Sample records for c7-c8 propenyl side

  1. Theoretical vibrations of carbon chains C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, and C9

    The MBPT (2) procedure with the 6-31g (asterisk) basis set was used to study nearly linear carbon chains. The theoretical vibrational frequencies of the molecules C3 through C9 are presented and, for C3 through C6, compared to experimental stretching frequencies and their (C-13)/(C-12) isotopomers. Predictions for C7, C8, and C9 stretching frequencies are calculated by directly scaling the theoretical frequencies with factors derived from experimental-to-theoretical ratios known for the smaller molecules. 28 refs

  2. Propenyl ether monomers for photopolymerization

    Crivello, James V.


    Propenyl ether monomers of formula V A(OCH.dbd.CHCH.sub.3).sub.n wherein n is an integer from one to six and A is selected from cyclic ethers, polyether and alkanes are disclosed. The monomers are readily polymerized in the presence of cationic photoinitiators, when exposed to actinic radiation, to form poly(propenyl ethers) that are useful for coatings, sealants, varnishes and adhesives. Compositions for preparing polymeric coatings comprising the compounds of formula V together with particular cationic photoinitiators are also disclosed, as are processes for making the monomers from allyl halides and readily available alcohols. The process involves rearranging the resulting allyl ethers to propenyl ethers.

  3. 40 CFR 721.5185 - Morpholine, 4-(1-oxo-2-propenyl)-.


    ... subject to reporting. (1) The chemical substance identified as morpholine, 4-(1-oxo-2-propenyl)- (PMN P-95... activities. Requirements as specified in § 721.80 (a), (c), (f), (p): First trigger (1 year), second (1,500... specified in § 721.85 (a)(1), (a)(2), (b)(1), (b)(2), (c)(1), and (c)(2). Disposal by landfill must go to...

  4. Boosting effect of ortho-propenyl substituent on the antioxidant activity of natural phenols.

    Marteau, Clémentine; Guitard, Romain; Penverne, Christophe; Favier, Dominique; Nardello-Rataj, Véronique; Aubry, Jean-Marie


    Seven new antioxidants derived from natural or synthetic phenols have been designed as alternatives to BHT and BHA antioxidants. Influence of various substituents at the ortho, meta and para positions of the aromatic core of phenols on the bond dissociation enthalpy of the ArO-H bond was evaluated using a DFT method B3LYP/6-311++G(2d,2p)//B3LYP/6-311G(d,p). This prediction highlighted the ortho-propenyl group as the best substituent to decrease the bond dissociation enthalpy (BDE) value. The rate constants of hydrogen transfer from these phenols to DPPH radical in a non-polar and non-protic solvent have been measured and were found to be in agreement with the BDE calculations. For o-propenyl derivatives from 2-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol, BHA, creosol, isoeugenol and di-o-propenyl p-cresol, fewer radicals were trapped by a single phenol molecule, i.e. a lower stoichiometric number. Reaction mechanisms involving the evolution of the primary phenoxyl radical ArO are proposed to rationalise these effects. PMID:26593510

  5. Molecular Interactions in Binary Mixtures of Benzene with 1-Alkanols(C5,C7,C8) at 35℃:An Ultrasonic Study

    ALI,A.; IBRAHIM.M; 等


    Densities and ultrasonic speeds have been measured in binary mixtures of benzene with 1-pentanol,1-heptanol and 1-octanol,and in the pure components,as a function of compostion at 35℃.The isentropic compressibility,intermolecular free length,relative association,acoustic impedance,isothermal compressibility,thermal expansion coefficient,deviations in isentropic compressibility,excess freee length,excess volume,deviations in ultrasonic speed,excess acoustic impedance,apparent molar compressibility,apparent molar volume,partial molar volume of 1-alkanol in benzene have been calculated from the experimental data of densities and ultrasonic speeds.The variation of these parameters with composition indicates weak interaction between the component molecules and this interaction decreases in the order:1-pentanol>1-heptanol>1-octanol.Further,theoretical values of ultrasonic speeds were evaluated using free length theory,collision factor theory,Nomoto's relation and Van Dael-Vangeel ideal mixing relation.The relative merits of these theories and relations were discussed for these systems.

  6. Side Effects

    Home Fact Sheet Categories Internet Bookmarks on AIDS Have Questions? Printing & ... Effects WHAT ARE SIDE EFFECTS? WHO GETS SIDE EFFECTS? HOW TO DEAL WITH SIDE EFFECTS WHICH SIDE EFFECTS ARE THE MOST ...

  7. Density,Viscosity,Refractive Index,and Speed of Sound in Binary Mixtures of Pyridine and 1-Alkanols(C6,C7,C8,C10)at 303.15 K

    ALI Anwar; TARIQ Mohd; NABI Firdosa; SHAHJAHAN


    The densities(ρ),viscosities(η),refractive indices(nD),and speeds of sound(u),of binary mixtures of pyridine with 1-hexanoi,1-heptanol,1-octanol and 1-decanol,including those of pure liquids,were measured over the entire composition range at 303.15 K and atmospheric pressure.From these experimental data,the values of excess molar volumes(VE),deviations in isentropic compressibilities(△ks),viscosities(△η),molar refractions(△Rm),apparent and partial molar volumes(Vφ,2 and V0φ,2 ),apparent and partial molar compressibilities(Kφ,2 and K0φ,2 ),of alkanols in pyridine and their corresponding deviations(△V and △K)were calculated.The variations of these parameters with composition of the mixtures suggest that the strength of interactions in these mixtures follow the order:1-hexanol 1-heptanol 1-octanol 1-decanol.All the excess and deviation functions were fitted to Redlich-Kister polynomial equation to determine the fitting coefficients and the standard deviations.

  8. Side Effects of Chemotherapy

    ... Men Living with Prostate Cancer Side Effects of Chemotherapy Side Effects Urinary Dysfunction Bowel Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction ... Side Effects of Hormone Therapy Side Effects of Chemotherapy Side Effects: When to Seek Help PSA Rising ...

  9. Graphene Side Gate Engineering

    Chen, Ching-Tzu; Low, Tony; Chiu, Hsin-Ying; Zhu, Wenjuan


    Various mesoscopic devices exploit electrostatic side gates for their operation. In this paper, we investigate how voltage-biasing of graphene side gates modulates the electrical transport characteristics of graphene channel. We explore myriads of typical side gated devices such as symmetric dual side gates and asymmetric single side gate biasing, in monolayer and bilayer graphene. The side gates modulate the electrostatic doping in the graphene channel whose effect is reflected in transport ...

  10. Thermoresponsive Poly(2-oxazoline) Molecular Brushes by Living Ionic Polymerization: Kinetic Investigations of Pendant Chain Grafting and Cloud Point Modulation by Backbone and Side Chain Length Variation

    Zhang, Ning


    Molecular brushes of poly(2-oxazoline)s were prepared by living anionic polymerization of 2-iso-propenyl-2-oxazoline to form the backbone and subsequent living cationic ring-opening polymerization of 2-n- or 2-iso-propyl-2-oxazoline for pendant chain grafting. In situ kinetic studies indicate that the initiation efficiency and polymerization rates are independent from the number of initiator functions per initiator molecule. This was attributed to the high efficiency of oxazolinium salt and the stretched conformation of the backbone, which is caused by the electrostatic repulsion of the oxazolinium moieties along the macroinitiator. The resulting molecular brushes showed thermoresponsive properties, that is, having a defined cloud point (CP). The dependence of the CP as a function of backbone and side chain length as well as concentration was studied. © 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

  11. 'Side-by-side'



    France is a nuclear power nation. And this is not going to change. However, at the same time, the country is also pursuing massive investments in the expansion of renewable energies. According to France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, the motto should be: 'side-by-side' rather than 'one or the other'. For the PV sector, whose success was unbroken during the crisis in 2009, the signal is positive and could mean sustained growth. (orig.)

  12. Synthesis of the heteroarotinoid ethyl (E)-4-[2-(3,4-dihydro-4,4-dimethyl-2H-1-benzopyran-6-YL)-1-propenyl] benzoate-9,10,11,20-14C4

    A synthesis of ethyl (E)-4-[2-(3,4-dihydro-4,4-dimethyl-2H-1-benzopyran-6-yl)-1-propenyl]benzo ate-9,10,11,20-14C4 (1) is described via a multistep procedure similar to that used to obtained the unlabelled compound 2. The latter has shown good activity in several assays compared to the standard trans-retinoic acid (3). Treatment of methyl 3-phenoxypropionate (4) with methylmagnesium iodide (obtained from H314C-I) yielded the labelled tertiary alcohol 5. Cyclization of the alcohol 5 occurred in the presence of AlCl3 in nitromethane to give 4,4-dimethylchroman (6). Acetylation of 6 with H3C14C(O)Cl produced ketone 7 labelled at three carbons. Reduction of the carbonyl group in 7 was effected with LiAlH4 and gave alcohol 8. Phosphorylation with triphenylphosphine hydrobromide in methanol led to the corresponding phosphonium salt 9. Addition of n-butyllithium to 9 in ether at -780C generated the expected Wittig reagent in situ, and to this was added labelled ethyl 4-formylbenzoate [C2H5O214C-C6H4-CHO] (10). Workup, followed by chromatography of the oily product, afforded a solid. Recrystallization (abs. ethanol) gave 1 which was identical to 2 in terms of spectral data and melting point. The specific activity was determined to be 0.15 μCi/mg. (author)

  13. Side Effects (Management)

    ... cancer care is relieving side effects, called symptom management, palliative care, or supportive care. It is important ... treat them. To learn about the symptoms and management of the long-term side effects of cancer ...

  14. Analysis of high-order aberration after both side laser in situ keratomileusis operation in treating high myopia%双面准分子激光原位角膜磨镶术治疗高度近视眼术后高阶像差分析

    高莉; 张振华


    目的 比较双面准分子激光原位角膜磨镶术(both side lasik,BSL)和准分子激光原位角膜磨镶术(Laser in situ keratomileusis,lasik)治疗高度近视眼术后高阶像差的变化.方法 选择BSL和lasik两种术式对高度近视眼手术治疗61例,122只眼.其中,BSL手术30例,60只眼;lasik手术31例,62只眼.使用NIDEK公司生产的OPD-SCAN波前像差分析议,测量术前和术后一周、一个月和三个月暗室6~7 mm自然瞳孔直径的波前像差.结果 1 BSL和lasik两组术前总高阶像差、C7、C8和C12均方根值(RMS值)比较,均P>0.05,差异无统计学意义.2术后一周、一个月和三个月时BSL和lasik两组的总高阶像差、C7、C8和C12RMS值均较术前差异有统计学意义(P<0.01).3.术后一周、一个月和三个月BSL和lasik两组之间总高阶像差、C7、C8和C12RMS值比较,P值均>0.05差异无统计学意义.结论 BSL和lasik两种手术方法治疗高度近视眼,术后高阶像差增加幅度相近似.%Objective To compare the high-order aberration after both side laser in situ keratomileusis (BSL) and laser in situ keratomileusis (Lasik) operation in treating high myopia. Methods BSL and Lasik were both.performed in 61 (122 eyes) patients with high myopia.Among which 30 patients (60 eyes) were randomly selected as BSL group,and 31 patients (62 eyes) were selected as Lasik group.The wavefront aberration were measured in darkroom with normal pupil at preoperatively,1 week,1 month and 3 months postoperatively by OPD-SCAN object aberration apparatus produced in NIDEK company. Results The root mean square (RMS) value of high-order aberration,C7,C8 and C12 in BSL group and Lasik group were not statistically significant at preoperatively (P >0.05).The RMS value of C7,C8 and C12 in BSL group and Lasik group were statistically increased at 1 week,1 month and 3 months postoperatively (P <0.01).The RMS value of C7,C8 and C12 in BSL group and Lasik group were not significantly




    For the efficiency of mathematics education, one should constantlyteach mathematics from its both sides perspective: the (formal) scientific side and the (informal) human, spiritual and cultural side.

  16. One-sided arguments

    van Laar, J.A.


    When is an argument to be called one-sided? When is putting forward such an argument fallacious? How can we develop a model for critical discussion, such that a fallaciously one-sided argument corresponds to a violation of a discussion rule? These issues are dealt with within 'the limits of the dial

  17. Side-wall sampler

    Morrison, B.


    A side-wall sampler which is capable of taking samples from the walls of test holes to a depth of 1,000 ft or more is described. Samples have been extracted from till, clay, silt, and fine- to coarse-grained sands in drift and nonindurated bedrock from more than 1,000 test holes in S. Saskatchewan. Side-hole sampling is faster and cheaper than conventional sampling methods and is ideally suited for geological investigations. Mineralogical paleonto- locical and radiocarbon analyses have been determined on side-hole cores.

  18. Side-Channel Oscilloscope

    Chaudhuri, Sumanta


    Side-Channel Analysis used for codebreaking could be used constructively as a probing tool for internal gates in integrated circuits. This paper outlines basic methods and mathematics for that purpose

  19. Side effects of ergotamine

    Meyler, WJ


    Ergotamine has been used for many years in the treatment of migraine, although there is Little formal clinical evidence that it is significantly more efficacious than placebo. A number of side effects associated with ergotamine have been reported in the literature, including myocardial infarction, i

  20. Working the Dark Side

    Bjering, Jens Christian Borrebye

    A few days after the terror attacks of 9/11, then Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on television with a call for “working the dark side.” While still unclear what this expression entailed at the time, Cheney's comment appears in retrospect to almost have been prophetic for the years to come...... – years where parts of the U.S. Army and intelligence community set up a rampant torture regime all across the world. Yet, the connection between a so-called “dark side,” “working” this “dark side,” and the torture that followed is not a given, but, instead, a consequence of a set of very specific legal...... half—dark side—documents the making and nature of the dark side by analyzing a series of legal memos from the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Council and from the White House and concludes by relating its findings to traditional ideas about emergency action, national security, and torture. By...

  1. Pen-side testing

    Pen-side diagnostic testing is often required to provide real time information about the health status of an animal or herd. The rapid results are generally needed in the face of a disease outbreak where the diagnostician/clinician is presented with dead or dying animals. Another use of pen-side tests is as part of a preventive medicine/herd health programme, where the information can be used for determining pathogen incidence and prevalence in the herd, identifying potential carrier animals or evaluating subtle changes in overall herd health as a result of management changes. Still another area is as a part of health certification before sale or stocking, or during processing following slaughter. Advanced testing methods, which in the past were only appropriate for use in a laboratory setting, have now been formatted for use in the field. Enzyme immunoassays (EIAs) and immunochromatorgraphy have greatly enhanced diagnostic pen-side capabilities. These test systems allow for the rapid, sensitive and specific detection of target antigen or antibody and require little or no scientific equipment. Because of the wide format flexibility these immunochemical technologies allow, they have come to dominate the diagnostic industry, both in the laboratory and in the field. Using liquid phase or precipitating chromogens, the tests can be visually interpreted and do not need instrumentation. Immunochromatography, a simplified assay system, has found widespread application as a field or pen-side test. The entire assay takes only one or two steps, and the results appear within 5-10 minutes. In the future, DNA based diagnostics will become more adaptable for use in the field. The DNA hybridization systems are at present cumbersome and require elevated temperatures. Companies are currently working to develop fast formulas that provide results in less than an hour, have a limited number of steps and can be performed at lower temperatures. (author)

  2. Simulations: The dark side

    Frenkel, D.


    This paper discusses the Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics methods. Both methods are, in principle, simple. However, simple does not mean risk-free. In the literature, many of the pitfalls in the field are mentioned, but usually as a footnote --and these footnotes are scattered over many papers. The present paper focuses on the "dark side" of simulation: it is one big footnote. I should stress that "dark", in this context, has no negative moral implication. It just means: under-exposed.

  3. Putting the Side first


    SIDE Minerals is a relative newcomer to the South African mining industry. It combines coal and anthracite mining and has base and precious metal interests. Side Minerals has offices in Boksburg from where its mining operations in Delmas, Witbank and Carolina in the Eastern Transvaal, and Newcastle in Natal are controlled. Lakeside Colliery at Witbank -a mine with a life expectancy of 15 years - is both an underground and opencast operation with an annual production capacity of 1,2 Mt of high, medium and low grade coal. Opencast extraction there is by the strip mining method. This is done on contract by Concor Mining Opencast Division, a member of the Concor Holding Group. A high wall face provides entry to the underground operations. Eastside Colliery at Carolina, which has the capacity to produce 480 000 tons of coal a year, is currently an opencast operation with underground mining scheduled to begin during 1994. Westside Colliery near Delmas is on a care and maintenance basis, but it has the capacity to produce 600 000 tons of low grade phosphorous coal which is required by the ferro-alloy and steel industries. 2 figs.

  4. West-Side Story

    Marochnik, L. S.


    This paper deals with the history of Density-Wave Spiral Theories in the 1960s. The motivation to write the paper was the publication of two papers on the history of these theories (Pasha 2004a, b). Pasha's papers tell only a part of the story that took place on the Western side of the Iron Curtain in the 1960s. But giving only a part of the full story is a distortion of historical truth. Important work done on the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain is still little known in the West. In this paper, I fill the gaps and correct chronological inaccuracies in Pasha's story and mention facts that are still unknown (or little known) to the astronomical community in the West. I also give my recollection of the development of Density-Wave Spiral Theories in the 1960s. The paper gives examples of important results in the theory of density waves in galaxies that are mistakenly attributed to C. C. Lin, F. H. Shu, Y.Y. Lau, C. Yuan and others, meanwhile they were obtained earlier by L. Marochnik, A. Suchkov and others. Below is another example. Both "famous" paper of Lin, Yuan and Shu (1969) and Marochnik and Suchkov (1969a) have appeared simultaneously in March of 1969. Both papers dealt, in particular, with the comparison of theory with observations. However, in the frame of their WKB approximation, Lin, Yuan and Shu (1969) employed an incorrect approach. It was a direct consequence of Marochnik and Suchkov (1969a) analysis and led to the far-going consequences. The paper has been published at the web site.

  5. Probiotics: Safety and Side Effects

    ... of this page please turn JavaScript on. Feature: Probiotics Safety and Side Effects Past Issues / Winter 2016 ... Says About the Safety and Side Effects of Probiotics Whether probiotics are likely to be safe for ...

  6. The Importance of Non Struck Side Occupants in Side Collisions

    Frampton, R. J.; Brown, R.; Thomas, P; P. Fay


    In a representative sample of tow-away side collisions from the UK Midlands, one third of front seat occupants were alone, on the struck side of the car. The other two thirds were either a non struck side occupant alone or two occupants sitting together. Occupant restraint, especially in perpendicular side impacts, was a notable factor in determining injury outcome for belted non struck side occupants. With both front seats occupied, there was a reduction in AIS 2+ injury to belted non struck...

  7. HIV Medicines and Side Effects

    Side Effects of HIV Medicines HIV Medicines and Side Effects (Last updated 1/7/2016; last reviewed 1/7/2016) Key Points HIV medicines help people with ... will depend on a person’s individual needs. Can HIV medicines cause side effects? HIV medicines help people ...

  8. Three sided complex adaptative systems

    D'Hulst, R


    We introduce two three sided adaptative systems as toy models to mimic the exchange of commodities between buyers and sellers. These models are simple extensions of the minority game, exhibiting similar behaviour as well as some new features. The main difference between our two models is that in the first the three sides are equivalent while in the second, one choice appears as a compromise between the two other sides. Both models are investigated numerically and compared with the original minority game.

  9. Side Effects in Steering Fragments

    Wortel, Lars


    In this thesis I will give a formal definition of side effects. I will do so by modifying a system for modelling program instructions and program states, Quantified Dynamic Logic, to a system called DLAf (for Dynamic Logic with Assignments as Formulas), which in contrast to QDL allows assignments in formulas and makes use of short-circuit evaluation. I will show the underlying logic in those formulas to be a variant of short-circuit logic called repetition-proof short-circuit logic. Using DLAf I will define the actual and the expected evaluation of a single instruction. The side effects are then defined to be the difference between the two. I will give rules for composing those side effects in single instructions, thus scaling up our definition of side effects to a definition of side effects in deterministic \\dlaf-programs. Using this definition I will give a classification of side effects, introducing as most important class that of marginal side effects. Finally, I will show how to use our system for calcul...

  10. Side-View Face Recognition

    Santemiz, Pinar; Spreeuwers, Luuk J.; Veldhuis, Raymond N. J.


    Side-view face recognition is a challenging problem with many applications. Especially in real-life scenarios where the environment is uncontrolled, coping with pose variations up to side-view positions is an important task for face recognition. In this paper we discuss the use of side view face recognition techniques to be used in house safety applications. Our aim is to recognize people as they pass through a door, and estimate their location in the house. Here, we compare available databas...

  11. The DarkSide project

    DarkSide is a graded experimental project based on radiopure argon, and is now, and will be, used in direct dark matter searches. The present DarkSide-50 detector, operating at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, is a dual-phase, 50 kg, liquid argon time-projection-chamber surrounded by an active liquid scintillator veto. It is designed to be background free in 3 years of operation. DS-50 performances, when filled with atmospheric argon, are reported. However DS-50 filled with underground argon, shows impressive reduction of the 39Ar isotope. The application of this powerful technology in a future generation of the DarkSide program is discussed

  12. The Moon's near side megabasin and far side bulge

    Byrne, Charles


    Since Luna and Lunar Orbiter photographed the far side of the Moon, the mysterious dichotomy between the face of the Moon as we see it from Earth and the side of the Moon that is hidden has puzzled lunar scientists. As we learned more from the Apollo sample return missions and later robotic satellites, the puzzle literally deepened, showing asymmetry of the crust and mantle, all the way to the core of the Moon. This book summarizes the author’s successful search for an ancient impact feature, the Near Side Megabasin of the Moon and the extensions to impact theory needed to find it. The implications of this ancient event are developed to answer many of the questions about the history of the Moon.

  13. Brushless machine having ferromagnetic side plates and side magnets

    Hsu, John S


    An apparatus is provided having a cylindrical stator and a rotor that is spaced from a stator to define an annular primary air gap that receives AC flux from the stator. The rotor has a plurality of longitudinal pole portions disposed parallel to the axis of rotation and alternating in polarity around a circumference of the rotor. Each longitudinal pole portion includes portions of permanent magnet (PM) material and at least one of the longitudinal pole portions has a first end and an opposing second end and a side magnet is disposed adjacent the first end and a side pole is disposed adjacent the second end.

  14. Interaction between two side-by-side inverted flags

    Huertas-Cerdeira, Cecilia; Fan, Boyu; Barizien, Antoine; Gharib, Morteza


    The inverted flag instability occurs when an elastic plate that is free at its leading edge and clamped at its trailing edge is subjected to an axial wind. The oscillating motion that follows has received recent attention. However, previous studies have focused on the dynamics of a single flag even though these are rarely found isolated in natural phenomena, such as the fluttering of leaves in the wind. The interaction between two side-by-side inverted flags has been investigated, analyzing the effects of the distance between flags and the wind speed. Both in-phase and anti-phase coupling have been observed for different ranges of these parameters.

