Sample records for cassure nucleaire aspects

  1. Cassures double-brin de l'ADN, cassures chrosomiques et létalité des cellules humaines irradiées

    Foray, N.; Arlett, C. F.; Malaise, E. P.


    DNA double-strand breaks (DSB) are the likely event which may explain the radiation-induced killing effect in mammalian cells. An overview of the litterature shows that, to the exception of a small group of human tumours, the repair defect rather than the induction rate of DSB plays the major role. However, the arguments supporting the relationship between DSB and intrinsic radiosensitivity are most often indirect. Our results dealing with intrinsic radiosensitivity, residual DNA DSB and chromosome breaks have been achieved with untransformed human fibroblasts (5 control and 18 hypersensitive cell lines). We describe a quantitative relationship between the intrinsic radiosensitivity and the residual breaks. The death of a human fibroblast is linked to 1.3 unrepaired chromosome break and 6.6 unrepaired DSB. Les cassures double-brin (CDB) de l'ADN constituent l'événement-clé susceptible d'expliquer l'effet létal des radiations ionisantes. Une revue générale de la littérature montre que, à l'exception d'un groupe minoritaire de tumeurs humaines, c'est surtout une déficience de réparation plutôt que l'incidence des dégâts qui est associée à la mort des cellules de mammifères irradiées. Toutefois, les arguments en faveur d'un lien entre radiosensibilité et CDB sont généralement indirects. À partir de 23lignées fibroblastiques humaines (5témoins et 18hypersensibles), nous décrivons une relation quantifiée entre la radiosensibilité intrinsèque et les cassures résiduelles de l'ADN et des chromosomes. La mort d'un fibroblaste humain irradié est associée à 6,6 CDB et 1,3 cassure chromosomique non réparées.

  2. Exotic nuclei: another aspect of nuclear structure; Les noyaux exotiques: un autre regard sur la structure nucleaire

    Dobaczewski, J. [Warsaw Univ., Institute of Theoretical Physics (Poland); Blumenfeld, Y.; Flocard, H.; Garcia Borge, M.J.; Nowacki, F.; Rombouts, S.; Theisen, Ch.; Marques, F.M.; Lacroix, D.; Dessagne, P.; Gaeggeler, H


    This document gathers the lectures made at the Joliot Curie international summer school in 2002 whose theme that year was exotic nuclei. There were 11 contributions whose titles are: 1) interactions, symmetry breaking and effective fields from quarks to nuclei; 2) status and perspectives for the study of exotic nuclei: experimental aspects; 3) the pairing interaction and the N = Z nuclei; 4) borders of stability region and exotic decays; 5) shell structure of nuclei: from stability to decay; 6) variational approach of system with a few nucleons; 7) from heavy to super-heavy nuclei; 8) halos, molecules and multi-neutrons; 9) macroscopic approaches for fusion reactions; 10) beta decay: a tool for spectroscopy; 11) the gas phase chemistry of super-heavy elements.

  3. The atolls of Mururoa and Fangataufa (French Polynesia). The nuclear testings. Radiological aspects; Les atolls de Mururoa et de Fangataufa (Polynesie Francaise). Les experimentations nucleaires. Aspects radiologiques

    Martin, G


    This report provides a review of the radiological measures implemented during the thirty year period of French nuclear tests in Polynesian atolls of Mururoa and Fangataufa. It presents full details of the practices deployed throughout these tests, including, in particular, aspects concerning radiological protection for the population and the environment. It contains all the scientific results and measurements of radioactivity performed during this period, providing concrete facts that can be used to assess the consequences these tests have had on the personnel involved, the population and the environment. (author)

  4. New features of nuclear excitation by {alpha} particles scattering; Nouveaux aspects de l'excitation nucleaire par diffusion de particules {alpha}

    Saudinos, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Inelastic scattering of medium energy a particles by nuclei is known to excite preferentially levels of collective character. We have studied the scattering of isotopically enriched targets of Ca, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn. In part I, we discuss the theoretical features of the interaction. In part II, we describe the experimental procedure. Results are presented and analysed in part III. {alpha} particles scattering by Ca{sup 40} is showed to excite preferentially odd parity levels. In odd nuclei we have observed multiplets due to the coupling of the odd nucleon with the even-even core vibrations. For even-even nuclei, a few levels are excited with lower cross-sections between the well-known first 2{sup +} and 3{sup -} states. Some could be members of the two phonon quadrupole excitation and involve a double nuclear excitation process. (author) [French] On sait que la diffusion inelastique des particules alpha de moyenne energie excite preferentiellement des niveaux de caractere collectif. Nous avons etudie la diffusion des particules alpha de 44 MeV du cyclotron de Saclay par des isotopes separes de Ca, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn. Dans la premiere partie nous exposons les theories de cette interaction. Dans la seconde nous decrivons le systeme experimental. Les resultats sont donnes dans la troisieme partie. Nous montrons que les niveaux excites preferentiellement pour {sup 40}Ca par diffusion ({alpha},{alpha}') sont de parite negative. Dans les noyaux pair-impair nous avons observe des multiplets dus au couplage du nucleon celibataire avec les vibrations du coeur pair-pair. Pour les noyaux pair-pair nous avons pu etudier entre le premier niveau 2{sup +} et le niveau 3{sup -} deja bien connus certains etats plus faiblement excites. Il semble qu'ils sont dus a une excitation quadrupolaire a deux phonons et impliquent un processus de double excitation nucleaire. (auteur)

  5. Nuclear propulsion; Propulsion nucleaire

    Demarthon, F.; Dupuy-Maury, F


    This document gathers a series of short articles dedicated to the French program of nuclear submarines. 6 main aspects are presented: 1) an historical review of this program that dates back 50 years ago, 2) who does what concerning nuclear submarines designing, 3) life on board, 4) submarine maintenance, 5) Barracuda: the new generation (its cost: 5 milliard Euros), and 6) ground facilities to test the nuclear core and to train the staff.

  6. Siloette, Siloe mock-up; Siloette, modele nucleaire de siloe

    Delcroix, V.; Jeanne, G.; Mitault, G.; Schulhof, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Siloette is the Siloe mock-up. The main installations are described: various tanks, building, auxiliaries, control systems... Precis ions are given about precautions taken for using spent fuel elements. (authors) [French] Siloette est le modele nucleaire de SILOE. On decrit ses diverses installations: bassins, batiments, auxiliaires, controle... Des precisions sont donnees sur les precautions prises pour y utiliser des elements uses. (auteurs)

  7. French research in the field of nuclear agronomy; Les recherches francaises en agronomie nucleaire

    Guerin De Montgareuil, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Cadarache (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    , industrial firms, university laboratories scientific institutes. The role of the Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique is defined: on the one hand it supplies information and support, and on the other hand it takes charge of specifically nuclear aspects of the work. Its part in the field has recently found expression in the creation, within the Biology Department, of a Radio-agronomy Section; its objective are described,, as well as the, means placed att its disposal at the Centre d'etudes Nucleaires, Cadarache. (author) [French] On propose un bilan des travaux les plus significatifs effectues en France depuis la deuxieme conference internationale en matiere d'agronomie nucleaire et qui vont d'une recherche apparemment desinteressee a l'application la plus directe. Une telle differenciation recouvre de moins en moins, au fur et a mesure de l'evolution des programmes, la distinction qui est faite dans l'expose entre l'action biologique des rayonnements et les autres emplois des techniques nucleaires. C'est ainsi que les recherches do radiogenetique agricole sont poursuivies dans deux directions: d'un point de vue theorique et methodologique avec l'etude comparative de l'action des divers types de rayonnements, l'influence du debit de dose et de la temperature, l'action des agents mutagenes chimiques, la production de chimeres sous irradiation gamma; et d'autre part, sous un aspect pratique aboutissant a la creation de varietes nouvelles plus resistantes ou plus precoces (riz, mil, arachide). Les problemes de destruction des insectes (eradication) et de conservation des denrees sous irradiation se trouvent egalement abordes par des voies et avec des objectifs tres divers. A la demarche globale representee par une irradiation pure et simple (grains humides, pommes de terre...) sont parfois associees des etudes souvent originales, d'ordre biochimique ou microbiologique (par exemple: alteration de l

  8. Economic consequences of the Swiss 'Sortir du nucleaire' and 'Moratoire-plus' popular initiatives - Analysis using a balanced model

    This article is a short version of the ENET number 210359. This report for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) presents the results of a study made to assess the economic consequences of two models for the opting out of nuclear energy in Switzerland, as proposed in two popular initiatives. The 'Sortir du nucleaire' (electricity without atomic power) initiative calls for the shutting down of the existing nuclear power stations and the 'Moratoire-plus' initiative calls for a stop on the building of new atomic power stations for 10 years. The method used for assessing the costs and benefits resulting if the initiatives were accepted in a public vote is described. Basic assumptions made on further factors concerning the electricity and energy markets are discussed. Results of analyses made for various scenarios with respect to CO2 emissions are presented and include discussions on risk costs, effects on employment and welfare aspects

  9. Nuclear energy: exit or revival? International aspects; Energie nucleaire: sortie ou relance? Aspects internationaux



    This colloquium took place less than 1 year after the decision of the US of revival of their nuclear program. Thus the international context has changed, even if nuclear contestation remains as strong as in the past. Among governments, some positions preach the banishment of nuclear energy while others consider the nuclear option as the only solution to meet the growing up energy demand and the future environmental and economical stakes. This report makes a synthesis of the different talks given by the participants during the 3 round tables of the colloquium on the future of nuclear energy: the ecological stake, the democratic stake, and the energy policy stake. Four talks of French government representatives open and conclude the debates of the different round tables. (J.S.)

  10. Radiotoxicity, dose and nuclear alchemy; Radiotoxiciteit, dosis en nucleaire alchemie

    Schram, R. [Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group NRG, Petten (Netherlands)


    An outline is given of the nuclear fuel cycle and related products, focusing on the radiotoxicity and radioactive waste dose. Also, it is explained how those subjects form the basis of research on transmutation and recycling of radioactive waste. Finally, attention will be paid to nuclear alchemy, i.e. the steps to be taken for transmutation and recycling, based on current developments in research at NRG. [Dutch] In dit artikel zal een toelichting worden gegeven op de splijtstofcyclus en de producten die daarbij vrijkomen. Hierbij zal worden ingegaan op de radiotoxiciteit en dosis van het radioactief anal. Tevens zal worden uitgelegd hoe deze begrippen de basis vormen voor keuzes binnen het onderzoek naar transmutatie en recycling van radioactief afval. Ook zal de nucleaire alchemie, de benodigde stappen voor transmutatie en recycling, worden behandeld aan de hand van de actuele ontwikkelingen in het onderzoek zoals onder meer uitgevoerd bij NRG.

  11. The nuclear refugees; Les refugies du nucleaire

    Linton, M.


    The authors propose a report on the various situations of people who had to be evacuated after the Fukushima accident. Along with examples of people who left their homes with taking with them a single object, the authors describe and comment how this evacuation occurred, the problems faced by the authorities for refugee reception and accommodation. This evacuation has been either organised or spontaneous. Hospitals had to be evacuated as well. Then, local authorities faced food shortage. Some animals have been saved, other starved to death. Dead animals are covered with lime. Dead bodies are decontaminated before being given back to families. Tests are regularly performed to assess people contamination. A second article discussed the bad news concerning the different Fukushima reactors with their melted cores. The geophysical aspects of the earthquake are evoked in a last article

  12. Treatment of effluent at the Saclay Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires (1960)

    The Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires at Saclay possesses several installations from which liquid radioactive effluent is rejected, and it has thus been found necessary to construct a station for the purification of radioactive liquids and to settle various chemical, analytical and technological problems. This report describes, in the following order: - the disposal possibilities at the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires, Saclay, - the effluents produced at the centre, - the set-up for collecting effluent, - treatment of the effluent, - results of these treatments. (author)

  13. Nuclear program of Iran. Towards de-escalation of a nuclear crisis. Advisory letter; Nucleair programma van Iran. Naar de-escalatie van een nucleaire crisis. Briefadvies



    The Dutch government, partly at the request of the House of Representatives (Second Chamber), the AIV asked to give an opinion about the position of Iran in the region and the role of the nuclear program of Iran in the geopolitical relations, in view of the most recent developments [Dutch] De Nederlandse regering heeft, mede op verzoek van de Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal, de AIV gevraagd advies uit te brengen over de positie van Iran in de regio en de rol van het nucleaire programma van Iran in de geopolitieke verhoudingen hierin, mede gelet op de meest recente ontwikkelingen.

  14. An absolute nuclear magnetic resonance magnetometer; Magnetometre absolu a resonance magnetique nucleaire

    Salvi, A. [Commisariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    After an introduction in which the various work undertaken since the discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance is rapidly reviewed, the author describes briefly In the first chapter three types of NMR magnetometers, giving the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and deducing from this the design of the apparatus having the greatest number of qualities Chapter II is devoted to the crossed coil nuclear oscillator which operates continuously over a wide range (800 gamma). To avoid an error due to a carrying over the frequency, the measurement is carried out using bands of 1000 {gamma}. Chapter III deals with frequency measurements. The author describes an original arrangement which makes possible the frequency-field conversion with an accuracy of {+-} 5 x 10{sup -6}, and the differential measurement between two nuclear oscillators. The report finishes with a conclusion and a few recordings. (author) [French] Apres une introduction rappelant les divers travaux effectues en resonance magnetique nucleaire depuis sa mise en evidence, l'auteur decrit sommairement dans le premier chapitre trois types de magnetometre a R.M.N. enumerant les avantages et les inconvenients de chacun a partir desquels il projet, l'appareillage reunissant le maximum de qualites. Le chapitre II est consacre a l'oscillateur nucleaire a bobines croisees permettant un fonctionnement continu dons une large plage (800 gamma). Pour eviter une erreur due a l'entrainement de frequence, la mesure s'effectue par bandes de 1000 {gamma} chacune. Le chapitre III traite la mesure de frequence. L'auteur expose un montage original permettant la traduction frequence-champ avec une precision egale a {+-} 5.10{sup -6}, et la mesure differentielle entre deux oscillateurs nucleaires. Une conclusion et quelques enregistrements terminent ce travail. (auteur)

  15. Possibilities and limitations of analogue methods for studying the dynamics of nuclear power stations; Possibilites et limitations du calcul analogique pour les etudes dynamiques de centrales nucleaires

    Caillet, C.; Deat, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    1. Introduction: the present paper is devoted to analog simulation of problems related to nuclear reactors other than the simulation of the kinetic equations which is well known. 2. Thermodynamic problems: various problems relative to temperature evolution in a reactor, in a pipe, in an exchanger, in a turbine, are studied, and simulation techniques used by earlier authors are critically reviewed. 3. Pipe simulators: it is shown that this problem can be solved by the use of specialized simulators which will be described and analysed. 4. Rotating machine simulators: the particular aspect of rotating machine calculations introducing frequent use of diagrams is emphasized. A simulator requiring both digital and analogue methods is described. 5. The study of a nuclear power station: as an example it is proposed to discuss problems a rising in connection with the preceding elements (a, b, c, d) when simulating the behaviour of large nuclear plants. The part played by ordinary computing elements for the simulation of the different servomechanism transfer functions is considered and process of regulation is outlined. 6. Conclusion: the necessity of the use of high quality simulators and computers is underlined and the accuracy of the solutions is discussed. (author)Fren. [French] 1. Cinetique des reacteurs: la simulation des equations cinetiques d'un reacteur nucleaire ne pose desormais plus de probleme. II est donc possible de faire le point des differentes applications de la technique analogique dans ce domaine. 2. Les problemes thermodynamiques: on discute les differents problemes poses par l'evolution des temperatures dans un reacteur, dans une tuyauterie, dans un echangeur, dans une turbine, et on passe en revue les techniques de simulation proposees jusqu'a ce jour. 3s simulateurs de tuyauteries: on montre comment les differents problemes poses ci-dessus peuvent etre resolus, pour une classe tres vaste de reacteurs par l'emploi de simulateurs

  16. Nuclear biological studies in France; Les etudes de biologie nucleaires en France

    Coursaget, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    On the occasion of a colloquium on radiobiological research programmes, a number of documents dealing with French accomplishments and projects in this field were collected together. We felt that it would be useful to assemble these papers in one report; although they are brief and leave gaps to be filled in, they provide certain data, give an overall view of the situation, and can also suggest a rough plan for the general policy to adopt in the field of 'nuclear' biological research; i.e. research based on the nuclear tracer method or devoted to the action of ionising radiations. (author) [French] Un colloque sur les programmes de recherche en radiobiologie nous a donne l'occasion de reunir des documents sur les realisations et les projets francais dans ce domaine. Il nous a semble utile de reunir en un rapport l'ensemble de ces documents, qui, malgre leur brievete et malgre les lacunes qu'ils comportent, donnent un certain nombre d'informations, permettent une vue d'ensemble et peuvent dessiner aussi l'ebauche d'une politique coherente en matiere de recherches biologiques 'nucleaires', c'est-a-dire de recherches basees sur la methode des indicateurs nucleaires ou consacrees a l'action des rayonnements ionisants. (auteur)

  17. Analytic index for nuclear physicians uses; Repertoire analytique a l'usage des physiciens nucleaires

    Ballini, R.; Barloutaud, R.; Bernas, R.; Bretonneau, P.; Chaminade, R.; Cohen, R.; Conjeaud, M.; Cotton, E.; Faraggi, H.; Grjebine, T.; Joffre, H.; Laboulaye, H. de; Lesueur, C.; Leveque, A.; Moreau, J.; Naggiar, V.; Papineau, L.; Prugne, P.; Schuhl, C.; Studinowski, FJ.; Netter, F.; Raievski, V.; Valladas, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Lab. du Fort de Chatillon, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Marty, N.; Renard, G. [College de France, Lab. de Chimie Nucleaire (France)

    The problem of the documentation in nuclear physics becomes constantly more complex. Every week brings its share of new publications, always more numerous and more varied. To remedy to this facts that we tried, in the service of Nuclear Physics of the CEA, to give to the documentation a character of a collective and systematized work. The present report covers the literature appeared between first January 1950 and first July 1951. (Volume 1: CEA report number 120; Volume 2: CEA report number 184). (M.B.) [French] Le probleme de la documentation en physique nucleaire devient sans cesse plus complexe. Chaque semaine apporte son lot de publications, toujours plus nombreuses et plus diversifiees. C'est pour essayer de porter remede a cet etat de choses que nous avons essaye, au service de Physique Nucleaire du C.E.A., de donner a la documentation le caractere d'un travail collectif systematise. Le present rapport couvre la litterature parue entre le premier Janvier 1950 et le premier Juillet 1951. (Tome 1: Rapport CEA numero 120; Tome 2: Rapport CEA numero 184). (M.B.)

  18. Climatic change and nuclear; Changement climatique et nucleaire

    Schneider, M


    One of the main priorities of the WWF is to increase the implementing of solutions relative to the greenhouse effect fight. In this framework the foundation published a study on the nuclear facing the climatic change problem. The following chapters are detailed: the nuclear and the negotiations on the climatic change; the nuclear close; the unrealistic hypothesis of the nuclear forecast; the nuclear facing other energy supplying options; supplying efficiency for heating, electric power, gas and renewable energies; the consumption efficiency facing the nuclear; the economical aspects; the deregulation effect; the political aspects; the nuclear AND the greenhouse effect. (A.L.B.)

  19. Nuclear law 2006-2009; Droit nucleaire 2006-2009

    Bringuier, P.


    The author proposes an overview and comments of the evolution of the French legal context related to nuclear activities. More precisely, he addresses different issues and aspects: the institutional organisation, the transparency and public information, safety and radioprotection, nuclear materials (in terms of control and physical protection), transportation, trade and non proliferation issues, radioactive wastes, radiological accident, and responsibility and insurance

  20. The 1989 annual report of the Institut de Physique Nucleaire-Orsay

    The activity report of the Institut de Physique Nucleaire (Orsay-France) from 1 Sep 1988 to 1 Aug 1989 is presented. Theoretical and experimental investigations were carried out in the following fields: light and medium exotic nuclei, on line spectroscopy, discrete high spin states, new radioactivities, thermal fission, detection systems, giant resonances, high excitation energy structure, reaction mechanisms at energies below 10 MeV/u and at 200 MeV/u and their evolution between 10 and 100 MeV/u, meson production, transfer reactions, spin modes in nuclei, dibaryonic resonances, inelastic scattering of polarized protons. Research programs in the field of radiochemistry and relating to inter-disciplinary fields are included. The activities involving teaching, the lists of publications conferences, seminars and theses are presented

  1. The nuclear law: safety. 2006-2010; Le droit nucleaire: la surete 2006-2010

    Bringuier, P. [Montpellier-1 Univ., UMR 5815, 34 (France)


    The author discusses the legal evolutions related to nuclear safety between 2006 and 2010. He identifies three main topics of unequal importance. Firstly, he comments the implementation of an international reference framework which has been completed at the European level and which aims at the harmonization of safety and security rules. Secondly, he comments the creation of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN, Autorite de Surete Nucleaire). Thirdly, he comments the recast of the standard framework in order to update the French law with respect to the international reference framework. This leaded to a new distribution of power and authority, to more complete and constraining procedures, and to the definition of procedures for each step of an installation life cycle

  2. Nuclear law; Le droit nucleaire 2006-2008

    Bringuier, P. [Montpellier-1 Univ., Droit International Public, UMR 5815, 34 (France)


    The object of this report is to present the evolution of the nuclear law during the period from 2006 to 2008, period that was characterized in France by a real rewriting from the implementation of a control authority. The prescriptive backing of nuclear activities has been deeply changed by numerous texts. In this first part are presented: (1) the institutional aspects, (2) openness and public information, (7) radioactive wastes and (9) liability and insurance. In a next publication will be treated: (3) safety and radiation protection; (4) nuclear matter, inspection, physical protection; (5) transports; (6) trade, non-proliferation; (8) radiological accidents. (N.C.)

  3. Exit this way; Par ici la sortie du nucleaire



    This paper aims to inform the public on the nuclear power phaseout necessity. The fist part presents the hazards bound the nuclear activities, from the uranium mines to the radioactive wastes disposal and the reasons of a necessary phaseout. The second part recalls the historical aspects of the nuclear power implementation in the french energy policy and the today government attitude to value its choice. The last part presents the advantages of other energies sources and scenario of nuclear power phaseout. (A.L.B.)

  4. Physics of nuclear reactors; La physique des reacteurs nucleaires

    Marguet, S. [Ecole Nationale Superieure de Risques Industriels de Bourges, 18 (France); Institut de Transfert de Technologie d' EDF, 92 - Clamart (France)


    This manual covers all the aspects of the science of neutron transport in nuclear reactors and can be used with great advantage by students, engineers or even reactor experts. It is composed of 18 chapters: 1) basis of nuclear physics, 2) the interactions of neutrons with matter, 3) the interactions of electromagnetic radiations and charged-particles with matter, 4) neutron slowing-down, 5) resonant absorption, 6) Doppler effect, 7) neutron thermalization, 8) Boltzmann equation, 9) calculation methods in neutron transport theory, 10) neutron scattering, 11) reactor reactivity, 12) theory of the critical homogenous pile, 13) the neutron reflector, 14) the heterogeneous reactor, 15) the equations of the fuel cycle, 16) neutron counter-reactions, 17) reactor kinetics, and 18) calculation methods in neutron scattering

  5. The nuclear naval propulsion; La propulsion nucleaire navale

    Fribourg, Ch. [Technicatome, Centre d`Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France)


    As soon as 1942 the application of nuclear energy to the propulsion of submarines was yet quoted as very promising. For 40 years this type of propulsion has been applied to submarines, aircraft carriers and ice-breakers. A review of the different kinds of ships is made and a perspective for a near future is drawn. The historical aspect of the successive French programs is presented and the development of the concept due to the progress of technology and experience is highlighted. The Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier will benefit fully from its nuclear propulsion system. This system allows: -autonomy with the supplying of almost no limited amount of electricity, -compactness, the absence of chimneys facilitates the use of the flight-deck, -a reduction of the mass, a classical propulsion system requires 8000 tons of fuel, -a great maneuverability and a high level of reliability. Naval propulsion presents the engineers with specific problems. The exiguity of ships implies the entanglement of different systems, for instance, the water reserve is used as a radiation shielding. The ship maneuverability requires a high flexibility of the power supply: from 10% to 100% of the nominal power delivered in less than one minute. The particular auto-stability of the pressurized water reactor type which can sustain sharp power transients by a rise of only 10 degrees of the moderator temperature has been one of the main assets of this type of reactor to the naval propulsion. (A.C.)

  6. Nominal aspect

    Rijkhoff, Jan


    In a general way the notion 'aspect' can be defined as the way in which a property or relation is represented in some dimension. Two kinds of aspect can be distinguished: verbal and nominal aspect. The study of verbal aspect has a long tradition, but nominal aspect has only been introduced recent......' (which will be analysed as nominal aspect markers below), (ii) noun-incorporation, and (iii) predicate nouns....

