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  1. 2007 U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Lidar: Augusta-Manchester, Maine

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Lidar Contract No. 07CRCN0014 Lidar was collected at a 1.0 points per square meter (1.0m GSD) for the towns of Augusta and Manchester in Maine while no snow was on...

  2. Health assessment for O'Connor Company site, Augusta, Kennebec County, Maine, Region 1. CERCLIS No. MED980731475. Preliminary report


    The F. O'Connor Site (FOC) is listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the National Priorities List. The 28-acre site is located in Augusta (Kennebec County), Maine. FOC recycled capacitors, transformers, and scrap metal for about 20 years. Waste oil from these operations was disposed of on-site or burned. Preliminary on-site soil sampling results have identified PCB's (ND to 200,000 ppm), various PAH's (ND to 23 ppm), and various metals such as lead (62 to 3,210 ppm), nickel (18 to 29 ppm), chromium (28 to 34 ppm), arsenic (8 to 13 ppm), and mercury (ND to 3 ppm). On-site groundwater sampling results detected 1,4-dichlorobenzene (ND to 28 ppb) and PCB's (ND to 72 ppb). Potential environmental pathways include those related to contaminated groundwater, surface water, soils and sediment, and volatilization of contaminants in ambient air. In addition, bioaccumulation of contaminants in fish, water fowl, livestock, and commercial agricultural products may be another environmental pathway. Based on available information, this site is considered to be of potential public health concern because of the risk to human health caused by the likelihood of human exposure to hazardous substances. Area residents may be exposed through direct contact with and ingestion of contaminated off-site soil and sediment. An additional exposure pathway may exist through the ingestion of fish, waterfowl, and other aquatic organisms that bioaccumulate site-related contaminants.

  3. Gridded bathymetry of Kohala, Hawaii, Main Hawaiian Islands, USA.

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — 5-m grid of bathymetric data of Kohala coast of Hawaii, Main Hawaiian Islands, USA. The ASCII grids include multibeam bathymetry from the Reson 8101 multibeam sonar...

  4. 33 CFR 100.724 - Annual Augusta Invitational Rowing Regatta; Savannah River, Augusta, GA.


    ... Rowing Regatta; Savannah River, Augusta, GA. 100.724 Section 100.724 Navigation and Navigable Waters... WATERS § 100.724 Annual Augusta Invitational Rowing Regatta; Savannah River, Augusta, GA. (a) Definitions... all non-participants. (2) After the termination of the Invitational Rowing Regatta each day,...

  5. Arsenic evolution in fractured bedrock wells in central Maine, USA

    Yang, Q.; Zheng, Y.; Culbertson, C.; Schalk, C.; Nielsen, M. G.; Marvinney, R.


    Elevated arsenic concentration in fractured bedrock wells has emerged as an important and challenging health problem, especially in rural areas without public water supply and mandatory monitoring of private wells. This has posed risks of skin, bladder, prostate diseases and cancers to private well users. In central Maine, including the study site, 31% of bedrock wells in meta-sedimentary formations have been reported of elevated arsenic concentrations of > 10 µg/L. Geophysical logging and fracture specific water sampling in high arsenic wells have been conducted to understand how water flowing through the aquifers enters the boreholes and how arsenic evolves in the fracture bedrock wells. Two domestic wells in Manchester, Maine, located 50 meter apart with 38 µg/L and 73 µg/L of arsenic in unfiltered water, were investigated to characterize fractures by geophysical logging and to determine flow rates by pumping test. Water samples, representing the bore hole and the fractures, were collected and analyzed for arsenic under ambient and pumping conditions. Transmissivity of the fractures was estimated at 0.23-10.6 m2/day. Water with high dissolved arsenic was supplied primarily by high yielding fractures near the bottom of the borehole. Dissolved arsenic concentrations in borehole water increased as fracture water with high arsenic was replacing borehole water with initially low dissolved arsenic in response to pumping. The precipitation of iron particulates enriched in arsenic was common during and after pumping. Laboratory experiment on well water samples over a period of 16 days suggested that in the borehole arsenic was mainly settled with iron enriched particles, likely amorphous ferric oxyhydroxides, with possibly minor adsorption on the iron minerals. Another bedrock well in Litchfield, Maine, with 478 µg/L of arsenic in the unfiltered well water, is being investigated to quantify and reconstruct of the groundwater flow under ambient and pumping conditions

  6. Le matronae diventano Augustae: un nuovo profilo femminile

    Cenerini, Francesca


    This paper analizes the new role of women in the new domus Augusta and at the beginning of the Roman imperial society, expecially Livia, Augustus’ wife, called Iulia Augusta after the dead of her husband.

  7. Ascariasis in humans and pigs on small-scale farms, Maine, USA, 2010-2013.

    Miller, Leigh Ann; Colby, Kate; Manning, Susan E; Hoenig, Donald; McEvoy, Elizabeth; Montgomery, Susan; Mathison, Blaine; de Almeida, Marcos; Bishop, Henry; Dasilva, Alexandre; Sears, Stephen


    Ascaris is a genus of parasitic nematodes that can cause infections in humans and pigs. During 2010-2013, we identified 14 cases of ascariasis in persons who had contact with pigs in Maine, USA. Ascaris spp. are important zoonotic pathogens, and prevention measures are needed, including health education, farming practice improvements, and personal and food hygiene. PMID:25626125

  8. Ascariasis in Humans and Pigs on Small-Scale Farms, Maine, USA, 2010–2013

    Miller, Leigh Ann; Colby, Kate; Manning, Susan E.; Hoenig, Donald; McEvoy, Elizabeth; Montgomery, Susan; Mathison, Blaine; de Almeida, Marcos; Bishop, Henry; DaSilva, Alexandre; Sears, Stephen


    Ascaris is a genus of parasitic nematodes that can cause infections in humans and pigs. During 2010–2013, we identified 14 cases of ascariasis in persons who had contact with pigs in Maine, USA. Ascaris spp. are important zoonotic pathogens, and prevention measures are needed, including health education, farming practice improvements, and personal and food hygiene.

  9. The orientation of Julia Augusta Taurinorum (Torino)

    Sparavigna, Amelia Carolina


    It seems that the ancient Roman towns were oriented with the sunrise. Here I propose a discussion on the orientation of Torino, the Julia Augusta Taurinorum, which has the ancient Roman structure perfectly preserved. According to the sunrise amplitude, the Turin's birthday could be the winter solstice.

  10. The orientation of Julia Augusta Taurinorum (Torino)

    Sparavigna, Amelia Carolina


    It seems that the ancient Roman towns were oriented with the sunrise. Here I propose a discussion on the orientation of Torino, the Julia Augusta Taurinorum, which has the ancient Roman structure perfectly preserved. According to this ancient ritual, we can use the sunrise amplitude to determine the Turin's birthday. The use of the hour angle is also proposed, in this case the day of the foundation of Turin could be the winter solstice.

  11. USA

    Nedergaard, Peter

  12. 76 FR 18497 - Television Broadcasting Services; Augusta, GA


    ...The Commission has before it a petition for rulemaking filed by Southern Media Holdings, Inc. (``SMH''), the licensee of station WFXG, Augusta, Georgia, requesting the substitution of channel 51 for channel 31 at Augusta. SMH seeks this channel substitution as it cannot obtain the credit necessary to construct the channel 31 facility and states that the money required to construct the channel......

  13. Canada lynx Lynx canadensis habitat and forest succession in northern Maine, USA

    Hoving, C.L.; Harrison, D.J.; Krohn, W.B.; Jakubas, W.J.; McCollough, M.A.


    The contiguous United States population of Canada lynx Lynx canadensis was listed as threatened in 2000. The long-term viability of lynx populations at the southern edge of their geographic range has been hypothesized to be dependent on old growth forests; however, lynx are a specialist predator on snowshoe hare Lepus americanus, a species associated with early-successional forests. To quantify the effects of succession and forest management on landscape-scale (100 km2) patterns of habitat occupancy by lynx, we compared landscape attributes in northern Maine, USA, where lynx had been detected on snow track surveys to landscape attributes where surveys had been conducted, but lynx tracks had not been detected. Models were constructed a priori and compared using logistic regression and Akaike's Information Criterion (AIC), which quantitatively balances data fit and parsimony. In the models with the lowest (i.e. best) AIC, lynx were more likely to occur in landscapes with much regenerating forest, and less likely to occur in landscapes with much recent clearcut, partial harvest and forested wetland. Lynx were not associated positively or negatively with mature coniferous forest. A probabilistic map of the model indicated a patchy distribution of lynx habitat in northern Maine. According to an additional survey of the study area for lynx tracks during the winter of 2003, the model correctly classified 63.5% of the lynx occurrences and absences. Lynx were more closely associated with young forests than mature forests; however, old-growth forests were functionally absent from the landscape. Lynx habitat could be reduced in northern Maine, given recent trends in forest management practices. Harvest strategies have shifted from clearcutting to partial harvesting. If this trend continues, future landscapes will shift away from extensive regenerating forests and toward landscapes dominated by pole-sized and larger stands. Because Maine presently supports the only verified

  14. Composition, preservation and production technology of Augusta Emerita Roman glasses from first to sixth centuries AD

    Palomar Sanz, Teresa; Manuel GARCÍA HERAS; Sabio, Rafael; Rincón López, Jesús María; Villegas Broncano, María Ángeles


    This paper presents the results derived from an archaeometric study undertaken on glass samples from the Roman town of Augusta Emerita (Mérida, Spain). The main goal of the research was to provide for the first time some compositional and technological insights into the glass finds unearthed in this town. Glass samples from different sites and chronology, either from inside or from outside the perimeter of the ancient town and from the first to the sixth century AD, were analyz...

  15. Agent-Based Modeling of Harvest Decisions by Small Scale Forest Landowners in Maine, USA

    Jessica E. Leahy


    Full Text Available Small-scale forests are an excellent example of coupled social-ecological systems, which involve human and biophysical subsystems with complex two-way feedback interactions. The multifaceted nature of landowner decisions drives a significant need to better understand decision-making processes, reactions to policy, and combined impacts on ecosystems in a comprehensive manner. Small-scale forests require an integrated approach to modeling the social and biophysical components comprehensively. Agent-based modeling involves modeling individualistic behavior and interpreting patterns that emerge. The interaction between agents and their environments makes this a valuable tool to assess repeated decisions of individual landowners responding to changing environmental conditions. Agent-based models can be used to determine potential ecological, economic, and social outcomes of landowner decisions and reactions to changing conditions. A forest landowner agent-based model experiment was developed to model timber harvesting in Maine, USA. We present baseline simulation results and compare the effect of a social change (an increased tax rate and a biophysical change (a pest outbreak resulting in increased tree mortality on the system. These three scenarios were analyzed using ANOVA and MANOVA tests on harvested hectares and landowner goal scores to assess landowner behavior and priorities by action. We conclude by reviewing implications for future modeling efforts.

  16. Automated feature extraction and spatial organization of seafloor pockmarks, Belfast Bay, Maine, USA

    Andrews, B.D.; Brothers, L.L.; Barnhardt, W.A.


    Seafloor pockmarks occur worldwide and may represent millions of m3 of continental shelf erosion, but few numerical analyses of their morphology and spatial distribution of pockmarks exist. We introduce a quantitative definition of pockmark morphology and, based on this definition, propose a three-step geomorphometric method to identify and extract pockmarks from high-resolution swath bathymetry. We apply this GIS-implemented approach to 25km2 of bathymetry collected in the Belfast Bay, Maine USA pockmark field. Our model extracted 1767 pockmarks and found a linear pockmark depth-to-diameter ratio for pockmarks field-wide. Mean pockmark depth is 7.6m and mean diameter is 84.8m. Pockmark distribution is non-random, and nearly half of the field's pockmarks occur in chains. The most prominent chains are oriented semi-normal to the steepest gradient in Holocene sediment thickness. A descriptive model yields field-wide spatial statistics indicating that pockmarks are distributed in non-random clusters. Results enable quantitative comparison of pockmarks in fields worldwide as well as similar concave features, such as impact craters, dolines, or salt pools. ?? 2010.

  17. Streamflow variability and hydroclimatic change at the Bear Brook Watershed in Maine (BBWM), USA.

    Kim, Jong-Suk; Jain, Shaleen; Norton, Stephen A


    Seasonal variations in streamflow and the associated hydrologic extremes impart significant temporal structure to watershed-scale chemical fluxes. Consequently, a careful characterization of the episodic-to-seasonal and longer-term streamflow variations is a first step toward developing a comprehensive view of the temporal dynamics of watershed processes in a changing climate. Here we analyze a nearly two-decade-long streamflow record for the East Bear subwatershed within the Bear Brook Watershed in Maine (BBWM) (USA) to understand the envelope of streamflow variability by season, with a particular focus on the high flow events that have a disproportionately large impact on the biogeochemical processes and fluxes. Interannual and longer-term variations in a number of derived statistical metrics of hydrologic variability are examined. Our analysis shows substantial interannual and longer-term variability in seasonal flow volumes and peak flows. Furthermore, a long, unimpaired streamflow record for the Narraguagus River (a proximate watershed to the BBWM) is examined with a view to understand the relative coherence in hydrologic variability, as well as quantifying the decadal and longer-term hydrologic variations in this region. We find that the streamflow variability in the two watersheds shows similarity in all seasons. A moving window analysis to assess the changing flood potential over time indicates upward trends in the recent decades. Spring season (March-May) flood estimates show a near-monotonic trend over the 1949-2008 record. Finally, empirical relationships between streamflow and large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns highlight the regional and global climatic drivers of hydrologic extremes in this region, including impacts from remnants of Atlantic hurricanes. PMID:20577798

  18. Tracing mercury pathways in Augusta Bay (southern Italy) by total concentration and isotope determination

    The mercury (Hg) pollution of sediments is the main carrier of Hg for the biota and, subsequently, for the local fish consumers in Augusta Bay area (SE Sicily, Italy), a coastal marine system affected by relevant sewage from an important chlor-alkali factory. This relationship was revealed by the determination of Mass Dependent (MDF) and Mass Independent Fractionation (MIF) of Hg isotopes in sediment, fish and human hair samples. Sediments showed MDF but no MIF, while fish showed MIF, possibly due to photochemical reduction in the water column and depending on the feeding habitat of the species. Benthic and demersal fish exhibited MDF similar to that of sediments in which anthropogenic Hg was deposited, while pelagic organisms evidenced higher MDF and MIF due to photoreduction. Human hair showed high values of δ202Hg (offset of +2.2‰ with respect to the consumed fish) and Δ199Hg, both associated to fish consumption. - Highlights: • We report the Hg isotope ratios of sediments, fish and human hair in Augusta Bay. • Hg isotopes show mercury transfers from sediments to benthic and demersal fish. • MIF in fish appears to be driven by effect of photoreduction. • MIF in human hair is inherited by fish consumption. - The mercury (Hg) isotope composition of sediments, fish muscles and human hair has been investigated from the highly polluted Augusta Bay (SE Sicily, Italy)

  19. Chemical constituents of Gustavia Augusta L. (Lecythidaceae)

    The Gustavia augusta is used in the folk medicine against leishmaniasis and showed anti-inflammatory action. The phyto chemical studies of the plant stem bark have led to the isolation of (22E)-stigmasta-7,22-dien-3β-ol, 24(α(S)-ethyl-5α-colesta-7, trans-22-dien-3-one, D-friedoolean-14-en-3β-ol, D-friedoolean-14-en-3-one and D-friedoolean-14-en-3α-ol along with stigmasterol, α-amyrin, β-amyrin, lupeol, 3α-hydroxy-lupeol and betulinic acid. The structures of these compounds were identified by IR, GC/M S, 1 H and 13 C NMR spectral analysis and comparison with literature data. (author)

  20. Wound healing activity of Abroma augusta in Wistar rats

    Shanbhag T; Dattachaudhuri A; Shenoy S; Bairy KL


    Objective:The study was undertaken to evaluate the wound healing profile of alcoholic extract of Abroma au-gusta and its effect on dexamethasone suppressed wound healing in Wistar rats.Methods:An alcoholic extract of Abroma augusta was prepared.Three models were used -incision,excision and dead space wound models. Four groups of animals were used for each model.They were administered 2% gum acacia (orally),alcoholic extract of Abroma augusta (orally),dexamethasone (intramuscularly)and combination of Abroma augusta (o-rally)with dexamethasone (intramuscularly)respectively.The parameters studied included breaking strength of incision wound,period of epithelization and wound contraction rate in the excision wound,breaking strength,dry weight and hydroxyproline content of granulation tissue in dead space wound.Results:The breaking strength of incision wound of Abroma augusta treated group was significantly increased (P <0.001) while that of dexamethasone treated animals was significantly decreased (P <0.001)as compared to control. Coadministration of dexamethasone and Abroma augusta significantly reversed the dexamethasone suppressed wound healing in incision wound model (P <0.001).Animals treated with both dexamethasone and Abroma augusta also showed significant (P <0.004)increase in the breaking strength of granulation tissue in the dead space wound and a significant (P <0.011)reduction in the period of epithelization in the excision wound as compared to rats treated with dexamethasone alone.The rate of wound contraction was not significantly altered in any of the groups.Conclusion:The alcoholic extract of Abroma augusta was found to reverse dexametha-sone suppressed wound healing.


    Inna Stanislavovna Bessarabova


    Full Text Available The urgency of the topic is stipulated by the importance of the problem of civic education under modern conditions of forming of the constitutional state and civic society, which has the rights and freedoms of citizens as the highest value.The purpose of the research is to reveal and characterize the peculiarities of the process of civic education of schoolchildren in modern secondary school (using the example of the USA.The results of the research showed that civic education involves three basic components: civic knowledge, civic skills and civic position. Civic knowledge includes clear understanding of the government structure and the processes of law adoption. At this stage the main focus in the process of civic education is directed to the students’ knowledge and skills to analyze historical and political events in the country, to understand the directions of the state policy in the country. The main function of the civic knowledge is its stimulation of the civic activity.The essential part of civic education is the formation of the civic skills, which are dependent on many factors including home environment, active and responsible participation in political life of the society, general education. These skills are classified as interaction, control and influence.The next basic component of civic education – civic position – is connected with personal and social characteristics of a citizen, which are important for active participation under the conditions of constitutional democracy. Civic position is closely connected with conscious readiness of a person to take part in social activity, availability of the theoretical civic know-ledge and practical civic skills. Itshould be mentioned that civic knowledge, civic skills and civic position are interconnected.Practical implications of the results. The results of the research are applicable in the process of working out of the new technologies, methods and approaches in education to

  2. Social-Ecological Scale Mismatches and the Collapse of the Sea Urchin Fishery in Maine, USA

    Robert L. Vadas


    Full Text Available Scale mismatches result in incomplete or ambiguous feedback that impairs the ability to learn and adapt and, ultimately, to sustain natural resources. Our aim is to examine the sea urchin fishery in Maine, USA to better understand the multiscale, social, and biophysical conditions that are important for the design of institutions that might be able to sustain the resource. During the late 1980s and 1990s, the Maine sea urchin fishery was a classic gold rush fishery. In the beginning, the fishery was characterized by an abundant resource with little to no harvesting activity, followed by a period of rapid increase in landings and effort that led to a subsequent and persistent decline in the sea urchin population and a significant reduction in effort. We conducted semistructured interviews with scientists and experienced fishermen to understand the multiscale, social, and biophysical conditions that influence fishermen's harvesting strategies, and the implications of this for the design of institutions for successful resource management. The current co-management system includes an advisory body made up of industry members and scientists it also includes limited entry, and additional input control mechanisms. Many of these measures are implemented at a very broad scale; however, we find that the ecological conditions relevant to the sustainable processes occur at the scale of individual fishing sites or ledges, which is a much finer scale than current management. Therefore, the co-management system maintains an open access system and leaves few incentives for the development of sustainable harvesting strategies among fishermen. The clear suggestion is that the appropriate management system would be one that directly addresses the fine scale ecological and social dynamics within this fishery and gives fishermen property rights over individual ledges (for example, leases. After having briefly reviewed experiences in Canada and Chile, we found that


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) Database depicts flood risk information and supporting data used to develop the risk data. The primary risk...

  4. Determination of bioanalytical parameters for the standardization of Abroma augusta

    Dinesh K Patel; S P Dhanabal


    Objective:To set the analytical parameters for simultaneous determination of different phytochemicals present in theAbroma augusta(A. augusta).Methods:Different phytochemical test including total phenol and total flavonoid content were carried out in the present investigation.Further, a rapid and simple high-performance thin-layer chromatographic(HPTLC) method was developed for the qualitative and quantitative analysis.Moreover antimicrobial study was also performed in the present investigation to know the presence of biological contamination. Results:Preliminary phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of glycoside, alkaloid, carbohydrate and steroid in theA. augusta.Total phenol and total flavonoid content were found to be0.29% and0.50% w/w respectively.All tested microorganism in theA. augusta extract were found to be under the limit.Chloroform: methanol: acetic acid:H2O(170:25:25:4) was used as a solvent system for the qualitative and quantitative analysis throughHPTLCMethod.HPTLC analysis revealed1.87% w/w of linoleic acid in theA. augusta extract.Conclusions:Results showed that the selected parameters in the present investigation would set the new standards for the qualitative and quantitative analysis ofA. augusta.

  5. ADA Congress 2015 in Boston (USA - an overview of the main topics

    Tatiana Vasil'evna Nikonova


    Full Text Available From July 5 to July 9, 2015 in Convention Center in Boston (USA there took place anniversary 75th session of the annual congress of the American Diabetic Association (ADA. The congress united more than 14000 participants from 124 countries. Programs of scientific sessions of the congress included the most topical issues of diabetology: modern approaches to diagnostics, prevention and treatment of DM and its complications, the results of the international researches of anti-diabetic preparations, problems connected with diabetes 2 types and obesity and many others.

  6. La figura de Diocleciano en la Historia Augusta

    Moreno Ferrero, Isabel


    Uno de los principales problemas que la Historia Augusta tiene hoy, todavía, planteados, a pesar de los esfuerzos realizados por resolverlo, es el del verdadero momento de composición de las vidas. Desde este punto de vista el nombre de Diocleciano, junto al de Constantino, ha ocupado un lugar preferente en la discusión de los investigadores e, incluso dentro del intento de definición que la Historia Augusta parece hacer de un ideal de optimus princeps, se ha sugerido que es él, junto a la Te...

  7. Chemical constituents of Gustavia Augusta L. (Lecythidaceae); Constituintes quimicos de Gustavia Augusta L. (Lecythidaceae)

    Souza, Afonso Duarte Leao de; Rocha, Arnaldo F. Imbiriba da; Pinheiro, Maria Lucia Belem; Andrade, Carlos Humberto de S.; Galotta, Ana Lucia de A. Queiroz; Santos, Maria do Perpetuo Socorro S. dos [Amazonas Univ., Manaus, AM (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica]. E-mail:


    The Gustavia augusta is used in the folk medicine against leishmaniasis and showed anti-inflammatory action. The phyto chemical studies of the plant stem bark have led to the isolation of (22E)-stigmasta-7,22-dien-3{beta}-ol, 24{alpha}(S)-ethyl-5{alpha}-colesta-7, trans-22-dien-3-one, D-friedoolean-14-en-3{beta}-ol, D-friedoolean-14-en-3-one and D-friedoolean-14-en-3{alpha}-ol along with stigmasterol, {alpha}-amyrin, {beta}-amyrin, lupeol, 3{alpha}-hydroxy-lupeol and betulinic acid. The structures of these compounds were identified by IR, GC/M S, {sup 1} H and {sup 1} {sup 3} C NMR spectral analysis and comparison with literature data. (author)


    The East Bear catchment at Bear Brook Watershed, Maine receives moderate (for the eastern U.S.) amounts of Cl- in wet and dry deposition. In 1989, Cl- in precipitation ranged from 2 to 55 eq/L. Dry, occult, and wet deposition plus evapotranspiration resulted in stream Cl- averagi...

