Sample records for cd-rom drives

  1. Producing CD-ROMs.

    Hyams, Peter, Ed.


    This issue presents 11 articles that address issues relating to the production of CD-ROMs. Highlights include current uses of CD-ROM; standards; steps involved in producing CD-ROMs, including data capture, conversion, and tagging, product design, and indexing; authoring; selecting indexing and retrieval software; costs; multimedia CD-ROMs; and…

  2. CD-ROM-aided Databases

    Miyazaki, Kazuhide; Nishimura, Masayoshi

    Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (NTT) was the first company in the world to record the entire business classified Tokyo telephone directory containing more than 1,100,000 entries on CD-ROM. NTT's telephone directory on CD-ROM contains the business classification, the names, addresses and telephon numbers of more than 1,100,000 companies located in Tokyo’s 23 wards and surrounding towns. This report about NTT’s telephone directory on CD-ROM was written about the reason of development, outline, and the point at issue.

  3. "Augenheilkunde" - Lern-CD-Rom [

    Gruber, Anna


    Full Text Available [english] Problem: At present there is in general an essential improvement in the study of medicine (both in the acquisition of material as well as in examinations, including the subject "ophthalmology" in the 3rd oral examination. Method: Production of an "ophthalmology" learning CD-ROM with concomitant website within the framework of the Master of Medical Education (MME Study course in Bern, Switzerland. Results: As a result of continuing evaluation among students (since 10/2004, the enormous popularity of these additional, new teaching methods has been shown. Conclusion: A meaningful combination of the theoretical acquisition of the clinical images by means of books, lecture scripts, learning CD-ROM and the provision of material in the internet. Key terms: e-learning, students, internet, medical training. [german] Problemstellung: Es besteht derzeit eine allgemein notwendige Verbesserung des Medizinstudiums (sowohl im Erlernen des Stoffgebietes als auch bei der Prüfung, einschließlich Fach "Augenheilkunde" im 3. Rigorosum. Methode: Produktion einer "Augenheilkunde" -Lern-CD-ROM mit gleichzeitiger Website im Rahmen des Master of Medical Education (MME Studiums in Bern, Schweiz. Ergebnisse: Aufgrund laufender Evaluation unter den Studierenden (seit 10/2004 zeigt sich eine große Beliebtheit dieser zusätzlich neuen Lernmethoden. Schlussfolgerung: Es ergibt sich eine sinnvolle Kombination des theoretischen Erlernens der Krankheitsbilder mittels Bücher, Vorlesungsskripten, Lern-CD-ROM und Anbietung des Stoffes im Internet.

  4. Learning about Palau. [CD-ROM].

    Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, Honolulu, HI.

    This CD-ROM contains information about the Republic of Palau, a sovereign state in the Pacific Ocean. The CD-ROM contains full-color photos and video clips of selected sites and events on Palau; interactive maps of Palau, including land forms, places of cultural significance, and public schools; and a glossary of geographic, geological, and…

  5. Creating Virtual CD-ROM Collections

    Kam Woods


    Full Text Available Over the past 20 years, more than 100,000 CD-ROM titles have been published including thousands of collections of government documents and data. CD-ROMs present preservation challenges at the bit level and in ensuring usability of the preserved artifact. We present techniques we have developed to archive and support user access to a collection of approximately 2,900 CD-ROMs published under the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP by the United States Government Printing Office (GPO. The project provides web-based access to CD-ROM contents using both migration and emulation and supports remote execution of the raw CD-ROM images. Our project incorporates off-the-shelf, primarily open-source software. The raw data and (METS metadata are made available through AFS, a standard distributed file system, to encourage sharing among libraries.

  6. Methodology for Safety Assessment Applied to Predisposal Waste Management. Report of the Results of the International Project on Safety Assessment Driving Radioactive Waste Management Solutions (SADRWMS) 2004–2010). Companion CD-ROM

    Report of the Results of the International Project on Safety Assessment Driving Radioactive Waste Management Solutions (SADRWMS) (2004–2010) The IAEA’s progamme on Safety Assessment Driving Radioactive Waste Management Solutions (SADRWMS) focused on approaches and mechanisms for application of safety assessment methodologies for the predisposal management of radioactive waste. The initial outcome of the SADRWMS Project was achieved through the development of flowcharts, which have since been incorporated into IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GSG-3, Safety Case and Safety Assessment for Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste. In 2005, an initial specification was developed for the Safety Assessment Framework (SAFRAN) software tool to apply the SADRWMS flowcharts. In 2008, an in-depth application of the SAFRAN tool and the SADRWMS methodology was carried out on the predisposal management facilities of the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology Radioactive Waste Management Centre (TINT Facility). This publication summarizes the content and outcomes of the SADRWMS programme. The Chairman’s Report of the SADRWMS Project and the Report of the TINT test case are provided on this CD-ROM which accompanies the report

  7. CD-ROM in the age of internet

    Conrad, B.; Depp, D.


    Networks are hot and CD-ROM is also hot, but how do they mix? CD-ROM is a relatively inexpensive medium for storing and delivering information, and increasingly, users are connected to networks. But the technologies have developed separately, and there are obstacles to their integration. Drawing on their experience networking CD-ROMs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the authors discuss CD-ROM`s strengths and weaknesses as a technology for delivering information to the desktop. CD-ROM networking solutions are LAN-based, not ``open systems.`` Despite this limitation, due to the large number of information resources available on CD-ROM and the relative ease of installing and maintaining databases on CD-ROM, CD-ROMs remain an essential piece of the electronic information puzzle.

  8. Pricing Strategies for CD-ROM Products.

    Rowley, J. E.


    Pricing strategies for subscriptions and licenses for CD-ROMs are different for single users and networks. The basic components of pricing strategies are charges for subscription, connect line, display/print, telecommunication, session rate, special commands, and special services. Highlights selected supplier pricing strategies for single users…

  9. A Survey of Commercially Available CD-ROM Database Titles.

    Nicholls, Paul Travis


    Based on evaluations of 1,025 CD-ROM products, this article summarizes trends in (1) growth of commercially available CD-ROM titles; (2) types and subjects of products produced; (3) update options; (4) hardware systems CD-ROMs are designed to run on; (5) prices; and (6) multimedia products. Possible future developments that could revolutionize…

  10. The Influences of CD-ROM Databases on Information Selection.

    Owen, Christine


    Discussion of the use of CD-ROM databases focuses on a study conducted at Russell Sage College (New York) that examined user attitudes toward CD-ROM technology and shifts in journal usage patterns. Highlights include previous studies, comparisons of print indexes and CD-ROM databases, and suggestions for future research. (LRW)

  11. CD ROM 'Natural heritage of Slovakia'

    Centre of Environmental Education Geopark ('Centre') applied environmental education into school and out-of-school institutions. The 'Centre' is working in the fields: environmental education, eco-tourism development, presentation of the cultural landscape and world heritage. The CD ROM 'Natural heritage of Slovakia' was created with aim enhancement of environmental awareness, pedagogy, education and development of eco-tourism on the Slovakia. It abets general review about environment, its components, legislative, history and the present day of nature and landscape protection

  12. Design issues and caching strategies for CD-ROM-based multimedia storage

    Shastri, Vijnan; Rajaraman, V.; Jamadagni, H. S.; Venkat-Rangan, P.; Sampath-Kumar, Srihari


    CD-ROMs have proliferated as a distribution media for desktop machines for a large variety of multimedia applications (targeted for a single-user environment) like encyclopedias, magazines and games. With CD-ROM capacities up to 3 GB being available in the near future, they will form an integral part of Video on Demand (VoD) servers to store full-length movies and multimedia. In the first section of this paper we look at issues related to the single- user desktop environment. Since these multimedia applications are highly interactive in nature, we take a pragmatic approach, and have made a detailed study of the multimedia application behavior in terms of the I/O request patterns generated to the CD-ROM subsystem by tracing these patterns. We discuss prefetch buffer design and seek time characteristics in the context of the analysis of these traces. We also propose an adaptive main-memory hosted cache that receives caching hints from the application to reduce the latency when the user moves from one node of the hyper graph to another. In the second section we look at the use of CD-ROM in a VoD server and discuss the problem of scheduling multiple request streams and buffer management in this scenario. We adapt the C-SCAN (Circular SCAN) algorithm to suit the CD-ROM drive characteristics and prove that it is optimal in terms of buffer size management. We provide computationally inexpensive relations by which this algorithm can be implemented. We then propose an admission control algorithm which admits new request streams without disrupting the continuity of playback of the previous request streams. The algorithm also supports operations such as fast forward and replay. Finally, we discuss the problem of optimal placement of MPEG streams on CD-ROMs in the third section.

  13. Energy & Environmental Issues Interactive CD-ROM. Version 2.0. [CD-ROM].

    Florida State Univ., Tallahassee.

    This CD-ROM presents various energy and environmental topics. "Great Energy Debate" uses video clips to explore the pros and cons of solar, coal, nuclear, and oil energy sources. "Energy Plant Tour" presents a virtual tour through a plant that converts solid waste into energy. "How Stuff Works" explains energy sources, conversions, and equipment…

  14. Food Chains & Webs. A Multimedia CD-ROM. [CD-ROM].


    This CD-ROM is designed for classroom and individual use to teach and learn about food chains and food webs. Integrated animations, custom graphics, three-dimensional representations, photographs, and sound are featured for use in user-controlled activities. Interactive lessons are available to reinforce the subject material. Pre- and post-testing…

  15. NASA educational CD-ROMs: research and evaluation

    Knudsen, R.


    Since the introduction of educational technology in the K-12 classroom, educators have been flooded with a seemingly endless flow of educational CD-ROMs. NASA has contributed to this new trend in educational technology by developing a wide range of some of the lastest, most high-tech CD-ROMs in the industry.

  16. NetWare Loadable Modules for CD-ROM Networking.

    Starr, Karen J.


    Provides an overview of CD-ROM technology and local area networking focusing on NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) which provide network access to CD-ROMs, using Novell's NetWare operating system. The characteristics and benefits of various products and concerns in choosing one are discussed, and comparative specifications and vendors are listed.…

  17. Serials Information on CD-ROM: A Reference Perspective.

    Karch, Linda S.


    Describes Ulrich's PLUS (a CD-ROM version of Ulrich's serials directories) and EBSCO's CD-ROM version of "The Serials Directory," and compares the two in terms of their use as reference tools. Areas discussed include database content, user aids, system features, search features, and a comparison of search results. Equipment requirements for both…

  18. Literature-searching on CD-ROM disks

    CD-ROM (Compact Disk Read Only Memory) is a powerful resource which combines the best features of both online and print access to the literature. In 1988 the Medical Library in Trondheim, Norway installed the Medline database from Dialog on CD-ROM for library users, and used the opportunity to launch a study to evaluate the new medium in the library (use, users, costs, etc.). The results are based on 651 questionnaires answered by 185 different users. Totally they searched for more than 1200 different subjects during the first six months that the library subscribed to the CD-ROM-disks. All users said that the system was easy to learn and to use (even 50% who were not familar with a PC). The study shows that retrieving information from CD-ROM databases is an easy and popular way to keep updated in a particular field. 8 refs

  19. The Novice User and CD-ROM Database Services. ERIC Digest.

    Schamber, Linda

    This digest answers the following questions that beginning or novice users may have about CD-ROM (a compact disk with read-only memory) database services: (1) What is CD-ROM? (2) What databases are available? (3) Is CD-ROM difficult to use? (4) How much does CD-ROM cost? and (5) What is the future of CD-ROM? (15 references) (MES)

  20. NASA space and Earth science data on CD-ROM

    Towheed, Syed S.


    The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) is very interested in facilitating the widest possible use of the scientific data acquired through NASA spaceflight missions. Therefore, NSSDC has participated with projects and data management elements throughout the NASA science environment in the creation, archiving, and dissemination of data using Compact Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM). This CD-ROM technology has the potential to enable the dissemination of very large data volumes at very low prices to a great many researchers, students and their teachers, and others. This catalog identifies and describes the scientific CD-ROM's now available from NSSDC including the following data sets: Einstein Observatory CD-ROM, Galileo Cruise Imaging on CD-ROM, International Halley Watch, IRAS Sky Survey Atlas, Infrared Thermal Mapper (IRTM), Magellan (MIDR), Magellan (ARCDR's), Magellan (GxDR's), Mars Digital Image Map (MDIM), Outer Planets Fields & Particles Data, Pre-Magellan, Selected Astronomical Catalogs, TOMS Gridded Ozone Data, TOMS Ozone Image Data, TOMS Update, Viking Orbiter Images of Mars, and Voyager Image.

  1. The Basic Economics of CD-ROM Pricing.

    Erkkila, John E.


    This explanation of how the basic economic model of pricing applies to the CD-ROM industry considers the supply and demand sides of the market and compares three distinct pricing strategies: (1) pricing to maximize profits; (2) average cost pricing; and (3) marginal cost pricing. (EAM)

  2. The planetary data system educational CD-ROM

    Guinness, E. A.; Arvidson, R. E.; Martin, M.; Dueck, S.


    The Planetary Data System (PDS) is producing a special educational CD-ROM that contains samples of PDS datasets and is expected to be released in 1993. The CD-ROM will provide university-level instructors with PDS-compatible materials and information that can be used to construct student problem sets using real datasets. The main purposes of the CD-ROM are to facilitate wide use of planetary data and to introduce a large community to the PDS. To meet these objectives the Educational CD-ROM will also contain software to manipulate the data, background discussions about scientific questions that can be addressed with the data, and a suite of exercises that illustrate analysis techniques. Students will also be introduced to the SPICE concept, which is a new way of maintaining geometry and instrument information. The exercises will be presented at the freshman through graduate student levels. With simplification, some of the material should also be of use at the high school level.

  3. Learn about Physical Science: Simple Machines. [CD-ROM].


    This CD-ROM, designed for students in grades K-2, explores the world of simple machines. It allows students to delve into the mechanical world and learn the ways in which simple machines make work easier. Animated demonstrations are provided of the lever, pulley, wheel, screw, wedge, and inclined plane. Activities include practical matching and…

  4. CPU--Constructing Physics Understanding[TM]. [CD-ROM].


    This CD-ROM consists of simulation software that allows students to conduct countless experiments using 20 Java simulators and curriculum units that explore light and color, forces and motion, sound and waves, static electricity and magnetism, current electricity, the nature of matter, and a unit on underpinnings. Setups can be designed by the…

  5. Retrieval Interfaces for CD-ROM Bibliographic Databases.

    Beheshti, Jamshid


    The retrieval interfaces of six CD-ROM databases are examined to demonstrate their differences and similarities. An alternative interface is suggested which offers users a choice between a menu driven system and the Common Command Language, a proposed standard. (12 references) (EAM)

  6. Data Transfer Capabilities of CD-ROM Software, Part II.

    Jasco, Peter


    Describes and compares several exchange/transfer formats used to upload records into software host programs, including unstructured or plain ASCII; fixed field; delimited ASCII; tagged; MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging); and graphic. It is concluded that CD-ROM producers should strengthen the built-in output management of programs and offer…

  7. Stratford Studios Proudly Liberates Romeo & Juliet [CD-ROM].


    This CD-ROM product is an interactive supplement to Shakespeare's text of "Romeo and Juliet." It contains an interactive cast of characters and the entire script of the play with an accessible audio performance. Other features include: "Dr. Wacko"--a feature that calls the student's attention to the more subtle nuances of the plot by asking…

  8. Stretching & Flexibility: An Interactive Encyclopedia of Stretching. [CD-ROM].


    This CD-ROM offers 140 different stretches in full-motion video sequences. It focuses on the proper techniques for overall physical fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and 23 different sports (e.g., golf, running, soccer, skiing, climbing, football, and baseball). Topics include stretching for sports; stretching awareness and education…

  9. Crocodile Mathematics 1.1. [CD-ROM].


    This CD-ROM consists of software that allows both teachers and students to create and experiment with mathematical models by linking shapes, graphs, numbers, and equations. It is usable for demonstrations, home learning, reinforcing concepts, illustrating concepts that are difficult to visualize, further pupil investigations, and project work.…

  10. Conserving Earth's Biodiversity. [CD-ROM and] Instructor's Manual.


    This CD-ROM is designed as an interactive learning tool to support teaching in highly interdisciplinary fields such as conservation of biodiversity. Topics introduced in the software include the impact of humans on natural landscapes, threats to biodiversity, methods and theories of conservation biology, environmental laws, and relevant economic…

  11. EXFOR and CINDA databases on CD-ROM

    This product enhances and replaces EXFOR/Access CD-ROM retrieval system, which was based on Microsoft Access-97 with Visual Basic. Platform-independent programming technology (Java, JDBC) has been adopted to permit easier future updates along with many other advantages to users. The layout and retrieval process are shown. Evaluated data libraries in ENDF format will also be included in future versions of this product

  12. Ionospheric data available on CD-ROM and on NDADS

    Information is provided on two CD-ROMs (for PCs) with ionospheric data: the ionosonde CD issued by NGDC/WDC-A-STP/NOAA/Boulder and the Atmosphere Explorer CD produced by NSSDC/WDC-A-R and S/NASA/Greenbelt. We also briefly describe the ionospheric/thermospheric data available through NSSDC's automated mail retrieval system (NDADS) and explain the procedure for obtaining NDADS data. (author). 3 figs

  13. Maintaining back fitness with core exercises: Multimedia CD-ROM

    Laurila, Antti


    High level evidence has been presented from effectiveness of therapeutic exercise as a treatment to low back disorders. Studies have also shown that video material moti-vates patients and increases the learning outcome more than static illustration. This leads to better end results in therapy. The purpose of this thesis was to produce a web browser based multimedia CD-ROM for the use of health care professionals, patients and athletic trainers Information was gathered from recent professi...

  14. Environmental awareness -- An interactive multimedia CD-ROM

    Huntelmann, A.; Petruk, M.W.


    As corporations move to new and innovative ways of structuring high-performance work teams, effective training is being recognized as a key to insuring success. Time and scheduling constraints tend to limit the effectiveness of traditional approaches to training. This has led Edmonton Power Inc. to explore the use of CD-ROM based multimedia as a means of delivering individualized instruction in an effective and timely manner. This session will demonstrate a multimedia CD-ROM based course on Environmental Awareness designed for workers in the electrical utilities industry. The objective of the course is to make workers aware of their roles and responsibilities with respect to their impact on the environment. This session will also describe the instructional design strategy underlying this approach to training and will present some preliminary findings with respect to the effectiveness of this approach. Individuals who are interested in improving the effectiveness of their environmental training program as well as individuals who are interested in understanding the strengths of multimedia CD-ROM based training will find this session useful and informative.

  15. Data on the environment. Accompanying brochure of the CD ROM; Daten zur Umwelt. Begleitbroschuere zur CD-ROM



    During the past 25 years, the Federal Environmental Office (UBA) has been publishing annual data on the environmental situation in Germany. This is the most recent publication; it contains data on climate protection, resources management, environment, health and quality of life, natural cycles and environmental media, and the economic importance of environmental protection. The CD-ROM contains data and facts on all of these subjects. It provides detailed and comprehensive information on the current condition of the environment in Germany, strategies and goals of environmental policy, books and other publications for further reading, and links. The CD-ROM also contains a system of key environmental indicators which illustrates successful activities and needs for action of environmental policy. Integrated internet access ensures access to current information on the internet. (orig.)

