Sample records for challenge winners announced

  1. Breast Cancer Startup Challenge winners

    Ten winners of a world-wide competition to bring emerging breast cancer research technologies to market faster were announced today by the Avon Foundation for Women, in partnership with NCI and the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI). Avon is providing

  2. Winners announced in university's student video contest

    Virginia Tech News


    Virginia Tech's Office of University Relations announced the top three videos in its student YouTube video contest, True Life: I'm a Hokie, during the Virginia Tech versus University of Virginia football game.

  3. Announcing the winner of the John J. Sciarra IJGO Prize Paper Award for 2014.

    Adanu, Richard M K


    The editors of the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics (IJGO) are pleased to announce the winner of the prize paper award for the best clinical research paper from a low- or middle-income country published in the IJGO during 2014. The winning paper is: Dan K. Kaye, Othman Kakaire, Annettee Nakimuli, Scovia N. Mbalinda,Michael O. Osinde, Nelson Kakande. Survivors' understanding of vulnerability and resilience to maternal near-miss obstetric events in Uganda. Int J Gynecol Obstet 2014;127(3):265–8. It was published in the December 2014 issue of the IJGO. PMID:25920580

  4. Student engineering team members are two-time Smart Radio Challenge winners

    Nystrom, Lynn A.


    A team of electrical and computer engineering students from Virginia Tech's Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a winner for the second time in the Smart Radio Challenge competition.

  5. 77 FR 17060 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Beat Down Blood Pressure Challenge


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Beat Down Blood Pressure Challenge... years, announces the launch of the Beat Down Blood Pressure Video Challenge. This challenge is an open... consumer e-health tools to manage high blood pressure. Health care providers are also encouraged to...

  6. 77 FR 19015 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Beat Down Blood Pressure Challenge


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Beat Down Blood Pressure Challenge... Health and Human Services (HHS) published a notice in the Federal Register (77 FR 17060) announcing requirements and registration for a Beat Down Blood Pressure Video Challenge. This challenge will not be...

  7. 77 FR 50512 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Dare To Prepare (D2P) Challenge


    ... for commercial marketing. Winners are permitted to cite that they won this contest. Liability The... awareness and readiness. HHS/CDC will use social media outlets (blog, Twitter, Facebook) to engage citizens... Participants This challenge will be internet-based using a variety of social media platforms,...

  8. Photowalk contest winners

    Roberto Cantoni


    The local winners of the global particle physics Photowalk have been announced by the five participating laboratories. At CERN, Diego Giol and Christian Stephani were the jury’s favourites, and their photos will now go forward to the global vote, competing against the local winners from DESY in Germany, Fermilab in the US, KEK in Japan and TRIUMF in Canada. Two prizes are to be awarded, one selected by a global jury, the other by popular vote – it’s time to get voting!   Diego Giol #1 The global winners of the Photowalk contest will be revealed by the second week of October, but the local CERN winners were announced last week. After three weeks of work, two meetings of the jury and three successive selections, 20 photos were chosen from the 792 entries. The three highest-ranked will participate in the final competition. The public can vote for their favourite photos on the website until 8 October. Only two photographers took the three winning photo...

  9. 78 FR 12063 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Mobile App Challenge; Correction


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Mobile App Challenge... Register of December 6, 2012, announcing the requirements and criteria for the Mobile App...-6113. Correction In the Federal Register of December 6, 2012, in FR Doc. 2012-29520, on pages...

  10. 78 FR 43959 - Announcement of the 2013 Innovation in Arms Control Challenge Under the America Competes...


    ... Announcement of the 2013 Innovation in Arms Control Challenge Under the America Competes Reauthorization Act of... Control Inspections? The 2013 Innovation in Arms Control Challenge will engage the public to develop tools... completeness. 4. Description of the hardware and/or software requirements for execution of the tool or...

  11. 78 FR 48683 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge


    ... hypertension may be shared in documents or other communication products that describe generally used practices... regarding their selection as a finalist. Information is not collected for commercial marketing. Winners are... using health information technology to its fullest potential and integrating team-based approaches...

  12. 77 FR 52105 - Announcement of the Innovation in Arms Control Challenge Under the America Competes...


    ... compliance with existing or future arms control, nonproliferation and disarmament regimes. DATES: The... review process and make a decision with regards to the Winning Solution(s) as described below. All... participants should review all contest rules and eligibility requirements. 5. Basis on which the winners...

  13. Mentoring, Self-Awareness, and Collaboration. The 2012 EDUCAUSE Award Winners

    Blythe, Earving L.; Swartz, David; Woo, Melissa


    The EDUCAUSE Awards Program, under the guidance of the EDUCAUSE Recognition Committee, has announced the three 2012 winners who are recognized for their peer endorsement and distinction to professional accomplishments in higher education information technology. Winner Melissa Woo is recognized as a strong leader and one who is expected to achieve…

  14. TEAMS Award Winners Honored at AASL in Reno, Nevada

    Simpson, Carol


    At the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) conference in Reno, Linworth Publishing and Thomson/Gale announced the winners of the third annual TEAMS awards. TEAMS stands for TEachers And Media Specialists influencing student achievement. The award recognizes the critical collaboration between teachers and media specialists in promoting…

  15. News & Announcements


    /TD/TDhome.html. This site also has links to JCE guidelines for prospective authors. Volunteers should contact Vitz by the medium of their preference: Ed Vitz, Editor, Tested Demonstrations, Journal of Chemical Education, Department of Chemistry, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA 19530; phone: 610/683-4443; fax: 610/683-1352; email: Awards Announced ACS Regional Awards in High School Chemistry Teaching The American Chemical Society has announced winners of regional awards in high school chemistry teaching for 1999. Winners have demonstrated excellence in teaching, exceptional ability to challenge and inspire students, extracurricular work, and willingness to keep up to date in the field. The award consists of two certificates (one for the recipient, the other for display at the recipient's school) and a cash prize of 1,000. Thomas W. Adams, Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics & Humanities at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana: Central Region Arthur J. Crumm, Barstow School, Kansas City, Missouri: Midwest Region Esther H. Freeman, Tabb High School, Yorktown, Virginia: Southeast Region Joan A. Laredo-Liddell, St. Barnabas High School, Bronx, New York: Middle Atlantic Region, 1998 David T. Lee, Mountain Lakes High School, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey: Middle Atlantic Region, 1999 Diane Coley McGann, Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana, California: Western Region William J. Pilotte, Newington High School, Newington, Connecticut: Northeast Region Judith C. Seydel, Idaho Falls High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho: Northwest Region Brenda A. Wolpa, Canyon Del Oro High School, Tucson, Arizona: Southwest/Rocky Mountain Region NSF Distinguished Public Service Award As a part of its celebration in 2000 of its half-century in existence, the National Science Foundation has announced the recipient of its Distinguished Public Service Award. Samuel P. Massie, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland (Emeritus) 1999 Ford Foundation Fellowships The National Academies have announced the

  16. 78 FR 70303 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for the Predict the Influenza Season Challenge


    ..., targeting resources and therefore reducing costs associated with influenza prevention and control, and... contest. Information is not collected for commercial marketing. Registering through the

  17. 77 FR 60435 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Blue Button Video Challenge


    ... United States, and in the case of an individual, whether participating singly or in a group, shall be a... in Your Health Record Video Challenge and Managing Meds Video Challenge. All individual members of a team must meet the eligibility requirements. An individual or entity shall not be deemed...

  18. Telecom Restructuring Shows Few Winners



    @@ The long-awaited restructuring of the Chinese telecom industry was announced on lune 2,and while China Unicorn (中国联通) got the best deal of the major players,analysts agreed that neither Unicorn nor China Telecom (中国电信) got enough out of the restructuring to challenge the dominant position of market leader China Mobile (中国移动).

  19. 77 FR 64340 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Cancer Care Video Challenge


    ... employee of an affiliate, subsidiary, advertising agency, or any other company involved in marketing a... the challenge, contestants agree to make the original digital file of their Video available to ONC...

  20. Winner-Take-All Autoencoders

    Makhzani, Alireza; Frey, Brendan


    In this paper, we propose a winner-take-all method for learning hierarchical sparse representations in an unsupervised fashion. We first introduce fully-connected winner-take-all autoencoders which use mini-batch statistics to directly enforce a lifetime sparsity in the activations of the hidden units. We then propose the convolutional winner-take-all autoencoder which combines the benefits of convolutional architectures and autoencoders for learning shift-invariant sparse representations. We...

  1. 1998 federal energy and water management award winners



    Energy is a luxury that no one can afford to waste, and many Federal Government agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of using energy wisely. Thoughtful use of energy resources is important, not only to meet agency goals, but because energy efficiency helps improve air quality. Sound facility management offers huge savings that affect the agency`s bottom line, the environment, and workplace quality. In these fiscally-modest times, pursuing sound energy management programs can present additional challenges for energy and facility managers. The correct path to take is not always the easiest. Hard work, innovation, and vision are characteristic of those who pursue energy efficiency. That is why the Department of energy, Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) is proud to salute the winners of the 1998 Federal Energy and Water Management Award. The 1998 winners represent the kind of 21st century thinking that will help achieve widespread Federal energy efficiency. In one year, the winners, through a combination of public and private partnerships, saved more than $222 million and 10.5 trillion Btu by actively identifying and implementing energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy projects. Through their dedication, hard work, ingenuity, and success, the award winners have also inspired others to increase their own efforts to save energy and water and to more aggressively pursue the use of renewable energy sources. The Federal Energy and Water Management Awards recognize the winners` contributions and ability to inspire others to take action.

  2. The Unintended Consequences of Technological Change: Winners and Losers from GM Technologies and the Policy Response in the Organic Food Market

    Stuart Smyth; William Kerr; Phillips, Peter W.B.


    It is often said that innovations create winners and losers. All innovations are somewhat disruptive, but some have more distributed effects. We have a sense of who the winners are and how much they gain. Yet, how much do losers actually lose? Organic farmers frequently like to publicly announce that they are the losers following the commercialization of genetically modified (GM) crops, yet consumers in search of non-GM products have helped increase demand for organic products, something that...

  3. And now, for the winners.

    Alizée Dauvergne


    The Computer Security Day held on 10 June was a success. There were eight presentations, with some forty people attending each session.     The presentation videos can be viewed on Indico. The computer security team’s new website is now up and running, with a wealth of useful information and advice. Go to     The quiz attracted 130 participants, and the answers have now been posted on line! The quiz winners are: Lars Aprin, Richard Baud, Thibaut Bernard, Brice Copy, Daniele de Ruschi, Sébastien Gadrat, Amanda Garcia Munoz, Stephen Gowdy, Joni Hahkala, Joseph Izen, Ryszard Erazm Jurga, Jukka Klem, Danila Oleynik, Ian Pong, Pascal Serge Roguet, Jani Tapani Taskinen, Jan Therhaag, Yves Thurel, Adrian Vogel, Thomas White. Well done to all! If you haven’t done so already, you should soon be getting your prize (i.e. a book, a T-shirt or a bag, etc.).  

  4. The Transitional Legend of Winners

    Ivan Kovačević


    Full Text Available During 2006 a number of stories that featured the motive of great gain under dramatic circumstances were repeatedly told in betting-houses in Kragujevac, a town in Serbia. The main character of these legends is an empoverished victim of transition who, thanks to luck and help of friends, wins a great sum of money betting. Besides describing the preceding transitional "fall" of the winner (getting fired, failing in private enterprise, the legends describe his economical and social prosperity initiated by capital gained through betting (starting succesfull enterprises, buying good shares. Diachronically following other "sudden wealth" legends this transitional legend speaks about the establishing of a new system of values that, in the categories of social promotion, makes up for the old principles that marked the period of socialism.

  5. Tax Rebate Winners and Losers


    COVER STORY China, long hailed as the cheap manufacturing capital of the world, is putting financial pressure on parts of this very industry. Tax rebates favorable to textile, iron and steel industries, for example, are being cast aside and picked up by hi-tech and medical industries. While this may be a partial remedy to alleviate China’s colossal trade surplus-which irritates international neighbors-and clean up the environment, many small manufacturers are feeling the heat. Industries with high added-value are clearly winners of the new trade policies, and agriculture is too, as the government continues its efforts to boost the rural economy. But in the long run, if textile and other low-tech manufacturing can use the current rebate policy as a stimulus to add more value to their products, even they might look back and see the new trade era as more win-win than they originally thought.

  6. News & Announcements


    . Works well. Activity:CD Light: An Introduction to Spectroscopy. J. Chem. Educ. 1998, 75, 1568A (December 1998). Workshop?yes Booth?yes, with colored plastic onlynot solutions Notes:Can be difficult to measure and cut cardboard for spectroscope. Pre-made spectroscopes and partially constructed ones to show method could be provided. Needs good light source to work well. Activity:Cleaning Up with Chemistry: Investigating the Action of Zeolite in Laundry Detergent. J. Chem. Educ. 1999, 76, 1461A (October 1999). Workshop?yes Booth?could demonstrate tubes of soapy water with and without zeolite Notes:Need access to water. Quick and easy. More information about JCE Classroom Activities is available on JCE Online at: Here you will find the notes described above and a list of all published Classroom Activities. The site is updated regularly. Awards Announced United Nations Environment Program The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has selected Mario J. Molina, professor of earth, atmosphere, and planetary sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as the winner of the 1999 UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize. The prize, worth $200,000, is for his outstanding global contributions in the field of atmospheric chemistry. ACS Northeastern Section The Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society has awarded the Henry A. Hill Award to Morton Z. Hoffman, professor of chemistry at Boston University. The award is given annually to a member of the section for outstanding service. Award Deadlines Mettler-Toledo Thermal Analysis Education Grant Mettler-Toledo has established a grant to honor Edith A. Turi of the Polymer Research Institute, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY, for her lifelong contribution to the cause of thermal analysis education. The grant will be awarded on an annual basis to not-for-profit organizations in North America that confer degrees up to the Ph. D. level and provide or intend to provide

  7. Editorial announcement

    Parks, William


    William C Parks Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USAI would like to announce the arrival of Metalloproteinases in Medicine, a new open access peer-reviewed journal published by Dove Medical Press. Metalloproteinases In Medicine is an international journal that provides a platform for discussion and dissemination of new knowledge about the role that metalloproteinases (inclusive of matrix metalloproteinases, the ADAM [A Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase] family, the ADAMTS [A Disi...

  8. And the winners were... Innovation Awards


    The winners of the 2003 Economist innovation awards included Tim Berners-Lee for the WWW and Dr. Damadian for his suggestion that NMR could be used as a medical detection device for cancer (1/2 page).

  9. The Winner's Curse under Behavioral Institutions

    Chlaß, Nadine


    Empirically, social dilemma under information asymmetry are often much less pronounced than theory predicts. Traders experience a winner's curse and maintain efficiency enhancing exchange of commodities when theory predicts none. Especially under competition, cursed parties undergo severe losses and thereby fund social welfare. Hence, if one cures the winner's curse, one often decreases social welfare. Here, I test how market efficiency can be maintained without individual losses. In a compet...

  10. Highlights from e-EPS: the 2015 EPS High Energy Physics Prize winners

    Thomas Lohse, e-EPS News


    The EPS High Energy Physics Division announces the winners of its 2015 prizes, which will be awarded at the Europhysics Conference on High-Energy Physics (EPS-HEP 2015), Vienna (Austria) 22−29 July. Many people from CERN were among the winners.   The 2015 High Energy and Particle Physics Prize, for an outstanding contribution to High Energy Physics, is awarded to James D. Bjorken “for his prediction of scaling behaviour in the structure of the proton that led to a new understanding of the b interaction”, and to Guido Altarelli, Yuri L. Dokshitzer, Lev Lipatov, and Giorgio Parisi “for developing a probabilistic field theory framework for the dynamics of quarks and gluons, enabling a quantitative understanding of high-energy collisions involving hadrons”. The 2015 Giuseppe and Vanna Cocconi Prize, for an outstanding contribution to Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology in the past 15 years, is awarded to Francis Halzen “for his visiona...

  11. News & Announcements


    ; materials that augment laboratory experiments are a good example. ·Supplementary videos, such as the videos, still images, and excerpts from interviews with nuclear chemists that give fuller meaning to the Viewpoints article "Chemistry of the Heaviest Elements- One Atom at a Time" referred to below. ·Internet feature columns are more effective in a dynamic medium. Two that are in place are Mathcad in the Chemistry Curriculum (edited by Theresa Zielinski) and Conceptual Questions and Challenge Problems (edited by William Robinson and Susan Nurrenbern). ·Buyers Guides have their content updated often and link to other useful sites. There is one for books and software and another for supplies and equipment. Elements Added to Periodic Table Two new transuranic elements have been added to the list in the Viewpoints article "Chemistry of the Heaviest ElementsOne Atom at a Time" by Darleane C. Hoffman and Diana M. Lee (JCE, 1999, 76, 331). The new elements have atomic numbers 118 and 116. The path to the discovery of these elements was predicted by Robert Smolanczuk, a young Polish theorist whose calculations led him to conclude that a lead-krypton collision technique could produce element 118, which then decays to element 116. Others questioned his results, but Hoffman invited him to join the team at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a decision was made to try out his ideas. The result was almost complete verification of Smolanczuk's calculations. The experimental team was headed by Kenneth E. Gregorich; Darleane Hoffman is one of 15 codiscoverers of element 118. Awards Willard Gibbs Medal Lawrence F. Dahl of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the recipient of 1999 Willard Gibbs Medal, the highest award of the Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society. It is awarded annually to a world-renowned scientist selected by a jury of panelists composed of eminent chemists elected by the Board of Directors of the Chicago Section. The award was presented at the

  12. Winners of student essay contest receive awards


    George Meguiar (left) presents a scholarship award to Kyla Davis Horn, of Cocoa Beach, one of the winners of an essay contest related to the 30th Anniversary of Apollo 11. Meguiar and George English (second from right) head the Apollo 11 Commemoration Association who sponsored the contest in conjunction with Florida Today newspaper. The other scholarship winner is Kyle Rukaczewski, of Satellite Beach (far right). A third winner, Jason Gagnon, of Viera, was unable to attend. The presentation was made at the Apollo/Saturn V Center during an anniversary banquet that honored all the people who made the Apollo Program possible. Special guests included former Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, Gene Cernan and Walt Cunningham, who shared their experiences with the audience.

