Sample records for brazilian rural settlement

  1. Dose forming in rural settlement: family analysis

    The aim of the study is the multifactor statistic families analysis of ingestion dose in rural settlement. The hypothesis of the determining role of a family as of social system in dose forming in rural settlement, has been approved. The most significant social-demographic features of a family influencing dose forming, were detected: the number of members of the family, number of children, average age, education and occupational orientation of the family. Despite their being linked with similar features of the family on the whole, age, education, occupation and gender of master of the family, influence most the dose forming. Young families with many children in which the master is a worker, having frequent contact with forest, have high doses. The knowledge of social structure of families will allow to predict the ingestion dose distribution in rural settlement. (Author)

  2. Koritnjak: Abandoned rural settlement in the beginning of 2002.

    Martinović Marija


    Full Text Available Under non-adequate conditions of social relation to rural area after Second world war, modern development of rural settlements of Serbia has a lot of rural problems. A certain number of rural settlements, after negative general development at the end of XX and in the beginning of XXI century have been in demographical mean disappeared. With this paper, in the example of Koritnjak, is showed the genesis and evolution of settlement which is abandoned in the beginning of 2002, after continuous decrease of total population and non-positive demographical and total development.

  3. Dynamic mechanism and present situation of rural settlement evolution in China

    ZHOU Guohua; HE Yanhua; TANG Chengli; YU Tao; XIAO Guozhen; ZHONG Ting


    This paper provides a detailed analysis of the factors influencing the evolution of rural settlements,including natural environmental constraints,infrastructure,regional cultural inheritance and integration,urbanization and rural industrial transformation,land use reformation and innovation,rural household behavior conversion,macro-control policy factors,and so on.Based on differences between the ways and degree of effect on rural settlement evolution,these factors are classified into basic factors,new-type factors and mutation factors.The drive of basic factors mainly focuses on the traditional inheritance of rural settlements,the new-type factors mainly affect rural settlement transition,and the mutation factors may bring about sudden changes.All these factors constitute a "three-wheel" driving mechanism for the evolution of rural settlements,and shape three typical driver paths:slow smooth path under the basic factors,new path to rapid development under the new-type factors,and the sudden change path under the mutation factors.The paper also investigates the overall situation of rural settlement evolution in the aspects of settlement system,settlement scale,settlement morphology,settlement function,settlement culture,settlement environment,etc.The general process of rural settlement evolution is divided into four stages:initial,transitional,developmental,and mature stages.

  4. Evaluation of the Rural Human Settlement in Shandong Province

    Xu Hong; Shen Meiyu; Chen Xiangxiang


    Taking Shandong Province as the research object, this paper uses the principal component analysis method to evaluate the status of the rural human settlement in Shandong Province. It establishes the evaluation index system of the rural residential environment in Shandong Province, including living environment, economy, infrastructure, public service facilities, and ecological environment, in total five comprehensive index, and 20 second~ ary indexes. Through measurement and sorting of rural human environment development level of Shandong Province in 2010, the 17 cities are divided into-excellent, good, ordinary, poor-four development areas and are analyzed based on the restriction factor in the development of the region.

  5. A GIS-based research on the distribution of rural settlements in Yulin of northern Shaanxi


    The development and distribution pattern of rural settlements was greatly limited by their natural and social environment. Taking Yulin prefecture in northern Shaanxi's Loess Plateau area as an example, 1:250,000 map-scale national geographical database as a major information source, a GIS-based research was conducted to investigate the spatial distribution of the rural settlements. In this paper, many significant characteristics of the rural settlement distribution are reviewed by means of a series of GIS-based information processing methodology. The results obtained in this study should be helpful for the urban and rural settlements reconstruction planning in this area.




    Peculiarities of migration processes development in the Russian Federation indicate that along with the gradual normalization of the migration situation there is an actual problem of foreign nationals connected with their adaptation and integration. Annually, a significant number of migrants arrive at the territory of Khabarovsk rural settlements. Most of them do not know Russian language and the basics of immigration law. In 2014, 43940 people arrived in Khabarovsk Krai; 131479 foreign citiz...

  7. Research on driving forces for rural settlement land changes in China

    CHEN Chun; FENG Chang-chun


    During the rapid urbanization period, the contradiction between demand for the construction land and the preservation of cultivated land for food security is getting more and more serious in China. With the urbanization the rural settlement land is increasing instead of decreasing. This paper aims at finding the driving forces for rural settlement land expansion. Based on land use change survey data (1996-2006) by the Ministry. of Land and Resources P. R. C., this paper finds that per capita area for rural settlement land is more than per capita area for city township and industrial land in each province except Tibet. Besides, rural settlement land area and per capita rural settlement land area are increasing while the rural population is decreasing in most provinces. The main problems of rural settlement land use are low efficiency, high vacancy rate, chaotic layout and illegal occupancy. Then the driving forces for rural settlement land expansion, including economic development family income, family scale, psychological factors, urbanization, transportation, lack of planning, limited circulation of dwelling-house land and imperfect social security, are explored based on above analysts. Finally, policy recommendations, in view of different influencing factors, are put forward to control the disorder expansion of rural settlement land.

  8. Environmental Costs of Government-Sponsored Agrarian Settlements in Brazilian Amazonia

    Schneider, Maurício; Peres, Carlos A.


    Brazil has presided over the most comprehensive agrarian reform frontier colonization program on Earth, in which ~1.2 million settlers have been translocated by successive governments since the 1970’s, mostly into forested hinterlands of Brazilian Amazonia. These settlements encompass 5.3% of this ~5 million km2 region, but have contributed with 13.5% of all land conversion into agropastoral land uses. The Brazilian Federal Agrarian Agency (INCRA) has repeatedly claimed that deforestation in ...

  9. Functional types of urban and rural settlements; 1 : 1 000 000

    Functional types of urban and rural settlements were assessed from the data on 'pure economic structure' of the population of municipalities. The 'pure economic structure' means all population living and working in the particular settlement and the particular industry, plus the commuting population. Identification of the functions of urban and rural settlements was made on the basis of the prevailing share of population working in the particular industry. (authors)

  10. Environmental Costs of Government-Sponsored Agrarian Settlements in Brazilian Amazonia.

    Schneider, Maurício; Peres, Carlos A


    Brazil has presided over the most comprehensive agrarian reform frontier colonization program on Earth, in which ~1.2 million settlers have been translocated by successive governments since the 1970's, mostly into forested hinterlands of Brazilian Amazonia. These settlements encompass 5.3% of this ~5 million km2 region, but have contributed with 13.5% of all land conversion into agropastoral land uses. The Brazilian Federal Agrarian Agency (INCRA) has repeatedly claimed that deforestation in these areas largely predates the sanctioned arrival of new settlers. Here, we quantify rates of natural vegetation conversion across 1911 agrarian settlements allocated to 568 Amazonian counties and compare fire incidence and deforestation rates before and after the official occupation of settlements by migrant farmers. The timing and spatial distribution of deforestation and fires in our analysis provides irrefutable chronological and spatially explicit evidence of agropastoral conversion both inside and immediately outside agrarian settlements over the last decade. Deforestation rates are strongly related to local human population density and road access to regional markets. Agrarian settlements consistently accelerated rates of deforestation and fires, compared to neighboring areas outside settlements, but within the same counties. Relocated smallholders allocated to forest areas undoubtedly operate as pivotal agents of deforestation, and most of the forest clearance occurs in the aftermath of government-induced migration. PMID:26247467

  11. Environmental Costs of Government-Sponsored Agrarian Settlements in Brazilian Amazonia.

    Maurício Schneider

    Full Text Available Brazil has presided over the most comprehensive agrarian reform frontier colonization program on Earth, in which ~1.2 million settlers have been translocated by successive governments since the 1970's, mostly into forested hinterlands of Brazilian Amazonia. These settlements encompass 5.3% of this ~5 million km2 region, but have contributed with 13.5% of all land conversion into agropastoral land uses. The Brazilian Federal Agrarian Agency (INCRA has repeatedly claimed that deforestation in these areas largely predates the sanctioned arrival of new settlers. Here, we quantify rates of natural vegetation conversion across 1911 agrarian settlements allocated to 568 Amazonian counties and compare fire incidence and deforestation rates before and after the official occupation of settlements by migrant farmers. The timing and spatial distribution of deforestation and fires in our analysis provides irrefutable chronological and spatially explicit evidence of agropastoral conversion both inside and immediately outside agrarian settlements over the last decade. Deforestation rates are strongly related to local human population density and road access to regional markets. Agrarian settlements consistently accelerated rates of deforestation and fires, compared to neighboring areas outside settlements, but within the same counties. Relocated smallholders allocated to forest areas undoubtedly operate as pivotal agents of deforestation, and most of the forest clearance occurs in the aftermath of government-induced migration.

  12. Rural development in Istria - the case of implementation "Albergo diffuso" and renovation of rural settlement Padna

    Črnigoj Marc, Tina


    Rural landscape in Slovenian Istria is highly attractive for tourism as a special cultural landscape offers exploring many natural and cultural heritage elements. Nevertheless, the majority of tourists and economic development are concentrated on the narrow coastline. Many traditional settlements in city outskirts are exposed to stagnation and degradation, mainly due to the aging population and emigration. Only few young people, who are generally not in touch with tradition and the environmen...




    Full Text Available Peculiarities of migration processes development in the Russian Federation indicate that along with the gradual normalization of the migration situation there is an actual problem of foreign nationals connected with their adaptation and integration. Annually, a significant number of migrants arrive at the territory of Khabarovsk rural settlements. Most of them do not know Russian language and the basics of immigration law. In 2014, 43940 people arrived in Khabarovsk Krai; 131479 foreign citizens and persons without citizenship were registered in the migration office. As a result of changing climatic, socioeconomic, psychological-pedagogical conditions, foreign citizens, in most cases, show a low level of sociopsychological readiness to integrate into the local community in its actual borders. The fact of changing the place of residence is a destabilizing factor and entails certain disadvantages: the change of the social environment, the climate, the legal field. Under the new conditions of residence foreign citizens must adapt to the surrounding space - establish social relationships (friendship, business, relations with neighbors, study and know the laws of the community, receive (restore the social and legal status (employment, realization of the right to education and training children, decent livelihood. Solution of this problem is complicated by specific conditions of life in rural areas. At the same time, the few sociological studies of migration processes focus on the research of problems of migrants living in cities and do not consider the adaptation problems of this category of population living in rural areas.

  14. Rural settlements dynamics and the prospects of densification strategy in rural Bangladesh.

    Alam, A F M Ashraful; Asad, Rumana; Enamul Kabir, Md


    Given the year on year decrease of rural farmland and various forms of land degradation through the intrusion of non-farm land uses, the government of Bangladesh has drafted the agrarian reform strategies, primarily to protect the agricultural land from encroachment, conversion, and indiscriminate use. The draft Agricultural Land Protection and Land Use Bill since its inception in 2011 is facing serious uncertainties of implementation due to its borrowed nature from the developed contexts and inadequacy to recognize the local complexities. With a particular focus on the densification component of the draft bill, a semester-long design studio was conducted in consultation with the existing villagers to explore the practicability of the draft bill in the villages of Tetultala and Chhoygharia in the south-western coastal Bangladesh. The findings from the two villages hint that in Bangladesh, the unique and evolving nature of rural settlements dynamics that are disintegrating the rural society from farming practices and the farmland, thereby, unsettling the traditional village-morphology. The settlements dynamics vary from those of the western context; hence, there is an emerging need to build locally situated knowledge towards a feasible rural land reform. PMID:27026946

  15. Rural education in brazilian education: contradictions and perspective

    Adriana D'Agostini


    This work focuses on the rural education. It aimed to analyze and discuss the rural education in the Brazilian educational context, indicating its character and its importance from the 1990s in the perspective of building an education aimed at human emancipation and that contradictory it is also supported and guided by neoliberal educational policies. From the studies of production on rural education was found challenges, problems, difficulties and contradictions that permeate the attempt to ...

  16. Some demographic changes and general morpho-physiognomy of rural settlements of the Jablanica basin

    Popović Ivan B.


    Full Text Available Nowadays, more stable socio-economic growth of the local municipalities of Jablanica has caused many changes and initiated numerous development trends in rural settlements of this spatial whole. This paper analyses the accommodation characteristics, some demographic changes and general morpho-physiognomical tendencies of Jablanica villages, which is of basic importance for representing the essential segments of the local rural settlements.

  17. Traffic Service Solution for Rural Settlements by Means of Tertiary Country Roads

    Vochozka, Marek; Pártlová, Petra; Mayer, Zdeněk


    The article focuses on the issue of traffic service for rural settlements and related production, tourist and recreation activities in rural areas in the conditions of the Czech Republic by means of rural tertiary roads. The article declares their critical importance for assurance of traffic service and penetrability of the Czech rural areas. Theoretical grounds have been specified for their designing, as well as basic criteria and parameters. A selected territorial segment is used to demo...

  18. Sobre cooperação e cooperativas em assentamentos rurais About cooperation and cooperativism in rural settlements

    Rosemeire Aparecida Scopinho


    Full Text Available O artigo trata do significado da cooperação e do cooperativismo no processo organizativo de assentamentos rurais no estado de São Paulo. Compreendendo cooperação e cooperativismo como processos sociais distintos, discuto os motivos do movimento de institucionalização de cooperativas na sua relação com o declínio das formas de cooperação tradicionalmente desenvolvidas no mundo rural brasileiro. Analiso o significado da cooperação e os problemas decorrentes da sua institucionalização no interior dos assentamentos rurais organizados pelo Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST, procurando identificar os elementos que indicam mudanças e permanências em relação ao tradicional cooperativismo rural. Procuro refletir sobre os motivos da atual tendência existente entre os assentados para refutar a cooperativa como modelo organizacional, mas valorizar a cooperação como modo de organização da vida econômica e societária.This article deals with the meaning of cooperation and cooperativism in the organizational process of rural settlements in the state of São Paulo considering cooperation and cooperativism as distinct social processes. I discuss the motive why the movement headed for cooperative institutionalization in relation to the decline of the traditional ways of cooperation developed in the Brazilian rural world. The meaning of cooperation was studied as well as subsequent problems due to its institutionalization within the rural settlements organized by MST - Landless Workers Movement, trying to identify the elements that show change and permanence related to traditional rural cooperativism. I seek to reflect upon the motives of the current trend among settlers to reject the cooperative as an organizational model, despite the fact they appraise cooperation as a way to organize their social and economic life.

  19. Rural education in brazilian education: contradictions and perspective

    Adriana D'Agostini


    Full Text Available This work focuses on the rural education. It aimed to analyze and discuss the rural education in the Brazilian educational context, indicating its character and its importance from the 1990s in the perspective of building an education aimed at human emancipation and that contradictory it is also supported and guided by neoliberal educational policies. From the studies of production on rural education was found challenges, problems, difficulties and contradictions that permeate the attempt to create a perspective of rural education. The concept of rural education was initially developed within the Movement of Landless Workers (MST and other social movements from the political pressure and demands for the state to take over public education / field took dimension of public policy. This complex situation currently directs rural schools, a critical perspective that seeks an education beyond the capital.

  20. Dynamic Mechanisms for Evolution of Mountain Rural Settlements and Soil Conservation in Upper Yangtze River Basin

    WANG Qing; CHEN Yong


    This paper presents the logic relationship between rural settlement reconstruction and soil conservation in the Upper Yangtze River. Firstly, by introducing the concepts of "flow" and "intercepted flow", we probe into the dynamic mechanism on interaction between ecological and environmental system, and then point out that the "intercepting sites" are physical conditions for establishment of human settlements in mountains. Secondly, by using ecological theories, "flow", "source", and "sink", material cycle and energy flow in mountains have been discussed. Thirdly, according to dissipative structure theory and thermodynamic laws, a hypothesis has been proposed that "entropy flow" is a dynamic force for settlement evolution. Finally, it is argued that a project for soil conservation is set to control and utilize flows so rural settlements can be supported and farmers' life improved.

  1. A Simulation Model for Developing Service Centers in a Rural Settlement Network

    R Domanski; Wierzbicki, A.P.


    The work of the Regional Development Task at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) focuses on problems of medium- and long-term regional development. In this context the restructuring of settlement networks forms an important part of the development of regions. A critical aspect of this restructuring is the development of service centers. This paper presents a dynamic simulation model for developing service centers in a rural settlement network, together with t...

  2. Test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements: results of the HEFA CORS project in 2009

    Lewis, Carenza


    This paper reports on the fifth year of the University of Cambridge Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) project run by Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA) which combines education and university outreach (particularly within the secondary school sector) with the archaeological investigation of currently occupied rural settlements (CORS) by the excavation of 1-metre square test pits in open spaces within existing rural villages and hamlets. The programme was directed b...

  3. Settlement

    John Frow


    Full Text Available The paper explores the idea of settlement in each of its three major senses: as a place of human habitation; as a fixed and stable order of habitation; and as a political consensus reconciling fractious groups. Arguing that traditional accounts of settlement depend, with a kind of pastoral nostalgia, upon a view of abstraction and social complexity as in themselves  harmful, it follows through the implications of the concept for ways of dealing with the stranger, and it uses a drawing by the nineteenth-century indigenous Australian artist Tommy McRae, done about 1890 and entitled Corroboree, or William Buckley and dancers from the Wathaurong people, to propose a counterfactual model through which a settlement with the stranger might be imagined.

  4. Test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements: results of the University of Cambridge CORS project in 2011

    Lewis, Carenza


    2011 saw the seventh year of test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements (CORS) in East Anglia carried out under the supervision of Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA) directed by Dr Carenza Lewis at the University of Cambridge. As in previous years, this archaeological activity combines education and university outreach (particularly within the secondary school sector) with the archaeological investigation of currently occupied rural settlements (CO...




    The study analyzes the spatial distribution of groundwater nitrate concentration in Siculeni, a rural settlement in Eastern Transylvania. The aim of the paper is to determine the factors influencing the inter-annual regime of groundwater nitrate concentration. In the analyze groundwater nitrate concentration and water table data are used from 23 sampling points and also precipitation data from Miercurea Ciuc meteorological station are processed. Based on combined cluster analyzes with geograp...

  6. Test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements: results of the HEFA CORS project 2010

    Lewis, Carenza


    This paper reports on the sixth year of the University of Cambridge Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) project run by Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA). As in previous years, this combines education and university outreach (particularly within the secondary school sector) with the archaeological investigation of currently occupied rural settlements (CORS). The main method used for this is the excavation of 1- metre square test pits in open spaces within exist...

  7. Methodology for Evaluating the Rural Tourism Potentials: A Tool to Ensure Sustainable Development of Rural Settlements

    Alexander Trukhachev


    The paper analyses potentials, challenges and problems of the rural tourism from the point of view of its impact on sustainable rural development. It explores alternative sources of income for rural people by means of tourism and investigates effects of the rural tourism on agricultural production in local rural communities. The aim is to identify the existing and potential tourist attractions within the rural areas in Southern Russia and to provide solutions to be introduced in particular ru...

  8. Rural electrification of the Brazilian Amazon - Achievements and lessons

    The Brazilian government has the ambition to provide complete electricity coverage for all citizens as a means to promote development and reduce inequalities. Full coverage implies the provision of electricity to 15 million people in the country by the end of 2010 through the program Luz para Todos (LPT - light for all) launched in 2003. So far, 11 million people have benefited, 2 million of which live in the Amazon. In this paper, we analyze the linkages between development and rural electrification through the Human Development Index (HDI) and within the context of the Amazon. We examine the suitability of the HDI as a planning and monitoring tool for improving energy access and development. We show that the recognition of electricity access as a driver for development has led to concrete goals for electrification, actual action and welfare improvement. Our study serves to highlight the role of LPT in the development of the Amazon region, and the specific features and achievements of the Brazilian policy for universal electrification. We conclude that some challenges related to the electrification of isolated areas still lie ahead. We finalize with a discussion on the relevance of the Brazilian experience to other developing countries.


    Rafael Felipe da Costa Vieira


    Full Text Available SUMMARY The aims of this study were to determine the seroprevalence of Ehrlichia spp. and risk factors for exposure in a restricted population of dogs, horses, and humans highly exposed to tick bites in a Brazilian rural settlement using a commercial ELISA rapid test and two indirect immunofluorescent assays (IFA with E. canis and E. chaffeensis crude antigens. Serum samples from 132 dogs, 16 horses and 100 humans were used. Fifty-six out of 132 (42.4% dogs were seropositive for E. canis. Dogs > one year were more likely to be seropositive for E. canis than dogs ≤ one year (p = 0.0051. Ten/16 (62.5% and 8/16 (50% horses were seropositive by the commercial ELISA and IFA, respectively. Five out of 100 (5% humans were seropositive for E. canis and E. chaffeensis. Rhipicephalus sanguineus (n = 291, 97.98% on dogs and Amblyomma cajennense (n = 25, 96.15% on horses were the most common ticks found. In conclusion, anti-Ehrlichia spp. antibodies were found in horses; however, the lack of a molecular characterization precludes any conclusion regarding the agent involved. Additionally, the higher seroprevalence of E. canis in dogs and the evidence of anti-Ehrlichia spp. antibodies in humans suggest that human cases of ehrlichiosis in Brazil might be caused by E. canis, or other closely related species.

  10. Correlations between radiometric analysis of Quaternary deposits and the chronology of prehistoric settlements from the southeastern Brazilian coast

    Anjos, R.M., E-mail: meigikos@if.uff.b [Instituto de Fisica, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Av. Gal. Milton Tavares de Souza, s/no, Gragoata, 24210-346 Niteroi, RJ (Brazil); Macario, K.D. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Av. Gal. Milton Tavares de Souza, s/no, Gragoata, 24210-346 Niteroi, RJ (Brazil); Lima, T.A. [Departamento de Antropologia, Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Quinta da Boa Vista, s/no, Sao Cristovao, 20940-040 Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Veiga, R.; Carvalho, C.; Fernandes, P.J.F.; Vezzone, M.; Bastos, J. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Av. Gal. Milton Tavares de Souza, s/no, Gragoata, 24210-346 Niteroi, RJ (Brazil)


    Natural gamma radiation measurements of sand deposits were carried out in order to study the chronology of prehistoric colonization of the Brazilian coast during the Holocene. The method employs thorium, uranium and potassium as tracers of the geological provenance of Quaternary deposits, where artificial shellmounds are found. The so-called sambaquis are archaeological settlements, characteristic of fisher-gatherers, specialized in the exploitation of shellfish. Our results show a considerable positive correlation between the formation of coastal deposits, based on cross plots of eTh/eU and eTh/K, and the antiquity of its prehistoric human occupation.

  11. Correlations between radiometric analysis of Quaternary deposits and the chronology of prehistoric settlements from the southeastern Brazilian coast

    Natural gamma radiation measurements of sand deposits were carried out in order to study the chronology of prehistoric colonization of the Brazilian coast during the Holocene. The method employs thorium, uranium and potassium as tracers of the geological provenance of Quaternary deposits, where artificial shellmounds are found. The so-called sambaquis are archaeological settlements, characteristic of fisher-gatherers, specialized in the exploitation of shellfish. Our results show a considerable positive correlation between the formation of coastal deposits, based on cross plots of eTh/eU and eTh/K, and the antiquity of its prehistoric human occupation.

  12. Function of Rural Settlement Complex Ecosystem in Mountain Area: A Case Study of Raosi Village of Zuogong County, Tibet

    LIU Shaoquan; CHEN Guojie


    Using energy analysis,the quantifying evaluation and study method on production,living and ecology functions and their sustainability of rural settlement ecosystem in mountain area is established with these energy index such as export of labor and products,export of water resource,internal energy reserve,energy consumption for human living,net energy of ecosystem function and net internal reserve.Taking rural settlement Raosi Village in Hengduan Mountains as a case study,and on the basis of the synthetic research into the ecological process of the complex ecosystem,the study shows that energy costs of production,human living and ecology functions are separately taking 1.36%,13.59% and 85.05% of the gross ecosystem functions,and the exertions of production and human living functions are close to a high-point state on the present using level of energy in the settlement.The study also shows that the most important function of a rural settlement in mountain area is its ecological rather productive function.

