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  1. New routes of preparation of polyaniline films and dosimetric characterization for high-doses gamma radiation; Novas rotas de preparacao de filmes de polianilina e caracterizacao dosimetrica para radiacao gama em altas doses

    Pacheco, Ana Paula Lima


    This work presents a new conducting polymeric material based on polyaniline thin films that will be used in the confection of dosimetric devices. On preparation of the films a homogeneous and viscous solution of poly (acrylic acid) and MnO{sub 2} is deposited on PMMA surface, which after dried, is immersed in an acid aniline solution. The films formed present low resistivity (6.10{sup 2} {omega}m), good mechanical resistance and adherence on the electrodes. The films were characterized by infrared spectroscopy, conductivity measurements and manganese elemental analyses. The resistance variations show linear correlation (r{sup 2} = 0,9928) with gamma irradiation dose in the range of 1000 to 6000 Gy, with medium error less than 5% and sensitivity response. The dosimetric devices present as advantage real time measurements, low cost, use in calibration of industrial radioactive sources. Moreover, this composite could in future replace Fricke dosimeter and its applications. A calibration curve is showed for PANI dosimeter, here proposed, to use at high gamma doses. (author)

  2. Dosimetric characterization of the PTW Seven29 dosimeter and Octavius Phantom for IMRT quality control; Caracterizacao dosimetrica do dosimetro PTW Seven29 e Octavius Phantom para controle de qualidade em IMRT

    Goncalves, Leandro R.; Habitzreuter, Angela B.; Santos, Gabriela R.; Watanabe, Erica Y.; Silva, Marco A.; Menegussi, Gisela; Rodrigues, Laura N.; Furnari, Laura, E-mail: [Instituto do Cacer do Estado de Sao Paulo (ICESP), SP (Brazil). Servico de Radioterapia


    Techniques like IMRT, VMAT and tomotherapy has been used to improve dose conformity in the target, while sparing adjacent normal tissues. The complexity of this techniques challenge to correctly verify the dose delivery, in an independent way. Matrix detectors have been used for this purpose. Although, to exactly understand the dosimeter response and to identify his limitations, characterization measurements need to be performed. These dosimeters, for instance, can present angular dependence. Phantoms has been designed to, when used together the detector, eliminate this angular dependence. The aim of this work was to characterize PTW Seven 29 dosimeter and also his use with Octavius Phantom (PTW). The dosimeter showed reproducible with 0.25% the biggest standard deviation, good dose linearity and dose rate independence. Differences for output factors were obtained (<6%), but a clinical case measurement showed that the set can be used for IMRT verification. When used with Octavius Phantom the dosimeter showed low angular dependence. (author)

  3. Mineralogical characterization of the argillaceous material from the Municipality of Santa Barbara, Para, Brazil; Caracterizacao mineralogica de material argiloso proveniente do municipio de Santa Barbara, Para, Brasil

    Hildebrando, E.A., E-mail: edemarino@ufpa.b [Universidade Federal do Para (UFPA), Maraba, PA (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia de Materiais. Lab. de Materiais Ceramicos; Sheller, T.; Angelica, R.S. [Universidade Federal do Para (UFPA), Belem, PA (Brazil). Fac. de Geologia. Inst. de Geociencias; Neves, R.S. [Universidade Federal do Para (UFPA), Belem, PA (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Quimica. Inst. de Tecnologia


    In the present work were investigated mineralogical phases in a material with argillaceous characteristic of the region of Genipauba, Santa Barbara, State of Para. Characterization of the collected sample was performed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), differential thermal analysis (DTA), thermogravimetric analysis (TG) and infrared spectroscopy (IR). The results of the assays indicate the presence of the clay minerals like kaolinite and muscovite, as well as minerals as quartz and anatase. (author)

  4. Dosimetric characterization of a commercial two-dimensional array detector; Caracterizacao dosimetrica de um detector matricial bidimensional comercial

    Gialluisi, Bruno L.; Santos, Gabriela R. dos; Sales, Camila P. de; Resende, Guilherme R.A.; Habitzreuter, Angela B.; Rodrigues, Laura N., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (HCFMRP/USP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Servico de Radioterapia


    This paper investigates the dosimetric characteristics and performance of an array detector commercially available. The device is the I'mRT MatriXX® which is a two-dimensional detector array used in the verification of complex radiotherapy plans. It consists of 1,020 parallel plate ion chamber arranged in a 32x32 grid. Dose linearity was studied and its response was linear within the range of 5 to 1000 MU (R{sup 2} = 1). Dose rate dependence showed a maximum deviation of 0,62% comparatively with readings to 320 cGy/min. The detector stability was verified through repeated irradiations. Output factors matched well with measurements made with a Farmer chamber with an average deviation of 1,54%. The detector's effective point of measurement was determined and the inverse square law was also verified with a percentage deviation smaller than 3%. The results show that this detector can be used for quality control in IMRT thus reducing the time spent in the dosimetric verification of radiation fields. (author)

  5. Analysis of FT-IR for dosimetric characterization of poly(vinylidene fluoride - hexafluoropropylene) irradiated with high doses of gamma radiation; Analise de FT-IR para caracterizacao dosimetrica do poli(fluoreto de vinilideno - hexafluorpropileno) irradiado com altas doses de radiacao gama

    Liz, Otavio Souza Rocha; Medeiros, Adriana de Souza [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (DEN/UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Nuclear; Faria, Luiz Oliveira de, E-mail: farialo@cdtn.b [Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear (CDTN/CNEN-MG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)


    Polymeric materials when exposed to ionizing radiation undergo changes such as the crosslinking and chain oxidation. Recently, the optical absorption intensities in the ultraviolet visible region (273 nm) due to radio- induction of conjugated C=C bonds in P(VDF-TrFE) copolymers has been successfully used for high dose dosimetry purposes in gamma fields ranging from 0.1 to 200 kGy. In this context, the interest of performing a systematic investigation on another fluorinated copolymer of PVDF, the (Polyvinylidene fluoride - hexa fluoro propylene) [P(VDF- HFP)] has come to light, not only for UV-VIS range but also for the near and medium infrared ranges. In this investigation FTIR and UV-Vis spectra, acquired before and after irradiation, were used to investigate the relationship between optical absorbance and delivered gamma doses ranging from 100 to 3,000 kGy. The results indicate that the absorption band at 1729 cm-1, originated by the chain oxidation through the radioinduction of C=O bonds, presents an unambiguous behavior with the delivered gamma doses in a very large extension, ranging from 0 to 1,000 kGy. This results lead to conclude that P(VDF-HFP) copolymer shows excellent dosimetric properties which make it able to be investigated as a high dose dosimeter

  6. Dosimetric properties characterization of silicon diodes used in photon beam radiotherapy; Caracterizacao das propriedades dosimetricas de diodos de silicio empregados em radioterapia com feixe de fotons

    Bizetto, Cesar Augusto


    In the current work it was studied the performance of epitaxial (EPI) and float zone (FZ) silicon diodes as on-line dosimeters for megavoltage (EPI diode) and orthovoltage (EPI and FZ diode) photon beam radiotherapy. In order to be used as dosimeters the diodes were enclosed in black polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) probes. The devices were then connected, on photovoltaic mode, to an electrometer Keithley Registered-Sign 6517B to allow measurements of the photocurrent. The irradiations were performed with 6 and 18 MV photon beams (Siemens Primus Registered-Sign linear accelerator), 6 and 15 MV (Novalis TX Registered-Sign ) and 10, 25, 30 and 50 kV of a Pantak / Seifert X ray radiation device. During the measurements with the Siemens Primus the diodes were held between PMMA plates placed at 10.0 cm depth. When using Novalis TX Registered-Sign the devices were held between solid water plates placed at 50 cm depth. In both cases the diodes were centered in a radiation field of 10 x 10 cm{sup 2}, with the source-to-surface distance (SSD) kept at 100 cm. In measurements with orthovoltage photon beams the diodes were placed 50.0 cm from the tube in a radiation field of 8 cm diameter. The dose-rate dependency was studied for 6 and 15 MV (varying the dose-rate from 100 to 600 monitor units per minute) and for the 50 kV beam by varying the current tube from 2 to 20 mA. All devices showed linear response with dose rate and, within uncertainties the charge collected is independent of dose rate. The current signals induced showed good instantaneous repeatability of the diodes, characterized by coefficients of variation of current (CV) smaller than 1.14% (megavoltage beams) and 0.15% for orthovoltage beams and coefficients of variation of charge (CV) smaller than 1.84% (megavoltage beams) and 1.67% (orthovoltage beams). The dose response curves were quite linear with linear correlation coefficients better than 0.9999 for all diodes. (author)

  7. Dosimetric properties characterization of silicon diodes used in photon beam radiotherapy; Caracterizacao das propriedades dosimetricas de diodos de silicio empregados em radioterapia com fotons

    Bizetto, Cesar Augusto


    In the current work it was studied the performance of epitaxial (EPI) and float zone (FZ) silicon diodes as on-line dosimeters for megavoltage (EPI diode) and orthovoltage (EPI and FZ diode) photon beam radiotherapy. In order to be used as dosimeters the diodes were enclosed in black polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) probes. The devices were then connected, on photovoltaic mode, to an electrometer KeithleyÒ 6517B to allow measurements of the photocurrent. The irradiations were performed with 6 and 18 MV photon beams (Siemens PrimusÒ linear accelerator), 6 and 15 MV (Novalis TXÒ) and 10, 25, 30 and 50 kV of a Pantak / Seifert X ray radiation device. During the measurements with the Siemens PrimusÒ the diodes were held between PMMA plates placed at 10.0 cm depth. When using Novalis TXÒ the devices were held between solid water plates placed at 50 cm depth. In both cases the diodes were centered in a radiation field of 10 x 10 cm{sup 2}, with the source-to-surface distance (SSD) kept at 100 cm. In measurements with orthovoltage photon beams the diodes were placed 50.0 cm from the tube in a radiation field of 8 cm diameter. The dose-rate dependency was studied for 6 and 15 MV (varying the dose-rate from 100 to 600 monitor units per minute) and for the 50 kV beam by varying the current tube from 2 to 20 mA. All devices showed linear response with dose rate and, within uncertainties the charge collected is independent of dose rate. The current signals induced showed good instantaneous repeatability of the diodes, characterized by coefficients of variation of current (CV) smaller than 1.14% (megavoltage beams) and 0.15% for orthovoltage beams and coefficients of variation of charge (CV) smaller than 1.84% (megavoltage beams) and 1.67% (orthovoltage beams). The dose response curves were quite linear with linear correlation coefficients better than 0.9999 for all diodes. (author)

  8. A verification methodology for in vivo dosimetry in stereotactic radiotherapy; Uma metodologia para verificacao dosimetrica in vivo em radioterapia estereotaxica

    Amaral, Leonardo L.; Oliveira, Harley F.; Fairbanks, Leandro R., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (HCFMRP/USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina. Hospital das Clinicas; Nicolucci, Patricia; Netto, Thomaz G. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (FFCLRP/USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras. Departamento de Fisica


    Radiotherapy of brain lesions near critical structures requires a high accuracy in the location and dose. The high precision is achieved by the location of the stereotactic apparatus. The accuracy in dose delivery should be accompanied by an accurate quality control in devices that involve the practice, however, still does not guarantee the dose at the time of therapy. The large number of fields and the small size of these conventional methods difficult dosimetry during treatment. The objective of this work was to develop a verification methodology in vivo dosimetry in stereotactic radiotherapy with the aid of the film radiochromic Linear Accelerator with multi leaf collimators Moduleaf. The technique uses film segments radiochromic Gafchromic EBT2, with dimensions of 1x1 cm{sup 2} in area outside the coupled micro-multileaf Moduleaf Siemens. These films were inserted in the region of the central axis of the beam. The films were irradiated and calibrated to obtain the factors that determine the size dependence of the dosimetric field. With these data, we designed a computer program which calculates the density of a film must acquire when subjected to an exposure in this setting. This study evaluated five non-coplanar plans, the first with 15 fields and the other with 25 fields. Before starting the procedure, the film segment is coupled to the device, and after the treatment, the relative density is evaluated and compared with the calculated. The average value of the verification at the time of radiation dosimetry compared with the calculated by the sheet was 1.5%. The data collected in this study showed a satisfactory agreement between measured and calculated by the program in the densitometer. Thus, a methodology was developed to verify in vivo dosimetry in radiotherapy and stereotactic linear accelerator collimators Moduleaf. (author)

  9. Stratigraphy sequence analysis application for multi scalar characterization of paralic reservoirs - an example in the Guata group (E O-Permian) of the Parana Basin, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; Aplicacao da estratigrafia de sequencias para caracterizacao multiescalar de reservatorios paralicos - um exemplo no Grupo Guata (EO-Permiano) da Bacia do Parana, no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

    Kuechle, Juliano [Rio Grande do Sul Univ., Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias. Curso de Pos-graduacao em Geociencias]. E-mail:; Holz, Michael [Rio Grande do Sul Univ., Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias]. E-mail:


    Detailed stratigraphic analysis of the Early Permian Rio Bonito and Palermo Formations of the Parana Basin in the region of Sao Gabriel County has been used for a study on reservoir characterization of paralic sandstones. Two main depositional systems were recognized, a fluvial-dominated delta system and a wave-dominated barrier island system. The succession is divided in two third-order depositional sequences, enclosing thirteen fourth-order para sequences. This high-resolution stratigraphic framework was the base for a multi scale approach on reservoir characterization of the sandstone bodies. Reservoir heterogeneities are discussed, staring from the scale of depositional sequence (heterogeneity level 1), passing down to heterogeneity at the scale of systems tracts (heterogeneity level 2) and finalizing with an approach at para sequence scale (heterogeneity level 3). Main control on heterogeneity at the first level is base-level variation as generating mechanism for un conformities at the sediment type and rate. At the second level, the reservoir heterogeneity is controlled by the lateral and vertical variations in thickness of particular systems within the different systems tracts, and at the third level, the heterogeneity occurs controlling reservoir continuity and connectivities between reservoirs. The study supplies a model which is useful as a predictive tool for similar geologic settings in producing oil fields. (author)

  10. Preparation and characterization of Pt Sn / C-rare earth and PtRu / C-rare earth using an alcohol reduction process for ethanol electron-oxidation; Preparacao e caracterizacao de eletrocatalisadores PtSn/C-terras raras e PtRu/C-terras raras para a eletro-oxidacao do etanol

    Rodrigues, Rita Maria de Sousa


    The electro catalyst PtRu / C-rare earth and PtSn/C-rare earth (20 wt%) were prepared by alcohol reduction method using H{sub 2}PtCl{sub 6}.6H{sub 2}O Ru Cl xH{sub 2}O, SnCl{sub 2}.2H{sub 2}O as a source of metals 85 % Vulcan - 15 % rare earth as a support and, finally, ethylene glycol as reducing agent. The electrocatalysts were characterized physically by X-ray diffraction (XRD), energy dispersive X-ray (EDX), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Analyses by EDX showed that the atomic ratios of different electrocatalysts, prepared by alcohol reduction method are similar to the nominal starting compositions indicating that this methodology is promising for the preparation of electrocatalysts. In all the XRD patterns for the prepared electrocatalysts there is a broad peak at about 2{theta} = 25{sup o}, which is associated with the carbon support and four additional diffraction peaks at approximately 2{theta} = 40{sup o}, 47{sup o}, 67{sup o} e 82{sup o}, which in turn are associated with the plans (111), (200), (220) e (311), respectively, of face-centered cubic structure (FCC) platinum. The results of X-ray diffraction also showed average crystallite sizes between 2.0 and 4.0 nm for PtSn e 2,0 a 3,0 para PtRu. The studies for the electrochemical oxidation of ethanol in acid medium were carried out using the technique of chronoamperometry in a solution 0,5 mol.L-1 H{sub 2}SO{sub 4}, + 1,0 mol.L-1 de C{sub 2}H{sub 5}OH. The polarization curves obtained in the fuel cell unit, powered directly by ethanol, are in agreement with the results of voltammetry and chronoamperometry noting the beneficial effect of rare earths in the preparation of electrocatalysts and attesting that the electrocatalysts PtSn/C are more effective than PtRu/C for the oxidation of ethanol.

  11. Production and characterization of ceramics for armor application; Producao e caracterizacao de ceramicas para blindagem balistica

    Alves, J.T.; Lopes, C.M.A. [Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica (ITA), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil). Div. de Engenharia Mecanica-Aeronautica; Assis, J.M.K.; Melo, F.C.L., E-mail: cmoniz@iae.cta.b [Instituto de Aeronautica e Espaco (IAE), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil). Div. de Materiais


    The fabrication of devices for ballistic protection as bullet proof vests and helmets and armored vehicles has been evolving over the past years along with the materials and models used for this specific application. The requirements for high efficient light-weight ballistic protection systems which not interfere in the user comfort and mobility has driven the research in this area. In this work we will present the results of characterization of two ceramics based on alumina and silicon carbide. The ceramics were produced in lab scale and the specific mass, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) microstructure, Vickers hardness, flexural resistance at room temperature and X-ray diffraction were evaluated. Ballistic tests performed in the selected materials showed that the ceramics present armor efficiency. (author)

  12. BeOSL system for personal dosimetry : dosimetric characteristics and practical application; Sistema BeOSL para dosimetria personal : caracteristicas dosimetricas y la aplicacion practica

    Mende, E. [Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen, German Research Center for Environmental Health, Working Group Engineering, D-85764 Neuherberg (Germany)


    Full text: BeOSL system of Dosimetric s is very easy to use, assimilate and maintain. Our dosimeter defines a milestone in the supervision of personal equivalent dose of Hp (10) and Hp (0.07) it covers the range of total energy of 16 KeV to 10 MeV. For this energy range is exceptional in its energy dependence for official personal dosimetry. The BeOSL system consists of two modules, one of them is the BeOSL reader that measures the radiation exposure using the latest technology, optically stimulated luminescence (OSL). The reading is extremely fast; it does not require consumables such as nitrogen or other. The detector material is beryllium oxide (Be O); this is an OSL material tissue equivalent and therefore is ideal for personal dosimetry. The BeOSL technology allows multiple readings of the dosimeter (re-read) to verify the dose or archive the dosimeter. One of the biggest advantages of BeOSL system is its modular concept allows the system to run as a manual solution or as a complete automated robotic system, which can be filled with up to 5,000 dosimeters as bulk cargo. (Author)

  13. Dosimetric comparison of treatment techniques IMRT and VMAT for breast cancer; Comparacion dosimetrica de las tecnicas de tratamiento IMRT y VMAT para cancer en mama

    Urbina, G. L. [Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Maestria en Fisica Medica, Av. Tupac Amaru s/n, Rimac, Lima 25 (Peru); Garcia, B. G., E-mail: [Red AUNA, Clinica Delgado, Av. Angamos Cdra. 4 esquina Gral. Borgono, Miraflores, Lima (Peru)


    In this study the dosimetric distribution was compared in the different treatment techniques such as Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) in female patients with breast cancer with stage II-B and III-A, 6 cases (both calculated on VMAT and IMRT) were studied, comparison parameter that are taken into account are: compliance rate, homogeneity index, monitor units, volume dose 50 Gy (D-50%) and 5 Gy (D-5%) volume dose. Comparisons are made in primary tumor volume to optimize treatment in patients with breast cancer, with IMRT using Step, Shoot and VMAT Monte Carlo algorithm, in addition to the organs at risk; the concern to make this work is due to technological advances in radiotherapy and the application of new treatment techniques, that increase the accuracy allowing treatment dose climbing delivering a higher dose to the patient. (Author)

  14. MCID: personalized dosimetric tool to simulate voxelized studies using MCNP5; MCID: herramienta dosimetrica personalizada para simular estudios voxelizados con MCNP5

    Gil, Alex Vergara [Centro de Proteccion e Higiene de las Radiaciones (CPHR), La Habana (Cuba); Perez, Marco A. Coca; Aroche, Leonel A. Torres, E-mail:, E-mail: [Centro de Investigaciones Clinicas (CIC), La Habana (Cuba); Pacilio, Massimiliano, E-mail: [Hospital S. Camillo Forlanini (AOSCF), Roma (Italy). Departmento de Fisica Medica


    The purpose of this paper is to present the MCID software, a tool for calculating specific absorbed dose of patients in nuclear medicine, based on Monte Carlo simulation. This paper evaluates new clinical cases and new phantoms whose results validate the methodology implemented in MCID, which has followed a process of incorporating new materials, image processing in DICOM and Analyze format, a module of regions of interest and improvements in user interface. Now it has a tool to calculate the patient-specific absorbed doses in nuclear medicine that can be applied in clinical practice.

  15. Mineralogical characterization of Brazilians attapulgite to magnetic nano composites uses; Caracterizacao mineralogica de atapulgitas brasileiras para utilizacao em nanocompositos magneticos

    Middea, Antonieta; Neumann, Reiner, E-mail: [Centro de Tecnologia Mineral - CETEM, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Spinelli, Luciana S.; Lucas, Elizabete F. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Instituto de Macromoleculas, Laboratorio de Macromoleculas e Coloides na Industria de Petroleo, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    Magnetic polymeric nano composites represent a potential alternative in the treatment of contaminated water. This work aims to investigate the potential of uses of a Brazilian clay (an attapulgite), abundant in the northeast, in the preparation of polymeric nano composites for application in the removal of organic material present in aquifers, using magnetic field. The techniques used for mineralogical characterization were X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) coupled with energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). The results showed the presence of palyigorskite in all samples as well as other mineral phases (quartz, kaolinite, smectite and anatase). The microscopic analysis permitted to identify the fibrous appearance of palyigorskite. The presence of palyigorskite is a strong indication of the possible use of attapulgite in obtaining magnetic nano composites by the adsorption of iron ion to the surface. (author)

  16. Characterization of ionizing radiation effects on human skin allografts; Caracterizacao dos efeitos da radiacao ionizante em pele humana para aloenxerto

    Bourroul, Selma Cecilia


    The skin has a fundamental role in the viability of the human body. In the cases of extensive wounds, allograft skin provides an alternative to cover temporarily the damaged areas. After donor screening and preservation in glycerol (above 85%), the skin can be stored in the Skin Banks. The glycerol at this concentration has a bacteriostatic effect after certain time of preservation. On the other hand, skin sterilization by ionizing radiation may reduces the quarantine period for transplantation in patients and its safety is considered excellent. The objectives of this work were to establish procedures using two sources of ionizing radiation for sterilization of human skin allograft, and to evaluate the skin after gamma and electron beam irradiation. The analysis of stress-strain intended to verify possible effects of the radiation on the structure of preserved grafts. Skin samples were submitted to doses of 25 kGy and 50 kGy in an irradiator of {sup 60}Co and in an electron beam accelerator. Morphology and ultra-structure studies were also accomplished. The samples irradiated with a dose of 25 kGy seemed to maintain the bio mechanic characteristics. The gamma irradiated samples with a dose of 50 kGy and submitted to an electron beam at doses of 25 kGy and 50 kGy presented significant differences in the values of the elasticity modulus, in relation to the control. The analysis of the ultramicrographies revealed modifications in the structure and alterations in the pattern of collagen fibrils periodicity of the irradiated samples. (author)

  17. Characterization of film-converter screens systems for neutron radiography; Caracterizacao de sistemas filme-conversor para radiografia com neutrons

    Andrade, Marcos Leandro Garcia


    In general a good quality radiography is that one able to furnish high contrast and sharp edge images. Technically 'high contrast' means high capability to discern material thickness and 'sharp edges', high resolution power. In the present work the optimal conditions to obtain neutron radiography images by using the following film-converter screen systems, Kodak-AA/Gd vaporated; Kodak-AA/Gd metallic; Kodak-AA/LiF; Min-R/GdS{sub 2}O{sub 4}, have been determined. The irradiations were performed in a radiographic facility which was designed and constructed by the neutron radiography working group and is installed at the beamhole 08 of the IEA-R1 nuclear research reactor of the IPEN-CNEN/SP. In order to determine such conditions, the start point was to evaluate the neutron exposure interval for which the optical contrast is maximal and so quantify the sensitivity or capability to discern material thickness, as well as the spatial resolution achieved in the radiographic image, for these systems. The best results have been obtained for the Kodak-AA/Gd vaporated system which is able to discern, for example, 0,024 cm of lucite, with a maximal resolution of 22{mu}m. The radiography images presently obtained in IPEN-CNEN/SP have similar quality when compared to the ones from several other research centers, around the world, whose making use of the same film-converter screens systems. (author)

  18. Development of radiometric methods for radioactive waste characterization; Desenvolvimento de metodos radiometricos para a caracterizacao de rejeitos radioativos

    Tessaro, Ana Paula Gimenes


    The admission of radioactive waste in a final repository depends among other things on the knowledge of the radioisotopic inventory of the waste. To obtain this information it is necessary make the primary characterization of the waste so that it is composition is known, to guide the next steps of radioactive waste management. Filter cartridges that are used in the water polishing system of IEA-R1 research reactor is one of these wastes. The IEA-R1 is a pool-type research reactor, operating between 2 and 5 MW that uses water as coolant, moderator and biological shield. Besides research, it is used for production of radioisotopes and irradiation of samples with neutron and gamma beams. It is located in the Nuclear and Energy Research Institute at the University of Sao Paulo campus. The filter cartridges are used to retain particles that are suspended in the cooling water. When filters become saturated and are unable to maintain the flow within the established limits, they are replaced and disposed of as radioactive waste. After a period of decay, they are sent to the Radioactive Waste Management Department. The aim of this work is to present the studies to determine the activity of gamma emitters present in the cartridge filters. The activities were calculated using the dose rates measured with hand held detectors, after the ratios of the emission rates of photons were evaluated by gamma spectrometry, by the Point Kernel method, which correlates the activity of a source with dose rates at various distances. The method described can be used to determine routinely the radioactive inventory of these filters, avoiding the necessity of destructive radiochemical analysis, or the necessity of calibrating the geometry of measurement. (author)

  19. Dosimetric evaluation of a combination of brachytherapy applicators for uterine cervix cancer with involvement of the distal vagina; Avaliacao dosimetrica de uma combinacao de aplicadores para braquiterapia de tumores do colo uterino com acometimento da porcao distal da vagina

    Guimaraes, Roger Guilherme Rodrigues [Real e Benemerita Sociedade Portuguesa de Beneficencia, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Servico de Radioterapia Estereotactica; Carvalho, Heloisa de Andrade; Stuart, Silvia Radwanski; Rubo, Rodrigo Augusto [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Servico de Radioterapia], e-mail:; Seraide, Rodrigo Migotto [Centro de Oncologia Campinas, SP (Brazil)


    Objective: To evaluate an alternative brachytherapy technique for uterine cervix cancer involving the distal vagina, without increasing the risk of toxicity. Materials And Methods: Theoretical study comparing three different high-dose rate intracavitary brachytherapy applicators: intrauterine tandem and vaginal cylinder (TC); tandem/ring applicator combined with vaginal cylinder (TR+C); and a virtual applicator combining both the tandem/ring and vaginal cylinder in a single device (TRC). Prescribed doses were 7 Gy at point A, and 5 Gy on the surface or at a 5 mm depth of the vaginal mucosa. Doses delivered to the rectum, bladder and sigmoid colon were kept below the tolerance limits. Volumes covered by the isodoses, respectively, 50% (V50), 100% (V100), 150% (V150) and 200% (V200) were compared. Results: Both the combined TR+C and TRC presented a better dose distribution as compared with the TC applicator. The TR+C dose distribution was similar to the TRC dose, with V150 and V200 being about 50% higher for TR+C (within the cylinder). Conclusion: Combined TR+C in a two-time single application may represent an alternative therapy technique for patients affected by uterine cervix cancer involving the distal vagina. (author)

  20. Comparative evaluation of Map-Check and Arc-Check for dosimetric verification in patients treaties with IMRT; Evaluacion comparativa de MapCHECK y ArcCHECK para verificacion dosimetrica en pacientes tratados con IMRT

    Garcia, B.; Marquina, J.; Ramirez, J.; Gonzales, A., E-mail: [ALIADA, Oncologia Integral, Av. Jose Galvez Barrenechea 1044, San Isidro, Lima 27 (Peru)


    The dosimetric controls that are realized to the patients in the Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) techniques; are indispensable since allows in real time to verify the quantity of imparted dose to the patient, these controls should be carried out every time that will begin a treatment, because these techniques impart dose dynamically modulating the dose intensity and movements of the Multi leaf Collimator (MLC), for they exist different diodes devices prepared in spiral (3-D) and planar form (2-D); that allows to estimate the dose fluence in a certain area. Treatment studies for head and neck with IMRT were compared regarding the reading average carried out by the diodes in the corresponding areas, using the criteria of the gamma index like dose difference 3% or 3m m of distance for both diode arrangements, in the IMRT case was found in Arc-Check a minor difference of 3/3 for an average of 99.37% of read diodes in a correct way contrary to the reading obtained with the Map-Check 3/3 an average of difference of 96.19%; in IMRT the difference was lower due to different factors like sensibility of the diodes reading, resolution, diodes disposition, as well as the average reading of entrance and exit of the radiation beams. Within the parameters delivered by the diodes arrangement is considered the positioning correction for both acceptance indexes like the gamma factor and the Distance-to-agreement (Dta), the existent difference of reading in factor gamma and Dta fundamentally is the way in like they compare the dose distribution; the Gamma uses dose averages of high and low gradients and Dta use only averages of areas of high gradients between the nearest points giving the distance as a result among the distribution point and the nearest point what makes stricter. (Author)

  1. Implementation of a gel dosimeter for dosimetric verification of treatments with RapidArc{sup TM}; Implementacion de un dosimetro en gel para verificacion dosimetrica de tratamientos con RapidArc{sup TM}

    Cortes, H.; Vasquez, J. [Centro de Control de Cancer Ltda., Carrera 16A No. 83 A-11, 110911 Bogota (Colombia); Plazas, M., E-mail: [Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Av. Carrera 30 No. 45, 110911 Bogota (Colombia)


    The gel dosimetry represents advantages on other dosimetric systems for its potential of analyzing information in third dimension (3D). This work seeks to find another alternative for the verification of treatments of high complexity like the RapidArc{sup TM}. A gel type Magic was prepared and characterized, which was irradiated with base in a plan of RapidArc{sup TM} calculated in the Treatment Planning System (Tps) Eclipse, using the Anisotropic Analytic Algorithm (Aaa) for a beam with an acceleration potential of 6 MV. The dosimeter was characterized using Magnetic Resonance Images starting from the correlation between the T2 and the dose. The dose distribution curves were analyzed in second dimension (2D) using the program Omni Pro-I mrT and were compared with the curves obtained for the Tps under the approach gamma 2D. The comparison showed that the Gel represents a valid option inside the acceptable ranges for Quality Assurance in radiotherapy. (Author)

  2. Dosimetric methodology for extremities of individuals occupationally exposed to beta radiation using the optically stimulated luminescence technique; Metodologia dosimetrica para extremidades em individuos ocupacionalmente expostos a radiacao beta por meio da tecnica de luminescencia opticamente estimulada

    Pinto, Teresa Cristina Nathan Outeiro


    A dosimetric methodology was established for the determination of extremity doses of individuals occupationally exposed to beta radiation, using Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}:C detectors and the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) reader system microStar, Landauer. The main parts of the work were: characterization of the dosimetric material Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}:C using the OSL technique; establishment of the dose evaluation methodology; dose rate determination of beta radiation sources; application of the established method in a practical test with individuals occupationally exposed to beta radiation during a calibration simulation of clinical applicators; validation of the methodology by the comparison between the dose results of the practical test using the OSL and the thermoluminescence (TL) techniques. The results show that both the OSL Al-2O{sub 3}:C detectors and the technique may be utilized for individual monitoring of extremities and beta radiation. (author)

  3. Dosimetry characterization and clinical application of Exa skin: Bolus of high of high density for use with photons; Caracterizacion dosimetrica y aplicacion clinica de Exaskin: bolus de alta densidad para uso con fotones

    Ortiz Seidel, M.; Velazquez Miranda, S.


