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  1. Nursery and nursery products in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and Shanghai

    Post, J.H.; Zhang XiaoYong, Xiaoyong


    The production and demand of nursery products is growing rapidly in China, particularly in big cities as Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and Shanghai. The report describes the development and the prospects of production and demand of nursery products and the structure of the nursery sector in these regions. A distinction is made in required varieties. Attention is paid to business opportunities for foreign companies. Special information about regulations governing the import of nursery products is...

  2. Choice Food, Choice Restaurant——Guangxi Building Nalan Restaurant


    The best place in Beijing to enjoy authentic Guangxi cuisine is the Guangxi Building Nalan Restaurant in the Guangxi government Beijing office. Here, amid an authentic southern ambience, you can try the succulent dishes created in this exotic region prepared with local Guangxi ingredients by a Guangxi chef.

  3. Beijing



    As the nation's capital, Beijing hasunderstandably been positioned as China's political and cultural centel As the second largest economy among China's cities according to figures for 2003, Beijing also earns the title of an economic center. In the past two years Beijing has started to realize the indispensable value of finance for its overall economic development and set out to build a financial area in the city.

  4. An Investigation and Analysis of the Usage of "you + VP" Structure among Beijing, Shandong and NingXia College Students%京鲁宁高校学生“有+VP”句使用情况调查分析



    This paper investigates the acceptance and usage of newly appeared language variation "you + VP" structure in North dialect area by selecting indigenous local college students from Beijing, Shandong and Ningxia via questionnaires and telephone interviews. The investigation indicates that there exists a strong tendency of domain and group of people, characterized with arbitrariness, young - age and femininity.%为了解“有+VP”句这一新兴结构形式在北方方言区的接受度与使用情况,文章选取北京、山东和宁夏三地高校中“土生土长”的当地大学生,采用调查问卷与电话访谈相结合的方式,对“有+VP”句进行了相关语言调查。调查结果表明:“有+VP”句接受度与使用频率较多地受到被试自身方言的影响,其使用场合与使用人群具有明显的倾向性,表现出随意性、低龄化和女性化的特点。

  5. Views from Shandong

    Li Zhen


    @@ Zhang Shaojun: Three approaches to bail SMEs out Shocked by the international financial crisis, it becomes in-creasingly hard for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to get loans from banks. "The government must take effective measures to help SMEs get through difficult times." Zhang Shao-jun, NPC deputy, also the governor of Linyi City in Shandong province, said when interviewed during the two sessions.

  6. Beijing Alley



    There are many distinguished artists with work in residence at Beijing's Creation Gallery, but there is one worthy of particular mention - gallery founder Li Xiaoke. Through his work, Li successfully unites elements of western art with traditional Chinese ideas and art theories. His favorite places of inspiration are old Beijing, Tibet, and southern China.



    Maxim’s de Paris, Beijing In the late 19th century, Maxim Garcia opened a restaurant, Maxim’s, in Paris. On September 26, 1983, a new Maxim’s de Paris was opened in Beijing, becoming the first Sino-foreign cooperative Western-style restaurant. The interior decorations of Maxim’s de Paris imitate those of Maxim’s in Paris. Entering the restaurant, you will feel you have entered the French royal palace in the 19th century. Maxim’s de Paris Beijing has a dining hall, a coffee house and several bars, being able to accommodate 200 persons for dinner or 300 persons for a cocktail party and buffet. Here, you can enjoy different kinds of delicious food from European countries. Maxim’s cakes are loved by people because of their unique taste and style. At present, the restaurant is promoting a type of sugarless cake for those who dislike or cannot eat sugar. For more than 20 years, Maxim’s de Paris Beijing has consistently provided top-notch service and food. Welcome to Maxim’s de Paris Beijing to enjoy your life! Address: No.2 Chongwenmen Xidajie, Beijing Tel: 86-10-6512-1992

  8. Emplacement mechanism of Linglong granitoid complex, Shandong Peninsula, China

    WAN; Tianfeng


    , Wang Bincheng, Xu Jinfang et al., Geochemical background research of lead isotopic for regional rock in Eastern Shandong, Collection of Geology and Seeking Mineral Deposits (in Chinese with English abstract), 1994, 9(1): 65-77.[11]Berger, A. R., Pitcher, W. S., The structure in granitoid rocks: A review on the granitic structure, Proceedings of the Geologist Association, 1972, 81(part 3): 421-461.[12]Shaw, H. R., Fracture mechanism of magma transport from the mantle to the surface, in Physics of Magmatic Process (ed. Hargraves. R. B.), Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1980, 201-264.[13]Ramsay, J. G., Emplacement mechanics of the Chindamora Batholith, Zimbabwe, J. Structural Geology, 1981, 3: 93-105.[14]Castrol, A., On granitoid emplacement and related structure: A review, Geol. Rundsch., 1987, 76: 101-124.[15]Apperson, K. D., Stress fields of the overriding plate at convergent margins and beneath active volcanic areas, Science, 1991, 254: 670-678.[16]Tikoff, B., Teyssier, C., Crustal-scale, an echelon-shear tensional bridge: A possible solution to the batholithic room problem, Geology, 1992, 20: 927-930.[17]Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources of Shandong Province, Regional Geology of Shandong Province (in Chinese with English abstract), Beijing: Geological Publishing House, 1991, 595.[18]Miao Laicheng, Luo Zhenkuan, Guan Kan et al., The implication of the SHRIMP U-Pb age in zircon to the petrogenesis of the Linglong granite, East Shandong Province, Acta Petrologica Sinica (in Chinese with English abstract), 1998, 14(2): 198-206.[19]Bathal, R. S., Magnetic anisotropy of rocks, Earth Science Review, 1971, 7: 227-253.[20]Hrouda, F., Magnetic anisotropy of rocks and its application in geology and geophysics, Geophysical Survey, 1982, 5: 37-82.[21]Rochette, P., Jackson, M., Aubourg, C., Rock magnetism and the interpretation of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility, Reviews of Geophysics, 1992, 30(3): 209-226.[22

  9. Guangxi Aluminum Giant Made Investment in Changfeng


    <正>A aluminum processing and supporting project (450,000 tons) of Hefei Guangyin Aluminum Company kicked off in Xiatang Town of Changfeng County recently. It is a project jointly invested by Guangxi Investment Group and Guangxi Baise Guangyin Aluminum in Xiatang Town of Changfeng County.

  10. Remembering Beijing

    Ian Corbett


    Every General Assembly is remembered for something - in the past few years, Sydney for starting the International Year of Astronomy, Prague for Pluto, and Rio de Janeiro for the Strategic Plan. 1 thought that Beijing would be remembered for restructuring the Divisions and for the impressive progress we have made in implementing the Strategic Plan. But I was wrong! Above all, Beijing will be remembered for the unobtrusive but impeccable organization, the overwhelming generosity of our hosts, the smiling teams of volunteers, and the impressive CNCC.

  11. Beijing Time

    Dutton, Michael; Lo, Hsiu-ju Stacy; Wu, Dong Dong


    “Where is the market?” inquires the tourist one dark, chilly morning. “Follow the ghosts,” responds the taxi driver, indicating a shadowy parade of overloaded tricycles. “It’s not called the ghost market for nothing!” And indeed, Beijing is nothing if not haunted. Among the soaring skyscrapers, choking exhaust fumes, nonstop traffic jams, and towering monuments, one discovers old Beijing—newly styled, perhaps, but no less present and powerful than in its ancient incarnation. Beijing Time cond...

  12. Continua Beijing


    From January 1 to March 30, 2008,Continua Beijing will host a solo exhibition of Italian contem- porary art master Michelangelo Pistoletto for the first time. Born in 1933,Michelangelo Pistoletto hehl his first solo exhi- hition in Dulin,Italy,and created a series of artworks named after painted objects.These artworks



    Capital to one fifth of mankind and the fastest developing nation in history, Beijing is attracting a growing number of foreign residents drawn by interest and opportunity.The city is in thrall to incredibly rapid development that is altering its appearance and character.So what can the new arrivals expect?

  14. Boycott Beijing?

    Goldstein, Evan R.


    In the wake of China's harsh suppression of antigovernment protests in Tibet--among other human-rights abuses throughout its territory--world leaders have faced mounting pressure to boycott the opening ceremonies of the approaching Olympic Games in Beijing. The boycott has also become a hot topic on the presidential-campaign trail. John McCain and…

  15. Shandong Agricultural Products Exports: Growth, Problems and Countermeasures

    Bing Li


    This paper analyses the reasons of the export growth for the Shandong agricultural products which can be attributed to the Shandong agricultural export enterprises’ efforts and Shandong provincial government’s strong supports. Though Shandong agricultural products exports achieved a big success all over the China, there are still some internal problems and external constraints that hinder its further and sustainable developments. Existing main problems for the exports of Shandong agricultural...

  16. Sinopec to Launch LNG Project in Shandong


    @@ Sinopec has beaten out its domestic rivals-CNOOC and CNPC to win the rights to build a liquefied national (LNG) gas terminal in East China's Shandong Province. Sinopec's move breaks CNOOC's monopoly in building LNG projects along China's coastline.



    Mare in Beijing Mare draws its name from the Latin for "ocean," representing both the Southern European and Mediterranean influences on the cuisine of the restaurant as well as the beautiful and peaceful ambience the restaurant affords. Mare offers high-quality, specialized Spanish cuisine, served with care by the Spanish chef. "Tapas are particular dishes of Spain, and Mare promotes 30 kinds of tapas for customers to appreci-



    Building a livable city may start with the development of a comfortable and efficient public transport system Commuters on Beijing’s city rail transport system received a gift from the Beijing Municipal Government on October 7,the last day of the seven-day National Day holiday. From the first working day on October 8,the price of a single unlimited length journey dropped from five yuan to two.The drop

  19. Countermeasures of Implementing Sustainable Development Strategy in Shandong, China

    Cui Jianhai


    This paper set forth the goals of implementing sustainable development strategy in Shandong Province guided by the view of scientific development of being people oriented, comprehensive,coordinated and sustainable. Based on the target of sustainable development strategy in Shandong province this paper discusses the main tasks in the sustainable development strategy Countermeasures for sustainable development strategy in Shandong province are put forward.

  20. Ecological footprint of Shandong,China

    CUI Yu-jing; Luc Hens; ZHU Yong-guan; ZHAO Jing-zhu


    Ecological footprint has been given much attention and widely praised as an effective heuristic and pedagogic device for presenting current total human resource use in a way that communicates easily to almost everyone since 1996 when Wackernagel and Rees proposed it as a sustainable development indicator. Ecological footprint has been improving on its calculation and still can be a benchmark to measure sustainable development although there are still ongoing debates about specific methods for calculating the ecological footprint.This paper calculates the ecological footprint of Shandong Province, China with the methodology developed by Wackemagel and analyzes the current situation of sustainable development in Shandong.

  1. Study on Sustainable Development Capability of Shandong Province

    Ren Ziping; Luo Qishan; Wang Yanchun; Deng Hongbing; Zhao Jingzhu


    Based on the indicator system of Sustainable Development ( SD ), Shandong Province was selected as an example for assessment with AHP method and the standard year was 1978. The conclusion was that Shandong Province' s ability of SD was being strengthened step by step, and there were also some restrictive factors, and according to the basic conditions of Shandong Province, countermeasures and strategy of SD were put forward.

  2. Evaluation of the Rural Human Settlement in Shandong Province

    Xu Hong; Shen Meiyu; Chen Xiangxiang


    Taking Shandong Province as the research object, this paper uses the principal component analysis method to evaluate the status of the rural human settlement in Shandong Province. It establishes the evaluation index system of the rural residential environment in Shandong Province, including living environment, economy, infrastructure, public service facilities, and ecological environment, in total five comprehensive index, and 20 second~ ary indexes. Through measurement and sorting of rural human environment development level of Shandong Province in 2010, the 17 cities are divided into-excellent, good, ordinary, poor-four development areas and are analyzed based on the restriction factor in the development of the region.

  3. Guangxi Huaying Bauxite Mine Put Into Production Upon Completion


    <正>On July 26,Guangxi Huaying bauxite mine was put into production upon its completion. With supportive function,the mine facilitates the 1.6-million-ton/year alumina project of Guangxi Huaying with annual capacity of 4 million tons of ores.The open-pit diaspore

  4. 1999 Beijing Music Festival


    THE Beijing Music Festival has been a labour of love for conductor Yu Long since he began the event in 1998. For Beijing, the ancient capital of China, to have its own music festival on the international level, has been the long cherished wish of Yu Long, chief organizer of the Beijing Music Festival. In recent years he settled in Hong Kong and worked as the conductor of many excellent philharmonic orchestras from

  5. Marketing report: Beijing 2008


    The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Marketing Report provides a comprehensive summary of the Beijing 2008 marketing programmes, which made such a significant contribution to the exceptional success of the Games. Highlighted throughout the publication are the contributions, efforts and inter-dependencies of the many stakeholders in the Olympic Movement, on which the modern Olympic Games are built. Beijing delivered great Games because it delivered in every area – record sporting achievements, super...




    InterContinental Financial Street Beijing opened its doors on May 1st, 2005, just days before the world's business leaders flooded into town for the Fortune Global Forum.The first international luxury hotel in the Chinese capital's new and rapidly growing Financial Street business center, the InterContinental Financial Street Beijing is the flagship property of FnterContinental Hotels and Resorts on the Chinese mainland, and as such a pioneer in Beijing's future,

  7. Review on wheat mutation breeding in Shandong province

    The history, achievements and current status of wheat mutation breeding in Shandong province are briefly reviewed. The common used techniques and steps for mutation breeding of wheat are introduced. Suggestions and prospect of wheat mutation breeding in Shandong province are listed. (authors)

  8. Shandong: Cotton Boom in 2006,Drooping in 2007?

    Wang Ting


    @@ According to National Bureau of Statistics, the output of yam in Shandong province reached 4.77 million tons in 2006, ascending by 25.65% comparing with that of 2005, and making Shandong achieve the first place among other districts(See Sheet 1).


    SUN Xing-chi; WANG Wen-yi; WANG Ye-hong; GAO Hui-jun; Chen Jin-min


    The characteristics of the moving course of Typhoon Matsa (No.0509), associated heavy rain and physical quantities fields have been analyzed, with the focus on the reason of the typhoon's abrupt northeastward turn in Anhui Province and heavy rain concentrating in the northeast of typhoon center instead of near it. Meaningful conclusions are as follows. The reasons for typhoon abrupt turning are that the subtropical high pressure was moving southward and divergence fields of 200 hPa were to the right of the typhoon center; there was no obvious cold air invading Shandong after the typhoon entered the westerly belt; the southeasterly jet of typhoon and shear brought heavy rainfall to the Shandong peninsula before the typhoon entered Shandong. But after the typhoon's movement into Shandong, the typhoon's inverted trough brought the rainfall to the northern and central Shandong.

  10. Diagnosis Analysis of One Cold Airflow Snowfall in Shandong Peninsula


    [Objective]One cold airflow snowfall in Shandong Peninsula was analyzed.[Method] Using conventional weather observation data,the NCEP /NCAR 1°×1° grid point by 6 h in data analysis,the synoptic weather dynamics principle and diagnosis analysis method,the cold airflow snowfall in Shandong Peninsula on December 4,2008 to 6 th was analyzed and summarized.[Result]The results showed that the cold deep groove of large scale circulation form caused the cold airflow snowfall in Shandong Peninsula.While the 850 hPa ...

  11. Characteristics and Advantages of Regional Grain Production in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China


    According to the latest Land Use Planning of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi is divided into five regions, which are eastern Guangxi, western Guangxi, southern Guangxi, northern Guangxi, and central Guangxi. Regional variation characteristics of grain production are introduced from two aspects of the decline of grain sowing area and the increase of grain output. According to the data in Guangxi Statistical Yearbook, comparative advantages of regional grain production in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region are analyzed by the method of Comprehensive Comparative Dominance Index. Result shows that eastern Guangxi and northern Guangxi have the maximum comprehensive dominance indices with the minimum increasing amount of dominance indices. Their advantages in grain production are gradually diminished; and the grain production center is moving to central Guangxi and southern Guangxi. In order to solve the problems in grain production, Guangxi should make full use of the comparative advantage in agricultural production, carry out structural adjustment of agricultural production, and try to realize the rational distribution and specialization of agricultural production.

  12. Prevalence of Burkholderia pseudomallei in Guangxi, China.

    Ma, G; Zheng, D; Cai, Q; Yuan, Z


    Melioidosis, an infectious disease caused by the Gram-negative bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei, is now recognized as an important public health problem in Southeast Asia and tropical northern Australia. Although B. pseudomallei has been detected in various water and soil samples in southeast China, the enviromental distribution of B. pseudomallei in China is unclear. In the winter months of 2007, 154 and 130 soil and water samples, respectively, were collected from several locations in Guangxi, China. The samples were screened for B. pseudomallei by bacterial culture and identification and confirmed by PCR for species-specific 16S rDNA and flagellin genes. B. pseudomallei was detected in 8.4% of the soil samples but in none of the water samples. All positive samples were confined to a single low-lying region from rice paddy fields. Counts of B. pseudomallei ranged from 23 to 521 c.f.u./g soil. This is the first geographical distribution survey of B. pseudomallei in soil in Guangxi, China, and the data are of importance for further evaluating the impact of this pathogen on melioidosis in this region. PMID:19538822

  13. Alumina Producers in Shandong Province Allied to Win Negotiation


    <正>Faced with the soaring bauxite price,five alu- mina producers in Shandong Province jointly established Shangdong Bauxite Import Compa- nies Club to gain a better position in price ne- gotiation with foreign counterparts by getting

  14. Beijing International Sculpture Park


    Inauguration of the 2002 Beijing International Urban Sculptural Art Exhibition also saw the opening of the Beijing International Sculpture Park on Yuquan Road, Beijing. The park houses 140 statues.This exhibition is aimed at promoting exchanges and cooperation among sculptors across the world, integrating urban sculpture into everyday life, and encouraging innovation in this sector. It is expected to bring inspiration to Beijing as regards new concepts in urban construction, through exchanges with other nations. This exhibition constitutes interaction between the public and art, and dialogue between China and the world.The works on display are Beijing’s latest attraction, and add a touch of modernity to this ancient city. Some are to be placed in sports stadiums during the 2008 Olympics.

  15. Developing the Beijing CVD



    @@ Slowly but surely, the high-end villa property in Beijing is gaining new momentum. Limited amounts of new properties, rising prices and increasing demand will be the trend in the villa market in 2006, real estate experts predict. Among them, the exclusive Central Villa District(CVD), a top-tier villa area along the Wenyu River in northeast Beijing, has emerged as a hot spot of the market.

  16. Evaluation and Analysis on the Competitiveness of Guangxi Distinctive Agriculture


    On the basis of the developmental status of Guangxi distinctive agriculture,the key selection of developing Guangxi distinctive agriculture is analyzed.Its distinctive agriculture contains distinctive plantation,distinctive forestry and distinctive breeding.Based on the analysis,two display indices,domestic comparative advantages index and domestic competitiveness,are selected to analyze the competitiveness of Guangxi distinctive agriculture.The results show that at present the overall competitiveness of Guangxi distinctive agriculture is strong,but its competitiveness is reflected on resource advantages and most of the resources are primary agro-products.Accordingly,in the future,Guangxi distinctive agriculture should adopt non-equilibrium developmental strategy;take the great-leap-forward developmental path;apply modern production elements to increase the competitiveness of Guangxi distinctive agriculture.It should lay stress on "three innovation",which includes organization innovation,developing distinctive agricultural firms ;technology innovation,enlarging the scope and scale of agricultural listed companies;financial fund-raising innovation,transforming traditional distinctive agriculture by using high and new technology.

  17. Influencing domain of peripheral sources in the urban heavy pollution process of Beijing

    XU; Xiangde; ZHOU; Li; ZHOU; Xiuji; YAN; Peng; WENG; Yonghu


    The effect of city's peripheral pollution sources is one of the key issues urgent to be solved in the decision-making of Beijing's environmental pollution control. This paper comprehensively analyses the surface observations, and the satellite remote sensing data of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) and Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) during the Beijing City Atmospheric Pollution Experiment (BECAPEX) from January to March, 2001, presents an "upstream" wind field resultant vector method for tracing peripheral pollution sources, and finds that the features of the urban heavy pollution processes of Beijing are significantly correlated with the impact of the emission sources of southern peripheral cities, and the pollutants transferred northwards from distant upstream sources are retarded by the U-shaped "valley" topography in Beijing's periphery. The two factors are responsible for the formation of the S-N zonal influencing domain of pollutants from the southern peripheral areas to Beijing. The paper also comprehensively analyses the features of flow field in the heavy pollution process in the Beijing region, and compares the heavy pollution process with samples of good air-quality days from January to March, 2001. The experiment of Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory model (HYSPLIT-4) further reveals the diffusion trajectory of pollutants of the cities in Hebei and Shandong provinces and Tianjin city in the heavy pollution process of Beijing, and the simulations of the Regional Atmosphere Model System (RAMS) confirm the possible contribution of peripheral sources to the exceptionally heavy pollution process of the urban area of Beijing, thus revealing that the input of pollutants from southern peripheral cities is one of the important factors responsible for aggravating urban heavy pollution processes.