  7. Contribution to the study of several chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses

    From the checking of 2750 index cards of hazards, the study relates the distribution of the chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses. Those concerning the greatest number of agents in the Centre are classified according to the categories corresponding to the different conditions of working. Thus, the most important are put forward. Then, the authors rapidly make a review of hazards which may have some special interest because they appear more specific of the nuclear energy or because they are the most frequently noted on the index cards of hazards. The case of the tributylphosphate is studied more precisely. (authors)

  8. Molten salts in nuclear reactors; Les sels fondus dans les reacteurs nucleaires

    Dirian, J.; Saint-James [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Collection of references dealing with the physicochemical studies of fused salts, in particular the alkali and alkali earth halides. Numerous binary, ternary and quaternary systems of these halides with those of uranium and thorium are examined, and the physical properties, density, viscosity, vapour pressure etc... going from the halides to the mixtures are also considered. References relating to the corrosion of materials by these salts are included and the treatment of the salts with a view to recuperation after irradiation in a nuclear reactor is discussed. (author) [French] Bibliographie regroupant l'etude physico-chimique des sels fondus, en particulier des halogenures alcalins et alcalino-terreux. On etudie de nombreux systemes binaires, ternaires et quaternaires de ces halogenures avec des halogenures d'uranium, et de thorium. On etudie egalement les proprietes physiques des halogenures ou des melanges d'halogenures (densite, viscosite, tension de vapeur, etc...). On donne egalement des references quant a la corrosion des materiaux par ces sels, et le traitement de ceux-ci en vue de recuperation, apres irradiation dans un reacteur nucleaire. (auteur)

  9. Analytic catalog for the use of the nuclear physicists; Repertoire analytique a l'usage des physiciens nucleaires

    Ballini, R.; Barloutaud, R.; Bernas, R.; Chaminade, R.; Cohen, R.; Conjeaud, M.; Cotton, E.; Faraggi, H.; Grjebine, T.; Laboulaye, H. de; Lehmann, P.; Leveque, A.; Levi, C.; Moreau, J.; Naggiar, V.; Olkowsky, J.; Papineau, L.; Papineau, L.; Prugne, P.; Schuhl, C.; Szteinsznaider, D.; Tzara, C.; Valladas, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay(France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Marty, N.; Renard, G. [College de France, Lab. de Chimie Nucleaire (France)


    The problem of the documentation in nuclear physics becomes constantly more complex. Every week brings its share of publications, always more numerous and more varied. To remedy to this problem, we tried, at the Nuclear Physics Services of the CEA, to give to the documentation the character of a collective and systematized work. The present report covers the literature appeared between January 1, 1950 and July 1, 1951. (Volume 1: CEA report number 120; Volume 2: CEA report number 184). (M.B.) [French] Le probleme de la documentation en physique nucleaire devient sans cesse plus complexe. Chaque semaine apporte son lot de publications, toujours plus nombreuses et plus diversifiees. C'est pour essayer de porter remede a cet etat de choses que nous avons essaye, au service de Physique Nucleaire du C.E.A., de donner a la documentation le caractere d'un travail collectif systematise. Le present rapport couvre la litterature parue entre le 1 Janvier 1950 et le 1 Juillet 1951. (Tome 1: Rapport CEA numero 120; Tome 2: Rapport CEA numero 184). (M.B.)

  10. Can-rupture detection in gas-cooled nuclear reactors; La detection des ruptures de gaine dans les piles nucleaires refroidies par gaz

    Roguin, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Can-rupture detection (DRG) is one important aspect of pile safety, more particularly so in the case of gas-cooled reactors. A rapid and sure detection constitutes also an improvement as far as the efficiency of electricity-producing nuclear power stations are concerned. Among the numerous can-rupture detection methods, that based on the measurement of the concentration of short-lived fission gases in the heat-carrying fluid has proved to be the most sensitive and the most rapid. A systematic study of detectors based on the electrostatic collection of the daughter products of fission gases has been undertaken with a view to equip the reactors EL 2, G 3, EDF 1, EDF 2 and EDF 3, the gas loops of PEGASE and EL 4. The different parameters are studied in detail in order to obtain a maximum sensitivity and to make it possible to construct detection devices having the maximum operational reliability and requiring the minimum maintenance. The primary applications of these devices are examined in the case of the above-mentioned reactors. (author) [French] La Detection des Ruptures de Gaines (D. R. G.) est un aspect important de la securite des piles et plus particulierement des piles refroidies par un gaz. Une detection rapide et sure constitue aussi un element d'amelioration du rendement des centrales nucleaires productrices d'energie electrique. Parmi les nombreuses methodes de detection des ruptures de gaines, la mesure de la concentration dans le fluide caloporteur des gaz de fission a vie courte s'est revelee comme la plus sensible et la plus rapide. Une etude systematique des detecteurs a collection electrostatique des descendants des gaz de fission a ete entreprise en vue d'equiper les piles EL 2, G 3, EDF 1, EDF 2 et EDF 3, les boucles a gaz de la pile Pegase et la pile EL 4. Les divers parametres sont etudies en detail pour obtenir une sensibilite maximum et permettre la realisation de dispositifs de detection ayant le maximum de securite de

  11. A mathematical model for cost of maritime transport. Application to competitiveness of nuclear vessels; Modele mathematique du cout de transport maritime application a la competitivite du navire nucleaire

    Dorval, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, 75 - Paris (France)


    In studying the competitiveness of a nuclear merchant vessel, economic assessments in terms of figures were discarded in favor of a simplified model, which gives a clearer idea of the mechanism of the comparison between alternative vessels and the particular influence of each parameter. An expression is formulated for the unit cost per ton carried over a given distance as a function of the variables (speed and deadweight tonnage) and is used to determine the optima for conventional and nuclear vessels. To represent the freight market involved in the optimization studies, and thus in the competitiveness computation, two cases are taken into account: the tonnage to be carried annually is limited, and the tonnage to be carried annually is not limited. In both cases the optima are calculated and compared for a conventional and a nuclear vessel. Competitiveness curves are plotted as a function of the ratios of nuclear and conventional fuel costs and nuclear and conventional marginal power costs. These curves express the limiting values of the above two ratios for which the transport costs of the nuclear and conventional vessels are equal. The competitiveness curves vary considerably according to the hypothesis adopted for the freight market and the limit of tonnage carried annually. (author) [French] Pour etudier la competitivite du navire marchand nucleaire, plutot que de nous livrer a des evaluations economiques chiffrees, discutables dans l'etat actuel des etudes, nous utilisons un modele simplifie permettant de mieux saisir le mecanisme de la comparaison des navires et l'influence particuliere de chaque parametre. Nous etablissons une expression du cout unitaire de la tonne transportee sur un parcours donne en fonction des variables vitesse et port en lourd. Et nous l'utilisons pour determiner les optima des navires classiques et nucleaires. Pour representer le marche du fret qui intervient dans les etudes d'optimisation, et donc dans la

  12. Dosimeter calibration facilities and methods at the Radiation Measurement Laboratory of the Centre d'etudes nucleaires, Grenoble

    At the Centre d'etudes nucleaires, Grenoble, the Radiation Measurement Laboratory, which forms part of the Environmental Protection and Research Department, serves the entire Centre for purposes of dosimetry and the calibration of dose meters. The needs of radiation protection are such that one must have facilities for checking periodically the calibration of radiation-monitoring instruments and developing special dosimetry techniques. It was thought a good idea to arrange for the dosimetry and radiation protection team to assist other groups working at the Centre - in particular, the staff of the biology and radiobiology laboratories - and also bodies outside the framework of the French Commissariat a l'energie atomique. Thus, technical collaboration has been established with, for example, Grenoble's Centre hospitalier universitaire (university clinic), which makes use of the facilities and skills available at the Radiation Measurement Laboratory for solving special dosimetry problems. With the Laboratory's facilities it is possible to calibrate dose meters for gamma, beta and neutron measurements

  13. interdisciplinary aspects

    Kempf, Davorin


    Summary: Symmetry is a universal principle in nature, sciences and arts. Generally speaking symmetry means that something looks the same when observed from certain different aspects. Symmetry is almost always broken – more or less, directly (in praxis) or spontaneously (in quantum field theory). There are discrete and continuous symmetries. Various forms of discrete symmetries – like bilateral, translative or rotative – associated with the field of arts, can also be recognized in our natu...

  14. Contribution to the study of several chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses; Contribution a l'etude de quelques nuisances chimiques au centre d'etudes nucleaires de Fontenay-aux-Roses

    Megemont, C.; Grau, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    From the checking of 2750 index cards of hazards, the study relates the distribution of the chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses. Those concerning the greatest number of agents in the Centre are classified according to the categories corresponding to the different conditions of working. Thus, the most important are put forward. Then, the authors rapidly make a review of hazards which may have some special interest because they appear more specific of the nuclear energy or because they are the most frequently noted on the index cards of hazards. The case of the tributylphosphate is studied more precisely. (authors) [French] A partir de l'examen de 2750 fiches de nuisances, l'etude porte sur la repartition des nuisances chimiques au Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Fontenay-aux-Roses. Celles qui concernent le plus grand nombre d'agents du Centre sont classees selon les categories correspondant aux differentes conditions de travail. Les plus importantes d'entre elles sont ainsi mises en evidence. | Les auteurs passent ensuite en revue, rapidement, les nuisances qui peuvent presenter un interet particulier soit parce qu'elles semblent plus specifiques de l'Energie Nucleaire, soit parce qu'on les rencontre le plus frequemment sur les fiches de nuisances. Le cas du tributylphosphate est envisage de facon plus detaillee. (auteurs)

  15. Nuclear developments at the international inter govern mental level (1961); Developpements nucleaires sur le plan international intergouvernemental (1961)

    Waynbaum, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The United Nations organisation and nuclear energy rose simultaneously, in 1945, to occupy an important place in the public eye. The spiritual succession of the League of Nations which had foundered during the war was taken up by the new organisation which sought to implant its political ideal in a more tangible reality, so that it might thereby be inspired by concrete and substantial objectives. This is one of the reasons for the existence of the dozen specialized agencies created by the family of the United Nations and dealing with Health, Culture, Agriculture, Finance, etc. Nuclear energy is one of these techniques. Becoming suddenly an important power factor and exploiting for itself the prestige of Science, it became the favorite domain for the growth of this new spirit, as much in its universal form in 1945 as in its more regional form which it was later to adopt. The achievements are numerous and of varying importance; they deserve te be studied carefully. (author) [French] L'organisation des Nations Unies et le nucleaire ont ete places simultanement, en 1945, au premier plan de la scene mondiale. La Societe des Nations ayant sombre pendant la guerre, son heritage spirituel fut recueilli par la nouvelle organisation qui chercha a enraciner son ideal politique dans une realite plus materielle, de facon a y puiser une nourriture concrete et substantielle. C'est une des raisons d'existence de la douzaine d'institutions specialisees gravitant dans la famille des Nations Unies et s'occupant de Sante, de Culture, d'Agriculture, de Finances, etc. Le nucleaire est l'une de ces techniques. Devenu soudainement un facteur primordial de puissance, Cristallisant a son benefice le prestige de la Science, c'etait un terrain de predilection pour le developpement du nouvel esprit, aussi bien sous la forme universelle de 1945, que sous les formes regionales qui ont vu le jour ensuite. Les travaux realises que nombreux, d

  16. Public debate about the EPR nuclear power plant at Flamanville; Debat public sur la centrale nucleaire EPR a Flamanville



    The project of building of he EPR reactor at Flamanville (Manche, France) has been submitted to the public debate. This document includes a presentation of the project and of the rules of the public debate, a synthesis of the file made by the prime contractor (EDF), a synthesis of the collective book of national actors concerned by the project (a group of associations for environment protection, Areva company, the ministries of economy and ecology, Global Chance, association of pro-nuclear ecologists (AEPN), 'Sortir du Nucleaire' (out-of nuclear) network, group of scientists for the information about nuclear (GSIEN), association for the promotion of the Flamanville site (Proflam), French nuclear energy society (SFEN) in association with 'Sauvons le Climat' (let's save climate), regional collective association 'EPR non merci, ni ailleurs, ni ici' (EPR, no thanks, neither elsewhere, nor here), NegaWatt), and 5 detailed books of actors: ACRO (association for the control of radioactivity in Western France), CFDT and CGT syndicates, the economic and social council of Basse Normandie region, and Proflam. (J.S.)

  17. The atomic energy course of the 'Institut National des Sciences et Techniques nucleaires' at the centre d'Etudes Nucleaires at Saclay; L'enseignement de genie atomique de l'Institut national des Sciences et Techniques nucleaires au Centre d'Etudes nucleaires de Saclay

    Baissas, H. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    foreign students. 8- Annexe: list of courses, practical work, pile projects drawn up by the 1957 students. (author)Fren. [French] 1- Les raisons de sa creation. L'electricite de France et l'industrie interessee par le developpement de l'Energie atomique ont demande au Commissariat a l'Energie atomique de former des ingenieurs capables d'etudier des projets de piles et de diriger leur construction. 2- Recrutement et Droits d'inscription. Les demandes d'inscription ont toujours depasse les possibilites. Cette annee, les cours sont suivis par 74 eleves permanents, dont 20 etrangers, et une centaine d'auditeurs libres. Tous les elevont deja ingenieurs ou nantis de grades universitaires eleves. Droit d'inscription: 250 000 F pour les eleves, 125 000 F pour les auditeurs. 3- Organisation de l'Enseignement. II comprend deux options: physique et chimie et dans chaque option: une centaine de conferences, une trentaine de travaux pratiques, des stages dans les services, l'etude d'un projet de reacteur par un groupe de 4 ou 5 eleves. L'ensemble occupe l'annee universitaire du 1 novembre au 14 juillet. 4- Sanction. Un examen final combinant les notes de deux epreuves theoriques, des travaux pratiques, du stage, et du projet conduit a un diplome d'ingenieur en genie atomique. Il n'est pas cree en realite de nouveaux ingenieurs; une mention nouvelle est seulement ajoutee a un diplome deja acquis. Les resultats ont toujours ete excellents. Le pourcentage des echecs est tres faible. 5- Placement des Diplomes. Ils reviennent tous dans leurs industries d'origine qui ont paye leurs salaires et les droits d'inscription en se privant de leurs services pendant les neuf mois de duree des cours. 6- Creations analogues. Un cours analogue a ete cree au Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Grenoble. Tandis que celui de SACLAY s'adresse plus specialement aux ingenieurs deja en fonctions, celui de Grenoble

  18. Behaviour of an irradiated photomultiplier; Etude du comportement d'un photomultiplicateur sous rayonnements nucleaires

    Verdant, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    transitoires, le controle ou la s ete d'un reacteur nucleaire ou d'un assemblage critique, nous avons etudie le comportement de 8 photomultiplicateurs Radiotechnique 51 AVP et UVP et EMI 9 524 B dans le flux gamma d'un puits de stockage de 1 a 10{sup 3} Rh{sup -1} et dans un canal de pile a EL 2 ou le domaine d'exposition variait de 1 a 2. 10{sup 3} Rh{sup -1} et 6. 10{sup 5} a 5. 10{sup 7}{sup -2}.s{sup -1}. Des impulsions parasites a l'anode du photomultiplicateur sont produites par ces rayonnements. En comparant les amplitudes de ces impulsions a celles delivrees par un scintillateur NaI, on a constate que leur niveau maximal etait d'une centaine de keV a 10{sup 3} Rh{sup -1} dans le flux gamma du puits de stockage, et de 200 a 400 keV a 10{sup 3} Rh{sup -1} et 10{sup 7}{sup -2}.s{sup -1} dans le canal de pile. D'autre part, la detection d'une impulsion lumineuse de reference, correspondant a 200 keV (NaI) n'est perturbee qu'au dela de quelques centaines de Rh{sup -1} par le rayonnement {gamma} seul, et de 5. 10{sup 6}{sup -2} s{sup -1} et {approx}500 Rh{sup -1} dans le canal de pile. La dispersion de ces resultats est de l'ordre de 2 pour les 8 tubes eprouves. Nous attribuons a l'effet Cerenkov dans la fenetre du photomultiplicateur, la part principale des effets du rayonnement {gamma}. La discrimination des effets respectifs des neutrons et du rayonnement {gamma} est abordee. Nous n'avons pas constate d'evolution sensible des parametres des photomultiplicateurs etudies, pendant les expositions. Leurs caracteristiques n'ont pas ete modifiees par les doses recues dont le maximum etait de 4.10{sup 12}{sup 2} et {approx_equal} 3. 10{sup 4} roentgens. L'interet de l'emploi de photomultiplicateurs et circuits rapides, pour reculer les limites d'emploi des photomultiplicateurs sous rayonnements est souligne. (auteur)

  19. Study of some continuous spectra produced by nuclear reactions with light nuclei; Etude de quelques spectres continus produits par reactions nucleaires avec des noyaux legers

    Marquez, L


    The continuous spectra coming from several nuclear reactions with light nuclei were measured. The spectra can be explained by a two-step reaction mechanism; however, the reactions produced by {sup 6}Li are different. A mechanism was proposed to explain their spectra based on the following assumptions: {sup 6}Li makes a nuclear molecule with the target which subsequently breaks up in such a way that an {alpha} particle comes out with the kinetic energy that it has in the molecule. The calculated spectra and those measured are in good agreement. (author) [French] Nous avons mesure les spectres continus produits dans plusieurs reactions nucleaires avec des noyaux legers. A l'exception des spectres produits par {sup 6}Li, on a trouve qu'on pouvait expliquer ces spectres par le mecanisme des reactions en deux etapes. Nous avons propose un mecanisme pour expliquer les spectres produits par {sup 6}Li. On suppose que {sup 6}Li forme une molecule nucleaire avec la cible qui eclate ensuite de facon telle qu'une particule alpha de la molecule sort avec l'energie cinetique de son mouvement propre dans la molecule. Les spectres calcules avec ces hypotheses et les spectres mesures sont en bon accord. (auteur)

  20. Optimal sizes and siting of nuclear fuel reprocessing plants; Tailles et localisations optimales des usines de retraitement des combustibles nucleaires

    Thiriet, L.; Deledicq, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Siege (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The expansion of a nuclear economy entails the development of fuel process and reprocessing plant programmes. The model proposed makes it possible to select the size, the site and the start-up schedule of the plants in such a way as to minimize the total freight and reprocessing costs. As an illustration, we have approached the problem of burnt natural uranium processing plants related to natural uranium-graphite as nuclear power stations. The sites and annual output of the reactors, the possible plant sites and cost functions (freight and reprocessing) are supposed to be known. The method consists in first approaching the process plant problem as a Dynamic Programming problem, increasing programme slices (total reactor output) being explored sequentially. When the quantities of burnt natural uranium to be reprocessed are fixed, the minimization of the transport cost is then also carried out as a dynamic programming problem. The neighbourhood of the optimum process cost is explored in order to find the minimum summation of a suboptimal processing cost and corresponding optimal transport cost. As the reprocessing problem can be represented on a sequential graph, in order to compute the sub-optima, we developed and used a 'reflexion algorithm'. The method can be interpreted as a general mechanism for determining the optimum when to a sequential dynamic problem (for example an equipment programme) is added a complementary problem (transport, for instance). It also makes it possible to estimate the economic losses which result from the choice of a non optimal policy for other than economic reasons. (author) [French] L'expansion de l'economie nucleaire se traduit par un developpement des programmes d'usines d'elaboration et de retraitement des combustibles. Le modele propose permet de choisir la taille, la localisation et la cadence de mise en service des usines de maniere a minimiser le total des frais de transport et de retraitement. A

  1. Introduction to nuclear energy; Introduction a l'energie nucleaire



    After some descriptions about atoms, fission and fusion, explanations are given about the functioning of a nuclear power plant. The safety with the different plans of emergency and factors that lead to a better nuclear safety are exposed, then comes a part for the environmental protection; the fuel cycle is tackled. Some historical aspects of nuclear energy finish this file. (N.C.)

  2. The nuclear energy in the United Kingdom; L'energie nucleaire au Royaume-Uni



    With challenges like the climatic change, the hydrocarbons prices increase and the energy supply security, the nuclear park is becoming a decisive and an urgent question in the United Kingdom. The author proposes an historical aspect of the nuclear energy in UK, the actors of the today nuclear industry and the technologies used in 2006, the radioactive wastes management, the programs of the future and the british opinion on the nuclear. (A.L.B.)

  3. Aspects and Polymorphism in AspectJ

    Lorenz, David Harel; Ernst, Erik

    -oriented programming (AOP). In AOP, pieces of crosscutting behavior are extracted from the base code and localized in aspects, losing as a result their polymorphic capabilities while introducing new and unexplored issues. In this paper, we explore what kinds of polymorphism AOP languages should support, using Aspect......J as the basis for the presentation. The results are not exclusive to AspectJ---aspectual polymorphism may make aspects in any comparable AOSD language more expressive and reusable across programs, while preserving safety....

  4. AspectKE*

    Yang, Fan; Masuhara, Hidehiko; Aotani, Tomoyuki; Nielson, Flemming; Nielson, Hanne Riis

    Enforcing security policies to distributed systems is difficult, in particular, when a system contains untrusted components. We designed AspectKE*, a distributed AOP language based on a tuple space, to tackle this issue. In AspectKE*, aspects can enforce access control policies that depend on...... demonstrate usefulness of AspectKE* through a security aspect for a distributed chat system....

  5. Operational period for the nuclear power plant Borssele. Memo on aspects with regard to decision making on the operational period for the nuclear power plant Borssele; Bedrijfsduur kerncentrale Borssele. Notitie over aspecten die een rol spelen bij de besluitvorming over de bedrijfsduur van de kerncentrale Borssele

    Vos, D


    A number of aspects with respect to the closure of the nuclear power plant Borssele in the Netherlands are discussed: nuclear safety and service life; environmental aspects; proliferation and terrorism; judicial aspects; cost; other (comparisons with closures in other countries, employment, supply security); and a state-of-the-art with regard to a motion that was introduced by a delegate of the Dutch parliament (Spies) in 2004. [Dutch] In deze notitie worden enkele met de sluiting samenhangende aspecten nader toegelicht, te weten: nucleaire veiligheid en levensduur; milieuaspecten; proliferatie en terrorisme; juridische aspecten; kostenaspecten; overige aspecten (sluitingsregelingen in het buitenland, werkgelegenheid en leveringszekerheid); en stand van zaken met betrekking tot de uitvoering van de motie Spies van juli 2004.

  6. The nuclear in Italy - state of the art; Le nucleaire en Italie - etat des lieux

    Schifano, F.; Ziller, T


    This report aims to evaluate the italian situation in matter of the nuclear, following the referendum of 1987 which decided to stop the nuclear power plants in the country. The first part is devoted to the historical aspects of the nuclear sector in Italy. The second chapter presents the institutional and legislative framework. The third chapter discusses the today situation and the italian actors of the nuclear, from the radioactive wastes management and the dismantling of nuclear installations to the engineering service realized in other countries. It discusses also the research and development programs. The last chapter proposes perspectives of the debate around a possible restart of the nuclear activity in Italy.

  7. Elecnuc. Nuclear power plants in the world; Elecnuc. Les centrales nucleaires dans le monde



    This small booklet summarizes in tables all the numerical data relative to the nuclear power plants worldwide. These data come from the French CEA/DSE/SEE Elecnuc database. The following aspects are reviewed: 1997 highlights; main characteristics of the reactor types in operation, under construction or on order; map of the French nuclear power plants; worldwide status of nuclear power plants at the end of 1997; nuclear power plants in operation, under construction and on order; capacity of nuclear power plants in operation; net and gross capacity of nuclear power plants on the grid and in commercial operation; forecasts; first power generation of nuclear origin per country, achieved or expected; performance indicator of PWR units in France; worldwide trend of the power generation indicator; nuclear power plants in operation, under construction, on order, planned, cancelled, shutdown, and exported; planning of steam generators replacement; MOX fuel program for plutonium recycling. (J.S.)

  8. Information report nuclear energy in Europe; Rapport d'information energie nucleaire en Europe

    Montesquiou, A. de


    This report takes stock on the nuclear energy situation in Europe. The European Union with more than 40% of the nuclear power capacity in the world, is already confronted with the nuclear energy place and stakes in the future energy policy. The report si presented in two main parts. The first part, ''the assets and the weaknesses of the nuclear energy'', deals with the economical aspects which historically based the choice of the nuclear energy and the induced impacts on the environment. The competitiveness of the nuclear energy but also the wastes management problem are discussed. The second part, ''the diplomatic and juridical framework of the nuclear energy development'', details and presents the limits of the EURATOM treaty. (A.L.B.)

  9. Elecnuc. Nuclear power plants in the world; Elecnuc. Les centrales nucleaires dans le monde



    This small booklet summarizes in tables all data relative to the nuclear power plants worldwide. These data come from the IAEA's PRIS and AREVA-CEA's GAIA databases. The following aspects are reviewed: 2007 highlights; Main characteristics of reactor types; Map of the French nuclear power plants on 2007/01/01; Worldwide status of nuclear power plants (12/31/2007); Units distributed by countries; Nuclear power plants connected to the Grid- by reactor type groups; Nuclear power plants under construction on 2007; Evolution of nuclear power plants capacities connected to the grid; First electric generations supplied by a nuclear unit in each country; Electrical generation from nuclear power plants by country at the end 2007; Performance indicator of French PWR units; Evolution of the generation indicators worldwide by type; Nuclear operator ranking according to their installed capacity; Units connected to the grid by countries at 12/31/2007; Status of licence renewal applications in USA; Nuclear power plants under construction at 12/31/2007; Shutdown reactors; Exported nuclear capacity in net MWe; Exported and national nuclear capacity connected to the grid; Exported nuclear power plants under construction; Exported and national nuclear capacity under construction; Nuclear power plants ordered at 12/31/2007; Long term shutdown units at 12/31/2007; COL (combined licences) applications in the USA; Recycling of Plutonium in reactors and experiences; Mox licence plants projects; Appendix - historical development; Meaning of the used acronyms; Glossary.

  10. Elecnuc. Nuclear power plants in the world; Elecnuc. Les centrales nucleaires dans le monde



    This small booklet summarizes in tables all the numerical data relative to the nuclear power plants worldwide. These data come from the French CEA/DSE/SEE Elecnuc database. The following aspects are reviewed: 1999 highlights; main characteristics of the reactor types in operation, under construction or on order; map of the French nuclear power plants; worldwide status of nuclear power plants at the end of 1999; nuclear power plants in operation, under construction and on order; capacity of nuclear power plants in operation; net and gross capacity of nuclear power plants on the grid and in commercial operation; grid connection forecasts; world electric power market; electronuclear owners and share holders in EU, capacity and load factor; first power generation of nuclear origin per country, achieved or expected; performance indicator of PWR units in France; worldwide trend of the power generation indicator; 1999 gross load factor by operator; nuclear power plants in operation, under construction, on order, planned, cancelled, shutdown, and exported; planning of steam generators replacement; MOX fuel program for plutonium recycling. (J.S.)

