Sample records for chromel a

  1. Ion microprobe investigation of decalibrated chromel versus alumel thermocouples: a quantitative SIMS analysis using indexed sensitivity factors and oxygen flooding

    Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) was used to determine why sheathed chromel versus alumel thermocouples decalibrate when exposed to temperatures above 11000C. Two thermocouples, one sheathed in inconel-600 and the other in type 304 stainless steel, were studied. Quantified SIMS data showed that these thermocouples decalibrated because significant alterations in the elemental composition of the chromel and alumel thermoelements occurred. (Auth.)

  2. Temperature Control System for Chromel-Alumel Thermocouple

    Nuclear Power Plan Operation Safety needs serious handling on temperature measurement and control. In this report has been done manufacturing Temperature Control System for Chromel-Alumel Thermocouple, accordance to material, equipment and human resource ability in the laboratory. Basic component for the Temperature Control System is LM-741 type of Operation Amplifier, which is functionalized as summer for voltage comparator. Function test for this Control System shown its ability for damping on temperature reference. The Temperature Control System will be implemented on PCB Processing Machine. (author)

  3. The use of chromel-alumel thermocouples in high temperature experiments in WAGR

    1. Before the prototype Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor at Windscale (WAGR) was finally shut down at the close of its life in June 1981 a programme of concluding experiments, related to certain safety aspects of the Commercial Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors (CAGR), was completed. As part of that programme, some experiments were performed to examine the behaviour of AGR type stainless steel clad fuel pins under postulated operational fault conditions when the peak temperature of the fuel pin cladding approached near to its melting point (1370 deg. C approximately). With this objective, four WAGR fuel stringers were subjected in turn to either a coolant flow or reactor power induced transient lasting a few minutes and sufficient to raise the peak cladding temperature to approximately 1300 deg. C. These experiments were performed in one of the loop systems installed in WAGR which enabled fuel to be irradiated in the reactor core but within a separate pressure tube containment equipped with its own gas cooling system. Thus the in-loop fuel could be operated under temperature conditions different from the rest of the reactor core. 2. This paper is concerned with the thermocouple installation fitted to the experimental stringers to measure the high coolant gas and fuel pin cladding temperatures encountered during the experiments, the method of collecting and checking the data and the performance of the thermocouples during the experiments

  4. A calorimeter with array detectors

    A 5 x 25 = 125 detector array has been designed for a calorimeter. Each element is consisted of a graphite block and a chromel-alumel. A new '0'-point set up was designed by using the critical temperature of the liquid nitrogen as the '0'-point of the temperature. A FY-1 data acquisition system was used for the detector array. The energy distribution of the electron beam has been measured on large-area diode with the system

  5. Device for measuring the local power in a fuel assembly of a nuclear reactor

    For power measurement in the LWR γ-ray thermometers known from heavy water reactors are applied. For this purpose an elongated rod, preferably from steel of the type 304 L, is used, within which there are the γ-ray thermometers in zones lying one above the other. They use thermoelements consisting of two leads of chromel, a protective covering of inconel, and an intermediate insulating covering of Al2O3 or magnesia. The soldered points of the two leads form the cold and hot junction. The thermometers may also be used for PWR's. (DG)

  6. Modelling of the steady state thermal behaviour of a permanent magnet direct current motor with commutator. 3D finite elements study

    Bernard, R.; Glises, R.; Chamagne, D.; Cuchet, D.; Kauffmann, J. M.


    The aim of this work concerns the development and the validation of a thermal steady state model applied to a permanent magnet direct current motor with commutator. The rated power of the machine is 120 W. Design has been realized thanks to the thermal modulus of the computation software with the finite element method Flux3D. It is shown in this work how it is possible to use only the heat equation to simulate the thermal behaviour of the motor. It implies calculating of new fluid conductivities (considering also all thermal modes) by comparison of calculated and experimental temperatures. To realize these 3D modelizations, it is necessary to know and to locate all the losses of the motor which are considered as thermal sources. The experimental temperatures are given by 40 chromel-alumel thermocouples of 100 μm diameter located in the rotor and the stator of the machine. Numerical computations use Dirichlet boundary layer conditions given by an IR camera. Ce travail concerne le développement et la validation d'un modèle de simulation du comportement thermique tridimensionnel en régime permanent d'un moteur électrique de 120 watt à courant continu, à aimants permanents et à collecteur. Le logiciel est développé à partir du code de calculs par éléments finis Flux3D. L'équation de la chaleur modélise l'ensemble des transferts thermiques du moteur. Cela nécessite de recaler certains paramètres fluides par comparaison des températures simulées et expérimentales. Une séparation détaillée des différentes pertes est nécessaire pour obtenir une bonne précision finale. Un banc d'essais thermiques permet d'obtenir à l'aide de 40 thermocouples (chromel-alumel de 100 μm de diamètre) les températures au stator et au rotor. Une caméra thermographique infrarouge donne les conditions aux limites de Dirichlet nécessaires à la modélisation.

  7. Effect of a gas dissolved in water on burnout

    The effect of the gas content distribution over the steam generating channel cross-section on the burnout in water with the various content of dissolved gas was studied experimentally in a high-pressure stand. Distilled water containing dissolved nitrogen was used as a coolant. A vertical smooth tube of Kh18N10T steel (12 mm in dia., 1.5 mm wall thickness, 880 mm long), heated by the electric current, served as the operating section. The instant of the burnout initiation was registered by four chromel-kopel thermocouples. The main expreriments were carried out with the parameter ranging as follows: 10-18 MPa pressure, 1000-3000 kg/(m2xs) mass rate, 0-3.5 MW/m2 thermal flow, 0.2-0.4 steam content, 30-1700 Nxcm3N2/KgH2O the total gas content. It is stated experimentally that the values of critical heat flux practically coincide at the gas content change from 30 to 1700 Nxcm3N2/KgH2O independently of the methods of gas dissolution in water and the methods of measurements of the gas concentration and steam content x in the critical region

  8. The use of thermocouples which transmute during service in nuclear reactors

    Some current nuclear fuel experiments at CRNL require the use of thermocouples to measure temperatures of up to 22000C under reactor operating conditions. A literature search has shown that transient electrical effects and transmutation of the thermocouple alloys can cause temperature measurement errors of up to +-1% and +-30%, respectively. However, the error due to transient electrical effects can be corrected by making temperature measurements immediately following reactor shutdown. Furthermore it has been shown that transmutation effects can be corrected for by calibrating the high temperature tungsten-rhenium thermocouples against a chromel-alumel thermocouple in a cooler part of the experiment. The use of these techniques is expected to reduce temperature measurement errors to +-2% in the best case. (auth)

  9. Electrical resistivity measurements in superconducting ceramics

    Electrical resistivity measurements have been done in (Y, Ba, Cu, O) - and (Y, A1, Ba, Cu, O) - based superconducting ceramics. The sintered specimens were prepared by applying gold electrodes and winding on the non-metalized part with a copper strip to be immersed in liquid nitrogen for cooling. The resistivity measurements have been done by the four-probe method. A copper-constantan or chromel-alumel thermocouple inserted between the specimen and the copper cold finger has been used for the determination of the critical temperature Tc. Details of the experimental set-up and resistivity versus temperature plots in the LNT-RT range for the superconducting ceramics are the major contributions of this communication. (author)

  10. Shale oil combustion

    A 'coutant' carbon steel combustion chamber cooled by water jacket was conslructed to burn diesel fuel and mixlure of shale oil and diesel fuels. During experimental work nir fuel ratio was determined, temperaturces were measured using Chromel/ Almel thermocouple, finally the gasous combustion product analysis was carricd out using gas chromatograph technique. The constructed combustion chamber was operating salisfactory for several hours of continous work. According to the measurements it was found that: the flame temperature of a mixture of diesel and shale oil fuels was greater than the flame temperature of diesel fuel. and the sulfer emissious of a mixture of diesel and shale oil fuels was higher than that of diesel fuel. Calculation indicated that the dry gas energy loss was very high and the incomplete combustion energy loss very small. (author). 23 refs., 35 figs

  11. Resonant Thermoelectric Nanophotonics

    Mauser, Kelly W; Kim, Seyoon; Fleischman, Dagny; Atwater, Harry A


    Photodetectors are typically based on photocurrent generation from electron-hole pairs in semiconductor structures and on bolometry for wavelengths that are below bandgap absorption. In both cases, resonant plasmonic and nanophotonic structures have been successfully used to enhance performance. In this work, we demonstrate subwavelength thermoelectric nanostructures designed for resonant spectrally selective absorption, which creates large enough localized temperature gradients to generate easily measureable thermoelectric voltages. We show that such structures are tunable and are capable of highly wavelength specific detection, with an input power responsivity of up to 119 V/W (referenced to incident illumination), and response times of nearly 3 kHz, by combining resonant absorption and thermoelectric junctions within a single structure, yielding a bandgap-independent photodetection mechanism. We report results for both resonant nanophotonic bismuth telluride-antimony telluride structures and chromel-alumel...

  12. Electrical resistivity measurements in superconducting ceramics

    Electrical resistivity measurements have been done in (Y,Ba,Cu,O)- and (Y,Al,Ba,Cu,O)-based superconducting ceramics. The sintered specimens were prepared by applying gold electrodes and winding on the non-metalized part with a copper strip to be immersed in liquid nitrogen for cooling. The resistivity measurements have been done by the four-probe method. A copper constantan or chromel-alumel thermocouple inserted between the specimen and the copper cold finger has been used for the determination of the critical temperature Tc. Details of the experimental set-up and resistivity versus temperature plots in the LNT-RT range for the superconducting ceramics are the major contributions of this communication. (author)

  13. An Electromotive Force Measurement System for Alloy Fuels

    Changhu Xing; Colby Jensen; Heng Ban; Robert Mariani; J. Rory Kennedy


    The development of advanced nuclear fuels requires a better understanding of the transmutation and micro-structural evolution of the materials. Alloy fuels have the advantage of high thermal conductivity and improved characteristics in fuel-cladding chemical reaction. However, information on thermodynamic and thermophysical properties is limited. The objective of this project is to design and build an experimental system to measure the thermodynamic properties of solid materials from which the understanding of their phase change can be determined. The apparatus was used to measure the electromotive force (EMF) of several materials in order to calibrate and test the system. The EMF of chromel was measured from 100°C to 800°C and compared with theoretical values. Additionally, the EMF measurement of Ni-Fe alloy was performed and compared with the Ni-Fe phase diagram. The prototype system is to be modified eventually and used in a radioactive hot-cell in the future.

  14. Analysis of SONACO axial cooling experiments

    The SONACO test rig contained a sodium-cooled, electrically heated 37-pin bundle. On this rig, a series of forced, mixed and natural convection experiments have been performed with the aim of contributing to the understanding of thermal-hydraulic phenomena and providing data for code validation for a subassembly at decay heat power level with low flow or stagnant coolant. The test section and especially the heater pins were equipped with an extensive number of chromel-alumel thermocouples. In addition, special permanent-magnet probes were used for measuring local velocities. In this paper we give a survey of results from axial cooling experiments, where heat was removed by natural convection to a cooling coil situated in the coolant channel (plenum) above the bundle. The experimental conditions led to turbulent convection with a slowly varying, large scale flow pattern. It is shown that a power tilt in the bundle reduces these fluctuations but does not eliminate them. For the uniformly heated bundle, aglebraic expressions for the average turbulent heat flux as well as for temperature and velocity fluctuations are derived from a second-moments model and compared with experimental data. Furthermore, heat transfer in the plenum and the consequences of the SONACO experiments for the coolability of reactor fuel elements under loss-of-flow conditions are discussed. ((orig.))

  15. Cell integrated multi-junction thermocouple array for solid oxide fuel cell temperature sensing: N+1 architecture

    Ranaweera, Manoj; Kim, Jung-Sik


    Understanding the cell temperature distribution of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stacks during normal operation has multifaceted advantages in performance and degradation studies. Present efforts on measuring temperature from operating SOFCs measure only the gas channel temperature and do not reveal the cell level temperature distribution, which is more important for understanding a cell's performance and its temperature-related degradation. The authors propose a cell-integrated, multi-junction thermocouple array for in-situ cell surface temperature monitoring of an operational SOFC. The proposed thermocouple array requires far fewer numbers of thermoelements than that required by sets of thermocouples for the same number of temperature sensing points. Hence, the proposed array causes lower disturbance to cell performance than thermocouples. The thermoelement array was sputter deposited on the cathode of a commercial SOFC using alumel (Ni:Al:Mn:Si - 95:2:2:1 by wt.) and chromel (Ni:Cr - 90:10 by wt.). The thermocouple array was tested in a furnace over the entire operating temperature range of a typical SOFC. The individual sensing points of the array were shown to measure temperature independently from each other with equivalent accuracy to a thermocouple. Thus, the concept of multi-junction thermocouples is experimentally validated and its stability on a porous SOFC cathode is confirmed.

  16. Thermocouple temperature measurements in shock-compressed solids

    The emf produced by 5-μm-thick foil thermocouples when subjected to shock loading was studied over a stress range from 0.5 to 10 GPa. Thermocouples of either copper and constantan or chromel and alumel were embedded in the host materials, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), Epon 828 epoxy, single-crystal Al2O3, or vitreous SiO2. The observed emf history rises to a plateau in a period that varied from less than 100 ns for Al2O3 to about 500 ns for PMMA. Temperatures inferred from the constant-voltage portion of the records using standard thermocouple tables (corrected for pressure) compare favorably with calculated temperatures for PMMA and epoxy below 2.0 and 4.5 GPa, respectively. Above these threshold stresses, the observed temperatures increase rapidly with compression, which may indicate an exothermic reaction. Inferred temperatures for the two types of thermocouples are in good agreement. The shape of the response history, and agreement with predicted temperatures for PMMA and epoxy, indicate that the thermocouple and host material come to thermal equilibrium during the transient portion of the response. In the elastic materials Al2O3 and SiO2, the observed temperatures are better correlated with temperatures predicted for shock compression of the thermocouple materials than those predicted for the host materials, indicating that thermal equilibration is not achieved in the available test time

  17. Relative humidity measurements with thermocouple psychrometer and capacitance sensors

    The relative humidity is one of the important hydrological parameters affecting waste package performance. Water potential of a system is defined as the amount of work required to reversibly and isothermally move an infinitesimal quantity of water from a pool of pure water to that system at the same elevation. The thermocouple psychrometer, which acts as a wet-dry bulb instrument based on the Peltier effect, is used to measure water potential. The thermocouple psychrometer works only for relative humidity greater than 94 percent. Other sensors must be used for drier conditions. Hence, the author also uses a Vaisala Humicap, which measures the capacitance change due to relative humidity change. The operation range of the Humicap (Model HMP 135Y) is from 0 to 100 percent relative humidity and up to 160C (320F) in temperature. A psychrometer has three thermocouple junctions. Two copper-constantan junctions serve as reference temperature junctions and the constantan-chromel junction is the sensing junction. Current is passed through the thermocouple causing cooling of the sensing junction by the Peltier effect. When the temperature of the junction is below the dew point, water will condense upon the junction from the air. The Peltier current is discontinued and the thermocouple output is recorded as the temperature of the thermocouple returns to ambient. The temperature changes rapidly toward the ambient temperature until it reaches the wet bulb depression temperature. At this point, evaporation of the water from the junction produces a cooling effect upon the junction that offsets the heat absorbed from the ambient surroundings. This continues until the water is depleted and the thermocouple temperature returns to the ambient temperature (Briscoe, 1984). The datalogger starts to take data roughly at the wet bulb depression temperature

  18. High temperature stabilities of interoxides in the system Fe-Sb-O and their comparison with the interoxides in other M-Sb-O (M=Cr, Ni or Co) systems

    An isothermal section of the phase diagram of the system Fe-Sb-O at 873 K was established by isothermal equilibration and XRD analyses of quenched samples. Two ternary oxides namely FeSb2O4 and FeSbO4 were identified. Making use of the phase diagram, the oxygen potentials of the ternary phases were measured by employing the following solid electrolyte based galvanic cells:(I)Chromel, Mo, Sb, Fe3O4, FeSb2O4|15 CSZ|NiO, Ni, Mo, Chromel(II)Pt, Fe3O4, FeSb2O4, FeSbO4|15 CSZ|air (PO2=0.21 atm), Pt(III)Pt, FeSb2O4, FeSbO4, Sb2O3|15 CSZ|air (PO2=0.21 atm), Ptwhere 15 CSZ stands for ZrO2 stabilized by 15 mol% CaO. The least-squares regression analyses of the emfs of the galvanic cells I, II and III (split into two ranges) measured over the temperature ranges 771-911, 771-921 and 787-981 K, respectively, can be represented by the expressionsEI+/-0.39 (mV)=152.8-0.04728 T (K)EII+/-0.22 (mV)=1010.0-0.4172 T (K)EIIIA+/-0.46 (mV)=870.1-0.3665 T (K)EIIIB+/-0.31 (mV)=809.3-0.2992 T (K)These emf expressions were used to derive the standard Gibbs' energies of formation of FeSb2O4 and FeSbO4 and are given byΔGfo (FeSb2O4)+/-3.5 (kJ mol-1)=-1068.7+0.3561 T (K)ΔGfo (FeSbO4)+/-5.5 (kJ mol-1)=-976.9+0.3289 T (K)The emf of the cell III exhibited a break corresponding to the liquidus temperature of Sb2O3. The cell III was used to assess the internal consistency of ΔGfo (FeSbO4) derived from cell II. The consistency of ΔGfo data for these two interoxides with the relevant tie-lines in Fe-Sb-O system is highlighted. Comparison of iron interoxide stabilities with those of six other interoxides in the systems M-Sb-O where M is Cr, Co or Ni reported earlier in the literature revealed FeSb2O4 to be the most stable interoxide with respect to the equilibrium oxygen dissociation pressure in the corresponding set of coexisting phases. Hence, this interoxide is proposed to substitute Sb2O3 in the auxiliary neutron source of liquid metal cooled fast breeder reactors subject to meeting other

  19. Correlation between metal-ceramic bond strength and coefficient of linear thermal expansion difference

    Stella Crosara Lopes


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to evaluate the metal-ceramic bond strength (MCBS of 6 metal-ceramic pairs (2 Ni-Cr alloys and 1 Pd-Ag alloy with 2 dental ceramics and correlate the MCBS values with the differences between the coefficients of linear thermal expansion (CTEs of the metals and ceramics. Verabond (VB Ni-Cr-Be alloy, Verabond II (VB2, Ni-Cr alloy, Pors-on 4 (P, Pd-Ag alloy, and IPS (I and Duceram (D ceramics were used for the MCBS test and dilatometric test. Forty-eight ceramic rings were built around metallic rods (3.0 mm in diameter and 70.0 mm in length made from the evaluated alloys. The rods were subsequently embedded in gypsum cast in order to perform a tensile load test, which enabled calculating the CMBS. Five specimens (2.0 mm in diameter and 12.0 mm in length of each material were made for the dilatometric test. The chromel-alumel thermocouple required for the test was welded into the metal test specimens and inserted into the ceramics. ANOVA and Tukey's test revealed significant differences (p=0.01 for the MCBS test results (MPa, with PI showing higher MCBS (67.72 than the other pairs, which did not present any significant differences. The CTE (10-6 oC-1 differences were: VBI (0.54, VBD (1.33, VB2I (-0.14, VB2D (0.63, PI (1.84 and PD (2.62. Pearson's correlation test (r=0.17 was performed to evaluate of correlation between MCBS and CTE differences. Within the limitations of this study and based on the obtained results, there was no correlation between MCBS and CTE differences for the evaluated metal-ceramic pairs.

