Sample records for automobile repair shops




    Full Text Available Scheduling problems are NP – Hard combinatorial optimization problems, since many algorithms have been developed which offers new promising insights for solving resource allocation problems. Considering the problems faced in automobile repair shops, who sets the customer due dates of the car based on processing time, jobs already waiting for processing and mechanic available time. Also the workload of the mechanic should be balanced and minimize the make-span of the work. So this paper is concerned with determination of optimal allocation of repair jobs to the mechanic using Artificial Neural Network and hence to determine the minimum Total cost and make span of repair.

  2. Pulmonary function in automobile repair workers

    Chattopadhyay O


    Background : Automobile repair shop is a place where workers are exposed to harmful chemicals and toxic substances. Objective : To study the occurrence of obstructive and restrictive pulmonary impairment among automobile garage workers. Methods : A cross sectional study involving 151 automobile garage workers from 14 randomly selected garages of urban Kolkata. The study variables were Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second (FEV 1 ), Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (...

  3. Optimal Allocation of Repair Shops in the Automobile Recall%缺陷汽车召回所需安排的最优维修店数目

    熊中楷; 刘学勇; 郭年


    讨论了缺陷汽车产品制造商在汽车召回事件中如何安排最优维修店数目.假设汽车制造商在召回期限内维修几乎全部召回汽车,车主逗留时间和维修时间都服从指数分布,并且假设维修人员会根据库存水平(车位)调整维修速度.选取制造商安排组织的维修店数目为决策变量,利用有限源排队理论建立了成本控制模型.搜索算法确定了最优的维修店数目,使得期望总成本最小.%Toyota Motor Corporation has recalled more than 8.5 million defective vehicles since March 2010 according to a Reuters report. The State Administration of Quality Supervision Defective Product Management Center ( AQSIQ) is formed by nearly 60 domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers. An AQSIQ report shows that there had been 212 active recall, and recall of 321 thousand units of vehicles from 2004 to 2009.In 2009 China had 57 auto recalls, and involved 1, 364, 820 vehicles and 33 companies. The number of auto recalls in 2009 is 1. 5 times more than that in 2008. Twenty nine recalls involve 1, 283 , 400 domestic cars. The number of recalls is higher than that of imported cars. The average recall completion rate of enterprises is more than 85. 5% . Regardless the number of recalls, the number of auto recall in China reached the in the history of a new high record, according to the AQSIQ. Car market in 2009 and 2010, a significant change in the recall is voluntarily recalling its own brand awareness began to increase. As a corporate strategic decision, the subtle optimization on product recall decision leads to fruitful academic contributions and managerial insights.When launching product recall, the motor manufacturer must organize repairers to recover defective vehicles as well as bear the repair fees and necessary logistical costs. Then, the optimal number of repairers is an important managerial issue. If too few repairers are organized, the great number of defective vehicles that wait

  4. Pulmonary function in automobile repair workers

    Chattopadhyay O


    Full Text Available Background : Automobile repair shop is a place where workers are exposed to harmful chemicals and toxic substances. Objective : To study the occurrence of obstructive and restrictive pulmonary impairment among automobile garage workers. Methods : A cross sectional study involving 151 automobile garage workers from 14 randomly selected garages of urban Kolkata. The study variables were Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second (FEV 1 , Forced Vital Capacity (FVC, Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PE FR, age, smoking habit, duration of work, type of work, and respiratory symptoms. The study was analysed using Regression equations, and Chi-square test. Results : All the workers were male. Obstructive impairment was seen in 25.83% of the workers whereas restrictive impairment was seen in 21.19% of the workers. Mixed obstructive and restrictive impairment was seen in 10.6% of the workers. The frequency of obstructive impairment was higher in older workers. In the age group of less than 20 years, 13.6% of the workers had obstructive impairment while 42.86% of workers above 40 years of age had obstructive impairment. Obstructive impairment was more frequently observed in battery repair workers (58.33% and spray painters (37.5% while 16.67% of the body repair workers and 30.19% of the engine mechanics had obstructive impairment. Obstructive impairment was more frequently observed in smokers (53.1 % as compared to ex-smokers (33.3% and non-smokers (6.4%. Obstructive impairment was more frequently observed in workers who had been working for a longer duration. Conclusion: Nearly 36.4% of the automobile garage workers had some form of pulmonary function impairment; obstructive and/or restrictive. The use of personal protective equipment, worker education, and discontinuation of the use of paints containing toxic pigments are recommended.

  5. A study on morbidity among automobile service and repair workers in an urban area of South India

    Mathew Philip; Alex, Reginald G.; Sunny, Soumya S.; Anand Alwan; Deepak Guzzula; Rajan Srinivasan


    Introduction: Service sector in Indian industrial growth has obtained significant numbers. Automobile service industry is one of the largest in the world with a majority of the workers in unorganized sector of the industry. This study was carried out among auto service industry workers in Vellore urban area to assess possible occupation related morbidity. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional observation study was carried out among 106 automobile repair shop workers. Results: Half (47%) su...

  6. Exposure Assessment Suggests Exposure to Lung Cancer Carcinogens in a Painter Working in an Automobile Bumper Shop

    KIM, Boowook; Yoon, Jin-Ha; Choi, Byung-Soon; Shin, Yong Chul


    A 46-year-old man who had worked as a bumper spray painter in an automobile body shop for 15 years developed lung cancer. The patient was a nonsmoker with no family history of lung cancer. To determine whether the cancer was related to his work environment, we assessed the level of exposure to carcinogens during spray painting, sanding, and heat treatment. The results showed that spray painting with yellow paint increased the concentration of hexavalent chromium in the air to as much as 118.3...

  7. The Relationship of Academic Courses to Skills Required of Automobile Repair Technicians

    Freund, Stephen H.


    The primary objective was to show the important need of academic skills, specifically general education coursework, to the effectiveness of the technician's expertise in the field of automobile repair. Additionally, I emphasized that one of the keys to the quality of the technician's education is the method of instruction analyzed…

  8. Research On The After-Sale Service With SOLOMO Concept And LBS Technology Of Automobile 4S-Shop%研究SoLoMo概念与LBS技术融合的汽车4S店售后服务

    施夏; 王骥; 王利伟


    汽车4S店依赖进销巨额价差获得盈利的时代逐渐消逝,做好销售的同时,借助网络渠道促进汽车4S店售后服务品质提升、规模效益增长和客户群体的稳定是其可持续发展的主要途径。本文通过引入SoLoMo概念与LBS技术完善传统的O2O模式,进而扩大4S店的服务推广以及针对特定登陆位置为客户有效提供差异化服务。从保证售后服务质量为出发点,在O2O平台上建立维修返修处理应用流程,以全新理念、全新方法来提高汽车售后质量,满足客户需求。%This era when automobile 4S-shop sales depending on the huge spread of profit has gradually disappeared, we should not only make sales, while use the network channels to promote the automobile 4S-shop after-sale service ,improvement of service quality , growth of the scale of economic gr and stable customer groups , which is the main way for the sustainable development of automobile 4S-shop. This paper introduces the concept of SoLoMo and LBS technology to improve the traditional O2O model, and then expand the promotion of automobile4S-shop service. According to the specific position for landing,customers are provide differentiated services. In order to ensure quality of after-sales service , repair application process is built on the O2O platform, with new ideas and methods to improve the automobile after-sale quality, meet customer demand.

  9. Operating experience with the fuel element repair shop at Muelheim-Kaerlich nuclear power plant

    A dismountable fuel element repair shop has been installed at Muelheim-Kaerlich Nuclear Power Plant. This permits irradiated fuel elements to be repaired under water using the available repair equipment. The withdrawal of the defective fuel rod is effected at about 3 metres below the surface of the water using a fixed withdrawal tool by lowering the fuel element with an integrated holsting unit. This type of repair is possible using relatively short tools and with maximum visibility of the end of the fuel element and is independent of plant-related lifting equipment. The repair shop is designed in accordance with the appropriate nuclear technical plant regulations and has been accepted by the German Technical Supervisory Board. (orig.)

  10. Exposure assessment suggests exposure to lung cancer carcinogens in a painter working in an automobile bumper shop.

    Kim, Boowook; Yoon, Jin-Ha; Choi, Byung-Soon; Shin, Yong Chul


    A 46-year-old man who had worked as a bumper spray painter in an automobile body shop for 15 years developed lung cancer. The patient was a nonsmoker with no family history of lung cancer. To determine whether the cancer was related to his work environment, we assessed the level of exposure to carcinogens during spray painting, sanding, and heat treatment. The results showed that spray painting with yellow paint increased the concentration of hexavalent chromium in the air to as much as 118.33 μg/m(3). Analysis of the paint bulk materials showed that hexavalent chromium was mostly found in the form of lead chromate. Interestingly, strontium chromate was also detected, and the concentration of strontium chromate increased in line with the brightness of the yellow color. Some paints contained about 1% crystalline silica in the form of quartz. PMID:24422178

  11. A study on morbidity among automobile service and repair workers in an urban area of South India

    Mathew Philip


    Full Text Available Introduction: Service sector in Indian industrial growth has obtained significant numbers. Automobile service industry is one of the largest in the world with a majority of the workers in unorganized sector of the industry. This study was carried out among auto service industry workers in Vellore urban area to assess possible occupation related morbidity. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional observation study was carried out among 106 automobile repair shop workers. Results: Half (47% suffered work related stress, 32 (30.2% reported exposure to dust, 81 (76% to heat, and 50 (17% to hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. More than 90% reported over exposure to petroleum products. A third reported cough for more than 2 weeks, more than a quarter reported gastrointestinal symptoms associated with work. Half of them reported musculoskeletal complaints associated with work with a quarter reporting un-intentional work place injuries. A tenth of them were found to have reduced pulmonary function on testing and nearly half had impaired sensory functions in peripheries. Reduced pulmonary function was found to be significantly associated with heavy metal exposure (P = 0.001. Peripheral neuropathy was significantly associated with years of occupation (P = 0.001, exposure to petroleum products (P = 0.03 and exposure to heavy metals (P = 0.018. Discussion: Half of the workers were unaware of health problems associated with their occupational exposures and thereby the use of personal protection is abysmally low. A very high proportion of workers had symptoms of cough, breathlessness, abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort and muscle aches. Almost a quarter of the workers had un-intentional occupational injuries in the last 6 months. Though they work in a high-risk environment with chances of fire hazard, falls and chemical exposures, none of the workshops had fire-extinguishers, first aid kits or any such safety devices.

  12. Inhalation exposure to isocyanates of car body repair shop workers and industrial spray painters

    Pronk, A.; Tielemans, E.; Skarping, G.; Bobeldijk, I.; Hemmen, J. van; Heederik, D.; Preller, L.


    As part of a large-scale epidemiological study, occupational isocyanate exposure was assessed in spray-painting environments. The aim was to assess which compounds contribute to isocyanate exposure in car body repair shops and industrial painting companies, and to identify tasks with high risk of is

  13. Exposure Evaluation for Benzene, Lead and Noise in Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shops

    Sweeney, Lynn C. [Washington State Univ., Pullman, WA (United States)


    An exposure assessment was performed at the equipment and vehicle maintenance repair shops operating at the U. S. Department of Energy Hanford site, in Richland, Washington. The maintenance shops repair and maintain vehicles and equipment used in support of the Hanford cleanup mission. There are three general mechanic shops and one auto body repair shop. The mechanics work on heavy equipment used in construction, cranes, commercial motor vehicles, passenger-type vehicles in addition to air compressors, generators, and farm equipment. Services include part fabrication, installation of equipment, repair and maintenance work in the engine compartment, and tire and brake services. Work performed at the auto body shop includes painting and surface preparation which involves applying body filler and sanding. 8-hour time-weighted-average samples were collected for benzene and noise exposure and task-based samples were collected for lead dust work activities involving painted metal surfaces. Benzene samples were obtained using 3M™ 3520 sampling badges and were analyzed for additional volatile organic compounds. These compounds were selected based on material safety data sheet information for the aerosol products used by the mechanics for each day of sampling. The compounds included acetone, ethyl ether, toluene, xylene, VM&P naphtha, methyl ethyl ketone, and trichloroethylene. Laboratory data for benzene, VM&P naphtha, methyl ethyl ketone and trichloroethylene were all below the reporting detection limit. Airborne concentrations for acetone, ethyl ether, toluene and xylene were all less than 10% of their occupational exposure limit. The task-based samples obtained for lead dusts were submitted for a metal scan analysis to identify other metals that might be present. Laboratory results for lead dusts were all below the reporting detection limit and airborne concentration for the other metals observed in the samples were less than 10% of the occupational exposure limit

  14. Airborne thermal degradation products of polyurethene coatings in car repair shops.

    Karlsson, D; Spanne, M; Dalene, M; Skarping, G


    A methodology for workplace air monitoring of aromatic and aliphatic, mono- and polyisocyanates by derivatisation with di-n-butylamine (DBA) is presented. Air sampling was performed using midget impinger flasks containing 10 ml of 0.01 mol l(-1) DBA in toluene and a glass-fibre filter in series after the impinger flask, thereby providing the possibility of collecting and derivatising isocyanates in both the gas and particle phases. Quantification was made by LC-MS, monitoring the molecular ions [MH]+. Air samples taken with this method in car repair shops showed that many different isocyanates are formed during thermal decomposition of polyurethane (PUR) coatings. In addition to isocyanates such as hexamethylene (HDI), isophorone (IPDI), toluene (TDI) and methylenediphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), monoisocyanates such as methyl (MIC), ethyl (EIC), propyl (PIC), butyl (BIC) and phenyl isocyanate (PhI) were found. In many air samples the aliphatic monoisocyanates dominated. During cutting and welding operations, the highest levels of isocyanates were observed. In a single air sample from a welding operation in a car repair shop, the highest concentrations found were: MIC, 290; EIC, 60; PIC, 20; BIC, 9; PhI, 27; HDI, 105; IPDI, 39; MDI, 4; and 2,4-TDI and 2,6-TDI 140 microg m(-3). Monitoring the particle size distribution and concentration during grinding, welding and cutting operations showed that ultrafine particles (volatility were mainly found in the particle phase, but isocyanates with a relatively high volatility such as TDI, were found in both the particle and gas phases. PMID:11254051

  15. Measures to Improve the After-sales Service Management of Automobile 4S Shop%提高汽车4S店售后服务管理的措施



    The after-sales service of the automobile 4S shop is one of the main channels to obtain pocketbook of the automobile enterprise. It is the key content to improve the after-sales service management of automobile 4S shop in the automobile enterprise's development and construction process. Combined with years of work experience, the author simply introduces the related countermeasures according to the existing problems.%汽车4S店售后服务是汽车企业获得经济来源的主要渠道之一,提高汽车4S店售后服务管理是汽车企业发展建设过程中必须关注的重点内容。笔者结合多年工作经验,从存在的问题着手,对相关解决措施做了简单介绍。


    Ahmad T. Numan


    Full Text Available The present study was designed to evaluate the expected impact of exposure to car painting solvents on renal and hematological functions in Iraqi car painting workers relative to the duration of exposure within Baghdad District area. Blood samples were obtained from randomly selected auto repair workers and analyzed for serum urea, creatinine and hematological markers and compared with those from non-exposed subjects. Although significant changes were reported in most of the tested parameters, all were within the accepted normal ranges. In conclusion, Iraqi workers in auto repair shops did not reveal potential renal and hematologic toxicity due to occupational exposure to solvents used in car painting. However, due to sample size limitation, further larger studies are recommended.

  17. On the Application of Electronic Diagnosis to the New Technology of Modern Automobile Repair%关于电子诊断在现代汽车维修新技术中的运用



    本文通过对现代汽车维修技术的特征介绍,说明了电子诊断技术在汽车中应用的背景、应用情况以及重要性。旨在期待在以后的汽车维修工作中,使得汽车检修水平能有更大的进步。%Through introducing the features of modern automobile repair technology, this paper specified the background, current situation and importance of electronic diagnosis technology ap-plied to automobile. The aim is to make greater progress in the level automobile test and repair in future automobile repair.

  18. 汽车4S店顾客满意度评价研究——以宁波某汽车4S店为例%Customer Satisfaction Evaluation in Automobile 4S Shops



    With the increasingly fierce market competition, the customer satisfaction strategy is the important developmental strategy for the automobile 4S shops. Therefore, this paper constructs the auto 4S shop customer satisfaction evaluation system and based on the questionnaire, sample - surveys the customer satisfaction with the 4S shops in Ningbo and analyzes the importance degree and the satisfaction degree of the factors that affect the customer purchase of automotive products and the quality of the service.%面对日趋激烈的市场竞争,顾客满意度战略是汽车4S店维系老顾客争取新顾客的必备条件。因此,本文构建了汽车4S店顾客满意度评价体系,通过问卷调查的形式,对宁波汽车4S店得顾客满意度进行抽样调查,对影响顾客选购汽车产品和服务的各因素的重要程度和满意程度进行分析。

  19. Neuropsychological performance and solvent exposure among car body repair shop workers.

    Daniell, W; Stebbins, A; O' Donnell, J.; Horstman, S W; Rosenstock, L.