  9. The evolution of the science of Bear Brook Watershed in Maine, USA

    Norton, S. A.; Fernandez, I. J.; Kahl, J. S.; Rustad, L. E.; Navrátil, Tomáš; Almquist, H.


    Roč. 171, 1/4 (2010), s. 3-21. ISSN 0167-6369 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z30130516 Keywords : Bear Brook Watershed in Maine * acidification * stream * soil * nitrogen * sulfur * phosphorus * base cations Subject RIV: DD - Geochemistry Impact factor: 1.436, year: 2010

  10. Particle size distribution of main-channel-bed sediments along the upper Mississippi River, USA

    Remo, Jonathan; Heine, Ruben A.; Ickes, Brian


    In this study, we compared pre-lock-and-dam (ca. 1925) with a modern longitudinal survey of main-channel-bed sediments along a 740-km segment of the upper Mississippi River (UMR) between Davenport, IA, and Cairo, IL. This comparison was undertaken to gain a better understanding of how bed sediments are distributed longitudinally and to assess change since the completion of the UMR lock and dam navigation system and Missouri River dams (i.e., mid-twentieth century). The comparison of the historic and modern longitudinal bed sediment surveys showed similar bed sediment sizes and distributions along the study segment with the majority (> 90%) of bed sediment samples having a median diameter (D50) of fine to coarse sand. The fine tail (≤ D10) of the sediment size distributions was very fine to medium sand, and the coarse tail (≥ D90) of sediment-size distribution was coarse sand to gravel. Coarsest sediments in both surveys were found within or immediately downstream of bedrock-floored reaches. Statistical analysis revealed that the particle-size distributions between the survey samples were statistically identical, suggesting no overall difference in main-channel-bed sediment-size distribution between 1925 and present. This was a surprising result given the magnitude of river engineering undertaken along the study segment over the past ~ 90 years. The absence of substantial differences in main-channel-bed-sediment size suggests that flow competencies within the highly engineered navigation channel today are similar to conditions within the less-engineered historic channel.

  11. The geomorphic function and characteristics of large woody debris in low gradient rivers, coastal Maine, USA

    Magilligan, F. J.; Nislow, K. H.; Fisher, G. B.; Wright, J.; Mackey, G.; Laser, M.


    The role, function, and importance of large woody debris (LWD) in rivers depend strongly on environmental context and land use history. The coastal watersheds of central and northern Maine, northeastern U.S., are characterized by low gradients, moderate topography, and minimal influence of mass wasting processes, along with a history of intensive commercial timber harvest. In spite of the ecological importance of these rivers, which contain the last wild populations of Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar) in the U.S., we know little about LWD distribution, dynamics, and function in these systems. We conducted a cross-basin analysis in seven coastal Maine watersheds, documenting the size, frequency, volume, position, and orientation of LWD, as well as the association between LWD, pool formation, and sediment storage. In conjunction with these LWD surveys, we conducted extensive riparian vegetation surveys. We observed very low LWD frequencies and volumes across the 60 km of rivers surveyed. Frequency of LWD ≥ 20 cm diameter ranged from 15-50 pieces km - 1 and wood volumes were commonly DBH. These results strongly reflect the legacy of intensive timber harvest and land clearing and suggest that the frequency and distribution of LWD may be considerably less than presettlement and/or future desired conditions.

  12. Soil chemical and physical properties at the Bear Brook Watershed in Maine, USA.

    SanClements, Michael D; Fernandez, Ivan J; Norton, Stephen A


    Acidic deposition leads to the acidification of waters and accelerated leaching and depletion of soil base cations. The Bear Brook Watershed in Maine has used whole-watershed chemical manipulations to study the effects of elevated N and S on forest ecosystem function on a decadal time scale. The objectives of this study were to define the chemical and physical characteristics of soils in both the reference and treated watersheds after 17 years of treatment and assess evidence of change in soil chemistry by comparing soil studies in 1998 and 2006. Results from 1998 confirmed depletion of soil base cation pools and decreased pH due to elevated N and S within the treated watershed. However, between 1998 and 2006, during a period of declining SO4(2-) deposition and continued whole-watershed experimental acidification on the treated watershed, there was little evidence of continued soil exchangeable base cation concentration depletion or recovery. The addition of a pulse of litterfall and accelerating mineralization from a severe ice storm in 1998 may have had significant effects on forest floor nutrient pools and cycling between 1998 and 2006. Our findings suggest that mineralization of additional litter inputs from the ice storm may have obscured temporal trends in soil chemistry. The physical data presented also demonstrate the importance of coarse fragments in the architecture of these soils. This study underscores the importance of long-term, quantitative soil monitoring in determining the trajectories of change in forest soils and ecosystem processes over time. PMID:20559716

  13. Using hydrologic measurements to investigate free phase gas ebullition in a Maine Peatland, USA

    C. E. Bon


    Full Text Available Northern Peatlands cover more than 350 million ha and are an important source of methane (CH4 and other biogenic gases contributing to climate change. Free phase gas (FPG accumulation and episodic release has recently been recognized as an important mechanism for biogenic gas flux from peatlands. It is likely that gas production and groundwater flow are interconnected in peatlands: groundwater flow influences gas production by regulating geochemical conditions and nutrient supply available for methanogenesis while FPG influences groundwater flow through a reduction in peat permeability and by creating excess pore water pressures. Water samples collected from three well sites at Caribou Bog, Maine, show substantial dissolved CH4 (5–16 mg L−1 in peat waters below 2 m depth and an increase in concentrations with depth. This suggests substantial production and storage of CH4 in deep peat that may be episodically released as FPG. Two minute increment pressure transducer data reveal approximately 5 cm fluctuations in hydraulic head from both deep and shallow peat that are believed to be indicative of FPG release. FPG release persists up to 24 h during decreasing atmospheric pressure and a rising water table. Preferential flow is seen towards an area of relatively lower hydraulic head associated with the esker and pool system. Increased CH4 concentrations are also found at the depth of the esker crest suggesting that the high permeability esker is acting as a conduit for groundwater flow, driving a downward transport of labile carbon, resulting in higher rates of CH4 production.

  14. A multivariate assessment of changes in wetland habitat for waterbirds at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, Maine, USA

    Hierl, L.A.; Loftin, C.S.; Longcore, J.R.; McAuley, D.G.; Urban, D.L.


    We assessed changes in vegetative structure of 49 impoundments at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR), Maine, USA, between the periods 1984-1985 to 2002 with a multivariate, adaptive approach that may be useful in a variety of wetland and other habitat management situations. We used Mahalanobis Distance (MD) analysis to classify the refuge?s wetlands as poor or good waterbird habitat based on five variables: percent emergent vegetation, percent shrub, percent open water, relative richness of vegetative types, and an interspersion juxtaposition index that measures adjacency of vegetation patches. Mahalanobis Distance is a multivariate statistic that examines whether a particular data point is an outlier or a member of a data cluster while accounting for correlations among inputs. For each wetland, we used MD analysis to quantify a distance from a reference condition defined a priori by habitat conditions measured in MNWR wetlands used by waterbirds. Twenty-five wetlands declined in quality between the two periods, whereas 23 wetlands improved. We identified specific wetland characteristics that may be modified to improve habitat conditions for waterbirds. The MD analysis seems ideal for instituting an adaptive wetland management approach because metrics can be easily added or removed, ranges of target habitat conditions can be defined by field-collected data, and the analysis can identify priorities for single or multiple management objectives.

  15. 76 FR 2112 - Peach Orchard Road Groundwater Plume Site, Augusta, Richmond County, GA; Notice of Settlement


    ... AGENCY Peach Orchard Road Groundwater Plume Site, Augusta, Richmond County, GA; Notice of Settlement... costs concerning the Peach Orchard Road Groundwater Plume Site located in Augusta, Richmond County... Site name Peach Orchard Road Groundwater Plume Superfund Site by one of the following methods:...

  16. 75 FR 61417 - South River Watershed Dam No. 10A, Augusta County, VA


    ... Natural Resources Conservation Service South River Watershed Dam No. 10A, Augusta County, VA AGENCY... not being prepared for the rehabilitation of South River Watershed Dam No. 10A, Augusta County... Register. [This activity is listed in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance under 10.904,...

  17. Tracing mercury pathways in Augusta Bay (southern Italy) by total concentration and isotope determination.

    Bonsignore, M; Tamburrino, S; Oliveri, E; Marchetti, A; Durante, C; Berni, A; Quinci, E; Sprovieri, M


    The mercury (Hg) pollution of sediments is the main carrier of Hg for the biota and, subsequently, for the local fish consumers in Augusta Bay area (SE Sicily, Italy), a coastal marine system affected by relevant sewage from an important chlor-alkali factory. This relationship was revealed by the determination of Mass Dependent (MDF) and Mass Independent Fractionation (MIF) of Hg isotopes in sediment, fish and human hair samples. Sediments showed MDF but no MIF, while fish showed MIF, possibly due to photochemical reduction in the water column and depending on the feeding habitat of the species. Benthic and demersal fish exhibited MDF similar to that of sediments in which anthropogenic Hg was deposited, while pelagic organisms evidenced higher MDF and MIF due to photoreduction. Human hair showed high values of δ(202)Hg (offset of +2.2‰ with respect to the consumed fish) and Δ(199)Hg, both associated to fish consumption. PMID:26074159


    The paired catchment study at the forested Bear Brook Watershed in Maine (BBWM) U.S.A. documents interactions among short- to long-term processes of acidification. In 1987-1989, runoff from the two catchments was nearly identical in quality and quantity. Ammonium sulfate has been...

  19. Steam injection pilot study in a contaminated fractured limestone (Maine, USA): Modeling and analysis of borehole radar reflection data

    Gregoire, C.; Lane, J.W., Jr.; Joesten, P.K.


    Steam-enhanced remediation (SER) has been successfully used to remove DNAPL and LNAPL contaminants in porous media. Between August and November 2002, SER was tested in fractured limestone at the former Loring Air Force Base, in Maine, USA. During the SER investigation, the U.S. Geological Survey conducted a series of borehole radar surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of radar methods for monitoring the movement of steam and heat through the fractured limestone. The data were collected before steam injection, 10 days after the beginning of injection, and at the end of injection. In this paper, reflection-mode borehole radar data from wells JBW-7816 and JBW-7817A are presented and discussed. Theoretical modeling was performed to predict the variation of fracture reflectivity owed to heating, to show displacement of water and to assess the effect of SER at the site. Analysis of the radar profile data indicates some variations resulting from heating (increase of continuity of reflectors, attenuation of deeper reflections) but no substantial variation of traveltimes. Spectral content analysis of several individual reflections surrounding the boreholes was used to investigate the replacement of water by steam in the fractures. Observed decrease in radar reflectivity was too small to be explained by a replacement of water by steam, except for two high-amplitude reflectors, which disappeared near the end of the injection; moreover, no change of polarity, consistent with steam replacing water, was observed. The decrease of amplitude was greater for reflectors near well JBW-7817A and is explained by a greater heating around this well.

  20. Response of white sucker (Catostomus commersoni) to pulp and paper mill effluent in the Androscoggin River, Maine, USA.

    Mower, Barry F; Munkittrick, Kelly R; McMaster, Mark E; Van Beneden, Rebecca J


    Adverse effects of pulp and paper mill effluent on fish populations have been well documented in many countries over the last two decades. Some of the initial studies were at mills with conventional chlorine bleaching and no secondary effluent treatment. Following installation of secondary treatment, changes in bleaching technology to elemental chlorine-free bleaching, and other process changes, adverse effects on fish were reduced or eliminated at some mills. Because no two mills are exactly alike, it is difficult to predict adverse impacts of any given mill on fish populations. In 1994, a study of female white sucker (Catostomus commersoni) in the Androscoggin River, Maine, USA, showed induction of mixed function oxidase, reductions in gonad size and plasma estradiol, and an increase in plasma testosterone in fish downstream of discharges from three large bleached kraft pulp and paper mills, and host community municipal sewage treatment plants (STP). After all three mills switched to elemental chlorine-free bleaching in the late 1990s, studies from 2001 to 2003 found that the pattern of reproductive impacts on white sucker populations measured in 1994 was not repeated. In addition, population estimates of white sucker from 2002 to 2003 using mark-recapture techniques found that densities and biomass were well within the range of those of a reference population, and of those reported in the literature for unimpacted populations. Detailed studies immediately above and below each mill/sewage treatment plant showed no evidence of reproductive effects. However, a clear pattern of eutrophication was noted, which increased cumulatively downstream below each mill/STP. PMID:20872897

  1. Una producción de lucernas en Asturica Augusta

    María Teresa AMARÉ TAFALLA


    Full Text Available RESUMEN: En este estudio se da a conocer y se analiza una producción local de lucernas registrada en Asturica Augusta (Astorga, León con un conjunto de moldes y lámparas, valorado como de gran interés por su carácter exclusivo en la Península Ibérica. Los ejemplares se examinan en sus aspectos técnicos (deficiente factura, formales (Dressel-Lamboglia, 5C, decorativos (sin ornamentación, Victoria, máscara teatral y epigráficos (firmas VIR1LLI0 F, SIL0[-} y S para concluir estableciendo su cronología (segunda mitad del siglo I y siglo II de la Era y difusión (estrictamente local.ABSTRACT: This study records and analyses a local production of lamps in Asturica Augusta (Astorga in the province of León, Spain, with regard to a find of moulds and of lamps, wich is seen as of great interest, since it is unique in the Iberian Peninsula. The finds are considered from a number of viewpoints: technique (poor finish, form (Dressel- Lamboglia, 5C, decoration (no ornamentation, Victory, and theatrical mask and epigraphy (signatures VIRILL10 F, SIL0[-~}, and S. In conclusion a chronology is established for them (second half of the first century A.D. and second century A.D. and their spread is determined (strictly local.

  2. Alexander Thomas Augusta--physician, teacher and human rights activist.

    Butts, Heather M


    Commissioned surgeon of colored volunteers, April 4, 1863, with the rank of Major. Commissioned regimental surgeon on the 7th Regiment of U.S. Colored Troops, October 2, 1863. Brevet Lieutenant Colonel of Volunteers, March 13, 1865, for faithful and meritorious services--mustered out October 13, 1866. So reads the tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery of Alexander Thomas Augusta, the first black surgeon commissioned in the Union Army during the Civil War and the first black officer-rank soldier to be buried at Arlington Cemetery. He was also instrumental in founding the institutions that later became the hospital and medical college of Howard University and the National Medical Association. PMID:15719881

  3. Antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of Abroma augusta Lnn. leaves extract

    FK Saikot; Alam Khan; MF Hasan


    Objective: To evaluate the antimicrobial and cytotoxic activity of acetone extract of leaves ofAbroma augusta. Methods: Disc diffusion method was used to demonstrate antibacterial and antifungal activities. Cytotoxicity was determined against brine shrimp nauplii. In addition, minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) was determined using serial dilution technique to determine antibacterial potency. Results: The extract showed significant antibacterial activities against three gram-positive (Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus megaterium and Staphylococcus aureus) and four gram-negative (Escherichia coli, Shigella dysenteriae, Shigella sonnei and Salmonella typhi) bacteria. The antifungal activity was found strong against five fungi (Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans, Rhizopus oryzae and Aspergillus fumigatus). In cytotoxicity determination, LC50 of the extract against brine shrimp nauplii was 7.06μg/ml. Conclusions: The Abroma leaves extract may be consider as a potent antimicrobial and cytotoxic agent for further advance research.

  4. Edificios con forjados postesados mediante tendones no adherentes. Edificio Mapfre-Vía Augusta, en Barcelona-España

    Llombart Jaques, José Antonio


    Full Text Available The technique of unbonded tendons applied to post-tensioned flat-slabs of buildings of certain importance has not been very frequent in Spain to date; in fact, it was used on very few occasions. This article gives the basic characteristics of the post-tensioned floors comparing them with the conventional solutions of reinforced concrete floors. The second part of the article brings a description of the main aspects of the design and construction of the Mapfre-Vía Augusta building in Barcelona. This recently raised building has the floor construction with slabs post-tensioned by unbonded tendons.

    La técnica del postesado no adherente, aplicada a losas de forjado de edificios de cierta entidad, ha sido hasta el momento poco común en España, habiéndose utilizado solamente en contadas ocasiones. Se indican, en primer lugar, las características fundamentales de los forjados postesados y se establecen comparaciones con soluciones convencionales de forjados de hormigón armado. En la segunda parte del artículo se describen los principales aspectos de proyecto y construcción de la estructura del Edificio Mapfre-Vía Augusta, en Barcelona, de reciente construcción, cuyos forjados están constituidos por losas postesadas mediante tendones no adherentes.

  5. Three-dimensional numerical simulations on wind- and tide-induced currents: The case of Augusta Harbour (Italy)

    De Marchis, Mauro; Freni, Gabriele; Napoli, Enrico


    The hydrodynamic circulation in the coastal area of the Augusta Bay (Italy), located in the eastern part of Sicily, is analysed. Due to the heavy contamination generated by the several chemical and petrochemical industries active in the zone, the harbour was declared a Contaminated Site of National Interest. To mitigate the risks connected with the industrial activities located near the harbour, it is important to analyse the hydrodynamic circulation in the coastal area. To perform such analysis, a parallel 3D numerical model is used to solve the Reynolds-averaged momentum and mass balance, employing the k-ε turbulence model for the Reynolds stresses. The numerical model is parallelized using the programing technology - Message Passing Interface (MPI) and applying the domain decomposition procedure. The Augusta Bay circulation is mainly due to the relative contribution of the wind force acting over the free surface and the tidal motion through the mouths. Due to the geometric complexity of the domain and the presence of several piers along the coast, a curvilinear boundary-fitted computational grid was used, where cells corresponding to land areas or to wharfs were excluded from the computation. Comparisons between numerical results and field measurements were performed. Three different simulations were performed to selectively isolate the effect of each force, wind and tide, acting in the considered domain. The current in the basin was successfully estimated on the basis of the numerical results, demonstrating the specific role of wind and tidal oscillation in the hydrodynamic circulation inside the harbour.

  6. The Penobscot River, Maine, USA: a Basin-Scale Approach to Balancing Power Generation and Ecosystem Restoration

    Laura Rose Day


    Full Text Available Although hydropower is a source of low-carbon energy, without careful consideration and management, dams have the potential to degrade river ecosystems and the goods and services they provide to society. Today, a broad range of hydropower interests and stakeholders are seeking approaches to hydropower development and operation that are more environmentally and socially sustainable. The Penobscot River Restoration Project ('the Project' illustrates that basin-scale approaches can provide a broader set of solutions for balancing energy and riverine environmental resources than can be achieved at the scale of individual projects. The Penobscot basin is the largest in Maine and historically supported culturally and economically significant populations of migratory fish. These migratory fish populations declined dramatically following the construction of a series of hydropower dams on the main stem river and major tributaries in the early 20th century. The Project, negotiated between a power company (PPL Corporation and a coalition including the Penobscot Indian Nation, resource agencies, and nongovernmental conservation organizations, features the removal of two main stem dams on the lower Penobscot and improved fish passage at the dams that remain. Because of various capacity and/or operational changes, power production will be increased at the remaining dams and total hydropower energy production from the basin will be maintained or increase slightly. The Project is expected to expand considerably the proportion of the basin accessible to migratory fish and contribute to significant increases in fish populations. The Project illustrates that a basin-scale approach can potentially yield more comprehensive solutions for sustainable hydropower than can be achieved at the project scale, and we recommend that such large-scale planning processes can improve the sustainability of both regulatory licensing of existing dams as well as the planning of

  7. Heavy metal contamination from historic mining in upland soil and estuarine sediments of Egypt Bay, Maine, USA

    Osher, L. J.; Leclerc, L.; Wiersma, G. B.; Hess, C. T.; Guiseppe, V. E.


    Concentrations of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn in sediments of Egypt Bay in Hancock County, Maine, are elevated above background levels. The source of the contamination is Cu mining that occurred in the uplands adjacent to Egypt Stream between 1877 and 1885. Egypt Stream is a tributary to Egypt Bay. Egypt Bay is part of the Taunton Bay estuary system. The Hagan Mine was one of the mines extracting metals from the sulfide deposits in Downeast Maine north of Penobscot Bay. Metal concentrations were determined using ICP-AES after sample digestion with nitric acid. Soil collected from the coarse textured mine tailings pile contained elevated concentrations of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn, but the majority of the surface soils at the Hagan Mine site were not contaminated. Estuary sediments from the surface to 100 cm depth were collected in four locations within Egypt Bay. Below 40 cm, metal concentrations in sediments were similar to those in uncontaminated upland soils. Metal concentrations in the estuary sediments between the surface and 26 cm were above background levels. According to 210Pb dating, the sediment at 26-34 cm depth was likely to have been deposited at the time the historic mines were in operation. Concentrations of Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn in sediment from the 32-34 cm depth interval are similar to concentrations in the upland soil sample from the mine tailings pile. Elevated Pb concentrations in sediments from the surface to 24 cm are from atmospheric Pb deposition from anthropogenic sources. Sediment in the top 10 cm of the estuary has been mixed both by the polychaete worm Nereis virens and by those harvesting the worms for sale as fish bait.

  8. Mass balances of mercury and nitrogen in burned and unburned forested watersheds at Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

    Nelson, S.J.; Johnson, K.B.; Kahl, J.S.; Haines, T.A.; Fernandez, I.J.


    Precipitation and streamwater samples were collected from 16 November 1999 to 17 November 2000 in two watersheds at Acadia National Park, Maine, and analyzed for mercury (Hg) and dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN, nitrate plus ammonium). Cadillac Brook watershed burned in a 1947 fire that destroyed vegetation and soil organic matter. We hypothesized that Hg deposition would be higher at Hadlock Brook (the reference watershed, 10.2 ??g/m2/year) than Cadillac (9.4 ??g/m2/year) because of the greater scavenging efficiency of the softwood vegetation in Hadlock. We also hypothesized the Hg and DIN export from Cadillac Brook would be lower than Hadlock Brook because of elemental volatilization during the fire, along with subsequently lower rates of atmospheric deposition in a watershed with abundant bare soil and bedrock, and regenerating vegetation. Consistent with these hypotheses, Hg export was lower from Cadillac Brook watershed (0.4 ??g/m2/year) than from Hadlock Brook watershed (1.3 ??g/m2/year). DIN export from Cadillac Brook (11.5 eq/ ha/year) was lower than Hadlock Brook (92.5 eq/ha/year). These data show that ??50 years following a wildfire there was lower atmospheric deposition due to changes in forest species composition, lower soil pools, and greater ecosystem retention for both Hg and DIN. ?? Springer Science + Business Media B.V. 2006.

  9. Shifts in controls on the temporal coherence of throughfall chemical flux in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

    Nelson, Sarah J.; Webster, Katherine E.; Loftin, Cynthia S.; Weathers, Kathleen C.


