Sample records for bacteries etude experimentale

  1. Hydration of swelling clay and bacteria interaction. An experimental in situ reaction study; Hydratation des argiles gonflantes et influence des bacteries. Etude experimentale de reaction in situ

    Berger, J


    observed between Na- and Ca-smectite. The hydration mechanisms of compacted smectite occurring within a confined volume system are presented in a schematic model involving different scales, ranging from the Angstrom-scale of lattice layers to the bulk clay structure. Whereas the nature of interlayer cation affects hydration on all scales, the ionic strength of the infiltrating solution primarily affects the bulk texture. The impact of selected smectites (SWy-2, MX80 and nontronite) on the growth of S. putrefaciens was studied using agitated batch solution experiments combined with viable cell counts. The prolonged survival of bacteria in smectite suspensions compared to growth in culture medium is attributed to i) a continuous and sustainable supply of cationic nutrients and Corg, ii) the buffering capacity of the smectite clay and iii) the large clay surface areas, which accumulate nutrients, serve as attachment sites and sorb toxic waste products. The rate of bacterially induced smectite alteration/dissolution in batch solutions, as monitored by ICPOES and microscopy (confocal, ESEM and TEM coupled to EDX), shows depletion of the main cations in the nontronite extracted solution. This is attributed to the initial consumption and/or binding of cations by S. putrefaciens, which is probably related to the production of chelating agents. The constantly depleted Ca is most likely stored in the abundant EPS (exo-polymeric substance). Enhanced cation release in the case of nontronite in long-term experiments was especially evident for Fe and Al that corresponds to more than 10% partial dissolution. In contrast, the Fe-poor, Na-smectite was not seen to be affected by bacterial activity in this way and the increased release of Al by acid leaching corresponds to only 1.4% partial smectite dissolution. The presence of S. putrefaciens induced abundant textural changes as observed by microscopic investigations (confocal microscopy, ESEM), associated with the formation of smectite

  2. An experimental study of the attachment of bacteria to submerged surfaces in marine environment; Etude experimentale de la colonisation par les bacteries de surfaces immergees en milieu marin

    Fera, Ph


    The seasonal variations of the bacterial settling of three materials (stainless steel, aluminium, polycarbonate filters) have been studied inside an open system of circulating seawater (0.7 m.s{sup -1}). The fixed bacteria counting have been carried out by scanning electron microscopy and epi-fluorescence microscopy. From the results of the first part of this work, it appears that the growth kinetics of the microbial bio-film, and the densities of the bacteria fixed after 15 days of immersion are higher during summer. Qualitatively, the composition of the number of fixed bacteria evolve with immersion time and with the season. The continuous injection of 0.1 ppm of chlorine in the seawater feeding the experimental system, seems not to be sufficient to prevent, for a long time, the settling of a great number of bacteria. The second part of this work deals with the experimental study of the settling of an aluminium surface by a pseudomonas, isolated of the seawater and submitted or not to conditions of preliminary fast. (O.M.)

  3. Hydration of swelling clay and bacteria interaction. An experimental in situ reaction study; Hydratation des argiles gonflantes et influence des bacteries. Etude experimentale de reaction in situ

    Berger, J


    observed between Na- and Ca-smectite. The hydration mechanisms of compacted smectite occurring within a confined volume system are presented in a schematic model involving different scales, ranging from the Angstrom-scale of lattice layers to the bulk clay structure. Whereas the nature of interlayer cation affects hydration on all scales, the ionic strength of the infiltrating solution primarily affects the bulk texture. The impact of selected smectites (SWy-2, MX80 and nontronite) on the growth of S. putrefaciens was studied using agitated batch solution experiments combined with viable cell counts. The prolonged survival of bacteria in smectite suspensions compared to growth in culture medium is attributed to i) a continuous and sustainable supply of cationic nutrients and Corg, ii) the buffering capacity of the smectite clay and iii) the large clay surface areas, which accumulate nutrients, serve as attachment sites and sorb toxic waste products. The rate of bacterially induced smectite alteration/dissolution in batch solutions, as monitored by ICPOES and microscopy (confocal, ESEM and TEM coupled to EDX), shows depletion of the main cations in the nontronite extracted solution. This is attributed to the initial consumption and/or binding of cations by S. putrefaciens, which is probably related to the production of chelating agents. The constantly depleted Ca is most likely stored in the abundant EPS (exo-polymeric substance). Enhanced cation release in the case of nontronite in long-term experiments was especially evident for Fe and Al that corresponds to more than 10% partial dissolution. In contrast, the Fe-poor, Na-smectite was not seen to be affected by bacterial activity in this way and the increased release of Al by acid leaching corresponds to only 1.4% partial smectite dissolution. The presence of S. putrefaciens induced abundant textural changes as observed by microscopic investigations (confocal microscopy, ESEM), associated with the formation of smectite

  4. Etude theorique et experimentale des evaporateurs de dioxyde de carbone operant dans des conditions de givrage

    Bendaoud, Adlane Larbi

    Les evaporateurs de refrigeration sont surtout du type tube a ailettes, appeles serpentins, et fonctionnent dans l'une des conditions suivantes: seche, humide ou avec formation de givre. Il a ete demontre que la formation du givre sur la paroi exterieure de l'echangeur engendre une surconsommation energetique a cause des operations de degivrage puisque 15 a 20% seulement de la chaleur produite sert au degivrage tandis que le reste est dissipee dans l'environnement [1]. Avec l'avenement des nouveaux refrigerants, moins nocifs envers l'environnement, l'industrie du froid se trouve penalisee du fait que peu ou pas de composantes mecaniques (compresseur, pompe, echangeur...etc.) adaptees sont disponibles [3]. Il s'agit pour la communaute des frigoristes de combler ce retard technologique en redeveloppant ces composantes mecaniques afin qu'elles soient adaptees aux nouveaux refrigerants. Dans cette optique, et afin de mieux comprendre le comportement thermique des evaporateurs au CO2 fonctionnant dans des conditions seches, qu'un groupe de chercheurs du CanmetENERGIE avaient lance, en 2000, un programme de R & D. Dans le cadre de programme un outil de simulation des evaporateurs au CO2 a ete developpe et un banc d'essai contenant une boucle secondaire de refrigeration utilisant le CO2 comme refrigerant a ete construit. Comme continuite de ce travail de recherche, en 2006 ce meme groupe de recherche a lance un nouveau projet qui consiste a faire une etude theorique et experimentale des evaporateurs au CO2 operants dans des conditions de givrage. Et, c'est exactement dans le cadre de ce projet que se positionne ce travail de these. Ce travail de recherche a ete entrepris pour mieux comprendre le comportement thermique et hydrodynamique des serpentins fonctionnant dans des conditions de givrage, l'effet des circuits de refrigerant ainsi que celui des parametres geometriques et d'operation. Pour cela, un travail theorique supporte par une etude experimentale a ete effectue

  5. Etude experimentale des excitations topologiques de l'effet Hall quantique a nu = 1 dans les heterostructures semiconductrices a double puits quantique

    Charlebois, Serge

    De nombreux travaux theoriques et experimentaux ont ete publies sur les excitations topologiques de gaz electroniques bidimensionnels (GE2D), appellees skyrmions, dans le regime de l'effet Hall quantique a remplissage unitaire. On attend des excitations semblables appellees bimerons dans les systemes formes de deux GE2D couples. Contrairement au cas des GE2D simples, aucune experience n'a, a notre connaissance, presente la mesure d'une propriete specifique aux bimerons. Nous presentons dans cette these des travaux experimentaux ayant pour objectif l'etude d'excitations topologiques dans les heterostructures a double puits quantique. Une manifestation attendue (les bimerons est la presence d'une anisotropie dans la conductivite a travers une constriction. Nous avons concu un dispositif original a point de contact a trois grilles non-coplanaires. Ce dispositif a trois grilles a la particularite de permettre la creation d'une constriction etroite dans le double GE2D tout en permettant l'equilibrage de la densite electronique entre les deux puits dans l'etroit canal de conduction. Nous avons fabrique ce dispositif de taille submicronique par electrolithographie sur des heterostructures a double puits. Les dispositifs ainsi fabriques ont ete etudies a basse temperature (0.3K) et ont montre un fonctionnement conforme aux attentes. Les travaux n'ont pas permis de mettre en evidence une anisotropie de transport revelatrice de l'existence de bimerons. Cette these est a notre connaissance la premiere etude experimentale visant la realisation de l'experience d'anisotropie de transport et est ainsi une contribution significative a l'avancement des connaissances dans ce domaine. Les travaux theoriques que nous presentons ont permis de montrer l'effet des excitations topologiques sur la capacite grille-GE2D du systeme. Ces travaux ouvrent la voie de la detection des bimerons par l'intermediaire de la mesure de la capacite grille-GE2D ou encore de la susceptibilite electrique du

  6. Pegase: safety studies - experimental study of burn-out risks in transient operation; Pegase: etude de surete - etude experimentale des risques de burn out en regime transitoire

    Vernier, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    permet de conclure que le canal chaud se met en etat de calefaction au bout de 0.1 s et que sa temperature atteint 500 C en 0.8 s. Les regimes hydrodynamiques rencontres dans les canaux apres l'accident sont des regimes d'expulsion periodiques de periodes courtes 0.2 a 0.5 s, caracteristiques de l'ebullition a basse pression. L'etude en regime permanent de la redistribution de debit dans un by-pass a donne des flux PHI{sub R} de redistribution de 190 W/cm{sup 2} pour une vitesse de 4.5 m/s a 50 C et de 175 W/cm{sup 2} a 60 C. Ces valeurs sont a majorer de 25 pour cent pour une vitesse de 6 m/s. On a montre la distinction a faire entre flux critique PHI{sub C} en regime periodique d'expulsion et flux de redistribution PHI{sub R} en regime permanent. (auteur)

  7. Studying uranium migration in natural environment: experimental approach and geochemical modeling; Etude de la migration de l'uranium en milieu naturel: approche experimentale et modelisation geochimique

    Phrommavanh, V.


    The present study deals with characterizing uranium migration in a limited zone of Le Bouchet site, a former uranium ore treatment facility, which is dismantled and the rehabilitation of which is under process. Some wastes are packed in a rehabilitated disposal nearby, called the Itteville site. In the framework of the monitoring of the deposit environment (air, water, sediment) set by prefectorial decrees, a piezometer (PZPK) located downstream to the latter, has shown total dissolved uranium peaks each winter since the 1990's. PZPK collects both the interstitial water of a calcareous peat formation, between the surface and 3 m, and an alluvial aquifer near 6 m of depth. Firstly, a hydrogeochemical characterization of the site has evidenced the uranium source term, which is present in the peat soil near 0.8 m, hence excluding any leaching from the waste disposal. Actually, a few microparticles of uranium oxide and mixed uranium-thorium oxide have been detected, but they do not represent the major part of the source term. Secondly, water chemistry of the peat soil water and PZPK has been monitored every two months from 2004 to 2007 in order to understand the reasons of the seasonal fluctuations of [U]tot.diss.. Completed with geochemical modeling and a bacterial identification by 16S rDNA sequence analysis, water chemistry data showed an important sulfate-reducing bacterial activity in summertime, leading to reducing conditions and therefore, a total dissolved uranium content limited by the low solubility of uraninite U{sup IV}O{sub 2}(s). In wintertime, the latter bacterial activity being minimal and the effective pluviometry more important, conditions are more oxidant, which favors U(VI), more soluble, notably as the Ca{sub 2}UO{sub 2}(CO{sub 3}){sub 3}(aq) complex, evidenced by TRLFS. Finally, bacterial activity has been reproduced in laboratory in order to better characterize its impact on uranium solubility in the peat soil. Various parameters were tested

  8. Contribution to the experimental survey of the nuclear isomerism. Application of the deferred coincidences method to research and to the survey of metastable states of short period; Contribution a l'etude experimentale de l'isomerie nucleaire. Application de la methode des coincidences differees a la recherche et a l'etude d'etats metastables de periode courte

    Ballini, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    transitions qu'ils subissent, lorsqu'elles donnent naissance a des especes nucleaires mieux connues: parmi ces transitions figurent les transitions isomeriques. Le but de ce travail est l'etude des transitions isomeriques a partir d'etats metastables de periode courte, comprise dans le domaine de la microseconde a quelques millisecondes. La methode des coincidences differees a ete mise au point et appliquee dans ce but en utilisant les avantages des selecteurs a plusieurs canaux, sous deux aspects principaux ou l'appareil a plusieurs canaux etait soit un selecteur de temps, soit un selecteur d'amplitudes. Cette methode a servi a etudier le fonctionnement de compteurs Geiger-Muller et a mesurer avec precision la periode de {sup 181}Ta{sup *} dans des conditions experimentales variees. La valeur adoptee est 17,2 {+-} 0,2 {mu}s. Ce travail a aussi trouve une application pratique immediate a la mise en evidence de quantites tres faibles de hafnium dans le zirconium, dont il constitue une impurete tenace et difficile a analyser par les moyens ordinaires. (M.B.)

  9. Theoretical and experimental study of ions focusing systems in order to improve the ions beam brightness by suppressing aberration causes; Etude theorique et experimentale de la focalisation des ions afin d'ameliorer la brillance du faisceau ionique par la suppression des causes d'aberration

    Faure, J


    It is shown that a beam brightness can be improved by an order of magnitude when the sources of aberrations are suppressed in the anode region source, as well as in the extraction region and in the electrostatic focusing system. A calculation was first set up to determine a simple focusing system. The aberration ratio due to this focusing system is smaller than 10 to 15 per cent. The experimental study was developed by using an ion source and its extraction system capable of producing an aberration free beam at an energy of 20 keV and an accelerating unit up to 190 keV that confirms that the qualities of a 35 mA beam produced by the said ion source are not spoiled when the beam goes through the focusing and accelerating system that was designed to be aberration free. (author) [French] Dans ce travail, on s'attache a demontrer que la brillance d'un faisceau peut etre amelioree d'un ordre de grandeur lorsque l'on supprime les causes d'aberration aussi bien a la sortie de la source, dans la zone d'extraction, que dans le systeme de focalisation electrostatique. Un calcul est, tout d'abord, mis au point pour determiner un systeme de focalisation simple. Cette focalisation n'entraine pas un taux d'aberrations superieur a 10 ou 15 pour cent. Puis l'etude experimentale conduit: a) a la realisation d'une source et de son systeme d'extraction fournissant un faisceau sans aberration a une energie de 20 keV. b) et a l'elaboration d'un petit accelerateur a 190 keV qui verifie que les proprietes d'un faisceau de 35 mA issu de la source ne sont pas affectees par la traversee des systemes focalisateur et accelerateur lorsque ceux-ci n'apportent pas d'aberration. (auteur)

  10. Matemáticas experimentales

    Pérez, Antonio


    En primer lugar, quiero manifestar mi más sincero agradecimiento a los organizadores de estos II Encuentros Extremeños por la amabilidad que han tenido al invitame. Antes que nada, una aclaración. Al hablar de matemáticas experimentales me estaré refiriendo siempre a la enseñanza de nuestra materia. Nada más lejos de mis posibilidades que intentar adjetivar las propias matemáticas. Hablaré de enseñanza de las matemáticas y, en general, de la utilización de recursos que posibiliten la acción d...





  12. Numerical and experimental investigation of industrial electrostatic precipitators; Etude numerique et experimentale d`electrofiltres industriels

    Tochon, P.


    This work deals with electrostatic precipitators or ESP used for gas-solid particles separation. By means of a dust-controlled testing loop created and realised at the GRETh`s plate-form (Research Group on Heat Exchangers) and a numerical model developed during this work from TRIO software, the study of the performances of different ESP geometries has been carried out. Many electrical, hydraulic and particular parameters governing solid particles collection under ionised electric field have been identified, measured and modelled. The numerical model, ratified with experimental data obtained during this study and from literature, allows to describe local and global phenomena occurring in any geometries. Furthermore, parametric studies have been carried out in order to propose some optimised geometries. allowing to increase collection efficiencies. At least, on-site measurements with CETIAT (Centre Technique des Industries Aerauliques et Thermiques) allow to identify dust particles likely to be thrown out to the atmosphere, and troubles peculiar to large scales industrial plants. The numerical model has also been tested on these data. At the end of this study, an efficient dust-controlled experimental tool, PACIFIC loop, and a numerical simulation allowing ESP sizing are available. (author)

  13. Cotas experimentales a la masa del fotón

    Álvarez García, Raquel; Fernández Barraca, Ana; Fumanal Sejas, Pedro; Méndez Veiga, Iyán; Pfitzer López, Guillermo


    Trabajo en equipo realizado en la asignatura "Teoría de la Relatividad y Leyes Físicas", impartida por Miguel Ángel Ramos, durante primero del grado de Física, sobre las cotas experimentales de la masa del fotón.

  14. El estudio de Trichinella spiralis en modelos experimentales.

    Alejandra Moreno G


    Full Text Available ResumenSe presenta una breve descripción del estudio de Trichinella spiralis en modelos experimentales, enfocándonos al estudio de la epidemiología, técnicas diagnósticas directas e indirectas, tratamiento y biología del parasito.

  15. El estudio de Trichinella spiralis en modelos experimentales.

    Alejandra Moreno G; Claudia Maldonado T; Isabel Chávez Ruvalcaba; Rosa G Reveles H; Zuleika Quiroz Núñez; José J. Muñoz E


    ResumenSe presenta una breve descripción del estudio de Trichinella spiralis en modelos experimentales, enfocándonos al estudio de la epidemiología, técnicas diagnósticas directas e indirectas, tratamiento y biología del parasito.

  16. Etude de la transmission sonore a travers un protecteur de type "coquilles" : modelisation numerique et validation experimentale

    Boyer, Sylvain

    On estime que sur les 3,7 millions des travailleurs au Quebec, plus de 500 000 sont exposes quotidiennement a des niveaux de bruits pouvant causer des lesions de l'appareil auditif. Lorsqu'il n'est pas possible de diminuer le niveau de bruit environnant, en modifiant les sources de bruits, ou en limitant la propagation du son, le port de protecteurs auditifs individualises, telles que les coquilles, demeure l'ultime solution. Bien que vue comme une solution a court terme, elle est communement employee, du fait de son caractere peu dispendieux, de sa facilite d'implantation et de son adaptabilite a la plupart des operations en environnement bruyant. Cependant les protecteurs auditifs peuvent etre a la fois inadaptes aux travailleurs et a leur environnement et inconfortables ce qui limite leur temps de port, reduisant leur protection effective. Afin de palier a ces difficultes, un projet de recherche sur la protection auditive intitule : " Developpement d'outils et de methodes pour ameliorer et mieux evaluer la protection auditive individuelle des travailleur ", a ete mis sur pied en 2010, associant l'Ecole de technologie superieure (ETS) et l'Institut de recherche Robert-Sauve en sante et en securite du travail (IRSST). S'inscrivant dans ce programme de recherche, le present travail de doctorat s'interesse specifiquement a la protection auditive au moyen de protecteurs auditifs " passifs " de type coquille, dont l'usage presente trois problematiques specifiques presentees dans les paragraphes suivants. La premiere problematique specifique concerne l'inconfort cause par exemple par la pression statique induite par la force de serrage de l'arceau, qui peut reduire le temps de port recommande pour limiter l'exposition au bruit. Il convient alors de pouvoir donner a l'utilisateur un protecteur confortable, adapte a son environnement de travail et a son activite. La seconde problematique specifique est l'evaluation de la protection reelle apportee par le protecteur. La methode des seuils auditifs REAT (Real Ear Attenuation Threshold) aussi vu comme un "golden standard" est utilise pour quantifier la reduction du bruit mais surestime generalement la performance des protecteurs. Les techniques de mesure terrains, telles que la F-MIRE (Field Measurement in Real Ear) peuvent etre a l'avenir de meilleurs outils pour evaluer l'attenuation individuelle. Si ces techniques existent pour des bouchons d'oreilles, elles doivent etre adaptees et ameliorees pour le cas des coquilles, en determinant l'emplacement optimal des capteurs acoustiques et les facteurs de compensation individuels qui lient la mesure microphonique a la mesure qui aurait ete prise au tympan. La troisieme problematique specifique est l'optimisation de l'attenuation des coquilles pour les adapter a l'individu et a son environnement de travail. En effet, le design des coquilles est generalement base sur des concepts empiriques et des methodes essais/erreurs sur des prototypes. La piste des outils predictifs a ete tres peu etudiee jusqu'a present et meriterait d'etre approfondie. L'utilisation du prototypage virtuel, permettrait a la fois d'optimiser le design avant production, d'accelerer la phase de developpement produit et d'en reduire les couts. L'objectif general de cette these est de repondre a ces differentes problematiques par le developpement d'un modele de l'attenuation sonore d'un protecteur auditif de type coquille. A cause de la complexite de la geometrie de ces protecteurs, la methode principale de modelisation retenue a priori est la methode des elements finis (FEM). Pour atteindre cet objectif general, trois objectifs specifiques ont ete etablis et sont presentes dans les trois paragraphes suivants. (Abstract shortened by ProQuest.).

  17. Experimental study of a water thermo-capillary loop; Etude experimentale d`une boucle thermocapillaire a eau

    Lefriec, C.; Alexandre, A. [Ecole Nationale Superieure de Mecanique et d`Aerotechnique (ENSMA), 86 - Poitiers (France)


    This paper presents a bench scale experiment of a water thermo-capillary loop which allows to improve the understanding of its functioning mechanisms thanks to the internal visualisation of each component using transparent walls. The advantages of water are its non-toxicity, its high chemical compatibility with several materials and its low functioning pressure. The experimental device is presented and the functioning regimes of each component is analyzed: condenser (flow visualization, influence of tilt), evaporator (quality of heat exchange between teeth and porous medium, bubbles, heat exchange coefficient). (J.S.)

  18. An experimental study of mixed convection; Contribution a l'etude experimentale de la convection mixte

    Saez, M.


    The aim of our study is to establish a reliable database for improving thermal hydraulic codes, in the field of turbulent flows with buoyancy forces. The flow considered is mixed convection in the Reynolds and Richardson number range: Re = 10{sup 3} to 6.10{sup 4} and Ri = 10{sup -4} to 1. Experiments are carried out in an upward turbulent flow between vertical parallel plates at different wall temperatures. Part 1 gives a detailed database of turbulent mixed flow of free and forced convection. Part 2 presents the installation and the calibration system intended for probes calibration. Part 3 describes the measurement technique (constant temperature probe and cold-wire probe) and the method for measuring the position of the hot-wire anemometer from the wall surface. The measurement accuracy is within 0.001 mm in the present system. Part 4 relates the development of a method for near wall measurements. This correction procedure for hot-wire anemometer close to wall has been derived on the basis of a two-dimensional numerical study. The method permits to obtain a quantitative correction of the wall influence on hot-wires and takes into account the velocity profile and the effects the wall material has on the heat loss. Part 5 presents the experimental data obtained in the channel in forced and mixed convection. Results obtained in the forced convection regime serve as a verification of the measurement technique close to the wall and give the conditions at the entrance of the test section. The effects of the buoyancy force on the mean velocity and temperature profiles are confirmed. The buoyancy strongly affects the fluid structure and deforms the distribution of mean velocity. The velocity profiles are asymmetric. The second section of part 5 gives an approach of analytical wall functions with buoyancy forces, on the basis of the experimental data obtained in the test section. (author)

  19. Les entit\\'es spatiales dans la langue : \\'etude descriptive, formelle et exp\\'erimentale de la cat\\'egorisation

    Aurnague, Michel; Vieu, Laure


    While previous linguistic and psycholinguistic research on space has mainly analyzed spatial relations, the studies reported in this paper focus on how language distinguishes among spatial entities. Descriptive and experimental studies first propose a classification of entities, which accounts for both static and dynamic space, has some cross-linguistic validity, and underlies adults' cognitive processing. Formal and computational analyses then introduce theoretical elements aiming at modelling these categories, while fulfilling various properties of formal ontologies (generality, parsimony, coherence...). This formal framework accounts, in particular, for functional dependences among entities underlying some part-whole descriptions. Finally, developmental research shows that language-specific properties have a clear impact on how children talk about space. The results suggest some cross-linguistic variability in children's spatial representations from an early age onwards, bringing into question models in wh...

  20. Experimental study of drop breakup in a turbulent flow; Etude experimentale de la rupture de gouttes dans un ecoulement turbulent

    Galinat, S.


    This work presents the drop breakup phenomenon in a turbulent flow induced by a cross-section restriction in a pipe. A global analysis of single-drop breakup, in a finite volume downstream of the orifice, has allowed deriving statistical quantities such as the break-up probability and the daughter-drop distribution. These parameters are function of a global Weber number based on the maximal pressure drop through the orifice. At a local scale, the locations of breakup events are distributed heterogeneously and depend on the flow Reynolds number. The local hydrodynamic study in downstream of the orifice, which has been done by using Particle Image Velocimetry, reveals the specific breakup zones. Otherwise, this analysis has proved that the turbulence is the predominant external stress at the drop scale. The relation between drop deformation and the external stress along the trajectory has been simulated numerically by the response of a damped oscillator to the locally measured instantaneous turbulence forcing. The results of statistical analysis have allowed to introduce a breakup criterion, based on a unique deformation threshold value for all experiments. This multi-scale approach has been conducted to study drop breakup mechanisms in a concentrated dispersion. The breakup probability decrease with the increase of dispersed phase concentration, which influences the turbulent Weber number distribution in downstream of the orifice. (author)

  1. Modelos experimentales de enfermedad cardiovascular Experimental models of cardiovascular disease

    A. Gil Hernández


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo describe los modelos experimentales de utilidad clínica en el estudio de las enfermedades cardiovasculares y hace énfasis en los modelos usados para determinar los mecanismos fisiopatológicos de la aterosclerosis, así como para evaluar los efectos de productos nutricionales y farmacológicos sobre el desarrollo de este proceso inflamatorio complejo común a muchas enfermedades cardiovasculares. Se revisan los modelos animales en los que se puede inducir aterosclerosis por cambios en la composición de la dieta y los modelos animales en los que la alteración de uno o más genes (animales knock-out y knock-in, o la incorporación de genes foráneos de otras especies, da lugar a la aparición de hiperlipidemia con riesgo asociado de aparición de enfermedad cardiovascular temprana. Por otra parte, se consideran algunas de las líneas celulares más utilizadas en el estudio de los mecanismos moleculares de la aterogénesis y de evaluación de sustancias con interés nutricional o farmacológico.The present work describes clinically useful experimental models for the study of cardiovascular disease and emphasites the models used to determine the pathophysiologic mechanisms of atherosclerosis, as well as to evaluate the effects of nutritional and pharmacological products on the development of this complex inflammatory process present in many cardiovascular diseases. Animal models in which ahterosclerosis may be induced by dietary changes are reviewed, as well as those in which modification in one or more genes (knock-out and knock-in animals, or the incorporation of foreign genes from other species lead to early cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, some of the cell lines most frequently used in studying molecular mechanisms of atherosclerosis and assessment of substances with nutritional or pharmacological interest are considered.

  2. L’onomastique comorienne: etude linguistique

    Yahaya, Moinaecha Cheikh


    Dans cette etude nous nous sommes fixé commee objectif principal la recherche des morphèmes nominaux altérés dans la langue courante et qui se manifestent au niveau des noms propres surtout au niveau des composés. Ces éléments nous permettront de mieux comprendre le système morphologique du comorien et compléter une etude en cours sur la morphologie des nominaux. L’étude morphologique du nom propre sera complétée par une étude syntaxique des différents éléments qui le composent. Les indicatio...

  3. Sucesiones experimentales en pastizales con diferente uso y edad de abandono

    Vargas Ríos Orlando


    Full Text Available Se presentan los resultados de la diversidad y cobertura de las especies vegetales presentes en parcelas después
    de generar disturbios experimentales (remoción epígea y remoción epígea-hipógea, en dos pastizales con diferente
    uso y edad de abandono, en la Reserva Forestal Municipal de Cogua, Cundinamarca (Colombia. Se observaron
    diferencias significativas entre los tratamientos y los pastizales en cuanto a diversidad y cobertura de las especies, dado el comportamiento diferencial de las especies a los disturbios experimentales realizados. En
    las parcelas con remoción epígea se obtuvo una regeneración rápida de la cobertura vegetal, con una composición de especies similar a la presentada antes de los disturbios experimentales. En los tratamientos con
    remoción epígea-hipógea la regeneración de la vegetación y el aumento de la cobertura es lento pero con un
    aumento en la diversidad con respecto a las especies presentes antes de los disturbios experimentales.

  4. Las ciencias experimentales en el aula: el agua como fuente de recursos didácticos

    Sánchez Peñil, Verónica


    RESUMEN Este Trabajo Fin de Grado muestra la importancia de las Ciencias experimentales en el aula de Educación Primaria, concretamente el uso del agua como un recurso didáctico. A lo largo de este proyecto se expone la evolución histórica de las Ciencias Naturales y de la Educación Ambiental tanto a nivel social como a nivel educativo. Es a nivel educativo donde se hace mayor hincapié mostrando los distintos modelos pedagógicos y la selección de una enseñanza de las ciencias basada en el des...

  5. Technical and harmonic analysis of Carl Czerny op. 299 number 34 etude

    Mehmet Serkan Umuzdas


    Full Text Available In this study, the 34th etude of the book Czerny Op. 299 that is one of the commonly employed books in the piano training was analysed in terms of technique and harmony. The etude was examined in terms of its technical features and contributions to technical development. If an etude is analysed before it is played, time and effort can be amanged much more efficiently. In turn, it may contribute to play the etude or work in accordance with its objectives and to produce outcomes. The aims of this study are to make the students aware of the goals and methods of etudes and to provide them with the suggestions for studying. It is suggested that any etude written with the 2/4 rhythm pattern should be played very vividly and energytically. Any etude written in the octave width of 5.5 is made up of 43 scales in two section. The etude is composed of two sections, each with four sentences and two periods. It also involves 43 scales. Of them, 16 scales are in the first section and the remaining 27 scales are in the second section. The etude has very regular system in terms of harmonic continuity and motives. It has a homogenious pattern in terms of the order of the sentences with half-decsion and those with full-decision.

  6. Bacterial gastroenteritis

    Infectious diarrhea - bacterial gastroenteritis; Acute gastroenteritis; Gastroenteritis - bacterial ... Bacterial gastroenteritis can affect 1 person or a group of people who all ate the same food. It is ...

  7. Experimental study of the topological aspect of the ergodic divertor in Tore-supra tokamak; Etude experimentale des aspects topologiques du divertor ergodique de Tore Supra

    Costanzo, L


    The control of power deposition onto plasma facing components in tokamaks is a determining factor for future thermonuclear fusion reactors. Plasma surface interaction can be performed using limiters or divertors. The ergodic divertor installed on Tore Supra is an atypical example of a magnetic divertor. It consists in applying a magnetic perturbation which establishes a particular topology of the plasma in contact with the wall (edge plasma). We carried out dedicated experiments in order to study parallel heat flux which strike the divertor neutralizers. This quantitative and qualitative analysis of heat flux as a function of experimental conditions allows to determine the profiles of power deposition along the neutralizers. The influence of plasma electron density, additional heating, impurities and injected gas was established. An experimental study of the sheath heat transmission factor {gamma} was carried out by correlating measurements made with Langmuir probes and infrared imaging. This study gave rise to a major conclusion: for ohmic discharges with deuterium injection and most of the time with helium, it was experimentally confirmed that {gamma}=7 in agreement with classical sheath theory. However, an increase of this factor with additional power has been shown. Detached plasma, which is an attractive regime in order to reduce the power deposition, requires an optimized control. A new measurement of the detachment onset has been developed. It is based on the variation of heat flux onto the plates derived from infrared measurements. A detachment cartography with the determination of a new 2D 'IR' Degree of Detachment was carried out allowing to locate the zone where the detachment starts. We can apply this concept both to other tokamaks such as JET and ITER. A comparison between the axisymmetric divertor and the ergodic divertor is also presented concerning the power deposition in the two configurations. Low heat flux with the ergodic divertor is a major advantage. (author)

  8. Lanthanides in geological fluids: experimental study of standard thermodynamic properties and of solubilities; Les lanthanides dans les fluides geologiques: etude experimentale des proprietes thermodynamiques standard et des solubilites

    Pourtier, E


    Standard thermodynamic properties (STP) of lanthanides (Ln{sup 3+}) are necessary to predict their transport in hydrothermal fluids. New STP (apparent molal volumes and heat capacities) of Ln{sup 3+} are determined with dilute (La{sup 3+}, Nd{sup 3+}, Gd{sup 3+}, Yb{sup 3+}) triflates solutions, up to 300 deg. C and 300 bars, using a vibrating tube flow densimeter and a differential heat flow calorimeter. The triflate anion (CF{sub 3}SO{sub 3}), stable at high temperature, does not form complexes with Ln{sup 3+}. The STP of HCF{sub 3}SO{sub 3} and NaCF{sub 3}SO{sub 3} are measured in order to get the STP of CF{sub 3}SO{sub 3}. The solubility of the Nd-pure pole of monazite (NdPO{sub 4}) studied between 300 and 800 deg. C at 2 kbars in H{sub 2}O and H{sub 2}O+NaCl using weight loss and isotope dilution methods, is prograde for neutral pH. The study of Nd{sup 3+} speciation at 650 deg. C and 300 deg. C, 2 kbars, shows that only hydroxylated species are present. These data allow the revision of Ln{sup 3+} parameters in the HKF model. (author)

  9. Experimental and numerical study of the active control of jets inside combustion chambers; Etude experimentale et numerique du controle actif de jets dans des chambres de combustion

    Faivre, V.


    Combustion instabilities occur when the flame heat release couples with the acoustic waves propagating in the combustion chamber. This phenomenon can lead to strong vibrations and noise but also, sometimes, to the complete combustion device failure. That is the reason why so many studies focus on the control of those instabilities. The method chosen in this study consists in an active control device (or set of actuators) having a strong effect on the mixing of the burner exhaust flow with the ambient fluid. The model configuration studied consists in a non reactive jet of air controlled by four small tangential secondary jets. Experiments have been carried out to optimize the control device geometry. The configuration identified as the most efficient, in terms of mixing enhancement, has been simulated through Large Eddy Simulations (LES). The objective of the numerical part of the present work is double. First, the numerical simulations provide a better understanding of the phenomena occurring when the control is on. Then, it is shown that LES can be considered as a tool to predict the effects of a control device on a flow. (author)

  10. Etude exp\\'erimentale et num\\'erique des transferts de chaleur en convection naturelle le long de parois verticales \\'epaisses rayonnantes fortement chauff\\'ees

    De Larochelambert, Thierry


    Thermal balances and complete investigation of air flow along a uniformly heated vertical black thick steel plate (1000 to 8000 W/m\\^2) have been obtained by means of a thermoanemometric method and infrared pyrometry. Several physical models have been solved with a commercial CFD (FLUENT) and the numerical results are compared with the experimental values.