    A cross sectional study to evaluate symptom reporting and neuropsychological test performance among a cohort of car body repair workers (n = 124) was performed using a computer-administered test system. Subjects with high and medium current exposures to solvent and paint (n = 39 and 32), and low exposure subjects who formerly painted (n = 29) reported significantly more acute and chronic neurological symptoms than did low exposure subjects with no history of painting (n = 24). Subjects with h...

  20. Neuropsychological performance and solvent exposure among car body repair shop workers.

    Daniell, W; Stebbins, A; O'Donnell, J; Horstman, S W; Rosenstock, L


    A cross sectional study to evaluate symptom reporting and neuropsychological test performance among a cohort of car body repair workers (n = 124) was performed using a computer-administered test system. Subjects with high and medium current exposures to solvent and paint (n = 39 and 32), and low exposure subjects who formerly painted (n = 29) reported significantly more acute and chronic neurological symptoms than did low exposure subjects with no history of painting (n = 24). Subjects with higher current exposure performed significantly less well on selected tests of visual perception and memory, but there were no significant exposure related differences in mood state, motor speed, or visuomotor performance. The exposure related effects were most noticeable among subjects 35 years or older. The findings are consistent with age interactive central neurotoxic effects of current exposure to solvents or of cumulative past exposure, although the study is unable to distinguish between these possibilities. The computer administered test system was effective in this field based investigation involving multiple, geographically dispersed worksites. PMID:8494777




    Full Text Available The purposes of this research have been to determine the wastewater quality of a typical railroad repair workshop and to find a way to reduce the concentrations of present contaminants especially oil and grease. The mean concentrations of oil, COD and SS in the wastewater studied were 287.69, 775.85 and 28723, respectively with average daily discharge to be 30-35 m3. Three successive treatment processes were used and the results showed the first stage was gravity flotation with 90 minutes retention time. Removal efficiencies achieved for COD, SS and oil were determined 43%, 49.4% and 55.5% respectively. The second stage of treatment was coagulation either lime or ferric chloride could be used for this purpose at PHs of 9 and 6. COD and oil removals by lime treatment were 76.6% and 84.4%. The final stage of treatment was DAF at 3 atmospheric pressure, by which 92.5%, 89.5%, 89.92% and 88% removals were achieved for oil, SS and COD, respectively.

  2. Hydraulic Lifting Device with Knee-jointed Short Flat Pallet for Repair of Automobile%短平台铰接式汽车维修液压举升装置



    This paper introduces a hydraulic lift device with knee-jointed short flat pallet for repair of automobile, its operation and control principle, performance and characteristics are briefly related.%介绍一种通用性好、使用操作方便的新型短平台铰接式汽车维修液压举升装置,阐述其工作原理及性能特点。

  3. Electric automobil - wishes and reality

    Duchoň, Bedřich; Opava, Jaroslav


    The demands on cars energy resources are given by the following items: power, speed, acceleration, operation range. All these factors are under balance: future wishes and contemporary reality. The proposal is dedicated to the analysis of demands related to the electric automobiles. As a hopefulness solution of these transport means can be seen for city transport (forwarding, shopping, postal services etc). The technical and economic approaches are discussed, too.

  4. Science Shops

    Jørgensen, Michael Søgaard


    The paper prsents the overall concept of science shops as practised in most of the European science shops and present the concept practised and some experience obtained at the Technical University of Denmark. An outline for the planning of new sceince shops is presented.......The paper prsents the overall concept of science shops as practised in most of the European science shops and present the concept practised and some experience obtained at the Technical University of Denmark. An outline for the planning of new sceince shops is presented....


    Ahmad T. Numan


    The present study was designed to evaluate the expected impact of exposure to car painting solvents on renal and hematological functions in Iraqi car painting workers relative to the duration of exposure within Baghdad District area. Blood samples were obtained from randomly selected auto repair workers and analyzed for serum urea, creatinine and hematological markers and compared with those from non-exposed subjects. Although significant changes were reported in most of the tested parameters...

  6. Nonpolluting automobiles

    Hoolboom, G.J.; Szabados, B. [McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering


    The advantages/disadvantages of energy storage devices, which can provide nonpolluting automobile systems are discussed. Four types of storage devices are identified: electrochemical (batteries); hydrogen; electromechanical (flywheels); and molten salt heat storage. A high-speed flywheel with a small permanent magnet motor/generator has more advantages than any of the other systems and might become a real competitor to the internal combustion engine. A flywheel/motor/generator system for automobiles now becomes practical, because of the technological advances in materials, bearings and solid state control circuits. The motor of choice is the squirrel cage induction motor, specially designed for automobile applications. The preferred controller for the induction motor is a forced commutated cycloconverter, which transforms a variable voltage/variable frequency source into a controlled variable-voltage/variable-frequency supply. A modulation strategy of the cycloconverter elements is selected to maintain a unity input displacement factor (power factor) under all conditions of loads voltages and frequencies. The system is similar to that of the existing automobile, if only one motor is used: master controller-controller-motor-gears (fixed)-differential-wheels. In the case of two motors, the mechanical differential is replaced by an electric one: master controller-controller-motor-gears (fixed)-wheel. A four-wheel drive vehicle is obtained when four motors with their own controllers are used. 24 refs.

  7. Internet Shopping



    Nowadays you no longer need to walk round hundreds of shops looking for the items you need. You can shop for just about anything from your armchair. All you need is a computer and access(进入) to the Internet.

  8. Shopping Malls - ShoppingCenters

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Collected from a variety of sources both commercial and internal, this layer represents shopping center locations within Volusia County and is maintained by the...

  9. Mystery shopping

    Kroutil, Pavel


    Theme of dissertation is use of marketing research Method Mystery shopping, at problem of testing quality of service, which are served up the clients at bank. General motivation for author, depending up claims of corporate management, is purchase of compacted look at work procedures by advisers, discovering of troubled points and koncept for upgrading for the future. At theoretic part, autor is intending about connecting strategic management and marketing. Then he digests basic processes, seg...

  10. Shopping Time

    Petrovsky-Nadeau, Nicolas; Wasmer, Etienne; Zeng , Shutian


    The renewal of interest in macroeconomic theories of search frictions in the goods market requires a deeper understanding of the cyclical properties of the intensive margins in this market. We review the theoretical mechanisms that promote either procyclical or countercyclical movements in time spent searching for consumer goods and services, and then use the American Time Use Survey to measure shopping time through the Great Recession. Average time spent searching declined in the aggregat...

  11. Window shopping

    Shy, Oz


    The terms "window shopping" and "showrooming" refer to the activity in which potential buyers visit a brick-and-mortar store to examine a product but end up either not buying it or buying the product from an online retailer. This paper analyzes potential buyers who differ in their preference for after-sale service that is not offered by online retailers. For some buyers, making a trip to the brick-and-mortar store is costly; however, going to the store to examine the product has the advantage...

  12. Voice control in automobiles; Sprachbedienung im Automobil

    Aiello, D.; Sitter, W. [Siemens VDO Automotive AG (Germany). Div. Infotainment Solutions; Kaemmerer, B. [Siemens Corporate Technology (Germany). Fachzentrum Professional Speech Processing


    Voice control simplifies handling the growing number of assistance, communication and convenience systems in automobiles. Siemens VDO Automotive have used the company's comprehensive know-how in the field of voice and communications machines from other sectors - particularly the telecommunications sector - to develop a voice control system for automobiles. It is distinguished by its intelligent architecture with high performance and extremely user-friendly features. (orig.)

  13. 游戏化汽车维修学习软件的开发研究%Research and development of automobile repair game-based learning software



    The common automotive repair knowledge is selected as the main content in this study. The car owners and car major students are taken as the target population to develop games-based learning software by means of Flash game engine. The game-based learning software has transcended the old onefold teaching method which only adopts the introductory content such as characters,images,etc. It use Flash technology to make a virtual auto repair factory in which learners can learn vehicle main-tenance knowledge intuitively. Meanwhile the enjoyment of the game makes learners more actively to achieve better learning out-come.%该研究选取常见的汽车维修知识为主要内容,以有车一族和汽车专业学习者为目标人群,利用Flash游戏引擎开发游戏化学习软件。在该游戏化学习软件中,突破了以往仅仅是文字、图片等介绍性为主的单一教学方式,通过Flash技术让现实中的汽车修理厂再现,让学习者能够在创设的虚拟情景中直观地学习汽车维修知识。同时游戏的趣味性能够让学习者在学习中更加主动,取得较好的学习效果。

  14. The automobile share

    Out of a conversion of 120 billions metric tons of fossil carbon per year 1 billion are traffic related. But this amount is growing steadily. The global automobile density is about 10 automobiles per capita. It grows with 1.7% per year, as fast as the population. The number of automobiles doubles in 25 years. In all groups of developed countries the automobile density increased from 5 to 50 automobiles per capita in less than 50 years so far. Where is the fuel for the 1 billion automobiles of the year 2030 or 2050? Can one reduce this number or what chances does one have to reduce the adverse consequences? Whatever the number of motor vehicles will be, man will have the chance to reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2-emission together with other emissions considerably

  15. Stirling engines for automobiles

    Beremand, D. G.


    The results of recent and ongoing automobile Stirling engine development efforts are reviewed and technology status and requirements are identified. Key technology needs include those for low cost, high temperature (1300 - 1500 F) metal alloys for heater heads, and reliable long-life, low-leakage shaft seals. Various fuel economy projections for Stirling powered automobiles are reviewed and assessed.


    This assessment identifies the environmental impacts and usage trends of shop towels in the printing and automotive repair industries. The shop towels are used to clean equipment and to wipe up contaminants for a variety of operations. Four types of shop towels were evaluated; wo...

  17. Solar Energy Automobile

    HE Jianhua


    The thesis was to design a solar energy automobile, which is using solar power as energy re-source. At the moment, Finland was chosen as an example place. It was necessary to calculate the related data, which are the solar angle and the day length when designing the solar energy automobile. Also the seats and dashboard to improve the performance. Actually, in Finland it is possible to use solar energy automobile in summer. But in winter, the day length is so short and the solar constant i...

  18. 49 CFR 1242.22 - Shop buildings-locomotives (account XX-19-24).


    ... 49 Transportation 9 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Shop buildings-locomotives (account XX-19-24... Structures § 1242.22 Shop buildings—locomotives (account XX-19-24). Separate common expenses according to distribution of common expenses in the following accounts: Machinery Repair (XX-26-40) Locomotive—Repair...

  19. The automobile in Japan

    Lone, Stewart; Madeley, Christopher


    Lone: The 1920s saw the emergence in Kansai of modern industrial urban living with the development of the underground, air services; wireless telephones, super express trains etc. Automobiles dominated major streets from the early 1920s in the new Age of Speed. Using Kyoto city as an example, the article covers automobile advertising, procedures for taxis, buses and cars and traffic safety and regulation. Madeley: Nissan Motor Company had a longer connection with the British industry than any...

  20. Price Variability in Automobile Insurance

    Joseph A. Fields; Emilio C. Venezian; David Jou


    In this paper the causes of variation in automobile insurance prices are examined within a small and homogenous state. The central hypothesis of interest is the relation between the price of automobile insurance and the quality of the product. The findings here indicate that the market is one which contains substantial frictions, making the search for automobile insurance products a worthwhile activity for consumers.

  1. Forecasting Personal Shopping Behavior

    Yeh Hsiaoping


    Data mining (DM) techniques make efforts to discovery knowledge from data. Aiming to finding patterns, association rule (AR) computing algorithms seem to be one to be adopted on variety applications. To be originally claimed for best analyzing customer shopping goods in baskets, Apriori, the first AR algorithm, has been discussed and modified the most by researchers. This study adopts Apriori algorithm to forecast individual customer shopping behavior. This study finds that customer shopping ...

  2. Supporting shop floor intelligence

    Carstensen, Peter; Schmidt, Kjeld; Wiil, Uffe Kock

    Many manufacturing enterprises are now trying to introduce various forms of flexible work organizations on the shop floor. However, existing computer-based production planning and control systems pose severe obstacles for autonomous working groups and other kinds of shop floor control to become r......-to-day production planning by supporting intelligent and responsible workers in their situated coordination activities on the shop floor....

  3. Online Shopping Behavior

    Shahzad, Hashim


    Online shopping is a very much developed phenomena in Scandinavian countries. Different online factors impact online consumers’ behavior differently depending on the environment of different regions. Sweden is one of the developed and technologically advanced countries. To see the impact of different factors on consumers’ online shopping behavior, the purpose of this study is to analyse the factors that influence consumers’ online shopping behavior in Sweden’s context. One of the objectives o...

  4. Code Recognition Device for Automobile, a Panacea for Automobiles Theft

    Ozomata David AHMED


    Code Recognition Device is a security device for automobiles. It responds only to the right sequence of codes that are keyed from the key pad. This closes the electrical circuitry of the automobile and enables it to start. If a wrong key is touched, it resets the device which disengages the electrical circuit of the automobile from the power supply. The device works properly on closing all the doors of the automobile, otherwise it cannot start. Also, once the automobile is in operation, openi...

  5. Northeast:Automobile Feast



    @@ The northeast has a lot of firsts in the history of China's industrial development,including the first automobile factory-FAW.Due to the system problem and many other complicated factors,quite a number of the northeastern industry enterprises are out of date during the China's economic transition period.

  6. On the automobile lightweight

    Ma Mingtu; Yi Hongliang; Lu Hongzhou; Wan Xinming


    The significance, description parameters, evaluation method, implement way and design for lightweight of au- tomobile are comprehensively reviewed. The relationship among the performances of auto parts & components, the prop- erties of materials and application of advanced technologies is also elaborated. According to recently related progress of lightweight and authors' research and developing work, lightweight of automobile is comprehensively and systematically overviewed.

  7. Retail Shopping Lists

    Schmidt, Marcus


    The paper addresses consumers' shopping lists. The current study is based on a survey of 871 lists collected at retail grocery stores. Most items on shopping lists appear on the product category level rather than the brand level. The importance of the brand level varies considerably across produc...

  8. Shopping in discount stores

    Zielke, Stephan


    quarters of intentions to shop in discount stores. Value perception has the strongest total effect, which is partly mediated by enjoyment, shame and guilt. Attributions influence the shopping intention indirectly via value perception and emotions. The inferior quality attribution has the strongest total...

  9. 49 CFR 523.4 - Passenger automobile.


    ... 49 Transportation 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Passenger automobile. 523.4 Section 523.4... ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION VEHICLE CLASSIFICATION § 523.4 Passenger automobile. A passenger automobile is any automobile (other than an automobile capable of off-highway operation)...

  10. Online shopping hesitation.

    Cho, Chang-Hoan; Kang, Jaewon; Cheon, Hongsik John


    This study was designed to understand which factors influence consumer hesitation or delay in online product purchases. The study examined four groups of variables (i.e., consumer characteristics, contextual factors perceived uncertainty factors, and medium/channel innovation factors) that predict three types of online shopping hesitation (i.e., overall hesitation, shopping cart abandonment, and hesitation at the final payment stage). We found that different sets of delay factors are related to different aspects of online shopping hesitation. The study concludes with suggestion for various delay-reduction devices to help consumers close their online decision hesitation. PMID:16780394

  11. Shopping-bag Ladies



    Shopping-bag ladies don't beg publicly, but they do not refuse what is offered. Once a shopping-bag lady appears where you live, it is as hard to pass her by without giving her some money as it is to pay no attention to the collection box(功德箱) in church. And although you may not like it, if she chooses your doorway as her place to sleep,

  12. The automobile after tomorrow

    Guzzella, L. [Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology (ETH), Zurich (Switzerland)


    This talk discusses the technical options available for automobiles within the next 5 to 10 years. With the objective to reduce consumption and pollution, several alternative approaches are presented and analyzed using simplified but realistic calculations. Main emphasis is laid on CO{sub 2} emission of the complete energy transformation path from the primary energy carrier to the energy dissipated in test cycles. It is shown that no single optimal solution exist but that a trade-off between consumption, pollution and cost must be made for each specific situation. (author) 17 figs., 2 tabs.

  13. Code Recognition Device for Automobile, a Panacea for Automobiles Theft

    Ozomata David AHMED


    Full Text Available Code Recognition Device is a security device for automobiles. It responds only to the right sequence of codes that are keyed from the key pad. This closes the electrical circuitry of the automobile and enables it to start. If a wrong key is touched, it resets the device which disengages the electrical circuit of the automobile from the power supply. The device works properly on closing all the doors of the automobile, otherwise it cannot start. Also, once the automobile is in operation, opening of any door will disengage the device and the engine will stop. To restart the engine, the doors must be closed and the codes rendered sequentially-in this case the codes are 1974.

