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  1. 21 CFR 878.3550 - Chin prosthesis.


    ... 21 Food and Drugs 8 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Chin prosthesis. 878.3550 Section 878.3550 Food... DEVICES GENERAL AND PLASTIC SURGERY DEVICES Prosthetic Devices § 878.3550 Chin prosthesis. (a) Identification. A chin prosthesis is a silicone rubber solid device intended to be implanted to augment...

  2. Pediatric chin injury: occult condylar fractures of the mandible.

    Lee, C Y; McCullom, C; Blaustein, D I


    The diagnosis of occult mandibular condylar fractures in children is often missed or delayed on initial examination when children present with a laceration to the chin. A clue to the diagnosis of this type of skeletal injury to the mandible is the knowledge of a commonly occurring pattern of injury associated with chin trauma. Chin laceration, fracture of the parasymphyseal region near the chin, and fracture of the condyles are often concomitant injuries of the mandible. This article reviews three case reports of children who sustained a chin laceration, fracture in the region near the chin, and fracture to the mandibular condyles secondary to chin trauma that were not initially diagnosed on clinical examination. PMID:1876507

  3. CHINs in the context of an evolving health care system.

    Duncan, K. A.


    Community Health Information Network (CHIN) developments have slowed, due to the chaotic change in the health care system and stakeholders' attendant short-sighted focus. CHINs are a long-term investment that is necessary for the health care system's evolution to maturity. Several arenas of essential CHIN activity are given that would be characteristic of a mature, goal-directed health care system Lack of enterprise-wide computer-based patient record systems is a major barrier. Even in the sh...

  4. Biomechanical impact response of the human chin and manubrium.

    Stammen, Jason A; Bolte, John H; Shaw, Joshua


    Chin-to-chest impact commonly occurs in frontal crash simulations with restrained anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs) in non-airbag situations. This study investigated the biofidelity of this contact by evaluating the impact response of both the chin and manubrium of adult post-mortem human subjects (PMHSs). The adult PMHS data were scaled to a 10-year-old (YO) human size and then compared with the Hybrid III 10YO child (HIII-10C) ATD response with the same test configurations. For both the chin and manubrium, the responses of the scaled PMHS had different characteristics than the HIII-10C ATD responses. Elevated energy impact tests to the PMHS mandible provided a mean injury tolerance value for chin impact force. Chin contact forces in the HIII-10C ATD were calculated in previously conducted HYGE sled crash simulation tests, and these contact forces were strongly correlated with the Head Injury Criterion (HIC(36 ms)). The mean injurious force from the PMHS tests corresponded to a HIC(36 ms) value that would predict an elevated injury risk if it is assumed that fractures of the chin and skull are similarly correlated with HIC(36 ms). Given the rarity of same occupant-induced chin injury in booster-seated occupants in real crash data and the disparity in chin and manubrium stiffnesses between scaled PMHS and HIII-10C ATD, the data from this study can be made use of to improve biofidelity of chin-to-manubrium contact in ATDs. PMID:21971966

  5. A Flipped Spoon and Chin Prompt to Increase Mouth Clean

    Dempsey, Jack; Piazza, Cathleen C.; Groff, Rebecca A.; Kozisek, Jennifer M.


    We treated the liquid refusal of a 15-month-old girl using 2 antecedent manipulations: flipped spoon and chin prompt. Use of the chin prompt in the absence of the flipped spoon failed to produce increases in mouth clean (a product measure of swallowing). By contrast, modest increases in mouth clean resulted from the implementation of the flipped…

  6. [An infected necrosis of the chin].

    Muller, B S; van Goor, H F; Rosenberg, A J W P


    A 51-year-old man was referred by his dentist to a maxillofacial surgeon with complaints of illness and pain in the mandible, associated with a rapidly expanding area of black gingiva and mucosa surrounding the lower front teeth. Clinically and radiographically there was evidence of an infected necrosis of the chin and floor of mouth. Following debridement at the operating room, the patient was treated at the intensive care unit for septic shock leading to prolonged hospitalisation. Investigation of the bone marrow did not provide an explanation for pancytopenia or the severity of the illness. In addition, genetic investigation of thiopurine S-methyltransferase gene showed no mutations. This gene codes for an identically named protein enzyme that contributes in the metabolising of the medicine azathioprine, used daily for an autoimmune disease. A combination of the use of azathioprine, a folic acid deficiency and sepsis led to this exceptional course of illness. Therapeutic intervention consisted of surgical debridement and treatment of the bacteraemia. Afterwards several corrective surgeries were necessary to restore oral functions. PMID:27430038

  7. MAP Estimation of Chin and Cheek Contours in Video Sequences

    Kampmann Markus


    Full Text Available An algorithm for the estimation of chin and cheek contours in video sequences is proposed. This algorithm exploits a priori knowledge about shape and position of chin and cheek contours in images. Exploiting knowledge about the shape, a parametric 2D model representing chin and cheek contours is introduced. Exploiting knowledge about the position, a MAP estimator is developed taking into account the observed luminance gradient as well as a priori probabilities of chin and cheek contours positions. The proposed algorithm was tested with head and shoulder video sequences (image resolution CIF. In nearly 70% of all investigated video frames, a subjectively error free estimation could be achieved. The 2D estimate error is measured as on average between 2.4 and .

  8. Recirculation pump shaft cracking experience at Chin-Shan station

    This paper reviews the experience of the Chin-Shan Nuclear Power Station with recirculation pump shaft cracking experience. The topics of the paper include a description of the Chin-Shan boiling water reactor plant, a summary of the disassembly and inspection of the recirculation pump, a description of the provisions for pump inspection, the pump vibration monitoring system, and the location of accelerometers, proximity probes, keyphasor and velocity transducers

  9. Mechanisms of Airway Protection during Chin-Down Swallowing

    Macrae, Phoebe; Anderson, Cheryl; Humbert, Ianessa


    Purpose: This study examined the effects of chin-down swallowing on laryngeal vestibule closure. It also investigated the technique's rehabilitative impact, by assessing the stability of effects across multiple trials and aftereffects in neutral swallows on cessation of the technique. Method: Duration of laryngeal vestibule closure (dLVC) was…

  10. Ak-Chin Indian Community Biomass Feasiiblity Study

    Mark A. Moser, RCM Digesters, Inc.; Mark Randall, Daystar Consulting, LLC; Leonard S. Gold, Ak-Chin Energy Services & Utility Strategies Consulting Group


    Study of the conversion of chicken litter to biogas for the production of energy. There was an additional requirement that after extracting the energy from the chicken litter the nutrient value of the raw chicken litter had to be returned to the Ak-Chin Farms for use as fertilizer in a form and delivery method acceptable to the Farm.

  11. Chin augmentation using minimally invasive technique and bioplastique.

    Ersek, R A; Stovall, R B; Vazquez-Salisbury, A


    The plethora of problematic techniques for improving minor chin recessions has left the plastic surgeon inevitably uncertain of the most effective remedy. Research we began in 1968 has led us to the development of a new biphasic polymer and minimally invasive implantation techniques aimed at solving the soft-tissue deficiency dilemma. Bioplastique consists of inert, textured particles of critical dimension dispersed within a bioexcretable gel vehicle. Previous experimentation in rabbit ears has shown that the gel component is rapidly phagocytosed, excreted, and replaced by a fibrin matrix within 3 days. The matrix is then replaced by host collagen, gradually forming a stable encasement around each microparticle. Further evaluation has revealed that the implant resists migration and absorption. Based on these encouraging results, a clinical phase was initiated. Thirteen patients lacking chin prominence have subsequently been improved with Bioplastique implants. The infection rate was 0 percent, and other complications were minor. At 26 months, no evidence of migration or absorption has been observed, and the aesthetic results remain. PMID:7732146

  12. Morbidity of chin bone transplants used for reconstructing alveolar defects in cleft patients

    Booij, A; Raghoebar, GM; Jansma, J; Kalk, WWI; Vissink, A


    Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the objective and subjective morbidity of symphyseal chin bone harvesting used for reconstruction of alveolar defects in young cleft patients. Design: All patients who had undergone chin bone harvesting for alveolar cleft reconstruction in the period

  13. Notas sobre o bicho-da-seda no folclore Chinês

    Nelson Papavero


    Full Text Available Notas sobre o bicho-da-seda no folclore chinês. Duas lendas sobre o bicho-da-seda (Bombyx mori Linnaeus, 1758 no folclore chinês são apresentadas: uma sobre a sua origem, a outra sobre os gatos como protetores do bicho-da-seda e da sericultura.

  14. Extraction of average neck flexion angle during swallowing in neutral and chin-tuck positions

    Sejdić Ervin


    Full Text Available Abstract Background A common but debated technique in the management of swallowing difficulties is the chin tuck swallow, where the neck is flexed forward prior to swallowing. Natural variations in chin tuck angles across individuals may contribute to the differential effectiveness of the technique. Methodology To facilitate the study of chin tuck angle variations, we present a template tracking algorithm that automatically extracts neck angles from sagittal videos of individuals performing chin tuck swallows. Three yellow markers geometrically arranged on a pair of dark visors were used as tracking cues. Results The algorithm was applied to data collected from 178 healthy participants during neutral and chin tuck position swallows. Our analyses revealed no major influences of body mass index and age on neck flexion angles during swallowing, while gender influenced the average neck angle only during wet swallows in the neutral position. Chin tuck angles seem to be independent of anthropometry and gender in healthy adults, but deserve further study in pathological populations. Conclusion The proposed neck flexion angle extraction algorithm may be useful in future studies where strict participant compliance to swallowing task protocol can be assured.

  15. Evaluation of morphologic changes of mandibular symphysis after chin cup therapy in skeletally Cl III patients

    Hosseinzadeh Nik T.


    Full Text Available Background and Aim: Chin cup is an orthopedic appliance for treating growing skeletally Cl III patients. The amount of chin forward movement in addition to morphologic changes in bony structure, determines the final profile of treated patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the amount of morphologic changes of symphysis after chin cup therapy in skeletally Cl III patients.Materials and Methods: In this clinical trial, twenty eight cephalometries before and after chin cup therapy of 14 skeletally Cl III patients were analyzed. Landmarks introduced by Ricketts were determined to evaluate the symphysis and describe its relation to mandible. َAlso four additional measurements regarding the symphysis individually were evaluated and analyzed. Data were analyzed by paired t and pearson tests with P<0.05 as the level of significance.Results: The results showed that the height of symphysis increased after treatment (P=0.02, but its depth decreased (P=0.04. The sysmphysis turned down and back.Conclusion: These findings suggest that in Cl III malocclusions with a prognathic mandible, chin cup therapy creates changes in the horizontal dimension of symphysis morphology, which improves the Cl III profile. If the patient isn't a vertical grower, vertical changes of symphysis would be desirable. In addition, changes in the vertical dimension of the mandible (body and ramus could be observed as a backward and downward rotation.

  16. Cephalometric evaluation of class-III patients with chin cap and tongue guard

    Danaie S


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of chin cap therapy combined with an upper tongue guard in the early treatment of class-III malocclusion on the nasomaxillary complex and mandible. The subjects of this study consisted of 40 patients aged 5-13 years (mean age of 8.5 ± 2. All of them possessed an anterior cross bite and/or concave profile. The mean force of chin cap was determined to be 200 g on each side for 18 h/day and the mean treatment period was 22 months. The cephalometric analyses including skeletal, dental, and soft tissue analysis were carried out before and after treatment. The analysis of the cephalometric measurements revealed a negative correlation between the combination effects of chin cap therapy upper tongue guard. This effect appeared in the early stages of treatment. It was a case-control study and Wilcoxon test was used for statistical analysis. The comparison of dependent variables revealed that skeletal effects of chin cap therapy were more than dental and soft tissue effects. Changes in the upper and lower pharyngeal spaces were not significant. A reduction of nasolabial angle occurred due to the protrusion of upper incisors. Finally, it was shown that the combination of chin cap and upper tongue guard could be more effective in the early treatment.

  17. Numb chin syndrome: A case report and review of the literature

    Lata Jeevan


    Full Text Available Numbness of the lower lip, the skin of the chin, or the gingiva of the lower anterior teeth secondary to various dental diseases is a common manifestation that is largely underappreciated. The association of numb chin syndrome (NCS with serious disease like metastatic malignancy and systemic conditions is frequent enough to warrant a search for these possible etiologies. In this paper we report a case of NCS that occurred secondary to malignant disease; we discuss our findings with special emphasis on metastatic malignancies leading to NCS, when the survival is only for a few months.

  18. Characterization of Human Knee and Chin Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells

    Magali Kouidhi


    Full Text Available Animal study findings have revealed that individual fat depots are not functionally equivalent and have different embryonic origins depending on the anatomic location. Mouse bone regeneration studies have also shown that it is essential to match the Hox code of transplanted cells and host tissues to achieve correct repair. However, subcutaneous fat depots from any donor site are often used in autologous fat grafting. Our study was thus carried out to determine the embryonic origins of human facial (chin and limb (knee fat depots and whether they had similar features and molecular matching patterns. Paired chin and knee fat depots were harvested from 11 subjects and gene expression profiles were determined by DNA microarray analyses. Adipose-derived stromal cells (ASCs from both sites were isolated and analyzed for their capacity to proliferate, form clones, and differentiate. Chin and knee fat depots expressed a different HOX code and could have different embryonic origins. ASCs displayed a different phenotype, with chin-ASCs having the potential to differentiate into brown-like adipocytes, whereas knee-ASCs differentiated into white adipocytes. These results highlighted different features for these two fat sites and indicated that donor site selection might be an important factor to be considered when applying adipose tissue in cell-based therapies.

  19. Evaluation of neuromuscular activity in patients with obstructive sleep apnea using chin surface electromyography of polysomnography

    YIN Guo-ping; YE Jing-ying; HAN De-min; WANG Xiao-yi; ZHANG Yu-huan; LI Yan-ru


    Background It is believed that defects in upper airway neuromuscular control play a role in sleep apnea pathogenesis.Currently,there is no simple and non-invasive method for evaluating neuromuscular activity for the purpose of screening in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.This study was designed to assess the validity of chin surface electromyography of routine polysomnography in evaluating the neuromuscular activity of obstructive sleep apnea subjects and probe the neuromuscular contribution in the pathogenesis of the condition.Methods The chin surface electromyography of routine polysomnography during normal breathing and obstructive apnea were quantified in 36 male patients with obstructive sleep apnea.The change of chin surface electromyography from normal breathing to obstructive apnea was expressed as the percent compensated electromyography value,where the percent compensated electromyography value =(normal breath surface electromyography-apnea surface electromyography)/normal breath surface electromyography,and the percent compensated electromyography values among subjects were compared.The relationship between sleep apnea related parameters and the percent compensated electromyography value was examined.Results The percent compensated electromyography value of the subjects varied from 1% to 90% and had a significant positive correlation with apnea hypopnea index (R2=0.382,P <0.001).Conclusions Recording and analyzing chin surface electromyography by routine polysomnography is a valid way of screening the neuromuscular activity in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.The neuromuscular contribution is different among subjects with obstructive sleep apnea.

  20. Seismic detections of the 15 February 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor from the dense ChinArray

    Li, Lu; Wang, Baoshan; Peng, Zhigang; Wang, Weitao


    ChinArray is a dense portable broadband seismic network to cover the entire continental China, and the Phase I is deployed along the north-south seismic belt in southwest China. In this study, we analyze seismic data recorded on the ChinArray following the February 15, 2013 Chelyabinsk (Russia) meteor. This was the largest known object entering the Earth's atmosphere since the 1908 Tunguska meteor. The seismic energy radiated from this event was recorded by seismic stations worldwide including the dense ChinArray that are more than 4000 km away. The weak signal from the meteor event was contaminated by a magnitude 5.8 Tonga earthquake occurred ~20 min earlier. To test the feasibility of detecting the weak seismic signals from the meteor event, we compute vespagram and perform F-K analysis to the surface-wave data. We identify a seismic phase with back azimuth (BAZ) of 329.7° and slowness of 34.73 s/deg, corresponding to the surface wave from the Russian meteor event (BAZ ~325.97°). The surface magnitude (M S) of the meteor event is 3.94 ± 0.18. We also perform similar analysis on the data from the broadband array F-net in Japan, and find the BAZ of the surface waves to be 316.61°. With the different BAZs of ChinArray and F-net, we locate the Russian meteor event at 58.80°N, 58.72°E. The relatively large mislocation (~438 km as compared with 55.15°N, 61.41°E by others) may be a result of the bending propagation path of surface waves, which deviates from the great circle path. Our results suggest that the dense ChinArray and its subarrays could be used to detect weak signals at teleseismic distances.

  1. Numb Chin Syndrome as First Symptom of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

    Mario Carbone


    Full Text Available Numb chin syndrome is a rare sensory neuropathy of the mental nerve characterized by numbness, hypoesthesia, paraesthesia, and very rarely pain. Dental causes, especially iatrogenic ones, maxillofacial trauma, or malignant neoplasm are etiologic factors for this rare syndrome. Many malignant and metastatic neoplasms are causing this syndrome, like primary osteosarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and mandibular metastasis of primary carcinoma of breast, lung, thyroid, kidney, prostate, and nasopharynx. Haematological malignancies like acute lymphocytic leukaemia, Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and myeloma can cause this neuropathy. The authors report a case of a 71-year-old woman in which the numb chin syndrome was the first symptom of the diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, which caused infiltration and reabsorption of the alveolar ridge and lower mandibular cortex. A biopsy of the mass was performed on fragments of tissue collected from the mandibular periosteum, medullary and cortical mandibular bone, and inferior alveolar nerve.