    Major ion and mercury (Hg) inputs to terrestrial ecosystems include both wet and dry deposition (total deposition). Estimating total deposition to sensitive receptor sites is hampered by limited information regarding its spatial heterogeneity and seasonality. We used measurements of throughfall flux, which includes atmospheric inputs to forests and the net effects of canopy leaching or uptake, for ten major ions and Hg collected during 35 time periods in 1999–2005 at over 70 sites within Acadia National Park, Maine to (1) quantify coherence in temporal dynamics of seasonal throughfall deposition and (2) examine controls on these patterns at multiple scales. We quantified temporal coherence as the correlation between all possible site pairs for each solute on a seasonal basis. In the summer growing season and autumn, coherence among pairs of sites with similar vegetation was stronger than for site-pairs that differed in vegetation suggesting that interaction with the canopy and leaching of solutes differed in coniferous, deciduous, mixed, and shrub or open canopy sites. The spatial pattern in throughfall hydrologic inputs across Acadia National Park was more variable during the winter snow season, suggesting that snow re-distribution affects net hydrologic input, which consequently affects chemical flux. Sea-salt corrected calcium concentrations identified a shift in air mass sources from maritime in winter to the continental industrial corridor in summer. Our results suggest that the spatial pattern of throughfall hydrologic flux, dominant seasonal air mass source, and relationship with vegetation in winter differ from the spatial pattern of throughfall flux in these solutes in summer and autumn. The coherence approach applied here made clear the strong influence of spatial heterogeneity in throughfall hydrologic inputs and a maritime air mass source on winter patterns of throughfall flux. By contrast, vegetation type was the most important influence on

  10. Flow and sorption controls of groundwater arsenic in individual boreholes from bedrock aquifers in central Maine, USA

    To understand the hydrogeochemical processes regulating well water arsenic (As) evolution in fractured bedrock aquifers, three domestic wells with [As] up to 478 μg/L are investigated in central Maine. Geophysical logging reveals that fractures near the borehole bottom contribute 70–100% of flow. Borehole and fracture water samples from various depths show significant proportions of As (up to 69%) and Fe (93–99%) in particulates (> 0.45 μm). These particulates and those settled after a 16-day batch experiment contain 560–13,000 mg/kg of As and 14–35% weight/weight of Fe. As/Fe ratios (2.5–20 mmol/mol) and As partitioning ratios (adsorbed/dissolved [As], 20,000–100,000 L/kg) suggest that As is sorbed onto amorphous hydrous ferric oxides. Newly drilled cores also show enrichment of As (up to 1300 mg/kg) sorbed onto secondary iron minerals on the fracture surfaces. Pumping at high flow rates induces large decreases in particulate As and Fe, a moderate increase in dissolved [As] and As(III)/As ratio, while little change in major ion chemistry. The δD and δ18O are similar for the borehole and fracture waters, suggesting a same source of recharge from atmospheric precipitation. Results support a conceptual model invoking flow and sorption controls on groundwater [As] in fractured bedrock aquifers whereby oxygen infiltration promotes the oxidation of As-bearing sulfides at shallower depths in the oxic portion of the flow path releasing As and Fe; followed by Fe oxidation to form Fe oxyhydroxide particulates, which are transported in fractures and sorb As along the flow path until intercepted by boreholes. In the anoxic portions of the flow path, reductive dissolution of As-sorbed iron particulates could re-mobilize As. For exposure assessment, we recommend sampling of groundwater without filtration to obtain total As concentration in groundwater. - Highlights: • Most Fe and some As exist as particulates in the tested borehole and fracture water.

  11. Flow and sorption controls of groundwater arsenic in individual boreholes from bedrock aquifers in central Maine, USA

    Yang, Qiang [Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, 61 Route 9 W, Palisades, NY 10964 (United States); School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Queens College and Graduate Center, City University of New York, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367 (United States); Culbertson, Charles W.; Nielsen, Martha G.; Schalk, Charles W. [U.S. Geological Survey, Maine Water Science Center, 196 Whitten Road, Augusta, ME 04330 (United States); Johnson, Carole D. [U.S. Geological Survey, Branch of Geophysics, 11 Sherman Place, Unit 5015, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06269 (United States); Marvinney, Robert G. [Maine Geological Survey, 93 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333 (United States); Stute, Martin [Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, 61 Route 9 W, Palisades, NY 10964 (United States); Zheng, Yan, E-mail: [Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, 61 Route 9 W, Palisades, NY 10964 (United States); School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Queens College and Graduate Center, City University of New York, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367 (United States)


    To understand the hydrogeochemical processes regulating well water arsenic (As) evolution in fractured bedrock aquifers, three domestic wells with [As] up to 478 μg/L are investigated in central Maine. Geophysical logging reveals that fractures near the borehole bottom contribute 70–100% of flow. Borehole and fracture water samples from various depths show significant proportions of As (up to 69%) and Fe (93–99%) in particulates (> 0.45 μm). These particulates and those settled after a 16-day batch experiment contain 560–13,000 mg/kg of As and 14–35% weight/weight of Fe. As/Fe ratios (2.5–20 mmol/mol) and As partitioning ratios (adsorbed/dissolved [As], 20,000–100,000 L/kg) suggest that As is sorbed onto amorphous hydrous ferric oxides. Newly drilled cores also show enrichment of As (up to 1300 mg/kg) sorbed onto secondary iron minerals on the fracture surfaces. Pumping at high flow rates induces large decreases in particulate As and Fe, a moderate increase in dissolved [As] and As(III)/As ratio, while little change in major ion chemistry. The δD and δ{sup 18}O are similar for the borehole and fracture waters, suggesting a same source of recharge from atmospheric precipitation. Results support a conceptual model invoking flow and sorption controls on groundwater [As] in fractured bedrock aquifers whereby oxygen infiltration promotes the oxidation of As-bearing sulfides at shallower depths in the oxic portion of the flow path releasing As and Fe; followed by Fe oxidation to form Fe oxyhydroxide particulates, which are transported in fractures and sorb As along the flow path until intercepted by boreholes. In the anoxic portions of the flow path, reductive dissolution of As-sorbed iron particulates could re-mobilize As. For exposure assessment, we recommend sampling of groundwater without filtration to obtain total As concentration in groundwater. - Highlights: • Most Fe and some As exist as particulates in the tested borehole and fracture water.

  12. Vidrios romanos de Bracara Augusta (Portugal): análisis arqueométrico

    García Giménez, Rosario; Petit-Domínguez, María Dolores; Soto García, Isabel Sonsoles de; Rucandio, M. I.


    En este trabajo se han estudiado vidrios romanos de Bracara Augusta, actualmente Braga (Portugal), a través de su composición química, analizando los constituyentes mayoritarios, minoritarios y traza mediante espectrometría de plasma-masas (ICPMS). Lo

  13. 76 FR 65380 - Safety Zone; 2011 Head of the South Regatta, Savannah River, Augusta, GA


    ... Head of the South Regatta, which will consist of a series of rowing races. The 2011 Head of the South... hazards associated with the event. ] Discussion of Rule On November 11 and 12, 2011, Augusta Rowing Club is hosting the 2011 Head of the South Regatta, a series of rowing races on the Savannah River...

  14. Comparison of Bulk and Compound-Specific Carbon Isotope Analyses and Determination of Carbon Sources to Salt Marsh Sediments Using n-Alkane Distributions (Maine, USA)

    Tanner, B. R.; Uhle, M. E.; Kelley, J. T.; Mora, C. I.


    Sources of sedimentary organic matter to a Morse River, Maine (USA) salt marsh over the last 3390+/-60 RCYBP are determined using distribution patterns of n-alkanes as well as bulk and compound-specific carbon isotopic analysis. Marsh foraminiferal counts indicate the ubiquitous presence of zone 1B deposits, suggesting that the deposits were laid down ~0.2 to 0.5m above mean high water. Distributions of n-alkanes show a primary contribution from higher plants, confirmed by an average ACL value of 27.5 for the core sediments and CPI values above 3. Many sample depths have a maximum abundance at the C25 alkane. Ten low marsh, high marsh, and higher-high marsh plant species common to Maine salt marshes were sampled, including Spartina alterniflora, Spartina patens, Juncus gerardi and Solidago sempervirens. The ACL value for the average of the 10 marsh species is 29.1. Salicornia europa, usually not considered to be a dominant species in Maine marshes, has a similar n-alkane distribution to many of the salt marsh sediments, suggesting that it is an important source to the biomass of the marsh through time. Bacterial degradation or algal inputs to the marsh sediments appear to be minor. Compound specific carbon isotopic analyses of the C27 alkanes are, on average, 7.2ppt. depleted relative to bulk values, but the two records are strongly correlated (R2 = 0.87), suggesting that marsh plants are "swamping" the bulk carbon isotopic signal. The apparent abundance of a subordinate (though common) salt marsh plant species (Salicornia europa) within our core underscores the importance of using caution when applying mixing models of relatively few plant species to marsh sediments.

  15. Abroma augusta L. (Malvaceae) leaf extract attenuates diabetes induced nephropathy and cardiomyopathy via inhibition of oxidative stress and inflammatory response

    Khanra, Ritu; Dewanjee, Saikat; K Dua, Tarun; Sahu, Ranabir; Gangopadhyay, Moumita; De Feo, Vincenzo; Zia-Ul-Haq, Muhammad


    Background Abroma augusta L. (Malvaceae) leaf is traditionally used to treat diabetes in India and Southern Asia. Therefore, current study was performed to evaluate the protective effect of defatted methanol extract of A. augusta leaves (AA) against type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and its associated nephropathy and cardiomyopathy in experimental rats. Methods Antidiabetic activity of AA extracts (100 and 200 mg/kg, p.o.) was measured in streptozotocin-nicotinamide induced type 2 diabetic (T2D...

  16. Paleotsunamis Evidence In The Augusta Bay (Eastern Sicily, Italy)

    Smedile, A.; de Martini, P.; Barbano, M. S.; Pantosti, D.; Gerardi, F.; Del Carlo, P.; Bellucci, L. G.; Gasperini, L.; Sagnotti, L.; Polonia, A.; Pirrotta, C.


    The Augusta Bay, in Eastern Sicily (Italy), was repeatedly hit by tsunami waves related to large historical earthquakes (e.g. 1908, 1693, 1169). The area is characterized by coastal lowlands or lagoons, and by a relatively wide continental shelf with a thick late-Holocene record that has been investigated through the acquisition of a tight grid of CHIRP-sonar profiles. Well targeted sediment samples have been collected both offshore and inland. The integrated interpretation of the geophysical and geological data has been carried out in order to recognize, date and correlate key-layers in the sediment column that may be directly or indirectly related to tsunami events. A total of 26 cores were collected inland at a maximum distance of 530 m from the present coastline. The clay and silt dominated stratigraphy is intercalated by at least 5 high-energy or anomalous depositional layers, repeatedly found in several cores. These layers are made of coarse to fine sand with sharp basal contacts and present a bioclastic component made of microfauna (foraminifera) and shell fragments both suggestive of a marine provenance. Chronological constraints on the age of these deposits is based on AMS radiocarbon datings and on the attribution of a tephra layer to the 122 BC Etna eruption (thanks to petro- chemical and morphoscopic analyses). Integrating these data, the inland sequence spans the last 4100 yrs and the two uppermost high-energy events could be related to the AD 1169 and 1693 historical tsunamis. The offshore record was studied from a 6.7 m-long piston-core collected at 70 m water depth. The homogeneous sequence of dark gray mud is interrupted at -3 m by the same Etna tephra deposit found inland. Through the analysis of tephrostratigraphy, radiocarbon datings, high resolution paleomagnetic analysis and radioactive tracers, the entire core sequence has been dated back to the last 4500 yrs. Moreover, the quantitative micropaleontological analysis on the benthic

  17. DOE hearing on the draft area recommendation report for the Crystalline Repository Project, Augusta Armory, Augusta, Maine: Volume 2, April 7, 1986: Transcript of proceedings

    This document contains a transcript of the comments of 9 witnesses. These meetings were held to hear the public's comments regarding the selection of a site for a second high-level radioactive waste repository

  18. DOE hearing on the draft area recommendation report for the Crystalline Repository Project, Augusta Armory, Augusta, Maine, April 7, 1986: Volume 5: Transcript of proceedings

    This document contains a transcript of the comments of 11 witnesses. These meetings were held to hear the public's comments regarding the selection of a site for a second high-level radioactive waste repository

  19. DOE hearing on the draft area recommendation report for the Crystalline Repository Project, Augusta Armory, Augusta, Maine: Volume 1, April 7, 1986: Transcript of proceedings

    This document contains a transcript of the comments of 10 witnesses. These meetings were held to hear the public's comments regarding the selection of a site for a second high-level radioactive waste repository

  20. DOE hearing on the draft area recommendation report for the Crystalline Repository Project, Augusta Armory, Augusta, Maine, April 7, 1986: Volume 4: Transcript of proceedings

    This document contains a transcript of the comments of 6 witnesses. These meetings were held to hear the public's comments regarding the selection of a site for a second high-level radioactive waste repository

  1. More than a century of bathymetric observations and present-day shallow sediment characterization in Belfast Bay, Maine, USA: Implications for pockmark field longevity

    Brothers, L.L.; Kelley, J.T.; Belknap, D.F.; Barnhardt, W.A.; Andrews, B.D.; Maynard, M.L.


    Mechanisms and timescales responsible for pockmark formation and maintenance remain uncertain, especially in areas lacking extensive thermogenic fluid deposits (e.g., previously glaciated estuaries). This study characterizes seafloor activity in the Belfast Bay, Maine nearshore pockmark field using (1) three swath bathymetry datasets collected between 1999 and 2008, complemented by analyses of shallow box-core samples for radionuclide activity and undrained shear strength, and (2) historical bathymetric data (report and smooth sheets from 1872, 1947, 1948). In addition, because repeat swath bathymetry surveys are an emerging data source, we present a selected literature review of recent studies using such datasets for seafloor change analysis. This study is the first to apply the method to a pockmark field, and characterizes macro-scale (>5 m) evolution of tens of square kilometers of highly irregular seafloor. Presence/absence analysis yielded no change in pockmark frequency or distribution over a 9-year period (1999-2008). In that time pockmarks did not detectably enlarge, truncate, elongate, or combine. Historical data indicate that pockmark chains already existed in the 19th century. Despite the lack of macroscopic changes in the field, near-bed undrained shear-strength values of less than 7 kPa and scattered downcore 137Cs signatures indicate a highly disturbed setting. Integrating these findings with independent geophysical and geochemical observations made in the pockmark field, it can be concluded that (1) large-scale sediment resuspension and dispersion related to pockmark formation and failure do not occur frequently within this field, and (2) pockmarks can persevere in a dynamic estuarine setting that exhibits minimal modern fluid venting. Although pockmarks are conventionally thought to be long-lived features maintained by a combination of fluid venting and minimal sediment accumulation, this suggests that other mechanisms may be equally active in

  2. Comparison of bulk and compound-specific δ 13C analyses and determination of carbon sources to salt marsh sediments using n-alkane distributions (Maine, USA)

    Tanner, Benjamin R.; Uhle, Maria E.; Mora, Claudia I.; Kelley, Joseph T.; Schuneman, Patrick J.; Lane, Chad S.; Allen, Evan S.


    Sources of sedimentary organic matter to a Morse River, Maine (USA) salt marsh over the last 3390 ± 60 RCYBP (Radiocarbon Years Before Present) are determined using distribution patterns of n-alkanes, bulk carbon isotopic analysis, and compound-specific carbon isotopic analysis. Marsh foraminiferal counts suggest a ubiquitous presence of high marsh and higher-high marsh deposits (dominated by Trochammina macrescens forma macrescens, Trochammina comprimata, and Trochammina inflata), implying deposition from ˜0.2 m to 0.5 m above mean high water. Distributions of n-alkanes show a primary contribution from higher plants, confirmed by an average chain length value of 27.5 for the core sediments, and carbon preference index values all >3. Many sample depths are dominated by the C 25 alkane. Salicornia depressa and Ruppia maritima have similar n-alkane distributions to many of the salt marsh sediments, and we suggest that one or both of these plants is either an important source to the biomass of the marsh through time, or that another unidentified higher plant source is contributing heavily to the sediment pool. Bacterial degradation or algal inputs to the marsh sediments appear to be minor. Compound-specific carbon isotopic analyses of the C 27 alkane are on average 7.2‰ depleted relative to bulk values, but the two records are strongly correlated ( R2 = 0.89), suggesting that marsh plants dominate the bulk carbon isotopic signal. Our study underscores the importance of using caution when applying mixing models of plant species to salt marsh sediments, especially when relatively few plants are included in the model.

  3. Biological and Pharmacological Properties of Abroma augusta Linn. Seed Oil

    Taous Khan; Waqar Ahmad; Shumaila Bashir; Zafar Iqbal; Bashir Ahmad Manzoor Ahmad; Nisarullah; Muhammad Arfan; Farzana Shaheen


    The seed oil of Abroma augusta Linn. was studied for biological and pharmacological properties. The oil was also screened for various in vitro biological and pharmacological activities including antifungal, antibacterial, insecticidal, phytotoxic and brine-shrimp cytotoxic activities. The oil exhibited remarkable phytotoxic activity against Lemna aeguinoctailis Welve. It was also explored to posses moderate antifungal activities against Trichophyton schoenleinii (56%) (human pathogens) and Mi...

  4. O vidro romano no Noroeste Peninsular : um olhar a partir de Bracara Augusta

    Cruz, Mário da


    “Roman glass from the Iberian Peninsula’s northwest. An approach from Bracara Augusta” begins with the analysis of the important glass collection from Bracara Augusta, the modern town of Braga, and continues with the study of other collections kept in museums and archaeological institutes in what was the Roman province of Callaecia. This thesis goes beyond the traditional study of glass vessels based on descriptions and classifications, to the study of all possible aspects o...

  5. An integrated approach to the assessment of pollutant delivery chronologies to impacted areas: Hg in the Augusta Bay (Italy).

    Bellucci, Luca Giorgio; Giuliani, Silvia; Romano, Stefania; Albertazzi, Sonia; Mugnai, Cristian; Frignani, Mauro


    Assessing pollution levels and trends in heavily impacted environments is important but hardly achievable due to the difficulty of recovering suitable undisturbed sediment records. An integrated approach is here presented to solve this kind of problem. It was adopted in the Augusta Bay (Italy) for the study of Hg historical inputs and present trends. Archive information on dredging and mud disposal, together with bathymetry and high-resolution seismic profiles, were used to identify suitable sampling sites. Undisturbed sediment cores were collected in the port and bay. Sediments were analyzed for depth distributions of radiotracers ((210)Pb and (137)Cs), Hg, and main sediment parameters (magnetic susceptibility, grain size, dry bulk density, mineralogy, and organic carbon and nitrogen contents). Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) was also analyzed as an additional time tracer, since its production history in the area was well-known. Results show that peak Hg contamination (up to 575 mg·kg(-1)) was reached in the 1970s. Technological improvements and waste treatment in the following years determined a consistent decrease, but high concentrations still affect surficial sediments (0.25-92 mg·kg(-1)). Hg-HCB correlation suggests that this situation is likely the effect of resuspension and redistribution of deep sediments by dredging and naval traffic. PMID:22233219

  6. Worst-case scenario approach to the tsunami hazard assessment for the coastal areas between Augusta and Siracusa, eastern Sicily, Italy

    Armigliato, Alberto; Pagnoni, Gianluca; Zaniboni, Filippo; Tinti, Stefano


    The province of Siracusa encompasses a very long portion of the eastern Sicily coastline, ranging from the southern part of the Catania Gulf to the north down to the southern-eastern end of the island, known as Capo Passero. Within this domain, the area comprised between the towns of Augusta and Siracusa has been selected as one of the sites for the testing of innovative methods for tsunami hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment and reduction developed in the frame of the EU Project called ASTARTE - Assessment, STrategy And Risk Reduction for Tsunamis in Europe (Grant 603839, 7th FP, ENV.2013.6.4-3). The selection was driven by two main reasons. First, the area was hit by at least seven tsunamis in the approximate time interval from 1600 BC to present, as can be deduced from historical catalogues and paleo-tsunami deposits analysis: the most famous are probably the 21 July 365, 4 February 1169, 11 January 1693 and 28 December 1908 tsunamis. Secondly, as a whole, the test site has a strong relevance from the industrial, commercial, military, historical and cultural points of view: here it is sufficient to mention the huge petrochemical pole in the Augusta bay and the listing of Siracusa as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. This contribution deals with the tsunami hazard assessment for the Augusta-Siracusa area, approached through the worst-case credible scenario technique. We selected five main source areas: the choice is driven mainly by the already mentioned fact that historical catalogues and paleo-tsunami studies tell us that the area under investigation can be impacted by tsunamis generated both in the near-field and in the far-field. The five areas include the Hyblaean-Malta escarpment and the Messina Straits in the near-field, the western and eastern lobes of the Ionian subduction zone in the intermediate field, and the western Hellenic Trench in the far-field. In each source area, a selection of possible faults was made, whose characteristics and

  7. Integrated Archaeological and Geophysical Surveys in the Historical Center of Augusta (Eastern Sicily, Italy).

    Malfitana, Daniele; Leucci, Giovanni; Fragalà, Giovanni; Cacciaguerra, Giuseppe; De Giorgi, Lara


    Syracuse (Eastern Sicily, Italy) and its vast hinterland played a crucial role in the economy of ancient Sicily, largely because of the management, exploitation and trade of agricultural supply. Nevertheless, the socio-economic aspects of its territorial management and the relation between the countryside and coastal centres in the complex system of the Mediterranean markets have not yet been analysed in depth by scholars. Despite the historical, monumental and economic importance of the surrounding area of Syracuse in the Antiquity, the knowledge of the roman and medieval landscape and archaeological sites are still limited. The research undertaken by Istituto per i Beni Archeologici e Monumentali - CNR of Catania (Sicily, Italy) attempted to remedy this omission by outlining a preliminary picture of the rich historical and archaeological heritage of Syracuse and its surrounding territory, which will be analysed using a multidisciplinary approach. Augusta, a town near Syracuse (Sicily), was founded by emperor Frederick of Suavia between 1232 and 1239. In medieval period, the area of Giardini Pubblici was the downtown and untill the XVII Cent. AD it was occupied by two urban blocks of buildings. In 1670 they were demolished to allow free area firing line from the near castle. Integrated archaeological and geophysical investigations allowed a wide range knowledge of the roman and medieval landscapes, archaeological sites and monumental remains. Particularly the geophysical surveys undertaken in the historical center of Augusta, by means Ground-penetrating Radar (GPR), allowed a 3D reconstruction of archaeological structures in the subsoil until the depth of about 4m. The geophysical survey has identified the building of medieval and modern urban settlement of Augusta and has allowed to recreate the urban plan and its transformation.

  8. Under Augustus sign: the role of Astronomy in the foundation of Augusta Praetoria Salassorum

    Bertarione, Stella Vittoria; Magli, Giulio


    Augusta Praetoria Salassorum, modern Aosta, was founded around 25 BC to celebrate the victory of Augustus army on the Salassi. Aosta is a city of the founder under many respects; for instance, one of the two twin temples of the forum was devoted to Augustus, and a huge triumphal arc to the ruler still welcomes the town visitors. Recently, a sculpted block has been uncovered, still in its original position, on a corner of one of the town towers. The block carries reliefs, such as a plough and ...

  9. In Memoriam doctora Augusta Noemí Ochoa López (1937-2015

    Gabriela Rouillon


    Full Text Available La Doctora Augusta Noemí Ochoa López, nació un martes 4 de mayo de 1937 en Cañete, Lima. Empezó los estudios de la carrera de biología en la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, en 1953, también llevo cursos de la carrera de Educación. Obtuvo su grado de Bachiller en Biología en el año 1966 con la Tesis “Observaciones sobre el Desove de la Anchoveta, Engraulis ringens J., en la zona del Callao”.

  10. Sediment transport modelling based on grain size trend analysis in Augusta Harbour (Sicily)

    Barbera, Giuseppe; Feo, Roberto; Freni, Gabriele


    To support marine civil engineer in pollutant studies, sediment management or dredging operations, is useful to know how the sediments move in accumulation basin. This paper investigates the dynamic of the sediment path using a two-dimensional numeric model: the Grain Size Trend Analysis (GSTA). The GSTA was applied using GiSedTrend plugin, under GIS software. The case study is the Augusta Harbour, which is one of the most polluted Italian harbours. It is the marine part of the Site of National Interest (SNI) of Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa, Italy) and it can be hydrodynamically considered as a lagoon. Two scenarios were obtained by using different geostatistical criteria.

  11. Dos nuevos centuriones de la legio VII Gemina en Augusta Emérita

    Saquete Chamizo, José Carlos


    Full Text Available A Roman funerary inscription found in Augusta Emerita (Mérida, Spain names two centurions of the Legio VII Gemina. In this paper the authors examine several questions, such as the attempt to establish the identification of both the centurions (at least one seems certain, their geographical origin and their presence in the colony as members belonging to the officium of the governor of Lusitania. The epigraph possibly dates back to the second half of the 2nd. cent. A.D.Una inscripción funeraria romana hallada en Augusta Emerita (Mérida, España menciona los nombres de dos centuriones de la legio VII Gemina. En este artículo se analizan diversas cuestiones, como el intento de identificación de ambos centuriones (bastante segura en uno de los casos, su procedencia geográfica y su presencia en la colonia como miembros del officium del gobernador de Lusitania. El epígrafe puede datarse en la segunda mitad del s. II d.C.