  15. Running away from side effects

    Casla, S; Hojman, P; Márquez-Rodas, I;


    The number of breast cancer survivors increases every year, thanks to the development of new treatments and screening techniques. However, patients present with numerous side effects that may affect their quality of life. Exercise has been demonstrated to reduce some of these side effects, but in...... spite of this, few breast cancer patients know and follow the exercise recommendations needed to remain healthy. In this review, we describe the different breast cancer treatments and the related side effects and implications of exercise in relation to these. We propose that exercise could be an...... integrative complementary intervention to improve physiological, physical and psychological factors that affect survival and quality of life of these patients. For that reason, the main objective of this review is to provide a general overview of exercise benefits in breast cancer patients and recommendations...

  16. Arteriovenous fistula construction in chronic r haemodialysis patients: comparison of end-to-side and side- to-side techniques

    Objective: To compare the techniques of end-to-side and side-to-side anastomosis in arteriovenous fistulae construction in terms of success rate and immediate postoperative complications. Patients and Methods: One hundred and ninety patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) were included in the study. Arteriovenous fistula was constructed in these patients by two techniques i.e. end-to-side and side-to-side anastomosis. The two methods were compared in terms of duration of surgery, immediate success rate and short-term complications. Results: Among 190 patients, 118 (62%) were males and 72 (38%) females. The age ranged between 24 to 66 years with average age of 54 years. Side-to-side anastomosis was done in 120 (63%) patients while end-to-side in 70 (37%) patients. The average duration of surgery in side-to-side group was 50 minutes and in end-to-side group it was 75 minutes. Bleeding occurred in 4(5.7%) cases in end-to-side group and 2(1.7%) patients in side-to-side group requiring re- exploration. The immediate failure rate of the procedure was 2.5% in side-to-side group and 7.5% in end-to-side group. Wound infection occurred in 1 (1.4%) case in end-to-side group and 2(1.7%) cases in side-to-side group. Conclusion: In patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) arteriovenous fistula construction by side-to-side anastomosis is less time-consuming and has less complications as compared to end-to-side technique. (author)

  17. Side-View Face Recognition

    Santemiz, Pinar; Spreeuwers, Luuk J.; Veldhuis, Raymond N. J.; Biggelaar, van den, M.


    As a widely used biometrics, face recognition has many advantages such as being non-intrusive, natural and passive. On the other hand, in real-life scenarios with uncontrolled environment, pose variation up to side-view positions makes face recognition a challenging work. In this paper we discuss the use of side-view face recognition in house safety applications. Our goal is to recognize people as they pass through doors in order to estimate their location in the house. In order to preserve p...

  18. Dark Side of the Universe


    The Dark Side of the Universe (DSU) workshops bring together a wide range of theorists and experimentalists to discuss current ideas on models of the dark side, and relate them to current and future experiments. This year's DSU will take place in the colorful Norwegian city of Bergen. Topics include dark matter, dark energy, cosmology, and physics beyond the standard model. One of the goals of the workshop is to expose in particular students and young researchers to the fascinating topics of dark matter and dark energy, and to provide them with the opportunity to meet some of the best researchers in these areas .

  19. Insidious Side Effects of Design

    Vissonova, Karina


    design of technical artefacts. I argue that technical artefacts are designed as sustainable based on the extent side effects are addressed with the design. I present necessary and sufficient conditions in the presence of which the design of technical artefacts falls under the concept of sustainability in...

  20. Double-sided Relativistic Magnetron

    Agafonov, A. V.; Krastelev, E. G.


    A new scheme of a symmetricaly powered relativistic magnetron and several methods of localised electron flow forming in an interaction region are proposed to increase an efficiency of relativistic magnetrons. As will be shown, a very important reason is the effect of nonsymmetric feeding of power from one side of a magnetron, which is typical for experiments. One-sided powering leads to the axial drift of electrons, to the transformation of transverse velocities of electrons to longitudinal one and to the generation of a parasitic e-beam which does not take part in energy exchange between electrons and waves at all. A special driver was designed for double-sided powering of relativistic magnetrons. The proposed system is compact, rigid and capable of reliable operation at high repetition rates, which is advantageous for many applications. Several smooth-bore magnetrons were tested by means of computer simulations using PIC code KARAT. The results showed a dramatical difference between the dynamics of electron flow for one- and two-sided power feeding of a structure under test. Design of a driver and computer simulation results are presented.

  1. The DarkSide Program

    Rossi B.


    Full Text Available DarkSide-50 at Gran Sasso underground laboratory (LNGS, Italy, is a direct dark matter search experiment based on a liquid argon TPC. DS-50 has completed its first dark matter run using atmospheric argon as target. The detector performances and the results of the first physics run are presented in this proceeding.

  2. Identifying Two-Sided Markets

    Filistrucchi, L.; Geradin, D.A.A.G.; van Damme, E.E.C.


    Abstract: We review the burgeoning literature on two-sided markets focusing on the different definitions that have been proposed. In particular, we show that the well-known definition given by Evans is a particular case of the more general definition proposed by Rochet and Tirole. We then identify t

  3. Social identity performance: extending the strategic side of SIDE

    Klein, Olivier; Spears, Russell; Stephen D. Reicher


    This article extends the social identity model of deindividuation effects (SIDE) by considering the various ways in which relations of visibility to an audience can affect the public expression of identity-relevant norms (identity performance). It is suggested that social identity performance can fulfill two general functions: Affirming, conforming, or strengthening individual or group identities (the identity consolidation function) and persuading audiences into adopting specific behaviors (...

  4. Development of Side Coupled Cavities

    Side coupled Cavities are good candidates for proton accelerations in the 90-180 MeV range, as it has been first proposed for the CERN LINAC4 project. A side coupled Linac is made of a lump chain of resonant cavities, alternatively accelerating and coupling. A side coupled cavity has been designed in a CERN-LPSC collaboration to achieve LINAC4 requirements. After RF studies, a complete thermal study has been done, showing that 10-15% is the absolute maximum duty-cycle achievable by such a cavity. Error studies have been developed. They have shown that a tuning ring is mandatory and that a K equals 3% coupling factor is a good choice. A prototype has been built and each cell has been measured and tuned. A simple and accurate method has been used to get both the resonant frequency and the coupling factor, with a movable tuner and a linear fit. A similar method has been used to get the second order coupling factor. A large dispersion is observed on K. This is mainly due to the shape of the coupling apertures, which are very sensitive to mechanical errors. A future and realistic design must be very careful to guarantee a constant aperture (the important parameter is more the dispersion of k than its exact value). Finally, we analyse how to tune the cavity. This has to checked carefully and probably improved or corrected. Results are expected for mid-2008

  5. Nonprescription ibuprofen: side effect profile.

    Furey, S A; Waksman, J A; Dash, B H


    Single doses of nonprescription analgesics are commonly used to treat self-diagnosed conditions. To evaluate the safety of single doses of nonprescription-strength ibuprofen, we examined reported side effects from 15 double-blind, randomized, controlled trials we conducted of the drug to treat various common painful conditions (e.g., headache, sore throat). All studies included placebo and another nonprescription analgesic, acetaminophen. A total of 878 subjects received ibuprofen 200 or 400 mg, 849 acetaminophen 650 or 1000 mg, and 852 placebo. The overall frequency of side effects was comparable: ibuprofen 2.4%, acetaminophen 3.2%, and placebo 2.1%. The frequency of central nervous system symptoms was 0.8%, 2.1%, and 0.9%, respectively. Upper gastro-intestinal upset ranged from 0.8-0.9% of subjects in all groups. We conclude that single doses of nonprescription ibuprofen are well tolerated and demonstrate a side effect profile indistinguishable from that of acetaminophen and placebo. PMID:1437701

  6. 49 CFR 229.69 - Side bearings.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Side bearings. 229.69 Section 229.69....69 Side bearings. (a) Friction side bearings with springs designed to carry weight may not have more than 25 percent of the springs in any one nest broken. (b) Friction side bearings may not be run...

  7. NPP Krsko secondary side analysis

    The purpose of this work is to analyze secondary side thermohydraulics response on steam generator tube plugging in order to ensure nominal NPP power. We had established that the additional opening of the governing valve No. 3 and 4 can compensate pressure drop caused by steam generator tube plugging. Two main steam flows with four governing valves were simulated. Steam expansion in turbine and feed water system was modeled separately. All important process point and steam moisture changes impact on nominal NPP power were analysed. (author)

  8. Demand Side Bidding. Final Report

    Spahn, Andrew


    This document sets forth the final report for a financial assistance award for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) to enhance coordination between the building operators and power system operators in terms of demand-side responses to Location Based Marginal Pricing (LBMP). Potential benefits of this project include improved power system reliability, enhanced environmental quality, mitigation of high locational prices within congested areas, and the reduction of market barriers for demand-side market participants. NARUC, led by its Committee on Energy Resources and the Environment (ERE), actively works to promote the development and use of energy efficiency and clean distributive energy policies within the framework of a dynamic regulatory environment. Electric industry restructuring, energy shortages in California, and energy market transformation intensifies the need for reliable information and strategies regarding electric reliability policy and practice. NARUC promotes clean distributive generation and increased energy efficiency in the context of the energy sector restructuring process. NARUC, through ERE's Subcommittee on Energy Efficiency, strives to improve energy efficiency by creating working markets. Market transformation seeks opportunities where small amounts of investment can create sustainable markets for more efficient products, services, and design practices.

  9. Social identity performance: extending the strategic side of SIDE.

    Klein, Olivier; Spears, Russell; Reicher, Stephen


    This article extends the social identity model of deindividuation effects (SIDE) by considering the various ways in which relations of visibility to an audience can affect the public expression of identity-relevant norms (identity performance). It is suggested that social identity performance can fulfill two general functions: Affirming, conforming, or strengthening individual or group identities (the identity consolidation function) and persuading audiences into adopting specific behaviors (the mobilization function). The authors report evidence supporting these two functions of identity performance both in intragroup and intergroup contexts. They argue that through these functions, social identity performance plays a major role in the elaboration and coordination of social action. Finally, and building on this framework, the authors consider the ways through which social identity performance can be used in the very construction of social identity. PMID:18453454

  10. Shortest Paths With Side Sensors

    Salaris, Paolo; Bicchi, Antonio


    We present a complete characterization of shortest paths to a goal position for a vehicle with unicycle kinematics and a limited range sensor, constantly keeping a given landmark in sight. Previous work on this subject studied the optimal paths in case of a frontal, symmetrically limited Field--Of--View (FOV). In this paper we provide a generalization to the case of arbitrary FOVs, including the case that the direction of motion is not an axis of symmetry for the FOV, and even that it is not contained in the FOV. The provided solution is of particular relevance to applications using side-scanning, such as e.g. in underwater sonar-based surveying and navigation.

  11. HIV medicine: drug side effects and interactions.

    Bates, C M


    The drugs used in HIV medicine often have toxic side effects; additionally, the risk of drug interactions is high because of the frequent necessity to prescribe multiple drugs. This article covers common or important drug side effects and interactions.

  12. Secure Lossless Compression with Side Information

    Gunduz, Deniz; Poor, H Vincent


    Secure data compression in the presence of side information at both a legitimate receiver and an eavesdropper is explored. A noise-free, limited rate link between the source and the receiver, whose output can be perfectly observed by the eavesdropper, is assumed. As opposed to the wiretap channel model, in which secure communication can be established by exploiting the noise in the channel, here the existence of side information at the receiver is used. Both coded and uncoded side information are considered. In the coded side information scenario, inner and outer bounds on the compression-equivocation rate region are given. In the uncoded side information scenario, the availability of the legitimate receiver's and the eavesdropper's side information at the encoder is considered, and the compression-equivocation rate region is characterized for these cases. It is shown that the side information at the encoder can increase the equivocation rate at the eavesdropper. Hence, the side information at the encoder is ...

  13. Back-Side Readout Silicon Photomultiplier

    Choong, Woon-Seng; Holland, Stephen E.


    We present a novel structure for the back-side readout silicon photomultipler (SiPM). Current SiPMs are front-illuminated structures with front-side readout, which have relatively small geometric fill factor leading to degradation in their photon detection efficiency (PDE). Back-side readout devices will provide an advantageous solution to achieve high PDE. We designed and investigated a novel structure that would allow back-side readout while creating a region of high electric field optimize...

  14. Distributed video coding with multiple side information

    Huang, Xin; Brites, C.; Ascenso, J.; Pereira, F.; Forchhammer, Søren

    quality of the predictions had a major impact in predictive video coding. In this paper, a DVC solution exploiting multiple side information is proposed; the multiple side information is generated by frame interpolation and frame extrapolation targeting to improve the side information of a single...

  15. Client-Side Monitoring for Web Mining.

    Fenstermacher, Kurt D.; Ginsburg, Mark


    Discusses mining Web data to draw conclusions about Web users and proposes a client-side monitoring system that supports flexible data collection and encompasses client-side applications beyond the Web browser to incorporate standard office productivity tools. Highlights include goals for client-side monitoring; framework for user monitoring,…

  16. Discriminatory Lossy Source Coding: Side Information Privacy

    Tandon, Ravi; Poor, H Vincent


    A lossy source coding problem is studied in which a source encoder communicates with two decoders, one with and one without correlated side information with an additional constraint on the privacy of the side information at the uninformed decoder. Two cases of this problem arise depending on the availability of the side information at the encoder. The set of all feasible rate-distortion-equivocation tuples are characterized for both cases. The difference between the informed and uninformed cases and the advantages of encoder side information for enhancing privacy are highlighted for a binary symmetric source with erasure side information and Hamming distortion.

  17. Interface solutions for interface side effects?

    Stoffregen Thomas A.


    Full Text Available Human-computer interfaces often give rise to a variety of side effects, including eyestrain, headache, fatigue, and motion sickness (aka cybersickness, simulator sickness. We might hope that improvements in interface design would tend to reduce these side effects. Unfortunately, history reveals just the opposite: The incidence and severity of motion sickness (for example is positively related to the progressive sophistication of display technology and systems. In this presentation, I enquire about the future of interface technologies in relation to side effects. I review the types of side effects that occur and what is known about the causes of interface side effects. I suggest new ways of understanding relations between interface technologies and side effects, and new ways to approach the problem of interface side effects.

  18. Car Side Structure Crashworthiness in Pole and Moving Deformable Barrier Side Impacts

    WANG Dazhi; DONG Guang; ZHANG Jinhuan; HUANG Shilin


    To clearly understand passenger car structure's crashworthiness in typical side impacts of pole and moving deformable barrier (MDB) impact modes, which could assist the establishment of Chinese vehicle side impact safety regulations, a full midsized car finite element model, calibrated by pole side impact test, was built and the pole side impact according to European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP) and the MDB side impact according to ECE R95 regulations were simulated with LS-DYNA. The accelerations and the structure deformations from simulations were compared. It can be concluded that the pole side impact focuses primarily on side structure crashworthiness as a result of large intrusions, while the MDB side impact focuses primarily on full side structure crashworthiness. Accordingly, occupant protection strategies focus on different aspects to improve side impact safety. In the pole side impact the objective is to maintain the passenger compartment and protect the passenger's head from impacting the pole, while in the MDB side impact the objective is to protect the full human body. In the design of the car side structures, at least these two tests should be considered for assessing their side impact crashworthiness. Conducting these two side impact tests as certified tests provides insights into car safety during side impacts.

  19. Right-side and left-side colon cancer follow different pathways to relapse

    Bauer, Kerry M.; Hummon, Amanda B.; Buechler, Steven


    There is growing evidence that cancer of the ascending (right-side) colon is different from cancer of the descending (left-side) colon at the molecular level. Using microarray data from 102 right-side colon carcinomas and 95 left-side colon carcinomas we show that different pathways dominate progression to relapse in right-side and left-side colon cancer. Right-side tumors at a high risk for relapse exhibit elevated expression of cell cycle control genes and elevated Wnt signaling. On the oth...

  20. Interference Channels with Correlated Receiver Side Information

    Liu, Nan; Gunduz, Deniz; Goldsmith, Andrea J.; Poor, H. Vincent


    The problem of joint source-channel coding in transmitting independent sources over interference channels with correlated receiver side information is studied. When each receiver has side information correlated with its own desired source, it is shown that source-channel code separation is optimal. When each receiver has side information correlated with the interfering source, sufficient conditions for reliable transmission are provided based on a joint source-channel coding scheme using the ...

  1. Constrained Source Coding with Side Information

    Lapidoth, Amos; Malär, Andreas; Wigger, Michèle


    The source-coding problem with side information at the decoder is studied subject to a constraint that the encoder---to whom the side information is unavailable---be able to compute the decoder's reconstruction sequence to within some distortion. For discrete memoryless sources and finite single-letter distortion measures, an expression is given for the minimal description rate as a function of the joint law of the source and side information and of the allowed distortions at the encoder and ...

  2. Discriminatory Lossy Source Coding: Side Information Privacy

    Tandon, Ravi; Sankar, Lalitha; Poor, H. Vincent


    A lossy source coding problem is studied in which a source encoder communicates with two decoders, one with and one without correlated side information with an additional constraint on the privacy of the side information at the uninformed decoder. Two cases of this problem arise depending on the availability of the side information at the encoder. The set of all feasible rate-distortion-equivocation tuples are characterized for both cases. The difference between the informed and uninformed ca...

  3. Side polished twin-core fiber coupler

    Wang, Xianbin; Yuan, Libo


    A novel optical fiber coupler was proposed and fabricated for coupling each core of a twin-core fiber (TCF) with a single-core fiber (SCF) core simultaneously and accessing independently both cores of the TCF. The coupler is mainly composed of two sides polished SCF and a side polished TCF. Each optical field launched from the TCF could be coupled into the side polished SCF. The coupler has a simple structure and less cross-talk between the two cores.

  4. Nonparametric Analysis of Two-Sided Markets

    Senay Sokullu


    This paper considers an empirical semiparametric model for two-sided markets. Contrary to existing empirical literature on two-sided markets, we do not rely on linear network effects. Instead, network effects and probability distribution functions of net benefits of two sides are specified nonparametrically. The demand functions and the network effect functions of readers and advertisers are estimated by nonparametric IV estimation using a data set from German magazine industry. The ill-posed...

  5. Physiological and skill demands of 'on-side' and 'off-side' games.

    Gabbett, Tim J; Jenkins, David G; Abernethy, Bruce


    This study investigated the physiological and skill demands of 'on-side' and 'off-side' games in elite rugby league players. Sixteen male rugby league players participated in 'on-side' and 'off-side' games. Both small-sided games were played in a 40- × 40-m playing area. The 'off-side' game permitted players to have 3 'plays' while in possession of the ball. Players were permitted to pass backward or forward (to an 'off-side' player). The 'on-side' game also permitted players to have 3 'plays' while in possession of the ball. However, players were only permitted to pass backward to players in an 'on-side' position. Heart rate and movement patterns (via global positioning system) were recorded continuously throughout both games. Data were collected on the distance covered, number of high-acceleration and velocity efforts, and recovery between efforts. Video footage was also taken to track the performance of the players. Post hoc inspection of the footage was undertaken to count the number of possessions and the number and quality of disposals. In comparison to 'on-side' games, 'off-side' games had a greater number of involvements ("touches"), passes, and effective passes. However, the cognitive demands of 'on-side' games were greater than 'off-side' games. 'Off-side' games resulted in a greater total distance covered, greater distance covered in mild and moderate accelerations, and greater distance covered in low, moderate, and high-velocity efforts. There were also a greater number of short duration recovery periods between efforts in 'off-side' games. The results of this study demonstrate that 'off-side' games provide greater physiological and skill demands than 'on-side' games. 'Off-side' games may provide a practical alternative to 'on-side' games for the development of skill and fitness in elite rugby league players. PMID:20938355

  6. Source Coding With Encoder Side Information

    Martinian, Emin; Wornell, Gregory W.; Zamir, Ram


    We introduce the idea of distortion side information, which does not directly depend on the source but instead affects the distortion measure. We show that such distortion side information is not only useful at the encoder, but that under certain conditions, knowing it at only the encoder is as good as knowing it at both encoder and decoder, and knowing it at only the decoder is useless. Thus distortion side information is a natural complement to the signal side information studied by Wyner a...

  7. Classical data compression with quantum side information

    Devetak, I.; Winter, A.


    The problem of classical data compression when the decoder has quantum side information at his disposal is considered. This is a quantum generalization of the classical Slepian-Wolf theorem. The optimal compression rate is found to be reduced from the Shannon entropy of the source by the Holevo information between the source and side information.

  8. Study of turbine with side channel runner

    Jandourek, Pavel


    This thesis deals with proposal of constructional solving turbine with side channel. Basis for the design is lossy characteristics of the valve. The intention is to replace hydraulic closures by turbine with side channel runner. Hydraulic losses in the flow restriction in turn replaced by the electricity generation in the comparable characteristics of valve and turbine.

  9. Side-emitting fiber optic position sensor

    Weiss, Jonathan D.


    A side-emitting fiber optic position sensor and method of determining an unknown position of an object by using the sensor. In one embodiment, a concentrated beam of light source illuminates the side of a side-emitting fiber optic at an unknown axial position along the fiber's length. Some of this side-illuminated light is in-scattered into the fiber and captured. As the captured light is guided down the fiber, its intensity decreases due to loss from side-emission away from the fiber and from bulk absorption within the fiber. By measuring the intensity of light emitted from one (or both) ends of the fiber with a photodetector(s), the axial position of the light source is determined by comparing the photodetector's signal to a calibrated response curve, look-up table, or by using a mathematical model. Alternatively, the side-emitting fiber is illuminated at one end, while a photodetector measures the intensity of light emitted from the side of the fiber, at an unknown position. As the photodetector moves further away from the illuminated end, the detector's signal strength decreases due to loss from side-emission and/or bulk absorption. As before, the detector's signal is correlated to a unique position along the fiber.

  10. Metabolic Network Prediction of Drug Side Effects.

    Shaked, Itay; Oberhardt, Matthew A; Atias, Nir; Sharan, Roded; Ruppin, Eytan


    Drug side effects levy a massive cost on society through drug failures, morbidity, and mortality cases every year, and their early detection is critically important. Here, we describe the array of model-based phenotype predictors (AMPP), an approach that leverages medical informatics resources and a human genome-scale metabolic model (GSMM) to predict drug side effects. AMPP is substantially predictive (AUC > 0.7) for >70 drug side effects, including very serious ones such as interstitial nephritis and extrapyramidal disorders. We evaluate AMPP's predictive signal through cross-validation, comparison across multiple versions of a side effects database, and co-occurrence analysis of drug side effect associations in scientific abstracts (hypergeometric p value = 2.2e-40). AMPP outperforms a previous biochemical structure-based method in predicting metabolically based side effects (aggregate AUC = 0.65 versus 0.59). Importantly, AMPP enables the identification of key metabolic reactions and biomarkers that are predictive of specific side effects. Taken together, this work lays a foundation for future detection of metabolically grounded side effects during early stages of drug development. PMID:27135366

  11. Back-side readout semiconductor photomultiplier

    Choong, Woon-Seng; Holland, Stephen E


    This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus related to semiconductor photomultipliers. In one aspect, a device includes a p-type semiconductor substrate, the p-type semiconductor substrate having a first side and a second side, the first side of the p-type semiconductor substrate defining a recess, and the second side of the p-type semiconductor substrate being doped with n-type ions. A conductive material is disposed in the recess. A p-type epitaxial layer is disposed on the second side of the p-type semiconductor substrate. The p-type epitaxial layer includes a first region proximate the p-type semiconductor substrate, the first region being implanted with p-type ions at a higher doping level than the p-type epitaxial layer, and a second region disposed on the first region, the second region being doped with p-type ions at a higher doping level than the first region.

