Sample records for binding-mechanism concerned models

  1. DNA-binding residues and binding mode prediction with binding-mechanism concerned models

    Oyang Yen-Jen; Liu Yu-Cheng; Huang Chun-Chin; Huang Yu-Feng; Huang Chien-Kang


    Abstract Background Protein-DNA interactions are essential for fundamental biological activities including DNA transcription, replication, packaging, repair and rearrangement. Proteins interacting with DNA can be classified into two categories of binding mechanisms - sequence-specific and non-specific binding. Protein-DNA specific binding provides a mechanism to recognize correct nucleotide base pairs for sequence-specific identification. Protein-DNA non-specific binding shows sequence indepe...

  2. Spectroscopic and molecular modelling studies of binding mechanism of metformin with bovine serum albumin

    Sharma, Deepti; Ojha, Himanshu; Pathak, Mallika; Singh, Bhawna; Sharma, Navneet; Singh, Anju; Kakkar, Rita; Sharma, Rakesh K.


    Metformin is a biguanide class of drug used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. It is well known that serum protein-ligand binding interaction significantly influence the biodistribution of a drug. Current study was performed to characterize the binding mechanism of metformin with serum albumin. The binding interaction of the metformin with bovine serum albumin (BSA) was examined using UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence, circular dichroism, density functional theory and molecular docking studies. Absorption spectra and fluorescence emission spectra pointed out the weak binding of metformin with BSA as was apparent from the slight change in absorbance and fluorescence intensity of BSA in presence of metformin. Circular dichroism study implied the significant change in the conformation of BSA upon binding with metformin. Density functional theory calculations showed that metformin has non-planar geometry and has two energy states. The docking studies evidently signified that metformin could bind significantly to the three binding sites in BSA via hydrophobic, hydrogen bonding and electrostatic interactions. The data suggested the existence of non-covalent specific binding interaction in the complexation of metformin with BSA. The present study will certainly contribute to the development of metformin as a therapeutic molecule.

  3. Discriminating binding mechanisms of an intrinsically disordered protein via a multi-state coarse-grained model

    Knott, Michael [Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University, Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1EW (United Kingdom); Best, Robert B., E-mail: [Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University, Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1EW (United Kingdom); Laboratory of Chemical Physics, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892-0520 (United States)


    Many proteins undergo a conformational transition upon binding to their cognate binding partner, with intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) providing an extreme example in which a folding transition occurs. However, it is often not clear whether this occurs via an “induced fit” or “conformational selection” mechanism, or via some intermediate scenario. In the first case, transient encounters with the binding partner favour transitions to the bound structure before the two proteins dissociate, while in the second the bound structure must be selected from a subset of unbound structures which are in the correct state for binding, because transient encounters of the incorrect conformation with the binding partner are most likely to result in dissociation. A particularly interesting situation involves those intrinsically disordered proteins which can bind to different binding partners in different conformations. We have devised a multi-state coarse-grained simulation model which is able to capture the binding of IDPs in alternate conformations, and by applying it to the binding of nuclear coactivator binding domain (NCBD) to either ACTR or IRF-3 we are able to determine the binding mechanism. By all measures, the binding of NCBD to either binding partner appears to occur via an induced fit mechanism. Nonetheless, we also show how a scenario closer to conformational selection could arise by choosing an alternative non-binding structure for NCBD.

  4. Integration of in vitro binding mechanism into the semiphysiologically based pharmacokinetic interaction model between ketoconazole and midazolam.

    Quinney, Sara K; Knopp, Shawn; Chang, Chien; Hall, Stephen D; Li, Lang


    In vitro screening for drug-drug interactions is an integral component of drug development, with larger emphasis now placed on the use of in vitro parameters to predict clinical inhibition. However, large variability exists in Ki reported for ketoconazole with midazolam, a model inhibitor-substrate pair for CYP3A. We reviewed the literature and extracted Ki for ketoconazole as measured by the inhibition of hydroxymidazolam formation in human liver microsomes. The superset of data collected was analyzed for the impact of microsomal binding, using Langmuir and phase equilibrium binding models, and fitted to various inhibition models: competitive, noncompetitive, and mixed. A mixed inhibition model with binding corrected by an independent binding model was best able to fit the data (Kic = 19.2 nmol/l and Kin = 39.8 nmol/l) and to predict clinical effect of ketoconazole on midazolam area under the concentration-time curve. The variability of reported Ki may partially be explained by microsomal binding and choice of inhibition model. PMID:24448021

  5. Integration of In Vitro Binding Mechanism Into the Semiphysiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Interaction Model Between Ketoconazole and Midazolam

    Quinney, Sara K.; Knopp, Shawn; Chang, Chien; Hall, Stephen D.; Li, Lang


    In vitro screening for drug–drug interactions is an integral component of drug development, with larger emphasis now placed on the use of in vitro parameters to predict clinical inhibition. However, large variability exists in K i reported for ketoconazole with midazolam, a model inhibitor–substrate pair for CYP3A. We reviewed the literature and extracted K i for ketoconazole as measured by the inhibition of hydroxymidazolam formation in human liver microsomes. The superset of data collected ...

  6. Binding mechanism of the tyrosine-kinase inhibitor nilotinib to human serum albumin determined by (1)H STD NMR, (19)F NMR, and molecular modeling.

    Yan, Jin; Wu, Di; Sun, Pingchuan; Ma, Xiaoli; Wang, Lili; Li, Shanshan; Xu, Kailin; Li, Hui


    Drug interaction with albumins significantly affects in vivo drug transport and biological metabolism. To gain insight into the binding mechanisms of tyrosine-kinase inhibitor nilotinib (NIL) to human serum albumin (HSA), an approach combining (1)H saturation-transfer difference (STD) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, (19)F NMR spectroscopy, steady-state fluorescence quenching, and molecular modeling was adopted. (19)F NMR was used to determine the binding constant, and a value of 4.12×10(3)M(-1) was obtained. Fluorescence spectroscopy was also used to determine the binding constant, and the value obtained was within the same order of magnitude. The binding process was mainly driven by hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces. Displacement experiments further showed that NIL mainly bound to the hydrophobic cavity of HSA's subdomain IIA, also called Sudlow's site I. Molecular docking simulation was also used to establish a molecular binding model, and findings were consistent with those of displacement and the (1)H STD NMR experiments. PMID:26922576

  7. Plato's Protagoras: Professional Models, Ethical Concerns.

    Gregory, Marshall W.


    In Plato's model his clear criticism of Protagorean careerism and his negotiation with Socratic radicalism shows he is a centrist cultivating criticism and open discourse. In an age when academe seems to have lost a sense of its identify and function in society, its most enduring contributions are criticism and discourse. (MLW)

  8. Fairness concerns in digital right management models

    Bouganim, Luc; Pucheral, Philippe


    Digital piracy is threatening the global multimedia content industry and blindly applied coercive Digital Right Management (DRM) policies do nothing but legitimise this piracy. This paper presents new software and hardware infrastructure aimed at reconciling the content providers' and consumers' points of view by giving the ability to develop fair business models (i.e., that preserve the interest of both parties). The solution is based on the use of tamper-resistant devices (smart cards) to s...

  9. Model conception concerning rewetting by flooding

    Thermohydraulics essentially influences the wetting temperature, which may be assumed for the flooding phase to be a function of pressure and subcooling of the fluid. A one-dimensional heat transfer model was shown to describe the phenomena in the pipe wall to be wetted in a sufficiently correct manner, if the dependence on fluid subcooling is considered for the wetting temperature. The influence of the parameters mass flow, subcooling of the flooding water, system pressure, heat production, channel cross-section, and steam content near the wetting front on the speed of the wetting front were shown. (GL)

  10. Supporting crosscutting concern modelling in software architecture design

    CAO Donggang; MEI Hong; ZHOU Minghui


    Crosscutting concerns such as logging,security,and transaction,are well supported in the programming level by aspect-oriented programming technologies.However,addressing these issues in the high-level architecture design still remains open.This paper presents a novel approach to supporting crosscutting concern modelling in the software architecture design of component-based systems.We introduce a new element named "Aspect"into our architecture description language,ABC/ADL,to clearly model the behavior of crosscutting concerns.Aspect is the first class entity as Component and Connector in ABC/ADL.ABC/ADL Connectors provide the weaving points where the component and aspect crosscut.This approach effectively enables "separation of concerns" in high-level architecture design,and facilitates black-box reuse of COTS components.

  11. The Statistical Modeling of the Trends Concerning the Romanian Population

    Gabriela OPAIT


    Full Text Available This paper reflects the statistical modeling concerning the resident population in Romania, respectively the total of the romanian population, through by means of the „Least Squares Method”. Any country it develops by increasing of the population, respectively of the workforce, which is a factor of influence for the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P.. The „Least Squares Method” represents a statistical technique for to determine the trend line of the best fit concerning a model.

  12. Binding Mechanisms in Selective Laser Sintering and Selective Laser Melting

    Kruth, J.-P.; Mercelis, P.; Van Vaerenbergh, J.; Froyen, L.; Rombouts, M.


    Purpose – This paper provides an overview of the different binding mechanisms in selective laser sintering (SLS) and selective laser melting (SLM), thus improving the understanding of these processes. Design/methodology/approach – A classification of SLS/SLM processes was developed, based on the bin

  13. Defining Scenarios: Linking Integrated Models, Regional Concerns, and Stakeholders

    Hartmann, H. C.; Stewart, S.; Liu, Y.; Mahmoud, M.


    Scenarios are important tools for long-term planning, and there is great interest in using integrated models in scenario studies. However, scenario definition and assessment are creative, as well as scientific, efforts. Using facilitated creative processes, we have worked with stakeholders to define regionally significant scenarios that encompass a broad range of hydroclimatic, socioeconomic, and institutional dimensions. The regional scenarios subsequently inform the definition of local scenarios that work with context-specific integrated models that, individually, can address only a subset of overall regional complexity. Based on concerns of stakeholders in the semi-arid US Southwest, we prioritized three dimensions that are especially important, yet highly uncertain, for long-term planning: hydroclimatic conditions (increased variability, persistent drought), development patterns (urban consolidation, distributed rural development), and the nature of public institutions (stressed, proactive). Linking across real-world decision contexts and integrated modeling efforts poses challenges of creatively connecting the conceptual models held by both the research and stakeholder communities.

  14. A mineralogical study of the binding mechanisms in chromite briquettes

    Briquettes are made of chromite fines and a suitable binding material which are fed into a pillow-shaped mould, and pressure is applied to compact the material. The Council for Mineral Technology and Middelburg Steel and Alloys have taken out a provisional patent for the manufacturing of composite briquettes containing not only reducing agents but also fluxes, which will improve the efficiency of the reduction process. Briquettes were examined and the results were correlated with the strengths of the briquettes, which were measured in drop tests, compressive strength and abrasive resistance. The mineralogical procedures included differential thermal analysis, x-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope, energy-dispersive spectroscopy and the use of the electron microprobe. The information obtained by these procedures enabled the determination of the nature of the binding mechanisms. Six different types of briquettes, with their respective binding mechanisms were studied

  15. Concerning the Feasibility of Example-driven Modelling Techniques

    Thorne, Simon R; Lawson, Z


    We report on a series of experiments concerning the feasibility of example driven modelling. The main aim was to establish experimentally within an academic environment: the relationship between error and task complexity using a) Traditional spreadsheet modelling; b) example driven techniques. We report on the experimental design, sampling, research methods and the tasks set for both control and treatment groups. Analysis of the completed tasks allows comparison of several different variables. The experimental results compare the performance indicators for the treatment and control groups by comparing accuracy, experience, training, confidence measures, perceived difficulty and perceived completeness. The various results are thoroughly tested for statistical significance using: the Chi squared test, Fisher's exact test for significance, Cochran's Q test and McNemar's test on difficulty.

  16. Modelling information dissemination under privacy concerns in social media

    Zhu, Hui; Huang, Cheng; Lu, Rongxing; Li, Hui


    Social media has recently become an important platform for users to share news, express views, and post messages. However, due to user privacy preservation in social media, many privacy setting tools are employed, which inevitably change the patterns and dynamics of information dissemination. In this study, a general stochastic model using dynamic evolution equations was introduced to illustrate how privacy concerns impact the process of information dissemination. Extensive simulations and analyzes involving the privacy settings of general users, privileged users, and pure observers were conducted on real-world networks, and the results demonstrated that user privacy settings affect information differently. Finally, we also studied the process of information diffusion analytically and numerically with different privacy settings using two classic networks.

  17. Composing Software from Multiple Concerns: A Model and Composition Anomalies

    Bergmans, Lodewijk M.J.; Aksit, Mehmet


    Constructing software from components is considered to be a key requirement for managing the complexity of software. Separation of concerns makes only sense if the realizations of these concerns can be composed together effectively into a working program. Various publications have shown that composa

  18. A sequential binding mechanism in a PDZ domain

    Chi, Celestine N; Bach, Anders; Engström, Åke; Wang, Huiqun; Strømgaard, Kristian; Gianni, Stefano; Jemth, Per


    Conformational selection and induced fit are two well-known mechanisms of allosteric protein-ligand interaction. Some proteins, like ubiquitin, have recently been found to exist in multiple conformations at equilibrium, suggesting that the conformational selection may be a general mechanism of...... interaction, in particular for single-domain proteins. Here, we found that the PDZ2 domain of SAP97 binds its ligand via a sequential (induced fit) mechanism. We performed binding experiments using SAP97 PDZ2 and peptide ligands and observed biphasic kinetics with the stopped-flow technique, indicating that...... ligand binding involves at least a two-step process. By using an ultrarapid continuous-flow mixer, we then detected a hyperbolic dependence of binding rate constants on peptide concentration, corroborating the two-step binding mechanism. Furthermore, we found a similar dependence of the rate constants on...

  19. Online Grocery Shopping: Consumer Motives, Concerns, and Business Models

    Kempiak, Mike; Fox, Mark

    2002-01-01 entrepreneurs failed spectacularly in their attempts to create e-grocery companies. This paper examines consumer motives and concerns with regard to online grocery shopping. The reasons for the success experienced by traditional bricks-and-mortar companies that have expanded into this market are also examined.

  20. An Examination of Interactive Whiteboard Perceptions using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model Stages of Concern and the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow Model of Instructional Evolution

    Hall, Jeffrey; Chamblee, Gregory; Slough, Scott


    Two high school mathematics teachers who use Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) in the classroom were interviewed annually over the course of three years regarding their perceptions of the technology. During the third year, the two teachers were asked to complete the Concerns-Based Adoption Model Stages of Concern Questionnaire. The data obtained from…

  1. Applications of covariance structure modeling in psychology: cause for concern?

    Breckler, S J


    Methods of covariance structure modeling are frequently applied in psychological research. These methods merge the logic of confirmatory factor analysis, multiple regression, and path analysis within a single data analytic framework. Among the many applications are estimation of disattenuated correlation and regression coefficients, evaluation of multitrait-multimethod matrices, and assessment of hypothesized causal structures. Shortcomings of these methods are commonly acknowledged in the mathematical literature and in textbooks. Nevertheless, serious flaws remain in many published applications. For example, it is rarely noted that the fit of a favored model is identical for a potentially large number of equivalent models. A review of the personality and social psychology literature illustrates the nature of this and other problems in reported applications of covariance structure models. PMID:2320704

  2. Modelling and analysis of multiagent systems concerning cooperation problems

    Reinhold, Thomas


    The subject of this diploma thesis is the modelling and the analysis of mechanisms that enable multiagentsystems to establish communication relations and using them to control the interaction. With regards to the emergence of such symbol systems one groundwork of this paper is the realization that coordination problems aren't applicative to advance to evolution of "higher communication capabilities". With this in mind, this analysis uses a class of problems with explicit conflicts of inte...

  3. A model problem concerning ionic transport in microstructured solid electrolytes

    Curto Sillamoni, Ignacio J.; Idiart, Martín I.


    We consider ionic transport by diffusion and migration through microstructured solid electrolytes. The assumed constitutive relations for the constituent phases follow from convex energy and dissipation potentials which guarantee thermodynamic consistency. The effective response is determined by homogenizing the relevant field equations via the notion ofmulti-scale convergence. The resulting homogenized response involves several effective tensors, but they all require the solution of just one standard conductivity problem over the representative volume element. A multi-scale model for semicrystalline polymer electrolytes with spherulitic morphologies is derived by applying the theory to a specific class of two-dimensional microgeometries for which the effective response can be computed exactly. An enriched model accounting for a random dispersion of filler particles with interphases is also derived. In both cases, explicit expressions for the effective material parameters are provided. The models are used to explore the effect of crystallinity and filler content on the overall response. Predictions support recent experimental observations on doped poly-ethylene-oxide systems which suggest that the anisotropic crystalline phase can actually support faster ion transport than the amorphous phase along certain directions dictated by the morphology of the polymeric chains. Predictions also support the viewpoint that ceramic fillers improve ionic conductivity and cation transport number via interphasial effects.

  4. An illustration of the Arena model: Conflicts concerning nuclear energy

    The author examines the current relevance of the debate on risk and presents a systematic survey of theoretical concepts of risk: Technical foundations, economic and psychological perspectives, sociological and cultural-anthropological perspectives as well as social mobilization and the arena model, arenas for settling conflicts being parliament, administrative institutions, the legal realm, the humanities and sciences, mass media etc. The arena model is illustrated using atomic energy as an example, whereby the following factors are taken into account: The political arena, the function of the normal authority, agents, the media as a medium for action and public opinion. Conclusion: Three elements are necessary for a rational and democratic policy for dealing with risks: Experts on the theoretical aspects of the issue must be consulted, the legitimate interests of those persons in the arena who are affected by the decision must be taken into acoount and a representative public opinion poll which determines whether the public is in favour of possible political options must be carried out, thus giving them the opportunity to participate in the decision-making procedure. The better a process is prestructured before such a participatory procedure is initiated, the more likely it is that acceptance and acceptability can be obtained. (orig./HSCH)

  5. Binding models concerning natural organic substances in performance assessment

    Natural organic substances (i.e., humic and fulvic acids) are important in radioactive waste disposal programmes for predicting the fate of radionuclides migration in the environment. A recent workshop organised by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, in co-operation with the Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland), brought together experts from various Nea Member countries to discuss and review the current evaluation of natural organic substances, their characterisation and isolation, documentation on existing mathematical models, competition with inorganic ligands in forming radionuclide complexes, and their influence in performance assessment for a variety of geologic media. These proceedings present the papers submitted at the workshop and a summary of the discussions on the role of organic substances in performance assessment. (authors). 432 refs., 119 figs., 53 tabs

  6. Models of Students' Thinking Concerning the Greenhouse Effect and Teaching Implications.

    Koulaidis, Vasilis; Christidou, Vasilia


    Primary school students (n=40) ages 11 and 12 years were interviewed concerning their conceptions of the greenhouse effect. Analysis of the data led to the formation of seven distinct models of thinking regarding this phenomenon. (Author/CCM)

  7. Results of a modeling workshop concerning development of the Beluga coal resource in Alaska

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report summarizes the results of a modeling workshop concerning development of the Beluga coal resource in Alaska. The workshop was facilitated by the AEA...

  8. Recommendations concerning models and parameters best suited to breeder reactor environmental radiological assessments

    Recommendations are presented concerning the models and parameters best suited for assessing the impact of radionuclide releases to the environment by breeder reactor facilities. These recommendations are based on the model and parameter evaluations performed during this project to date. Seven different areas are covered in separate sections

  9. Recommendations concerning models and parameters best suited to breeder reactor environmental radiological assessments

    Miller, C.W.; Baes, C.F. III; Dunning, D.E. Jr.


    Recommendations are presented concerning the models and parameters best suited for assessing the impact of radionuclide releases to the environment by breeder reactor facilities. These recommendations are based on the model and parameter evaluations performed during this project to date. Seven different areas are covered in separate sections.

  10. Computational Study of the Binding Mechanism of Actin-Depolymerizing Factor 1 with Actin in Arabidopsis thaliana.

    Du, Juan; Wang, Xue; Dong, Chun-Hai; Yang, Jian Ming; Yao, Xiao Jun


    Actin is a highly conserved protein. It plays important roles in cellular function and exists either in the monomeric (G-actin) or polymeric form (F-actin). Members of the actin-depolymerizing factor (ADF)/cofilin protein family bind to both G-actin and F-actin and play vital roles in actin dynamics by manipulating the rates of filament polymerization and depolymerization. It has been reported that the S6D and R98A/K100A mutants of actin-depolymerizing factor 1 (ADF1) in Arabidopsis thaliana decreased the binding affinity of ADF for the actin monomer. To investigate the binding mechanism and dynamic behavior of the ADF1-actin complex, we constructed a homology model of the AtADF1-actin complex based on the crystal structure of AtADF1 and the twinfilin C-terminal ADF-H domain in a complex with a mouse actin monomer. The model was then refined for subsequent molecular dynamics simulations. Increased binding energy of the mutated system was observed using the Molecular Mechanics Generalized Born Surface Area and Poisson-Boltzmann Surface Area (MM-GB/PBSA) methods. To determine the residues that make decisive contributions to the ADF1 actin-binding affinity, per-residue decomposition and computational alanine scanning analyses were performed, which provided more detailed information on the binding mechanism. Root-mean-square fluctuation and principal component analyses confirmed that the S6D and R98A/K100A mutants induced an increased conformational flexibility. The comprehensive molecular insight gained from this study is of great importance for understanding the binding mechanism of ADF1 and G-actin. PMID:27414648

  11. The binding mechanism of a peptidic cyclic serine protease inhibitor

    Jiang, Longguang; Svane, Anna S P; Sørensen, Hans Peter; Jensen, Jan K; Hosseini, Masood; Chen, Zhuo; Weydert, Caroline; Nielsen, Jakob T; Christensen, Anni; Yuan, Cai; Jensen, Knud Jørgen; Nielsen, Niels Chr; Malmendal, Anders; Huang, Mingdong; Andreasen, Peter


    Serine proteases are classical objects for studies of catalytic and inhibitory mechanisms as well as interesting as therapeutic targets. Since small-molecule serine protease inhibitors generally suffer from specificity problems, peptidic inhibitors, isolated from phage-displayed peptide libraries......, have attracted considerable attention. Here, we have investigated the mechanism of binding of peptidic inhibitors to serine protease targets. Our model is upain-1 (CSWRGLENHRMC), a disulfide-bond-constrained competitive inhibitor of human urokinase-type plasminogen activator with a noncanonical...... inhibitory mechanism and an unusually high specificity. Using a number of modified variants of upain-1, we characterised the upain-1-urokinase-type plasminogen activator complex using X-ray crystal structure analysis, determined a model of the peptide in solution by NMR spectroscopy, and analysed binding...

  12. Impact of Evolution of Concerns in the Model-Driven Architecture Design Approach

    Tekinerdogan, Bedir; Aksit, Mehmet; Henninger, Francis


    Separation of concerns is an important principle for designing high quality software systems and is both applied in the Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) and Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD). The AOSD and MDA techniques seem to be complementary to each other; historically AOSD has focused o

  13. Consideration of a Model: Toward Possible Resolution of Some Professional Concerns.

    Brumbaugh, Robert B.