  13. Assessment of Groundwater Quality in a Typical Rural Settlement in Southwest Nigeria

    O. B. Banjoko


    Full Text Available In most rural settlements in Nigeria, access to clean and potable water is a great challenge, resulting in water borne diseases. The aim of this study was to assess the levels of some physical, chemical, biochemical and microbial water quality parameters in twelve hand – dug wells in a typical rural area (Igbora of southwest region of the country. Seasonal variations and proximity to pollution sources (municipal waste dumps and defecation sites were also examined. Parameters were determined using standard procedures. All parameters were detected up to 200 m from pollution source and most of them increased in concentration during the rainy season over the dry periods, pointing to infiltrations from storm water. Coliform population, Pb, NO3- and Cd in most cases, exceeded the World Health Organization recommended thresholds for potable water. Effect of distance from pollution sources was more pronounced on fecal and total coliform counts, which decreased with increasing distance from waste dumps. The qualities of the well water samples were therefore not suitable for human consumption without adequate treatment. Regular monitoring of groundwater quality, abolishment of unhealthy waste disposal practices and introduction of modern techniques are recommended.

  14. Off-Farm Work among Rural Households: A Case Study in the Brazilian Amazon

    VanWey, Leah; Vithayathil, Trina


    This article analyzes off-farm work among subsistence-level farmers in the Santarem region of the Brazilian Amazon. We build on the literature on rural livelihoods in the Global South by exploring how the opportunity to work off the farm is embedded in social relationships. We additionally differentiate our analysis by type of off-farm work, and…

  15. Simulating the conversion of rural settlements to town land based on multi-agent systems and cellular automata.

    Yaolin Liu

    Full Text Available Rapid urbanization in China has triggered the conversion of land from rural to urban use, particularly the conversion of rural settlements to town land. This conversion is the result of the joint effects of the geographic environment and agents involving the government, investors, and farmers. To understand the dynamic interaction dominated by agents and to predict the future landscape of town expansion, a small town land-planning model is proposed based on the integration of multi-agent systems (MAS and cellular automata (CA. The MAS-CA model links the decision-making behaviors of agents with the neighbor effect of CA. The interaction rules are projected by analyzing the preference conflicts among agents. To better illustrate the effects of the geographic environment, neighborhood, and agent behavior, a comparative analysis between the CA and MAS-CA models in three different towns is presented, revealing interesting patterns in terms of quantity, spatial characteristics, and the coordinating process. The simulation of rural settlements conversion to town land through modeling agent decision and human-environment interaction is very useful for understanding the mechanisms of rural-urban land-use change in developing countries. This process can assist town planners in formulating appropriate development plans.

  16. Spatial Pattern of Rural Settlements in the Upper Reaches of the Minjiang River——a Case Study in Maoxian County, Sichuan

    FENG Wenlan; LI Ainong; ZHOU Wancun


    A quantitative analysis of the spatial pattern of rural settlements in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River was made with the major data sources being the relevant ETM image and the national geographical database of China (including contour line, river and road) at the scale of 1:250 000,and using image interpretation and field investigation to obtain spatial information on rural settlements.The results of the spatial analysis technique of GIS and correlation analysis showed that most settlements(78.2 %) were located in the mountain area at 1500 ~2700 m altitude, and almost half in the arid valley area. More than 80.0 % of settlements had their slopes above 15°. Most settlements had good access to water resources, roads and communications, and tended to cluster close to the road network rather than the river. About half of the rural settlements in the study area were relatively concentrated, while the others were decentralized. Those with higher altitude usually had land with steep slope, inconvenient water and road accesses, and were located far apart from each other. In view of such a situation, further research should be done to make reasonable countermeasures on these settlements for better living conditions and ecosystem stability.


    Gašper Mrak, Alma Zavodnik Lamovšek, Alenka Fikfak


    Full Text Available Tourism is a form of the biggest peaceful migrations of people andat the same time a way of life, which affects their understandingand experiences about their journeys [Kovač, 2002: 4]. It isrelated with the consummation of goods and services, which areunnecessary in their essence. In recent years an increasinglyfrequent tourist trend has developed, the desire and demandfor untouched nature, cultural, historical and archaeologicalattractiveness, first hand experiences of practices and traditions oflocal communities, recreation and healthy living, etc. The purposeof the article is to show an overview of the development and modernforms of tourism in the rural area and the main direction for thedevelopment of ecotourism. We examined the Alpine region as aspecial case, which, owing to its characteristics, is a particularlysuitable area for the development of such forms of tourism. Aconscious conversion of abandoned dwellings and cheese dairiesin to tourist accommodation facilities or apartments, supplied orunsupplied shelters is a way of keeping them alive. They could beused either as starting points for hiking or climbing tours into themountains or as shelters during bad weather. With this in mindan idea of a dispersed hotel emerges. The main purpose of sucha hotel is to unite the characteristics of the area with the localcommunity with their activities. For the tourist this would meana brand new and interesting experience. We therefore concludethat the dispersed hotel is an innovative form of hospitality thatpromotes sustainable development, provides the possibility andthe opportunity for balancing the use of local resources and touristpotential.

  18. Smoke impacts from agricultural burning in a rural Brazilian town.

    Reinhardt, T E; Ottmar, R D; Castilla, C


    Agricultural and silvicultural biomass burning is practiced in many undeveloped portions of the Amazon basin. In Rond nia, Brazil, such burning is restricted to a brief period in the dry season of August and September to minimize the duration of air quality impacts and to attempt to control escaped fires. During this period, much of the region and the communities within it experience significant exposure to smoke from agricultural and forest fires. In cooperation with Brazilian scientists of the University of Brasilia, the Brazilian Organization for Agricultural Research (EMBRAPA), and the Alternative to Slash and Burn Program coordinated by the International Center for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF), ambient air quality was measured in Theobroma, a small town in Rond nia, during one week of the open burning period of 1995 to supplement available air quality data and to foster public awareness of the impacts of widespread fires. Personal sampling equipment was used to measure ambient levels of formaldehyde (HCHO), acrolein, CO, benzene, and respirable PM in outdoor air. The data obtained were compared with established Brazilian and U.S. ambient air quality guidelines. Ambient levels of respirable PM averaged 191 microg/m3, HCHO averaged 12.8 ppb, CO averaged 4.2 ppm, and benzene averaged 3.2 ppb. Almost all acrolein samples were less than the detection limit of 1 ppb. The results showed that the public can be exposed to relatively high levels of pollutants under the prescribed burning smoke management strategy of a two- to three-week prescription burning period, although this is an improvement over past years when burning was unregulated and continued through most of the dry season. The results also demonstrate the feasibility of using personal exposure monitoring equipment for low-cost surveys of ambient air quality in polluted regions. PMID:11266107

  19. Important factors governing exposure of the population and countermeasure application in rural settlements of the Russian Federation in the long term after the Chernobyl accident

    Rural settlements located in areas of the Russian Federation contaminated after the Chernobyl accident and exceeding an annual dose of 1 mSv a-1 have been classified according to 137Cs contamination density, internal dose and the neighbourhood of forests. It has been shown that, with the exception of the most contaminated areas, the internal doses decreased in accordance with a decline in 137Cs availability for plant root uptake. An inverse tendency was observed in areas with 137Cs contamination above 555 kBq m-2 which can be explained by a reduction or even termination of countermeasure application and by an increasing consumption of forest products in areas where restrictive countermeasures are still implemented. Twenty-seven settlements have been studied to estimate the effectiveness of countermeasures applied previously and to identify the most important factors governing the radiation exposure to the population and its change with time. It has been shown that the effectiveness of countermeasures which resulted in a decrease of up to 40% of doses has a tendency to decline in the long term. The need for continuation of remediation in rural settlements was evaluated both for selected settlements and extrapolated to the whole contaminated area and it has been shown that the application of countermeasures will be of importance at least up to the year 2045. Rather high effectiveness in terms of internal dose reduction (factor of 2-2.5) of radical improvement (disking, ploughing and reseeding) and administration of Cs binders to animals (Ferrocyn) was demonstrated for the selected settlements. It could be demonstrated that for forest-remote settlements there is a linear dependence between internal dose normalised to the density of contamination and the proportion of peat soils around settlements. For near-forest settlements, this dependence was less pronounced which can be explained by the high contribution of forest food products to the internal dose. Milk is still

  20. Sense of Place in the Prairie Environment: Settlement and Ecology in Rural Geary County, Kansas.

    Veregge, Nina


    Describes the historical development of the spatial order of human settlement in Geary County, Kansas. Geary County's sense of place derives from the integration of physical and human environments--patterns of association between daily human activities and natural environment that have produced a particular cultural landscape. (SV)

  1. Protected rural areas of Serbia - the possibility of sustainable development (Example: Special Nature Reserve “Uvac” and the settlement of Negbina

    Mihajlović Bojana


    Full Text Available Community Protected rural areas of Serbia, that is, administrative territories of settlements belonging to their geospatial coverage, need the integration of a range of fundamental and applied problems and objectives for possible sustainable development. The necessity of proposing and adopting mechanisms for sustainable development, while maintaining the consistency principle - focuses based on specific values of individual protected territories, would represent a fundamental prerequisite. Rural settlements which areas (partially or totally belong to the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac", hereinafter referred to as SNR "Uvac", are characterized by disfunctional environmental protection. The establishment of appropriate management mechanisms would create the basis for not only environmental, but also demographic, and social development as well, which would allow finding a solution for the survival and revitalization of settlements and greater development opportunities. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 176008

  2. Protected rural areas of Serbia - the possibility of sustainable development (Example: Special Nature Reserve “Uvac” and the settlement of Negbina)

    Mihajlović Bojana


    Community Protected rural areas of Serbia, that is, administrative territories of settlements belonging to their geospatial coverage, need the integration of a range of fundamental and applied problems and objectives for possible sustainable development. The necessity of proposing and adopting mechanisms for sustainable development, while maintaining the consistency principle - focuses based on specific values of individual protected territories, would repr...

  3. 'Offensive' snakes: cultural beliefs and practices related to snakebites in a Brazilian rural settlement

    Schiavetti Alexandre


    Full Text Available Abstract This paper records the meaning of the term 'offense' and the folk knowledge related to local beliefs and practices of folk medicine that prevent and treat snake bites, as well as the implications for the conservation of snakes in the county of Pedra Branca, Bahia State, Brazil. The data was recorded from September to November 2006 by means of open-ended interviews performed with 74 individuals of both genders, whose ages ranged from 4 to 89 years old. The results show that the local terms biting, stinging and pricking are synonymous and used as equivalent to offending. All these terms mean to attack. A total of 23 types of 'snakes' were recorded, based on their local names. Four of them are Viperidae, which were considered the most dangerous to humans, besides causing more aversion and fear in the population. In general, local people have strong negative behavior towards snakes, killing them whenever possible. Until the antivenom was present and available, the locals used only charms, prayers and homemade remedies to treat or protect themselves and others from snake bites. Nowadays, people do not pay attention to these things because, basically, the antivenom is now easily obtained at regional hospitals. It is understood that the ethnozoological knowledge, customs and popular practices of the Pedra Branca inhabitants result in a valuable cultural resource which should be considered in every discussion regarding public health, sanitation and practices of traditional medicine, as well as in faunistic studies and conservation strategies for local biological diversity.

  4. Maintenance of agricultural diversity in rural settlements – a case study in Moji-Mirim, São Paulo, Brazil

    Maria Christina de Mello Amorozo


    Full Text Available This paper investigated whether farmers, when established in rural settlements, keep some traditional features with regard to crops diversity and circulation of planting material. Its aims were to make an ethnobotanical survey of species and varieties and analyze the dinamics of seeds and propagules circulation. A total of 139 varieties of food crops (55 species/28 families were found, being 87% of them intended for self-consumption; 54% of varieties come from Minas Gerais, home state of most respondents. The number of varieties grown per household ranged from 17 to 54. The informal and free circulation of planting material is the most important way of acquisition. The circulation network is very active, showing a potential for the management of crops diversity, with emphasis on the contribution of settlers to the maintenance and valorization of traditional varieties.

  5. Layout optimization of rural settlements based on point-axis theory%基于点轴理论的农村居民点布局优化

    孔雪松; 金璐璐; 郄昱; 张怡然; 徐媛


    为合理确定农村居民点整治范围和布局优化方向,揭示农村居民点布局的点-轴空间作用机制。该文系统分析了村镇增长极点(城镇、中心村和基层村)与发展轴(道路)对农村居民点规划布局的空间作用机制,引入空间引力修正模型,测算村镇之间的相互作用值,采用加权Voronoi图划分各增长极点空间作用范围,结合道路与地形对农村居民点的综合作用,构建面向点-轴空间作用的农村居民点布局优化体系。研究以大冶市大箕铺镇为例进行实证研究,通过点-轴空间综合作用分析与测算,将大箕铺镇农村居民点用地空间划分为城镇化型、内部改造型、迁村并点型(包括中心村建设、村中心建设)3种模式;通过不同优化模式的空间引导与整合,实现村镇层次农村居民点科学规划与合理布局。%A rural settlement, with the spatial characteristics of point distribution and axis development, is an important land-use type that refers to construction in rural areas in China. Growth points (including town, key village and basic-level village) and development axis (including roads and river systems) play an important role in spatial optimization of rural settlements. To study the effects of point-axis on arranging the spatial layout of rural settlements, this paper analyzed the spatial action of point-axis on rural settlements using an improved gravity model. Three indexes, including population, gross domestic product, and development index of enterprise, were selected to calculate the gravity values among villages. The weights for population, gross domestic product, and development index of enterprise in the gravity model are 0.297, 0.540, and 0.163, respectively. The spatial gravity matrix of the villages was acquired using the gravity model. Five village groups were constructed and a key town, four key villages, and nineteen basic-level villages were

  6. The Educational Process in Chico Bento's Stories: Representations About Education in the Brazilian Rural Universe

    Cintia Weber Biazi


    Full Text Available In this work we use Cultural Studies to identify and understand the representations that are transmitted about the educational process in Chico Bento's stories - a character of a comic strip in Brazil. He is a personage who lives in the Brazilian rural zone and was created by Maurício de Sousa. The trajectory of this work included an ethnography of the magazines about Chico Bento, characterizing the rural universe where he lives, focusing on the educational practices and especially his school experiences. Since the delimitation of that universe, it was possible to analyze in which ways Chico Bento's creators articulate the relationship between scientific knowledge x popular knowledge, emphasizing the pedagogic practices of the teacher, Miss Marocas.


    André Luiz Zambalde


    Full Text Available Brazil is a developing country in the midst of major social, economic, technological, cultural, and educational change. In the areas of technology and education, the transfer of information and knowledge, with the support of hypermedia applications, Internet, and distance learning have been a major concern of public and private entities, especially in regards to agriculture and animal production. In a country with approximately 195 million inhabitants and 8.5 million square kilometers, where the rural sector accounts for 25% of gross domestic product, 30.3% of exports, and 37% of jobs1, the use of information and communication technologies in education and inclusion is fundamental to promoting developmental strategies and citizenship. In this study, we sought to describe the process of modeling, development and dissemination of hypermedia applications for the Brazilian rural sector, taking as a case unit, the “Digital Citizen” Internet portal. A qualitative research, with exploratory-descriptive goals, and a case study based on documentary and observation is presented. In the current research and beyond, the practices related to modeling, development, and dissemination of hypermedia applications via distance learning (Moodle® and Flash®, as well as investigations and discussions involving government processes and practices related to digital inclusion and social development of rural citizen Brazil are specified. We conclude that Brazil is tackling the challenge of digital and social inclusion, based on a project whose main components included (a deploying an infrastructure for telephone and broadband across the rural areas, (b offering free internet in public schools and rural communities, (c promoting projects and companies that work with hypermedia applications, and (d supporting initiatives that involve the development and provision of services at a distance. The rural citizen has been able to maintain his residence in their midst with

  8. Assessment of cardiovascular risk factors in a rural community in the Brazilian state of Bahia

    André Costa Matos


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To assess the frequency of cardiovascular risk factors in the rural community of Cavunge, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was carried out with 160 individuals (age > 19 years randomly drawn from those listed in the population census of the Cavunge Project. The following parameters were studied: arterial hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, obesity, smoking, waist-hip ratio (WHR, physical activity, and overall cardiovascular risk classified according to the Framingham score. The assessing parameters used were those established by the III Brazilian Consensus on Hypertension and the II Brazilian Consensus on Dyslipidemia. RESULTS: Of the randomly drawn individuals, 126 with a mean age of 46.6 + 19.7 years were included in the study, 43.7% of whom were males. The frequency of arterial hypertension was 36.5%; 20.4% of the individuals had cholesterol levels >240 mg/dL; 31.1% of the individuals had LDL-C levels > 130 mg/dL; 4% were diabetic; and 39.7% had a high-risk Framingham score. Abdominal obesity was observed in 41.3% of the population and in 57.7% of the females. High caloric-expenditure (HCE physical activities were performed by 56.5% of the individuals. The HCE group had a greater frequency of normal triglyceride levels (63% vs 44%; P=0.05, no diabetes, and WHR tending towards normal (46% vs 27%, P=0.08 as compared with those in the low caloric-expenditure group. CONCLUSION: Cardiovascular risk factors, such as hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, are frequently found in rural communities. The greatest frequency of normal triglyceride levels and normal WHR in the HCE group reinforces the association between greater caloric expenditure and a better risk profile.

  9. Urban-rural differences in Roman Dorset, England: A bioarchaeological perspective on Roman settlements.

    Redfern, Rebecca C; DeWitte, Sharon N; Pearce, John; Hamlin, Christine; Dinwiddy, Kirsten Egging


    In the Roman period, urban and rural ways of living were differentiated philosophically and legally, and this is the first regional study of these contrasting life-ways. Focusing on frailty and mortality risk, we investigated how these differed by age, sex, and status, using coffin type as a proxy for social status. We employed skeletal data from 344 individuals: 150 rural and 194 urban (1st-5th centuries A.D.) from Dorset, England. Frailty and mortality risk were examined using indicators of stress (cribra orbitalia, porotic hyperostosis, nonspecific periostitis, and enamel hypoplastic defects), specific metabolic and infectious diseases (rickets, scurvy, and tuberculosis), and dental health (carious lesions and calculus). These variables were studied using Chi-square, Siler model of mortality, Kaplan-Meier analysis, and the Gompertz model of adult mortality. Our study found that overall, mortality risk and survivorship did not differ between cemetery types but when the data were examined by age, mortality risk was only significantly higher for urban subadults. Demographic differences were found, with urban cemeteries having more 0-10 and >35 year olds, and for health, urban cemeteries had significantly higher frequencies of enamel hypoplastic defects, carious lesions, and rickets. Interestingly, no significant difference in status was observed between rural and urban cemeteries. The most significant finding was the influence of the skeletal and funerary data from the Poundbury sites, which had different demographic profiles, significantly higher frequencies of the indicators of stress and dental health variables. In conclusion, there are significant health, demographic, and mortality differences between rural and urban populations in Roman Britain. PMID:25613696

  10. Strategy for the restoration of rural settlements in Belarus contaminated as a result of the Chernobyl accident. Problems and experience

    The experience of the protective actions taken in Belarus in the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident can provide useful insights for specialists who are considering strategies for restoring areas contaminated with radionuclides. Data on the protective actions performed in Belarus after this accident are presented briefly, and the efficiency assessment used for the resettlement of certain categories of population is discussed, The levels allowed by the state for radioactive contamination in food and the averted doses are reviewed. The current number of contaminated settlements and their population are given. Particulars concerning the nature of the doses and the differences in their formation for the urban and rural populations are examined. Existing criteria for decision making, radiological and non-radiological factors which affect the decision making processes are explained. The experience in Belarus after the Chernobyl accident shows that the decision making process for remediation actions must consider both radiological and non-radiological factors. Moreover, as the annual dose tends to approach established limits over time, non-radiological factors start to play a more important role in the decision making process. (author)

  11. Livelihood strategies in settlement projects in the Brazilian Amazon: Determining drivers and factors within the Agrarian Reform Program.

    Diniz, F.H.; Hoogstra, M.A.; Kok, K.; Arts, B.J.M.


    Over the last decades, hundreds of thousands of families have settled in the Brazilian Amazon within the framework of the Agrarian Reform Program (ARP). The rationale behind the program is to enable settlers to earn their living by small-scale farming and producing an agricultural surplus for the ma

  12. The phlebotomine fauna (Diptera: Psychodidae of Guaraí, state of Tocantins, with an emphasis on the putative vectors of American cutaneous leishmaniasis in rural settlement and periurban areas

    Maurício Luiz Vilela


    Full Text Available Phlebotomine sandflies were captured in rural settlement and periurban areas of the municipality of Guaraí in the state of Tocantins (TO, an endemic area of American cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL. Forty-three phlebotomine species were identified, nine of which have already been recognised as ACL vectors. Eleven species were recorded for the first time in TO. Nyssomyia whitmani was the most abundant species, followed by Evandromyia bourrouli, Nyssomyia antunesi and Psychodopygus complexus. The Shannon-Wiener diversity index and the evenness index were higher in the rural settlement area than in the periurban area. The evaluation of different ecotopes within the rural area showed the highest frequencies of Ev. bourrouli and Ny. antunesi in chicken coops, whereas Ny. whitmani predominated in this ecotope in the periurban area. In the rural settlement area, Ev. bourrouli was the most frequently captured species in automatic light traps and Ps. complexus was the most prevalent in Shannon trap captures. The rural settlement environment exhibited greater phlebotomine biodiversity than the periurban area. Ps. complexus and Psychodopygus ayrozai naturally infected with Leishmania (Viannia braziliensis were identified. The data identified Ny. whitmani as a potential ACL vector in the periurban area, whereas Ps. complexus was more prevalent in the rural environment associated with settlements.

  13. 湖北省新型农村合作医疗"直补"问题及应对策略%Problems and Coping Strategies of "Instant Settlement" in Hubei Province New Rural Cooperative Medical Care

    谢菲莉; 李棻; 吴松; 陈亮; 杜蔚青; 余臻峥; 黄庆; 韩东; 夏宏杰


    New rural cooperative medical care "instant settlement" has become the new rural cooperative medical system and the whole medical insurance industry development trend. By the communication of the present of Hubei Province new rural cooperative medical care " instant settlement" the current situation, " instant settlement" policy advocacy is analyzed to implement system management and operation of norms, through the network settlement and other aspects of the problems, and to strengthen the propaganda and guide the implementation of "instant settlement" policy; to improve the new rural cooperative medical care "instant settlement" information management and the implementation of a personal one card system; to unify the implementation provincial platform "instant settlement" to improve efficiency and reduce disputes and other specific recommendations, for further improvement of the "instant settlement".%新型农村合作医疗"直补"已经成为新型农村合作医疗乃至整个医疗保险行业发展的必然趋势.通过交流湖北省新型农村合作医疗"直补"的现状,分析在"直补"政策的宣传落实、制度管理及操作规范、网络结算方式等方面出现的问题,针对性提出了加强宣传和指导落实"直补"政策;完善新型农村合作医疗"直补"信息管理及实行一人一卡制度;统一实现省级平台"直补"结算,提高效率,减少纠纷等具体建议,期望能对进一步完善新农合"直补"工作有所裨益.