  14. Automobile Club CERN

    Automobile Club CERN


     L’Assemblée Générale Ordinaire de «L’Automobile Club du CERN» s’est tenue le mercredi 12 janvier 2010. Le Président, J. Pierlot, souhaite la bienvenue aux membres présents, annonce l’agenda et résume les activités et événements du club pour l’année 2009. Le Club compte environ 600 membres, une petite diminution par rapport aux précédentes années dû surtout aux départs anticipés à la retraite. La cotisation reste inchangée : 50 CHF. Notre trésorier, E. Squadrani, présente de façon détaillée la situation du compte d’exploitation pour 2009 ainsi que le bilan de l’Automobile Club. Les comptes sont équilibrés, la situation de la trés...

  15. Forecasting Personal Shopping Behavior

    Yeh Hsiaoping


    Full Text Available Data mining (DM techniques make efforts to discovery knowledge from data. Aiming to finding patterns, association rule (AR computing algorithms seem to be one to be adopted on variety applications. To be originally claimed for best analyzing customer shopping goods in baskets, Apriori, the first AR algorithm, has been discussed and modified the most by researchers. This study adopts Apriori algorithm to forecast individual customer shopping behavior. This study finds that customer shopping behaviors can be comprehended better in a long run. With Apriori mining and the examining principles proposed by this study, customer purchase behaviors of no matter constant purchase, stopping purchasing habitual goods, and starting to purchase goods that never bought before is able to be recognized. However, impulse purchase, including purchase for holidays, is unable to be discovered.

  16. 19 CFR 148.39 - Rented automobiles.


    ... 19 Customs Duties 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Rented automobiles. 148.39 Section 148.39 Customs... automobiles. (a) Importation for temporary period. An automobile rented by a resident of the United States... (HTSUS) (19 U.S.C. 1202), without payment of duty. The automobile shall be used for the transportation...

  17. 49 CFR 523.3 - Automobile.


    ... 49 Transportation 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Automobile. 523.3 Section 523.3 Transportation..., DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION VEHICLE CLASSIFICATION § 523.3 Automobile. (a) An automobile is any 4-wheeled... pounds and less than 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight are determined to be automobiles: (1)...

  18. Chery Automobile: Chinese Firms catching up

    Zhang, Ying; Yang, Sheng Yun


    textabstractChery Automobile Co., Ltd. is one of the few private automobile companies in China. Compared to state automobile companies, it lacks adequate resources and state support; compared to joint-venture brands, it cannot leverage popular and profitable international models. Despite these obstacles, Chery has developed dramatically over the last decade, becoming the top automobile exporter among all automobile companies in China. Strategic alliances served as the foundation of its amazin...

  19. The Linguistic Features of English Automobile Advertisements



    Household cars are largely demanded today, stimulating the economic development throughout the automobile industry. To enlarge market, all automobile producers pay great efforts to advertisements which result in a large quantity of automobile advertisements. Due to the rare analysis on the linguistic features of automobile advertisements, this essay makes a specific study on this. Analysis will be done through the perspectives of the lexical level, the syntactic level and the rhetoric level. Hence, valid references could be offered to future automobile advertisers.

  20. Demystifying vernacular shop houses and contemporary shop houses in Malaysia; a green-shop framework

    Elnokaly, Amira; Wong, Jun Fui


    Vernacular shop houses in Malaysia have been thoroughly studied to understand their significance in environmental, cultural, economical and heritage values. UNESCO recognition in 2008 has further secured shop houses conservation works in Malaysia (UNESCO, 2008). However, contemporary shops in Malaysia do not share similar concerns of preservation and cultural significance. Popular view has perceived contemporary shop as lacking of both cultural and building performances standards. Thus, this ...

  1. Modeling shopping behavior

    SOUBUSTA, Václav


    This work deals with modeling agents in multiagent systems, where it will create a java application in program Greenfoot. This application will serve as a simulation of different shopping behavior of customers when choosing a suitable trade for purchase for them. The behavior will be visualized in the program Greenfoot and properly documented on the javadoc level .

  2. Supporting shop floor intelligence

    Carstensen, Peter; Schmidt, Kjeld; Wiil, Uffe Kock


    reality. The research reported in this paper is predicated on the belief that the CSCW approach could offer a strategy for dealing with this problem. The paper describes the field work and its constructive outcome: a system that assists shop-floor teams in dealing with the complexities of day...

  3. Automobile Driving and Aggressive Behavior

    Novaco, Raymond W.


    Automobile driving and aggressive behavior have had an extensive association. Themes of dominance and territoriality have long been part of automobile driving, which has also involved flagrant assaultive actions. Recent episodes of roadway violence in metropolitan areas have raised community concern about aggressive behavior in driving, although common beliefs about why such violence occurs can be seen as pseudoexplanations. Various themes in the psychology of aggression are presented as they...


    HU Yanhai; YAN Junqi; MA Bengzhe; YE Feifan; ZHANG Jie


    A new concept of multi-shop (M) is put forward which contains all basic shops including open shop (O), job shop (J), flow shop (F) and hybrid flow shop (H) so that these basic shop can be scheduled together. Several algorithms including ant colony optimization (ACO), most work remaining (MWR), least work remaining (LWR), longest processing time (LPT) and shortest processing time (SPT) are used for scheduling the M. Numerical experiments of the M adopting data of some car and reC series benchmark instances are tested. The results show that the ACO algorithm has better performance for scheduling the M than the other algorithms, if minimizing the makespan ( C*max ) is taken as the objective function. As a comparison, the separate shops contained in the M are also scheduled by the ACO algorithm for the same objective function, when the completing time of the jobs in the previous shop is taken as the ready time of these jobs in the following shop. The results show that the Mhas the advantage of shortening the makespan upon separate shops.

  5. CERN Shop Christmas Sale

    Visits & Exhibition Service/ETT-VE


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  6. Online Shopping Woes


    E-commerce faces a series of challenges in order to ensure the customer is king AS a frequent online shopper,Zhou Fangjie,a 28-year-old white-collar worker,was annoyed when she could not open Hanyidushe,an online shop selling Korean-style clothing on Taobao Mall. Her experience resulted from the online protest initiated by small vendors on Taobao Mall,

  7. Holonic Manufacturing Paint Shop

    Lind, Morten; Roulet-Dubonnet, Olivier; Nyen, Per Åge; Gellein, Lars Tore; Lien, Terje; Skavhaug, Amund

    In pursuit of flexibility and agility within discrete manufacturing, the surrounding logistics and handling processes of a paint shop is under construction as a laboratory prototype application. Holonic Manufacturing seems to be a promising strategic paradigm and architecture to use for a system characterised by production logistics and control. This paper describes the physical devices to be used; the desired functionality; and the basic logic control designed. Additionally, the ideas for holonification based on the already designed logic control is presented.


    Visits & Exhibition Service


    Looking for Christmas present ideas? Come to the Reception Shop Special Stand in Meyrin, Main Building, ground floor, from Tuesday 12 to Thursday 14 December from 10.00 to 16.00.   Sweat-shirt col zippé, grey, blue, black (M, L, XL) 30.- Sweat-shirt col polo, grey, collar blue (M, L, XL) 30.- T-shirt, black, (M, L, XL) 15.- WWW T-shirt, white, bordeau (M, L, XL) 15.- CERN silk tie (3 colours) 33.- Fancy silk tie (blue, bordeau 25.- Silk scarf (blue, red, yellow) 35.- Swiss army knife with CERN logo 25.- New model of CERN watch 25.- New CERN baseball cap 10.- Antimatter (English/anglais) 30.- The Search for Infinity (French, Italian, English,) 35.- Auf der Suche nach dem Unendlichen 45.- If you miss this special occasion, the articles are also available at the Reception Shop in Building 33 from Monday to Saturday between 08.30 and 17.30 hrs (Shop will be closed at 12.00 on 22.12.).

  9. Marketing plan for a web shop : Case Arcada shop

    Norppa, Maria


    The non-profit operator Arcada University of Applied Sciences opened a web shop in October 2015 selling Arcada branded merchandise. The shop was launched after its completion without a marketing plan. The shop was seen as a cost-effective marketing tool and a mean to create university culture and school spirit. The aim of the thesis was to find out more about creating a marketing plan and increasing visibility of the shop. Research questions of the thesis were: “How to create a marketing plan...

  10. Online Shopping: Advantages over the Offline Alternative

    Dr Joshua Chang


    The advent of the Internet as a shopping medium has enabled shoppers to gain shopping benefits such as convenience and time-saving, better information, and price savings. This paper aims to provide a better understanding of the benefits of Internet shopping by identifying and discussing the advantages of Internet shopping over traditional storefront shopping.

  11. Opinion Shopping and Audit Committees

    Lennox, Clive S.


    This paper tests whether companies engage in opinion shopping and examines the role of audit committees when auditors are dismissed (1996-98). There are three findings. First, US companies strategically dismiss when incumbent auditors are more likely to issue unfavorable audit opinions compared to newly appointed auditors. I estimate opinion shopping motivates 17% of auditor dismissals, and I find opinion shopping dismissals occur significantly later in the reporting period than other dismiss...

  12. Patterns of Individual Shopping Behavior

    Krumme, Coco; Pentland, Alex


    Much of economic theory is built on observations of aggregate, rather than individual, behavior. Here, we present novel findings on human shopping patterns at the resolution of a single purchase. Our results suggest that much of our seemingly elective activity is actually driven by simple routines. While the interleaving of shopping events creates randomness at the small scale, on the whole consumer behavior is largely predictable. We also examine income-dependent differences in how people shop, and find that wealthy individuals are more likely to bundle shopping trips. These results validate previous work on mobility from cell phone data, while describing the unpredictability of behavior at higher resolution.

  13. Avaliação da exposição a metais numa oficina de recuperação de armamento de uma organização militar Exposure assessment to metals in an armament repair shop of a military organization

    Eduardo Borba Neves


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi a avaliação da exposição ocupacional ao chumbo e manganês dos trabalhadores de uma oficina de recuperação de armamento de uma organização militar. O ar do ambiente de trabalho foi avaliado no monitoramento ambiental e os indicadores biológicos de dose interna, para chumbo e manganês, em sangue e na urina, foram utilizados no monitoramento biológico. A concentração de manganês e chumbo nos filtros e fluidos biológicos foi determinada por espectrometria de absorção atômica eletrotérmica. Os resultados do monitoramento ambiental indicaram níveis de Pb e Mn acima do TLV-TWA durante o processo de pintura (313,33 μg m-3 e solda (951 μg m-3. Os indicadores biológicos revelaram que cinco dos nove trabalhadores apresentam níveis de Pb-S que sugerem exposição ambiental ao chumbo (valores entre 5 e 10 μg dL-1. Pode-se concluir que existe uma pequena exposição ocupacional ao chumbo e ao manganês na oficina de tratamento superficial. Tal exposição é influenciada pelas condições meteorológicas e pela demanda variável de trabalho.The aim of this study was the occupational exposure assessment to lead and manganese of workers in an armament repair shop of a military organization. The air of the working environment was assessed in the environmental monitoring while the internal dose biological indicators for lead and manganese, in blood and urine, were used in biological monitoring. Metals concentration in filters and biological fluids were determined by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry. The results of the environmental monitoring showed lead and manganese levels above the TLV-TWA during the process of painting (313.33 g m-3 and solder (951 μg m-3. The biological indicators revealed that five of the nine employees presented Pb-S levels that suggested an environmental exposure to lead (values between 5 and 10 μg dL-1. It can be concluded that there is a small occupational exposure to

  14. The Hybrid Automobile and the Atkinson Cycle

    Feldman, Bernard J.


    The hybrid automobile is a strikingly new automobile technology with a number of new technological features that dramatically improve energy efficiency. This paper will briefly describe how hybrid automobiles work; what are these new technological features; why the Toyota Prius hybrid internal combustion engine operates on the Atkinson cycle…

  15. 49 CFR 176.90 - Private automobiles.


    ... 49 Transportation 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Private automobiles. 176.90 Section 176.90 Transportation Other Regulations Relating to Transportation PIPELINE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SAFETY... § 176.90 Private automobiles. A private automobile which is carrying any Class 1 (explosive)...

  16. Determinants of automobile loan default and prepayment

    Sumit Agarwal; Ambrose, Brent W.; Souphala Chomsisengphet


    The authors examine whether a borrower’s choice of automobile reveals information about future loan performance. They find that loans on most luxury automobiles have a higher probability of prepayment, while loans on most economy automobiles have a lower probability of default, even when holding traditional risk factors, such as income and credit score, constant.

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  18. Online Shopping Woes

    Hou Weili


    AS a frequent online shopper,Zhou Fangjie,a 28-year-old white-collar worker,was annoyed when she could not open Hanyidushe,an online shop selling Korean-style clothing on Taobao Mall.Her experience resulted from the online protest initiated by small vendors on Taobao Mall,China's largest business to consumer online platform.Thousands of small vendors started the protest against larger established vendors by discrediting them through False orders,forming an anti-Taobao Union and setting up a chat room to devise ways to disrupt operations on Taobao Mall.

  19. Machine shop basics

    Miller, Rex


    Use the right tool the right wayHere, fully updated to include new machines and electronic/digital controls, is the ultimate guide to basic machine shop equipment and how to use it. Whether you're a professional machinist, an apprentice, a trade student, or a handy homeowner, this fully illustrated volume helps you define tools and use them properly and safely. It's packed with review questions for students, and loaded with answers you need on the job.Mark Richard Miller is a Professor and Chairman of the Industrial Technology Department at Texas A&M University in Kingsville, T


    The report gives results of an evaluation of six subcompact automobiles for the emission of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and other organics into the passenger compartment. Evaluated were a Ford Pinto, AMC Gremlin, GMC Vega, GMC Chevette, NMC Datsun 710, and VW Rabbit. VCM was qua...

  1. Shopping in the Real World

    Black, Darren; Clemmensen, Nils Jakob; Skov, Mikael B.


    Shopping in the real world is becoming an increasingly interactive experience as stores integrate various technologies to support shoppers. Based on an empirical study of supermarket shoppers, we designed a mobile context-aware system called the Context- Aware Shopping Trolley (CAST). The aim of ...

  2. The implications of e-shopping for in-store shopping at various shopping locations in the Netherlands

    Jesse W J Weltevreden; Ton van Rietbergen


    Thus far, the empirical literature on the impact of e-shopping on in-store shopping has paid scant attention to the implications of e-shopping for shopping centres. Using a nationwide sample of 3000 Dutch e-shoppers we provide more insight into this topic. Results indicate that city centres are most likely to face the substitution of e-shopping for in-store shopping, followed by city district centres. Surprisingly, village centres are less affected by e-shopping than city centres. Moreover, f...

  3. Automobile accessories: Assessment and improvement

    Jackson, M. [Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV (United States)


    With mandates and regulatory policies to meet both the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV), designing vehicles of the future will become a difficult task. As we look into the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, reduction of the required power demand by influential automobile components is necessary in order to obtain performance and range goals. Among those automobile components are accessories. Accessories have a profound impact on the range and mileage of future vehicles with limited amounts of energy or without power generating capabilities such as conventional vehicles. Careful assessment of major power consuming accessories helps us focus on those that need improvement and contributes to attainment of mileage and range goals for electric and hybrid vehicles.

  4. The automobile and environmental problems

    Pocci, G.


    Actions taken by Expert's Group WP 29 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe concerning the protection of the environment from automobile pollution are reported. Regulation 15, adopted by the group, establishes tests and sets limits for the amounts of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides emitted from internal combustion engine automobile exhaust and crankcases under urban and idling conditions. Regulation 29 specifies limits to the same pollutants emitted from diesel engines, to be determined by measurements of the opacity of exhaust fumes during constant engine operation and acceleration. Regulations limiting pollutant emissions from motorcycles and mopeds have also been established, and, while adherence to these regulations has already reduced vehicle emissions, research is continuing on stricter controls, fuel conservation, test standardization for the United States and Japan, and analysis sampling methods.


    A. D. Gusev; V. S. Demyanova


    Statement of the problem. The legislative system of legal handling of waste in the Russian Fed-eration is focused on governing the handling waste as an environment pollutant. There is almost no legal regulations for handling waste as secondary material resources. Therefore, there is a pressing need to describe directions to be taken in the recycling of automobile tires.Results and conclusions. The system of legal regulations for handling wastes has been analyzed. A growing need to utilize aut...

  6. Prelaunch Forecasting of New Automobiles

    Urban, Glen L.; John R. Hauser; John H. Roberts


    This paper develops and applies a prelaunch model and measurement system to the marketing planning of a new automobile. The analysis addresses active search by consumers, dealer visits, word-of-mouth communication, magazine reviews, and production constraints---issues that are important in understanding consumer response to durable goods. We address these issues with a detailed consumer flow model which monitors and projects key consumer transitions in response to marketing actions. A test-vs...

  7. Automobile technology of the future

    Looking ahead to the year 2000, this fascinating publication takes an in-depth look at new technology which will impact the passenger car of tomorrow. New developments in the areas of performance, reliability, comfort, fuel economy, safety, and environmental compatibility are examined. In this book the authors offer analysis on subjects such as the impact of legislation, the acceptance of ABS, and features of the future dashboard. Offering insight to readers with both technical and general interest in automobiles

  8. The dynamics of automobile expenditures

    Copeland, Adam


    This paper presents a dynamic model for light motor vehicles. Consumers solve an optimal stopping problem in deciding if they want a new automobile and when in the model year to purchase it. This dynamic approach allows for determining how the mix of consumers evolves over the model year and for measuring consumers' substitution patterns across products and time. I find that temporal substitution is significant, driving consumers' entry into and exit from the market. Through counterfactuals, ...