  18. China Aluminum Guangxi Nonferrous Rare Earth Mining Company Limited was Founded


    <正>The China Aluminum Guangxi Non-ferrous Rare Earth Mining Company Limited co-built by Aluminium Corporation of China,Guangxi Non-ferrous Metal Group Company Limited,and Grirem Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd.was

  19. Development Zones Flourish in Beijing


    @@ Based on the Beijing Municipal Government's plans for developing the city and neighboring suburbs,and after more than 10 years in development,the Beijing Development Zones have taken shape,each with their own characteristics.

  20. Travelling to china for the beijing 2008 olympic and paralympic games.

    Shaw, Marc T M; Leggat, Peter A; Borwein, Sarah


    The 29th modern Olympic Summer Games, conducted once every 4 years since 1896, will be held in Beijing, China, from 8 to 24 August 2008. There will be approximately 28 major and 302 minor events in 37 venues in the prominent cities of Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and also in Qingdao (a coastal town in Shandong Province), Qinhuangdao (northeast of Beijing), Shanghai, Shenyang (an industrial city in Liaoning Province) and in Tianjin (on the coast near Beijing). Following the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games will be conducted from 6 to 17 September 2008 in Beijing and 20 Paralympic Sports will be represented. This paper focuses on health and safety issues for travellers to China in general, although it makes specific references to advice for visiting Olympic and Paralympic athletes and team staff, who will be travelling to the games. It must be remembered that travel health advice can change, and that travellers should be advised to seek up-to-date travel health advice for China closer to their departure. PMID:17983975

  1. The coal provinces Shandong and Henan; Die Kohlenprovinzen Shandong und Henan

    Hartlieb, P. von [Technologie- und Marketing-Beratungsgesellschaft Herne mbH (Germany); Strassner, S. [SIGTEC Hua-De Technology Co-operation Co. Ltd., Beijing (China)


    The Sino-German joint venture for mining technology Hua-De Technology Co-operation Co. Ltd. (SIGTEC) traversed the coal provinces Shandong and Henan together with TMB Technologie- und Marketing-Beratungsgesellschaft Herne mbH and five North Rhine-Westphalian mining suppliers. The discussions conducted with users and operators during the trip revealed a number of serious difficulties and mistaken assessments. For example, it is probably pointless in most cases for German espaliers to hope to do business with China as long as they are not also seriously prepared to discuss cooperation, transfer of technology and local production. (orig.) [Deutsch] Das seit Ende letzten Jahres betriebsfaehige deutsch-chinesische Joint-venture fuer Bergbautechnik Hua-De Technology Co-operation Co. Ltd. - kurz SIGTEC durchquerte gemeinsam mit der TMB Technologie- und Marketing-Beratungsgesellschaft Herne mbH und fuenf nordrhein-westfaelischen Bergbauzulieferern vom 19. bis 31. Oktober 1996 die Kohlenprovinzen Shandong und Henan. Unter dem Oberthema `Klima-, Steuerungs und Ausbautechnik` beteiligten sich die Firmen Gesellschaft fuer Waermetechnik mbH, Kolk Maschinenbau GmbH, Coal Control Gesellschaft fuer Automation mbh, Kroll und Ziller KG sowie SIEMAG Transplan GmbH. Die Firmen Oschatz GmbH Energie und Umwelt und Rudolf Flender GmbH und Co KG liessen sich durch die TMB vertreten. Der Beitrag berichtet ueber die auf dieser Reise gewonnenen Eindruecke und Moeglichkeiten fuer deutsche Zulieferer. Weitere Reisen dieser Art werden folgen. (orig.)

  2. Catch Hilton Beijing


    Ready to spice up Beijing's nightlife? Come on to Zeta Bars, Hilton! If sneak previews are anything to go by, it's clear that The Third Ring will consistently perform to sellout crowds keen to catch a glimpse of the stunningly redesigned restaurants and bars that line the tri-level

  3. Beijing Time Travel



    Daily travel within Beijing need not be anymore troublesome than going about any major metropolis.Simply,certain basic facts need to be kept in mind,and ordinary precautions taken.Essentially,it’s the same situation as midtown Manhattan or downtown Tokyo,except everyone’s speaking Chinese.

  4. Beijing Time Travel



    @@ Dally travel within Beijing need not be anymore troublesome than going about any major metropolis.Simply,certain basic facts need to be kept in mind,and ordinary precautions taken.Essentially,it's the same situation as midtown Manhattan or downtown Tokyo,except everyone's speaking Chinese.

  5. Exploring the New Beijing


    @@ Eating Ghost Street This street is home to more than 150 storefronts,over 100 of which offer a variety of different foods.In all of Beijing this may be the only street that has such a large number of restaurants.

  6. Beijing in Pictures


    With a history of more than 3,000 years, Beijing is famousfor its architectural styles, and is regarded as the city with themost diversified construction in China. Its ancient charm can beseen in its unique imperial palaces, courtyards and hutongs. The

  7. Beijing Development Zones


    @@ Beijing Badaling Development Area The Development Area is planned to cover an area of 6.56 km2.Currently,more than 300 enterprises have located in the area.Their investments add up to about RMB 1 billion.Major business trades include machine building,mineral ore processing,medicine,electronic parts,foodstuff processing,and warehousing transportation.

  8. Life in Beijing Prison



    @@ The Beijing Prison, located in the suburbs about one hour's drive from downtown, has opened to the public. People over 18 years old can now apply for a one-day visit to get a peep into the inmates' living cells, parlors and psychological counseling centers of the nearly 1,600 male convicts sentenced to more than 15 years behind bars.

  9. Investigation of trace elements in Guangxi ancient pottery by INAA

    Guangxi Zhuang Nationality Autonomous Region is an original place for manufacture of ancient pottery in China since Zenpiyan site, dated 9240-10370 years ago, was excavated. Contents of trace elements La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Tb, Yb, Lu, U, Th, Sc, Ta, Ba, Cs, Rb, Sr and Zr in 44 pottery shards from Guangxi sites, dated from 1450 B.C. to 200 A.D., were determined by INAA and XRF. The provenances of the 44 samples are postulated by the analyses of geochemical parameters

  10. Investigation of trace elements in Guangxi ancient pottery by INAA

    PengZi-Cheng; Yun-Lan; 等


    Guangxi Zhuang Nationality Autonomous Region is an original place for manufacture of ancient pottery in China since Zenpiyan site.dated 9240-10370 years ago,was excavated.Contents of trace elements La,Ce,Nd,Sm,Eu,Tb,Yb,Lu,U,Th,Sc,Ta,Ba,Cs,Rb,Sr and Zr in 44 porttery shards from Guangxi sites,dated from 1450B.C. to 200A.D.,were dtermined by INAA and XRF.The proveniences of the 44 samples are postulated by the analyses of geochemical parameters.

  11. Beijing International Fashion Brand Promotion Week Opened


    @@ Under the support of China National Garment Association,Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industrial Development, France Advanced Fashion Institute, Fashion Beijing Expo Organizing Committee and Beijing Fashion Textile Industry Association organized 2006 Autumn & Winter Beijing International Fashion Brand Promotion Week in Beijing Asia Hotel from September 20 to 23.

  12. Giovanni Arrighi in Beijing

    Ganesh Trichur; Steven Sherman


    Giovanni Arrighi's Adam Smith in Beijing (ASB) subverts the temporality and conceptual vocabulary employed by most writers working in a Marxist tradition. In this view, capitalism is a mode of production which eventually encompasses the entire world. Perhaps it began in England and expanded from there. Perhaps its expansion through colonial empires should be seen as part of its constitution, rather than an after effect (i.e. the perspective of Wallerstein). In any case, it eventually dominate...

  13. Beijing Tsinghua Solar Ltd.


    Beijing Tsinghua Solar Ltd. is backed by Tsinghua University, one of the most prestigious universities in China. Tsinghua Solar invented "graded Al-N/Al selective coating," which is the key technology of all-glass evacuated solar collector tubes. The company owns the independent intellectual property rights over the key technology of all-glass vacuum solar water heaters. The registered capital of the company is 153.5 mil-

  14. Influencing Factors on Farming System Development in Shandong Province


    The developmental situation of the farming system in Shandong Province is introduced.At present,Shandong Province is at the semi-intensive,semi-commercial and semi-sufficiency level of farming system.Eastern coast and central Shandong agricultural zones are moving in the direction of modern farming system,having formed a preliminary new pattern of the coordinated development of grain,feedstuff,economic and other crops.Influencing factors on the development of farming system in Shandong Province is analyzed,which are agricultural production condition and input level,population and food,policy measures,development of natural resources and regions,agricultural industrialization and urbanization level,and scientific and technological level.Total population will be within 100 million at the year 2020;per capita annual share of grain will be 475 kilograms;and there is great pressure on grain production.Therefore,we must change the pattern of agricultural development and accelerate the establishment of modern farming system.Agricultural machinery,water conservancy projects,and chemical fertilizer application have greatly affected the development of farming system.Improvement of production conditions has promoted the adjustment of agricultural structure,increased the planting ratio of winter wheat-summer maize,and improved multiple-cropping index.Development of agricultural industrialization has promoted the transfer of rural labor force and the establishment of modern farming system;while the unbalanced development of cities has restricted the establishment of modern farming system.Therefore,the appropriate policy,scientific and rational regional distribution,and advanced science and technology can help to set up the modern farming system in Shandong Province.

  15. Aerosol Properties under Air Quality Control Measures of APEC 2014 in Beijing

    Chen, X.; Xu, H.; Lv, Y.; Xie, Y.; Li, K.; Li, Z.; Li, D.; Ma, Y.; Mei, X.


    Because the economic and society were developing fast in the middle of last century, Los Angeles and London both were polluted by photochemical smog, which massacred thousands of people. Now, many regions are often covered by heavy haze in those large developing countries, especially in China and India. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) was held in Beijing during 5-11 November 2014. Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia reduced air pollution emissions for the APEC 2014 meeting held in Beijing. Only in Hebei province, there were 1028 factories stopped or restricted and 881 construction sites stopped. Half of the cars were prohibited driving even in the Zibo city which is 400 km far from Beijing. For scientific aims, these control measures were indeed a huge and uncommon atmospheric experiment led by the government. During the experiment, what did the "APEC Blue" mean? We analyzed aerosol properties with the data of an AERONET site in Beijing which is located 500m far from the main reception hall of APEC 2014. The Cimel solar photometers can give a series parameters of aerosol and water vapor. In this paper, we used CE318 solar photometer which is the main instrument of NASA AERONET. The CE318 of RADI belongs to the Chinese SONET (Sun-sky radiometer Observation NETwork) too. We analyzed the total, coarse and fine Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD), Fine-Mode Fraction (FMF) and Ångström exponent, Size Distribution and Real Refractive Index. In conclusion, the aerosol properties were analysed with the measurements of a sun photometer. During the APEC 2014, AOD decreased obviously with a 0.27 mean value compared with the annual mean 0.7. Around Beijing, the southern is polluted emission area including the cross part of Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan four provinces, and the northern is clean for less fine mode particles emission in the large Inner Mongolia province. In fact, during the APEC 2014, the weather condition was not good for the

  16. Current Situation and Problems of Export-oriented Tilapia Processing in Guangxi and Countermeasures

    Zhang, Ying; Jiang, Gaozhong; Zhang, Qiong


    Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is an excellent area for tilapia breeding in China, and the development of tilapia industry has received high attention of both the state and Guangxi government. The foreign exchange earning is an essential industrial form of tilapia industry in Guangxi. Thus, enhancing the competitiveness of export-oriented tilapia processing is of great significance to the development of tilapia industry. On the basis of field survey, this paper analyzed current situation of...

  17. Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center


    A shining star on the eastern part of Beijing Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center is located at the heart of the city, a fully integrated business complex with serviced apartments, top-class offices and showrooms. The hotel offers unrivaled conference, business and leisure facilities ideal for business travelers and leisure guests alike. Its impressive blend of grand Chinese cul-

  18. Beijing: Next International Financial Hub?

    Li Zhen


    @@ Beijing's new financial dream On May 5,the Beijing Municipal Government released a notice regarding its plans to spur the financial industry,vowing to put forth a strong effort to become the national financial decision-making center,financial management center and financial information and services center,and formally announcing its ambitious aspiration to become a financial hub with international influence.

  19. Standardization in Beijing Opera

    Liu Zhiyang


    Beijing Opera is the treasure of Chinese traditional dramatic arts.More than 200 years of artistic practice is the process that makes it mature and standardized.Although it is not described by standardized academic terminologies,all the performances of 'Chang (Singing)','Nian(Speaking)','Zuo (Acting)' and 'Da (Fighting)' have been following standardization requirement which is called "Chengshi (pattem)" in professional language or "Fan'er" in jargou,literally meaning a standard pattern.The pattern is the an technology format which is refined and summarized in accordance with the beautify principles from natural forms of things in life and then standardized to be the commonly adhered.

  20. Shandong Donates 1.8 Million RMB To Japan’s Quake Area


    <正>A donation ceremony for earthquake-hit East Japan was held in Jinan,capital of Shandong Province,on May 18.Present were Xie Yutang,President of Shandong Charity Federation (SDCF),Zhang Weiling,President of the Shandong Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (SPPAFFC),representatives of donor organizations and a delegation of the Japan-China Economic Exchanges Association visiting China specially for the occasion.

  1. Induced Institutional Transition of Contract Farming in Shandong Province

    Sun, Bao-Chun


    This article describes the process of institutional transition of contract farming in Shandong Province. The changes in preparatory stage of contract farming express in: One, the information asymmetry of the two sides of the contract is reducing; Two, the security system of contract farming tends to be perfection; Three, the organizational form of contract farming tends to be simplification. The measures taken in production stage of agricultural product are as follows: The first is investment...

  2. Relation among Summer Rainfall in South Shandong and High Pressure in South Asia and Atmospheric Circulation


    [Objective] The aim was to study the relation among summer rainfall in south Shandong and high pressure in South Asia and atmospheric circulation.[Method] Taking the precipitation in south Shandong along the Yellow River and Huaihe River,using the NCEP/NCAR data and summer rainfall data in south Shandong in summer from 1961 to 2005,the characteristics of high pressure in South Asia and atmospheric circulation in drought year and flood year in summer in south Shandong Province were expounded.The mechanism of...

  3. Estimation on the Total Quantity of Biomass Energy and Its Environmental Benefit Analysis in Shandong Province


    [Objective] The aim was to estimate the total quantity of biomass energy and analyze its environmental benefit in Shandong Province.[Method] Based on the data from the statistics yearbook of Shandong Province in 2010,the total quantity of biomass resources and biomass energy in Shandong Province in 2009 was estimated,and its environmental benefit was analyzed.[Result] Biomass resources in Shandong Province mainly refer to crop residues,forest residues,grassland changed from degraded land.If degraded land be...

  4. "2004 Beijing International Publishing Forum" to Be Held in Beijing


      The General Administration of Press & Publication and State Council Informa tion Office will host "2004 Beijing International Publishing Forum" prior to the Beijing International Book Fair this year (Aug.30-Sept.1, 2004) in Beijing Friendship Hotel,aiming to look into how to use international practices as reference in the current reform of publishing industry, to provide a dialogue and exchange platform for publishers and overseas leading publishing institutions, to learn advanced overseas publishing management philosophy and to further clear up our country's thinking of publishing industry reform and development.……

  5. "2004 Beijing International Publishing Forum" to Be Held in Beijing


    @@ The General Administration of Press & Publication and State Council Informa tion Office will host "2004 Beijing International Publishing Forum" prior to the Beijing International Book Fair this year (Aug.30-Sept.1, 2004) in Beijing Friendship Hotel,aiming to look into how to use international practices as reference in the current reform of publishing industry, to provide a dialogue and exchange platform for publishers and overseas leading publishing institutions, to learn advanced overseas publishing management philosophy and to further clear up our country's thinking of publishing industry reform and development.

  6. Epidemiological analysis of injury in Shandong Province, China

    Zhang Jiyu


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Injury is an emerging public health problem with social development and modernization in developing countries. To describe the prevalence and burden of injury and provide elaborate information for policy development, we conducted a community-based household survey in the Shandong Province of China. Methods The survey was conducted in 2004. Participants were selected by a multi-stage random sampling method. Information on injuries occurring in 2003 was collected in four cities and six rural counties in Shandong Province, China. Results The estimated incidence rate of injury in Shandong Province was 67.7 per 1,000. Injury incidence was higher in rural areas (84.3 per 1,000 than in urban areas (42.9 per 1,000, and was higher among males (81.1 per 1,000 than females (54.1 per 1,000. The average years of potential life lost is 37.7 years for each fatal injury. All injuries together caused 6,080,407 RMB yuan of direct and indirect economic loss, with traffic injuries accounting for 44.8% of the total economic loss. Conclusion Injury incidence was higher among males than females, and in rural areas than in urban areas. Youngsters suffered the highest incidence of injury. Injury also caused large losses in terms of both economics and life, with traffic injuries contributing the most to this loss. Strategies for prevention of injury should be developed.

  7. Fourth Beijing Human Rights Forum Held in Beijing



    The Fourth Beijing Forum on Human Rights was held in Beijing from September 21-23,2011.Jointly sponsored by the China Society for Human Rights Studies and the China Human Rights Development Foundation,the forum was centered on the theme of "Cultural Tradition,Concept of Values and Human Rights." Attending were nearly 100senior human rights officials,specialists and scholars from 26 countries and regions as well as the United Nations and other international organizations.

  8. Beijing restaurant network

    Fu, Chun-Hua; Zhnag, Pei-Fang; Wang, Yong-Li; Shi, Jian-Jun; Feng, Ai-Xia; He, Da-Ren


    We have empirically studied the restaurants in Beijing and suggested a network description on the system. We define the restaurants as nodes and connect a link between two nodes if the two restaurants sell a common dish. The edge represents the sale competition relationship. In order to describe the competition, we define a node weight, which is the mark given by consumers on an evaluation network (, to the restaurant in cooking the dish. 3338 nodes and 688 dishes have been investigated. We find that both the total node weight, which is defined as the sum of the node weight in all the dishes, and the so-called dish weight, which is defined as the sum of the node weight in one dish, show a rather nice power law distribution.

  9. Rethinking the Beijing Consensus

    Jiang, Yang


    proposed by the Chinese leadership. A prominent feature of China's responses to the crisis is a bias towards state-owned enterprises and the public sector, which exacerbates the existing problems of monopoly, over-capacity, inequality, the regulators being ‘captured’ by industrial interests and...... protectionism. Given limited economic resources, domestic political contentions and the questionable credibility of the China Model, it would be difficult for China to practice ‘responsible great power’ diplomacy or assume leadership in the region or globally.......This paper discusses the role of the Beijing Consensus type of foreign and economic policymaking in China's development since the Asian financial crisis and in its response to the global crisis, and argues that it has been a double-edged sword, as reflected in several aspects. First, the lesson...

  10. Chinalco Signed Agreement with Guangxi Autonomous Region to Drive Forward Cooperation in Investment Project


    <正>Recently,the Aluminum Corporation of China Limited and the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region held signing ceremony for investment cooperation agreement in Nanning City.Luo Jianchuan,member of the CPC Party Leadership Group of Chinalco and President of Chinalco,and Chen Gang,Vice Chairman of the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous

  11. How to alleviate the electricity scarcity in Guangxi : an analysis of electricity pricing


    With the rapid economic growth and the increase of the population, Guangxi, a province with abundant hydropower resource, is facing a severe electricity shortage problem. This situation forces Guangxi¡¯s decision makers, the local government, to seek methods to alleviate the problem of electricity scarcity, and among the measures the way of re-pricing electricity seems a proper one.

  12. Guangxi Speeds up the Development of 300,000 tonnes Recycled Aluminum Project


    <正>The reporter learned from Guangxi Wuzhou Municipal government that at present, the construction of Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group’s 300,000 tonnes recycled aluminum processing project is in full swing at the Wuzhou Import Renewable Resources Processing Park.

  13. Why Overseas Moguls Choose Beijing



    TODAY,China is an area of strategic significance to tofreign businesses.World IT giants like Bill Gates,Scott McNealy,and Michael Dell all formulated their individual development strategies after visiting China.Gates is soon to invest substantially in establishing a Chinese base,McNealy is jockeying for a bigger piece of the Chinese market,and Michael Dell has expressed his intention to make China a crucial link within his global strategy.These facts confirm China's position within transnational corporate global strategy.To date,a total 20 transnational corporations have chosen Beijing as their regional headquarters,and among the top 500 transnational corporations,160 have invested in Beijing.What is it about Beijing that so draws international investors?And what impression do they have of Beijing?

  14. New Luxury in Regal Beijing


    Beijing is a city where informationpours in from all over the world,where international brands are set amongst beautiful traditions. Here prosperity is promised, and a successful new generation is creating its own trends, cultures and values. For these pioneers of style and individuality, the LG Beijing Tower is poised to provide a place to work, shop and interact in an environment that embodies new trends and sophistication.

