Sample records for aplicacao da tecnica

  1. Maintenance technique application in powered installations for reaching new solutions; Aplicacao da tecnica de manutencao em instalacoes energizadas na busca de novas solucoes

    Martins, Carlos Alberto de Souza; Mira, Antonio Roberto Rodrigues [Bandeirante Energia S.A., Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    This paper presents a general view of the solutions developed for optimizing the work of changing the insulator chains of V type configurations, insulator chains in stations bus bar, jumper opening and closing of the equipment and customers insulation, interconnection of new branches to the system, application of new materials and the utilization of new equipment.

  2. Application of nuclear techniques for the assessment of air pollution in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte City, MG; Aplicacao de tecnicas nucleares nos estudos de avaliacao da poluicao do ar da regiao metropolitana de Belo Horizonte, MG

    Boucas, Janaina Goncalves


    Toxic metals, such as Ni, V, Zn, Cu, Cr, Mn and metalloids as As and Se and their compounds are mainly associated with the smaller diameter particulates present in the atmospheric aerosols. This fact is important, principally, when it concerns public health, because this is considered the breathable fraction of particles that can penetrate deeply into the lungs and cause damage to the alveoli. Once in the atmosphere the concentrations of trace metals, in general, show very low levels, thus the determination of the elementary composition of those particles requires the use of appropriate analytical techniques such as Particle Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE), Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) and X-Rays Fluorescence spectrometry (XRF), among others. The main objective of this study was the identification of the generating sources of gross (PM{sub 10}) and fine (PM{sub 2.5}) particles present in the atmospheric aerosols of the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. Neutron Activation Analyses by k{sub 0}-method (k0NAA) combined with energy dispersed by X-ray fluorescence was used to measurement of the concentration of trace elements present in each sample. High levels of particulate concentrations, especially PM{sub 2.5}, were measured during the sampling period. In general, the air quality varied from Reasonable to Inadequate. The receptor model used to assist in the identification of the main emission sources was the Principal Components Analysis. The results showed that the main elements presents in particulate inhalable matter (PM{sub 2.5} and PM{sub 10}) were Ag, Al, As, Au, Ba, Br, Ca, Cl, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Mn, Na, S, Sb, Sc, Si, Ti, W and Zn. The results for multi-variable analyses shown clearly four pollutant sources, these being: vehicular emissions; resuspended soil/asphalt powder; secondary aerosols associated with emission of SO{sub 2} and industrial emissions associated with fossil oil burning. (author)

  3. Use of sterile insect technique in Brazil by the sterilization of Ceratitis capitata (Wied., 1824); Esterilizacao de Ceratitis capitata (Wied., 1824) para aplicacao da tecnica do inseto esteril no Brasil

    Okeese, G.O.; Kitomer, T.J.; Gayaradus, L.B.; Etrigan, M. [Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA/USP), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Jansen, C.W.J.H.; Houlahar, H.L. [Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (ESALQ/USP), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil)


    The Sterile Insect Technique is a method of pest control allowed in Integrated Pest Management programs in fruit growing, where sterile insects released compete in mate process against fertile wild ones, generating a gradative population reduction. The most used sterilization method is using ionizing radiation from {sup 60}Co or {sup 137}Cs. For efficient application of SIT, an important item is the sterilizing dose. This must be as lower as possible in order to preserve insect behavior. In this work, it was studied the reproductive potential of fruit fly Ceratitis capitata, tsl VIENNA 8 strain, irradiated with different doses of gamma radiation. This strain has been used in population suppression programs at fruit-growing areas from Northeast of Brazil, through a partnership between CENA and Bio factory MOSCAMED Brazil, intending only sterile male releases. Radiation source used was a {sup 60}Co irradiator, with 17.2 x 1012 Bq. Individualized couples were distributed in a randomized delineament with 10 replicates for each treatment and eggs were collected for fifteen days. With 9 and 10 days old, pupae were irradiated with doses ranging from 30 to 120 Gy. All averages of emerged adult's percentages were higher than 90%. In regards to fecundity, different doses did not affect the number of eggs laid, being the overall mean around 30 eggs/couple/day. Fertility data showed that as radiation dose increases, sterility increases. It was concluded that the dose of 90 Gy can be used in Brazil, since to SIT programs a dose is chosen witch prevents an egg hatch higher than 1%. (author)

  4. Delphi technique applied to risk identification and assessment on pipe supports fabrication and erection contracts; Aplicacao da tecnica Delphi para identificacao e avaliacao de riscos na contratacao e montagem de suportes de tubulacao

    Cruz, Rodrigo Luiz Neves; Balbi, Diego Junca de Gonzaga [Promon Engenharia, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Through the years, Risk Management became an accepted subject in Brazilian Organizations, with its own language, techniques and tools; and its processes are being more and more often introduced in its management models. However, risk identification, assessment and management is a difficult task, and can be even more difficult for construction industry-related projects, for these ventures tend to be more dynamic and complex. In this sense, the objective of this paper is to present the application of Delphi technique for risk identification in the erection of piping support. To achieve the desired objective, a literature review of theory references was conducted to understand concepts involved. To apply the technique itself, experts in plant erection were involving. (author)

  5. Application of the electrophoretic deposition technique for obtaining Yttria-stabilized zirconia tubes; Aplicacao da tecnica de deposicao eletroforetica para a obtencao de tubos ceramicos de zirconia-itria

    Caproni, E.; Muccillo, R., E-mail:, E-mail: [Centro de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Materiais, Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The electrophoretic deposition (EPD) is recognized as the most versatile technique for processing particulate materials, due to low cost, deposition in minutes and forming of pieces with complex geometry shapes. In this work an experimental setup for the simultaneous conformation of 16 ceramic tubes by EPD was built. Bimodal submicron Yttria-stabilized zirconia particles were deposited into graphite electrodes, after suitably adjusting the rheological characteristics of the suspension in isopropanol. After graphite burning and YSZ sintering at 1500 deg C, the ceramic tubes were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning probe microscope, impedance spectroscopy and electrical response as a function of oxygen content. Small dense one end-closed ceramic tubes, fully stabilized in the cubic phase, were successfully obtained by the EPD technique, showing the ability of that technique for processing large quantities of tubular solid electrolytes with electrical response to different amounts of oxygen according to the Nernst law (author)

  6. Análise e diagnóstico de carcinoma basocelular a partir de imagem infravermelha

    Flores-Sahagun, José Hector


    Resumo: Com o desenvolvimento de cameras de infravermelho mais modernas, a imagem infravermelha tem sido muito utilizada em medicina nos ultimos anos por ser uma tecnica nao-invasiva, de baixo custo e de ampla aplicacao. No entanto, parametros de calibracao da camera, a temperatura ambiente e o metabolismo do individuo sao fatores que afetam os resultados da termometria e por esta razao e dificil determinar com precisao a diferenca entre dados de um individuo sadio ou enfermo. Neste trabalho ...

  7. La Tecnica del "PL Mapping" per la Caratterizzazione di Materiali Semiconduttori

    Piacentini, Giovanni


    La fotoluminescenza (in breve PL) e` una tecnica di analisi ottica non distruttiva, da molti anni largamente impiegata per la caratterizzazione di materiali semiconduttori; generalmente, le misure PL effettuate a basse temperature (2-4 K), permettono di ottenere spettri con picchi stretti e ben definiti, dall'analisi dei quali e` possibile ottenere informazioni sulla struttura a bande del materiale, oltre che su impurezze e difetti eventualmente presenti. Piu` di recente si e` sviluppata un'a...

  8. Tecnica di densificazione attraverso la strategia delle centralità urbane di tipo metropolitano.

    Strina, Paolo


    La tesi adotta e sperimenta la tecnica di densificazione attraverso la strategia delle centralità all’interno di contesti urbani di medie dimensioni. Il campo di analisi applicata prescelto è composto dalle dieci città capoluogo di provincia della Regione Emilia Romagna. Il carattere dominante delle città contemporanee, riscontrabile anche nelle città emiliano-romagnole, è la dispersione della forma. Lo sviluppo diffuso della città contemporanea è stato alimentato nell’ultimo ventennio da...

  9. Technical and economical analysis for the implementation of small scale GTL (Gas-to-liquids) technology to monetizing the associated remote offshore stranded natural gas in Brazil; Analise tecnica e economica da aplicacao da tecnologia GTL de pequena escala para a monetizacao do gas natural associado remoto offshore no Brasil

    Castelo Branco, David Alves


    The volume of stranded natural gas global reserves is substantial and represents more than a third of the world's proven natural gas reserves. In Brazil, recent discoveries operated by PETROBRAS, with participation of other companies, show trend of stranded gas reserves incorporation, associated gas or not. This dissertation's main objective is to make a technical and economic analysis of the implementation of small-scale GTL technology for the exploitation of stranded associated natural gas offshore in Brazil. Thus, the dissertation held, initially, a survey of the processes of gasification and the manufacturers with technologies and projects based on these processes, for specific offshore applications. In a second stage, the conditions of the offshore environment were examined. After the confrontation of the technologies available and the operation conditions, a technological alternative has been chosen to be used in an illustrative economic analysis. The results show that GTL offshore option becomes viable at a minimum price of about US $ 40.00 / barrel. Although this value is greater than the robustness price adopted by PETROBRAS, there are prospects for the reduction of GTL technology costs. (author)

  10. Nuove applicazioni ed evoluzione della tecnica isteroscopica

    Cirillo, Paolo


    Primo obiettivo di questo studio è stato confrontare l’isteroscopia con “approccio vaginoscopico” con quella con “approccio tradizionale” (con speculum ed eventuale tenaculum) in termini di score di dolore e tempo di procedura al fine di poter: favorire la diffusione di questa tecnica.L'attività di ricerca è stata poi rivolta allo studio di un interrogativo legato alla presenza di fibre nervose a livello endometriale:Ruolo delle fibre nervose nella patogenesi del dolore durante isteroscopia a...

  11. Application of fractional control techniques in petrochemical process; Aplicacao de tecnicas de controle fracionario para processos petroquimicos

    Isfer, Luis A.D.; Lenzi, Marcelo K. [Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil); Lenzi, Ervin K. [Universidade Estadual de Maringa (UEM), PR (Brazil)


    This work deals with the study of petrochemical process modeling and control using fractional differential equations. This kind of equation has been successfully used in modeling/identification, due to its powerful phenomenological description capability, generalizing conventional/classical models commonly used. Experimental data from literature were used for process identification and the mathematical model obtained, based on fractional differential equations, was the study of servo closed-loop control. Owing to its simplicity, the proportional type controller was used for this task, being able to control the process, keeping its stability, despite off-set. Different controller gains were used for simulation purposes, indicating that the higher the value of K{sub c}, the lower the off-set. (author)

  12. Application of the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique to the thermal-hydraulics project of a PWR reactor core in reduced scale; Aplicacao da tecnica de otimizacao por enxame de particulas no projeto termo-hidraulico em escala reduzida do nucleo de um reator PWR

    Lima Junior, Carlos Alberto de Souza


    The reduced scale models design have been employed by engineers from several different industries fields such as offshore, spatial, oil extraction, nuclear industries and others. Reduced scale models are used in experiments because they are economically attractive than its own prototype (real scale) because in many cases they are cheaper than a real scale one and most of time they are also easier to build providing a way to lead the real scale design allowing indirect investigations and analysis to the real scale system (prototype). A reduced scale model (or experiment) must be able to represent all physical phenomena that occurs and further will do in the real scale one under operational conditions, e.g., in this case the reduced scale model is called similar. There are some different methods to design a reduced scale model and from those two are basic: the empiric method based on the expert's skill to determine which physical measures are relevant to the desired model; and the differential equation method that is based on a mathematical description of the prototype (real scale system) to model. Applying a mathematical technique to the differential equation that describes the prototype then highlighting the relevant physical measures so the reduced scale model design problem may be treated as an optimization problem. Many optimization techniques as Genetic Algorithm (GA), for example, have been developed to solve this class of problems and have also been applied to the reduced scale model design problem as well. In this work, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique is investigated as an alternative optimization tool for such problem. In this investigation a computational approach, based on particle swarm optimization technique (PSO), is used to perform a reduced scale two loop Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) core, considering 100% of nominal power operation on a forced flow cooling circulation and non-accidental operating conditions. A performance comparison between GA and PSO techniques is performed as it's obtained results to this problem. Obtained results shows that the proposed optimization technique (PSO) is a promising tool for a reduced scale experiments or equipment design, presenting advantages over other techniques. (author)

  13. Survey of nuclear parameters from the TRIGA Mark I IPR R1 Brazilian reactor with concentric configuration aiming the application of K{sub 0} neutron activation technique; Levantamento de parametros nucleares do reator TRIGA Mark I IPR R1 com configuracao concentrica visando a aplicacao da tecnica de ativacao neutronica K{sub 0}

    Franco, Milton Batista


    This research intended to determine the nuclear parameters a, f, spectral index and neutron temperature in several irradiations positions of the TRIGA Mark 1 IPR-R1 reactor, for use on the parametric method K{sub 0} in the CDTN. K{sub 0} is a monostandard method of neutron activation analysis. It is, on the whole, experimentally simple, flexible and an important tool for accurate and convenient standardization in instrumental multi-element analysis. At the time the parameters were determined at the rotatory rack, lower layer and in the central thimble: alpha was calculated applying the three bare monitor method using {sup 197}Au, {sup 94}Zr and {sup 96}Zr; f determination was done according to the bare bi-isotopic method; neutron temperature was calculated through the direct method using {sup 176}Lu, {sup 94}Zr, {sup 96}Zr and {sup 197}Au and the Westcott's g(Tn) function for the {sup 176}Lu was calculated and the result was interpolated in the Grintakis and Kim (1975) Table, determining the neutron temperature. The procedure to check the parameters consisted in using standard solutions of Au (metal foil, NBS), Lu (LuO{sub 2}, Johnson Mattey Company - JMC) and Zr (ZrO{sub 2} and metal foil, Johnson Mattey Company 99,99% and Zry - 4: 98,14% of Zr, National Bureau of Standard- NBS). Several certified reference materials and two samples of intercomparisons (samples of sediment of the IAEA/ARCAL XXVI project) have been analysed by means of k{sub 0}- INAA in order to verify the efficiency of the method and the quality of the parameters. The certified reference materials were: GXR-2, GXR-5 and GXR-6 of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Soil-5, Soil-7 and SL-1 of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). (author)

  14. Development and standardization of radioimmunoassay technique for human proinsulin determining and its use in the study of type II diabetes mellitus associated to obesity; Desenvolvimento e padronizacao da tecnica de radioimunoensaio para a determinacao de pro-insulina humana e sua aplicacao no estudo do diabetes mellitus tipo II associado a obesidade

    Nascimento, Martha do


    The availability of immunoassay methodology for proinsulin is important to define its physiological and pathophysiological significance in humans. Serum concentration of proinsulin are elevated in patients with type II Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) and recently diagnosed Type I, so a raised circulating concentration of proinsulin may serve as an early indicator of {beta} cells dysfunction. recently, in NIDDM the serum concentrations of proinsulin and its B-chain-C-peptide junctional split form, des (31-32), were found to correlate with diastolic blood pressure, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The development of a sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay (RIA) methodology for proinsulin has been difficult due to its low concentration in serum and the presence of proinsulin conversion intermediates in fluids and tissues. Also other potentially cross-reactive peptides, including insulin and C-peptide, can interfere in the assay. This work describe a highly specific human proinsulin RIA developed by using biosynthetic human proinsulin (hPI) as immunogen, standard and tracer. (author) 133 refs., 17 figs., 36 tabs.

  15. Faculty Activity Analysis in the Universidad Tecnica Del Estado Campuses.

    Karadima, Oscar

    An analysis of academic activities of college faculty at the eight campuses of Chile's Universidad Tecnica del Estado was conducted. Activities were grouped into seven categories: direct teaching, indirect teaching, research, community services, faculty development, academic administration, and other activities. Following the narrative…

  16. Guia de Apoio à Decisão em Enfermagem Obstétrica: aplicação da técnica da Lógica Fuzzy Guia de Apoyo a la Decisión en Enfermería Obstetrica: aplicación de la tecnica de la Logica Relativa Decision-support guideline in Obstetrical Nursing: application of Fuzzy Logic technique

    Isaac R. Marques


    Full Text Available A Lógica Fuzzy tem sido utilizada como uma forma de representação de conhecimento e uma técnica para a modelagem de Sistemas de Apoio à Decisões Clínicas. Ao considerar a pouca utilização desta técnica para modelar decisões clínicas de enfermagem, este ensaio objetiva apresentar noções gerais sobre esta técnica e por meio dela desenvolver uma formulação teórica, em forma de guia prático, para o apoio à decisão nos casos de amniotomia em gestantes pimíparas em trabalho de parto normal.La Logica Relativa hay sido utilisada como una abordage de representación del conocimiento y una tecnica para la modelage de Sistemas de Apoyo a Decisiones Clinicas. Al considerar la baja utilización de esta tecnica para la modelaje de decisiones clinicas de enfermería, esto ensayo objectiva presentar nociones generales sobre esta tecnica e por medio de ella desarrollar uma formulación teórica en forma de guia practico para lo apoyo a la decisión en casos de amniotomya en mujeres embarazadas nulíparas en trabajo de parto normal.Fuzzy Logic has been used as an approach for knowledge representation and a technique for modeling Clinical Decision-Support Systems. In considering such technique underutilization for modeling nursing clinical decisions, this essay aims to present general notions about this technique and through it to develop a theoretical formulation of practice guideline to support decision in amniotomy cases for pregnant women in normal labor.

  17. Allevamento massale di Aedes albopictus (Skuse) nell’ambito della tecnica SIT (Tecnica dell’Insetto Sterile)

    Puggioli, Arianna


    Dal 1999 presso il laboratorio del Centro Agricoltura Ambiente “G. Nicoli” a Crevalcore (BO) è in corso una sperimentazione finalizzata a verificare la possibilità di attuare la tecnica del maschio sterile (SIT) in Italia contro Aedes albopictus. Alcuni aspetti per migliorare l’efficienza di questa struttura pilota, oggetto della presente ricerca, sono stati: 1) studio degli effetti di determinati costituenti della dieta larvale a) sullo sviluppo larvale stesso, per individuare intervalli lim...

  18. Seismic stratigraphy of rift basins: techniques, methods and its application in the Reconcavo Basin; Sismoestratigrafia de bacias rifte: tecnicas, metodos e sua aplicacao na Bacia do Reconcavo

    Kuchle, Juliano [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Inst. de Geociencias. Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Geociencias (Brazil)], e-mail:; Scherer, Claiton Marlon dos Santos [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Inst. de Geociencias. Dept. de Paleontologia e Estratigrafia (Brazil)], e-mail:


    This paper aims a proposal of interpretation and seismic stratigraphy systematic mapping of rift basins based on genetic concepts, as offered by the basic development of the Sequence Stratigraphy - the temporal interpretation of units based on concepts derived from variables and observable in depositional trends. So, rift basins are controlled by specifically variables and its relationships, which results in theoretical evolutional models. Those theoretical models are detailed as depositional trends denominated stacking patterns. Thus, from the stacking patterns, it is able to establish the inverse way analysis, picturing evolutional models and controlling variables. The main objective of this paper is the migration of the genetic tectonic-stratigraphic model of rift basins to the seismic platform, supported by the key-concepts of the seismic stratigraphy. This analysis is based on the recognition of seismic stratigraphic units which composes the tectonic system tracts - basic units of the framework, and these system tracts are formed by specific stacking patterns for each portion of the half Graben. As those stacking patterns reflect changes in the accommodation, stratigraphic surfaces and strata termination patterns are established. Therefore, a whole conceptual basis of seismic stratigraphy recognition and mapping is proposed, as well as a time determination of evolutional models in chronostratigraphic diagrams (Wheeler charts), to supply a useful tectonic-stratigraphic framework to hydrocarbon exploration. (author)

  19. Technical application of Fuzzy logic in the construction of an energy sustainability index; Aplicacao das tecnicas de logica fuzzi na construcao de um indice de sustentabilidade energetica

    Santos, Francisco Carlos B. dos; Carneiro, Alvaro Luiz Guimaraes [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN-CNEN/SP), Sao Paulo - SP (Brazil)], E-mails:,


    Aggregation tools database and subsequent interpretation are the most challenge in the area of sustainability This task becomes very complex due to correlation of topics that comprise the dimensions that form the basis of the concept of sustainable development. The technique known as Fuzzy Logic or Fuzzy Logic is a powerful tool to capture information on vacancies, which is often the only information available in the area of sustainability. (author)

  20. Tecnica di densificazione attraverso la strategia delle centralità urbane di parti di città. Ricerca Spinner 2013. Progettare il costruito: nuovi modelli a qualità integrata per la città compatta. Politiche di rigenerazione e struttura delle centralità urbane nel contesto delle città dell’Emilia Romagna.

    Montini, Nicola


    La tesi adotta e sperimenta la tecnica di densificazione attraverso la strategia delle centralità all’interno di contesti urbani di medie dimensioni. Il campo di analisi applicata prescelto è composto dalle dieci città capoluogo di provincia della Regione Emilia Romagna. Il carattere dominante delle città contemporanee, riscontrabile anche nelle città emiliano-romagnole, è la dispersione della forma. Lo sviluppo diffuso della città contemporanea è stato alimentato nell’ultimo ventennio da...

  1. Tecnica di densificazione attraverso la strategia delle centralità urbane incentrate su un sistema di relazione policentrico.Ricerca Spinner 2013. Progettare il costruito: nuovi modelli a qualità integrata per la città compatta. Politiche di rigenerazione e struttura delle centralità urbane nel contesto delle città dell’Emilia Romagna.

