dynamics of City Formation: Finance and Governance

    J. Henderson; Venables, Anthony J.


    This Paper examines city formation in a country whose urban population is growing steadily over time, with new cities required to accommodate this growth. In contrast to most of the literature there is immobility of housing and urban infrastructure, and investment in these assets is taken on the basis of forward-looking behaviour. In the presence of these fixed assets cities form sequentially, without the population swings in existing cities that arise in current models. Equilibrium city size...

  15. Local Authorities and Benefit Overpayments

    Sainsbury, R.


    This report presents the findings of research to explore Housing Benefit (HB) and Council Tax Benefit (CTB) overpayments. The report discusses the policies, procedures and practices of Local Authorities on overpayments. The research involved depth interviews with a variety of Local Authority staff and analysis of Benefit Fraud Inspectorate reports

  16. Green Housing

    Johnson Eriksson, Christian


    The Building is a combination of a green house and multi familyhousing building. The building´s courtyard is transformed in to a winter garden and creates an climate controlled environment with exotic vegitation blooming all year around. The courtyard is working as an extra livingroom with nice public walks in different levels were people can relax, exercise and socialise. The heat generated from the winter garden can be reused and recycled in to the floor slabs. It can also be deposited into...

  17. Partners in Housing: Virginia's Nonprofit Housing Sector

    Koebel, C. Theodore; Hardin, Brooke, D.


    Nonprofit housing organizations primarily exist to address the housing needs of low-income Virginians. This survey, conducted in 1998 through the leadership of VHDA, revealed a nonprofit housing sector that is maturing into an important component of housing markets throughout the state.

  18. Staying Preferences by Street Children in Surat City

    Patel NB, Desai Toral, Bansal RK, Girish Thakar


    Full Text Available India houses the largest number of street children in the world. These children often live in abject poverty and squalid conditions. The present study aims to explore their staying preferences in the city of Surat and the reasons thereof. This cross-sectional study was conducted by interviewing 326 street children in Surat city. The study found that street children prefer to stay and work in Surat city as they perceive that Surat is a safer city; it is easier to earn money in this city; life and assimilation also is easier; there is less harassment by older children, police and others. The maximum numbers of street children are staying on the railway platforms 115 (35.3%. The major reasons given by the street children for choosing their place of stay are safety, convenience of finding work, comfortable shelter characteristics, availability of friends, and less harassment. There is a need to build mechanisms to increase safety of the street children at their places of stay and check their abuse by older children, police and authorities and encourage their stay at day care (24 hour care centres.

  19. Thirsty Cities,Dirty Water


    Rapid economic growth has taken a toll on water quality Houses lining up meandering rivers make Jiaxing in east China’s Zhejiang Province a famed water city.Yet the Venetian-style center is suffering from a water shortage.Jiaxing has a population of more than 3

  20. Kansas City Plots Next Steps

    Finkel, Ed


    Kansas City (Missouri) Public Schools is at a crossroads. The district has struggled for decades with poor academic achievement, dwindling enrollment and budget, and short-term superintendents--27 in the past 40 years. Most recently, after a two-year stint during which he helped the district get its financial house in order, closing nearly half of…

  1. Biophilic Cities Are Sustainable, Resilient Cities

    Peter Newman


    Full Text Available There is a growing recognition of the need for daily contact with nature, to live happy, productive, meaningful lives. Recent attention to biophilic design among architects and designers acknowledges this power of nature. However, in an increasingly urban planet, more attention needs to be aimed at the urban scales, at planning for and moving towards what the authors call “biophilic cities”. Biophilic cities are cities that provide close and daily contact with nature, nearby nature, but also seek to foster an awareness of and caring for this nature. Biophilic cities, it is argued here, are also sustainable and resilient cities. Achieving the conditions of a biophilic city will go far in helping to foster social and landscape resilience, in the face of climate change, natural disasters and economic uncertainty and various other shocks that cities will face in the future. The paper identifies key pathways by which biophilic urbanism enhances resilience, and while some are well-established relationships, others are more tentative and suggest future research and testing.

  2. Small Spaces Big Living: a Community Housing Project

    Sheehan, Barry


    Interior and Furniture Design students taking Construction Studies worked with older people resident in Dublin City Council housing in the North Central area, to develop low-cost suggestions for improvements to the interiors of their apartments.