  11. Adsorption of trace elements on a bentonite sample: experimental study and modelling; Retention d'elements trace sur une bentonite: etude experimentale et modelisation

    Hurel, Ch


    Radioactive waste storage in deep underground is studied in France. The alteration of the radioactive waste can mobilize the elements that can migrate to the geosphere. Clays (bentonite) are investigated as major materials constituting the barriers because of their low permeability and high retention capacity. A thermodynamic surface complexation model, based on the component additivity principle was investigated, in order to predict the adsorption behaviour of pollutants in contact with clay. This principle allows an independent determination of each parameter of the model, limiting the fitting procedure of correlated data, and it allows the use of an adsorption thermodynamic database for a solid. The predictions obtained were in good accordance with experimental data. The model could then be applied successfully in performance assessment. (author)

  12. The transition radiation. 2. experimental study of the optical transition radiation; Le rayonnement de transition: 2. etude experimentale du rayonnement de transition optique

    Couillaud, Ch.; Haouat, G.; Seguin, S.; Striby, S


    Optical-transition-radiation-based diagnostics have been widely used for many years on electron accelerators in order to measure beam energy and transverse and longitudinal emittances. These diagnostics are very attractive for high brightness electron beams used as drivers for radiation sources. Such diagnostics have been performed on the ELSA facility (18 MeV electron energy, 100 A peak current) using both a single interface and an OTR-Wartski interferometer. We present the accelerator, the experimental set-up and the method for analyzing the OTR angular distribution. Then, the experimental results are described and compared with those from the three gradient method. In addition, we present a beam energy measurement using OTR interferogram analysis. (author)

  13. Multi scale experimental study of water and ionic transport in porous charged media: clays; Etude experimentale multiechelle du transport ionique et aqueux en milieu poreux charge: argiles

    Cadene, A


    Clays are porous media of industrial interest. Due to their retention capacities and low permeability to water, they are the principal candidate for the conception of engineered barriers radioactive waste disposal. The main interest of this study is the experimental determination of the cationic and water dynamics in montmorillonite and fluoro-hectorite at low water contents This latter synthetic smectite has been used as a model clay to help the interpretation of the results issued from the first natural one. After a summary on the clayey system, this work reports the many experimental techniques (Atomic Force Microscopy, Photo-Correlation Spectroscopy, Micro-calorimetry, Powder Diffraction) used during the preliminary study concerning structural characterisation of the samples. The study of the sodic form of smectites with the use of a combination of quasi-elastic neutron scattering techniques (Time of Flight and Spin Echo) succeeded to water diffusion coefficients but also to a discernment of the limits of such techniques. Experiments with montmorillonite samples are in agreement with the simulations, so tending to a validation of the models. Experimental data obtained from synthetic hectorites will be in the near future compared to simulations In the last part, this work shows the application of Broad Band Dielectric Spectroscopy for the investigation of ionic dynamic in these porous media. Many models have been developed for the interpretation of the experimental raw data obtained with this technique. (author)

  14. An experimental study of electrical and dielectric properties of consolidated clayey materials; Etude experimentale des proprietes electriques et dielectriques des materiaux argileux consolides

    Comparon, L


    This study is devoted to the electrical and dielectric properties of consolidated clays. A better understanding of the conduction and polarization phenomena in clays is necessary to better interpret in situ measurements in terms of water saturation and texture. An experimental study was carried out on synthetic clay samples (kaolinite and smectite) compacted with various water contents, porosities and mineralogical compositions, on a large frequency range, using three laboratory setups. The electrical properties of natural argillites (from ANDRA) were then investigated. We found that the response of the synthetic samples is mainly controlled by water content on the whole frequency range; two polarization phenomena were observed, which were related to the Maxwell-Wagner polarization and the electrical double layer polarization around the clay particles. The electrical response of argillites is more complex; it is controlled by water content but also by the microstructure of the rock. In these rocks, the electrical and dielectric anisotropies are high; anisotropy was also measured for the synthetic clays. The existing models explain the high frequency limit of the dielectric permittivity of the clayey materials, but the low frequency part of the spectra ({<=}1 MHz) needs theoretical developments. (author)

  15. Experimental study of a finned-tubes coil with wet wall conditions; Etude experimentale d'une batterie froide en condition de paroi mouillee

    Khalfi, M.S. [Institut Algerien du Petrole, Boumerdes (Algeria); Benelmir, R.; Feidt, M. [Universite Henri Poincare, Lab. d' Energetique et de Mecanique Theorique et Appliquee, 54 - Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy (France)


    The use of a global pseudo-conductance in the mathematical model of heat and mass transfer within a heat exchanger allowed us to take into account the water condensate on the wall as well as air humidity. The application of this dual consideration to our experimental investigation shows a 'critical' Reynolds number at which we observe an inversion of thermal behavior. The heat exchanger considered in this work has been used in a previous published work where heat transfer occurred only with dry wall condition. (authors)

  16. Experimental and theoretical study of the atmospheric boundary layer over the paris area; Etude experimentale et theorique de la couche limite atmospherique en agglomeration parisienne

    Menut, L


    This thesis studied the urban boundary layer dynamic behaviour over the Paris area by comparing urban (Paris) and suburban (Palaiseau) dynamic data such as lidars, sodars, sonic anemometers. All the data were obtained during the ECLAP experiment, specifically performed to characterize the differences between a city and its near environment. (author)

  17. Experimental study and modelling of iron ore reduction by hydrogen; Etude experimentale et modelisation de la reduction du minerai de fer par l'hydrogene

    Wagner, D


    In an effort to find new ways to drastically reduce the CO{sub 2} emissions from the steel industry (ULCOS project), the reduction of iron ore by pure hydrogen in a shaft furnace was investigated. The work consisted of literature, experimental, and modelling studies. The chemical reaction and its kinetics were analysed on the basis of thermogravimetric experiments and physicochemical characterizations of partially reduced samples. A specific kinetic model was designed, which simulates the successive reactions, the different steps of mass transport, and possible iron sintering, at the particle scale. Finally, a 2-dimensional numerical model of a shaft furnace was developed. It depicts the variation of the solid and gas temperatures and compositions throughout the reactor. One original feature of the model is using the law of additive characteristic times for calculating the reaction rates. This allowed us to handle both the particle and the reactor scale, while keeping reasonable calculation time. From the simulation results, the influence of the process parameters was assessed. Optimal operating conditions were concluded, which reveal the efficiency of the hydrogen process. (author)

  18. Contribution to the experimental study of the polarized liquid helium-3; Contributions a l'etude experimentale de l'helium-3 liquide polarise

    Villard, B


    Spin-polarized liquid helium-3 is prepared by laser optical pumping in low magnetic field and at room temperature, prior to fast liquefaction of the polarized sample. The use of a new helium-3 cryostat enabled us to obtain liquid helium-3 with polarization rates up to 25 % at well-stabilized temperatures (around 0.5 K). We could thereby study the effect of nuclear polarization on liquid-vapour equilibrium, and particularly on the saturated vapour pressure. Very sensitive capacitive gauges were developed. We estimated (to first order in M{sup 2}) the expected effects when the polarization M is suddenly destroyed. These effects were experimentally observed in helium-3/helium-4 mixtures, in pure helium-3, only a transient increase in pressure has been recorded. We then describe in a third part a preliminary experiment which aimed at determining the longitudinal relaxation time T1 in mixtures. Relaxation on the walls is efficiently reduced by a cesium coating and T1s of order 20 minutes were observed. A careful determination of the helium-3 concentration in the liquid phase was made. Finally we studied the effects of dipolar field on transverse polarisation decay in our strongly polarized samples. We observed the free precession of polarization after a NMR pulse, and analysed in detail its decay time constant as a function of different parameters. This time constant drastically varied with the tipping angle, an effect which could be linked to NMR dynamical instabilities. (author)

  19. Thermal design of horizontal tube boilers. Numerical and experimental investigation; Modelisation thermique de bouilleurs a tubes horizontaux. Etude numerique et validation experimentale

    Roser, R.


    This work concerns the thermal design of kettle reboilers. Current methods are highly inaccurate, regarded to the correlations for external heat transfer coefficient at one tube scale, as well as to two-phase flow modelling at boiler scale. The aim of this work is to improve these thermal design methods. It contains an experimental investigation with typical operating conditions of such equipment: an hydrocarbon (n-pentane) with low mass flux. This investigation has lead to characterize the local flow pattern through void fraction measurements and, from this, to develop correlations for void fraction, pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient. The approach is original, since the developed correlations are based on the liquid velocity at minimum cross section area between tubes, as variable characterizing the hydrodynamic effects on pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient. These correlations are shown to give much better results than those suggested up to now in the literature, which are empirical transpositions from methods developed for inside tube flows. Furthermore, the numerical code MC3D has been applied using the correlations developed in this work, leading to a modeling of the two-phase flow in the boiler, which is a significant progress compared to current simplified methods. (author)

  20. Experimental and theoretical study of phase transitions under ball milling; Etude experimentale et modelisation des changements de phases sous broyage a haute energie

    Pochet, P


    The aim of this work was to determine how phase transition s under ball-milling depend on the milling conditions and to find out if one can rationalize such transitions with the theory of driven alloys. We have chosen two phase transitions: the order-disorder transition in Fe Al and the precipitation-dissolution NiGe. In the case of Fe Al we have found that the steady-state long range order parameter achieved under ball milling intensity; moreover the same degree of order is achieved starting from an ordered alloy or a disordered solid solution. On the way to fully disordered state the degree of order either decreases monotonically or goes through a short lived transient state. This behaviour is reminiscent of a first order transition while the equilibrium transition is second order. All the above features are well reproduced by a simple model of driven alloys, which was originally build for alloys under irradiation. The stationary degree of order results of two competitive atomic jump mechanisms: the forced displacements induced by the shearing of the grains, and the thermally activated jumps caused by vacancies migrations. Finally we have performed atomistic simulations with a Monte Carlo kinetic algorithm, which revealed the role of the fluctuations in the intensity of the forcing. Moreover we have shown that specific atomistic mechanisms are active in a dilute NiGe solid solution which might lead to ball milling induced precipitation in under-saturated solid solution. (author). 149 refs.

  1. Experimental study of the electric charge process of the radioactive aerosols beta emitter; Etude experimentale du processus de charge electrique des aerosols radioactifs emetteurs beta

    Gensdarmes, F.; Boulaud, D. [CEA/Saclay, Inst. de Protection et de Surete Nucleaire, IPSN/DPEA/SERAC, 91 - Gif-sur-Yvette (France); Renoux, A. [Paris-12 Univ., Lab. de Physique des Aerosols et de Transfert des Contaminations, 94 - Creteil (France)


    An aerosol radioactivity may change its electrical properties and then modify its evolution in a closed room. In order to define the electric charge state of a radioactive aerosol, an experimental device has been developed to produce a calibrated radioactive aerosol of cesium 137. The results show an increase of the aerosol average charge when the particles specific activity increase. (A.L.B.)

  2. Modelos matemáticos y experimentales sobre el secado de biomasa

    Jorge Armando Villalba Vidales


    Full Text Available El secado de biomasa como proceso previo a la combustión se ha convertido en la actualidad en un factor decisivo para mejorar la eficiencia de dichos procesos en los sectores industrial y residencial. Debido a la creciente importancia de este proceso, los investigadores han desarrollado una gran cantidad de modelos, tanto teóricos como experimentales, que buscan predecir la cinética de secado de diferentes tipos de biomasa. Si bien se han logrado grandes avances en el desarrollo de modelos, aún no existe un modelo unificado que permita predecir los perfiles de temperatura y humedad para diversos materiales. Dichas dificultades se generan fundamentalmente por la amplia diversidad de biomateriales y las grandes diferencias entre los procesos existentes. El propósito de este artículo es brindar una panorámica sobre el estado del arte relativo a modelos, tanto matemáticos como experimentales, utilizados en la actualidad para simular procesos de secado de la biomasa. Asimismo, proponer los elementos fundamentales que deberá poseer un modelo de secado unificado.

  3. Study of transfer reactions ({alpha},t), ({alpha},{sup 3}He) in the f-p shell: mechanism and spectroscopic use; Etude des reactions de transfert ({alpha},t), ({alpha},{sup 3}He) dans la couche f-p mecanisme et utilisation spectroscopique

    Roussel, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    We describe an experimental study of ({alpha},t), ({alpha},{sup 3}He) reactions at 44 MeV using a solid-state identifier, on the target-nuclei {sup 54}Fe and {sup 58,60,62,64}Ni. A critical study of optical model and of disturbed wave analysis has been performed. We show the complementarity of different transfer-reactions, the ambiguity of spectroscopic factors, the importance of the problem of the reaction mechanism. (author) [French] On decrit une etude experimentale des reactions ({alpha},t), ({alpha},{sup 3}He) a 44 MeV utilisant un systeme identificateur de particules sur les noyaux-cibles {sup 54}Fe et {sup 58,60,62,64}Ni. Une etude critique de modele optique et d'analyse en ondes deformees (D.W.B.A.) a ete entreprise. On montre la complementarite des differentes reactions de transfert, l'ambiguite des facteurs spectroscopiques, l'importance du probleme du mecanisme. (auteur)

  4. Etude par spectroscopie de Coulomb de points quantiques lateraux individuels et couples

    Pioro-Ladriere, Michel

    Des points quantiques contenant un nombre discret et variable d'electrons sont formes dans un gaz bi-dimensionnel d'electrons a l'aide de grilles metalliques. Le transport electrique, le blocage de spin et la detection de charge sont employes comme outils spectroscopiques permettant de sonder les proprietes de ces nanostructures. Ces techniques permettent aussi de controler exactement le nombres d'electrons confines dans des points quantiques individuels et couples en utilisant un patron de grille judicieux. Une technique de refroidissement en tension est developpee afin de minimiser les effets parasites du bruit telegraphique. Ce type de bruit de charge deteriore la stabilite des nanostructures laterales par l'activation d'un minuscule courant de fuite entre les grilles et le gaz bi-dimensionnel. Un modele expliquant le role du refroidissement en tension sur le courant de fuite est presente. L'activation du courant de fuite est confirmee par detection de charge. Les effets des interactions entre les electrons pieges dans un point quantique sont ensuite etudies dans un regime ou il est possible de comparer les resulats experimentaux avec ceux obtenus par diagonalisation exacte. L'etude demontre que la phase associee au facteur de remplissage nu = 2 est instable au-dessus d'un nombre critique d'electrons. Cette instabilite est confirmee experimentalement par blocage de spin. On demontre aussi l'existence d'etats correles dans le regime des renversements de spin, associe au passage de la phase nu = 2 a nu = 1. Les etats correles sont identifies par spectroscopie en transport non lineaire. Cette caracterisation du diagramme de phase de points individuels permet de coupler deux points quantiques configures a nu = 2. Pour ce regime, la nanostructure se comporte comme un systeme a deux niveaux pouvant contenir entre un et quatre electrons de valence et ce, meme si le nombre total d'electrons est plus eleve. Les degres de liberte de charge et de spin des deux points

  5. Ciencias Experimentales en la Educación Infantil y en la Educación Primaria

    Naves Pineda, Francisco Javier; Feliu Ortega, María José; Fernández-Lorenzo, Concepción


    Este curso engloba los conocimientos básicos que deben ser adquiridos por los alumnos en los grados de Magisterio en Educación Infantil y en Educación Primaria sobre las Ciencias Experimentales. De esta forma, se desarrollan temas que versan sobre la materia, la energía, la luz, los estados de agregación de la materia, etc, y se incluyen los conocimientos sobre el entorno que nos rodea desde un punto de vista físico y químico.

  6. Un estudio del contenido científico de las preguntas formuladas por estudiantes cuando intentan comprender dispositivos experimentales

    Torres Valois, Tarcilo; Milicic, Beatriz Estela; Sanjosé López, Vicente


    Se muestra un análisis descriptivo del contenido científico de las preguntas formuladas por estudiantes de secundaria y universitarios, cuando tratan de comprender el funcionamiento de dispositivos experimentales. Se consideran tres situaciones didácticas habituales: leer un texto acompañado de imágenes estáticas (esquemáticas); visualizar imágenes dinámicas (video o demostración de cátedra), observar y manipular los dispositivos. Solo una tercera parte de las preguntas de los estudiantes con...

  7. Aplicación combinada de métodos de aprendizaje en temas transversales de ciencias experimentales

    Torregrosa Maciá, Rosa; Molina Sabio, Miguel


    Muchos temas científicos de actualidad no pueden encasillarse en las clásicas divisiones de las Ciencias Experimentales (Matemáticas, Fisica, Química Biología y Geología). La comprensión de estos temas obtenida por alumnos senior, cuyo perfil de formación puede no estar ubicado en ciencias, requiere la aplicación de variados métodos de aprendizaje, incluyendo tanto los convencionales (exposiciones teóricas, dinamización de grupos, trabajo en laboratorio, visitas a instalaciones etc.) como aqu...

  8. Stabilization of mixed carbides of uranium-plutonium by zirconium. Part 1.: uranium carbide with small additions of zirconium; Etude de la stabilisation des carbures mixtes d'uranium et de plutonium par addition de zirconium. 1. partie: etude des carbures d'uranium avec de faibles additions de zirconium

    Bocker, S. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Cast carbide samples, being of a high density and purity, are preferable for research purposes, to samples produced by powder metallurgy methods. Samples of uranium carbide with small additions of zirconium (1 to 5 per cent) were cast, as rods, in an arc furnace. A single phase carbide with interesting qualities was produced. As cast, a dendrite structure is observed, which does not disappear, after a treatment at 1900 deg. C during 110 hours. In comparison with uranium monocarbide the compatibility with stainless steel is much improved. The specific heat (between room temperature and 2500 deg. C) is similar to the specific heat of uranium monocarbide. A study of these mixed carbides, but having a part of the uranium replaced by plutonium is under way. (author) [French] Les echantillons de monocarbures obtenus par coulee sont tres interessants pour les recherches experimentales a cause de leur grande purete, de leur densite tres elevee et de la facilite d'obtention des lingots de forme et dimensions variees. On a prepare et coule dans un four a arc des echantillons de carbures d'uranium avec de faibles additions de zirconium (1 a 5 at. pour cent). On obtient ainsi des carbures monophases presentant de meilleures proprietes que le monocarbure d'uranium. A l'etat brut de coulee on observe une structure dendritique qui n'est pas detruite par un traitement thermique de 110 heures a 1900 deg. C. La compatibilite avec l'acier inoxydable 316 (a 925 deg. C pendant 500 heures) est nettement amelioree par rapport a UC. La chaleur specifique (entre la temperature ordinaire et 2500 deg. C) et la densite sont tres peu differentes de celles du monocarbure d'uranium. Une etude concernant les composes U-Pu-Zr-C est actuellement en cours. (auteur)

  9. Innovación educativa para integrar la seguridad en asignaturas experimentales

    José Miguel Arnal


    Full Text Available La formación es uno de los pilares esenciales para consolidar una auténtica cultura de la prevención que luego repercuta en el ámbito laboral. En Ingeniería Química, la formación en Higiene y Seguridad es absolutamente necesaria, por el tipo de equipos y productos manejados. Sin embargo, la integración de la prevención de riesgos en los nuevos planes de estudio de Ingeniería Química es muy variable, y todavía insuficiente para que los egresados estén capacitados para desarrollar su actividad profesional aplicando los principios de la prevención de riesgos. Aprovechando la puesta en marcha de los nuevos grados, se pensó desarrollar alguna estrategia para mejorar la formación en Seguridad de los estudiantes del Grado de Ingeniería Química (GIQ de la Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV. Para ello, se solicitó un Proyecto de Innovación Educativa, que fue concedido para su ejecución en el curso 2012-2013. En dicho Proyecto se planteó mejorar la formación en Higiene y Seguridad de los estudiantes a través de las tres asignaturas de Experimentación en Ingeniería Química. Para ello, la innovación contemplaba la incorporación de procedimientos y modos de actuación enfocados a la prevención de riesgos en el trabajo desarrollado en estas asignaturas experimentales. Tras la implantación de la innovación, en este trabajo se describen las acciones llevadas a cabo; y se presentan algunos resultados referentes a la evaluación del grado de aprendizaje de los estudiantes a lo largo de las tres asignaturas A partir de los resultados y de las reflexiones del profesorado implicado, se plantean líneas de actuación futuras para mejorar el aprendizaje de los estudiantes de GIQ en materia de Seguridad.

  10. Enfermedad de Huntington: modelos experimentales y perspectivas terapéuticas

    Blanco Lezcano Lisette


    Full Text Available La enfermedad de Huntington (EH es un trastorno degenerativo de origen hereditario. Hasta el momento no existe un tratamiento efectivo para la enfermedad que inexorablemente después de transcurridos 15 a 20 años, evoluciona hacia la incapacidad total o la muerte. En este trabajo se revisan las características clínicas y morfológicas de la EH y los modelos experimentales más utilizados para su estudio tomando como fuente, los artículos indexados en la base de datos Medline publicados en los últimos 20 años. Se valoran las ventajas y desventajas de estos modelos y su perspectiva para el desarrollo de ensayos clínicos. El consenso de lo reportado plantea que de los modelos tóxicos, los inducidos por neurotoxinas tales como el ácido quinolínico parecen ser los más adecuados para reproducir las características neuropatológicas, y por otro lado los modelos genéticos contribuyen con más evidencias al conocimiento del origen etiológico de la enfermedad. Numerosos tratamientos han sido aplicados en el manejo de las manifestaciones clínicas que aparecen en la EH, sin poder detener o disminuir las afectaciones que derivan de la pérdida neuronal. La sintomatología clínica ha sido posible reproducirla, al menos en parte, en animales de experimentación lo que ha permitido realizar ensayos terapéuticos. Desde el punto de vista de tratamiento, lo que más promisorio parece ser, es el trasplante de fuentes celulares y dentro de ellas las no neurales, que implican menor censura ética y mayor factibilidad de obtención para la aplicación en los enfermos. Por otro lado el desarrollo de la tecnología del ARN interferente, emerge como una herramienta terapéutica potencial para el tratamiento de la EH, así como para responder interrogantes básicas relacionadas con el desarrollo de la enfermedad.

  11. Influence of sulfate-reducing bacteria on the corrosion of steel in seawater: laboratory and in situ study; Influence des bacteries sulfato-reductrices sur la corrosion d'acier en milieu marin: etude au laboratoire et en milieu marin

    Benbouzid-Rollet, N


    A fouling reactor was designed to study, the influence of a mixed bio-film on AISI 316 L stainless steel. The bio-film was formed on the steel surface by the fermentative bacterium Vibrio natriegens. The sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfovibrio vulgaris was then introduced in the reactor and colonized the surface, constituting approximately 5 % of the total population. The settlement of an anaerobic bacterium in the bio-film shows in it the existence of anaerobic micro-niches. Stainless steel electrochemical behavior was analyzed using open circuit potential and potentiodynamic polarization curves. Growth of the bio-film does not induce corrosion, but seems to change the cathodic oxygen reduction kinetics, diminishing the corrosion hazard. This effect increases when D. vulgaris grows in the bio-film. An ennobling of the open circuit potential was observed, similar to field cases already described. A case of drilling corrosion of carbon steel in a harbour area showed the characteristics of anaerobic corrosion related to sulfate-reducing bacteria. The total cultivatable SRB population was quantified and metabolic types were enumerated using specific electron donors. A maximum cell density of 1,1 x 10{sup 8} cells/ cm{sup 2} was estimated, revealing a very important growth of SRB on surfaces. Population structure was different in corroded and non-corroded areas. In corroded area, SRB utilizing benzoate and propionate were more abundant. A strain belonging to the sporulating genus Desulfotomaculum was isolated using these substrates, suggesting a partial aeration in the area of hole appearance. However, in vitro corrosion assays showed that the bacterial population sampled in this area induced a consequent weight loss of steel coupons, in the absence of oxygen. This was observed only with a diversified population, similar to that present in situ. It could not be reproduced with a mixed culture of two purified strains. (author)


    Luis Alejandro Palacio García


    Full Text Available El artículo presenta una revisión de los experimentos realizados sobre bienes públicos apoyados en el mecanismo de contribución voluntaria. La evidencia empírica existente muestra que los individuos no son solo los seres egoístas y competitivos que supone la teoría económica ortodoxa, sino que también son seres bondadosos y altruistas. Aunque los diversos trabajos experimentales concuerdan en la existencia de estos sentimientos catalogados como "bondad", no es claro si los sujetos actúan así para mejorar el bienestar de los demás (altruismo o porque se sienten bien realizando este tipo acciones (satisfacción moral.

  13. Bacterial Vaginosis

    ... 586. Related Content STDs during Pregnancy Fact Sheet Pregnancy and HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and STD Prevention Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ( ... Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Chlamydia Gonorrhea Genital Herpes Hepatitis HIV/AIDS & STDs Human Papillomavirus ... STDs See Also Pregnancy Reproductive ...

  14. Bacterial Meningitis

    ... Schedules Preteen & Teen Vaccines Meningococcal Disease Sepsis Bacterial Meningitis Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir On this ... serious disease. Laboratory Methods for the Diagnosis of Meningitis This manual summarizes laboratory methods used to isolate, ...

  15. Prostatitis - bacterial

    Any bacteria that can cause a urinary tract infection can cause acute bacterial prostatitis. Infections spread through sexual contact can cause prostatitis. These include chlamydia and gonorrhea . Sexually transmitted ...

  16. Bacterial Conjunctivitis

    Köhle, Ülkü; Kükner, Şahap


    Conjunctivitis is an infection of the conjunctiva, generally characterized by irritation, itching, foreign body sensation, tearing and discharge. Bacterial conjunctivitis may be distinguished from other types of conjunctivitis by the presence of yellow–white mucopurulent discharge. It is the most common form of ocular infection all around the world. Staphylococcus species are the most common bacterial pathogenes, followed by Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus i...

  17. Treatment of effluent at the Saclay Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires (1960)

    The Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires at Saclay possesses several installations from which liquid radioactive effluent is rejected, and it has thus been found necessary to construct a station for the purification of radioactive liquids and to settle various chemical, analytical and technological problems. This report describes, in the following order: - the disposal possibilities at the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires, Saclay, - the effluents produced at the centre, - the set-up for collecting effluent, - treatment of the effluent, - results of these treatments. (author)

  18. Bacterial carbonatogenesis

    Several series of experiments in the laboratory as well as in natural conditions teach that the production of carbonate particles by heterotrophic bacteria follows different ways. The 'passive' carbonatogenesis is generated by modifications of the medium that lead to the accumulation of carbonate and bicarbonate ions and to the precipitation of solid particles. The 'active' carbonatogenesis is independent of the metabolic pathways. The carbonate particles are produced by ionic exchanges through the cell membrane following still poorly known mechanisms. Carbonatogenesis appears to be the response of heterotrophic bacterial communities to an enrichment of the milieu in organic matter. The active carbonatogenesis seems to start first. It is followed by the passive one which induces the growth of initially produced particles. The yield of heterotrophic bacterial carbonatogenesis and the amounts of solid carbonates production by bacteria are potentially very high as compared to autotrophic or chemical sedimentation from marine, paralic or continental waters. Furthermore, the bacterial processes are environmentally very ubiquitous; they just require organic matter enrichment. Thus, apart from purely evaporite and autotrophic ones, all Ca and/or Mg carbonates must be considered as from heterotrophic bacterial origin. By the way, the carbon of carbonates comes from primary organic matter. Such considerations ask questions about some interpretations from isotopic data on carbonates. Finally, bacterial heterotrophic carbonatogenesis appears as a fundamental phase in the relationships between atmosphere and lithosphere and in the geo-biological evolution of Earth. (author)

  19. Contribution to the study of detonation initiation by shock in solid explosives (1961); Contribution a l'etude de l'initiation de la detonation par choc dans les explosifs solides (1961)

    Fauquignon, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    When a shock wave is induced in an explosive, it can initiate chemical reactions which lead more or less rapidly to a stable detonation state. In this study more particular attention was paid to the transition phase, in which has been evaluated the increases in the wave velocity, the pressure, and the electrical conductivity. The influence of the nature of the medium in front of the wave and in contact with the explosive has also been the subject of an experimental study designed to determine the extent to which its nature can be ignored and, subsequently, to characterise the initiation conditions using only the shock intensity induced in the explosive. Finally, the results were generalized for various explosive compositions and led to the development of a possible mechanism for shock initiation. (author) [French] Lorsqu'une onde de choc est induite dans un explosif, elle peut y amorcer des reactions chimiques qui conduisent plus ou moins rapidement a un regime de detonation stable. Dans cette etude, on s'est interesse plus particulierement a la phase transitoire dans laquelle on a evalue l'accroissement de la vitesse d'onde, de la pression et de la conductibilite electrique. L'influence du milieu amont, au contact de l'explosif, a egalement fait l'objet de recherches experimentales de facon a determiner dans quelle mesure on pouvait s'affranchir de sa nature et, par suite, caracteriser les conditions d'initiation par la seule intensite du choc induit dans l'explosif. Enfin, les resultats ont ete generalises a diverses compositions explosives et ont conduit a l'elaboration d'un schema possible du mecanisme de l'initiation par choc. (auteur)

  20. Study by {alpha}-particle scattering, of the collective states of closed shell nuclei with 28 neutrons, 28 and 50 protons; Etude des etats a caractere collectif des noyaux au voisinage des couches fermees par diffusion inelastique des particules {alpha}

    Bruge, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This report gives the results from a systematic study by 44 MeV {alpha} particle scattering on the collective states of closed shell nuclei with 28 neutrons, 28 and 50 protons especially in the energy region corresponding to the two phonon vibrational triplet. The nuclei studied are: {sup 46}Ti, {sup 48}Ti, {sup 50}Ti, {sup 52}Cr, {sup 54}Fe, {sup 56}Fe, {sup 58}Fe, {sup 58}Ni, {sup 60}Ni, {sup 62}Ni, {sup 64}Ni, {sup 112}Sn, {sup 114}Sn, {sup 116}Sn, {sup 118}Sn, {sup 120}Sn, {sup 122}Sn and {sup 124}Sn. The theoretical analysis has been made with the Austern and Blair model using a phase shift analysis of the elastic scattering. Deformation lengths {delta}{sub I} = {beta}{sub I}R and transition probabilities obtained are compared with several experimental and theoretical data. (author) [French] Ce rapport donne les resultats d'une etude systematique par diffusion de particules {alpha} de 44 MeV des etats collectifs des noyaux au voisinage des couches fermees a 28 neutrons et 28 et 50 protons, specialement dans la region correspondant au triplet vibrationnel a deux phonons. Les noyaux etudies sont: {sup 46}Ti, {sup 48}Ti, {sup 50}Ti, {sup 52}Cr, {sup 54}Fe, {sup 56}Fe, {sup 58}Fe, {sup 58}Ni, {sup 60}Ni, {sup 62}Ni, {sup 64}Ni, {sup 112}Sn, {sup 114}Sn, {sup 116}Sn, {sup 118}Sn, {sup 120}Sn, {sup 122}Sn et {sup 124}Sn. L'analyse theorique a ete faite a l'aide du modele de Austern et Blair utilisant une analyse en dephasages de la diffusion elastique. Les longueurs de deformation {delta}I = {beta}{sub I}R obtenues pour chaque niveau sont comparees a plusieurs donnees experimentales et theoriques. (auteur)

  1. Study of secondary electronic emission in some piezo-electric materials: application to ultrasonic visualization; Etude de l'emission electronique secondaire de quelques materiaux piezoelectriques: application a la visualisation ultrasonore

    Marini, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Methods allowing the visualization of acoustic images appear at the moment to be of great interest in the field of non-destructive testing as well as in that of underwater detection. In order to carry out certain calculations on the operation of an ultrasonic camera, it has been necessary to study the secondary electron emission of some piezoelectric materials liable to be incorporated into the equipment. The secondary electron emission of insulators is a rather complex phenomenon; in order to find a rational explanation for the observations made, a theory has been developed for the energy spectrum of the emitted electrons. The experimental results of this work have then been used to build an ultrasonic visualization installation. Some examples of acoustic images which have been visualized are also presented. (author) [French] Les methodes qui permettent de visualiser des images acoustiques trouvent a l'heure actuelle un grand interet dans le domaine du controle non destructif comme dans celui de la detection sous-marine. De maniere a effectuer certains calculs sur le fonctionnement d'une camera ultrasons, il a ete necessaire d'etudier l'emission electronique secondaire de quelques materiaux piezoelectriques susceptibles d'etre utilises dans sa construction. L'emission electronique secondaire des isolants est un phenomene assez complexe et de maniere a trouver des explications coherentes aux observations effectuees, une theorie du spectre energetique des electrons emis a ete elaboree. Une installation de visualisation ultrasonore a alors ete realisee a partir des donnees experimentales de cette etude. Quelques exemples d'images acoustiques visualisees par cette methode sont egalement presentees. (auteur)

  2. Contribution to the crystallographic study of the uranium-oxygenated system; Contribution a l'etude cristallographique du systeme uranium-oxygene

    Perio, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Three uranium oxides, UO{sub 2}, U{sub 3}O{sub 8} and UO{sub 3} are known since a long time. The existence of a fourth, U{sub 2}O{sub 5}, is discussed. The mechanisms of decomposition between UO{sub 3} and U{sub 3}O{sub 8} have even some shadow zones. The aim of this report is the study of the phase relations in an uranium - oxygen system, from the metal until UO{sub 3}. We considered, on the one hand, the equilibrium relations, what should result in a diagram of phases in pressures and temperatures, on the other hand, the transformations bringing one oxide to the other, often by a continuous way and through intermediate of metastable phases. The introduction of the temperature and the consideration of the kinetics effects have permitted to raise the ambiguities. We adopted, to facilitate the presentation of the results, a partition a few arbitrary but convenient, in three chapters,: I - experimental Techniques II - Crystallographic species between U and UO{sub 3}. III - Kinetic of oxidisation of UO{sub 2}. (M.B.) [French] Trois oxydes d'uranium, UO{sub 2}, U{sub 3}O{sub 8} et UO{sub 3} sont connus depuis longtemps. L'existence d'un quatrieme, U{sub 2}O{sub 5}, est en suspend. Les mecanismes de decomposition entre UO{sub 3} et U{sub 3}O{sub 8} possedent encore quelques zones d mbres. Le but propose dans ce memoire est l'etude des relations de phase dans le systeme uranium - oxygene, du metal jusqu'a UO{sub 3}. Nous avons ete amene a considerer, d'une part, les relations a l'equilibre, ce qui devrait se traduire par un diagramme de phases en pressions et temperatures, d'autre part, les transformations amenant, souvent d'une facon continue et par l'intermediaire de phases metastables, d'un oxyde a l'autre. L'introduction de la temperature et la consideration des effets de cinetique ont le plus souvent permis de lever les ambiguites rencontrees. Nous avons adopte, pour faciliter la presentation des

  3. Bacterial Adhesion & Blocking Bacterial Adhesion

    Vejborg, Rebecca Munk


    parameters, which influence the transition from a planktonic lifestyle to a sessile lifestyle, have been studied. Protein conditioning film formation was found to influence bacterial adhesion and subsequent biofilm formation considerable, and an aqueous extract of fish muscle tissue was shown to...... tract to the microbial flocs in waste water treatment facilities. Microbial biofilms may however also cause a wide range of industrial and medical problems, and have been implicated in a wide range of persistent infectious diseases, including implantassociated microbial infections. Bacterial adhesion is...... the first committing step in biofilm formation, and has therefore been intensely scrutinized. Much however, still remains elusive. Bacterial adhesion is a highly complex process, which is influenced by a variety of factors. In this thesis, a range of physico-chemical, molecular and environmental...