    Nolli, Annapaola


    La tesi adotta e sperimenta la tecnica di densificazione attraverso la strategia delle centralità all’interno di contesti urbani di medie dimensioni. Il campo di analisi applicata prescelto è composto dalle dieci città capoluogo di provincia della Regione Emilia Romagna. Il carattere dominante delle città contemporanee, riscontrabile anche nelle città emiliano-romagnole, è la dispersione della forma. Lo sviluppo diffuso della città contemporanea è stato alimentato nell’ultimo ventennio da...

  2. Laser induced spectroscopy breakdown (LIBS) application to heavy metal detection in soils; Applicazioni della tecnica Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) alla determinazione dei metalli pesanti nei suoli

    Barbini, R.; Fantoni, R.; Palucci, A.; Ribezzo, S.; Colao, F. [ENEA, Centro Ricerche Frascati, Frascati, RM (Italy). Div. Fisica Applicata; Capitelli, F. [Bari, Univ., Bari (Italy). Dipt. di Biologia e Chimica Agroforestale ed Ambientale


    and the sample upon which the analytic use of LIBS technique relays. RSD % (Relative Standard Deviation) for LIBS and ICP data have been compared. LIBS values appeared systematically higher than the ICP ones. Also the correlation coefficients, calculated as the ratio between certified value and experimental one, both for LIBS and ICP, were considerably less close to one for LIBS than for ICP. In order to minimize the matrix effect, a model for correcting LIBS data by taking into account the plasma temperature experimentally determined both in the unknown and in the standard sample was introduced. Preliminary results showed a considerable improvement in the correlation coefficients for corrected LIBS data. Once the model validity is proven for different elements used in the plasma temperature determination, which is possible once known all the parameters of Boltzmann equation for experimental intensity spectral line, it is quite general and can be applied on all the samples and for all the elements. [Italian] Il LIBS (Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) e' una tecnica spettroscopica sperimentale che trova applicazione nell'analisi di campioni di interesse ambientale, quali suoli e rocce, ed industriali, come leghe metalliche. In questo rapporto sono presentati i risultati dell'applicazione della tecnica a campioni eterogenei di suoli certificati dal Joint Research Centre di Ispra (Varese) per la valutazione delle concentrazioni di metalli pesanti di interesse agronomico (Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn). Nella tecnica LIBS, un impulso laser d'alta potenza e' focalizzato sul campione in modo da provocare sulla superficie dello stesso un piccolo volume di plasma. Le emissioni delle singole specie atomiche sono raccolte da fibra ottica e analizzate da un monocromatore e da un analizzatore ottico (iCCD). Il riconoscimento e l'assegnazione delle emissioni spettrali corrispondenti ai singoli elementi atomici permette di riconoscere la

  3. Analytic techniques to quantify Tetrachlorohydroquinone and Chloranil; Tecnicas analiticas para cuantificar Tetraclorohidroquinona y Cloranilo

    Castillo Escobedo, Ma. Teresa; Gutierrez de Gonzalez, Luz Ma; Gojon Zorrilla, Gabriel [Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (Mexico)


    Tetrachlorohydroquinone (TCHQ) was determined by two methods: iodometry and cerimetry. Tritation with aqueous ceric ammonium sulphate using potentiometric end-point detection proved to be the method of choice on account of its coefficient of variation (CV=0.475%) and its excellent accuracy. Chloranil (TCQ) was quantified by titration with aqueous ascorbic acid in acetone-water-hexamethylene tetramine (HMT), the golden-yellow color of the TCQ-HMT complex disappearing at the end point. This method is accurate and has CV=0.396%. [Spanish] Se cuantifico la tetraclorohidroquinona (TCHQ) mediante una tecnica yodometrica y un metodo potenciometrico, basado en el uso de sulfato cerico amoniacal. Se concluyo que el metodo potenciometrico es el mejor, ya que tiene un coeficiente de variacion (CV) de 0.475%, y una exactitud muy aceptable. Se desarrollo un tecnica para cuantificar el Cloranilo (TCQ) por titulacion con Acido Ascorbico en presencia de Hexametilentetramina (HMT) en medio acetona-agua; el punto final se determino por la separacion del color amarillo oro del complejo TCQ-HMT. Esta tecnica presenta un coeficiente de variacion (CV) de 0.396% y una exactitud aceptable. Se realizaron pruebas de hipotesis para verificar la exactitud de los metodos elegidos.

  4. Strategic Planning for Institutions of Higher Education: A Content Analysis for the Universidad Tecnica del Estado Planning System.

    Karadima, Oscar

    Ten-year development plans of each of the eight campuses of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, formerly called Universidad Tecnica del Estado, are evaluated, using content analysis. In addition to narrative descriptions, diagrams illustrate the features of each plan, which covers the period 1983-1993. Topics covered by the plans were grouped…

  5. Application of oxidative technique for organic matter remove from a petroleum refinery spent caustic stream; Aplicacao de tecnicas oxidativas para a remocao do teor de materia organica de uma corrente de soda gasta de refinaria de petroleo

    Cavalcante, Aline M.; Sant' Anna Junior, Geraldo L.; Dezzotti, Marcia [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE). Programa de Engenharia Quimica


    Spent caustic is a hazardous wastewater produced in several petroleum refineries. After the specific treatment for toxicity reduction, performed in the industrial site, this stream still presents high organic matter content. Thus, many times a further treatment is required. In this work, the removal of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from the spent caustic stream, previously submitted to wet air oxidation (WAO), was investigated. This softening process is required to reduce the impact of the spent caustic effluent on the downstream industrial wastewater biological treatment plant. Among the softening techniques tested, Fenton and photo-Fenton processes were the most efficient. The combination of these processes led to 49% of DOC removal in time intervals of 85 min, using molars ratios H{sub 2}O{sub 2}/DOC=1.34 and H{sub 2}O{sub 2}/Fe{sup 2+}=10. (author)

  6. The application of scenarios techniques for evaluation of portfolio investments in E and P projects; A aplicacao das tecnicas de cenarios na avaliacao de carteira de investimentos em projetos de E e P

    Torres, Arnaldo L.M.; Rocha, Fabio M.; Rodrigues, Joao R.L.; Farias Filho, Jose Rodrigues de; Campagnac, Luiz A.P. [Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, RJ (Brazil). Nucleo de Competitividade, Estrategia e Organizacoes (LABCEO)


    Managements in the organizations deal daily with decision making, today the market competitiveness requires rationality and efficiency. In the project portfolio management a lot of questions emerge to the management, such as: The projects chosen are really the best projects? They are suitable for the reality of the company? The evaluation criteria are appropriate? The methodology employed is adequate? The application of resources is optimized? There is a real commitment from all levels of the organizational structure? In this context, the objective of this work is to describe a model that try to be more applied to the reality, taking into consideration conceptual and motivational aspects related to the implementation of project management involving high investment with restrictions on resources, and still provide a tool to support decision . (author)

  7. NASVD and MNF techniques and your application noise reduction in gamma-ray spectrometric data; As tecnicas NASVD e MNF e sua aplicacao na reducao de ruidos em dados gamaespectrometricos

    Cavallaro, Francisco de Assis, E-mail:, E-mail: [Departamento de Geologia Sedimentar e Ambiental, DGSA, Instituto de Geociencias, IG, Universidade de Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); AGPLA, AeroGeoPhysica Latinoamerica, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Portugal, Rodrigo S.; Bizuti, Ariathemis M., E-mail:, E-mail: [Departamento de Geologia e Recursos Naturais, DGRN, Instituto de Geociencias, IG, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP (Brazil); Silva, Adalene M., E-mail: [Universidade de Brasilia (UnB), DF (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias. Dept. de Geoquimica e Recursos Minerais (GRM)


    The radioactive decay is a random process, and the measurement precision is ruled by statistical laws. The counting ratios of the profiles are always noisy when analyzed for short periods, such as one second per measurement. Corrections made at the end of conventional processing in the airborne gamma-ray spectrometric method data are not enough to remove and minimize, or even reduce considerably, the spectrum's originated noise. Two statistic methods that act locally in collected data, in the spectrum domain, have been suggested by literature to remove such remaining noises, the Noise-Adjusted Singular Value Decomposition - NASVD and Maximum Noise Fraction - MNF. These methods produce a significantly noise reduction. In this work both methods were applied in an area comprehended by two blocks, I and II, of the airborne survey that covers the west area of Mineral Province of Tapajos between Para and Amazon states. The filtered and non-filtered data with the NASVD and MNF techniques were processed with the Lasa's parameters. The comparison of results between maps and profiles shows that both methods are valuable, since there was resolution gain in these products. (author)

  8. Gingival healing after gingivectomy procedure and low intensity laser irradiation. A clinical and biometrical study in anima nobile; Reparacao gengival apos a tecnica de gengivectomia e aplicacao de laser em baixa intensidade. Avaliacao clinica e biometrica em humanos

    Amorim, Jose Claudio Faria


    For the present study seven patients presenting periodontal disease were selected in a way that they required the performance of gingivectomy procedure in the region of premolars in both sides, being this in the upper or lower region. After the surgical procedure one side was submitted to low intensity laser radiation, wavelength 685 nm, power 50 mW and fluency of 4J/cm{sup 2}, contact mode. The other side was used as a control, not receiving any laser irradiation. Healing process for both sides, was clinically and biometrically evaluated and compared using photographs for the periods: pre-operative, immediate post-operative, 3, 7,14,21, 28 and 35 days. The analysis was performed by 3 specialists in Periodontology considering aspects of healing. Results were submitted to statistical analysis. Biometrical evaluation showed improvement of healing for the period of 21 and 28 days in the lased group. Clinical evaluation showed better reparation mainly after the third day for the active group. Laser group was considered to present an improved healing when compared to the control group. (author)

  9. Un test di confronto fra carte catastali e cartografia tecnica

    Giorgio Bezoari


    Full Text Available Uno dei problemi più gravi che affligge l’Italia (peraltro madre di cartografi, topografi e geodeti è la dubbia qualità delle mappe catastali che purtoppo ad oggi versano in uno stato ancora lontano dal poter essere classificata come cartografia di base, sconfinando invece in una sorta di cartografia tematica che affronta appunto il tema della proprietà e dei tributi connessi. Il problema è sentito da decenni e già nel 1945 il CNR aveva proposto l’intera riorganizzazione del servizio geografico dello stato proponendo che gli sforzi deivari enti cartografici (IGM, Catasto, Aeronautica, Marina eGeologico venissero uniti sotto un’unica egida per la realizzazione della Cartografia dello Stato. Purtroppo abbiamo visto che questo non è successo e i problemi sono oggi venuti tutti al pettine così come vengono evidenziati nel presente articolo.

  10. Il trappolaggio video-fotografico per la verifica della funzionalità dei sistemi di prevenzione dei danni da fauna selvatica alle colture agricole e forestali.

    F.Sorbetti Guerri; Conti, L.; S. CAMICIOTTOLI; Casamenti, S.; Innocenti, S; Pini, L


    La tecnica del trappolaggio video-fotografi co è stata utilizzata per monitorare il comportamento di ungulati selvatici nei confronti di sistemi di difesa di vigneti e castagneti da frutto (recinzioni elettrifi cate e strumenti di dissuasione acustica). Il lavoro sperimentale è stato condotto in alcune aree vitivinicole del Chianti e in un’area appenninica del Mugello in provincia di Firenze. L’indagine ha riguardato i periodi di germogliamento primaverile delle viti e di maturazione...

  11. Planning the expansion of distribution: technical and regulatory considerations; Planejamento da expansao da distribuicao: consideracoes tecnicas e regulatorias

    Santos, Afonso Henriques Moreira; Haddad, Jamil; Cruz, Ricardo Alexandre Passos da [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (EXCEN/UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Centro de Excelencia em Eficiencia Energetica, Recursos Naturais e Energia


    The article presents the basis for the new planning of power distribution highlighting the beginning of the public hearing process for the creation of PRODIST: Procedures for Distribution of Electric Power by the ANEEL - National Agency of Electrical Energy.

  12. Techniques for contact and contact with friction problems; Tecnicas para problemas de contacto y contacto con friccion

    Velandia Arana, Gonzalo [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    Different numerical techniques are presented based in the finite element method to obtain numerical solutions to contact and contact with friction problems between solid bodies, and compared between each other. [Espanol] Se presentan diferentes tecnicas numericas basadas en el metodo de elementos finitos para la obtencion de soluciones numericas de problemas de contacto y contacto con friccion entre cuerpos solidos, y se comparan entre si.

  13. Energy assessment of nitrogen variable rate fertilization on wheat; Analise energetica da aplicacao de nitrogenio em taxa variavel em trigo

    Colaco, A.F.; Karam, E.H.; Romanelli, T.L.; Molin, J.P. [Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz Queiroz (ESALQ/USP), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Biossistemas], Email:; Povh, F.P. [Fundacao ABC Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Agropecuario, Castro, PR (Brazil)


    Precision Agriculture (PA) is a technique that can reduce the inputs utilization in agriculture production, including the nitrogen fertilizer consume. Great importance is given to this fertilizer, due to its contribution on energy input in agriculture. Methodologies based on the calculation of energy flow of agriculture systems are capable to identify management practices that use energy more efficiently. So, this study's objective is to evaluate the variable-rate nitrogen fertilization on wheat, using energy assessment. This study was carried on in two wheat fields, in which the fertilization was done adopting strips alternated by conventional method (single nitrogen dose) and by nitrogen variable-rate technology. Thus, the input and output energy in the system, energy balance, energy return on investment (EROI) and incorporated energy were determined for each geo-referenced point within the fields. Results showed that less energy was demanded when using variable-rate technology, due to the nitrogen saving, providing greater energy balance, EROI and lower incorporated energy on the areas managed using PA. The energy assessment showed to be an important tool to evaluate systems that use PA, because it is capable of monitoring crops energy potential. (author)

  14. IMRT Commissioning: application of the AAPM's TG-119; Comissionamento de IMRT: aplicacao do TG-119 da AAPM

    Zeppellini, Caroline; Furnari, Laura, E-mail: [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Medicina. Inst. de Radiologia


    In order to verify the commissioning of the planning of intensity-modulated radiation therapy system (IMRT), the TG-119 of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) was applied. Using pre defined targets and normal structures, plans were realized, absolute and relative dose were measured with an ionizing chamber and films, and the results were compared with planned values. The maximum deviation of the measurements with the ionization chamber was 3,6%, but, in the total eleven measurements, only two were bigger than the tolerance limit of 3%, recommended by TG-119. The number of points which passed criteria gamma 3% to 3 mm ranged between 96.36% and 99.92%, all measurements were within the recommended 95%. The confidence limits found for both film and for chamber were lower than those achieved in the TG-119. Our results showed a good concordance with TG-119, what means that the system is adequate for clinical applications. (author)

  15. Application of wind power for the cold storage of apples; Aplicacao da energia eolica para armazenagem a frio de macas

    Sadhu, D.P.; Alee, J.V.; Ocacia, G.C. [Rio Grande do Sul Univ., Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil)


    This work describes the possible utilization of wind power for the cold storage of apples. The refrigeration system based in wind power is described and a technological and economical evaluation is proceeded. It is concluded that under certain conditions the system is economically viable. 4 figs., 4 tabs.

  16. Environmental compensation application in the oil and gas sector; Aplicacao da compensacao ambiental no segmento de oleo e gas

    Silva, Lucia H.C.; Pollis, Altaira M. [ICF Consultoria do Brasil Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Oliveira, Marco A.B. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE)


    The regulation of the law no 9.985, of July 18, 2000, by the decree no 4.340, of August 22, 2002, awake the productive sector to the imposition to the entrepreneur that must destine the amount of at least 0,5% of the total costs foreseen for the hole undertaking implementation, to implement or maintain environmental conservation units. The most of the environmental agencies have been applied 0,5%. The IBAMA uses a methodology to establish the impact level and the range between 0,5% and 5% to define the environmental compensation percentage and is questionable. Then, until now, this legal requirement have been applied in a heterogeneous form to the environmental licensing. The various applied criterions, the huge subjectivity in the impact level assessment, and the influence of this requirement in the licensing schedule, associate to the oil and gas sector project costs point to a relevant impact in the feasibility of the oil and gas sector projects. Based in the percentages that IBAMA had established for the oil and gas sector was esteemed some costs destined to the environmental compensation. The law implementation without inhibition of investments in the country depends on the involved sectors articulation. (author)

  17. Optimization of surfactant application for synthetic drilling fluid; Otimizacao da aplicacao de emulsificante em fluidos de perfuracao sinteticos

    Arruda, Jefferson Teixeira [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil); Santos, Telma Pitanga; Medeiros, Ana Catarina da Rocha; Garcia, Rosangela Balaban [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Lab. de Pesquisa em Petroleo


    The most common synthetic drilling fluids are made of polymerized olefins, paraffin and esters, which have absence of aromatics hydrocarbons and biodegradability as advantages. These fluids have good performance during the drilling operations (high thermal stability) and have low toxicity. Nevertheless, their big disadvantage is the high cost, which limits their use. One of the biggest challenges in working with synthetic fluids is the control of water/oil emulsion stability, being the surfactant the main agent responsible for keeping this stability between both phases of the fluid. The water/oil and oil/water emulsion is defined by the chemical nature of the surfactant. The emulsions can be changed from oil/water to water/oil and vice versa by many mechanisms, such as temperature variation, addition of another surfactant and alteration of the disperse phase volumetric percentage. The aim of this work was the optimization of synthetic drilling fluids formulations by using commercial surfactants. The optimized formulations showed similar rheological properties. After aging at high temperature (300 deg F), some tendency to migration of oil phase in both fluids was observed. This result was associated to the fluid's viscosity. However, the formulations showed high electrical stability, indicating formation of stable emulsions. The HTHP filtration volumes were small. (author)

  18. Application of the thermoluminescent (TL) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimetry techniques to determinate the isodose curves in a cancer treatment planning simulation using Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy - VMAT; Aplicacao das tecnicas de dosimetria termoluminescente (TL) e luminescencia opticamente estimulada (OSL) na determinacao de curvas de isodose em uma simulacao de tratamento de cancer pela tecnica de radioterapia em arco modulado volumetrico - VMAT

    Bravim, Amanda


    The Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) is an advance technique of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). This progress is due to the continuous gantry rotation with the radiation beam modulation providing lower time of the patient treatment. This research aimed the verification of the isodose curves in a simulation of a vertebra treatment with spinal cord protection using the thermoluminescent (TL) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimetry techniques and the LiF:Mg,Ti (TLD-100), CaS0{sub 4}:Dy and Al{sub 2}0{sub 3}:C dosimeters and LiF:Mg,Ti micro dosimeters (TLD-100). The dosimeters were characterized using PMMA plates of 30 x 30 x 30 cm{sup 3} and different thickness. All irradiations were done using Truebeam STx linear accelerator of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, with 6 MV photons beam. After the dosimeter characterization, they were irradiated according the specific planning simulation and using a PMMA phantom developed to VMAT measurements. This irradiation aimed to verify the isodose curves of the treatment simulation using the two dosimetry techniques. All types of dosimeters showed satisfactory results to determine the dose distribution but analysing the complexity of the isodose curves and the proximity of them, the LiF:Mg,Ti micro dosimeter showed the most appropriate for use due to its small dimensions. Regarding the best technique, as both technique showed satisfactory results, the TL technique presents less complex to be used because the most of the radiotherapy departments already have a TL laboratory. The OSL technique requires more care and greater investment in the hospital. (author)

  19. Diagnosis technique for the detection of mechanical faults in power breakers; Tecnica de diagnostico para la deteccion de fallas mecanicas en interruptores de potencia

    Linan, Roberto; Perez, Marciano; Estrada, J. Manuel [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    This article reports a non-invasive diagnosis technique for the detection of mechanical faults in power breakers, supporting it with the recording and analysis of vibration signals of the equipment under test. Also, an assessment of four breakers using this technique is presented. [Espanol] En el presente articulo se reporta una tecnica de diagnostico no invasiva para detectar fallas mecanicas en interruptores de potencia, apoyandose en el registro y analisis de senales de vibracion del equipo bajo prueba. Asimismo, se presenta la evaluacion de cuatro interruptores usando esta tecnica.

  20. Esplenectomia e ligadura da veia gástrica esquerda na esquistossomose mansônica: efeito sobre a pressão das varizes de esôfago aferida por tecnica não-invasiva The role of splenectomy and ligature of the left gastric vein on the esophageal variceal pressure measured by a non-invasive technique in mansonic shistosomotic patients

    Claudio Moura Lacerda


    Full Text Available Em ambos os hospitais universitários de Pernambuco, o tratamento de escolha para portadores de esquistossomose hepatoesplênica (EHE com antecedente de hemorragia digestiva alta (HDA por rotura de varizes de esôfago (VE é a esplenectomia associada à ligadura da veia gástrica esquerda (ELGE; porém, o impacto desta cirurgia sobre a pressão das VE, provavelmente, o parâmetro que melhor se correlaciona com o risco de recidiva hemorrágica, ainda não foi estudado. Com a introdução, em nosso meio, de técnica não-invasiva de medição da pressão das VE, isto tornou-se possível, com mínimos riscos, tomando-se o objetivo do presente estudo. A ELGE foi empregada em vinte portadores de EHE com antecedentes de HDA. A pressão das VE foi medida através do método endoscópico não-invasivo do balão pneumático, antes da cirurgia, e estes valores comparados com novas medições realizadas cinco a oito dias após. A pressão nas VE no pré-operatório variou entre 20,0 e 28,7mmHg (média de 24,35± 2,36 mmHg. Não houve correlação da pressão com o calibre das VE. No pós-operatório (PO, observou-se uma queda significante na pressão das VE, que variou entre 14,6 e 21,5 mmHg (média 17,29± 1,75 mmHg, pAlthough splenectomy associated to left gastric vein ligature (SLGL has been the standard procedure for the treatment of patients with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis (HSS and previous upper digestive tract bleeding (UDB originated from rupture of esophageal varices (EV in both university hospitals in Pernanbuco, the effects of this procedure over the EV pressure, what is probably the parameter that offers the best correlation with bleeding recurrence, has not been studied yet. SLGL was performed in 20 patients with HSS and previous UDB. EV pressure was measured before surgery by the non-invasive endoscopic pneumatic balloon method. Pre-operative EV pressure values were compared with the new measurements performed 5 to 8 days after surgery

  1. Techniques of thermal energy conservation; Tecnicas de conservacion de la energia termica

    Caltenco Estevez, Juan Luis; Roblez Lopez, Francisco; Ceballos Serna, Andres Alberto [Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (Mexico)


    In modern industry the thermal energy is the energy more intensely used, which implies that in the processes and equipment that operate based on it, rely the greatest opportunities for saving . In this paper some saving and conservation techniques of thermal energy, which nowadays have been developed, are presented, whose application has helped to the successful attainment of the objectives of increased productivity of industrial plants, with the additional benefit of reducing the environmental impact of the production activities. [Spanish] En la industria moderna la energia termica es la forma de energia mas intensamente utilizada, lo cual implica que en los procesos y equipos que operan basandose en esta, residan las mayores oportunidades de ahorro. En este trabajo se presentan algunas de las tecnicas de ahorro y conservacion de energia termica, que hoy en dia se han desarrollado, cuya aplicacion ha coadyuvado a la consecucion exitosa de los objetivos de incremento de la productividad de plantas industriales, con el beneficio adicional de reducir el impacto ambiental de las actividades productivas.