  2. Chin Tremors Associated with Paroxetine in a Patient with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

    Preethi John


    Full Text Available Context There have been many cases of medication-induced tremors. We report a patient who developed significant chintremors after the administration of paroxetine. Case report A 68-year-old Vietnamese female with a past medical historyincluding GIST and pancreatic cancer status post Whipple procedure and six months of adjuvant chemotherapy withgemcitabine presented with symptoms of anxiety for which she was treated with paroxetine. Within 2 weeks she developedchin tremors which resolved after paroxetine was discontinued. Conclusions To our knowledge, this is the first case reportof a temporary chin tremor associated with paroxetine. The exact mechanism of this phenomenon is unclear. However, it has been suggested that movement disorders such as chin tremors may be related to elevated serotonin levels causing aninhibition of central dopamine.

  3. A captação do investimento directo chinês em África

    Santos, Mauro Filipe Pinto Magalhães Arques


    Dissertação de mestrado em Economia, Mercados e Políticas Públicas Este projecto tem como base uma curiosidade pessoal, que tem sido alimentada pelos media e também por vários teóricos e organizações internacionais: tentar responder às questões“Quais são os principais motivos que levam o investidor chinês a investir em países africanos? O que é que estes procuram nesses países? Como atrair mais investimento Chinês?” Após a revisão da literatura foi possível fazer uma selecçã...

  4. Geographic variation in chin shape challenges the universal facial attractiveness hypothesis.

    Zaneta M Thayer

    Full Text Available The universal facial attractiveness (UFA hypothesis proposes that some facial features are universally preferred because they are reliable signals of mate quality. The primary evidence for this hypothesis comes from cross-cultural studies of perceived attractiveness. However, these studies do not directly address patterns of morphological variation at the population level. An unanswered question is therefore: Are universally preferred facial phenotypes geographically invariant, as the UFA hypothesis implies? The purpose of our study is to evaluate this often overlooked aspect of the UFA hypothesis by examining patterns of geographic variation in chin shape. We collected symphyseal outlines from 180 recent human mandibles (90 male, 90 female representing nine geographic regions. Elliptical Fourier functions analysis was used to quantify chin shape, and principle components analysis was used to compute shape descriptors. In contrast to the expectations of the UFA hypothesis, we found significant geographic differences in male and female chin shape. These findings are consistent with region-specific sexual selection and/or random genetic drift, but not universal sexual selection. We recommend that future studies of facial attractiveness take into consideration patterns of morphological variation within and between diverse human populations.

  5. The white-chinned petrel procellaria aequinoctialis population of the Falkland Islands

    Reid, Tim A.; Lecoq, Miguel; Catry, Paulo


    A survey of all known colonies of the White-chinned Petrel Procellaria aequinoctialis within the Falkland Islands was conducted during the austral summers of 2004/05 and 2005/06. From these surveys, a minimum population of 55 pairs was observed. Most of these were on Kidney and New islands, with a very small colony on Bottom Island in Port William. Although evidence of a decrease in the size of the population on Kidney Island is limited, the population in the Falklands is likely hist...

  6. Caso de estudo: a entrada do azeite Gallo no mercado chinês

    Costa, Miguel Maria Portugal Martins


    Mestrado em Gestão 7 Classificação JEL: M16; F23 A elaboração desta dissertação consiste na criação de um caso de estudo pedagógico com o objectivo de tirar ilações sobre a entrada da marca “Azeite Gallo” no mercado Chinês. Optamos por desenvolver este caso de estudo através de um estudo qualitativo, suportado por um referencial teórico. O intuito do projecto é de documentar um exemplo paradigmático de um produto consumível de marca portuguesa que sucedeu em ultrapassar as barreiras ...

  7. 浅谈苏北柳琴戏的艺术风格--以徐州柳琴戏为例%Introduction to Subei Liu-chin art’s style--Take Xuzhou Liu-chin art for example



    柳琴戏是我国传统戏曲之一,有独特的艺术特质,本文对苏北柳琴戏的唱腔、节奏、板式、配器、剧目等进行浅析。作为国家级非物质遗产之一,苏北柳琴戏在长期发展过程中吸收了各种姊妹艺术特色,并与苏北人民群众的生活密切联系,成为一种地域文化的载体,受到苏北人的喜爱。%Liu-chin drama is one of Chinese traditional opera, has a unique artistic characteristics, in this paper, the Subei Liu-chin show of singing, rhythm, plate type, instruments, documents of were analyzed. Subei Liu-chin play as one of the state-level non-material heritage, in the process of long-term development absorbed various sister artistic features, and closely connected with Subei people's life, become a kind of carrier of regional culture, Subei people's affection.

  8. Orbital and Subcutaneous Emphysema Following Enucleation and Respiratory Distress in a Japanese Chin.

    Gornik, Kara R; Pirie, Christopher G; Alario, Anthony F


    A 7 yr old, neutered male Japanese chin presented to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University (CSVMTU) for evaluation of chronic unilateral orbital swelling that worsened following an episode of respiratory distress. The left eye had been enucleated 5 yr previously. Intermittent mild-to-moderate left orbital swelling had been noted by the owner since the initial surgery. Examination demonstrated a moderate-to-severe, soft, fluctuant swelling involving the left orbit with erythema of the overlying skin. Crepitus was noted over the occipital tuberosity. Computed tomography revealed a large volume of gas involving the left orbit. The gas extended caudally within the subcutaneous tissues to both hemimandibles, dorsal to the cranium, and partially surrounded the cranial neck. The presence of a mucosa-lined, air-filled space with a patent nasolacrimal duct was noted on orbital exploration. The lining was removed and the duct closed. Histopathology confirmed the presence of an epithelial lining. No recurrence of the swelling was observed on examination 8 wk after surgery. This is the first report documenting acute worsening of orbital swelling following an episode of respiratory distress. This case highlights the importance of addressing the nasolacrimal duct while performing an enculeation in a brachycephalic dog. PMID:26535462

  9. Determination of Heavy Metals in the Black-Chin Tilapia from the Sakumo Lagoon, Ghana

    C. Laar


    Full Text Available Samples of the Black-chin Tilapia were analyzed for the concentration of heavy metals (Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, mercury, nickel and zinc using atomic absorption spectrophotometry and instrumental neutron activation analysis. The sequence of order of the heavy metals measured in the fish samples observed from the Sakumo lagoon was as follows: Fe > Cu > Mn> V> Hg > Cd, respectively. The results showed elevated levels of iron, copper and managanese in all the fish samples although mercury and cadmium were available in relatively low concentration in the most of the fish samples. Fe, Mn, and Zn concentration in fish were greater than WHO/FAO certified values. Hazard index < 1 suggests unlikely adverse health effects whereas HI $ 1 suggests the probability of adverse health effects. Although the heavy metals analysed in Blackchin Tilapia did not pose any immediate health risk to humans but due to the bioaccumulation and magnification of these heavy metals in humans, it is essential to safeguard levels of the metals in the environment.

  10. Determination of the total photo-absorption cross section of 197Au from (γ,chin) reaction cross sections

    Cross sections for the reaction 197Au(γ, chin)(chi<=12) have been measured for bremsstrahlung end-point energies in the range 60-340 MeV. From these dominant cross sections, the total photon absorption cross section is determined using a cascade-evaporation calculation to account for the missing reaction channels. The enhancement factor for the classical E1 sum rule is found to be 0.93+-0.10. (orig.)

  11. Health and human rights in Chin State, Western Burma: a population-based assessment using multistaged household cluster sampling.

    Richard Sollom

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The Chin State of Burma (also known as Myanmar is an isolated ethnic minority area with poor health outcomes and reports of food insecurity and human rights violations. We report on a population-based assessment of health and human rights in Chin State. We sought to quantify reported human rights violations in Chin State and associations between these reported violations and health status at the household level. METHODS AND FINDINGS: Multistaged household cluster sampling was done. Heads of household were interviewed on demographics, access to health care, health status, food insecurity, forced displacement, forced labor, and other human rights violations during the preceding 12 months. Ratios of the prevalence of household hunger comparing exposed and unexposed to each reported violation were estimated using binomial regression, and 95% confidence intervals (CIs were constructed. Multivariate models were done to adjust for possible confounders. Overall, 91.9% of households (95% CI 89.7%-94.1% reported forced labor in the past 12 months. Forty-three percent of households met FANTA-2 (Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance II project definitions for moderate to severe household hunger. Common violations reported were food theft, livestock theft or killing, forced displacement, beatings and torture, detentions, disappearances, and religious and ethnic persecution. Self reporting of multiple rights abuses was independently associated with household hunger. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings indicate widespread self-reports of human rights violations. The nature and extent of these violations may warrant investigation by the United Nations or International Criminal Court. Please see later in the article for the Editors' Summary.

  12. Um Novo Espaço para os Jovens: estudo sobre a Internet no Mundo Adolescente Chinês

    Fangfang, Zhang


    Este artigo estuda e analisa a situação atual do uso e influência da Internet no mundo adolescente chinês. A pesquisa pretende conhecer as características dos internautas adolescentes chineses, esclarecer as peculiaridades e mudanças ocorridas em função da utilização da Internet, estudar e debater as influências exercidas pela Internet sobre a vida dos adolescentes chineses, ou seja, as relações entre a utilização da Internet e o estudo, a diversão, a comunicação interpessoal, os pensamentos ...

  13. Availability of ground water on Federal land near the Ak-Chin Indian Reservation, Arizona: a reconnaissance study

    Wilson, Richard P.


    Sufficient ground water to provide about 2.1 million acre-feet in a 25-year period is available for delivery to the Ak-Chin Indian Reservation from Federal land in the Vekol Valley, Waterman Wash area, and Bosque area in south-central Arizona. Withdrawal of 85,000 acre-feet per year as required by the Ak-Chin water-supply act--Public Law 95-328--will greatly deplete the amount of water in storage and may cause land subsidence in the areas. Study concurrent with well-field development will enable design changes to minimize pumping costs , water-level declines, movement of poor-quality water into the well fields, and potential land subsidence and associated earth fissures. Surface and bore-hole geophysical testing, aquifer tests, and the development of simulative mathematical models will accomplish these goals and permit quantitative evaluations of the potential deleterious effects resulting from development of the water supply. (Woodard-USGS)

  14. The origins of white-chinned petrels killed by long-line fisheries off South Africa and New Zealand

    N.M.S. Mareile Techow


    Full Text Available The white-chinned petrel (Procellaria aequinoctialis is the seabird species most frequently killed by fisheries in the Southern Ocean and is listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources as globally vulnerable. It breeds around the sub-Antarctic, but genetic data identified two subspecies: P. a. aequinoctialis from islands in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and P. a. steadi from the New Zealand sub-Antarctic islands. We identify the region of origin of birds killed by two long-line fisheries based on differences in the mitochondrial gene cytochrome b. All 113 birds killed off South Africa had the haplotype of P. a. aequinoctialis, whereas all the 60 birds from New Zealand had P. a. steadi haplotypes. The two subspecies of white-chinned petrels thus appear to disperse to different regions irrespective of their age, which accords with the tracking data of adult birds. Our finding has significant implications for managing the bycatch of this species by regional fisheries.

  15. Chinese Circulations. Capital, Commodities, and Networks in Southeast Asia, Eric Tagliacozzo & Wen-Chin Chang (éds

    Jean Baffie


    Full Text Available Cet ouvrage est une contribution majeure à l’étude des activités commerciales des Chinois d’Asie du Sud-Est, particulièrement du commerce entre les Chinois installés en Asie du Sud-Est et la Chine. Il est publié sous la direction d’un historien de l’université de Cornell aux États-Unis, Eric Tagliacozzo, spécialiste de l’Asie du Sud-Est musulmane, de l’Insulinde, principalement, et de Wen-Chin Chang, anthropologue au CAPAS de l’Academia Sinica et spécialiste des Chinois yunnanais de la Thaïla...

  16. Um novo espaço para os jovens: estudo sobre a internet no mundo adolescente chinês

    Zhang, Fang fang


    Full Text Available Este artigo estuda e analisa a situação atual do uso e influência da Internet no mundo adolescente chinês. A pesquisa pretende conhecer as características dos internautas adolescentes chineses, esclarecer as peculiaridades e mudanças ocorridas em função da utilização da Internet, estudar e debater as influências exercidas pela Internet sobre a vida dos adolescentes chineses, ou seja, as relações entre a utilização da Internet e o estudo, a diversão, a comunicação interpessoal, os pensamentos e os comportamentos do adolescente.

  17. Produção do taro 'Chinês', em cultivo solteiro e consorciado com chicória Yield of 'Chinês' taro in monocrop system and intercropped with chicory

    Néstor Antonio Heredia Zárate


    Full Text Available Objetiva-se com este trabalho avaliar a produtividade e a renda bruta do taro 'Chinês', conduzido em cultivo solteiro ou consorciado com chicória 'Escarola Lisa', nas condições ambientes de Dourados-MS. Os tratamentos foram arranjados no delineamento experimental de blocos casualizados, com cinco repetições. A colheita da chicória foi aos 97 dias após a semeadura e a do taro aos 203 dias. O consórcio foi avaliado pela razão de área equivalente (RAE e sua validação pela renda bruta. As plantas de taro e de chicória foram influenciadas significativamente pela consorciação, exceto para altura das plantas de chicória que foram semelhantes. O cultivo solteiro proporcionou maiores produções de taro (9,90; 3,96; 10,42 e 9,03 t ha-1 de folhas, rizomas-mãe, rizomas-filho comerciais e rizomas-filho não comerciais, respectivamente e diâmetro (19,22 cm e número (50,69 mil ha-1 de cabeças comerciais de chicória. A RAE para o consórcio taro-chicória foi de 0,92 e, por isso, o consórcio foi considerado como não efetivo.The present work had the aim of evaluating the yield and gross income of 'Chinês' taro that was carried out in monocrop and intercropped system with 'Escarola Lisa' chicory in environment conditions in Dourados-MS. Treatments were arranged in a randomized experimental block design with five replications. Chicory harvest was done at 97 days after sowing and taro harvest at 203 days. Intercropping was evaluated by Land Equivalent Ratio (LER and its validation was done determining gross income. Plants of taro and chicory were significantly influenced by means of cultivation, except to height of chicory plants that were similar. Monocrop system induced the highest yields of taro (9.90; 3.96; 10.42 and 9.03 t ha-1 of leaves, corms, commercial and non-commercial cormels, respectively and greatest diameter (19.22 cm and number (50.69 thousand ha-1 of commercial heads of chicory. LER for taro/chicory intercrop was 0.92 and

  18. Vertical facial types and chin morphology effects on the facial profile attractiveness%垂直骨面型与颏部形态对侧貌的影响

    秦小霞; 王豫蓉; 文华; 汪杰; 马策


    BACKGROUND:Individuals with different vertical facial types have different chin morphologies. For the individuals with different vertical facial types, what is the most beautiful chin morphology? OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the effects of vertical facial types and chin morphology on facial profile attractiveness. METHODS:Three beautiful females were selected, including one with high mandibular angle, one with average angle and one with low angle. Their facial profile photographs were taken. A series of new pictures were generated by the smal scale (2 mm per unit) modification of soft tissue chin in the sagittal direction and vertical direction. Raters consisting of 17 orthodontists and 35 laypersons were selected for aesthetic ratings, in order to evaluate the facial profile attractiveness of the individuals with different vertical facial types. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:There was no esthetic difference of vertical change in female with high angle;while slightly protrude chin was perceived to be more beautiful than retruded chin. For the female with average angle, lower chin was more attractive than higher chin;slightly protruded chin was beautiful than excessive protruded chin and retruded chin. For the individual with low angle, higher chin was preferred by raters;slightly protruded chin was more beautiful than excessive protruded chin and retruded chin.The results indicate that the effects of vertical facial types and chin morphology to facial profile attractiveness are different. In clinical orthodontic, vertical facial types should be taking into consideration to change the chin morphology of the patents, in order to obtain better profile attractiveness.%  背景:不同的垂直骨面型的个体,颏部形态也各不相同。那么不同垂直骨面型的个体,颏部形态分别表现为怎样才是最美观的?  目的:评价垂直骨面型与颏部形态两种因素同时对侧貌美观影响。  方法:选择美貌的高均低角女性各

  19. Um Novo Espaço para os Jovens: estudo sobre a Internet no Mundo Adolescente Chinês

    Fangfang, Zhang


    Full Text Available Este artigo estuda e analisa a situação atual do uso e influência da Internet no mundo adolescente chinês. A pesquisa pretende conhecer as características dos internautas adolescentes chineses, esclarecer as peculiaridades e mudanças ocorridas em função da utilização da Internet, estudar e debater as influências exercidas pela Internet sobre a vida dos adolescentes chineses, ou seja, as relações entre a utilização da Internet e o estudo, a diversão, a comunicação interpessoal, os pensamentos e os comportamentos do adolescente. The object of this work is studying and analysing the present situation of the usage and the influence of Internet in Chinese adolescent world. The research takes an interest in knowing the characteristics of Chinese teenagers who like surfing in Internet, finding out the peculiarities and the changes in use of Internet, studying and discussing the Internet’s influence for Chinese teenagers’ life, that is to say, the relationship between the use of Internet and the teenagers’ study, amusement, communication with others, thinking and behaviour.

  20. Boosting Chin Maritime Strategy

    Yang Peiju


    Authorized by the competent authority, CCS is the sole professional organization to carry out classification and statutory survey and notarial certification of ships and offshore oil and gas projects. CCS' rule and standard system for offshore installations has experienced 30 years, from none to possessing rules, from statutory and classification survey to competing for notarial certification, and from offshore to deep sea. In recent years, with the quickening of Chinese offshore oil and gas resources exploration, the rule and standard system of CCS has been strengthened and improved continuously.

  1. Tribute to Christine Chin

    Teo, Tang Wee; Tan, Aik-Ling


    It has been more than 3 years since Christine left us. She has left a lasting legacy of her academic brilliance among the science education community. This paper pays tribute to Christine's fine research work that has shaped and continues to shape science education research in the field of questioning and argumentation.