    Bolus of high density eXaSkin of density 1.6 g/cm{sub 3} is calculated correctly in the planning systems, is easy to use and generates optimum coupling with the radiation area, at the same time which is easily reproducible in their placement, avoiding the use of electron beams. On the other hand its behavior varies very slightly with the presence of air gaps. (Author)

  4. Use of VAP3D software in the construction of pathological anthropomorphic phantoms for dosimetric evaluations; Uso do software VAP3D na construcao de fantomas antropomorficos patologicos para avaliacoes dosimetricas

    Lima, Lindeval Fernandes de [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (DEM/UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica; Vieira, Jose Wilson [Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia de Pernambuco, Recife, PE (Brazil); Lima, Fernando R.A., E-mail: [Centro Regional de Ciencias Nucleares do Nordeste (CRCN-NE/CNEN-PE), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    This paper performs a new type of dosimetric evaluation, where it was used a phantom of pathological voxels (representative phantom of sick person). The software VAP3D (Visualization and Analysis of Phantoms 3D) were used for, from a healthy phantom (phantom representative of healthy person), to introduce three dimensional regions to simulate tumors. It was used the Monte Carlo ESGnrc code to simulate the X ray photon transport, his interaction with matter and evaluation of absorbed dose in organs and tissues from thorax region of the healthy phantom and his pathological version. This is a computer model of typical exposure for programming the treatments in radiodiagnostic

  5. Chemical characterization of polymeric surge arresters and insulators used in high voltage lines; Caracterizacao quimica de para-raios e isoladores utilizados em linhas de alta tensao

    Oliveira Junior, Joao B. de; Castro Junior, Joao B. de; Silva, Maria Elisa S.R. e; Freitas, Roberto F.S.; Sousa, Ricardo G. de [Lab. de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Polimeros, Dept. de Engenharia Quimica da EE.UFMG, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil); Souza, Breno P.G. de [CEMIG Distribuicao S/A, Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)], e-mail:


    In the last two decades, traditional porcelain and glass surge arresters and insulators, used in the electrical system, have been replaced by polymeric materials. For this type of application it is recommended that these devices have a high resistance to environmental stresses and impacts without suffering degradation process. Considering the environmental conditions these polymers are exposed to, when used for this purpose, studies of their chemical composition are needed. In this work, polymeric materials present in surge arresters and insulators used in electrical system were chemically characterized by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). FTIR analysis showed that the samples tested are made of poly(dimethylsiloxane) - PDMS (silicone) and additives such as alumina trihydrated [Al (OH)3] and calcium carbonate. (author)

  6. Synthesis and characterization of activated carbon materials for natural gas storage; Sintese e caracterizacao de materiais carbonosos ativados para armazenamento de gas natural

    Coutinho, A.R.; Mendez, M.O.; Capobianco, G. [MULTIVACUO Industria e Comercio de Filtros Ltda., Campinas, SP (Brazil); Otani, C.; Petraconi, G.; Maciel, H.; Massi, M.; Urruchi, W. [Centro Tecnico Aeroespacial, Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil). Inst. Tecnologico de Aeronautica; Campos, F.B. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES); Campos, M.F.; Furin, R. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The activated carbon (AC) materials are characterized by a highly porous structure and high specific surface area, giving the capacity to adsorb molecules in liquid and gaseous phase. The present work has the objectives: project and construction of a pilot plant for production of 30 kg/month of AC; development of hybrid process of AC production using physical and/or chemical activation and cold plasma. The biomass raw materials are used, like pinnus wood and macadamia shell. The samples are prepared in form of grains or briquettes, and inserted in reactor inside of the furnace for the pre-activation process. This process is realized in temperatures of 600 deg C - 900 deg C, with heating rates of 1 deg C.min{sup -1} - 10 deg C.min{sup -1}, using different flow rate of inert gas (200 ml.min{sup -1} - 1000 ml.min{sup -1}); with two kinds of a activating agent: steam and CO{sub 2}. After the withdrawal of the samples of the reactor, the samples are submitted to the final process of activation, in oxidant plasma reactor, varying the following process parameters: pressure, gas flow rate, power and residence time. The chemical activation process consists of adding to the raw material the activating agents, as ZnCl{sub 2}, KOH, and others, in varied ratios. The AC had been characterized by: scanning electronic microscopy (SEM), specific surface area (SSA) by the BET and DR techniques. The preliminary results presents AC produced by the chemical activation with a SSA of 1700 m{sup 2}.g{sup -1} and pore volume of 0,8 cm{sup 3}.g{sup -1}, with average pore diameter of 2,0 nm and burn-off degree of 50%. The AC prepared by plasma process shown values of SSA up to 3200 m{sup 2}.g{sup -1}. (Project supported by Rede Gas Energia - PETROBRAS TC 540.4.049.03-0). (author)

  7. Characteristics of the radiochromic film Gafchromictm EBT3 model for use in brachytherapy; Caracterizacao do filme radiocromico Gafchromictm modelo EBT3 para uso em braquiterapia

    Luvizotto, Jessica


    Brachytherapy is a radiotherapy treatment modality using radioactive sealed sources within walking distance of the tumor, reducing the risk of applying an unwanted dose to adjacent healthy tissues. For brachytherapy is reliable, it is necessary to establish a dosimetric practices program aimed at determining the optimal dose of radiation for this radiotherapy practice. This paper presents the application of two methodologies for the dosimetry using radiochromic films. Experimental measurements were performed with EBT3 films in phantoms consisting of homogeneous and heterogeneous material (lung, bone and soft tissue) built especially for dose measurements in brachytherapy. The processing and analysis of the resulting images of the experimental procedure were performed with ImageJ software and MATLAB. The results were evaluated from comparisons dose of experimental measurements and simulations obtained by the Monte Carlo method. (author)

  8. Characterization of acai seeds as a feedstock for electricity generation via gasification; Caracterizacao do caroco de acai como insumo para geracao de eletricidade via gaseificacao

    Seye, Omar; Souza, Rubem Cesar Rodrigues de; Bacellar, Atlas Augusto; Morais, Marcia Rodrigues de [Universidade Federal do Amazonas (CDEAM/UFAM), Manaus, AM (Brazil). Fac. de Tecnologia. Centro de Desenvolvimento Energetico Amazonico], emails:,,,


    This work presents an overview of the characterization physical-chemistry and energy of the aca pit used as input in process of generation of electricity through gasification. Acai pits analyses were accomplished with relationship to the acai pit drying, energy content, proximate and ultimate analyses, size, TGA experiments, bulk density. It was observed that the acai pit can be used as bioenergy but, it presents a low energy content (16,36 MJ/kg) in relationship that of the ' typical' biomass (21 MJ/kg ) and this is not due to the ash content that is very low (1,15%), but yes, the only composition that resembles each other more the Carbohydrates than to the typical composition of the usual biomass. The average diameter of 10 pits chosen at random was 9.5 mm. The acai pits have an angle of repose of {approx}20 degrees, making them ideal for feeding into gasification and combustion processes. (author)

  9. Synthesis, characterization and electrical properties of solid electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cell; Preparacao, caracterizacao e propriedades eletricas de eletrolito solido para celula a combustivel de oxido solido

    Berton, Marco Antonio Coelho; Garcia, Carlos Mario; Matos, Jeferson Hrenechen [Instituto de Tecnologia para o Desenvolvimento (LACTEC), Curitiba, PR (Brazil)], Emails:,,


    Solid electrolytes of BaCe{sub 08}Gd{sub O29} were prepared by the polymeric precursor method. X-ray diffraction data shows a single phase with orthorhombic crystalline structure. The densification process was followed by scanning electronic microscopy and apparent density measurements. The apparent density was developed for different temperatures of sintering, reaching > 96% for sintered temperature of 1550 {sup 0}C deg . The electrochemical impedance analysis was development in the temperature of 400-700 deg C, in air atmosphere at 700 deg C a value of 30,6{sup -1} was obtained. The results of conductivity have confirmed the gadolinium doped barium cerate has a great potential for use as solid electrolyte for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell, at experimental controlled conditions. (author)

  10. Characterization of potassium nitrate as dosimetric material for industrial radioactive processes; Caracterizacao do nitrato de potassio como material dosimetrico para os processos industriais por radiacao

    Galante, Ana Maria Sisti; Rzyski, Barbara Maria; Campos, Leticia L. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    The potassium nitrate is a compound that can be prepared in the pellet form and used as dosimeter in the routine industrial irradiation. The changes that occur when this dosimeter is irradiated can be detected by the spectrophotometry technique. The optical absorption change in a pre-established wavelength, before and after irradiation, can be related with the absorbed dose. Dosimetric properties of the KNO{sub 3} as a function of dose rate, radiation incidence angle and environmental conditions between others were evaluated. The dosimeter was characterized in a dose range between 1 and 150 kGy with gamma radiation {sup 60}Co source. Two {sup 60}Co sources belonging CTRS (IPEN/CNEN) were used. (author)

  11. Characterization of chemical compounds for dosimetry of the radiation in industrial processes; Caracterizacao de compostos quimicos para dosimetria das radiacaoes em processos industriais

    Galante, Ana Maria Sisti


    Different chemical compounds have been studied to optimize dosimetric systems in irradiation processes. In this study 2,3,5 Triphenyl -2H- Tetrazolium Chloride, Brilliant Cresyl Blue, Bromocresol Green and Potassium Nitrate were investigated for their merits or faults, for {sup 60} Co gamma field, in order to verify if can be considered as dosimeters. Fricke solution was used as reference dosimeter to determine absorption dose rates at the gamma facilities.Only Bromocresol Green and Potassium Nitrate are recommended for dosimetry purposes since the main characteristics were achieved. The other two compounds could be used in dosimetry with changes in their formulation. Bromocresol Green and potassium Nitrate are reproducible and radiation sensitive for absorbed doses from 300 Gy to 150 kGy Bromocresol Green was used in liquid form and Potassium Nitrate was prepared in solid pellets form. Spectrophotometry in the visible region was used as the main detection technique, which allows relating optical absorption, before and after irradiation, with the absorbed dose. The maximum absorption wavelength for each compound was observed at 450-460nm for bromocresol Green and 546nm for Potassium Nitrate. Dose calibration curves are linear for both compounds in all dose intervals. When irradiated with accelerated electrons, with energies between o,9 MeV and 1,5MeV, optical absorption intensification, of about 2,6 times, was observed when comparing results for Potassium Nitrate, with those for gamma rays. All the evaluations are presented in this work. (author)

  12. Characterization and comparison of a agricultural and forestry residues for energy purpose; Caracterizacao e comparacao de residuos agricolas e florestais para a producao de energia

    Oliveira, Jofran Luiz de; Silva, Jadir Nogueira da; Pereira, Emanuele Graciosa; Machado, Cassio Silva; Bezerra, Maria da Conceicao Trindade [Universidade Federal de Vicosa (UFV), MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Agricola], Emails:,


    The large volume of waste generated by the industry of wood processing and agriculture is a problem existing in almost all regions of Brazil. Several environmental problems occur as contamination of soil and groundwater due to the accumulation and improper disposal of residues from forestry and agriculture industries. Brazil has agricultural and economic conditions to develop and take advantage of technologies to use wood and other biomass for energy purposes, for being privileged in terms of territorial extension, sunlight and water, essential factors for biomass production on a large scale. The wood chips and coffee husks are low cost residues, renewable and sometimes under utilized, they are environmentally friendly and potentially capable of generating heat, steam and electric power, thus they can contribute as an alternative fuel for generation of energy. In this context, this study aims to characterize and compare residues from the production of coffee and furniture industry. The biomasses were characterized and analyzed for density, heating value, proximate analysis (volatiles, ash and fixed carbon) and elemental composition. Results indicates large energy potential for coffee husks, with HHV equals to 18,6 MJ/Kg slightly higher than the HHV of the eucalyptus chip (17,3 MJ/Kg). (author)

  13. Experimental characterization of a radiant porous burner for low temperatures using natural gas; Caracterizacao experimental de um queimador poroso radiante a gas natural para baixas temperaturas

    Catapan, Rafael C.; Hissanaga, Newton Junior; Pereira, Fernando M.; Oliveira Junior, Amir A.M. de [Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica; Serfaty, Ricardo [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES); Freire, Luiz G.M. [PETROBRAS - RedeGasEnergia, RJ (Brazil)


    This article describes the experimental characterization of a radiant porous burner for temperatures between 500 deg C and 900 deg C. These low temperature radiant burners can be used in many practical applications as drying of paper and wood, plastic coating, food cooking and ambient heating. Two different configurations of silicon carbide porous ceramic foams were tested: one with a radian reflecting region (RRR) at the outlet and another without this region. Both configurations were able to sustain the reaction with equivalent ratio under 0,35. The configuration with a reflecting region was able to sustain flames with a minimum power of 60 kW/m{sup 2} and the other configuration with 100 W/m{sup 2}.The configuration with the RRR reached minimum superficial temperatures about 100 deg C lower than the other one. These results show that the reflecting region increases the heat recirculation inside the porous burner. The radiant efficiency varied from 20% to 35% for both burners. (author)

  14. Multi-wire detector characterization for daily quality control on IMRT; Caracterizacao de um detector planar de multiplos fios para controle de qualidade diario de tratamentos com IMRT

    Ferrari, Vilma A.; Watanabe, Erika Y.; Santos, Gabriela R.; Menegussi, Gisela, E-mail: [Instituto do Cancer do Estado de Sao Paulo (ICESP), SP (Brazil). Setor de Radioterapia


    Several dosimetry devices are being developed for quality control of radiation treatments using modern techniques as, for example, the Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). The main function of these devices are to daily quality control of treatments of patients submitted to IMRT technique. The aim of this study is to characterize a type of planar multi-wire detector - DAVID (PTW) - for use in clinical practice. It was evaluated the influence of the system in the radiation beam by measuring the absorption factors and surface dose. We also analyzed the dose-linearity, reproducibility, the dependence with the dose rate and the angle of the linac head. Small errors in the position of the multi-leaf were inserted to evaluate the sensitivity of the system. The results showed that the detector can absorb up to 6.7% of the dose, depending of the energy beam and the field size. A significant increase in surface dose was observed, indicating that individual analysis is necessary for each patient. The system showed good reproducibility, linear response with dose, low dependence with dose rate and low dependence with the angle of the linac head. When small errors were inserted in the position of the multi-leaf, the system was able to detect them. Thus, the detector DAVID proved to be suitable for daily verification of IMRT treatments. (author)

  15. Methodology for the analysis and characterization of the demand side energy resources; Metodologia para analise e caracterizacao dos recursos energeticos do lado da demanda

    Baitelo, Ricardo Lacerda; Udaeta, Miguel Edgar Morales [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Energia e Automacao Eletricas. Grupo de Energia; Burani, Geraldo Francisco; Grimoni, Jose Aquiles Baesso [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Energia e Eletrotecnica


    This abstract aims at describing briefly a model for the assessment of demand side energy resources This model intends to comprehend every kind of action and measure related to demand side management and energy conservation, evaluating them in a holistic way, into four dimensions: technical-economical, environmental, social and political. Different aspects regarding the resources are also accounted, such as energetic potentials (theoretical, accomplishable and economic). At last, scenarios concerning the introduction of evaluated resources through a period of time are elaborated. (author)

  16. Dosimetric study for characterization of a postal system of quality control in brachytherapy; Estudo dosimetrico para caracterizacao de um sistema postal de controle de qualidade em braquiterapia

    Alves, Victor Gabriel Leandro, E-mail: [Instituto Nacional do Cancer (INCa), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Queiroz Filho, Pedro Pacheco de; Santos, Denison de Souza, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Begalli, Marcia, E-mail: begalli@uerj.b [Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (IF/UERJ), RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica


    This work presents a dosimetric study of a postal system, to be developed for measurements of brachytherapy. It was projected a PMMA phantom with orifices for insertion of the high dose {sup 192}Ir source and the T L dosemeters. The system was characterized with using of Monte Carlo simulations, using the dosimetric magnitudes defined at the T G-43 of AAPM, as function of radial dose g(f)

  17. Treatment and characterization of fiber licuri for synthesis of polymeric composites; Tratamento e caracterizacao da fibra de licuri para sintese de compositos polimericos

    Oliveira, J.C.; Miranda, C.S.; Carvalho, R.F.; Jose, N.M.; Boaventura, J.S., E-mail: [Universidade Federal da Bahia (GECIM/UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica. Grupo de Energia e Ciencias dos Materiais


    Natural fibers are materials of increasing use of polymeric composites, due to several advantageous properties compared to synthetic fibers: low cost, density, toxicity and excellent biodegradability. Licuri fiber is widely used in the manufacture of handicrafts, with a wide range of possible applications. Before this, characterize the properties of the fiber is of great interest economic, technological and social. This study characterized the fibers in nature, which were washed with water, treated with 5% H{sub 2}SO{sub 4} or 5% NaOH. Techniques were used FTIR, DSC, TGA and XRD, as well as analysis of surface reactivity of the acid and base. All treatments altered the surface of licuri, exposing reactive sites. It was observed that sodium hydroxide licuri changed significantly, as expected. These results are very significant for the recovery of a natural fiber (licuri), abundant in poor regions of the country. (author)

  18. Synthesis and characterization of alumina precursor and alumina to be used as nano composite; Sintese e caracterizacao de precursores de alumina e alumina para uso em nanocompositos

    Antunes, M.L.P., E-mail: malu@sorocaba.unesp.b [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Sorocaba, SP (Brazil); Santos, H. Souza [Universidade de Sao Paulo (IF/USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica; Santos, P. Souza [Universidade de Sao Paulo (EP/USP), SP (Brazil). Escola Politecnica


    With the evolution of nanomaterials technology, mainly in the 90s, it was possible to observe produced composites with alumina matrix and nanomaterial as reinforcing materials. It results in a significant improvement of mechanical proprieties of these composites. Thenceforth the study of synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials has attracted great scientific interest. In this perspective, the aim of this work is to present an experimental procedure to obtain nordstrandite (aluminum hydroxide) with nanometric dimensions. Nordstrandite synthesis, obtained by the reaction of slightly amalgamated aluminum foil with aqueous ethylene glycol, which allows the control of the size of crystal produced. This control could be confirmed by X-Ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy. Thermal transformation study is also presented. This study allowed the identification of transition aluminas that have potential to produce nanometric aluminas. (author)

  19. Characterization of an electronic system for Image acquisition portal to open field dosimetry; Caracterizacao de um sistema eletronico de aquisicao de imagem portal para dosimetria em radioterapia

    Barbi, Gustavo L.; Oliveira, Harley F.; Bertucci, Edenyse C.; Amaral, Leonardo L.; Borges, Leandro F., E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Centro de Ciencias das Imagens e Fisica Medica


    The objective was to characterize and enable an electronic portal imaging device (EPID) to use like a portal dosimetry device - PDI, in non-transit mode, without interposition of scattering between the beam and EPID for measurement to open fields. The images as well as the DICOM header data are extracted from software ImageJ and the information are used in the basic algorithm for converting pixel to dose. The linearity and reproducibility of response were analyzed, and the maximum deviation found of 2,3% to 800 monitor units (MU) for linearity and -0,9% for reproducibility of signal measured daily. A 512x512 matrix with a resolution of 0,8mm was established to restore the shape of beam from the image. The field size dependence was evaluated, by obtaining the ratio of total scattering of ionization chamber and EPID. Finally, a calibration factor of 28470.88{+-}170.73 pixel/cGy was established for the central area of the image. Comparative analyzes between the PDI, radiochromic film and array of ionization chambers (MatriXX) showed good agreement for fields greater then 5 x 5 cm{sup 2} to reestablishment of form field and dose, however, for fields between 3x3 cm{sup 2} and 5x5 cm{sup 2}, the agreement to shape of beam was best established by film. (author)

  20. El liberalsocialismo para Bobbio y para nosotros

    Bovero, Michelangelo


    Partiendo de las ideas sobre el liberalsocialismo en el pensamiento de Norberto BOBBIO y hallando en el ámbito del constitucionalismo el terreno propicio, no ya para un compromiso, sino para una forma de reconciliación entre la tradición liberal y la socialista, el autor propone una caracterización del liberalsocialismo articulada en dos niveles: en un “liberalsocialismo mínimo” (o liberalsocialismo para la democracia), entendido como un “mínimo indispensable para la democracia”, y en un “lib...

  1. Fabrication and electrical characterization of polyaniline-silicon heterojunction for gamma radiation dosimetry application; Fabricacao e caracterizacao eletrica de heterojuncoes de polianilina - silicio para aplicacao em dosimetria de radiacao gama

    Laranjeira, Jane Maria Goncalves


    In this work a technique has been developed to fabricate high quality polyaniline-silicon heterojunction diodes for use as gas and/or ionizing radiation sensors. Polyaniline thin films (40 nm thick) produced by spin-coating on silicon substrates, were the active part of the junction structure. The devices presented excellent reproducibility of their electrical characteristics with high rectification ratio, 60,000 at {+-}1.0 V, and typical reverse current at - 1.0 V of 3 nA at 295 K. A G/I x G plot has been used to analyze the current-voltage characteristics, yielding typical series resistance of 4 k{omega} {+-} 5% and ideality factor in a range of 1,9 {+-} 0.5%. The heterojunction diode presents high sensitivity to gamma radiation in the dose range of 3 x 10{sup -2} to 7 kGy with a linear response in the forward and reverse bias. The excellent electrical characteristics together with the linear response with the dose, strongly suggest the application of this device for spectrometry or dosimetry of high doses of gamma radiation. These devices presented high sensitivity to gas moistures such as ammonia, nitric acid and trichloroethylene. In both cases the sensitivity was observed through shifts of the current-voltage curves, which can be easily monitored to provide a calibration curve of the sensor either as a radiation dosimeter or as a gas sensor for use in applications for gas monitoring or radiation dosimetry. Several aspects of the reliability physics of silicon-polyaniline heterojunction, such as degradation effects induced by local heating, charge trapping and temperature changes, have been discussed. These results further confirm the quality of the devices electrical characteristics and their suitability for radiation and gas sensors applications. Another interesting results presented in this work was the use of polyemeraldine nanofilms (thickness in the range 30-50 nm) deposited by 'spin coating' on glass substrates as an optical dosimeter for gamma radiation based on the color change of the polymer. The nanofilms devices were characterized by UV visible absorption spectroscopy. The deep blue color, characteristic of undoped polyaniline films before irradiation, becomes subsequently green as the film is being irradiated, and the film absorption coefficient exhibits a linear dependence with the logarithm of the irradiation dose from I to 10 kGy. (author)

  2. Fractioning of sodium polyphosphate and characterization by {sup 31}P NMR: a experience to physical-chemistry lessons; Fracionamento de polifosfato de sodio e caracterizacao por RMN de 31P: um experimento para aulas de Fisico-Quimica

    Lima, Emilia Celma de Oliveira; Alcantara, Glaucia Braz Alcantara; Damasceno, Fernando Cruvinel, E-mail: elima@quimica.ufg.b [Universidade Federal de Goias (UFG), Goiania, GO (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica; Moita Neto, Jose Machado [Universidade Federal do Piaui (UFPI), Teresina, PI (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica; Galembeck, Fernando [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica


    This text describes an experiment on fractional precipitation of a polymer together with determination of average degree of polymerization by NMR. Commercial sodium polyphosphate was fractionated by precipitation from aqueous solution by adding increasing amounts of acetone. The polydisperse salt and nine fractions obtained from it were analyzed by {sup 31}P nuclear magnetic resonance and the degree of polymerization of the salts and of the fractions were calculated. Long-chain sodium polyphosphate was also synthesized and analyzed. This experiment was tested in a PChem lab course but it can be used also to illustrate topics of inorganic polymers and analytical chemistry. (author)

  3. Synthesis and characterization of rare earth molybdates nanoparticles for detection of specific prostatic cancer (PSA); Preparacao e caracterizacao de nanoparticulas de molibdatos de terras raras para deteccao do antigeno especifico da prostata (PSA)

    Dias, Clarissa Lombardi


    The interest in using rare earths to investigate the properties and functions of biochemical systems as well as to determinate biological substances has increased in several fields, including biomarkers in immunology (fluoro immunoassays). Nowadays the use of lanthanides in the diagnosis of various diseases have become more important through the development of commercial diagnostic kits. As main feature, these rare earths can show a long lifetime, photo stability and emission bands of atomic like behavior and well defined, in the visible region, demonstrating unique advantages when compared to other luminescent species. The present work had as its goal to synthesize rare earth molybdates by the co-precipitation method as well as to characterize these materials by X-ray diffraction, near infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, scanning electronic microscopy, transmission electronic microscopy and luminescent studies. In this work, three different studied were developed: the influence of the vortex speed variation during co-precipitation in the structure of the final product, morphology and luminescence properties; the influence of the annealing temperature also in the structure, morphology and luminescence properties; and the influence of concentration of the doping in the luminescence properties. Another important step of this work was the functionalization of nanoparticles using an organosilane (APTES) to coat and establish points for binding the particles to biological species. It was proved that this process was very efficient by the characterization results and the silica incorporation was well succeeded. Specific prostatic cancer (PSA) was then linked to the functionalized nanoparticles to diagnostic prostatic cancer by fluoroimmunoassay and levels for detection were established. (author)

  4. Methodology to characterize an unsampled oil interval, integrating PVT (Pressure/Volumen/Temperature) analysis and production log; Metodologia para caracterizacao de oleo de intervalo nao-amostrado, integrando analise PVT e perfil de producao

    Marcon, Diogo Reato; Souza, Ana Paula Martins de; Vieira, Alexandre J.M. [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This work presents a new methodology for characterizing an unsampled oil interval, using basically production log data and PVT analyses available in the well. The methodology was applied to a real case, where the live oil samples were collected during a well test run in three different depths, revealing some evidence of a compositional grading due to gravity. Each individual sample was a mixture of the fluid produced from the reservoir bottom to the sampling point, since the whole interval was perforated and the isolation had to be made with a packer. The first sample was corresponding to the mixture of lower and all upper oils. The other two samples are only the heavier and that oil with part of the one from the upper interval. In order to identify the fluid properties from the upper interval, needed for production development studies, the following procedure was devised: equation-of-state tuning, reproducing the sampled fluid properties; conversion of volumetric flowrates from production log into mass and molar flowrates; flowrate ratio calculation, between the upper and lower intervals; upper interval fluid composition estimative; upper interval fluid properties simulation, using the previously tuned equation-of-state, thus generating what was considered a representative, synthetic PVT analysis. (author)

  5. Software development for a orifice plate characterization used in the oil and gas industry; Desenvolvimento de um 'software' para caracterizacao de placas de orificio utilizadas na industria do petroleo

    Andreas, N. Andreas [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil)


    The petroleum industry is an economic area that has a strong impact, because this, the information precision is one of the most important facts and it is able to be defined with software simulation. The knowledge of the exactly quantify of petroleum is fundamental, and then the instrumentation is essential for this measurement. There are many mechanisms to measure the volume flow, and one of the most used is the Orifice Plates, which has been more common in the Natural Gas Industry. The software development goal is the characterization of these Orifice Plates, allowing that the constant, which characterizes certain Plate, to be determined without Labor instruments, for that the software has an actualized database. But, the software needs some variables, that are responsible for the environment characteristics and the used material, to calculate the constant of the Orifice Plate, for example, fluid viscosity, environment temperature and kind of the Orifice Plate. The utilized equations in this software are based on the Stolz II equations. This tool is able to facilitate the work in petroleum industry, besides it is done for mobile applications, allowing analyses in real time. (author)

  6. Synthesis and characterization of particles derived of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) for treatment of embolization and chemoembolization;Sintese e caracterizacao de particulas derivadas de poli(alcool vinilico) (PVA) para embolizacao e quimioembolizacao

    Semenzim, Vinicius L.; Basso, Glaucia G.; Passos, Rodrigo A.; Nery, Jose G. [UNESP, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP (Brazil); Agreli, Guilherme; Oliveira, Ana P.M.L.; Kawasaki-Oyama, Rosa S.; Braile, Domingo M., E-mail: nery@ibilce.unesp.b [Braile Biomedica Industria e Comercio Representacoes S.A., Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP (Brazil)


    The most effective way to treat cancerous tumors is by surgically removing them. However in some types of cancer, such as liver and uterine cancer, more than two-thirds of patients have no indication for surgery due to the size and location of the tumor, such as into the blood vessels. Doctors and researchers have invested in alternative and less invasive methods such as chemoembolization. The objectives of this research project are the synthesis and characterization of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) particles for use in cancer treatment. PVA particles will be combined with chemotherapeutic agent Doxorubicin, drug commonly used in the treatment of cancers and carcinomas. The particles, obtained by controlled polymerization reaction followed by saponification, were characterized by SEM, XRD and NMR-CP/MAS. The functionalization of the particles with the drug is the next step of this study. (author)

  7. Characterization of raw materials to obtain the mass for white ware, using waste glass; Caracterizacao de materiais-primas visando a obtencao de massas para ceramica branca, utilizando residuos de vidro plano

    Cavalcanti, M.S.L. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (CCT/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias e Tecnologia; Porto, V.S.; Meneses, R.L; Albuquerque, A.V.; Guedes, B.F.R.; Morais, C.R.S.; Santana, L.N.L. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (CCT/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias e Tecnologia. Unidade Academica de Engenharia de Materiais


    A major problem faced in the post modern society is the huge amount of glass, accumulated in landfills cities. The glass material is one hundred percent recyclable and has the property to act as fluxes as well as feldspar. Given this premise, this study aimed to characterize materials - raw materials and waste glass regional plan for development of ceramic bodies with the similar behavior produced industrially, using shards of glass to partially replace the feldspar. The materials - raw materials used were clay, ball clay, kaolin, quartz, feldspar and shard of glass, being characterized by the techniques: chemical analysis, size analysis, differential thermal analysis vibrational spectroscopy in the infrared region, the Ray-Diffraction X and scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that the waste had higher rates of vitreous oxides fluxes and similar. (author)

  8. Development of methodology for characterization of cartridge filters from the IEA-R1 using the Monte Carlo method; Desenvolvimento de uma metodologia para caracterizacao do filtro cuno do reator IEA-R1 utilizando o Metodo Monte Carlo

    Costa, Priscila


    The Cuno filter is part of the water processing circuit of the IEA-R1 reactor and, when saturated, it is replaced and becomes a radioactive waste, which must be managed. In this work, the primary characterization of the Cuno filter of the IEA-R1 nuclear reactor at IPEN was carried out using gamma spectrometry associated with the Monte Carlo method. The gamma spectrometry was performed using a hyperpure germanium detector (HPGe). The germanium crystal represents the detection active volume of the HPGe detector, which has a region called dead layer or inactive layer. It has been reported in the literature a difference between the theoretical and experimental values when obtaining the efficiency curve of these detectors. In this study we used the MCNP-4C code to obtain the detector calibration efficiency for the geometry of the Cuno filter, and the influence of the dead layer and the effect of sum in cascade at the HPGe detector were studied. The correction of the dead layer values were made by varying the thickness and the radius of the germanium crystal. The detector has 75.83 cm{sup 3} of active volume of detection, according to information provided by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the results showed that the actual value of active volume is less than the one specified, where the dead layer represents 16% of the total volume of the crystal. A Cuno filter analysis by gamma spectrometry has enabled identifying energy peaks. Using these peaks, three radionuclides were identified in the filter: {sup 108m}Ag, {sup 110m}Ag and {sup 60}Co. From the calibration efficiency obtained by the Monte Carlo method, the value of activity estimated for these radionuclides is in the order of MBq. (author)

  9. Technological characterization of clays from the city of Anapolis. Goias, Brazil, for the usage in ceramic products; Caracterizacao tecnologica de argilas do municipio de Anapolis, Goias, Brasil, para a utilizacao em produtos ceramicos

    Chrispim, Z.M.P.; Alves, M.G.; Ramos, I.S.; Silva, A.L.; Fraga, F.A., E-mail: [Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro (LECIV/CCT/UENF), Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ (Brazil). Engenharia Civil; Almeida, L.L.P. de [Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro (LAMAV/CCT/UENF), Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Materiais Avancados


    The city of Annapolis is located 48 kilometers from the capital, Goiania, in Goias Center Mesorregion, which forms part of the Annapolis-Brasilia-Goiania axis, with an economy focused on manufacturing industry, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, wholesale and automobile industry, having a population of 335, 960 inhabitants (IBGE, 2009). The objective of this work is the physical and mineralogical characterization of three samples of clay of that region. The clays were characterized by granulometry determining distribution, Atterberg limits, chemical composition, X-ray diffraction and differential thermal analysis and thermogravimetry. Samples (cps) were obtained by extrusion and fired at 750 deg, 950 deg and 1050 deg C. After the burning process it was determined the water absorption, bending rupture's modulus. The analyzed results show the physical and mineralogical composition of raw materials and concluded that this characterization allows to estimate that the three samples are appropriate or not for the production of ceramic products.(author)