  15. Trachoma rapid assessment in Shandong province of China

    Qu Yi; Bi Hongsheng; Wen Ying; Li Chaofeng; Wu Hui


    Background This research aims at identifying relative interventions on trachoma and testing the effectiveness of control measures adopted by assessing its prevalence and related risk factors in Shandong province of China.Methods Trachoma rapid assessment (TRA) was conducted in 6 sub-districts selected from Shandong province based on primary high risk assessment.Active trachoma in children aged 1-9 years and environmental risk factors of trachoma (unclean faces,absence of running water,and absence of flush toilets) were assessed (TRA 1).Control measures were taken in endemic areas.A second TRA (TRA 2) was conducted after 12 months in the same 6 districts and findings of the two TRAs were compared.Results In TRA 1,we found trachoma in 3 sub-districts and the detection rate was 4% (95% Cl:0.39%-11.12%),6% (95% Cl:1.18%-14.17%),and 6% (95% Cl:1.18%-14.17%) respectively.We could not find trachoma cases in TRA 2.Research data supports that children living with environmental risk factors face an increased risk to active trachoma.However,we could not find statistical evidence for this association,which may be caused by the limited data on prevalence.Conclusions This research indicates that the TRA methodology is easy to assess trachoma and its related risk factors.Based on the results of this study,we have already achieved the goal of "elimination of trachoma" in Shandong province,as the detection rate of trachomatous inflamation follicular/trachomatous inflammation intense in 1-9-year-old children was less than 5%.

  16. Haze over Beijing


    Thick haze collected over the Beijing region in late March 2007. Earlier that month, the BBC News reported that an international team of scientists had documented how increasing pollution in China led to decreasing rainfall over the region. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) flying onboard the Aqua satellite captured these images of the Beijing region on March 22, 2007. The top image is a 'true-color' picture, similar to a digital photo. The bottom, 'false-color,' image uses a combination of visible and infrared light to more clearly show vegetation, water, and clouds. Even sparse vegetation appears bright green, while water appears deep blue (bright blue when tinged with sediment). Clouds dominated by water droplets appear white, while clouds made of ice crystals appear light blue. The false-color image highlights water bodies, perhaps aqua-culture ponds, that are all but invisible in the true-color image, especially along the shores of the Bo Hai. While vegetation and water show up more clearly in the false-color image, haze is much more transparent. Although dingy gray haze dominates the true-color picture, it is all but invisible in the false-color view. The haze 'disappears' in the infrared-enhanced image because tiny haze particles do not reflect longer-wavelength infrared light very well, making this type of image useful for distinguishing haze from clouds. The bank of clouds in the upper right corner shows up clearly in both pictures. As China industrializes, factories, power plants, and automobiles all contribute to pollution in the region. In examining pollutants and rainfall, the team of scientists examined records covering more than 50 years, concluding that pollution decreased precipitation at Mount Hua near Xi'an in central China. They concluded that when conditions are so hazy that visibility is reduced to less than 8 kilometers (5 miles), hilly precipitation can drop by 30 to 50 percent. When moist air passes over mountains

  17. Hydrobios and Control of Eutrophication in Dongping Lake, Shandong Province


    The Hydrobios in Dongping Lake, Shandong Province, mainly includes phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthic animals, fishes and hydrophytic vascular plants. Nitrogen and phosphorus are the restrictive factors for the growth and propagation of hydrophyta, therefore the key to the prevention and control of eutrophication in lakes lies in the control of the contents of the two elements in the water. Artificial fishing of algae can reduce the concentrations of trophic substances such as nitrogen and phosphorus in the water bodies, and biological measures may decrease the contents of these trophic substances in the bottom sediments and the water bodies, thereby playing an active role in modifying the eutrophication of the lake.

  18. Poliomyelitis surveillance in Shandong Province, China, 1990-92.

    Chiba, Y; Xu, A.; Li, L.; T. Lei; Takezaki, T; Hagiwara, A.; Yoneyama, T; T Fujiwara; Hara, M.; Yamamoto, T.


    In Shandong Province, China, programmes were initiated in 1991 for mass immunization against poliomyelitis and for the immediate reporting of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). The incidence of non-poliomyelitis AFP was found to be 0.46-0.61 cases per 100,000 children per annum. It appeared that illness resembling the Guillain-Barré syndrome was underreported. The incidence of such illness peaked among children aged 2-3 years. Although laboratory investigations have improved, in 1992 they were st...

  19. Paleomagnetic study of Shanwang formation, Shandong Province, China

    The measured direction of the stable remanence of Shanwang Formation, Shandong Province, is D = 355.8 deg., I = 47.1 deg. According to the axial geocentre dipole model, the paleolatitude there during Miocene was 28.3 deg. N. The corrected value based on far-sided effect is 32.4 deg. N. The uncorrected and corrected pole positions were (81.0 deg. N, 323.1 deg. E) and (84.6 deg. N, 339.7 deg. E) separately. Comparing them with paleo-flora shows that the corrected value of paleolatitude is probably reasonable. (author). 14 refs, 3 figs, 1 tab

  20. Genetic polymorphism of 23 Y-STR loci in the Zhuang minority population in Guangxi of China.

    Luo, Haibo; Song, Feng; Zhang, Lushun; Hou, Yiping


    In the present study, 23 Y-STR loci (DYS576, DYS389I, DYS389 II, DYS448, DYS19, DYS391, DYS481, DYS549, DYS533, DYS438, DYS437, DYS570, DYS635, DYS390, DYS439, DYS392, DYS393, DYS458 DYS456, DYS643, YGATAH4, and DYS385ab) were investigated in 266 unrelated, healthy autochthonous individuals from the Zhuang minority population residing in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. One hundred and eighty-nine alleles and 245 haplotypes were found in the Zhuang group. Two hundred and twenty-four haplotypes among them were unique, and the remaining 21 haplotypes were found in two individuals. Discrimination capacity was 0.9211. Haplotype diversity was 0.9993 and gene diversity ranged from 0.4173 (DYS437) to 0.9678 (DYS385ab). Populations' differentia was calculated and compared with Tibetan, Bai, Dai, Minnan Han, Beijing Han, Chengdu Han, Xuanwei Han, and Southern Han ethnic groups in China, the Singapore Han population, and the Kinh group from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in the same 23 Y-STR loci. Our results showed that these 23 Y-STRs are highly genetically polymorphic in the Zhuang group and can also enrich Chinese ethnic genetic information. PMID:25877764

  1. Giovanni Arrighi in Beijing

    Ganesh Trichur


    Full Text Available Giovanni Arrighi's Adam Smith in Beijing (ASB subverts the temporality and conceptual vocabulary employed by most writers working in a Marxist tradition. In this view, capitalism is a mode of production which eventually encompasses the entire world. Perhaps it began in England and expanded from there. Perhaps its expansion through colonial empires should be seen as part of its constitution, rather than an after effect (i.e. the perspective of Wallerstein. In any case, it eventually dominates the world and every place that is a part of it through such phenomena as, multinational corporations, wage labor, and international capital flows. The particular class relations, political systems, and international relations that held before the spread of capitalism are only of interest to the extent that they leave a residue which may be reclaimed by actors seeking to reinforce or undermine the rule of capital in particular places. For Arrighi, Chinese development neither is, nor ever was, simply “capitalist.” Rather, it was, and continues to be “Smithian,” devoted to the maintenance and expansion of a market society (the obvious irony here is that China is seen as more “Smithian” than those places which most heartily celebrate the Scottish political economist.

  2. Private Museums Gain Popularity in Beijing

    Staff; Wangfeng


    "Have you ever been to a private museum?" The question pops upregularly in conversations here,indicating that smaller, specialized museums have become a valued partof Beijing cultural life. The trendstarted with the Beijing Guan Fu Classical Art Museum,

  3. Trace Element Geochemistry of Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks in Shandong Province

    陈道公; 李彬贤; 等


    The Cenozoic volcanic rock of Shandong Province are mainly alkalic and strongly alkalic basaltic rocks.The Contents of major and trace elements including transitional,incompatible and rare-earth elements were determined.The chemical characterisitics of major and trace elements indicate that these basaltic rocks were derived from a mantle source and probably represent a primary magma,I,e.,unmodifiecd partical melts of mantle peridotite in terms of Mg values,correlatione between P2O5 and Ce,Sr,Ni and Rb concentrations,mantle xenoliths,etc.The abundances of trace elements vary systematically from west to east.The compatible transition elements such as Co,Ni,and Cr show a remarkable depletion,whereas the incompatible and rare-earth elements are abundant as viewed from the chondrite-nor-malized patterns.The chemical composition and correlation are consistent with the tectonic setting.According to the batch and fractional partial melting theory,the trace element contents of Shandong volcanic rocks can be calculated from the two-component mixing model.

  4. Baise City of Guangxi Province Plans to Build a Key Asian Aluminium Production Base


    <正>Baise City of Guangxi Province is launching a project to build the aluminium industry into a pillar industry worth 100 billion yuan,and make Baise a key aluminium production base in China and Asia at large,said Ma Biao, Chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in a conference that concludes the per- formance of the government in the first half of the year.Guangxi,abundant in bauxite,is one of the four bauxite bases in China.Its potential reserve of bauxite tops 1 billion tons,mainly in

  5. 15th Beijing International Book Fair


    The 15th Beijing Intemational Book Fair(BIBF)is to be held in Tianjin on September 1-4.It is the first time that the fair is held outside of Beijing. The change of venue is because the book fair coincides with the closing of the Beijing Olympic Games and the open-

  6. The Days Hotel & Suites Beijing


    A Cultural Concept Located within striking distance of Beijing's booming Central Business District, the Days Hotel & Suites Beijing also offers easy access to the art of the imperial city. Adjacent to the Panjiayuan Flea Market, where curios and folk artworks of the ancient capital are bought and traded, it is a multi-function concept of fine dining and entertainment that taps into the cultural essence of China's storied past. In the entrance to the sizeable lobby of Regal Palace Chinese Cuisine House, a...

  7. Change analysis of karst rocky desertification for almost 40 years: a case study of Guangxi, China

    Wang, Wei; Zhou, Guoqing; Mao, Guodong; Shi, Yujun; Zhang, Rongting; Su, Chengjie


    The paper first studied the geometric correction of historical CORONA satellite imagery in the 1960s and used the historical imagery to extract KRD (karst rocky desertification). The study area is located in the karst region of Guangxi Province, China. Finally, we used the Landsat-5 imagery to extract rocky desertification in 2005, then we could find the changes of the karst rocky desertification in Guangxi from 1960s to 2005 about nearly 40 years. And comparison analysis was conducted and the results showed that, over the 40 years, Guangxi karst rocky desertification area has significantly changed. Guangxi has typical karst environment and is one of the most serious areas of rocky desertification in southwest China provinces, thus our research on this has great practical significance.

  8. Beijing Star Lake Ecology Park


    @@ Beijing Star Lake Ecology Park is a Five-star hotel which has developed multi-functions of restaurant, lodge, bath, landscape seeing, leisure,body exercise, recreation, Ecology agriculture,etc. Occupying an area of 500 mu, the park is an environmental friendly five-star hotel.

  9. Olympic Effect on Beijing Logistics

    Guo Liqin


    @@ Olympic logistics network as preparationIn 2003, the Beijing municipal government proposed the blueprint for three key logistics projects for the 2008 Olympics. It planned to build three logistics bases (at Yancun in Fangshan District, Majuqiao in Tongzhou, and Shahe in Changping District) along with four logistics centers (at Tianzhu in Chaoyang, Shibajiadian in Chaoyang, Dazhuang in Daxing, and Mentougou).

  10. Beijing +5 Review Outcome Document

    United Nations, UN


    The Beijing +5 Outcome Document strengthened commitments to eradicate harmful traditional practices, including so called 'honour killings', forced marriages and female genital mutilation. Among other things, it also called upon governments to eliminate gender discriminatory legislation by 2005 and create greater access to affordable treatment and care for women and girls living with HIV and AIDS.

  11. Sound Security,Safe Beijing


    @@ With the approach of the long a waited event,Chinese authorities have geared up to intensify security preparations.In line with the"people-oriented"and"athletes-centered"ideas,Beijing will spare no efforts to provide quality services and to build a safe and cornfort able environment that will satisfy all the Games' participants.

  12. Beijing Opera Percussion Pattern Dataset



    Beijing Opera Percussion Pattern (BOPP) dataset is a collection of 133 audio percussion patterns covering five pattern classes. The dataset includes the audio and syllable level transcriptions for the patterns (non-time aligned). It is useful for percussion transcription and classification tasks. The patterns have been extracted from audio recordings of arias and labeled by a musicologist.

  13. Bars in Beijing Old Town



    It's seven pm on a summer's evening by Shichahao Lake,central Beijing.A welcome breeze whispers across the lake,and the ruddy vestiges of sunset linger on roofs and treetops.A low hum emanates from bars on the lakeshore packed with young people chatting,drinking and generally

  14. Beijing: Beyond the Olympic city

    Chen, Y.


    Mega-event strategies have become part of a deliberate urban policy for cities around the world. There is a particular concern on how to combine the preparation of a mega-event with urban development processes that meet long-term demands. This paper examines how Beijing tried to use the Summer Olymp

  15. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Partners


    @@ At Olympic times, many business giants try to expand their influence by sponsoring the Games. The Games is an opportunity for them to turn from a national to an international brand. Here are brief introductions to some of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games partners.

  16. Complete Genome Sequences of an Avian Orthoreovirus Isolated from Guangxi, China

    Teng, Liqiong; Xie, Zhixun; Xie, Liji; Liu, Jiabo; Pang, Yaoshan; Deng, Xianwen; Xie, Zhiqin; Fan, Qing; Luo, Sisi


    We report the complete genomic sequences of an avian orthoreovirus, strain GuangxiR1, isolated from a chicken flock in Guangxi Province, southern China, in 2000. Phylogenetic analyses suggest that the strain is closely related to the S1133 strain, which is associated with tenosynovitis, but is far different from strain AVS-B, which is associated with runting-stunting syndrome in broilers.

  17. Estimation of Production Amount of Livestock and Poultry Manure and Environmental Impact Assessment in Guangxi

    Liao, Qing; Huang, Dongliang; Jiang, Zepu; Wei, Guangpo; Liang, Panxia; Wang, Yuning; LI, Yangrui


    This study was intended to estimate production of major livestock and poultry manure and contaminant content, and find out current situation of manure pollution, so as to provide reference for pollution control of livestock and poultry breeding industry in Guangxi. Based on the related statistic data in 2010 and the excretion coefficient of different livestock and poultry, the manure and its contaminant production amount of main livestock and poultry in Guangxi were estimated. Then the annual...

  18. Extra large bauxite mines with 120 million tons discovered in Guangxi Congzuo


    <正>According to Guangxi General Institute of Geological Prospecting,after 3 years of hard work,prospecting team has discovered extra large bauxite mines with resources of 120 mil- lion tons in Youjiang area in Guangxi. It is said that the newly-found extra large baux- ite mines are situated in the city of Congzuo. The ore belt lays generally northeast with 50

  19. Molecular Characteristics of H6N6 Influenza Virus Isolated from Pigeons in Guangxi, Southern China

    Li, Meng; Xie, Zhixun; Xie, Zhiqin; Luo, Sisi; Xie, Liji; Huang, Li; Deng, Xianwen; Huang, Jiaoling; Zhang, Yanfang; Zeng, Tingting; Wang, Sheng


    Here, we report the complete genome sequence of an H6N6 avian influenza virus (AIV) isolated from a pigeon in Guangxi, southern China, in 2014. The eight RNA segment genes shared a high nucleotide identity (97 to 99%) with H6N6 subtypes of AIV isolated from ducks in the regions around Guangxi Province. The finding of this study will help us understand the ecology and molecular characteristics of H6 avian influenza virus in wild birds in southern China.

  20. Chinalco and China National Administration of Coal Geology Jointly Built Guangxi Rare Earth Industrial Base


    <正>On June 3,Chinalco and China National Administration of Coal Geology signed cooperation agreement for strategic cooperation&cooperation agreement between Chinalco Guangxi Nonferrous Rare Earth Development Company and Xuzhou Jin Shi Pengyuan Rare Earth Material Factory.According to the agreement,both sides would jointly support Chinalco Guangxi Nonferrous Rare Earth Development Company and Xuzhou Jin Shi Pengyuan Rare Earth Material Factory to carry out comprehensive cooperation covering rare

  1. Minister Peng inspects family planning work in Shandong.


    Family planning (FP) programs in various villages in Shandong Province, China are discussed in terms of Minister Peng Peiyun's inspection. The visit by the State FP Commission officer was conducted with the Vice Governor and the Provincial FP Committee Director. 8 townships and villages in Yantai and Waihai prefectures were involved in the visits: Nanche Village of Shitou Town of Rongchen City, Zhangjia Township of Wendeng City, Yujia Village of Penglai County, and Xibeizhang Village of Pinglidian Town of Laizhou City. FP efforts and Minister Peng's comments are provided for these areas. IN Nanche village, Minister Peng said that farmers will support FP when the vast masses of the people of childbearing age are served. FP is important to political and social stability and economic development. In Zhangjia, Minister Peng visited a subcenter on education and said a solid basis for implementing FP is derived from paying sufficient attention to education on the basic principles of FP. In Yujia Village where there were no unplanned births, the village head answered the inquiry about FP success by saying the community persevered in developing the economy while simultaneously controlling population reproduction. A collective economy was formed with 7 small factories and 3 orchards. Annual income/capita in 1990 was 1,400 RMB Yuan. 300,000 RMB Yuan is devoted to the establishment of a kindergarten and primary school. An insurance system is operable. Childbearing desires changed with the relief from worries and the intensified education on population and FP. In Xibeizhang Village, which was designated a model for FP by governments in Shandong Province and Laizhou City, a provincial FP worker spoke directly to Minister Peng about the local activities. Encouragement on developing the 3 (educational and publicity, contraception, and daily management) to a new level and on surging ahead to bring about new achievement in FP was provided by Minister Peng to FP workers. PMID

  2. Nucleotide sequence characterization and phylogenetic analysis of hantaviruses isolated in Shandong Province, China

    LI Jian; ZHAO Zhong-tang; WANG Zhi-qiang; LIU Yun-xi; HU Mao-hong


    Background China is the most severe endemic area of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) in the world with 30 000-50 000 cases reported annually, which accounts for more than 90% of total number of cases worldwide. The incidence rate of the syndrome in Shandong Province is one of the highest in China, which has ever reached 50 per 100 000 persons per year. However, the molecular characteristics of hantaviruses (HV) epidemic in Shandong Province remain unclear. Therefore it is useful to clarify nucleotide sequence and phylogenetic characteristics of HV isolated in Shandong Province in order to provide better advices to control and prevent HFRS.Methods RNAs were extracted from sera of clinically diagnosed patients and positive rodent lungs that were detected by indirect immunofluorescent assay (IFA). Partial M segments of HV were amplified from the RNAs with reverse transcription nested polymerase chain reactions (nested PCR) using hantavirus genotype specific primers. The nested PCR products were sequenced and compared with those from previously epidemic isolates in Shandong and with other representative HV sequences from GenBank. Phylogenetic tree analyses were performed based on the sequences of the M genes.Results Thirty-four HV isolates in Shandong showed 67.1%-100% nucleotide identities. The nucleotide homologies among 6 Hantaan viruses (HTNV) isolates in Shandong were 78.1%-98.7%, while the homologies among 28 Seoul virus (SEOV) isolates in Shandong were 93.7%-100%. There were at least 3 subtypes HTNV (H2, H5, H9) and 2 subtypes SEOV (S2, S3) in Shandong Province.Conclusions In Shandong Province, the homologies of HTNV were lower and there were no predominant subtypes,while the homologies of SEOV were higher and S3 was the predominant subtype. The homologies of SEOV from rodents were higher than those from patients. The distribution of subtypes in Shandong was similar to that of the adjoining provinces. Phylogenetic analyses of the sequences showed

  3. A Research on Competitiveness of Guangxi City - Based on System Clustering Method and Principal Component Analysis Method

    Fan, Chang-ke; Wu, Yu


    A total of 10 indices of regional economic development in Guangxi are selected. According to the relevant economic data, regional economic development in Guangxi City is analyzed by using System Clustering Method and Principal Component Analysis Method. Result shows that System Clustering Method and Principal Component Analysis Method have revealed similar results analysis of economic development level. Overall economic strength of Guangxi is weak and Nanning has relatively high scores of fac...

  4. Variation Characteristics of Low Temperature and Rainy Weather in Guangxi during Spring Sowing Period of Recent 50 Years


    [Objective] The research aimed to study the variation characteristics of low temperature and rainy weather in Guangxi during spring sowing period of recent 50 years.[Method] Based on the daily average temperature data from 1961 to 2010 at 88 meteorological stations in Guangxi,yearly days and end date of low temperature and rainy weather during spring sowing period were carried out statistics.The variation characteristics of low temperature and rainy weather in Guangxi during spring sowing period of recent 5...

  5. Scrub Typhus: Surveillance, Clinical Profile and Diagnostic Issues in Shandong, China

    Zhang, Meng; Zhao, Zhong-Tang; Wang, Xian-Jun; Li, Zhong; Ding, Lei; Ding, Shu-Jun


    To elucidate the epidemic status, clinical profile, and current diagnostic issues of scrub typhus in Shandong Province, we analyzed the surveillance data of scrub typhus from 2006 to 2011 and conducted a hospital-based disease survey in 2010. Scrub typhus was clustered in mountainous and coastal areas in Shandong Province, with an epidemic period from September to November. The most common manifestations were fever (100%), eschar or skin ulcer (86.3%), fatigue (71.6%), anorexia (71.6%), and r...