    This paper describes and illustrates the use of a recently developed management simulation-information model, suggesting it as one possible step toward partial solution of two longstanding concerns in educational administration. These problems are (1) the myopic and parochial "problems" view of education and (2) the schism between professor and…

  14. Exploring the binding mechanisms of MIF to CXCR2 using theoretical approaches.

    Xu, Lei; Li, Youyong; Li, Dan; Xu, Peng; Tian, Sheng; Sun, Huiyong; Liu, Hui; Hou, Tingjun


    Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is a multi-functional protein that acts as a cytokine and as an enzyme. Recently, MIF was identified as a non-canonical ligand of G protein-coupled chemokine receptor CXCR2 with low nanomolar affinity in leukocyte arrest and chemotaxis, but the precise knowledge of the molecular determinants of the MIF-CXCR2 interface has remained unknown. Therefore, we employed homology modeling, protein-protein docking, molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, Molecular Mechanics/Generalized Born Surface Area (MM/GBSA) binding free energy calculations and MM/GBSA binding free energy decomposition to obtain insights into the molecular recognition of MIF with CXCR2. The predicted binding pattern of MIF-CXCR2 is in good agreement with the experimental data and sheds light on the functional role of important MIF-CXCR2 interface residues in association with binding and signaling. According to our predictions, the R11A/D44A double mutations of MIF exhibit a pronounced defect in the binding affinity of MIF to CXCR2, resulting in large conformational changes. The potential two-site binding model for the MIF-CXCR2 recognition was proposed: initialized primarily by the non-polar interactions including the van der Waals and hydrophobic interactions, the N-terminal region of CXCR2 contacts the N-like loop and β-sheet of MIF (site 1), and then the ECL2 and ECL3 regions of CXCR2 form strong interactions with the pseudo-(E)LR motif and C-terminus of MIF, which induces the molecular thermodynamic motion of TMs for signal transduction (site 2). This study will extend our understanding to the binding mechanisms of MIF to CXCR2 and provide useful information for the rational design of potent inhibitors selectively targeting the MIF-CXCR2 interactions. PMID:25526079

  15. Improving the reliability modeling concerning the emergency core cooling system at Gentilly-2 Nuclear Generating Station

    Komljenovic, D.; Vaillancourt, R.; Croteau, M. [Hydro Quebec, Gentilly-2, Nuclear Generating Station, Quebec (Canada); Abdul-Nour, G.; Darragi, M. [Univ. du Quebec a Trois Rivieres, Trois Rivieres, Quebec (Canada)


    This technical paper presents an approach to improving the reliability modeling concerning the performance of the Emergency Core Cooling (ECC) System at Gentilly-2 Nuclear Generating Station following a loss of coolant accident (LOCA). It includes a quantitative unavailability analysis based on the current system design and operation. The study is performed as a part of a project with regard to an extension of the plant planned outage period. (author)

  16. Insights on Structural Characteristics and Ligand Binding Mechanisms of CDK2

    Yan Li


    Full Text Available Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2 is a crucial regulator of the eukaryotic cell cycle. However it is well established that monomeric CDK2 lacks regulatory activity, which needs to be aroused by its positive regulators, cyclins E and A, or be phosphorylated on the catalytic segment. Interestingly, these activation steps bring some dynamic changes on the 3D-structure of the kinase, especially the activation segment. Until now, in the monomeric CDK2 structure, three binding sites have been reported, including the adenosine triphosphate (ATP binding site (Site I and two non-competitive binding sites (Site II and III. In addition, when the kinase is subjected to the cyclin binding process, the resulting structural changes give rise to a variation of the ATP binding site, thus generating an allosteric binding site (Site IV. All the four sites are demonstrated as being targeted by corresponding inhibitors, as is illustrated by the allosteric binding one which is targeted by inhibitor ANS (fluorophore 8-anilino-1-naphthalene sulfonate. In the present work, the binding mechanisms and their fluctuations during the activation process attract our attention. Therefore, we carry out corresponding studies on the structural characterization of CDK2, which are expected to facilitate the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of kinase proteins. Besides, the binding mechanisms of CDK2 with its relevant inhibitors, as well as the changes of binding mechanisms following conformational variations of CDK2, are summarized and compared. The summary of the conformational characteristics and ligand binding mechanisms of CDK2 in the present work will improve our understanding of the molecular mechanisms regulating the bioactivities of CDK2.

  17. A Study on Efficient Mobile IPv6 Fast Handover Scheme Using Reverse Binding Mechanism

    Tolentino, Randy S.; Lee, Kijeong; Kim, Sung-Gyu; Kim, Miso; Park, Byungjoo

    This paper proposes a solution for solving the packet handover issues of MIPv6. We propose an efficient scheme that can support fast handover effectively in standard Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) by optimizing the associated data and the flow of signal during handover. A new signaling message Reverse Packet Binding Mechanism is defined and utilized to hasten the handover procedure by adding a buffer in access point (AP) and home agent (HA).

  18. Sensitivity analysis of a forest gap model concerning current and future climate variability

    Lasch, P.; Suckow, F.; Buerger, G.; Lindner, M.


    The ability of a forest gap model to simulate the effects of climate variability and extreme events depends on the temporal resolution of the weather data that are used and the internal processing of these data for growth, regeneration and mortality. The climatological driving forces of most current gap models are based on monthly means of weather data and their standard deviations, and long-term monthly means are used for calculating yearly aggregated response functions for ecological processes. In this study, the results of sensitivity analyses using the forest gap model FORSKA{sub -}P and involving climate data of different resolutions, from long-term monthly means to daily time series, including extreme events, are presented for the current climate and for a climate change scenario. The model was applied at two sites with differing soil conditions in the federal state of Brandenburg, Germany. The sensitivity of the model concerning climate variations and different climate input resolutions is analysed and evaluated. The climate variability used for the model investigations affected the behaviour of the model substantially. (orig.)

  19. Recommendations for SZ/TSPA Model Uncertainty Analysis Concerning the Yucca Mountain Project

    Bogen, K T


    This report considers the problem of how best to evaluate the stability (i.e., sampling reliability) of Monte Carlo outputs obtained for two Yucca Mountain Project (YMP) modeling components, namely, outputs for the Saturated Zone (SZ) model, and for the Total System Performance Assessment (TSPA) model. One approach considered is the one that has been employed to date, namely, the application of Monte Carlo methods. Also considered in this context are potential improvements that might be obtained by the additional use of a Monte Carlo ''quitting rule'', such as that defined by Woo (1991), to select the number of Monte Carlo sample runs to perform. By the Monte Carlo approach, each output-value sample (realization) is calculated as a function of a sample-value vector of stochastic realizations, each of which in turn corresponds to a value of a corresponding distributed input variable. Abstractions from the SZ model and the Biosphere model are both used as input to the TSPA model. Sets of stochastic realizations required for SZ and TSPA abstractions ''expensive'' to generate, so the practical issue addressed by a ''quitting rule'' is how to determine what number of realizations is ''enough'' for the purpose of characterizing sampling error in the Monte Carlo estimate obtained for a specified model output of concern. In the TSPA context, the model output of concern is generally considered the time evolution of the arithmetic mean value, an estimator of the expected value, of TSPA-generated annual dose D(t) to the defined receptor within 10,000 y after waste-repository closure. Recommendations below specifically address: (1) whether or not a Monte Carlo approach (such as one employing the Woo quitting rule) is an appropriate basis for undertaking SZ- or TSPA-related uncertainty analysis, and (2) what other method might be more appropriate. While the following discussion and recommendations

  20. Some subtleties concerning fluid flow and turbulence modeling in 4.-valve engines

    Jovanovic Zoran S.


    Full Text Available In this paper some results concerning the structure and evolution of fluid flow pattern during induction and compression in 4.- valve engines with tilted valves were presented. Results were obtained by dint of multidimensional modeling of non-reactive flows in arbitrary geometry with moving boundaries. During induction fluid flow pattern was characterized with organized tumble motion followed by small but clearly legible deterioration in the vicinity of BDC. During compression the fluid flow pattern is entirely three-dimensional and fully controlled by vortex motion located in the central part of the chamber. In order to annihilate negative effects of tumble deterioration and to enhance swirling motion one of the intake valves was deactivated. Some positive and negative effects of such attempt were elucidated. The effect of turbulence model alteration in the case of excessive macro flows was tackled as well. Namely, some results obtained with eddy-viscosity model i.e. standard k-ε model were compared with results obtained with k-ξ-f model of turbulence in domain of 4.-valve engine in-cylinder flow. Some interesting results emerged rendering impetus for further quest in the near future.

  1. Waterfowl populations of conservation concern: learning from diverse challenges, models, and conservation strategies

    Austin, Jane E.; Slattery, Stuart; Clark, Robert G.


    There are 30 threatened or endangered species of waterfowl worldwide, and several sub-populations are also threatened. Some of these species occur in North America, and others there are also of conservation concern due to declining population trends and their importance to hunters. Here we review conservation initiatives being undertaken for several of these latter species, along with conservation measures in place in Europe, to seek common themes and approaches that could be useful in developing broad conservation guidelines. While focal species may vary in their life histories, population threats and geopolitical context, most conservation efforts have used a systematic approach to understand factors limiting populations and o identify possible management or policy actions. This approach generally includes a priori identification of plausible hypotheses about population declines or status, incorporation of hypotheses into conceptual or quantitative planning models, and the use of some form of structured decision making and adaptive management to develop and implement conservation actions in the face of many uncertainties. A climate of collaboration among jurisdictions sharing these birds is important to the success of a conservation or management programme. The structured conservation approach exemplified herein provides an opportunity to involve stakeholders at all planning stages, allows for all views to be examined and incorporated into model structures, and yields a format for improved communication, cooperation and learning, which may ultimately be one of the greatest benefits of this strategy.

  2. A theory and dynamic model of dyadic interaction : Concerns, appraisals, and contagiousness in a developmental context

    Steenbeek, Henderien W.; van Geert, Paul L. C.


    A theory of the dynamics of dyadic interaction is presented, based on the concepts of "concern" (i.e., intentions, goals, and interests), "appraisal" and "contagiousness". Differences between children who participate in a specific interaction are linked to differences in social competence and social

  3. Online Grocery Shopping: Consumer Motives, Concerns, and Business Models (originally published in August 2002)

    Kempiak, Mike; Fox, Mark A

    2006-01-01 entrepreneurs failed spectacularly in their attempts to create e-grocery companies. This paper examines consumer motives and concerns with regard to online grocery shopping. The reasons for the success experienced by traditional bricks-and-mortar companies that have expanded into this market are also examined.

  4. The depression distress amplification model in adolescents: A longitudinal examination of anxiety sensitivity cognitive concerns, depression and suicidal ideation.

    Capron, Daniel W; Allan, Nicholas P; Ialongo, Nicholas S; Leen-Feldner, Ellen; Schmidt, Norman B


    Adolescents with comorbid anxiety and depression are at significantly increased risk of suicide. The recently proposed depression distress amplification model appears to have promise for explaining the relations between anxiety, depression, and suicidality, but it has not been tested in adolescents. Participants were 524 adolescents followed over two years. Baseline data for the current report were collected by trained interviewers while the adolescents were in eighth grade. Data were obtained in the same manner when the adolescents were in tenth grade. Baseline anxiety sensitivity cognitive concerns significantly predicted suicidal ideation two years later, above and beyond baseline suicidal ideation and depression. Further, consistent with the depression distress amplification model, anxiety sensitivity cognitive concerns interacted with depressive symptoms to predict suicidal ideation. This report extends the empirical and theoretical support for a relationship between anxiety sensitivity cognitive concerns and suicidality. PMID:25754194

  5. Structural insights into the substrate-binding mechanism for a novel chitosanase.

    Lyu, Qianqian; Wang, Song; Xu, Wenhua; Han, Baoqin; Liu, Wanshun; Jones, David N M; Liu, Weizhi


    Chitosanase is able to specifically cleave β-1,4-glycosidic bond linkages in chitosan to produce a chito-oligomer product, which has found a variety of applications in many areas, including functional food and cancer therapy. Although several structures for chitosanase have been determined, the substrate-binding mechanism for this enzyme has not been fully elucidated because of the lack of a high-resolution structure of the chitosanase-substrate complex. In the present study we show the crystal structure of a novel chitosanase OU01 from Microbacterium sp. in complex with its substrate hexa-glucosamine (GlcN)6, which belongs to the GH46 (glycoside hydrolyase 46) family in the Carbohydrate Active Enzymes database ( This structure allows precise determination of the substrate-binding mechanism for the first time. The chitosanase-(GlcN)6 complex structure demonstrates that, from the -2 to +1 position of the (GlcN)6 substrate, the pyranose rings form extensive interactions with the chitosanase-binding cleft. Several residues (Ser27, Tyr37, Arg45, Thr58, Asp60, His203 and Asp235) in the binding cleft are found to form important interactions required to bind the substrate. Site-directed mutagenesis of these residues showed that mutations of Y37F and H203A abolish catalytic activity. In contrast, the mutations T58A and D235A only lead to a moderate loss of catalytic activity, whereas the S27A mutation retains ~80% of the enzymatic activity. In combination with previous mutagenesis studies, these results suggest that the -2, -1 and +1 subsites play a dominant role in substrate binding and catalysis. DSF (differential scanning fluorimetry) assays confirmed that these mutations had no significant effect on protein stability. Taken together, we present the first mechanistic interpretation for the substrate (GlcN)6 binding to chitosanase, which is critical for the design of novel chitosanase used for biomass conversion. PMID:24766439

  6. A Longitudinal Study of Preservice Music Teacher Development: Application and Advancement of the Fuller and Bown Teacher-Concerns Model

    Miksza, Peter; Berg, Margaret H.


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the development of preservice music teachers' concerns using Fuller and Bown's model. Participants were 8 instrumental teachers who participated in the previous Berg and Miksza (2010) study. Data sources included goals essays, journals, a midterm growth plan, and teaching observation reports with…

  7. Thinness and Obesity: A Model of Food Consumption, Health Concerns, and Social Pressure

    Dragone, Davide; Savorelli, Luca


    The increasing concern of the policy maker about eating behavior has focused on the spread of obesity and on the evidence of a consistent number of individuals dieting despite being underweight. As the latter behavior is often attributed to the social pressure to be thin, some governments have already taken actions to ban ultra-thin ideals and testimonials. Assuming that people are heterogeneous in their healthy weights, but are exposed to the same ideal body weight, this paper proposes a the...

  8. STARD6 on steroids: solution structure, multiple timescale backbone dynamics and ligand binding mechanism

    Létourneau, Danny; Bédard, Mikaël; Cabana, Jérôme; Lefebvre, Andrée; LeHoux, Jean-Guy; Lavigne, Pierre


    START domain proteins are conserved α/β helix-grip fold that play a role in the non-vesicular and intracellular transport of lipids and sterols. The mechanism and conformational changes permitting the entry of the ligand into their buried binding sites is not well understood. Moreover, their functions and the identification of cognate ligands is still an active area of research. Here, we report the solution structure of STARD6 and the characterization of its backbone dynamics on multiple time-scales through 15N spin-relaxation and amide exchange studies. We reveal for the first time the presence of concerted fluctuations in the Ω1 loop and the C-terminal helix on the microsecond-millisecond time-scale that allows for the opening of the binding site and ligand entry. We also report that STARD6 binds specifically testosterone. Our work represents a milestone for the study of ligand binding mechanism by other START domains and the elucidation of the biological function of STARD6. PMID:27340016

  9. Hormone- and DNA-binding mechanisms of the recombinant human estrogen receptor.

    Obourn, J D; Koszewski, N J; Notides, A C


    We have investigated the hormone- and DNA-binding mechanisms of the wild-type human estrogen receptor (hER) overproduced in insect cells using a baculovirus expression system. The recombinant hER was indistinguishable in size (67 kDa) and immunogenically from the native human estrogen receptor in MCF-7 breast carcinoma cells. The recombinant hER was purified to 70-80% homogeneity with a two-step procedure that included ammonium sulfate precipitation and oligonucleotide affinity chromatography using a unique Teflon affinity matrix. The recombinant hER bound estradiol with a positively cooperative mechanism. At hER concentrations in excess of 13 nM the Hill coefficient reached a maximal value of 1.6, whereas, at lower hER concentrations, the Hill coefficient approached 1.0, suggesting that the hER was dissociated to the monomeric species and site-site interactions were diminished. The hER specifically bound an estrogen responsive element (ERE) from chicken vitellogenin II gene as measured by the gel mobility assay, ethylation, and thymine interference footprinting. Specific interference patterns suggest a two-fold symmetry of the hER binding to the ERE with each monomer of the hER bound in the major groove of the DNA. These data indicate that the recombinant hER is valuable to define the biochemical and structural properties of the native estrogen receptor. PMID:8512933

  10. Secure State UML: Modeling and Testing Security Concerns of Software Systems Using UML State Machines

    S. Batool


    Full Text Available In this research we present a technique by using which, extended UML models can be converted to standard UML models so that existing MBT techniques can be applied directly on these models. Existing Model Based Testing (MBT Techniques cannot be directly applied to extended UML models due to the difference of modeling notation and new model elements. Verification of these models is also very important. Realizing and testing non functional requirements such as efficiency, portability and security, at model level strengthens the ability of model to turn down risk, cost and probability of system failure in cost effective way. Access control is most widely used technique for implementing security in software systems. Existing approaches for security modeling focus on representation of access control policies such as authentication, role based access control by introducing security oriented model elements through extension in Unified Modelling Language (UML. But doing so hinders the potential and application of MBT techniques to verify these models and test access control policies. In this research we introduce a technique secure State UML to formally design security models with secure UML and then transform it to UML state machine diagrams so that it can be tested, verified by existing MBT techniques. By applying proposed technique on case studies, we found the results that MBT techniques can be applied on resulting state machine diagrams and generated test paths have potential to identify the risks associated with security constraints violation.

  11. Nonlinear incidence rate of a Pest management SI model with biological and chemical control concern

    JIAO Jian-jun; CHEN Lan-sun


    A pest management SI model with impulsive releases of infective pests and spraying pesticides is proposed and investigated. We prove that all solutions of the model are uniformly ultimately bounded. We also obtain the sufficient conditions of globally asymptotic stability periodic solution of pest-extinction and permanence of the model.The approach of combining impulsive releasing infective pests with impulsive spraying pesticides provides reliable tactical basis for the practical pest management.

  12. Outline for an integrated modelling approach concerning risks and economic consequences of contagious animal diseases.

    Horst, H.S.; Dijkhuizen, A.A.; Huirne, R.B.M.


    Management decisions on control of major infectious animal diseases may have a large impact, but are usually based on scarce and unreliable information. An integrated model which combines the various aspects of outbreaks and risks with economic consequences has yet to be developed. A flexible model

  13. Going Concern eller Concerned Going

    Haraszuk, Anni; Hartmann, Stig


    Højsæsonen for revision af årsrapporter 2011 er på trapperne; men hvordan håndterer revisorer egentlig going concern i praksis - i en tid præget af stejle op- og nedture?......Højsæsonen for revision af årsrapporter 2011 er på trapperne; men hvordan håndterer revisorer egentlig going concern i praksis - i en tid præget af stejle op- og nedture?...

  14. A model proposal concerning balance scorecard application integrated with resource consumption accounting in enterprise performance management



    Full Text Available The present study intended to investigate the “Balance Scorecard (BSC model integrated with Resource Consumption Accounting (RCA” which helps to evaluate the enterprise as matrix structure in its all parts. It aims to measure how much tangible and intangible values (assets of enterprises contribute to the enterprises. In other words, it measures how effectively, actively, and efficiently these values (assets are used. In short, it aims to measure sustainable competency of enterprises. As expressing the effect of tangible and intangible values (assets of the enterprise on the performance in mathematical and statistical methods is insufficient, it is targeted that RCA Method integrated with BSC model is based on matrix structure and control models. The effects of all complex factors in the enterprise on the performance (productivity and efficiency estimated algorithmically with cause and effect diagram. The contributions of matrix structures for reaching the management functional targets of the enterprises that operate in market competitive environment increasing day to day, is discussed. So in the context of modern management theories, as a contribution to BSC approach which is in the foreground in today’s administrative science of enterprises in matrix organizational structures, multidimensional performance evaluation model -RCA integrated with BSC Model proposal- is presented as strategic planning and strategic evaluation instrument.

  15. Advanced Modeling and Experimental Validation of Complex Nuclear Material Forms of Potential Transportation Concern

    We present here computer modeling efforts to describe the time-dependent pressurization and gas-phase mole fractions inside sealed canisters containing actinide materials packaged with small (0.12 - 0.5 wt. %) amounts of water. The model is run using Chemkin software, and the chemical reaction mechanism includes gas generation due to radiolysis of adsorbed water, interfacial chemical reactions, and adsorption/desorption kinetics of water on PuO2 materials. The ultimate goal is to provide a verifiable computer model that can be used to predict problematic gas generation in storage forms and assure design criteria for short-term storage and transportation of less than well-characterized (with respect to gas generation) material classes. Our initial efforts are intended to assess pressurization and gas-phase mole fractions using well-defined 3013 container test cases. We have modeled gas generation on PuO2 with water loading up to 0.5 wt. %, at 300 and 525 K, for time frames of 3 years. Estimates of the initial H2 generation rates were determined using RadCalc and employed in the Chemkin model to assess time- and coverage-dependent system behavior. Results indicate that canister pressurization due to radiolysis is a relatively slow process, with pressure increases at 300 K of approximately 1.5 atm. for 5000 g of PuO2 packaged with 0.5 wt. % water. At higher temperatures (> 400 K), desorption of water into the gas phase largely dictates pressurization and the gas-phase mole fractions. These modeling efforts provide a predictive capability for potential gas generation behavior that when augmented and validated by surveillance information will provide a technical basis for safe storage and transportation

  16. Modeling Alzheimer's Disease with Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: Current Challenges and Future Concerns

    Zhang, Weiwei; Jiao, Bin; Zhou, Miaojin; Zhou, Tao; Shen, Lu


    Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most prevalent type of dementia and its pathology is characterized by deposition of extracellular β-amyloid plaques, intracellular neurofibrillary tangles, and extensive neuron loss. While only a few familial AD cases are due to mutations in three causative genes (APP, PSEN1, and PSEN2), the ultimate cause behind the rest of the cases, called sporadic AD, remains unknown. Current animal and cellular models of human AD, which are based on the Aβ and tau hypotheses only, partially resemble the familial AD. As a result, there is a pressing need for the development of new models providing insights into the pathological mechanisms of AD and for the discovery of ways to treat or delay the onset of the disease. Recent preclinical research suggests that stem cells can be used to model AD. Indeed, human induced pluripotent stem cells can be differentiated into disease-relevant cell types that recapitulate the unique genome of a sporadic AD patient or family member. In this review, we will first summarize the current research findings on the genetic and pathological mechanisms of AD. We will then highlight the existing induced pluripotent stem cell models of AD and, lastly, discuss the potential clinical applications in this field. PMID:27313629

  17. Parametric sensitivity of a CFD model concerning the hydrodynamics of trickle-bed reactor (TBR

    Janecki Daniel


    Full Text Available The aim of the present study was to investigate the sensitivity of a multiphase Eulerian CFD model with respect to relations defining drag forces between phases. The mean relative error as well as standard deviation of experimental and computed values of pressure gradient and average liquid holdup were used as validation criteria of the model. Comparative basis for simulations was our own data-base obtained in experiments carried out in a TBR operating at a co-current downward gas and liquid flow. Estimated errors showed that the classical equations of Attou et al. (1999 defining the friction factors Fjk approximate experimental values of hydrodynamic parameters with the best agreement. Taking this into account one can recommend to apply chosen equations in the momentum balances of TBR.