  12. An assessment of streamflow, water quality, and the effects of constructing an impoundment on Bridge Creek at Augusta, Wisconsin

    House, Leo B.


    This study documents Streamflow, temperature, and water-quality conditions of Bridge Creek at Augusta, Wisconsin, and evaluates the potential effects of a proposed small impoundment on the creek. The effects are of concern to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources because the stream is a Class II trout stream.

  13. Under Augustus sign: the role of Astronomy in the foundation of Augusta Praetoria Salassorum

    Bertarione, Stella Vittoria


    Augusta Praetoria Salassorum, modern Aosta, was founded around 25 BC to celebrate the victory of Augustus army on the Salassi. Aosta is a city of the founder under many respects; for instance, one of the two twin temples of the forum was devoted to Augustus, and a huge triumphal arc to the ruler still welcomes the town visitors. Recently, a sculpted block has been uncovered, still in its original position, on a corner of one of the town towers. The block carries reliefs, such as a plough and a spade, which are clearly related to the town foundation ritual. As a consequence, we carried out an archaeoastronomical analysis of the original urban plan taking into account the complex natural horizon of the Alps in which Aosta valley is nested. The results show that the town was very likely oriented in such a way as to pinpoint Augustus associations with the cosmic signs of renewal: the winter solstice and the Capricorn.

  14. Preliminary assessment report for Fort Custer Training Center, Installation 26035, Augusta, Michigan

    This report presents the results of the preliminary assessment (PA) conducted by Argonne National Laboratory at the Michigan Army National Guard property near Augusta, Michigan. Preliminary assessments of federal facilities are being conducted to compile the information necessary for completing preremedial activities and to provide a basis for establishing corrective actions in response to releases of hazardous substances. The principal objective of the PA is to characterize the site accurately and determine the need for further action by examining site activities, quantities of hazardous substances present, and potential pathways by which contamination could affect public health and the environment. This PA satisfies, for the Fort Custer Training Center, phase I of the Department of Defense Installation Restoration Program. The environmentally significant operations associated with the property are (1) storage of hazardous materials and hazardous waste, (2) storage and dispensing of fuel, (3) washing of vehicles and equipment, and (4) weapons training ranges that may have accumulated lead

  15. Noé en Mérida (Augusta Emérita

    Arce, Javier


    Full Text Available For a long time, a relief, preserved in the Museo Nacional de Arte Romano in Mérida (Badajoz, Spain has been considered to be a representation of the oriental god Mithras Saxigenus and, therefore, as another witness of the oriental cults in the ancient capital of Lusitânia. Although some authors interpreted it differently, as a funeral banquet with a portrait of the dead person, nobody has yet proposed the Christian interpretation presented here: the image of Noah emerging from the Ark, shown on the front of a sarcophagus lid, and the representation of a celestial banquet celebrating the salvation of the dead. The piece is dated to the last quarter of the 3rd century AD and thus is the first archaeological evidence of Christianity in the colonia Augusta EmeritaSe estudia un relieve conservado en el Museo Nacional de Arte Romano de Mérida (Badajoz, España que durante mucho tiempo ha sido considerado como una representación de Mitra saxígeno y, por tanto, un documento más entre los testimonios de cultos orientales en la capital de la Lusitania. A pesar de que algunos autores dieron una interpretación diferente, esto es, que se trataba de un banquete funerario con la representación del difunto, ninguno ha propuesto la identificación con una escena cristiana que aquí se propone, representada en el frente de una tapa de sarcófago, con la imagen de Noé saliendo del arca y, a continuación, una representación del banquete celestial en el que participan los justos. La pieza se fecha en el último cuarto del siglo III d.C. y se convierte así en el primer testimonio arqueológico de la presencia de cristianos en la colonia Augusta Emerita.

  16. Past climate, future perspective: an exploratory analysis using climate proxies and drought risk assessment to inform water resources management and policy in Maine, USA.

    Gupta, Avirup Sen; Jain, Shaleen; Kim, Jong-Suk


    In recent decades, significant progress has been made toward reconstructing the past climate record based on environmental proxies, such as tree rings and ice core records. However, limited examples of research that utilizes such data for water resources decision-making and policy exist. Here, we use the reconstructed record of Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI), dating back to 1138AD to understand the nature of drought occurrence (severity and duration) in the state of Maine. This work is motivated by the need to augment the scientific basis to support the water resources management and the emerging water allocation framework in Maine (Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Chapter 587). Through a joint analysis of the reconstructed PDSI and historical streamflow record for twelve streams in the state of Maine, we find that: (a) the uncertainties around the current definition of natural drought in the Chapter 587 (based on the 20th century instrumental record) can be better understood within the context of the nature and severity of past droughts in this region, and (b) a drought index provides limited information regarding at-site hydrologic variations. To fill this knowledge gap, a drought index-based risk assessment methodology for streams across the state is developed. Based on these results, the opportunities for learning and challenges facing water policies in a changing hydroclimate are discussed. PMID:21075507

  17. Using model analyses and surface-atmosphere exchange measurements from the Howland AmeriFlux Site in Maine, USA, to improve understanding of forest ecosystem C cycling

    Hollinger, David Y.; Davidson, Eric A.; Richardson, Andrew D.; Dail, D. B.; Scott, N.


    Summary of research carried out under Interagency Agreement DE-AI02-07ER64355 with the USDA Forest Service at the Howland Forest AmeriFlux site in central Maine. Includes a list of publications resulting in part or whole from this support.

  18. Twenty-year inter-annual trends and seasonal variations in precipitation and stream water chemistry at the Bear Brook Watershed in Maine, USA

    Navrátil, Tomáš; Norton, S. A.; Fernandez, I. J.; Nelson, S. J.


    Roč. 171, 1/4 (2010), s. 23-45. ISSN 0167-6369 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z30130516 Keywords : Bear Brook Watershed in Maine * precipitation chemistry * stream chemistry * seasonality * long-term trends Subject RIV: DD - Geochemistry Impact factor: 1.436, year : 2010

  19. Associated terrestrial and marine fossils in the late-glacial Presumpscot Formation, southern Maine, USA, and the marine reservoir effect on radiocarbon ages

    Thompson, Woodrow B.; Griggs, Carol B.; Miller, Norton G.; Nelson, Robert E.; Weddle, Thomas K.; Kilian, Taylor M.


    Excavations in the late-glacial Presumpscot Formation at Portland, Maine, uncovered tree remains and other terrestrial organics associated with marine invertebrate shells in a landslide deposit. Buds of Populus balsamifera (balsam poplar) occurred with twigs of Picea glauca (white spruce) in the Presumpscot clay. Tree rings in Picea logs indicate that the trees all died during winter dormancy in the same year. Ring widths show patterns of variation indicating responses to environmental changes. Fossil mosses and insects represent a variety of species and wet to dry microsites. The late-glacial environment at the site was similar to that of today's Maine coast. Radiocarbon ages of 14 tree samples are 11,907 ± 31 to 11,650 ± 50 14C yr BP. Wiggle matching of dated tree-ring segments to radiocarbon calibration data sets dates the landslide occurrence at ca. 13,520 + 95/-20 cal yr BP. Ages of shells juxtaposed with the logs are 12,850 ± 65 14C yr BP ( Mytilus edulis) and 12,800 ± 55 14C yr BP ( Balanus sp.), indicating a marine reservoir age of about 1000 yr. Using this value to correct previously published radiocarbon ages reduces the discrepancy between the Maine deglaciation chronology and the varve-based chronology elsewhere in New England.

  20. Abroma augusta Linn bark extract-mediated green synthesis of gold nanoparticles and its application in catalytic reduction

    Das, Subhajit; Bag, Braja Gopal; Basu, Ranadhir


    The bark extract of Abroma augusta Linn is rich in medicinally important phytochemicals including antioxidants and polyphenols. First one step green synthesis of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) has been described utilizing the bark extract of Abroma augusta L. and chloroauric acid under very mild reaction conditions. The phytochemicals present in the bark extract acted both as a reducing as well as a stabilizing agent, and no additional stabilizing and capping agents were needed. Detailed characterizations of the stabilized AuNPs were carried out by surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, high resolution transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction studies. The catalytic activity of the freshly synthesized gold nanoparticles has been demonstrated for the sodium borohydride reduction of 4-nitrophenol to 4-aminophenol, and the kinetics of the reduction reaction have been studied spectrophotometrically.

  1. Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating a Program to Address the Oral Health Needs of Aboriginal Children in Port Augusta, Australia

    Misan, G.; Jamieson, L. M.; L. Richards; H. Mills; A. Russell; Shearer, M.; Parker, E J


    Aboriginal Australian children experience profound oral health disparities relative to their non-Aboriginal counterparts. In response to community concerns regarding Aboriginal child oral health in the regional town of Port Augusta, South Australia, a child dental health service was established within a Community Controlled Aboriginal Health Service. A partnership approach was employed with the key aims of (1) quantifying rates of dental service utilisation, (2) identifying factors influencin...

  2. Anthropogenic and natural lead isotopes in Fe-hydroxides and Fe-sulphates in a watershed associated with arsenic-enriched groundwater, Maine, USA

    Ayuso, Robert A.; Foley, Nora K.


    A survey of the natural and anthropogenic sources of lead contributing to secondary minerals in sulphidic schists associated with arsenic-enriched groundwater in Coastal Maine shows that the most likely source is natural Pb, particularly from coexisting sulphide minerals. The secondary minerals also reflect notable contributions from anthropogenic Pb. The Pb isotopes establish pathways by which Pb, and by inference As, could have been transported from As-bearing minerals (arsenian pyrite, arsenopyrite, lollingite, orpiment, arsenic oxide and others), via sulphide oxidation or carbonation reactions into multiple generations of secondary minerals (goethite, hematite, jarosite, natrojarosite and others). Lead isotopic compositions of the sulphides and secondary minerals determined by thermal ionization mass spectrometry (n=53) range widely. Lead and As contents of the sulphides and secondary minerals overlap, and are generally positively correlated. Pyrite, the dominant sulphide in sulphidic schists associated with As-enriched groundwater in Coastal Maine, has values of 206Pb/204Pb from 18.186 to 18.391, 207Pb/204Pb from 15.617 to 15.657, 208Pb/204Pb from 38.052 to 38.210, 206Pb/207Pb from c. 1.1625 to 1.1760 and 208Pb/207Pb from c. 2.4276 to 2.4394. Mixtures of Fe-hydroxide and oxide minerals (predominantly goethite and hematite) and secondary Fe-sulphate minerals (jarosite, natrojarosite, rozenite and melanterite) in the sulphidic schists have overlapping but generally higher values of 206Pb/204Pb from 18.495 to 19.747 (one sample at 21.495), 207Pb/204Pb from 15.595 to 15.722 (one sample at 15.839), 208Pb/204Pb from 38.186 to 39.162,206Pb/207Pb from c.1.1860 to 1.2575 (one sample at 1.3855) and 208Pb/207Pb from c. 2.4441 to 2.4865 than the sulphides. Sulphides from Zn-Pb metal mines are somewhat less radiogenic than sulphides from the schists. Other sulphides (mostly pyrite) associated with pegmatites and granitic rocks are heterogeneous and more

  3. Tsunami vulnerability and damage for buildings analyzed by means of two methods (PTVA-3 and SCHEMA) in the area of Augusta and Siracusa, eastern Sicily, Italy

    Pagnoni, Gianluca; Tinti, Stefano


    aim of this work is to compare the vulnerability and damage analyses carried out by means of the PTVA-3 and the SCHEMA methods on the same data set, that is the urban and port areas of Siracusa and Augusta in order to highlight similarities and discrepancies. In this preliminary analysis the coastal inundation was not derived from tsunami simulations, but was assumed to be constant along the coast (bathtub hypothesis) and was taken to be 5 m and 10 m respectively for Siracusa and Augusta. The main outcome of the compared analysis is that the two methods do not provide completely overlapping vulnerability and damage maps, though they use equivalent 5-degree scales. In general the PTVA-3 method tends to overestimate the damage, although there are several counterexamples where PTVA-3 foresees less damage than SCHEMA. The differences we found in the assessment opens the question of how to treat uncertainties in the vulnerability and damage analyses, which is a problem often overlooked, but of crucial importance for the application and for civil authorities.

  4. Factors affecting public support for forest-based biorefineries: A comparison of mill towns and the general public in Maine, USA

    Community views toward the risks and benefits of emerging renewable energy technologies are important factors in facility siting decisions and their eventual success. While the actual socioeconomic and biophysical impacts of proposed industrial developments are fraught with uncertainty, understanding public perceptions is critical in managing costs and benefits to local citizens. Here, we explore the social acceptability of forest-based biorefineries in Maine using random utility modeling to identify how project attributes and citizen characteristics interact to affect level of support. Using a statewide sample (Statewide) and a subsample of mill towns (Mill Towns), we found that: (1) in both samples, individual characteristics had similar coefficients and significance levels except for pro-environment attitudes; (2) the coefficients related to the industry’s negative attributes were notably different between the two samples, while positive attributes were not; (3) in both samples, positive industry attributes such as “producing products from a sustainable resource” and “increased economic development” were the most influential variables in determining the level of support for a new biorefinery in an individual’s community; and (4) in general, Mill Town respondents were more accepting of potential negative attributes such as increased levels of truck traffic, odor, noise, and air and water pollution. - Highlights: • We examined social views of bioproducts processing in mill towns and statewide. • Environmental sustainability was a major concern expressed by both samples. • Views were affected by proximity to processing, and by respondent characteristics. • Public concerns should be considered along the entire supply chain. • Views toward biorefineries may be influenced by views of related industries

  5. "Idum". Mansio romana junto a la vía Augusta (la Vilanova d'Alcolea, Castellón)

    Grangel Nebot, Eladio; Ulloa Chamorro, Pilar


    La aparición de un miliario en el transcurso de las obras de mejora de la carretera comarcal C-238, en el asentamiento romano de l'Hostalot, junto a la Vía Augusta, ha propiciado la realización de una intervención arqueológica de urgencia, en la cual se han localizado diversos recintos pertenecientes a una zona residencial, así como un enterramiento datado a finales del siglo I dC que ha proporcionado un interesante ajuar.

  6. Characterization of concrete from Roman theatre and amphitheater in Emerita Augusta (Mérida, Spain)

    Mota-Lopez, Maria Isabel; Fort, Rafael; Alvarez de Buergo, Monica; Pizzo, Antonio; Maderuelo-Sanz, Ruben; Meneses-Rodríguez, Juan Miguel


    The restoration of historical buildings is very important for the history and culture of the cities and their population. It requires an advanced knowledge of the building materials used for the construction of these structures. Previously to any intervention in historical buildings, it is necessary a historic-scientific study of the original material. Historic mortars or concretes can reveal us different composition and the dependence on the geographical location and the time period of its construction. Historical concretes are complex systems that contain aerial or hydraulic binders or a blend of them, with aggregates, not always crystalline, and others elements that interact with the binder. The use of different techniques for microstructural characterization of materials, like optical microscopy, X-ray diffractometry or petrophysical analysis, allows the determination of the composition and some properties of these concretes. However, each technique has its own limits and, in many cases, several characterization techniques must be used to obtain coherent and reliable results. The present study focuses on the compositional characterization of Roman concrete from Roman buildings for public spectacles of Emerita Augusta, Mérida, Spain. An advanced knowledge of the Roman concrete composition is required to get a reliable restoration and preservation of these ancient monuments. Various samples of concrete were extracted from different zones from this archaeological site. The concrete was studied through mineralogical analysis (petrographic microscope and XRD) and petrophysical properties determination (bulk and real density, open porosity, mercury porosimetry intrusion, compressive strength and Ultrasound propagation velocity). The results obtained allow us to know the original composition of the concrete and the provenance of the aggregates used in it. Acknowledgements: Community of Madrid for financing Geomateriales2 program (P2013/MIT2914), to the funding

  7. Retinal chromophore structure and Schiff base interactions in red-shifted channelrhodopsin-1 from Chlamydomonas augustae.

    Ogren, John I; Mamaev, Sergey; Russano, Daniel; Li, Hai; Spudich, John L; Rothschild, Kenneth J


    Channelrhodopsins (ChRs), which form a distinct branch of the microbial rhodopsin family, control phototaxis in green algae. Because ChRs can be expressed and function in neuronal membranes as light-gated cation channels, they have rapidly become an important optogenetic tool in neurobiology. While channelrhodopsin-2 from the unicellular alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (CrChR2) is the most commonly used and extensively studied optogenetic ChR, little is known about the properties of the diverse group of other ChRs. In this study, near-infrared confocal resonance Raman spectroscopy along with hydrogen-deuterium exchange and site-directed mutagenesis were used to study the structure of red-shifted ChR1 from Chlamydomonas augustae (CaChR1). These measurements reveal that (i) CaChR1 has an all-trans-retinal structure similar to those of the light-driven proton pump bacteriorhodopsin (BR) and sensory rhodopsin II but different from that of the mixed retinal composition of CrChR2, (ii) lowering the pH from 7 to 2 or substituting neutral residues for Glu169 or Asp299 does not significantly shift the ethylenic stretch frequency more than 1-2 cm(-1) in contrast to BR in which a downshift of 7-9 cm(-1) occurs reflecting neutralization of the Asp85 counterion, and (iii) the CaChR1 protonated Schiff base (SB) has stronger hydrogen bonding than BR. A model is proposed to explain these results whereby at pH 7 the predominant counterion to the SB is Asp299 (the homologue to Asp212 in BR) while Glu169 (the homologue to Asp85 in BR) exists in a neutral state. We observe an unusual constancy of the resonance Raman spectra over the broad range from pH 9 to 2 and discuss its implications. These results are in accord with recent visible absorption and current measurements of CaChR1 [Sineshchekov, O. A., et al. (2013) Intramolecular proton transfer in channelrhodopsins. Biophys. J. 104, 807-817; Li, H., et al. (2014) Role of a helix B lysine residue in the photoactive site in

  8. Modeling, Analysis, and Preservation Techniques for Historic Reinforced Concrete Structures in Seismic Prone Regions Case Study: Augusta Airship Hangar, Sicily

    Throughout the world there are hundreds of historic monuments and structures considered to be invaluable and irreplaceable. They are symbols of cultural identity and a means of educating people about history. Preservation of historic monuments and structures is therefore an important part of safeguarding these cultural heritage sites so that they retain their value for future generations.This report discusses a procedure for the investigation of seismic hazards in existing buildings and possible steps that can be taken to avoid damage caused by these hazards. The Augusta Airship Hangar located in Sicily, will be used as a case study however the topics addressed in this paper can be applied to other structures of historic value around the world.First state-of-the-art scanning procedures were used to create scale digital models that were imported into a structural analysis program. Within this program dynamic analyses were performed on the model based on actual ground motions taken close to the site. This data was used to determine the period and mode shapes of the structure. Then a nonlinear analysis, including a static pushover analysis, was implemented on a two-dimensional model of the structural frame. From this analysis the failure mechanisms of the structure were revealed with relation to an allowable roof displacement. The structural integrity of the structure was evaluated based on pre-defined performance goals. Finally multiple suggestions were made how the Augusta Airship Hangar might be repaired and strengthened so that this structure will not be destroyed should an earthquake occur.The results of our study show that historic structures, despite their age, can still be strong and ductile. Also there are a multitude of effective preservation and retrofit techniques that can be used to strengthen these historic structures, should an earthquake occur. Through this study, the Augusta Airship Hangar has proven to be not only a historic symbol for Sicily but

  9. Planning, implementing, and evaluating a program to address the oral health needs of aboriginal children in port augusta, australia.

    Parker, E J; Misan, G; Shearer, M; Richards, L; Russell, A; Mills, H; Jamieson, L M


    Aboriginal Australian children experience profound oral health disparities relative to their non-Aboriginal counterparts. In response to community concerns regarding Aboriginal child oral health in the regional town of Port Augusta, South Australia, a child dental health service was established within a Community Controlled Aboriginal Health Service. A partnership approach was employed with the key aims of (1) quantifying rates of dental service utilisation, (2) identifying factors influencing participation, and (3) planning and establishing a program for delivery of Aboriginal children's dental services that would increase participation and adapt to community needs. In planning the program, levels of participation were quantified and key issues identified through semistructured interviews. After 3.5 years, the participation rate for dental care among the target population increased from 53 to 70 percent. Key areas were identified to encourage further improvements and ensure sustainability in Aboriginal child oral health in this regional location. PMID:22577401

  10. Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating a Program to Address the Oral Health Needs of Aboriginal Children in Port Augusta, Australia

    E. J. Parker


    Full Text Available Aboriginal Australian children experience profound oral health disparities relative to their non-Aboriginal counterparts. In response to community concerns regarding Aboriginal child oral health in the regional town of Port Augusta, South Australia, a child dental health service was established within a Community Controlled Aboriginal Health Service. A partnership approach was employed with the key aims of (1 quantifying rates of dental service utilisation, (2 identifying factors influencing participation, and (3 planning and establishing a program for delivery of Aboriginal children’s dental services that would increase participation and adapt to community needs. In planning the program, levels of participation were quantified and key issues identified through semistructured interviews. After 3.5 years, the participation rate for dental care among the target population increased from 53 to 70 percent. Key areas were identified to encourage further improvements and ensure sustainability in Aboriginal child oral health in this regional location.

  11. Un tesoro de tremises visigodos hallado en el llamado «Foro Provincial» de Augusta Emerita

    Mateos Cruz, Pedro


    Full Text Available Since 1999 we are working on a research project about the so called «Provincial Forum of Augusta Emerita». The project deals with the realisation of archaeological interventions in the various lots where remains of public architecture linked with this monumental ensemble have been documented. One of these interventions has been realised in a lot where remains of the so called «Temple of the Holguin-Street» appeared some years ago. During the works on the same site has been brought to light a treasure of twenty gold coins from the time of Leovigild hidden under the walls of a room which in late Antiquity reused the southern side of the Roman temple podium. This article is a study of these pieces set in context with their hiding position and the historical moment in which they have been in use.Desde el año 1999 estamos desarrollando un proyecto de investigación en el llamado «foro Provincial de Augusta Emerita»; el proyecto contempla la realización de intervenciones arqueológicas en los distintos solares donde se han documentado restos de arquitectura pública vinculados a este conjunto monumental. Una de estas intervenciones se ha efectuado en el solar donde hace años aparecieron los restos del denominado «templo de la C/ Holguín», lugar en el que, durante el desarrollo de los trabajos, apareció un tesoro de veinte monedas de oro de época de Leovigildo, oculto bajo los muros de una estancia que reutilizo en época tardoantigua el alzado Sur del podio del templo romano. En este artículo se realiza un estudio de estas piezas contextualizándolas con el lugar de ocultamiento y el momento histórico en que estuvieron en uso.

  12. Phenotypes and Virulence among Staphylococcus aureus USA100, USA200, USA300, USA400, and USA600 Clonal Lineages

    King, Jessica M.; Kulhankova, Katarina; Stach, Christopher S.; Vu, Bao G.; Salgado-Pabón, Wilmara


    ABSTRACT Staphylococcus aureus diseases affect ~500,000 individuals per year in the United States. Worldwide, the USA100, USA200, USA400, and USA600 lineages cause many of the life-threatening S. aureus infections, such as bacteremia, infective endocarditis, pneumonia, toxic shock syndrome, and surgical site infections. However, the virulence mechanisms associated with these clonal lineages, in particular the USA100 and USA600 isolates, have been severely understudied. We investigated the vir...