  11. Contribution to the experimental survey of the nuclear isomerism. Application of the deferred coincidences method to research and to the survey of metastable states of short period; Contribution a l'etude experimentale de l'isomerie nucleaire. Application de la methode des coincidences differees a la recherche et a l'etude d'etats metastables de periode courte

    Ballini, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Various methods of the physics brought many informations on the nuclear elements which one can arrange some ponderable quantities, what is the case of the steady elements and some, unsteady elements, as most of natural radioelements. On the other hand, elements of shorter life duration, and notably those that are carried to an excited state, are more badly known, and one can get information to their consideration that by the mediator of the properties of the transitions that they undergo, when they give birth has best-known nuclear cash: among these transitions represent the isomeric transitions. The goal of this work is the survey of the isomeric transitions from metastable states of short period, included in the domain of the microsecond to some milliseconds. The method of the deferred coincidences has been put to the point and applied in this goal while using the advantages of the selectors to several channels, under two main aspects where the device to several channels was either a selector of time, either a selector of amplitudes. This method served to study the working of Geiger-Muller counter and to measure with precision the period of {sup 181}Ta{sup *} in of the varied experimental conditions. The adopted value is 17,2 {+-}0,2 {mu}s. This work also found an immediate practical application to the setting in evidence of very weak quantities of hafnium in zirconium, of which it constitutes a tenacious and difficult impurity to analyze by the ordinary ways. (M.B.) [French] Les diverses methodes de la physique ont apporte de nombreux renseignements sur les especes nucleaires dont on peut disposer en quantites ponderables, ce qui est le cas des especes stables et de certaines especes instables, comme la plupart des radioelements naturels. Par contre, les noyaux de duree de vie plus courte, et notamment ceux qui sont portes a un etat excite, sont plus mal connus, et on ne peut obtenir de renseignements a leur egard que par l'intermediaire des proprietes des

  12. Prospective economical study of the nuclear power file; Etude economique prospective de la filiere electrique nucleaire

    Charpin, J.M. [Commissariat General du Plan, 75 - Paris (France); Dessus, B. [Ecodev-CNRS, 92 - Meudon (France); Pellat, R. [CEA, 75 - Paris (France)


    On May 7, 1999 an economical study of the overall nuclear file, and in particular, of the back-end part of the fuel cycle and including the reprocessing, was requested by the French Prime Minister. This study includes the cost comparisons with the other means of power production and takes into consideration the environmental costs. The study is shared into five chapters dealing with: 1 - the legacy of the past: todays park of nuclear plants, economical and material status; 2 - the international evolution: the dynamics of nuclear policies worldwide (existing parks and R and D programs), the rise of environmental problems worldwide (CO{sub 2} and the climate convention, nuclear risks, attempts of including environment in the power costs), the choices made for the management of spent fuels in the main countries; 3 - the technological prospects for the power production and use: technologies for the mastery of power demand (residential, industrial and tertiary sectors, power transportation), technologies of power production (production from nuclear, fossil and renewable energies); 4 - prospective scenarios for France: two demand scenarios at the year 2050 vista (energy, electric power), power supply (supply structure with respect to scenarios, nuclear parks, power capacities), environmental aspects (CO{sub 2} emissions, plutonium and minor actinides production); 5 - the economical status of the different scenarios: data preparation, fossil fuel price scenarios, investment and operation costs of the different power production means (nuclear, fossil and renewable energies, natural gas and power distribution networks), comparison between fluxes and cumulated economic costs linked with the different scenarios (investments, exploitation, fuels, R and D, status for 2000 to 2050), time structure of expenditures with respect to the different scenarios (chronology, statuses, kWh costs, sensitivity with respect to the rate of discount, valorization of existing parks in 2050

  13. Is it possible to recycle nuclear wastes? Costs, risks and stakes of the plutonium industry; Peut-on recycler les dechets nucleaires? Couts, risques et enjeux de l'industrie du plutonium



    This document, published by the French association 'Sortir du nucleaire' (Get out of nuclear), gives some information on the chain reaction from uranium to plutonium, the difference between reprocessing (which does not reduce waste volumes but multiply waste types) and recycling, the high risks associated with plutonium transport, La Hague as the most dangerous nuclear site in France, reprocessing as the alibi for the French nuclear industry, Areva as an expert in propaganda, reprocessing as an absurd world strategy, plutonium as a fuel for proliferation, the myth of unlimited energy with the breeder reactors, and so on

  14. Aspect model unweaving

    Klein, Jacques; Kienzle, J. (ed.); Morin, B.; Jézéquel, J.-M.


    Since software systems need to be continuously available, their ability to evolve at runtime is a key issue. The emergence of models@runtime, combined with Aspect-Oriented Modeling techniques, is a promising approach to tame the complexity of adaptive systems. However, with no support for aspect unweaving, these approaches are not agile enough in an adaptive system context. In case of small modifications, the adapted model has to be generated by again weaving all the aspects, even those uncha...

  15. Nuclear energy; Le nucleaire



    This digest document was written by members of the union of associations of ex-members and retired people of the Areva group (UARGA). It gives a comprehensive overview of the nuclear industry world, starting from radioactivity and its applications, and going on with the fuel cycle (front-end, back-end, fuel reprocessing, transports), the nuclear reactors (PWR, BWR, Candu, HTR, generation 4 systems), the effluents from nuclear facilities, the nuclear wastes (processing, disposal), and the management and safety of nuclear activities. (J.S.)

  16. Nuclear wastes; Dechets nucleaires



    Here is made a general survey of the situation relative to radioactive wastes. The different kinds of radioactive wastes and the different way to store them are detailed. A comparative evaluation of the situation in France and in the world is made. The case of transport of radioactive wastes is tackled. (N.C.)

  17. General problems arising from the analogical resolution of the kinetic equations of nuclear reactors (1961); Problemes generaux poses par la resolution analogique des equations cinetiques des reacteurs nucleaires (1961)

    Caillet, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The author reviews precisely the analogical techniques used for the resolution of the kinetic equations of nuclear reactors. Prior to this, he recalls the reasons which oblige physicians and engineers, even today, to use electronic machines in this domain. The author then considers the technological problems posed by the range of values which the various nuclear parameters adopt. In each case, he shows that a compromise is possible allowing an optimum precision. He compares the results to those obtained by arithmetic calculation and uses the examples chosen in a critical analysis of the present possibilities of the two methods of calculation. (author) [French] L'auteur cherche a faire un point aussi exact que possible des techniques analogiques utilisees pour resoudre les equations cinetiques des reacteurs nucleaires. Il rappelle auparavant les raisons pour lesquelles physiciens et ingenieurs sont obliges, encore aujourd'hui, de faire appel aux machines electroniques dans ce domaine. Puis il etudie les problemes technologiques que souleve le champ des valeurs prises par les differents parametres nucleaires. Dans chacun des cas, il montre l'existence d'un compromis qui permet d'atteindre une precision optimum. Il compare les resultats obtenus a ceux provenant de calculateurs arithmetiques et profite des exemples choisis pour faire une analyse critique des possibilites actuelles offertes par les deux modes de calcul. (auteur)

  18. General safety aspects

    In this part next aspects are described: (1) Priority to safety; (2) Financial and human resources;; (3) Human factor; (4) Operator's quality assurance system; (5) Safety assessment and Verification; (6) Radiation protection and (7) Emergency preparedness

  19. Foundational aspects of security

    Chatzikokolakis, Konstantinos; Mödersheim, Sebastian Alexander; Palamidessi, Catuscia;


    This Special Issue of the Journal of Computer Security focuses on foundational aspects of security, which in recent years have helped change much of the way we think about and approach system security.......This Special Issue of the Journal of Computer Security focuses on foundational aspects of security, which in recent years have helped change much of the way we think about and approach system security....




    Today the Romanian state gives some advantages to those who use mediation. If the Romanian state would take further steps, mediation would work as in the countries with old tradition. The article refers to success and failure got in the two years of practice. The mediation can be seen in two aspects: The first aspect regarding the mediation itself can lead to a mediation agreement. The mediation agreement gives both winnings to the conflict parts and professional satisfactions to the mediator...

  1. Historical seismicity in Morocco: methodological aspects and cases of multidisciplinary evaluation

    Within the framework of a cooperative agreement between Sofratome and the Office National d'Electricite of Morocco, the Centre National de la Recherche of Rabat, with the collaboration of the French Institut de Protection et de Surete Nucleaire, was put in charge of compiling a revised catalogue of the historical seismicity of Morocco. The method adopted calls for the participation of several different disciplines in view of situating each earthquake in its own geographical and historical context. The approach entails, during the first stage involving primarily the historian, gathering together the original sources of data and subjecting them to a critical analysis in order to assess their reliability. The second stage consists in interpreting the information so as to define those earthquake characteristics that are requisite to seismic hazard studies. This latter evaluation must be the fruit of a multidisciplinary effort. This is particularly true for earthquakes of past centuries, the observations of which are frequently incompatible or biased and accordingly need to be substantiated by referring to information of a varying nature and, wherever possible, calibrated using accurate data from recent events. In a number of instances, duplications are encountered, or lumped effects for distinct events due to calendar misreckonings, erroneous copying, or misconceptions relative to the geological or historical context. A particularly significant example of the interference of these diverse aspects is afforded by the assessment of the destructive effects in Morocco of the 1755 'Lisbon' earthquake: a method is proposed for calibrating its intensities by comparing them with those of the recent 1969 event of similar origin

  2. Aspects of Marine Ecology.

    Awkerman, Gary L.

    This publication is designed for use in standard science curricula to develop oceanologic manifestations of certain science topics. Included are teacher guides, student activities, and demonstrations to impart ocean science understanding, specifically, aspects of marine ecology, to high school students. The course objectives include the ability of…

  3. Toxicological aspects of water

    Different toxicological aspects of water have been studied, remarking the activity of various chemical substances in the organism. These substances are divided in: trace metals (Sb, As, Cd, Zn, Cu, Cr, Fe, Mn, Hg, Ni, Pb, Se), other contaminants (CN-, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols, pesticides, detergents) and radioactivity. Finally, some considerations on this subject are made

  4. Psychological Aspects of Aging.

    Mooney, Craig M.


    Psychological aspects of aging, based on gerontological hypotheses and research, are presented under three headings: intellectual abilities; emotional capacities; and motor capabilities. Consequences are discussed. Well-being throughout life depends on fulfillment of fundamental human needs; existential needs for nourishment, stimulation, rest,…

  5. Quantum Chromodynamics: Computational Aspects

    Schaefer, Thomas


    We present a brief introduction to QCD, the QCD phase diagram, and non-equilibrium phenomena in QCD. We emphasize aspects of the theory that can be addressed using computational methods, in particular euclidean path integral Monte Carlo, fluid dynamics, kinetic theory, classical field theory and holographic duality.

  6. Gout. Radiological aspects

    In this paper we reviewed the clinical and radiological aspects of gout, showing the most frequent radiological findings that can guide to the correct diagnosis of the disease. The cases that we presented here have been analyzed for many years in our rheumatology service, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Hospital San Juan de Dios, Bogota

  7. Agreement for cooperation on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy between the Swiss Federal Council and the Government of the French Republic; Accord de cooperation entre le Conseil federal suisse et le Gouvernement de la Republique francaise pour l`utilisation de l`energie nucleaire a des fins pacifiques


    This Agreement between France and Switzerland entered into force on 1 December 1990. The purpose of the Agreement, in the framework of both countries` respective programmes, is to develop their co-operation in the field of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Co-operation may be extended to the entire area of nuclear power production, including fuel cycle operations, radioisotope production, scientific and technical research, and nuclear safety. Both Parties agree to contribute to enhancing the safety of nuclear installations and preventing harmful effects to the environment, in particular, by exchanging information in particular on reactor safety design and reactor safety; technical rules and criteria in the field of reactor safety; and safety of other installations in the fuel cycle. [Francais] Cet Accord a pour objet, dans le cadre des programmes respectifs des deux pays, de developper leur cooperation dans le domaine de l`utilisation pacifique de l`enegie nucleaire. Cette cooperation pourra s`etendre a l`ensemble du domaine de la production d`energie nucleaire, y compris les operations du cycle du combustible, la production d`isotopes, la recherche scientifique et technique, ainsi qu`a la securite nucleaire. Les lettres precitees precisent que les deux Parties sont convenues de contribuer au renforcement de la securite des installations nucleaires et a la prevention des effets negatifs sur l`environnement, notamment par l`echange d`informations notamment en ce qui concerne le concept de surete et surete des reacteurs; les criteres et regles techniques dans le domaine de la surete des reacteurs; la surete des autres installations du cycle du combustible et la radioprotection.

  8. Narrow gap mechanised arc welding in nuclear components manufactured by AREVA NP; Le soudage mecanise a l'arc en chanfrein etroit dans les constructions nucleaires realisees par AREVA NP

    Peigney, A. [Departement Soudage AREVA Centre Technique - 71380 Saint-Marcel (France)


    Nuclear components require welds of irreproachable and reproducible quality. Moreover, for a given welding process, productivity requirements lead to reduce the volume of deposited metal and thus to use narrow gap design. In the shop, narrow gap Submerged Arc Welding process (SAW) is currently used on rotating parts in flat position for thicknesses up to 300 mm. Welding is performed with one or two wires in two passes per layer. In Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process (GTAW), multiple applications can be found because this process presents the advantage of allowing welding in all positions. Welding is performed in one or two passes per layer. The process is used in factory and on the nuclear sites for assembling new components but also for replacing components and for repairs. Presently, an increase of productivity of the process is sought through the use of hot wire and/or two wires. Concerning Gas Metal Arc Welding process (GMAW), its use is growing for nuclear components, including narrow gap applications. This process, limited in its applications in the past on account of the defects it generated, draws benefit from the progress of the welding generators. Then it is possible to use this efficient process for high security components such as those of nuclear systems. It is to be noted that the process is applicable in the various welding positions as it is the case for GTAW, while being more efficient than the latter. This paper presents the state of the art in the use of narrow gap mechanised arc welding processes by AREVA NP units. (author) [French] Les constructions nucleaires necessitent des soudures de qualite irreprochable et reproductible. Par ailleurs les imperatifs de productivite conduisent, pour un procede donne, a reduire le volume de metal a deposer et donc a utiliser des chanfreins etroits. En atelier, le soudage fil-flux en chanfrein etroit est couramment utilise sur des pieces tournantes en position a plat pour des epaisseurs atteignant 300 mm. On

  9. Delusion disorder: Neuropsychological aspects

    Leposavić Ivana


    Full Text Available Previous studies concerned with neuropsychological aspect of delusions, were mainly focused on specific forms of this disorder. Comparatively small number of investigations were concerned with cognitive deficiencies accompanying the delusions. The substance of this study includes the detection of neuropsychological disfunctions in patients with persistent delusion disorder, and in tracing of these cognitive distortions to appropriate brain regions. Besides, characteristics of attribution style in these patients are analysed, from the aspect of their connections with unadjusted localized input for their reasoning system. The investigation is designed as a comparative study. The sample includes: a group of patients with persistent delusion disorder; a group of patients with paranoid schizophrenia; a group of healthy individuals. The participants have been tested by a neuropsychological battery that represents the following cognitive functions: attention, memory, vizuospatial and vizuoconstruction organization, executive ability, verbal divergent thinking. Projective Rorschach's method was used for estimation of attribution style.

  10. Myelomeningocele: neglected aspects

    Woodhouse, Christopher R J


    The commonest cause of neurogenic bladder in children is myelomeningocele. Survival of children is much improved in the Western world, but by 35 years old, about 50% will have died. In adults, the commonest causes of death are lung and heart diseases. All physical aspects deteriorate with age, especially in those with thoracic lesions. Those who walk in childhood have a 20–50% chance of becoming wheelchair dependent as adults. Immobility, poor respiratory reserve, obesity, latex allergy and w...

  11. Prostate Cancer: All Aspects

    Ahmet Tefekli; Murat Tunc; Volkan Tugcu; Tarık Esen


    Hindawi Publishing Corporation The ScientificWorld Journal Volume 2013, Article ID 265234, 2 pages Editorial Prostate Cancer: All Aspects Ahmet Tefekli,1 Murat Tunc,2 Volkan Tugcu,3 and TarJk Esen4 1 Bahcesehir School of Medicine, 34353 Istanbul, Turkey 2 Istanbul School of Medicine, Istanbul University, 34340 Istanbul, Turkey 3Department of Urology, Bakırkoy Training and Research Hospital, 34360 Istanbul, Turkey 4 Koc Univer...

  12. Electrochemical kinetics theoretical aspects

    Vetter, Klaus J


    Electrochemical Kinetics: Theoretical Aspects focuses on the processes, methodologies, reactions, and transformations in electrochemical kinetics. The book first offers information on electrochemical thermodynamics and the theory of overvoltage. Topics include equilibrium potentials, concepts and definitions, electrical double layer and electrocapillarity, and charge-transfer, diffusion, and reaction overvoltage. Crystallization overvoltage, total overvoltage, and resistance polarization are also discussed. The text then examines the methods of determining electrochemical reaction mechanisms

  13. Aspects of multimetric gravity

    We present a class of gravity theories containing N ≥ 2 metric tensors and a corresponding number of standard model copies. In the Newtonian limit gravity is attractive within each standard model copy, but different standard model copies mutually repel each other. We discuss several aspects of these multimetric gravity theories, including cosmology, structure formation, the post-Newtonian limit and gravitational waves. The most interesting feature we find is an accelerating expansion of the universe that naturally becomes small at late times.

  14. Aspects of B physics

    Gaillard, M.K.


    Various aspects of weak decays are commented on. Probing of the standard model and of phenomena beyond the standard model are discussed, followed by a theoretical view of B mesons and some experimental observations on B mesons. The point is made that any data on B decay would be interesting in that it would provide powerful new constraints in analyses of the standard model and extensions thereof. (LEW)


    Margarita Išoraitė


    Aim of article is to analyze marketing mix theoretical aspects. The article discusses that marketing mix is one of the main objectives of the marketing mix elements for setting objectives and marketing budget measures. The importance of each element depends not only on the company and its activities, but also on the competition and time. All marketing elements are interrelated and should be seen in the whole of their actions. Some items may have greater importance than others; it depends main...

  16. AspectJ in action practical aspect-oriented programming

    Laddad, Ramnivas


    A guide to aspect-oriented programming and the AspectJ language, this book provides code examples that enable quick implementation of functionality in a system. Thorough introductions to AOP and AspectJ will help developers learn or advance their knowledge of AspectJ. Examples of everyday situations in which AspectJ solutions can be applied, such as logging, policy enforcement, resource pooling, business logic, thread-safety, authentication and authorization, and transaction management are provided. In addition, design patterns and idioms are covered, as is business rule implementation. The latest technologies, such as JEES, JAAS, and log4j, are explained and connected with AspectJ.

  17. Nuclear facilities and the environment: feedback experiences; Les installations nucleaires et l'environnement: retour d'experience

    Hedin, F. [Societe Francaise d' Energie Nucleaire (SFEN), 75 - Paris (France); Brownless, G. [Nuclear Energy Agency, Radiation Protection and Waste Management Div., 92 - Issy les Moulineaux (France); Stoltz, M. [Autorite de Surete Nucleaire, 75 - Paris (France); Louet, Ch.A. [Autorite de Surete Nucleaire, Div. de Lyon, 69 - Lyon (France); Chartier, M.; Monier, C. [Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire, 92 - Clamart (France); Devin, P. [AREVA, 92 - Paris la Defense (France); Andrieux, D. [AREVA NC la Hague, 50 (France); Levy, F. [CEA Valrho, 30 - Marcoule (France); Guidez, J. [CEA Saclay, 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France); Dubois, F. [Electricite de France (EDF), Div. Production Nucleaire, 75 - Paris (France); Kusz, J.P. [Centre Nucleaire de Production d' Electricite de Gravelines, 59 (France); Lamine, C. [Centre Nucleaire de Tihange (Belgium); Colacicco, M. [Electricite de France (EDF), 75 - Paris (France); Nicaise, N. [AREVA NP-SAS, 92 - Paris la Defense (France)


    This series of articles deals with the experience feedback concerning the environmental impacts of nuclear installation operations. A large range of aspects are dealt with, among them: -)the release of radioactive effluents, -) the production of radioactive and non-radioactive wastes, -) occupational exposure, -) the radiological protection of the environment, or -) the control of nuclear installations by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). The feedback experiences from La Hague plant, from the Marcoule site, from the Phenix reactor and from the Gravelines and Tihange nuclear power plants are detailed. The last article describes the design options that have been taken to reduce the environment impact of the EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) reactor. (A.C.)

  18. Strategic Aspects of Bundling

    The increase of bundle supply has become widespread in several sectors (for instance in telecommunications and energy fields). This paper review relates strategic aspects of bundling. The main purpose of this paper is to analyze profitability of bundling strategies according to the degree of competition and the characteristics of goods. Moreover, bundling can be used as price discrimination tool, screening device or entry barriers. In monopoly case bundling strategy is efficient to sort consumers in different categories in order to capture a maximum of surplus. However, when competition increases, the profitability on bundling strategies depends on correlation of consumers' reservations values. (author)

  19. Aspects de la classification

    Mari, Jean-François; Napoli, Amedeo


    Les techniques de classification numérique ont toujours été présentes en reconnaissance des formes. Les réseaux de neurones montrent chaque jour leurs (très ?) bonnes propriétés de classification, et la classification se fait de plus en plus présente en représentation des connaissances. Ainsi, ce rapport présente, simplement dans un but introductif, les aspects mathématiques, statistiques, neuromimétiques et cognitifs de la classification.

  20. Energy and social aspects

    In this section, the social aspects of Cuba's energy system are described, based on the accessibility and availability of energy services and the affordability and acceptance of these energy services by the population. Accessibility refers to the existence of modern energy services and supporting infrastructures that allow the population, regardless of income level, place of residence, race, religion, etc., the use of modern fuels. Logistics and the economy determine the amount and kinds of energy and energy services available in each place. Even if energy services are accessible to the population, problems with their availability during particular time periods may exist; thus, this section discusses the problems of availability of modern fuels in Cuba. Affordability relates to the ability of the population to pay for the energy services that are accessible and available. Energy prices should be low enough (without affecting the profitability of the producing companies) to enable everyone's minimum requirements for modern energy services to be satisfied. Acceptability concerns the social and/or environmental problems related to energy chains, ranging from production and use to the disposal of waste generated by energy production. Making an assessment of the acceptability of an energy option is often difficult and sometimes involves many issues, including social, environmental, cultural, economic and religious aspects at local and regional levels


    Tatiana Sergeevna SIRENKO


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the research of the prag-matic aspect of citation in fictional text from the in-tertextual point of view. The theory of intertextuality was formed in the works of M.Bakhtin and devel-oped by Y. Kristeva after the analysis of the works of post-modern writers. So allusion and citation began to be investigated not from the philology point of view only but from the linguistics as well. The pur-pose of the article is to investigate the pragmatic aspect of citation which includes also the investiga-tion of its pragmatic functions. Different views on the citation classification are also mentioned in the article as it is an actual problem in modern linguis-tics. Novels by British writer J. Fforde are the mate-rial for the investigation article because they pos-sess a big amount of intertextual inclusion in the text in general and citation in particular.

  2. Regulatory aspects on nanomedicines.

    Sainz, Vanessa; Conniot, João; Matos, Ana I; Peres, Carina; Zupancic, Eva; Moura, Liane; Silva, Liana C; Florindo, Helena F; Gaspar, Rogério S


    Nanomedicines have been in the forefront of pharmaceutical research in the last decades, creating new challenges for research community, industry, and regulators. There is a strong demand for the fast development of scientific and technological tools to address unmet medical needs, thus improving human health care and life quality. Tremendous advances in the biomaterials and nanotechnology fields have prompted their use as promising tools to overcome important drawbacks, mostly associated to the non-specific effects of conventional therapeutic approaches. However, the wide range of application of nanomedicines demands a profound knowledge and characterization of these complex products. Their properties need to be extensively understood to avoid unpredicted effects on patients, such as potential immune reactivity. Research policy and alliances have been bringing together scientists, regulators, industry, and, more frequently in recent years, patient representatives and patient advocacy institutions. In order to successfully enhance the development of new technologies, improved strategies for research-based corporate organizations, more integrated research tools dealing with appropriate translational requirements aiming at clinical development, and proactive regulatory policies are essential in the near future. This review focuses on the most important aspects currently recognized as key factors for the regulation of nanomedicines, discussing the efforts under development by industry and regulatory agencies to promote their translation into the market. Regulatory Science aspects driving a faster and safer development of nanomedicines will be a central issue for the next years. PMID:26260323

  3. The bomb, the dark side of the nuclear world; La bombe, l'univers opaque du nucleaire

    Collin, J.M


    The reality of the nuclear world can be summarized in few words: a world arsenal of 26000 bombs, enough uranium and plutonium and the know-how to make much more, multiple non-proliferation and weapons limitation treaties which have troubles regulating the diffusion of this technology, indelible environmental and sanitary marks left by 2059 tests, governments secretly wishing to assume this supreme power attribute, a black market, spies and dealers, but also: opponents, political leaders, local representatives and non-governmental organizations who militate for a nuclear weapon-free world. However, this burning question paradoxically remains obscure to citizens and its obscure aspect is relayed by media and politicians. This book aims at decoding the wheels of the international nuclear weapons situation: from the five official nuclear powers to the proliferation actors, from the defense policies to the risks of accidents and the stakes of disarmament, from the bomb fabrication to its devastating effects. It shows how this ultimate weapon has durably pervaded the defense policies and strategies of countries who own it, and how difficult it will be to reconsider this situation.

  4. Aspects of Gond Astronomy

    Vahia, M N


    The Gond community is considered to be one of the most ancient tribes of India with a continuing history of several thousand years. They are also known for their largely isolated history which they have retained through the millennia. Several of their intellectual traditions therefore are a record of parallel aspects of human intellectual growth, and still preserve their original flavour and have not been homogenised by the later traditions of India. In view of this, the Gonds provide a special window to the different currents that constitute contemporary India. In the present study, we summarise their mythology, genetics and script. We then investigate their astronomical traditions and try to understand this community through a survey of 15 Gond villages spread over Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. We show that they have a distinctly different view of the sky from the conventional astronomical ideas encountered elsewhere in India, which is both interesting and informative. We briefly comment o...

  5. Interdisciplinary aspects of turbulence

    Kupka, Friedrich


    What do combustion engines, fusion reactors, weather forecast, ocean flows, our sun, and stellar explosions in outer space have in common? Of course, the physics and the length and time scales are vastly different in all cases, but it is also well known that in all of them, on some relevant length scales, the material flows that govern the dynamical and/or secular evolution of the systems are chaotic and often unpredictable: they are said to be turbulent. The interdisciplinary aspects of turbulence are brought together in this volume containing chapters written by experts from very different fields, including geophysics, astrophysics, and engineering. It covers several subjects on which considerable progress was made during the last decades, from questions concerning the very nature of turbulence to some practical applications. These subjects include: a basic introduction into turbulence, statistical mechanics and nonlinear dynamics, turbulent convection in stars, atmospheric turbulence in the context of nume...