  2. 唐敖庆与中国理论化学%Au-Chin Tang and Chinese Theoretical Chemistry



    This essay briefly reviews the scientific career of Prof.Au-Chin Tang,showing his academic ideology and teaching style.In the middle of the last century,Prof.Tang trained talents independently and started to perform scientific researches.He founded the field of theoretical chemistry for China and made it prosperous.He attached particular importance to the teaching,and considered the learning of related courses as the necessary procedure for the scientists to lay a good foundation,open intelligence,cultivate interests and finally start researches.Therefore,he always taught systematically when recruiting new graduate students or holding workshops for high-level personnel.When setting up research projects,Prof.Tang paid special attention to the development of new theories and new methodologies and he advocated "big" and "difficult" projects.As for the recruitment and training for scientific employees,Prof.Tang welcomed both the persons with solid mathematical and physical foundations and the general chemical staffs.He intended to improve their theoretical levels and enhance their consensus through the teaching courses.%本文回顾唐敖庆先生的科教活动与事迹,从中展现他的学术思想、治学风格。上世纪中叶,他在国内环境中,独立自主地培养人才,开展研究,创建理论化学,并使之繁荣兴旺。他特别重视教学,视相关的课程学习为从业打好基础、开启智力、培植兴趣、进入研究的必经手段。据此,每招收新研究生和开办高层人才培训班时,必先系统授课。而在科研立项中,他看重新理论新方法的开拓和研究,提倡做"大"和"难"的课题。对从业人才的选用培训,既重视数理基础坚实者,也欢迎一般化学专业人员,在共享授课活动中,提高理论水平,增强共识。

  3. A economia política do modelo econômico chinês: o estado, o mercado e os principais desafios

    Alexandre Queiroz Guimarães


    Full Text Available O artigo explora algumas características do modelo chinês a partir de sua particularidade institucional, a relação entre o Estado e o mercado. Pretende-se esclarecer as razões dos bons resultados econômicos, destacar o papel essencial da variável internacional e apontar os principais desafios enfrentados pelo modelo chinês. Uma preocupação central é destacar as implicações, realizações e riscos de uma combinação muito particular entre o mercado e o Estado, tocando em um tema caro à Economia Política desde Adam Smith. Para esse intuito, o artigo dialoga com teorias da Economia Política e do desenvolvimento econômico, com destaque para o debate sobre os estados desenvolvimentistas. Argumenta-se que o sucesso do milagre chinês está relacionado à liberalização das forças de mercado, mas deve-se também ao papel do Estado Desenvolvimentista, que desempenhou um papel importante na transição para a economia de mercado e vem contribuindo significativamente para o fortalecimento da capacidade produtiva e tecnológica. Entretanto, a falta de demarcação entre o Estado e o mercado também implica dificuldades, que se manifestam na intervenção excessiva do partido e nas deficiências do sistema financeiro e do sistema de direitos de propriedade. De um lado, a economia beneficia-se da força do Estado e das medidas adotadas para fortalecer sua posição internacional. De outro, há tensões entre uma economia mais complexa e uma estrutura institucional muito específica. Outro ponto explorado são os esforços adotados para fortalecer a capacidade industrial e tecnológica, perguntando-se sobre a efetividade da política industrial no estágio atual do capitalismo. Enfim, o artigo trabalha outros desafios do modelo chinês, inclusive na área social, apontando como vêm sendo enfrentados.

  4. Harvesting of intraoral autogenous block grafts from the chin and ramus region: preliminary results with a variable square pulse Er:YAG laser

    Stübinger, S; Nuss, K; Sader, R.; von Rechenberg, B; Landes, C.


    Background and Objectives It was the aim of this pilot study to evaluate the feasibility, benefits and limitations of a variable square pulse (VSP) Er:YAG laser for harvesting intraoral bone grafts from either the chin or ramus region. Materials and Methods In 12 patients (5 female, 7 male) a VSP Er:YAG laser was used to harvest bone grafts either from the ramus (3) or the symphyseal area (9). For the osteotomies, the Er:YAG laser was applied with a pulse energy of 1,000 mJ, a pulse...

  5. A case of mimicking angioedema: chin silicone granulomatous reaction spreading all over the face after receiving liquid silicone injection forty years previously

    Yu-cheng Chen; Mei-ling Chen; Ying-ming Chiu


    Liquid injectable silicone has been used for soft tissue augmentation for five decades. Many complications following liquid silicone injection have been reported. To diagnose and manage silicone granuloma remains difficult. Silicone granuloma must be diagnosed with the history of liquid silicone injection and the histology of tissue biopsy. We presented a case of granulomatous reaction after the injection of liquid silicone for chin augmentation forty years ago, causing total facial swelling, which mimicking angioedema initially. We administered methylprednisolone to the patient. Initial response to methylprednisolone was favorable.

  6. Influence of environmental factors on abundance and temporal variation of benthic fauna resources in the eutrophic Tha Chin estuary, Samut Sakhon province, Thailand.

    Ritnim, Nittaya; Meksumpun, Charumas


    The influence of environmental factors on the abundance and temporal variation of benthic fauna resources was studied in the eutrophic Tha Chin estuary located in Samut Sakhon province. The objectives were to analyze the status of abundance and temporal variation of the benthic fauna and to clarify the impacts from environmental factors (water and sediment quality). Field surveys were conducted monthly from August 2007 to March 2008 at 11 sampling stations in the estuary. Based on freshwater runoff volumes, the high-, medium-, and low-loading periods were categorized to be from August to October 2007, November to December 2007, and January to March 2008, respectively. The benthic fauna resources were composed of 57 species in eight phyla. Annelids were the dominant species (with the maximum density being 19,885 individuals/m2), followed by the mollusks. Both densities decreased during the low-loading period in 2008. Water quality deteriorated during the high-loading period. Land-based wastewater discharges decreased the levels of salinity and dissolved oxygen but dramatically increased various nutrients. Consequently, the sediment quality deteriorated during the medium-loading period. Bottom deposits during this time depicted high accumulation of acid volatile sulfides (more than 0.76 mg/g dry weight). Analyzing the environmental relationships, deposit feeders (for example, Nereis sp. and Prionospio sp.) and a clam (Arcuatula sp.) showed potential as bio-indicators for environmental monitoring. The overall results revealed the importance of changes in the water and sediment qualities that had an influence on related benthic resources. The increase in the level of NH4(+)-N had a negative impact on the economic clam species, while the sedimentary TOM showed positive correlation (P sediment conditions. Thus, the land-based runoff should be controlled for the protection of resources. Further effective sustainable management will be enhanced by giving serious

  7. Integration of aquatic ecology and biological oceanographic knowledge for development of area-based eutrophication assessment criteria leading to water resource remediation and utilization management: a case study in Tha Chin, the most eutrophic river of Thailand.

    Meksumpun, Charumas; Meksumpun, Shettapong


    This research was carried out in Tha Chin Watershed in the central part of Thailand with attempts to apply multidisciplinary knowledge for understanding ecosystem structure and response to anthropogenic pollution and natural impacts leading to a proposal for an appropriate zonation management approach for sustainable utilization of the area. Water quality status of the Tha Chin River and Estuary had been determined by analyzing ecological, hydrological, and coastal oceanographic information from recent field surveys (during March 2006 to November 2007) together with secondary data on irrigation, land utilization, and socio-economic status.Results indicated that the Tha Chin River and Estuary was eutrophic all year round. Almost 100% of the brackish to marine areas reflected strongly hypertrophic water condition during both dry and high-loading periods. High NH(4)(+) and PO(4)(3-) loads from surrounding agricultural land use, agro-industry, and community continuously flew into the aquatic environment. Deteriorated ecosystem was clearly observed by dramatically low DO levels (ca 1 mg/l) in riverine to coastal areas and Noctiluca and Ceratium red tide outbreaks occurred around tidal front closed to the estuary. Accordingly, fishery resources were significantly decreased. Some riverine benthic habitats became dominated by deposit-feeding worms e.g. Lumbriculus, Branchiura, and Tubifex, while estuarine benthic habitats reflected succession of polychaetes and small bivalves. Results on analysis on integrated ecosystem responses indicated that changing functions were significantly influenced by particulates and nutrients dynamics in the system.Based on the overall results, the Tha Chin River and Estuary should be divided into 4 zones (I: Upper freshwater zone; II: Middle freshwater zone; III Lower freshwater zone; and IV: Lowest brackish to marine zone) for further management schemes on water remediation. In this study, the importance of habitat morphology and water flow

  8. O problema do carteiro chinês, algoritmos exatos e um ambiente MVI para análise de suas instâncias: sistema XNÊS

    Marcos José Negreiros Gomes


    Full Text Available Apresenta-se um estudo geral sobre o Problema do Carteiro Chinês (PCC, nas versões simétrica, orientada e mista, do ponto de vista dos algoritmos exatos até então publicados sobre o assunto. Para apresentar as soluções exatas das versões do problema, foram utilizadas as implementações exatas dos algoritmos de Sherafat (dos casos orientado e misto com adaptações, e de Edmonds & Johnson (do simétrico adaptada de Burkard & Derigs. O trabalho também apresenta as diferenças de comportamento dos métodos em situações bastante peculiares, através de um conjunto de instâncias testes com o objetivo de apurar mais detalhadamente o seu desempenho. Por fim, mostramos o software (Sistema XNÊS idealizado para gerar grafos instâncias (simétricos, orientados e/ou mistos e soluções exatas para estas versões do Problema do Carteiro Chinês (PCC. Implementa-se aqui uma versão de um modelo de geração de grafos no modo de Modelagem Visual Interativa (MVI, através de um editor específico de grafos com atributos e informações de efeitos visuais nos vértices e nas ligações. Este software pode ser usado como demonstração efetiva da importância do problema na academia, assim como um potencial analista de rotas de problemas semelhantes, ou até mesmo como verificador de instâncias das mais complicadas ou de razoável porte do PCC.We do a general study over the Chinese Postman Problem (CCP, in the symmetric, oriented and mixed cases, in consideration to the modeling and exact algorithms published most recently. To find exact solutions "for/to" these versions of the problem we show and use exact implementations reported by Sherafat (to the Oriented and the Mixed cases with adaptations, Edmonds and Johnson (symmetric case adapted from Burkard & Derigs approach. The work also presents a set of evaluation instances to the methods, and peculiarities behind them to the performance and solution quality analysis. In this work we show the

  9. A Cephalometric Analysis for Evaluation of Changes in Soft Tissues in the Regions of the Upper and Lower Lips and Chin due to Orthognathic Maxillary Advancement Surgery

    Ribeiro, Hélcio Tadeu


    Full Text Available Introduction There is currently no consensus regarding the best method for predicting the changes in soft tissues due to the modification of hard tissues in orthognathic surgery. Objective To measure the changes in soft tissues of the upper lip, lower lip, and chin regions due to the modifications of hard tissues caused by orthognathic maxillary advancement surgery using a cephalometric methodology. Methods The study was conducted on 35 patients with dentoskeletal and facial deformities submitted to orthognathic maxillary advancement surgery. Two teleradiographs were taken: one during the preoperative period and the other 1 year after the surgery, on which the cephalometric tracing was drawn. Results A strong correlation (r = 0.747 was demonstrated in the horizontal analysis between the hard A (Ah point (located in the deepest point of the anterior curvature of the maxilla and the soft A (As point in the advancement of the maxilla, with a mean variation of 0.859% occurring in As with each 1% variation of the Ah point. A mean variation of 0.698% occurred in the superior soft prostion point (prolongation of the superior hard prostion point to its corresponding point on soft tissue for each 1% variation in the superior hard prostion point (bone point located at the junction of the alveolar process with the crown of the upper incisors. Conclusion The cephalometric methodology applied here revealed that the soft tissues of the upper lip accompanied 70 to 80% of the movement of hard tissues in maxillary advancement and that the soft tissues of the lower lip did not change or showed no significant changes.

  10. Vertical Ridge Augmentation of the Atrophic Posterior Mandible with Sandwich Technique: Bone Block from the Chin Area versus Corticocancellous Bone Block Allograft—Clinical and Histological Prospective Randomized Controlled Study

    Luigi Laino


    Full Text Available The aim of the present study is to compare the histological aspects of bone formation in atrophic posterior mandibles augmented by autologous bone block from chin area with corticocancellous bone block allograft used as inlays with the sandwich technique. Materials and Methods. Sixteen patients with bilateral partial edentulism in the posterior mandible were selected. The residual bone height, preliminarily measured by computed tomography scans, ranged between 5 and 7 mm from the inferior alveolar nerve. All patients required regeneration procedure with autologous bone block from chin area (control group versus bone block allograft Puros (Zimmer Dental, 1900 Aston Avenue, Carlsbad, CA, USA (test group. Histological and histomorphometric samples were collected at the time of implant positioning in order to analyze the percentage of newly formed bone, the residual graft material, and marrow spaces/soft tissue. Results. No statistically significant differences between the two groups were found regarding the percentage of newly formed bone. The percentage of residual grafted material was significantly higher in the test group, whilst the percentage of marrow spaces was higher in control group. Conclusions. In conclusion, both procedures supported good results, although the use of bone blocks allograft was less invasive and preferable than harvesting bone from the mental symphysis.

  11. On Translation Ethics:a Case Study onthe Last Night of Taipan Chin%翻译伦理视域下《金大班的最后一夜》英译本的五维解读



    Translation ethics are the moral standards that a translator must obey in translation. A case study of the translated Chinese version ofThe Last Night of Taipan Chin is made based on five models of translation ethics put forward by Chesterman. The target text are analyzed from the following aspects: ethics of representation; ethics of service;ethics of communication;norm-based ethics and ethics of professional. Then the explanation is made on how these ethics should guide the translation practice.%基于切斯特曼提出的翻译伦理五种主要模式,分析白先勇创作并翻译的《金大班的最后一夜》一文,并从五个维度分析翻译伦理如何指导具体的文学翻译实践。

  12. 18.CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISORDER 920177 Study of cardiac Raynaud’s phe-nomenon in patients with connective tissuedisease.LI Ming (李明),et al.Huashan Hosp,Shanghai Med Univ.Chin J Dermatol 1991; 24 (5):294-297.The myocardial perfusion and function aftercold


    920177 Study of cardiac Raynaud’s phe-nomenon in patients with connective tissuedisease.LI Ming (李明),et al.Huashan Hosp,Shanghai Med Univ.Chin J Dermatol 1991; 24 (5):294-297.The myocardial perfusion and function aftercold stress were studied in 11 patients with

  13. 青春生长减速期安氏ⅡⅠ类错(牙合)患者治疗前后颏唇部的变化%Soft and Hard Chin Tissue Changes in Patients after Adolescent Growth Spurt before and after Treatment for ClassⅡDivisionⅠ

    陈玉玲; 李洋淑; 魏艳华; 苏杰华; 张端强


    Objective To investigate the soft and hard tissue's change of chin before and after treatment in class Ⅱ division Ⅰ patients after adolescence growth spurt. Methods Twenty class Ⅱ Ⅰ patients after adolescence growth spurt were studied. The first maxillary and mandibular premolars were extracted and the patients were treated with fixed appliance. The cephalometric changes of the soft and hard tissue chin were statistically analyzed before and after treatment. Results After treatment, the upper and lower incisors' protrusion was reduced, the vertical facial height was significantly increased, the angle of facial convexity was reduced, the chin groove angle was increased, the chin groove was more depressed and the thickness of soft tissue chin was increased. Conclusion The profile of chin soft tissue develeped after treatment in class Ⅱ division Ⅰ patients after adolescence growth spurt. The changes may be resulted from the interaction between orthodontic treatment and development.%目的 初步探讨青春生长减速期安氏ⅡⅠ类错(牙合)患者减数治疗前后的颏唇部软硬组织变化.方法 选择20例青春生长减速期安氏ⅡⅠ类错(牙合)患者,拔除上下颌四个第一前磨牙,用直丝弓矫治器治疗.分析比较治疗前后颏唇部软硬组织在X线头颅侧位片上的变化.结果 治疗后上下切牙突度减小,面部垂直高度显著增加,软组织面凸角减小、颏沟倾角、颏部凹陷程度及软组织颏厚度增加.结论 青春生长减速期安氏ⅡⅠ类错牙 合患者矫治后软组织侧貌的改善是正畸治疗和生长发育相互作用的结果,矫治中还应注重垂直向上的控制.

  14. Problema do carteiro chinês: escolha de métodos de solução e análise de tempos computacionais Chinese Postman Problem: solution methods choice and computational time analysis

    Moacir Godinho Filho


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho trata do problema do carteiro chinês (CPP. Primeiramente, por meio da estruturação e análise de uma revisão bibliográfica, propõe-se um algoritmo para auxiliar na escolha de métodos adequados a fim de se resolver o CPP. Em seguida, o algoritmo desenvolvido é utilizado na escolha de métodos para resolução do CPP em dois casos reais. O trabalho também verifica se, nos problemas práticos de logística urbana estudados, é válida uma premissa citada na literatura de que a complexidade do CPP com uma única entidade em problemas mistos é muito maior do que para problemas direcionados e não direcionados. Para isto, são selecionados casos reais de coleta de lixo e correios em uma cidade do interior paulista. Este trabalho conclui que, para problemas extraídos de situações logísticas reais, inexistem significativas diferenças entre o tempo computacional para a resolução dos modelos matemáticos com vistas à obtenção de grafos eulerianos não direcionados, direcionados e mistos.This work deals with Chinese Postman Problem (CPP. First, this paper, based on structuring and analyzing a CPP literature review, proposes an algorithm to help choosing suitable methods to solve CPP. The proposed algorithm is used on two real-world cases. This paper also verifies if in real urban logistics cases it is valid the assumption that the obtaining the optimal solution for the mixed 1 vehicle CPP is more difficult than directed and undirected cases. To accomplish this goal real-world cases are selected (household refuse collection and postal service. This work concludes that for real-world situations there are no significant differences on computational time between directed, undirected and mixed CPP.