  16. Effect of Normal Operating Condition Analysis Method for Weld Residual Stress of CD-ROM Nozzle in Reactor Pressure Vessel

    In pressurized water nuclear reactors (PWRs), the reactor pressure vessel (RSV) upper head contains penetration nozzles that use a control rod drive mechanism (CD-ROM). The penetration nozzle uses J-groove weld geometry. Recently, the occurrence of cracking in alloy 600 CD-ROM penetration nozzle has increased. This is attributable to primary water stress corrosion cracking (PWSCC). PWSCC is known to be susceptible to the welding residual stress and operational stress. Generally, the tensile residual stress is the main factor contributing to crack growth. Therefore, this study investigates the effect on weld residual stress through different analysis methods for normal operating conditions using finite element analysis. In addition, this study also considers the effect of repeated normal operating condition cycles on the weld residual stress. Based on the analysis result, this paper presents a normal operating condition analysis method

  17. Keys to Successful Publishing of Technical Documentation on CD-ROM.

    Kersten, Amy


    Discusses softcopy information publishing on CD-ROM and describes how to use it successfully for technical documentation. Four main areas are addressed: (1) characteristics of technical documentation; (2) goals for the information product, including access methods; (3) steps involved in publishing technical documentation on CD-ROM, including…

  18. Bank Auditors Assessment of the Use of CD-ROM Technology in the Banking Industry.

    Lightfoot, Michael W.

    A review of the research has indicated that compact disc-read only memory (CD-ROM) technology is used most often by the home consumer, with educational use next and business use following. To assess how CD-ROM technology is used in the banking industry, bank auditors were surveyed. One hundred business systems and operational auditors in downtown…

  19. The Future Dense: How and When Will CD-ROM Get Bigger?

    Fritz, Mark


    Discusses technologies developed to create high density compact discs capable of containing a feature length movie. Topics covered include development of new standards for the next CD-ROM generation; new disc and playback technologies being developed by Philips, IBM, Nimbus, CD-ROM USA, and others; and disc speed. (KRN)

  20. Independent Reading of CD-ROM Storybooks: Measuring Comprehension with Oral Retellings

    Pearman, Cathy J.


    CD-ROM storybooks may facilitate reading comprehension for students who are struggling with reading comprehension. Therefore, the use of CD-ROM storybooks in the classroom as part of a reading instruction program, literacy center, or for independent reading time could benefit young readers. (Contains 2 tables and 1 figure.)

  1. NODC Standard Product: NODC Taxonomic Code on CD-ROM (NODC Accession 0050418)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The content of the NODC Taxonomic Code, Version 8 CD-ROM (CD-ROM NODC-68) distributed by NODC is archived in this accession. Version 7 of the NODC Taxonomic Code...

  2. Costs of CD-ROM Production--What They Are and How to Overcome Them.

    Thiel, Thomas J.


    Describes the following steps in CD-ROM production: (1) information base creation; (2) data preparation, conversion, and verification; and (3) indexing and premastering. Cost factors for each step and overall trends in CD-ROM production costs are also discussed. (three references) (EA)

  3. New Access Points to ERIC--CD-ROM Versions. ERIC Digest.

    McLaughlin, Pamela W.

    This digest reviews three CD-ROM (compact disc-read only memory) versions of the ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) database currently being delivered or tested and provides information for comparison. However, no attempt is made to recommend any one product. The advantages and disadvantages of the acquisition of CD-ROM databases are…

  4. Toi tarttee markkinointia : Toimintaterapian markkinointi cd-rom

    Åkerlund, Heidi; Linnera, Noora


    Työn tavoitteena oli tuottaa toiminnallisena opinnäytetyönä cd-rom, joka toimii toimintaterapian koulutusohjelman markkinointivälineenä. Tavoitteena oli myös ottaa kantaa cd-romiin tietolähteenä. Työn kirjallisessa osuudessa kuvattiin cd-romin tuottamiseen vaikuttaneita teorioita, lähtökohtia ja käytettyjä lähteitä sekä prosessin eri vaiheita. Opinnäytetyönä tehtyyn toimintaterapia cd-romiin tietoa haettiin kirjallisista sekä sähköisistä suomalaisista sekä ulkomaalaisista lähteistä, ja se...

  5. CD-ROM transnational training program in cervical cytology (CYTOTRAIN).

    Marsan, C; Coleman, D V; Branca, M; Cochand-Priollet, B; Molinié, V


    The Transnational Training Programme in Cervical Cytology (CYTOTRAIN) is a 3-yr project funded by the European Commission to harmonize training and quality standards in cervical screening across the European Union. The aim of the program is to develop new approaches in initial and continuing vocational training, particularly in the area of life-long learning with the aim of meeting national, regional, and local needs. We present a new approach to training in cervical cytology, using an interactive program of cytological images. The method used to prepare the program and the problems encountered are described. The authors have the feeling that giving details of the organizational and management structure adopted for the project implementation might help other pathologists realize more or less similar CD-ROM training programs in their own field of activity. PMID:11135473

  6. Review of World of Money CD-ROM for PC/Mac [CD-ROM

    Philip de Jersey


    Full Text Available Following on from the impressive development of the new HSBC Money Gallery in 1997, the British Museum has launched into the world of electronic publishing with the World of Money, an "interactive exploration of money worldwide from ancient times to the present day". Intended for ages ten to adult, the CD promises "a mine of information about the use, form, history and importance of money around the globe", and "fun and information for all the family". Reviewing in a Mac-unfriendly environment, I have been able to run the CD only on a PC. On a 166Mhz MMX with 32Mb RAM and a 12x CD it runs impressively quickly, with no more than two or three seconds of the "loading new page" display when switching between different parts of the program. Minimum requirements are listed as a 486 with 8Mb RAM, 40Mb free hard disk space, Windows 3.11 or Windows 95, 4x CD drive, 1Mb 256 colours graphics card, 16-bit Sound Blaster compatible sound card, and a VGA monitor. Minimum requirements for the Mac are listed as System 7, 603e processor, 16Mb RAM, 40MB free hard disk space, 6x CD drive, 1Mb video card and Apple monitor or Multisync with adaptor. The CD opens with an image of the British Museum portico, through which we are taken into the foyer, complete with the sound effects of massed ranks of tourists. We have four options available on a lectern, or by turning left, right or going upstairs: History of Money, Information Centre, Activities, and Options. Clicking on a large question mark brings up the Help screens (Figure 1.

  7. Dea Computrix - another deity for the Roman Pantheon? Journeys in the Roman Empire CD-Rom

    T. Sam N. Moorhead


    Full Text Available This article outlines a personal view on the content and production of a CD-Rom on the Roman world produced by The British Museum, Channel 4, Verulamium Museum and Braunarts: Journeys in the Roman Empire. I discuss some of the benefits of and problems with multimedia production and outline feedback from various evaluation projects of the CD-Rom. I also briefly discuss the future of CD-Roms in the face of a rapidly expanding internet with reference to other multimedia projects at The British Museum.

  8. Computer Based Radiation Protection- A New Cd-Rom

    Geringer, T.; Bammer, M.; Ablber, M.


    Within the next few years, there'll be a lot of new challenges required from radiation protection. According to EU regulation[1] and the new austrian radiation protection law [2] regular additional training are requested. Patients protection in diagnostic and therapeutic usage of ionising radiation gains also more and more importance.[3] Not really surprisingly, the general population is definitely highly aware of the risks coming with the usage of radionuclides and x-rays in medicine. Furthermore, the nuclear power plant in Temelin, near the austrian border initiated a lively discussion about risks, necessity and use of ionising radiation in medicine and industry. It turned out to be a really hard job handling these topics in public. A brilliant didactics based on independent information and viewpoints was required. ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH, represented by the department of medical technical applications and the radiation protection academy, developed an interactive CD-ROM covering several applications: Basics on radiation protection for medical and technical personnel ; preparation for a radiation protection training. Repetition of the main topics for graduates of a radiation protection training. Basics on radiation protection and emergency management for medical staff as well as for the general public. (Author)

  9. Land and Marine Gravity Data on CD-ROM - 1999 Edition

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Land and Marine Gravity 1999 Edition 2-volume CD-ROM set contains observed and derived land and marine gravity data contributed by many national and...

  10. 1998 open house web-connected CD-ROM: science for a changing world

    U.S. Geological Survey


    This web-connected CD-ROM brings together fact sheets, videos, maps, computer animations, coloring books, general interest publications, and other types of information about the U.S. Geological Survey.


    Christiane Ramos Donato; Mário André Trindade Dantas


    For those restricts tags about caves in didactic books, and knowledge from teachers and students about Bioespeleology of Sergipe, was elaborated a Cd-rom based on preview knowledge of a public school students from Sergipe´s interior (Brazil) about Bioespeleology. To build an education subject was given aquiz with questions referring to Bioespeleology, those ones was analyzed for check the presence of basic content about this topic, such as myths and untwisted knowledge. The Cd-rom was elabora...

  12. Use of CD-ROM-based tool for analyzing contouring variations in involved-field radiotherapy for Stage III NSCLC

    Background: Interclinician variability in defining target volumes is a problem in conformal radiotherapy. A CD-ROM-based contouring tool was used to conduct a dummy run in an international trial of involved-field chemoradiotherapy for Stage III non-small-cell lung cancer. Methods and Materials: The CT scan of an eligible patient was installed on an 'auto-run' CD-ROM incorporating a contouring program based on ImageJ for Windows, which runs on any personal computer equipped with a CD-ROM drive. This tool was initially piloted at four academic centers and was subsequently mailed, together with all relevant clinical, radiologic, and positron emission tomography findings, to all participating centers in the international trial. Clinicians were instructed to contour separate gross tumor volumes (GTVs) for the tumor and two enlarged nodes and a clinical target volume for the hilus. A reference 'consensus' target volume for each target was jointly generated by three other clinicians. Results: The data received from the four academic centers and 16 study participants were suitable for analysis. Data from one center was unsuitable for detailed analysis because the target volumes were contoured at 1.2-cm intervals. GTVs were available for a total of 21 tumors and 19 nodes, and 15 hilar clinical target volumes were available. The mean GTV of the primary tumor was 13.6 cm3 (SD, 5.2; median, 12.3; range, 8.3-26.9). The variation in the center of the mass relative to the mean center of the mass in the left-right, ventrodorsal, and craniocaudal axes was 1.5, 0.4, and 1.0 mm, respectively. The largest volume variation was observed for the right hilar clinical target volume (mean, 33.7 cm3; SD, 31.2; median, 20.3; range, 4.8-109.9). Smaller variations were observed for the subcarinal node (mean, GTV, 1.9 cm3; SD, 1.2; median, 1.7; range, 0.5-5.3), except caudally where the node was difficult to distinguish from the pericardium. The 'consensus' volumes for all targets were generally

  13. Top of the pops--CD-ROM and DVDs in dental education.

    Eaton, K A; Reynolds, P A; Cox, M J


    In many ways the CD-ROM was the first digital teaching aid, the precursor of what was to develop into e-learning. Launched in the mid-1980s, its first educational application was as a storage medium for reference material. Since then the list of its uses has grown as has its storage capacity, ability to hold data in different formats - text, audio image and video - and its interactive properties have allowed developers to produce discs which enhance both the processes and enjoyment of teaching and learning. In this article the stages involved in production of an educational CD-ROM, typical content and the benefits are considered, prior to a review of a number discs that have been used in dental education. The varied titles reveal how versatile CD-ROMs can be. They range from a course showing students the importance of good patient communications and how to achieve them, to an in-depth exposition in the 'Head and Neck Anatomy' disc, a subject important not just for dentistry, but for other medical disciplines as well. The last section of this article considers a study undertaken amongst its students by the Open University, which investigated the effectiveness of CD-ROM in education. In conclusion, it can be said that although the CD-ROM format is a versatile, popular and valuable aid, with the emergence of DVD it may soon be seen as 'old technology' and replaced by the newer format. PMID:18297027

  14. Multimedia Educational CD-ROM - The Living Universe

    Rosen, Ralev


    I and the other members of the team Celestial Generation dedicate this interactive CD-ROM to our Physics, Astronomy, Biology and English teachers. The members of the team that created the project are Rosen Ralev, Nadezhda Radeva, Iliyan Darganov and Yana Radeva from Technical University of Sofia, the English High schools - Varna, Technical University of Varna and Connecticut College. The leader of the project is Mrs. Veselka Radeva - an astronomer from the Astronomical Observatory in Varna. The main idea of the project " The Living Universe" is that water is a cradle of life in the Universe. As water so abundant in the Universe, life. The project has 4 main themes, combining knowledge from the fields of Biology and Astronomy, one Gallery with our photographs and one amusing theme with interesting and curious facts about life on the Earth and in the Universe. The statistics of our project is: 152 pages and 425 pictures. Over 2/3 from the pictures are ours and we used the rest of them with the kind permission of their authors.The theme Living Water starts with a lyric poem by Petya Dubarova. In the first under-theme- "Water-the cradle of life" introduce you graphics of the structure of the water molecule and its important biological properties. The thesis continues following out the origin and development of life in the oceans on our planet. The next to the last under-theme - sensitive life in water is devoted to dolphins. The third under-theme is " Water in the Universe". Here two of the themes show results from the observations with the space telescope Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite, that found water steams in the interstellar space and around a star in the constellation Leo ( it is supposed that this is a huge comet cloud). This third theme is the most extensive one in this section- it examines the possibility of water being available on each planet in the Solar system: Mercury-most likely there is ice on the polar areas that are the coolest .On Venus it

  15. An x ray archive on your desk: The Einstein CD-ROM's

    Prestwich, A.; Mcdowell, J.; Plummer, D.; Manning, K.; Garcia, M.


    Data from the Einstein Observatory imaging proportional counter (IPC) and high resolution imager (HRI) were released on several CD-ROM sets. The sets released so far include pointed IPC and HRI observations in both simple image and detailed photon event list format, as well as the IPC slew survey. With the data on these CD-ROMS's the user can perform spatial analysis (e.g., surface brightness distributions), spectral analysis (with the IPC event lists), and timing analysis (with the IPC and HRI event lists). The next CD-ROM set will contain IPC unscreened data, allowing the user to perform custom screening to recover, for instance, data during times of lost aspect data or high particle background rates.

  16. The systems prioritization method (SPM) CD-ROM demonstration for Waste Management '96

    In March 1994, the Department of Energy Carlsbad Area Office (DOE/CAO) implemented a performance-based planning method to assist in prioritization within the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). Probabilistic performance calculations were required for the Systems Prioritization Method (SPM) and roughly 46,700 combinations of activities were analyzed, generating a large volume of information to be documented, analyzed, and communicated. A self-contained information management system consisting of a relational database on a 600-megabyte CD-ROM was built to meet this need. The CD-ROM was used to store performance assessment results, data analysis and visualization tools, information about the activities, electronic copies of 40 ILFR 191 and 40 CFR 268, technical reference papers, and the final SPM report. Copies of the CD-ROM were distributed to interested members of the public, WIPP participants, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  17. Nuclear medicine installations supervisors interactive course (CD-ROM)

    The professionals who work as Nuclear Medicine Installations Supervisors need a suitable training. This training must be based on the guidelines of the C.S.N. (the Spanish Agency for Nuclear Safety). The traditional training courses must comply with a set of requirements, that not always is possible to get: They are given in a settled place. They are developed during a time, more or less lengthy. This time is pre-established. However, the persons willing to follow these courses have some difficulties with the place and the time. Many of them do not live near the places where the courses are given, in general in big cities, while there are Nuclear Medicine Installations scattered through all Spain. Moreover in some occasions they have not available time to attend the courses. Many times, faced with so many obstacles, the option is not to do the suitable training course. In order to solve this kind of problems we offer an Interactive Training Course (supported by CD-ROM). The course contents are based on Spanish Regulations and on the Safety Guide, established by C.S.N., for approval Radioactive Installations Supervisors Training Courses. This guide includes General Topics for Radioactive Installations and Specific Subjects for Nuclear Medicine. (General topics) Basic knowledge on the fundamental concepts on the action and nature of Ionizing Radiations, their risks and preventions. The ionizing radiations. Biological effects of ionizing radiations. Radiological protection. Legislation on radioactive installations. (Specific Subjects) Knowledge on the radiological risks associated to the proper techniques in the specific field of application. In our case the specific field is Nuclear Medicine Installations, where the radioactive sources are used for diagnostic or for therapy. Specific legal and administrative aspects. Non-encapsulated radioactive sources. Associated radiological risks to the use of non-encapsulated sources. Installations design. Operative procedures

  18. Operating Experience with Nuclear Power Stations in Member States in 2013. 2014 Edition (CD-ROM)

    This CD-ROM contains the 45th edition of the IAEA's series of annual reports on operating experience with nuclear power plants in Member States. It is a direct output from the IAEA's Power Reactor Information System (PRIS) and contains information on electricity production and overall performance of individual plants during 2013. In addition to annual information, the report contains a historical summary of performance during the lifetime of individual plants and figures illustrating worldwide performance of the nuclear industry. The CD-ROM contains also an overview of design characteristics and dashboards (not included into the web version) of all operating nuclear power plants worldwide

  19. Installing a CD-ROM LAN Using Novell NetWare and SCSI Express: The University of Wisconsin Whitewater Experience.

    Zheng, Ting


    Explains procedures for installing a CD-ROM local area network (LAN) using Novell NetWare as the network operating system and SCSI Express to support networking CD-ROMs, based on experiences at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater library. Topics discussed include planning, equipment selection, workstation configuration, installation, and…

  20. Oyster Reef Communities in the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia Institute of Marine Science Educational Series. [CD-ROM].

    Harding, Juliana M.; Mann, Roger; Clark, Vicki P.

    This CD-ROM, Oyster Reef Communities in the Chesapeake Bay, describes oyster reefs, reef communities, and their roles in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Detailed descriptions of scientific research methods and techniques used to monitor and describe oyster reef communities as well as applications of the resulting data are provided. The CD-ROM was…

  1. Analysis of the Acceptance Behaviour of Medical Librarians and Their Patrons with Regards to Medline on CD-ROM.

    Eger, A. J.


    Two questionnaires sent to medical librarians and users of the Core Medline/Ebsco CD-ROM disc in the Netherlands gathered data on librarians' attitudes toward the various forms in which Medline is offered--i.e., printed, online, and CD-ROM. Tables and graphs present data on product attributes, availability, use, relevance, subjects searched,…

  2. Ani[SM]'s Rocket Ride: Internet Coach[R] for Early Learning. Teacher's Guide [with CD-ROM].

    Brownell, Jeanine O'Nan

    Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early learning, this CD-ROM and Teacher's Guide invite young children on a journey with Ani, a friendly alien from another planet, to collect and learn about natural objects in seven different "learning centers." The CD-ROM program is designed to encourage creativity in science, art, and dramatic play and…

  3. Energy-Smart Choices for Schools. An HVAC Comparison Tool. [CD-ROM].

    Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, Inc., Washington, DC.

    A CD ROM program provides comparison construction cost capabilities for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in educational facilities. The program combines multiple types of systems with square footage data on low and high construction cost and school size to automatically calculate HVAC comparative construction costs. (GR)

  4. CD-ROM Networking: Navigating through VINES and NetWare and the New Software Technologies.

    Lieberman, Paula


    Provides an overview of developments in CD-ROM networking technology and describes products offered by Axis, Banyan (VINES--network operating environment), CD Connection, Celerity, Data/Ware, Document Imaging Systems Corporation (DISC), Imagery, Jodian, Meridian, Micro Design International, Microsoft, Microtest, Novell, OnLine Computer Systems,…

  5. Managing nuclear knowledge: IAEA activities and international coordination. Including resource material full text CD-ROM

    The present CD-ROM summarizes some activities carried out by the Departments of Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Safety and Security in the area of nuclear knowledge management in the period 2003-2005. It comprises, as open resource, most of the relevant documents in full text, including policy level documents, reports, presentation material by Member States and meeting summaries. The collection starts with a reprint of the report to the IAEA General Conference 2004 on Nuclear Knowledge [GOV/2004/56-GC(48)/12] summarizing the developments in nuclear knowledge management since the 47th session of the General Conference in 2003 and covers Managing Nuclear Knowledge including safety issues and Information and Strengthening Education and Training for Capacity Building. It contains an excerpt on Nuclear Knowledge from the General Conference Resolution [GC(48)/RES/13] on Strengthening the Agency's Activities Related to Nuclear Science, Technology and Applications. On the CD-ROM itself, all documents can easily be accessed by clicking on their titles on the subject pages (also printed at the end of this Working Material). Part 1 of the CD-ROM covers the activities in the period 2003-2005 and part 2 presents a resource material full text CD-ROM on Managing Nuclear Knowledge issued in October 2003

  6. T. S. Eliot on a CD-ROM: A Narrative of the Production of a CD.

    Boaz, John K.; Boaz, Mildred M.