  20. An Innovative Modeling and Measurement Approach to Improve Rice Water Use Efficiency in California

    Montazar, A.; Little, C.; Rejmanek, H.; Tindula, G.; Snyder, R. L.


    California is amongst the top rice producing states in the USA, and more than 95 percent of California's rice is grown in the Sacramento Valley. Based on older literature, the rice water requirement (ETc), ranges between 914 and 1,100 mm. In this study, the actual rice water requirement was measured using the residual of the energy balance method over three paddy rice fields during 2011-2013 seasons in the Sacramento Valley. Net radiation and ground heat flux density were measured, and both eddy covariance (EC) and the surface renewal (SR) technique were employed to determine the sensible heat flux density. The surface renewal method uses high frequency temperature measurements from fine wire thermocouples above the canopy. Mean amplitude and duration of the ramps over half hour periods were determined using a structure function and the characteristics are employed to estimate the direction and magnitude of sensible heat flux using the ratio of the amplitude to the ramp duration as the change in temperature per unit time and the volumetric heat capacity of the air to estimate the magnitude of the heat flux. In the study, 76.2 mm diameter chromel-constantan thermocouples were used to measure high frequency temperature at 10 Hz. The results indicate that there is considerable variability in rice water use both spatially and temporally. The average three-year measured ET of the experimental fields located in Butte County was 734 and 725 mm; and in Colusa County was 771 mm. A typical crop coefficient (Kc) curve was derived from the measured ETc and reference ET (ETo) data. Spatial estimates of monthly climate data from the Sacramento Valley were used to calculate monthly mean ETo, and smooth curve fits of the monthly data gave estimates of typical daily ETo. The daily ETc was calculated as the product of ETo and Kc, and seasonal ETc was calculated by summing the daily ETc values. The results reveal that the seasonal rice ETc was less than earlier estimates. Surface

  1. Probe Measures Fouling As In Heat Exchangers

    Marner, Wilbur J.; Macdavid, Kenton S.


    Combustion deposits reduce transfer of heat. Instrument measures fouling like that on gas side of heat exchanger in direct-fired boiler or heat-recovery system. Heat-flux probe includes tube with embedded meter in outer shell. Combustion gases flow over probe, and fouling accumulates on it, just as fouling would on heat exchanger. Embedded heat-flow meter is sandwich structure in which thin Chromel layers and middle alloy form thermopile. Users determine when fouling approaches unacceptable levels so they schedule cleaning and avoid decreased transfer of heat and increased drop in pressure fouling causes. Avoids cost of premature, unnecessary maintenance.

  2. U.S. Space Radioisotope Power Systems and Applications: Past, Present and Future

    Cataldo, Robert L.; Bennett, Gary L.


    -1906) and R. J. Strut. Almost 100 years ago, in 1913, English physicist H. G. J. Moseley (1887-1915) constructed the first nuclear battery using a vacuum flask and 20 mCi of radium (Corliss and Harvey, 1964, Proceedings of the Royal Society, 1913). After World War II, serious interest in radioisotope power systems in the U.S. was sparked by studies of space satellites such as North American Aviation s 1947 report on nuclear space power and the RAND Corporation s 1949 report on radioisotope power. (Greenfield, 1947, Gendler and Kock, 1949). Radioisotopes were also considered in early studies of nuclear-powered aircraft (Corliss and Harvey, 1964). In 1951, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) signed several contracts to study a 1-kWe space power plant using reactors or radioisotopes. Several of these studies, which were completed in 1952, recommended the use of RPS. (Corliss and Harvey, 1964). In 1954, the RAND Corporation issued the summary report of the Project Feedback military satellite study in which radioisotope power was considered (Lipp and Salter, 1954, RAND). Paralleling these studies, in 1954, K. C. Jordan and J. H. Birden of the AEC s Mound Laboratory conceived and built the first RTG using chromel-constantan thermocouples and a polonium-210 (210Po or Po-210) radioisotope heat source (see Figure 2). While the power produced (1.8 mWe) was low by today s standards, this first RTG showed the feasibility of RPS. A second thermal battery was built with more Po-210, producing 9.4 mWe. Jordan and Birden concluded that the Po-210 thermal battery would have about ten times the energy of ordinary dry cells of the same mass (Jordan and Birden, 1954). The heat source consisted of a 1-cm-diameter sphere of 57 Ci (1.8 Wt) of Po-210 inside a capsule of nickel-coated cold-rolled steel all inside a container of Lucite. The thermocouples were silver-soldered chromel-constantan. The thermal battery produced 1.8 mWe.

  3. Experimental study of temperature field at fast reactor subassembly exit under drastic changes of coolant temperature

    Failure conditions due to dangerous increasing in power or flow rate drop are the most hazardous in terms of the rise of thermal stresses. Initial rise in temperature may run to 100 C and more. Sodium temperature at the subassembly inlet is varied according to definite time constant which is equal to fuel pin time constant (about 2 sec), that is below the time constant for massive part of subassembly head (4-10 sec). Thus, variations in sodium temperature are, for subassembly head, almost momentary and bring about maximal thermal stresses. Experiments on transient temperature behavior in subassembly head under thermal impact conditions have been performed on the model. Magnitude of temperature has been measured in two cross sections by chromel-alumel thermocouples bond in the middle of the wall, at its outer surface and in the coolant flow for distance of 3 mm from the wall. To measure temperature difference between middle of the wall and its surface fast differential thermocouples chromel-sodium-potassium have been used

  4. Thermoelectric and photovoltaic effects in metal-semiconductor multilayers; Thermoelektrische und Photovoltaische Effekte in Metall-Halbleiter Multilagenstrukturen

    Kyarad, A.


    In an anisotropic material a heat flux and the resulting thermoelectric field generally are not collinear. Illumination of a thin film can thus lead to transverse thermoelectric voltages: Heat produced at the surface by absorption of light flows perpendicularly to the film plane into a substrate, anisotropy may produce a thermoelectric field component parallel to the film surface leading to a ''transverse'' thermoelectric voltage upon surface heating. Thermoelectric fields transverse to an applied temperature gradient have been observed in tilted metallic multilayer structures. Constantan/chromel/constantan.. multilayers were prepared by sintering stacks of alternating thin foils of these materials. Effective ''in-plane'' and ''out-of-plane'' Seebeck coefficients and heat conductivities of the foil stacks were calculated from data of the isotropic metals. Tilted multilayer structures obtained by cutting stacks obliquely may be used as devices for detection of laser radiation. A comparison is made with respect to responsivity between several multilayer structures and anisotropic crystalline systems. A synthetic material with large thermoelectric anisotropy has been prepared from a metal-semiconductor multilayer structure. By an alloying process, a multilayer stack A-B-A.., where A and B are pure aluminum and n-silicon, is produced with a thermoelectric anisotropy 1.5 mV/K, where and are the absolute Seebeck coefficients along and perpendicular to the layers, respectively. The use of this synthetic material for light sensing applications is demonstrated. Irradiation of an Al-Si multilayer stack with infrared to visible laser radiation generates photovoltaic signals depending on the angle of incidence of the laser beam with respect to the layer planes, with zero signal and a polarity reversal for beam and layers in parallel. Results are explained in terms of photoactive layers connected in series and

  5. JRRD a a Glance



    Full Text Available Contains a plain language discription of articles published in this issue including Robot-assisted therapy, prosthetic knee joint maneuverability, community reintegration, and more

  6. Bisphenol A

    ... in Environmental Health, Chemistry, and Toxicology More Resources Bisphenol A (BPA) en español Bisphenol A (BPA) is used to make lightweight, hard plastics. What is bisphenol A? Bisphenol A, also called BPA, is a ...

  7. Vitamin A

    Vitamins are substances that your body needs to grow and develop normally. Vitamin A plays a role in your Vision Bone growth Reproduction Cell functions Immune system Vitamin A is an antioxidant. It can come from ...

  8. Hepatitis A

    ... an inflammation of the liver. One type, hepatitis A, is caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). The disease spreads through contact with ... washed in untreated water Putting into your mouth a finger or object that came into contact with ...

  9. From a = b to a = a

    Gunnar Olsson


    In this paper I compare and contrast the alternative treatments of the Other as they appear first in the radical geography of 1968, then in the political geography of 1998. While in the Hegelian sixties both the master and the slave recognized that they are defined in terms of each other (a = b), the politically correct of the nineties are claiming that the right to define who you are is yours and yours alone (a = a). But whoever argues that the only acceptable truth lies in the statement "I ...

  10. A literatura e a teologia

    Genilma Boehler


    Full Text Available Trata-se de uma reflexão sobre literatura e teologia, pontualmente sobre poesia e teologia. Como afirmou Edgar Morin “a literatura tem a vantagem de refletir sobre a complexidade do ser humano e sobre a quantidade incrível de seus sonhos” (MORIN, 2009:6. Já a teologia, como definida por Rubem Alves, é “um jeito de falar sobre tais coisas dando-lhes um nome e apenas distinguindo-se da poesia porque a teologia é sempre feita como prece...” (ALVES, 2005:21. O encontro das duas é a ocasião para que seja feita uma reflexão acerca de Deus, a partir do espaço da poesia, recorrendo a outra linguagem, outro conhecimento, outras bibliotecas, considerando o corpo, o desejo, a vida, o mundo na medida em que apresenta a pessoa, a sociedade e a cultura.

  11. Cygnus A

    Carilli, CL; Barthel, PD


    Cygnus A was the first hyper-active galaxy discovered, and it remains by far the closest of the ultra-luminous radio galaxies. As such, Cygnus A has played a fundamental role in the study of virtually all aspects of extreme activity in galaxies. We present a review of jet theory for powering the dou

  12. A gravimeter

    Aliyev, T.M.; Asadov, A.M.; Dzhagupov, R.G.; Gadzhiyev, A.A.; Yakubov, R.A.


    A gravimeter is patented consisting of a sensitive element in the form of a lever connected with the recording instrument's spring, and a heat compensation unit. To raise the measurement accuracy, the heat compensation unit is made in the form of a piezoelectric plate firmly connected with the spring and joined with the measurement resistor direct current bridge, to one of whose arms is switched in the temperature-sensitive resistor.

  13. A Writer, a Translator and a Translator

    Katarina Marinčič


    Full Text Available The article deals with the French translation of the short story Amy by the Slovenian writer Mira Mihelič, made by Elza Jereb for the anthology Nouvelles slovènes (Paris, 1969. The original text, a classical narrative involving some modernist strategies, presents a syntactical feature rather unusual in Slovenian (although typical of the author Mira Mihelič: a very frequent use of participles and participial structures. Elza Jereb’s translation is accurate and precise, preserving not only the basic meaning but also the stylistic qualities, particularly the internal rhythm of the original. Some slight changes (such as for example a more consequent and logical use of italics render the text accessible to the French reader without undue simplifications. The only part of the original that seems to get lost in translation are some minor parts of the dialogue: the phonetically transcribed provincial German of the original, rich in social connotations, is translated into standard literary German, thereby losing some of its sociohistorical implications as well as some of its comical potential. 

  14. Vitamin A

    ... carotenoid is beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by substances called ... A can lead to hyperkeratosis or dry, scaly skin. If you get too much vitamin A, you ...

  15. A118

    A. Kozlov


    It can be concluded that expression of protogenes, evolutionarily young and/or novel genes in tumors might be a new biological phenomenon, a phenomenon of carcino-evo-devo genes, predicted by the hypothesis of evolution by tumor neofunctionalization.

  16. Hemophilia A

    Factor VIII deficiency; Classic hemophilia; Bleeding disorder - hemophilia A ... When you bleed, a series of reactions take place in the body that helps blood clots form. This process is called the coagulation ...

  17. A Ciberguerra

    Melo, Pedro


    O Trabalho estuda a Ciberguerra e o modo como as Forças Armadas se podem estruturar para melhor enfrentar as ameaças que a enformam. A massificação da Internet mudou o mundo e é consensual que nada alguma vez o mudou tão rapidamente, quanto a Internet o tem feito, trazendo desafios novos, para os quais ainda se procuram as respostas e faz com que a guerra no Ciberespaço seja considerada uma preocupação prioritária e se encontre no topo da agenda dos decisores políticos mundiais e das organiza...

  18. A container


    A container assembly for the containment of fluids or solids under a pressure different from the ambient pressure comprising a container (2) comprising an opening and an annular sealing, a lid (3) comprising a central portion (5) and engagement means (7) for engaging the annular flange, and sealing...... means (10) wherein the engagement means (7) is adapted, via the sealing means, to seal the opening when the pressure of the container assembly differs from the ambient pressure in such a way that the central portion (5) flexes in the axial direction which leads to a radial tightening of the engagement...... means (7) to the container, wherein the container further comprises locking means (12) that can be positioned so that the central portion is hindered from flexing in at least one direction....

  19. A Keyboard


    The present invention relates to a keyboard with a plurality of keys with key switches that are covered by a flexible display for displaying individual labels of the keys whereby the label can be changed during operation of the keyboard by appropriate control of the keyboard. The flexible display...... is pre-shaped into a non-planar shape to fit on top of the key switches so that each key switch can be activated by depressing the area of the flexible display displaying the key label of the key switch in question. Each key may have a key cap with a transparent top surface with the flexible display...... mounted underneath the key cap for displaying the individual label of the key viewable through the transparent top surface of the key cap. The keyboard provides tactile feedback similar to a conventional high quality keyboard....

  20. A Visit With a Curandero

    Mull, J. Dennis; Mull, Dorothy S


    One author visited a Mexican-American folk healer in the Los Angeles area, not as a patient but as a fellow health professional. Information was obtained from this healer, a curandero, regarding his background, his clientele, the illnesses he treats, the therapeutic techniques he uses and his relationship with the official health care system. This information was generally consistent with statements about curanderismo that have appeared in the social sciences literature. It also provided addi...

  1. A terra, a tela e a letra

    Susanna Busato Feitosa


    Full Text Available Este estudo visa elaborar uma leitura dos aspectos semióticos que organizam os espaços de significação no processo da formação cultural brasileira a partir dos processos tradutórios realizados por parte das expedições exploratórias que para os trópicos vieram. Investigam-se, assim, por meio de relações em nível paradigmático e sintagmático, as produções pictóricas dos artistas viajantes dos séculos XVII, Albert Eckhout e Frans Post, e as produções poéticas barrocas de Gregório de Matos, Manuel Botelho de Oliveira e Manuel de Santa Maria Itaparica.

  2. A Proposal


    正All the students in our school, A sudden 8.0 earthquake happened in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province at 2:28 on the afternoon of May 12, 2008. Many houses fell down and lots of people have become homeless. A large number of people were badly injured and so many people lost their lives. The people in

  3. A Dog



    A dog can't speak words, but it can "talk", It has feelings just as you do. At times it may feel angry or afraid. Watching a dog closely, you can find out what it feels. You can see what it is trying to tell you.

  4. A atmosfera

    Gómez Fórneas, Esther; Rodríguez Silva, Laura


    Despois de estudar os conceptos básicos da química, as propiedades dos gases, os líquidos, os sólidos, as disolucións, os enlaces químicos, as forzas intermoleculares e visto como a cinética química e os conceptos de equilibrio axudan a entender a natureza das reaccións químicas, neste tema imos aplicar estes coñecementos ao estudo do sistema atmosfera. No entanto que a composición da atmosfera da terra é bastante simple, a súa química é moi complexa e nunca se comprendeu por completo. Os pro...

  5. A luta contra a Pirataria

    Ramos, Nuno


    A Pirataria Marítima não é um fenómeno novo. Historicamente, a sua preponderância e importância era considerável porque a insegurança dos mares foi, durante séculos, um factor dominante. A realidade da existência da Pirataria Marítima, apesar de nunca ter desaparecido do mapa mundial, sofreu uma redução muito significativa ao longo dos anos, tendo recrudescido nos últimos tempos. A Pirataria Marítima é de âmbito global, existindo contudo diferenciação regional. Anualmente são reportadas...

  6. A Rejoinder

    Nelson Lichtenstein


    Full Text Available It is a pleasure and a challenge to engage these commentaries on my recent book, State of the Union: a Century of American Labor. The pleasure is there because this author, like almost every other, is deeply appreciative of the kind of critical attention, and sheer energy, to which his work is subject. The commentators assembled by Jean‑Christain Vinel understood with remarkable precision the main line of argument I was trying to advance, which has not always been the case on the American sid...

  7. Hall A

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The instrumentation in Hall A at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility was designed to study electroand photo-induced reactions at very high luminosity...

  8. A Symposium.

    Rachal, John R.


    Uses the framework of a symposium to present an imagined discussion by historical figures about whether and how knowledge might be acquired. Discussants include Democritus, Protagoras, Heraclitus, Socrates, Jesus, Gorgias, Nietzsche, Buddha, and Kierkegaard. (Contains 40 endnotes.) (SK)

  9. Q & A

    Prof.. Adam Micolich


    Full Text Available Prof. Adam Micolich is a researcher based at the University of New South Wales, specializing in the study of semiconductor systems. Materials Today recently spoke to Adam for our podcast.

  10. A JOKE


    Grandpa and granddaughter were sitting talking when she asked,“Did God make you,Grandpa?”“Yes,God made me,”the grandfather answered.A few minutes later,the little girl asked him,“Did God make me too?”“Yes,He did,”the older man answered.For a few minutes,the little girl seemed to be studying

  11. A110

    T. Malivanova


    Conclusions: This study found out the opposite effect of polymorphisms at −238 and −308 positions in TNF promoter on the outcome of BC patients. Carriers of low expressed allele −238(A have poor outcome because of low response to standard hormone therapy which presumably connected with the activation of Her2 pathway. The obtained results allow supposing that a special approach to the treatment of this group of BC patients should be used.

  12. A School without a Principal.

    Barnett, Demian; McKowen, Charlene; Bloom, Gary


    Teachers at a central California high school operate the school according to a strict, progressive set of principles. The Anzar communication guidelines specify teachers' commitment to communicating well, collective ownership of problems and problem solving, tolerance of differing ideas, individual accountability, dedication to helping and…

  13. A Blizzard of a Value

    Bostic, Jonathan D.


    "Who has been to Dairy Queen® and purchased a Blizzard?®" Ms. Bosetti asked her students. During the summer, Bosetti had seen many of her former and future students at the local Dairy Queen enjoying Blizzard desserts and wondered, "Which Blizzard size is the best value?" She used this context for a ratios and proportions task…

  14. A Giant or a Dwarf?

    Schmid, Herman


    EU may appear to be a giant when it can act on behalf of a united Europe, but usually it is hampered by conflicting member state interests. The EU economic and administrative resources for foreign and trade policy are quite small (on level with one of its major member states) and the hopes in many...

  15. Thailandepsin A

    Cheng Wang


    Full Text Available Thailandepsin A [systematic name: (E-(1S,5S,6R,9S,20R-6-[(2S-butan-2-yl]-5-hydroxy-20-[2-(methylsulfanylethyl]-2-oxa-11,12-dithia-7,19,22-triazabicyclo[7.7.6]docosa-15-ene-3,8,18,21-tetraone], C23H37N3O6S3, is a newly reported [Wang et al. (2011. J. Nat. Prod. doi:10.1021/np200324x] bicyclic depsipeptide that has potent histone deacetylase inhibitory activity and broad-spectrum antiproliferative activity. The absolute configuration of thailandepsin A has been determined from the anomalous dispersion and the stereochemistry of all chiral C atoms. Intramolecular N—H...O and N—H...S hydrogen bonds occur. Intermolecular N—H...O and O—H...O hydrogen bonds are observed in the crystal structure.

