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  1. Case law

    This section treats of the two following case laws: Slovak Republic: Further developments in cases related to the challenge by Greenpeace Slovakia to the Mochovce nuclear power plant; United States: Judgment of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission denying requests from petitioners to suspend final reactor licensing decisions pending the issuance of a final determination of reasonable assurance of permanent disposal of spent fuel

  2. Clinical cases

    This presentation is about clinical cases and the contribution of the PET - CT Fag application in the diagnosis and treatment of different types of cancer. The cases presented were: neck diseases, epidermoid carcinoma, liver damage and metastasize, lymphoma, thrombosis, colonic cancer and lung disease

  3. Case Studies

    Proven options available to Sri Lanka for large scale electricity generation in the future are coal-fired thermal, oil-fired thermal and Nuclear. Four case studies for groups participated are indicated. Case study for group 1 is comparison of the three options by taking into consideration the capital and recurrent expenditure involved. Environmental effects of the three options are also given. Case study for group 2 is economic comparison of three renewable energy based power generation system. Case study for group 3 is based on energy conservation, efficiency, improvement and demand management. Assuming that a continuous saving of 20 MW of demand from 1996 onwards is effective two projects are suggested to achieve this result. Case study for group 4 is a feasibility study for hydro power development of the Kukule Ganga (river) in Sri Lanka. Participants are required to evaluate one of the three optional development concepts which are technically feasible

  4. Case - Case-Law - Law

    Sadl, Urska


    Reasoning of the Court of Justice of the European Union – Constr uction of arguments in the case-law of the Court – Citation technique – The use of formulas to transform case-law into ‘law’ – ‘Formulaic style’ – European citizenship as a fundamental status – Ruiz Zambrano – Reasoning from...

  5. Case law

    This section gathers the following case laws: 1 - Canada: Judicial review of Darlington new nuclear power plant project; Appeal decision upholding criminal convictions related to attempt to export nuclear-related dual-use items to Iran: Her Majesty the Queen V. Yadegari; 2 - European Commission: Greenland cases; 3 - France: Chernobyl accident - decision of dismissal of the Court of Appeal of Paris; 4 - Slovak Republic: Aarhus Convention compliance update; 5 - United States: Judgement of a US court of appeals upholding the NRC's dismissal of challenges to the renewal of the operating licence for Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station; reexamination of the project of high-level waste disposal site at Yucca Mountain

  6. Case work

    Shaw, Ian Frank


    Answers to the question just what is the ?case? partly defined the fields of sociology and social work in early 20th century Chicago. Drawing on the archives of the University of Chicago, I describe and appraise the way the ?case? figured in social work at Chicago and elsewhere. I ask the...... corresponding question of sociology. Finally, I briefly consider why not much came of social work and sociology ploughing similar territory in ways that served for a time to hallmark their identities. This analysis opens up ways of rethinking how social work and sociological research are distinctive to their...

  7. Cases Description

    Hansen, Jesper Rohr; Savini, Federico; Wallin, Sirkku;


    The JPI Urban Europe research project ‘APRILab’ focuses on planning dilemmas for the transformation of city areas in the urban fringe. In this Working Document we describe the case studies selected by the involved partners: - Aalto University, Finland: T3 in Espoo City - Aalborg University, Denmark...

  8. Case competitions

    Schjoldager, Anne Gram


    The paper presents and discusses a teaching project with case competitions for MA students of specialised translation at the Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University. Drawing on a series of online questionnaires, the paper ascertains how the project was evaluated by the participating students...

  9. Case report

    Füchtbauer, Laila; Brusgaard, Klaus; Ledaal, Pål;


    ey Clinical Message Vitamin D-dependent rickets type 1 VDDR-1 is a recessive inherited disorder with impaired activation of vitamin D, caused by mutations in CYP27B1. We present long-time follow-up of a case with a novel mutation including high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography...

  10. The Case for Case Reports

    George R. Saade


    Full Text Available If you are reading a hard copy of this editorial, then you are holding in hand the first issue of the American Journal of Perinatology Reports, or AJP Reports as we like to refer to it. Welcome to AJP Reports and thank you for taking the time to peruse it. I hope you find many of the reports interesting and helpful. The editorial team and publisher are very pleased to be able to bring this journal to our readers. Judging by the journal title, the editorial team, and the layout you may have already guessed that this is a companion to the American Journal of Perinatology. We will continue to publish original articles and topical reviews in the American Journal of Perinatology, but all case reports or case series will be referred to AJP Reports. Some may question the need for more case reports. Our decision to start AJP Reports obviously indicates that we think that case reports can be useful. I can refer to several diseases, treatment complications, and procedures that were first brought to the attention of healthcare providers through case reports. The best example of the usefulness of case reports is probably in infectious diseases. In the early phases of an emerging infectious disease, the case report or case series are usually the first clues of a problem. HIV was first brought to the attention of the medical community by case reports.[1] [2] [3] In our own field, the first attempts at treatment of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS using laser coagulation were reported in a case series.[4] After additional reports about the use of laser in TTTS, a randomized trial was performed that cemented laser photocoagulation as a therapeutic modality for TTTS.[5] While case reports or series are not considered the highest form of evidence, they are frequently the first form of evidence and the nudge that starts the cascade of investigation that ultimately leads to high-level evidence. Therefore, their impact on clinical practice may be easily

  11. Case law

    This section of the Bulletin brings together the texts of the following case laws: Canada: - Judgment of the Federal Court of Canada sending back to a joint review panel for reconsideration the environmental assessment of a proposed new nuclear power plant in Ontario. France : - Conseil d'etat, 24 March 2014 (Request No. 358882); - Conseil d'etat, 24 March 2014 (Request No. 362001). Slovak Republic: - Further developments in cases related to the challenge by Greenpeace Slovakia to the Mochovce nuclear power plant; - Developments in relation to the disclosure of information concerning the Mochovce nuclear power plant. United States: - Initial Decision of the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Ruling in Favour of Nuclear Innovation North America, LLC (NINA) Regarding Foreign Ownership, Control or Domination

  12. Case Report

    Bilgin-Freiert, Arzu; Fugleholm, Kåre; Poulsgaard, Lars


    We report a case of an intraneural ganglion cyst of the hypoglossal canal. The patient presented with unilateral hypoglossal nerve palsy, and magnetic resonance imaging showed a small lesion in the hypoglossal canal with no contrast enhancement and high signal on T2-weighted imaging. The lesion was...... assumed to be a cystic schwannoma of the hypoglossal nerve. Stereotactic irradiation was considered, but in accordance with the patient's wishes, surgical exploration was performed. This revealed that, rather than a schwannoma, the patient had an intraneural ganglion cyst, retrospectively contraindicating...... irradiation as an option. This case illustrates a very rare location of an intraneural ganglion cyst in the hypoglossal nerve. To our knowledge there are no previous reports of an intraneural ganglion cyst confined to the hypoglossal canal....

  13. Corruption case.


    A Federal jury in Puerto Rico found three defendants guilty of participating in the theft of $2.2 million in Federal funds from the San Juan AIDS Institute. The key figure in the case is [name removed], a consultant to the institute. He was convicted of 12 counts of money laundering and faces up to 25 years in prison. Two other administrative officials were also convicted in the case. Four others have pleaded guilty, and three more await trial. Rep. Jose Granados Navado was among those implicated; he received $100,000 for his campaign for mayor of San Juan in 1988 from the institute=s medical director. U.S. Rep. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has called for an audit of all Ryan White CARE Act funds since this scandal was uncovered. PMID:11366596

  14. Case04

    Vestergaard, Flemming; Karlshøj, Jan; Hauch, Peter; Lambrecht, Jan; Mouritsen, Jan

    Casestudiets formål er at beskrive og måle en større entreprenørvirksomheds omkostninger og gevin-ster ved at anvende metoder og værktøjer, der er modelbaserede. Case 04 tager udgangspunkt i et konkret byggeprojekt, hvor BIM teknologien er anvendt på et for den danske entreprenørbranche rela...

  15. Case Corabelle

    Hansen, Casper; Henriksen, Jesper; Loznica, Javor; Ragnarsson, Stefan; Hensing, Marcus


    This project explores the relation between organizational identity and online brands as formed through interaction and communication on online, social media through a case study of the cancelled music festival event Corabelle that was supposed to have been held in August of 2014. The investigation draws on the theories of Carlos Scolari and David A. Whetten to establish the relation between organizational identity and online brands, and the theories of Henry Jenkins and Jan H. Kietzmann in an...

  16. Bertoko case



    Full Text Available Bertoko Gar, S.A. is a minibrewer firm established in 1999. It produces and sells a beer characterized by its local and home-produced character. Despite the fact that no other bottled beer brewers with the same characteristics exist in its home market, Bertoko competes in a market dominated by multinationals. Once it has set its aims, Bertoko is currently designing its marketing strategy and setting which are the actions to be taken for its near future (some of which are detailed in this case.

  17. Case law



    France Administrative Court of Appeal of Lyon, 19 June 2012, Judgements Nos. 12LY00233 and 12LY00290 regarding EDF’s permit to construct a waste conditioning and storage facility (ICEDA) in the town of Saint-Vulbas Germany Request for arbitration against Germany at the World Bank’s International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) because of Germany’s legislation leading to the phase-out of nuclear energy India Cases related to the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP)...

  18. Case Law

    This section treats of the following case laws sorted by country: 1 - Germany: Federal Administrative Court confirms the judgments of the Higher Administrative Court of the Land Hesse: The shutdown of nuclear power plant Biblis blocks A and B based on a 'moratorium' imposed by the Government was unlawful; List of lawsuits in the nuclear field. 2 - Slovak Republic: Further developments in cases related to the challenge by Greenpeace Slovakia to the Mochovce nuclear power plant; Developments in relation to the disclosure of information concerning the Mochovce nuclear power plant. 3 - United States: Judgment of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission resuming the licensing process for the Department of Energy's construction authorisation application for the Yucca Mountain high-level radioactive waste repository; Judgment of the Licensing Board in favour of Shaw AREVA MOX Services regarding the material control and accounting system at the proposed MOX Facility; Dismissal by US District Court Judge of lawsuit brought by US military personnel against Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in connection with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident

  19. Case Law

    Different case law are presented in this part: By decision dated 17 july 2009, the Ontario Court of Appeal (Canada) has ruled on the scope of solicitor-client privilege and the protections that may be afforded to privileged investigations reports. The decision reaffirms the canadian court system view of the importance of the protection of solicitor-client privilege to the administration of justice; For United states here is a judgment of a U.S. court of Appeals on the design basis threat security rule (2009), this case concerns a challenge to the U.S. Nuclear regulatory commission (N.R.C.) revised design basis threat rule, which was adopted in 2007 (nuclear bulletin law no. 80). The petitioners public citizen, Inc., San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace and the State of New York filed a lawsuit in the U.S. court of appeals for the Ninth circuit alleging that the N.R.C. acted arbitrarily and capriciously and in violation of law by refusing to include the treat of air attacks in its final revised design basis rule. On the 24. july 2009, a panel of three ninth circuit judges rules 2-1 that the N.R.C. acted reasonably in not including an air treat in its design basis rule. Secondly, judgment of a U.S. court of appeals on consideration of the environmental impact of terrorist attacks on nuclear facilities (2009), this case concerns the scope of the U.S. Nuclear regulatory commission environmental analysis during its review of applications to re-licence commercial nuclear power plants. New Jersey urged the N.R.C. to consider the environmental impact of an airborne terrorist attack on the power plant, arguing that such analysis was required by the national environmental policy act (N.E.P.A.). On 31. march 2009, a panel of three circuit judges declined to follow the ninth circuit opinion and affirmed NRC decision 3-0 ruling that NRC was not required to consider terrorism in its N.E.P.A. analysis because NRC re-licensing would not be a reasonably close cause of terrorism

  20. Case law

    Concerning the France, the judgement of the European Court of Human Rights on the Right to a fair Trial, in the litigation Collectif Stop Melox and Mox versus France (2007) and the decision of the Council of State Quashing a decree concerning a nuclear installation in Brennilis, for the want of public information and consultation (2007) are reported. For South Africa, the judgment of the Cape High Court in the case of Mc donald and others versus Minister of Minerals and Energy and others (2007) is reported. United Kingdom states the decision of the Wick Sheriff Court Fining UKAEA for plutonium exposure (2007). Concerning Usa the judgment of the US Court of Appeals on environment Analysis of the effects of terrorism (2006) and the vacatur of US Court of Federal Claims Decision regarding Price-Anderson Compensation of Costs in a private Tort Claim (2007) are reported. (N.C.)

  1. Case management.

    Rosenstein, A H; Propotnik, T


    Providing cost-effective high quality healthcare services ranks as the number one concern for anyone involved with the healthcare delivery system. While quality of care should always be the number one priority, controlling healthcare costs receives most of the attention. With limited healthcare dollars and providers assuming more of the financial risk for services rendered, a whole assortment of cost-containment strategies are being introduced in an effort to maintain some semblance of financial viability. Healthcare providers can approach cost control from two different angles. On the fixed-cost operational overhead side, traditional cost-containment techniques have focused on downsizing, maximizing productivity, staffing redesign, improved purchasing contracts, standardization, inventory control, and other more individualized restructured service models. On the variable-cost clinical side, cost control has been approached by introducing a variety of cost-containment strategies designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of provider performance. While many of these strategies, previously discussed in the Journal of Healthcare Resource Management have stressed the importance of education, guidelines, pathways, and other clinical "tools for improvement," the success of many of these tools resides in the ability to provide real-time intervention. Real-time intervention rather than the more passive retrospective variance analysis has the greatest potential for producing cost savings by actually making a recommendation that prevents the unwanted event from occurring. In many institutions, the case manager bears the responsibility for monitoring and managing these programs. This article describes various case management models currently used by different institutions. PMID:10166062

  2. Case law

    This section reports on 7 case laws from 4 countries: - France: Conseil d'Etat decision, 28 June 2013, refusing to suspend operation of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant; - Slovak Republic: New developments including the Supreme Court's judgment in a matter involving Greenpeace Slovakia's claims regarding the Mochovce nuclear power plant; New developments in the matter involving Greenpeace's demands for information under the Freedom of Information Act; - Switzerland: Judgment of the Federal Supreme Court in the matter of the Departement federal de l'environnement, des transports, de l'energie et de la communication (DETEC) against Ursula Balmer-Schafroth and others on consideration of admissibility of a request to withdraw the operating licence for the Muehleberg nuclear power plant; - United States: Judgment of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit granting petition for writ of mandamus ordering US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to resume Yucca Mountain licensing; Judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit invalidating two Vermont statutes as preempted by the Atomic Energy Act; Judgment of the NRC on transferring Shieldalloy site to New Jersey's jurisdiction

  3. Case law

    Five articles are tackled: in France, the judgement of the Court of Appeal of Limoges concerning the dumping of radioactive waste by Areva N.C.(2006). The Court of Appeal of Limoges ruled that Areva N.C. was not guilty of dumping radioactive waste, and neither had it infringed radiation protection regulations or general mining industry regulations. there was no proof of damage to fish fauna. In Sweden, judgement on Plans for the dismantling of Barsebaeck (2006). This court case resulted from a dispute between the operator and the Swedish government Swedish radiation Protection Institute. The Swedish Government wanted decommissioning to commence immediately whereas plant management at Barsebaeck had indicated its intention to wait until 2020, when the radiation dose to workers during decommissioning work would be lower. The court approved the plans to commence dismantling in 2020, when a repository for large reactor components will be ready at the national final repository for radioactive waste at the Forsmark plant. In United Kingdom, on October 2006, British Nuclear group Sellafield Ltd. (B.N.G.S.L.) was fined 500 000 pounds (G.B.P.) plus G.B.P. 68000 in costs in a case brought by the UK health and Safety Executive (H.S.E.) for failing to identify and stop an eight-month long leak of 83 400 litres of radioactive liquid at the Thermal Oxide reprocessing Plant (T.H.O.R.P.) at Sellafield in Cumbria. The fine was levied at Carlisle Crown Court after B.N.G.S.L. pleaded guilty, at an earlier hearing, to the three counts of breaching conditions attached to the Sellafield site licence, granted under the 1965 Nuclear Installations Act as amended. These conditions require the licensee to make and comply with written instructions; to ensure safety systems are in good working order; and to ensure radioactive material is contained and, if leaks occur, they are detected and reported. In Usa, in accordance with the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982, as amended (N.W.P.A.) the US

  4. Case law

    This section treats of the following case laws: 1 - Canada: Decision of the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal overturning a decision to send back for reconsideration an environmental assessment of a proposed new nuclear power plant in Ontario; 2 - France: Council of State decision, 28 November 2014, Federation 'Reseau sortir du nucleaire' (Nuclear Phase-Out network) and others vs. Electricite de France (EDF), Request No. 367013 for the annulment of: - The resolution of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) dated 4 July 2011 specifying additional regulations for Electricite de France (EDF) designed to strengthen the reactor basemat of reactor No. 1 in the Fessenheim nuclear power plant, and - The resolution of ASN dated 19 December 2012 approving the start of work on reinforcing the reactor basemat in accordance with the dossier submitted by EDF; 3 - Germany: Judgment of the European Court of Justice on the nuclear fuel tax; 4 - India: Judgment of the High Court of Kerala in a public interest litigation challenging the constitutional validity of the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act, 2010; 5 - Japan - District court decisions on lawsuits related to the restart of Sendai NPP and Takahama NPP; 6 - Poland: Decision of the Masovian Voivod concerning the legality of the resolution on holding a local referendum in the Commune of Rozan regarding a new radioactive waste repository; Certain provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 18 February 2011 on the conditions for safe use of ionising radiation for all types of medical exposure have been declared unconstitutional by a judgment pronounced by the Constitutional Tribunal; 7 - Slovak Republic: Developments in relation to the disclosure of information concerning the Mochovce nuclear power plant

  5. Case Study: Writing a Journal Case Study

    Prud'homme-Genereux, Annie


    This column provides original articles on innovations in case study teaching, assessment of the method, as well as case studies with teaching notes. This month's issue describes incorporating a journal article into the classroom by first converting it into a case study.

  6. Case Study Teaching

    Herreid, Clyde Freeman


    This chapter describes the history of case study teaching, types of cases, and experimental data supporting their effectiveness. It also describes a model for comparing the efficacy of the various case study methods. (Contains 1 figure.)

  7. Clinical Case Registries (CCR)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — The Clinical Case Registries (CCR) replaced the former Immunology Case Registry and the Hepatitis C Case Registry with local and national databases. The CCR:HIV and...


    Nediljka Gaurina-Međimurec


    Full Text Available Casing drilling is an alternative option to conventional drilling and uses standard oilfield casing instead of drillstring. This technology is one of the greatest developments in drilling operations. Casing drilling involves drilling and casing a well simultaneously. In casing driling process, downhole tools can be retrieved, through the casing on wire-line, meaning tool recovery or replacement of tools can take minutes versus hours under conventional methods. This process employs wireline-retrievable tools and a drill-lock assembly, permitting bit and BHA changes, coring, electrical logging and even directional or horizontal drilling. Once the casing point is reached, the casing is cemented in place without tripping pipe.

  9. Project management case studies

    Kerzner, Harold R


    A new edition of the most popular book of project management case studies, expanded to include more than 100 cases plus a ""super case"" on the Iridium Project Case studies are an important part of project management education and training. This Fourth Edition of Harold Kerzner''s Project Management Case Studies features a number of new cases covering value measurement in project management. Also included is the well-received ""super case,"" which covers all aspects of project management and may be used as a capstone for a course. This new edition:Contains 100-plus case studies drawn from re

  10. Case Base Maintenance Approach.

    Haouchine, Mohamed-Karim; Chebel-Morello, Brigitte; Zerhouni, Noureddine


    Case base Maintenance is an active Case Based Reasoning research area. The main stream focuses on the method for reducing the size of the case-base while maintaining case-base competence. This paper gives an overview of these works, and proposes a case deletion strategy based on competence criteria using a novel approach. The proposed method, even if inspired from existing literature, combines an algorithm with a Competence Metric (CM). A series of tests are conducted using two standards data...