  4. Bacterial lipases

    Jaeger, Karl-Erich; Ransac, Stéphane; Dijkstra, Bauke W.; Colson, Charles; Heuvel, Margreet van; Misset, Onno


    Many different bacterial species produce lipases which hydrolyze esters of glycerol with preferably long-chain fatty acids. They act at the interface generated by a hydrophobic lipid substrate in a hydrophilic aqueous medium. A characteristic property of lipases is called interfacial activation, mea

  5. Bacterial Ecology

    Fenchel, Tom


    Bacterial ecology is concerned with the interactions between bacteria and their biological and nonbiological environments and with the role of bacteria in biogeochemical element cycling. Many fundamental properties of bacteria are consequences of their small size. Thus, they can efficiently exploit...

  6. Laser-matter interaction studies at Centre d'Etudes de Limeil

    A review is made of the laser-matter interaction and implosion experiments carried out at Centre d'Etudes de Limeil with the two following neodymium glass lasers; the monobeam 50 J - 1ns P102 laser for the interaction with foils and the eight beam 400 J - 0.5ns OCTAL laser for the implosion of glass microballoons

  7. Fundamentos para una enseñanza y difusión del patrimonio desde una perspectiva integradora de las ciencias sociales y experimentales

    Estepa Giménez, Jesús; Wamba Aguado, Ana María; Jiménez Pérez, Roque


    En este trabajo se formula una propuesta teórica que revisa el papel del patrimonio desde una perspectiva integradora y holística, en la educación formal y no formal de las cienciaO sociales y de las ciencias experimentales, así como su relevancia en el desarrollo de programas de educación ambiental, de alfabetización científica y de educación del ciudadano.




    Full Text Available The bacteria mainly used as potentials probiotic belong to the group of the lactic bacteria. In order to fulfill this function, these bacteria must answer a certain number of properties (antagonistic activity, tolerance to acidity, capacity of adhesion etc. In this study, 6 strains: Enterococcus faecium, d’Enterococcus faecalis, Lactococcus lactis ssp lactis, Lactobacillus collinoides, Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp delbrueckii and Lactobacillus fermentum, have been isolated and characterized. Our data revealed that these strains were susceptible to most used antimicrobial drugs, have an antibacterial activity against pathogenic strains: (Listeria monocytogenes ATCC 19115, Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 25923, Staphylococcus epidermidis CIP 106510, Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 9212, Micrococcus luteus NCIMB 816, Salmonella typhimurium NRRLB 4420, Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 27853 and Escherichia coli ATCC 35218. The tested strains showed a aptitude to produce acidity, and tolerated the bile Oxgall 0,3% and pH 3. Adherence assay to polystyrene revealed that these strains are fairly adherent. The studied strains present in vitro interesting probiotic properties (inhibiting effect, production of acids... independently of their biotope.

  9. Diseño de una aleación termorresistente base hierro para hornos Herreshoff. Parte II- Resultados experimentales

    Antonio R. Chang-Cardona


    Full Text Available A partir del diseño de una nueva aleación Fe-Cr-Ni-C-Al con las propiedades deseadas para fabricar brazos de hornos de reducción Herreshoff,  se obtuvieron las muestras y se investigó la influencia del tratamiento térmico en la microestructura y la formación de fases utilizano la microscopía óptica y la microscopía electrónica de barrido, conjuntamente con la difracción de rayos X. Se evaluaron las propiedades mecánicas a temperatura ambiente y a altas temperaturas a través de los ensayos de tracción y termofluencia. Los resultados experimentales obtenidos se corresponden con los pronósticos del diseño en lo que respecta a la formación de fases, las tensiones fluencia y las tensiones de rotura demostrando así la posibilidad  de obtener una aleación con una durabilidad de 100 000 h a 800 °C bajo tensiones de 180 MPa. Por lo tanto, el procedimiento de diseño empleado es validado y puede considerarse una propuesta novedosa para el diseño y desarrollo de nuevas aleaciones.

  10. Electrochemical study in molten potassium thiocyanate; Etude electrochimique dans le thiocyanate de potassium fondu

    Metzger, G. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    2}, Hg{sup 2+}, Cu{sup +}, Co{sup 2+}, Ni{sup 2+}, Cr{sup 3+}. La comparaison des valeurs des potentiels trouves dans le thiocyanate avec celles qui sont connues pour d'autres solvants fondus, nous a permis de rapprocher les proprietes du thiocyanate de celles de certains sels comme les chlorures ou les nitrates fondus. Ainsi les proprietes complexantes de SCN{sup -} vis-a-vis de Cu{sup +} exaltent les proprietes oxydantes de Cu{sup 2+}. Une etude polarographique de complexes dans le bain fondu, nous a revele l'existence de deux complexes cupro-cyanures de formules Cu(CN){sup -}{sub 2} et Cu(CN){sup 3-}{sub 4}, dont nous avons determine, experimentalement les constantes de dissociation. (auteur)

  11. [Bacterial vaginosis].

    Romero Herrero, Daniel; Andreu Domingo, Antonia


    Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the main cause of vaginal dysbacteriosis in the women during the reproductive age. It is an entity in which many studies have focused for years and which is still open for discussion topics. This is due to the diversity of microorganisms that cause it and therefore, its difficult treatment. Bacterial vaginosis is probably the result of vaginal colonization by complex bacterial communities, many of them non-cultivable and with interdependent metabolism where anaerobic populations most likely play an important role in its pathogenesis. The main symptoms are an increase of vaginal discharge and the unpleasant smell of it. It can lead to serious consequences for women, such as an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections including human immunodeficiency virus and upper genital tract and pregnancy complications. Gram stain is the gold standard for microbiological diagnosis of BV, but can also be diagnosed using the Amsel clinical criteria. It should not be considered a sexually transmitted disease but it is highly related to sex. Recurrence is the main problem of medical treatment. Apart from BV, there are other dysbacteriosis less characterized like aerobic vaginitis of which further studies are coming slowly but are achieving more attention and consensus among specialists. PMID:27474242

  12. Experimental study of a separated jets burner: application to the natural gas-pure oxygen combustion; Etude experimentale du comportement de bruleurs a jets separes: application a la combustion gaz naturel-oxygene pur

    Salentey, L.


    The evolution of pollution standards and the optimisation of furnaces performances require a development of new burner generation and also the improvement of combustion techniques. Actually, the use of oxy-combustion in separated jets burners offers interesting prospects for NO{sub x} emission reduction and on the modularity of flames properties (lift off, flame front topology, flame length). The complex geometry of those burners leads to several problems like the three-dimensional character of the flow, which may sometimes disturb the flame stability as flames are lifted above the burner. This experimental study deals with a simplified version of that kind of burner constituted with a central natural gas jet surrounded by two oxygen jets. Primary, the study of non-reactive jet was planned in order to understand dynamic and mixture phenomena involved between jets and to provide a database useful for the computer code validation. The reactive flow developed in a furnace, which simulates the real conditions, had been characterised. The studies of the dynamic field using Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) and of the turbulent mixture by conditional Laser tomography were supplemented in combustion by the visualisation of the spontaneous emission of radical OH, in the initial and final zone of the oxy-flames, like by the measurement of pollutants like NO{sub x} and soot. The measurements carried out while varying speeds of injection as well as the gap between the jets made possible the highlight of the influence of these parameters upon the stabilisation of the oxy-flames as well as the modification of the topology and the characteristics of the flows. The comparison of the measurements made in non-reactive and reactive flow shows the influence of oxy-combustion on the dynamic and scalar development of the flow for this type of burners. (author)

  13. Proton scattering from unstable nuclei {sup 20}O, {sup 30}S, {sup 34}Ar: experimental study and models; Diffusion de protons sur les noyaux instables {sup 20}O, {sup 30}S, {sup 34}Ar: etude experimentale et developpement de modeles

    Khan, Elias [Institut de Physique Nucleaire, CNRS - IN2P3, Universite Paris - Sud, 91406 Orsay Cedex (France)


    Elastic and inelastic proton scattering from the unstable nuclei {sup 20}O, {sup 30}S and {sup 34}Ar were measured in inverse kinematics at the Grand Accelerateur National d'Ions Lourds. Secondary beams of {sup 20}O at 43 MeV/A, {sup 30}S at 53 MeV/A and {sup 34}Ar at 47 MeV/A impinged on a (CH{sub 2}){sub n} target. Recoiling protons were detected in the silicon strip array MUST. Energies and angular distributions of the first 2{sup +} and 3{sup -} states were measured. A phenomenological analysis yields values of the deformation parameters {beta}{sub 2} and {beta}{sub 3} of 0.55 (6) and 0.35 (5) for {sup 20}O, 0.32 (3) and 0.22 (4) for {sup 30}S, 0.27 (2) and 0.39 (3) for {sup 34}Ar, respectively, and allows the extraction of the ratio of neutron to proton transition matrix elements (M{sub n}/M{sub p})/(N/Z) for 2{sup +} states: 2.35 (37) for {sup 20}O, 0.93 (20) for {sup 30}S and 1.35 (28) for {sup 34}Ar. Therefore the proton rich nuclei {sup 30}S and {sup 34}Ar show a 2{sup +} excitation of isoscalar character whereas the excitation of {sup 20}O is of isovector character. In order to perform a microscopic analysis of the data, we have developed a QRPA model, using three Skyrme interaction: SIII, SG2, SLy4. This model reproduces measured B(EL) values for the oxygen, sulfur and argon isotopic chains, whereas RPA calculations, which do not take pairing into account, underestimate these values. In the case of the QRPA model the energies of the first 2{sup +} state are overestimated by about 1 MeV, but the evolution along the isotopic chains is well reproduced. (M{sub n}/M{sub p})/(N/Z) ratios for the first 2{sup +} state deduced from the microscopic analysis using QRPA are 1.98 for {sup 20}O, 1.05 for {sup 30}S and 1.00 for {sup 34}Ar, in agreement with the conclusions of the phenomenological analysis. However important discrepancies are observed between the two types of analysis for other isotopes, in particular neutron rich argon and sulfur nuclei. (author)

  14. Determination of the turbulent viscosity inside a strongly heated rectangular jet: experimental and numerical studies; Determination de la viscosite turbulente dans un jet rectangulaire fortement chauffe: etudes experimentale et numerique

    Sarh, B.; Gokalp, I.; Sanders, H. [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), 45 - Orleans-la-Source (France)


    In the framework of the studies carried out by the LCSR on variable density flows and diffusion turbulent flames, this paper deals with the study of the influence of density variation on the characteristics of a heated rectangular turbulent jet emerging in a stagnant surrounding atmosphere and more particularly on the determination of turbulent viscosity. The dynamical field is measured using laser-Doppler anemometry while the thermal field is measured using cold wire anemometry. A numerical predetermination of the characteristics of this jet, based on a k-{epsilon} modeling, is carried out. (J.S.) 6 refs.

  15. Experimental and thermodynamic study of the erbium-oxygen-zirconium and gadolinium-oxygen-zirconium systems; Etude experimentale et thermodynamique des systemes erbium-oxygene-zirconium et gadolinium-oxygene-zirconium

    Jourdan, J.


    This work is a contribution to the development of innovative concepts for fuel cladding in pressurized water nuclear reactors. This concept implies the insertion of rare earth (erbium and gadolinium) in the zirconium fuel cladding. The determination of phase equilibria in the systems is essential prior to the implementation of such a promising solution. This study consisted in an experimental determination of the erbium-zirconium phase diagram. For this, we used many different techniques in order to obtain diagram data such as solubility limits, solidus, liquidus or invariant temperatures. These data allowed us to present a new diagram, very different from the previous one available in the literature. We also assessed the diagram using the CALPHAD approach. In the gadolinium-zirconium system, we determined experimentally the solubility limits. Those limits had never been determined before, and the values we obtained showed a very good agreement with the experimental and assessed versions of the diagram. Because these alloys are subjected to oxygen diffusion throughout their life, we focused our attention on the erbium-oxygen-zirconium and gadolinium-oxygen-zirconium systems. The first system has been investigated experimentally. The alloys fabrication has been performed using powder metallurgy. In order to obtain pure raw materials, we fabricated powder from erbium and zirconium bulk metals using hydrogen absorption/desorption. The characterisation of the ternary pellets allowed the determination of two ternary isothermal sections at 800 and 1100 C. For the gadolinium-oxygen-zirconium system, we calculated the phase equilibria at temperatures ranging from 800 to 1100 C, using a homemade database compiled from literature assessments of the oxygen-zirconium, gadolinium-zirconium and gadolinia-zirconia systems. Finally, we determined the mechanical properties, in connexion with the microstructure, of industrial quality alloys in order to identify the influence of erbium content. We highlighted the hardening influence of erbium at 325 C. (author)

  16. Modelling and experimental study of the behavior of radon and radon decay products in an enclosure. Application to houses; Modelisation et etude experimentale du comportement du radon et de ses descendants dans une enceinte confinee. Application a une habitation

    Gouronnec, A.M.


    Since the eighties, more and more studies were performed about radon and its decay products in houses with one of the aim being the estimation of the dose received by their inhabitants. Then, the principal objective of this work is to describe the behaviour of radon and its decay products within a dwelling. In the first part to the report, a few definitions are given and data from literature give an idea of indoor radon and radon decay products activities and/or size distribution. Aspects of dosimetry are presented too. In the second part of the work, a mathematical model, called `PRADDO` of Physic of Radon and radon Decay products in Domestic environment is developed on the basis of the classical model written by Jacobi in 1972. On the one hand, it has to predict radon decay products activities in systems consisting in one or more enclosure(s), from radon activity and from ambient aerosol concentration and size distribution. On the other hand, one part of the model is assigned to study the influence of the entry model parameters variation on the calculated quantities. Then, in the third part of the work, two experimental studies are realised in order to compare measurements to modelization. The first experimentation is a laboratory work, made on the test bench ICARE from IPSN, and the second one consists in describing the basement of an occupied house from Brittany. In the two cases, the comparison between experiments and modelling shows a good agreement if particles are present in the air, but any conclusion is made when is no aerosol in the enclosure. (author). 158 refs., 81 figs., 42 tabs.

  17. Experimental study of the mechanisms of CO{sub 2} capture by calcium cycle under circulating fluidized bed conditions; Etude experimentale des mecanismes de capture du CO{sub 2} par cycle calcium en lit fluidise circulant

    Hoteit, A


    The work undertaken in this Thesis in partnership with department R and D of ALSTOM Power Boilers, CEMEX and the ADEME, relates to the experimental study of various phenomena associated to CO{sub 2} capture under circulating fluidized bed conditions. The size of particles, temperature and the CO{sub 2} concentration have an influence on the limestone calcination reaction. The reaction of carbonation of lime is not total. During successive cycles of calcination/carbonation, the rate of carbonation obtained with hydrated lime is increasingly higher than that obtained with the lime. Under continuously reducing conditions, the decomposition of sulphates present in the bed ashes is not total. This decomposition is total under reduction/oxidation cycles. A modeling of calcination allowed to determine the intrinsic kinetic constants of calcination and carbonation. (author)

  18. Strontium and caesium transport in unsaturated soil from Chernobyl Pilot Site under steady flow conditions; Transfert de radioelements en zone non saturee. Etude experimentale et modelisation appliquees au Site Pilote de Tchernobyl

    Szenknect, St


    This work is devoted to the quantification and the identification of the predominant processes involved in strontium and caesium transport in unsaturated soil from Chernobyl Pilot Site under steady flow conditions. The transport and fate of radionuclides in the subsurface is affected by various physical and chemical processes including advective and diffusive transport as well as chemical and biological transformations. Laboratory experiments and the use of a multiple tracer approach allow to isolate the contributions of each elementary process and to control the physico-chemical conditions in the system. To be more representative of the field conditions, we decided to perform column miscible displacement experiments. We perform batch and flow-through reactor experiments to characterize the radionuclides sorption mechanisms. Miscible displacement experiments within homogeneous columns and modeling allow to characterize the hydrodynamic properties of the soil and to describe the radionuclides behaviour under dynamic conditions at different water contents. We show that the water content of porous media affect the transport behaviour of inert and strongly sorbing radionuclides. Our results demonstrate that a parametrized transport model that was calibrated under completely saturated conditions was not able to describe the advective-dispersive transport of reactive solutes under unsaturated steady state conditions. Under our experimental conditions, there is no effect of a decrease of the mean water content on the sorption model parameters, but the transport parameters are modified. We established for the studied soil the relation between hydrodynamic dispersion and water content and the relation between pore water velocity and water content. (author)

  19. Etude experimentale et théorique des intéractions non-covalentes en chimie organométallique : le concept d'hémichélation

    Werlé, Christophe


    The present manuscript will present a rational method of synthesis, characterization, determination of the electronic structure and dynamic behaviour of solution-persistent, and formally unsaturated binuclear Cr(0)-M complexes (with M= Pd(II), Pt(II) or Rh(I)). This new class of complexes constitutes rare examples of persistent coordinatively unsaturated 14-electrons complexes, whose cohesion stems essentially from a compensation of insufficient donor/acceptor Cr-M bonding by non-covalent int...

  20. Turbulent precipitation of uranium oxalate in a vortex reactor - experimental study and modelling; Precipitation turbulente d'oxalate d'uranium en reacteur vortex - etude experimentale et modelisation

    Sommer de Gelicourt, Y


    Industrial oxalic precipitation processed in an un-baffled magnetically stirred tank, the Vortex Reactor, has been studied with uranium simulating plutonium. Modelling precipitation requires a mixing model for the continuous liquid phase and the solution of population balance for the dispersed solid phase. Being chemical reaction influenced by the degree of mixing at molecular scale, that commercial CFD code does not resolve, a sub-grid scale model has been introduced: the finite mode probability density functions, and coupled with a model for the liquid energy spectrum. Evolution of the dispersed phase has been resolved by the quadrature method of moments, first used here with experimental nucleation and growth kinetics, and an aggregation kernel based on local shear rate. The promising abilities of this local approach, without any fitting constant, are strengthened by the similarity between experimental results and simulations. (author)

  1. Experimental studies on extinction of opposed jet: turbulent premixed flames with water mists; Etudes experimentales sur l'extinction par brouillards d'eau des flammes turbulentes de premelanges stebilisees entre deux jets opposes

    Mesli, B.


    The security against unwanted fires and explosive systems is of primary importance. The phase out of Halon constitutes a real challenge for their replacement. As one of the most effective fire suppression solutions, water mists represent a good alternative because of their neutrality with respect to the environment and their various advantages. In order to improve their efficiency and to determine the predominant mechanisms in the extinction of premixed flames, an experimental work through this PhD thesis have be initiated in the laboratory. The main objective of the present study is the characterization of water mist efficiency for the extinction of opposed jet turbulent premixed methane/air flames, as a function of parameters related to the flame and to the water mist. To this aim, an experimental set-up has been developed, in particular, an air blast atomizer to produce and control the water mist was inserted into the opposed jet burner system. Typical water mist mean droplet diameters range in this study around 4 {mu}m. Phase Doppler Anemometry and Particle Imaging Velocimetry were used for the characterization of the water mist. The dynamic field and the size of the water droplets were determined for the various experimental conditions explored. The extinction limits of the flame were determined with and without the addition of the water mist. A new parameter defining the water mist efficiency was introduced and used in the interpretation of the results. The various mechanisms of flame extinction by water mist have been analyzed by investigating three different configurations of the water mist /flame interaction. The effect of the injected water mist flow rate and its application time were also studied. Finally, a part of this work was devoted to the use of sea water for the extinction of the flame. (author)

  2. Experimental and numerical study of heat transfer in an annular gap without axial flow with a rotating inner cylinder; Etude experimentale et numerique des transferts de chaleur en espace annulaire sans debit axial et avec cylindre interieur tournant

    Bouafia, M. [Cemif, Centre d`Etudes mecanique d`ile-de-France, 91 - Evry (France); Ziouchi, A. [IAP de Boumerdes (Algeria); Bertin, Y.; Saulnier, J.B. [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), 86 - Poitiers (France). Laboratoire d`etudes thermiques, UMR 6608


    The convective heat transfer between the walls of an annular gap with a rotating inner cylinder are studied experimentally and numerically. Two geometrical configurations are analysed: the surfaces of the cylinders are either smooth, or the moving wall is smooth and the other is axially grooved. The experimental study allowed us to appreciate the increase of heat transfer in the presence of grooves for values of Taylor number up to 2.10{sup 7}. The study of the flow and of the heat transfer has also been conducted by numerical simulation by means of three-dimensional laminar model for the grooved gap, and of an axisymmetric model for the smooth gap; the comparison of numerical and experimental data have shown a good agreement of the Nusselt number for values of Taylor number up to 4.10{sup 5}. (authors) 16 refs.

  3. Experimental investigation of the effects of aqueous species on the dissolution kinetics of R7T7 glass; Etude experimentale de l`influence d`especes aqueuses sur la cinetique de dissolution du verre nucleaire R7T7

    Gin, S.


    This contribution to the study of aqueous corrosion of the French ``R7T7`` reference nuclear containment glass includes a bibliographic survey of prior investigations, highlighting the problems encountered in interpreting the interactions in systems containing clay materials in contact with the glass. An experimental methodology is proposed to investigate the effects of inorganic aqueous species separately from those of a few organic acids on the dissolution mechanisms and kinetics of R7T7 glass at 90 deg. C. The experimental results discussed support the idea that several glass network forming elements may have a kinetically limiting role. The most likely hypothesis to account for the absence of saturation conditions with respect to the glass in certain clay media involves the formation of complexes with kinetically limiting metallic elements such as aluminum released by glass corrosion. This work contributes to a better understanding of the basic mechanisms of nuclear glass dissolution in a geological repository environment. It facilitates the interpretation of glass alteration studies in realistic or actual solutions and may contribute to specifying near field chemical barriers in the form of additives (amorphous silica, aluminum hydroxides or phosphates) around the glass disposal package to enhance the stability of the glass matrix. (author). 148 refs., 40 figs., 32 tabs., 1 append.

  4. Experimental study of a two-phase flow inside a pyrex channel using R-11 as refrigerant; Etude experimentale d'un ecoulement diphasique dans un canal en pyrex en utilisant le R-11 comme refrigerant

    Bouaichaoui, Y.; Semine, M.; Belalouache, F. [Centre de Recherche Nucleaire de Birine/Comena, Djelfa (Algeria); Hanini, S. [Universite Yahia Fares de Medea, LBMPT (Algeria)


    This work deals with the experimental study of a two-phase flow inside a test loop, using R-11 as refrigerant. The test-loop is made of pyrex, allowing the visualization of the fluid structure changes during joule heating. Preliminary results have permitted to observe the boiling initiation phenomenon, which corresponds to the occurrence of the very first steam bubbles inside the flow, and the boiling crisis phenomenon which coincides with the formation of a steam coating around the heating element. The parameters controlling these phenomena have been measured and compared to the data available in the literature. (J.S.)

  5. Modeling and experimental study of heat transfer in innovate building components for industrial production; Modelisation et etude experimentale des echanges de chaleur dans des composants innovants de batiment industriels

    Lacena-Neildez, A.


    The main objective of the thesis is the study of a new roof thermal behaviour with the thermal transfer by radiation and convection in order to propose an alternative to the mechanical air-conditioning in the overseas islands, and to determine the way of improving the energy performance. Two fundamental results were obtained. First, the coating has a great importance in relation with the radiative properties. Secondly, air channel geometries can complete insufficient coatings in their cooling purpose. In this thesis, both experimental and modelling analyses were carried out. A solar simulator was used for the experiment to carry out a comparative study of prototypes. A performance indicator was defined; it is the eliminated flux, because the temperature is not sufficient to describe the heat exchange. At the same time, the radiative properties of coatings were measured and a characterisation of paints allows to start a new research of innovative infrared reflective paints. A mono-dimensional model was developed describing thermal exchanges in an air channel component. A sensibility study was carried out which allows to determine the main parameters. The experimental study validated the model in rear flux, more realistic than stagnation. Finally, the feasibility of this new steel component was concluded by a technical-economical study. (author)

  6. Experimental study of X-ray emission in laser-cluster interaction; Etude experimentale de l'emission X issue de l'interaction laser-agregats

    Caillaud, T


    Rare gas cluster jets are an intermediate medium between solid and gas targets. Laser-cluster jets interaction may generate a great number of energetic particles as X-rays, UV, high harmonics, ions, electrons and neutrons. To understand all the mechanisms involved in such an interaction we need to make a complete study of individual cluster response to an ultra-short laser pulse. We studied the laser interaction with our argon cluster gas jet, which is well characterized in cluster size and density, to enlarge the knowledge of this interaction. We measured absorption, heating and X-ray emission spectra versus laser parameters and clusters size ({approx} 15-30 nm). We show that there is a strong refraction effect on laser propagation due to the residual gas density. This effect was confirmed by laser propagation simulation with a cylindrical 2-dimensional particle code WAKE. The role played by refraction was to limit maximum laser intensity on the focal spot and to increase interaction volume. By this way, X-ray emission was observed with laser intensity not so far from the ionization threshold (few 10{sup 14}{sup -2}). We also studied plasma expansion both at cluster scale and focal volume scale and deduced the deposited energy distribution as a function of time. Thanks to a simple hydrodynamic model, we used these results to study cluster expansion. X-ray emission is then simulated by TRANSPEC code in order to reproduce X-ray spectra and duration. Those results revealed an extremely brief X-ray emission consistent with a preliminary measure by streak camera (on ps scale). (author)

  7. Experimental thermal study and numerical simulation of a composite solar wall. Optimization of the energetic performances; Etude thermique experimentale et simulation numerique d`un mur solaire composite. Optimisation des performances energetiques

    Zalewski, L.


    The objective of this work is the analysis of a passive solar component: the composite solar wall, a building component, which includes an insulating panel located behind the massive wall. This panel has two vents located at the top and at the bottom, which allow the air to circulate from the room to the layer in contact with the back of the massive wall, where it is heated, and then back to the room. The solar energy is transferred to the building by conduction through the massive wall, and then by convection using a thermosyphon phenomenon. The monitoring of 2 solar houses in Verdun-Thierville (Meuse, France) has clearly shown, control issues of the air layer. The wall must be operated as autonomously as possible, to not be a constraint for the occupants and to get an optimization of the energy gains. To solve these problems, a composite solar wall prototype was erected in a test cell at Cadarache and tested in real operating conditions. This allows to use a more complete instrumentation, to have access more easily to the sensors and to study various configurations. The first experiments revealed an inverse thermosyphon phenomenon. To avoid this effect, two systems were designed, tested at Cadarache and then implemented in the walls at Verdun. (author) 77 refs.

  8. Synthesis of zirconium by zirconium tetrachloride reduction by magnesio-thermia. Experimental study and modelling; Elaboration de zirconium par reduction de tetrachlorure de zirconium par magnesothermie. Etude experimentale et modelisation

    Basin, N


    This work deals with the synthesis of zirconium. The ore is carbo-chlorinated to obtain the tetrachloride which is then purified by selective condensation and extractive distillation. Zirconium tetrachloride is then reduced by magnesium and the pseudo-alloy is obtained according to the global following reaction (Kroll process): ZrCl{sub 4} + 2 Mg = 2 MgCl{sub 2}. By thermodynamics, it has been shown that the volatilization of magnesium chloride and the formation of zirconium sub-chlorides are minimized when the combined effects of temperature and of dilution with argon are limited. With these conditions, the products, essentially zirconium and magnesium chloride, are obtained in equivalence ratio in the magnesio-thermia reaction. The global kinetics of the reduction process has been studied by a thermal gravimetric method. A thermo-balance device has been developed specially for this kinetics study. It runs under a controlled atmosphere and is coupled to a vapor tetrachloride feed unit. The transformation is modelled supposing that the zirconium and magnesium chloride formation result: 1)of the evaporation of magnesium from its liquid phase 2)of the transfer of magnesium and zirconium tetrachloride vapors towards the front of the reaction located in the gaseous phase 3)of the chemical reaction. In the studied conditions, the diffusion is supposed to be the limiting process. The influence of the following parameters: geometry of the reactive zone, temperature, scanning rate of the argon-zirconium tetrachloride mixture, composition of the argon-zirconium tetrachloride mixture has been experimentally studied and confronted with success to the model. (O.M.)

  9. Experimental studies of ions and atoms interaction with insulating surface; Etude experimentale de l'interaction rasante d'atomes et d'ions sur des surfaces isolantes

    Villette, J


    Grazing collisions (<3 deg.) of keV ions and atoms: H{sup +}, Ne{sup +}, Ne{sup 0}, Na{sup +} on LiF (001) single crystal, an ionic insulator, are investigated by a time of flight technique. The incident beam is chopped and the scattered particles are collected on a position sensitive detector providing differential cross section while the time of flight gives the energy loss. Deflection plates allow the charge state analysis. Secondary electrons are detected in coincidence allowing direct measurements of electron emission yield, angular and energetic distribution through time of flight measurements. The target electronic structure characterized by a large band gap, governs the collisional processes: charge exchange, electronic excitations and electron emission. In particular, these studies show that the population of local target excitations surface excitons is the major contribution to the kinetic energy transfer (stopping power). Auger neutralization of Ne{sup +} and He{sup +} ions reveals the population of quasi-molecular excitons, an exciton bound on two holes. Referenced in the literature as trion. A direct energy balance determines the binding energy associated with these excited states of the surface. Besides these electronic energy loss processes, two nuclear energy loss mechanisms are characterized. These processes imply momentum transfer to individual target atoms during close binary collisions or, if the projectile is charged, to collective mode of optical phonons induced by the projectile coulomb field. The effect of the temperature on the scattering profile, the contribution of topological surface defects to the energy loss profile and to skipping motion on the surface are analyzed in view of classical trajectory simulations. (author)

  10. Theoretical and experimental study of a modular accelerating structure of travelling waves sections for high gradient tests (MECCANO); Etude theorique et experimentale d`une structure acceleratrice a ondes progressives demontable pour des tests fort gradient (Structure dite ``MECCANO``)

    Chanudet, M


    A modular system, MECCANO, has been developed at the Laboratoire de l`Accelerateur Lineaire d`Orsay to study the physical and technical phenomena of high electric fields in travelling waves structures in the context of future linear colliders which can reach TeV energies. The behaviour of the electric field inside the section MECCANO is considered from the theoretical point of view with numerical simulations and analytical representations and from the experimental side with low and high power measurements. An infinite and uniform structure is classically described by series of RLC resonant circuits. The basic RF properties of the fundamental mode are given. For a finite section, the matching of a forward or backward travelling wave of any phase advance per cell is also represented by means of RLC circuits. The variations of the reflection and transmission properties of the structure with frequency and a new procedure to match couplers have been modelled and experimentally verified. The electromagnetic behaviour of each cavity and of the whole structure have been studied, the fundamental and first high order modes have been simulated by 2D or 3D codes and measured at low power. The matching of the phase, the amplitude and the reflection level of the accelerator is described. This procedure is found to be extremely delicate due to the abrupt changes in the geometry of the cavities. The structure has been tested at fields superior to 150 MV/m. The behaviour of some materials and surface layers subject to high gradients are presented. (author) 46 refs.

  11. Numerical and experimental study of the beam dynamics of CANDELA photo-injector and associated instrumentation; Etude numerique et experimentale de la dynamique du faisceau du photo-injecteur CANDELA et instrumentation associee

    Devanz, Guillaume [Paris-6 Univ., 95 Paris (France)


    Laser triggered radiofrequency guns are the most luminous electron sources allowing to reach the performances requested by highly demanding applications like the e{sup +}/e{sup -}linear colliders and the short wave free electron lasers. CANDELA is a band S photo-injector triggered by a sub-picosecond laser. It allows reaching peak currents of hundred of amperes at average energies higher than 2 MeV. The original concept of two accelerating cavities aims at minimizing the transverse and longitudinal emittances following the Gao's principles. From practical reasons the operating parameters, particularly the laser pulse duration, do not correspond to those considered in the design. Hence, numerical simulations were performed to evaluate the gun's performances in experimental environment. The study of a stabile injector operation resulted in evolutions with consequences in the phase control systems implying the laser and the HF (Hyper Frequency) source. The beam transverse and longitudinal characteristics have been measured as a function of the main parameters i.e., the beam charge and the phase shift between the laser and the HF wave. Measurements of the transverse emittance energy dispersion and wave packed duration are presented for several injector configurations. The systems of existing beam measurements have been studied to determine the resolution and the experimental conditions to fulfill, in order to suggest improvements for the CANDELA beam. The experiments with the beam have been compared with numerical simulations. Agreement was obtained within wide ranges of parameters for most of the characteristic beam quantities.