  16. A Model

    Liu Zhiyang


    Similar to ISO Technical Committees,SAC Technical Committees undertake the management and coordination of standard's development and amendments in various sectors in industry,playing the role as a bridge among enterprises,research institutions and the governmental standardization administration.How to fully play the essential role is the vital issue SAC has been committing to resolve.Among hundreds of SAC TCs,one stands out in knitting together those isolated,scattered,but highly competitive enterprises in the same industry with the "Standards" thread,and achieving remarkable results in promoting industry development with standardization.It sets a role model for other TCs.

  17. A vet with a vision.

    Ben-Shlomo, Gil


    When he learned what being a veterinarian meant, Gil Ben-Shlomo felt that the career had been invented especially for him. He has since specialised, and is now professor of ophthalmology at Iowa State University. PMID:27609975

  18. A&A Planning System

    US Agency for International Development — This is a set of approximately 140 spreadsheets used by OAA. Each operating unit within USAID has its own spreadsheet that tracks all planned actions over $ 150,000...

  19. A quackery with a difference

    Wahlberg, Ayo


    The figure of the ‘miracle cure’-peddling quack pretending spectacular properties for worthless tonics is iconic. From their 19th century traveling wagon shows to their 21st century Internet spam scams, hucksters and cranks have been consistently targeted by health authorities as a danger to public...... health. Yet, in this paper, I argue that this is only one form that the problem of ‘quackery’ has taken in the past two centuries or so in the United Kingdom. Just as Roy Porter showed how the mid-19th century professionalization of medicine gave rise to a ‘quackery with a difference’ as a whole range of...... new medical movements—homoeopathy, hydropathy, medical botany, mesmerism—actively denounced allopathic or modern medicine, I will suggest that the late 20th century birth of ‘complementary and alternative medicine’ (CAM) has resulted in yet another transformation in quackery. By examining the ways in...

  20. A75

    D. Korobkov


    It may be concluded that the cellular and molecular mechanisms of breast cancer are complex. Therefore, carcinogenesis has a “multistep” nature and at least two or more mutations in the cells of the same clone – parent and child are required to generate malignant tumors. Thus, the development of oncogenic transformation does not necessarily mean the process of tumor formation.

  1. Appendix A

    Henriksen, M. S.; Brincker, Rune; Heshe, Gert

    In this appendix a brief summary of experiments on reinforced concrete beams in three-point bending performed at Aalborg University is given. The aim of the investigation is to determine the full load-deflection curves for different beam sizes, different types of concrete and different amounts and...

  2. A Tribute

    Bhattacharya, Dipankar


    Renowned astrophysicist Prof. Bhaskar Datta passed away in Bangalore on December 3rd, 1999 after a brave battle with cancer. He was 50. In his career spanning more than 25 years he worked extensively in the area of High-energy astrophysics, Astro-particle physics, General relativity and Cosmology. In particular, he specialized in the structure and properties of neutron stars. Prof. Datta was born and educated in Delhi. After obtaining his Master's degree in Physics from the Delhi University he worked in NORDITA, Copenhagen as a Guest Physicist. The following year he moved to the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies, New York, where he worked with Prof. V. Canuto for his Ph.D. thesis. He obtained his Ph.D. from City University of New York in 1977 for his work on spin-2 interaction in a relativistic neutron gas. He derived an equation of state of matter at high density using this interaction and demonstrated its effect on the derived masses and moments of inertia of neutron stars. Many years later he and his colleagues were to derive yet another Equation of State for neutron star matter, based on the chiral sigma model that includes a dynamically generated isoscalar vector field. Prof. Datta returned to India in 1978 after brief stays at University of Florida and International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. From 1978 to 1982 he worked at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. In 1982 he moved to the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore where he worked until his death. He also held the position of an adjunct professorship at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore. Prof. Datta's move to Bangalore coincided with the discovery of the fastest spinning neutron star known, namely the millisecond pulsar PSR 1937+21. By then already a recognised expert on neutron star structure, he plunged headlong into computing the structure with fast rotation. He, with his colleague Alak Ray, showed that the millisecond pulsar could be spinning

  3. A128

    I. Pronina


    Full Text Available RCC is one of the main problems in oncourology. MiRNA expression profiles are highly specific for malignant tumors of different locations, and can be used to detect pathological molecular biomarkers and to develop the optimal treatment for each patient. Selection of miRNAs associated with the formation and development of malignant tumors in the kidney was performed using computer databases miRWalk ( and miRBase ( Paired samples of tumor and histologically normal tissue from 46 patients with RCC were studied. RNA was isolated by phenol–chloroform extraction and treated with RNase-free DNase after isolation. MiRNA expression analysis was performed by RT-qPCR using Applied Biosystems (USA kits: TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays, TaqMan® MicroRNA Reverse Transcription Kit, TaqMan® Fast Universal PCR Master Mix (2x. RNU6B was used as reference miRNA. Quantity alterations of 20 microRNAs (hsa-miR-219, -203, -148a, -129, -9, -34a, -34b, -34c-3p, -127, -193a-5p, -191, -17, -24 -2*, -339 -3p, -212, -375, -125b, -124a, -132, -137 were determined in samples of tumor compared to normal tissue biopsy from the kidney of each patient. It was shown that the expression of studied miRNAs usually decreased in RCC tumors. The largest decrease of expression was observed for miR-129, which expression was10–350-fold reduced in 93% of the samples (P < 0.05 with no change of expression in the remaining 7% of cases. MiR-375 (80% of cases,10–270-fold decrease, miR-34b (79% of cases, 10–60-fold decrease, miR-124a (70% of cases, 10–200-fold decrease also frequently showed reduced expression in tumors. In addition to the aforementioned ones, it had been shown that expression in the tumor compared with histologically normal tissue from the same patient was significantly decreased in more than half of the cases for miR-125b, miR-127, miR-203, miR-34c-3p, miR-9. Despite the fact that in 50% of cases

  4. A Pulsar and a Disk

    Kohler, Susanna


    Recent, unusual X-ray observations from our galactic neighbor, the Small Magellanic Cloud, have led to an interesting model for SXP 214, a pulsar in a binary star system.Artists illustration of the magnetic field lines of a pulsar, a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star. [NASA]An Intriguing BinaryAn X-ray pulsar is a magnetized, rotating neutron star in a binary system with a stellar companion. Material is fed from the companion onto the neutron star, channeled by the objects magnetic fields onto a hotspot thats millions of degrees. This hotspot rotating past our line of sight is what produces the pulsations that we observe from X-ray pulsars.Located in the Small Magellanic Cloud, SXP 214 is a transient X-ray pulsar in a binary with a Be-type star. This star is spinning so quickly that material is thrown off of it to form a circumstellar disk.Recently, a team of authors led by JaeSub Hong (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) have presented new Chandra X-ray observations of SXP 214, tracking it for 50 ks (~14 hours) in January 2013. These observations reveal some very unexpected behavior for this pulsar.X-ray PuzzleThe energy distribution of the X-ray emission from SXP 214 over time. Dark shades or blue colors indicate high counts, and light shades or yellow colors indicate low counts. Lower-energy X-ray emission appeared only later, after about 20 ks. [Hong et al. 2016]Three interesting pieces of information came from the Chandra observations:SXP 214s rotation period was measured to be 211.5 s an increase in the spin rate since the discovery measurement of a 214-second period. Pulsars usually spin down as they lose angular momentum over time so what caused this one to spin up?Its overall X-ray luminosity steadily increased over the 50 ks of observations.Its spectrum became gradually softer (lower energy) over time; in the first 20 ks, the spectrum only consisted of hard X-ray photons above 3 keV, but after 20 ks, softer X-ray photons below 2 ke

  5. A mascarada e a feminilidade

    Grant Walkiria Helena


    Full Text Available Marcada por produções freudianas, a literatura analítica e, mais especificamente, aquela influenciada pelo ensino lacaniano, não pára de mostrar que as considerações anatômicas não são índices para falar da diferença de identidade sexual entre homens e mulheres. Diante do fato de que características masculinas continuavam presentes em mulheres adultas normais, Freud responde que ser mulher é ser mãe. A vacilação da verdade desta equação pode ser observada nas situações mais diversas nas quais podemos nos defrontar com mulheres, mães, desempenhando papéis de homens. Como pensar esta constatação? Este trabalho permitir-nos-á mostrar a imbricação do feminino e do masculino num caso de uma mulher com todas as características de uma feminilidade considerada normal, e também discutir a questão do gozo fálico e do Outro gozo - propostos por Lacan como índices de diferenciação da posição masculina e da feminina.

  6. A42

    V. Yuzhakov; L. Sevankaeva; M. Konoplyannikov; N. Fomina; I. Ingel; Konoplyannikov, A.


    The mechanisms of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) action on malignant neoplasms attract much attention nowadays. Studies relating to the MSC effect on tumors are contradictory and indicate that MSC has both stimulating and suppressive actions on experimental neoplasms. We have shown previously that a single MSC administration to tumor-bearing animals has an oncomodulating effect on the growth of tumors. Short-term stimulation of the growth of tumor nodes initially after the MSC injection was usu...

  7. A51

    E. Zlatnik; G. Zakora; A. Bakhtin; O. Shulgina et al.


    Nanotechnologies are significant modern trend embracing various fields of science including biology and medicine. Investigations of biological activities of nanoparticles (NP) suggest perspectives of their application in oncology. The role of metals in metabolic processes in the organism is well known, but a few data are available about the activities of nanometals. Our aim was to study the effect of metallic nanoparticles on growth of xenografts of human lung cancer and transplanted mouse...

  8. A99

    M. Suvorova; A. Tsapieva; Suvorov, A.; Kiseleva, E


    Ability of Streptococcus pyogenes to fight cancer was discovered and clinically tested more than 100 years ago (Coley, 1897), but the mechanisms of these effects are unknown. Recently several murine models demonstrating the anti-cancer activity of Group A Streptococcus (GAS) M49 were established (Maletzki, 2008). The present study is devoted to investigation of anti-cancer activity of GAS M39 strains. Tumor cells were injected subcutaneously in concentration of 200,000 cells per animal. Tw...

  9. A comme... (A as in...).

    Helouber, J. A.; And Others


    The four parts in this section present: (1) an advertisement based on the literary style of Emile Zola; (2) exercises designed to practice expressions of similarity and difference; (3) the transcript of a discussion on the problem of swamps; and (4) variations on the shopkeeper-customer dialogue. (AM)

  10. A Leader, Not a Hero

    Rutledge, Lynda


    The author writes her experience in leading. She points out that a good leader should know when and how to let go than trying to do all the work by herself. It changed her focus on looking at details, implementation, dealing with the contractors, to leading leading people.

  11. A Question about a Triangle

    Vinogradova, Natalya


    In fall 2013 the author taught a graduate course entitled Topics in Geometry for Middle and High School Teachers. The majority of the participants had extensive experience teaching mathematics in middle school or high school. The fact that participants were rather comfortable with the basic concepts of school geometry made it both possible and…

  12. A Whale of a Panorama


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Click on the image for A Whale of a Panorama (QTVR) More than 1.5 years into their exploration of Mars, both of NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers continue to send a cornucopia of images to Earth. The results are so spectacular that Deputy Project Manager John Callas recently described them as 'an embarrassment of riches.' Spirit produced this image mosaic, nicknamed the 'Whale Panorama,' two-thirds of the way to the summit of 'Husband Hill,' where the rover investigated martian rocks. On the right side of the panorama is a tilted layer of rocks dubbed 'Larry's Outcrop,' one of several tilted outcrops that scientists examined in April, 2005. They used spatial information to create geologic maps showing the compass orientation and degree of tilting of rock formations in the vicinity. Such information is key to geologic fieldwork because it helps establish if rock layers have been warped since they formed. In this case, scientists have also been studying the mineral and chemical differences, which show that some rocks have been more highly altered than others. In the foreground, in the middle of the image mosaic, Spirit is shown with the scientific instruments at the end of its robotic arm positioned on a rock target known as 'Ahab.' The rover was busy collecting elemental chemistry and mineralogy data on the rock at the same time that it was taking 50 individual snapshots with its five panoramic camera filters to create this stunning view of the martian scenery. The twin tracks of the rover's all-terrain wheels are clearly visible on the left. This mosaic of images spans about 220 degrees from left to right and is an approximate true-color rendering of the Mars terrain acquired through the panoramic camera's 750-, 530-, and 430-nanometer filters. Spirit collected these images from its 497th martian day, or sol, through its 500th sol (May 27 through May 30, 2005).

  13. Bisphenol A: a scientific evaluation.

    Kamrin, Michael A


    Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in the production of high-volume polycarbonate and epoxy resin compounds found in a number of consumer products, including plastic bottles and the linings of canned goods. As a result of such applications, very small amounts of BPA can migrate into food and drink. In light of reports suggesting that low doses of BPA cause estrogenic effects in laboratory animals, concerns were raised about the safety of these consumer products, particularly plastic bottles used for feeding milk to babies. To evaluate the risk, if any, from BPA, investigations were undertaken to more precisely determine human exposure levels and more carefully study the validity of the low-dose effects reported. On the basis of the most realistic studies of BPA levels in food and drink, as well as in human urine, it has been estimated that human exposures, including those of children, are very low and range from about .001 to .1 mcg/kg body weight (bw)/day. The results of the additional toxicology studies indicated that the low-dose effects could not be consistently replicated. In light of this, a number of governments and agencies brought together independent expert panels to carefully evaluate the toxicologic studies and provide regulatory guidance. These panels came to a similar conclusion, namely, that low-dose effects have not been demonstrated. They also supported the acceptable daily intake levels previously calculated on the basis of high-dose effects shown in laboratory animals. Comparing these acceptable intakes with the best exposure estimates reveals that human doses of BPA from migration of the compound into food and drink are orders of magnitude lower than acceptable daily intakes. Thus, it is very unlikely that humans, including infants and young children, are at risk from the presence of BPA in consumer products. PMID:15520629

  14. A92

    M. Mukhacheva


    Full Text Available This work is devoted to the actual problem of studying modern ideas about the systemic treatment of brain tumors, in particular on the implementation and effectiveness of modern methods of immunomodulation in neuro-oncology. The aim is to clarify the existence of patients with brain tumors immunosuppression, resulting in testimony to the development and application of methods of immunotherapy. Method of research consistent with the goal and objectives of the study, which included a dynamic examination of 32 operated patients with hemispheric brain gliomas. Cycloferon interferonogens from the group, which has antiviral and antitumor action potential was used as an immunomodulator us. It is of interest to determine the effectiveness of immunomodulatory action of cycloferon in patients with brain tumors in different phases of development of cancer. This work represents a scientific novelty and practical significance for solving urgent problems of neurology and neurosurgery – the study of the cycloferon drug, has proved its effectiveness in the reinforcement of clinical remission and increased the life expectancy of patients with brain tumors after surgery.

  15. A new

    P. Upadhyay


    Full Text Available In this paper a population based evolutionary optimization methodology called firefly algorithm (FFA is applied for the optimization of system coefficients of the infinite impulse response (IIR system identification problem. FFA is inspired by the flash pattern and characteristics of fireflies. In FFA technique, behaviour of flashing firefly towards its competent mate is structured. In this algorithm attractiveness depends on brightness of light and a bright firefly feels more attraction for the brighter one. For this optimization problem, brightness varies inversely proportional to the error fitness value, so the position of the brightest firefly gives the optimum result corresponding to the least error fitness in multidimensional search space. Incorporation of different control parameters in basic movement equation results in balancing of exploration and exploitation of search space. The proposed FFA based system identification approach has alleviated from inherent drawbacks of premature convergence and stagnation, unlike genetic algorithm (GA, particle swarm optimization (PSO and differential evolution (DE. The simulation results obtained for some well known benchmark examples justify the efficacy of the proposed system identification approach using FFA over GA, PSO and DE in terms of convergence speed, identifying plant coefficients and mean square error (MSE fitness values produced for both same order and reduced order models of adaptive IIR filters.

  16. A Whale of A Controversy


    Despite heavy international criticism,the Japanese refuse to end their national tradition of whale hunting When the Japanese whale-hunting fleet set sail for the Antarctic waters on November 18,the crew members must have known that their voyage would not be smooth sailing. Japan’s annual whaling program rou- tinely sets off a firestorm of protest from anti-whaling countries and organizations. In January 2006,Greenpeace’s icebreaker Arctic Sunrise collided with the Jaoanese

  17. A Response

    W. Warren Wagar


    Full Text Available Let me begin by thanking everyone who commented on my ASA paper, "Toward a Praxis of World Integration," both those who were generally sympathetic to its thesis and those who were not. It is inconceivable to me that any two freethinking human beings living in our time could share the same preferred model of the good society. So of course I am not surprised that no one found every aspect of my vision appealing or that some found almost nothing to applaud. I would probably react to each of your utopias in muchthe same ways. Nonetheless, our species needs, perhaps more than anything else, to think together about where we want to go, and how, and why. Without tclos, how can we speak of praxis? And without praxis, what use is analysis? The point is to change the world and change it for the better.

  18. A whale of a problem

    Showstack, Randy

    While the Makah Indian tribe recently killed a gray whale off the coast of the U.S. state of Washington, and Japan and Norway have threatened to bolt from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) over disagreements about commercial catches, on May 26, the U.S. commissioner to the IWC told delegates about another, and far more widespread, threat affecting cetaceans.Global environmental changes could jeopardize whale stocks throughout the world, said Commissioner James Baker, who also serves as administrator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

  19. A Mosque in a Mosque

    Cantone, Cleo


    Une mosquée dans une mosquée. Quelques observations sur la mosquée de la rue Blanchot à Dakar et ses relations avec les autres mosquées pendant la période coloniale. — L’impact du colonialisme sur l’architecture sénégalaise a produit un nouveau type de mosquée. Construite à partir de matériaux durables et alliant l’architecture des églises à des éléments nord-africains, ce style semble avoir été utilisé pour perpétuer la notion de supériorité de l’islam « blanc », ou arabe, sur l’islam « noir...

  20. A Volumetric Flask as a Projector

    Limsuwan, P.; Asanithi, P.; Thongpool, V.; Piriyawong, V.; Limsuwan, S.


    A lens based on liquid in the confined volume of a volumetric flask was presented as a potential projector to observe microscopic floating organisms or materials. In this experiment, a mosquito larva from a natural pond was selected as a demonstration sample. By shining a light beam from a laser pointer of any visible wavelength through the…

  1. Being a Parent with a Learning Disability: A Qualitative Study

    Shewan, Laura


    This research portfolio aims to further explore the issues faced by parents with a learning disability. Firstly, a systematic review of qualitative research into the social support of parents with a learning disability is presented. This not only indicated that a range of social support is provided to parents with a learning disability and received with different perceptions, but also highlighted the need for further qualitative research in the area, to gain a better insight...

  2. Choosing a Breast Prosthesis: A Survivor's Perspective

    ... Survivor’s Perspective Print to PDF Choosing a Breast Prosthesis: A Survivor’s Perspective Andrea Zinn June 16, 2015 · ... did you decide to wear a breast form/prosthesis rather than have a reconstruction? Andrea: After weighing ...