    Narrates the development of a CD-ROM product for use in an interart study of music, art, and literature, specifically T. S. Eliot's "The Waste Land." Traces the process of idea formulation, project conceptualization, and project development. Also discusses details of the technological process and marketing. (DSK)

  7. Forest Treasures: The Magical World of a Hawaiian Rainforest. [CD-ROM].

    Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, Honolulu, HI.

    This CD-ROM helps learners discover forests in Hawaii and around the world through many science activities. Activities include climbing to the canopy where the calls of unusual birds can be heard; discovering bizarre creatures that dwell in dark, damp lava tubes; spinning the globe and meeting extraordinary forest plants and animals; and creating…

  8. An Evaluation of ERIC on CD-ROM in a College Library.

    Pope, Carolyn


    Describes an evaluation project in which King's College Library acted as a test site for the OCLC version of ERIC on CD-ROM. The description covers the provision of equipment, software, accompanying literature, and assessment questionnaires, as well as characteristics of the system and search facilities. Results discussed include user reaction and…

  9. Toward More Critical Reviewing and Analysis of CD-ROM User Software Interfaces.

    Zink, Steven D.


    Criticizes reviews of library CD-ROM products as being uncritical of the user interface and advocates a more rigorous evaluation, not only to aid potential buyers, but as a way to influence manufacturers. Congressional Information Services' Masterfile 2 is evaluated in the context of Heckel's "Principles of Friendly Software Design." (24…

  10. Just a Chemical Reaction. The Science Club. Ages 10-14. [CD-ROM].


    This CD-ROM allows students to discover the key factors and major dates in the development of the science of chemistry. It includes 93 scientific concepts, 20 minutes of narration with animation, 14 interactive activities, an illustrated periodic table, a complete Portable Document Format (PDF) user guide, a dictionary explaining over 40 terms, a…

  11. Evaluation of the use of CD-ROM upload into the PACS or institutional web server

    van Ooijen, P. M. A.; Roosjen, R.; de Blecourt, M. J.; van Dam, R.; Broekema, A.; Oudkerk, M.


    Purpose: Patient data are increasingly distributed between hospitals using CD-ROMs instead of actual films. This introduces problems because different viewers from different vendors are provided, and sometimes viewers are unusable because local software installation is not allowed. In 2004, we start

  12. The New York Trade Publishers and CD-ROM: Where Are They Heading?

    Newmark, Eileen


    Discusses the strategies top trade publishers, including Putnam New Media, Paramount Communications, Random House, Penguin USA, and Reader's Digest, are taking toward CD-ROM publishing. Strategies include purchasing electronic media companies; setting up an independent business; and building a new media business by integrating new efforts into the…

  13. CD-ROM storing JENDL-3.2 plots and data

    Numerical data and graphs of Japanese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library, Version 3, Revision 2 (JENDL-3.2) have been stored into CD-ROM. JENDL-3.2 is an evaluated nuclear data library which is highly rated in the world, and consists of neutron nuclear data and secondary gamma-ray data for 340 nuclides. JENDL-3.2 has been already released through World Wide Web (WWW, For users' convenience and to promote further utilization, this CD-ROM has been produced. The data stored in CD-ROM are the original data and point-wise data (0 K and 300 K) of JENDL-3.2 and graphs of cross sections in gif, PostScript and PDF formats. These data can be retrieved by users' personal computers and engineering workstations, and also can be seen by using WWW browsers. This CD-ROM makes user completely free from downloading, which takes a lot of time, and tedious management such a treating big amount of data. (author)

  14. How To Use the SilverPlatter Software To Search the ERIC CD ROM.

    Merrill, Paul F.

    This manual provides detailed instructions for using SilverPlatter software to search the ERIC CD ROM (Compact Disk Read Only Memory), a large bibliographic database relating to education which contains reference information on numerous journal articles from over 750 journals cited in the "Current Index to Journals in Education" (CIJE), and other…




    Full Text Available The main purpose of the study is to find out the availability and utilization level of CDROM databases in IIT Kharagpur library. A well structured questionnaire was administered to the users of the IITK to collect data regarding the utilization of CD-ROM databases. The study reveals that most of the users consult CD- ROM databases not only for updating their knowledge but also for collecting relevant information for the study and research purposes. A majority of the users have become aware of CD-ROM databases through library staff, discussions with colleagues and from observation. The most popular search method for searching CD-ROM databases is keyword followed by Boolean operators and phrases.

  16. CD-ROM technology enhances economic analysis of lease operating statements

    Incorporating historical lease operating statement (LOS) data with the technology of CD-ROM provides engineers and managers with an economic evaluation tool that continually increases in effectiveness. One such system was specially developed by Dwight's Energydata Inc. for Apache Corp. The project provides apache personnel, from pumpers to manages, a way to evaluate economics of any or all of the company's leases through a versatile database and CD-ROM LOS. Through its experience and applications as a supplier of monthly historical production data, Dwights created a windows-based application on CD-ROM to fit Apache's needs. The result is a monthly updated, continuing history of lease operating data instead of a cumbersome mainframe reporting system accessible by only a few personnel. A key to the system is, of course, the nearly limitless storage capacity of a single CD. And the LOS database can be digitally manipulated via personal computer (PC) for any lease or set of leases. The system is described

  17. Evaluating CD-ROM versions of the MEDLINE database: a checklist.

    Hewison, N S


    The emergence of CD-ROM (compact disc/read-only memory) versions of the MEDLINE database requires experienced MEDLINE searchers to examine assumptions about searching MEDLINE, since some expectations may not be fulfilled by this new technology. When applied to a particular CD-ROM MEDLINE product, the evaluation procedure involves testing assumptions concerning database contents; mechanics of searching; display, print, and download capabilities; and user-friendly features. The extent to which a CD-ROM product preserves and exploits important MEDLINE strengths should be assessed, e.g., the MeSH controlled vocabulary, the designation of major and minor MeSH emphasis, and the use of subheadings. Search software characteristics that affect ease of searching and quality of results also need to be examined, e.g., the ability to truncate search terms and the order of precedence in which Boolean operators are evaluated. A checklist to assist in the evaluation process is presented, including search examples for use in testing search functions. PMID:2676046

  18. Lab Manual & Resources for Materials Science, Engineering and Technology on CD-Rom

    Jacobs, James A.; McKenney, Alfred E.


    The National Educators' Workshop (NEW:Update) series of workshops has been in existence since 1986. These annual workshops focus on technical updates and laboratory experiments for materials science, engineering and technology, involving new and traditional content in the field. Scores of educators and industrial and national laboratory personnel have contributed many useful experiments and demonstrations which were then published as NASA Conference Proceedings. This "out poring of riches" creates an ever-expanding shelf of valuable teaching tools for college, university, community college and advanced high school instruction. Now, more than 400 experiments and demonstrations, representing the first thirteen years of NEW:Updates have been selected and published on a CD-ROM, through the collaboration of this national network of materials educators, engineers, and scientists. The CD-ROM examined in this document utilizes the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader format and operates on most popular computer platforms. This presentation provides an overview of the second edition of Experiments in Materials Science, Engineering and Technology (EMSET2) CD-ROM, ISBN 0-13-030534-0.

  19. The Effects of a CD-ROM Computer Storybook Program on Head Start Children's Emergent Literacy

    Talley, Susan


    This study examined the effects of a computer CD-ROM storybook program on 73 Head Start children in Logan, Utah. A variation on the two-group pretest/posttest design was used to determine if there was any increase in emergent literacy skills after spending an average of 15 minutes per day for an average of 12 days on the computer. Previous research suggests that a child's home environment is integral to the preschool child 's emergent literacy development. A parent questionnaire designed f...

  20. Effects of Using Human Patient Simulator (HPS versus a CD-ROM on Cognition and Critical Thinking

    Don Johnson, PhD


    Full Text Available Background: Very little prospective randomized experimental research exists on the use of simulation as a teaching method, and no studies have compared the two strategies of using the HPS and a CD-ROM. In addition, no researchers have investigated the effects of simulation on various levels of cognition, specifically lower-level and higher-level cognition or critical thinking.Objectives: A prospective pretest-posttest experimental mixed design (within and between was used to determine if there were statistically significant differences in HPS and CD-ROM educational strategies in lower-level, higher-level cognition and critical thinking.Results: A repeated measures multivariate analysis of variance (RMANOVA with LSD post-hoc tests were used to analyze the data. There were no significant differences between the HPS and CD-ROM groups on lower-level cognition scores. The HPS group did significantly better than the CD-ROM group on higher-level cognition and critical thinking scores.Conclusion: This study demonstrated that the choice of teaching strategies for lower-level cognition does not make a statistically significant difference in outcome. However, the HPS is superior to using CD-ROM and should be considered as the choice in teaching.

  1. Web-delivery of anatomy video clips using a CD-ROM.

    Bacro, T; Gilbertson, B; Coultas, J


    Until recently, anatomists had no doubt that the teaching of anatomy had to include cadaver dissection. However, due to a changing academic environment as well as challenged financial institutional resources, computer-assisted instruction was introduced into medical curriculum in an attempt to reduce the cost and the time committed to cadaver dissection. Computer-assisted instruction included locally created or commercially available anatomy software, Internet sites, and databases of digital images of cadaveric structures such as the Virtual Human Project. However, until now, bandwidth limitations have not allowed effective visualization in real-time over the Internet of recorded videos or 3D animations reconstructed from a database. We describe how to successfully link and display large video clips stored on a CD-ROM in support of lectures saved in HTML format on the Internet. This process, described in its totality, allows students to access audiovisual files on a CD-ROM through the Internet, from any location, with either Macintosh or Windows computers, using the Netscape browser. This process allowed us to circumvent one of the most significant limitations of the computer-assisted instruction on the Internet by delivering full audio and visual information on demand, as it would happen in a traditional classroom. PMID:10815812

  2. CD-ROM Spectroscope: A Simple and Inexpensive Tool for Classroom Demonstrations on Chemical Spectroscopy

    Wakabayashi, Fumitaka; Hamada, Kiyohito; Sone, Kozo


    Construction of a handy spectroscope using a compact disk (CD) or a CD-ROM and its application to the observation of emission and absorption spectra are described. Using this simple cardboard-made spectroscope, one can readily observe line emission spectra of fluorescent lamps, gas discharge tubes, etc. The spectroscope is also used to observe the absorption spectra of colored solutions; the absorption bands are observed as distinct black bands on the rainbow-colored continuous spectrum of an incandescent lamp. The results for the aqueous solution of potassium permanganate, the methanol and ethanol solutions of cobalt chloride, and Fe(III)-thiocyanate complex are described. These results clearly show the general rule that a colored solution absorbs the complementary color of the color of the solution. Thus, the CD-ROM spectroscope is a useful tool in primary and secondary schools to teach what color is and what spectra are. Furthermore, it can be used effectively in introductory courses in colleges and universities to teach that spectra are really beautiful natural phenomena which can be observed simply.

  3. CD-ROM training course in quality assurance in diagnostic imaging

    This paper discusses the CD-ROM elaborated to provide a continuous professional formation and a practical guidance on the implementation and operation of routine quality assurance (QA) programme for medical physicists, regulator authorities and for those personnel concerned with the daily provision of diagnostic radiology services. The CD-ROM contains topics on the basic concepts of QA in radiodiagnostic, and it also allows the user to visualise effects on the variation of technical parameters (tube potential (kV) and current (mA), filtration) in the quality of the image. This possibility will contribute to the better understanding of the phenomena associated with the quality of the image. Besides, the program contains the procedures for the execution of the tests of the equipment and the route of implantation of program of quality assurance. It is interactive with the user, it fills a gap in the medical physics area and it allows the student's continuous formation because it assists the beginner, with the basic concepts, and the professional, with the aid in the implantation of the program of QA. The presentation is in the Portuguese language. (author)

  4. The Virtual Man Project's CD-ROM "Voice Assessment: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology & Medicine", Vol.1

    Millena Maria Ramalho Matta Vieira


    Full Text Available The CD-ROM "Voice Assessment: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology & Medicine" was developed as a teaching tool for people interested in the production of the spoken or sung human voice. Its content comprises several subjects concerning the anatomy and physiology of spoken and sung voice. A careful assessment becomes necessary in order to ensure the effectiveness of teaching and learning educational materials, whether related to education or health, within the proposal of education mediated by technology. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of the Virtual Man Project's CD-ROM "Voice Assessment: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology & Medicine", as a self-learning material, in two different populations: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology students and Lyrical Singing students. The participants were instructed to study the CD-ROM during 1 month and answer two questionnaires: one before and another one after studying the CD-ROM. The quantitative results were compared statistically by the Student's t-test at a significance level of 5%. RESULTS: Seventeen out of the 28 students who completed the study, were Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology students, while 11 were Lyrical Singing students (dropout rate of 44%. Comparison of the answers to the questionnaires before and after studying the CD-ROM showed a statistically significant increase of the scores for the questionnaire applied after studying the CD-ROM for both Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Lyrical Singing students, with p<0.001 and p<0.004, respectively. There was also a statistically significant difference in all topics of this questionnaire for both groups of students. CONCLUSION: The results concerning the evaluation of the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Lyrical Singing students' knowledge before and after learning from the CD-ROM allowed concluding that the participants made significant improvement in their knowledge of the proposed

  5. MEDLINE on CD-ROM: end user searching in a medical school library.

    Miller, N; Kirby, M; Templeton, E


    End users at the Medical College of Pennsylvania enjoyed searching CD-ROM versions of MEDLINE and judged such searches "extremely useful." To assess the effectiveness of their searches, a sample of 500 search statements from Compact Cambridge (CC) MEDLINE was examined. A high proportion of search statements (224, or 45 percent) retrieved no documents. Over one-third of search statements (185, or 37 percent) contained at least one error, which usually resulted in zero retrieval for that search statement. Searchers attempting to enter Medical Subject Headings were frequently defeated by the elaborate punctuation requirement of CC MEDLINE. "Missed opportunities" were evident in over three-fourths of search statements. One-on-one instruction and library classes may increase search success, but these measures reach a limited audience. Improvement in the search software itself is needed to help searchers improve the effectiveness of their searches. PMID:10303159

  6. Making a Difference: A Review of the User Interface Features in Six CD-ROM Database Products.

    Kahn, Paul


    Reviews six CD-ROM bibliographic databases: BRS/Colleague MEDLINE; Wilsondisc Cumulative Book Index and MLA International Bibliography; Dialog OnDisc ERIC; SilverPlatter Sociofile; CCOHS (Reteaco Findit) CCINFOdisc; and Knowledge Finder MEDLINE. Criteria used include browsing, using menus, refining a search, accessing an online version, and…

  7. Student Interactions with CD-ROM Storybooks: A Look at Potential Relationships between Multiple Intelligence Strengths and Levels of Interaction

    Huffman, Celia A.


    This study looked at the potential relationship that may exist between students' intelligence strengths, in particular their spatial and kinesthetic strengths, and their combined cognitive and metacognitive levels of interaction with a CD-ROM storybook. The multiple intelligence strengths of a sample of students, measured via the MIDAS/My…

  8. Analysis of User Need with CD-ROM Databases: A Case Study Based on Work Sampling at One University Library.

    Wells, Amy Tracy

    Analysis of the needs of users of Compact Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM) was performed at the Tampa campus of the University of South Florida. A review of the literature indicated that problems associated with selecting the appropriate database, searching, and requiring technical assistance were the probable areas of user need. The library has 17…

  9. Information Retrieval Center: A Proposal for the Implementation of CD-ROM Database Technology at Memphis State University Libraries.

    Evans, John; Park, Betsy

    This planning proposal recommends that Memphis State University Libraries make information on CD-ROM (compact disc--read only memory) available in the Reference Department by establishing an Information Retrieval Center (IRC). Following a brief introduction and statement of purpose, the library's databases, users, staffing, facilities, and…

  10. Experience teaching CD-ROM-based course on CANDU nuclear-power-plant systems and operation

    This paper presents personal experience garnered from teaching a CD-ROM-based course on CANDU Power-Plant Systems and Operation. This course was originally developed by Prof. G.T. Bereznai as research in distance-learning techniques when he was directing the Thai-Canadian Human Resources Development Project at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. The course has been offered in a number of universities, including McMaster University and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. All the course material, including lectures, assignments, and a simulator, is provided on a CD-ROM. Lectures include a spoken soundtrack covering the material. The class often includes both undergraduate and graduate students. I found that most students appreciate having the material on electronic format, which they can view and review at will and on their own time. Students find this course quite intensive - it covers all major systems in the CANDU reactor and power plant in detail. A very important component of the course is the simulator, which teaches students how systems operate in normal operation, in power manoeuvres, and during process-system malfunctions. Effort in absorbing the material and performing assignments can often exceed 10 hours per week. Some of the simulator assignments involve tricky manoeuvres, requiring several tries to achieve the expected result. Some assignments may take several hours, especially if the manoeuvres requiring repetition take 30 minutes or more in real time. I found that some instruction in the basic theory of reactor physics and systems is appreciated by students. A few possible enhancements to the simulator model were identified. Graduate students taking the course are required to do an additional project; I assigned an investigation of the effects of xenon-concentration changes during 1 week of load cycling. In summary, this course provides to students the opportunity to learn a great deal about the workings of CANDU-plant systems. (author)

  11. Quality Management Audits in Nuclear Medicine Practices. 2. Ed. Companion CD-ROM

    Quality management systems are essential and should be maintained with the intent to continuously improve effectiveness and efficiency, enabling nuclear medicine to achieve the expectations of its quality policy, satisfy its customers and improve professionalism. The quality management (QM) audit methodology in nuclear medicine practice, introduced in this publication, is designed to be applied to a variety of economic circumstances. A key outcome is a culture of reviewing all processes of the clinical service for continuous improvement in nuclear medicine practice. Regular quality audits and assessments are vital for modern nuclear medicine services. More importantly, the entire QM and audit process has to be systematic, patient oriented and outcome based. The management of services should also take into account the diversity of nuclear medicine services around the world and multidisciplinary contributions. The latter include clinical, technical, radiopharmaceutical, medical physics and radiation safety procedures. This companion CD-ROM is attached to the printed STI/PUB/1683 and contains the full-text of STI/PUB/1683 as well as checklists in PDF and Excel format and a table with the contents of a standardized audit report

  12. Ionospheric Electron/Ion Densities Temperatures on CD-ROM and WWW

    Bilitza, Dieter; Papitashvili, Natasha; Schar, Bill; Grebowsky, Joseph


    As part of this project a large volume of ionospheric satellite insitu data from the sixties, seventies and early eighties were made accessible online in ASCII format for public use. This includes 14 data sets from the BE-B, Alouette 2, DME-A, AE-B, ISIS-1, ISIS-2, OGO-6, DE-2, AEROS-A, AE-C, AE-D, AE-E, and Hinotori satellites. The original data existed in various machine-specific, highly compressed, binary encoding on 7-, or 9-track magnetic tapes. The data were decoded and converted to a common ASCII data format, solar and magnetic indices were added, and some quality control measures were taken. The original intent of producing CD-ROMs with these data was overtaken by the rapid development of the Internet. Most users now prefer to obtain the data directly online and greatly value WWW-interfaces to browse, plot and subset the data. Accordingly the data were made available online on the anonymous ftp site of NASA's National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) at data/ and on NSSDC's ATMOWeb (, a WWW-interface for plotting, subsetting, and downloading the data. Several new features were implemented into ATMOWeb as part of this project including a filtering and scatter plot capability. The availability of this new database and WWW system was announced through several electronic mailer (AGU, CEDAR, IRI, etc) and through talks and posters during scientific meetings.

  13. Data base management system and display software for the National Geophysical Data Center geomagnetic CD-ROM's

    Papitashvili, N. E.; Papitashvili, V. O.; Allen, J. H.; Morris, L. D.