  6. Technological Aspects: High Voltage

    Faircloth, D C


    This paper covers the theory and technological aspects of high-voltage design for ion sources. Electric field strengths are critical to understanding high-voltage breakdown. The equations governing electric fields and the techniques to solve them are discussed. The fundamental physics of high-voltage breakdown and electrical discharges are outlined. Different types of electrical discharges are catalogued and their behaviour in environments ranging from air to vacuum are detailed. The importance of surfaces is discussed. The principles of designing electrodes and insulators are introduced. The use of high-voltage platforms and their relation to system design are discussed. The use of commercially available high-voltage technology such as connectors, feedthroughs and cables are considered. Different power supply technologies and their procurement are briefly outlined. High-voltage safety, electric shocks and system design rules are covered.

  7. Psychiatric aspects of burn

    Dalal P


    Full Text Available Burn injuries and their subsequent treatment cause one of the most excruciating forms of pain imaginable. The psychological aspects of burn injury have been researched in different parts of the world, producing different outcomes. Studies have shown that greater levels of acute pain are associated with negative long-term psychological effects such as acute stress disorder, depression, suicidal ideation, and post-traumatic stress disorder for as long as 2 years after the initial burn injury. The concept of allostatic load is presented as a potential explanation for the relationship between acute pain and subsequent psychological outcomes. A biopsychosocial model is also presented as a means of obtaining better inpatient pain management and helping to mediate this relationship.

  8. Political and economic aspects

    The political and socio-economic aspects of oil and gas exploration in Canada's Arctic and the Beaufort Sea were reviewed. The federal government was very interested in developing the North because they saw oil and gas development in the North as a means of strengthening sovereignty claims. The projected profits from Northern oil and gas development were also very attractive, and after dealing with environmental and social concerns, the government granted the necessary drilling permits. The federal government also made allowances for huge tax incentives for the oil and gas companies to encourage exploration. Although oil has been found, large-scale production in the Beaufort Sea never materialized. During the period from 1984 to 1988, world prices for oil fell and it was no longer economical to undertake frontier production. Beaufort Sea operation were shut down as the oil industry changed its focus to more cost-effective reservoirs in southern Canada. 1 fig

  9. Various aspects of gravity

    Jankiewicz, Marcin


    This thesis summarizes research projects that I have been involved in during my graduate studies at Vanderbilt University. My research spanned different areas of theoretical high energy physics with gravity as a common denominator. I explore both fundamental and phenomenological aspects of: (i) mathematical physics where I have studied relations between partition functions of certain class of conformal field theories and Fischer-Griess Monster group; (ii) cosmology, where I performed a numerical study of a horizon size modes of scalar field; (iii) a black hole physics project involving possible extensions of the non-hair theorem in a presence of exotic types of scalar field; and (iv) a study of phenomenological space-time foam models and their relation to Planck scale physics.


    M. L. Chuhlovina


    Full Text Available Reduced incidence of syphilis was reported in Russia over last years, along with increased prevalence of neurosyphilis. The issues of the mechanisms of the damage of nervous system and the immune response to syphilis are actual. Origin of syphilis antibodies from cerebrospinal fluid of patients with neurosyphilis is considered. The role of intrathecal immunoglobulin production and dysfunction of blood-brain barrier in patients infected with syphilis is of special importance. The aim of the research was to analyze the immunological aspects of neurosyphilis. Polymorphonuclear leukocytes have been shown to play an important role in infection with Treponema pallidium during clearance of the pathogenes. Potential virulence factors of Treponema pallidium have been discovered. It has been found that cell-mediated immune response is very important for defense against Treponema pallidium, while the key importance in bacterial clearance is put on Th1. Evidence has shown that the level of cytokines which are secreted by Th1 (IL-2, interferon gamma and tumor necrosis factor and Th2 (IL-6 and IL-10 — lymphocytes, correlates with syphilis progression. The role of IL-10 in immune response regulation in patients infected with syphilis has been examined: this cytokine can inhibit the activity of immunocompetent cells. Some data has been produced concerning intrathecal production of immunoglobulins in neurosyphilis patients’ cerebrospinal fluid. The research of immunological parameters and composition of liquor in the patients with syphilis has revealed, that lymphocytes of peripheral blood are sensitized to antigens of the brain. It indicates the violation of permeability of patients’ blood-brain barrier. Nervous system becomes involved into the pathological process during the first weeks or months after syphilis infection. Cerebrospinal fluid changes can be detected at seronegative stage of the primary infection. The most expressed changes were found in

  11. International conference: nuclear power for the 21 st century; Conference internationale: L'energie nucleaire au 21. siecle



    It is widely recognised that global energy demand will rise substantially during this century. The increased industrialization and urbanization of developing countries will produce large increases in energy demand in regions that currently have very low per capita energy use. This increasing demand for energy will need to be met in order to improve living standards for at least half of the world population and to reduce the economic imbalances between countries and regions. At the same time the use of fossil fuel based energy is identified as a major cause of environmental damage. The release of greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuel in power stations and for transport is seen as a contributor to global warming. It is widely recognised that continued exploitation of fossil fuels and release of carbon dioxide will need to be controlled. After a prolonged period of slow development of nuclear power, confined to some countries in the world, it is now being recognised that nuclear energy has a potentially significant role to play in meeting the energy needs of the planet without damaging the environment. Developments in technology make the economics of nuclear power more attractive, and they may become even more so as fossil fuel prices continue to rise.or a widespread use of nuclear power, however, there remain concerns on the safety, security, waste and proliferation aspects. The global application of safety standards and appropriate security measures are required to ensure acceptable levels of protection. Effective control measures are required to ensure that non-proliferation commitments are honored. Handling nuclear waste safely and securely is achievable, but continues to remain as a public concern. The broad strategic objectives of the Conference are the following: to review the role of nuclear power and to define the potential benefits (energy security, sustainability and improved environmental protection) that expanding nuclear power offers to meet the

  12. Infectious endocarditis: rlieumatologic aspects

    G M Tarasova


    Full Text Available Objective. To assess rheumatologic aspects of modern infectious endocarditis (IE and to determine role of anti-inflammatory therapy in complex treatment of the disease. Material and methods. 50 pts with IE (24 female, 26 male aged 16 to 60 years were included. Primary IE was diagnosed in 15, secondary - in 35 cases. 7 pts had acute and 43 — subacute course. 40 pts had definite and 10 — probable IE. Results. Mean period till correct diagnosis establishment was 112± 116,5 days. Diagnostic difficulties were more frequent in subacute variant of IE (p=0,03. Heart diseases prevailed among cardiac risk factors (p=0,0l. Clinical picture of IE was very polymorphous. Glucocorticoids (GC were administered to 21 pts in addition to antibiotics due to signs of organ immunopatology and high laboratory measures of immune activity. Positive effect of glucocorticoids was achieved in 64% of pts. Conclusion. Development of immunological changes complicates timely diagnosis of IE and requires exclusion of different diseases including rheumatic pathology. IE treatment strategy does not exclude administration of GC low doses for prominent immunopathological signs in addition to massive antibacterial therapy.

  13. Genetic aspects of strabismus

    Ferreira Rosane da Cruz


    Full Text Available Purpose: To evaluate the genetic aspects of strabismus. Methods: Ophthalmic and orthoptic evaluations were performed prospectively on 110 strabismic probands and 478 relatives. We used 3 different criteria in the diagnosis of strabismus: primary diagnosis (dx1 defined as any manifest horizontal or vertical deviation, a secondary diagnosis (dx2 including esophoria (>7 prism diopters or exophoria (>9 prism diopters, and a tertiary diagnosis (dx3 including abnormal fusional amplitudes, accommodative convergence/accommodation (AC/A ratio, and/or stereopsis; monofixation syndrome; 4 prism diopters base out; and/or abnormal Maddox test responses. Analyses were carried out within mating types. Results: Hypotheses of autosomal dominant or recessive inheritance with no sporadics were rejected. Based on the dx1, 25% of the families had more than one individual affected and there was vertical transmission in 13%; adding dx2 there were 36% of the families with more than one affected and 21% had vertical transmission; and adding dx3, there were 73% with more than one affected and 51% with vertical transmission. Conclusions: There is evidence for a pattern consistent with an autosomal dominant form of strabismus in most families.

  14. Psychiatric Aspects of Infertility

    Hacer Sezgin


    Full Text Available Infertility can be defined as a crisis with cultural, religious, and class related aspects, which coexists with medical, psychiatric, psychological, and social problems. Relation between psychiatric and psychological factors stem from a mutual interaction of both. Family is an important institution in maintaining human existence and raising individuals in line with society's expectations. Fertility and reproduction are seen as universal functions unique to women with raising children as the expected result of the family institution. Incidence of infertility has increased recently and can become a life crisis for a couple. Even though not being able to have a child affects both sexes emotionally, women feel greater amounts of stress, pressure, anxiety, and depression.Consequences of infertility arise from short and long-term devastating effects on both individual's physical and mental health, and marital system. Many studies focus on infertility related psychological and psychiatric disorders (depression, anxiety, grief, marital conflict, gender differences, relation between the causes of infertility and psychopathology, the effects of psychiatric evaluation and intervention -when necessaryon the course of infertility treatment, pregnancy rates, and childbirth. The most important underlying causes of high levels of stress and anxiety that infertile women experience are the loss of maternity, reproduction, sense of self, and genetic continuity. In this review article is to investigate the relationship between medically unexplained symptoms and psychiatric symptoms. [Psikiyatride Guncel Yaklasimlar - Current Approaches in Psychiatry 2014; 6(2.000: 165-185

  15. Hydrodynamic aspect of caves

    Franci Gabrovsek


    Full Text Available From a hydrological point of view, active caves are a series of connected conduits which drain water through an aquifer. Water tends to choose the easiest way through the system but different geological and morphological barriers act as flow restrictions. The number and characteristics of restrictions depends on the particular speleogenetic environment, which is a function of geological, geomorphological, climatological and hydrological settings. Such a variety and heterogeneity of underground systems has presented a challenge for human understanding for many centuries. Access to many underground passages, theoretical knowledge and recent methods (modeling, water pressure-resistant dataloggers, precise sensors etc. give us the opportunity to get better insight into the hydrodynamic aspect of caves. In our work we tried to approach underground hydrodynamics from both theoretical and practical points of view. We present some theoretical background of open surface and pressurized flow in underground rivers and present results of some possible scenarios. Moreover, two case studies from the Ljubljanica river basin are presented in more detail: the cave system between Planinsko polje and Ljubljansko barje, and the cave system between Bloško polje and Cerkniško polje. The approach and methodology in each case is somewhat different, as the aims were different at the beginning of exploration. However, they both deal with temporal and spatial hydrodynamics of underground waters. In the case of Bloško polje-Cerkniško polje system we also explain the feedback loop between hydrodynamics and Holocene speleogenesis.

  16. Neutronic and thermalhydraulic aspects

    Precise computation of neutron flux in the core of a nuclear reactor represents one of the basic aspects of reactor design and operation. Neutron flux is computed by solving Boltzmann's linear equation. Anyway, the direct solution of the equation involves too great a number of operations for practical application, leading up to TeraFlops or even PetaFlops supercomputing capabilities. Physical and mathematical models are then required to handle the extensive variety of configurations encountered. Numerical methods must be adapted to the rapid evolution of computer power, as also computer architecture: sequential, vector or parallel. Physical and mathematical models must allow for very fast estimation for online control and monitoring, adequate quantification for industrial studies and high-precision, best estimate computations. Coupling of neutronics to mechanics and two-phase flow thermohydraulics must be implemented in order to improve the accuracy in best-estimate computation schemes and to take into account the transient behaviour of the plant during normal operation or incidents. In this field of continuous improvement, the new methods applied in Reactor Physics lead obviously to good results and provide the improvements required in the future for the needs of efficiency, safety and advanced fuel cycle. This trend and the ''evolutionary'' implementation in large and modular software systems will be illustrated by the example of the SAPHYR system. (authors). 3 tabs

  17. Electrical aspects of rainout

    Rainout commonly denotes the aggregate of phenomena associated with precipitation scavenging of radioactivity from a cloud of nuclear debris that is within a natural rain cloud. (In contrast, the term, washout, is applicable when the nuclear cloud is below the rain cloud and the term, fallout, commonly denotes the direct gravitational settling of contaminated solid material from a nuclear cloud.) Nuclear debris aerosols may be scavenged within natural clouds by a variety of different physical processes which may involve diffusion, convection, impaction, nucleation, phoresis, turbulence, and/or electricity among others. Processes which involve electrical aspects are scrutinized for their susceptibility to the intimate presence of the radioactive-cloud environment. This particular choice of electrical processes is not accidental. Nearly all of the listed processes were examined earlier by Williams. His rough estimates suggested that electrical effects, and to a lesser extent turbulence, could enhance the scavenging of those submicron aerosols which reside in the size-range that bridges the minimum in the scavenging rate coefficient which is commonly called the Greenfield gap. This minimum in the scavenging-rate coefficient is created by the simultaneous reduction of scavenging via diffusion and the reduction of scavenging via inertial impaction. However, Williams omitted the specific influence of a radioactive environment. This report aims to remedy this omission

  18. Ethical aspects of radiological risks management

    The complexity of the decisions to be taken by the radiation protection and safety authorities in the nuclear, medical, and industrial fields, as well as the importance of the risks involved, require consideration of the confidence that the public can have in the procedures and institutions associated with these decisions. The Technical Support Organisations that advise these authorities play an essential role in risk evaluation. They participate both in defining the scientific bases of the regulations and analysing the authorization request from the operators. The credibility of these bodies implies a clear separation between their function and that of the regulatory authorities and the operators. It also requires a guarantee of competence which is based on a high level research program and contacts with other similar organisations. The quality of the work carried out by the Technical Support Organisations must be regularly evaluated. One of the most important of the other conditions for ensuring the effectiveness of the expertise is its integration in a well defined decision-making procedure. The author has based this article on his experience as director of radiation protection in the IPSN (Institut de Protection et de Surete Nucleaire), an organisation formed in 1976, with a staff of 1,200 whose functions are to carry out research and provide expertise in health physics radioecology and nuclear safety. To reinforce its operating autonomy and authority, the status of the IPSN was thoroughly revised as strengthened in 1990. (Author)

  19. Aspect-oriented programming with AspectJ

    Mario Pavlov; Daniela Gotseva


    This article describes the fundamental concepts of a complete AOP system. It discusses the AspectJ language specification and implementation. The article examines the use of the language, as well as its features and tooling support. It lays out a common crosscutting problem to illustrate the general syntax of the traditional AspectJ Language. The development tools of the AspectJ language are described and compared to popular Java development tools.

  20. Aspect-oriented programming with AspectJ

    Mario Pavlov


    Full Text Available This article describes the fundamental concepts of a complete AOP system. It discusses the AspectJ language specification and implementation. The article examines the use of the language, as well as its features and tooling support. It lays out a common crosscutting problem to illustrate the general syntax of the traditional AspectJ Language. The development tools of the AspectJ language are described and compared to popular Java development tools.

  1. Status of safety at Areva group facilities. 2006 annual report; Etat de surete des installations nucleaires. Rapport annuel 2006



    This report presents a snapshot of nuclear safety and radiation protection conditions in the AREVA group's nuclear installations in France and abroad, as well as of radiation protection aspects in service activities, as identified over the course of the annual inspections and analyses program carried out by the General Inspectorate in 2006. This report is presented to the AREVA Supervisory Board, communicated to the labor representation bodies concerned, and made public. In light of the inspections, appraisals and coordination missions it has performed, the General Inspectorate considers that the nuclear safety level of the AREVA group's nuclear installations is satisfactory. It particularly noted positive changes on numerous sites and efforts in the field of continuous improvement that have helped to strengthen nuclear safety. This has been possible through the full involvement of management teams, an improvement effort initiated by upper management, actions to increase personnel awareness of nuclear safety culture, and supervisors' heightened presence around operators. However, the occurrence of certain events in facilities has led us to question the nuclear safety repercussions that the changes to activities or organization on some sites have had. In these times of change, drifts in nuclear safety culture have been identified. The General Inspectorate considers that a preliminary analysis of the human and organizational factors of these changes, sized to match the impact the change has on nuclear safety, should be made to ensure that a guaranteed level of nuclear safety is maintained (allowance for changes to references, availability of the necessary skills, resources of the operating and support structures, etc.). Preparations should also be made to monitor the changes and spot any telltale signs of drift in the application phase. Managers should be extra vigilant and the occurrence of any drift should be systematically dealt with ahead of

  2. Contribution to the study of the evolution of radiation induced He in Be O; Etudes sur l'evolution de l'helium produit par reactions nucleaires dans l'oxyde de beryllium

    Bareau, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The purpose of this work in-pile investigation of He formed by (n, 2n) and (n, {alpha}) nuclear reactions, released from irradiated BeO, in the temperature range 1000 - 1350 deg. C. The experimental results show that, for an instantaneous neutron fast flux of 10{sup 13} n cm{sup -2} sec{sup -1}, an equilibrium is attempted, after several days, for a part lower than 20 per cent of the quantity of He formed, theoretically calculated from the neutron cross sections of nuclear reactions, and from the analytical form of the neutron fast flux, releases from the solid. The validity of the values of calculated helium and the gas chromatographic analytical method are also verified by dissolution of the BeO pellets in cryolite. A new fast neutron flux measuring method may be so defined. The discussion of the experimental results enables to establish that the processus of He release is characterized by two phenomena: the first one which controls the release of He atoms out of the solid and the second which reveals a capture processus, connected to the irradiation and probably due to the vacancies induced in the lattice. (author) [French] On etudie en pile le degagement de l'helium forme par reactions nucleaires (n, 2 n) et (n, {alpha}) dans l'oxyde de beryllium irradie entre 1000 et 1350 deg. C. Les resultats experimentaux montrant que, pour un flux rapide instantane de 10{sup 13} n{sub r} cm{sup -2} s{sup -1}, on aboutit, au bout de quelques jours, a un etat d'equilibre pour lequel une partie, inferieure a 20 pour cent de la quantite d'helium forme, calculee theoriquement a partir des sections efficaces des reactions nucleaires et de la forme analytique du flux rapide, s'echappe du solide. On verifie egalement par dissolution des echantillons de BeO dans la cryolithe la validite du calcul de l'helium et de la methode de dosage par chromatographie en phase gazeuse. On peut ainsi definir une methode nouvelle de mesure des flux rapides. La

  3. Large Aspect Ratio Tokamak Study

    The Large Aspect Ratio Tokamak Study (LARTS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) investigated the potential for producing a viable longburn tokamak reactor by enhancing the volt-second capability of the ohmic heating transformer through the use of high aspect ratio designs. The plasma physics, engineering, and economic implications of high aspect ratio tokamaks were assessed in the context of extended burn operation. Using a one-dimensional transport code plasma startup and burn parameters were addressed. The pulsed electrical power requirements for the poloidal field system, which have a major impact on reactor economics, were minimized by optimizing the startup and shutdown portions of the tokamak cycle. A representative large aspect ratio tokamak with an aspect ratio of 8 was found to achieve a burn time of 3.5 h at capital cost only approx. 25% greater than that of a moderate aspect ratio design tokamak

  4. Aspectizing JavaScript Security

    Marchand de Kerchove, Florent; Noyé, Jacques; Südholt, Mario


    In this position paper we argue that aspects are well-suited to describe and implement a range of strategies to make secure JavaScript-based applications. To this end, we review major categories of approaches to make client-side applications secure and discuss uses of aspects that exist for some of them. We also propose aspect-based techniques for the categories that have not yet been studied. We give examples of applications where aspects are useful as a general means to flexibly express and...

  5. Emotional aspects of infertility.

    Seibel, M M; Taymor, M L


    The psychologic aspects of infertility in men and women are reviewed, neuroendocrinologic factors thought to affect reproduction physiologically are described, and awareness of the stresses that infertility places on a couple's relationship is encouraged. Studies have found infertile women to be more neurotic, dependent, and anxious than fertile women, experiencing conflict over their femininity and fear associated with reproduction. In contrast to these reports, a double blind study could not determine the difference in the psychologic makeup of women who were infertile because of demonstrated somatic causes and those women in whom no somatic cause could be found and who were considered infertile on an emotional etiologic basis. Other studies have similarly come to negative conclusions regarding the relationship between psychologic factors and infertility. The 1st set of studies failed to consider the stress that infertility itself places on the couple. Emotional factors may negatively affect fertility in the male. Up to 10% of infertile males have had improvement in their semen analysis after cessation of all treatment for a prolonged period of time. The concept that emotional stress might lead to oligospermia was further supported in a report describing testicular biopsies obtained from men awaiting sentencing after raping and impregnating women. A more obvious effect of the emotional stress infertility places on the male is the occurrence of impotence. It has been estimated that up to 10% of infertilty may be partially or completely explained on the basis of male sexual dysfunction. The gradual unraveling of the complexities of neuroendocrinology have permitted increased understanding of the role that stress might play in infertility. Catecholamines, prolactin, adrenal steroids, endorphins, and serotonin all affect ovulation and in turn are all affected by stress. Such stress might result from infertility or habitual abortion. Infertility is frequently

  6. [Medical aspects of fasting].

    Gavrankapetanović, F


    Fasting (arabic-savm) was proclaimed through islam, and thus it is an obligation for Holly Prophet Muhammad s.a.v.s.-Peace be to Him-in the second year after Hijra (in 624 after Milad-born of Isa a.s.). There is a month of fasting-Ramadan-each lunar (hijra) year. So, it was 1415th fasting this year. Former Prophets have brought obligative messages on fasting to their people; so there are also certain forms of fasting with other religions i.e. with Catholics, Jews, Orthodox. These kinds of fasting above differ from muslim fasting, but they also appear obligative. All revelations have brought fasting as obligative. From medical point of view, fasting has two basical components: psychical and physical. Psychical sphere correlate closely with its fundamental ideological message. Allah dz.s. says in Quran: "... Fasting is obligative for you, as it was obligative to your precedents, as to avoid sins; during very few days (II, II, 183 & 184)." Will strength, control of passions, effort and self-discipline makes a pure faithfull person, who purify its mind and body through fasting. Thinking about The Creator is more intensive, character is more solid; and spirit and will get stronger. We will mention the hadith saying: "Essaihune humus saimun!" That means: "Travellers at the Earth are fasters (of my ummet)." The commentary of this hadith, in the Collection of 1001 hadiths (Bin bir hadis), number 485, says: "There are no travelling dervishs or monks in islam; thus there is no such a kind of relligousity in islam. In stead, it is changed by fasting and constant attending of mosque. That was proclaimed as obligation, although there were few cases of travelling in the name of relligousity, like travelling dervishs and sheichs." In this paper, the author discusses medical aspects of fasting and its positive characteristics in the respect of healthy life style and prevention of many sicks. The author mentions positive influence of fasting to certain system and organs of human

  7. Financial aspects of decommissioning (key aspects of decommissioning costing)

    In this presentation the following aspects of NPPs decommissioning are discussed: Requirements and purpose of decommissioning costing; Decommissioning costing methodologies; Standardised decommissioning cost structure; Input data for cost estimate process; Waste management in cost estimate process; Grading aspects in cost estimating; Cost control in decommissioning projects; Summary of the cost estimation process; Conclusions and recommendations.

  8. Aspects of spirituality concerning illness

    van Leeuwen, Rene; Tiesinga, Lucas J.; Jochemasen, Henk; Post, Doeke


    The spiritual dimension of illness, health and care may be seen as a unique aspect in addition to the physical, mental and social dimension. This contribution describes experiences of patients, nurses and hospital chaplains in relation to the spiritual aspects of being ill. Qualitative research was

  9. Tense and Aspect in English

    Davidsen-Nielsen, Niels


    In the 1990's the author cooperated with Carl Bache on a grammar of English. It turned out that the views they had previously arrived at individually on tense and aspect could be combined by operating with a fused system involving four ordered choices resulting in sixteen tense-aspect forms. In...

  10. Contribution to the study of the action of electromagnetic fields on the angular correlations of nuclear radiation (1960); Contribution a l'etude de l'action des champs electromagnetiques sur les correlations angulaires des rayonnements nucleaires (1960)

    Lehmann, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This work deals with the study of interaction of E.M. fields with nuclear moments of nuclei emitting gamma rays. We describe first experiments on delayed angular correlation showing the role played by statistic quadrupole interaction. We have measured the magnetic moment of the second excited state of {sup 19}F using an external magnetic field. In the case of {sup 19}O, experiments of angular distributions and angular correlations of gamma -rays taking into account the possibility of perturbations, allow us to determine the spin and parities of the three first levels. (author) [French] Le present travail concerne l'etude de l'interaction des champs electromagnetiques et des moments nucleaires de noyaux emettant des rayonnements gamma. Nous decrivons des experiences de correlation angulaire differee dont l'interpretation met en coincidence le role joue par les interactions quadrupolaires statiques. Nous avons mesure le moment magnetique de {sup 19}F dans un etat excite en utilisant un champ magnetique exterieur a la source radioactive. Enfin, dans le cas de {sup 19}O, nous montrons l'utilite d'un examen des possibilites de perturbations dans l'interpretation des resultats fournis par des correlations ou des distributions angulaires. (auteur)

  11. Study relating to the physico-chemical behaviour of heavy water in nuclear reactors; Etudes relatives au comportement physico-chimique de l'eau lourde dans les reacteurs nucleaires

    Chenouard, J.; Dirian, G.; Roth, E.; Vignet, P.; Platzer, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Chemical and isotope pollution, and radiolytic decomposition are the two most important ways in which heavy water becomes degraded in nuclear reactors. Chemical pollution has led to the creation of ion exchange purification loops specially designed for reactors: the report contains a description in detail of the application of this purification method in CEA research reactors, including the analysis required, results obtained, and their interpretation. The intelligence obtained on radiolytic decomposition with the same facilities is also discussed, as well as the recombination apparatus and control equipment utilized. Finally, investigation to date in the CEA on recombination circuits for power reactors is also discussed. (author) [French] Parmi les degradations subies par l'eau lourde dans les reacteurs nucleaires, les deux plus importantes sont la pollution chimique et isotopique et la decomposition radiolytique. La pollution chimique a conduit a mettre au point pour le cas particulier des reacteurs, des circuits d'epuration par echange d'ions. On decrit ici en detail la mise en oeuvre de cette methode dans les reacteurs de recherche du CEA; les controles qu'elle necessite, les resultats obtenus et leur interpretation. En ce qui concerne la dissociation radiolytique de l'eau, les renseignements obtenus sur ces memes reacteurs sont communiques, ainsi que les details des dispositifs de recombinaison et des moyens de controle. Enfin, on fait le point des etudes poursuivies au CEA sur ces memes problemes de recombinaison dans le cas des reacteurs de puissance. (auteur)

  12. Nuclear law: institutions. Nuclear installations; Droit nucleaire: institutions. Installations nucleaires



    The object of this work is since its first edition in 1983 under the title 'Collection of nuclear activities legislation and regulation ' to realize an ordered collection of texts constituting the juridical and institutional frame of nuclear activities, gathering the legislative, regulatory and technical texts; the international, European and national texts. Aiming to include the whole of the atom applications, this collection tackles various themes in ten chapters spread on five volumes. The volume number one includes the following chapters: Institutions, nuclear facilities. (N.C.)