  18. Considerations Concerning Matrix Diagram Transformations Associated with Mathematical Model Study of a Three-phase Transformer

    Mihaela Poienar


    Full Text Available The clock hour figure mathematical model of a threephase transformer can be expressed, in the most plain form, through a 3X3 square matrix, called code matrix. The lines position reflect the modification in the high voltage windings terminal and the columns position reflect the modification in the low voltage winding terminal. The main changes on the transformer winding terminal are: the circular permutation of connection between windings; terminal supply reversal; reverse direction for the phase winding wrapping; reversal the beginning with the end for a phase winding; the connection conversion from N in Z between phase winding or inverse. The analytical form of these changes actually affect the configuration of the mathematical model expressed through a transformations diagram proposed and analyzed in two ways: bipolar version and unipolar version (fanwise. In the end of the paper are presented about the practical exploitation of the transformations diagram.

  19. The Influence of Green Restaurant Decision Formation Using the VAB Model: The Effect of Environmental Concerns upon Intent to Visit

    Yi-Man Teng


    Full Text Available The study investigates consumers’ intent to patron green restaurants by application of the Value-Attitude-Behavior model. The present study examines the interrelationships among consumers’ values, attitudes, and environmental concerns, and explores how they relate to their intentions to visit green restaurants in Taiwan. Data were gathered by face-to-face surveys, conducted by trained interviewers in a variety of locations, including at train stations, supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, and adult education classes to obtain data from a representative demographic profile. The findings of this study suggest that the personal values and general attitudes positively affect consumers’ intentions to visit a green restaurant. Additionally, the results found personal values and environmental concern have significant influence on the attitude toward green restaurants. Managerial implications and future directions of these findings were also discussed.

  20. A model proposal concerning balance scorecard application integrated with resource consumption accounting in enterprise performance management



    The present study intended to investigate the “Balance Scorecard (BSC) model integrated with Resource Consumption Accounting (RCA)” which helps to evaluate the enterprise as matrix structure in its all parts. It aims to measure how much tangible and intangible values (assets) of enterprises contribute to the enterprises. In other words, it measures how effectively, actively, and efficiently these values (assets) are used. In short, it aims to measure sustainable competency of enterprises. ...

  1. Perfectionism, weight and shape concerns, and low self-esteem: Testing a model to predict bulimic symptoms.

    La Mela, Carmelo; Maglietta, Marzio; Caini, Saverio; Casu, Giuliano P; Lucarelli, Stefano; Mori, Sara; Ruggiero, Giovanni Maria


    Previous studies have tested multivariate models of bulimia pathology development, documenting that a confluence of perfectionism, body dissatisfaction, and low self-esteem is predictive of disordered eating. However, attempts to replicate these results have yielded controversial findings. The objective of the present study was to test an interactive model of perfectionism, weight and shape concerns, and self-esteem in a sample of patients affected by Eating Disorder (ED). One-hundred-sixty-seven ED patients received the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I (SCID-I), and they completed the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q), the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES), and the Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (MPS-F). Several mediation analysis models were fit to test whether causal effects of concern over weight and shape on the frequency of bulimic episodes were mediated by perfectionism and moderated by low levels of self-esteem. Contrary to our hypotheses, we found no evidence that the causal relationship investigated was mediated by any of the dimensions of perfectionism. As a secondary finding, the dimensions of perfectionism, perceived criticism and parental expectations, were significantly correlated with the presence of bulimic symptoms. The validity of the interactive model remains controversial, and may be limited by an inadequate conceptualization of the perfectionism construct. PMID:26406884

  2. New results concerning the stability of equilibria of a delay differential equation modeling leukemia

    Ion, Anca Veronica


    The paper is devoted to the study of stability of equilibrium solutions of a delay differential equation that models leukemia. The equation was previously studied in [5] and [6], where the emphasis is put on the numerical study of periodic solutions. Some stability results for the equilibria are also presented in these works, but they are incomplete and contain some errors. Our work aims to complete and to bring corrections to those results. Both Lyapunov first order approximation method and second Lyapunov method are used.

  3. Bridgman's concern

    In 1956 P.W. Bridgman published a letter to the editor in the Journal of Applied Physics reporting results of electrical resistance measurements on iron under static high pressure. The work was undertaken to verify the existence of a polymorphic phase transition at 130 kbar (13 GPa) reported in the same journal and year by the Los Alamos authors, Bancroft, Peterson and Minshall for high pressure, shock-compression loading. In his letter, Bridgman reported that he failed to find any evidence for the transition. Further, he raised some fundamental concerns as to the state of knowledge of shock-compression processes in solids. Later it was determined that Bridgman's static pressure scale was in error, and the shock observations became the basis for calibration of pressure values in static high pressure apparatuses. In spite of the error in pressure scales, Bridgman's concerns on descriptions of shock-compression processes were perceptive and have provided the basis for subsequent fundamental studies of shock-compressed solids. The present paper, written in response to receipt of the 1993 American Physical Society Shock-Compression Science Award, provides a brief contemporary assessment of those shock-compression issues which were the basis of Bridgman's 1956 concerns

  4. Flawed Assumptions, Models and Decision Making: Misconceptions Concerning Human Elements in Complex System



    The history of high consequence accidents is rich with events wherein the actions, or inaction, of humans was critical to the sequence of events preceding the accident. Moreover, it has been reported that human error may contribute to 80% of accidents, if not more (dougherty and Fragola, 1988). Within the safety community, this reality is widely recognized and there is a substantially greater awareness of the human contribution to system safety today than has ever existed in the past. Despite these facts, and some measurable reduction in accident rates, when accidents do occur, there is a common lament. No matter how hard we try, we continue to have accidents. Accompanying this lament, there is often bewilderment expressed in statements such as, ''There's no explanation for why he/she did what they did''. It is believed that these statements are a symptom of inadequacies in how they think about humans and their role within technological systems. In particular, while there has never been a greater awareness of human factors, conceptual models of human involvement in engineered systems are often incomplete and in some cases, inaccurate.

  5. Issues for Achieving an Experimental Model Concerning Bubble Deck Concrete Slab with Spherical Gaps

    Sergiu Călin


    Full Text Available After realizing numerous constructions in the world, which use Bubble Deck concrete slabs with spherical gaps, valuable information were gathered, allowing a rigorous processing and systematization, with the purpose of realizing an experimental and documentary study. The paper presents some experimental programs which refer to concrete slabs with spherical gaps, existing in similar execution and loading conditions as those from a real construction; this implies the realization of a monolithic slab element at a scale of 1:1, which will be subjected to static gravitational loadings in order to determine the deformation (deflection, cracking and failing characteristics. The resultant conclusions will be used in defining the failing mechanisms, very useful in the formulation of an adequate mathematical model. The research proposed in the project offers an answer to the major objectives of the development of calculus methods and existent prescriptions of the concrete slabs with spherical gaps. The realization of the proposed objectives involves documentation activities, theoretical study, collaboration with different other partners, gathering and processing of the results obtained in laboratory and even in situ.

  6. Model calculations concerning rotation at high solar latitudes and the depth of the solar convection zone

    The author has previously carried out extensive nonlinear numerical simulations of convection in a rotating spherical shell, motivated by the problem of understanding the Sun's differential rotation. The polar vortex found in earlier calculations, but not observed on the Sun, disappears when shell depths as large as 40% of the radius are assumed. The equatorial acceleration is also enhanced, producing a closer fit to solar observations than previous calculations for depths of 20%. The reasons for the disappearance of the polar vortex are that in deeper layers the Reynolds stresses, which transport angular momentum toward the equator to form the equatorial acceleration, reach to higher latitudes, and the moment of inertia of the polar cap region is a smaller fraction of the total for the shell. Although the model used is for a stratified liquid (the Boussinesq approximation), we argue that deep layers are less likely to have a polar vortex than shallow ones in the compressible case too. This result favors a solar convection zone substantially deeper than previously inferred from stellar structure calculations applied to the Sun, but is consistent with recent inferences of a deep convection zone made from measurements of solar oscillations

  7. The Buffalo Model: Shifting the Focus of Clinical Licensure Exams in Dentistry to Address Ethical Concerns Regarding Patient Care.

    Gambacorta, Joseph E; Glick, Michael; Anker, Ashley E; Shampaine, Guy S


    Most jurisdictions grant dental licensure to graduating students following successful completion of a clinical exam. Testing agencies, which are independent of dental schools, nevertheless conduct their exams at school facilities. Patient participation in these exams raises ethical concerns regarding such issues as unlicensed providers' performing irreversible procedures with minimal supervision and graduates' limited accessibility to provide follow-up treatment. To address these concerns, a collaborative effort between University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine faculty and testing agency personnel was launched. The aims of this article are to describe the development and implementation of the resulting Buffalo Model, to highlight ethical advantages in its application, and to identify areas of improvement to be addressed in future iterations. With the Buffalo Model, modifications were made to the traditional exam format in order to integrate the exam into the school curriculum, enabling candidates to take it at various points during their fourth year. In addition, after calibration of school faculty members, 98.5% of cases verified by faculty were accepted by the Commission on Dental Competency Assessments for use in the exam. In two cases, restorative treatment completed during the exam did not meet the school's competency standard. This new approach ameliorates ethical concerns associated with clinical licensure exams because treatment is provided only to patients of record within a sequenced treatment plan and timely and appropriate treatment is provided to all patients. The results of this first year of implementation also suggest that calibrated faculty members will not show bias in the selection of lesions or competency evaluations of candidates. PMID:27251344


    M. Taufiq


    Full Text Available Secara umum, kesalahpahaman yang dialami oleh mahasiswa dapat menyebabkan kesulitan dalam penelitian, sementara anakanakmemiliki kesadaran mereka sendiri. Tingkat kesalahpahaman yang dialami oleh siswa juga tidak sama, dalam kasus inisesuatu mengalami kesalahpahaman pengalaman tingkat tinggi, menengah, dan rendah. Untuk alasan itu, siswa memerlukanmodel pembelajaran yang tepat untuk masing-masing tingkat kesalahpahaman yang dialami untuk membuat studi menjadibermakna. Dalam makalah ini, peneliti mengeksplorasi informasi tentang; (1 tingkat kesalahpahaman ilmu siswa tentangperubahan wujud dari air, dan (2 model pembelajaran yang paling efektif untuk mengatasi kesalahpahaman siswa mengenaiperubahan wujud air. Model pembelajaran tiga dalam penelitian ini adalah: siklus belajar, penyelidikan dipandu, dan model konseppemetaan. Metode yang diterapkan dalam penelitian ini adalah wawancara klinis dan pretest-posttest. Informasi yangdikumpulkan dianalisis secara kuantitatif dengan percobaan uji ANOVA dan keuntungan rata-rata normal dihitung untuk setiapkelompok percobaan. In general, misconceptions experienced by student could cause difficulties in study, meanwhile children have their own sense.Level of misconceptions experienced by student also unequal, in this case something experiences high level misconceptions,medium, and low. For that reason, student requires correct learning model for each level of misconception experienced to make thestudy become meaningful. In this paper, the researcher explored information about; (1 the level of science misconceptions of thestudent concerning the state changes of water, and (2 the most effective learning model to remedy student's misconceptionsconcerning the state changes of water. The three learning models in this research are: learning cycle, guided inquiry, and conceptmapping model. The method applied in this research is the clinical interview and pretest-posttest. The information collected wasanalyzed in

  9. Modeling transport and deposition of contaminants to ecosystems of concern: a case study for the Laurentian Great Lakes

    Transfer efficiency (TE) is introduced as a model output that can be used to characterize the relative ability of chemicals to be transported in the environment and deposited to specific target ecosystems. We illustrate this concept by applying the Berkeley-Trent North American contaminant fate model (BETR North America) to identify organic chemicals with properties that result in efficient atmospheric transport and deposition to the Laurentian Great Lakes. By systematically applying the model to hypothetical organic chemicals that span a wide range of environmental partitioning properties, we identify combinations of properties that favor efficient transport and deposition to the Lakes. Five classes of chemicals are identified based on dominant transport and deposition pathways, and specific examples of chemicals in each class are identified and discussed. The role of vegetation in scavenging chemicals from the atmosphere is assessed, and found to have a negligible influence on transfer efficiency to the Great Lakes. Results indicate chemicals with octanol-water (Kow) and air-water (Kaw) partition coefficients in the range of 105-107 and 10-4-10-1 combine efficient transport and deposition to the Great Lakes with potential for biaccumulation in the aquatic food web once they are deposited. A method of estimating the time scale for atmospheric transport and deposition process is suggested, and the effects of degrading reactions in the atmosphere and meteorological conditions on transport efficiency of different classes of chemicals are discussed. In total, this approach provides a method of identifying chemicals that are subject to long-range transport and deposition to specific target ecosystems as a result of their partitioning and persistence characteristics. Supported by an appropriate contaminant fate model, the approach can be applied to any target ecosystem of concern. - Transfer Efficiency is defined as a model-based measure of sources of POPs to the North

  10. Modelling compressible multiphase flows Quelques résultats concernant la modélisation des écoulements multiphasiques

    Coquel Frédéric


    Full Text Available We give in this paper a short review of some recent achievements within the framework of multiphase flow modeling. We focus first on a class of compressible two-phase flow models, detailing closure laws and their main properties. Next we briefly summarize some attempts to model two-phase flows in a porous region, and also a class of compressible three-phase flow models. Some of the main difficulties arising in the numerical simulation of solutions of these complex and highly non-linear systems of PDEs are then discussed, and we eventually show some numerical results when tackling two-phase flows with mass transfer. Nous présentons dans cet article quelques résultats récents concernant la modélisation et la simulation numérique des écoulements multiphasiques. Nous nous concentrons tout d’abord sur une classe de modèles diphasiques compressibles, en détaillant les lois de fermeture et les principales propriétés du sytème. Nous résumons ensuite brièvement les propositions de modélisation d’écoulements diphasiques en milieu poreux et d’écoulements triphasiques. Quelques difficultés apparaissant dans la simulation numérique de ces modèles sont présentées, et des résultats récents comportant un transfert de masse entre phases sont finalement décrits.

  11. Results of a modeling workshop concerning economic and environmental trends and concomitant resource management issues in the Mobile Bay area

    Hamilton, David B.; Andrews, Austin K.; Auble, Gregor T.; Ellison, Richard A.; Johnson, Richard A.; Roelle, James E.; Staley, Michael J.


    During the past decade, the southern regions of the U.S. have experienced rapid change which is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. Growth in population, industry, and resource development has been attributed to a variety of advantages such as an abundant and inexpensive labor force, a mild climate, and the availability of energy, water, land, and other natural resources. While this growth has many benefits for the region, it also creates the potential for increased air, water, and solid waste pollution, and modification of natural habitats. A workshop was convened to consider the Mobile Bay area as a site-specific case of growth and its environmental consequences in the southern region. The objectives of the modeling workshop were to: (1) identify major factors of economic development as they relate to growth in the area over the immediate and longer term; (2) identify major environmental and resource management issues associated with this expected growth; and (3) identify and characterize the complex interrelationships among economic and environmental factors. This report summarizes the activities and results of a modeling workshop concerning economic growth and concomitant resource management issues in the Mobile Bay area. The workshop was organized around construction of a simulation model representing the relationships between a series of actions and indicators identified by participants. The workshop model had five major components. An Industry Submodel generated scenarios of growth in several industrial and transportation sectors. A Human Population/Economy Submodel calculated human population and economic variables in response to employment opportunities. A Land Use/Air Quality Submodel tabulated changes in land use, shoreline use, and air quality. A Water Submodel calculated indicators of water quality and quantity for fresh surface water, ground water, and Mobile Bay based on discharge information provided by the Industry and Human

  12. A Directed Binding Mechanism of Processive Motion for the Kinesin Motor Protein Families

    A novel physical mechanism is discussed for the processive propagation of two-headed motor proteins such as kinesin along protein filaments. Our model uses the fact that the binding of each head must be directionality oriented to the protein filament. The binding sites are realized by a 2D periodic potential due to the filament's surface. The deviation of the geometry of the kinesin from the relaxed state to the state where both motor domains are simultaneously bound to the filament results in an internal stress of the molecule. Un-binding of one of the motor domains from the filament, which is due to the release of chemical energy from ATP hydrolysis, results in a mechanical movement until the relaxed state is reached again. We develop a simple mathematical and mechanical model in which directed binding of the heads to the filament results in a directed twist away from its relaxed state of the molecule, occurring probably in the neck linker region. Un-binding of the head from the filament relaxes the twist and defines the propagation direction. We show that there must be at least one torsional spring for every head to store elastic energy. It is the internal structure both of the relaxed and tensed-up state that defines the walking direction of kinesin. Calculations based on the model are in good quantitative agreement with experimental observations. (author)

  13. A Directed Binding Mechanism of Processive Motion for the Kinesin Motor Protein Families

    Bolterauer, H.; Tuszynski, J. A.; Unger, E.


    A novel physical mechanism is discussed for the processive propagation of two-headed motor proteins such as kinesin along protein filaments. Our model uses the fact that the binding of each head must be directionality oriented to the protein filament. The binding sites are realized by a 2D periodic potential due to the filament's surface. The deviation of the geometry of the kinesin from the relaxed state to the state where both motor domains are simultaneously bound to the filament results in an internal stress of the molecule. Un-binding of one of the motor domains from the filament, which is due to the release of chemical energy from ATP hydrolysis, results in a mechanical movement until the relaxed state is reached again. We develop a simple mathematical and mechanical model in which directed binding of the heads to the filament results in a directed twist away from its relaxed state of the molecule, occurring probably in the neck linker region. Un-binding of the head from the filament relaxes the twist and defines the propagation direction. We show that there must be at least one torsional spring for every head to store elastic energy. It is the internal structure both of the relaxed and tensed-up state that defines the walking direction of kinesin. Calculations based on the model are in good quantitative agreement with experimental observations.

  14. The Architecture of the Statistical Modeling Concerning the Consumer Prices Indexes for Food Goods, Non-Food Goods and Services, in Romania

    Gabriela OPAIT


    This paper reflects the econometric modeling between 2000-2013, in Romania, concerning the Consumer Prices Index for food goods, the Consumer Prices Index for non-food goods and the Consumer Prices Index for services, through by means of the „Least Squares Method”. The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) reflects the change of price concerning the basket of goods that it is supposed to be purchased by a urban consumers in terms of the expenses incurred by a typical household.

  15. Biosorption behaviors of uranium (VI) from aqueous solution by sunflower straw and insights of binding mechanism

    Uranium (VI)-containing water has been recognized as a potential longer-term radiological health hazard. In this work, the sorptive potential of sunflower straw for U (VI) from aqueous solution was investigated in detail, including the effect of initial solution pH, adsorbent dosage, temperature, contact time and initial U (VI) concentration. A dose of 2.0 g L-1 of sunflower straw in an initial U (VI) concentration of 20 mg L-1 with an initial pH of 5.0 and a contact time of 10 h resulted in the maximum U (VI) uptake (about 6.96 mg g-1) at 298 K. The isotherm adsorption data was modeled best by the nonlinear Langmuir-Freundlich equation. The equilibrium sorption capacity of sunflower straw was observed to be approximately seven times higher than that of coconut-shell activated carbon as 251.52 and 32.37 mg g-1 under optimal conditions, respectively. The positive enthalpy and negative free energy suggested the endothermic and spontaneous nature of sorption, respectively. The kinetic data conformed successfully to the pseudo-second-order equation. Furthermore, energy dispersive X-ray, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy demonstrated that U (VI) adsorption onto sunflower straw was predominantly controlled by ion exchange as well as complexation mechanism. The study revealed that sunflower straw could be exploited for uranium remediation of aqueous streams as a promising adsorbent. (author)

  16. Structural analysis reveals the substrate-binding mechanism for the expanded substrate specificity of mutant meso-diaminopimelate dehydrogenase.

    Liu, Weidong; Guo, Rey-Ting; Chen, Xi; Li, Zhe; Gao, Xiuzhen; Huang, Chun-Hsiang; Wu, Qiaqing; Feng, Jinhui; Zhu, Dunming


    A meso-diaminopimelate dehydrogenase (DAPDH) from Clostridium tetani E88 (CtDAPDH) was found to have low activity toward the D-amino acids other than its native substrate. Site-directed mutagenesis similar to that carried out on the residues mutated by Vedha-Peters et al. resulted in a mutant enzyme with highly improved catalytic ability for the synthesis of D-amino acids. The crystal structures of the CtDAPDH mutant in apo form and in complex with meso-diaminopimelate (meso-DAP), D-leucine (D-leu), and 4-methyl-2-oxopentanoic acid (MOPA) were solved. meso-DAP was found in an area outside the catalytic cavity; this suggested a possible two-step substrate-binding mechanism for meso-DAP. D-leu and MOPA each bound both to Leu154 and to Gly155 in the open form of CtDAPDH, and structural analysis revealed the molecular basis for the expanded substrate specificity of the mutant meso-diaminopimelate dehydrogenases. PMID:25754803

  17. Elucidation of the binding mechanism of renin using a wide array of computational techniques and biological assays.

    Tzoupis, Haralambos; Leonis, Georgios; Avramopoulos, Aggelos; Reis, Heribert; Czyżnikowska, Żaneta; Zerva, Sofia; Vergadou, Niki; Peristeras, Loukas D; Papavasileiou, Konstantinos D; Alexis, Michael N; Mavromoustakos, Thomas; Papadopoulos, Manthos G


    We investigate the binding mechanism in renin complexes, involving three drugs (remikiren, zankiren and enalkiren) and one lead compound, which was selected after screening the ZINC database. For this purpose, we used ab initio methods (the effective fragment potential, the variational perturbation theory, the energy decomposition analysis, the atoms-in-molecules), docking, molecular dynamics, and the MM-PBSA method. A biological assay for the lead compound has been performed to validate the theoretical findings. Importantly, binding free energy calculations for the three drug complexes are within 3 kcal/mol of the experimental values, thus further justifying our computational protocol, which has been validated through previous studies on 11 drug-protein systems. The main elements of the discovered mechanism are: (i) minor changes are induced to renin upon drug binding, (ii) the three drugs form an extensive network of hydrogen bonds with renin, whilst the lead compound presented diminished interactions, (iii) ligand binding in all complexes is driven by favorable van der Waals interactions and the nonpolar contribution to solvation, while the lead compound is associated with diminished van der Waals interactions compared to the drug-bound forms of renin, and (iv) the environment (H2O/Na(+)) has a small effect on the renin-remikiren interaction. PMID:26421414

  18. Altruism and Career Concerns

    Shchetinin, Oleg


    The paper studies the impact of altruism on Agent’s motivation in the career concerns model. The paper shows the new channel of interaction between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The common point in the literature is that intrinsic motivation can be crowded out by the extrinsic incentives. My paper shows that crowding effect can go in the opposite direction: extrinsic incentives can be lessened for the intrinsically motivated agent. The analysis shows that altruism can decrease effort, t...