    The National Geophysical Data Center has the largest collection of geomagnetic data from the worldwide network of magnetic observatories. The data base management system and retrieval/display software have been developed for the archived geomagnetic data (annual means, monthly, daily, hourly, and 1-minute values) and placed on the center's CD-ROM's to provide users with 'user-oriented' and 'user-friendly' support. This system is described in this paper with a brief outline of provided options.

  14. The Virtual Man Project's CD-ROM "Voice Assessment: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology & Medicine", Vol.1

    Millena Maria Ramalho Matta Vieira; Giédre Berretin-Felix; Alcione Ghedini Brasolotto


    The CD-ROM "Voice Assessment: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology & Medicine" was developed as a teaching tool for people interested in the production of the spoken or sung human voice. Its content comprises several subjects concerning the anatomy and physiology of spoken and sung voice. A careful assessment becomes necessary in order to ensure the effectiveness of teaching and learning educational materials, whether related to education or health, within the proposal of education mediate...

  15. [Image data bases and multimedia works on server and CD-ROM in medical imaging. A French experience].

    Duvauferrier, R; Rambeau, M; André, M; Denier, P; Le Beux, P; Coussement, A; Caillé, J M; Robache, P; Morcet, N


    The CD-ROM technology allows the production of multimedia works which costs far less than books do. The creation of Internet and the servers World Wide Web has the advantage of distributing those works world wide, without the difficulties and the delays related to books and magazines distribution. The Teachers' Council of Radiology of France (CERF) and the French Society of Radiology (SFR) have opted to use these new media and these information highways to spread a part of their radiology teaching work. Iconocerf is a software program which allows to create, store, read and to exchange digitized radiological cases. It's available free of charge, within the CERF and SFR. The CD-ROMs Iconocerf-Medimag contain 3,500 radiological files with 15,000 images, previously on the videodisc Medimag. The Server of the French Radiology is a W3 server which includes: the CERF directory, a guide for the teachers, the research workers and the students in Radiology and Medical Imaging. It also contains the teaching works on Radiology, and some Iconocerf clinical cases translated onto HTML. The aim of this project is to create an evaluation system for radiology. By using key words, this system allows to consult: radiological clinical cases, located on the server or on CD-ROMs; reference texts; and to have access to the experts' addresses to be able to send them eventually a difficult case through electronic mail. PMID:8676295

  16. Chemistry Comes Alive!, Volume 4: Abstract of Special Issue 25 on CD-ROM

    Jacobsen, Jerrold J.; Bain, Gordon; Bruce, Kara; Moore, John W.


    The answers can be found on p676 of the PDF version of the Table of Contents. Chemistry Comes Alive!, Volume 4 is the fourth in a series of CD-ROMs for Macintosh and Windows computers. (Chemistry Comes Alive!, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 (1-3), are also available from JCE Software.) Volume 4 contains two main topics, Reactions in Aqueous Solution and Reactions of the Elements. Chemistry truly does come to life through this collection of pictures, animations, and movies depicting chemical reactions. Topic I. Reactions in Aqueous Solution Reactions in Aqueous Solution includes video of the mixing and subsequent reaction, if any, of aqueous solutions of inorganic compounds. The compounds and ions included are listed below. Reactions with a specific compound can be accessed either by selecting the compound from an alphabetical list of the compounds or from a matrix of reactions. There are more than 200 movies of reactions from which to choose. There are also still images of each reaction. Reactions are shown in which reactants are mixed in either order; there are images of solution 2 being added to solution 1 as well as images of solution 1 being added to solution 2. In addition to videos of reactions, a quiz is available in which a matrix of unknown solutions is presented. Students attempt to identify the solutions by viewing video of each unknown solution as it is mixed with another unknown solution. Students may compare their observations from mixing the unknowns with reactions of known solutions. Topic II. Reactions of the Elements Reactions of the Elements includes video of the elements reacting with air, water, acids, and base. (This video is also used in JCE Software's popular Periodic Table Live! (4) and is included here to allow you greater freedom to use the video in your own presentations under the Chemistry Comes Alive! license.) In addition you may purchase an additional license that allows you to place all or a portion of the video on your WWW site. Contact JCE

  17. NASA Space Mechanisms Handbook and Reference Guide Expanded Into CD-ROM Set

    Fusaro, Robert L.


    Several NASA missions suffered failures and anomalies due to problems in applying space mechanisms technology to specific projects. Research shows that engineers often lack either adequate knowledge of mechanism design or sufficient understanding of how mechanisms affect sensitive systems. The Space Mechanisms Project conducted a Lessons Learned study and published a Space Mechanisms Handbook to help space industry engineers avoid recurring design, qualification, and application problems. The Space Mechanisms Handbook written at the NASA Glenn Research Center details the state-of-the-art in space mechanisms design as of 1998. NASA's objective in developing this Space Mechanisms Handbook was to provide readily accessible information on such areas as space mechanisms design, mechanical component availability and use, testing and qualification of mechanical systems, and a listing of worldwide space mechanisms experts and testing facilities in the United States. This handbook has been expanded into a two-volume CD-ROM set in an Adobe Acrobat format. In addition to the handbook, the CD's include (1) the two volume Space Mechanisms Lessons Learned Study, (2) proceedings from all the NASA hosted Aerospace Mechanisms Symposia held through the year 2000, (3) the Space Materials Handbook, (4) the Lubrication Handbook for the Space Industry, (5) the Structural & Mechanical Systems Long-Life Assurance Design Guidelines, (6) the Space Environments and Effects Source-Book, (7) the Spacecraft Deployable Appendages manual, (8) the Fastener Design Manual, (9) A Manual for Pyrotechnic Design, Development and Qualification, (10) the Report on Alternative Devices to Pyrotechnics on Spacecraft, and (11) Gearing (a manual). In addition, numerous other papers on tribology and lubrication are included.This technical summary of the project provides information on how to obtain the handbook and related information.

  18. Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors. Proceedings of an International Conference. Companion CD-ROM

    This publication presents the proceedings of an international conference on spent fuel management organized by the IAEA in cooperation with the NEA of the OECD. The conference covered a broad range of topics from national strategies through safety and regulatory aspects, transport, technical innovation, fuel and material behaviour, operational experience with storage, new fuel and reprocessing developments, and long term storage and disposal. The conference also featured two round table discussion sessions covering regulatory frameworks and stakeholder issues. The proceedings include the opening presentations and the President’s summary and the conclusions of the conference. This CD-ROM accompanies the publication and contains contributed papers

  19. The use of CD-ROMs for storage and document delivery at the British Library Document Supply Centre

    The British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC) has been in the forefront of international document delivery for 20 years. During the last 5 years it has been very actively involved in the ADONIS Project, through which the full text of some 200 journals in the life sciences have been stored, accessed, and delivered through the medium of CD-ROM. The BLDSC's involvement in this project is described and indications of the lessons learned and of the implications for international document delivery systems in the future are given. (author)

  20. Advanced grammar in use a self-study reference and practice book for advanced students of English : with answers and CD-ROM

    Hewings, Martin


    An updated version of the highly successful Advanced Grammar in Use. This third edition, with answers and CD-ROM, is ideal for self-study. The book contains 100 units of grammar reference and practice materials, with illustrations in full colour and a user-friendly layout. It is ideal for learners preparing for the Cambridge Advanced, Proficiency or IELTS examinations, and is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus, which ensures the language is authentic and up-to-date. The CD-ROM includes 200 interactive exercises to reinforce the language learned in the book, plus customised tests and audio recordings to accompany the main exercises. Versions without answers and without the CD-ROM are available to purchase separately.

  1. Arctic Connections, an Interactive CD-ROM Program for Middle School Science

    Elias, S. A.


    In this project we developed an interactive CD-ROM program for middle school students, accompanied by an interactive web site. The project was sponsored by a grant from the NSF ESIE Instructional Materials Development program. One of the major goals of this project was to involve middle school students in inquiry-based science education, using topics that are of interest to students in Arctic communities. Native Alaskan students have traditionally done poorly in science at the secondary level, and few have gone on to major in the sciences in college or to pursue scientific careers. Part of the problem is a perceived dichotomy between science and traditional Native ways of knowing about the natural world. Hence some students reject the scientific method as being foreign to their native culture. Our goal was to help bridge this cultural barrier, and to demonstrate to native students that the scientific method is not antithetical to their traditional way of life. The program uses story modules that discuss both scientific and Native ways of understanding, through the use of action-adventure stories and brief learning modules. The aim was to show students the relevance of science to their daily lives, and to convince them that scientific methods are a vital tool in solving major problems in arctic communities. Each action-adventure story contains a series of problems that the program user must solve through interactive participation, in order for the story to progress. The interactive elements include answering quiz questions correctly, measuring pH by comparing litmus paper colors, measuring archaeological artifact dimensions, finding the location of fossil bones in a photograph, and correctly identifying photographs of whale species, arctic plants, and fish. The stories contain a mixture of live-action film sequences and voice-over sketch art story boards. The ten modules include such topics as arctic flora and fauna (including terrestrial and sea mammals), arctic

  2. SOFTWARE REVIEW: Multimedia Motion II. CD-ROM and Teacher's Guide

    Scaife, Jon A.


    expect. This is an issue that is in the teacher's hands; the package is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of learning aims. Audio clips are brief and to the point, with both female and male speakers. The commentary goes beyond the descriptive, raising interesting questions and issues and setting challenges for the user. The optional screen text is pitched at A-level. Video clips can be viewed at full screen, which is a big improvement over the first edition. There are some new clips and a few omissions from the first edition; further CDs of movie data are planned. Clips may be played forwards or backwards at various speeds using a scroll bar. This allows close control and analysis, which is useful for critical events in which changes are rapid, such as collisions. Printing of data and graphs is straightforward and the results are clear. Unlike the first edition, Multimedia Motion II only gives direct support to graphs with time as the abscissa. For graphs such as v(x) versus v(y), however, it is a simple matter to save the data directly into Excel or another spreadsheet. I encountered only one snag in using the CD: if I forgot to save my data before moving to a new clip I could not recover it. This failing could be mine, but I did try hard. The Teacher's Guide contains photocopiable worksheets and detailed discussion and graphs of the video clips. For each clip there is a section of `useful data and formulae'. The guide is not a necessity for using the CD-ROM but it would be a very handy A-level teaching resource, allowing the option of independent use by students. It is accompanied by a floppy disc containing sets of experimental data for the video clips, a useful option for quick demonstrations. In addition, the guide explains the interesting and creative option of making your own movie sequences from videotape, though access to a video card would be needed to do this. Imagine the motivational value of students recording themselves playing various sports, or

  3. The database system for the management of technical documentations of PWR fuel design project using CD-ROM

    In this report, the database system developed for the management of technical documentation of PWR fuel design project using CD-ROM (compact disk - read only memory) is described. The database system, KIRDOCM (KAERI Initial and Reload Fuel project technical documentation management), is developed and installed on PC using Visual Foxpro 3.0. Descriptions are focused on the user interface of the KIRDOCM. Introduction addresses the background and concept of the development. The main chapter describes the user requirements, the analysis of computing environment, the design of KIRDOCM, the implementation of the KIRDOCM, user's manual of KIRDOCM and the maintenance of the KIRDOCM for future improvement. The implementation of KIRDOCM system provides the efficiency in the management, maintenance and indexing of the technical documents. And, it is expected that KIRDOCM may be a good reference in applying Visual Foxpro for the development of information management system. (author). 2 tabs., 13 figs., 8 refs

  4. Proceedings of the Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association's 19. Annual International Petroleum Conference : Shaping our Future. CD-ROM ed.

    The Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) organizes annual meetings to provide a forum for exchange on issues dealing with Canada's east coast offshore hydrocarbon resource development. The topics of discussion at this conference included updates on the development of Newfoundland's Grand Banks which includes the Terra Nova, Hibernia, White Rose, and the Hebron/Ben Nevis oil and gas fields. Several papers described new initiatives in the Atlantic offshore sector, including deepwater challenges and opportunities. A session devoted to competitiveness and technology focused on reducing drilling costs and enhancing productivity. Regulatory and fiscal issues were also discussed along with the socio-economic impact that resource development can bring to Canada's east coast. The CD-ROM includes 27 power point presentations, of which 4 were processed separately for inclusion in the database. tabs., figs

  5. New Development of CD-ROM Database Retrieval System%光盘数据库检索方式的新发展



    The main changes in the three commonly-used CD-ROM retrieval systems are introduced,including the enhancement of the window functions,the change of the field index function in SP software and the new saving and reusing functions of ProQuest for its retrieval strategies.

  6. Development of a CD-ROM on written language for the continuing education of elementary school teachers

    Thaís dos Santos Gonçalves


    Full Text Available Distance education has emerged to minimize the anxiety of many professionals who need to update their knowledge, but do not have the time and opportunity to travel to educational centers. Objectives: To describe the development of a CD-ROM to provide distance continuing education to basic school teachers that addresses issues related to written language. Material and Methods: Previously, a script was developed with themes related to the acquisition and development of written language. Subsequently, a technical team transformed the texts in multimedia language. Results: The titles of each content area addressed are available on buttons and links. The files can be viewed in a linear sequence, allowing the teacher to start learning at the desired moment and go straight to the file that he or she wants to access. Videos that show practical applications of the concepts available in text are included. Conclusions: Brazil is a developing country. The use of technologies for education reduces cultural isolation among education professionals. It is necessary to focus on making teaching materials for distance education. In order to provide an effective learning environment, the learners reality should be considered. A multidisciplinary team should prepare the materials. The development of educational material for distance education on the acquisition and development of written language seems not only appropriate, but also warranted to provide professional growth opportunity for teachers who need time flexibility and/or live far away from academic centers.

  7. Density profiles from the Alouette 1, 2 and ISIS 1, 2 topside sounder instrument on CD-ROM and WWW

    A data base was assembled that includes all the topside electron density profiles from the Alouette and ISIS topside sounder missions that were archived at the National Space Science Data Center. The 176,622 profiles constitute a unique data resource for the modeling of the topside ionosphere covering more than one solar cycle from 1962 to 1979. This data set is more than 4 times the amount of data originally used by Bent and his colleagues for building the BENT topside model (Bent et al., 1972) that is still widely used for specifications of topside electron densities. The topside model in the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) is based on an analytical evaluation of the Bent model and its underlying database. The original binary data sets were decoded at NSSDC and converted to a common ASCII data format (see APPENDIX). The data are available online on NSSDCs anonymous ftp site ( or can be provided on 1 CD-ROM. It is worth noting that there is an effort underway at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (R. Benson, PI) to digitize a large number of the original analog telemetry tapes. As of January 2000 more than 300,000 ionograms have been made available online in digital form (data access and project description at http://nssdc/space/isis/isis-status.html). A follow-on project (B. Reinisch, PI) is now working on the automated scaling and inversion of these ionograms into electron density profiles. (author)

  8. Structuring software anthropometric variables on CD Rom as a facilitator of the process of design of work situations.

    Zanuncio, Sharinna Venturim; Mafra, Simone Caldas Tavares; Antônio, Carlos Emílio Barbosa; Lisboa Filho, Jugurta; Guimarães, Elza Maria Vidigal; da Silva, Vania Eugênia; de Souza, Amaury Paulo; Minette, Luciano José


    The environment where everyday activities are developed, these should be appropriate and the individual who will execute them, for greater efficiency of their work and even if you feel safe, comfortable and satisfied when interacting with that space, expending less energy to this interaction. Given this context, this study aims to structure a software with the results obtained in the field, from anthropometric measure to subsidize the furniture industry in manufacturing of furniture, definition work situations, considering the different anthropometric measurements made between 2001 and 2010, using data from this sample of adults aged 18 to 65 years old and children between 6 and 11 years old. It was convenient to make the software with a site, only instead of staying on the Web has been recorded on CD Rom. Tests with the prototype allow navigation through the structure of the software. The data needed to implement the remaining modules were also raised. Issues related to system layout and usability of the interface also were not considered, because it is an initial prototype. PMID:22317345

  9. Instrucciones para descargar desde el CD -rom de Radiología del Dr. Ángel Lois

    Dr. Ángel Lois


    Informamos que el CD-ROM de radiología veterinaria ya esta colgadoen y quien lo desee puede bajárselo. Como resulta que el servidor FTP de no soporta RESUMEN,una característica de algunos servidores FTP que permite ntercambiar un único archivo en diferentes sesiones de conexión, sin que haya que comenzar cada vez por el principio del archivo, se optó por dividirlo.

  10. 图书馆光盘型电子资源编目方法探析%Aanlysis of the Cataloging Method for CD-ROM Resources in Library



    This paper defines the conception of CD-ROM resources,and analyses the cataloging for CD-ROM resources in library with the examples of cataloging work.%对光盘型电子资源进行了界定,结合工作实例对图书馆光盘型电子资源的编目进行分析。

  11. Numerical Recipes in C++: The Art of Scientific Computing (2nd edn). Numerical Recipes Example Book (C++) (2nd edn). Numerical Recipes Multi-Language Code CD ROM with LINUX or UNIX Single-Screen License Revised Version

    The two Numerical Recipes books are marvellous. The principal book, The Art of Scientific Computing, contains program listings for almost every conceivable requirement, and it also contains a well written discussion of the algorithms and the numerical methods involved. The Example Book provides a complete driving program, with helpful notes, for nearly all the routines in the principal book. The first edition of Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing was published in 1986 in two versions, one with programs in Fortran, the other with programs in Pascal. There were subsequent versions with programs in BASIC and in C. The second, enlarged edition was published in 1992, again in two versions, one with programs in Fortran (NR(F)), the other with programs in C (NR(C)). In 1996 the authors produced Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90: The Art of Parallel Scientific Computing as a supplement, called Volume 2, with the original (Fortran) version referred to as Volume 1. Numerical Recipes in C++ (NR(C++)) is another version of the 1992 edition. The numerical recipes are also available on a CD ROM: if you want to use any of the recipes, I would strongly advise you to buy the CD ROM. The CD ROM contains the programs in all the languages. When the first edition was published I bought it, and have also bought copies of the other editions as they have appeared. Anyone involved in scientific computing ought to have a copy of at least one version of Numerical Recipes, and there also ought to be copies in every library. If you already have NR(F), should you buy the NR(C++) and, if not, which version should you buy? In the preface to Volume 2 of NR(F), the authors say 'C and C++ programmers have not been far from our minds as we have written this volume, and we think that you will find that time spent in absorbing its principal lessons will be amply repaid in the future as C and C++ eventually develop standard parallel extensions'. In the preface and introduction to NR

  12. A CD-ROM About Radiation Protection Aspects of a Nuclear Accident: Towards more Openness and Transparency

    Many players are involved in managing a nuclear accident apart from radiation protection and nuclear safety experts. In an emergency response situation, the decision making process involves many non-technical players who nonetheless have a major role to play: in France these may include the 'Prefet', the emergency and civil defence services, the health services, the police, the 'gendarmerie' and local councillors, with advice from the safety and radiological protection authorities and expert evaluation organisations. Within the post-accident response, other players will be involved alongside those already described : professional bodies, particularly farming organisations, residents' associations, those responsible for environmental decontamination, agencies responsible for compensating victims, etc., etc. In both the short and the long-term phases of the crisis management process, it is essential to enable participants who may have very different -backgrounds and professional experience to work together with co-operation and mutual understanding. If non-technical players are to contribute effectively, there needs to be a minimum level of mutual understanding between them and the technical. players on what the nuclear risk really is and what is the rationale of the short and long term counter-measures aimed at protecting the public and restoring the contaminated environment. Local communities also need to share this basic understanding because their cooperation is required in order to implement the countermeasures properly. Conversely, if the experts are to advise the local authorities properly, they need to understand the criteria on which these local authorities and communities base their decisions: what psycho sociological factors apply, what logistical support is needed, what are the concerns of the local communities? The CD-ROM should help in gradually building up a shared interpretation or culture of the nuclear risk. This forum should promote debate that is

  13. Aplicación de un CD-ROM multimedia en un laboratorio de instrumentación electrónica

    García Ortega, Juan de la Cruz; Barrero, Federico; García Franquelo, Leopoldo


    En este documento se presenta un CD-ROM multimedia diseñado para servir de complemento a las clases de la asignatura “Laboratorio de Instrumentación Electrónica”, de quinto curso de Ingeniero de Telecomunicación en la Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de Sevilla. Se busca conseguir una herramienta que permita introducir, de forma amena, en una asignatura basada en clases prácticas, los conceptos teóricos asociados a la asignatura.