  14. Perspectives for rural electrification in the new economic and institutional scenario of the brazilian electric sector; Perspectivas para a eletrificacao rural no novo cenario economico-institucional do setor eletrico brasileiro

    Oliveira, Luciana Correa de


    This thesis discusses the energy deficit in Brazilian rural areas, from the viewpoint of the ongoing reform, which is establishing a new economic and institutional model for the electric sector. The main objective of this inquiry is to reveal the perspectives for the solution of the rural energy problem, by means of a critical examination of the legal and executive initiatives related to the expansion of electric coverage, indicating the priority level of rural electrification within the reform. This analysis infers the need of an innovative reform approach, different from the solutions employed by developed countries, due to peculiar characteristics of the Brazilian case. (author)

  15. 基于扩展断裂点模型的农村居民点整理布局优化%Layout optimization for rural settlements consolidation based on extended break-point model

    冯电军; 沈陈华


    农村居民点迁移合并是土地整理实施过程遇到的实际问题,其研究结果可为土地利用总体规划及镇村布局规划的编制提供依据。该文基于中心地理论,选择农村居民点斑块为研究对象,分析了农村居民点斑块综合影响力的影响因素,构建了综合影响力的评价指标体系。由层次分析法确定了指标权重,单元总分加权法计算了单元的分值,Natural breaks法划分了农村居民点斑块等级,并提出了农村居民点斑块空间布局优化的策略。之后,基于加权Voronoi图扩展断裂点模型,计算了优势农村居民点斑块的空间影响范围,研究了被迁移的农村居民点斑块的迁移方向。研究结果表明:区位因素、居民点因素、资源因素和经济因素是朱林镇农村居民点斑块综合影响力的主要影响因素。中心村、核心村、自然村和零星村落4个等级的农村居民点斑块在规模和数量上等级结构明显。不同等级的农村居民点斑块其影响力不同,应采用重点发展、限制发展、迁移合并和政策保留等策略优化农村居民点空间布局。规模小、影响力低的农村居民点斑块应迁移到附近规模大、影响力高的农村居民点斑块,以保持农村居民点斑块结构稳定。该研究结果符合朱林镇的实际情况,为镇村布局规划的编制提供了依据。%The objective of the research was to optimize the combination of rural settlement along with land consolidation implementation. The result could be used for decision making associated with planning of land use and rural settlement spatial pattern. Based on central place theory, this study analyzed external and internal influencing factors of comprehensive influence (RSPCI) for rural settlement patch to build evaluation indicator system of comprehensive influence for rural settlement patches. The indicator system weights of RSPCI was evaluated by

  16. Quantitative and GIS-based archaeological analysis of the Late Roman rural settlement of Ács-Kovács-rétek

    Bence Vágvölgyi


    Full Text Available One of the biggest problems archaeologists face during interpretation is the fragmented and incomplete nature of the datasets often produced by field work. In most cases, the excavation of a whole site is not possible, and even the find material is so fragmented as to make their interpretation quite problematic. Such is the case of Ács-Kovács-rétek, a small Late Roman rural settlement, a part of which was excavated in 2009–2010. These excavations provided a very deep insight into the life of the village, but due to their limited scope, they still left a number of questions unanswered. For a more thorough interpretation of the site, we have to look at the find material and its spatial and chronological context from as many different angles as possible. Such analyses have to rely heavily on very detailed quantitative and GIS-based methods that can not only hold large amounts of very diverse information, but can also recombine this information for statistical and spatial analyses that can deepen our understanding of the site. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the power of detailed quantitative databases and methods for site interpretation through the study of a Late Roman settlement, Ács-Kovács-rétek. During the course of this research a large number of attributes of the find material and the site itself were recorded in structured databases. Thanks to the rational structuring of this data, it could not only be statistically analyzed, but also compared to other sites as well, helping to solidify the timeframe in which the settlement was inhabited, and also uncovering several interesting patterns about its inhabitants. Furthermore, the combination of this data with spatial information even helped to recognize certain changes and spatial patterns within the settlement itself. By the end of my research, a clear picture emerged of this Late Roman village, showing a Romanized population living here from the end of the 3rd through the 4th

  17. Population-based incidence of typhoid fever in an urban informal settlement and a rural area in Kenya: implications for typhoid vaccine use in Africa.

    Robert F Breiman

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: High rates of typhoid fever in children in urban settings in Asia have led to focus on childhood immunization in Asian cities, but not in Africa, where data, mostly from rural areas, have shown low disease incidence. We set out to compare incidence of typhoid fever in a densely populated urban slum and a rural community in Kenya, hypothesizing higher rates in the urban area, given crowding and suboptimal access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. METHODS: During 2007-9, we conducted population-based surveillance in Kibera, an urban informal settlement in Nairobi, and in Lwak, a rural area in western Kenya. Participants had free access to study clinics; field workers visited their homes biweekly to collect information about acute illnesses. In clinic, blood cultures were processed from patients with fever or pneumonia. Crude and adjusted incidence rates were calculated. RESULTS: In the urban site, the overall crude incidence of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (S. Typhi bacteremia was 247 cases per 100,000 person-years of observation (pyo with highest rates in children 5-9 years old (596 per 100,000 pyo and 2-4 years old (521 per 100,000 pyo. Crude overall incidence in Lwak was 29 cases per 100,000 pyo with low rates in children 2-4 and 5-9 years old (28 and 18 cases per 100,000 pyo, respectively. Adjusted incidence rates were highest in 2-4 year old urban children (2,243 per 100,000 pyo which were >15-fold higher than rates in the rural site for the same age group. Nearly 75% of S. Typhi isolates were multi-drug resistant. CONCLUSIONS: This systematic urban slum and rural comparison showed dramatically higher typhoid incidence among urban children <10 years old with rates similar to those from Asian urban slums. The findings have potential policy implications for use of typhoid vaccines in increasingly urban Africa.

  18. Diagnóstico ambiental e delimitação de Áreas de Preservação Permanente em um assentamento rural = Environmental diagnosis and delimitation of PPAs (Permanent Preservation Areas in a rural settlement

    Nelson Alexandre Fagundes


    Full Text Available Leia-se neste artigo a tentativa de diagnosticar, delimitar e situar as Áreas de Preservação Permanentes e de Reserva Legal dentro de um assentamento rural, do Incra; visando à experimentação de ferramentas de geoprocessamento para a restauração das matas ribeirinhas, pela delimitação destas áreas, respeitando a legislação ambiental vigente, e partindo de uma ampla avaliação ambiental descritiva da paisagem, encontrada no Projeto de Assentamento Federal Capela. Um diagnóstico da paisagem local é apresentado na forma de um memorial fotográfico. Neste trabalho, serão delimitadas e quantificadas somente asAPP’s de entorno de corpos d’água.This article aims to diagnose, demarcate and situate Permanent Preservation Areas and Legal Reserves within an Incra Rural Settlement. This effort was conducted while testing the effective application of geoprocessing tools in the restoration of riparian forests and the delimitation of these areas, in accordance withexisting environmental legislation, and based on a broad descriptive environmental evaluation of the local landscape, located at the Capela Federal Settlement Project. A landscape diagnosis is shown in a photographic memorial as well. For this study, only the PPAs surrounding water bodies will be delimited and quantified.

  19. The phenomenon of distributed lifestyle and counter-urbanization processes as factors of rural and urban settlements development

    Olga Molyarenko


    Urbanization processes in Russia are currently viewed as an exclusively unidirectional trend of a permanent growth of big cities, downshifting of towns and outmigration from rural areas.The object of research is households, whose members are distributed with only those for whom the primary exploration of space is a city and the secondary one is countryside. The subject of research is socio-economic aspects of the distributed way of life and its role in the development of rural and urban settl...

  20. 广东永汉传统农村的聚落生态观%Ecological view of traditional rural settlements:a case study in Yonghan of Guangdong Province

    姜雪婷; 严力蛟; 后德仟


    生态观作为人类对人与自然关系以及人类生态系统的基本看法,是一种综合了聚落生态、社会、文化、空间等多重属性的研究视角.采用田野调查法,走访了永汉300余个传统农村聚落中的98个,获得由68个聚落个体组成的样本."后龙山林地+建筑群+地堂+鱼塘+耕地"为这些聚落的基本构成模式.其生态观主要由社会、经济、文化三类因素构成,三者共同影响了聚落选址、规模和结构.社会因素主要包括同一聚落内部以及不同聚落之间的社会关系;经济因素主要包括饮食和居住的生存需求;文化因素的主要内容是风水.改革开放以来聚落发生演替,原因是生态观中经济因素地位大大提高,风水的影响降低,社会结构发生重大改变.演替过程中出现土地浪费等一系列问题,必须发展一种基于传统农村聚落保护及再生的新的生态观及可持续发展模式以修正演替过程中出现的问题.%Ecological view is a kind of research perspective combining multiple attributes of rural settlements including ecological, social, cultural, spatial attributes and so on. A sample consisted of 68 observations, including 37 Hakka settlements, 30 Local settlements and 1 new immigrant settlement was achieved from field research, which was conducted in 98 traditional rural settlements among the total 300 in Yonghan town, Longmen County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. All of these observations' landscape patches followed the basic mode of " Houlong hill + building complex + open land + fish pond + arable land" or its variants. Houlong hill was a patch located in the back of each settlement on which the trees were prohibited to be cut. Building complex was a place where all residents inhabited. Open land was a public open space between building complex and fish pond. Fish pond was situated in the front of a settlement, always with a shape of half-moon. Arable land was distributed

  1. 上海农村居民点整理权属调整及农民权益分析%Analysis of Land Ownership Adjustments and Farmers’ Rights Under Rural Settlement Planning in Shanghai



    农村居民点整理是土地整治的重要内容,对城镇化建设具有推动作用。针对上海农村居民点整理实践,分析了土地权属调整及农民权益保障问题,并提出了相关建议。%Rural settlement planning is an important component of land consolidation and rehabilitation, and it may promote the development of urbanization. In the context of rural settlement planning in Shanghai, this paper analyzes the adjustment of land ownership and the problems of protecting farmers’ rights and interests, and presents suggestions for overcoming these issues.

  2. Mobile and Home-based Vendors’ Contributions to the Retail Food Environment in Rural South Texas Mexican-origin Settlements

    Valdez, Zulema; Dean, Wesley R.; Sharkey, Joseph R.


    A growing concern with high rates of obesity and overweight among immigrant minority populations in the U.S. has focused attention on the availability and accessibility to healthy foods in such communities. Small-scale vending in rural, impoverished and underserved areas, however, is generally overlooked; yet, this type of informal activity and source for food is particularly important in such environs, or “food desserts,” where traditional forms of work and mainstream food outlets are limite...

  3. Developing a Community Tradition of Migration: A Field Study in rural Zacatecas, Mexico, and California Settlement Areas

    Mines, Richard


    This study sought to take a close-up look at cross-border Mexican migration by collecting detailed information about one binational migratory village-based community. five major findings have resulted from this investigation: 1. Migrants are generally poor rural or urban dwellers who depend on reciprocity networks of mutual exchange with their friends and relatives and not on public institutions for their survival. 2. Migratory networks undergo a maturation process over time. 3. Job and so...

  4. 基于人居环境视角的乡村旅游吸引力体系研究%Research on Rural Tourism Attraction System from the Perspective Human Settlement Environment

    方法林; 张骏


    The development of human settlement in the rural tourism destination was required by the strategic guidance of "building a new socialist countryside", and ought to become one of the generalized tourism resources in view of the unique attraction to tourists from the rural tourism at the same time. As a result, the healthy and sustainable development of rural tourism could be boosted by taking the advantages of the rural human settlement, from the perspects of optimizing ecological environment, aboriginal education, agricultural landscape and upgrading agricultural products, and rural tourism cultural construction.%乡村旅游目的地人居环境的开发既是“建设社会主义新农村”战略方针的要求,同时鉴于其对旅游者的独特吸引力,又理应成为广义旅游资源的一种.因此可以从生态环境优化、原住民教育、农业景观及产品升级、乡村旅游文化建设的角度出发,利用乡村人居环境优势来促进乡村旅游业的健康持续发展.

  5. Anthropophytes in the flora of different spatial units within old rural settlements of the Lubuskie Lakeland, western Poland

    Jasińska Katarzyna; Brzeg Andrzej; Wojterska Maria


    Studies of the flora of villages in a connection with the surrounding landscape are rare and mostly limited to the built-up area and its general location in a geographical region. Thus, the aim of this study was to examine the diversity patterns of flora against the background of local landscape units in the rural areas and to analyse them in the context of village transformation. The study comprised 30 villages of medieval origin representing the oval-shape type, with differently preserved st...

  6. Proceedings of the 8. Brazilian congress on energy: energy policy, regulation and sustainable development. v. 3: technological innovation, renewable sources and rural energization

    These proceedings cover the papers presented in the 8. Brazilian congress on energy held at Rio de Janeiro from November, 30 to December, 02, 1999, focusing energy policy, regulation and sustainable development, specifically the contribution of energy to a satisfactory quality of life for everyone. Within such a context, the congress technical programme has been structured around six different divisions: energy, environment and development; energy sector regulation; energy policy and planning; technology innovation; energy conservation; renewable energy sources and rural areas energy supply

  7. Anthropophytes in the flora of different spatial units within old rural settlements of the Lubuskie Lakeland, western Poland

    Jasińska Katarzyna


    Full Text Available Studies of the flora of villages in a connection with the surrounding landscape are rare and mostly limited to the built-up area and its general location in a geographical region. Thus, the aim of this study was to examine the diversity patterns of flora against the background of local landscape units in the rural areas and to analyse them in the context of village transformation. The study comprised 30 villages of medieval origin representing the oval-shape type, with differently preserved structure of built-up area and cultivated fields, located in the Lubuskie Lakeland. The terrain within a buffer zone of 200 m in width, located outside of the built-up area, was divided into spatial complexes. In each of these complexes, floristic lists were compiled. The structure of surrounding landscape within the buffer zone of 1 km in width, measuring from the village centroid, was analysed using ArcGIS.

  8. Rural electrification with multiple actors - the experience of the brazilian state of Sao Paulo

    The lack of resources and the new scenery of private utilities turn necessary to look for the ways that allow to illuminate the rural zone. Several international papers show the involvement of different segments of the society as being a viable alternative to execute this goal. This paper analyses the experience of Sao Paulo in the practice of a program of rural electrification in which the society is involved. The model, the operational difficulties and the alternatives made to agile program are appraised. The main conclusion is that, in spite of the difficulties, the model in which the society is included is a viable alternative to solve the subject of the lack of energy in the countryside. (author)

  9. Environmental contamination by Toxocara spp. Eggs in a rural settlement in Brazil Contaminação ambiental por ovos de Toxocara spp. em assentamento rural no Brasil

    Vamilton Alvares Santarém


    Full Text Available In order to study the environmental contamination by Toxocara spp. eggs in a rural community from the Pontal do Paranapanema region, São Paulo State, Brazil, soil samples from 31 out of 121 plots were collected in eight different places on each house. The samples were submitted to flotation technique in sodium nitrate (d = 1.20g/cm³. Eggs of Toxocara spp. were recovered in nine (29.03% out of the 31 plots. At least one dog was registered in 27 of the 31 plots examined (87.1% and at least one cat in 17 (54.84%. The number of pets per plot ranged from one to six (mean of 2.3 for dogs and one to 14 (mean of 1.29 for cats. In 16 plots (51.61%, the presence of both dogs and cats was observed. There was no relation between the presence of pets in the plots and soil contamination (p > 0.05. However, the environmental contamination by Toxocara spp. eggs associated to the poor conditions of the inhabitants may be an important risk factor for the human population to ocular or visceral larva migrans.Com o objetivo de avaliar a contaminação ambiental por ovos de Toxocara spp. em assentamento rural da região do Pontal do Paranapanema, oeste do estado de São Paulo, Brasil, amostras de solo de oito diferentes pontos ao redor da casa de 31 dos 121 lotes do assentamento foram coletados. A recuperação de ovos foi realizada pela técnica de centrífugo-flutuação em solução de nitrato de sódio (d = 1,20g/cm³. Ovos de Toxocara spp. foram recuperados em nove (29,03% dos 31 lotes. Em 27 das 31 casas amostradas (87,1%, havia pelo menos um cão e em 17 (54,84% pelo menos um gato. O número de cães por lote variou de um a seis (media de 2,3. No caso dos gatos, o número variou de um a 14 (média de 1,29. Em 16 dos 31 lotes (51,61%, havia a presença de pelo menos um cão ou gato. Não houve relação entre a presença desses animais e a contaminação do solo (p > 0,05. Entretanto, a contaminação do solo por ovos de Toxocara spp. e as precárias condi

  10. Rational use of water: interdisciplinary actions in a rural school in the Brazilian semiarid

    Elka Taiusky Ferreira Santos Brito


    Full Text Available In Brazil, terms such as "drought industry" and "drought polygon" are constantly used in reference to the semiarid region of the country. Besides climatic factors and political and infrastructural issues, there is a consensus that the best way to deal with water scarcity is its rational use. While offering to contribute to the development of farmers’ communities in this region, the project "Citizen Universities", in partnership with the project "Space of Water", developed strategies involving the interdisciplinary rational management and conservation of hydric resources, to include knowledge and specific technologies in cooperation with the faculty and students of a rural public school in the Community of Uruçu, Gurinhém, PB. Progress can be seen in the practical applications of the project in the community and surrounding areas, such as forming teams to collect trash and the cleaning up of springs, and the inclusion of issues related to water together with the mandatory curriculum, in the expectation that students can apply the academic issues to their everyday life.

  11. Excessive TV Viewing Time and Associated Factors in Brazilian Adolescents from a Rural Area

    Fronza Fernanda Cerveira Abuana Osório


    Full Text Available Purpose. Sedentary behavior has been identified as a risk factor for chronic non-communicable diseases. This study identified the prevalence of excessive TV viewing time during the week and weekend and associated factors in adolescents living in a small urban and rural area. Methods. A cross-sectional study involving 283 students (aged 10-19 years from Brazil was conducted in 2010. Data on TV viewing time and sociodemographic information were collected by questionnaires, cardiorespiratory fitness was evaluated by the 20-m shuttle run test, and anthropometric characteristics were obtained by measuring waist circumference and skinfold thickness. Statistical analysis involved binary logistic regression. Results. The prevalence of excessive TV viewing time ( 2 h was 76.7% during on weekdays and 78.4% on the weekend. Adolescents aged 10-12 years (OR = 6.20; 95% CI = 2.91, 13.19; p < 0.001 and 13-15 years (OR = 2.57; 95% CI = 1.28, 5.18; p = 0.008 were more exposed to excessive TV viewing time during the week. No associations were found for excessive TV viewing time on the weekend. Conclusions. Approximately 8 in 10 adolescents presented excessive TV viewing time; excessive TV viewing time during the week was associated with age.

  12. Os direitos da mulher à terra e os movimentos sociais rurais na reforma agrária brasileira Women's land rights and rural social movements in the Brazilian agrarian reform

    Carmen Diana Deere


    Full Text Available Este artigo examina a evolução da reivindicação dos direitos da mulher à terra na reforma agrária brasileira sob o prisma dos três principais movimentos sociais rurais: o Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST, os sindicatos rurais e o movimento autônomo de mulheres rurais. O mérito maior por levantar a questão dos direitos da mulher à terra é das mulheres dentro dos sindicatos rurais. Os direitos formais das mulheres à terra foram conseguidos na reforma constitucional de 1988, e em grande medida isso foi um subproduto do esforço para acabar com a discriminação contra as mulheres em todos as suas dimensões. A conquista das igualdades formais, contudo, não levou a um aumento na parcela de mulheres beneficiárias da reforma, a qual permaneceu baixa até a metade da década de 1990. Isso aconteceu principalmente porque garantir na prática os direitos da mulher à terra não estava entre as prioridades dos movimentos sociais rurais. Além disso, o principal movimento social a determinar o passo da reforma agrária, o (MST, considerava classe e gênero questões incompatíveis. Próximo ao final da década de 1990, entretanto, havia uma consciência crescente de que deixar de reconhecer os direitos da mulher à terra era prejudicial ao desenvolvimento e à consolidação dos assentamentos da reforma agrária e, portanto, para o movimento. O crescente consenso, entre todos os movimentos sociais rurais, sobre a importância em assegurar o direito da mulher à terra, junto com um lobby efetivo, encorajou o Estado em 2001 a adotar mecanismos específicos para a inclusão de mulheres na reforma agrária.This article examines the evolution of the demand for women's land rights in the Brazilian agrarian reform through the prism of the three main rural social movements: the landless movement, the rural unions and the autonomous rural women's movement. Most of the credit for raising the issue of women's land rights rests with

  13. Indicadores sócio-econômicos, demográficos e estado nutricional de crianças e adolescentes residentes em um assentamento rural do Rio de Janeiro Socioeconomic and demographic indicators and nutritional status of children in a rural land settlement in Rio de Janeiro

    Gloria Valeria da Veiga


    Full Text Available Avaliou-se indicadores sócio-econômicos e perfil nutricional de 201 crianças e adolescentes do assentamento rural de São José da Boa Morte, Rio de Janeiro. Considerou-se déficit nutricional valores abaixo de -2 escore z da mediana da referência National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS para os índices peso para idade (P/I e estatura para idade (E/I para os menores de 5 anos e peso para estatura (P/E e E/I entre 5,0 a 9,9 anos. Para os adolescentes utilizou-se os cortes inferiores ao percentil 5 (magreza e superiores ao percentil 85 (sobrepeso da distribuição de índice de massa corporal (IMC da população brasileira. Encontrou-se: 53,8% dos domicílios com 4 a 6 moradores, 34,5% com fossa rudimentar, 31,2% sem água canalizada, 11,0% sem banheiro, 58,2% queimavam ou enterravam o lixo e 13,6% das mães eram analfabetas. A faixa de 0 a 4,9 anos não apresentou nenhum tipo de déficit nutricional e entre 5 a 9,9 anos apenas um apresentou baixo peso e três sobrepeso. Concluiu-se que a baixa prevalência de déficits nutricionais no grupo estudado, apesar da exposição a fatores de risco, pode relacionar-se com a presença de fatores de proteção como o acesso a serviços de saúde e que o sobrepeso em adolescentes (13,3% foi relevante.This study evaluated socioeconomic indicators and nutritional status in 201 children and adolescents in a rural land settlement in São José da Boa Morte, Rio de Janeiro. Nutritional deficit was defined as a value below -2 z score for the reference median from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS for weight-for-age (W/A and stature-for-age (S/A for children under five years of age and weight-for-stature (W/S and S/A for children from 5.0 to 9.9 years. For adolescents, the study used cut-off points at the 5th percentile (thin and 85th percentile (overweight from the distribution of body mass index (BMI in the Brazilian population. According to the study, 53.8% of the households had 4 to 6

  14. Dynamic modeling of forest conversion: Simulation of past and future scenarios of rural activities expansion in the fringes of the Xingu National Park, Brazilian Amazon

    Maeda, Eduardo E.; de Almeida, Cláudia Maria; de Carvalho Ximenes, Arimatéa; Formaggio, Antonio R.; Shimabukuro, Yosio E.; Pellikka, Petri


    The present work is committed to simulate the expansion of agricultural and cattle raising activities within a watershed located in the fringes of the Xingu National Park, Brazilian Amazon. A spatially explicit dynamic model of land cover and land use change was used to provide both past and future scenarios of forest conversion into such rural activities, aiming to identify the role of driving forces of change in the study area. The employed modeling platform - Dinamica EGO - consists in a cellular automata environment that embodies neighborhood-based transition algorithms and spatial feedback approaches in a stochastic multi-step simulation framework. Biophysical variables and legal restrictions drove this simulation model, and statistical validation tests were then conducted for the generated past simulations (from 2000 to 2005), by means of multiple resolution fitting methods. Based on optimal calibration of past simulations, future scenarios were conceived, so as to figure out trends and spatial patterns of forest conversion in the study area for the year 2015. In all simulated scenarios, pasturelands remained nearly stable throughout the analyzed period, while a large expansion in croplands took place. The most optimistic scenario indicates that more than 50% of the natural forest will be replaced by either cropland or pastureland by 2015. This modeling experiment revealed the suitability of the adopted model to simulate processes of forest conversion. It also indicates its possible further applicability in generating simulations of deforestation for areas with expanding rural activities in the Amazon and in tropical forests worldwide.

  15. Determinants of the performance of business associations in rural settlements in the United Kingdom: an analysis of members’ satisfaction and willingness-to-pay for association survival

    Robert Newbery; Johannes Sauer; Matthew Gorton; Jeremy Phillipson; Jane Atterton


    Research into business associations indicates that many associations suffer from very high levels of inactive members and fail to deliver significant benefits to members. In order to improve provision, the objective of this paper is to understand the determinants that drive or limit performance of rural business associations. Previous research has focused on the ratio of perceived costs to benefits as informing the decision to remain a member. However, in small associations, membership may be...