  19. Analisis Respon Auditor Terhadap Asumsi Going Concern Akibat Krisis Moneter Dan Financial Distres Model (Study Kasus Pada Perusahaan Di BEI Yang Mengalami Kerugian

    Abby Seno Higar


    Full Text Available Penelitian ini menguji tentang respon auditor terhadap askumsi going concern pada saat krisis moneter dan financial distress model. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk menguji apakah respon dari kedua situasi diatas berbeda atau sama. Sampel dari penelitian ini adalah perusahaan yang terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI pada tahun 2007-2009 yang mengalami penurunan laba selama 2 tahun berturut-turut. Hasil dari penelitian ini pada pengujian di tahun 2008 menghasilkan kesimpulan bahwa semua kelompok berbeda, namun pada tahun 2009 ada kelompok yang sama. Dan pada tahun 2008 dan 2009 hasilnya berbeda juga respon yang diberikan.JEL Classification : M0, M42Keywords : Respon Auditor, Asumsi Going Concern, krisis moneter, Financial Distress Model.

  20. Nearest-neighbor non-additivity versus long-range non-additivity in TATA-box structure and its implications for TBP-binding mechanism

    Faiger, Hana; Ivanchenko, Marina; Haran, Tali E.


    TBP recognizes its target sites, TATA boxes, by recognizing their sequence-dependent structure and flexibility. Studying this mode of TATA-box recognition, termed ‘indirect readout’, is important for elucidating the binding mechanism in this system, as well as for developing methods to locate new binding sites in genomic DNA. We determined the binding stability and TBP-induced TATA-box bending for consensus-like TATA boxes. In addition, we calculated the individual information score of all st...

  1. Using the Deficit Model, Public Debate Model and Co-Production of Knowledge Models to Interpret Points of View of Students Concerning Citizens' Participation in Socioscientific Issues

    Pouliot, Chantal


    In the first part of this article I propose a conceptual framework--based on the deficit, public debate and co-production of knowledge models articulated by (Callon, 1999)--with which to examine students' appropriation of de socioscientific issues (SSI). The second part of this article presents the way a group of three…

  2. A mathematical model concerned in self-absorption correction to calibrate detection efficiency of the Ge gamma-ray spectrometer

    A self-absorption correction function used for cylindrical samples with different density in the Gamma-ray spectrum analysis is reported. The effects of the Gamma-ray energy and sample density on the self-absorption are unitized in the function model, and so a shortcut for detection efficiency calibration in the Gamma-ray spectrum analysis is found

  3. On merging business process management and geographic information systems: modeling and execution of ecological concerns in processes

    Zhu, X.; Zhu, G; vanden Broucke, Seppe; Recker, J.


    Business Process Management describes a holistic management approach for the systematic design, modeling, execution, validation, monitoring and improvement of organizational business processes. Traditionally, most attention within this community has been given to control-flow aspects, i.e., the ordering and sequencing of business activities, oftentimes in isolation with regards to the context in which these activities occur. In this paper, we propose an approach that allows executable process...

  4. Periodicity and Permanence of a Discrete Impulsive Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey Model Concerning Integrated Pest Management

    Chang Tan


    Full Text Available By piecewise Euler method, a discrete Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model with impulsive effect at fixed moment is proposed and investigated. By using Floquets theorem, we show that a globally asymptotically stable pest-eradication periodic solution exists when the impulsive period is less than some critical value. Further, we prove that the discrete system is permanence if the impulsive period is larger than some critical value. Finally, some numerical experiments are given.

  5. Periodicity and Permanence of a Discrete Impulsive Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey Model Concerning Integrated Pest Management

    Chang Tan; Jun Cao


    By piecewise Euler method, a discrete Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model with impulsive effect at fixed moment is proposed and investigated. By using Floquets theorem, we show that a globally asymptotically stable pest-eradication periodic solution exists when the impulsive period is less than some critical value. Further, we prove that the discrete system is permanence if the impulsive period is larger than some critical value. Finally, some numerical experiments are given.

  6. Application of model-driven techniques to the design of non-functional concerns of service-oriented software systems

    Silva Gallino, Juan Pedro


    Internet se ha convertido en la herramienta por excelencia para el intercambio de servicios de negocio e información entre empresas. En este contexto, las arquitecturas orientadas a servicios (SOA) y los servicios web (WS) han surgido como la plataforma más apropiada para las interacciones aplicación-aplicación. Por otra parte, el desarrollo guiado por modelos (MDD), y Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) en particular, son nuevos paradigmas que promueven el uso de modelos del sistema como element...

  7. The Six concerns for Separation of Concerns

    Aksit, Mehmet; Tekinerdogan, Bedir; Bergmans, Lodewijk


    Despite a common agreement on the necessity of the application of the separation of concerns (SOC) principle, there is not yet a consensus for its key issues. The separation of the concerns is usually based on the adopted programming paradigm, the applied method or even the programming language. This paper presents the so-called six ‘C’ properties that can be applied as a guideline for defining and evaluating the approaches that adopt the SOC principle.

  8. Interrelationships between densitometric, geometric, and mechanical properties of rat femora: inferences concerning mechanical regulation of bone modeling.

    Ferretti, J L; Capozza, R F; Mondelo, N; Zanchetta, J R


    A compensation for differences in bone material quality by bone geometric properties in femora from two different strains of rats was previously shown by us. A feedback mechanism controlling the mechanical properties of the integrated bones was then proposed, in accordance with Frost's mechanostat theory. Evidence of such a system is now offered by the finding of a negative correlation between the modeling-dependent cross-sectional architecture (moment of inertia) and the mineral-dependent stiffness (elastic modulus) of bone material in the femoral diaphyses of 45 normal Wistar rats of different sexes, ages, and sizes. The strength and stiffness of the integrated diaphyses were found to depend on both cross-sectional inertia and body weight, not on bone mineral density. These findings are interpreted as supporting the hypothesis that the architectural efficiency of diaphyseal cross-sectional design resulting from the spatial orientation of bone modeling during growth is optimized as a function of the body weight-dependent bone strain history, within the constraints imposed by bone stiffness. Results suggest a modulating role of biomass, related to the system set point determination, and explain the usually observed lack of a direct correlation between mineral density and strength or stiffness of long bones in studies of geometrically inhomogeneous populations. PMID:8266830

  9. Application of chemometric methods for assessment and modelling of microbiological quality data concerning coastal bathing water in Greece

    Agelos Papaioannou


    Full Text Available Background. Worldwide, the aim of managing water is to safeguard human health whilst maintaining sustainable aquatic and associated terrestrial, ecosystems. Because human enteric viruses are the most likely pathogens responsible for waterborne diseases from recreational water use, but detection methods are complex and costly for routine monitoring, it is of great interest to determine the quality of coastal bathing water with a minimum cost and maximum safety. Design and methods. This study handles the assessment and modelling of the microbiological quality data of 2149 seawater bathing areas in Greece over 10-year period (1997-2006 by chemometric methods. Results. Cluster analysis results indicated that the studied bathing beaches are classified in accordance with the seasonality in three groups. Factor analysis was applied to investigate possible determining factors in the groups resulted from the cluster analysis, and also two new parameters were created in each group; VF1 includes E. coli, faecal coliforms and total coliforms and VF2 includes faecal streptococci/enterococci. By applying the cluster analysis in each seasonal group, three new groups of coasts were generated, group A (ultraclean, group B (clean and group C (contaminated. Conclusions. The above analysis is confirmed by the application of discriminant analysis, and proves that chemometric methods are useful tools for assessment and modeling microbiological quality data of coastal bathing water on a large scale, and thus could attribute to effective and economical monitoring of the quality of coastal bathing water in a country with a big number of bathing coasts, like Greece.

  10. A Non-Linear Digital Computer Model Requiring Short Computation Time for Studies Concerning the Hydrodynamics of the BWR

    This non-linear model serves as one of the blocks in a series of codes to study the transient behaviour of BWR or PWR type reactors. This program is intended to be the hydrodynamic part of the BWR core representation or the hydrodynamic part of the PWR heat exchanger secondary side representation. The equations have been prepared for the CSMP digital simulation language. By using the most suitable integration routine available, the ratio of simulation time to real time is about one on an IBM 360/75 digital computer. Use of the slightly different language DSL/40 on an IBM 7044 computer takes about four times longer. The code has been tested against the Eindhoven loop with satisfactory agreement

  11. A model for organizing and analyzing integration of environmental concerns in product design and re-design

    Jørgensen, Michael Søgaard


    problems addressed by the product and the solution it is offering. 2) A system’s perspective which implies a focus on the system, which a product is part of, including the need for supporting infrastructures like stakeholder training, waste management etc. 3) A lifecycle perspective to environmental......Based on examples from research and innovation within nanotechnology, housing, bioenergy, and clothing the complexity of environmental innovation is discussed. A model for a more holistic approach to environmental innovation, which can be used both as part of innovation processes and for analyses...... of previous innovation processes, is developed. The approach is based on: 1) A scenario perspective on environmental aspects and impacts which implies a focus on the future roles of a product, its users and the surrounding society as imagined by the designers in their considerations about the...

  12. Experience in biosphere modelling and definition of exposed groups. Concerns on consideration of the long-term

    The long life of high level waste and their 'possible' releases, from the repository, in the far future during wide time frames, introduce difficulties on the ability of forecasting actual doses. Similar difficulties were found when trying to establish or recommend protection criteria for the environment and human health. The stochastic nature of the whole problem, from the causes that initiate radionuclides releases to the nature of the environmental conditions where impact is evaluated, made more complex the treatment of the radionuclide transport models and the analysis of radiological impact. The application of radiological protection principles to this management option, was also seen as different from other present-day practices. All this gave rise to the diversification of the research lines towards new areas that allow for the analysis of radionuclide transport, dose calculations and, criteria, in this new situation. The approach for the biosphere system based on the 'reference' concept, in essence the same idea as the one for the 'Reference man' concept, was promoted internationally, first within the BIOMOVS II Project and, afterwards, in the BIOMASS IAEA Programme. In parallel to the participation in these Projects and based on their conclusions, CIEMAT has been developing for ENRESA a methodology, which has to be updated and completed with recent developments from BIOMASS-Theme1. Notably, for the Justification and Identification step, the Description of Critical Groups and the use of the Data protocol. An application of this methodology was performed and published in 1998 and, its results and conclusions are summarised in the paper. Also, the paper includes main conclusions from the biosphere modelling applied in the last ENRESA2000 Spanish PA exercise and, difficulties found in the consistency between the scenario generation procedure, the treatment of the interface and the source term and, the use of the reference biosphere concept. (author)

  13. Suitable Assimilation Model of Culture, Beliefs and Rites Concerning Deities of Buddhism and Hindu-Brahmanism for Peace of Thai Society in Bangkok and Circumferences

    Phra M.K. Kaewchaiya


    Full Text Available Problem statement: At present, Thai society widely assimilates culture, beliefs and rites concerning deities of Buddhism and Hindu-Brahmanism by worshipping the deity images at the temples or the abodes of gods in Bangkok and circumferences. A typical worship is to pray the deity for help. As a matter of fact, people should help themselves first and use a prayer as willpower. The purpose of this research were these; (1 to investigate the background of culture, belief and rites concerning deities of Buddhism and Hindu-Brahmanism in Bangkok and circumferences, (2 to investigate the current situations of the assimilation of culture, beliefs and rites concerning deities of Buddhism and Hindu-Brahmanism in Bangkok and circumferences and (3 to determine a suitable assimilation model of culture beliefs and rite concerning deities of Buddhism and Hindu-Brahmanism for peace of Thai society in Bangkok and circumferences. Approach: A qualitative research was used for this research. Research areas were these: (1 Yannawa Temple, Yannawa sub district, Sathon district, Bangkok, (2 Lum Charoen Satta Temple, Yannawa sub district, Sathon district, Bangkok, (3 Brahma House at the Erawan Hotel, Lum Phini sub district, Pathumwan district , Bangkok, (4 Phai Lom Temple, Phra Pathom Chedi, Muang district, Nakhon Pathom Province, (5 Sisa Thong Temple, Sisa Thong sub district, Nakhon Chaisi, Nakhon Pathom Province, (6 Phra Sri Maha Uma Thewi Temple, Silom sub district, Bangkok district, Bangkok, (7 Visanu temple, Thung Wat Don sub district, Sathon district, Bangkok, (8 Thep Nimit Temple, Khok Phaed sub district, Nong Chok district, Bangkok, (9 Brahman Temple, Sao Chingcha sub district, Phra Nakhon district, Bangkok and (10 Ganesha House at Ratchada crossroads, Huay Khwang district, Bangkok. Deity worships have been held at these areas for a long time and a lot of people have participated in these worships. A population was the people who lived in 9 districts. A sample

  14. Empathic concern drives costly altruism

    FeldmanHall, Oriel; Dalgleish, Tim; Evans, Davy; Mobbs, Dean


    Why do we self-sacrifice to help others in distress? Two competing theories have emerged, one suggesting that prosocial behavior is primarily motivated by feelings of empathic other-oriented concern, the other that we help mainly because we are egoistically focused on reducing our own discomfort. Here we explore the relationship between costly altruism and these two sub-processes of empathy, specifically drawing on the caregiving model to test the theory that trait empathic concern (e.g. gene...

  15. Elucidating the structures and cooperative binding mechanism of cesium salts to the multitopic ion-pair receptor through density functional theory calculations.

    Sadhu, Biswajit; Sundararajan, Mahesh; Velmurugan, Gunasekaran; Venuvanalingam, Ponnambalam


    Designing new and innovative receptors for the selective binding of radionuclides is central to nuclear waste management processes. Recently, a new multi-topic ion-pair receptor was reported which binds a variety of cesium salts. Due to the large size of the receptor, quantum chemical calculations on the full ion-pair receptors are restricted, thus the binding mechanisms are not well understood at the molecular level. We have assessed the binding strengths of various cesium salts to the recently synthesized multi-topic ion-pair receptor molecule using density functional theory based calculations. Our calculations predict that the binding of cesium salts to the receptor predominantly occurs via the cooperative binding mechanism. Cesium and the anion synergistically assist each other to bind favorably inside the receptor. Energy decomposition analysis on the ion-pair complexes shows that the Cs salts are bound to the receptor mainly through electrostatic interactions with small contribution from covalent interactions for large ionic radius anions. Further, QTAIM analysis characterizes the importance of different inter-molecular interactions between the ions and the receptor inside the ion-pair complexes. The role of the crystallographic solvent molecule contributes significantly by ~10 kcal mol(-1) to the overall binding affinities which is quite significant. Further, unlike the recent molecular mechanics (MM) calculations, our calculated binding affinity trends for various Cs ion-pair complexes (CsF, CsCl and CsNO3) are now in excellent agreement with the experimental binding affinity trends. PMID:26227949

  16. Food Concerns. Research Notes.

    Jordan, Debra J.


    Adolescent vegetarianism is most frequent among females, and involves meat avoidance, concern for the environment and animal welfare, gender equality, weight loss behaviors, and a concern with body appearance. It can be a precursor to eating disorders. Training and ongoing follow-up are necessary to instill proper food handling procedures in…

  17. Do Privacy Concerns Matter for Millennials?

    Fodor, Mark; Brem, Alexander


    data have raised the question, if location data are considered as sensitive data by users. Thus, we use two privacy concern models, namely Concern for Information Privacy (CFIP) and Internet Users’ Information Privacy Concerns (IUIPC) to find out. Our sample comprises of 235 individuals between 18 and...... dimensions may play a role in determining usage intention, which should be analyzed by further research....


    Bambang Sukresno


    Full Text Available Banda sea is subjected to external force such as El Nino South Oscillation (ENSO, Indonesian Through Flow (ITF andMonsoon. All of these component Combined with Current System, caused sea dynamic. This study aimed to get further knowledge aboutBanda sea dynamic. Based on this phenomenon , this study was conducted with an hypothesis that sea level anomaly (SLA and seasufrace temperature (SST will decrease during ENSO event. Also that SLA and SST will seasonally change concerning with Monsoon.The pattern of current in eastern of Banda sea will be seasonally different concerning with monsoon while in western of Banda sea isalmost constant according to ITFThis research carried out in Banda Sea within the rectangular region from 122.42 E to 131.47 E , Latitude 03.47 S to 07.65 period of 1996 to 2006 consist of northwest monsoon, southeast monsoon, 1st transitional month in April and 2nd transitional monthin October. Spatial analysis used to analyze annual and seasonal distribution of SST and SLA from satellite dataset, also by comparisonbetween wind data, ITF pathway and numerical model. SST derived from NOAA / AVHRR satellite data by applying MCSST algorithm,SLA derived from Topex/ Poseidon and Jason-1 Satellite data by applying Inverse distance weighted interpolation, while numerical modelderived from barothropic model using Princeton ocean model.Sea level anomaly and sea surface temperature is decrease according to ENSO event, such as descrease of SLA and SST duringENSO event in 1997 , 2002 and 2004. Sea level anomaly and sea surface temperature is change according to Monsoon that reverse every6 (six month. SST and SLA get maximum level during northwest monsoon in November to March and get Minimum during Southeastmonsoon in May to September. There are strong correlation coefficient between annual Sea level anomaly and annual Sea SurfaceTemperature with index value up to 0.817104. on the other side correlation coefficient between seasonal Sea

  19. Positional Concerns and Institutions

    Landes, Xavier


    their implications for economics, positional concerns imply important normative dimensions. There have been presumed to be a symptom of envy, reduce people’s happiness, and create problems of social interaction or economic inefficiencies. Individuals are, for instance, prone to pick states of the world...... than others, namely that invoking envy or subjective well-being is not fully satisfying for regulating positional concerns. More compelling reasons seem, in complement with efficiency, to be related to considerations for equality. In other words, if institutions could have strong reasons to pay...... attention to and regulate positional concerns, it would be in virtue of their impact on the social product and individuals’ conditions of living....

  20. Shifts in Privacy Concerns

    Avi Goldfarb; Catherine Tucker


    This paper explores how digitization and the associated use of customer data have affected the evolution of consumer privacy concerns. We measure privacy concerns by reluctance to disclose income in an online marketing research survey. Using over three million responses over eight years, our data show: (1) Refusals to reveal information have risen over time, (2) Older people are less likely to reveal information, and (3) The difference between older and younger people has increased over time....

  1. The Evolutive Law concerning Relationship between Economic Growth and Farmers’ Income Increase in Xinjiang since the Reform and Opening-up: An Empirical Analysis of the VEC Model

    Xiaojun; LIU; Junsheng; DAI


    We select the per capita gross domestic product and rural residents’ per capita net income in Xinjiang as the indicator variables to measure economic growth and farmers’ income increase in Xinjiang, respectively. We establish the cointegration equation, the vector error correction (VEC) model, and use the impulse response function to conduct empirical analysis of the evolutive law concerning relationship between economic growth and farmers’ income increase in Xinjiang during the period 1978-2010. The results show that there is a cointegration relationship between economic growth in Xinjiang and farmers’ income increase; the former plays an important role in promoting the latter, following the evolutive law "first intensify, then abate, intensify again, and finally become stable". We put the following policy recommendations: providing preferential policies for farmers, scientifically and rationally guiding the transfer of rural labor; improving the function of agriculture, increasing the proportion of non-farm income; gradually bridging the widening income gap between urban and rural areas, coordinating urban and rural development.

  2. 考虑相关失效的备件优化配置模型%Allocation optimization model for spare parts concerned with dependent failures

    周伟; 王东锋; 刘亚杰; 谭云涛; 刘晗


    相关失效普遍存在于各类系统,以传统计算独立部件的备件配置量的方法来确定相关失效部件的备件配置量,往往导致较大的误差.分析了故障源部件的备件保障水平与相关失效部件的故障率的关系,给出了考虑相关失效情况下各类部侔的备件期望短缺量与保障费用的计算方法,并以保障费用为目标,备件期望短缺量为约束提出备件优化配置模型,给出了求解该模型的算法.最后通过案例分析,验证了该模型的合理性与工程适用性.%Dependent failures exist commonly in all kinds of systems. The traditional way of independent spare parts allocation is expected to cause great errors when it is applied to the spare parts allocation with dependent failures concerned. This paper analyzes the relation between the spare parts support level of fault source parts and the failure rate of the dependent parts. Computing methods for expected backorder and support cost of various parts are put forward. Furthermore, an optimal allocation model for spare parts including its solution is proposed with cost as its object and within constraints of expected backorder quantity. Eventually, the rationality and the project applicability of this model are proved through a case study.

  3. Binding mechanism of trans-N-caffeoyltyramine and human serum albumin: Investigation by multi-spectroscopy and docking simulation.

    Ma, Xiaoli; Yan, Jin; Xu, Kailin; Guo, Luiqi; Li, Hui


    trans-N-Caffeoyltyramine (TNC), which was isolated from the Cortex Lycii in our laboratory, is a phenolic amide compound with multiple pharmacological activities. The interaction between TNC and human serum albumin (HSA) was studied by Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxation experiment, fluorescence spectroscopy, and docking simulation. NMR methodology is based on the analysis of selective and non-selective spin-lattice relaxation rate enhancements of TNC protons in the presence of the HSA. Result indicated that the interaction occurred between HSA and TNC, and changed the proton magnetic environment of TNC. Fluorescence spectroscopy confirmed that TNC displayed a strong capability to quench the fluorescence of HSA, and the acting forces for binding were hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces. Furthermore, the circular dichroism, synchronous, and three-dimensional fluorescence spectra, which were employed to determine the conformation of protein, revealed that binding of TNC with HSA could induce conformational changes in HSA. In addition, the molecular modeling results exhibited that TNC mainly bonded to site I in sub-domain IIA of HSA. PMID:27131098

  4. Docking based 3d-QSAR studies applied at the BRAF inhibitors to understand the binding mechanism

    BRAF is a great therapeutic target in a wide variety of human cancers. It is the member of Ras Activating Factor (RAF) family of serine/throenine kinase. The mutated form of the BRAF has diverted all the attention towards itself because of increase severity and elevated kinase activity. The RAF signal transduction cascade is a conserved protein pathway that is involved in cell cycle progression and apoptosis. The ERK regulates phosphorylation of different proteins either in cytosol or in nucleus but disorders in ERK signaling pathway cause mutation in BRAF. This cascade in these cells may provide selection of mutated BRAF in which valine is substituted with glutamatic acid at position 600. This mutation occurs in activation loop. A number of inhibitors reported to target different members of RAF, some of them have potential to target the BRAF as well. Major reason for failure of previously reported inhibitors was due to the highly conserved sequence and confirmation of catalytic cleft which is always a center of consideration for binding of inhibitors to suppress the kinase activity. This is the first attempt to study and understand the BARF inhibitors - protein interactions in detail by utilizing 3D-QSAR and molecular docking techniques. Most reliable techniques of 3D QSAR i.e Comparative Molecular Field Analysis (CoMFA) and Comparative Molecular Similarity Indices Analysis (CoMSIA) were applied for three different data sets. The data sets selected for better evaluation of BRAF inhibitors belongs to 2, 6-Disubstituted Pyrazine, Pyridoimidazolones and its derivatives. Our models would offer help to better understand the structure-activity relationships that exist for these classes of compounds and also facilitate the design of novel inhibitors with good chemical diversity. (Author)

  5. Separation of Concerns

    Ernst, Erik


    Separation of concerns is a crucial concept in discussions about software engineering consequences of programming language design decisions, especially in AOSD. This paper proposes a way to formalize this concept, and argues that the given formalization is useful even if it is used primarily in an...

  6. Quebec's Toxic Pollution Concern.

    Mingie, Walter

    The best solution to the problems of increased pollution of Quebec lakes and rivers with toxic wastes and increased incidence of pollution related diseases is to educate children, to make them aware of the environment and man's interrelationship with it. Attitudes of concern, based on knowledge, must be developed so that as adults, they will take…

  7. Comment concerning Leonardo's rule

    Sotolongo-Costa, O; Oseguera-Manzanilla, T; Díaz-Guerrero, D S


    In this comment we propose a novel explanation for the Leonardo's rule concerning the tree branching. According to Leonardo's notebooks he observed that if one observes the branches of a tree, the squared radius of the principal branch is equal to the sum of the squared radius of the branch daughters.