  11. Case Based Reasoning: Case Representation Methodologies

    Shaker H. El-Sappagh


    Full Text Available Case Based Reasoning (CBR is an important technique in artificial intelligence, which has been applied to various kinds of problems in a wide range of domains. Selecting case representation formalism is critical for the proper operation of the overall CBR system. In this paper, we survey and evaluate all of the existing case representation methodologies. Moreover, the case retrieval and future challenges for effective CBR are explained. Case representation methods are grouped in to knowledge-intensive approaches and traditional approaches. The first group overweight the second one. The first methods depend on ontology and enhance all CBR processes including case representation, retrieval, storage, and adaptation. By using a proposed set of qualitative metrics, the existing methods based on ontology for case representation are studied and evaluated in details. All these systems have limitations. No approach exceeds 53% of the specified metrics. The results of the survey explain the current limitations of CBR systems. It shows that ontology usage in case representation needs improvements to achieve semantic representation and semantic retrieval in CBR system.

  12. Comparative Test Case Specification

    Kalyanova, Olena; Heiselberg, Per

     This document includes a definition of the comparative test cases DSF200_3 and DSF200_4, which previously described in the comparative test case specification for the test cases DSF100_3 and DSF200_3 [Ref.1]....... This document includes a definition of the comparative test cases DSF200_3 and DSF200_4, which previously described in the comparative test case specification for the test cases DSF100_3 and DSF200_3 [Ref.1]....

  13. Xeroderma pigmentosum (case report

    Dubey Arvind


    Full Text Available Xeroderma pigmentosum is a rare, hereditary and fatal disease of the skin. Ocular involvement is known to occur in 80% of cases. A case with typical cutaneous and ocular lesions is reported.

  14. PSS Case Book

    Neugebauer, Line Maria; Mougaard, Krestine; Andersen, Jakob Bejbro; McAloone, Tim C.; Bey, Niki; Hsuan, Juliana; Ahm, Thorkild

    The transformation process towards a PSS-oriented company is describes, through the presentation of the best practice cases. Each case describes motivations, challenges, business models and PSS offerings....

  15. FHEO Filed Cases

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — The dataset is a list of all the Title VIII fair housing cases filed by FHEO from 1/1/2007 - 12/31/2012 including the case number, case name, filing date, state and...

  16. Defining a periodontitis case

    Baelum, Vibeke; Lopez, Rodrigo


    Aim The purpose of the present study was to assess the extent to which the three periodontitis case definition systems proposed by van der Velden, Tonetti & Claffey and Page & Eke identify the same cases in a population of never-treated adults with limited tradition for oral hygiene procedures...... concomitant presence of CAL and BOP at the site level. Results The case definitions by Tonetti & Claffey and by Page & Eke yielded similar results, which were also quite similar to the results of simply identifying a case of periodontitis as a person having at least one site showing both CAL ≥ 4 mm and BOP....... Conclusions The results indicate that it should be feasible for the periodontal community to reach an agreement over the distinction between a case and a non-case. The classification system proposed by van der Velden is better suited for providing clinicians with a clear image of the case....

  17. Osteopoikilosis - Case report

    Vilson Ruci


    Full Text Available Osteopoikilosis is a rare bone anomaly usually benign which may be confused with other severe primary diseases or dangerous metastatic bone lesions. We present one new case describing typical radiological findings with no clinical signs or other associations. No malignant transformation or other complications happened in the last ten years. Osteopoikilosis is found in most cases incidentally, and in most cases is not associated with other serious medical complications. Screening of family members may be considered.

  18. Borderline Cases and Definiteness

    Vecsey, Zoltán


    Borderline cases of vague predicates are often characterized with the help of a definiteness operator. Although such operators can certainly contribute to the solution of the problem of vagueness, they may also generate unexpected consequences. Either borderlineness is identified implicitly with a well-defined range of cases, or borderline cases are seen as being definitely borderline. In this paper I argue that we can avoid these consequences by providing an asymmetric definition of borderli...

  19. Teaching Case: Enterprise Architecture Specification Case Study

    Steenkamp, Annette Lerine; Alawdah, Amal; Almasri, Osama; Gai, Keke; Khattab, Nidal; Swaby, Carval; Abaas, Ramy


    A graduate course in enterprise architecture had a team project component in which a real-world business case, provided by an industry sponsor, formed the basis of the project charter and the architecture statement of work. The paper aims to share the team project experience on developing the architecture specifications based on the business case…

  20. Case-based reasoning

    Kolodner, Janet


    Case-based reasoning is one of the fastest growing areas in the field of knowledge-based systems and this book, authored by a leader in the field, is the first comprehensive text on the subject. Case-based reasoning systems are systems that store information about situations in their memory. As new problems arise, similar situations are searched out to help solve these problems. Problems are understood and inferences are made by finding the closest cases in memory, comparing and contrasting the problem with those cases, making inferences based on those comparisons, and asking questions whe

  1. Commissioners' Monthly Case Activity Report

    Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission — Total cases pending at the beginning of the month, total cases added to the docket during the month, total cases disposed of during the month, and total cases...

  2. Essential trichomegaly: case report

    Julia Dutra Rossetto


    Full Text Available The present study reports two cases of symptomatic essential trichomegaly. Trichomegaly may develop in various diseases, including anorexia nervosa, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, pretibial myxedema, systemic lupus erythematosus, vernal keratoconjunctivitis, and uveitis. The exact incidence trichomegaly is unknown, and the condition remains sporadically reported. Two cases of symptomatic trichomegaly without any associated systemic disorder are presented in this paper.

  3. Centralizer for well casing

    This patent describes an improved centralizer for centering a well casing in a wellbore. It comprises: a first anchor adapted to fit around and be securely fixed to the casing, the first anchor being threaded on its external surface; a first collar adapted to fit around and be threadedly engaged by the first anchor; a second collar adapted to fit around and free to rotate and move axially with respect to the casing; a second anchor adapted to fit around and be securely fixed to the casing spaced from the first anchor and comprising a bearing surface for restraining axial movement of the second collar along the casing; and metallic straps extending between the first collar and the second collar, and being securely fixed to each

  4. Aortic dissection: case series

    Bhavana Venkata Nagabhushana Rao


    Full Text Available Aortic dissection may not be attended by a physician in his lifetime, but he should possess all the clinical acumen to deal with as it is a catastrophic disease. Early and accurate diagnosis will save a life. Here we present three cases we faced in sequence over a period of two months. A case of extensive dissection arch to thoracic aorta, its display in detail. Second case eliciting ambiguity between coronary ischemia and aortic dissection. Management difficulties of such clinician situation are discussed. Third case, the fracture of a renal artery stent leading to severe hypertension, abdominal pain, and aortic dissection. Such case was not described in the literature to our knowledge. [Int J Res Med Sci 2016; 4(4.000: 1268-1271

  5. [Autoptically confirmed malpractice cases].

    Madea, Burkhard


    Claims of lethal medical malpractice cases in penal law are mostly dealt with by experts in forensic medicine since in lethal cases the autopsy is crucial for determining the cause of death. Knowledge of the cause of death, in turn, is the necessary basis of an expert opinion on negligence and the causality between negligence and cause of death. Compared to civil lawsuits filed for malpractice and cases dealt with at the arbitration committees of the medical councils penal lawsuits with 1500 to 2000 cases per year are of minor importance. Our own retrospective multicentre study on lawsuits filed for lethal cases of medical malpractice (based on autopsy findings of 4450 cases) revealed an annual increase in autopsies due to medical negligence from 3 to 6 hundred. Hospital doctors are more frequently affected by medical malpractice claims than private-practice physicians. However, the rate of confirmed medical malpractice cases is much higher for doctors in private practice. Although surgeons are most frequently charged with medical malpractice the rate of confirmed medical malpractice cases is comparatively low in surgery. Medico-legal autopsies in cases of alleged medical malpractice are often ordered by the public prosecutor because the manner of death was classified as unnatural or undetermined. Therefore the often-heard reproach that doctors frequently make mistakes and do their very best to hide them is not true. Thus, it has to be recommended that in a case of unexpected death associated with medical treatment the doctor in his own interest should classify the manner of death as undetermined. PMID:19213446

  6. Some of the cases

    Eller, Nanna Hurwitz; Mogensen, Jørn Thykjær; Gyntelberg, Finn


    matched on age and gender. The cases had experienced significantly fewer incidents of violence and had less anxiety and flashback symptoms than the controls. The results suggest that the negative press coverage was the reason for the psychiatric symptoms rather than exposures at the workplace.......Some of the cases of acknowledged occupational psychiatric disorder in Denmark have been exposed to negative press coverage. Such individuals might have been exposed to violence to a lower extent than other with an acknowledged psychological work injury. We compared 25 cases with 35 controls...

  7. Case File: The Spazzoids

    ... classroom activities. More Related Links Healthy Schools Case file: The Spazzzoids Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir ... your classroom activities. More Related Links Healthy Schools File Formats Help: How do I view different file ...

  8. Neurilemoma. A case report.

    Caporusso, J; Cook, M; Bullard, B P; Harkless, L B


    In this article, a case report of a patient presenting with "burning pain in the ball of her right foot" is detailed. Topics discussed include the diagnosis, surgical excision, and histopathology. PMID:7812908

  9. Ovarian Cysts. Case Presentation

    We present the clinical case of a 50 days old girl, born with cystic ovaries, secondary to hormonal stimulation. The clinical diagnosis and management is described and a revision of the literature is made.

  10. USCIS My Case Status

    Department of Homeland Security — USCIS provide a way for the public who applied for U.S. citizenship to check the status of their application online. To view the status of a case, the application...


    Hydrogeology is the foundation of subsurface site characterization for evaluations of monitored natural attenuation (MNA). Three case studies are presented. Examples of the potentially detrimental effects of drilling additives on ground-water samples from monitoring wells are d...

  12. Safety case plan 2008

    Following the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Employment and Economy) Posiva is preparing to submit the construction license application for a spent fuel repository by the end of the year 2012. The long-term safety section supporting the license application is based on a safety case, which, according to the internationally adopted definition, is a compilation of the evidence, analyses and arguments that quantify and substantiate the safety and the level of expert confidence in the safety of the planned repository. In 2005, Posiva presented a plan to prepare such a safety case. The present report provides a revised plan of the safety case contents mentioned above. The update of the safety case plan takes into account the recommendations made by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) about improving the focus and further developing the plan. Accordingly, particular attention is given to the quality management of the safety case work, the management of uncertainties and the scenario methodology. The quality management is based on the ISO 9001:2000 standard process thinking enhanced with special features arising from STUK's YVL Guides. The safety case production process is divided into four main sub-processes. The conceptualisation and methodology sub-process defines the framework for the assessment. The critical data handling and modelling sub-process links Posiva's main technical and scientific activities to the production of the safety case. The assessment sub-process analyses the consequences of the evolution of the disposal system in various scenarios, classified either as part of the expected evolution or as disruptive scenarios. The compliance and confidence sub-process is responsible for final evaluation of compliance of the assessment results with the regulatory criteria and the overall confidence in the safety case. As in the previous safety case plan, the safety case will be based on several reports, but

  13. Leakage behind casing

    Khandka, Rupak Kumar


    Achieving zonal isolation by cementing annulus space between casing and well bore is an important job in many oil wells. Gas leakage in the annulus has been recognised as a major completion problem in the oil well. A successful cement job results in complete zonal isolation on a permanent basis. To achieve these goals, various factors such as well security, casing centralization, effective mud removal, and gas migration must be considered in the design. The design of the cement must be such t...

  14. Pseudocide: A Case Report.

    Coffey, M Justin; Ahmedani, Brian K


    The authors describe a case of "pseudocide" in which the patient appears to have feigned his own suicide. This case was identified as a result of a routine reconciliation of internally collected suicide data with government-collected mortality data. The authors discuss the evolution of the concept of pseudocide in the clinical literature and consider issues related to deceitful and factitious behaviors and suicide surveillance and measurement. PMID:27427845


    Wankhede,, Mahendra; Shrivastava


    The incidence of Sirenomelia is thought to be about 1 in 65,000 live births (Oxford Medical database, Dysmorphology). In Sirenomelia, lower limbs are fused together. Common associated malformations include absent genitalia, imperforate anus, lumbosacral vertebral pelvic abnormalities and renal agenesis. Sirenomelia with craniorachischisis totalis (CT) is a rare fetal malformation, only six cases have been reported in English literature (1-5) and none yet from Asia. Our case is of ...

  16. Comparative Test Case Specification

    Kalyanova, Olena; Heiselberg, Per

    This document includes the specification on the IEA task of evaluation building energy simulation computer programs for the Double Skin Facades (DSF) constructions. There are two approaches involved into this procedure, one is the comparative approach and another is the empirical one. In the comp....... In the comparative approach the outcomes of different software tools are compared, while in the empirical approach the modelling results are compared with the results of experimental test cases. The comparative test cases include: ventilation, shading and geometry....

  17. Dysphagia aortica: Case report

    Jovančević Ljiljana; Jović Rajko M.; Mitrović Slobodan M.


    Introduction Dysphagia aortica is a swallowing condition caused by external compression of the esophagus due to aortic aneurysm or atherosclerotic changes affecting the aorta. The case report on this rare cause of dysphagia should contribute to better diagnosis of dysphagia aortica and swallowing difficulties in general. Case report A 63-year-old male patient was hospitalized duo to a four month history of intermittent swallowing difficulties. Chest radiography showed a widened mediastinum an...

  18. Oral Myiasis : Case Report

    Ramli, Roszalina; Abd Rahman, Roslan


    Myiasis occurs when living tissues of mammals are invaded by eggs or larvae of flies, mainly from the order of Diptera. Most of the previousty reported cases are in the tropics and they were usually associated with inadequate personal hygiene, sometimes with poor manual dexterity. This report describes two cases of oral myiasis in cerebral palsy patients in Seremban General Hospital, Malaysia. This article also discusses the therapeutic property of maggots and highlights the importance of ora...

  19. The case for Dounreay

    This document sets out to state the case for the Commercial Demonstration Fast Reactor and to explain the reasons why it should be situated at Dounreay, Caithness, Scotland. Headings are: the case for CDFR; why should the CDFR be sited in Caithness (Caithness before Dounreay; the social and economic significance of Dounreay; the Caithness economy today; Caithness - the need for jobs); the CDFR and Caithness; conclusions. (U.K.)

  20. a case report

    Snoj, Marko; Kadivec, Maksimiljan; Zebič, Marta; Podobnik, Gašper; Škof, Erik


    Background Contralateral breast cancer (CLB) is the most common second primary breast cancer in patients diagnosed with breast cancer. The majority of patients harbouring CLB tumours develop the invasive disease. Almost all invasive carcinomas are believed to begin as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) lesions. The sensitivity of MRI for DCIS is much higher than that of mammography. Case report We report the case of a woman who was treated with breast conserving therapy 10 years ago. At that tim...

  1. Dental autotransplant: case report

    Nathália Martins Pacini; Dirceu Tavares Formiga Nery; Daniel Rey de Carvalho; Normeu Lima Junior; Alexandre Franco Miranda; Sérgio Bruzadelli Macedo


    Introduction: The autogenous transplantation or dental autotransplantation is defined as the replacement of an absent or impaired tooth by another transplanted one, usually the third molar. The tooth is transplanted to a prepared or existing tooth socket occupied by the lost tooth, in a same person. This technique is considered a viable method due to its high success rate when properly indicated combined with a relatively low cost. Objective and case report: To report a clinical case study co...

  2. Worst case selection

    For large safety related DOE facilities, re-evaluation of features to ensure the mitigation of natural phenomena hazards can be costly and require long schedules to implement. This is especially true for features which are numerous and diverse such as building steel structures, concrete structures, masonry/tile walls, tanks, equipment and their anchorages, penetrations to containment vessels, steel platforms, embedded plates, conduit, conduit supports, cable tray, cable tray supports, HVAC ductwork, duct supports, piping and pipe supports. To reduce the cost and time required for re-evaluation, worst cases can be selected from populations of civil features with similar attributes based on drawing reviews, field investigations and review of any available existing calculations. If worst cases then qualify by evaluation or testing, it is reasonable to accept an entire population of features as justified. In addition, when modifications are required for worst cases, further investigation to assess the remaining non-worst case population for the presence of critical attributes, and conditions that contribute to the need for modification of worst cases, can be performed. However to ensure valid results, the methodology and process must be systematic, logical, based on applicable design criteria, traceable, independently verifiable, and reproducible. This paper will offer approaches developed from experiences implementing worst case qualification programs for the upgrade of existing facilities

  3. Unusual Cases of Epidermoid cyst: Case Series

    Lalita Yadav


    Full Text Available In the oro-facial region cystic lesions of different etiologies are encountered owing to the presence of the teeth in the jaw bones. A bewildering variety of developmental, odontogenic and non-odontogenic cysts are seen. Epidermoid cyst is a rare developmental cyst of the oro-facial region which results from entrapped epidermal elements without adnexal appendages. Dermoid and epidermoid cysts occur in oro-facial region with an incidence of 6.9-7% and represents less than 0.01% of all oral cavity cysts. Here we report two cases of epidermoid cysts occurring at unusual locations involving upper left maxillary region lateral to the nose and pinna of the ear.

  4. MIDAS case studies

    Brusger, E.C.; Farber, M.A.; Sharpe Hayes, M.M.


    This series of three case studies illustrates the validity and usefulness of MIDAS, a microcomputer-based tool for integrated resource planning under uncertainty. The first, at Union Electric, serves to test and validate the model and to illustrate its use for demand/supply option evaluation. Focusing on nuclear plant life extension, the Virginia Power case demonstrates the model's extensive detail, particularly in the production cost and financial areas, as well as its flexibility in addressing approximately 70 uncertainty scenarios. Puget Sound Power Light, the third case, used MIDAS for the preparation of its integrated resource plan. A 108-endpoint decision tree illustrates the full power of the decision analysis capability.

  5. Repairing leaks in casings

    Harris, K.L.; Vinson, E.F.; Bour, D.L.; Ewert, D.P.; Ekstrand, B.B.


    This patent describes a method for repairing a hole in a casing disposed in a wellbore. It comprises locating the hole in the casing; isolating the hole by defining a space within the casing in communication with the hole; introducing into the space a volume of a slurry of hydraulic cement in water; permitting the slurry to penetrate into the hole from the space; and maintaining the slurry in the hole for a time sufficient to enable the slurry to form a rigid plug of cement in the hole; wherein the slurry is comprised of a mixture of water and the hydraulic cement in the ratio of from about 0.5 to about 5.0 pounds of water per pound of cement.


    Durga Prasad


    Full Text Available Homicide means causing death of a person by another person. This homicide may be lawful or unlawful. There are many ways of committing a homicide. Burking is one of the methods. The term ‘Burking’ is derived from notorious criminal ‘Burke’, who with his accomplice ‘Hare’, killed old people by a combination of smothering and traumatic asphyxia, and sold the bodies to the medical school in Edinburgh. We here presented a case of homicide by burking. AIM: To explain the term burking and to present a real case of homicide by burking, which we encountered. MATERIALS & METHODS: Various journal articles, textbooks of Forensic Medicine, FIR copy of the case, crime scene visit, photos, inquest report, post mortem examination, crime investigation information. CONCLUSION: Burking is a type of homicide by smothering with traumatic asphyxia. Though it is rare, it is not completely unseen

  7. Objectivist case study research

    Ridder, Hanne Mette Ochsner; Fachner, Jörg


    In order to comprehend the impact of music therapy or music therapy processes, a researcher might look for an approach where the topic under investigation can be understood within a broader context. This calls for a rich inclusion of data and consequently a limited number of participants and may be...... achieved through the use of objectivist case study research. The strength of the case study design is that it allows for uncovering or suggesting causal relationships in real-life settings through an intensive and rich collection of data. According to Hilliard (1993), the opposite applies for extensive...... designs, in which a small amount of data is gathered on a large number of subjects. With the richness of data, the intensive design is ―the primary pragmatic reason for engaging in single-case or small N research‖ (p. 374) and for working from an idiographic rather than a nomothetic perspective....