  12. Interference Channels with Correlated Receiver Side Information

    Liu, Nan; Goldsmith, Andrea J; Poor, H Vincent


    The problem of joint source-channel coding in transmitting independent sources over interference channels with correlated receiver side information is studied. When each receiver has side information correlated with its own desired source, it is shown that source-channel code separation is optimal. When each receiver has side information correlated with the interfering source, sufficient conditions for reliable transmission are provided based on a joint source-channel coding scheme using the superposition encoding and partial decoding idea of Han and Kobayashi. When the receiver side information is a deterministic function of the interfering source, source-channel code separation is again shown to be optimal. As a special case, for a class of Z-interference channels, when the side information of the receiver facing interference is a deterministic function of the interfering source, necessary and sufficient conditions for reliable transmission are provided in the form of single letter expressions. As a byprodu...

  13. Side- ja turvanguamet / Indrek Süld

    Süld, Indrek


    Ilmunud ka: 2003 : annual report : [Eesti Raudtee]. - Tallinn, 2004, lk. 34-35; 2003 : godovoi ottshjot : [Eesti Raudtee]. - Tallinn, 2004, lk. 34-35. Ülevaade AS-i Eesti Raudtee side- ja turvanguameti tegevusest 2003. aastal. Skeem

  14. Radiation Therapy: Preventing and Managing Side Effects

    ... yourself during radiation therapy Radiation therapy can damage healthy body tissues in or near the area being treated, which can cause side effects. Many people worry about this part of their cancer treatment. Before ...

  15. Sexual side effects induced by psychotropic drugs

    Kristensen, Ellids


    The majority of psychotropic drugs entail sexual side effects. The sexual side effects may reduce quality of life and may give rise to non-compliance. For example, 30-60 per cent of patients treated with antidepressants are known to develop a sexual dysfunction. However, some psychotropic drugs...... with no or very few sexual side effects have begun to emerge. The treatment of sexual side effects induced by psychotropic drugs may consist of: modified sexual habits, reduction in dosage, switching to another medication, possibly in combination with different psychotropic agents, other varieties of...... pharmacologically active substances or specific products for the treatment of sexual dysfunction such as sildenafil. Above all, it should be acknowledged that relatively few data are available in this field and in particular that there is a lack of controlled studies....

  16. Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects: Hair Loss (Alopecia)

    ... C ancer I nstitute Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects Hair Loss (Alopecia) “Losing my hair was hard at first. Then ... and anywhere on your body may fall out. Hair loss is called alopecia. When will my hair start ...

  17. Back-Side Readout Silicon Photomultiplier.

    Choong, Woon-Seng; Holland, Stephen E


    We present a novel structure for the back-side readout silicon photomultipler (SiPM). Current SiPMs are front-illuminated structures with front-side readout, which have relatively small geometric fill factor leading to degradation in their photon detection efficiency (PDE). Back-side readout devices will provide an advantageous solution to achieve high PDE. We designed and investigated a novel structure that would allow back-side readout while creating a region of high electric field optimized for avalanche breakdown. In addition, this structure has relatively high fill factor and also allow direct coupling of individual micro-cell of the SiPM to application-specific integrated circuits. We will discuss the performance that can be attained with this structure through device simulation and the process flow that can be used to fabricate this structure through process simulation. PMID:23564969

  18. Two-sided Heterogeneity and Trade

    Andrew B. Bernard; Moxnes, Andreas; Ulltveit-Moe, Karen Helene


    Empirical studies of firms within industries consistently report substantial heterogeneity in measures of performance such as size and productivity. This paper explores the consequences of joint heterogeneity on the supply side (sellers) and the demand side (buyers) in international trade using a novel transaction-level dataset from Norway. Domestic exporters as well as foreign importers are explicitly identified in each transaction to every destination. The buyer-seller linked data reveal a ...

  19. Reliability in Source Coding with Side Information

    Kelly, Benjamin G.; Wagner, Aaron B.


    We study error exponents for source coding with side information. Both achievable exponents and converse bounds are obtained for the following two cases: lossless source coding with coded information (SCCSI) and lossy source coding with full side information (Wyner-Ziv). These results recover and extend several existing results on source-coding error exponents and are tight in some circumstances. Our bounds have a natural interpretation as a two-player game between nature and the code designe...

  20. Source Coding with Fixed Lag Side Information

    Martinian, Emin; Wornell, Gregory W.


    We consider source coding with fixed lag side information at the decoder. We focus on the special case of perfect side information with unit lag corresponding to source coding with feedforward (the dual of channel coding with feedback) introduced by Pradhan. We use this duality to develop a linear complexity algorithm which achieves the rate-distortion bound for any memoryless finite alphabet source and distortion measure.

  1. Leadership in Multi-sided Markets

    Federico Etro


    I analyze the role of leadership in multi-sided markets as online advertising. Search and display advertising are better characterized by (respectively) quantity and price competition. A platform that reached dominance in search may have an incentive to limit services to consumers to be aggressive with the advertisers, to exploit its scale in search to build barriers to entry, or to adopt click-weighted auctions to manipulate the pricing of sponsored links. On the other side, a dominant platf...

  2. The Two Sides of Money Laundering

    Corina – Maria ENE


    The mainly goal of money laundering is to carry out more and more illegal economic transactions or activities to produce individual or groups gains and then to legitimate them. Money laundering converts illicit source of money generated by criminal activities in order to hide the connection between money and their original illegal activities. This is one of money laundering side. The second side implies corruption. While money laundering is a passing channel for illicit funds due to its crimi...

  3. Estimating Side Underride Fatalities Using Field Data

    Padmanaban, Jeya


    There is evidence that underride events are undercounted by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), a census of fatal crashes on public roads in the United States. This study’s principal objective was to develop accurate fatality estimates for side underride crashes involving “combination trucks” and light vehicles. Police reports from 29 states were used to estimate the incidence of fatal crashes in which light vehicles underrode the sides of large combination trucks. A protocol was d...

  4. U-statistic with side information

    Yuan, Ao; He, Wenqing; Wang, Binhuan; Qin, Gengsheng


    In this paper we study U-statistics with side information incorporated using the method of empirical likelihood. Some basic properties of the proposed statistics are investigated. We find that by implementing the side information properly, the proposed U-statistics can have smaller asymptotic variance than the existing U-statistics in the literature. The proposed U-statistics can achieve asymptotic efficiency in a formal sense and their weak limits admit a convolution result. We also find tha...


    Ge, Ying-En; Prentkovskis, Olegas; Tang, Chunyan; Saleh, Wafaa; G. H. Bell, Michael; Junevičius, Raimundas


    It is nowadays widely accepted that solving traffic congestion from the demand side is more important and more feasible than offering more capacity or facilities for transportation. Following a brief overview of evolution of the concept of Travel Demand Management (TDM), there is a discussion on the TDM foundations that include demand-side strategies, traveler choice and application settings and the new dimensions that ATDM (Active forms of Transportation and Demand Management) bring to TDM, ...

  6. Side Stream Filtration for Cooling Towers



    This technology evaluation assesses side stream filtration options for cooling towers, with an objective to assess key attributes that optimize energy and water savings along with providing information on specific technology and implementation options. This information can be used to assist Federal sites to determine which options may be most appropriate for their applications. This evaluation provides an overview of the characterization of side stream filtration technology, describes typical applications, and details specific types of filtration technology.

  7. Injury Patterns in Side Pole Crashes

    Pintar, Frank A.; Maiman, Dennis J.; Yoganandan, Narayan


    Side impact pole/tree crashes can have devastating consequences. A series of 53 CIREN cases of narrow-object side impacts were analyzed. Twenty-seven of 53 had serious chest injury and 27 had serious head injury. Unilateral chest trauma led to the examination of residual crush pattern that often demonstrated oblique door intrusion into the occupant thorax space. It was hypothesized that unilateral chest trauma was caused by antero-lateral chest loading. This hypothesis was evaluated by conduc...


    Corina – Maria ENE


    The mainly goal of money laundering is to carry out more and more illegal economic transactions or activities to produce individual or groups gains and then to legitimate them. Money laundering converts illicit source of money generated by criminal activities in order to hide the connection between money and their original illegal activities. This is one of money laundering side. The second side implies corruption. While money laundering is a passing channel for illicit funds due to its crimi...

  9. Incidence of Important Hemobilia Following Transhepatic Biliary Drainage: Left-Sided Versus Right-Sided Approaches

    Our purpose here is to describe our experience with important hemobilia following PTBD and to determine whether left-sided percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTBD) is associated with an increased incidence of important hemobilia compared to right-sided drainages. We reviewed 346 transhepatic biliary drainages over a four-year period and identified eight patients (2.3%) with important hemobilia requiring transcatheter embolization. The charts and radiographic files of these patients were reviewed. The side of the PTBD (left versus right), and the order of the biliary ductal branch entered (first, second, or third) were recorded. Of the 346 PTBDs, 269 were right-sided and 77 were left-sided. Of the eight cases of important hemobilia requiring transcatheter embolization, four followed right-sided and four followed left-sided PTBD, corresponding to a bleeding incidence of 1.5% (4/269) for right PTBD and 5.2% (4/77) for left PTBD. The higher incidence of hemobilia associated with left-sided PTBD approached, but did not reach the threshold of statistical significance (p = 0.077). In six of the eight patients requiring transcatheter embolization, first or second order biliary branches were accessed by catheter for PTBD. All patients with left-sided bleeding had first or proximal second order branches accessed by biliary drainage catheters. In conclusion, a higher incidence of hemobilia followed left- versus right-sided PTBD in this study, but the increased incidence did not reach statistical significance

  10. Hematological Side Effects of Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs

    Serap Erdogan


    Full Text Available Atypical antipsychotics cause less frequently extrapyramidal system symptoms, neuroleptic malignant syndrome and hyperprolactinemia than typical antipsychotics. However hematological side effects such as leukopenia and neutropenia could occur during treatment with atypical antipsychotics. These side effects could lead to life threatening situations and the mortality rate due to drug related agranulocytosis is about 5-10%. There are several hypothesis describing the mechanisms underlying drug induced leukopenia and/or neutropenia such as direct toxic effects of these drugs upon the bone marrow or myeloid precursors, immunologic destruction of the granulocytes or supression of the granulopoiesis. Clozapine is the antipsychotic agent which has been most commonly associated with agranulocytosis. A nitrenium ion which is formed by the bioactivation of clozapine is thought to have an important role in the pathophysiogy of this adverse effect. Aside from clozapine, there are several case reports reporting an association between olanzapine, quetiapine, risperidone, ziprasidone, aripiprazole and leukopenia. We did not find any study or case report presenting amisulpride or sulpride related hematological side effects in our literature search. Patients who had hematological side effects during their previous antipsychotic drug treatments and who had lower baseline blood leukocyte counts, have higher risk to develop leukopenia or neutropenia during their current antipsychotic treatment. Once leukopenia and neutropenia develops, drugs thought to be responsible for this side effect should be discontinued or dosages should be lowered. In some cases iniatition of lithium or G-CSF (granulocyte colony-stimulating factor therapy may be helpful in normalizing blood cell counts. Clinicans should avoid any combination of drugs known to cause hematological side effects. Besides during antipsychotic treatment, infection symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat or

  11. The DarkSide-50 outer detectors

    Westerdale, S.; Agnes, P.; Agostino, L.; Albuquerque, I. F. M.; Alexander, T.; Alton, A. K.; Arisaka, K.; Back, H. O.; Baldin, B.; Biery, K.; Bonfini, G.; Bossa, M.; Bottino, B.; Brigatti, A.; Brodsky, J.; Budano, F.; Bussino, S.; Cadeddu, M.; Cadonati, L.; Cadoni, M.; Calaprice, F.; Canci, N.; Candela, A.; Cao, H.; Cariello, M.; Carlini, M.; Catalanotti, S.; Cavalcante, P.; Chepurnov, A.; Cocco, A. G.; Covone, G.; D’Angelo, D.; D’Incecco, M.; Davini, S.; De Cecco, S.; De Deo, M.; De Vincenzi, M.; Derbin, A.; Devoto, A.; Di Eusanio, F.; Di Pietro, G.; Edkins, E.; Empl, A.; Fan, A.; Fiorillo, G.; Fomenko, K.; Foster, G.; Franco, D.; Gabriele, F.; Galbiati, C.; Giganti, C.; Goretti, A. M.; Granato, F.; Grandi, L.; Gromov, M.; Guan, M.; Guardincerri, Y.; Hackett, B. R.; Herner, K. R.; Hungerford, E. V.; Aldo, Ianni; Andrea, Ianni; James, I.; Jollet, C.; Keeter, K.; Kendziora, C. L.; Kobychev, V.; Koh, G.; Korablev, D.; Korga, G.; Kubankin, A.; Li, X.; Lissia, M.; Lombardi, P.; Luitz, S.; Ma, Y.; Machulin, I. N.; Mandarano, A.; Mari, S. M.; Maricic, J.; Marini, L.; Martoff, C. J.; Meregaglia, A.; Meyers, P. D.; Miletic, T.; Milincic, R.; Montanari, D.; Monte, A.; Montuschi, M.; Monzani, M. E.; Mosteiro, P.; Mount, B. J.; Muratova, V. N.; Musico, P.; Napolitano, J.; Orsini, M.; Ortica, F.; Pagani, L.; Pallavicini, M.; Pantic, E.; Parmeggiano, S.; Pelczar, K.; Pelliccia, N.; Perasso, S.; Pocar, A.; Pordes, S.; Pugachev, D. A.; Qian, H.; Randle, K.; Ranucci, G.; Razeto, A.; Reinhold, B.; Renshaw, A. L.; Romani, A.; Rossi, B.; Rossi, N.; Rountree, S. D.; Sablone, D.; Saggese, P.; Saldanha, R.; Sands, W.; Sangiorgio, S.; Savarese, C.; Segreto, E.; Semenov, D. A.; Shields, E.; Singh, P. N.; DSkorokhvatov, M.; Smirnov, O.; Sotnikov, A.; Stanford, C.; Suvorov, Y.; Tartaglia, R.; Tatarowicz, J.; Testera, G.; Tonazzo, A.; Trinchese, P.; Unzhakov, E. V.; Vishneva, A.; Vogelaar, B.; Wada, M.; Walker, S.; Wang, H.; Wang, Y.; Watson, A. W.; Wilhelmi, J.; Wojcik, M. M.; Xiang, X.; Xu, J.; Yang, C.; Yoo, J.; Zavatarelli, S.; Zec, A.; Zhong, W.; Zhu, C.; Zuzel, G.; The DarkSide Collaboration


    DarkSide-50 is a dark matter detection experiment searching for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs), in Gran Sasso National Laboratory. For experiments like DarkSide-50, neutrons are one of the primary backgrounds that can mimic WIMP signals. The experiment consists of three nested detectors: a liquid argon time projection chamber surrounded by two outer detectors. The outermost detector is a 10 m by 11 m cylindrical water Cherenkov detector with 80 PMTs, designed to provide shielding and muon vetoing. Inside the water Cherenkov detector is the 4 m diameter spherical boron-loaded liquid scintillator veto, with a cocktail of pseudocumene, trimethyl borate, and PPO wavelength shifter, designed to provide shielding, neutron vetoing, and in situ measurements of the TPC backgrounds. We present design and performance details of the DarkSide-50 outer detectors.

  12. Channel simulation with quantum side information

    Luo, Z; Devetak, Igor; Luo, Zhicheng


    We study and solve the problem of classical channel simulation with quantum side information at the receiver. This is a generalization of both the classical reverse Shannon theorem, and the classical-quantum Slepian-Wolf problem. The optimal noiseless communication rate is found to be reduced from the mutual information between the channel input and output by the Holevo information between the channel output and the quantum side information. Our main theorem has two important corollaries. The first is a quantum generalization of the Wyner-Ziv problem: rate-distortion theory with quantum side information. The second is an alternative proof of the trade-off between classical communication and common randomness distilled from a quantum state. The fully quantum generalization of the problem considered is quantum state redistribution. Here the sender and receiver share a mixed quantum state and the sender wants to transfer part of her state to the receiver using entanglement and quantum communication. We present o...

  13. Communication technologies for demand side management

    Uuspaeae, P. [VTT Energy, Espoo (Finland)


    The scope of this research is data communications for electric utilities, specifically for the purposes of Demand Side Management (DSM). Demand Side Management has the objective to change the customer`s end use of energy in a manner that benefits both the customer and the utility. For example, peak demand may be reduced, and the peak demand may be relocated to off peak periods. Thus additional investments in generation and network may be avoided. A number of Demand Side Management functions can be implemented if a communication system is available between the Electric Utility and the Customer. The total communication capacity that is needed, will depend on several factors, such as the functions that are chosen for DSM, and on the number and type of customers. Some functions may be handled with one-way communications, while some other functions need to have two-way communication

  14. One-sided flux of fermions

    In the one-body window-friction pricture for inelastic heavy-ion collisions the one-sided flux of nucleons passing the window in the mean potential plays the role of the frictional form factor. In this paper a quantum mechanical operator for the one-sided flux is defined. Its expectation value calculated with any given many-body wave function yields the number of particles crossing an area element dA vector per unit time in one direction. The quantum one-sided flux is compared to the classical one calculated with a uniform momentum distribution up to the Fermi momentum. The wave function was taken from a model calculation for a fermion gas in a one-dimensional box. 1 figure

  15. Server-side Statistics Scripting in PHP

    Jan de Leeuw


    On the UCLA Statistics WWW server there are a large number of demos and calculators that can be used in statistics teaching and research. Some of these demos require substantial amounts of computation, others mainly use graphics. These calculators and demos are implemented in various different ways, reflecting developments in WWW based computing. As usual, one of the main choices is between doing the work on the client-side (i.e. in the browser) or on the server-side (i.e. on our WWW ser...

  16. Left-sided omental torsion: CT appearance

    A 34-year-old male presented with exquisite left flank pain. Computed tomography showed a hyperdense vascular structure surrounded by whirling linear streaks situated in the greater omentum under the splenic flexure of the colon. Omental stranding extended caudally into the pelvis where part of the inflamed omentum entered a left inguinal hernia sac. Surgery revealed left-sided torsion of the greater omentum. Left-sided omental torsion is infrequent and pre-operative diagnosis is rarely established. The CT findings of an omental fatty mass with a whirling pattern is characteristic of omental torsion. Preoperative diagnosis is important because conservative management has been suggested. (orig.)

  17. Hallucinatory Side Effects of ADHD Drugs

    J Gordon Millichap


    Full Text Available Clinical trial and postmarketing surveillance data for drugs used in treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder were analyzed to determine the frequency of hallucinations and other psychotic side effects, in a study at the US Food and Drug Administration, and Department of Health and Human Services, Maryland.

  18. Neglected Side Effects After Radical Prostatectomy

    Frey, Anders Ullmann; Sønksen, Jens; Fode, Mikkel


    INTRODUCTION: A series of previously neglected sexually related side effects to radical prostatectomy (RP) has been identified over the recent years. These include orgasm-associated incontinence (OAI), urinary incontinence in relation to sexual stimulation (UISS), altered perception of orgasm, or...

  19. Hallucinatory Side Effects of ADHD Drugs

    J Gordon Millichap


    Clinical trial and postmarketing surveillance data for drugs used in treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder were analyzed to determine the frequency of hallucinations and other psychotic side effects, in a study at the US Food and Drug Administration, and Department of Health and Human Services, Maryland.

  20. Solar cell with back side contacts

    Nielson, Gregory N; Okandan, Murat; Cruz-Campa, Jose Luis; Resnick, Paul J; Wanlass, Mark Woodbury; Clews, Peggy J


    A III-V solar cell is described herein that includes all back side contacts. Additionally, the positive and negative electrical contacts contact compoud semiconductor layers of the solar cell other than the absorbing layer of the solar cell. That is, the positive and negative electrical contacts contact passivating layers of the solar cell.

  1. On one-sided torsion pair


    Motivated by the concept of a torsion pair in a pre-triangulated category induced by Beligiannis and Reiten, the notion of a left (right) torsion pair in the left (right) triangulated category is introduced and investigated. We provide new connections between different aspects of torsion pairs in one-sided triangulated categories, pre-triangulated categories, stable categories and derived categories.

  2. The Social Side Effects of Acetaminophen

    Mischkowski, Dominik

    About 23% of all adults in the US take acetaminophen during an average week (Kaufman, Kelly, Rosenberg, Anderson, & Mitchell, 2002) because acetaminophen is an effective physical painkiller and easily accessible over the counter. The physiological side effects of acetaminophen are well documented and generally mild when acetaminophen is consumed in the appropriate dosage. In contrast, the psychological and social side effects of acetaminophen are largely unknown. Recent functional neuroimaging research suggests that the experience of physical pain is fundamentally related to the experience of empathy for the pain of other people, indicating that pharmacologically reducing responsiveness to physical pain also reduces cognitive, affective, and behavioral responsiveness to the pain of others. I tested this hypothesis across three double-blind between-subjects drug intervention studies. Two experiments showed that acetaminophen had moderate effects on empathic affect, specifically personal distress and empathic concern, and a small effect on empathic cognition, specifically perceived pain, when facing physical and social pain of others. The same two experiments and a third experiment also showed that acetaminophen can increase the willingness to inflict pain on other people, i.e., actual aggressive behavior. This effect was especially pronounced among people low in dispositional empathic concern. Together, these findings suggest that the physical pain system is more involved in the regulation of social cognition, affect, and behavior than previously assumed and that the experience of physical pain and responsiveness to the pain of others share a common neurochemical basis. Furthermore, these findings suggest that acetaminophen has unappreciated but serious social side effects, and that these side effects may depend on psychological characteristics of the drug consumer. This idea is consistent with recent theory and research on the context-dependency of neurochemical

  3. Analyzing One-Sided vs. Two-Sided Subduction Arising from Mantle Convection Simulations

    Kaplan, M. S.; Becker, T. W.