    This invited presentation updates the clinical aspects of Listeria monocytogenes in food animals. It summarizes the epidemiology and diagnostic methods. Virtually all domesticated animal species are susceptible to listeric infection, with a large proportion of healthy asymptomatic animals shedding...

  14. Information sur les technologies nucleaires


    "La base Inis (International Nuclear Information System) de l'Agence Internationale d'Energie Atomique (IAEA) dispose desormais de liens vers les textes complets de documents internationaux" (1 paragraph).

  15. Theoretical Aspects of Molecular Recognition

    Harmat, Veronika; Náray-Szabó, Gábor


    Molecular recognition is a key process in non-covalent interactions, which determines, among others, host-guest complexation, drug action and protein-protein interaction. A simple and attractive formulation is the lock-and-key analogy defining the host as a lock accommodating the guest as a key. We stress three major aspects of molecular recognition, determining both complementarity between host and guest and similarity within a group of guest molecules. These aspects are: steric, i.e. maximi...

  16. Physical aspects of radioisotope brachytherapy

    The present report represents an attempt to provide, within a necessarily limited compass, an authoritative guide to all important physical aspects of the use of sealed gamma sources in radiotherapy. Within the report, reference is made wherever necessary to the more extensive but scattered literature on this subject. While this report attempts to cover all the physical aspects of radioisotope 'brachytherapy' it does not, of course, deal exhaustively with any one part of the subject. 384 refs, 3 figs, 6 tabs

  17. Ethical aspects of nuclear power

    The nuclear controversy comprises many ethical aspects, e.g. the waste disposal problem. Nuclear opponents should not neglect the environmental protection aspect; for example, the use of nuclear power alone brought about an 8% reduction of the CO2 burden in 1987. Our responsibility towards nature and humans in the Third World leaves us no alternative to nuclear power. On the other hand, the nuclear power debate should not become a matter of religious beliefs. (DG)

  18. Cosmological aspects of superstring models

    I consider more specifically the cosmological aspects of supersymmetry breaking in ''superstring models'' (grand unified models which are believed to describe the effective theory obtained by compactification of superstring theories). The most interesting aspects are related to the presence of flat directions in the scalar potential (vacuum degeneracies). These flat directions are discussed both in the hidden sector of these models (do they give rise to inflation) and in the observable sector of quarks, leptons and Higgs particles, in connection with baryogenesis

  19. Dynamic aspects of musical imagery.

    Halpern, Andrea R


    Auditory imagery can represent many aspects of music, such as the starting pitches of a tune or the instrument that typically plays it. In this paper, I concentrate on more dynamic, or time-sensitive aspects of musical imagery, as demonstrated in two recently published studies. The first was a behavioral study that examined the ability to make emotional judgments about both heard and imagined music in real time. The second was a neuroimaging study on the neural correlates of anticipating an upcoming tune, after hearing a cue tune. That study found activation of several sequence-learning brain areas, some of which varied with the vividness of the anticipated musical memory. Both studies speak to the ways in which musical imagery allows us to judge temporally changing aspects of the represented musical experience. These judgments can be quite precise, despite the complexity of generating the rich internal representations of imagery. PMID:22524360

  20. Legal aspects of radiactive installations

    The goal of this paper is to discuss the main legal aspects related to the application of ionizing radiation in the industry, medicine, agriculture, scientific activities to envisage from the in force legislation the competence and responsibility for the control of radiation facilities comprising regulation, licensing and inspection. Legislation does not embrace all the aspects related to radiation facilities regarding to the specific provisions on civil liability concerning damages caused by non nuclear radiological accidents. The law nr.6.453 is applied only to nuclear accident, as defined in its rules. (author)

  1. Practical Aspects of CMOS Layout

    Stassen, Flemming


    The topics covered in these notes are the practical aspects and limitations of layout, when random process variations result in electrical parameters, which are not constant but rather statistically distributed.The focus is on design methods for reducing or eliminating the effects. The notes cover...... three aspects:1) to introduce layout structures robust to process variations2) to present simplistic models for analog building blocks with the aim of analysing consequences of parameter variations3) to present the basic noise considerations which guide the layout of supply structures etc....

  2. SPAM -- Technological and Legal Aspects

    Banday, M Tariq


    In this paper an attempt is made to review technological, economical and legal aspects of the spam in detail. The technical details will include different techniques of spam control e.g., filtering techniques, Genetic Algorithm, Memory Based Classifier, Support Vector Machine Method, etc. The economic aspect includes Shaping/Rate Throttling Approach/Economic Filtering and Pricing/Payment based spam control. Finally, the paper discusses the legal provisions for the control of spam. The scope of the legal options is limited to USA, European Union, New Zealand, Canada, Britain and Australia.

  3. Technical aspects of data communication

    MacNamara, John E


    Technical Aspects of Data Communication, Third Edition provides information pertinent to the technical aspects of data communication. This book discusses a simple asynchronous interface implemented with a specialized integrated circuit called a UART.Organized into 28 chapters, this edition begins with an overview of the interface standards ranging from the classic EIA-232-D to the EIA-530. This text then describes modems and modem control, with material on high-speed modems and error-correcting modems. Other chapters discuss hardware and software methods. This book discusses as well digital tr

  4. Probing Quantum Aspects of Gravity

    Adunas, G Z; Ahluwalia, D V


    We emphasize that a specific aspect of quantum gravity is the absence of a super-selection rule that prevents a linear superposition of different gravitational charges. As an immediate consequence, we obtain a tiny, but observable, violation of the equivalence principle, provided, inertial and gravitational masses are not assumed to be operationally identical objects. In this framework, the cosmic gravitational environment affects local experiments. A range of terrestrial experiments, from neutron interferometry to neutrino oscillations, can serve as possible probes to study the emergent quantum aspects of gravity.

  5. Contribution to the study of nuclear fuel materials with a metallic uranium base; Contribution a l'etude des materiaux combustibles nucleaires a base d'uranium metallique

    Englander, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    In a power reactor destined to supply industrially recoverable thermal energy, the most economical source of heat still consists of natural metallic uranium. However, the nuclear fuel material, most often employed in the form of rods of 20 to 40 mm diameter, is subjected to a series of stresses which lead to irreversible distortions usually incompatible with the substructure of the reactor. As a result the fuel material must possess at the outset a certain number of qualities which must be determined. Investigations have therefore been carried out, first on the technological characters peculiar to each of the three allotropic phases of pure uranium metal, and on their interactions on the stabilisation of the material which consists of either cast uranium or uranium pile-treated in the {gamma} phase. (author) [French] Dans un reacteur de puissance destine a fournir de l'energie thermique industriellement recuperable, la source de chaleur la plus economique reste constituee par de l'uranium metallique naturel. Or, le materiau combustible nucleaire, employe le plus souvent sous forme de barreaux de 20 a 40 mm de diametre, se trouve soumis a un ensemble de contraintes qui provoque des deformations irreversibles, le plus souvent incompatibles avec l'infrastructure du reacteur. Par consequent, le materiau combustible doit presenter a l'origine un certain nombre de qualites qu'il est necessaire de determiner. Aussi a-t-on d'abord etudie les caracteres technologiques propres a chacune des trois phases allotropiques de l'uranium-metal pur et leurs interactions sur la stabilisation du materiau constitue soit par de l'uranium coule, soit par de l'uranium traite en pile en phase {gamma}. (auteur)

  6. Which competencies for engineering, conception an R and D needs? The Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucleaires contribution - INSTN contribution to education and training in the fields of engineering, conception and R and D

    The Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucleaires (INSTN) provides students with high scientific qualifications, professionals and engineers with specialized education in all disciplines related to nuclear energy applications. Academic courses and professional training sessions are designed to put students in direct contact with specialists of each discipline providing up-to-date knowledge and know-how. This mission is focused on nuclear science and technology, and one of its main features is the 'Nuclear Engineering degree' in France, also called 'Genie Atomique' course. It represents a 'specialized' course (Master after the masters degree in nuclear engineering) designed for engineers who can thereby acquire a broad view of sciences and techniques implemented in the nuclear energy sector based on a specific high level fundamental courses in disciplines such as reactor physics, thermal hydraulics and nuclear materials. The 'Genie Atomique' course is organized by INSTN in Saclay and Cadarache research centres for the 'civilian' students and in Cherbourg for the future officers and staff of nuclear submarines and aircraft carrier at the EAMEA military school. During the last period, industry representatives have clearly expressed their increasing need to engage high level engineers, educated in the field of nuclear engineering to face the new challenges of what is now called the 'Nuclear Renaissance'. INSTN together with University Paris Sud 11 developed a new master degree in nuclear engineering opened to students from France and abroad. The objective of this specialty is to provide in-depth training in the field of nuclear reactor physics for the purpose of using existing tools, developing and installing third-generation reactors, and designing and developing the future systems still known as 'integrated systems'. (author)

  7. Chemical elimination of alumina in suspension in nuclear reactors heavy water; Elimination de l'alumine en suspension dans l'eau lourde des reacteurs nucleaires par voie chimique

    Ledoux, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Corrosion of aluminium in contact with moderating water in nuclear reactor leads to the formation of an alumina hydrosol which can have an adverse effect on the operation of the reactor. Several physical methods have been used in an attempt to counteract this effect. The method proposed here consists in the elimination of the aluminium by dissolution and subsequent fixation in the ionic form on mixed-bed ion-exchange resin. In order to do this, the parameters and the values of these parameters most favorable to the dissolution process have been determined. If the moderator is heavy water, the deuterated acid can be prepared by converting a solution in heavy water to a salt of the acid using a deuterated cationic resin. (author) [French] La corrosion de l'aluminium au contact de l'eau moderatrice des reacteurs nucleaires, donne lieu a la formation d'un hydrosol d'alumine nuisible au bon fonctionnement des reacteurs. Plusieurs methodes physiques ont ete mises en oeuvre pour pallier ces inconvenients. On propose ici d'eliminer l'alumine par solubilisation pour la fixer ensuite sous forme ionique par des resines echangeuses d'ions, en lit melange. A cette fin on determine les parametres et leurs grandeurs favorables a cette solubilisation. Si le moderateur est de l'eau lourde la preparation d'acide deutere peut etre effectuee par passage d'une solution en eau lourde a un sel de l'acide sur resine cationique deuteree.

  8. The Fukushima major accident. Seismic, nuclear and medical considerations; L'accident majeur de Fukushima. Considerations sismiques, nucleaires et medicales

    Carpentier, Alain; Friedel, Jacques; Brezin, Edouard; Baulieu, Etienne-Emile; Courtillot, Vincent; Dercourt, Jean; Jaupart, Claude; Le Pichon, Xavier; Poirier, Jean-Paul; Salencon, Jean; Tapponnier, Paul; Dautray, Robert; Taquet, Philippe; Blanchet, Rene; Le Mouel, Jean-Louis; Chapron, Jean-Yves; Fanon, Joelle [Academie des sciences, 23, quai de Conti, 75006 Paris (France); BARD, Pierre-Yves [Observatoire des sciences de l' Univers de l' universite de Grenoble (France); Bernard, Pascal; Montagner, Jean-Paul; Armijo, Rolando; Shapiro, Nikolai; Tait, Steve [Institut de physique du globe de Paris (France); Cara, Michel [ecole et Observatoire des sciences de la Terre de l' universite de Strasbourg (France); Madariaga, Raul [ecole normale superieure, 45, rue d' Ulm / 29, rue d' Ulm, F-75230 Paris cedex 05 (France); Pecker, Alain [Academie des technologies, Grand Palais des Champs Elysees - Porte C - Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt - 75008 Paris (France); Schindele, Francois [CEA-DAM, Arpajon (France); Douglas, John [BRGM, 3 avenue Claude-Guillemin - BP 36009, 45060 Orleans Cedex 2 (France)


    The first part of this voluminous report addresses mega-earthquakes and mega-tsunamis: scientific data, case of France (West Indies and metropolitan France), and socioeconomic aspects (governance, regulation, para-seismic protection). The second part deals with the nuclear accident at Fukushima: event sequence, situation of the nuclear industry in France after Fukushima, fuel cycle and future opportunities. The third part addresses health and environmental consequences. Each part is completed by a large number of documents in which some specific aspects are more precisely reported, commented and discussed

  9. Physiological aspects of paired stimulation

    Meijler, F.L.; Durrer, D.


    In this paper some physiological and clinical aspects of paired stimulation are discussed. I) The augmenting effect of paired stimulation on rnyocardial contractility is due to potentiation (increase in speed of restitution) and fusion of two contractions. 2) While using paired stimulation the oxyg

  10. Cognitive Aspect of Intercultural Communication

    Svetlana Kurbakova


    The research of cognitive aspects of intercultural communication is aimed to explore national linguistic consciousness, its peculiarities in order to determine the universal basics which make the intercultural communication possible while preserving national cultural identity and language diversity. This scientific analysis can become a background for developing skills of comprehending foreign speech and providing learning and teaching paths towards communication competence in accordance with...

  11. Legal Aspects of the Web.

    Borrull, Alexandre Lopez; Oppenheim, Charles


    Presents a literature review that covers the following topics related to legal aspects of the Web: copyright; domain names and trademarks; linking, framing, caching, and spamdexing; patents; pornography and censorship on the Internet; defamation; liability; conflict of laws and jurisdiction; legal deposit; and spam, i.e., unsolicited mails.…

  12. Probabilistic aspects of ocean waves

    Battjes, J.A.


    Background material for a special lecture on probabilistic aspects of ocean waves for a seminar in Trondheim. It describes long term statistics and short term statistics. Statistical distributions of waves, directional spectra and frequency spectra. Sea state parameters, response peaks, encounter pr

  13. Language Arts Scenarios Using "Aspects."

    Hamstra, Diane


    Outlines how the computer groupware program for Macintosh computers called "Aspects" was used at every level of a K-12 school system to enhance collaborative writing and writing skills. Imagines possible future uses of the program in linking classrooms from different areas of the world. (HB)

  14. Hispathologic aspects of Lyme Borreliosis.

    Koning, Johannes de


    As a result of the recent interest in Lyme disease a large number of papers has been published on its different aspects. The purpose of this thesis is to present a comprehensive study of the most important histopathological manifestations based on the experience obtained during the last 11 years. In

  15. Aspect Composition using Comparition Filters

    Bergmans, Lodewijk; Aksit, Mehmet; Tekinerdogan, Bedir; Aksit, Mehmet


    This chapter first discusses a number of software reuse and extension problems in current object-oriented languages. For this purpose, a change case for a simplified mail system is presented. Each evolution step in the change case consists of the addition or refinement of certain aspects to existing

  16. Economical aspects of nuclear energetics

    The economical aspects of nuclear power generation in respect to costs of conventional energetics have been discussed in detail. The costs and competitiveness of nuclear power have been considered on the base of worldwide trends taking into account investment and fuel costs as well as 'social' costs being result of impact of different types of energetics on environment, human health etc

  17. Study of {sup 19}C by breakup reactions; Etude du {sup 19}C par reactions de cassure

    Liegard, Emmanuel [Lab. de Physique Corpusculaire, Caen Univ., 14 Caen (France)


    To date studies of halo nuclei have been principally focussed on the A 11 systems {sup 11}Li and {sup 11}Be. The evolution of the properties of the halo with the mass of the system and the binding energy and angular momentum of the halo nucleons is a question of fundamental importance. It was in this spirit that the present study of {sup 19}C (S{sub n} = 240 {+-} 100 keV) was undertaken. The experiment was performed at GANIL using a secondary {sup 19}C beam ({approx_equal} 15 pps at 36 MeV/nucleon) produced via fragmentation. The experimental setup which included the neutron array DEMON, provided for identification of the core-breakup and dissociation reaction channels. In the first case, a very narrow single neutron angular distribution (FWHM = 64 {+-} 17 MeV/c) was observed for {sup 19}C, in contrast to that found for three `reference` nuclei {sup 21}N, {sup 22}O and {sup 24}F (FWHM {approx_equal} 165 MeV/c). This result could be interpreted within the framework of the core-breakup reaction model of a one-neutron halo nucleus. The results obtained for dissociation, while supporting the existence of the halo, indicated that it is not well developed. In addition, a comparison between the present results, the parallel momentum distributions for the core ({sup 18}C) and theoretical predictions have allowed conclusions to be drawn regarding the configuration of the valence neutron. In particular, a purely 2s{sub 1/2} of 1d{sub 5/2} configuration is excluded and mixing, possible with core excited states, must be considered. A probable ground state spin-parity assignment of 3{sup +}/2 or 5{sup +}/2 is suggested. (author) 150 refs., 278 figs., 28 tabs.

  18. Informatics for analysis of nuclear experiments: TOUTATIX; Ensemble des moyens informatiques pour l`aide a l`analyse des experiences de physique nucleaire: TOUTATIX

    Rabasse, J.F.; Du, S.; Penillault, G.; Tassan-Got, L.; Givort, M. [Services Techniques, Inst. de Physique Nucleaire, Paris-11 Univ., 91 - Orsay (France)


    For several years in connection with the migration towards UNIX system, software tools have been developed in the laboratory. They allow the nuclear physicist community to achieve the complete analysis of experimental data. They comply with the requirements imposed by the development of multi-detectors. A special attention has been devoted to ergonomic aspects and configuration possibilities. (authors) 1 fig.

  19. Personality aspects in multiple sclerosis.

    Diana, R; Grosz, A; Mancini, E


    To test the claim that peculiar personality bias is detectable in multiple sclerosis (MS) we used the Szondi test to investigate the psychodynamic aspects of 110 MS patients in comparison with 200 healthy subjects. MS patients appeared to have a greater need for love in a passive form than normal people, rigid defense mechanisms, difficulty in resolving their inner conflicts either by sublimation or by internalization of satisfactory new emotional experiences, feelings of autoaggressiveness, and many symptoms of depression. Some of these aspects correlate with the severity of the disease, others seem to date back to early childhood as peculiar personality patterns. An investigation of childhood events in 110 controls confirmed that MS patients had had many more unhappy experiences in childhood than might commonly be expected. Further, the oft-reported psychiatric troubles preceding MS clinical onset suggest that at least in some MS patients there are specific gaps in personality structure dating back to early phases of their development. PMID:4086262

  20. Selected aspects of fusion reactions

    Lacroix, D


    In this lecture, we present selected aspects of nuclear fusion. The importance of the initial geometry of the reaction and its relation to fusion barrier are first discussed. The effect of deformation leading to the notion of barrier distribution is then illustrated. After a brief overview of the advantages of macroscopic theories, the dynamics of nuclear system under large amplitude motion is reviewed. The di-nuclear concept is presented to understand the competition between fusion and quasi-fission. This concept is then generalized to account for the dissipative dynamics in multidimensional collective space. The last part of this lecture is devoted to new aspects encountered with radioactive beams specific properties of very extended neutron rich system, influence of pygmy or soft dipole resonances and charge exchange far from stability are discussed. (author)

  1. Selected aspects of fusion reactions

    In this lecture, we present selected aspects of nuclear fusion. The importance of the initial geometry of the reaction and its relation to fusion barrier are first discussed. The effect of deformation leading to the notion of barrier distribution is then illustrated. After a brief overview of the advantages of macroscopic theories, the dynamics of nuclear system under large amplitude motion is reviewed. The di-nuclear concept is presented to understand the competition between fusion and quasi-fission. This concept is then generalized to account for the dissipative dynamics in multidimensional collective space. The last part of this lecture is devoted to new aspects encountered with radioactive beams specific properties of very extended neutron rich system, influence of pygmy or soft dipole resonances and charge exchange far from stability are discussed. (author)

  2. Mythical aspects of Serbian identity

    Đerić Gordana M.


    Full Text Available The paper deals with the use of mythical contents of Serbian national identity and stereotypes about Serbs in different kinds of public discourses; publicist. political and scientific. Mythical content and stereotypes are related to 'comprehensive image of the Serbian people', not to empirically testable particular identifiers. Moreover, vague stories about Serbian national being have epistemological priority over unambiguous descriptions of common collective ways of life. This feature of its usage make national myths suitable for political and cultural propaganda. They are a powerful tool for social control and manipulation. Political and cultural elites are reluctant to abandon abuses of mythical aspects in maintaining their positions. The aim of the proposed research is to identify particular abuses of mythical aspects in Serbian public discourse and disclose their historical sources, as well as to opt for a reassessment of Serbian national identity through open and scientifically grounded public discussion.

  3. Some Aspects of School Maturity



    This bachelor{\\crq}s thesis is focused on the maturity of pre-school children for school work. Particularly it researches the level of children{\\crq}s knowledge in the period just before and immediately after entering school. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with pre-school characteristics, various aspects of school maturity and readiness for elementary school regarding the fact that in the period just before entering school and immediately after the beginning of school attendance cer...

  4. Ethical aspects of radiation protection

    The conflicting interests of technology and mostly prevent technicians and scientists from orientating themselves by clearly formulated rules of ethical acting. The many attempts which have been made therefore at introducing a binding 'Hippocratic oath' failed without exception. Based on many years of experience the author tries to derive some simple ethical principles from the maxims of action which apply to radiation protection, thus contributing a new aspect to the ethics discussion. (orig.)

  5. Laboratory aspects of assisted reproduction.

    Yeung, WS; Ng, EH


    A number of advances have been made concerning the laboratory aspects of assisted reproduction. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection has revolutionised the treatment of male infertility. With the development of better embryo culture media, blastocyst transfer is now possible and is likely to reduce high-order multiple pregnancy in assisted reproduction treatment. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis has become an alternative to prenatal diagnosis. The recent use of molecular biology techniques to d...

  6. Quantitative aspects of magnetospheric physics

    In this book, certain quantitative aspects of magnetospheric physics are described as used at the earth which illustrate the complex and wondrous ways in which the basic laws of physics enable us to obtain an understanding of our surroundings. The author investigates the charged-particle motion in magnetic and electric fields; the trapping region and currents due to trapped particles; the existence of large-scale electric fields in the magnetosphere; the effect of plasma waves on the distribution of particles. (Auth.)

  7. Fiscal Aspects of Bank Restructuring

    James Daniel


    Governments frequently assist troubled banks. This paper examines the fiscal aspects of such assistance: rationale, design criteria, methods, and macroeconomic implications. It concludes that (1) banks should be assisted only when there is a clear systemic risk; (2) assistance should be tied to a comprehensive restructuring program, minimize fiscal cost, be equitable and transparent, prevent recurrence, and facilitate a sound macroeconomic environment; (3) debt-based assistance will worsen pu...

  8. Symphonic electronic music: social aspects

    Enfi A.


    In the article «Sympho-electronic music as deep-essential psychotherapy's tool of art-humanitarian practice» we provide definitions and characteristics of the new musicological concepts: «sympho-electronic music» (SEM), and show many benefits of using this music in depth-essential psychotherapy of art-humanitarian creativity, based on the implementation of major principles and basic medical-psychological aspects of the Essence Coding Theory (ECT). Demonstrated...

  9. Technical Aspects of Electrical Neurostimulation

    Magdolen, J.


    This paper deals with technical aspects of electrical neurostimulation. Attention is given to problems of transmission of signals and power through inductive link created by coupled resonant circuits. Both geometric and electronic approaches are shown and compared. In geometric approach factors influencing mutual coupling are presented. In electronic approach two types of tuning of coupled resonant circuits are presented. The main stress is laid upon the principle of stagger tuning. At the en...

  10. Molecular aspects of mammalian fertilization

    Hector Serrano; Dolores Garcia-Suarez


    Mammalian fertilization is a highly regulated process, much of which are not clearly understood. Here we present some information in order to elaborate a working hypothesis for this process, beginning with the sperm modifications in the epidydimis up to sperm and egg plasmalemma interaction and fusion. We also discuss the still poorly understood capacitation process, the phenomenon of sperm chemo-attraction that brings the capacitated sperm to interact with the oocyte vestments and certain aspects of the acrosome reaction.

  11. Hispathologic aspects of Lyme Borreliosis.

    Koning, Johannes de


    As a result of the recent interest in Lyme disease a large number of papers has been published on its different aspects. The purpose of this thesis is to present a comprehensive study of the most important histopathological manifestations based on the experience obtained during the last 11 years. In the first years, serology was not yet available in our laboratory, the histopathology and demonstration of spirochaetes in tissue were a part of the cliagnostic tools; till to day the recognition ...


    Aleksandra Sudarić


    The book Soybean: Molecular Aspects of Breedingfocuses recent progress in our understanding of thegenetics and molecular biology of soybean. This book isdivided into four parts and contains 22 chapters. Part I,Molecular Biology and Biotechnology focuses advancesin molecular biology and laboratory procedures thathave been developed recently to manipulate DNA.Part II, Breeding for abiotic stress covers proteomicsapproaches form as a powerful tool for investigatingthe molecular mechanisms of the...


    Aleksandra Sudarić


    The book Soybean: Molecular Aspects of Breeding focuses recent progress in our understanding of the genetics and molecular biology of soybean. This book is divided into four parts and contains 22 chapters. Part I, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology focuses advances in molecular biology and laboratory procedures that have been developed recently to manipulate DNA. Part II, Breeding for abiotic stress covers proteomics approaches form as a powerful tool for investigatin...

  14. Technical aspects of enteral nutrition.

    Keymling, M


    Advances in technical aspects of enteral feeding such as the manufacture of tubes from polyurethane or silicone have helped promote the science of enteral nutrition. Nasoenteral tubes have few complications, apart from a high unwanted extubation rate and some reluctance from patients because of cosmetic unacceptability. Needle jejunostomy has low morbidity but can only be placed at laparotomy. Percutaneous gastrotomy (in all its different guises) has been established as a low risk procedure a...