  10. Synthesis and characterization of Pt-Sn-Ni alloys to application as catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells; Sintese e caracterizacao de ligas de Pt-Sn-Ni para aplicacao como caztalisadores em celulas a combustivel do tipo DEFC

    Silva, E.L. da; Correa, P.S.; Oliveira, E.L. de; Takimi, A.S.; Malfatti, C.F., E-mail: celia.malfatti@ufrgs.b [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (LAPEC/UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Mecanica. Lab. de Pesquisa em Corrosao; Radtke, C. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (IQ/UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica


    Direct ethanol fuel cells (DEFCs) have been the focus of recent research due its application in mobile energy sources. In order to obtain the maximum efficiency from these systems, it is necessary the total ethanol oxidation, which implies in C-C bond break. Different catalysts described in literature are employed with this intent. This work consists in studying PtSnNi catalysts supported on carbon Vulcan XC72R, to application in DEFCs. Thus, it was used the impregnation/reduction method, varying the atomic proportion among Pt, Sn and Ni. The alloys were characterized by X-Ray Diffraction, Cyclic Voltammetry and Transmission Microscopy. Preliminary results show that predominant structure on the catalysts is the face centered cubic platinum and the densities currents are dependent on the platinum amount. (author)

  11. Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline/clay conducting nanocomposites for use in protective coatings; Sintese e caracterizacao de nanocompositos condutores de polianilina/argila para utilizacao em revestimentos protetores

    Baldissera, A.F.; Ferreira, C.A.; Senisse, C.A.L.; Oliveira, L.S., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (LAPOL/UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Lab. de Materiais Polimericos


    Nanomaterials have been shown highly promising materials for various technological applications. In engineering, may be noted the polymer nanocomposites, which are a new class of composite materials, where a nanoclay, or charge with nanometric dimensions, is dispersed in a polymer matrix at low concentration or volume. The clays are more common and when added in quantities less than 5% in the nanocomposites, cause a significant increase in these properties, such as mechanical, optical, magnetic barrier, and especially permeability and flammability. In this context, this work aimed at obtaining the polymeric nanocomposites of polyaniline (PAni) with different commercial clays (cloisite Na{sup +}, 10A and 30B). The preparation of PAni-MMT nanocomposites was performed by in situ polymerization of aniline in acidic (HCl). Electrical conductivity measurements, infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction were some of the techniques used to characterize the nanocomposites. (author)

  12. Characterization of an extrapolation chamber and radiochromic films for verifying the metrological coherence among beta radiation fields; Caracterizacao de uma camara de extrapolacao e filmes radiocromicos para verificacao da coerencia metrologica entre campos padroes de radiacao beta

    Castillo, Jhonny Antonio Benavente


    The metrological coherence among standard systems is a requirement for assuring the reliability of dosimetric quantities measurements in ionizing radiation field. Scientific and technologic improvements happened in beta radiation metrology with the installment of the new beta secondary standard BSS2 in Brazil and with the adoption of the internationally recommended beta reference radiations. The Dosimeter Calibration Laboratory of the Development Center for Nuclear Technology (LCD/CDTN), in Belo Horizonte, implemented the BSS2 and methodologies are investigated for characterizing the beta radiation fields by determining the field homogeneity, the accuracy and uncertainties in the absorbed dose in air measurements. In this work, a methodology to be used for verifying the metrological coherence among beta radiation fields in standard systems was investigated; an extrapolation chamber and radiochromic films were used and measurements were done in terms of absorbed dose in air. The reliability of both the extrapolation chamber and the radiochromic film was confirmed and their calibrations were done in the LCD/CDTN in {sup 90}Sr/{sup 90}Y, {sup 85}Kr and {sup 147}Pm beta radiation fields. The angular coefficients of the extrapolation curves were determined with the chamber; the field mapping and homogeneity were obtained from dose profiles and isodose with the radiochromic films. A preliminary comparison between the LCD/CDTN and the Instrument Calibration Laboratory of the Nuclear and Energy Research Institute / Sao Paulo (LCI/IPEN) was carried out. Results with the extrapolation chamber measurements showed in terms of absorbed dose in air rates showed differences between both laboratories up to de -I % e 3%, for {sup 90}Sr/{sup 90}Y, {sup 85}Kr and {sup 147}Pm beta radiation fields, respectively. Results with the EBT radiochromic films for 0.1, 0.3 and 0.15 Gy absorbed dose in air, for the same beta radiation fields, showed differences up to 3%, -9% and -53%. The beta radiation field mappings with radiochromic films in both BSS2 showed that some of them were not geometrically aligned. (author)

  13. Method of semi-automatic high precision potentiometric titration for characterization of uranium compounds; Metodo de titulacao potenciometrica de alta precisao semi-automatizado para a caracterizacao de compostos de uranio

    Cristiano, Barbara Fernandes G.; Dias, Fabio C.; Barros, Pedro D. de; Araujo, Radier Mario S. de; Delgado, Jose Ubiratan; Silva, Jose Wanderley S. da, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Lopes, Ricardo T., E-mail: ricardo@lin.ufrj.b [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (LIN/COPPE/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-Graduacao de Engenharia. Lab. de Instrumentacao Nuclear


    The method of high precision potentiometric titration is widely used in the certification and characterization of uranium compounds. In order to reduce the analysis and diminish the influence if the annalist, a semi-automatic version of the method was developed at the safeguards laboratory of the CNEN-RJ, Brazil. The method was applied with traceability guaranteed by use of primary standard of potassium dichromate. The standard uncertainty combined in the determination of concentration of total uranium was of the order of 0.01%, which is better related to traditionally methods used by the nuclear installations which is of the order of 0.1%

  14. Characterization of ashes of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) for potential added in mass red ceramic; Caracterizacao de cinzas de capim elefante (Pennisetum purpureum) para potencial adicao em massa de ceramica vermelha

    Silva, A.M.F.D.; Sales, K.A.; Monteiro, S.N.; Vieira, C.M.F., E-mail: [Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro (LAMAV/UENF), Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Materiais Avancados


    This work is in characterizing ash from biomass grass (Pennisetum purpureums) for incorporation into red ceramic masses. The ashes of elephant grass were generated from burning this dry biomass in an industrial furnace of red ceramic. The morphology of the material generated was observed by an optical microscope. The chemical composition was determined by fluorescence X-ray spectrometry, and the identification of phases by X-ray diffraction. The particle size distribution was obtained by sieving. Thermogravimetric analyzes were also conducted. The results indicate that these ashes are constituted of high quantities of SiO{sub 2}, MgO, CaO and K{sub 2}O, totaling approximately 75% of composition of matter. They have a particle size of 0.7 to 2.2mm featuring. The residue as a kind of coarse particles. Therefore, the results of this study can support future research to the addition of this residue in structural ceramics products (red ceramic)

  15. Proposal of a methodology to be applied for the characterization of external exposure risk of employees in nuclear medicine services; Proposta de uma metodologia para caracterizacao de risco de exposicao externa de funcionarios de servicos de medicina nuclear

    Simoes, Rafael Figueiredo Pohlmann


    Nuclear medicine procedure requires the administration of radioactive material by injection, ingestion or inhalation. After incorporation, the patient becomes a mobile source of radiation and, after their examination; they can irradiate everyone on their way out of the Nuclear Medicine Service (NMS). A group of workers in this path is considered a critical group, but there are no conviction on this classification, because there are not measurements available. Thus, workers claiming for occupationally exposed individual's (OEI) rights are common. Employers are always in a complex situation, because if they decided to undertake the individual external monitoring of the critical working groups, the Court considers all as OEI and employers are taxed. On the other hand, if they do not provide monitoring, it is impossible to prove that these workers were not exposed to effective doses higher than individual annual public's limit and they lose the actions, too. This work proposes a methodology to evaluate, using TLD environmental monitors, air kerma rate at critical staff points in a NMS. This method provides relevant information about critical groups' exposure. From these results, the clinic or hospital may prove technically, without individual monitoring of employees, the classification of areas and can estimate the maximum flow of patients in the free areas which guarantees exposures below the public individual dose limit. This methodology has been applied successfully to a private clinic in Rio de Janeiro, which operates a NMS. The only critical group that received exposure statistically different from clinic background radiation was that on the antechamber of the NMS. This is a site that should be characterized as a supervised area and the group of workers in this environment as OEI, as the estimated extrapolated annual effective dose in this position was 1.2 +- 0.7 mSv/year, above the public annual limit (1,0 mSv/year). Normalizing by the number of patients, it can be seen that on average each patient contributes to the effective dose with about 1.0 {mu}Sv at this point, considering the conditions of the clinic at the time of analysis. Therefore, the maximum number of patients that could be attended in this area as a free area would be 1000 patients per year. (author)

  16. Polymeric membranes obtained from S-PEEK for application in PEM fuel cells; Caracterizacao de membranas polimericas obtidas a partir dos S-PEEK para aplicacao em celulas combustiveis do tipo PEM

    Barreto, Ednardo G.; Fiuza, Raildo A.; Catao, Ronei S.; Jose, Nadia M.; Boaventura, Jaime S. [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica], e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:; Pepe, Yuri [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica


    This work had the objective to develop and to characterize S-PEEK membranes (sulfonated poly ether ether ketone) through chemical and electrochemical analyses. Conductivity test in function of the frequency and tension had been carried through; as well as, the open circuit tension of a fuel cell using the S-PEEK as electrolyte. Additional tests included TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis), water absorption test, DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry), as tools to characterize conducting, thermal and mechanical proprieties of polymeric membrane. (author)

  17. Synthesis and characterization of Tin / Titanium mixed oxide nanoparticles doped with lanthanide for biomarking; Sintese e caracterizacao de nanoparticulas de oxido misto de estanho/titanio dopadas com lantanideos para marcacao biologica

    Paganini, Paula Pinheiro


    This work presents the synthesis, characterization and photo luminescent study of tin and titanium mixed oxide nanoparticles doped with europium, terbium and neodymium to be used with luminescent markers on biological systems. The syntheses were done by co-precipitation, protein sol-gel and Pechini methods and the nanoparticles were characterized by infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The photo luminescent properties studies were conducted for luminophores doped with europium, terbium and neodymium synthesized by coprecipitation method. For luminophore doped with europium it was possible to calculate the intensity parameters and quantum yield and it showed satisfactory results. In the case of biological system marking it was necessary the functionalization of these particles to allow them to bind to the biological part to be studied. So the nanoparticles were functionalized by microwave and Stoeber methods and characterized by infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction obtaining qualitative response of functionalization efficacy. The ninhydrin spectroscopic method was used for quantification of luminophores functionalization. The photo luminescent studies of functionalized particles demonstrate the potential applying of these luminophores as luminescent markers. (author)

  18. Preparation and characterization of electrocatalysts based on palladium for electro-oxidation of alcohols in alkaline medium; Preparacao e caracterizacao de eletrocatalisadores a base de paladio para oxidacao eletroquimica de alcoois em meio alcalino

    Brandalise, Michele


    In this study Pd/C, Au/C, PdAu/C, PdAuPt/C, PdAuBi/C and PdAuIr/C electrocatalysts were prepared by the sodium borohydride reduction method for the electrochemical oxidation of methanol, ethanol and ethylene glycol. This methodology consists in mix an alkaline solution of sodium borohydride to a mixture containing water/isopropyl alcohol, metallic precursors and the Vulcan XC 72 carbon support. The electrocatalysts were characterized by energy dispersive X-ray (EDX), X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and cyclic voltammetry. The electrochemical oxidation of the alcohols was studied by chronoamperometry using a thin porous coating technique. The mechanism of ethanol electro-oxidation was studied by Fourier Transformed Infrared (FTIR) in situ. The most effective electrocatalysts were tested in alkaline single cells directly fed with methanol, ethanol or ethylene glycol. Preliminary studies showed that the most suitable atomic composition for preparing the ternary catalysts is 50:45:05. Electrochemical data in alkaline medium show that the electrocatalysts PdAuPt/C (50:45:05) showed the better activity for methanol electro oxidation, while PdAuIr/C was the most active for ethanol oxidation and PdAuBi/C (50:45:05) was the most effective for ethylene glycol oxidation in alkaline medium. These results show that the addition of gold in the composition of electrocatalysts increases their catalytic activities. The spectroelectrochemical FTIR in situ data permitted to conclude that C-C bond is not broken and the acetate is formed. (author)

  19. Project, construction and characterization of ionization chambers for use as standard systems in X and gamma radiation beams; Projeto, construcao e caracterizacao de camaras de ionizacao para utilizacao como sistemas padroes em feixes de radiacao X e gama

    Perini, Ana Paula


    Ionization chambers present some advantages in relation to other dosimeters: easiness of handling, low energy dependence and high precision. The advantages associated to ionization chambers and the large number of diagnostic radiology exams and therapeutic treatments motivated the development of this PhD program. In this project ionization chambers were developed and characterized to be applied in diagnostic radiology and therapy beam dosimetry, with high precision and performance, in compliance with international recommendations. They were assembled in a simple way, utilizing low-cost national materials, so they can be reproduced and applied at calibration laboratories. The project of these ionization chambers presents some differences in relation to commercial ionization chambers, as the materials utilized and geometrical arrangements. Besides the development of the ionization chambers to be utilized in standard X-ray beam dosimetry as work standard systems, two graphite parallel-plate ionization chambers were developed and characterized to be applied as reference standard systems for determining the air kerma rates of gamma radiation sources. Comparing the air kerma rates determined with the reference standard of the Calibration Laboratory of IPEN, a Farmer ionization chamber, with the values of the air kerma rates obtained with the graphite ionization chambers, the maximum differences obtained were only 1.7% and 1.2% for the G1 and G2 graphite ionization chambers, respectively. Moreover, these ionization chambers presented correction factors close to 1.000, which is ideal for an ionization chamber be characterized as a reference standard system. (author)

  20. Chemical, physical and isotopic characterization of U{sub 3}Si{sub 2}, for nuclear forensics purposes; Caracterizacao quimica, fisica e isotopica de U{sub 3}Si{sub 2} para fins forenses nucleares

    Rosa, Daniele Scarpim


    In the early 1990's, the first illicit trafficking of nuclear and radioactive materials was observed mainly in Europe. A decade marked by numerous cases of seizures of these materials. As a result, these events have become the subject of criminal forensic investigations and develop from there, nuclear forensics. In Brazil there are no illicit trafficking official records of nuclear material, however, is widely known the extraction and illegal transportation of radioactive geological materials, and the materials pieces attachment used as shielding for radioactive sources. One of the main tools used in nuclear forensics is the nuclear materials databases establishment. These documents must contain the most information as possible about the physical, chemical and nuclear material seized, allowing the identification of their origin, manufacturing process or age. Thus, it sets characteristic composition standards of each material, called 'chemical signatures' (chemical finger print). In this work nuclear forensic protocol was adopted as well as the three stages of assessment suggested by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in identifying the origin of uranium silicide (U{sub 3}Si{sub 2}). Assays were performed in order to make physical, chemical and isotopic characterization of the studied materials and compared the data with those obtained for other uranium compounds (Uranium tetrafluoride, UF{sub 4}; uranium oxide, UO{sub 2} and U{sub 3}O{sub 8}; Yellow cake) by establishing a characteristic signature for each one. Through the assays the uranium compounds were classify by origin groups, as far as they are from different manufactured process and/ or origin. It was also possible to show the importance of a nuclear forensic database during an investigation of a nuclear forensic event. (author)

  1. Cement for oil well developed from ordinary cement: characterization physical, chemical and mineralogical; Cimento para poco de petroleo desenvolvido a partir de cimento comum: caracterizacao fisica, quimica e mineralogica

    Oliveira, D.N.S.; Neves, G. de A.; Chaves, A.C.; Mendonca, A.M.G.D.; Lima, M.S. de [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), PB (Brazil); Bezerra, U.T., E-mail: [Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia da Paraiba (IFPB), Campina Grande, PB (Brazil)


    This work aims to characterize a new type of cement produced from the mixture of ordinary Portland cement, which can be used as an option in the cementing of oil wells. To enable this work we used the method of lineal programming for the new cement composition, then conducted tests to characterize through particle size analysis by laser diffraction, chemical analysis by EDX, TGA, X-ray diffraction, time grip, resistance to compression. The overall result showed that the new cement had made low-C3A, takes more time to the CPP, thermal stability up to 500 ° C, the kinetics of hydration and low levels of major components consistent with the specifications of ABNT. (author)

  2. Construction and characterization in vitro of a bicistronic retroviral vector coding endostatin and interleukin-2 for use in gene therapy; Construcao e caracterizacao in vitro de um vetor retroviral bicistronico codificando endostatina e interleucina-2 para utilizacao em terapia genica

    Calvo, Fernanda Bernardes


    Gene therapy has been used in preclinical studies and clinical trials in order to alleviate or cure a disease. Retroviral vectors are a tool for gene transfer is widely used. Bicistronic vectors are an attractive alternative for treatment of complex diseases. A variety of options exists to simultaneously express two genes in genetically modified cells. The most common approach relies on bicistronic vectors in which the genes are linked to each other by an internal ribosome entry site allowing co-translational expression of both cistrons. Endostatin, the C-terminal fragment of collagen XVIII, is a potent angiogenesis inhibitor. At present, ES has been widely used in anti-angiogenic in a variety of experimental tumor models, and clinical trials to test it as an anti-tumor agent are already under way. Immunotherapy has been used as adjuvant treatment for tumors and has been used in several preclinical studies and clinical trials. The objective of this project was to construct and characterize 'in vitro' an IRES-based bicistronic retroviral vector encoding endostatin and interleukin-2. The construction of the vector was performed in three stages, the final construction was analyzed by restriction analysis and sequencing. Packaging cells were prepared. The endostatin and interleukin-2 levels were determined by Dot blot. Monocistronic and bicistronic mRNA expression were analyzed by real time RT-PCR. Bicistronic vector showed high levels of virus trites, ranging from 4.20x10{sup 5} to 1.53x10{sup 6}UFC/ml. Secreted levels of endostatin and interleukin-2 ranged from 1.08 to 2.08{mu}g/10{sup 6}cells.24h and 0.66 - 0.89{mu}g/10{sup 6}cells.24h, respectively. The mRNA expression of ES in the NIH3T3 clone pLend-IRES-IL2SN was 2 times higher than the level presented by the NIH3T3 clone pLendSN. The endostatin promoted inhibition (40%) of endothelial cell proliferation. Interleukin-2 promoted a proliferation of 10.6% lymphocytes CD4 and 8.9% of CD8. We conclude that the IRES bicistronic vector provides a powerful tool for studies of cell biology of cancer and new therapeutic strategies. (author)

  3. Characterization of jade and silicates of the jade family for application in radiation dosimetry; Caracterizacao do jade e dos silicatos da familia do jade para aplicacao em dosimetria das radiacoes

    Melo, Adeilson Pessoa de


    The main dosimetric properties of jade and of Brazilian silicates of the jade family were studied for application in radiation dosimetry of high doses. Jade is a common denomination of two different silicates: jadeite, Na Al(Si{sub 2}O{sub 6}), and nephrite, Ca{sub 2}(Mg, Fe){sub 5}(Si{sub 4}O{sub 11}){sub 2} (OH){sub 2}, that belong to the subclasses of the pyroxenes and amphiboles respectively. The jade samples studied in this work were from: Austria, New Zealand, United States and Brazil. The Brazilian silicates of the jade family studied in this work were the amphiboles: tremolite,Ca{sub 2}Mg{sub 5}(Si{sub 4}O{sub 11}){sub 2}(OH){sub 2} e actinolite, Ca{sub 2}Fe{sub 5}(Si{sub 4}O{sub 11}){sub 2}(OH){sub 2}; and the pyroxenes: rhodonite, MnSiO{sub 3} and diopside, Ca Mg(Si{sub 2}O{sub 6}). The mineralogical and chemical composition of these materials were obtained using the neutron activation analysis and X-ray diffraction techniques. The main dosimetric properties (emission curves, calibration curves, reproducibility, lower detection limits, angular and energy dependence, etc) were studied using the thermoluminescent (T L), thermally stimulated exo-emission (TSEE) and electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) techniques. The jade-Teflon and the silicate-Teflon samples present two T L peaks around 115 deg C (peak 1) and 210 deg C (peak 2). The calibration curves of the studied materials present a linear behaviour between 0.5 Gy and 1 kGy. The TSEE emission peak occurs at 240 deg C for all samples, and the calibration curves present a sub linear behaviour between 100 Gy and 20 kGy. In the case of the EPR technique, only jade USA has a potential application for radiation dosimetry. A static computational simulation of the most probable intrinsic and extrinsic defects in rhodonite was also realized. Among the basic defects, the Schottky defects of rhodonite are the most probable to occur and, among the extrinsic defects, the divalent and trivalent dopants present the best possibility of inclusion in rhodonite. (author)

  4. Radiation beans characterization and implantation for study of lead equivalent individual protection device used in radiodiagnostic practices; Caracterizacao e implantacao de feixes de radiacao para estudo de dispositivos de protecao individual com equivalencia em chumbo utilizados em praticas de radiodiagnostico

    Pereira, Leslie Silva


    The protective shielding (IPC) must be used by occupationally exposed professionals, patients and volunteers, in order to optimize the doses who receive due to radiological practices. International and national norms establish the methodology to be adopted for determination of the IPC attenuation. In this work, the IPC had been submitted to X-rays beams with known characteristics, standardized for determination of their attenuation equivalent thickness by comparison to an experimental lead attenuation slope. This comparison technique allowed insurance estimative of the IPC attenuation equivalent thickness in mm of lead. Thus, it was possible to verify the conformity of the attenuation equivalent thickness determined experimentally and the value of the thickness indicated by the manufacturer. To carry out this work, it was necessary the implementation of experimental setups stated in the specifics norms, the study of the X-rays beams original features and the determination of combined additional filters, in order to allow the X-ray equipment used operates in compliance with Norm IEC 61331-1 IEC. The radiation quality selected is characterized by a 100 kV voltage and a 0.25 mm of copper overall filtration. The implementation of this radiation quality it was carried through of its first and second HVL (Half Value Layer). Thus, a methodology according to the international Norms has been implemented in the laboratory. The results of the present work provide suitable and useful information about radiation beams features related to the determination techniques of the attenuation properties. Once implemented the procedures for conformity evaluation of the protection devices, it will be possible to carry out specific quality control tests, which will be helpful to manufacturers, customers, as well as authorities in the radiological protection and health areas. (author)

  5. Researches, development and characterization of dosimetric materials for monitoring in irradiation processes with high doses; Pesquisa, desenvolvimento e caracterizacao de materiais dosimetricos para monitoramento em processos de irradiacao com doses altas

    Galante, Ana Maria Sisti


    Dosimetric materials that can be produced in Brazil with material acquired in the national market to replace the imported dosimeters used in radiation processing were developed in this work. Mixtures of potassium nitrate and sensitizers compounds as manganese dioxide, barium nitrate and potassium bromide were prepared in the pellet form. Dosimetric characteristics such as dose-response useful range, sensitivity, environmental conditions and dose rate influences were evaluated in {sup 60}Co gamma radiation fields. Dyed polymethylmethacrylate detectors were also produced and its dosimetric characteristics were evaluated. The main characteristics evaluated in this case were: dose response useful range sensitivity, environmental conditions, dose rate influences and radiation energy dependence in gamma radiation fields and accelerated electrons beam of 0.8 to 1.5 MeV. The applied analytic technique was spectrophotometry. The calibration was performed in the irradiation facilities belonging to IPEN and certified by the International Atomic Energy Agency by means of the program IDAS (International Dose Assurance Service ) using the Fricke dosimeter. The mixture of potassium nitrate and manganese dioxide presented the best results and a wide dose range between 200 and 600 kGy. The response of the developed polymethylmethacrylate detectors are similar to the imported detectors and the dose range is characteristic to each detector and depends on the dye added in its formulation. (author)

  6. Synthesis and characterization of sulfonic acid membranes based on interpenetrating polymer networks for application in fuel cells; Sintese e caracterizacao de membranas sulfonadas baseadas em redes polimericas interpenetrantes para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel

    Blanco, Lyzed Toloza; Loureiro, Felipe A.M.; Rocco, Ana Maria [Grupo de Materiais Condutores e Energia, Escola de Quimica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:; Pereira, Robson Pacheco [Instituto de Ciencias Exatas, Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Volta Redonda, RJ (Brazil)


    In the present work, the synthesis and characterization of sulfonic membranes based on interpenetrating polymer networks (IPN). In order to obtain such systems, the diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A (DGEBA) was polymerized in presence of polyethyleneimine (PEI). These membranes were submitted to sulfonation reactions, originating IPN-SO{sub 3}H membranes. The characterization by FTIR evidenced the formation of a Semi-IPN structure, while sulfonation reactions resulted in systems containing -SO{sub 3}H groups covalently bonded to the chains. The membranes exhibited water retention up to 200 degree C, in a temperature range sufficient for application in PEMFC under hydration. (author)

  7. Chemometrics application in fuel's MTR type chemical characterization by X-ray fluorescence; Aplicacao da quimiometria para caracterizacao quimica de combustiveis tipo MTR por fluorescencia de raios-X

    Silva, Clayton Pereira da


    In Brazil and worldwide the nuclear power has occupied a prominent position with many applications in industry, power generation, environment and medicine, improving the quality of tests and treatments, therefore people's lives. Uranium is the main element used in nuclear facilities and it s employed as base material to generation of electricity in the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals. In the '50s, during the Cold War, the then newly created International Atomic Energy Agency proposed to oversee nuclear facilities and encourage the manufacture of nuclear fuels with low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel came then type Material Test Reactor (MTR), manufactured initially in U{sub 3}O{sub 8} and U{sub 3}Si{sub 2} later, both dispersed in aluminum. The use of this technology requires a constant improvement of all processes involving the manufacture of MTR subject to several international protocols, which seek to ensure the reliability of the fuel from the standpoint of practical and environmental. In this context, the control of impurities, from the point of view of neutron economy, directly affects the quality of any nuclear fuel, so strict control is necessary. The literature has reported procedures which, beyond generating residues, are lengthy and costly, they need calibration curve and consequently reference materials. The aim of this work is to establish and validate a methodology for nondestructive quantitative chemical analysis, low cost and analysis time, as well as minimize the generation of waste, for multielement determination of major constituents (Utotal and Si) and impurities (B, Mg, Al, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Cd and others) present in U3O8 and U{sub 3}Si{sub 2}, meeting the needs of nuclear reactors in the nuclear fuel qualification type MTR. For that purposes, will be applied the X-ray fluorescence technique which allows fast chemical and nondestructive analysis, aside from sample preparation procedures that do not require previous chemical treatments (dissolving, digesting, and others). To corrections like effects of spectral and matrix were applied and evaluated the fundamental parameter method, univariate calibration curve and multivariate calibration. The results were compared by means of statistical tests in accordance with ISO 17025 in MRCs (123 (1-7) and 124 (1-7)) MCRs of U{sub 3}O{sub 8} from New Brunswick Laboratory (NBL) and 16 U{sub 3}Si{sub 2} samples provided by CC of IPEN/CNEN-SP. The chemometrics is a promising method to determination of minor and major constituents on the U3Si2 and U3O8 basis nuclear fuel, because the precision and accuracy are statistically equal volumetric analysis, gravimetric and ICPOES methods. (author)

  8. Polymers and composites synthesis and characterization for application on PEM type fuel cells; Sintese e caracterizacao de polimeros e compositos para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel do tipo PEM

    Fiuza, Raigenis da Paz; Souza, Daniele Ribeiro; Barreto, Ednardo Gomes; Boaventura Filho, Jaime Soares; Jose, Nadia Mamede [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil)]. E-mail:


    The PEM (proton exchanging membrane) type fuel cell presents good potential for the energy production without the residue generation. However, its manufacture presents high costs for commercial application, mainly due to the electrolyte. Sulfonated Peek (polish-ether-ether-ketone) supported or auto immobilized the in a silicone matrix is an interesting alternative as electrolyte for PEM fuel cells. The commercial PEEK in powder form was functionalized with sulfuric acid, giving the SPEEK (Sulfonated PEEK). The membranes were produced by hot pressing the SPEEK immobilized in a silicone matrix produced by the sol-gel process. The membranes obtained were characterized by DRX, FTIR, TGA, MEV, DSC and protonic conductivity measurements. (author)

  9. Characterization of diesel oil mixtures with soy oil used for activation of engines of internal combustion; Caracterizacao de misturas de oleo diesel com oleo de soja reutilizado para acionamento de motores de combustao interna

    Siqueira, Wagner da Cunha; Fernandes, Haroldo Carlos; Teixiera, Mauri Martins; Abrahao, Selma Alves; Leite, Daniel Mariano [Universidade de Vicosa, (DEA/UFV), MG (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Agricola], Emails:,,,,


    Alternative energy sources have been studied in several countries, with emphasis on ways of obtaining and using more efficient. The objective of this work to evaluate and characterize mixtures of diesel oil (DO) with soybean oil reused (OSR), the ratios of 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100% of OSR in relation to specific gravity index viscosity and calorific value. To determine the specific gravity was used beaker, thermometer and a balance for each mixture was adjusted a regression model to estimate the bulk density as a function of temperature (25 to 90 deg C). We analyzed the viscosity of the mixtures using an orifice-type viscometer Saybolt, through regression analysis models were fit to estimate the viscosity as a function of temperature, heating the OSR 100% from 40 to 90 deg C decreased by up 90.4% to its viscosity. The tests were performed calorimetric using a bomb calorimeter determines the calorific value , the variation in calorific value followed a descending order with respect to OD with the increasing content of OSR. The OSR is efficient for use in internal combustion engines in small proportions. (author)

  10. Preparation, characterization and evaluation of electrocatalysts supported on functionalized carbon black for polymer exchange membrane fuel cell applications; Preparacao, caracterizacao e avaliacao de eletrocatalisadores suportados em carbono funcionalizado para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel tipo PEM

    Carmo, Marcelo do


    The fuel cell technology associated with the growing exigency of low environmental impact energy became prosperous in the world energy scenery. The fuel cell is basically a device that converts directly the chemical energy of a fuel into electrical and thermal energy with a continuous operation by the constant feed of a fuel. Especially, the carbon black Vulcan XC72 is usually employed as an electro catalyst support, and some factors as an accessible and high surface area in order to get maximum particles dispersion, pore size, adequate pore distribution and the presence of functional groups in the carbon black surface are considered fundamental characteristics for an innovative materials development. However, the Vulcan XC72 still reveals insufficient conditions for these purposes. This study consists in the preparation and in the physical chemical characterization of functionalized carbon black by hydrogen peroxide and by polymeric chains with proton conduction properties, and its posterior utilization as electro catalyst support for PEMFC and DMFC application. After the carbon functionalization, an improvement in the carbon black dispersion in water media was observed, a beneficial effect for electro catalyst preparation. It was also observed, that the functional groups and the polymeric chains worked as stabilizers in the particle growing, producing much more homogeneous electrocatalysts, exhibiting smaller average particle size. Especially, in the case of polymeric chains functionalization, a decrease in the ohmic drop was observed for this system, attributed to an improvement in the proton transference. (author)

  11. The role of inversion for acoustic impedance in the seismic characterization process of reservoirs; O papel da inversao para a impedancia acustica no processo de caracterizacao sismica de reservatorios

    Sancevero, Sergio Sacani; Remacre, Armando Zaupa; Portugal, Rodrigo de Souza [Dept. de Geologia e Recursos Naturais (DGRN), Inst. de Geociencias, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil)], E-mails:,,


    The reservoir characterization process can be defined as the three-dimensional and quantitative determination of structure and petrophysical properties of the oil field. The use of 3D seismic data in the reservoir characterization process has become more frequent mainly in the identification of the shape and the size of the sand bodies that constitute the reservoir. However, in some situations as the deep water turbidity reservoirs of Campos Basin, that are characterized by a complex distribution of sand bodies and sub seismic thickness, the use of the conventional seismic amplitude data can result in serious mistakes in the definition of reservoir model. To solve the problem of the vertical seismic resolution limitation, is necessary to build an integrated model that use all information available about the reservoir. The most effective way to integrate the seismic data in the reservoir characterization process is by using acoustic impedance models, obtained by seismic inversion. The aim of this work is to show how the seismic inversion to acoustic impedance can support and improve the characterization of the reservoirs, when comparing the results obtained by the application of two seismic inversion methods, the recursive inversion and the constrained sparse-spike inversion. The seismic inversion methods are applied in a wedge synthetic reference model, that represent some features find in the deep water turbidity reservoir, like stratigraphic thinning and pinch-outs. Based on these results we can see the advantages in use the seismic inversion methods in the determination of geometry of sand bodies and in the calculation of petrophysical properties, and as a consequence more accuracy models can be generated and the forecasts about the behavior of the field can be done in most effective way. (author)