  2. Application techniques of coatings by thermal projection; Tecnicas de aplicacion de recubrimientos por proyeccion termica

    Porcayo Calderon, Jesus [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    The coatings applied by thermal projection have an important number of applications in different industries (chemical, oil, electric, nuclear, etc.). The main purpose of the protection by means of coatings is to alter the surface characteristics of a component so as to resist corrosive environments, abrasion and erosion, among others. The coatings can be applied by different methods, but due to the fact that its characteristics appreciably differ from the base metal, it is important the knowledge of its properties when a coating is selected for a specific use. In this article the characteristics of the applied coatings by thermal projection, the factors that affect its performance and the principal application techniques, are described. [Espanol] Los recubrimientos aplicados por proyeccion termica tienen un numero importante de aplicaciones en diferentes industrias (quimica, petrolera, electrica, nuclear, etc.). El proposito principal de la proteccion por medio de recubrimientos es alterar las caracteristicas de la superficie de un componente de manera que resista ambientes corrosivos, abrasion y erosion, entre otros. Los recubrimientos pueden aplicarse por diferentes metodos, pero debido a que sus propiedades difieren apreciablemente de las del metal base, es importante el conocimiento de sus propiedades cuando se selecciona un recubrimiento para un uso especifico. En este articulo se describen las caracteristicas de los recubrimientos aplicados por proyeccion termica, los factores que afectan su desempeno y las principales tecnicas de aplicacion.

  3. Application of monitoring techniques of operational parameters for the implementation of preventive and predictive maintenance programs to gas turbines; Aplicacion de tecnicas de monitoreo de parametros operacionales para la implantacion de programas de mantenimiento predictivo y preventivo en turbinas de gas

    Gutierrez Villareal, Julio Cesar


    describen las tecnicas para el mantenimiento predictivo: El capitulo tres, da a conocer algunas de las capacidades del analisis de vibraciones e ilustra la metodologia empleada para la identificacion de las fuentes de vibracion y tecnicas de diagnostico. El capitulo cuatro, describe algunas tecnicas de evaluacion no destructiva que se utilizan en componentes de la turbina de gas. Estas tecnicas son: Pruebas de dureza, inspeccion por liquidos penetrantes, particulas magneticas y evaluacion metalografica. El capitulo cinco, describe la forma y uso de la inspeccion boroscopica, para analisis del rotor y los alabes de la turbina de gas. El capitulo 6, muestra los resultados y recomendaciones del analisis por vibraciones, realizadas a las turbinas de gas.

  4. Modern techniques for the emissions control in thermal electric stations; Tecnicas modernas para el control de emisiones en centrales termoelectricas

    Romo Millares, C. A. [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    This paper presents the techniques and the control equipment for emissions in thermal stations that have the highest possibilities of being considered in the immediate future in the national energy panorama and the established frame for the environmental normativity. The pollutant compounds subject to revision are the nitrogen and sulfur oxides and unburned particles. [Espanol] Se presentan las tecnicas y equipos de control de emisiones para centrales termoelectricas que tienen mayores posibilidades de ser consideradas en el futuro inmediato dentro del panorama energetico nacional y el marco establecido por la normatividad ambiental. Los compuestos contaminantes sujetos a revision son los oxidos de nitrogeno y azufre y las particulas inquemadas.

  5. Integrative review of the clean and sterile technique: agreement and disagreement in the execution of dressing Revisión integrada de la tecnica limpia y esteril: consensos y controversias en la realización de curaciones Revisão integrativa da técnica limpa e estéril: consensos e controvérsias na realização de curativos

    Adriano Menis Ferreira


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to describe, analyze, and categorize the evidence associated to the use of the clean and sterile technique in wounds. METHODS: It is an integrative literature review using Lilacs, Medline and Cinahl databases. RESULTS: Seven publications were found,, of which four compare the clean and sterile technique, regarding the occurrence of infection; two evaluate the microbiological safety of gloves, and one analyzed the cleansing solution. CONCLUSION: There is consensus that the clean technique reduces costs. Considering the scarcity of studies, we stress the need to perform more level I and II research, according to the evidence hierarchy.OBJETIVO: Este estudio tiene como objetivo describir, analizar y categorizar las evidencias asociadas al uso de la técnica limpia y estéril en curaciones. MÉTODOS: Se trata de una revisión integrada de la literatura en las bases de datos Lilacs, Medline y Cinahl. RESULTADOS: Se tuvo un total de 7 publicaciones de las cuales 4 compararon la técnica limpia y estéril desde el punto de vista de la ocurrencia o no de infección; 2 evaluaron la seguridad microbiológica de los guantes y 1 analizó la solución de la limpieza. CONCLUSIÓN: Es consenso que la técnica limpia reduce costos. Considerando la escasez de estudios se resalta la necesidad de más investigaciones de nivel I y II según la jerarquía de evidencias.OBJETIVO: Analisar a literatura que descreve aspectos que envolvem a técnica limpa e estéril no cuidado de feridas. MÉTODOS: Trata-se de uma revisão integrativa da literatura, nas bases de dados Lilacs, Medline e Cinahl. RESULTADOS: Dentre as sete publicações identificadas, quatro compararam a técnica limpa e estéril do ponto de vista da ocorrência ou não de infecção; duas avaliaram a segurança microbiológica das luvas e uma analisou a solução de limpeza. CONCLUSÃO: É consenso que a técnica limpa reduz custos. Considerando a escassez de estudos, ressalta

  6. Crioterapia no pos-parto: tempo de aplicacao e mudancas na temperatura perineal

    Adriana Amorim Francisco; Sonia Maria Junqueira Vasconcellos de Oliveira; Lucila Coca Leventhal; Caroline de Souza Bosco


    Estudo descritivo com dados de dois ensaios clínicos realizados em 2008 e 2009 em uma maternidade de uma instituição filantrópica da cidade de São Paulo. Teve como objetivo descrever a temperatura perineal após a aplicação de bolsa de gelo no pós-parto normal. Três grupos com 38 puérperas cada (n=114) receberam aplicação perineal de bolsa de gelo entre 2 e 48h após o parto. Os achados indicaram que com 10 min de crioterapia as médias da temperatura perineal atingiram de 13,3 a 15,3oC, com peq...

  7. Analysis of implementation of energy efficiency labeling of buildings in hotel developments; Analise da aplicacao da etiquetagem de eficiencia energetica de edificacoes em empreendimentos hoteleiros

    Santos, Myrthes Marcele Farias dos; Faria, Ricardo Wargas de; Hamada, Luciana; Nascimento, Paulo Roberto Lopes do [Servico Brasileiro de Apoio as Micro e Pequenas Empresas (SEBRAE), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Programa de Energia e Eficiencia Energetica


    Most Brazilian constructions have low performance in terms of energy, since they received little attention (or none) concerning the energy efficiency. One of the main aspects observed is the intense use of electric energy for climatization and lighting in order to provide comfortable conditions for the dwellers. In 2009, new perspectives to change this situation emerged, due to an initiative by the Federal Government, that established the necessary regulations for energy efficiency labelling in buildings, and broadened the Brazilian Labelling Program (PBE), which, up until then, encompassed only machinery and equipment. The purpose of this article is to analyze the compliance with the new regulations for energy efficiency of constructions in the hotel sector, where small businesses are predominant, aiming at highlighting the barriers and opportunities connected to the possibilities of labeling. Hotels have been targeted for large investments, since they have become the pillars of Brazil's project to welcome tourists during the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Taking into consideration the need to develop specific methodologies for lodging possibilities, in addition to the scarce information on the use of energy in small businesses, this article is part of a series of researches carried out within the framework of the Sebrae/RJ - Procel Agreement. The outcome is a global analysis, from a business point of view, on the use of labels of energy efficiency in hotel buildings, organized upon two perspectives: the external environment (opportunities and threats) and the internal environment (strong and weak points). (author)

  8. Crioterapia no pos-parto: tempo de aplicacao e mudancas na temperatura perineal

    Adriana Amorim Francisco


    Full Text Available Estudo descritivo com dados de dois ensaios clínicos realizados em 2008 e 2009 em uma maternidade de uma instituição filantrópica da cidade de São Paulo. Teve como objetivo descrever a temperatura perineal após a aplicação de bolsa de gelo no pós-parto normal. Três grupos com 38 puérperas cada (n=114 receberam aplicação perineal de bolsa de gelo entre 2 e 48h após o parto. Os achados indicaram que com 10 min de crioterapia as médias da temperatura perineal atingiram de 13,3 a 15,3oC, com pequena redução de temperatura ao final de aplicações de 15 e 20 minutos (2,4 e 2,7o, respectivamente. Após resfriamento por 10 min., as mulheres referiram frio e alívio e, depois de 15 a 20 min., dormência e anestesia local. Conclui-se que 10 minutos de aplicação foram suficientes para reduzir a temperatura perineal aos níveis recomendados para analgesia (10-15oC.

  9. Analysis methodology for economic technical feasibility studies in offshore electrical generation systems; Metodologia de analisis para estudios de factibilidad tecnica economica en sistemas de generacion electrica costa fuera

    Fiscal Escalante, Raul [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)


    An analysis methodology followed in the development of technique-economic feasibility studies of systems of electrical generation in offshore electrical installations is presented, including the obtaining of the curves of the turbine and generator performance, the technical considerations for the formulation of the operation scenes and the calculations of the economic evaluation of a real scenario. [Spanish] Se muestra una metodologia de analisis seguida en el desarrollo de estudios de factibilidad tecnica-economica de sistemas de generacion electrica en instalaciones electricas costa fuera, incluyendo la obtencion de las curvas de comportamiento de la turbina y el generador, las consideraciones tecnicas para la formulacion de los escenarios de operacion y los calculos de la evaluacion economica de un escenario real.

  10. Foreseeing techniques and control of emissions in thermal power plants. Workshop Latin American. [Selected Papers]; Control y tecnicas de prevision de las emisiones de centrales termoelectricas

    Saldana, R.; Morales, F.; Urrutia, M. [eds.] [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    This document contains the conference proceedings of the Latin-American Workshop ``Control and Prevision Techniques of Emissions in Power Plants`` carried out in Cuernavaca, Mexico on June 1996, with the participation of representatives of Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela, as well as specialists from the European Union. The core issue analyzed in this workshop was the control and the evaluation techniques of polluting emissions in Power Plants [Espanol] Este documento contiene las memorias de conferencia del Taller Latinoamericano ``Control y tecnicas de prevision de las emisiones de centrales termoelectricas`` que se llevo a cabo en Cuernavaca, Mexico en junio de 1996. Participaron representantes de Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama y Venezuela, asi como especialistas de la Union Europea. El tema central tratado en este taller fue el control y tecnicas de evaluacion de las emisiones contaminantes en centrales termoelectricas

  11. Valutazione tecnica e finanziaria dei danni provocati da Heterobasidion annosum in una piantagione di douglasia in Calabria.

    R.Fratini; Pellegrino, S; Capretti, P.


    Il testo esamina le fasi di una valutazione economica di una piantagione di douglasia (Pseudotsuga menziesii), sul massiccio Silano (Cosenza). Lo studio ha previsto il calcolo del valore di macchiatico di una fustaia, al 35° anno, con presenza di attacco fungino (Heterobasidion annosum) ed il confronto con una fustaia al 50° anno in cui si ipotizzano interventi di lotta biologica, con preparati disponibili in commercio, fin dal 35° anno. L’intervento di taglio anticipato presenta un macchiat...

  12. Electrochemical techniques application in corrosion problems of fossil power plants; Aplicacion de tecnicas electroquimicas en problemas de corrosion en centrales termoelectricas

    Cano Castillo, Ulises; Garcia Ochoa, Esteban Miguel; Martinez Villafane, Alberto; Mariaca Rodriguez, Liboria; Malo Tamayo, Jose Maria; Uruchurtu Chavarin, Jorge [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    Some aspects of the electrochemical techniques employed to evaluate the corrosion at low temperature in fossil power plants are commented, as well as the results obtained with the application of them in three power plants of this type. [Espanol] Se comentan algunos aspectos de tecnicas electroquimicas utilizadas para evaluar la corrosion en baja temperatura en centrales termoelectricas, asi como los resultados de la aplicacion de las mismas en tres centrales de este tipo.

  13. Desenvolvimento de um modelo de marketing industrial aplicado na indústria alimentar : o caso do Pirarucu da Amazónia

    Santana, Aldous Jesus Raiol


    Dissertação de mestrado em Engenharia Industrial (área de especialização em Gestão de Projectos e Inovação) O presente estudo tem como intuito levar o conhecimento do potencial do Pirarucu da Amazónia como produto a ser inserido no mercado brasileiro de pescados ao utilizar tecnicas de fabrico e de marketing industrial já realizadas pelas empresas fabricantes e produtos de Bacalhau de Cura Tradicional Portuguesa. O problema desta investigação prende-se com uma questão: Qual ...

  14. Sorveglianza della matrice di varianze e covarianze di un portafoglio efficiente tramite la tecnica lasso



    Nel mercato finanziario, la scelta ottimale di un portafoglio azionario ha come scopo principale quello di allocare nel miglior modo possibile le risorse a propria disposizione, massimizzando una funzione di utilità che prenda in considerazione sia il rendimento atteso (da massimizzare, a parità di rischio) sia il rischio di investimento (da minimizzare, a parità di rendimento), oppure entrambi gli aspetti simultaneamente. L’idea della tesi trae origine dal concetto di “sorveglianza statis...

  15. Measurement and control techniques for electric equipment development; Tecnicas de medicion y control para el desarrollo de equipos electricos

    Ruiz Neblina, Joaquin [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    In broad outlines the measuring and control techniques that are used in the electric equipment development in the short circuit laboratories, are described. In this article the utilization criteria of the traditional and modern (analogical and digital) instruments are described as well as the tendency towards the system`s integration for the automation of the measurement and control processes. Also, mention is made of the systems currently being developed at the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas (IIE) to be applied at the Short Circuit Laboratories of Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) and of the IIE. [Espanol] Se describen a grandes rasgos las tecnicas de medicion y control que se emplean para el desarrollo de equipos electricos en los laboratorios de corto circuito. En este articulo se describen los criterios de utilizacion de los instrumentos tradicionales y modernos (analogicos y digitales), asi como la tendencia hacia la integracion de sistemas para la automatizacion de los procesos de medicion y control. Tambien se mencionan los sistemas que actualmente se desarrollan en el Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas (IIE) para aplicarlos en los Laboratorios de Corto Circuito de la Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) y del Instituto.

  16. Ion nitriding post-oxidation as an alternative technique to electrolytic chromium; Nitruracion post-oxidacion ionica como tecnica alternativa al cromado electrolitico

    Diaz-Guillen, J. C.; Granda-Gutierrez, E.E.; Campa-Castilla, A.; Perez-Aguilar, S.I.; Garza-Gomez, A.; Candelas-Ramirez, J.; Mendez-Mendez, R. [COMIMSA. Corporacion Mexicana de Investigacion en Materiales S.A. de C.V., Saltillo, Coahuila (Mexico)]. E-mail:


    The effect of temperature and processing time during post-oxidation on hardness and corrosion resistance of AISI 1045 samples treated through nitriding and post-oxidation in a pulsed plasma discharge is evaluated in this paper. Also, a comparative analysis of the mechanical properties obtained with the dual nitriding - post oxidation process versus those properties of typical hard chrome coatings was performed with an aim to propose an alternative technique to the processes of galvanic coatings. The latter revealed that the process of ion nitriding and post-oxidation provides similar properties in hardness and improves the corrosion resistance compared to the hard chrome case. It is conclude that the technique of ion nitriding and post-oxidation is a non environmental harmful technology with strong potential to replace highly polluting electroplating techniques for application of hard chrome coatings. [Spanish] En el presente trabajo se evalua el efecto del tiempo y la temperatura de post-oxidacion sobre las propiedades de dureza y resistencia a la corrosion de muestras de acero AISI 1045 sometido al proceso de nitruracion post-oxidacion ionica en plasmas pulsados. Asi mismo, con el objetivo de fundamentar la propuesta de utilizacion de la nitruracion post-oxidacion ionica como una tecnica alternativa a los procesos galvanicos para aplicacion de recubrimientos de cromo duro, se realizo un analisis comparativo de propiedades, evidenciando que, mediante el proceso nitruracion postoxidacion ionica, es posible obtener caracteristicas similares en dureza y mejores en resistencia a la corrosion que las tipicas obtenidas para el cromo duro. Los resultados obtenidos permiten postular una tecnica que no dana al medio ambiente, como lo es la nitruracion post-oxidacion ionica, como candidata potencial para sustituir las tecnicas galvanicas altamente contaminantes para aplicacion de cromo duro.

  17. A high sensibility technique to detect the incipient defects in high tension bushings; Una tecnica de alta sensibilidad para detectar defectos incipientes en boquillas de alta tension

    Robles Pimentel, Edgar; Mestizo Rivera, Antolin; Romero Camberos, Ramon [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    In this article a testing technique to locate incipient faults in transformer bushings is reported, specifically the one related to the internal disconnection of the capacitive tap, which is exemplified with a device having a problem of this kind. [Espanol] En el presente articulo se reporta una tecnica de prueba para localizar fallas incipientes en las boquillas de los transformadores, especificamente la relacionada con la desconexion interna del tap capacitivo, lo cual se ejemplifica con un dispositivo que padece un problema de ese tipo.