  3. Challenging the Concept of ''informal'' in Sub-Saharan African Cities

    Eskemose Andersen, Jørgen


    Current definitions of urbanity lead to claims that a large proportion (75% according to UN Habitat) of Sub-Saharan Africa’s (SSA) urban population is housed in ‘informal’ settlements with almost all new housing stock provided ‘informally’ in contradiction to the “formal” that is defined as planned...... and regulated by the state. In most cases in SSA cities urban development has no professional assistance in the form of architects or engineers, and what is characterised as ‘disorder’, as is the case with informal urbanisation, is considered as undesirable, inappropriate, dangerous, unhealthy and un...... habitat 2003). However, defining what slum implies is complex and this author consider the term as prejudiced and not covering the diversity most informal settlements represents Further the term stigmatises a remarkable share of any city population in SSA (Huchzermeyer 2011, Davis 2007, Harber 2011, Garau...

  4. Beer City


    Shandong Province’s Qingdao is becoming China’s great beer city sicenically located on a peninsula over-looking the Pacific Ocean, Qingdao, |or Tsingtao, is a coastal city soaked in two kinds of foam. One floats in

  5. Ideal Cities

    Meitner, Erika


    Erika Meitner discusses her new book: Ideal Cities. This collection of autobiographical narrative and lyric poems explores the relationship between body and place—specifically the pleasures and dangers of women’s corporeal experiences. Ideal Cities is guided by an epigraph from Song of Songs, and the metaphorical idea of bodies as cities, and cities as bodies. How do women’s bodies become sites of inscription via sex, childbirth, and other highly physical acts? These poems also investigate ur...

  6. Sin City?

    Gautier, Pieter A; Svarer, Michael; Teulings, Coen N.


    Is moving to the countryside a credible commitment device for couples? Weinvestigate whether lowering the arrival rate of potential alternative partners bymoving to a less populated area lowers the dissolution risk for a sample of Danishcouples. We find that of the couples who married in the city, the ones who stay inthe city have significant higher divorce rates. Similarly, for the couples who marriedoutside the city, the ones who move to the city are more likely to divorce. Thiscorrelation ...

  7. Urban Air Environmental Health Indicators for Kuala Lumpur City

    Air environmental health indicators were defined operationally as a combination of air quality and air-related health indicators. Clean air is a basic precondition of human health. Air pollutants had been identified with potential negative impact on health especially on respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Thus, studies are necessary to identify and understand the state of environmental health. This study was aimed to examine and analyses the air environmental health condition in city of Kuala Lumpur by using a set of indicators. House to house questionnaire survey was carried out to collect air-related health data, and air quality sampling was carried out to identify ambient air quality level of the city. In general, city of Kuala Lumpur was found to have a moderate level of air quality. Air-related illnesses indicated by acute respiratory infection and asthma were found to be higher in more developed or higher density zones, as compared to other zones. Besides, air-related illnesses were significantly correlated to respondents exposure to air pollution. The findings imply that human health can be improved by managing the urban development and its environmental quality properly. (author)

  8. Cause Analysis and Countermeasures of Overproof Formaldehyde of Housing Decoration

    Wenhua Tang; Lianhong Yu


    In order to understand the level of indoor formaldehyde pollution of newly decorated houses in Wuhan city and preliminarily discuss indoor formaldehyde pollution factors, chose several new residential areas in Wuhan city, 100 houses which are from these residential districts and were decorated not more than 1 year were randomly selected to be measured indoor air formaldehyde content by portable formaldehyde meter and in the meantime, the questionnaire was carried out about formaldehyde concen...

  9. A Spatial Approach to Price Segmentation in Housing Markets

    G.J. Costello


    This paper uses a large transaction data set from the city of Perth Western Australia to test empirically whether differentials exist in the patterns of information diffusion that operate for different price segments in housing markets. Whereas some previous studies have tested the influence of price segmentation within aggregate city-wide housing markets, these studies are limited in that they do not acknowledge the influence of important spatial sub-markets. More specifically if the aggrega...

  10. Spatial distribution of factors acting upon housing prices in Istanbul

    Topcu, E.Umran


    Istanbul is a rapidly growing city. With its stragetic location between two continents and having served three empires as a capital city, Istanbul holds a highly rich culture and history and has a high potential for growth. As for today, Istanbul is the most important trade, culture and tourism center of Turkey. Following the rural-urban migration of mid 20th. century, housing prices increased rapidly. Lower income groups failed to catch up with this increase and squatter housing ensued. Henc...