  12. 3D geostatistic modelling of the acoustic impedance for the characterization of Namorado oil field, Brazil; Modelagem geoestatistica 3D da impedancia acustica para a caracterizacao do Campo de Namorado

    Vidal, Alexandre Campane; Sancevero, Sergio Sacani; Remacre, Armando Zaupa; Costanzo, Caetano Pontes [UNICAMP, Instituto de Geociencias, Dept. de Geologia e Recursos Naturais, Campinas, SP (Brazil)], E-mails:,,,


    The aim of this work is analyze the vertical seismic resolution of the turbidity reservoir of Namorado Field. In this work the seismic modeling was accomplished using the convolution method. The wavelet used was the Ricker type with dominant frequency of 20 hz, 35 hz and 50 hz. The results show that wavelet with frequencies of 35 hz and 50 hz have better seismic resolution than wavelets of 20 hz, however all frequencies delimit top and base of the reservoir. From the acoustic impedance model, obtained from the synthetic seismogram, was possible, knowing the correlation of this variable with reservoir rocks, determine the distribution of reservoir facies. For that was used the geostatistical analysis that still enabled the studies regarding to the scenarios analysis by means of the application of stochastic methods. (author)

  13. Bee waxes: a model of characterization for using as base simulator tissue in teletherapy with photons; Ceras de abelha: um modelo de caracterizacao para sua utilizacao como tecido simulador base em teleterapia com fotons

    Silva, Rogerio Matias Vidal da; Souza, Divanizia do Nascimento


    This paper presents a model of characterization and selection of bee waxes which makes possible to certify the usage viability of that base simulator tissue in the manufacture of appropriated objects for external radiotherapy with mega volt photon beams. The work was divide into three stages, where was evaluated physical and chemical properties besides the aspects related to the capacity of beam attenuation. All the process was carefully accompanied related to the wax origin such as the bee specimen and the flora surrounding the beehives. The chemical composition of the waxes is similar to others simulators usually used in radiotherapy. The behavior of mass attenuation coefficient in the radiotherapeutic energy range is comparable to other simulators, and consequently to the soft tissue. The proposed model is efficient and allows the affirmative that the usage of determined bee wax as base simulator tissue is convenient

  14. Neutron field characterization in the installation for BNCT study in the IEA-R1 reactor; Caracterizacao do campo de neutrons na instalacao para estudo em BNCT no reator IEA-R1

    Carneiro Junior, Valdeci


    This work aims to characterize the mixed neutron and gamma field, in the sample irradiation position, in a research installation for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), in the IPEN IEA-R1 reactor. The BNCT technique has been studied as a safe and selective option in the treatment of resistant cancerigenous tumors or considered non-curable by the conventional techniques, for example, the Glioblastoma Multiform - a brain cancerigenous tumor. Neutron flux measurements were carried out: thermal, resonance and fast, as well as neutron and gamma rays doses, in the sample position, using activation foils detectors and thermoluminescent dosimeters. For the determination of the neutron spectrum and intensity, a set of different threshold activation foils and gold foils covered and uncovered with cadmium irradiated in the installation was used, analyzed by a high Pure Germanium semiconductor detector, coupled to an electronic system suitable for gamma spectrometry. The results were processed with the SAND-BP code. The doses due to gamma and neutron rays were determined using thermoluminescent dosimeters TLD 400 and TLD 700 sensitive to gamma and TLD 600, sensitive to neutrons. The TLDs were selected and used for obtaining the calibration curves - dosimeter answer versus dose - from each of the TLD three types, which were necessary to calculate the doses due to neutron and gamma, in the sample position. The radiation field, in the sample irradiation position, was characterized flux for thermal neutrons of 1.39.10{sup 8} {+-} 0,12.10{sup 8} n/cm{sup 2}s the doses due to thermal neutrons are three times higher than those due to gamma radiation and confirm the reproducibility and consistency of the experimental findings obtained. Considering these results, the neutron field and gamma radiation showed to be appropriated for research in BNCT. (author)

  15. Characterization of isolated biomass of the fermentation processes for ethanol production for use as biofuels; Caracterizacao da biomassa isolada de processos fermentativos de producao de etanol para uso como biocombustiveis

    Steckelberg, Claudia; Andrietta, Maria da Graca Stupiello; Andrietta, Silvio Roberto [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (CPQBA/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Centro Pluridisciplinar de Pesquisas Quimicas, Biologicas e Agricolas. Div. de Biotecnologia e Processos], Email:


    This study has had the purpose of enhancing the knowledge on the dominant strains of ethanol fermentation process biomass to use as bio fuel. The attributes studied were: numerical taxonomy (Griffits, 1981) and fermentative performance. The results have showed that all strains have presented good fermentative characteristics. All strains have been classified as Saccharomyces. In this genus were found the follow species: chevalieri, coreanus cerevisiae. If the classification according Barnet (1992) is considered, all of them are representative of S. cerevisiae. (author)

  16. Microstructural development and characterization of lanthanum chromite-based ceramics to application in solid oxide fuel cells; Desenvolvimento microestrutural e caracterizacao de ceramicas a base de cromita de lantanio para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel de oxido solido

    Oliveira, R.N.; Furtado, J.G. de M.; Soares, C.M.; Serra, E.T. [Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Eletrica (CEPEL), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:


    This work has for objective to investigate and to characterize the microstructural development of lanthanum chromite-based ceramics (LaCrO{sub 3}) doped with earth alkaline metals, correlating the microstructural parameters (mainly the densification level) and processing parameters with the electrothermal properties reached. Lanthanum chromite-based ceramic systems doped with earth-alkaline metals (Ca, Mg and Sr) had been produced from respective metallic nitrates by solid state reactions process. The phase compositions were evaluated by X-ray diffraction and the densification level by Archimedes method. The microstructural characterization was effected by scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and thermal analysis techniques. Electrical tests were used to evaluate the electrical conductivity of the studied ceramics. The obtained results corroborate the literature comments concerning the difficulty of lanthanum chromite-based ceramics with high densification level and evidence the great influence of the nature of the dopants on the sintering mechanism and the microstructural and electric characteristics of the produced ceramics. The best ones results, in terms of densification and electrical conductivity, had been gotten through multiple doping with calcium and strontium, and in sintering temperature conditions lower that the normally considered to pure or monodoped lanthanum chromite-based ceramics. (author)

  17. Monitoring and characterization of organic reactive species in the atmosphere: a tool for management of air quality; Monitoramento e caracterizacao de especies organicas reativas na atmosfera: uma ferramenta para gestao da qualidade do ar

    Moreira, Andrea; Almeida, Jose Claudino; Loureiro, Luciana [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas (CENPES). Monitoramento Atmosferico; Moreira, Lino [TRANSPETRO, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Grosjean, Daniel; Grosjean, Eric [DGA Inc., Ventura, CA (United States)


    The present paper briefly reports some monitoring campaigns carried out in Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area through 1999 a 2001, and presents some benchmarking with the study that took place in Porto Alegre from 1996 a 1999. These studies were developed through CENPES research projects, with partnership with local academy, international consultants, local environmental agencies and the environmental secretaries from the two cities. The main goal of both studies was to speciate and characterize the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) present in the urban environments of both locations in order to assess the overall atmospheric reactivity and the ozone production potentials. Highest priority was given to the locations in which vehicular emissions played important role, once the core objective of both projects was to supply technical information on the atmospheric impact of motor fuels, with special emphasis on gasoline. With the continuation of Rio de Janeiro monitoring campaigns and the inclusion of Sao Paulo in the project as an additional monitoring area, the intention is to grant enough technical input and information to establish a data bank of ambient air concentrations of speciated reactive VOC's, fully customized to the Brazilian urban scenario, aiming to go farther in the realm of atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric reactivity. In essence, the effort devoted to raise local and experimental information on air quality and vehicle emissions aims to build sound scientific basis to technically support environmental management policies of best cost-effectiveness targeting secondary pollutants control in the urban atmospheres (author)

  18. Dosimetric characterization of a 2-D array of 223 solid state detectors for daily morning checks in Tomo Therapy equipment; Caracterizacion dosimetrica de un arreglo 2D de 223 detectores de estado solido para verificaciones matutinas diarias en un equipo de Tomo Terapia

    Reyes S, U.; Sosa A, M. [Universidad de Guanajuato, Division de Ciencias e Ingenieria, Lomas del Bosque No. 103, Col. Lomas del Campestre, 37150 Leon, Guanajuato (Mexico); Vega C, H. R., E-mail: [Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, Unidad Academica de Estudios Nucleares, Cipres No. 10, Fracc. La Penuela, 98068 Zacatecas, Zac. (Mexico)


    Tomo Therapy is a new technique for the cancer treatment; however, the equipment must meet nearly all mechanical and dosimetric characteristics of a conventional linear accelerator for medical use. Daily quality controls are vital to the good operation of the equipment and thus guarantee excellent quality in the daily delivery of treatments. This paper presents the procedure of the dosimetric characterization of a two-dimensional array of 223 solid state detectors, called TomoDose of the Sun Nuclear Company. Dosimetric important criteria are established to perform these checks quickly and accurately. Dosimetric tests proposed are: repeatability, linearity, dependence of Sad and SSD. Some results are compared with readings of the ionization chamber Exradim A1SL. Finally the results of 30 consecutive days are presented to establish criteria for evidence of dose, field size, symmetry and flattening of the radiation beam on Tomo Therapy equipment. Expected values for daily verification are: Dose constancy of 194.89 c Gy, σ= 1.31 c Gy, symmetry in the X axis of -0.19 %, σ=0.08 %, symmetry in the Y axis of 1.66 %, σ= 0.05 %, flattened in the X axis of 25.71 %, σ= 0.05 % and flattened in the Y axis of 6.41 %, σ= 10.23 %. Field sizes obtained were 40.45 cm in the X axis and 5.10 on the Y axis, with standard deviations of 0.02 cm and 0.01 cm, respectively. TomoDose dosimetric values, compared to the values obtained with ionization chamber, presented differences smaller than 2%. (Author)

  19. Dosimetric comparison on tissue interfaces with TLD dosimeters, L-alanine, EDR2 films and Penelope simulation for a Co-60 source and linear accelerator in radiotherapy; Comparacion dosimetrica en interfaces de tejidos con dosimetros TLD, L-alanina, peliculas EDR2 y simulacion Penelope para una fuente de Co-60 y acelerador lineal en radioterapia

    Vega R, J. L.; Cayllahua, F.; Apaza, D. G.; Javier, H., E-mail: [Universidad Nacional de San Agustin, Departamento de Fisica, Av. Independencia s/n, Arequipa (Peru)


    Percentage depth dose curves were obtained with TLD-100 dosimeters, EDR2 films and Penelope simulation at the interfaces in an inhomogeneous mannequin, composed by equivalent materials to the human body built for this study, consisting of cylindrical plates of solid water-bone-lung-bone-solid water of 15 cm in diameter and 1 cm in height; plates were placed in descending way (4-2-8-2-4). Irradiated with Co-60 source (Theratron Equinox-100) for small radiation fields 3 x 3 cm{sup 2} and 1 x 1 cm{sup 2} at a surface source distance of 100 cm from mannequin. The TLD-100 dosimeters were placed in the center of each plate of mannequin irradiated at 10 Gy. The results were compared between these measurement techniques, giving good agreement in interfaces better than 97%. This study was compared with the same characteristics of another study realized with other equivalent materials to human body not homogeneous acrylic-bone-cork-bone-acrylic. The percentage depth dose curves were obtained with mini-dosimeters L-alanine of 1 mm in diameter and 3 mm in height and 3.5 to 4.0 mg of mass with spectrometer band K (EPR). The mini-dosimeters were irradiated with a lineal accelerator PRIMUS Siemens 6 MV. The results of percentage depth dose of L-alanine mini-dosimeters show a good agreement with the percentage depth dose curves of Penelope code, better than 97.7% in interfaces of tissues. (Author)

  20. Dosimetric contribution of the organs of the I{sup 123}, I{sup 124} and I{sup 131} bio-kinetics in the dose estimate for euthyroid adults; Contribucion dosimetrica de los organos de la biocinetica de I{sup 123}, I{sup 124} y I{sup 131} en el estimado de dosis para adultos eutiroideos

    Vasquez, A. M.; Rojas, A. R.; Castillo, D. C.; Idrogo, C. J.; Flores, U. H., E-mail: [Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Av. Juan Pablo II s/n, Ciudad Universitaria, Trujillo (Peru)


    Using the formalism MIRD and the representation of Crysty-Eckerman for the thyroid adult, is demonstrated that the dosimetric contributions of source organs of the biokinetics of the radiopharmaceuticals I{sup 123}, I{sup 124} and I{sup 131} (iodine) are not significant in the dose estimate. Therefore, the total absorbed dose by the gland is its auto-dose. Equally, the reported results do not present significant differences to the results found by the Marinelli scheme (auto-dose) for the thyroid represented by a sphere of 20 grams. (Author)

  1. Dosimetric contribution of organs of biokinetics of {sup 99m}Tc and {sup 123}I to estimate radiation doses in thyroids of children of 1 and 5 years; Contribucion dosimetrica de organos de la biocinetica del {sup 99m}Tc y {sup 123}I para estimar dosis en tiroides de ninos de 1 y 5 anos

    Vasquez, M.V.; Castillo, C.E.; Abanto, D.M.; Rocha, D.; Garcia, W.H.; Marin, K., E-mail: [Universidad Nacional de Trujillo (UNT), Trujillo (Peru); Quispe, R. [Centro de Ciencias Aplicadas y Desarrollo Tecnologico, UNAM, Mexico (Mexico)


    The absorbed doses by thyroids during uptake studies through biokinetics of radiopharmaceuticals containing {sup 123}I (iodine) or {sup 99m}Tc (pertechnetate) are estimated. Using the MIRD scheme and the representation of Cristy-Eckerman for thyroids in children of 1 and 5 years, the objective of the study was to determine whether the dosimetric biokinetic contributions of the organs of {sup 123}I (iodide) and {sup 99m}Tc (pertechnetate) biokinetic are significant in the estimated of the absorbed dose for thyroid uptake studies.

  2. Dosimetric quality of postal kit used for evaluation in IRD/CNEN of radiation protection parameters in dental radiology in the State of Rio de Janeiro; Qualidade dosimetrica do kit postal utilizado pelo IRD/CNEN para a avaliacao dos parametros de radioprotecao em radiologia odontologica no Estado do Rio de Janeiro

    Coutinho, Soray Abbud; Mota, Helvecio C.; Dovales, Ana Cristina M. [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Fisica Medica]. E-mail:


    This work shows the results of a comparison between the skin entrance doses determined using an ionization chamber or a postal kit routinely used for the evaluation of radiation protection parameters in dental radiology in the state of Rio de Janeiro. By using the dosimetric kit, entrance skin dose is determined from two thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs) - previously calibrated in a {sup 137} Cs source - by using calibration factors determined in TLDs irradiated in air, on a water phantom and on an aluminium filter. The correspondence between the doses obtained with different methods was evaluated for three different X-ray spectra as radiation source. Results indicate that calibration factors used are adequate and that the kit has enough sensibility and reproducibility, measuring properly the skin entrance dose in dental X-rays. (author)

  3. Dosimetric evaluation in organs of the Tc{sup 99m}, I{sup 123} bio-kinetics to estimate dose in thyroid children 1 and 5 years; Evaluacion dosimetrica en organos de la biocinetica del Tc{sup 99m}, I{sup 123} para estimar dosis en tiroides ninos 1 y 5 anos

    Vasquez, A. M.; Quispe, R.; Vasquez, D. J.; Rocha, M. D.; Morales, N. R.; Marin, R. K. [Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Av. Juan Pablo II s/n, Ciudad Universitaria, Trujillo (Peru); Zelada, A. L., E-mail: [Universidad Cesar Vallejo, Grupo de Fisica Medica, Av. Larco s/n, Trujillo (Peru)


    Using the formalism MIRD and the representation of Cristy-Eckerman for the thyroid in children of 1 and 5 years, is demonstrated that the dosimetric contribution of the organs of I{sup 123} (iodure) bio-kinetics is not significant in the dose estimate. The total dose absorbed by the gland is its auto dose. The dosimetric contribution of the organs source of the Tc{sup 99m} (pertechnetate) bio-kinetics in the gland is significant in the dose estimate like to be ignored. The reported results for the iodure are not significantly different to the found for the Marinelli scheme (auto-dose) for thyroid represented by a sphere of 1,78 and 3,45 grams. (Author)

  4. Dosimetric comparison of 3 technical of planning dosimetric breast; Comparacion dosimetrica de 3 tecnicas de planificacion dosimetrica de mama

    Ortiz de Zarate Vivanco, R.; Perez Azorin, J. F.; Martinez Indar, L.; Ruiz Saiz, B.; Cacicedo Fernandez de Bobadill, J.; Trueba Garayo, I.; Gomez de Iturriaga Pina, A.; Lupiani Castellanos, J.


    With the ultimate goal of optimizing human and material resources, it was launched a comparative study of the three available techniques based on the statistical evaluation of the doses received by tumor volumes and organs of risk. (Author)

  5. Normas para vivienda

    Coupé, Françoise


    El Seminario Taller Normas para Vivienda, analiza los efectos de las normas vigentes en el país, sobre el desarrollo urbano, la vivienda y la calidad de vida, para participar en la discusión del Estatuto Metropolitano de Usos del Suelo, Urbanismo y Construcción. Se presenta en este Boletín algunos resultados del trabajo realizado.

  6. Leer para Sophia

    Cassany, Daniel


    Leer para Sophia re??ne algunos de mis trabajos m??s recientes sobre la lectura, desde perspectivas complementarias, te??ricas y pr??cticas, destacando el tema de futuro de la lectura electr??nica o en l??nea. El t??tulo de este volumen tiene un doble sentido : primero apela al significado griego del vocablo sophia (sabidur??a), para iluminar uno de los prop??sitos esenciales de la lectura: aprender y comprender; luego quiere agradecer ...

  7. Tiempo para un cambio

    Woltjer, L.


    En la reunion celebrada en diciembre dei ano pasado informe al Consejo de mi deseo de terminar mi contrato como Director General de la ESO una vez que fuera aprobado el proyecto dei VLT, que se espera sucedera hacia fines de este aAo. Cuando fue renovada mi designacion hace tres aAos, el Consejo conocia mi intencion de no completar los cinco aAos dei contrato debido a mi deseo de disponer de mas tiempo para otras actividades. Ahora, una vez terminada la fase preparatoria para el VLT, Y habiendose presentado el proyecto formalmente al Consejo el dia 31 de marzo, y esperando su muy probable aprobacion antes dei termino de este ano, me parece que el 10 de enero de 1988 presenta una excelente fecha para que se produzca un cambio en la administracion de la ESO.

  8. Combinatoria para la escuela

    Sarmiento, Benjamín; Fernández, Felipe


    Con este cursillo se pretende mostrar a los asistentes que el análisis combinatorio no es una temática exclusiva para los que se inician en el estudio de las probabilidades y que no se requiere llegar a ese nivel, para empezar a conocer los principios combinatorios y las reglas básicas de esta rama. Por eso se ha seleccionado un conjunto de problemas y situaciones que se puedan llevar a la escuela. A lo largo del cursillo se propondrán situaciones clásicas relacionadas con los principios y re...

  9. Instalaciones para hotel rural

    Roig Riera, José Antonio


    El presente proyecto cuenta con la información necesaria para el desarrollo de las instalaciones de un hotel rural. Dichas instalaciones son; la eléctrica, la de agua caliente sanitaria, las telecomunicaciones y la climatización. En el apartado de la instalación eléctrica, se han calculado todos los cables necesarios para el correcto funcionamiento del hotel, partiendo de las potencias demandadas en cada punto de consumo. Se ha calculado la línea general de alimentación, acomet...

  10. Instrucciones para autores

    Cramer, Thomas


    Instrucciones para autoresNota preliminar: ¡Es de suma importancia que antesde enviar cualquier documento a la Revista GeologíaColombiana, lea y cumpla cuidadosamente cada uno delos subíndices de las Normas para autores!A partir del Volumen 35 (2010) recibimos artículosprincipalmente a través del sistema digital en quiere enviar un artículo, por favor regístrese comoAutor en el menú INGRESAR (aquí pueden registrarsetambién evaluadores u...

  11. Planta fotovoltaica para vivienda rural

    Tartaglia, Morgana; Magariello, Antonio


    El presente proyecto se pone el objetivo de satisfacer la necesidad de suministro eléctrico para una vivienda rural. Se supone que dicha vivienda no tenga enlace a la red eléctrica, y por lo tanto se ha optado para un sistema de generación alternativo: una planta fotovoltaica. Para implementar los cálculos se han utilizado tres software: Excell y Matlab, para los estudios de funciones, y foto-RED para la simulación del comportamiento energético de la vivienda y para el cálcu...

  12. Tempo para aprender vs tempo para brincar

    Correia, Ana Rita Coelho


    Relatório de Estágio apresentado à Escola Superior de Educação de Paula Frassinetti para a obtenção de grau de Mestre em Educação Pré-Escolar e Ensino do 1º Ciclo do Ensino Básico Esta investigação surge da reflexão sobre a urgência atual, generalizada por parte de muitos pais e encarregados de educação, bem como de algumas instituições, no sentido de escolarizar as crianças precocemente, com vista a que estas possam chegar ao ensino básico “mais preparadas”, esquecendo-se muitas ...

  13. Aprendizaje cooperativo para ELE

    Cassany, Daniel


    Presentación sucinta para docentes de español como lengua extranjera del conjunto de propuestas metodológicas conocidas bajo la denominación aprendizaje cooperativo : origen, fundamentación, principales principios psicopedagógicos y algunas propuestas prácticas.

  14. Consejos para pacientes

    M. Eulalia Lucio-Villegas Menéndez; Laura López González; M. Isabel Gutiérrez Pérez; Natalia Aresté Lluch; M. Luisa Morató Agustí; Santiago Pérez Cachafeiro


    En el cuidado de las heridas es tan importante saber qué hacer como saber qué no hacer. Lo primero es valorar la gravedad de la lesión y saber si es necesario acudir a un centro sanitario o no. Si la herida es simple, lo más recomendable es hacer una buena limpieza con suero o agua tras lavado de manos, realizando la desinfección de esta con el antiséptico más adecuado. Los antisépticos no deben usarse para la limpieza de las heridas (usar suero fisiológico o agua del grifo) ni para la cur...

  15. Educando para la ignorancia

    Miguel Durán


    Full Text Available Más que describir una situación particular, los autores buscan con este escrito motivar al estudiante para que asuma posiciones críticas; así como dar un campanazo de alerta a los profesores, en relación a los conocimientos que transmiten a sus alumnos y la forma en que lo hacen; todo con el ánimo de generar verdaderos espacios de reflexión en la universidad.

  16. Arquitectura para el conocimiento

    Moreno-Torres Sánchez, Rosario; Sánchez Relinque, Javier


    La Málaga del siglo XXI se prepara para hacer de la investigación y de la innovación su nuevo sello. Entrevista a tres de los artífices de la urbanización y la edificación de la ampliación de Teatinos, clave en el eje sociocultural, científico y empresarial que conforman ya la capital, UMA y Parque Tecnológico.


    César Alfonso Defrancisco-Larrañaga


    Full Text Available El planeta no atraviesa por su mejor momento en materia de conservación y renovación de sus recursos naturales. Claramente en los últimos tiempos los recursos hídricos han venido haciéndose cada vez menores; el hombre ha notado con preocupación y vivido en carne propia este fenómeno, que de no ser tratado a tiempo, podría atentar contra la existencia misma. Esto lo ha alentado a buscar métodos que sirvan como solución para contrarrestar éste mal y crear conciencia entre sus iguales, para así poder garantizar su permanencia y la de su entorno durante muchas generaciones. En países desarrollados del continente europeo y en algunos lugares de América del norte, el uso de sistemas de reutilización y tratamiento de aguas grises y aprovechamiento de las aguas lluvias se ha convertido en una constante y nos están dando las pautas para poder seguir el ejemplo y así de esta manera poder aportar a la causa ambiental y a su vez crear un ahorro en nuestros gastos mensuales de consumo.

  18. para mejorar el %R

    Alfredo Díaz Mata


    Full Text Available En este trabajo se revisan dos indicadores técnicos bursátiles que están estrechamente relacionados, el oscilador estocástico %K de Lane y el oscilador %R de Williams; asimismo, se evalúa el uso de dos mecanismos asociados con el primero y que no suelen utilizarse con el %R: el proceso de frenado (slowing y el uso de un promedio móvil del propio oscilador estocástico como disparadores de señales de compra y de venta. Realizando simulaciones con 27 acciones y el Índice de Precios y Cotizaciones de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores se verifica la hipótesis principal y se comprueba que, efectivamente, en muchos casos, el uso del proceso de frenado con el oscilador %R de Williams permite tomar mejores decisiones. Por otro lado, se concluye que de los dos disparadores de señales el que mejor funciona, tanto para %K como para %R es el uso de cotas inferior y superior. Este artículo surgió en el curso de una investigación sobre el análisis técnico bursátil de acciones que se puede realizar en su totalidad por computadora y que, esencialmente, excluye el análisis gráfico. Uno de los propósitos del estudio es determinar si es posible, y bajo qué mecanismos, establecer un sistema de análisis bursátil que le permita al inversionista tomar decisiones de inversión en acciones en la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores sin tener que emplear la considerable cantidad de tiempo que es necesario para el análisis gráfico tradicional. Durante este estudio se realizó un análisis preliminar de unos 120 indicadores técnicos para, por un lado, conocerlos con cierto detalle y, por otra parte, aislar aquellos que prometían ser de utilidad para el objetivo de la investigación. Fue en este proceso cuando se detectó que existen dos indicadores que están relacionados y que permiten un análisis por separado que tiene, cuando menos, dos ventajas. En primer lugar está el placer que da a quien gusta de estos temas encontrarse con indicadores que, de acuerdo

  19. Synthesis and characterization of lanthanum manganite films for using in solid oxide fuel cells for operation at intermediate temperatures; Sintese e caracterizacao de filmes de manganita de lantanio para utilizacao em pilhas a combustivel de oxido solido para operacao em temperaturas intermediarias

    Gama, L.M.; Paes Junior, H.R. [Laboratorio de Materiais Avancados - LAMAV - Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense - UENF, Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ (Brazil)


    This work aims to investigate the effects of doping and thermal processing of LaMnO{sub 3}, La{sub 0},{sub 8}Sr{sub 0},{sub 2}MnO{sub 3} e La{sub 0},{sub 8}Ca{sub 0},{sub 2}MnO{sub 3} films deposited by spray-pyrolysis technique on their structural, morphological and electrical properties, seeking its application as cathode in solid oxide fuel cells for operation in intermediate temperatures (IT-SOFC). These films were deposited on ferritic stainless steel type AISI 444. The thermal processing of the films was accomplished in air with treatment temperature of 900 degree or 1000 degree during 2 hours. The characterization by Xray diffraction revealed that the thermal processing propitiated the formation of the expected phases with the structure of perovskite. The analysis of surface morphology showed that doping provides an increase in porosity. Electrical characterization showed that Sr-doped films showed higher conductivity values and an activation energy of the conduction process of 0,41 eV. (author)

  20. Investigation of barium-calcium aluminate process to manufacture and characterize impregnated thermionic cathode for power microwave devices; Investigacao do processo de obtencao de aluminatos de bario e calcio para construcao e caracterizacao de catodos termionicos impregnados para aplicacao em dispositivos de microondas de potencia

    Higashi, Cristiane


    In the present work it is described the barium calcium aluminate manufacture processes employed to produce impregnated cathodes to be used in a traveling-wave tube (TWT). The cathodes were developed using a tungsten body impregnated with barium and calcium aluminate with a 5:3:2 proportion (molar). Three different processes were investigated to obtain this material: solid-state reaction, precipitation and crystallization. Thermal analysis, thermogravimetry specifically, supported to determine an adequate preparation procedure (taking into account temperature, time and pyrolysis atmosphere). It was verified that the crystallization showed a better result when compared to those investigated (solid-state reaction and precipitation techniques - formation temperature is about 1000 deg C in hydrogen atmosphere), whereas it presented the lower formation temperature (800 deg C) in oxidizing atmosphere (O{sub 2}). It was used the practical work function distribution theory (PWFD) of Miram to characterize thermionic impregnated cathode. The PWFD curves were used to characterize the barium-calcium aluminate cathode. PWFD curves shown that the aluminate cathode work function is about 2,00 eV. (author)

  1. Comunicar para la salud

    Lic. Eva Bocco


    Con este trabajo quiero plantearles una inquietud en torno al rol que nos cabe a los comunicadores en el área de la salud desde la perspectiva de la comunicación para la salud. ¿Se puede pensar la salud pública desvinculada de la comunicación? ¿La comunicación es posible sin la existencia de salud en la comunidad? ¿Qué puede hacer un comunicador en el ministerio de salud? ¿Puede un estado desarrollar políticas de salud sin la presencia de la comunicación?

  2. Instrucciones para los autores

    Ana Silvia Bermúdez


    La Revista Colombiana de Química es una publicación científica, arbitrada del Departamento de Química, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional de Colombia que acepta contribuciones provenientes de investigación en las diversas áreas de la química. El contenido de los artículos debe ser original, inédito y no debe haber sido enviado, total o parcialmente, para publicación a otra revista. La redacción asume el derecho de reproducción de los trabajos aceptados. Su publicación en otro medio re...

  3. "Colaborar para Competir"

    Martha Liliana Hijuelos-Cárdenas


    Full Text Available De acuerdo con Michael Porter, los Clusters se definen como “Una agrupación de empresas e instituciones relacionadas entre sí, pertenecientes a un mismo sector o segmento de mercado, que se encuentran próximas geográficamente y que colaboran para ser más competitivas”. Los Clusters son en última instancia una herramienta de competitividad basada en la cooperación de sus miembros, y es una de las estrategias recientes, en el país, para incrementar la productividad y competitividad y las apuestas productivas desde el nivel local. Y es precisamente esta cercanía geográfica de las empresas de un mismo sector, lo que a la vez que genera la competencia entre ellas, también les facilita el acceso a insumos y a conocimientos específicos y en última instancia les permite promover la innovación.

  4. Colapso: algunas cuestiones para Teotihuacan

    Moragas Segura, Natàlia


    En la literatura arqueológica, el uso del término Estdo para las sociedades antiguas se aplica profusamente desde la segunda mitad del siglo XIX. Alrededor de ello la academia de investigaciones ha desarrollado diversos modelos para comprender el modo de organización de dichas sociedades atentiendo a cuestiones políticas, económicas, medioambientales e ideológicas. La bibliogradia es ingente e inabarcable para un artículo, y tal vez incluso para un libro; por lo que no deben de tomarse estas ...

  5. Contratados peninsulares para Cuba

    Iglesias García, Fe


    Full Text Available Not available.

    Ante las presiones británicas, la metrópoli española y los ideólogos de los hacendados cubanos tuvieron que dar, desde la tercera década del siglo XIX, una respuesta a la previsible escasez de mano de obra esclava. El artículo estudia los sistemas de contrata implantados en la isla para abastecer de mano de obra blanca y barata a Cuba, deteniéndose particularmente la autora en el estudio de las condiciones de semiesclavitud que se escondían en las mencionadas contratas y en el perfil de los inmigrantes (profesiones, sexo, edad, procedencia....

  6. Requerimientos para aplicaciones web

    Oliveros, Alejandro; Wehbe, Ricardo; Rojo, Silvana del Valle; Rousselot, Julián


    El objetivo del presente proyecto es la elaboración de un conjunto de políticas, estándares, procesos, metodologías, técnicas, herramientas y métricas para aplicar en el desarrollo de aplicaciones Web, específicamente en la obtención y representación de los requerimientos que debe satisfacer el sistema o aplicación Web. Estos distintos elementos se desarrollarán en forma gradual y eventualmente se integrarán en un sitio Web que centralice toda la información. Hay varias líneas de investigació...