    Purely thermal plate tectonic generation models struggle to consistently reproduce one-sided subduction as is observed on Earth (Tackley 2000; Van Heck and Tackley 2008; Foley and Becker 2009), and instead produce two-sided subduction where the subducting slab contains a significant flux of material from both plates. The models of Crameri et al. (2012) demonstrate that the implementation of a free upper surface boundary condition and the inclusion of a weak hydrated crust can facilitate one-sided subduction. We employ a similar model configuration to Crameri et al. (2012) to further investigate the dynamics and energetics which are associated with one-sided vs. two-sided subduction. We use a 2D finite difference code based off of the algorithms of I2ELVIS (Gerya and Yuen 2007) where material parameters are tracked on Lagrangian markers and the Stokes and Energy equations are solved on a Cartesian grid. A free surface is implemented by a low viscosity and density 'sticky air layer' (Schmeling et al., 2008; Crameri et al., 2012) with the stabilization routine of Duretz et al. (2011) to prevent the 'drunken seaman' instability (Kaus et al., 2010). The effects of a weak crust, shear heating, a free surface or free slip upper mechanical boundary condition, plasticity as a function of depth or pressure, and the sticky air layer thermal conductivity on one-sided vs. two-sided subduction are investigated. When we observe one-sided subduction it is transient and can smoothly evolve back to a two-sided configuration. In our models, 'sidedness' is a spectrum, rather than either discretely one or two sided, and the models move between the two regimes throughout the model runs. We observe that the thermal conductivity of the sticky air layer can influence the dynamics of the convective domain. Elevated values of thermal conductivity compared to those of rock must be implemented in the sticky air layer in order to maintain a constant temperature at the surface of the convective

  4. Effects of number of side dumps and side dump angles on outlet parameters in a side-dump combustor

    Mojtahedpoor, M.; Doustdar, M. M.; Soltani, H.; Chegini, M.


    A numerical study on the effect of side-dump number on fuel droplets sizing and effective mass fraction have been investigated in present paper. The mass of fuel vapor inside the flammability limit is named as the effective mass fraction. In the first step we have considered a side-dump combustor with two dumps and dump angle of 0o (plumb to cylinder) and by increasing the entrance airflow velocity from 20 to 30, 40 and 50 (m/s) respectively, the mean diameter of fuel droplets sizing and effective mass fraction have been studied. After this step, we have changed the number of dumps from two to four and we have repeated last examination again. To fulfill the calculations a modified version of KIVA-3V code which is a transient, three-dimensional, multiphase, multicomponent code for the analysis of chemically reacting flows with sprays, is used.

  5. Medicated Janus fibers fabricated using a Teflon-coated side-by-side spinneret.

    Yu, Deng-Guang; Yang, Chen; Jin, Miao; Williams, Gareth R; Zou, Hua; Wang, Xia; Bligh, S W Annie


    A family of medicated Janus fibers that provides highly tunable biphasic drug release was fabricated using a side-by-side electrospinning process employing a Teflon-coated parallel spinneret. The coated spinneret facilitated the formation of a Janus Taylor cone and in turn high quality integrated Janus structures, which could not be reliably obtained without the Teflon coating. The fibers prepared had one side consisting of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) K60 and ketoprofen, and the other of ethyl cellulose (EC) and ketoprofen. To modulate and tune drug release, PVP K10 was doped into the EC side in some cases. The fibers were linear and had flat morphologies with an indent in the center. They provide biphasic drug release, with the PVP K60 side dissolving very rapidly to deliver a loading dose of the active ingredient, and the EC side resulting in sustained release of the remaining ketoprofen. The addition of PVP K10 to the EC side was able to accelerate the second stage of release; variation in the dopant amount permitted the release rate and extent this phase to be precisely tuned. These results offer the potential to rationally design systems with highly controllable drug release profiles, which can complement natural biological rhythms and deliver maximum therapeutic effects. PMID:26674839

  6. Server-side Statistics Scripting in PHP

    Jan de Leeuw


    Full Text Available On the UCLA Statistics WWW server there are a large number of demos and calculators that can be used in statistics teaching and research. Some of these demos require substantial amounts of computation, others mainly use graphics. These calculators and demos are implemented in various different ways, reflecting developments in WWW based computing. As usual, one of the main choices is between doing the work on the client-side (i.e. in the browser or on the server-side (i.e. on our WWW server. Obviously, client-side computation puts fewer demands on the server. On the other hand, it requires that the client downloads Java applets, or installs plugins and/or helpers. If JavaScript is used, client-side computations will generally be slow. We also have to assume that the client is installed properly, and has the required capabilities. Requiring too much on the client-side has caused browsing machines such as Netscape Communicator to grow beyond all reasonable bounds, both in size and RAM requirements. Moreover requiring Java and JavaScript rules out such excellent browsers as Lynx or Emacs W3. For server-side computing, we can configure the server and its resources ourselves, and we need not worry about browser capabilities and configuration. Nothing needs to be downloaded, except the usual HTML pages and graphics. In the same way as on the client side, there is a scripting solution, where code is interpreted, or a ob ject-code solution using compiled code. For the server-side scripting, we use embedded languages, such as PHP/FI. The scripts in the HTML pages are interpreted by a CGI program, and the output of the CGI program is send to the clients. Of course the CGI program is compiled, but the statistics procedures will usually be interpreted, because PHP/FI does not have the appropriate functions in its scripting language. This will tend to be slow, because embedded languages do not deal efficiently with loops and similar constructs. Thus a first

  7. Double-sided microtron at Nihon University

    Construction of a 35 MeV cw double-sided microtron (DSM) at Nihon University was started in 1984 and completed in the spring of 1989. This machine was constructed as a proto-type of an 1 GeV cw double sided microtron for a medical pion facility and test accelerator for FEL and other applications. The 4.55 MeV electron beam from 5 MeV injector linac is injected to the DSM. The energy gain is 6 MeV at each turn acceleration. After recirculated 5 times, the electron beam with 34.5 MeV is extracted at the final short straight section. The DAW structure is used for all the accelerating tubes including the injector linac. Total rf power of 200 kW is provided by four 50 kW klystrons of 2450 MHz. (author)

  8. Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging With Side Information

    Yuan, Xin; Tsai, Tsung-Han; Zhu, Ruoyu; Llull, Patrick; Brady, David; Carin, Lawrence


    A blind compressive sensing algorithm is proposed to reconstruct hyperspectral images from spectrally-compressed measurements.The wavelength-dependent data are coded and then superposed, mapping the three-dimensional hyperspectral datacube to a two-dimensional image. The inversion algorithm learns a dictionary {\\em in situ} from the measurements via global-local shrinkage priors. By using RGB images as side information of the compressive sensing system, the proposed approach is extended to learn a coupled dictionary from the joint dataset of the compressed measurements and the corresponding RGB images, to improve reconstruction quality. A prototype camera is built using a liquid-crystal-on-silicon modulator. Experimental reconstructions of hyperspectral datacubes from both simulated and real compressed measurements demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed inversion algorithm, the feasibility of the camera and the benefit of side information.

  9. Side effects of external tooth bleaching

    E.M., Bruzell; Pallesen, Ulla; Thoresen, N.R.;


    -office = 39.3% [n = 28]; p >0.05; 95% CI [OR]: 0.198‑1.102) whereas prevalence of gingival irritation was higher after in-office treatment (at-home = 14.0%; in-office = 35.7%; p <0.05) (mean age: 37.3 years; 73.7% women; n = 171). At the second follow-up, two and three patients reported side effects...... attributed to the bleaching treatment in the at-home and in-office groups, respectively. Predictors for side effects were tooth sensitivity, surface loss and gingivitis when observed at inclusion. Treatment-related predictors were bleaching concentration and contact between tray and gingiva. Conclusions...

  10. Reliability in Source Coding with Side Information

    Kelly, Benjamin G


    We study error exponents for source coding with side information. Both achievable exponents and converse bounds are obtained for the following two cases: lossless source coding with coded information (SCCSI) and lossy source coding with full side information (Wyner-Ziv). These results recover and extend several existing results on source-coding error exponents and are tight in some circumstances. Our bounds have a natural interpretation as a two-player game between nature and the code designer, with nature seeking to minimize the exponent and the code designer seeking to maximize it. In the Wyner-Ziv problem our analysis exposes a tension in the choice of test channel with the optimal test channel balancing two competing error events. The Gaussian and binary-erasure cases are examined in detail.

  11. 'Right-Sided' May-Thurner Syndrome

    The May-Thurner syndrome is a well-known anatomical anomaly where the left common iliac vein (LCIV) is compressed between the right common iliac artery and the fifth vertebral body. This report describes the case of a 'right-sided' May-Thurner syndrome where the right common iliac vein (RCIV) is compressed by the left common iliac artery in a patient with a left-sided inferior vena cava (IVC). A 26-year-old woman was admitted to our institution with acute edema of the right lower limb. The diagnosis of May-Thurner syndrome was done by CT scan and confirmed by phlebography. An endovascular treatment with stenting was carried out, with good patency and clinical result at 12-month follow-up.

  12. Side effects of lohexol in arteriography

    Side effects of the contrast medium iohexol (300 mgI/ml) were evaluated in an open clinical multicenter study that included 2,118 patients. In one third of the examinations head and neck vessels were studied, in two thirds of examinations thoracic, abdominal, or femoral arteries were studied. Some 87% of the patients had no pain sensation, whereas only 64% did not have a heat feeling. The heat feeling was tolerable in 27% and untolerable in 9%. Cardiovascular disturbances such as a decrease in blood pressure or bradycardia were seen in 1.9%, cerebral manifestations such as transient ischemia in 1.5%. Allergy-like symptoms with a cutaneous manifestation or bronchospasm were seen in only 0.4% of all studies. Patients with a known history of allergic diathesis had three times the number of moderate side effects than patients with no history of allergy

  13. Opposite-side hadron correlations in QCD

    Opposite-side two-hadron correlations at large transverse momenta are studied in the framework of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). The scale violations in the quark and gluon fragmentation functions are shown to be crucial in obtaining agreement with the data on transverse momentum sharing (x/sub e-/) distributions. Rapidity distribution data are also accounted for reasonably well; and the question of back-to-back effects is discussed. The importance of calculating the hard component of (acoplanarity) is underlined

  14. Staggercast: Demand-Side Management for ISPs

    Tyson, Gareth; Sastry, Nishanth; Mortier, Richard; Feamster, Nick


    The continuing expansion of Internet media consumption has increased traffic volumes, and hence congestion, on access links. In response, both mobile and wireline ISPs must either increase capacity or perform traffic engineering over existing resources. Unfortunately, provisioning timescales are long, the process is costly, and single-homing means operators cannot balance across the last mile. Inspired by energy and transport networks, we propose demand-side management of users to reduce the ...

  15. The light and dark side of TARP

    Uhde, Andre; Farruggio, Christian; Tobias C. Michalak


    This paper empirically investigates the impact of the first announcement of TARP, the announcement of revised TARP, respective capital infusions under TARP-CPP and capital repayments on changes in shareholder value and the risk exposure of supported U.S. banks. Our analysis reveals a light and a dark side of TARP. While announcements as well as capital repayments may provoke positive wealth effects and a decrease in bank risk, equity capital injections to banks are observed to be a severe imp...

  16. The right side in congenital heart disease

    Schuuring, M. J.


    Life expectancy of children with congenital heart disease (CHD) has increased dramatically during the past years, due to the successes of cardiac surgery. At present, nearly all of these children with CHD can be operated at young age and more than 90% reach adulthood. At adult age, however, many patients with CHD are at risk of complications. This thesis focused on the right sided complications often seen in patients with CHD, the implications on survival, the various treatment options availa...

  17. Methylphenidate Abuse and Psychiatric Side Effects

    Morton, W. Alexander; Stockton, Gwendolyn G.


    Methylphenidate is a central nervous system stimulant drug that has become the primary drug of choice in treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children. Side effects are usually mild and are generally well tolerated by patients. Along with increases in prescribing frequency, the potential for abuse has increased. Intranasal abuse produces effects rapidly that are similar to the effects of cocaine in both onset and type. The clinical picture of stimulant abuse produces a wide ar...

  18. The human side of animal behavior

    Lattal, Kennon A.


    An important element of behavioral research with nonhuman animals is that insights are drawn from it about human behavior, what is called here the human side of animal behavior. This article examines the origins of comparing human behavior to that of other animals, the ways in which such comparisons are described, and considerations that arise in evaluating the validity of those comparisons. The rationale for such an approach originated in the reductionism of experimental physiology and the u...

  19. The transportation problem with exclusionary side constraints

    Goossens, Dries; Spieksma, Frederik


    We consider the so-called Transportation Problem with Exclusionary Side Con- straints (TPESC), which is a generalization of the ordinary transportation problem. We determine the complexity status for each of two special cases of this problem, by proving NP-completeness, and by exhibiting a pseudo-polynomial time algorithm. For the general problem, we show that it cannot be approximated with a constant perfor- mance ratio in polynomial time (unless P=NP). These results settle the complexity st...

  20. The transportation problem with exclusionary side constraints.

    Goossens, Dries; Spieksma, Frederik


    We consider the so-called Transportation Problem with Exclusionary Side Con- straints (TPESC), which is a generalization of the ordinary transportation problem. We determine the complexity status for each of two special cases of this problem, by proving NP-completeness, and by exhibiting a pseudo-polynomial time algorithm. For the general problem, we show that it cannot be approximated with a constant perfor- mance ratio in polynomial time (unless P=NP). These results settle the complexity st...

  1. Photon side-bands in mesoscopics

    Jauho, Antti-Pekka


    This paper reviews several applications of photonic side bands, used by Buttiker and Landauer (Phys. Rev. Lett. 49, 1739 (1982)) in their theory of traversal time in tunneling, in transport and optics of mesoscopic systems. Topics include generalizations of the transmission theory of transport to...... time-dependent situations, optics and transport of mesoscopic systems in THz electromagnetic fields, and phase-measurements of photon-assisted tunneling through a quantum dot. (C) 1998 Academic Press Limited....

  2. Client-side Skype forensics: an overview

    Meißner, Tina; Kröger, Knut; Creutzburg, Reiner


    IT security and computer forensics are important components in the information technology. In the present study, a client-side Skype forensics is performed. It is designed to explain which kind of user data are stored on a computer and which tools allow the extraction of those data for a forensic investigation. There are described both methods - a manual analysis and an analysis with (mainly) open source tools, respectively.

  3. Opiates and elderly: Use and side effects

    Diane L Chau


    Full Text Available Diane L Chau1, Vanessa Walker2, Latha Pai3, Lwin M Cho4University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno, NV, USA 1Division Geriatric Medicine, 2Internal Medicine, 3Psychiatry, 4Geriatric Medicine, Sierra Nevada Healthcare System, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Reno, NV, USAAbstract: The evaluation of pain and the subsequent issue of pain control is a clinical challenge that all healthcare providers face. Pain in the elderly population is especially difficult given the myriad of physiological, pharmacological, and psychological aspects of caring for the geriatric patient. Opiates are the mainstay of pain treatment throughout all age groups but special attention must be paid to the efficacy and side effects of these powerful drugs when prescribing to a population with impaired metabolism, excretion and physical reserve. In a random chart review of 300 US veterans, 44% of those receiving an analgesic also received opioids. The increasing use of opiates for pain management by healthcare practitioners requires that those prescribing opioids be aware of the special considerations for treating the elderly. This article will address the precautions one must take when using opiates in the geriatric population, as well as the side effects and ways to minimize them.Keywords: opiates, pain, elderly, side effects

  4. Side-information Scalable Source Coding

    Tian, Chao


    The problem of side-information scalable (SI-scalable) source coding is considered in this work, where the encoder constructs a progressive description, such that the receiver with high quality side information will be able to truncate the bitstream and reconstruct in the rate distortion sense, while the receiver with low quality side information will have to receive further data in order to decode. We provide inner and outer bounds for general discrete memoryless sources. The achievable region is shown to be tight for the case that either of the decoders requires a lossless reconstruction, as well as the case with degraded deterministic distortion measures. Furthermore we show that the gap between the achievable region and the outer bounds can be bounded by a constant when square error distortion measure is used. The notion of perfectly scalable coding is introduced as both the stages operate on the Wyner-Ziv bound, and necessary and sufficient conditions are given for sources satisfying a mild support condi...

  5. Side-to-Side Cold Welding for Controllable Nanogap Formation from "Dumbbell" Ultrathin Gold Nanorods.

    Dai, Gaole; Wang, Binjun; Xu, Shang; Lu, Yang; Shen, Yajing


    Cold welding has been regarded as a promising bottom-up nanofabrication technique because of its ability to join metallic nanostructures at room temperature with low applied stress and without introducing damage. Usually, the cold welding process can be done instantaneously for ultrathin nanowires (diameter welded in the "side-to-side" mode in a highly controllable manner and can form an extremely small nanogap via a relatively slow welding process (up to tens of minutes, allowing various functional applications). By combining in situ high-resolution transmission electron microscopic analysis and molecular dynamic simulations, we further reveal the underlying mechanism for this "side-to-side" welding process as being dominated by atom kinetics instead of thermodynamics, which provides critical insights into three-dimensional nanosystem integration as well as the building of functional nanodevices. PMID:27173140

  6. Side-to-Side Differences in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Volume in Healthy Control Subjects

    Jamison, S T; Flanigan, D C; Nagaraja, H.N.; Chaudhari, A M W


    Examination of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) anatomy is of great interest both in studying injury mechanisms and surgical reconstruction. However, after a typical acute ACL rupture it is not possible to measure the dimensions of the ACL itself due to concomitant or subsequent degeneration of the remaining ligamentous tissue. The contralateral ACL may be an appropriate surrogate for measuring anatomical dimensions, but it remains unknown whether side-to-side differences preclude using the c...

  7. Electronic vs. Open Outcry: Side-by-Side Trading of KCBT Wheat Futures

    Shah, Samarth; Brorsen, B. Wade


    This study compares liquidity costs of electronic and open-outcry wheat futures contracts traded side-by-side on the Kansas City Board of Trade. Liquidity costs are considerably lower in the electronic market. Liquidity costs in the electronic market are still considerably lower after eliminating the bias created by splitting orders in the electronic market. Price volatility and transaction size are positively related to liquidity costs, while a negative relation is found between daily volume...

  8. 2D flow around stationary side-by-side square columns at low Reynolds number

    Mengzhao, Guan; Shengwei, Ma; Siracusa, Francesca; Chang-Wei, Kang; Teck-Bin Arthur, Lim; Weymouth, Gabriel; Tutty, Owen; Mingyi, Tan; Hudson, Dominic; Kumar Jaiman, Rajeev; Chih-Hua, Wu


    Flow over two side-by-side square columns is studied numerically and experimentally at low Reynolds number (Re=100-200) to investigate the effects of the gap distance on the behaviour of the flow. Different gap distances between two square columns are simulated to analyse the interactions of laminar wakes with a gap flow. Four different flow regimes are observed based on different gap distance. Experimental test are performed to validate the simulations. A new water tank has been built specif...

  9. Angle Specific Analysis of Side-to-Side Asymmetry in the Shoulder Rotators

    Cassio V. Ruas


    Full Text Available Although side-to-side asymmetry of the shoulder rotators calculated by independent peak torque (IPT has been used for interpretation of injury risks in athletes, it may not measure strength through the entire range of motion (ROM tested. The aim of this study was to compare side-to-side asymmetry of the shoulder rotators between independent peak torque (IPT and ten-degree angle specific torque (AST. Twenty healthy adult males (24.65 ± 2.4 years performed concentric and eccentric internal rotation (IR and external rotation (ER of the preferred and non-preferred arms on an isokinetic dynamometer at 60°/s through 150° of total ROM. The total ROM was divided into 14 ten-degree angles of the physiological ROM from −90° of ER to 60° of IR. Concentric and eccentric IR IPT (10.5% ± 8.7% and 12.1% ± 7.2% and ER IPT (13.6% ± 9.8% and 8.7% ± 5.6% were significantly less than AST at several angles (p < 0.05. IPT might lead to erroneous interpretations of side-to-side asymmetry in the shoulder rotators and does not represent the entire ROM tested. This information could be used to prescribe strength exercises to enhance overhead performance and reduce risk of shoulder injuries.

  10. Stabilization of Gob-Side Entry with an Artificial Side for Sustaining Mining Work

    Hong-sheng Wang


    Full Text Available A concrete artificial side (AS is introduced to stabilize a gob-side entry (GSE. To evaluate the stability of the AS, a uniaxial compression failure experiment was conducted with large and small-scale specimens. The distribution characteristics of the shear stress were obtained from a numerical simulation. Based on the failure characteristics and the variation of the shear stress, a failure criterion was determined and implemented in the strengthening method for the artificial side. In an experimental test, the distribution pattern of the maximum shear stress showed an X shape, which contributed to the failure shape of the specimen. The shear stress distribution and failure shape are induced by a combination of two sets of shear stresses, which implies that failure of the AS follows the twin shear strength theory. The use of anchor bolts, bolts, and anchor bars enhances the shear strength of the artificial side. When this side is stable, the components can constrain the lateral deformation as well as improve the internal friction angle and cohesion. When the AS is damaged, the components prevent the sliding of broken blocks along the shear failure plane and improve the residual strength of the artificial side. When reinforced with an anchor bar, the AS is still stable even after mining operations for three years.

  11. Struck by a lance through his side

    Leth, Peter Mygind; Boldsen, Jesper Lier


    The Danish King Canute the Saint was killed in St Alban church in Odense July 1086. According to a legend the king was kneeling in prayers when a lance thrust to his side killed him. Our re-examination of the skeleton presumed to belong to Canute showed a slimly build man with an approximate stat...... tomography shoed these two fractures to be connected. We suggest that the fracture was caused by a thrust of a sharp instrument through the abdomen with direction posterior and to the right....

  12. The Other Side of GDP Growth

    Zhan Yong; Cai Fang


    @@ THE rise of China's GDP ranking has not only led the world to rediscover China, but also reminded China to examine its own development.Both sides of the issue should be considered. On the one hand, China topping Japan [the world's previous second largest economy] in terms of GDP marks the rising of Chinas economic status, which is a milestone in the modern world economic history since Japan replaced the former Federal Republic of Germany as the world's second largest economy in 1968.

  13. Side chain polysiloxanes with phthalocyanine moieties

    T. Ganicz


    Full Text Available Side chain polysiloxane with 5-(pentyloxy-3-methyloxy-9,10,16,17,23,24-hexakis(octenyloxyphthalocyanine moieties is synthesized by hydrosilylation reaction. The phase behavior and thermooptical properties of the polysiloxane and starting 2-(pent-4-enyloxy-3-methyloxy-9,10,16,17,23,24-hexakis(octenyloxyphthalocyanine is examined by POM (Polarizing optical microscopy, TOA (thermooptical analysis, DSC (differential scanning calorimetry, AFM (atomic force microscopy and SAXS (small angle X-ray scattering studies. The effect of the attachment of phthalocyanine to polysiloxane chains over phase transitions and phase morphology is discussed in details.