  13. Main Facilities

    This chapter discuss on main nuclear facilities available in the Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT). As a national research institute whose core activities are nuclear science and technology, MINT are made up of main commercializable radiation irradiators, pilot plant and fully equipped laboratories. Well elaboration on its characteristics and functions explain for RTP (PUPSPATI TRIGA reactors), Cobalt-60 gamma irradiator, electron beam accelerators, and radioactive waste management center

  14. Public health assessment for petitioned addendum, southern wood Piedmont Company, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, Region 4. Cerclis No. GAD051034387. Final report



    The Southern Wood Piedmont (SWP) Site is a former wood-treating facility in Augusta, Georgia. A petitioned public health assessment for this site was finalized in March, 1992. This addendum provides an evaluation of additional information that the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) has received since the release of its last public health assessment. Based on this information, ATSDR concluded that the site posed a public health hazard prior to 1993. However, data acquired in 1993 confirm that the site no longer poses a public health hazard to the surrounding neighborhoods.

  15. Itinerarios Culturales desarrollados a través de la puesta en valor de sus nodos componentes. El caso de la Vía Augusta



    La presente Tesis Doctoral se desarrolla como continuación de la investigación preliminar denominada ¿Las vías de comunicación históricas convertidas en estructuras dinamizadoras del territorio contemporáneo. El caso de la Vía Augusta¿, intensificando el análisis realizado oportunamente sobre la correcta gestión del Patrimonio Arquitectónico en lo que refiere a los Itinerarios Culturales y sus nodos componentes. Analizando la situación, dentro de la Comunidad Valenciana, de la ruta romana den...



    Zhou Enlai and the Sinicization of Marxism Chen Dacai As a key member of the first generation of collective leadership of the CPC, Zhou Enlai contributed greatly to the theoretical cause of the sinicization of Marxism. Such contribution mainly include the fllowing aspects: he spread Marxism in a at a very special historical period as one of the representative of the earliest Chinese Marxists; he presented at an early stage the relationship between Marxism and Chinese revolution,

  17. Main Memory

    Boncz, Peter; Liu, Lei; Özsu, Tamer, M.


    Primary storage, presently known as main memory, is the largest memory directly accessible to the CPU in the prevalent Von Neumann model and stores both data and instructions (program code). The CPU continuously reads instructions stored there and executes them. It is also called Random Access Memory (RAM), to indicate that load/store instructions can access data at any location at the same cost, is usually implemented using DRAM chips, which are connected to the CPU and other peripherals (di...

  18. Augusta Emérita. La investigación arqueológica en una ciudad de época romana

    Mateos Cruz, Pedro


    Full Text Available This article is an ample summary of the recent archaeological results developed in the last years in the roman colony of Augusta Emerita (modern Mérida, Spain. Recent systematic research has change many old views and statements about the urbanistic development of the roman colony as a result of the new scientific proyects undetaken recently, that offer a new undestanding of the evolution of Mérida during the Roman period.En este artículo se plantea la evolución del conocimiento de la ciudad romana de Emerita Augusta a partir de las investigaciones desarrolladas por historiadores y arqueólogos en los últimos años. Con ellas se han puesto en duda argumentos cerrados secularmente, sugiriendo, al menos, una imagen ciudadana distinta a la supuesta hasta ahora, con una fisonomía urbana resultado de variados proyectos, y con procesos y ciclos que, aunque en ocasiones no acertamos a situar o valorar correctamente, ayudan a entender cómo se conformó el devenir y la evolución de Mérida en época antigua.

  19. Estimates of Cl atom concentrations and hydrocarbon kinetic reactivity in surface air at Appledore Island, Maine (USA), during International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation/Chemistry of Halogens at the Isles of Shoals

    Pszenny, Alexander A. P.; Fischer, Emily V.; Russo, Rachel S.; Sive, Barkley C.; Varner, Ruth K.


    Average hydroxyl radical (OH) to chlorine atom (Cl·) ratios ranging from 45 to 119 were determined from variability-lifetime relationships for selected nonmethane hydrocarbons (NMHC) in surface air from six different transport sectors arriving at Appledore Island, Maine, during July 2004. Multiplying these ratios by an assumed average OH concentration of 2.5 × 106 cm-3 yielded estimates of Cl· concentrations of 2.2 to 5.6 × 104 cm-3. Summed reaction rates of methane and more than 30 abundant NMHCs with OH and Cl· suggest that Cl· reactions increased the kinetic reactivity of hydrocarbons by 16% to 30% over that due to OH alone in air associated with the various transport sectors. Isoprene and other abundant biogenic alkenes were the most important hydrocarbon contributors after methane to overall kinetic reactivity.

  20. Assessment of mercury exposure in human populations: A status report from Augusta Bay (southern Italy).

    Bonsignore, Maria; Andolfi, Nunzia; Barra, Marco; Madeddu, Anselmo; Tisano, Francesco; Ingallinella, Vincenzo; Castorina, Maria; Sprovieri, Mario


    Here we investigate mercury concentrations in the blood (HgB), urine (HgU) and human hair (HgH) of 224 individuals from a coastal area (Eastern Sicily, SE Italy) strongly affected by Hg contamination from one of the largest chlor-alkali plants in Europe. The factors affecting the distribution of Hg and the extent of the exposure of individuals have been explored with a multidisciplinary approach. Multiple regression analyses, together with evidence of high levels of HgB (exceeding the HBMI recommended levels in 50% of cases) and HgH (exceeding the EPA reference dose in 70% of cases), primarily suggest that the consumption of local fish is the main source of Hg for humans. no. significant exposure to inorganic mercury was identified. Toxicokinetic calculations produced a provisional tolerable weekly intake (PTWI) level that, in most cases, exceeds international recommendations, particularly for residents in the studied area. PMID:26806294

  1. Textural, mineralogical and stable isotope studies of hydrothermal alteration in the main sulfide zone of the Great Dyke, Zimbabwe and the precious metals zone of the Sonju Lake Intrusion, Minnesota, USA

    Li, C.; Ripley, E.M.; Oberthur, T.; Miller, J.D., Jr.; Joslin, G.D.


    Stratigraphic offsets in the peak concentrations of platinum-group elements (PGE) and base-metal sulfides in the main sulfide zone of the Great Dyke and the precious metals zone of the Sonju Lake Intrusion have, in part, been attributed to the interaction between magmatic PGE-bearing base-metal sulfide assemblages and hydrothermal fluids. In this paper, we provide mineralogical and textural evidence that indicates alteration of base-metal sulfides and mobilization of metals and S during hydrothermal alteration in both mineralized intrusions. Stable isotopic data suggest that the fluids involved in the alteration were of magmatic origin in the Great Dyke but that a meteoric water component was involved in the alteration of the Sonju Lake Intrusion. The strong spatial association of platinum-group minerals, principally Pt and Pd sulfides, arsenides, and tellurides, with base-metal sulfide assemblages in the main sulfide zone of the Great Dyke is consistent with residual enrichment of Pt and Pd during hydrothermal alteration. However, such an interpretation is more tenuous for the precious metals zone of the Sonju Lake Intrusion where important Pt and Pd arsenides and antimonides occur as inclusions within individual plagioclase crystals and within alteration assemblages that are free of base-metal sulfides. Our observations suggest that Pt and Pd tellurides, antimonides, and arsenides may form during both magmatic crystallization and subsolidus hydrothermal alteration. Experimental studies of magmatic crystallization and hydrothermal transport/deposition in systems involving arsenides, tellurides, antimonides, and base metal sulfides are needed to better understand the relative importance of magmatic and hydrothermal processes in controlling the distribution of PGE in mineralized layered intrusions of this type. ?? Springer-Verlag 2007.



    The Key to Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation should be placed on the FiveMajor Changes Based on analysis and forecasting on grain consumption influencing factors, production influencing factors and import influencing factors, the supply and demand of main sorts of grain in China is forecas- ted respectively, including paddy, wheat, corn and soybean. In 2020, grain consumption quantity, grain production quantity and grain import quantity of China is 693 million tons, 644 million tons and 49 million tons respectively. For grain security in future, new stratagem on food security should be im- plemented, grain import circumstance and global grain security. Father mechanism should be im- proved, and early warning and regulation on grain production capacity should be paid attention to sys- temically.

  3. Chemotaxonomic significance of flavonoids, coumarins and triterpenes of Augusta longifolia (Spreng. Rehder, Rubiaceae-Ixoroideae, with new insights about its systematic position within the family Significância quimiotaxômica de flavonoides, cumarinas e triterpenos de Augusta longifolia (Spreng. Rehder, Rubiaceae-Ixoroideae, com novos entendimentos sobre a posição sistemática dentro da família

    Rafael Choze


    Full Text Available Augusta has traditionally been placed in the tribe Rondeletieae, subfamily Cinchonoideae. However, recent molecular phylogenies positioned it near to Wendlandia (Ixoroideae, but locate A. longifolia near to the clade Ixoroidinae II. The study of A. longifolia afforded two coumarins, five flavonoids, three triterpenoids and one benzoic acid derivative. These metabolites reinforce the separation of Augusta as a monospecific genus, and Lindenia as a genus of three species, closely related to Wendlandia.Augusta tem sido tradicionalmente colocada na tribo Rondeletieae, Cinchonoideae subfamília. No entanto, recentes filogenias moleculares posicionou-a perto de Wendlandia, porém localizando A. longifolia perto do clado Ixoroidinae II. O estudo de A. longifolia resultou em duas cumarinas, cinco flavonoides, três triterpenoides e um derivado do ácido benzóico. Estes metabolitos reforçam a separação da Augusta como um gênero monoespecífico, e Lindenia como um gênero de três espécies, intimamente relacionada com Wendlandia.

  4. 美国企业强化内部审计工作的主要措施及启示%Main Measures and Enlightenment of USA Companies Strengthening Internal Audit



    美国内部审计专业机构的《2011年度内部审计能力与需要的调查报告》阐述了美国企业内部审计工作的能力与需要的情况。本文介绍了美国企业强化内部审计工作的主要措施:进行一次风险评估,然后有针对性地采取措施;及时发现与确认风险的苗头,努力做到防患于未然;将风险因素以发生的概率大小来进行排列顺序;认真贯彻落实(《萨班斯法案》;提高各项交易业务检查与检测的频率;以增加公司价值为目的,建立增值管理型内部审计;尽可能实施质量保证复审措施。在此基础上,本文结合我国实践,提出了几点建议:建立健全法律制度,加大对违规行为的处罚力度;进一步完善内部审计的信息披露机制;正确处理内部审计与外部审计的关系,等等。%Protiviti's 2011 lnternal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey states the American enterprise internal audit work's situation of capability and needs. There are 10 main measures of the US companies strengthening internal audit, such as, to conduct a risk assessment, and take targeted measures, to identify emerging risks, provide against possible troubles, to sequence risk factors according to probability of occurrence, to conscientiously fall Sarbanes-Oxley, to increase transaction check frequency and density, to set up adding value manage type internal audit in order to add value; to perform a quality assurance review(QAR). There are 5 inspiration and policy proposals, for instance, to establish and improve legal system, to strengthen punish violate action, to further improve information disclosure mechanism, to correctly handle relationship of internal audit and external audit.

  5. Main findings

    Licensing regimes vary from country to country. When the license regime involves several regulators and several licenses, this may lead to complex situations. Identifying a leading organisation in charge of overall coordination including preparation of the licensing decision is a useful practice. Also, if a stepwise licensing process is implemented, it is important to fix in legislation decisions and/or time points and to identify the relevant actors. There is considerable experience in civil and mining engineering that can be applied when constructing a deep geological disposal facility. Specific challenges are, however, the minimization of disturbances to the host rock and the understanding of its long-term behavior. Construction activities may affect the geo-hydraulic and geochemical properties of the various system components which are important safety features of the repository system. Clearly defined technical specifications and an effective quality management plan are important in ensuring successful repository implementation which is consistent with safety requirements. Monitoring plan should also be defined in advance. The regulatory organization should prepare itself to the licensing review before construction by allocating sufficient resources. It should increase its competence, e.g., by interacting early with the implementer and through its own R and D. This will allow the regulator to define appropriate technical conditions associated to the construction license and to elaborate a relevant inspection plan of the construction work. After construction, obtaining the operational license is the most important and crucial step. Main challenges include (a) establishing sufficient confidence so that the methods for closing the individual disposal units comply with the safety objectives and (b) addressing the issue of ageing of materials during a 50-100 years operational period. This latter challenge is amplified when reversibility/retrievability is required

  6. Phenotypes and Virulence among Staphylococcus aureus USA100, USA200, USA300, USA400, and USA600 Clonal Lineages.

    King, Jessica M; Kulhankova, Katarina; Stach, Christopher S; Vu, Bao G; Salgado-Pabón, Wilmara


    Staphylococcus aureus diseases affect ~500,000 individuals per year in the United States. Worldwide, the USA100, USA200, USA400, and USA600 lineages cause many of the life-threatening S. aureus infections, such as bacteremia, infective endocarditis, pneumonia, toxic shock syndrome, and surgical site infections. However, the virulence mechanisms associated with these clonal lineages, in particular the USA100 and USA600 isolates, have been severely understudied. We investigated the virulence of these strains, in addition to strains in the USA200, USA300, and USA400 types, in well-established in vitro assays and in vivo in the rabbit model of infective endocarditis and sepsis. We show in the infective endocarditis and sepsis model that strains in the USA100 and USA600 lineages cause high lethality and are proficient in causing native valve infective endocarditis. Strains with high cytolytic activity or producing toxic shock syndrome toxin 1 (TSST-1) or staphylococcal enterotoxin C (SEC) caused lethal sepsis, even with low cytolytic activity. Strains in the USA100, USA200, USA400, and USA600 lineages consistently contained genes that encode for the enterotoxin gene cluster proteins, SEC, or TSST-1 and were proficient at causing infective endocarditis, while the USA300 strains lacked these toxins and were deficient in promoting vegetation growth. The USA100, USA200, and USA400 strains in our collection formed strong biofilms in vitro, whereas the USA200 and USA600 strains exhibited increased blood survival. Hence, infective endocarditis and lethal sepsis are multifactorial and not intrinsic to any one individual clonal group, further highlighting the importance of expanding our knowledge of S. aureus pathogenesis to clonal lineages causative of invasive disease. IMPORTANCE S. aureus is the leading cause of infective endocarditis in the developed world, affecting ~40,000 individuals each year in the United States, and the second leading cause of bacteremia (D. R

  7. Summary of main points

    In conjunction with its 6. annual meeting, the WPDD in close co-operation with the FSC held a Topical session on 'Stakeholder Involvement in Decommissioning' on November 14, 2005. The session was attended by 36 participants totally representing 14 NEA member countries and 2 international organisations. Two keynote addresses were given at the Topical Session. The first one treated of what is needed for robust decisions and how to bring all stakeholders into the debate. In the second keynote address a summary was made on what have been said on stakeholder involvement in decommissioning during earlier meetings of the WPDD. The main part of the session was then devoted to views from different stakeholders regarding their role and their involvement. This part contained viewpoints from local communities (Kaevlinge in Sweden and Port Hope in Canada), authorities (Scottish Executive and CSNC) and operators (EDF from France and EWN from Germany). Case studies from the decommissioning of Dounrey in the UK and from Trojan and Main Yankee in the USA were presented in the end part of the Topical session followed by a summary and lessons learnt report by the Rapporteur. A detailed programme of the Topical session can be seen in Appendix 1

  8. Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map Database, Androscoggin County, MAINE, USA

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) Database depicts flood risk information and supporting data used to develop the risk data. The primary risk...

  9. Assessment of sediment contamination in Casco Bay, Maine, USA

    The current status of contaminant concentrations in Casco Bay, decadal trends of these contaminants and changes in their geographical distribution are assessed using sediment samples collected approximately 10 years apart. In general, regulated contaminants appeared to be decreasing in concentration. Total PAH and dioxins/furans concentrations did not significantly change over this period. Total organochlorine pesticides, 4,4-DDE, 4,4-DDD, total DDT, PCB, tributyltin and total butyltin decreased in concentration. Trace element concentrations in sediments decreased at the majority of the sampling sites for chromium, nickel, and selenium while arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, silver, and zinc remained relatively constant. None of the contaminants measured has increased by more than a factor of 2. Selected sites located in the Inner Bay, where concentrations are higher and new inputs were more likely, showed increased concentrations of contaminants. Most contaminants were not found at concentrations expected to adversely affect sediment biota based on ERL/ERM guidelines. - Sediment studies indicate decadal decreases for many chemical contaminants in Casco Bay

  10. Nuclear regulation in the USA (main features and peculiarities)

    The article analyzes the activity of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), which is one of the most experienced, long and stable working state structures governing the safe use of nuclear energy in the US

  11. The balance of terror on main street, USA

    The movement to establish nuclear-free zones across America is quietly gaining momentum. Many of these ordinances go beyond mere symbolic declarations and are viewed as a threat by business. So far, nuclear-free zones have failed in cities with strong ties to the defense industry. The movement is increasingly colliding with the interests of corporations and workers that depend on Department of Defense contracts and support of America's nuclear arsenal. Examined are the various efforts to establish or defeat such proposals in several locals

  12. USA tankid tulevad Eestisse


    USA on valmis Balti riikidesse ladustama lahingutanke, jalavämasinaid ja muud raskerelvastust. Eestisse paigutatakse sellisel juhul sõjatehnikat 150 USA sõjaväelase jaoks. Selline otsus peaks langetatama juba järgmisel nädalal

  13. Problematika obchodu se zbraněmi (Mexiko-USA)

    Kučerová, Jana


    The Master's thesis deals with the issues of the arms trade between Mexico and USA, focusing on the arms trafficking. The first chapter introduces the topic in general and analyzes the current situation of the world market in small arms and light weapons. The second and third chapter describe the characteristics of arms trade and its legislative framework in both countries - USA, Mexico - define local specifics and identify main trading partners. Bilateral trade in SALW between USA and Mexico...

  14. USA Hire Testing Platform

    Office of Personnel Management — The USA Hire Testing Platform delivers tests used in hiring for positions in the Federal Government. To safeguard the integrity of the hiring processes and ensure...

  15. « Ni bas-bleu, ni pot-au-feu » : la conception de « la » femme selon Augusta Moll-Weiss (France, tournant des XIXe-XXe siècles

    Sandrine Roll


    Full Text Available Cet article analyse les idées et l’œuvre de la directrice de l’École des mères, Augusta Moll-Weiss. Dans le contexte du tournant des XIXe-XXe siècles où l’éloge de la ménagère est un thème récurrent des discours moralisateurs émanant des ouvriers ou des bourgeois, Augusta Moll-Weiss met en place un projet de cours ménagers. Son œuvre offre une approche singulière de ce que des activités reconnues comme typiquement féminines peuvent offrir aux femmes. Loin de former uniquement des « fées du logis », les cours professés à l’École des mères donnent aussi aux élèves la possibilité de se préparer à une carrière professionnelle. Augusta Moll-Weiss imagine alors pléthore de débouchés qui placent les activités « du souci des autres » dans la sphère du travail social. Son engagement en faveur de l’enseignement ménager s’accompagne d’une réflexion sur de nouveaux modèles domestiques susceptibles d’accompagner l’entrée des femmes sur le marché du travail. La rationalisation et le partage sexué des tâches domestiques ainsi que la question du temps partiel sont au cœur de son projet. Aux marges de la philanthropie et du féminisme, Augusta Moll-Weiss s’engage donc dans une stratégie de reconnaissance du rôle des femmes dans l’espace civique. Après avoir présenté l’œuvre scolaire de cette femme, cet article s’intéresse à sa vision de la « Ménagère nouvelle » et à son approche du féminisme.This article explores the ideas and works of the Augusta Moll-Weiss, head of the École des mères. The latter started housewifery lessons at the turn of the 19th century at a moment when public discourse among both working and upper-class reformers sang the praises of the housewife. Her work offered a new approach to these typically feminine activities. Far from training only “angels of the home”, the lessons given at the Mothers’ School also offered students the possibility of

  16. Health assessment for petitioned public health assessment, Southern Wood Piedmont Company, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, Region 4. CERCLIS No. GAD051034387. Final report


    The Southern Wood Piedmont (SWP) site is located in Augusta, Georgia. Wood-treating operations were conducted at the site from 1923 until 1988. Closure operations at the facility were regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). When the facility was operating, wastewaters containing hazardous substances were discharged to an on-site, unlined surface impoundment and to off-site drainage ditches. These disposal practices resulted in contamination of groundwater with high concentrations of wood treatment chemicals. Currently, all of the homes in the affected neighborhoods are reportedly connected to the public water system. Sediment samples from drainage ditches along the eastern border of the SWP facility were contaminated with site-related chemicals. The SWP site is categorized as an indeterminate public health hazard. Past exposures to on-site and off-site contamination may have exceeded current dose levels. ATSDR has recommended to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) that action be taken.

  17. The USA PATRIOT Act.

    Minow, Mary; Coyle, Karen; Kaufman, Paula


    Explains the USA PATRIOT (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) Act, passed after the September 11 terrorist attacks, and its implications for libraries and patron records. Considers past dealings with the FBI; court orders; search warrants; wiretaps; and subpoenas. Includes:…

  18. Baltimaade kunsti turnee USAs


    5. nov.-st USA Lõuna-Carolina osariigis Wellington B. Grey galeriis ja Jenkins Fine Art Center's 13 eesti, läti ja leedu kunstniku näitus, mis hakkab kolme aasta jooksul ringlema Ameerikas. Eksponeeritud fotokunst, video, installatsioon, joonistused. Kuraator Peeter Linnap ja Mari Laanemets peavad ettekande näituse avamisega samal ajal toimuval Fotohariduse Ühingu konverentsil

  19. Valitsus toetab USA kaitseinvesteeringuid


    Valitsus kiitis heaks kokkuleppe, mis võimaldab USA relvajõududel kasutada kaitseväe valduses olevaid alasid ja ehitisi ning teha seal vajalikke ehitustöid. Kokkuleppe kohaselt võivad ameeriklased ehitustöid teha Ämari lennubaasis, keskpolügoonil ja Tapa linnakus

  20. Guantanamo rikub USA seadusi / Krister Paris

    Paris, Krister


    Kaks USA tsiviilkohut leiavad oma otsuses, et USA valitsus rikub USA-s ja Guantanamo sõjaväebaasis kinnipeetavate nn. vaenlasvõitlejate õigusi. Inimõigusorganisatsioonid avaldavad heameelt kohtute otsuste üle

  1. Analysis of complex pumping interactions during an aquifer test conducted at a well field in the coastal plain near Augusta, Georgia, October 2009

    Gonthier, Gerald J.


    A 24-hour aquifer test was conducted in Well Field 2 near Augusta, Georgia, October 21–22, 2009, to characterize the hydraulic properties of the Midville aquifer system. The selected well was pumped at a rate of 684 gallons per minute. At the initiation of aquifer-test pumping, water levels in each of eight wells monitored for the test were still recovering from the well-field production. Because water levels had not stabilized, data analyses were needed to account for the ongoing recovery. Hydraulic properties of the Midville aquifer system were estimated by an approach based on the Theis model and superposition. The Midville aquifer system was modeled as a Theis aquifer. The principle of superposition was used to sum the effects of multiple pumping and recovery events from a single pumped well and to sum the effects of all pumped wells as the estimated total drawdown at a monitored well. Simulated drawdown at each monitored well was determined by using a spreadsheet (SUMTheis) function of aquifer transmissivity and storativity. Simulated drawdown values were transformed into simulated water levels, accounting for longterm water-level trends. The transmissivity and storativity values that were used to calibrate the simulated water levels to measured water levels (roughly 4,000 square feet per day and 2E-04, respectively) provide estimates of the transmissivity and storativity of the Midville aquifer system in the vicinity of Well Field 2. The approach used in this study can be applied to similar well-field tests in which incomplete drawdown recovery or other known pumping is evident.