  3. Internship: A Transition From A Medical Student To A Doctor


    The internship, a transition from a medical student to a doctor, is a period of one year after passing the final year exam of MBBS, where an intern works in various departments in a hospital. Doing so exposes them to the practical aspects of things they have studied during the four and a half year MBBS course. As a part of the physician’s team taking care of the patients s/he absorbs the skills to approach and management of the patients under direct supervision of their seniors. This also hel...

  4. A Russia e a segurança europeia

    Gaspar, Carlos


    As relações entre a Rússia e a Europa, chave da segurança regional, mudaram profundamente com o fim da guerra fria. Desde 1991, o período de transição na reestruturação dos equilíbrios regionais, foi marcado por crises sucessivas - a crise latente entre a Rússia e a Ucrânia, a decomposição da antiga Jugoslávia e as divergências sobre a expansão da Aliança Atlântica - que criaram oportunidades de cooperação entre a Rússia e as potências ocidentais, e contribuiram para moldar ...

  5. Repurposing with a purpose: A story with a happy ending

    Greaves, Lyn; Roller, Sibel; Bradley, Claire


    Abstract: The work reported here forms part of a UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) funded project (BL4ACE) ( This project built on previous work that evaluated the effectiveness of a learning design to underpin academic competence in a Business Studies degree. A significant concern of the blended learning design was to scaffold independent learning activities by incorporating and reusing interactive Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) within a Virtual Learni...

  6. A Pilocytic Astrocytoma Mimicking a Clinoidal Meningioma

    Hong, Christopher S.; Lehman, Norman L.; Eric Sauvageau


    Pilocytic astrocytomas and meningiomas are benign, primary brain tumors that may involve the optic tract. Classically, the presence of a dural “tail” sign may differentiate a meningioma from other intracranial lesions. In this report, we describe a mass with the typical appearance of a clinoidal meningioma on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) but postoperatively diagnosed as a pilocytic astrocytoma. This case illustrates the rare occurrence of a pilocytic astrocytoma mimicking a meningioma on ...

  7. A batuta da morte a orquestrar a vida

    Altair Macedo Lahud Loureiro


    Full Text Available Com colocações de outros estudiosos da morte, teço e apresento apontamentos rápidos sobre a morte a organizar a vida. Esposo a idéia da necessidade da morte para que a vida tenha sentido nesta busca humana da completude. Endereço o olhar para uma situação especial de relação com a morte: a reação dos que ficam ao presenciar e sentir a morte de um dos seus idosos; daquele familiar, ou não, que assume o seu cuidado e acompanha o seu fim iminente; que presencia, humanamente impotente, a hora da solitária partida. Solitária morte, pois que exclusiva, própria daquele idoso do qual cuidava, do seu fim natural, por ser humano.

  8. A House For A River Rat

    Matthews, David Stansfield


    This is a house situated by a river. It is a retreat, or a cabin, and is not occupied on a full time basis. Its form is an interpretation of a cube, and retains its general appearance. It is lifted off the ground to prevent damage when the river floods, and has a deep foundation to achieve stability on the loose floodplain soil. It has three levels, the first containing the main living areas, the second, a lofted space containing the bed and bath, and the third, a roof terrace. It is for two ...

  9. A diagrammatic categorification of a Clifford algebra

    Tian, Yin


    We give a graphical calculus for a categorification of a Clifford algebra and its Fock space representation via differential graded categories. The categorical action is motivated by the gluing action between the contact categories of infinite strips.

  10. Helping a Child Manage a Chronic Illness

    ... Helping a Child Manage a Chronic Illness Feeling they have control over their ... News) -- Children and teens who feel confident handling a chronic illness on their own appear better able ...

  11. Having a Whale of a Time

    du Feu, Chris


    A classroom practical exercise exploring the reliability of a basic capture-mark-recapture method of population estimation is described using great whale conservation as a starting point. Various teaching resources are made available.

  12. Aplyzanzine A, a new dibromotyrosine derivative from a Verongida sponge.

    Evan, T; Rudi, A; Ilan, M; Kashman, Y


    Aplyzanzine A (1), a novel bisdibromotyrosine derivative, has been isolated from the Indo-Pacific sponge Aplysina sp. Its structure was elucidated mainly on the basis of 1D and 2D NMR and MS spectroscopic data. PMID:11430007

  13. Vitamin A: a missing link in diabetes?

    Trasino, Steven E.; Gudas, Lorraine J.


    Vitamin A has a critical role in embryonic development, immunity and the visual cycle. In recent years, evidence has demonstrated that vitamin A can also regulate metabolic pathways implicated in the pathogenesis of obesity and diabetes. This has increased interest in the possible antiobesity and antidiabetic properties of natural and synthetic vitamin A derivatives. However, whether vitamin A deficiency or aberrations in vitamin A metabolism contribute to the pathogenesis of diabetes is not ...

  14. Bacterial Sortase A as a drug target

    Larsson, Caroline


    Sortase A is a housekeeping enzyme of Gram-positive bacteria that catalyses the anchoring of surface proteins to the bacterial peptidoglycan. The enzyme works to establish an interaction between bacteria and host cells and is essential for pathogenesis. This makes Sortase A a potential suitable target for inhibition, in order to treat bacterial infections. In this degree project Sortase A from Staphylococcus aureus was explored and potential inhibitors were investigated by performing enzyme a...

  15. A missed orthopaedic injury following a seizure: a case report

    O'Connor-Read Laurence


    Full Text Available Abstract Numerous orthopaedic injuries can follow a seizure and are often diagnosed late. This is the first documented case of a missed bilateral anterior shoulder dislocation following a seizure. The possible reasons for the greater incidence of posterior dislocations are examined and why bilateral anterior dislocations following a seizure are so rare. The article discusses the reasons for the delay and highlights potential pitfalls and learning points for junior emergency department doctors.

  16. A stump appendicitis in a child: a case report

    Jemaï Radhia; Sahli Sondes; Fitouri Fatma; Gasmi Manef; Hamzaoui Mourad


    Abstract Background Stump appendicitis is a delayed complication of appendectomy. It is rare and few cases reported in the paediatric literature. The authors report on another case in a child and focus on the diagnostic peculiarities of this entity. Case A 9-year-old boy with previous history of open appendectomy was admitted for a right lower quadrant pain with bilious vomiting and fever. Physical examination demonstrated tenderness in the right lower quadrant and guarding over the appendect...

  17. A recursive algorithm to compute a basis of a similarity

    Garmendia Salvador, Luis; Recasens, Jordi; Salvador Alcaide, Adela


    Se definen conceptos y se aplica el teorema de Valverde para escribir un algoritmo que computa bases de similaridades. This paper studies sorne theory and methods to build a representation theorem basis of a similarity from the basis of its subsimilarities, providing an alternative recursive method to compute the basis of a similarity.

  18. A State-Run Enterprise: A Bane or a Boon?

    Sungjune KIM


    Full Text Available In the less than 70 years since Korean liberation, Korea has grown to be one of the world's top five ship-owning countries in 2014. This can be attributed to a few factors such as government policy, Korea Shipping Corporation (KSC, hereafter and merchant marine officers. This paper will expound the true motivations of the establishment and the privatization of KSC in 1950 and in 1968, respectively. KSC, as Korea's national shipping company, sailed along a very unusual course of development. It was established in 1950 not to foster and develop Korea's shipping industry but to help alleviate the financial burdens of the fledgling Korean government. The main cause of privatizing KSC in 1968 was a purely political decision, not an economic one as it overlapped with the rapid growth period of the shipping industry in the world, as well as in Korea. In sum, KSC, a state-run enterprise, was a bane in the short run but a boon in the long run for both the Korean government and Korea's shipping industry. If we can believe KSC followed the ordinary sailing route as a state-run enterprise, we might develop a new opinion that the national shipping company might be a financial burden in a short period, but various benefits over a long period.

  19. A CLUSTER PAIR: A3532 AND A3530

    Lakhchaura, Kiran; Singh, K. P. [Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, 1 Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai 400 005 (India); Saikia, D. J. [National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune University Campus, Pune 411 007 (India); Hunstead, R. W., E-mail: [Sydney Institute for Astronomy, School of Physics, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006 (Australia)


    We present a detailed study of a close pair of clusters of galaxies, A3532 and A3530, and their environments. The Chandra X-ray image of A3532 reveals the presence of substructures on scales of {approx}20'' in its core. XMM-Newton maps of the clusters show excess X-ray emission from an overlapping region between them. Spectrally determined projected temperature and entropy maps do not show any signs of cluster scale mergers either in the overlapping region or in any of the clusters. In A3532, however, some signs of the presence of galaxy scale mergers are visible, e.g., anisotropic temperature variations in the projected thermodynamic maps, a wide-angle-tailed (WAT) radio source in the brighter nucleus of its dumbbell brightest cluster galaxy, and a candidate X-ray cavity coincident with the northwestern extension of the WAT source in the low-frequency radio observations. The northwestern extension in A3532 seems either a part of the WAT or an unrelated diffuse source in A3532 or in the background. There is an indication that the cool core in A3532 has been disrupted by the central activity of the galactic nucleus. A reanalysis of the redshift data reinforces the close proximity of the clusters. The excess emission in the overlapping region appears to be a result of tidal interactions as the two clusters approach each other for the first time. However, we cannot rule out the possibility of the excess being due to the chance superposition of their X-ray halos.

  20. [A woman with a locked knee].

    Boersma, A R; van Raay, J J A M


    A 25-year-old female presented with locking of the left knee after an assertiveness training. The MRI scan showed a bucket-handle tear of the medial meniscus. The medial meniscus was dislocated into the intercondylar fossa, in which the image of a second posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) was simulated. This is also called a 'double PCL sign'. PMID:26959734

  1. Life of a Tooth: A Visual Timeline

    Full Text Available ... Disorder What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay? Men: Looking for a Better Job? Start by Visiting the Dentist When Should My Child First See a Dentist? Learn what those dental words mean. The Life of a Tooth games Home | InfoBites | Find a Dentist | Your Family's Oral Health | ...

  2. Geogas - a tracer or a carrier?

    This report is a review of the literature about geogas and the migration of radioactive materials from a repository. The results indicate that nitrogen gas may cause a migration of plutonium colloids and other small particles. (64 refs.) (K.A.E.)

  3. A1-algebraic topology over a field

    Morel, Fabien


    This text deals with A1-homotopy theory over a base field, i.e., with the natural homotopy theory associated to the category of smooth varieties over a field in which the affine line is imposed to be contractible. It is a natural sequel to the foundational paper on A1-homotopy theory written together with V. Voevodsky. Inspired by classical results in algebraic topology, we present new techniques, new results and applications related to the properties and computations of A1-homotopy sheaves, A1-homotogy sheaves, and sheaves with generalized transfers, as well as to algebraic vector bundles over affine smooth varieties.

  4. Niemann Pick type A, a case report

    M. Qasemi; F. Mojtahedzadeh


    Niemann Pick type A is a very rare hereditary disease with an incidence 1 in 20000-40000 live birth, which is calassified as a shingolipidoses.The disease is marked by the abnormal accumulation of sphingomyelin in most tissues, secondary to sphingomylinase deficiency.The most clinical manifestations are:Splenohepatomegaly–cherry red maculae-neuropathologic findings .This is a case report of an infant with clinical manifestation of Niemann Pick disease type A.

  5. Bisphenol A polycarbonate as a reference material

    Hilado, C. J.; Cumming, H. J.; Williams, J. B.


    Test methods require reference materials to standardize and maintain quality control. Various materials have been evaluated as possible reference materials, including a sample of bisphenol A polycarbonate without additives. Screening tests for relative toxicity under various experimental conditions were performed using male mice exposed to pyrolysis effluents over a 200-800 C temperature range. It was found that the bisphenol A polycarbonate served as a suitable reference material as it is available in large quantities, and does not significantly change with time.

  6. A Project Team: a Team or Just a Group?

    Kateřina; Daniela,, Ghirardello; Martina (Author)


    This paper deals with issues related to work in either teams or groups. The theoretical part discusses a team and a group with regards to its definition, classification and basic distinction, brings in more on the typology of team roles, personality assessment and sociometric methods. The analytical part tests the project (work) team of a medical center represented in terms of personality and motivational types, team roles and interpersonal team relations concerning the willingness of coopera...

  7. A Project Team: A Team or Just a Group?

    Katerina Hrazdilova Bockova; Daniela Maťovcikova


    This paper deals with issues related to work in either teams or groups. The theoretical part which discusses a team and a group with regards to its definition, classification and basic distinction brings in more on the typology of team roles, personality assessment and sociometric methods. The analytical part tests the project (work) team of a medical center represented in terms of personality and motivational types, team roles and interpersonal team relations concerning t...

  8. [A fetus is a person with a right to exist].

    Bischofberger, E


    This article is the contribution of a Jesuit priest, a teacher of medical ethics at Uppsala, to a debate inspired by a Swedish official report "The pregnant woman and fetus--2 individuals. On fetal diagnostics. On late abortions." In a society which depends upon a structured consensus as much as Sweden does, the report has been criticized for not making clearer recommendations. The author points out that the ethical dilemmas involved are so complex that they cannot be treated from a simple either/or point of view. Fetal diagnostics, for example, serve the cause of life when the aim is to avoid abortion of a healthy fetus and make it possible to cure, even at the fetal stage, or to strengthen prospective parents' readiness to accept a handicapped child. The use of fetal diagnostic for sorting out damaged and sick fetuses, however, is selective abortion and implies a violation of the principle that all human life is of equal value. The question is no longer if one will have a child or not, but which child will one have. This collision of values has inspired so many polemic statements that it is worthwhile recalling that there is always a tension between the ethically desirable and the politically possible, The report has succeeded in formulating the ethical principles in spite of the impossibility of seeing them presented as concrete recommendations. Even so, Thomas Aquinas wrote in 13th century that one cannot always apply ethical rules to laws of society. That can lead to more evil than good. PMID:2607863

  9. A search for a new gauge boson A'

    Jensen, Eric L. [William and Mary College


    In the Standard Model, gauge bosons mediate the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces. New forces could have escaped detection only if their mediators are either heavier than order(TeV) or weakly coupled to charged matter. New vector bosons with small coupling {alpha}' arise naturally from a small kinetic mixing with the photon and have received considerable attention as an explanation of various dark matter related anomalies. Such particles can be produced in electron-nucleus fixed-target scattering and then decay to e{sup +}e{sup -} pairs. New light vector bosons and their associated forces are a common feature of Standard Model extensions, but existing constraints are remarkably sparse. The APEX experiment will search for a new vector boson A' with coupling {alpha}'/{alpha}{sub fs} > 6 × 10{sup -8} to electrons in the mass range 65MeV < mass A' < 550MeV. The experiment will study e{sup +}e{sup -} production off an electron beam incident on a high-Z target in Hall A at Jefferson Lab. The e{sup -} and e{sup +} will be detected in the High Resolution Spectrometers (HRSs). The invariant mass spectrum of the e{sup +}e{sup -} pairs will be scanned for a narrow resonance corresponding to the mass of the A'. A test run for the APEX experiment was held in the summer of 2010. Using the test run data, an A' search was performed in the mass range 175-250 MeV. The search found no evidence for an A' --> e{sup +}e{sup -} reaction, and set an upper limit of {alpha}'/{alpha}{sub fs} ~ 10{sup -6}.

  10. A Proposal for a Mindset of a Project Manager

    Eriksson, Joakim; Hansen, Claus Thorp


    A company’s product strategy and its management of the product development process have been found to be key factors for a product’s success on the market [1]. Project managers of development projects need support to make process decisions and defining goals that are consistent with the business’s goals while bearing in mind the ability of the development team to deliver a product to the market that satisfies the customer’s expectations and needs [2]. Uncertainty is a part of the product deve...

  11. RelA: a tale of a stitch in time.

    Korc, Murray


    Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is a deadly cancer in which NF-κB pathways promote biological aggressiveness. In this issue of the JCI, Lesina et al. investigated the role of RelA, the p65 partner of p50 that together form the most common NF-κB complex, in the early stages of pancreatic malignant transformation and in established PDAC. By deleting Rela in the context of an oncogenic Kras-driven autochthonous model of PDAC, the authors demonstrated that RelA is a mediator of oncogene-induced senescence (OIS) and the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) that attenuates acinar-to-ductal metaplasia, pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PanIN) formation, and PanIN progression to PDAC. Loss of the tumor-suppressor function of RelA in the early stages of Kras-driven pancreatic neoplastic transformation was associated with decreased OIS and SASP and a protumorigenic tumor microenvironment that harbored more M2 macrophages and myeloid-derived suppressor cells. The beneficial effects of RelA were mediated by increased expression of CXCL1 and its activation of CXCR2. By contrast, in advanced stages of Kras-driven murine PDAC, loss of p53 or p16 was associated with senescence bypass, and RelA deficiency in this context attenuated cancer cell proliferation and prolonged mouse survival, indicating that RelA enhances tumor progression in established PDAC. PMID:27454293

  12. A metaphysical journey in a comatose state.

    Gimenez, R


    This paper is about the intense experience of being in the hospital in a comatose state resulting from an aneurysm with a massive brain hemorrhage and two subsequent surgeries. The event begins with a premonition of what will happen from a street name. The experience of brain surgeries, along with the fine care of the nurses, left me with a truly memorable impression. This paper describes the various feelings and strong emotions that I experienced while in a comatose state. It suggests that a patient in a comatose state can exist in a deep state of emotions close to ecstasy. The paper concludes with gratefulness to all the people who followed me step by step on this journey. PMID:1286457

  13. A toy model for a diatomic molecule

    Hecker Denschlag, Johannes


    We introduce a toy model for a diatomic molecule which is based on coupling electronic and nuclear spins to a rigid rotor. Despite its simplicity, the model can be used scientifically to analyze and understand complex molecular hyperfine spectra. In addition, the model has educational value as a number of fundamental symmetries and conservation laws of the molecule can be studied. Because of its simple structure, the model can be readily implemented as a computer program with comparatively short computing times on the order of a few seconds.

  14. When a Family Requests a White Doctor.

    Reynolds, Kimberly L; Cowden, John D; Brosco, Jeffrey P; Lantos, John D


    Parents sometimes request that a doctor of a particular race or ethnic group not care for their child. Such requests sometimes seem legitimate and other times seem offensive. The difference reflects a clash of fundamental values. Generally, we try to respect patient or parental preferences. Requests based on racist attitudes, however, do not seem worthy of respect. But where should we draw the line? In this ethics rounds, we present a situation in which parents requested a white doctor and analyze the ways in which doctors might think about and respond to such a request. PMID:26169433

  15. The a-MEU Model: A Comment

    Jurgen Eichberger; Simon Grant; David Kelsey; Koshevoy, Gleb A.


    In [7] Ghirardato, Macheroni and Marinacci (GMM) propose a method for distinguishing between perceived ambiguity and the decision-maker's reaction to it. They study a general class of preferences which they refer to as invariant biseparable. This class includes CEU and MEU. They axiomatize a subclass of a-MEU preferences. If attention is restricted to finite state spaces, we show that any a-MEU preference relation, satisfies GMM's axioms if and only if a = 0 or 1, that is, the preferences mus...