  6. Disaster resilience in tertiary hospitals: a cross-sectional survey in Shandong Province, China

    Zhong, Shuang; Hou, Xiang-yu; Clark, Michele; Zang, Yu-Li; Wang, Lu; Xu, Ling-Zhong; FitzGerald, Gerard


    Background Hospital disaster resilience can be defined as a hospital’s ability to resist, absorb, and respond to the shock of disasters while maintaining critical functions, and then to recover to its original state or adapt to a new one. This study aims to explore the status of resilience among tertiary hospitals in Shandong Province, China. Methods A stratified random sample (n = 50) was derived from tertiary A, tertiary B, and tertiary C hospitals in Shandong Province, and was surveyed by ...

  7. Molecular characteristics and antibiotic resistance of Vibrio cholerae O139 in Shandong province



    Objective To investigate the molecular epidemiological characteristics and antibiotic resistance profiles of Vibrio cholerae O139 in Shandong province.Methods A total of 13 strains of V.cholerae O139(9 clinical strains and 4 environmental strains)isolated from cholera epidemics in Shandong province since 1997 were recovered and confirmed with serum agglutination and biochemical reaction.Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis(PFGE)was carried out for molecular subtyping.Virulence genes and

  8. Spatio-temporal Evolution on Geographic Boundaries of HFRS Endemic Areas in Shandong Province, China

    LIU Yan Xun; WANG Zhi Qiang; GUO Jing; TANG Fang; SUN Xiu Bin; XUE Fu Zhong; KANG Dian Min


    Objective To take effective strategies and measures for the prevention and control of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) endemic areas by investigating its dynamic geographical boundaries in Shandong Province, China. Methods The incidence of HFRS from 1982 to 2008 in Shandong Prvince, China, was detected with inverse distance weighting (IDW) interpolation based on geographical information system (GIS). Dynamic geographical boundaries of HFRS endemic areas in Shandong Province, China, were analyzed by geographical boundary analysis. Results The HTN-type endemic areas of HFRS were located in Linyi City in phase 1 (1982-1986), the SEO-type endemic areas of HFRS were located in Jining City in phase 2 (1987-2003), and the endemic areas of HFRS in Jining City gradually disappeared and the endemic areas of HFRS with mixed-types of reservoir rodents were located in Linyi City in phase 3 (2004-2008). Meanwhile, new endemic areas emerged in the northwestern Shandong province, China. Conclusion The SEO-type endemic areas of HFRS are located in western Shandong Province, China, and the HTN-type endemic areas of HFRS are located eastern Shandong Province, Chin, indicating that the endemic areas of HFRS should be vaccinated and rodents should be controlled.

  9. Analysis of Karst Tufa from Guangxi,China



    The paper presents an analysis of characteristic karst tufa from Guangxi, China, which hasnot been studied before. A comparison with tufa from Dinaric Karst of Croatia is discussed in view of theC-type climate. The major mineral is calcite. Minor minerals are quartz and dolomite, depending onlocation. The content of calcium carbonate varies from 65% to 92%, and that of magnesium carbonatefrom 0.03% to 1.77%. Among other elements, the most abundant are Fe, from 0.02% to 1.50%, and Ti,from 0.15% to 0.27%. Many other trace elements (V, Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Se, Br, Rb, Sr, Y, Zr, Hgand Pb) are also present. Specific activity of radionuclides 40K, 232Th, 137Cs, 226Ra and 238U varies fromsample to sample. Concentration of U in tufa is close to that reported for sedimentary carbonate. Lowconcentration of 137Cs indicates that this part of the world was not exposed to nuclear explosions. Theconcentration of 226Ra is the highest in Mashan County. The ratio 238U/226Ra (0.21-0.71) in tufa fromMashan County is significantly lower than the theoretical value of 1. In 5 of the 11 studied samples,stable isotopes δ13C and δ18O were analyzed. They were dated by means of the 14C method. One tufasample originated in the Pleistocene and the others in the Holocene. Because all of the tufa samplescontain traces of Na and K, and K < Na, the tufa from Guangxi belong to the CO2-outgassing "N" typeaccording to the classification of Liu and He (1994).

  10. Beijing Promises Event to Remember


    The host city is confident of staging a green, dope-free and stunning Olympic Games The world will remember the Beijing Olympic Games for its touching open- ing ceremony and Olympic Village with Chinese cultural elements,prom- ised key figures in the event’s preparation work at a press conference on March 12. During the annual session of the National Committee of the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC),

  11. Beijing: Beyond the Olympic city

    Chen, Y


    Mega-event strategies have become part of a deliberate urban policy for cities around the world. There is a particular concern on how to combine the preparation of a mega-event with urban development processes that meet long-term demands. This paper examines how Beijing tried to use the Summer Olympic Games 2008 to fight its spatial and environmental problems, and create a new image for the city.

  12. Singing Carmina Burana in Beijing



    IN 1803 a collection of 13th century stories, poems and songs, known as the Carmina Burana, was discovered in a Bavarian monastery. The celebrated German composer Carl Orff selected various pieces from it,and transformed them into his greatestwork. On March 4 this year, Hamburg's well-known Christianeum High School Choir enthralled young Beijing musicians with their performance of this classical music.

  13. Northern Economic Hub:Beijing or Tianjin?


    The government says Tianjin, today's market suggests Beijing and some academics say the "or" is all wrong Beijing and Tianjin, the two largest cities in north China, are going through catharsis. According to the re-planning of the State Council, Beijing should shed its role as north China's economic center, and Tianjin should grow into being just that. Tianjin has long been viewed as an important economic center, but not the cen

  14. Diagnosing Beijing 2020: Mapping the Ungovernable City

    Robin Visser


    Full Text Available Beijing Municipality, characterised by the ‘off-ground’ architecture distinguishing neo-liberal privatisation, is attempting to mitigate the damaging effects of rampant development on the social fabric, cultural heritage, and the environment by adopting sustainable urban planning. I argue that the sustainability rhetoric in the Beijing Municipality 2020 Plans functions in part as strategic metaphors masking unnamed, imminent threats to governance. In this article I diagnose four Beijing plans (Beijing 2006-2015 ‘Rail Transit Plan’ for Compact City, Beijing 2005-2020 ‘Underground Space Plan’ for Alternative Space, Beijing 2006-2020 ‘Undeveloped Area Plan’ for Ecological Responsibility, and Beijing 2006-2010 ‘Low-income Housing Plan’ for Affordability and Liveability. A diagrammatics of the plans illuminates not so much a mapping of Beijing’s future as the forms of spontaneity preoccupying the nation at this historical juncture. The Beijing 2020 plan, as city mapping more generally, discloses the imminence of ungovernable city. The fact that citizens are demanding greater authority over Beijing governance suggests that radical alterations to its urban fabric and quality of life have incited the imminent sociability that is the city.

  15. Estimation of Citywide Air Pollution in Beijing

    Wang, Jin-Feng; Hu, Mao-Gui; Xu, Cheng-Dong; Christakos, George; Zhao, Yu


    There has been discrepancies between the daily air quality reports of the Beijing municipal government, observations recorded at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, and Beijing residents’ perceptions of air quality. This study estimates Beijing’s daily area PM2.5 mass concentration by means of a novel technique SPA (Single Point Areal Estimation) that uses data from the single PM2.5 observation station of the U.S Embassy and the 18 PM10 observation stations of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Pro...

  16. On arable land changes in Shandong Province and their driving forces


    The decrease of total cultivated area and the lower per capitaavailable arable land resource are now serious problems in Shandong Province, a major agricultural province in China. These problems will become more serious along with the further development of economy. In this paper,based on the statistical information at provincial and county levels, the changes of arable land in Shandong Province and their driving forces during the last 50 years are analyzed. The general changing trends of arable land and per capita available arable land are reducing, and the trends of decrease will continue when the economy is developing. The result of GIS spatial analysis shows that the change of the arable land use in Shandong Province has a regional difference. Eight variables having influences on cultivated land change are analyzed by principal component analysis. The results show that the dynamic development of economy, pressure of social system and progress of scientific techniques in agriculture are the main causes for cultivated land reduction. The principal factors which can be considered as driving forces for arable land change include per capita net living space, total population and per ha grain yield. By using regressive equation, along with analysis on population growth and economic development, cultivated areas in Shandong Province in 2005 and 2010 are predicted respectively. The predicted cultivated areas in Shandong will be 6435.47 thousand hain 2005 and 6336.23 thousand ha in 2010 respectively.

  17. Parent-School Councils in Beijing, China

    Lewis, Wayne D.; Bjork, Lars G.; Zhao, Yuru; Chi, Bin


    This exploratory study examines how schools in Beijing have responded to a Chinese national policy mandate to establish and maintain parent councils. We surveyed principals and parent council members across schools in the Beijing municipality about the establishment and functions of their schools' parent councils. Survey results provide insights…

  18. Private Museums Gain Popularity in Beijing



    """"Have you ever been to a private museum?"""" The question pops up regularly in conversations here, indicating that smaller, specialized museums have become a valued part of Beijing cultural life, The trend started with the Beijing Guan Fu Classical Art Museum, followed by private museums set up in the city of Jinmen and Zibo,

  19. French-Style Luxury Comes to Beijing


    LANDMARK LUXURY: Francois Vanvi,Director of Sales & Marketing of Sofitel Wanda Beijing, points to the hotel as a landmark in the hospitality industry of Beijing"Our customer- minded services are the embodiment of French luxury, and focus on offering enjoyment and feelings of ease."—Francis Vanvi

  20. Beijing Olympic Tickets Go on Sale


    More than 7 million very affordable tickets are now on sale for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) announced April 15. About 75 percent of the tickets will be sold domestically a

  1. IFAN Workshop Held in Beijing


    @@ IFAN, International Federation of Standards Users, was pleased to held its workshop on "Application of Standards in China and Beyond" connected with its annual members' assembly meeting on 25~26 October, 2006 in Beijing. The objective of the workshop is to use the opportunity of being in China to achieve a deeper level of understanding of Chinese and non-Chinese standards; to exchange views and information on the application of standards (Benefits and Challenges); and to study more profoundly the standardization and technical regulation system in China.

  2. Lingjing Street Beijing's Widest Hutong

    Li Yuwan


    OUTSIDE Lingjing Hutong station on Beijing's Subway Line 4,the 664-meter-long Lingjing Hutong between Fuyoujie Street and Xidan North Street spreads out 32.18meters at its widest point.It's the widest hutong in the capital.Before an expansion in the 1980s,Lingjing was just 3 meters wide.Its history can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644),when a Taoist temple known as Lingji Palace was built there in 1471.It's said that the palace was constructed on the orders of Emperor Yongle,a man whose legend precedes him.

  3. Research on the Application of Cultural Element of Guangxi Minorities in Modern Landscape Design

    Long Dujiang


    Full Text Available There are 11 Minorities in Guangxi, and the cultural ethnics among each minority are varied to a certain extent. Despite the difference, each minority has made contributions to the Chinese civilization. Guangxi is a region teeming with minorities. The difference of minorities comprises the type of local cultural element. In the process of modern landscape design, the incorporation design or cultural elements for relevant staff are required. And it is the infiltration of these cultural elements that press ahead the landscape design. For people to discover the cultural source, and for the soul to find the spiritual sense of belongings, this article has made a research on the features of Guangxi minorities cultural elements and the application in landscape design, expecting to provide a theoretical reference for incorporation of cultural element and productive construction.

  4. The importance of hepatitis C as a risk factor for hepatocellular carcinoma in Guangxi

    Zhuo Lin Deng; Yun Ma; Ling Yuan; Pin Kie Teng


    AIM To examine hepatitis C in hepatocellular carcinoma in most endemic area, Guangxi, China.METHODS Immunochemistry was performed on formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissue sections. A total202 specimens were analysed from the high, intermediate and low HCC prevalent regions of Guangxi.RESULTS The distribution of positive hepatitis C cases from high, intermediate and low regions wasrespectively 24/63 (38%), 23/62 (37%) and 30/77 (39%), with a total of 77/202 (38.12%).CONCLUSION Hepatitis C virus is an important risk factor in the development of hepatocellularcarcinoma, but the regional difference in prevalence of this cancer is more likely influenced by hepatitis Bviral infection and aflatoxin B1 exposure. In Guangxi, infection of hepatitis B and C virus in thedevelopment of hepatocellular carcinoma may be greatly enhanced by exposure to aflatoxin.

  5. The development and practices of Strategic Environmental Assessment in Shandong Province, China

    Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), a newly-developed decision-making support tool, has been used in many developed and developing countries for predicting and evaluating potential environmental impact of policies, plans, and programs (PPPs), as well as for providing alternatives to avoid, mitigate, or compensate for these impacts. Unfortunately, due to the complexity and flexibility of SEA, to date there has been no consensus on a system which could be suitable for the contexts of different regions or countries. Different requirements and practices are observed in the different typical stages of SEA. Controversial areas include the appropriate indicators to apply in the early baseline setting stage, suitable methodologies for the impact assessment, and appropriate procedures for the SEA process. Given this, it is important to review and refine the SEA system specific to the context but informed by internationally agreed norms. As an illustration, this study reviews and proposes steps to refine the SEA system in Shandong Province, an economically powerful province of China, aiming to achieve sustainable development. Supported by the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China, Shandong Province employed SEA to reform the traditionally economy-oriented decision-making and incorporate consideration of environmental consequences into government deliberation on proposed PPPs. This paper illustrates the developmental process, procedures, and legal support for SEA in Shandong Province. By analyzing five SEA cases carried out by Shandong Province Environment Protection Bureau (SEPB) and Shandong University, problems in the SEA system were identified, and recommendations were made for improving the SEA system not only in Shandong Province but also other similar regions or countries.

  6. Research on New Energy Industry Development in Shandong Province with Financial Support

    Liu Yu-han


    Full Text Available Shangdong Province is a major energy exporter as well as a green city of economic development. However, amid the rapid development of economy, Shandong province has witnessed the development of some non-economic and green industries, therefore, to fulfill the government’s obligation and to make the industry planning better and to create green environmental industry, it is necessary to study the development function of new energy industry in Shandong under the support of government finance. Energy plays an important role in developing economy and sustaining human life, without which human cannot survive. Nowadays, due to the mass consumptions of energy on earth by humankind, it is urgent for humankind to seek new alternative energy sources and develop environmental protection industry. As one of the key industries supported by the state in recent years, new energy industry, including industries supported by hydropower, wind power, tidal energy and luminous energy, is under rapid development and has become the main driving force to change the enterprise structure and promote the development in Shandong Province. Based on the data of energy developmental level within 20 years from 1993 to 2012 in Shandong Province, this thesis is to build a financial support model suitable for new energy development in Shandong Province by using the basic principle of factor analysis. After unit root test, co-integration test and causality test on the data and analysis, a conclusion that the measurement index between financial efficiency, scale and results are indeed co-integrate and moreover, it gives a major push to the development of new energy industry. Therefore, the major drivers of the development of new energy in China with the financial support can be summarized. This research can provide theoretical basis for the structure of new energy industry in Shandong Province.

  7. Dynamics of the Coordination of Economy-Society and Resource-Environment in Shandong Peninsula, China

    Han Rongqing; Zhao Minghua


    Shandong Peninsula, as a more developed region in Shandong Province even the east coast of China, is facing challenges from resources and environment pressures. This paper tried to track and assess the coordination status and the dynamic between resource-environment and economy-society systems in Shandong Peninsula during 2001-2008 in order to provide deci- sion support for regional sustainability. An appraisal index system was built including five aspects of harmony degree (A), sustain- ability degree (B), opening degree (C), stability degree (D) and controllability degree (E). The results showed that: 1) The coor- dination level of resource-environment and economy-society in Shandong Peninsula has continuously grown, and it has undergone three stages: no coordinated degree (2001-2002), weak coordi- nated degree (2003-2006) and basically coordinated degree (2007- 2008). 2) Five indexes of criterion hierarchy also increased overall, but each index showed different trends. Harmony degree, sustain- ability degree and opening degree rose all the time, while stability degree and controllability degree alternately rose and fell. The improvement of controllability degree was the slowest. 3) The ag- gravating trend of environmental pollution was slowing down. The economic growth was driven by industrial growth and urbanization typically and investment was still the main force to pull the regional economic growth. At the same time, technology and education were becoming more and more important for economic growth. The level of foreign capital utility declined and the geographical advantage of Shandong Peninsula was exerted. Meanwhile some characteristics of knowledge economy were presenting. Water re- sources become the main constraint factor of fast development in Shandong Peninsula. It is necessary to further strengthen the coordination ability of government on regional sustainable development.

  8. Analysis of Developing Public Health Service Sector with Private Finance Initiative in Guangxi



    In Guangxi Public Health Service Sector (GPHSS), because lack of budget, it has caused a number of problems, such as weakened public health service in rural areas, poor professional quality of medical personnel in public health units at village and township levels, current urban public health service could not meet the health demand for urban residents. This paper is a secondary research. Through analysis of the financial problem and both of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), it intend to demonstrate that using the PFI could be considered as a good way for the Guangxi government.

  9. Molecular Characteristics of H6N6 Influenza Virus Isolated from Pigeons in Guangxi, Southern China

    Li, Meng; Xie, Zhiqin; Luo, Sisi; Xie, Liji; Huang, Li; Deng, Xianwen; Huang, Jiaoling; Zhang, Yanfang; Zeng, Tingting; Wang, Sheng


    Here, we report the complete genome sequence of an H6N6 avian influenza virus (AIV) isolated from a pigeon in Guangxi, southern China, in 2014. The eight RNA segment genes shared a high nucleotide identity (97 to 99%) with H6N6 subtypes of AIV isolated from ducks in the regions around Guangxi Province. The finding of this study will help us understand the ecology and molecular characteristics of H6 avian influenza virus in wild birds in southern China. PMID:26634763

  10. Induced Institutional Transition of Contract Farming in Shandong Province


    This article describes the process of institutional transition of contract farming in Shandong Province. The changes in preparatory stage of contract farming express in: One, the information asymmetry of the two sides of the contract is reducing; Two, the security system of contract farming tends to be perfection; Three, the organizational form of contract farming tends to be simplification. The measures taken in production stage of agricultural product are as follows: The first is investment in means of production; The second is perfection of field management; The third is soundness of quality test. The measures taken in purchase stage of agricultural product are as follows: First, product is developing from preliminary working to intensive processing; Second, leading enterprises develop to large-scale and standard. The changes in profit distribution stage of contract farming are as follows: First, the profit relationship between enterprises and peasant households turns from opposition to mutual benefit. Second, the means of default issues turn from emotional self-discipline to rational self-discipline. Performance of contract farming is analyzed: First is putting forward the transformation of agricultural operational form; Second is reducing the uncertainty; Third is truly realizing the risk sharing and participation of interest. The defect of institutional transition of contract farming is discussed: First is no longer the operational form that benefits many farmers; Second is still the typically incomplete contract; Third is expansion of capability gap of business game between leading enterprises and farmers; Fourth is the still existence of information asymmetry; Fifth is informal institution falling behind formal institutional arrangement. The corresponding countermeasures are put forward: First is developing professional cooperation; Second is completing land circulation system; Third is constructing honest information system; Fourth is building social

  11. Beijing's Best-Kept Secrets


    @@ GREAT WALL BREAKFAST If you're planning to visit the Great Wall.avoid Badaling-the most developed section of the wall closest to Beijing--and head for Mutianyu's also highly restored and developed,SO brace yourself for an army of hawkers,but it offers steep descents and spectacular views of the wall and the rugged mountains.Best of all,however,a trip to Mutianyu can be combined with breakfast at one of Beijing's most unusual restaurants-the Schoolhouse.Housed in a fonTler elementary school in Mutianyu village.the Schoolhouse Canteen serves up delicious,fresh European fare using locally grown ingredients.It is fully booked by corporate dients for lunch and dinher during the Olympics,but is open for breakfast,serving up classic American and English breakfasts and fresh fruit juices,or for afternoon tea.The perfect accompaniment to your Great Well experience.

  12. Regional Study on Economical Supporting Capacity of Land Resources in Shandong Province

    Li Yujiang; Chen Pei'an


    Taking the land resources of 17 cities in Shandong Province as the basic data, the article studied on the economical supporting capacity of land resources in terms of the effect of land on economy. The author classified 17 cities of Shandong Province into four types according to the economical supporting capacity of land resources by quantitatively estimating the evaluation indices of the total amount of land resources, the potential of urban and other nonagricultural land, and the integrated economical supporting capacity of land resources, etc. The author proposes the questions requiring further study at the end of this article.

  13. Clay Mineralogical Composition of Tea Garden Soils in Shandong Province, China

    Han, Jing-Long; Yang, Qi-Xia; Ming ZHAO; Liu, Ying-Xia; Egashira, Kazuhiko


    For assistance of the appropriate plant-nutrient management practice to keep the sustainable tea production in Shandong Province, particle-size and clay mineral analyses were carried out to the surface layer of soils collected in tea gardens of Laoshan region of Qingdao City and Dahainanchun region of Jimo City, Shandong Province, People's Republic of China. Variation of the particle-size distribution with sites was small in each region. The clay content ranged from 17.6 to 22.7% for soils ...