  9. Hybrid Voltage Regulator for Automobiles

    Sei-Ichi Denda; Tadashi Takahashi; Akihiro Sawamura


    In the course of the development of hybrid voltage regulators for automobile use, increasing the reverse blocking voltage with decreasing of saturation voltage for output power darlington transistors, the capability of monolithic IC chip against surge pulses generated in cars, and an improvement of the pattern design of thick film in order to withstand temperature cycling, have been important subjects. Power darlingtons have more than 150 V of reverse voltage as well as large secondary breakd...

  10. Quality Change in Brazilian Automobiles

    Renato Fonseca


    In this paper I investigate the quality evolution of Brazilian autos. To measure the quality evolution of Brazilian autos, I have assembled a data set for Brazilian passenger cars for the period 1960/94, to which I have applied the hedonic pricing methodology. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time an index of quality change has been constructed for the Brazilian automobile industry. The results presented here have two major implications. They allow a better understanding of prod...

  11. Environmental implications of the automobile

    There are over 12 million automobiles in Canada, each travelling over 16,000 km annually. The value of motor vehicles and parts produced in Canada accounts for over 6% of the gross domestic product, and vehicle-related sales account for the largest proportion of Canadian retail activity. The environmental issues related to the high impact of the automobile on Canadian life are discussed. In the manufacture of motor vehicles, over 2 billion kg of metal are used a year; although much of this comes from recycled materials, some depletion of nonrenewable resources is required. It is also estimated that 66-105 GJ of energy are needed to produce a motor vehicle, equivalent to as much as 20% of all the energy consumed during the vehicle's lifetime. Environmental impacts result from this use of resources and energy, including land disturbances and air pollution. Land use impacts are also those related to appropriation of urban and rural land for roadway and service uses, plus pollution of adjoining lands by road runoff. In 1990, the transportation sector used 29% of end-use energy, of which retail gasoline sales for motor vehicles accounted for 54%. Environmental impacts from oil refining, fuel combustion, and waste disposal are described, and programs to mitigate these impacts are outlined. Significant reductions in automobile emissions have already occurred from the increased use of emission control devices, improved fuel efficiency, and stricter standards. Further improvements are possible via such means as better manufacturing procedures, increased recycling of automobile components, better inspection and maintenance, and use of alternative fuels and alternate transportation modes. 35 refs., 3 figs., 4 tabs

  12. Gold-decorated shopping centre; Golddekoriertes Shopping Center

    Altmannshofer, Robert


    In the autumn 2009, the German quality seal sustainable construction for commercial new buildings was introduced. Thus, owners and operators of retail real estate and shopping centres can make clear their commitment in the matter of sustainability. The Ernst-August-Galerie (Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany) developed and operated by ECE Projektmanagement GmbH and Co. KG (Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany) was a pilot project and also the first gold in one. With its around 150 shops, the Ernst-August-Galerie offers a supermarket, fashion outlets, a food court, service outlets and restaurants/cafes. The spacious and elegantly designed shopping mall with its piazzas and light-flooded rotundas exudes a Mediterranean air, making it a high-quality venue for shopping, strolling and leisure activities.

  13. Shopping Centres and Selected Aspects of Shopping Behaviour (Brno, the Czech Republic)

    Kunc, J.; Tonev, P.; Szczyrba, Z.; Frantál, Bohumil


    Roč. 7, č. 2 (2012), s. 39-51. ISSN 2065-4421 Institutional support: RVO:68145535 Keywords : shopping centres * shopping habits * commuting to retail shops Subject RIV: AO - Sociology, Demography

  14. Shop From Your Pocket: Designing for Better Mobile Shopping Experience

    Sun, Lin


    This thesis is concerned with development of efficient mobile applications for shopping on the go and takes a user-centered perspective, focusing on providing good customer experience. A case of an established wholesaler (providing traditionally business-tobusiness products and services, and in the process of switching to business-to-customer) is used to illustrate our user-centered approach to design of the mobile shopping application. A high-fidelity prototype of the app is developed with...

  15. 49 CFR 523.5 - Non-passenger automobile.


    ... 49 Transportation 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Non-passenger automobile. 523.5 Section 523.5... ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION VEHICLE CLASSIFICATION § 523.5 Non-passenger automobile. A non-passenger automobile means an automobile that is not a passenger automobile or a work truck and...

  16. The Automobile Buyer Behaviour: Emotional or Rational?

    Economist Phd. Candidate CRUCERU Gheorghe; Assistant Professor Phd. Candidate MICUDA Dan


    The automobile buyer’s behaviour is a specific one and the knowledge and understanding of the motivations is important for the automobile manufacturers and distributors. Automobile buyers are the beneficiaries of complex high technology products, which have a long-term use. The paper is focused on understanding the mechanisms that underlie the buying process, the buyers’ expectations and needs, as essential elements for producers and distributors. When these mechanisms are controlled, the com...

  17. Automobile Fuel Economy: What is it Worth?

    Nair, Santosh; Espey, Molly


    The marginal value of increased automobile fuel economy is estimated using a hedonic model of 2001 model year automobiles sold in the United States. This value is then compared to the average expected lifetime fuel savings attributable to increased fuel economy. Results indicate that automobile buyers fully internalize fuel cost savings attributable to improved fuel economy at low discount rates, and may partially internalize other perceived benefits of improved fuel economy such as reduction...

  18. The construction of a Danish automobile culture

    Wagner, Michael

    The aim of this article is to discuss the way the automobile was introduced and promoted as a vehicle for modern leisure life in Denmark 1900-1970., and to demonstrate how automobilism was constructed around an ideology of consumption for leisure and recreation.......The aim of this article is to discuss the way the automobile was introduced and promoted as a vehicle for modern leisure life in Denmark 1900-1970., and to demonstrate how automobilism was constructed around an ideology of consumption for leisure and recreation....

  19. The Emergence of the Chinese Automobile Sector

    Mark Baker; Markus Hyvonen


    The Chinese automobile sector has experienced rapid growth over the past decade, with China recently becoming the world’s largest producer of automobiles. Given the steel-intensive nature of automobile production, the expansion of China’s automobile sector has seen it become an important end-user of steel. With the number of cars in China still very low relative to its large population, car sales are likely to remain at a high level for the foreseeable future; accordingly, Chinese car mak...


    Automotive maintenance and repair shops generate a variety of waste streams during activities such as replacing fluids (e.g., motor oil, radiator coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid), replacing non-repairable parts (e.g., brake shoes/pads, shocks, batteries, belts, mufflers,...

  1. Quality electric motor repair: A guidebook for electric utilities

    Schueler, V.; Douglass, J.


    This guidebook provides utilities with a resource for better understanding and developing their roles in relation to electric motor repair shops and the industrial and commercial utility customers that use them. The guidebook includes information and tools that utilities can use to raise the quality of electric motor repair practices in their service territories.

  2. Automobile


    Le groupe Volkswagen, 1er constructeur européen, a récemment annoncé vouloir défier le leader mondial Toyota. Dans ce contexte, les conclusions du suivi scientifique des profondes réformes de l’organisation du travail chez VW tombent à point nommé. Le programme Auto 5000 adopté par les partenaires sociaux en juin 2006 pourrait être la réplique allemande à ce « toyotisme » sur lequel Toyota a construit sa nouvelle compétitivité. (ib)


    A. D. Gusev


    Full Text Available Statement of the problem. The legislative system of legal handling of waste in the Russian Fed-eration is focused on governing the handling waste as an environment pollutant. There is almost no legal regulations for handling waste as secondary material resources. Therefore, there is a pressing need to describe directions to be taken in the recycling of automobile tires.Results and conclusions. The system of legal regulations for handling wastes has been analyzed. A growing need to utilize automobile tires has been indicated. Physical and mechanical indicators have been established and the residual durability of metal cord as a product of tire processing has been evaluated. The comparative analysis with an industrial fiber has been carried out. The most technological and economic directions to be taken in the recycling of rubber scraps in order to do-mestically manufacture tile and of metal cord to manufacture fiber-concrete of various types are suggested for a “floating floor” structure.

  4. Your Automobile Dollar, [Revised.] Money Management

    Baran, Nancy H., Ed.; Law, Jean L., Ed.

    This booklet on automobile purchasing and maintenance, 1 in a series of 12, covers all the basic aspects of personal- and family-money management. Suitable for use by high school and college students as well as adults, this handbook discusses buying, maintaining, and operating cars. Section 1 discusses managing automobile dollars. Topics include…

  5. Study of automobile exhaust particles by spectromicroscopy

    In this paper,automobile exhaust particles of Gol and Santana 3000 were studied by spectro microscopy. The STXM results show that the single particulate is sized at 500 nm, with the mass distribution reducing towards the center. The N 1s NEXAFS spectra of automobile exhaust particles have similar structure with those of nitrates, which can be deduced as the main chemical species of nitrogen in automobile exhaust particles. There are minor amounts of ammonium and organic nitrogen compounds in automobile exhaust particles. A single Gol automobile exhaust particle was stack scanned in the energy range of 396-416 eV. By principal component analysis and cluster analysis, it can be deduced that there are main three chemical species of nitrogen. The particle surface consists of mainly nitrates, the inside consists of mainly ammonium and organic nitrogen compounds, and the middle layer is an inter gradation consisting of mainly nitrates and organic nitrogen compounds. (authors)

  6. Retailing and Shopping on the Internet.

    Rowley, Jennifer


    Internet advertising and commercial activity are increasing. This article examines challenges facing the retail industry on the Internet: location; comparison shopping; security, especially financial transactions; customer base and profile; nature of the shopping experience; and legal and marketplace controls. (PEN)

  7. Consumer protection and internet shopping

    BLAŽKOVÁ, Lenka


    The diploma thesis is devoted to the issue of online shopping. Its aim is to analyze internet shopping and see the rights and obligations of consumers and sellers, which are based on current legislation. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part deals with purchase over the internet and its regulations. There are explained the concepts internet, e-business and e-commerce and indicate the types of e-business and is mentioned certification of online stores. The practical part i...

  8. A theory of maintenance expenditures tested on automobile data from Greece

    Bitros, George C.


    This paper derives a model of irregular or unplanned maintenance and repair outlays from an analytical framework based on rational economic behavior in which maintenance, utilization and service life decisions are appropriately integrated and estimates it with the help of data from 433 automobiles imported into Greece from various countries. On the theoretical plain it is shown that the model allows endogenously for most of the variables that have been identified in the relevant literature as...

  9. Dynamic Support of Government in Online Shopping

    Hai, Le Chi; Alam Kazmi, Syed Hasnain


    Advancements in online shopping for consumers requires consistent government support policies and the introduction of substantial government laws and regulations. In order to establish innovative developments in online shopping market environment that makes online shopping faster and stable, the government perspective is vital with the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for research and development in online shopping behavior for consumer’s confidence and their purchase intention. The proposed...

  10. Marketing plan for a web shop business

    Koskivaara, Leonilla


    Internet has changed the buying behavior of consumers during the past years and companies need to adapt to the changes. Web shop business is an important sales channel of today’s companies. Advantages of a web shop business include cost effectiveness and potential to do business globally. Challenges of a web shop business include search engine optimization and running both, a retail store and a web shop at the same time. Social media has become an important marketing channel and has bec...


    陈礴; 俞文(鱼此)


    In this paper, we study a class of simple and easy-to-construct shop schedules, known as dense schedules. We present tight bounds on the maximum deviation in makespan of dense flow-shop and job-shop schedules from their optimal ones. For dense open-shop schedules, we do the same for the special case of four machines and thus add a stronger supporting case for proving a standing conjecture.

  12. Multiattribute shopping models and ridge regression analysis

    Timmermans, HJP Harry


    Policy decisions regarding retailing facilities essentially involve multiple attributes of shopping centres. If mathematical shopping models are to contribute to these decision processes, their structure should reflect the multiattribute character of retailing planning. Examination of existing models shows that most operational shopping models include only two policy variables. A serious problem in the calibration of the existing multiattribute shopping models is that of multicollinearity ari...

  13. Shopping centres and on-street shops : the benefits to developers and local shoppers

    Tai, Yuen-ting; 戴婉婷


    Shopping is a daily necessary activity to most of the people in Hong Kong. From the old days when people went shopping in the bazaars to the recent days when most people go shopping in shopping centres, the dominant mode of shopping changed. The effects brought by different kinds of shopping facilities to people are worth studying. It is not difficult to observe the trend that old retail developments in old districts are mainly shopping streets while new retail developments in new towns are m...


    Viorel Pop


    Full Text Available This paper is a brief overview of the evolution of the global automotive industry during the 20th century, with reference to the main manufacturers, oil crises of 1970-1980, and also the global financial and economic crisis that began in 2008. The analyzed period covers the rise of the Asian Continent, beginning with Japan, then South Korea and more recently the emerging countries: China and India. What was predicted 20-25 years ago, became reality: Asia becomes the economic centre of the world, surpassing unexpectedly fast even the Euro-Atlantic area. Regarding Romania, the revival delay of the automobiles industry, led to the loss of the trucks and bus industry, and after a much awaited rehabilitation of car production, this has stuck now at an unsatisfactory level.

  15. CERN Shop - Christmas Sale in Bldg. 33

    PH Department


    Looking for Christmas present ideas? The CERN Shop will give CERN card holders a special reduction of 10 % on all CERN Shop articles from Monday 13.12.2010 to Saturday 18.12.2010. Come and visit the CERN Shop in the Reception Building 33.

  16. CERN Shop - Christmas Sale in Bldg. 33

    PH Department

    Looking for Christmas present ideas? The CERN Shop will give the CERN card holders a special reduction of 10 % on all CERN Shop articles from Friday 11.12.2009 to Thursday 17.12.2009. Come to visit the CERN Shop at the Reception, Building 33. PH-EDU-PO

  17. Customer experience with online shopping : what are the unique experiences customers seek from online shopping?

    Jin, Daoyan


    Over the last decade, there has been a great change in consumers' shopping behavior along with technological change. Online shopping is the use of computer technology for better shopping performance. Retailers are busy in studying consumers' behavior to see their attitudes toward online shopping and to meet the demand of online shoppers. Due to my interest in online business, I have also decided to study about customers' attitudes toward online shopping and specifically regarding factors that...

  18. Shopping Centres and Selected Aspects of Shopping Behaviour (Brno, the Czech Republic)

    Kunc, J. (Josef); Tonev, P.; Szczyrba, Z.; Frantál, B.


    The economic and social changes in the Czech Republic after 1990 have reflected themselves also in the shopping habits of its inhabitants. Cultural habits have already changed profoundly with several generations. New shopping centres are far from being used solely for shopping as their character urges and motivates customers towards entertainment and spending leisure time. Thus, a whole-day visit to a shopping centre involving shopping for goods as well as consuming other services, such as vi...

  19. Visitor Preference Factors toward Shopping Centres’ Thematic Corridor Study of Gandaria City, Indonesian Shopping Centre

    Astrid Kusumowidagdo; Agus Sachari


    The existence of thematic corridor at shopping centre is one of the competitive uniqueness of shopping centres in Asian, especially shopping centres in Indonesia. This current research focuses on exploring visitors’ perception towards the setting of thematic corridor at shopping centre. Excitement, happiness and arousal will encourage visitors’ satisfaction to explore the shopping centre environment. This study is conducted under mixed method, started from focus group and continued with quant...

  20. Pawn Shop,Cash Cow


    An expat in Beijing once wrote these words on his blog,"If you are anxious to exchange your valuables for cash,or want to collect some treasures in Beijing,you may visit Bao Rui Tong Pawn Shop which features agreeable environment,reliable credit,guaranteed quality and profes- sional service."That releases the com-

  1. Price learning during grocery shopping

    Jensen, Birger Boutrup

    what consumers learn about prices during grocery shopping. Three measures of price knowledge corresponding to different levels of price information processing were applied. Results indicate that price learning does take place and that episodic price knowledge after store exit is far more widespread...

  2. Branding on the Shop Floor

    Gyimóthy, Szilvia; Rygaard Jonas, Louise


    Danish supermarket chain. During the implementation of the “Best Butcher in Town”-project, Kvickly’s shop floor becomes an engineered servicescape where the norms of good salesmanship must be performed. By documenting the disloyal behaviour of butchers, we demonstrate that the affective commitment...

  3. 20 CFR 416.1218 - Exclusion of the automobile.


    ... 20 Employees' Benefits 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Exclusion of the automobile. 416.1218 Section..., BLIND, AND DISABLED Resources and Exclusions § 416.1218 Exclusion of the automobile. (a) Automobile; defined. As used in this section, the term automobile includes, in addition to passenger cars,...

  4. 10 CFR 611.207 - Small automobile and component manufacturers.