  14. A Randomized Trial of the Little by Little CD-ROM: Demonstrated Effectiveness in Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Intake in a Low-income Population

    Gladys Block; Patricia Wakimoto; Diane Metz; Mary L. Fujii; Nancy Feldman; Rochelle Mandel; Barbara Sutherland


    Introduction Research indicates that low fruit and vegetable intake is a risk factor for many chronic diseases. Despite large-scale education campaigns, the great majority of Americans do not consume recommended levels. We tested the ability of a single brief interactive experience of the Little by Little CD-ROM to increase fruit and vegetable intake in low-income women. Methods A randomized placebo-controlled, parallel-group trial included 481 low-income, female participants: mean age 50.1 ...

  15. ChemSkill Builder 2000, Version 6.1 [CD-ROM] (by James D. Spain and Harold J. Peters)

    Keeney-Kennicutt, Reviewed By Wendy L.


    One of the major challenges for faculty teaching general chemistry is how to encourage students to practice solving problems. We know that for students to develop chemical intuition and problem-solving skills, they must "get their hands dirty" as they decipher and unravel problems inherent to our discipline. One tool that I've used since its release in 1996 is the ChemSkill Builder, an electronic homework package. The latest version, ChemSkill Builder (CSB) 2000, version 6.1, is an excellent, effective integration of teaching and testing most quantitative and conceptual learning objectives in an interactive way. It is inexpensive and easy to use for both students and faculty. The CSB 2000 package of personalized problem sets, specifically designed to complement most general chemistry courses, is a program on CD-ROM for PC Windows users (3.1, 95, or 98), with more than 1500 questions and a 3 1/2-in. record-management disk. There is a separate grade-management disk for the instructor. It has 24 gradable chapters, each with 5 or 6 sections, plus two new chapters that are not graded: Polymer Chemistry and an Appendix of Chemical Skills. Each section begins with a short review of the topic and many have interactive explanations. If students miss an answer, they are given a second chance for 70% credit. If they still miss, the worked-out solution is presented in detail. Students can work each section as many times as they wish to improve their scores. Periodically, the students download their data directly into a PC set up by the instructor. The data can be easily converted into an ASCII file and merged with a spreadsheet. The use of CD-ROM solves the sporadic problems associated with previous versions on 3 1/2-in. disks: software glitches, failed disks, and system incompatibilities. The quality and number of graphics and interactive exercises are much improved in this latest version. I particularly enjoyed the interactive explanations of significant figures and

  16. Genetics, mental illness, and complex disease: development and distribution of an interactive CD-ROM for genetic counselors. Final report for period 15 August 2000 - 31 December 2002

    McInerney, Joseph D.


    "Genetics and Major Psychiatric Disorders: A Program for Genetic Counselors" provides an introduction to psychiatric genetics, with a focus on the genetics of common complex disease, for genetics professionals. The program is available as a CD-ROM and an online educational resource. The on-line version requires a direct internet connection. Each educational module begins with an interactive case study that raises significant issues addressed in each module. In addition, case studies provided throughout the educational materials support teaching of major concepts. Incorporated throughout the content are expert video clips, video clips from individuals affected by psychiatric illness, and optional "learn more" materials that offer greater depth about a particular topic. The structure of the CD-ROM permits self-navigation, but we have suggested a sequence that allows materials to build upon each other. At any point in the materials, users may pause and look up terms in the glossary or review the DSM-IV criteria for selected psychiatric disorders. A detailed site map is available for those who choose to self navigate through the content.

  17. Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources: Maintaining Continuous Global Control of Sources throughout Their Life Cycle. Proceedings of an International Conference. Companion CD-ROM

    Radioactive sources are extensively used for beneficial purposes around the world in medical, industrial, agricultural and research applications. However, their safety and security remain a matter of concern. Loss of control, sometimes as a result of inadequate regulatory oversight, has led to ‘orphan’ sources. In some cases, such sources have resulted in serious injuries and even death. In recent years, additional concerns have emerged of the possibility that sources might be used for malevolent purposes: for example, dispersal of radioactive material in an urban environment could cause substantial social disruption. These concerns reinforce the importance of ensuring that proper control of radioactive sources is established and maintained throughout the world.The IAEA works with its Member States to help them ensure the safety and security of radioactive sources. The purpose of this Conference was to review current success and challenges in ensuring the safety and security of radioactive sources and to identify means to maintain the highest level of safety and security throughout their life cycle, from manufacture to disposal. These Proceedings contain the opening addresses, the invited and contributed papers presented during the sessions, and summaries of the discussions. This CD-ROM contains the presentations of most of the papers presented orally, as well as the complete text of the printed volume. The CD-ROM also contains the national reports on implementation of the Code of Conduct submitted to the Conference by States, as per the formalized process established in 2006

  18. Analysis of potential energy saving strategies in a Bangkok school building. With CD-ROM; Analyse von Energieeinsparpotentialen am Beispiel einer Schule in Bangkok

    Temming, H.V.


    In cooperation with the Gesellschaft fuer technische Zusammenarbeit GTZ, a school building in Thailand was selected for an analysis of potentials for energy saving. The selected school was the New International School of Thailand (NIST) in Bangkok. Energy-relevant data were acquired by measurements, and solutions for more efficient energy supply were developed. Recommendations were made on this basis. This dissertation is also available on CD-ROM. [German] In Zusammenarbeit mit der Gesellschaft fuer technische Zusammenarbeit GTZ wurde als Beispielobjekt eine thailaendische Schule, die New International School of Thailand (NIST) in Bangkok ausgewaehlt. An diesem Objekt wurden die verschiedenen energetischen Messungen durchgefuehrt. Diese wurden bedarfsgerecht ausgewertet. Auf der Basis der Ergebnisse wurden Loesungsmoeglichkeiten fuer eine effizientere Energieversorgung der Schule konstruiert und diese Alternativen wie oben beschrieben bewertet, woraus sich entsprechende Empfehlungen ergeben. Der Aufbau dieser Arbeit stellt sich nun folgendermassen dar: Nachdem in einem ersten Schritt die fuer diesen Kontext wichtigsten Parameter Thailands und des Untersuchungsobjektes dargestellt werden, schliesst sich hieran die Vorstellung verschiedener technische Alternativen zur Erzeugung von Kaelte an, da hier ein Fokus fuer moegliche Energieeinsparungen gesetzt wird. Anschliessend werden einige in der Arbeit verwandte Berechnungsverfahren fuer energetische oder wirtschaftliche Zuammenhaenge sowie eine ausfuehrliche Beschreibung der energetischen 1st-Situation des Untersuchungsobjektes dargestellt. Darauf aufbauend folgt nun die Vorstellung der verschiedenen Energieeinsparpotentiale durch technische und verhaltensinduzierte Optimierungsmassnahmen. Diese Arbeit endet mit der Bewertung aller aufgedeckten Potentiale und einem Gesamtfazit aus der Untersuchung. (Diese Diplomarbeit liegt auch in Form einer CD-ROM vor.) (orig./AKF)

  19. Cd-rom traitant des techniques de sédation, tranquillisation et d'anesthésie générale chez les carnivores domestiques

    Estrade, Céline


    Ce CD-Rom traite des méthodes utilisées pour réaliser toute manoeuvre de sédation, de tranquillisation et d'anesthésie générale. Le déroulement pratique de l'anesthésie générale comprend plusieurs étapes : la préanesthésie, l'induction, l'entretien et enfin le réveil. La gestion de ces phases ainsi que leur surveillance tout au long de l'anesthésie doivent être maîtrisées pour éviter tout incident per-anesthésique ; l'anesthésie n'étant pas un acte bénin, même chez les animaux en bonne santé....

  20. Developing CD-ROM based multimedia digital textbook of 'San-Yin-Jiao(SP-6) pressure for reducing the labor pain and shortening the labor time'.

    Kim, J; Jang, S; Kim, Y; Lee, S; Song, J


    The computer-based textbook is a new educational tool that promises to play a prominent role in the coming years. Classical instructional technologies, such as video, stills, audio files and computer programs with a textbook orientation, have been merged into one multimedia computer system and have created additional opportunities for learning in medical, dental and nursing education. The authors developed a hypermedia textbook of â San-Yin-Jiao pressure for reducing the labor pain and shortening the labor time' using a personal computer with hypermedia software that contains texts, images, videos, audios and literature citations. The target population of this educational CD-ROM would be nurse-midwives, clinical nurses working for the obstetric units, and faculty members who teach the Maternity and Women's Health Nursing. Valuable and practical experiences were obtained and shared. PMID:11604889

  1. Project PEGS! Practices in Effective Guidance Strategies: Interactive CD-ROM Series for Educators To Practice Positive Behavior Management Skills, October 1, 1999-December 30, 2002. Final Performance Report.

    Quirk, Constance A.

    This final report describes the activities and outcomes of a federally funded project designed to produce and field-test two computer-based interactive CD-ROMs: "PEGS! for Preschool" and "PEGS! for Secondary School". These programs, in a game format, provide beginning general and special educators with independent practice in using basic behavior…

  2. The Virtual 3D Reconstruction of the East Pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia – Presentation of an Interactive CD-ROM

    András PATAY-HORVÁTH Patay-Horváth


    Full Text Available The paper gives an overview of a two-years project concerning a major monument of ancient Greek art and presents the interactive, bilingual (English/Hungarian CD-ROM, which is intended to summarize and visualize its final results. The presented project approaches a century-old controversy in a new way by producing a virtual 3D reconstruction of a monumental marble group. Digital models of the statues were produced by scanning the original fragments and by reconstructing them virtually. The virtual model of the pediment surrounding the sculptures was prepared on the basis of the latest architectural studies and afterwards the reconstructed models were inserted in this frame, in order to test the technical feasibility and aesthetic effects the four possible arrangements. The resulting models enable easy and very instructive experimentation, which would be otherwise impossible with the originals and/or very expensive and not very practicable with traditional tools (e.g. real-size plaster models. The complete model can effectively be used to verify the results of earlier or more recent reconstructions presented only in simple drawings. In addition, the 3D models of the individual fragments can be used for further research and for visualization.  The documentary CD-ROM presenting the full background, the methods and the conclusions of the project contains beside a comprehensive text various kinds of supporting documents (images, 3D models, papers, broadcasts, audiovisual material. It is addressed to a mixed audience: a picture gallery, a short documentary movie some other attachments including a selected bibliography is intended for the general public, but scholarly publications, presentations on related problems are also included for specialists interested in certain details.

  3. Status and trends of nuclear technologies - Report of the International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO). Additional information (Companion CD-ROM)

    The International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) was launched in the year 2000, based on a resolution by the IAEA General Conference (GC(44)/RES/21). INPRO intends to help to ensure that nuclear energy is available in the 21st century in a sustainable manner, and seeks to bring together all interested Member States, both technology holders and technology users, to consider, jointly, actions to achieve desired innovations. INPRO is taking care of the specific needs of developing countries. This IAEA publication is part of Phase 1 of INPRO. It intends to provide an overview on history, present situation and future perspectives of nuclear fuel cycle technologies. While this overview focuses on technical issues, nevertheless, the aspects of economics, environment, and safety and proliferation resistance are important background issues for this study. After a brief description about the INPRO project and an evaluation of existing and future reactor designs the publication covers nuclear fuel cycle issues in detail. It is expected that this documentation will provide IAEA Member States and their nuclear engineers and designers, as well as policy makers with useful information on status and trends of future nuclear fuel cycle technologies. Due to the size of the full report it was decided to attach a CD-ROM in the back of the summary report

  4. A importância do ergodesign na avaliação de CD-ROM sobre dengue e doença de chagas na educação em saúde The importance of ergodesign in the assessment of CD-ROMS about dengue fever and chagas disease in health education

    Denise Nacif Pimenta


    Full Text Available Na interseção entre saúde, educação e o controle e prevenção de doenças infecciosas e parasitárias, consideram-se os conceitos e práticas de ergodesign como elementos fundamentais para geração de interfaces de materiais para aprendizagem interativa em saúde, que reflitam a relação entre usuário, tarefas e ambientes. Relata-se a avaliação de CD-ROM a partir de princípios do ergodesign, com vistas a colaborar para o acesso e disseminação da informação em saúde e auxiliar na aprendizagem interativa para profissionais de saúde de nível médio e superior. Para tal, realizou-se levantamento de 21 materiais digitais de instituições internacionais e nacionais sobre as duas doenças. Os materiais foram avaliados através de uma lista de verificação: ergolist. Verificou-se que os materiais avaliados não atendem plenamente aos critérios de avaliação adotados. A avaliação e produção de tecnologias de informação e comunicação, como CD-ROM educativos e interativos, a partir dos princípios do ergodesign podem servir como instrumento facilitador na disseminação da informação e redução de fronteiras entre educação e saúde.In the intersection between health, education and the control and prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases, ergodesign concepts and practices are considered fundamental elements in the generation of interfaces for learning materials in health, reflecting the relationship between user, tasks and environments. The authors conducted CD-ROM assessments based on ergodesign principles, with the aim of contributing to the access and dissemination of information relating to health and assisting in interactive learning for mid- and high-level health professionals. 21 digital materials about the two diseases, from national and international institutions, were surveyed. The materials were assessed through a checklist called the ergolist. It was found that the evaluated materials did not fully meet

  5. Crocodile Chemistry. [CD-ROM].


    This high school chemistry resource is an on-screen chemistry lab. In the program, students can experiment with a huge range of chemicals, choosing the form, quantity and concentrations. Dangerous or difficult experiments can be investigated safely and easily. A vast range of equipment can be set up, and complex simulations can be put together and…

  6. Crocodile Technology. [CD-ROM].


    This high school physics computer software resource is a systems and control simulator that covers the topics of electricity, electronics, mechanics, and programming. Circuits can easily be simulated on the screen and electronic and mechanical components can be combined. In addition to those provided in Crocodile Technology, a student can create…

  7. Crocodile Physics. [CD-ROM].


    This high school physics resource is a simulator for optics, electronics, force, motion, and sound. Students can study oscillations, look at sound waves, and use probes to graph a wide variety of quantities. Over 100 activities are pre-written, and students can easily create their own additional activities using the multimedia editor. (WRM)

  8. Review of Johnson, I. and North, M. (eds 1997 Archaeological Applications of GIS: Proceedings of Colloquium II, UISPP XIIIth Congress, Forli, Italy, September 1996 Sydney University Archaeological Methods Series 5 [CD-ROM

    David Wheatley


    Full Text Available Unusually in a review, the first comments need to be directed to the medium of publication itself. This is inevitable, given the decision to produce the Proceedings of the Forli Colloquium on CD-ROM, rather than as a conventional volume. The main advantages of this ought to be the ability to use media other than monochrome graphics (such as colour, video and sound and the availability of hyperlinks, which provide freedom from the serial structure of text. The disadvantages are that reading from a screen can be very tiresome and referencing, in a formal way, is made more difficult by the lack of page numbers etc.

  9. Una ventana al siglo XVII novohispano. Homenaje a Edmundo O’Gorman, México, Conaculta-INAH/Fomento Cultural Banamex, A.C./Universidad Iberoamericana, A.C., 2001, CD rom.

    Vallejo Cervantes, Gabriela


    Uno de los instrumentos de trabajo más útiles y prácticos para el estudio del siglo XVII novohispano es el CD-Rom producido recientemente en colaboración entre varias institiciones mexicanas de cultura y de educación superior. El título, Una ventana al siglo XVII novohispano, expresa el espíritu que inspiró el inicio de la investigación: hacer un marco cronológico a través de un acervo documental que permitiese un nuevo atisbo, una nueva mirada sobre un siglo que aún contenía muchos vacíos e ...

  10. School Library Supplement. Putting Your Library Automation System to Work [and] Using Videodiscs in Research Projects [and] Library Security: What to Look For [and] Expanding Library/Media Services with Media Retrieval [and] How to Network CD-ROMs (and) The School Library Resource Directory.

    Karpisek, Marian; And Others


    Presents five articles and a company resource directory to help librarians successfully incorporate technology into school libraries. Discusses actual situations, examines student needs, and gives advice to help librarians with library automation systems, videodiscs, library security systems, media retrieval, networking CD-ROMs, and locating…

  11. Chinese Language Video Clips. [CD-ROM].

    Fleming, Stephen; Hipley, David; Ning, Cynthia

    This compact disc includes video clips covering six topics for the learner of Chinese: personal information, commercial transactions, travel and leisure, health and sports, food and school. Filmed on location in Beijing, these naturalistic video clips consist mainly of unrehearsed interviews of ordinary people. The learner is lead through a series…

  12. Participatory Budgeting : Contents of CD Rom

    Shah, Anwar


    This book provides an overview of the principles underlying participatory budgeting. It analyzes the merits and demerits of participatory budgeting practices around the world with a view to guiding policy makers and practitioners on improving such practices in the interest of inclusive governance. This publication includes five regional surveys, and seven country case studies can be found ...

  13. Review of World of Money CD-ROM for PC/Mac [CD-ROM

    Philip de Jersey


    Following on from the impressive development of the new HSBC Money Gallery in 1997, the British Museum has launched into the world of electronic publishing with the World of Money, an "interactive exploration of money worldwide from ancient times to the present day". Intended for ages ten to adult, the CD promises "a mine of information about the use, form, history and importance of money around the globe", and "fun and information for all the family". Reviewing in a Mac-unfriendly environmen...

  14. Pricing Software and Information on CD-ROM.

    Gibbins, Patrick


    Examines the relationships between purchases of optical data disk products, publishers, and software suppliers. The discussion covers current pricing strategies for optical data disk software and information products, and possible future developments in marketing and pricing. (CLB)

  15. CD-ROM Technology Use in Developing Countries: An Evaluation.

    Beaumont, Jane; Balson, David


    Describes an evaluative project in which a prototype bibliographic database on optical data disk was installed in six developing country libraries and a Canadian library. The results of the project are discussed in terms of user satisfaction and cost effectiveness, and recommendations are made to donor agencies, information providers, and…

  16. Sustaining Forests : A Development Strategy, Appendixes (from CD-ROM)

    World Bank


    Forest resources directly contribute to the livelihoods of 90 percent of the 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty and indirectly support the natural environment that nourishes agriculture and the food supplies of nearly half the population of the developing world. Forests also are central to growth in many developing countries through trade and industrial development. However, mism...