  12. Experimental and numerical study of the strong interaction between wakes of cylindrical obstacles; Etude experimentale et numerique de l'interaction forte entre sillages d'obstacles cylindriques

    Brun, Ch


    In the context of thermal-hydraulics of nuclear reactors, strong interaction between wakes is encountered in the bottom of reactor vessels where control and measurement rods of variable size and disposition interact with the overall wakes generated in these flow zones. This study deals with the strong interaction between two wakes developed downstream of two parallel cylinders with a small spacing. The analysis focusses on the effect of the Reynolds regime which controls the equilibrium between the inertia and viscosity forces of the fluid and influences the large scale behaviour of the flow with the development of hydrodynamic instabilities and turbulence. The document is organized as follows: the characteristic phenomena of wakes formation downstream of cylindrical obstacles are recalled in the first chapter (single cylinder, interaction between two tubes, case of a bundle of tubes perpendicular to the flow). The experimental setup (hydraulic loop, velocity and pressure measurement instrumentation) and the statistical procedures applied to the signals measured are detailed in chapters 2 and 3. Chapter 4 is devoted to the experimental study of the strong interaction between two tubes. Laser Doppler velocity measurements in the wakes close to cylinders and pressure measurements performed on tube walls are reported in this chapter. In chapter 5, a 2-D numerical simulation of two typical cases of interaction (Re = 1000 and Re = 5000) is performed. In the last chapter, a more complex application of strong interactions inside and downstream of a bunch of staggered tubes is analyzed experimentally for equivalent Reynolds regimes. (J.S.)

  13. Experimental study of an oxygen-hydrogen diffusion flame laden with solid alumina particles; Etude experimentale d'une flamme de diffusion oxygene-hydrogene ensemencee en particules solides d'alumine

    Labor, S.


    Monocrystalline sapphire microspheres are generated through the melting of alumina (AL{sub 2}O{sub 3}) particles in a flame. The alumina particles are injected in a very peculiar O{sub 2}/H{sub 2} confined diffusion flame as it is a downwards vertical flame having fuel in periphery of a central powdered oxygen jet. Quantitative measurements were carried out (ADL, PIV) and supplemented by a numerical study (N3S-Natur). (1) The laminar behavior of the isothermal conditions is kept through reactive flow. Therefore, particles will mainly collide due to speed gradients. (2) It has been shown that an axial particle will have a transit time int the high temperature zone very different to that of an off-line one. (3) The PIV date proved that the particle density was not homogeneous. (4) The hydrogen jet hardly influences the flame aerodynamic structure. Conversely, the central oxygen jet is at premium due to its effect on both the flame speed and temperature distribution. (author)

  14. An experimental study on mineral sequestration of CO{sub 2} in basics and ultra basics rocks; Etude experimentale des reactions de carbonatation minerale du CO{sub 2} dans les roches basiques et ultrabasiques

    Dufaud, F


    The first part of the thesis is dedicated to dissolution data of siderite FeCO{sub 3} and magnetite Fe{sub 3}O{sub 4} which have been monitored in situ on the FAME beamline of the european synchrotron radiation facility in Grenoble. Iron in solution close to siderite single crystals is shown to be divalent hydrated. The small size of the experimentally investigated volume of solution (200 *400 micrometer and 3 mm height) allowed to work with single crystals in well defined geometries. No specific interaction was observed between iron (II) and dissolved inorganic carbon, suggesting that modelling siderite evolution under high CO{sub 2} pressures by using CO{sub 2}-less very acidic (pH 1-2) solutions is adequate. Using initial reaction rates, we get an activation energy for siderite dissolution of 62 kJ.mol{sup -1}, consistent with existing literature data. Such a value is suggestive of a mineral/solution interface mechanism.. Data from this study and from literature are consistent over a temperature range 25 C - 125 C and a pH range pH 1-7 with an empirical law: pk = pH + E{sub a}/(ln(10)*RT(K)) - log(S/V) - 10,5 where E{sub a} = 62 kJ.mol{sup -1} and S/V is the ratio between solid surface S and fluid volume V. A value of activation energy of 73.5 kJ.mol{sup -1} is obtained in the case of magnetite, also consistent with mineral/solution processes. The second and major part of the thesis work is the realization of analogical experiments for simulating carbonation of basic and ultra basic minerals. Experiments were carried out on consolidated rock cores at 90 C and 280 bar of CO{sub 2} (low temperature experiments) and on powders contained in metallic capsules at 400-500 C and 1000-1700 bars of CO{sub 2} (high temperature experiments). The rate of mineral storage of CO{sub 2} was defined as the molar ratio of solid carbonate formed over total CO{sub 2} injected. It is of about 1% in three months in low temperature experiments whereas it reaches several tens of percents per hour in high temperature experiments. In all cases, carbonation is shown to proceed according to dissolution/precipitation mechanisms. A quasi stoichiometric coupling is evidenced between carbonation and (proto) serpentinization in high-temperature experiments. Newly formed carbonates are mostly magnesite MgCO{sub 3} with Fe and Ca in solid solution. In low temperature samples, the silicates are covered with a thin silica layer and with carbonate spherules consisting of ankerite CaFe(CO{sub 3}){sub 2} - dolomite CaMg(CO{sub 3}){sub 2} - siderite cores surrounded by magnesite overgrowth. In CO{sub 2}-saturated water, peridotites are more reactive than serpentinite and basalts, in accordance with thermodynamic modelling whereas serpentinites are the most reactive in the supercritical CO{sub 2} phase, showing stronger reactivities in this latter phase than in CO{sub 2}-saturated water. In high temperature experiments, the rate of mineral storage is larger at 400 C than at 500 C, in agreement with thermodynamic modelling of the system. High water fugacities and high fluid salinities are shown to have a positive effect on mineral storage rates. Isotopic mass balance of carbon have evidenced that about 15% of the mineral storage consist of a reduced carbon phase, also identified by transmission electron microscopy as an ill-organized graphite phase. (author)

  15. Experimental study and modeling of the anisotropic viscoplastic behaviour of zircaloy 4 in two metallurgical states; Etude experimentale et modelisation du comportement viscoplastique anisotrope du zircaloy 4 dans deux etats metallurgiques

    Robinet, P


    The aim of this work is the study and the modelization of the anisotropic viscoplastic behaviour of zircaloy 4 in two metallurgical states: recrystallized and cold-worked stress-relieved. The results of experiments performed in the intermediate temperature domain (20 - 450 deg C) are presented. In order to characterize the anisotropy, especially at 350 deg C, the tests were made under both monotonic and cyclic uni- and bidirectional loadings, i.e. tension-compression, tension-torsion and tension-internal pressure tests. The results would seem to indicate that the set of anisotropy coefficients do not depend or temperature. An important feature of the behaviour of this alloy in the neighbourhood of 300 deg C is attributed to the dynamic strain aging frequently observed in solid insertion solutions. This material also presents a slight supplementary hardening during out-of-phase cyclic loading (tension-torsion with a 90 deg C phase lag). In the last part, we propose to extend the formulation of a unified viscoplastic model, developed and identified elsewhere for other isotropic materials, to the case of zircaloy 4. From a general point of view, the introduction of anisotropy in the model is performed by the introduction cf four tensors of rank 4 affecting the flow directions, the linear parts of the kinematical hardening variables, the dynamic and static recoveries of these hardening variables. The identification of this model is performed at 350 deg C. (author)

  16. Experimental study of the slowing down of fast neutrons in thin plates of hydrogenated matter; Etude experimentale du ralentissement des neutrons rapides dans des plaques minces de matiere hydrogenee

    Bayer, R. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The slowing down time of fast neutrons in slabs of hydrogenated matter with finite sizes has been measured by two methods: a direct measurement of the delay between the tim ethe fast neutrons enter the moderator and the time the slow neutrons leave it;- an indirect measurement in which a narrow resonance is studied with moderated neutrons whose time distribution- is deduced from the apparent width of the resonance. This method uses neutrons produced by a linear accelerator and a moderator with a low hydrogen content in order to increase the widening of the resonance.The experimental results have been compared with a Monte-Carlo calculation on a moderator with infinite lateral sizes. The agreement is satisfactory. (author) [French] Le temps de ralentissement des neutrons rapides dans des plaques de matiere hydrogenee de dimensions finies a ete mesure par deux methodes: - une mesure directe du temps qui separe l'instant d'entree des neutrons rapides dans le ralentisseur de l'instant de sortie des neutrons ralentis; - une mesure indirecte dans laquelle une resonance neutronique etroite est etudiee avec des neutrons ralentis,dont la distribution en temps est deduite de la largeur apparente de cette resonance. Cette methode utilise les neutrons produits par un accelerateur lineaire d'electrons et un ralentisseur a faible densite en hydrogene pour augmenter l'effet d'elargissement de la resonance. Les resultats experimentaux ont ete compares avec les resultats d'un calcul de Monte-Carlo pour un ralentisseur de dimensions laterales infinies. L'accord est satisfaisant. (auteur)

  17. Experimental study and simulation of fused silica damage initiation by laser pulse irradiation; Etude experimentale et modelisation de l'initiation de l'endommagement de la silice sous irradiation laser impulsionnelle

    Bonneau, F.; Combis, J.L.; Vierne, J. [CEA Bruyeres-le-Chatel, Dept. de Physique Theorique et Appliquee, 91 (France)] [and others


    In order to resolve problems concerning the understanding and the control of laser-induced damage of silica optical elements, a collaboration between the CEA (CESTA/DLP, DIF/DPTA, and Grenoble/LETI) and different university laboratories has been undertaken. Ultra-pure silica 'model' samples, seeded with gold nano-particles whose diameter does not exceed 5 nm, were made at the LASIM in Lyon. The aim in using these samples is to observe the mechanism of damage initiation that can be attributed to inclusions of nano-metric site. This report presents the different steps encountered during this study: making the samples, the laser-induced damage tests performed at the CESTA, and the 'Nomarski' and 'atomic force' microscope observations of this damage carried out at the Fresnel Institute in Marseille. These samples were also used for a series of experiments using a time-of-flight mass spectrometer at ANL near Chicago. This installation is of great interest because it enables us to combine the laser irradiation of the sample with the chemical identification of material ejected by the sample. A precise evaluation of the quantity of gold atoms emitted during irradiation can thus be obtained from the experimental results. The experimental data is then interpreted, and in particular, compared to, numerical simulations obtained with the DELPOR program. A very encouraging result is the existence of a pre-damage phase at very low fluences that is not detectable by classical optical devices. The experimental means developed for such 'model' samples should be transposable to the analysis of industrial glasses. (authors)

  18. Experimental study of selection rules following from the existence of two types of neutrinos; Etude experimentale des regles de selection decoulant de l'existence de deux types de neutrinos

    Gaillard, J.M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Interactions of high energy neutrinos with matter have been observed In the course of an experiment done in collaboration with G. Danby, K. Goulianos, L. M. Lederman, N. Mistry, M. Schwartz and J. Steinberger at the Brookhaven AGS. The neutrinos were produced mainly in the decay {pi}{sup {+-}} {yields} {mu}{sup {+-}} + {upsilon}({upsilon}-bar); the experiment leads to the conclusion that thee neutrinos are very likely different from the ones produced in beta decay reactions. We use the result of this experiment to study the selection rules applicable in the framework of a two neutrino theory. (author) [French] Nous avons observe l'interaction des neutrinos de haute energie avec la matiere au court dune experience effectuee en collaboration avec G. Danby, K. Goulianos, L. M. Lederman, N. Mistry, M. Schwartz et J. Steinberger sur l'accelerateur AGS du Brookhaven National Laboratory. Les neutrinos utilites provenaient principalement de la desintegration {pi}{sup {+-}} {yields} {mu}{sup {+-}} + {upsilon}({upsilon}-bar) l'experience conduit a la conclusion que ces neutrinos sont tres probablement differents de ceux produits par la desintegration beta. Nous utilisons les resultats de cette experience pour etudier quelles sont les regles de selection a utiliser dans le cadre d'une theorie a deux types de neutrinos. (auteur)

  19. Experimental and numerical study of two-phase flows at the inlet of evaporators in vapour compression cycles; Etude experimentale et numerique d'ecoulements diphasiques a l'entree des evaporateurs de cycles thermodynamiques

    Ahmad, M


    Maldistribution of liquid-vapour two phase flows causes a significant decrease of the thermal and hydraulic performance of evaporators in thermodynamic vapour compression cycles. A first experimental installation was used to visualize the two phase flow evolution between the expansion valve and the evaporator inlet. A second experimental set-up simulating a compact heat exchanger has been designed to identify the functional and geometrical parameters creating the best distribution of the two phases in the different channels. An analysis and a comprehension of the relation between the geometrical and functional parameters with the flow pattern inside the header and the two phase distribution, has been established. A numerical simulations of a stratified flow and a stratified jet flow have been carried out using two CFD codes: FLUENT and NEPTUNE. In the case of a fragmented jet configuration, a global definition of the interfacial area concentration for a separated phases and dispersed phases flow has been established and a model calculating the fragmented mass fraction has been developed. (author)

  20. Experimental study of the MHD activity associated to the mode m=2, n=1 in the Tore Supra tokamak; Etude experimentale de l`activite MHD associee au mode m=2, n=1 dans le tokamak Tore Supra

    Turlur, S.


    In tokamaks such as Tore Supra, the plasma confinement magnetic structure can be severely affected when Magnetohydrodynamic (M.H.D.) instabilities are destabilized. Experimentally, these instabilities are detected as magnetic fluctuations with captors located against the inner wall of the vacuum vessel. Fourier analysis provides amplitude, frequency and wave numbers of magnetic modes. In case of fast or transient phenomena, the analysis of magnetic fluctuations is completed using the singular value decomposition. In this dissertation, these analysis techniques are used to study two specific examples of M.H.D. activity related to the m = 2, n = 1 mode. On Tore Supra, the onset of this mode have strong consequences on the stability of partially or fully non inductive discharges. A regular and persistent sawtooth-like regime is observed on the electronic temperature leading to a significant degradation of the central confinement. Heat exhaust and particle balance are also essential parameters to achieve stationary discharges. On Tore Supra, these are studied with the ergodic divertor which produces stochastic magnetic field lines at the plasma edge. For optimal operating conditions of the ergodic divertor, the growth of the m = 2, N = 1 mode can lead to sudden destruction of magnetic equilibrium. For both cases, understanding and characterization of mechanisms leading to the observed m = 2, n = 1 M.H.D. activity are fundamental to obtain stationary discharges. (author). 115 refs.

  1. Experimental study of the vaporization of a droplets injection in a fluidized gas-solid media; Etude experimentale de la vaporisation d'un jet de goutelettes au contact d'un milieu gaz-solide fluidise

    Leclere, K.


    The quality of feedstock injection in the Fluid Catalytic Process (FCC) is essential to ensure a good vaporization. The vaporization should be fast so that the cracking reaction in the gaseous phase can happen within the short residence time in the riser (a few seconds). Vaporization is helped by a uniform injection of droplets as small as possible as well as a good mixing with the catalyst particles that represent the main heat source. Several models were developed to predict the droplet vaporization in a gas-solid media. However, no experimental validation exists for these models, whose predictions vary (from 1 to several hundreds of milliseconds). The objective of this study was to get a better understanding of the physical phenomena taking place during droplet vaporization. This was done in two steps. First, operating limits had to be defined to ensure an optimal vaporization and to avoid local saturation and agglomerate formation. These limits were precisely determined under laboratory conditions to validate a model that showed that agglomeration does not occur under industrial conditions. Then, a kinematic study of vaporization under operating conditions without agglomerate formation was performed. An original measurement technique was developed to get samples at very short times (tens of milliseconds). Experiments showed that heat transfer was not limiting and that mass transfer was the limiting process during vaporization. The developed model was thus based on mass transfer through a boundary layer. The validation of this model in a dense fluidized bed justified its application to operating conditions were the bed voidance is higher. A detailed study of operating parameters will help determine how to improve vaporization. (author)


    Yucan EKE


    Full Text Available This research is done for attesting the compliance of the etudes in German composer Ernesto Köhler’s op:33 no I-II-III books that are used in high schools of fine arts, with ability to play the flute concertos in high schools of fine arts 12 grade program, in terms of the knowledge – skills and musical functions they cover and also for contributing to learning by matching the etudes and works which are relevant. Etudes and the chosen concertos are analyzed and separated into templates in terms of melody, rhythm and tone for this research. Opinions are taken from the flute lesson instructors of various universities of Turkey to define the melody, technique and rhythm patterns. As a result of the analysis, Köhler op: 33, Book I, Etudes: 2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11,12; Köhler op: 33, Book II, Etudes:1,3,4,5,8,9,10,11; Köhler op: 33, Book III, Etudes: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8; It is determined that the etudes given above in Köhler books are qualified enough to be preparative and instructive for the ability of playing the flute concertos. Some suggestions are given about which etude(s is instructive for which concerto and what kind of benefits could be gained, by this study. Based on the observed results, various suggestions are made about defining and studying the etudes which meet the technical, rhythmic and melodic features of the target concerto.

  3. Estadísticos poblacionales de Triatoma sordida Stäl 1859 (Hemiptera : Reduviidae en condiciones experimentales

    Oscherov Elena B.


    Full Text Available Se realizó el seguimiento longitudinal de cuatro cohortes de 100 huevos cada una. Los insectos fueron criados a 28°C ± 3°C y 63 % ± 10% de humedad relativa, y alimentados cada siete días sobre gallina (Gallus domesticus, durante 40 min. Las cohortes fueron controladas una vez por semana. Se observó un valor constante de supervivencia en las cuatro cohortes, sin picos importantes. La expectativa de vida de los machos, en promedio, fue de 37,4 semanas y la de las hembras 36,8. El tiempo generacional demandó 61,7 semanas. La tasa reproductiva neta indica que esta población se incrementará 143,3 veces con cada generación. La tasa intrínseca de crecimiento natural fue de 0,082 por semana. El máximo valor reproductivo se verificó, en promedio, a la tercer semana del ingreso al estado adulto. La distribución estable de edades de T. sordida sería de 32% huevos, 26% ninfas de primer estadio, 19% ninfas de segundo estadio, 13% ninfas de tercer estadio, 6% ninfas de cuarto estadio, 3% ninfas de quinto estadio y 1% de adultos. Es la primera cita para Argentina sobre la tabla de vida de T. sordida. El análisis de estos parámetros permite considerar que esta especie se comporta como "K estratega", en condiciones experimentales.

  4. Bacterial hydrodynamics

    Lauga, Eric


    Bacteria predate plants and animals by billions of years. Today, they are the world's smallest cells yet they represent the bulk of the world's biomass, and the main reservoir of nutrients for higher organisms. Most bacteria can move on their own, and the majority of motile bacteria are able to swim in viscous fluids using slender helical appendages called flagella. Low-Reynolds-number hydrodynamics is at the heart of the ability of flagella to generate propulsion at the micron scale. In fact, fluid dynamic forces impact many aspects of bacteriology, ranging from the ability of cells to reorient and search their surroundings to their interactions within mechanically and chemically-complex environments. Using hydrodynamics as an organizing framework, we review the biomechanics of bacterial motility and look ahead to future challenges.

  5. The study by means of a photomultiplier of the scintillations produced by {alpha} particles striking a zinc sulphide screen; Etude, au photomultiplicateur, des scintillations produites par les particules {alpha} dans un ecran de sulfure de zinc. Application a la numeration precise des particules {alpha}

    Anthony, J.P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The object of the study is the accurate counting of {alpha} particles by p-m. detection of their scintillations upon impact with a zinc sulphide screen. The main advantage of the method is the extreme simplicity of the electronics used: the possibility of obtaining a utilizable pulse from the p-m. (EMI5311) without any amplification, and in linear response, is demonstrated. The scintillation produced by an impact on Zn-S has also been studied experimentally. The decrease of light intensity in relation to time may be interpreted by the exponential relation: I = I{sub 0} exp (-t / {tau}) whereby {tau} = (39 {+-} 0,1) 10{sup -6} s. The relation between scintillation intensity and remaining trajectory after travel through a given air-space has also been determined. Possible suitable applications of this method of {alpha} counting are those where good stability and low background are necessary. Results stated bear on air contamination studies, isotopic composition variation measurement of uranium, bismuth content measurement in alloys by irradiation of specimens in a thermal neutron flux and {alpha} count on the Po formed. (author) [French] Ce travail est consacre a l'etude de la numeration precise des particules {alpha} par detection au photomultiplicateur des scintillations produites par ces particules dans un ecran de sulfure de zinc. Le principal avantage de cette methode reside dans l'extreme simplicite de l'appareillage electronique; il est en effet montre qu'il est possible, tout en convoyant une reponse lineaire, d'obtenir du photomultiplicateur (EMI5311) un signal electrique utilisable sans aucune amplification. La scintillation produite par l'impact des particules {alpha} sur un ecran de Zn-S est etudiee experimentalement. La decroissance de l'intensite lumineuse en fonction du temps est interpretable par la relation exponentielle I = I{sub 0} exp (-t / {tau}) avec {tau} = (39 {+-} 0,1) 10{sup -6} s. La relation entre l

  6. Contribution to the study of the interaction of slow neutrons with {sup 235}U using the time-of-flight method; Contribution a l'etude par la methode du temps de vol de l'interaction de neutrons lents avec l'U{sup 235}

    Michaudon, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This study concerns the properties of the excited levels of uranium 236 obtained by interaction of slow neutron with uranium 235. The experiments have been carried out at the Saclay linear electron accelerator by use of the time of flight method. In the first part of this paper, we examine the technical and physical conditions which rule the experiments: compromise between resolution and counting rate, time dispersion due to the slowing down of the neutrons and crystalline binding effects. In a second part the experimental results i.e. total, fission and ternary fission cross sections are given. The third part deals with the analysis of these results: the resonance parameters determination ({tau}{sub n}, {tau}{sub {gamma}}, {tau}{sub f}), the study of their statistical distribution and of their correlations. We tried some classifications of the resonances according to their parameters and compared these classifications to each other and to other results. At least the evidence of a cross section correlation with a range smaller than 100 eV seems to be confirmed. (author) [French] Cette etude porte sur les proprietes des niveaux excites de l'Uranium-236 obtenus par l'interaction de neutrons lents avec le {sup 235}U. La technique experimentale est celle de la spectrometrie par temps de vol, les experiences ayant ete realisees aupres de l'accelerateur lineaire d'electrons de Saclay, Dans une premiere partie nous examinons les donnees techniques et physiques conditionnant les experiences: compromis entre resolution et taux de comptage, dispersion en temps due au ralentissement des neutrons, effet des liaisons cristallines. Dans une deuxieme partie sont exposes les resultats experimentaux: sections efficaces totales, de fission et de fission ternaire du {sup 235}U. Une troisieme partie porte sur l'analyse de ces resultats: determination des parametres ({tau}{sub n}, {tau}{sub {gamma}}, {tau}{sub f}), etude de leurs distributions statistiques et

  7. Cómo trabajar las ciencias experimentales a través del método Doman y las inteligencias múltiples

    Ontoria González, Laura


    El proyecto que se presenta a continuación consiste en una propuesta didáctica innovadora relacionada con las ciencias experimentales en el aula de Infantil a través del método Doman y las Inteligencias Múltiples. El empleo de estas metodologías de manera conjunta se apoya y justifica de manera teórica y práctica. La propuesta didáctica se llevó a cabo en un centro escolar en el nivel de cuatro años, concretamente con veinticinco alumnos, con resultados muy positivos.

  8. Efecto de la ración alimenticia en el crecimiento de juveniles de tilapia Oreochromis aureus (Steindachner) bajo condiciones experimentales de cultivo

    M. García-Ulloa


    Se evaluó el crecimiento de juveniles (2.77 g de peso promedio) de la tilapia Oreochromis aureus (Steindachner), cultivados con diferentes raciones alimenticias bajo condiciones experimentales de laboratorio. Los tratamientos consistieron en el suplemento alimenticio de 6, 8 y 10% del peso de la biomasa total, los cuales fueron estudiados por triplicado en peceras de vidrio de 113 L de capacidad, ajustando una densidad inicial de 25 peces por acuario. El ensayo tuvo una duración de 35 días, y...

  9. Los obstáculos para el desarrollo profesional de una profesora de Enseñanza Secundaria en ciencias experimentales

    Vázquez Bernal, Bartolomé; Jiménez Pérez, Roque; Mellado Jiménez, Vicente


    Este trabajo es un estudio de casos de una profesora de ciencias experimentales, con el objetivo de determinar los obstáculos que surgen de la interacción entre la reflexión y la práctica de aula, así como su influencia en su desarrollo profesional. El estudio se efectúa en dos planos diferentes, una investigación de orientación cualitativa y otra de naturaleza crítica, orientado hacia el desarrollo profesional. Los instrumentos de análisis fueron de diversa índole, destacando significativame...

  10. Modelización del sistema de almacenamietno de energía y de su regulador de un vehículo solar de fines experimentales

    Mendoza Zaplana, Sergio


    En este proyecto, se pretende modelizar con el programa ‘Matlab-Simulink’ un sistema de acumulación y regulación para un vehículo solar de fines experimentales. Compuesto este por un motor de corriente continua de imanes permanentes de características similares a las que presenta el prototipo del vehículo Aníbal, desarrollado por el Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica de la Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. Con el objetivo de modelizar un sistema de acumulación y regulación además de ave...

  11. Eficiencia estadística de diseños experimentales de bloques incompletos para el análisis de variables espacialmente autocorrelacionadas

    Mata Pombo, Raúl de la; Zas Arregui, Rafael; Merlo, Esther


    Gran parte de los experimentos en campo de carácter ecológico evalúan variables espacialmente autocorrelacionadas, lo que supone una posible violación de los requisitos del análisis de variancia convencional. Para absorber parte de esta variación espacial se recurre a la instalación de dichos ensayos bajo diseños experimentales, tal como los de bloques completos al azar, los más comunes y sencillos, o los de bloques incompletos, con bloques de menor tamaño, más eficaces pero con mayor c...

  12. Caracterización comparativa a la faena de cinco híbridos experimentales de pollo campero con diferente genotipo materno

    Dottavio, Ana María; Advínculo, S. A.; Librera, J. E.; Romera, Bernardo Martín; Canet, Zulma E.; Di Masso, Ricardo


    Se evaluaron la proporción de pechuga, pata muslo y grasa abdominal y el rendimiento a la faena de machos pertenecientes a cinco grupos genéticos experimentales de pollos camperos. Los grupos provenían del cruzamiento entre gallos de la población sintética paterna AH’, mejorada por tasa de crecimiento y eficiencia alimenticia y gallinas de cinco poblaciones sintéticas maternas. Como grupo testigo se utilizaron machos contemporáneos de la versión tradicional de Campero INTA. Las aves producto ...

  13. El puzzle de grupos: una alternativa a la exposición magistral para el aprendizaje activo de técnicas experimentales con herbicidas

    Brusco, Marta I.; Miguel A. Fernández; Zingaretti, Osvaldo; Sosa, J; García, Fernando D.


    Se presenta la implementación y evaluación de una experiencia educativa basada en la técnica del “puzzle de grupos”, como una alternativa a la exposición magistral. La finalidad de la actividad fue favorecer el aprendizaje activo, mediante la aplicación de contenidos conceptuales a una situación concreta, en sustitución de la recepción pasiva por parte de los estudiantes de información trasmitida por el docente. El tema fue “Técnicas experimentales con herbicidas”, dentro de un curso de Terap...

  14. Ensayo de abrasión de Darmstadt para tuberías de alcantarillado pluvial: revisión de condiciones experimentales

    Andrés Eduardo Torres Abello; Juan Dionisio Zambrano Ramírez


    El ensayo de abrasión de Darmstadt se ha utilizado principalmente para comparar la abrasión de diferentes tipos de tuberías. Sin embargo, no se han evidenciado claramente aún relaciones entre los resultados obtenidos mediante dicho ensayo y variables como la vida útil de los materiales o la composición del agua transportada. A partir de un montaje experimental, similar al de Darmstadt, se ensayaron tubos de concreto sin revestimiento, haciendo variar las condiciones experimentales. Se observó...


    UYAN, Zeynep Deniz


    In this paper, the investigation of the most common etudes-pieces used in the first year flute education from the angle of target and target behaviours was purposed. Interview, questionairre and literature review techniques were used to gather the information needed. Classifications were done, qualitative and quantitative tables were made and statistical frequencies-percentages were used. As a result of these studies, it was determined that there is not a common flute education programme in a...

  16. Programa de viviendas experimentales en Móstoles, Comunidad de Madrid. España. (Preámbulo

    Abad Carrascosa, Manuel


    Full Text Available This program consists of a total of 102 houses. They are situated in one of the housing estates in the General Urbanization Plan of the Móstoles Town Council (Town on outskirts of Madrid. The development of the prototypes of three different types of housing is to be studied with the aim of studying the experimental results of each one: — Progressive housing. — Housing with passive solar energy — Housing constructed on a basis of a special system in series. The three have the common aim of achieving finanical saving, but by different means: initial investment, saving in energy expenditure, the constructive system. The group of houses is about to be delivered into the hands of its users. We regret the incompleteness of the Information due to the lack of the most important results; the derivatives of its use and development, and Information of a social, economic, cultural, etc., character.

    Esta actuación consta de un total de 102 viviendas. Se encuentran localizadas en uno de los polígonos del Plan General de Urbanismo del Ayuntamiento de Móstoles (Población del extrarradio de Madrid. Se plantea el estudio y desarrollo, por separado, de tres prototipos diferentes de vivienda con el fin de poder estudiar los resultados experimentales de cada uno: — Viviendas progresivas. — Viviendas con energía solar pasiva. — Viviendas construidas a base de un sistema especial en serie. Los tres plantean el ahorro económico como fin común, pero desde distintas bases de partida: la inversión inicial; el ahorro energético, y el sistema constructivo. El conjunto se encuentra a punto de ser entregado a sus usuarios. Lamentamos lo incompleto de la información debido a la falta de sus resultados más importantes: los derivados de su uso y desarrollo; sociales, económicos, culturales, etcétera.

  17. El AMMI y cluster en la selección de los mejores híbridos experimentales de maíz

    Guillermo Casta\\u00F1\\u00F3n


    Full Text Available El AMMI y Cluster en la selección de los mejores híbridos experimentales de maiz. En un experimento de maíz repetido en cuatro ambientes, se aplicó el análisis de efectos principales aditivos e interacción multiplicativa (AMMI y el de taxonomía numérica o cluster, para estudiar si la estabilidad del rendimiento de grano (RG de los híbridos ensayados se asociaba con el agrupamiento de los híbridos hecho por el cluster. Las variables que tuvieron más peso en el agrupamiento fueron el RG, altura de la planta (AP,altura de mazorca ( AM y mazorca por planta (PRO, principalmente. De lo encontrado en este trabajo se puede establecer que el AMMI es efectivo en la estimación de la estabilidad de los híbridos experimentales evaluados y que junto con el cluster, pueden ser dos herramientas útiles para hacer una buena selección de material experimental con mayores posibilidades de éxito

  18. Experimental techniques; Techniques experimentales

    Roussel-Chomaz, P. [GANIL CNRS/IN2P3, CEA/DSM, 14 - Caen (France)


    This lecture presents the experimental techniques, developed in the last 10 or 15 years, in order to perform a new class of experiments with exotic nuclei, where the reactions induced by these nuclei allow to get information on their structure. A brief review of the secondary beams production methods will be given, with some examples of facilities in operation or under project. The important developments performed recently on cryogenic targets will be presented. The different detection systems will be reviewed, both the beam detectors before the targets, and the many kind of detectors necessary to detect all outgoing particles after the reaction: magnetic spectrometer for the heavy fragment, detection systems for the target recoil nucleus, {gamma} detectors. Finally, several typical examples of experiments will be detailed, in order to illustrate the use of each detector either alone, or in coincidence with others. (author)

  19. ENFERMEDAD DE HUNTINGTON: MODELOS EXPERIMENTALES Y PERSPECTIVAS TERAPÉUTICAS Huntington'disease: Experimentals Models and Therapeutic Perspectives


    Full Text Available La enfermedad de Huntington (EH es un trastorno degenerativo de Weiss de origen hereditario. Hasta el momento no existe un tratamiento efectivo para la enfermedad que inexorablemente después de transcurridos 15 a 20 años, evoluciona hacia incapacidad total o muerte. En este trabajo se revisan las características clínicas y morfológicas de la EH y los modelos experimentales más utilizados para su estudio tomando como fuente, artículos indexados en la base de datos Medline publicados en los últimos 20 años. Se valoran las ventajas y desventajas de estos modelos y su perspectiva para el desarrollo de ensayos clínicos. El consenso de lo reportado plantea que de los modelos tóxicos, los inducidos por neurotoxinas tales como ácido quinolínico parecen ser los más adecuados para reproducir las características neuropatológicas, y por otro lado los modelos genéticos contribuyen con más evidencias al conocimiento del origen etiológico de la enfermedad. Numerosos tratamientos han sido aplicados en el manejo de las manifestaciones clínicas que aparecen en EH, sin poder detener o disminuir las afectaciones que derivan de la pérdida neuronal. La sintomatología clínica ha sido posible reproducirla, al menos en parte, en animales de experimentación lo que ha permitido realizar ensayos terapéuticos. Desde el punto de vista de tratamiento, lo que más promisorio parece ser, la terapia celular con células provenientes de diferentes fuentes y dentro de ellas las no neurales, que implican menor censura ética y mayor factibilidad de obtención para la aplicación en los enfermos. Por otro lado el desarrollo de la tecnología del ARN de interferencia, emerge como una herramienta terapéutica potencial para el tratamiento de EH, así como para responder interrogantes básicas relacionadas con el desarrollo de la enfermedad.Huntington'disease (HD is a degenerative dysfunction of hereditary origin. Up to date there is not, an effective treatment

  20. Contribution to thermodynamics and kinetics of argon, krypton and xenon at very low temperatures; Contribution a l'etude thermodynamique et cinetique de l'argon, du krypton et du xenon aux tres basses temperatures

    Levenson, L.L. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A critical analysis of the main theories of condensation, which are due to Zwanzig, Cabrera, Mc Caroll and Ehrlich, Wanlass, Armand, and Yu and Soo, is made. A condensation coefficient equal to unity is expected from these theories, except Armand and Yu and Soo, when the temperature of the gas impinging on its own solid phase is equal or less than 300 K. Using a resonating quartz microbalance the sensitivity of which is 10{sup -9} g. cm{sup 2} the experimental data agree with these theories when the temperature of the solid is less than 20 K. However the agreement must be interpreted for the more sophisticated theories of Armand and Yu and Soo. Regarding the sublimation of the rare gases one is faced with the theories of Salter, Eyring, Goodman and Armand. Within an order of magnitude the experimental data given here agree with the expected values. Moreover Armand theory is able to give the physical meaning of the observed results for argon sublimation from a krypton or a xenon crystalline substrate: localized modes of surface vibration occur. The relaxation time for the thermalization of the argon deposit is found greater than twelve hours at 25 K. (author) [French] Ce travail inclut l'etude critique des principales theories de la condensation dues a Zwanzig, Cabrera, Mc Caroll et Ehrlich, Wanlass, Armand, et Yu et Soo. Ces theories, sauf les deux dernieres, prevoient un coefficient de condensation egal a 1 lorsque le gaz incident sur son propre solide a une temperature inferieure ou egale a 300 K. Les mesures effectuees a l'aide d'une microbalance a quarz resonnant sensible a 10{sup -9} g. cm{sup 2} ont confirme ces theories dans le cas ou la temperature du solide est inferieure a 20 K. Cet accord doit cependant etre interprete pour les theories plus completes d'Armand d'une part, Yu et Soo d'autre part. Pour la sublimation des gaz rares on se trouve en presence des theories de Salter, Eyring, Goodman et Armand. Leurs previsions sont

  1. Experimental study of the test module of the electromagnetic end-cap calorimeter for the ATLAS experiment. Study of the spin correlation in the production of pairs tt-bar; Etude experimentale des performances du module 0 du calorimetre electromagnetique bouchon d'ATLAS. Etude de la correlation de spin dans la production des paires tt-bar au LHC

    Hinz, L


    LHC, the future CERN proton collider, will start in 2006. It will be devoted to a better understanding of the Standard Model and new physics research. With a 10 {integral}b{sup -1} per year at low luminosity during the first three years, then 100 {integral}b{sup -1} per year, and energy of 14 TeV in the center of mass, the LHC is designed to discover the Standard or SUSY Higgs boson, or probe signature of new physics. ATLAS, one of the four experiments at the LHC, can study a large physics range, as Higgs boson, top and bottom, gauge bosons and new particles expected by SUSY model or other models beyond the Standard Model. The CPPM laboratory is responsible of a part of the electromagnetic end-cap calorimeter for the ATLAS experiment. In 1999, an ATLAS-like prototype of module was stacked in Marseille and intensively tested at CERN. Description of the calorimeter and a part of test-beam results are presented in this PhD manuscript. In parallel, a study about potentiality of the tt-bar spin correlation measurement was done. The high tt-bar statistic produced at the LHC allows to explore the quark top properties in details and being sensitive to new physics phenomena. Signatures of such physics can be extracted from tt-bar decay product angular distributions which are sensitive to tt-bar spin correlation. (authors)

  2. Experimental study and computerized simulation of the elements fixation in trace on mineral oxides. Contribution to the study of natural solids adsorption properties; Etude experimentale et modelisation de la fixation d`elements en trace sur des oxydes mineraux. Contribution a l`etude des proprietes adsorbantes des solides naturels

    Marmier, N.