  16. 景区边缘型乡村旅游地人居环境演变特征及影响机制研究--以大南岳旅游圈为例%Evolution Characteristics and Influence Mechanism of Human Settlements in Rural Tourism Destinations of Edge Type of Scenic Spot:A Case Study of“Great Nanyue Tourism Circle”

    李伯华; 刘沛林; 窦银娣; 王鹏


    以系统论和人地关系理论为基础,从自组织性、周期性和波动性等3个方面总结了景区边缘型乡村旅游地人居环境的演变特征。以大南岳旅游圈为例,将旅游要素流的时空变换作为主要驱动因子,构建了景区边缘型乡村旅游地人居环境演变的动力模型,其演变过程经历了入侵、竞争、反应和调控4个阶段,每一个阶段的驱动力量和作用方式不同,所产生的人居效应有差异。其中,入侵过程可看做是旅游要素流的空间集聚对乡村旅游地人居环境的影响;竞争过程实质上是分化过程和共生过程的统一;反映过程是乡村旅游地人居环境系统对外界干扰的适应与调整;调控过程是厘清乡村人居环境时空格局与旅游发展过程之间的内在联系,寻求景区边缘型乡村旅游地人居环境建设路径。%Human settlement of rural tourism destinations of edge type is a relatively independent and complex giant system. Its evolution characteristics and influence mechanism have distinct uniqueness, so new research idea and theoretical framework are required to carry on creative exploration. Based on systems science and man-land relationship theory, this article summarizes the evolution characteristics of human settlements in ru-ral tourism destinations of edge type of scenic spot from 3 aspects such as self-organization, periodicity and volatility. The human settlement evolution of rural tourism destinations is the result of the interaction of self-or-ganization and heter-organization. Under the influence of spatial-temporal transformation of tourism elements flow, the system evolution state presents a cyclical dynamic evolution. Because of the influence of uncertainty factors, this cyclical change shows a great uncertainty and diversity in evolution path and rate. Taking spa-tial-temporal transformation of tourism elements flow as main driving factor, using"Great Nanyue tourism cir

  17. Processo de produção rural e saúde na serra gaúcha: um estudo descritivo The rural labor process and health in the Southern Brazilian mountains: a descriptive study

    Neice Müller Xavier Faria


    Full Text Available Realizou-se um estudo transversal entre trabalhadores rurais na região serrana do Rio Grande do Sul. O objetivo foi estudar o perfil sócio-demográfico da população, conhecer as características do trabalho rural e descrever a prevalência de algumas patologias na população referida. A amostra foi de 1.479 trabalhadores, em 495 estabelecimentos agrícolas. Nesta amostra, a idade média foi de 41 anos, 56% eram do sexo masculino, com escolaridade média de cinco anos, sendo 87% da família proprietária. Os estabelecimentos tinham área média de 37 ha, 50% tinham pelo menos um tipo de máquina agrícola e a principal produção era a fruticultura. Cerca 75% dos trabalhadores lidavam com agrotóxicos de vários tipos e 12% referiram intoxicação por estes produtos em algum momento da vida. A prevalência de transtornos psiquiátricos menores foi de 36%, a freqüência anual de acidentes de trabalho foi 10%. Os dados revelam a diversidade de atividades e de riscos ocupacionais. As altas prevalências dos problemas de saúde avaliados alertam para a necessidade de se priorizar ações de proteção para a saúde do trabalhador rural.This cross-sectional study among rural workers in the mountainous region of the southernmost Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul was designed to identify the characteristics of work performed on family farms. The research focused on the socio-demographic profiles of rural workers, identifying the characteristics of rural labor and describing the prevalence of some disease entities in such populations. Some 1479 rural workers from 495 farms were interviewed. In this sample, 87% of the individuals were members of the farm-owning family, mean age was 41 years, 56% were males, and mean schooling was 5 years. Farms had a mean area of 37 hectares, 50% had at least one type of farm machinery, and fruits constituted the main crop. About 75% of workers handled several types of pesticides, while 12% reported at least one

  18. Evaluating anti-Orthopoxvirus antibodies in individuals from Brazilian rural areas prior to the bovine vaccinia era

    Poliana de Oliveira Figueiredo


    Full Text Available Vaccinia virus naturally circulates in Brazil and is the causative agent of a zoonotic disease known as bovine vaccinia (BV. We retrospectively evaluated two populations from the Amazon and Southeast Regions. BV outbreaks had not been reported in these regions before sample collection. Neutralising antibodies were found in 13 individuals (n = 132 with titres ranging from 100 ≥ 6,400 neutralising units/mL. Univariate analysis identified age and vaccination as statistically significant risk factors in individuals from the Southeast Region. The absence of detectable antibodies in vaccinated individuals raises questions about the protection of smallpox vaccine years after vaccination and reinforces the need for surveillance of Orthopoxvirus in Brazilian populations without evidence of previous outbreaks.

  19. Analysis of the Pattern of Rural Settlement Integration Based on Farmers' Behavior Response: A case study in Xingba village, Hechuan District of Chongqing%基于农户行为响应的农村居民点整合模式探析——以重庆市合川区兴坝村为例

    赵帅华; 王成; 李晓庆; 王利平; 蒋福霞


    The study about integration of rural settlement has important practical meaning and theoretical value for rural development because the integration of rural settlement is a reasonable and effective way to organize and allocate the rural land resources, and can improve the rural settlement environment, promote agricultural scale management and improve the land value. Based on the theory of relevant behavioral science,, this paper first constructed a model of rural settlement on the response of farmers' integration decision-making process. After that, it used participatory rural assessment to research farmers in a small village in Chongqing, and analyzed the responsiveness of different types of farmers considering their living situation, housing situation and the future development of livelihood. At last, the paper summarized different patterns of integrations based on the rural settlement response degree of different types of farmers. Xingba village is located in ErLang town, Hechuan district of Chongqing city; it is in the middle of hilly basin and has subtropical moist monsoon climate and an elevation of 290m to 430m. Many farmers in this village prefer to work in cities rather than stay at home, and we name these farmers farmer workers. We divide our team into seven groups and then have a deep interview with the farmers to get the 939 investigations, after that we put the survey data into the computer in our laboratory, and finally get the farmers' response data through the construction of peasant household behavior response model. In addition, with the help of the difference degree of response, the living situation, housing situation and the will of different types of farmers, we have deduced four integration modes on the integration of rural settlement in xingba village: agricultural development-oriented integration mode, household integration mode, non-agricultural development-oriented integration mode and retaining integration mode.%农村居民点整合作

  20. Development Tendencies of Sciences of Human Settlements


    In reviewing the scientific explorations in human settlements in the past century, as well as the new accomplishments in the study on Chinese human settlements, the author proposes that the Sciences of Human Settlements should respond to a series of new situations and chal-lenges of world development, such as global climate change and development mode transformation, in order to embody the ideal of "a Greater Science, a Greater Humanism, and a Greater Art". It is argued that the development tendencies of Sciences of Human Settlements in China should include: the concern for people’s livelihood based on the principle of people-oriented, the enhancement of strategic spatial planning for the new modes of spatial growth, the rising of ecological awareness for the Green Revolution, the balance of urban and rural development for rational urbanization, the exploration for the Third System from the perspectives of both Eastern and Western cultures, the innovations on the education of human settlements and the creation of both a better environment and a harmonious society.

  1. Making Heritage in Brazilian Quilombos

    Mary Lorena Kenny


    Full Text Available The Brazilian Palmares Cultural Foundation has recognized 1,624 communities as remanescentes de quilombos, or remnants, of traditional Black settlements. Since 1988, the constitution has guaranteed these groups collective land titles, generating heated debate and conflict concerning authenticity, assimilation, and land rights. Heritage has become an important vehicle for legitimizing identity and securing territory rights. I examine quilombola heritage in the sertão, an area not popularly acknowledged as having a history of slavery or Afro Brazilian cultural traditions.


    Pavlov B. S. / Павлов Борис Сергеевич


    The article discusses the current problems of migration of rural youth to urban areas in the context of socio-settlement assimilation, implying convergence of lifestyle of different large and small social groups living in different types of settlements. The author analyzes the place and the importance of the social environment in the development of generational culture of young villagers, the formation of their value orientations in the sphere of self-determination. The author primarily conne...

  3. Poverty dynamics, ecological endowments, and land use among smallholders in the Brazilian Amazon.

    Guedes, Gilvan R; VanWey, Leah K; Hull, James R; Antigo, Mariangela; Barbieri, Alisson F


    Rural settlement in previously sparsely occupied areas of the Brazilian Amazon has been associated with high levels of forest loss and unclear long-term social outcomes. We focus here on the micro-level processes in one settlement area to answer the question of how settler and farm endowments affect household poverty. We analyze the extent to which poverty is sensitive to changes in natural capital, land use strategies, and biophysical characteristics of properties (particularly soil quality). Cumulative time spent in poverty is simulated using Markovian processes, which show that accessibility to markets and land use system are especially important for decreasing poverty among households in our sample. Wealtheir households are selected into commercial production of perennials before our initial observation, and are therefore in poverty a lower proportion of the time. Land in pasture, in contrast, has an independent effect on reducing the proportion of time spent in poverty. Taken together, these results show that investments in roads and the institutional structures needed to make commercial agriculture or ranching viable in existing and new settlement areas can improve human well-being in frontiers. PMID:24267754

  4. NAAG Tobacco Settlement Payments

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — 1999-2016. National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG). Policy—Tobacco Settlement Payments. The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) provides...

  5. Stability of settlement space

    Fikfak, Alenka


    Characteristics of settlements patterns and forms are encompassed between stability and instability. We evaluate them according to their historical value, but their image, as perceived today after centuries of changing, adapting and transformation, cannot be recognised in its original form. Time is the "super-factor" that balances, determines and transforms internal forces of settlement structures, and is decisively conditioned by social links. Instability can change to stability and vice ver...

  6. Population distribution, settlement patterns and accessibility across Africa in 2010.

    Catherine Linard

    Full Text Available The spatial distribution of populations and settlements across a country and their interconnectivity and accessibility from urban areas are important for delivering healthcare, distributing resources and economic development. However, existing spatially explicit population data across Africa are generally based on outdated, low resolution input demographic data, and provide insufficient detail to quantify rural settlement patterns and, thus, accurately measure population concentration and accessibility. Here we outline approaches to developing a new high resolution population distribution dataset for Africa and analyse rural accessibility to population centers. Contemporary population count data were combined with detailed satellite-derived settlement extents to map population distributions across Africa at a finer spatial resolution than ever before. Substantial heterogeneity in settlement patterns, population concentration and spatial accessibility to major population centres is exhibited across the continent. In Africa, 90% of the population is concentrated in less than 21% of the land surface and the average per-person travel time to settlements of more than 50,000 inhabitants is around 3.5 hours, with Central and East Africa displaying the longest average travel times. The analyses highlight large inequities in access, the isolation of many rural populations and the challenges that exist between countries and regions in providing access to services. The datasets presented are freely available as part of the AfriPop project, providing an evidence base for guiding strategic decisions.

  7. Population distribution, settlement patterns and accessibility across Africa in 2010.

    Linard, Catherine; Gilbert, Marius; Snow, Robert W; Noor, Abdisalan M; Tatem, Andrew J


    The spatial distribution of populations and settlements across a country and their interconnectivity and accessibility from urban areas are important for delivering healthcare, distributing resources and economic development. However, existing spatially explicit population data across Africa are generally based on outdated, low resolution input demographic data, and provide insufficient detail to quantify rural settlement patterns and, thus, accurately measure population concentration and accessibility. Here we outline approaches to developing a new high resolution population distribution dataset for Africa and analyse rural accessibility to population centers. Contemporary population count data were combined with detailed satellite-derived settlement extents to map population distributions across Africa at a finer spatial resolution than ever before. Substantial heterogeneity in settlement patterns, population concentration and spatial accessibility to major population centres is exhibited across the continent. In Africa, 90% of the population is concentrated in less than 21% of the land surface and the average per-person travel time to settlements of more than 50,000 inhabitants is around 3.5 hours, with Central and East Africa displaying the longest average travel times. The analyses highlight large inequities in access, the isolation of many rural populations and the challenges that exist between countries and regions in providing access to services. The datasets presented are freely available as part of the AfriPop project, providing an evidence base for guiding strategic decisions. PMID:22363717

  8. Comparative Analysis of Conditions Life in Settlements the Municipality of Berane and Settlements the Municipality of Andrijevica: A Case Study

    Goran Rajović; Mr Jelisavka Bulatović


    The focus of work is the conception quality of life issues that in lately, it becomes increasingly important socio-economic issue. The work tends to argue how and which the context of the quality of rural life provides an opportunity to resolve the paradox of development interpreted by many researchers. The study was designed and conducted in the geographical and social space, as a case study. Geographic space research included is urban settlements: Berane and Andrijevica as well as the rural...

  9. Prediction for relocation scale of rural settlements based on farming radius in reclamation area of open-pit coal mine%基于耕作半径的采矿复垦区农村居民点安置规模预测

    胡兴定; 白中科


    耕作半径对农村居民点的规模具有重要影响,而地形则是耕作半径的决定因素之一。该文采用耕聚比和缓冲区分析的方法,对比采矿前后农村居民点的耕作半径变化。考虑研究区地形起伏的影响,计算耕作半径地形修正系数,确定最优耕作半径。在此基础上预测矿区复垦后可安置农村居民点的面积、数量及人口。研究结果表明:平朔复垦区农村居民点耕作半径地形修正系数为1.6836,复垦区规划农村居民点最优耕作半径为1500 m;复垦区预测回迁安置农村居民点总规模约651.24 hm2,共67个农村居民点;预测单个农村居民点面积9.72 hm2,控制耕地面积约109.68 hm2;预测回迁安置总人口约29521人,共7380户,该研究结果可为露天采矿复垦区农村居民点回迁安置规模与布局提供决策支持。%Mine reclamation has become a worldwide problem recently and has similar research directions both in China and abroad, including ecological restoration, mining technology, bioremediation technology, soil reconstruction techniques, soil quality testing, plant species selecting. The key target is to restore the ecological system and improve the environment. One of the main purposes of reclamation is to restore farmland, which is scarce in China. In addition, resettlement of residents and their living environment need to be taken into account. In this paper, the study area is the Pingshuo open-pit mine, which is located in Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, China, and belongs to super-large open-pit mine with modern production. Mining activities began in 1987, and have lasted for 28 years until now. Fourteen rural settlements have moved, and resettlement population has reached 8400 by 2013.From the perspective of farming radius, buffer analysis of rural settlements was used to contrast the difference of farming radius before and after the open-pit mining by geographic information system

  10. Rural perception to the effects of climate change in Otukpo, Nigeria

    Roland Clement Abah


    Full Text Available The study has further examined rural perception to the effects of climate change. The study used rural settlements in Otukpo, Nigeria as a case study. Primary and secondary data were utilised for the study. Data collection was done through the use of a questionnaire with open-ended questions and questions with multiple answers. A total of 100 questionnaires were randomly distributed among household heads in 10 settlements selected from 58 rural settlements for the study. Spatial distribution of the rural settlements were analysed using the nearest neighbour statistical analysis while descriptive statistics such as graphs and tables were used to present data. Rural settlements in Otukpo are randomly distributed and may be tending towards clustering. This is indicated by an Rn index value of 0.96 from the nearest neighbour analysis. Most of the settlements (59% have a distance of two to three kilometres between them. There is an inadequacy of functional facilities and poor access to services in the rural settlements in Otukpo. Respondents in rural settlements in Otukpo are faced with the risk of agricultural occupational loss (22%, water shortages (42%, flooding (29%, land based conflicts (16%, health hazards (12%, erosion (26%, and migration (57%. With evidence of climate change ascertained globally including Nigeria, the study concludes that rural settlements in Otukpo and elsewhere are vulnerable to the effects of climate change which is evident in literature. Government should plan appropriately to optimize standard of living and provide basic functional facilities and services for rural settlements.


    Urša Suhadolnik Vovko


    Full Text Available To study and grasp the contemporary rural areas in Slovenia, the students of the Faculty of Architecture carried out a public opinion survey on the subject of the culture of settlement areas, with a particular reference to the visual image of the experiential space of the settlements. Today, human needs and living values are an integral part of all documents, as they represent the starting-point of designing new concepts of living. Personal quality of living is explained by Mandič [1999] through the use of Allard's classification of human needs; however, Mercer's Quality of Living ranking is often used to measure the quality of the living environmentThe paper represents the results of the study, which included two target groups: The experts in spatial management and planning employed at municipal administrative offices; and the senior years’ students at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana. The study represented here addressed the values of the living environment. The study was triggered by the 'colourfulness' that knows no limits in Slovenia. Putting the everyday indignation over the variety of all possible shades aside, it has become evident that the tiny elements that are also destroying the image of our settlements are all too often neglected: billboards, log cabins complementing garages and decorative elements, stalls during celebrations and fairs, fountains, monuments, mix of exotic plants, the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs etc. The study included a survey to obtain a more objective approach to the studying of the quality from the viewpoints of the changing living culture and the use of communal external space in Slovenian settlements. The key question that resonated in most of other questions was: What would improve the quality of life in the settlement?

  12. Model for mapping settlements

    Vatsavai, Ranga Raju; Graesser, Jordan B.; Bhaduri, Budhendra L.


    A programmable media includes a graphical processing unit in communication with a memory element. The graphical processing unit is configured to detect one or more settlement regions from a high resolution remote sensed image based on the execution of programming code. The graphical processing unit identifies one or more settlements through the execution of the programming code that executes a multi-instance learning algorithm that models portions of the high resolution remote sensed image. The identification is based on spectral bands transmitted by a satellite and on selected designations of the image patches.

  13. Relações de saúde e trabalho em assentamento rural do MST na região de fronteira Brasil-Paraguai Health and work relations in a rural settlement of the MST in the Brazil-Paraguay border region

    Eduardo Espíndola Fontoura Júnior


    Full Text Available Com o presente artigo, busca-se relatar e analisar as relações entre saúde e trabalho de pequenos produtores rurais do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST. Quanto à metodologia, adotou-se o aporte da investigação participativa e as bases da educação popular. O estudo realizado tornou possível uma compreensão de saúde e de trabalho mediante as narrativas dos trabalhadores e histórias relativas às lutas coletivas contra a exclusão e a violência no campo. Constataram-se importantes aspectos próprios a esse grupo populacional, como o sentido de conquista da propriedade da terra, os conflitos advindos da 'militância' e as diferenças de gênero e geração. Com base nos relatos, analisaram-se também os acidentes e os riscos relacionados à atividade de trabalho no assentamento rural, principalmente a exposição ao agrotóxico. Confirmaram-se, ainda, a solidariedade e a cooperação como valores importantes e como base de novas relações, um modo distinto de organização social coletiva do trabalho.In this article, we aim to report on and analyze the relationship between health and work of small farmers of the Landless Workers Movement (MST. So far as the methodology is concerned, we used participatory research and the basics of popular education. The study allowed for an understanding of health and work based on the workers' narratives, stories relating to collective struggles against exclusion and violence in the countryside. Important aspects related to this population group as were discovered, such as, for example, the sense of conquest of land ownership, the conflicts arising from 'activism,' and the differences of gender and generations. From the reports that were provided, we also examined the accidents and risks related to work in the rural settlement, particularly exposure to pesticides. It was also found that solidarity and cooperation are important values, basic elements for new relations and a distinctive

  14. Liquidity risk in securities settlement

    Johan Devriese; Janet Mitchell


    This paper studies the potential impact on securities settlement systems (SSSs) of a major market disruption, caused by the default of the largest player. A multi-period, multi-security model with intraday credit is used to simulate direct and second round settlement failures triggered by the default, as well as the dynamics of settlement failures, arising from a lag in settlement relative to the date of trades. The effects of the defaulter's net trade position, the numbers of securities and ...

  15. 秦岭山区路网空间格局及其对乡村聚落破碎化的影响分析%Spatial Network of Road and Its Impact on Fragmentation of Rural Settlement in Qinling Mountain Area

    刘超; 杨海娟; 王子侨; 杨庆会


    Taking Shangzhou district as the study area, the article was to explore the county's road network and its impact on landscape fragmentation of the rural settlements by employing kernel density estimation (KDE), combining with landscape index method and GIS spatial analysis techniques. The study had the following results: 1) kernel density estimation(KDE) can effectively identify and extract the hot region of high density road network, the density centers of the road network can be clearly identified by 2 km bandwidth;2) the road network in Shangzhou District represents imbalanced in the spatial distribution, and was branched in general, it also presented a“core”and more“extreme”spatial development tendency;3) with the weakening of the road radiation, landscape fragmentation of rural settlements gradually increased;4) with the elevation of the road network density grades, landscape fragmentation of rural settlements gradually decreased.%以地处秦岭山区的商州区为例,采用核密度估算法(KDE),并结合景观指数方法及GIS空间分析技术,探讨了县域路网空间格局及其对乡村聚落景观破碎化的影响。结果表明:(1)KDE 法能有效识别和提取高密度路网热点区域,2 km的带宽能清晰辨别出路网的密度中心;(2)商州区的路网在空间分布上具有不均衡性,总体上呈分支状分布,呈现一“核”多“极”的发展态势;(3)随着道路辐射能力的减弱,乡村聚落的景观破碎度逐渐加剧;(4)随着路网密度等级的提高,乡村聚落的景观破碎度逐渐下降。


    赵万民; 史靖塬; 黄勇


    Based on the theory of Sciences of Human Settlements, this article discusses on major problems of High-tech Demonstration Zone of integrated urban-rural development in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. It introduces the integral development strategy of "clarifying planning terms, restructuring spatial layout, defining compilation hierarchy," as well as the theoretical study on integrated urban-rural spatial planning mode with comprehensive economic, ecological and social development, and finally explores the integrated modular design method for rural community spaces.%基于人居环境科学理论背景,聚焦陕西省宝鸡市高新区城乡统筹发展示范区主要问题,介绍了“明确规划时序、重塑空间结构、界定编制层级”的时空统筹战略;阐述“经济-生态-社会”三位一体下的城乡统筹空间规划模式理论研究;并进一步探索人居环境科学实践论指导下的农村社区空间统筹模块化设计方法.

  17. The Settlement Utopia

    Villadsen, Kaspar


    The Settlement movement, which originated in late nineteenth-century England, was a pioneer in bettering the conditions of the working poor. It pursued the utopian project of locating ‘settlements’ within poverty-ridden neighbourhoods where respectable students should meet slum dwellers on equal ...

  18. Arbitration versus settlement

    G. Dari-Mattiacci


    Incomplete contracts and laws often lead to disputes. Before a dispute arises, parties can commit to arbitration. If they choose to do so, future disputes are resolved before an arbiter. Otherwise, parties will choose between settlement and litigation after a dispute has arisen. We analyze variables

  19. Categories of settlement discard

    Kuna, Martin

    Oxford: Oxbow Books, 2015 - (Kristiansen, K.; Šmejda, L.; Turek, J.), s. 278-292 ISBN 978-1-78297-770-4 R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GAP405/10/2289 Institutional support: RVO:67985912 Keywords : deposition * formation processes * settlement discard Subject RIV: AC - Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology

  20. TARGET 2 and Settlement Finality



    Full Text Available This article examines how TARGET 2 as system implements the idea of settlement finality regulated by Directive 98/26 EC of the European parliament and of the Council of 19 May 1998 on settlement finality in payment and securities settlement systems (Settlement Finality Directive and Directive 2009/44/EC of the European parliament and of the Council of 6 May 2009 amending Directive 98/26/EC on settlement finality in payment and securities settlement systems and Directive 2002/47/EC on financial collateral arrangements as regards linked systems and credit claims (Directive 2009/44/EC. As the title of the arti and finality of the settlement in this system.

  1. A Comparison of Social and Spatial Determinants of Health Between Formal and Informal Settlements in a Large Metropolitan Setting in Brazil

    Snyder, Robert E.; Jaimes, Guillermo; Lee W Riley; Faerstein, Eduardo; Corburn, Jason


    Urban informal settlements are often under-recognized in national and regional surveys. A lack of quality intra-urban data frequently contributes to a one-size-fits-all public health intervention and clinical strategies that rarely address the variegated socioeconomic disparities across and within different informal settlements in a city. The 2010 Brazilian census gathered detailed population and place-based data across the country's informal settlements. Here, we examined key socio-demograph...

  2. AMS dating of early shellmounds of the Southeastern Brazilian coast

    Lima, T. A. [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Museu Nacional. Dept. de Antropologia; Macario, K.D.; Anjos, R.M.; Gomes, P.R.S. [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Fisica; Coimbra, M.M. [Universidade Estadual de Londrina, PR (Brazil). Dept. de Fisica; Elmore, D. [Purdue Univ., IN (United States). Purdue Rare Isotopes Measurement Lab.