  17. Database on radioactive material resulting from historical dumping, accidents and losses at sea. CD-ROM Supporting information for the IAEA-TECDOC-1776, Inventory of Radioactive Material Resulting from Historical Dumping, Accidents and Losses at Sea. For the Purposes of the London Convention 1972 and London Protocol 1996

    process in which Member States and Contracting Parties to the London Convention and Protocol were requested to provide any new or historical information which was not included in previous databases. The database on waste dumping and accidents and losses at sea is maintained by the IAEA. Tables and maps containing summary information from this database are included in the main text of this publication, and additional relevant information is provided on this CD-ROM

  18. Guidance for the application of an assessment methodology for innovative nuclear energy systems. INPRO manual - Overview of the methodology. Vol. 1 of 9 of the final report of phase 1 of the International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) including a CD-ROM comprising all volumes

    The International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) was initiated in the year 2000, based on a resolution of the IAEA General Conference (GC(44)/RES/21). The main objectives of INPRO are (1) to help to ensure that nuclear energy is available to contribute in fulfilling energy needs in the 21st century in a sustainable manner, (2) to bring together both technology holders and technology users to consider jointly the international and national actions required to achieve desired innovations in nuclear reactors and fuel cycles; and (3) to create a forum to involve all relevant stakeholders that will have an impact on, draw from, and complement the activities of existing institutions, as well as ongoing initiatives at the national and international level. This document follows the guidelines of the INPRO report 'Methodology for the assessment of innovative nuclear reactors and fuel cycles, Report of Phase 1B (first part) of the International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO)', IAEA-TECDOC-1434 (2004), together with its previous report Guidance for the evaluation for innovative nuclear reactors and fuel cycles, Report of Phase 1A of the International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO), IAEA-TECDOC-1362 (2003). This INPRO manual is comprised of an overview volume (laid out in this report), and eight additional volumes (available on a CD-ROM attached to the inside back cover of this report) covering the areas of economics (Volume 2), infrastructure (Volume 3), waste management (Volume 4), proliferation resistance (Volume 5), physical protection (Volume 6), environment (Volume 7), safety of reactors (Volume 8), and safety of nuclear fuel cycle facilities (Volume 9). The overview volume sets out the philosophy of INPRO and a general discussion of the INPRO methodology. This overview volume discusses the relationship of INPRO with the UN concept of sustainability to demonstrate how the

  19. Fabrication of Beam-rotating Actuator for Multiple-beam Disk Drive

    Kim, Boung Jun; Kim, Soo Hyun; Kwak, Yoon Keun


    Current trends in computer and communication industries are towards increasingly higher resolution images and video processing techniques. However, such sophisticated processing tasks require massive storage systems such as a compact disk read only memory (CD-ROM) and digital versatile disc (DVD). Current demands in the development of such systems are higher data density storage media and an improved data transfer rate. The latter is discussed in this paper. A multiple-beam optical disk drive is presented as a method for improving the effective data transfer rate by increasing the beam spot number formed on an optical disk. The beam-rotating actuator is necessary for positioning the multiple-beam onto more than one track. Ray tracing was also employed for the real system setup. The beam-rotating actuator is made up of piezoelectric material, a high-stiffness wire hinge and a dove prism. The actuator has an approximately 1 kHz resonance frequency and a suitable operational range. The dynamic equation for the actuator is derived for the control of the real system.

  20. Electric drives

    Boldea, Ion


    ENERGY CONVERSION IN ELECTRIC DRIVESElectric Drives: A DefinitionApplication Range of Electric DrivesEnergy Savings Pay Off RapidlyGlobal Energy Savings Through PEC DrivesMotor/Mechanical Load MatchMotion/Time Profile MatchLoad Dynamics and StabilityMultiquadrant OperationPerformance IndexesProblemsELECTRIC MOTORS FOR DRIVESElectric Drives: A Typical ConfigurationElectric Motors for DrivesDC Brush MotorsConventional AC MotorsPower Electronic Converter Dependent MotorsEnergy Conversion in Electric Motors/GeneratorsPOWER ELECTRONIC CONVERTERS (PECs) FOR DRIVESPower Electronic Switches (PESs)The

  1. Impaired Driving

    ... help prevent injuries and deaths from alcohol-impaired driving. The Problem Risk Factors BAC Effects Prevention Additional Resources How big is the problem? In 2014, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of ...

  2. Distracted Driving

    ... 18%) in which someone was injured involved distracted driving. 1 What are the risk factors? Activities Some activities—such as texting—take the driver’s attention away from driving more frequently and for longer periods than other ...

  3. Reviews CD-ROM: Scientific American—The Amateur Scientist 3.0 Book: The New Resourceful Physics Teacher Equipment: DynaKar Book: The Fundamentals of Imaging Book: Teaching Secondary Physics Book: Novel Materials and Smart Applications Equipment: Cryptic disk Web Watch


    WE RECOMMEND Scientific American—The Amateur Scientist 3.0 Article collection spans the decades DynaKar DynaKar drives dynamics experiments The Fundamentals of Imaging Author covers whole imaging spectrum Teaching Secondary Physics Effective teaching is all in the approach Novel Materials and Smart Applications/Novel materials sample pack Resources kit samples smart materials WORTH A LOOK Cryptic disk Metal disk spins life into discussions about energy, surfaces and kinetics HANDLE WITH CARE The New Resourceful Physics Teacher Book brings creativity to physics WEB WATCH Apps for tablets and smartphones can aid physics teaching

  4. Driving offences

    Corbett, C


    Copyright @ 2010, Taylor & Francis Group. This material is posted on this site with the permission of the publishers. This chapter on driving offences will largely follow the template of earlier chapters except that owing to their vast number, a limited selection only will be examined based on their high volume, seriousness and public concern. The first section will define what driving offences are, how they developed alongside the emerging car culture, and it will consider the contempora...

  5. Methodology for Safety Assessment Applied to Predisposal Waste Management. Report of the Results of the International Project on Safety Assessment Driving Radioactive Waste Management Solutions (SADRWMS) 2004–2010)

    Report of the Results of the International Project on Safety Assessment Driving Radioactive Waste Management Solutions (SADRWMS) (2004–2010) The IAEA’s progamme on Safety Assessment Driving Radioactive Waste Management Solutions (SADRWMS) focused on approaches and mechanisms for application of safety assessment methodologies for the predisposal management of radioactive waste. The initial outcome of the SADRWMS Project was achieved through the development of flowcharts, which have since been incorporated into IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GSG-3, Safety Case and Safety Assessment for Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste. In 2005, an initial specification was developed for the Safety Assessment Framework (SAFRAN) software tool to apply the SADRWMS flowcharts. In 2008, an in-depth application of the SAFRAN tool and the SADRWMS methodology was carried out on the predisposal management facilities of the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology Radioactive Waste Management Centre (TINT Facility). This publication summarizes the content and outcomes of the SADRWMS programme. The Chairman’s Report of the SADRWMS Project and the Report of the TINT test case are provided on the CD-ROM which accompanies this report

  6. Driving things

    Nevile, Maurice Richard


    I explore how participants organise involvement with objects brought into the car, relative to the demands of driving and social activity. Objects in cars commonly include phones or other technologies, food, body care products, texts, clothing, bags and carry items, toys, and even animals....... pp.155 (( Nevile, M., Haddington, P., Heinemann, T., Rauniomaa, M. (Eds.) Interacting with objects: Language, materiality, and social activity. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Redshaw, S. (2008). In the...


    This compact disc contains digital data sets of the surficial geology and geologic faults for the 1:250,000-scale Sherman quadrangle, North Central Texas, and can be used to make geologic maps, and determine approximate areas and locations of various geologic units. The source d...

  8. Multichannel Seismic Reflection - SCAR- Antarctic Penn. 1987-88 SDLS CD-ROM vol 27

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1987-88 in the Antarctica Peninsula region, by Petrobras, Brazil. The following...

  9. Multichannel Seismic Reflection - SCAR- Antarctic Penn. 1987-88 SDLS CD-ROM vol 26

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1987-88 in the Antarctica Peninsula region, by Petrobras, Brazil. The following...

  10. Photosynthesis "In Silico". Overcoming the Challenges of Photosynthesis Education Using a Multimedia CD-ROM

    Russell, A. W.; Netherwood, G. M. A.; Robinson, S. A.


    Photosynthesis is a central topic in biology education. It remains one of the most challenging, largely because of a) its conceptual difficulty, leading to lack of interest and misconceptions among students; b) the difficulties students have in visualising the process, or relating it to things they can see, especially when the topic is presented…

  11. Integreret cd-rom- og Internet-koncept til elektronisk referenceværk

    Almind, Richard; Bergenholtz, Henning

    skal informationernes gyldighed garanteres af ordbogens forfattere. Sidstnævnte garanti er i dag ikke til stede, hvis man fokuserer alene på internettet som informationskilde, da det er forholdsvis enkelt at kopiere og ændre kildemateriale og udgive det som plagiat eller indeholdende direkte...

  12. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Amundsen Sea - 1986-1987, SDLS CD-ROM vol 23

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1986-87 in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica, by the Japan National Oil Corporation....

  13. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Ross Sea - 1989, SDLS CD-ROM vol 14

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1989 field season in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, by the SEVMORGEOLOGIA, RUSSIS. The...

  14. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Weddell Sea - 1978, SDLS CD-ROM vol 17

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1978 in the Weddell Sea and Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, by the Bundesanstalt fur...

  15. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Wilkes Land, 1983, SDLS CD-ROM vol 10

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data from thirteen lines recorded during 1983 off Wilkes Island, Antarctica, by the Japan National Oil...

  16. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Weddell Sea - 1978, SDLS CD-ROM vol 18

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1978 in the Weddell Sea and Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, by the Bundesanstalt fur...

  17. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Ross Sea - 1980, SDLS, CD-ROM vol 4

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data from seven lines recorded during 1980 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, by the Bundesanstalt fur...

  18. Multichannel Seismic Reflection - SCAR- Prydz Bay 1980 SDLS CD-ROM vol 8

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1980 in the Prydz Bay region, by Australian Geological Survey Organization. The...

  19. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Ross Sea 1982, SDLS CD-ROM vol 12

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data from seven lines recorded during 1982 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, by the Institut Francais du...

  20. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Ross Sea 1980, SDLS, CD-ROM vol 5

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data from eleven lines recorded during 1980 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, by the Bundesanstalt fur...

  1. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Ross Sea - 1987, SDLS CD-ROM vol 13

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during the 1987 field season in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, by SEVMORGEOLOGIA, RUSSIA. The...

  2. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Antarctic Peninsula - 1985, SDLS CD-ROM vol 16

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1985 field season along the north side of the Antarctic-Peninsula by the British...

  3. Proceedings of the CERI 2001 electricity conference : Navigating the new power economy. CD-ROM ed.

    The electricity sector has undergone several restructuring activities in the past few years in various jurisdictions. Significant criticism has resulted concerning the objectives, methods and results achieved. Rising prices accompanied by a decrease in the supply of electricity was the consequence of this restructuring in several jurisdictions, while the opposite situation was noted on others. A better understanding of the resulting environment and the necessary tools to adjust to the changing situation are demanded by consumers, producers, municipalities, states and provinces. This conference was designed to allow for essential information on critical issues to reach consumers, power generators and energy service providers. The speakers discussed topics such as developing trends, expectations and implications. The new technologies and the resulting economic opportunities were also reviewed. The conference was divided into eight sessions. Session 1 discussed supply, demand and price outlook 2001-2005, and session 2 dealt with Alberta- moving forward. In session 3, the speakers addressed Ontario preparing for competition, while in session 4 keeping the lights on in California was discussed. Session 5 reviewed continental energy strategy and session 6 reviewed electricity 201 - market development and enhancement. In session 7, the focus was industry stakeholders - fireside chat, and session 8 discussed meeting demand. There were two keynote addresses delivered : (1) the economics of deregulation and (2) wither energy restructuring? Don't give up the ship. refs., tabs. figs

  4. Assignments of rights and obligations under a gas sales contract; CD-ROM ed.

    Kowch, J.R.M.


    A general overview of the principles of assignment in a gas sales contract was presented. Assignment is a process wherein the rights or obligations under a contract are transferred from one of the contracting parties to a third party. It is, in other words, the introduction of a new party to the original contractual relationship. Under the rights and obligations of a gas sales contract, the most important right of the seller is to have its gas taken and to be paid. Likewise, the most important obligation of the buyer is to take the gas and pay for it. An assignment by either party has the potential to alter the original expectations of the parties or the basis of which they committed to the contract in the first place. Prior to deregulation and unbundling initiatives, gas sellers and buyers could enter a 20 year sales contract and deal exclusively with each other over the entire 20 year term. Since deregulation, there are more players, and a higher level of corporate acquisitions, divestitures, rationalizations, and restructuring. Today, there are greater chances than ever before that the original party to a contract may change, or that certain rights and obligations may be assigned to a third party and affect the expectations under the contract.

  5. CD-ROM Spectroscope: A Simple and Inexpensive Tool for Classroom Demonstrations on Chemical Spectroscopy.

    Wakabayashi, Fumitaka; Hamada, Kiyohito; Sone, Kozo


    Describes the construction and use of a spectroscope using a compact disk as a reflection grating. Lists instructions for viewing emission spectra of white or fluorescent light sources or discharge tubes, and absorption spectra of colored solutions. Includes modified directions and expanded activities. Contains 16 references. (WRM)

  6. Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing among Five Approaches [with CD-ROM]. Second Edition

    Creswell, John W.


    This new version explores the philosophical underpinnings, history, and key elements of each of five qualitative inquiry approaches: narrative research, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, and case study. Using an accessible and engaging writing style, the author compares theoretical frameworks, ways to employ standards of quality, and…

  7. Math Process Standards Series, Grades PreK-2 [with CD-ROMs

    O'Connell, Susan, Ed.


    The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)'s Process Standards support teaching that helps children develop independent, effective mathematical thinking. The books in the Heinemann Math Process Standards Series give every primary teacher the opportunity to explore each standard in depth. With language and examples that don't require…

  8. The High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center, Version 1. [CD-ROM].

    Whitlock, Laura A.; Allen, Jesse S.; Lochner, James C.

    The High-Energy Astrophysics (HEA) Learning Center gives students, teachers, and the general public a window into the world of high-energy astrophysics. The universe is revealed through x-rays and gamma rays where matter exists under extreme conditions. Information is available on astrophysics at a variety of reading levels, and is illustrated…

  9. Making Good Choices: A Guide for Schools and Districts. Revised Edition. [with CD-ROM].

    Ferguson, Maria

    This guide was designed to help schools develop effective programs in comprehensive school reform (CSR). It emphasizes that a school's CSR approach should be based on its needs, keeping in mind that one model may not provide every aspect of a school's comprehensive reform effort. Even so, a CSR model that meets the U.S. Department of Education's…

  10. Strategic Planning in Higher Education: A Guide for Leaders. Second Edition [with CD-ROM

    Tromp, Sherrie A.; Ruben, Brent D.


    "Strategic Planning in Higher Education" unveils a comprehensive approach to planning that has proved successful at Rutgers University. The SPHE framework, developed by authors Tromp and Ruben, provides a blueprint for planning--a step-by-step approach that guides leaders on strategic thinking; helps them align organizational goals with the…

  11. Solid Waste Educational Resources and Activities: Let's Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. [CD-ROM].

    Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC. Solid Waste and Emergency Response.

    This contains games, activities, publications, and resources for students and teachers on how to reduce, reuse, recycle, and properly manage waste. It also contains a screen saver featuring runners-up from the Earth Day 2000 art contest. Activities and games include titles such as "Planet Protectors,""Recycle City,""Trash and Climate Change," and…

  12. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Antarctic Peninsula 1987-88, SDLS CD-ROM vol 24

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1987-88 in the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica, by the Japan National Oil...

  13. Status and future of the direct sales market; CD-ROM ed.

    DuMaresq, P.R.


    Three topics of interest concerning the direct purchase of natural gas, were discussed. The three topics were: (1) the Ontario market, past, present and future, along with an analysis of market segmentation, (2) Ontario local distribution companies (LDC) separation, or separating the merchant role from the distribution role, and (3) the status of direct purchase in Alberta. Changes in the natural gas market since deregulation in 1985, were also reviewed. It was noted that today, only a handful of agents, brokers and marketers of natural gas are vying for the market; customers are looking to purchase gas at a price lower than the LDC buy/sell price; and there is pressure for the LDCs to separate the merchant functions from the distribution functions in most of the provinces in Canada. The direct and long term impact of these developments will be to enhance competition among distributors.

  14. Review of Perseus 2.0: Sources and Studies on Ancient Greek Culture [CD-ROM

    Harrison Eiteljorg, II


    Full Text Available I have a love-hate relationship with the Perseus Project. Since I first learned about it, when it was still a plan more than a project, I have been impressed by its audacious scope. I have also been very impressed by the far-sightedness of the project directors as they have made certain that the data they store - not necessarily the data they put out on the commercial CDs but the underlying data stored on disc at project headquarters - have been stored in the most sophisticated and neutral formats possible. They have, for instance, used SGML for text and complex databases for other information. They are also storing mapping information in GIS format. On the other hand, I have found myself unimpressed with the CDs produced, both the original one in 1992 and the most recent version, Perseus 2.0, which was released recently. There is much in the new version to admire, much that impresses. Unfortunately, though, there is also much that is worrisome or ineffective or simply not of good quality.

  15. Mechanisms of supply unbundling from the LDC perspective; CD-ROM ed.

    Gang, M.W.


    Critical concerns in the unbundling of services by Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) were identified. These issues are addressed from the perspective of the LDC and from the perspective of convincing both the LDC and state regulators that unbundling will produce benefits for both the LDC and its customers, while maintaining reliable service. The five major concerns are: (1) maintaining reliability of service to core customers and cost of maintaining such service, (2) responsibility for maintaining service to indigent customers and obligation for LDCs to be the supplier of last resort, (3) permission for LDCs and/or affiliates to compete in the supply function,or being restricted to distribution and related services, (4) services the LDC should be permitted to provide exclusively, and (5) level of regulation to be applied to alternative suppliers and means of applying this regulation. It was asserted that many of these issues can be resolved expeditiously if LDCs retain the primary role in planning and obtaining capacity to deliver supplies to their city gates.

  16. OALD 6 (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) on CD-ROM (édition 2000)

    Cazade, Alain


    Introduction Ces quelques lignes visent à aider les enseignants de langue ou les responsables de centres de langues informatisés, en recherche d’outils électroniques performants tant d’un point de vue technique que pédagogique, à trouver une réponse aussi satisfaisante que possible. Il ne s’agit donc nullement de faire de la publicité pour quelque marque ou produit que ce soit et s’il apparaît nécessaire de mettre en valeur les aspects positifs découverts ici et là, on n’omettra pas de tenir ...