  13. Publisher's Announcement

    Scriven, Neil


    We are delighted to announce that the new Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General for 2004 will be Professor Carl M Bender of Washington University, St. Louis. Carl will, with the help of his world class editorial board, maintain standards of scientific rigour whilst ensuring that research published is of the highest importance. Carl attained his first degree in physics at Cornell University before studying for his PhD at Harvard. He later worked at The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and at MIT before assuming his current position at Washington University, St Louis. He has been a visiting professor at Technion, Haifa, and Imperial College, London and a scientific consultant for Los Alamos National Laboratory. His main expertise is in using classical applied mathematics to solve a broad range of problems in high-energy theoretical physics and mathematical physics. Since the publication of his book Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers, written with Steven Orszag, he has been regarded as an expert on the subject of asymptotic analysis and perturbative methods. `Carl publishes his own internationally-important research in the journal and has been an invaluable, energetic member of the Editorial Board for some time' said Professor Ed Corrigan, Carl's predecessor as Editor, `he will be an excellent Editor-in-Chief'. Our grateful thanks and best wishes go to Professor Corrigan who has done a magnificent job for the journal during his five-year tenure.

  14. 2012 Cliff Weiss Memorial Essay Contest Winners

    Techniques: Connecting Education and Careers (J3), 2012


    This article presents the winners of the 2012 Cliff Weiss Memorial Essay Contest. They are Naim Owens from Washington, DC, and Colissa Menke from Warrensburg, Missouri. The 2012 essay topic is "How do you feel CTE prepares individuals, including yourself, for a future career?"

  15. Everyone Is a Winner

    Reuben, Ernesto; Tyran, Jean-Robert

    In this paper, we study the effectiveness of intergroup competition in promoting cooperative behavior. We focus on intergroup competition that is non-rival in the sense that everyone can be a winner. This type of competition does not give groups an incentive to outcompete others. However, in spite...

  16. Impact on Learning Award Winners.

    School Planning & Management, 2000


    Presents awardees of the School Planning & Management magazine's third annual "Impact on Learning Award" given to architectural firms whose K-12 school facilities have solved real-world problems through design, engineering, and technology solutions. Each selection presents the design challenge faced and its solution along with project details. (GR)

  17. Winner-Loser-Effekte am deutschen Aktienmarkt

    Daske, Stefan


    Die Veröffentlichung von DE BONDT und THALER (1985) markiert den Beginn einer intensiven wissenschaftlichen Auseinandersetzung über die Existenz, den Umfang, die Ausbeutbarkeit und die Formen von Winner-Loser-Effekten. Diese beschreiben eine beobachtete potenzielle Anomalie, nach der ein Anleger durch Investition in Aktien, die über einen gewissen Zeitraum eine deutlich geringere Rendite als der relevante Markt aufwiesen (so genannte Loseraktien, nachfolgend als Verliereraktien bezeichnet), e...

  18. CERN welcomes Intel Science Fair winners

    Katarina Anthony


    This June, CERN welcomed twelve gifted young scientists aged 15-18 for a week-long visit of the Laboratory. These talented students were the winners of a special award co-funded by CERN and Intel, given yearly at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).   The CERN award winners at the Intel ISEF 2012 Special Awards Ceremony. © Society for Science & the Public (SSP). The CERN award was set up back in 2009 as an opportunity to bring some of the best and brightest young minds to the Laboratory. The award winners are selected from among 1,500 talented students participating in ISEF – the world's largest pre-university science competition, in which students compete for more than €3 million in awards. “CERN gave an award – which was obviously this trip – to students studying physics, maths, electrical engineering and computer science,” says Benjamin Craig Bartlett, 17, from South Carolina, USA, wh...

  19. News & Announcements


    News from Journal House National Chemistry Week (NCW) Celebrating Chemistry and Art is the theme of NCW 2001, to be held November 4-10, 2001. As you make plans for participating in the celebrations in your area, keep in mind that JCE is developing special materials on this theme, which will appear in our October issue: Classroom Activities, a comprehensive Illustrated Resource Paper, Report from Online, specially written brief articles illustrated in color, articles related to the theme, and CLIPs (Chemical Laboratory Information Profiles). Awards Announced Passer Award Passer Award recipients from the April 1 closing date are: George Bennett, Millikin University, Decatur, IL Daniel Berger, Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH Karen Dunlap, Sierra College, Rocklin, CA Myung-Hoon Kim, Georgia Perimeter College, Dunwoody, GA Cheryl Longfellow, Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA Jerry Maas, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL Tim Royappa, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL Visiting Scientist Award, Western Connecticut Section Diane Bunce, The Catholic University of America, has been selected as the 2001 Visiting Scientist of the Western Connecticut Section of the ACS. The award, presented annually since 1967, brings an outstanding chemical educator to visit high schools in Fairfield County, CT. In May, Bunce visited three high schools, Christian Heritage School, Fairfield High School, and Greenwich High School, where she interacted with teachers and students and presented lectures and demonstrations to several chemistry classes. She was also keynote speaker at the ACS local section's Education Night. The awardee is selected by a committee of university and high school teachers, industrial chemists, and the previous Visiting Scientist; there is an honorarium of 1500 plus expenses. Welch Award Roger D. Kornberg, a professor of structural biology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, received the 2001 Welch Award for his discovery of the nucleosome

  20. News & Announcements


    provided as a part of the telephone order; when the new account is active, the account information will be emailed. Remember to Provide Your Email Address Knowing your email address has become important for Journal communication. In addition to account information, we will send an order confirmation to each subscriber who provides an email address. For those who want it, we intend, in the near future, to send an email message announcing when each month's issue goes online. We do not sell or give email addresses to anyone else. Keeping Up to Date with JCE Online JCE Online will continue to change and expand, as the technology around us changes and as new features and columns are added. The best way to keep abreast of new developments is to look for the JCE Online column in both print and online. Jon Holmes, editor of JCE Online, uses this column to keep readers in touch with the latest happenings: JCE Online FAQs (March 1999, p 446) JCE Online 99 (April 1999, p 584) JCE Feature Columns (May 1999, p 718) Molecular Modeling (June 1999, p 871) JCE: A Good Deal That Keeps Getting Better If you carry copies of JCE around in hopes of finding time to read them, you may think they are getting heavierand they are. Your Journal was more than a third bigger in 1998 than it was in 1995! We have printed more pages every year since 1996 (see graph for the past 25 years). We estimate that you will receive more than 2000 pages this year and even more next year. This is more pages than at any time in the Journal 's history, excepting the four years 1929-1932, when the pages were smaller. We are printing more pages because we need to. We have many good manuscripts that have been peer reviewed and accepted and now are awaiting publication in print. The time between acceptance of a manuscript and its publication is already too long. Unless we print more pages, it will grow longer. For the past three years we have been slowly but steadily reducing this publication lag, and we don't want to stop

  1. Entre/vista a Langdon Winner

    Andrés Lomeña


    Full Text Available La ballena y el reactor: Una búsqueda de los límites en la era de la alta tecnología se reeditó en 2008 con un prólogo de Javier Bustamante. Su autor, el politólogo Langdon Winner, ha sido uno de los pioneros en criticar la fascinación tecnológica de Occidente y en reflexionar sobre las consecuencias políticas, sociales y filosóficas de la tecnología. Su preocupación se ha centrado en cómo casi todos los aspectos de la vida humana han quedado sometidos a consideraciones de coste-beneficio. Esto le llevó a escribir un libro cuyo título nace de la epifanía que le hizo entender los problemas más acuciantes de las sociedades altamente tecnologizadas.Winner cuestionó tempranamente el dogma de la neutralidad tecnológica y expuso cómo los artefactos pueden tener intencionalidad política. Para ello usó varios y poderosos ejemplos: los pasos elevados de Long Island, denunciando los propósitos segregacionistas del planeamiento urbano en Nueva York, o la cosechadora mecánica de tomates, que alteró drásticamente la distribución del poder de la agricultura californiana.Si Lewis Mumford puede considerarse el antecesor directo de Winner, muchos otros autores han sido deudores indirectos de sus escritos. Los estudios de la ciencia (con la teoría del actor-red a la cabeza han heredado esa concepción de la tecnología como algo inherentemente político, no como un actor pasivo, frío e imparcial.

  2. On the K-Winners-Take-All Network

    Majani, E.; Erlanson, R.; Abu-Mostafa, Y.


    We present and rigorously analyze a generalization of the Winner-Take-All Network: the K-Winners-Take-All Network. This network identifies the K largest of a set of N real numbers. The network model used is the continuous Hopfield model.

  3. Nobel prize winners from Siemens company

    This paper deals with the history of discoveries and scientists which worked in the Siemens company. First Nobel prize winners from Siemens company was Gustav Ludwig Hertz from Hamburg. In his doctoral dissertation he deals with the study of collisions of electrons with molecules of gases. In the physics this experiment is known as 'Franc and Hertz experiment', which confirmed state of energy in Bohr theory and in 1925 he obtained Nobel prize. In 1945, as a director of the Department of physics in the research laboratories of Siemens, he constructed cyclotron kernel - magnet with mass of 80 tonnes. The second Nobel prize winner was Dennis Gabor worked in the Laboratory for measurement and medicinal technology in Siemensstadt (Berlin). When he tried to increase the resolution of electron microscopy he discovered the holography (method of 3-dimensional imaging). In 1971 he obtained the Nobel prize. The third scientist - Ernst Ruska discovered electron microscope. At Siemens, he was involved in developing the first commercially-produced electron microscope in 1939. In 1986, Ernst Ruska was awarded half of the Nobel Prize in Physics for his many achievements in electron optics.

  4. News and Announcements


    1999 EAS Awards The Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) announces the winners of their 1999 awards, which will be presented during their annual meeting, to be held November 14-19, 1999, at the Garden State Convention Center in Somerset, NJ. ACS Analytical Chemistry Division, Findeis Young Investigator Award David Clemmer, Indiana University EAS Award for Achievements in Separation Science Milton L. Lee, Brigham Young University EAS Award for Achievements in Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Phil Williams, Grain Research Laboratory, Winnipeg, Canada EAS Award for Achievements in Magnetic Resonance Frank A. L. Anet, University of California, Los Angeles (Emeritus) EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Fields of Analytical Chemistry Catherine Fenselau, University of Maryland at College Park Galactic Industries Award for Achievements in Chemometrics Harald Martens, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Proposal Deadlines National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) June 7, 1999 NSF Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (CETP) Preliminary proposals, Track 1 May 1, 1999 Formal proposals, Track 1 September 1, 1999 DUE online 1999 guidelines, NSF 99-53 available at For further information about NSF DUE programs consult the DUE Web site, Program deadlines are at . To contact the DUE Information Center, phone: 703/306-1666; email: The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program: November 16, 1998 Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program: July 1, 1999 New Faculty Awards Program: May 14, 1999 Faculty Start-up Grants for Undergraduate Institutions: May 14, 1999 Scholar/Fellow Program for Undergraduate Institutions: July 1, 1999 Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences

  5. Google Science Fair winner visits CERN

    Katarina Anthony


    Google Science Fair Grand Prize winner Brittany Michelle Wenger today wrapped up a day-and-a-half's visit of the CERN site. Her winning project uses an artificial neural network to diagnose breast cancer – a non-invasive technique with significant potential for use in hospitals.   Brittany Michelle Wenger at CERN's SM18 Hall. Besides winning a $50,000 scholarship from Google and work experience opportunities with some of the contest hosts, Brittany was offered a personal tour of CERN. “This visit has just been incredible,” she says. “I got to speak with [CERN's Director for Accelerators and Technology] Steve Myers about some of the medical applications and technologies coming out of the LHC experiments and how they can be used to treat cancer. We talked about proton therapy and hadron therapy, which could really change the way patients are treated, improving success rates and making treatment not such an excruciating process. That ...

  6. CO2: a joint effort, and all are winners

    The Norwegian Continental Shelf can be a safe dumping ground for carbon dioxide from Europe's industry for 500 years and thus help facing the climatic challenges of the Kyoto Protocol. But injection of CO2 to enhance oil production involves great challenges, both technical and with respect to who will pay the bill. The author asserts that ''voluntary work'' in the best traditional style can both solve problems and secure profit in the long run. If the state, the oil companies and the power companies join and contribute to a common investment budget, then pipelines and all infrastructure for importing and dumping carbon dioxide from the Continent can be developed within a few years. The investments will yield a return when the Norwegian industry and Europe are to get rid of their emissions of carbon dioxide. Then they have to pay Norway for taking care of the CO2 and pumping it down under the shelf. For some fields this will increase the production of oil and consequently the return for the companies and revenue for the state. All are winners: oil companies get pressure support for increased production, power suppliers can build gas power plants with CO2 management and the state earns money from increased production and by accepting CO2 from Europe. In addition we may fulfil the Kyoto commitments without taking unpopular steps towards individuals or commerce. More gas power plants will solve the energy problem. The most environmentally friendly way of using the Norwegian shelf is long-term storage of CO2. The geology of the area is stable

  7. [Surgeons and Neurosurgeons as Nobel Prize Winners].

    Chrastina, Jan; Jančálek, Radim; Hrabovský, Dušan; Novák, Zdeněk


    Since 1901 Nobel Prize is awarded for exceptional achievements in physics, chemistry, literature, peace, economy (since 1968) and medicine or physiology. The first aim of the paper is to provide an overview of surgeons - winners of Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology. Although the prominent neurosurgeons were frequently nominated as Nobel Prize candidates, surprisingly no neurosurgeon received this prestigious award so far despite that the results of their research transgressed the relatively narrow limits of neurosurgical speciality.The most prominent leaders in the field of neurosurgery, such as Victor Horsley, Otfrid Foerster, Walter Dandy and Harvey Cushing are discussed from the point of their nominations. The overview of the activity of the Portuguese neurologists and Nobel Prize Winter in 1949 Egas Moniz (occasionally erroneously reported as neurosurgeon) is also provided. Although his work on brain angiography has fundamentally changed the diagnostic possibilities in neurology and neurosurgery, he was eventually awarded Nobel Prize for the introduction of the currently outdated frontal lobotomy.The fact that none of the above mentioned prominent neurosurgeons has not been recognised by Nobel Prize, may be attributed to the fact that their extensive work cannot be captured in a short summary pinpointing its groundbreaking character. PMID:27256150

  8. CERNland/Prince of Asturias competition winners tour CERN

    Katarina Anthony


    Last week, the Laboratory rolled out the red carpet for the six young winners of the CERNland/Prince of Asturias competition. From a visit of the CMS detector to dessert with the Director-General, these young talents were given the full VIP treatment. Nothing less would do for our winners!   The competition's youngest winners study the CMS detector. For the CERNland/Prince of Asturias competition winners, Easter 2014 would be unforgettable. Besides visits to all the main CERN landmarks, they attended an award ceremony in the Main Building in their honour. Among the audience were CERN Director-General, Rolf Heuer, the Permanent Representative of Spain to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Ana Maria Menendez Perez, and the Director of the Prince of Asturias Foundation, Teresa Sanjurjo González. The ceremony was also an opportunity for the CERN community to interact with the young winners. “They brought with them such heartfelt enthusiasm,” says CERN&am...

  9. Processing Trade Banned Commodities announced


    @@ The new catalogue of processing trade-banned commodities was announced recently. The announcement was executed since November 22 of 2006. The Catalogue will be adjusted according to related policies of the state.

  10. The economics of social networks : the winner takes it all?

    Fjell, Kenneth; Foros, Øystein; Steen, Frode


    We look at the economics of social networks. Key economic features of these are positive network effects, giving rise to positive feedback effects that may lead to a winner-takes-it-all market. Social networks’ revenues are collected from online advertising; social networks thus constitute two-sided markets. Two-sided markets with ad-financing enhance the winner-takes-it-all effect. However, for many young people, social networks are parts of their image. They may want to be where the right ...

  11. Steven MacCall: Winner of LJ's 2010 Teaching Award

    Berry, John N., III


    This article profiles Steven L. MacCall, winner of "Library Journal's" 2010 Teaching Award. An associate professor at the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, MacCall was nominated by Kathie Popadin, known as "Kpop" to the members of her cohort in the online MLIS program at SLIS. Sixteen of…

  12. News and Announcements


    News from Journal House Conceptual Questions and Challenge Problems Many readers are trying to modify the way they teach and in so doing are trying to write new types of questions and problems. The Journal has a new online resource, the JCE Internet Conceptual Questions and Challenge Problems Web site, . The site is a source of questions and problems that can be used in teaching and assessing conceptual understanding and problem solving in chemistry. Here you can find a library of free-response and multiple-choice conceptual questions and challenge problems, tips for writing these questions and problems, and a discussion of types of concept questions. This site is intended to be a means of sharing conceptual questions and challenge problems among chemical educators. It will be as inclusive as possible, and to achieve this readers need to share their questions and alert the authors to references or Web sites. The screen captures shown below should provide a feeling for what you will find when you visit the site. The authors, William R. Robinson and Susan C. Nurrenbern, welcome additions to the library of conceptual questions or other comments or suggestions. Contact them by email, fax, or regular mail. William R. Robinson and Susan C. Nurrenbern, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1393. Bill: phone: 765/494-5453; fax: 765/494-0239; email: Sue: phone: 765/494-0823; fax: 765/494-0239; email: fax: 765/494-0239. 1998 Ford Foundation Fellowships The National Research Council has announced the recipients of the 1998 fellowships for minority scholars. Three categories of fellowships were awarded: 50 to beginning graduate students, 33 to students writing their dissertations, and 28 to recent Ph.D. recipients. There were about 1,000 applicants. For information about the next competition contact the Fellowship Office of the National

  13. Alert with destruction of stratospheric ozone: 95 Nobel Prize Winners

    After briefly summarizing the discoveries of the 95 Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry related to the threats to the ozone layer by chemical pollutants, we make a soft presentation of the overall problem of stratospheric ozone, starting with the destructive catalytic cycles of the pollutant-based free radicals, following with the diffusion mathematical models in Atmospheric Chemistry, and ending with the increasing annual drama of the ozone hole in the Antarctica. (Author)

  14. The Change Announcement

    Broillet, Alexandra; Barchilon, Marian; Kampf, Constance Elizabeth

    Shifting the focus in Change Management as a Field from the best way to send messages to the experience and understanding of the receivers offers a new direction that goes beyond a Management-centric perspective on Change Management Communication. To do this, we examine 61 interviews with employe...... for a broader perspective on experiencing change, which includes interaction between the Change Managers and employees in the organization.......Shifting the focus in Change Management as a Field from the best way to send messages to the experience and understanding of the receivers offers a new direction that goes beyond a Management-centric perspective on Change Management Communication. To do this, we examine 61 interviews with employees...... experiencing change about a key communication aspect in Change Management, the Change announcement. These interviews were gathered by professional students as part of the Change Management Course in the MBA program. We use patterns of change communication discussed in the interviews to offer a basis...