  8. Craniosynostoses. A case presentation.

    Barbara Aleida García Hernández


    Full Text Available A case of a three-month female infant who was born in an ectopic and institutional delivery is described. His parents are healthy and came to the consultation office due to an enlargement in the posterior part of the head. Precocious Hyperostosis due to synostoses of the sagittal and diastasis suture of the lambdoidal suture was confirmed in the radiography. It was decide to put the patient under surgical treatment after assessing the case with a neurosurgeon. An early diagnosis and treatment of this non frequent disease are of great importance because it does not permit a presentation of neurological sequelae.

  9. Two cases of tetanus?

    Horn, Janneke; Vroom, Margreeth B; Tijssen, Marina A J; Schultz, Marcus J


    Tetanus is a rare infectious disease in Western countries that leads to diagnostic difficulties. Several diseases may mimic tetanus, and diagnostic considerations can at times be difficult, especially in critically ill patients, who need prompt treatment. Two patients are presented who were diagnosed with and treated for tetanus. However, the course of these patients' diseases strongly suggested that the diagnoses were incorrect. The article includes reflections on these 2 difficult diagnostic cases. These 2 cases illustrate the importance of proposing alternative diagnoses in suspected tetanus in Western countries. This may prevent loss of valuable time and prevent a delay of possibly effective therapy. PMID:17121213

  10. Asiakkuuksienhallinta : case Yritys X

    Könönen, Maarit


    Tämä opinnäytetyö käsittelee asiakkuudenhallintaa ja sen kehittämistä. Tutkimuk-sen tavoitteena oli selkiyttää mitä asiakkuudenhallinta case yrityksessä tarkoittaa ja millaisia toimenpiteitä yrityksessä tulisi tehdä asiakkuuksienhallinnan kehittä-miseksi. Samalla kartoitettiin, millaista informaatiota asiakkuudenhallinnassa tarvitaan johtamisen ja päätöksenteon tueksi, ja mihin asiakastietoa kootaan. Tutkimuskysymykseksi muotoutui, mitä asiakkuuksienhallinta case-yrityksessä tulisi olla ja mi...

  11. Tinea incognito: Case series

    Mikail Yılmaz


    Full Text Available Tinea incognito is a dermatophytic infection which has lost its typical clinical appearance because of inappropriate use of topical or systemic corticosteroids. The clinical manifestations of tinea incognito can mimic many dermatoses such as eczema, psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis. The diagnosis of tinea incognito is confirmed by direct KOH (potassium hydroxide examination ( native preparation, making the fungal cultures from the lesion and histopathological examination in some cases. Systemic antifungal therapy is recommended in the treatment of tinea incognito. Herein, 10 cases of tinea incognito which mimicking various dermatoses were diagnosed and treated in our clinic in 2014 is presented.

  12. Pseudoxanthoma elasticum. Case presentation

    Graciela Caridad Cabrera Acea


    Full Text Available The case of a female patient of 23 years of age is presented. The patient attended to the dermatology consultation in her health area for skin lesions in the neck area, of 10 years of evolution with new lesions after three years in different parts of her body (armpits, periumbilical, vaginal and rectal regions. These lesions present an aspect similar to orange skin, surrounded by yellow papules. the diagnosis was pseudoxanthoma elasticum after the clinical and histopathological analysis, and the perimetry. We present this case since this is an infrequent disease and for the importance of an early diagnosis of skin lesions in a systemic disease.

  13. Melioidosis: a case report.

    Barman, Purabi; Sidhwa, Harish; Shirkhande, Pinak A


    Burkhloderia pseudomallei has recently gained importance as an emerging pathogen in India. It causes various clinical manifestations like pneumoniae, septicaemia, arthritis, abscess etc. Cases have been reported from Southeast Asia mainly Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. In India, few cases have been reported mainly from the southern part of the country. Patient was a 65-year-old male and presented with fever 1 month back, cough and breathlessness for same period, swelling on both ankles from 7 days. B. pseudomallei was isolated from endotracheal secretions, blood cultures, leg wound. He was successfully treated with Imipenem and Doxycycline and put on maintenance therapy now, and is currently doing well. PMID:21731307

  14. Melioidosis: A case report

    Purabi Barman


    Full Text Available Burkhloderia pseudomallei has recently gained importance as an emerging pathogen in India. It causes various clinical manifestations like pneumoniae, septicaemia, arthritis, abscess etc. Cases have been reported from Southeast Asia mainly Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. In India, few cases have been reported mainly from the southern part of the country. Patient was a 65-year-old male and presented with fever 1 month back, cough and breathlessness for same period, swelling on both ankles from 7 days. B. pseudomallei was isolated from endotracheal secretions, blood cultures, leg wound. He was successfully treated with Imipenem and Doxycycline and put on maintenance therapy now, and is currently doing well.

  15. Hematologic case: Fanconi anemia

    Nascimento, P.; Costa, E; Porto, B.; Barbot, J.


    The authors present the case of a child with complex congenital heart defect, bilateral malformation of the thumbs, hearing loss, failure to thrive and delayed psychomotor development, oriented to the hematology consultation at the age of 9 years for the presence of thrombocytopenia and macrocytosis.

  16. Aglossia: A case report

    Kumar Prashant; Chaubey K


    A female child of 4 years with congenital absence of tongue has been described. This anomaly is usually associated with other congenital defects particularly limb and other cranio-facial defects. But in this case, the child enjoys the normal life, the unusual absence of tongue; she used to go to school play around with her friends and had a comparable I.Q.

  17. Apert Syndrome. Case Report

    Ninecta Pérez Breña


    Full Text Available The case of a white female aged 7 is evaluated in the Primary Care Service of the Barrio Adentro medical mission in Nueva Esparta state, Republic of Venezuela. After a clinical and radiological evaluation she is diagnosed with a genetic syndrome known as Apert Syndrome.

  18. Whipple's disease: a case

    Whipple's disease, or intestinal lipodystrophy, is an uncommon systemic pathology which generally involves small bowel, but occasionally presents at an extra intestinal site. The clinical onset usually consists of the classical triad of diarrhea, arthralgias and fever, and the definitive diagnosis is based on the histological study. We present a case diagnosed by computed tomography (CT) and confirmed by intestinal biopsy. (Author)

  19. Nesidioblastosis: a case study.

    Starbuck, A L


    Hypoglycemia is a common problem among neonates. Transient in nature, it usually resolves with an increase in glucose intake. However, as clinicians, we must recognize that prolonged hypoglycemia may be caused by increased insulin production. Nesidioblastosis is one cause of persistent hyperinsulinism of the newborn. This case study reviews fetal physiology, neonatal presentation, and treatment. PMID:9325879

  20. Querying Safety Cases

    Denney, Ewen W.; Naylor, Dwight; Pai, Ganesh


    Querying a safety case to show how the various stakeholders' concerns about system safety are addressed has been put forth as one of the benefits of argument-based assurance (in a recent study by the Health Foundation, UK, which reviewed the use of safety cases in safety-critical industries). However, neither the literature nor current practice offer much guidance on querying mechanisms appropriate for, or available within, a safety case paradigm. This paper presents a preliminary approach that uses a formal basis for querying safety cases, specifically Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) argument structures. Our approach semantically enriches GSN arguments with domain-specific metadata that the query language leverages, along with its inherent structure, to produce views. We have implemented the approach in our toolset AdvoCATE, and illustrate it by application to a fragment of the safety argument for an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) being developed at NASA Ames. We also discuss the potential practical utility of our query mechanism within the context of the existing framework for UAS safety assurance.

  1. : Case studies: France

    Bonerandi, Emmanuelle; Santamaria, Frédéric


    Case studies on territorial governance : urban region of Lyon (France) and the "Pays" policy (France) in the framework of the ESPON 2.3.2 project Études de cas sur la gouvernance territoriale : région urbaine de Lyon et politique des pays

  2. An unexpected tetanus case.

    Ergonul, Onder; Egeli, Demet; Kahyaoglu, Bulent; Bahar, Mois; Etienne, Mill; Bleck, Thomas


    1 million cases of tetanus are estimated to occur worldwide each year, with more than 200 000 deaths. Tetanus is a life-threatening but preventable disease caused by a toxin produced by Clostridium tetani-a Gram-positive bacillus found in high concentrations in soil and animal excrement. Tetanus is almost completely preventable by active immunisation, but very rarely unexpected cases can occur in individuals who have been previously vaccinated. We report a case of generalised tetanus in a 22-year-old woman that arose despite the protective antitoxin antibody in her serum. The patient received all her vaccinations in the USA; her last vaccination was 6 years ago. The case was unusual because the patient had received all standard vaccinations, had no defined port of entry at disease onset, and had symptoms lasting for 6 months. Tetanus can present with unusual clinical forms; therefore, the diagnosis and management of this rare but difficult disease should be updated. In this Grand Round, we review the clinical features, epidemiology, treatment, and prognosis of C tetani infections. PMID:27301930

  3. Intercultural Communicative Case Study



    The essay is mainly about the author's comprehension of cultural differences and intercultural communication after reading the book Communication Between Cultures.In addition,the author also analyses three cases with the theories and approaches mentioned in Communication Between Cultures.

  4. Test Case Generation Based on Use case and Sequence Diagram

    Santosh Kumar Swain; Durga Prasad Mohapatra; Rajib Mall


    We present a comprehensive test case generation technique from UML models. We use the features in UML 2.0 sequence diagram including conditions, iterations, asynchronous messages and concurrent components. In our approach, test cases are derived from analysis artifacts such as use cases, their corresponding sequence diagrams and constraints specified across all these artifacts. We construct Use case Dependency Graph (UDG) from use case diagram and Concurrent Control Flow Graph (CCFG) from cor...

  5. Odontoameloblastoma: A case report

    Amita Negi


    Full Text Available Odontoameloblastoma (OA is an extremely rare odontogenic tumor that contains an ameloblastomatous component together with odontoma-like elements. Till date, very few cases have fulfilled the criteria of the current World Health Organization classification of odontogenic tumors. It is characterized by slow, progressively growing lesion with growth pattern similar to solid multi-cystic ameloblastoma. The majority of the tumors are associated with unerupted teeth and commonly seen in males. It is usually asymptomatic and may occur in either maxilla or mandible, but shows a slight predilection for mandible. As this tumor is extremely rare, there exists controversy regarding its treatment. Here, we present a case of OA in 17-year-old female patient resembling a fibro-osseous lesion and a brief review of the related literature.

  6. Odontoameloblastoma: A case report.

    Negi, Amita; Puri, Abhiney; Nangia, Rajat; Sachdeva, Alisha


    Odontoameloblastoma (OA) is an extremely rare odontogenic tumor that contains an ameloblastomatous component together with odontoma-like elements. Till date, very few cases have fulfilled the criteria of the current World Health Organization classification of odontogenic tumors. It is characterized by slow, progressively growing lesion with growth pattern similar to solid multi-cystic ameloblastoma. The majority of the tumors are associated with unerupted teeth and commonly seen in males. It is usually asymptomatic and may occur in either maxilla or mandible, but shows a slight predilection for mandible. As this tumor is extremely rare, there exists controversy regarding its treatment. Here, we present a case of OA in 17-year-old female patient resembling a fibro-osseous lesion and a brief review of the related literature. PMID:26604505

  7. Company cases Denmark

    Tølle, Martin; Pedersen, Jørgen Lindgaard


    The Danish part of the publication describes two Danish cases with foreign companies taking over Danish companies. The first case is from software industry where Datacentralen (DC) was taken over by American company Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) in 1986. DC delivered IT - solutions for...... - solitions. CSC wanted to buy DC to penetrate the Nordic market. Some effects can be mentioned: Employment in CSC - DK is in 2003 1,700 persons or 2,600 including other companies bought up recently. In innovation positive effects can be registered from contacts with CSC - International. Not only from access...... - Laboratoriet, Benzon - Pharma and Pharma - Medica during years 1988 - 1991.Nycomed wants to establish itself as a company on European level.After a decade with different owners, fusions and splitting ups a construction in which head quarter and R&D move to Denmark close to Copenhagen. The importance of that...

  8. [Pharyngeal tuberculosis: Case report].

    Spini, Roxana Gabriela; Bordino, Lucas; Cohen, Daniela; Martins, Andrea; Ramírez, Zaida; González, Norma E


    Pharyngeal tuberculosis is a rare extrapulmonary manifestation. In Argentina, the number of cases of tuberculosis reported in children under 19 years in 2012 was 1752. Only 12.15% had extrapulmonary manifestation. A case of a 17 year old girl with pharyngeal tuberculosis is reported. The patient presented intermittent fever and swallowing pain for 6 months, without response to conventional antibiotic treatment. Chest X-ray showedbilateral micronodular infiltrate, so hospitalization was decided to study and treat. The sputum examination for acid-fast resistant bacilli was positive and treatment with four antituberculous drugs was started, with good evolution and disappearance of symptoms. Diagnostic confirmation with the isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum culture was obtained. The main symptoms of pharyngeal tuberculosis are sore throat and difficulty in swallowing of long evolution. It is important to consider tuberculosis as differential diagnosis in patients with chronic pharyngitis unresponsive to conventional treatment. PMID:26172025

  9. Executable Use Cases

    Jørgensen, Jens Bæk; Bossen, Claus


    that eventually and inevitably emerges during system implementation; and spur communication between users and system developers. Iterative prototyping is a feasible starting point to pursue these goals. But EUCs encompass both iterative prototyping and explicit environment descriptions in terms of...... workflow modeling. This article describes a case study in which developers used EUCs to prototype an electronic patient record system for hospitals in Aarhus, Denmark....

  10. Dealing with RSPCA cases

    Mason, Jane; Blackwood, I.


    The Animal Welfare Sub-Unit of the NSW Department of Industry and Investment, in association with some members of the Extensive Livestock Industry and Development (ELID) sheep and beef team, have been developing procedures and training to help District Livestock Officers (DLOs) deal with RSPCA cases involving failure to provide animals with food. These procedures are being developed to ensure evidence collected will withstand a courtroom cross-examination. The resources developed will be exte...

  11. Case record analysis

    Whitaker, Simon


    It is argued that the determinates of low frequency (less than once an hour) challenging behavior are likely to be more complex than those of high frequency behavior involving setting events that may not be present when the behavior occurs. The analysis of case records is then examined as a method of identifying possible setting events to low frequency behaviours. It is suggested that time series analysis, correlational analysis and time lag sequential analysis may all be useful methods in th...

  12. The Quinlan case revisited.

    Frader, Joel


    ... The point is that although physicians and hospitals (and their legal counsel) certainly feared in the 1970s and still fear prosecution and civil liability (and perhaps to an unreasonable degree), neither the complex psychosocial and economic nor the equally complex philosophical questions surrounding stopping artificial life support were settled at the time of the Quinlan case, and they are still not settled today. Perhaps our legal history does not need to be revised all that much. PMID:11644806

  13. Two cases with dysferlinopathy

    Gaye Eryaşar


    Full Text Available Dysferlinopathy includes a rare spectrum of muscle disease characterized by two main phenotypes: Miyoshi myopathy(MM and Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy(LGMD 2B and results from a mutation of the gene that codes dysferline protein (DYSF gene, 2p13. In this report, we present 2 cases with dysferlinopathy whose diagnosis were confirmed by clinical and muscle biopsy findings.


    A.I. Navazo Eguía; F. García Vicario; E. Suárez Muñiz; M.C. Gutiérrez Ortega


    Introduction: Necrotizing sialometaplasia (NSM) is a benign lesion affecting the salivary glands mainly in the hard palate. It presents as an ulcer with irregular borders, slightly elevated and necrotic The differential diagnosis should include malignant neoplasms. Case Report: A 26-year-old woman sought medical advice for a painful 2 cm ulceration of the hard palate. She is carrying pierced tongue. The patient had a history of cigarette smoking, chronic anxiety disorder and bulimia,. Analyti...

  15. Empirical Test Case Specification

    Kalyanova, Olena; Heiselberg, Per

    This document includes the empirical specification on the IEA task of evaluation building energy simulation computer programs for the Double Skin Facades (DSF) constructions. There are two approaches involved into this procedure, one is the comparative approach and another is the empirical one. I....... In the comparative approach the outcomes of different software tools are compared, while in the empirical approach the modelling results are compared with the results of experimental test cases....

  16. Cystic fibrosis: case report

    Cystic fibrosis is a autosomal recessive genetic disease. Among caucasians, it is the most common cause of pulmonary insufficiency during the first three decades of life. The prevalence of cystic fibrosis varies according to ethnic origin: it is common among caucasians but rare among Asians. We report a case in which cystic fibrosis with bronchiectasis and hyperaeration was revealed by high-resolution CT, and mutation of the cystic fibrosis conductance transmembrane regulator gene (CFTR) by DNA analysis

  17. Rotordynamic Stability Case Studies

    Choudhury Pranabesh


    In this article case studies are presented involving rotordynamic instability of modern high-speed turbomachinery relating the field data to analytical methods. The studies include oil seal related field problems, instability caused by aerodynamic cross-coupling in high-pressure, high-speed compressors, and hydrodynamic bearing instability resulting in subsynchronous vibration of a high-speed turbocharger. It has been shown that the analytical tools not only help in problem diagnostics, bu...

  18. Corporate Governance. Case Studies

    Manuel, Eduardo


    This paper pretends to do a theoretical approach of Corporate Governance, having as support some case studies about companies like Coca-Cola, Nokia, Microsoft, and The methodology adopted for this work is based in information from these companies available in their websites and annual reports. I concluded that both companies show the corporate governance components according to their core business and their environmental business.

  19. Case study - Czechoslovakia

    In the lecture Case Study - Czechoslovakia with the sub-title 'Unified System of Personnel Preparation for Nuclear Programme in Czechoslovakia' the actual status and the current experience of NPP personnel training and preparation in Czechoslovakia are introduced. The above mentioned training system is presented and demonstrated by the story of a proxy person who is going to become shift engineer in a nuclear power plant in Czechoslovakia. (orig./HP)

  20. Cystic fibrosis: case report

    Park, Si Hyun; Lee, Hyun Ju; Kim, Ji Hye; Park, Chol Heui [Gachon Medical School, Inchon (Korea, Republic of)


    Cystic fibrosis is an autosomal recessive genetic disease. Among Caucasians, it is the most common cause of pulmonary insufficiency during the first three decades of life. The prevalence of cystic fibrosis varies according to ethnic origin: it is common among Caucasians but rare among Asians. We report a case in which cystic fibrosis with bronchiectasis and hyperaeration was revealed by high-resolution CT, and mutation of the cystic fibrosis conductance transmembrane regulator gene (CFTR) by DNA analysis.

  1. Phagophobia: a case report

    Suraweera, Chathurie; Hanwella, Raveen; de Silva, Varuni


    Background Phagophobia is a rare disorder and the literature is sparse. There is no specific treatment described for this life threatening condition. Case presentation The patient is a 25-year-old Sri Lankan female with recurrent difficulty in swallowing. Following her initial episode which lasted one year, she presented to us with inability to swallow for one week. She was dependent on liquids and semisolids. The medical team confidently excluded an organic cause. She had difficulty swallowi...

  2. Otocephaly: a case report

    Anshu Sharma; Amrutha K. V.; Joseph Abraham; Mahesh Sharma


    A case of otocephaly was reported in 26+/-4 week's female fetus during routine fetal autopsy at GMCH, Chandigarh, India. Mother was 25 years old, second gravid. The first child is one year old normal male baby. Present pregnancy resulted in spontaneous abortion. Antenatal history, past history, family history and medical history of mother was not suggestive of any ethiological factor responsible for the defect. The external examination showed 2 vessels in umbilical cord. There was anteroposte...