  7. Pequenos para idade gestacional: fator de risco para mortalidade neonatal

    Almeida Márcia Furquim de; Jorge Maria Helena Prado de Mello


    OBJETIVO: Estudar as variáveis contempladas na Declaração de Nascimento (DN) como possíveis fatores de risco para nascimentos pequenos para a idade gestacional (PIG) e o retardo de crescimento intra-uterino como fator de risco para a mortalidade neonatal. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: As variáveis existentes na DN foram obtidas diretamente de prontuários hospitalares. Os dados referem-se a uma coorte de nascimentos obtida por meio da vinculação das declarações de nascimento e óbito, correspondendo a 2.2...

  8. Leer para Creer

    Roberto Polanco-Carrasco


    Full Text Available Más allá de los prejuicios que se puedan alimentar en las aulas por -en ocasiones- brillantes exponentes de la clínica psicológica, resultaría difícil creer que exista hoy en día un profesional que se atreva a sostener que el ser humano es sólo mente, o argumentar que lo corporal o cerebral es secundario e incluso irrelevante en los pacientes con los que habitualmente se deberá tratar. De hacerlo simplemente sería un acto de ignorancia, sobretodo en un momento en que disponemos de evidencias diarias desde las neurociencias que dan para sostener la unidad mente-cuerpo como nunca antes en la historia del estudio de “lo psicológico”. La convicción de que los estudiantes deberán ser nutridos con las nociones básicas de los modernos estudios del cerebro debería reflejarse en la bibliografía de diversas asignaturas y estar presente en el espíritu central del quehacer académico como una manera de prevenir esta viciosa tendencia a ningunear aquello que se desconoce y que finalmente cegará a la hora de probar nuevas formas de ver “el síntoma”.

  9. para promover la salud

    Ma. del Consuelo Chapela


    Full Text Available Hablar de educación a distancia sustentada en el desarrollo de la cibernética obliga a reflexionar sobre sus definiciones, objetivos y medios, especialmente si pensamos en las necesidades de la fracción de población que no tiene acceso a las posibilidades que ofrece el desarrollo tecnológico. En este trabajo se presenta e ilustra con un ejemplo práctico, una perspectiva sobre las posibilidades de la educación a distancia desde las necesidades de la promoción de la salud entre grupos de población marginada en el mundo virtual. Se propone la creación de bibliotecas itinerantes regionales que pongan a disposición de la población con acceso limitado a la información, la tecnología comunicativa necesaria para apoyar los trabajos de promoción de la salud.

  10. Para-equilibrium phase diagrams

    Highlights: • A rapidly cooled system may attain a state of para-equilibrium. • In this state rapidly diffusing elements reach equilibrium but others are immobile. • Application of the Phase Rule to para-equilibrium phase diagrams is discussed. • A general algorithm to calculate para-equilibrium phase diagrams is described. - Abstract: If an initially homogeneous system at high temperature is rapidly cooled, a temporary para-equilibrium state may result in which rapidly diffusing elements have reached equilibrium but more slowly diffusing elements have remained essentially immobile. The best known example occurs when homogeneous austenite is quenched. A para-equilibrium phase assemblage may be calculated thermodynamically by Gibbs free energy minimization under the constraint that the ratios of the slowly diffusing elements are the same in all phases. Several examples of calculated para-equilibrium phase diagram sections are presented and the application of the Phase Rule is discussed. Although the rules governing the geometry of these diagrams may appear at first to be somewhat different from those for full equilibrium phase diagrams, it is shown that in fact they obey exactly the same rules with the following provision. Since the molar ratios of non-diffusing elements are the same in all phases at para-equilibrium, these ratios act, as far as the geometry of the diagram is concerned, like “potential” variables (such as T, pressure or chemical potentials) rather than like “normal” composition variables which need not be the same in all phases. A general algorithm to calculate para-equilibrium phase diagrams is presented. In the limit, if a para-equilibrium calculation is performed under the constraint that no elements diffuse, then the resultant phase diagram shows the single phase with the minimum Gibbs free energy at any point on the diagram; such calculations are of interest in physical vapor deposition when deposition is so rapid that phase

  11. Marcadores para la Realidad Aumentada para fines educativos

    María Reina Zarate Nava


    Full Text Available La Realidad Aumentada (AR es considerada por algunos expertos como la tecnología en crecimiento para el 2014, en diferentes sectores: ingeniería, educación, juegos y negocios, siendo este último el más usado en él 2013. Sin embargo en el sector educativo la AR se presenta en algunos proyectos que se han desarrollado para diferentes áreas de las ciencias, como Química, Física y Matemáticas, lo anterior con el objetivo de facilitar el proceso de Enseñanza-Aprendizaje. En el presente artículo se presenta el modelo de patrones utilizado para un Proyecto AR enfocado en Química, el cual presenta un conjunto de patrones que fueron valorados para facilitar el rastreo de los objetos y a su vez el entendimiento de algunos materiales de los laboratorios de Química I.

  12. Plataforma VMware para academia virtual

    Martínez Sánchez, José María


    Este PFC surge para dar respuesta a los problemas que se presentan en una unidad educativa a la hora de diseñar y crear una nueva infraestructura de red, servidores y equipos de trabajo que se presenta en el diseño y puesta en marcha de una nueva entidad educativa. Se proyecta la creación y configuración de una infraestructura virtual que aborde todos estos problemas, ofreciendo la solución mediante un único nodo virtual. Para ello, utilizamos sw de VMware para la creación de dicho nodo virtu...

  13. Anestesia espinal para colecistectomia

    Nayibe Salamanca R


    Full Text Available Introducción: La anestesia espinal o subaracnoidea brinda al paciente calidad y múltiples ventajas. Sin embargo, en procedimientos quirúrgicos que comprometen al abdomen superior ha sido poco empleada, como en la colecistectomía. En estas cirugías, ya sean laparoscópicas o abiertas, se ha empleado de forma rutinaria la anestesia general. Objetivo: Describir la aplicación de anestesia espinal para la realización de colecistectomía abierta. Materiales y métodos: Es un estudio retrospectivo, serie de casos, que evaluó 32 pacientes ASA I y II a los que se les realizó colecistectomía abierta, bajo anestesia espinal, en el tiempo comprendido entre junio de 2002 y junio de 2004, en un Hospital Nivel II de la ciudad de Popayán, previo consentimiento aprobado por el Comité Científico del Hospital. Resultados: En 25 mujeres y 7 hombres, con edad media de 33,6 años, se observó que la frecuencia cardiaca y la presión arterial sistólica, diastólica y media disminuyeron durante los primeros 20 minutos; luego, sus valores se incrementaron hasta estabilizarse por debajo de los parámetros iniciales respectivos. El 34,3% de la población presentó eventos transoperatorios como hipotensión, bradicardia, náusea, vómito, dolor en hombro o dolor torácico. En dos de estos Caucapacientes fue necesario cambiar a anestesia general. En el postoperatorio, 21,7% de los pacientes presentaron efectos adversos: náusea, vómito y cefalea. El 90 % egresaron del hospital en las primeras 48 horas. No se reportó mortalidad intra o postoperatorio inmediata. Conclusiones: La anestesia espinal es una alternativa a tener en cuenta para procedimientos como la colecistectomía abierta.Introduction: Spinal anaesthesia offers patients quality as well as several advantages; however in surgical procedures which involve the upper abdomen it had been less employed in procedures such as cholecistectomy by laparoscopic technique or via opening the abdomen where the

  14. Una agenda para educadores

    Robert O. McClintock


    Full Text Available Las instituciones educativas constituyen los principales factores en la construcción social de un nuevo sistema educativo. Las escuelas y los educadores controlan y producen propiedad intelectual de una extraordinaria profundidad y amplitud. Los cambios producidos por las tecnologías digitales están consiguiendo que el acceso y la producción de conocimiento sea más accesible y universal. Lo que es, a la vez, un gran logro de apertura curricular, pero también un grave peligro de perder la perspectiva eminentemente “educativa” de la transmisión del conocimiento en la escuela. Los nuevos recursos permiten a los educadores romper el ciclo de reproducción en los logros educativos, acercarse al medio y a la familia y transformar la escuela. Los educadores y las escuelas deben asumir el reto de constituir comunidades de aprendizaje. Así como de atreverse a producir y difundir ese conocimiento con soporte digital. Lo contrario sería una terrible abdicación. El artículo traza un recorrido histórico sobre esta función de la escuela y su adaptación a los medios y recursos de cada época. Tras lo cual, aboga por asumir el desafío actual de las TICs, para renovar el vínculo progresista con la posteridad y construir un mejor futuro. Los nuevos recursos permiten a los educadores romper el ciclo de reproducción en los logros educativos, acercarse al medio y a la familia y transformar la escuela.

  15. Proyecto de red para ONG

    Ruiz López, David


    Proyecto de una red de comunicaciones para una ONG en la Comunidad de Madrid. Projecte d'una xarxa de comunicacions per a una ONG a la Comunidad de Madrid. Bachelor thesis for the Telecommunication Technologies program on Telematics.

  16. Planar Para Algebras, Reflection Positivity

    Jaffe, Arthur


    We define the notion of a planar para algebra, which arises naturally from combining planar algebras with the idea of $\\Z_{N}$ para symmetry in physics. A subfactor planar para algebra is a Hilbert space representation of planar tangles with parafermionic defects, that are invariant under isotopy. For each $\\Z_{N}$, we construct a family of subfactor planar para algebras which play the role of Temperley-Lieb-Jones planar algebras. The first example in this family is the parafermion planar para algebra. Based on this example, we introduce parafermion Pauli matrices, quaternion relations, and braided relations for parafermion algebras which one can use in the study of quantum information. Two different reflections play an important role in the theory of planar para algebras. One is the adjoint operator; the other is the modular conjugation in Tomita-Takesaki theory. We use the latter one to define the double algebra and to introduce reflection positivity. We give a new and geometric proof of reflection positivi...

  17. Instrucciones para los Autores

    Departamento de Investigaciones


    Full Text Available INFORMACIÓN PARA AUTORESREVISTA CIENCIAS BIOMÉDICAS (Rev.cienc.biomed. está incluida en: IMBIOMED,GOOGLE ACADÉMICO, ENCOLOMBIA.COM, GOOGLE SCHOLAR, DOAJ, PUBLINDEX.Recibe artículos científicos originales sobre temas diversos que guarden relación con lasciencias de la salud, tanto de aplicación básica como clínica. Estos temas deben estar alinterior de áreas de conocimiento que puedan interesar tanto a estudiantes de pregradocomo de postgrado y profesionales del área de las ciencias de la salud. Se deben tenerpresente las siguientes recomendaciones.1. AutoríaCada autor debe haber contribuido sustancialmente al desarrollo exitoso del procesode investigación. Según estándares internacionales, los criterios que cada autor debecumplir son:• Contribuciones sustanciales a la concepción, diseño, adquisición de datos, ó análisis einterpretación de los datos.• Escribir el artículo y revisarlo por contenido intelectualmente importante.• Aprobación final de la versión a publicar. No se aceptarán identificaciones odesignaciones como: “autores por cortesía”, sin que el investigador haya cumplidocon los criterios delineados (Ej: jefatura del instituto/ departamento/grupo deinvestigación que presenta el manuscrito.2. Conflictos de intereses y financiaciónEl autor de un artículo a considerar puede incurrir en dos tipos de conflictos de interés.El primero se relaciona directamente con los autores del trabajo y las relacionesfinancieras y personales que puedan influir o sesgar el manuscrito en cualquier forma.El segundo tipo de conflicto de interés es el relacionado con el/los financiadores deltrabajo de investigación. Los autores deberán admitir y decir en el momento del envíodel manuscrito cualquier injerencia o limitación del financiador con respecto al análisise interpretación de datos, escritura o sometimiento a publicación del manuscrito. Laexistencia o ausencia de conflictos de intereses debe estar

  18. Marcadores para la Realidad Aumentada para fines educativos

    María Reina Zarate Nava; Cecilio Francisco Mendoza González; Honorato Aguilar Galicia; Juan Manuel Padilla Flores


    La Realidad Aumentada (AR) es considerada por algunos expertos como la tecnología en crecimiento para el 2014, en diferentes sectores: ingeniería, educación, juegos y negocios, siendo este último el más usado en él 2013. Sin embargo en el sector educativo la AR se presenta en algunos proyectos que se han desarrollado para diferentes áreas de las ciencias, como Química, Física y Matemáticas, lo anterior con el objetivo de facilitar el proceso de Enseñanza-Aprendizaje. En el presente artículo s...

  19. Instrucciones para los Autores

    Revista Ciencias Biomedicas


    intereses debe estar especificada al final del artículo. También debe especificarse si se ha recibido dinero por concepto de financiación, especificando los orígenes y los códigos de las convocatorias donde se obtuvieron los recursos. De ser pertinente inmediatamente después pueden darse los agradecimientos respectivos a instituciones o personal que de otra manera aportaron al artículo y/o la investigación. 3. Políticas de arbitraje por pares. Los originales serán sometidos a un proceso de evaluación editorial que se cumplen en varias fases. Inicialmente los artículos recibidos son sometidos a un estudio preliminar por parte del director, editor o comité editorial quienes determinan la adecuada estructuración del manuscrito y su pertinencia con las políticas de la revista y de la institución. Si el artículo es aceptado por cumplir los requisitos formales y de contenido presentes en estas instrucciones, es enviado a dos pares académicos externos quienes de forma anónima realizan sugerencias y correcciones. Los pares evaluadores realizan su veredicto de la siguiente manera. (1 Publicar sin cambios. (2 publicar cuando se hayan cumplido las correcciones menores. (3 publicar cuando se hayan realizados correcciones de fondo y contenido. (4 no publicable. En caso de discrepancia en las opiniones será enviado a un tercer arbitro, de ser pertinente se solicitará la opinión a los miembro del comité científico. Los autores serán informados oportunamente de las diferentes fases que se cumplen en el proceso de evaluación editorial. Ellos recibirán las opiniones que han dado los pares evaluadores externos y siempre de forma anónima. También serán sometidos a evaluación por lingüística en español y en inglés. Al ser aprobada la publicación inmediatamente serán notificados los autores y se expedirá la certificación respectiva. Al estar disponibles las galeradas serán enviadas a los autores para evaluación y aprobación final.

  20. Drupal para bibliotecas y archivos

    Tramullas, Jesús


    Drupal: fundamentos técnicos 7 Tomás Saorín Drupal: módulos para bibliotecas, archivos y servicios de información y documentación 21 Jesús Tramullas y Piedad Garrido Experiencia de recbib – recursos bibliotecarios con Drupal: del texto plano a la gestión de contenidos 29 Julián Marquina “” Servicio de información sobre la memoria histórica en Aragón 43 Julián Moyano Desarrollo de un gestor de contenidos para la administración del c...

  1. Interfaces no convencionales para juegos

    Castro, Silvia Mabel; Larrea, Martín Leonardo; Martig, Sergio R.


    Además de los juegos para PCs de escritorio y consolas, hay numerosos juegos desarrollados para dispositivos móviles, tales como los celulares y las PALMs. Sin embargo, sólo unos pocos pueden sentir el ambiente físico. La mayoría de los juegos están atados al escritorio o a los dispositivos en los que el juego se ejecuta y son raros los que salen de allí, sin siquiera pensar en una experiencia que extienda considerablemente el área de juego. Esto plantea el desafío de nuevas tecnologías o ...

  2. Espacio de trabajo colaborativo para emprendedores, Pinedo



    Espacio de trabajo colaborativo (CoWorking) para emprendedores en Pinedo. Ferriz Navarro, A. (2014). Espacio de trabajo colaborativo para emprendedores, Pinedo. Archivo delegado




    Full Text Available Este artículo pretende exponer el modelo básico que sustenta el desarrollo de multas óptimas; en él se muestra la forma de desincentivar los intereses del violador de la normatividad ambiental, e igualmente el método para alcanzar efectos compensatorios sobre los daños cometidos al medio ambiente. El desarrollo del tema sobre sanciones pecuniarias (multas y penalidades (encarcelamiento toma la relación contractual entre el agente (la empresa y el principal (La entidad reguladora para, a través de esta relación, entrar en la determinación de un diseño eficaz de sanciones. Se utilizara el modelo de agente-principal para examinar los efectos de las sanciones corporativas e individuales sobre los incentivos de cumplimiento en el contexto ambiental; además se emplearán los conceptos de bienes públicos, bienes comunes y externalidades como categorías de análisis que permiten la identificación y valoración de daños ambientales.

  4. Synthesis and characterization of nano structures of Silica SBA-16 containing Gadolinium-159 as potential nanoparticulated system for cancer therapy; Sintese e caracterizacao de nanoestruturas de Silica SBA-16 contendo Gadolinio-159 como potencial sistema nanoparticulado para o tratamento do cancer

    Oliveira, Andre Felipe de


    Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, and malignant neoplasms of the lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast in greater numbers. And recently observed in the literature a large number of reviews where new materials, especially nanoparticle, has been studied as drug carriers and radioisotopes applied to cancer treatment. How mesoporous materials based on silica, thanks to its huge surface area and biocompatibility, have been studied intensively providing broad applications in various areas, the use of nanostructured silica SBA-16 might be a carrier specific radioisotope accumulate in the cells malignant. Thus the aim of this study is to develop in vitro studies using SBA-16 can selectively concentrate in malignant cells therapeutic amounts of the radioisotope Gadolinium-159 escorting them to death. This work was performed orderly synthesis of mesoporous silica, SBA-16 and incorporating the complex Gd-DTPA-BMA, as well as chemical and structural characterization. The techniques used to analyze the occurrence of the incorporation of the gadolinium complex in the silica matrix were elemental analysis (CHN), atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES), infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), nitrogen adsorption (BET), small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and thermogravimetric analysis (TG). To analyze the morphology of pure silica used the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). By photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) it was possible to obtain a measure of mean particle size, the polydispersity index (PDI) of the silica SBA-16, and the zeta potential by laser Doppler anemometry (LDA). The results of incorporation analyzed by ICP-AES indicated that the material SBA-16 had a higher rate of incorporation of gadolinium (93%). The release kinetics in simulated body fluid, showed considerable stability and low release (1%). The mesoporous silica SBA-16 showed cell viability in direct contact with cell culture. Samples with gadolinium incorporated in the silica matrix after irradiation showed no significant cytotoxic activity, implying that these studies should improved so that more research in nanobiotechnology are performed. (author)

  5. In vitro use characterization of the microorganism from land farming of the Presidente Getulio Vargas Refinery, Brazil, for soils decontamination; Caracterizacao in vitro do uso de microorganismos do landfarming da Refinaria Presidente Getulio Vargas - PETROBRAS-REPAR para a descontaminacao de solos

    Krenczynski, Michele Cristine; Goncalves, Claudia Martins; Castro, Rodrigo Azevedo; Nascimento Neto, Durval [Parana Univ., Curitiba (Brazil). Pos-graduacao em Ciencia do Solo; Carvalho, Francisco Jose Pereira de Campos [Parana Univ., Curitiba (Brazil); Grube, Karl; Coelho, Ibirajara Jorge Evangelista [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    In the present work, a set of experiments are reported from the evaluation of commercial use of the microorganisms of the Refinaria Presidente Getulio Vargas PETROBRAS land farming as inoculants for accelerating the bioremediation of contaminated soil with petroleum sludge, light naphtha, shale naphtha, toluene, heavy refinery oily waste, solp oil, sludge from the oily swage treatment plant, oily swage sludge and mixed oily wastes. These results are presented and discussed comparatively, and the characterization of the biodegradation activity of the land farming microorganisms for use in acceleration of bioremediation is discussed. (author)

  6. Preparation and characterization of PVA/SSA membranes with Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} nanoparticles for fuel cell applications; Preparacao de caracterizacao de membranas de PVAL/SSA na presenca de nanoparticulas de Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} para aplicacao em celulas de combustivel

    Oliveira, Paula N.; Pires, Alfredo T.N. [Grupo de Estudo em Materiais Polimericos - POLIMAT - UFSC, Florianopolis, SC (Brazil); Catarino, Margarida; Brandao, Lucia; Tanaka, Alfredo; Mendes, Adelio [Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Porto (Portugal)


    In the present study, PVA/SSA membranes were prepared with and without the addition of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} nanoparticles. Sulfosuccinic acid (SSA) was used as the crosslinking agent. Membranes were prepared with different amounts of SSA (26, 43 and 55 wt.%) and with 5 and 10 wt.% of nanoparticles. Crosslinking was performed at 90 degree C during 1.5 h. Membranes were analyzed by infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis, water absorption, ion exchange capacity (IEC) and proton conductivity. The results showed that control of the crosslinking conditions, IEC value, water absorption and polymer structure are of significant importance to obtain a set of properties suitable for application in proton exchange membrane fuel cells. (author)

  7. Association of bioassays and molecular characterization to select new Bacillus thuringiensis isolates effective against Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae); Associacao de bioensaios e caracterizacao molecular para selecao de novos isolados de Bacillus thuringiensis efetivos contra Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

    Fatoretto, Julio C.; Sena, Janete A.D.; Lemos, Manoel V.F. [UNESP, Jaboticabal, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Ciencias Agrarias e Veterinarias. Dept. de Biologia Aplicada a Agropecuaria; Barreto, Marliton R. [Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso (UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil). Inst. Universitario do Norte Matogrossense (IUNMAT)]. E-mail:; Junior Boica, Arlindo L. (UNESP), Jaboticabal, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Ciencias Agrarias e Veterinarias. Dept. de Fitossanidade)


    The fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith), is one of the main corn pests and Bacillus thuringiensis is important in its control because of its entomopathogenic property. The objective of this study was the molecular characterization of B. thuringiensis isolates for cry1 locus presence and the assessment of the efficiency of these isolates in controlling S. frugiperda caterpillars. Gral-cry1 was used in the PCR analyses to confirm the presence of the cry1 locus in 15 isolates. A 3 x 108 spore/ml suspension bathed the diet used to feed 30 caterpillars per isolate, with three replications. The cry1 locus type genes of the different isolates were identified for five gene subclasses; linear regression analyses were carried out to ascertain possible associations between the presence of an individual cry1 locus gene and high levels of toxicity. All the DNAs amplified with Gral-cry1 presented an amplification product with the expected size. Regarding the levels of insecticide efficiency against the cob worm, 41 isolates presented 100% mortality and 16 presented an index between 70% and 90%. The cry1Ab gene was present in 80 isolates, cryb in 69 isolates, cry1Ac in all the isolates and cryv and cry1E in 93 and 27 isolates, respectively. The values regarding the individual effect of each gene on caterpillar mortality were significant at 1% probability for the cry1Ac and cry1E genes. (author)

  8. Synthesis and characterization of inorganic ion exchangers based on mixed oxide tin-titanium to be used in recovery of cadmium and nickel and photoluminescent studies; Sintese e caracterizacao de trocadores ionicos inorganicos a base de oxidos mistos estanho-titanio para utilizacao na recuperacao de cadmio e niquel e estudos fotoluminescentes

    Paganini, Paula Pinheiro


    This work presents the synthesis, characterization and adsorption studies of inorganic ion exchangers based on mixed tin-titanium oxide for recovery of cadmium and nickel metals from aqueous effluents, discarded in the environment mainly through Ni-Cd battery. The exchangers were synthesized by sol-gel modified method using a mixture of tin(IV) chloride and titanium(III) chloride and ammonium hydroxide, as precursors reagents. The materials obtained: SnO{sub 2}/TiO{sub 2} and SnO{sub 2}/TiO{sub 2}:Eu{sup 3+} were characterized by infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis, scattering electronic microscopy (SEM), X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) (powder method) and electronic spectroscopy (excitation and emission) for the europium doped exchanger. The same materials also were synthesized in polymeric matrix too and can be used in column, because the synthesized materials showed crystals size in nano metric scale. It was determined by the distribution ratios for metals taking as parameters the influence of pH, the concentration of metals (by adsorption isotherms) and the contact time (by adsorption kinetic). The inorganic ion exchanger presented high exchange capacity with adsorption percent above 90 por cent for the studied conditions, quickly kinetic, heterogeneous exchange surfaces, physic adsorption and spontaneous process of exchange. To the doped exchanger spectroscopy properties were studied and also it was calculated the intensity parameters and it was found a satisfactory quantum yield. (author)

  9. Study and characterization of ceramic materials from natural origin for application in jewellery design using laser texturing as innovation; Estudo e caracterizacao de materiais ceramicos de origem natural para aplicacao no design de joias utilizando a texturizacao a laser como diferencial de inovacao

    Elesbao, T.R.; Carus, L.A.; Tabarelli, A.C.; Vieira, R.P.; Takimi, A.S., E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Departamento de Materiais


    Technological development has been largely responsible for changes in the jewelry market. Seeking to contribute to the development of new products, this study analyzed the technique of laser texturing, aiming to add commercial and aesthetic values to the mother of pearl, material used in the jewelry field. The methodology was divided into physico-chemical characterization of the mother-of-pearl and of the resulting residue of laser texturing and analysis of the interaction of laser with the surface of the mother-of-pearl. The characterizations carried out were: Infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, thermogravimetric analysis and scanning electron microscopy. Results indicate that the studied material is composed mainly by the aragonite crystal phase, different from that resulting residue from texturing process. Although the process remove some of the gem material, the effect water characteristic of the mother-of-pearl is maintained, suggesting that technology combined with research and design can increase the value of this material. (author)

  10. Stability evaluation and chemical characterization of different vegetable oils viewing the search for candidates for certified reference materials for bio diesel; Avaliacao da estabilidade e caracterizacao quimica de diferentes oleos vegetais visando a busca de candidatos a materiais de referencia certificado (MRC) para biodiesel

    Cruz, Georgiana F. da; Fonseca, Mauricio G.; Goncalves, Lenise V.F.; Silva, Regina Celia F. da; Silva, Fernanda M.R. da; Rodrigues, Janaina M. [Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normalizacao e Qualidade Industrial (LABOR/INMETRO), Duque de Caxias, RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Analises Organicas; Leal, Rodrigo V.P. [Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normalizacao e Qualidade Industrial (LAMBOC/INMETRO), Duque de Caxias, RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Motores, Combustiveis e Lubrificantes], Email:; Cunha, Valnei S. [Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Normalizacao e Qualidade Industrial (DIMCI/INMETRO), Duque de Caxias, RJ (Brazil). Diretoria de Metrologia Cientifica e Industrial


    Viewing the characterization of the various vegetable oils aiming to obtain a data bank that allows the production of certified reference materials for bio diesel of different blends, a study of chemical-physical characterization of different oils and derivative of bio diesel.

  11. Studies of the development and characterization of the Cu-Ni-Pt and Cu-Ni-Sn alloys for electro-electronic uses; Estudos do desenvolvimento e caracterizacao das ligas Cu-Ni-Pt e Cu-Ni-Sn para fins eletro-eletronicos

    Silva, Luis Carlos Elias da


    The Cu and its alloys have different applications in the owed modern society the excellent electric properties, thermal conductivity, resistance to the corrosion and other properties. These applications can be in valves, pipes, pots for absorption of solar energy, radiators for automobiles, current driver, electronic driver, thermostats elements and structural parts of nuclear reactors, as, for example, reels for field toroidal for a reactor of nuclear coalition. The alloys used in nuclear reactors, we can highlight Cu-Be, Cu-Sn and Cu-Pt. Ni and Co frequently are added to the Cu alloys so that the solubility is moved for temperatures more elevated with relationship to the binary systems of Cu-Sn and Cu-Pt. The addition of Ni-Pt or Ni-Sn to the Cu in the same or inferior percentages to 1,5% plus thermomechanical treatments changes the properties of the copper. We studied the electric conductivity and hardness Vickers of the Cu-Ni-Pt and Cu-Ni-Sn and compared with the electrolytic Cu. In the proposed flowcharts, breaking of the obtaining of the ingot, we proceeded with thermo mechanical treatments. (author)

  12. Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of hybrid membrane Nafion-SiO{sub 2} for application as polymer electrolyte in PEM fuel cell; Sintese e caracterizacao eletroquimica de membranas hibridas Nafion-SiO{sub 2} para aplicacao como eletrolito polimerico em celulas a combustivel tipo PEM

    Dresch, Mauro Andre


    In this work, the effect of sol-gel synthesis parameters on the preparation and polarization response of Nafion-SiO{sub 2} hybrids as electrolytes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) operating at high temperatures (130 degree C) was evaluated. The inorganic phase was incorporated in a Nafion matrix with the following purposes: to improve the Nafion water uptake at high temperatures (> 100 degree C); to increase the mechanical strength of Nafion and; to accelerate the electrode reactions. The hybrids were prepared by an in-situ incorporation of silica into commercial Nafion membranes using an acid-catalyzed sol-gel route. The effects of synthesis parameters, such as catalyst concentration, sol-gel solvent, temperature and time of both hydrolysis and condensation reactions, and silicon precursor concentration (Tetraethyl orthosilicate - TEOS), were evaluated as a function on the incorporation degree and polarization response. Nafion-SiO{sub 2} hybrids were characterized by gravimetry, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), scanning electron microscopy and X-ray dispersive energy (SEM-EDS), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), and X-ray small angle scattering (SAXS). The hybrids were tested as electrolyte in single H{sub 2}/O{sub 2} fuel cells in the temperature range of 80 - 130 degree C and at 130 degree C and reduced relative humidity (75% and 50%). Summarily, the hybrid performance showed to be strongly dependent on the synthesis parameters, mainly, the type of alcohol and the TEOS concentration. (author)

  13. Characterization of Lanthanum Ferric Cobaltite doped with Strontium (LSCF) films deposited by spray-pyrolysis for application as cathode in PaCOS-TI; Caracterizacao de filmes de CFLE depositados por spray-pirolise para utilizacao como catodo em PaCOS-TI

    Almeida, L.S.; Guimaraes, V.F.; Paes Junior, H.R. [Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro (UENF), Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ (Brazil). Lab. de Materiais Avancados], Emails:,,


    The lanthanum ferric cobaltite doped with strontium (LSCF) is a ceramic material with the perovskite structure that stands out in the field of research for its use as cathode in solid oxide fuel cells at intermediate temperatures (IT-SOFC). The films were synthesized by spray-pyrolysis technique on 8% mol Yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) substrates. It was studied the influence of heat treatment temperatures (600-1000 deg C) on the properties of the films under the conditions of treatment during four hours. Samples were tested electrically by measuring the variation of electrical conductivity with temperature, structurally by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and morphologically by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The films heat treated at 700 deg C for 4 hours showed better performance for application as cathode. (author)

  14. Production and characterization of compounds based on MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7} for application in dosimetry; Producao e caracterizacao de compostos a base de MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7} para aplicacao em dosimetria

    Souza, Luiza Freire de


    Many materials with luminescent properties are used for ionizing radiation dosimetry through the thermoluminescence (TL) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) techniques. Detectors based on lithium fluoride (LiF), calcium sulphate (CaSO{sub 4}) and aluminum oxide (Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}), doped or codoped with various elements, are the TL or OSL commercial dosimeters most widely used currently. However, several researches are focused to the development of new TL /OSL materials in intention to enhance the dosimetric properties, in view that no TL/OSL dosimeter has all the ideal characteristics for monitoring the radiation. In this context, magnesium tetraborate (MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}), which has been presented in the literature as a material for dosimetry TL, was investigated in this work. As there are no reports on the structural characterization of this material or regarding to its applicability on OSL dosimetry, the proposal of the present work was to develop compounds based on MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}, with different doping, by solid state synthesis. It was made the structural, optical, TL and OSL characterization of the compound to verify it feasibility for application on radiation dosimetry. Initially, it was determined the calcination temperature and time for MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7} formation, with the use of thermal analyses and x ray diffraction. The ideal calcination was found at 900 °C for 7 hours. It were produced , in powder form, the compounds: MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy,Li, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce,Li, MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd,Li. For TL and OSL analyses it were produced pellets sintering at 950 °C for 2 hours. The radioluminescence (RL) analyses of MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy,Li shows wavelength emissions at 490, 590, 670 and 760 nm. For MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce,Li RL was observed wide emission band in the ultraviolet region. For the MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd,Li RL were not observed emission from the ultraviolet to infrared. With the results obtained from the TL characterization, it were also discussed aspects such as: effect of sintering and dopant concentrations in emissions, influence of doping and codoping with Li in MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7} matrix, thermal treatment reuse, TL signal reproducibility, dose response curve , relative sensitivity and it were analyzed the kinetic parameters of the TL emission curves. The OSL analyses of MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Dy,Li,MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Ce,Li and MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}:Nd,Li indicated that the compounds have high cross section for photoionization to the wavelength emitted by blue LEDs, and from three compounds analyzed the MgB{sub 4}O{sub 7}: Ce,Li showed greater intensity. The partial preheating and partial cleaning methods allowed to elucidate the OSL phenomenology in compounds. (author)