  15. Topological Aspects of Quantum Gravity

    Weis, Morten


    This thesis discusses the topological aspects of quantum gravity, focusing on the connection between 2D quantum gravity and 2D topological gravity. The mathematical background for the discussion is presented in the first two chapters. The possible gauge formulations of 2D topological gravity as a BF or a Super BF theory are presented and compared against 2D quantum gravity in the dynamical triangulation scheme. A new identification between topological gravity in the Super BF formulation and t...

  16. Some Aspects of Pyrotechnic Modeling

    Kumar Ramohalli


    Several aspects of pyrotechnic devices used to produce smoke, flash and sound are discussed quantitatively. The main aim of this paper is to demonstrate economical techniques to tailor pyrotechnic formulations to meet specific needs. It is seen that the cloud size is independent of the charge weight in the range of 2-80 gm, a theoretical result that is verified by experimental data. The noise is found to bein good agreement with experimental data, especially after allowance is made for absorp...

  17. Economic aspects of purchasing logistics

    Hruška, Roman


    The article deals with economic aspects of purchasing logistics. Purchasing department in the company must manage and reduce costs if it is possible. The purchaser can use a number of methods to reduce administrative costs, purchase prices and inventory carrying costs. From a point of view of economics is the main aim of purchase to reduce costs related to purchasing activities. Purchasing focused on getting the right product or service to the right place at the right time, in the right...




    The main objective of the present research is to formulate a set of pertinent recommendations regarding the efficient adjustment of the principles and instruments of strategic management to the particularities of the SMEs. Thus, the authors intend to clarify the aspects referring to matters such as: the manner of defining the organizational vision and objectives; the drawing up of the strategic options regarding the needed resources (financial, material, human); the understanding of the clien...

  19. Forensic Aspects in Domestic Homicide

    Kovačević, Dražen; Žarković-Palijan, Tija; Radeljak, Sanja; Marinović, Dunja; Dadić Hero, Elizabeta; Ljubin Golub, Tajana


    The aim of the study was investigation of specific forensic aspects in offenders involved in domestic homicide cases in regard to sociodemographic and psychosocial variables and modalities of the offense. The research was conducted at the Department of Forensic Psychiatry in Neuropsychiatric Hospital »Dr. Ivan Barbot« in Popovaca, Croatia. The sample in this study consisted of domestic homicide group (N=162). The results showed certain characteristics within the group of domestic homicide off...

  20. Legal aspects of medical errors

    Vučetić Čedomir S.; Vukašinović Zoran S.; Tulić Goran Dž.; Dulić Borivoje V.; Dimitrijević K.; Kalezić Nevena K.


    Healing people and medical care are together highly organized technological system with significant expert, ethical and legal regulative. Taking medical care is very sensitive area and it interfears deep into one’s integrity, so the law is necessary in this area as a regulator. The aim of work is to show medical errors from legal aspects and clinical practice. Errors, negligent conduct during the medical treatment and bad results of medical treatment are categories that can easily be sw...

  1. Legal aspects of purchasing contract

    Roth, Miroslav


    This bachelor’s thesis on the legal aspects of purchase contracts discusses theories of purchase contracts, and compares differences in purchase contract legal regulations from the perspective of the Civil Code and Commercial Code. Particular types of agreement are also described here, such as Contract for the Sale of an Enterprise, Hire Purchase Contract, and Barter Contract. The practical section also includes a questionnaire, whose respondents are both potential purchasers and those who ha...

  2. Functional aspects of competitive tennis

    Torres Luque, Gema; Sánchez Pay, Alejandro; Bazaco Belmonte, María Jesús; Moya Ramón, Manuel


    Tennis is a sport that is characterized by intermittent dynamics, with intervallic moderate and high-intensity efforts due to repetitive actions of short-duration and high intensity. This review analyzes aspects such as the game's temporal structure, oxygen consumption, heart rate, lactate levels, and the effects of playing in heat. Knowledge of the contextual and functional characteristics of competitive tennis provides important information for improving the design of players training progr...

  3. Economical aspect of website memorability

    Miłosz, Marek; Luján Mora, Sergio (coord.)


    The economic model for estimation of hidden costs of using websites is presented in this paper. These costs are the result of productivity loss in connection with the use of poorly, non-usability designed web pages. One of the elements of usability is memorability. This aspect is considered in detail. The experiment to determine the loss of time due to poor memorability are presented.

  4. Psychiatric Aspects of Childhood Epilepsy

    Pattanayak, Raman Deep; Sagar, Rajesh


    How to Cite this Article: Pattanayak RD, Sagar R. Psychiatric Aspects of Childhood Epilepsy. Iran J Child Neurol 2012;6(2):9-18.Childhood epilepsy is a chronic, recurrent disorder of unprovoked seizures. Theonset of epilepsy in childhood has significant implications for brain growth anddevelopment. Seizures may impair the ongoing neurodevelopmental processes and compromise the child’s intellectual and cognitive functioning, leading totremendous cognitive, behavioral and psychosocial consequen...

  5. New aspects of canine pyometra

    Hagman, Ragnvi


    Pyometra is a common and lethal disease in bitches characterised by uterine bacterial infection leading to subsequent systemic illness. The objectives of the present thesis were to investigate the incidence of the disease in relation to breed and age, to assess bacteriological aspects of pyometra and to evaluate the involvement of endotoxin and prostaglandin F2α in the pathogenesis. Animal insurance data revealed age- and breed-dependent differences in the incidence of pyometra. On average 23...

  6. Fundamental aspects of horse nutrition

    SMÍTKOVÁ, Tereza


    The aim of the thesis is to process a literary study and evaluate basic aspects of the horse nourishment. The thesis deals with the importance of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the feeding ration. It also describes fodder used for the horse feeding and the techniques of feeding. It particularly focuses on the young horse categories but a category of gravid breast-feeding mares and ageing horses is also introduced.

  7. Formal aspects of component software

    Sun, Meng; Schatz, B.


    This issue includes extended versions of selected best papers from the 7th International Workshop on Formal Aspects of Component Software (FACS 2010) held in Guimarães, Portugal on October 14–16, 2010. The component-based software development approach has emerged as a promising paradigm to cope with an ever increasing complexity of present-day software solutions by bringing sound production and engineering principles into software engineering. However, many conceptual and technological iss...

  8. [Current aspects of quality assurance].

    Hartung, K


    The regulations for quality management in the rheumatology laboratory are demanding and on a qualitatively high level. They are the result of continuously more detailed quality requirements and their implementation. Not only the process of correctly measuring analytes but also aspects of preanalytics, postanalytics and interpretation of the results as well as validation of new test methods are becoming increasingly more important for the diagnostic process. PMID:27125945

  9. Psychiatric aspects of therapeutic abortion *

    Doane, Benjamin K.; Quigley, Beverly G.


    A search of the literature on the psychiatric aspects of abortion revealed poor study design, a lack of clear criteria for decisions for or against abortion, poor definition of psychologic symptoms experienced by patients, absence of control groups in clinical studies, and indecisiveness and uncritical attitudes in writers from various disciplines. A review of the sequelae of therapeutic abortion revealed that although the data are vague, symptoms of depression were reported most frequently, ...

  10. Psychosocial aspects of cancer pain.

    Stiefel, F


    Pain, and especially cancer pain, is not a pure nociceptive, physical experience, but involves different dimensions of man, such as personality, affect, cognition, behavior and social relations. Cancer pain is best conceptualized as the convergence of multiple activated systems with feedback mechanisms to a complex, multidimensional model. The psychosocial aspects of this multidimensional model will be analyzed with special emphasis on results from recent research. Although most research has been conducted on the role of affect and cognition in cancer pain, data on other factors such as personality, behavior or social aspects exist and will be presented. In the second part of this paper the implications of these results for therapeutic strategies in clinical work will be discussed. Although a considerable body of knowledge exists to support the hypothesis of a multidimensional model of cancer pain, where psychosocial variables play an important role, only a few studies address the issue of to what degree different factors exercise their influence. This may be different from patient to patient and may change over the course of the disease. Whatever importance these single variables in the multidimensional model of cancer pain may have, the patient is best treated when none of these aspects is neglected in the assessment and all are taken care of in the treatment. A multidisciplinary team, with a psychiatrist as one of the team members, is often best prepared to fulfill this task. PMID:8149139

  11. Phasing out nuclear: shock statements by the EDF's CEO; Sortie du nucleaire: les declarations chocs du PDG d'EDF

    Benezet, E.; Mouchon, F.; Lomazzi, M.; Jeanne, M.


    While costs associated with phasing out nuclear or cancelling of nuclear programs are briefly evoked for different European countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy), the EDF Chairman, Mr Proglio, comments the decisions of these countries, outlines the various risks associated with such a decision in France (job losses, greenhouse gas emissions), also outlines EDF involvement in nuclear safety and evokes the issues of Fessenheim and of the EPR. Some French political aspects on that matter are also evoked

  12. Exercise book n.10: the nuclear deterrence has to be thought again; Cahier n.10: La dissuasion nucleaire doit etre repensee



    Numerous questions about nuclear deterrence are tackled in this part. Some definitions are given (what is deterrence, nuclear winter). In practice what it means, lack of credibility, prevention between nuclear powers, hostility, suspicion, escalation. Ethical aspect and legality are tackled too. Toward a strategy giving a real security: the example of the New Zealand, a non nuclear strategy for O.T.A.N., the importance of checking. (N.C.)

  13. Regulatory aspects of food irradiation

    The role of the Nuclear Energy Board in relation to radiation safety in Ireland is described. The Board has the duty to control by licence all activities involving ionizing radiation, as well as providing advice and information to the Government on all aspects of radiation safety. The licensing procedures used by the Board, including site approval, construction, commissioning, source loading and commercial operation, in the licensing of large irradiation facilities were described, and an outline of the proposed new legislation which may become necessary if and when the irradiation of food for commercial purposes begins in Ireland is given

  14. Some aspects of chelation chemistry

    The notions used in chelation chemistry are defined and the possibilities of the experimental recognition of complex formation are described. A review of the quantitative aspects of chelation is given, especially under biological conditions. Some rules concerning the general behaviour of the various metal ions and the organic ligands in chelation phenomena are presented and the specificity problem is discussed. The present status of the decontamination of the main fission products, e.g. rare-earth metals and strontium, with the aid of complexing agents is analysed from a chemical point of view. (author)

  15. Aspect-oriented programming evaluated

    Kleinschmager, Sebastian


    Hauptbeschreibung Aspect-oriented-programming is a relatively new technique that has evolved on top of the already well-established approach of object-oriented programming. When it is used correctly, it promises to remove many redundant parts of a code that appear repeatedly in an application, essentially untangling the original code. Thus, it can lead to a cleaner, more separated software design, to greater modularity and maintainability. Time-savings in software engineering can also be huge cost-savings, and anything that increases software quality is a welcome sight in an industr

  16. [Legal aspects of sports injuries].

    Allard, R H B


    Victims of sports injuries have to be advised about aspects of legal liablity, especially in case of luxation or avulsion of teeth, since there still may be dental consequences years later. The transference of information by the first-aid-dentist to the sportsman's own dentist should take place with care. If the patient has no family dentist, the first-aid-dentist should at least keep the sportsman free of pain, for example by starting endodontic treatment. Because sports injuries mostly occur beyond normal practice-hours, there may be reasons to deviate from the clinical guideline. PMID:15932047

  17. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry 40

    White, Ralph E


    This volume in the acclaimed series Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry starts with a dedication to the late Professor Brian Conway who for 50 years helped to guide this series to its current prominence. The remainder of the volume is then devoted to the following topics: PEM fuel cells; the use of graphs in electrochemical reaction newtworks; nanomaterials in Lithium-ion batteries; direct methanolf fuel cells (two chapters); fuel cell catalyst layers. The book is for electrochemists, electrochemical engineers, fuel cell workers and energy generation workers.

  18. Technical Aspects of Electrical Neurostimulation

    J. Magdolen


    Full Text Available This paper deals with technical aspects of electrical neurostimulation. Attention is given to problems of transmission of signals and power through inductive link created by coupled resonant circuits. Both geometric and electronic approaches are shown and compared. In geometric approach factors influencing mutual coupling are presented. In electronic approach two types of tuning of coupled resonant circuits are presented. The main stress is laid upon the principle of stagger tuning. At the end an example of stimulator using coupled resonant circuits stagger tuned is given.

  19. [Inflammation and bone : Osteoimmunological aspects].

    Frommer, K W; Neumann, E; Lange, U


    Microscopic fractures (so-called microcracks) or traumatic macrofractures require bone, as the basic scaffold of the human body, to have a high regenerative capability. In order to be able to provide this regenerative capability, bone is in a constant process of remodeling. This finely tuned homeostasis of bone formation and degradation can become disrupted, which leads to osteoporosis or other bone disorders. It has been shown that the immune system is substantially involved in the regulation of bone homeostasis and that chronic inflammation in particular can disturb this balance; therefore, this article reviews the osteoimmunological aspects contributing to osteoporosis and other diseases associated with bone degradation. PMID:27250491

  20. Nonlinear aspects of astrobiological research

    Brandenburg, Axel


    Several aspects of mathematical astrobiology are discussed. It is argued that around the time of the origin of life the handedness of biomolecules must have established itself through an instability. Possible pathways of producing a certain handedness include mechanisms involving either autocatalysis or, alternatively, epimerization as governing effects. Concepts for establishing hereditary information are discussed in terms of the theory of hypercycles. Instabilities toward parasites and possible remedies by invoking spatial extent are reviewed. Finally, some effects of early life are discussed that contributed to modifying and regulating atmosphere and climate of the Earth, and that could have contributed to the highly oxidized state of its crust.

  1. Antropotechnical aspects of furniture design

    Jerzy Smardzewski


    Full Text Available anthropotechnical system made up of an animate part (human body and an inanimate part (technical facility – a piece of furniture. The aim of the research project was to present anthropotechnical aspects of furniture design for sitting and meal consumption. In particular, the author discussed the methodology of the assessment of ergonomics of a chair, a table and a chair + table set, where the assessment criteria were: anthropometric dimensions of the user, stiffness of seats and the value of contact strains on the seat surface.

  2. Categorical aspects of polar decomposition

    Heunen, Chris


    Polar decomposition unquestionably provides a notion of factorization in the category of Hilbert spaces. But it does not fit existing categorical notions, mainly because its factors are not closed under composition. We observe that the factors are images of functors. This leads us to consider notions of factorization that emphasize reconstruction of the composite category from the factors. We find that the category of Hilbert spaces is a composition of a totally disconnected abelian groupoid and a finitely accessible category. This separates probabilistic and complementarity aspects in quantum mechanics.

  3. Ecophysiological aspects of Cirsium arvense

    Heilmann, Hartmut


    Full Text Available Even if an existing agricultural holistic production system works without specific measures of control of Cirsium arvense (L. SCOP. scientific questions of pedogene probiotic aspects are left to be answered. Changes in soil structure and pH-Value are not as much due to the conditions of soil but depend on the influences of the Creeping thistle. Investigations of soils with/without thistles at the University of Hohenheim show high differences which hint at saprotroph contributions to nutrition. Thistle growth, rhizome dormancy and subterranean embryogeny are discussed as a nutrition model of thistles as mixotroph plants which can take advantage of organic substances in the soil.

  4. Mobile agent driven by aspect

    Youssef Hannad


    Full Text Available Domain application of mobile agents is quite large. They are used for network management and the monitoring of complex architecture. Mobile agent is also essential into specific software architecture such that adaptable grid architecture. Even if the concept of mobile agent seems to be obvious, the development is always complex because it needs to understand network features but also security features and negotiation algorithms. We present a work about an application of aspects dedicated to mobile agent development over a local network. At this level, the underlying protocol is called jini and allows managing several essential concepts such that short transaction and permission management. Three subsets of aspects are defined in this work. A part is for the description of agent host and its security level, accessible resource, etc. A second part is about mobile agent and their collaboration. This means how they can operate on an agent host with the respect of the execution context. All the results are illustrated through a distributed monitoring application called DMA. Its main objective is the observation of component servers.

  5. Thermophysical aspects of WWER safety

    The paper presents a review of the main thermophysical aspects of NPPs safety and efficiency increase applied to WWERs. Improvement of operating WWER units is the main short-term and medium-term tasks of the utilities in Ukraine. The new generation of reactors for increasing the reactor facilities efficiency should utilize achievements of thermo physics research results. The thermophysical aspects of NPPs safety and efficiency are envisaged in the context of the atomic energy development strategy. The analysis of thermophysical processes occurring in the core shows that a number of problems concerning boiling crisis and heat exchange intensification during transient and accidents are not solved in spite of numerous calculations and experimental research. The up-to-date safety conception includes severe accidents consideration for safety assessment. Review of severe accidents management is presented. Additional validation of the West advanced thermal hydraulic codes which are applied for WWERs reassessment calculations is required. Contribution of the processes which might occur in WWER containment to safety problems solving is considered as well. (author)

  6. Endoscopic Aspects of Gastric Syphilis

    Mariana Souza Varella Frazão


    Full Text Available Introduction. Considered as a rare event, gastric syphilis (GS is reported as an organic form of involvement. Low incidence of GS emphasizes the importance of histopathological analysis. Objective. We aim to characterize GS endoscopic aspects in an immunocompetent patient. Case Report. A 23-year-old man presented with epigastric pain associated with nausea, anorexia, generalized malaise and 11 kg weight loss that started 1 month prior to his clinical consultation. Physical examination was normal except for mild abdominal tenderness in epigastrium. Endoscopy observed diminished gastric expandability and diffuse mucosal lesions, from cardia to pylorus. Gastric mucosa was thickened, friable, with nodular aspect, and associated with ulcers lesions. Gastric biopsies were performed, and histopathological analysis resulted in dense inflammatory infiltration rich in plasmocytes. Syphilis serologies were positive for VDRL and Treponema pallidum reagents. Immunohistochemical tests were positive for Treponema pallidum and CD138. The patient was treated with penicillin, leading to resolution of his clinical complaints and endoscopic findings. Conclusion. Diagnosis suspicion of GS is important in view of its nonspecific presentation. Patients with gastric symptoms that mimic neoplastic disease should be investigated thoroughly based on the fact that clinical, endoscopic, and histological findings can easily be mistaken for lymphoma or plastic linitis.

  7. Aspecte teoretice privind regionalizarea (Theoretical aspects of regionalisation

    Andra Karla SIENERTH


    Full Text Available The implementation of a functional administrative system has a high impact on the development of a country. In the last years the debate about the reconfiguration of the Romanian administrative system constantly emerged within the political discourse of different political parties. But in order to implement the appropriate administrative system, it is important to know different theoretical aspects regarding the multitude of institutional and governance settings. Since the trend within the Romanian political system (and even within the European one puts forward regionalization as a key process, this article points out the main theoretical perspectives. Based on a literature review, we first analyze the concept of regionalization, and afterwards some complementary concepts, in order to understand its various forms. We conclude that there is no unitary vision of regionalization and that the actual administrative reform must take into account the best mechanisms and adapt them to the national setting.

  8. Periodic tests: a human factors analysis of documentary aspects

    Periodic tests are technical inspections aimed at verifying the availability of the safety-related systems during operation. The French licensee, Electricite de France (EDF), manages periodic tests according to procedures, methods of examination and a frequency, which were defined when the systems were designed. These requirements are defined by national authorities of EDF in a reference document composed of rules of testing and tables containing the reference values to be respected. This reference document is analyzed and transformed by each 'Centre Nucleaire de Production d'Electricite' (CNPE) into station-specific operating ranges of periodic tests. In 2003, the IRSN noted that significant events for safety (ESS) involving periodic tests represented more than 20% of ESS between 2000 and 2002. Thus, 340 ESS were related to non-compliance with the conditions of the test and errors in the implementation of the procedures. A first analysis showed that almost 26% of all ESSs from 2000 to 2002 were related to periodic tests. For many of them, the national reference document and the operating ranges of tests were involved. In this context, the 'Direction Generale de la Surete Nucleaire' (DGSNR), requested the 'Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire' (IRSN) to examine the process of definition and implementation of the periodic tests. The IRSN analyzed about thirty French Licensee event reports occurring during the considered period (2000-2002). The IRSN also interviewed the main persons responsible for the processes and observed the performance of 3 periodic tests. The results of this analysis were presented to a group of experts ('Groupe Permanent') charged with delivering advice to the DGSNR about the origin of the problems identified and the improvements to be implemented. The main conclusions of the IRSN addressed the quality of the prescriptive documents. In this context, EDF decided to carry out a thorough analysis of the whole process. The first

  9. Annual report ''nuclear safety in France''; Le rapport annuel ''la surete nucleaire en France''



    This document is the 2001 annual report of the French authority of nuclear safety (ASN). It summarizes the highlights of the year 2000 and details the following aspects: the nuclear safety in France, the organization of the control of nuclear safety, the regulation relative to basic nuclear facilities, the control of facilities, the information of the public, the international relations, the organisation of emergencies, the radiation protection, the transport of radioactive materials, the radioactive wastes, the PWR reactors, the experimental reactors and other laboratories and facilities, the nuclear fuel cycle facilities, and the shutdown and dismantling of nuclear facilities. (J.S.)

  10. Study and installation of concrete shielding in the civil engineering of nuclear construction (1960); Etude et mise en place des betons de protection dans le genie civil des ouvrages nucleaires (1960)

    Dubois, F. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France).Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    etudes, deux applications pratiques sont decrites telles qu'elles ont ete realisees au Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay. Des specifications sont donnees pour les betons de barytine et pour la fabrication des blocs de protection du synchrotron a protons 'Saturne'. (auteur)

  11. Radioactive waste management and the need for a nuclear law in France; La gestion des dechets radioactifs et la necessite d`une loi nucleaire en France

    Colson, Jean Philippe [Montpellier-1 Univ., 34 (France); Schapira, Jean Paul [Paris-11 Univ., 91 - Orsay (France). Inst. de Physique Nucleaire


    France appears today as a country who has no general nuclear law, despite its strong involvement in nuclear energy production. Recently, the search for a deep underground disposal site for radioactive wastes has led to strong local oppositions, and therefore a law was passed in Parliament by the end of 1991. This paper reviews the general aspects of radioactive waste management and proposes a nuclear law as the best way to take into account the various questions raised by long term management implied by final waste disposal. The first part describes the technical issues on short and long term of radioactive waste management ant its socio-ethical aspects. In the second part, we attempt to demonstrate the need of a nuclear law which will include some basic principles both in the field of environment and more specifically of waste management. Special emphasis will be given to long-term constraints such as uncertainty and lack of reversibility of some technical schemes, with regard to sustainable development. (author).

  12. ElevationOther_ASPECT10M

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Used ElevationDEM_DEM10M and the Arc/Info ASPECT command to create this data layer representing compass direction of the aspect (rounded to whole numbers). Input...

  13. Some Aspects of Pyrotechnic Modeling

    Kumar Ramohalli


    Full Text Available Several aspects of pyrotechnic devices used to produce smoke, flash and sound are discussed quantitatively. The main aim of this paper is to demonstrate economical techniques to tailor pyrotechnic formulations to meet specific needs. It is seen that the cloud size is independent of the charge weight in the range of 2-80 gm, a theoretical result that is verified by experimental data. The noise is found to bein good agreement with experimental data, especially after allowance is made for absorption in the atmosphere. Several formulations are tested and the results are presented.Tailoring of pyrotechnics to achieve specific effects of cloud size, shape and longevity is discussed. Applications of pyrotechnics for gas generation purposes are also mentioned. It is seen that these studies complement more extensive testing; mutually, they introduce great economy and provide insight not possible with empirical approaches.

  14. Environmental, legal and managerial aspects

    This U.S. contribution to the syllabus for Subgroup 5C treats with environmental and ecological aspects specific to fast breeder reactors, physical protection and safeguarding of the FBR cycle, fuel cycle centers (site selection problems for different degrees of collocation) and administrative and legal problems. Decommissioning of an FBR power plant, syllabus item C.1.7, is treated in separate contribution, more information on advanced safeguards for the fast breeder fyel cycle is contained in the contribution, USA WG 5C-tbd. A key conclusion of this is that with safeguards planning initiated early in the development of the FBR fuel cycle, time is available to develop, evaluate, and implement improved safeguards techniques and incorporate them into the design phase of all FBR cycle facilities

  15. Legal aspects of nuclear energy

    The legal basis for the use of nuclear energy is generally given by an Atomic Energy Act. Additionally, however, a system of regulations and standards has to be set up to lay down more detailed requirements. The fundamental philosophy and strategy has to be specified by governmental organizations. For the specification and implementation of the requirements some minimum organizational arrangements are necessary, which are not only restricted to governmental organizations. Furthermore procedural regulations have to be laid down before the implementation phase. This includes aspects like public participation in the licensing procedure. In practice, however, the implementation of the legal requirements always shows some weakness of the basic legal requirements. To learn from this experience some examples are presented, which gave rise to difficulties in the implementation procedure. (orig./RW)

  16. Theoretical aspects of Chiral Dynamics

    Leutwyler, H


    Many of the quantities of interest at the precision frontier in particle physics require a good understanding of the strong interaction at low energies. The present talk reviews the theoretical framework used in this context. In particular, I draw attention to the fact that applications of effective field theory methods in the low energy domain involve two different aspects: dependence of the quantities of interest on the quark masses and dependence on the momenta. While the lattice approach gives an excellent handle on the low energy constants that govern the quark mass dependence, the most efficient tool to pin down the momentum dependence is dispersion theory. At the same time, the dispersive analysis enlarges the energy range where the effective theory applies. In the meson sector, the interplay of the various sources of information has led to a coherent framework that describes the low energy structure at remarkably high resolution. The understanding of the low energy properties in the baryon sector is l...

  17. Genetic Aspects of Nephrotic Syndrome

    Joshi, Shivani

    a modifier. Nonetheless, such a combination might have variable penetrance and hence different age of onset. Thus, genetic testing in SRNS is important as it might give clues to the cause and save exposure of immunosuppressive medications in future patients with same genotype. Families comprising...... steroid dependence or become frequent relapsers. Repeated courses of corticosteroid treatment often cause significant associated morbidity. Familial occurrence of SSNS is rare and suggests a potential genetic origin. However, very little data on molecular genetics of familial SSNS is available in...... literature and no causal genes have yet been identified. Genetic aspects of NS bear important implications in therapeutic decisions and genetic counselling in SRNS patients and family members. During the present Ph.D. project we have studied the influence of genetic factors in patients with SRNS and familial...