    The aim of this work is to identify some natural or synthetical materials allowing the nuclear wastes confinement in underground geological sites by adsorption of radioelements. The materials composition variety which can be used is very large it is then necessary to make use of models able to predict solid complexes behaviour towards the adsorption from known properties of parent constituents. This type of model still does not exist and its focusing requires the demonstration of mineral complexes parent constituents intrinsic properties additivity. The oxides as aluminium or silicon oxides being parent constituents, the author has demonstrated their properties additivity in an aluminium-silicon oxides physical mixture and in an aluminium silicate : the kaolinite. These surface properties have been determined for different quantities of aluminium and silicon oxides in a 0,1 M sodium nitrate. This study has been realized following the steps below : choice of a theoretical concept describing the adsorption adapted to the studied solid-solution system : the surface complexation model at constant capacitance; the focusing of a surface chemical and physical parameters determination method; the verification of these properties additivity on the aluminium-silicon oxides mixture and on the kaolinite. The studied cation for the adsorption on these materials is the ytterbium trivalent ion because the behaviour of the trivalent ions towards the adsorption is not very well known and because the lanthanides are considered as compounds similar to some fission products present in radioactive wastes. The method used for this work is applicable to all the other ions. (O.L.). 73 refs., 91 figs., 14 tabs.

  3. Actividades experimentales para la enseñanza de las ciencias naturales en educación básica

    Mayra García Ruiz; Raúl Calixto Flores


    Este trabajo plantea algunos de los problemas y mitos detectados en la enseñanza de las ciencias naturales (CN) en la educación básica en México. Asimismo, desarrolla una propuesta de estrategia de enseñanza de las CN, basada en la reflexión sobre el uso de las actividades experimentales en clase. Por último, describe la experiencia de la aplicación de una actividad experimental en un grupo de niños de educación primaria entre los 10 y 12 años de edad. Dicha actividad se adoptó después para l...

  4. Bio-metric study of pig karyotype; Etude biometrique du caryotype du porc

    Haag, J.; Lacourly, N.; Nizza, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    This study has a twofold purpose, the former is to determine the swine karyotype as accurately as possible, the latter is to try and develop a method of automatic classification and to show its possibilities and limits. (authors) [French] Cette etude a un double objet: d'une part, de definir de la facon aussi precise que possible le caryotype du porc et d'autre part, de tenter une methode de classification automatique et d'en montrer les possibilites ainsi que les limites. (auteurs)

  5. Bacterial Nail Infection (Paronychia)

    ... of nail infection is often caused by a bacterial infection but may also be caused by herpes, a ... to a type of yeast called Candida , or bacterial infection, and this may lead to abnormal nail growth. ...

  6. Prevention of bacterial adhesion

    Klemm, Per; Vejborg, Rebecca Munk; Hancock, Viktoria


    Management of bacterial infections is becoming increasingly difficult due to the emergence and increasing prevalence of bacterial pathogens that are resistant to available antibiotics. Conventional antibiotics generally kill bacteria by interfering with vital cellular functions, an approach that....... As such, adhesion represents the Achilles heel of crucial pathogenic functions. It follows that interference with adhesion can reduce bacterial virulence. Here, we illustrate this important topic with examples of techniques being developed that can inhibit bacterial adhesion. Some of these will...

  7. Mesures experimentales de l'impact des revetements hydrophobeset superhydrophobes sur la trainee et la portance d'un profil aerodynamique propre et glace

    Villeneuve, Eric

    Ce projet, realise a la demande du Laboratoire International des Materiaux Antigivre, a pour but de mesurer et definir experimentalement l'impact de revetements hydrophobes sur les coefficients de trainee et de portance d'un profil NACA 0012. Pour ce faire, la balance aerodynamique du LIMA devait tout d'abord etre amelioree afin d'offrir une sensibilite suffisante pour realiser le projet. Plusieurs ameliorations ont ete faites, comme le changement des cellules de charge, la diminution du nombre de cellules de charge, le changement du cadre de la balance, etc. Une fois ces ameliorations terminees, la reproductibilite, l'exactitude et la sensibilite ont ete valides afin de s'assurer de la fiabilite des resultats offerts par la balance. Pour les angles d'attaque etudies avec les revetements, soient -6° et 0°, la balance a une reproductibilite de +/-2,06% a 360 000 de nombre de Reynolds. Pour valider la sensibilite, des essais a -6° et 0° d'angle d'attaque et des nombres de Reynolds de 360 000 et 500 000 ont ete faits avec des papiers sables. Les resultats de ces essais ont permis de, tracer des courbes de tendances du coefficient de trainee du NACA 0012 en fonction de la rugosite de surface et d'etablir la valeur de la sensibilite de la balance a +/-8 mu m. Cinq revetements populaires ont ete choisis pour l'experimentation, soient le Wearlon, le Staclean, le Hirec, le Phasebreak ainsi que le Nusil. Les revetements sont soumis aux memes conditions experimentales que les papiers sables, et une rugosite equivalente est trouvee par extrapolation des resultats. Cependant, les rugosites equivalentes de surfaces different entre -6° et 0°. Les essais avec le Staclean et le Hirec donnent des coefficients de trainee equivalent a ceux avec l'aluminium, alors que le Wearlon, le Nusil et le Phasebreak donnent une augmentation du coefficient de trainee de 13%, 17% et 25% respectivement par rapport a l'aluminium. Pour les coefficients de portance, la balance ne detecte pas l

  8. Vimentin in Bacterial Infections

    Mak, Tim N; Brüggemann, Holger


    -vimentin interactions are presented in this review: the role of vimentin in pathogen-binding on the cell surface and subsequent bacterial invasion and the interaction of cytosolic vimentin and intracellular pathogens with regards to innate immune signaling. Mechanistic insight is presented involving distinct bacterial......Despite well-studied bacterial strategies to target actin to subvert the host cell cytoskeleton, thus promoting bacterial survival, replication, and dissemination, relatively little is known about the bacterial interaction with other components of the host cell cytoskeleton, including intermediate...... filaments (IFs). IFs have not only roles in maintaining the structural integrity of the cell, but they are also involved in many cellular processes including cell adhesion, immune signaling, and autophagy, processes that are important in the context of bacterial infections. Here, we summarize the knowledge...

  9. Spectroscopic study of near closed-shell nuclei Z = 50, by means of the ({sup 3}He,d) and (d, {sup 3}He) reactions on all even tin isotopes, and the ({sup 3}He, d) reaction on the A = 113 and A = 115 indium isotopes; Etude spectroscopique des noyaux au voisinage de la couche fermee Z = 50, au moyen des reactions ({sup 3}He, d) et (d, {sup 3}He) sur tous les isotopes pairs de l'etain, et de la reaction ({sup 3}He, d) sur les isotopes 113, 115 de l'indium

    Harar, S. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    A systematic study of ({sup 3}He, d) reactions at 18 MeV incident energy and (d, {sup 3}He) reactions at 22 MeV incident energy on {sup 112,114,116,118,120,122,124}Sn is presented. The distorted wave Born approximation (DWBA) is used to extract informations on (a) the transferred angular momentum l{sub p}, (b) the change of parity and (c) the spectroscopic factor. We have investigated the influence of the proton-neutron residual interaction on the spread of the pure proton configuration (particle or hole), and on the observed level sequence. Experimental results and predictions of the Kisslinger and Sorensen model are in reasonable agreement. A study of {sup 113,115}In ({sup 3}He, d) {sup 114,116}Sn reactions shows strong experimental evidence that the proton particle hole components are weak in the first excited states of tin nuclei. Furthermore, highly excited states ({approx} 4 to 6 MeV) having a simple structure with one predominant particle-hole configuration have been located. (authors) [French] Nous presentons une etude systematique des reactions ({sup 3}He, d) a 18 MeV et (d, {sup 3}He) a 22 MeV sur {sup 112,114,116,118,120,122,124}Sn. L'approximation des ondes deformees (DWBA) est utilisee pour obtenir des informations sur le moment angulaire transfere l{sub p}, sur le changement de parite et le facteur spectroscopique. Nous avons etudie l'influence de l'interaction residuelle proton-neutron sur la repartition de l'intensite a une seule particule ou trou de proton, et sur les sequences des niveaux observes. Les resultats experimentaux et les previsions theoriques du modele de Kisslinger et Sorensen sont en assez bon accord. L'etude des reactions {sup 113,115}In ({sup 3}He, d) {sup 114,116}Sn apporte la preuve experimentale que les composantes particule - trou de protons des premiers etats excites des noyaux residuels sont faibles. Elle permet aussi de localiser des niveaux a une energie d'excitation elevee ({approx} 4 a 6 Me

  10. Demonstrating Bacterial Flagella.

    Porter, John R.; And Others


    Describes an effective laboratory method for demonstrating bacterial flagella that utilizes the Proteus mirabilis organism and a special harvesting technique. Includes safety considerations for the laboratory exercise. (MDH)

  11. Patrones iniciales de sucesión en claros experimentales de plantaciones de Pinus patula en el Embalse de Chisacá, Usme, Cundinamarca (Colombia

    Vargas Ríos Orlando


    Full Text Available Se presenta un estudio que determina el efecto de la creación de claros experimentales con diferentes densidades sobre los patrones iniciales de sucesión dentro de plantaciones de Pinus patula. Adicionalmente, se evaluó el efecto de la remoción de acículas del suelo. Antes del establecimiento de los claros ya se encontraban en las parcelas la mayoría de las especies (30, pero en muy baja proporción; luego del aclareo, se registraron
    25 especies determinadas entre plantas vasculares (20 y no vasculares (5; 13 de éstas resultaron de mayor relevancia debido a su mayor cobertura en las parcelas. Se pudo establecer que la apertura de claros, además de la mayor disponibilidad de luz solar, permite una mayor entrada de agua, con lo cual se estimula la germinación, crecimiento y establecimiento de individuos relativamente rápido. Se determinó que existe un banco de semillas dentro de las acículas del suelo. Es importante continuar con el monitoreo de las parcelas para un mejor entendimiento del fenómeno sucesional que ocurre.

  12. Ensayo de abrasión de Darmstadt para tuberías de alcantarillado pluvial: revisión de condiciones experimentales

    Andrés Eduardo Torres Abello


    Full Text Available El ensayo de abrasión de Darmstadt se ha utilizado principalmente para comparar la abrasión de diferentes tipos de tuberías. Sin embargo, no se han evidenciado claramente aún relaciones entre los resultados obtenidos mediante dicho ensayo y variables como la vida útil de los materiales o la composición del agua transportada. A partir de un montaje experimental, similar al de Darmstadt, se ensayaron tubos de concreto sin revestimiento, haciendo variar las condiciones experimentales. Se observó que el factor que más influencia tiene sobre los resultados obtenidos es la dureza del material abrasivo, seguido por la concentración en DBO5. Los resultados de abrasión obtenidos en laboratorio se compararon con estimaciones de abrasión sobre tubos de concreto en operación con el objetivo de observar una posible relación entre el tiempo del ensayo Darmstadt y el tiempo de servicio de las tuberías de alcantarillado.

  13. Nuevos datos experimentales sobre parámetros hidrogeológicos de la Cuenca de Madrid obtenidos a partir de muestras de sondeos

    Villarroya Gil, F. I.


    Full Text Available A critical review of main hydrogeological parameters (porosity, permeability and specific storage coefficient of Madrid Basin Detrital Aquifer is done. For this study, data from the bibliography and new laboratory analysis of grain size distribution (26, dry density (26, specific weight (26, permeability (20 and consolidation test (6 samples from three boreholes are used. The results are quite similar to those than already exist in the literature, although the porosity obtained is higher.Se hace una revisión crítica de los principales parámetros hidrogeológicos (porosidad, permeabilidad y coeficiente de almacenamiento específico, del Terciario detrítico de la cuenca de Madrid. Para este estudio además de los datos existentes en la bibliografía, se han realizado una serie de análisis de laboratorio desarrollados en las instalaciones del SGOP obteniendo, de esta manera, nuevos valores experimentales de los citados parámetros, mediante ensayos granulométricos (26, de densidad seca (26, de peso específico (26, de permeabilidad (20 y ensayos edométricos (6. Las muestras proceden de tres sondeos realizados en el casco urbano de Madrid por el SGOP (MOPU. Los resultados obtenidos coinciden, en gran medida, con los existentes en la bibliografía, si bien, los valores de porosidad total son marcadamente más altos.

  14. Análisis conductual aplicado en neuropsicología: fundamentos teóricos, experimentales y empíricos.

    José Alonso Aguilar-Valera


    Full Text Available El presente artículo presenta una revisión teórica donde se expone la importancia que tienen los principios y técnicas conductuales dentro del ámbito de la rehabilitación neuropsicológica. En la intervención clínica con pacientes víctimas de disfunción, daño o deterioro neurológico, donde las consecuencias directas sobre el comportamiento son significativas, el uso de las estrategias provenientes de las técnicas de modificación de conducta (conductuales y/o conductual-cognitivas son importantes para el tratamiento de los diversos síndromes neuroconductuales, estando dentro de las competencias del especialista en esta área aplicada de las neurociencias. Además de describirse tanto aspectos teóricos como experimentales de principal relevancia para estos fines, también se mencionarán algunos estudios empíricos llevados a cabo, bajo una metodología de caso único, para una mejor comprensión sobre la utilidad aplicativa de los principios conductuales en el ámbito de la neuropsicología clínica.

  15. Shuffling bacterial metabolomes

    Thomason, Brendan; Read, Timothy D.


    Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) has a far more significant role than gene duplication in bacterial evolution. This has recently been illustrated by work demonstrating the importance of HGT in the emergence of bacterial metabolic networks, with horizontally acquired genes being placed in peripheral pathways at the outer branches of the networks.

  16. Vimentin in Bacterial Infections.

    Mak, Tim N; Brüggemann, Holger


    Despite well-studied bacterial strategies to target actin to subvert the host cell cytoskeleton, thus promoting bacterial survival, replication, and dissemination, relatively little is known about the bacterial interaction with other components of the host cell cytoskeleton, including intermediate filaments (IFs). IFs have not only roles in maintaining the structural integrity of the cell, but they are also involved in many cellular processes including cell adhesion, immune signaling, and autophagy, processes that are important in the context of bacterial infections. Here, we summarize the knowledge about the role of IFs in bacterial infections, focusing on the type III IF protein vimentin. Recent studies have revealed the involvement of vimentin in host cell defenses, acting as ligand for several pattern recognition receptors of the innate immune system. Two main aspects of bacteria-vimentin interactions are presented in this review: the role of vimentin in pathogen-binding on the cell surface and subsequent bacterial invasion and the interaction of cytosolic vimentin and intracellular pathogens with regards to innate immune signaling. Mechanistic insight is presented involving distinct bacterial virulence factors that target vimentin to subvert its function in order to change the host cell fate in the course of a bacterial infection. PMID:27096872

  17. Prevention of bacterial adhesion

    Klemm, Per; Vejborg, Rebecca Munk; Hancock, Viktoria


    Management of bacterial infections is becoming increasingly difficult due to the emergence and increasing prevalence of bacterial pathogens that are resistant to available antibiotics. Conventional antibiotics generally kill bacteria by interfering with vital cellular functions, an approach that ...... become valuable weapons for preventing pathogen contamination and fighting infectious diseases in the future....

  18. Vimentin in Bacterial Infections

    Tim N. Mak


    Full Text Available Despite well-studied bacterial strategies to target actin to subvert the host cell cytoskeleton, thus promoting bacterial survival, replication, and dissemination, relatively little is known about the bacterial interaction with other components of the host cell cytoskeleton, including intermediate filaments (IFs. IFs have not only roles in maintaining the structural integrity of the cell, but they are also involved in many cellular processes including cell adhesion, immune signaling, and autophagy, processes that are important in the context of bacterial infections. Here, we summarize the knowledge about the role of IFs in bacterial infections, focusing on the type III IF protein vimentin. Recent studies have revealed the involvement of vimentin in host cell defenses, acting as ligand for several pattern recognition receptors of the innate immune system. Two main aspects of bacteria-vimentin interactions are presented in this review: the role of vimentin in pathogen-binding on the cell surface and subsequent bacterial invasion and the interaction of cytosolic vimentin and intracellular pathogens with regards to innate immune signaling. Mechanistic insight is presented involving distinct bacterial virulence factors that target vimentin to subvert its function in order to change the host cell fate in the course of a bacterial infection.

  19. Contribution to the study of several chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses; Contribution a l'etude de quelques nuisances chimiques au centre d'etudes nucleaires de Fontenay-aux-Roses

    Megemont, C.; Grau, C. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    From the checking of 2750 index cards of hazards, the study relates the distribution of the chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses. Those concerning the greatest number of agents in the Centre are classified according to the categories corresponding to the different conditions of working. Thus, the most important are put forward. Then, the authors rapidly make a review of hazards which may have some special interest because they appear more specific of the nuclear energy or because they are the most frequently noted on the index cards of hazards. The case of the tributylphosphate is studied more precisely. (authors) [French] A partir de l'examen de 2750 fiches de nuisances, l'etude porte sur la repartition des nuisances chimiques au Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Fontenay-aux-Roses. Celles qui concernent le plus grand nombre d'agents du Centre sont classees selon les categories correspondant aux differentes conditions de travail. Les plus importantes d'entre elles sont ainsi mises en evidence. | Les auteurs passent ensuite en revue, rapidement, les nuisances qui peuvent presenter un interet particulier soit parce qu'elles semblent plus specifiques de l'Energie Nucleaire, soit parce qu'on les rencontre le plus frequemment sur les fiches de nuisances. Le cas du tributylphosphate est envisage de facon plus detaillee. (auteurs)

  20. Study of the tributyl phosphate - 30% dodecane solvent; Etude du solvant phosphate tributylique - 30 % dodecane

    Leroy, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Fontenay-aux-Roses. Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires, 92 (France)


    This study, originating mainly from a literature survey, gives the principal chemical and physical features of the tributyl-phosphate (TBP) agent diluted at 30 volumes per cent in dodecane. The mixture is a very commonly used extractant in nuclear fuel processing. In this paper, the main following points are reported: -) the components (TBP and diluents) -) the TBP-diluents systems (non-loaded), -) the TBP-diluents-water systems, -) TBP-diluents-water-nitric acid systems, and -) industrial solvents. (author) [French] Cette etude, d'origine bibliographique, regroupe les caracteristiques physico-chimiques essentielles du phosphate tributylique (TBP) dilue a 30% en volume dans du dodecane. Ce melange constitue un agent d'extraction tres utilise dans le traitement des combustibles nucleaires. Les principaux points traites sont les suivants: -) les constituants (TBP et diluants), -) les systemes TBP-diluants non charges, -) les systemes TBP-diluants-eau, -) les systemes TBP-diluants-eau-acide nitrique, et -) les solvants industriels. (auteur)

  1. Loxoscelismo en Chile: estudios epidemiológicos, clínicos y experimentales Loxoscelism in Chile: epidemiological, clinical and experimental studies

    Hugo Schenone


    Full Text Available Se presenta un enfoque panorámico de estudios epidemiológicos, clínicos y experimentales referentes a Loxosceles laeta y loxoscelismo efectuados en 1955-1988 en Santiago, Chile. Se estudiaron 216 casos de loxoscelismo. Los hechos más relevantes fueron: 52,8% correspondió a mujeres; edad entre 7 meses y 78 años; 84,3% fué loxoscelismo cutáneo (LO y 15,7% loxoscelismo cutáneo-visceral (LCV; 73,6% sucedió en época calurosa; en 86,6% el accidente ocurrió en la vivienda, especialmente en dormitorios, mientras la persona dormía o se vestía. La araña fué vista en 60,2% de los casos e identificada en laboratorio como L. laeta en 17,7% (10,6% de los 216 casos. Los sitios más frecuen temente afectados fueron las extremidades con 67,6%, lancetazo urente fué el síntoma inicial más frecuente. Dolor, edema y placa livedoide, la cual posteriormente se transformaría en escara necrótica, fueron las manifestaciones locales predominantes. En LCV hematuria y hemoglobinuria fueron constantes, ictericia, fiebre y compromiso de conciencia se presentaron en la mayoría de los casos. Tratamiento: LC con antihistamínicos o corticoides inyectables, LCV con corti-coides inyectables. La condición de los pacientes en el último control fué: curación completa en 75,5%, curación con secuela cicatrizal en 8,3%, muerte en 3,7% (todos con LCV y abandono en 12,5%. Adicionalmente, se ha efectuado una serie de estudios experimentales, tanto in vivo como in vitro para esclarecer aspectos básicos sobre el veneno de L. laeta y el tratamiento del loxoscelismo.A panoramic sight of epidemiological, clinical and experimental studies, referring to Loxosceles laeta and loxoscelism, carried out in 1955-1988, in Santiago, Chile is presented. Two-hundred and sixteen cases of loxosce lism were studied. The most relevant features were: 84.3% corresponded to cutaneous loxosce lism (CD and 15.7% to viscerocutaneous loxos celism (VCD; 73.6% ocurred in hot season; in 86

  2. Bacterial Wound Culture

    ... Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Bacterial Wound Culture Share this page: Was this page helpful? Also known as: Aerobic Wound Culture; Anaerobic Wound Culture Formal name: Culture, wound Related ...

  3. Bacterial Meningitis in Infants

    J Gordon Millichap


    Full Text Available A retrospective study of 80 infantile patients (ages 30-365 days; 47 male, 33 female with culture-proven bacterial meningitis seen over a 16 year period (1986-2001 is reported from Taiwan.

  4. Calibrating bacterial evolution

    Ochman, Howard; Elwyn, Susannah; Moran, Nancy A


    Attempts to calibrate bacterial evolution have relied on the assumption that rates of molecular sequence divergence in bacteria are similar to those of higher eukaryotes, or to those of the few bacterial taxa for which ancestors can be reliably dated from ecological or geological evidence. Despite similarities in the substitution rates estimated for some lineages, comparisons of the relative rates of evolution at different classes of nucleotide sites indicate no basis for their universal appl...

  5. Validez Estructurada para una investigación cuasi-experimental de calidad: se cumplen 50 años de la presentación en sociedad de los diseños cuasi-experimentales

    Paula Fernández-García


    Full Text Available Investigación cuasi-experimental es aquella que tiene como objetivo poner a prueba una hipótesis causal manipulando (al menos una variable independiente donde por razones logísticas o éticas no se puede asignar las unidades de investigación aleatoriamente a los grupos. Debido a que muchas decisiones a nivel social se toman en base al resultado de investigaciones con estas características, es imperativo que tengan una planificación exquisita de la aplicación del tratamiento, del control en el proceso de la investigación y del análisis de los datos. El pasado año 2013 los diseños cuasi-experimentales cumplieron 50 años, y este trabajo es un homenaje a Campbell y a todos los investigadores que día a día aportan ideas para mejorar el método cuasi-experimental en alguno de sus aspectos. De la mano de una revisión de las investigaciones cuasi-experimentales publicadas en un período de 11 años en tres revistas de Psicología destacamos algunos aspectos que se refieren al cuidado del método. Finalizamos el trabajo proponiendo el concepto de Validez Estructurada, que en resumen, es el hilo conductor que debe seguir la realización de toda investigación para poner a prueba con garantía las hipótesis que responden a los objetivos que en ella se plantean, concretamente, en las investigaciones cuasi-experimentales.

  6. La Actividad metacognitiva como desencadenante de procesos autorreguladores en las concepciones y prácticas de enseñanza de los profesores de ciencias experimentales una propuesta de formación del profesorado /

    Lucio Gil, Rafael


    Consultable des del TDX Títol obtingut de la portada digitalitzada Las reformas educativas y los enfoques de la formación del profesorado de ciencias experimentales han mostrado tener poca eficacia en Nicaragua, por cuanto se traducen en cambios formales y no en cambios de concepciones y prácticas. Esta realidad se traduce en modelos de formación del profesorado con enfoque técnico que no favorecen la reflexión y autonomía docentes. Por esta razón el objetivo de este trabajo es elaborar...

  7. La actividad metacognitiva como desencadenante de procesos autorreguladores en las concepciones y prácticas de enseñanza de los profesores de ciencias experimentales. Una propuesta de Formación

    Lucio Gil, Rafael


    Las reformas educativas y los enfoques de la formación del profesorado de ciencias experimentales han mostrado tener poca eficacia en Nicaragua, por cuanto se traducen en cambios formales y no en cambios de concepciones y prácticas. Esta realidad se traduce en modelos de formación del profesorado con enfoque técnico que no favorecen la reflexión y autonomía docentes.Por esta razón el objetivo de este trabajo es elaborar y poner a prueba una propuesta de formación docente con un grupo de cuatr...

  8. Competencias científica promovidas en las actividades experimentales y su articulación con los lineamientos curriculares para el área de Ciencias Naturales en la básica primaria

    Ruiz Ortega, F.


    Teniendo en cuenta la importancia de la formación de ciudadanos competentes, dadas las nuevas políticas nacionales e internacionales, la investigación que se plantea tiene como propósito establecer los puntos de encuentro y distanciamiento al comparar la promoción de competencias científicas en prácticas experimentales de un escenario educativo de la ciudad de Barcelona y su coherencia y/o pertinencia con los lineamientos curriculares del área de ciencias naturales para la educación primaria ...

  9. La conformación del cáncer como objeto científico y problema sanitario en la Argentina: discursos, prácticas experimentales e iniciativas institucionales, 1903-1922

    José D Buschini


    El trabajo analiza la conformación del cáncer como problema sanitario y como objeto científico en la Argentina en las dos primeras décadas del siglo XX. Se consideran la adquisición y circulación de conocimientos foráneos sobre el tema, el contexto en el que surgieron los primeros desarrollos experimentales, las iniciativas institucionales promovidas desde la profesión médica y el modo en que se logró interesar a las autoridades estatales y a la sociedad civil para darles curso. Se estudia de...

  10. Ablación de modelos experimentales para estudio del encurvamiento periférico en la topografía corneal post-LASIK para corrección de miopía

    Velarde Rodríguez, José Ignacio; Casuso Diego, Patricia; Martínez Galdón, Fátima; Llorca Díaz, Francisco Javier; Ortiz Márquez, María Dolores


    En pacientes miopes intervenidos mediante cirugía LASIK, se observa en la topografía corneal la presencia de una encurvamiento a nivel periférico, cuya causa se ha relacionado con la biomecánica corneal. En este estudio, se analizó la presencia de este encurvamiento sobre cuatro tipos de modelos corneales experimentales sin respuesta biomecánica. Se observó la presencia de un anillo de encurvamiento periférico sobre la zona de transición que estaría en desacuerdo con un origen biomecánico del...

  11. Contribution to the study, by magnetic resonance, of the properties of heavily doped silicon at low temperature; Contribution a l'etude par resonance magnetique des proprietes a basse temperature du silicium fortement dope

    Jerome, D. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    nature dipolaire avec ces memes centres paramagnetiques. On propose un mecanisme base sur l'existence des paires ionisees pour la relaxation electronique des donneurs dependant de leur concentration qui est mise en evidence par une etude experimentale dans la gamme 10{sup 16}-10{sup 17} impuretes par cm{sup 3}. Pour des densites croissantes d'impuretes, la delocalisation des electrons s'accentue. Avec 2,5 X 10{sup 18} P/cm{sup 3} le couplage de nature hyperfine avec les electrons est responsable de la relaxation nucleaire {sup 29}Si. On obtient que la densite electronique presente encore dans le domaine metallique un maximum important au voisinage des impuretes. Une estimation de la largeur de la bande d'impuretes (19 deg. K) est obtenue d'apres la mesure de la susceptibilite paramagnetique electronique. (auteur)

  12. Pharmacological study of radioactive-gold colloid transport by blood and by serous exudate; Contribution a l'etude pharmacologique du transport des colloides d'or radioactif par le sang et les exsudats sereux

    Rousselet, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    substances et particulierement dans le transport de l'or colloidal radioactif. Les fractions sanguines qui peuvent participer au transport de l'or colloidal sont les hematies, les leucocytes et elements histiocytaires, et le plasma. La repartition de la radioactivite dans ces elements est precisee en pratiquant des autoradiographies de coupes de culots de sang centrifuge et congele apres incubation avec de l'or colloidal. Cette etude montre l'importance du plasma dans le transport des particules radioactives. Nous avons alors recherche une fixation eventuelle de l'or colloidal 198 sur les diverses proteines seriques en appliquant certaines methodes de separation a savoir une filtration-exclusion sur colonne de gel de Sephadex G-200 et un fractionnement electrophoretique sur papier et sur acetate de cellulose gelatineux (cellogel). Nous avons etudie la liaison ''in vitro'' et ''in vivo'' des particules colloidales d'or 198 d'abord avec les proteines seriques de sujets sains puis avec les proteines des liquides d'epanchement d'origine pathologique, chez l'homme, ou du a une inflammation experimentale a la carragenine chez le rat. Les particules d'or colloidal 198 de 30 m{mu} (S-2) sont liees dans une certaine mesure aux {alpha}2 globulines sanguines ou ascitiques, celles de 5 m{mu} (S-6) sont liees aux {alpha}1 globulines de meme que les grains contenus dans l'or polydisperse. Cette liaison semble intervenir grace a la couche protectrice de macromolecules constituees par la gelatine. Seules les caracteristiques physicochimiques de grains colloidaux peuvent expliquer leur difference de localisation sur l'electrophoregramme. L'or sous forme ionique, par contre, est combine, aux seules albumines si la quantite de metal presente ne depasse pas une certaine limite. (auteur)

  13. Bacterial meningitis in children

    To demonstrate the epidemiology, clinical manifestations and bacteriological profile of bacterial meningitis in children beyond the neonatal period in our hospital. This was a retrospective descriptive study conducted at Prince Rashid Hospital in Irbid, Jordan. The medical records of 50 children with the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis during 4 years period, were reviewed. The main cause of infection was streptococcus pneumoniae, followed by Haemophilus influenza and Niesseria meningitides. Mortality was higher in infants and meningococcal infection, while complications were more encountered in cases of streptococcus pneumoniae. Cerebrospinal fluid culture was positive in 11 cases and Latex agglutination test in 39. There is a significant reduction of the numbers of bacterial meningitis caused by Haemophilus influenza type B species. (author)

  14. Diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis

    Đukić Slobodanka


    Full Text Available Bacterial vaginosis is a common, complex clinical syndrome characterized by alterations in the normal vaginal flora. When symptomatic, it is associated with a malodorous vaginal discharge and on occasion vaginal burning or itching. Under normal conditions, lactobacilli constitute 95% of the bacteria in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis is associated with severe reduction or absence of the normal H2O2­producing lactobacilli and overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria and Gardnerella vaginalis, Atopobium vaginae, Mycoplasma hominis and Mobiluncus species. Most types of infectious disease are diagnosed by culture, by isolating an antigen or RNA/DNA from the microbe, or by serodiagnosis to determine the presence of antibodies to the microbe. Therefore, demonstration of the presence of an infectious agent is often a necessary criterion for the diagnosis of the disease. This is not the case for bacterial vaginosis, since the ultimate cause of the disease is not yet known. There are a variety of methods for the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis but no method can at present be regarded as the best. Diagnosing bacterial vaginosis has long been based on the clinical criteria of Amsel, whereby three of four defined criteria must be satisfied. Nugent’s scoring system has been further developed and includes validation of the categories of observable bacteria structures. Up­to­date molecular tests are introduced, and better understanding of vaginal microbiome, a clear definition for bacterial vaginosis, and short­term and long­term fluctuations in vaginal microflora will help to better define molecular tests within the broader clinical context.

  15. Interfering with bacterial gossip

    Bjarnsholt, Thomas; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Givskov, Michael


    defense. Antibiotics exhibit a rather limited effect on biofilms. Furthermore, antibiotics have an ‘inherent obsolescence’ because they select for development of resistance. Bacterial infections with origin in bacterial biofilms have become a serious threat in developed countries. Pseudomonas aeruginosa......, resistance and QS inhibition as future antimicrobial targets, in particular those that would work to minimize selection pressures for the development of resistant bacteria.......Biofilm resilience poses major challenges to the development of novel antimicrobial agents. Biofilm bacteria can be considered small groups of “Special Forces” capable of infiltrating the host and destroying important components of the cellular defense system with the aim of crippling the host...