  14. Shandong Gold Plans to Purchase 10 billion Yuan Worth of Assets through Private Placement


    <正>The mysterious"veil"of Shandong Gold’s major asset restructuring maneuver has finally been lifted:The Company plans to issue about 296 million shares at the price of 33.72 yuan/share,to purchase assets of Shandong Gold Group and other companies totaling 9.984 billion yuan,through which it will increase 401 tonnes of gold reserve.Meanwhile,it also plans to raise supporting funds of no more than 3 billion yuan through private placement.After the

  15. Genetic diversity of Guangxi chicken breeds assessed with microsatellites and the mitochondrial DNA D-loop region.

    Liao, Yuying; Mo, Guodong; Sun, Junli; Wei, Fengying; Liao, Dezhong Joshua


    The domestic chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) is an excellent model for genetic studies of phenotypic diversity. The Guangxi Region of China possesses several native chicken breeds displaying a broad range of phenotypes well adapted to the extreme hot-and-wet environments in the region. We thus evaluated the genetic diversity and relationships among six native chicken populations of the Guangxi region and also evaluated two commercial breeds (Arbor Acres and Roman chickens). We analyzed the sequences of the D-loop region of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and 18 microsatellite loci of 280 blood samples from six Guangxi native chicken breeds and from Arbor Acres and Roman chickens, and used the neighbor-joining method to construct the phylogenetic tree of these eight breeds. Our results showed that the genetic diversity of Guangxi native breeds was relatively rich. The phylogenetic tree using the unweighed pair-group method with arithmetic means (UPGAM) on microsatellite marks revealed two main clusters. Arbor Acres chicken and Roman chicken were in one cluster, while the Guangxi breeds were in the other cluster. Moreover, the UPGAM tree of Guangxi native breeds based on microsatellite loci was more consistent with the genesis, breeding history, differentiation and location than the mtDNA D-loop region. STRUCTURE analysis further confirmed the genetic structure of Guangxi native breeds in the Neighbor-Net dendrogram. The nomenclature of mtDNA sequence polymorphisms suggests that the Guangxi native chickens are distributed across four clades, but most of them are clustered in two main clades (B and E), with the other haplotypes within the clades A and C. The Guangxi native breeds revealed abundant genetic diversity not only on microsatellite loci but also on mtDNA D-loop region, and contained multiple maternal lineages, including one from China and another from Europe or the Middle East. PMID:27038171

  16. ISPO BEIJING 2012- Growth Trend Continues

    Wang Ting


    In the year of 2008, the Olympic Games were held in the city of Beijing for the first time in the country's history, marking the emergence of a new relationship between China and the sports industry, and resulting in a subsequent three years of fast developmenttowards an exciting sports business future. ISPO BEIJING 2012, which is scheduled to be held from February 22nd to 25th, 2012 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, would once again offer the sports industrial fields a platform to seek their opportunities.

  17. Complete Genome Sequence Analysis of an H6N1 Avian Influenza Virus Isolated from Guangxi Pockmark Ducks

    Xie, Zhixun; Xie, Liji; Zhou, Chenyu; Liu, Jiabo; Pang, Yaoshan; Deng, Xianwen; Xie, Zhiqin; Fan, Qing


    We report here the complete genomic sequence of a novel H6N1 avian influenza virus strain, A/Duck/Guangxi/GXd-5/2010(H6N1), isolated from pockmark ducks in Guangxi Province, Southern China. All of the 8 gene segments of A/Duck/Guangxi/GXd-5/2010(H6N1) are attributed to the Eurasian lineage; the amino acid motif of the cleavage site between HA1 and HA2 was P-Q-I-E-T-R-G. These are typical characteristics of the low-pathogenicity avian influenza virus. This study will help to understand the epi...

  18. Analysis of the 2014 “APEC Blue” in Beijing Using More than One Decade of Satellite Observations: Lessons Learned from Radical Emission Control Measures

    Ran Meng


    Full Text Available During the 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC Economic Leaders’ Meetings in Beijing, the Chinese government made significant efforts to clear Beijing’s sky. The emission control measures were very effective and the improved air quality during the APEC Meetings was called the “APEC Blue”. To monitor and estimate how these emission control measures affected air quality in Beijing and its five neighboring large cities (Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Jinan, and Qingdao, we compared and analyzed the satellite-retrieved Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT products of the pre-APEC (18–31 October, APEC (1–11 November, and post-APEC periods (11–31 November in 2002–2014 and daily PM2.5 measurements of the three periods in 2014 on the ground. Compared with the pre- and post-APEC periods, both ground and satellite observations indicated significantly reduced aerosol loading during the 2014 APEC period in Beijing and its surroundings, but with apparent spatial heterogeneity. For example, the peak value of PM2.5 in Beijing were around 100 µg∙m−3 during the APEC period, however, during the pre- and post-APEC periods, the peak values were up to 290 µg∙m−3. The following temporal correlation analysis of mean AOT values between Beijing and other five cities for the past thirteen years (2002–2014 indicated that the potential emission source regions strongly impacting air quality of Beijing were confined within central and southern Hebei as well as northern and southwestern Shandong, in correspondence with the spatial pattern of Digital Earth Model (DEM of the study region. In addition to stringent emission control measures, back trajectory analysis indicated that the relatively favorable regional transport pattern might also have contributed to the “APEC Blue” in Beijing. These results suggest that the “APEC Blue” is a temporarily regional phenomenon; a long-term improvement of air quality in Beijing is still challenging

  19. Guangxi Baise Extends Industrial Chain to Combat Loss in Aluminum Business


    <正>"For each tonne of aluminum being produced,the upstream enterprise on the aluminum industrial chain will suffer loss about 2000yuan."Said Liang Xiao,Deputy Director of Pingguo Industrial Park Management Committee under the Guangxi Baise City,one of the four major aluminum industry bases in China,on August 11.Extending aluminum

  20. Guangxi Shanglin Aluminum Plant cross-regional technical upgrade project(phase 1)put into operation


    <正>The project(Phase 1)of cross-regional techni- cal upgrade of the aluminum plant of Guangxi Shanglin Nannan Industrial Co.was completed and put into operation on June 8,2007.The plant is a cross-regional technical upgrade pro- ject of Nanning Aluminum Plant,featuring the integration of coal,electricity and aluminum.

  1. Complete Genome Sequence of Porcine Parvovirus N Strain Isolated from Guangxi, China

    Su, Qian-Lian; Bin LI; Zhao, Wu; Liang, Jia-Xing; He, Ying; Qin, Yi-Bin; Lu, Bing-Xia


    We report here the complete genomic sequence of the porcine parvovirus (PPV) N strain, isolated in 1989 from the viscera of a stillborn fetus farrowed by a gilt in Guangxi, southern China. Phylogenetic analyses suggest that the PPV-N strain is closely related to attenuated PPV NADL-2 strains. The PPV-N strain has good immunogenicity, genetic stability, and safety.

  2. Genome Sequences of the Novel Porcine Parvovirus 3, Identified in Guangxi Province, China.

    Zhong, Hui; Li, Xiangmin; Zhao, Zekai; An, Chunjing; Wan, Peng; Wu, Mengge; Chen, Huanchun; Qian, Ping


    Porcine parvovirus 3 is a novel parvovirus that infects pigs. Here, we report two genome sequences of porcine parvovirus 3 strains GX1 and GX2, which are highly prevalent in Guangxi province. It will help in understanding the epidemiology and molecular characteristics of the porcine parvovirus 3. PMID:26941135

  3. Genome Sequences of the Novel Porcine Parvovirus 3, Identified in Guangxi Province, China

    Zhong, Hui; Xiangmin LI; Zhao, Zekai; An, Chunjing; Wan, Peng; Wu, Mengge; Chen, Huanchun; Qian, Ping


    Porcine parvovirus 3 is a novel parvovirus that infects pigs. Here, we report two genome sequences of porcine parvovirus 3 strains GX1 and GX2, which are highly prevalent in Guangxi province. It will help in understanding the epidemiology and molecular characteristics of the porcine parvovirus 3.

  4. Complete genome sequence of porcine parvovirus N strain isolated from guangxi, china.

    Su, Qian-Lian; Li, Bin; Zhao, Wu; Liang, Jia-Xing; He, Ying; Qin, Yi-Bin; Lu, Bing-Xia


    We report here the complete genomic sequence of the porcine parvovirus (PPV) N strain, isolated in 1989 from the viscera of a stillborn fetus farrowed by a gilt in Guangxi, southern China. Phylogenetic analyses suggest that the PPV-N strain is closely related to attenuated PPV NADL-2 strains. The PPV-N strain has good immunogenicity, genetic stability, and safety. PMID:25573932

  5. Present-day Crustal Movement and Strain Rate in Guangxi Area from GPS Data

    LIAO Chaoming


    Full Text Available The 3D crustal movement velocities filed and strain parameters of Guangxi area are acquired in the coordinate frame of ITRF2005 with the multi-period GPS data from 1998 to 2010 analyzed by using GAMIT/GLOBK software, and the area deformation field and present-day construction mechanism are also discussed in this paper. From the GPS monitoring results, the crustal movement of Guangxi area coincides with south China movement in the South-East-East anticlockwise direction, the average vertical velocity value is 33.49 mm/a in ITRF2005 frame, the preponderant direction is N 109.3° E, the average horizon velocity value is +1.30 mm/a, and the trend becomes increasing from East to West of Guangxi province. The present-day strain status is extrusion in N 127.3°±4.8° E direction, the main maximum extrusion strain is -2.7±0.5×10-9/a with a tension effect in the N 37.3°±4.8° E direction, and the main maximum tension strain is 1.8±0.2×10-9/a. A more precise 3D present-day crustal velocity filed of Guangxi area is presented in this paper with the full analyzing of GPS data.

  6. Competitiveness of Characteristic Agriculture in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Based on Explanatory Indicators

    Teng, Ming-lan


    The five explanatory indicators of the competitiveness of characteristic agriculture are the agricultural science and technology, the cultural quality of agricultural labor force, the agricultural infrastructure, the resource endowment, and the agricultural management scale. According to these explanatory indicators, competitiveness of characteristic agriculture is relatively strong in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, which is mainly reflected in the resource advantage, irrigation d...

  7. Guangxi Canceling Preferential Power Price for High Energy Consumption Including Aluminum Enterprises


    <正>Guangxi has carried out the policy of differen- tiated power price earnestly.At the end of 2007,the price bureau of the autonomous re- gion has unveiled the policy of the cancellation of preferential electricity price for high energy consumption enterprises.

  8. Transport and distribution of nutrients in anchovy spawning ground to the southern waters of Shandong Peninsula

    Gao Shengquan; Lin Yi'an; Jin Mingming; Liu Xiaoya


    The distribution of nutrients and the effect of side transport of nutrients on anchovy spawning ground to the southern waters of Shandong Peninsula are discussed based on the data collected in June 2000, May and June 2001. The coastal current and upwelling are the main physical processes of nutrient transport to the southern waters of Shandong Peninsula. The concentrations of nutrients, Chla, the density of anchovy eggs, larva and juvenile fish increase obviously where they are greatly affected by these processes, while the contents of nutrients and Chl-a, the density of anchovy eggs, larva and juvenile fish decrease significantly where these processes diminish or disappear. The investigation suggest that the side transport of nutrients by Lubei (North Shandong) coastal current in the northern area causes the Chl-a content to be high and dense anchovy eggs, larva and juvenile fish to be dense in the coastal area of the Chengshan Cape. In the southern area, the riverine input from Subei irrigation ditch with high content of nutrients inshore and upwelling in the western edge of the Huanghai Sea Cold Water offshore should be responsible for high Chl-a concentration and dense anchovy eggs, larva and juvenile fish.It is possible that these processes of nutrient transport have controlled the anchovy spawning ground to the southem waters of Shandong Peninsula.

  9. Floristic analysis and distribution pattern of alien plants in Shandong Province,eastern China


    Alien plants,along with their ecological invasion and negative impacts on indigenous species diversity and ecosystems,are one of the major topics of current ecological research.The background investigation and floristic analysis of alien plants are very important and form an essential database for invasive species research,control and management.In our study these alien plants,mainly collected from the Flora of Shandong Province,combined with a field survey,were studied and analyzed.We also established a floristic database.Our findings are as follows:1) there are a total of 827 alien species,belonging to 122 families and 416 genera of which 348 species were imported from other countries;2) a high proportion,39.0% of the flora in Shandong Province,is accounted for by alien species,of which 21 dominant families largely belong to the Rosaceae,Leguminosae,Asteraceae and Gramineae;3) the diverse geographical distribution of the genera is characterized by species dominant in the temperate zone which accounts for 52.5% of the alien plants and 44.1% of the plants from the tropics;4) the origins of alien species and their centralized distribution in Shandong together show the anthropogenic effect and unnatural impacts on the environment and 5) in Shandong Province,alien plants originate more from temperate zones than from any other areas of the world.

  10. Study on Potential Problems of Shandong Economic Forest Construction and Standardization Construction Scheme

    Runze; CAO


    Shandong is a culturally powerful province with excellent natural geographical condition and the warm temperate monsoon climate creates abundant benefits to the agricultural development there.In 2009,Shandong administration bureau of Yellow River economic development held the forum on related issues of national new countryside industry office planning to build economic forest base around the Yellow River in Shandong.The primary intention was settled and the construction of Shandong Economic Forest was formally started.Although impressive progress has been achieved in recent years,there also exists potential problems in the construction of economic forest,among which heavy metal pollution and soil acidification are the worst,causing huge damage to the physiological health of the consumers of economic forest.The writer proposes the countermeasures against standardization construction of economic forest.Scientific management is to be adopted to improve the professional skills of the employees in economic forest and brand innovation should be emphasized to quicken the quality certification of the products of economic forest.Besides,standard production demonstration is to be created and promoted in order to boost scale development.Furthermore,mechanism innovation is also to be stressed and forestry specialized cooperation organizations should be largely supported.

  11. Multiple Effects of Energy Issues and Countermeasures: A Case of Shandong Province

    Wang Chengxin; Wang Gefang; Yao Shimou


    Energy is now becoming the bottleneck of urban and regional development. The paper takes Shandong Province, one of the most energy consuming provinces in China, as an example, uses quantity methods such as SPSS (Stastics Package for Social Science) cluster sampling and regression analysis, and applies quantity analysis, to analyze the situation of energy is-sues in Shandong province. The conflicts between the quick industrialization and increasing extensive economic development, between urban population and energy consuming per head, between the infinite energy consuming desire and the low level of managing system, and between the unstable world energy supply and the limited energy storage in China are the main factors of energy crisis in Shandong, which not only results in energy shortage, but also becomes the barrier of economic and social development. In order to ensure sufficient energy supply for Shandong province in the 21st century, we should take countermeasures, such as changing the economic development model, pursuing a multiple and high quality energy strategy, improving the intensive urbanization strategy, and building a scientific energy system.

  12. Welcome to Czech Art Festival in Beijing!


    @@ A glimpse of exoticism from Czechia in golden Beijing! Czech Embassy will give a panorama of natural environment,history and relics,cultural fruits and industrial development of the Czech Republic to everyone.

  13. Asian Employment Forum Held in Beijing


    @@ From August 13 through 15,2007,the Asian Employment Forum sponsored by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China was held in Beijing.

  14. Headquarters Of APSCO Opens In Beijing

    Xu Yansong


    @@ The headquarters of Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) has been inaugurated in Beijing.APSCO is the biggest space organization in Asia. Established in 2008, the organization has 9 members in the Asia-Pacific region.

  15. Beijing Bicycle - Stories from a Transformative Space

    Bagger-Petersen, Mai Corlin


    production of space that reveals how transnational and translocal mechanisms affect the cinematic language, transforming the images and stories chosen for the cinematic representation. Wang Xiaoshuai’s Beijing Bicycle (Shiqi Sui de Danche) (2001) is a result of transnational currents weaving the carpet of...... the global. Beijing Bicycle is thematically similar to Vittorio de Sicas neorealist classic Bicycle Thieves (1948) and Akira Kurosawas filmnoir classic Stray Dog (1949). Both films describe a disillusioned post-war society in an impoverished Italy and a humiliated Japan respectively. The stories told...... Xiaoshuai’s Beijing Bicycle can be understood as the result of stories-so-far, as the cinematic representation of the globalized ”space” within the setting of the national. Beijing Bicycle is a production of space as well as a space of production, since it tells a new story in the trajectory of stories...

  16. 山东野生植物新记录%New records of wild plants in Shandong Province

    辛晓伟; 程丹丹; 高德民


    Four species and one variety are firstly reported as new wild plant records in Shandong Province, viz. Murdannia vaginata ( Linn.) Bruckn., Boehmeria macrophylla var. scabrella ( Roxb.) Long, Polygonum viscosum Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don, Elatine triandra Schkuhr and Limnophila sessiliflora ( Vahl ) Blume. In which, there is a new record family Elatinaceae and a new record genus Limnophila R. Br. Moreover, some exotic plants are found in Shandong Province. Their voucher specimens are deposited in Herbaria of School of Pharmacy, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( SDCM) .

  17. Job Fair for Foreigners,Beijing,2007


    The Job Fair for Foreigners, to be held in Beijing on April 21, is in its planning stage. Last year’s job fair was held in the Swissotel Beijing and plans are underway to reserve the hotel again for this year’s, as the host of the previous four job fairs, will continue to sponsor the fifth event especially for foreign teachers

  18. Comparison among the Consumption Structures of Different Income Groups of Urban Residents in Guangxi Based on ELES Model


    According to the household consumption data of urban residents in Guangxi Statistical Yearbook in the year 2009, the ELES (Extended Linear Expenditure System) is used to analyze the consumption structure, the propensity to consume, and the consumer flexibility of urban residents in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China in the year 2008. Result shows that urban residents in Guangxi has relatively low propensity to consume. And their consumption, especially the middle and low-income families, is mostly concentrated in food, cloth, lodging and other basic necessities of life, which account for more than a half of their income. Based on this, corresponding suggestions are put forward to enlarge the consumption demand of urban residents in Guangxi, such as increasing the regulation of income redistribution, minimizing the gap between the rich and the poor, enhancing the overall consumption level, cultivating the consumption hot spots for the urban residents, and actively guiding the enjoyable consumption.

  19. Association of TSHR gene polymorphisms and haplotypes with Graves’ disease in Han population from coastal areas in Shandong province



    Objective To investigate the association of thyroid stimulating hormone receptor(TSHR)gene polymorphisms and haplotypes with Graves’disease(GD)in Han population from coastal areas in Shandong province

  20. A Research on Competitiveness of Guangxi City——Based on System Clustering Method and Principal Component Analysis Method


    A total of 10 indices of regional economic development in Guangxi are selected.According to the relevant economic data,regional economic development in Guangxi is analyzed by using System Clustering Method and Principal Component Analysis Method.Result shows that System Clustering Method and Principal Component Analysis Method have revealed similar results analysis of economic development level.Overall economic strength of Guangxi is weak and Nanning has relatively high scores of factors due to its advantage of the political,economic and cultural center.Comprehensive scores of other regions are all lower than 1,which has big gap with the development of Nanning.Overall development strategy points out that Guangxi should accelerate the construction of the Ring Northern Bay Economic Zone,create a strong logistics system having strategic significance to national development,use the unique location advantage and rely on the modern transportation system to establish a logistics center and business center connecting the hinterland and the Asean Market.Based on the problems of unbalanced regional economic development in Guangxi,we should speed up the development of service industry in Nanning,construct the circular economy system of industrial city,and accelerate the industrialization process of tourism city in order to realize balanced development of regional economy in Guangxi,China.

  1. The Analysis and Application of Energy Consumption per Myriad GDP in Shandong Province Based on Entropy Method

    Jianliang Liu; Junhai Ma


    With the development of social economy, energy intensity in Shandong has decreased obviously. To solve the issue by taking proper measures, this paper analyze the energy consumption per myriad GDP of 17 cities in Shandong Province based on Entropy Method and rank them according to general energy consumption. It tells the difference of energy consumption in different cities and helps to make measures to solve current energy crisis. This study has certain theory significance and practical appli...

  2. Bubble of Real Estate Does Not Appear in Beijing


    @@ The report newly issued by Citigroup enables the people in Beijing to feel consoling that Beijing does not appear bubble in real estate. But the bubble of real estate has appeared only in Shanghai, Tianjin,Shenyang and Ningbo.

  3. CNPC Becomes a Partner of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


    @@ The Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG) signed an agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in the afternoon of May 30,making CNPC an official partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

  4. Beijing Global Trade Center—A Business Hub


    Located along the Beisanhuanlu, the Beijing Global Trade Center (GTC) boasts the largest office buildings in north Beijing. The GTC covers an area of nearly 500,000 square meters, integrating 5 A-grade intelligent office

  5. Carbon Emissions Decomposition and Environmental Mitigation Policy Recommendations for Sustainable Development in Shandong Province

    Changjian Wang


    Full Text Available Provincial carbon emissions research is necessary for China to realize emissions reduction targets. Two-level decomposition model based on the Kaya identity was applied to uncover the main driving forces for the energy related carbon emissions in Shandong province from 1995 to 2011, an important energy base in China. Coal consumption is still the biggest contributor to the increased carbon emissions in Shandong. Decomposition results show that the affluence effect is the most important contributors to the carbon emissions increments. The energy intensity effect is the dominant factor in curbing carbon emissions. The emission coefficient effect plays an important negative but relatively minor effect on carbon emissions. Based on the local realities, a series of environment-friendly mitigation policies are raised by fully considering all of these influencing factors. Sustainable mitigation policies will pay more attention to the low-carbon economic development along with the significant energy intensity reduction in Shangdong province.

  6. Isolation and characterization of Clostridium perfringens from apparently healthy animals of the Shandong province of China.