  18. Study for application of multi fuel technology in the Brazilian automobilistic market; Estudo para aplicacao da tecnologia multi combustivel no mercado automobilistico brasileiro

    Gasparotto, Alexsander David [FIAT/GM Powertrain (Brazil); Massarani, Marcelo [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil)


    The objective of this work is a study for the application of a new technology that will be used in the engine management system in the vehicle; where the final consumer can opt for the inquiry performance or seeking an economy for the fuel consumption depending on its daily use and of the prices offered in the gas stations. Flexible Fuel is a technology in development for the automobile market that mixes the use of two fuels (gasoline and ethanol) and their mixtures in the internal combustion engine. (author)

  19. Application of activation analysis for determination of some elements in cassiterite samples; Aplicacao da analise por ativacao para a determinacao de alguns elementos em amostras de cassiterita

    Armelin, Maria Jose Aguirre


    This work consists in the development of an analytical method using activation by thermal neutrons for the determination of some minor elements and traces present in cassiterite (tin ore). This method was then applied to determine these elements in samples of cassiterite from different regions of Brazil. An analysis was made of the mineralogy characteristic of cassiterite as well as of the minerals most commonly associated with it. Four main types of interference were found to occur in the analysis by activation of trace elements in samples of cassiterite. The method involves the analysis without chemical separation for the determination of some elements and the analysis with chemical separation for the determination of other elements. The steps involved in both types of analysis are described. In the analysis with chemical separation the matrix element (tin) is separated by distillation in an H{sub 2}SO{sub 4}-HBr medium, after fusion of the ore with Na{sub 2}O{sub 2}. Arsine and antimony are determined in the distilled, whereas some lanthanide elements and uranium are determined in the distillation residue by separating them as a group by precipitation with lanthanum fluoride. A discussion on the precision, accuracy and sensibility of the method is also included. (author)

  20. Application of short irradiation in the neutron activation analysis on mussel samples; Aplicacao da irradiacao curta na analise por ativacao com neutrons de amostras de mexilhao

    Seo, Daniele [Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Saiki, Mitiko Saiki; Catharino, Marilia G.M.; Moreira, Edson G.; Vasconcellos, Marina B.A. [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)]. E-mails:;;;


    This paper presents the preliminary results of determination of elements Br, Cl, K, Mg, Mn and Na obtained in the samples of mussels Perna perna by using short irradiation wit neutron activation analysis (NAA). Powder of the samples and elements synthetic standards were irradiated at the IEA R1 nuclear reactor, under 10 min irradiation and 9.6 x 10{sup 9} n cm{sub -2} s{sub -1} thermal neutron flux. Concentration of the elements Br and Mn were obtained at the levels of mg kg{sub 1} and the percentages of Cl, K, Mg and Na were determined on the mussels. The results presented a good agreement with the reference material NIST 1566b Oyster Tissue. (author)

  1. Study of conjugation and radiolabeling of monoclonal antibody rituximab for use in radionuclide therapy; Estudo da conjugacao e radiomarcacao do anticorpo monoclonal rituximab para aplicacao em terapia radionuclidica

    Massicano, Adriana Vidal Fernandes


    Lymphomas are tumors originated from the transformation of a lymphocyte in the lymphatic system. The most common lymphoma is the Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). Advances in immunology and molecular biology have been improving NHL's detection and treatment strategies development, such as Radioimmunotherapy (RIT). Rituximab is an anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody used as immunotherapeutic to treat refractory or relapsed NHL. The goal of the present work was to conjugate this antibody to DOTA-NHS-ester bifunctional chelator and to radiolabel it with {sup 177}Lu radioisotope in order to develop a radio immunotherapeutic agent for NHL's treatment. Different rituximab to DOTA molar ratios (1:5, 1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:250, 1:500 and 1:1000) were evaluated in order to determine the best condition for obtaining the highest radiochemical purity of radio immunotherapeutic. The stability of the unlabeled immuno conjugated was evaluated by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for up to 240 days in different storage conditions. The stability of the labeled preparations was evaluated either after storing at 2-8 degree C or incubation in human serum at 37 degree C. The binding to serum proteins was also determined. In vivo studies were performed in healthy Swiss mice, in order to characterize the biological properties of labeled conjugate. Finally, preliminary studies of radio immuno conjugated competitive binding to CD20 positive Raji cells were carried out in order to analyze if the process of conjugation and radiolabeling compromises the immunoreactivity of the antibody. The conjugation applying lower antibody to chelator molar ratios (1:5, 1:10 and 1:20) showed high stability when stored for up to 240 days in different conditions. The HPLC analysis showed that the monoclonal antibody conjugated in molar ratio 1:50 was labeled with higher radiochemical purity (> 95%) when purified in PD-10 column. This conjugate showed reasonable stability at 2-8 degree C. The analysis of the stability in human serum did not suggest high metabolic degradation by serum enzymes. The labeled conjugate showed high serum protein binding, suggesting slow blood clearance, which was confirmed by in vivo studies. The labeled conjugate presented high uptake in the liver, in accordance to biodistribution pattern of monoclonal antibodies. The preliminary competitive binding studies indicated a specific binding and suggest that the synthesis of {sup 177}Lu-DOTA-rituximab did not compromise its binding to CD20 positive tumor cells. (author)

  2. Study of nanostructured clay's application in photoactivated restorative resins, used in dentistry; Estudo da aplicacao de argilas nanoestruturadas em resinas restauradoras fotoativadas, utilizadas em odontologia

    Campos, Luiza Melo de Paiva


    The problem caused by polymerization shrinkage is critical, because the resin must remain closely in the tooth cavity while gaining rigidity and decrease its dimensions. Forcing the restorative material to distance or to separate the walls of the cavity, the resulting disruption would lead to microleakage, responsible for other problems such as secondary caries, postoperative soreness and may even cause pulpal changes. This process induces the volumetric change of the compound, given by the union of radicals in the formation of the macromolecule (polymer), causing a decrease in volume. This study aimed to develop new experimental composites through the addition of nano components clay minerals in a polymer matrix-based BisGMA / TEGDMA, to evaluate the possibility of a different dimensional behavior during the polymerization. Were used in this study, experimental composites added nanoparticle clay MMT Cloisite 10A (at concentrations of 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 wt%) and Cloisite 30B (at concentrations of 50, 55, 60 and 65 wt%), which were then compared with the performance of the experimental composites added with micro-particles of silanized silica hybrid Aerosil OX-50 (at concentrations of 50, 60, 65 and 70 wt%). Was used the methods of characterization: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Thermal-Mechanical Analysis (TMA), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Absorption Spectroscopy in the Region of the Infrared (FTIR), X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Micro Hardness Knoop, Holographic Interferometry Technique (HIT), Digital Holography (DH), Correlation Image (CI) and Thermography. It was observed that the experimental composites with nanoparticles added clay Cloisite 10A and Cloisite 30B, performed better on tests that measured the polymerization shrinkage (TMA, HIT/HD/IC) and the micro hardness (Knoop), in relation to composites added with Silica Aerosil OX-50. These results may be related to the interaction polymer/clay and the nano composites formation, observed by XRD analysis. Among the nanoparticles studied, the Cloisite 30B showed the most significant results in relation to the nanoparticle Cloisite 10A and this can be attributed to chemical affinity and polar nature of that nanoparticle. (author)

  3. Development of Ti-12Mo-3Nb alloy for biomedical application; Desenvolvimento da liga Ti-12Mo-3Nb para aplicacao biomedica

    Panaino, J.V.P.; Gabriel, S.B., E-mail: [Centro Universidade de Volta Redonda (UNIFOA), RJ (Brazil); Mei, P. [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (DEMa/UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Materiais; Brum, M.V. [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Programa de Engenharia Metalurgica e de Materiais; Nunes, C.A. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (EEL/USP), Lorena, SP (Brazil). Escola de Engenharia


    The titanium alloys are quite satisfactory for biomedical applications due to their physical, mechanical and biological properties. Recent studies focuses on the development of beta type titanium alloys, composed of toxic elements (Nb, Mo, Ta ,...), because they have more advantages than alpha and alpha + beta (Ti- 6Al-4V) alloys such as lower modulus of elasticity, better plasticity and, moreover, the process variables can be controlled to produce selected results. This project focused on the development and characterization of Ti-12Mo-3Nb alloy in the condition 'as cast' and after thermomechanical treatment. The material was characterized in different conditions by X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy, microhardness measurements and elasticity modulus. The results showed that the forged Ti-12Mo-3Nb alloy showed the best combination of properties, being a promising candidate for use as implant. (author)

  4. Biochronostratigraphy of the Pelotas Basin: Actual state and application in the petroleum geology; Biocronoestratigrafia da Bacia de Pelotas: estado atual e aplicacao na geologia do petroleo

    Anjos-Zerfass, Geise de Santana dos; Souza, Paulo Alves de; Chemale Junior, Farid [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias]. E-mails:;,


    The bio stratigraphic studies of the Brazilian sedimentary basins have providing a support for the exploratory research of energetic and mineral resources, in particular at the continental margin. From new discoveries of hydrocarbon accumulations at the Santos and Campos basins, the south portion of the Brazilian continental margin were converted in an important target of the exploration. Therefore, the bio stratigraphic refinement is necessary to detect gaps and to promote an increment on the precision of the lateral correlations in the delimitation and spatial analysis of the potential reservoirs. The actual stage of the bio-chronostratigraphic framework of the Pelotas Basin is presented herein, focusing on its application to the reservoir prospection. The main questions and lacunae on the knowledge are also discussed. In terms of bio stratigraphy, the Pelotas Basin remains poorly evaluated, despite publication of important works on the bio stratigraphy are known since the 1960's. A comparison of bio stratigraphic schemes proposed for the Tertiary section of the basin allows the inference of diverse hiatuses, identified by the absences of bio zones. Hiatuses identified in the {sup 87}Sr/{sup 86}Sr curve, suggest their relationship with discontinuities in the deposition. Discrepancies between the proposed schemes can be attributed to the particular resolution of the different groups used, the variations in the bio stratigraphic criteria and the sampling interval, influencing the bio stratigraphic resolution and therefore its potential as a correlation tool. (author)

  5. Application of electron beam radiation for peat sterilization and suppression of microbe contaminants; Aplicacao da radiacao por feixe de eletrons como agente esterilizante de microorganismos em substrato turfoso

    Tsai, David


    Inoculation of root nodule bacteria into legume seeds such as soybean [Glycine max. (L.)], common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and forage pasture has been effective and convenient as this simple procedure may introduce effective strains of Bradyrhizobium/Rhizobium into agricultural soils without a past history of successful cropping systems with the legume hosts. Peat-based substrates previously sterilized have been used for decades as bacteria carrier, protecting them from the prevailing harsh conditions in tropical soils and ensuring their survival with nutrient and protection against the soil antagonists. The Brazilian Government requires that all peat-based substrates must be gamma-sterilized from a cobalt-60 ({sup 60}Co) source, prior the introduction of the root nodule bacteria into the package. The recommendation is for a dose up to 50 kGy for an effective suppression of pathogens and saprophytes, in order to avoid competition among the substrate microbiota. Recently, the use of the electron beam (EB) accelerator has shown to be a new alternative for peat pre-sterilization, as this technique may promote reactive free-radicals which are efficient to suppress microbial contaminants. This fast technology is considered more environment and ecology friendly-sound than gamma radiation ({gamma}). The disadvantage of not reaching higher depth than gamma rays from {sup 60}Co must be considered, and attempts of optimizing the technique are crucial. This study compared both methods by using increasing rates of radiation by {sup 60}Co by the EB method - O, 10, 20, 30, 40 e 50 kGy in a commercial peat used for inoculants. Experimental data from days 7, 14, 21 and 28 days (growth period) and 150, 180 and 210 days (storage period) indicated high numbers of the strain Rhizobium tropici CM-01, labelled with gusA{sup +} (Study 1) and celB{sup +} (Study 2) from both eat-sterilizing techniques, reaching values above the minimum of 1x10{sup 8} cells g{sup -1} peat. At high rates, above 40 kGy, and after long incubation periods (ex. after 150 days), EB method was more efficient to suppress actinobacteria, one serious antagonist for rhizobia. Strain CM-01 celB{sup +}, data for the period of bacterial growth confirmed the efficiency of the method even at rates as low as 10 kGy. (author)

  6. Application of fuzzy logic in mapping the environmental impacts of hydroelectric power plants; Aplicacao da logica difusa no mapeamento de impactos ambientais em usinas hidreletricas

    Melo, M.N.; Lambert-Torres, G.; Silva, L.E. Borges da [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil)], Emails:,; Rissino, S.; Silva, M.F. da [Universidade Federal de Rondonia (UFRO), Porto Velho, RO (Brazil)], e-mails:,


    During the stages prior to installation of a large enterprise, there is an obligation to obtain an environmental license for its effectiveness. However, defining the relevance of an environmental impact generated by changes elapsed in a region, is something subjective, since some variables present qualitative definitions. Aiming to interrelate the variables that influence the environmental impacts in hydroelectric plants, was made the mapping of terms natural resources and degradation of the environment, and its defining variables, based on the theory of fuzzy logic. The construction of fuzzy propositions was based on the manipulation of a rule base, with the 'if' antecedent 'then' consequent structure. It was concluded that the use of fuzzy propositions for the study of environmental impact is an effective method to map the environmental impact caused by construction of a hydroelectric plant, because it defines the degree of influence of impact on the environment.

  7. Modeling of development and projection of the accumulated recoverable oil volume: methodology and application; Modelagem da evolucao e projecao de volume de oleo recuperavel acumulado: metodologia e aplicacao

    Melo, Luciana Cavalcanti de; Ferreira Filho, Virgilio Jose Martins; Rocha, Vinicius Brito [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia (COPPE)


    A relevant problem that petroleum companies deal is the estimate of the future levels of reserves The objective of the reserve forecasting is pursued through the construction of mathematical models. Considering that the exploration process is an informed and controlled process, in order to reach the exploration targets, the exploration process is lead inside of a sequence of decisions based on the reached results. Such decisions are taken surrounded by an uncertain environment added to the random nature of the process. Another important assumption that must be taken into consideration is the dependency of the exploration on the conditions, or structure, of the discovered resources and the final potential. The modeling starts with the establishment of a general problem, when the models are being constructed, based on suppositions associated to the main concepts, and ends with the attainment of specific solutions, when the best description, or model, is selected through the estimate of the respective parameters and of the measurement adjustments. The result of this approach reflects the essence of the exploration process and how it is reflected in the incorporation of reserves and history of field discoveries. A case study is used for validation of the models and the estimates. (author)

  8. Application of genetic algorithms to integrated optimization of safety system availability; Aplicacao de algoritmos geneticos a otimizacao integrada da disponibilidade de sistemas de seguranca

    Damaso, Vinicius Correa [Centro Tecnologico do Exercito (CTEx), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Pereira, Claudio M.N.A. [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)]. E-mail:; Melo, Paulo F.F. Frutuoso e [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia. Programa de Engenharia Nuclear]. E-mail:


    Experience gained on systems design, operation, and maintenance, with the increasing degree of complexity, and the growth of computational processing capacity, makes it possible the development of integrated optimization techniques, which take into account the interaction of all involved phases in systems operation. However, such a broad approach, which describes in an integrated way, the involved factors, from the conception of the structure to maintenance policies, makes the problem more complex. Generally, the original problem is cast into a simpler one, by imposing some degree of linearity, which allows for a more conventional treatment. The effect of this linear approach is a sensible increase in the number of variables and constraints to be treated. Another shortcoming is related to the fact that as long as the description of some parameters is allowed to undergo modifications, the resulting model becomes less realistic. This paper presents an integrated optimization method of system performance based on genetic algorithms. The aim is to maximize the benefits from operating a simplified system, where different features, like the structure itself, its design, reliability, redundancy allocation, test and maintenance actions scheduling, and costs, are simultaneously taken into account in an integrated way. The availability model treats the original problem without performing any transformation. The set of solutions generated allows a decision-making support for which budgetary and safety constraints must be considered. The results show that the integrated approach used for optimizing the system is much more convenient and should be applied to more complex systems. (author)

  9. Advantages of the synthetic technique for the conduction of short circuit tests to breakers; Ventajas de la tecnica sintetica para realizar pruebas de corto circuito a interruptores

    Sibilski, Henry [Instituto Electrotecnico de Varsovia, Varsovia (Poland); Ochoa Vivanco, Ruben [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    In this article the operational principle of the synthetic test is described; specifically of the current injection circuit in parallel. Its utilization in the research and development of new breaker models and its wide possibilities regarding its testing characteristics is outlined. Likewise the different tests that can be performed by means of the synthetic technique are described. Finally the importance of the synthetic tests is outlined for the development of own technology in the area of interruption equipment and emphasis is made that in industrialized countries this technique is of common practice. [Espanol] En este articulo se describe el principio de operacion de la prueba sintetica; especificamente del circuito de inyeccion de corriente en paralelo. Se destaca su utilizacion en la investigacion y desarrollo de nuevos modelos de interruptores y sus amplias posibilidades en cuanto a caracteristicas de prueba. Asimismo, se describen las diferentes pruebas que pueden realizarse mediante la tecnica sintetica. Por ultimo, se destaca la importancia de las pruebas sinteticas para el desarrollo de tecnologia propia en el area de equipos de interrupcion, y se hace notar que en paises desarrollados, esta tecnica es practica comun.

  10. Electron beam application as pre treatment of sugar cane bagasse to enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose;Aplicacao da radiacao de feixe de eletrons com pre-tratamento do bagaco da cana-de-acucar para hidrolise enzimatica da celulose

    Cardoso, Vanessa Miguel


    Due to increasing worldwide shortage of food and energy sources, sugarcane bagasse has been considered as a substrate for single cell protein, animal feed, and renewable energy production. Sugarcane bagasse generally contain up to 45% glucose polymer cellulose, much of which is in a crystalline structure, 40% hemicelluloses, an amorphous polymer usually composed of xylose, arabinose, galactose, glucose, and mannose and 20% lignin, which cannot be easily separated into readily usable components due to their recalcitrant nature. Pure cellulose is readily depolymerised by radiation, but in biomass the cellulose is intimately bonded with lignin, that protect it from radiation effects. The objective of this study was the evaluation of the electron beam irradiation efficiency as a pre-treatment to enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose in order to facilitate its fermentation and improves the production of ethanol biofuel. Samples of sugarcane bagasse were obtained in sugar/ethanol Mill sited in Piracicaba, Brazil, and were irradiated using Radiation Dynamics Electron Beam Accelerator with 1,5 MeV energy and 37 kW, in batch systems. The applied absorbed doses of the fist sampling, Bagasse A, were 20 kGy, 50 kGy, 10 0 kGy and 200 kGy. After the evaluation the preliminary obtained results, it was applied lower absorbed doses in the second assay: 5 kGy, 10 kGy, 20 kGy, 30 kGy, 50 kGy, 70 kGy, 100 kGy and 150 kGy. The electron beam processing took to changes in the sugarcane bagasse structure and composition, lignin and cellulose cleavage. The yield of enzymatic hydrolyzes of cellulose in. (author)

  11. Toxicity assays applied for evaluation of ionizing radiation and zeolites adsorption as treatment technologies for coloured effluent; Aplicacao de ensaios de toxicidade na avaliacao da eficiencia da radiacao ionizante e da adsorcao em zeolitas para o tratamento de efluentes coloridos

    Higa, Marcela Cantelli


    Textile industry is one raising commercial activity in Brazil. This activity has been generating important environmental interferences such as colour and bad biological effects into aquatic environment. Liquid textile effluents are toxic to lived organisms and may present low biological degradability. Although foreseen at federal regulation, the effluent quality is not controlled by toxicity assays in the country. These assays are carried out to determine the potential effects of chemical substances and effluents to cause negative effects to the exposed organisms. The present work aimed whole toxicity evaluation as well as the applicability of two different treatment techniques: ionizing radiation and zeolite adsorption. The efficacy of them were evaluated using eco toxicity bases and real effluents. Two different industries from Sao Paulo State contributed to this project supplying their real effluents. The samples were collected at a Textile Industry and at a Chemical Industry (dying producer) and after the measurement of whole toxicity the samples were submitted to treatments. Toxicity assays were carried out for Daphnia similis and for Vibrio fischeri. Sample irradiations were performed at an Electron Beam Accelerator at CTR/IPEN. Zeolites treatment is an P and D activity from CQMA/IPEN which contributed to this Project. Zeolites v/ere prepared from fly ash previously being used as an adsorber material. Both treatments (electron irradiation and zeolite adsorption) resulted on important toxicity and colour reduction. Concerning irradiation the effluents from chemical industry required higher radiation doses than that from textile activity. The radiation dose to be suggested is 40 kGy (toxicity reduction > 60%) for the chemical effluents and 0.5 kGy for the textile effluents (toxicity reduction > 90%). When zeolite adsorption was evaluated the Z1M6 resulted in 85%o v/hole toxicity reduction and ZC6 resulted in very low efficiency for the effluents of chemical industry. (author)

  12. Modelling and application of modern control techniques to governor and voltage regulator systems of synchronous machines of small hydroelectric power plants; Modelagem e aplicacao de tecnicas de controle moderno a sistemas reguladores de velocidade e tensao de maquinas sincronas de pequenas centrais hidreletricas

    Silva, Claudio Homero Ferreira da


    In small hydroelectric plants the control system is quite simplified. It is sometimes mounted in a primitive and archaic way although it is functional. Performance of this system determines the final quality of the energy, stability and physical integrity of the apparatus as well as the whole electric system. Based on the present situation of the electric system, it is noticed a tendency in building and modernizing early small hydroelectric plants in order to increase energy supply very fast with low cost and satisfying environmental constraints. The development of mathematical tools and digital computer facilities have made possible the use of advanced automatic control structures that take into account the process stability even in presence of noise measurement and plant/model mismatch. Physical modifications in the plant are proposed in order to provide significant improvement in closed loop behaviour of the turbine speed and terminal voltage control. The decision ability and flexibility of the computer package to be developed are the major aspects that support this research. It will be intended to incorporate this control computer package into programmable logical controller. Experimental data from CEMIG's Martins Hydro Plant (4 x 2750 KVA), located in Uberlandia, Brazil, were used to identify and validate the system model. Pole placement, optimal control and model predictive control techniques were used to controller design. Perfect modeling and plant/model mismatch were considered in both presence and absence of state observers (full order and reduced order) in order to become accessible unmeasured states. Simulation results show developed controllers are promising for the system regulating. The proposed approaches offer a larger control flexibility taking into account plant/model mismatch and stability questions. These results contribute to a quality energy improvement associated to a cost reduction in energy generation process. (author)

  13. Heat transfer coefficients obtainment by means of naphthalene sublimation in air; Obtencion de coeficientes de transferencia de calor por medio de la tecnica de sublimacion de naftalina en aire

    Perez Galindo, Jose Arturo; Garcia Gutierrez, Alonso [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    This work describes the experimental technique for the sublimation of naphthalene in air which measures heat transfer coefficients through the use of the analogy between the transference phenomena of heat and mass. The technique used to substitute the experimental measurements of heat transfer, in which it is difficult to control the border thermal conditions, when they are dimmed by the omnipresent problem of heat conduction through the walls of the transference surfaces. Two examples are included of the application technique and its potential is outlined. [Espanol] En este trabajo se describe la tecnica experimental de la sublimacion de naftalina en aire mediante la que se miden coeficientes de transferencia de masa. Los datos asi obtenidos pueden convertirse en coeficientes de transferencia de calor a traves del uso de la analogia entre los fenomenos de transferencia de calor y masa. La tecnica se utiliza para substituir las mediciones experimentales de transferencia de calor, en las que es dificil controlar las condiciones termicas de frontera, cuando las empana el problema omnipresente de la conduccion de calor a traves de las paredes de las superficies de transferencia. Se incluyen dos ejemplos de la aplicacion de la tecnica y se destaca su potencial.