    This paper discusses the chronology of prehistoric settlements of the central-south Brazilian coast. A charcoal sample from a coastal shell mound of Rio de Janeiro State was dated by {sup 14} C-AMS to 7, 860+- 80 years B P as part of an interdisciplinary project between physicists and archaeologists. This is an unexpected result that reinforces two similar previous early dates for the same region, which were questioned by Brazilian archaeologists because they implied in pulling back by some two thousand years the antiquity consensually accepted for the settlement of that region. (author)

  3. AMS dating of early shellmounds of the Southeastern Brazilian coast

    This paper discusses the chronology of prehistoric settlements of the central-south Brazilian coast. A charcoal sample from a coastal shell mound of Rio de Janeiro State was dated by 14 C-AMS to 7, 860+- 80 years B P as part of an interdisciplinary project between physicists and archaeologists. This is an unexpected result that reinforces two similar previous early dates for the same region, which were questioned by Brazilian archaeologists because they implied in pulling back by some two thousand years the antiquity consensually accepted for the settlement of that region. (author)

  4. Company–Community Logging Contracts in Amazonian Settlements: Impacts on Livelihoods and NTFP Harvests

    Nick Brown


    Full Text Available As a result of government-sponsored colonization, more than 500 000 km2 of the Brazilian Amazon is managed by settlement households. By law, 80% of this land must remain as standing forest. In this study, we examine the potential for timber harvesting through company–community partnerships (CCPs as a means to increase forest-based revenue without compromising household use of non-timber forest products (NTFPs. Using participatory rural appraisal, resource diaries, and household questionnaires, we study the impacts of CCP logging contracts on livelihoods, including household income and NTFP harvests. Our results show that annual household income from the CCP logging is equivalent to more than 8 years of household gross income from agricultural production. We also found that there were no significant differences in NTFP harvests between households with CCP logging and those without. In CCP-logging communities, households caught 11.9 ± 13.6 game animals, totaling 74 ± 88 kg of game meat. In the communities without CCP, households caught 9.5 ± 13.0 game animals, totaling 73 ± 172 kg of game meat. Annual forest fruit harvests averaged 9.8 ± 13.2 kg in CCP-logging communities and 13.5 ± 15.9 kg in non-CCP communities. Overall, the CCPs brought improvements in household income without compromising NTFP harvests.

  5. Settlement patterns and sustainability

    Hendriksen, Kåre

    This paper discusses settlement patterns and sustainability. Generally urbanization is recognised as an inevitable development driven by job opportunities, better service supply, education, and health services, and it is argued that this is the main driver for centralisation. Research based on...... utilization of local resources and trade opportunities. Furthermore the growing towns are struggling with an un-sustainable economic situation manly based on public financed jobs or welfare payments and with limited export oriented value creation....

  6. Immigrant Settlement Services Literacy

    Mambo Tabu Masinda


    The global migration is transforming the social fabric of modern societies around the world. As a result, countries hosting large number of immigrants have developed a range of services to help immigrants adjust to their new countries. Many studies have investigated immigrant services, however, there is no discussion looking at immigrant services under what I call ¡°Immigrant settlement services literacy¡± (ISSL). This paper aims to close this gap. The discussion proposes some implications fo...

  7. Lifestyle, Dwelling Conditions and Daily Routine as Qualitative Indicators of Infant Development: A Study of 0-3 Years Old Children from Rural Brazilian Northeast.

    Rabinovich, Elaine Pedreira

    The developing child and his/her eco-social-cultural context is the focus of study of 28 children ages 0-3 years in the rural area of Cocal, Piaui in Northeast Brazil. Ethnographic methods, naturalistic observations and semi-structured interviews were used to ascertain the physical context (the house and its surroundings), as well as maternal…

  8. Human Settlements, Energy, and Industry

    Scott, Michael J.; Gupta, Sujata; Jauregui, Ernesto; Nwafor, James; Satterthwaite, David; Wanasinghe, Yapa; Wilbanks, Thomas; Yoshino, Masatoshi; Kelkar, Ulka


    Human settlements are integrators of many of the climate impacts initially felt in other sectors, and differ from each other in geographic location, size, economic circumstances, and political and social capacity. The most wide-spread serious potential impact is flooding and landslides, followed by tropical cyclones. A growing literature suggests that a very wide variety of settlements in nearly every climate zone may be affected, although the specific evidence is still very limited. Settlements with little economic diversification and where a high percentage of incomes derive from climate sensitive primary resource industries (agriculture, forestry and fisheries) are more sensitive than more diversified settlements

  9. Assentamentos rurais na Amazônia: contradições entre a política agrária e a política ambiental Rural settlements in the Amazon: contradictions between the agrarian policy and environmental policy

    François-Michel Le Tourneau


    Full Text Available A ação do INCRA na Amazônia revela um paradoxo: por mais que a ocupação humana daquela região fosse uma estratégia dos governos militares, é na fase democrática recente que a reforma agrária brasileira intensifica a instalação de agricultores em assentamentos. A institucionalização de políticas de proteção do meio ambiente se revela contraditória com as práticas de proteção social que têm, na Amazônia, um foco de destaque num modelo de reforma agrária que provoca inevitáveis consequências ambientais.The action of INCRA in the Amazon region shows a paradox: on the one hand the human occupation of that region was a strategy of the military regime, but on the other hand it is after the democratization that the agrarian reform policy intensifies the settlement of peasants in the Brazilian Amazon. The institutionalization of policies aiming at protecting the environment is contradictory with the social protection, as in the Amazon it is very much based on a model of agrarian reform that provokes deforestation.

  10. Poverty and wellbeing among older people in Nairobi slum settlements

    Baird, Jennifer


    Levels of poverty and wellbeing among older people in poor, urban settings in Africa have been under-researched, yet absolute numbers of older people are set to increase in this continent in the coming decades. The urban experience of wellbeing for older people is relatively unknown as research tends to focus on older people residing in rural places. This study addresses this research gap and investigates patterns of poverty and wellbeing among older people in two slum settlements in Nairobi....

  11. Sistemas territoriais de financiamento rural: para pensar o caso brasileiro (Territorial Systems for Rural Financing: considering the Brazilian case Doi: 10.5212/Emancipacao.v.13i2.0009

    Ademir Antonio Cazella


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false PT-BR X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 No Brasil, a construção de sistemas territoriais de financiamento em zonas rurais passa pela inclusão de segmentos sociais pobres nas políticas de desenvolvimento rural. Neste artigo, parte-se da contextualização do perfil elitista do Sistema Financeiro Nacional (SFN e de sua baixa capacidade de operar com microfinanças, pré-condição para se gestar projetos inovadores, inclusivos e territorializados. Na sequência, discutem-se experiências que aportam ensinamentos para a concepção de sistemas territoriais de financiamento, a exemplo do Desenvolvimento Regional Sustentável do Banco do Brasil e do cooperativismo de crédito rural solidário. Por fi m, elaboram-se sugestões depossíveis parcerias interinstitucionais, visando reduzir a exclusão de segmentos sociais empobrecidos dos mercados financeiros formais. Palavras-chave: Microfinanças. Inclusão financeira. Territórios.  Abstract: In Brazil, the construction of territorial systems of financing in rural zones involves the inclusion of poor segments of society in public rural developmentpolicies. This article begins describing the elitist nature of the National Financial System and its limited capacity to operate with microfinance, which is considered here as a pre-condition for managing innovative, inclusionary and territorializedprojects. Then it discusses experiences that can help guiding the conception of territorial finance systems, such as the Sustainable Regional Development program of the Banco do Brasil and solidarity-oriented rural credit cooperatives. In conclusion, it suggests possible inter-institutional partnerships, seeking to reduce exclusion of poor social segments from the formal financial markets.  Keywords: Microfinance. Financial inclusion. Territories.

  12. Settlement network of Novi Pazar municipality: Present state and development tendencies

    Tošić Dragutin


    Full Text Available In this paper are given adapted morphological, demographical and functional determinants of the Novi Pazar municipality development settlement network on the basis of relevant theoretical and methodological assumptions and qualitative and quantitative indicators. Municipality settlement network is observed as a subsystem in the settlement system of Novi Pazar functional area. Specifically are emphasized interdependency and conditionality of settlement functional transformation process, which caused differentiation of community area into an urban core-Novi Pazar, periurban ring- more or less suburban villages and rural surrounding. Suggested is a model of microdeveloping nucleuses as an instrument for community decentralization. On the ground of spatial and functional level of settlement integration some micro functional - micro regional structure of the municipality territory, has been identified.

  13. Rural migration and health care

    Svendsen, Gunnar Lind Haase; Jensen, Marit Vatn

    This literature study focuses on possible links between access to health services and migration in rural areas. Why do people move to or from rural areas or why do they stay? What determines where people settle? And, in this context, do local health care services play an important or minor role......, or no role at all? First, the paper reports on key findings from rural migration studies, in order to shed light on two migration trends: urbanization and counter-urbanization. Then we take a closer look on settlement preferences in rural areas, including the impact of health care facilities. Finally, we end...... up with a more deepgoing review of the relatively small number of studies, which explicitly deal with settlement preferences related to access to health care....

  14. Payment system settlement and bank incentives

    Charles M. Kahn; Roberds, William


    In this paper we consider the relative merits of net versus gross settlement of interbank payments. Net settlement economizes on the costs of holding non-interest-bearing reserves, but increases moral hazard problems. The "put option" value of default under net settlement can also distort banks' investment incentives. Absent these distortions, net settlement dominates gross, although the optimal net settlement scheme may involve a positive probability of default. Net settlement becomes more a...

  15. Viabilidade técnica e econômica da substituição de fontes convencionais de energia por biogás em assentamento rural do Estado de São Paulo Economical and technical feasibility of the conventional energy source substitution by biogas in rural settlement of São Paulo State, Brazil

    Maura S. T. Esperancini


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a viabilidade econômica da implantação de dois biodigestores com uso de dejetos animais em área do Assentamento de Trabalhadores Rurais no município de Itaberá - SP, no ano de 2005; um deles para o fornecimento de energia para os domicílios e outro para as atividades produtivas. Foram avaliados os benefícios referentes ao fornecimento de energia elétrica e térmica, a partir do biogás, para cinco domicílios da agrovila do assentamento e para as atividades produtivas, comparativamente aos custos de construção e operação para produção de biogás. Os resultados mostraram a viabilidade econômica da produção de gás em ambos os biodigestores. Foram gerados benefícios no valor de R$ 3.698,00 por ano e R$ 9.080,57 por ano, nos biodigestores para os domicílios e produção, respectivamente; bem como o equivalente a R$ 1.478,28 por ano referentes à produção de biofertilizante. O custo anual do processo é de R$ 1.218,50 em cada biodigestor. O prazo de recuperação do investimento é de 2,5 anos e 11 meses, para a produção de biogás nos domicílios e na produção, respectivamente. Os resultados podem ser utilizados para subsidiar políticas públicas direcionadas ao aproveitamento de biomassa para a produção de energia a baixos custos no segmento da agricultura familiar.The aim of this work was to evaluate the economic feasibility of two biodigestion systems using animal excrements in a rural settlement, in Itaberá - SP, Brazil, in the year of 2005. One of them was constructed to supply biogas for five residences. The other one was constructed to supply biogas for production activities. The generated benefits related to the supply of electric and thermal energy were evaluated, using biogas for five residences and for production activities, in comparison to the annual costs of the biodigestion system construction and operation. The results showed economic feasibility of the biogas

  16. South-Moravian Rural Borderland

    Vaishar, A.; Šťastná, M.; Trnka, P.; Dvořák, Petr; Zapletalová, Jana


    Roč. 5, č. 2 (2013), s. 115-132. ISSN 1803-8417 Institutional support: RVO:68145535 Keywords : borderland * landscape * rural settlement * economy * Moravia Subject RIV: DE - Earth Magnetism, Geodesy, Geography

  17. Deposited sediment settlement and consolidation mechanisms

    Shuai-jie Guo


    Full Text Available In order to study deposited sediment settlement and consolidation mechanisms, sediment settlement experiments were conducted using a settlement column. Based on the experimental results, sediment settlement stage definition, excessive pore pressure (EPP dissipation, and consolidation constitutive equations are discussed. Three stages, including the free settlement, hindered settlement, and self-weight consolidation settlement stages, are defined. The results of this study show that sediment settlement is mainly affected by the initial sediment concentration and initial settlement height, and the interface settlement rate is attenuated linearly with time on bilogarithmic scales during the hindered settlement and self-weight consolidation settlement stages. Moreover, the deposited sediment layer in the self-weight consolidation settlement stage experiences large strains, and the settlement amount in this stage is about 32% to 59% of the initial height of deposited sediment. EPP is nonlinearly distributed in the settlement direction, and consolidation settlement is faster than EPP dissipation in the self-weight consolidation settlement stage. Consolidation constitutive equations for the hydraulic conductivity and effective stress, applicable to large-strain consolidation calculation, were also determined and fitted in the power function form.

  18. Brazilian normative data for the Short Form 36 questionnaire, version 2

    Josué Laguardia; Mônica Rodrigues Campos; Claudia Travassos; Alberto Lopes Najar; Luiz Antonio dos Anjos; Miguel Murat Vasconcellos


    METHODS: The study Pesquisa Dimensões Sociais das Desigualdades (PDSD) (Social Dimensions of Inequalities) involves 12,423 randomly selected Brazilian men and women aged 18 years old or more from urban and rural areas of the five Brazilian regions, and the information collected included the SF-36 as a measure of health-related quality of life. This provided a unique opportunity to develop age and gender-adjusted normative data for the Brazilian population. RESULTS: Brazilian men scored substa...

  19. Managerial Strategies for the Conservation of Rurality in Rural Tourism

    Cornelia Petroman


    Full Text Available If we admit that rurality designates small densities, open areas, small settlements below 1,000 inhabitants, and land reserved mainly to agricultural and forestry practices, and as natural area, if we admit that society tends to be traditional and that government al policies tend to conserve rather than to make rapid or radical changes, then we should admit that rural tourism should be an activity generating new incomes in the area. Rurality also means preserving a continuum in the approach of different types of areas with different characteristics, a concept that can also be of use in the identification of activities specific to rural tourism. Be they activities specific to the rural environment or activities common to the rural area, they need to aim at the conservation of rurality as a main tourism resource. Managerial strategies in rural tourism contribute effectively to rural development, provided they are sustainable and that rural tourism be not the only solution for rural development.




    Full Text Available Identification of Someşean Plateau rural settlements to evaluate their vulnerability. In the identification process of the rural settlements, from the Someşan Plateau, we used those criteria which mostly highlight the degree of their vulnerability towards natural and anthropologic hazards (position, morphometry, morphology, demography. According to the mentioned criteria we analyzed the rural settlements distribution on the Someşan Plateau’s geographical subunits. This approach will allow us to assess the rural settlements vulnerability degree towards natural and anthropologic hazards and how they are spatially differenced in the studied area.

  1. Greenhouse Gas Assessment and Compensation on Brazilian Low Volume Rural Roads Using CarbonROAD—The Santa Rosa de Lima Case

    Reus Salini


    Full Text Available The “Santa Catarina Rural” is a Program co-funded by The World Bank for improvements on 1300 km of low volume rural roads on Southern Brazil. The pioneer project under the program was on the municipality of Santa Rosa de Lima, where the greenhouse gas (GHG emissions resulting from the road improvement activities as well as the regular traffic were assessed on an experimental basis using the CarbonROAD software application. Here, we show details of the CarbonROAD software application and the construction emissions assessment procedure as well as the mitigating effect of the plants used for compensation. It was found that most of the emissions come from the road improvement work. This includes earthworks, fuel for motor graders, bulldozers and other machines, and materials and gravel extraction, industrialization and transportation, etc. Only a smaller portion comprises regular road traffic. The accumulated emission balance shows that the carbon absorption is larger than construction emissions after just 15 months. The potential for price appraisal of the generated carbon credits is explored.

  2. Brazilian energy

    Brazilian Energy provides all the information necessary for energy companies to invest and operate in Brazil, including: a review of Brazil's natural resources; an assessment of privatisation strategies at the federal, state and regional level; an analysis of the electricity industry and the future for Electrobras; an analysis of the oil industry and, in particular, Petrobras; a discussion of the fuel alcohol industry; the discovery of local natural gas, its prospects and the involvement of the auto industry; an assessment of the problems facing the coal industry and its future; a discussion of the regulatory framework for the newly privatised companies; the importance of intra-regional energy links and the booming membership of Mercosur; the difficulties experienced by foreign investors doing business in Brazil; brief profiles of the key energy companies; profiles of key people influencing the privatisation process in Brazil. Brazilian energy is essential reading for those wishing to advise and assist Brazil in this period of change and development, as well as those who wish to invest or become key players in the Brazilian energy sector. (author)

  3. Weekend settlements: The case of Sićevačka gorge

    Martinović Marija


    Full Text Available In this paper we present an analysis of the impact of an intensive process of building rest and recreation houses and the establishment of settlements in the Sićevačka gorge, Serbia, from the 1960s to the beginning of the 20th, century. The analysis is based on field research conducted in 2001/2002nd, as well as official statistical data. In this paper, settlements are defined by their spatial distribution, characteristics of the local position within the existing territory (Atari, and basic trends in development and advanced geospatial changes. Special attention is devoted to the consideration of how the density of temporary settlements (weekend has impacted the permanent (continuous population as well as the territorial and population development of existing rural settlements. .

  4. Settlement characteristics of major infrastructures in Shanghai

    Jiao, X.; Yan, X. X.; Wang, H. M.


    Critical infrastructures in Shanghai have undergone uneven settlement since their operation, which plays an important role in affecting the security of Shanghai. This paper, taking rail transportation as example, investigates settlement characteristics and influencing factors of this linear engineering, based on long-term settlement monitoring data. Results show that rail settlement is related to geological conditions, regional ground subsidence, surrounding construction activities and structural differences in the rail systems. In order to effectively decrease the impact of regional ground subsidence, a monitoring and early-warning mechanism for critical infrastructure is established by the administrative department and engineering operators, including monitoring network construction, settlement monitoring, information sharing, settlement warning, and so on.

  5. Brazilian gemstones

    Franco, Rui Ribeiro


    Brazil counts as a gemmological province because of the variety of gem minerals present in the country. Most Brazilian states and territories produce gemstones, the State of Minas Gerais being the most important producer both in volume and in number of species. Diamonds are chiefly derived by panning from alluvial deposits in Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso and Goiás. Among other gemstones, the most important are aquamarines, beryls, chrysoberyls, topazes, amethysts, tourmalines, emeralds and agates, and their respective varieties. The occurrences of these gemstones, as well as of a great number of others, are described for each state in which they are found.

  6. The Rural Settlement Landscape and Its Evolution in Hani Rice Terrace Culture Landscape Areas:A Case Study of the Quanfuzhuang Middle Village,Yuanyang County,Yunnan%哈尼梯田遗产区乡村聚落景观及其演变--以云南元阳全福庄中寨为例

    宗路平; 角媛梅; 李石华; 张洪康; 张红榛; 何云燕; 牛乐德


    以2013年6月列入世界文化景观遗产的红河哈尼梯田文化景观区内的乡村聚落景观--云南省红河州元阳县全福庄中寨为研究对象,通过实地调查、访谈和GIS制图分析等方法,分析了哈尼聚落景观的组成要素与内部结构、景观空间格局及其演变。结果表明:1)哈尼聚落景观的边界以实际存在的树带和树门来分离精神世界里人和鬼魂的地域空间;聚落内部受地形和血缘关系影响形成组团式结构,传统民居以蘑菇房为代表;2)聚落具有独特的文化景观要素--用于祭祀和祈福的寨神林、用于娱乐和晾晒粮食的磨秋场以及用于生活取水和祭祀的水井,它们体现了哈尼族崇拜自然的宗教文化体系;3)哈尼聚落景观的空间格局具有森林在上、村落居中、梯田在下、水系贯穿其中的特点,聚落的选址正是基于景观空间格局与适宜人居和便于到达梯田耕作的特点选定;4)哈尼聚落景观在空间演变方面具有独特的分寨和“地名连名”制特点,聚落用地在50 a间扩大了近10倍,而蘑菇房的周边和内部结构则出现了多向演变的趋势,其中现代砖混房屋的比例正呈急剧增加趋势;5)哈尼聚落景观作为哈尼梯田文化景观遗产的组成要素之一,在维系遗产稳定性方面具有重要作用。因此,如何传承与保护哈尼聚落景观成为当务之急,未来应注重聚落空心化等的研究。%This paper takes the rural settlement landscape of Hani rice terrace culture landscape areas as the research object, and makes a case study on Quanfuzhuang Middle village, Yuanyang County, which was inscribed on the World Cultural Landscape in June of 2013. Through field surveys, interviews, and GIS mapping analysis method, the paper analyzes the elements, the internal structure, landscape spatial structure and evolution of Hani village landscape. The results are as follows:1

  7. Development Path of Urban-rural Integration


    The urban and rural areas are regarded as two major components of the regional economic system. Only through joint balanced development of the two can we achieve overall economic optimization and social welfare maximization. But the great social division of labor has separated urban areas from rural areas,which casts the shadow of city-oriented theory on cooperative relations between urban and rural areas. Mutual separation between urban and rural settlements and independent development trigger off a range of social problems. We must undertake guidance through rational development path of urban-rural integration,to eliminate the phenomenon of urban-rural dual structure,and promote the sustainable development of population,resources and environment in urban and rural areas as soon as possible.

  8. The Density of Sustainable Settlements

    Lauring, Michael; Silva, Victor; Jensen, Ole B.;


    This paper is the initial result of a cross-disciplinary attempt to encircle an answer to the question of optimal densities of sustainable settlements. Urban density is an important component in the framework of sustainable development and influences not only the character and design of cities but...

  9. Settlement, Transnational Communities and Citizenship

    Kastoryano, Riva


    The settlement of immigrants has given rise to transnational communities based on economic interests, cultural exchanges, social relations, and political affiliations. There are increased interactions between individuals and groups settled in different countries within a global space; the cultural and political specificities of host and home countries are combined with multilevel and multinational activities, creating an institutionalisation of multiple belonging.

  10. Gentrification and Neo-Rural Populations in the Quebec Countryside: Representations of Various Actors

    Guimond, Laurie; Simard, Myriam


    Rural gentrification, which is linked in particular to the migration and permanent settlement in the countryside of middle-class or affluent urbanites, is increasingly affecting contemporary rural communities. Despite the significance of this trend, the complex and many-sided phenomenon of rural gentrification has hardly been explored in scholarly…


    Gašper Mrak


    Full Text Available he paper aims to show the idea of intertwining of various existing accommodation entities within space, originating in the past and standing for an apparent novelty in modern times. In recent years, under the influence of globalisation, with social and demographic change, the needs and wishes of inhabitants and visitors of the Alpine Space have been changing unpredictably. We need to offer new forms of spending leisure time and adapt to the constantly changing demands. The traditional organization of settlement structure in rural space is being abandoned and adapted to a new way of living, different settlement patterns, social and demographic shift etc. These new interventions are in a different relationship with nature than they were in the past. New forms of leisure activities have been implemented, such as alternative, green, rural tourism etc. More and more the concept of sustainable, more ethical and responsible spatial interventions is prevailing, which does not only include the issues of preserving the environment but cultural, economic and political ones as well.The key issues in studying the development of settlement in the Slovenian Alps were: How to enable the coexistence of traditional settlement patterns in the untouched protected landscape? How to ensure the coexistence of traditional rural architecture and modern architecture intended for a larger number of visitors? And how can these elements be connected in the »story about attractiveness«? In the area of the Alpine Space, the diversity of dispersed settlement patterns is important for further development of sustainability-oriented housing and human settlement while offering different and diverse leisure activities.

  12. The Evolution Of "Rural Culture"-- The Design Research Of Spatial Form Regeneration About Traditional Rural Settlement Based On Self-Organization Theory%演进的“乡土”--基于自组织理论的传统乡土聚落空间更新设计研究

    朱莹; 张向宁


    The paper take traditional rural setlements as the research object, take the self - organization theory as study angle, and take mining the evolution mechanism as research goal.Though parsing the past to reveal the leading role of three parameters and understood the spatial construction of three structures order, which can extract the evolution order of the traditional rural setlement.Through examining reality to purify the evolution mechanism about traditional rural setlements,and to mining self-similarity, symbiotic, catalytic growth mechanism based on Fractal theory,Synergetics theory, Hypercycle theory.Through regulating the future,mining traditional rural settlements’ level nested, paralel colaborative, Low impact cycling mechanism to improve regeneration of traditional rural setlements.%本文以传统乡土聚落为研究对象,以自组织理论为研究视角,以挖掘更新机制为目标。通过解析过去,揭示三个参变量的主导作用、三种结构秩序的空间建构,以此提取传统乡土聚落的演变秩序。通过诊视现在,提纯分形理论下空间自相似生长机能、协同学理论下空间共生性生长机能、超循环理论下空间催化性生长机能。通过调控未来,挖掘传统乡土聚落等级嵌套、并置协同以及低冲击循环演进机制。

  13. Implications of rural tourism and agritourism in sustainable rural development

    Flavia-Lorena Cut-Lupulescu


    Full Text Available Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Romania shows: a variety of historical cultural values ​​- folk art, ethnography, folklore, traditions, historical artifacts - a natural harmoniously combined with a varied and picturesque landscape background. All these are facets of Romanian rural tourism in particular. Occurred and developed by the various forms of relief since the time of the Thracian-Dacian, Romanian rural settlements kept and still keeps in good measure ancient customs and traditions, a rich and varied folklore, ethnography and folk original elements that can be travel exploited in a strategy for the organization and development of rural tourism. Rural tourism in our country always practical, but spontaneous, sporadic, random, and mostly unorganized form of manifestation is the beginning of the '20s and '30s, the casual visitor accommodation citizens of rural settlements. /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;}

  14. Concentration of Access to Information and Communication Technologies in the Municipalities of the Brazilian Legal Amazon

    de Brito, Silvana Rossy; da Silva, Aleksandra do Socorro; Cruz, Adejard Gaia; Monteiro, Maurílio de Abreu; Vijaykumar, Nandamudi Lankalapalli; da Silva, Marcelino Silva; Costa, João Crisóstomo Weyl Albuquerque; Francês, Carlos Renato Lisboa


    This study fills demand for data on access and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Brazilian legal Amazon, a region of localities with identical economic, political, and social problems. We use the 2010 Brazilian Demographic Census to compile data on urban and rural households (i) with computers and Internet access, (ii) with mobile phones, and (iii) with fixed phones. To compare the concentration of access to ICT in the municipalities of the Brazilian Amazon with o...