    Chai, T; Wang, L; Wang, H; Duan, H; Müller, W; Zucker, B A


    In a pilot study the presence and frequency of Clostridium (C.) perfringens was investigated among apparently healthy farm animals in the Shandong province of China. 748 faecal samples were collected from 9 pig-, 4 sheep-, 7 cattle- and 5 rabbit farms. C. perfringens was isolated from 124 samples (16.6%). The isolates were classified into major toxin types by using PCR analysis detecting the genes encoding these toxins. All isolates were identified as C perfringens toxin type A. There are also some reports from different regions in China linking C. perfringens toxin type A strains to gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore further investigations about the epidemiologic role of C perfringens toxin type A strains in the Shandong region are necessary. Currently, cases of enterotoxemia from this region are investigated for the presence of C perfringens. PMID:17970339

  7. A General Provincial Situation Visualization System Based on iPhone Operating System of Shandong Province

    Ye, Z.; Xiang, H.


    The paper discusses the basic principles and the problem solutions during the design and implementation of the mobile GIS system, and base on the research result, we developed the General Provincial Situation Visualization System Based on iOS of Shandong Province. The system is developed in the Objective-C programming language, and use the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for IOS as the development tool to call the "World-map Shandong" services to implement the development of the General Provincial Situation Visualization System Based on iOS devices. The system is currently available for download in the Appstore and is chosen as the typical application case of ESRI China ArcGIS API for iOS.

  8. Status and Suggestions of the Pesticide Use in the Protected Vegetable Fields in Shandong Province

    Bo; ZHANG; Yan; LI; Xinhao; GAO; Changsong; LI; Junshan; QI; Yueli; ZHANG; Wei; ZHAO


    This paper briefly introduced the issues of food safety and environmental pollution caused by pesticide residues in protected vegetables, discussed the status and problems of pesticide use in the protected vegetables in Shandong Province, and analyzed the main factors leading to the pesticide residues, including the low education of most farmers, lack of correct identification of diseases and insect pests, use of pesticides based on personal experience, pesticide preparation by bare hands, large dose of pesticide, frequent application, pesticide spraying without protection, uneven spraying, leakage of pesticide from the sprayers, etc.. Finally, based on the vegetable planting features and advantages in Shandong Province, some suggestions were proposed for references, such as, to enhance the monitoring of pesticide residue, to improve the educational level of farmers and to scentifically use the pesticide.

  9. Dynamic Drought Monitoring in Guangxi Using Revised Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index

    LU Yuan; TAG Heping; WU Hua


    Moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) data are very suitable for vast extent, long term and dynamic drought monitoring for its high temporal resolution, high spectral resolution and moderate spatial resolution. The composite Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) and composite land surface temperature (Ts) obtained from MODIS data MOD11A2 and MOD13A2 were used to construct the EVI-rs space. And Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index (TVDI) was calculated to evaluate the agriculture drought in Guangxi province, China in October of 2006. The results showed that the drought area in Guangxi was evidently increasing and continuously deteriorating from the middle of September to the middle of November. The TVDI, coming from the EVI-rs space, could effectively indicate the spatial distribution and temporal evolution of drought, so that it could provide a strong technical support for the forecasting agricultural drought in south China.

  10. Competitiveness of Characteristic Agriculture in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Based on Explanatory Indicators


    The five explanatory indicators of the competitiveness of characteristic agriculture are the agricultural science and technology,the cultural quality of agricultural labor force,the agricultural infrastructure,the resource endowment,and the agricultural management scale.According to these explanatory indicators,competitiveness of characteristic agriculture is relatively strong in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China,which is mainly reflected in the resource advantage,irrigation degree,and road construction level.However,the agricultural technology level,the cultural quality of agricultural labor force,the agricultural mechanization,and the agricultural management scale have relatively poor competitiveness.Therefore,more attention should be paid in these aspects,in order to improve the competitiveness of characteristic agriculture in Guangxi.

  11. Beijing-Outstanding Advantages to Develop ABP Economy


    @@ Geographical advantage. Beijing is the capital city of China,the center of politics, culture, science and technology, information and international communication. The national macro-decision making and regulatory sectors are located in Beijing. At the same time, the transportation volume of aviation and railway has been listed No. 1 in China.No other city can compare to Beijing.

  12. Beijing Jun.Men’s Suits Retail Sales Report


    Top 22 Department Stores Retail Worth CNY13.03 million Beijing Jun.-Sales value of men’s suits in Beijing 22 mid-to-high range department stores was unsatisfying in recent months,according to Beijing Commercial Information Consultation Center.Sales value of men’s suits in Jun.was

  13. Gravitational scaling in Beijing Subway Network

    Leng, Biao; Wang, Jianyuan; Xiong, Zhang; Havlin, Shlomo; Li, Daqing


    Recently, with the availability of various traffic datasets, human mobility has been studied in different contexts. Researchers attempt to understand the collective behaviors of human movement with respect to the spatio-temporal distribution in traffic dynamics, from which a gravitational scaling law characterizing the relation between the traffic flow, population and distance has been found. However, most studies focus on the integrated properties of gravitational scaling, neglecting its dynamical evolution during different hours of a day. Investigating the hourly traffic flow data of Beijing subway network, based on the hop-count distance of passengers, we find that the scaling exponent of the gravitational law is smaller in Beijing subway system compared to that reported in Seoul subway system. This means that traffic demand in Beijing is much stronger and less sensitive to the travel distance. Furthermore, we analyzed the temporal evolution of the scaling exponents in weekdays and weekends. Our findings m...


    HE Huawu; Ren Hua


    High-speed railway is a complicated and huge system.Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway is the first high-speed line has started commercial operation in china.Significant innovations had been made on key technologies,and four challenging issues had been addressed,including system design and system integration,high requirements on track regularity and stability,strict requirements on safety and riding comfort,reliable operation control and high requirement on efficiency.China Railways spent three years to complete Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway.The operational performances of Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway showed that the overall technologies lead the world in the high-speed railway rankings.The technologies are convinced as the showcase and will be applied to build high-speed railway network in the future of China Railways.

  15. Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Meteorological Drought in Shandong Province, China, from 1961 to 2008

    Xiaoli Wang; Xiyong Hou; Zhi Li; Yuandong Wang


    Shandong province is located in the northern part of China and tends to be a drought-prone region. This study is dedicated to making a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of the spatial patterns of drought frequency and its climate trend coefficient, drought grades, and temporal characteristics of drought coverage area, drought duration, and drought intensity from 1961 to 2008 by using the meteorological drought composite index (CI). The results indicated that the occurrence frequency of ...

  16. Pulmonary tuberculosis among migrants in Shandong, China: factors associated with treatment delay

    Zhou, Chengchao; Chu, Jie; Geng, Hong; Wang, Xingzhou; Xu, Lingzhong


    Objective A timely initiation of treatment is crucial to better control tuberculosis (TB). The aim of this study is to describe treatment delay among migrant patients with TB and to identify factors associated with treatment delay, so as to provide evidence for strategy development and improvement of TB control among migrants in China. Design A cross-sectional study was conducted in Shandong province of China. A total of 314 confirmed smear positive migrant patients with pulmonary TB were inc...

  17. A cultural explanation of heroic theme novels of Shandong during the Seventeen Years

    Liu Xiang


    The Seventeen Years literature was an important developing stage in the 20th century of Chinese literature, which contained abundant cultural secret codes and cultural genes. My paper try to seek the cultural source and the cultural connotation of the phenomenon of heroic narrative, taking the Qi Lu culture affecting Shandong writers as an example. And finally supply some enlightenment for the Chinese modern and contemporary literature.

  18. Estimation of Production Amount of Livestock and Poultry Manure and Environmental Impact Assessment in Guangxi

    Qing; LIAO; Dongliang; HUANG; Zepu; JIANG; Guangpo; WEI; Panxia; LIANG; Yuning; WANG; Yangrui; LI


    This study was intended to estimate production of major livestock and poultry manure and contaminant content,and find out current situation of manure pollution,so as to provide reference for pollution control of livestock and poultry breeding industry in Guangxi.Based on the related statistic data in 2010 and the excretion coefficient of different livestock and poultry,the manure and its contaminant production amount of main livestock and poultry in Guangxi were estimated.Then the annual livestock and poultry manure load of farmland and the loss of contaminant were also calculated to analyze the ecological pressure resulted from livestock and poultry breeding in Guangxi.Following results were obtained:in 2010,the production amount of the livestock and poultry manure in Guangxi was 9141.30×104tons,including nutrient TN42.07×104tons and TP 13.62×104tons;the annual livestock and poultry manure and N,P pure nutrient load of farmland was 21t/hm2,98kg/hm2,and 32 kg/hm2respectively;the production amount of manure contaminants was BOD5383.43×104tons,COD Cr435.42×104tons,and NH3-N 42.08×104tons;according to 30%loss rate,the loss amount of COD Cr and NH3-N was higher than the sum of industrial and life waste water.It was concluded that the livestock and poultry breeding industry had little impact on soil environment,but posed a grave threat to water environment.

  19. The status quo of the science education in Guangxi middle school

    Lai, Xiaoqin


    17 middle school principals were surveyed by means of the questionnaires and interview to investigate the status quo of the science education in Guangxi middle school, including students’ science learning time in classroom, science teachers’ morale, students’ morale, the quality of school’s human and material resources, and obstacles in science education. The results showed that physics and chemistry learning time in classroom were more than that of geography and biology. Although some school...

  20. On the Tourism Economic Difference in Time-Space in Guangxi

    ZHU Shi-peng; MAO Jiang-xing; Zhang, Zhi-Ying; ZHANG Mei-zhu


    Analyzing the time-space difference of tourism economy in Guangxi from 2004 to 2010 by the methods of standard deviation, variation coefficient, Gini coefficient and Theil index .The results show that the absolute difference of tourism economy is gradually expanding, the relative difference is reducing, but it has the obvious volatility; the development speed of tourism economy is unbalanced, existing obvious region difference; the developed areas of tourism economy is mainly distributed in t...

  1. Evaluation on Heavy Metal Pollution of Soil in Pollution-free Agricultural Product Bases in Guangxi

    DENG, Minjun; Luo, Yan


    Using data of 6 pollution-free agricultural product bases in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, this paper analyzed content of heavy metals, including arsenic (As), mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), and chromium (Cr) in soil. After Pb, Cd, Cr, Hg and As content in soil is determined, it evaluated the pollution of soil using single factor pollution index method and Nemerow synthetic pollution index method in combination with evaluation standard of heavy metals in soil and grading standard ...

  2. Quaternary Volcanic Activities in Shandong Peninsula and Northern Parts of Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces

    郑洪汉; 高维明; 等


    Quaternary volcanic rocks often coexist with loess,as observed in the same geologic sections in the Shandong Peninsula and northern parts of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces.The development age of Shandong loess in close to that in the middle reaches of the Yellow River.Loess strata are of synchronous implication in the loess belt of North China.So the ages of volcanic activities can be es-timated approximately from the stratigraphic relations between loess layers and volcanic rocks.The re-sults of dating of the Quaternary volcanic rocks,baked layers and the TL dates of loess samples sug-gest that the Quaternary volcanic activity can be divided into 4 stages in the region studied,with the ages being 1.15-1.03,0.86-0.72,0.55-0.33 and 0.02 Ma B.P.respectively .The occurrence of tephra in the Shandong loess sections is possible due to multiple episodes of volcanism during the Quaternary time.

  3. Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii Among Primary School Children in Shandong Province, China

    Xin, Ke-Sheng; Liu, Hui; Wang, Hong-Bing; Yao, Zong-Liang


    Although Toxoplasma gondii infection in primary school children has been investigated in many countries, limited surveys have been available in primary school children in China. In the present study, we report the seroprevalence of T. gondii infection in primary school children in Shandong province, China. Sera from 6,000 primary school children were evaluated for T. gondii antibodies with ELISA. The overall seroprevalence of T. gondii infection was 16.0% (961/6,000), of which 14.5% (870/6,000) were positive for anti-T. gondii IgG antibodies, 3.4% (206/6,000) positive for IgM, and 1.9% (115/6,000) were positive for both IgG and IgM. The results of the present investigation indicated a high seroprevalence of T. gondii infection in primary school children in Shandong province, China. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to prevent and control T. gondii infection in primary school children in this province. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of T. gondii seroprevalence in primary school children in Shandong province, China. PMID:26323849

  4. Territorial Inequality of Net Income per Peasant in Shandong Province and Its Mechanism

    SUN Hu; LIU Yansui; XU Keshuai


    Income inequality among farmers living in different regions was an important form of territorial inequalities. Studying the territorial inequality of the net income per peasant was an emphasis of this paper, and Shandong Province was pointed as the case study region. By the help of logistic regression, it could be found that the special distribution of the net income per peasant in Shandong Province was affected by three factors: distance to No.308 National Highway, distance to the coastline in the east of Shandong Province, and urbanization rates. Based on the decomposition of Gini index, the net income per peasant was divided into four parts, and it was found that the income from family business and salary were the two major sources of income. As to the mechanism for income inequality, it was proved that urbanization was still the key factor. In order to reduce income inequality, the local governments should promote urbanization through improving road networks, such as building highways, which could connect rural areas with the major nodes such as big cities and the port cities in the east.

  5. Survey and Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in Paddy Soil in West Guangxi

    Yuyi; HUANG; Guifen; CHEN; Liumei; XIONG; Yuning; WANG; Kaifu; YE; Lan; ZHANG; Qizhan; TANG; Jin; WANG


    This paper aims to understand the current situation of heavy metal pollution in paddy soil in West Guangxi,to provide a reference for heavy metal pollution control. The content of Cd,Pb and As of 50 soil samples of cultivation layer( 0- 20 cm),taken from main rice producing areas in West Guangxi,is determined. The environment quality of soil is assessed with the single factor index and the potential ecological risk of paddy soil is evaluated with the potential ecological risk index of Hakanson. The results show that the mean content of Cd,Pb,and As in paddy soil samples is 0. 941,26. 46 and 10. 16 mg / kg,respectively. The Cd content of 54. 0% soil samples and the As content of 2. 0% soil samples are higher than the standard II National Soil Environment Quality,and Cd in paddy soil has high potential ecological risk. Heavy metal pollution in paddy soil in West Guangxi is mainly Cd pollution.

  6. Thinking on Promoting International Trade Competitive Advantage of Agricultural Products in Guangxi Based on CAFTA Framework


    This paper analyzes the status quo and the existing problems of international trade development of agricultural products in Guangxi based on CAFTA framework as follows: the international trade of agricultural products in Guangxi shows a trend of rapid growth, but the structure of export products is simple; the distribution of export market is irrational; the export goods are mainly the resources-intensive goods and labor-intensive goods, with low added value of goods; the brand of agricultural products lacks strong overall international competitiveness. In the context of CAFTA framework, in order to foster the international trade competitive advantage of agricultural products in Guangxi, corresponding suggestions are put forward as follows: the structure of export market should change from the current simple status to diversified trend; the structure of export goods should gradually change from the current factor endowment to the orientation of international market demand; the agricultural production should change from the traditional agricultural products to advantageous complementary characteristic agricultural products; the trade structure should change from the land-intensive agricultural products to labor-intensive and technology-intensive agricultural products; the structure of merchandise trade should change from low-price vicious competition to high added-value competition; the governmental function should change from traditional one-way-direction-oriented function to modern integrated-service-and-supervision-oriented function that meets the requirements of export.

  7. Analysis of Meteorological Elements and Distribution Characters of Surface Solar Radiation in Guangxi

    CHENG; Ai-zhen; HUANG; Ren-li


    [Objective] The aim was to study the relation between solar radiation distribution and meteorological elements in Guangxi. [Method] Based on the observed data of solar radiation in Guangxi from 1995 to 2009, the total radiation, solar distribution and interannual changes in Guangxi were analyzed. By dint of observed data in Nanning station, the annual, seasonal and monthly changes of net radiation in Nanning and the linear relation between total radiation, solar distribution characteristics and interannual changes were discussed. [Result] The global radiation of surface solar radiation in the low latitude was higher tan the high latitude, as BeihaiNanningGuilin. The solar radiation changes and the seasonal changes in different places varied, as summerautumnspringwinter. The total radiation and solar radiation hours were consistent. The total solar radiation and the low cloud was in negative relation, but was in positive relation with sunny weather. The total solar radiation was in positive relation with ground temperature, except in winter. [Conclusion] The study provided effective theoretical basis and data reference to the study of climate and development of solar energy.

  8. Analysis of Meteorological Elements and Distribution Characters of Surface Solar Radiation in Guangxi

    CHENG; Ai-zhen; HUANG; Ren-li


    [Objective] The aim was to study the relation between solar radiation distribution and meteorological elements in Guangxi. [Method] Based on the observed data of solar radiation in Guangxi from 1995 to 2009, the total radiation, solar distribution and interannual changes in Guangxi were analyzed. By dint of observed data in Nanning station, the annual, seasonal and monthly changes of net radiation in Nanning and the linear relation between total radiation, solar distribution characteristics and interannual changes were discussed. [Result] The global radiation of surface solar radiation in the low latitude was higher tan the high latitude, as Beihai>Nanning>Guilin. The solar radiation changes and the seasonal changes in different places varied, as summer>autumn>spring>winter. The total radiation and solar radiation hours were consistent. The total solar radiation and the low cloud was in negative relation, but was in positive relation with sunny weather. The total solar radiation was in positive relation with ground temperature, except in winter. [Conclusion] The study provided effective theoretical basis and data reference to the study of climate and development of solar energy.

  9. Numerical Simulation of Nutrient and Phytoplankton Dynamics in Guangxi Coastal Bays, China

    QIAO Xudong; WANG Baodong; SUN Xia; LIANG Shengkang


    The increasing riverine pollutants have resulted in nutrient enrichment and deterioration of water quality in the coastal water of Guangxi Province, China. However, the quantitative relationship between nutrient loads and water quality responses, which is crucial for developing eutrophication control strategies, is not well studied. In this study, the riverine fluxes of nutrients were quan-tified and integrated with nutrient cycling and phytoplankton dynamics by using box models for Guangxi coastal bays. The model concepts and biogeochemical equations were the same; while most model parameters were specific for each bay. The parameters were calibrated with seasonal observations during 2006-2007, and validated with yearly averaged measurements in 2009. The gen-eral features of nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics were reproduced, and the models were proved feasible under a wide range of bay conditions. Dissolved inorganic nitrogen was depleted during the spring algal bloom in Zhenzhu Bay and Fangcheng Bay with relatively less nutrient inputs. Phosphorus concentration was high in spring, which decreased then due to continuous phytoplankton consumption. Chlorophyll-a concentration reached its annual maximum in summer, but was the minimum in winter. Eutrophication was characterized by both an increase in nutrient concentrations and phytoplankton biomass in Lianzhou Bay. Either about 80%re-duction of nitrogen or 70%reduction of phosphorus was required to control the algal bloom in Lianzhou Bay. Defects of the models were discussed and suggestions to the environmental protection of Guangxi coastal bays were proposed.

  10. The People-First Service of Grand Hotel Beijing


    Grand Hotel Beijing is located north of Chang’an Avenue and east of the landmark Forbidden City in Beijing.This five-star luxury hotel has received numerous government delegations and state leaders from around the world since it opened in 1990.Wang Fuhe has been General Manager of Grand Hotel Beijing for more than 10 years.Through the effortsofWangandhisteam,thehotelflagshipsteers steady and fast,taking a leading position among the countless luxury hotels in Beijing.Wang attributes the success of Grand Hotel Beijing to its distinctive

  11. Case Fatality Rate of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndromes in Beijing


    Objective To describe the case fatality rate of SARS in Beijing. Methods Data of SARS cases notified from Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention (BCDC) and supplemented by other channels were collected. The data were analyzed by rate calculation. Results The case fatality rate of SARS in Beijing was 7.66%, and had an ascending trend while the age of cases was getting older, and a descending trend while the epidemic development. The case fatality rate in Beijing was lower than that in other main epidemic countries or regions. Conclusions The risk of death increases with the increment of age of SARS patients. Beijing is successful in controlling and treating SARS.

  12. The 11th Beijing International Book Fair


      Adhering to the principle of "ush ering world books into China,introducing Chinese books to the world", the size of Beijing International Book Fair has seen constant expansion, international position undergoing continuous upgrading and its influence becoming increasingly profound since the first Fair was held in 1986.……

  13. The 11th Beijing International Book Fair


    @@ Adhering to the principle of "ush ering world books into China,introducing Chinese books to the world", the size of Beijing International Book Fair has seen constant expansion, international position undergoing continuous upgrading and its influence becoming increasingly profound since the first Fair was held in 1986.

  14. A microsecond pulse radiolysis system in Beijing

    The first setup of pulse radiolysis system in China with the time resolution of 2 microseconds has been built up recently in Beijing Radiation Center. The experimental apparatus is described briefly. The observation of transient absorption of Br2- and I2- radicals in aqueous solution using this system is introduced. (author)

  15. A microsecond pulse radiolysis system in Beijing

    Andong Liu; Zhongwei Zhao; Zhongliang Tong; Yingxin Sun; Hongchun Gu; Wanhua Shun; Huadan Hu; Zhonghe Hao; Ruiying Zhou (Beijing Normal Univ., BJ (China). Inst. of Low Energy Nuclear Physics)


    The first setup of pulse radiolysis system in China with the time resolution of 2 microseconds has been built up recently in Beijing Radiation Center. The experimental apparatus is described briefly. The observation of transient absorption of Br{sub 2}{sup -} and I{sub 2}{sup -} radicals in aqueous solution using this system is introduced. (author).