  2. USA-USSR protocol


    On 30 November the USA Atomic Energy Commission and the USSR State Committee for the Utilization of Atomic Energy signed, in Washington, a protocol 'on carrying out of joint projects in the field of high energy physics at the accelerators of the National Accelerator Laboratory (Batavia) and the Institute for High Energy Physics (Serpukhov)'. The protocol will be in force for five years and can be extended by mutual agreement.


    V. Kyrii


    In the article theoretical basis of securitization process was considered as main instrument for banks structured finance. Also features for main instruments of securitization were provided. The latest tendencies on securitization market in USA and Europe were analyzed.

  4. Tšarterkool USA-s / Johannes Kiersch

    Kiersch, Johannes


    24.-27. mainì 01 toimub Tallinnas EFFE 2001 (European Forum of Freedom in Education) konverents "Haridus tänases kodanikuühiskonnas." Konverentsil esineb ka Witteni Waldorf-pedagoogika Instituudi õppejõud Johannes Kiersch. Lähemalt tema artiklist USA-s populaarsust võitvate tsharterkoolide kohta, mis on riigi- ja erakooli vahevorm

  5. URL Shortner API

    General Services Administration — The REST API allows you interact with by shortening URLs, previewing long urls, and getting the number of clicks to a URL.. An API...

  6. Euroopa teadis USA salavanglaist / Tõnis Erilaid

    Erilaid, Tõnis, 1943-


    USA endise välisministri Colin Powelli sõnul pole see tema sõpradele Euroopas uudiseks, et USA on viinud vange riikidesse, kus tema seadused ei kehti. USA praeguse välisministri Condoleezza Rice'i sõnul on USA vange üle kuulanud väljaspool USA-d. USA Today kirjeldab Stare Kiejkuty küla Poolas, kus arvatavasti on olnud salavangla

  7. USA-s valmib Eesti reisisaadete sari / Maris Meiessaar

    Meiessaar, Maris


    Eesti juurtega ameerika filmimees James Tusty oma dokfilmi "Laulev revolutsioon" sünnist ja retseptsioonist. Praegu valmistub ta koos Allfilmiga Euroopa telekanalite jaoks tegema filmi sellesuvisest laulupeost ning USA televisiooni jaoks 13-osalist sarja "Estonia"

  8. Pepeljajev eesti näitlejatega USA-s


    Sasha Pepeljajevi tantsulavastust "Uksed" etendati USA rahvusvahelisel teatrifestivalil "Arts & Ideas". Vene-Eesti trupi Apparatus lavastus on pühendatud Daniil Harmsi 100. sünniaastapäevale ning põhineb tema töödel

  9. Future USA development

    The planning for further development in the USA at this time is a mixture of expectation and guessing. Modeling development is certain to continue, but the target reactor is uncertain. The next plant may or may not use the FFTR driver fuel design. The planning, therefore, emphasizes fundamentals and flexibility. There are many options to be modeled. The FFTF driver fuel performance in FFTF must be evaluated; both the reference and improved designs. A decision to use the FFTR driver design in the large plant will demand predictions on the effects of axial blankets, constant power (rather than decreasing) throughout life, and power changes, behavior beyond breach and design basis transients in large plants. A decision favoring a lower doubling time oxide design adds the effects of higher strength/lower swelling alloys, increased pin diameter, reduced cladding thickness/diameter, increased smeared density, gap versus pellet density, and reduced pin pitch/diameter. A helium bonded carbide design adds concern about increased potential for fuel-cladding-assembly mechanical interactions. And blanket pin performance predictions, either in a homogeneous or a heterogeneous core, add an increasing power history and enhanced assembly interactions. It is possible that the decision will be to choose a first core and retain all options for later cores. The modeling objective, for whatever options are chosen, is to predict the effect of normal and off-normal design conditions on performance limits (i.e., fuel temperature, pin deformation, pin lifetime). Several significant uncertainties in the mechanisms associated with the performance limits remain and will be addressed. These include gap closure, gap conductance and fuel properties at higher burnup, fuel-fission product reactions, retained gas, breach mechanisms, assembly interactions and behavior beyond breach, plus establishing appropriate criteria. The LIFE system, with its elements of 1D and 2D fundamental modeling

  10. The Maine Event

    McHale, Tom


    In this article, the author describes the successful laptop program employed at Mt. Abram High School in Strong, Maine. Through the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, the school has issued laptops to all 36,000 teachers and students in grades 7-8. This program has helped level the playing field for a student population that is 50 percent to 55…

  11. Dengue in Florida (USA

    Jorge R. Rey


    Full Text Available Florida (USA, particularly the southern portion of the State, is in a precarious situation concerning arboviral diseases. The geographic location, climate, lifestyle, and the volume of travel and commerce are all conducive to arbovirus transmission. During the last decades, imported dengue cases have been regularly recorded in Florida, and the recent re-emergence of dengue as a major public health concern in the Americas has been accompanied by a steady increase in the number of imported cases. In 2009, there were 28 cases of locally transmitted dengue in Key West, and in 2010, 65 cases were reported. Local transmission was also reported in Martin County in 2013 (29 cases, and isolated locally transmitted cases were also reported from other counties in the last five years. Dengue control and prevention in the future will require close cooperation between mosquito control and public health agencies, citizens, community and government agencies, and medical professionals to reduce populations of the vectors and to condition citizens and visitors to take personal protection measures that minimize bites by infected mosquitoes.

  12. USA pelgab Hiina tehnoloogialuuret / Tõnis Arnover

    Arnover, Tõnis, 1952-


    Hiina Ameerika-vastasest majandusluurest. USA luureameti andmetel on USA-s loodud üle kolme tuhande Hiina firma, kelle ülesandeks on tööstusliku või sõjalise tehnoloogia hankimine. Vt. samas: Hiina firmad ostavad üha suuremaid USA ettevõtteid

  13. Kohtusid Eesti ja USA presidendid


    25. juunil 2007 kohtusid Washingtonis Valges Majas USA president George W. Bush ja Eesti president Toomas Hendrik Ilves. Kõne all oli viisavabadus, arengud Afganistanis ja Iraagis, NATO küberkaitsekeskuse loomine Tallinna. T.H. Ilves kohtus ka USA Kongressi Esindajatekoja spiikri Nancy Pelosi, kaitseminister Robert Gates'i ja parlamendiliikmetega. Vabariigi President töövisiidil Ameerika Ühendriikides 25.-26.06.2007

  14. Turbine main engines

    Main, John B; Herbert, C W; Bennett, A J S


    Turbine Main Engines deals with the principle of operation of turbine main engines. Topics covered include practical considerations that affect turbine design and efficiency; steam turbine rotors, blades, nozzles, and diaphragms; lubricating oil systems; and gas turbines for use with nuclear reactors. Gas turbines for naval boost propulsion, merchant ship propulsion, and naval main propulsion are also considered. This book is divided into three parts and begins with an overview of the basic mode of operation of the steam turbine engine and how it converts the pressure energy of the ingoing ste

  15. Census Snapshot: Maine

    Romero, Adam P; Rosky, Clifford J; Badgett, M. V. Lee; Gates, Gary J.


    Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, this report provides demographic and economic information about same-sex couples and same-sex couples raising children in Maine. We compare same-sex “unmarried partners,” which the Census Bureau defines as an unmarried couple who “shares living quarters and has a close personal relationship,” to different-sex married couples in Maine. In many ways, the more than 4,800 same-sex couples living in Maine are similar to married couples. According to...

  16. The Maine Music Box

    Lutz, Marilyn; Gallucci, Laura


    The paper describes the Maine Music Box and examines its potential as a tool for teaching and learning music. Pedagogical concepts are demonstrated using MIDI, Scorch, image and streaming video files.

  17. 2004 Maine Lidar

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This metadata document describes the collection and processing of Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data over an area along the coast of Maine. Data was collected...

  18. Reprocessing (1): Barnwell, USA

    The matter discussed is whether the US Administration will allow a large reprocessing plant, located in a South Carolina forest, to start operations. Constructed by private industry at a cost so far of some 250 million dollars, this facility could become either a key component in the US nuclear power programme, or a massively expensive white elephant. Designed as the first full-scale commercial plant to reprocess spent fuel from power reactors, the facility is falling victim to rising concerns about the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and its fate will probably hang on a complex series of regulatory, political and diplomatic decisions expected to be taken in the near future. Even if the Administration decides to allow the plant to start operations, however, its problems will not be entirely over. Before it can operate at full capacity additional facilities to solidify highly active wastes from the plant and to convert Pu nitrate to oxide will be required, estimated to cost 500 million dollars, a sum that private industry says it is unwilling to risk without government assistance. The plant is designed to reprocess fuel continuously from about 50 commercial power reactors, extracting Pu and U and recycling the materials as new reactor fuel. Activities of environmental and anti-nuclear groups with regard to large scale Pu production are discussed, together with the findings of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, including the holding of public hearings. Political developments are also discussed, including the establishment of international controls. The conclusion is reached that the future for reprocessing in the USA is uncertain. (U.K.)

  19. Development of Teachers’ Alternative Certification in the USA

    Pazyura Natalia


    The article reveals the prerequisites of appearance of alternative ways to train teachers in the USA at the end of the XX century as main mechanisms to increase qualitative and quantitative characteristics of teaching staff. The author concentrates the attention on the advantages and disadvantages of non-traditional ways to acquire teaching profession. The peculiarities of the development in different states of the country, main characteristics of the training with the help of alternative pro...

  20. Vliv obchodní politiky USA na jejich postavení v rámci světového obchodu

    Harutjunjan, Hrant


    The main aim of the thesis is to determine factors that influence USA trade policy. Secondary objectives are to specify the influence of USA trade policy on their economy and also to determine the trends of major trade policy measures of USA from 1990 until now. Theoretical part is about theory of trade policy in general and application on USA trade policy. Practical part of the diploma thesis includes the facts of US economy, trade policy, multilateral and bilateral agreements and territoria...

  1. FERMILAB: Main Injector

    The Fermilab Main Injector (FMI) project is the centerpiece of the Laboratory's Fermilab III programme for the 1990s. Designed to support a luminosity of at least 5x1031 cm-2 s-1 in the Tevatron collider, it will also provide new capabilities for rare neutral kaon decay and neutrino oscillation studies. The Fermilab Main Injector 8-150 GeV synchrotron is designed to replace the existing Main Ring which seriously limits beam intensities for the Tevatron and the antiproton production target. The project has passed several significant milestones and is now proceeding rapidly towards construction. The project received a $11.65M appropriation in 1992 and has been given $15M for the current fiscal year. Through the Energy Systems Acquisition Advisory Board (ESAAB) process, the US Department of Energy (DoE) has authorized funds for construction of the underground enclosure and service building where the Main Injector will touch the Tevatron, and to the preparation of bids for remaining project construction

  2. Maine Bouguer Gravity Grid

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — A 2 kilometer Bouguer anomaly grid for the state of Maine. Number of columns is 197 and number of rows is 292. The order of the data is from the lower left to the...

  3. Main facts 1993

    This report presents the main facts of the studies carried out by the Direction des Etudes et Recherches (DER) of Electricite de France: new applications of electricity, classical and nuclear thermal power plants, electrical equipment, environment protection, network analysis, information and informatic equipment

  4. Main facts 1995

    This report presents the main facts of the studies carried out by the Direction des Etudes et Recherches (DER) of Electricite de France: new applications of electricity, classical and nuclear thermal power plants, electrical equipment, environment protection, monitoring and plants operations

  5. Abstracts of Main Essays


    On Engels'Dialectics of "Theoretical Thinking" Sun Zheng-yu The main significant contribution to Marxist dialectics of Engels is to formulate dialectics on the level of theoretical thinking. This contribution is expressed in three aspects: 1 ) generalizing thoroughly the historical evolution of the way of thinking embodied in science history, philosophy history and human history;

  6. ISR main control room


    The ISR main control room (SRC) on the night of 20 October when beam was first successfully injected into Ring I. The panels along the left contain controls and observational information about the beam-transfer system and injection. Along the right are recorders showing beam intensity (in the centre) and controls for currents in the main magnets, the pole face windings, and auxiliary magnets, and the magnetic field display panel (further for the rear). At the far back are controls and observations for the r.f. system and the betatron-frequency meter. Also at the far back (in the centre) are oscilloscopes for looking at signals from the pick-up electrodes.

  7. Renovating the Main Building

    CERN Bulletin


    CERN's "Main Building" is exactly that. The Organization's central hub, with hundreds of staff and visitors passing through its doors every day, will soon be getting a well-earned facelift. Refurbishment work will proceed in phases, starting with the Salle des Pas Perdus, the concourse between the Council Chamber and the Main Auditorium. By the end of August, informal seating areas will be installed, electronic display panels will provide practical information and improved sound insulation will enhance conditions in the auditoria and surrounding meeting rooms.   In light green the area that will undergo the facelift. Work will start in July. The ground floor is home to the entrance to Restaurant No. 1, the bank, the post office, the travel agent, the Users Office, the Staff Association, the notice boards etc. Step up to the first floor to access CERN's largest lecture theatre, the Council Chamber and its "Pas Perdus" lobby. Everyone who works at or visits CERN i...

  8. Marketing Maine Tablestock Potatoes

    Berney, Gerald; Grajewski, Gregory; Hinman, Don; Prater, Marvin E.; Taylor, April


    The Marketing Services Division of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) was asked by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) National Program Leader and ARS’s New England Soil and Water Research Laboratory personnel to help with existing efforts to assist Maine fresh potato farmers in their search for alternative marketing strategies, and reverse the recent decline in the profitability of their operations. ARS researchers previously had conducted an exhaustive study defining possibl...

  9. Project evaluation: main characteristics

    Moutinho, Nuno


    — The evaluation process of real investment projects must consider not only the traditional financial approach, but also non-financial aspects. Non financial analysis can provide additional relevant information about projects. We investigate financial and non-financial areas most relevant in project appraisal. We present main critical success factors and areas of analysis that lead to the perception of project success. Finally, companies are segmented to verify its financial and non-financial...

  10. Nuclear rockets in USA and the former USSR

    This document is a result of review work on nuclear rockets which had been developed in USA and the former USSR, which was conducted under the theme 'Study of Very Small Reactors' in the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute. The investigation depended mainly on the proceedings of annual series (1983-1994) of Symposium on Space Nuclear Power Systems held at Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The history of nuclear rocket development in USA can be divided into two periods. The first period was 1955-1973 when the NERVA/Rover program was extensively developed. The second period was 1983-1993 or 4, when the SP-100 program and the SEI program were the main activities in USA. In this period, the manned Mars mission using nuclear thermal rocket was enthusiastically discussed in addition to the development of 100kWe space nuclear power source. Therefore, this document contains the essential technological fruits in the first period and the conceptual designs or studies and engineering developments in the second period. The space nuclear technology developments in the former USSR cannot be divided in the same manner. The descriptions on the development in this country are focused on the TOPAZ-2 which had already been developed as a 6kWe space nuclear power source and tested two times on the low earth orbit. (author)

  11. USA asekaitseminister seisab Eesti eest


    Eestis visiidil viibiv USA asekaitseminister poliitika alal Michele Flournoy ütles, et pooldab koostöökohtade otsimist Moskvaga, kuid on kindlal seisukohal, et Venemaa ei tohi end siin piirkonnas kehtestada. Flournoy tunnustas Eesti panust Afganistani ning samuti liitlassuhetesse laiemalt

  12. Dyslexia Laws in the USA

    Youman, Martha; Mather, Nancy


    Throughout the various states of the USA, the appropriate identification of dyslexia and the timely provision of interventions are characterized by variability and inconsistency. Several states have recognized the existence of this disorder and the well-established need for services. These states have taken proactive steps to implement laws and…

  13. USA panustab keskkonda / Jeffrey Goldstein

    Goldstein, Jeffrey


    USA uus energiapoliitika kava näeb ette bensiini tarbimise vähendamist järgneva 10 aasta jooksul 20%, mis omakorda vähendab ameeriklaste autodest eralduva süsihappegaasi heitmete kasvu ning vähendab sõltuvust naftast

  14. Sõda, mille USA on juba kaotanud / Mart Helme

    Helme, Mart, 1949-


    USA pole suutnud Iraagi-vastase sõja vajalikkust põhjendada, arvavad paljud USA poliitikavaatlejad. Rängaks diplomaatiliseks eksimuseks peetakse USA kaitseministri Donald Rumsfeldi avaldust, et USA ei vaja kellegi abi sõjas

  15. USA andis Gruusiale vastakaid signaale / Neeme Raud

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    USA välisministri Condoleezza Riceþi saabumisest Thbilisisse, et avaldada Gruusiale toetust. USA poolt antud soovitustest Gruusia president Mihhail Saakashvilile mitte jõudu kasutada ega alluda Venemaa provokatsioonidele ning hoiatustest sõjalise konflikti tagajärgede eest. USA analüütikute arvamusi

  16. USA suursaadikuga Tallinna lahel / Katrin Kruss

    Kruss, Katrin


    USA suursaadik Stanley Davis Phillips oma haridusteest, perekonnast, armastusest mere vastu, panusest isa Earl Phillipsi mööbliäri laiendamisse, golfiharrastusest, suursaadikute ettevalmistusest USA-s, suursaadiku residentsist Pirital ning uue saatkonnahoone otsingutest Tallinnas. Lisa: Stanley Davis Phillips

  17. The main players

    About 30 French main players in the field of energy (political parties, administrations, companies, non-governmental organizations and think-tanks) have been reported and dispatched on a chart according to their opinions following 2 axis: pro- versus anti-nuclear energy and pro- versus anti-wind power. The energy sector in France is dominated by 4 companies: EDF, GDF-Suez, Areva and Total, all are strongly pro-nuclear. All the political parties except EELV (Europe-Ecology-Les-Verts) are favourable to nuclear energy. Most non-governmental organizations are favourable to renewable energies, but the FED (Federation Environnement Durable) gathers local associations fighting the installations of wind turbines. (A.C)

  18. TRIGA reactor main systems

    This module describes the main systems of low power (<2 MW) and higher power (≥2 MW) TRIGA reactors. The most significant difference between the two is that forced reactor cooling and an emergency core cooling system are generally required for the higher power TRIGA reactors. However, those TRIGA reactors that are designed to be operated above 3 MW also use a TRIGA fuel that is specifically designed for those higher power outputs (3 to 14 MW). Typical values are given for the respective systems although each TRIGA facility will have unique characteristics that may only be determined by the experienced facility operators. Due to the inherent wide scope of these research reactor facilities construction and missions, this training module covers those systems found at most operating TRIGA reactor facilities but may also discuss non-standard equipment that was found to be operationally useful although not necessarily required. (author)

  19. Main Oxidizer Valve Design

    Addona, Brad; Eddleman, David


    A developmental Main Oxidizer Valve (MOV) was designed by NASA-MSFC using additive manufacturing processes. The MOV is a pneumatically actuated poppet valve to control the flow of liquid oxygen to an engine's injector. A compression spring is used to return the valve to the closed state when pneumatic pressure is removed from the valve. The valve internal parts are cylindrical in shape, which lends itself to traditional lathe and milling operations. However, the valve body represents a complicated shape and contains the majority of the mass of the valve. Additive manufacturing techniques were used to produce a part that optimized mass and allowed for design features not practical with traditional machining processes.

  20. Abstracts of Main Essays

    Feng Zi-yi


    On Deepening the Research on the Law of the Social Horizontal Development Feng Zi-yi The further development of globalization makes it urgent to deepen the research on the law of social hori- zontal development. Historical development of human society has experienced periods of isolation, multi-cen- ter, and globalization, while the truly horizontal development began from modernity. This kind of development is driven mainly by the logic of capital. The transforming process of capital, from dominating the whole process of economic development toward all aspects of social life, and from dominating nations toward the whole world, is also the logical process of capital pursuing itself and the process of social horizontal and wholly development as well. Horizontal and vertical developments of the society are interacting always. Researching on the law of social horizontal development is important for us to adapt to the historical trend consciously, to grasp the logic of capital rationally and to choose the right road of development.

  1. USA jako světový hegemon

    Štumper, Vít


    The bachelor thesis deals with the notion of global hegemony, in terms of definition and its attributes. It also maps the historical development of hegemony and its individual representatives - Portugal, Holland, England and USA, including the causes of their downfall. The main objective of my work was to analyze the hegemony of the United States and express my view on possible future competitors and whether the U.S. hegemony persists or not.

  2. Vývoj dividendové politiky v USA

    Dezort, David


    Thesis Dividend Policy Development in the USA is concerned with comprehensive analysis of dividend policy development in the United states of America for the past ten years. The thesis begins with definition of primary objective of company, income trading division, dividend concept, dividend division according to different factors, declaration and taxation of dividend. A part of the thesis is dedicated to dividend theories and desciption of elementary dividend models. The main objective of th...

  3. Organic bread-wheat in New England, USA

    Rasmussen, Ilse A.; Mallory, Ellen


    In October 2010, researchers, farmers and millers from Maine and Vermont, USA, organized a trip to Denmark, in order to learn about local bread wheat production, milling and use from their more experienced counterparts with climates similar to their own. They have received a grant over four years for the project antitled Enhancing Farmers’ Capacity to Produce High Quality Organic Bread Wheat in which they will carry out research, development and education to improve the production and qual...

  4. About the treaty of complete nuclear test ban: the USA between unilateralism and multilateralism

    This article analyses the possible reasons that have led the US Senate to reject the treaty of comprehensive nuclear test ban. Even if this decision did not retained the attention of the international public opinion, it appears as surprising because the USA have worked a lot for the elaboration of this treaty and were considered as the main beneficiaries of it. Three interpretations are proposed by the author: some purely internal disputes inside Clinton's administration, a real will of the USA to abandon the arms control policy, or an intermediate attitude which allows the USA to act on different levels and to get rid of common rules. (J.S.)


    V. Kyrii


    Full Text Available In the article theoretical basis of securitization process was considered as main instrument for banks structured finance. Also features for main instruments of securitization were provided. The latest tendencies on securitization market in USA and Europe were analyzed.

  6. Eesti on USA uus lemmik / Argo Ideon

    Ideon, Argo, 1966-


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilvese visiidist Washingtoni, kohtumistest USA presidendi George W. Bushi, asepresident Dick Cheney, asevälisminister John Negroponte, kaitseminister Robert M. Gates'i, USA Kongressi esindajatekoja spiikri Nancy Pelosi ja kongresmenidega. Eestil õnnestus korraldada USA pealinnas kohtumised, mille järjekorras ootab hulk palju suuremaid riike. Vabariigi President töövisiidil Ameerika Ühendriikides 25.-26.06.2007

  7. 10 aastat USA-Balti hartat


    10 aasta möödumisest 16. jaanuaril 1998 Valges Majas toimunud tseremooniast kui Ameerika Ühendriikide, Leedu, Läti ja Eesti presidendid allkirjastasid USA-Balti partnerlusharta. Eesti, Läti, Leedu presidentide ühisavaldusest - "ajalooline poliitiline teetähis Balti-USA riikide suhtes", tähistamaks USA-Balti partnerlusharta 10. aastapäeva. President George W. Bushi õnnitlusest Eesti, Läti ja Leedu elanikele harta 10. aastapäeva puhul\\

  8. USA otsib Iraanist aktiivselt tuumainfot / Neeme Raud

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    Iraan avaldas protesti USA luurelendude üle Iraani kohal. USA endine kaitseminister James Baker peab Iraani ja Põhja-Koreaga nende tuumaprogrammide hävitamiseks sõja alustamist suurimaks veaks. Kuigi Bushi meeskond rõhutab vajadust lahendada küsimus rahumeelselt, toovad Dick Cheney' ja Condoleezza Rice'i avaldused mitme USA kommentaatori arvates meelde Iraagi sõja eelse taktika

  9. Forensic entomology and main challenges in Brazil.

    Gomes, Leonardo; Von Zuben, Cláudio J


    Apart from an early case report from China (13th century), the first observations on insects and other arthropods as forensic indicators were documented in Germany and France during mass exhumations in the 1880s by Reinhard, who is considered a co-founder of the discipline. After the French publication of Mégnin's popular book on the applied aspects of forensic entomology, the concept quickly spread to Canada and United States. At that time, researchers recognized that the lack of systematic observations of insects of forensic importance jeopardized their use as indicators of postmortem interval. General advances in insect taxonomy and ecology helped to fill this gap over the following decades. After World Wars, few forensic entomology cases were reported in the scientific literature. From 1960s to the 1980s, Leclercq and Nuorteva were primarily responsible for maintaining the method in Central Europe, reporting isolated cases. Since then, basic research in the USA, Russia and Canada opened the way to the routine use of Entomology in forensic investigations. Identifications of insects associated with human cadavers are relatively few in the literature of the Neotropical region and have received little attention in Brazil. This article brings an overview of historic developments in this field, the recent studies and the main problems and challenges in South America and mainly in Brazil. PMID:17352063

  10. Virginia Tech's Ashley White named to USA Today All-USA First Team

    Crumbley, Liz


    Virginia Tech senior Ashley White, a University Honors student pursuing degrees in both materials science and engineering and music performance, has been named to USA Today's All-USA College Academic First Team.