  8. Expression of Concern

    Delvaux, Damien


    This is a note of a temporary expression of concern related to the publication titled, "Sapphirine and fluid inclusions in Tel Thanoun mantle xenoliths, Syria" by Ahmad Bilal, which appeared in Journal of African Earth Sciences, 116 (2016) 105-113.

  9. Subtleties Concerning Conformal Tractor Bundles

    Graham, C Robin


    The realization of tractor bundles as associated bundles in conformal geometry is studied. It is shown that different natural choices of principal bundle with normal Cartan connection corresponding to a given conformal manifold can give rise to topologically distinct associated tractor bundles for the same inducing representation. Consequences for homogeneous models and conformal holonomy are described. A careful presentation is made of background material concerning standard tractor bundles and equivalence between parabolic geometries and underlying structures.

  10. Terrorism risk concern in Europe

    Drakos, Konstantinos; Müller, Cathérine


    We explore whether differences of terrorism risk perception across all European countries reflect their underlying differences in terrorism risk, which we decompose into a long term and innovation component. We employ longitudinal country-level data on terrorism risk concern and our modeling approach is motivated by the Bayesian framework. We conclude that the observed risk perception variation is significantly explained by the long term terrorism countries face, while the cyclical part of te...

  11. Empathic concern drives costly altruism.

    FeldmanHall, Oriel; Dalgleish, Tim; Evans, Davy; Mobbs, Dean


    Why do we self-sacrifice to help others in distress? Two competing theories have emerged, one suggesting that prosocial behavior is primarily motivated by feelings of empathic other-oriented concern, the other that we help mainly because we are egoistically focused on reducing our own discomfort. Here we explore the relationship between costly altruism and these two sub-processes of empathy, specifically drawing on the caregiving model to test the theory that trait empathic concern (e.g. general tendency to have sympathy for another) and trait personal distress (e.g. predisposition to experiencing aversive arousal states) may differentially drive altruistic behavior. We find that trait empathic concern--and not trait personal distress--motivates costly altruism, and this relationship is supported by activity in the ventral tegmental area, caudate and subgenual anterior cingulate, key regions for promoting social attachment and caregiving. Together, this data helps identify the behavioral and neural mechanisms motivating costly altruism, while demonstrating that individual differences in empathic concern-related brain responses can predict real prosocial choice. PMID:25462694

  12. Existential Concerns About Death

    Moestrup, Lene; Hansen, Helle Ploug


    psychology or Kübler-Ross’ theory about death stages. The complex concerns might be explained using Martin Heidegger’s phenomenological thinking. We aimed to illuminate dying patients´ existential concerns about the impending death through a descriptive analysis of semi-structured interviews with 17 cancer...... patients in Danish hospices. The main findings demonstrated how the patients faced the forthcoming death without being anxious of death but sorrowful about leaving life. Furthermore, patients expressed that they avoided thinking about death. However, some had reconstructed specific and positive ideas about...... afterlife and made accurate decisions for practical aspects of their death. The patients wished to focus on positive aspects in their daily life at hospice. It hereby seems important to have ongoing reflections and to include different theoretical perspectives when providing existential support to dying...

  13. Existential Concerns About Death

    Moestrup, Lene; Hansen, Helle Ploug


    psychology or Kübler-Ross’ theory about death stages. The complex concerns might be explained using Martin Heidegger’s phenomenological thinking. We aimed to illuminate dying patients´ existential concerns about the impending death through a descriptive analysis of semi-structured interviews with 17 cancer...... patients in Danish hospices. The main findings demonstrated how the patients faced the forthcoming death without being anxious of death but sorrowful about leaving life. Furthermore, patients expressed that they avoided thinking about death. However, some had reconstructed specific and positive ideas about...... afterlife and made accurate decisions for practical aspects of their death. The patients wished to focus on positive aspects in their daily life at hospice. It hereby seems important to have ongoing reflections and to include different theoretical perspectives when providing existential support to dying...

  14. Concern for older parts

    For the last half decade, regulatory expectations of the procurement process for nuclear commercial-grade safety-related materials have increase. The changes have been driven by concern for fraudulent or misrepresented parts and the loss of original equipment manufacturers. The industry responded to these concerns by developing improved procurement programs that changed how parts were specified and received and provided for verification of attributes that were critical to the successful performance of safety functions(s). Like its counterparts, Duquesne Light Company (DLCo), Beaver Valley power station began applying these enhanced requirements to procurements initiated after January 1, 1990, in response to the Nuclear Management and Resources Council initiative on dedication. Procurements prior to this data were not subject to the new requirements

  15. Body Image Concerns

    El Ansari, Walid; Dibba, Emily; Stock, Christiane


    AIMS: This cross-sectional study aimed to determine the socio-demographic, lifestyle and well-being variables that are associated with body image concerns (BIC) and whether these associations differed between female and male students. METHODS: A cross-sectional survey; 3,706 undergraduate students......, perceived health, depressive symptoms) on the other. RESULTS: More females (35%) than males (8%) reported being moderately or markedly concerned with their body image. For both genders, BIC was associated with a higher level of depressive symptoms and to variable extents, with nutrition and year...... (2,699 females, 765 males) from seven universities in the UK completed a self-administered questionnaire that assessed socio-demographic, lifestyle, well-being and BIC based on the Body Shape Questionnaire developed by Cooper et al. Multifactorial logistic regression analysis examined the odds ratios...

  16. The Question Concerning Thinking

    Riis, Søren


    Martin Heidegger's thought-provoking essay "The Question Concerning Technology" (1977a) placed technology at the heart of philosophy. Heidegger tried to show that the essence of technology provokes humans to think about the world in a very dangerous way. Yet if we follow Heidegger's analysis of...... technology, what role does that ascribe to philosophy? To be able to understand the programmatic scope of Heidegger's question ‘concerning' technology, we need to see it as inseparable from his famous thesis about the end of philosophy (1977c) and what he considers to be the ideal kind of thinking. However......, by doing so, we will in the end realize two important things. First, that Heidegger's declaration of the end of philosophy in fact also means the end of anything we can meaningfully call thinking. Second, that Heidegger's own thinking is completely different from his own ideal of thinking. Our...




    The issue of probabilities, uncertainties and risks has concerned society since ancient times. By probability we can see the possible realization of an act or event under certain conditions. Uncertainty is caused by emotional status of the decision maker due to more subjective factors or to the knowledge to achieve an objective. Risk is a combination of the two elements characterized by a possible description of probabilities under insecurity uncertainty conditions.




    Full Text Available The issue of probabilities, uncertainties and risks has concerned society since ancient times. By probability we can see the possible realization of an act or event under certain conditions. Uncertainty is caused by emotional status of the decision maker due to more subjective factors or to the knowledge to achieve an objective. Risk is a combination of the two elements characterized by a possible description of probabilities under insecurity uncertainty conditions.

  19. Financial equilibrium with career concerns

    Amil Dasgupta


    Full Text Available What are the equilibrium features of a financial market where a sizeable proportion of traders face reputational concerns? This question is central to our understanding of financial markets, which are increasingly dominated by institutional investors. We construct a model of delegated portfolio management that captures key features of the US mutual fund industry and embed it in an asset pricing framework. We thus provide a formal model of financial equilibrium with career concerned agents. Fund managers differ in their ability to understand market fundamentals, and in every period investors choose a fund. In equilibrium, the presence of career concerns induces uninformed fund managers to churn, i.e., to engage in trading even when they face a negative expected return. Churners act as noise traders and enhance the level of trading volume. The equilibrium relationship between fund return and net fund flows displays a skewed shape that is consistent with stylized facts. The robustness of our core results is probed from several angles.

  20. Food Safety Concerns



    In China, there is an old saying:food is the first necessity of humans. The main concern of the Chinese used to be the security of the food supply rather than the safety of the food itself. However,after a long time fighting food shortages,China became self-sufficient in food in 1995. At this time, the country began for the first time to regulate food safety. Yet China has still not established a legal systern efficient in ensuring this safety. Many problems are rooted in the administration regime and China's priority of economic development.

  1. Alignment of concerns

    Andersen, Tariq Osman; Bansler, Jørgen P.; Kensing, Finn; Moll, Jonas; Nielsen, Karen Dam

    The emergence of patient-centered eHealth systems introduces new challenges, where patients come to play an increasingly important role. Realizing the promises requires an in-depth understanding of not only the technology, but also the needs of both clinicians and patients. However, insights from...... medical phenomenology bring forth how physicians and patients focus on different aspects of illness and that they often have starkly divergent concerns. This has important implications for the design of eHealth systems that seek to engage patients as active participants. We emphasize the crucial...

  2. Concerned for Humanity club

    Concerned for humanity club


    Join the Comité International de Soutien à Adlène Hicheur Since October 8, 2009 our colleague Adlène Hicheur, a French-Algerian physicist working in LHCb has been arrested and then held in a French prison under suspicion of terrorism linked with AQMI. No material proof has been presented, only exchanges of messages on some forum sites suspected of Islamism have been mentioned. Adlène has continuously denied any link with AQMI and lives in a Kafkaesque situation since 14 mois. His lawyer has several times asked for his release and these requests have been turned down. As Adlène’s colleagues, we have been chocked by his arrest and are deeply concerned by the prolongation of his detention for his future in particle physics, even if he will be recognized innocent. Few Concerned-club members and colleagues have created an International committee to support Adlène in his defense presently having 65 members. We invite you t...

  3. Inference Concerning Physical Systems

    Wolpert, David H.

    The question of whether the universe "is" just an information- processing system has been extensively studied in physics. To address this issue, the canonical forms of information processing in physical systems - observation, prediction, control and memory - were analyzed in [24]. Those forms of information processing are all inherently epistemological; they transfer information concerning the universe as a whole into a scientist's mind. Accordingly, [24] formalized the logical relationship that must hold between the state of a scientist's mind and the state of the universe containing the scientist whenever one of those processes is successful. This formalization has close analogs in the analysis of Turing machines. In particular, it can be used to define an "informational analog" of algorithmic information complexity. In addition, this formalization allows us to establish existence and impossibility results concerning observation, prediction, control and memory. The impossibility results establish that Laplace was wrong to claim that even in a classical, non-chaotic universe the future can be unerringly predicted, given sufficient knowledge of the present. Alternatively, the impossibility results can be viewed as a non-quantum mechanical "uncertainty principle". Here I present a novel motivation of the formalization introduced in [24] and extend some of the associated impossibility results.

  4. Aesthetics of Concern

    Thorsen, Line Marie


    In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, several artists turned  their  practices  towards  the  subject  of  disaster  support.  Drawing on the philosophy of Bruno Latour, I argue that these artistic practices come  to articulate and  represent the multitude of concerns interwoven with disaster.  ...

  5. Influence of Consumer Demographics on the Demand for Locally Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs Because of Food Miles Concerns: A Logit Model Analysis

    Govindasamy, Ramu; Purduri, Venkata; Kelley, Kathleen; James E. Simon


    This project was supported by the Specialty Crop Research Initiative of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant # 2009-51181-06035. Trade in fresh fruits and vegetables has raised concerns about the distance food travels, food cost, freshness, and climate change associated with the transport. The term food mile refers to the distance or the number of miles that food travels from producer to consumer through its supply chain. Purchasing directly from local farmers may reduc...

  6. Exploring the binding mechanism of 5-hydroxy-3‧,4‧,7-trimethoxyflavone with bovine serum albumin: Spectroscopic and computational approach

    Sudha, A.; Srinivasan, P.; Thamilarasan, V.; Sengottuvelan, N.


    The current study was carried out to investigate the binding mechanism of a potential flavonoid compound 5-hydroxy-3‧,4‧,7-trimethoxyflavone (HTMF) with bovine serum albumin (BSA) using ultraviolet-visible, fluorescence, circular dichroism (CD) spectral measurements along with molecular docking and molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. It was confirmed from fluorescence spectra that the intrinsic fluorescence of BSA was robustly quenched by HTMF through a static quenching mechanism. The number of binding sites (n) for HTMF binding on BSA was found to be about one. The thermodynamic parameters estimated from the van't Hoff plot specified that hydrophobic force was the predominant force in the HTMF-BSA complex and there also exist hydrogen bonds and electrostatic interactions. The effect of HTMF on the BSA conformation examined using CD studies revealed that there is a decrease in the helical content of BSA upon HTMF interaction. The results of molecular docking study shed light on the binding mode which exposed that HTMF bind within the hydrophobic pocket of the subdomain IIIA of BSA. The stability of HTMF-BSA complex with respect to free protein was analyzed from the molecular dynamic studies. The electronic structure analysis of HTMF was achieved by using density functional theory (DFT) calculations at B3LYP/6-31G** level to support its antioxidant role. The results of computational analysis are in good consistence with the experimental data and the present findings suggested that HTMF exhibits a good binding propensity to BSA protein which will be helpful for the drug design.

  7. Concerning ethical risk assessment

    After a fundamental consideration of the concept of responsibility and 'long-term responsibility' for late sequelae, the problems of an ehtical assessment of risks were illustrated: The concept of risk itself poses three problems - predicting the probability of occurrence, assessing the damage = subjective classification of the degree of damage, determining whether the advantages outweigh the risks. It is not possible to weigh the advantages and risks against each other without assessing the goals and the priorities which have been set. Here ethics is called for, because it concerns itself with the reasonableness of evaluative decisions. Its task is to enable us to become aware of and comprehend our system of values in all of its complexity in reference to real life. Ethics can only fulfill its task if it helps us to adopt an integral perspective, i.e. if it centers on the human being. 'One must assess all technical and economic innovations in terms of whether they are beneficial to the development of mankind on a long-term basis. They are only to be legitimized insofar as they prove themselves to be a means of liberating mankind and contributing to his sense of dignity and identity, as a means of bringing human beings together and encouraging them to care for one another, and as a means of protecting the natural basis of our existence. (orig./HSCH)

  8. Adolescent fertility: worldwide concerns.

    Senderowitz, J; Paxman, J M


    There is growing concern over the adverse health, social, economic, and demographic effects of adolescent fertility. Morbidity and mortality rates ar significantly higher for teenage mothers and their infants, and early initiation of childbearing generally means truncated education, lower future family income, and larger completed family size. Adolescent fertility rates, which largely reflect marriage patterns, range from 4/1000 in Mauritania; in sub-Saharan Africa, virtually all rates are over 100. In most countries, adolescent fertility rates are declining due to rising age at marriage, increased educational and economic opportunities for young women, changes in social customs, increased use of contraception, and access to abortion. However, even if fertility rates were to decline dramatically among adolescent women in developing countries, their sheer numbers imply that their fertility will have a major impact on world population growth in the years ahead. The number of women in the world ages 15-19 years is expected to increase from 245 million in 1985 to over 320 million in the years 2020; 82% of these women live in developing countries. As a result of more and earlier premarital sexual activity, fostered by the lengthening gap between puberty and marriage, diminished parental and social controls, and increasing peer and media pressure to be sexually active, abortion and out-of-wedlock childbearing are increasing among teenagers in many developed and rapidly urbanizing developing countries. Laws and policies regarding sex education in the schools and access to family planning services by adolescents can either inhibit or support efforts to reduce adolescent fertility. Since contraceptive use is often sporadic and ineffective among adolescents, family planning services are crucial. Such programs should aim to reduce adolescents' dependence on abortion through preventive measures and increase awareness of the benefits of delayed sexual activity. Similarly, sex

  9. Biosimilars: Hope and concern.

    Emmanouilides, Christos E; Karampola, Maria I; Beredima, Maria


    As patents of the first introduced biologic therapeutics in oncology have begun to expire, competing pharmaceutical companies are allowed to produce and market the same protein as the original agent. These products are called biosimilars. Upon patent expiration, biosimilars would hopefully be a cheaper alternative to the original agent and that is the main reason for their existence. Although the financial aspect is similar to generics, the complex nature of these products generates the need for a distinct regulatory environment. Biosimilars are produced by DNA technology in bacteria, plant cells, or animal cells, while generics are produced by chemical synthesis. Details in the process of synthesis, selection of the microorganism, protein extraction, purification and manufacturing, affect the precise nature of the end product. Monoclonal antibodies are large proteins with four polypeptide chains and interact variably with each other and with the environment. It is important for payors to realize that biosimilars are different from generics; therefore, they need to develop different set of rules for approving, registering, and dispensing biosimilars. Regulators ought to respect the physicians' request for non-interchangeability and facilitate in any possible way of traceability. Such regulations along with a rigorous pharmacovigilance program will satisfy the concerns for true equivalence in activity and long-term safety. This is the only way to accumulate over time reliable safety information for new biosimilars. In conclusion, the wish born by the medical community and the society for a more affordable health system triggers the emergence of biosimilars, which could meet that goal if properly regulated. PMID:26391898

  10. Producer’s Responsibility Concerning the Assurance and Statement of Quality for Foods with “Organic Image” based on the Model of a Romanian Company

    Magdalena Bobe


    Full Text Available The responsibility of organizations to the consumer has now become a permanent concern, the principles of ethics in their activities result in attracting new customers and thus in their remaining within competition. The present study aims to highlight the importance of producers’ accountability in ensuring the quality of foodstuffs obtained through sustainable methods of production and to correctly and completely inform the consumers. The research follows the quality analysis of a product with an “organic image” addressed to the market/consumers, by testing the physicochemical and microbiological characteristics in the laboratory of the National Research and Development Institute for Food Bio- Resources in Bucharest, as well as comparing the obtained results with the values stated in the producer’s specifications; the main purpose is checking the conformity and establishing the validity of the published nutritional information and the statements regarding the product’s quality made on the printed label.

  11. Common menstrual concerns of adolescents

    Sacks, Diane


    Symptoms associated with menstruation are among the most common concerns of adolescent women. However, the factual information that adolescent women need is not always available to them. Physicians can do much to correct the myths and misinformation that the teenager may have concerning her menstrual cycle. This paper addresses clinical office concerns about normal menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

  12. Addressing Public Concerns about GMOs

    The introduction of genetic engineering technology to agriculture has raised concerns in the public sector regarding the safety of applying this technology to the food supply. Concerns focus on two major issues: human/animal health and environmental risks. Such concerns have arisen in part because...

  13. Addressing Thermal Model Run Time Concerns of the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope using Astrophysics Focused Telescope Assets (WFIRST-AFTA)

    Peabody, Hume; Guerrero, Sergio; Hawk, John; Rodriguez, Juan; McDonald, Carson; Jackson, Cliff


    The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope using Astrophysics Focused Telescope Assets (WFIRST-AFTA) utilizes an existing 2.4 m diameter Hubble sized telescope donated from elsewhere in the federal government for near-infrared sky surveys and Exoplanet searches to answer crucial questions about the universe and dark energy. The WFIRST design continues to increase in maturity, detail, and complexity with each design cycle leading to a Mission Concept Review and entrance to the Mission Formulation Phase. Each cycle has required a Structural-Thermal-Optical-Performance (STOP) analysis to ensure the design can meet the stringent pointing and stability requirements. As such, the models have also grown in size and complexity leading to increased model run time. This paper addresses efforts to reduce the run time while still maintaining sufficient accuracy for STOP analyses. A technique was developed to identify slews between observing orientations that were sufficiently different to warrant recalculation of the environmental fluxes to reduce the total number of radiation calculation points. The inclusion of a cryocooler fluid loop in the model also forced smaller time-steps than desired, which greatly increases the overall run time. The analysis of this fluid model required mitigation to drive the run time down by solving portions of the model at different time scales. Lastly, investigations were made into the impact of the removal of small radiation couplings on run time and accuracy. Use of these techniques allowed the models to produce meaningful results within reasonable run times to meet project schedule deadlines.

  14. SewageLCI 1.0 - A first generation inventory model for quantification of chemical emissions via sewage systems. Application on chemicals of concern

    Gallice, Aurélie; Birkved, Morten; Kech, Sébastien

    Lack of inventory data on chemical emissions often forces life cycle assessors to rely on crude emissions estimates (e.g. 100 % of the applied chemical mass is assumed emitted) or in the worst case to omit chemical emissions due to lack of emission data. The inventory model SewageLCI 1.0, provides...... a mean for assessors to obtain fractions of chemicals emitted to the environment via waste water collection and treatment systems. SewageLCI 1.0 is based on existing models capable of estimating chemical degradation in waste water collection and treatment systems and also on national European...

  15. A spatio-temporal simulation model of the response of solid tumours to radiotherapy in vivo: parametric validation concerning oxygen enhancement ratio and cell cycle duration

    Advanced bio-simulation methods are expected to substantially improve radiotherapy treatment planning. To this end a novel spatio-temporal patient-specific simulation model of the in vivo response of malignant tumours to radiotherapy schemes has been recently developed by our group. This paper discusses recent improvements to the model: an optimized algorithm leading to conformal shrinkage of the tumour as a response to radiotherapy, the introduction of the oxygen enhancement ratio (OER), a realistic initial cell phase distribution and finally an advanced imaging-based algorithm simulating the neovascularization field. A parametric study of the influence of the cell cycle duration Tc, OER, OERβ for the beta LQ parameter on tumour growth, shrinkage and response to irradiation under two different fractionation schemes has been made. The model has been applied to two glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) cases, one with wild type (wt) and another one with mutated (mt) p53 gene. Furthermore, the model has been applied to a hypothetical GBM tumour with α and β values corresponding to those of generic radiosensitive tumours. According to the model predictions, a whole tumour with shorter Tc tends to repopulate faster, as is to be expected. Furthermore, a higher OER value for the dormant cells leads to a more radioresistant whole tumour. A small variation of the OERβ value does not seem to play a major role in the tumour response. Accelerated fractionation proved to be superior to the standard scheme for the whole range of the OER values considered. Finally, the tumour with mt p53 was shown to be more radioresistant compared to the tumour with wt p53. Although all simulation predictions agree at least qualitatively with the clinical experience and literature, a long-term clinical adaptation and quantitative validation procedure is in progress

  16. Some observations concerning blade-element-momentum (BEM) methods and vortex wake methods, including numerical experiments with a simple vortex model

    Snel, H. [Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy (Netherlands)


    Recently the Blade Element Momentum (BEM) method has been made more versatile. Inclusion of rotational effects on time averaged profile coefficients have improved its achievements for performance calculations in stalled flow. Time dependence as a result of turbulent inflow, pitching actions and yawed operation is now treated more correctly (although more improvement is needed) than before. It is of interest to note that adaptations in modelling of unsteady or periodic induction stem from qualitative and quantitative insights obtained from free vortex models. Free vortex methods and further into the future Navier Stokes (NS) calculations, together with wind tunnel and field experiments, can be very useful in enhancing the potential of BEM for aero-elastic response calculations. It must be kept in mind however that extreme caution must be used with free vortex methods, as will be discussed in the following chapters. A discussion of the shortcomings and the strength of BEM and of vortex wake models is given. Some ideas are presented on how BEM might be improved without too much loss of efficiency. (EG)

  17. Model for the accumulation of solar wind radiation damage effects in lunar dust grains, based on recent results concerning implantation and erosion effects

    Borg, J.; Bibring, J.P.; Cowsik, G.; Langevin, Y.; Maurette, M.