  3. Four cases of pneumomediastinum

    Aujayeb, Avinash; Miller, Jonathan; Weatherhead, Mark; Cooper, David


    Pneumomediastinum or mediastinal emphysema is defined as the presence of air in the mediastinum, the central compartment of the thoracic cavity that contains the heart and its vessels, the oesophagus, trachea, vagus and phrenic nerves, and thymus, among other organs. There are no concrete epidemiological data but case series point to an approximate incidence of one in 7000 to one to 45 000 hospital admissions [1–3], with a predilection for young males [2].

  4. Case Studies - Cervical Cancer


    Dr. Alan Waxman, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of New Mexico and chair of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) committee for the underserved, talks about several case studies for cervical cancer screening and management.  Created: 10/15/2010 by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP), Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC).   Date Released: 6/9/2010.

  5. Prague Case Study Report

    Kostelecký, Tomáš; Patočková, Věra; Illner, Michal; Vobecká, Jana; Čermák, Daniel

    Aarau: Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau (ZDA), 2014 - (Widmer, C.; Kübler, D.), s. 131-177 ISBN 978-3-9524228-2-3 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR IAA700280802 Institutional support: RVO:68378025 Keywords : urban neighbourhods * regeneration * Prague Subject RIV: AD - Politology ; Political Sciences

  6. Automated Test Case Generation

    CERN. Geneva


    I would like to present the concept of automated test case generation. I work on it as part of my PhD and I think it would be interesting also for other people. It is also the topic of a workshop paper that I am introducing in Paris. (abstract below) Please note that the talk itself would be more general and not about the specifics of my PhD, but about the broad field of Automated Test Case Generation. I would introduce the main approaches (combinatorial testing, symbolic execution, adaptive random testing) and their advantages and problems. (oracle problem, combinatorial explosion, ...) Abstract of the paper: Over the last decade code-based test case generation techniques such as combinatorial testing or dynamic symbolic execution have seen growing research popularity. Most algorithms and tool implementations are based on finding assignments for input parameter values in order to maximise the execution branch coverage. Only few of them consider dependencies from outside the Code Under Test’s scope such...

  7. A Case Report

    Choy, Bonnie Nga Kwan; Ng, Alex Lap Ki; Shum, Jennifer Wei Huen; Fan, Michelle Ching Yim; Lai, Jimmy Shiu Ming


    Abstract Chlorpromazine is known to cause ocular pigmentary deposits. However, delayed presentation after cessation of chlorpromazine has not been reported. There are also no reports on whether newer generation of anti-psychotic agents contribute to ocular toxicity. We describe a case of ocular toxicity related to anti-psychotic agents. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of anterior segment pigmentary deposits associated with olanzapine use, 2 years after the cessation of chlorpromazine. We report a case of ocular toxicity in a patient with history of chlorpromazine usage of 100 mg per day for 13 years and subsequently switched to olanzapine 5 mg for 2 years. There were no signs of ocular toxicity while the patient was on chlorpromazine. However, when the patient switched to olanzapine, she developed the ocular side effect as described for chlorpromazine-induced ocular toxicity, with pigmentary depositions on both corneas and the anterior lens surface and decrease in vision. Olanzapine, a newer anti-psychotic agent, may play a role in the ocular pigmentary deposition, either directly causing pigmentary deposition itself or accentuating the effect of chlorpromazine as the 2 drugs act on the same receptors, although further studies are required to support this hypothesis. As patients with psychiatric conditions may not voluntarily complain of visual symptoms, ocular screening could be considered in these patients receiving chronic anti-psychotic treatment, so that any ocular toxicity could be diagnosed in a timely manner. PMID:27082594

  8. Nonketotic hyperglycinemia case series

    Mehtab Iqbal


    Full Text Available To present three cases who presented with neonatal hiccups and who were later diagnosed with nonketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH. Case series. We present three babies who presented in neonatal life with hiccups who later were diagnosed with NKH. Two babies presented on the 2nd day of life with hypotonia, poor feeding, and abnormal movements including jitteriness, hiccups, and twitching. The third baby only had transient hiccups lasting for a couple of days in the 1st week of life but later presented at 3 months of age with poor feeding, drowsiness, and jerky movements. All three cases needed extensive investigations before reaching the diagnosis including metabolic screen, lumbar puncture, electroencephalography, and computed tomography/magnetic resonance imaging. The first two babies needed intubation on their 2nd day of life because of apneas in whom later, the care was withdrawn after reaching the diagnosis of NKH because of poor prognosis. The third baby was discharged home on oral dextromethorphan and ketogenic diet. We discuss the importance of early recognition of symptoms (frequent hiccups and investigation needed to reach the diagnosis early as it helps in making decision to either carry on treatment or withdraw care because of poor prognosis. It also helps in genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis can be offered at the subsequent pregnancy.

  9. TFTR coil case design

    The TFTR (TOKAMAK Fusion Test Reactor) TF (Toroidal Field) coil cases are highly loaded structures designed within severe constraints. Foremost among these are basic machine geometry, material characteristics of both the case and the copper/epoxy matrix it supports, and overall cost. Scoping and parametric studies have been performed continuously since conceptual design. The progression of design decisions including coil shape, support locations and their stiffnesses, material selection, and element sizing are described. The significant variables are identified for each of the studies. The current coil case design is presented in detail along with aspects of the design still under consideration. Questions that remain involve the effects of limitations placed upon the coil materials (copper, epoxy) themselves. Resolution of these questions is to be accomplished by development tests of coil elements similar to those in the current design. Two alternate designs have been held in reserve pending completion of the development tests. Each is briefly described as to its basic configuration, potential for improvement, and its effect on the overall device

  10. Oral lymphangioma: case report

    Marcelo Gadelha Vasconcelos


    Full Text Available Introduction: Lymphangioma is a change of lymphatic vessels that frequently affects the head and neck region. Its occurrence at oral cavity is rare and it is most commonly identified at the anterior two-thirds of the tongue. At this location, it is clinically characterized as transparent and generally grouped vesicles, which can be red or purple. The deep lesions appear as nodular masses of variable color and superficial texture. It can be classified according to the size of vessels into three types: capillary, cavernous, and cystic lymphangioma. Several types of treatment have been suggested; and the most commonly used treatments are: surgical excision, application of carbon dioxide laser, cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen, and sclerosing agents. Objective and case report: To describe a case of oral lymphangioma diagnosed in a 17-year-old female patient. The lesion was presented as multiple vesicles of soft consistency with thin epithelial lining and color ranging from translucent to yellow-reddish, involving the soft palate and the left retromolar region. Incisional biopsy confirmed the hypothesis of cavernous lymphangioma. Patient was followed-up for one year without signs of lesion relapse. Conclusion: Through this clinical case report and literature review, this study emphasizes the relevance of the clinical and histopathological features that should be considered to confirm the clinical hypothesis and indicate the proper therapeutic for oral lymphangiomas.

  11. RSG Deployment Case Testing Results

    Owsley, Stanley L.; Dodson, Michael G.; Hatchell, Brian K.; Seim, Thomas A.; Alexander, David L.; Hawthorne, Woodrow T.


    The RSG deployment case design is centered on taking the RSG system and producing a transport case that houses the RSG in a safe and controlled manner for transport. The transport case was driven by two conflicting constraints, first that the case be as light as possible, and second that it meet a stringent list of Military Specified requirements. The design team worked to extract every bit of weight from the design while striving to meet the rigorous Mil-Spec constraints. In the end compromises were made primarily on the specification side to control the overall weight of the transport case. This report outlines the case testing results.

  12. Xeroderma pigmentosum. Case presentation.

    Damaris Díaz Leonard


    Full Text Available Twelve years old patient (YGS, female, white, of rural origin; with history of facial and truncal bullae since the age of eight months when exposed to the sun light. It was first diagnosed as solar dermatitis. At the age of 6 it was assessed as xeroderma pigmentosum. This diagnosis was confirmed at the age of 10 by the histopathology department and reassessed by the National Reference Centre. For the infrequency of this disease, a bibliographic revision was carried out to make a report for this case presentation.

  13. Pulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis: case reports

    We reviewed the radiologic, physiologic, and pathologic features of biopsy-proved pulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) in 2 patients. Chest radiographs showed diffuse increased interstitial lung markings with normal or slightly increased lung volume. The prominent computed tomographic (CT) feature was thin-walled cysts throughout the lungs. Pulmonary function test showed a mixed obstructive and restrictive pattern in one and a mainly restrictive pattern in another, which was somewhat different from that of the reported cases. Proliferation of smooth muscle cells in the lymphatics, alveolar septae, vessels, and bronchioles was the pathologic finding

  14. Gallbladder torsion. Case report

    Brasso, K; Rasmussen, O V


    Gallbladder torsion is a rare surgical emergency occurring primarily in elderly women. The anatomical background is a variation in the attachment of the gallbladder to the inferior margin of the liver. Increasing life span will probably lead to an increasing number of cases, and gallbladder torsion...... must be kept in mind in patients with sudden onset of pain in the upper right quadrant, nausea, vomiting, and a palpable mass. None of the laboratory routines or non-invasive examinations enables one to make the right preoperative diagnosis. Treatment is cholecystectomy. Promptly treated, the prognosis...

  15. A case of standardization?

    Rod, Morten Hulvej; Høybye, Mette Terp


    Guidelines are increasingly used in an effort to standardize and systematize health practices at the local level and to promote evidence-based practice. The implementation of guidelines frequently faces problems, however, and standardization processes may in general have other outcomes than...... describe this process as a case of epistemic standardization....... the ones envisioned by the makers of standards. In 2012, the Danish National Health Authorities introduced a set of health promotion guidelines that were meant to guide the decision making and priority setting of Denmark's 98 local governments. The guidelines provided recommendations for health promotion...

  16. Tuloverotus: Case Koirahalli

    Urpilainen, Milla; Björklund, Sari-Anne


    Opinnäytetyössä käsiteltiin Suomen tuloverojärjestelmää vuonna 2014 ja 2015 yritysverotuksen näkökulmasta. Case yrityksenä oli suunnittelutasolla oleva Koirahalli-projekti, jolle tässä tutkielmassa haettiin verotuksellisesti kannattavinta yritysmuotoa. Opinnäytetyössä otettiin huomioon sekä yrityksen verotus että yrittäjän verotus. Verolainsäädäntö muuttuu vuosittain. Vuoden 2014 alussa tuli voimaan merkittäviä lakimuutoksia, jotka koskivat yritysverotuksen osalta esimerkiksi yhteisövero...

  17. Case Management Directors

    Bankston-White, Cheri; Birmingham, Jackie


    Purpose and Objectives: Case management directors are in a dynamic position to affect the transition of care for patients across the continuum, work with all levels of providers, and support the financial well-being of a hospital. Most importantly, they can drive good patient outcomes. Although the position is critical on many different levels, there is little to help guide a new director in attending to all the “moving parts” of such a complex role. The purpose of this two-part article is to...

  18. Spinal Neurocysticercosis: Case Report

    Neurocysticercosis (NCC) is the most frequent parasitic illness of the central nervous system caused by the larval form of Taenia solium and its considered to be endemic in Latin America. Its diagnosis is based on imaging findings and epidemiological data; although its diagnosis can be made through the detection of specific IgG antibodies, these tests have limited availability in our environment. Central nervous system involvement is generally observed in the brain parenchyma, and less commonly in the ventricular system and subarachnoid space; only infrequently is reported to involve the structures within the spinal canal, in this article we review a case of a patient with spinal cysticercal involvement.

  19. Neurocysticercosis. Case report.

    Gilberto Serrano Ocaña


    Full Text Available A female patient (15 years, from Eastern Cape, South Africa, was admitted in the hospital on July 13th, 2007 with general tonic-clonic convulsions. There was not history of epilepsy or fever convulsions and the patient denied alcohol, cigar or drugs consumption. The physical examination showed postictal confusion, without neurological deficit, neck rigidity or peripheral edema. Computer axial tomography was definitive for neurocysticercosis disgnosis. Since it is a serious health problem for the area the patient lives in, we decided to publish the case.

  20. Oral Myiasis: Case report

    S Jimson


    Full Text Available Oral myiasis is a rare disease caused by larvae of dipteran flies. Houseflies are strongly suspected of transmitting at least 65 diseases to humans, including typhoid fever, dysentery and cholera. Flies regurgitate and excrete wherever they come to rest and thereby mechanically are the root cause for disease organisms. A case of oral myiasis caused by Chrysomya bezziana in the maxillary anterior region in a 40-year-old patient is presented. Manual removal of maggots, and surgical debridement of wound was done followed by broad-spectrum anti-parasitic medications. A note on the identification of the larva and histopathology of the tissue is also highlighted here.

  1. [Otic myiasis. Case report].

    González Poggioli, Nicolás; Vázquez Barro, Juan Carlos


    Otic myiasis is rare in developed countries and is related to environmental conditions and poor hygiene. We present the case of a 65-year-old woman with pain and tinnitus in the left ear lasting for one week. Physical examination in the emergency room showed numerous dipteran larvae totally occupying the external auditory canal. After the diagnosis of otic myiasis, the larvae were removed and the patient was discharged after 24 hours of medical observation. The diagnosis of otic myiasis is by means of direct visualization of the larvae in the ear cavities and treatment includes the removal of larvae from the ear. Prognosis is generally good. PMID:19558911

  2. Lumbar stenosis: clinical case

    Pedro Sá


    Full Text Available Lumbar stenosis is an increasingly common pathological condition that is becoming more frequent with increasing mean life expectancy, with high costs for society. It has many causes, among which degenerative, neoplastic and traumatic causes stand out. Most of the patients respond well to conservative therapy. Surgical treatment is reserved for patients who present symptoms after implementation of conservative measures. Here, a case of severe stenosis of the lumbar spine at several levels, in a female patient with pathological and surgical antecedents in the lumbar spine, is presented. The patient underwent two different decompression techniques within the same operation.

  3. Chinese court case fiction

    Hansen, Kim Toft


    breathed the breath of life into it? The usual answer is that crime fiction, in fact, was invented by Poe, but another counter-view is that China – at that point – had had a long narrative tradition for stories about crime and detection. The socalled gongan genre – court case fiction – was probably...... sinological sources introducing a revised introduction of crime fiction on the world’s literary scene. So to answer Doyle’s question about crime fiction before Poe: Crime fiction may have been in China....

  4. NOx trade. Case studies

    Some of the questions with respect to the trade of nitrogen oxides that businesses in the Netherlands have to deal with are dealt with: should a business buy or sell rights for NOx emission; which measures must be taken to reduce NOx emission; how much must be invested; and how to deal with uncertainties with regard to prices. Simulations were carried out with the MOSES model to find the answers to those questions. Results of some case studies are presented, focusing on the chemical sector in the Netherlands. Finally, the financial (dis)advantages of NOx trade and the related uncertainties for a single enterprise are discussed

  5. Neuromyelitis Optica. Case Report

    Patricia Quintero Cusguen


    Full Text Available Neuromyelitis Optica, also known as Devic’sSyndrome, is a disease which combines opticneuritis and transverse myelitis. Some years ago it was considered as a form of multiple sclerosis.Actually, it is consider as a different disease, onthe basis of the clinical, imaging, serology andimmunopatholoy profile.A case of 29 years old female patient is reported,based on her clinical findings which beganin the fifth postpartum month, with progressivelower limb paresis, associated with bilateralvision loss.This paper attempts giving a synoptic overviewof this uncommon immune mediateddemyelinating condition; it summarises themost important epidemiological parameters andpresents the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilitiesavailable today.

  6. Teaching Pharmacology by Case Study.

    Jordan, Sue


    Using pharmacology case studies with nursing students encourages theory-practice links and infuses real-life content. Cases provide rich qualitative data for evaluating curriculum. However, they are not a substitute for evidence-based practice. (SK)

  7. Pseudohypoaldosteronism: Case Report

    Kazım Küçüktaşçı


    Full Text Available Introduction: Pseudohypoaldosteronism is a disease which occurs as a result of peripheral resistance to aldosterone and is characterised by salt wasting. Case Report: Hyponatremia, hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis, high renin and aldosterone levels were determined in the patient admitted with decrease in sucking and getting sleepy during breast-feeding. The case was diagnosed as systemic form of pseudohypoaldosteronism. His treatment was continued with oral salt. Conclusion: Pseudohypoaldosteronism has three types as primary, secondary and Gordon syndrome. Primary form is due to epithelial sodium channel and mineralocorticoid receptor gene mutation, whilst secondary form is frequently caused by urinary malformation and urinary tract infections. In Gordon syndrome, plasma aldosterone level is usuallly normal, and plasma renin activity is depressed, there is an adequate response to mineralocorticoids. Probability of secondary pseudohypoaldosteronism was investigated at the same time because of the urinary infection present in our subject. The patient was accepted as systemic form of primary pseudohypoaldosteronism because of positive sweat test result and prolonged salt necessity. (Journal of Current Pediatrics 2009; 7: 151-3

  8. [Pneumobilia. A case report].

    Reinoso Reyes, Joaquín; de Echeverría Robles, Lila Cruz; Reinoso Toledo, Joaquín G


    Pneumobilia, gas within the biliary tract, is due to an abnormal connection between the gastrointestinal tract and the biliary tract and is considered a serious pathology usually requiring surgical intervention. Most cases of pneumobilia are related to gallstone disease, and spontaneous biliary-enteric fistula is reported to be the most common cause of pneumobilia. Another well-documented cause of pneumobilia is a surgically created anastomosis between the biliary tract and the bowel, the Whipple procedure, and choledocho-jejunostomy, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography with papillosphincterotomy or surgical transduodenal sphincteroplasty. Transient incompetence of the sphincter of Oddi, gas-forming infections, and trauma have also been reported to cause pneumobilia. We present the case of a 74-year-old woman with asymptomatic cholelithiasis, pneumobilia and cholecystoduodenal fistula treated with cholecystectomy, fistula closure with Graham patch, Stamm-Kader gastrostomy and needle catheter jejunostomy. On the first postoperative day she developed a biliary duodenal fistula that required nutritional support with parenteral, enteral nutrition and octreotide acetate with fistula closure 2 weeks later. We review the etiology, surgical treatment and economic burden. Laparoscopic cholecysto-fistulectomy by skilled laparoscopic surgeons can be adopted as a first-choice treatment for cholecystoduodenal fistula to reduce morbility risks and costs. PMID:15998480

  9. Scleroderma: a case report

    Prachi Sankhe


    Full Text Available Scleroderma is systemic multi organ autoimmune disorder characterized by hardening of skin. Also known as systemic sclerosis. Estimated annual incidences of approximately 19 cases per million persons. The limited skin disease has a 10-year survival rate of 71%, whereas those with diffuse skin disease have a 10-year survival rate of just 21%. Risk is higher in women than men and peak in individuals aged 30-50 years. It has no definitive treatment. It may be limited or diffuse depending upon manifestations of symptoms or signs affecting internal organs especially lungs, heart, or kidney. We report a case of scleroderma with pulmonary hypertension and interstitial lung disease in our hospital who presented with tightening of skin, joint pain, dysphagia, and breathlessness. On examination skin appeared dark, shiny, and tight, with loss of hair, paraesthesia and digital ulceration. Patient also has history of Raynauds phenomenon. On investigation, Scl-70 and ANA (antinuclear antibodies by enzyme immunoassay came positive. HRCT thorax was suggestive of interstitial fibrosis and PFT revealed moderate restriction. On 2D echocardiography, mild pulmonary hypertension was present while barium swallow showed motility disorder involving oesophagus. On view of extensive systemic involvement like skin, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system and heart, we would like to present this rare disorder. [Int J Res Med Sci 2015; 3(3.000: 802-804




    Full Text Available The incidence of Sirenomelia is thought to be about 1 in 65,000 live births (Oxford Medical database, Dysmorphology. In Sirenomelia, lower limbs are fused together. Common associated malformations include absent genitalia, imperforate anus, lumbosacral vertebral pelvic abnormalities and renal agenesis. Sirenomelia with craniorachischisis totalis (CT is a rare fetal malformation, only six cases have been reported in English literature (1-5 and none yet from Asia. Our case is of a 26 weeks fetus born to a 20-year-old primi mother and 24-year-old father. It was a lower category Hindu couple. Mother was anemic and was undergoing treatment for anemia. On USG examination of mother showed a single line fetus of 26 weeks placental calcification, marked oligohydramnios. The fetus weighs 250 grams of unidentifiable sex on external examination. There is absence of pubis, definite buttocks and single fused lower limb ending in a bifid foot with 5 toes. X-rays show no skeletal abnormality or absence of bones. Study of internal structures will be discussed later on.