  15. The Density of Sustainable Settlements

    Lauring, Michael; Silva, Victor; Jensen, Ole B.; Heiselberg, Per


    This paper is the initial result of a cross-disciplinary attempt to encircle an answer to the question of optimal densities of sustainable settlements. Urban density is an important component in the framework of sustainable development and influences not only the character and design of cities but also the architectural and technical strategies of buildings. The paper is based on literature studies in the fields of urban mobility, urban ecology, urban design, architecture and civil engineerin...

  16. Analyzing spatial-social patterns of rural housing in Qom province and social factors affecting it

    S.E. Seydaei; A. Shapoorabady


    Extended abstract1- Introduction Rural settlements can be studied based on their shape and type, the natural factors such as climate, soil and water, social and cultural factors influencing the texture and morphology and the spatial-social patterns originating from them and even based on the degree of their development. Therefore, in order to plan for sustainable development of rural settlements and for realization of national development goals, it is important to identify and analyze the spa...

  17. Distribuição geográfica e características epidemiológicas da leishmaniose tegumentar americana em áreas de colonização antiga do Estado do Paraná, Sul do Brasil Geographic distribution and epidemiological features of American tegumentary leishmaniasis in old rural settlements in Paraná State, Southern Brazil

    Wuelton Marcelo Monteiro


    numbers of men and women were infected, with cases in minors as young as five years of age, with the latter not occurring in the 794 allochthonous cases. Conditions favoring American tegumentary leishmaniasis were created in the processes involved in occupying the rural areas of these mesoregions, particularly in the agricultural settlement model and the crisis in coffee monoculture.

  18. Why the Google Books Settlement is Procompetitive

    Elhauge, Einer Richard


    Although the Google Books Settlement has been criticized as anticompetitive, I conclude that this critique is mistaken. For out-of-copyright books, the settlement procompetitively expands output by clarifying which books are in the public domain and making them digitally available for free. For claimed in-copyright books, the settlement procompetitively expands output by clarifying who holds their rights, making them digitally searchable, allowing individual digital display and sales at compe...

  19. Carbon footprints of cities and other human settlements in the UK

    A growing body of literature discusses the CO2 emissions of cities. Still, little is known about emission patterns across density gradients from remote rural places to highly urbanized areas, the drivers behind those emission patterns and the global emissions triggered by consumption in human settlements—referred to here as the carbon footprint. In this letter we use a hybrid method for estimating the carbon footprints of cities and other human settlements in the UK explicitly linking global supply chains to local consumption activities and associated lifestyles. This analysis comprises all areas in the UK, whether rural or urban. We compare our consumption-based results with extended territorial CO2 emission estimates and analyse the driving forces that determine the carbon footprint of human settlements in the UK. Our results show that 90% of the human settlements in the UK are net importers of CO2 emissions. Consumption-based CO2 emissions are much more homogeneous than extended territorial emissions. Both the highest and lowest carbon footprints can be found in urban areas, but the carbon footprint is consistently higher relative to extended territorial CO2 emissions in urban as opposed to rural settlement types. The impact of high or low density living remains limited; instead, carbon footprints can be comparatively high or low across density gradients depending on the location-specific socio-demographic, infrastructural and geographic characteristics of the area under consideration. We show that the carbon footprint of cities and other human settlements in the UK is mainly determined by socio-economic rather than geographic and infrastructural drivers at the spatial aggregation of our analysis. It increases with growing income, education and car ownership as well as decreasing household size. Income is not more important than most other socio-economic determinants of the carbon footprint. Possibly, the relationship between lifestyles and infrastructure only

  20. O Internato Rural na formação do profissional farmacêutico para a atuação no Sistema Único de Saúde Rural Internship in the professional training of pharmacists to serve in the Brazilian Unified Health System

    Luciana Tarbes Mattana Saturnino


    Full Text Available Para contemplar o exposto nas Diretrizes Curriculares, algumas faculdades de Farmácia têm implantado a disciplina de Internato Rural (IR como forma de inserção do ensino para o Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS e de viabilizar a interação do aluno com a prática farmacêutica. Este trabalho analisa o conhecimento dos alunos do IR do Curso de Farmácia da UFMG sobre o SUS e sobre a atividade farmacêutica. A coleta das informações foi feita por meio de Grupos Focais (GF, um antes e outro imediatamente após a experiência de campo. Oito alunos participaram dos dois momentos. O roteiro do GF contemplou: concepção do SUS, as atividades do profissional no sistema público de saúde e a expectativa com o IR. O processamento das informações foi feito pela análise de conteúdo. Observou-se que em ambos os momentos os alunos desconheciam os conceitos e princípios do SUS. Entretanto, após o retorno do município foram observadas palavras como acesso, direito universal e promoção da saúde. Os alunos desconheciam as atividades do farmacêutico no Serviço, e o termo assistência farmacêutica não foi mencionado em nenhum momento. As análises apontaram para o baixo conhecimento dos alunos sobre o SUS e sobre o papel do profissional. No entanto, eles consideraram o IR uma disciplina motivadora para a atuação nele.In order to comply with Brazilian Syllabus requirements, some schools of Pharmacy included Rural Internships (RI in the curriculum as a way of familiarizing students with the Unified Health System (SUS, thereby permitting the interaction of the students with pharmaceutical practices. This work assesses the knowledge about SUS and pharmaceutical activities of students who have taken the RI subject at the schools of Pharmacy of the UFMG. The information gathered was acquired by means of Focus Groups (FG, one before and another immediately after the field experience. Eight students participated in the FG at both stages. The

  1. Settlement, territory and notarial formulas: a verification (Verona, IX-XII century)

    Andrea Brugnoli


    The organization of rural areas in early Middle Ages and its observability through techniques of location taken by notaries is a classic italian subject in the historiography in the second half of the 20th century. The documentation produced in Verona lend to a verify of the ipothesis and to the formulation of guidelines for the interpretation of this formulas as concerning settlement and village territory. The number of documents produced and preserved in Verona between 9th and 12th century,...

  2. 45 CFR 96.32 - Financial settlement.


    ... 45 Public Welfare 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Financial settlement. 96.32 Section 96.32 Public Welfare DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES GENERAL ADMINISTRATION BLOCK GRANTS Financial Management § 96.32 Financial settlement. The State must repay to the Department amounts found after...

  3. Internalization, Clearing and Settlement, and Liquidity

    Degryse, H.A.; van Achter, M.; Wuyts, G.


    Abstract: We study the relation between liquidity in financial markets and post-trading fees (i.e. clearing and settlement fees). The clearing and settlement agent (CSD) faces different marginal costs for different types of transactions. Costs are lower for an internalized transaction, i.e. when buy

  4. Settlement-Size Scaling among Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Settlement Systems in the New World.

    W Randall Haas

    Full Text Available Settlement size predicts extreme variation in the rates and magnitudes of many social and ecological processes in human societies. Yet, the factors that drive human settlement-size variation remain poorly understood. Size variation among economically integrated settlements tends to be heavy tailed such that the smallest settlements are extremely common and the largest settlements extremely large and rare. The upper tail of this size distribution is often formalized mathematically as a power-law function. Explanations for this scaling structure in human settlement systems tend to emphasize complex socioeconomic processes including agriculture, manufacturing, and warfare-behaviors that tend to differentially nucleate and disperse populations hierarchically among settlements. But, the degree to which heavy-tailed settlement-size variation requires such complex behaviors remains unclear. By examining the settlement patterns of eight prehistoric New World hunter-gatherer settlement systems spanning three distinct environmental contexts, this analysis explores the degree to which heavy-tailed settlement-size scaling depends on the aforementioned socioeconomic complexities. Surprisingly, the analysis finds that power-law models offer plausible and parsimonious statistical descriptions of prehistoric hunter-gatherer settlement-size variation. This finding reveals that incipient forms of hierarchical settlement structure may have preceded socioeconomic complexity in human societies and points to a need for additional research to explicate how mobile foragers came to exhibit settlement patterns that are more commonly associated with hierarchical organization. We propose that hunter-gatherer mobility with preferential attachment to previously occupied locations may account for the observed structure in site-size variation.

  5. Dispute Settlement through Banking Mediation

    Angelica ROSU


    Full Text Available The systems through which cross-border financial transactions are being accomplished are much more complex than domestic funds transfer systems, because it involves one or more intermediate institutions, networks using different compensation from countries that have different currencies and even performed, including operations exchange. The European Community is constantly concerned about efficient cross-border payments but also about the consumer protection of these services, so as to ensure the same conditions for cross-border services, but also for national services and to stimulate cross-border investment was adopted Directive 97/5/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 1997 on cross-border credit transfers, repealed by Directive 2007/64/EC. Article 10 of Directive 97/5/EC established a series of minimum requirements and measures relating to cross-border credit transfers. Thus Member States shall ensure that there are adequate and effective complaints and redress procedures for the settlement of disputes between an originator and his institution or between a beneficiary and his institution in case of failure transfers. In Romania, the provisions of Directive 2007/64/EC were transposed by the adoption of Emergency Ordinance no. 113/2009 which repeals the Government Ordinance no. 6 / 2004 on cross-border transfers. This document provides that each institution must have appropriate procedures for resolving customer complaints in connection with the execution of a cross border institution or commitments in connection with such transfer. In the legal doctrine prior to the adoption of Government Ordinance no. 6 / 2004, it was proposed that the National Bank of Romania, as banking supervisory authority, in some specialized structures, ensure procedures to enforce the settlement of disputes between consumers and financial service providers of banking and insurance. The solution was acquired by the Romanian legislature, so the

  6. National Rural Health Association

    ... Programs Overview State Rural Health Associations Rural Medical Education Rural Health Fellows Rural Health Fellows Program Application Volunteer Options NRHA Social Media Rural Health Students Education Liason Program National Rural Task Force NRHA Internships Government Affairs Save Rural ...

  7. Brazilian minerals annual report

    Statistics of Brazilian mineral resources and production in 1976 are presented. Data included refer also to economic aspects, market, taxes, governments incentives, manpower, exportation, importation, etc

  8. Brazilian minerals annual report

    Statistics of Brazilian mineral resources and production in 1977 are presented. Data included refer also to economic aspects, market, taxes, government incentives, manpower, exportation, importation, etc

  9. Ferme gauloise et établissements ruraux gallo-romains du Bois de l’Homme Mort, Saint-Pathus (Seine-et-Marne milieu iie s. av.-début ve ap. J.-C. Gallic and gallo-roman Rural settlements at Le Bois de l’Homme Mort in Saint-Pathus (Seine-et-Marne, Paris Area middle of the 2nd c. B.C.-beginning of 5th c. A.D.

    Gilles Desrayaud


    Full Text Available Les fouilles conduites sur la Zone d’Activités du Bois de l’Homme Mort à Saint-Pathus, au nord de la Seine-et-Marne, donnent un aperçu de plus de cinq siècles sur une portion de terroir rural antique.Une ferme gauloise et trois établissements gallo-romains, dont l’un intègre peut-être un édifice cultuel, ont été mis au jour sur une cinquantaine d’hectares. Même si les zones encloses et les installations sont d’ampleur modeste, elles témoignent néanmoins du dynamisme des terroirs du nord du pays meldois durant l’Antiquité. Les études paléo-environnementales dessinent un paysage très ouvert, de prairies et de champs, où dominent les cultures céréalières diversifiées.Aucun vestige d’occupation antérieure à l’implantation de La Tène finale n’a été observé. Après l’abandon définitif des sites gallo-romains, aux environs du début du ve s. ap. J.-C., la disparition des installations rurales s’accompagne d’une probable reprise forestière.Excavations at the Bois de l’Homme Mort locality, near the French village of Saint-Pathus, in northern Seine-et-Marne, have unveiled more than five centuries of rural antiquityA Gallic farm and three Gallo-Roman rural settlements, one of which could include a sacred edifice, were brought to light on a 130 acre area. Even though the enclosures and facilities are of modest size, they nonetheless bear witness to the dynamism of the territory between the ancient cities of Meaux (IANTINUM and Senlis (AUGUSTOMACUS, north-east of the Paris area, The paleo-environmental studies outline a largely open countryside, made up of fields and meadows, where diversified cereal crops predominate.No stratigraphic settlement traces antedating the Latenian period have been detected. After the final desertion of the Gallo-Roman sites, around the beginning of the 5th c. AD, the disappearance of any substantial rural activity seems to be associated with forest recovery.

  10. Paradise in a Brazil nut cemetery : sustainability discourses and social action in Pará, the Brazilian Amazon

    Otsuki, K.


    This book is about sustainable development and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. It explores how Amazonian settlers construct their life in a settlement project and how this process accompanies the landscape change in the southeast of Pará State. The book critically examines discourses of susta

  11. An adaptive paradigm for human space settlement

    Smith, Cameron M.


    Because permanent space settlement will be multigenerational it will have to be viable on ecological timescales so far unfamiliar to those planning space exploration. Long-term viability will require evolutionary and adaptive planning. Adaptations in the natural world provide many lessons for such planning, but implementing these lessons will require a new, evolutionary paradigm for envisioning and carrying out Earth-independent space settlement. I describe some of these adaptive lessons and propose some cognitive shifts required to implement them in a genuinely evolutionary approach to human space settlement.

  12. Sub-Saharan Africa betwixt and between : rural livelihood practices and policies

    Bryceson, Deborah Fahy


    Drawing on research findings emanating from the De-Agrarianisation and Rural Employment (DARE) Research Programme, coordinated by the African Studies Centre, Leiden, this paper compares changing economic and social patterns in a wide variety of rural settlements in sub-Saharan Africa. Recently emerg

  13. The Politics of the MST Autonomous Rural Communities, the State, and Electoral Politics

    Vergara-Camus, Leandro


    Examination of the politicization of landless people in the encampments and settlements of the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem-Terra (Landless Rural Workers' Movement-MST) in Brazil suggests that the movement's success rest on the fact that it generates relatively autonomous rural communities

  14. 27 CFR 71.38 - Limitation on informal settlement.


    ... 27 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Limitation on informal settlement. 71.38 Section 71.38 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO TAX AND TRADE... PROCEEDINGS Compliance and Settlement Informal Settlement § 71.38 Limitation on informal settlement. Where...

  15. Allowable Differential Settlement of Oil Pipelines

    Zahra Faeli


    Full Text Available Abstract The allowable settlement of pipelines has been mentioned rarely in design references and codes. The present paper studies the effects of differential settlement of pipeline bed on resulted forces and deformations and then determines the allowable differential settlement of pipelines in two conditions as follows: (i heterogeneous soil bed and (ii adjacent to steel tanks. To accomplish the studies, numerical simulation of pipeline is used. The pipeline bed is idealized by Winkler springs and four-element standard viscoelastic Burger model. Also, the use of geosynthetic reinforcement is studied in heterogeneous soil beds and the effect of geosynthetics on decreasing the settlement is investigated. The pipeline-tank joints in two cases of fixed and flexible joints are investigated and the results for two kinds of joints are compared.

  16. Measurement of Narora reactor building relative settlement

    The civil construction of the reactor building of Narora Atomic Power Project has a special problem. The stability of the structure is liable to settlement as this location falls in seismic zone. To obviate the possibility of large scale unequal settlements, the reactor building is founded on a 4 meter thick rigid raft concreted in three layers, at a depth of 13 meters below ground. Stainless steel tanks will be embedded at 17 locations to measure relative settlements. The relative elevation difference will be detected by electrical probes when the water level in any one of the tanks touches the tip of the probes. The design envisages a maximum permissible unequal settlements of about 10 mm. over a period of 20 years. (K.B.)

  17. Possibilities of rural development in the Republic of Serbia

    Spalević Aleksandra


    Rural territories are specific and complex economic, social, ecological and spatial areas which in the most of the countries occupy over 70 % of national territory and on which live near 50% of the population. Characteristics of the major part of the rural space in our country are: rare settlement, depopulation with distinct trend of demographic extinction, as well as high old age of the population, considerable presence of daily migrations of non-agricultural and young population, and also s...

  18. Governance of securities clearing and settlement systems

    Daniela Russo; Terry L. Hart; Chryssa Papathanassiou


    In the context of securities clearing and settlement systems, the nature of governance arrangements acquires a dimension that goes beyond their traditional function in corporate law. They constitute a tool for regulators and central banks to achieve their respective policy goals relating to market operation, market integrity, and systemic stability. In the light of the analysis of this paper, and pending a further evolution in the regulation of securities clearing and settlement in the Commun...

  19. Ways of Settlement in International Tourism



    The ways of settlement used within international commercial relations have evolved continuously, as an effect of the evolution of the world economy, as a whole, but also as an effect of the evolution of information technology and message transmitting techniques. In the same manner, the ways of settlement which are used in tourism, have also evolved due to the necessity to meet the high volume of international payments for tourism services. Cash payments, traveller’s cheques, bank card payment...

  20. Rural Aging

    ... Rural Health > Topics & States > Topics View more Rural Aging The nation's population is aging, and with that change comes increased healthcare needs. ... Disease Control and Prevention report, The State of Aging and Health in America 2013 , the population 65 ...

  1. Characterizing Urban Heat Islands of Global Settlements Using MODIS and Nighttime Lights Products

    Zhang, Ping; Imhoff, Marc L.; Wolfe, Robert E.; Bounoua, Lahouari


    Impervious surface area (ISA) from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) and land surface temperature (LST) from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) averaged over three annual cycles (2003-2005) are used in a spatial analysis to assess the urban heat island (UHI) signature on LST amplitude and its relationship with development intensity, size, and ecological setting for more than 3000 urban settlements globally. Development intensity zones based on fractional ISA are defined for each urban area emanating outward from the urban core to the nearby nonurban rural areas and used to stratify sampling for LST. Sampling is further constrained by biome type and elevation data to ensure objective intercomparisons between zones and between cities in different biomes. We find that the ecological context and settlement size significantly influence the amplitude of summer daytime UHI. Globally, an average of 3.8 C UHI is found in cities built in biomes dominated by forests; 1.9 C UHI in cities embedded in grass shrubs biomes; and only a weak UHI or sometimes an urban heat sink (UHS) in cities in arid and semi-arid biomes. Overall, the amplitude of the UHI is negatively correlated (R = -0.66) with the difference in vegetation density between urban and rural zones represented by the MODIS normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI). Globally averaged, the daytime UHI amplitude for all settlements is 2.6 C in summer and 1.4 C in winter. Globally, the average summer daytime UHI is 4.7 C for settlements larger than 500 square kilometers compared with 2.5 C for settlements smaller than 50 square kilometers and larger than 10 square kilometers. The stratification of cities by size indicates that the aggregated amount of ISA is the primary driver of UHI amplitude, with variations between ecological contexts and latitudinal zones. More than 60% of the total LST variance is explained by ISA for urban settlements within forests at mid to high latitudes. This

  2. The challenge of energy poverty: Brazilian case study

    In recent years successive Brazilian governments have actively pursued economic and social policies aimed at reducing poverty and promoting social equality and inclusion. In the field of energy, this has meant introducing and implementing programs aimed at expanding the supply of safe and reliable energy to the poorest sectors of Brazilian society, including those living in remote rural areas. This paper draws attention on the findings of extensive field research to evaluate the impact of rural electrification on energy poverty in the context of government policies aimed at promoting energy equity. The authors re-examine the concept of an energy poverty line, seeking to fine tune its application to Brazilian social and economic realities, and then apply an analytical framework (Lorenz Curve, Gap Poverty, Gap Quadratic, Gini Coefficient and Sen Index) to evaluate the effectiveness of recent efforts in Brazil to expand access to electricity. One of the main conclusions of this study is that is that rural electrification leads to a significant reduction of the energy poverty level and a consequent improvement in energy equity. -Research highlights: → The access to electricity led to a marked change in the reality of the researched population. → Energy poverty and energy inequality were reduced significantly. → The strategy of combating energy poverty through programs of rural electrification is efficient.

  3. Dispersed and decentralised settlement system

    Andrej Černe


    Full Text Available In the process of reintegration of the urban system new settlements are emerging on theurban rim, transitional zones are reurbanised, derelict areas within the cities are being developedand degraded urban areas of derelict industrial complexes are being renaturalised. Inthe periphery combined research and production parks are being set up, in the open landscapeintegrated business, trade and recreational centres are springing up. Decentralisationand recentralisation of focal points of development accompany the contemporary processesof reurbanisation and suburbanisation – they are simultaneous and move in two-direction i.e. to and from the city. We understand them as manifestation of a dynamic balance amongcontradiction existing between the centre and the rim. Deindustrialisation and relocation ofproduction and distribution from the centres of gravity to the periphery generate extensivedegraded urban areas within cities and between the city and suburbs. The periphery is beingurbanised with the creation of new, dispersed and nonhierachical poles of development, andthe city and inner city is undergoing reurbanization. The general environmental conditionsin the city and in the countryside are being equalised, the potentials of development arebeing sought in the comparative advantages of local conditions: be it attractive urban districts,be it suburban entities or countryside areas.

  4. Where you can dream of something! : landless Brazilians of Goiás, Central East creating a place to live and make a living


    The focal area of the current work is a pre-settlement in the Brazilian land-reform program. The status of pre-settlement implies that the area is not anymore an encampment of persons occupying the fazenda, (big farm), where it is located but also yet not a recognized settlement with the rights it implies according to national standards. Negotiations about the status of the area were still going on when the fieldwork on which the current text is based was carried out in 2001. Canudos, as it i...

  5. Attitudes to telehealth use among rural residents

    Sørensen, Jens Fyhn Lykke


    higher among older people and people with no education beyond primary school. Conclusions: As the rural population in Denmark, as well as in other countries, tends to be older and less educated than the national average, the introduction of telehealth services faces special challenges in rural areas.......Context: Rural communities tend to be underserved by medical services. Low access to medical services affects quality of life and may also affect settlement decisions. The use of telehealth has often been mentioned as an alternative way to provide health care services in remote, underserved areas...... rural area. Method: A representative sample from the island of Ærø (n=1000) was selected and attitudes toward two telehealth applications were examined by structured telephone interviews regarding: 1) video consultation between patient and specialist, and 2) transfer of work tasks from local hospital to...

  6. The impact of second home tourism on local economic development in rural areas in Norway

    Velvin, Jan; Kvikstad, Tor Martin; Drag, Eivind; Krogh, Erling


    Abstract: Over recent decades, rural–urban migration and a decrease in wealth have been major challenges faced by European rural areas. Maintaining urban and rural settlements throughout the country has been an important aim of Norwegian regional politics. This paper assesses the impact of second home tourism on local economic development in rural municipalities in Norway. The study is based on data collected as part of an ongoing research project initiated in 2002. Havin...

  7. Transport corridors and settlements in a region. Linking settlements to public transport

    Mojca Šašek Divjak


    Full Text Available The focus of the article is conditioning settlement to public transport on the regional and urban level. Similar to occurrences in Western Europe even in Slovenia strong settlement pressures and issues tied to development of suburbanisation are emerging in wider hinterlands of larger cities. In regional centres, where strong transport flows with frequent congestion happen, public transport should be the backbone of the transport system. It is important for consolidation of larger gravitation areas, especially conurbations. We can nevertheless establish that parallel to increasing use of private cars, the use of public transport is decreasing. Thus the present condition demands improvements of transport systems and suitable settlement density in conjunction with development of public transport. This can be achieved only by synergetic linking of public transport development and physical planning in a sustainable settlement system. In the Ljubljana functional region we specifically dealt with links between settlement and the regional public transport system, above all the proposed regional light-railway and tram system in the strict urban area. The decentralised denser settlement model is presented. Based on the study concerning settlement development in the railway corridors we proposed potential possibilities for denser settlement in the immediate areas of suburban railway stations in the northern part of the region, from Črnuče to Kamnik.