    ... 10 Energy 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Small automobile and component manufacturers. 611.207... VEHICLES MANUFACTURER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Facility/Funding Awards § 611.207 Small automobile and component... individuals; and (2) Manufactures automobiles or components of automobiles. (b) Set Aside—Of the amount...

  5. How do men shop for garments?

    Jirasek, Vanda; Safarli, Aygun


    When we talk about shopping for garments, we mostly think of women first. Men also shop, need clothes, spend time and money in stores and dress in various fashion styles. That is why we decided to explore men’s attitudes and behavior in a garment shopping experience. Our main focus was men’s experience when buying fashionable garments. The thesis is based on investigation within the area of consumer behavior and its focal point is on men, shopping and how do they feel when they shop. In the s...

  6. Internet shopping and its impacts on mobility


    paper by Jan Francke and Johan Visser for the 25th World Road Congress(PIARC), Seoul.Internets hopping is one of the trends that are having an impact on both passenger and freight traffic in urban areas. The market share of Internet shopping is growing at the expense of traditional shopping. Online shopping is closely connected with express home deliveries and therefore has an impact on urban freight transport: more traffic is flowing towards homes, less towards shops. Shopping trips are bein...

  7. Controle das emissões de chumbo particulado no entorno de uma reformadora de baterias da cidade do Rio de Janeiro usando ar como indicador Control of lead emissions from a battery repair shop in the city of Rio de Janeiro by monitoring air quality

    Simone Lorena Quiterio


    Full Text Available No período entre abril a julho de 1999, foram realizadas determinações dos níveis de chumbo no ar ambiente nas proximidades de uma reformadora de baterias (RB situada em Olaria (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. A maioria das amostras coletadas a uma distância de até 25m da RB excederam o limite de 1,5µg.Pb.m-3 estabelecido pela Environmental Protect Agency (EPA, Estados Unidos. Esses resultados já foram publicados previamente (Quiterio et al., 2001. Neste trabalho, foram propostas a instalação de um sistema de exaustão Venture e algumas mudanças nos procedimentos operacionais. Após as modificações na RB, foi realizada uma nova campanha de monitoramento (agosto e setembro de 2000. As coletas foram realizadas nos três pontos considerados mais críticos, segundo as determinações anteriores. As concentrações medidas estiveram no intervalo 0,8-17,6µg.Pb.m-3, mostrando que as emissões de chumbo na atmosfera tiveram uma diminuição adequada. Contudo, a concentração na saída da chaminé é ainda maior que os limites estabelecidos pela EPA e, certamente, serão necessárias outras melhorias nas instalações e procedimentos.Lead levels in the air surrounding a battery repair shop (BRS located in the Olaria neighborhood (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil were monitored from April to July 1999. Most of the samples collected within 25 meters of the BRS exceeded the limit of 1.5µg.Pb.m-3 established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA. These results were published in a previous article (Quiterio et al., 2001. In the current study, installation of a Venture ventilation system and some changes in the operational procedure were proposed. After the modifications in the BRS, a new monitoring campaign was performed (August and September, 2000. Three points were selected for air collection, corresponding to the most critical points found in the previous assessments. The new concentrations ranged from 0.8 to 17.6µg.Pb.m-3, showing that

  8. The rolling and skidding of automobile tyres

    Tabor, D.


    This article deals in simple terms with the rolling and skidding of automobile tyres. It shows that skid resistance on slippery road surfaces may be significantly increased by using tyre treads of high hysteresis loss.

  9. Information searches by consumers of miniature automobiles

    CHEN Dao-ping; LIU Wei


    We studied the information search behaviors of Chinese consumers of miniature automobiles. First, we identified the main sources where consumers acquire or seek information about miniature automobiles and discussed their extent of information search. Then, based on logistic regression and optimal scaling regression of statistics, we studied the influences of characteristics of consumers of miniature automobiles on the extent of information search and on Internet usage. The results indicate that consumers often utilize four sources to obtain information about miniature automobiles. The dominant information source for consumers is their friends/family, followed by dealers, newspapers, and TV. Age, occupation, education and income significantly affect the extent of information search, but gender and city of residence do not have significant impacts. Age, city of residence, occupation, education and income produce significant influences on Internet usage. Gender has an insignificant influence on whether a consumer uses the Internet to search for information.

  10. Topology Explains Why Automobile Sunshades Fold Oddly

    Feist, Curtis; Naimi, Ramin


    Automobile sunshades always fold into an "odd" number of loops. The explanation why involves elementary topology (braid theory and linking number, both explained in detail here with definitions and examples), and an elementary fact from algebra about symmetric group.


    Bilichenko, V.; Tsymbal, S.


    The block diagram which with use of imitating modelling will allow to choose optimum strategy diversification the enterprises of automobile transport is developed, having received the maximal profit at the minimal expenses.

  12. The Honey Trap:The democratization of leisure through automobilism

    Wagner, Michael


    Michael F. Wagner: The Honey Trap –The democratization of leisure through automobilismThe automobile has achieved a central position in modern everyday life as an essential artefact to mobility. This raises the question how automobiles have been mediated for mass consumption? The central thesis in the article is that the culture of Danish automobilism was constructed around and appropriated through leisure activities conducted primarily by the automobile consumer’s organisation Touring Club d...

  13. China's Automobile:Walk into Africa


    @@ The press conference and flag presentation ceremony of the 6th China Auto International fAlgeria & Egypt)Exhibition Tour was held on November 3,2008 at China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT),Beijing.An international exhibition automobile team,which is composed of China's independent brands and represents the independent research,development and manufacturing level of Chinese automobile industry,is ready to set out for Africa.

  14. Competition in the IndianAutomobile Industry

    Singh, Gagandeep


    ABSTRACT “Following India's growing openness, the arrival of new and existing models, easy availability of finance at relatively low rate of interest and price discounts offered by the dealers and manufacturers all have stirred the demand for vehicles and a strong growth of the Indian automobile industry”. The main focus of my dissertation will be the Indian automobile industry due to its rich diversity and ever-changing patterns. The Research Question which I would follow would be t...

  15. Epoxy injection repairs to concrete in 225-B Building

    Vollert, F.R.


    In 1982, the damaged anchor areas (67 total) in the Operating Gallery and cold manipulator shop ceiling reinforced concrete slabs were epoxy injection repaired by Construction Technology Laboratories (CTL), Portland Cement Association. The through depth vertical cracks (10 total) in the ceiling slabs in the galleries and manipulator shops were sealed and structurally repaired using epoxy injection procedures. The details of the epoxy reRair are reported. Sonic nondestructive (NDT) testing before and after the epoxy injection repairs were made by CTL to confirm that the repairs are structurally effective. CTL recommended to expedite the installation of lateral bracing for the manipulator monorail in order to avoid re-darnage to the repaired anchor areas.

  16. Extended Shopping Experiences in Hypermarket

    Hasliza Hassan; Muhammad Sabbir Rahman


    Hypermarkets were introduced as a self-service concept for grocery retailing in which the service provided is very limited. In line with the transformation in hypermarket retailing, the service that is offered has been improvised to enhance the overall shopping experience. Nowadays, hypermarkets are not just a place to purchase basic essential groceries for the household but also as a place for shoppers to spend time together with family and friends. In general, the hypermarket retailing conc...

  17. Android Alert App (shop sale)

    Singh, Raj Kumar


    With evolving technologies, number of business organizations is conducting business via eCommerce. Mobile commerce is effective and efficient among one of them. Android is invading the enterprise and mobile commerce is moving to smartphones. It uses World Wide Web for exchanging data to facilitate the target customer with all its contents and the details. The objective of this thesis was to build an Alert generating eCommerce app. As a result, Shop Sale was made. It is an Android applicati...

  18. Design of the Internet shop

    Jaroš, Martin


    The bachelor's thesis describes a proposal for a new internet shop with promotional items of company iMi Partner, a.s. The proposal includes a change order process in the context of linking Internet applications and internal information system. The proposed solution is preceded by analysis of the current situation and analysis of requirements. Part of this work is devoted to general issues of electronic commerce as a theoretical basis the implementation of similar projects.

  19. Passion and dependency in online shopping activities.

    Wang, Chih-Chien; Yang, Hui-Wen


    This study examines the influence of harmonious passion (HP) and obsessive passion (OP) to online shopping dependency. The results show that both HP and OP might lead to online shopping dependency and online shoppers with OP are more dependent on online shopping activities. In addition, this study also found out that HP and OP could be denoted as a sequence of different intensities of passion, where HP might be a necessity of OP. PMID:17474850

  20. Evaluating Shopping Centers from an Investor Perspective

    L. Backemar


    In today's market it's crucial for a real estate owner to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their shopping centre to maximize their revenue. Newsec's product, the 'Shopping centre diagnosis' (Kˆpcentrumdiagnosen), helps diagnose a shopping centre based on a review and analysis of market conditions, competition, brand issues, status and development possibilities. Behind the product lies our collected knowledge and competence on everything ranging from marketing, concept development an...

  1. Business model analysis for online social shopping companies. Case study: RunToShop Oy.

    Zhang, Liang


    Online social shopping is a new business model emerging in E-Commerce world and becoming quite popular in recent years. Online social-shopping website is where people can recommend their favorite products for others to discover and purchase online. Online social shopping combines Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumers and Consumers-to-Consumers services together and blends two powerful elements of real-world shopping otherwise lost for online consumers: word-of-mouth recommendations from...

  2. Consumer behaviour in online shopping - An empirical study on consumer online shopping behaviour

    Vaghani, Rahi


    This dissertation focuses on customer deeds in the online shopping environment. It seeks answers to three main questions: 1. What are the criteria dimensions of observed chance in the online shopping environment? 2. Will customers behave contrarily for services and goods in the online shopping environment? 3. What are the antecedents of consumers’ online buying intention? A survey of continuing customer online shopping deeds works and relevant marketing and data arrangements work...

  3. Multipurpose shopping behaviour at planned suburban shopping centres: a space - time analysis

    R G V Baker


    There is a continual interest in research on multipurpose shopping (MPS), because it provides a further extension of rational decisionmaking, whereby consumers who combine shopping activities reduce the time and cost of travel. The literature describes the importance of this type of shopping for infrequent trips to higher order centres (Bacon, 1984) or MPS constructed around convenience, supermarket, or comparison trips (West, 1993). A study of MPS at a range of planned suburban shopping cent...

  4. The influences of social e-shopping in enhancing young women’s online shopping behaviour

    Dennis, C.; Morgan, A.; Wright, LT; Jayawardhena, C


    Copyright @ 2010 Westburn Publishers Ltd The background to this paper is that shoppers, particularly women, are motivated by a variety of different reasons, including socialising and enjoyment. Despite the growth of Internet retailing (e-retailing), these social needs are largely unmet in e-shopping. In the high street, women do most of the shopping but online shopping (e-shopping) tends to be dominated by male shoppers. At the same time, social networking is growing fast and is especially...

  5. Renewing Marketing Strategy in Kenyan Automobile Industry

    Kalliokuusi, Miriam


    This thesis studies how to renew existing marketing strategies for case company; in so doing, the thesis fulfills its main objective. Company X, a market leader in the Kenyan automobile sector and has various well-known brands under their corporate umbrella. The automobile industry in Kenya has faced some hardship with steady decline in sales in the last couple of years and Mercedes-Benz as a brand suffered under the circumstances. One major cause of the drop in sales is due to the influx of ...

  6. Modeling of Electromagnetic Damper for Automobile Suspension

    Kawamoto, Yasuhiro; Suda, Yoshihiro; Inoue, Hirofumi; Kondo, Takuhiro

    In this paper, the modeling of the electromagnetic damper (EMD) for automobile suspension is presented and the validation of the model is demonstrated by comparing the numerical results with the experimental results obtained using shaker tests. EMD is used as an active suspension and controlled to have output force calculated from velocities of sprung and unsprung masses. The formulation of EMD system for active suspensions is first developed, and the validation of the EMD model is demonstrated by experiments of the EMD for automobile suspensions. The validity of the formulation of the EMD developed in this investigation is shown for the frequency responses as well as energy balance for its active use.

  7. Mechanisms of injury in automobile crashes.

    Huelke, D F


    The only way to determine the causes of injury in automobile collisions is through examination of data collected in detailed investigation of crashes. Such data were gathered from a ten-year study of collisions that caused injury to the occupants of the cars. In a comparison of injuries in the newer model automobiles-vehicles equipped with the safety features-with those in older model cars not equipped with the present-day occupant protection devices, significant reduction in injury severity was noted. PMID:5059662

  8. Automobile Exhaust Pollution and Purification Methods

    Tang, Dawei


    As we all know, the automobile gas exhaust pollution has become more and more severe at recent years. It influences both to the human beings health and to quality of environment. The purpose of this thesis is to find out what are the main components of the exhaust gases, and give a basic and effective way to solve the problem. In this thesis, first the danger of exhaust pollution and its components will be presented. Then the writer will give the general mechanism of automobile exhaust ...

  9. Strategy of image management in retail shops

    Sandra Soče Kraljević


    Full Text Available A sound positioning in consumers’ mind, along with strong promotion support, brought many retail shops to the top. This is mostly thanks to the image created in the consumers’ mind. A retail shop’s image may but need not conform to reality. Image often looks like a cliché. It overstates certain elements of the shop while simply omitting others. That is exactly why image is of great importance and often crucial to consumer behavior. This paper aims at determining the impact of image on customer behavior in the course of decision making about shopping and choosing a particular retail shop. Image is a significant factor of success of every company, hence also of a retail shops. It is a relatively strong value and a component of creating competitive advantage. But if we do not pay sufficient attention to image, it can become counterproductive. Instead to, like an additional value helps creating and maintaining the advantage in competition and realization of business aims, transforms into a limiting factor. Therefore, it is imperative to identify the elements of image that are of greatest importance to customers. Research has shown that customers choose the retail shop first and after that products and brands within this shop. When it comes to the supermarket, as a kind of retail shop, research has shown that two out of three shopping decisions are made by the customer on the spot, that is, without previous planning. That practically means that we can influence customers with different sales techniques. The paper suggests different strategies of image management for supermarkets and conventional shops. For supermarkets it is the “widest assortment” strategy, while for conventional shops the strategy is that of a “selected group of products“. Improvements to research methods will enable getting more information about customer behavior, while pressures of increased competition in the business environment will force retailers to get


    Bilichenko, V.; Smyrnov, E.


    Modern conditions of enterprise on automobile transport are analyzed. Technical development of enterprise on automobile transport as one of the ways of increasing competitive abilities and there profits is considered.

  11. Perceptions of convenience, risk and enjoyment in online shopping

    Asunmaa, Roosa


    As online shopping is getting more common all the time and competition over customers increases, companies should draw attention to the customer perception of online shopping. Therefore, the present study aims to describe and understand the customer online shopping perception in every stage of the online shopping process. Online shopping has been studied earlier from the viewpoints of the ease of use and the usefulness but as the quickness and easiness of shopping have been ...


    ŞAHİN, Yaşar Güneri


    ABSTRACTIn connection with the developments in the automobile sector, the number of in-automobile components, the amount of cable used for providing in-automobile communication between these components and costs are increased gradually. In this study, a method is presented in which asynchronous serial connection is used for decreasing the initial and maintenance costs by means of decreasing the amount of cables used in middle and lower class automobiles. The electronic circuits required to es...

  13. The Strategic Transformation of Automobile Industry in China

    Som Techakanjanakit; Meifang Huang


    In the past few years, the global automobile industry is developing difficultly because of the influence from the financial crisis. In contrast, China's automobile production and sales are still having a blowout type growth, and jumped into the world's largest automobile production and sales market. At the same time, Chinese automobile companies continue to deepen and join with international brand cooperation; independent research and development of the independent brand production, and their...

  14. Research on automobile culture and entertainment industry in China

    Li Qing-song; Tang Lan; Cai Yun


    Rapid development of the automotive Industry and culture Industry is promoted the rapid rise of automobile industry of the culture and entertainment. With the further development of the automobile industry and people's living standards, automobile industry of the culture and entertainment in the proportion of China's economy is more and more important, but theoretical research in this area is nearly blank. With previous researches, automobile industry of the culture and entertainment in China...

  15. 30 CFR 75.343 - Underground shops.


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Underground shops. 75.343 Section 75.343... MANDATORY SAFETY STANDARDS-UNDERGROUND COAL MINES Ventilation § 75.343 Underground shops. (a) Underground...-3 through § 75.1107-16, or be enclosed in a noncombustible structure or area. (b) Underground...

  16. 30 CFR 57.4761 - Underground shops.


    ..., routing of the mine shop air directly to an exhaust system, reversal of mechanical ventilation, or use of... exposed to toxic gases in the event of a shop fire. (c) Mechanical ventilation reversal. If used as an alternative, reversal of mechanical ventilation shall— (1) Be accomplished by a main fan. If the main fan...

  17. 49 CFR 529.4 - Requirements for incomplete automobile manufacturers.


    ... determined by the incomplete automobile manufacturer for the automobile in accordance with 40 CFR part 600... economy label specified in paragaph (b)(2) of this section to that automobile in accordance with 40 CFR... take into account the presence of air conditioning. (2) A fuel economy label conforming with 40...