  15. Clays as green catalysts in the cholesterol esterification: spectroscopic characterization and polymorphs identification by thermal analysis methods. An interdisciplinary laboratorial proposal for the undergraduate level; Argilas como catalisadores verdes na esterificacao do colesterol: caracterizacao espectroscopica e identificacao de polimorfos por metodos de analise termica. Uma proposta laboratorial interdisciplinar para o primeiro ciclo universitario

    Maria, Teresa M R.; Nunes, Rui M. D.; Pereira, Mariette M.; Eusebio, M. Ermelinda S. [Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra (Portugal). Dept. de Quimica], e-mail:


    A laboratory experiment that enables the professor to introduce the problematic of sustainable development in pharmaceutical chemistry to undergraduate students is proposed, using a simple synthetic procedure. Cholesteryl acetate is prepared by the esterification of cholesterol using Montmorillonite K10 as heterogeneous catalyst. Cholesterol and cholesteryl acetate are characterized by spectroscopic ({sup 1}H RMN, {sup 13}C RMN, FTIR) and thermal analysis techniques. The thermal methods are used to introduce the concepts of polymorphism and the nature of mesophases. (author)

  16. Preparation and characterization of Nafion - TiO{sub 2} composite electrolytes for application in proton exchange membrane fuel cells; Preparacao e caracterizacao de eletrolitos compositos Nafion - TiO{sub 2} para aplicacao em celulas a combustivel de membrana de troca protonica

    Matos, Bruno Ribeiro de


    The fabrication and characterization of Nafion - TiO{sub 2} composites, and the use of such electrolytes in PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell operating at high temperature (130 deg C) were studied. The operation of a PEM fuel cell at such high temperature is considered as an effective way to promote fast electrode reaction kinetics, high diffusional transport, and high tolerance to the carbon monoxide fuel contaminant. The polymer Nafion{sup R} is the most used electrolyte in PEM fuel cells due to its high proton conductivity. However, the proton transport in Nafion is dependent on the water content in the polymeric membrane. The need of absorbed water in the polymer structure limits the operation of the fuel cell to temperatures close to 100 deg C, above which Nafion exhibits a fast decrease of the ionic conductivity. In order to increase the performance of the electrolyte operating at high temperatures, Nafion-TiO{sub 2} composites have been prepared by casting. The addition of titania hygroscopic particles to the polymeric matrix aims at the enhancement of the humidification of the electrolyte at temperatures above 100 deg C. Three types of titania particles with different specific surface area and morphology have been investigated. Nafion-based composites with the addition of titania nanoparticles, in the 2.5-15 wt.% range, with nearly spherical shape and specific surface area up to approx. 115 m{sup 2}g{sup -1} were found to have higher glass transition temperature than the polymer. Such an increase improves the stability of the electrolyte during the fuel cell operation at high temperatures. The addition of titania-derived nanotubes results in a pronounced increase of the performance of PEM fuel cell operating at 130 deg C. In this composite, the high specific surface area and the tubular shape of the inorganic phase are responsible for the measured increase of both the absorption and retention of water of the composite electrolyte. Nonetheless, the polarization curves of fuel cell using the composite electrolytes exhibited an increase of the ohmic polarization associated with the addition of the insulating titania particles. As the chemical structure of Nafion was observed to be insensitive to the addition of the inorganic particles, the high performance of the composite electrolytes is a result of competing effects: the decrease of the electrical conductivity and a higher thermal stability or water absorption/retention capacity. The experimental results suggest that the Nafion-TiO{sub 2} composites are promising electrolytes for PEM fuel cells operating at temperatures above approx. 100 deg C. (author)

  17. Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured powders of hydroxyapatite and of three-calcium {beta} phosphate: elaboration of two phase compositions for application in the orthopedics and traumatology; Sintese e caracterizacao de pos nanoestruturados de hidroxiapatita e de fosfato tricalcico {beta}: elaboracao de composicoes bifasicas para aplicacoes na ortopedia e traumatologia

    Dalmonico, G.M.L.; Pinheiro, D.M.; Camargo, N.H.A.; Orzechowki, L.G.; Goncalves, A.F.; Melnik, V.; Jesus, J.; Gemelli, E. [Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC), Joinville, SC (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Tecnologicas], e-mail:


    This paper synthesized nano structured hydroxyapatite and three calcium {beta} phosphate, for elaboration of two phase compositions of HA/TCP in the concentration in volume of 80% HA/20% TCP-{beta}, 60% HA/40% TCP-{beta} and 50% HA/50% TCP-{beta}. For phase mixing realization, the method of mechanical fragmentation by attritor mill were used. The material recovered from the process of mechanical fragmentation was dried in rotate evaporator, supplying the two phase compositions. The preliminary studies shown the obtention of nano metric powders and a good phase dispersions inside the two phase compositions. (author)

  18. Characterization of kaolin wastes from kaolin mining industry from the amazon region as raw material for pozzolans production; Caracterizacao dos residuos cauliniticos das industrias de mineracao de caulim da amazonia como materia-prima para producao de pozolanas de alta reatividade

    Barata, M.S.; Angelica, R.S., E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Geociencias, Universidade Federal do Para, Belem, PA (Brazil)


    Capim and Jari are the two most important kaolin mining districts of the Brazilian Amazon region. They encompass the major Brazilian reserves of high quality kaolin for the paper coating industry. The kaolin is mined and processed by three major companies responsible for about 500,000 ton of a residue mainly composed of kaolinite. The wastes come mainly from the centrifugation phase of the kaolin beneficiation process and their final destinations are huge sedimentation basins that occupy large areas. The main purpose of this work is to evaluate the physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristics of the kaolin wastes processed from the Capim and Jari region, in order to obtain meta kaolinite, a high reactive pozzolans for the cement industry. When incorporated to ordinary Portland cement such pozzolans increases the concrete and mortars performance. All the residues studied in this work were characterized by means of: X-ray diffraction analysis, differential thermal analysis, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and laser diffraction. Both residues are mainly constitutes by at least 92% of low granulometry kaolinite with specific surface area above 8 m2 /g and mean diameter below 1 {mu}m. Free silica (quartz) contents are below 3%. The high concentration of kaolinite in these residues dispenses rigid control parameters for removal of impurities usually employed in pozzolans production. The Jari kaolin exhibits high disordered kaolinite in comparison with the high ordered kaolinite of the Capim region and gives rise to higher desidroxilation degree at lower temperatures. It points to energy saving and reducing costs during the production of a pozzolans. The results are satisfactory and reveal that both kaolin wastes are excellent raw material for the production of high reactive meta kaolin. (author)

  19. Characterization of the corrosion behavior of an austenitic stainless steel for biomedical applications coated with Ti N, Ti CN And DLC PVD coatings; Caracterizacao do comportamento frente a corrosao de um aco inoxidavel austenitico para aplicacoes biomedicas com revestimentos PVD de TiN, TiCN e DLC

    Antunes, Renato Altobelli


    Metallic biomaterials must present a combination of properties such as corrosion resistance, biocompatibility and mechanical resistance. Austenitic stainless steels, especially AISI 316L combine these properties with the easy of fabrication at low cost. However, they are prone to corrosion in physiological solutions. Furthermore, their corrosion products may lead to infectious ou allergenic reactions in the tissues around the implant device. In the present work, coatings produced by physical vapour deposition (PVD) methods have been applied on the surface of a 316L stainless steel to increase its corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. Three thin films were tested: titanium nitride (TiN), titanium carbonitride (TiCN) and diamond-like carbon (DLC). These materials present high hardness, wear resistance and intrinsic biocompatibility that are key features when considering biomedical applications. The characterization of the electrochemical behavior of the stainless steel coated with the three different films showed that the presence of surface defects are deleterious to the corrosion resistance of the substrate. These defects were observed using scanning electron microscopy. The evolution of the electrochemical behavior of the coated steel was explained through a mechanism based on the experimental results obtained using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Two different passivation treatments were carried out on the stainless steel surface, either in sulfuric or nitric acid solutions, to increase its corrosion resistance. The results suggested que these treatments were not efficient, but may be modified to improve its performance. The electronic properties of the passive films of the non-passivated and passivated stainless steel were studied using the Mott-Schottky approach. The films presented a duplex character. Below the flat band potential the behavior is typical of a highly doped type-p semiconductor. Above the flat band potential is typical of a highly doped type-n semiconductor. The doping concentration in the passive film was determined and associated with the corrosion resistance of the substrate. All PVD coatings investigated showed non-cytotoxic behavior. DLC and TiCN coatings decreased the friction coefficient of the stainless steel substrate. These properties allied with the stainless steel low cost recommend their commercial use for implants materials purposes. Nevertheless the corrosion resistance presented by the coated-steel was inferior to that of the bare steel and should be improved. At the end of the present text, some suggestions are proposed in order to improve the corrosion protection performance of the PVD coatings.

  20. Development of an optimized algorithm for the characterization of microflow using speckle patterns present in optical coherence tomography signal; Desenvolvimento de um algoritimo otimizado para caracterizacao de fluxos microfluidicos utilizando padroes de speckle presentes no sinal de tomografia por coerencia optica

    Pretto, Lucas Ramos de


    This work discusses the Optical Coherence Tomography system (OCT) and its application to the microfluidics area. To this end, physical characterization of microfluidic circuits were performed using 3D (three-dimensional) models constructed from OCT images of such circuits. The technique was thus evaluated as a potential tool to aid in the inspection of microchannels. Going further, this work paper studies and develops analytical techniques for microfluidic flow, in particular techniques based on speckle pattern. In the first instance, existing methods were studied and improved, such as Speckle Variance - OCT, where a gain of 31% was obtained in processing time. Other methods, such as LASCA (Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis), based on speckle autocorrelation, are adapted to OCT images. Derived from LASCA, the developed analysis technique based on intensity autocorrelation motivated the development of a custom OCT system as well as an optimized acquisition software, with a sampling rate of 8 kHz. The proposed method was, then, able to distinguish different flow rates, and limits of detection were tested, proving its feasibility for implementation on Brownian motion analysis and flow rates below 10 μl/min. (author)

  1. Synthesis and characterization of magnetic cobalt ferrite nanoparticles covered with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane for use as hybrid material in nano technology; Sintese e caracterizacao de nanoparticulas magneticas de ferrita de cobalto recobertas por 3-aminopropiltrietoxissilano para uso como material hibrido em nanotecnologia

    Camilo, Ruth Luqueze


    Nowadays with the appear of nano science and nano technology, magnetic nanoparticles have been finding a variety of applications in the fields of biomedicine, diagnosis, molecular biology, biochemistry, catalysis, etc. The magnetic functionalized nanoparticles are constituted of a magnetic nucleus, involved by a polymeric layer with active sites, which ones could anchor metals or selective organic compounds. These nanoparticles are considered organic inorganic hybrid materials and have great interest as materials for commercial applications due to the specific properties. Among the important applications it can be mentioned: magneto hyperthermia treatment, drugs delivery in specific local of the body, molecular recognition, biosensors, enhancement of nuclear magnetic resonance images quality, etc. This work was developed in two parts: 1) the synthesis of the nucleus composed by superparamagnetic nanoparticles of cobalt ferrite and, 2) the recovering of nucleus by a polymeric bifunctional 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane. The parameters studied in the first part of the research were: pH, hydroxide molar concentration, hydroxide type, reagent order of addition, reagent way of addition, speed of shake, metals initial concentrations, molar fraction of cobalt and thermal treatment. In the second part it was studied: pH, temperature, catalyst type, catalyst concentration, time of reaction, relation ratios of H{sub 2}O/silane, type of medium and the efficiency of the recovering regarding to pH. The products obtained were characterized using the following techniques X-ray powder diffraction (DRX), transmission electronic microscopy (TEM), scanning electronic microscopy (SEM), spectroscopy of scatterbrained energy spectroscopy (DES), atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA/DTGA), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and magnetization curves (VSM). (author)

  2. Characterization of array scintillation detector for follicle thyroid 2D imaging acquisition using Monte Carlo simulation; Caracterizacao de uma matriz detectora cintiladora para aquisicao de imagem 2D da regiao folicular da glandula tireoide por emissao radioativa usando simulacao Monte Carlo

    Silva, Carlos Borges da


    The image acquisition methods applied to nuclear medicine and radiobiology are a valuable research study for determination of thyroid anatomy to seek disorders associated to follicular cells. The Monte Carlo (MC) simulation has also been used in problems related to radiation detection in order to map medical images since the improvement of data processing compatible with personnel computers (PC). This work presents an innovative study to find out the adequate scintillation inorganic detector array that could be coupled to a specific light photo sensor, a charge coupled device (CCD) through a fiber optic plate in order to map the follicles of thyroid gland. The goal is to choose the type of detector that fits the application suggested here with spatial resolution of 10 {mu}m and good detector efficiency. The methodology results are useful to map a follicle image using gamma radiation emission. A source - detector simulation is performed by using a MCNP4B (Monte Carlo for Neutron Photon transport) general code considering different source energies, detector materials and geometries including pixel sizes and reflector types. The results demonstrate that by using MCNP4B code is possible to searching for useful parameters related to the systems used in nuclear medicine, specifically in radiobiology applied to endocrine physiology studies to acquiring thyroid follicles images. (author)

  3. Synthesis and characterization of Ce{sub 1-x}SmXO{sub 2-(x/2)} as solid electrolyte for application in IT-SOFCs; Sintese e caracterizacao de Ce{sub 1-x}SmXO{sub 2-(x/2)} como eletrolito solido para aplicacao em IT-SOFCs

    Nicodemo, J.P.; Martinelli, A.E.; Nascimento, R.M. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (DECM/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais], e-mail:; Melo, D.M.A. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (DQ/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica; Cela, B. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (PPGCEM/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Ciencia e Engenharia de Materiais; Macedo, D.A. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (PPGEM/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Mecanica


    Mixed rare earth doped CeO{sub 2} oxide-based have been extensively studied for use in solid electrolytes for fuel cells. Ceramics-based CeO{sub 2} have high ionic conductivity and enable the operation of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) in intermediate temperatures, in the range of 500 to 750 deg C. In this work, was investigated the Sm{sub 2}O{sub 3} doped CeO{sub 2} by Pechini method to obtain Ce{sub 0,9}Sm{sub 0,1}O{sub 1,95}. The resulting powders were characterized by the chemical composition (EDS) and crystallographic (XRD), thermal analysis (TG/ATD and DTG), and particles morphology (SEM). After calcinations of 500 and 700 deg C for 2 hours were obtained nanosized powders with crystalline structure of cubic phase type fluorite fully formed. (author)

  4. Obtainment and characterization of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} ceramic membranes applied to the produced water treatment in petroleum wells; Obtencao, caracterizacao de membranas ceramicas de Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} aplicadas para o tratamento de agua de producao em pocos petroliferos

    Santos, J.J.M. dos; Cela, B.; Melo, G.N.; Timoteo Junior, J.F. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (PPGCEM/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Ciencia e Engenharia de Materiais; Paskocimas, C.A.; Floreoto, N.T. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (DEM/UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais


    The use of filter membranes is widely disseminated in industry and in sanitation companies to the high quality process and use of membrane systems to treat and reuse wastewater. This work aimed the obtaining and characterization of conventional alumina membranes produced through the Slip Casting process, calcined at the temperature of 1000 deg C, heating rate used was 2 deg C/min., then the samples with starch were sintered at 1200 deg C and the ones without starch at 1300 deg C and 1400 deg C with the same heating rate used at the calcination step. The techniques used for the membranes material characterization were scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the method of Archimedes. The efficiency of the membranes was examined by the spectrophotometry methods, suspended solids and the oil concentration of the produced water samples previously treated by the oil industry. (author)

  5. Uma taxonomia para modelos multiparadigma

    Barbosa, Jorge L. V.; Geyer, Cláudio Fernando Resin


    Desde os primórdios da humanidade a raça humana busca compreender. A ciência, como instrumento de descobrimento do universo, vem alcançando contínuos sucessos. As descobertas científicas permitiram ao Homem criar um modelo bastante estável e previsível para a realidade na qual está inserido. Em grande parte, o sucesso da ciência basea-se na estratégia de fragmentação do conhecimento, ou seja, na criação de diversas áreas de especialização. A fragmentação é uma solução natural para resolver pr...

  6. Separating Para and Ortho Water

    Horke, Daniel A; Długołęcki, Karol; Küpper, Jochen


    Water exists as two nuclear-spin isomers, para and ortho, determined by the overall spin of its two hydrogen nuclei. For isolated water molecules the conversion between these isomers is forbidden and they act as different molecular species. Yet, these species are not readily separable, and little is known about their specific physical and chemical properties, conversion mechanisms, or interactions. Here we demonstrate the production of isolated samples of both spin isomers in pure beams of para and ortho water, with both species in their respective absolute ground state. These single-quantum-state samples are ideal targets for unraveling spin-conversion mechanisms, for precision spectroscopy and fundamental-symmetry-breaking studies, and for spin-enhanced applications, e. g., laboratory astrophysics and -chemistry or hypersensitized NMR experiments.

  7. Estrategia para la sustentabilidad ambiental

    Cecilia Erbiti


    Full Text Available En el contexto de los postulados conceptuales y metodológicos de la planificación estratégica y de sustentabilidad ambiental, el objetivo de esta investigación es describir el proceso de formulación del Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial del Municipio de Tandil (POTM y analizar su potencialidad para avanzar hacia la sustentabilidad ambiental del sistema. Los resultados de la misma muestran que el POTM no sólo prioriza principios, objetivos y estrategias que materializan las diferentes manifestaciones de la sustentabilidad (económica, social, ecológica y política, sino que la totalidad del Plan se fundamenta en el concepto de desarrollo sostenible y, con ello, se establecen prioridades de actuación que posibilitarán la gestión ambiental urbana. Si bien el POTM muestra una gran potencialidad para avanzar hacia la sustentabilidad del territorio, la implementación y cumplimiento del mismo constituye un fuerte desafío para las autoridades de aplicación.

  8. para asegurar un hijo sano

    Carmen Amarilis Guerra de Castillo


    Full Text Available Esta investigación etnográfica focalizada exploró las creencias, los valores, los hábitos y los padrones comportamentales de las embarazadas diabéticas atendidas en el Hospital Doctor Enrique Tejera, quienes residen en tres comunidades urbanas pobres de la ciudad de Valencia - Venezuela, con el objetivo de encontrar el significado del cuidado de si para dichas grávidas. Se utilizó como referencial teórico el Modelo del Análisis de la Salud y la Teoría Antropológica de la Salud, siendo fundamentales para revelar aquello que estaba implícito en el comportamiento de las mujeres con relación a su cuidado. Surgieron tres temas: la salud y la enfermedad - valores culturales del cuidado de si; las prácticas del cuidado de la salud y cuidándose en el embarazo garantiza tener un hijo más saludable. Los temas culturales revelaron que las creencias, los valores, los hábitos y los patrones culturales comportamentales, conforme las tres maneras de acción identificadas, pueden ser preservadas, acomodadas y re-estructuradas para proporcionar un cuidado culturalmente congruente.

  9. (Para-)Hermitian and (para-)K\\"ahler Submanifolds of a para-quaternionic K\\"ahler manifold

    Vaccaro, Massimo


    On a para-quaternionic K\\"ahler manifold $(\\widetilde M^{4n},Q,\\widetilde g)$, which is first of all a pseudo-Riemannian manifold, a natural definition of (almost) K\\"ahler and (almost) para-K\\"ahler submanifold $(M^{2m},\\mathcal{J},g)$ can be given where $\\mathcal{J}=J_1|_M$ is a (para-)complex structure on $M$ which is the restriction of a section $J_1$ of the para-quaternionic bundle $Q$. In this paper, we extend to such a submanifold $M$ most of the results proved by Alekseevsky and Marchiafava, 2001, where Hermitian and K\\"ahler submanifolds of a quaternionic K\\"ahler manifold have been studied. Conditions for the integrability of an almost (para-)Hermitian structure on $M$ are given. Assuming that the scalar curvature of $\\widetilde M$ is non zero, we show that any almost (para-)K\\"ahler submanifold is (para-)K\\"ahler and moreover that $M$ is (para-)K\\"ahler iff it is totally (para-)complex. Considering totally (para-)complex submanifolds of maximal dimension $2n$, we identify the second fundamental for...


    Gómez-Eguílar, Javier


    A lo largo del trabajo vamos a exponer nuestra propia idea de negocio de una nueva empresa, llamada GAMERINET, que se dedique a la venta de videojuegos de ordenador en descarga digital a través de nuestra web. Para ello vamos a ver una breve introducción a este sector de negocio y su historia, haremos un análisis de las condiciones actuales del sector, a través del análisis del entorno específico (5 Fuerzas de Porter) y del análisis del entorno general (Análisis PEST). Posterio...

  11. Aprender para ensinar e ensinar para que os alunos aprendam

    Pessoa Carvalho, A.


    A parceria colaborativa desenvolvida entre o Laboratório de Ensino de Física e uma Escola Municipal sustenta-se por meio de práticas colaborativas buscando soluções para os problemas de ensino apontados pelos professores. O problema que mobiliza o grupo de professoras é como alfabetizar cientificamente os alunos. Tanto a formação dos professores quanto a realização do ensino de ciências são orientadas em uma perspectiva investigativa, procurando estabelecer, assim, coerência entre o “como apr...

  12. Redes Sociales para Bibliotecas Universitarias

    Anna Kawalec


    Full Text Available La popularidad de las redes sociales y otras herramientas de Web 2.0 obliga a las bibliotecas a ir acorde a los tiempos y adaptarse a las novedades que ofrece el mundo de Internet. Este trabajo tiene por objetivo estudiar las diversas aplicaciones existentes en las redes sociales y evaluar su posible utilización en el diseño de una red social para bibliotecas universitarias. Como resultado pretende construir un modelo de prototipo completo para ser implantado en una biblioteca. El trabajo consta de tres partes. La primera de ellas es una introducción a las redes sociales que menciona aspectos como idea, historia y desarrollo, contenidos y elementos y analiza distintos ejemplos de redes sociales. La siguiente parte es un análisis de presencia de bibliotecas en las redes sociales. Se habla de la posibilidad de crear redes sociales para las bibliotecas, ventajas y desventajas para éstas, presentando ejemplos de bibliotecas que participan en redes o intentan crear sus propias redes. También se analiza aplicaciones que usan las bibliotecas presentes en redes sociales. A continuación se propone el proyecto de red social para una biblioteca universitaria. El proyecto está basado en la investigación sobre los potenciales usuarios. Se ha realizado una encuesta a nivel internacional a un grupo de estudiantes, personal de bibliotecas y profesionales de documentación, con el objetivo de recoger sus opiniones, conocer sus necesidades y escuchar sus propuestas en lo referente a las redes sociales para bibliotecas. Abstract The popularity of social networking and other Web 2.0 tools requires libraries to adapt to the new world offered by the Internet. This work studies the various existing applications of social networks and assesses their possible use in designing a social network for university libraries. As a result seeks to build a complete prototype model to be implemented in a library. The work consists of three parts. The first is an

  13. Dosimetric characteristics of a TLD dosemeter with extremities; Caracteristicas dosimetricas de un dosimetro TLD de extremidades

    Molina P, D.; Diaz B, E.; Lien V, R. [Centro de Proteccion e Higiene de las Radiaciones, CPHR, Apdo.Postal 6195, Habana 6, CP 10600, Ciudad Habana (Cuba)


    It was designed a TLD dosemeter for the monitoring of the extremities. This one consists in a metallic ring with a circular orifice where is arranged a T L detector of LiF: Mg,Ti (Model JR1152C) 5 x 5 x 0.8 mm{sup 3} covered by a polyethylene fine layer. In this work were studied the dosimetric properties of the dosemeter for its application in the dosimetry of extremities for photonic radiation. the results obtained allow conclude that the designed dosemeter can be used for the extremities monitoring. (Author)

  14. Development of materials with dosimetric applications; Desarrollo de materiales con aplicaciones dosimetricas

    Mendoza A, D.; Perez H, R.; Gonzalez, P.R. [ININ, 52045 Ocoyoacac, Estado de Mexico (Mexico); Estrada G, R. [UIA, Unidad Santa Fe, 01000 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Salas C, P. [IMP, 07000 Mexico D.F. (Mexico)


    The thermoluminescence (Tl) is a property that have certain materials, of emitting light thermally stimulated, when they have been exposed to a field of ionizing radiation. In this work an analysis of the Tl response induced by the gamma radiation in the zircon, titania and hydroxyapatite is presented. First the influence of the presence of graphite in the Tl response of the zircon is analyzed, next the sensitivity of the titania thermally treated to different temperatures is analyzed. Finally the Tl response produced by the hydroxyapatite synthesized by two different processes is studied. (Author)

  15. Dosimetric evaluation of micro MOSFET detector;Avaliacao dosimetrica de um detector microMOSFET

    Resende, G.R.A.; Sales, C.P.; Santos, G.R.; Gialluisi, B.L.; Habtizreuter, A.B.; Rodrigues, L.N. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (HC/FM/USP), SP (Brazil). Hospital das Clinicas. Servico de Radioterapia


    The objective of this work is a mMOSFET detector characterization in a photon beam. This characterization consisted in evaluate its stability, dose and dose rate response, energy dependence, influence on source-detector distance and field size. Other characteristics analyzed were the capacity to determine the percentage depth dose (PDD) in build-up region, and the influence in its reading due to cable irradiation and flat side irradiation. The PDD and the output factor obtained with the mMOSFET were compared with cylindrical ionization chamber (0,6 cm{sup 3}) measurements. A comparison between the calibration factors obtained for 6 and 15 MV showed a small energetic dependence. The device stability was reached after it was turned on for 30 min, being the maximum variation in the reading equal to 4% in the first 30 min and 2,3% later on. The dosimeter showed linearity in the dose range (25 to 700 cGy) and the data uncertainty was near 1,5%. The mMOSFET showed small dose rate dependence, with deviation of 0,2%. Irradiating the longest part of cable, no appreciable increase in the reading was observed. It was possible to verify the inverse square distance law with 3,4% of maximum error. The PDDs obtained were compared with measurements made with a cylindrical ionization chamber. The ratio of the readings in depths of 20 and 10 cm (PDD20,10) were analyzed, obtaining a difference of 0,5%. The differences between maximum depths were 1 mm. The comparison between the output factors measured with the obtained with the chamber had medium deviation of the 1,8%. After the mMOSFET is stabilized, it is linear and have a small dose rate dependence. However, it needs to be calibrated for each energy utilized, because of the energy dependence. A problem observed was its low saturation limit, about 200 Gy or 20000 mV. (author)

  16. Tendiendo puentes para la convivencia

    Marcos Aranda, Rafael


    El Foro Iberoamericano sobre Seguridad Ciudadana, Violencia Social y Políticas Públicas, que se celebró en Madrid y Alcalá de Henares, entre los días 19 y 23 de junio del presente año, concluyó con la presentación de un documento de compromiso titulado «Tendiendo puentes para la convivencia». Dicho documento puede calificarse de mínimos, aunque en él se establecen una serie de consensos básicos, los cuales nos invitan a reflexionar sobre una realidad terriblemente complej...

  17. Manual de mercadeo para pymes

    Botero Ardila, José Luis


    Este texto presenta las definiciones y lineamientos a seguir por parte de los empresarios, con el fin de hacerlos más competitivos a la hora de enfrentar las variaciones del mercado o del entorno competitivo. Su diseño tiene en cuenta al empresario que no dispone de mucho tiempo para aplicar el mercadeo en su empresa, por lo cual incluye la posibilidad de diagnosticar de manera autónoma el estado de la misma. Entre los temas que encontrará el lector se encuentran: ¿qué es mercadeo, investigac...

  18. Recomendaciones para desarrollar software internacionalizado

    Payán Goméz, Ricardo; Barbosa, Julián; Torres Moreno, Miguel E.


    El presente artículo tiene como objetivo exponer una serie de recomendaciones que deberían ser tomadas en cuenta al construir software internacionalizado, es decir aquel que está libre de toda dependencia cultural y está optimizado para ser localizado posteriormente a una región geográfica específica. Inicialmente se presenta una introducción al tema y se describe la estrecha relación entre la internacionalización y la localización de software y posteriormente se describen 19 recomendacion...

  19. Bombas extractoras para lactancia materna

    Rozas García, M. Rosa


    Durante la lactancia materna pueden utilizarse diferentes accesorios para complementarla, entre los cuales se encuentran las bombas extractoras de leche materna. Describiremos las características generales de los diferentes tipos de bombas extractoras, de modo que el profesional de enfermería conozca no sólo el funcionamiento de los aparatos, sino que también adquiera unos conocimientos acerca de sus indicaciones, manipulación, ventajas e inconvenientes, y pueda asesorar en todo momento a la ...

  20. Ambiente Java para sistemas embedded

    Silva, Valter Filipe Miranda Castelão da


    Os sistemas integrados, ou genericamente os sistemas com reduzida capacidade de processamento e pouca memória, são actualmente sistemas economicamente acessíveis e muito divulgados. Os seus sistemas operativos estão, no entanto, ainda bastante dependentes do hardware o que faz que cada aplicação seja especialmente desenvolvida para cada tipo de sistema. Neste documento discute-se a aplicabilidade de uma máquina virtual Java em equipamentos com estas restrições. É proposta a ...

  1. Pequenos para idade gestacional: fator de risco para mortalidade neonatal

    Almeida Márcia Furquim de


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Estudar as variáveis contempladas na Declaração de Nascimento (DN como possíveis fatores de risco para nascimentos pequenos para a idade gestacional (PIG e o retardo de crescimento intra-uterino como fator de risco para a mortalidade neonatal. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: As variáveis existentes na DN foram obtidas diretamente de prontuários hospitalares. Os dados referem-se a uma coorte de nascimentos obtida por meio da vinculação das declarações de nascimento e óbito, correspondendo a 2.251 nascimentos vivos hospitalares, de mães residentes, ocorridos no Município de Santo André, Região Metropolitana de São Paulo, no período de l/1 a 30/6/1992, e aos óbitos neonatais verificados nessa coorte. RESULTADOS: Obteve-se a proporção de 4,3% de nascimentos PIG, significativamente maior entre os recém-nascidos de pré-termo e pós-termo, entre os nascimentos cujas mães tinham mais de 35 anos de idade e grau de instrução inferior ao primeiro grau completo. Os recém-nascidos PIG apresentam maior risco de morte neonatal que aqueles que não apresentavam sinais de retardo de crescimento intra-uterino. CONCLUSÕES: Em áreas com menor freqüência de baixo peso ao nascer, é importante investigar a presença de retardo de crescimento intra-uterino entre os nascimentos prematuros e não apenas nos nascimentos de termo. O registro da data da última menstruação (ou da idade gestacional em semanas não agregadas na DN facilitaria a detecção de PIGs na população de recém-nascidos.

  2. Edificio para viviendas, en Barcelona

    Barba Corsini, F.


    Full Text Available This building has a garage basement, a ground floor with a communed playing zone for all the children of the block, and the entrance vestibule. The rest of the building is occupied with apartments, of about 200 m2 each, which are functionally designed, and are suitable for medium sized average income families. Special attention has been given to the external facades, which, among other things, are of extremely simple design.El edificio contiene: en el sótano, un guardacoches; en la planta baja, una zona de juegos común para los niños de todas las viviendas, además de los vestíbulos. El resto de la superficie edificada está destinado a viviendas, de unos 200 m2, construidos con distribución funcional y adecuada para familias medias ya constituidas. Fue dedicada una especial atención a la composición de las fachadas, que ofrecen, entre otros atractivos, el de su elegante sencillez.

  3. Inteligencia Emocional para tiempos de crisis

    Fernandez-Berrocal, Pablo


    La Inteligencia Emocional se concibe como un conjunto de habilidades, tanto básicas como complejas, dirigidas a “unificar las emociones y el razonamiento”, esto es, usar las emociones para facilitar el razonamiento y los procesos de pensamiento, y usar nuestro razonamiento para pensar de forma inteligente acerca de nuestras emociones (Mayer y Salovey, 1997). En concreto, la IE se define como una habilidad mental que incluye “la capacidad para percibir, valorar y expresar las emociones con...