  18. The normative aspect of learning

    Wiberg, Merete


    The paper addresses how normative aspects of learning, in terms of individual understanding, motivation and valuation, are part of the learning process itself. In order to understand motivation as more than just inner psychological processes it is helpful to conceptualize how motives of learning...... are constituted from the perspective of the individual struggling to come to terms with what it considers valuable to learn. In this paper, learning is understood as the interplay between individual and world, while the individual – according to Hegel –stands midway between particularity and...... universality. Learning is, inspired by the philosophy of John Dewey and G.W. Hegel, seen as an inquiring process consisting of continuous evaluation of the individual’s own understanding. The idea, when focusing on normativity, individuality and learning, is not to prescribe how learning must be facilitated...

  19. [Modern psychosomatic aspects of dermatology].

    Jovanović, M; Duran, V; Poljacki, M; Misić-Pavkov, G; Matović, L; Subotić, M; Golub, R


    Concerning their origin most diseases are multifactorial and that goes for skin diseases too. Emphasizing just one must not exclude further research and other aspects of etiopathogenetic mechanisms. It has been known for along time that psychological factors have a certain influence on the start, aggravation and maintenance on skin changes and that cosmetic defects of this kind disturb the psychological peace of the sick person and his capacity of establishing satisfactory social relations. Psychosomatic approach in dermatology cannot be reduced to investigation of specific etiology in the field of psyche without physical or social spheres. It unites all of them and in that way the old question what cause and what the consequence is has no importance, because there is no time or distance limit among them. They act simultaneously, holistically. PMID:7739438

  20. Aspect in Greek Future Forms

    Lucas, Sandra


    Medieval Greek had three future periphrases making use of a finite verb and an infinitive: μέλλω + INF, ἔχω + INF, θέλω + INF. Given the parallel nature of the periphrases as well as the fact that the infinitive existed in both a perfective and an imperfective version, it might be expected that...... the Modern Greek verbal system: μέλλω + INF has a much higher ratio of imperfective infinitives than the two other periphrases especially in AD I, ἔχω + INF starts out using only the perfective infinitive when referring to the future, and θέλω + INF distinguishes for aspect before it gains future...

  1. Holistic aspects of quantum mechanics

    Aspects of quantum mechanics irreconcilable with classical physics are outlined. Quantum mechanics started with a negative statement about reality, namely: it is impossible to determine momentum and position of a particle simultaneously. Meanwhile it has generated an impressive body of predictions which can be tested and have been confirmed by suitable experiments. As a consequence a naive, local, materialistic concept of reality must be abolished and a novel approach, the holistic is introduced. This is illustrated by some examples e.g. the Pauli exclusion principle for electrons, the electron capture decay of 135La as a model of the wavefunction reduction, the Bohr radius of the atom, electron localisation in the atom. An example from the quantum field theory is the calculation of magnetic moments of electron and muon where a particle cannot be considered separately and all other particles must be taken into account. (G.Q.)

  2. Osteoporosis, Global and Iranian Aspects

    B Larijani


    Full Text Available Osteoporosis, characterized by low bone mass and microarchitectural deterioration of bone tissue leading to enlarged bone fragility and a consequent increase in fracture risk is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in elderly people. The mortality rate in elderly persons with hip fracture approaches 20%. Half of them will be disabled in the remained life. Iranian Multicenter Osteoporosis Study (IMOS developed by Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (EMRC-TUMS and Ministry of Health and Medical Education in 2000. The aim of this study with more than 6000 participitants, was to determine normal range of BMD in Iranian population and assessing the current calcium and vitamin D status in Iran. The results were used for determining the normrmogram of BMD in Iranians and prevalence of Vit-D deficinecy among them. This document outlines all aspects of osteoporosis including risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

  3. Osteoporosis, Global and Iranian Aspects

    B Larijani


    Full Text Available Osteoporosis, characterized by low bone mass and microarchitectural deterioration of bone tissue leading to enlarged bone fragility and a consequent increase in fracture risk is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in elderly people. The mortality rate in elderly persons with hip fracture approaches 20%. Half of them will be disabled in the remained life. Iranian Multicenter Osteoporosis Study (IMOS developed by Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (EMRC-TUMS and Ministry of Health and Medical Education in 2000. The aim of this study with more than 6000 participitants, was to determine normal range of BMD in Iranian population and assessing the current calcium and vitamin D status in Iran. The results were used for determining the normrmogram of BMD in Iranians and prevalence of Vit-D deficinecy among them. This document outlines all aspects of osteoporosis including risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

  4. Scintillation counter, maximum gamma aspect

    A scintillation counter, particularly for counting gamma ray photons, includes a massive lead radiation shield surrounding a sample-receiving zone. The shield is disassembleable into a plurality of segments to allow facile installation and removal of a photomultiplier tube assembly, the segments being so constructed as to prevent straight-line access of external radiation through the shield into radiation-responsive areas. Provisions are made for accurately aligning the photomultiplier tube with respect to one or more sample-transmitting bores extending through the shield to the sample receiving zone. A sample elevator, used in transporting samples into the zone, is designed to provide a maximum gamma-receiving aspect to maximize the gamma detecting efficiency. (U.S.)

  5. Medical aspects of nuclear armament

    Janse, M.J.; Schene, A.; Koch, K.


    The authors highlight a few medical, biological and psycological aspects of the use of nuclear weapons, drawing attention to their viewpoint that doctors should actively participate in the fight against nuclear armament. The short and long-term radiation effects on man and ecology are presented based on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki experiences. The danger of human error within this framework is emphasised and it is suggested that it is the medical profession's duty to point out how the effect of stress and boredom can lead to a nuclear catastrophe. Medical expertise may also help in the identification of unstable personalities among those who have access to nuclear weapons and in the understanding of the psycology of international conflicts and the psychopathology of those leaders who would use nuclear war as an instrument of national policy. Finally the effects of the nuclear war threat on children and teenagers are considered.

  6. Aspects of HF radio propagation

    Stephane Saillant; Veronique Rannou; Hanna Rothkaehl; Marco Pietrella; Martha Muriuki; Jean-Philippe Monilié; Cesidio Bianchi; Eulalia Benito; Alain Bourdillon; E. Michael Warrington; Ozgur Sari; Alan J. J. Stocker; Ersin Tulunay; Yurnadur Tulunay; Nikolay Y. Zaalov


    radio systems. From the point of view Working Group 2 of the COST 296 Action, interest lies with effects associated

    with propagation via the ionosphere of signals within the HF band. Several aspects are covered in this paper:

    a) The directions of arrival and times of fl...

  7. Cosmological Aspects of Spontaneous Baryogenesis

    De Simone, Andrea


    We investigate cosmological aspects of spontaneous baryogenesis driven by a scalar field, and present general constraints that are independent of the particle physics model. The relevant constraints are obtained by studying the backreaction of the produced baryons on the scalar field, the cosmological expansion history after baryogenesis, and the baryon isocurvature perturbations. We show that cosmological considerations alone provide powerful constraints, especially for the minimal scenario with a quadratic scalar potential. Intriguingly, we find that for a given inflation scale, the other parameters including the reheat temperature, decoupling temperature of the baryon violating interactions, and the mass and decay constant of the scalar are restricted to lie within ranges of at most a few orders of magnitude. We also discuss possible extensions to the minimal setup, and propose two ideas for evading constraints on isocurvature perturbations: one is to suppress the baryon isocurvature with nonquadratic scal...

  8. Medical aspects of nuclear armament

    The authors highlight a few medical, biological and psycological aspects of the use of nuclear weapons, drawing attention to their viewpoint that doctors should actively participate in the fight against nuclear armament. The short and long-term radiation effects on man and ecology are presented based on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki experiences. The danger of human error within this framework is emphasised and it is suggested that it is the medical profession's duty to point out how the effect of stress and boredom can lead to a nuclear catastrophe. Medical expertise may also help in the identification of unstable personalities among those who have access to nuclear weapons and in the understanding of the psycology of international conflicts and the psychopathology of those leaders who would use nuclear war as an instrument of national policy. Finally the effects of the nuclear war threat on children and teenagers are considered. (C.F.)

  9. New aspects of injectable contraception.

    Phillips, O P


    Despite the availability of efficacious and safe contraceptive agents, not all women's contraceptive needs are being met. An injectable contraceptive method offers convenience and encourages compliance, both very important aspects for women seeking ideal contraception. Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) is a long-acting injectable, and is highly effective; one injection provides 3 months of contraception. Drawbacks of DMPA include irregular bleeding and a slow return to fertility. A new monthly injectable contraceptive agent is medroxyprogesterone acetate/estradiol cypionate suspension (Lunelle). It provides menstrual regulation and a rapid return to fertility. The estrogen ensures a withdrawal bleed monthly; however, women with contraindications to estrogen-containing contraception are not candidates for Lunelle. PMID:11294618

  10. Pharyngoceles aspects in imaging exams

    Objective: the present study is aimed at showing the different characteristics of pharyngoceles in imaging exams (video fluoroscopic swallowing exam [VFSE] and computed tomography) and its correlation with clinical presentation. Material and method: pharyngocele cases were selected in imaging exams (video fluoroscopic swallowing exam [VFSE] and computed tomography) realized in our service, realizing clinical presentation correlation. Results: pharyngocele presents frequently with small dimensions and narrow orifice. When the size enlarges, clinical presentation is more evident and diverse, which can confuse with other cervical lesions that enlarge with Valsalva maneuver. Differential diagnosis can be done by imaging evaluation. Conclusion: we intended to demonstrate that many times pharyngocele can be presented with different aspects, not always being easy to recognize by clinics or imaging exams, but its diagnosis must be always remembered in our daily practice. (author)


    Egorova Tatiana K.


    Full Text Available In this article, author analyzes the theoretical aspects of the film music study taking into account with modern realities in the development of world film-process and attempts to its scientific understanding. Need for innovation in this area is long overdue, because the existing on this topic nonfiction no longer meets the new aesthetic and art-practical achievements and innovations in the film music development at the XXI century. Related to the phenomenon of music in screen arts a number of new terms and concepts require a certain adjustment as well. Their range of action is not yet fully defined. Author of the article offered her version of their content-semantic interpretation (largely experimental designed to promote new research methods for the film music study.


    Stroe Andreea


    In this paper there are showed and debated some situation in which psychological effects like loss aversion, reference point, status-quo and framming effects can influence the deccision of the consumer and are not consistent with the standard economic model.In addition to this aspects, Cumulative Prspect Theory enhance the fact that decision makers overestimate low peobabilities and underestimate high probabilities,thus buying inadequate insurance in many thiss sense, in order to support this idea I tried to make a qualitative presentation of the model used on the insurance market using Prelec function which is the function related with the Cumulative Prospect Theory which can be used in the insurance context.The weak points of the theory of expected utility are explained through this new perspectives and nevertheless aspects like insensivity to bad news concerning incomes,elasticity of price,displacements of status-quo and default,disposition effect and equity premium are taken into consideration.As example,I chose a Kunreuther experiment about insurance decision in with is underlyined the fact that for moderate risk people buy insurance with premiums that exceed the expected loss.There are demands for low deductibles in the the markets for extended guarantees and insurances for mobile phones where was observed that the insurance underwriting rate increases with the probability of loss keeping the expected loss constant.It is better to mention that the theory and the model that are presented here comes as complementary to the economic standard theory not as a substitute.

  13. Structural Aspects of Synthetic Ferrihydrite

    Michel, F. M.; Cismasu, C.; Tcaciuc, A. P.; Parise, J. B.; Brown, G. E.


    The role of natural ferrihydrite in geochemical and biological systems, and use of synthetic ferrihydrite in technological and industrial applications, is attracting broad scientific attention. The importance of ferrihydrite in these systems is primarily related to its large amount of reactive surface area (>350 m2 g-1) which has been shown to effectively scavenge a variety of potential contaminants (e.g., arsenic, chromium). In general, the association of ferrihydrite with metals and metalloids through sorption and co-precipitation is expected to alter its reactivity and thus affect its overall role in aqueous geochemical systems. Such changes in the reactivity of ferrihydrite nanoparticles, typically with all dimensions less than ~7 nm, are inextricably related to their atomic structure, i.e., the 3-dimensional arrangement of atoms. Evaluating the structures of particles with extreme small particle sizes (structure determination which are most sensitive to either short-range order (X-ray absorption spectroscopy) or long-range periodicity (X-ray or electron diffraction). However, the recent application of high-energy X-ray total scattering coupled with pair distribution function (PDF) analysis is providing new insight into the structural aspects of ferrihydrite, a material with no known crystalline counterpart. The information obtainable both directly and indirectly from the PDF will be discussed primarily using examples of synthetic inorganically-derived ferrihydrites. This work on synthetic samples complements our investigations of natural ferrihydrites forming in acid mine drainage-impacted waters. Such natural samples are inherently more complex because they typically form in the presence of dissolved inorganic species such as silica, aluminum, chromium, sulphate, etc., as well as organic matter. The complexity of natural ferrihydrites necessitates the use of synthetically-derived samples in order to evaluate specific changes in certain fundamental aspects of

  14. Seed germination photobiology. Physiological and agronomic aspects

    Seed germination photobiology is an important aspect of seed biology research for both physiological and agronomic aspects. Such knowledge is of extreme importance for the optimization of seed crop germination and for the prediction of weed seed bank emergence dynamics in field. Several aspects of photobiology research are reported and discussed in order to evidencing some of the relative agronomic involvements

  15. Seismic risk and safety of nuclear installations. A look at the Cadarache Centre; Risque sismique et surete des installations nucleaires. Regards sur le Centre de Cadarache

    Verrhiest-Leblanc, G.; Chevallier, A. [Autorite de Surete Nucleaire 75 - Paris (France)


    After a brief recall of some important seismic events which occurred in the past in the south-eastern part of France, the authors indicate the nuclear installations present in this region. They outline the difference between requirements for a usual building and for basic nuclear installations. They indicate laws and regulations which are to be applied to these installations like to any hazardous industrial installation. They describe the seismic risk as it has been determined for the Cadarache area, and evoke the para-seismic design of new nuclear installations which are to be built in Cadarache and actions for a para-seismic reinforcement of existing constructions. Finally, they evoke organisational aspects (emergency plans) and the approach for a better information and transparency about the seismic risk

  16. The nuclear magnetic resonance in endocrinology. Spectroscopy and imaging, present and future. La Resonance Magnetique Nucleaire en Endocrinologie. Spectroscopie et Imagerie, present et avenir

    Rossi, M.; Zanca, M. (Hopital Lapeyronie, 34 - Montpellier (FR))


    The first part, after a brief historical reminder, gives an oversimplified and non rigorous approach to the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) phenomenon; this physical introduction leads the clinician to know the essential about the spectral and imaging techniques in NMR, just to understand what is done... The second part of this paper shows some medical applications of these two aspects of NMR, with help of some examples, taken from the literature, according to what is concerned with endocrinology. Pure bio chemical applications (enzymology), or those concerning isolated (and perfused) organs, or living animals, and even human beings, are numerous and complementary, and there is no doubt that the applications of NMR technologies to medicine will know a promising future.

  17. Transcription and the aspect ratio of DNA

    Olsen, Kasper Wibeck; Bohr, Jakob


    analysis of transcription. It is shown that under certain reasonable assumptions transcription is only possible if the aspect ratio is in the regime corresponding to further twisting. We find this constraint to be in agreement with long-established crystallographic studies of DNA.......Two separate regimes exist for the aspect ratio of DNA. A low aspect regime where DNA will twist further under strain and a high aspect regime where DNA will untwist under strain. The question of the overall geometry, i.e. the aspect ratio, of DNA is revisited from the perspective of a geometrical...

  18. Geometric aspects of dibaryon operators

    Beil, Charlie


    The AdS/CFT correspondence for N=1 Super conformal field theories suggests that dibaryon operators are dual to D-brane states that are point like in AdS and that wrap various cycles in a Sasaki-Einstein manifold. It also suggests that the volume of the D-brane gives the R-charge of the corresponding operator. We elucidate various aspects of this correspondence, paying particular care to study the case of branes at the tip of three different Calabi Yau cones. We show that the arrows in the quiver diagram describing the conformal field theory can be thought of as global sections of a non-trivial holomorphic vector bundle over the Calabi-Yau geometry. We suggest that the zero locus of these sections gives the geometric map that lets us tie a particular dibaryon to a holomorphic cycle, by intersecting the corresponding cycle with the Sasaki-Einstein locus at fixed distance from the origin. We show that this can be compared with the corresponding volumes of the Sasaki-Einstein space and that one gets exact agreeme...

  19. New aspects of modern endoscopy

    Johannes; Wilhelm; Rey; Ralf; Kiesslich; Arthur; Hoffman


    The prognosis for patients with malignancies of the ga-strointestinal-tract is strictly dependent on early detec-tion of premalignant and malignant lesions. However, small, flat or depressed neoplastic lesions remain dif-ficult to detect with these technologies thereby limiting their value for polyp and cancer screening. At the same time computer and chip technologies have undergone major technological changes which have greatly im-proved endoscopic diagnostic investigation. New imag-ing modalities and techniques are very notable aspects of modern endoscopy. Chromoendoscopy or filter-aided colonoscopy(virtual chromoendoscopy) with high defi-nition endoscopes is able to enhance the detection and characterization of lesions. Finally, confocal laser en-domicroscopy provides histological confirmation of the presence of neoplastic changes. The developing tech-niques around colonoscopy such as the retro-viewing colonoscope, the balloon-colonoscope or the 330-de-grees-viewing colonoscope try to enhance the efficacy by reducing the adenoma miss rate in right-sided, non-polypoid lesions. Colon capsule endoscopy is limited to identifying cancer and not necessarily small adenomas. Preliminary attempts have been made to introduce this technique in clinical routine.

  20. Computational aspects of premixing modelling

    Fletcher, D.F. [Sydney Univ., NSW (Australia). Dept. of Chemical Engineering; Witt, P.J.


    In the steam explosion research field there is currently considerable effort being devoted to the modelling of premixing. Practically all models are based on the multiphase flow equations which treat the mixture as an interpenetrating continuum. Solution of these equations is non-trivial and a wide range of solution procedures are in use. This paper addresses some numerical aspects of this problem. In particular, we examine the effect of the differencing scheme for the convective terms and show that use of hybrid differencing can cause qualitatively wrong solutions in some situations. Calculations are performed for the Oxford tests, the BNL tests, a MAGICO test and to investigate various sensitivities of the solution. In addition, we show that use of a staggered grid can result in a significant error which leads to poor predictions of `melt` front motion. A correction is given which leads to excellent convergence to the analytic solution. Finally, we discuss the issues facing premixing model developers and highlight the fact that model validation is hampered more by the complexity of the process than by numerical issues. (author)

  1. Psychological aspects of peacekeeping operations.

    Raju, M S V K


    Peacekeeping operations are but one aspect of the systems of peace that have evolved over the past seven decades in a world that is riven with violence of all kinds. With the end of cold war in the late eighties of the last century we have come to see much intrastate violence, in addition to usual interstate hostilities and war, arising out of religious, political, ethnic and economic differences between people. In the changed scenario peacekeeping operations have become complex politico-military-humanitarian efforts. A soldier, trained for conventional military operations, is obliged to participate in the unconventional operations of waging peace in alien lands often in volatile and violent situations and in the process he stands to get exposed to widely variable demands for adjustment that have the potential to bring to the fore many maladaptive responses. Peacekeeping operations also have the potential to offer opportunities for growth and resilience. India is a major player in peacekeeping activities for well over sixty years all over the world. It is necessary for the commanders and mental health professionals to understand the multifarious factors that impinge on the peacekeeping soldier's mind and the emerging patterns of responses thereof for effective management trained manpower and fulfillment of mission objectives. PMID:25788805

  2. Psychological aspects of peacekeeping operations

    M. S. V. K. Raju


    Full Text Available Peacekeeping operations are but one aspect of the systems of peace that have evolved over the past seven decades in a world that is riven with violence of all kinds. With the end of cold war in the late eighties of the last century we have come to see much intrastate violence, in addition to usual interstate hostilities and war, arising out of religious, political, ethnic and economic differences between people. In the changed scenario peacekeeping operations have become complex politico-military-humanitarian efforts. A soldier, trained for conventional military operations, is obliged to participate in the unconventional operations of waging peace in alien lands often in volatile and violent situations and in the process he stands to get exposed to widely variable demands for adjustment that have the potential to bring to the fore many maladaptive responses. Peacekeeping operations also have the potential to offer opportunities for growth and resilience. India is a major player in peacekeeping activities for well over sixty years all over the world. It is necessary for the commanders and mental health professionals to understand the multifarious factors that impinge on the peacekeeping soldier′s mind and the emerging patterns of responses thereof for effective management trained manpower and fulfillment of mission objectives

  3. Aspects of sleep in centenarians.

    Spadafora, F L; Curti, A; Teti, R; Belmonte, M; Castagna, A; Mercurio, M; Infusino, P; Tavernese, G; Iannazzo, P S; Iorio, C; Mattace, R


    Sleeping habits of 48 Calabrian centenarians (12 males, 36 females) were evaluated. Their average age was 102 +/- 1.87 years (range 100-107 years). Quantitative and qualitative aspects of sleep were recorded, such as the length of sleeping (hrs), the time of falling asleep (regular or variable) and the time of awakening (regular or variable). Moreover, we recorded and included in the global hours an eventual afternoon sleeping, during a 24-hour-period. The quality of sleeping was classified as: night sleeping, and morning sleeping; and for the subjects were grouped as short sleepers (subjects that fall asleep easily), and long sleepers (subjects with problems to fall asleep). We also considered if sleeping was uninterrupted or interrupted during the night and if the subjects followed particular habits to facilitate the sleeping (sleeping pills, alcohol, etc.). This study demonstrated that all the examined centenarians go to sleep early in the evening, have no problems in falling asleep, wake up early in the morning, take a nap in the afternoon and do not take pills before going to bed. Among the environmental factors, the quality, the quantity and the habits of sleeping might have great influence for longevity. PMID:18653070

  4. Biological aspects of gender disorders.

    Corsello, S M; Di Donna, V; Senes, P; Luotto, V; Ricciato, M P; Paragliola, R M; Pontecorvi, A


    The scientific community is very interested in the biological aspects of gender disorders and sexual orientation. There are different levels to define an individual's sex: chromosomal, gonadic, and phenotypic sex. Concerning the psychological sex, men and women are different by virtue of their own gender identity, which means they recognize themselves as belonging to a determinate sex. They are different also as a result of their own role identity, a set of behaviors, tendencies, and cognitive and emotional attitudes, commonly defined as "male" and "female". Transsexuality is a disorder characterized by the development of a gender identity opposed to phenotypic sex, whereas homosexuality is not a disturbance of gender identity but only of sexual attraction, expressing sexual orientation towards people of the same sex. We started from a critical review of literature on genetic and hormonal mechanisms involved in sexual differentiation. We re-examined the neuro-anatomic and functional differences between men and women, with special reference to their role in psychosexual differentiation and to their possible implication in the genesis of homosexuality and identity gender disorders. Homosexuality and transsexuality are conditions without a well defined etiology. Although the influence of educational and environmental factors in humans is undeniable, it seems that organic neurohormonal prenatal and postnatal factors might contribute in a determinant way in the development of these two conditions. This "organicistic neurohormal theory" might find support in the study of particular situations in which the human fetus is exposed to an abnormal hormonal environment in utero. PMID:22322655


    Aleksandra Sudarić


    Full Text Available The book Soybean: Molecular Aspects of Breeding focuses recent progress in our understanding of the genetics and molecular biology of soybean. This book is divided into four parts and contains 22 chapters. Part I, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology focuses advances in molecular biology and laboratory procedures that have been developed recently to manipulate DNA. Part II, Breeding for abiotic stress covers proteomics approaches form as a powerful tool for investigating the molecular mechanisms of the plant responses to various types of abiotic stresses. Part III, Breeding for biotic stress addresses issues related to application of molecular based strategies in order to increase soybean resistance to various biotic factors. Part IV, Recent Technology reviews recent technologies into the realm of soybean monitoring, processing and product use. While the information accumulated in this book is of primary interest for plant breeders, valuable insights are also offered to agronomists, molecular biologists, physiologists, plant pathologists, food scientists and students. The book is a result of efforts made by many experts from different countries (USA, Japan, Croatia, Serbia, China, Canada, Malawi, Iran, Hong Kong, Brasil, Mexico.

  6. Biophysical Aspects of Transmembrane Signaling

    Damjanovich, Sandor


    Transmembrane signaling is one of the most significant cell biological events in the life and death of cells in general and lymphocytes in particular. Until recently biochemists and biophysicists were not accustomed to thinking of these processes from the side of a high number of complex biochemical events and an equally high number of physical changes at molecular and cellular levels at the same time. Both types of researchers were convinced that their findings are the most decisive, having higher importance than the findings of the other scientist population. Both casts were wrong. Life, even at cellular level, has a number of interacting physical and biochemical mechanisms, which finally build up the creation of an "excited" cell that will respond to particular signals from the outer or inner world. This book handles both aspects of the signalling events, and in some cases tries to unify our concepts and help understand the signals that govern the life and death of our cells. Not only the understanding, bu...