  16. Space Law Conference 2004 Held in Beijing


    pace Law Conference 2004 Iointly organized by International Institute of Space Law (IISL) and China Institute of Space Law (CISL) was held in Beijing, China on 26427 April 2004. The purpose of this conference is to increase knowledge and expertise relating to space law in China and the

  17. The challenge of improving visibility in Beijing

    Q. Zhang


    Full Text Available The "Blue Sky Project" was proposed in 1998 to investigate by how much emissions should be reduced to increase blue sky frequency in Beijing, which hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008. This paper focuses on the temporal variation of visibility and its dependence on meteorological conditions and suspended particles at Beijing using the hourly observed visibility data in Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA from 1999 to 2007. It has been found that about 47.8% (24.2% of the hours in Beijing are "bad" ("good" hours with visibility below 10 km (equal or higher than 20 km between 1999 and 2007. Due to the high Relative Humidity (RH, summer is the season with the lowest mean visibility in a year. Although PM10 index was reported in a decreasing trend, the increase of RH has resulted in a decreasing trend of visibility over BCIA in the summer from 1999 to 2007. To ensure blue sky ("good" visibility for Olympics 2008, daily mean PM10 index should be reduced to 44 from 86.5. This requires that not only vehicle emissions, but also other emissions should be limited. Observations during Olympics 2008 verify that blue-sky-hour rate has been increased significantly after mean PM10 index was reduced to 56, however, the visibility during the same period of 2009 has returned to the mean standard before 2008.

  18. Space Science Assembly Convenes in Beijing


    @@ The opening ceremony for the 36th Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) was held on the evening of July 17 in Beijing. Chinese President HU Jintao sent his congratulations to the assembly. Chinese Vice Premier ZENG Peiyan spoke at the opening ceremony.

  19. Design Study of Beijing XFEL Test Facility

    Dai, J P


    As R&D of X-ray Free Electron Laser facility in China, the construction of Beijing XFEL Test Facility (BTF) has been proposed. And the start to end simulation of BTF was made with codes PARMELA, ELEGANT and TDA. This paper presents the motivation, the scheme and the simulation results of BTF.

  20. Olympics Heat Up Beijing Hotel Industry



    With the Olympics fast approaching,Beijing has become the hot spot for all types of hotels The Sun Dong An Plaza, located at the center of Beijing’s 'Golden Street'-Wangfujing, is undergoing an overall renovation with a budget of 200 million yuan ($26 mi

  1. Municipal solid waste management in Beijing City

    This paper presents an overview of municipal solid waste (MSW) management in Beijing City. Beijing, the capital of China, has a land area of approximately 1368.32 km2 with an urban population of about 13.33 million in 2006. Over the past three decades, MSW generation in Beijing City has increased tremendously from 1.04 million tons in 1978 to 4.134 million tons in 2006. The average generation rate of MSW in 2006 was 0.85 kg/capita/day. Food waste comprised 63.39%, followed by paper (11.07%), plastics (12.7%) and dust (5.78%). While all other wastes including tiles, textiles, glass, metals and wood accounted for less than 3%. Currently, 90% of MSW generated in Beijing is landfilled, 8% is incinerated and 2% is composted. Source separation collection, as a waste reduction method, has been carried out in a total of 2255 demonstration residential and commercial areas (covering about 4.7 million people) up to the end of 2007. Demonstration districts should be promoted over a wider range instead of demonstration communities. The capacity of transfer stations and treatment plants is an urgent problem as these sites are seriously overloaded. These problems should first be solved by constructing more sites and converting to new treatment technologies. Improvements in legislation, public education and the management of waste pickers are problematic issues which need to be addressed.

  2. Facial recognition technology safeguards Beijing Olympics


    @@ To ensure the safety of spectators and athletes at the biggest-ever Olympic Games, automation experts from CAS have developed China's first system to identify individuals by their facial features, and successfully applied it to the opening night security check on 8 August in Beijing.

  3. Beijing Getaways to Soak Up the Summer


    @@ With summer well and truly on its way,many people will be thinking about coming out of labernaticn,casting then DVD boosets and take away pizza boxes aside and taking a weekend break,International Talent Monthly brings you some of the best getaway bcations around Beijing.

  4. The Business World Focuses on Beijing



    ON May 16, the Ninth Fortune Global Forum rolled into town, and 700 leaders of global businesses, including 77 of the world's top 500 companies, came with it. Beijing 2005 was the third time Fortune had chosen China for its business leaders' bash.

  5. Research on Xinhai Revolution and Social Change of Shandong Province: for the 100th Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution%Research on Xinhai Revolution and Social Change of Shandong Province: for the 100th Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution


    Xinhai Revolution, breaking out in the year of 1911, overthrew the tyranny of Qing Dynasty, set up Republic of China and meanwhile it enhanced the consciousness of democracy and the concept of republic and democratic. Since then China has transit preliminarily from traditional society to modern one, which was led to a modern-society-developing orbit and was proved to be a great era-significant national democratic revolution. Xinhai Revolution strengthened the social change of China and greatly influenced politics, economy, culture, education, media, regional cities, civil life and social space in Shandong to pave for modernization. Although met with many difficulties, the society in Shandong was filled with many turning points and headed for the way of developing Shandong during the period of Republic of China.

  6. Integrated Development of Chinese Herbal Medicine Planting and Tourist Commodities: A Case Study of Green Handmade Soap Development in Shandong Province

    Xiu; LI; Mengxuan; CHEN; Xiaoli; SONG


    Combining current situations of Chinese herbal medicine planting industry in Shandong,in line with existing problems of Chinese herbal medicine planting industry,this paper analyzed development prospect of tourist commodity industry in Shandong Province,and came up with actual selection and recommendations for integrated development of Chinese herbal medicine planting and tourist commodities.

  7. Geochemistry of cenozoic basaltic rocks from Shandong province and its implication for mantle process in North China

    Cenozoic (Miocene to Pleistocene) basaltic rocks found in Shandong province of northern China include tholeiite, olivine tholeiite and alkali basalt. We present major, trace and rare earth elements data of these basalts and together with Sr-Nd isotopic data in the literatures to discuss the petrogenesis of these basalts. The basalts from Penglai area have higher K, Na and P and incompatible elements, but lower Ca, Mg and compatible elements contents than those from Changle area of Shandong province. Spidergrams indicate that Cenozoic basalts from Shandong province have geochemical characteristics similar to those of ocean island basalts (OIB) with slight positive Nb anomaly. The negative Ba, Rb and K anomalies found in the alkali basalts suggest the presence of residual phlogopite in the mantle source, indicating a metasomatic event occurred before the partial melting. The 143Nd/144Nd vs. 87Sr/86Sr plot suggested that basalts from Shandong province can be produced by MORB and EM-I components mixing. We propose that the EM-I type lithospheric mantle may have been produced by the recent H2O-CO2 -fluids metasomatism and the fluids may be derived from dehydration of the subducted slab. Based on Shaw's equation, the basalts from eastern and central Shandong province have undergone different degrees of particle melting from the mantle source. Degrees of partial melting and chemical composition of basalts from Shandong province suggest that the lithosphere has thickened progressively since the Miocene. On the basis of Ar-Ar ages of this study and the fractional crystallization model proposed by Brooks and Nielsen (1982), we suggest that basalts from Changle and Penglai areas belong to different magmatic systems which have undergone fractional crystallization and evolved progressively to produce other types of basalts. (author)

  8. Detecting spatial-temporal clusters of HFMD from 2007 to 2011 in Shandong Province, China.

    Yunxia Liu

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD has caused major public health concerns worldwide, and has become one of the leading causes of children death. China is the most serious epidemic area with a total of 3,419,149 reported cases just from 2008 to 2010, and its different geographic areas might have different spatial epidemiology characteristics at different spatial-temporal scale levels. We conducted spatial and spatial-temporal epidemiology analysis to HFMD at county level in Shandong Province, China. METHODS: Based on the China National Disease Surveillance Reporting and Management System, the spatial-temporal database of HFMD from 2007 to 2011 was built. The global autocorrelation statistic (Moran's I was first used to detect the spatial autocorrelation of HFMD cases in each year. Purely Spatial scan statistics combined with Space-time scan statistic were used to detect epidemic clusters. RESULTS: The annual average incidence rate was 93.70 per 100,000 in Shandong Province. Most HFMD cases (93.94% were aged within 0-5 years old with an average male-to-female sex ratio 1.71, and the incidence seasonal peak was between April and July. The dominant pathogen was EV71 (47.35%, and CoxA16 (26.59%. HFMD had positive spatial autocorrelation at medium spatial scale level (county level with higher Moran's I from 0.31 to 0.62 (P<0.001. Seven spatial-temporal clusters were detected from 2007 to 2011 in the landscape of the whole Shandong, with EV71 or CoxA16 as the dominant pathogen for most hotspots areas. CONCLUSIONS: The spatial-temporal clusters of HFMD wandered around the whole Shandong Province during 2007 to 2011, with EV71 or CoxA16 as the dominant pathogen. These findings suggested that a real-time spatial-temporal surveillance system should be established for identifying high incidence region and conducting prevention to HFMD timely.

  9. Research on Development Models of Ocean Recreational Fishery in Shandong Province

    Zhiwen; DONG; Fengning; WU


    Developing recreational fishery is the main way to promote the fisherman transferring their jobs,to enhance their incomes,and to promote the development of the fishing village. The development models of ocean recreational fishery of Shandong province were given. According to the development of recreational fishery and management models,the development modes of recreational fisheries can be divided as: individual operation mode,fishermen association mode,the company and fishermen joint venture mode,the government leading mode and enterprises synergetic mode. The new direction of recreational fishery was pointed out at last.

  10. Dietary Sodium Intake: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in Shandong Province, China, 2011

    Zhang, Juan; Xu, Ai-Qiang; Ma, Ji-xiang; SHI, Xiao-Ming; Guo, Xiao-Lei; Engelgau, Michael; Yan, Liu-Xia; Li, Yuan; Li, Yi-chong; Wang, Hui-Cheng; Lu, Zi-Long; Zhang, Ji-Yu; Liang, Xiao-feng


    Objective To investigate the knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) for dietary sodium intake among adult residents of Shandong Province, China Methods In 2011, we conducted a cross sectional survey among a representative sample of 15,350 adults aged 18 to 69 years using a standardized questionnaire to assess their KAP for sodium. Variation in the KAPs by gender, and residence location were compared using the Chi-square tests. Predictors for the ‘intention to’ and ‘currently taking action t...

  11. Policy Options for Encouraging Energy Efficiency Best Practices in Shandong Province's Cement Industry

    Price, Lynn [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Zhou, Nan [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Lu, Hongyou [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Sambeek, Emiel van [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Yowargana, Ping [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Shuang, Liu [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States); Kejun, Jiang [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)


    This research intends to explore possible design options for a sectoral approach in the cement sector in Shandong Province and to consider its respective advantages and disadvantages for future application. An effort has been made in this research to gather and analyze data that will provide a transparent and robust basis for development of a Business-As-Usual (BAU) scenario, maximum technology potential scenario, and ultimately a sector crediting baseline. Surveys among cement companies and discussions with stakeholders were also conducted in order to better understand the industry and local needs related to the sectoral approach.

  12. Avian influenza H9N2 seroprevalence among pig population and pig farm staff in Shandong, China

    Li, Song; Zhou, Yufa; Zhao, Yuxin; Li, Wenbo; Song, Wengang; Miao, Zengmin


    Background Shandong province of China has a large number of pig farms with the semi-enclosed houses, allowing crowds of wild birds to seek food in the pig houses. As the carriers of avian influenza virus (AIV), these wild birds can easily pass the viruses to the pigs and even the occupational swine-exposed workers. However, thus far, serological investigation concerning H9N2 AIV in pig population and pig farm staff in Shandong is sparse. Methods To better understand the prevalence of H9N2 AIV...

  13. Overall-effective Measures for Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Coastal Areas of Shandong Province, China

    ZHANG Baoxiang; W. F. Geiger; S. Kaden; R. Kutzner; WANG Zengliang


    In the coastal catchments of Shandong Province the water scarcity is aggravated due to saltwater intrusion, reducing the usability of water resources available. Such a situation calls for sustainable integrated water resources management (Ⅰ-WRM). The idea for the objectives and implementation of the IWRM are explained in this paper. The general objective of the planned project disscussed in the present study is to bring together German traditional expertise in water resources management and newer developments in the context of the European Water Framework Directive; the research efforts aim to relieve the desperate water scarcity situation in the costal area of Shandong Province.

  14. Epidemiological surveillance of low pathogenic avian influenza virus (LPAIV from poultry in Guangxi Province, Southern China.

    Yi Peng

    Full Text Available Low pathogenic avian influenza virus (LPAIV usually causes mild disease or asymptomatic infection in poultry. However, some LPAIV strains can be transmitted to humans and cause severe infection. Genetic rearrangement and recombination of even low pathogenic influenza may generate a novel virus with increased virulence, posing a substantial risk to public health. Southern China is regarded as the world "influenza epicenter", due to a rash of outbreaks of influenza in recent years. In this study, we conducted an epidemiological survey of LPAIV at different live bird markets (LBMs in Guangxi province, Southern China. From January 2009 to December 2011, we collected 3,121 cotton swab samples of larynx, trachea and cloaca from the poultry at LBMs in Guangxi. Virus isolation, hemagglutination inhibition (HI assay, and RT-PCR were used to detect and subtype LPAIV in the collected samples. Of the 3,121 samples, 336 samples (10.8% were LPAIV positive, including 54 (1.7% in chicken and 282 (9.1% in duck. The identified LPAIV were H3N1, H3N2, H6N1, H6N2, H6N5, H6N6, H6N8, and H9N2, which are combinations of seven HA subtypes (H1, H3, H4, H6, H9, H10 and H11 and five NA subtypes (N1, N2, N5, N6 and N8. The H3 and H9 subtypes are predominant in the identified LPAIVs. Among the 336 cases, 29 types of mixed infection of different HA subtypes were identified in 87 of the cases (25.9%. The mixed infections may provide opportunities for genetic recombination. Our results suggest that the LPAIV epidemiology in poultry in the Guangxi province in southern China is complicated and highlights the need for further epidemiological and genetic studies of LPAIV in this area.

  15. Analysis of Energy Consumption in Beijing

    Li Zhou; Tong Lizhi; Sun Juan


    @@ 1. Present characteristics of Beijing's energy consumption 1.1 The slowing of the growth in total energy consumption In 2008, Beijing's total energy consumption reached 63.437 million tons of standard coal, an increase of 586.6 thousand tons compared with the previous year. The increasing range was 1%, dropping 5.45% compared with the previous year, as shown in Figure 1. Since 2005, the annual growth rate of the total energy consumption showed a decreasing trend each year. The city's GDP over the same period reached RMB 1.048803 trillion, increasing 9%. The energy consumption rate fell clearly. In 2008, the energy consumption rate was 0.61 tons of standard coal per 10 thousand yuan GDP, a decline of 7.4%. It continued the favorable condition of 2007's energy saving.

  16. Beijing Olympics as an aerosol field experiment

    Cermak, J.; Knutti, R.


    During the 2008 Olympic Summer Games, emission reductions were enforced in Beijing to improve air quality. Here we explore their effect on the regional aerosol load. We compare satellite-retrieved aerosol optical thickness (AOT) of that period with previous years, both in absolute terms and in a neural network approach taking into account the meteorological conditions. A statistically significant reduction of aerosol load is found in Beijing that decreases in magnitude and significance with increasing region size. Locally, the aerosol load (log(AOT)) was about 0.4 to 0.75 standard deviations below the levels expected for the prevailing meteorological situation. The small size of this effect relative to meteorological variability highlights the importance of regional aerosol transport.

  17. Guangxi crustal structural evolution and the formation and distribution regularities of U-rich strata

    Based on summing up Guangxi geotectonic features and evolutionary regularities, this paper discusses the occurrence features, formation conditions and time-space distribution regularities of various U-rich strata during the development of geosyncline, platform and diwa stages, Especially, during diwa stage all those U-rich strata might be reworked to a certain degree and resulted in the mobilization of uranium, then enriching to form polygenetic composite uranium ore deposits with stratabound features. This study will be helpful for prospecting in the region

  18. [Insect community and its diversity in Mangrove forest at Yingluo Bay of Guangxi].

    Jiang, G; Yan, Z; Cen, M


    The insect community and its diversity in mangrove forest at Yingluo Bay of Guangxi were studied in 1995-1996. The results show that there were 195 insect species in the mangrove area, dominated by Crematogaster rogenhoferi, Camponotus tokioensis and Dichocrocris chorophanta. The diversity of insect community was higher in the inside beach than in the middle and outside beaches. Tides and windstorms were the important factors that decided the community composition levels. The principal component affecting the diversity was the species evenness in the inside, middle and outside beaches. PMID:11766600

  19. Late Changhsingian radiolarian biostratigraphy from Guangxi, South China and its correlation to conodonts

    WU Jun; FENG QingLai


    A well-preserved,abundant radiolarian fauna was obtained from three sections: the Dongpan,Liuqiao,and Paibi sections,in southern Guangxi,South China.Sixteen species belonging to Albaillella and Neoalbaillella,including seven undetermined species,are recognized.On the basis of stratigraphic distribution of these species,two radiolarian zones,the Albaillella triangularis Zone and the Albaillella yaoi Zone,are established.The correlation between radiolarian zones and conodont zones is suggested based on the discovery of coexisting conodonts.Albaillella triangularis and Albaillella yaoi zones correspond to Neogondolella postwangi and Neogondolella yini zones respectively.

  20. Late Changhsingian radiolarian biostratigraphy from Guangxi,South China and its correlation to conodonts


    A well-preserved, abundant radiolarian fauna was obtained from three sections: the Dongpan, Liuqiao, and Paibi sections, in southern Guangxi, South China. Sixteen species belonging to Albaillella and Neoalbaillella, including seven undetermined species, are recognized. On the basis of stratigraphic distribution of these species, two radiolarian zones, the Albaillella triangularis Zone and the Albaillella yaoi Zone, are established. The correlation between radiolarian zones and conodont zones is suggested based on the discovery of coexisting conodonts. Albaillella triangularis and Albaillella yaoi zones correspond to Neogondolella postwangi and Neogondolella yini zones respectively.

  1. CAS, Guangxi to join forces for eco-environmental restoration in Karst areas


    @@ CAS has recently signed a protocol with the Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to jointly rehabilitate the depleted ecosystem in the local Karst areas. Early and effective partnership has been formed between the two sides to eliminate the local poverty with S&T means and improve the ecological setting in the Karst areas of the Region. Since the conclusion of a cooperative pact between the two sides to exploit the stony mountains of the region in 1993, for example, a batch of key research results and effects of applicable demonstration has been achieved.

  2. Sinopec Gas Company Established in Beijing


    @@ On June 6th, Sinopec Gas Company was founded formally in Beijing, indicating that Sinopec has entered into a new stage in positively implementing the natural gas development strategy and expanding and strengthening the natural gas businesses. Mr. Chen Tonghai, Chairman of Sinopec Corp and Mr. Wang Tianpu, President of Sinopec Corp, presented and unveiled for Sinopec Gas Company. Mr. Wang Zhigang, Senior Vice President of Sinopec Corp, made a speech in the unveiling ceremony.

  3. The challenge of improving visibility in Beijing

    Q. H. Zhang


    Full Text Available The "Blue Sky Project" was proposed in 1998 to investigate by how much emissions should be reduced to increase blue sky frequency in Beijing, which hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008. This paper focuses on the temporal variation of visibility and its dependence on meteorological conditions and suspended particles at Beijing using the hourly observed visibility data at Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA from 1999 to 2007. It has been found that about 47.8% (24.2% of the hours in Beijing are "bad" ("good" hours with visibility below 10 km (equal or higher than 20 km between 1999 and 2007. Due to the high Relative Humidity (RH, summer is the season with the lowest mean visibility in a year. Although PM10 index was reported in a decreasing trend (Chan and Yao, 2008, the increase of RH has resulted in a decreasing trend of visibility over BCIA in the summer from 1999 to 2007. To ensure blue sky ("good" visibility for Olympics 2008, daily mean PM10 index should have been reduced from 81 to 44. This requires that not only vehicle emissions, but also other emissions should be limited. Observations verify that blue-sky-hour rate increased significantly after mean PM10 index was reduced to 53 during Olympics 2008, however, the visibility of 2009 returned to the mean level from 1999 to 2007 during the period 8−24 August. RH (aerosol contribute 24% (76% of the improvement of visibility during August 2008.

  4. Beijing Xing Boter Technology Co.,Ltd


    Passenger ship LOA:36m crew:16 persons passengers:298 persons Address:B512 Minghu Building,24 Huangsi Dajie, Xicheng District,Beijing Tel:86-10-62362715 Fax:86-10-62362715 We firmly believe that top product quality and integrity are important guarantees of enterprise development.We make very effort to meet customers’ personalized needs with flex-

  5. Status quo of Beijing Printing Industry


    In 2013,printers in Beijing were totaled at 1669,decreasing by22 from the last year,with prime operating revenues of RMB30.05 billion,increasing by 5% from 2012;total profits of RMB2.88 billion,decreasing by 1%from 2012;total assets of RMB44.03 billion,increasing by 9% from 2012;and workforce in the filed by the end of year of 68236,

  6. National Standardization Meeting Held in Beijing


    @@ On March 23, 2006, the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) held the national standardization meeting in Beijing. Li Changjiang, Minister of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.China (AQSIQ), Liu Pingjun, Director of SAC and other related officials from the relevant departments of the State Council, professional associations, and the officials and representatives from enterprises of various sectors of China attended the meeting.