  18. 38 CFR 17.156 - Eligibility for automobile adaptive equipment.


    ... automobile adaptive equipment. 17.156 Section 17.156 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS MEDICAL Automotive Equipment and Driver Training § 17.156 Eligibility for automobile adaptive equipment. Automobile adaptive equipment may be authorized if the Under Secretary for Health...

  19. 38 CFR 3.808 - Automobiles or other conveyances; certification.


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Automobiles or other....808 Automobiles or other conveyances; certification. (a) Entitlement. A certificate of eligibility for financial assistance in the purchase of one automobile or other conveyance in an amount not exceeding...

  20. Trends in chassis and automobile electronics components

    Hackenberg, Ulrich [Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg (Germany)


    The rapidly-growing importance of electronics in automobile construction is in part determined by the debate on sustainability and the clear trend towards electric power trains. Another factor, however, is the decisive impact of electronics on the further development of components, e.g. for chassis. Apart from environmental protection, key motivators for component development include comfort, safety, infotainment and driver assistance. (orig.)

  1. American Automobile and Light Truck Statistics Update

    Feldman, Bernard J.


    Given that transportation is an essential topic in any Physics and Society or Energy course, it is necessary to have useful statistics on transportation in order to have a reasoned discussion on this topic. And a major component of the transportation picture is the automobile. This paper presents updated transportation statistics for American…

  2. Local heat for the paint shop comes directly from the farm; Nahwaerme fuer die Lackieranlage direkt vom Bauernhof

    Scholz, Rainer [ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH, Manden (Germany). Werkservice; Woermann, Thomas [ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH, Ennepetal (Germany). Marketing


    The waste heat from two combined heat and power plants on the Ulmenhof farm near Mandern in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate used to simply escape into the air. Now farmer Ralf Backes uses it to heat water which he pipes to the neighboring ThyssenKrupp Bilstein plant. It's a textbook example of how waste heat can be utilized in industrial processes. The auto part business, which with over 800 employees produces shock absorbers and air suspension systems for various German and international automobile manufacturers, has now halved the energy costs of its paint shop. (orig.)

  3. Recent trends in automobile recycling: An energy and economic assessment

    Curlee, T.R.; Das, S.; Rizy, C.G. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States); Schexanyder, S.M. [Tennessee Univ., Knoxville, TN (United States). Dept. of Biochemistry


    Recent and anticipated trends in the material composition of domestic and imported automobiles and the increasing cost of landfilling the non-recyclable portion of automobiles (automobile shredder residue or ASR) pose questions about the future of automobile recycling. This report documents the findings of a study sponsored by the US Department of Energy`s Office of Environmental Analysis to examine the impacts of these and other relevant trends on the life-cycle energy consumption of automobiles and on the economic viability of the domestic automobile recycling industry. More specifically, the study (1) reviewed the status of the automobile recycling industry in the United States, including the current technologies used to process scrapped automobiles and the challenges facing the automobile recycling industry; (2) examined the current status and future trends of automobile recycling in Europe and Japan, with the objectives of identifying ``lessons learned`` and pinpointing differences between those areas and the United States; (3) developed estimates of the energy system impacts of the recycling status quo and projections of the probable energy impacts of alternative technical and institutional approaches to recycling; and (4) identified the key policy questions that will determine the future economic viability of automobile shredder facilities in the United States.

  4. Dermatoses among floral shop workers.

    Thiboutot, D M; Hamory, B H; Marks, J G


    Concern about the increasing incidence of hand dermatitis in floral shop workers in the United States and its possible association to the plant Alstroemeria, a flower that has become popular since its introduction in 1981, prompted investigation of the prevalence and cause of hand dermatitis in a sample of floral workers. Fifty-seven floral workers were surveyed, and 15 (26%) reported hand dermatitis within the previous 12 months. Sixteen floral workers (eight with dermatitis) volunteered to be patch tested to the North American Contact Dermatitis Group Standard and Perfume Trays, a series of eight pesticides and 20 plant allergens. Of four of seven floral designers and arrangers who reported hand dermatitis, three reacted positively to patch tests to tuliposide A, the allergen in Alstroemeria. Patch test readings for all other plant extracts were negative. A positive reading for a test to one pesticide, difolatan (Captafol), was noted, the relevance of which is unknown. PMID:2137139

  5. Dimensions of Consumer's Perceived Risk in Online Shopping

    YE Naiyi


    Perceived risk is an important concept in consumer behavior in online shopping. It impedes the adopting online shopping. A structure model with seven factors of consumer's perceived risk in online shopping is developed in this paper. The results have the descriptive power about Chinese consumers' perceived risk in Internet shopping and provide framework for managerial use in China's e-commerce market environment.

  6. Increasing Sales in a Hotel Lobby Shop

    Ruhala, Laura


    Small shops and café areas connected to a hotel’s lobby have become increasingly popular within the hospitality industry. The customers have become more accustomed to spending time within the hotel premises and not only in their hotel room. Cumulus Koskikatu hotel, located in the Tampere city center, also opened their own hotel lobby shop hotel lobby area. As the hotel lobby shop is still a relatively new addition to the hotel operations, very little research has been done in the terms of ho...

  7. Consumers’ Attitude towards Online Shopping : Factors influencing Gotland consumers to shop online

    Sultan, Muhammad Umar; Uddin, Md. Nasir


    In the era of globalization electronic marketing is a great revolution.  Over the last decade maximum business organizations are running with technological change.  Online shopping or marketing is the use of technology (i.e., computer) for better marketing performance. And retailers are devising strategies to meet the demand of online shoppers; they are busy in studying consumer behavior in the field of online shopping, to see the consumer attitudes towards online shopping. Therefore we have ...

  8. Gender differences in mall shopping:a study of shopping behaviour of an emerging nation



    Fast developments in the food retailing industry have led to growth of shopping malls, particularly in the large cities of Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this study is to compare men and women for differences in mall shopping. Using empirical research, this paper examines differences between the genders associated with mall patronage. Based on a survey of 513 shoppers across Saudi Arabia, the study finds significant differences in shopping behaviour. The paper discusses the findings and makes r...

  9. Hybridní pohon automobilů

    Tvrdý, Josef


    Obsahem této bakalářské práce je přehled možných hybridních pohonů automobilů a jejich praktické využití. Je zaměřena na hlavní výhody a nevýhody hybridního pohonu a zabývá se dopadem takto vybavených automobilů na životní prostředí, především na produkci skleníkových plynů. Také uvádí pohled na hybridy z finančního hlediska. This bachelor thesis deals with an overview of all possible hybrid vehicle propulsion systems and their practical usage. It is focused on the main advantages and disa...

  10. The 3D virtual environment online for real shopping

    Khalil, Nahla


    The development of information technology and Internet has led to rapidly progressed in e-commerce and online shopping, due to the convenience that they provide consumers. E-commerce and online shopping are still not able to fully replace onsite shopping. In contrast, conventional online shopping websites often cannot provide enough information about a product for the customer to make an informed decision before checkout. 3D virtual shopping environment show great potential for enhancing e-co...

  11. Factors Affecting Shopping Behaviour of People in Large Russian Cities

    Грунт, Елена Викторовна


    The article discusses the concept of 'shopping': its meaning and factors affecting shopping practices of the Russian city population.  The author concludes that shopping is one of the actively developing forms of consumer behaviour in large cities, a way of spending leisure time, and a specific lifestyle for residents of large cities. The article points out social consequences of shopping in large Russian cities.Key  words: shopping, population, large city, leisure time, lifestyle, consumers'...

  12. Amarok Pikap: interactive percussion playing automobile

    Artut, Selçuk Hüseyin; Artut, Selcuk Huseyin


    Alternative interfaces that imitate the audio-structure of authentic musical instruments are often equipped with sound generation techniques that feature physical attributes similar to those of the instruments they imitate. Amarok Pikap project utilizes an interactive system on the surface of an automobile that is specially modified with the implementation of various electronic sensors attached to its bodywork. Sur-faces that will be struck to produce sounds in percussive instrument modeling ...

  13. Estimation of Claim Numbers in Automobile Insurance

    Arató, Miklós; Martinek, László


    The use of bonus-malus systems in compulsory liability automobile insurance is a worldwide applied method for premium pricing. If certain assumptions hold, like the conditional Poisson distribution of the policyholders claim number, then an interesting task is to evaluate the so called claims frequency of the individuals. Here we introduce 3 techniques, two is based on the bonus-malus class, and the third based on claims history. The article is devoted to choose the method, which fits to the ...

  14. Telematics Strategy for Automobile Insurers : Whitepaper

    Paefgen, Johannes; Fleisch, Elgar; Staake, Thorsten; Ackermann, Lukas; Best, Jonas; Egli, Lukas


    This whitepaper investigates the business implications telematics services and Pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) insurance in particular, from the perspective of automobile insurance providers. Specifically, it discusses - the PROFITABILITY and competitive dynamics of PAYD insurance, - a simplified BUSINESS CASE for a new market entrant with a PAYD product, - the present STRUCTURE OF INTERNATIONAL MARKETS for insurance telematics services, - DRIVERS AND BARRIERS for the focus markets Swit...


    Sexauer, Benjamin; Roe, Terry L.; Kinsey, Jean D.


    The model in this paper integrates the possibility of misinformation into consumer utility theory. If the utility realized from a good differs from the utility anticipated at time of purchase, shifts in demand would occur, and thus changes in consumer surplus. These changes provide a measure of the cost of misinformation or value of improved information. The empirical analysis yields estimates of the private and social cost of inaccuracies in automobile buyers; pre-purchase mileage estimates....

  16. Statistical machine translation for automobile marketing texts

    Läubli, Samuel; Fishel, Mark; Weibel, Manuela; Volk, Martin


    We describe a project on introducing an in-house statistical machine translation system for marketing texts from the automobile industry with the final aim of replacing manual translation with post-editing, based on the translation system. The focus of the paper is the suitability of such texts for SMT; we present experiments in domain adaptation and decompounding that improve the baseline translation systems, the results of which are evaluated using automatic metrics as well as manual evalua...

  17. New type air (automobile) gamma spectroscopic system

    A new type air (automobile) gamma spectroscopic system for identification and measuring of contamination with natural and artificial gamma isotopes is described. developed. Its main principle is a maximal use of the energy resolution of NaJ(Tl) detectors. The system consists of a spectrometer working simultaneously with a set of 1-16 scintillator blocks and a registration/ data processing unit. The operational mode, optimal performance and control subsystem are described

  18. Public Relations Program for a Shopping Mall.

    Feigley, David A.


    An account is given of a highly successful sports, health, and recreation exhibit run by Rutgers University (New Jersey) in a public shopping mall. Organization and entertainment were the keynotes of the success. (LH)

  19. Profiling the Shopping Behavior of Elderly Consumers.

    Mason, J. Barry; Bearden, William O.


    Data were collected by personal interview on shopping roles, information processing, food stamp and coupon use, store brand purchases, mispricing and product unavailability experiences, and with familiarity with fair trade practices. Implications and directions for further research are suggested. (Author)

  20. Modelling Consumer Adoption of Internet Shopping

    Yusniza Kamarulzaman


    Full Text Available The study explores consumers’ adoption of Internet shopping in the context of tourism products in Britain. The key objective is to propose a model for the prediction of Internet shopping adoption integrating individual and technology characteristics. Drawing upon Davis’ (1989 Technology Acceptance Model (TAM, the proposed model identifies the structural relationships among eight constructs which were examined through Structural Equation Modelling (SEM with AMOS. Essentially, this framework helps to explain issues such as reasons of adopting Internet shopping medium and contributing factors to Internet shopping adoption. The study employs an Internet Survey in the data collection stage. The method of analysis via SEM tested the hypothesised relationships among the constructs, as postulated in the model. The results explicitly clarified several key contributions and implications to marketing theory and practice.

  1. Dynamic Scheduling of Flexible Job Shops

    SHAHID Ikramullah Butt; SUN Hou-fang


    Aim of this research is to minimize makespan in the flexible job shop environment by the use of genetic algorithms and scheduling rules.Software is developed using genetic algorithms and scheduling rules based on certain constraints such as non-preemption of jobs,recirculation,set up times,non-breakdown of machines etc.Purpose of the software is to develop a schedule for flexible job shop environment,which is a special case of job shop scheduling problem.Scheduling algorithm used in the software is verified and tested by using MT10 as benchmark problem,presented in the flexible job shop environment at the end.LEKIN(R) software results are also compared with results of the developed software by the use of MT10 benchmark problem to show that the latter is a practical software and can be used successfully at BIT Training Workshop.

  2. Shopping for Food That's Good for You

    ... vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean sources of protein and dairy products; choose foods low in added sugars and solid fats; and limit salt intake. Shopping for healthy food may require a little planning. Start with ...


    Echo Huang


    Full Text Available The rapid development of virtual shopping through social networking sites raises important research questions. Social networking site features can shape members’ behavioral intentions toward virtual shopping. In this study, the S-O-R model is used to examine the effects of online stimuli on members’ emotional states and responses. The structural equation model (SEM tests the conceptual model and hypotheses. The findings show that both interactivity and identification factors shape members’ trust, flow and purchase intention.


    Corbett, James J.


    Online grocery shopping is a relatively new innovation with regard to the way in which one purchases groceries. Some interesting concepts- designed to enhance the process of making grocery products available for consumption of the ever-changing consumer- have entered the food distribution industry channels. A telephone survey was conducted in the Boston trading area to determine the profile of online grocery consumers who are familiar with online grocery shopping.

  5. Cultural effect on online shopping trust

    Yeong, Woon Chin


    Online shopping has become the common activity to do in United Kingdom. At the mention of it, one would think of online shopping as averting towards the American culture, since nearly everything in the country is technologically intertwined. Ever since the introduction of the Internet and computers nearly 20 years ago, the Internet marketing industry has been creeping into the fabrics of any parts of the world community. The combination of modern life and modern technology has also changed th...

  6. Intelligent Store Agent for Mobile Shopping

    Ryan Anthony Brown; Suresh Sankaranarayanan


    The conventional shopping process involves a human being visiting a designated store and perusing first the items available. A purchase decision is then made based on the information so gathered. However, a number of unique challenges a human shopper would face, if he/she prefers to execute this process using a mobile device, such as a phone. Taking this aspect into consideration, the authors propose the use of an Intelligent Agent for performing the Mobile Shopping on behalf of customers. In...

  7. Evaluation sales services by Mystery shopping method

    Hübnerová, Dana


    The theoretical basis for the creating of own conception of the thesis is the analysis of a literature sources, which describes the important concepts related to the topic of mystery shopping, quality of service providing and marketing services. Main part of the thesis is related to the topic of the quality evaluation and Mystery Shopping - its application, principles and methodology. Part of the thesis which was created originaly by the author is aimed on the level comparison of sales s...


    Echo Huang; Yu-Ting Huang


    The rapid development of virtual shopping through social networking sites raises important research questions. Social networking site features can shape members’ behavioral intentions toward virtual shopping. In this study, the S-O-R model is used to examine the effects of online stimuli on members’ emotional states and responses. The structural equation model (SEM) tests the conceptual model and hypotheses. The findings show that both interactivity and identification factors shape members’ t...

  9. Chinese and Finnish Undergraduates’ Online Shopping Behaviour

    Wan, Ning


    The main goal of the thesis was to recognise similar and different characteristics of online shopping behaviour between Chinese and Finnish undergraduates. Additionally, this thesis would give meaningful proposals for merchants and managers on offering better online marketing. This thesis report was conducted in both theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical parts include marketing research and online shopping consumption behaviour. The study describes the marketing research progre...

  10. Consumer behavior: Online grocery shopping in Portugal



    Living in the digital era, activities that have for centuries acted one way, have now changed and entered the online world, and online grocery shopping is one of them. It is a worldwide phenomenon and is already a significant part of people’s lifestyle in several countries however, in Portugal, it is still in expansion and improvement. Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior, this study allowed to estimate how the perceived risk and shopping orientation counterbalances the conv...

  11. Job Shop Scheduling Problem: an Overview

    Arisha, Amr; Young, Paul; El Baradie, Mohie


    The Job-shop scheduling is one of the most important industrial activities, especially in manufacturing planning. The problem complexity has increased along with the increase in the complexity of operations and product-mix. To solve this problem, numerous approaches have been developed incorporating discrete event simulation methodology. The scope and the purpose of this paper is to present a survey which covers most of the solving techniques of Job Shop Scheduling (JSS) problem. A classifica...

  12. A hybrid job-shop scheduling system

    Hellingrath, Bernd; Robbach, Peter; Bayat-Sarmadi, Fahid; Marx, Andreas


    The intention of the scheduling system developed at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics is the support of a scheduler working in a job-shop. Due to the existing requirements for a job-shop scheduling system the usage of flexible knowledge representation and processing techniques is necessary. Within this system the attempt was made to combine the advantages of symbolic AI-techniques with those of neural networks.