  4. Educación para la paz

    Federico Mayor Zaragoza


    La educación para la paz ha experimentado un desarrollo importante en los últimos 20 años, y el 2000 ha sido declarado Año Internacional para la Cultura de Paz. Exige un esfuerzo de pariicipación y una capacidad crítica para facilitar el paso de una cultura de guerra a un cultura de paz. Se trata de ayudar a todos los ciudadanos a observar y reflexionar sobre el conjunto de la tierra y de quienes la habitan. De escuchar a los jóvenes y ser escuchado. La educación para la paz ha de ser conside...

  5. Paisajes para un desarrollo sustentable y participativo

    Rafael Mata Olmo


    Para terminar, el texto recoge una experiencia de proyecto territorial de paisaje, la del Plan Insular de Menorca (Islas Baleares, España, aprobado en 2003. Se sintetizan sus determinaciones sobre la protección de determinados terrenos por sus altos valores paisajísticos, sus directrices para que las políticas sectoriales (turismo, agricultura, infraestructuras, etc. incorporen criterios paisajísticos, y sus iniciativas para la gestión y mejora del paisaje y para el fomento del acceso público a su contemplación y disfrute.

  6. Adesao ao guia alimentar para populacao brasileira

    Eliseu Verly Junior


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO : Analisar a adesão ao Guia Alimentar para População Brasileira. MÉTODOS : Amostra composta por participantes do Inquérito de Saúde de São Paulo (n = 1.661 que preencheram dois recordatórios de 24 horas. Foi utilizado modelo bivariado de efeito misto para a razão entre o consumo de energia do grupo de alimentos e o consumo calórico total. A razão estimada foi utilizada para calcular o percentual de indivíduos com consumo abaixo ou acima da recomendação. RESULTADOS : Pelo menos 80,0% da população consome abaixo do recomendado para: leite e derivados; frutas e sucos de frutas; e cereais, tubérculos e raízes; aproximadamente 60,0% para legumes e verduras; 30,0% para feijões; e 8,0% para carnes e ovos. Adolescentes apresentaram a maior inadequação para legumes e verduras (90,0%, e o estrato de maior renda foi associado à menor inadequação para óleos, gorduras e sementes oleaginosas (57,0%. CONCLUSÕES : Foi observado consumo inadequado dos grupos de alimentos relacionados com aumento do risco de doenças crônicas.

  7. Sistema de realidad aumentada para aplicaciones Android

    Fernández Sánchez, Natalia Mercedes


    El objetivo principal de este proyecto es la creación de un sistema de realidad aumentada para el sistema operativo Android con idea de que sea utilizado para la creación de un videojuego, pero que a su vez sea lo suficientemente versátil como para poder utilizarse en otro tipo de aplicaciones. De este objetivo principal podemos obtener los objetivos secundarios: - Conocer las características que ofrecen los teléfonos móviles y como éstas pueden ser aprovechadas para la crea...

  8. Ética para gobernar. lecciones básicas para un gobierno justo

    Diego Bautista, Oscar


    Ética para gobernar. Lecciones básicas para un gobierno justo. Tiene por propósito fomentar una cultura ética en os servidores públicos que contribuya a un cambio de conducta hacia un buen gobierno y que siente las bases para prevenir y controlar la corrupción

  9. Entre velos: Maya para contrabajo

    Rosa María Rodríguez Hernández


    Full Text Available Maya para contrabajo se materializa a partir de una imagen de Pepe Romero, cuyo texto interpreta a La decadencia de la mentira de Oscar Wilde. La estructura de Maya es binaria, especular y asimétrica; su poética obedece al juego verdad/mentira que subyace en la obra artística y en la vivencia del artista. Maya trae a la memoria las voces de los Upanishad, Schopenhauer, Shakespeare y Beethoven, influencias éstas en la obra de Wagner y, todas ellas, en la de Eliot. Los aspectos gestuales y visuales de Maya entrelazan con la danza de Pina Bausch y con la retórica (hypotiposis.

  10. para su puesta en marcha

    Sergio Franco Maass


    Full Text Available Los sistemas de información geográfica (SIG tienen una gran aplicación en la gestión municipal; permiten cumplir con dos objetivos fundamentales: el registro de información territorial y el análisis de problemas territoriales específicos. Con el fin de determinar la viabilidad de este tipo de tecnologías en el ámbito municipal, se enfrentó el problema de la localización de instalaciones para la disposición final de residuos sólidos urbanos en el municipio de Toluca, Estado de México. Se identifican ciertos aspectos que limitan la práctica de los SIG: la diversidad entre los municipios, los problemas administrativos, las deficiencias de la información y la carencia de recursos humanos, técnicos y financieros.

  11. Una minga para el posdesarrollo

    Arturo Escobar


    Full Text Available El artículo sintetiza algunas conclusiones a las que han llegado movimientos sociales y académicos en las últimas dos décadas al reflexionar sobre la globalización y sus implicaciones; el modelo dominante, basado en las nociones de "desarrollo" y "modernidad", ha entrado en crisis. Por lo tanto, se hace necesario avanzar en una transición cultural que se pueda comprender como un cambio de época y no sólo como una época de cambios. Para llevar a cabo esta transformación, se deben resolver las con-tradicciones existentes entre el neodesarrollismo y el postdesarrollo, por supuesto, a favor de éste último.

  12. McPhone para iPhone

    Beristain Villar, Iker


    Diseño e implementación de una aplicación "McPhone" para dispositivos móviles, que mejora y evoluciona el sistema de realizar pedidos en un restaurante de comida rápida. Un desarrollo para dispositivos Apple, es decir, Iphone bajo iOS. Idioma Español.

  13. The para-HK/QK correspondence

    Dyckmanns, Malte


    We generalise the hyper-Kahler/quaternionic Kahler (HK/QK) correspondence to include para-geometries, and present a new concise proof that the target manifold of the HK/QK correspondence is quaternionic Kahler. As an application, we construct one-parameter deformations of the temporal and Euclidean supergravity c-map metrics and show that they are para-quaternionic Kahler.

  14. El Ensayo, Para Formar Profesionales Reflexivos

    Nestor Perico-Granados


    Full Text Available El presente artículo es producto de investigación, como resultado de la reflexión hecha a lo largo de muchos años de experiencia profesional y docente en diferentes universidades estudiando, redactando y evaluando ensayos. Presenta la importancia del ensayo como instrumento y dispositivo de la formación en la educación y especialmente se hace hincapié en la incidencia que tiene cuando se trabaja de manera apropiada, para prestar un servicio en la formación reflexiva. Se dan unas pautas para una aproximación a su definición y precisa los elementos fundamentales y otros complementarios para su elaboración. Desarrolla un primer proceso para escribir un ensayo, a través de la jerarquización de las ideas. Finalmente, se proponen unas conclusiones que pueden ser útiles para quienes quieran escribir ensayos.

  15. Trabalhar para estudar/estudar para trabalhar: realidade e possibilidades

    Janes Teresinha fraga Siqueira


    Full Text Available O trabalho que apresentamos é parte da pesquisa, ainda não concluída, com os estudantes das licenciaturas e da pedagogia da Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul- UNISC-RS-Brasil. Este está inserido na linha de pesquisa: educação, trabalho e emancipação do mestrado em educação desta Universidade. Queremos compreender, à luz do materialismo histórico e dialético e das categorias da crítica da economia política, os significados atribuídos pelos estudantes universitários ao fenômeno trabalho e estudo. É uma pesquisa preferentemente qualitativa de natureza dialética. Para Marx, a essência da realidade humana reside no trabalho, mas a fonte de toda a riqueza está na natureza. Logo trabalho, natureza e sociedade estão em relação dialética. Trabalho, portanto, é a ideia central articuladora, e natureza e sociedade devem ser estudadas em conexão com o trabalho. Marx trata o trabalho, no modo de produção capitalista, como um impedimento ao desenvolvimento humano. Propõe omesmo como um ato de criação e auto-expressão humana que não deve ter um valor. A compreensão dessa premissa é necessária para que os trabalhadores possam significar e ressignificar o trabalho para além da ideologia dominante. Algumas categorias aparecem como relevantes para a análise: condições de trabalho e de estudo, necessidade de formação, predominância do trabalho sobre o estudo, dificuldade deconciliar tempo de estudo e de trabalho. Na relação com o objeto de estudo, ressaltaremos a crise estrutural do capital, a desregulamentação das leis do trabalho e sua flexibilização e as contradições entre trabalho e estudo bem como quais possibilidades emancipatórias são visualizadas ou sonhadas pelos trabalhadores estudantes.Resume Ce travail constitue une partie de la recherche entreprise avec les étudiants du cours de pédagogie de l´Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul – UNISC – RS – Brésil. Il est intégré dans le champ de

  16. Recursos para un aprendizaje significativo



    Full Text Available RESUMEN: Partimos del supuesto de que una de las cuestiones que más preocupa al profesorado en su práctica educativa radica en que el aprendizaje de sus alumnos sea significativo. Somos conscientes de que, para conseguir este tipo de aprendizaje, es necesario introducir una serie de cambios en la dinámica de la clase. Comenzamos diferenciando el aprendizaje maquinal del significativo. Continuamos aclarando una confusión muy extendida entre muchos educadores, que creen que el aprendizaje por recepción es repetitivo y que el efectuado por descubrimiento es forzosamente significativo. Posteriormente, planteamos una serie de interrogantes para aclarar algunas cuestiones que le pueden ser útiles a los educadores en su práctica cotidiana. Terminamos presentando la estrategia de organización, que cuenta con dos instrumentos, a nuestro juicio muy eficaces, para ayudar a los estudiantes, a aprender de manera significativa: los mapas conceptuales y la técnica heurística V.ABSTRACT: We start from the assumption that one of the questions that most worry the teaching staff in its educational practice consists in that its pupils' learning is significant. We are aware that, to obtain this kind of learning, it is necessary to introduce a series of changes in the classroom dynamics. We begin by making a distinction between mechanical and significant learning. We continué making clear a very extended confusión amongst many teachers, who believe that learning by reception is repetitive and that the one done by serendipity is necessarily significant. Afterwards, we créate a series of questions to clarify with some answers that can be useful to teachers in their everyday practice. We finish showing the organization strategy, which has two instruments, that in our opinión are very effective, to help students learning in a significant way: conceptual maps and the V heuristic technique.RÉSUMÉ: Nous partons de la supposition de qu'une des questions que

  17. Obtention and characterization of biodiesel; Obtencao e caracterizacao do biodiesel

    Santos, Leonidas B.O. dos; Caitano, Moises; Aranda, Donato A.G.; Mothe, Cheila G. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil)


    Biodiesel is an ester resulting from the transesterification reaction of an alcohol and an oil obtained from biomass. The products of the transesterification are an ester and the glycerol. The biodiesel and the petroleum commercial diesel have similar properties, and they can be mixed and used in diesel motors. The use of biodiesel will allow a better exploration of the energetic potential of our cultures. The biodiesel has some advantages compared to others combustibles, such as adaptability to usual diesel motors and non-generation of NO{sub x} and SO{sub x} compounds. Many experiments with biodiesel have been made in Brazil since the 70's. This work made samples of biodiesel by transesterification batch reactions to many blends of soybean oil and residual fry oil, at room temperature, using mechanical mixture or magnetic agitation by a magnetic stirrer, using as catalysts sodium methoxide and potassium hydroxide. For each obtained sample tests to determine the Acidity Index (ABNT-MB-74), Saponification Index (ABNT-MB-75), Iodine Wijz Index (ABNT-MB- 77), thermal analysis by DTA and TG (TA Instruments SDT 2960, 30 to 800 deg C, 10 deg C/min at nitrogen atmosphere) and rheological test (Haake RS 150 Rheo Stress rheometer) were done. (author)

  18. Biopolymer chitin: extraction and characterization; Biopolimero quitina: extracao e caracterizacao



    The biopolymers are materials made from renewable sources such as soybean, corn, cane sugar, cellulose and chitin. Chitin is the most abundant biopolymer found in nature, after cellulose. The chemical structure of chitin is distinguished by the hydroxyl group, of structure from cellulose, located at position C-2, which in the chitin is replaced by acetamine group. The objective of this study was to develop the chitin from exoskeletons of Litopenaeus vannamei shrimp, which are discarded as waste, causing pollutions, environmental problems and thus obtain better utilization of these raw materials. It also, show the extraction process and deacetylation of chitosan. The extraction of chitin followed steps of demineralization, desproteinization and deodorization. Chitin and chitosan were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and the thermals properties were analyzed by thermogravimetry (TG/DTG). (author)

  19. Energetic characterization of Amazonian biomass; Caracterizacao energetica de biomassas amazonicas

    Feitosa Netto, Genesio Batista; Oliveira, Antonio Geraldo de Paula; Coutinho, Hebert Willian Martins; Nogueira, Manoel Fernandes Martins; Rendeiro, Goncalo [Universidade Federal do Para (UFPA), Belem, PA (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica


    In order to asses the potentiality of Amazon biomasses to generate power, either to supply electric energy to the grid or as fuel to plants supplying power for off-grid location, data for their proximate analysis must be available. A literature review on the subject indicated a lack of information and data concerning typical Amazon rain forest species. This work aimed to characterize (proximate analysis) 43 Amazon species in order to evaluate the energy resource from woody biomass wastes in Amazon region. Higher heating value, carbon, volatile and ash contents were measured in a dry basis. The measurements were performed obeying the following Brazilian standards, NBR 6923, NBR 8112, NBR 8633, NBR 6922. (author)

  20. Una red para la gente

    Raúl Trejo Delarbre


    Full Text Available La próxima Cumbre Mundial de la Sociedad de la Información ha revitalizado, en numerosos países, el debate acerca de las nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación y los usos que pueden tener. Lamentablemente en México hemos estado casi del todo ajenos a esa intensa, extensa y en otras latitudes fructífera discusión. Ni los especialistas interesados en estos temas, ni la sociedad que es a la postre beneficiaria o damnificada según sea el empleo de tales tecnologías, ni los organismos del Estado a cargo de tales asuntos, han propiciado la reflexión colectiva que nos podría permitir tanto afinar las posiciones de nuestro país rumbo a la cumbre de Ginebra y Túnez como deliberar, en ese contexto, acerca de lo mucho que nos falta para tener un país auténticamente imbricado en la construcción de una auténtica Sociedad de la Información.

  1. Resdencia para ciegos en Unterdambach

    Staber, Johann


    Full Text Available This building is composed in different bodies, each performing a distinct function, situated in a beautiful wooded landscape. The four storeys above ground, plus one basement of the main building, enclose the rooms for the blind residents, the common areas and mechanical installations. The front of this body, directly accesible from the road, contains a large meeting hall that opens to a tiered terrace providing stepped sitting in the outdoors, towards the back of the building. Between the latter and the main body, a small chapel completes the facilities. The construction in reinforced concrete in sober lines is harmonically integrated into the surrounding environment.

    Este edificio está constituido por diversos cuerpos de distintas funciones, enclavados en un hermoso y arbolado paisaje. El volumen principal alberga, en sus cuatro plantas sobre rasante, más un sótano, las habitaciones para los invidentes, los locales comunes y las instalaciones del edificio. En la parte anterior, directamente accesible desde la calle, se ha dispuesto un amplio salón de actos que tiene su complemento en una terraza, con gradas de asientos al aire libre, situada en la zona trasera. Entre esta última y el cuerpo principal, una pequeña capilla completa el número de las instalaciones. La construcción, de hormigón armado, queda armónicamente integrada, por su sobriedad de líneas, en el ambiente que la rodea.

  2. Estereoscopio com tela holografica para ver tomografias

    Lunazzi, J J; Magalhaes, D S F


    A estereoscopia eh uma tecnica que permite a observacao de imagens tridimensionais, mas estah sempre associada com o uso de algum equipamento especial para visualizacao, como oculos bicolores ou polarizados. Para o uso em aplicacoes medicas o emprego de tais equipamentos pode inviabilizar sua utilizacao durante procedimentos cirurgicos, por exemplo. Neste trabalho apresentamos um novo tipo de estereoscopio que utiliza uma tela holografica para geracao de imagens tridimensionais sem o uso de qualquer equipamento adicional. Apresentamos a descricao do equipamento utilizado e resultados das imagens visualizadas.

  3. Una arquitectura unificada para el razonamiento borroso

    Rafael Bello Pérez; Carlos Morell Pérez


    Se presenta una arquitectura para desarrollar de forma unificada tanto el razonamiento basado en reglas como el basado en casos considerando rasgos borrosos. El modelo permite usar varios de los procedimientos desarrollados para el razonamiento borroso basado en reglas en el razonamiento borroso basado en casos. Además, se proponen varias funciones de semejanza y funciones de comparación de rasgos para realizar la recuperación de casos con rasgos borrosos. Se muestra la aplicación del modelo ...

  4. Inferencia bayesiana para algunas leyes de Lanchester

    Wiper, Michael P.; Pettit, L. I.; Young, K. D. S.


    Lanchester (1916) introdujo una serie de ecuaciones o leyes determinísticas para modelar los números de bajas en un combate sin refuerzos. Un inconveniente de estos modelos es que no son útiles ni para la inferencia ni para la predicción, ya que el resultado de una batalla viene determinado por los parámetros del sistema y los tamaños iniciales de cada ejército. Se han propuesto varias versiones estocásticas de las ecuaciones de Lanchester. En este artículo, se resumen algunos de estos modelo...

  5. Los videojuegos: conectar alumnos para aprender

    José Antonio Valderrama Ramos


    Este artículo explora la utilidad que presentan los videojuegos comerciales actuales para educar a los jugadores y ayudarlos a adquirir habilidades necesarias para desempeñarse mejor en nuestra sociedad. Aborda el problema de la educación formal, la cual no está respondiendo a la situación de complejidad de nuestro entorno y usa el paradigma del pensamiento complejo y siete saberes para la educación propuestas por Edgar Morin. También, describe algunas ideas que le pueden ser de utilidad a do...

  6. Asistente para consultas espaciales en Hive

    Maldonado Muñoz, José Emilio


    El trabajo descrito y desarrollado a lo largo de esta memoria tiene como objetivo principal establecer un esquema de decisiones básicas para realizar consultas sobre datos espaciales en Hadoop/Hive. Dicho esquema servirá de asistente y soporte para usuarios nuevos en Hive, que teniendo nociones mínimamente básicas sobre el lenguaje de consultas estándar SQL, quieran trabajar en un ámbito Big Data sobre datos espaciales. En definitiva, este trabajo sirve para facilitar y asistir la primera tom...

  7. Nuevos registros de clorofitas marinas para Cuba

    A. Moreira; Fujii, M.T.; Suárez, A. M.; Wynne, M.J.


    A partir de muestras colectadas en la bahía de Cienfuegos y de Santa Lucía (Pinar del Río), se identificaron dos nuevos registros de macroalgas marinas (clorofitas) para Cuba: Cladophora blomquistii C. Hoek y Udotea fibrosa D. S. Littler & M. M. Littler. C. blomquistii se registra por primera vez para la región del Caribe ya que se había consignado solo para lagunas costeras de la Florida, y la parte noreste del golfo de México. Se ofrecen además comentarios sobre la taxonomía, ...

  8. Domótica para viviendas construidas

    Beaskoetxea Gartzia, Unai


    El objeto de este proyecto fin de carrera es mostrar las distintas tecnologías disponibles para la domótica actual, y cómo se podría aplicarlas en una vivienda ya construida, incidiendo en el uso de la tecnología ZigBee, aunque también se combinará con el uso de KNX, RF, etc. Este proyecto presentará 3 niveles de domótica: un primer nivel para personas sin discapacidad, un segundo nivel para personas de edad avanzada, y un tercer nivel adaptado a personas con discapacidad. Se indicará...

  9. Test para la profilaxis de la prematuridad

    Cruz Laguna, Gladys María


    La prematuridad constituye un problema mundial de salud, la comunidad científica busca predictores para disminuir su incidencia. La investigación persiguió obtener una escala de puntuación que modele las características cervicales y permita diagnosticar la condición de riesgo de las gestantes para extender el período de gestación y lograr nacimientos al término. Se realizó un cuasiexperimento en gestantes con factores de riesgo para la prematuridad del municipio Holguín. La muestra fue confor...

  10. Biocomercio: una alternativa para el desarrollo sostenible

    Murillo R., Carlos; Arias Ramírez, Rafael


    El desarrollo sostenible en países ricos en biodiversidad dependerá de la capacidad de los gobiernos de implementar los arreglos institucionales necesarios para conciliar la preservación de los recursos naturales con el uso de los mismos para la producción de bienes y servicios que puedan potenciar el crecimiento económico y un mayor bienestar para las comunidades locales donde estos recursos se encuentren. Este es el objetivo de la Iniciativa de Biocomercio que ha venido impulsando la Confer...

  11. pipetas usadas para I. A.

    J. Castañeda


    Full Text Available La vagina y cerviz de las cerdas son estimuladas físicamente durante la inseminación. Este contacto puede afectar características reproductivas tales como el transporte espermático y el proceso de ovulación. En el presente trabajo se evaluaron desde el punto de vista económico y reproductivo, tres tipos de pipetas utilizadas para I. A. de cerdas de diferente material y forma. Se utilizaron 120 animales multíparos asignados de acuerdo a su orden de entrada al celo, en forma sucesiva a uno de tres grupos experimentales: 1 I. A. mediante pipeta reusable de hule tipo Melrose ( Medata, 2 I. A. con pipeta desechable de punta plástica en espiral y 3 I. A. con pipeta desechable con punta de poliestireno redonda (Medi chimica. No se encontró diferencia (P>0.05 entre los porcentajes de gestación, parición y promedio de lechones nacidos vivos por parto, en el tiempo de aplicación del semen, ni en el volumen del mismo, arrojado por las cerdas en los 10 min. posteriores a la I. A. Los valores promedio fueron de: 91.7%, 86.7%, 10.4 ± 2.8, 7.8 ± 2.6 min. y 10.4 ± 11.3 ml, respectivamente. El análisis de regresión, no mostró significancia en cuanto a paridad en ninguna de las variables estudiadas (P>0.05. Se concluye que las pipetas evaluadas no difieren en su efecto sobre el desarrollo reproductivo de la piara. Sin embargo, la pipeta reusable tipo Melrose ofrece ventaja económica bajo las condiciones del presente estudio

  12. Hypersurfaces with Isotropic Para-Blaschke Tensor

    Jian Bo FANG; Kun ZHANG


    Let Mn be an n-dimensional submanifold without umbilical points in the (n+1)-dimen-sional unit sphere Sn+1. Four basic invariants of Mn under the Moebius transformation group of Sn+1 are a1-form Φ called moebius form, a symmetric (0, 2) tensor A called Blaschke tensor, a symmetric (0, 2) tensor B called Moebius second fundamental form and a positive definite (0, 2) tensor g called Moebius metric. A symmetric (0, 2) tensor D = A+μB called para-Blaschke tensor, where μ is constant, is also an Moebius invariant. We call the para-Blaschke tensor is isotropic if there exists a function λ such that D = λg. One of the basic questions in Moebius geometry is to classify the hypersurfaces with isotropic para-Blaschke tensor. When λ is not constant, all hypersurfaces with isotropic para-Blaschke tensor are explicitly expressed in this paper.

  13. Actitud Positiva: la base para la competitividad

    Marco Anderson Espinoza


    Full Text Available Una estrategia empresarial enfocado en el mejoramiento continuo de la productividad para la competitividad, depende significativamente del manejo inteligente de tres variables visibles:Calidad, Entrega oportuna y Costo. No obstante, estas tres variables no suelen sersuficientes. La estrategia debe ser complementada con el manejo adecuado de variables intangibles como la Motivación y las Condiciones de Trabajo, con la aplicación de Tecnología Ambientalmente Amigable, en un marco de Actitud Positiva.A final de cuentas, la Actitud Positiva es fundamental para el recurso humano de cualquier organización, a fin de construir una plataforma sólida y estable que sirva de base para soportar un proceso sostenible de mejoramiento de la productividad, para aumentar la competitividad como estrategia empresarial exitosa.

  14. Kehidupan Sosial Para Homeless di Jepang

    Handayani, Savitri


    Homuresu berasal dari bahasa Inggris yaitu homeless yang artinya tidak memiliki rumah. Tapi masyarakat Jepang dahulu menyebutnya furosha yang berarti gelandangan atau tunawisma. Pertumbuhan homeless pertama kali meningkat pada tahun 1960-an setelah perang dunia II. Homeless muncul akibat resesi ekonomi yang melanda Jepang. Para homeless tersebut berasal dari kaum buruh yoseba, para pekerja reguler dan non reguler. Yoseba adalah sebutan untuk tempat jasa bantuan untuk menunggu lowongan pekerja...

  15. Tableros para actividades plásticas

    Alcante, Ariana; Debenedeto, Martín; Defeo, Emiliano; Truchi, Julieta; Wild, Diego


    Las características de este proyecto se desprenden de una necesidad real del Departamento de Plástica de la FBA: equipar algunas aulas para actividades plásticas con tableros o con atriles que puedan utilizarse en forma vertical, horizontal y, eventualmente, que sirvan para exponer trabajos. Además, tenían que tener un bajo costo de producción. (Párrafo extraído del texto a modo de resumen)

  16. Neurocisticercosis: Afiches para Capacitación



    Full Text Available En el sistema universitario (me atrevo a decir, de todo el mundo, es poco el contenido educativo relativo a la Transferencia tecnológica para efectos de la capacitación de la sociedad sobre problemas de salud (claros ejemplos desafiantes para los veterinarios son la hidatidosis y cisticercosis y otros; manejados en términos de cambios de conducta. Los términos de control y prevención están dados en un lenguaje académico, muy abstracto y obviamente intrascedente en la comunidad. Al punto que que las recomendaciones que manejan los Profesionales, resultan imprácticos en el ámbito social. Cada vez que voy a Provincias (interior del país y tengo la oportunidad de hablar sobre el control de las citadas metocestodiadis: mis auditorios quedan impactado y entendiendo la gravedad del Problema, y la tarea para solucionarlo. Los Técnicos Agropecuarios, los de las ONGs, los mismos Profesionales del Ministerio de Agricultura (SENASA, quedan impresionados del mensaje y contenido de los Afiches. Muchísimas veces me las han pedido (los afiches, pero les ofrecí publicarlos; porque considero que tiene gran creatividad y propiedad intelectual. He visto muchísimas imágenes de Capacitación; que en lugar de simplificar el mensaje, los complican. Es pues, una herramienta de trabajo para los capacitadores, para Veterinarios jóvenes e inexpertos, para la gente que está en contacto directo con el problema (pobladores; pero también lo será para tantos nuevos Profesores universitarios, sin experiencia de campo. Puede que impresione negativamente el lenguaje de los afiches; pero casualmente está hecho en el lenguaje popular que conoce la comunidad rural. La publicación persigue entregar a usarios capacitadores de una herramienta para publicitarlos masivamente.

  17. Un almuerzo para llevar saludable (Packing Smart)


    En este podcast para niños, los chicos de Kidtastics hablan sobre almuerzos creativos para llevarse a la escuela, que ayuden a mantenerse con energía el resto del día.  Created: 8/22/2011 by National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).   Date Released: 1/3/2012.

  18. Learning Parallel Computations with ParaLab

    Kozinov, E.; Shtanyuk, A.


    In this paper, we present the ParaLab teachware system, which can be used for learning the parallel computation methods. ParaLab provides the tools for simulating the multiprocessor computational systems with various network topologies, for carrying out the computational experiments in the simulation mode, and for evaluating the efficiency of the parallel computation methods. The visual presentation of the parallel computations taking place in the computational experiments is the key feature ...

  19. Utilidades del Repositorio UJI para los investigadores

    París-Folch, María-Lidón


    La finalidad de la presente comunicación es reflexionar sobre la visibilidad y utilidad del Repositorio UJI para los investigadores de la Universitat Jaume I, principales usuarios de este instrumento. Los objetivos son: evaluar las funcionalidades actuales del Repositorio UJI y planificar nuevas funcionalidades para adaptarse a las demandas e intereses de los investigadores. El Repositorio UJI es el repositorio institucional de la Universitat Jaume I de Castellón. Gestionado por la Bibliot...

  20. Plan de negocios para Telepresencia Business

    Villamil Rincón, Elizabeth; Vargas Cómbita, Paula Citlalli


    El trabajo contiene el plan de negocios y mercadeo para la determinación de las condiciones óptimas bajo las cuales es viable ofrecer el servicio de préstamo, instalación y configuración de equipos para telepresencia, inicialmente a clientes corporativos de empresas ubicadas en la ciudad de Bogotá, clasificadas como medianas como grandes y finalizando con la viabilidad financiera del proyecto

  1. Framework para implementar pruebas de usabilidad flexibles para aplicaciones móviles

    Enriquez, Juan G.; Casas, Sandra


    Al realizar pruebas de usabilidad en aplicaciones móviles, dos de los factores a considerar son el contexto móvil de uso y la variabilidad del hardware de los dispositivos móviles. Este trabajo propone un framework para implementar pruebas de usabilidad que sean flexibles para los desarrolladores al encontrarse con diferente hardware, no intrusivas para la aplicación que se quiere probar y que recolecten, además de las métricas de usabilidad, información relacionada al contexto de uso. Para l...

  2. Fatores de risco para nascimento de crianças pequenas para idade gestacional

    Zambonato Ana Maria Krusser; Pinheiro Ricardo Tavares; Horta Bernardo Lessa; Tomasi Elaine


    OBJETIVO: Determinar os fatores de risco para o nascimento de crianças pequenas para a idade gestacional. MÉTODOS: Nos meses de outubro a dezembro de 1996, cinco maternidades de Pelotas, RS, foram visitadas diariamente para entrevistar puérperas. O peso ao nascer foi obtido do registro dos berçários. A idade gestacional foi calculada a partir da data da última menstruação. Considerou-se como pequena para a idade gestacional (PIG) aquelas crianças cujo peso ao nascer, de acordo com o sexo e a ...

  3. Arrendamiento y préstamo para equipo: Guía para el microfinanciamiento

    Glenn D. Westley


    En este trabajo se describe la manera de otorgar financiamiento para equipo --arrendamiento y préstamo-- para los microempresarios objeto del estudio, es decir, los que necesitan aproximadamente entre 50 y 2.500 dólares para adquirir equipo. El trabajo examina los pro y los contra de las dos principales alternativas de financiamiento: préstamos y arrendamientos. También proporciona una serie de recomendaciones en cuanto a las mejores prácticas para que las instituciones microfinancieras (IMF)...

  4. Conceptos para pensar lo urbano

    Marta Rizo


    Full Text Available Identidad, habitus y representaciones sociales son tres conceptos de procedencia disciplinar distinta: los dos primeros han sido abordados por la sociología, mientras que el tercero es de corte psico-social. El presente artículo explora las posibilidades de diálogo conceptual que existen entre los tres términos, y concretamente, sus posibles aportaciones al abordaje de la ciudad y lo urbano. El texto se estructura en tres grandes partes: en la primera se presenta una revisión de cada uno de los tres conceptos eje de la reflexión; en la segunda se establecen los vínculos conceptuales posibles entre ellos; y en la tercera, más que presentar conclusiones cerradas, se sugieren algunas líneas de reflexión teórica para penar la relación entre identidad, representaciones sociales y habitus en el contexto específico de las ciudades. Se señalan asimismo algunas líneas de investigación posibles, y finalmente, se exploran algunas reflexiones ya realizadas desde la sociología, la psicología social y la ciencia de la comunicación. --- Identity, habitus and social representations are concepts that a have different disciplinary origin: the first and the second one have been covered by sociology, while the third one has a psycho-social feature. This article explores the possibilities of conceptual dialogue among these three terms, and in particular, their possible contributions to approaching both the city and the urban. The text is organized in three main parts. In the first one, a review of each one of these concepts is presented. In the second one, possible conceptual links among them are established. In the third one, and more than presenting closed conclusions, some theoretical reflection lines are suggested, aimed to think the relation among identity, social representations and habitus , in the specific context of the cities. At the same time, some possible research lines are indicated, and reflections already carried out by sociology

  5. Alimentos balanceados para perros en Costa Rica

    Ruth Vargas


    Full Text Available Diagnóstico de la comercialización de alimentos balanceados para perros en Costa Rica. Para ampliar los reportes oficiales de la comercialización de alimentos para perros se creó una base de datos que incluyó cantidad, costo, empaque y formulación durante el período 1998 a agosto del 2000. De 1995 a 1998 y de 1996 a 1999 la producción nacional incrementó un 90,4% y la importación un 42,56% respectivamente, ocupando los alimentos nacionales un 72% del tonelaje y un 70% del valor en dólares americanos. No fue posible determinar cuál es el empaque más comercializado, pero si que los alimentos extrusados son los que ocupan el primer lugar y que los alimentos recomendados para cachorros y adultos son los que más se comercializan. La ausencia de datos en las declaraciones sugiere la necesidad de incrementar el control en las mismas en caso de requerirse un estudio de mercado, ya que contrariamente a esta situación el mayor número de garantías inscritas corresponden separadamente para las fases de cachorros y adultos. Merece también atención que las garantías indican mayores porcentajes de proteína cruda que los recomendados por la AAFCO y que al menos 36 fórmulas son recomendadas para estados sanitarios específicos (p.e. para perros con problemas de alergias, cálculos renales, pérdidas de pelo, etc. sin que oficialmente se encuentre registrada ninguna fórmula medicada

  6. Modelo para el análisis de una aptitud cognitiva para el aprendizaje

    Clara Cecilia Uribe Hernández


    Full Text Available La investigación en el campo de las aptitudes cognitivas para el aprendizaje requiere una forma de abordarlas y definir sus características y componentes. A su vez, esta definición debe conducir al investigador a la creación de pruebas de medición que ayuden al análisis de este tipo de aptitudes y su relación con otras variables del aprendizaje. Para dar respuesta a esas necesidades, el objetivo de este artículo es proponer la creación de un modelo para el análisis de una aptitud cognitiva para el aprendizaje, cuya estructura conste de cuatro elementos principales. Dos de ellos relacionados con los enfoques y consideraciones para emprender su estudio; los otros dos, con la definición de la aptitud, a través de sus características y sus componentes.