  16. Building a Database for a Quantitative Model

    Kahn, C. Joseph; Kleinhammer, Roger


    A database can greatly benefit a quantitative analysis. The defining characteristic of a quantitative risk, or reliability, model is the use of failure estimate data. Models can easily contain a thousand Basic Events, relying on hundreds of individual data sources. Obviously, entering so much data by hand will eventually lead to errors. Not so obviously entering data this way does not aid linking the Basic Events to the data sources. The best way to organize large amounts of data on a computer is with a database. But a model does not require a large, enterprise-level database with dedicated developers and administrators. A database built in Excel can be quite sufficient. A simple spreadsheet database can link every Basic Event to the individual data source selected for them. This database can also contain the manipulations appropriate for how the data is used in the model. These manipulations include stressing factors based on use and maintenance cycles, dormancy, unique failure modes, the modeling of multiple items as a single "Super component" Basic Event, and Bayesian Updating based on flight and testing experience. A simple, unique metadata field in both the model and database provides a link from any Basic Event in the model to its data source and all relevant calculations. The credibility for the entire model often rests on the credibility and traceability of the data.

  17. A Project Team: a Team or Just a Group?



    Full Text Available This paper deals with issues related to work in either teams or groups. The theoretical part discusses a team and a group with regards to its definition, classification and basic distinction, brings in more on the typology of team roles, personality assessment and sociometric methods. The analytical part tests the project (work team of a medical center represented in terms of personality and motivational types, team roles and interpersonal team relations concerning the willingness of cooperation and communication. The main objective of this work is to verify the validity of the assumptions that the analyzed team represents a very disparate group as for its composition from the perspective of personality types, types of motivation, team roles and interpersonal relations in terms of the willingness of cooperation and communication. A separate output shall focus on sociometric investigation of those team members where willingness to work together and communicate is based on the authors’ assumption of tight interdependence.

  18. Broadcasting a message in a parallel computer

    Berg, Jeremy E.; Faraj, Ahmad A.


    Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for broadcasting a message in a parallel computer. The parallel computer includes a plurality of compute nodes connected together using a data communications network. The data communications network optimized for point to point data communications and is characterized by at least two dimensions. The compute nodes are organized into at least one operational group of compute nodes for collective parallel operations of the parallel computer. One compute node of the operational group assigned to be a logical root. Broadcasting a message in a parallel computer includes: establishing a Hamiltonian path along all of the compute nodes in at least one plane of the data communications network and in the operational group; and broadcasting, by the logical root to the remaining compute nodes, the logical root's message along the established Hamiltonian path.

  19. [A simulation exercise in a flu clinic].

    Barthe, Juliette; Aubert, Jean-Pierre; Lecapitaine, Anne-Lise; Lecompte, Françoise; Szwebel-Chikli, Céline


    A simulation exercise aimed at assessing the management and provision of ambulatory care in the context of a highly pathogenic influenza pandemic was conducted in a specifically dedicated consultation center (Centre de Consultation Dédié (CCD) à la grippe) based on official French guidelines. The exercise was carried out in a school in Paris equipped to simulate a "flu clinic". 3 practitioners provided treatment lasting 2 hours to nursing students acting as patients. The exercise highlighted a number of major organizational issues. Staff were found to be unable to manage the center and to perform patient transfers; face masks were not routinely and consistently worn by doctors and patients; and communication between professionals within the clinic was limited. The exercise showed that much remains to be done to ensure that "flu clinics" are effective and functional. The results suggest that the exercise will need to be repeated on a larger scale and over a longer period. PMID:22365047

  20. A porous metal cathode (a thermoemission converter)

    Kozlov, V.I.; Avdeyev, V.Ye.


    The porous metallic cathode, which contains a body and the basic sponge attached to it with an active substance, made in the form of a base with an emitting projection, is distinguished by the fact that in order to increase the service life of the cathode, the based sponges on the side opposite the projection have a groove in which the replenishing chamber made of a difficulty fusible metal and filled with a mixture of tungsten and an active substance with a porosity of 35 to 80 percent which is open towards the projection is positioned, where the transverse cross section of the replenishing chamber intersects the transverse cross section of the projection, while the porosity of the basic sponge is 24 to 26 percent. The cathode is distinguished by the fact that a screen made of a difficultly fusible metal is installed on the facial surface with an opening for the projection and is connected with the body and with this surface.

  1. A Cultural Sexuality or a Sexual Culture?

    Vandermeersch, Patrick


    P. Vandermeersch, A Cultural Sexuality or a Sexual Culture? In: F. VAN DE VIJVER & G. HUTSCHEMAEKERS (ed.), The Investigation of Culture. Current Issues in Cultural Psychology, Tilburg, Tilburg University Press, 1990, 43-58.

  2. A simple model of a swing

    Mayer, V. V.; Varaksina, E. I.


    The paper presents a simple model of a swing meant for undergraduates’ educational experiments. The purpose of these experiments is the experimental study of physical principles of self-oscillations, free, forced and parametric oscillations. The model contains a pendulum. A coil with a movable steel core serves as its load. A neodymium magnet is placed at the lower end of the core. A magnetically operated sealed switch is stationed under the magnet at the equilibrium position of the pendulum. The switch is connected in series with the coil and a battery. If we displace the pendulum from the equilibrium position, the pendulum makes undamped oscillations. The system receives energy every time the core is drawn into the coil at the lower position of the pendulum.

  3. Ankylosing Spondylitis: a Reflection and a Question

    Annia Deysi Hernández Martín


    Full Text Available Ankylosing spondylitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the synovial membrane, joint entheses and para-articular structures of the spine, including the sacroiliac joints and limbs. We present a case of ankylosing spondylitis that had evolved for 12 years despite the relatively early diagnosis and treatment, showing flexion deformity and limitation of spinal movements. On radiological examination an early evolution to ankylosis was observed, which motivated us to make a reflection and a question.

  4. A masonic poem on a masonic opera?

    Sanz Sainz, Inmaculada


    Estudio del poema Logic and "The Magic Flute", escrito por Marianne Moore (Kirkwood, Missouri. 1887-New York. 1972) y publicado en su libro de poemas Like a Bulwark (1956). Se analiza el poema tomando como punto de partida el libreto de la ópera de W.A. Mozart Die Zauberflotë, y se ofrece una interpretación del mismo a la luz de la simbología que aparece en este.

  5. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

    Robbins RA


    No abstract available. Article truncated at 150 words. An article entitled “A Comprehensive Care Management Program to Prevent Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Hospitalizations: A Randomized, Controlled Trial” from the VA cooperative studies program was recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (1). This article describes the BREATH trial mentioned in a previous editorial (2). BREATH was a randomized, controlled, multi-center trial performed at 20 VA medical centers comparin...

  6. A new hospital library: a marketing opportunity.

    Walker, M E


    A new or remodeled library presents a unique marketing opportunity for the hospital librarian. Furthermore, a well-designed library markets itself through its convenience, attractiveness, and ease of use. A marketing approach to library planning takes into account needs of users and of library staff and considers the librarian's relations with the architect as well as with hospital employees. This paper describes ways to combine library planning with marketing techniques and specifies aspects...

  7. Persistence of a pinch in a pipe

    Mahadevan, L.; Vaziri, A.; Das, Moumita


    The response of low-dimensional solid objects combines geometry and physics in unusual ways, exemplified in structures of great utility such as a thin-walled tube that is ubiquitous in nature and technology. Here we provide a particularly surprising consequence of this confluence of geometry and physics in tubular structures: the anomalously large persistence of a localized pinch in an elastic pipe whose effect decays very slowly as an oscillatory exponential with a persistence length that di...

  8. Morphing a Plasmonic Nanodisk into a Nanotriangle

    Schmidt, Franz P.; Ditlbacher, Harald; Hofer, Ferdinand; Krenn, Joachim R; Hohenester, Ulrich


    We morph a silver nanodisk into a nanotriangle by producing a series of nanoparticles with electron beam lithography. Using electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), we map out the plasmonic eigenmodes and trace the evolution of edge and film modes during morphing. Our results suggest that disk modes, characterized by angular order, can serve as a suitable basis for other nanoparticle geometries and are subject to resonance energy shifts and splittings, as well as to hybridization upon morphi...

  9. A microcomputer for a packet switched network

    The Bubble Chamber Research Group of the Rutherford and Appleton Laboratory has a large film analysis facility. This comprises 16 digitising tables used for the measurement of bubble chamber film. Each of these tables has an associated microcomputer. These microcomputers are linked by a star structured packet switched local area network (LAN) to a VAX 11/780. The LAN, and in particular a microcomputer of novel architecture designed to act as the central switch of the network, is described. (author)

  10. Radioactivity: a history of a mysterious science

    In this work is summarized in french the book 'Radioactivity: a history of a mysterious science' written by Marjorie C. Malley. The fascinating history of radioactivity is at first presented in a way that is both accessible and appealing to the general reader. Not merely a historical account, the book examines philosophical issues connected with radioactivity, and relates its topics to broader issues regarding the nature of science. (O.M.)

  11. Raising a Fit Preschooler

    ... skills and coordination to ride a tricycle or chase a butterfly. Preschoolers also are discovering what it ... something to find, like a red door, a cat, a flag, and something square. Sing songs or ...

  12. A review of a pleural service.

    Aujayeb, A; Parker, S; Bourke, S; Miller, J; Cooper, D


    This paper reviews the organisation and outcomes of a pleural service, specifically geared towards the management of malignant pleural effusions, in a district general hospital in the north east of England. We summarise the evidence behind local anaesthetic thoracoscopy and indwelling pleural catheters. We then summarise the review of our service, including a discussion around complications. PMID:27092367

  13. Teaching a Course around a Textbook.

    Healey, Mick; Ilbery, Brian


    Outlines the advantages and disadvantages of using a single textbook in a college-level economic geography course. Argues that, if a course text is used thoughtfully, the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages. Asserts that students must take greater responsibility for their own learning and develop independent inquiry skills. (CFR)

  14. A minimal model of a tidewater glacier

    Oerlemans, J.; Nick, Faezeh Maghami


    We propose a simple, highly parameterized model of a tidewater glacier. The mean ice thickness and the ice thickness at the glacier front are parameterized in terms of glacier length and, when the glacier is calving, water depth. We use a linear relation between calving rate and water depth. The cha

  15. When a regulation becomes a learning process

    Nunez, Heilyn Camacho; Cespedes, Paula

    Adoption and effective use of information and communication technology (ICT) becomes a need for organizations of any size and type, however, ICT adoption is still a challenge for organizations, its implementation must be a strategic decision that involves design, delivery and use of software...... small consulting company from Costa Rica, is using action learning to implement COBIT in the financial sector in Costa Rica....

  16. A modified total synthesis of cystothiazole A


    A modified total synthesis of cystothiazole A is described. In this synthetic strategy, a one-step transformation of acylated oxazolidinone to β-ketoester has been successfully applied, thus making the synthetic route more efficient. This method may also be potentially applied in synthesis of other related β-substituted-β-methoxyl acrylates (bb-MOAs).

  17. Once a Nightmare, Always a Nightmare?

    Picchioni, Dante; DeBrule, Daniel S.


    While counterintuitive, there is evidence that some nightmares may serve a beneficial function. The theory behind this idea is presented within the context of a continuity hypothesis of dreaming where the negative emotions presented in a nightmare can lead to psychosocial development, just as some negative experiences do so during wake. The…

  18. A Bayesian Bootstrap for a Finite Population

    Lo, Albert Y.


    A Bayesian bootstrap for a finite population is introduced; its small-sample distributional properties are discussed and compared with those of the frequentist bootstrap for a finite population. It is also shown that the two are first-order asymptotically equivalent.

  19. Life of a Tooth: A Visual Timeline

    Full Text Available ... a Composite Resin (White Filling)? Why is Oral Health Important for Men? How Do I Care for My Child's Baby Teeth? What is Orofacial Pain? Learn what those dental words mean. The Life of a Tooth games Home | InfoBites | Find a Dentist | Your Family's Oral Health | Newsroom | RSS About AGD | Contact AGD | Site Map | ...

  20. A. F. Ames, Village Schoolmaster. A Memoir.

    Ames, Edward C.

    This booklet sketches the life, educational theories, and accomplishments of Albert F. Ames (1888-1931). Ames was trained as a mathematician, and served six years as a mathematics teacher in Canada before becoming superintendent of schools in Riverside, Illinois. He co-authored five mathematics textbooks with J. A. McLellan. These texts,…

  1. A Method of Operating a Fuel Cell


    The present invention relates to a method of determining the net water drag coefficient (rd) in a fuel cell. By measuring the velocity of the fluid stream at the outlet of the anode, rd can be determined. Real time monitoring and adjustments of the water balance of a fuel cell may be therefore...

  2. Sterilization: A Conference and a Report.

    Dillingham, Brint


    This article continues a series on Native American sterilization, based on a conference of the National Council of Churches' Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO). Also included are an article and a report by the American Civil Liberties Union. (Author/RTS)

  3. "Score Choice": A Tempest in a Teapot?

    Hoover, Eric


    A new option that allows students to choose which of their test scores to send to colleges has generated renewed criticism of the College Board. College Board officials tout the option, called Score Choice, as a way to ease test taker anxiety. Some prominent admissions officials have publicly described Score Choice as a sales tactic that will…

  4. Life of a Tooth: A Visual Timeline

    Full Text Available ... Decay? Check Menstrual Calendar for Tooth Extraction The History of Dental Advances Men: Looking for a Better Job? Start by Visiting the Dentist Learn what those dental words mean. The Life of a Tooth games Home | InfoBites | Find a ...

  5. A Model Technology Educator: Thomas A. Edison

    Pretzer, William S.; Rogers, George E.; Bush, Jeffery


    Reflecting back over a century ago to the small village of Menlo Park, New Jersey provides insight into a remarkable visionary and an exceptional role model for today's problem-solving and design-focused technology educator: Thomas A. Edison, inventor, innovator, and model technology educator. Since Edison could not simply apply existing knowledge…

  6. A microfluidic device with a diffusion barrier


    The invention provides a microfiuidic device for macromoiecuie amplification by sequential addition of liquid reagents. The device of the invention comprises a chip forming a plurality of reaction chambers each extending between an inlet and an outlet, each inlet being in fluid communication with...

  7. A case of tripody in a pigeon

    In a pigeon of the breed ''Thuringian White Bib'' a stunted third leg was found, which was attached to the left of the ventral cloacal aspect. A disturbance of the embryonic development at the third to fourth day of incubation was thought to be the cause of this anomaly

  8. Teratogenia da vitamina A Vitamin A teratogenicity

    Maria Helena de Castro Chagas


    Full Text Available A vitamina A é essencial à preservação e ao funcionamento normal dos tecidos, assim como, ao crescimento e desenvolvimento. No humano há evidência indireta que a vitamina A em excesso, durante as primeiras semanas de gestação é teratogênica. Do contrário, não há dúvidas sobre os efeitos deletérios, de uma alimentação carente neste micronutriente e sobre a disponibilidade do conhecimento técnico para evitá-los. A preocupação com o fato de que a vitamina A conduziria a teratogenia em humanos, tem retardado a implementação de programas de combate a carência de vitamina A, atingindo principalmente os programas de enriquecimento de alimentos. A literatura é controvertida e dispõe de poucas informações sobre as doses para suplementação de gestantes. Como o retinol circulante materno é controlado homeostaticamente após o consumo de alimentos fonte de vitamina A, espera-se a mesma resposta metabólica após o consumo de alimentos fortificados, indicando que não há risco de teratogenia. Consequentemente, parece altamente improvável que o consumo de alimentos enriquecidos ou de suplementos de vitamina A pré-formada, nas doses unitárias habituais, tenha efeito teratogênico no homem.The vitamin A is essential to the preservation and the normal functioning of tissues, as well as, to the growth and development. In the human being it has indirect evidence that the vitamin A in excess, during the first weeks of gestation is teratogenic. Of the opposite, it does not have doubts on the deleterious effect, of a devoid feeding in this micronutrient and on the availability of the knowledge technician to prevent them. The concern with the fact of that the vitamin A would lead it the teratogenicity in human beings, has delayed the implementation of combat programs the vitamin A lack, mainly reaching the programs of food enrichment. Literature is controverted and makes use of few information on the doses for supplementation of

  9. A reversible conversion between a skyrmion and a domain-wall pair in a junction geometry

    Zhou, Y.; Ezawa, M


    A skyrmion is a topological texture in the continuum field theory. Recent experimental observation of skyrmions in chiral magnet evokes a flourish of its extensive study. Skyrmion is expected to be a key component of the next generation spintronics device called skyrmionics. On the other hand, there is a well established memory device encoded by a sequence of domain walls. A skyrmion carries a topological number, whereas a domain wall does not. Nevertheless, we show a conversion is possible b...

  10. A Psychological Factor Affecting a Cardiac Condition in a Psychotherapist

    R Waxman


    Full Text Available It has been established that intense emotions can affect the development and course of cardiac arrhythmias. This study sought to convey that a lack of expression of emotion can also have an effect on arrhythmias. A psychotherapist with Idiopathic Ventricular Fibrillation and an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator measured his rate of Premature Ventricular Contractions using a Holter monitor during three separate six-week periods and in three domains: A work days vs. off days, B a 27 hour work week vs. 22 hour work week, and C in 5 different modalities including 1 Meeting with department head 2 Individual psychotherapy with patients 3 Group therapy with patients 4 Supervision of residents 5 Personal psychoanalysis. The results showed more than a 3-fold increase of arrhythmogenic activity during the 27-hour work week vs. 22 and a 5-fold increase in arrhythmogenic activity on work days compared to days off. Department Head meetings were found to be most arrhythmogenic and personal psychoanalysis was least. The data suggest that the psychiatrist’s lack of emotional expression in his clinical work has been demonstrated to markedly worsen his arrhythmia. The results also point to the potential ameliorating effects of the therapist’s own psychotherapy.


    Ozden BAYAZIT; Birsen KARPAK; Ayhan YAGCI


    Supplier selection is one of the most crucial activities performed by organizations because of its strategic importance. Supplier selection is a multi-objective problem involving both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Over the years a number of quantitative approaches have been tried. Although the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) has previously been used in supplier selection problems, one major weakness of the application-oriented AHP literature is that it tends to focus on the mechanics of AHP instead of on the theoretical and practical implications associated with finding a solution. Though it is one of the most extensively used Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis methodologies, our literature search indicated that most studies found the best solution and stopped there, ignoring sensitivity analysis. Performing sensitivity analysis is very important for practical decision making, sometimes even as important as finding the best solution. In this paper for the first time a comprehensive application of AHP for a real-world case is presented along with sensitivity analysis in choosing the best suppliers for a Turkish construction company. As a result of this study the company decided to allocate the order quantities between the two top suppliers.