  15. 77 FR 28391 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for “Ocular Imaging Challenge”


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Announcement of Requirements and Registration for ``Ocular Imaging Challenge'' AGENCY... U.S.C. 3719. SUMMARY: The ``Ocular Imaging Challenge'' is a multidisciplinary call to innovators and...-5920 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Subject of Challenge Competition The ``Ocular Imaging Challenge'' is...

  16. PUBLISHER'S ANNOUNCEMENT: Editorial developments


    We are delighted to announce that from January 2009, Professor Murray T Batchelor of the Australian National University, Canberra will be the new Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. Murray Batchelor has been Editor of the Mathematical Physics section of the journal since 2007. Prior to this, he served as a Board Member and an Advisory Panel member for the journal. His primary area of research is the statistical mechanics of exactly solved models. He holds a joint appointment in mathematics and physics and has held visiting positions at the Universities of Leiden, Amsterdam, Oxford and Tokyo. We very much look forward to working with Murray to continue to improve the journal's quality and interest to the readership. We would like to thank our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Professor Carl M Bender. Carl has done a magnificent job as Editor-in-Chief and has worked tirelessly to improve the journal over the last five years. Carl has been instrumental in designing and implementing strategies that have enhanced the quality of papers published and service provided by Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. Notably, under his tenure, we have introduced the Fast Track Communications (FTC) section to the journal. This section provides a venue for outstanding short papers that report new and timely developments in mathematical and theoretical physics and offers accelerated publication and high visibility for our authors. During the last five years, we have raised the quality threshold for acceptance in the journal and now reject over 60% of submissions. As a result, papers published in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical are amongst the best in the field. We have also maintained and improved on our excellent receipt-to-first-decision times, which now average less than 50 days for papers. We have recently announced another innovation; the Journal of Physics A Best Paper Prize. These prizes will honour excellent papers

  17. News and Announcements


    direction? Seaborg: In nuclear science? Very crude. I mean we had difficulty even making the simplest Geiger counter work. This facet alone was always a challenge. Ridgway: What do you look for in a young person who wishes to work with you in your research program? Seaborg: Certainly I try to identify intelligence and creativity and very importantly, industry, that is the willingness to work hard which leads to dedication. Ridgway: ...research and teaching or research versus teaching. Do you consider in your own pursuits in the academic life a dichotomy between teaching and research? Seaborg: Definitely not! I think they go together very well. I teach freshman chemistry and it's a joy to meet my freshman chemistry sections. It gives me a better perspective even though it's at the beginning level. In addition, the fact that I'm conducting research helps (in my opinion) freshman chemistry. As your readers well know, freshman chemistry is a sophisticated and complicated subject these days. Pimentel Award Address: Regarding the CHEM Study project: Although my heavy schedule as Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, and numerous other commitments should have made me decline this added responsibility, the unusual circumstances of our meeting and the ardor of the group led to my somewhat bewildered acceptance. Report of the National Commission on Excellence in Education (1983): If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war. As it stands, We have allowed this to happen to ourselves Discussing Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS): It is an unfortunate fact, borne out by research and much anecdotal experience, that by the time they reach high school most students have already decided whether or not they like chemistry, and whether or not they are good at it. In Summary: Having served in many capacities, educational and governmental over my

  18. Machine Learning wins the Higgs Challenge

    Abha Eli Phoboo


    The winner of the four-month-long Higgs Machine Learning Challenge, launched on 12 May, is Gábor Melis from Hungary, followed closely by Tim Salimans from the Netherlands and Pierre Courtiol from France. The challenge explored the potential of advanced machine learning methods to improve the significance of the Higgs discovery.   Winners of the Higgs Machine Learning Challenge: Gábor Melis and Tim Salimans (top row), Tianqi Chen and Tong He (bottom row). Participants in the Higgs Machine Learning Challenge were tasked with developing an algorithm to improve the detection of Higgs boson signal events decaying into two tau particles in a sample of simulated ATLAS data* that contains few signal and a majority of non-Higgs boson “background” events. No knowledge of particle physics was required for the challenge but skills in machine learning - the training of computers to recognise patterns in data – were essential. The Challenge, hosted by Ka...

  19. Winner's mind a competitor's guide to sports and business success

    Fox, Allen


    Going against the conventional wisdom that winning isn't everything, this guide takes the position that winning is indeed more fun than losing and provides a step-by-step formula for achieving success in any of life's endeavors. In addition to sharing his personal experiences as a world-class tennis player and successful businessman, Allen Fox unveils the secrets of champions and reveals how everyone can put them to use to tilt the odds in their favor in a hilarious, take-no-prisoners tone. Factors contributing to success, such as common mental characteristics of winners and the role of intell

  20. Training winner-take-all simultaneous recurrent neural networks.

    Cai, Xindi; Prokhorov, Danil V; Wunsch, Donald C


    The winner-take-all (WTA) network is useful in database management, very large scale integration (VLSI) design, and digital processing. The synthesis procedure of WTA on single-layer fully connected architecture with sigmoid transfer function is still not fully explored. We discuss the use of simultaneous recurrent networks (SRNs) trained by Kalman filter algorithms for the task of finding the maximum among N numbers. The simulation demonstrates the effectiveness of our training approach under conditions of a shared-weight SRN architecture. A more general SRN also succeeds in solving a real classification application on car engine data. PMID:17526335

  1. A delegated agent in a winner-take-all contest

    Schoonbeek, Lambert


    We consider a winner-take-all contest extended with a principal-agent re-lationship. One of the two players, say player 1, offers a contract to an agent to act in the contest as a delegate on his behalf. The wage offered to the agent is deliberately chosen by player 1. We characterize the Nash equilibrium of this contest and com-pare its properties with those of the Nash equilibrium of the corresponding standard contest in which both players compete themselves. We show that the expected utili...

  2. Determining Possible and Necessary Winners Given Partial Orders

    Xia, Lirong; Conitzer, Vincent


    Usually a voting rule requires agents to give their preferences as linear orders. However, in some cases it is impractical for an agent to give a linear order over all the alternatives. It has been suggested to let agents submit partial orders instead. Then, given a voting rule, a profile of partial orders, and an alternative (candidate) c, two important questions arise: first, is it still possible for c to win, and second, is c guaranteed to win? These are the possible winner and necessary w...

  3. Google Science Fair 2012 : Grand Prize Winner Brittany Wenger

    Maximilien Brice


    17-18 age category AND Grand Prize Winner: Brittany Wenger (USA)—“Global Neural Network Cloud Service for Breast Cancer.” Brittany’s project harnesses the power of the cloud to help doctors accurately diagnose breast cancer. Brittany built an application that compares individual test results to an extensive dataset stored in the cloud, allowing doctors to assess tumors using a minimally-invasive procedure. Brittany Michelle Wenger, and her mother, passed through the CERN Control Centre accompanied by Mike Lamont, CERN Beams Department, Operation Group Leader.

  4. Firm Incentives for Invention Prizes with Multiple Winners

    S. Keith Berry


    This paper considers several multiple winner models where firms compete for invention prizes determined by the social planner. The short-run model, with a fixed number of firms, can result in negative expected societal benefit where welfare gains are totally dissipated. In the long-run model, with entry and exit, it is demonstrated that there is always a positive net welfare gain. The final model developed is one where the social planner sets the prize and the number of firms. Under certain c...

  5. Characteristics of Korean International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) Winners and Various Developmental Influences

    Choi, Kyong Mi


    This study investigated characteristics of five IMO winners and influences from their formal and informal educational experiences. In particular, this study provides in-depth understanding of former Korean IMO winners' characteristics and environmental influences. Also, implications including education for parents of the gifted, professional…

  6. The effects of lottery prizes on winners and their neighbors: evidence from the Dutch Postcode Lottery

    P. Kuhn; P. Kooreman; A. Soetevent; A. Kapteyn


    Each week, the Dutch Postcode Lottery (PCL) randomly selects a postal code, and distributes cash and a new BMW to lottery participants in that code. We study the effects of these shocks on lottery winners and their neighbors. Consistent with the life-cycle hypothesis, the effects on winners' consump

  7. Nobel prize-winner Heinrich Rohrer visits CERN


    The Nobel prize-winner Heinrich Rohrer met young scientists on a recent visit to the Laboratory. From left to right: Xavier Gréhant (CERN Openlab), Ewa Stanecka (ATLAS), Magda Kowalska (ISOLDE), Heinrich Rohrer, Stéphanie Beauceron (CMS) and Ana Gago Da Silva (UNOSAT).Heinrich Rohrer, who shared the 1986 Nobel prize for physics with Gerd Binnig for the design of the scanning tunnelling microscope, visited CERN on 25 June. Welcomed by the Director-General, Robert Aymar, he visited the ATLAS cavern and control room, the Computer Centre, the Unosat project, the Antimatter Decelerator and ISOLDE. At the end of his visit, he voiced his admiration for CERN and its personnel. As a renowned Nobel prize-winner Heinrich Rohrer has the opportunity to pass on his experience and enthusiasm to young scientists. During the evening meal, at which he met five young physicists and computer scientists, who were delighted with the chance to talk to him, he stressed the importance for re...

  8. The Google Science Fair winner comes to CERN

    CERN Bulletin


    Shree Bose, the Google Science Fair Grand Prize winner, will come to CERN for a three-day internship. She is looking forward to it and hopes to sit in the CERN Control Room, and to learn more about ALICE and in general the work going on here right now.   Google Science Fair winners Lauren Hodge (left) Shree Bose (middle) and Naomi Shah (right). (Image Copyright Google) Despite her young age, Shree Bose is already an experienced researcher. Indeed, she has already been awarded prestigious prizes in various science fairs and competitions. Aged 17, she found a way to improve ovarian cancer treatment for patients when they have built up a resistance to certain chemotherapy drugs. The project won the Grand Prize at the Google Science Fair, and together with an amazing 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands with National Geographic Expeditions, she also won a trip to CERN. “Shree will visit several experimental sites here and will sit next to our physicists and engineers, in the CCC an...

  9. The Unintended Consequences of Technological Change: Winners and Losers from GM Technologies and the Policy Response in the Organic Food Market

    Stuart Smyth


    Full Text Available It is often said that innovations create winners and losers. All innovations are somewhat disruptive, but some have more distributed effects. We have a sense of who the winners are and how much they gain. Yet, how much do losers actually lose? Organic farmers frequently like to publicly announce that they are the losers following the commercialization of genetically modified (GM crops, yet consumers in search of non-GM products have helped increase demand for organic products, something that would not have occurred in the absence of GM crops. Are organic farmers really losers? This article lays out the argument that were it not for the commercialization of GM crop varieties in the mid-1990s, organic production and food sectors would not be at the level they enjoy today. That is, the commercialization of GM crops has made the organic industry better off than had GM crops not been commercialized. Theoretical modelling of the organic benefits is complemented by supportive market data. The article concludes that in spite of numerous vocal offerings about the adverse impacts suffered by the organic industry due to GM crop production, the organic industry has gained significantly from that which they vociferously criticize.

  10. 77 FR 4325 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for “EHR Accessibility Challenge”


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Announcement of Requirements and Registration for ``EHR Accessibility Challenge'' AGENCY... ``EHR Accessibility Challenge'' challenges multidisciplinary teams to create and test a module or... online communities and organizations, be able to download data from one or more EHR systems, and...

  11. Announcing the winner of the IJGO prize paper award for 1999. Estrogen replacement therapy in breast cancer survivors



    Objective: To determine whether estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) adversely affected outcome of breast cancer survivors. Method: A prospective descriptive study of all breast cancer survivors who requested ERT because of intractable menopausal symptoms. All patients presented voluntarily as gynecological outpatients and were all given oral continuous opposed ERT: 20 premarin and medroxyprogesterone and four tibolone. Results: Twenty-four patients who had previously been treated for breast cancer 8-91 months prior to their initiating ERT have been observed for 24-44 months. There were 15 patients with stage 1, eight with stage 2 and one with stage 4 breast cancer. The mean age of the patients at commencement of ERT was 48 years (range 42-161). Two patients had a biopsy of a suspicious breast nodule: both of which were benign. There have not been any recurrences to date. Conclusion: Breast cancer survivors did not have their outcome adversely affected by ERT during an observation period of 24-44 months. PMID:10802075

  12. Characterizing and modelling persistence in the number of lottery winners

    Antonio, Fernando J.; Mendes, Renio S.; Itami, Andreia S.; Picoli, Sergio


    Lottery is the most famous branch among all the games of chance. By analysing data from Mega-Sena, the major lottery in Brazil, we investigated the presence of persistent behaviour in the time series of the number of winners. We found that the demand for tickets grew collectively as an exponential driven by the size of the accumulated jackpot. Finally, we identified that a stochastic model grounded on the rolling-over feature of lotteries can generate correlations qualitatively similar to those observed empirically. The model is consistent with the idea that the growth in the number of bets, motivated by the size of the expected jackpot, is a mechanism generator of correlations in an apparently random scenario.

  13. CERN visit for a Norwegian Prize-winner


    One of the prize-winners of the Contest «Life in the Universe», the final of which was held at CERN during the Science and Technology Week in November 2001 (See Bulletin n°47/2002), came to CERN to receive his prize last June. The 15-year old Norwegian Ivar Marthinusen won a two-day visit to the Laboratory. He poses on the picture surrounded by his CERN's guardian angels: from left to right, Frank Tecker and Georges-Henry Hemelsoet from PS, Tommy Eriksson from AD, Sandrine Sanchez from the Visits Service, Ivar Mathinusen with his parents, Egil Lillestol (CERN/EP), Jens Vigen from the Library, Régine Chareyron from the Visits Service, Richard Jacobsson (CERN/EP) and Sophie Baillard from the Visits Service.

  14. Does timing and announcement matter?

    Adams, Philip D; Andersen, Lill Thanning; Jacobsen, Lars Bo

    We address the issue of timing and announcement within a dynamic applied general equilibrium model of the Danish economy. Specifically we analyse the introduction of a quota on the production of pigs. Two scenarios are analysed, namely the introduction of a once-off quota without any previous ann...

  15. Neuronal Networks with NMDARs and Lateral Inhibition Implement Winner-Takes-All

    Patrick A Shoemaker


    Full Text Available A neural circuit that relies on the electrical properties of NMDA synaptic receptors is shown by numerical and theoretical analysis to be capable of realizing the winner-takes-all function, a powerful computational primitive that is often attributed to biological nervous systems. This biophysically-plausible model employs global lateral inhibition in a simple feedback arrangement. As its inputs increase, high-gain and then bi- or multi-stable equilibrium states may be assumed in which there is significant depolarization of a single neuron and hyperpolarization or very weak depolarization of other neurons in the network. The state of the winning neuron conveys analog information about its input. The winner-takes-all characteristic depends on the nonmonotonic current-voltage relation of NMDA receptor ion channels, as well as neural thresholding, and the gain and nature of the inhibitory feedback. Dynamical regimes vary with input strength. Fixed points may become unstable as the network enters a winner-takes-all regime, which can lead to entrained oscillations. Under some conditions, oscillatory behavior can be interpreted as winner-takes-all in nature. Stable winner-takes-all behavior is typically recovered as inputs increase further, but with still larger inputs, the winner-takes-all characteristic is ultimately lost. Network stability may be enhanced by biologically plausible mechanisms.

  16. Why it has become more difficult to predict Nobel Prize winners: a bibliometric analysis of Nominees and Winners of the Chemistry and Physics Prizes (1901-2007)

    Gingras, Yves; Wallace, Matthew L.


    We propose a comprehensive bibliometric study of the profile of Nobel prizewinners in chemistry and physics from 1901 to 2007, based on citation data available over the same period. The data allows us to observe the evolution of the profiles of winners in the years leading up to (and following) nominations and awarding of the Nobel Prize. The degree centrality and citation rankings in these fields confirm that the Prize is awarded at the peak of the winners' careers, despite brief a Halo Effe...

  17. News and Announcements


    Biochemistry at the University of Colorado at Boulder are offering a three-day symposium on natural products which include pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and consumer products, to be held May 19-21, 1999. For further information or to make arrangements to attend, contact University of Colorado at Boulder, Attn: Rosemary Trujillo, Campus Box 215, Boulder, CO 80309-0215; email:; fax: 303/492-0439. Workshops for Small-Scale Chemistry The Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at Colorado State University announces two workshop programs for summer 1999. Interested community college faculty are invited to apply for the Small-Scale Chemistry for Pollution Prevention Summer Institute, June 7-18, 1999. The Institute features hands-on training in small-scale chemistry laboratory techniques. Travel to Fort Collins, CO, lodging, per diem, and classroom/laboratory materials are funded for selected participants with a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in collaboration with the Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (PETE). For more information contact Barry Carroll by email:; phone: 970/491-1700, or access Interested high school teachers are invited to apply for two one-week workshops in Small-Scale Chemistry Laboratory for the Regular Chemistry Course (June 21-25, 1999) and Small-Scale Chemistry Laboratory for Advanced Placement Chemistry (June 28-July 2, 1999). The workshops feature hands-on training in small-scale chemistry laboratory techniques. Classroom/laboratory materials, books, and two graduate credits are included in the $395 fee for each course. For more information contact Courtney Butler by email: courtney@, phone: 970/491-1700, or access 16th BCCE: Call for Suggestions The 16th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education will be held at the University

  18. 78 FR 79411 - Announcement of Competition Under the America COMPETES Act


    ... Research Projects Agency (DARPA), DoD. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: DARPA announces the Cyber Grand Challenge... CONTACT: All questions regarding the competition may be sent to . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: DARPA recommends that all parties interested in participating in the CGC read...

  19. 77 FR 40364 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Million Hearts TM


    ... for Million Hearts TM Caregiver Video Challenge AGENCY: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... (CDC) within the Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with Million Hearts TM announces the launch of The Million Hearts TM Caregiver Video Challenge. We invite people who play a role...