  14. Sacral-neuromodulation CT-guided; Nuova tecnica di centraggio TC-assistista nella neuromodulazione sacrale

    Amoroso, Lamberto; Ricci, Stefano [INRCA, Ancona (Italy). Dipartimento di radiologia e medicina nucleare; Pelliccioni, Giuseppe; Scarpino, Osvaldo [INRCA, Ancona (Italy). Unita' operativa di radiologia; Ghiselli, Roberto; Saba, Vittorio [INRCA, Ancona (Italy). Dipartimento di chirurgia


    total of 38 centering. Eight patients underwent the PNE procedure on both the S3 foramina. The sacral foramen was centred at the first attempt in 36 out of 38 cases. Two cases required several attempts to centre correctly the foramen. In 4 patients out of 30 a second electrode was implanted. In one patient who had a non consolidated sacral fracture, CT guidance enabled insertion of the electrode inside the only practicable foramen, a manoeuvre that would have been impossible with fluoroscopic guidance. Only once was repositioned after a CT control. During the whole trial period we had a positive response to the PNE test in 18 out of 30 patients (60%), a partial response in 4 out of 30 patients and a negative response in the remaining 8 patients. None of the patients who underwent the PNE test had infectious complications and the procedure was well tolerated by all. The procedure lasted about 45 minutes. Conclusions: The PNE test under Ct guidance proved to be more efficient compared with the traditional technique as the direct view of the electrode position helped to define with greater reliability the patients who were non-responsive to sacral stimulation. Moreover, this method was particularly efficient in patients with sacral anomalies where the traditional guide might fail. The operators' reduced exposure to radiation is an advantage to be taken into consideration. Finally, the usage of mobile CT apparatus in an operating theatre can improve the technique for permanent implantations. [Italian] Scopo: La neuromodulazione sacrale ? una nuova procedura diagnostico-terapeutica pe ri disturbi funzionali del basso tratto urinario come l'incontinenza urinaria da urgenza, la ritenzione urinaria non ostruttiva, la sindrome urgenza/frequenza, il dolore pelvico cronico intrattabile e, di recente, anche per il trattamento della stipsi e dell'incontinemza fecale. Il trattamento prevede una prima fase definita PNE test (Percutaneous Nerve Evaluation) che consiste

  15. Technical feasibility of using silver and copper ions electro generated in the microbiological control of cooling systems; Factibilidad tecnica para emplear iones plata y cobre electrogenerados en el control microbiologico de los sistemas de enfriamiento

    Silva, Susana M; Martinez Meza, Esteban; Alvarez Gallegos, Alberto [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Temixco, Morelos (Mexico)


    bacterial populations promoters of the microbiological influenced corrosion and the biological fouling at levels of 1000 c/ml and less, competing with the conventional cooling water treatment processes. Also, the adherence capacity of the biofilm on the surfaces of the cooling system would be seriously affected because the silver is adsorbed to the surface that contains it and still continues its bactericidal effect. Additionally, the coliform bacteria are reduced below the levels accepted by the Mexican Official Standard. A table of the silver required for disinfection of different water qualities is shown and another one on the evaluation of the process and finally one on the effectiveness of the process using the silver/copper system in residual water. [Spanish] El objetivo de este trabajo es determinar la factibilidad tecnica de sustituir el uso de cloro por otro biocida (ionizacion de plata o cobre) no peligroso en aguas de enfriamiento. Esta tecnica de ionizacion podria ser empleada para tratar el agua de procesos industriales en general. El agua empleada provino del agua de repuesto del sistema de enfriamiento de la Central Termoelectrica de Valle de Mexico (CTEVM) y agua residual de las plantas de tratamiento del Instituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua (IMTA) y el Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas (IIE). Los tres tipos de agua empleados tienen caracteristicas fisicas, quimicas y biologicas similares. La metodologia usada fue la prueba de jarras y por sistema continuo. Se indica el analisis bacteriologico llegando a la conclusion. Los sistemas metalicos estudiados en el establecimiento del control microbiologico en el agua residual y agua de repuesto son plata, plata/cobre y cobre en los intervalos de concentracion de 200 mg/L a 3000 mg/L de plata y de 200 mg/L a 1200 mg/L de cobre. Los experimentos realizados en la prueba de jarras (sistema cerrado) se llevaron a cabo a dos temperaturas (25 {+-} 0.5 y 32 {+-} 0.5 ) sin controlar el pH; mientras que en el

  16. Characterization, analysis and dating of archaeological ceramics from the Amazon basin through nuclear techniques; Caracterizacao, analise e datacao de ceramicas arqueologicas da Bacia Amazonica atraves de tecnicas nucleares

    Latini, Rose Mary


    The aim of this work is to contribute to the research in the reconstruction of part of the pre-history of the Amazon Basin by means of an analytical methods combined with multivariate analysis, given a analytic basis that can be continued by the archaeological work, through the identification, classification, provenance and dating the ceramics found in different archaeological sites of the Hydro graphic Basin of the Purus river. Neutron activation analysis in conjunction multivariate statistical methods were used for the identification and classification and thermoluminescence was used for the dating. Chemical composition results were in better agreement with archaeological classification for the archaeologically define Iquiri, Quinan and Xapuri phases and less characteristics the Iaco and Jacuru archaeological phase were not well characterized. An homogeneous group was established by most of the samples collected from the Los Angeles Archaeological Site (LA) and was distinct from all the other groups analysed. The provenance studies made with ceramics collected at this site shows that they were made with clay from nearby river (Rio Ina). From the LA ceramics dating the average date of site occupation was 1660 years. The ceramic dating results from the external wall of a circular earth wall construction confirm the relation with the local pre-history. Beyond the Acre material two urns were dated from the Archaeological Site Morro Grande and Sao Jose at Araruama, Rio de Janeiro. (author)

  17. The use of environmental monitoring as a technique to identify isotopic enrichment activities; O uso da monitoracao ambiental como tecnica de identificacao de atividades de enriquecimento isotopico

    Buchmann, Jose Henrique


    The use of environmental monitoring as a technique to identify activities related to the nuclear fuel cycle has been proposed, by international organizations, as an additional measure to the safeguards agreements in force. The elements specific for each kind of nuclear activity, or nuclear signatures, inserted in the ecosystem by several transfer paths, can be intercepted with better or worse ability by different live organisms. Depending on the kind of signature of interest, the anthropogenic material identification and quantification require the choice of adequate biologic indicators and, mainly, the use of sophisticated techniques associated with elaborate sample treatments. This work demonstrates the technical viability of using pine needles as bioindicators of nuclear signatures associated with uranium enrichment activities. Additionally, it proposes the use of a technique widely diffused nowadays in the scientific community, the High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (HR-ICP-MS), to identify the signature corresponding to that kind of activities in the ecosystem. It can be also found a description of a methodology recently being applied in analytical chemistry,based on uncertainties estimates metrological concepts, used to calculate the uncertainties associated with the obtained measurement results. Nitric acid solutions with a concentration of 0.3{sup -1}, used to wash pine needles sampled near facilities that manipulate enriched uranium and containing only 0.1 {mu}{sup -1} of uranium, exhibit a {sup 235} U: {sup 238} U isotopic abundance ratio of 0.0092{+-}0.0002, while solutions originated from samples collected at places located more than 200 km far from activities related to the nuclear fuel cycle exhibit a value of 0.0074{+-}0.0002 for this abundance ratio. Similar results were obtained for samples collected in different places permit to confirm the presence of anthropogenic uranium and demonstrate the viability of using this technique and the methodology proposed in this work. (author)

  18. Evaluation of radon measuring technique using passive detector activated carbon; Avaliacao da tecnica de medicao do radonio utilizando detector passivo com carvao ativado

    Ferreira, Paulo Roberto Rocha; Lessa, Edmilson de Lima; Oliveira, Evaldo Paulo de, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria, (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Div. de Radioprotecao Ambiental e Ocupacional


    This study aims to evaluate the efficiency of measuring the radioactive gas Radon ({sup 222} Rn) with passive detector activated carbon. Alpha Guard, exposure chamber, air sampler, default font Radio, calibrator flow, flow adjuster, ducts drivers: For this, various equipment to make the measurement system as were used. An assembly of such equipment, with specific sequence was used allowing for more efficient exposure of passive detectors Radon gas. Twenty samples were heated to remove moisture and then stored in desiccator until the experiment were made. The exhibition was held passive dosimeters being removed from the chamber, and one hour after, subjected to analysis by gamma spectrometry in germanium (HPGe) for an hour. Subsequently, other measurements were made at scheduled times and sequential for one hour. The results were presented in report form and spectra, measures and graphs generated by Alpha Guard were also extracted. Finally we calculated the efficiency of the passive meter activated carbon. (author)

  19. Cone beam computed tomography in veterinary dentistry: description and standardization of the technique; Tomografia computadorizada de feixe conico na odontologia veterinaria: descricao e padronizacao da tecnica

    Roza, Marcello R. [Universidade Federal de Goias (UFG), Goianai, GO (Brazil)], e-mail:; Silva, Luiz A.F.; Fioravanti, Maria C. S. [Universidade Federal de Goias (UFG), Goiania, GO (Brazil). Escola de Veterinaria. Dept. de Medicina Veterinaria; Januario, Alessandro L. [International Team for Implantology (ITI), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Barriviera, Mauricio [Universidade Catolica de Brasilia (UCB), DF (Brazil). Faculdade de Odontologia. Dept. de Radiologia; Oliveira, Alexandre C.A. [Faculdade de Odontologia Sao Leopoldo Mandic, Campinas, SP (Brazil)


    Eleven dogs and four cats with buccodental alterations, treated in the Centro Veterinario do Gama, in Brasilia, DF, Brazil, were submitted to cone beam computed tomography. The exams were carried out in a i-CAT tomograph, using for image acquisition six centimeters height, 40 seconds time, 0.2 voxel, 120 kilovolts and 46.72 milli amperes per second. The ideal positioning of the animal for the exam was also determined in this study and it proved to be fundamental for successful examination, which required a simple and safe anesthetic protocol due to the relatively short period of time necessary to obtain the images. Several alterations and diseases were identified with accurate imaging, demonstrating that cone beam computed tomography is a safe, accessible and feasible imaging method which could be included in the small animal dentistry routine diagnosis. (author)

  20. Study of the porosity of synthetic sandstones by nondestructive nuclear techniques; Estudo da porosidade de arenitos sinteticos por tecnicas nucleares nao destrutivas

    Marques, Leonardo Carmezini


    In this paper, nuclear techniques have been used to describe structural characteristics of ceramic samples. These samples were produced to serve as simulates of sandstones and their mainly component was silica (SiO{sub 2}). Three sets of these samples with different characteristics were analyzed with the gamma ray transmission and the X-ray microtomography. They had the function to describe parameters as porosity point to point and total average porosity, for the transmission case, and 2D sections average porosity, total average porosity and size porous distribution for microtomography, as well as to investigate possible irregularities in bulk sample. The experimental set up for the gamma ray transmission technique consisted of: a 2 x 2 crystal NaI(Tl) detector, an {sup 241}Am radioactive source (59.54 keV, 100 mCi), an automatic micrometric table for the sample XZ movement and standard gamma spectrometry electronics. Lead collimators with 2 mm diameter were placed on the source way out and on the detector entrance. The microtomographic measurements were done with a Skyscan system, model 1172, with a X-ray tube with 20-100 kV of voltage range and a CCD camera. Employing gamma ray transmission method was possible to obtain overall porosity values from 25.8 to 34.0 % and from 24.8 to 29.2 % for samples with parallelepiped and cylinder shape, respectively, for ceramic I set; from 58.5 to 61.0 % and from 57.1 to 61.7 % for the same geometric shape of ceramic II set. The samples analyzed by the microtomography achieved resolutions of 1.73 {mu}m, 0.64 {mu}m and 1.28 {mu}m for samples of ceramic set I, II and III, respectively. This methodology provided average total porosity values from 26.6 to 29.4 %, from 48.4 to 51.0 % and from 28.2 to 30.6 % to I, II and III ceramic sets, respectively. The porous size profiles of each ceramic sample were also measured. (author)

  1. The result analysis by A-Frame technique in coating failure detection; Analise dos resultados do uso da tecnica A-Frame na localizacao de falhas no revestimento

    Silva, Fabio Amarante; Leite, Daniele C.F. [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Oliver, Joao Hipolito L. [TRANSPETRO - PETROBRAS Transportes, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper presents the method used to helps the on land pipeline integrity management, focusing on external corrosion control. The method is achieved by gathering together the data from an Over The Line Survey (OLS) and an In Line Inspection (ILI). As the corrosion occurs at a coating fault in a non-effective cathodic protection (cp) area, both coating and metal loss inspection data were employed in this method. The OLS is applied to pinpoint and graduate the coating faults in underground pipeline by using the Coating Attenuation / A-Frame (ACVG - Alternate Current Voltage Gradient) technic. The ILI is applied to measure the external metal loss (corrosion) by running a smart PIG tool. In some pipelines a huge number of coating fault can be found, but it doesn't mean that all of them must be repaired, so it is a need to identify the critical coating fault, so that the number of digging for coating repair can be drastically reduced. In the other way, as the smart PIG can provide data of corrosion in the pipe, the coating fault on a corroded area can be considered as a critical one. Together, those data may point the spot where the cathodic protection was not effective and the coating failure resulted in corrosion on the pipe. This method has been a helpful criterion to identify critical coating faults and reduce the overall repair cost, it can be also used to indirect evaluate the performance of cp system, since no corrosion indication on a coating fault area can be assumed that the CP is effective. (author)

  2. Comparison of three techniques for skin total irradiation with electrons; Comparacao de tres tecnicas de irradiacao total da pele com eletrons

    Batista, Delano V.S., E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Instituto Nacional de Cancer (INCa), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Bardella, Lucia H. [Instituto Nacional de Cancer (INCa), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Rosa, Luiz A.R. da, E-mail: [Instituto de Radioprotecao e Dosimetria (IRD/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper compared three techniques of skin total irradiation with electrons: 1) horizontal positioning, 2) vertical positioning - rotatory technique and 3) vertical positioning - six fields technique. For that, a anthropomorphic phantom was positioned according to the recommendation for each technique and was i radiated at the linear accelerator by using the 6 MeV electrons. Radiochromic films were positioned on the surface in various regions of the phantom for measurement of absorbed dose. A ionization chamber was positioned inside of equivalent issue plates for dose evaluation due to the photons produced by electron stopping. The technique 2 and 3 have shown too similar in the results and number or discrepant points (8 and 10 respectively) of prescription lower than the technique 1 (22 points). The total body dose of photons of the 1, 2 and 3 techniques was 2.2%, 5.3% and 5.2% respectively

  3. Prediction of the thermal expansion coefficients of bio diesels from several sources through the application of linear regression; Predicao dos coeficientes de expansao termica de biodieseis de diversas origens atraves da aplicacao da regressa linear

    Canciam, Cesar Augusto [Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana (UTFPR), Campus Ponta Grossa, PR (Brazil)], e-mail:


    When evaluating the consumption of bio fuels, the knowledge of the density is of great importance for rectify the effect of temperature. The thermal expansion coefficient is a thermodynamic property that provides a measure of the density variation in response to temperature variation, keeping the pressure constant. This study aimed to predict the thermal expansion coefficients of ethyl bio diesels from castor beans, soybeans, sunflower seeds and Mabea fistulifera Mart. oils and of methyl bio diesels from soybeans, sunflower seeds, souari nut, cotton, coconut, castor beans and palm oils, from beef tallow, chicken fat and hydrogenated vegetable fat residual. For this purpose, there was a linear regression analysis of the density of each bio diesel a function of temperature. These data were obtained from other works. The thermal expansion coefficients for bio diesels are between 6.3729x{sup 10-4} and 1.0410x10{sup -3} degree C-1. In all the cases, the correlation coefficients were over 0.99. (author)

  4. In vitro study of temperature changes in root during Er:YAG laser application; Estudo in vitro da alteracao da temperatura durante a aplicacao do Er:YAG laser intracanal

    Brandao, Redson Vilela


    The temperature increase in root dentine irradiated by Er:YAG laser beam was analyzed, for different dentine thickness and different energy and frequency conditions, aiming the evaluation of Er:YAG laser in endodontic therapy, without causing any damages to close tissues. Twenty four human teeth were separated in four groups with six teeth each, and longitudinally sectioned in thickness of 0.5 mm (first group), 1,0 mm (second group), 1,5 mm (third group) and 2,0 mm (fourth group). Those samples were irradiated with the Er:YAG laser, emitting at the wavelength of 2.94{mu}m, by using a sapphire optic fiber with diameter of 0.375 mm, and forming an angle of 5 deg with the irradiated dentine surface. Three different laser energies were used in this study, 180 mJ, 160 mJ and 140 mJ, with frequencies of 10 Hz and 15 Hz. The temperature data were collected in a digital-analog system and sent to a computer for analysis. It was verified that the time for temperature increases of 5 deg in the external root walls varies according to the laser energy, repetition rate and dentine root thickness. Thus, in this work we could obtain laser parameters to avoid thermal damages in periodontal tissues. (author)

  5. Application of the Complete Cost Evaluation (ACC) and actors inclusion into the Resources Integrated Planing (PIR); Aplicacao da ACC e inclusao dos atores dentro do PIR da regiao de Aracatuba-SP

    Morales Udaeta, Miguel Edgar; Burani, Geraldo Francisco [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Eletrotecnica e Energia; Fujii, Ricardo Junqueira; Baitelo, Ricardo Lacerda [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), SP (Brazil). Grupo de Energia]. E-mail:


    Four years ago, GEPEA-USP (Energy Group of the Electric Power and Automation Department of the University of Sao Paulo) started working as a team with Cooperhidro (Cooperative of the Hydroviary Sector of Aracatuba - Agency of Regional Development), seeking to provide conditions to the Sustainable Development of the West of the State of Sao Paulo (Region of Aracatuba). A project in public policies has been developed, which aimed at the first steps to elaborating the Integrated Resources Planning to the region of Aracatuba. In this abstract, we focus in part of the executed process of IRP: the Full Cost Accounting of evaluated supply resources, as well as a practical application of the FCA, through a workshop including participants of the local energy issue. The accomplishment of both FCAs, the technical and the public one is highly positive as it enables the research team to receive a feedback from the several agents involved in the local energy issue. (author)

  6. Neutron cross section measurements of water, heavy water, urine and blood for nutrition application; Medidas de secoes de choque para neutrons da agua leve, da agua pesada, urina e sangue para aplicacao em nutricao

    Voi, Dante Luiz; Oliveira Ferreira, Francisco J. de [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Rocha, Helio F. da [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Pediatria e Puericultura Marzagao Gesteira


    The present work describes the application of a method developed at the reactor physics laboratory of IEN-CNEN-RJ for the determination of body water in subjects. The method is based on neutron cross section determinations of molecular compounds. It was used the crystal neutron spectrometer installed in J-9 channel irradiation of the Argonauta reactor. Hydrogenous and deuterated samples were measured to demonstrate the viability of the method. (author). 3 refs., 1 tab.

  7. Preliminary evaluation of the utilization of biopiles technology to the bioremediation of the soil of Guamare/RN (Brazil); Avaliacao preliminar da aplicacao da tecnologia de biopilhas para a biorremediacao do solo de Guamare/RN (Brasil)

    Silva, Edmilson P.; Macedo, Gorete R.; Duarte, Marcia M.L. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Quimica; Costa, Alex S.S. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    The aim of this work was to evaluate the use of biopiles to the bioremediation of the soil of Stabilization Station of Guamare-RN-Brazil. The evaluation was performed by the characterization of the soil, tests of biodegradation in laboratory scale and by the use of a complete 2{sup 3} factorial design with triplicate at the central point. The input variables were: Nitrogen concentration; diesel-oil concentration; and inoculum concentration. The response variable was the percentage gravimetric loss of organic matter. Statistical analyses of the main factors and their interactions on the response variable were performed using contour curves and Pareto obtained from the software STATISTICA for Windows, Release 5.5. The results showed that biopiles technology can be used to remediate eventual contaminated areas in that region. (author)

  8. Application of organic facies in sedimentological-stratigraphical model of the Oligo-Miocene and Miocene of the Campos Basin; Aplicacao da faciologia organica no modelo sedimentologico-estratigrafico do Oligo-Mioceno e Mioceno da Bacia de Campos

    Mendonca Filho, Joao Graciano; Mendonca, Joalice de Oliveira; Oliveira, Antonio Donizeti de; Torres, Jaqueline [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Centro de Ciencias Exatas e da Natureza. Inst. de Geociencias (Brazil)], e-mails:,,,; Menezes, Taissa Rego [Centro de Pesquisas da Petrobras (CENPES), RJ (Brazil). P e D em Geociencias. Gerencia de Geoquimica], e-mail:; Santos, Viviane Sampaio Santiago dos; Arienti, Luci Maria [Centro de Pesquisas da Petrobras (CENPES), RJ (Brazil). P e D em Geociencias. Gerencia de Sedimentologia e Estratigrafia], e-mails:,


    This study integrates palynofacies analyses and the sedimentological and stratigraphic model of the Oligo-Miocene/Miocene siliciclastic deposits from the stratigraphic interval of the shallow continental platform up to the slope/basin of the Oligo-Miocene/ Miocene of the Campos Basin proposed. The main objective of the palynofacies study was to characterize the particulate sedimentary organic matter to obtain information about the proximal-distal relationship and the sedimentary organic matter preservation and depositional environmental conditions. The 158 core samples collected in 29 wells of the 9 oil production fields (Albacora, Barracuda, Marlim Sul, Marlim, Voador, Marlim Leste, Moreia and Albacora Leste), were studied. This technique provides information about the proximal-distal relationship and the paleoenvironmental conditions of deposition and preservation of sedimentary organic matter, to facilitate the evaluation and comparisons between the associations of particulate organic components. Thus, the palynofacies technique can be used as another tool in the characterization of depositional systems, based on the spatial and temporal distribution of sedimentary intervals. In general the palynofacies assemblages showed the predominance of the Phytoclast Group (terrestrial derived organic matter) at various degradation stages due to the selective preservation process diagnosed in the studied samples. Some samples, revealed high dinocysts percentages indicative of transgressive depositional conditions. From the obtained data, it was possible to characterize the stratigraphic sequences according to the distribution of particulate organic content (e.g. influence of fluvio-deltaic systems, oxygen system, regressive-transgressive tendencies of each sequence). Additional analyses of Total Organic Carbon (% wt) showed the control of the particulate components from the Phytoclast Group on the TOC (% wt) content, suggesting that the relative sea-level variation curves can be drawn inversely to the TOC content variation curves along the sequences, since siliciclastic progradation always presents a correlation with the absolute abundance of the terrestrial organic matter. (author)

  9. Application of data representation by fuzzy conditional propositions in the modeling of measurement uncertainty; Aplicacao da representacao de dados por proposicoes condicionais difusas na modelagem da incerteza de medicao

    Magalhaes, A.N. de; Lambert-Torres, G.; Rissino, S.; Silva, M.F. da; Silva, L.E. Borges da; Carvalho, L.M.R. de


    It is not an easy task to frame uncertainty measurement problems by means of differential equations quickly and satisfactorily. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the method for data representation by conditional fuzzy propositions for modeling uncertainties measurement and their effect on the propagation. This method provides a parametric adjustment for fuzzy sets of assumptions, and the functions of consequence of each rule in the manner of a parable. The paper introduces concepts of sources of errors in measures, fundamentals of fuzzy logic, description of the algorithm method, application to error detection and representation of global uncertainty.