  14. Greenhouse gas emission mitigation in the Sri Lanka power sector supply side and demand side options

    Wijayatunga, P.D.C. [University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka). Centre for Energy Studies; Fernando, W.J.L.S. [Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association, Colombo (Sri Lanka); Shrestha, R.M. [Asian Inst. of Technology, Pathumthani (Thailand). Energy Program


    Sri Lanka has had a hydropower dominated electricity generation sector for many years with a gradually decreasing percentage contribution from hydroresources. At the same time, the thermal generation share has been increasing over the years. Therefore, the expected fuel mix in the future in the large scale thermal generation system would be dominated by petroleum products and coal. This will result in a gradual increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) and other environmental emissions in the power sector and, hence, require special attention to possible mitigation measures. This paper analyses both the supply side and demand side (DSM) options available in the Sri Lanka power sector in mitigating emissions in the sector considering the technical feasibility and potential of such options. Further, the paper examines the carbon abatement costs associated with such supply side and DSM interventions using an integrated resource planning model, which is not used in Sri Lanka at present. The sensitivities of the final generation costs and emissions to different input parameters, such as discount rates, fuel prices and capital costs, are also presented in the paper. It is concluded that while some DSM measures are economically attractive as mitigation measures, all the supply side options have a relatively high cost of mitigation, particularly in the context of GHG emission mitigation. Further it is observed that when compared with the projected price of carbon under different global carbon trading scenarios, these supply side options cannot provide economically beneficial CO{sub 2} mitigation in countries like Sri Lanka. (author)

  15. Greenhouse gas emission mitigation in the Sri Lanka power sector supply side and demand side options

    Sri Lanka has had a hydropower dominated electricity generation sector for many years with a gradually decreasing percentage contribution from hydroresources. At the same time, the thermal generation share has been increasing over the years. Therefore, the expected fuel mix in the future in the large scale thermal generation system would be dominated by petroleum products and coal. This will result in a gradual increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) and other environmental emissions in the power sector and, hence, require special attention to possible mitigation measures. This paper analyses both the supply side and demand side (DSM) options available in the Sri Lanka power sector in mitigating emissions in the sector considering the technical feasibility and potential of such options. Further, the paper examines the carbon abatement costs associated with such supply side and DSM interventions using an integrated resource planning model, which is not used in Sri Lanka at present. The sensitivities of the final generation costs and emissions to different input parameters, such as discount rates, fuel prices and capital costs, are also presented in the paper. It is concluded that while some DSM measures are economically attractive as mitigation measures, all the supply side options have a relatively high cost of mitigation, particularly in the context of GHG emission mitigation. Further it is observed that when compared with the projected price of carbon under different global carbon trading scenarios, these supply side options cannot provide economically beneficial CO2 mitigation in countries like Sri Lanka

  16. Assembly technology of 4-side buttable MPPC

    The multi-pixel photon counter (MPPC) is a solid-state photon counting device consisting of a Geiger-mode APD and a quenching resistor. Through-silicon via technology (TSV) allows for the production of a discrete array version of the MPPC, creating a detector with the advantages of a larger active area and less dead space in its overall packaging when compared to other package types commonly used to produce MPPCs. Eliminating the need for a wire-bonding pad allows individual MPPCs to be tiled with minimum dead-space between individual detectors to form a four-sided buttable array. Selecting MPPCs that behave and perform very similarly to each other, especially when an operating voltage is applied, minimizes variation in performance between each channel and enhances channel uniformity. The output of discrete arrays of MPPCs can be easily readout with ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) due to their excellent channel uniformity characteristics, with minimum adjustment required by the ASIC. -- Author-Highlights: • TSV-MPPC and assembly technology are developed. • TSV-MPPC array is tiled in 4-sided buttable and has large and dense active area. • The output pulse of MPPC may have sharp rising edge by virtue of TSV. • The uniformity of the array can be maximized by neat inspection technology

  17. Antilensing: the bright side of voids.

    Bolejko, Krzysztof; Clarkson, Chris; Maartens, Roy; Bacon, David; Meures, Nikolai; Beynon, Emma


    More than half of the volume of our Universe is occupied by cosmic voids. The lensing magnification effect from those underdense regions is generally thought to give a small dimming contribution: objects on the far side of a void are supposed to be observed as slightly smaller than if the void were not there, which together with conservation of surface brightness implies net reduction in photons received. This is predicted by the usual weak lensing integral of the density contrast along the line of sight. We show that this standard effect is swamped at low redshifts by a relativistic Doppler term that is typically neglected. Contrary to the usual expectation, objects on the far side of a void are brighter than they would be otherwise. Thus the local dynamics of matter in and near the void is crucial and is only captured by the full relativistic lensing convergence. There are also significant nonlinear corrections to the relativistic linear theory, which we show actually underpredicts the effect. We use exact solutions to estimate that these can be more than 20% for deep voids. This remains an important source of systematic errors for weak lensing density reconstruction in galaxy surveys and for supernovae observations, and may be the cause of the reported extra scatter of field supernovae located on the edge of voids compared to those in clusters. PMID:23383886

  18. The Right Side of Einstein's Equation

    Spiegel, Edward A


    Recent developments in observational cosmology have led to attempts to make modifications on both sides of the Einstein equation to explain some of the puzzling new findings. What follows is an examination of the source of gravity that we usually find on the right hand side of Einstein's equation. The outcome is a modified version of the stress-energy tensor that is the source of the gravitational field. The derivation is based on the kinetic theory of a gas of identical particles with no internal structure. The presentation here is in two parts. In Part I, I describe the stress tensor that Xinzhong Chen and I have proposed for the matter tensor for a nonrelativistic gas with input from Hongling Rao and Jean-Luc Thiffeault. Our derivation of the equations of fluid dynamics is based on kinetic theory without recourse to the standard Chapman-Enskog approximation. In Part II, I present the analogous derivation of our form for the stress-energy tensor in the relativistic case. Then I exhibit its application to th...

  19. Side effects of cytokines approved for therapy.

    Baldo, Brian A


    Cytokines, currently known to be more than 130 in number, are small MW (aldesleukin (rhIL-2), oprelvekin (rhIL-11), filgrastim and tbo-filgrastim (rhG-CSF), sargramostim (rhGM-CSF), metreleptin (rh-leptin) and the rh-erythropoietins, epoetin and darbepoietin alfa. Anakinra, a recombinant receptor antagonist for IL-1, is in the IL-1 family; recombinant interferons alfa-1, alfa-2, beta-1 and gamma-1 make up the interferon family; palifermin (rhKGF) and becaplermin (rhPDGF) are in the PDGF family; and rhBMP-2 and rhBMP-7 represent the TGFβ family. The main physicochemical features, FDA-approved indications, modes of action and side effects of these approved cytokines are presented. Underlying each adverse events profile is their pleiotropism, potency and capacity to release other cytokines producing cytokine 'cocktails'. Side effects, some serious, occur despite cytokines being endogenous proteins, and this therefore demands caution in attempts to introduce individual members into the clinic. This caution is reflected in the relatively small number of cytokines currently approved by regulatory agencies and by the fact that 14 of the FDA-approved preparations carry warnings, with 10 being black box warnings. PMID:25270293


    Corina – Maria ENE


    Full Text Available The mainly goal of money laundering is to carry out more and more illegal economic transactions or activities to produce individual or groups gains and then to legitimate them. Money laundering converts illicit source of money generated by criminal activities in order to hide the connection between money and their original illegal activities. This is one of money laundering side. The second side implies corruption. While money laundering is a passing channel for illicit funds due to its criminal origin source, such funds may derive from corruption offences. All corruption’s forms represent the most important illicit funds branches for money laundering process. Corrupt people methods used to exploit the national and international financial system reflect the relationship between those two criminal activities. Criminals achieve their personal interests by hiding their corruption proceeds and transfer these gains to official economies. Corruption spread in any society entails money laundering spread, and the converse, too. There is a quite “indecent” relationship between money laundering and corruption. This paper tries to identify the multiple connections between the two phenomenons showing the negative impacts these criminal behaviours are having on the national and international economy. We conclude by highlighting the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach in order to fight against money laundering and corruption by integrating these problem frameworks at national level. International community must focus their resources on money laundering and corruption risks areas and maximize their response impact.

  1. On flow equivalence of one-sided topological Markov shifts

    Matsumoto, Kengo


    We introduce notions of suspension and flow equivalence on one-sided topological Markov shifts, which we call one-sided suspension and one-sided flow equivalence, respectively. We prove that one-sided flow equivalence is equivalent to continuous orbit equivalence on one-sided topological Markov shifts. We also show that the zeta function of the flow on a one-sided suspension is a dynamical zeta function with some potential function and that the set of certain dynamical zeta functions is invar...

  2. Demand Side Management in non-residential buildings; Demand Side Management in Nichtwohngebaeuden

    Jungwirth, Johannes [Technische Univ. Muenchen (DE). Lehrstuhl fuer Energiewirtschaft und Anwendungstechnik (IfE)


    Due to the fluctuating supply characteristics and a paradigm shift, the strong expansion of renewable energy generators expect the structure of the concept of energy supply. An integration of renewables into the electricity grid requires new ways to compensate the discrepancy between production and consumption. The implementation of a demand-side management requires an electrical load and the possibility to control consumers in response to an external signal. From this perspective, the author of the contribution under consideration reports on innovative systems for the realization of a demand-side management in non-residential buildings.

  3. Functionally Graded Ceramics Fabricated with Side-by-Side Tape Casting for Use in Magnetic Refrigeration

    Bulatova, Regina; Bahl, Christian; Andersen, Kjeld Bøhm;


    Functionally graded ceramic tapes have been fabricated by a side-by-side tape casting technique. This study shows the possibility and describes the main principles of adjacent coflow of slurries resulting in formation of thin plates of graded ceramic material. Results showed that the small...... distinct identification of the interface region and analysing the degree of cross-interface diffusion, the isothermal entropy change was measured by a vibrating sample magnetometer as the magnetic transition temperature (Curie temperature) is very sensitive to the dopant level in ceramics. Also the purpose...

  4. Industrial demand side management: A status report

    Hopkins, M.F.; Conger, R.L.; Foley, T.J. [and others


    This report provides an overview of and rationale for industrial demand side management (DSM) programs. Benefits and barriers are described, and data from the Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey are used to estimate potential energy savings in kilowatt hours. The report presents types and examples of programs and explores elements of successful programs. Two in-depth case studies (from Boise Cascade and Eli Lilly and Company) illustrate two types of effective DSM programs. Interviews with staff from state public utility commissions indicate the current thinking about the status and future of industrial DSM programs. A comprehensive bibliography is included, technical assistance programs are listed and described, and a methodology for evaluating potential or actual savings from projects is delineated.

  5. The quantum capacity with symmetric side channels

    Smith, G; Winter, A; Smith, Graeme; Smolin, John A.; Winter, Andreas


    We present an upper bound for the quantum channel capacity that is both additive and convex. Our bound can be interpreted as the capacity of a channel for high-fidelity communication when assisted by the family of all channels mapping symmetrically to their output and environment. The bound seems to be quite tight, and for degradable quantum channels it coincides with the unassisted channel capacity. Using this symmetric side channel capacity, we find new upper bounds on the capacity of the depolarizing channel. We also briefly indicate an analogous notion for distilling entanglement using the same class of (one-way) channels, yielding one of the few genuinely 1-LOCC monotonic entanglement measures.

  6. The two sides of silicon detectors

    Devine, S R


    /p/n sup + and essentially two p-n junctions within one device. With increasing bias voltage, as the electric field is extending into the detector bulk from opposite sides of the silicon detector, there are two distinct depletion regions that collect charge signal independently. Summing the signal charge from the two regions, one is able to reconstruct the initial energy of the incident particle. From Transient Current measurements it is apparent that E-field manipulation is possible by excess carrier injection, enabling a high enough E-field to extend across the width of the detector, allowing for efficient charge collection. Results are presented on in situ irradiation of silicon detector's at cryogenic temperature. The results show that irradiation at cryogenic temperatures does not detrimentally effect a silicon detectors performance when compared to its irradiation at room temperature. Operation of silicon devices at cryogenic temperatures offers the advantage of reducing radiation-induced leakage curren...

  7. Side-Scan-Sonar Points for Hudson River, NY

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Side Scan Point Files. These points correspond to individual pings which produced hte side-scan-sonar backscatter imagery. Sonar data were collected November 6 to...

  8. Quantitative flow characteristics for side-by-side square cylinders via PIV

    Dogan Sercan


    Full Text Available In this study, instantaneous and time-averaged flow structures downstream of the sharp-edged single and two and three side-by-side square cylinders (SCs immersed in a uniform open channel water flow were studied by a technique of particle image velocimetry (PIV. Experimental results of wake flow structures were presented for gap ratios (G/D in the range of 1.0”G/D”3.0 for Reynolds number values of 1050, 2450 and 3400. Flow structures depending on the square cylinder (SC configurations and Reynolds number were discussed. It has been found that the development of the vortex shedding as well as the flow structure were substantially altered for side-by-side SCs comparing to the single SC. Asymmetrical and biased wake structures were observed because of the jetlike flow between the SCs for two SCs cases for the gap ratio less than 2.0. Depending on the gap spacing between the SCs, the interaction results of time2 averaged vorticity, velocity vector field, Reynolds stress correlations and streamline patterns in the wake region form a distinguished flow structure. Strouhal numbers for the single square cylinder for 1050≤Re≤3400 are found in the range of 0.12-0.13. The present results have supported the previous works by providing detailed quantitative experimental information with PIV in the wake region of the SC and might be helpful for validation of numerical studies and designers.


    魏英杰; 朱蒙生; 何钟怡


    Large eddy simulation cooperated with the second order full extension ETG (Euler-Taylor-Galerkin) finite element method was applied to simulate the flow around two square cylinders arranged side by side at a spacing ratio of 1.5. The second order full extension ETG finite element method was developed by Wang and He. By means of Taylor expansion of terms containing time derivative, time derivative is replaced by space derivative. The function of it is equal to introducing an artificial viscosity term. The streamlines of the flow at different moments were obtained. The time history of drag coefficient, lift coefficient and the streamwise velocity on the symmetrical points were presented. Furthermore, the symmetrical problem of the frequency spectrum of flow around two square cylinders arranged side by side were studied by using the spectral analysis technology. The data obtained at the initial stage are excluded in order to avoid the influence of initial condition on the results. The power spectrums of drag coefficient, lift coefficient, the streamwise velocity on the symmetrical points were analyzed respectively.The results show that although the time domain process of dynamic parameters is nonsymmetrical, the frequency domain process of them is symmetrical under the symmetrical boundary conditions.

  10. West Side Silence: Producing "West Side Story" with Deaf and Hearing Actors.

    Brewer, Diane


    Details a collaborative production of "West Side Story" with hearing actors from MacMurray College and deaf actors from the Illinois School for the Deaf. Explores some of the practical dilemmas encountered as the distinctions between the Deaf and hearing communities were negotiated. Explains that the show explored the ways in which sign language…

  11. A Macroeconomic Approach to Teaching Supply-Side Economics.

    Kyer, Ben L.; Maggs, Gary E.


    Contends that supply-side economics has generated a long-standing debate in both academic and political circles. Discusses the concepts of supply-side economics and how it is represented by the Laffer Curve. Illustrates the use of graphic analysis of tax rates and revenue to show the Laffer effect and supply-side economics. (CFR)

  12. Flow and wall shear stress in end-to-side and side-to-side anastomosis of venous coronary artery bypass grafts

    Poulikakos Dimos


    Full Text Available Abstract Purpose Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG surgery represents the standard treatment of advanced coronary artery disease. Two major types of anastomosis exist to connect the graft to the coronary artery, i.e., by using an end-to-side or a side-to-side anastomosis. There is still controversy because of the differences in the patency rates of the two types of anastomosis. The purpose of this paper is to non-invasively quantify hemodynamic parameters, such as mass flow and wall shear stress (WSS, in end-to-side and side-to-side anastomoses of patients with CABG using computational fluid dynamics (CFD. Methods One patient with saphenous CABG and end-to-side anastomosis and one patient with saphenous CABG and side-to-side anastomosis underwent 16-detector row computed tomography (CT. Geometric models of coronary arteries and bypasses were reconstructed for CFD analysis. Blood flow was considered pulsatile, laminar, incompressible and Newtonian. Peri-anastomotic mass flow and WSS were quantified and flow patterns visualized. Results CFD analysis based on in-vivo CT coronary angiography data was feasible in both patients. For both types of CABG, flow patterns were characterized by a retrograde flow into the native coronary artery. WSS variations were found in both anastomoses types, with highest WSS values at the heel and lowest WSS values at the floor of the end-to-side anastomosis. In contrast, the highest WSS values of the side-to-side anastomosis configuration were found in stenotic vessel segments and not in the close vicinity of the anastomosis. Flow stagnation zones were found in end-to-side but not in side-to-side anastomosis, the latter also demonstrating a smoother stream division throughout the cardiac cycle. Conclusion CFD analysis of venous CABG based on in-vivo CT datasets in patients was feasible producing qualitative and quantitative information on mass flow and WSS. Differences were found between the two types of anastomosis

  13. Optimal Cartel Prices in Two-Sided Markets Access

    Federico Boffa; Lapo Filistrucchi


    We study optimal cartel prices in a two-sided market. We present a simple model showing that prices above the two-sided monopoly price may prevail on one side of a two-sided market as a means to enhance the sustainability of the cartel. We prove that in such a case a higher benefit from the network effect may compensate customers on that side of the market for the higher prices they are charged. We then provide both sufficient and necessary conditions for these results to hold in more complex...

  14. Side Chain Engineering in Solution-Processable Conjugated Polymers

    Mei, Jianguo


    Side chains in conjugated polymers have been primarily utilized as solubilizing groups. However, these side chains have roles that are far beyond. We advocate using side chain engineering to tune a polymer\\'s physical properties, including absorption, emission, energy level, molecular packing, and charge transport. To date, numerous flexible substituents suitable for constructing side chains have been reported. In this Perspective article, we advocate that the side chain engineering approach can advance better designs for next-generation conjugated polymers. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

  15. SCit: web tools for protein side chain conformation analysis.

    Gautier, R; Camproux, A-C; Tufféry, P


    SCit is a web server providing services for protein side chain conformation analysis and side chain positioning. Specific services use the dependence of the side chain conformations on the local backbone conformation, which is described using a structural alphabet that describes the conformation of fragments of four-residue length in a limited library of structural prototypes. Based on this concept, SCit uses sets of rotameric conformations dependent on the local backbone conformation of each protein for side chain positioning and the identification of side chains with unlikely conformations. The SCit web server is accessible at PMID:15215438

  16. 49 CFR 231.8 - Tank cars without side sills and tank cars with short side sills and end platforms.


    ... 49 Transportation 4 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Tank cars without side sills and tank cars with... APPLIANCE STANDARDS § 231.8 Tank cars without side sills and tank cars with short side sills and end platforms. (a) Hand brakes—(1) Number. Same as specified for “Box and other house cars” (see §...

  17. Comparison of side effects in myelography with iopamidol and metrizamide

    The study was conducted to compare the side effects in myelography of the two non-ionic water-soluble contrast medias, lopamidol (Niopam) and Metrizamide (Amipaque). A total of 111 patients were examined, 64 with lopamidol and 47 with Metrizamide. Side effects consisted of headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, urinary difficulty, muscular pain, seizure, neurobehavioral disturbance, neurological sign change, vital sign change and etc. The common side effects were headache, nausea, vomiting and dizziness in order of frequency. Most of the side effects were subsided within 24 hours following myelography. lopamidol myelography caused fewer and milder side effects than Metrizamide study. The side effects were more commonly observed in cervical, thoracic or total myelography than in lumbar myelography with either lopamidol or Metrizamide. There was no significant correlation between incidence of the side effects and premedication with phenobarbital or valium injection before myelography and CSF sampling during the procedure.

  18. Comparison of side effects in myelography with iopamidol and metrizamide

    Lee, Yong; Kang, Heung Sik; Chang, Kee Hyun; Han, Seoul Heui; Kwon, Oh Sung; Myung, Ho Gin [Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    The study was conducted to compare the side effects in myelography of the two non-ionic water-soluble contrast medias, lopamidol (Niopam) and Metrizamide (Amipaque). A total of 111 patients were examined, 64 with lopamidol and 47 with Metrizamide. Side effects consisted of headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, urinary difficulty, muscular pain, seizure, neurobehavioral disturbance, neurological sign change, vital sign change and etc. The common side effects were headache, nausea, vomiting and dizziness in order of frequency. Most of the side effects were subsided within 24 hours following myelography. lopamidol myelography caused fewer and milder side effects than Metrizamide study. The side effects were more commonly observed in cervical, thoracic or total myelography than in lumbar myelography with either lopamidol or Metrizamide. There was no significant correlation between incidence of the side effects and premedication with phenobarbital or valium injection before myelography and CSF sampling during the procedure.

  19. Adaptive Optics Simulations for Siding Spring

    Goodwin, Michael; Lambert, Andrew


    Using an observational derived model optical turbulence profile (model-OTP) we have investigated the performance of Adaptive Optics (AO) at Siding Spring Observatory (SSO), Australia. The simulations cover the performance for AO techniques of single conjugate adaptive optics (SCAO), multi-conjugate adaptive optics (MCAO) and ground-layer adaptive optics (GLAO). The simulation results presented in this paper predict the performance of these AO techniques as applied to the Australian National University (ANU) 2.3 m and Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) 3.9 m telescopes for astronomical wavelength bands J, H and K. The results indicate that AO performance is best for the longer wavelengths (K-band) and in the best seeing conditions (sub 1-arcsecond). The most promising results are found for GLAO simulations (field of view of 180 arcsecs), with the field RMS for encircled energy 50% diameter (EE50d) being uniform and minimally affected by the free-atmosphere turbulence. The GLAO performance is reasonably good over...

  20. The topography of Iapetus' leading side

    Giese, B.; Denk, T.; Neukum, G.; Porco, C. C.; Roatsch, T.; Wagner, R.


    We have used Cassini-stereo images to derive a topographic model of Iapetus' leading side. The model reveals that Iapetus has substantial topography with heights (referenced to a 747 x 744 x 713 km ellipsoid (Thomas et al., in preparation)) in the range of -9 km to +15 km, much more than observed on the icy satellites of Jupiter. There is an old 800 km impact basin centered at 270 degrees E, 40 degrees N with rim topography of more than 10 km extending over scales of 300-400 km. The fact that this topography did not relax over time may suggest that the lithosphere reached depths larger than the excavation depth at the time of formation, or, if the impact has probed the asthenosphere, that rapid cooling and associated thickening of the lithosphere has prevented relaxation of the rim topography. However, the basin floor is almost level with the surroundings and may indicate that asthenospheric flow was important. In this case the flow could have uplifted the rim. Moreover, the model reveals four impact basins (diameters > 300 km) showing central peak massifs but no rings (including inner rings) are observed. This is consistent with a lithosphere sufficiently thick to prevent ring formation. One of the basins with a weakly pronounced central peak has a slightly updomed floor suggesting isostatic rebound. There is a prominent equatorial ridge with heights of more than 12 km and widths < 100 km. The morphology of the ridge suggests a tectonic origin involving upwarping of the surface.