  11. Vertebral Angiosarcoma. Case Study.

    Guzik, Grzegorz


    Bone angiosarcomas, especially vertebral angiosarcomas, are very rare. There are no studies based on large clinical samples in the literature, and only a few single case reports can be found. The symptoms of the disease are not specific. It is usually detected incidentally or at a late stage when pathological vertebral fractures or neurological complications occur. Diagnostic imaging and history help to recognize the tumour behind the symptoms, but do not allow accurate clinical diagnosis. The basis for a diagnosis is the histopathological examination supported by immunohistochemistry (IHC) assays. The case of a 26-year-old woman with an angiosarcoma involving the eighth thoracic vertebra we report reflects diagnostic problems adversely affecting the efficacy and accuracy of treatment offered to patients. The patient underwent three surgeries of the spine, including two biopsies. A needle biopsy did not provide sufficient information for the diagnosis. An open excisional biopsy, which at the same time temporarily reduced neurological deficits in the patient, was the only chance to obtain an accurate diagnosis. The third surgery was posterior decompression of the spinal cord due to the rapidly escalating paraparesis. It was not until 8 weeks later that the final diagnosis was established. At that time, the patient could not be qualified for any supplementary treatment. The patient died in hospital 6 months after the onset of disease. PMID:26468177

  12. Dysphagia aortica: Case report

    Jovančević Ljiljana


    Full Text Available Introduction Dysphagia aortica is a swallowing condition caused by external compression of the esophagus due to aortic aneurysm or atherosclerotic changes affecting the aorta. The case report on this rare cause of dysphagia should contribute to better diagnosis of dysphagia aortica and swallowing difficulties in general. Case report A 63-year-old male patient was hospitalized duo to a four month history of intermittent swallowing difficulties. Chest radiography showed a widened mediastinum and an enlarged aortic arch. Rigid esophagus endoscopy was done in general endotracheal anesthesia. At 28 cm from the upper incisors, a difficulty in passing the endoscope appeared, revealing an external compression as a probable cause, since the whole esophagus had no intraluminal pathological changes. Contrast esophagography revealed an aortic aneurysm. The esophagus had a normal lumen width, wall tension and elasticity, and smooth contours. After cardiovascular examination and magnetic resonance imaging, a giant aneurysm of the aortic arch was diagnosed. Discussion Patients with dysphagia aortica as well as patients with any other swallowing difficulties should be managed by multidisciplinary "dysphagia team". The team should include an otorhinolaryngologist, neurologist, radiologist, gastroenterologist, surgeon, dietitian, speech and language therapist and specially trained nurses. Conclusion Aneurysm of the thoracic aorta is a very rare cause of dysphagia. Mild to moderate symptoms can be in great disproportion with the severe condition which causes them.

  13. Case of spontaneous ventriculocisternostomy

    Yamane, Kanji; Yoshimoto, Hisanori; Harada, Kiyoshi; Uozumi, Tohru (Hiroshima Univ. (Japan). School of Medicine); Kuwabara, Satoshi


    The authors experienced a case of spontaneous ventriculocisternostomy diagnosed by CT scan with metrizamide and Conray. Patient was 23-year-old male who had been in good health until one month before admission, when he began to have headache and tinnitus. He noticed bilateral visual acuity was decreased about one week before admission and vomiting appeared two days before admission. He was admitted to our hospital because of bilateral papilledema and remarkable hydrocephalus diagnosed by CT scan. On admission, no abnormal neurological signs except for bilateral papilledema were noted. Immediately, right ventricular drainage was performed. Pressure of the ventricle was over 300mmH/sub 2/O and CSF was clear. PVG and PEG disclosed an another cavity behind the third ventricle, which was communicated with the third ventricle, and occlusion of aqueduct of Sylvius. Metrizamide CT scan and Conray CT scan showed a communication between this cavity and quadrigeminal and supracerebellar cisterns. On these neuroradiological findings, the diagnosis of obstructive hydrocephalus due to benign aqueduct stenosis accompanied with spontaneous ventriculocisternostomy was obtained. Spontaneous ventriculocisternostomy was noticed to produce arrest of hydrocephalus, but with our case, spontaneous regression of such symptoms did not appeared. By surgical ventriculocisternostomy (method by Torkildsen, Dandy, or Scarff), arrest of hydrocephalus was seen in about 50 to 70 per cent, which was the same results as those of spontaneous ventriculocisternostomy. It is concluded that VP shunt or VA shunt is thought to be better treatment of obstructive hydrocephalus than the various kinds of surgical ventriculocisternostomy.

  14. Otocephaly: a case report

    Anshu Sharma


    Full Text Available A case of otocephaly was reported in 26+/-4 week's female fetus during routine fetal autopsy at GMCH, Chandigarh, India. Mother was 25 years old, second gravid. The first child is one year old normal male baby. Present pregnancy resulted in spontaneous abortion. Antenatal history, past history, family history and medical history of mother was not suggestive of any ethiological factor responsible for the defect. The external examination showed 2 vessels in umbilical cord. There was anteroposterior lengthening of skull, mouth was in the form of a proboscis with a small opening in the centre, the right ear was absent. The left pinna was low placed and had small tags. On internal examination oral cavity was found small with hypoplastic mandible, tongue was absent (aglossia, thoracic cavity was small, left lung was absent, right lung had only single lobe, heart dilated with normal position of major vessels, In abdominal cavity gut was opening in a dilated cloaca like chamber. X-ray examination revealed small hypoplastic mandible and maxilla. Otocephaly is a rare lethal syndrome of microstomia, agnatia and ear anomalies. Other anomalies associated are holoprosenxcephaly, skeletal, genitourinary, cardiovascular system, endocrine gland hypoplasia etc. The differential diagnosis includes Treacher Collins syndrome, Goldenhar syndrome and Mobius syndrome. The etiology, incidence, causative factors of this case will be discussed in light of available literature. [Int J Res Med Sci 2016; 4(4.000: 1286-1289

  15. Coinfection: A Case Report

    Huldah I. Nwokeukwu


    Full Text Available Background. Tuberculosis is a major public health problem, and its control has been facing a lot of challenges with emergence of HIV. The occurrence of multidrug-resistant strain has also propounded the problem especially in children where diagnosis is difficult to make. Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB is in vitro resistant to isoniazid (H and rifampicin (R. Paediatric multi-drug resistant tuberculosis with HIV coinfection is rare, and there is no documented report from Nigeria. Objective. To report a case of paediatric MDR-TB in Nigeria about it. Methods. The case note of the patient was retrieved, and relevant data were extracted and summarized. Results. A 9-year-old female HIV-positive pupil with a year history of recurrent cough, 3 months history of recurrent fever, and generalized weight loss was diagnosed and treated for tuberculosis but failed after retreatment. She was later diagnosed with MDR-TB and is presently on DOT-Plus regimen. Conclusion. Paediatric MDR-TB with HIV co-infection is rare. Early diagnosis and treatment is important to prevent spread of the disease. The use of Isoniazid preventive therapy is recommended for children who come in contact with patients with active tuberculosis and also for HIV patients without active tuberculosis.

  16. Test Case Generation Based on Use case and Sequence Diagram

    Santosh Kumar Swain


    Full Text Available We present a comprehensive test case generation technique from UML models. We use the features in UML 2.0 sequence diagram including conditions, iterations, asynchronous messages and concurrent components. In our approach, test cases are derived from analysis artifacts such as use cases, their corresponding sequence diagrams and constraints specified across all these artifacts. We construct Use case Dependency Graph (UDG from use case diagram and Concurrent Control Flow Graph (CCFG from corresponding sequence diagrams for test sequence generation. We focus testing on sequences of messages among objects of use case scenarios. Our testing strategy derives test cases using full predicate coverage criteria. Our proposed test case generation technique can be used for integration and system testing accommodating the object message and condition information associated with the use case scenarios. The test cases thus generated are suitable for detecting synchronization and dependency of use cases and messages, object interaction and operational faults. Finally, we have made an analysis and comparison of our approach with existing approaches, which are based on other coverage criterion through an example.

  17. The Panalba Role Playing Case

    JS Armstrong


    The Panalba Role Playing Case was designed to get participants to examine their behavior in a situation where their role can lead them to act in a socially irresponsible manner. A description of the case is provided along with instructions to the administrator. Much research has been done on this case, allowing subjects to compare their behavior with that of previous subjects.

  18. A case of unilateral dysmenorrhea

    Tulon Borah


    Full Text Available Unilateral dysmenorrhea in an adolescent may be associated with uterine malformation. Relevant investigations in suspected cases and timely intervention can prevent future complications in such cases. Here, we present a case of unicornuate uterus with rudimentary horn in an adolescent complaining of unilateral dysmenorrhea.

  19. A case of unilateral dysmenorrhea

    Tulon Borah; Ananya Das; Subrat Panda; Santa Singh


    Unilateral dysmenorrhea in an adolescent may be associated with uterine malformation. Relevant investigations in suspected cases and timely intervention can prevent future complications in such cases. Here, we present a case of unicornuate uterus with rudimentary horn in an adolescent complaining of unilateral dysmenorrhea.

  20. Natural Learning Case Study Archives

    Lawler, Robert W.


    Natural Learning Case Study Archives (NLCSA) is a research facility for those interested in using case study analysis to deepen their understanding of common sense knowledge and natural learning (how the mind interacts with everyday experiences to develop common sense knowledge). The database comprises three case study corpora based on experiences…

  1. Measles (Rubeola) Cases and Outbreaks

    ... Address What's this? Submit What's this? Submit Button Measles Cases and Outbreaks Language: English Español (Spanish) Recommend ... ol: Casos y brotes de sarampión Number of measles cases by year since 2010 Year Cases 2010 ...

  2. Peritoneal lymphomatosis: case report

    Peritoneal lymphomatosis is a rare manifestation of high grade lymphomas. Although it is difficult to differentiate peritoneal lymphomatosis from other peritoneal diseases such as peritoneal carcinomatosis and leiomyomatosis clinically and radiologically, it should be included in differential diagnosis because the disease is curable with chemotherapy. Consequently, radiologic diagnosis plays a very important role in the detection of this disease. We experienced two cases of peritoneal lymphomatosis with primary gastrointestinal lymphomas in the distal ileum. The two patients were 25 and 50-year-old males. Abdominal CT, ultrasound and barium study were performed on both patients. Both patients had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma confirmed with open or sonographically guided biopsies. Although radiologic appearances overlapped, characteristic findings of long-segmental circumscribed annular mass, aneurysmal luminal dilatation, small to moderate amount of ascites without septation or loculation, diffuse involvement of mesentery, omentum and peritoneum, and enlarged lymph nodes were helpful in narrowing the range of possible diagnoses

  3. The Case of CUL

    Lauridsen, Ole; Jensen, Torben K.; Jørgensen, Bente Mosgaard;

    career levels. These courses comprise: (i) supervision and mentoring, educational ICT, teaching in the multicultural/multilingual classroom (for associate and full professors); (ii) planning/developing courses; teaching techniques (for assistant professors); (iii) teaching techniques (for graduate......The Case of CUL (Centre for Teaching and Learning), School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark: Dilemmas in Large Scale Educational Development Ole Lauridsen, Torben Jensen, Maja Hjerrild, Bente Jørgensen, Aarhus University. Abstract When developmental work within the area...... of HE pedagogy goes from small scale to large scale, it changes character and new challenges arise. The session invites directors of developmental units and all interested educational developers to discuss dilemmas of such a transition and exchange experiences with the aim of ameliorating the work of...

  4. The case for cryonics.

    Moen, Ole Martin


    Cryonics is the low temperature preservation of people who can no longer be sustained by contemporary medicine in the hope that future medicine will make it possible to revive them and restore their health. A speculative practice at the outer edge of science, cryonics is often viewed with suspicion. In this paper I defend two theses. I first argue that there is a small, yet non-negligible, chance that cryonics is technically feasible. I make the case for this by reference to what we know about death and cryobiology, and what we can expect of future nanorobotics. I further argue that insofar as the alternatives to cryonics are burial or cremation, and thus certain, irreversible death, even small chances for success can be sufficient to make opting for cryonics a rational choice. Finally, I reply to five objections. PMID:25717141

  5. Buschke Scleredema, case report

    R. De Pasquale


    Full Text Available Buschke Scleredema is a rare connective tissue disorder of unknown aetiology, characterized by thickening of the dermis whose characteristics may mainly to mime systemic sclerosis, eosinophilic fasciitis and cutaneous amyloidosis. Scleredema may be associated with a history of an antecedent febrile illness, diabetes mellitus, or blood dyscrasia. Scleredema can be classified into three clinical groups; each has a different history, course, and prognosis. Each one of these share reduction in chest articular movements and limitation of limbs movements. The skin histology is characterised by thickened dermis and increased spaces between large collagen bundles due to increased deposition of mucopolysaccharide in the dermis. Differential diagnosis can be made considering the typical clinical features and the histologic peculiarity. No therapy has been found effective. The autors describe a case of Buschke Scleredema successfully treated by steroids and colchicines. Clinical evaluation of skin induration and thickness as well as ultrasonography were performed at baseline and after treatment.




    Full Text Available Clostridium tetani is the causative agent of Tetanus. The aim was to detect the presence of Clostridium tetani in a case of suspected Tetanus in a 40 year old male who had history of handling a a thorn injury in the agricultural field 15 days ago. The patient presented with spasm of all the limb muscles and Lockjaw of 2 days duration together with history of convulsions for the last 3 days. Bits of tissue were collected from the necrotic depth of the wound abscess and were analyzed. Clostridium tetani was isolated. A diagnosis of Tetanus was made and the concerned authority was immediately notified. The patient was successfully treated with complete recovery. An early diagnosis of TETANUS is significant because it can help the clinician in early management and prevention of development of terminal respiratory failure and death

  7. TACE Case Presentations

    Mahyar Mohammadifard


    Full Text Available Gold standard treatment of hepatocellular carci-noma is surgical resection but more than 80% of patients with HCC are unresectable at the time of diagnosis, and due to poor local circumstances or the patient's general condition, the prognosis is poor. "nBecause HCC tumors are fed exclusively by the he-patic artery, successful TACE leads to tumor necrosis. The liver parenchyma is rarely damaged because it is fed by the portal vein. Injection of an emulsion of iodized oil and cytostatic agents into the hepatic artery leads to selective deposition of the emulsion in the tumor. Compared with intravenous administration of cytostatic material, TACE reduces the maximum plasma concentration and increases the average concentration of cytostatic agents in the tumor, especially when the cytostatic material is combined with gelatin powder particles. "nFor example, concentration of an emulsion of cisplatin in iodized oil 4-9 weeks after intraarterial administration is 42 times greater in the tumor than in the parenchyma."nTwo cases of HCC are presented which were treated successfully with TACE 20 months ago."nIn the first patient after one session of TACE, tumor markers fell down into normal range and MDCT showed complete necrosis and cystic changes in the mass without residual or recurrent tumor until this time. "nIn the next case tumor markers showed no significant decrease after the first session of TACE and MDCT showed residual tumor which was fed by an accessory arterial branch from SMA. This branch was treated in another session. Two months later, tumor markers fell down and MDCT showed no tumor activity. "nThese patients have been symptom free after the mentioned interventions.

  8. Delusional Parasitosis : Series Of 25 Cases

    Bhatia M S


    Full Text Available A series 25 cases of delusional parasitosis is being reported. There were three cases below 45 years, 12 cases between 46-45 years and 11 cases above 55 years of age, 64% cases were females. A majority of cases (92% had insidious onset. The duration of symptoms in all the cases (except one was 6 months or more. 13 cases presented with infestation with insects over body and 10 cases with insects crawling over scalp. There were three cases each with diabetes mellitus and leprosy. Three cased had dementia, 2 cases had depression and one case presented with trichotillomania. Pimozide was used in22 cases, amitriptyline in 2 cases and fluoxetine in one. 14 cases (52% showed complete remission while receiving drug, 8 cases showed partial improvement and 3 cases did not respond.

  9. The case for the case report: refine to save.

    Lennon, P


    INTRODUCTION: The case report is the cornerstone of both medical teaching and writing. However, during recent years the value of the case report has been questioned, so much so that it has been abandoned by many journals. The aim of this study was to assess case reports published by the Irish Journal of Medical Science (IJMS) and to examine ways to preserve this type of article. METHODS: A review of all single-patient case reports published in the IJMS in 2008 and 2009. RESULTS: Forty-eight cases were published from nine countries. The range of authors was 2-11, length 525-1,787 words and number of references 4-24. All cases contained abstracts. CONCLUSION: Stricter guidelines with regards to a shorter more focused article should help to preserve this form of publication.

  10. An unusual case of suprascapular nerve neuropathy: a case report

    Kyriakides Theodoros; Christodoulou Loizos; Economides Charalambos P; Soteriades Elpidoforos S


    Abstract Introduction Suprascapular nerve neuropathy constitutes an unusual cause of shoulder weakness, with the most common etiology being nerve compression from a ganglion cyst at the suprascapular or spinoglenoid notch. We present a puzzling case of a man with suprascapular nerve neuropathy that may have been associated with an appendectomy. The case was attributed to nerve injury as the most likely cause that may have occurred during improper post-operative patient mobilization. Case pres...

  11. FMCT verification: Case studies

    Full text: How to manage the trade-off between the need for transparency and the concern about the disclosure of sensitive information would be a key issue during the negotiations of FMCT verification provision. This paper will explore the general concerns on FMCT verification; and demonstrate what verification measures might be applied to those reprocessing and enrichment plants. A primary goal of an FMCT will be to have the five declared nuclear weapon states and the three that operate unsafeguarded nuclear facilities become parties. One focus in negotiating the FMCT will be verification. Appropriate verification measures should be applied in each case. Most importantly, FMCT verification would focus, in the first instance, on these states' fissile material production facilities. After the FMCT enters into force, all these facilities should be declared. Some would continue operating to produce civil nuclear power or to produce fissile material for non- explosive military uses. The verification measures necessary for these operating facilities would be essentially IAEA safeguards, as currently being applied to non-nuclear weapon states under the NPT. However, some production facilities would be declared and shut down. Thus, one important task of the FMCT verifications will be to confirm the status of these closed facilities. As case studies, this paper will focus on the verification of those shutdown facilities. The FMCT verification system for former military facilities would have to differ in some ways from traditional IAEA safeguards. For example, there could be concerns about the potential loss of sensitive information at these facilities or at collocated facilities. Eventually, some safeguards measures such as environmental sampling might be seen as too intrusive. Thus, effective but less intrusive verification measures may be needed. Some sensitive nuclear facilities would be subject for the first time to international inspections, which could raise concerns

  12. Cryptococcosis in captive cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus : two cases : case report

    L.A. Bolton


    Full Text Available Cryptococcus neoformans is a yeast-like organism associated with pulmonary, meningoencephalitic, or systemic disease. This case report documents 2 cases of cryptococcosis with central nervous system involvement in captive cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus. In both cases the predominant post mortal lesions were pulmonary cryptococcomas and extensive meningoencephalomyelitis. Both cheetahs tested negative for feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukaemia virus. The organism isolated in Case 2 was classified as Cryptococcus neoformans var. gattii, which is mainly associated with disease in immunocompetent hosts.