  15. Aspectos epidemiológicos das micoses dos pés em um time chinês de futebol Aspectos epidemiologicos de las micosis de los pies en un equipo chino de fútbol Epidemiological aspects of the feet mycosis in a Chinese soccer team

    Kátia Sheylla Malta Purim; Lili Purim Niehues; Flávio de Queiroz-Telles Filho; Neiva Leite


    As infecções fúngicas podais podem interferir no desempenho esportivo ao provocar desconforto e dor nos atletas. O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a prevalência das infecções fúngicas podais em um time profissional de futebol, verificando os agentes mais freqüentes e os fatores predisponentes. O delineamento da pesquisa foi transversal e descritivo. A amostra foi composta de 22 homens, com idades entre 23 e 36 anos, integrantes do time de futebol profissional chinês, quando de sua participa...

  16. Produção de repolho branco chinês (pak choi sob proteção com "não tecido" de polipropileno Yield of pak choi crop under non woven polypropylene

    Marie Y. Reghin


    Full Text Available O cultivo do repolho branco chinês (pak choi (Brassica campestris var. chinensis foi avaliado nas condições de inverno dos Campos Gerais (PR, sob proteção, com "não tecido" de polipropileno branco, também conhecido como agrotêxtil, nas gramaturas de 17 e 25 g/m², comparado com o cultivo sem proteção. Os híbridos usados foram Canton e Chouyou com semeadura em bandejas de poliestireno expandido em 11/05/00 e transplante no estádio de 4-5 folhas definitivas, em 23/06/00. O delineamento experimental foi de blocos casualizados com 5 repetições, tendo os tratamentos seguido esquema fatorial 3x2. Cada parcela teve 36 plantas distribuídas no espaçamento 0,30 x 0,30m. Após o transplante, nas parcelas respectivas, as plantas foram cobertas com o agrotêxtil como uma manta flutuante. As avaliações na colheita, realizada de acordo com a maturidade das plantas foram: número de folhas, altura da parte aérea, diâmetro da base, peso de matéria fresca e matéria seca de plantas. A porcentagem de plantas com florescimento prematuro foi avaliada aos 51 dias. No cultivo sem proteção, as plantas do híbrido Canton foram prejudicadas pela geada, apresentando os bordos foliares totalmente queimados, enquanto o híbrido Chouyou não teve nenhum sintoma visual de dano por geada. O agrotêxtil protegeu as plantas contra a geada e contribuiu para o desenvolvimento mais rápido das plantas, possibilitando colheita precoce aos 38 dias do transplante quando usou-se gramatura de 25 g/m² e aos 42 dias na de 17 g/m². No cultivo sem proteção, a colheita ocorreu somente aos 46 dias. Entre os híbridos, Canton foi mais precoce que Chouyou. No entanto, Canton foi suscetível ao florescimento prematuro na estação de inverno, apresentando algumas plantas com esta ocorrência aos 36 dias do transplante. A proteção com polipropileno promoveu a produção de plantas com qualidade superior do produto observada através das características de maior peso

  17. “新吉富”罗非鱼、“吉丽”罗非鱼及萨罗罗非鱼耐寒力的测定%Determination on the cold tolerance of NEW GIFT Nile tilapia,GILI tilapia and Black-chin tilapia

    王兵; 李思发; 蔡完其


    Cold tolerances of three tilapias(NEW GIFT Nile tilapia,GILI tilapia and Black-chin tilapia)to low temperatures naturally decreased in Shanghai area were studied and the average lethal temperature of 50% individuals has been calculated continuously for 3 years.It is found that low lethal water temperatures ranged from 7.5℃ to 5.8℃,and the average lethal temperatures of 50% individuals was 6.8℃ for NEW GIFT Nile tilapia in 2008.Meanwhile,behaviors of tilapias under decreasing water temperatures were observed.The range of low lethal water temperatures were 10.8-7.6℃,12.4-9.2℃ for NEW GIFT Nile tilapia and GILI Tilapia in 2009,and the average lethal temperatures of 50% individuals were 9.2 ℃ and 11.4 ℃.But they were 10.8-7.6 ℃,12.4-9.2 ℃ and 13.8-12.4 ℃ for NEW GIFT Nile tilapia,GILI tilapia and Black-chin tilapia in 2010.The average lethal temperatures of 50% individuals were 8.3 ℃,12.5 ℃ and 13.1 ℃,separately,also there were significant differences among them.The comprehensive results showed that:water temperatures that began to die and 100% die were 11 ℃,5.8 ℃ respectively for NEW GIFT Nile tilapia,12.4 ℃,9.2 ℃ respectively for GILI Tilapia,13.8 ℃,12.4 ℃ respectively for Black-chin tilapia.There were significant or highly significant species/strain-specific differences among these three genotypic tilapias in cold tolerance.The hybridization could improve cold tolerance to a certain extent.%在上海地区室外自然降温条件下,连续3年观察测定了"新吉富"罗非鱼、"吉丽"罗非鱼("新吉富"罗非鱼♀×萨罗罗非鱼♂)及萨罗罗非鱼对低温的耐受力,计算和分析了平均半致死水温。2008年,"新吉富"罗非鱼死亡水温范围是7.5~5.8℃,平均半致死水温是6.8℃,对水温降低过程中罗非鱼行为活动的变化进行了观察;2009年,"新吉富"罗非鱼和"吉丽"罗非鱼的死亡水温范围分别是10.8~7.6℃、12.4~9.2℃,

  18. “玉楼”模式源流生成考--从《金瓶梅》中孟玉楼之簪谈起%A Probe in to the Yulou Mode from a Perspective of MENG Yu-lou’s Hairpin in Chin Ping Mei



    自宋元至清,“玉楼”一诗由“诗配画”的形式扩展到各类文体中。“玉楼”模式包含景、情、人浑然一体的画面感,以艳遇故事为主的叙事表层和以色空观为核心的叙事深层这三方面内容。该模式经历一个由雅到俗,最终又复归到雅的源流生成过程。《金瓶梅》作者应是借鉴此模式后,将其加以改编融入《金瓶梅》中。%From the period of Song and Yuan to that of Qing,the poem Yulou combined with paintings had been ex-panded to various literary styles.The Yulou mode involved the combination of man with scene and emotion,the surface narra-tive layer oriented by romance and the deep narrative one with views toward beauty and emptiness as the core.Such mode had undergone a process from elegance to vulgarity,and finally again to elegance.The author of Chin Ping Mei should have taken this mode as reference and compiled it in an attempt to adapt it to the novel.

  19. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Food Package Data China’s Ministry of Health stipulates that the amount of trans fat and other dietary information should be marked on the labels of packaged food in the country’s first national nutritional standard for food nutrition labeling, effective January 1,2013. The new regulation means food package labels will have to detail information on nutrition,including levels of energy,protein,fat,carbohydrate and

  20. O chinês, o lobo e a britadeira

    Tatiana Pellion


    Full Text Available A psicose na criança traduz uma posição confusa do sujeito no registro simbólico. A partir de um trabalho clínico com um jovem psicótico serão debatidas tanto a relação pulsional e a demanda dirigida ao Outro, como a necessária distinção entre pai imaginário, real e simbólico. Por fim, será tratada a construção do trabalho analítico, realizado ao longo do tratamento, para suprir a função paterna.The chinese, the wolf and the stone crusher. Child psychosis means that the subject has a troubled relationship with the symbolic. Through this case history of the clinical treatment of a young psychotic boy, we aim to examine the place of the drives in his relation to the Other and the Other's demand, the distinction that must be made among the imaginary, symbolic and real fathers, and then the role of the construction, in the course of the analytic treatment, of a way of making up for the paternal function.

  1. O chinês, o lobo e a britadeira

    Tatiana Pellion


    A psicose na criança traduz uma posição confusa do sujeito no registro simbólico. A partir de um trabalho clínico com um jovem psicótico serão debatidas tanto a relação pulsional e a demanda dirigida ao Outro, como a necessária distinção entre pai imaginário, real e simbólico. Por fim, será tratada a construção do trabalho analítico, realizado ao longo do tratamento, para suprir a função paterna.The chinese, the wolf and the stone crusher. Child psychosis means that the subject has a troubled...

  2. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Property Tax First On January 28,a trial property tax program was launched in the major Chinese cities of Chongqing and Shanghai.It is part of the Central Government’s successive moves to cool the rampant property prices since April last year. In Chongqing,tax will be levied on all villas and any new apartments priced at more than two times the city’s average, as well as any second apartments purchased by people who are non-perma-

  3. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Resource Tax Adjusted China will implement new resource tax rates for oil and gas from November 1,2011,according to the State Council,China's cabinet.The sales of crude oil and natural gas nationwide will be subject to a tax of between 5 percent and 10 percent.It will also impose a tax of 0.4-60 yuan ($0.06-9.4) per ton on rare e.arth ores and 8-20 yuan ($1.2-3.1) a ton on coking coal.

  4. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Unified Solar PV Tariff The Chinese Government has set a unified national solar photovoltaic (PV) benchmarking on grid tariff in order to improve its PV tariffpolicy to standardize solar PV tariff management and promote sustain able development of solar PV industry.Power grid operators will be required to pay solar energy producers 1.15 yuan ($0.18) per kwh of electricity,according to a notice posted on the website of the National Development and Reform Commission.The notice also stated that the prices only apply to solar power project that were approved before July 1.Electricity generated by projects that were approved after July 1 will be priced at 1 yuan ($0.15) per kwh,the notice said.

  5. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Unified Solar PV Tariff The Chinese Government has set a unified national solar photovoltaic(PV) benchmarking on-grid tariff in order to improve its PV tariff policy to standardize solar PV tariff management and promote sustainable development of solar PV industry. Power grid operators will be required to pay solar energy producers 1.15 yuan ($0.18) per kwh of electricity,according to

  6. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    @@ Flour Additives Banned Two food additives, benzoyl peroxide and calcium peroxide, are prohibited from flour production starting May I, according to a statement issued by China's Ministry of Health on March 1.

  7. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Flour Additives Banned Two food additives,benzoyl peroxide and calcium peroxide,are prohibited from flour production starting May 1,according to a statement issued by China’s Ministry of Health on March 1. The decision was made in response to increasing public requests for natural food and less chemical additives,the statement said.In addition,with the improvement in the country’s flour processing and wheat planting tech-

  8. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Foreigners Included Foreign employees in China will be entitled to the same social insurance benefits as Chinese nationals when the new Social Insurance Law goes into effect on July 1, 2011,according a senior official with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Target groups include foreign workers employed by Chinese and overseas-fund-

  9. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Controlling Traffic Chaos Beijing residents now need to apply to buy a car as new regulations,effective from January 1,became part of a series of new polices to curb mounting traffic chaos.Other regulations include limited automobile registration and increased parking charges.According to the regulations issued by Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport,the city will license only 240,000 new vehicles in 2011,a third of the 700,000 new autos that hit Beijing roads in 2010.Eighty-eight percent of the quota will be distributed among first-time

  10. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Tougher bank regulations New rules setting stricter criteria for lenders’ capital adequacy,provisions,leverage, and liquidity conditions are going to take effect at the beginning of 2012,according to the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC). The banks are required to meet the new standards by the end of 2013 and the end of 2016 respectively.

  11. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Tax Exempted Import tax exemption on equipment used in oil and gas drilling programs was granted by the Chinese Government in order to support the drilling industry,according to a statement released on the website of the Ministry of Finance on September 1.

  12. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Stricter Rules for Foreigners A stricter provincial rule governing foreigners who live and work in south China’s Guangdong Province took effective on May 1 to tackle the problem of illegal immigration.People are encouraged to report wrongdoing like illegal entry,

  13. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Tax Exempted Import tax exemption on equipment used in oil and gas drilling programs was granted by the Chinese Government in order to support the drilling industry, according to a statement released on the website of the Ministry of Finance on September 1. The statement said equipment,instruments, accessories and special purpose tools that domestic companies can’t produce and are directly used in exploration

  14. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Resource Tax Adjusted China will implement new resource tax rates for oil and gas from November 1, 2011,according to the State Council, China’s cabinet. The sales of crude oil and natural gas nationwide will be subject to a tax of between 5 percent and 10 percent. It will also impose a tax of 0.4-60 yuan ($0.06-9.4) per ton on rare earth ores and 8-20 yuan($1.2-3.1) a ton on coking coal. Taxes on other types of coal remained unchanged at 0.3-5 yuan

  15. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Combating IPR Infringements China’s Ministry of Public Security launched a new round of crackdown on intellectual property right infringements starting from November 2010 to March 2011. According to Liu Jinguo,Vice Minister of Public Security,the campaign will focus on combating against infringement of copyrights,trademarks and the patents. Meanwhile,they will fight against the pro-

  16. ChinAfrica briefly introduces the latest Chinese Government regulations


    Low Cost AIDS Drugs China is mulling over using mandatory licensing for AIDS drugs to secure their low price as the nation’s health authority is preparing to expand coverage for the preventive antiretroviral therapy(ART). This therapy,which is currently free only for full-blown AIDS patients,will be offered free to couples with one partner having HIV/

  17. Fluoride does not induce DNA breakage in Chinese hamster ovary cells in vitro Flúor não induz danos ao DNA em células de ovário de hamster chinês in vitro

    Daniel Araki Ribeiro


    Full Text Available Fluoride has been widely used in dentistry because it is a specific and effective caries prophylactic agent. However, excess fluoride may represent a hazard to human health, especially by causing injury to genetic material. Genotoxicity tests represent an important part of cancer research to assess the risk of potential carcinogens. In the current study, the potential DNA damage associated with exposure to fluoride was assessed by the single cell gel (comet assay in vitro. Chinese hamster ovary cells were exposed to sodium fluoride (NaF at final concentration ranging from 7 to 100 µg/ml for 3 h, at 37°C. The results pointed out that NaF in all concentrations tested did not contribute to DNA damage as depicted by the mean tail moment and tail intensity. These findings are clinically important since they represent an important contribution to a correct evaluation of the potential health risk associated with the exposure to dental agents.O flúor tem sido amplamente usado na Odontologia, pois é um agente profilático efetivo e específico contra a cárie dentária. Entretanto, o flúor em excesso pode representar perigos à saúde humana, especialmente por causar agressão ao material genético. Testes de genotoxicidade representam uma importante parte da pesquisa do câncer para a avaliação de risco de possíveis carcinógenos. Neste presente estudo, danos ao DNA associados à exposição ao flúor foram avaliados pelo teste de células individualizadas em gel de agarose (teste do cometa in vitro. Células de ovário de hamster chinês foram expostas ao fluoreto de sódio (NaF nas concentrações finais de 7 a 100 µg/ml, durante 3 h, a 37°C. Os resultados mostraram que o NaF não contribuiu para os danos no DNA em todas as concentrações testadas, conforme demonstrado pelas médias do momento da cauda e da intensidade da cauda dos cometas. Esses achados são clinicamente importantes, uma vez que representam uma importante contribui

  18. Aspectos epidemiológicos das micoses dos pés em um time chinês de futebol Aspectos epidemiologicos de las micosis de los pies en un equipo chino de fútbol Epidemiological aspects of the feet mycosis in a Chinese soccer team

    Kátia Sheylla Malta Purim


    Full Text Available As infecções fúngicas podais podem interferir no desempenho esportivo ao provocar desconforto e dor nos atletas. O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a prevalência das infecções fúngicas podais em um time profissional de futebol, verificando os agentes mais freqüentes e os fatores predisponentes. O delineamento da pesquisa foi transversal e descritivo. A amostra foi composta de 22 homens, com idades entre 23 e 36 anos, integrantes do time de futebol profissional chinês, quando de sua participação de jogos em Curitiba (PR. Todos foram avaliados clinicamente e submetidos a exames micológicos (direto e cultura de escamas de pele e unha dos pés e estudo histopatológico de fragmento ungueal. Os resultados encontrados foram: 12 casos (54,5% não apresentavam micose; cinco casos (22,72% apresentavam onicomicose isolada e cinco casos (22,72% apresentavam onicomicose associada a tinea pedis, tendo como principal agente isolado o Trichophyton rubrum. Os fatores predisponentes apontados pelos atletas incluíram: banho em local público (85%, prática de esporte (76%, uso de calçados fechados (70%, contato com animal doméstico (63% e irregularidade na higiene dos pés (50%. CONCLUSÃO: A freqüência da onicomicose em atletas chineses foi maior do que na população em geral. O agente mais freqüente foi o Trichophyton rubrum. Os hábitos individuais podem contribuir para a aquisição dessas infecções fúngicas, além do trauma direto pelo calçado e bola, bem como pelo contato físico durante treinos e jogos que podem favorecer lesões cutâneas e ungueais.Las infecciones fúngicas pueden interferir en la acción deportiva por provocar incomodidad y dolor en los atletas. El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar el predominio de infecciones fúngicas en los pies que afectan a un equipo profesional de fútbol, mientras se verifican los agentes más frecuentes y los factores predisponentes. El delineamento de la investigación fue cruzado y

  19. Chin Africa focuses on universities in China that recruit foreign students


    Nanjing University Nanjing University(NJU),one of China’s key comprehensive universities under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education,was founded in 1902,known as Sanjiang Normal College.It took its present name in October 1950. Today’s NJU has three campuses, comprising 26 schools with 75 departments, which provide 85 undergraduate programs,213 master’s programs,147 doctoral programs and 28 post-doctoral research programs.

  20. ChinAfrica focuses on universities in China that recruit foreign students


    Nanjing University Nanjing University (NJU),one of China's key comprehensive universities under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education,was founded in 1902,known as Sanjiang Normal College.It took its present name in October 1950.

  1. Observing a Yang Ch'in Lesson: Learning by Modeling and Metaphor.

    Davidson, Lyle


    Describes a Chinese lesson during which the techniques for playing the yang-ch'in are taught. Discusses why Chinese teachers use rote instruction in music lessons and why they use poetry and nonmusical scenes as indicators of music's expressiveness. Compares this method of utilizing imitation with U.S. teaching techniques and relates it to…

  2. Racist Love Frank Chin and Jeffery Chan(Author)%种族主义者的爱

    Frank Chin; Jeffery Paul Chan; 李贵苍; 徐纪阳



  3. ChinAfrica focuses on universities in China that recruit foreign students


    Shanghai International Studies University In December 1949,Shanghai Russian College,the forerunner of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU),was founded in Shanghai.Over 60 years later,SISU has developed into a research,teaching,and multi-disciplinary comprehensive university,dedicated to fostering foreign language elites with "high quality,multiple skills,international vision,spirit of innovation and capacity of practice."At present,the university has two picturesque campuses in Hongkou and Songjiang districts,covering a total area of 70.2 hectares.