  8. Brazilian uranium exploration program

    General information on Brazilian Uranium Exploration Program, are presented. The mineralization processes of uranium depoits are described and the economic power of Brazil uranium reserves is evaluated. (M.C.K.)

  9. Demographic and settlement transformations in peripheral regions (based on the example of eastern Poland)

    Miszczuk, Andrzej; Wesołowska, Monika


    The aim of this article is to show specific demographic processes and accompanied transformations of settlement structure in eastern Poland at the turn of the 21st cent. Eastern Poland, covering Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeships, acquired the features of peripheral area in terms of communication and socio-economic aspects as a result of long-lasting historical processes. Unfavourable demographic processes can be observed in eastern Poland. They are accompanied by changes in settlement structure. Depopulation has significant social and economic consequences. The process increases social polarization between different regions in the country and between rural and urban areas. Moreover, the outflow of young and most active population to other regions or abroad is an important barrier for economic revival in peripheral regions. Consequently, unfavourable socio-economic structure in these areas is consolidated or even strengthened. This primarily concerns Lubelskie and Podlaskie voivodeships.

  10. Small-scale farms in the western Brazilian Amazon: can they benefit from carbon trade?

    Carpentier, Chantal Line; Vosti, Steve; Witcover, Julie


    Recently scientists have started to examine how land-uses and land-use technologies can help mitigate carbon emissions. The half million small-scale farmers inhabiting the Amazon frontier sequester large stocks of carbon in their forests and other land uses that they might be persuaded to maintain or even increase through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. On average, small-scale farmers in the Pedro Peixoto settlement project of Acre (Western Brazilian Amazon), had ...

  11. Agricultural intensification by smallholders in the Western Brazilian Amazon: From deforestation to sustainable land use

    Vosti, S.A.; Witcover, J.; Carpentier, C.L.


    "Despite the importance of tropical moist forests for conserving biodiversity and storing carbon, forests continue to fall, because the private benefits of clearing land for agriculture far outweigh tangible economic gains from retaining forests. This report measures the financial disparity between forested and cleared land for small-scale farmers in two settlements in the western Brazilian Amazon where pastures are expanding and forests receding. Considering smallholder land use decisions—wh...

  12. A previdência social rural na Constituição de 1988: a perspectiva dualista da Contag - DOI: 10.4025/actascihumansoc.v30i2.3192 Rural social security in the Brazilian Constitution of 1988: the dualistic perspective of Contag - DOI: 10.4025/actascihumansoc.v30i2.3192

    Rômulo Soares Barbosa


    Full Text Available A temática da previdência social rural tem sido amplamente discutida nos dias atuais, especialmente em razão do protagonismo econômico do(as aposentado(as e pensionistas no campo, como segurados especiais. O presente artigo procura analisar, por meio de pesquisa documental, a visão dualista de previdência social rural que a Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores na Agricultura – Contag apresentou à Constituinte de 1987/1988. Esta dualidade se expressava na reivindicação de, por um lado, um sistema contributivo compulsório para os assalariados rurais, compreendidos na legislação previdenciária como Empregados Rurais; por outro, um subsistema especial para os Segurados Especiais, aqueles categorizados como agricultores em regime de economia familiar.The theme of rural social security has been widely discussed in recent days, especially as a consequence of the economic protagonism of rural retirees and pensioners as having special entitlements. The present article seeks to analyze, by means of a document research, the dualist view of rural social security that the National Confederation of Agricultural Workers – Contag (Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores na Agricultura brought to the Constitution of 1987/1988. This duality was expressed in the claim for, on the one hand, a compulsory contributive system for rural wage earners, classified in the social security legislation as rural workers; on the other hand, a special sub-system for the special policyholders, who were classified as agriculturists in a family economy system.

  13. Investigating Mechanisms of Marginal Settlement Life Improvement

    Hamid M. Mohammadi


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this research was to investigate mechanisms to improve marginal settlement life in Koohdasht County in Lorestan province. This research was a sort of the survey studies and a questionnaire was compiled for collection of data. Statistical population of this study was included 1560 households; also sampling method was a sort of random sampling. Number of sample size was estimated 85 households. Questionnaire's reliability was confirmed through computing Cronbach's alpha coefficient which was 0.85. Face validity of questionnaire was confirmed by some Tehran university agricultural extension and education department scientific board members. Also data analyzed by WINspss 11.5. The results of research revealed that marginal area residents had not good financial situation but they undertook great supporting burden and in point of view access to services and life conditions had not good situation. Therefore improvement of life conditions of marginal settlement life such as fundamental infrastructure include communication systems and sanitation offloading system recognized as the most important mechanisms of marginal settlement improvement according to results of priority setting of marginal settlement situation mechanisms. Also the results of factor analysis showed that 7 main mechanisms were be effective in term of marginal settlement life improvement that in order to importance were included servicing and life condition improvement, credit-economic, civil and legal, control and prevention, population and migration control, infrastructures improvement and hygiene situation.

  14. Simulation of track settlement in railway turnouts

    Li, Xin; Nielsen, Jens C. O.; Pålsson, Björn A.


    A methodology for the simulation of track settlement in railway turnouts (switches and crossings, S&C) is presented. The methodology predicts accumulated settlement for a given set of traffic loads using an iterative and cross-disciplinary procedure. The different modules of the procedure include (I) simulation of dynamic vehicle-track interaction in a turnout applying a validated software for multibody vehicle dynamics considering space-dependent track properties, (II) calculation of load distribution and sleeper-ballast contact pressure using a detailed finite element model of a turnout that includes all of the rails (stock rails, switch rails, closure rails, crossing nose, wing rails and check rails), rail pads, baseplates and sleepers on ballast, (III) prediction of track settlement for a given number of load cycles and (IV) calculation of accumulated track settlement at each sleeper and the resulting vertical track irregularity along the turnout which is used as input in the next step of the iteration. The iteration scheme is demonstrated by calculating the track settlement at the crossing when the studied turnout is exposed to freight traffic in the facing move of the through route.

  15. The meaning of 'rural' in rural health: a review and case study from Brazil.

    Lourenço, Ana Eliza Port


    Health disparities between rural and urban populations are an important global health concern, although ascertaining what constitutes a rural context is a complicated undertaking. This article summarises theoretical contributions that help to explain how uncritical use of rural classifications may interfere with epidemiological data and health policies. Bonfim, a community located in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, illustrates the discussion. Bonfim is classified as urban by the Brazilian census, although the community contains farmland, parkland and rural social groups such as family farmers and ecotourism employees. The (mis)classification of Bonfim as urban further complicates the meaning of rural, and thus also what is meant by rural health. Researchers have developed some new rurality indexes to overcome the rural-urban dichotomy and to help understand local scale health determinants. But the obstacles for large-scale studies and government decision-making are still many. 'Rural' is an epidemiological variable that unites in a single indicator diverse life aspects relevant for health purposes. Therefore, to facilitate allocation of health resources based on objective criteria, governments and policy makers must acknowledge the difficulty of defining what rural is and work to improve the definitions they use. PMID:21390962

  16. Políticas de Assentamento e Localidade. Os desáfios da reconstituicão do trabalho rural no Brasil

    Cabello Norder, L.A.


    The consolidation of the democratic institutions inBrazilin the last twenty years has been followed by the empowerment of the popular organisations that started to demand the implementation of projects of land reform and rural settlements by means of the installation of camps [ acampamentos ] in the vicinity of the areas in dispute. The effectiveness of these strategies led to the creation of rural settlements for nearly 500 thousand families. This book evaluates the main aspects of the Braz...

  17. A Simulation Framework for Exploring Socioecological Dynamics and Sustainability of Settlement Systems Under Stress in Ancient Mesopotamia and Beyond

    Christiansen, J. H.; Altaweel, M. R.


    The presentation will describe an object-oriented, agent-based simulation framework being used to help answer longstanding questions regarding the development trajectories and sustainability of ancient Mesopotamian settlement systems. This multidisciplinary, multi-model framework supports explicit, fine-scale representations of the dynamics of key natural processes such as crop growth, hydrology, and weather, operating concurrently with social processes such as kinship-driven behaviors, farming and herding practices, social stratification, and economic and political activities carried out by social agents that represent individual persons, households, and larger-scale organizations. The framework has allowed us to explore the inherently coupled dynamics of modeled settlements and landscapes that are undergoing diverse social and environmental stresses, both acute and chronic, across multi-generational time spans. The simulation framework was originally used to address single-settlement scenarios, but has recently been extended to begin to address settlement system sustainability issues at sub-regional to regional scale, by introducing a number of new dynamic mechanisms, such as the activities of nomadic communities, that manifest themselves at these larger spatial scales. The framework is flexible and scalable and has broad applicability. It has, for example, recently been adapted to address agroeconomic sustainability of settlement systems in modern rural Thailand, testing the resilience and vulnerability of settled landscapes in the face of such perturbations as large-scale political interventions, global economic shifts, and climate change.

  18. Brazilian savanna forest : conservation, medicinal reservoir and bioprospecting

    Bessa, Nélita Gonçalves Faria de


    This study aimed to analyse the Brazilian savanna forest from a Legal Reserve (LR) area from a perspective of conservation, reservoir of organic carbon and medicinal biomass for a prospective use of native medicinal plants. An ethnobotanical and ethnopharmacological survey was carried out close to a community settled in the rural area in the south of Tocantins, being selected 9 of the most cited species (cajuí- Anacardium othonianum; inharé-Brosimum gaudichaudii; jatobá-Hymenaeae courbaril; j...

  19. Does Land Tenure Insecurity Drive Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon?

    Claudio ARAUJO; Araujo Bonjean, Catherine; Combes, Jean-Louis; Combes Motel, Pascale; Eustaquio J. REIS


    The purpose of this paper is to highlight the detrimental impact of land tenure insecurity on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. It is related to recent controversies about the detrimental impact of land laws on deforestation, which seem to legitimize land encroachments. The latter is mainly the result of land tenure insecurity which is a key characteristic of this region and results from a long history of interactions between rural social unrest and land reforms or land laws. A simple mo...

  20. Modern Settlements in Special Needs Education

    Ratner, Helene


    . Settlements of this controversy govern whether the pupil or the educational institution becomes the main point of intervention. In Denmark, the particularities of settlements can be identified by juxtaposing the introduction of intelligence testing in the 1930s with the contemporary policy agenda of inclusion....... With intelligence testing, special needs education was to service children whose needs were seen as part of their human nature. Inclusion, in turn, assumes special needs to be stigmatizing cultural labels that need to be abandoned by changing school cultures. Drawing on actor-network theory we can approach...

  1. Settlement and strength of clay-rich coal mine spoil

    Williams, David; Kho, Adrian; Daley, Andrew [School of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland (Australia)


    The paper discusses the settlement and strength of clay-rich coal mine spoil material, which was sourced from Jeebropilly coal mine in south-east Queensland, Australia. The settlement consists of three components: self-weight, collapse on wetting up, and weathering-induced settlements; 80% of the self-weight settlement of initially dry spoil occurs during placement. Due to corrosion cracking at highly stressed particle contacts, collapse settlement of spoil occurs on wetting up. Weathering-induced spoil settlement occurs over a variable timeframe that depends on durability of the spoil. Laboratory tests included material characterization and geotechnical parameter testing. The characterization of testing methodologies is presented. The results of the tests have implications on the shear strength and settlement of clay-rich spoil materials such as the weathered clayrock found in the upper part of the Jeebropilly coal mine. These implications are detailed and they shed some light on the settlement and strength behavior of these materials.

  2. Climate Change and the Science of Human Settlements

    Gary; Hack


    <正>1.Endeavors for constructing a comprehensive science of human settlements A new science of human settlements is emerging as a result of the threats we all face as a result of excessive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere,

  3. Design and Construction of Manually Operated Biogas Plant for a Farm and Village Settlement in Nigeria

    Bitrus Auta


    Full Text Available The biogas generating method involves filling the digester with cow dung, and is left to ferment for days; the result of the fermentation produces biogas in the digester. The gas is then passed through a rubber pipe to the gas holding cylinder. The compositions of the gases are mainly methane and carbon dioxide. The plant is manually operated and does not require high skilled manpower .It is basically expected to be use in farm houses in village settlements. This will cut down on environmental pollution, global warming and reduce the rate of cutting down trees in rural areas.

  4. Development of a Common Nordic Balance Settlement

    NordREG finds it essential for the customers that a common integrated end-user electricity market is developed and that all end-users are able to take part in the Nordic market. A common Nordic balance settlement is one important part of such a change. However, attention has to be paid to the comments that a badly designed common system is worse than well-designed national systems. It is thus important that the change to a common balance settlement is so thoroughly investigated that the common system gives a basis for a well-functioning market. An important basis for such a change is an agreed vision for the process: The present different systems for balance settlement shall by the year 2010 be replaced by a common Nordic balance settlement. This means that: It will be possible for a supplier to sell to the whole Nordic market from one legal entity and using only one system for customer management and reporting. The common Nordic balance settlement will be designed in such a way that it contributes to a well functioning market. This means for example that it will be attractive even for small suppliers and some end-users to be balance responsible parties. It is feasible that the first phase is focused on those present differences that are most decisive for fulfilment of the vision. NordREG recommends that the following issues shall be discussed and agreed in co-operation between NordREG, Nordel and relevant stakeholders in the first phase: The definition shall include how the common Nordic balance settlement shall interact with the balance control and the balance regulation of the interconnected power system and the balance settlement between countries performed by the TSOs. The definition should include the cost-base for common Nordic balance settlement in relation to other system responsibility costs. The core activities of system responsibility have also been analyzed by NordREG. It is important to find a balance between inter alia the need for simplicity and the

  5. Medicare and Rural Health

    ... this facility type. Rural Referral Center (RRC) Rural tertiary hospitals that receive referrals from surrounding rural acute ... rural beneficiaries. Where can I get data and statistics regarding the Medicare program in rural America? MedPAC ...

  6. Quality Change in Brazilian Automobiles

    Renato Fonseca


    In this paper I investigate the quality evolution of Brazilian autos. To measure the quality evolution of Brazilian autos, I have assembled a data set for Brazilian passenger cars for the period 1960/94, to which I have applied the hedonic pricing methodology. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time an index of quality change has been constructed for the Brazilian automobile industry. The results presented here have two major implications. They allow a better understanding of prod...

  7. The Brazilian Nuclear Energy Program

    A survey is initially of the international-and national situation regarding energetic resources. The Brazilian Nuclear Energy Policy and the Brazilian Nuclear Program are dealt with, as well as the Nuclear Cooperation agreement signed with the Federal Republic of Germany. The situation of Brazil regarding Uranium and the main activities of the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission are also discussed

  8. 7 CFR 1940.406 - Real estate settlement procedures.


    ... 7 Agriculture 13 2010-01-01 2009-01-01 true Real estate settlement procedures. 1940.406 Section... AGRICULTURE (CONTINUED) PROGRAM REGULATIONS (CONTINUED) GENERAL Truth in Lending-Real Estate Settlement Procedures § 1940.406 Real estate settlement procedures. (a) General. This section provides the...

  9. 24 CFR 3500.9 - Reproduction of settlement statements.


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 5 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Reproduction of settlement... HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT REAL ESTATE SETTLEMENT PROCEDURES ACT § 3500.9 Reproduction of settlement... in sections F and H, respectively. (3) Reproduction of the HUD-1 must conform to the...

  10. Marie Russo: An Oral History of the Italian Settlement House

    Beard, Kathryn H.


    The Settlement House Movement in the United States was a response by progressive reformers to meet the needs of urban poor and immigrant families in the early years of the 20th century. Some settlements were outreach services of churches. There are limited accounts of the experiences of the individuals who used the settlement houses. This study…

  11. Analysis of long-term settlement of municipal solid waste landfills as determined by various settlement estimation methods.

    Park, Hyun Il; Park, Borinara; Lee, Seung Rae


    In this study, several existing municipal solid waste (MSW) settlement estimation methods are reviewed and applied to analyze the settlement data of nine MSW landfills. Because a biodegradation-related settlement contributes differently to a long-term total settlement depending on the age of landfills, the actual MSW landfill sites are classified into three groups to specifically address the validity of each method in its prediction of a long-term settlement for each age category. Results demonstrate that there are considerable decreases in predicted settlement potentials as fill age increases. Comparisons indicate that the individual estimation methods display a considerable variation in predicting settlements in the fresh MSW landfills. On the other hand, for the old refuse landfills, all of the estimation methods, except the extended soil model, predict low settlement potentials. PMID:17355085

  12. Going Rural


    Foreign banks are beginning to invest in China's rural financial system, helping to meet a strong need for capital As Chinese commercial banks retreat from the rural market, foreign banks appear ready to jump into a sector with a strong thirst for capital. In July, Rabobank Group, the International Finance Corp. and the United

  13. The economic impacts of the tobacco settlement.

    Cutler, David M; Gruber, Jonathan; Hartman, Raymond S; Landrum, Mary Beth; Newhouse, Joseph P; Rosenthal, Meredith B


    Recent litigation against the major tobacco companies culminated in a master settlement agreement (MSA) under which the participating companies agreed to compensate most states for Medicaid expenses. Here the terms of the settlement are outlined and its economic implications analyzed using data from Massachusetts. The financial compensation to Massachusetts (and other states) under the MSA is substantial. However, this compensation is dwarfed by the value of the health impacts induced by the settlement. Specifically, Medicaid spending will fall, but only by a modest amount. More importantly, the value of health benefits ($65 billion through 2025 in 1999 dollars) from increased longevity is an order of magnitude greater than any other impacts or payments. The net efficiency implications of the settlement turn mainly on a comparison of the value of these health benefits relative to a valuation of the foregone pleasure of smoking. To the extent that the value of the health benefits is not offset by the value of the pleasure foregone, the economic impacts of the MSA will include a share of these health benefits. PMID:11887906

  14. Directional layouts in central lowland Maya settlement

    Bevan, Andrew; Jobbová, Eva; Helmke, Christophe;


    based on nearest neighbour bearings and successive grid offsets e in order to explore possible rectilinear organisation in settlement layouts despite the presence of uneven and irregular patterns of archaeological dating and recovery. The results suggest a grid-like distribution of houseplots and, by...

  15. Planning urban settlements for quality of life

    Boje Groth, N.; Hansen, K.E.; Björnberg, U.;

    Notatet er et indlæg på den Europæiske Økonomiske Kommissions (ECE) konference om by- og regionforskning, tema II: "Research on the Quality of Life in Urban Settlements, Warszawa, maj 1976. I notatet opstilles en begrebsramme for livskvalitetsbegrebet, og man diskuterer hvorledes...

  16. Between archaeology and anthropology: imagining Neolithic settlements

    Květina, Petr; Hrnčíř, V.


    Roč. 51, č. 2 (2013), s. 323-347. ISSN 0323-1119. [Theory and method in the prehistoric archaeology of Central Europe. Mikulov, 24.10.2012-26.10.2012] R&D Projects: GA MK(CZ) DF12P01OVV032 Keywords : Neolithic longhouse * ethnographic analogy * settlement patterns Subject RIV: AC - Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology


    Raluca ZORZOLIU


    Full Text Available Tourism is the most important economic branch, worldwide, owning 12% of all areas of activity and revenue of approximately 530 billion dollars per year. In the past 10 years we could see an increasing demand for rural tourism and ecotourism, many of the international travel agencies offering ecotourism packages. Our country is attractive from the perspective of international travel agencies, because of unpolluted nature, the authenticity of traditions, the Danube Delta, old forests and not least, because the Romanian hospitality.Rural tourism had been practiced for a long time in Romania but for the past 15-20 years, it was casual and without any form of organization. Tourism activities in rural areas are carried out when agricultural activities takeplace and contribute to the welfare of rural communities that practice it.The development of tourism activities requires attention to the quality of the environment by preserving and developing the quality in the areas that have entered the tourist circuit, controlling the activity quality for a rational use of tourism resources.Our country benefits from EU funding through several programs including SAPARD, taking one of the measures, Measure 3.4, which is called the development and diversification of economic activities that generate multiple activities and alternative incomes.A deciding role in the development of rural tourism is held by the general infrastructure, requiring subsidies from the budget for tourism attraction areas for sustaining, by public administrations, programs to support tourism in rural areas.Rural tourism contributes to the sustainable development of the Romanian rural environment by proper use of local resources, establishing youth in rural areas, reducing the number of unemployed, women's involvement in economic and social life of rural settlements, raising living standards, growth in household rural areas, increasing the industry's contribution to the formation of gross

  18. Brazilian librarians and Twitter

    Barros, Moreno


    Brazil leads the world in social networks. This essay focuses on the results of a two-year experience of Brazilian librarians using Twitter in their work field. Two types of presence on Twitter are identified. A new approach is proposed to answers the critical questions librarians are facing regarding service provision based on Twitter.

  19. Rural Households

    Bruun, Ole


    Based on a comprehensive survey and subsequent fieldwork, this chapter introduces the socio-economic characteristics and common livelihood strategies of rural households in Quang Nam, Central Vietnam. It demonstrates the basic premise of self-reliance in rural society and the decreasing economic ...... limitations of informal organization and community adaptive capacities, and finally, it discusses the issues of vulnerability and adaptation to climatic and environmental change from a household perspective.......Based on a comprehensive survey and subsequent fieldwork, this chapter introduces the socio-economic characteristics and common livelihood strategies of rural households in Quang Nam, Central Vietnam. It demonstrates the basic premise of self-reliance in rural society and the decreasing economic...

  20. Rural Priority


    As the Chinese economy soars ahead in the wake of the international financial crisis, more attention is being given to the country’s indus-trial, financial, investment and trade figures. But the Central Rural Work

  1. Spatial Analyses of Harappan Urban Settlements

    Hirofumi Teramura


    Full Text Available The Harappan Civilization occupies a unique place among the early civilizations of the world with its well planned urban settlements, advanced handicraft and technology, religious and trade activities. Using a Geographical Information Systems (GIS, this study presents spatial analyses that locate urban settlements on a digital elevation model (DEM according to the three phases of early, mature and late. Understanding the relationship between the spatial distribution of Harappan sites and the change in some factors, such as topographic features, river passages or sea level changes, will lead to an understanding of the dynamism of this civilization. It will also afford a glimpse of the factors behind the formation, development, and decline of the Harappan Civilization.

  2. Indonesian immigrant settlements in peninsular Malaysia.

    Azizah Kassim


    For over 2 decades, until the economic crisis in mid-1997, Malaysia's rapid economic growth attracted an influx of foreign labor, mostly from Indonesia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. In 1997 the number of registered workers was estimated at 1.2 million and undocumented ones at approximately 800,000. The influx created various problems, of which housing is one of the most serious, especially in the Kelang Valley. This paper examines the ways and means by which Indonesian workers, the largest group among foreigners, overcame their accommodation problem. Two types of settlements are identified, that is, illegal ones in the squatter areas and legal ones, which are largely in Malay Reservation Areas. The settlements, which signify Indonesians' success in finding a foothold in Malaysia, today have become a base for more in-migration. PMID:12349650

  3. Guidelines and criteria for planning Slovenian settlements

    Andrej Pogačnik


    The article deals with proposals for directing settlement development and management in Slovenia on the national level. They should be integrated in the spatial order, a part of the national spatial plan. First a short chronology of research with similar topics and simultaneous critical analysis is presented. The methodology and possible models for structuring directives is elaborated. Based on recent research by domestic authors, European guidelines and own ideas, a manual was devised, divid...

  4. Asian immigrant settlement and adjustment in Australia.

    Khoo, S; Kee, P; Dang, T; Shu, J


    "This article provides a broad assessment of the settlement and adjustment of people born in the many countries of Asia who are resident in Australia, based on recently available data from the 1991 Census of Population and Housing. It examines some indicators of economic adjustment such as performance in the labor market, and some indicators of social adjustment, such as acquisition of English language proficiency." PMID:12289777

  5. Financial-Accounting Settlements Applying in 2008

    Antonescu, Mihai; Ligia ANTONESCU


    As a result of the adhesion of our country to the European Union, the adaptation of the EC financial-accounting legislation has emerged as a necessity, new settlements starting to apply with the beginning of the financial exercise 2006. The improvement of the Romanian accounting system has as a main objective the harmonization of the national legislation with the European directives in the domain, in order to accomplish and answer the requests of the European Union, as well as to align its...