  1. Hyperprolactinaemia - a risperidone side-effect.

    Grahovac, Tanja; Ruzić, Klementina; Medved, Paola; Pavesić-Radonja, Aristea; Dadić-Hero, Elizabeta


    A 47 year old patient has been treated for psychotic depression for the last 5 years. The illness began manifesting through the symptoms of depressive thoughts, intrapsychic tension, projectivity, derealisation phenomena and pre-psychotic fears. She was treated with a combination of antidepressives, anxiolitics and hypnotics in ambulatory conditions. The therapy applied did not obtain the effects expected due to which an atypical antipsychotic was administered subsequently - risperidone, a 2 mg dose in the evening. After commencing the antipsychotic treatment, the symptoms started to weaken and a steady remission was obtained. Two years after a regular risperidone administration (in combination with fluoxetine, alprazolam and flurazepam) the patient reported some "bleeding" in October 2006. Hormonal blood tests were performed and high prolactin values were registered (2567.0 mIJ/L),due to which a gradual risperidone retractement was indicated. Medicamentous hyperprolactinaemia is a well known side effect of risperidone. A gradual risperidone retractement lead to a lowered and normal prolactin level within a month. PMID:20305606

  2. The Darker Side of the Renaissance

    Walter Mignolo


    Full Text Available The Darker Side of the Renaissance focuses on coloniality rather than on Europe’s witch and alchemist hunt. Today I would dare to say also that this expression refers us to the historical foundation of coloniality. At the same time, coloniality statement is called into question, as well as the distinction between the known object and the knowing subject, an assumption on which the Eurocentric project of “modernity” and “modernization” disciplines lie. The preface marks the enunciation with which the statement is stated. That is, it rejects the "point zero epistemology" denounced by Santiago Castro-Gómez. This means the reader should be always pay attention to the ennunciation s/he states him/herself, to the hand drawing the hand. Those of us dwelling at Abya-Yala/America are surrounded by the historical foundation of modernity/coloniality, we are a living part of that process, which only “scientific” alignment can make us believe we are looking at something (e.g., colonization touching what we are today

  3. Demand side management: Benefits and challenges

    In this paper, the major benefits and challenges of electricity demand side management (DSM) are discussed in the context of the UK electricity system. The relatively low utilisation of generation and networks (of about 50%) means that there is significant scope for DSM to contribute to increasing the efficiency of the system investment. The importance of the diversity of electricity load is discussed and the negative effects of DSM on load diversity illustrated. Ageing assets, the growth in renewable and other low-carbon generation technologies and advances in information and communication technologies are identified as major additional drivers that could lead to wider applications of DSM in the medium term. Potential benefits of DSM are discussed in the context of generation and of transmission and distribution networks. The provision of back-up capacity by generation may not be efficient as it will be needed relatively infrequently, and DSM may be better placed to support security. We also present an analysis of the value of DSM in balancing generation and demand in a future UK electricity system with significant variable renewable generation. We give a number of reasons for the relatively slow uptake of DSM, particularly in the residential, commercial and small business sectors. They include a lack of metering, information and communication infrastructure, lack of understanding of the benefits of DSM, problems with the competitiveness of DSM when compared with traditional approaches, an increase in the complexity of system operation and inappropriate market incentives

  4. Demand side management. Benefits and challenges

    In this paper, the major benefits and challenges of electricity demand side management (DSM) are discussed in the context of the UK electricity system. The relatively low utilisation of generation and networks (of about 50%) means that there is significant scope for DSM to contribute to increasing the efficiency of the system investment. The importance of the diversity of electricity load is discussed and the negative effects of DSM on load diversity illustrated. Ageing assets, the growth in renewable and other low-carbon generation technologies and advances in information and communication technologies are identified as major additional drivers that could lead to wider applications of DSM in the medium term. Potential benefits of DSM are discussed in the context of generation and of transmission and distribution networks. The provision of back-up capacity by generation may not be efficient as it will be needed relatively infrequently, and DSM may be better placed to support security. We also present an analysis of the value of DSM in balancing generation and demand in a future UK electricity system with significant variable renewable generation. We give a number of reasons for the relatively slow uptake of DSM, particularly in the residential, commercial and small business sectors. They include a lack of metering, information and communication infrastructure, lack of understanding of the benefits of DSM, problems with the competitiveness of DSM when compared with traditional approaches, an increase in the complexity of system operation and inappropriate market incentives. (author)

  5. Cardiovascular side effects of psychopharmacologic therapy.

    Potočnjak, Ines; Degoricija, Vesna; Vukičević Baudoin, Dina; Čulig, Josip; Jakovljević, Miro


    WHO defined in 1976 psychopharmaca as drugs affecting psychological functions, behaviour and self-perception. Psychopharmacology is the study of pharmacological agents that affect mental and emotional functions. Creative approach to psychopharmacotherapy reflects a transdisciplinary, integrative and person-centered psychiatry. Psychiatric disorders often occur in cardiac patients and can affect the clinical presentation and morbidity. Cardiovascular (CV) side effects (SE) caused by psychopharmaceutic agents require comprehensive attention. Therapeutic approach can increase placebo and decrease nocebo reactions. The main purpose of this review is to comprehend CV SE of psychotropic drugs (PD). Critical overview of CV SE of PD will be presented in this review. Search was directed but not limited to CV effects of psychopharmacological substances, namely antipsychotics, anxiolytics, hypnotics, sedatives, antidepressants and stimulants. Literature review was performed and data identified by searches of Medline and PubMed for period from 2004 to 2015. Only full articles and abstracts published in English were included. SE of PD are organized according to the following types of CV effects: cardiac and circulatory effects, abnormalities of cardiac repolarisation and arrhythmias and heart muscle disease. There is wide spectrum and various CV effects of PD. Results of this review are based on literature research. The reviewed data came largely from prevalence studies, case reports, and cross-sectional studies. Psychopharmacotherapy of psychiatric disorders is complex and when concomitantly present with CV disease, presentation of drug SEs can significantly contribute to illness course. Further development of creative psychopharmacotherapy is required to deal with CV effects of PD. PMID:27352209

  6. Radio on the Other Side of Time

    Alicia TAPIA LÓPEZ


    Full Text Available On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles aired the radio drama The War of the Worlds on the CBS Radio network, adapting the science-fiction novel by the British writer H. G. Wells. During the broadcast, listeners became stricken with panic, believing that the Earth was actually being invaded by giant snake-like Martians launching rays of fire down on humans. Welles was a groundbreaking figure whose trickery exploited the technological novelty of the radio to its fullest, adapting classic texts in ways that exploited the opportunities afforded by this new medium. Over the years, this radio classic has been adapted a number of times, though none has seized on the technological advances of our times. Drawing on the most salient innovations seen in Internet radio, this article creates an imaginary scenario that replicates Orson Welles’s work in the present day, when the Internet has become a channel for broadcasting and hyperlinks have brought different media together. The text is an exploration of the other side of time, where transmedia storytelling facilitates the exchange of stories among consumers, and broadcast programming is no longer linear.

  7. Evaluation of demand-side management programs

    Over the past few years, the attention accorded to demand-side management (DSM) measures has called into question the traditional cost minimization approach for evaluating such programs. Two broad approaches to DSM seem to be generally used: one examining the problem from multiple perspectives and the other including various practical methods used in-house by utility planners. Whatever the standard used to evaluate DSM, there remains at least one problem which cannot be quantified. The customers who participate in a DSM program cannot only take into account the effects of DSM on their electricity bills; their comfort can also be affected. This lowering of comfort constitutes a legitimate cost which can explain why some apparently sensible DSM measures are not adopted. A method is proposed to incorporate this cost. It establishes a way to evaluate DSM program tradeoffs that, from the perspective of standard economic theory, maximizes social welfare; explains why at least one of the perspectives in the multiple perspective approach needs to be modified to incorporate all customer costs; and outlines how the proposed standard can be implemented. 8 refs

  8. Interface Oscillation in the Side-by-Side (SBS) Tape Casting of Functionally Graded Ceramics (FGCs)

    Jabbari, Masoud; Bulatova, Regina; Hattel, Jesper Henri;


    slurries. The rheological behavior of the slurries are extracted from experiments and used in the ANSYS FLUENT commercial code to develop a fluid flow model for the non-Newtonian ceramic slurries and evaluate the interface oscillation between the stripes in SBS tape casting. The Numerical results show......Room temperature magnetic refrigeration is a new highly efficient and environmentally protective technology. Although it has not been maturely developed, it shows great applicable prosperity and seems to be a potential substitute for the traditional vapor compression technology. Tape Casting is a...... common process in producing multilayer ceramics, which now is used for producing side-by-side (SBS) functionally graded ceramics (FGCs). These FGCs are mostly used in the magnetic refrigeration sectors due to the varying composition of the magnetocaloric materials so that the magnetic transition...

  9. Side-by-Side Comparison of CPV Module and System Performance

    Muller, Matthew; Marion, Bill; Kurtz, Sarah; Ghosal, Kanchan; Burroughs, Scott; Libby, Cara; Enbar, Nadav


    A side-by-side comparison is made between concentrator photovoltaic module and system direct current aperture efficiency data with a focus on quantifying system performance losses. The individual losses measured/calculated, when combined, are in good agreement with the total loss seen between the module and the system. Results indicate that for the given test period, the largest individual loss of 3.7% relative is due to the baseline performance difference between the individual module and the average for the 200 modules in the system. A basic empirical model is derived based on module spectral performance data and the tabulated losses between the module and the system. The model predicts instantaneous system direct current aperture efficiency with a root mean square error of 2.3% relative.

  10. Detection of Left-Sided and Right-Sided Hearing Loss via Fractional Fourier Transform

    Shuihua Wang


    Full Text Available In order to detect hearing loss more efficiently and accurately, this study proposed a new method based on fractional Fourier transform (FRFT. Three-dimensional volumetric magnetic resonance images were obtained from 15 patients with left-sided hearing loss (LHL, 20 healthy controls (HC, and 14 patients with right-sided hearing loss (RHL. Twenty-five FRFT spectrums were reduced by principal component analysis with thresholds of 90%, 95%, and 98%, respectively. The classifier is the single-hidden-layer feed-forward neural network (SFN trained by the Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm. The results showed that the accuracies of all three classes are higher than 95%. In all, our method is promising and may raise interest from other researchers.

  11. Integrated planning in supply chains with buy-side and sell-side marketplaces

    Roshan Gaonkar; N Viswanadham


    In this paper we develop a quadratic programming model for partner selection and planning in integrated supply chain networks embedded with both sell-side and buy-side electronic marketplaces. Such a scenario arises in several practical applications. In particular, we consider a contract manufacturer who procures components from suppliers through a component marketplace and sells its manufactured sub-assemblies to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), through a sub-assembly marketplace. In these web-enabled supply chains, embedded with upstream and downstream electronic marketplaces, we need methods for online supply-chain partner selection based on pricing and delivery schedules. In this paper, we develop and present such a model that selects partners, synchronizes supply chain activities and optimizes the profit through optimal revenue pricing and cost minimization.

  12. Determining optimum levels of DSM [demand-side management] as a supply-side resource

    San Diego Gas and Electric Company (SDGE) recommends the evaluation of demand-side management as a supply-side resource. The advantages of concurrent economic analysis of DSM options with other traditional sources represents a significant improvement over analysis either before or after the development of a resource plan. The evaluation of utility-sponsored DSM programs that provide system benefits that include deferment of capacity additions and improvements in more efficient system operation should be evaluated side-by-side with traditional resources that provide similar benefits. The utility decision to either provide capital costs to construct a power plant or make demand payments for a power purchase is directly analogous to the decision to provide funding for a DSM program that would defer these same investments. Both types of decision represent utility control over investment decisions that allow the utility to provide reliable, low-cost power to its customers. SDGE has also had experience with using generation expansion scenarios to test different levels of pre-selected packages of DSM programs, attempting to evaluate the total costs of system expansion for each of the different packages. This method was fraught with problems, and the best information that could be gained was if the selection of DSM packages happened to bracket a lower cost scenario, when it could reasonably be assumed that both smaller and larger levels of DSM were not as cost effective as the intermediate level. However, in many cases the selection of DSM programs did not produce this result and the important question of whether individual DSM programs were worthwhile when evaluated individually, or whether the lowest cost scenario would be improved with more or less DSM, could not be answered

  13. 发电侧如何促进需求侧管理%How to Improve Demand Side Management in Generation Side



    Combining with the practice of DSM in China, the paper analyzes the role of engaging demand side management in generation side. Also it deeply studies how to promote demand side management in generation side, which rarelyinvolves in the published literature all over the world. Besides, it discovers the interactions of interdependence and competition between demand side managenent and generation side operation. Lastly it studies the example of demand side management in generation side in Shenzhen.

  14. The Dark Side of the Earth

    Frankel, Henry


    Wood's The Dark Side of the Earth is another addition to the growing list of books on the recent revolution in the earth sciences. Wood rightly points out that any new book on the topic should break new ground. In the preface, he writes of himself and his book that he has benefited from previous accounts by saving himself research time, and that his book, unlike others, “attempts to tell one complete story of the study of the Earth, geologists, geophysicists, dreamers and all” (p. vi). Wood is ambitious, for his work covers much of 19th-century geology as well as the development, reception, rejection, and eventual acceptance of mobilist ideas. Before discussing the work of the German meteorologist and geophysicist Alfred L. Wegener, American glacial geomorphologist Frank Taylor, and several of their predecessors who proposed “mobilist” ideas, he manages to string together brief descriptions of the contributions of (among others) German mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner, British geologists James Hutten and John Playfair, British engineer William Smith, British geologist Charles Lyell, American geologists James Hall and James Dwight Dana, British volcanologist William Lowthian Green, American geologist Grove Karl Gilbert, French geologist Elie de Beaumont, British geologist and mathematician Osmond Fisher, American geologist Clarence Dutton, British mathematician and physicist Lord Kelvin, Austrian geologist Eduard Suess, French geologist Marcel Bertrand, and American geologist Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin. Moreover, Wood offers an interesting thesis about the revolution in the earth sciences. He claims that the real revolution was not the replacement of fixist views with the mobilist ones of sea floor spreading and plate tectonics, but rather the replacement of geology with the new discipline of the earth sciences in which geophysics and geochemistry play the central role.

  15. Why fruits go to the dark side

    Schaefer, H. Martin


    The colours of fleshy fruits are usually attributed to attract seed dispersers to the plant. A cursory look at the gaudy colours of fleshy fruits on offer in a local fruit stall gives the impression that plants use primarily bright colours to attract fruit consumer. This impression is misleading; many small fruits 'go to the dark side' and become dark purple or black when ripe. Intermingled in foliage, these colours, which are produced by anthocyanins, can be fairly inconspicuous and are thus not easily reconciled with a signalling function to attract seed dispersers. In this review I therefore discuss complementary hypotheses on the function and evolution of fruit colouration. First, I focus on the evidence that fruit colours indeed function as signals to attract seed dispersers. I then show that anthocyanins, the most prevalent fruit pigments, are important dietary antioxidants that can be selected by blackcaps ( Sylvia atricapilla) which are important avian seed dispersers of many European plants. Moreover, the consumption of anthocyanins increases the likelihood that blackcaps mount an immune response during immune challenges. As a next step, I review evidence that anthocyanins accumulate in fruit skin in response to abiotic factors, in particular high illumination coupled with low temperature favour the increase of anthocyanins. Finally, I show that anthocyanins can also be selected for by fruit antagonists, consumers that do not disperse seeds. In particular, high contents of anthocyanins strongly reduce fungal growth in fruit tissue. Taken together, there are various selective pressures which likely influence fruit colour evolution. Currently, the relative importance of each of these selective agents is unknown. There is consequently a need to develop a more encompassing framework on fruit colour evolution.

  16. Predicting adverse side effects of drugs

    Huang Liang-Chin


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Studies of toxicity and unintended side effects can lead to improved drug safety and efficacy. One promising form of study comes from molecular systems biology in the form of "systems pharmacology". Systems pharmacology combines data from clinical observation and molecular biology. This approach is new, however, and there are few examples of how it can practically predict adverse reactions (ADRs from an experimental drug with acceptable accuracy. Results We have developed a new and practical computational framework to accurately predict ADRs of trial drugs. We combine clinical observation data with drug target data, protein-protein interaction (PPI networks, and gene ontology (GO annotations. We use cardiotoxicity, one of the major causes for drug withdrawals, as a case study to demonstrate the power of the framework. Our results show that an in silico model built on this framework can achieve a satisfactory cardiotoxicity ADR prediction performance (median AUC = 0.771, Accuracy = 0.675, Sensitivity = 0.632, and Specificity = 0.789. Our results also demonstrate the significance of incorporating prior knowledge, including gene networks and gene annotations, to improve future ADR assessments. Conclusions Biomolecular network and gene annotation information can significantly improve the predictive accuracy of ADR of drugs under development. The use of PPI networks can increase prediction specificity and the use of GO annotations can increase prediction sensitivity. Using cardiotoxicity as an example, we are able to further identify cardiotoxicity-related proteins among drug target expanding PPI networks. The systems pharmacology approach that we developed in this study can be generally applicable to all future developmental drug ADR assessments and predictions.

  17. Ion irradiation damage on tin side surface of float glass

    Changes in the surface morphology and in-depth density variation in two surfaces of a float glass viz. the tin side and non-tin side surface, are investigated after 100 keV Ar ion irradiation. In the tin side surface, the irradiation caused a drastic change in density and surface roughness, whereas the other side (non-tin side surface) remained almost unaffected. Roughness of the tin side increases from 8 A to 41 A. Surface density also modified significantly with a redistribution of surface impurities. Monte Carlo simulations suggest that the displacement of tin and Fe impurities are responsible for the surface damage, which are experimentally examined by employing the total reflection X-ray fluorescence technique. Morphological and density changes are analyzed by grazing incidence X-ray reflectivity and atomic force microscopy techniques. Subsequent changes in surface morphology of float glass by ion irradiation are explained

  18. Transport properties of a random binary side-coupled chain

    Hu Dong-Sheng; Lu Xiu-Juan; Zhang Yong-Mei; Zhu Chen-Ping


    We investigate the transport properties of a random binary side-coupled chain by using the transfer-matrix technique. It is found that there are resonant states in the systems with short-range correlations between the host chain atoms and the side-coupled atoms. The analytic expressions for the extended states are also presented in the systems with the side couplings between like atoms and between unlike atoms.

  19. On Cascade Source Coding with A Side Information "Vending Machine"

    Ahmadi, Behzad; Simeone, Osvaldo; Choudhuri, Chiranjib; Mitra, Urbashi


    The model of a side information "vending machine" accounts for scenarios in which acquiring side information is costly and thus should be done efficiently. In this paper, the three-node cascade source coding problem is studied under the assumption that a side information vending machine is available either at the intermediate or at the end node. In both cases, a single-letter characterization of the available trade-offs among the rate, the distortions in the reconstructions at the intermediat...

  20. Two-sided Internet Platforms: A Business Model Lifecycle Perspective

    Muzellec, Laurent; Ronteau, Sébastien; Lambkin, Mary


    Multi-sided platforms bring together two or more distinct but interdependent groups of customers, normally described as B2B and B2C. Two-sided platforms have proliferated rapidly with the Internet and this has led to the development of new business models to monetize innovative value propositions in online markets. This paper puts forward a model of the evolution of the marketing strategies and business models of two-sided Internet businesses. In this model, Internet inter...

  1. Design Techniques for Side-channel Resistant Embedded Software

    Sinha, Ambuj Sudhir


    Side Channel Attacks (SCA) are a class of passive attacks on cryptosystems that exploit implementation characteristics of the system. Currently, a lot of research is focussed towards developing countermeasures to side channel attacks. In this thesis, we address two challenges that are an inherent part of the efficient implementation of SCA countermeasures. While designing a system, design choices made for enhancing the efficiency or performance of the system can also affect the side channel s...

  2. Wake structures of two side by side spheres in a tripped boundary layer flow

    Canli Eyüb


    Full Text Available Two independent spheres were placed in a side by side arrangement and flow structure in the wake region of the spheres was investigated with a Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV system when the spheres were in a boundary layer over a flat plate as a special case. Reynolds number was 5000 based on the sphere diameter which was 42.5 mm. Boundary layer was tripped 8mm away from the leading edge of the flat plate with a 5 mm trip wire. The thickness of the hydrodynamically developed boundary layer was determined as 63mm which was larger than the sphere diameter of D=42.5mm. Wake region of the spheres was examined from point of flow physics for the different sphere locations in the ranges of 0≤G/D ≤1.5 and 0≤S/D ≤1.5 where G and S were the distance between the spheres and the distance between the bottom point of the spheres and the flat plate surface, respectively. Depending on the different sphere locations, instantaneous and time averaged vorticity data, scalar values of time-averaged velocity components and their root mean square (rms values and time averaged vorticity data are presented in the study for the evaluation of wake region of the spheres. It is demonstrated that the gap between the two spheres and the interaction between the gap and the boundary layer greatly affects flow pattern, especially when spheres are located near to the flat plate surface, i.e. S/D=0.1 for 0≤G/D ≤1.5. Different distances between the spheres resulted in various flow patterns as the spheres were approached to the flat plate. The distance S/D=0.1 for all gap values has the strongest effect on the wake structures. Beyond G/D=1.0, the sphere wakes tend to be similar to single sphere case. The instantaneous vorticity fields of the side by side arrangements comprised wavy structures in higher level comparing to an individual sphere case. The gap flow intensifies the occurrence of small scale eddies in the wake region. The submersion rate of the spheres

  3. Measuring side effects after radiotherapy for pharynx cancer

    Jensen, Kenneth


    Data on side effects after radiotherapy is needed to establish the benefits and drawbacks of new treatments, but side effects are not quantified as easily as survival or local control. Side effects may be quantified using physical measures. Unfortunately, only few endpoints exist where a physical...... side effects. Using pharynx cancer as an example, the purpose of this article is to summarize the possibilities and limitations of different methods for measurement of radiotherapy-induced side effects. Udgivelsesdato: 2007-Sep-17......Data on side effects after radiotherapy is needed to establish the benefits and drawbacks of new treatments, but side effects are not quantified as easily as survival or local control. Side effects may be quantified using physical measures. Unfortunately, only few endpoints exist where a physical...... measure is obtainable, and the case of a patient-relevant measure is even rarer. Radiotherapy is often followed by complex symptoms not easily quantifiable by the observer. Quantitative patient reported side effects can be retrieved using validated questionnaires, but this kind of data is often difficult...

  4. On Cascade Source Coding with A Side Information "Vending Machine"

    Ahmadi, Behzad; Choudhuri, Chiranjib; Mitra, Urbashi


    The model of a side information "vending machine" accounts for scenarios in which acquiring side information is costly and thus should be done efficiently. In this paper, the three-node cascade source coding problem is studied under the assumption that a side information vending machine is available either at the intermediate or at the end node. In both cases, a single-letter characterization of the available trade-offs among the rate, the distortions in the reconstructions at the intermediate and at the end node, and the cost in acquiring the side information are derived under given conditions.