  16. Contribution to the study of several chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses

    From the checking of 2750 index cards of hazards, the study relates the distribution of the chemical hazards in the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires of Fontenay-aux-Roses. Those concerning the greatest number of agents in the Centre are classified according to the categories corresponding to the different conditions of working. Thus, the most important are put forward. Then, the authors rapidly make a review of hazards which may have some special interest because they appear more specific of the nuclear energy or because they are the most frequently noted on the index cards of hazards. The case of the tributylphosphate is studied more precisely. (authors)


    HADJ ABDELKADER, Fatima Zohra


    ETUDE DE L’ETAT NUTRITIONNEL ET SANITAIRE DE QUELQUES VARIETES DU GENRE PRUNUS DANS LA WILAYA DE TLEMCEN La présente expérimentation s'inscrit dans le cadre d'une recherche sur la nutrition minérale et l’état sanitaire de quelques espèces du genre Prunus en l’occurrence le merisier (Prunus avium) et Sainte Lucie (Prunus mahaleb) avec quelques cultivars tels que Gaouar et Bigarreau Noir. Ce travail est basé essentiellement sur l'analyse physicochimique de l’eau et du sol ainsi que l'anal...

  18. Observaciones Experimentales sobre la Fuerza Motriz en la Propagación de Grietas de Fatiga Experimental Observations on the Driving Force in Fatigue Crack Propagation

    Jorge A. R Durán


    Full Text Available Se analiza el papel que juega el factor de intensidad de las tensiones efectivo y aplicado (ΔKeff y ΔKapp como fuerzas motrices en la propagación de grietas por fatiga. Para poder utilizar confiablemente el ΔKeff en diseño es preciso demostrar que éste solo depende de los mismos parámetros incluidos en la expresión del AKapp (la tensión nominal, el tamaño de la grieta y la función de geometría. Con el objetivo de verificar este comportamiento se hicieron ensayos de K creciente y decreciente en una misma probeta. El factor de cierre U=ΔKeff/ΔKapp mostró una variación acentuada con el tamaño de la grieta en todos los ensayos por lo que no debe usarse el ΔKeff en diseño mecánico. Los datos experimentales también se muestran en tres dimensiones encontrando similares resultados, aunque no es posible generalizar la conclusión con los datos disponibles.The role of the effective and applied stress intensity factors (ΔKapp and ΔKeff as driving forces in fatigue crack growth is analyzed. To make a reliable use of ΔKeff in design it is needed to show that this parameter depends only on the same parameters that are included in the expression of ΔKapp (the nominal stress, the crack size and the geometry function. To verify this behavior experimental K-increasing and K-decreasing tests were done with the same specimen. The closure factor U= ΔKeff/ΔK showed an accentuated variation with crack size in all the tests, so ΔKeff should not be used for design purposes. The experimental data are also presented in three dimensions finding similar results, although it is not possible to generalize the results with the data available.

  19. Coeficientes de digestibilidad total y de proteínas en alimentos experimentales para juveniles de Oplegnathus insignis (Kner, 1867 (Perciformes, Oplegnathidae

    Avelino Muñoz


    Full Text Available Los alimentos para peces están formulados con diversos ingredientes, donde la harina de pescado es la principal fuente de proteína. Sin embargo, este insumo tiene un alto costo que lleva a la necesidad de evaluar nuevas fuentes de proteínas y probarlas en especies marinas. Oplegnathus insignis (San Pedro, Pacific beakfish es una especie omnívora en su etapa intermareal y carnívora en su etapa submareal, que ha sido cultivada de manera experimental, siendo necesario incorporar dietas formuladas. Este estudio reporta la experiencia en alimentación y nutrición, de juveniles de O. insignis alimentados con dietas formuladas con distintas fuentes de proteína. Se efectuó una experiencia con juveniles de O. insignis provenientes de un cultivo experimental. Se formularon cuatro alimentos, uno en base de harina de pescado (referencia y tres modificando la fuente de proteína del alimento de referencia, intercambiando un 30% de harina de pescado, por harina de soya, harina de moluscos y harina de quinoa. Se experimentó con 180 ind de 295,6 g y de 450 días post-eclosión, distribuidos en 12 estanques rectangulares de 1,6 m³. La alimentación fue a saciedad. Se efectuaron análisis próximales de los alimentos experimentales de las heces colectadas. Se determinó los coeficientes de digestibilidad total y proteína. El alimento con mayor contenido de proteína fue el que contenía harina de moluscos. El mayor coeficiente de digestibilidad total lo tienen los alimentos con harina de pescado (68,0% y harina de moluscos (67,1%, mientras que en los alimentos en base a harinas vegetales, la digestibilidad total para la harina de soya fue de 62,7% y para harina de quinoa de 64,1%. Estos resultados indican que es factible reemplazar un 30% de la harina de pescado por harinas de origen vegetal.

  20. Implementación de actividades experimentales usando materiales de fácil obtención como estrategia didáctica en la enseñanza aprendizaje de la química en la básica secundaria

    Mejía Padilla, María Fernanda


    Resumen: La estrategia didáctica propuesta en este trabajo es la aplicación de actividades experimentales en el aula de clase empleando materiales de fácil obtención en la enseñanza de la química para fomentar competencias científicas en los estudiantes de la básica secundaria. De acuerdo a los resultados obtenidos en las cinco actividades experimentales aplicadas, se observó que la mayoría de los estudiantes del grupo en el cual se realizó la intervención didáctica, presentaron un mejor ...

  1. Utilización de la autorradiografía en la detección de antígenos predominantes de Trichinella spiralis en tres modelos experimentales WESTERN BLOT AUTORADIOGRAPHY IN THE DETECTION OF DOMINANT ANTIGENS OF Trichinella spiralis IN THREE EXPERIMENTAL ANIMALS MODELS



    En el presente estudio se llevó a cabo la detección de antígenos predominantes de Trichinella spiralis en 3 modelos experimentales (Rata, ratón y conejo), mediante Western blot (WB) autorradiografía. A los animales experimentales se les administró larvas infectantes del parásito y se sangraron pre-inoculación y a la cuarta semana postinfección. El AST (Antígeno soluble de Trichinella) se obtuvo a partir de larvas de músculo de rata experimentalmente infectadas. Con el AST se realizaron corrid...

  2. Bacterial extracellular lignin peroxidase

    Crawford, Donald L.; Ramachandra, Muralidhara


    A newly discovered lignin peroxidase enzyme is provided. The enzyme is obtained from a bacterial source and is capable of degrading the lignin portion of lignocellulose in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. The enzyme is extracellular, oxidative, inducible by lignin, larch wood xylan, or related substrates and capable of attacking certain lignin substructure chemical bonds that are not degradable by fungal lignin peroxidases.

  3. Bacterial Skin Infections

    ... or scraped, the injury should be washed with soap and water and covered with a sterile bandage. Petrolatum may be applied to open areas to keep the tissue moist and to try to prevent bacterial invasion. Doctors recommend that people do not use ...

  4. Bacterial microflora of nectarines

    Microflora of fruit surfaces has been the best source of antagonists against fungi causing postharvest decays of fruit. However, there is little information on microflora colonizing surfaces of fruits other than grapes, apples, and citrus fruit. We characterized bacterial microflora on nectarine f...

  5. Estudios experimentales sobre la Dicroceliosis

    Campo, Raquel


    [EN] In order to look into the transmission process of the liver Digenea Dicrocoelium dendriticum (RUDOLPHI, 1819) LOOSS, 1899, in greater depth, studies of parasite behaviour in their intermediate (molluscs and ants) as well as their definitive hosts (lambs) were carried out. Some aspects of the parasite / host relationship were likewise studied. Studies carried out on ants We collected 1,273 specimens of Formica rufibarbis at the tetanic stage between May and October. Of t...

  6. Technological study of organic fluids; Etudes technologiques des fluides caloporteurs organique

    Leveque, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Under contract to EURATOM (MM. VAN der VENNE and HANNAERT), the C.E.A. and the Progil Society have collaborated on a technological study of the terphenyls. The results obtained from the radiolysis and pyrolysis of the product OM2 (70 p. 100 m-terphenyl, 25 p. 100 o-terphenyl, 5 p. 100 p-terphenyl) are reported. Using two pile loops at temperatures up to 450 deg. C, a phenomena of accelerated pyrolysis on the radiolized material has been demonstrated. Some by-products of the petroleum industry have also been studied, with a view to finding substitutes for terphenyl. (author) [French] Le C.E.A. et la Societe PROGIL ont entrepris en commun sous contrat EURATOM (MM. VAN der VENNE et HANNAERT) une etude technologique des terphenyles. Les resultats de radiolyse et de pyrolyse obtenus sur le produit OM2 (70 p. 100 m-terphenyle, 25 p. 100 o-terphenyle. 5 p. 100 de p-terphenyle) sont exposes. L'exploitation de deux boucles en pile jusqu'a des temperatures de 450 deg. C a mis en evidence un phenomene de pyrolyse acceleree sur le produit radiolyse. On a etudie egalement quelques sous-produits de l'industrie petroliere dans le but de trouver des substituts au terphenyle. (auteur)

  7. Heme uptake in bacterial pathogens

    Contreras, Heidi; Chim, Nicholas; Credali, Alfredo; Goulding, Celia W.


    Iron is an essential nutrient for the survival of organisms. Bacterial pathogens possess specialized pathways to acquire heme from their human hosts. In this review, we present recent structural and biochemical data that provide mechanistic insights into several bacterial heme uptake pathways, encompassing the sequestration of heme from human hemoproteins to secreted or membrane-associated bacterial proteins, the transport of heme across bacterial membranes, and the degradation of heme within...

  8. Evolutionary transitions in bacterial symbiosis

    Sachs, Joel L.; Skophammer, Ryan G.; Regus, John U.


    Diverse bacterial lineages form beneficial infections with eukaryotic hosts. The origins, evolution, and breakdown of these mutualisms represent important evolutionary transitions. To examine these key events, we synthesize data from diverse interactions between bacteria and eukaryote hosts. Five evolutionary transitions are investigated, including the origins of bacterial associations with eukaryotes, the origins and subsequent stable maintenance of bacterial mutualism with hosts, the captur...

  9. [Bacterial diseases of rape].

    Zakharova, O M; Mel'nychuk, M D; Dankevych, L A; Patyka, V P


    Bacterial destruction of the culture was described and its agents identified in the spring and winter rape crops. Typical symptoms are the following: browning of stem tissue and its mucilagization, chlorosis of leaves, yellowing and beginning of soft rot in the place of leaf stalks affixion to stems, loss of pigmentation (violet). Pathogenic properties of the collection strains and morphological, cultural, physiological, and biochemical properties of the agents of rape's bacterial diseases isolated by the authors have been investigated. It was found that all the isolates selected by the authors are highly or moderately aggressive towards different varieties of rape. According to the complex of phenotypic properties 44% of the total number of isolates selected by the authors are related to representatives of the genus Pseudomonas, 37% - to Xanthomonas and 19% - to Pectobacterium. PMID:23293826

  10. Bacterial proteases and virulence

    Frees, Dorte; Brøndsted, Lone; Ingmer, Hanne

    Bacterial pathogens rely on proteolysis for variety of purposes during the infection process. In the cytosol, the main proteolytic players are the conserved Clp and Lon proteases that directly contribute to virulence through the timely degradation of virulence regulators and indirectly by providing...... tolerance to adverse conditions such as those experienced in the host. In the membrane, HtrA performs similar functions whereas the extracellular proteases, in close contact with host components, pave the way for spreading infections by degrading host matrix components or interfering with host cell...... cell. These extracellular proteases are activated in complex cascades involving auto-processing and proteolytic maturation. Thus, proteolysis has been adopted by bacterial pathogens at multiple levels to ensure the success of the pathogen in contact with the human host....

  11. Supramolecular bacterial systems

    Sankaran, Shrikrishnan


    For nearly over a decade, a wide variety of dynamic and responsive supramolecular architectures have been investigated and developed to address biological systems. Since the non-covalent interactions between individual molecular components in such architectures are similar to the interactions found in living systems, it was possible to integrate chemically-synthesized and naturally-occurring components to create platforms with interesting bioactive properties. Bacterial cells and recombinant ...

  12. Bacterial transformation of terpenoids

    Data on the bacterial transformation of terpenoids published in the literature in the past decade are analyzed. Possible pathways for chemo-, regio- and stereoselective modifications of terpenoids are discussed. Considerable attention is given to new technological approaches to the synthesis of terpenoid derivatives suitable for the use in the perfume and food industry and promising as drugs and chiral intermediates for fine organic synthesis. The bibliography includes 246 references

  13. Propuesta para la Formación Agroecológica de los Estudiantes y el mejoramiento de las áreas básicas experimentales del Instituto Politécnico “Agropecuario Álvaro Reynoso"

    Marlene Rodríguez Macias


    Full Text Available El trabajo está encaminado a lograr la formación agroecológica de los estudiantes del Instituto Politécnico Agropecuario “Álvaro Reynoso”, a través del currículum y del trabajo que realicen en  las áreas básicas experimentales. Se realizó análisis al Perfil Ocupacional, Plan de Estudio y Programas de las Asignaturas correspondientes, según las Resoluciones Ministeriales 119/94 y 138/2002. Se determinaron los contenidos que influyen en la formación agroecológica de los estudiantes así cómo las relaciones interdisciplinares. Se realizaron encuestas a los estudiantes, para conocer el grado de preparación en temas agroecológicos;  a profesores, trabajadores y Consejo de Dirección para evaluar su preparación técnica y metodológica, para aprovechar las potencialidades de los contenidos de los programas en función de una enseñanza integral basada en principios agroecológicos y de sostenibilidad. Se efectuó un diagnóstico agroecológico a las áreas básicas experimentales para conocer el grado de sostenibilidad de las mismas, con vistas a su correcta utilización en el desarrollo de habilidades en los estudiantes.Los resultados obtenidos demuestran que los estudiantes no tienen desarrollada una conciencia agroecológica, falta preparación en los profesores y trabajadores agrícola. El diagnóstico agroecológico arrojó que las áreas básicas experimentales no responden a las características de sostenibilidad y por tanto no permiten el desarrollo de habilidades con este fin. Atendiendo a estos resultados se propone una estrategia encaminada a elevar la preparación técnica y metodológica y el mejoramiento de las áreas docentes productivas

  14. Contribution to the study of french pitchblendes; Contribution a l'etude des pechblendes francaises

    Geffroy, J. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Lab. de Mineralogie, Centre de Chatillon (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Sarcia, J.A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Div. de la Crouzille, Haute Vienne (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The authors first review the characteristics of uraninite-pitchblende, as deduced of present literature. They set apart from typical pitchblende a black oxide aspect, which probably corresponds to neo-formations, and a 'para-pitchblende' aspect, which they relate to deep sur-oxidation of normal pitchblende. They insist on the easy replacement of pitchblende by silica. and give indications as to changes in vein stones (fluorite, quartz, etc...). A detailed study of paragenesis and successions in french uranium districts follows (including discussion of uranium of uranium-bearing coals). The authors attempt to classify french pitchblende veins. They are chiefly epithermal and poor in satellite ores. Three types of deposits are identified: massive - pitchblende type, silica type, fluorite type. These deposits, as those of Portugal, are included in granite, Central-European peri-batholitic types where uranium associates which Ni, Co, Bi and Ag, are in France both rare and poor. Finally, the authors attempt to bring out in the european Hercynian area a particular distribution of paragenetic types. (authors) [French] Les auteurs recapitulent d'abord les caracteres et les occurences de l'uraninite - pechblende, tels qu'ils peuvent etre degages de l'actuelle bibliographie. Ils exposent ensuite les faits qui du point de vue mineralogique seulement ressortent de l'etude mineralogique et chalcographique des pechblendes francaises et de leurs satellites. Ils distinguent de la pechblende-type un facies oxyde noir; correspondant probablement a une neoformation, et un facies parapechblende, qui est rapporte a une sur oxydation hypogene de la pechblende proprement dite. Ils insistent sur le facile remaniement de la pechblende par la slice; et donnent quelques precisions sur les modifications des gangues (fluorine, quartz, etc...). Suit l'etude detaillee des parageneses et des successions dans les districts uraniferes francais: Divisions du

  15. Contribución al estudio del aprendizaje de las ciencias experimentales en la educación infantil: cambio conceptual y construcción de modelos científicos precursores

    Canedo Ibarra, Sabrina Patricia


    [spa] Este estudio ha tenido como objetivo principal la comprensión del proceso de aprendizaje de las ciencias experimentales en la educación infantil con niños de 5-6 años de edad. El proceso de aprendizaje se ha estudiado considerando las teorías del cambio conceptual y la construcción de modelos científicos precursores (MCP) en un contexto dialógico de instrucción. Para tal efecto, el estudio abordó dos estudios de casos: el fenómeno de flotación y hundimiento de los cuerpos y la caracteri...

  16. Bacterial Degradation of Pesticides

    Knudsen, Berith Elkær

    This PhD project was carried out as part of the Microbial Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Water Resources (MIRESOWA) project, funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research (grant number 2104-08-0012). The environment is contaminated with various xenobiotic compounds e.g. pesticides......D student, to construct fungal-bacterial consortia in order to potentially stimulate pesticide degradation thereby increasing the chance of successful bioaugmentation. The results of the project are reported in three article manuscripts, included in this thesis. In manuscript I, the mineralization of 2...

  17. Bacterial mitotic machineries

    Gerdes, Kenn; Møller-Jensen, Jakob; Ebersbach, Gitte; Kruse, Torben; Nordström, Kurt


    Here, we review recent progress that yields fundamental new insight into the molecular mechanisms behind plasmid and chromosome segregation in prokaryotic cells. In particular, we describe how prokaryotic actin homologs form mitotic machineries that segregate DNA before cell division. Thus, the P......M protein of plasmid R1 forms F actin-like filaments that separate and move plasmid DNA from mid-cell to the cell poles. Evidence from three different laboratories indicate that the morphogenetic MreB protein may be involved in segregation of the bacterial chromosome....

  18. Bacterial terpene cyclases.

    Dickschat, Jeroen S


    Covering: up to 2015. This review summarises the accumulated knowledge about characterised bacterial terpene cyclases. The structures of identified products and of crystallised enzymes are included, and the obtained insights into enzyme mechanisms are discussed. After a summary of mono-, sesqui- and diterpene cyclases the special cases of the geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol synthases that are both particularly widespread in bacteria will be presented. A total number of 63 enzymes that have been characterised so far is presented, with 132 cited references. PMID:26563452

  19. Bacterial contamination of enteral diets.

    de Leeuw, I H; Vandewoude, M F


    Enteral feeding solutions can be contaminated by bacterial micro-organisms already present in the ingredients, or introduced during preparation or transport, or in the hospital ward. During jejunostomy feeding without pump or filter, ascending bacterial invasion of the feeding bag is possible. In patients with lowered immune response contaminated feedings can cause serious septic clinical problems. The progressive loss of the nutritional value of the enteral feeding solution by bacterial cont...

  20. Transport powered by bacterial turbulence

    Kaiser, Andreas; Peshkov, Anton; Sokolov, Andrey; ten Hagen, Borge; Löwen, Hartmut; Aranson, Igor S.


    We demonstrate that collective turbulent-like motion in a bacterial bath can power and steer directed transport of mesoscopic carriers through the suspension. In our experiments and simulations, a microwedge-like "bulldozer" draws energy from a bacterial bath of varied density. We obtain that a maximal transport speed is achieved in the turbulent state of the bacterial suspension. This apparent rectification of random motion of bacteria is caused by polar ordered bacteria inside the cusp regi...

  1. Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis

    Anastasios Koulaouzidis; Shivaram Bhat; Athar A Saeed


    Since its initial description in 1964, research has transformed spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) from a feared disease (with reported mortality of 90%) to a treatable complication of decompensated cirrhosis,albeit with steady prevalence and a high recurrence rate. Bacterial translocation, the key mechanism in the pathogenesis of SBP, is only possible because of the concurrent failure of defensive mechanisms in cirrhosis.Variants of SBP should be treated. Leucocyte esterase reagent strips have managed to shorten the 'tap-toshot' time, while future studies should look into their combined use with ascitic fluid pH. Third generation cephalosporins are the antibiotic of choice because they have a number of advantages. Renal dysfunction has been shown to be an independent predictor of mortality in patients with SBP. Albumin is felt to reduce the risk of renal impairment by improving effective intravascular volume, and by helping to bind proinflammatory molecules. Following a single episode of SBP, patients should have long-term antibiotic prophylaxis and be considered for liver transplantation.

  2. Adult bacterial meningitis

    Meyer, C N; Samuelsson, I S; Galle, M;


    Episodes of adult bacterial meningitis (ABM) at a Danish hospital in 1991-2000 were identified from the databases of the Department of Clinical Microbiology, and compared with data from the Danish National Patient Register and the Danish National Notification System. Reduced penicillin susceptibi......Episodes of adult bacterial meningitis (ABM) at a Danish hospital in 1991-2000 were identified from the databases of the Department of Clinical Microbiology, and compared with data from the Danish National Patient Register and the Danish National Notification System. Reduced penicillin...... susceptibility occurred in 21 (23%) of 92 cases of known aetiology, compared to an estimated 6% in nationally notified cases (p <0.001). Ceftriaxone plus penicillin as empirical treatment was appropriate in 97% of ABM cases in the study population, and in 99.6% of nationally notified cases. The notification rate...... was 75% for penicillin-susceptible episodes, and 24% for penicillin-non-susceptible episodes (p <0.001). Cases involving staphylococci, Pseudomonas spp. and Enterobacteriaceae were under-reported. Among 51 ABM cases with no identified risk factors, nine of 11 cases with penicillin...

  3. [Endogenous bacterial endophthalmitis].

    Cornut, P-L; Chiquet, C


    Endogenous bacterial endophthalmitis, also called metastatic bacterial endophthalmitis, remains a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. It is a rare and potentially sight-threatening ocular infection that occurs when bacteria reach the eye via the bloodstream, cross the blood-ocular barrier, and multiply within the eye. It usually affects immunocompromised patients and those suffering from diabetes mellitus, malignancy, or cardiac disease, but has also been reported after invasive procedures or in previously healthy people. In most cases, the ocular symptoms occur after the diagnosis of septicemia or systemic infection. Ocular symptoms include decreased vision, redness, discharge, pain, and floaters. The ocular inflammatory signs may be anterior and/or posterior. Bilateral involvement occurs in nearly 25% of cases. A wide range of microorganisms are involved, with differences in their frequency according to geography as well as the patient's age and past medical history, because of variations in the predisposing conditions and the source of the sepsis. The majority of patients are initially misdiagnosed, and ophthalmologists should be aware of this because prompt local and general management is required to save the eye and/or the patient's life. PMID:21145128

  4. Periodic growth of bacterial colonies

    Yamazaki, Yoshihiro; Ikeda, Takemasa; Shimada, Hirotoshi; Hiramatsu, Fumiko; Kobayashi, Naoki; Wakita, Jun-ichi; Itoh, Hiroto; Kurosu, Sayuri; Nakatsuchi, Michio; Matsuyama, Tohey; Matsushita, Mitsugu


    The formation of concentric ring colonies by bacterial species Bacillus subtilis and Proteus mirabilis has been investigated experimentally, focusing our attention on the dependence of local cell density upon the bacterial motility. It has been confirmed that these concentric ring colonies reflect the periodic change of the bacterial motility between motile cell state and immotile cell state. We conclude that this periodic change is macroscopically determined neither by biological factors (i.e., biological clock) nor by chemical factors (chemotaxis as inhibitor). And our experimental results strongly suggest that the essential factor for the change of the bacterial motility during concentric ring formation is the local cell density.

  5. Characterization of domestic wastes incineration clinkers. Experimental study of the dioxines impact on the environment. Program ''industrial wastes'' DRC 01; Caracterisation des machefers d'incineration d'ordures menageres. Etude experimentale de l'impact des dioxines sur l'environnement. Programme ''dechets industriels'' DRC 01

    Brazillet, C.; Badreddine, R


    Clinkers resulting from domestic wastes incineration are used in road construction since May 1994. A first study realized by the INERIS showed the poor dioxines content in clinkers and their weak transfer in the environment. In order to verify the hypothesis presented in this study, an experimental study controlled different structures using clinkers. It showed a difference between the clinkers used in old structures which reveal a higher dioxines content and the clinkers used in more recent structures which present weak dioxines content. The use of clinkers, even in the case of significant dioxines level, has not a negative impact on the environment taking into account the transfer modes of these substances. (A.L.B.)

  6. Experimental studies of X-UV rays by a laser plasma: X-UV strioscopy by means of multilayer mirrors; Etude experimentale de la refraction X-UV par un plasma laser: strioscopie X-UV a l`aide de miroirs multicouches

    Lutrin, F


    This thesis studies a new instrument -from its conception to the measures interpretation- that analyses electronic density gradient in the super critical transportation area of a laser plasma (0,35 {mu}m). This device, so-called of X-UV Schlieren, is based on the refraction property of a probe beam by an index gradient. Its specificity is the use of the X-UV emission at 13 nm (92 eV) of another laser plasma as X-UV probe. The conception and characterization of this instrument are defined thanks to both the emissivity and reflectivity properties of laser plasmas and the reflectivity properties of multilayers. Within this report are presented strioscopy images, spatially and spectrally resolved of an aluminium plasma from a 3.10{sup 12} W/cm{sup 2} laser flux, probed by a 13 nm wavelength. The device has to be closely aligned so as to obtain good contrast and good spatial resolution. For the first time, the refraction of a X-UV probe beam by a laser plasma is displayed. The experiments show that this refraction is all the more obvious for a gold probe plasma of energy 105 J and an aluminium probed plasma of energy 1 J. According to our plasma hydrodynamic simulation, the detected refraction corresponds to an electronic density gradient of 6,5.10{sup 25} electrons/cm{sup 4} in the two first microns of the sur-critical area. To study the parameters dependence of this gradient in the sur-critical area, several solutions for improving the instrument are produced. (author) 168 refs.

  7. A micro-mechanical analysis and an experimental characterisation of the behavior and the damaging processes of a 16MND5 pressure vessel steel at low temperature; Etude micromecanique et caracterisation experimentale du comportement et de l'endommagement de l'acier de cuve 16MND5 a basses temperatures

    Pesci, R


    As part of an important experimental and numerical research program launched by Electricite De France on the 16MND5 pressure vessel steel, sequenced and in-situ tensile tests are realized at low temperatures [-196 C;-60 C]. They enable to associate the observation of specimens, the complete cartography of which has been made with a scanning electron microscope (damaging processes, initiation and propagation of microcracks), with the stress states determined by X-ray diffraction, in order to establish relevant criteria. All these measurements enable to supply a two-scale polycrystalline modeling of behavior and damage (Mori-Tanaka/self-consistent) which is developed concurrently with the experimental characterization. This model proves to be a very efficient one, since it correctly reproduces the influence of temperature experimentally defined: the stress state in ferrite remains less important than in bainite (the difference never exceeds 150 MPa), whereas it is much higher in cementite. The heterogeneity of strains and stresses for each crystallographic orientation is well rendered; so is cleavage fracture normal to the {l_brace}100{r_brace} planes in ferrite (planes identified by electron back scattered diffraction during an in-situ tensile test at -150 C), which occurs sooner when temperature decreases, for a constant stress of about 700 MPa in this phase. (author)

  8. Experimental study and kinetic modeling of the thermal degradation of aromatic volatile organic compounds (benzene, toluene and xylene-para) in methane flames; Etude experimentale et modelisation cinetique de la degradation thermique des composes organiques volatils aromatiques benzenes, toluene et para-xylene dans des flammes de methane

    Dupont, L.


    This study treats of the thermal degradation of a family of aromatic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in laminar premixed methane flames at low pressure. The experimental influence of benzene, toluene and xylene-para on the structure of a reference methane flame has been studied. The molar fraction profiles of the stable and reactive, aliphatic, aromatic and cyclic species have been established by the coupling of the molecular beam sampling/mass spectroscopy technique with the gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy technique. Temperature profiles have been measured using a covered thermocouple. A detailed kinetic mechanism of oxidation of these compounds in flame conditions has been developed. Different available sub-mechanisms have been used as references: the GDF-Kin 1.0 model for the oxidation of methane and the models of Tan and Franck (1996) and of Lindstedt and Maurice (1996) in the case of benzene and toluene. In the case of para-xylene, a model has been developed because no mechanisms was available in the literature. These different mechanisms have been refined, completed or adjusted by comparing the experimental results with those obtained by kinetic modeling. The complete kinetic mechanism, comprising 156 chemical species involved in 1072 reactions allows to reproduce all the experimental observations in a satisfactory manner. The kinetic analysis of reactions velocity has permitted to determine oxidation kinetic schemes for benzene, toluene, xylene-para and for the cyclopentadienyl radical, main species at the origin of the rupture of the aromatic cycle. Reactions of recombination with the methyl radicals formed during methane oxidation, of the different aromatic or aliphatic radicals created during the oxidation of aromatics, play an important role and lead to the formation of several aromatic pollutants (ethyl-benzene for instance) or aliphatic pollutants (butadiene or penta-diene for instance) in flames. (J.S.)

  9. Numerical and experimental study of the influence of the operational parameters on the formation mechanisms of oxides of nitrogen during the combustion of mixtures of cellulosic and plastic materials; Etude experimentale et numerique de l'influence des parametres operatoires sur les mecanismes de formation des oxydes d'azote lors de la combustion de melanges de materiaux cellulosiques et plastiques

    Andzi Barhe, T.


    The current thesis was performed within a collaboration between the Laboratoire de Combustion et de Detonique (LCD of the University of Poitiers) and the Laboratoire de Physique et de Chimie d'Environnement (LPCE) of the University of Ouagadougou. It was financed by Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME). The principle object of this study is the optimisation of the combustion process during the incineration of waste. This optimisation is aimed at the reduction of the polluting emissions, principally CO and NO, during the incineration of cellulosic and plastic materials. It involves the analysis of the influence of the operational parameters on the polluting emissions and the control of reaction mechanisms of formation and reduction of these pollutants during the combustion process. Consequently, the study was performed in two parts: an experimental part and a numerical part. The experimental part was realised using a fixed bed counterflow reactor. This setup simulates the combustion within an industrial waste incinerator. The reactor allows the combustion of a vertical layer of waste mixture (wood, cardboard, PET, polyamide) to be followed. Three model mixtures representative of the makeup of household waste were studied in order to determine the influence of the composition of the waste on the emission of pollutants (CO and NO). The obtained results show that this parameter has a practically negligible influence within the tested parameter range. Consequently the formation of pollutants depends on the operating parameters - the equivalence ratio and the temperature. A numerical study of the influence of these parameters in order to show their impact on the mechanisms of pollutant formation and to determine the chemical mechanisms involved in the formation of oxides of nitrogen. The numerical study was performed with software developed at the LCD. This programme based on a detailed chemical model coupled to a simple physical model. It uses the calculation code CHEMKIN. It permits the simulation of combustion process within the gaseous zone of the fixed bed reactor. The programme is initialized with the results of the analysis of the pyrolysis which had previously been performed at the LCD on the materials which make up the model waste mixture. The pyrolysis products identified during this study are: HCN, NH{sub 3}, NO, NO{sub 2}, CO and light hydrocarbons. The results show that the simulation enables the determination of reactional mechanisms of the formation and reduction of oxides of nitrogen in the three combustion regimes identified during the experimental study. For each of the three regimes, a study of the impact of the combustion parameters on the yield of NO was performed. It can be seen that the response to the parameters is itself heavily dependent on the combustion regime. (author)

  10. Experimental study of kinetic and mechanism of dissolution of apatite structured minerals. Application to the prediction of the long term behavior of an actinides storage host matrix; Etude experimentale de la cinetique et des mecanismes d'alteration de mineraux apatitiques. Application au comportement d'une ceramique de confinement d'actinides mineurs

    Chairat, C


    The motivation for this study is to assess the potential of using apatite structured ceramics as long-lived actinide storage hosts. To assess their ability to resist aqueous corrosion, the dissolution of natural fluoro-apatite and synthetic Nd-britholite (neodymium is a proxy for the trivalent actinides) was studied. Mineral surfaces were characterized using a combined spectrometric, electrokinetic and potentiometric approach and dissolution rates were measured in closed and open system reactors as a function of solution composition. Experimental results suggest apatitic minerals dissolve via distinct step sequence: 1) fluoride release, 2) release of the calcium situated in the M1, and 3) the simultaneous removal of phosphate and calcium II via the breaking of only Ca-O bonds. TST based rate equations based in this mechanism accurately describe fluoro-apatite and synthetic britholite dissolution rates as a function of solution composition. Nd release rates are limited by precipitation of Nd-rhabdophane. (author)

  11. Experimental study on the influence of charge exchange on the stopping power in the interaction of chlorine with a gas and a deuterium plasma; Etude experimentale de l`influence des echanges de charges sur le pouvoir d`arret dans l`interaction d`ions chlore avec un gaz et un plasma de deuterium

    Nectoux, Marie [Inst. de Physique Nucleaire, Paris-11 Univ., 91 - Orsay (France)


    This thesis is placed in the context of the physics of energy deposition of a multicharged heavy ion beam in matter at intermediate energies. The experiment gave measurements of energy loss as a function of final charge state for chlorine ions at 1.7 MeV/u in deuterium gas or plasma. In this way, we explore the influence of charge state evolution, depending on experimentally measured capture and ionization cross sections and the electron density of the target, on energy loss. The target is cylindrical and enclosed by two fast valves. The plasma is created in the gas by a discharge, which induces a magnetic perturbation of the beam (lens effect). This effect induces a divergent and misaligned outgoing beam. A simulation including charge state and velocity evolution of the projectile in flight in the magnetic field has been made in order to optimize beam analysis, to reach a precision better than 10{sup -3} in energy measurement. This study led to removal of the target to the `Split Pole`, a refocusing magnetic spectrometer. The first results obtained clearly show the dependence of energy loss on exit charge and especially on its evolution in the target. This is explained in terms of the lengths covered by the projectile in its successive charge states in the target, which depends on target electron density and the medium considered. In plasma, we observed an energy distribution with exit charge twice that observed in gas, because of a strong decrease of charge exchange. A comparison of data obtained in gas with stopping power calculated from Bethe-Bloch-Barkas theory leads to the necessity of including spatial extension of the projectile charge in the theory. (author) 81 refs., 62 figs., 5tabs.