  4. Chin-spot as an indicator of age in pond bats

    Haarsma, A.J.; Alphen, van J.


    Tijdens ecologisch veldonderzoek is het vaak nuttig om de leeftijd van een dier te kunnen bepalen. Bij de watervleermuis (Myotis daubentonii) kan de verkleuring van de kinvlek gebruikt worden om de leeftijd van het individu te bepalen. In dit artikel onderzoeken we in hoeverre de verkleuring van de

  5. ChinAfrica focuses on universities in China that recruit foreign students


    Fudan University LOCATED in east China’s Shanghai Municipality, Fudan University (FU) is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. Initially known as Fudan Public School, FU is the first institution of higher education independently founded

  6. O desafio chinês e a indústria na América Latina

    Mauricio Mesquita Moreira


    Full Text Available A emergência da China levanta dúvidas sobre o futuro da indústria na América Latina. Embora a teoria de comércio tradicional e três gerações de tigres asiáticos já tenham questionado a capacidade da região de obter participação expressiva no mercado mundial de manufaturados, a China, com oferta ilimitada de mão-de-obra, rápido crescimento da produtividade, escala massiva e estado intervencionista, leva esse questionamento às últimas conseqüências. Este artigo procura discutir a natureza e as implicações desse questionamento.China's emergence has raised questions about the future of manufacturing in Latin America. Once saw as its economic future, the viability of this activity in the region has long been challenged by traditional trade theory and, in practical terms, by at least three generations of Asian Tigers. China and its "unlimited supply of labor", rapid productivity growth, scale, and extremely interventionist state has brought the practical challenge to unprecedented levels. This paper looks at the nature of this challenge and its implications.

  7. ChinAfrica : How can the Sino-African cooperation be beneficial for Africa ?

    Marchiori, Luca


    In this paper, different scenarios of increased cooperation between China and African countries are simulated. Recent intensifications of political and economic ties between China and Sub-Saharan African countries may give hope that an economic improvement in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is possible. Three channels may lead to a catching-up of Africa with China : a reduction in Africa's investment ristk, an increase in its total factor productivity (TFP) and an improvement of its worker skills. A...


    Ian Wilson


    Full Text Available A key international marketing decision for many Chinese (and firms from other emerging markets is whether to internationalise their own brands-labelled by the Chinese as OBM (Original or Own Brand Manufacturing-or to be international players by acting as contract manufacturers(labelled by the Chinese as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing for foreign brand owners(FBOs. The paper discusses some of the extant research on the advantages and disadvantages of each business model and then focuses on primary research conducted amongst 8 Chinese firms in electronics and textiles and the OEM-OBM decisions they face. In so doing, it discusses some of thefactors influencing such decisions and proposes a framework for reviewing them as firm and environmental circumstances change.

  9. A model of local labor market reguiation of Chin in the transition period

    Ye Qi


    With the establishment of labor market of China,market is playing a more and more important role in allocation of human resources.However,with the transition of economy in China and industrial upgrading in recent years,many labor problems have occurred which do harm to the sustainable development of local economy.The paper researches on the labor market issues of China from the perspective of local labor market regulation,Firstly,reviews the theories of local labor market regulation.And then the main components of local labor market regulation of China are identified and the evaluation index system is established,The results of analysis of the calculated output show that (1) the local labor market regulation of China has an obvious character of gradient distribution geographically and decreases gradually from east to west;(2) of all the regulations,the regulation of the development of human capital has the most significant impact on local economy currently which is followed by the regulation of laborrelation and the regulation of market participation.As to the regulation of social security,it has no significant impact on the development of local economy.

  10. "The Source of Learning Is Thought" Reading the "Chin-ssu lu" (???) with a "Western Eye"

    Reichenbach, Roland


    The contribution focuses on Neo-Confucian texts as collected by Zhu Xi (?? 1130-1200) and Lü Zuqian (1137-1181) and is a look from the "outside", from the perspective of German theories of Bildung ("self-cultivation"). It aims at demonstrating that among other insights that today's readers may gather from Neo-Confucian…

  11. An economic study in Chinú, Cordoba department, for producing and marketing dehydrated Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana bertoni) leaves

    Euriel Millán - Romero; Wilson Pacheco – Díaz; Jorge Morales – Alemán


    A business plan was structured which proposed using Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana bertoni) for marketing dry leaves and using them as food for cattle Surveys and interviews were held with agricultural product producers, companies and consumers to obtain relevant supply and demand data Dried leaf demand was 944,400 kg, 1,065,600 kg and 1,880,800 kg in 2009, 2010 and 2011, respectively, and demand for sacks of leaf as food was 1,377, 1,605 and 1,994 for 2011, 2012 and 2013, respectively By contr...

  12. Health and Human Rights in Chin State, Western Burma: A Population-Based Assessment Using Multistaged Household Cluster Sampling

    Sollom, Richard; Richards, Adam K.; Parmar, Parveen; Mullany, Luke C.; Lian, Salai Bawi; Iacopino, Vincent; Beyrer, Chris


    Editors' Summary Background More than 60 years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, thousands of people around the world are still deprived of their basic human rights—life, liberty, and security of person. In many countries, people live in fear of arbitrary arrest and detention, torture, forced labor, religious and ethnic persecution, forced displacement, and murder. In addition, ongoing conflicts and despotic governments deprive them of the ability to grow suffic...

  13. Effects of chin advancement surgery in hyoid bone and tongue positions and in the dimension of the oropharynx

    Milena Barreto de Arruda Cabral


    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: Advancement genioplasty has been increasingly indicated for the correction of anterior mandibular deficiency as it balances the patient's profile and generates functional changes. OBJECTIVE: Thus, the aim of this study was to assess the effects of advancement genioplasty in the oropharyngeal size and in the position of the hyoid bone and tongue. METHODS: The sample comprised 22 lateral cephalometric radiographs of 11 individuals who had undergone advancement genioplasty alone. Eleven of these radiographs depicted the immediate preoperative period (T0 and the other 11 the postoperative period after at least four months (T1. The radiographs were scanned and exported to the Radiocef Studio 2.0® software (Radio Memory Ltda., Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. The landmarks were then identified and automatically measured by the program. RESULTS: The results showed statistically significant differences between the horizontal position of the hyoid bone and tongue and in the oropharyngeal size. The hyoid bone and tongue were repositioned anteriorly after surgery (p = 0.01, thereby increasing the dimension of the oropharyngeal airspace (p = 0.01. CONCLUSIONS: The oropharyngeal dimension increased as the tongue base and hyoid bone were repositioned more anteriorly

  14. 赵健秀的亚裔美国文化建构%Frank Chin's Construction of Asian American Culture




  15. Discuss the Music Therapy Thoughts in An cient Chin a Roughly%浅谈中国古代音乐治疗思想

    陈萍; 马晓亮


    通过梳理、分析古代音乐治疗思想--"五音应五脏"的渊源及原理,期冀厘清中医乐疗理论体系,提高临床应用的可操作性和规范性.%By combing and analyzing the origins and principles of ancient music therapy thinking"pentameter should corresponds with the five internal organs" in order to clarify,the music system of traditional Chinese medicine, to hnprove the operability and normative of clinical application.

  16. As determinantes do investimento directo estrangeiro chinês : uma comparação entre a Ásia e a África

    Pedroso, Ângela Físico


    Mestrado em Economia Internacional e Estudos Europeus Nos últimos anos, a China aumentou a sua participação mundial em matéria de investimento directo estrangeiro, principalmente para os países em desenvolvimento. A grande maioria direcciona-se para a Ásia e a contribuição para África está em constante crescimento. O intuito deste trabalho é analisar, de uma forma empírica, as determinantes do investimento directo estrangeiro da China na região africana e asiática, no período de 2003 a 201...

  17. Modelo de gestão japonês dos anos de 1980 versus modelo de gestão chinês atual

    Ferreira, Ricardo Miguel dos Anjos


    Dissertação submetida como requisito parcial para obtenção do grau de Mestre em Gestão / Sistema de classificação JEL: M10: General Business Administration Y40: Dissertations Num mundo empresarial cada vez mais global e homogéneo, a cultura de negócios asiática apresenta-se como um elemento diferenciador e não menos bem sucedido. A análise desta temática pretende proporcionar ao leitor uma nova dimensão no estudo comparativo entre a cultura de negócios japonesa e a chinesa. Assi...

  18. ChinAfrica presents selected Chinese cities with a brief introduction about what makes them interesting, and what makes them tick

    Luo yang


    THE peony,lauded as the "queen of flowers," is a traditional floral symbol in China. Due to its large size it represents principles like wealth and nobility. In 1903,the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) declared the peony China's national flower.

  19. Herramienta GIS y servicios web en la geolocalización como instrumento en la adecuada gestión del territorio: Geoportal IDE Chinácota

    Sandra Yanet Velazco-Flórez


    Full Text Available The use and management of Geospatial Information (GI is very broad and applicable in cases such as: management and administration of natural resources and the environment; disaster prevention; land use; planning of infrastructure (transport, roads, basic sanitation, buildings, etc.; citizen security; cadastre; etc. All this type of information that is delivered is vital importance to aid in decision making both for public administrations as well as in other sectors (private company, non-governmental sector and international agencies, academia etc., in order to promote the sustainable development of a region and the improvement of their social and economic welfare. This vision along with the development of telecommunications and the evolution of the Web, has been a specific jump Geographic Information Technologies (TIGs. The use of the Internet multiplies the possibilities to share, distribute, exchange and access to the data. In many countries, increasingly the decision-making is served of the use of geographical information and the tools provided to manage, given a great impetus to the public administration in regard to the planning and management of their territories. A wide variety of tools and services on the Web we offer the possibility to adapt and adopt these technologies as tools GIS (Geographic Information Systems that allow inter alia geolocalizar or georeference our territories as instruments for the proper management of the same. At present, a large number of public and private institutions are striving to offer IG through the service of geoportals whose motivation should be what the community demand, its efforts to rejuvenate the geographic information portals of a new concept based on the “real needs of its end-users”.

  20. 我国冷却塔应用现状及面临的挑战%Applications and Challenges of Cooling Tower in Chin



    Cooling tower has been widely used in China. Cooling tower technology started late in China, but experienced rapid development. Several large-scale cooling towers, including natural draft counter-flow cooling tower, seawater cooling tower, tower with flue gas dispersion and indirect dry cooling tower, with nominated water spraying area up to 10,000m2 have been built around China. The large-scale natural draft counter-flow cooling tower for inland nuclear power has also been designing in China. In addition, natural cooling tower with water collecting system and cross flow cooling tower have also been used in small scale and scope. With the dramatic increasing of diameter and height of the cooling tower, how to design large-scale cooling towers with structural safety and high efficiency is the great technical challenge faced by domestic engineers, also creates opportunities for broad international cooperation.%冷却塔在我国火电厂的应用广泛。冷却塔技术在我国的应用起步较晚,但发展极为迅速,尤其是在逆流式通风冷却塔方面,先后建成投产的多座淋水面积超10000m2的超大型自然通风逆流塔(包括海水冷却塔、排烟冷却塔)和超大型间接空冷塔;在内陆核电站冷却塔应用方面,也开展了一系列研究和方案设计;此外,高位收水塔和横流塔方面也有小规模小范围的应用案例。随着冷却塔直径、高度的不断增加,冷却塔已变成火力发电厂内单体体量最大的构筑物,如何设计结构安全、运行安全、冷却效率高的大型冷却塔是我国工程师面临的技术挑战,也给广泛的国际合作创造了条件。

  1. Herramienta GIS y servicios web en la geolocalización como instrumento en la adecuada gestión del territorio: Geoportal IDE Chinácota

    Sandra Yanet Velazco-Flórez; Luis Joyanes-Aguilar


    The use and management of Geospatial Information (GI) is very broad and applicable in cases such as: management and administration of natural resources and the environment; disaster prevention; land use; planning of infrastructure (transport, roads, basic sanitation, buildings, etc.); citizen security; cadastre; etc. All this type of information that is delivered is vital importance to aid in decision making both for public administrations as well as in other sectors (private company, non-gov...

  2. The Text "Arbitrariness" and Studies of the Literary Genres in the Chin and Han Dynasties%《独断》与秦汉文体研究




  3. ChinAfrica presents selected Chinese cities with a brief introduction about not only what makes them interesting,but what makes them tick


    Shenzhen FOR art enthusiasts,Shenzhen,located in southern Guangdong Province,is a prime December destination. The city-wide festival "Creative December" this month features more than 40 events,including an art market,exhibitions and design contests.As the center of China’s design in-

  4. The Spread of Harmfulness of Micro-blog False Advertisement in Chin%我国微博虚假广告的危害性传播及其对策



    近年来,随着广告业的进一步发展,“虚假广告”这一现象在社会上开始层出不穷,不仅扰乱了正常的经济秩序,还侵害了消费者的合法权益,有损于社会道德的建设,更导致了广告传播生态环境的恶化。其中,以微博为首的大量新媒体上的虚假广告更是来势凶猛。着重分析了微博虚假广告传播所造成的危害性,并提出了相应对策,呼吁社会相关部门及有关人士对微博上泛滥的虚假广告进行监管和控制,完善其管理体系,以有效净化广告的传播环境,促进微博广告业传播的健康发展。%In recent years,“micro blog false advertising”is not uncommon in society.It is not only a de-rangement of the normal economic order,a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consum-ers.It also poisons the social moral atmosphere and directly leads to the deterioration of the ecological environment of advertising.Among them,the Micro blog as a new media,the false advertising on which is even more serious.This paper aims to make analysis and research of this harmful phenome-non,finding out its harm to society,proposing some countermeasures,calling on the relevant depart-ments to supervise and control the social harm on this issue,improve the management system,so as to clean the advertising environment and promote the development of the micro blog advertising indus-try.

  5. A new design of CAD/CAM surgical template system for two-piece narrowing genioplasty.

    Li, B; Shen, S G; Yu, H; Li, J; Xia, J J; Wang, X


    The purpose of this study was to develop and validate a new chin template system for a two-piece narrowing genioplasty. Nine patients with wide chin deformities were enrolled. Surgeries were planned with the computer-aided surgical simulation (CASS) planning method. Surgical splints and chin templates were designed in a computer and fabricated using a three-dimensional printing technique. The chin template system included a cutting guide and a repositioning guide for a two-piece narrowing genioplasty. These guides were also designed to avoid the mental foramen area and inferior alveolar nerve loops during the osteotomy, for nerve protection. After surgery, the outcome evaluation was completed by first superimposing the postoperative computed tomography model onto the planned model, and then measuring the differences between the planned and actual outcomes. All surgeries were completed successfully using the chin template system. No inferior alveolar nerve damage was seen in this study. With the use of the chin templates, the largest linear root mean square deviation (RMSD) between the planned and the postoperative chin segments was 0.7mm and the largest angular RMSD was 4.5°. The results showed that the chin template system provides a reliable method of transfer for two-piece osseous narrowing genioplasty planning. PMID:26725914

  6. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Teaching Sociology: 1973-2009

    Paino, Maria; Blankenship, Chastity; Grauerholz, Liz; Chin, Jeffrey


    This article updates and extends research by Baker and Chin, who tracked changes in studies published in Teaching Sociology from 1973 to 1983 (Baker) and 1984 to 1999 (Chin). The current study traces manuscripts published in "Teaching Sociology" from 2000 to 2009. We examine both who publishes in the journal and what gets published. In particular,…

  7. Inverted V-shape Osteotomy with Central Strip Resection: A Simultaneous Narrowing and Vertical Reduction Genioplasty

    Tae Gyu Kim, MD, PhD


    Conclusions: The method that we introduce in this article is a simple and more effective method for simultaneous reduction of the width and height of the chin without additional procedures. The square and long face was effectively and easily reshaped into a slender ovular contour, and the shape of the chin was changed from square to slender.

  8. Spirochetosis


    970231 Studies on epidemiology and etiology of Lymedisease in China. ZHANG Zhefu(张哲夫), et al. InstitEpidemiol & Microbiol, Prey Med Chin Acad, Beijing,102206. Chin J Epidemiol 1997; 18(1): 8-11. Objective:To explore the epidemiology and etiologyof Lyme disease in China. Methods: From 1987 to

  9. Laser photocoagulation - eye

    ... your chin in a chin rest. A special contact lens will be placed on your eye. The lens ... If your blood sugar has been very high, your doctor will give you medicines to lower your blood sugar level. Arrange to have ...


    Mahdihassan, S.


    Use of simple synthetic drug called Chin – Yeh, Gold – plus – plant juice or red colloidal gold. Gold made body everlasting and the herbal principle, as soul, increased life-span. Dialectally it was called Kim – Iya. Arabicized as Al – Kimiya it finally appeared as Alchemy. Chin – Yeh as drug was only brick – red when mercury, and sulphur – with traces of gold were sublimated there resulted Chin – Tan, Gold – plus – cinnabar. It was blood – red and with redness as soul it became the ideal dru...

  11. Rheumatic heart disease


    970297 Effects of percutaneous balloon mitral valvu-loplasty on the prethrombotic state in patients with mi-tral stenosis. WEN Qinzhu(温沁竹), et a1. CardiovaseInstit, Tongji Med Univ, Wuhan, 430022. Chin J Cardi-

  12. Other endocrinologic disorders


    970276 Production of IL-6 by osteoblasts and its reg-ulation: a preliminary study on mechanism of primaryosteoporosis. LI Zude(刘祖德), et a1. OrthopaedicDept, Changzheng Hosp, Shanghai, 200003. Chin J



    920225 The report of organophosphoruspesticides causing delayed dysneuria in 143cases.ZHANG Cilu (张慈禄),et al.JiaojiangHosp.Chin J Neurol & Psychiat 1991;24(6):336-338.This article reports delayed dysneuria in 143

  14. Disease: H01363 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available H01363 NARP syndrome; Neuropathy ataxia and retinis pigmentosa Neuropathy ataxia and retinis pig ... LA, Chin CT, Zhang Y, Zhang Q, Wong LJ, Roorda A, Green ... AJ Heterogeneous patterns of tissue injury in NARP ...