  5. Source Coding with a Side Information "Vending Machine"

    Weissman, Tsachy; Permuter, Haim H.


    We study source coding in the presence of side information, when the system can take actions that affect the availability, quality, or nature of the side information. We begin by extending the Wyner-Ziv problem of source coding with decoder side information to the case where the decoder is allowed to choose actions affecting the side information. We then consider the setting where actions are taken by the encoder, based on its observation of the source. Actions may have costs that are commens...

  6. Simultaneous in vivo truncation of pectic side chains

    Øbro, Jens; Borkhardt, Bernhard; Harholt, Jesper;


    . These modifications often prevent gelation, which has been a major functional requirement of commercial pectins until recently. We have previously shown that modification of pectin is possible through heterologous expression of pectin degrading enzymes in planta. To test the effect of simultaneous...... modification of the two main neutral pectic side chains in pectic rhamnogalacturonan I (RGI), we constitutively expressed two different enzymes in Arabidopsis thaliana that would either modify the galactan or the arabinan side chains, or both side chains simultaneously. Our analysis showed that the...... simultaneous truncation of arabinan and galactan side chains is achievable and does not severely affect the growth of Arabidopsis thaliana....

  7. Side-to-side growth discrepancies in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: association with function, activity and social participation

    Marise Bueno Zonta


    Full Text Available Objective: Evaluate side-to-side discrepancies in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy (HCP, and investigate associations of these discrepancies with patients’ age at initiation of physical therapy, motor and cognitive function, and degree of activities and social participation. Method: We obtained eight side-to-side measurements from 24 HCP children with mean age 49.3±5.2 months. Results: Early initiation of physical therapy was associated with lower discrepancy in hand length (p=0.037. Lower foot length discrepancy was associated with lower requirement for caregiver assistance in activities related to mobility. Increased side-to-side discrepancy was associated with reduced wrist extension and increased spasticity. Discrepancy played a larger role in children with hemineglect and in those with right involvement. Conclusion: Increased discrepancy in HCP children was associated with reduced degree of activity/social participation. These results suggest an association between functional use of the extremities and limb growth.

  8. A side-by-side evaluation of four platelet-counting instruments.

    Dalton, W T; Bollinger, P; Drewinko, B


    The performances of four instruments for counting platelets were evaluated in a side-by-side study: the Haema-Count MK-4/HC, an electronic impedance instrument that counts platelets in platelet-rich plasma; the Ultra-Flo 100, and the Coulter Counter Model S-Plus, electronic impedance instruments that count platelets in the presence of intact erythrocytes; and the AutoCounter, an optical instrument that counts platelets in the presence of lysed erythrocytes. The Ultra-Flo 100 and the S-Plus showed the best within-run precision, and all four instruments were considerably more precise than manual platelet counting, especially at low levels of platelet count. The four instruments were all linear in the ranges tested (5 to 650 x 10(9)/or greater), and sample carry-over was less than 0.7% for each. A noteworthy finding was that the erythrocyte concentration of the blood samples affected the displayed platelet count of the S-Plus and, to a lesser extent, that of the AutoCounter, in a predictable way, whereas it did not greatly affect the displayed count of the Ultra-Flo 100. In addition to differences in quality of performances, the four instruments differed considerably in speed and ease of operation and in cost. PMID:7405890

  9. Characteristics of flow over traveling wavy foils in a side-by-side arrangement

    Dong, Gen-Jin; Lu, Xi-Yun


    Flow over traveling wavy foils in a side-by-side arrangement has been numerically investigated using the space-time finite element method to solve the two-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. The midline of each foil undergoes lateral motion in the form of a streamwise traveling wave, which is similar to the backbone undulation of swimming fish. Based on the phase difference between the adjacent undulating foils, two typical cases, i.e., in-phase and anti-phase traveling wavy movements, are considered in the present study. The effects of lateral interference among the foils on the forces, power consumption, propeller efficiency, and flow structures are analyzed. It is revealed that the lateral interference is of benefit to saving the swimming power in the in-phase case and enhancing the forces in the anti-phase case. Some typical vortex structures, e.g., vortex-pair row, single vortex row, and in-phase and anti-phase synchronized vortex-street, are observed in the wake of the traveling wavy foils. The results obtained in this study provide physical insight into the understanding of hydrodynamics and flow structures for flow over the traveling wavy foils and swimming mechanisms relevant to fish schooling.

  10. Material Selection for Hawsers for a Side-by-side Offloading System

    Jiayu Qian; Liping Sun; Linfeng Song


    In order to provide a theoretical guide for choosing the material for the hawsers for the FPSO side-by-side offloading system, which is moored by the yoke system, the 3D potential flow theory and full coupled time-domain analysis are presented to study the dynamic response of the offloading system. The MingZhu FPSO offloading system in the field BZ25-1 is simulated here;and four different characteristic fiber ropes are used as the material for the hawsers. To acquire an accurate hawser line tension, the polynomial fitting method is used to calculate the nonlinear stiffness of the hawsers. By comparing the hawser lines’ tension and the relative motion between the FPSO and the shuttle tanker, a suitable material for the hawser lines is chosen and discussed in this paper. The results indicate that the nonlinear stiffness characteristic of the fiber rope has a small effect on the relative motion of the vessels, but the hawser lines’ tension is greatly influenced by the different characteristics of the fiber ropes. The hawser lines’ tension with nonlinear stiffness is in accordance with the one with the upper and lower bound linear stiffness, which proves this method of fitting the fiber ropes’ nonlinear stiffness is reasonable and reliable.

  11. Side-by-side ANFIS as a useful tool for estimating correlated thermophysical properties

    Grieu, Stéphane; Faugeroux, Olivier; Traoré, Adama; Claudet, Bernard; Bodnar, Jean-Luc


    In the present paper, an artificial intelligence-based approach dealing with the estimation of correlated thermophysical properties is designed and evaluated. This new and "intelligent" approach makes use of photothermal responses obtained when homogeneous materials are subjected to a light flux. Commonly, gradient-based algorithms are used as parameter estimation techniques. Unfortunately, such algorithms show instabilities leading to non-convergence in case of correlated properties to be estimated from a rebuilt impulse response. So, the main objective of the present work was to simultaneously estimate both the thermal diffusivity and conductivity of homogeneous materials, from front-face or rear-face photothermal responses to pseudo random binary signals. To this end, we used side-by-side neuro-fuzzy systems (adaptive network-based fuzzy inference systems) trained with a hybrid algorithm. We focused on the impact on generalization of both the examples used during training and the fuzzification process. In addition, computation time was a key point to consider. That is why the developed algorithm is computationally tractable and allows both the thermal diffusivity and conductivity of homogeneous materials to be simultaneously estimated with very good accuracy (the generalization error ranges between 4.6% and 6.2%).


    GUO Xiao-hui; LIN Jian-zhong; TU Cheng-xu; WANG Hao-li


    Measurements were performed using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) to analyze the modification of flow by the combined effects of the rotation and the Reynolds number on the flow past two rotating circular cylinders in a side-by-side-arrangement at a range of , (α is the rotational speed) at one gap spacing of (T and d are the distance between the centers of two cylinders and the cylinder diameter, respectively). A new Immersed-Lattice Boltzmann Method (ILBM) scheme was used to study the effect of the gap spacing on the flow. The results show that the vortex shedding is suppressed as rotational speed increases. The flow reaches a steady state when the vortex shedding for both cylinders is completely suppressed at critical rotational speed. As the rotational speed further increases, the separation phenomenon in the boundary layers disappears at the attachment rotational speed. The critical rotational speed and attachment rotational speed become small as Reynolds number increases. The absolute rotational speed of cylinders should be large at same critical rotational speed and attachment rotational speed in the case of large Reynolds number. The gap spacing has an important role in changing the pattern of vortex shedding. It is very different in the mechanism of vortex shedding suppression for the flows around two rotating cylinders and single rotating cylinder.

  13. Cleanup Verification Package for the 118-F-8:4 Fuel Storage Basin West Side Adjacent and Side Slope Soils

    This cleanup verification package documents completion of remedial action, sampling activities, and compliance with cleanup criteria for the 118-F-8:4 Fuel Storage Basin West Side Adjacent and Side Slope Soils. The rectangular-shaped concrete basin on the south side of the 105-F Reactor building served as an underwater collection, storage, and transfer facility for irradiated fuel elements discharged from the reactor

  14. A CGE assessment of a university's effects on a regional economy - supply-side versus demand-side effects

    Giesecke, James; Madden, John


    In recent years many universities have commissioned studies of the effect of their institution on the local economy. Typically these impact studies have concentrated on the demand-side stimuli to the regional economy that the university generates. Normally, the studies are undertaken with comparative-static input-output models. The present study employs a dynamic multiregional computable general equilibrium model to investigate supply-side as well as demand-side effects. There are a range of ...

  15. The Effect of Semi-circular Side Weirs on Hydraulic Properties and Discharge Coefficient of Side Weirs

    H. Zahedi Khameneh


    Full Text Available Side weir is one of the most common hydraulic structures, which is used as a deviatory structure in rivers, irrigation and drainage channels and also in urban sewage collection systems.Semi-circular side weir can be an solution for increasing discharge coefficientC_m. In present research the semi-circular side weir has been studied to find the influence of hydraulic and geometry variables on the C_m value. Furthermore semi-circular side weir has been compared with labyrinth side weir with a beak angle 〖90〗^°.105 experimental tests were conducted on the semi-circular and labyrinth side weir. Upstream Froude number and discharge coefficient were calculated. The results showed that semi-circular side weir has higher coefficient value in comparison with rectangular side weir and labyrinth side weir when beak angle is〖90〗^°. An inverse relationship between C_m Value and 〖Fr〗_1 was found. Also increase in dimensionless height of weir (w⁄y_1 was causes the C_m value enhances. A new equation was developed to calculate C_m.

  16. Teaching Spatial Awareness In Small-Sided Games

    Phillips, David; Hannon, James C.; Molina, Sergio


    This article supports the use of strategy and tactics at games stage three (how to teach basic offensive and defensive strategy using small-sided games) as a best practices in physical education. Potential learning through game stages three and four (full-sided games) is only possible when teachers have advanced content knowledge to teach the…

  17. Some New Results on the Wiretap Channel with Side Information

    Yuan Luo


    Full Text Available In this paper, the model of wiretap channel has been reconsidered for the case that the main channel is controlled by channel state information (side information, and it is available at the transmitter in a noncausal manner (termed here noncausal side information or causal manner (termed here causal side information. Inner and outer bounds are derived on the capacity-equivocation regions for the noncausal and causal manners, and the secrecy capacities for both manners are described and bounded, which provide the best transmission rate with perfect secrecy. Moreover, for the case that the side information is available at the transmitter in a memoryless manner (termed here memoryless side information, both the capacity-equivocation region and the secrecy capacity are determined. The results of this paper extend the previous work on wiretap channel with noncausal side information by providing an outer bound on the capacity-equivocation region. In addition, we find that the memoryless side information can not help to obtain the same secrecy capacity as that of the causal case, and this is different from the well known fact that the memoryless manner can achieve the capacity of the channel with causal side information.

  18. Efficient processing of 3-sided range queries with probabilistic guarantees

    Kaporis, Alexis; Papadopoulos, Apostolos; Sioutas, Spyros; Tsakalidis, Konstantinos; Tsichlas, Kostas

    This work studies the problem of 2-dimensional searching for the 3-sided range query of the form [a, b] x (-∞, c] in both main and external memory, by considering a variety of input distributions. A dynamic linear main memory solution is proposed, which answers 3-sided queries in O(log n + t) wor...

  19. Photoorientation of a liquid crystalline polyester with azobenzene side groups

    Zebger, I; Rutloh, M; Hoffmann, U;


    The photoorientation process in a polyester with 4-cyano-4'-alkoxyazobenzene side group and long methylene spacers in the side and the main-chain was studied as a function of irradiation with linearly polarized light of 488 nm under systematic variation of the power density and temperature. This...

  20. Side effects of azathioprine in patients with Crohn's disease.

    Jong, Dirk de; Goullet, M.; Naber, A.H.J.


    OBJECTIVE: In clinical trials 0-15% of patients discontinued azathioprine due to side effects. The aim of this study was to assess the rate of side effects leading to discontinuation of azathioprine and to determine predictive factors for discontinuation. DESIGN: A retrospective cohort analysis of c

  1. Side-hairline Correction in Korean Female Patients

    Jae Hyun Park, MD


    Conclusions: In East Asian patients, both side-hairline correction surgery and zygoma reduction can be considered eligible treatment options for the purpose of midface slimming. Especially in patients with a type 3 zygomatic bone structure, side-hairline correction surgery may be more effective than zygoma reduction surgery for midface slimming.

  2. SLAR = USGS Side Looking Airborne Radar Mosaics: 1981 - 1990

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — The Side-Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR) is an image-producing system that derives its name from the fact that the radar beam is transmitted from the side of the...

  3. Are peripheral opioid antagonists the solution to opioid side effects?

    Bates, John J


    Opioid medication is the mainstay of therapy for severe acute and chronic pain. Unfortunately, the side effects of these medications can affect patient comfort and safety, thus limiting their proven therapeutic potential. Whereas the main analgesic effects of opioids are centrally mediated, many of the common side effects are mediated via peripheral receptors. Novel peripheral opioid antagonists have been recently introduced that can block the peripheral actions of opioids without affecting centrally mediated analgesia. We review the clinical and experimental evidence of their efficacy in ameliorating opioid side effects and consider what further information might be useful in defining their role. IMPLICATIONS: The major analgesic effects of opioid medication are mediated within the brain and spinal cord. Many of the side effects of opioids are caused by activation of receptors outside these areas. Recently developed peripherally restricted opioid antagonists have the ability to block many opioid side effects without affecting analgesia.

  4. Research Needs: Glass Solar Reflectance and Vinyl Siding

    Hart, Robert; Curcija, Charlie; Arasteh, Dariush; Goudey, Howdy; Kohler, Christian; Selkowitz, Stephen


    The subject of glass solar reflectance and its contribution to permanent vinyl siding distortion has not been extensively studied, and some phenomena are not yet well understood. This white paper presents what is known regarding the issue and identifies where more research is needed. Three primary topics are discussed: environmental factors that control the transfer of heat to and from the siding surface; vinyl siding properties that may affect heat build-up and permanent distortion; and factors that determine the properties of reflected solar radiation from glass surfaces, including insulating window glass. Further research is needed to fully characterize the conditions associated with siding distortion, the scope of the problem, physical properties of vinyl siding, insulating window glass reflection characteristics, and possible mitigation or prevention strategies.

  5. Status and Results from DarkSide-50

    Fan, Alden


    DarkSide-50 is the first physics detector of the DarkSide dark matter search program. The detector features a dual-phase underground-argon Time Projection Chamber (TPC) of 50 kg active mass surrounded by an organic liquid-scintillator neutron veto (30 tons) and a water-Cherenkov muon detector (1000 tons). The TPC is currently fully shielded and operating underground at Gran Sasso National Laboratory. A first run of 1422 kg-day exposure with atmospheric argon represents the most sensitive dark matter search using a liquid argon target. The TPC is now filled with underground argon, greatly reduced in 39Ar, and DarkSide-50 is in its final configuration for an extended dark matter search. Overviews of the design, performance, and results obtained so far with DarkSide-50 will be presented, along with future prospects for the DarkSide program.

  6. A side effect resource to capture phenotypic effects of drugs

    Kuhn, Michael; Campillos, Monica; Letunic, Ivica; Jensen, Lars Juhl; Bork, Peer


    The molecular understanding of phenotypes caused by drugs in humans is essential for elucidating mechanisms of action and for developing personalized medicines. Side effects of drugs (also known as adverse drug reactions) are an important source of human phenotypic information, but so far research...... on this topic has been hampered by insufficient accessibility of data. Consequently, we have developed a public, computer-readable side effect resource (SIDER) that connects 888 drugs to 1450 side effect terms. It contains information on frequency in patients for one-third of the drug-side effect...... pairs. For 199 drugs, the side effect frequency of placebo administration could also be extracted. We illustrate the potential of SIDER with a number of analyses. The resource is freely available for academic research at

  7. Immediate Small Side Branch Occlusion after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

    Mohammad Ali Ostovan


    Full Text Available Background: Small side branches, albeit less important than their larger counterparts, have not yet received due attention in the literature. Nor has there ever been a comparison between drug-eluting stents and bare metal stents apropos side branch occlusion. The aim of this study was to compare the patency of small (≥0.5 and ≤1.5 mm in diameter side branches with respect to bare metal vs. drug-eluting stents immediately after their deployment.Methods: This prospective bi-center study, conducted between June 2005 and January 2007, enrolled 82 patients treated with ≥1 of two stents (TAXUSTM LiberteTM or LiberteTM. Side branches ≥0.5 and <1.5 mm in diameter arising from the main vessel at the lesion site were evaluated. Results: Thirty-eight patients were treated with 42 LiberteTM stents (58 side branches and forty-four patients with 50 TAXUSTM LiberteTM (102 side branches. The rate of small side branch occlusion was 35.3% (36 in the TAXUSTM LiberteTM group compared to 29.31% (15 in the LiberteTM group (P-value= 0.7. The presence of type 1 side branch morphology (Lefevre classification was the most powerful predictor of small side branch occlusion (P-value=0.03. Conclusion: This study shows that drug-eluting stents are not inferior to bare metal stents as regards small side branch occlusion during coronary stenting

  8. Chewing-side determination of three food textures.

    Paphangkorakit, J; Thothongkam, N; Supanont, N


    Food texture affects chewing movement but it is not known if it also affects the chewing-side pattern. This study determined the chewing sides of three test foods with different textures during habitual chewing. Twenty healthy dental students (aged 20-24 years) chewed pieces of pork jerky, fresh asparagus and almonds on two separate sessions (1 week apart). In each session, each subject chewed 30 food specimens, 10 of the same food type, until swallowing while a video camera recorded the displacement of the chin with respect to the other two reference points vertically marked along the facial midline. A slow-speed video playback was used to identify the chewing side of each cycle. The chewing-side pattern (right preference, left preference, no preference) in each individual was determined statistically. The results showed that overall, 11 subjects did not have any side preference whereas six and three subjects preferred to chew on right or left sides respectively. The chewing-side pattern remained unchanged between three food types in about half of the subjects. When the same food was compared between 2 days, the chewing-side pattern of almonds was shown to be most reproducible (18 subjects). Unidentified cycles with little or no lateral displacement, labelled as bilateral, were observed more frequently near the end of the chewing sequence with more occurrences in almonds and jerky than asparagus (P < 0.01). It was suggested that chewing-side preference is not a fixed characteristic. Food texture seemed to influence the side preference and also the occurrence of bilateral cycles. PMID:16409510

  9. Evaluation of vehicle side airbag effectiveness in Victoria, Australia.

    D'Elia, Angelo; Newstead, Stuart; Scully, Jim


    Side airbag systems were first introduced into vehicles around 1995 to help protect occupants from injury in side impact crashes. International studies have shown that side airbags are effective in reducing the risk of death and injury, however, serious injuries can still occur even when side airbags deploy. The objective of this study was to use detailed injury information from insurance injury compensation claims data linked to Police reported crash data to determine the effectiveness of side airbags in reducing the risk of death or injury for occupants involved in side impact crashes in Victoria, Australia based on the specific body regions that side airbag systems are designed to protect. It was found that head and torso-protecting dual airbag systems designed to protect the head, neck, face, chest and abdomen are highly effective in reducing driver death or injury due to near side crashes. They were associated with a statistically significant reduction of 41.1% (25.9%, 53.2%) in the odds of death or injury across all body regions; and a 48.0% (28.0%, 62.4%) reduction in the odds of death or injury to the head, neck, face, chest and abdomen. The study did not find any evidence that torso-protecting airbags alone are effective in reducing death or injury. Analysis results indicate that head and torso-protecting side airbag systems in vehicles are a highly effective technology for reducing the risk of death or injury to vehicle occupants in near side crashes. The magnitude of the injury reduction benefits estimated indicate that fitment of this technology to all vehicles should be a high priority and will yield significant savings in overall road trauma. PMID:23499979




    Full Text Available The first important economic recession in this century started in USA with the burst of real estate bubble followed by the bankruptcy of some investment and commercial banks and the collapse of capital market. The financial-banking crisis spilt over the world economy and caused the second deepest economic recession in the last 80 years. The financial crisis has badly affected almost all market economies and was the result of a combination between market failures and mistakes made in macroeconomic policies. In the financial sector there was not enough regulation and supervision of corporate governance while in goods industry the pressure of over-regulation led to higher factor costs and supply contraction. The direct result of supply side policies and particularly of monetarist instruments is seen now clearly in the USA: large deficits, huge debts, reduced savings, heavy dependence on foreign money (capital and resources, relatively low domestic output and supply.

  11. A MADYMO model of near-side human occupants in side impacts.

    Huang, Y; King, A I; Cavanaugh, J M


    The protection of automotive occupants against broadside collisions is of current interest due to the implementation of a new Federal standard on side impact. There is controversy as to the validity of the standard, the best criterion to assess injury to the thorax and the type and manner in which padding should be used. Although it has been shown in a series of 17 cadaveric tests that paper honeycomb can reduce thoracic injuries dramatically, there are still concerns regarding the loss of air space between the door and the occupant due to the presence of the padding and regarding the loss of protection for the thorax when there is no engagement of the shoulder with the intruding side structure of the car. This paper describes the development of a three-dimensional rigid body model to simulate cadaveric experiments carried out at Wayne State University. Model parameters were chosen to yield human-like responses at the level of the shoulder, thorax, abdomen and pelvis. The model was then used to study the effect of padding on injury parameters related to the nearside occupant when a relatively thick padding is used (up to 100 mm). It was also used to study the increase in force on the thorax when shoulder engagement is lost. Laboratory tests were conducted with full shoulder engagement but in the field most cars have a low beltline (window sill) which effectively eliminates shoulder contact if the arms are outstretched in a normal driving posture. If a sufficiently soft padding was used, the model did not predict an increase in thoracic force level or any of the injury parameters.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) PMID:8078331

  12. Spectral analysis of pressures measured on two high-rise building models in side-by-side arrangement

    Bronkhorst, A.J.; Geurts, C.P.W.; Bentum, C.A. van; Blocken, B.