  12. Pellets - A fuel with a future

    This special brochure presents a series of articles on the topic of wood pellets as a fuel of the future. Dr. Walter Steinmann, director of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) introduces the topic, stressing that the Swiss Confederation and the Cantons are supporting efforts to increase the sustainable use of wood fuels. Further articles take a closer look at pellets and their form. Pellets-fired heating units are introduced as a viable alternative to traditional oil-fired units. Tips are presented on the various ways of storing pellets. Quality-assurance aspects are examined and manufacturers and distributors of wood pellets are listed. A further article takes a closer look at a large Swiss manufacturer of pellets and describes the production process used as well as the logistics necessary for the transportation of raw materials and finished products. The brochure also presents a selection of pellet ovens and heating systems from various manufacturers. A further article illustrates the use of pellets as a means of heating apartment blocks built to the MINERGIE low-energy-consumption standard. In the example quoted, the classic combination of solar energy for the pre-heating of hot water and pellets for the central heating and hot water supply is used. The use of a buried spherical tank to store pellets - and thus the saving of space inside the building - is described in a further article that takes a look at the refurbishment of the heating system in a single-family home. Finally, various contributions presented at the Pellets Forum held in Berne in November 2003 are summarised in a short article

  13. Eurasian Union: A Utopia, a Dream or a Coming Reality?

    Tuğçe Varol SEVIM


    Full Text Available Twenty years passed after the dissolution of the USSR and the re-birth of Russian Federation and Central Asian states in the world arena in such a unipolar world. Since the rise of Vladimir Putin to power Russia resists on unipolar system and sees that as a treat to its security. Hence, Kremlin perceives that the economic strength is the sine qua non for the future of Russia in order to sustain a Big Power status not only in its region but also in the world. In 2011, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have achieved to form a Customs Union among them and invited all the states in the region to join the organization. There were thesis which mainly argued that Russia would no longer be a “power” in the Central Asia and could only be a regional power just in case of maintaining of its own unity. However, the circumstances have changed in the region accordingly Russian weight as a result of the new conjuncture. In 2012, Russia had a new presidential election and Putin returned to Kremlin as President himself. It has been understood from his words that Kremlin's new strategy to be focused on creating a Eurasian Union including Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan at the first stage. It is aimed to analyze in this study that whether this project could be successful and if so, what could be the impacts on world order in terms of competition between Russia, the United States and China also. And finally, what could be the result of such an organization for the Russia.

  14. Homenagem a Ecléa Bosi

    Marilena Chauí


    Full Text Available Neste ensaio, buscamos a principal contribuição de Ecléa Bosi para a Psicologia Social, qual seja, a relação entre teoria, método e técnicas de pesquisa e militância social, política e cultural, a partir da definição da psicologia como fenomenologia dos atos expressivos e da relação de amizade entre o pesquisador e o pesquisado como pessoa.

  15. Prospects for a group A streptococcal vaccine.

    McMillan, David J; Chhatwal, Gursharan S


    Group A streptococcal (GAS) infections are associated with a number of human diseases, including pharyngitis, impetigo, necrotizing fasciitis, streptococcal toxic shock syndrome and rheumatic heart disease. An increase in the incidence of severe GAS infections in Western countries, and the awareness of the burden of GAS-associated diseases in developing nations, which remains high in spite of the availability of antibiotics, has provided the impetus for development of a safe and efficacious GAS vaccine. This has focused on the M protein, a major GAS virulence factor, however, with the publication of several GAS genomes, a number of non-M vaccine candidates are now under investigation. PMID:15732524

  16. Josephine Baker: A Chanteuse and a Fighter

    Konomi Ara


    Full Text Available

    This excerpt is from her newly-published biography of Josephine Baker, “A Fighting Diva.” It tells the intriguing story of Baker’s travels to Japan, her close friendship with the Japanese humanitarian Miki Sawada, and her adoption of a pair of Japanese orphans. Even after she achieved celebrity in France, Baker’s experience as a Black American led her to develop an antiracist philosophy at a worldwide level, and she combined political militancy in the public sphere with a personal commitment through the formation of an international multiracial household of children, the “Rainbow Tribe.”

  17. Josephine Baker: A Chanteuse and a Fighter

    Konomi Ara


    Full Text Available This excerpt is from her newly-published biography of Josephine Baker, “A Fighting Diva.” It tells the intriguing story of Baker’s travels to Japan, her close friendship with the Japanese humanitarian Miki Sawada, and her adoption of a pair of Japanese orphans. Even after she achieved celebrity in France, Baker’s experience as a Black American led her to develop an antiracist philosophy at a worldwide level, and she combined political militancy in the public sphere with a personal commitment through the formation of an international multiracial household of children, the “Rainbow Tribe.”

  18. Comparing a Linguistic and a Stochastic Tagger

    Samuelsson, C; Samuelsson, Christer; Voutilainen, Atro


    Concerning different approaches to automatic PoS tagging: EngCG-2, a constraint-based morphological tagger, is compared in a double-blind test with a state-of-the-art statistical tagger on a common disambiguation task using a common tag set. The experiments show that for the same amount of remaining ambiguity, the error rate of the statistical tagger is one order of magnitude greater than that of the rule-based one. The two related issues of priming effects compromising the results and disagreement between human annotators are also addressed.

  19. Comparing a Linguistic and a Stochastic Tagger

    Samuelsson, Christer; Voutilainen, Atro


    Concerning different approaches to automatic PoS tagging: EngCG-2, a constraint-based morphological tagger, is compared in a double-blind test with a state-of-the-art statistical tagger on a common disambiguation task using a common tag set. The experiments show that for the same amount of remaining ambiguity, the error rate of the statistical tagger is one order of magnitude greater than that of the rule-based one. The two related issues of priming effects compromising the results and disagr...

  20. Creating a website for a small business

    Assefa, Bethelhem


    This Bachelor thesis is about creating a website for a small business. Santakehys Oy is the company who commissioned this thesis. Santakehys Oy used to have a website under the domain name ‘’. This domain name is taken by another business and does not exist anymore under Santakehys. The current owner of the company wants to strength the business so that he decided to have a new website. This thesis focused on two main thing. The first one is creating (developing) a website f...

  1. A Beautiful Blonde: a Nash coordination game

    Anderson, Simon P.; Maxim Engers


    In a memorable scene from the …lm ”A Beautiful Mind,” John Nash explains to his friends how to direct their attentions to women in a bar. Game theorists who have seen the …lm point out that the proposed solution is not a Nash equilibrium. Here we determine the Nash equilibria to the attention game. The symmetric mixed strategy equilibrium has resembles a common property resource problem. It has perverse comparative static properties that are not borne out by experimental data. Finally, we dis...

  2. To be a Barbie - a feasible dream

    Brito, Maria; Gama, Maria Gabriela


    From friend to partner Barbie was winning a legion of fans, and there are many girls who idealize seem like a doll. The utopia of perfect body leads to questioning the immersion of technique in life, i.e., the junction of the bios with technè, the hybridity between the organic and the inorganic. The new technical possibilities provide a number of opportunities, and what was until then an aspiration, volition, is realized today in a right and a duty that is claimed. All differences are convert...

  3. A Wimba Way, A Wimba Way

    Miller, Katherine; Taylor, Sally; Beck, Charlotte


    Wimba Classroom, like other online teaching tools, gives us a way to connect to our learners at a distance. This software can be used to share desktops, PowerPoint presentations, polls and more. Come and see a demonstration of the software and hear how we’re using Wimba Classroom to teach health care practitioners in a distance education program, undergraduate students in a first-year biology course and participants in an online RefWorks workshop. We’ll also talk about our “Train the Trainer”...

  4. Redefining disability: a rejoinder to a critique

    Solveig Magnus Reindal


    Full Text Available Recently, scholars have argued that disability activists' redefinition of disability' as a social problem, rather than a medical problem, is maleficent, unjust, and inconsistent. It seems that the discussion on whether disability is a medical or a social category is not settled and that disability is an essentially contested concept. However, the question is: What is the social aspect in disability? It appears that there is some confusion as to what the social is in a social definition of disability. The article pursues possible reasons for this confusion by investigating the critique of the social model. This is followed by a discussion on what a possible space for the social might be in a social definition of disability. Such a space is illuminated by using the framework of the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (ICF. The article suggests that disability as a social category is not inconsistent if reframed within a social relational model of disability.

  5. A Spectrum is Worth a Thousand Pictures

    Gelderman, Richard F.


    A wise astronomer once pointed out that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a spectrum is worth a thousand pictures. Unfortunately, spectra are rarely emphasized in the introductory astronomy courses and few students exit such a course with any meaningful understanding or appreciation of spectroscopy. Part of the problem is lack of background knowledge; the typical introductory astronomy student has little experience with spectroscopy or atomic physics. Another issue is that spectra are not pretty pictures and are not intuitively understandable. We present and discuss a series of “minds-on” exercises and activities built into a college-level “stars, galaxies, and cosmology” intro astronomy course. The lessons are structured to help students improve their ability to recognize patterns and improve their ability to really see the details in front of them. Another goal is for students to realize there is “more than meets the eye” to learn how to discover “hidden” diagnostics, such as different sources of light their eyes see as white light. A curriculum that emphasizes spectroscopy also provides the opportunity to stress the story of the “Harvard Women,” a tale that bridges gender gaps and often humanizes scientists in the eyes of non-science majors. Finally, with a solid foundation in spectroscopy, students are better prepared to understand exciting topics such as Hubble’s Law and the importance of primordial nucleosynthesis.

  6. A Random Laser as a Dynamical Network

    Höfner, M; Henneberger, F


    The mode dynamics of a random laser is investigated in experiment and theory. The laser consists of a ZnCdO/ZnO multiple quantum well with air-holes that provide the necessary feedback. Time-resolved measurements reveal multimode spectra with individually developing features but no variation from shot to shot. These findings are qualitatively reproduced with a model that exploits the specifics of a dilute system of weak scatterers and can be interpreted in terms of a lasing network. Introducing the phase-sensitive node coherence reveals new aspects of the self-organization of the laser field. Lasing is carried by connected links between a subset of scatterers, the fields on which are oscillating coherently in phase. In addition, perturbing feedback with possibly unfitting phases from frustrated other scatterers is suppressed by destructive superposition. We believe that our findings are representative at least for weakly scattering random lasers. A generalization to random laser with dense and strong scattere...

  7. A numerical model for a room fire

    A simple room fire experiment has been used as a development case for numerical fire simulation based on computational fluid dynamics. Experimental values (Steckler et al. 1982) are used to verify simulation. A limited method to use a flee flow boundary condition has been described (flow is assumed to be oblique to the boundary). Description of buoyancy terms, atmospheric pressure and additional terms of turbulence due to buoyancy are also given. Fire source is described as a predefined heat source. Comparison to the experiments shows that flow velocity at the room door, which is the only opening to the room, can be predicted with a good and temperature with a moderate accuracy. (au) (3 refs., 13 figs., 2 tabs.)

  8. A vision system for a Mars rover

    Wilcox, Brian H.; Gennery, Donald B.; Mishkin, Andrew H.; Cooper, Brian K.; Lawton, Teri B.; Lay, N. Keith; Katzmann, Steven P.


    A Mars rover must be able to sense its local environment with sufficient resolution and accuracy to avoid local obstacles and hazards while moving a significant distance each day. Power efficiency and reliability are extremely important considerations, making stereo correlation an attractive method of range sensing compared to laser scanning, if the computational load and correspondence errors can be handled. Techniques for treatment of these problems, including the use of more than two cameras to reduce correspondence errors and possibly to limit the computational burden of stereo processing, have been tested at JPL. Once a reliable range map is obtained, it must be transformed to a plan view and compared to a stored terrain database, in order to refine the estimated position of the rover and to improve the database. The slope and roughness of each terrain region are computed, which form the basis for a traversability map allowing local path planning. Ongoing research and field testing of such a system is described.


    Nino Panagia


    Full Text Available The story of the SN 1987A explosion is briefly reviewed. Although this supernova was somewhat peculiar, the study of SN 1987A has clarified quite a number of important aspects of the nature and the properties of supernovae, such as the confirmation of the core collapse of a massive star as the cause of the explosion, as well the confirmation that the decays 56Ni–56Co–56Fe at early times and 44Ti–44Sc at late times, are the main sources of the energy radiated by the ejecta. Still we have not been able to ascertain whether the progenitor was a single star or a binary system, nor have we been able to detect the stellar remnant, a neutron star that should be produced in the core collapse process.

  10. A marketing strategy for a nursing college

    M. Pryde


    Full Text Available The objective of this study is to explore and describe a marketing strategy for a nursing college. An explorative and descriptive research design, within the context of a nursing college and affiliated hospitals, was followed. A literature study of marketing models was undertaken and the Delphi-method was utilised to determine the contribution of marketing staff and the possible content of a marketing strategy for a nursing college. The results were utilised to describe guidelines for such a strategy, consisting of marketers/marketing agents, target market, product, price, promotional activities, place and market research. Recommendations include the planning, implementation and evaluation of strategy, inservice training for potential marketing agents, inclusion of marketing as part of the formal education of tutors and nurse managers,as well as an impact study of the scholar as the main consumer.

  11. A merger shock in A2034

    Owers, Matt S.; Couch, Warrick J.; Hopkins, Andrew M. [Australian Astronomical Observatory, P.O. Box 915, North Ryde, NSW 1670 (Australia); Nulsen, Paul E. J.; Ma, Cheng-Jiun; David, Laurence P.; Forman, William R.; Jones, Christine; Van Weeren, Reinout J., E-mail: [Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (United States)


    We present a 250 ks Chandra observation of the cluster merger A2034 with the aim of understanding the nature of a sharp edge previously characterized as a cold front. The new data reveal that the edge is coherent over a larger opening angle and is significantly more bow-shock-shaped than previously thought. Within ∼27° about the axis of symmetry of the edge, the density, temperature, and pressure drop abruptly by factors of 1.83{sub −0.08}{sup +0.09}, 1.85{sub −0.41}{sup +0.41}, and 3.4{sub −0.7}{sup +0.8}, respectively. This is inconsistent with the pressure equilibrium expected of a cold front and we conclude that the edge is a shock front. We measure a Mach number M=1.59{sub −0.07}{sup +0.06} and corresponding shock velocity v {sub shock} ≅ 2057 km s{sup –1}. Using spectra collected at the MMT with the Hectospec multi-object spectrograph, we identify 328 spectroscopically confirmed cluster members. Significantly, we find a local peak in the projected galaxy density associated with a bright cluster galaxy that is located just ahead of the nose of the shock. The data are consistent with a merger viewed within ∼23° of the plane of the sky. The merging subclusters are now moving apart along a north-south axis approximately 0.3 Gyr after a small impact parameter core passage. The gas core of the secondary subcluster, which was driving the shock, appears to have been disrupted by the merger. Without a driving 'piston,' we speculate that the shock is dying. Finally, we propose that the diffuse radio emission near the shock is due to the revival of pre-existing radio plasma that has been overrun by the shock.

  12. Turning a Wild Plant into a Model A Dvu Story

    Daniel Ioan PACURAR


    Full Text Available In the past two decades we have witnessed how a useless wild weed has been transformed from an anonymous into a model plant, probably the most widely cultivated plant species. The process has been rather slowly in the beginning, very laborious on the way, extremely expensive and time consuming, but the outcome is priceless the knowledge that is most likely to frame and fill the blueprint of the first artificial plant, as system biology promises. The plant species is Arabidopsis thaliana and the growers are highly qualified researchers worldwide. This review introduces a new anonymous Brachypodium distachyon that raised big hopes for addressing specific problems of fundamental and practical biology in temperate cereals and forage grasses, and is rapidly becoming a sweetheart for the researchers working with these crops, and not only.

  13. A Project Team: A Team or Just a Group?

    Katerina Hrazdilova Bockova


    Full Text Available This paper deals with issues related to work in either teams or groups. The theoretical part which discusses a team and a group with regards to its definition, classification and basic distinction brings in more on the typology of team roles, personality assessment and sociometric methods. The analytical part tests the project (work team of a medical center represented in terms of personality and motivational types, team roles and interpersonal team relations concerning the willingness of cooperation and communication. The main objective of this work was to determine whether the existing team is not by its nature rather a working group that contributes to the generally perceived stagnation of that field.

  14. Haemorrhage in a scrotal lymphangioma in a child: A rarity

    Rattan Kamal


    Full Text Available We report here a case of cystic lymphangioma of scrotum presenting as acute scrotum due to haemorrhage. The diagnosis was confirmed on ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging and managed successfully by surgical excision. There was past history of bilateral congenital cataract for which the patient had undergone surgery with complete visual recovery. Scrotal cystic lymphangioma complicated by haemorrhage is rare; hence, the case is being reported with a review of literature.

  15. Getting a CAT Scan

    Full Text Available ... Snowboarding, Skating Crushes What's a Booger? Getting a CAT Scan (Video) KidsHealth > For Kids > Getting a CAT Scan (Video) Print A A A Text Size en español Obtención de una tomografía computada (video) CAT stands for "computerized axial tomography." Translated, that means ...

  16. Getting a CAT Scan

    Full Text Available ... Crushes What's a Booger? Getting a CAT Scan (Video) KidsHealth > For Kids > Getting a CAT Scan (Video) Print A A A Text Size en español Obtención de una tomografía computada (video) CAT stands for "computerized axial tomography." Translated, that ...

  17. Tricolorin A as a Natural Herbicide

    Blas Lotina-Hennsen


    Full Text Available Tricolorin A acts as pre- and post-emergence plant growth inhibitor. In pre-emergence it displays broad-spectrum weed control, inhibiting germination of both monocotyledonous (Lolium mutliflorum and Triticum vulgare and dicotyledonous (Physalis ixocarpa and Trifolium alexandrinum seeds, being the dicotyledonous seeds the most inhibited. Tricolorin A also inhibited seedling growth, and seed respiration, and since the concentrations required for inhibiting both germination and respiration were similar, we suggest that respiration is one of its targets. Tricolorin A at 60 µM acts as a post- emergence plant growth inhibitor by reducing dry plant biomass by 62%, 37%, 33%, and 22% for L. multiflorum, T. alexandrinum, T. vulgare, and P. ixocarpa, respectively, 18 days after its application. In order to determine the potency of tricolorin A as a plant growth inhibitor, paraquat was used as control; the results indicate that tricolorin A acts as a non-selective post-emergence plant growth inhibitor similar to paraquat, since both reduced the biomass production in P. ixocarpa and T. alexandrinum. Therefore, we suggest that tricolorin A will be a good biodegradable herbicide for weeds.

  18. Shaping a Scientific Self

    Andrade-Molina, Melissa; Valero, Paola

    us to understand how a truth is reproduced, circulating among diverse fields of human knowledge. Also it will show why we accept and reproduce a particular discourse. Finally, we state Euclidean geometry as a truth that circulates in scientific discourse and performs a scientific self. We unfold the...... importance of having students following the path of what schools perceive a real scientist is, no to become a scientist, but to become a logical thinker, a problem solver, a productive citizen who uses reason....

  19. Electrophoresis of a polyelectrolyte through a nanopore

    Ghosal, S


    A hydrodynamic model for determining the electrophoretic speed of a polyelectrolyte through a nanopore is presented. It is assumed that the speed is determined by a balance of electrical and viscous forces arising from within the pore and that classical continuum electrostatics and hydrodynamics may be considered applicable. An explicit formula for the translocation speed as a function of the pore geometry and other physical parameters is obtained and is shown to be consistent with experimental measurements on DNA translocation through nanopores in silicon membranes. Experiments also show a weak dependence of the translocation speed on polymer length that is not accounted for by the present model. It is hypothesized that this is due to secondary effects that are neglected here.

  20. When is a bottleneck a bottleneck?

    Schadschneider, Andreas; Popkov, Vladislav


    Bottlenecks, i.e. local reductions of capacity, are one of the most relevant scenarios of traffic systems. The asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) with a defect is a minimal model for such a bottleneck scenario. One crucial question is "What is the critical strength of the defect that is required to create global effects, i.e. traffic jams localized at the defect position". Intuitively one would expect that already an arbitrarily small bottleneck strength leads to global effects in the system, e.g. a reduction of the maximal current. Therefore it came as a surprise when, based on computer simulations, it was claimed that the reaction of the system depends in non-continuous way on the defect strength and weak defects do not have a global influence on the system. Here we reconcile intuition and simulations by showing that indeed the critical defect strength is zero. We discuss the implications for the analysis of empirical and numerical data.