  15. Metabolism and Endocrinology


    2012040 Analysis of risk factors of metabolic syndrome in obese subjects:a follow-up study. ZHU Lüyun(朱旅云),et al.Dept Endocrinol,Bethune Internatl Peace Hosp,PLA,Shijiazhuang 050082.Chin JEndocrinol

  16. Rosacea (image)

    Rosacea is a condition where the area of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, or eyelids become inflamed. ... vessels, swelling, or skin eruptions similar to acne. Rosacea occurs most often in fair skinned people, particularly ...

  17. Schizophrenia


    930197 Predicting the effect of Haloperidol onschizophrenics by quantitative pharmaco-EEG.ZHANG Xiaolei(张小雷),et al.InstitMent Health,Beijing Med Univ,Beijing,100083.Chin J Neurol & Psychiat 1992;25(5):

  18. Drug: D07010 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available of drugs in Japan [BR:br08301] 5 Crude drugs and Chinese medicine formulations 52 Traditional Chinese medicine...s 520 Traditional Chinese medicines 5200 Traditional Chinese medicines D07010 Jizusoippo Traditional Chin

  19. Drug: D06946 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available in Japan [BR:br08301] 5 Crude drugs and Chinese medicine formulations 52 Traditional Chinese medicines 520 Traditional Chinese medici...nes 5200 Traditional Chinese medicines D06946 Keishikaryojutsubuto Traditional Chin

  20. Rheumatic heart disease


    920657 The relationship between atrialnatriuretic factor and hemodynamics inrheumatic mitral stenosis. XU Zhimin(须志敏), et al. Dept Cardiol, Affil Hosp, Shand-ong Med Univ, Jinan. 25000 Chin Cir J1992; 7(3): 247-250.

  1. Saksa vastupanu ja prantsuse tundeelu / Endel Link

    Link, Endel


    Berliini 55. filmifestivalist ja festivali filmidest : sakslase Marc Rothemundi "Sophie Scholl - viimased päevad", prantslase Régis Wargineri "Man to Man" ja teise prantslase André Téchiné "Muutunud aeg"

  2. 75 FR 28853 - Quarterly Publication of Individuals, Who Have Chosen To Expatriate, as Required by Section 6039G



  3. CPAP Devices for Sleep Apnea

    ... CPAP nose masks. In this case, a full-face mask that covers both the nose and the mouth ... could help. Types of CPAP Devices Nasal pillows Face mask Face mask with chin strap Written by familydoctor. ...

  4. 6.2.Autoimmune disease


    920236 Association between essentialhypertension and immunology.CUI Hua (崔华),et al.Dept Cardiol,Gansu Prove People’s Hosp,730000.Chin J Intern Med 1992;31(1):21-23.By using the immunofluorscenece method,


    Fazilet ÇÖPLÜOĞLU (M.A.H.


    Full Text Available In this study fruit names in Nedim’s divan weredetermined and the similes of fruit names wereexamined. In Nedim’s divan fruit names on the wholewere used for expressing the lover’s body. In this respect,similies were made between almond – eye, apple – chin,pistachio – lip, cherry – lip, pomegranate – breast, orange– chin, breast; peach – cheek. The couplets whichcontain fruit names are given and also an index of thefruit names.

  6. Other cardiovascular disease


    2005198 Study on the relationship of plasma fib-rinogen, platelet aggregation rate ad peripheral arterial occlusive disease. WANG Jie(王洁), et al. Dept Emerg, Gene Hosp Chin People’s Armed Police Forces, Beijing 100039. Chin J Epidemiol, 2005; 26 (1):1-4. Objective: To detect the relationship of plasma fibrinogen, platelet aggregation rate and peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) in the elderly.

  7. Pancreas


    10.1.Cyst and tumor of pancreas2005385 Clinical epidemiological research on pan-creatic cancer:an analysis of 1027 cases.ZHOUGuozhong(周国中),et al.Dept Digestol,ChanghaiHosp,2nd Milit Med Univ Chin PLA,Shanghai 200433.World Chin J Digestol 2005;13(1):55-60.Objective:To study the pathogenic factors and clinical

  8. A New Historicist Analysis of the Rewriting of Chinese American History in Donald Duk

    Wang, Xiaoxue


    Frank Chin creates the methods of recovering the lost history of Chinese Americans in his book Donald Duk. He constructs the male heroism through traditional Chinese culture, challenges American education of history through describing the changing process of Donald’s attitudes towards anything about China, and rewrites his version of Chinese American history by analyzing the relation between dreams and reality. Thus Chin achieves his strategy to subvert “History” with “history.” This paper in...

  9. Dynamic Opposition of Clustered Proteins Stabilizes Cortical Polarity in the C. elegans Zygote.

    Sailer, Anne; Anneken, Alexander; Li, Younan; Lee, Sam; Munro, Edwin


    Dynamic maintenance of cell polarity is essential for development and physiology. Here we combine experiments and modeling to elucidate mechanisms that maintain cortical polarity in the C. elegans zygote. We show that polarity is dynamically stabilized by two coupled cross-inhibitory feedback loops: one involves the oligomeric scaffold PAR-3 and the kinase PAR-1, and the other involves CDC-42 and its putative GAP CHIN-1. PAR-3 and CDC-42 are both required locally to recruit PAR-6/PKC-3, which inhibits PAR-1 (shown previously) and inhibits local growth/accumulation of CHIN-1 clusters. Conversely, PAR-1 inhibits local accumulation of PAR-3 oligomers, while CHIN-1 inhibits CDC-42 (shown previously), such that either PAR-1 or CHIN-1 can prevent recruitment of PAR-6/PKC-3, but loss of both causes complete loss of polarity. Ultrasensitive dependence of CHIN-1 cluster growth on PAR-6/PKC-3 endows this core circuit with bistable dynamics, while transport of CHIN-1 clusters by cortical flow can stabilize the AP boundary against diffusive spread of PAR-6/PKC-3. PMID:26460948

  10. Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Assessment of Lower Facial Asymmetry in Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate and Non-Cleft Patients with Class III Skeletal Relationship.

    Yifan Lin

    Full Text Available To evaluate, using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT, both the condylar-fossa relationships and the mandibular and condylar asymmetries between unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP patients and non-cleft patients with class III skeletal relationship, and to investigate the factors of asymmetry contributing to chin deviation.The UCLP and non-cleft groups consisted of 30 and 40 subjects, respectively, in mixed dentition with class III skeletal relationships. Condylar-fossa relationships and the dimensional and positional asymmetries of the condyles and mandibles were examined using CBCT. Intra-group differences were compared between two sides in both groups using a paired t-test. Furthermore, correlations between each measurement and chin deviation were assessed.It was observed that 90% of UCLP and 67.5% of non-cleft subjects had both condyles centered, and no significant asymmetry was found. The axial angle and the condylar center distances to the midsagittal plane were significantly greater on the cleft side than on the non-cleft side (P=0.001 and P=0.028, respectively and were positively correlated with chin deviation in the UCLP group. Except for a larger gonial angle on the cleft side, the two groups presented with consistent asymmetries showing shorter mandibular bodies and total mandibular lengths on the cleft (deviated side. The average chin deviation was 1.63 mm to the cleft side, and the average absolute chin deviation was significantly greater in the UCLP group than in the non-cleft group (P=0.037.Compared with non-cleft subjects with similar class III skeletal relationships, the subjects with UCLP showed more severe lower facial asymmetry. The subjects with UCLP presented with more asymmetrical positions and rotations of the condyles on axial slices, which were positively correlated with chin deviation.



    2007003 Effects of modified wuzi yanzong granule on memory ability and volume of hippocampus measured by MRI in patients with mild cognitive impairment. FU Hong(富宏), et al. Instit Integr Chin West Med, 1st Hosp, Peking Univ, Beijing 100034. Chin J Integr Trad & West Med 2006;26(12):1066-69. Objective To observe the effect of modified Wuzi Yanzong Granule (WYG) on memory ability and volume of hippoeampus measured by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

  12. 相模工業大学学生の体格及び体力について第 2 報 : 運動能力別にみた本学と全国の比較及び本学に於ける体力評価基準の作成についての検討

    芦原, 正紀; 浮田, 剛; 栗原, 英昭; 上野, 陽一


    This study is an examination and comparison in the physical performance and fitness level of S.I.T. freshmen with that of other Japanese youth of 18 years. The subjects are 624 males S.I.T. freshmen students aged from 18 and over. The tested items of physical performance are 50m Run, Running long jump, Handball Throw, Chinning and 1500m Run. The results obtained were : 1. 50m Run (explosive power in running) and Chinning (muscular power) There was no marked difference between S.I.T. freshmen ...

  13. New records of Athyma whitei Tytler, 1940 (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Limenitidinae from northeastern India: a recently reported species from India

    M.Y. Gogoi


    Full Text Available Tytler’s Sergeant, Atyma whitei was described by Tytler from Chin Hills, Myanmar in 1940. The taxon was not reported in India untill the record from Phura, Mizoram in November 2012. Recent surveys in northeastern India recorded the species four times in the forest of North Cachar (N.C. Hills and E. Jaintia Hills. The new sightings are approximately 223km from Chin-type locality. These recent records of the rare insect gives an insight into the distribution range and habitat of the rare taxon in northeast India.

  14. New records of Athyma whitei Tytler, 1940 (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Limenitidinae) from northeastern India: a recently reported species from India

    M.Y. Gogoi


    Tytler’s Sergeant, Atyma whitei was described by Tytler from Chin Hills, Myanmar in 1940. The taxon was not reported in India untill the record from Phura, Mizoram in November 2012. Recent surveys in northeastern India recorded the species four times in the forest of North Cachar (N.C.) Hills and E. Jaintia Hills. The new sightings are approximately 223km from Chin-type locality. These recent records of the rare insect gives an insight into the distribution range and habitat of the rare taxon...

  15. Mental hygiene


    2010387 Suicide ideation among college students in Chongqing. CHEN Jianmei(陈建梅),et al. Psychol Health Cent,1st Affil Hosp,Chongqing Med Univ,Chongqing 400016. Chin J Epidemiol 2010;31(3):290-293. Objective To describe the prevalence and risk factors of suicide ideation among college students in Chongqing city. Methods Data on suicide ideation and

  16. Getting Muscles

    ... Safe Health Problems Illnesses & Injuries Health Problems of Grown Ups People, Places & Things That Help Feelings Q&A ... This kind of exercise can improve muscle tone, meaning a kid's muscles will be leaner and stronger, but not really bigger. Push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups also help build ...

  17. Quantum Bidirectional Secure Direct Communication via Entanglement Swapping

    CHEN Yan; MAN Zhong-Xiao; XIA Yun-Jie


    @@ In light of a quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) scheme using entanglement swapping [Chin. Phys.Lett. 22 (2005)18], by introducing additional local operations for encoding, we propose a bidirectional QSDC (BQSDC) protocol, in which two legitimate users can simultaneously exchange their respective messages.

  18. Respiratory System


    7.1 Bronchial asthma2004362 The effects of anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic agents on CD34+ hematopoietic cells in bone marrow of asthmatic mice. MAO Hui(毛辉) ,et al. Dept Respir, West China Hosp, Sichuan Univ, Chengdu 610041. Chin J Tuberc Respir Dis 2004; 27 (4):229-233.



    9.1 Liver cirrhosis and fatty liver2003335 The effects of weight reduction in reversing fatty liver changes in overweight and obese patients.ZHU Huijuan(朱惠娟), et al.Dept Endocrinol, PUMC Hosp,CAMS & PUMC, Beijing 100730. Chin J Intern Med 2003:42(2):98-102.Objective:To study the effects of weight loss on non-

  20. 42 CFR 84.159 - Man tests for gases and vapors; supplied-air respirators; general performance requirements.


    ...) Five minutes. Walking, turning head, dipping chin; and (2) Five minutes. Pumping air with a tire pump... 42 Public Health 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Man tests for gases and vapors; supplied-air... APPROVAL OF RESPIRATORY PROTECTIVE DEVICES Supplied-Air Respirators § 84.159 Man tests for gases and...



    11.1 Liver function2004244 Comparison of the biological Features be-tweenhuman fetal hepatocyte and immortalized L-02 hepatocyte in vitro. KONG Weiwei (孔炜炜), et al. Dept Radiolt Zhongda Hosp, Southeast Univ, Nanjing 210009. Chin J Radiol 2004;38(2):119-123. Objective: To evaluate the feasibilities of the po-

  2. Development Mode and Recommendations for Industrialization of Tropical Agricultural Science and Technology

    QIU, Meihuan; LIN, Minxia; Zhang, Xiaodong; Zhang, Hongyi; WANG, Zhunian


    Industrialization of tropical agricultural science and technology is an essential part of tropical agricultural technological innovation. This paper firstly analyzed development mode of industrialization of tropical agricultural science and technology in Chin and then came up with recommendations for developing industrialization of tropical agricultural science and technology.

  3. Acupuncture and Moxibustion


    <正>2015135 Clinical observation on delayed encephalopathy after carbon monoxide poisoning treated with acupuncture to restore consciousness combined with hyperbaric oxygen treatment.MAO Min(茅敏),et al.Neurol Med Dept,Chengdu 1st People’s Hosp,Chengdu610041.Chin Acupunct&Moxibust 2015;35(3):213-216.Objective To compare the efficacy differences on

  4. Candiac arrhythmias


    930062 Pathological changes of catheter abla-tion of atrioventricular junction.LI Yue(李越),et al.Dept Cardiol,43rd Hosp,Kunming.Chin Cir J 1992;7(4):350-351.Pathological examinations were carried out in34 mongrel dogs following catheter ablation ofthe AV junction,gross pathological examination

  5. Other hemopoitic disorders


    920729 DNA repair in patients with myelo-dysplastic syndrome. CHENG Yuandong(程远东), XI Yuren(席雨人). Hematol ResDiv, Henan Med Univ, Zhengzhou. Chin J He-matol 1992; 13(8): 393-394. VNA repair was studied in peripheral blood

  6. Cardiovascular System


    2010416 The clinical characteristics and prognosis of non-ST segment elevation acute coronary syndrome in different genders.SHAO Chunli(邵春丽),et al.Fuwai Hosp, Beijing 100037.Chin J Intern Med 2010;49(9):754-757. Objective To determine gender differences in base-line

  7. Interstitial lung disease


    970328 Expression FGF-b and C-myc in mouse lungtissue affected by hypoxia OUYANG Nengtai(欧阳能太), et al. Guangzhou Respir Instit,Guangzhou, 510120, Chin J Tuberc Respir Dis 1997; 20(1): 22-24. Objective: To study FGF’S roles in the reconstruc-tion of vascular walls owing to chronic hypoxia. Meth-



    2.1 Viral disease2004002 M gene sequence analyses on Guangdong SARS CoV isolates. ZHOU Huiqiong (周惠琼), et al. Dis Contr & Prev Center, Guangdong Prov, Guangzhou 510300. Chin J Microbiol Immunol 2003; 23 (12) : 923 -925.Objective:To analyze the variation of M gene by sequenc-



    920204 Study on the relationship betweenhematopoietic growth factor activities in theplasma of bone marrow transplantation reci-pients and hematopoietic reconstruct-ion.REN Hanyun (任汉云),et al.Instit Hematol,Beijing Med Univ.Chin J Hematol 1991;12 (10):



    8.1 Esophagus2003312 Research on the relationship between functional changes of flbroblasts in local esophageal tissues and restenosis after stenting. WANG Xinjian(宛新建), et al. Dept Gastroenterol, Changhai Hosp, 2nd Milit Med Univ, Shanghai 200433. Chin J Dig 2003;23(3): 169 -

  11. Lung infection


    2009188 Multi-slice spiral CT appearances of pulmonary infections after liver transplantation.XIE Lixuan(谢丽璇),et al.Dept Imaging,Changzheng Hosp,2nd Milit Med Univ,Shanghai 200003.Chin J Radiol,2009;43(1):8-11.

  12. Other hemopoietic disorders


    970387 Morphological and cytochemistry features ofCD34+ hematopoietic cells isolated from human bonemarrow. XI Yongzhi(奚永志), et al. Dept Immunol,307th Affili Hosp, Milit Med Sci Acad, Beijing,100039. Chin J Hematol 1997; 18(3): 130-132. Objective: To explore the cytomorphological and cy-tochemistry features of CD34+ hematopoietic cells. Meth-

  13. Stomach and duodenum


    920683 The relationship between the fast-ing gastric bile acids and non-ulcer dyspep-sia. FENG Weihua(冯伟华), et al. Dept Bio-chemist, Changhai Hosp, 2nd Milit Med Coll.Shanghai 200433 Chin. J Digest 1992; 12(2):77-79. In the present study, the concentrations ofthe fasting gastric bile acid from 49 patients with

  14. Disease Caused by Chemical and Physical Agents


    2010280 Analysis of clinical classification and outcome of patients with acute paraquat poisoning. ZHANG Wei(张炜),et al. Dept Emerg,Nanjing General Hosp,Nanjing Milit Command, PLA, Nanjing 210002.Chin J Emerg Med 2010;19(4):357-360. Objective To study correlation between the clinical classification and outcome of acute paraquat poisoning. Method A total of 43

  15. Other metabolic derangements


    970257 Effects of iron deficiency on expression oftransferrin receptor in human lymphocytes. GUANJun(官军), et al. Dept Nutrition, 3rd Milit Med U-niv, Chongqing, 6300378. Chin J Prey Med 1997; 31(1): 34-36. Objective: To explore the effects of iron deficieneyon expression of transferrin receptor in human lym-

  16. Immunity


    970239 The effect of interleukin 6 against cytopeniaand suppressed phagocytosis of macrophage caused bychemotherapy. ZHANG Lichao(张利朝), et al.Tangdu Hosp, 4th Milit Med Univ, Xian, 710038. ChinJ Clin Oncol 1997; 24(4): 252-255. Objective: To explore The effect of interleukin 6against cytopenia and suppressed phagocytosis ofmacrophage caused by chemotherapy. Methods:Inter-

  17. Pancrease


    2005489 Regional chemotherapy with percutaneousleft subclavain artery implantation of port-catheterdrug delivery system for inoperable pancreatic carci-noma.HAN Cuohong(韩国宏),et al.Intervent Center,Xijing Hosp,4th Milit Med Univ,Xi’an 710032.Chin JDig 2005;25(6):348-350.