  13. Melorheostosis: A case report

    Bruno Pereira Alpoim


    Full Text Available Melorheostosis is a rare disease (0.9/million habitants, characterized by linear hyperostosis along the cortex bone. It can affect any bone, being more frequent in long bones. The lesions tend to be segmental and unilateral. The etiology remains unknown although several theories proposed over the past year (vascular, inflammatory processes, embryonic defects or genetic. Show no significant difference between sexes or heredity. Clinical manifestations are mainly pain, deformity and joint stiffness. The diagnosis is obtained by combining the clinical findings with imaging studies (mainly radiography with typical image in "candle wax". There is no definitive or specific treatment, being always palliative. We describe a case of a patient of twenty-four years, followed in Orthopedic consultation since age eight, with a deformity of the right side of the body. X-rays showed hyperostosis of the bones of the limbs in the right side of the body (image in "candle wax". The patient is in physical therapy program and has a positive response to analgesia with ibuprofen.


    A.I. Navazo Eguía


    Full Text Available Introduction: Necrotizing sialometaplasia (NSM is a benign lesion affecting the salivary glands mainly in the hard palate. It presents as an ulcer with irregular borders, slightly elevated and necrotic The differential diagnosis should include malignant neoplasms. Case Report: A 26-year-old woman sought medical advice for a painful 2 cm ulceration of the hard palate. She is carrying pierced tongue. The patient had a history of cigarette smoking, chronic anxiety disorder and bulimia,. Analytical normal (including HIV and syphilis serology. Histopathology: accessory gland with squamous metaplasia, pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia and conservation lobulararchitecture. She had an important improvement with total resolution of the lesion in 4 months Discussion: The NSM is a necrotizing inflammatory process. It presents as an ulcer located in the posterior hard palate or the junction between the hard and soft palate. This situation has been associated with local ischemia as surgical trauma, thromboangiitis obliterans, dentures, alcohol, snuff, cocaine, and certain malignancies such as lymphomas, rhabdomyosarcoma or Warthin tumor. Currently associated withbulimia, it being necessary suspected in young women. It is important to rule out neoplasms and infectious processes (tuberculosis or syphilis. Also consider subacute necrotizing sialadenitis, nonspecific acute inflammatory process of unknown cause, with focal necrosis without hyperplasia or ductal metaplasia pseudoepitheliomatous. Treatment is symptomatic and usually resolves in 2-3 months. Conclusion: The NSM is a benign lesion which may mimic neoplasia. The trend is toward resolution. It must be recognized to avoid unnecessary surgery.

  15. Pseudoachondroplasia: A case report

    Radlović Vladimir


    Full Text Available Introduction. Pseudoachondroplasia (PSACH is an autosomal dominant osteochondrodysplasia due to mutations in the gene encoding cartilage oligomeric matrix protein. It is characterized by rhizomelic dwarfism, limb and vertebral deformity, joint laxity and early onset osteoarthrosis. We present the girl with the early expressed and severe PSACH born to clinically and radiographically unaffected parents. Case Outline. A 6.5-year-old girl presented with short-limbed dwarfism (body height 79.5 cm,

  16. Case of administrative dispute

    Xhemazie Ibraimi


    Full Text Available The activity of administrative bodies includes big numbers of various acts and actions, through which the will of public administration is formed. The will of public administration bodies, expressed in administrative individual and normative acts, in administrative contracts and real acts, finds its reflection in the Constitution, laws and other provisions of legal character. All this activity is not inerrant and therefore, it is not uncontrollable. The supervision of executive activity is subject to political control of administrative acts through authorities designated for this purpose, as well as internal control and the judicial control. The institution of judicial control of administrative acts and actions appears as very important and widely treated in the legal doctrine. The protection of constitutional and legal rights of private persons is accomplished by subjecting administrative activity both to internal administrative control, as well as to the judicial control in accordance with legal provisions. The judicial control of administrative acts represents a constitutional guarantee for citizens to protect their rights through public and fair trial by an independent and impartial court. In this way, the Constitution empowers the common administrative court that invalidates an action or administrative act, but not all administrative acts may be subject to administrative dispute, with the exception of cases against which the administrative conflict cannot be carried out (negative enumeration.

  17. The LMFBR safety case

    The main objective of this report is to review the present status of the safety case for the liquid metal cooled fast reactor (FBR). A particular emphasis is placed on activities in Europe where the FBR has been progressively developed for many years during which time systems have passed from small experimental plants to the 1200 MWe SPX-1. The FBR has been found to be an easily controlled plant with low impact on the environment and low dose rates to operational personnel. Aspects of reactor design and associated R and D that are required for FBRs to be licensed and the progress made to meet these requirements are described. Fault conditions in the credible range can be dealt with safely, the FBR having several advantageous characteristics which assist safety. Also measures are foreseen to mitigate potential consequences of more severe but improbable accidents. This study sponsored by the Commission of the European Communities was carried out by Colenco Ltd in vlose collaboration with the Safety Working Group (SWG) which is a subgroup of the CEC Fast Reactor Coordinating Committee (FRCC)

  18. Multiple myeloma: 45 cases

    We evaluated 45 cases of multiple myelomas retrospectively confirmed in Severance Hospital from the period of 1983-1989. In order to assess the radiologic features of the multiple myeloma and to assist in possible early diagnosis and treatment. The result were as follows: 1. IgG(41%) was the most common immunoglobulin type secreted followed by light chain(36%). IgA(19%) and IgD(2%). Two percent of the patients had non-secretory type. 89% of patients were in their stage III of the disease. 2. Among the 45 patients, 96% had abnormal plain radiographic findings with average number of 4.5 lesions. Common sites were the spine, rib, skull, pelvis, and humerus in descending orders. The findings were localized or diffuse osteolytic bone destruction(85%). osteoporosis(49%), pathologic fracture and endosteal scalloping(55%). Osteoporosis was more prominent in stage III than stage II. 3. Both plain X-ray and radioisotope study was available for comparison in 28 patients. Concordance between the two studies were 44%, lesions detected only on plain X-ray film were 51%, and lesions detected only on the radioisotope were 5%. The plain radiography was able to detect only 54% of bone lesions confirmed by bone marrow biopsy. With the above results, accurate evaluation of bone lesions in multiple myeloma may be difficult with radiologic studies only. But familiarity with these radiologic findings of the this disease entity is necessary for early suspicion of the disease, thus for early diagnosis and treatment

  19. The case for iron

    Excess major nutrients occur in offshore areas ranging from the tropical equatorial Pacific to the polar Antarctic. In spite of the great ecological differences in these environments, the authors believe they share a common trait: iron deficiency. Here they present the case of iron; they point out that all of these areas are far from Fe-rich terrestrial sources and that atmospheric dust loads in these regions are among the lowest in the world. The authors summarize experiments performed in three nutrient-rich areas: The Gulf of Alaska, the Ross Sea, and the equatorial Pacific. In general, populations without added Fe doubled at rates 11-40% of the expected maxima at various temperatures. The additions of nanomole quantities of Fe increased these doubling rates by factors of 2-3. In spite of the lack of Fe, tightly coupled phytoplankton/zooplankton communities seem to inhabit these major nutrient-rich areas. Since Fe is required for the synthesis of chlorophyll and nitrate reductase, little chlorophyll is found and NH3 is the favored N source. Normal rate values of specific productivity indicate that these populations are healthy, but limited by the insufficient Fe supply. When Fe becomes available either artificially in bottle experiments or in the environment as Fe-rich land masses are approached, diatoms quickly bloom, chlorophyll levels increase, and nutrient stocks are rapidly depleted. These combined results indicate that Fe availability is the primary factor controlling phytoplankton production in nutrient-rich areas of the open sea

  20. Arthrogryposis - case report

    Mariana CEVEI


    Full Text Available Arthrogryposis is a congenital disorder characterized by multiple joint contractures found throughout the body at birth. We present the case of a 3.5 year-old girl with multiple congenital defects: arthrogryposis involving bilateral hip, knee and ankle joints, together with sacral agenesis and with lumbar dysmorphism, anorectal agenesis, hydronephrosis of the left kidney as the result from reflux, right kidney hypoplasia, renal fusion and heart anomalies: tetralogy of Fallot. Immediately after birth, in several steps, colostomy, left ureterocystoneostomy and suprapubic cystostomy were performed. Later in infancy corrective surgery for the heart defect was required. At the age of 2 years, surgery for the equinovarus deformities and for left genu flexum was performed. Medical rehabilitation tries to maximize independent function. The main goals were increasing the muscle tonus of upper-limbs, increase the rate of motion of the joints, establishment of stability for ambulation, learning different schemes of movement according to her needs, obtaining of a functional independency. The therapies were successful, after 10 weeks an improvement of the moving capacity and of the transfer in orthostatism with minimal external assistance, with the obvious increasing of the patient's satisfaction, were noticed.

  1. Termination: A Case Study.

    Friedberg, Ahron L


    In this article I posit and examine certain criteria and qualities for ending an analysis. The case study describes the end phase of a four-year psychoanalysis in which the patient's decision to move to another area forced the end of his analysis. We continued to explore and work through his core neurotic conflicts that included issues of competitive rivalry, dominance and submission, control, and anxiety about birth and death. A shift in the transference from me as a negative father to me as a supportive but competitive older brother was also examined in the context of ending treatment as well as other aspects of the transference. In addition, we analyzed the meaning of his ending treatment based on an extra-analytic circumstance. In discussing this phase of treatment, the definition and history of the term "termination" and its connotations are reviewed. Various criteria for completing an analysis are examined, and technical observations about this phase of treatment are investigated. It was found that while a significant shift in the transference occurred in this phase of the patient's analysis, conflicts related to the transference were not "resolved" in the classical sense. Terminating treatment was considered as a practical matter in which the patient's autonomy and sense of choice were respected and analyzed. PMID:26583444

  2. Pressurized waterproof case electronic device

    Berumen, Michael L.


    A pressurized waterproof case for an electronic device is particularly adapted for fluid-tight containment and operation of a touch-screen electronic device or the like therein at some appreciable water depth. In one example, the case may be formed as an enclosure having an open top panel or face covered by a flexible, transparent membrane or the like for the operation of the touchscreen device within the case. A pressurizing system is provided for the case to pressurize the case and the electronic device therein to slightly greater than ambient in order to prevent the external water pressure from bearing against the transparent membrane and pressing it against the touch screen, thereby precluding operation of the touch screen device within the case. The pressurizing system may include a small gas cartridge or may be provided from an external source.

  3. A report on case reports

    Gopikrishna Velayutham


    Full Text Available Case reports are defined as the scientific documentation of a single clinical observation and have a time-honored and rich tradition in medicine and scientific publication. This article discusses the role and relevance of case reports in the current evidence-based medical literature. It also seeks to help and guide authors to understand how to prepare a reasonable and well-written case report and how they may anticipate concerns that peer reviewers may express when scrutinizing their manuscript. An overview of the Journal of Conservative Dentistry′s review process of a manuscript submission is provided for the benefit of future authors. It is important to be able to read a case report critically and to use the information they contain appropriately. This article also discusses the factors to consider in evaluating individual case reports, and discusses a practical conceptual scheme for evaluating the potential value and educational content of a case report.

  4. Membranous Dysmenorrhea: A Case Series

    Hatim A. Omar


    Full Text Available The purpose was to illustrate the variability of hormonal contraception of patients that presented with membranous dysmenorrheal. A case analysis chart review was completed on six patients referred to a Pediatric Gynecologist in an academic setting. In each case the patient underwent a thorough pelvic and bimanual exam. Following the initial presentation, each patient continued to be followed on a regular visits. Cases: Two were using the transdermal contraceptive patch and oral contraceptive, but following the expulsion of decidual cast, they were both placed on depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA without further complications. Three of the six cases were on DMPA prior to the similar occurrence of membranous dysmenorrheal and following this incident, continued on DMPA without further problems. The final case was on the transdermal patch prior to decidual cast expulsion and remained on this form of hormonal contraception without further complications. These cases indicate that membranous dysmenorrheal is not limited to the use of DMPA.

  5. A report on case reports

    Gopikrishna Velayutham


    Case reports are defined as the scientific documentation of a single clinical observation and have a time-honored and rich tradition in medicine and scientific publication. This article discusses the role and relevance of case reports in the current evidence-based medical literature. It also seeks to help and guide authors to understand how to prepare a reasonable and well-written case report and how they may anticipate concerns that peer reviewers may express when scrutinizing their manuscri...

  6. Intrahepatic splenosis: a case report

    Splenosis is heterotopic autotransplantation and seeding of splenic tissue. In the literature, only a few cases of splenosis involving the liver and the radiologic characteristics of these lesions have been reported. We report a case of intrahepatic splenosis diagnosed by ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and scintigraphic features. To our knowledge, our patient is the first case diagnosed only by radiologic and radionuclide examination without any intervention. (orig.)

  7. Non-ferromagnetic overburden casing

    Vinegar, Harold J. (Bellaire, TX); Harris, Christopher Kelvin (Houston, TX); Mason, Stanley Leroy (Allen, TX)


    Systems, methods, and heaters for treating a subsurface formation are described herein. At least one system for electrically insulating an overburden portion of a heater wellbore is described. The system may include a heater wellbore located in a subsurface formation and an electrically insulating casing located in the overburden portion of the heater wellbore. The casing may include at least one non-ferromagnetic material such that ferromagnetic effects are inhibited in the casing.

  8. Marketing communication plan. Case: EKOenergy.

    Jäkälä, Elina


    This project-based thesis has an objective of creating a marketing communication plan for a non-profit organisation. The marketing communication plan targets other non-profit organisa-tions that the case organisation wants to cooperate with. This thesis will introduce theory about marketing communication, give information about the case organisation’s target audience and present the actual marketing communication plan. Since the case organisation and its target audience are all non-profit...

  9. Dioctophymiasis: A Rare Case Report.

    Chauhan, Sapna; Kaval, Sunil; Tewari, Swati


    Dioctophyma renale commonly known as "giant kidney worm' is found in the kidney of carnivorous mammals. Human infestation is rare, but results in destruction of the kidneys. Very few cases have been reported worldwide. We are here reporting a case of Dioctophymiasis in a 35-year-old male patient who presented with retention of urine and subsequent passage of worm and blood in urine. The worm was confirmed as Dioctophyma renale based on its morphology and clinical presentation. This is a very rare case report and to best of our knowledge only two cases have been reported from India. PMID:27042466

  10. Theory Testing Using Case Studies

    Møller, Ann-Kristina Løkke; Dissing Sørensen, Pernille


    The appropriateness of case studies as a tool for theory testing is still a controversial issue, and discussions about the weaknesses of such research designs have previously taken precedence over those about its strengths. The purpose of the paper is to examine and revive the approach of theory...... testing using case studies, including the associated research goal, analysis, and generalisability. We argue that research designs for theory testing using case studies differ from theorybuilding case study research designs because different research projects serve different purposes and follow different...

  11. Statute law or case law?

    Anderlini, Luca; Felli, Leonardo; RIBONI, Alessandro


    In a Case Law regime Courts have more flexibility than in a Statute Law regime. Since Statutes are inevitably incomplete, this confers an advantage to the Statute Law regime over the Case Law one. However, all Courts rule ex-post, after most economic decisions are already taken. Therefore, the advantage of flexibility for Case Law is unavoidably paired with the potential for time-inconsistency. Under Case Law, Courts may be tempted to behave myopically and neglect ex-ante welfare because, ex-...

  12. Urachal endometrioma: a case report.

    Browne, Katherine M


    INTRODUCTION: We discuss a rare presentation of an unusual case of endometrioma. CASE PRESENTATION: A 40-year-old Caucasian woman presented with subacute abdominal pain and a suprapubic mass. A final diagnosis was made after the mass was resected and histopathology confirmed an endometrioma originating from an urachal remnant. Select imaging studies and histopathology are presented in this case report. CONCLUSION: While endometriomata are well known to arise from abdominal scars, the condition described in this case report is a rare example of an endometrioma arising from the urachus. A review of the pathological complications of the urachus is also included.

  13. Case Study: Case Studies and the Flipped Classroom

    Herreid, Clyde Freeman; Schiller, Nancy A.


    This column provides original articles on innovations in case study teaching, assessment of the method, as well as case studies with teaching notes. This month's issue discusses the positive and negative aspects of the "flipped classroom." In the flipped classroom model, what is normally done in class and what is normally done as…

  14. Goiania incident case study

    The reasons for wanting to document this case study and present the findings are simple. According to USDOE technical risk assessments (and our own initial work on the Hanford socioeconomic study), the likelihood of a major accident involving exposure to radioactive materials in the process of site characterization, construction, operation, and closure of a high-level waste repository is extremely remote. Most would agree, however, that there is a relatively high probability that a minor accident involving radiological contamination will occur sometime during the lifetime of the repository -- for example, during transport, at an MRS site or at the permanent site itself during repacking and deposition. Thus, one of the major concerns of the Yucca Mountain Socioeconomic Study is the potential impact of a relatively minor radiation-related accident. A large number of potential impact of a relatively minor radiation-related accident. A large number of potential accident scenarios have been under consideration (such as a transportation or other surface accident which results in a significant decline in tourism, the number of conventions, or the selection of Nevada as a retirement residence). The results of the work in Goiania make it clear, however, that such a significant shift in established social patterns and trends is not likely to occur as a direct outcome of a single nuclear-related accident (even, perhaps, a relatively major one), but rather, are likely to occur as a result of the enduring social interpretations of such an accident -- that is, as a result of the process of understanding, communicating, and socially sustaining a particular set of associations with respect to the initial incident




    Full Text Available Bouveret's syndrome is defined as gastric outlet obstruction caused by duodenal impaction of a large gallstone which passes into the duodenal bulb through a cholecystogastric or cholecystoduodenal fistula. We describe a case of Bouv eret's Syndrome in an middle aged patient that was successfully treated with resection of distal part of stomach and 1 st part of duodenum by laparotomy. We will also review the literature on this uncommon condition. Biliary enteric fistula is as such a rar e complication and comparatively rare cause of intestinal obstruction. And even if becomes so; generally it lodges in the terminal ileum and rarely in duodenum. Obstructing proximal part of duodenum or distal part of stomach is a curiosity and i.e. Bouvere t’s syndrome. Generally patient presents with nausea, vomiting, haematemesis, abdominal distention or epigastric pain. G.I. bleeding, obstructive jaundice, pancreatitis or duodenal or gastric perforation are rare complications. The treatment is purely surg ical – either enterolithotomy or gastrotomy with associated cholecystectomy with repair of fistula or enterolithotomy with or without second stage cholecystectomy. It is worth to mention here that so far histological findings of Bouveret’s syndrome are no t described in the literature. Even though findings are not that much specific; but presence of foci of abscesses, dense mixed inflammatory exudates in all the coats of distal part of stomach, 1 st part of duodenum and gall bladder along with formation of l ymphoid follicles with prominent germinal centers in muscle coat are definitely mentionable and we feel these may give clue. On gross examination the thickness of stomach wall and duodenal wall are increased and there is narrowing of lumen. If there is sto ne in gall bladder; it may also show thickened out wall due to presence of chronic cholelithiasis with cholecystitis.

  16. Case Studies on Sustainable Buildings

    Hui, Sam CM


    This web site is developed with the aim to promote sustainable design and planning of buildings. A knowledge base of case studies and resources has been established to illustrate the sustainable design strategies and features in realistic building projects all over the world. The database of case studies can be searched by project names, locations, design strategies and design features.


    Ling Weiqing; Yan Junwei; Wang Jian; Xie Youbai


    The current method of case-based design (CBD) can be well practiced for configuration design in which design experience knowledge is involved.However, since the design case is confined to a certain application domain, it is difficult for CBD to be applied to conceptual design process that develops concepts to meet design specifications.Firstly, a function factor description space is erected to provide an exhibition room for all functions of design cases.Next, the approach for identifying the space state of function factor in description space is proposed, including the determination of the similarities between function factors of design case.And then a general object-oriented representation for design case is presented by bringing the class of function and in-out flow into the current case representation.Finally, a living example for electro-pet design that illustrates the implementation of the method for case-based conceptual design based on distributed design case repositories is described.