  6. Strategic Challenges for Exchanges and Securities Settlement

    Malkamäki, Markku; Topi, Jukka


    A common feature of major trends in securities and derivative markets is that they facilitate cross-border competition between financial institutions and markets. These trends include financial deregulation, technological developments that increase network externalities and the introduction of the single currency in Europe. This paper discusses future prospects for stock and derivative exchanges and securities settlement systems globally in the light of this analytical framework. The increase...

  7. Immigrants#180; settlement patterns: a methodological assessment

    Emília Malcata Rebelo


    This article aims to contribute to the definition and application of a methodology to support municipal decisions concerning attraction, location and distribution of immigrants in metropolitan areas. This methodology is aimed at identifying settlement patterns of specific groups of immigrants, and respective intensity, according to territorial characteristics and their own ethnic features, in relation to correspondent patterns of the whole population. It is applied, as a case study, to Oporto...

  8. Mitigating Settlement of Structures founded on Peat

    Wijeyesekera, D. C.; Numbikannu, L.; Ismail, T. N. H. T.; Bakar, I.


    Observations made of two common failures of structures founded on peat/organic soil in Johor, Malaysia is presented. Critical evaluation of current lightweight fill technology to mitigate such settlement is also discussed. Lightweight technology, such as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), has been used in construction on soft yielding ground for decades. Regrettably, some published information of EPS failures to perform on construction sites are also cited in this paper. This paper outlines some concepts leading to the development of an alternative innovative lightweight fill is that the idealised cellular structure of the GCM permit free flow of water and complemented by the mat structure which evens out any differential settlement A further highlight of this paper is the monitoring of the field performance of this lightweight fill (GCM) as a feasible alternative to fill weight reduction on yielding ground.. Hence, a prime research objective was to compare the fill settlements observed with 1m high fill of surcharge loading on peat ground (comparison of the case of using a partial 0.6m high GCM and that of a total of 1m of conventional sand backfill).

  9. Brazilian Trichoptera Checklist II

    Henrique Paprocki


    Full Text Available A second assessment of Brazilian Trichoptera species records is presented here. A total of 625 species were recorded for Brazil. This represents an increase of 65.34% new species recorded during the last decade. The Hydropsychidae (124 spp., followed by the Hydroptilidae (102 spp. and Polycentropodidae (97 spp., are the families with the greatest richness recorded for Brazil. The knowledge on Trichoptera biodiversity in Brazil is geographically unequal. The majority of the species is recorded for the southeastern region.

  10. Brazilian Synchrotron Radiation Project

    The proposal for a Brazilian national laboratory for synchrotron radiation is presented. The first design study led to a system consisting of a LINAC, an injection ring and a low emittance storage ring. The main ring is designed to be upgraded to 3GeV with an emittance of 4 x 10-8 rad.m. The design study also indicated the possibility of using the injection ring as a soft x-Rays/VUV source

  11. Differences in the Socio-Economic Development of the Rural Space in the South-West Oltenia Development Region



    Full Text Available The present paper aims to analyze the socio-economic differences from the rural space of the South-West Oltenia Development Region, and, in the same time, to make a correlation between the level of development and the natural background (the relief where the rural settlements have developed along the history. In the same time, the long-term development potential of the region is analysed, depending on the natural and human resources available and depending on the outputs and inputs that take place between the urban settlements and the rural space from the nearby area. The proximity to the urban influence area can be a major factor with impact on the access of the rural population to certain services, determining a higher level of development. Also, an analysis of the poverty level was made, which characterizes most part of the rural settlements (especially the isolated areas or with aged population, by using statistical data from the National Institute of Statistics and a series of indicators characteristic for the level of development, correlated with the activity profile of the respective settlements. This analysis was performed for a better identification of the problems existent in the rural area of the South-West Oltenia Development Region in order to offer some viable development solutions that are concentrated especially on the natural resources and the local possibilities of the region.


    Heloiza G. Herckovitz


    Full Text Available A content analysis of four Brazilian news media portals found that economic news dominated the top headlines with little attention paid to education, the environment and welfare. Other trends included a focus on local events and national news sources, reliance on few sources, mostly official ones, and a low percentage of news that fitted the concept of newsworthiness (a combination of both social significance and deviance concepts. Other findings of a study of 432 top news stories published by UOL, Estadão, iG and Terra during a 15-day period between February and March 2008 indicate that the top portions of the portals’ front pages carry news that lacks story depth, editorial branding, and multimedia applications. The results suggest that online news portals are in their infancy although Brazil has the largest online population of Latin America. This study hopes to shed light on the gatekeeping process in Brazilian news portals. Brazilian media portals have yet to become a significant editorial force able to provide knowledge about social issues and public affairs in a socially responsible fashione.

  13. Internet and broadband adoption in indigenous communities: An analysis of rural Alaska

    Hudson, Heather E.


    Alaska is the largest state in the U.S., but with the nation's lowest population density of only 1.2 persons per square mile. About 15 percent of the population are Alaska Natives. Approximately two-thirds of this indigenous population live in more than 200 villages, most of which are remote settlements without road access. A current broadband infrastructure project in rural southwest Alaska provides an opportunity to gather reliable data on rural broadband adoption and use, and perceived bar...




    The SmartMove project is working to advance innovative marketing and mobility solutions in eight rural and peripheral European regions and is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union. Through tailor-made strategies, it aims to provide information and encourage people to use public transport in their region. Sparsely populated rural areas in Europe are facing tremendous social changes due to shrinking and ageing populations. Because of the scattered settlement...

  15. Prediction of final settlements of buildings constructed on expansive soils

    María-de-la-Luz Pérez-Rea; Tania Ayala; Victor Castano


    Because the action of the swelling pressure, the settlements caused by the transmitted load from the structure on expansive soils, and the settlements calculated by classic theories of soils mechanics are different. This swelling pressure acts in opposite direction to the weight of the building. In this paper, the authors propose the use of a volumetric strain coefficient by settlements exp, in a soil-structure interaction algorithm taking into account the expansive soil behavior in the reduc...

  16. Reputation costs in investor-state dispute settlement

    Edes, İdil; Edes, Idil


    Previous studies on World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement suggest different aspects as to how developing countries tend to fail in executing their bargaining power in dispute settlement. One aspect that has yet to be analyzed is developing country bargaining power with respect to likelihood of settlement in such international disputes. A further analysis on the topic sheds light on another dimension on how international dispute mechanisms do not necessarily bring forth ''right'' o...

  17. Práticas de higiene bucal, uso de serviço odontológico e autopercepção de saúde bucal de escolares da zona rural de Caruaru, PE, Brasil =: Oral hygiene practices, dental service use and oral health self-perception of schoolchildren from a rural zone in the Brazilian Northeast region

    Menezes, Valdenice Aparecida de


    Objetivo: Avaliar as práticas de higiene bucal, o uso de serviços odontológico e a autopercepção de saúde bucal de escolares da zona rural de Caruaru, PE, Brasil. Metodologia: Através de estudo transversal exploratório usando entrevistas com formulário estruturado dirigidas a escolares na faixa etária de seis a 12 anos (n=150), foram coletados dados demográficos e sócio-econômicos relativos as práticas de higiene bucal, uso de serviços odontológico e autopercepção de saúde bucal, analisados p...

  18. Dispercity - new development approach for Estonian rural peripheries

    Ahas, Rein; Albre, Neve; Link, Liina; Mark, Ülar


    Increasing number of people with flexible jobs and mobility and with more free time and resources, would like to spend more time in environment that combines the advantages of urban and rural life. They prefer urban qualities in clean and beautiful environment with full access to information networks, high mobility and advanced social and cultural services. We call this type of new settlement with term "dispersed city". This change in European real estate market is creating new problems how t...

  19. Malariometric Indices among Nigerian Children in a Rural Setting

    Udoh, Ekong E.; Angela E. Oyo-ita; Odey, Friday A.; Eyong, Komomo I.; Chioma M. Oringanje; Oduwole, Olabisi A.; Okebe, Joseph U.; Ekpereonne B. Esu; Meremikwu, Martin M; Asindi A. Asindi


    Malaria contributes to high childhood morbidity and mortality in Nigeria. To determine its endemicity in a rural farming community in the south-south of Nigeria, the following malariometric indices, namely, malaria parasitaemia, spleen rates, and anaemia were evaluated in children aged 2–10 years. This was a descriptive cross-sectional survey among school-age children residing in a rubber plantation settlement. The children were selected from six primary schools using a multistaged stratified...

  20. Guidelines and criteria for planning Slovenian settlements

    Andrej Pogačnik


    Full Text Available The article deals with proposals for directing settlement development and management in Slovenia on the national level. They should be integrated in the spatial order, a part of the national spatial plan. First a short chronology of research with similar topics and simultaneous critical analysis is presented. The methodology and possible models for structuring directives is elaborated. Based on recent research by domestic authors, European guidelines and own ideas, a manual was devised, dividing guidelines hierarchically between the national, regional and local level. The second part or rather different type of text attached to the manual is a glossary. It also includes an index for further research of various sources.

  1. Political Settlements and Productive Sector Policies

    Kjær, Anne Mette


    between ruling elites and the relevant industry actors is important for building and/or maintaining the ruling coalition. This was the case in the Ugandan dairy sector but not in the fisheries sector and with regard to advisory services reform where the original initiatives ran against the interests of......This article uses a political settlement framework to better understand why ruling elites support some productive sectors and not others. I focus on how ruling elites build and maintain their ruling coalition. I argue that promoting particular productive activities is favored when the relationship...... powerful factions. These findings help to improve our knowledge about the political sources of sector differences....

  2. Settlement and bearingcapacity of long pile

    Ter-Martirosyan Zaven Grigor’evich; Ter-Martirosyan Armen Zavenovich; Trinh Tuan Viet; Luzin Ivan Nikolaevich


    When a long pile is interacting with the soil, the combined force applied to the pile head is distributed among the side face and the pile toe inhomogeneously. The toe gets not more than 30 % from the general force, which doesn’t let using the reserves of the bearing capacity of relatively firm soil under the fifth pile. Account for the depth of the pile toe and the dead load of the soil allows increasing the bearing capacity of the soil under the pile toe and decrease the pile settlement in ...

  3. A historical settlement in Konya: Sille

    Tapur, Tahsin


    Sille, that is located in 8 km. northwest of the city centre, draws attention being differentwith geographical structure, culture, manner of life, belief and traditions. Because after Greeks, Orthodox Turks and Seljuk, Muslims and non-Muslims lived here together. Sille, was a developed settlement in aspect of socio-economy and especially for  rade, rug business, pottery, viticulture, stonework and chandler until the first half of the 19th century. However, with the Lausanne Treaty, while the ...

  4. Public Service Provision in Clientelistic Political Settlements

    Whitfield, Lindsay; Hirvi, Marja


    The politics of public-service delivery continues to be neglected under the supposedly more context-sensitive post-Washington Consensus. Using interviews and documentary evidence from Ghana, this article provides an account of the networks of political interference and informal practices in Ghana......-specific political settlement in which public-service provision operates.......'s public water utility. It argues that, in order to understand why private-sector participation succeeds or fails and why similar arrangements have different outcomes across developing countries, we need to examine the effects of the informal institutional context, particularly the country...

  5. Researching Entrepreneurship in Low-income Settlements

    Gough, Katherine V.; Langevang, Thilde; Namatovu, Rebecca


    Despite an increased focus on entrepreneurship as a means of promoting development, there has been limited discussion of the conceptual and methodological issues related to researching entrepreneurship in low-income countries. Drawing on experiences from Uganda, this paper presents a study of...... entrepreneurship conducted in a low-income settlement, which combined participatory quantitative and qualitative approaches, highlighting the strengths and challenges of using participatory methods. The paper demonstrates how drawing on a range of participatory methods can contribute to creating more engaging...

  6. Stabilization, Extraversion and Political Settlements in Somalia

    Hagmann, Tobias

    -central Somalia. Existing analyses have focused predominantly on local actors and internal dynamics to account for the continuous political disorder in the former Somali Democratic Republic since 1991. In contrast, this study highlights the role of external aid in dysfunctional statebuilding efforts in Somalia....... Rather than assuming that foreign actors are outside the local and national political settlements, such actors should rather be seen as an integral part of these processes. Consequently, the power and interests of both Somali and international actors must be taken into consideration in order to...

  7. Sudanese Young People of Refugee Background in Rural and Regional Australia: Social Capital and Education Success

    Major, Jae; Wilkinson, Jane; Langat, Kip; Santoro, Ninetta


    This article discusses literature pertaining to the settlement of African refugees in regional and rural Australia, particularly focusing on the specific challenges and opportunities faced by Sudanese young people of refugee background in education. Drawing on a pilot study of the out-of-school resources of regionally located young Sudanese…

  8. Motives for moving to rural, peripheral areas - work, “rural idyll” or “income transfer”

    Andersen, Hans Skifter; Nørgaard, Helle


    Much interest is given to attracting new settlement in rural, peripheral areas due to long-term population loss. The ideal type of settler is identified as families with young children. However, various studies on rural migration show that migrants are a mixed group of young, middle aged and older...... couples and individuals as well as families with children. A large part of the migrants have jobs while other are unemployed or on other types of social welfare. In a Danish context a key hypothesis is that especially welfare recipients and those outside the labor market settle in the countryside due to...

  9. Managing Migration: The Brazilian Case

    Eduardo L. G. Rios-Neto


    The objective of this paper is to present the Brazilian migration experience and its relationship with migration management. The article is divided into three parts. First, it reviews some basic facts regarding Brazilian immigration and emigration processes. Second, it focuses on some policy and legal issues related to migration. Finally, it addresses five issues regarding migration management in Brazil.

  10. 78 FR 24227 - Notice of Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request: Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act...


    ... URBAN DEVELOPMENT Notice of Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request: Real Estate Settlement... information: Title of Proposal: Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) Disclosures. OMB Control Number... 24 CFR part 3500, require real estate settlement service providers to give homebuyers...

  11. 77 FR 44593 - Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation, Provisional Acceptance of a Settlement Agreement...


    ... COMMISSION Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation, Provisional Acceptance of a Settlement Agreement... accepted Settlement Agreement with Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation, containing a civil... Factory Warehouse Corporation CPSC Docket No. 12-C0008 Settlement Agreement 1. In accordance with...

  12. 76 FR 76437 - Notice of Lodging of a Bankruptcy Settlement Agreement Pursuant to the Comprehensive...


    ... of Lodging of a Bankruptcy Settlement Agreement Pursuant to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act Notice is hereby given that a proposed Bankruptcy Settlement Agreement between the debtors and the Environmental Protection Agency (hereinafter ``Bankruptcy Settlement...

  13. Implicações do turismo no espaço rural e em estabelecimentos da agricultura familiar

    Luciano Zanetti Pessôa Candiotto


    Full Text Available Considering the expansion of rural tourism in the world and in Brazil and the incentive of public and private sectors to family farms open their properties to tourism, we wrote this article to presents and discuss the implications of rural tourism and to emphasize their consequences in family farms. So, we worked with brazilian and foreigners literature that analyses the spatial implications and changes of this activity and try to present our impressions about rural tourism, which may grow in rural spaces and modify its social and spatial dynamics. Keywords: tourism; rural space; social and spatial implications; family farm; family unity of production and life (UPVF.

  14. Brazilian energy overview

    The Brazilian energy overview compared with the rest of the world is presented, as well as the current situation and prospects for the future. In a first part, the evalution from the past through the present time is considered, and in a second part, attention is given on the future prospects for Brazil and the different countries in connection with the energy field. It is expected that the current per capita energy consumption in Brazil, in all of its various forms, now totalling 6 million kcal/inh, will reach at least 22 million kcal/inh toward the end of this century

  15. Settlement and bearingcapacity of long pile

    Ter-Martirosyan Zaven Grigor’evich


    Full Text Available When a long pile is interacting with the soil, the combined force applied to the pile head is distributed among the side face and the pile toe inhomogeneously. The toe gets not more than 30 % from the general force, which doesn’t let using the reserves of the bearing capacity of relatively firm soil under the fifth pile. Account for the depth of the pile toe and the dead load of the soil allows increasing the bearing capacity of the soil under the pile toe and decrease the pile settlement in general. For the quantitative estimation of these factors it is necessary to solve the task on the interaction of the rigid long pile with the surrounding soil, which includes under the pile toe, which is absolutely rigid round stamp.The article presents the formulation and analytical solution to a quantification of the settlement of a circular foundation with the due account for its depth, basing on the development of P. Mindlin’s studies as well as the interactions between a long rigid pile and surrounding soils, including under pile toe.It is proposed to compare the estimated value of stresses under the heel of pile with the initial critical load for the round foundation to check the condition that the estinated value is less than the intial critical one.

  16. Mercado de trabalho e rendimento no meio rural brasileiro

    Gilnei C. Santos


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho analisa a entrada de homens e mulheres no mercado de trabalho rural e gera equações de rendimento para o meio rural brasileiro em 2007 com os microdados da PNAD. O procedimento de Heckman é adotado para se evitar viés de seletividade. Os resultados mostraram gaps ou diferenciais na seleção e rendimentos por gênero e raça. Apesar das mulheres apresentarem um nível de qualificação maior que o dos homens, observa-se que o rendimento destes tende a ser mais elevado do que o feminino. Adicionalmente, mulheres contempladas com o Bolsa Família tendem a reduzir a oferta de trabalho.This paper analyzes the entrance of men and women into the rural labor market and generates earning equations for the Brazilian rural areas in 2007 with the PNAD microdata. The Heckman procedure is adopted to avoid selectivity bias. Results had also shown the Brazilian rural labor market. Besides the fact that female workers on average have a higher level of qualification than male workers, male's earnings are higher than the female's. Women that receive the governmental transfer program Bolsa Família , tend to offer less work in the rural labor market.

  17. 26 CFR 1.468B-1 - Qualified settlement funds.


    ... taxpayer identification number; (C) The qualified settlement fund's name, address, and employer...) In general. A qualified settlement fund is a fund, account, or trust that satisfies the requirements of paragraph (c) of this section. (b) Coordination with other entity classifications. If a...

  18. United States v. Microsoft: The Benefits of Settlement

    Hahn, Robert W.


    Like every other turn in this long case, the tentative settlement to United States v. Microsoft Corporation has generated controversy. Some critics have argued that the proposed accord does not go far enough in punishing Microsoft. In this essay, I reach a different conclusion: this settlement is preferable to the alternative of additional litigation.

  19. 5 CFR 180.108 - Settlement of claims.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Settlement of claims. 180.108 Section 180.108 Administrative Personnel OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT CIVIL SERVICE REGULATIONS EMPLOYEES' PERSONAL PROPERTY CLAIMS § 180.108 Settlement of claims. (a) Authority. Associate Directors and...

  20. 5 CFR 185.146 - Compromise or settlement.


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Compromise or settlement. 185.146 Section 185.146 Administrative Personnel OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT CIVIL SERVICE REGULATIONS PROGRAM FRAUD CIVIL REMEDIES § 185.146 Compromise or settlement. (a) Parties may make offers of compromise...

  1. 29 CFR 1603.108 - Settlement and alternative dispute resolution.


    ... 29 Labor 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Settlement and alternative dispute resolution. 1603.108... Settlement and alternative dispute resolution. (a) The parties are at all times free to settle all or part of... a neutral mediator or to any other alternative dispute resolution process authorized by...

  2. 47 CFR 64.1002 - International settlements policy.


    ... (CONTINUED) MISCELLANEOUS RULES RELATING TO COMMON CARRIERS International Settlements Policy and Modification... accounting rate modification, filed pursuant to § 64.1001, that includes a settlement rate that is at or... behavior that is harmful to U.S. customers. Carriers and other parties filing complaints must support...

  3. Engineering approach to model and compute electric power markets settlements

    Back-office accounting settlement activities are an important part of market operations in Independent System Operator (ISO) organizations. A potential way to measure ISO market design correctness is to analyze how well market price signals create incentives or penalties for creating an efficient market to achieve market design goals. Market settlement rules are an important tool for implementing price signals which are fed back to participants via the settlement activities of the ISO. ISO's are currently faced with the challenge of high volumes of data resulting from the increasing size of markets and ever-changing market designs, as well as the growing complexity of wholesale energy settlement business rules. This paper analyzed the problem and presented a practical engineering solution using an approach based on mathematical formulation and modeling of large scale calculations. The paper also presented critical comments on various differences in settlement design approaches to electrical power market design, as well as further areas of development. The paper provided a brief introduction to the wholesale energy market settlement systems and discussed problem formulation. An actual settlement implementation framework and discussion of the results and conclusions were also presented. It was concluded that a proper engineering approach to this domain can yield satisfying results by formalizing wholesale energy settlements. Significant improvements were observed in the initial preparation phase, scoping and effort estimation, implementation and testing. 5 refs., 2 figs

  4. 76 FR 78977 - Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X)


    ... December 20, 2011 Part II Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection 12 CFR Part 1024 Real Estate Settlement... RIN 3170-AA06 Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X) AGENCY: Bureau of Consumer... Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD's) rulemaking authority for the Real Estate...

  5. Conciliation as the traditional method of disputes settlement in PRC

    Svetlana F. Litvinova


    Full Text Available The author of the article researches one of the peculiarities of civil disputes settlement in China. This peculiarity is the conciliatory method that is used during disputes settlement. The using of the method is based on Confucianism. The content of the method has been viewed in the article.

  6. 37 CFR 251.63 - Consideration of petition; settlements.


    ... COPYRIGHT ARBITRATION ROYALTY PANEL RULES AND PROCEDURES COPYRIGHT ARBITRATION ROYALTY PANEL RULES OF... the case of a settlement among the parties to a proceeding, the Librarian may, upon the request of the... adopt the rate embodied in the proposed settlement without convening an arbitration panel, provided...

  7. 36 CFR Appendix A to Part 1275 - Settlement Agreement


    ... no longer apply. This change is reflected in 36 CFR 1275.64. Settlement Agreement This Settlement... 14 below, plaintiff Kutler will withdraw his request under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C... House staff members dictating memoranda, correspondence and speech drafts, that are included in...

  8. The occurrence of alien species in the settlement areas of the Kampinos National Park and its vicinity (Central Poland)

    Kirpluk Izabella; Bomanowska Anna


    Studies aimed at the identification of the range and method of spread of alien plant species in settlement areas in Kampinos National Park (KNP) and its immediate vicinity were carried out in years 2012-2014. Special emphasis was put on surveying the sites of invasive alien species (IAS), and diagnosing potential threats posed to the natural and semi-natural vegetation of the national park by the IAS present in rural areas. We found 53 alien vascular plant species, including 40 invasive taxa ...

  9. Brazilian Nanotechnology Initiative

    Fazzio, Adalberto


    In Brazil there is intense research activity in nanotechnology, most of these developed in universities and research institutes. The Brazilian Nanotechnology Initiative (BNI) aims to integrate government actions to promote the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry. This initiative is founded on support for research and development in the laboratories of the National Laboratories for Nanotechnology (SisNANO), starting from an improvement in infrastructure and opening of laboratories for users of academia and business, promoting interaction and transfer knowledge between academia and business. Country currently has 26 thematic networks of nanotechnology, 16 -Virtual-National Institutes of Technology, seven National- Laboratories and 18 Associate Laboratories, which comprise the SisNANO. Seeking to expand and share governance with other government actors, the Interministries Committee for Nanotechnology was set up, composed of 10 ministries, and has the task of coordinating the entire program of the Federal Government Nanotechnology.Cooperation activities are an important part of BNI. Currently Brazil has cooperation programs with U.S., China, Canada and European Union among others. Recently, Brazil decided to join the European NanoReg program where 60 research groups are joining efforts to provide protocols and standards that can help regulatory agencies and governments.

  10. Residual settlement calculation of geocell cushion over gravel piles

    陈昌富; 杨宇; 肖淑君; 周志军


    The calculation of residual settlement of bidirectional reinforced composite foundation, which is composed of geocell cushion over gravel piles, was studied. The geocell cushion was modeled as a thin flexible plate with large deflection. Based on the Kirchhoff hypothesis, the governing differential equations and boundary conditions of the deformation of geocell cushion under working load were founded using von Karman method and solved by Galerkin method. On theses bases, the gravel piles and inter-pile soils were assumed as Winkler ground with variable spring stiffness so as to execute the approximate calculation of the residual settlement of the bidirectional reinforced composite foundation. The calculation method was verified by two laboratory experiments concerning settlement of embankments. One experiment was with just geocell cushion installed to treat the soft clay under embankments; another one was with both geocell cushion and gravel piles installed. The results show that the calculated settlement curve and the maximum settlement are closed to the observed ones.