  20. Route de Meyrin-CERN: and the winner is...


    Last night, CERN’s engagement with society took an important step forward with the unveiling of the winner of the architectural competition for the Route de Meyrin between CERN’s entrances A and B. The winning entry is a project entitled “Metaphoros”, entered by Studio Bürgi of Ticino.   Metaphoros was selected by a jury, of which I was a member, from an impressive range of proposals from around the world. It will be some time before construction gets underway, but anyone who’d like a forward look at how the gateway to CERN will look from 2014 can visit an exhibition in the Globe opening today and running until 28 January. The exhibition focuses on the winning entry, but also has a place for the runners-up, and for the Cosmic Rings of CERN proposal for buildings and landscaping around the Globe, which, subject to external funding, will merge seamlessly with Metaphoros as the next phase in the redevelopment of CERN’s public sp...

  1. PUBLISHER'S ANNOUNCEMENT: Refereeing standards

    Bender, C.; Scriven, N.


    On 1 January 2004 I will be assuming the position of Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General (J. Phys. A). I am flattered at the confidence expressed in my ability to carry out this challenging job and I will try hard to justify this confidence. The previous Editor-in-Chief, Ed Corrigan, has worked tirelessly for the last five years and has done an excellent job for the journal. Everyone at the journal is profoundly grateful for his leadership and for his achievements. Before accepting the position of Editor-in-Chief, I visited the office of J. Phys. A to examine the organization and to assess its strengths and weaknesses. This office is located at the Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP) headquarters in Bristol. J. Phys. A has been expanding rapidly and now publishes at the rate of nearly 1000 articles (or about 14,000 pages) per year. The entire operation of the journal is conducted in a very small space---about 15 square metres! Working in this space are six highly intelligent, talented, hard working, and dedicated people: Neil Scriven, Publisher; Mike Williams, Publishing Editor; Rose Gray and Sarah Nadin, Publishing Administrators; Laura Smith and Steve Richards, Production Editors. In this small space every day about eight submitted manuscripts are downloaded from the computer or received in the post. These papers are then processed and catalogued, referees are selected, and the papers are sent out for evaluation. In this small space the referees' reports are received, publication decisions are made, and accepted articles are then published quickly by IOPP. The whole operation is amazingly efficient. Indeed, one of the great strengths of J. Phys. A is the speed at which papers are processed. The average time between the receipt of a manuscript and an editorial decision is under sixty days. (Many distinguished journals take three to five times this amount of time.) This speed of publication is an extremely strong enticement for

  2. Salivary hormones and anxiety in winners and losers of an international judo competition.

    Papacosta, Elena; Nassis, George P; Gleeson, Michael


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the responses of salivary hormones and salivary secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA) and anxiety in winners and losers during an international judo competition. Twenty-three trained, male, national-level judo athletes provided three saliva samples during a competition day: morning, in anticipation of competition after an overnight fast, mid-competition, and post-competition within 15 min post-fight for determination of salivary cortisol, salivary testosterone, salivary testosterone/cortisol ratio, SIgA absolute concentrations, SIgA secretion rate and saliva flow rate. The competitive state anxiety inventory questionnaire was completed by the athletes (n = 12) after the first saliva collection for determination of somatic anxiety, cognitive anxiety and self-confidence. Winners were considered 1-3 ranking place (n = 12) and losers (n = 11) below third place in each weight category. Winners presented higher anticipatory salivary cortisol concentrations (p = 0.03) and a lower mid-competition salivary testosterone/cortisol ratio (p = 0.003) compared with losers with no differences for salivary testosterone. Winners tended to have higher SIgA secretion rates (p = 0.07) and higher saliva flow rates (p = 0.009) at mid-competition. Higher levels of cognitive anxiety (p = 0.02) were observed in the winners, without differences according to the outcome in somatic anxiety and self-confidence. The results suggest that winners experienced higher levels of physiological arousal and better psychological preparedness in the morning, and as the competition progressed, the winners were able to control their stress response better. PMID:26584022

  3. Signaling, Investment Opportunities, and Dividend Announcements.

    Yoon, Pyung Sig; Starks, Laura T


    This article examines potential explanations for the wealth effects surrounding dividend change announcements. We find that new information concerning managers' investment policies is not revealed at the time of the dividend announcement. We also find that dividend increases (decreases) are associated with subsequent significant increases (decreases) in capital expenditure over the three years following the dividend change, and that dividend change announcements are associated with revisions ...

  4. Ocean science educator award announced

    The Office of Naval Research has announced a program to identify and support academic ocean scientists (“educators”) who have a distinguished record of educating high-quality doctoral and/or postdoctoral students and who will, under this program, draw postdoctoral scientists from other disciplines into the ocean sciences.Named “educators” must be U.S. citizens with research and training experience in the ocean sciences and must have a current research and teaching position at a U.S. institution that confers doctoral degrees in ocean sciences.

  5. Announcement


    Volume 79, issue 3, of the Journal of Plasma Physics, contained two papers (Allen, 2013; Lehnert, 2013), which were intended for publication in volume 79, issue 4, a thematic issue dedicated to `Advanced Plasma Concepts'. The Press apologises to the authors concerned, the guest editors of issue 4 and the readers for this error.

  6. 78 FR 56708 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Game On!: HIV/STD Prevention Mobile Application...


    ... for Game On!: HIV/ STD Prevention Mobile Application (App) Video Game Challenge AGENCY: Centers for...) announces the launch of the Game On!: HIV/STD Prevention Mobile Application (App) Video Game Challenge. We... INFORMATION: Subject of Challenge Competition Entrants of the Game On!: HIV/STD Prevention Mobile...

  7. Can We Predict the Winner in a Market with Network Effects? Competition in Cryptocurrency Market

    Neil Gandal


    Full Text Available We analyze how network effects affect competition in the nascent cryptocurrency market. We do so by examining early dynamics of exchange rates among different cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin essentially dominates this market, our data suggest no evidence of a winner-take-all effect early in the market. Indeed, for a relatively long period, a few other cryptocurrencies competing with Bitcoin (the early industry leader appreciated much more quickly than Bitcoin. The data in this period are consistent with the use of cryptocurrencies as financial assets (popularized by Bitcoin, and not consistent with winner-take-all dynamics. Toward the end of our sample, however, things change dramatically. Bitcoin appreciates against the USD, while other currencies depreciate against the USD. The data in this period are consistent with strong network effects and winner-take-all dynamics. This trend continues at the time of writing.

  8. Structure and Meaning in D.H. Lawrence’s Short Story The Rocking Horse Winner



    The Rocking Horse Winner displays a story about a young boy who desperately wanted to make enough money to satis-fy his mother’s desire for wealth, and finally sacrificed his life in picking the winner in horse races to fill in the hole of her moth-er’s greediness. The Rocking-Horse Winner is a sardonic tale employing devices of the fairy tale and a mockingly detached tone to teach the value of love and the dangers of money. Itshows Lawrence’s distain for conspicuous consumption, crass materialism, and an emotionally distant style of parenting during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This paper analyzes the tale from a structural perspective. Through a structural exploration in personality, personal relationships, and a grand opposing frame-work, this paper reveals the plot development and the theme.

  9. Modeling the evolution of winner and loser effects: A survey and prospectus.

    Mesterton-Gibbons, Mike; Dai, Yao; Goubault, Marlène


    The evolution of winner or loser effects-higher probabilities of winning after winning or of losing after losing-has received remarkably little attention from theoreticians, even though such effects are widespread across the animal kingdom. We review game-theoretic models that regard such winner and loser effects as outcomes of a strategic response. We show that these models have been well supported by the empirical literature in the past, but are not designed to address some recent observations. In the light of this recent progress on the empirical front, we identify factors that newer theory must be developed to explore. PMID:26874216

  10. A Winner Determination Algorithm for Combinatorial Auctions Based on Hybrid Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm

    Zheng, Genrang; Lin, ZhengChun

    The problem of winner determination in combinatorial auctions is a hotspot electronic business, and a NP hard problem. A Hybrid Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm(HAFSA), which is combined with First Suite Heuristic Algorithm (FSHA) and Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm (AFSA), is proposed to solve the problem after probing it base on the theories of AFSA. Experiment results show that the HAFSA is a rapidly and efficient algorithm for The problem of winner determining. Compared with Ant colony Optimization Algorithm, it has a good performance with broad and prosperous application.

  11. Thirty Years After: The Lives of Former Winners of Mathematical Olympiads.

    Karp, Alexander


    This follow-up study surveyed earlier winners of the St. Petersburg (Russia) mathematical Olympiad in 1991 (n=58) and 2001 (n=30). Findings are detailed concerning respondents' academic degrees, employment, publications, schools attended, and perceived quality of mathematical education. Respondents' views about education were conservative and…

  12. Permanence and Stability of a Kill the Winner Model in Marine Ecology

    Korytowski, Daniel A.; Smith, Hal L.


    We focus on the long term dynamics of "killing the winner" Lotka-Volterra models of marine communities consisting of bacteria, virus, and zooplankton. Under suitable conditions, it is shown that there is a unique equilibrium with all populations present which is stable, the system is permanent, and the limiting behavior of its solutions is strongly constrained.

  13. Hormonal, Physiological, and Physical Performance During Simulated Kickboxing Combat: Differences Between Winners and Losers.

    Ouergui, Ibrahim; Davis, Philip; Houcine, Nizar; Marzouki, Hamza; Zaouali, Monia; Franchini, Emerson; Gmada, Nabil; Bouhlel, Ezzedine


    The aim of the current study was to investigate the hormonal, physiological, and physical responses of simulated kickboxing competition and evaluate if there was a difference between winners and losers. Twenty athletes of regional and national level participated in the study (mean ± SD age 21.3 ± 2.7 y, height 170.0 ± 5.0 cm). Hormone (cortisol, testosterone, growth hormone), blood lactate [La], and glucose concentrations, as well as upper-body Wingate test and countermovement-jump (CMJ) performances, were measured before and after combats. Heart rate (HR) was measured throughout rounds 1, 2, and 3 and rating of perceived exertion (RPE) was taken after each round. All combats were recorded and analyzed to determine the length of different activity phases (high-intensity, low-intensity, and referee pause) and the frequency of techniques. Hormones, glucose, [La], HR, and RPE increased (all P .05). However, winners executed more jab cross, total punches, roundhouse kicks, total kicks, and total attacking techniques (all P sport that induces changes in the stress-related hormones soliciting the anaerobic lactic system. Training should be oriented to enhance kickboxers' anaerobic lactic fitness and their ability to strike at a sufficient rate. Further investigation is needed to identify possible differences in tactical and mental abilities that offer some insight into what makes winners winners. PMID:26357014

  14. In the Words of the Winners: The Newbery and Caldecott Medals, 2001-2010

    ALA Editions, 2011


    Winners of the most respected prizes in children's literature speak out in an exclusive collection of acceptance speeches, culled from the archives of the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) and "The Horn Book" magazine. Featuring authors and illustrators selected during the past 10 years, the book includes speeches by: (1) Neil…

  15. ACCE/ACS National Educator and Leader of the Year Winners: AEC Congratulates These Outstanding Educators

    Australian Educational Computing, 2012


    This article presents the ACCE/ACS National Educator and Leader of the Year winners. Anne Mirtschin is the recipient of the ACCE/ACS 2012 Educator of the Year Award. Mirtschin is an innovative teacher at Hawkesdale P-12 College a small rural school that is isolated culturally and geographically. She uses online tools and technology to create…

  16. National Academic Award Winners over Time: Their Family Situation, Education and Interpersonal Relations

    Sekowski, Andrzej; Siekanska, Malgorzata


    The article presents the results of a study focusing on the family situation, education and interpersonal relations of adults (26-35 years old) who in their adolescence (16-19 years old) displayed exceptional giftedness. One group of those surveyed were national academic award winners (90). The control group consisted of 90 people of no…

  17. These regional hospitals use reports to broaden awareness. Both winners benefit from highly creative designs.

    Botvin, Judith D


    Nebraska Health System, Omaha, Neb., takes top billing here, with an annual report that builds on the success of an extensive advertising campaign. Second place winner is Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Grinnell, Iowa, using a "blueprint" theme to commemorate the completion of new construction. PMID:12467173

  18. Comparison of distance covered and playing characteristics between winner and loser in a wheelchair tennis match

    Filipčič, Tjaša; Filipčič, Aleš


    Wheelchair tennis belongs to complex polystructural sport activities with different movements and tennis strokes. The purpose of this study is to examine and compare differences in work-load (distance covered) and playing characteristics between a winner and loser in a particular wheelchair tennis match.

  19. Brazilian Market Reaction to Equity Issue Announcements

    Otavio Ribeiro de Medeiros


    Full Text Available We have carried out an event study to investigate stock returns associated with the announcement of equity issues by Brazilian firms between 1992 and 2003 in order to determine market reaction before, during, and after the issue announcement. After measuring abnormal returns by OLS, we used ARCH and GARCH models over 70% of the sample. Our results are remarkably consistent with most of the international empirical literature. Some previous empirical findings have turned up abnormal returns before the announcement date, interpreted as signs of insider information. This evidence also appears in our study as we found an average cumulative abnormal return of –0.01 three weeks before the announcement. With respect to the announcement date, the evidence reported in the literature is virtually unanimous in showing negative abnormal returns, meaning that stock issues convey pessimistic information to the market. Our study confirms these findings with an average – 0.03 cumulative abnormal return on the first three days following the announcement. Finally, the empirical literature has also collected evidence of long-term negative abnormal returns after the issues, which we alsoconfirm, with an abnormal return of –0.28 after one year following the announcement. The results also show that ARCH/GARCH estimation of abnormal returns is superior to OLS estimation.

  20. European Space Agency announces contest to "Name the Cluster Quartet"


    1. Contest rules The European Space Agency (ESA) is launching a public competition to find the most suitable names for its four Cluster II space weather satellites. The quartet, which are currently known as flight models 5, 6, 7 and 8, are scheduled for launch from Baikonur Space Centre in Kazakhstan in June and July 2000. Professor Roger Bonnet, ESA Director of Science Programme, announced the competition for the first time to the European Delegations on the occasion of the Science Programme Committee (SPC) meeting held in Paris on 21-22 February 2000. The competition is open to people of all the ESA member states (*). Each entry should include a set of FOUR names (places, people, or things from history, mythology, or fiction, but NOT living persons). Contestants should also describe in a few sentences why their chosen names would be appropriate for the four Cluster II satellites. The winners will be those which are considered most suitable and relevant for the Cluster II mission. The names must not have been used before on space missions by ESA, other space organizations or individual countries. One winning entry per country will be selected to go to the Finals of the competition. The prize for each national winner will be an invitation to attend the first Cluster II launch event in mid-June 2000 with their family (4 persons) in a 3-day trip (including excursions to tourist sites) to one of these ESA establishments: ESRIN (near Rome, Italy): winners from France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium. VILSPA (near Madrid, Spain): winners from The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland. ESTEC (near Amsterdam, The Netherlands): winners from Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria. ESOC (in the Rhine Valley, Germany): winners from Italy, Spain , Portugal. During the first Cluster II launch event (June 2000) the chosen four names for the spacecraft will be announced. The grand prize will be: * a trip for the winner and family (4 people) to Paris where ESA's headquarters are

  1. 2006 RE Export Enterprises List Announced


    @@ According to "Requirement for RE Export Enterprises and Application Procedure in 2006", the Ministry of Commerce P.R.C announced "2006 Rare Earth Export Enterprises List "on December 30th of 2005. The enterprises are listed below.

  2. USAJOBS Job Opportunity Announcements (JOA) REST API

    Office of Personnel Management — This REST-based API is designed to support lightweight Federal Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA) content consumption by consumers. It is anticipated that this API...

  3. USAJOBS Job Opportunity Announcements (JOA) SOAP API

    Office of Personnel Management — The purpose of the SOAP based API is to provide the full Federal Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA) content to the consumer. It is anticipated that this API will be...

  4. 14 CFR 1214.1101 - Announcement.


    ... Recruitment and Selection Program § 1214.1101 Announcement. (a) Astronaut candidate opportunities Will be... continuing pool of applicants. The military services will convene their internal selection boards and...

  5. Discovery announced of four new elements

    Banks, Michael


    The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) have announced the discovery of four new elements: 113, 115, 117 and 118 - completing the periodic table's seventh row.

  6. PUBLISHER'S ANNOUNCEMENT: Fast Track Communications

    Wald, Robert; Adams, Judith


    We are very pleased to announce that Classical and Quantum Gravity will launch a new Fast Track Communications section from January 2007, after which date Letters to the Editor will no longer be published. Fast Track Communications (FTCs) are short, timely papers presenting only the most important new developments. To reflect their high significance FTCs will be published at the front of the journal and will be freely available online to ensure the widest visibility. As with all articles submitted to Classical and Quantum Gravity, there are no page charges, including online colour reproduction and multi-media attachments. Authors who wish to include colour in the print version of their article will, however, be required to cover the costs. Submissions to the new Fast Track Communications section are very welcome. For details of how to submit an FTC please visit IOP Publishing's webpages, or contact the journal at To facilitate refereeing, authors are asked to submit a short statement accompanying their FTC, outlining why they feel that the article merits high-priority publication. Length restrictions will also be applied such that FTCs should be a maximum of 8 journal pages (5000 words) in length. The section will aim to be a high-quality, high-profile outlet for new and important research of interest to the Classical and Quantum Gravity community. We look forward to seeing it grow and take shape over the next year.

  7. Start-up date announced

    7th August 2008. CERN has announced that the first attempt to circulate the beam in the LHC will be made on the 10th September. This news comes as the cool down phase of commissioning the accelerator reaches a successful conclusion.The next phase is the synchronization of the LHC with the SPS accelerator, the last link in the LHC’s injector chain. A first synchronization test is scheduled for the 9th August, for the clockwise circulating beam, with the second to follow over the coming weeks.Once stable circulating beams have been established in September they will be brought to collision, and the final step will be to commission the LHC’s acceleration system to boost the energy to 5 TeV, the target energy for 2008.“We’re finishing a marathon with a sprint”, said LHC project leader Lyn Evans. “It’s been a long haul, and we’re all eager to get the LHC research programme underway.”For more information, please see the recent press release at:

  8. Reminiscing Stock Splits Announcement: A Malaysian Case

    Zahiruddin Ghazali; Fauziah Md. Taib; Noraini Othman


    This study attempts to understands and verify the effects of stock splits on the abnormal returns of announcing companies share prices using Market Adjusted Returns (MAR) Model. Test findings reveal splits announcements in Malaysia result in positive but insignificant abnormal returns. Additional OLS test was carry out to examine the relationship between companies’ cumulative abnormal returns (CAAR) and prior dividend yield (PDY). Result from uni-variate regression analysis shows there is min...