  18. Extraphyramidal disease


    2009250 Effects of bilateral deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus on depression in patients with parkinson’s disease. WANG Xuelian(王学廉),et al.Dept Neurosurg,Tangdu Hosp,4th Milit Med Univ,Xi’an,710038.Chin J Nerv Ment Dis,2009;35(2):88-92.

  19. Drug treatment


    2005144 Study of esomeprazole and rabeprazole on 24-hour intragastric acid control in healthy volunteers. ZHAN Xiaobao (湛先保), et al. Dept Gas-troenterol, Changhai Hosp, 2nd Milit Med Univ, Shanghai 200433. Chin J Dig, 2004; 24 (12): 711-714.

  20. Interstitial nephritis and interstitial nephropathy


    2009225 Effects of endoplasmic reticulum stress on albumin-induced apoptosis in renal proximal tubular cells.WU Xiaowei(吴小玮),et al.Dept Nephrol,Instit Surg,Daping Hosp,3rd Milit Med Univ,Chongqing 400042.Chin J Nephrol,2009;25(3):98-103.

  1. Liver and Biliary System


    9.1.Liver cirrhosis and fatty liver2005376 The role of ribosomal S6 kinase in thepathogenesis of rat hepatic fibrosis.YANG Miaofang(杨妙芳),et al.Dept Gastroenterol,Changzheng Hosp,2nd Milit Med Univ,Shanghai 200003.Chin J Dig 2005;25(2):98-100.

  2. 13.3.Hepatitis


    920335 Prognostic evaluation of severe vir-al hepatitis.WU Yuzhang (吴玉章),et al.DeptEpidemic,3rd Milit Med Univ,Chongqing 630038.Chin J Intern Med 1992;31(1):18-20.The Cox’s regression model was used for

  3. 20.4.Intoxication and drug-related disease


    920183 Continuous observation of the elec-trocardiogram following experimental cere-bral hemorrhage.HAN Xiaoyu (韩筱玉),et al.Lanzhou Milit General Hosp.730050,Chin JNeurol & Psvchiat 1991; 24 (5): 295-296.Model of experimental cerebral bemorrage was

  4. Kidney and Urinary Tract


    11.1.Kidney function2005391 Increased levels of advanced oxidationproducts are associated with atherosclerosis in chron-ic kidney disease.YANG Xiaobing(杨小兵),et al.Dept Nephrol,Nanfang Hops,1st Milit Med Univ,Guangzhou.Chin J Intern Med 2005;44(5):342-346.Objective:Accumulation of advanced oxidation protein

  5. 20.9.Extrapyramidal disorder


    920191 Effect of 6-hydroxydopamine oncerebral catecholamines,lipid peroxidationand antioxidant enzymes in rat-concernedwith pathogensis of Parkinson’s disease.LIANG Liping (梁立平),JIANG Dehua (江德华).Dept Neurol,Neurolgic Instit,Tianjing,300052.Chin J Neurol and Psychiat 1991; 24 (4): 223-227.As an animal model of human Parkinson’s

  6. Unsuitable use of spin and pseudospin symmetries with a pseudoscalar Cornell potential

    The concepts of spin and pseudospin symmetries has been used as mere rhetorics to decorate the pseudoscalar potential [Chin. Phys. B 22 090301 (2013)]. It is also pointed out that a more complete analysis of the bound states of fermions in a pseudoscalar Cornell potential has already been published elsewhere. (general)

  7. 10.5.Blood pressure and atherosclerosis


    920077 The incidence of hypertension andassociated factors among middle aged work-ers and farmers in Beijing and Guangzhou.WU Xigui (吴锡桂),et al.Cardiovasc Instit &Fuwai Hosp,CAMS,Beijing,100037.Chin J Cardiol1991; 19 (4): 207-210.Three thousand three hundred and forty seven

  8. Disastrous Rains


    Flooding begins to recede in south Chin, but dangers remain Heavy rainfall has ended in China’s flood-battered south and water levels of major rivers in Jiangxi and Hunan provinces are receding,the State Flood Control and Drought

  9. Cardiac arrhythmia


    2008032 Efficacy of integrated three-dimensional electroanatomic mapping with preacquired magnetic resonance images guide catheter atrial fibrillation ablation. YU Ronghui(喻荣辉), et al. Dept Cardiol, Beijing Anzhen Hosp, Capital Med Univ, Beijing 100029. Chin J Cardiol 2007;35(11):1029-1033. Objective To investigate the efficacy of integrated electroanatomic mapping with preacquired magnetic resonance (MR) images guided catheter at

  10. Infectious Disease


    2010400 The genetic characterization of VP1 region of Coxsackie virus A10 isolated from hand, foot and mouth disease cases in Shandong Province of China.YANG He(杨赫), et al.Instit Epidemiol & Health Statistic, Sch Public Health, Shandong Univ, Jinan 250012.Chin J Infect Dis

  11. Heart failure


    2009170 Curcumin attenuates left ventricular dysfunction and remodeling in rabbits with chronic heart failure. TANG Yanhong(唐艳红),et al.Dept Cardiol,Renmin Hosp,Wuhan Univ,Wuhan 430060.Chin J Cardiol,2009;37(3):262-267.

  12. Are We Ready to #MeetTheMoment?

    Chin, Maisie


    CADRE, an organization led by Maisie Chin, is a Human Right to Education Campaign. Between 2005 and 2013, CADRE played a lead role in using grassroots organizing and leadership development to create a seismic shift in public policy, debate, and narrative around school discipline, racial disparities, parents' roles, school climate, and closing the…

  13. Cardiovascular System


    2008515 Clinical effect of coronary artery stenting on 12 patients with coronary artery stenosis and spasm.CHU Guang(储光),et al.Dept Cardiol,Shanghai Jiaotong Univ,1st People’s,Shanghai 20008. Chin Cir J 2008;23(5):347-349. Objective To evaluate the clinical effect of stenting on drug refractory variant angina

  14. Kidney and Urinary Tract


    2010230 Oxidized-low density lipoprotein induces reactive oxygen species-mediated tubular epithelial-myofibroblast transdifferentiation through binding to lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor 1. WANG Rui(王瑞),et al. Div Nephrol,Renmin Hosp,Wuhan Univ,Wuhan 430060.Chin J Nephrol 2010;26(2):110-115.

  15. Liver and Biliary System


    2010440 Analysis of the T lymphocyte receptor beta chain complementarity determining region 3 spectra-typing in the peripheral blood and hepatic tissue of patients with chronic hepatitis B.WU Shaoqiang(伍绍强), et al.Dept Infect Dis, Affil Hosp, Zunyi Med Coll, Zunyi 563003.Chin J



    16.1 Pathological psychology2004300 Preliminary genetics study of five pedigrees with high incidence of affectivedisorder. WUHuaian (吴怀安), et al. Dept Biol Psychiat, Shengzhen Instit Ment Health, Shengzhen 518020. Chin J Nerv Ment Dis 2004; 30(2): 92-94.Objective:To explore the relationships among



    15.1 Erythrocyte and erythrocyte function2003123 Clinical analysis of 185 patients with poly-cythemia vera. BAI Jie (白洁), et al. Instit Hematol Blood Dis Hosp, CAMS and PUMC, Tianjin 300020. Chin J Hematol 2002; 23(11): 578 - 580.Objective:To understand the clinical feature and natural course of polycythemia vera ( PV). Methods: The

  18. Congenital heart disease


    970296 Evaluating the degree of pulmonary vascularlesions in congenital heart disease with selective pul-monary angiography. PAN Shiwei(潘世伟), et al.Fuwai Hosp, CAMS & PUMC, Beijing, 100037. Chin JCardiol 1997; 25(1): 39-41. Objective: To evaluate the degree of pulmonary vas-

  19. Traditional Chinese Medicine


    2010150 A prospective multicenter randomized double-blinded controlled clinical trial on effects of Tiantai No. 1 in treating mild cognitive impairment. WU Zhengzhi(吴正治),et al. Shenzhen Hosp,Southern Med Univ,Guangdong 518035.Chin J Integr Tradit & West Med 2010;30(3):255-258.



    12.1 Leukocyte and leukocyte function2003360 Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptors KDR and Fltl in acute myeloid leukemia. WANG Yi(王一), et al. Instit Hematol, CAMS & PUMC, Tianjin 300020. Chin J Hematol 2003;24(5):249-252Objective: To evaluate the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its receptors KDR

  1. Leukocyte and leukocyte function


    2010367 The clinical characteristics of newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia patients with NPM1 mutation. ZHU Honghu(主鸿鹄),et al.Instit Hematol,People’ s Hosp,Peking Univ,Beijing 100044.Chin J Hematol 2010;31(5):315-318. Objective To investigate the clinical characteristics of newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with NPM1 mutation.Methods



    920044 Experimental and clinical study ofactivated platelet in allergic asthma.YUHuapeng (于化鹏),et al.Changhai Hosp,2ndMilit Meal Coil,200433.Chin J Intern Med 1991;30(9):546-549.Twenty-five asthmatic Guinea pigs and four-teen asthmatic patients were included in this

  3. Quantum broadcast communication with authentication

    Two simple quantum broadcast communication schemes are proposed. A central party can broadcast his secret message to all the legitimate receivers simultaneously. Compared with the three schemes proposed recently (Wang et al. 2007 Chin. Phys. 16 1868), the proposed schemes have the advantages of consuming fewer quantum and classical resources, lessening the difficulty and intensity of necessary operations, and having higher efficiency. (general)

  4. 9.6.Adenohyphysis and neurohypophysis


    930250 Immunohistochemical and ultrastruc-tural study of plurihormonal pituitary adeno-mas.LIU Dongge (刘冬戈),et al.Dept Pathol,Beijing Hosp,Beijing,100730.Natl Med J Chin1993;73(4):223—225Thirty—eight cases of plurihormornal pituitaryadenomas containing growth hormone were de-tected by PAP technique for GH,PRL,ACTH,



    2006162 Change of vascular endothelial function in patients with disorders of glucose metabolism. ZHANG Songjing,(张松菁),et al. Dept Endocrinol ,1st Hosp, Fujian Med Univ ,Fuzhou 350005. Chin J Endocrinol Metab 2006;22(1): 11 - 14. Objective: To observe the changes of the endothelium - dependent vasodilation ( EDF) and serum superoxide

  6. Psychiatric Disorder


    2009477 The efficacy and safety of flexible doses of paliperidone extended-release tablets in the treatment of acute schizophrenia:a randomized,double blind olanzapine-controlled study.ZHANG Hongyan,et al.Peking Univ Ment Health Instit,Beijing 100191. Chin J Psychiat 2009;42(3):153-156.

  7. Neurological Disorder


    2005506 The impact of bliateral deep brain stimula-tion of the subthalamic nuclei on the health-relatedquality of life in patients with advanced Parkinson’sdisease.WANG Qiaoshu(王乔树),et al.1st Affili Hosp,Shanghai Jiaotong Univ,Shanghai 200080.Chin J NervMent Dis 2005;31(4):256-259.

  8. 9.6.Hypophyseal disorders and others


    920254 Investigation of hypothalamic-posterior pituitary function of growth re-tarded children.HUANG Yonglan (黄永兰),etal.Dept Pediatr,Tongji Hosp,Tongji Med Univ.Chin J Endocrinol & Metabol 1991;7(4):204-206.

  9. 9.6.Hypophyseal disorder and others


    920064 Evaluation of anterior pituitaryfunction by combined administration ofhypothalamic releasing hormone in patientswith idiopathic growth hormone deficiency.DENGJieying (邓洁英),et al.Dept Endocrinol,PUMC Hosp,Beijing(100730).Chin J Endocrinoland Metabol 1991; 7 (3): 134-136.

  10. Neurosis


    950428 The effect of absolute bed-lying stage of in-patient Morita therapy and its modification.ZHANGXiangyang(张向阳),et al.Beijing Huilongguan Hosp,Beijing,100085.Chin J Neurol & Pspchiat 1995;28(1):22-25.The mechanism of absolute bed-lying stage in Mori-ta therapy was studied and its coures,guiding princi-

  11. Parasitosis


    2010293 Preoperative multi-slice spiral CT evaluation of involvement of vessels and biliary ducts in hepatic cystic echinococcosis. WANG Jian(王健),et al. Imaging Center,1st Affil Hosp,Xinjiang Med Univ,Urumuqi 830054. Chin J Radiol 2010;44(4):397-400. Objective To analyze the MSCT imaging of vascular and biliary ducts affected by hepatic cystic

  12. Parasitosis


    2008013 Cloning, expression of schistosoma japonicum elastase gene and its stage-specific transcription. HUANG Chengyu(黄成玉), et al. Biotechnol Sch, East China Sci & Technol Univ, Shanghai 200237. Chin J Parasitol Parasit Dis 2007;25(5):359-363. Objective To clone, express and purify Schistosorna japonicum elastase-2b gene(SjCE-2b),

  13. Blood pressure and atherosclerosis


    2010319 Effects of combined application of Xuezhikang capsule with hypotensive drugs on arterial compliance and smoothness of the dynamic blood pressure. ZHU Zongtao(朱宗涛),et al. Dept Cardiol, Centr People’s Hosp, Tengzhou 277500.Chin J Integr Tradit & West Med 2010;30



    2004165 Effects of moxibustion on blood pressure, NO, ET, SOD and MDA in patients of hypertension.PENG Lihui (彭丽辉), et al. No. 2 Affili Hosp, Guiyang TCM Coll, Guizhou 550003, Chin J Acupunct & Moxibust 2004;24(3):157-159.Objective: To explore effects of moxibustion on blood pressure (BP), serum nitric oxide (NO), en-



    9.1 Liver Function2007108 Blood pressure changes post liver transplantation in 206 recipients. LIU Hai(刘海),et al. 1st People′s Hosp, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ, Shanghai 200080. Chin J Cardiol 2006;34(10):902-904. Objective To study the blood pressure (BP)changes in the liver transplant recipients.

  16. 10.5.Blood pressure and atherosclerosis


    920274 The effect of lowered pressure onthe diastolic ventricular function after anti-hypertension treatment.CAI Bohin (蔡伯林),etal.Ruijin Hosp,Shanghai 2nd Med Univ,200025.Chin J Cardiol 1991;19(6):366-368.



    2004137 Distant bone metastasis of osteosarcoma: a report of 5 cases. XING Ruwei (邢汝维), et al. Dept Bone & Soft Tissue Tumour, Tianjin Cancer Hosp, Tianjin 300060. Chin J Clin Oncol 2003; 30(11) :786-788.Objective: To explore the clinical manifestation, diagnosis , treatment and prognosis of distant bone metastasis of osteosarcoma. Methods: A retrospective analysis and study on

  18. Thyroid and parathyroid gland


    2010310 Expression of synaptotagmin I and effect of thyroxine treatment in the prefrontal cortex of adult hypothyroid rats. WANG Xi(王茜),et al. Dept Endocrinol,Anhui Geriat Insit,1st Affil Hosp, Anhui Med Univ,Hefei 230022. Chin J Endemiol 2010;29(3):239-240. Objective To observe the expression of synaptotagmin Ⅰ (syt Ⅰ) protein in the prefrontal

  19. Thyroid and parathyroid gland


    2008399 Epidemiologic study of hypothyroidism in Jiangsu province. DUAN Yu(段宇), et al. Dept Endocrinol, 1st Affili Hosp, Nanjing Med Univ, Nanjing 210029. Chin J Endocrinol Metab 2008;24(3):275-277. Objective To investigate the prevalence and epidemiologic characteristics of hypothyroidism among community population in Jiangsu province.

  20. 20.5.Epilepsy


    920184 Clinical analysis of 25 cases ofchronic alcoholic intoxication with epilepsy.PANG Zhixing (庞治兴),et al.Dept Psychol,1stTeaching Hosp.Norman Bethune Med Univ,130021 Chin J Nerv & Ment Dis 1991; 17 (5):289-291.The clinical manifestations of 25 cases (male)

  1. 20.5.Epilepsy


    920390 Clinical analysis of 36 cases ofepilepsy in the elderly with cerebrovasculardiseases.SHI Shangjin (石尚金),et al.DeptNeurol,General Hosp,Guangzhou Milit Com-mand.Chin J Geriatr 1991;10(4):206-208.

  2. Urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis


    970374 The relationship between chronic pyelitis andcytomegalovirus infection: a primary study. LI Na(李娜), et al. 81021st Milit Hosp, Changchun,130021. Chin J Med Lab Sci 1997; 20(1): 26-27. Objective: To research the relationship betweenchronic pyelitis and cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection.

  3. 15.5.Urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis


    920361 Monitoring and controlling of renaltransplant infection.FU Weiling (府伟灵),et al.Dept Infect Dis,Xinan Hosp,3rd Med Univ.NatlMed J Chin 1991;71(12):676-679.Infection is still the leading cause of death in

  4. Effects of trans-4-(aminomethyl) cyclohexanecarboxylic acid/potassium azeloyl diglycinate/niacinamide topical emulsion in Thai adults with melasma: a single-center, randomized, double-blind, controlled study

    Viyoch, Jarupa; Tengamnuay, Isaree; Phetdee, Khemjira; Tuntijarukorn, Punpimol; WARANUCH, NETI


    Background: Melasma is an acquired hyperpigmentary disorder characterized by dark patches or macules located on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, chin, and neck. Treatment of melasma involves the use of topical hypopigmenting agents such as hydroquinone, tretinoin, and azelaic acid and its derivatives.