  12. Experimental study of the spin structure of the neutron ({sup 3}He) with low Q{sup 2}: a relationship between the Bjorken and Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn sum rules; Etude experimentale de la structure en spin du neutron ({sup 3}He) a bas Q{sup 2}: une connexion entre les regles de somme de Bjorken et Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn

    Deur, A


    This thesis presents an experimental study of the neutron (and {sup 3}He) spin structure with a particular emphasis in the resonance domain (experiment E94010 that took place in 1997 at Jefferson Lab (TJNAF or formerly CEBAF) in Virginia). A polarized {sup 3}He target was built in order to achieve this study since polarized {sup 3}He nuclei can be seen as polarized neutrons. This target allowed the measurement of the polarized absolute cross sections {sigma}{sub 1/2}(Q{sup 2}, {nu}) and {sigma}{sub 3/2}(Q{sup 2}, {nu}) from the inclusive reaction {sup {sup {yields}}{sup 3}He}({sup {yields}}e, e')X for incident beam energies ranging from 0.86 GeV to 5.07 GeV at a scattering angle of 15.5 deg. The Q{sup 2} evolution of the generalized Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn (GDH) integral on {sup 3}He and on neutron was measured from 0.1 GeV{sup 2} to 1.0 GeV{sup 2} in order to understand the transition between perturbative QCD and non-perturbative QCD. The integration domain in {nu} (the energy loss of the scattered electron) is from the pion threshold to about 2.5 GeV which covers both the resonance region and the Deep Inelastic Scattering. The high precision of our data constrains the models giving the Q{sup 2} evolution of the generalized GDH integral. The polarized quasi-elastic scattering was also measured. The cross section {sigma}{sup TT}(Q{sup 2}, {nu}) on {sup 3}He and the spin structure functions g{sub 1}{sup {sup 3}He}(Q{sup 2}, {nu}) and g{sub 2}{sup {sup 3}He}(Q{sup 2}, {nu}) are presented. These data are an indication that the higher-twists are small in our kinematics domain and that the Bloom-Gilman duality seems to hold for the polarized spin structure functions. (author)

  13. Experimental study and mechanical modelling of the effects of water-driving in an oil saturated chalk. Application to the petroleum industry; Etude experimentale et modelisation mecanique des effets du balayage a l'eau dans une craie saturee d'huile. Application a l'industrie petroliere

    Mata, C.


    The production of hydrocarbons may sometimes lead to compaction of the oil-reservoir layers with substantial collapse of the soil surface; this mechanism is usually mentioned as Subsidence. Classical remedy to this problem is to sustain the fluid pressure with the help of water injection. However, in presence of high porosity chalk (porosity > 30%), this technique does not give effective results: the subsidence rate at North Sea reservoirs (Ekofisk field), after injection, has remained unchanged. Some justify the subsistence in the chalk as caused by phenomena of dissolution of the carbonates; others think it is connected to the destruction of capillary menisci. In this research, we follow this second approach. This study is finalized to a better understanding of the compaction mechanisms in pure carbonates when water is injected. This is done by proposing -in micro-scale first and in macro-scale after- a physical model that agrees with empirical observations. In order to meet this target, IFP skills and experience in physical and chemical measurements (taken before, after and during mechanical tests) have proficiently joined ENPC laboratory (CERMMO) knowledge of micro and macro modelling. The soft rock studied is a Paris basin's white chalk (Craie de Guerville). Its physical and chemical characterisation (i.e.: silica content, porosity, permeability) is very similar to North Sea chalk, but Guerville chalk has never been in contact with oil and generally it crops out of the ground surface. Strength parameters of this rock have been first determined by standard triaxial tests. Three different saturation configurations have been examined: dry, fully oil-saturated and fully water-saturated. As literature clearly state, dry chalk is stronger than oil saturated chalk and the first two are largely stronger than water saturated chalk. Therefore uniaxial strain water injection tests have been performed on oil saturated samples. Results, coupled with previous physical measurements and SEM observation, let us highlight two different contributions to mechanical strength of chalk-: 1) The cohesion due to solid micro-bridges between calcite grains (always present in intact samples); 2) The cohesion due to water capillary menisci (which decreases when the degree of water saturation increases). On these grounds, an elasto-plastic model is proposed is order to explain how contributions are coupled. In this modelling, plastic strain is an hardening parameter while water saturation ratio is a softening one. Applications are developed in order to relate water-driving, stress state and subsidence rate in an oil reservoir configuration. (author)

  14. Methodological study of the diffusion of interacting cations through clays. Application: experimental tests and simulation of coupled chemistry-diffusion transport of alkaline ions through a synthetical bentonite; Etude methodologique de la diffusion de cations interagissants dans les argiles. Application: mise en oeuvre experimentale et modelisation du couplage chimie-diffusion d'alcalins dans une bentonite synthetique

    Melkior, Th


    The subject of this work deals with the project of underground disposal of radioactive wastes in deep geological formations. It concerns the study of the migration of radionuclides through clays. In these materials, the main transport mechanism is assumed to be diffusion under natural conditions. Therefore, some diffusion experiments are conducted. With interacting solutes which present a strong affinity for the material, the duration of these tests will be too long, for the range of concentrations of interest. An alternative is to determine on one hand the geochemical retention properties using batch tests and crushed rock samples and, on the other hand, to deduce the transport parameters from diffusion tests realised with a non-interacting tracer, tritiated water. These data are then used to simulate the migration of the reactive elements with a numerical code which can deal with coupled chemistry-diffusion equations. The validity of this approach is tested by comparing the numerical simulations with the results of diffusion experiments of cations through a clay. The subject is investigated in the case of the diffusion of cesium, lithium and sodium through a compacted sodium bentonite. The diffusion tests are realised with the through-diffusion method. The comparison between the experimental results and the simulations shows that the latter tends to under estimate the propagation of the considered species. The differences could be attributed to surface diffusion and to a decrease of the accessibility to the sites of fixation of the bentonite, from the conditions of clay suspensions in batch tests to the situation of compacted samples. The influence of the experimental apparatus used during the diffusion tests on the results of the measurement has also been tested. It showed that these apparatus have to be taken into consideration when the experimental data are interpreted. A specific model has been therefore developed with the numerical code CASTEM 2000. (author)

  15. Experimental study of inclined jets cross flow interaction in compressible regime. I. effect of compressibility in subsonic regime on velocity and temperature fields; Etude experimentale d'une interaction de jets obliques avec un ecoulement transversal compressible. I. Effets de la compressibilite en regime subsonique sur les champs aerothermiques

    Dizene, R. [Universite des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediene, USTHB, Institut de Genie Mecanique, IGM, El-Alia (Algeria); Charbonnier, J.M. [Aeronautics/Aerospace Dept. Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Sint-Genesius-Rode (Belgium); Dorignac, E. [Ecole Nationale Superieure de Mecanique et d' Aerotechnique (ENSMA), Lab. d' Etudes Thermiques ENSMA, 86 - Poitiers (France); Leblanc, R. [Poitiers Univ., 86 (France). Laboratoire d' Etudes Aerodynamiques, UMR 6609


    The results of the investigation of the interaction of a row of jets with a compressible cross flow are compared with their counterpart obtained in incompressible regime. The comparison reported here focuses on the flow field resulting from the interaction above and at the wall. The velocity and temperature fields are measured respectively by laser Doppler velocimetry and thermocouple probes. The wall temperature distributions are measured using an infrared camera. The experiments are performed for cross flow flow Mach numbers of 0.72 and 0.1 for respectively the compressible and incompressible regimes with almost the same injection rate (R=0.50 and 0.6). Significant differences are noticed between the two flow fields in particular on the vertical development of the jets in the cross flow and on the turbulent diffusion. The jet penetration is found to be higher in the compressible regime with less interaction between the jets. The comparison also shows that the wall heat transfer modifications induced by the jets are less pronounced in the compressible case a result of the higher penetration of the jets. These results show that Neither the mass flux ratio nor the momentum ratio are good candidates for extrapolation of the cooling efficiency from the incompressible case to the real compressible case as encountered in the practical applications. (authors)

  16. Experimental and theoretical study of Bragg-Fresnel focalizing optical systems engraved on multi layers interferential mirrors adapted to X and X-UV fields; Etude experimentale et theorique d`optiques focalisantes de type Bragg-Fresnel gravees sur des miroirs interferentiels multicouches adaptes aux domaines X et X-UV

    Idir, M.


    This work concerns the study of a particular type of X-ray focusing optics known as Bragg-Fresnel lenses, formed through ion-etching of multilayered structures. Using the Super-ACO (LURE/Orsay) synchrotron storage ring, we tested several Bragg-Fresnel lenses having either linear or elliptical geometries (producing a line or a point focus, respectively). Diffraction profiles were first obtained for the linear lenses ion-etched on W/Si multilayers of nano-metric period. The experimental results were compared with our theoretical predictions. We next proposed and tested a solution to the problem superposing the different diffraction orders in the focal plane, that of fabricating Bragg-Fresnel lenses with an off-axis configuration, first for the linear and then the elliptical geometry. An experimental application, for an off-axis elliptical lens produced a focused X-ray spot of 5 x 10 microns{sup 2} for the Super-ACO synchrotron source. The same lens also produced a 1/3-size X-ray image of a grid-like object at 1750 eV using the first and third diffraction orders. (author).

  17. Experimental study of multi-electronic processes on grazing incidence ions collision with LiF(001) surface; Etude experimentale des processus multi-electroniques lors de collisions d'ions en incidence rasante sur une surface de LiF(001)

    Momeni, A


    This manuscript deals with different experimental studies on grazing incidence (< 3 degrees) collisions of mono-charged ions at low energies (< 3 keV). The incident beam is chopped. Deflection plates allow a charge analysis of scattered particles after collision detected on a position sensitive detector. Secondary particles (electrons and ions) are collected on a 2{pi} detector made of 16 detection units (2 microchannel plates) Energy loss measurement (translational spectroscopy) associated to the detection of scattered particles in coincidence with secondary electrons emitted during the collision of neon lead to characterization of excited states of the target. Theses excited surface states, when localised at one halogen site are namely excitons and when localised at two holes are known as trions. This is the first characterisation of these states by ion impact at surfaces. For neon ions the capture is mediated by Auger neutralisation. Fluorine atoms collision confirmed the established threshold behaviour for the formation of negative fluorine ions. For positive incident fluorine, observation of negative ions under this threshold is an experimental evidence that double capture occurs at least under this threshold. According to the energy loss, interaction between two holes left at neighbouring sites on the surface is obvious. The statistical correlation is accompanied by spatial correlation where electron captures are made into neighbouring halogen sites. There is no experimental evidence to distinguish between bi-electronic capture and second order mono-electronic capture. A theoretical study seems to indicate that second order transition dominates the interaction. (author)

  18. Theoretical and experimental study of the double ionization by electron impact involving the Auger effect: processes and exchanges interferences; Etude theorique et experimentale de la double ionisation par impact electronique incluant l'effet auger: interferences d'echanges et de processus

    Catoire, F


    In this work, double ionisation mechanisms of argon by electron impact in which the Auger effect is included have been studied as a function of the incident electron energy. Five and six fold differential cross sections in angle and in energy have been measured and analysed in a coplanar geometry. The efficiency of the apparatus has been improved by the use of a new toroidal analyser. For the first time, the six fold differential cross section in which the Auger electron and the ejected electron with identical kinetic energies (205 eV) are involved, was measured at an incident energy of 956 eV in the case of argon. In the theoretical models developed during this work, the triple continuum is represented by a manifold of coulomb waves describing the interaction of all electrons with the residual ion. Exchange effects between electrons were also included in the models. Comparison between experimental and theoretical results allows to study the relative contribution of the Auger process and the direct double ionisation on the angular dependence five fold differential cross section. In particular, the Auger process contribution seems to become increasingly important as the incident energy is increased.

  19. Thermal stability of the aromatic fraction of Safaniya crude oil (Middle East): experimental study, kinetic scheme by molecular classes and geochemical implications; Stabilite thermique de la fraction aromatique de l'huile brute safaniya (Moyen-Orient): etude experimentale, schema cinetique par classes moleculaires et implications geochimiques

    Al Darouich, T.


    The thermal evolution of reservoir oils is controlled by the kinetics of cracking reactions. The present work is concerned with the study of the thermal stability of the light aromatic components (C{sub 6}-C{sub 14}) of crude oils under geological conditions. The aim is to predict this stability through a mode l derived from laboratory pyrolyses. The light cut < 250 deg. C of Safaniya crude oil, corresponding to the C{sub 15} components, was obtained by fractionated distillation; pure aromatic fraction was then separated by liquid chromatography. Detailed molecular characterisation of the aromatic fraction was acquired using HPLC, GC and GC/MS. Then, quantified individual aromatic compounds were lumped into six molecular classes: BTXN, methyl-aromatics, alkyl-aromatics, naphthenic-aromatics, indene and sulphur - containing aromatics. Pyrolyses of the aromatic fraction were performed in gold tubes at 100 bars and different temperature/time conditions in a wide range (1 to 93%) of global conversion. Pyrolysis effluents were analysed and lumped into classes. The pyrolysis data were used to elaborate a semi - empirical kinetic scheme of 13 stoichiometric reactions for the primary and secondary cracking of the unstable classes. The scheme kinetic parameters were first estimated, and then numerically optimised, with the constraints of mass balance and hydrogen conservation. A set of pyrolysis experiments was performed at 375 deg.C under high pressures: 400, 800 and 1200 bars. Increasing slowing down in conversion rate with increasing pressure was thus observed compared to experiments at 100 bars. A slight selective effect of pressure on the different aromatic classes of the charge and on the product distribution was evidenced. The extrapolation of the kinetic model to the conditions of Elgin Field (North Sea) showed that pressure effect should shift the thermal cracking of light aromatics to higher temperatures by almost 8 deg. C. (author)

  20. Low temperature oxidation, co-oxidation and auto-ignition of olefinic and aromatic blending compounds: Experimental study of interactions during the oxidation of a surrogate fuel; Oxydation, co-oxydation et auto-inflammation a basses temperatures d'alcenes et aromatiques types: etude experimentale des interactions au sein d'un carburant-modele

    Vanhove, G.


    The low-temperature (600-900 K) and high-pressure (5-25 bar) oxidation and auto-ignition of the three position isomers of hexene, of binary mixtures of 1-hexene, toluene and iso-octane, and of a surrogate fuel composed of these three compounds were studied in motor conditions using a rapid compression machine. Auto-ignition delay times were measured as long as intermediate products concentrations during the delay. The results show that the oxidation chemistry of the hexenes is very dependent on the position of the double bond inside the molecule, and that strong interactions between the oxidation mechanisms of hydrocarbons in mixtures can occur. The data obtained concerning the surrogate fuel give a good insight into the behaviour of a practical gasoline after an homogeneous charge compression. (author)

  1. Self-ignition and oxidation of various hydrocarbons between 600 and 1000 K at high pressure: experimental study with fast compression machine and modeling; Autoinflammation et oxydation de divers hydrocarbures entre 600 et 1000 K a haute pression: etude experimentale en machine a compression rapide et modelisation

    Ribaucour, M.


    Low- and intermediate-temperature oxidation and self-ignition of hydrocarbons play a major role in spark ignition, diesel and HCCI (homogenous charge compression ignition) engines. A deep understanding of the chemistry linked with both phenomena is necessary to improve the engines efficiency and to reduce the formation of pollutants. This document treats of works about the self-ignition and oxidation at high pressure of various hydrocarbons between 600 and 1000 deg. K. The experimental tool used is a fast compression machine fitted with a fast sampling system for the measurement of self-ignition delays and of the concentrations of intermediate oxidation products. The advantages and limitations of this tool are discussed. The self-ignition of various hydrocarbons is compared using pre-defined data which characterize the phenomenologies like cold flames, negative temperature coefficients and self-ignition limits. The hydrocarbons considered are pure or binary mixtures of alkanes, pent-1-ene and n-butyl-benzene. The development of high pressure oxidation reaction schemes of alkanes between 600 and 1000 deg. K is described. It is directly based on the analysis of intermediate oxidation products. This methodology is also applied to pent-1-ene and n-butyl-benzene. The construction of detailed thermo-kinetic models of oxidation and the modeling of phenomena are made for n-butane, n-heptane, for the 3 pentane isomers, for pent-1-ene and n-butyl-benzene. Finally, the perspectives of future works are evoked. They concern new modeling and new methodologies to be applied in more predictive thermo-kinetic models and the reduction of detailed models in order to include them inside fluid dynamics codes. (J.S.)

  2. Theoretical and experimental study of high strain, high strain rate materials viscoplastic behaviour. Application to Mars 190 steel and tantalum; Etude theorique et experimentale du comportement viscoplastique des materiaux aux grandes deformations et grandes vitesses de deformations. Application a l'acier mars 190 et au tantale

    Juanicotena, A


    This work enters in the general framework of the study and modelling of metallic materials viscoplastic behaviour in the area of high strain and high strain rate, from 10{sup 4} to 10{sup 5} s{sup -1}. We define a methodology allowing to describe the behaviour of armor steel Mars 190 and tantalum in the initial area. In a first time, the study of visco-plasticity physical mechanisms shows the necessity to take into account some fundamental processes of the plastic deformation. Then, the examination of various constitutive relations allows to select the Preston-Tonks-Wallace model, that notably reproduce the physical phenomenon of the flow stress saturation. In a second part, a mechanical characterization integrating loading direction, strain rate and temperature effects is conducted on the two materials. Moreover, these experimental results allow to calculate associated constants to Preston-Tonks-Wallace, Zerilli-Armstrong and Johnson-Cook models for each material. In a third time, in order to evaluate and to validate these constitutive laws, we conceive and develop an experimental device open to reach the area of study: the expanding spherical shell test. It concerns to impose a free radial expanding to a thin spherical shell by means a shock wave generated by an explosive. By the radial expanding velocity measure, we can determine stress, strain rate and strain applied on the spherical shell at each time. In a four and last part, we evaluate constitutive models out of their optimization area's. This validation is undertaken by comparisons 'experimental results/calculations' with the help of global experiences like expanding spherical shell test and Taylor test. (author)

  3. Adsorption of Cs{sup +}, Ni{sup 2+} and lanthanides onto a kaolinite and Na-montmorillonite up to 150{sup 0}C: an experimental and modeling study; Adsorption de Cs{sup +}, Ni{sup 2+} et des lanthanides sur une kaolinite et une smectite jusqu'a 150{sup 0}C: etude experimentale et modelisation

    Tertre, E


    The motivation for this study is to assess the temperature effect on the clay minerals sorption properties. Sorption and desorption of Cs{sup +}, Ni{sup 2+} et Ln{sup 3+} onto a montmorillonite and a kaolinite were performed by batch experiments between 25 and 150 C, and in different pH and ionic strengths conditions. Sorption enthalpies varying between 0 and 80 kJ/mol were then calculated. For europium, surface spectroscopic analyses confirmed that the mechanism involved is adsorption, including at 150 C. Moreover, this method allowed us to obtain qualitatively the different adsorption equilibrium occurring during the reaction. An acid/base study of the clay surfaces was performed in order to assess the temperature effect on the surface charge of these minerals. Then, a surface complexation model including edge sites and structural sites was proposed to interpret the acid/base data and the europium sorption data. (author)

  4. Experimental study and modelling of high temperature creep flow and damage behaviour of 9Cr1Mo-NbV steel weldments; Etude experimentale et modelisation, du comportement, de l'endommagement et de la rupture en fluage a haute temperature de joint soudes en acier 9Cr1Mo-NbV

    Gaffard, V


    Chromium martensitic stainless steels are under development since the 70's with the prospect of using them as structural components in thermal and nuclear power plants. The modified 9Cr1Mo-NbV steel is already used, especially in England and Japan, as a material for structural components in thermal power plants where welding is a commonly used joining technique. New generations of chromium martensitic stainless steels with improved mechanical properties for high pressure and temperature use are currently under development. However, observations of several in-service premature failures of welded components in 9Cr1Mo-NbV steel, outline a strong need for understanding the high temperature creep flow and damage behaviour of 9Cr1Mo-NbV steels and weldments. The present study aimed at experimentally determining and then modelling the high temperature creep flow and damage behaviour of both 9Cr1Mo-NbV steels and weldments (typically in the temperature range from 450 C to 650 C). The base metal was first studied as the reference material. It was especially evidenced that tempered chromium martensitic steels exhibit a change in both creep flow and damage behaviour for long term creep exposure. As a consequence, the classically performed extrapolation of 1,000 hours creep data to 100,000 hours creep lifetime predictions might be very hazardous. Based on experimental observations, a new model, integrating and coupling multiple creep flow and damage mechanisms, was developed in the framework of the mechanics of porous media. It was then successfully used to represent creep flow and damage behaviour of the base metal from high to low stress levels even for complex multiaxial loading conditions. Although the high temperature creep properties of the base metal are quite good, the occurrence of premature failure in weldments in high temperature creep conditions largely focused the attention of the scientific community. The lower creep strength of the weld component was also experimentally confirmed in the present study. The evaluation of creep flow and damage behaviour of the weldment requires two types of investigations, namely, the determination of the effect of welding on creep strength of the material especially in the heat affected zone (HAZ), and the investigation of the effect of the mismatch in creep properties between the weld metal, the base metal and the HAZ. To do so, the microstructure of the weakest HAZ was first reproduced on bulk specimens. These specimens were used to experimentally investigate the creep flow and damage behaviour of the weakest HAZ microstructure. The results of experiments allowed to fit a creep model for the simulated HAZ derived from the one designed for the base metal. The integration of constitutive equations of base metal, weld metal and simulated HAZ in finite element calculations of the heterogeneous weldment allows to study the effect of mismatch on creep properties and finally to predict creep lifetime of 9Cr1Mo-NbV welded components. (author)

  5. Experimental and theoretical studies of the VUV emission and absorption spectra of H{sub 2}, HD and D{sub 2} molecules; Etude experimentale et theorique des spectres d'emission et d'absorption VUV des molecules H{sub 2}, D{sub 2} et HD

    Roudjane, M


    The aim of this thesis is to carry out an experimental study of the absorption and emission spectra of the D{sub 2} and HD isotopes, with high resolution, in the VUV domain and to supplement it by a theoretical study of the excited electronic states involved in the observed transitions. The emission spectra of HD and D{sub 2} are produced by Penning discharge source operating under low pressure and are recorded in the spectral range 78 - 170 nm. The recorded spectra contains more than 20.000 lines. The analysis of the spectrum consists in identifying and assigning the lines to the electronic transitions between energy levels of the molecule. The present analysis is based on our theoretical calculations of the ro-vibrational energy levels of the excited electronic states and the transition probabilities from these states towards the energy levels of the fundamental state. The theoretical results are obtained by resolving the coupled equations between the excited electronic states B{sup 1}{sigma}{sub u}{sup 1}, B'{sup 1}{sigma}{sub u}{sup 1}, C{sup 1}{pi}{sub u}{sup 1} and D{sup 1}{pi}{sub u}{sup 1}, taking into account the nonadiabatic couplings between these states, and they are obtained in the adiabatic approximation for the excited electronic states B''B-bar{sup 1}{sigma}{sub u}{sup +}, D'{sup 1}{pi}{sub u}{sup 1} and D''{sup 1}{pi}{sub u}{sup 1}. The equations are resolved using a modern method based on the discretization variables representation method. In addition, we have carried out a study of the absorption spectra of the HD and D{sub 2} molecules.

  6. Laser shocks on helium, hydrogen and diamond: an experimental study of the warm dense matter zone; Chocs laser sur l'helium, l'hydrogene et le diamant: une etude experimentale de la 'Warm Dense Matter'

    Brygoo, St


    The purpose of this work was to develop a new approach of laser shocks on pre-compressed targets in order to collect data concerning the equation of state in the warm dense matter zone of the phase diagram. The accuracy of the measurement has been increased by the use of a new metrology based on quartz. Quartz is considered as a standard for the measurement of both the pressure and the density, a model of an isentropic relaxation based on a Grueneisen type approximation has been developed. By combining laser shocks with diamond anvil cells and by using this new metrology, we have investigated the following systems: diamond, helium, hydrogen, deuterium and hydrogen-helium mixtures. The results for helium agree very well with the predictions of the Saumon-Chabrier model. The results for deuterium are consistent with the latest results found in literature. As for the results concerning hydrogen, they have showed the limits of the quartz-based metrology. In fact, by being so little dense we are at the limit of the application range of the quartz relaxation. A mixture of helium-hydrogen (50 %) has been investigated, no sign of phase separation has been found.

  7. Research on the reactions {sup 9}Be ({sup 3}He, 3 {alpha}) and {sup 10}B (d, 3 {alpha}); Contribution a l'etude experimentale des reactions {sup 9}Be ({sup 3}He, 3 {alpha}) et {sup 10}B (d, 3 {alpha})

    Thouvenin, P. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Bruyeres-le-Chatel (France). Centre d' Etudes


    For studying these reactions, the detection of the final particles emitted in coincidence in the directions {theta}{sub 1} and {theta}{sub 2}, together with the bi-parametric analysis of the corresponding pulses are used. This method enables us to obtain the orthogonal Dalitz diagrams (E{sub 1}, E{sub 2}). An examination of the spectra obtained shows that the sequential mechanism appears to predominate. The contribution of the purely statistical process is less than 15 per cent of the total spectrum. In the case of {sup 10}B (d, 3 {alpha}), for E{sub d} = 1.5 MeV, 2,66 MeV and 3 MeV, the width of the peak of the first particles emitted, with respect to {sup 8}Be excitations close to 11 MeV, is found to be equal to 2.6 {+-} 0.6 MeV, much less than the width of the 2. excited state observed by {alpha} - {alpha} scattering. The coincidence spectra and the free spectra give an excitation energy of E{sub x} = 2.68 {+-} 0.07 MeV for the first excited state of {sup 8}Be. Some remarks are made concerning the anomalies observed for E{sub d} = 5 MeV and 9 MeV. The excited levels of {sup 8}Be at 13.91 MeV and 7.56 MeV which have been described in the past are not observed. (author) [French] La detection de deux des particules finales emises en cofncidence dans les directions {theta}{sub 1} et {theta}{sub 2}, et l'analyse biparametrique des impulsions correspondantes sont utilisees pour etudier ces reactions. Cette methode nous permet d'obtenir des diagrammes de Dalitz orthogonaux (E{sub 1}, E{sub 2}). L'examen des spectres obtenus montre que le mecanisme sequentiel semble predominant. La contribution du processus purement statistique est inferieure a 15 pour cent du spectre total. Dans le cas de {sup 10}B (d, 3 {alpha}), pour E{sub d} = 1,5 MeV, 2,66 MeV et 3 MeV, la largeur du pic des premieres particules emises relatives a des excitations de {sup 8}Be voisines de 11 MeV, est trouvee egale a 2,6 {+-} 0,6 MeV, tres inferieure a la largeur du 2. etat excite observee a l'aide de la diffusion {alpha} - {alpha}. Les spectres de coincidences et les spectres libres conduisent a une energie d'excitation Ex = 2,68 MeV {+-} 0,07 MeV pour le 1. niveau excite de {sup 8}Be. Quelques remarques sont emises concernant des anomalies observees pour E{sup d} = 5 MeV et 9 MeV. Les niveaux excites de {sup 8}Be a 13,91 MeV et 7,56 MeV, signales par le passe, ne sont pas observes. (auteur)

  8. Experimental and modeling study of the impact of vertical transport processes from the boundary-layer on the variability and the budget of tropospheric ozone; Etude experimentale et numerique de l'influence des processus de transport depuis la couche-limite sur la variabilite et le bilan d'ozone tropospherique

    Colette, A


    Closing the tropospheric ozone budget requires a better understanding of the role of transport processes from the major reservoirs: the planetary boundary layer and the stratosphere. Case studies lead to the identification of mechanisms involved as well as their efficiency. However, their global impact on the budget must be addressed on a climatological basis. This manuscript is thus divided in two parts. First, we present case studies based on ozone LIDAR measurements performed during the ESCOMPTE campaign. This work consists in a data analysis investigation by means of a hybrid - Lagrangian study involving: global meteorological analyses, Lagrangian particle dispersion computation, and mesoscale, chemistry - transport, and Lagrangian photochemistry modeling. Our aim is to document the amount of observed ozone variability related to transport processes and, when appropriate, to infer the role of tropospheric photochemical production. Second, we propose a climatological analysis of the respective impact of transport from the boundary-layer and from the tropopause region on the tropospheric ozone budget. A multivariate analysis is presented and compared to a trajectography approach. Once validated, this algorithm is applied to the whole database of ozone profiles collected above Europe during the past 30 years in order to discuss the seasonal, geographical and temporal variability of transport processes as well as their impact on the tropospheric ozone budget. The variability of turbulent mixing and its impact on the persistence of tropospheric layers will also be discussed. (author)

  9. New experimental method to study the collective modes in exotic nuclei; influence of the superfluidity on the cooling time of a neutron star; Nouvelle methode experimentale dediee a l'etude des modes collectifs dans les noyaux exotiques; influence de la superfluidite sur le temps de refroidissement d'une etoile a neutrons

    Monrozeau, Ch


    Giant monopole (GMR) and quadrupole (GQR) resonances have been measured in the {sup 56}Ni using inelastic scattering of 50 A.MeV deuteron at the Grand Accelerateur National d'Ions Lourds facility. This is the first experimental observation of isoscalar collective modes in a short-lived nucleus. The secondary beam was impinged on the active target Maya filled with a pure deuterium gas. Recoiling deuterons were detected in Maya and in a wall of nine silicon detectors. The GMR and GQR are centered at 19.3(0.5) and 16.2(0.5) MeV, respectively. Corresponding angular distributions were extracted from 3 to 7 degrees in the centre of mass frame. DWBA analysis based on RPA transition densities yields the percentage of the energy weighted sum rule exhausted: 136(27) % for the GMR et 76(13) % for the GQR. A finite temperature Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov model was implemented to describe the 10 Wigner-Seitz cells which compose the inner crust of neutron stars and to microscopically calculate their specific heat. Calculations are performed with two contact pairing forces chosen to simulate the pairing properties of uniform neutron matter corresponding to the BCS approximation and to polarisation effects. Under the assumption of a rapid cooling of the core and an initial temperature of 100 keV in the inner crust, the cooling time of the star was estimated at 9 and 34 years, respectively. (author)

  10. Theoretical and experimental study of an ytterbium-doped laser system for generating high energy impulses at high rate; Etude theorique et experimentale de l'architecture d'un laser a solide monocristallin ou ceramique dope ytterbium pour la generation d'impulsions de grande energie a haute cadence

    Casagrande, O


    This work is dedicated to the study of ytterbium-doped laser systems that are developed for generating high mean power impulses in the context of inertial fusion. We show that rare earth sesquioxides appear as the most adequate matrix material for high mean power. As for the architecture of amplifiers, we show that amplifiers with thin disks longitudinally pumped by laser diodes and cooled through their back side are an adequate solution in order to handle thermal effects. The development of a mathematical model describing an ytterbium-doped laser amplifier has enabled us to optimize various parameters of the laser architecture and to compare different ytterbium-doped matrices. It was shown that ytterbium-doped rare earth sesquioxides have excellent amplification properties for the design of high mean power lasers. Furthermore, it was also shown that low temperatures favour both the thermo-mechanical features of laser amplifiers and the spectroscopic properties of ytterbium ions. (A.C.)

  11. Experimental study of chemical-mechanical coupling during percolation of reactive fluid through rocks under stress, in the context of the CO{sub 2} geological sequestration; Etude experimentale du couplage chimie-mecanique lors de la percolation d'un fluide reactif dans des roches sous contrainte, dans le contexte de la sequestration geologique du CO{sub 2}

    Le Guen, Y


    CO{sub 2} injection into geological repositories will induce chemical and mechanical instabilities. The study of these instabilities is based on experimental deformation of natural rock samples under stress, in the presence of fluids containing, or not, dissolved CO{sub 2}. Triaxial cells used for the experiments permitted an independent control and measurement of stress, temperature, fluid pressure and composition. Vertical strains were measured during several months, with a resolution of 1.10{sup -12} s{sup -1} on the strain rate. Simultaneously, fluids were analysed in order to quantify fluid-rock interactions. For limestone samples, percolation of CO{sub 2}-rich fluids increases strain rate by a factor 1.7 up to 5; on the other hand, sandstone deformation remained almost the same. Increase in strain rate with limestone samples was explained by injected water acidification by the CO{sub 2} which increases rock solubility and reaction kinetics. On the opposite, small effect of CO{sub 2} on quartz explains the absence of deformation. X-ray observations confirmed the importance of rock composition and structure on the porosity evolution. Numerical simulations of rock elastic properties showed increasing shear stress into the sample. Measured deformation showed an evolution of reservoir rocks mechanical properties. It was interpreted as the consequence of pressure solution mechanisms both at grains contacts and on grain free surfaces. (author)

  12. Experimental study of the saturation of parametric instabilities in the conditions of an inertial fusion plasma; Etude experimentale du developpement et de la saturation des instabilites parametriques dans des conditions representatives d'un plasma de fusion par confinement inertiel

    Michel, D.T.


    This work presents the results of 3 series of experiments carried on the 2 French nanosecond multi-kilo-joule laser facilities: LULI 2000 and LIL (Laser Integration Line - that is a prototype of the future LMJ quadruplets). 2 issues have been tackled: first, the influence of the wavelength (second or third harmonic) on the saturation levels of Brillouin and Raman reflectivities and secondly, the laser smoothing and the imprint reduction through the use of a low-density foam layer. The first series of experiments has enabled us to get Brillouin backscattering rates in identical saturation regimes for the 2 frequencies: 2{omega} and 3{omega}. Hydrodynamic simulations and the interpretation of experimental results have shown that for both frequencies the laser-plasma conditions in which the instability develops are quite similar. In the second series of experiments we have shown that the saturation process that most limits the amplitude of the Electron Plasma Wave is the Langmuir decay instability (LDI). A low-density foam is efficient to reduce the imprint and if the foam ionization is supersonic, there is no risk to create a shock that could pre-heat the target core. A foam thickness of 500 {mu}m for a density of 10 mg/cm{sup 3} is efficient for a laser power of 10{sup 14} W/cm{sup 2}. (A.C.)

  13. Study of secondary electron emission from thin carbon targets with swift charged particles: heavy ions, hydrogen ions; Etude experimentale de l`emission electronique secondaire de cibles minces de carbone sous l`impact de projectiles rapides: ions lourds, ions hydrogene (atomiques, moleculaires ou sous forme d`agregats)

    Billebaud, A.