  9. These Kids Are Really on the Ball! Invention Competition Winners

    Tech Directions, 2008


    Judge Harry T. Roman, an electrical engineer and inventor himself, has selected the best entries in the 2007-2008 "Tech Directions" Inventors Award Competition. This year's challenge called for students to devise new uses for the common Ping-Pong ball. Of the results, the judge notes "The ideas submitted were most interesting, with a high number…

  10. A Loser Can Be a Winner: Comparison of Two Instance-based Learning Models in a Market Entry Competition

    Tomás Lejarraga


    Full Text Available This paper presents a case of parsimony and generalization in model comparisons. We submitted two versions of the same cognitive model to the Market Entry Competition (MEC, which involved four-person and two-alternative (enter or stay out games. Our model was designed according to the Instance-Based Learning Theory (IBLT. The two versions of the model assumed the same cognitive principles of decision making and learning in the MEC. The only difference between the two models was the assumption of homogeneity among the four participants: one model assumed homogeneous participants (IBL-same while the other model assumed heterogeneous participants (IBL-different. The IBL-same model involved three free parameters in total while the IBL-different involved 12 free parameters, i.e., three free parameters for each of the four participants. The IBL-different model outperformed the IBL-same model in the competition, but after exposing the models to a more challenging generalization test (the Technion Prediction Tournament, the IBL-same model outperformed the IBL-different model. Thus, a loser can be a winner depending on the generalization conditions used to compare models. We describe the models and the process by which we reach these conclusions.

  11. Philippine president announces population policy.


    President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines has announced a national policy for family planning, following his recent reelection for a second term of office. Under the policy adopted by the President, the Philippine Government is committed to undertake and encourage programs to provide information and advice for couples wishing to space or limit their child-bearing activities. The Presidential Commission on Population, in a report based on recommendations drawn up after more than 20 meetings by the 22 members, and states that the unfettered population growth will gravely hamper efforts to improve living standards for Filipinos and will block the attainment of national development goals. However, the Commission emphasized that the program will be educational and persuasive, not coercive. Family planning services have been growing rapidly in the Philippines over the past few years as a result of the initiative of several pioneer organizations assisted by the IPPF. President Marcos' government signed the United Nations Declaration on Population in 1967 and in January 1969 he established The Commission on Population. The Philippine press has consistently backed the campaign for widespread availability of family planning services. The Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization, under it's Director, Dr. Francisco Dy, which has its headquarters in Manila, has its headquarters in Manila, has fostered a regional interest through its technical discussions and the training of field personnel. Depthnews recently reported that the latest Philippine demographic survey asserts that Filipina women are bearing children so fast that the country will hold on to the undisputed title of possessing the highest birth rate in Asia. The growth rate is 3.5%, and the average completed size of a Filipino family is 6.8 children. This swift rate of growth will boost the 1969 population of 37.1 million to 38.4 at the end of this decade. It is noted that unless curbed, it will

  12. Forecasting a winner for Malaysian Cup 2013 using soccer simulation model

    Yusof, Muhammad Mat; Fauzee, Mohd Soffian Omar; Latif, Rozita Abdul


    This paper investigates through soccer simulation the calculation of the probability for each team winning Malaysia Cup 2013. Our methodology used here is we predict the outcomes of individual matches and then we simulate the Malaysia Cup 2013 tournament 5000 times. As match outcomes are always a matter of uncertainty, statistical model, in particular a double Poisson model is used to predict the number of goals scored and conceded for each team. Maximum likelihood estimation is use to measure the attacking strength and defensive weakness for each team. Based on our simulation result, LionXII has a higher probability in becoming the winner, followed by Selangor, ATM, JDT and Kelantan. Meanwhile, T-Team, Negeri Sembilan and Felda United have lower probabilities to win Malaysia Cup 2013. In summary, we find that the probability for each team becominga winner is small, indicating that the level of competitive balance in Malaysia Cup 2013 is quite high.

  13. Poets and athletes: Olympic winners and losers in early Greek lyric

    William J. Henderson


    Full Text Available Ancient Greek society was extremely competitive; amongst the nobility especially there was the constant need for an ideal of achievement on the battlefield or athletics track and to integrate this into the family history. In the absence of the role the present-day media plays in our society, three poets in particular recorded, propagated and praised the achievements of athletes at the Olympic and other games: Simonides, Pindar and Bacchylides. For a winner they composed a special victory hymn, the epinikion, an elevated ode sung by a chorus with musical accompaniment. In this article extracts of such poems are analysed in order to illustrate the poets’ views regarding winners and losers.

  14. Hedging Winner's Curse with Multiple Bids: Evidence from the Portuguese Treasury Bill Auction

    Michael B. Gordy


    Auctions of government securities typically permit bidders to enter multiple price-quantity bids. Despite the widespread adoption of this institutional feature and its use by bidders, the motivations behind its use and its effects on auction outcomes are not well understood theoretically and have been little explored empirically. Using bidding data from treasury bill auctions in Portugal, this paper examines how bidders use multiple bids to hedge against winner's curse. The data show that, ce...

  15. RCNi award winner among the trailblazing nurses named in the Queen's birthday honours.


    Nurses were recognised in the birthday honours, with OBEs going to: » Pauline Watts, lead nurse, quality, mental health, learning disability and dementia at Public Health England, for services to nursing and health visiting » Gwen Moulster, co-chair of UK Nurse Consultants in Learning Disability Network and a winner of an RCNi learning disability award in May, for services to nursing and people with learning disabilities. PMID:27369704

  16. Join the CERN ISEF special award winners | 16 June - 3 p.m.


    Come and join the CERN ISEF special award winners at their lightning talks session on 16 June at 3.00 p.m. in the main auditorium.   The 2016 Intel ISEF CERN special award winners on stage with the selection committee on 17 May 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. (Picture: Society for Science and the Public) Between 11 and 17 June 2016, the ten finalists of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) who won the CERN Special Award, will visit CERN to partake in various educational lectures. ISEF is the world's largest international pre-college science competition, with approximately 1,700 high school students from more than 75 countries taking part. They will present their projects in short 5 minutes lightning talks' sessions at the main auditorium on Thursday 16 June at 3 p.m. The award winners would be also very happy to have a chance to interact and discuss with you af...

  17. Recognizing 21. century citizenship: 1997 federal energy and water management award winners



    Energy is a luxury that no one can afford to waste, and many Federal government agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of using energy wisely. Thoughtful use of energy resources is important, not only to meet agency goals, but because energy efficiency helps improve air quality. Sound facility management offers huge savings that affect the agency`s bottom line, the environment, and workplace quality. Hard work, innovation, and vision are characteristic of those who pursue energy efficiency. That is why the Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) is proud to salute the winners of the 1997 Federal Energy and Water Management Award. The 1997 winners represent the kind of 21st century thinking that will help achieve widespread Federal energy efficiency. In one year, the winners, through a combination of public and private partnerships, saved more than $100 million and 9.8 trillion Btu by actively identifying and implementing energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy projects. The contributions of these individuals, small groups, and organizations are presented in this report.

  18. Imitating winner or sympathizing loser? Quadratic effects on cooperative behavior in prisoners' dilemma games

    Lu, Peng


    Cooperation is vital in human societies and therefore is widely investigated in the evolutionary game theory. Varieties of mechanisms have been proposed to overcome temptation and promote cooperation. Existing studies usually believe that agents are rational, but irrationalism such as emotions and feelings matters as well. Winner and loser are defined by their payoffs. In addition to admiring and imitating winners, the mechanism of sympathizing and imitating losers is introduced into the model as an alternative action rule, and each one plays the prisoners' dilemma game with eight neighbors under the influence of both irrationalism and rationalism. Rationalism refers to imitating winner to get highest payoff, and irrationalism means that people sympathize and adopt the actions of losers. As it is widely recognized that temptation reduces cooperation, this study focuses on the effect of sympathy on cooperation within a certain group or society. If it overcomes temptation that leads to defection, sympathy will be a powerful mechanism to promote cooperative behavior. Simulation results indicate that sympathy and temptation shares similar quadratic relationships with cooperation. Both sympathy and temptation undermine cooperation below their thresholds, and they both promote cooperation above their thresholds. Temptation not only reduces cooperation but also promote it as temptation goes beyond the threshold. Although sympathy is a good merit or human nature that is beneficial to society, a crisis or collapse of cooperation is inevitable when the sympathy propensity is relatively smaller. After cooperation reaches a minimal bottom, it then rises increasingly and dramatically, which brings a much brighter future of the society.

  19. Table tops game:and the winner is...

    CERN Bulletin


    The challenge to identify the events on the coffee tables in Restaurant 1 was clearly a tough one. Congratulations to the few brave entrants! Tuula Maki was the only person to correctly identify all 16 events on the coffee tables in Restaurant 1 and so receives the prize of a copy of the pop-up book, Voyage to the Heart of Matter. An LHC key-ring will go to runners-up Vincent Chabaud,  Eric Jansen, and Andre David Tinoco Mendes, with 14/16 correct.  

  20. Realized Bond-Stock Correlation: Macroeconomic Announcement Effects

    Christiansen, Charlotte; Ranaldo, Angelo


    We investigate the effects of macroeconomic announcements on the realized correlation between bond and stock returns. Our results deliver insights into the dominating drivers of bond-stock comovements. We find that it is not so much the surprise component of the announcement, but the mere fact that...... an announcement occurs that influences the realized bond-stock correlation. The impact of macroeconomic announcements varies across the business cycle. Announcement effects are highly dependent on the sign of the realized bond-stock correlation which has recently gone from positive to negative....... Macroeconomic announcement effects on realized bond and stock volatilities are also investigated....

  1. Investor Inattention, Firm Reaction, and Friday Earnings Announcements

    Stefano DellaVigna; Joshua Pollet


    Do firms release news strategically in response to investor inattention? We consider news about earnings and analyze the response of returns to announcements on Friday and other weekdays. Friday announcements have less immediate and more delayed stock return response. The delayed response as a percentage of the total response is 60 percent on Friday and 40 percent on other weekdays. In addition, abnormal trading volume around announcement day is 10 percent lower for Friday announcements. Thes...

  2. Do Macroeconomic Announcements Cause Asymetric Volatility?

    P. de Goeij (Peter); W.A. Marquering (Wessel)


    textabstractIn this paper we study the impact of macroeconomic news announcements on the conditional volatility of stock and bond returns. Using daily returns on the S&P 500 index, the NASDAQ index, and the 1 and 10 year U.S. Treasury bonds, for January 1982 - August 2001, some interesting results e

  3. Monetary target announcements, reputation and hysteresis

    Grüner, Hans Peter


    Two signaling games of monetary policy are considered: game one examines the effect of hysteresis on the labor market on the results of the repeated monetary policy game. Disciplinary effects of reputation disappear in presence of hysteresis. The second game compares weifare effects of monetary target announcements to those of a rigid rule under alternative assumptions on the policymaker's type space.

  4. Malaysia Announces New Higher-Education Strategy

    Overland, Martha Ann


    The government of Malaysia, whose universities are battling a reputation for mediocrity, recently announced plans to revitalize its lagging university system and turn the country into a center of higher education in Southeast Asia. At an August meeting of government ministers and higher-education officials, Malaysia's prime minister, Abdullah…

  5. Announcing a New Journal Section: Community Outreach

    Evans, Michele; Moy, Beverly


    The Oncologist announces a new section, “Community Outreach,” which will provide a dedicated forum for issues of access to care and cancer prevention across the economic continuum. Community Outreach will focus on publishing high-impact clinical, prevention, and applied research, and practical information and analyses on disparities in cancer care across the economic continuum.

  6. Announcements and Credibility of Monetary Policy

    Schultz, Christian

    An infinitely repeated monetary policy game à la Barro and Gordon (1983) is considered. Before the game starts the government announces a policy rule. If there is a slight probability that government is honest and a slight probability that the government makes mistakes, then a sufficiently patient...

  7. Announcements and credibility of monetary policy

    Schultz, Christian


    An infinitely repeated monetary policy game à la Barro and Gordon is considered. Before the game starts the government announces a policy rule. If there is a slight probability that government is honest and a slight probability that the government makes mistakes, then a sufficiently patient gover...

  8. The relationship between the incidence of winners/errors and the time spent in different areas of the court in elite tennis

    Rafael Martínez-Gallego


    Full Text Available In different areas of the court in elite tennis. J. Hum. Sport Exerc. Vol. 8, No. Proc3, pp. S601-S607, 2013. Winners and errors have been two of the most studied performance indicators in tennis, contributing to the prediction of match outcome and definition of the playing style of the players. Furthermore, the position occupied by the player on the court has also been shown to be a good indicator of both the final result and style of play. The aim of this study was to examine whether there were differences between game winners and losers in terms of number of winners and errors, and if there were differences in them according to the player's position. 8 matches of the 2011 ATP tournament 500 Valencia were recorded and analysed using SAGIT, a computer vision tracking system that allowed both players’ movements to be tracked automatically. The software was programmed to divide each half of the court into offensive and defensive zones. The data were divided in games (N = 188 for analysis purposes and the outcomes of the rallies were classified as winners, forced and unforced errors. The proportionate frequency of unforced errors for losers was higher than winners, and the proportionate frequency of winners and opponent’s forced errors was higher for winners than for losers. The time spent of winners in the offensive zone correlated with the percentage of winners and opponent’s forced errors, while for the losers time spent in the offensive zone correlated with the percentage of unforced errors. These results suggest that when game winners are in offensive zone they take advantage to hit more winners or force opponent’s error. On the contrary when game losers are in offensive zone, they commit more unforced errors. Future investigations should consider shots played in each zone separately.

  9. ACFA and IPAC announce accelerator prizes

    CERN Bulletin


    Steve Myers, CERN's Director for Accelerators and Technology. The Asian Committee for Future Accelerators (ACFA) has joined forces with the first International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC’10, to award prizes for outstanding work in the field of accelerators. The conference replaces the regional conferences of the Americas, Europe and Asia and will be hosted by the three regions on a rotational basis (see CERN Courier). The ACFA/IPAC’10 Prizes Selection Committee, chaired by Won Namkung of Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, decided on the prizes and the names of the winners at a meeting on 20 January. The awards will be made during IPAC’10, which will be held in Kyoto on 23-28 May. Jie Wei. (Courtesy Tsinghua University.) Steve Myers, Director for Accelerators and Technology at CERN, receives an Achievement Prize for Outstanding Work in the Accelerator Field with no Age Limit “for his numerous outstanding contributions to the design, construction, commissio...

  10. Public Announcements in Strategic Games with Arbitrary Strategy Sets

    Apt, Krzysztof R.; Zvesper, Jonathan A.


    In [Van Benthem 2007] the concept of a public announcement is used to study the effect of the iterated elimination of strictly dominated strategies. We offer a simple generalisation of this approach to cover arbitrary strategic games and many optimality notions. We distinguish between announcements of optimality and announcements of rationality.

  11. The first debate saw no clear winner in the GOP’s credibility contest.

    Tatsak, Jenny


    The Republican Party held its first debate – the first of the 2016 presidential cycle – on Thursday. Jenny Tatsak writes that the debate had no clear winner, and that while the billionaire and frontrunner, Donald Trump was able to show his charisma, he did not show character or competence. She argues that in order to gain the credibility needed to reach the top of the GOP’s crowded field and win the nomination, a candidate will need to demonstrate character, competence, and cha...

  12. Society News: Fellow sets new world record; RAS thesis prize winners; Galileo in the courtyard; Need a room? Society announces new award for early-career researchers


    Generous sponsorship from Winton Capital Management has made possible two new RAS Awards, to be given annually to postdoctoral researchers who have made outstanding progress in the years immediately after their PhD.

  13. Taking the Final Step to a Full Dichotomy of the Possible Winner Problem in Pure Scoring Rules

    Baumeister, Dorothea


    The Possible Winner problem asks, given an election where the voters' preferences over the candidates are specified only partially, whether a designated candidate can be made win. Betzler and Dorn [1,2] proved a result that is only one step away from a full dichotomy of this problem for the important class of pure scoring rules in the case of unweighted voters and an unbounded number of candidates: Possible Winner is NP-complete for all pure scoring rules except plurality, veto, and the scoring rule with vector (2,1,...,1,0), but is solvable in polynomial time for plurality and veto. We take the final step to a full dichotomy by showing that Possible Winner is NP-complete also for the scoring rule with vector (2,1,...,1,0).

  14. Winners and losers in flexible labor markets: the fate of women with chronic illness in contrasting policy environments--Sweden and Britain

    Burström, Bo; Holland, Paula; Diderichsen, Finn;


    This study compares employment rates among men and women with and without chronic illness in the contrasting policy environments of Britain and Sweden, through analysis of household surveys for 1979-1995. Professional and managerial groups were winners in both countries, including during recessio......, would be the winners in a more flexible, less regulated labor market-quite the reverse....

  15. Statistical Challenges in Functional Genomics

    Sebastiani, Paola; Gussoni, Emanuela; Kohane, Isaac S.; Ramoni, Marco F


    On February 12, 2001 the Human Genome Project announced the completion of a draft physical map of the human genome---the genetic blueprint for a human being. Now the challenge is to annotate this map by understanding the functions of genes and their interplay with proteins and the environment to create complex, dynamic living systems. This is the goal of functional genomics. Recent technological advances enable biomedical investigators to observe the genome of entire orga...

  16. Volume, Volatility and Public News Announcements

    Bollerslev, Tim; Li, Jia; Xue, Yuan


    We provide new empirical evidence for the way in which financial markets process information. Our results are based on high-frequency intraday data along with new econometric techniques for making inference on the relationship between trading intensity and spot volatility around public news announcements. Consistent with the predictions derived from a theoretical model in which investors agree to disagree, our estimates for the intraday volume-volatility elasticity around the most important n...