    Pressure measurements on a square plan form high-rise building model and two square high-rise building models in side-by-side arrangement were analysed using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to define peak frequencies resulting from interference. For the isolated building model, a reduced frequency

  13. Flow induced vibration characteristics of two circular cylinders in a side by side arrangement and the vibration mechanism

    This experimental study investigated the characteristics of flow induced vibration of two elastically supported circular cylinders in a side by side arrangement. In particular, the characteristics of the flow induced vibration of the two cylinders are investigated by changing the flow speed at each spacing ratio L/D (L is the space between two cylinders and D is the diameter of the cylinder). To clarify the mechanism generating the flow induced vibration of the cylinders, the flow patterns around the two vibrating cylinders are also investigated using a flow visualization test that reproduces the flow induced vibration of the cylinders with a forced vibration apparatus. As a result, it is clarified that the flow induced vibration characteristics of the two cylinders arranged side by side switch among four patterns as the flow between the two cylinders is switched. Among the three arrangements considered (tandem, staggered, and side by side), the arrangement that generates flow induced vibration of the two cylinders most easily is the side by side arrangement

  14. A nationwide Danish cohort study challenging the categorisation into right-sided and left-sided colon cancer

    Jess, Per; Hansen, Iben Onsberg; Gamborg, Michael; Jess, Tine


    The categorisation of colon cancer (CC) into right-sided (RCC) and left-sided (LCC) disease may not capture more subtle variances in aetiology and prognosis. In a nationwide study, we investigated differences in clinical characteristics and survival of RCC versus LCC and of the complete range of CC...

  15. Treatment side effects and follow-up of malignant melanoma

    Side effects in the therapy of malignant melanoma are primarily of importance for radiologists in advanced tumor stages. The available treatment options and their respective side effect profiles have undergone a profound change in recent years after the introduction of modern oncological therapies (e.g. immunotherapy and targeted therapy) with an increasing focus on individual tumor biology and differ significantly from those of classical chemotherapy. The immunotherapeutic agents, in particular ipilimumab, take on a special position because of their specific immune-mediated mechanisms of action and the associated side effects, so-called immune-related adverse events (irAE). The majority of the treatment effects are manifested on the skin (> 50 %) and are generally not detectable by diagnostic radiology. Only a comparatively small proportion of treatment side effects is detectable with diagnostic imaging (15-20 %) but as in the example of therapy-induced colitis with ipilimumab, may be rapidly fatal. In addition to colitis (10-20 %) further therapy side effects apparent in diagnostic imaging are hypophysitis (1.8-17 %), thyroiditis (0.8 %), myositis (1.7 %), fasciitis and sarcoid-like lymph node alterations (6.8 %). To detect radiologically detectable side effects early on and to delineate them especially from tumor progression and (opportunistic) infections, detailed knowledge of the therapeutic methods for melanoma, the mechanisms of action and in particular the sometimes very specific side effects is imperative for radiologists. (orig.)

  16. Systematic identification of proteins that elicit drug side effects

    Kuhn, Michael; Al Banchaabouchi, Mumna; Campillos, Monica;


    Side effect similarities of drugs have recently been employed to predict new drug targets, and networks of side effects and targets have been used to better understand the mechanism of action of drugs. Here, we report a large-scale analysis to systematically predict and characterize proteins that...... responsible for hyperesthesia in mice, which, in turn, can be prevented by a drug that selectively inhibits HTR7. Taken together, we show that a large fraction of complex drug side effects are mediated by individual proteins and create a reference for such relations.......Side effect similarities of drugs have recently been employed to predict new drug targets, and networks of side effects and targets have been used to better understand the mechanism of action of drugs. Here, we report a large-scale analysis to systematically predict and characterize proteins that...... cause drug side effects. We integrated phenotypic data obtained during clinical trials with known drug-target relations to identify overrepresented protein-side effect combinations. Using independent data, we confirm that most of these overrepresentations point to proteins which, when perturbed, cause...

  17. Profit-shifting in two-sided markets

    Schindler, Dirk; Schjelderup, Guttorm


    We investigate how multinational two-sided platform firms set their prices on intra firm transactions. Two-sided platform firms derive income from two customer groups that are connected through at least one positive network externality from one group to the other. A main finding is that even in the absence of taxation transfer prices deviate from marginal cost of production. A second result of the paper is that it is inherently difficult to establish arm s length prices in two sided-markets. ...

  18. Left-sided gall bladder: Report of two cases

    Chrungoo R


    Full Text Available Left-sided gall bladder without situs inversus viscerum is a rare albeit recognized clinical entity. We report our experience of two cases of left-sided gall bladder in two women aged 36 and 48 who underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy for chronic calculous cholecystitis. Left-sided gall bladder may provide an unusual surprise to the surgeons during laparoscopy as routine pre-operative studies may not always detect the anomaly. Awareness of the unpredictable confluence of the cystic duct into the common bile duct (CBD and selective use of intraoperative cholangiography aid in the safe laparoscopic management of this unusual entity.

  19. In vivo assessment of antiretroviral therapy-associated side effects

    Eduardo Milton Ramos-Sanchez


    Full Text Available Antiretroviral therapy has been associated with side effects, either from the drug itself or in conjunction with the effects of human immunodeficiency virus infection. Here, we evaluated the side effects of the protease inhibitor (PI indinavir in hamsters consuming a normal or high-fat diet. Indinavir treatment increased the hamster death rate and resulted in an increase in triglyceride, cholesterol and glucose serum levels and a reduction in anti-oxLDL auto-antibodies. The treatment led to histopathological alterations of the kidney and the heart. These results suggest that hamsters are an interesting model for the study of the side effects of antiretroviral drugs, such as PIs.

  20. Explosive Bolt Dual-Initiated from One Side

    Snow, Eric


    An explosive bolt has been developed that has a one-sided dual initiation train all the way down to the pyro charge for high reliability, while still allowing the other side of the bolt to remain in place after actuation to act as a thermal seal in an extremely high-temperature environment. This lightweight separation device separates at a single fracture plane, and has as much redundancy/reliability as possible. The initiation train comes into the explosive bolt from one side.

  1. Side-entrainment in a jet embedded in a sidewind

    Lopez-Camara, D


    Numerical simulations of HH jets never show side-entrainment of environmental material into the jet beam. This is because the bow shock associated with the jet head pushes the surrounding environment into a dense shell, which is never in direct contact with the sides of the jet beam. We present 3D simulations in which a side-streaming motion (representing the motion of the outflow source through the surrounding medium) pushes the post-bow shock shell into direct contact with the jet beam. This is a possible mechanism for modelling well collimated "molecular jets" as an atomic/ionic flow which entrains molecules initially present only in the surrounding environment.

  2. Side Effects and Complications of Dental Materials on Oral Cavity

    Z. Atai


    Full Text Available Development of dental materials has had a great impact on the modern dentistry. The materials ranging from polymers to metals have different applications in dentistry. Besides their important role in healing or improving the function of oral tissues, the materials may show side effects which may, in some cases, lead to severe lesions. In this review the side effects have been summarized considering a new classification for dental materials according to the duration of their applications as temporary or permanent materials. The side effects of the materials are then discussed based on clinical and cellular views.

  3. Cascade Source Coding with a Side Information "Vending Machine"

    Ahmadi, Behzad; Choudhuri, Chiranjib; Simeone, Osvaldo; Mitra, Urbashi


    The model of a side information "vending machine" (VM) accounts for scenarios in which the measurement of side information sequences can be controlled via the selection of cost-constrained actions. In this paper, the three-node cascade source coding problem is studied under the assumption that a side information VM is available and the intermediate and/or at the end node of the cascade. A single-letter characterization of the achievable trade-off among the transmission rates, the distortions ...

  4. A side-by-side test of four land gravity meters

    Chapin, D.A.; Crawford, M.F. [ARCO Exploration and Production Technology, Plano, TX (United States); Baumeister, M. [Photo Gravity Corp., Houston, TX (United States)


    Four different land gravity meters were run side by side on a test range in eastern Texas. This test range was designed to duplicate typical field survey conditions encountered in gravity measurements on 3-D land seismic surveys. A profile of 270 stations was acquired with a station spacing of 33.5 m (110 ft). The four meters were Scintrex CG-3, Sodin, LaCoste and Romberg (L and R) G-meter, and Edcon/L and R Super-G meter. The purpose of this study was to determine which of the four meters had the best balance of accuracy, convenience, and speed of measurement for these specialized surveys. All four meters had their limitations, and no single meter was greatly superior to the others. The CG-3 was awkward in leveling, had a large (368 {mu}Gal per day) drift rate, and had some quirks in its user interface. The Sodin meter had problems controlling its temperature and, at one point, had a very high 935 {mu}Gal per day drift rate. It had the poorest accuracy of the four. The G-meter lacked a convenient digital user interface; thus, it was susceptible to operator blunder in misreading or recording the data. The Super-G meter also had some problems in its user interface, had only a 6-mGal range without a range change, and was the heaviest of the field instruments. An unbiased statistical estimator was developed to analyze the data. The technique determined the best three meters at each station. Both the G-meter and the Super-G meter produced the most accurate data. They had an average absolute deviation from the mean of 209 and 23 {mu}Gal, respectively. In comparison, the two quartz meters--the CG-3 and the Sodin--had an average absolute deviation from the mean of 31 and 46 {mu}Gal, respectively. The authors would like to see the manufacturers improve (or add, in the case of the G-meter and the Sodin) their digital interfaces. Additionally, they would like to see upgrades in the thermal control systems in all the meters. The single largest amount of station time was

  5. Flow characteristics at trapezoidal broad-crested side weir

    Říha Jaromír


    Full Text Available Broad-crested side weirs have been the subject of numerous hydraulic studies; however, the flow field at the weir crest and in front of the weir in the approach channel still has not been fully described. Also, the discharge coefficient of broad-crested side weirs, whether slightly inclined towards the stream or lateral, still has yet to be clearly determined. Experimental research was carried out to describe the flow characteristics at low Froude numbers in the approach flow channel for various combinations of in- and overflow discharges. Three side weir types with different oblique angles were studied. Their flow characteristics and discharge coefficients were analyzed and assessed based on the results obtained from extensive measurements performed on a hydraulic model. The empirical relation between the angle of side weir obliqueness, Froude numbers in the up- and downstream channels, and the coefficient of obliqueness was derived.

  6. U.S. electric utility demand-side management 1993



    This report presents comprehensive information on electric power industry demand-side management activities in the United States at the national, regional, and utility levels. Data is included for energy savings, peakload reductions, and costs.

  7. A design of emission regulation with supply side response

    Hitherto, supply side response has received little attention in welfare analysis. Without considering that when a policy environmental changes supply side may change production plan in response to it, a policy evaluation has been conducted. Since 1980s, such a policy evaluation without considering supply side response is much dangerous, and sometimes a probability to select incorrect policy evaluation has become suggested. When government conducts its policy change, expected profit in enterprise changes. Therefore, enterprise must be remade up an optimum strategy on a base of this new expected profit. If an aim of government consists in to maximize welfare of whole society, government needs to conduct a policy evaluation due to welfare analysis under considering such background, here is described to propose an environmental policy considering supply side response. (G.K.)

  8. Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects: Sexual and Fertility Changes in Women

    N ational C ancer I nstitute Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects Sexual and Fertility Changes in Women “Talk with your doctor before you start treatment. Ask how chemotherapy could affect your ability ...

  9. Sun and Skin: The Dark Side of Sun Exposure

    ... Mobile Kidney Failure and Its Treatment Featured Website: Bionic Man Past ... But sunlight also has a dangerous side. It can harm your skin and even your eyes. The good news is you can take some ...

  10. Far-side helioseismic maps: the next generation

    For more than a decade, far-side seismic maps of medium-to-large active regions have proven their capability as a space weather forecasting tool. In the last few years, these maps have started to serve another purpose: complementing the front side observations that are input to different solar models. Photospheric flux transport as well as solar spectral irradiance models have been shown to produce improved results when incorporating the far-side seismic maps as well as providing better forecasting. The challenge for the future is twofold: Far-side seismic monitoring needs to be more sensitive, and it needs to offer more information. We present here initial steps towards fulfilling these goals using higher resolution input images, adding extra skips to the analysis and changing the presentation of the maps.

  11. Incorporating Side Information in Probabilistic Matrix Factorization with Gaussian Processes

    Adams, Ryan Prescott; Murray, Iain


    Probabilistic matrix factorization (PMF) is a powerful method for modeling data associated with pairwise relationships, finding use in collaborative filtering, computational biology, and document analysis, among other areas. In many domains, there is additional information that can assist in prediction. For example, when modeling movie ratings, we might know when the rating occurred, where the user lives, or what actors appear in the movie. It is difficult, however, to incorporate this side information into the PMF model. We propose a framework for incorporating side information by coupling together multiple PMF problems via Gaussian process priors. We replace scalar latent features with functions that vary over the space of side information. The GP priors on these functions require them to vary smoothly and share information. We successfully use this new method to predict the scores of professional basketball games, where side information about the venue and date of the game are relevant for the outcome.

  12. Arthritis Possible Side Effect of Certain Cancer Drugs: Study

    ... page: Arthritis Possible Side Effect of Certain Cancer Drugs: Study ... increase risk for joint and tissue disease, including arthritis, new research suggests. "We keep having referrals coming ...

  13. Side-Scan-Sonar Lines for Hudson River, NY

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Side Scan Sonar and Subbottom Profiler Tracklines. Data was collected November 5 to December 15, 2009, in the estuary north from Saugerties to Troy. Fugro utilized...

  14. The SIDER database of drugs and side effects

    Kuhn, Michael; Letunic, Ivica; Jensen, Lars Juhl;


    , contains data on 1430 drugs, 5880 ADRs and 140 064 drug-ADR pairs, which is an increase of 40% compared to the previous version. For more fine-grained analyses, we extracted the frequency with which side effects occur from the package inserts. This information is available for 39% of drug-ADR pairs, 19......Unwanted side effects of drugs are a burden on patients and a severe impediment in the development of new drugs. At the same time, adverse drug reactions (ADRs) recorded during clinical trials are an important source of human phenotypic data. It is therefore essential to combine data on drugs......, targets and side effects into a more complete picture of the therapeutic mechanism of actions of drugs and the ways in which they cause adverse reactions. To this end, we have created the SIDER ('Side Effect Resource', database of drugs and ADRs. The current release, SIDER 4...

  15. A Demand-Side Theory of Antitakeover Defenses

    Hannes, Sharon


    This article develops a demand-and-supply framework to analyze the adoption of antitakeover defenses and constructs a demand-side theory of antitakeover provisions ("ATP's"). The article views the decision to go public without ATP's as a decision to produce an unshielded target and shows that the classic literature focused on the costs of producing such a target but barely accounted for demand-side considerations. The article argues that the more firms there are producing unsheilded targets...

  16. Right sided hemispatial neglect and bilateral cerebral lesions.

    Weintraub, S.; Daffner, K R; Ahern, G L; Price, B H; Mesulam, M M


    This study compared the frequency with which unilateral and bilateral cerebral disease gives rise to right sided visual hemispatial inattention. A retrospective survey identified brain injured patients for whom target omissions on visual target cancellation tasks significantly exceeded control values. Subjects consisted of 40 right handed patients referred for clinical evaluation or research study of hemispatial inattention. Right sided visual hemispatial inattention occurred with greater fre...

  17. Supramolecular routes towards liquid crystalline side-chain polymers

    Hammond, Matthew R.; Mezzenga, Raffaele


    Supramolecular attachment of mesogenic or non-mesogenic side chains to polymer backbones can result in the formation of liquid crystalline morphologies. The various parameters that can be tuned in order to achieve these morphologies, such as the type of non-covalent bonding chemistry (hydrogen bonding, ionic bonding, metal coordination, π–π interactions), the polymeric template architecture, and the side chain structure and properties, are reviewed in what follows, with emphasis placed on the...

  18. The scapular glenopolar angle: standard values and side differences

    Tucek, Michal; Bartonicek, Jan [Charles University and Military University Hospital Prague, Department of Orthopaedic Trauma, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Prague 6 (Czech Republic); Nanka, Ondrej [Charles University, Institute of Anatomy, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Prague 2 (Czech Republic); Malik, Jozef [Military University Hospital Prague, Department of Radiology, Prague 6 (Czech Republic)


    The aim of this study is to determine normal glenopolar angle (GPA) values on bone specimens of the scapula and compare them with various radiological views and CT examination. GPA values were measured on 100 mature, dry, non-paired scapulae, 20 pairs of dry scapulae, 50 AP radiographs of the shoulder, 50 Neer I views, 50 AP chest radiographs and 20 3D CT reconstructions of the scapula. Measurements made on bone specimens of the scapula showed an average GPA value of 42.3 ; the mean absolute side-to-side difference was on average 1.6 . The average GPA measured on 50 AP shoulder radiographs was 35.9 , on Neer I views 40.6 and AP chest radiographs 37.1 , with the mean absolute side-to-side difference on average 4.9 ; on 3D CT the average GPA was 43.0 and the mean absolute side-to-side difference on average 1.4 . GPA values depend on the method of measurement used. Measurements made on 3D CT reconstructions and Neer I views showed almost the same values as those measured on bone specimens. The values measured on AP shoulder views and AP chest radiographs were statistically significantly lower. Side-to-side variability (right and left) measured on 3D CT reconstructions was insignificant, and the obtained values corresponded to the values from bone specimens. Therefore, the best method to measure the GPA is a 3D CT reconstruction and an exact Neer I projection. (orig.)

  19. Cost benefit analysis of the demand side management programs

    The several cost and benefit components of the demand side management programs for the society groups, including the concessionaire, consumers and society as a whole are studied. The rule evaluations of management programs by demand side, used by North American concessionaire are also discussed. Finally, the numerical examples, that consolidating the concepts and rules evaluation are presented. (C.G.C.). 5 refs, 1 fig, 3 tabs

  20. Demand-side management for energy in the region

    Lazar Davidovich Gitelman; Boris Evgenyevich Ratnikov; Mikhail Viktorovich Kozhevnikov


    The article deals with a promising approach to solving the problem of investment in the regional electric power industry — the application of demand-side management, the essence of which lies in proactive interaction of energy companies with customers, based on the balance of economic interests. The features of the concept and its tools are revealed, positive results of its implementation for energy market players and the region are shown, and examples of demand-side management pr...

  1. A Two-Sided Optimization for Theater Ballistic Missile Defense

    Brown, G.; Carlyle, M.; Diehl, D; Kline, J.; Wood, K.


    Operations Research, 53, pp. 263-275. Center for Infrastructure Defense (CID) Paper. We describe JOINT DEFENDER, a new two-sided optimization model for planning the pre-positioning of defensive missile interceptors to counter an attack threat. In our basic model, a defender pre-positions ballistic missile defense platforms to minimize the worst-case damage an attacker can achieve; we assume that the attacker will be aware of defensive pre-positioning decisions, and that both sides have ...

  2. Holographic Gratings in Azobenzene Side-Chain Polymethacrylates

    Andruzzi, Luisa; Altomare, Angelina; Ciardelli, Francesco; Solaro, Roberto; Hvilsted, Søren; Ramanujam, P.S.


    Optical storage properties of thin unoriented liquid crystalline and amorphous side-chain azobenzene polymethacrylate films are examined by polarization holographic measurements. The investigated materials are free radical copolymers derived from two photochromic monomers, 6-(4-oxy-4'-cyanoazoben......Optical storage properties of thin unoriented liquid crystalline and amorphous side-chain azobenzene polymethacrylate films are examined by polarization holographic measurements. The investigated materials are free radical copolymers derived from two photochromic monomers, 6-(4-oxy-4...

  3. The Side Effects of Insecticide Efficient Biocidals to Beneficial Insects

    Şimşek, Muharrem; ÖZKAN, Cem


    Unawares usage of biocidals effects not only natural resources, environment and human health but also can damage beneficial insects which suppresses pests. Herein, the side effects of insecticide efficient biocidals to important beneficial insects was handled and measures on sustainable biocidal usages was discussed. The side effects of Deltamethrin, Azadirachtin, Spinosad and Bacillus thuringinensis biocidals to certain important beneficial insects were evaluated with literature data. Negati...

  4. Summary Side Event on Partnerships for Inclusive Business

    Pfisterer, Stella


    textabstractDuring the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan (South Korea) in November 2011, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development together with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Global Compact, the International Business Leaders Forum, the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Partnerships Resource Centre and UNDP, hosted a side event about Partnerships for Inclusive Business. A summary of this side event can be found by clicking on the link below.

  5. Single Sided Messaging v. 0.6.6


    Single-Sided Messaging (SSM) is a portable, multitransport networking library that enables applications to leverage potential one-sided capabilities of underlying network transports. It also provides desirable semantics that services for highperformance, massively parallel computers can leverage, such as an explicit cancel operation for pending transmissions, as well as enhanced matching semantics favoring large numbers of buffers attached to a single match entry. This release supports TCP/IP, shared memory, and Infiniband.

  6. Polyorchidism: a torted right-sided supernumerary testis

    Thyoka, Mandela; Lall, Anupam; Godse, Alok


    Polyorchidism is a rare congenital anomaly defined by the presence of more than two histologically proven testes. The commonest variant is triorchidism, the supernumerary testis being commonly reported on the left side. Most cases of polyorchidism are found incidentally in association with undescended testis, hydrocele, hernia or torsion. We report a right-sided triorchidism in a 15-year-old boy found at time of groin exploration for an irreducible right inguinal hernia.

  7. The Evolution of Two-Sided Markets: A Dynamic Model

    Zhu, Feng; Mitzenmacher, Michael D.


    Static models of two-sided markets often lead to multiple equilibria as a result of increasing return to demand. Typically the market can be monopolistic or oligopolistic in equilibrium. We provide a simple dynamic model to address the equilibrium selection problem. Our results indicate that the final market structure depends critically on the overall strength of the indirect network effects of the two sides. Interestingly, we find under weak network effects the market share advantage of the ...

  8. Side Channel Attacks on STTRAM and Low-Overhead Countermeasures

    Rathi, Nitin; Naeimi, Helia; Ghosh, Swaroop


    Spin Transfer Torque RAM (STTRAM) is a promising candidate for Last Level Cache (LLC) due to high endurance, high density and low leakage. One of the major disadvantages of STTRAM is high write latency and write current. Additionally, the latency and current depends on the polarity of the data being written. These features introduce major security vulnerabilities and expose the cache memory to side channel attacks. In this paper we propose a novel side channel attack model where the adversary...

  9. Side chain and backbone ordering in a polypeptide

    Wei, Y; Hansmann, U H E


    We report results from multicanonical simulations of polyglutamic acid chains of length of ten residues. For this simple polypeptide we observe a decoupling of backbone and side-chain ordering in the folding process. While the details of the two transitions vary between the peptide in gas phase and in an implicit solvent, our results indicate that, independent of the specific surroundings, upon continuously lowering the temperature side-chain ordering occurs only after the backbone topology is completely formed.

  10. Regional renal venous hypertension and left-sided varicocele

    O. B. Zhukov; A. V. Verzin; P. L. Penkov


    One of the most frequent correctable causes of male infertility is a varicocele. The etiology and pathogenesis of varicocele to date is a matter of debate. The aim of our study was to determine the causes and incidence of regional renal hypertension in patients with leftsided varicocele. The study involved 110 patients with left-sided varicocele in age from 18 to 35 years. Algorithm for evaluation of patients with left-sided varicocele included: physical examination, ultrasound with Doppler k...