  17. Operating Experience with Nuclear Power Stations in Member States in 2012. 2013 Edition (CD-ROM)

    This report is the forty-fourth in the IAEA’s series of annual reports on operating experience with nuclear power stations in Member States. This report provides annual performance data and outage information for individual nuclear power plants from around the world. Summaries of historical performance and outages during the lifetimes of those plants are also included. Additionally, in order to provide a broad picture of nuclear power usage, this report contains six figures that illustrate global operational statistics through 2012. The report is a direct output from the IAEA’s Power Reactor Information System (PRIS), whose databank contains all operating experience data published in the IAEA’s operating experience annual reports since 1970 and basic information on power reactors, including design data. It presents operating experience data for all worldwide nuclear power plants after starting commercial operation. The PRIS databank is available free of charge to IAEA Member States through its public website and on-line application PRIS-Statistics. The web-site contains publicly available information about reactor units and nuclear industry results. The PRIS-Statistics ( allows direct access to the database through the Internet. This application allows registered users report generation through pre-designed reports and filters

  18. Proceedings of the CERI 2003 World Oil Conference : What lies beneath? CD-ROM ed.

    The 22 presentations at this conference reflected recent developments in the international petroleum industry with particular focus on the outlook of world energy markets and prospects for oil supply and reserves. Topics of discussion included the industry structure, development and operating costs, international spending, the expansion of world oil markets, market access, as well as new technology development and application. The papers also covered environmental issues such as climate change and the responsible use of water. The conference provided an opportunity for participants to discuss issues regarding oil supply and demand, oil prices, Canada's oil sands, and what role non-conventional oil plays in the current marketplace. The conference was divided into 7 sessions entitled: (1) outlook for oil prices, (2) global oil supplies, (3) oil and money, (4) downstream issues, (5) markets for Canadian bitumen and synthetics, (6) Canada's east coast, and (7) the geopolitical landscape. Three papers were indexed separately for inclusion in the database. tabs., figs

  19. Proceedings of the CERI 2005 Oil Conference : What's next? CD-ROM ed.

    Recent developments in the international petroleum industry were discussed, including events unfolding in the world such as rising oil prices, world oil demand and booming oil markets. The changes reflect both fundamental and geopolitical issues such as OPEC's potential productive capacity. The presentations addressed whether these developments in the petroleum industry represent a structural shift in the market or if they are merely another cyclical movement. In addition to the outlook for world energy markets and prospects for oil supply and reserves, this conference included discussions about oil price differentials, markets for Canadian oil, geopolitical hotspots for exporting countries, enhanced recovery for conventional resources and an oil sands outlook. The role that non-conventional oil play will play in the current marketplace was also addressed. The conference featured 18 presentations, of which 6 have been indexed separately for inclusion in this database. tabs., figs

  20. Education about Child Sexual Abuse on Interactive Multimedia CD-Rom for Undergraduate Teachers

    Goldman, Juliette D. G.; Torrisi-Steele, Geraldine


    In many countries, one aspect of health education, namely child sexual abuse, has become an important issue for teachers in pre-schools, primary schools and high schools to address. In Australia, many states now have mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse by teachers to their Principals then to the police or the Department of Families.…

  1. Papers of the remediation technologies symposium 2005. CD-ROM ed.

    This conference was attended by over 500 delegates and provided an opportunity for industry, practitioners, researchers and regulators to discuss technical issues in environmental remediation research and recent innovations in soil and groundwater remediation. Sessions included presentations on in-situ, groundwater and surface water remediation. Issues concerning phytoremediation, natural attenuation, extraction and commercial redevelopment were examined. The aim of the conference was also to provide a forum for innovators in remediation to present new work. Topics included hydrocarbon and salt contamination; engineered soil cover for management of salt impacted sites; remediation and revegetation of tar sands composite tailings containing naphthenic acids; sorption of oil sands naphthenic acid mixtures; denitrification as a natural attenuation mechanism; sampling methodologies; variability assessments; stabilization treatment technologies; remediation of coal wastes; bioreactor landfills; well blowouts in Alberta; soil remediation in coarse gravelly soils; diesel-contaminated aquifers; gasoline spill remediation; soil vapour extraction systems; technological solutions for erosion control and water clarification; and cost-effective in-situ remediation strategies. Fifty-two technical presentations were given, of which 27 have been catalogued separately for inclusion in this database

  2. Papers of the remediation technologies symposium 2005. CD-ROM ed.



    This conference was attended by over 500 delegates and provided an opportunity for industry, practitioners, researchers and regulators to discuss technical issues in environmental remediation research and recent innovations in soil and groundwater remediation. Sessions included presentations on in-situ, groundwater and surface water remediation. Issues concerning phytoremediation, natural attenuation, extraction and commercial redevelopment were examined. The aim of the conference was also to provide a forum for innovators in remediation to present new work. Topics included hydrocarbon and salt contamination; engineered soil cover for management of salt impacted sites; remediation and revegetation of tar sands composite tailings containing naphthenic acids; sorption of oil sands naphthenic acid mixtures; denitrification as a natural attenuation mechanism; sampling methodologies; variability assessments; stabilization treatment technologies; remediation of coal wastes; bioreactor landfills; well blowouts in Alberta; soil remediation in coarse gravelly soils; diesel-contaminated aquifers; gasoline spill remediation; soil vapour extraction systems; technological solutions for erosion control and water clarification; and cost-effective in-situ remediation strategies. Fifty-two technical presentations were given, of which 27 have been catalogued separately for inclusion in this database. tabs., figs.

  3. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data, SCAR - Wilkes Land 1982, SDLS, CD-ROM 15

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data from thirteen lines recorded during 1983 off Wilkes Island, Antarctica, by the U.S. Geological...

  4. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Wilkes Land 1982, SDLS CD-ROM vol 11

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data from sixteen lines recorded during 1982 off Wilkes Island, Antarctica, by the Institut Francais...

  5. Proceedings of the CEATI demand side management workshop on understanding customer response. CD-ROM ed.

    Demand for electricity continues to increase in the midst of environmental concerns, deregulation and the rapid evolution of technology. In order to succeed in a changing environment, utilities must be both adaptive and innovative. Growing concerns over supply and the environmental effects of rising consumption rates have led many utilities to establish demand side management (DSM) programs. However, some utilities have failed to consider the importance of customer behaviour in the success of DSM programs. This conference examined various successful initiatives to encourage customers to reduce their individual or corporate demands for energy. The influence of branding, technology, information prices signals and various other strategies were explored. Issues concerning energy efficiency and customer feedback were discussed. The effect of alternative pricing regimes on DSM programs was investigated. Various information system tools were also examined, and the value of real time electricity monitoring was evaluated. Various DSM initiatives in North America were used to establish benchmarks for the successful implementation of DSM strategies. The conference was divided into 3 sessions: (1) involving the customer in reducing demand; (2) the success of energy efficiency and demand response programs : the impact of branding and the impact of price signals; and (3) the technologies and innovations needed to make it work. The conference featured 13 presentations, of which 8 have been catalogued separately for inclusion in this database. refs., tabs., figs

  6. A Randomized Controlled Trial of the "Cool Teens" CD-ROM Computerized Program for Adolescent Anxiety

    Wuthrich, Viviana M.; Rapee, Ronald M.; Cunningham, Michael J.; Lyneham, Heidi J.; Hudson, Jennifer L.; Schniering, Carolyn A.


    Objective: Computerized cognitive behavioral interventions for anxiety disorders in adults have been shown to be efficacious, but limited data are available on the use of computerized interventions with young persons. Adolescents in particular are difficult to engage in treatment and may be especially suited to computerized technologies. This…

  7. Operating Experience with Nuclear Power Stations in Member States in 2011. 2012 Edition (CD-ROM)

    This CD contains the 43rd edition of the IAEA's series of annual reports on operating experience with nuclear power plants in Member States. It is a direct output from the IAEA's Power Reactor Information System (PRIS) and contains information on electricity production and overall performance of individual operational plants during 2011. In addition to annual information, the report contains a historical summary of performance during the lifetime of individual plants and figures illustrating worldwide performance of the nuclear industry. The CD contains also an overview of design characteristics and dashboards of all operating nuclear power plants worldwide.

  8. Understanding Interactive CD-ROM Storybooks and Their Functions in Reading Comprehension: A Critical Review

    Ertem, Ihsan Seyit


    With dramatic changes and recent advances in multimedia, digital technologies through computers propose new ways for introducing kids to the literacy. Literacy educators have stated that traditional printed books are not sufficient and electronic books have the potential to change reading skills. As a valuable tool in educational settings new and…

  9. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR, Ross Sea - 1982-1983, CD-ROM vol 9

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data from fourteen lines recorded during 1982 in the Ross Sea and Wilkes Island, Antarctica, by the...

  10. Proceedings of the CERI 2003 petrochemical conference : Framing the future. CD-ROM ed.

    This conference provided an excellent networking opportunity for those involved in the petrochemical industry which is on the verge of corporate growth. Four keynote addresses and 16 papers were presented at the conference, which was divided into five sessions. The first session discussed the place of the Canadian petrochemical industry in global commerce. Topics of discussion included a global overview of the petrochemical industry, politics and the impact on energy prices. Investment growth and implications for Canada were also outlined in the first session. The second session involved a close look at the resource potential with reference to the gas supply outlook for the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, northern gas, natural gas liquids and carbon dioxide management services. The third session outlined strategies for sustainable development with reference to the impact of climate change issues on Canadian oil and gas development and the legal aspects of doing business under the Kyoto Protocol. The fourth session discussed the challenge of product movement. This included new approaches to pipeline shipments, rail transport and maritime transport. The fifth and final session dealt with the foundations for future growth and keeping Canada competitive in the global economy. The main focus of discussion in the last session was on the use of alternative feedstock for the petrochemical industry. Of the 16 papers presented at the conference 6 were indexed separately for inclusion in this database

  11. Proceedings of the CERI 2005 petrochemical conference: competing in a global marketplace. CD-ROM ed.

    The focus of this conference was on the Canadian petrochemical industry's global competitiveness and potential markets. Recent advances in technology were explored, as well as issues concerning transportation and infrastructure. Capital cost requirements and feedstock availability were examined, as well as opportunities in growth and product diversification. Issues currently challenging the petrochemical industry and its relationship to the energy sector were reviewed. Alberta's place in the North American energy complex was discussed, along with issues concerning feedstock from Canadian oil sands. An overview of North America's position in the world petrochemicals market was presented, and outlooks for future trade with China were discussed. Outlines of the United States and Middle East petrochemical industries were presented, and Russia's role in global energy security was examined. The conference was divided into the following 7 sessions: (1) global conditions for the petrochemical industry; (2) energy supply outlook; (3) transportation and trade; (4) pan-Canadian synergies in petrochemicals and refining; (5) maintaining competitiveness and product and market diversity; (6) capital costs and constraints; and (7) contributions towards global leadership. Twenty-three papers were presented at the conference. refs., tabs., figs

  12. Wind and Solar Resource Assessment of Sri Lanka and the Maldives (CD-ROM)

    Elliott, D.; Schwartz, M.; Scott, G.; Haymes, S.; Heimiller, D.; George, R.


    The Wind and Solar Resource Assessment of Sri Lanka and the Maldives CD contains an electronic version of Wind Energy Resource Atlas of Sri Lanka and the Maldives (NREL/TP-500-34518), Solar Resource Assessment for Sri Lanka and the Maldives (NREL/TO-710-34645), Sri Lanka Wind Farm Analysis and Site Selection Assistance (NREL/SR-500-34646), GIS Data Viewer (software and data files with a readme file), and Hourly Solar and Typical Meteorological Year Data with a readme file.

  13. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Antarctic Peninsula - 1988-1989, SDLS CD-ROM vol 25

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1988-89 in the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica, by the Japan National Oil...

  14. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Ross Sea 1987-1988, SDLS CD-ROM vol 2

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data from six lines recorded during 1988 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, by the Bundesanstalt fur...

  15. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Weddell Sea - 1978, SDLS CD-ROM vol 19

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1978 in the Weddell Sea and Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, by the Bundesanstalt fur...

  16. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Ross Sea - 1980, SDLS CD-ROM vol 3

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data from four lines recorded during 1980 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, by the Bundesanstalt fur...

  17. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Prydz Bay - 1984-1985, SDLS CD-ROM vol 21

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1984-85 in the Prydz Bay region, Antarctica, by the Japan National Oil...

  18. Appendix 1. Contents of part two: experts' contributions [CD-ROM


    1– "Quantification of the scientific diasporas"Jean Johnson 2 – "L'importance relative de la fuite des cerveaux: la place de l'Afrique subsaharienne dans le monde"Philippe Bocquier 3 – "Diasporas: concepts et pratiques"Jean-Baptiste Meyer 4 – "Diasporas en contexte"Roland Waast 5 – "Les coopérations scientifiques du Nord: doctrines et doutes; le cas de l'Afrique"Roland Waast 6 – "Unleashing the forces of the diasporas: capitalizing on brain drain in the era of information and comunication tec...

  19. Impacts of Deforestation and Drainage on Climate: Landscape Management and Policy Implications. [CD-ROM

    Pokorný, Jan; Ripl, W.; Eiseltová, Martina

    Brisbane : Australian Water and Wastewater Association, 1998, s. 1-12. [WaterTech - conference promoting technology, science and business in the water industry. Brisbane (AU), 26.04.1998-29.04.1998] Subject RIV: EF - Botanics

  20. Distractions in Everyday Driving

    ... while driving, which is one of the reasons distracted driving is such a big problem. Driver inattention is ... you’re doing any of these things while driving, you become distracted in ways that increase your risk of crashing. ...

  1. Extended Driving Impairs Nocturnal Driving Performances

    Patricia Sagaspe; Jacques Taillard; Torbjorn Akerstedt; Virginie Bayon; Stéphane Espié; Guillaume Chaumet; Bernard Bioulac; Pierre Philip


    Though fatigue and sleepiness at the wheel are well-known risk factors for traffic accidents, many drivers combine extended driving and sleep deprivation. Fatigue-related accidents occur mainly at night but there is no experimental data available to determine if the duration of prior driving affects driving performance at night. Participants drove in 3 nocturnal driving sessions (3-5 am, 1-5 am and 9 pm-5 am) on open highway. Fourteen young healthy men (mean age [+/-SD] = 23.4 [+/-1.7] years)...

  2. Extended Driving Impairs Nocturnal Driving Performances

    SAGASPE, Patricia; Taillard, Jacques; Åkerstedt, Torbjorn; BAYON, Virginie; Espié, Stéphane; Chaumet, Guillaume; Bioulac, Bernard; Philip, Pierre


    Though fatigue and sleepiness at the wheel are well-known risk factors for traffic accidents, many drivers combine extended driving and sleep deprivation. Fatigue-related accidents occur mainly at night but there is no experimental data available to determine if the duration of prior driving affects driving performance at night. Participants drove in 3 nocturnal driving sessions (3–5am, 1–5am and 9pm–5am) on open highway. Fourteen young healthy men (mean age [±SD] = 23.4 [±1.7] years) partici...

  3. Reading Text While Driving

    Liang, Yulan; Horrey, William J.; Hoffman, Joshua D.


    Objective In this study, we investigated how drivers adapt secondary-task initiation and time-sharing behavior when faced with fluctuating driving demands. Background Reading text while driving is particularly detrimental; however, in real-world driving, drivers actively decide when to perform the task. Method In a test track experiment, participants were free to decide when to read messages while driving along a straight road consisting of an area with increased driving demands (demand zone)...


    Piotr FOLĘGA


    Full Text Available The variety of types and sizes currently in production harmonic drive is a problem in their rational choice. Properly selected harmonic drive must meet certain requirements during operation, and achieve the anticipated service life. The paper discusses the problems associated with the selection of the harmonic drive. It also presents the algorithm correct choice of harmonic drive. The main objective of this study was to develop a computer program that allows the correct choice of harmonic drive by developed algorithm.

  5. Dementia and driving

    ... this page: // Dementia and driving To use the sharing features on ... please enable JavaScript. If your loved one has dementia, deciding when they can no longer drive may ...

  6. Gear bearing drive

    Weinberg, Brian (Inventor); Mavroidis, Constantinos (Inventor); Vranish, John M. (Inventor)


    A gear bearing drive provides a compact mechanism that operates as an actuator providing torque and as a joint providing support. The drive includes a gear arrangement integrating an external rotor DC motor within a sun gear. Locking surfaces maintain the components of the drive in alignment and provide support for axial loads and moments. The gear bearing drive has a variety of applications, including as a joint in robotic arms and prosthetic limbs.

  7. Universal drive unit

    Sehnálek, Lubomír


    This document deal with design of universal driving unit. For the final solution is required driving unit which will be controled with help of sensory unit placed on the chassis of driving unit. In theoretical part of this labour are examined possibilities of a power, electric motor operation by PWM, kind of chassis and odometry which could be taken into account. From this section is finally chosen concrete configuration which is then described in chapter concerned oneself with driving unit d...

  8. High performance AC drives

    Ahmad, Mukhtar


    This book presents a comprehensive view of high performance ac drives. It may be considered as both a text book for graduate students and as an up-to-date monograph. It may also be used by R & D professionals involved in the improvement of performance of drives in the industries. The book will also be beneficial to the researchers pursuing work on multiphase drives as well as sensorless and direct torque control of electric drives since up-to date references in these topics are provided. It will also provide few examples of modeling, analysis and control of electric drives using MATLAB/SIMULIN

  9. Simple Driving Techniques

    Rosendahl, Mads


    -like language. Our aim is to extract a simple notion of driving and show that even in this tamed form it has much of the power of more general notions of driving. Our driving technique may be used to simplify functional programs which use function composition and will often be able to remove intermediate data......Driving was introduced as a program transformation technique by Valentin Turchin in some papers around 1980. It was intended for the programming language REFAL and used in metasystem transitions based on super compilation. In this paper we present one version of driving for a more conventional lisp...

  10. Superluminal warp drive

    In this Letter we consider a warp drive spacetime resulting from that suggested by Alcubierre when the spaceship can only travel faster than light. Restricting to the two dimensions that retains most of the physics, we derive the thermodynamic properties of the warp drive and show that the temperature of the spaceship rises up as its apparent velocity increases. We also find that the warp drive spacetime can be exhibited in a manifestly cosmological form

  11. Universal Drive Train Facility

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — This vehicle drive train research facility is capable of evaluating helicopter and ground vehicle power transmission technologies in a system level environment. The...

  12. Piezoelectric drive circuit

    Treu, Jr., Charles A.


    A piezoelectric motor drive circuit is provided which utilizes the piezoelectric elements as oscillators and a Meacham half-bridge approach to develop feedback from the motor ground circuit to produce a signal to drive amplifiers to power the motor. The circuit automatically compensates for shifts in harmonic frequency of the piezoelectric elements due to pressure and temperature changes.

  13. Fundamentals of electrical drives

    Veltman, André; De Doncker, Rik W


    Provides a comprehensive introduction to various aspects of electrical drive systems. This volume provides a presentation of dynamic generic models that cover all major electrical machine types and modulation/control components of a drive as well as dynamic and steady state analysis of transformers and electrical machines.

  14. Electric Vehicle - Economical driving

    Jensen, VCE, Steen V.; Schøn, Henriette


    How do you reduce the energy-wast when driving and loading EV's - or rather: How do I get more km/l out of an EV......How do you reduce the energy-wast when driving and loading EV's - or rather: How do I get more km/l out of an EV...

  15. Fast wave current drive

    Goree, J.; Ono, M.; Colestock, P.; Horton, R.; McNeill, D.; Park, H.


    Fast wave current drive is demonstrated in the Princeton ACT-I toroidal device. The fast Alfven wave, in the range of high ion-cyclotron harmonics, produced 40 A of current from 1 kW of rf power coupled into the plasma by fast wave loop antenna. This wave excites a steady current by damping on the energetic tail of the electron distribution function in the same way as lower-hybrid current drive, except that fast wave current drive is appropriate for higher plasma densities.

  16. Driving When You Have Cataracts

    ... when they want. I Driving is a complex skill. Our ability to drive safely can be challenged by changes in our ... drive with you to see how well you drive with your cataract. I The ... to improve your driving skills. Improving your skills could help keep you and ...

  17. Dual drive; Doppelt angetrieben

    Wilms, Jan


    The Opel Ampera was designed as an everyday car with an alternative drive system. A hybrid concept comprising both an electric motor and a gasoline engine ensures long mileage, but there is still the problem of high purchase cost.

  18. Safe driving for teens

    ... for crashes. Drivers and passengers should use automobile safety features at all times. These include: seat belts, shoulder straps, and headrests. Only drive cars that have air bags, padded dashes, safety glass, ...

  19. Drunk Driving Campaign

    Christoffersen, Mette Buhl; Vogel, Klara Elisa Pingel


    This project evaluates a communication product, consisting of three flush-ad posters against drunk driving. The target group of this campaign is young men in the ages 18-22 in the outskirts of Denmark. The project's scientific theoretical approach is phenomenology which will give insight in the target groups life situation, furthermore the social constructivist perspective is used to understand the target group's opinions in relation to product and subject drunk driving because of the interac...

  20. Drinking and driving


    Alcohol misuse generates many health and social problems at a cost that society is increasingly unwilling to sustain. One of the most tragic consequences of alcohol misuse is the result of drinking and driving. Each week, impaired drivers kill 40 Canadian men, women and children and injure 1250 others. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), in its campaign against drinking and driving, has recommended that a condition of obtaining or renewing a driver's licence include the individual's writt...

  1. Engineering Autonomous Driving Software

    Berger, Christian; Rumpe, Bernhard


    A larger number of people with heterogeneous knowledge and skills running a project together needs an adaptable, target, and skill-specific engineering process. This especially holds for a project to develop a highly innovative, autonomously driving vehicle to participate in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. In this contribution, we present essential elements of a software and systems engineering process to develop a so-called artificial intelligence capable of driving autonomously in complex u...

  2. Direct drive wind turbine

    Bywaters, Garrett; Danforth, William; Bevington, Christopher; Stowell, Jesse; Costin, Daniel


    A wind turbine is provided that minimizes the size of the drive train and nacelle while maintaining the power electronics and transformer at the top of the tower. The turbine includes a direct drive generator having an integrated disk brake positioned radially inside the stator while minimizing the potential for contamination. The turbine further includes a means for mounting a transformer below the nacelle within the tower.