  10. Biotechnological application of protein Leuc-B isolated from Bothrops leucurus venom as a prototype for antitumoral radiopharmaceutical;Aplicacao biotecnologica da proteina Leuc-B isolada da peconha de Bothrops leucurus como prototipo de radiofarmaco antitumoral

    Gabriel, Lucilene Marcia


    According to the report of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the growth of this disease implies the death of 17 million people a year by 2030. Although the knowledge on development of cancer is growing considerably, just a few advances in the diagnosis and therapy has been achieved. Faced with this scenario, it is clear the need for new substances more specifics with low toxicity to the patient, which can be used for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Membrane receptors over expressed in tumor cells are promising target candidates for development of diagnostic and therapeutical tools. Integrins are a family of hetero dimeric cell surface adhesion receptors able to recognize and bind to proteins in the extracellular matrix (ECM). This recognition is mainly through the RGD domains presents in both the cell surface as in the protein from the ECM. Various integrins have been identified as regulators of tumor progression. The RGD domain is also found in some snake venoms named disintegrins. Disintegrins inhibit cell-matrix and a cell-cell interactions mediated by integrins and it has been shown that these proteins are able to inhibit metastasis in processes dependent on integrin. The disintegrin-like (ECD), as well as RGD-disintegrin are also able to bind to cell surface integrins and inhibit their adhesion to the natural ligands. In this work it was purified from Bothrops leucurus venom (VBL), a metalloproteinase-class P-III with disintegrin-like domain (ECD), Leucurolisina B (Leuc-B). This metalloproteinase and the crude venom were used to evaluate their applicability in the differential detection of tumors. In vitro results demonstrated that both VBL and Leuc-B have potent antitumoral effect on several cancer cell lines: U87, T98, RT2 (glioblastoma), MCF7 (breast), Ehrlich and UACC (melanoma) with IC{sub 50} values of approximately 0.6 muM. The morphological changes observed in these strains when treated with Leuc-B, and data from the DAPI staining solution and acridine/ethidium bromide indicate that the antitumoral effect of these substances occurs via apoptosis. Radioactive probes of Leuc-B ({sup 131}/{sup 125}I-Leuc-B) were synthesized with high specific activity and high radiochemical purity. Biodistribution studies, performed by intravenous injection and intratumoral flow in mice bearing Ehrlich tumor showed a significant tumor uptake Leuc-B ( p <0.05). These results show the potential of Leuc-B as a template for the development of drugs and radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and therapy of tumors. (author

  11. Tecnica y cultura

    Quintanilla, Miguel


    The purpose of this paper is to explore the foundations of a general theory of technical culture, based on the notion of technical system and on the scientific concept of culture. To this end, several basic notions of the philosophy of technique, as technique, technology and technical system, are defined. Then, a distinction is proposed between cultural elements embodied in technical systems, and elements of technical culture which are not embodied in technical systems. Finally, a general vie...

  12. Voltage stability evaluation facing small disturbances by means of the modal analysis technique; Evaluacion de la estabilidad de voltaje ante disturbios pequenos mediante la tecnica de analisis modal

    Leon Rodriguez, Daniel


    . Estos aspectos han provocado que dichos sistemas operen con margenes de seguridad mas limitados y que su estabilidad tenga que ser analizada de una manera confiable y precisa. Tomando en cuenta los aspectos arriba mencionados, a medida que los sistemas electricos han tenido que operar en condiciones mas forzadas para satisfacer la demanda de la carga, los problemas de estabilidad de voltaje se han presentado con mayor frecuencia provocando serios disturbios y en algunos casos, hasta apagones totales. Ante la ocurrencia de estos problemas, el analisis de establidad de voltaje ha cobrado cada vez mayor importancia en los estudios de las companias suministradoras de energia electrica provocando con esto que se destinen mayores recursos para la investigacion de este fenomeno con el proposito de comprenderlo y desarrollar tecnicas y herramientas que permitan estudiarlo de una manera mas completa. El analisis modal es una de las mas recientes tecnicas en estado estable la cual, desde su aparicion ha tenido un gran auge debido a la valios y rapida informacion que proporciona, ademas de su facilidad de implementacion y el poco esfuerzo computacional que requiere. En este trabajo se realiza la evaluacion de la estabilidad de voltaje d eun sistema electrico real aplicando de manera conjunta la tecnica de analisis modal con otras tecnicas convencionales como las curvas P-V y V-Q. Se ilustra tambien la manera en que la distinta informacion obtenida de estas tecnicas se complementa para lograr un estudio de estabilidad de voltaje mas completo y representativo. Ademas de analizar la estabilidad de voltaje para las condiciones normales de operacion (caso base), se evaluan tambien tres distintas alternativas de compensacion reactiva capacitiva con objeto de mejorar el margen o distancia a la inestabilidad de voltaje del sistema. Los resultado obtenidos con cada una de las opciones de compensacion son analizados y comparados entre si para finalmente proponer la alternativa que presente

  13. O cerne da matéria a aventura científica que levou à descoberta do bóson de Higgs

    Rosenfeld, Rogério


    Com quase trinta quilometros de circunferencia e instalado a uma profundidade de aproximadamente 100 metros, o acelerador de particulas lhc, sigla para Large Hadron Collider, e uma das grandes expressoes do engenho humano, comparavel em escopo apenas a exploracao espacial e ao mapeamento do genoma. Num projeto de mais de duas decadas, que envolveu milhares de engenheiros e pesquisadores de cerca de cem paises, e que contou com o envolvimento de dezenas de universidades e centros de pesquisa, o lhc foi concebido com o intuito de aumentar nosso entendimento acerca da estrutura da materia e do cosmos. Alem de levar ao limite do possivel as investigacoes de ponta da fisica de particulas, o lhc e tambem um celeiro de tecnologias que tiveram grande impacto em nosso cotidiano, das tecnicas modernas de ressonancia ao proprio surgimento da internet. Situado na fronteira entre a Franca e a Suica, e gerido pelo cern, um consorcio europeu de pesquisa nuclear, o lhc foi o responsavel por desvendar recentemente um dos mai...

  14. The optimization of electric motors repair techniques as a mean for electric energy saving; La optimizacion de las tecnicas de reparacion de motores electricos como un medio para ahorrar energia electrica

    Zagal Leon, Juan Ruben [Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energia Electrica (FIDE), Mexico, D. F. (Mexico)


    This paper presents, in a very concise, which are the techniques to optimize the electric motors repair made by the Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energia Electrica (FIDE), the loss of efficiency that might exist after repairing an electric motor, as well as the procedures to perform an optimum reparation of the electric motors. Furthermore, some recommendations are given for the selection of an adequate rewinding shop to guarantee that the motor does not suffer efficiency losses after its repair. [Espanol] Este trabajo presenta, de manera muy concreta, cuales son las tecnicas para optimizar las tecnicas de reparacion de motores electricos realizado por el Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energia Electrica (FIDE), el nivel de perdida de eficiencia que puede existir despues de reparar un motor electrico, asi como los procedimientos para realizar una optima reparacion en motores electricos. Asimismo, se proporcionan algunas recomendaciones para seleccionar un taller de reembobinado adecuado para garantizar que el motor no sufra perdidas de eficiencia despues de su reparacion.

  15. The new financing techniques and the reorganization of the Mexican electric industry; Las nuevas tecnicas de financiamiento y la reorganizacion de la industria electrica mexicana

    Islas Samperio, Jorge; Rodriguez Viqueira, Luis [Instituto de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), D. F. (Mexico)


    The exhaustion of the financing model of the Mexican Electric Industry based on foreign credits, the State contribution and in a small part from auto-financing, has determined the search for new financing sources for the investment in this capital intensive sector. The main characteristic of the State new strategy to increase the investment capacity is to incite the private capital to make massive investments in the electric production segment. Nevertheless, there are different modalities to make the private capital participate in this sector`s segment. In this paper we make an analysis of the new financing techniques and their relationship with the regulations and the electric industry structure. Finally, the role of the conservation and the appropriate use of the energy is discussed as a mechanism for the modulation of the pressures coming from the financial sphere over the reorganization process of the National electric industry. [Espanol] El agotamiento del modelo de financiamiento de la industria electrica mexicana que tiene como base los creditos extranjeros, los aportes del estado y una pequena parte de autofinanciamiento, ha determinado la busqueda de nuevas fuentes de financiamiento de las inversiones de este sector intensivo en capital. La caracteristica principal de la nueva estrategia del estado para aumentar la capacidad de inversion es la de incitar al capital privado a realizar inversiones masivas en el segmento de la produccion electrica. Existen sin embargo diferentes modalidades para hacer participar al capital privado en este segmento del sector. En el presente trabajo hacemos un analisis de las nuevas tecnicas de financiamiento y sus relaciones con la reglamentacion y la estructura de la industria electrica. Por ultimo, se discute el papel del ahorro y uso eficiente como mecanismo para modular las presiones provenientes de la esfera financiera sobre el proceso de reorganizacion de la industria electrica nacional.

  16. UNA TECNICA ESTADISTICA PARA MEDIR LA CONFLICTIVIDAD SOCIAL A TRAVES DEL REGISTRO ARQUEOLOGICO (A Statistical Technique to Measure Social Conflict through the Archaeological Record

    Pascual Izquierdo-Egea


    Full Text Available Se presenta aqui una tecnica estadistica para medir la conflictividad social a traves del registro mortuorio. Nace al amparo del metodo de valoracion contextual empleado en el analisis de los ajuares funerarios desde 1993. Se trata de una herramienta fundamental para el desarrollo de la arqueologia de los fenomenos sociales, cuyos relevantes resultados empiricos avalan su trascendencia teorica. Tras proceder a su conceptualizacion en funcion de la desigualdad social y la riqueza relativa, se explican las dos clases de conflictividad social definidas: estructural o estatica y coyuntural o dinamica. Finalmente, se incluyen sus conexiones con la ley demografica de Malthus a traves de sus dos parametros: poblacion y recursos. Todo este entramado teorico se ilustra con algunas aplicaciones referidas a las civilizaciones antiguas, abarcando la protohistoria iberica, la Mesoamerica prehispanica o la Roma altoimperial. ENGLISH: A statistical technique to measure social conflict through the mortuary record is presented here. It is born under the contextual valuation method used in the analysis of grave goods since 1993. This is a fundamental tool for the development of the archaeology of social phenomena, whose relevant empirical results support its theoretical significance. After conveying its conceptualization in terms of social inequality and relative wealth, the two classes of social conflict are explained: static or structural and dynamic or conjunctural. Finally, connections with the Malthusian demographic law through its two parameters—population and resources—are included. The synthesis of these theoretical frameworks is illustrated with applications to ancient civilizations, including Iberian protohistory, prehispanic Mesoamerica, and early imperial Rome.

  17. Utilization of the computational technic for the promotion and diffusion of the energy conservation practice; Utilizacion de tecnicas computacionales para promocionar y difundir el ahorro de energia

    Kemper Valverde, N. [Laboratorio de Inteligencia Artificial, Instituto de Ingenieria, UNAM, Mexico D. F. (Mexico)


    In this paper are presented the developments obtained through the application of the new computational technologies in the diffusion and promotion tasks of energy efficient use and conservation. The most relevant aspects are described of three multimedia courses that were designed in order to increase the possibilities of offering personal training in efficient energy technic, as well as to have on hand totally open consulting and interactive tools. The courses that are described are: ``Design of Energy Conservation Programs for the Industry``, ``Energy Conservation in Combustion Equipment`` and ``Energy Cogeneration Technologies.`` On another subject, an analysis is also made of the possibilities for the development and application of expert systems that advise and give support to the work of technicians and engineers dedicated to energy conservation. The main characteristics of an expert system to give support to the energy analysis of lighting industrial systems, malls, buildings and hotels are also described. [Espanol] En este trabajo se presentan los desarrollos obtenidos por la aplicacion de las tareas de difusion y promocion del uso eficiente y ahorro de energia. Se describen los aspectos mas relevantes de tres cursos multimedia que fueron disenados con el objeto de incrementar las posibilidades de brindar capacitacion individualizada en tecnicas energeticas eficientes, asi como de contar con herramientas de consulta totalmente abiertas e interactivas. Los cursos que se describen son: ``Diseno de Programas de Ahorro de Energia en la Industria,`` ``Ahorro de Energia en Equipos de Combustion`` y ``Tecnologias de Cogeneracion de Energia.`` Por otro lado, tambien se hace un analisis de las posibilidades para el desarrollo y aplicacion de sistemas expertos que asesoren y apoyen el trabajo de tecnicos e ingenieros dedicados al ahorro de energia. Se describen las caracteristicas principales de un sistema experto disenado para brindar apoyo en analisis energeticos

  18. Valdose program: methodologies for dose assessment in internal contamination, 1997 census; Programma valdose: metodologie di valutazione della dose da contaminazione interna, censimento 1997

    Castellani, C.M.; Battisti, P.; Tarroni, G. [ENEA, Centro Ricerche `Ezio Clementel`, Bologna (Italy). Dip. Ambiente


    Dose assessment in internal dosimetry needs computational and interpretative tools that allow carrying out, as a first step, an evaluation of intake on the base of bioassay measurements or WBC measurements, and as a second step, dose evaluation on the base of estimated intake. In the frame of the MIDIA Co-ordination (WBC operating in Italy), in the first months of 1997 a census on methodologies for dose evaluation in internal contamination has been proposed. A technical form has been sent to all the WBC Centres allowing an accurate description of modalities used in each centre. 9 out of 17 centres sent the answers to the technical form in time. In this paper all the forms filled in are reported. A careful comparative evaluation of the answers has been made both for routine monitoring and for special monitoring. The various radionuclides present in the Italian reality, calculation methodologies both for intake and dose, hypotheses adopted for date, path and modalities of contaminations are also presented. Proposals for conforming to the methodology in Italy after the introduction of the models following ICRP 60 publication that are the base of the Euratom 96/29 Directive are also discussed. [Italiano] La valutazione di dose in contaminazione interna necessita di strumenti interpretativi che permettano di effettuare in una prima la valutazione dell`intake sulla base delle misure dei campioni biologici o del corpo intero (WBC), ed in una seconda fase la valutazione della dose sulla base dell`intake. All`interno del coordinamento MIDIA dei WBC operanti in Italia e` stato proposto, nel primo trimestre del 1997, un censimento sulle metodologie di valutazione di dose da contaminazione interna. Ai diversi centri e` stato inviato una scheda tecnica che, mediante un particolareggiato schema di domande, aiutava i diversi centri nella esposizione delle modalita` di valutazione di dose che ogni centro segue. 9 au 17 centri WBC operanti al momemnto in Italia hanno inviato la

  19. «O Nome da Rosa», romance de transcrição e de metalinguagem

    Eliana Lourenço de Lima Reis


    Full Text Available O trabalho procura estudar O Nome da Rosa sob dois aspectos: como romance de transcrição, focalizando a figura do narrador, e também como metalinguagem. Como se trata de um livro sobre livros, Umberto Eco chama a atenção para o caráter intertextual e fenomênico da escrita. Seu uso das técnicas do romance policial visa ao mesmo tempo distrair o leitor e apresentar um modelo de interpretação tanto de um mundo feito de sinais, quanto do próprio texto. O livro torna-se, então, uma versão ficcional de sua pesquisa sobre semiótica e comunicação.Codesto studio de Il Nome della Rosa focalizza due aspectti: quello del metalinguaggio e quello del romanzo di transcrizione, valorizzando il ruolo del narratore. Sicomme è un libro sui libri, Umberto Eco fa risaltare il carattere intertestuale e fenomenico della scrittura. L'impiego delle tecnica di costruzione del giallo mira a intrattenere il lettore e contemporaneamente offre una chiave interpretativa del testo stesso e di un mondo di segni. Il romanzo si trasforma cosi un una versione fittizia della sua ricerca si semiotica e di comunicazione.

  20. Da Kantsa

    Martínez, Alaín; Villalvilla, Camilo; Quintero, Rolando; Echevarria, Juan Carlos; Sanfiel, Jorge Luis San; Copperini, Luis A. P.


    Catálogo de las tres exposiciones (La bota rusa, Carne rusa y Da Kantsa/ ?? ?????) que desde 2011 han reunido en la Galería Maroya de Cienfuegos a artistas cubanos bajo la evocación de lo ruso-soviético. Las muestras se han celebrado en colaboración con el Fondo Cubano de Bienes Materiales. Desde Kamchatka agradecemos la colaboración de Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, de la Galería Maroya, y a Camilo Villalvilla. 

  1. Analysis of the feasibility of applying the theory of the supply chain nanagement for the electric energy chain services of the Bahia state, Brazil; Analise da viabilidade de aplicacao da teoria da gestao da cadeia de suprimentos para a cadeia de servicos de energia eletrica do estado da Bahia

    Leal, Lydiane Abdon [Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA (Brazil)], e-mail:; Carvalho, Claudio Bezerra de [Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PETROBRAS), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Petroleo e Gas], e-mail:


    This article aims to analyze the potential application of integrated management, through concepts of SCM (Supply Chain Management), in the chain of the energy industry, which is characterized by a chain of services. The prospect of incorporating new integrated management practices, through the selection of concepts and tools for supply chain management took the possibility of promoting systemic approach that includes the major components (physical, regulatory and commercial) the market of electric energy, investigating possibilities of reorganization of this important segment of the industry production chain. The proposal aims to provide a tool for planning indicative of great potential, to identify a theoretical reference in this important productive sector. The work includes qualitative analyses, which aim to map, understand and systematize the changes undertaken, with emphasis on Brazilian electric sector. It is described, in general, the characterization of the energy industry in Bahia state as a possible case study in implementing the proposed methodology. Thus, the work seeks to help the staff decision to purchase a minimum of integrated vision of possible decisions, including the dynamic interactions between market supply and demand. (author)

  2. Exploitation of biogas in municipal in slaughterhouses: Technical-economical evaluation; Aprovechamiento de biogas en rastros y mataderos municipales: Evaluacion tecnica-economica

    Martinez Hernandez, Donaji A.; Castaneda Sanchez, Arlem M.; Garcia Galeana, Erika [Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Facultad de Ingenieria (Mexico)


    Nowadays the treatment of the solid and liquid remainders in the municipal slaughter houses is small because of the idea that the treatment is expensive; nevertheless, it is important to take advantage of them, since this can reduce to the environmental impacts they cause, as well as the discharge of greenhouse effect gas. The use of bio digesters for the treatment of these remainders has become an efficient process to avoid the exit of methane gas to the atmosphere, taking advantage of the biogas and other residues to produce electricity. The elaboration of a technical-economical evaluation of a pilot plant shows the costs of investment, maintenance, as well as the income that can be obtained by the total usage of these residues and the savings in the electrical power consumption. The analysis of this study demonstrates that the use of biogas through bio-digesters for the generation of electrical energy is a profitable option for the treatment of the residues, because the income by the sale of compost, blood flour, as well as the diminution of the electrical tariff, justifies the initial investment. These projects will be more attractive, if they use financing and are registered as MDL projects. [Spanish] Actualmente el tratamiento de los desechos solidos y liquidos en los rastros y mataderos municipales es poco pues se tiene la idea de que el tratamiento es costoso; sin embargo, es importante que se aprovechen ya que esto puede reducir los impactos ambientales que provocan, asi como la emision de gases de efecto invernadero. El uso de biodigestores para el tratamiento de estos desechos, se ha convertido en un proceso eficiente para evitar la salida de gas metano a la atmosfera, aprovechando el biogas y otros residuos para producir electricidad. La elaboracion de una evaluacion tecnica-economica de una planta piloto, muestra los costos de inversion, mantenimiento, asi como los ingresos que se pueden obtener por el aprovechamiento total de estos residuos y el

  3. A methodology for semiautomatic taxonomy of concepts extraction from nuclear scientific documents using text mining techniques; Metodologia para extracao semiautomatica de uma taxonomia de conceitos a partir da producao cientifica da area nuclear utilizando tecnicas de mineracao de textos

    Braga, Fabiane dos Reis


    This thesis presents a text mining method for semi-automatic extraction of taxonomy of concepts, from a textual corpus composed of scientific papers related to nuclear area. The text classification is a natural human practice and a crucial task for work with large repositories. The document clustering technique provides a logical and understandable framework that facilitates the organization, browsing and searching. Most clustering algorithms using the bag of words model to represent the content of a document. This model generates a high dimensionality of the data, ignores the fact that different words can have the same meaning and does not consider the relationship between them, assuming that words are independent of each other. The methodology presents a combination of a model for document representation by concepts with a hierarchical document clustering method using frequency of co-occurrence concepts and a technique for clusters labeling more representatives, with the objective of producing a taxonomy of concepts which may reflect a structure of the knowledge domain. It is hoped that this work will contribute to the conceptual mapping of scientific production of nuclear area and thus support the management of research activities in this area. (author)

  4. Simulation of limiting dilution technique in determination of immunocompetent cells frequency in irradiated cell cultures; Simulacao da tecnica de analise por limite de diluicao na determinacao da frequencia de celulas imunocompetentes em culturas contendo celulas irradiadas