  1. Broadcasting a message in a parallel computer

    Archer, Charles J; Faraj, Ahmad A


    Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for broadcasting a message in a parallel computer that includes: transmitting, by the logical root to all of the nodes directly connected to the logical root, a message; and for each node except the logical root: receiving the message; if that node is the physical root, then transmitting the message to all of the child nodes except the child node from which the message was received; if that node received the message from a parent node and if that node is not a leaf node, then transmitting the message to all of the child nodes; and if that node received the message from a child node and if that node is not the physical root, then transmitting the message to all of the child nodes except the child node from which the message was received and transmitting the message to the parent node.

  2. Hoarding: From a Symptom to a Disorder

    Suheyla Dogan Bulut


    Full Text Available Hoarding is a psychological disorder characterized by excessive collecting, storage and inability to discard large quantities of the objects, usually accompanying a severe level of distress or dysfunctionality. Despite the concept has been known for more than a century, it used to be conceptualized as a component of obsessive compulsive disorder. However, hoarding disorder appears as a distinct psychiatric disorder in the last updated version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5. Accordingly, in this review we aimed to make a general framework in understanding of hoarding disorder which is an attention-grabbing diagnosis in these days. In this regard, we addressed the etiology, clinical features of, and treatment approaches to hoarding disorder. [Psikiyatride Guncel Yaklasimlar - Current Approaches in Psychiatry 2015; 7(3.000: 319-332

  3. A Small Deformation of a Simple Theory

    Buican, Matthew


    We study an interesting relevant deformation of the simplest interacting N=2 SCFT---the original Argyres-Douglas (AD) theory. We argue that, although this deformation is not strictly speaking Banks-Zaks like (certain operator dimensions change macroscopically), there are senses in which it constitutes a mild deformation of the parent AD theory: the exact change in the "a" anomaly is small and is essentially saturated at one loop. Moreover, contributions from IR operators that have a simple description in the UV theory reproduce a particular limit of the IR index to a remarkably high order. These results lead us to conclude that the IR theory is an N=1 SCFT with the smallest-known "a" and "c" central charges for an interacting SCFT in four dimensions.

  4. Broadcasting a message in a parallel computer

    Archer, Charles J; Faraj, Daniel A


    Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for broadcasting a message in a parallel computer that includes: transmitting, by the logical root to all of the nodes directly connected to the logical root, a message; and for each node except the logical root: receiving the message; if that node is the physical root, then transmitting the message to all of the child nodes except the child node from which the message was received; if that node received the message from a parent node and if that node is not a leaf node, then transmitting the message to all of the child nodes; and if that node received the message from a child node and if that node is not the physical root, then transmitting the message to all of the child nodes except the child node from which the message was received and transmitting the message to the parent node.

  5. GRB 130427A: a Nearby Ordinary Monster

    Maselli, A; Nava, L; Mundell, C G; Kawai, N; Campana, S; Covino, S; Cummings, J R; Cusumano, G; Evans, P A; Ghirlanda, G; Ghisellini, G; Guidorzi, C; Kobayashi, S; Kuin, P; La Parola, V; Mangano, V; Oates, S; Sakamoto, T; Serino, M; Virgili, F; Zhang, B -B; Barthelmy, S; Beardmore, A; Bernardini, M G; Bersier, D; Burrows, D; Calderone, G; Capalbi, M; Chiang, J; D'Avanzo, P; D'Elia, V; De Pasquale, M; Fugazza, D; Gehrels, N; Gomboc, A; Harrison, R; Hanayama, H; Japelj, J; Kennea, J; Kopac, D; Kouveliotou, C; Kuroda, D; Levan, A; Malesani, D; Marshall, F; Nousek, J; O'Brien, P; Osborne, J P; Pagani, C; Page, K L; Page, M; Perri, M; Pritchard, T; Romano, P; Saito, Y; Sbarufatti, B; Salvaterra, R; Steele, I; Tanvir, N; Vianello, G; Weigand, B; Wiersema, K; Yatsu, Y; Yoshii, T; Tagliaferri, G


    Long-duration Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) are an extremely rare outcome of the collapse of massive stars, and are typically found in the distant Universe. Because of its intrinsic luminosity ($L\\sim 3 \\times 10^{53}$ erg s$^{-1}$) and its relative proximity ($z=0.34$), GRB 130427A was a unique event that reached the highest fluence observed in the gamma-ray band. Here we present a comprehensive multiwavelength view of GRB 130427A with Swift, the 2-m Liverpool and Faulkes telescopes and by other ground-based facilities, highlighting the evolution of the burst emission from the prompt to the afterglow phase. The properties of GRB 130427A are similar to those of the most luminous, high-redshift GRBs, suggesting that a common central engine is responsible for producing GRBs in both the contemporary and the early Universe and over the full range of GRB isotropic energies.

  6. A Guarda durante a II Guerra Mundial

    Tadeu, Tiago Agostinho Arrifano


    O trabalho que aqui se apresenta foca a economia de guerra portuguesa durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, mais concretamente no distrito da Guarda. A análise de uma zona específica do país permitirá fazer a comparação com os estudos já realizados para a realidade nacional do país. A delimitação geográfica escolhida também ganha uma acrescida importância tendo em conta que se trata de uma área de fronteira, onde havia intensos contactos com Espanha, fruto de fenómenos típicos de guerra como o co...

  7. Scattering of a Baseball by a Bat

    Cross, R; Cross, Rod; Nathan, Alan M.


    A ball can be hit faster if it is projected without spin but it can be hit farther if it is projected with backspin. Measurements are presented in this paper of the tradeoff between speed and spin for a baseball impacting a baseball bat. The results are inconsistent with a collision model in which the ball rolls off the bat and instead imply tangential compliance in the ball, the bat, or both. If the results are extrapolated to the higher speeds that are typical of the game of baseball, they suggest that a curveball can be hit with greater backspin than a fastball, but by an amount that is less than would be the case in the absence of tangential compliance.

  8. A numerical simulation of a contrail

    Levkov, L.; Boin, M.; Meinert, D. [GKSS-Forschungszentrum Geesthacht GmbH, Geesthacht (Germany)


    The formation of a contrail from an aircraft flying near the tropopause is simulated using a three-dimensional mesoscale atmospheric model including a very complex scheme of parameterized cloud microphysical processes. The model predicted ice concentrations are in very good agreement with data measured during the International Cirrus Experiment (ICE), 1989. Sensitivity simulations were run to determine humidity forcing on the life time of contrails. (author) 4 refs.

  9. Telecom 2-A (TC2A)

    Dulac, J.; Latour, J.


    The DSN (Deep Space Network) mission support requirements for Telecom 2-A (TC2A) are summarized. The Telecom 2-A will provide high-speed data link applications, telephone, and television service between France and overseas territories. The mission objectives are outlined and the DSN support requirements are defined through the presentation of tables and narratives describing the spacecraft flight profile; DSN support coverage; frequency assignments; support parameters for telemetry, command and support systems; and tracking support responsibility.

  10. A Hemangiosarcoma Case in a Dog

    KARABAĞLI, Gamze; DÜZGÜN, Oktay; YILDAR, Esma; ERDOĞAN, Özge; GÜREL, Aydın


    The material of this study is a 3.5 years old male Rottweiler dog presented to Istanbul University Veterinary Faculty Surgery Clinics with a complaint of swelling in the right shoulder region. A diagnosis of hematoma was made and treatment was performed, but swelling started to grow gradually and general well-being deteriorated. When the drain was controlled, drainage of fluid containing blood was observed. Anemia and leucocytosis was determined on examination of the blood. The patient was op...

  11. A silicon diode dosimeter with a memory

    An integrating dosimeter using a silicon diode has been developed which can be used to check the calibration of radiation therapy treatment units at remote facilities by mail. The dose reading is retained indefinitely in a battery-operated CMOS digital counter. The accuracy of the device is at least +-0.6% standard deviation, as determined by 60Co irradiations over a two month period. (orig.)

  12. Dialog between a Lexicographer and a Translator

    Mark Kit; Violetta Koseska-Toszewa


    Dialog between a Lexicographer and a TranslatorThe discussion between the authors of the paper concerns the most pressing issues encountered in natural language semantics, as well as in corpus linguistics and computational linguistics. A broad range of knowledge, allowing linguists and information scientists to work together, is required in these areas. The paper describes some primary problems of human and machine translation caused by gaps between different fields of knowledge. The authors ...

  13. A Brain Gain with a Brain Drain

    Stark, Oded; Prskawetz, Alexia; Helmenstein, Christian


    Abstract: We study human capital depletion and formation in an economy open to out-migration, as opposed to an economy which is closed. Under the natural assumption of asymmetric information, the enlarged opportunities and the associated different structure of incentives can give rise to a brain gain in conjunction with a brain drain. Migration by high-skill members of its workforce notwithstanding, the home country can end up with a higher average level of human capital per worker.;

  14. [A gun silencer of a special kind].

    Schyma, C; Schyma, P; Milbradt, H


    The authors report about a small bore pistol with silencer. In addition, the silencer can be sealed up by a rubber plate. This leads to a false estimation of the shooting distance. Also at close range shots the shot with the silencer and the rubber seal leaves hardly gunshot residues. The bullet wipe persists but microradiography shows his changed morphological composition. The use of the rubber seal leads predominantly to atypical bullet holes. PMID:10829239

  15. Shame : a pastoral study / Craig A. Brannan

    Brannan, Craig Alexander


    Shame may be considered one of the most painful emotions that an individual must endure. Recent research within the scientific discipline of theology has identified the fact that there has been little theological study on shame from a basis-theoretical perspective. This has resulted in a deficiency of theological-practical interventions to assist pastoral counsellors and believers in addressing shame from a Biblical-integrative perspective. Although many of the scientific disci...

  16. A tandem repeat gene in a picornavirus.

    Forss, S; Schaller, H


    Three closely related genes for the small genome-linked protein (VPg) of picornaviruses have been identified by sequence analysis as a tandem repeat in the genome of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV), strain O1K. This unusual structure was also found in the genome of strain C1O, belonging to a different FMDV serotype. Predicted biochemical properties of the three VPg gene products are in excellent agreement with the data from protein analysis of a heterogeneous VPg population from a third F...

  17. A pipette dispenses a charged droplet

    Choi, Dongwhi; Lee, Horim; Im, Do Jin; Kang, In Seok; Kang, Kwan Hyoung


    Micropipettes are widely used in many scientific and engineering fields. However, it is hardly known that a droplet dispensed from a plastic pipette tip has a considerable amount of charges (order of 10-10 C). Here we report that the charged droplet is dispensed from a commercial and disposable plastic pipette tip and this charge is originated from the natural electrification between a solution and the inner surface of the pipette tip. The charge amount is dependent on not only the physicochemical properties of a solution (e.g., pH and a concentration) but also dispensing environments (e.g., atmospheric humidity and type of commercial pipette tip). To investigate the effects of the charge on the droplet dispensing, we calculate the electrical force between the droplet and the pipette tip though numerical simulation. The micropipette users especially, who are dealing with discrete droplets in their experiments, should consider this charge effect in their dispensing of a droplet. This work was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) Grant No. R0A-2007-000-20098-0 funded by the Korea government (MEST) and No. 20090083510 through Multiphenomena CFD Engineering Research Center.

  18. A City Is a Complex Network

    Jiang, Bin


    A city is not a tree but a semi-lattice. To use a more fashionable term, a city is a complex network. The complex network constitutes a unique topological perspective on cities and enables us to better understand the kind of problem a city is. The topological perspective differentiates it from the perspectives of Euclidean geometry and Gaussian statistics that deal with essentially regular shapes and more or less similar things. Many urban theories, such as the Central Place Theory, Zipf's Law, the Image of the City, and the Theory of Centers can be interpreted from the point of view of complex networks. A livable city consists of far more small things than large ones, and their shapes tend to be irregular and rough. This chapter illustrates the complex network view and argues that we must abandon the kind of thinking guided by Euclidean geometry and Gaussian statistics, and instead adopt fractal geometry, power-law statistics, and Alexander's living geometry to develop sustainable cities. Keywords: Scaling, ...

  19. Converting a Display Screen into a Touchscreen

    Qun Wang; Jun Cheng; San-Ming Shen; Yi-Jiang Shen; Jian-Xin Pang


    A method is presented to convert any display screen into a touchscreen by using a pair of cameras. Most state of art touchscreens make use of special touch-sensitive hardware or depend on infrared sensors in various configurations. We describe a novel computer-vision-based method that can robustly identify fingertips and detect touch with a precision of a few millimeters above the screen. In our system, the two cameras capture the display screen image simultaneously. Users can interact with a computer by the fingertip on the display screen. We have two important contributions:first, we develop a simple and robust hand detection method based on predicted images. Second, we determine whether a physical touch takes places by the homography of the two cameras. In this system, the appearance of the display screen in camera images is inherently predictable from the computer output images. Therefore, we can compute the predicted images and extract human hand precisely by simply subtracting the predicted images from captured images.

  20. A second supernova inside Puppis A?

    Here we present narrow-band images of an unusual swirl structure located near the centre of the Puppis A supernova remnant, which reveal three overlapping filamentary systems of highly diverse composition. One is dominated by emission lines of nitrogen, one by oxygen and one by sulphur. Spectra indicate that these small rings have high velocities and a corresponding kinematic age of less than 800 yr. The youth and unusual chemistry lead us to suggest that a second supernova has exploded within the shell of Puppis A, giving rise to the swirl structure. (author)

  1. Simulating a Guitar with a Conventional Sonometer

    Burstein, Zily; Gower, Christina M.; Varieschi, Gabriele U.

    Musical acoustics is an interesting sub-field of physics which is usually able to engage students in a dual perspective, by combining science and art together. The physics principles involved in most musical instruments can be easily demonstrated with standard laboratory equipment and can become part of lecture or lab activities. In particular, we will show in this paper how to simulate a guitar using a conventional sonometer, in relation to the problem of the instrument intonation, i.e., how to obtain correctly tuned notes on a guitar or similar string instruments.

  2. Simulating a guitar with a conventional sonometer

    Burstein, Zily; Varieschi, Gabriele U


    Musical acoustics is an interesting sub-field of physics which is usually able to engage students in a dual perspective, by combining science and art together. The physics principles involved in most musical instruments can be easily demonstrated with standard laboratory equipment and can become part of lecture or lab activities. In particular, we will show in this paper how to simulate a guitar using a conventional sonometer, in relation to the problem of the instrument intonation, i.e., how to obtain correctly tuned notes on a guitar or similar string instruments.

  3. A forgotten clinical sign making a comeback.

    Chiam, K H; A Hing, C T; Low, L L


    We report a case of Staphylococcus aureus infective endocarditis in a patient presenting with fever and rare cutaneous manifestations of Osler Nodes and Janeway Lesions. There had not been any distinct risk factors. His echocardiography subsequently revealed vegetation at the anterior mitral valve leaflet. As Staphylococcus aureus infective endocarditis is of utmost significance in morbidity and mortality, a sharp clinical acumen and follow up investigations is required alongside a prolonged course of antibiotics. Our patient was then started on intravenous cloxacillin for 28 days and gentamicin for 5 days to which he made good progress and recovery. PMID:24814630

  4. Playing a quantum game with a qutrit

    Sinha, Urbasi [Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L3G1 and Raman Research Institute, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore 560080 (India); Kolenderski, Piotr [Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L3G1 and Institute of Physics, Copernicus University, Grudziqdzka 5, 87-100 Torun (Poland); Youning, Li [Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P.R. (China); Zhao, Tong; Volpini, Matthew; Laflamme, Raymond; Jennewein, Thomas [Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, Ontario N2L3G1 (Canada); Cabello, Adan [Departmento de Fisica Aplicada II, Universidad de Sevilla, E-41012, Sevilla, Spain and Department of Physics, Stockholm University, S-10691 Stockholm (Sweden)


    The Aharon Vaidman (AV) quantum game [1] demonstrates the advantage of using simple quantum systems to outperform classical strategies. We present an experimental test of this quantum advantage by using a three-state quantum system (qutrit) encoded in a spatial mode of a single photon passing through a system of three slits [2,3]. We prepare its states by controlling the photon propagation and the number of open and closed slits. We perform POVM measurements by placing detectors in the positions corresponding to near and far field. These tools allow us to perform tomographic reconstructions of qutrit states and play the AV game with compelling evidence of the quantum advantage.

  5. A conversation with Marvin A. Schneiderman

    Simon, Richard M.


    Marvin A. Schneiderman was born on December 25, 1918, in Brooklyn, New York. He received a B.S. degree in mathematics and statistics from the City College of New York in 1939, an M.S. degree in statistics from American University in 1953 and a Ph.D. in statistics from American University in 1961. Additional graduate training and research was done at Ohio State University, Harvard Graduate School of Business and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is a Fell...

  6. A Proposal for a Mindset of a Project Manager

    Eriksson, Joakim; Hansen, Claus Thorp


    A company’s product strategy and its management of the product development process have been found to be key factors for a product’s success on the market [1]. Project managers of development projects need support to make process decisions and defining goals that are consistent with the business...... product development projects it is desirable to reduce the level of uncertainty in order to make decisions without having to redo them later in the project resulting in longer lead time and higher costs. It is the project manager’s responsibility to manage this uncertainty in a complex ever...... clarification of decision situations and consequences is rarely used in practice and structured reasoning about project and product performance when making decisions is also rare. In order to enhance the project managers’ understanding of decision-making in product development projects, the objective of this...

  7. Towards a personalized Internet: a case for a full decentralization.

    Kermarrec, Anne-Marie


    The Web has become a user-centric platform where users post, share, annotate, comment and forward content be it text, videos, pictures, URLs, etc. This social dimension creates tremendous new opportunities for information exchange over the Internet, as exemplified by the surprising and exponential growth of social networks and collaborative platforms. Yet, niche content is sometimes difficult to retrieve using traditional search engines because they target the mass rather than the individual. Likewise, relieving users from useless notification is tricky in a world where there is so much information and so little of interest for each and every one of us. We argue that ultra-specific content could be retrieved and disseminated should search and notification be personalized to fit this new setting. We also argue that users' interests should be implicitly captured by the system rather than relying on explicit classifications simply because the world is by nature unstructured, dynamic and users do not want to be hampered in their actions by a tight and static framework. In this paper, we review some existing personalization approaches, most of which are centralized. We then advocate the need for fully decentralized systems because personalization raises two main issues. Firstly, personalization requires information to be stored and maintained at a user granularity which can significantly hurt the scalability of a centralized solution. Secondly, at a time when the 'big brother is watching you' attitude is prominent, users may be more and more reluctant to give away their personal data to the few large companies that can afford such personalization. We start by showing how to achieve personalization in decentralized systems and conclude with the research agenda ahead. PMID:23419849

  8. What Is a Colonoscopy

    Full Text Available ... a gastroenterologist for the last 25 years. And, we are about to do a colonoscopy, which is ... that will prevent colon cancer from forming. So, we have become a standard. We are in a ...