  13. Towards an understanding of Internet-based problem shopping behaviour: The concept of online shopping addiction and its proposed predictors



    Background: Compulsive and addictive forms of consumption and buying behaviour have been researched in both business and medical literature. Shopping enabled via the Internet now introduces new features to the shopping experience that translate to positive benefits for the shopper. Evidence now suggests that this new shopping experience may lead to problematic online shopping behaviour. This paper provides a theoretical review of the literature relevant to online shopping addiction (OSA). Bas...

  14. Corrosion protection and finishing of automobiles

    finishing of automobiles is an important aspect. There have been considerable reductions of weight in automobiles by the use of composites components replacing heavy metallic components. Fenders previously based on metal have been replaced with plastic and painted with the same colour shade as of the metallic body, this has eps for proper adhesion of the paints on the plastic fender to avoid chipping off the paint form it. This paper discusses the necessary processes required for finishing of an automobile along with the corrosion protection measures. Automobiles contains a variety of engineering materials, engine main body fuel tanks connecting rods heat radiators and other mechanical parts are made from different types of engineering alloys having varying chemical compositions. Other parts like dashboard, front panel and other are made from composites. The main body made from cold roll ed steel having various contours 'c' it due to the different designs is the potential site for corrosion attack, The main body is exposed to the hostile environment through out its life period. An automobile is given a particular finish with a view to counter the hostile environments as they are not limited for plying in a limiting conditions and are taken to different weather conditions in one day thus facing severe stresses and strain. Thus it is essential that an automobile before rolling 'out of the assembly line should properly corrosion resistant and aesthetically pleasant also. Finishing for automobiles being very specialized, the main requirement being maximum durability with minimum numbers of coats baked, at the fastest possible schedule. High gloss and range of good eye catching colours being important to increase sales appeal. In the near past the car finishes were based on alkyd-amino resins baking materials and force drying lacquers, which have excellent appearance originally and maintain it on aging. The finishing system for the synthetic baking type may consist of

  15. Shopping online and/or in-store? A structural equation model of the relationships between e-shopping and in-store shopping

    Farag, Sendy; Schwanen, Tim; Dijst, Martin


    Searching product information or buying goods online is becoming increasingly popular and could affect shopping trips. However, the relationship between e-shopping and in-store shopping is currently unclear. The aim of this study is to investigate empirically how the frequencies of online searching, online buying, and non-daily shopping trips relate to each other, after controlling for sociodemographic, land use, behavioral, and attitudinal characteristics. Data were collected from 826 respon...

  16. Automobile technology in a CO{sub 2}-constrained world

    Kypreos, S.; Barreto Gomez, L.; Dietrich, Ph. [Paul Scherrer Inst. (PSI), Villigen (Switzerland); Schafer, A.; Jacoby, H.D. [MIT, Cambridge (United States)


    This study identifies the environmental conditions under which less CO{sub 2}-emitting and more expensive automobile technology might enter the North American transportation sector. For that purpose, different exogenous CO{sub 2}-reduction targets are imposed and the resulting market shares of hypothetical future automobile technologies calculated. The criteria for the selection of different types of automobiles/fuels is the minimisation of discounted, cumulative transport sector costs over the scenario time horizon. (author) 1 tab., 6 refs.

  17. Globalization of the Automobile Industry ; Traditional Locations under Pressure?

    Spatz, Julius; Nunnenkamp, Peter


    Even though the automobile industry is technologically advanced, the increasing integration of low-income countries into the global division of labor has put competitive pressure on traditional automobile producing countries. New end-producers emerged in Asia, Latin America as well as Southern and Central Europe. In addition, the automobile industries of Germany, Japan and the United States engaged in outsourcing of relatively labor intensive segments of the value chain, especially on a regio...

  18. Science Shops - a concept for community based learning

    Jørgensen, Michael Søgaard; Hende, Merete


    communication, academia-user dialogue etc. - Science shop staff supply case studies based on science shop projects to courses taught by the science shop staff itself and/or by other teachers - Science shop staff participate in the development of and the teaching at courses within topics emerged from problems...... raised by citizen groups - Science shop staff participates in the restructuring of curricula in order to bring in methodological competence from science shop projects.......Experience from science shops show that besides assisting citizen groups, science shops can also contribute to the development of university curricula and research. The paper is based on an investigation of the impact of science shops on university curricula and research through a questionnaire...

  19. DNA repair

    In this chapter a series of DNA repair pathways are discussed which are available to the cell to cope with the problem of DNA damaged by chemical or physical agents. In the case of microorganisms our knowledge about the precise mechanism of each DNA repair pathway and the regulation of it has been improved considerably when mutants deficient in these repair mechanisms became available. In the case of mammalian cells in culture, until recently there were very little repair deficient mutants available, because in almost all mammalian cells in culture at least the diploid number of chromosomes is present. Therefore the frequency of repair deficient mutants in such populations is very low. Nevertheless because replica plating techniques are improving some mutants from Chinese hamsters ovary cells and L5178Y mouse lymphoma cells are now available. In the case of human cells, cultures obtained from patients with certain genetic diseases are available. A number of cells appear to be sensitive to some chemical or physical mutagens. These include cells from patients suffering from xeroderma pigmentosum, Ataxia telangiectasia, Fanconi's anemia, Cockayne's syndrome. However, only in the case of xeroderma pigmentosum cells, has the sensitivity to ultraviolet light been clearly correlated with a deficiency in excision repair of pyrimidine dimers. Furthermore the work with strains obtained from biopsies from man is difficult because these cells generally have low cloning efficiencies and also have a limited lifespan in vitro. It is therefore very important that more repair deficient mutants will become available from established cell lines from human or animal origin

  20. Supporting the Supermarket Shopping Experience through a Context-Aware Shopping Trolley

    Black, Darren; Clemmensen, Nils Jakob; Skov, Mikael B.


    Shopping in the real world is becoming an increasingly interactive experience as stores integrate various technologies to support shoppers. Based on an empirical study of supermarket shoppers, we designed a mobile context-aware system called the Context- Aware Shopping Trolley (CAST). The aim of...... the system is to support shopping in supermarkets through context-awareness and acquiring user attention. Thus, the interactive trolley guides and directs shoppers in the handling and finding of groceries. An empirical evaluation showed that shoppers using CAST adapted in different shopping behavior...... than traditional trolley shoppers by exhibiting a more uniform behavior in terms of product sequence collection and ease of finding products and thus, CAST supported the shopping experience....

  1. The impact of geographic context on e-shopping behavior

    Fang Ren; Mei-Po Kwan


    Recent studies have examined what factors affect the adoption of e-shopping (electronic shopping), why people adopt e-shopping, and what changes in activity – travel patterns will occur as a response to e-shopping. Very few studies to date, however, have investigated the impact of geographic context on people’s e-shopping behavior. This study reexamines the explanatory factors that are related to people’s e-shopping patterns through a study of the Columbus Metropolitan Area, OH. It focuses on...

  2. Augmented Reality Repair Guidance System

    Sidharth Bhatia


    Full Text Available The daily life of a common man revolves around various forms of appliances/gadgets he uses throughout the day such as a mobile phone, laptop, printer, microwave oven, washing machine, etc. Although these appliances/gadgets are taken by most of the people for granted, the problem occurs when any of these things do not work as they are expected to. Getting them to the repair shops for every small glitch is expensive as well as time consuming. Although most of the companies which produce these appliances/gadgets do supply them with basic manuals, which deal with how to solve these minor issues, but reading them and at the same time repairing the corresponding appliance/gadget can be a frustrating task at times. These problems can be reduced to a large extent if some kind of live guidance is available. In this paper we propose a method to do so with the help of an augmented reality based system that will guide the user to carry out small scale repair jobs on these gadgets. All that is required is a decent webcam and a computing device, with a processor of 1 GHz or more and a display screen.



    Nonlinear control methods are presented based on theory of sliding mode control (SMC) or variable structure control (VSC) for application to active automobile suspensions. Requirements of reducing manufacturing cost and energy consumption of the active suspension system may be satisfiedby reasonable design of the sliding surface and hydraulic servo system. Emphasis is placed on the study of the discrete sliding mode control method (DSMC) applicable for a new sort of speed on-off solenoid valves of anti-dust capability and low price. Robustness and effectiveness of the feedback linearized controller in typical road conditions are demonstrated by numerical results fora quarter-car suspension model.




    This paper deals with implementation of mobile wind driven generator technology to produce electricity in charging of two wheeler (12V) automobile battery. The use of PWM methodology with pulse charging method at a constant rate has been adopted for this purpose. The low speed PMSG driven by wind at speed of 15/40 km/hour has been used to eliminate gear box to achieve high efficiency. The output of three phase bridge rectifier is fed to boost converter which provides pulses of constant curren...




    Full Text Available This paper deals with implementation of mobile wind driven generator technology to produce electricity in charging of two wheeler (12V automobile battery. The use of PWM methodology with pulse charging method at a constant rate has been adopted for this purpose. The low speed PMSG driven by wind at speed of 15/40 km/hour has been used to eliminate gear box to achieve high efficiency. The output of three phase bridge rectifier is fed to boost converter which provides pulses of constant current to the battery.

  6. 76 FR 44402 - Proposed Information Collection (Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive...


    ... AFFAIRS Proposed Information Collection (Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive...' eligibility for automobile adaptation equipment or other conveyance allowance. DATES: Written comments and... techniques or the use of other forms of information technology. Title: Application for Automobile or...

  7. Emergency local searching approach for job shop scheduling

    Zhao, Ning; Chen, Siyu; Du, Yanhua


    Existing methods of local search mostly focus on how to reach optimal solution. However, in some emergency situations, search time is the hard constraint for job shop scheduling problem while optimal solution is not necessary. In this situation, the existing method of local search is not fast enough. This paper presents an emergency local search(ELS) approach which can reach feasible and nearly optimal solution in limited search time. The ELS approach is desirable for the aforementioned emergency situations where search time is limited and a nearly optimal solution is sufficient, which consists of three phases. Firstly, in order to reach a feasible and nearly optimal solution, infeasible solutions are repaired and a repair technique named group repair is proposed. Secondly, in order to save time, the amount of local search moves need to be reduced and this is achieved by a quickly search method named critical path search(CPS). Finally, CPS sometimes stops at a solution far from the optimal one. In order to jump out the search dilemma of CPS, a jump technique based on critical part is used to improve CPS. Furthermore, the schedule system based on ELS has been developed and experiments based on this system completed on the computer of Intel Pentium(R) 2.93 GHz. The experimental result shows that the optimal solutions of small scale instances are reached in 2 s, and the nearly optimal solutions of large scale instances are reached in 4 s. The proposed ELS approach can stably reach nearly optimal solutions with manageable search time, and can be applied on some emergency situations.

  8. The Virtual Shopping Experience: using virtual presence to motivate online shopping

    Carolyn Chin


    Full Text Available Online shopping has thus far tended to be a niche business – highly successful in selling digital products such as shares, software and, increasingly, music and films, it has been less successful in persuading the purchasers of ‘traditional’ goods such as cars, clothes, toiletries, or household appliances to forsake their physical retailers and move into cyberspace. In this wide-ranging review paper we investigate the issue of the virtual experience – endeavouring to understand what is needed for a successful ‘shopping experience’ online and what the possible obstacles or pitfalls along the way might be. We initially introduce the concepts of virtual presence (the sense of ‘being there’ and virtual reality, discussing the possible roles both can play in providing a solution to the problem of effective online shopping. We then consider the Experience Economy, a concept which encapsulates many of the issues related to the problem of online shopping and which suggests ways in which online retailers can enhance the effectiveness of their sites by means of a virtual ‘experience’. Having set the scene for online shopping, we discuss eTailing today in terms of direct product experience and the opportunities which cyber-shopping offers to replicate this process. Finally, we identify some of the possibilities and problems of online shopping today, illustrating the current status of virtual presence in retailing with two micro-cases of success and failure.

  9. English Shop Signs and Brand Names

    Hemaseh Bagheri Sanjareh


    Full Text Available

    The present study tries to investigate the people’s attitude to the use of English words in TV commercials, brand-naming and shop signs in Iran and specifically in Tehran where due to the fact that it is the capital, more English might be used for the sake of foreigners. The widespread use of English shop signs and English brand names for recently produced goodsdrove the researchers to investigate peoples’ attitude as consumers from two aspects of age and education. To reach the research goal, a questionnaire was devised and distributed to 100 people at random selection probing their attitudes while considering two factors of age and education. The result of the research will mostly benefit sociolinguists and business marketers.

    Keywords: age, education, advertising, brand-naming, shop signs, globalization

  10. Attitudinal Explanation on Virtual Shopping Intention

    Ritzky Karina M.R. Brahmana


    Full Text Available Abstract. Virtual stores provide great efficiency in the retail value chain, and their existence has tremendously paved the way for electronic commerce. Understanding the intention of consumers to shop online in attitudinal perspective will provide important contribution to the area of e-commerce. This research proposes Task Technology Fit, Perceived Ease of Use (PEoU, and Perceived Usefulness (PU as the factors that drive consumers’ intention. The results from our survey study of 310 online consumers in Indonesia indicate that TTF affects PEoU and PU significantly. Our hierarchical model also reports that PEoU is the mediating effect on the relationship between TTF and Intention. The resulting model explains a large portion of the factors that lead a user’s behavioural intention to use a virtual shop. Keywords : Attitudinal, Task Technology Fit, Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, Retail, Virtual Shopping Intention

  11. Alternativní pohony automobilů

    Filip, Vojtěch


    Náplní této bakalářské práce je analýza aktuálně používaných alternativních pohonů automobilů, jejich srovnání se současnými zážehovými a vznětovými spalovacími motory. Seznámení s technickým řešením jednotlivých pohonů a jejich kategorizace do několika základních skupin, podle charakteristických klíčových rysů. Dále obsahuje bližší seznámení s nejdůležitějšími komponenty automobilů, vyžívajících tyto alternativní pohony a současně jejich přednostmi ale také nedostatky, které nyní brzdí rozší...


    Kryvokon, A.; Bondarenko, A.


    Research of strategy and prospects of Ukrainian automobile motor industry development has been done: the measures of public policy, which must be realized for the development of national automobile industry, a car production volume and expected working place in motor industry under state support have been described.


    A. Kryvokon


    Full Text Available Research of strategy and prospects of Ukrainian automobile motor industry development has been done: the measures of public policy, which must be realized for the development of national automobile industry, a car production volume and expected working place in motor industry under state support have been described.

  14. 40 CFR 600.315-08 - Classes of comparable automobiles.


    ... accordance with 49 CFR part 523. (1) The Administrator will classify passenger automobiles by car line into... National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Department of Transportation (DOT), 49 CFR 571.3. (ii... 40 Protection of Environment 29 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Classes of comparable automobiles....

  15. The Impact of Price Controls on Mandatory Automobile Insurance Markets

    Strauss, Jason


    This is a theoretical paper that models a mandatory automobile insurance market using a partial equilibrium concept where automobile insurance is one good and a composite good represents all others. Price controls, heterogeneous service, administrative, and adjusting costs, as well as capital reserves and capital costs are all included in this simple model.

  16. 40 CFR 600.315-82 - Classes of comparable automobiles.


    ... accordance with 49 CFR part 523. (1) The Administrator will classify passenger automobiles by car line into..., Department of Transportation (DOT), 49 CFR 571.3. (ii) Minicompact cars. Interior volume index less than 85... 40 Protection of Environment 29 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Classes of comparable automobiles....

  17. The impact of science shops on university research and education

    Hende, Merete; Jørgensen, Michael Søgaard

    This report discusses the impact from university-based science shops on curricula and research. Experience from science shops show that besides assisting citizen groups, science shops can also contribute to the development of university curricula and research. This impact has been investigated...... through the SCIPAS questionnaire sent out to science shops and through follow-up interviews with employees from nine different university-based science shops and one university researcher. Not all the cases call themselves science shops, but in the report the term 'science shop' will be used most...... way or the other has had impact on university curricula and/or research. The analysis and the case studies have theoretically been based on literature on universities and education and research as institutions and a few articles about the impact of science shops on education and research. The analysis...

  18. Hydrocele repair

    ... small surgical cut in the fold of the groin, and then drains the fluid. The sac (hydrocele) holding the fluid may be removed. The surgeon strengthens the muscle wall with stitches. This is called a hernia repair. Sometimes the surgeon uses a laparoscope to do ...

  19. Motorcycle Repair.

    Hein, Jim; Bundy, Mike

    This motorcycle repair curriculum guide contains the following ten areas of study: brake systems, clutches, constant mesh transmissions, final drives, suspension, mechanical starting mechanisms, electrical systems, fuel systems, lubrication systems, and overhead camshafts. Each area consists of one or more units of instruction. Each instructional…

  20. Bladder exstrophy repair

    Bladder birth defect repair; Everted bladder repair; Exposed bladder repair; Repair of bladder exstrophy ... in boys and is often linked to other birth defects. Surgery is necessary to: Allow the child to ...