  18. Three Community College Case Studies

    Wojtysiak, Joseph; Sutton, William J., II; Wright, Tommy; Brantley, Linda


    This article presents three case studies that focus on specific projects that are underway or have been completed. In the first case study, Joseph Wojtysiak and William J. Sutton, II discuss the Green Center of Central Pennsylvania, which is designed to serve as the state's preeminent source for education, training and public information about…

  19. The Economic Case for Education

    Woessmann, Ludger


    The case for education can be made from many perspectives. This paper makes the case for education based on economic outcomes. Surveying the most recent empirical evidence, it shows the crucial role of education for individual and societal prosperity. Education is a leading determinant of economic growth, employment, and earnings in modern…

  20. The Big Read: Case Studies

    National Endowment for the Arts, 2009


    The Big Read evaluation included a series of 35 case studies designed to gather more in-depth information on the program's implementation and impact. The case studies gave readers a valuable first-hand look at The Big Read in context. Both formal and informal interviews, focus groups, attendance at a wide range of events--all showed how…

  1. A case of etizolam dependence.

    Gupta, Sumit; Garg, Bhavuk


    Etizolam is a thienodiazepine anxiolytic which is said to have lower dependence potential than other benzodiazepines. We report a case of etizolam dependence in a young male with social anxiety disorder and moderate depression. This case report highlights the fact that the same caution be exercised while prescribing etizolam with respect to its potential to cause dependence as with any other benzodiazepine. PMID:25538342

  2. A case of etizolam dependence

    Sumit Gupta; Bhavuk Garg


    Etizolam is a thienodiazepine anxiolytic which is said to have lower dependence potential than other benzodiazepines. We report a case of etizolam dependence in a young male with social anxiety disorder and moderate depression. This case report highlights the fact that the same caution be exercised while prescribing etizolam with respect to its potential to cause dependence as with any other benzodiazepine.

  3. Iatrogenic psoas abscess. Case report

    Bernstein, Inge Thomsen; Hansen, B J


    A case of iatrogenic pneumococcus psoas abscess is reported. The etiology was probably repeated local anaesthetic blockades in the lumbogluteal structures because of lumbago.......A case of iatrogenic pneumococcus psoas abscess is reported. The etiology was probably repeated local anaesthetic blockades in the lumbogluteal structures because of lumbago....

  4. Customs Modernization Initiatives : Case Studies

    De Wulf, Luc; José B. Sokol


    This volume presents case studies of customs modernization initiatives in eight developing countries: Bolivia, Ghana, Morocco, Mozambique, Peru, the Philippines, Turkey, and Uganda. The purpose of these case studies was to obtain a firsthand view of how these countries undertook customs reforms and to assess their success. The overall lessons learned from these studies are presented in cha...

  5. Joint Case Development with Wharton


      February 18,2005marked an agreement between Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).Together,Wharton's Snider Entrepreneurial Research Centre (SEC) and CEIBS' Centre of Entrepreneurship and Case Development Centre will work together creating a series of cases to be used in each institution's entrepreneurship courses.……

  6. Joint Case Development with Wharton


    @@ February 18,2005marked an agreement between Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).Together,Wharton's Snider Entrepreneurial Research Centre (SEC) and CEIBS' Centre of Entrepreneurship and Case Development Centre will work together creating a series of cases to be used in each institution's entrepreneurship courses.

  7. Joubert Syndrome: A Case Report

    Türdoğan-Sözüer, Dilşad; Suyugül, Zuhal; Yüksel, Adnan; Cenani, Asım; Yalçın, Erdinç


    Joubert syndrome is associated with hypotonia developmental delay cerebellar vermis hypoplasia abnormal breathing and abnormal eye movements Cases should be classified into two groups: those with retinal distrophy and those without We determined bilateral pallor optic disc without retinal dystrophy in our case that has psychomotor retardation hypotonia vermis hypoplasia and abnormal eye movements Key words: Joubert Syndrome Vermis Hypoplasia Abnormal Eye Movements

  8. Use cases versus task descriptions

    Lauesen, Søren; Kuhail, Mohammad Amin


    without specifying a dialog. [Contribution] It turned out that the traditional use cases covered the customer's needs poorly in areas where improvement was important but diffi-cult. Use cases also restricted the solution space severely. Tasks didn't have these problems and allowed an easy comparison...

  9. Two energy system analysis - cases

    Lund, Henrik; Antonoff, Jayson; Andersen, Anders N.


    The chapter presents tow cases of energy system analysis, illustrating the types of tools and methodologies presently being used for these studies in Denamrk and elsewhere.......The chapter presents tow cases of energy system analysis, illustrating the types of tools and methodologies presently being used for these studies in Denamrk and elsewhere....

  10. Case Studies in Science Ethics

    Williams, Karen


    Everyone in science should have ethics education training. I have seen graduate students taken advantage of by their mentors. Many of us have seen misconduct...but what should we do about it? Young scientists are often unaware of the rules in science and make mistakes because of their ignorance of the rules in that particular field of study. Then there are an increasing number of cases in the news of overt cases of misrepresentation in science. All are welcome to attend this discussion of case studies. A case study on topics such as: how to treat data properly, how our values in science affect our work, who gets authorship on scientific papers, who is first author on a paper, what you should do if you uncover misconduct or plagiarism in your university, and we will discuss the scientist's role in society. This will be a painless, non-confrontational small group, then large group discussion of each case

  11. Theory testing using case studies

    Dissing Sørensen, Pernille; Løkke Nielsen, Ann-Kristina

    Case studies may have different research goals. One such goal is the testing of small-scale and middle-range theories. Theory testing refers to the critical examination, observation, and evaluation of the 'why' and 'how' of a specified phenomenon in a particular setting. In this paper, we focus on...... the strengths of theory-testing case studies. We specify research paths associated with theory testing in case studies and present a coherent argument for the logic of theoretical development and refinement using case studies. We emphasize different uses of rival explanations and their implications...... for research design. Finally, we discuss the epistemological logic, i.e., the value to larger research programmes, of such studies and, following Lakatos, conclude that the value of theory-testing case studies lies beyond naïve falsification and in their contribution to developing research programmes...

  12. MyCases-a portable application for radiologic case collections.

    Kammerer, Ferdinand Josef; Janka, Rolf; Kramer, Manuel; Hammon, Matthias; Uder, Michael; Schlechtweg, Philipp Martin


    Radiologists come across interesting patient cases almost every day. This work proposes a novel case database server for quick and easy storage of such cases including whole image series, patient data, and annotations. Cases can be added to the database by saving DICOM images into a predefined directory on the local network. The application automatically extracts patient and study data from the DICOM header and saves it in the database while images are stored as anonymized JPEG files. Users can mark their cases as private or public (visible to all users). Different data fields for annotations and categorization of a case are available. The user frontend also provides several retrieval mechanisms allowing for browsing the cases and performing different kinds of search queries. The stored series can be scrolled interactively in the form of scrollable image stacks. The project is realized as a web-based application using a portable web and database server software package (XAMPP). This makes the system very lightweight and easy to run on almost any desktop computer, even from a USB flash drive, without the need for deeper IT knowledge and administrative rights. PMID:24788304

  13. CaseWorld™: Interactive, media rich, multidisciplinary case based learning.

    Gillham, David; Tucker, Katie; Parker, Steve; Wright, Victoria; Kargillis, Christina


    Nurse educators are challenged to keep up with highly specialised clinical practice, emerging research evidence, regulation requirements and rapidly changing information technology while teaching very large numbers of diverse students in a resource constrained environment. This complex setting provides the context for the CaseWorld project, which aims to simulate those aspects of clinical practice that can be represented by e-learning. This paper describes the development, implementation and evaluation of CaseWorld, a simulated learning environment that supports case based learning. CaseWorld provides nursing students with the opportunity to view unfolding authentic cases presented in a rich multimedia context. The first round of comprehensive summative evaluation of CaseWorld is discussed in the context of earlier formative evaluation, reference group input and strategies for integration of CaseWorld with subject content. This discussion highlights the unique approach taken in this project that involved simultaneous prototype development and large scale implementation, thereby necessitating strong emphasis on staff development, uptake and engagement. The lessons learned provide an interesting basis for further discussion of broad content sharing across disciplines and universities, and the contribution that local innovations can make to global education advancement. PMID:26522447

  14. Lunar drill footplate and casing

    Maassen, Erik C.; Hendrix, Thomas H.; Morrison, Eddie W.; Phillips, Rodrick B.; Le, Vu Quang; Works, Bruce A.


    To prevent hole collapse during lunar drilling operations, a casing has been devised of a graphite reinforced polyimide composite which will be able to withstand the lunar environment. Additionally, this casing will be inserted into the ground in segments two meters long which will penetrate the regolith simultaneously with the auger. The vertical action of the mobile platform will provide a downward force to the casing string through a special adaptor, giving the casing the needed impetus to sink the anticipated depth of ten meters. Casing segments will be connected with a simple snap arrangement. Excess casing will be cut off by a cylindrical cutting tool which will also transport the excess casing away from the hole. A footplate will be incorporated to grasp the auger rod string during rod segment additions or removals. The footplate grasping mechanism will consist of a set of vice-like arms, one end of each bearing threaded to a common power screw. The power screw will be threaded such that one end's thread pitch opposes that of the other end. The weight of the auger and rod string will be transmitted through the arms to the power screw and absorbed by a set of three ball bearing assemblies. The power screw will be driven by a one-half horsepower brushless motor actuated by radio control. The footplate will rest on four short legs and be anchored with pins that are an integral part of each leg.

  15. Hemicrania continua. The first Spanish case: a case report.

    Pareja, J A; Palomo, T; Gorriti, M A; Pareja, J; Espejo, J; Morón, B; Trigo, M


    The case of a patient suffering from strictly unilateral continuous headache, absolutely responsive to indomethacin is reported. This is the first Hemicrania continua case to be documented in Spain. The tyramine test resulted in anisocoria with the smaller pupil on the symptomatic side. A second tyramine test after one week on 75 mg indomethacin per day failed to produce anisocoria. Treatment was reduced to 25 mg indomethacin per day, and this dose was sufficient to control the headache completely. PMID:2245459

  16. Task descriptions versus use cases

    Lauesen, Søren; Kuhail, Mohammad Amin


    Use cases are widely used as a substantial part of requirements, also when little programming is expected (COTS-based systems, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf). Are use cases effective as requirements? To answer this question, we invited professionals and researchers to specify requirements for the same...... project: Acquire a new system to support a hotline. Among the 15 replies, eight used traditional use cases that specified a dialog between user and system. Seven used a related technique, task description, which specified the customer’s needs without specifying a dialog. It also allowed the analyst to...

  17. Emphysematous cystitis: 3 cases report

    Emphysematous cystitis is a rare condition characterized by gas collection in the wall and lumen of the bladder. We experienced three cases of emphysematous cystitis. All patients were female; one was associated with a long term history of diabetes mellitus and another with urinary indwelling catheter. All of the cases were easily diagnosed on plain radiograph and CT scan, and were successfully treated with antibiotic therapy. In one of the cases, however, associated abscess due to perivesical extension of inflammation was treated by combined external drainage

  18. Case-yrityksen hinnoittelun kannattavuus

    Huhtasalo, Jenna


    Opinnäytetyön aiheena oli selvittää siivousalalla toimivan Case-yrityksen hinnoittelun kannattavuutta. Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli perehtyä Case-yrityksen hinnoittelemiin sopimuksiin, sekä niihin kohdistuviin kustannuksiin. Tarkoituksena oli myös kehittää Excel-pohjaan laskukaava kannattavien sopimushintojen laskemiseen. Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli selvittää Case-yrityksen palvelukohteiden hinnoittelun kannattavuus kustannuslaskennan, sekä hinnoittelu- ja kannattavuuslaskelmien avulla. ...

  19. A case of inflammatory ascites

    Marco Biolato


    Full Text Available Even ascites appears mainly as sign of portal hypertension in patiens with liver cirrhosis, in some case depends on a different lying condition such as right congestive heart failure, peritoneal carcinomatosis or tuberculosis. In these cases, paracentesis represents the key tool for diagnosis. We report a case of cardiac ascites in a 71-years-old woman who developed in four-month an abdominal distension. Preliminary exams showed exudative ascites related to portal hypertension, a pelvic mass with caseous apparence, and inflammatory status ad an elevation of CA-125. Successive evaluation exluded peritoneal carcinomatosis or tuberculosis, underlyng a tricuspidal regurgitation. The literature on ascites has also been reviewed.

  20. Congenital mesoblastic nephroma: case report

    POLAT, Mesut; Arisoy, Resul; Erdoğdu, Emre; ANGIN, A.Doğukan; TUĞRUL, Ahmet Semih


    Aim: Aim of the report is discuss the case who was prenatally diagnosed as congenital mesoblastic nephroma and  postnatal managenent. Case: We reported a case of 27 year old gravida 3, parity 1, abortion 1 referred to our clinic with the diagnosis of preterm labour and polihydramniosis at 34. gestational week. The ultrasonografic examination of the patient, with no antenatal follow up before, revealed a fetal biometry of 33 weeks and polyhydramniosis. A 63x66 mm solid mass with reguler border...




    One of the most efficient approaches in teaching Economics is the Case Method. The Case Method combines two elements: the case itself and the discussion of that case. A teaching case is a rich narrative in which individuals or groups of individuals have to make a decision or solve a problem. A teaching case is not a case study of the type used in academic research, as it provides information, but neither analysis nor conclusions. During the classroom discussions, the students perf...

  2. Typhoid spine - A case report

    Rajesh P


    Full Text Available A case of Salmonella typhi isolated from L4-L5 spine is reported here. The causative organism was not suspected preoperatively. The patient responded favourably to surgical drainage and appropriate antibiotic therapy.

  3. Teaching astronomy with case studies

    Slater, Timothy F.


    Breaking the students into small, collaborative learning groups to solve a meaningful task together is one of the most successful and fully evaluated teaching techniques implemented over the last century. Although there are many ways to accomplish small group learning, a long-standing and consistently successful collaborative class activity is to use the case study teaching strategy. The use of case studies is common in medical schools and law schools, but not so common in the teaching of astronomy. Case studies create meaningful conversations among students and with the professor by focusing on life-like dilemmas to be solved. Case study tasks ask audience members to synthesize several ideas or evaluate scenarios that have not been explicitly presented to them in the lecture or in available readings.

  4. Case and Administrative Support Tools

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Case and Administrative Support Tools (CAST) is the secure portion of the Office of General Counsel (OGC) Dashboard business process automation tool used to help...

  5. Nasopharyngeal Case-Control Study

    A case-control study conducted in Taiwan between 1991-1994 among approximately 1,000 individuals to examine the role of viral, environmental, and genetic factors associated with the development of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

  6. Degree distribution in discrete case

    Vertex degree of many network models and real-life networks is limited to non-negative integer. By means of measure and integral, the relation of the degree distribution and the cumulative degree distribution in discrete case is analyzed. The degree distribution, obtained by the differential of its cumulative, is only suitable for continuous case or discrete case with constant degree change. When degree change is not a constant but proportional to degree itself, power-law degree distribution and its cumulative have the same exponent and the mean value is finite for power-law exponent greater than 1. -- Highlights: → Degree change is the crux for using the cumulative degree distribution method. → It suits for discrete case with constant degree change. → If degree change is proportional to degree, power-law degree distribution and its cumulative have the same exponent. → In addition, the mean value is finite for power-law exponent greater than 1.

  7. Postherpetic neuralgia: two clinical cases

    Daniel Serrano


    Full Text Available Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN is the most common complication of Herpes Zoster, characterized by the presence of neuropathic-type pain limited to a dermatomic area after outbreak of Herpes Zoster (commonly known as shingles, usually a month after the appearance of vesicles on the skin . The aim of this report is to present two cases of PHN and their responses to different treatments. The first case presented intolerance to amitriptyline and a good clinical response to gabapentin at a dose of 900 mg/day. The second case showed intolerance to capsaicin but responded well to the combination of pregabalin and topical lidocaine. Gabapentin, pregabalin and lidocaine are effective for the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia. All these recommendations are consistent with those treatments used by the family physicians in the two cases study presented.


    Hydrogeology is the foundation of subsurface site characterization for evaluations of monitored natural attenuation (MNA). Three case studies are presented. Examples of the potentially detrimental effects of drilling additives on ground-water samples from monitoring wells are d...


    Hydrogeology is the foundation of subsurface site characterization for evaluations of monitored natural attenuation (MNA). Three case studies are presented. Examples of the potentially detrimental effects of drilling additives on ground-water samples from monitoring wells are d...

  10. Hydrogeologic Case Studies (Seattle, WA)

    Hydrogeology is the foundation of subsurface site characterization for evaluations of monitored natural attenuation (MNA). Three case studies are presented. Examples of the potentially detrimental effects of drilling additives on ground-water samples from monitoring wells are d...

  11. Intraocular coenurosis: a case report.

    Ibechukwu, B. I.; Onwukeme, K. E.


    A case of intraocular coenurosis was clinically diagnosed and treated with praziquantel. The drug destroyed the coenurus, but vision was lost through toxic endophthalmitis and retinal detachment. There were no systemic side effects.

  12. One case of intraosseous ganglion

    Intraosseous ganglion is a rare disease and identified as a cystic lesion on plain radiograph. One case of intraosseous ganglion is examined by plain radiography and computed tomography and findings are analyzed.

  13. One case of intraosseous ganglion

    Choi, Sun Seob; Shim, Hyung Jin; Lee, Yong Chul [Chung Ang University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Intraosseous ganglion is a rare disease and identified as a cystic lesion on plain radiograph. One case of intraosseous ganglion is examined by plain radiography and computed tomography and findings are analyzed.

  14. Genetic Algorithms for Case Adaptation

    Case based reasoning (CBR) paradigm has been widely used to provide computer support for recalling and adapting known cases to novel situations. Case adaptation algorithms generally rely on knowledge based and heuristics in order to change the past solutions to solve new problems. However, case adaptation has always been a difficult process to engineers within (CBR) cycle. Its difficulties can be referred to its domain dependency; and computational cost. In an effort to solve this problem, this research explores a general-purpose method that applying a genetic algorithm (GA) to CBR adaptation. Therefore, it can decrease the computational complexity of the search space in the problems having a great dependency on their domain knowledge. The proposed model can be used to perform a variety of design tasks on a broad set of application domains. However, it has been implemented for the tablet formulation as a domain of application. The proposed system has improved the performance of the CBR design systems

  15. Sebaceous horn: An interesting case

    Saraf Sanjay


    Full Text Available Sebaceous horn or cutaneous horn of the nose is a rare clinical entity. A case of a giant sebaceous horn of the nose presenting in an elderly male, which was successfully excised and reconstructed is reported.

  16. Secondary middle turbinate: case report

    Aburjeli, Bruna de Oliveira Melim; Avila, Ana Flavia Assis de; Diniz, Renata Lopes Furletti Caldeira; Motta, Emilia Guerra Pinto Coelho; Ribeiro, Marcelo Almeida; Moreira, Wanderval, E-mail: [Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis, Hospital Mater Dei, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    Secondary middle turbinate is an anatomical variant rarely observed in the nasal cavity, firstly described by Khanobthamchai et al. as a bone structure originating from the lateral nasal wall and covered by soft tissue. In most cases reported in the literature, this variant is bilateral, occurring without associated complications. In the present report, the authors describe the case of patient of their institution with such anatomical variation. (author)

  17. Sternocleidomastoid syndrome: a case study

    Missaghi, Babak


    This article presents a case study of a patient diagnosed with dysfunction of the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle, a condition which can result in head and face pain, nausea, dizziness, coryza, and lacrimation. In this particular case, the SCM muscle had developed tightness and weakness with presence of multiple trigger points within both heads. A combination of passive and active treatments were utilized to successfully treat this condition.




    Full Text Available We report a case of calcified fibroid in a 34 year old reproductive female, persisting for more than nine years, with secondary infertility, without symptoms. Final diagnosis of calcified fibroid was made through radio-diagnosis. When the whole of the tumour is converted into a calcified mass, it is called ‘womb stone’. [1] A calcified fibroid in reproductive age group is very rare. Hence we are presenting this case.