  11. Effect of Main-stem Dams on Zooplankton Communities of the Missouri River (USA)

    We examined the distribution and abundance of zooplankton from 146 sites on the Missouri River and found large shifts in the dominance of major taxa between management zones of this regulated river. Crustacean zooplankton were dominant in the inter-reservoir zone of the river, an...

  12. Speciation of Al, Fe, and P in recent sediment from three lakes in Maine, USA

    Norton, S. A.; Coolidge, K.; Amirbahman, A.; Bouchard, R.; Kopáček, Jiří; Reinhardt, R.


    Roč. 404, 2-3 (2008), s. 276-283. ISSN 0048-9697. [BIOGEOMON 2006, International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior /5./. Santa Cruz, 25.06.2006-30.06.2006] R&D Projects: GA ČR(CZ) GA206/06/0410 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z60170517 Keywords : freshwaters * acidification * photochemistry Subject RIV: DA - Hydrology ; Limnology Impact factor: 2.579, year: 2008

  13. Main Street, U.S.A.: Fact and Fiction About Drug Abuse

    McKee, Michael R.


    A random sample of teachers, parents, police, mental health clinic workers, ministers, and high school students were interviewed and tested to ascertain their attitudes and knowledge regarding drugs. The findings are that drug users, in addition to being much more knowledgeable about drugs than nonusers, encounter quite different problems related…

  14. USA klaaskatuste murdmise aeg / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    USA presidendivalimistel kandideeris esmakordselt afroameeriklane, presidendikandidaatide kampaanias osales naiskandidaat Hillary Clinton. Vt. samas: Obama isa kodukülas palvetati ja valmistuti suureks peoks

  15. BusinessUSA Resource Access API

    General Services Administration — BusinessUSA connects businesses to government services and information. The API provides access to resource abstracts including programs, services, data, events,...

  16. Distant education of gifted children in the USA

    Rogozhkina I. B.


    Full Text Available Distant teaching which helps to realize the main principles of contemporary education: «teaching throughout» and «lifelong teaching» becomes more and more indemand. The possibility to get education for the residents of remote districts, excess to contemporary data bases, scientific libraries and learning materials of high quality, possibility to study at a time convenient for a student and in a tempo acceptable to the one makes distant education one of the most effective form of work with gifted children. System of distant education in the USA which is one of the most sophisticated one involves a big variety of programs and courses for both ordinary and gifted students. The article analyzes the existing in the USA on-line programs for gifted children, reveals their advantages and disadvantages, discusses the distant forms of work applicable to teaching of gifted children in Russia.

  17. Comments on the energy crises of the USA. Pt. 2

    Various alternatives to reduce the energy crisis, up to the radical solution of 'zero-growth' are now under discussion and the consequences are being discussed in Congress and in the press of the USA. For the next 30 to 50 years, the USA economy will be based mainly on fossil fuels. A development of the plants for coal liquefaction is necessary within the next 10 years. An increased use of breeder reactors is necessary in order to stretch the existing uranium reserves. Research and development in the field of nuclear fusion should be accelerated especially regarding the generation of cheap hydrogen by electrolysis of sea-water. Increased use of geothermal and solar energy, as well as of water and wind power could support the energy programme. (HW)

  18. 77 FR 6587 - Startek USA, Inc. Alexandria, LA; Startek USA, Inc., Collinsville, VA; Amended Certification...


    ... published in the Federal Register on February 10, 2011 (76 FR 7587). On its own motion, the Department... Employment and Training Administration Startek USA, Inc. Alexandria, LA; Startek USA, Inc., Collinsville, VA..., applicable to workers of StarTek USA, Inc., Alexandria, Louisiana. The workers are engaged in the supply...

  19. Eestis ära põlatud leiutis teenib USA-s head kasumit / Sigrid Laev

    Laev, Sigrid


    Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli materjaliteaduste instituudi vanemteaduri Vello Valdna poolt 1990. aastate lõpus leiutatud röntgenluminofoori tootmisse andmist Eestis takistas rahapuudus, leiutis sai patendi USA-s ja tema tootmist alustas USA röntgensüsteemide tootja Bruker. Kommenteerib Vello Valdna

  20. Berliini müür USA-s varisemas / Mehis Replik

    Replik, Mehis


    USA-s on pankade liitumine lõppjärgus. Tabelid: Pankade Euromoney TOP 200, suurima turuväärtusega pangad juunis 1998, Ida- ja Kesk-Euroopa pankade võrdlus koguvarade alusel. Euroopa ühinevad pangad. Artiklis on käsitletud ka USA pangandusalaseid õigusakte läbi ajaloo

  1. China / USA - Climate at stake; Chine / USA - Le climat en jeu

    Marechal, Jean-Paul


    Climate change is one of the major challenge that humanity will have to take up during the coming decades. The preparation in 2012 of the 'post-Kyoto' era, where all countries would take up their climate responsibilities, remains the hardest trial. However, all successive international summits did not lead to any constraining agreement between countries. The main reason is the rivalry and dependence relation which links China and the USA. It is now obvious that no major climate decision can be taken without the double determined commitment of these both giants, and so far it is not in their interest to lead by example. This book analyses the freeze of this situation in an historical perspective and identifies some paths of solution to this serious problem. (J.S.)

  2. Green electricity - experiences from USA; Groen el - erfarenheter fraan USA

    Graens, N.


    Environmental concern has opened a market for electric power produced from renewable energy sources in USA. A number of American electric utilities have responded to the interest from the public and offered green electricity at a price somewhat above the normal rates. Most of these programs, that have existed for a few years, have succeeded quite well, giving the utilities better relations to their customers and experiences from marketing new products. The customers have been satisfied and shown enthusiasm for the new product. The present report reviews the attitudes to and drive behind green electricity from/relative to utilities, customers, environmental organizations and authorities. The programs and experiences of the utilities are described, and the prospects for green power on a deregulated market are discussed. Speculations about market responses to green power in Sweden are also made. 37 refs, 13 figs

  3. USA raport hoiatab tuumaterroristide eest / Karin Volmer

    Volmer, Karin


    USA-s tegutseva tuumaterrori vastase organisatsiooni Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) raport kinnitab maailma edusamme tuumamaterjali turvalisuses, kuid on ka palju ohuallikaid. Analüütikud kahtlevad Venemaa ja Pakistani armee usaldusväärsuses tuumamaterjali hoidmisel. Lisa: Tuumaterrori raport

  4. Etteheide: USA okupeerib Haitit / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    Prantsusmaa ja Brasiilia on esitanud protesti, sest USA sõjalennukitele on antud eelisõigus Haiti pealinna Port-au-Prince'i lennujaama kasutamisel. Paljude kommentaatorite hinnangul on Prantsusmaa püüdnud haarata prominentset rolli Haiti abistamisel, kuid USA on tegutsenud kiiremini ja jõulisemalt. Kaart

  5. USA annab eeskuju terroristidele / Neeme Raud

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    Inimõiguse organisatsioon Human Rights Watch kritiseerib USA-d vangide piinamise ja alandamise pärast Iraagis, Afganistanis ja Kuubal nn. terrorismivanglas. Washington Posti andmetel kavatseb Bushi administratsioon avada mitmel pool maailmas vanglaid, kus hakatakse hoidma terroriste eemal avalikkuse tähelepanust. Lisa: USA näitel on inimõigusi rikkunud

  6. Bulgaaria valitsus tahab USA raketikilpi / Mihkel Niglas

    Niglas, Mihkel


    Bulgaarias küsiti USA presidendilt George W. Bushilt, miks Poolasse ja Tšehhi kavandatav raketikilp ei hakka katma Bulgaariat. USA paigutab septembris Bulgaaria sõjabaasi üle 3000 sõduri. George W. Bush toetab Bulgaaria nõudmist Liibüale vabastada Bulgaaria meditsiiniõed

  7. Krossil on probleeme USA viisaga? / Raimo Poom

    Poom, Raimo


    Eesti Päevaleht esitas USA Eesti-saatkonnale järelepärimise seoses sellega, et Eerik-Niiles Krossi USA-viisa on tühistatud. Saatkonna pressi- ja kultuuriatašee James Landi vastusest. Eerik-Niiles Krossi kommentaare

  8. Eestit huvitab USA armee kohaloleku suurenemine


    Riigikogu riigikaitsekomisjoni esimees Marko Mihkelson avaldas eilsel kohtumisel USA senati relvajõudude komitee delegatsiooniga tänu Ameerika Ühendriikide pikajalise toetuse eest Eesti julgeoleku tagamisel ning rõhutas, et USA väekoosseisu suurendamine Eestis oleks tervitatav. Kahepoolsel kohtumisel räägiti Balti regiooni julgeolekuolukorrast ning peatuti pikemalt kaitsekoostöö teemadel

  9. Teadlased : USA liitub Kyoto protokolliga / Neeme Raud

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    USA ja Austraalia on ainsad riigid, mis pole Kyoto protokollile alla kirjutanud. Princetoni ülikooli professori Michael Oppenheimeri arvates võib USA president George W. Bush oma seisukohti keskkonnaküsimustes muuta, sest teiseks ametiajaks valitud presidendid ei pea mõtlema uuele kampaaniale ning püüavad enne Valgest Majast lahkumist oma mainet maailma silmis parandada

  10. Ideaalne torm USA majanduses / Ken Goldstein ; interv. Neeme Raud

    Goldstein, Ken


    USA majandusuuringute organisatsiooni The Conference Board analüütik USA majanduse olukorrast, mõjust maailmamajandusele, arenguvõimalustest ning uue presidendi vajalikest sammudest majanduses. Lisa: Enamuse arvates on USA valel teel

  11. Green electricity - experiences from USA

    Environmental concern has opened a market for electric power produced from renewable energy sources in USA. A number of American electric utilities have responded to the interest from the public and offered green electricity at a price somewhat above the normal rates. Most of these programs, that have existed for a few years, have succeeded quite well, giving the utilities better relations to their customers and experiences from marketing new products. The customers have been satisfied and shown enthusiasm for the new product. The present report reviews the attitudes to and drive behind green electricity from/relative to utilities, customers, environmental organizations and authorities. The programs and experiences of the utilities are described, and the prospects for green power on a deregulated market are discussed. Speculations about market responses to green power in Sweden are also made. 37 refs, 13 figs

  12. Modelling middle pliocene warm climates of the USA

    Haywood, A.M.; Valdes, P.J.; Sellwood, B.W.; Kaplan, J.O.; Dowsett, H.J.


    The middle Pliocene warm period represents a unique time slice in which to model and understand climatic processes operating under a warm climatic regime. Palaeoclimatic model simulations, focussed on the United States of America (USA), for the middle Pliocene (ca 3 Ma) were generated using the USGS PRISM2 2?? ?? 2?? data set of boundary conditions and the UK Meteorological Office's HadAMS General Circulation Model (GCM). Model results suggest that conditions in the USA during the middle Pliocene can be characterised as annually warmer (by 2?? to 4??C), less seasonal, wetter (by a maximum of 4 to 8 mm/day) and with an absence of freezing winters over the central and southern Great Plains. A sensitivity experiment suggests that the main forcing mechanisms for surface temperature changes in near coastal areas are the imposed Pliocene sea surface temperatures (SST's). In interior regions, reduced Northern Hemisphere terrestrial ice, combined with less snow cover and a reduction in the elevation of the western cordillera of North America, generate atmospheric circulation changes and positive albedo feedbacks that raise surface temperatures. A complex set of climatic feedback mechanisms cause an enhancement of the hydrological cycle magnifying the moisture bearing westerly wind belt during the winter season (Dec., Jan., Feb.). Predictions produced by the model are in broad agreement with available geological evidence. However, the GCM appears to underestimate precipitation levels in the interior and central regions of the southern USA. Copyright: Palaeontological Association, 22 June 2001.

  13. Experience from Soybean Industry Development of Main Soybean Producing Countries

    MA Zenglin; GUO Xiangyu


    Soybean output and trade are mainly operated in America, Brazil, Argentina and China in recent years, especially in America. For China, the import output is number one, and the export output is the forth. For this reason, the soybean industry of China got a huge lash, and the soybean farmers got a large loss, it influenced the building of new countryside construction in China. Both U.S.A's soybean output and trade amout are the number one in the world, this achievement should be contributed to U.S.A's advanced production ability and its favorable subsidy policies. Contrary to U.S.A's large subsidy and cheap loan, Brazil and Argentina raise their soybean output and trade amount by high production technology and "untying" policies, such as abolishing some unreasonable rules and tax. So if we want to develop Chinese soybean industry and make sure our soybean industry's safety, it's necessary for us to experience soybean industry development of other countries' and improve ours.

  14. The American Eider in Maine

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The American eider, Maine's only breeding sea duck, is known to have nested on 215 coastal islands of the State in 1976. In Maine, eiders seem to prefer to nest on...

  15. Licensing reform in the USA

    The licensing process for nuclear power plants in the USA is currently in two distinct stages: the issuance of a construction permit followed later by the issuance of an operation license. The ''two-step'' process has come under heavy criticism from the U.S. nuclear industry on the grounds that it causes uncertainty and delays and therefore inhibits new commitments to nuclear power plants. In 1989 the NRC published new regulations for the licensing of nuclear power plants which provide for the issuance of early site permits, safety certifications of standard designs, and combined construction permits and operating licences. The new rule was challenged by intervenors representing antinuclear groups who filed a legal challenge seeking to have the rule set aside on the grounds that it violates the Atomic Energy Act which they allege makes two-step licensing mandatory. In November 1990 the US Court of Appeals upheld the NRC's authority to issue combined licenses. An appeal for a rehearing has been filed. The paper analyses the events and the possible consequences of an adverse court decision. It reviews the options open to the NRC and industry if the court decision is upheld. The possibility of congressional action to amend the Atomic Energy Act is discussed. (author)

  16. Main Propulsion Test Article (MPTA)

    Snoddy, Cynthia


    Scope: The Main Propulsion Test Article integrated the main propulsion subsystem with the clustered Space Shuttle Main Engines, the External Tank and associated GSE. The test program consisted of cryogenic tanking tests and short- and long duration static firings including gimbaling and throttling. The test program was conducted on the S1-C test stand (Position B-2) at the National Space Technology Laboratories (NSTL)/Stennis Space Center. 3 tanking tests and 20 hot fire tests conducted between December 21 1 1977 and December 17, 1980 Configuration: The main propulsion test article consisted of the three space shuttle main engines, flightweight external tank, flightweight aft fuselage, interface section and a boilerplate mid/fwd fuselage truss structure.

  17. LHV soovib USA-s kohtuvälist kokkulepet / Toivo Tänavsuu

    Tänavsuu, Toivo


    Kohtuväline kokkulepe LHV ja USA väärtpaberituru järelevalveasutuse SEC vahel tähendaks külmutatud väärtpaberikontode avamist, ent tõenäoliselt ka seda, et LHV peab maksma trahvi. Kohtuistungil USA-s esindavad LHV töötajaid Kristjan Lepikut ja Oliver Peeki advokaadid. Lisa: Teisedki on "sundpuhkusel"

  18. Ilves kritiseeris USA juhtidega Venemaad / Dagne Hanschmidt

    Hanschmidt, Dagne


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 21. apr. lk. 4. President Toomas Hendrik Ilves kohtus töövisiidil Ameerika Ühendriikidesse USA asepresidendi Dick Cheney ja riigisekretär Condoleezza Rice'iga. Arutusel olid Euroopa Liidu suhted Venemaaga, Venemaa käitumine Gruusiaga, NATO viimase tippkohtumise tulemused. USA välisminister C. Rice avaldas Eesti presidendile tänu Eesti silmapaistva panuse eest Afganistanis. Kohtumisi kommenteerivad Riigikogu Euroopa Liidu asjade komisjoni esimees Marko Mihkelson ja Riigikogu väliskomisjoni esimees Sven Mikser. Vt. samas: Euroliit andis USA viisavabadusele rohelise tee. Euroopa Liidu sise- ja justiitsministrite kohtumisel kiideti heaks otsused, mis võimaldavad Eestil liituda USA viisavabadusprogrammiga. Vabariigi President töövisiidil Ameerika Ühendriikides 17.-23.04.2008

  19. Quo vadis, USA dollar? : finantsturgude viimastest arengutest / Robert Liljequist

    Liljequist, Robert


    Swedbank AB Soome strateegiajuht vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad USA majandust alanud aastal, dollari n.-ö turvalise valuuta staatuse kaotamise ohtu, võlakirjade ostmise vähendamist ja selle mõju USA dollarile, Euroopa Keskpanga poliitika mõju euro ja USA dollari suhtele. Swebanki prognoos USA dollari kohta

  20. USA tahab Iraagilt täispuutumatust / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    USA ja Iraagi läbirääkimised USA vägede staatuse üle venivad, USA soovib oma sõduritele täielikku immuniteeti. Iraak olevat nõus nende USA üksuste immuniteediga, kes on sõjalistes rajatistes või missioonil, milles on varem kokku lepitud

  1. USA suursaadik : hirmud on alistanud lootuse / Toomas Sildam

    Sildam, Toomas, 1961-


    Eestist lahkuv USA suursaadik Joseph de Thomas andis USA iseseisvuspäeva kõnes hinnangu Eesti toetusele Iraagis ja USA Iraagi-poliitikale. Parlamendiliige Eiki Berg USA suursaadiku kõnest. Vt. ka: Suursaadiku sõnum lk. 10

  2. Lahingustress ajab USA sõdurid jooma / Neeme Raud

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke, 15. märts 2007, lk. 10. USA kaitseministeeriumi siseuurimuse kohaselt kasvas alkoholi kuritarvitamine tegevteenistuses olevate USA sõjaväelaste seas aastatel 2002-2005 enam kui 30%. Alkoholi ja uimastite tarvitamisest Iraagis ja Afganistanis teenivate USA sõdurite hulgas. Vt. samas: USA relvajõududes puhkes uus homoskandaal

  3. USA võtab hoogu maha / Tarvo Vaarmets

    Vaarmets, Tarvo


    Pärast riiklike soodustuste lõppu koduostjatele on USA-s vähenenud kinnisvara soetamine, jaemüüjate käive langes juunis võrreldes maiga 0,5%. USA keskpanga presidendi Ben Bernanke hinnangul on USA majandus ebatavaliselt ebamäärane

  4. Kasína- ekonomický a sociálny dopad v USA

    Hodáková, Ľubica


    Thesis is focused on economic and social impact of the casinos in USA while it is global problem with important economic and political consequences. Main goal of the thesis was to analyze the gambling industry (casinos) in USA from micro-economic view (especially economic and social disadvantages of the casinos with respect to the individuals) and from macro-economic view (especially economic positives with respect to the society) together with social impacts on the citizens. Regarding method...

  5. Didactics Textbooks in Germany and the USA: A Comparative Study of Eclecticism, Selection and Integration

    Zierer, Klaus


    This article presents the results of a comparison of didactics textbooks in two countries: on the one hand it examines a textbook in the tradition of German Didaktik, and, on the other hand, a textbook in the tradition of "Instructional Design" from the USA. The main research question is: How do authors write didactics textbooks? Is it possible to…

  6. 1952 Kern County, USA Images

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — South of Bakersfield. Affected area: 414,000 square kilometers. Damage: $50 million. This was the main shock of the series of earthquakes that struck this area. It...

  7. Revitalizing central western Maine's economy

    Jennifer DeChant


    In Maine's Kennebec and Somerset counties, the Progressive Alliance for Careers and Training is working to create employment opportunities and spur economic growth. Jennifer DeChant of Coastal Enterprises, Inc., highlights some of the program's successes to date.

  8. Humboldt River main stem, Nevada

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set contains the main stem of the Humboldt River as defined by Humboldt Project personnel of the U.S. Geological Survey Nevada District, 2001. The data...

  9. Environmental radon and cancer correlations in Maine.

    Hess, C T; Weiffenbach, C V; Norton, S A


    The distribution of 222Rn has been measured in the sixteen counties of Maine, U.S.A. by liquid scintillation counting of water samples from more than two thousand public and private wells. Three hundred and fifty of these wells have been characterized for geology and hydrology. Airborne radon has been measured in seventy houses with grab samples and in eighteen houses for 5-7 days each with continuously recording diffusion-electrostatic radon detectors. Concentrations of radon in water ranged from 20 to 180,000 pCi/l. Granite areas yielded the highest average levels (mean = 22,100 pCi/l.; n = 136), with considerable intra-granite variation. Metasedimentary rocks yielded levels characteristic of the lithology for metamorphic grades ranging from chlorite to andalusite. Sillimanite and higher-grade rocks yielded higher 222Rn levels, probably due to the intrusion of uranium-bearing pegmatites in these terranes. Airborne 222Rn in homes ranged from 0.05 to 210 pCi/l. At the high end of this range, doses will exceed recommended industrial limits. In some homes only a small fraction of the airborne 222Rn was due to the water supply. Average 222Rn levels in domestic water supplies for each of the 16 counties, calculated by areally averaging rock types and their associated 222Rn levels, were found to be significantly correlated with rates for all cancers combined and rates for lung and reproductive cancers in the counties. Although numerous factors other than cancer induction by indoor daughter exposures may be responsible for the observed correlations, these have not been investigated in detail. PMID:6885433

  10. 50 CFR 226.217 - Critical habitat for the Gulf of Maine Distinct Population Segment of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar).


    ... reference was approved by the Director of the Federal Register in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552(a) and 1 CFR... as defined by the ordinary high-water line (33 CFR 329.11). In areas where the ordinary high-water.... Kennebec Augusta, Benton, Chelsea, China, Clinton, Farmingdale, Fayette, Gardiner, Hallowell,...

  11. A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Governance Structures in Europe, USA and Latin America

    Avadanei Anamaria


    The aim of the present paper is to highlight the characteristics of corporate governance structures in three main areas: Europe, USA and Latin America. This paper offers an overview of the common elements and divergent points of the corporate governance models following the particularities of the selected regions. In order to identify the main directions of reform, we discuss the nature and structure of corporate regimes. To conclude, we can’t speak of a single set of global corporate governa...

  12. Non-main Stream Plays Main Role in Shipbuilding Market

    Qin Ping


    @@ Comparing with both the major shipyards and shipping companies that were facing an market decline and hard time,the non-mainstream ship types,non-mainstream ship manufacturers and non-mainstream ship owners,as main roles,made a wonderful show of living and developing in 2009.

  13. I-WARP: Individual Water mAin Renewal Planner

    Y. Kleiner


    Full Text Available I-WARP is based upon a nonhomogeneous Poisson approach to model breakage rates in individual water mains. The structural deterioration of water mains and their subsequent failure are affected by many factors, both static (e.g., pipe material, pipe size, age (vintage, soil type and dynamic (e.g., climate, cathodic protection, pressure zone changes. I-WARP allows for the consideration of both static and dynamic factors in the statistical analysis of historical breakage patterns. This paper describes the mathematical approach and demonstrates its application with the help of a case study. The research project within which I-WARP was developed, was jointly funded by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC, and the Water Research foundation (formerly known as the American Water Works Association Research Foundation – AwwaRF and supported by water utilities from USA and Canada.