    Reed, R. G.; S.J. Wilkinson


    Retail shopping centres are a dynamic business in Australia, annually generating $51 billion in sales, employing nearly half a million employees and having an asset value of AUD$69 billion. There are 1,338 retail shopping centres in Australia ranging from large regional centres of more than 100,000 square metres of retail space down to smaller, supermarket based centres of around 5,000 square metres. Importantly they account for 28% of the retail space and generate 41% of retail sales (PCA, 2...

  2. E-shopping and its interactions with in-store shopping

    Farag, Sendy


    Nowadays, the Internet permeates society: for many people, life without the Internet is hard to imagine. E-shopping (searching and/or buying products online) has rapidly gained popularity in the past few years, and could affect consumers’ visits to stores. The goal of this research is to show which consumers shop online and how this relates to their store visits. The findings show that people who frequently shop online do not visit stores less often. On the contrary; store visits seem to be s...

  3. Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Online Shopping Stores in Malaysia

    Mehrdad Salehi


    The Internet as a global medium is quickly gaining interest and attractiveness as the most revolutionary marketing tool. The global nature of communication and shopping has as well redefined, seeing that it is the perfect vehicle for online shopping stores. Online convenient shop is mostly reflected in shorter time and less energy spent, including shipping cost reduction, less crowd and queues than real markets, unlimited time and space, which all increase convenience of shopping. Internet sh...

  4. Objects of Desire: Consumer Behaviour in Shopping Centre Choices

    Dennis, C


    What determines where people shop? Why would people visit one shopping centre rather than another? These questions are important to developers, backers, planners and Government. In addition, there is a need to understand shopping as a fundamental feature of modern society. Attributes such as transport links, parking and choice of major stores are well known as determinants of shopping centre success - but some centres are only 50% let twelve months after opening. This paper is based on an emp...

  5. The Blinds Shop Company Limited Brand Identity Project

    Dee, Peter


    The Blinds Shop offers made to measure window blinds catering to all markets across Ireland. The Blinds Shop required a clean, bold and modern logo using fresh colours and imagery. Peter Dee - Strategic Design and Marketing Consultant, was responsible for the design and development of the brand identity for the The Blinds Shop Company Limited which was used on business cards, letterhead, promotional information, uniforms, advertising and e-Commerce website. The Blinds Shop is a retailer...

  6. Impact of Tourism on Retail Shopping in Dubai

    Shreyans Mehta; Anshul Jain; Rahul Jawale


    One of the most lucrative tourism activities is shopping. Dubai is one of the most famous and popular tourist shopping destinations. This research report shows the study of factors and existing trends in tourism which affects retail shopping in Dubai. The behavior of tourist with respect to retail shopping is examined. The research revolves around the tourists coming to Dubai and tries to identify the possible reasons as to why they chose Dubai as their holiday destination. The various fac...

  7. End-user Acceptance of Online Shopping Sites in India

    Bolar K; Shaw B


    Online shopping sites have recently gained momentum in India. Since the ecommerce industry is in infancy state, customer (end user) satisfaction with the online shopping is the prime concern because decreasing customer satisfaction leads to negative electronic word of mouth (eWOM) which is very severe for the business. Through a dataset gathered from 127 online shopping customers in with respect to online shopping sites in India, this study investigates the role of website quality, informatio...

  8. The shopping mall as an emergent public space in Turkey

    Feyzan Erkip


    The shopping mall as a part of the recent transformations in Turkish urban lifestyle is the focus of this research. Characteristics of the Turkish way of using shopping malls, and their social and spatial consequences, are investigated and analyzed through a case study in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The field survey was carried out in Bilkent Shopping Center, a newly built shopping mall in a suburban area which was also established recently as a high-income housing settlement. This shoppin...

  9. Turbine repair process, repaired coating, and repaired turbine component

    Das, Rupak; Delvaux, John McConnell; Garcia-Crespo, Andres Jose


    A turbine repair process, a repaired coating, and a repaired turbine component are disclosed. The turbine repair process includes providing a turbine component having a higher-pressure region and a lower-pressure region, introducing particles into the higher-pressure region, and at least partially repairing an opening between the higher-pressure region and the lower-pressure region with at least one of the particles to form a repaired turbine component. The repaired coating includes a silicon material, a ceramic matrix composite material, and a repaired region having the silicon material deposited on and surrounded by the ceramic matrix composite material. The repaired turbine component a ceramic matrix composite layer and a repaired region having silicon material deposited on and surrounded by the ceramic matrix composite material.

  10. 32 CFR 220.11 - Special rules for automobile liability insurance and no-fault automobile insurance.


    ... regarding tort liability. In addition, the provisions of 28 CFR part 43 (Department of Justice regulations... 32 National Defense 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Special rules for automobile liability insurance and no-fault automobile insurance. 220.11 Section 220.11 National Defense Department of...

  11. Shopping Malls, Updates of the shopping malls and centers based of land use, Published in unknown, Johnson County AIMS.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This Shopping Malls dataset, was produced all or in part from Published Reports/Deeds information as of unknown. It is described as 'Updates of the shopping malls...

  12. Internet Shopping Behavior of College of Education Students

    Kiyici, Mubin


    Internet is an important facilitator for human and humans use this medium almost every phase. As a shopping medium, internet attract human so attract researcher. Younger people can adapt newer technologies so they can adapt internet as shopping tool. In this research it is tried to define college of education students' online shopping behavior and…

  13. Sticking to core values : The case of the Body Shop

    Ven, van de B.; Nijhof, A.H.J.; Jeurissen, R.J.M.


    In this chapter, the authors detail the development of The Body Shop and the importance to it of the social projects it has undertaken. They then discuss the implications of The Body Shop's reorganization, brand repositioning and the L'Oréal takeover, and what the future might hold for The Body Shop

  14. Standardized Curriculum for Machine Tool Operation/Machine Shop.

    Mississippi State Dept. of Education, Jackson. Office of Vocational, Technical and Adult Education.

    Standardized vocational education course titles and core contents for two courses in Mississippi are provided: machine tool operation/machine shop I and II. The first course contains the following units: (1) orientation; (2) shop safety; (3) shop math; (4) measuring tools and instruments; (5) hand and bench tools; (6) blueprint reading; (7)…

  15. Exploring Consumers' Experiential Responses and Shopping Intentions toward Visual User-Generated Content in Online Shopping Environments

    Cheung, Jenny


    The purpose of this study is to explore online consumers' experiential response towards visual user-generated content in online shopping environments for fashion online shopping. The Stimulus-Organism-Response (S-O-R) framework has been widely used in online shopping environment studies to examine the effect of website attributes on online shoppers' internal affective and cognitive states, and shopping behaviour (Kawaf and Tagg, 2012). Recent literature in the field proposes a more holistic a...

  16. Smart Shopping for Veggies and Fruits

    ... Videos Recipes & Menus Seasonal Winter Spring Summer Fall Food Waste Food Safety Newsroom Dietary Guidelines Communicator’s Guide Smart Shopping ... Printable Materials MyPlate Videos Recipes & Menus Seasonal Resources Food ... Site Map Policies & Links Our Performance Report Fraud on USDA Contracts ...

  17. Designing electronic shops, persuading consumers to buy

    Dormann, Claire


    The purpose of this article is to show how to design persuasive and successful Web shops. An approach to commercial site design that draws on theories of visual persuasion is proposed. We focus on the role of emotion. Images in an ad are typically meant to create some emotional disposition toward...

  18. Performance Support on the Shop Floor.

    Kasvi, Jyrki J. J.; Vartiainen, Matti


    Discussion of performance support on the shop floor highlights four support systems for assembly lines that incorporate personal computer workstations in local area networks and use multimedia documents. Considers new customer-focused production paradigms; organizational learning; knowledge development; and electronic performance support systems…

  19. Prevalence and determinants of pharmacy shopping behaviour.

    Buurma, H.; Bouvy, M.L.; Smet, P.A.G.M. de; Floor-Schreudering, A.; Leufkens, H.G.; Egberts, A.C.G.


    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Discontinuity of care bears the risk of medication errors and poor clinical outcomes. Little is known about the continuity of care related to pharmacies. Therefore, we studied the prevalence and determinants of pharmacy shopping behaviour in the Netherlands. METHODS: Benefi

  20. Prevalence and determinants of pharmacy shopping behaviour

    Bouvy, M. L.; De Smet, P. A. G. M.; Floor-Schreudering, A.; Leufkens, H. G. M.; Egberts, A. C. G.; Buurma, H


    Background and objective: Discontinuity of care bears the risk of medication errors and poor clinical outcomes. Little is known about the continuity of care related to pharmacies. Therefore, we studied the prevalence and determinants of pharmacy shopping behaviour in the Netherlands. Methods: Benefi

  1. Perception of risk from automobile safety defects.

    Slovic, P; MacGregor, D; Kraus, N N


    Descriptions of safety engineering defects of the kind that compel automobile manufacturers to initiate a recall campaign were evaluated by individuals on a set of risk characteristic scales that included overall vehicle riskiness, manufacturer's ability to anticipate the defect, importance for vehicle operation, severity of consequences and likelihood of compliance with a recall notice. A factor analysis of the risk characteristics indicated that judgments could be summarized in terms of two composite scales, one representing the uncontrollability of the damage the safety defect might cause and the other representing the foreseeability of the defect by the manufacturer. Motor vehicle defects were found to be highly diverse in terms of the perceived qualities of their risks. Location of individual defects within the factor space was closely associated with perceived riskiness, perceived likelihood of purchasing another car from the same manufacturer, perceived likelihood of compliance with a recall notice, and actual compliance rates. PMID:3675807


    González, Eduardo


    Full Text Available This paper evaluates product efficiency in the Spanish automobile market. We use non parametric frontier techniques in order to estimate product efficiency scores for each model. These scores reflect the minimum price for which each car could be sold, given the bundle of tangible features it offers in comparison to the best-buy models. Unlike previous research, we use discounted prices which have been adjusted by car dealerships to meet sale targets. Therefore, we interpret the efficiency scores as indicators of the value of the intangible features of the brand. The results show that Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen and Mercedes offer the greatest intangible value, since they are heavily overpriced in terms of price/product ratios. Conversely, Seat, Kia, Renault and Dacia are the brands that can be taken as referent in terms of price/product ratios.

  3. Analytical description of the modern steam automobile

    Peoples, J. A.


    The sensitivity of operating conditions upon performance of the modern steam automobile is discussed. The word modern has been used in the title to indicate that emphasis is upon miles per gallon rather than theoretical thermal efficiency. This has been accomplished by combining classical power analysis with the ideal Pressure-Volume diagram. Several parameters are derived which characterize performance capability of the modern steam car. The report illustrates that performance is dictated by the characteristics of the working medium, and the supply temperature. Performance is nearly independent of pressures above 800 psia. Analysis techniques were developed specifically for reciprocating steam engines suitable for automotive application. Specific performance charts have been constructed on the basis of water as a working medium. The conclusions and data interpretation are therefore limited within this scope.

  4. A prospective study of the development of hand eczema in an automobile manufacturing industry.

    Kristensen, O


    We have not been able to find any prospective study of the risk of developing occupational dermatitis in the car manufacturing industry. To try to define individual predictive risk factors for the development of hand eczema and to determine the prevalence of hand eczema within 1 year in an automobile manufacturing industry, we investigated prospectively 1564 new employees during one year of employment. Only persons with previous atopic dermatitis or hand eczema were restricted to dry and clean workplaces. The employees were personally interviewed and examined before their employment. Written questionnaires were used at 3 and 12 months to obtain information on type of work, exposure, protection and hand dermatitis. All patients developing hand eczema were examined, patch tested and followed to determine the course and consequence of their eczema. The risk turned out to be only 4% on average, but significantly higher in females (6%). Certain sections within the factory such as wet work (canteen/kitchen and cleaning) and work in the paint shop with high exposure to organic solvents carried significantly higher risks. Heavy exposure to mineral oil, a known risk factor, was effectively counteracted by the extensive use of protective gloves to yield a lower than average prevalence in the press and body shop. Individual risk factors for the development of hand eczema were previous hand eczema, atopic dermatitis, but also wool intolerance and hay fever as isolated phenomena. Most cases of hand eczema were mild, of irritant contact type and only 1 employee developed an allergic contact dermatitis due to the working environment.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) PMID:1395598

  5. Online versus conventional shopping: consumers' risk perception and regulatory focus.

    van Noort, Guda; Kerkhof, Peter; Fennis, Bob M


    In two experiments, the impact of shopping context on consumers' risk perceptions and regulatory focus was examined. We predicted that individuals perceive an online (vs. conventional) shopping environment as more risky and that an online shopping environment, by its risky nature, primes a prevention focus. The findings in Study 1 demonstrate these effects by using self-report measures for risk perception and prevention focus. In Study 2, we replicated these findings and demonstrated that the effect of an online shopping environment carries over to behavior in a domain unrelated to shopping. PMID:17927547

  6. Shop stewards' learning and union strategies

    Warring, Niels


    In Denmark the trade unions have well established educational systems providing the shop stewards with a variety of competencies. Union courses have been analysed focusing on shop stewards' satisfaction with the content and the practical impact of the courses. However, little attention has been...... different theoretical traditions: Shop steward's learning is situational, relational and cross-contextual. Shop stewards' learning is lifelong and life wide. And shop stewards' learning is closely connected to the development of the labour market and not least the unions' priorities, interpretation and...

  7. The challenges of automobile-dependent urban transport strategy

    Jovanović Miomir


    Full Text Available The fundamental aims of sustainable urban development and the pro-automobile oriented economic development are on a collision course. It is obvious that automobile-dependent urban development is under heavy/powerful influence of the automobile lobby (automobile and oil industries, along with construction. In this domain famous land-use-transportation studies (or ‘grand transportation studies’ are, unfortunately, still prevailing - a vicious circle of self-fulfilling prophecy of congestion, road building, sprawl, congestion and more road building. Until recently, it was commonly thought that investment in public transport was not economically sustainable and that focusing on the development of the automobile industry and financing the construction of roadways stimulated economic growth. In this paper we clearly show that automobile industry is now overcapitalized, less profitable than many other industries (and may become even less profitable in the future, that transport market is characterized with huge distortions (more than a third of motor-vehicle use can be explained by underpriced driving, while new road investment does not have a major impact on economic growth (especially in a region with an already well-developed infrastructure, and that pro-automobile transport strategy inexorably incurs harmful global, regional and local ecological consequences. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 37010

  8. Consumer preferences for automobile energy-efficiency grades

    Recently, increases in energy prices have made energy conservation and efficiency improvements even more essential than in the past. However, consumers experience difficulty in obtaining reliable information regarding energy efficiency, so that many countries have implemented regulations to enforce energy-efficiency grade labeling. In this study, consumer preferences regarding energy efficiency grades are analyzed by the mixed logit and MDCEV model based on the revealed preference data of past automobile purchases. Findings show that consumers rationally apply information on energy efficiency grades when purchasing automobiles. However, they tend to show inefficiency in automobile usage patterns. This study discusses political implications of energy efficiency policies as they might impact consumer behaviors of automobile purchase and usage. - Highlights: ► We model discrete choice model to evaluate energy-efficiency grade regulation. ► Consumers apply information on energy efficiency grades when purchasing automobiles. ► However, they tend to show inefficiency in automobile usage patterns. ► The policies for efficient automobile usage are discussed.

  9. Breaking Out of the Local: International dimensions of science shops

    Caspar DeBok


    Full Text Available In this article we want to give an overview of the international dimension and the interest of the European Union (EU in the concept of Science Shops. The European Commission (EC manages the day-to-day business by initiating and implementing EU policies and spending EU funds. The EC support for Science Shops has been an important factor for the international interest and progress of the Science Shop movement. This article will not give detailed information about daily routines of a Science Shop. Detailed information about the Science Shop concept can be found at the Living Knowledge website ( Living Knowledge represents the international Science Shop Network. In this article international developments of the Science Shop Network, like the project TRAMS, and Science Shop backgrounds will be linked with past and new EU policies like the EU 7th Framework Programme for Research. It shows how community-based research does not only have a local dimension. The international Science Shop activities show the strengths of international cooperation to break out of the local and to bring local issues on the international agenda. Detailed information about the Science Shop concept and daily routines of a Science Shop can be found at the Living Knowledge website (, e.g. at the FAQ section and in the toolbox.

  10. Virtual Shopping and Impulse Purchasing Strengths and Weaknesses in Pakistan

    Muhammad Ali Hussain


    Full Text Available This research analyzed the perceptive of consumers doing online shopping and impulse purchasing. This study examined the behavior of thirty consumers who were asked to fill the questionnaire based on some close ended questions. The focus of this investigation was to discuss the strengths and Weaknesses of online shopping and impulse purchasing in developing country like Pakistan. Today consumers choose and buy things while sitting at home through internet and buy things impulsively. Do consumer in Pakistan are using Internet for shopping online? Do they make more impulse purchase on the Internet? Does online shopping save time? Do online shopping is more attractive or consumer feels lack of trust? Impacts of advertising are also discussed. We covered the virtual shopping weakness and strengths in our VSIPSWP (Virtual Shopping and Impulse Purchasing Strengths and Weaknesses in Pakistan Models.