  7. American Las Vegas Sands Corp. Visiting Beijing

    Li Yinghong; Liu Jinliang


    @@ On August 29, Wan Jifei, Chairman of CCPIT, meets the visiting delegation led by Sheldon G. Adelson,Chairman of the Board and principal owner of Las Vegas Sands Corp. in CCPIT. Zhao Zhenge, Vice Director of International Connection Department of CCPIT, Luo Guoxiong from Beijing China Exhibition Investment Company, Xu Jingyi, Assistant Director of American and Oceanian Affairs Division of CCPIT, also attended the meeting.

  8. DISCOVERING BEIJING From Commerce to Culture


    An old industrial part of Beijing,known for its geomantic omens,will soon become a recreational area housing cultura and sporting facilities Shijingshan District,regarded as a geographically auspicious district,will soon become the site of the Capital Recreation District. The history of Shijingshan District,named after Shijingshan Hill,dates back at least 2,200 years.It occupies 86 square km,and the distance between the central area of the dis-

  9. One-Year Countdown to Beijing Olympics

    Yang Wei; Bai Yifeng


    @@ August 8, 2007, a special day for Chinese people, marks the beginning of one-year countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. A grand ceremony opened in China's Olympic City at 8:08pm on August 8, 2008.On this significant day, many celebrations referring to Olympic Games were held all around China. All together, there were 63 events taking place across the country.

  10. Battling Beijing's Ozone Crisis - Options for Action

    Xie Xuxuan; Wu Dan


    Ground level ozone pollution is one of the most significant air pollution problems in Beijing. Because of the complex way in which ozone is formed, it is difficult for policy makers to decide which ozone control options are the most cost-effective. This study, assessed a range of options for addressing this proble. The effectiveness and economic cost of these options are compared. The study recommends the most effective sequence in which the options should be adopted to deliver the lowest cos...

  11. Beijing- the Forming of a Polycentric Megacity

    Dong, Zhi; Kong, Chen


    Abstract Last century witnessed the increase of metropolitan regions and much attention has been paid on them. The concept of megacity appeared during the development process of metropolitan regions. Due to the rapid urbanisation and the population explosion in China, there are three main megacities which have great influence on the national economy. In this thesis, we choose one of the main megacities - Beijing megacity, as our case and the research question is how to strengthen the polycent...

  12. Chinese Satellites Serve Beijing Olympic Games

    Ren Shufang


    @@ METEOROLOGICAL SATELLITES PROVIDING WEATHER SERVICES As the opening and closing ceremonies and many competition events such as athletics, football, cycling and sailing etc., were held in open air stadiums, field or on water, it was of great importance to provide exact weather forecasts and on-time climate information to prepare for disastrous weather so as to ensure the Olympic Games proceeded smoothly. For this purpose, China launched the meteorological satellite service project in 2002 to safeguard the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

  13. Euro Ⅲ Standard Oil Products Entering into Beijing Market Completely

    Fu Hong


    @@ The gasoline and diesel accorded with Euro Ⅲ standard, which has been continuously concerned by various fields, has entered into Beijing petrol stations on schedule. Since zero hour on the first of July, all of petrol stations in Beijing have changed to supply gasoline and diesel accorded with Euro Ⅲ standard, and the vehicleused oil products, which does not conform to the quality standard of environmental protection, will exit from Beijing market.

  14. Environmental impact of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

    Huijuan, Cao; Fujii, Hidemichi; Managi, Shunsuke


    Beijing organized the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, and the main goal of the Chinese government regarding this event was to hold a Green Olympics. A difference-in-differences approach was used to estimate the environmental impact the Olympic Games on air quality improvement in Beijing, compared to improvements in other areas in China. The results indicate that compared to other regions, air quality in Beijing improved for a short period of time. These improvements were largely due to the impleme...

  15. Beijing + 5, still much to be done.


    This paper presents the proceedings of the Twenty-third Special Session of the UN General Assembly entitled "Women 2000: gender equality, development and peace for the 21st century". Attended by representatives from 179 countries, UN agencies and 1200 nongovernmental organizations, the governments which came together reaffirmed their commitment to the goals and objectives contained in the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action adopted at the 4th World Conference on Women in 1995. Participants reviewed and appraised progress and identified obstacles and current challenges in the implementation of the Platform for Action. In addition, they recognized that the goals and commitments made in the Platform for Action have not been fully implemented and achieved. In view of this, a consensus was achieved which noted that further actions and initiatives at local, national, regional, and international levels to accelerate its implementation and to ensure that commitments for gender equality, development and peace are fully realized. An outcome of this meeting is the document entitled "Further actions and initiatives to implement the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action". The document presents the progress made since the 4th women's Conference in Beijing in 1995. PMID:12349728

  16. The ecology of medical care in Beijing.

    Shuang Shao

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: We presented the pattern of health care consumption, and the utilization of available resources by describing the ecology of medical care in Beijing on a monthly basis and by describing the socio-demographic characteristics associated with receipt care in different settings. METHODS: A cohort of 6,592 adults, 15 years of age and older were sampled to estimate the number of urban-resident adults per 1,000 who visited a medical facility at least once in a month, by the method of three-stage stratified and cluster random sampling. Separate logistic regression analyses assessed the association between those receiving care in different types of setting and their socio-demographic characteristics. RESULTS: On average per 1,000 adults, 295 had at least one symptom, 217 considered seeking medical care, 173 consulted a physician, 129 visited western medical practitioners, 127 visited a hospital-based outpatient clinic, 78 visited traditional Chinese medical practitioners, 43 visited a primary care physician, 35 received care in an emergency department, 15 were hospitalized. Health care seeking behaviors varied with socio-demographic characteristics, such as gender, age, ethnicity, resident census register, marital status, education, income, and health insurance status. In term of primary care, the gate-keeping and referral roles of Community Health Centers have not yet been fully established in Beijing. CONCLUSIONS: This study represents a first attempt to map the medical care ecology of Beijing urban population and provides timely baseline information for health care reform in China.

  17. Modeling aerosol impacts on atmospheric visibility in Beijing with RAMS-CMAQ

    Han, Xiao; Zhang, Meigen; Tao, Jinhua; Wang, Lili; Gao, Jian; Wang, Shulan; Chai, Fahe


    A typical heavy air pollution episode occurred over the North China Plain (NCP) in December 2010. The air quality in Beijing and its surrounding regions worsened during the period December 17 to 22, and local visibility became significantly affected by the high pollution levels. The air quality modeling system RAMS-CMAQ coupled with an aerosol optical property scheme was applied to simulate the trace gases and major aerosol components in the NCP to obtain an in-depth understanding of the relationship between regional low visibility and aerosol particles. The model performance was evaluated using various observation data, such as meteorological factors (temperature, relative humidity, and wind field), gaseous pollutants (SO2, NO2, and O3), PM2.5, PM10, and visibility at several measurement stations. The modeled meteorological field and visibility were in good agreement with observations from December 2010. The modeled mass concentrations of gaseous pollutants and aerosol particles also suitably captured the magnitude and variation features of the observation data, especially during the air pollution episode. The simulated results showed that during this pollution episode, low visibility (lower than 10 km) occurred mainly in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and Shandong. The analysis and sensitivity test indicated that the aerosol particles larger than PM2.5 and the water uptake effect of aerosol optical properties could not significantly influence visibility. Thus, the low visibility was primarily caused by the high mass burden of PM2.5as a result of the local pollutant accumulation and long-range transport. Statistics showed that the visibility variation was closely inversely related to the variation in PM2.5 in most regions in the NCP. Visibility decreased lower than 10 km when the mass concentration of PM2.5 exceeded 75 μg m-3 to 85 μg m-3 in the NCP. Sulfate and nitrate were the two major inorganic aerosol components of PM2.5 that evidently decreased visibility by

  18. Comparison between dust and haze aerosol properties of the 2015 Spring in Beijing using ground-based sun photometer and lidar

    Chen, Xingfeng; Lv, Yang; Zhang, Wanchun; Li, Zhengqiang; Xu, Hua; Li, Donghui; Hou, Weizhen; Li, Caitao; Xie, Yi Song; Zhang, Ying; Li, Li; Mei, Xiaodong


    Because of the special geographical location and meteorology conditions, Beijing is a dust-prone city for a long history especially in the spring season. But these years, the most common air pollution in Beijing is haze which is mainly composed of fine particles. The dust is transported from north (Inner Mongolia province and Mongolia country), and the haze is transported from south (Hebei, Shandong and other provinces). Generally, the severities of dust and haze are opposite for the different weather causes. On March 28, 2015, the spring coming earlier for the relatively high temperature, a severe dust weather process happened suddenly in the long-term hazy days. In this dust process, the PM10 concentration was more than 1000μg/m3 the visibility was no more than 3km; and the aerosol optical depth was more than 2, which reached a severe pollution level. We used ground-based remote sensing instruments to observing the heavy dust episode. The data of two conditions were analyzed optical and microphysical parameters contrastively including the Aerosol Optical Depth, Single Scattering Albedo, Size distribution, Complex refractive index, Fine-mode Fraction. The vertical distribution characteristics were also analyzed by the lidar measurements. The results show that big differences between the dust and haze aerosol properties. But we found that fine mode particle pollution was assignable in the dust pollution weather in 2015 spring in Beijing. Our preliminary inference is that this dust episode was not only caused by transportation, but also contributed by the local raise dust.

  19. Beijing Language and Cultural Center for Diplomatic Missions


    As an educational institution with nearly 50 years of history, Beijing Language and Cultural Center for Diplomatic Missions (LCC) specializes in teaching Mandarin and offering Chinese cultural lessons.

  20. Testate amoebae communities from some freshwater and soil habitats in China (Hubei and Shandong Provinces)

    Anatoly BOBROV; Yuri MAZEI; Viktor CHERNYSHOV; Yingchun GONG; Weisong FENG


    Seventy-eight species and forms of testate amoebae were identified from 29 freshwater and soil habitats in three territories of China (Shandong and Hubei Provinces).Most abundant species from the genera Plagiopyxis,Centropyxis and Trinema represent the globally-distributed and eurybiont group of testate amoebae.The species richness was observed to be the lowest (7-12 species per biotope) in sandy sediments of the Yangtze River,but considerably higher (20-30 taxa) in soil environment.In the range of terrestrial habitats,the most remote communities from Laoshan Mountain in Shandong Province,China manifested the highest difference from others.On the other hand,communities originated in the most distant from industrial center places (Guifeng Mountain in Hubei Province,China) possess the most peculiar species composition including specific Gondwanian taxa (e.g.Nebela bigibbosa).In sum,the results obtained provide the evidence that the community complexity and specificity reduce in the places located within areas that are highly populated and intensively visited by humans.

  1. Investigation and evaluation of radon concentrations in coal mines in Shandong province

    Investigation and measurement were carded out of the radon concentrations, γ radiation dose rate and naturally occurring radionuclides in coal in the selected 22 different types of coal mines in Shandong Province, together with estimating the radiation dose to the underground miners. The measured data shows that the radon concentration, γ radiation dose rate and annual effective dose to the underground miners were (48.53 ± 45.87)Bq/m3, (0.199 ± 0.017) μGy/h and 0.571 mSv in the state-owned large and medium-sized coal mines, 63.97 ± 89.18) Bq/m3, (0.144 ± 0.026) μGy/h and 0.601 mSv in local small and medium-sized coal mines. These results show that the level of radon concentration and γ radiation dose in coal mines in Shandong Province are low. (authors)

  2. Charnockite Formation and Early Precambrian Crust Evolution in Yishui Area, Shandong Province, China


    Charnockite and granulite in Yishui area, Shandong Province are located in the middle part of the Tancheng-Lujiang fault zone, eastern China. Field studies have shown that the charnockites, derived from the adjacent granulites, are classified as three types: enderbite, garnet-enderbite and hypersthene-trondhjemite. In addition, two generations of minerals are present in the charnockites: the relic minerals such as garnet, hypersthene and clinopyroxene, and the neocrystallized minerals such as plagioclase and K-feldspar. The relic minerals occurring in the granulite facies stage were affected by the later partial melting. The relic minerals, irregular and usually ragged in shape, occupy the interstitial positions in the neocrystalline minerals. The neocrystalline minerals are usually euhedral-subhedral crystals. The study of petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry of charnokites concludes that the enderbite was formed by the anatexis of the two-pyroxene plagioclase granulite, that the garnet-enderbite was formed by the anatexis of sillimanite garnet gneiss, and that the hypersthene-trondhjemite was formed by the anatexis of the leucocratic two-pyroxene plagioclase granulite. The U-Pb dating of the zircon indicates that the formation of the charnockite and granulite was related to the Archean-Proterozoic upwelling of a mantle plume (hot spot)around 2 500 Ma, in Yishui area, Shandong Province.

  3. [Change characteristics of agricultural climate resources in recent 50 years in Shandong Province, China].

    Dong, Xu-guang; Li, Sheng-li; Shi, Zhen-bin; Qiu, Can


    Based on the 1961-2010 ground surface data from 90 meteorological stations, this paper analyzed the spatiotemporal change characteristics of agricultural climate resources (e.g. sunshine hours, thermal resources and water) for the growth season of winter wheat and summer maize in Shandong Province. Results indicated that temperature indicators showed a significant rising tendency especially in the winter wheat growth season. Both evapotranspiration and sunshine hours declined obviously, especially for the evapotranspiration in the summer maize growth season, while there was no clear change evidence in rainfall and aridity. Regarding the spatial distribution characteristics, agro-climatic resources presented meridional or zonal increment or decrement in the winter wheat and summer maize growth seasons. In different areas, variation features of agro-climatic resources appeared with distinct differences. In the western Shandong area, temperature indicators showed a slight rising tendency while evapotranspiration and aridity declined significantly. Sunshine hours decreased most significantly in the middle and west southern areas. Precipitation increment was relatively obvious in the winter wheat growth season in the middle and east southern areas and in the summer maize growth season in the middle and southern areas. Thermal resource increases benefited the growth of winter wheat in every phase during the growth period. However, it brought high risks of plant diseases and hot disaster as well. The decrease of sunshine hours was adverse to crop photosynthesis in the growth period while evapotranspiration decrement profited the water retention of soil. PMID:25985679

  4. Structure design and establishment of database application system for alien species in Shandong Province, China

    GUO Wei-hua; LIU Heng; DU Ning; ZHANG Xin-shi; WANG Ren-qing


    This paper presents a case study on structure design and establishment of database application system for alien species in Shandong Province, integrating with Geographic Information System, computer network, and database technology to the research of alien species. The modules of alien species database, including classified data input, statistics and analysis, species pictures and distribution maps,and out date input, were approached by Visual 2003 and Microsoft SQL server 2000. The alien species information contains the information of classification, species distinction characteristics, biological characteristics, original area, distribution area, the entering fashion and route, invasion time, invasion reason, interaction with the endemic species, growth state, danger state and spatial information, i.e.distribution map. Based on the above bases, several models including application, checking, modifying, printing, adding and returning models were developed. Furthermore, through the establishment of index tables and index maps, we can also spatially query the data like picture,text and GIS map data. This research established the technological platform of sharing information about scientific resource of alien species in Shandong Province, offering the basis for the dynamic inquiry of alien species, the warning technology of prevention and the fast reaction system. The database application system possessed the principles of good practicability, friendly user interface and convenient usage. It can supply full and accurate information inquiry services of alien species for the users and provide functions of dynamically managing the database for the administrator.

  5. Mycotoxins in wheat flour and intake assessment in Shandong province of China.

    Li, Fenghua; Jiang, Dafeng; Zhou, Jingyang; Chen, Jindong; Li, Wei; Zheng, Fengjia


    In the present study, the occurrence and contamination levels of eight mycotoxins were investigated in wheat flour samples (n = 359) from Shandong Province of China. Samples were determined using a multi-mycotoxin method based on isotope dilution ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. The results indicated that the most frequently found mycotoxins were deoxynivalenol (DON) (97.2%), nivalenol (40.4%) and deoxynivalenol-3-glucoside (33.4%), and mean contamination levels in positive samples were 86.7, 3.55 and 3.34 µg kg(-1), respectively. The obtained data were further used to estimate the daily intake of the local population, and indicated that wheat flour consumption contributes little to DON exposure. However, with the aim to keep the contamination levels under control and to establish a more precise evaluation of the mycotoxin burden in Shandong Province, more sample data from different harvest years and seasons are needed in the future. PMID:26892316

  6. 基于省域的广西西瓜生产比较优势空间特征分析%Provincial Comparative Advantages of Watermelon Production in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

    陆宇明; 张棵; 柳唐镜; 覃武; 洪日新; 覃斯华; 杨景峰


    [Objective]This study aimed to clarify the spatial patterns of comparative advantage of watermelon production in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, to pro-vide theoretical basis for the development of watermelon industry in China. [Method] Based on the agricultural statistics data of Guangxi and al over China, yield com-parative advantage (YCA) index, efficiency comparative advantage (ECA) index, scale comparative advantage (SCA) index, concentration ratio comparative advantage (CRCA) index, comprehensive comparative advantage (CCA) index, ratio of yield per unit area (RYPA) index and sowing area ratio (SAR) index were established and calculated to determine the watermelon production comparative advantages in 31 provinces (cities) in China. Spacial patterns of the comparative advantages were produced by using GIS software. [Result] Nine provinces Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Hebei, Hubei, Jiangsu, Hunan, Zhejiang and Guangxi were the dominant regions in watermelon production al over the country. The Central and Eastern China showed the integrated comparative advantage in watermelon production, while the Southern, Northeastern, Northern and Northwestern China can be considered as the potential places for watermelon production in future. Southwest China gave more priority to watermelon production, so the comparative advantages kept increasing here. [Con-clusion] Based on this study, watermelon production should be a prior consideration among the agricultural products in Guangxi. Related measures should be developed to optimize the regional distribution of watermelon in Guangxi and China to promote healthy competition in watermelon production.%[目的]阐明西瓜生产比较优势区域的空间特征,为广西及中国西瓜产业战略决策提供重要的参考依据。[方法]利用广西及中国的农业统计资料,以产量比较优势指数、效率比较优势指数、规模比较优势指数、集中度比较优势指数、综合比较优势、单位面积

  7. Current Situations and Problems of Logistics for Guangxi Fresh Agricultural Products in the New Period and Recommendations

    Shixiong; ZHU


    In recent years,Guangxi realized consecutive bumper harvests in fresh agricultural products,leading increase of logistics demand;logistics infrastructure begins to take shape,and logistics of fresh agricultural products takes on diversified development form with wholesale market as main form. However,traditional fresh agricultural products are not selling well and it lacks construction of supply chain; the construction of logistics information system for fresh agricultural products lags behind; organizational level of production and operation of fresh agricultural products is low. Through analyzing current situations and existing problems of logistics of Guangxi fresh agricultural products in the new period( 21 st century),this paper came up with recommendations for developing logistics of fresh agricultural products of Guangxi. Government should increase policy and financial support,build and manage supply chain of fresh agricultural products,accelerate construction of logistics information system for agricultural products,and improve organizational level of logistics of fresh agricultural products,to ensure healthy development of logistics of fresh agricultural products in Guangxi.

  8. Geologic-hydrogeochemical prospecting criteria and prospecting model for uranium deposits in southern Hunan and northern Guangxi

    The distribution and hydrogeochemical environments of uranium deposits in southern Hunan and northern Guangxi are controlled by a NNE-trending strike-slipping fault system. Summarizing the geologic and hydrogeochemical characteristics of uranium deposits, the author proposes the geologic-hydrogeochemical prospecting model of uranium deposits and corresponding evaluation criteria

  9. Guangxi Nanguo Copper’s150,000 t/a Copper Smelting Project was Approval by the MEP


    <正>In the middle of August,the environmental impact report for 150,000 t/a copper smelting project of Guangxi Nanguo Copper Industry Co.,Ltd received formal approval from the Ministry of Environmental Protection,signaling that this project’s environmental impact

  10. A Survey Report on Sugarcane Production in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2013

    Xiang; LI; Yangrui; LI; Yuchi; DENG; Lunwang; WANG; Liu; YANG; Weihua; HUANG; Qiang; LIANG; Ronghua; ZHANG; Guoying; LU; Shijian; HAN; Pingwu; LIU; Changning; LI; Cuifang; YANG


    In order to fully understand sugarcane production in Guangxi in 2013,the sample survey combined with data collection and field survey was carried out in sugarcane production areas in Nanning,Hechi,Liuzhou,Chongzuo,Baise and Laibin from May 28 to June 36 in2013. It was found that the sugarcane growing area in Guangxi in 2013 declined compared with that in 2012; the rate of emergence remained the same as previous year,and as for the plant number of plant crop and ratoon crop per hectare,there was a decline of 4000 and 2000 seedlings respectively compared with the figure in 2012; borer damage rate declined on the whole while the incidence of sugarcane smut increased.Due to the growth in the cost of planting,the growers were less enthusiastic for management. According to the findings,the fertilization and sugarcane field management should be accelerated; borer prevention work was also required,so as to reduce borer damage and dieback rate;the planting structure of varieties had to be adjusted and the cultivated area of " Guitang" as a fine sugarcane variety should also be enlarged;meanwhile other active measures needed to be taken to prevent and control the outburst of pest attack in local areas.