  17. 76 FR 16630 - Announcement of an Award


    ...The Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary and Inter-Departmental Liaison for Early Childhood Development announces the award of a cooperative agreement with the Congressional Hunger Center (CHC) in Washington, DC, to work with ACF programs on hunger and obesity issues for young children. An award in the amount of $3,000 has been made to the......

  18. Oscillatory behavior of neutrophils under opposing chemoattractant gradients supports a winner-take-all mechanism.

    Matthew B Byrne

    Full Text Available Neutrophils constitute the largest class of white blood cells and are the first responders in the innate immune response. They are able to sense and migrate up concentration gradients of chemoattractants in search of primary sites of infection and inflammation through a process known as chemotaxis. These chemoattractants include formylated peptides and various chemokines. While much is known about chemotaxis to individual chemoattractants, far less is known about chemotaxis towards many. Previous studies have shown that in opposing gradients of intermediate chemoattractants (interleukin-8 and leukotriene B4, neutrophils preferentially migrate toward the more distant source. In this work, we investigated neutrophil chemotaxis in opposing gradients of chemoattractants using a microfluidic platform. We found that primary neutrophils exhibit oscillatory motion in opposing gradients of intermediate chemoattractants. To understand this behavior, we constructed a mathematical model of neutrophil chemotaxis. Our results suggest that sensory adaptation alone cannot explain the observed oscillatory motion. Rather, our model suggests that neutrophils employ a winner-take-all mechanism that enables them to transiently lock onto sensed targets and continuously switch between the intermediate attractant sources as they are encountered. These findings uncover a previously unseen behavior of neutrophils in opposing gradients of chemoattractants that will further aid in our understanding of neutrophil chemotaxis and the innate immune response. In addition, we propose a winner-take-all mechanism allows the cells to avoid stagnation near local chemical maxima when migrating through a network of chemoattractant sources.

  19. Meet the winner artists of Accelerate@CERN Taiwan | 3 February


    The winners of Accelerate@CERN Taiwan are WenChi Su (left) and Pei-Ying Lin (right). Accelerate@CERN is the country-specific, one-month research award for artists who have never been in a science laboratory before. Accelerate@CERN Taiwan, is funded by the Ministry of Culture for Taiwan. From within thirty outstanding applicants, the winners of Accelerate@CERN Taiwan are WenChi Su - dancer and choreographer - and Pei-Ying Lin - digital artist. This is the first opportunity for two talented artists to work and research together on the joint creation of a new dance project which engages with the digital realm and is inspired by the world of particle physics. In the past month they have been exploring CERN together, and now they are working on their project. Meet the artists on Wednesday 3 February at 4:30 p.m. in Restaurant 1. For more information on Accelerate@CERN, see here. Follow the artists blog to know what they have been doing for the past month at CERN.

  20. Announcement of the 2016 Polymers Young Investigator Award

    Alexander Böker


    Dear readers of Polymers, Finally, after an extensive voting period, we are proud to present the first winner of the Polymers Young Investigator Award to Dr. Luis M. Campos, who is an assistant professor at the Chemistry Department of Columbia University, USA.[...


    王非; 金雯; Garfield


    慢跑回来整理这篇专访,恰是适宜的身心状态,因为我所访问的这位美丽女士也爱慢跑。我将《关于跑步,我想说的其实是……放在手边,村上春树和John Irving分别是我喜爱和挚爱的作家,他们也都是常年的跑者。我忽然间决定,把其他在看的书丢开优先完成这一本,然后送给她。

  2. 77 FR 72337 - Apps for Vehicles Challenge


    ... software platform that is not easily shared on the web before store approval, such as Apple iPhone, you may...., Washington, DC 20585; email: . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: I. Key Challenge Dates... I Finalist Teams announced. Early February 2013 = Finalist Teams engage industry leaders to...

  3. Markov chains of nonlinear Markov processes and an application to a winner-takes-all model for social conformity

    We discuss nonlinear Markov processes defined on discrete time points and discrete state spaces using Markov chains. In this context, special attention is paid to the distinction between linear and nonlinear Markov processes. We illustrate that the Chapman-Kolmogorov equation holds for nonlinear Markov processes by a winner-takes-all model for social conformity. (fast track communication)

  4. Markov chains of nonlinear Markov processes and an application to a winner-takes-all model for social conformity

    Frank, T D [Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and Action, Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut, 406 Babbidge Road, Storrs, CT 06269 (United States)


    We discuss nonlinear Markov processes defined on discrete time points and discrete state spaces using Markov chains. In this context, special attention is paid to the distinction between linear and nonlinear Markov processes. We illustrate that the Chapman-Kolmogorov equation holds for nonlinear Markov processes by a winner-takes-all model for social conformity. (fast track communication)

  5. An Evaluation of the Trends of Realism in Caldecott Winner and First Honor Books 1966-1986.

    Smith, John A., Jr.; Napier, Georgia

    To determine if there were any consistent tendencies toward the abstract or toward impressionism in the illustration of children's books between the years 1966 and 1986, a study examined the illustrations of Caldecott winners and Honor books. The study replicated John Stewig's study (using his evaluation instrument) of the same topic which covered…

  6. Can We Tell Winners and Losers Apart? : Social and Cultural Effects on Facial Expressions of Children and Adults in Games

    Mui, Hoi Ching; Goudbeek, Martijn; Swerts, Marc; Freitas-magalhães, A


    Can we tell winners and losers apart, on the basis of their facial expressions? In this chapter, we investigate the effects of social and cultural factors on expressions associated with winning and losing in games. Eight-year-olds and adults, who were either Dutch or Chinese, played games alone or w

  7. In search of earnings: Investor attention around earnings announcements

    Eloranta, Mikko


    OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: In this thesis, I study investor attention around earnings announcements through novel proxies formed from companies' Google search volumes and Wikipedia page views. Firstly, I examine the validity of these data sets as investor attention proxies and how Google and Wikipedia activity change around earnings announcements. In addition, I study whether firm characteristics or investor distraction affect the level of attention investors pay to an announcement. Finally...

  8. Insider trading legislation and acquisition announcements : do laws matter?

    Maug, Ernst; Halteren, Jörn van; Ackerman, Abraham


    In this paper we investigate how the enactment and enforcement of insider trading restrictions affect the way in which information about acquisitions is released before the actual acquisition announcement. We analyze a sample with almost 19,000 acquisition announcements from 48 countries. We find that insider trading legislation strongly affects the information revealed to the market in the runup phase before the announcement whereas the impact of subsequent enforcement actions by regulators ...

  9. Insider Trading Legislation and Acquisition Announcements: Do Laws Matter?

    Maug, Ernst; Ackerman, Abraham


    In this paper we investigate how the enactment and enforcement of insider trading restrictions affect the way in which information about acquisitions is released before the actual acquisition announcement. We analyze a sample with almost 19,000 acquisition announcements from 48 countries. We find that insider trading legislation strongly affects the information revealed to the market in the runup phase before the announcement whereas the impact of subsequent enforcement actions by regulators ...

  10. Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions announcement on shareholder value: An empirical evidence of short-term performance from Singapore market.

    Nguyen, Thi Quynh,


    This thesis examines the impact of Mergers and Acquisitions announcements on shareholders wealth of acquirers in Singapore. In detail, this thesis will study the stock performance in response to M&A announcement under three time intervals: pre-announcement period (from day 5 to day 2 prior to announcement day), announcement period (including 1 day prior to announcement day and announcement day) and post-announcement period (from day 1 to day 5 after the announcement). The methodology to inves...

  11. Logic of Questions and Public Announcements

    Peliš, Michal; Majer, Ondrej

    Berlin: Springer, 2011 - (Bezhanishvili, N.; Löbner, S.; Schwabe, K.; Spada, L.), s. 145-157. (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence . 6618). ISBN 978-3-642-22302-0. ISSN 0302-9743. [TbiLLC 2009. International Tbilisi Symposium on Logic, Language, and Computation /8./. Bakuriani (GE), 21.09.2009-25.09.2009] R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GEICC/08/E018; GA AV ČR(CZ) IAA900090703; GA ČR(CZ) GAP401/10/1504 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z9009908 Keywords : logic of questions * erotetic logic * epistemic logic * public announcement Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  12. Quality in the 21st century perspectives from ASQ Feigenbaum medal winners

    Saraiva, Pedro


    This book is a compilation of perspectives provided by several winners of the ASQ Feigenbaum Medal, which is awarded each year to an individual under the age of 35 who has made a significant contribution to the field of Quality. As such, it serves as a valuable reference book in this area. It is primarily based on the medalists’ vision to "refresh" and "re-think" the quality concepts that have been used over the past century and the future development of the topic. Maximizing readers’ understanding of the ways in which Quality is created, it provides insights from pioneers in this field from around the globe and anticipates how and what Quality will be in the future, as well as how people and organizations can benefit from it today.

  13. Workforce and Leader Development: Learning From the Baldrige Winners in Health Care.

    Arnold, Edwin W; Goodson, Jane R; Duarte, Neville T


    It is ironic that perhaps the only constant in health care organizations today is change. To compete successfully in health care and position an organization for high performance amid continuous change, it is very important for managers to have knowledge of the best learning and development practices of high-performing organizations in their industry. The rapid increases in the rate of technological change and geometric increases in knowledge make it virtually imperative that human resources are developed effectively. This article discusses the best learning and development practices among the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winners in the health care industry since 2002 when the industry had its first award-winning organization. PMID:26217991

  14. GRASP with Hybrid Path Relinking for Bi-Objective Winner Determination in Combinatorial Transportation Auctions

    Tobias Buer


    Full Text Available The procurement of transportation services via large-scale combinatorial auctions involves a couple of complex decisions whose outcome highly influences the performance of the tender process. This paper examines the shipper's task of selecting a subset of the submitted bids which efficiently trades off total procurement cost against expected carrier performance. To solve this bi-objective winner determination problem, we propose a Pareto-based greedy randomized adaptive search procedure (GRASP. As a post-optimizer we use a path relinking procedure which is hybridized with branch-and-bound. Several variants of this algorithm are evaluated by means of artificial test instances which comply with important real-world characteristics. The two best variants prove superior to a previously published Pareto-based evolutionary algorithm.

  15. Universality, limits and predictability of winners' performances at the Olympic Games

    Radicchi, Filippo


    Inspired by the legendary Games held in ancient Greece, modern Olympics represent the world's largest pageant of athletic skill and competitive spirit. Athletes' performances at the Olympic Games mirror, since more than a century, human potentialities in sports, and thus provide an optimal source of information for studying the evolution of sport achievements and predicting the limits that athletes can reach. Unfortunately, the models introduced so far for the description of athletes' performances are either sophisticated or unrealistic, and more importantly, do not provide a unified theory for sport performances. Here, we address this issue by showing that relative performance improvements of medal winners at the Olympics are normally distributed, implying that the evolution of performance values can be simply described as an exponential approach to an a priori unknown limiting performance value. This law holds for all specialties in athletics - including running, jumping and throwing - and swimming. We pres...

  16. PUBLIC HEALTH: Grand Challenges in Global Health

    Varmus, H.; Klausner, R; Zerhouni, E.; Acharya, T.; Daar, A S; Singer, P A


    This week an international panel announces a list of 14 Grand Challenges in Global Health, and scientists throughout the world will be invited to submit grant proposals to pursue them with funds provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We describe the characteristics of these challenges and the process by which they were formulated and selected after receiving over 1000 responses to a "call for ideas" from the scientific community.

  17. 7 CFR 1600.5 - Public announcement of meetings.


    ..., DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE GENERAL INFORMATION Meetings of the Board of Directors of the Rural Telephone Bank... exempt from disclosure under § 1600.6, each such public announcement will state the time, place, and... Board may omit from the announcement information usually included, if and to the extent that it...

  18. 78 FR 34395 - Announcement of Foreign-Trade Zones Test


    ... SECURITY U.S. Customs and Border Protection Announcement of Foreign-Trade Zones Test AGENCY: U.S. Customs... announces U.S. Customs and Border Protection's (``CBP's'') plan to conduct a voluntary general test regarding certain foreign-trade zone (``FTZ'' or ``zone'') activities. Pursuant to the FTZ test,...

  19. Professional Readers Challenged Again by Prof. Dr. Bernd Hallier with "Food Waste Management"

    PURCAREA, Theodor


    Prof. Dr. Bernd Hallier, President of European Retail Academy, keeps working and moving "FoRWaRd"… and announces a new challenging book: "Food Waste Management. Systeme gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung".

  20. 76 FR 23543 - The Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge; a Coordinated Initiative To Advance Regional...


    ... Economic Development Administration The Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge; a Coordinated Initiative... Commerce. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Obama Administration announces the Jobs and Innovation Accelerator...-fueled job creation and economic prosperity through public-private partnerships. The...

  1. BC Hydro announces customer service initiatives



    In a continuing effort to improve customer service, convenience and accessibility, BC Hydro announced three significant changes to its operations across the province. The changes involve improved bill paying options, establishment of community energy centres and the creation of networked call centres. The new bill paying option will enable BC Hydro customers to pay by cash or debit card without a service charge at Government Agents of British Columbia facilities which are conveniently located and easily accessible within the communities served by BC Hydro. The utility also plans to establish 17 community energy centres across the province as part of its response to customer`s requests for more accessible service options. Telephone inquiry handling will also be consolidated from more than 40 offices to four call centres located in Prince George, Burnaby, Nanaimo, and Vernon. These call centres will be electronically linked and effectively function as one networked integrated unit for customers to call through one, province-wide telephone number.

  2. From the editors: special issue announcement

    XiaozhaiQi; George C.Lee


    @@ This issue contains the first paper on lessons leamed from the Great Wenchuan Earthquake that JEEEV hopes to continue to provide to our readers. We welcome contributions for consideration for future publication. During the past several months, we have been considering "Special Issues" on a variety of topics for the journal ofEarthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration. We are pleased to announce that the December 2008 issue will befocused on "Seismic Design and Retrofit of Highway Bridges," with Professor Li Jianzhong of Tongji University andProfessor Ian Buckle of the University of Nevada at Reno serving as Guest Editors. We invite you to contribute to thisSpecial Issue by submitting a manuscript to either our Harbin or Buffalo office by August 15, 2008 with an indication"For 2008 Special Issue."

  3. NSF assistant director for geosciences announces resignation

    Zielinki, Sarah

    Margaret Leinen, assistant director for geosciences at the U.S. National Science Foundation, announced on 7 December that she will be leaving NSF in January 2007 to become the chief science officer and vice president of Climos, a new company based in San Francisco, Calif., that plans to develop solutions to reduce greenhouse gases. Leinen will oversee efforts to better understand the planet's carbon cycle to address global climate change issues.Leinen has managed the Directorate for Geosciences since 2000. She also served as vice chair of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, which coordinates federal climate change research, and as co-chair of the National Science and Technology Council's Joint Committee on Ocean Science and Technology.

  4. Kinematic analysis and upper limb contributions to racket head velocity of elite tennis players in tennis forehand drive winner.

    Pedro, Bruno Miguel Machado


    Mestrado em Treino de Alto Rendimento The aim of the present study was to quantify and compare kinematic variables and their contributions to the racket head speed in tennis forehand winner, in the cross court and inside out direction. Mini inertial sensors (Xsens MVN) of motion capture, recorded kinematic data of six elite tennis players (ATP professionals). Linear velocity of the racket and ball were captured with a high speed video camera. Results indicate that the direction of the shot...

  5. With five winners in Iowa, the race for the White House has just become much more interesting

    Trubowitz, Peter


    Last night the Iowa Caucuses marked the beginning of the presidential primary season in earnest. Ted Cruz came out on top for the Republicans, and Hillary Clinton narrowly leads Bernie Sanders for the Democrats. Reflecting on the Iowa results, US Centre Director Peter Trubowitz writes that Donald Trump and Marco Rubio were also winners, and that Clinton and Sanders’ close result means that the race between the two may be about to become much more heated.

  6. A six-time Ultraman winner and a normal heart: A case report.

    de Araújo, Claudio Gil Soares; Belém, Luciano; Gottlieb, Ilan


    Number of subjects currently participating in high-endurance aerobic exercise training regimens and competitions has substantially increased in recent years. While there is no doubt that regular exercise practice is fundamental for the maintenance of a good health, there have been reports of cardiac structural changes of subjects exposed to strenuous endurance physical exercise. This article reports a case of a 47-year-old male very successful sportsman-including being a six-time Ultraman winner-who has accumulated more than 50,000 h of training and competition in his 35-year career, averaging 25-30 h/week. Despite this huge amount of aerobic exercise, about 25 times larger than typically recommended dose for health purposes (i.e. 75 min of vigorous exercise per week), no major abnormalities were detected in electrocardiograms (rest and maximal exercise), transthoracic echocardiogram, and magnetic resonance imaging. In fact, after this complete evaluation, his heart was found to be quite normal. PMID:27489641

  7. Versatile Networks of Simulated Spiking Neurons Displaying Winner-Take-All Behavior

    Yanqing eChen


    Full Text Available We describe simulations of large-scale networks of excitatory and inhibitory spiking neurons that can generate dynamically stable winner-take-all (WTA behavior. The network connectivity is a variant of center-surround architecture that we call center-annular-surround (CAS. In this architecture each neuron is excited by nearby neighbors and inhibited by more distant neighbors in an annular-surround region. The neural units of these networks simulate conductance-based spiking neurons that interact via mechanisms susceptible to both short-term synaptic plasticity and STDP. We show that such CAS networks display robust WTA behavior unlike the center-surround networks and other control architectures that we have studied. We find that a large-scale network of spiking neurons with separate populations of excitatory and inhibitory neurons can give rise to smooth maps of sensory input. In addition, we show that a humanoid Brain-Based-Device (BBD under the control of a spiking WTA neural network can learn to reach to target positions in its visual field, thus demonstrating the acquisition of sensorimotor coordination.

  8. 78 FR 19799 - United States Mint Kids' Baseball Coin Design Challenge


    ... United States Mint United States Mint Kids' Baseball Coin Design Challenge ACTION: Notification of the Opening of the United States Mint Kids' Baseball Coin Design Challenge on April 11, 2013. SUMMARY: The United States Mint announces the opening of a national kids' baseball coin design challenge on April...