  7. Environmental aspects of nuclear power

    Nuclear power provides the world with an important option for generating electricity. To successfully and safely utilize this power, engineering and environmental factors should be carefully considered throughout a nuclear power plant project, especially during the planning stages. This paper discusses the major environmental aspects of a nuclear power plant project from site selection to retirement. During the site selection process, both engineering and environmental resources must be identified and evaluated. Environmental resources include areas that support agricultural or aquatic commercial activities, habitats for commercial or endangered species, population centers, transportation systems, and recreational areas. Also, during the site selection process, the potential impacts of both construction and operating activities must be considered. In addition to the area actually disturbed by construction, construction activities also affect local services, such as transportation systems, housing, school systems, and other social services. Since nuclear power plants use a 'clean fuel,' generally the most significant operating activity having a potential environmental impact is the discharge of cooling water. The potential effect of this discharge on commercial activities and sensitive habitats should be thoroughly evaluated. Lastly, the method of decommissioning can affect long-range land use planning and should therefore be considered during the planning process. With appropriate planning, nuclear power plants can be constructed and operated with minimum environmental impact. (author)

  8. Social aspects in assisted reproduction.

    Fasouliotis, S J; Schenker, J G


    In-vitro fertilization (IVF) and assisted reproductive techniques have become common practice in many countries today, regulated by established legislation, regulations or by committee-set ethical standards. The rapid evolution and progress of these techniques have revealed certain social issues that have to be addressed. The traditional heterosexual couple, nowadays, is not considered by many as the only 'IVF appropriate patient' since deviations from this pattern (single mother, lesbians) have also gained access to these treatments. Genetic material donation, age limitation, selective embryo reduction, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, surrogacy and cloning are interpreted differently in the various countries, as their definition and application are influenced by social factors, religion and law. Financial and emotional stresses are also often described in infertile couples. Information as deduced from the world literature regarding IVF regulation, as well as about the existing religious, cultural and social behaviours towards these new technologies, is presented in this article in relation to the social aspects of assisted reproduction. PMID:10333367

  9. Geometrical aspects of quantum spaces

    Various geometrical aspects of quantum spaces are presented showing the possibility of building physics on quantum spaces. In the first chapter the authors give the motivations for studying noncommutative geometry and also review the definition of a Hopf algebra and some general features of the differential geometry on quantum groups and quantum planes. In Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 the noncommutative version of differential calculus, integration and complex structure are established for the quantum sphere S12 and the quantum complex projective space CPq(N), on which there are quantum group symmetries that are represented nonlinearly, and are respected by all the aforementioned structures. The braiding of Sq2 and CPq(N) is also described. In Chapter 4 the quantum projective geometry over the quantum projective space CPq(N) is developed. Collinearity conditions, coplanarity conditions, intersections and anharmonic ratios is described. In Chapter 5 an algebraic formulation of Reimannian geometry on quantum spaces is presented where Riemannian metric, distance, Laplacian, connection, and curvature have their quantum counterparts. This attempt is also extended to complex manifolds. Examples include the quantum sphere, the complex quantum projective space and the two-sheeted space. The quantum group of general coordinate transformations on some quantum spaces is also given

  10. Geometrical aspects of quantum spaces

    Ho, P.M. [Lawrence Berkeley Lab., CA (United States). Theoretical Physics Group


    Various geometrical aspects of quantum spaces are presented showing the possibility of building physics on quantum spaces. In the first chapter the authors give the motivations for studying noncommutative geometry and also review the definition of a Hopf algebra and some general features of the differential geometry on quantum groups and quantum planes. In Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 the noncommutative version of differential calculus, integration and complex structure are established for the quantum sphere S{sub 1}{sup 2} and the quantum complex projective space CP{sub q}(N), on which there are quantum group symmetries that are represented nonlinearly, and are respected by all the aforementioned structures. The braiding of S{sub q}{sup 2} and CP{sub q}(N) is also described. In Chapter 4 the quantum projective geometry over the quantum projective space CP{sub q}(N) is developed. Collinearity conditions, coplanarity conditions, intersections and anharmonic ratios is described. In Chapter 5 an algebraic formulation of Reimannian geometry on quantum spaces is presented where Riemannian metric, distance, Laplacian, connection, and curvature have their quantum counterparts. This attempt is also extended to complex manifolds. Examples include the quantum sphere, the complex quantum projective space and the two-sheeted space. The quantum group of general coordinate transformations on some quantum spaces is also given.


    Artemy Varshapetian


    Full Text Available For manufacturing companies to succeed in today's unstable economic environment, it is necessary to restructure the main components of its activities: designing innovative product, production using modern reconfigurable manufacturing systems, a business model that takes into account the global strategy and management methods using modern management models and tools. The first three components are discussed in numerous publications, for example, (Koren, 2010 and is therefore not considered in the article. A large number of publications devoted to the methods and tools of production management, for example (Halevi, 2007. On the basis of what was said in the article discusses the possibility of the integration of only three methods have received in recent years, the most widely used, namely: Six Sigma method - SS (George et al., 2005 and supplements its-Design for six sigm? - DFSS (Taguchi, 2003; Lean production transformed with the development to the "Lean management" and further to the "Lean thinking" - Lean (Hirano et al., 2006; Theory of Constraints, developed E.Goldratt - TOC (Dettmer, 2001. The article investigates some aspects of this integration: applications in diverse fields, positive features, changes in management structure, etc.


    Aleksandra Sudarić


    Full Text Available The book Soybean: Molecular Aspects of Breedingfocuses recent progress in our understanding of thegenetics and molecular biology of soybean. This book isdivided into four parts and contains 22 chapters. Part I,Molecular Biology and Biotechnology focuses advancesin molecular biology and laboratory procedures thathave been developed recently to manipulate DNA.Part II, Breeding for abiotic stress covers proteomicsapproaches form as a powerful tool for investigatingthe molecular mechanisms of the plant responses tovarious types of abiotic stresses. Part III, Breeding forbiotic stress addresses issues related to application ofmolecular based strategies in order to increase soybeanresistance to various biotic factors. Part IV, RecentTechnology reviews recent technologies into the realmof soybean monitoring, processing and product use.While the information accumulated in this book is ofprimary interest for plant breeders, valuable insightsare also offered to agronomists, molecular biologists,physiologists, plant pathologists, food scientists andstudents. The book is a result of efforts made by manyexperts from different countries (USA, Japan, Croatia,Serbia, China, Canada, Malawi, Iran, Hong Kong, Brasil,Mexico.


    Sveriene, Audrone


    Full Text Available School textbook is an important part of general education. Some theoretical works were written on school textbook theory. The question about textbook concept, structure and functions wasunder the dispute a long time in Lithuania and abroad.The main purpose of this article is to analyse and summarize the experience of researchers school textbook theory from Lithuania and foreign countries. The tasks of article are to determineconcept of textbook, describe the structure and the functions of the textbook. Famous scientists in this field are D. Zujev (Russia, P. Weinbrenner, F. Pingel (Germany, J. Mikk (Estonia, E. B. Johnsen (Norway, A. Choppin (France, F. M. Gerard and X. Roegiers Belgium, R. Bamberger (Austria. There are many interpretations of textbook concept, and different suggestions what is a textbook. In Lithuania the textbook concept was discussed with some specialists of Educational Development Centre and the Ministry of Education and Science. The Requirements on textbook development were approved in Lithuania only in 2003. According to the research litterature, the main aspect of the textbook is to meet the requirements of curriculum. The textbook consists of text, paratext and illustrations. All these parts of the textbook play many functions in education. The main function of the textbook is to motivate students. Other important functions of the textbook are: information, systematisation, coordination, differentiation, guidance education, learning strategy, value education, aesthetical.

  14. Nutritional aspects of irradiated shrimp

    Data available in the literature on the nutritional aspects of irradiated shrimp are reviewed and the indication is that irradiation of shrimp at doses up to about 3.2 kGy does not significantly affect the levels of its protein, fat, carbohydrate and ash. There are no reports on the effect of irradiation of shrimp above 3.2 kGy on these components. Limited information available indicates that there are some minor changes in the fatty acid composition of shrimp as a result of irradiation. Irradiation also causes some changes in the amino acid composition of shrimp; similar changes occur due to canning and hot-air drying. Some of the vitamins in shrimp, such as thiamine, are lost as a result of irradiation but the loss is less extensive than in thermally processed shrimp. Protein quality of shrimp, based on the growth of rats as well as that of Tetrahymena pyriformis, is not affected by irradiation. No adverse effects attributed to irradiation were found either in short-term or long-term animal feeding tests

  15. Aspect in Greek Future Forms

    Lucas, Sandra


    Medieval Greek had three future periphrases making use of a finite verb and an infinitive: μέλλω + INF, ἔχω + INF, θέλω + INF. Given the parallel nature of the periphrases as well as the fact that the infinitive existed in both a perfective and an imperfective version, it might be expected that...... these future-referring forms developed aspectual distinctions in similar ways. However based on papyrological evidence from AD I and AD VI this article shows that this was not the case. Rather, each future periphrasis seems to follow its own path towards the aspectual distinction which is a hallmark of...... the Modern Greek verbal system: μέλλω + INF has a much higher ratio of imperfective infinitives than the two other periphrases especially in AD I, ἔχω + INF starts out using only the perfective infinitive when referring to the future, and θέλω + INF distinguishes for aspect before it gains future...

  16. Electrical Aspects of Impinging Flames

    Chien, Yu-Chien

    This dissertation examines the use of electric fields as one mechanism for controlling combustion as flames are partially extinguished when impinging on nearby surfaces. Electrical aspects of flames, specifically, the production of chemi-ions in hydrocarbon flames and the use of convective flows driven by these ions, have been investigated in a wide range of applications in prior work but despite this fairly comprehensive effort to study electrical aspects of combustion, relatively little research has focused on electrical phenomena near flame extinguishment, nor for flames near impingement surfaces. Electrical impinging flames have complex properties under global influences of ion-driven winds and flow field disturbances from the impingement surface. Challenges of measurements when an electric field is applied in the system have limited an understanding of changes to the flame behavior and species concentrations caused by the field. This research initially characterizes the ability of high voltage power supplies to respond on sufficiently short time scales to permit real time electrical flame actuation. The study then characterizes the influence of an electric field on the impinging flame shape, ion current and flow field of the thermal plume associated with the flame. The more significant further examinations can be separated into two parts: 1) the potential for using electric fields to control the release of carbon monoxide (CO) from surface-impinging flames, and 2) an investigation of controlling electrically the heat transfer to a plate on which the flame impinges. Carbon monoxide (CO) results from the incomplete oxidation of hydrocarbon fuels and, while CO can be desirable in some syngas processes, it is usually a dangerous emission from forest fires, gas heaters, gas stoves, or furnaces where insufficient oxygen in the core reaction does not fully oxidize the fuel to carbon dioxide and water. Determining how carbon monoxide is released and how heat transfer

  17. [Nutritional health aspects of mycotoxins].

    Kovács, Melinda


    Mycotoxins produced by mould fungi can enter into the human food chain directly through foods of plant origin (cereal grains), consumer goods (coffee and bear) and indirectly through foods of animal origin (kidney, liver, milk and eggs). Mycotoxins occur in small amount in the foods; however their continuous intake even in microdoses can result in accumulation in the organism. Synergic effects of the mycotoxins as well as their possible additive multi-toxic effects seem to be especially dangerous. Mycotoxin problems are very important in Hungary because these natural toxins occur mainly in those cereals (e.g. wheat, maize) that amount to high proportion of the sowing area in Hungary and provide the main foods to the inhabitants. Public health risks of the toxins accumulating in the human and animal bodies during the long term consumption of the mycotoxins containing foods--even in small doses--have not been evaluated yet as thoroughly as their importance would require. However, there are more and more direct and indirect expressions of the danger resulting from the toxins. The most frequently observed human health effects are carcinogen effects (aflatoxin, ochratoxin A, fumonisins, patulin); effects causing developmental abnormalities (zearalenon, ochratoxin); effects harmful to the reproduction (zearalenon, and trichotecenes), effects decreasing the resistance; immunosuppressive effects (trichotecenes), and effects causing injury of the nervous system (ochratoxin A, fumonisins). Prevention of the injury of the health caused by mycotoxins can be completed by joint and integrated activity of the various disciplines only and requires a comprehensive interdisciplinary cooperation. This paper gives a discussion on health injuring effects of the most frequently occurring mycotoxins that are very important from human health aspects in Hungary; on their occurrence in the foods and on their human risk. PMID:15493122

  18. Morphological aspects of radiation injury

    The injury to haemopoietic and lymphatic tissues produced by ionizing irradiation in various species of mammals including man is one of the major features of the biological effects of radiation (Bond et al. 1965,' Cottier, 1961). At the moment of injury and for a short time thereafter relatively little morphological evidence of cell damage in bone marrow other than cessation of cell division and DNA synthesis is seen. Within a few hours, however, depending on the level of exposure, major destruction of red bone marrow tissue can occur. In this chapter the histologic changes in bone marrow are summarized for correlation with the functional aspects of the change in the target tissue, particularly its cell renewal features and where possible the remarkable flux or migration of cells through bone marrow and lymphatic tissues. This latter topic of cellular traffic represents the outcome of extensive physiological studies on haemopoiesis and lymphopoiesis by mammalian radiobiologists. The initial injury, the structural changes and the physiological consequences are the first half of the radiation injury sequence. Regeneration also has morphological features of major importance to the understanding of radiation haematology. It is common to discuss radiation effects on biological materials from the point of view of external or internal sources of exposure. In addition exposure rate, whole body or partial body, type and quality of the ionizing source are features that must be taken into account. While these features are extremely important, the simplest approach to understanding histologic effects on the bone marrow is to assume acute penetrating whole-body exposure in the lethal range. With this background the differences related to variations in the conditions of exposure can usually be understood. The individual human or animal organism receiving the exposure must also be considered in the final outcome of the experience because age, sex, nutritional status and presence

  19. Safety aspects of radiowaste management

    The Italian Directorate for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ENEA/DISP) started in 1984 a large programme for the issuing of official guides concerning the safety aspects of the management of radioactive wastes. In this context the Technical Guide n.26 (TG/26) has been issued,in a draft form, in April 1985,and two Technical Position (TP/1,TP/2) are being prepared. The article deals with an overview of the objectives and the general content of TG/26 and TP/1 providing to some exent, the nature and the reasons for some of the adopted technical provisions. According to the draft of TG/26, radioactive wastes are classified on the basis of the identities and the concentra tions of radionuclides,no distinction being made from the point of view of the chemical and physical state. Three radwaste categories have been established. For each category TG/26 identifies a different management strategy and, in particular, a different disposal route. For those wastes, of the Second Category, which undergo a conditioning process, TG/26 sets forth a list of requirements for the waste form, the waste container and the waste package. The compliance of the conditioned wastes with these requirements is mainly finalized to a near surface disposal acceptability. In this perspective a Qualification and Control Programme must be established and documented by the waste processor to assure compliance with the stated requirements. TP/1 is aimed at identifying the objectives, the format and the content of the Qualification and Control Programme (QCP) as quoted by TG/26

  20. Regulatory aspects of clinical xenotransplantation.

    Schuurman, Henk-Jan


    Xenotransplantation attracted interest from regulatory authorities, particularly after the demonstration of pig-to-human transmission of porcine endogenous retrovirus (1996). This added to the risk of a product, resulting in a Guidance of the US Food and Drug Administration (2003). This addresses the full flow chart in product manufacturing, starting with the designated pathogen-free status of the source animal; and special aspects regarding the recipient like informed consent and monitoring for infectious pathogens. Also archiving of records from the donor and recipient, as well as storage of samples is described. The European Medicines Agency issued a Guideline on xenogeneic cell therapy products (2009). Cell-based medicinal products are subject to specific regulations and directives, which apply also to xenogeneic products: the xenotransplant guidances/guidelines are an addition to these regulations. Noteworthy, acellular products like heart valves and decellularized cornea are not considered a cell therapy product, but rather a medical device with its own regulation. WHO issued relevant documents, especially about safety, and the International Xenotransplantation Association published consensus documents, a.o., addressing preclinical efficacy requirements before entering clinical trials. This manuscript presents an overview of the regulatory framework, with special focus on cell therapy products necause these are expected to reach the market first (i.e., pancreatic islets, hepatocytes and cellularized cornea); major illustrations are from the European situation. Albeit being complex, the regulation of xenotransplant products does not form a block in product development, but rather supports the introduction of efficacious and safe products to meet the medical need. PMID:26408947

  1. New Aspects of Plasma Physics

    Schukla, Padma K.; Stenflo, Lennart; Eliasson, Bengt


    Nonlinear collective processes in very dense plasmas / P. K. Shukla, B. Eliasson and D. Shaikh -- Quantum, spin and QED effects in plasmas / G. Brodin and M. Marklund -- Spin quantum plasmas - new aspects of collective dynamics / M. Marklund and G. Brodin -- Revised quantum electrodynamics with fundamental applications / B. Lehnert -- Quantum methodologies in beam, fluid and plasma physics / R. Fedele -- Plasma effects in cold atom physics / J. T. Mendonca ... [et al.] -- General properties of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability in different plasma configurations: the plasma foil model / F. Pegoraro and S. V. Bulanov -- The Rayleigh-Taylor instability of a plasma foil accelerated by the radiation pressure of an ultra intense laser pulse / F. Pegoraro and S. V. Bulanov -- Generation of galactic seed magnetic fields / H. Saleem -- Nonlinear dynamics of mirror waves in non-Maxwellian plasmas / O. A. Pokhotelov et al. -- Formation of mirror structures near instability threshold / E. A. Kuznetsov, T. Passot and P. L. Sulem -- Nonlinear dispersive Alfvén waves in magnetoplasmas / P. K. Shukla ... [et al.] -- Properties of drift and Alfvén waves in collisional plasmas / J. Vranjes, S. Poedts and B. P. Pandey -- Current driven acoustic perturbations in partially ionized collisional plasmas / J. Vranjes ... [et al.] -- Multifluid theory of solitons / F. Verheest -- Nonlinear wavepackets in pair-ion and electron-positron-ion plasmas / I. Kourakis et al. -- Electro-acoustic solitary waves in dusty plasmas / A. A. Mamun and P. K. Shukla -- Physics of dust in magnetic fusion devices / Z. Wang et al. -- Short wavelength ballooning mode in Tokamaks / A. Hirose and N. Joiner -- Effects of perpendicular shear superposition and hybrid ions intruduction on parallel shear driven plasma instabilities / T. Kaneko and R. Hatakeyama.


    Perticas Diana Claudia


    Full Text Available Ecofeminism can be understood as the relationship between the manner in which women are treated in society and on how the environment is treated and protected. Ecofeminism starts from the idea according to which "nature is a feminist issue". The explanation for this is based on the feminist philosophy according to which the connection between woman and nature is a strong one, due to the fact that she is the one who gives birth, thus helping nature to regenerate itself. Without women, female plants and animals, the planet could not develop, perpetuate and the end would be death. Furthermore, another explanation related to the first is that animals and people in their capacity as mothers are able to provide a greater amount of love, care, protection, both to their offspring and to nature. This paper aims to analyze the manner in which women are harmed by the environmental degradation in Romania and also the principles that have governed and still govern the current economy. Nowadays society is lead largely by male gender persons. The main accusations against current policies is that they seek concrete and immediate results, such as those related to economic growth, inflation rate etc. in terms of strictly economic indicators such as: gross domestic product, net national product, gross national product etc.. On the contrary, ecofeminist policies suggest that the emphasis should be placed on quality of life issues, which within itself analyzes both economic and also social and environmental aspects. Is not this the reproach for decades now that is brought to current economic policies? The fact that they do not take into account issues related to environmental degradation, in time led to negative consequences in the world whose costs are unimaginable.

  3. Chemical aspects of irradiated mangoes

    Mango is an important and very popular tropical fruit. Because of its short shelf life, however, its use is restricted to the areas of production. Since mango is a climacteric fruit, it is possible to extend its shelf life by delaying the ripening process and senescence by irradiation. The ripening process is very complex: it appears that the radiation-induced delay in ripening may be mediated through the inhibition of the enzyme(s) involved in ethylene production. The dose required for shelf-life extension is ≤1.5 kGy. Higher doses can lead to scalding, flesh darkening and development of hollow pockets. This review focuses on the chemical aspects of radiation-induced shelf-life extension of mangoes. At the low irradiation doses required for this shelf-life extension (≤1.5 kGy), the chemical effects are negligible. Irradiation does not affect the carotenoid levels, and has only a minor effect on the vitamin C level in a few mango varieties. No significant differences in the free and total (hydrolyzed) amino acids, or the protein content of Kent mangoes, have been detected between irradiated and unirradiated samples. During ripening of the mangoes the reducing sugar and the total sugar levels increase, but in the majority of the mango varieties these levels remain very similar in irradiated and unirradiated samples. There are some differences in the volatile compounds between irradiated and unirradiated Kent mangoes; however, these differences have no apparent effect on the taste and flavor of the irradiated mangoes

  4. International aspects of nuclear accidents

    The accident at Chernobyl revealed that there were shortcomings and gaps in the existing international mechanisms and brought home to governments the need for stronger measures to provide better protection against the risks of severe accidents. The main thrust of international co-operation with regard to nuclear safety issues is aimed at achieving a uniformly high level of safety in nuclear power plants through continuous exchanges of research findings and feedback from reactor operating experience. The second type of problem posed in the event of an accident resulting in radioactive contamination of several countries relates to the obligation to notify details of the circumstances and nature of the accident speedily so that the countries affected can take appropriate protective measures and, if necessary, organize mutual assistance. Giving the public accurate information is also an important aspect of managing an emergency situation arising from a severe accident. Finally, the confusion resulting from the unwarranted variety of protective measures implemented after the Chernobyl accident has highlighted the need for international harmonization of the principles and scientific criteria applicable to the protection of the public in the event of an accident and for a more consistent approach to emergency plans. The international conventions on third party liability in the nuclear energy sector (Paris/Brussels Conventions and the Vienna Convention) provide for compensation for damage caused by nuclear accidents in accordance with the rules and jurisdiction that they lay down. These provisions impose obligations on the operator responsible for an accident, and the State where the nuclear facility is located, towards the victims of damage caused in another country

  5. Monitoring of land in Ukraine: legal aspects

    Оверковська, Тетяна Костянтинівна


    The article analyzes the legal aspects of the land monitoring implementation in Ukraine, the tasks and the prospects of the land monitoring improvement are determined, attention is drawn to the monitoring of agricultural land. English abstract Overkovska T.K. Monitoring of land in Ukraine: legal aspects The article analyzes the legal aspects of the land monitoring implementation in Ukraine, the tasks and the prospects of the land monitoring improvement are determined, attention is drawn to...

  6. Effect of particle aspect ratio in magnetorheology

    Morillas, Jose R.; Carreón-González, Elizabeth; de Vicente, Juan


    We investigate the influence of the aspect ratio of the dispersed particles in magnetorheology. Two systems are studied: conventional magnetorheological fluids prepared by dispersion of nickel nanowires, and inverse ferrofluids prepared by dispersion of glass fibers in a ferrofluid. In both cases the apparent yield stress is found to increase with aspect ratio in contradiction to available models in the literature. Experimental observations demonstrate that the particle volume fraction within the aggregates initially increases with increasing the aspect ratio of the dispersed particles. When the aspect ratio is further raised, a gel-like percolating structure forms inhibiting the formation of elongated clusters in the field direction.

  7. Systemic lupus erythematosus: Clinical and experimental aspects

    This text covers questions related to the history, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical aspects and therapy of systematic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Both animal models and human SLE are considered. With regard to basic science, concise information on cellular immunology, autoantibodies, viral aspects and molecular biology in SLE is provided. Clinical topics then deal with medical, dermatologic, neurologic, radiologic, pathologic, and therapeutic aspects. The book not only presents the most recent information on clinical and experimental insights, but also looks at future aspects related to the diagnosis and therapy of SLE

  8. Pharmacotherapeutic Aspects of Space Medicine

    Putcha, Lakshmi


    produced by any drug depend upon rates of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of the drug; space flight-induced changes in blood flow and the function of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, liver, or kidneys may alter these processes. Another important aspect of clinical efficacy of medications in space is the stability of pharmaceuticals. As the U.S. space program is moving toward extended Space Shuttle flights and beyond, to space station missions and planetary explorations, understanding how space flight affects organ systems and clinical pharmacology is necessary to optimize pharmacotherapeutics in space and ensure adequate safety and health of crewmembers.


    Cîrstea Ştefan-Dragoş


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to outline the main economical and social benefits that can be obtained by adopting an ethical attitude of the organisations which use a performant environmental management. From the idea that the human being is the master of nature, it was passed to the view according to which the human being must ensure a balance between consumption and the use of resources. In order to achieve our goal we identified the factors that lead to long term or even permanent destructive effects over the environment and we briefly present the reasons for which the organizations adopt and implement environmental management systems. Also, the difficulties encountered in implementing environmental strategies have been briefly enumerated and the competitive and economic advantages that can be achieved by adopting an efficient environmental management and the main reasons that grant to the environmental management a special significance were exposed. This theoretical paper emphasizes the importance of the adoption by organizations of a "green behavior" and reveals correlations between sustainability, economic growth and environmental performance in organizations. The analysis of the ethical aspects of environmental management shows the links that can be created between the development of an ethical culture of organizations and the achievement of the environmental excellence. The research provides an overview of the concept of environmental ethics and encloses it within the scope of environmental management. Someone needs to explain why an increasing number of organizations, both large and small, are setting up environmental management systems, making environmental investments and reducing risks over and beyond legal requirements, even when the benefits are not at all obvious, even in the long run. Also, this paper provides some practical examples of organizations environmental problems and points out how these organizations adapted their

  10. New aspects on atrazine biodegradation

    Luciane Sene


    Full Text Available The world practice of using agrochemicals for long periods, in an indiscriminated and abusive way, has been a concern of the authorities involved in public health and sustainability of the natural resources, as a consequence of environmental contamination. Agrochemicals refer to a broad range of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, and among them stands out atrazine, a herbicide intensively used in sugarcane, corn and sorghum cultures, among others. Researches have demonstrated that atrazine has toxic effects in algae, aquatic plants, aquatic insects, fishes and mammals. Due to the toxicity and persistence of atrazine in the environment, the search of microbial strains capable of degrading it is fundamental to the development of bioremediation processes, as corrective tools to solve the current problems of the irrational use of agrochemicals. This review relates the main microbial aspects and research on atrazine degradation by isolated microbial species and microbial consortia, as well as approaches on the development of techniques for microbial removal of atrazine in natural environments.A prática mundial do uso de agroquímicos por períodos extensos, de maneira indiscriminada e abusiva, tem mobilizado as autoridades envolvidas em saúde pública e sustentabilidade de fontes naturais, como uma conseqüência da contaminação ambiental. Agroquímicos referem-se a uma ampla variedade de inseticidas, fungicidas e herbicidas, entre estes a atrazina, um herbicida intensivamente usado em culturas de cana-de-açúcar, milho, sorgo, entre outros. Pesquisadores têm demonstrado que a atrazina tem efeitos tóxicos em algas, plantas aquáticas, insetos aquáticos, peixes e mamíferos. Devido à toxicidade e à persistência da atrazina no ambiente, a busca de linhagens microbianas capazes de degradá-la é fundamental para o desenvolvimento de processos de biorremediação, com uma ferramenta corretiva para solucionar problemas decorridos do uso