  9. Create a Logo.

    Duchen, Gail


    Presents an art lesson that introduced students to graphic art as a career path. Explains that the students met a graphic artist and created a logo for a pretend client. Explains that the students researched logos. (CMK)

  10. A Journey from a Corruption Port to a Tax Haven

    Hebous, Shafik; Lipatov, Vilen


    We sketch a model according to which tax havens attract corporate income generated in corrupted countries. We consider the choice of optimal bribes by corrupt o¢ cials and the share of the proceeds of corruption that will be concealed in tax havens. In our framework, tax havens have two opposite e¤ects on welfare. First, tax havens?services have a positive e¤ect on welfare through encouraging investment by ?rms fearing expropriation and bribes in corrupt countries. Second, by supporting corru...

  11. Vampire as a metaphor

    Jovanović Bojan G.


    A vampire, as a demonized deceased human, is used as a specific metaphor to explain unknown sources of various troubles in a community. A malicious deceased one is a mythical creature and as such is to blame for the existing troubles in a community; the creature, in turn, becomes a subject i.e., a victim in a ritual performed to avert the difficulties, so that the community in question could return to its daily life. A myth revival establishes diagnosis and appropriate therapy for the crisis ...

  12. Impact of a postcard versus a questionnaire as a first reminder in a postal lifestyle survey.

    Roberts, H; Pearson, J C; DENGLER, R.


    STUDY OBJECTIVE--The study aimed to consider the impact of two different types of reminder on response rates and costs in a postal survey. DESIGN--The study was a cross sectional survey. A self-completion lifestyle questionnaire was used. Those who did not respond after the initial mailing were randomly allocated to receive either a postcard or questionnaire as a first reminder. All outstanding non-responders received a questionnaire as a second reminder. SUBJECTS--A representative sample of ...

  13. Motion of a Pendulum

    Jared Wynn


    Full Text Available The objective of this project is to derive and solve the equation of motion for a pendulum swinging at small angles in one dimension. The pendulum may be either a simple pendulum like a ball hanging from a string or a physical pendulum like a pendulum on a clock. For simplicity, we only considered small rotational angles so that the equation of motion becomes a harmonic oscillator.

  14. A case of ectrodactyly in a neonate.

    Kalathia, Mitul B; Seta, Avani A; Parmar, Parin N


    Ectrodactyly also known as Split hand/foot malformation is a rare limb malformation with autosomal dominant in heritance with variable penetrance, commonly known as "lobster claw hand". Usually it involves midline clefts of the hands and feet with syndactyly. We report a neonate with ectrodactyly and brief review of literature of condition. PMID:24251264

  15. A Case of Ectrodactyly in a Neonate

    Kalathia, Mitul B.; Seta, Avani A.; Parmar, Parin N.


    Ectrodactyly also known as Split hand/foot malformation is a rare limb malformation with autosomal dominant in heritance with variable penetrance, commonly known as "lobster claw hand". Usually it involves midline clefts of the hands and feet with syndactyly. We report a neonate with ectrodactyly and brief review of literature of condition.


    Valentin BUTOESCU


    Full Text Available A vortex model of a helicopter rotor is presented. Each blade of the rotor has three degrees of freedom: flapping, lagging and feathering. The motions after each degree of freedom are also known for all blades. The blade is modelled as a thin vortex surface. The wakes are free fluid surfaces. A system of five equations are obtained: the first one is the integral equation of the lifting surface (rotor, the next three describe the wakes motion, and the last one relates the vortex strength on the wakes and the variation of vorticity on the rotor. A numerical solution of this system is presented. To avoid the singularities that can occur due to the complexity of vortex system, a desingularized model of the vortex core was adopted. A Mathcad worksheet containing the method has been written.The original contribution of the work. The calculation method of the motion of the wakes free vortex system, the development of the vortex cores in time and a new method to approximate the aerodynamic influence of remoted wake regions.

  17. A toolkit for a generative lexicon

    Henry, Patrick


    In this paper we describe the conception of a software toolkit designed for the construction, maintenance and collaborative use of a Generative Lexicon. In order to ease its portability and spreading use, this tool was built with free and open source products. We eventually tested the toolkit and showed it filters the adequate form of anaphoric reference to the modifier in endocentric compounds.

  18. A farmer becomes a social pedagogue

    Mellon, Karsten


    Summary: In Denmark various non-traditional students are mature-age students who already have some kind of a vocational background. When applying to do a professional degree, most of them fall outside the traditional admission requirements, which is why individual assessment of applicants is nece...

  19. Life of a Tooth: A Visual Timeline

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  20. A step up for a few postdocs


    Dutch postdocs at the Netherlands Cancer Institute complained recently of their lack of research independance and poor career progress. As a result they are now getting a proper career structure. Other institutions should also tackle this problem before serious recruitment problems develop (1/2 p).

  1. A Miracle over A Decadef Wuxi Sunmart


    @@ Miracle started A decade ago, Wuxi Sunmart was just no name.At that time, few people noticed Jiangsu Snow Leopard Atomi-zation Pot Industry Limited Company, which was established in early 1998, as it was a small workshop with the registered capital of only RMB 1.6 million.And that is where Wuxi Sunmart's miracle began.

  2. Ciencia: Nivel A (Science: Level A).

    Duron, Dolores; And Others

    A teacher's manual was developed for an elementary level science course in Spanish as part of an immersion program for English speaking children. The Level A manual is designed for kindergarten and grade 1 pupils. The five units cover the basic concepts of the weather, colors, animals, plants, and the five senses. Each unit includes vocabulary,…

  3. Build a School, Inspire a Community

    Bowen-Eggebraaten, Mary; Hoffman, Paul J.


    When River Crest Elementary School opened on September 2, 2008, it was clear that the effect of a "green" school would extend beyond the students who walked through the doors for class each day. The 93,450-square-foot facility in Hudson, Wisconsin, serves as a catalyst for sustainable change and has been an educational tool for ecofriendly…

  4. A Small Essay About a Big Boulevard

    Elena Grigoryeva


    Full Text Available The essay presents the analogies of turning city borders and walls into boulevards and gardens through the examples of Moscow and Irkutsk. The main street of Irkutsk is viewed in a new light, as a boulevard. It is proposed to take into consideration the peculiarities of the four sense-parts of the street when working on design codes.

  5. A child with pica. A case presentation.

    Lidia Rosa Pérez González


    Full Text Available This is a case of a 4 year old child who was brought to the provincial Pediatric Hospital because of faecal stones. Iron deficit and intestinal parasites were found . The patient received treatment for 6 months till the ingestion of stones disappeared with the control of the etiologic factors that caused it.

  6. Radioactivity a history of a mysterious science

    Malley, Marjorie C


    Beginning with an obscure discovery in 1896, radioactivity led researchers on a quest for understanding that ultimately confronted the intersection of knowledge and mystery. This book tells the story of a new science that profoundly changed physics and chemistry, as well as areas such as medicine, geology, meteorology, archaeology, industry, politics, and popular culture.

  7. Matematicas: Nivel A (Mathematics: Level A).

    Duron, Dolores; And Others

    A teacher's manual was developed for an elementary level mathematics course in Spanish as part of an immersion program for English speaking children. The Level A manual is designed for kindergarten and grade 1 pupils. Teaching procedures, conceptual objectives, vocabulary, and structures are included. Activities are designed to teach either…

  8. [A strong man with a weak shoulder].

    Henket, Marjolijn; Lycklama á Nijeholt, Geert J; van der Zwaal, Peer


    A 47-year-old former olympic athlete had pain and weakness of his left shoulder. There was no prior trauma. He had full range-of-motion and a scapular dyskinesia. There was atrophy of the trapezius and sternocleidomastoideus muscles. He was diagnosed with 'idiopathic neuritis of the accessorius nerve'. PMID:24326139

  9. Life of a Tooth: A Visual Timeline

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  10. Building a Digital Library on a Shoestring

    Boyd, Kate Foster; Creighton, Alma


    In this article, the authors discuss ways one can create a digital library on a shoestring despite the current high technology costs. Here, they describe the University of South Carolina's digital library development. The cost associated with building and maintaining the digital collections seems to have been worth it based on the feedback that…

  11. A Proposal for a Civics Study Program

    Marcus, Stuart Paul; Richman, Paul Jeffrey


    Two high school students recommend a civics study program which would include (1) a required course on governmental structure, responsibilities, and the U.S. Constitution, and (2) elective courses on crime, juvenile delinquency, state and local government, and history of constitutional law. (AV)

  12. Urihi A: A Terra-Floresta Yanomami

    Welch, James R.


    Review of Urihi A: A Terra-Floresta Yanomami. Bruce Albert and William Milliken with Gale Goodwin Gomez. São Paulo: Instituto Socioambiental, 2009. 207 pp., illustrations, tables, bibliography, appendices, index. Paperback ISBN: 978‐85 85994‐72‐3.

  13. Just a routine operation: a critical discussion.

    McClelland, G; Smith, M B


    This article has summarised a critical discussion of the human factors that contributed to the death of a patient from a failure to respond appropriately to a 'can't intubate, can't ventilate' scenario. The contributory factors included the clinical team's inability to communicate, prioritise tasks and demonstrate effective leadership and assertive followership. The film Just a routine operation has now been in circulation for several years. When a system is designed and introduced with the intention of making a change to clinical practice, it can quickly become just another component of an organisation's architecture and complacency around its use can develop. This article has been written specifically for perioperative practitioners to renew the debate around the human factors that contribute to patient harm. By critically discussing Just a routine operation and attempting to review why the incident occurred, this article has attempted to emphasise that some of the conditions and behaviours that contributed to the death of Elaine Bromiley may be latent within our organisations and teams, and may continue to contribute to failures that affect patient safety. PMID:27400489

  14. Life of a Tooth: A Visual Timeline

    Full Text Available ... About | Contact InfoBites Quick Reference Learn more Oral Health and Overal Health Men: Looking for a Better Job? Start by ... a Composite Resin (White Filling)? Why is Oral Health Important for Men? How Do I Care for ...

  15. Life of a Tooth: A Visual Timeline

    Full Text Available ... About | Contact InfoBites Quick Reference Learn more Oral Health and Overal Health When Should My Child First See a Dentist? ... Home | InfoBites | Find a Dentist | Your Family's Oral Health | Newsroom | RSS About AGD | Contact AGD | Site Map | ...

  16. Locating a circle on a sphere

    Brimberg, Jack; Juel, Henrik; Schöbel, Anita


    We consider the problem of locating a spherical circle with respect to existing facilities on a sphere, such that the sum of distances between the circle and the facilities is minimized or such that the maximum distance is minimized. The problem properties are analyzed, and we give solution...... contexts such as search-and-rescue missions and medical or biological studies....

  17. How Could a Beaver Start a War?

    Millward, Robert


    Students gain a better understanding of war and economics when the variables come alive through stories, artifacts, and paintings. In this article, the author describes a short story about the fur trade which can generate lots of student questions about the fur economics, the Eastern Woodland Indians, trade artifacts, and war. The author also…

  18. Life of a Tooth: A Visual Timeline

    Full Text Available ... Quick Reference Learn more Nutrition - Adults What is Dental Amalgam (Silver Filling)? Are You Biting Off More Than You Can Chew? What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay? Men: Looking for a Better Job? Start by Visiting the Dentist Is My Child at Risk for Early Childhood ... The Life of a Tooth games ...

  19. Life of a Tooth: A Visual Timeline

    ... Quick Reference Learn more Nutrition - Adults What is Dental Amalgam (Silver Filling)? Are You Biting Off More Than You Can Chew? What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay? Men: Looking for a Better Job? Start by Visiting the Dentist Is My Child at Risk for Early Childhood ... The Life of a Tooth games ...

  20. Danish - a Language with a Future?

    Petersen, Margrethe; Shaw, Philip


    A project on the use of English for academic purposes in Denmark has revealed that the academic article written in Danish may be a dying genre. Based on this finding and on observations on the use of English in Danish texts (or contexts), the future of the Danish language and of translation and...

  1. A Report on A Christmas Carol



    @@ Charles Dickens is generally considered the greatest English novelist of the Victorian period,as well as a vigorous social campaigner.His works are characterized by attacks on social evils,injustice and hypocrisy,and among which there is one that Dickens called his "little Christmas Book",that is A Christmas Carol.

  2. A Reverse Shock in GRB 160509A

    Laskar, Tanmoy; Berger, Edo; Fong, Wen-fai; Margutti, Raffaella; Shivvers, Isaac; Williams, Peter K G; Kopac, Drejc; Kobayashi, Shiho; Mundell, Carole; Gomboc, Andreja; Zheng, WeiKang; Menten, Karl M; Graham, Melissa L; Filippenko, Alexei V


    We present the second multi-frequency radio detection of a reverse shock in a $\\gamma$-ray burst. By combining our extensive radio observations of the Fermi-LAT GRB 160509A at $z = 1.17$ up to $20$ days after the burst with Swift X-ray observations and ground-based optical and near-infrared data, we show that the afterglow emission comprises distinct reverse shock and forward shock contributions: the reverse shock emission dominates in the radio band at $\\lesssim10~$days, while the forward shock emission dominates in the X-ray, optical, and near-infrared bands. Through multi-wavelength modeling, we determine a circumburst density of $n_0\\approx10^{-3}~$cm$^{-3}$, supporting our previous suggestion that a low-density circumburst environment is conducive to the production of long-lasting reverse shock radiation in the radio band. We infer the presence of a large excess X-ray absorption column, $N_{\\rm H} \\approx 1.5\\times10^{22}~$cm$^{-2}$, and a high rest-frame optical extinction, $A_{\\rm V}\\approx3.4~$mag. We...

  3. A Monopole Near a Black Hole

    Bunster, C; Bunster, Claudio; Henneaux, Marc


    We study an electric charge held at rest outside a magnetically charged black hole. We find that even if the electric charge is treated as a perturbation on a spherically symmetric magnetic Reissner-Nordstrom hole, the geometry at large distances is that of a magnetic Kerr-Newman black hole. When the charge approaches the horizon and crosses it, the exterior geometry becomes that of a Kerr-Newman hole with electric and magnetic charges and with total angular momentum given by the standard value for a charged monopole pair. Thus, in accordance with the "no-hair theorem", once the charge is captured by the black hole, the angular momentum associated with the charge monopole system, looses all traces of its exotic origin and it is perceived from the outside as common rotation. It is argued that a similar analysis performed on Taub-NUT space should give the same result, namely, if one holds an ordinary mass outside of the horizon of a Taub-NUT space with only magnetic mass, the system, as seen from large distance...

  4. A false explosion for a real intervention


    Together with their French and Swiss counterparts, the CERN Fire Brigade carried out a spectacular exercise in the LHCb cavern. It was designed to test the coordination of the fire and rescue services of the Organization's two Host States. Inside a temporary medical station set up above ground, the emergency teams deliver medical care to the injured before they are taken to hospital.An accident victim in the underground cavern about to be evacuated. 'I was taking a group of visitors on a tour of the LHCb cavern when there was a huge explosion and I suffered serious burns to the thorax. The rescue services arrived on the scene and I was taken to the medical station'. Fortunately, this is not an account of real events but a scenario given to one of 20 volunteer 'victims' who took part in a large-scale safety exercise in the LHCb cavern. On 26 September, the CERN Fire Brigade organised a spectacular exercise in collaboration with the CERN Medical Service, the Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS) of the Department of t...

  5. Keeping a Marine Aquarium - A Manual.

    Valenti, Christopher

    Presented is advice on how to set up and maintain a saltwater aquarium, and a discussion on everything from algae growth to constructing an underground filter to hatch brine shrimp. Information on which tropical and temperate animals are appropriate for marine aquaria and how to collect them is also included. (Author/SB)

  6. A smectic A polymorphism at low temperature

    Sigaud, G.; Achard, M. F.; Hardouin, F.; Gasparoux, H.


    Evidence is given for the first time at low temperature of an example of a polymorphism of smectic A phases, in mixtures of cyanocyclohexylcyclohexane with aminopyrene. We briefly discuss the conditions required to stabilize bilayered fluid smectics in such new cyano-amino associated systems.

  7. Marketing Education on a Shoestring: A Model.

    Shreeve, William; And Others

    Few educators envision themselves as marketing or public relations experts, yet economic reality is forcing many academicians into these roles. Over the past four years, the Eastern Washington University Department of Education has developed a successful marketing model for educators. The model begins with a successful reform of department…

  8. A phylogenetic blueprint for a modern whale.

    Gatesy, John; Geisler, Jonathan H; Chang, Joseph; Buell, Carl; Berta, Annalisa; Meredith, Robert W; Springer, Mark S; McGowen, Michael R


    The emergence of Cetacea in the Paleogene represents one of the most profound macroevolutionary transitions within Mammalia. The move from a terrestrial habitat to a committed aquatic lifestyle engendered wholesale changes in anatomy, physiology, and behavior. The results of this remarkable transformation are extant whales that include the largest, biggest brained, fastest swimming, loudest, deepest diving mammals, some of which can detect prey with a sophisticated echolocation system (Odontoceti - toothed whales), and others that batch feed using racks of baleen (Mysticeti - baleen whales). A broad-scale reconstruction of the evolutionary remodeling that culminated in extant cetaceans has not yet been based on integration of genomic and paleontological information. Here, we first place Cetacea relative to extant mammalian diversity, and assess the distribution of support among molecular datasets for relationships within Artiodactyla (even-toed ungulates, including Cetacea). We then merge trees derived from three large concatenations of molecular and fossil data to yield a composite hypothesis that encompasses many critical events in the evolutionary history of Cetacea. By combining diverse evidence, we infer a phylogenetic blueprint that outlines the stepwise evolutionary development of modern whales. This hypothesis represents a starting point for more detailed, comprehensive phylogenetic reconstructions in the future, and also highlights the synergistic interaction between modern (genomic) and traditional (morphological+paleontological) approaches that ultimately must be exploited to provide a rich understanding of evolutionary history across the entire tree of Life. PMID:23103570

  9. A multiplicity trigger for a Cherenkov detector

    The Multiplicity Trigger (MT) is a device for deciding if, in a given time window, the number of wires that are hit in a multi wire proportional chamber (MWPC) is within given limits. The MT is designed for a Cherenkov detector, using a MWPC with 155 sense wires. It has ten inputs with sixteen channels on each, for 160 ECL input signals from the MWPC. With the MT, it is possible to decide if the number of hits is greater than n out of 160, where n is called the multiplicity. Here, 2 < n < 30, with an accuracy of +- 1. The time window can be adjusted from 0.7 to 4 μs. The MT has four separate NIM outputs, to make it possible to have four different values of n at the same time. The propagation delay from input to output is at the most 100 ns. (author)

  10. A fat Higgs with a magnetic personality

    Craig, Nathaniel; Stolarski, Daniel; Thaler, Jesse


    We introduce a novel composite Higgs theory based on confining supersymmetric QCD. Supersymmetric duality plays a key role in this construction, with a "fat" Higgs boson emerging as a dual magnetic degree of freedom charged under the dual magnetic gauge group. Due to spontaneous color-flavor locking in the infrared, the electroweak gauge symmetry is aligned with the dual magnetic gauge group, allowing large Yukawa couplings between elementary matter fields and the composite Higgs. At the same time, this theory exhibits metastable supersymmetry breaking, leading to low-scale gauge mediation via composite messengers. The Higgs boson is heavier than in minimal supersymmetric theories, due to a large F -term quartic coupling as well as small non-decoupling D-terms. This theory predicts quasi-stable TeV-scale pseudo-modulini, some of which are charged under standard model color, possibly giving rise to long-lived R-hadrons at the LHC.