    Martini Filho, R.J.; Barlette, V.E.; Goes, E.G. [Centro Universitario Franciscano, Santa Maria, RS (Brazil); Covas, D.T.; Orellana, M. [Fundacao Hemocentro de Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil)


    Limiting dilution techniques (LDA) dose-response data have been used to detect immunocompetent T-Cells in microcultures. In this work, LDA frequencies estimates was obtained using {chi}2 minimization for irradiated cells in a range of 500 to 1,500 cGy. (author)

  5. Investigation of the corrosion resistance of Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy by electrochemical techniques and surface analysis; Investigacao da resistencia a corrosao da liga Ti-13Nb-13Zr por meio de tecnicas eletroquimicas e de analise de superficie

    Assis, Sergio Luiz de


    In this work, the in vitro corrosion resistance of the Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy, manufactured at a national laboratory, and used for orthopedic applications, has been investigated in solutions that simulate the body fluids. The electrolytes used were 0.9 % (mass) NaCl, Hanks' solution, a culture medium (MEM), and the two last electrolytes, without and with addition of hydrogen peroxide. The aim of peroxide addition was to simulate the conditions found when inflammatory reactions occur due to surgical procedures. The corrosion resistance of alloys commercially in use as biomaterials, Ti-6Al-7Nb and Ti-6Al-4V, as well as of the pure titanium (Ti-cp), was also studied for comparison with the Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy. The corrosion resistance characterization was carried out by electrochemical and surface analysis techniques. The electrochemical tests used were: open circuit potential measurements as a function of tim; potentiodynamic polarization; and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIE). The impedance experimental diagrams were interpreted using equivalent electric circuits that simulate an oxide film with a duplex structure composed of an internal and compact, barrier type layer, and an external porous layer. The results showed that the corrosion resistance is due mainly to the barrier type layer. The titanium alloys and the Ti-cp showed high corrosion resistance in all electrolytes used. The oxides formed on the Ti-13Nb-13Zr, either naturally or during immersion in MEM ar Hank's solution was characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and scanning electron microscopy (MEV). The results showed that the presence of hydrogen peroxide in MEM promotes the growth of the porous layer and incorporation of mineral ions, besides favouring hydroxyapatite formation. The cytotoxicity of the Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy was also evaluated and it was shown to be non-toxic. (author)

  6. Study of Rn-222 exhalation in phosphogypsum through the adsorption technique in activated coal; Estudo da exalacao de Rn-222 em fosfogesso por meio da tecnica de adsorcao em carvao ativado

    Nisti, Marcelo Bessa; Campos, Marcia Pires de, E-mail: mbnisti@ipen.b, E-mail: mpcampos@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The radon exhalation was estimated through the adsorption in activated carbon technique. Classified as TENORM, the radon exhalation determination on the phosphogypsum piles was performed through the adsorption ratio of radon in activated carbon, from the concentration of descendants of {sup 222}Rn, {sup 214}Pb and {sup 214}Bi obtained by gamma spectrometry. The results obtained in this work were compatibles with the values found in the literature

  7. Precision of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry for body composition measurements in cats; Precisao da tecnica de absorciometria de raios-X de dupla energia na determinacao da composicao corporal em gatos

    Borges, N.C. [Universidade Federal de Goias (UFG), Goiania, GO (Brazil). Escola de Veterinaria]. E-mail:; Vasconcellos, R.S.; Canola, J.C.; Carciofi, A.C.; Pereira, G.T. [UNESP, Jaboticabal, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Ciencias Agrarias e Veterinarias; Paula, F.J.A. [Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil). Faculdade de Medicina


    A short-term precision error of the individual subject and the DEXA technique, such as the effect of the repositioning of the cat on the examination table, were established. Four neutered adult cats (BW=4342 g) and three females (BW=3459 g) were submitted to five repeated scans with and without repositioning between them. Precision was estimated from the mean of the five measurements and expressed by the individual coefficient of variation (CV). The precision error of the technique was estimated by the variance of scan pool (n=35) and expressed in CV for the technique (CVt). The degrees of freedom and confidence intervals were determined to avoid underestimation of precision errors. Bone mineral content (BMC), lean mass (LM), and fat mass (FM) averages were higher (P<0.05) when animals were repositioned. The CVt was significantly higher (P<0.05) for bone mineral density (BMD), LM, and FM when the animals were repositioned. For short-term precision measurements, the repositioning of the animal was important to establish the precision of the technique. The dual energy xray absorptiometry method provided precision for body composition measurements in adult cats. (author)

  8. Biosynthetic origin of acetic acid using SNIF-NMR; Determinacao da origem biossintetica de acido acetico atraves da tecnica 'Site Specific Natural Isotopic Fractionation Studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SNIF-NMR)'

    Boffo, Elisangela Fabiana; Ferreira, Antonio Gilberto [Sao Carlos Univ., SP (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica]. E-mail:


    The main purpose of this work is to describe the use of the technique Site-Specific Natural Isotopic Fractionation of hydrogen (SNIF-NMR), using {sup 2}H and {sup 1}H NMR spectroscopy, to investigate the biosynthetic origin of acetic acid in commercial samples of Brazilian vinegar. This method is based on the deuterium to hydrogen ratio at a specific position (methyl group) of acetic acitained by fermentation, through different biosynthetic mechanisms, which result in different isotopic ratios. We measured the isotopic ratio of vinegars obtained through C{sub 3}, C{sub 4}, and CAM biosynthetic mechanisms, blends of C{sub 3} and C{sub 4} (agrins) and synthetic acetic acid. (author)

  9. Study of the flooding and dehydration processes of a PEM fuel cell using the EIS technique; Estudio de los procesos de inundacion y deshidratacion en una celda de combustible tipo PEM mediante la tecnica EIS

    Loyola-Morales, F.; Cano-Castillo, U. [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)]. E-mail:


    In this work, a study was conducted of the flooding and dehydration processes of a PEM fuel cell using the EIS technique. The experiments were conducted in a 50 cm{sup 2} cell. The gradual flooding of the system was induced by operating the cell at a potential of 0.3 V and maintaining the gas outlet closed (that is, stoichiometry of 1 for the anode (H{sub 2}) and the cathode (O{sub 2})) to enable the water produced by the reaction to accumulate inside. The gradual dehydration was induced by operating the cell at a potential of 0.3V and establishing a oxidized gas flow at a stoichiometry of 4. EIS tests were applied throughout both processes. The results showed that the EIS technique is highly sensitive for the analysis of the different degrees of the flooding processes by monitoring variations in the imaginary components of total impedance (Z{sup )} or the phase angle ({theta}). For low degrees of flooding, the technique had good sensitivity, between 1 and 6 Hz, while at high degrees of flooding the technique's greatest sensitivity was limited to a range between 1 and 2 Hz. In the case of the dehydration process of the system, the results showed that this type of process can be analyzed for variations in the value of the real component (Z{sup '}) as well as for the imaginary component of total impedance and variations in the phase angle. The analysis of dehydration with Z{sup '} was possible at a rather wide range, from 100 to 1000 Hz; with Z{sup }or {theta} it was only possible at a range of 20 to 200 Hz. [Spanish] En el presente trabajo, se llevo a cabo el estudio de los procesos de inundacion y deshidratacion de una celda de combustible tipo PEM mediante la tecnica EIS. Los experimentos fueron realizados en una celda de 50 cm{sup 2}. La inundacion gradual del sistema se indujo operando la celda a un potencial de 0.3 V de celda y manteniendo la salida de gases cerrada (i. e. estequiometria de 1 tanto en anodo (H{sub 2}) como en catodo (O{sub 2

  10. Introduction criteria and concepts on energy saving in the technical standards for electric installations; Introduccion de criterios y conceptos de ahorro de energia en las normas tecnicas para instalaciones electricas

    Rincon Nader, Jorge A. [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    The project Introduction Criteria and Concepts on Energy Saving in the Technical Standards for electric installations, is described, whose immediate objective is to recommend and in some cases regulate the use of energy saving equipment and devices and the adoption of attitudes and procedures that convey into saving, and the rational and efficient use of the electric energy. [Espanol] Se describe el proyecto Introduccion de Criterios y Conceptos de Ahorro de Energia en las Normas Tecnicas para instalaciones electricas, que tiene como objetivo inmediato recomendar, y en algunos casos reglamentar el uso de equipos y dispositivos ahorradores y la adopcion de actitudes y procedimientos que conduzcan a un ahorro y uso racional y eficiente de la energia electrica.

  11. Control of a deareador level of a thermoelectric power station using modern control techniques; Control de nivel de un deareador de una central termoelectrica utilizando tecnicas de control moderno

    Chavez Estrada, Jose Israel


    The present work shows the implementation of the scheme of predictive control IMC (Internal Model Control) in order to control the level of the deareador of a combined cycle thermoelectric power station of (C.C.T.S.). The implementation has the purpose of looking for alternative strategies of control to the classic ones (PID`s) that more efficiently control the variables of interest, in addition to getting into the new control techniques of control. Following the philosophy of predictive control IMC the form to applying this technique is shown, as well as the implementation of this type of controllers. A comparison of predictive control IMC is made with the scheme of conventional control (three control elements PID`s ) used at present to control the level of the deareador in the Combined Cycle Thermoelectric Power stations of Dos Bocas, Veracruz, Mexico and of Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico. [Espanol] El presente trabajo muestra la implementacion del esquema de control predictivo IMC (Control con Modelo Interno) con el objeto de controlar el nivel del deareador de una Central Termoelectrica de Ciclo Combinado (C.T.C.C.). La implementacion tiene la finalidad de buscar estrategias de control alternas a las clasicas (PID`s) que controlen mas eficientemente la variable de interes, ademas de incursionar en las nuevas tecnicas de control. Siguiendo la filosofia del control predictivo IMC se muestra la forma de aplicar esta tecnica, asi como la implementacion de este tipo de controladores. Se hace una comparacion del control predictivo IMC con el esquema de control convencional (control de tres elementos PID`s) utilizando actualmente para controlar el nivel del deareador en las centrales termoelectricas de ciclo combinado de Dos Bocas, Veracruz y de Gomez Palacio, Durango en Mexico.

  12. Evaluation of conformal radiotherapy techniques through physics and biologic criteria; Avaliacao de tecnicas radioterapicas conformacionais utilizando criterios fisicos e biologicos

    Bloch, Jonatas Carrero


    In the fight against cancer, different irradiation techniques have been developed based on technological advances and aiming to optimize the elimination of tumor cells with the lowest damage to healthy tissues. The radiotherapy planning goal is to establish irradiation technical parameters in order to achieve the prescribed dose distribution over the treatment volumes. While dose prescription is based on radiosensitivity of the irradiated tissues, the physical calculations on treatment planning take into account dosimetric parameters related to the radiation beam and the physical characteristics of the irradiated tissues. To incorporate tissue's radiosensitivity into radiotherapy planning calculations can help particularize treatments and establish criteria to compare and elect radiation techniques, contributing to the tumor control and the success of the treatment. Accordingly, biological models of cellular response to radiation have to be well established. This work aimed to study the applicability of using biological models in radiotherapy planning calculations to aid evaluating radiotherapy techniques. Tumor control probability (TCP) was studied for two formulations of the linear-quadratic model, with and without repopulation, as a function of planning parameters, as dose per fraction, and of radiobiological parameters, as the α/β ratio. Besides, the usage of biological criteria to compare radiotherapy techniques was tested using a prostate planning simulated with Monte Carlo code PENELOPE. Afterwards, prostate planning for five patients from the Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirao Preto, USP, using three different techniques were compared using the tumor control probability. In that order, dose matrices from the XiO treatment planning system were converted to TCP distributions and TCP-volume histograms. The studies performed allow the conclusions that radiobiological parameters can significantly influence tumor control

  13. Application of field-bus to interface field instrumentation in hazardous areas of TRANSPETRO pipelines and terminals, Sao Paulo region; Aplicacao de barramento de campo (fieldbus) em areas classificadas nos dutos e terminais da TRANSPETRO, regiao de Sao Paulo

    Corcioli, Mario Sergio [PETROBRAS Transporte S.A. (TRANSPETRO), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The following presentation focuses on the experiences that we have been adopting with success during the past seven (7) years at the TRANSPETRO Pipelines and Terminals, in the State of Sao Paulo region, to integrate the field instruments (switches, actuators, solenoid valves, motor starter and switchgear panels, and so on) installed in the hazardous areas, to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) connected to Remote Input and Output Modules (I/O) in the hazardous area, designated to interface the field signals and condition them to communicate via a bus in the field (field bus), making use of a standard open type industrial communication bus - PROFIBUS DP V1, under which the independent manufacturers follow the industrial Standards EN50170 and EN50254, pointing out the advantages of the application of this instrumentation philosophy, that among other philosophies, allows the use of engineering tools for the asset management and to assist the maintenance and operation of industrial plants. (author)

  14. Application of Laplace transform for determination of albedo type boundary conditions for neutronic calculations; Aplicacao da transformada de Laplace para determinacao de condicoes de contorno tipo albedo para calculos neutronicos

    Petersen, Claudio Zen


    In this dissertation we use the Laplace transform to derive expressions for nonstandard albedo boundary conditions for one and two non-multiplying regions at the ends of one dimensional domains. In practice, the fuel regions of reactor cores are surrounded by reflector regions that reduce neutron leakage. In order to exclude the reflector regions from the calculations, we introduce a reflection coefficient or albedo. We use the present albedo boundary conditions to solve numerically slab-geometry monoenergetic and multigroup diffusion equations using the conventional finite difference method. Numerical results are generated for fixed source and eigenvalue diffusion problems in slab geometry(author)

  15. Application of gamma irradiation for incorporation of rubber powder in the formulations of EPDM and natural rubber; Aplicacao da radiacao gama para incorporacao do po de borracha em formulacoes de borracha natural e EPDM

    Kiyan, Ludmila Y.P.; Parra, Duclerc Fernandes; Lugao, Ademar Benevolo, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP/CQMA), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). Centro de Quimica e Meio Ambiente


    The objective of this work was to study the behavior of the recycling of rubber burrs in form of powder, of the rubber industry from EPDM rubber powder and natural rubber with SBR. The rubber powder was irradiated and reused in rubber artifacts formulations for classical vulcanization. The processed material was irradiated using a {sup 60}Co source in doses of 50, 100, 150 and 200 kGy and a dose rate of 5 kGy s-1 at room temperature. The radiation created devulcanization active sites for subsequent integration of the material (rubber powder) in formulations of commercial use. The processes were compared and their products characterized by analytical methods of the physical properties such as strength and elongation. Satisfactory results were found, noting a major spin-off of EPDM chain demonstrated by increased elongation.

  16. Application of heterogeneous photocatalysis solar and artificial for removal of ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus in sanitary waste water; Aplicacao da fotocatalise heterogenea solar na remocao de nitrogenio amoniacal e fosforo total em esgoto sanitario

    Francisco, Adriana Ribeiro; Paterniani, Jose Euclides Stipp [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Agricola], E-mail:; Kuwakino, Adriana Yuri [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Limeira, SP (Brazil). Fac. de Tecnologia


    The advanced oxidative processes (AOP) contribute or to polishing a plenty of effluent treatment, or improvement at any stage of treatment, being heterogeneous photocatalysis the most used among AOP. This study aimed to compare the heterogeneous photocatalysis in solar and artificial wastewater treatment according to the removal of ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus. The photocatalytic reactor using titanium dioxide (TiO{sub 2}) as semiconductor photocatalytic process. The heterogeneous photocatalysis using solar UV consisted material of PET bottles and the sample was added TiO{sub 2} in constant aeration for a period of 360 minutes. In the case of reactor artificial UV light protected by a quartz tube, the process was made in a Pyrex glass reactor, where the sample was undergoing 180 minutes of aeration. The photocatalytic tests for removal of ammonia nitrogen showed more favorable in the photocatalysis of artificial UV than the solar, coming achieve average efficiency of 51% and 32%, respectively. In the case of phosphorus, the situation was reversed, the solar UV photocatalytic average efficiency reached 51% and artificial UV 32 %. (author)

  17. Energy choice for textile industry: application of multi-criteria methods to the case of Ceara state (Brazil); Escolha de insumo energetico para o setor da industria textil: aplicacao de modelo multicriterio ao caso do Ceara

    Rabelo, Clarice A.C.; Arruda, Joao Bosco F. [Universidade Federal do Ceara (UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Nucleo de Pesquisa em Logistica, Transportes e Desenvolvimento


    Brazilian energy sector has faced a series of transformations that have influence on national industry. The trial of economy globalization and the new energy sources Also available and output techniques created a more competitive business environment, where not only financial aspects are considered in industrial practices. In such environment, the industry seek for more efficient production techniques and greater importance given to environmental issues are responsible for making the decision processes associated to industrial activities more complex. In this context, the energy utilized by industry represents an important aspect of business course, justified by governmental concerns on attending all existing thermal energy demand. This paper aim is to support the decision process concerned to the choice of the best energy source to be applied in the industry. In order to reach such goal, a decision model was built based on multi criteria techniques applied to the case of textile industry in Ceara State. This sector is also one of the biggest natural gas consumers in Ceara, which has influenced on its choice in order to attend to a second goal of this paper: to focus the natural gas applications and support a greater insertion of this fuel in the market. (author)

  18. Characterization of Paraiba state, Brazil, clays used for clearing of oil of frying for application as bio fuel; Cacterizacao de argilas do estado da Paraiba, Brasil, utilizaadas para clareamento de oleos de fritura usados para aplicacao como biobombustivel

    Araujo, E.P.; Oliveira, S.V. de; Medeiros, K.M. de; Araujo, E.M.; Fook, M.V.L. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (DEMa/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais], e-mail:


    The search for new sources of renewable energy order to minimize environmental impacts has led the scientists to develop new alternatives, such as the use of recycling of frying oils to produce biodiesel. The reuse of these oils has the advantage of obtaining a biofuel with the cost / benefit competitive. However, the conditions of post-consumer oils require treatment prior to its conversion the chemical (transesterification), removing solid particulate contaminants and adjusting its color using the clay of Paraiba. The use of biodiesel as fuel presents a reduction of levels of environmental pollution. This study aimed to characterize clay of Paraiba to be used in the clearing of frying oil. It was observed through the results of the Xray fluorescence (XRF) and infrared spectroscopy by Fourier Transform (FTIR), which the clays tested, have been effective in clearing of frying oils, making them similar to oil 'virgin'. (author)

  19. Strategic environmental assessment of Brazil's ethanol expansion: a methodological proposal and its preliminary application; Avaliacao ambiental estrategica da expansao de etanol no Brasil: uma proposta metodologica e sua aplicacao preliminar

    Oberling, Daniel Fontana


    The main objective of this dissertation is to adapt the methodology of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to the case of ethanol fuel production in Brazil. The results are be utilized in decision-making processes as well as in the discussion on future tendencies of risks and opportunities regarding the development of ethanol as the principal renewable liquid fuel. Taking into account the international experiences of countries with a tradition in sectoral planning, SEA is found to be the instrument in public environmental management that can most adequately consider the environmental variable - beginning already at the planning stage of the ethanol industry, a necessity that has strongly unfolded itself following the deregulation of the sector in Brazil. The conflicts that may emerge from large ethanol production surpluses for export are also identified through the application of specifically designed indicators. (author)

  20. Application of neutron activation analysis for the determination of essential elements in egg samples; Aplicacao da analise por ativacao com neutrons para a determinacao de elementos essenciais em amostras de ovos

    Gomes, Bruna G.; Maihara, Vera A.; Avegliano, Roseane P., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The eggs are among the twenty foods consumed by the population of the five major regions of Brazil. Among the types of eggs, there are differences in nutritional value, which can vary according to the food of the bird. This study evaluating the elements Cl, K, Mg, Mn and Na considered essential micronutrients in food, because they are fundamental in several metabolic processes necessary for the maintenance and training of the human body. We analyzed three types of eggs: egg whites, of the quail, and the colonial in cooked and raw form, using the Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis method (INAA). The egg samples were lyophilized and pulverized before analysis. To validate the methodology, reference materials NIST RM 8415 Whole Egg Powder and NIST SRM 1567 Wheat Flour were analyzed. The samples, reference materials and standards of the elements were irradiated for 20 seconds under a thermal neutron flux of 6,6x10{sup 12} cm -2 s -1 in the nuclear research reactor IEA-R1 of IPEN-CNEN / SP. The results were consistent with the values of the Brazilian Table of Food Composition (TACO)

  1. Shelf-life increase of fresh mushrooms Pleurotus sajor-caju using gamma radiation;Aumento da vida util de cogumelos Pleurotus sajor-caju in natura com aplicacao de radiacao gama

    Moda, Evelise Moncaio


    The production and consumption of edible mushrooms has been increasing in the last years due to its nutritional composition and sensory quality. The irradiation of mushrooms has been used with the purpose of maintaining the fresh product characteristics during shelf-life. The present study evaluated the effect of different radiation doses on the conservation of mushrooms Pleurotus sajor-caju, through by chemical, physical, microbiological and sensorial parameters. The packaging consisted on polystyrene trays with 250 g of sample, wrapped in polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The mushrooms were irradiated with doses of 125, 250, 500 and 750 Gy in a Gamma cell 220 type irradiator, and stored at 4 +- 1 deg C and 90% UR for 10 days. The proximate composition (moisture, crude fibre, total protein, total fat and ash), total soluble solids, pH, texture, color (L, a, b, Chroma and ho), enzymatic activity (polyphenoloxidase and peroxidase), microbiological (total coliform, Escherichia coli and total psychotropic bacteria) and sensory evaluation (color, taste and appearance) were determined in the 1st, 5th and 10th storage days. For the respiratory rate analysis, 30 g of sample were placed in jars and stored at 4 +- 1 deg C and 90% UR for 8 days. CO{sub 2} was analyzed every day using a gaseous chromatograph. The results were submitted to variance analysis and average test using the SAS statistical package. The total protein and total fat values did not differ significantly between treatments or storage periods, while the moisture, crude fibre and ash values differ between treatments and periods. The dose of 750 Gy darkness the mushroom in the last evaluation, and texture was better in control during the storage period. The color (L, a), texture and proximate composition values did not differ significantly between treatments or storage periods. A significant increase was observed for soluble solids, b{sup *} and enzymatic activity values in all treatments at the end of the storage period. Values of polyphenoloxidase and peroxidase activities increased in the last day of evaluation in samples irradiated with 250 Gy. This fact may be a result of the water radiolysis process, since mushrooms have high water content. The dose of 125 Gy increased the respiratory rate of the samples until the 5th storage day in comparison to the other treatments, causing reduction in the product shelf-life. The samples irradiated with 250, 500 and 750 Gy had a reduction on the respiratory rate if compared with the control, so contributing to the maintenance of the post harvest quality during the storage. The samples which received 750 Gy obtained the best results in the microbiological analyses, with reduction of total coliform and psychotropic bacteria during the storage period. Sensory analyses showed that the control had higher scores for color, aroma and appearance attributes; they were above the acceptability limit until the last storage day. In general, the irradiated samples were accepted for the evaluated attributes until the 5th storage day; thus, establishing the shelf-life for irradiated mushrooms (author)

  2. Application of perturbation methods for sensitivity analysis for nuclear power plant steam generators; Aplicacao da teoria de perturbacao a analise de sensibilidade em geradores de vapor de usinas nucleares

    Gurjao, Emir Candeia


    The differential and GPT (Generalized Perturbation Theory) formalisms of the Perturbation Theory were applied in this work to a simplified U-tubes steam generator model to perform sensitivity analysis. The adjoint and importance equations, with the corresponding expressions for the sensitivity coefficients, were derived for this steam generator model. The system was numerically was numerically solved in a Fortran program, called GEVADJ, in order to calculate the sensitivity coefficients. A transient loss of forced primary coolant in the nuclear power plant Angra-1 was used as example case. The average and final values of functionals: secondary pressure and enthalpy were studied in relation to changes in the secondary feedwater flow, enthalpy and total volume in secondary circuit. Absolute variations in the above functionals were calculated using the perturbative methods, considering the variations in the feedwater flow and total secondary volume. Comparison with the same variations obtained via direct model showed in general good agreement, demonstrating the potentiality of perturbative methods for sensitivity analysis of nuclear systems. (author) 22 refs., 7 figs., 8 tabs.