    In this paper we present our most recent results on ion implantation and erosion effects, intended to reproduce the superficial amorphous layers of radiation damage observed with a high voltage electron microscope on grains extracted from the lunar regolith and which result from the exposure of the grains to the solar wind. We next outline theoretical computations which yield the thickness distribution of such amorphous layers as a function of the exposure time of the grains at the surface of the moon, the He/H ratio, and the speed distribution in the solar wind. From this model, the position of the peak in the solar wind speed distribution is the major parameter controlling the thickness of the amorphous layer.

  18. Concerns Girls Have about Puberty

    ... in Action Medical Editor & Editorial Advisory Board Sponsors Sponsorship Opporunities Spread the Word Shop AAP Find a Pediatrician ... Content Article Body Girls have pubertal concerns and worries, too, including: Breast Development Some girls also have anxieties about breast development. ...

  19. Issues concerning the light-duty diesel

    Clusen, Ruth C.


    The current reasons for concern about the diesel engine for light-duty vehicles are explained, and an overview of the major issues impacting upon future diesel-related policy considerations is presented. Light-duty diesels are of immediate concern because proposed environmental legislation could impact upon their market future as early as model year 1981. The environmental issues affecting these vehicles also have implications for other categories of diesels (heavy-duty mobile and stationary application). Part I presents background and overview information on the reasons for the diesel's emergence as a major concern in the regulatory area and Part II summarizes the issues surrounding the diesel in three major areas: protecting health and the environment; fuel conservation; and broad economic and programmaic trade-offs arising from the previous two areas.

  20. Globalization and new policy concerns

    Daugbjerg, Carsten; Swinbank, Alan


    The transfer of some decision-making authority from the domestic to the supranational arena as a result of the establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995 potentially changed domestic policy dynamics. The WTO agreements reflect the trade policy concerns addressed in the Uruguay...... Round in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This article applies and adapts historical institutionalism to explain how international organizations may constrain and facilitate certain domestic policy options. It demonstrates that, while the WTO legal framework has become more receptive of environmental...... sustainability concerns, the social sustainability concerns that were increasingly entering the debate over biofuel policies were not easily accommodated, and this was seen as a constraint on the content of the European Union's (EU) policy adopted in 2009. Only the environmental dimension of a broader concept...

  1. Legal issues concerning heat pumps

    Gersemann, D.

    Heat pumps are considered suitable to contribute to an improvement of the total energy balance. As a rule, they are divided into the following categories of utilizable auxiliary energies: ground water, surface waters, soil, absorbers, air. They are also distinguished according to driving systems: electric, gas, or Diesel heat pumps. Considering forecasts concerning the utilization potential of heat pumps it seems easy to see that the legal assessment of heat pumps shall obtain considerable practical importance for the authorities as well as for private managers. The article gives a survey of the most important legal issues concerning heat pumps.

  2. Parental concerns about complementary feeding

    Nielsen, Annemette; Michaelsen, Kim F.; Holm, Lotte


    Background/objectives:To investigate and analyze differences in parental concerns during earlier and later phases of complementary feeding.Subject/methods:Eight focus group interviews were conducted with 45 mothers of children aged 7 or 13 months. Deductive and inductive coding procedures were...

  3. Licensing concerns in SSI methodology

    This paper addresses some of the more immediate Nuclear Regulatory concerns in the controversial subject of soil-structure interactions in US nuclear power plant design practice. Topics covered include: choice of solution method, the need for sophisticated analyses, frequency variation, ground motion reduction with depth, and buried structures. Recommendations under consideration by NRC staff are presented

  4. AIDS: Dynamics and Rehabilitation Concerns.

    Wong, Henry; And Others


    The epidemic of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) confronts the rehabilitation professional with a number of concerns. This paper reviews literature on the diagnosis, epidemiological factors, psychosocial elements, medical intervention of AIDS, and rehabilitation issues involved in serving AIDS patients. (JDD)

  5. Career Concern and Tax Preparer Fraud

    Chao Yang; Liansheng Wu; Xianhui Bo


    This paper focuses on the effects of career concern on fraud among tax return preparers. A two-stage model is built to ascertain whether the propensity of tax preparers to cooperate with taxpayers in underpaying tax can be decreased if the revealed fraud behavior increases the probability of being audited by the tax agency in the following period. After solving the unique SPNE, this effect is shown to exist.

  6. Normal Functions Concerning Shared Values



    In this paper we discuss normal functions concerning shared values. We obtain the follow result. Let F be a family of meromorphic functions in the unit disc △, and a be a nonzero finite complex number. If for any f ∈ F, the zeros of f are of multiplicity, f and f' share a, then there exists a positive number M such that for any f ∈ F, (1 -|z|~2)(|f'(z)|)/(1+|f(z)|~2)≤ M.

  7. Career Concerns of Banking Analysts

    Horton, Joanne; Serafeim, Georgios; Wu, Shan


    We study how career concerns influence banking analysts’ forecasts and how their forecasting behavior benefits both them and bank managers. We show that banking analysts issue early in the year relatively more optimistic and later in the year more pessimistic forecasts for banks that could be their future employers. This pattern is not observed when the same analysts forecast earnings of companies that are not likely to be their future employers. Moreover, we use the Global Settlement as an e...

  8. Effciency Concern under Asymmetric Information

    Winschel, Evguenia; Zahn, Philipp


    Experimental evidence from simple distribution games supports the view that some individuals have a concern for the effciency of allocations. This motive could be important for the implementation of economic policy proposals. In a typical lab experiment, however, individuals have much more information available than outside the lab. We conduct a lab experiment to test whether asymmetric information influences prosocial behavior in a simple non-strategic interaction. In our setting, a dictator...

  9. Secondary Teachers' Concerns in Adopting Learning Management Systems: A U.S. Perspective

    Lochner, Bianca; Conrad, Rita-Marie; Graham, Edward


    This study examined the concerns of U.S. secondary teachers regarding the adoption of learning management systems (LMSs) utilizing the concerns-based adoption model (CBAM). The stages of concern questionnaire used enabled the strength of teacher concerns to be measured for seven distinct stages of concerns: awareness, informational, personal,…

  10. Researches with the 'Fertexpert' model concerning the relationships between the efficiency indexes of the fertilizers usage in optimal economic rates and the agrochemical indexes of the soil and expected yields

    The 'Fertexpert' model allows undertaking researches concerning the variation of efficiency indexes for fertilizers usage in the case of many crops depending on the content of available soil nutrients (the values of soil agrochemical indexes - IA) and on the expected yield, Rs, when fertilization are applied in optimal economic rates, DOE. The physical efficiency indexes calculated and researched are the following: the total physical yield increase, SFR (kg/ha), the specific average yield increase, SSp (kg/kg N, P2O5 or K2O), the specific consumption of active substance (a.s.) from fertilizer, CSp (kg a.s./1 kg average yield increase). The economic efficiency indexes computed are: the total profit, in monetary units/ha, the specific profit, in monetary units/l monetary unit spent with fertilization, PSp, and in monetary units/kg a.s., PSpsa. The model also allows the study of DOE variation depending on Rs and IA. Starting from the made calculations, there can be drown up specific graphics that can then be used in practice and for research purposes to. Refs. 6 (author)


    Orlando Soeiro Cruxên


    Full Text Available The psychoanalytical formation is a question without a definitive answer. The development of its study requests treatment of the evolution of the clinical theory. This work begins with a distinction between analytical and academic formation. It includes Jacques Lacan’s approach concerning the question of psychoanalytical formation. It discusses the relationship between the named intentional and extensional psychoanalysis. This article resumes some theoretical aspects of a post-doctoral investigation developed in the clinical-school of Psychology (Universidade Federal do Ceará e SAP ( Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande doSul.

  12. Sillamaee - a common Baltic concern

    The problems of uranium mining and milling are related to the huge amount of waste containing radioactive as well as chemical pollutants. Tailings can be satisfactorly protected so that the environmental impact is minor in the short term. The methods to reduce the risks are many. The actual releases today in the Sillamaee region of the Baltic Sea from the tailings pond are relatively small and should not give rise to concern. However, the situation is unstable, which is why efforts to find remediation methods are justified

  13. α-Mangostin Extraction from the Native Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) and the Binding Mechanisms of α-Mangostin to HSA or TRF.

    Guo, Ming; Wang, Xiaomeng; Lu, Xiaowang; Wang, Hongzheng; Brodelius, Peter E


    In order to obtain the biological active compound, α-mangostin, from the traditional native mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.), an extraction method for industrial application was explored. A high yield of α-mangostin (5.2%) was obtained by extraction from dried mangosteen pericarps with subsequent purification on macroporous resin HPD-400. The chemical structure of α-mangostin was verified mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR and 13C NMR), infrared spectroscopy (IR) and UV-Vis spectroscopy. The purity of the obtained α-mangostin was 95.6% as determined by HPLC analysis. The binding of native α-mangostin to human serum albumin (HSA) or transferrin (TRF) was explored by combining spectral experiments with molecular modeling. The results showed that α-mangostin binds to HSA or TRF as static complexes but the binding affinities were different in different systems. The binding constants and thermodynamic parameters were measured by fluorescence spectroscopy and absorbance spectra. The association constant of HSA or TRF binding to α-mangostin is 6.4832×105 L/mol and 1.4652×105 L/mol at 298 K and 7.8619×105 L/mol and 1.1582×105 L/mol at 310 K, respectively. The binding distance, the energy transfer efficiency between α-mangostin and HSA or TRF were also obtained by virtue of the Förster theory of non-radiation energy transfer. The effect of α-mangostin on the HSA or TRF conformation was analyzed by synchronous spectrometry and fluorescence polarization studies. Molecular docking results reveal that the main interaction between α-mangostin and HSA is hydrophobic interactions, while the main interaction between α-mangostin and TRF is hydrogen bonding and Van der Waals forces. These results are consistent with spectral results. PMID:27584012

  14. Concerned Journals, Editors And ICMJE

    Ajai R. Singh


    Full Text Available This section will detail some important initiatives taken by journal editors in writing about industry influence on academia in particular and medicine in general. It will also look into the Revised Guidelines of the ICMJE vis-à-vis issues related to industry-sponsored research. Journals And Editors In the last chapter, we saw how conflict of interest related to individuals and institutions are discussed and resolved by AAMC. Conflict of interest because of industry's increasing clout has also engaged the attention of editors of important journals and some significant editorials in this connection are worth a close study by all concerned researchers and institutions, for they reflect reasoned responses to disturbing developments. The titles themselves reflect their concern:Is academic medicine for sale? (Angell, N Engl J Med , 2000Angell asks a piquant question of academic medical institutions:'Academic medical institutions are themselves growing increasingly beholden to industry. How can they justify rigorous conflict-of-interest policies for individual researchers when their own ties are so extensive?' Answering as to why Academia-industry connect flourishes, she says: 'Some academic institutions have entered into partnerships with drug companies to set up research centers and teaching programs in which students and faculty members essentially carry out industry research. Both sides see great benefit in this arrangement. For financially struggling medical centers, it means cash. For the companies that make the drugs and devices, it means access to research talent, as well as affiliation with a prestigious "brand." Asking herself the question: 'Why shouldn't clinical researchers have close ties to industry?' she answers it decisively tilts academia's inclinations to serve industry interests in various ways, rather than that of biomedical advance:'One obvious concern is that these ties will bias research, both the kind of work that is done and

  15. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Teachers Voice Concern.

    Levin, Diane E.; Carlsson-Paige, Nancy


    Presents the results of a study exploring teachers' concerns and observations of how the "Power Rangers" television series affects children in their classrooms. Teachers' concerns focus on violence, aggressive play, confusion about fantasy and reality, obsessive involvement with the Power Rangers, and use of them as role models for social…

  16. Students' Concern about Indebtedness: A Rank Based Social Norms Account

    Aldrovandi, Silvio; Wood, Alex M.; Maltby, John; Brown, Gordon D. A.


    This paper describes a new model of students' concern about indebtedness within a rank-based social norms framework. Study 1 found that students hold highly variable beliefs about how much other students will owe at the end of their degree. Students' concern about their own anticipated debt--and their intention of taking on a part-time job during…

  17. Career concerns incentives: An experimental test

    Koch, Alexander; Morgenstern, Albrecht; Raab, Philippe

    Holmström's (1982/99) career concerns model has become a workhorse for analyzing agency issues in many fields. The underlying signal jamming argument requires players to use information in a Bayesian way, which is difficult to directly test with field data: typically little is known about the...... information that individuals base their decisions on. Our laboratory experiment provides prima facie evidence: i) the signal jamming mechanism successfully creates incentives on the labor supply side; ii) decision errors take time to decrease; iii) while subjects' average beliefs are remarkably consistent...

  18. Career concerns incentives: An experimental test

    Koch, Alexander; Morgenstern, Albrecht; Raab, Philippe


    Holmström's (1982/99) career concerns model has become a workhorse for analyzing agency issues in many elds. The underlying signal jamming argument requires players to use information in a Bayesian way, which is difficult to directly test with eld data: typically little is known about the...... information that individuals base their decisions on. Our laboratory experiment provides prima facie evidence: i) the signal jamming mechanism successfully creates incentives on the labor supply side; ii) decision errors take time to decrease; iii) while subjects’ average beliefs are remarkably consistent...

  19. Recent developments concerning the fusion

    Organized the 9 march 2000 by the SFEN, this meeting on the european program concerning the fusion, showed the utility of the exploitation and the enhancement of the actual technology (JET, Tore Supra, ASDEX) and the importance of the Europe engagement in the ITER program. The physical stakes for the magnetic fusion have been developed with a presentation of the progresses in the knowledge of the stability limits. A paper on the inertial fusion was based on the LMJ (Laser MegaJoule) project. The two blanket concepts chosen in the scope of the european program on the tritium blankets, have been discussed. These concepts will be validated by irradiation tests in the ITER-FEAT and adapted for a future reactor. (A.L.B.)

  20. HEPA filter concerns - an overview

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently initiated a complete review of the DOE High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter Program to identify areas for improvement. Although this process is currently ongoing, various issues and problems have already been identified for action that not only impacts the DOE HEPA filter program, but potentially the national and international air cleaning community as well. This paper briefly reviews a few of those concerns that may be of interest, and discusses actions initiated by the DOE to address the associated issues and problems. Issues discussed include: guidance standards, in-place testing, specifications, Test Facilities, portable units, vacuum cleaners, substitute aerosols, filter efficiencies, aging/shelf life/service life, fire suppression, handbook, Quality Products List (QPL), QA testing, and evaluations

  1. Alternative energy and environmental concerns

    The New Brunswick Market Design Committee will address environmental concerns within the context of the new energy policy and market rules for the newly restructured electric power industry. The new rules that come with power restructuring will in some ways facilitate environmental protection but they can also complicate it. With open access markets, it will be possible to coordinate evolving energy frameworks with current environmental objectives. Restructuring provides an opportunity to create incentives and guidelines to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner, as suggested in the New Brunswick Energy Policy, White Paper which outlines green pricing, the development of a provincial Climate Change Action Plan, and promotion of alternative energy. The Market Design Committee examined the environmental concerns listed within the White Paper that pertain to the generation and transmission of electricity. These include the integration of energy and environmental policy. Other issues addressed in this report were trans-boundary and global air emissions, the development of a provincial climate change action plan, and a federal-provincial climate change framework agreement. New Brunswick will encourage the development of pilot studies that demonstrate the benefits of renewable and alternative technologies and that help promote the market to manufacture, sell and maintain renewable and alternative technologies in small-scale on-site power generation. This report also discussed the 4 key air pollutants for which specific treatment has been defined, including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury and carbon dioxide. Recommendations for reducing these emissions include the use of renewable energy sources, the use of lower carbon fuels, increased efficiency of power transmission/generation/distribution systems, reducing power demand by the industrial sector, and promoting energy efficient building codes. 34 refs., 1 tab

  2. Some coolness concerning global warming

    Lindzen, Richard S.


    The greenhouse effect hypothesis is discussed. The effects of increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere on global temperature changes are analyzed. The problems with models currently used to predict climatic changes are examined.

  3. Mobile phones and health concerns

    As Mobile Cellular phone ownership grows throughout the developed as well as the developing world, concerns about the health risks due to radio frequency emissions from the mobile phone base stations and due to usage of mobile handsets are slowly growing. This article has a look at the concepts used in the mobile phone technology, the power outputs from base stations and mobile handsets, the quantities Specific Energy Absorption Rate (SAR) and power density as a means to assess the effects on biological tissue. The precautionary approach to manage the health risks from mobile phones by specifying exposure guidelines is explored. Having surveyed the relevant epidemiological surveys and finding them inconclusive, NRPB, United Kingdom's national regulatory body has issued exposure guidelines based on the potential of RF radiation to cause illness or injury through heating of body tissues. USA's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limits are also listed for comparison. ICNIRP has issued two-tier guidelines, differentiating between occupational and public exposure. The public exposure limits are kept at one-fifth of the occupational exposure limits. The evidence till date, suggests that exposure to RF radiation below NRPB and ICNIRP limits do not cause adverse effects to the general population. However, the gaps in our knowledge warrant a precautionary approach. (author)

  4. Ombuds’ corner: Confidentiality concerning boards

    Vincent Vuillemin


    In this series, the Bulletin aims to explain the role of the Ombuds at CERN by presenting practical examples of misunderstandings that could have been resolved by the Ombuds if he had been contacted earlier. Please note that, in all the situations we present, the names are fictitious and used only to improve clarity.   Phil* was a candidate for a position in a different group from the one he had been working for. After his board had taken place, Phil asked for an appointment with the Ombuds. In his opinion, the interview went reasonably well. However Phil had some concerns as he had heard that there was no point in him applying as another candidate will get the position. He had decided to apply anyway, encouraged by other people, with the hope that he would get a good rating that could help him get a position in the future, if he didn't get present one. During the interview he was asked some questions that could only have been answered by candidates with  experience related ...

  5. Food irradiation: benefits and concerns

    The benefits and concerns about treating foods with ionizing radiation are reviewed. Radioactivity cannot be induced in foods by treatment with gamma rays from 137Cs or 60Co, X-ray sources of 5 MeV or lower energy, or electrons of 10 MeV or lower energy. The evidence supports the safety and efficacy of using ionizing radiation for insect disinfestation of grains; dried spices, vegetables and fruits; and fresh fruit. Species and dose dependent phytotoxic and vitamin changes may occur in some fruits at greater doses than currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Irradiation can inactivate protozoan or helminth parasites and significantly decrease the probability of viable food-borne bacterial pathogens in fish, poultry, and red meats. The titers of amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins of chicken meat sterilized by thermal, electron-beam, or gamma radiation are presented. On the whole, the data support the safely and efficacy of the process

  6. X-ray Structure Analysis of Indazolium trans-[Tetrachlorobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)] (KP1019) Bound to Human Serum Albumin Reveals Two Ruthenium Binding Sites and Provides Insights into the Drug Binding Mechanism


    Ruthenium(III) complexes are promising candidates for anticancer drugs, especially the clinically studied indazolium trans-[tetrachlorobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)] (KP1019) and its analogue sodium trans-[tetrachlorobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)] (NKP-1339). Several studies have emphasized the likely role of human serum proteins in the transportation and accumulation of ruthenium(III) complexes in tumors. Therefore, the interaction between KP1019 and human serum albumin was investigated by means of X-ray crystallography and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The structural data unambiguously reveal the binding of two ruthenium atoms to histidine residues 146 and 242, which are both located within well-known hydrophobic binding pockets of albumin. The ruthenium centers are octahedrally coordinated by solvent molecules revealing the dissociation of both indazole ligands from the ruthenium-based drug. However, a binding mechanism is proposed indicating the importance of the indazole ligands for binding site recognition and thus their indispensable role for the binding of KP1019. PMID:27196130

  7. X-ray Structure Analysis of Indazolium trans-[Tetrachlorobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)] (KP1019) Bound to Human Serum Albumin Reveals Two Ruthenium Binding Sites and Provides Insights into the Drug Binding Mechanism.

    Bijelic, Aleksandar; Theiner, Sarah; Keppler, Bernhard K; Rompel, Annette


    Ruthenium(III) complexes are promising candidates for anticancer drugs, especially the clinically studied indazolium trans-[tetrachlorobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)] (KP1019) and its analogue sodium trans-[tetrachlorobis(1H-indazole)ruthenate(III)] (NKP-1339). Several studies have emphasized the likely role of human serum proteins in the transportation and accumulation of ruthenium(III) complexes in tumors. Therefore, the interaction between KP1019 and human serum albumin was investigated by means of X-ray crystallography and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The structural data unambiguously reveal the binding of two ruthenium atoms to histidine residues 146 and 242, which are both located within well-known hydrophobic binding pockets of albumin. The ruthenium centers are octahedrally coordinated by solvent molecules revealing the dissociation of both indazole ligands from the ruthenium-based drug. However, a binding mechanism is proposed indicating the importance of the indazole ligands for binding site recognition and thus their indispensable role for the binding of KP1019. PMID:27196130

  8. Lean Transformation of Multinational Concerns

    Matthiesen, Rikke Vestergaard; Johansen, John


    Abstract. Competitive pressure demands that companies constantly strive to catch up to world class manufacturing performance and practice. Continuous change is a mode of competition for many companies [1]. This is a departure from the punctuated equilibrium model of change in which change is event triggered. This paper reports on exploratory studies from a multinational company adopting centrally managed pilot projects as a transformation mechanism for continuous change towards a lean busines...

  9. Issues concerning global warming today

    Zhenqiu REN


    The global weather of today is growing significantly warmer; this is an indisputable fact.However,the scientific community has not yet reached consensus on the causes of global warming and its possible consequences.This paper introduces the causes of global warming and summarizes its results,which both involve a series of huge and complex system issues.Our top priority is to pinpoint the main reason and the interrelated links between causative factors by adopting a macro-approach,or comprehensive comparison analysis.Its physical mechanism was then determined and its digital model established after quantitative study.

  10. Sex and Prevention Concerns for Positive People

    ... with any comments or concerns. February 17, 2011 Sex and prevention concerns for positive people Facebook Twitter ... partner, and vice versa. The reality of safer sex You put yourself at risk for infections through ...

  11. Identifying Concerns of Parents of Young Children

    Mackenzie, Sandra; Evers, Susan


    A survey was conducted to ascertain parenting concerns and willingness to participate in parenting groups as a means of addressing concerns. Questionnaires were sent to 121 families with a child aged three years or under. Mothers and fathers were asked to complete separate questionnaires. Analysis of the 85 sets of questionnaires returned indicates that more mothers (51.8%) than fathers (24.9%) had at least five parental concerns. The top five concerns of mothers were “discipline”, “childhood...