    The main subject of this work is the study of electron emission from the two surfaces of thin solid targets bombarded with swift charged particles. The slowing down of swift ions in matter is mainly due to inelastic interaction with target electrons (ionization, excitation): the energy transfer to target electrons is responsible for the secondary electron emission process. The phenomenological and theoretical descriptions of this phenomena are the subject of the first chapter. We focused on secondary electron emission induced by different kind of projectiles on thin carbon foils. In chapter two we describe hydrogen cluster induced electron emission measurement between 40 and 120 keV/proton. These projectiles, composed of several atoms, allowed us to study and highlight collective effects of the electron emission process. We extended our study of electron emission to molecular (H{sub 2}{sup +}, H{sub 3}{sup +}) and composite (H{sup -}, H{sup 0}) projectiles at higher energies (<= 2 MeV): we have designed an experimental set-up devoted to electron emission statistics measurements which allowed us to study, among others things, the role of projectile electrons in secondary electron emission. This experiment is described in the third chapter. Finally, the fourth chapter describes new measurements of electron emission induced by energetic (13 MeV/u) and highly charged argon ion provided by the medium energy beam line (SME) of GANIL (Caen), which have been analyzed in the framework of a semi-empirical model of secondary electron emission. This set of experiments brings new results on composite projectile interaction with matter, and on the consequences of high energy deposition in solids. (author).

  14. Experimental and numerical studies of the effect of plasticity mechanisms on the brittle rupture by cleavage in low alloy steels; Etudes experimentale et numerique de l'effet des mecanismes de plasticite sur la rupture fragile par clivage dans les aciers faiblement allies

    Libert, M


    It is indispensable to guarantee the integrity of PWR reactor vessels during an accidental running: in this context, the understanding and the modelling of the mechanisms of brittle rupture of steels are decisive elements of the complicated estimation of the service life of reactor vessels. The models of local approach of rupture by cleavage are one of the main tools of anticipation of the tensile strength of low alloy steels. In this work, the effect of the stresses heterogeneities in a local criteria of initiation of cleavage has been taken into account. The results of the microstructure calculations are used for proposing a statistical description of the local stresses distribution evolution. This statistical approach allows to propose a local approach model of the rupture depending both of the mechanical heterogeneities and of the sizes distributions of the defects. The behaviour of the material and its evolution are characterized at the microscopic and macroscopic scales in the temperature range [25 C, -196 C]. Simple tensile tests, velocity and temperature rises tests and toughness tests have been carried out. A micro-mechanical behaviour model describing the plastic behaviour below the transition temperature T{sub a} has been proposed. The behaviour law is based on the deformation mechanisms described in bibliography and identified by an inverse method from mechanical tests. The TEM observations and the characterization of the behaviour thermally activated allow to determine several parameters of the model. Simulations are carried out in order to model the main stress distributions {sigma}{sub 1} in two bainite microstructures corresponding to the elementary volume of the local approach of the rupture. The temperature and the triaxiality effects on the evolutions of the heterogeneities is characterized. A distribution function describing the distribution of the local values of {sigma}{sub 1} in terms of the main and equivalent mean stresses {sigma}{sub 1} and {sigma}{sub m} in the microstructure is proposed. This function is used for formulating a model of rupture local approach integrating the distribution of the critical defects sizes and the distributions of {sigma}{sub 1}. It is shown that in some cases, the dispersion of the local stresses is sufficient to explain the dispersions of the rupture stresses at the scale of the elementary volume. The dispersions of the rupture stresses are in agreement with those given by the Beremin model. The taken into account of the mechanical heterogeneities allows to introduce a dependency of the rupture probability in terms of temperature, of deformation and of triaxiality. (O.M.)

  15. Temperature effect on the poro-mechanical or hydraulic behaviour of a carbonated rock and a mortar: experimental studies; Influence de la temperature sur le comportement poromecanique ou hydraulique d'une roche carbonatee et d'un mortier: etudes experimentales

    Lion, M


    The main objective of this study is to evaluate the temperature effect on the hydraulic and poro-mechanical behaviour of a limestone. Many experimental tests (porosity and permeability measurements, uniaxial and hydrostatic compressions tests) were carried out in order to study the thermal treatments effect and so the thermal microcracking effect on rock behaviour. Moreover, an experimental device for permeability measurements under high temperatures (until 200 C) was realized. This experimental device permitted to study the permeability variation of the limestone under thermal stresses. Finally, the behaviour of cementitious materials was studied; the temperature effect on the permeability of a mortar was examined. (author)

  16. Studies of iron carbon alloys; Contribution a l'etude des alliages dilues de carbone dans le fer {alpha}

    Anagnostopoulos, T. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Grenoble (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    Precipitation of carbon in {alpha} iron during a thermal treatment was followed using the magnetic after effect. A study was made of the influence of different parameters such as quenching speed, annealing rate, carbon concentration with or without impurity, irradiation effects. A transient sur-saturation occurs during dissolution of carbon in iron at 500 C. (author) [French] La precipitation du carbone dans le fer au cours d'un traitement thermique a ete suivie au moyen du trainage magnetique. L'etude de differents parametres tels que: vitesse de trempe, mode de recuit, concentration en carbone, presence d'impuretes, effet d'une irradiation, ont ete menes a bien. Un phenomene de sursaturation transitoire au cours de la remise en solution a 500 C a ete mis en evidence. (auteur)

  17. Dosimeter calibration facilities and methods at the Radiation Measurement Laboratory of the Centre d'etudes nucleaires, Grenoble

    At the Centre d'etudes nucleaires, Grenoble, the Radiation Measurement Laboratory, which forms part of the Environmental Protection and Research Department, serves the entire Centre for purposes of dosimetry and the calibration of dose meters. The needs of radiation protection are such that one must have facilities for checking periodically the calibration of radiation-monitoring instruments and developing special dosimetry techniques. It was thought a good idea to arrange for the dosimetry and radiation protection team to assist other groups working at the Centre - in particular, the staff of the biology and radiobiology laboratories - and also bodies outside the framework of the French Commissariat a l'energie atomique. Thus, technical collaboration has been established with, for example, Grenoble's Centre hospitalier universitaire (university clinic), which makes use of the facilities and skills available at the Radiation Measurement Laboratory for solving special dosimetry problems. With the Laboratory's facilities it is possible to calibrate dose meters for gamma, beta and neutron measurements

  18. L’Etude détaillée des accidents (EDA ): Un outil pour la recherche

    Girard, Yves


    L’accès aux données est généralement une difficulté de la recherche. En matière de sécurité routière, une solution possible est le recours aux études approfondies d’accidents. Cette note expose I’Etude Détaillée des Accidents (EDA) de I’INRETS. L’objectif initial de I’EDA est d’enrichir la connaissance sur le déroulement des accidents en vue de leur prévention. La méthode de I’EDA repose sur une conception de l’accident comme symptôme de dysfonctionnement du système de circulation, sur une...

  19. Study of thermocouples for control of high temperatures; Etude de thermocouples pour le reperage des hautes temperatures

    Villamayor, M. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires; Faculte des Sciences de l' Universite de Lyon - 69 (France)


    Previous works have shown that the tungsten-rhenium alloys thermocouples were a good instrument for control of high temperatures. From its, the author has studied the W/W 26 per cent and W 5 per cent Re/W 26 per cent Re french manufactured thermocouples and intended for control of temperatures in nuclear reactors until 2300 deg. C. In 'out-pile' study he determines the general characteristics of these thermocouples: average calibration curves, thermal shocks influence, response times, and alloys allowing the cold source compensation. The evolution of these thermocouples under thermal neutron flux has been determined by 'in-pile' study. The observations have led the author to propose a new type of thermocouples settled of molybdenum-columbium alloys. (author) [French] Des travaux anterieurs ont montre que les thermocouples des alliages tungstene-rhenium etaient susceptibles de reperer avec precision des hautes temperatures. A partir de la, l'auteur a etudie las thermocouples W/W 26 pour cent Re et W 5 pour cent Re/W 26 pour cent Re de fabrication francaise et destines au controle des temperatures dans les reacteurs nucleaires, jusqu'a 2300 deg. C Dans l'etude 'hors-pile' il a determine les caracteristiques generales de ces thermocouples: courbes d'etalonnage moyen, influence des chocs thermiques, temps de reponse, et alliages assurant la compensation de soudure froide. L'etude 'en-pile' a permis de rendre compte de l'evolution de ces thermocouples sous flux neutroniques. Les phenomenes observes ont conduit l'auteur a proposer un nouveau type de thermocouples constitues d'alliages molybdene-niobium. (auteur)

  20. [Small intestine bacterial overgrowth].

    Leung Ki, E L; Roduit, J; Delarive, J; Guyot, J; Michetti, P; Dorta, G


    Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a condition characterised by nutrient malabsorption and excessive bacteria in the small intestine. It typically presents with diarrhea, flatulence and a syndrome of malabsorption (steatorrhea, macrocytic anemia). However, it may be asymptomatic in the eldery. A high index of suspicion is necessary in order to differentiate SIBO from other similar presenting disorders such as coeliac disease, lactose intolerance or the irritable bowel syndrome. A search for predisposing factor is thus necessary. These factors may be anatomical (stenosis, blind loop), or functional (intestinal hypomotility, achlorydria). The hydrogen breath test is the most frequently used diagnostic test although it lacks standardisation. The treatment of SIBO consists of eliminating predisposing factors and broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy. PMID:20214190

  1. Studying bacterial multispecies biofilms

    Røder, Henriette Lyng; Sørensen, Søren Johannes; Burmølle, Mette


    The high prevalence and significance of multispecies biofilms have now been demonstrated in various bacterial habitats with medical, industrial, and ecological relevance. It is highly evident that several species of bacteria coexist and interact in biofilms, which highlights the need for evaluating...... the approaches used to study these complex communities. This review focuses on the establishment of multispecies biofilms in vitro, interspecies interactions in microhabitats, and how to select communities for evaluation. Studies have used different experimental approaches; here we evaluate the...... benefits and drawbacks of varying the degree of complexity. This review aims to facilitate multispecies biofilm research in order to expand the current limited knowledge on interspecies interactions. Recent technological advances have enabled total diversity analysis of highly complex and diverse microbial...

  2. Experimental contamination of margaritana margaritifera (L) (a Fresh water bivalve) by caesium 137; Contamination experimentale de margaritana margaritifera (L) (bivalve d'eau douce) par le cesium 137

    Foulquier, L.; Bovard, P.; Grauby, A. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Cadarache (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    The hydro biological research carried out in the Radio-Ecology Section has led the authors to study some Margaritana sampling stations situated down-stream from the Monts d'Arree nuclear power station. They describe the preservation and contamination methods used for fixing the {sup 137}Cs concentration factors in the case of Margaritana Margaritifera (L). The results of experiments carried out over a period of one hundred days show that the specific activity of the various organs is stabilized after thirty to thirty-five days. The authors have noticed a relatively low adsorption on the shell through the intermediary of micro-organisms, and a strong and rapid absorption in the soft parts. The concentration factors have values, at equilibrium, of around: 9 for the shell, 300 for all the organs, and 38 for the whole animal. A comparison of these results with work published by other authors makes it possible to draw general conclusions concerning the mechanism of {sup 137}Cs fixation by lamellibranch, as well as their capacity of fixation. (author) [French] Les etudes hydrobiologiques effectuees au sein de la Section de Radio-Ecologie ont amene les auteurs a etudier des stations de prelevement de Margaritana en aval de la Centrale Nucleaire des Monts d'Arree. Ils decrivent les methodes de conservation et de contamination utilisees pour l'etablissement des facteurs de concentration du {sup 137}Cs par Margaritana margaritifera (L). Les resultats des experimentations menees pendant cent jours montrent que les activites specifiques de la coquille et des differents organes se stabilisent au bout de trente a trente-cinq jours. Les auteurs constatent une adsorption relativement faible sur la coquille par l'intermediaire des micro-organismes et une absorption forte et rapide dans les parties molles. Les facteurs de concentration se situent, a l'equilibre, autour de: 9 pour la coquille, 300 pour l'ensemble des organes et 38 si l'on considere

  3. Molecular approaches for bacterial azoreductases

    Montira Leelakriangsak


    Full Text Available Azo dyes are the dominant types of synthetic dyes, widely used in textiles, foods, leather, printing, tattooing, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Many microorganisms are able to decolorize azo dyes, and there is increasing interest in biological waste treatment methods. Bacterial azoreductases can cleave azo linkages (-N=N- in azo dyes, forming aromatic amines. This review mainly focuses on employing molecular approaches, including gene manipulation and recombinant strains, to study bacterial azoreductases. The construction of the recombinant protein by cloning and the overexpression of azoreductase is described. The mechanisms and function of bacterial azoreductases can be studied by other molecular techniques discussed in this review, such as RT-PCR, southern blot analysis, western blot analysis, zymography, and muta-genesis in order to understand bacterial azoreductase properties, function and application. In addition, understanding the regulation of azoreductase gene expression will lead to the systematic use of gene manipulation in bacterial strains for new strategies in future waste remediation technologies.

  4. Evolution of Bacterial Suicide

    Tchernookov, Martin; Nemenman, Ilya


    While active, controlled cellular suicide (autolysis) in bacteria is commonly observed, it has been hard to argue that autolysis can be beneficial to an individual who commits it. We propose a theoretical model that predicts that bacterial autolysis is evolutionarily advantageous to an individualand would fixate in physically structured environments for stationary phase colonies. We perform spatially resolved agent-based simulations of the model, which predict that lower mixing in the environment results in fixation of a higher autolysis rate from a single mutated cell, regardless of the colony's genetic diversity. We argue that quorum sensing will fixate as well, even if initially rare, if it is coupled to controlling the autolysis rate. The model does not predict a strong additional competitive advantage for cells where autolysis is controlled by quorum sensing systems that distinguish self from nonself. These predictions are broadly supported by recent experimental results in B. subtilisand S. pneumoniae. Research partially supported by the James S McDonnell Foundation grant No. 220020321 and by HFSP grant No. RGY0084/2011.

  5. Electromagnetism of Bacterial Growth

    Ainiwaer, Ailiyasi


    There has been increasing concern from the public about personal health due to the significant rise in the daily use of electrical devices such as cell phones, radios, computers, GPS, video games and television. All of these devices create electromagnetic (EM) fields, which are simply magnetic and electric fields surrounding the appliances that simultaneously affect the human bio-system. Although these can affect the human system, obstacles can easily shield or weaken the electrical fields; however, magnetic fields cannot be weakened and can pass through walls, human bodies and most other objects. The present study was conducted to examine the possible effects of bacteria when exposed to magnetic fields. The results indicate that a strong causal relationship is not clear, since different magnetic fields affect the bacteria differently, with some causing an increase in bacterial cells, and others causing a decrease in the same cells. This phenomenon has yet to be explained, but the current study attempts to offer a mathematical explanation for this occurrence. The researchers added cultures to the magnetic fields to examine any effects to ion transportation. Researchers discovered ions such as potassium and sodium are affected by the magnetic field. A formula is presented in the analysis section to explain this effect.

  6. The rare bacterial biosphere.

    Pedrós-Alió, Carlos


    All communities are dominated by a few species that account for most of the biomass and carbon cycling. On the other hand, a large number of species are represented by only a few individuals. In the case of bacteria, these rare species were until recently invisible. Owing to their low numbers, conventional molecular techniques could not retrieve them. Isolation in pure culture was the only way to identify some of them, but current culturing techniques are unable to isolate most of the bacteria in nature. The recent development of fast and cheap high-throughput sequencing has begun to allow access to the rare species. In the case of bacteria, the exploration of this rare biosphere has several points of interest. First, it will eventually produce a reasonable estimate of the total number of bacterial taxa in the oceans; right now, we do not even know the right order of magnitude. Second, it will answer the question of whether "everything is everywhere." Third, it will require hypothesizing and testing the ecological mechanisms that allow subsistence of many species in low numbers. And fourth, it will open an avenue of research into the immense reserve of genes with potential applications hidden in the rare biosphere. PMID:22457983

  7. Transport Powered by Bacterial Turbulence

    Kaiser, Andreas; Peshkov, Anton; Sokolov, Andrey; ten Hagen, Borge; Löwen, Hartmut; Aranson, Igor S.


    We demonstrate that collective turbulentlike motion in a bacterial bath can power and steer the directed transport of mesoscopic carriers through the suspension. In our experiments and simulations, a microwedgelike "bulldozer" draws energy from a bacterial bath of varied density. We obtain that an optimal transport speed is achieved in the turbulent state of the bacterial suspension. This apparent rectification of random motion of bacteria is caused by polar ordered bacteria inside the cusp region of the carrier, which is shielded from the outside turbulent fluctuations.

  8. Transport powered by bacterial turbulence.

    Kaiser, Andreas; Peshkov, Anton; Sokolov, Andrey; ten Hagen, Borge; Löwen, Hartmut; Aranson, Igor S


    We demonstrate that collective turbulentlike motion in a bacterial bath can power and steer the directed transport of mesoscopic carriers through the suspension. In our experiments and simulations, a microwedgelike "bulldozer" draws energy from a bacterial bath of varied density. We obtain that an optimal transport speed is achieved in the turbulent state of the bacterial suspension. This apparent rectification of random motion of bacteria is caused by polar ordered bacteria inside the cusp region of the carrier, which is shielded from the outside turbulent fluctuations. PMID:24785075

  9. Ajuste de un Modelo Hidrodinámico para una Columna con Empaques Estructurados usando Valores Experimentales Fit of an Hydrodynamic Model for a Structured Packing Column using Experimental Data

    R.H. Chávez


    Full Text Available El objetivo del presente trabajo es ajustar un modelo hidrodinámico para columna empacada con empaque estructurado, partiendo de valores experimentales. Se comparan dos empaques, uno construido en el Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ, de gasa de alambre de latón, y otro de la empresa Sulzer Ltda., de gasa de alambre de acero inoxidable. El modelo hidrodinámico se ajustó mediante la técnica de mínimos cuadrados con el método Levenberg-Marquardt para ecuaciones no lineales. Se obtuvieron las caídas de presión experimentales y teóricas determinadas por el modelo, así como los parámetros de ajuste del modelo tanto para el empaque ININ, como para el Sulzer BX. El empaque ININ mostró mayor caída de presión que el empaque Sulzer BX, debido a sus características geométricas. Se concluye que con la determinación de los parámetros de ajuste del modelo, se puede definir los regímenes del flujo de columnas que empleen empaque estructurado ININ y Sulzer BX.The objective of the present study is to fit a hydrodynamic model for a packed column with structured packing, based on experimental values. Two packing materials were used, one was made by the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ of the gauze type made of brass and the other by Sulzer Ltda., also of the gauze type but made of stainless steel. The hydrodynamic model was fit using the method of least squares using the Levenberg and Marquardt methodology for non-linear equations. Experimental and theoretical pressure drops were determined using the model, as well as the fitted parameters of the model both for ININ and Sulzer BX packings. The ININ packing has a higher pressure drop than the Sulzer BX, due to its geometric characteristics. It is concluded that by using the fitted parameters of the model, flow regimes in the column may be defined when using ININ or Sulzer BX structured packing

  10. Bacterial flora of sturgeon fingerling

    The study on microbial populations is a suitable tool to understand and apply control methods to improve the sanitary level of production in fish breeding and rearing centers, ensure health of sturgeon fingerlings at the time of their release into the rivers and also in the conversation and restoration of these valuable stocks in the Caspian Sea, Iran. A laboratory research based on Austin methods (Austin, B., Austin, D.A. 1993) was conducted for bacterial study on 3 sturgeon species naming A. persicus, A. stellatus and A. nudiventris during different growth stages. Bacterial flora of Acinetobacter, Moraxella, Aeromonas, Vibrio, Edwardsiella, Staphylococcus, Proteus, Yersinia, Pseudomonas and Plesiomonas were determined. The factors which may induce changes in bacterial populations during different stages of fife are the followings: quality of water in rearing ponds, different conditions for growth stages, suitable time for colonization of bacterial flora in rearing pond, water temperature increase in fingerlings size and feeding condition. (author)

  11. Bacterial Communities: Interactions to Scale

    Stubbendieck, Reed M.; Vargas-Bautista, Carol; Straight, Paul D.


    In the environment, bacteria live in complex multispecies communities. These communities span in scale from small, multicellular aggregates to billions or trillions of cells within the gastrointestinal tract of animals. The dynamics of bacterial communities are determined by pairwise interactions that occur between different species in the community. Though interactions occur between a few cells at a time, the outcomes of these interchanges have ramifications that ripple through many orders of magnitude, and ultimately affect the macroscopic world including the health of host organisms. In this review we cover how bacterial competition influences the structures of bacterial communities. We also emphasize methods and insights garnered from culture-dependent pairwise interaction studies, metagenomic analyses, and modeling experiments. Finally, we argue that the integration of multiple approaches will be instrumental to future understanding of the underlying dynamics of bacterial communities. PMID:27551280

  12. The Bacterial Microflora of Fish

    Austin, B.


    The results of numerous studies indicate that fish possess bacterial populations on or in their skin, gills, digestive tract, and light-emitting organs. In addition, the internal organs (kidney, liver, and spleen) of healthy fish may contain bacteria, but there is debate on whether or not muscle is actually sterile. The numbers and taxonomic composition of the bacterial populations often reflect those of the surrounding water. The role of the bacteria includes the ability to degrade complex m...

  13. Bacterial cellulose/boehmite composites

    Salvi, Denise T.B. de; Barud, Hernane S.; Messaddeq, Younes; Ribeiro, Sidney J.L. [Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho. UNESP. Instituto de Quimica de Araraquara, SP (Brazil); Caiut, Jose Mauricio A. [Universidade de Sao Paulo. Departamento de Quimica - FFCLRP/USP, Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil)


    Composites based on bacterial cellulose membranes and boehmite were obtained. SEM results indicate that the bacterial cellulose (BC) membranes are totally covered by boehmite and obtained XRD patterns suggest structural changes due to this boehmite addition. Thermal stability is accessed through TG curves and is dependent on boehmite content. Transparency is high comparing to pure BC as can be seen through UV-vis absorption spectroscopy. (author)

  14. Bacterial Culture of Neonatal Sepsis

    AH Movahedian; R Moniri; Z Mosayebi


    Neonatal bacterial sepsis is one of the major cause of morbidity and mortality in neonates. This retrospective study was performed to determine the incidence of bacterial sepsis with focus on Gram negative organisms in neonates admitted at Beheshti Hospital in Kashan, during a 3-yr period, from September 2002 to September 2005. Blood culture was performed on all neonates with risk factors or signs of suggestive sepsis. Blood samples were cultured using brain heart infusion (BHI) broth accordi...

  15. Bacterial Alkaloids Prevent Amoebal Predation.

    Klapper, Martin; Götze, Sebastian; Barnett, Robert; Willing, Karsten; Stallforth, Pierre


    Bacterial defense mechanisms have evolved to protect bacteria against predation by nematodes, predatory bacteria, or amoebae. We identified novel bacterial alkaloids (pyreudiones A-D) that protect the producer, Pseudomonas fluorescens HKI0770, against amoebal predation. Isolation, structure elucidation, total synthesis, and a proposed biosynthetic pathway for these structures are presented. The generation of P. fluorescens gene-deletion mutants unable to produce pyreudiones rendered the bacterium edible to a variety of soil-dwelling amoebae. PMID:27294402

  16. Mast cells in bacterial infections

    Rönnberg, Elin


    Mast cells are implicated in immunity towards bacterial infection, but the molecular mechanisms by which mast cells contribute to the host response are only partially understood. Previous studies have examined how mast cells react to purified bacterial cell wall components, such as peptidoglycan and lipopolysaccharide. To investigate how mast cells react to live bacteria we co-cultured mast cells and the gram-positive bacteria Streptococcus equi (S. equi) and Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus)...

  17. Studies of Experimental Bacterial Translocation

    Stenbäck, Anders


    One of the main obstacles to maintaining patients with short bowel syndrome on parenteral nutrition, or successfully transplanting these patients with a small bowel graft, is the many severe infections that occur. Evidence is accumulating that translocating bacteria from the patient’s bowel causes a significant part of these infections. In this thesis bacterial translocation is studied in a Thiry-Vella loop of defunctionalised small bowel in the rat. Bacterial translocation to the mesenteric ...

  18. Bacterial translocation: impact of probiotics

    Jeppsson, Bengt; Mangell, Peter; Adawi, Diya; Molin, Göran


    There is a considerable amount of data in humans showing that patients who cannot take in nutrients enterally have more organ failure in the intensive care unit, a less favourable prognosis, and a higher frequency of septicaemia, in particular involving bacterial species from the intestinal tract. However, there is little evidence that this is connected with translocation of bacterial species in humans. Animal data more uniformly imply the existence of such a connection. The main focus of thi...

  19. Electrical spiking in bacterial biofilms

    Masi, Elisa; Ciszak, Marzena; Santopolo, Luisa; Frascella, Arcangela; Giovannetti, Luciana; Marchi, Emmanuela; Viti, Carlo; Mancuso, Stefano


    In nature, biofilms are the most common form of bacterial growth. In biofilms, bacteria display coordinated behaviour to perform specific functions. Here, we investigated electrical signalling as a possible driver in biofilm sociobiology. Using a multi-electrode array system that enables high spatio-temporal resolution, we studied the electrical activity in two biofilm-forming strains and one non-biofilm-forming strain. The action potential rates monitored during biofilm-forming bacterial gro...

  20. Bacterial sex in dental plaque

    Olsen, Ingar; Tribble, Gena D; Fiehn, Nils-Erik; Wang, Bing-Yan


    Genes are transferred between bacteria in dental plaque by transduction, conjugation, and transformation. Membrane vesicles can also provide a mechanism for horizontal gene transfer. DNA transfer is considered bacterial sex, but the transfer is not parallel to processes that we associate with sex in higher organisms. Several examples of bacterial gene transfer in the oral cavity are given in this review. How frequently this occurs in dental plaque is not clear, but evidence suggests that it a...

  1. Bacterial contamination of radiopharmaceutical preparations

    Examinations of the microflora of the air, personnel hands' skin, and surface of the equipment were performed in the Centre for Nuclear research, Libya. It is stated that bacterial contamination was maximal in winter and minimal in summer. The authors believe that human factor is the crucial in bacterial contamination. The microflora detected at the surfaces of equipment contains increased levels of radioresistent forms of bacteria. 8 refs.; 3 tabs

  2. Bacterial cellulose/boehmite composites

    Composites based on bacterial cellulose membranes and boehmite were obtained. SEM results indicate that the bacterial cellulose (BC) membranes are totally covered by boehmite and obtained XRD patterns suggest structural changes due to this boehmite addition. Thermal stability is accessed through TG curves and is dependent on boehmite content. Transparency is high comparing to pure BC as can be seen through UV-vis absorption spectroscopy. (author)

  3. Meningitis bacteriana Bacterial meningitis

    Ana Teresa Alvarado Guevara


    causales son virales lo cual conlleva a las diferentes sub-clasificaciones. También en ciertos casos puede ser ocasionada por hongos, bacterias atípicas, micobacterias y parásitos.In Costa Rica the bacterial meningitis had turn into a high-priority subject in which to monitoring epidemiologist. It had been talked about in the last months, to dice an increase in the attention is published of this subject, due to this phenomenon it becomes necessary to make a revision of topic. Meningitis is an inflammation of leptomeninges and colonization of the subarachnoid cerebrospinal fluid (LCR due to different agents, which produces meningeal symptoms (ex. migraine, neck rigidity, and photophobia and pleocytosis in LCR. De pending on the variables to take into account is possible to group it in different classifications, taking into account the time of evolution are possible to be divided in acute or chronic, to first with few hours or days of beginning of the symptoms, whereas the chronicle also presents a silence course but of the disease of approximately 4 weeks of instauration. There is a difference according to its etiologic agent; they can be infectious and non-infectious. Examples of common non-infectious causes include medications (ex, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics and carcinomatosis. A classification exists as well according to the causal agent. The acute bacterial meningitis remarks a bacterial origin of the syndrome, which characterizes by the by an acute onset of meningeal symptoms and neutrophilic pleocytosis. Each one of the bacteriological agents, parasitic or fungus finishes by characterizing the different presentations of the clinical features (ex, meningocóccica meningitis, Cryptococcus meningitis. Finally, there is also the aseptic meningitis, denominated in this form because it’s nonpyogenic cellular response caused by many types of agents. The patients show an acute beginning of symptoms, fever and lymphocytic pleocytosis. After

  4. 7 CFR 58.135 - Bacterial estimate.


    ... 7 Agriculture 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Bacterial estimate. 58.135 Section 58.135 Agriculture... Milk § 58.135 Bacterial estimate. (a) Methods of Testing. Milk shall be tested for bacterial estimate... of Testing. A laboratory examination to determine the bacterial estimate shall be made on...

  5. Microfluidic Approaches to Bacterial Biofilm Formation

    Hee-Deung Park; Junghyun Kim; Seok Chung


    Bacterial biofilms—aggregations of bacterial cells and extracellular polymeric substrates (EPS)—are an important subject of research in the fields of biology and medical science. Under aquatic conditions, bacterial cells form biofilms as a mechanism for improving survival and dispersion. In this review, we discuss bacterial biofilm development as a structurally and dynamically complex biological system and propose microfluidic approaches for the study of bacterial biofilms. Biofilms develop t...

  6. The human vaginal bacterial biota and bacterial vaginosis.

    Srinivasan, Sujatha; Fredricks, David N


    The bacterial biota of the human vagina can have a profound impact on the health of women and their neonates. Changes in the vaginal microbiota have been associated with several adverse health outcomes including premature birth, pelvic inflammatory disease, and acquisition of HIV infection. Cultivation-independent molecular methods have provided new insights regarding bacterial diversity in this important niche, particularly in women with the common condition bacterial vaginosis (BV). PCR methods have shown that women with BV have complex communities of vaginal bacteria that include many fastidious species, particularly from the phyla Bacteroidetes and Actinobacteria. Healthy women are mostly colonized with lactobacilli such as Lactobacillus crispatus, Lactobacillus jensenii, and Lactobacillus iners, though a variety of other bacteria may be present. The microbiology of BV is heterogeneous. The presence of Gardnerella vaginalis and Atopobium vaginae coating the vaginal epithelium in some subjects with BV suggests that biofilms may contribute to this condition. PMID:19282975

  7. New Treatments for Bacterial Keratitis

    Raymond L. M. Wong


    Full Text Available Purpose. To review the newer treatments for bacterial keratitis. Data Sources. PubMed literature search up to April 2012. Study Selection. Key words used for literature search: “infectious keratitis”, “microbial keratitis”, “infective keratitis”, “new treatments for infectious keratitis”, “fourth generation fluoroquinolones”, “moxifloxacin”, “gatifloxacin”, “collagen cross-linking”, and “photodynamic therapy”. Data Extraction. Over 2400 articles were retrieved. Large scale studies or publications at more recent dates were selected. Data Synthesis. Broad spectrum antibiotics have been the main stay of treatment for bacterial keratitis but with the emergence of bacterial resistance; there is a need for newer antimicrobial agents and treatment methods. Fourth-generation fluoroquinolones and corneal collagen cross-linking are amongst the new treatments. In vitro studies and prospective clinical trials have shown that fourth-generation fluoroquinolones are better than the older generation fluoroquinolones and are as potent as combined fortified antibiotics against common pathogens that cause bacterial keratitis. Collagen cross-linking was shown to improve healing of infectious corneal ulcer in treatment-resistant cases or as an adjunct to antibiotics treatment. Conclusion. Fourth-generation fluoroquinolones are good alternatives to standard treatment of bacterial keratitis using combined fortified topical antibiotics. Collagen cross-linking may be considered in treatment-resistant infectious keratitis or as an adjunct to antibiotics therapy.

  8. Interfering with Bacterial Quorum Sensing.

    Reuter, Kerstin; Steinbach, Anke; Helms, Volkhard


    Quorum sensing (QS) describes the exchange of chemical signals in bacterial populations to adjust the bacterial phenotypes according to the density of bacterial cells. This serves to express phenotypes that are advantageous for the group and ensure bacterial survival. To do so, bacterial cells synthesize autoinducer (AI) molecules, release them to the environment, and take them up. Thereby, the AI concentration reflects the cell density. When the AI concentration exceeds a critical threshold in the cells, the AI may activate the expression of virulence-associated genes or of luminescent proteins. It has been argued that targeting the QS system puts less selective pressure on these pathogens and should avoid the development of resistant bacteria. Therefore, the molecular components of QS systems have been suggested as promising targets for developing new anti-infective compounds. Here, we review the QS systems of selected gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, namely, Vibrio fischeri, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus, and discuss various antivirulence strategies based on blocking different components of the QS machinery. PMID:26819549

  9. Bacterial tactic responses.

    Armitage, J P


    Many, if not most, bacterial species swim. The synthesis and operation of the flagellum, the most complex organelle of a bacterium, takes a significant percentage of cellular energy, particularly in the nutrient limited environments in which many motile species are found. It is obvious that motility accords cells a survival advantage over non-motile mutants under normal, poorly mixed conditions and is an important determinant in the development of many associations between bacteria and other organisms, whether as pathogens or symbionts and in colonization of niches and the development of biofilms. This survival advantage is the result of sensory control of swimming behaviour. Although too small to sense a gradient along the length of the cell, and unable to swim great distances because of buffetting by Brownian motion and the curvature resulting from a rotating flagellum, bacteria can bias their random swimming direction towards a more favourable environment. The favourable environment will vary from species to species and there is now evidence that in many species this can change depending on the current physiological growth state of the cell. In general, bacteria sense changes in a range of nutrients and toxins, compounds altering electron transport, acceptors or donors into the electron transport chain, pH, temperature and even the magnetic field of the Earth. The sensory signals are balanced, and may be balanced with other sensory pathways such as quorum sensing, to identify the optimum current environment. The central sensory pathway in this process is common to most bacteria and most effectors. The environmental change is sensed by a sensory protein. In most species examined this is a transmembrane protein, sensing the external environment, but there is increasing evidence for additional cytoplasmic receptors in many species. All receptors, whether sensing sugars, amino acids or oxygen, share a cytoplasmic signalling domain that controls the activity of a

  10. Bacterial Protein-Tyrosine Kinases

    Shi, Lei; Kobir, Ahasanul; Jers, Carsten;


    Bacteria and Eukarya share essentially the same family of protein-serine/threonine kinases, also known as the Hanks-type kinases. However, when it comes to protein-tyrosine phosphorylation, bacteria seem to have gone their own way. Bacterial protein-tyrosine kinases (BY-kinases) are bacterial...... enzymes that are unique in exploiting the ATP/GTP-binding Walker motif to catalyze phosphorylation of protein tyrosine residues. Characterized for the first time only a decade ago, BY-kinases have now come to the fore. Important regulatory roles have been linked with these enzymes, via their involvement...... in exopolysaccharide production, virulence, DNA metabolism, stress response and other key functions of the bacterial cell. BY-kinases act through autophosphorylation (mainly in exopolysaccharide production) and phosphorylation of other proteins, which have in most cases been shown to be activated by...