    Thilak Sundararaj, Meera Govindaraju, Brindha Thangaraj


    Full Text Available Subcutaneous Phycomycosis is a rare tropical Mycoses characterized by the development of a chronic, firm swelling of the subcutaneous tissue. Infection caused by Basidiobolus species commonly affects young children. In this article we present a case of Subcutaneous Phycomycosis which presented as a diffuse swelling in the posterior aspect of the knee. Early diagnosis and treatment with Itraconazole caused complete clearance of the lesion. We highlight the merits of accurate diagnosis and early therapeutic intervention in this rare case.

  20. Intestinal actinomycosis: a case report

    Intestinal actinomycosis: a case report. The authors describe a case of intestinal actinomycosis, which was manisfestated by abdominal mass and suggested, clinical and radiologically, a bowel carcinoma. They discuss the pathogenesis, and the clinical and radiological manisfestations of this disease, and its differential diagnosis. This is an infrequent disease which must be considered whenever suggestive clinical aspects are associated with a radiological ''malignant pattern'' of a bowel lesion. (author)

  1. Implant periapical lesion. Case report

    Gregory Venetis, Fotis Iordanidis, Paraskevi Giovani, Lambros Zouloumis


    Ιmplant periapical lesion (IPL) is probably not a uniform entity in all cases presented in the literature. Asseptic bone necrosis may be a cause for some of the IPLs, whilst the presence of microorganisms is not always detectable with conventional methods. A case of IPL in a male patient who underwent an extraction of 12 tooth and an immediate implantation at this site is presented. Eight months postoperatively, an IPL was revealed on radiologic examination. After surgical exploration, the IP...

  2. A case of etizolam dependence

    Sumit Gupta


    Full Text Available Etizolam is a thienodiazepine anxiolytic which is said to have lower dependence potential than other benzodiazepines. We report a case of etizolam dependence in a young male with social anxiety disorder and moderate depression. This case report highlights the fact that the same caution be exercised while prescribing etizolam with respect to its potential to cause dependence as with any other benzodiazepine.

  3. Acute Echinococcosis: a Case Report

    Di Comite, Gabriele; Dognini, Giuseppina; Gaiera, Giovanni; Ieri, Rossella; Praderio, Luisa


    We report the case of a 69-year-old man with acute pulmonary echinococcosis. A computed tomographic scan of the thorax revealed the presence of multiple nodules in both lungs, and laboratory tests showed eosinophilia and the presence of antibodies against Echinococcus granulosus. Therapy with albendazole led to resolution of the pulmonary nodules and a normalization of the white cell count. To our knowledge this is the first described case of acute echinococcosis, as the diagnosis of this dis...

  4. A Case of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome

    Sindhuja, R.; Natarajan, M.; Rajamurugan, P.S. Arul; Palanikumar, B.


    We report the case of a 52-year-old female, a known case of Chronic Liver Disease with portal hypertension. She presented with dyspnoea, platypnoea, melena, cyanosis, clubbing and orthodeoxia. She had oesophageal varices and splenomegaly indicating portal hypertension. Her arterial blood gas revealed hypoxaemia and orthodeoxia. From this clinical background and investigation, a diagnosis of hepatopulmonary syndrome was made. Patient was managed conservatively as she was not willing for liver transplantation.

  5. Meteorological Test Reference Case - Copenhagen

    Kragh, Mikkel Kristian


    The report describes a case study. Actual weather data is converted into input for hygrothermal calculations. A survey of the literature on calculation of driving rain is reported and a ‘driving rain potential’ is generated on the basis of hourly meteorological data for selected years. The study is...... focusing on the significance of the driving rain parameters and comparing the case study data to the contents of the commonly used Danish Design Reference Year....

  6. A case of cystic fibrosis

    Maria Alice Monti


    Full Text Available As the expected survival improves for patients with cystic fibrosis (CF, there is a growing population of adults with this disease. We describe a case of a 33-year-old woman with CF presenting with recurrent pancreatitis, malnutrition, borderline sweat test and respiratory diseases. The case report underlines the importance of diagnosis and management of CF in adults, and the important role played by the Family Physician in developing an adult care program.

  7. Infantile Scurvy: Two Case Reports

    Leila Ghedira Besbes; Samir Haddad; Chebil Ben Meriem; Mondher Golli; Mohamed-fadhel Najjar; Mohamed-Néji Guediche


    Background. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is necessary for the formation of collagen, reducing free radicals, and aiding in iron absorption. SCURVY, a disease of dietary ascorbic acid deficiency, is uncommon today. It still exists in high risk groups including economically disadvantaged populations with poor nutrition. The incidence of SCURVY in the pediatric population is very low. Cases Report. Here we report two cases of SCURVY revealed by subperiosteal hematoma in children with cerebral palsy...

  8. Bladder Schwannoma - A Case Presentation

    Mosier, Andrew D.; Leitman, David A.; Keylock, Joren; Nguyen, David; Grant, David


    Bladder schwannomas are exceedingly rare, benign or malignant, nerve sheath tumors that are most often discovered in patients with a known diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1). A few sporadic case reports of bladder schwannoma have been published in urologic, obstetric/gynecologic, and pathologic journals. However, this is the first case report in the radiologic literature where computed tomography imaging and radiology-specific descriptions are discussed. Furthermore, the patient pres...

  9. Cephalic Tetanus: A Case Report

    F. L. Bukar; Atuanya, C. I.; Abdulhafiz, U.; M A Alhaji


    A case report of cephalic tetanus in a 2-year-old girl who was not immunized against tetanus following suppurative otitis media (SOM) is presented. This case is reported because of the rarity of cephalic tetanus associated with high mortality, to highlight the risk of cephalic tetanus as sequelae of SOM and the need for proper aural care and prompt treatment of SOM. Primary immunization of all eligible children as well as booster vaccination at appropriate time as an effective management stra...

  10. Intrapulmonary teratoma: a case report

    Farahnak MR; Mirrokni SM


    "nBackground: Teratomas are tumors consisting of tissues derived from more than one germ cell line. Teratomas arise, most commonly in anterior mediastinum. Intrapulmonary Teratoma are among the rarest tumors encountered in pathology, in other words they are exceedingly uncommon, with only less than 100 cases documented by 1939. "n "nCase presentation: We describe a 19-year-old woman with a short history of retrosternal chest pain and non-productive cough due to a benign intrapu...




    The case describes the problems of strategic choice: a small company successfully working in the engineering market (automation of technological processes) in the electric power industry has to make a decision on its further development in a changing external environment and increased competition. The case was carried out to be used in training programs of different levels within the courses “Strategic Management”, “Innovation Management”, “Strategic Analysis Methods”, “Change Management” whe...

  12. [Simultaneous bilateral pneumothorax. Case report].

    Paolini, A; Caminiti, F; Tosato, F; Ruggieri, M; Paolini, G; Carnevale, L; Corsini, F; Marano, S; Monsellato, I


    A case report of a 44 year-old white man admitted to the surgical unit for a bilateral simultaneous pneumothorax is presented. The pneumothorax occurred on day one after a surgical operation for discal hernia; in the past the patient already presented a right spontaneous pneumothorax at 32 years of age and a left pneumothorax at 37 years of age, both treated with a pleural drainage. A thoracic drain was bilaterally positioned with a good result only in the right side. The persistence of the left pneumothorax induced the authors to perform a postero-lateral thoracotomy bullae excision and pleurectomy with a good postoperative course. After a few months a new right pneumothorax occurred and the patient was treated with a right postero-lateral thoracotomy, bullae resection and pleurectomy. On the basis of the case reported, the authors consider the different opportunities in the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax in relation to the present knowledges and technologies. Surgical procedure is to be preferred in case of persistence of pneumothorax despite a pleural drain and in case of pneumothorax in high risk subjects. Even if thoracoscopy seems to give better results regarding postoperative pain, it is not always possible with such a method to perform a careful pleurectomy neither to obtain it in all cases (above all in secondary pneumothorax). Every case must then be carefully studied to choose the best treatment at present available. PMID:11353349

  13. How to write a neurology case report.

    Rison, Richard A


    Neurology case reports have a long history of transmitting important medical information across many generations for the improvement of patient care. Case reports contribute much to the physician's knowledge base from which treatment hypotheses and ideas form. Elements of a modern case report, as presented in the CARE (CAse REport) guidelines, include the abstract, introduction, case presentation, discussion, conclusion, patient's perspective, and consent statement. The sections are described here, as well as the application of CARE guidelines to a published neuromuscular case report. Writing case reports offer an ideal opportunity for neurologists to publish interesting case findings and carry on the tradition of neurologic case reporting. PMID:27048575

  14. Collodion Baby - a Case Report

    Stojanović Vesna


    Full Text Available Colloidon baby describes a highly characteristic clinical entity in newborns encased in a yellowish translucent membrane resembling collodion. In most cases the condition either precedes the development of one of a variety of ichthyoses, the commonest of which are lamellar ichthyosis and non-bullous ichthyosiform erythroderma, or occasionally represents an initial phase of other ichthyoses such as ichthyosis vulgaris. In at least 10% of all cases of collodion baby, the condition is followed by a mild ichthyosis of lamellar type, so mild as to be considered more or less normal, so-called self-healing collodion baby or ‘lamellar ichthyosis of the newborn’. In this report we present a rare case of collodion baby in whom, after collodion membrane peeled-off, the skin retained normal appearance.

  15. Glucagonoma syndrome: a case report

    García Bernardo Carmen M


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Glucagonoma syndrome is a rare paraneoplastic phenomenon, with an estimated incidence of one in 20 million, characterized by necrolytic migratory erythema, hyperglucagonemia, diabetes mellitus, anemia, weight loss, glossitis, cheilitis, steatorrhea, diarrhea, venous thrombosis and neuropsychiatric disturbances in the setting of a glucagon-producing alpha-cell tumor of the pancreas. Necrolytic migratory erythema is the presenting manifestation in the majority of cases, so its early suspicion and correct diagnosis is a key factor in the management of the patient. Case presentation We present the case of a 70-year-old Caucasian woman with glucagonoma syndrome due to an alpha-cell tumor located in the tail of the pancreas, successfully treated with surgical resection. Conclusion Clinicians should be aware of the unusual initial manifestations of glucagonoma. Early diagnosis allows complete surgical resection of the neoplasm and provides the only chance of a cure.

  16. Costello Syndrome. A case report

    Yadelis Maldonado Martínez


    Full Text Available Costello syndrome is an extremely rare multisystem congenital disorder; only about 250 cases have been described in the literature. Its inheritance pattern is considered to be autosomal dominant, although most cases are sporadic, suggesting de novo dominant mutations. The case of a 7-year-old patient from the Frank País municipality in Holguín with clinical manifestations consistent with Costello syndrome is presented. The clinical study and description of his physical characteristics were performed, detecting as main distinctive features: storage disease-like phenotype, failure to thrive, congenital heart disease, coarse facies, mental retardation and humorous personality. Early diagnosis allows early stimulation and intervention, active screening for tumor lesions, as well as provision of genetic counselling to patients.

  17. [Primary reading epilepsy. 11 cases].

    Vercelletto, P; Cler, J M; Friol, M


    Eleven cases of primary reading epilepsy are reported. They confirm Bickford's description. These patients were otherwise normal. A family history of seizures was present in 6 cases. The first seizure occurred between 12 and 25 years. After a variable period of reading all patients developed a tightness and jerking in throat and jaw muscles. In 4 cases, occasionally, speaking could cause jaw or throat jerks. Whilst reading out loud or silently (exclusively in reading aloud in 1 patient) bilateral discharges were recorded in EEG, sometimes on the left hemisphere. The mechanisms are discussed. Seizures in primary reading epilepsy are facilitated by saccadic eye movements, impulse language muscles and mental concentration. The role of higher integrating systems of language is emphasized. Therapy is discussed. PMID:4048729

  18. The Schneeberg lung cancer cases

    47 cases of ''Schneeberg lung cancer'' are reported which received financial compensation in West Germany after 1945 after being officially acknowledged as occupational disease. With two exceptions, all patients had been occupied in the Saxonian and Bohemian uranium mines (or their extensions after World War II). The geotechnical fundamentals, industrial hygiene measures taken, the radiobiological situation and its effects are presented. Most patients had small-cell carcinomas or epitheliomas. Accompanying silicosis, usually in a mild form, was found in 35 cases. The mean exposure time was 10.3 years (in 11 cases, less than five years), the mean latency time 22 years (minimum: 8 years). The mean age at the time of death was 58.2 years, i.e. 10 years less than in a normal control group. (orig.)

  19. Testicular calculus: A rare case

    Volkan Sen


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTBackground:Testicular calculus is an extremely rare case with unknown etiology and pathogenesis. To our knowledge, here we report the third case of testicular calculus. A 31-year-old man was admitted to our clinic with painful solid mass in left testis. After diagnostic work-up for a possible testicular tumour, he underwent inguinal orchiectomy and histopathologic examination showed a testicular calculus.Case hypothesis:Solid testicular lesions in young adults generally correspond to testicular cancer. Differential diagnosis should be done carefully.Future implications:In young adults with painful and solid testicular mass with hyperechogenic appearance on scrotal ultrasonography, testicular calculus must be kept in mind in differential diagnosis. Further reports on this topic may let us do more clear recommendations about the etiology and treatment of this rare disease.

  20. An unusual case of phospholipidosis.

    Elleder, M; Jirásek, A; Smíd, F; Harzer, K; Schlegerová, D


    We present the results of a structural, histochemical and lipid-chromatographic study of tissues obtained at postmortem from an unusual case of phospholipidosis. A previous biopsy of the appendix and liver (Elleder et al., 1975a) had revealed a predominance of phosphoglyceride storage, principally of lysobisphosphatidic acid (LBPA) postmortem material showed that this lipid was stored exclusively in central neurons. In the spleen and the lymph node, however, sphingomyelin (SP) was shown, histochemically and chromatographically, to be the main lipid stored. Total sphingomyelinase (SPase) activity in the appendix was reduced to about 50% of normal. Neuroaxonal dystrophy (NAD) and a conspicuous discrepancy between the degree of distension of some neurons and their lipid content deserve special mention. The case is contrasted with classical sphingomyelinosis; the complexity of the Niemann-Pick group of diseases is discussed as an indication of the difficulties of classification of any atypical case. PMID:150105

  1. A complicated case of pachydermoperiostosis with spondyloarthritides: a case report

    Zhang, Qing; Shen, Min; Yang, Bo; Yu, Keyi


    Introduction Pachydermoperiostosis is a rare, hereditary disease commonly presenting with digital clubbing, pachydermia and periosteal hypertrophy. Therapeutic options for pachydermoperiostosis are few because of the unknown pathogenesis. Here, we report the complicated case of a patient with pachydermoperiostosis combined with spondyloarthritides, who was refractory to steroids and tumor necrosis factor alpha antagonists. We treated this patient with zoledronic acid and performed an arthrosc...

  2. eCompetence Case Studies

    Jensen, Helle Bækkelund


    In this paper we present some details of the processes undertaken in the European eCompetence Initiative. We present two illustrative and representative case studies. The research aims to identify and understand patterns of individual and organisational eCompetence approaches.......In this paper we present some details of the processes undertaken in the European eCompetence Initiative. We present two illustrative and representative case studies. The research aims to identify and understand patterns of individual and organisational eCompetence approaches....

  3. Two cases of emphysematous pyelonephritis

    Emphysematous pyelonephritis is rare but frequently fatal complication of renal parenchymal infection, most commonly occurs in diabetic patients and is often associated with urinary obstruction, prior urological abnormality or infection. From 1898 to 1984, about 50 cases of emphysematous pyelonephritis have been reported universally. The diagnosis of emphysemaous pyelonephritis can be made only roentgenographically. In the last 2 years, we have had two cases of emphysematous pyelonephritis at our hospital. It is our purpose to report two patients who have survived with a brief review of the previous literature

  4. Two cases of sacral agenesis

    Sacral agenesis is a central component in the spectrum of anomalies comprising the caudal regression syndrome. Sacral agenesis occurs more frequently in an infant born to mother of diabetes, rubella infection in first trimester than normal mothers. In a patient of sacral agenesis, it is important to recognize the neurologic deficit, neurogenic bladder dysfunction and other congenital anomalies. A case of partial sacral agenesis of 10 years old girl and another case of complete total agenesis associated with multiple anomalies in autopsied newborn are reported.

  5. Odontoameloblastoma: Report of two cases

    Mosca Rodrigo


    Full Text Available Odontoameloblastoma (OA is a very rare mixed odontogenic neoplasm, characterized by the simultaneous occurrence of an ameloblastoma and a compound or complex odontoma in the same tumor mass. To date, less than 50 cases of OA and/or ameloblastic odontoma have been reported in the English dental literature. This neoplasm was called ameloblastic odontoma. The term OA was included in the 1971 WHO classification. In this study, we present two cases of OA, which we hope will contribute to the awareness and knowledge of surgeons regarding the existence of this odontogenic tumor so that patients having it may be treated and followed-up properly.

  6. Erupted odontoma: a case report.

    Raval, Nilesh; Mehta, Dhaval; Vachhrajani, Kanan; Nimavat, Abhishek


    Odontomas are nonaggressive, hamartomatous developmental malformations or lesions of odontogenic origin, which consist of enamel, dentin, cementum and pulpal tissue 'Erupted odontoma' is a term used to specifically denote odontomas, which are exposed into the oral cavity. These are rare entities with only 25-30 cases being reported so far in the dental literature. Here, we present a rare case of an erupted odontoma in an adolescent patient who came with a complaint of bad aesthetics due to the presence of multiple small teeth like structures in the upper front teeth region. PMID:25177649

  7. A case of drug abuse

    Matteo Pacini


    Full Text Available Methadone maintenance is one of the well-known harm reduction strategies for public health intervention in heroin addiction. The significance of methadone treatment in preventing needle sharing, which in turn reduces the risk of HIV and HCV transmission among injectors, has been demonstrated. Methadone maintenance is also considered gathering site where heroin addicts can effectively acquire knowledge on harm reduction and drug rehabilitation. We report a case of a 34-years-old patient with a history of heroin abuse. Therapy with methadone was essential for an adequate management of the case. The article describe difficulties and complexities of heroin abuse management and the therapeutic role of methadone.

  8. Case Report on Anorexia Nervosa

    Preeti Srinivasa; Chandrashekar, M; Nikitha Harish; Gowda, Mahesh R.; Sumit Durgoji


    Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by excessive restriction on food intake and irrational fear of gaining weight, often accompanied by a distorted body self-perception. It is clinically diagnosed more frequently in females, with type and severity varying with each case. The current report is a case of a 25-year-old female, married for 5 years, educated up to 10 th standard, a homemaker, hailing from an upper social class Hindu (Marvadi) family, living with husband′s family i...

  9. Postinfectious encephalitis (21 cases appended)

    丰宏林; 孙伟; 王文秋; 王德生


    Objective To report 21 cases of postinfectious encephatitis according to ICD-NA, postinfectious/parainfectious encephalitis is an independent disease.Methods Using the uniform criteria provided by The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we diagnosed postinfectious encephalitis among patients admitted to The First Hospital of Harbin Medical University and analyzed the characteristics of these cases. Results All the patients had histories of preceding infection, and most of them suffered from mental and conscious disorders. Adrenocortical hormone was effective.Conclusions Postinfectious encephalitis is an independent disease. According to this article, about 10% patients with encephalitis admitted to our hospital are postinfectious.

  10. A case of abdominal trauma

    Stephens, Georgina C.; Claydon, Matthew H.


    Multiple injuries resulting from the use of nail guns have been described in the literature; however, to date there has been no report of a nail gun injury to the abdomen. We describe the case of a 30-year-old male tradesperson who suffered a penetrating nail gun injury to the epigastrium, resulting in multiple injuries to the bowel and an inferior vena caval injury with massive haemorrhage. This case demonstrates the wide range of injuries capable of being inflicted by a single penetrating i...