  7. The ParaScope parallel programming environment

    Cooper, Keith D.; Hall, Mary W.; Hood, Robert T.; Kennedy, Ken; Mckinley, Kathryn S.; Mellor-Crummey, John M.; Torczon, Linda; Warren, Scott K.


    The ParaScope parallel programming environment, developed to support scientific programming of shared-memory multiprocessors, includes a collection of tools that use global program analysis to help users develop and debug parallel programs. This paper focuses on ParaScope's compilation system, its parallel program editor, and its parallel debugging system. The compilation system extends the traditional single-procedure compiler by providing a mechanism for managing the compilation of complete programs. Thus, ParaScope can support both traditional single-procedure optimization and optimization across procedure boundaries. The ParaScope editor brings both compiler analysis and user expertise to bear on program parallelization. It assists the knowledgeable user by displaying and managing analysis and by providing a variety of interactive program transformations that are effective in exposing parallelism. The debugging system detects and reports timing-dependent errors, called data races, in execution of parallel programs. The system combines static analysis, program instrumentation, and run-time reporting to provide a mechanical system for isolating errors in parallel program executions. Finally, we describe a new project to extend ParaScope to support programming in FORTRAN D, a machine-independent parallel programming language intended for use with both distributed-memory and shared-memory parallel computers.

  8. Instrumento para o gerenciamento de riscos ambientais

    Thaiza Clemente Couto Bissacot


    Full Text Available RESUMO: Embora existam normas e metodologias padronizadas para a análise de riscos ambientais dentro de uma organização, os mecanismos e/ou instrumentos disponíveis estão sujeitos à subjetividade, não são automatizados, não estabelecem critérios técnicos e, de maneira geral, não apresentam mecanismos de priorização para a tomada de decisão. Com base nas lacunas observadas, a presente nota técnica apresenta as premissas de um Instrumento de Gestão para a Identificação e o Gerenciamento de Riscos Ambientais (IGIGRA. O dashboard consolidado pelo IGIGRA permitirá a visualização consolidada dos riscos ambientais do empreendimento, proporcionando comparações entre diferentes operações e períodos de avaliação, fornecendo base técnica para a priorização de ações e alocação de recursos para o controle dos riscos dentro da organização.


    Gizelle Kaminski Corso


    Full Text Available Percebendo que o público-alvo das adaptações de textos clássicos não é tão somente a criança e o adolescente – leitores jovens, aos quais supostamente destinam-se as literaturas “infantil” e “infantojuvenil”, proponho neste texto uma nova classificação para as adaptações literárias, vendo-as não mais apenas como “adaptações para a literatura infantojuvenil”, mas como “literatura para jovens leitores”. Como tais textos são também lidos por adultos, por propósitos diversos, reconheço que o conceito proposto abrange um número maior de leitores. Para tanto, faço um breve percurso histórico-crítico acerca do aparecimento das adaptações no cenário literário brasileiro com a finalidade de corroborar e justificar a pertinência da classificação sugerida para as adaptações.

  10. Los videojuegos: conectar alumnos para aprender

    José Antonio Valderrama Ramos


    Full Text Available Este artículo explora la utilidad que presentan los videojuegos comerciales actuales para educar a los jugadores y ayudarlos a adquirir habilidades necesarias para desempeñarse mejor en nuestra sociedad. Aborda el problema de la educación formal, la cual no está respondiendo a la situación de complejidad de nuestro entorno y usa el paradigma del pensamiento complejo y siete saberes para la educación propuestas por Edgar Morin. También, describe algunas ideas que le pueden ser de utilidad a docentes interesados en usar videojuegos como herramientas pedagógicas en el salón de clases.

  11. Estrategias de mercado para el frijol centroamericano

    Lourdes Mart\\u00EDnez


    Full Text Available Estrategias de mercado para el frijol centroamericano. En los últimos años, el sub-sector de frijol en Centro América ha sido testigo de varios cambios dinámicos. Si no se encuentran medidas para incrementar la competitividad regional de este sub-sector, los países centroamericanos experimentarán impactos negativos en las áreas sociales y económicas de considerable magnitud, especialmente ahora que Centro América necesita ajustar su economía a los nuevos requerimientos de mercados mas abiertos, como el Tratado Centroamericano de Libre Comercio con USA (TLC. Vendedores de frijoles a nivel intermediario y de consumo final, así como técnicos de oficinas gubernamentales dedicadas al mercadeo de frijoles en Centro América fueron entrevistados para documentar los cambios experimentados, identificar los obstáculos que frenan la viabilidad del sub-sector e identificar las oportunidades de incremento de mercados en el futuro para los productores y vendedores de frijol. Los resultados muestran que para que continúen siendo competitivos, los países centroamericanos deben incrementar la productividad a través del apoyo a las investigaciones para el mejoramiento de variedades de frijol, especialmente aquellas que los consumidores prefieren por características específicas (e.g. color. También es imprescindible el fortalecimiento de los programas de distribución de variedades mejoradas a los productores; las mejoras en la transmisión de información de mercado a los productores; el fortalecimiento de los contactos entre productores, comercializadores a nivel mayorista y supermercados; y una política más específica de apertura de mercados de exportación, especialmente con los Estados Unidos.

  12. Espacio urbano para el desarrollo sostenible

    Guillermo Malca Obregoso


    Full Text Available Este artículo ilustra una Metodología de Análisis-Propuesta Urbana Sostenible para la enseñanza-aprendizaje del diseño urbano-arquitectónico conciente de su entorno socio-cultural-ambiental. Se presenta como alternativa a los métodos convencionales de intervención urbana. Pretende, a partir de la visión dialéctica, entender los problemas originados por el crecimiento de las ciudades de modo INTEGRAL, sin segmentarlos para su estudio parcializado y parcelado.

  13. "mbigoo!", la red social para foodies.

    García Pumar, Javier


    Este trabajo fin de grado consiste en la elaboración de la web de una red social para aficionados a la gastronomía, englobando todo el ciclo de procesos de creación y siguiendo los principios del diseño centrado en el usuario (DCU), para obtener un primer prototipo con unas funcionalidades mínimas, que sea flexible y ampliable en el futuro, y que represente una opción de negocio. A partir de analizar las tendencias actuales, surge la gastronomía como un campo en plena ebullición, ...

  14. Desarrollo de entornos interactivos para usuarios sordos

    Valenzuela, Adriana; Agüero, Hugo E.; Beguerí, Graciela


    Este trabajo expone los resultados de la experiencia alcanzada en el desarrollo de aplicaciones para personas sordas a través del uso de la tecnología de Servicios Web. Construido el servicio Web Lengua_de_Señas_Argentina (LSA), se desarrollaron dos sistemas interactivos que consumen el mismo; uno corresponde a una aplicación de escritorio que tiene como propósito realizar una primera experiencia en el desarrollo de entornos interactivos para usuarios sordos y el otro propone una aplicación p...

  15. Nuevas perspectivas para entender el emprendimiento empresarial

    Alfonso Rodríguez Ramírez


    El propósito de este artículo es construir de manera ecléctica y holística las bases de un marco teórico que describa, analice e interprete el fenómeno del emprendimiento empresarial desde el punto de vista interdisciplinario. Se busca que éste sea el fundamento para responder a la pregunta ¿cómo entender el emprendimiento?, y para construir, a partir de su evolución, diversas perspectivas que enriquezcan su análisis y estudio. De esta manera el emprendimiento es comprendido como un fenómeno ...

  16. Espacio urbano para el desarrollo sostenible

    Guillermo Malca Obregoso


    Full Text Available Este artículo ilustra una Metodología de Análisis-Propuesta Urbana Sostenible para la enseñanza-aprendizaje del diseño urbano-arquitectónico conciente de su entorno socio-cultural-ambiental. Se presenta como alternativa a los métodos convencionales de intervención urbana. Pretende, a partir de la visión dialéctica, entender los problemas originados por el crecimiento de las ciudades de modo INTEGRAL, sin segmentarlos para su estudio parcializado y parcelado.

  17. Arquitectura Organizacional para Soluciones Empresariales de Software

    Solangel Rodríguez Vázquez


    La arquitectura organizacional para soluciones empresariales de software es un modelo organizativo que tiene como objetivo contribuir a elevar la productividad de los procesos y el empleo adecuado de los recursos humanos de una organización productiva de software. Para la elaboración de la arquitectura se tuvo en cuenta los problemas en el flujo de trabajo actual, las deficiencias referentes a la distribución de roles, la inadecuada gestión del tiempo y la escasa utilización de componentes de...

  18. Aprender ciencias en y para la comunidad

    Roth, Wolff-Michael


    Durante algún tiempo, he afirmado que la educación científica necesita ser desinstitucionalizada para superar la profunda crisis que atraviesa actualmente. En este artículo describo formas en las cuales se puede pensar y poner en práctica esta desinstitucionalización en la enseñanza de las ciencias y en la práctica del diseño del currículo de ciencias. Se propone la teoría de la actividad como marco para conceptualizar diferentes sistemas de actividad y sus contradicciones. Proporciono ejempl...

  19. T I C : Trayectos Interactivos para Compartir

    Rodríguez Carracedo, María del Carmen


    Las tecnologías y sus acelerados desarrollos han tenido un considerable impacto social. La condición de nativos digitales –cada vez más presente- de nuestros alumnos, hace que espontáneamente convivan con esas herramientas y este mundo revolucionariamente cambiante. Sin embargo, no los convierte en innatos poseedores de habilidades para resolver conflictos cotidianos ni para el aprovechamiento apropiado de aquellas. Los sistemas educativos evolucionaron a un ritmo mucho más lento, pero ...

  20. Imaging of limbic para-neoplastic encephalitis

    Para-neoplastic limbic encephalitis is a rare syndrome mostly associated with small cell lung cancer. We present the case of a 69-year-old man with selective amnesia suggesting limbic encephalitis. A neuroendocrine cell lung cancer was found, confirming the diagnostics of para-neoplastic limbic encephalitis. Contrast-enhanced cerebral CT was normal whether magnetic resonance imaging showed signal abnormalities of the medial part of temporal lobes and hippocampal regions. Because neurologic improvement may follow treatment of the primary tumor, early diagnosis is important. (authors)

  1. Propuestas para combatir la contabilidad creativa

    Oriol Amat Salas


    Full Text Available Los escándalos contables han reavivado el interés en combatir la contabilidad creativa. Este artículo analiza la naturaleza de esta problemática y los aspectos de la normativa que la afectan. Incluye el ejemplo de una empresa real para visualizar los efectos que los maquillajes contables, amparados en la normativa contable española y en las Normas Internacionales de Contabilidad, pueden provocar en el resultado. Al final, se proponen medidas para mejorar la credibilidad de la información financiera.

  2. Neurocisticercosis: Afiches para Capacitación



    En el sistema universitario (me atrevo a decir, de todo el mundo), es poco el contenido educativo relativo a la Transferencia tecnológica para efectos de la capacitación de la sociedad sobre problemas de salud (claros ejemplos desafiantes para los veterinarios son la hidatidosis y cisticercosis) y otros; manejados en términos de cambios de conducta. Los términos de control y prevención están dados en un lenguaje académico, muy abstracto y obviamente intrascedente en la comunidad. Al punto que...

  3. Herramientas de software para OAI-PMH

    Bueno-de-la-Fuente, Gema; Rodríguez-Mateos, David


    Tanto para poner en marcha proveedores de datos como proveedores de servicios o agregadores, es importante conocer cuáles son las alternativas de software entre las que elegir. Aunque en los capítulos anteriores se dan algunas indicaciones, se ha considerado oportuno dedicar el capítulo 8, “Herramientas de software para OAI-PMH”, a elaborar una descripción de las principales aplicaciones empleadas en la actualidad. Tras una primera introducción sobre la diferencia entre software libre, softwa...

  4. Acessibilidade de museus europeus para deficientes visuais

    Mesquita, Susana Maria Vasconcelos


    As pessoas portadoras de deficiência (física, auditiva, mental ou visual) têm as mesmas necessidades e desejos de participar e praticar turismo que o público dito normal. No entanto, esta tarefa, representa para este grupo um desafio acrescido, já que a nossa sociedade está pensada para a maioria das pessoas, que não são portadoras destas deficiências. Num mundo com imensos estímulos visuais existe necessidade de implementar estratégias que permitam às pessoas com deficiênci...

  5. Star Wars: fuga para o mito

    Sousa, Marco António Couto


    Esta tese propõe-se a procurar explicações para a popularidade da saga de filmes levando em linha de conta o contexto cultural e histórico no qual A Guerra das Estrelas encontrou a sua génese. Desde os primeiros anos de vida do mentor da saga, George Lucas, fontes de inspiração para a série de filmes são exploradas, e ligações são estabelecidas com outros objectos culturais previamente existentes ou posteriores à saga. Premissa central a esta tese é a de que A Guerra das Estrelas veicula, ...

  6. Share!: Sistema para compartir contenidos multimedia

    Cimas Bravo, Eduardo


    Este trabajo consiste en un sistema informático destinado a la compartición de contenidos multimedia entre grupos restringidos de usuarios. Los contenidos pueden ser imágenes, vídeos y audios. Este sistema se compone de dos aplicaciones, una aplicación web y una aplicación móvil para dispositivos Android. La esencia del sistema es proporcionar un mecanismo para compartir rápidamente contenidos multimedia entre usuarios. Los contenidos pueden estar ya en sus dispositivos móviles o ser capturad...

  7. Esquemas de incentivos para la Carrera Docente.

    Claudia Marcela UMAÑA


    El esquema tradicional de remuneración a la carrera docente se ha basado en un sistema de categorías salariales en las cuales los únicos requisitos para ascender son los años de experiencia y la acumulación de créditos educativos1 sin que esta remuneración este ligada a los resultados laborales o a la productividad de los docentes. Como alternativa a este sistema, diversos países han empezado a implementar durante la última década programas o esquemas de incentivos para docentes con el fin de...

  8. IR & FX Linked Note para inversionistas colombianos

    Restrepo Montoya, Julián Esteban


    Los Productos Estructurados son instrumentos financieros que son construidos para cumplir ciertas condiciones y objetivos de rentabilidad y riesgo que tenga su operador o inversionista -- Este documento presenta la construcción de un producto estructurado de tasas de interés y tasa de cambio (IR & FX por sus siglas en inglés) para inversionistas Colombianos, que maximiza la rentabilidad y garantiza la protección del capital -- La construcción de este instrumento se realiza a través de la inve...

  9. Sistemas de labranza para suelos salinos

    Hervé, Dominique; Mita, V.; Paz, B.


    Mejorar los sistemas de labranza para cultivar suelos salinos es un reto para el sur del Altiplano boliviano. Se comparo durante dos anos (1994-95 y 1995-96) el surcado en faja con discos, practicado por los campesinos de la provincia Villarroel, y el subsolado a 50 cm de profundidad solo o combinado con el surcado. Se buscaba asi romper la costra en suelos muy arcillosos y llevar las sales a mayor profundiad que los horizontes colonizados por las raices de los cultivos de quinua (raiz pivota...

  10. Indicadores de calidad para evaluar repositorios institucionales

    Barrionuevo Almuzara, Leticia


    Se presentan una serie de indicadores útiles para garantizar la calidad de los repositorios institucionales en abierto. Evaluar o medir el valor de un producto, servicio, actividad u objeto es necesario para saber si éste está funcionando de acuerdo a unos criterios preestablecidos o por el contrario se deben corregir errores. Se puede hablar de una clara tendencia o moda de evaluación en los sistemas bibliotecarios, quizás por el carácter tan crítico de los clientes/usuarios, quienes desean ...

  11. Valores de referência para carboxiemoglobina

    Siqueira Maria Elisa P. B. de


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: Os valores de referência de indicadores biológicos são utilizados como parâmetros para interpretação de resultados de valores obtidos em indivíduos expostos ocupacionalmente aos agentes químicos. O Grupo Brasileiro para Estabelecimento dos Valores de Referência tem se dedicado a estas determinações objetivando estabelecer valores de referência para os diferentes bioindicadores em diversas regiões do País. Determinaram-se os valores de referência para a carboxiemoglobina (COHb no Sul de Minas Gerais. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: A COHb foi analisada pelo método espectrofométrico, otimizado no laboratório de análises toxicológicas. Em todas as amostras também foram realizadas análises de alguns parâmetros bioquímicos e hematológicos para atestar o estado de saúde da população, constituída de 200 voluntários não-fumantes e não-expostos, por motivo profissional, ao monóxido de carbono. Cada indivíduo respondeu um questionário para levantamento de dados relevantes à interpretação dos resultados. Os valores de referência foram expressos em termos da média ± desvio-padrão, intervalo de confiança 95% e valor de referência superior. A distribuição estatística dos resultados obtidos foi realizada para possibilitar sua comparação com grupos de trabalhadores, preferentemente à avaliação individual. RESULTADOS E CONCLUSÕES: O valor médio ± desvio-padrão para a carboxiemoglobina foi de 1,0 % ± 0,75; o intervalo de confiança 95%, entre 0,9 e 1,1 % e o valor de referência superior, de 2,5%. Através do teste t de Student (p < 0,05 não foi detectada diferença nos valores de acordo com o sexo, idade ou uso de bebidas alcoólicas. Os valores de referência encontrados foram similares aos reportados em outros países.

  12. Valores de referência para carboxiemoglobina

    Maria Elisa P. B. de Siqueira


    Full Text Available INTRODUÇÃO: Os valores de referência de indicadores biológicos são utilizados como parâmetros para interpretação de resultados de valores obtidos em indivíduos expostos ocupacionalmente aos agentes químicos. O Grupo Brasileiro para Estabelecimento dos Valores de Referência tem se dedicado a estas determinações objetivando estabelecer valores de referência para os diferentes bioindicadores em diversas regiões do País. Determinaram-se os valores de referência para a carboxiemoglobina (COHb no Sul de Minas Gerais. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: A COHb foi analisada pelo método espectrofométrico, otimizado no laboratório de análises toxicológicas. Em todas as amostras também foram realizadas análises de alguns parâmetros bioquímicos e hematológicos para atestar o estado de saúde da população, constituída de 200 voluntários não-fumantes e não-expostos, por motivo profissional, ao monóxido de carbono. Cada indivíduo respondeu um questionário para levantamento de dados relevantes à interpretação dos resultados. Os valores de referência foram expressos em termos da média ± desvio-padrão, intervalo de confiança 95% e valor de referência superior. A distribuição estatística dos resultados obtidos foi realizada para possibilitar sua comparação com grupos de trabalhadores, preferentemente à avaliação individual. RESULTADOS E CONCLUSÕES: O valor médio ± desvio-padrão para a carboxiemoglobina foi de 1,0 % ± 0,75; o intervalo de confiança 95%, entre 0,9 e 1,1 % e o valor de referência superior, de 2,5%. Através do teste t de Student (p < 0,05 não foi detectada diferença nos valores de acordo com o sexo, idade ou uso de bebidas alcoólicas. Os valores de referência encontrados foram similares aos reportados em outros países.

  13. Propuestas para combatir la contabilidad creativa

    Oriol Amat Salas; Ester Oliveras


    Los escándalos contables han reavivado el interés en combatir la contabilidad creativa. Este artículo analiza la naturaleza de esta problemática y los aspectos de la normativa que la afectan. Incluye el ejemplo de una empresa real para visualizar los efectos que los maquillajes contables, amparados en la normativa contable española y en las Normas Internacionales de Contabilidad, pueden provocar en el resultado. Al final, se proponen medidas para mejorar la credibil...

  14. Un modelo SETAR para el PIB colombiano

    Vivas Lorena; Ramos Johanna; Hoyos Milena


    En este artículo se estudia el comportamiento de la tasa de crecimiento del PIB colombiano durante el período 1982-2008 a partir de un modelo SETAR (Self-Exciting Threshold Autoregressive), con base en la metodología propuesta por Tsay (1989) y Tong (1990) para la detección de no linealidades relacionadas con la existencia de regímenes cambiantes. Adicionalmente, se evalúa el desempeño de los pronósticos generados en relación a los obtenidos con un modelo autorregresivos lineal para diferente...

  15. Controlador DNP3 para la CIAA

    Tobar, Sebastián; Noguera, Joel; Taffernaberry, Juan Carlos; Mercado, Gustavo


    La CIAA [1] (Computadora Industrial Abierta Argentina) tiene las características necesarias para utilizarse como RTU (Remote Terminal Unit - Unidad Terminal Remota) en sistemas SCADA [2] (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition – Supervisión Control y Adquisición de Datos). Sin embargo, una gran limitación para esta aplicación radica en que actualmente soporta un único protocolo de comunicación: Modbus. Si bien este protocolo es, probablemente, el más utilizado históricamente en la industria...

  16. Especializaci??n para la empleabilidad eficiente, anotaciones para el postgrado en trabajo social

    Alonso Alonso, Rosario; Julve Negre, Milagros


    La especializaci??n ofrecida en los Postgrados de Trabajo Social deber??a de introducir nuevos principios de organizaci??n para situar a los profesionales en una posici??n competitiva para facilitar la movilidad laboral, caracter??stica espec??fica en el sector. Al mismo tiempo, orientarse por la eficacia y el ??xito en la intervenci??n profesional. Para ello es necesario introducir el concepto de "pr??cticas de calidad" e incluir contenidos que no s??lo formen en competencias Te??rico- t??cn...

  17. Modelo para el análisis de una aptitud cognitiva para el aprendizaje

    Clara Cecilia Uribe Hernández


    La investigación en el campo de las aptitudes cognitivas para el aprendizaje requiere una forma de abordarlas y definir sus características y componentes. A su vez, esta definición debe conducir al investigador a la creación de pruebas de medición que ayuden al análisis de este tipo de aptitudes y su relación con otras variables del aprendizaje. Para dar respuesta a esas necesidades, el objetivo de este artículo es proponer la creación de un modelo para el análisis de una aptitud cognitiva pa...

  18. Consumo de bebidas para una vida saludable: recomendaciones para la población mexicana

    Juan A Rivera; Onofre Muñoz-Hernández; Martín Rosas-Peralta; Aguilar-Salinas, Carlos A; Willett, Walter C.; Popkin, Barry M.


    El secretario de Salud convocó al Comité de Expertos para la elaboración de las Recomendaciones sobre el consumo de bebidas para la población mexicana ; la finalidad fue desarrollar lineamientos basados en evidencia científica para los consumidores, los profesionales de la salud y el sector gubernamental. Las prevalencias de sobrepeso, obesidad y diabetes han aumentado con rapidez en México y las bebidas representan la quinta parte de la energía que consumen los mexicanos. La evidencia señal...

  19. Proyecto de domótica para vivienda nueva y para vivienda existente

    Ruzo Parragués, Martín


    Este proyecto consiste en el detalle de una instalación domótica de acuerdo a unas necesidades de usuario determinadas. El trabajo se divide en dos partes principales: la primera detalla una solución para esta instalación domótica en el caso que la vivienda escogida sea de nueva construcción. La segunda, en cambio, propone una solución para el caso que la misma vivienda esté ya construida. Para ambas soluciones se proponen tecnologías diferentes y se presentan sus características princi...

  20. Vendaje funcional para la ''mano abierta''

    Rochina, Iván


    Se muestra la aplicación de un vendaje funcional para el tratamiento de las molestias ocasionadas por la distensión de los ligamentos propios de los huesos del carpo; Producción: SFPIE(|VLC Campus (

  1. Para uma abordagem virtuosa do Jornalismo

    Rogério Christofoletti


    Full Text Available As últimas décadas têm favorecido o crescimento do interesse e dos estudos sobre a ética jornalística. No Brasil e em outras praças, as abordagens deste tema têm sido na maioria das vezes por um caráter deontológico ou utilitarista. Neste artigo, chamamos a atenção para uma perspectiva que privilegie as virtudes como pontos de partida para os debates acerca das condutas dos profissionais. Uma ética das virtudes remete a Aristóteles e aos estoicos, mas vem sendo retomada por autores mais contemporâneos, como Macintyre e Comte-Sponville, entre outros. No jornalismo, esta abordagem não é definitiva ou totalizante, mas contribui para uma compreensão mais ampla da discussão, chamando inclusive a atenção para recomendações éticas úteis, práticas e atuais.

  2. Educación para la paz

    Federico Mayor Zaragoza


    Full Text Available La educación para la paz ha experimentado un desarrollo importante en los últimos 20 años, y el 2000 ha sido declarado Año Internacional para la Cultura de Paz. Exige un esfuerzo de pariicipación y una capacidad crítica para facilitar el paso de una cultura de guerra a un cultura de paz. Se trata de ayudar a todos los ciudadanos a observar y reflexionar sobre el conjunto de la tierra y de quienes la habitan. De escuchar a los jóvenes y ser escuchado. La educación para la paz ha de ser considerada como contenido transversal de la educación. La situación actual, los conflictos interétnicos e interculturales , la exclusión y la marginalidad, las sociedades pobres y las ricas son cuestiones que reclaman una educación par la paz. De la cultura de imposición hemos de pasar a la cultura del diálogo y parti-cipación, solidaridad, compromiso, tolerancia y respeto. Es necesario construir otro mundo en el que podamos asegurar a nuestros descendientes el futuro. La paz es un comportamiento, es traducir a la práctica los principios de con-vivencia, de solidaridad, de fraternidad. Sólo así «vendrá el amanecer (y brilla-rá mucha luz en nuestro camino»

  3. Infraestructura de comunicaciones para algoritmos colaborativos

    Sopena Ballesteros, Manuel


    Este proyecto intenta crear un sistema cliente/servidor de comunicaciones para distintas máquinas paralelas en C++ utilizando WCF como tecnología en el servidor. Aquest projecte intenta crear un sistema client/servidor de comunicacions per a diferents màquines paral·leles en C++ utilitzant WCF com tecnologia al servidor.

  4. Tratamentos alternativos para o combate à Varroa

    Vilas-Boas, Miguel


    Mais de 20 anos após a detecção em Portugal do ácaro da Varroa Jacobsoni, a sua coexistência com a abelha Apis Mellifera continua a ser um desafio constante para o apicultor provocando continuadamente baixas no efectivo apícola.




    Full Text Available El texto se ocupa del renovado sentido del paisaje que, a partir de diversas tradiciones disciplinares contemporáneas, ha adoptado el Convenio del Paisaje, un tratado internacional promulgado por el Consejo de Europa en el año 2000. La primera parte trata del concepto adoptado por el citado Convenio, que entiende el paisaje como el carácter de cada territorio, percibido socialmente y resultado de la interacción de hechos y procesos naturales y/o humanos. La segunda aborda las bases metodológicas de la caracterización y valoración del paisaje, destacando los planteamientos del método británico de Landscape Character Assessment y algunos resultados empíricos de esta metodología. La tercera parte trata de las políticas de paisaje, incidiendo en las potencialidades de los instrumentos de planificación territorial y urbanística para incorporar objetivos, directrices y acciones dirigidos a la salvaguarda, gestión, recualificación y acceso público al paisaje. Para terminar, el texto recoge una experiencia de proyecto territorial de paisaje, la del Plan Insular de Menorca (Islas Baleares, España, aprobado en 2003. Se sintetizan sus determinaciones sobre la protección de determinados terrenos por sus altos valores paisajísticos, sus directrices para que las políticas sectoriales (turismo, agricultura, infraestructuras, etc. incorporen criterios paisajísticos, y sus iniciativas para la gestión y mejora del paisaje y para el fomento del acceso público a su contemplación y disfrute.

  6. Herramientas para el desarrollo de software embebido para aplicaciones aeronáuticas

    Arias, Silvia; Montes, Alfredo Miguel; Banchio, Enrique; Gonzalez Kriegel, Bernardo; Muñoz, Gabriel J.


    El desarrollo y mantenimiento de software aeronáutico, y especialmente el software utilizado a bordo de aeronaves, constituye una tarea de enorme complejidad. Debido a los prolongados ciclos de vida que caracterizan a estas aplicaciones, muchas veces se encuentran desarrolladas en lenguajes de programación para los cuales no existen las sofisticadas herramientas disponibles para lenguajes más actuales. Ello provoca que los desarrolladores deban utilizar a menudo herramientas ad-hoc, de baja r...

  7. Programas universitarios para mayores: ¿educación para la reinserción?

    Sánchez Martínez, Mariano


    Los Programas Universitarios para Mayores (PUM) pueden tener como una de sus finalidades la reinserción social de sus alumnos. Esta objetivo conecta abiertamente a los PUM con la estructura social, más amplia, en la que se lleva a cabo, y propone enfatizar, más que la adaptación, el cambio, la participacion y la recapacitación, para que los mayores puedan tener un mayor autocontrol sobre sus vidas personales y sociales.

  8. PineApp : Aplicación para Android para el aprendizaje del idioma chino

    Pino Linares, Luis


    Desarrollo de una aplicación para Android que ofrece un método fácil para aprender chino mandarín desde el español. Desenvolupament d'una aplicació per a Android que ofereix un mètode fàcil per aprendre xinès mandarí des de l'espanyol.

  9. Centro para la Salud Mundial (CGH) del NCI

    El Centro para la Salud Mundial (CGH) del NCI coordina actividades de investigación y trabaja con socios nacionales e internacionales para comprender y enfrentar la carga que representa el cáncer a nivel mundial.


    Alejandro Robles Leal


    Full Text Available A partir de un breve repaso de las últimas reformas jurídicas al régimen electoral, tanto del Código Municipal como del Código Electoral, el artículo describe el nuevo sistema de financiamiento estatal que se ha dispuesto para apoyar económicamente a los partidos políticos que participan en los procesos electorales municipales y que, antes de la entrada en vigencia del nuevo Código Electoral, no existía. Haciendo énfasis en las características legales de ese nuevo sistema de financiamiento, a partir de las diferencias con el sistema de financiamiento estatal para los partidos políticos que participan en los procesos electorales nacionales, refiere la jurisprudencia del TSE en la materia, destacando que la primera resolución del Tribunal, que ordenó girar recursos del Estado, fue precisamente para un partido político inscrito en el nivel cantonal. Finalmente, partiendo de la tesis de que la ausencia de financiamiento estatal para los procesos electorales municipales constituyó una barrera para la profundización democrática costarricense, por lo que su inclusión representa un avance en el fortalecimiento de los derechos políticos de la ciudadanía, los autores concluyen con algunas recomendaciones de carácter legislativo, con el fin de fortalecer este régimen de financiamiento, principalmente por la vía de su sistematización y equiparación con el financiamiento para procesos electorales nacionales, con la expectativa de robustecer las plataformas partidarias y profundizar, así, nuestra cultura democrática en el nivel local. Se anexa cuadro con la lista de los partidos políticos a los que ya se ordenó girar el financiamiento indicado, que desglosa los montos totales y porcentuales, así como los montos que no pudieron ser liquidados y que regresan al erario.