  3. Instant Google Drive starter

    Procopio, Mike


    This book is a Starter which teaches you how to use Google Drive practically. This book is perfect for people of all skill levels who want to enjoy the benefits of using Google Drive to safely store their files online and in the cloud. It's also great for anyone looking to learn more about cloud computing in general. Readers are expected to have an Internet connection and basic knowledge of using the internet.

  4. Self-driving carsickness.

    Diels, Cyriel; Bos, Jelte E


    This paper discusses the predicted increase in the occurrence and severity of motion sickness in self-driving cars. Self-driving cars have the potential to lead to significant benefits. From the driver's perspective, the direct benefits of this technology are considered increased comfort and productivity. However, we here show that the envisaged scenarios all lead to an increased risk of motion sickness. As such, the benefits this technology is assumed to bring may not be capitalised on, in particular by those already susceptible to motion sickness. This can negatively affect user acceptance and uptake and, in turn, limit the potential socioeconomic benefits that this emerging technology may provide. Following a discussion on the causes of motion sickness in the context of self-driving cars, we present guidelines to steer the design and development of automated vehicle technologies. The aim is to limit or avoid the impact of motion sickness and ultimately promote the uptake of self-driving cars. Attention is also given to less well known consequences of motion sickness, in particular negative aftereffects such as postural instability, and detrimental effects on task performance and how this may impact the use and design of self-driving cars. We conclude that basic perceptual mechanisms need to be considered in the design process whereby self-driving cars cannot simply be thought of as living rooms, offices, or entertainment venues on wheels. PMID:26446454

  5. Epilepsy and driving

    Moetamedi M


    Full Text Available Epilepsy is a disease with high prevalence, which interferes driving and may lead to car accident; This case-control study has been done on 100 epileptic patients and 100 persons as control group, who had history of driving. We gathered our patients with face to face interview and registering their information in special forms which were prepared for this study. There were three times more accidents among epileptic cases comparing with control group and this difference was more considerable in men and in patients under 35 years old. The cause of accident were not seizure attack in more than 60% of the patients and these ordinary accidents were also more in case group. Epileptic patients with history of car accidents during driving had poor drug compliance comparing with the epileptics without history of an accident so drug compliance may be valuable in predicting accident in these patients. We have also found poor drug compliance in whom seizure attacks caused accident for them. 58% of the epileptics had not consulted their physician about driving. 43.3% of seizures during driving were of generalized type and none of the patients had inform police about their disease during getting driving license.

  6. Dangers of Texting While Driving

    ... and share information, we created a dedicated website . Distracted Driving Information Clearinghouse In addition, to collect and share ... technology that could potentially reduce the problem of distracted driving, the Commission’s staff created the FCC Distracted Driving ...

  7. Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data - SCAR - Queen Maud Land - 1985-1986, SDLS CD-ROM vol 22

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data are stacked multichannel marine seismic reflection data recorded during 1985-86 in the Queen Maud Land region, Antarctica, by the Japan National Oil...

  8. Proceedings of the Canadian Urban Transit Association Annual Conference 2001 : Sailing Toward New Horizons. CD-ROM ed.

    The Annual Canadian Urban Transit Association Conference attracted speakers from both Canada and the United States. The topics discussed during the 17 sessions fell in the broad categories of smart growth and urban transit, innovation and new ideas in the transit industry, urban transportation and climate change, the future of transit and the environment, as well as active transportation and its impact on human health. It is felt that public transit should represent the primary solution to urban mobility, with the aim of achieving sustainable transportation. Urban transit and the various means by which it can have an impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and global climate change were discussed in great depth. Community growth has spurred the demand for additional transportation, and presents challenges particular to each community. Discussions also focused on the resulting air quality and pollution problems along with some proposed solutions. Clean fuels, such as compressed natural gas, propane and methanol were also touched upon, as were emerging technologies in the fields of vehicle and new propulsion technologies. The impact of public transit on public health, from the point of view of air quality, climate change and safety was discussed. A total of 35 papers were presented at this conference, of which 9 were processed separately for inclusion in the database. tabs., figs

  9. The Inorganic Illustrator: A 3-D Graphical Supplement for Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry Courses Distributed on CD-ROM

    Childs, Scott L.; Hagen, Karl S.


    The visualization of molecular and solid state chemical structures in three dimensions is a particularly difficult problem for students to overcome when the primary means of communication is the two-dimensional world of textbooks, blackboards, and overhead projector screens. Recent editions of popular textbooks in organic, inorganic, and biochemistry have included stereoviews of molecules to aid the student, and stereoviews of crystal structures have been used in inorganic chemistry publications for many years. These are powerful aids for visualizing complex molecules, but with the exception of the biochemistry text mentioned above, they are limited to single, static images generally in black and white. Molecular model kits are routinely used very effectively in organic chemistry but their utility in inorganic chemistry is limited to all but the most simple molecules encountered. Now that personal computers are generally accessible and multimedia tools are starting to make an appearance in chemistry lecture halls (1), we can make our inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry and crystallography lectures come alive with the aid of the computer-based resources, which are the essence of this project. As part of this project we are accumulating a database of representative crystal structures of main group molecules, coordination complexes, organometallic compounds, small metalloproteins, bioinorganic model complexes, clusters, and solid state materials in Chem3D Plus format to be viewed with Chem3D Viewer, which is free software from Cambridge Scientific Computing. We are also generating a library of high-quality graphic images of these same molecules and structures using Cerius2 package from Molecular Simulations. These include polyhedral representations of clusters and solid state structures (see Fig. 1). Figure 1. Representation of the user interface: the title page and an example of polyhedral and ball-and-stick representation of an octanuclear iron-oxo cluster. The files of solid state structures will not be limited to single unit cells that are common in textbooks, but will present multiple cells such that the extended lattice of the material is evident. Navigation through these resources is through a unique open hypertext-based interface using Authorware, which allows the user to create complex applications that support movies, animation, and other graphics seamlessly. Chem3D Viewer is a powerful program that allows not only multiple visualization modes, but also the detailed analysis of both bonded and nonbonded distances and angles. This is particularly useful for recognizing symmetry elements within molecules, as the student can precisely align atoms along the screen's Cartesian axes or within its planes and subsequently rotate the molecules about the axes at precise angles. We are developing stand-alone interactive tutorials to assign point groups to molecules and clusters. In addition, tutorials are being developed that show how the Chem3D Viewer software can be most effectively used in a classroom setting for lectures or for home or lab use by the students. The Inorganic Illustrator will be made available to the education community for the cost of materials plus shipping and handling. Acknowledgment We would like to thank the NSF for financial support through the Division of Undergraduate Education Course and Curriculum Program (DUE-CCD 9455567). Literature Cited 1. Illman, D. L. Chem. Eng. News 1994, 72(May 9), 34.

  10. Introduction to Communication, Grades 6-8 [with CD-ROM]. The Math Process Standards, Grades 6-8 Series

    O'Connell, Susan; Croskey, Suzanne G.


    The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' (NCTM's) Process Standards support teaching that helps students develop independent, effective mathematical thinking. The books in the Heinemann Math Process Standards Series give every middle grades math teacher the opportunity to explore each standard in depth. The series offers friendly,…

  11. Proceedings of the 6. International Conference on Multipurpose High-rise Towers and Tall Buildings. CD-ROM ed.



    This conference provided an opportunity to exchange information on recent building and construction research with particular reference to high-rise towers and tall buildings. The main issues were arranged into two sessions dealing with innovative new designs for tall structures and designs for fire safety. The presentations evaluated best practices in construction with reference to a wide range of topics, including serviceability considerations for tall residential buildings; super tall housing architectural and socio-psychological implications; design of drainage systems for high-rise buildings; bionic towers and vertical gardens; early warning and response measures for buildings at risk to chemical and biological threats; earthquake protection; safety measures for people with disabilities; and, fire resistance. The conference featured 10 presentations, of which 1 has been indexed separately for inclusion in this database. refs., tabs., figs.

  12. A Preparatory Study of Producing a CD-ROM of American Signs for Deaf Students to Learn English in Japan

    Matsufuji, Midori; Otsuka, Kazuhiko; Arai, Tatsuya


    English is a very important subject at schools in Japan. The primary intent of teaching English is to foster communicative competence and international understanding. For deaf students, learning signs to communicate with deaf people in the world is practical and valuable along with learning written English. We are trying to develop a material for deaf students who learn English using one of the textbooks authorized by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, which are ...

  13. Proceedings of the Canadian Dam Association 2004 annual conference : guidance to good practice. CD-ROM ed.

    This conference provided a forum to share the dam industry's best practices and promote discussion to improve the management and safety of dams. The discussions provided details on large hydropower development projects, their innovations in environmental impact assessment, mitigation, and monitoring. The conference included a technical component lead by experts on dams and tailings facilities. Recent developments in dam construction were reviewed along with discharge and debris management, tailings dam issues, asset management, seismic issues, emergency preparedness planning, public safety, seepage monitoring, flow control, dam rehabilitation, concrete testing, hydrotechnical issues, risk assessment methodology, and safety guidelines. The conference featured 46 presentations, of which 40 have been catalogued separately for inclusion in this database. refs., tabs., figs

  14. Global energy and water cycle experiment (GEWEX) continental-scale international project (GCIP); reference data sets CD-ROM

    Rea, Alan; Cederstrand, Joel R.


    The data sets on this compact disc are a compilation of several geographic reference data sets of interest to the global-change research community. The data sets were chosen with input from the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) Continental-Scale International Project (GCIP) Data Committee and the GCIP Hydrometeorology and Atmospheric Subpanels. The data sets include: locations and periods of record for stream gages, reservoir gages, and meteorological stations; a 500-meter-resolution digital elevation model; grid-node locations for the Eta numerical weather-prediction model; and digital map data sets of geology, land use, streams, large reservoirs, average annual runoff, average annual precipitation, average annual temperature, average annual heating and cooling degree days, hydrologic units, and state and county boundaries. Also included are digital index maps for LANDSAT scenes, and for the U.S. Geological Survey 1:250,000, 1:100,000, and 1:24,000-scale map series. Most of the data sets cover the conterminous United States; the digital elevation model also includes part of southern Canada. The stream and reservoir gage and meteorological station files cover all states having area within the Mississippi River Basin plus that part of the Mississippi River Basin lying within Canada. Several data-base retrievals were processed by state, therefore many sites outside the Mississippi River Basin are included.

  15. A Comparison of Two CD-ROM Periodical Indexes for Use in the Middle School. A Scholarly Study.

    Thrash, Beverly M.

    This purpose of this study was to determine which periodical index--InfoTrac or EBSCO Magazine Article Summaries--is the most appropriate for use by middle school students preparing required research projects. The study population consisted of randomly selected sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students (N=50) in a Cobb County (Georgia) middle…

  16. The Effects of CD-ROM Storybook Reading on Low SES Kindergarteners' Emergent Literacy as a Function of Learning Context

    Shamir, Adina; Korat, Ofra; Barbi, Nili


    We investigated the effects of a highly rated commercial electronic book (e-book) for young children on kindergarteners' emergent literacy skills within the context of paired peer versus individual use of the e-book. The sample of 110 kindergarteners had a mean age of 5.64 years and approximately equal numbers of boys and girls, randomly chosen…

  17. Proceedings of the CANBIO workshop on bioenergy opportunities in the Maritime provinces : policy and awareness. CD ROM ed.

    This workshop addressed issues regarding the development and implementation of bioenergy opportunities in the Maritime provinces, with particular reference to renewable energy policies. Bioenergy resources were reviewed, as well as new and available technologies in harvesting residues. Financing issues for biomass projects were also discussed and perspectives on renewable energy development were presented. Issues concerning the long-term sustainability of bioenergy harvesting were also reviewed, as well as bundling trials and other new developments in bioenergy technology applications. The workshop featured 9 presentations, of which 4 have been catalogued separately for inclusion in this database. tabs., figs

  18. Proceedings of the CERI 2002 electricity conference : getting a grip on power sector restructuring. CD-ROM ed.

    Electric power restructuring in a global context was reviewed at this conference which examined how existing market structures can be improved to benefit all participants. Topics of discussion ranged from issues regarding future development of power generation and transmission, to developing trends, expectations and implications for consumers, power generators and energy service providers. The 7 sessions of the conference were entitled: (1) global lessons from restructuring, what works and what doesn't, (2) competition in electricity markets, (3) restructuring in Canada, (4) suggestions for power sector reform, (5) competition in future generation markets, (6) trading, financing and generation alternatives, and (7) transmission expansion. A total of 7 papers have been indexed separately for inclusion in the database. refs., tabs., figs

  19. Proceedings of the CanSIA solar conference 2005 : the world of solar. CD-ROM ed.

    This conference focused on recent activities promoting solar energy as a major energy supplier, as well as on actions needed to overcome barriers to greater solar deployment. The potential of solar energy technologies in overcoming energy supply problems was examined, as well as the value of solar energy in achieving greenhouse gas reduction targets and creating jobs and wealth for local economies. Various solar energy programs in Canada were reviewed, as well as greenhouse gas offset systems and domestic hot water programs. Standard Offer Contracts in Ontario were discussed. Various university and industry partnerships in solar energy research were described. Issues concerning interconnection standards and industry updates were reviewed. Financing programs for solar energy projects were presented, including Renewable Energy Deployment Initiative (REDI) program statistics. Performance standards for photovoltaic (PV) modules were reviewed, as well as changes in various building codes relating to the solar energy industry. Issues concerning sustainable energy education, marketing and training were examined. The role of solar energy in Ontario's electricity supply was discussed. An overview of current solar energy projects funded by the Canadian government was provided. Thirty-nine papers were presented at this conference, of which 5 have been catalogued separately for inclusion in this database. refs., tabs., figs


    Over 600 Cottonwood trees were planted over a shallow groundwater plume in an attempt to detoxify the tricWoroethylene (TCE) in a groundwater plume at a former Air Force facility. Two planting techniques were used: rooted stock about two years old, and 18 inch cuttings were insta...

  1. Meeting the Needs of Your Most Able Pupils: Art. Gifted and Talented Series [with CD-ROM

    Earle, Kim


    "Meeting the Needs of your Most Able Pupils in Art" provides specific guidance on: (1) Recognising High Ability and Multiple Intelligences Planning, (2) Differentiation and Extension; (3) Enrichment in Art Teacher Questioning Skills; (4) Support for More Able Pupils with Learning Difficulties (dyslexics, ADHD, sensory impairment); (5) Homework…

  2. Returning Indigenous knowledge in central Australia: : ‘this CD-ROM brings everybody to the mind'

    Glowczewski, Barbara


    Many people in the modern world identify with a culture essentially transmitted through live or recorded images and sounds. Image and sound are at the core of the traditional transmission of knowledge for many Indigenous peoples. Today, multimediatechnology and the internet offer a fantastic way to promote and transmit oral cultures both for the benefit of the Indigenous peoples concerned, as well as to demonstrate the importance of local knowledge in the global system. Though text is still p...

  3. [Drug use and driving].

    Lemaire-Hurtel, Anne-Sophie; Goullé, Jean-Pierre; Alvarez, Jean-Claude; Mura, Patrick; Verstraete, Alain G


    Some drugs are known to impair driving because they can change the vision or hearing, and/or disrupt the intellectual or motor abilities: impaired vigilance, sedation, disinhibition effect, the coordination of movement disorders and the balance. The doctor during prescribing and the pharmacist during deliverance of drug treatment should inform their patients of the potential risks of drugs on driving or operating machinery. The driver has direct responsibility, who hired him and him alone, to follow the medical advice received. The pictograms on the outer packaging of medicinal products intended to classify substances according to their risk driving: The driver can whether to observe simple precautions (level one "be prudent"), or follow the advice of a health professional (level two "be very careful"), or if it is totally not drive (level three "danger caution: do not drive"). This classification only evaluates the intrinsic danger of drugs but not the individual variability. Medicines should be taken into account also the conditions for which the medication is prescribed. It is important to inform the patient on several points. PMID:25956300

  4. Control rod drives

    Purpose: To fix a magnetic rotor to a drive shaft and at the time of non-driving, to restrain the rotor by permanent magnets thereby to hold the position of the control rod safely and accurately. Constitution: A control rod position holding device is provided in a motor or a drive shaft of a control rod drive. This device consists of a rotor and a stator, the rotor being provided on its circumference with salient-poles arranged equidistantly, and the position of the rotor being determined depending upon the transfer distance of the control rod and the conversion ratio of the converter. On the other hand, the stator has salient-poles (any of them is a permanent magnet) having the number of poles and the positional relationship equivalent to those of the rotor, and provided in the inner periphery of a cylinder using the drive shaft as a central shaft and wound with a winding. When the control rod is not driven, the poles of the rotor are attracted by the magnetic force of the confronting poles of the stator, thereby to prevent the inverse rotation of the motor shaft due to the dead weight of the control rod. When a current is caused to flow through the winding, the magnetic force of the permanent magnet, and the stator release the rotor. (Yoshino, Y.)

  5. Ceramic vane drive joint

    Smale, Charles H. (Inventor)


    A variable geometry gas turbine has an array of ceramic composition vanes positioned by an actuating ring coupled through a plurality of circumferentially spaced turbine vane levers to the outer end of a metallic vane drive shaft at each of the ceramic vanes. Each of the ceramic vanes has an end slot of bow tie configuration including flared end segments and a center slot therebetween. Each of the vane drive shafts has a cross head with ends thereof spaced with respect to the sides of the end slot to define clearance for free expansion of the cross head with respect to the vane and the cross head being configured to uniformly distribute drive loads across bearing surfaces of the vane slot.

  6. Gears and gear drives

    Jelaska, Damir T


    Understanding how gears are formed and how they interact or 'mesh' with each other is essential when designing equipment that uses gears or gear trains. The way in which gear teeth are formed and how they mesh is determined by their geometry and kinematics, which is the topic of this book.  Gears and Gear Drives provides the reader with comprehensive coverage of gears and gear drives. Spur, helical, bevel, worm and planetary gears are all covered, with consideration given to their classification, geometry, kinematics, accuracy control, load capacity and manufacturing. Cylindric

  7. Toyota hybrid synergy drive

    Gautschi, H.


    This presentation made at the Swiss 2008 research conference on traffic by Hannes Gautschi, director of service and training at the Toyota company in Switzerland, takes a look at Toyota's hybrid drive vehicles. The construction of the vehicles and their combined combustion engines and electric generators and drives is presented and the combined operation of these components is described. Braking and energy recovery are discussed. Figures on the performance, fuel consumption and CO{sub 2} output of the hybrid vehicles are compared with those of conventional vehicles.

  8. Permanent magnet brushless drives

    Chan, CC; Xia, W.; Jiang, JZ; Chau, KT; Zhu, ML


    The purpose of this paper is to present an optimal efficiency control scheme for constant power operation of phase decoupling (PD) PM brushless DC motor drives. The key is to adaptively adjust the advanced conduction angle to minimize the system losses for a given operation point in the constant power region. The strategy for constant power operation of PD PM brushless DC motor drives is exemplified using a 5-phase 22-pole PD PM brushless DC motor. In the sections that follow, the newly-devel...

  9. Chaos in drive systems

    Kratochvíl C.


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to provide an elementary introduction to the subject of chaos in the electromechanical drive systems. In this article, we explore chaotic solutions of maps and continuous time systems. These solutions are also bounded like equilibrium, periodic and quasiperiodic solutions.

  10. Magnetized drive fluids

    Rosensweig, R.E.; Zahn, M.


    A process is described for recovering a first fluid from a porous subterranean formation which comprises injecting a displacement fluid in an effective amount to displace the first fluid, injecting a ferrofluid, applying a magnetic field containing a gradient of field intensity within the formation, driving the displacement fluid through the formation with the ferrofluid and recovering first fluid.