  14. Smart Grids: short history, main components and perspectives

    This paper tries to describe the smart grids in their entirety. In a first part, two definitions are given for the smart grids, the main drivers for their development are briefly described, along with an overview of the initiatives and projects in different parts of the world: Europe, USA, Asia and Pacific area. The second part is devoted to the main components of the smart grids. The following are considered: distributed generation and renewables, energy storage, demand side integration, intelligent buildings, smart meters, communication infrastructures, distribution and transmission networks, micro-grids, flexibility of the generation park, electric vehicles and regulatory issues. Finally, the conclusion gives a short discussion of some important issues, as well as of the benefits of demonstration projects. (authors)

  15. Quebec-USA electricity export contracts

    Electricity exports from Hydro-Quebec to utilities in the USA significantly affects the economy and environment of Quebec. These exports may be arranged under interconnection agreements to sell excess capacity and production during off-peak periods or under firm sales contracts. Hydro-Quebec exports could also replace power plants that would otherwise be needed in the USA. The economic environment for Hydro-Quebec exports to the USA is reviewed along with the regulatory environment applicable to international trade (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Canada-USA Free Trade Agreement, North American Free Trade Agreement), Quebec (Canadian federal and provincial law), and the USA (federal and state law). A jurisdictional analysis of power export contracts is then presented, citing examples of contracts already signed by Hydro-Quebec with utilities in New York and New England. Contract law and contract provisions are discussed, including common clauses and particular clauses. Suggestions are made for new clauses that would improve the electricity trade. 215 refs., 13 figs., 3 tabs

  16. "Riia ring, "luurepost ja tööjaotus USA esindustest Baltikumis 1920. aastatel / Eero Medijainen""

    Medijainen, Eero, 1959-


    Diplomaatilisest taustast. USA esinduste rajamisest Baltikumi. Olukorrast USA saatkonnas 1922. aastal. USA sõjalisest vaatlejast "Balti provintsides" 1919-1922. Luurekeskusest ja Sergius Riisist. "Vene sektsiooni" formaliseeerumisest.

  17. Overview: Main Fundamentals for Steganography

    AL-Ani, Zaidoon Kh; Zaidan, B B; Alanazi, Hamdan O


    The rapid development of multimedia and internet allows for wide distribution of digital media data. It becomes much easier to edit, modify and duplicate digital information .Besides that, digital documents are also easy to copy and distribute, therefore it will be faced by many threats. It is a big security and privacy issue, it become necessary to find appropriate protection because of the significance, accuracy and sensitivity of the information. Steganography considers one of the techniques which used to protect the important information. The main goals for this paper, to recognize the researchers for the main fundamentals of steganography. In this paper provides a general overview of the following subject areas: Steganography types, General Steganography system, Characterization of Steganography Systems and Classification of Steganography Techniques.

  18. Energy prospects in the USA; Les perspectives energetiques aux USA



    This article summarizes the main trends of the US national energy plan sustained by the administration of President Bush: national energy policy development (diversification of energy supplies, development of an hydrogen economy), energy legislation (energy saving, development of renewable energy sources, promoting national production, budget discussion), re-launching of the nuclear sector: situation of the nuclear operators, competitiveness of nuclear energy, impact of deregulation on fusion/acquisition operations, role and liability of the federal administration (development of the Yucca Mountain (Nevada) disposal site for spent fuels, 'Nuclear Power 2010' initiative, long-term 'Generation IV' program, advanced fuel cycle program, hydrogen initiative and project of very high temperature reactor (VHTR) at the Idaho national laboratory). (J.S.)

  19. Main Elements for Upscaling Recreation

    Zandersen, Marianne; Termansen, Mette


    This report provides information on the main elements used to scale up modelled local visitor flow data to regional level based on recreational de-mand models. These models are described in Report #1. This report also provides information on data sources such as spatial data (e.g. land cov......-er/land use information), demographic information. The report is accom-pagnied with a spatial database for the regional case of forest recreation in Northern Zealand, Denmark. The spatial database contains forest polygons; forest attribute; estimation of total annual number of visits per site; and es...

  20. Creating markets for air pollution control in Europe and the USA

    This paper surveys recent efforts to relax the rigid regulatory frameworks for air pollution control in Europe and the USA. European policies have mainly taken the form of bubbles and compensation or offset schemes. Emission trading has been limited to intra-firm solutions for various reasons: industry structure, absence of real scarcity, and too restrictive trading rules. Bubbles have been granted to homogenous sectors only and can be characterized as direct regulation for a group rather than tradeable permit systems. By contrast, the sulphur allowance program in the USA has laid down the foundation for a pollution permit market with few formal restrictions. Problems that arise arc mainly related to local environmental and public utility controls. Europe can learn from the USA that regular national permit markets could be installed, preferably for homogenous sectors. In designing the permit system, the differences between the USA and Europe in terms of ecosystem sensitively, stringency of regulation and differentiation of regional environmental policy have to be taken into account. 1 fig., 2 tabs., 54 refs

  1. Bush soovib rahajagamisega USA majandust turgutada / Neeme Raud

    Raud, Neeme, 1969-


    USA presidendi George W. Bushi plaanist maksta igale maksumaksjale tagasi 800 ja peredele 1600 dollarit, et majandust tõusule juhtida. USA Keskpanga poliitikast ja maailma börside jätkuvast langusest. Kommenteerivad: Romet Tepper, Jaanus Pikkani

  2. The USA: Challenges of the Superpower

    Dr. Ketevan Rostiashvili


    Full Text Available Since the collapse of the Soviet Union function and mission of the United States in the contemporary world system is one of the most debatable problems of academic litera-ture. This article is an attempt to analyze most recent socioeconomic and political tendencies of the USA for better understanding the scale of ongoing transformation of the society. As the level of integration of contemporary world is very high, transfor-mation of the USA provokes tectonic changes and transformation of the world system, its structure and nature. This study argues that, although the US primacy in the world is significantly challenged and shaken by external and internal factors, the USA still preserves its traditional function of economic, financial, military and political superpow-er, but in a quite different environment. The article predominantly uses materials drawn from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, The World Fact book 2012; U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the USA - 2012, the US Federal Budgets 2010-2012, and other valuable literature and sources.

  3. Babesia microti Infection, Eastern Pennsylvania, USA

    Acosta, Marcela E. Perez; Ender, Peter T.; Smith, Erin M; Jeffrey A Jahre


    Infection with Babesia microti has not been well-described in eastern Pennsylvania, USA, despite the vector of this organism being prevalent. We report 3 cases of babesiosis in eastern Pennsylvania in persons without recent travel outside the region or history of blood transfusions, suggesting emergence of this infection.

  4. USA survestab Mubarakit lahkuma / Hendrik Vosman

    Vosman, Hendrik


    USA on teinud Egiptusele mitu ettepanekut, kõige tõenäolisemaks peetakse kava, mille kohaselt president Hosni Mubarak astuks tagasi kohe ja annaks võimu üle vahevalitsusele. Opositsioonijuhi ElBaradei ettepanekul peaks riiki hakkama juhtima presidendikogu

  5. Euroopa ja USA: liidus tulevikuks / Barack Obama

    Obama, Barack, 1961-


    Ameerika Ühendriikide president kirjutab 19.-20. novembril Lissabonis toimuvast NATO tippkohtumisest, USA ja Euroopa vastastikusest vajalikkusest ning NATO-sisesest koostööst. Barack Obama leiab, et NATO ja Venemaa võiksid taaskäivitada oma suhted

  6. Energy Conferences and Symposia; (USA)

    Osborne, J.H.; Simpson, W.F. Jr. (eds.)


    Energy Conferences and Symposia, a monthly publication, was instituted to keep scientists, engineers, managers, and related energy professionals abreast of meetings sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) and by other technical associations. Announcements cover conference, symposia, workshops, congresses, and other formal meetings pertaining to DOE programmatic interests. Complete meeting information, including title, sponsor, and contact, is presented in the main section, which is arranged alphabetically by subject area. Within a subject, citations are sorted by beginning data of the meeting. New listings are indicated by a bullet after the conference number and DOE-sponsored conferences are indicated by a star. Two indexes are provided for cross referencing conference information. The Chronological Index lists conference titles by dates and gives the subject area where complete information they may be found. The Location Index is alphabetically sorted by the city where the conference will be held.

  7. USA suursaadik : toetame Eestit / Stanley Davis Phillips ; interv. Erkki Bahovski

    Phillips, Stanley Davis


    USA suursaadik Eestis Stanley Davis Phillips vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad USA positsiooni Tõnismäe pronkssõduri suhtes, Eesti saatkonna piiramist Moskvas, USA ja Venemaa suhteid ning koostööd, sõda terrorismiga, USA kava paigutada Tšehhi ja Poolasse raketitõrjebaasid, Eesti presidendi Toomas Hendrik Ilvese visiiti USAsse. Lisa: Stanley Davis Phillips. Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 16. mai lk. 5

  8. Võidurelvastumise tagasitulek : USA kiiluvees Venemaa ja Hiina / Heiki Suurkask

    Suurkask, Heiki, 1972-


    USA eelarvekavas on ette nähtud kaitsekulutuste jätkuv suurenemine, suureneda võib ka relvajõudude isikkoosseis. Relvajõududele kulub USA-s ligi 4% SKT-st. Globaalselt liidetuna tõusid kõikide riikide kulutused relvajõududele 1990. aasta tasemele. Hiina ja Venemaa kaitsekulutustest. Lisad: Aasia riigid kasvatavad sõjalisi kulutusi; 25 riigil pole oma sõjaväge. Graafik: USA sõjalised kulutused

  9. Tšehhid protestisid USA raketikilbi vastu / Igor Taro

    Taro, Igor


    USA soovib rajada oma ballistiliste rakettide eest kaitsva süsteemi rajatisi Poola ja Tšehhi territooriumile, mille vastu on protestinud ka Venemaa. Tšehhi Trokaveci küla elanike korraldatud referendumist ja Prahas toimunud meeleavaldustest USA raketikilbi radarijaama vastu. Lisa: USA raketikilp

  10. Energetická bezpečnost USA

    Avetisyan, Mihran


    The topic of this bachelor thesis is Energy security of the USA. In the first part I define the energy security. In second and third part I analyse energy resources of the USA, consumtion of energy, self-sufficiency of energy and then there is a SWOT analysis. The fourth part is dedicated to energy policy of USA.

  11. USA tunnistab valge fosfori relvana kasutamist Iraagis / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    Kui varem USA eitas valge fosfori kasutamist Iraagis Falluja linnas, siis nüüd on ta eitamisest loobunud. USA välisministeeriumi pressiteate kohaselt ei kasutatud fosforit keemiarelvana. Sütitavate relvade kasutamine tsiviilisikute vastu on keelatud. Vt. samas: Ahto Lobjakas. Europarlamendis USA hukkamõist

  12. Tükeldatav Jukos üritab end päästa pankrotiavaldusega USA-s / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    Venemaa naftakompanii Jukos esitas pankrotiavalduse USA-s, et saavutada kaitset oma varade sundmüügi vastu. Firma esindaja teatel võib Jukos esitada pankrotiavalduse kohtuliku kaitse saamiseks ka Venemaal

  13. The main Aeromonas pathogenic factors.

    Tomás, J M


    The members of the Aeromonas genus are ubiquitous, water-borne bacteria. They have been isolated from marine waters, rivers, lakes, swamps, sediments, chlorine water, water distribution systems, drinking water and residual waters; different types of food, such as meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and processed foods. Aeromonas strains are predominantly pathogenic to poikilothermic animals, and the mesophilic strains are emerging as important pathogens in humans, causing a variety of extraintestinal and systemic infections as well as gastrointestinal infections. The most commonly described disease caused by Aeromonas is the gastroenteritis; however, no adequate animal model is available to reproduce this illness caused by Aeromonas. The main pathogenic factors associated with Aeromonas are: surface polysaccharides (capsule, lipopolysaccharide, and glucan), S-layers, iron-binding systems, exotoxins and extracellular enzymes, secretion systems, fimbriae and other nonfilamentous adhesins, motility and flagella. PMID:23724321


    Lovro Babić


    Full Text Available Based on the usage of multiple sources of literature in this paper, a review of the most important characteristics is made along with the comparison of functions related to agricultural insurance in Croatia. Larger part of this paper is about comparison of offers and the ways agricultural insurance is being subsided in developed countries of the EU and USA on one hand, and Croatia on the other. Also, a display of risk coverage is made, along with the subsidization of the country and the way insurance system functions in Spain (country with the most developed security in Europe, Portugal, Italy, Austria and France. Main characteristic of the agricultural insurance in Croatia is a weak offer from the insurance companies, but also a weak demand. Therefore, only four companies can insure crops and plantations in Croatia. Although risk is unavoidable, negative impacts can be reduced with well-timed reaction and responsible organisation.

  15. Main technical topics in 1999

    This Safety Authority annual report strives to present current organizational provisions and future trends in nuclear safety supervision in France and to describe the most outstanding occurrences during the past year. A first part presents nine documents concerning the main topics of 1999: aging of nuclear installations, the Offsite Emergency Plans (PPI), the impact of nuclear activities on man and the environment, the criticality hazards, EDF in 1999, the EPR project, the Andra in 1999, the transport incidents, the nuclear safety in eastern Europe. The second part presents the missions and actions of the Nuclear Installations Safety in the domains of the liabilities, the organization of the nuclear safety control, the regulations of the INB, the public information, the international relations, the crisis management, the radioactive materials transportation, the radioactive wastes. The equipment, the radiation protection and the exploitation of the pressurized water reactors are also treated just as the experimental reactors, the fuel cycle installations and the the nuclear installations dismantling. (A.L.B.)

  16. Main injector synchronous timing system

    The Synchronous Timing System is designed to provide sub-nanosecond timing to instrumentation during the acceleration of particles in the Main Injector. Increased energy of the beam particles leads to a small but significant increase in speed, reducing the time it takes to complete a full turn of the ring by 61 nanoseconds (or more than 3 rf buckets). In contrast, the reference signal, used to trigger instrumentation and transmitted over a cable, has a constant group delay. This difference leads to a phase slip during the ramp and prevents instrumentation such as dampers from properly operating without additional measures. The Synchronous Timing System corrects for this phase slip as well as signal propagation time changes due to temperature variations. A module at the LLRF system uses a 1.2 Gbit/s G-Link chip to transmit the rf clock and digital data (e.g. the current frequency) over a single mode fiber around the ring. Fiber optic couplers at service buildings split off part of this signal for a local module which reconstructs a synchronous beam reference signal. This paper describes the background, design and expected performance of the Synchronous Timing System

  17. Main Dangers of Our Times.

    Synek, Miroslav


    Terrorism and threatening dictatorships are the main, man-made, dangers of our times. They are run by master demagogues, or, brain-washing manipulators. ----- Our next step in coping with terrorism is to counter master demagoguery. Therefore, supporting EDUCATION that would emphasize the most unifying (and the least controversial), yet, BASIC CIVIC RESPECT for lives of people in a civilian human society, is a priority everywhere on our planet. ----- At the same time we start facing mostly small, threatening, dictatorships, capable of producing weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, we have to try to contribute to developing systems of FREE ELECTIONS, controlling weapons of mass destruction, wherever such dangers exist. ----- In a foreseeable future, unfortunately, we are facing a danger even by orders of magnitude greater. We are facing a possibility of a mass-produced heavy accumulation of inter-continental nuclear missiles, on a computerized "push-button" control, by a very powerful (and, quite possibly, miscalculating, or, suicidal) dictator, dangerous to the very existence of humanity on our planet. Therefore, it is a historical urgency that such a technological power be under the control by a government of the people, by the people and for the people, based on a sufficiently reliable system of FREE ELECTIONS, wherever, on our planet, such a potential danger may originate.


    Domicián Máté; Julianna Csugány


    The ICT-based techno-economic paradigm shift was sharpened by income inequalities in all over the world. The economic performance of USA and Europe were seemed to more different thanks to global economic events. The main purpose of this study is to estimate various macroeconomic variables such as GDP and labour for the period of 1993-2013. In order to indicate economic growth an alternative growth accounting method was used to decompose impacts of physical capital accumulation, technological ...

  19. Lead markets for clean coal technologies: A case study for China, Germany, Japan and the USA

    Horbach, Jens; Chen, Qian; Rennings, Klaus; Vögele, Stefan


    Despite the high CO2 emission intensity of fossil and especially coal fired energy production, these energy carriers will play an important role during the coming decades. The case study identifies the main technological trajectories concerning more efficient fossil fuel combustion and explores the potentials for lead markets for these technologies in China, Germany, Japan and the USA taking into account the different regulation schemes in these countries. We concentrate on technologies that ...

  20. Segmenting the USA. Non-travel market

    Smith, Wayne W.; Fralinger, Emily; Litvin, Stephen W.


    Tourism marketers focus on understanding the many different segments that comprise their visitors. Understanding these segments� motivations for travel is important in order to motivate repeat visitation and to attract like-minded consumers to visit. But how about those who do not travel? This surprisingly large percentage of the population is a lost opportunity for the industry. The research that follows, based upon a very significant USA-based sample of non-travelers, suggests that non-trav...

  1. Nuclear power in Japan and the USA

    The development of the nuclear power industry in Japan and the USA is discussed. The author lists the number of nuclear power plants operating, under construction and planned and considers the contribution made by nuclear power stations to the total electricity generated. The advantages of nuclear power to both countries are outlined and forecasts are made of the role to be played by nuclear power in future years

  2. Professional Training of Economists in the USA

    Rudnitska Kateryna


    The article deals with the peculiarities of American professional undergraduate and graduate training in economics. The analysis of documents, scientific and educational literature demonstrates the diversity of the US training courses and combinations of disciplines in economics. It has been defined that leading position of the USA in the world and its impact on the economic life of other countries has predetermined the development of the internationalization of economic education at the unde...

  3. Utility procurement policies in the USA

    The subject is discussed under the headings: introduction; market history (historical uranium demand and production in the USA); recent long-term contract activity (expected US reactor demand and uranium production; expected US reactor demand and contracted uranium supplies); utility procurement attitudes; impact of inventories on procurement; current regulatory environment (spot-market price vs average long-term contract price); embargo and imports; conclusion. (U.K.)

  4. Mining industry in USA in 2010

    Total uranium drilling was 7209 holes covering 1493520 m in USA in 2010, uranium production reached 1628.55 t, total expenditure on uranium mine industry reached $ 2.77 × 107 in 2010, in which expenditures for uranium exploration was $ 3.45 × 107, making up 12.44% of the total expenditure for uranium mine industry. Drilling expenditure for uranium exploration was $ 4.46 × 107, making up 16.08% of total expenditure for uranium mine industry. (authors)

  5. Impact of the development of shale gases in the USA on the European petrochemical industry

    As the massive development of shale gases and oils in the USA is often only considered in its energetic dimension, the author discusses the influence these raw materials have, not only on energy production, but as raw materials for the industry and more particularly for the petrochemical industry which is a high energy consumer and also transforms these products into products used by all types of manufacturing industries. In a first part, the author recalls this strong development of shale gas production in the USA, its main impacts on the US gas industry, notably its impact on energy prices on the American market. In a second part, the author reports the analysis of the contrasted evolutions of energy prices (gas, electricity, ethane, naphtha) in the USA and in Europe, and highlights the significant competitive advantage the USA took from the development of shale gas. A third part describes the revival of the American petrochemical industry through numerous investment projects of new ethylene and polyethylene production capacities which have been announced since the decrease of energy prices. The impact of this development on the European petrochemical industry is analysed in the next part which also describes adaptation strategies adopted by European petrochemical industries

  6. Origins and Formation of Corporate Education in the USA

    Lytovchenko Iryna


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the process of formation and development of corporate education in the USA in the first half of the twentieth century. It has been determined that the main prerequisites for the development of corporate education in the USA in the first half of the twentieth century were historical, socio-economic, political factors and advances in scientific research including: the rapid growth of the US economy in the twentieth century; dissemination of scientific and technological progress and constant introduction of new technologies in the workplace; a national policy of “welfarism”; scientific works of R. Kelly “Training industrial workers” and D. Morris “Employee training: A study of education and training departments in various corporations”, which contained the first complex researches on training in industry, substantiated the necessity and prospects of this study, analyzed corporate programs of that time, the ideas on scientific management of F. Taylor, F. Gilbreth and S. Thompson, which had a major impact on all business areas. It has been found out that corporate education was the result of evolution of apprenticeship, the oldest and most traditional form of vocational training in the United States. By 1920s a new concept of modern education had been formed in the workplace which had its philosophical foundations, educational programs, technologies, system of providing services and organizational structure. In the period between the First and Second World Wars a new vision of learning at the workplace arose, new teaching methods were developed different from those used in traditional educational institutions; understanding came that the dissemination of knowledge within the whole community would contribute to building a democratic society.

  7. Transuranic radioactive (TRU) waste management in the USA

    In the United States of America (USA), the US Department of Energy (DOE) is responsible for the safe management and disposal of all transuranic radioactive (TRU) waste. Based on the promising characteristics of the 225-million-year-old stable sequence of evaporitic rocks (mainly rock salt) at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) site, an underground test facility was developed in the early 1980s at a depth of approximately 655 meters in the candidate host salt formation. In 1994, after more than 20 years of characterizing and evaluating the WIPP site, the DOE concluded that available data and long-term performance assessments (PAs) strongly indicated the WIPP site exhibits very suitable natural characteristics for hosting a deep geologic disposal facility (repository) for TRU waste. In April 1994, the DOE Carlsbad Area Office (CAO) presented a new strategy and an accelerated schedule targeting June 1998 for the opening of a TRU waste repository at the WIPP site. The main objectives of this strategy are to: resolve regulatory compliance and technical issues; characterize the waste; address transportation and safety issues; and involve stakeholders (interested parties) in the regulatory compliance process

  8. Development of Teachers’ Alternative Certification in the USA

    Pazyura Natalia


    Full Text Available The article reveals the prerequisites of appearance of alternative ways to train teachers in the USA at the end of the XX century as main mechanisms to increase qualitative and quantitative characteristics of teaching staff. The author concentrates the attention on the advantages and disadvantages of non-traditional ways to acquire teaching profession. The peculiarities of the development in different states of the country, main characteristics of the training with the help of alternative programs have been found as well as the target groups have been described. Such research is clearly needed, both by policymakers and by practitioners, to determine the appropriateness of alternative certification training models in training educators to deliver quality educational programming to students, as well as their effectiveness in addressing the critical teacher shortages by increasing the pool of available teachers and reducing the turnover and retention problems. Proponents of alternative certification have asserted that such models encourage talented people from other fields to enter teaching and increase the potential supply of teachers available to reduce shortages, and that traditional teacher education programs have little substance or value in training teachers while alternative models provide intensive training and supervision focused on critical skills needed for successful teaching.

  9. USA relvastab araabia maid miljardite dollaritega / Kunnar Kukk

    Kukk, Kunnar


    USA välisminister Condoleezza Rice ja kaitseminister Robert Gates tegid visiidi Saudi-Araabiasse. Arvatakse, et nad on pehmendamas katastroofi, mis järgneks USA vägede järk-järgulisele taandumisele Iraagist. USA kavatseb anda Pärsia riikidele sõjalist abi, et tuua Iraan kolmepoolsetele läbirääkimistele. Lisa: Kodusõda võib olla vältimatu

  10. Wild approach to reclamation. [USA - Ohio


    The article profiles the reclaimed surface mine owned by the Central Ohio Coal Company and located southeast of Zanesville, Ohio (USA). Mining operations and the reclamation which involved the replacement of soil and seeding with grass and legumes are discussed. Today, four species of endangered animals (Hartmann's mountain zebra, Przewalski's wild horses, North American red wolf and scimitar-horned oryx) inhabit the rolling plains which were once part of the mine. Centrol Ohio Coal Company received the top award in the 1991 Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Awards competition for this work. 2 photos.