  12. Treatment Concerns and Functional Impairment in Pediatric Anxiety.

    Wu, Monica S; Salloum, Alison; Lewin, Adam B; Selles, Robert R; McBride, Nicole M; Crawford, Erika A; Storch, Eric A


    Although there are efficacious, evidence-based treatments for anxiety disorders, youth often experience delays in seeking therapy. Myriad reasons may contribute to this lag in treatment initiation, with some youth possessing concerns about therapy. Treatment concerns are broadly characterized by worries/ambivalence about seeking treatment, including concerns about the negative reactions, consequences, and inconvenience of treatment. As no studies exist for youth with anxiety disorders, this study examined the phenomenology of treatment concerns in 119 treatment-seeking, anxious youth and utilized a structural equation model to examine the relationship between child anxiety, depressive symptoms, treatment concerns, and anxiety-related functional impairment. Over 90 % of the children positively endorsed some type of treatment-related fear, with the most frequently expressed concern being that therapy would take too much time (50.4 %). Based on the model, both child anxiety and depressive symptoms predicted functional impairment, and treatment concerns mediated the relationship between child anxiety and functional impairment. PMID:26438217

  13. Requirements concerning integrated event analysis

    The safe operation of nuclear plants is not only guaranteed by technical systems, but is also influenced to a large extent by human input. The interaction between human action, including the administrative and organisational functions, and the operation, maintenance and monitoring of a plant are of particular importance here. Consequently, incidents and events occurring in nuclear power plants need to be systematically investigated, not only to reconstruct the sequence of events, but also to determine the factors that triggered the event in the first place and then encouraged its development. The aim is to make a structured causal analysis to facilitate an objective search for the root causes and hidden deficiencies in the interaction between technical processes, human action and administrative/organisational aspects. The evaluation of events reported by other plants to ascertain transferability to your own plant is also very important. Incorporating the information obtained from this evaluation of the experience of comparable plants and equipment in your own plant management has a positive effect on the safe operation and availability of the plant. For example, additions are made to the operating instructions, technical modifications are incorporated in the plant and measures are taken to expand and maintain expertise in order to be able to take effective precautionary measures that also prevent a repetition of incidents and events at other plants from occurring at your own plant. The principal aim of safe power plant operation is achieved if the results of basis causal analyses on the basis of recognised evaluation models are integrated in power plant organisation units as experience feedback in order to involve and increase the awareness of all employees. (author)

  14. Moral considerations concerning income inequality

    Jurjen P. de Vries


    Full Text Available The income inequality evident today has reached ethically unwarranted levels. In the Old and New Testament the Bible teaches us that disparity in wealth ought to meet the norms of justice and equity. Differences in income must be proportional to differences in the workers’performance and the responsibilities they assume. Employers and trade unions have the duty to ensure that these boundaries are respected. The government’s obligation is to take measures against the abuse of power monopolies, but it does not have to pursue income equality as such. Finally, where greed still rules society, Christians have the task to model a different life.In die hedendaagse samelewing kan aansienlike inkomsteverskille nie eties verantwoordword nie. In sowel die Ou as Nuwe Testament leer die Bybel ons dat verskille in inkomste aan die norm van regverdigheid en billikheid moet voldoen. Inkomsteverskille moet in ’n sinvolle verhouding tot die verskil in prestasie en verantwoordelikheid staan. Werkgewers en vakbonde moet in hierdie opsig die nodige grense in stand hou. Die owerheid kan maatreëls instel teen die wanpraktyke van magsmonopolieë, maar nie teen inkomste-ongelykhede as sulks nie. Wanneer hebsug die botoon in ’n samelewing voer, is dit die taak van Christene om’n eie lewenstyl te handhaaf.In de hedendaagse maatschappij zijn de inkomensverschillen groter dan ethisch verantwoord is. Het Oude en Nieuwe Testament van de Bijbel leren dat financiële verhoudingen moeten voldoen aan de normen van rechtvaardigheid en billijkheid. Inkomensverschillen moeten in redelijke verhouding staan tot het verschil in prestatie en verantwoordelijkheid. Werkgevers en vakorganisaties moeten hier de verantwoorde grenzen bewaken. De overheid neemt maatregelen tegen misbruik van machtsmonopolies ten eigen bate, maar voor haar is nivellering niet een doel op zich. En als in de maatschappij de hebzucht nog de boventoon voert, is het de taak van christenen hier een eigen

  15. Identity-driven differences in stakeholder concerns about hunting wolves.

    Lute, Michelle L; Bump, Adam; Gore, Meredith L


    Whereas past wolf management in the United States was restricted to recovery, managers must now contend with publicly contentious post-recovery issues including regulated hunting seasons. Understanding stakeholder concerns associated with hunting can inform stakeholder engagement, communication, and policy development and evaluation. Social identity theory (SIT) has been used to understand how groups interact, why they conflict, and how collaboration may be achieved. Applying SIT to stakeholder conflicts about wolf hunting may help delineate groups according to their concern about, support for or opposition to the policy choice of hunting wolves. Our objective was to assess concerns about hunting as a tool to resolve conflict in Michigan, using SIT as a framework. We used a mixed-modal sampling approach (e.g., paper, Internet) with wolf hunting-related public meeting participants in March 2013. Survey questions focused on 12 concerns previously identified as associated with hunting as a management tool to resolve conflict. Respondents (n  =  666) cared greatly about wolves but were divided over hunting wolves. Wolf conflicts, use of science in policy decisions, and maintaining a wolf population were the highest ranked concerns. Principle components analysis reduced concerns into three factors that explained 50.7% of total variance; concerns crystallized over justifications for hunting. General linear models revealed a lack of geographic influence on care, fear and support for hunting related to wolves. These findings challenge assumptions about regional differences and suggest a strong role for social identity in driving dichotomized public perceptions in wildlife management. PMID:25464276


    Maria Criveanu, univ.; Baluna Radu,


    One of the major concerns of our century is represented by the climate changes, a reason for which immediate and correct measures should be taken for an efficient approach of this problem, concerning costs and respecting the principle of prudence. Studies made by experts in this field concerning the climate changes have shown that during the past years there have been recorded increases of global medium temperatures of water and ocean, an extensive melting of snow and ice, together with a glo...

  17. Relative Income Concerns and the Rise in Married Women's Employment

    David Neumark; Andrew Postlewaite


    We ask whether women's decisions to be in the labor force may be affected by the decisions of other women in ways not captured by standard models. We develop a model that augments the simple neoclassical framework by introducing relative income concerns into women's (or families') utility functions. In this model, the entry of some women into paid employment can spur the entry of other women, independently of wage and income effects. This mechanism may help to explain why, over some periods, ...

  18. Public concerns and alternative nuclear power systems

    The basic task undertaken in this study was to assess the relative public acceptability of three general types of nuclear power systems as alternatives to the existing Light Water Reactor (LWR) system. Concerns registered toward nuclear power constituted the basic data for this assessment. The primary measure adopted for determining the significance of concerns was the degree of difficulty posed by the concern to the nuclear power decisional structure in the establishment and maintenance of norms to control risks or to advance intended energy objectives. Alleviations or exacerbations of concern resulting from particular attributes of alternative systems were measured from an LWR baseline

  19. Concerns about the implantable cardioverter defibrillator

    Pedersen, Susanne S.; van Domburg, Ron T; Theuns, Dominic A M J;


    Patients with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) are at increased risk of anxiety disorders. In turn, anxiety has been identified as a precipitant of ventricular arrhythmias. Anxiety may in part be attributed to concerns about the ICD firing, but the relationship between ICD concerns...

  20. Composing Crosscutting Concerns Using Composition Filters

    Bergmans, Lodewijk; Aksit, Mehmet


    It has been demonstrated that certain design concerns, such as access control, synchronization, and object interactions cannot be expressed in current OO languages as a separate software module [4, 7]. These so-called crosscutting concerns generally result in implementations scattered over multiple

  1. Liberation Linguistics and the Quirk Concern.

    Kachru, Braj B.

    This paper addresses the concerns of Sir Randolph Quirk, former President of the British Academy and founder of the Survey of English Usage, regarding current paradigms used for describing various issues related to the diffusion of English in the global context. The historical context for these concerns is provided, a discussion of these concerns…

  2. General experiments concerning particle-matter interactions

    The author gathers in this document several papers he has already published in order to shed light on different aspects concerning ion-crystal interactions. This document is divided into 3 chapters. In the first chapter the author presents results obtained from experiments dedicated to charge exchanges and energy released by heavy ions in channeling conditions. Different processes involved in ion-electron interactions are considered: The tri-electronic recombination, the electron capture through nuclear excitation (NEEC), resonant transfer and excitation (RTE), resonant transfer and double excitation (RTDE) and electron impact ionization (EII). The second chapter deals with the measurement of nuclear fission times through crystal blocking experiments. The crystal blocking technique allows the measurement in a model-independent way of the recoil distance covered by the excited nucleus during the whole fission process (starting from the initial collision and ending at the scission point). The last chapter is dedicated to the photon impact ionization through the conversion of a high-energy photon into an electron-positron pair

  3. Patient concerns regarding chronic hepatitis C infections.

    Minuk, G Y; Gutkin, A; Wong, S G; Kaita, K D E


    Counselling of patients with chronic hepatitis C infections is often limited to discussions regarding how the virus is transmitted and what can be done to decrease the risk of transmission to others. The purpose of the present study was to document the principal concerns of newly diagnosed and follow-up patients with chronic hepatitis C, and thereby enhance counselling strategies and content. Seventy newly diagnosed and 115 follow-up patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection were initially asked in an open-ended manner (volunteered concerns) and then to prioritize from a prepared list of seven potential concerns (prioritized concerns), to identify those concerns that were of utmost importance to them. The most common volunteered concerns of newly diagnosed patients in decreasing order were: disease progression (27%), premature death (19%), infecting family members (13%), side-effects of treatment (11%) and miscellaneous others. In decreasing order, prioritized concerns included: infecting family members, development of liver cancer, infecting others, development of cirrhosis, social stigma of having liver disease, need for liver transplant and loss of employment. The principal volunteered and prioritized concerns of follow-up patients were similar to those of newly diagnosed patients. Volunteered and prioritized concerns were relatively consistent across the different genders, age groups, ethnic backgrounds, education level, marital status, employment, modes of viral acquisition and in the case of follow-up patients, duration of follow-up. These results indicate that health care providers who focus counselling efforts exclusively on viral transmission are unlikely to address other important concerns of newly diagnosed and follow-up patients with chronic HCV infection. PMID:15655048

  4. Fukushima- Ocean Impacts and Public Concerns

    Buesseler, K.


    The triple disaster of the March 11, 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent radiation releases at Fukushima Dai-ichi were unprecedented events for the ocean and society. This presentation will provide an overview of studies of Fukushima radionuclides in the ocean. The radioactive releases from Fukushima will be compared to natural and prior human sources. The fate of cesium is largely determined by its soluble nature in seawater, though uptake in sediments does occur via cesium's association with both detrital particles and biological uptake and sedimentation. Cesium's continued supply from the rivers and ongoing leakages at the nuclear power plants suggests that coastal sediments may remain contaminated for decades to come. Although levels of cesium in the ocean and being released from Fukushima more than four years later are orders of magnitude lower than in 2011, other isotopes such as strontium-90 remain of interest as they are elevated relative to cesium in the groundwater and storage tanks at the reactor site. Across the Pacific, Fukushima cesium is starting to be detectable along the west coast of North America. Although models suggest cesium will be at levels well below those considered of human health concern, the public is worried about the lack of ocean monitoring of Fukushima radionuclides. We addressed these public concerns by creating "Our Radioactive Ocean" a citizen-scientist crowd-funded campaign that provides a sampling kit that can use to sample their favorite beach. Once collected, samples are returned to WHOI for analyses of the isotopes of cesium that allow us to distinguish Fukushima cesium from other sources ( ). However to measure the low levels of cesium already in the ocean 20 liter samples are needed. To increase public participation, we will also present results from a new wearable sample collector, the "RadBand" which contains a small amount of cesium selective resin that surfers and swimmers can wear on

  5. Towards Separation of Concerns in Flow-Based Programming

    Zarrin, Bahram; Baumeister, Hubert


    Flow-Based Programming (FBP) is a programming paradigm that models software systems as a directed graph of predefined processes which run asynchronously and exchange data through input and output ports. FBP decomposes software systems into a network of processes. However there are concerns...

  6. Recent Advances Concerning Certain Class of Geophysical Flows

    Li, Jinkai


    This paper is devoted to reviewing several recent developments concerning certain class of geophysical models, including the primitive equations (PEs) of atmospheric and oceanic dynamics and a tropical atmosphere model. The PEs for large-scale oceanic and atmospheric dynamics are derived from the Navier-Stokes equations coupled to the heat convection by adopting the Boussinesq and hydrostatic approximations, while the tropical atmosphere model considered here is a nonlinear interaction system between the barotropic mode and the first baroclinic mode of the tropical atmosphere with moisture. We are mainly concerned with the global well-posedness of strong solutions to these systems, with full or partial viscosity, as well as certain singular perturbation small parameter limits related to these systems, including the small aspect ratio limit from the Navier-Stokes equations to the PEs, and a small relaxation-parameter in the tropical atmosphere model. These limits provide a rigorous justification to the hydrost...

  7. 基于动态频谱博弈约束机制的认知无线网络信道选择算法%Cognitive radio network channel selection algorithm based on dynamic spectrum game binding mechanism

    王思秀; 郭文强; 阿布都热合曼·卡的尔


    For the problem that cognitive wireless network channel access,to reduce interference between the channels au-thorized by the primary user of the second user,and increase the efficiency of channel utilization,this paper proposed a cogni-tive radio network channel selection algorithm based on dynamic spectrum game binding mechanism.First of all,it proposed a game constraint mechanism to analyze secondary users in the use of spectrum resources as well as the cost to harvest the bene-fits,constraints derived function spectrum allocation game,the spectral time selected by the user can be utilized as much as possible and to produce benefits improve the utilization of spectrum resources.Secondly,in order to choose a better access channel,channel selection method based on channel utilization,packet loss rate,power situation of these three performance indicators to select authorized idle channel.Simulation and comparison of experimental results show that the algorithm based on time series prediction method compared to the competition and cooperative spectrum access based method to reduce the delay in channel access interference and improve with better results on the channel utilization.%针对认知无线网络的信道接入问题,为减少在授权信道上次用户与主用户之间的互相干扰,并提高信道利用效率,提出一种基于动态频谱博弈约束机制的认知无线网络信道选择算法。首先提出一种博弈约束机制,分析次用户在利用频谱资源时所付出的成本以及所收获的效益,得出频谱分配博弈的约束函数,使次用户所选择的频谱能够尽可能地被利用并产生效益,提高频谱资源的利用率。为了选择更好的接入信道,采用基于信道利用率、丢包率、功率情况这三种性能指标的信道选择方法来选择授权的空闲信道。实验仿真及对比结果表明,该算法相比基于时间序列预测方法和基于竞争协作频谱接入方法

  8. Tourette Syndrome (TS): Other Concerns and Conditions

    ... Articles & Key Findings Free Materials Info For Families Bullying Info for Health Professionals Info for Education Professionals ... concerns can be addressed with accommodations and behavioral interventions (for example, help with social skills). Accommodations can ...

  9. Special Concerns for Seniors: Clostridium difficile

    ... Room Antibiotic Resistance in the News APUA Blog: "Superbugs and Drugs" Home | Contact Us Special Concerns for ... Resources Educators PBS Program on "Rx for Survival" Superbugs Drug Resistance and Social Norms CDC Get Smart ...

  10. Overview of Chemicals of Emerging Concern

    Contaminants of emerging concern or environmental emerging contaminants, are chemicals, products and materials that are detected with increasing frequency in all environmental media including surface, ground water and drinking water. Examples of these contaminants include pharmac...

  11. Mild Air Pollution of Concern in Pregnancy

    ... Mild Air Pollution of Concern in Pregnancy Study found risk for ... Being exposed to just a small amount of air pollution during pregnancy ups the risk of a pregnancy ...

  12. Comprehensive Oncologic Emergencies Research Network (CONCERN)

    The Comprehensive Oncologic Emergencies Research Network (CONCERN) was established in March 2015 with the goal to accelerate knowledge generation, synthesis and translation of oncologic emergency medicine research through multi-center collaborations.

  13. Concerning bodies [stream convenors and panel chairs

    Bartram, Angela; O'Neill, Mary


    The 'Concerning Bodies' stream is a collaboration with Eric Daffron (USA) and Becky McLaughlin (USA) that is part of the London Conference of Critical Thought, Royal Holloway University of London, 6-7 June 2013. The stream has two parallel strands detailed below: Stream Title: Concerning Bodies This stream has two points of focus: firstly, the representation, and ethical implications, of bodies (both human and animal) in visual cultures and, secondly, the account of the body (and bod...


    Lect. Prof. Sorinel Domnişoru Ph. D; Assist. Sorin-Sandu Vînătoru Ph.D Student; Mariana Gîrbaci Ph.D


    The paper discusses a very topical issue, under the conditions of the economic crisis, on the going concern of an entity and the manner in which the auditor can provide reasonable assurances to that effect. The going concern assumption is a fundamental principle for drafting the financial statements, which state that an entity is generally regarded as presenting a continuation of its work in the foreseeable future, having no intention or need to be liquidated, and to suspend its activity or t...

  15. Video display terminals - should operators be concerned

    Although modern offices have traditionally been thought to be among the safest places to work, over the past few years office workers have become concerned that video display terminals could be causing a variety of health problems. Extensive testing has occurred in many countries to determine if VDTs emit hazardous levels of ionizing or non-ionizing radiation. Results of these surveys suggest that radiation emissions are not of concern but that ergonomic factors in the office environment may need to be improved

  16. Measuring Knowledge of Technology Usage and Stages of Concern about Computing: A Study of Middle School Teachers.

    Atkins, Nancy Ellen; Vasu, Ellen Storey


    Examined middle school teachers' concerns, knowledge, and use of technology in teaching, and how these related to their school's level of technology integration. Discusses the Computing Concerns Questionnaire; the Teaching with Technology Instrument; the Concerns Based Adoption Model; Stages of Concern about Computing; computer confidence;…

  17. Radioactive waste shipments and tribal concerns

    Several Indian tribes have registered concerns over the potential environmental, health, and safety and risks of transporting transuranic wastes to New Mexico's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) site. With the scheduled beginning of the WIPP test phase near at hand, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has sought to identify and accommodate tribal concerns. Appropriate DOE response to tribal concerns depends, in part, on understanding both the general nature of tribal interests and also the specific issues that individual tribes accord the greatest priority. Described here is the approach taken in the context of WIPP program activities to identify transportation-related tribal concerns, and to create an institutional arena for addressing these concerns by establishing cooperative agreements with two tribes whose jurisdictions are crossed by WIPP test-phase shipments. Special attention is directed to support for tribal activities involving public information, accident prevention, and emergency response; these activities are designed to enhance tribal capabilities for managing potential transportation-related impacts. 5 refs

  18. A Formal Study of the Privacy Concerns in Biometric-Based Remote Authentication Schemes

    Tang, Qiang; Bringer, Julien; Chabanne, Hervé; Pointcheval, David; Chen, L; Mu, Y.; Susilo, W.


    With their increasing popularity in cryptosystems, biometrics have attracted more and more attention from the information security community. However, how to handle the relevant privacy concerns remains to be troublesome. In this paper, we propose a novel security model to formalize the privacy concerns in biometric-based remote authentication schemes. Our security model covers a number of practical privacy concerns such as identity privacy and transaction anonymity, which have not been forma...

  19. TPP and Intellectual Property: Growing Concerns

    Amitendu Palit


    Promoted as a high-quality twenty-first century trade agreement for the Asia-Pacific, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has generated concerns over several WTO plus issues it is negotiating. This article examines the concerns on intellectual property rules with respect to patents and copyrights. While large emerging markets like China and India are not part of the TPP, growth of a rigid intellectual property regime as proposed by the TPP in the Asia-Pacific, will have several implications f...

  20. Nuclear education and training: cause for concern?

    Mankind now enjoys many benefits from nuclear-related technologies. There is, however, growing concern in many OECD countries that nuclear education and training is decreasing, perhaps to problematic levels. This booklet, a summary of the full report, conveys the results of a pioneering survey on nuclear education and training in almost 200 organisations in 16 countries. The current situation is presented and causes for concern are examined. Recommendations are made as to the actions governments, academia and industry must take in order to assure that crucial present requirements are met and future options are not precluded. (authors)

  1. 计算机专业毕业设计教学质量评价模型的研究及应用*%Research and Application of the Evaluation Model Concerning Teaching Quality for Graduation Design of Computer Majors

    张丽; 崔斌; 宋国建


      为了提高计算机专业毕业设计的教学质量,对其影响因素进行探讨,从专家和学生两个层面建立评价模型,采用专家咨询法对评价模型中的指标进行筛选和修改,然后利用AHP法计算各级各项指标的权重,运用模糊综合评判法对评价数据进行处理,得出计算机专业毕业设计教学质量评价的综合结果。%To improve the teaching quality for graduation design of computer majors, discusses the affect-ing factors. The evaluation model contains 2 bodies, experts and students, the expert consulta-tion method is used to screen and modify the indexes of the evaluation model, the AHP is used to determine the weight of every evaluation index, and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method was used to process the evaluation data, then gives the comprehensive result.

  2. Ethnic differences in ecological concerns: Spanish-speaking Hispanics are more concerned than others

    We postulated that environmental concern encompasses a wide range of different issues, often lumping pollution with habitat loss (or land use) and ecological resources (fish and wildlife). In this paper, we compare perceptions about a range of environmental and ecological resource issues, and explore ethnic/racial differences. We surveyed 1513 residents of New Jersey about 'environmental concerns', using both general environmental questions (two questions: How serious are environmental problems in New Jersey? Are you concerned about the loss of open space?) and ecological resource questions (12 questions: e.g., how important is planting trees in your neighborhood, how concerned are you about loss of breeding and feeding habitat for fish and birds?) in New Jersey. Not all concerns were rated equally. For the ecological questions, there were no ethnic differences in concerns over preserving areas around water supplies, loss of places to hunt and fish, and loss of places for quiet walks and cycling, but there were for the other 9 ecological concerns. For eight of these nine concerns, Spanish-speaking Hispanics were more concerned than others (including English-speaking Hispanics). We divided the ecological resources into three categories: ecological services (clean water and safety), ecological resources (fish and wildlife), and recreational services. The strongest correlates of people's association with enlarging and enhancing recreational services were Spanish-speaking Hispanics, who are supportive of regulations and believe local government is not doing enough for environmental problems. People concerned about the loss of ecological resources and open space believe the federal government and the state are not doing enough for the environment, were non-Hispanic White, want continued environmental regulations, were longer-term residents, were high school graduates, and were older (45-54 years). People interested in ecological services were college-educated, non

  3. An Investigation of How Teachers' Concerns Influence Innovation Adoption. Procedures for Adopting Educational Innovations Project.

    Rutherford, William L.