  5. Influence of the microstructure on magnetic-shielding properties of BiPbSrCaCuO superconductors

    Pollert, Emil; Plecháček, Vladimír; Hejtmánek, Jiří

    Hsinchu : Materials Research Society Taiwan, 1994 - (Wu, T.; Wu, M.; Chin, T.; Fu, S.), s. 365-370 - (Advanced Electroceramics and Packaking Technology. High Temperature Superconductor Recording Media. 2). [IUMRS International Conference on Electronic Materials IUMRS-ICEM 94. Hsinchu (TW), 19.12.1994-22.12.1994] R&D Projects: GA ČR GA106/93/1152



    970389 HLA-DRB1 alleles genotyping in patientswith rheumatoid arthritis in Chinese. ZHAO Yan(赵岩), et al. Dept Rheumatol & Immunol, PUMCHosp, Beijing, 100730. Chin J Intern Med 1997; 36(2):112-115. Objective: To explore the role of HLA-DRB1 genes

  7. Thyroid and parathyroid gland


    970272 Changes of calcitonin reserve function in pa-tients with primary osteoporosis. ZHAN Zhiwer(詹志伟), et a1. PUMC Hosp, Beijing, 100730. Chin JIntern Med 1997; 36(1): 11-14. Objective: In order to study the role of calcitonin(CT)in osteoporosis. Methods: The calcium loading

  8. Adaptation of the Students' Motivation towards Science Learning (SMTSL) Questionnaire in the Greek Language

    Dermitzaki, Irini; Stavroussi, Panayiota; Vavougios, Denis; Kotsis, Konstantinos T.


    The present study aimed at adapting in the Greek language the Students' Motivation Towards Science Learning (SMTSL) questionnaire developed by Tuan, Chin, and Shieh ("INT J SCI EDUC" 27(6): 639-654, 2005a) into a different cultural context, a different age group, that is, in university students and with a focus on physics learning.…

  9. Disease Caused by Chemical and Physical Agents


    2008008 Reproductive effects of occupational exposure to mercury on female workers in China: a Meta-analysis. PAN Jie(潘洁), et al. Dept Occupat Health & Environment Sci, Sch Public Health, Ningxia Med Coll, Yinchuan 750004. Chin J Epidemiol 2007;28(12):1215-1218. Objective To analyze and evaluate the reproductive effects of

  10. Disease Caused by Chemical and Physical Agents


    2008499 Cohort studies on cancer mortality of digestive system among workers exposed to asbestos:a meta analysis.SUN Tongda(孙统达),et al.Instit Public Health & Family Med,Ningbo Health Sci Coll,Ningbo 315100.Chin J Ind Hyg Occup Dis 2008;26(10):605-608. Objective To determine if there are excessive risks of malignant tumors



    2004001 Renal dysfunction in workers exposed to arsenic and cadmium. HONG Feng (洪峰), et al. Dept Occup Health & Toxicol, Public Health Sch, Fudan Univ, Shanghai 200032. Chin J Ind Hyg Occup Dis 2003;21(6) : 432-436.Objective: To examine the nephrotoxicity induced by

  12. Disease Caused by Chemical and Physical Agents


    2010159 Expression of DNA methyltransferase 1 mRNA in patients of endemic arsenism and its clinical significances.PAN Xueli(潘雪莉),et al.Dept Toxicol,Public Health Sch,Guiyang Med Univ,Guiyang 550004.Chin J Endemiol 2010;29(1):13-17.

  13. Physician Li Bo


    Li Bo,32,an attending physician at Xiyuan Hospital of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences,spent a year and a half between 2008 and 2010 participating in a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) project at the Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania.Now back in Beijing,he spoke to ChinAfrica



    14.1 Erythrocyte and erythrocyte function2004267 Association between subacute combined degeneration, vitamin BI2 deficiency and megaloblas-tic anemia, ZHOU Jin (周晋) et al. Dept Hemato, Harbin Med Univ, Harbin 150001. Chin J Intern Med 2004;43(2):90-93.



    12.1 Erythrocyte function2003458 A preliminary experience of treatment of severe aplastic anemia with marine anti-human CD3T lymphocyte monoclonal antibody. GUO Chengshan (郭成山), et al. Dept Hematol, 2nd Hosp, Shandong Univ, Jinan 250033. Chin J Intern Med 2003; 42(9): 632 -635.

  16. 5.4.Spirochetosis


    920043 Borrelia burgdorferi may be thecausal agent of sarcoidosis.HUA Bing (华冰),et al.Naval Gener Hosp,PLA, Beijing,100037.Chin J Intern Med 1991;30(10):631-633.Serum antibody to Borrelia burgdorferi wasmeasured in 33 patients with sarcoidosis whowere confirmed clinically and pathologically.The

  17. Traditional Chinese Medicine


    2008495 Visualized study on acupuncture treatment of children autism using single photon emission computed tomography.JIA Shaowei(贾少微),et al.Dept Nucl Med,Shenzhen Hosp,Peking Univ,Shenzhen 518036.Chin J Integr & West Med 2008,28(10):886-889.

  18. Locomotive System


    2008477 Diagnostic value of dystrophin in childhood and adolescent muscular disorders. ZHANG Meng(张萌), et al. Dept pathol, 1st Affili Hosp, Sun Yat-sen Univ, Guangzhou 510080.Chin J Nerv Ment Dis 2008;34(5):274-277. Objective To explore the diagnostic values of dystrophin immunohistochemical reaction in childhood and adolescent muscular disorders.

  19. Hepatitis


    2008449 A cross-sectional survey of occult hepatitis B virus infection in HIV-infected patients. MA Jianxin(马建新), et al.Dept Infect Dis, Shanghai Public Health Clin Center, Shanghai 201508. Chin J Intern Med 2008;47(7):574-577. Objective To assess the prevalence of occult HBV infection in HIV-infected patients.

  20. Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a Quantum Network System of QSS-QDC Using χ-Type Entangled States

    In the paper [Chin. Phys. Lett. 29 (2012) 050303] of Hong et al., two quantum secret sharing protocols were proposed. We study the security of the second protocol and find that it is insecure. Acting as the communication center, Trent may eavesdrop Alice's secret messages without introducing any error. Finally, a feasible improvement of the second protocol is given

  1. Allergy and Immunity


    4.1.Autoimmune disease2005303 Peripheral blood mRNA and interferongene expression in systemic lupus erythematosus.TANG Jianping(汤建平),et al.Dept Rheumatol,RenjiHosp,Shanghai 2nd Med Univ Shanghai 200001.Chin JIntern Med 2005;44(2):106-110.

  2. Autoimmune disease


    970238 Determination and significance of glucocorti-cold receptor level of leukocyte in patients with sys-temic lupus erythematosus. ZHANG xian(张献), etal. 1st Affili Hosp, Henan Med Univ, Zhengzhou,450052. Chin J Nephrol 1997; 13(1):37-39. Objective: To study the level of glucocorticoid recep-tor(GCR)in patients with systemic lupus erythemato-

  3. Autoimmune disease


    2008016 Clinicopathological study of two subtypes of diffuse proliferative lupus nephritis. ZHENG Zhaohui(郑朝晖),et al. Dept Nephrol, 1st Affili Hosp, Zhengzhou Univ , Zhengzhou 450052. Chin J Nephrol 2007;23(11):696-699. Objective To investigate the clinicopathological characteristics and outcome of two subtypes of class Ⅳ lupus nephritis (LN).

  4. Connective Tissue Disorder


    2008562 A clinical study of tuberculosis infection in systemic lupus erythematosus. ZHANG Lu(章璐),et al. Dept Rheumatol,China-Japan Friendship Hosp,Beijing 100029. Chin J Intern Med 2008;47(10):808-810. Objective To investigate the characteristics and related risk factors associated with tuberculosis(TB)in patients with



    5.1 Autoimmune disease2004189 Serum levels of matrix metallopro-teinases-9 in patients with systemic lupus erythemato-sus. YIN Wenhao (殷文浩), et al. Dept Dermatol 2nd Affili Hosp, Med Sch Zhejiang Univ, Hangzhou 310009. Chin J Dermatol 2004;37(2):77-79.Objective: To determine the serum levels of matrix



    3.1 Autoimmune disease2004022 BL-2, IL-6 and their receptors in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. QIAN Qihong (钱齐宏), et al. Dept Dermatol & Venereol, 1st Affili Hosp, Suzhou Univ, Suzhou 215006. Chin J Dermatol 2003; 36 (12): 696-698.



    4.1 Autoimmune disease2003169 Investigation of signaling pathway by LFA-1 costimulation in PBMC of active lupus nephritis.WANG Jianqin(王俭勤),et al.Dept Nephrol, 1st Affili Hosp, Sun Yat-sen Univ, Guangzhou 510080. Chin J

  8. Autoimmune Disease


    2009154 Expression of cellular FLICE inhibitory proteins in peripheral blood B lymphocytes in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.DONG Jing(董婧),et al.Dept Dermatol,Wuhan 1st Hospital,Wuhan 430030.Chin J Dermatol,2009;42(4):226-229.

  9. Autoimmune disease


    2010294 A study of T cell recombination excision circles levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of systemic lupus erythematosus patients. DU Zhenyan(杜臻雁),et al.Dept Rheumatol,PUMC & CAMS,Beijing 100032. Chin J Intern Med 2010;49(6):500-503. Objective To

  10. Allergy and Immunology


    2010176 Interactions between susceptible genes and risk environmental factors in Chinese females with systemic lupus erythematosus.PENG Chunlin(彭春林),et al.Dept Epidemiol,Sch Public Health,Fudan Univ,Shanghai 200032.Chin J Prev Med 2010;44(2):144-149.

  11. Diabetes mellitus


    970258 Relationship between non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and lipoprotein(a)in aged patients.CHI Jiamin(迟家敏), et al. Dept Endocrinol, BeijingHosp, Beijing, 100730. Chin J Geriatr 1997; 16(1): 39-42.

  12. 16.5.Lymphatic system and lymphoma


    920380 Primary Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomasof the brain:a clinic-pathological immuno-histochemical study and image analysis of 10cases.I,Immunohistochemical study,LIUKaifeng (刘开凤),et al.Dept Pathol,West-ChinMed Univ.Tumor 1991;11(6):243-245.

  13. Lymphatic system and lymphoma


    2009236 Clinical significance in detection of immunoglobulin heavy chain clonal rearrangement in bone marrow of patients with B cell lymphoma.CHEN Zhiyu(陈治宇),et al.Dept Med Oncol,Cancer Hosp,Fudan Univ;Dept Oncel,Shanghai Med Coll,Fudan Univ,Shanghai 200032,Chin J Oncol,2009;3193):183-188.



    11.1 Kidney function2004416 The role of adhesion molecules and dendritic cells in hepatic/renal ischemia-reperfusion injury and the effect of antiadhesive treatment in rats.ZHOU Tong(周同), et al. Dept Nephrol, Ruijing Hosp Shanghai 2nd Med Univ, Shanghai 200025. Chin J Emerg Med 2004; 13(5):315 -318.

  15. Pathological psychology


    2009258 Executive function and working memory of patients with mild cognitive impairment.GUO Cuiping(郭翠萍),et al.Neuropsychol Lab,Dept neurol,1st Hosp,Anhui Med Univ,Hefei 230022,Chin J Neurol,2009;42940:237-240.



    5.1 Diabetes mellitus2004325 Long-term outcomes after selective coronary stenting in diabetics. JIANG Li(蒋莉),et al. Dept Cardiol, Shanghai 6th People’s Hosp, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ, Shanghai 200233. Chin J Intern Med 2004;46(6):433 -435

  17. In vitro and in vivo characterization of chimeric duck Tembusu virus based on Japanese encephalitis live vaccine strain SA14-14-2.

    Wang, Hong-Jiang; Liu, Long; Li, Xiao-Feng; Ye, Qing; Deng, Yong-Qiang; Qin, E-De; Qin, Cheng-Feng


    Duck Tembusu virus (DTMUV), a newly identified flavivirus, has rapidly spread to China, Malaysia and Thailand. The potential threats to public health have been well-highlighted; however its virulence and pathogenesis remain largely unknown. Here, by using reverse genetics, a recombinant chimeric DTMUV based on Japanese encephalitis live vaccine strain SA14-14-2 was obtained by substituting the corresponding prM and E genes (named ChinDTMUV). In vitro characterization demonstrated that ChinDTMUV replicated efficiently in mammalian cells with small-plaque phenotype in comparison with its parental viruses. Mouse tests showed ChinDTMUV exhibited avirulent phenotype in terms of neuroinvasiveness, while it retained neurovirulence from its parental virus DTMUV. Furthermore, immunization with ChinDTMUV was evidenced to elicit robust IgG and neutralizing antibody responses in mice. Overall, we successfully developed a viable chimeric DTMUV, and these results provide a useful platform for further investigation of the pathogenesis of DTMUV and development of a live attenuated DTMUV vaccine candidate. PMID:27100268



    15.1 Infection2003250 Study on the strategy of Japanese encephalitis immunization using live attenuated vaccine combined with inactivated vaccine. MA Fubao(马福宝), et al. Jiangsu Prov Dis Prev Contr Center, Nanjing 210009. Chin J Epidemiol 2003 ;24(2): 113 - 115.

  19. Insecure Commitment and Resistance: An Examination of Change Leadership, Self-Efficacy, and Trust on the Relationship between Job Insecurity, Employee Commitment, and Resistance to Organizational Change

    Smith, Robert Elijah


    This study was designed to examine the mediation role of self-efficacy and the moderating roles of change leadership strategy and trust on the change attitudes of job insecure employees. Using job insecurity theory (Greenhalgh, 1983), Chin & Benne's (1961) seminal classification of change leadership strategies and the tripartite model of…

  20. 11.3.Upper respiratory tract disease and bronchial asthma


    920096 A clinical trial of treating asthma ofmoderate severity with beclomethason dip-ropionate aerosol.SHEN Xun (沈勋),et al.DeptPulmon Med,Zhongshan Hosp,Shanghai MedUniv,200032.Chin J Intern Med 1991; 30 (9):536-538.In order to investigate the efficacy of steroidinhalation in treating asthma of moderate sever-

  1. High-Resolution Global Modeling of the Effects of Subgrid-Scale Clouds and Turbulence on Precipitating Cloud Systems

    Bogenschutz, Peter [National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO (United States); Moeng, Chin-Hoh [National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO (United States)


    The PI’s at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Chin-Hoh Moeng and Peter Bogenschutz, have primarily focused their time on the implementation of the Simplified-Higher Order Turbulence Closure (SHOC; Bogenschutz and Krueger 2013) to the Multi-scale Modeling Framework (MMF) global model and testing of SHOC on deep convective cloud regimes.

  2. Use, fate and ecological risks of antibiotics applied in tilapia cage farming in Thailand

    Rico, A.; Oliveira, R.; McDonough, S.; Matser, A.; Khatikarn, J.; Satapornvanit, K.; Nogueira, A.J.A.; Soares, A.M.V.M.; Domingues, I.; Brink, van den P.J.


    The use, environmental fate and ecological risks of antibiotics applied in tilapia cage farming were investigated in the Tha Chin and Mun rivers in Thailand. Information on antibiotic use was collected through interviewing 29 farmers, and the concentrations of the most commonly used antibiotics, oxy

  3. Cyst and tumor of liver


    970354 Two phase helical CT of hepatocellular carci-noma. ZHAO Shaohong(赵绍宏), et al. Dept Radiol,General Hosp, PLA, Beijing, 100853. Chin J Radiol1997; 31(4): 242-245. Objective: To study the characteristic appearances ofhepatocellular carcinoma(HCC)in dual phase helical

  4. feature - Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research

    "Cancer is a disease of the genome," noted Lynda Chin, M.D., professor of dermatology, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. "And understanding the impact of genomic changes in the proteome is critically important for converting genomic knowledge into something that a clinician can use on their patients."

  5. Comprehension Questioning Small Group Reading Instruction for Urban Students with Learning Disabilities

    Jones, Valerie


    It is evident from reading research that students with learning disabilities (LD) greatly benefit from teacher-student interactions during small group comprehension instruction (e.g., Berkeley, Scruggs, & Mastropieri, 2010). Given that questioning takes up the vast majority of instructional interactions between teachers and students (Chin,…

  6. Quantum Central Processing Unit and Quantum Algorithm



    Based on a scalable and universal quantum network, quantum central processing unit, proposed in our previous paper [Chin. Phys. Left. 18 (2001)166], the whole quantum network for the known quantum algorithms,including quantum Fourier transformation, Shor's algorithm and Grover's algorithm, is obtained in a unitied way.

  7. Gallblader and bile duct


    2009215 Construction of the specific MUC5AC-siRNA expression plasmid and effect of siRNA on proliferation and apoptosis in human bile duct cancer line HCCC-9810.HUANG Qing(黄强),et al.Dept General Surg,Affili Prov Hosp,Anhui Med Univ,Hefei 230001.World Chin J Digestol.2009;17(6):566-572.

  8. 15.6.Nephrolithiasis and obstructive nephropathy


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  9. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-PTRO-06-0028 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-PTRO-06-0028 ref|YP_073604.1| Hypothetical protein LDVICp097 [Lymphocystis disease virus - isolate Chin...a] gb|AAU10943.1| hypothetical protein [Lymphocystis disease virus - isolate China] YP_073604.1 2e-05 38% ...

  10. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-TTRU-01-1278 [SEVENS

    Full Text Available CBRC-TTRU-01-1278 ref|YP_073559.1| hypothetical protein LDVICp052 [Lymphocystis disease virus - isolate Chin...a] gb|AAU10898.1| hypothetical protein [Lymphocystis disease virus - isolate China] YP_073559.1 0.039 41% ...