  9. PUBLISHER'S ANNOUNCEMENT: Editorial developments Editorial developments

    Gillan, Rebecca


    We are delighted to announce that from January 2009, Professor Murray T Batchelor of the Australian National University, Canberra will be the new Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. Murray Batchelor has been Editor of the Mathematical Physics section of the journal since 2007. Prior to this, he served as a Board Member and an Advisory Panel member for the journal. His primary area of research is the statistical mechanics of exactly solved models. He holds a joint appointment in mathematics and physics and has held visiting positions at the Universities of Leiden, Amsterdam, Oxford and Tokyo. We very much look forward to working with Murray to continue to improve the journal's quality and interest to the readership. We would like to thank our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Professor Carl M Bender. Carl has done a magnificent job as Editor-in-Chief and has worked tirelessly to improve the journal over the last five years. Carl has been instrumental in designing and implementing strategies that have enhanced the quality of papers published and service provided by Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. Notably, under his tenure, we have introduced the Fast Track Communications (FTC) section to the journal. This section provides a venue for outstanding short papers that report new and timely developments in mathematical and theoretical physics and offers accelerated publication and high visibility for our authors. During the last five years, we have raised the quality threshold for acceptance in the journal and now reject over 60% of submissions. As a result, papers published in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical are amongst the best in the field. We have also maintained and improved on our excellent receipt-to-first-decision times, which now average less than 50 days for papers. We have recently announced another innovation; the Journal of Physics A Best Paper Prize. These prizes will honour excellent papers

  10. Levi Strauss and H&M Announce Ban on Sandblasting


    As a commitment to the health and safety of workers across the apparel industry, Levi Strauss & Co. and Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) announced plans to implement a global ban on sandblasting in all of their future product

  11. Lexus Announces Official Sale Price of LFA Supercar in China


    On December 15, 2009, Lexus China announced the official sale price of its high-performance, luxury two-seat supercar LFA in the Chinese Market. The suggested retail price is 5,988,000 yuan ($880,588).

  12. Center for Global Health announces grants to support portable technologies

    NCI’s Center for Global Health announced grants that will support the development and validation of low-cost, portable technologies. These technologies have the potential to improve early detection, diagnosis, and non-invasive or minimally invasive treatm

  13. Some currency trading positions yield increased returns around Fed announcements

    Tahbaz-Salehi, Alireza; Vedolin, Andrea; Muelle, Philippe


    The announcements of the Federal Reserve Bank can have huge impacts on the world currency market. Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, Andrea Vedolin and Philippe Muelle argue that these impacts reflects the high degree of monetary policy uncertainty.

  14. Research funds for NCI’s Provocative Questions project announced

    NCI’s Provocative Questions project has announced that it is now seeking applications from researchers eager to influence the state of cancer research by tackling potentially game-changing, but perplexing, scientific questions that could drive progress ag

  15. DANTE announces new research and education link to India


    "Research networking organization DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe) has announced that high-speed communication links for students and researchers between India and Europe are now live." (1 page)

  16. UK Announces Intention to Join ESO


    Summary The Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) , the UK's strategic science investment agency, today announced that the government of the United Kingdom is making funds available that provide a baseline for this country to join the European Southern Observatory (ESO) . The ESO Director General, Dr. Catherine Cesarsky , and the ESO Community warmly welcome this move towards fuller integration in European astronomy. "With the UK as a potential member country of ESO, our joint opportunities for front-line research and technology will grow significantly", she said. "This announcement is a clear sign of confidence in ESO's abilities, most recently demonstrated with the construction and operation of the unique Very Large Telescope (VLT) on Paranal. Together we will look forward with confidence towards new, exciting projects in ground-based astronomy." It was decided earlier this year to place the 4-m UK Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope (VISTA) at Paranal, cf. ESO Press Release 03/00. Following negotiations between ESO and PPARC, a detailed proposal for the associated UK/ESO Agreement with the various entry modalities will now be presented to the ESO Council for approval. Before this Agreement can enter into force, the ESO Convention and associated protocols must also be ratified by the UK Parliament. Research and key technologies According to the PPARC press release, increased funding for science, announced by the UK government today, will enable UK astronomers to prepare for the next generation of telescopes and expand their current telescope portfolio through membership of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). The uplift to its baseline budget will enable PPARC to enter into final negotiations for UK membership of the ESO. This will ensure that UK astronomers, together with their colleagues in the ESO member states, are actively involved in global scale preparations for the next generation of astronomy facilities. among these are ALMA

  17. Soft Information in Earnings Announcements: News or Noise?

    Elizabeth Demers; Clara Vega


    This paper examines whether the "soft" information contained in the text of management's quarterly earnings press releases is incrementally informative over the company's reported "hard" earnings news. We use Diction, a textual-analysis program, to extract various dimensions of managerial net optimism from more than 20,000 corporate earnings announcements over the period 1998 to 2006 and document that unanticipated net optimism in managers' language affects announcement period abnormal return...

  18. Earnings announcements and the variability of stock returns

    Eilifsen, Aasmund; Knivsflå, Kjell Henry; Sættem, Frode


    This paper is concerned with the dissemination process of firm-specific annual earnings information in the Norwegian capital market. We find a significant reduction in stock price volatility in the post-announcement period relative to the pre-announcement period for companies traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange in the period 1990-1995. Potential explanations for this phenomenon are tested by relating the observed return volatility to changes in the volatility of the underlying business, the spe...

  19. News or noise? an analysis of Brazilian GDP announcements

    Rebeca de la Rocque Palis; Roberto Luis Olinto Ramos; Patrice Robitaille


    Revisions to GDP announcements in many countries are often large, and Faust, Rogers, and Wright (2003) have found that G-7 GDP revisions are predictable to varying degrees. In this paper, we extend FRW to study revisions to Brazilian GDP announcements. We document that revisions to Brazilian GDP are large relative to those of G-7 countries. Brazilian GDP revisions are also predictable, which is consistent with the view that GDP revisions correct errors in preliminary GDP rather than reflect n...

  20. Do SEC Detections Deter Insider Trading? Evidence from Earnings Announcements

    Gider, Jasmin


    The paper explores the consequences of SEC detection of illegal insider trading on subsequent insider trading activities. We hypothesize that individuals with private information update their subjective probabilities of getting caught and are less likely to exploit material, non-public information about pending earnings announcements. The hypothesis is tested using data on earnings announcements of a unique hand-collected sample of 398 insider trading episodes publicly detected by the Securit...

  1. Analog Programmable Distance Calculation Circuit for Winner Takes All Neural Network Realized in the CMOS Technology.

    Talaśka, Tomasz; Kolasa, Marta; Długosz, Rafał; Pedrycz, Witold


    This paper presents a programmable analog current-mode circuit used to calculate the distance between two vectors of currents, following two distance measures. The Euclidean (L2) distance is commonly used. However, in many situations, it can be replaced with the Manhattan (L1) one, which is computationally less intensive, whose realization comes with less power dissipation and lower hardware complexity. The presented circuit can be easily reprogrammed to operate with one of these distances. The circuit is one of the components of an analog winner takes all neural network (NN) implemented in the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor 0.18- [Formula: see text] technology. The learning process of the realized NN has been successfully verified by the laboratory tests of the fabricated chip. The proposed distance calculation circuit (DCC) features a simple structure, which makes it suitable for networks with a relatively large number of neurons realized in hardware and operating in parallel. For example, the network with three inputs occupies a relatively small area of 3900 μm(2). When operating in the L2 mode, the circuit dissipates 85 [Formula: see text] of power from the 1.5 V voltage supply, at maximum data rate of 10 MHz. In the L1 mode, an average dissipated power is reduced to 55 [Formula: see text] from 1.2 V voltage supply, while data rate is 12 MHz in this case. The given data rates are provided for the worst case scenario, where input currents differ by 1%-2% only. In this case, the settling time of the comparators used in the DCC is quite long. However, that kind of situation is very rare in the overall learning process. PMID:26087501

  2. On the Alienation of the Mother’s Image in D.H.Lawrance’s The Rocking-Horse Winner



    The Rocking-Horse Winner is one of D.H.Lawrence’s greatest short stories.Taking Hester,the mother’s image as an example,Lawrence described the alienated human nature in industrial civilization and expressed his discontentment and criticism.Focusing on the alienation of the mother’s image from the perspective of Erich Fromm’s alienation theory,this paper analyzed the manifestation of the mother’s alienation and concluded it is the expanded crazy pursuit of money that destroys the beautiful,pure nature of human and finally alienates human nature.

  3. On the Alienation of the Mother's Image in D.H.Lawrance's The Rocking-Horse Winner



    The Rocking-Horse Winner is one of D.H.Lawrence's greatest short stories.Taking Hester,the mother's image as an example,Lawrence described the alienated human nature in industrial civilization and expressed his discontentment and criticism.Focusing on the alienation of the mother's image from the perspective of Erich Fromm's alienation theory,this paper analyzed the manifestation of the mother's alienation and concluded it is the expanded crazy pursuit of money that destroys the beautiful,pure nature of human andfinally alienates human nature.

  4. Ernest Orlando Lawrence Awards Ceremony for 2011 Award Winners (Presentations, including remarks by Energy Secretary, Dr. Steven Chu)

    The winners for 2011 of the Department of Energy's Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award were recognized in a ceremony held May 21, 2012. Dr. Steven Chu and others spoke of the importance of the accomplishments and the prestigious history of the award. The recipients of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award for 2011 are: Riccardo Betti (University of Rochester); Paul C. Canfield (Ames Laboratory); Mark B. Chadwick (Los Alamos National Laboratory); David E. Chavez (Los Alamos National Laboratory); Amit Goyal (Oak Ridge National Laboratory); Thomas P. Guilderson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory); Lois Curfman McInnes (Argonne National Laboratory); Bernard Matthew Poelker (Thomas Jeffereson National Accelerator Facility); and Barry F. Smith (Argonne National Laboratory).

  5. Picking the winner? Empirical evidence on the targeting of R&D subsidies to start-ups

    Cantner, Uwe; Kösters, Sarah


    This paper investigates the allocation of R&D subsidies given to start-ups. Considering the coexistence of various R&D project schemes, we take an aggregate view and analyze the determinants of the receipt of (any) R&D subsidies within the first three business years of the start-ups. We argue that policymakers and funding authorities follow a strategy of "picking the winner". Analyzing a unique data set of start-ups in the East German state of Thuringia, we conduct logistic regressions and fi...

  6. The making of winners (and losers): how early dominance interactions determine adult social structure in a clonal fish.

    Laskowski, Kate L; Wolf, Max; Bierbach, David


    Across a wide range of animal taxa, winners of previous fights are more likely to keep winning future contests, just as losers are more likely to keep losing. At present, such winner and loser effects are considered to be fairly transient. However, repeated experiences with winning and/or losing might increase the persistence of these effects, generating long-lasting consequences for social structure. To test this, we exposed genetically identical individuals of a clonal fish, the Amazon molly (Poecilia formosa), to repeated winning and/or losing dominance interactions during the first two months of their life. We subsequently investigated whether these experiences affected the fish's ability to achieve dominance in a hierarchy five months later after sexual maturity, a major life-history transition. Individuals that had only winning interactions early in life consistently ranked at the top of the hierarchy. Interestingly, individuals with only losing experience tended to achieve the middle dominance rank, whereas individuals with both winning and losing experiences generally ended up at the bottom of the hierarchy. In addition to demonstrating that early social interactions can have dramatic and long-lasting consequences for adult social behaviour and social structure, our work also shows that higher cumulative winning experience early in life can counterintuitively give rise to lower social rank later in life. PMID:27170711

  7. Defragmenting the effect of major news announcements on financial markets

    Ikhlaas Gurrib


    Full Text Available The issue of High Frequency Trading (HFT and its impact on financial markets is hitting the headlines hard nowadays. This paper looks at the effects of three major news announcements on two major currency pairs namely the Australian dollar against the US dollar and the Euro against the US dollar. The three major news announcements are the cash rate from the Reserve Bank of Australia, the minimum bid rate from European Central Bank (ECB and the official bank rate from the Bank of England.  A one minute data interval analysis is used over a time period of four years.  Findings suggest the effects of the specific news under analysis to be insignificant for a trader to benefit from the fluctuations in the two major currency markets. The use of other macroeconomic news or higher frequency data is warranted to defragment the effects of major news announcements further.

  8. Do Firms Announcing Cash Refund Capital Reductions have Investment Value?

    Su-Yin Cheng


    Full Text Available Cash refund capital reduction is a unique financial tool used by listed firms in Taiwan. This study investigates announcements of cash refund capital reductions to explore two topics. First, we examine the short-term, mid-term, and long-term buy-and-hold excess returns after the announcement. The results indicate that no excess returns are seen in the short and midterm,whereas long-term excess returns are positive and statistically significant. Second, we investigate the critical determinants of long-term excess return. The findings suggest that if a firm announces a cash refund capital reduction becomes more attractive to investors, the firm shall accompany with reduced firm size, reduced capital expenditure ratio, and improved return on equity (ROE and an increased debt ratio.

  9. EU Failing FAO Challenge to Improve Global Food Security.

    Smyth, Stuart J; Phillips, Peter W B; Kerr, William A


    The announcement that the European Union (EU) had reached an agreement allowing Member States (MS) to ban genetically modified (GM) crops confirms that the EU has chosen to ignore the food security challenge issued to the world by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 2009. The FAO suggests that agricultural biotechnology has a central role in meeting the food security challenge. PMID:27318260

  10. Construction Milestone Announced on Green Bank Telescope


    The National Radio Astronomy Observatory announces completion of a major construction milestone on the world's largest fully steerable radio telescope - the National Science Foundation's Green Bank Telescope (GBT). The last of 2,004 aluminum surface panels was recently installed on the GBT's two-acre (100 m x 110 m) collecting dish. The telescope is located at NRAO's Green Bank site, in rural Pocahontas County, West Virginia. The GBT will be used to study everything from the formation of galaxies in the early universe, to the chemical make-up of the dust and gas inside galaxies and in the voids that separate them, to the birth processes of stars. In conjunction with other instruments, it will help make highly accurate radar maps of some familiar objects in our own solar system. The GBT is an engineering marvel. At 485 feet tall, it is comparable in height to the Washington Monument. It weighs 16 million pounds, yet by swiveling the dish in both azimuth and elevation, it can be pointed to any point in the sky with exquisite accuracy. Additionally, the telescope's two-acre collecting dish has many novel features. Most radio telescopes in use today use receivers suspended above the dish by four struts. These struts block some of the surface of the dish, scattering some of the incoming radio waves from celestial objects under study. The GBT's offset feedarm has no struts to block incoming radio waves. The GBT also boasts an active surface. The surface of the dish is composed of 2,004 panels. On the underside of the dish, actuators are located at each corner (i.e., intersection of four panels). These actuators are motors that move the surface panels up and down, keeping the (paraboloid) shape of the dish precisely adjusted, no matter what the tilt of the telescope. The combination of its unblocked aperture and active surface promise that the GBT will display extremely high sensitivity to faint radio signals. The GBT itself is not the only precious national resource in

  11. Defragmenting the effect of major news announcements on financial markets

    Ikhlaas Gurrib


    The issue of High Frequency Trading (HFT) and its impact on financial markets is hitting the headlines hard nowadays. This paper looks at the effects of three major news announcements on two major currency pairs namely the Australian dollar against the US dollar and the Euro against the US dollar. The three major news announcements are the cash rate from the Reserve Bank of Australia, the minimum bid rate from European Central Bank (ECB) and the official bank rate from the Bank of England.  A...

  12. Defragmenting the Effect of Major News Announcements on Financial Markets

    Ikhlaas Gurrib


    The issue of High Frequency Trading (HFT) and its impact on financial markets is hitting the headlines hard nowadays. This paper looks at the effects of three major news announcements on two major currency pairs namely the Australian dollar against the US dollar and the Euro against the US dollar. The three major news announcements are the cash rate from the Reserve Bank of Australia, the minimum bid rate from European Central Bank (ECB) and the official bank rate from the Bank of England. A ...




    The National Academy for Engineering announced 14 Grand Challenges for the 21st Century engineers to address in order to ensure a sustainable future for the generations to come. These grand challenges are in four broad areas, namely, energy and environment, health, security and learning and computation. This paper reports on a Grand Challenges Scholars’ Programme that is developed to prepare the engineering students to be able to address the grand challenges using the CDIO framework and focus...

  14. 77 FR 2556 - Ethical and Regulatory Challenges in the Development of Pediatric Medical Countermeasures; Public...


    ... HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration Ethical and Regulatory Challenges in the Development of... announcing a public workshop entitled ``Ethical and Regulatory Challenges in the Development of Pediatric... scientific, ethical, and regulatory issues confronting FDA and other stakeholders in the area of...

  15. 78 FR 19735 - Announcement Regarding a Change in Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claimants in...


    ... Employment and Training Administration. Announcement Regarding a Change in Eligibility for Unemployment..., South Carolina and Texas in the Emergency Unemployment Compensation 2008 (EUC08) Program, and the...: Notice. SUMMARY: Announcement regarding a change in eligibility for Unemployment Insurance (UI)...

  16. 78 FR 38074 - Announcement Regarding a Change in Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claimants in...


    ... Employment and Training Administration Announcement Regarding a Change in Eligibility for Unemployment... Virgin Islands and Wisconsin in the Emergency Unemployment Compensation 2008 (EUC08) Program, and the...: Notice. SUMMARY: Announcement regarding a change in eligibility for Unemployment Insurance (UI)...

  17. 75 FR 76982 - Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS); Announcement of Availability of Literature Searches...


    ... AGENCY Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS); Announcement of Availability of Literature Searches for... literature searches for IRIS assessments; request for information. SUMMARY: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing the availability of literature searches for four IRIS...