    An overview is presented of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model, which describes the major factors influencing the decisions and actions of individuals in the innovation adoption process. The two critical indicators hypothesized by the model, Level of Use of the Innovation, and Stages of Concern About the Innovation, are discussed. The seven stages…

  4. Ethical Concerns: Negotiating Truth and Trust

    McGarvey, Lynn M.; Sterenberg, Gladys


    Few studies in mathematics education explicitly address ethical issues arising from student interactions. The ethical concerns held by students are expressed in their words, actions, and interactions. The purpose of this article is to explore the ethical nature of copying as it arises in a mathematics classroom. We investigate the basis for…

  5. Hispanic Cultural Influence on Environmental Concern.

    Noe, Francis P.; Snow, Rob


    The New Environmental Paradigm scale of environmental concern was applied in two survey populations to determine whether differences in ethnic background influenced preferences toward the environment. Results indicated that Hispanic users were ecologically attuned to the environment on a par with non-Hispanics from the general population.…

  6. Linguistic Privilege: Why Educators Should Be Concerned

    Gallagher-Geurtsen, Tricia


    Awareness of privilege and the unearned power that it brings those who have it is a crucial aspect of becoming a multicultural educator. For some time White and male privilege has been a topic of discussion among educators and people concerned about social justice. All aspects of privilege need to be understood and articulated in order to continue…

  7. New Developments of the Shared Concern Method.

    Pikas, Anatol


    Reviews and describes new developments in the Shared Concern method (SCm), a tool for tackling group bullying amongst teenagers by individual talks. The psychological mechanisms of healing in the bully group and what hinders the bully therapist in eliciting them have become better clarified. The most important recent advancement of the SCm…

  8. Understanding Teachers' Concerns about Inclusive Education

    Yadav, Monika; Das, Ajay; Sharma, Sushama; Tiwari, Ashwini


    This study examined the concerns of regular elementary school teachers in Gurgaon, India, in order to work with students with disabilities in inclusive education settings. A total of 175 teachers responded to a two-part questionnaire. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The data indicated that the teachers in Gurgaon,…

  9. Asian Pacific American Women's Health Concerns.

    Pian, Canta

    This paper discusses the adjustment and acculturation problems of Asian Pacific American women and how these problems relate to their health concerns. Information presented in the article is based on the observations of health service providers to the Asian community. The paper suggests that the diversity of Asian Americans (age, ethnic group, and…

  10. Ensuring protection for LGBTI Persons of Concern

    Volker Türk


    Full Text Available Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI asylumseekers and refugees face a myriad of threats, risks and vulnerabilitiesthroughout all stages of the displacement cycle. There needs to begreater awareness not only of the specific protection concerns relatingto LGBTI individuals but also of related jurisprudence and guidanceavailable for UN staff, partners, state authorities and decision-makers.

  11. Counseling Concerns for the Individual with Bulimia.

    Leclair, Norma J; Berkowitz, Belinda


    Presents characteristics, medical concerns, treatment alternatives, and family issues for counselors working with nonhospitalized clients. Emphasis is placed on attending the interaction of the behavioral, cognitive, and affective domains in the client. Counselors should use interventions based on theory and research. (Author/JAC)

  12. Adolescent Homosexuality and Concerns Regarding Disclosure.

    Harrison, Therese W.


    With threats of being labeled abnormal or facing rejection, homosexual adolescents are pressured to hide their sexual identities. To provide optimal anticipatory guidance and support, professionals must understand the natural development of sexual attraction and the disclosure concerns and risks for developing homosexual adolescents (e.g., risk…

  13. Emergency Preparedness Concerns for Older Adults


    This podcast discusses the special concerns many older adults face during a disaster. It is primarily targeted to public health and aging services professionals.  Created: 1/26/2009 by National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) and Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response (COTPER).   Date Released: 1/26/2009.

  14. Mountains: Geology, Topography and Environmental Concerns

    Martin F. Price


    Full Text Available Reviewed: Mountains: Geology, Topography and Environmental Concerns. Edited by António José, Bento Gonçalves, and António Avelino Batista Vieria. New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers, 2014. ix + 371 pp. US$ 175.00. ISBN 978-1-63117-288-5.

  15. Bioenergy Plants: Hopes, Concerns and Prospectives

    Martin A.J.Parry; Hai-Chun Jing


    @@ There are major concerns over both the security of energy supplies (declining supplies and political control) and the en-vironmental costs associated with energy generation and use.The global consumption of carbon-containing fossil fuels for heat, electricity, transport and the manufacture of chemicals is not sustainable.

  16. The Concerns of Beginning Nursing Students.

    Williams, Rhea P.


    A descriptive correlational study looked at the concerns of nursing students (n=245) as they began their nursing education program. Among the most stressful areas cited were academic work, long hours of study, lack of sufficient clinical knowledge and experience to complete the task, and relationship with faculty. (JOW)

  17. Behavior Analytic Consultation for Academic Referral Concerns

    Dufrene, Brad A.; Zoder-Martell, Kimberly A.; Dieringe, Shannon Titus; Labrot, Zachary


    Applied behavior analysis provides a technology of human behavior that demonstrates great potential for improving socially important outcomes for individuals. School-based consultation may provide a vehicle for delivering applied behavior analysis services in schools to address academic referral concerns. In this article, we propose that…

  18. Statements on questions concerning nuclear energy

    Questions and answers compiled in this publication are excerpts from correspondence with citizens during the licensing procedure for the planned nuclear power plant. Subjects: Environmental impacts, environmental monitoring, earthquake safety, aircraft crashes, disaster control, questions concerning liability, waste management, energy and economy policies, and planning procedure. (HP)

  19. Common statistical concerns in clinical trials

    Evans, Scott R.


    Statistics are an integral part of clinical trials. Elements of statistics span clinical trial design, data monitoring, analyses, and reporting. A solid understanding of statistical concepts by clinicians improves the comprehension and the resulting quality of clinical trials. This manuscript outlines common statistical concerns in clinical trials that are important for clinicians to understand.

  20. Software Architecture : Framing Stakeholders' Concerns introduction

    Lago, Patricia; Avgeriou, Paris; Hilliard, Rich


    As noted earlier, some stakeholder concerns are well-served today by available architecture viewpoints, frameworks, or ADLs, while others aren't expressible with available, off-the-shelf approaches. Hence the theme of this special issue: exploring the space of architecting in the face of multiple st

  1. What factors mediate the relationship between global self-worth and weight and shape concerns?

    Murphy, Edel; Dooley, Barbara; Menton, Aoife; Dolphin, Louise


    The primary aim of this study was to investigate whether the relationship between global self-worth and weight concerns and global self-worth and shape concerns was mediated by pertinent body image factors, while controlling for gender and estimated BMI. Participants were 775 adolescents (56% male) aged 12-18years (M=14.6; SD=1.50). Mediation analysis revealed a direct and a mediated effect between global self-worth and two body image models: 1) weight concerns and 2) shape concerns. The strongest mediators in both models were physical appearance, restrained eating, and depression. Partial mediation was observed for both models, indicating that body image factors which span cognitive, affective, and behavioral constructs, explain the association between global self-worth and weight and shape concerns. Implications for future research, weight and shape concern prevention and global self-worth enhancement programs are discussed. PMID:26894257

  2. Environmental Concern and Rational Production, Consumption and Rehabilitation

    Levy, Amnon


    Utility from consumption might be spoiled by the degradation of the environment. The incorporation of a direct dependency of utility on the state of the environment through environmental concern and the incorporation of the effects of production pollution and rehabilitative investment on the environment into a lifetime utility maximization model imply that a minimal degree of impatience is necessary for an interior steady state to exist. This steady state is unique, approachable along a path ...

  3. Airline strategic alliances in overlapping Markets: Should policymakers be concerned?

    Gayle, Philip; Brown, Dave


    When there is significant overlap in potential partner airlines' route networks, policymakers have expressed concern that an alliance between such airlines may facilitate collusion on price and/or service levels in the partners' overlapping markets. The contribution of our paper is to put together a structural econometric model that is able to explicitly disentangle the demand and supply effects associated with an alliance between such airlines. The estimates from our structural econometric...

  4. Psychological Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder Improves Body Dysmorphic Concerns

    Fang, Angela; Sawyer, Alice T.; Aderka, Idan M.; Hofmann, Stefan G.


    Social anxiety disorder and body dysmorphic disorder are considered nosologically distinct disorders In contrast, some cognitive models suggest that social anxiety disorder and body dysmorphic disorder share similar cognitive maintenance factors. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of psychological treatments for social anxiety disorder on body dysmorphic disorder concerns. In Study 1, we found that 12 weekly group sessions of cognitive-behavioral therapy led to significant decre...

  5. 'Mum's the word': Predictors and outcomes of weight concerns in pre-adolescent and early adolescent girls.

    Thøgersen-Ntoumani, Cecilie; Ng, Johan Yau Yin; Ntoumanis, Nikos; Chatzisarantis, Nikos; Vlachopoulos, Symeon; Katartzi, Ermioni S; Nikitaras, Nikitas


    Predictors and outcomes of weight concerns in pre-adolescent and adolescent girls are well known, but few models have incorporated concerns reported directly by mothers as a predictor, and both eating and exercise outcomes. Using questionnaires, a comprehensive model of 232 pre-adolescent and early adolescent girls' weight concerns, eating restraint, and exercise behavior was tested. Structural equation modeling showed that daughters' weight concerns were predicted primarily by their perceptions of their mothers' concerns about the daughters' weight, as well as by daughters' BMI, appearance conversations with friends, and perceived media pressure. Mothers' concerns with their daughters' weight were indirectly associated with daughters' own concerns, via the daughters' perceptions of their mothers' concerns. Daughters' concerns with their weight were a strong predictor of eating restraint, but not exercise behavior. PMID:26803392

  6. The Concerns of Competent Novices during a Mentoring Year

    Susan Lennox


    Full Text Available In an innovative group mentoring approach, four experienced midwives mentored four new graduates during their first year of practice. The new graduates were in practice as case-loading registered midwives having completed a three year Bachelor of Midwifery degree. Detailed data about the new graduates’ concerns were collected throughout the year of the mentoring project. A range of practice areas—administrative, working environment, professional culture, clinical issues and the mentor group itself—were prominent issues. New graduates were concerned about their own professional development and about relationships with others particularly relationships within the hospital. Technical questions focussed more on craft knowledge that develops through experience than on clinical skills or knowledge. Identifying these concerns provides a foundation for mentors, preceptors and those designing professional development support programmes for the first year of practice. It may be that new graduate midwives educated in a profession with a narrowly defined scope of practice have a different range of concerns to new graduates who have wider scopes of practice. The use of a group model of mentoring for supporting new graduate midwives proved stimulating for mentors and highly supportive of new graduates.

  7. Are British Higher Educational Concerns Different from European Higher Educational Concerns?

    Mangset, Marte


    British universities are known among the other Bologna countries not to have adjusted fully to the new common three-tier degree structure. Is it the case that British higher educational concerns are different from Continental concerns? A study of recent developments in two British graduate schools of history shows that a three-tier study structure…

  8. The Hospital Building as Project and Matter of Concern

    Harty, Chris; Tryggestad, Kjell


    negotiating the building design and project, including the exposition and resolution of controversy concerning size of spaces and bodies. The paper compares the use of two different forms of representation of the same imagined space—a single-bed room in a hospital, and produced for similar purposes......Mock-ups, scale models and drawings are ubiquitous in building design processes, circulating between various stakeholders. They contribute to the gradual evolution of design, but what else can specific material forms of representations do for the building design and project? The full-scale model of...... spaces and bodies....

  9. Relative concerns associated with genetics and surrogacy.

    Kirk, M

    Assisted reproductive technologies, incorporating artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization techniques, are widely practised across Europe. Concern about surrogacy prompted the UK Government to commission a review and consultation on surrogacy arrangements. The ensuing document was concerned primarily with the questions of payment to the surrogate, and the regulation of agencies involved in surrogacy arrangements. This author feels that more fundamental issues should first be debated by both health professionals and society. Genetic aspects of surrogacy merit special attention, particularly regarding the genetic contribution to parenthood and the ownership and use of genetic information. Health professionals need to be fully aware of the ethical implications of advances in genetics and technology when they are applied to assisted reproduction. PMID:9735720

  10. Environmental concerns gaining importance in industry operations

    This paper reports that environmental concerns have leapt to the forefront of industry's concerns in operating in Latin America. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro June 3-14 focused a strong world spotlight on the region's environmental and commercial resources. Protection of the region's rain forests, which accounts for a huge share of the world's total, is emerging as an especially contentious issue. Ecuador's Oriente region may well prove the litmus test of how or whether oil and gas companies are able to operate in Latin American rain forests. Controversy over industry operations in the Oriente have heated to the point that environmentalist and native groups have routinely picketed company offices in Quito and used mass fundraiser mailings in North America

  11. WMPO project issues and public concerns

    The Governor of Nevada was notified in 1983 that the Yucca Mountain site is a potentially acceptable site for a nuclear waste storage site. A series of public hearings held produced nearly 400 comments on issues concerning the site nomination. Areas of primary public concern are the impact of the proposed nuclear site on tourism, transportation, and socioeconomic impact on adjacent communities. Results of recent studies showed no impact of high-level waste transport on tourism in the Las Vegas area and on analysis of data accumulated over the 25 to 30 years that high-level radioactive wastes have been transported on Nevada highways showed that no one has been evacuated from their home as the result of an accident involving radioactive waste. A comparison of the possible effects of construction of a nuclear waste storage facility at the Yucca mountain site with the effects of Nevada Test Site indicate that the impact on communities will be minimal

  12. Body Image and Body Dysmorphic Concerns.

    Tomas-Aragones, Lucia; Marron, Servando E


    Most people would like to change something about their bodies and the way that they look, but for some it becomes an obsession. A healthy skin plays an important role in a person's physical and mental wellbeing, whereas a disfiguring appearance is associated with body image concerns. Skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis and vitiligo produce cosmetic disfigurement and patients suffering these and other visible skin conditions have an increased risk of depression, anxiety, feelings of stigmatization and self-harm ideation. Body image affects our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in everyday life, but, above all, it influences our relationships. Furthermore, it has the potential to influence our quality of life. Promotion of positive body image is highly recommended, as it is important in improving people's quality of life, physical health, and health-related behaviors. Dermatologists have a key role in identifying body image concerns and offering patients possible treatment options. PMID:27283435




    The paper presents a study case concerning economic efficiency of dairy products atAgro Industrial Milk Processing Company Baneasa , Bucharest . The most effectivedairy products are pressed cheese, green cheese, superior cow cheese, sheep cottagecheese, fresh cow cheese and whip cream. Production cost varies according toprocessing technology, specific consumption, price of raw materials, auxiliarymaterials, labor, energy, water. The company registered the highest profit Euro18,421 and the hig...

  14. Career Concerns of Mutual Fund Managers

    Judith Chevalier; Glenn Ellison


    This paper examines the labor market for mutual fund managers and managers' responses to the implicit incentives created by their career concerns. We find that managerial turnover is sensitie to a fund's recent performance. Consistent with the hypothesis that fund companies are learning about managers' abilities, managerial turnover is more performance-sensitive for younger fund managers. Interpreting the separation-performance relationship as an incentive scheme, several of our results sugge...

  15. Career concerns and optimal disclosure policy

    Mukherjee, Arijit


    Sequential contracting with multiple employers is a common feature of modern labor markets. Employment relations often terminate due to raids. When a worker is raided, the initial employer may enjoy an informational advantage over the raiders, as she is likely to have better information on the quality of her worker. If the worker has career concerns, and matching between firms and workers is important, the initial employer can strategically disclose this information to influence the worker's ...

  16. Stereotypes concerning Greeks in Serbian language

    Ristić Stana


    Full Text Available Stereotypes concerning Greeks in Serbian language are researched through the historical source (Dictionary of JAZU. The source describes a complex representation, with a truthful foundation that incorporates layers of mythological and historical memories on stereotypes in the traditional culture. This ethnic stereotype of the people associated with Serbs in one very positive experience, both in mythological and historical legacies, is freed from prejudice, thus preventing a possibility of political misuse of its ethnic symbolism.

  17. Stereotypes concerning Greeks in Serbian language

    Ristić Stana


    Stereotypes concerning Greeks in Serbian language are researched through the historical source (Dictionary of JAZU). The source describes a complex representation, with a truthful foundation that incorporates layers of mythological and historical memories on stereotypes in the traditional culture. This ethnic stereotype of the people associated with Serbs in one very positive experience, both in mythological and historical legacies, is freed from prejudice, thus preventing a possibility of po...

  18. Chicken pox in pregnancy : An obstetric concern

    Wiwanitkit Viroj


    Chicken pox is a common viral infection presenting with fever and discrete vesicular lesions. This infection can be widely detected in developing countries, especially for those tropical countries. The pregnant can get chicken pox, and this becomes an important obstetrical concern. In this specific paper, the author hereby details and discusses on chicken pox in pregnancy. Clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention are briefly summarized. In addition, the effects of chicken p...

  19. Parental concerns in children requiring palliative care

    Manjiri Dighe; Sunita Jadhav; Mary Ann Muckaden; Anuradha Sovani


    Children with advanced, life-limiting illness have unique needs which are different from those of adults. Pediatric palliative care is an under developed specialty. Aims : To identify concerns of parents of children with advanced, incurable cancers, and to elicit their attitudes toward revealing the diagnosis and prognosis to the sick child. Method : This study was carried out in a large tertiary cancer center in India. Parents of 20 pediatric palliative care patients attending the ou...

  20. Procedural Issues Concerning Environmental Damage In Ecuador

    René Bedón Garzón


    Full Text Available This paper aims to determine, through a deep analysis of different doctrines, the definition of environmental damage; it also seeks to determine the difference between damage to nature and the civil environmental damage, which is damage to individual interests or collective environmental event occasion. To this purpose, we intend to study certain procedural rules and case law concerning Ecuadorian environmental management, also in comparative law considers how countries like Chile, Spain and Argentina regulate compensation and repair environment.

  1. Finnish Consumer Attitudes Concerning Organic Foods

    Peart, Joel


    This thesis was written as an independent study on the topic of consumer behaviour concerning organic grocery consumption. The main objective of the thesis was to find out the factors that influence attitude, belief and behaviour towards organic foods in both organic and non-organic consumer segments. The goal was to show how attitude and beliefs are affecting the overall popularity of organic food in Finland. The theoretical framework is based on consumer behaviour and to a less extent also ...


    Kaya, Filiz


    This study aims to stress the importance of the virtuosity in Turkish Music and to propose repertory suggestions concerning virtuosity in four-stringed kemancha. Research universe consists of faculties providing kemancha education in Turkey, TRT Radio, Ministry of Culture and Tourism state choirs and people working in private organizations. Sampling of this study consist of 11(eleven) people of various professions such as experts, researches, artists and scholars who participated in this...

  3. Child Homicide: A Global Public Health Concern

    Naeemah Abrahams; Shanaaz Mathews; Martin, Lorna J.; Carl Lombard; Nadine Nannan; Rachel Jewkes


    Editors' Summary Background Child mortality (death) is a global public health concern. In 2015, 5.9 million children (43 out of every 1,000 children born alive) died before their fifth birthday. Nearly half of these deaths occurred among neonates (babies 28 days old or younger); three-quarters of them occurred among infants (children less than one year old). Most of these deaths happened in resource-limited countries following delivery complications, infections, and other natural causes. Some...

  4. Status concerns and the organization of work

    Chaim FERSHTMAN; Hvide, Hans K.; Weiss, Yoram


    We study the effects of local status, where workers compare their wage to the wage of other workers within the same firm. We assume a competitive labor market with unobservable effort, where firms condition wages on output as incentive for effort. If workers who care about status are also more productive, such status concerns generate an equilibrium with heterogenous firms where workers who care and workers who do not care about status work together. Such firms provide workers who care about ...

  5. Contracting with Self-Esteem Concerns

    Junichiro Ishida


    It is widely accepted in social psychology that the need to maintain and enhance self-esteem is a fundamental human motive. We incorporate this factor into an otherwise ordinary principal-agent framework and examine its impact on the optimal incentive scheme and the agent's behavior, especially focusing on a form of intrapersonal strategy known as self-handicapping. Incorporating self-esteem concerns into a contracting situation yields an implication that goes against the conventional wisdom:...

  6. Wood combustion systems: status of environmental concerns

    Dunwoody, J.E.; Takach, H.; Kelley, C.S.; Opalanko, R.; High, C.; Fege, A.


    This document addresses the uncertainties about environmental aspects of Wood Combustion Systems that remain to be resolved through research and development. The resolution of these uncertainties may require adjustments in the technology program before it can be commercialized. The impacts and concerns presented in the document are treated generically without reference to specific predetermined sites unless these are known. Hence, site-specific implications are not generally included in the assessment. The report consists of two main sections which describe the energy resource base involved, characteristics of the technology, and introduce the environmental concerns of implementing the technology; and which review the concerns related to wood combustion systems which are of significance for the environment. It also examines the likelihood and consequence of findings which might impede wood commercialization such as problems and uncertainties stemming from current or anticipated environmental regulation, or costs of potential environmental controls. This document is not a formal NEPA document. Appropriate NEPA documentation will be prepared after a formal wood combustion commercialization program is approved by DOE.

  7. Relation of dreams to waking concerns.

    Cartwright, Rosalind; Agargun, Mehmet Y; Kirkby, Jennifer; Friedman, Julie Kabat


    To test that dreams are influenced by the pre-sleep waking emotional concerns of the sleeper and have an effect on waking adaptation, 20 depressed and 10 control subjects, who were all going through a divorce, were enrolled in a repeated measures study lasting 5 months. A Current Concerns test was administered on three occasions before nights when every REM period was interrupted to record recalled mental content. The degree of waking concern about the ex-spouse correlated significantly with the number of dreams in which the former partner appeared as a dream character. Those who were in remission at the follow-up evaluation had a higher percentage of well-developed dreams than those who remained depressed. Dreams of the former spouse reported by those in remission differed from those who remained depressed in the expression of dream affect and in the within-dream linkage among units of associated memory material. Dreams of the former spouse that are reported by those who are not in remission lack affect and connection to other memories. PMID:16497389

  8. Optimal Managerial Contracts with Self-Esteem Concerns When Managers Can Hedge

    Chongwoo Choe; Donald Lien; Chia-Feng Yu


    We study an optimal contracting problem when the manager has self-esteem concerns and access to a hedging market. We show that the manager's equilibrium hedging position increases when he is more risk-averse, more uncertain about his own ability, or has stronger self-esteem concerns. Each element of managerial hedging and self-esteem concerns added to an otherwise standard agency model increases the equilibrium pay-performance sensitivity. The agency cost increases as the manager's self-estee...

  9. The Usefulness of Truth : An Enquiry Concerning Economic Modelling

    Deichsel, Simon


    This thesis attempts to justify a normative role for methodology by sketching a pragmatic way out of the dichotomy between two major strands in economic methodology: empiricism and postmodernism. I discuss several methodological approaches and assess their aptness for theory appraisal in economics. I begin with the most common views on methodology (i.e. empiricism and postmodernism) and argue why they are each ill-suited for giving methodological prescriptions to economics. Then, I consider p...

  10. Some transboundary environmental issues of public concern

    There are two complementary approaches to studying the environmental effects of fuel use and energy conversion. The first approach is to be completely systematic and to follow through each technology in great detail, and to itemize each impact, whether large or small. The second approach, followed here, is to pick out those items that dominate either the risk or impact or the public perception thereof, and try to understand them in some detail. The following items are discussed in the paper: (a) The probability and effect of a severe nuclear power accident. Experts believe that the probability of a severe accident in a pressurized water reactor is small, and the effect would be far less than the effect of the Chernobyl accident. But a large number of people believe otherwise; (b) The effect upon health of particulate air pollution at the present levels. More and more experts believe that particulates kill 70,000 people per year in the United States of America, but this has not yet been officially admitted by any Government; (c) The probability that increased carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels will cause a global climate change. There was intense Government attention at the meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and at the meeting in Berlin in 1995. But the estimates of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have decreased over the last five years; (d) Although there is public concern about nuclear waste, this is not justified by the calculations. The points discussed in the paper are: the reasons for this concern and the question why there is not comparable concern about coal waste. A final issue is very important, namely the effect of the technology on the outbreak of a catastrophic war, such as might be caused by proliferation of nuclear weapons among many States. (author). 29 refs, 1 tab