  18. Featherweight Challenge

    Love, Tyler S.; Ryan, Larry


    As science, technology education, and engineering programs suffer budget cuts, educators continue to seek cost-effective activities that engage students and reinforce standards. The featherweight challenge is a hands-on activity that challenges students to continually refine their design while not breaking the budget. This activity uses one of the…

  19. Decommissioning challenges - an industrial reality

    Sellafield Limited has undergone many transformations in previous years. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has managed the site from April 2005, and a new Parent Body Organisation (PBO) is soon to be announced. In addition, it is an exciting time for the nuclear industry following the announcement of the UK government support new reactor builds. Should the site be selected for new build, the impact on Sellafield, its decommissioning program and economic impact on the local area can only be speculated at the current time. Every past, present and future decommissioning project at the Sellafield Limited site offers complex challenges, as each facility is unique. Specialist skills and experience must be engaged at pre-planned phases to result in a safe, efficient and successful decommissioning project. This paper provides an overview of a small selection of decommissioning projects, including examples of stakeholder engagement, plant and equipment dismantling using remote handling equipment and the application of innovative techniques and technologies. In addition, the final section provides a summary upon how future technologies required by the decommissioning projects are being assessed and developed. (authors)

  20. Levi Strauss and H&M Announce Ban on Sandblasting


    @@ As a commitment to the health and safety of workers across the apparel industry, Levi Strauss & Co. and Hennes& Mauritz AB (H&M) announced plans to implement a global ban on sandblasting in all of their future product lines. The two companies are encouraging others to join this ban in a move toward eliminating sandblasting as an industry practice.

  1. IBM announces global Grid computing solutions for banking, financial markets


    "IBM has announced a series of Grid projects around the world as part of its Grid computing program. They include IBM new Grid-based product offerings with business intelligence software provider SAS and other partners that address the computer-intensive needs of the banking and financial markets industry (1 page)."

  2. 45 CFR 1634.4 - Announcement of competition.


    ... procedures, the selection process, selection criteria, the service areas that will be the subject of the... competitive bidding process, shall take appropriate steps to announce the availability of such a grant or... interested parties are given an opportunity to participate in the competitive bidding process. (b)...

  3. 5 CFR 362.202 - Announcement, nomination, and selection.


    ... for, as well as a clear interest in and commitment to, leadership in the analysis and management of.... 362.202 Section 362.202 Administrative Personnel OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT CIVIL SERVICE REGULATIONS PRESIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT FELLOWS PROGRAM Program Administration § 362.202 Announcement,...

  4. BP Announces Withdrawal from West-to-East Gas Project


    @@ On August 31, 2001, BP announced that BP would not participate in the bidding launched by PetroChina for the West-to-East gas transmission project,China's landmark project for West Development that is valued billions of US dollars.

  5. ATLAS Collaboration Reaction to 2013 Physics Nobel Prize Announcement

    Abdeslam Hoummada


    Physicists from ATLAS took a brief time out from their collaboration week in Marrakech, Morocco to watch the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2013. To their delight, it was awarded to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs for their pioneering work on the electroweak-symmetry-breaking mechanism in 1964.

  6. Oracle announces increased uptake of Oracle9i Application Server


    Oracle Europe this week announced that increasingly, companies in the region are selecting the Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS) to develop and deploy web-based business application. CERN is one of its customers (1/2 page).

  7. 76 FR 16409 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing Lock+ Hydro Friends Fund XXXIV... random drawing to determine the filing priority of the applicants identified in this notice. The...\\ The priority established by this drawing will be used to determine which applicant, among those...

  8. 76 FR 4893 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing January 20, 2011. Lock Hydro..., at 10 a.m. (eastern time), the Secretary of the Commission, or her designee, will, by random drawing, determine the filing priority for the three applicants identified in this notice. The drawing is open to...

  9. 76 FR 16406 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing ] Lock+ Hydro Friends Fund... random drawing to determine the filing priority of the applicants identified in this notice. The...\\ The priority established by this drawing will be used to determine which applicant, among those...

  10. 76 FR 16407 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing Lock+ Hydro Friends Fund XLVI... random drawing to determine the filing priority of the applicants identified in this notice. The...\\ The priority established by this drawing will be used to determine which applicant, among those...

  11. 76 FR 16408 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing Lock+ Hydro Friends Fund XXXVII... Secretary of the Commission, or her designee, will conduct a random drawing to determine the filing priority... applications as provided in section 4.37 of its regulations.\\2\\ The priority established by this drawing...

  12. 77 FR 24197 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing Mississippi 8 Hydro, LLC... drawing to determine the filing priority of the applicants identified in this notice. The Commission will... priority established by this drawing will be used to determine which applicant, among those with...

  13. 75 FR 32459 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing May 28, 2010. In the matter of... Commission, or her designee, will, by random drawing, determine the filing priority for the two applicants identified in this notice. The drawing is open to the public and will be held in room 2C, the...

  14. 77 FR 10739 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing Project No. FFP Project 91, LLC... Secretary of the Commission, or her designee, will conduct a random drawing to determine the filing priority... applications as provided in section 4.37 of its regulations.\\2\\ The priority established by this drawing...

  15. 77 FR 9915 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing Lock+ Hydro Friends Fund XLI... conduct a random drawing to determine the filing priority of the applicants identified in this notice. The...\\ The priority established by this drawing will be used to determine which applicant, among those...

  16. 76 FR 4894 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing January 20, 2011. Lock Hydro... Commission, or her designee, will, by random drawing, determine the filing priority for the two applicants identified in this notice. The drawing is open to the public and will be held in room 2C, the...

  17. 76 FR 15972 - Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing


    ... Energy Regulatory Commission Notice Announcing Preliminary Permit Drawing Project No. Lock+ Hydro Friends... designee, will conduct a random drawing to determine the filing priority of the applicants identified in... of its regulations.\\2\\ The priority established by this drawing will be used to determine...

  18. Continental Announces Carbon Offsetting Program with Sustainable Travel International


    @@ On December 3,2007,HOUSTON,-Continental Airlines announced that it has launched acarbon offsetting program,developed in partnership with non-profit Sustainable Travel International which is a US-based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote sustainable development and responsible travel by providing programs.

  19. 76 FR 43664 - Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO)


    ... Adjustment (OEA), Department of Defense (DoD). ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: This notice announces a one-time opportunity to obtain funding from the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) for construction of Transportation... grants, as provided in Section V, paragraph 1, of this notice. OEA will consider and respond to...

  20. 75 FR 28590 - Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO)


    ... Adjustment (OEA), DoD. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: This notice announces the opportunity to enter into a grant agreement with OEA for Brigade Basing Remediation-Support for Public Entities. OEA is authorized by Section... other eligible public entities. DATES: Completed proposals must be received by OEA within...

  1. Lord Sainsbury announces outcome of Research Council review

    Dept. Trade & Industry


    Science and Innovation Minister, Lord Sainsbury, today announced the outcome of a review of the Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (CCLRC). The report is the second stage of a five-yearly review, which outlines ways to strengthen and promote greater value for money from the UK's investment in science (1 page).

  2. 45 CFR 503.25 - Announcement of meetings.


    ... notice of the subject matter of the meeting, except to the extent that the information is exempt from disclosure under the provisions of § 503.24. ... in its offices at 600 E Street, NW, Washington, DC, from time to time as announced by timely...

  3. 29 CFR 775.1 - Advisory interpretations announced by the Administrator.


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Advisory interpretations announced by the Administrator. 775.1 Section 775.1 Labor Regulations Relating to Labor (Continued) WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION, DEPARTMENT... § 775.1 Advisory interpretations announced by the Administrator. Advisory interpretations announced...

  4. 77 FR 64342 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Caregivers Video Challenge


    ..., advertising agency, or any other company involved in marketing a commercial business, brand name, product or... the original digital file of their Video available to ONC and/or the Administrator or others acting...

  5. 75 FR 27824 - Announcement of the Career Videos for America's Job Seekers Challenge


    ..., and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers/Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) Technicians; 7... Technicians; 13. Solar Thermal Installers and Technicians; 14. Weatherization Installers and Technicians;...

  6. 75 FR 33641 - Announcement of the Career Videos for America's Job Seekers Challenge; Correction


    ... Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers/Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) Technicians; 7. Licensed Practical.... Solar Thermal Installers and Technicians; 14. Weatherization Installers and Technicians; and 15....

  7. 77 FR 48162 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for the Challenge To Identify Audacious Goals in...


    ... powerful influence on the NEI mission. The evaluation process will begin by de-identifying the entries and... inherited form of childhood blindness in less than 10 years. The first genetic mutations causing Lebers Congenital Amaurosis, a rare form of inherited childhood blindness, were identified in 1997....

  8. 77 FR 72864 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Mobile App Challenge


    ... health information presented in plain language. The site has approximately 1 million visits each month... liability release will use the following language: By participating in this competition, I agree to...

  9. 76 FR 66306 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for Leading Health Indicators App Challenge


    ... Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and ones that incorporate plain language and health... the following language: By participating in this competition, I agree to assume any and all risks...

  10. 77 FR 2545 - Announcement of the Requirements and Registration for the Healthy New Year Challenge


    ... helps me figure out the best ways to manage my health condition (depression, cancer, diabetes, etc.). I... which in the sole discretion of the Sponsor, Administrator and Judges is in obvious bad taste,...

  11. 77 FR 40619 - Announcement of Requirements and Registration for What's In Your Health Record Video Challenge


    ... Official: Lygeia Ricciardi, Director, Office of Consumer eHealth. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Office of.... FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Erin Poetter, Consumer e-Health Policy Analyst, 3719. Dated: June 28, 2012. Erin Poetter, Consumer e-Health Policy Analyst, Office of the...

  12. Examination of the association between announced inspections and inspection scores.

    Waters, A Blake; VanDerslice, James; Porucznik, Christina A; Kim, Jaewhan; DeLegge, Royal; Durrant, Lynne


    In 2010 the Salt Lake Valley Health Department conducted a pilot of an announced inspection program utilizing a randomized assignment of restaurants to an intervention group with announced inspections and a control group that remained on the usual schedule of unannounced inspections. After adjusting for food type, visible kitchen, outside quality assurance, season, and standardized inspector, significant reductions were found in the odds ratios of personal hygiene (adjusted odds ratios [aOR] = 0.11, p = .00) and equipment cleanliness (aOR = 0.19, p = .00) violations. In the models for the control group, none of the odds ratios were statistically different from one, indicating no change in the postintervention time period as compared to the preintervention period. PMID:24073484

  13. Why do market interest rates respond to money announcements?

    Daniel L. Thornton


    A number of studies have attempted to determine why money market interest rates are positively correlated with unanticipated increases in the money stock by examining the response of the foreign exchange and stock markets to money announcements. They report a significant positive relationship between the trade-weighted exchange rate and unanticipated increases in the money stock and a significant negative relationship between unanticipated increases in the money stock and stock prices. These ...

  14. The Reputational Effects of Narrative Disclosures in Operational Risk Announcements

    Bayley, Joel


    The content of the first press cuttings regarding operational risk announcements following an operational loss event is likely to affect the level of reputational damage incurred by the institutions suffering the loss. The profile of operational risk has increased in recent decades becoming one of the major risks in the finance industry. Following increasing literature on operational events, reputational risk as a result of operational loss events has become a growing area of research. This p...

  15. B2B emarketplace announcements and shareholder wealth

    Andrew H. Chen; Siems, Thomas F.


    In the business-to-business (B2B) sector, new supply-chain models within electronic marketplaces (eMarketplaces) offer firms significantly lower procurement costs, increased operating efficiencies, and expanded market opportunities. Using event-study methodology to look at the period July 1999-March 2000, Andrew Chen and Thomas Siems find that investors reacted favorably to B2B eMarketplace announcements, with slightly higher abnormal returns associated with vertical than with horizontal eMar...

  16. Straight debt issuance announcement effects on credit default swap spreads

    Kaarela, Ilari


    This thesis studies the effect of straight debt issuance announcements on credit default swap (CDS) spreads. As leverage-increasing capital structure decisions, debt issuances should result in increases of credit risk, and thus in CDS and credit spreads. Leverage is, after all, both theoretically and empirically an important determinant of credit risk. However, previous literature fails to show a significant effect on credit spreads around debt issuances. When does price adjustment of cr...

  17. Self organization of social hierarchy and clusters in a challenging society with free random walks

    Fujie, Ryo; Odagaki, Takashi


    Emergence of social hierarchy and clusters in a challenging equal-right society is studied on the basis of the agent-based model, where warlike individuals who have own power or wealth perform random walks in a random order on a lattice and when meeting others the individuals challenge the strongest among the neighbors. We assume that the winning probability depends on the difference in their wealth and after the fight the winner gets and the loser loses a unit of the wealth. We show that hierarchy is self organized when the population exceeds a critical value and the transition from egalitarian state to hierarchical state occurs in two steps. The first transition is continuous to the society with widespread winning-probability. At the second transition the variance of the winning fraction decrease discontinuously, which was not observed in previous studies. The second hierarchical society consists of a small number of extreme winners and many individuals in the middle class and losers. We also show that when the relaxation parameter for the wealth is large, the first transition disappears. In the second hierarchical society, a giant cluster of individuals is formed with a layered structure in the power order and some people stray around it. The structure of the cluster and the distribution of wealth are quite different from the results of the previous challenging model [M. Tsujiguchi and T. Odagaki, Physica A 375 (2007) 317] which adopts the preassigned order for random walk.

  18. Logistical challenges

    Steve Matthews


    Full Text Available The impact of the Asian tsunami was unprecedented and the logistical challenges of meeting the needs of those affected were enormous. Had the tsunami happened even five years ago, World Vision would not have been able to respond nearly as effectively as it did.

  19. Mobility Challenges

    Jensen, Ole B.; Lassen, Claus


    This article takes point of departure in the challenges to understand the importance of contemporary mobility. The approach advocated is a cross-disciplinary one drawing on sociology, geography, urban planning and design, and cultural studies. As such the perspective is to be seen as a part of th...

  20. Ethical Challenges

    Morris, Michael


    All evaluators face the challenge of striving to adhere to the highest possible standards of ethical conduct. Translating the AEA's Guiding Principles and the Joint Committee's Program Evaluation Standards into everyday practice, however, can be a complex, uncertain, and frustrating endeavor. Moreover, acting in an ethical fashion can require…

  1. Editorial Challenges

    Budin, Wendy C.


    In this column, the editor of The Journal of Perinatal Education (JPE) discusses some of the challenges involved in becoming the new editor of JPE. The editor also describes the contents of this issue, which offer a broad range of resources, research, and inspiration for childbirth educators in their efforts to promote normal birth.

  2. Archiving challenges

    Ringersma, J.


    Teaching slides on: What is a digital archive? Parties involved in digital archiving Archiving challenges organization of data coherence and persistency access and safety Language archiving software Different users, different needs For: Saami Language Documentation and Revitalization. Winter school, Bodø, Norway

  3. 77 FR 16895 - Announcement of Competition Under the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2011: Project REACH...


    ... one of the following smartphone platforms: iPhone or Android. (Note, however, that the Grand Prize winner must support both the iPhone and Android platforms.). Demonstrates at least 99% uptime. Creates a... successful finalist will: a. Provide an application that supports both iPhone and Android platforms....

  4. Relation between dominance rank, prior agonistic intensity and subsequent aggressive levels in winners and losers of dyads of male Green swordtail fish (Xiphophorus helleri)

    Goulet, Claude; Beaugrand, Jacques P.


    Aggressive scores obtained in a mirror test 1h before an encounter were found to be a good predictor of victory in male Xiphophorus dyads showing less than 5% size differences. Out of 36 dyad members showing higher aggressive scores at pre-test, 28 obtained victory in the subsequent encounter. It was found that future winners were more aggressive than future losers to their own image in mirror tests before their encounter. Initial individual aggressive levels in mirror tests were also...

  5. Impact of product development efforts on product introduction and product customization abilities:investigating the effects of product design complexity and product development order winners

    Chaudhuri, Atanu; Dawar, Saloni


    This paper investigates the impact of efforts in new product development-manufacturing integration (NPDMI) on new product introduction (NPI) and product customization (PC) abilities and the moderating effects of product design complexity and importance of new product development order winners (NPIOW) on the above relationships. The results from the data on 136 Indian manufacturing plants show that NPDMI, product design complexity and NPIOW all have significant positive impact on NPI and PC ab...

  6. A cool Web challenge on a hot weekend

    Antonella Del Rosso


    The CERN Summer Student Webfest took place last weekend and brought dozens of young web enthusiasts to the Main Auditorium. Fifteen projects were presented in the Friday pitching session and after that the challenge was launched. And the winner is…   Five of the six members of the team behind the “Mother hunting” project during a brainstorming session. Image: Jiannan Zhang. … the “Mother hunting” game! An end-state particle explores CERN to try to reconstruct his (or her) family history of decay mothers and ancestors. Along the way, the particle meets famous physicists who teach it physics. A globe sphinx asks physics questions before the player can progress to various stages (read the game description on the dedicated page). Targeted at high school students, the game features very appealing 3D graphics, which accurately reproduce the layout of CERN. “Mother hunting” was one of the 15 projects presented at the...


    Lexmond, A. J.; Hagedoorn, P.; Frijlink, H. W.; de Boer, A. H.


    Background: In the adenosine 5'-monophosphate (AMP) bronchial challenge test, AMP is usually administered according to dosing protocols developed for histamine/methacholine. It has never been thoroughly investigated whether these protocols are suitable for AMP as well. Methods: The setup of the two-

  8. Winners and losers. What are the criteria for success. The service industry

    The paper deals with the oil service company strategies. Following themes are discussed: The oil service shake out; active rig count; oil service industry recovery; listed public upstream oil service companies; international spread of public oil service companies; consolidation has created growth for some; hydrocarbon demand on the march; sample of per capita hydrocarbon demand; hydrocarbon demand model; hydrocarbon impact of new demand and replacing depleting base; ''turning on the tap'' era ending; the oil service bubble evaporates; age of the current fleets; illustration of replacement economics; illustration of operating leverage; new era management challenges. 14 figs

  9. Overview and Challenges of Thin Film Solar Electric Technologies

    Ullal, H. S.


    In this paper, we report on the significant progress made worldwide by thin-film solar cells, namely, amorphous silicon (a-Si), cadmium telluride (CdTe), and copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS). Thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technology status is also discussed in detail. In addition, R&D and technology challenges in all three areas are elucidated. The worldwide estimated projection for thin-film PV technology production capacity announcements are estimated at more than 5000 MW by 2010.

  10. How the X(5568) challenges our understanding of QCD

    Guo, Feng-Kun; Zou, Bing-Song


    We discuss the X(5568) particle recently announced by the D0 Collaboration. Several types of models were proposed to explain this structure in the literature. As pointed out by Burns and Swanson (arXiv:1603.04366), none of them provides a satisfactory description of the observation. We provide additional arguments using general properties of QCD, and conclude that the observation of the X(5568), if confirmed, poses serious challenges to our understanding of nonperturbative QCD.