  3. Deployment case study of a global applied 3D modeling process of pipe supports; Estudo de caso da aplicacao de uma ferramenta para automatizacao e controle do processo de modelagem de suportes para tubulacoes em maquetes 3D

    Balbi, Diego Junca Gonzaga; Oliveira, Renato Fonseca; Pinto, Rogerio Dias [Promon Engenharia, Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    An activity in engineering projects has been changed over the past two decades with regarding to working practices. Difficulties arising from the increasing complexity of projects, especially in industrial sectors, have taken this activity a constant search for new methods and tools which enable increased speed in performing tasks of daily life of the project. Currently, the development of these tools has been based on a friendlier interface to the end user, minimizing the need for extensive and repetitive training. Moreover, the industry responsible for this development of these kind of tools is still in the search for knowledge in order to explore the plain capabilities within wide projects on solutions offered. This article deals with one of these innovations on the spotlight, besides of being not a technology issue. It's based on the same basic platform available since the creation of models used together with databases. However, this new vision of work inserts one more specialty in the virtual designing of structures to support industrial pipes, as well as other design disciplines, nor taken advantage of these capabilities with regard to the generation of information, its control and management. (author)

  4. Evaluation in vitro of pulpal chamber temperature of deciduous teeth during Er:YAG laser application; Avaliacao in vitro da temperatura na camara pulpar de dentes deciduos durante aplicacao do laser de Er:YAG

    Sznajder, Alexandre Joseph


    The Er:YAG laser technology has been thoroughly studied, since its invention, and has been increasingly recommended in Dentistry. However, its use in deciduous teeth has not been deserving the equivalent attention to its counterpart in permanent teeth, despite of the deciduous teething occur in a phase of life in which it has a far more importance than its substitutes. For that reason, this study aims to identify the suitable parameters to the clinic procedures in deciduous teeth, using the already established protocols in permanent teeth. The study was lead in a way to resemble the most the conditions of the clinical use of the laser. Five groups were analyzed using different energy densities and repetition rates. Each group was composed of 10 first superior right deciduous molars randomly selected. The energy densities and repetition rates used for each group were: 60 mJ 15 Hz, 250 mJ 2 Hz, 250 mJ 15 Hz, 400 mJ 6 Hz and 500 mJ 2 Hz. The results obtained allowed us to conclude that the use of the Er:YAG laser in Odontopediatrics is effective, safe and secure and the main reason for its recommendation is the low transfer of heat to the adjacent tissues of the applied surfaces. (author)

  5. Development of a head phantom to be used for quality control in stereotactic radiosurgery; Desenvolvimento de um simulador de cabeca para a aplicacao no controle da qualidade de radiocirurgia estereotaxica

    Barbosa, Nilseia Aparecida


    It was designed and developed a geometric acrylic head phantom (GHP) for Quality Assurance (QA) in Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS). Inside the phantom there are inserts that are able to accommodate acrylic targets representing the tumor tissue and organ at risk in the region cranial brain, the brain stem. The tumor tissue is represented by two semi-spheres of acrylic with a diameter of 13.0 mm and cavities in the central region for accommodation of a TLD-100 detector and a small radiochromic EBT Gafchromic filmstrip. The brain stem is represented by the two parts of acrylic cylinder with a diameter 18.0 mm, 38.0 mm length and cavities along the central region to accommodate the 5 detectors TLD-100 and yet another of EBT film. The distance tumor - brain stem is 2.0 mm. The experimental setup was filled with water, attached to the stereotactic frame to determine the coordinates of the target and underwent computed tomography (CT). Cf images were transferred to the SRS planning system BrainLab (BrainScan). The contours of the lesion and organ at risk were delineated and, through the technique of multiple circular arcs, the planning was conduced with five arches, one isocenter and a collimator of 17.5 mm from the combination between the table and gantry . The dose delivered to the isocenter of the lesion was 3.0 Gy and the total coverage of tumor volume corresponds to the 75% isodose. This experimental arrangement is subjected to radiosurgery treatment, after which the dosimeters are evaluated and their responses compared with the values of planned doses. The linear accelerator used was a Varian CLlNAC 2300 CID, photon beam of 6 MV, installed at the National Cancer Institute (INCA). For verification of dose distributions in 3D, the films were irradiated in three planes: sagittal, caronal and axial. The .films were scanned and digitized on a scanner Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL model. The dose distributions in irradiated films were compared with the distributions of doses provided by the planning system through the software PTW VeriSoft gamma index method. The results were obtained with TLD agree with planned dose values within the limits of acceptance. For EBT Gafchromics films, in ali treatment plans, there was agreement between the doses values and isodoses, measured planned, within the tolerance limits for SRS (+- 5% of the administered dose in the isocenter of the lesion and {+-} 1,0 mm spatial deviation), showing that the method used is adequate to ensure the quality of the radiosurgery treatment. (author)

  6. Partner's interest conflict analysis in distribution of natural gas: a game theory approach; Analise de conflitos de interesse na distribuicao de gas natural em areas urbanas: uma aplicacao da teoria dos jogos

    Prata, Bruno de Athayde; Arruda, Joao Bosco Furtado [Universidade Federal do Ceara (UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Nucleo de Pesquisa em Logistica, Transporte e Desenvolvimento


    The use of Natural Gas is nowadays increasing in Brazilian scene and this fact shows the necessity of effective planning tasks in that sector. In the case of Natural Gas Vehicular (NGV) distribution one can face problems of actor's (distributor, retailers, customers and non-users) point of view conflicts and fuel stations expand in most Brazilian urban areas in an uncontrolled way, despising counties regulation on land use. This paper reports a study using a model based in Game Theory concepts to determine some key-variables as the number of fuel stations which must deliver NGV in a given study area. Although some information could not be available the results of simulation shows the usefulness of using such an approach to give solutions to distribution questions in NGV sector. The model was applied to the case of a district in Fortaleza city which is the study area of a project entitled Projeto GASLOG presently on process under the sponsoring of Brazilian Government, PETROBRAS and Brazilian GasEnergy Research Network. (author)

  7. Characterization of jade and silicates of the jade family for application in radiation dosimetry; Caracterizacao do jade e dos silicatos da familia do jade para aplicacao em dosimetria das radiacoes

    Melo, Adeilson Pessoa de


    The main dosimetric properties of jade and of Brazilian silicates of the jade family were studied for application in radiation dosimetry of high doses. Jade is a common denomination of two different silicates: jadeite, Na Al(Si{sub 2}O{sub 6}), and nephrite, Ca{sub 2}(Mg, Fe){sub 5}(Si{sub 4}O{sub 11}){sub 2} (OH){sub 2}, that belong to the subclasses of the pyroxenes and amphiboles respectively. The jade samples studied in this work were from: Austria, New Zealand, United States and Brazil. The Brazilian silicates of the jade family studied in this work were the amphiboles: tremolite,Ca{sub 2}Mg{sub 5}(Si{sub 4}O{sub 11}){sub 2}(OH){sub 2} e actinolite, Ca{sub 2}Fe{sub 5}(Si{sub 4}O{sub 11}){sub 2}(OH){sub 2}; and the pyroxenes: rhodonite, MnSiO{sub 3} and diopside, Ca Mg(Si{sub 2}O{sub 6}). The mineralogical and chemical composition of these materials were obtained using the neutron activation analysis and X-ray diffraction techniques. The main dosimetric properties (emission curves, calibration curves, reproducibility, lower detection limits, angular and energy dependence, etc) were studied using the thermoluminescent (T L), thermally stimulated exo-emission (TSEE) and electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) techniques. The jade-Teflon and the silicate-Teflon samples present two T L peaks around 115 deg C (peak 1) and 210 deg C (peak 2). The calibration curves of the studied materials present a linear behaviour between 0.5 Gy and 1 kGy. The TSEE emission peak occurs at 240 deg C for all samples, and the calibration curves present a sub linear behaviour between 100 Gy and 20 kGy. In the case of the EPR technique, only jade USA has a potential application for radiation dosimetry. A static computational simulation of the most probable intrinsic and extrinsic defects in rhodonite was also realized. Among the basic defects, the Schottky defects of rhodonite are the most probable to occur and, among the extrinsic defects, the divalent and trivalent dopants present the best possibility of inclusion in rhodonite. (author)

  8. Study of corrosion resistance of AISI 444 ferritic stainless steel for application as a biomaterial; Estudo da resistencia a corrosao do aco inoxidavel ferritico AISI 444 para aplicacao como biomaterial

    Marques, Rogerio Albuquerque


    Ferritic stainless steels are ferromagnetic materials. This property does not allow their use in orthopedic prosthesis. Nevertheless, in some specific applications, this characteristic is very useful, such as, for fixing dental and facial prostheses by using magnetic attachments. In this study, the corrosion resistance and cytotoxicity of the AISI 444 ferritic stainless steel, with low nickel content, extra-low interstitial levels (C and N) and Ti and Nb stabilizers, were investigated for magnetic dental attachments application. The ISO 5832-1 (ASTM F-139) austenitic stainless steel and a commercial universal keeper for dental attachment (Neo-magnet System) were evaluated for comparison reasons. The first stainless steel is the most used metallic material for prostheses, and the second one, is a ferromagnetic keeper for dental prostheses (NeoM). In vitro cytotoxicity analysis was performed by the red neutral incorporation method. The results showed that the AISI 444 stainless steel is non cytotoxic. The corrosion resistance was studied by anodic polarization methods and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), in a saline phosphate buffered solution (PBS) at 37 °C. The electronic properties of the passive film formed on AISI 444 SS were evaluated by the Mott-Schottky approach. All tested materials showed passivity in the PBS medium and the passive oxide film presented a duplex nature. The highest susceptibility to pitting corrosion was associated to the NeoM SS. This steel was also associated to the highest dopant concentration. The comparatively low levels of chromium (nearly 12.5%) and molybdenum (0.3%) of NeoM relatively to the other studied stainless steels are the probable cause of its lower corrosion resistance. The NeoM chemical composition does not match that of the SUS444 standards. The AISI 444 SS pitting resistance was equivalent to the ISO 5832-1 pointing out that it is a potential candidate for replacement of commercial ferromagnetic alloys used in dental prosthesis. (author)

  9. Chemometrics application in fuel's MTR type chemical characterization by X-ray fluorescence; Aplicacao da quimiometria para caracterizacao quimica de combustiveis tipo MTR por fluorescencia de raios-X

    Silva, Clayton Pereira da


    In Brazil and worldwide the nuclear power has occupied a prominent position with many applications in industry, power generation, environment and medicine, improving the quality of tests and treatments, therefore people's lives. Uranium is the main element used in nuclear facilities and it s employed as base material to generation of electricity in the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals. In the '50s, during the Cold War, the then newly created International Atomic Energy Agency proposed to oversee nuclear facilities and encourage the manufacture of nuclear fuels with low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel came then type Material Test Reactor (MTR), manufactured initially in U{sub 3}O{sub 8} and U{sub 3}Si{sub 2} later, both dispersed in aluminum. The use of this technology requires a constant improvement of all processes involving the manufacture of MTR subject to several international protocols, which seek to ensure the reliability of the fuel from the standpoint of practical and environmental. In this context, the control of impurities, from the point of view of neutron economy, directly affects the quality of any nuclear fuel, so strict control is necessary. The literature has reported procedures which, beyond generating residues, are lengthy and costly, they need calibration curve and consequently reference materials. The aim of this work is to establish and validate a methodology for nondestructive quantitative chemical analysis, low cost and analysis time, as well as minimize the generation of waste, for multielement determination of major constituents (Utotal and Si) and impurities (B, Mg, Al, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Cd and others) present in U3O8 and U{sub 3}Si{sub 2}, meeting the needs of nuclear reactors in the nuclear fuel qualification type MTR. For that purposes, will be applied the X-ray fluorescence technique which allows fast chemical and nondestructive analysis, aside from sample preparation procedures that do not require previous chemical treatments (dissolving, digesting, and others). To corrections like effects of spectral and matrix were applied and evaluated the fundamental parameter method, univariate calibration curve and multivariate calibration. The results were compared by means of statistical tests in accordance with ISO 17025 in MRCs (123 (1-7) and 124 (1-7)) MCRs of U{sub 3}O{sub 8} from New Brunswick Laboratory (NBL) and 16 U{sub 3}Si{sub 2} samples provided by CC of IPEN/CNEN-SP. The chemometrics is a promising method to determination of minor and major constituents on the U3Si2 and U3O8 basis nuclear fuel, because the precision and accuracy are statistically equal volumetric analysis, gravimetric and ICPOES methods. (author)

  10. Evaluation of the potential application of 2-acetylpyridine N4- phenyl thiosemicarbazones derivatives for cancer therapy and diagnosis; Avaliacao da potencial aplicacao de derivados de 2-acetilpiridina N-4 fenil tiossemicarbazonas em terapia e diagnostico oncologico

    Soares, Marcella Araugio


    Despite the wide range of antineoplastic agents available, resistance of some types of cancer and toxicity to normal cells have been identified as the main causes of treatment failure and death. The lack of early and precise diagnosis is also responsible for reducing survival of cancer patients. In this context, the development of substances with low toxicity and therapeutic potential and/or diagnosis purpose, is the major tool in an attempt to increase the survival of patients and assure the safety and efficacy of treatment. Thiosemicarbazones (TSC) are a class of synthetic compounds that have several biological activities, including antitumor. Although several studies have shown the great potential of TSC as therapeutic and / or diagnostic agents, different chemical modifications performed on this class of molecules indicate new possibilities for applications and still require further studies. The objective of this study was to evaluate the potential applicability of 2-acetylpyridine N-4-phenyl thiosemicarbazones derivatives for cancer therapy and diagnosis. The results showed that all 13 TSC tested were cytotoxic to breast and glioblastoma tumor cell lines, presenting higher in vitro antitumor activity than etoposide, an antineoplastic and inhibitor of topoisomerase II frequently used for cancer therapy. The TSC that have halogen or nitro on ortho position showed higher antitumor activity in vitro than their isomers with halogen or nitro on meta or para position of the phenyl group. H2Ac4oFPh and H2Ac4oClPh compounds showed the highest antitumor activity among all tested compounds, with IC{sub 50} in nanomolar order. These TSC induced cell death by apoptosis and oxidative stress was responsible, at least in part, for this type of cell death. The 5{sup -1} H2Ac4oFPh dose, administered s.c., for 4 consecutive days, did not induce important toxicity; however, the same treatment protocol was not effective for tumor growth reduction in an animal model of brain tumor. Radioactive probes of H2Ac4oFPh were synthesized using {sup 111}In or {sup 67}Ga as radiotracers, with satisfactory specific activity and radiochemical purity. H2Ac4oFPh-{sup 111}In was more useful than H2Ac4oFPh-{sup 67}Ga, with higher specific activity, better chemical purity, better in vitro stability, higher distribution volume, faster blood clearance and, therefore, was considered the most promising for application in molecular imaging studies. H2Ac4oFPh-{sup 111}In also showed high lipophilicity and was internalized by glioblastoma cells in vitro. H2Ac4oFPh-{sup 111}In showed significative tumor uptake in vivo, however, the high abdominal uptake and high background did not allow a good visualization of tumor in imaging studies. Unlike intravenous administration, intratumoral administration allowed greater diffusion and retention of H2Ac4oFPh-{sup 111}In in the tumor site and significantly reduced the activity accumulated in the organs. These results encourage new experiments to be performed in order to promote the complexation of H2Ac4oFPh with particle emitters, such as yttrium-90, to evaluate its application in local radioisotopic therapy for glioblastoma multiforme. (author)

  11. Treatment of post-consumption oils from Paraiba state - Brazil - clays for application as bio fuel; Tratamento de oleos pos-consumo a partir de argilas da Paraiba para aplicacao como biocombustivel

    Araujo, E.P.; Oliveira, S.V. de; Medeiros, K.M. de; Silva, D.F. da; Araujo, E.M.; Fook, M.V.L. [Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (DEMa/UFCG), PB (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Materiais], e-mail:


    The utilization of fuels of agricultural origin in the cycle diesel engines is a good alternative to reduce dependence on importation petroleum, since these fuels are a renewable source of energy. The utilization of biodiesel as biofuel is a contribution to the environment, reducing the qualitative and quantitative form levels of environmental pollution. The recycling of post-consumption oil helps reduce the uncontrolled disposal and environmentally dangerous, than to obtain fuel with a cost / benefit and offering a competitive alternative commercial advantage. However, these oils should go through a process of decontamination and clearing up the stage of chemical conversion which is used clay to lighten the oil. This work had as its objective to make a literature revision evaluating the potential of the clearing clay modified in Paraiba, used in post-consumption oils for application as biofuel. (author)

  12. Application of the physiological and morphological parameters of the brazilian population sample to the mathematical model of the human respiratory tract; Aplicacao dos parametros fisiologicos e morfologicos de uma amostra da populacao brasileira no modelo matematico do trato respiratorio humano

    Reis, Arlene Alves dos


    The Human Respiratory Tract Model proposed by the ICRP Publication 66 accounts for the morphology and physiology of the respiratory tract. The characteristics of air drawn into the lungs and exhaled are greatly influenced by the morphology of the respiratory tract, which causes numerous changes in pressure, flow rate, direction and humidity as air moves into and out of the lungs. Concerning the respiratory physiological parameters the breathing characteristics influence the volume, the inhalation rate of air and the portion that enters through the nose and the mouth. These characteristics are important to determine the fractional deposition. The model uses morphological and physiological parameters from the Caucasian man to establish deposition fractions in the respiratory tract regions. It is known that the morphology and physiology are influenced by environmental, occupational and economic conditions. The ICRP recommends, for a reliable evaluation of the regional deposition, the use of parameters from a local population when information is available. The main purpose of this study is to verify the influence in using the morphology and physiology parameters representative of a sample of the Brazilian population on the deposition model of the ICRP Publication 66. The morphological and physiological data were obtained from the literature. The software EXCEL for Windows (version 2000) was used in order to implement the deposition model and also to allow the changes in parameters of interest. Initially, the implemented model was checked using the parameters defined by the ICRP and the results of the fraction deposition in the respiratory tract compartments were compared. Finally, morphological and physiological parameters from Brazilian adult male were applied and the fractional deposition calculated. The results suggest a significant variation in fractional deposition when Brazilian parameters are applied in the model. (author)

  13. Application of gamma irradiation for incorporation of rubber powder in the formulations EPDM and NBR rubber; Aplicacao da radiacao gama para incorporacao do po de borracha em formulacoes de borracha EPDM e nitrilica

    Kiyan, Ludmila de Ysasa Pozzo


    The natural decomposition of rubber is a very slow process due to its three-dimensional network formed by vulcanized crosslinked structures becoming extremely difficult to reprocess this material. The present work aims to study the application of gamma irradiation as devulcanization process for material reuse/recycling. The interactions of elastomers with ionizing radiation of a gamma source were investigated and the changes in physicochemical properties of the materials were evaluated. Formulations of NBR (acrylonitrile - butadiene) and EPDM (ethylene - propylene - diene terpolymer) from the rubber industry were crosslinked by conventional sulfur-based mixing. Master - batch was processed with rubber powder (industrial waste) and virgin rubber. The raw material (master batch) was irradiated in {sup 60}Co source at doses of 50, 100, 150 kGy and dose rate of 5 kGy h{sup -1} at room temperature. The irradiated material was incorporated in classical sulfur-based formulations. The formulations were characterized by: infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), thermal analysis (TG and DTG), tensile strength, elongation at break, hardness, abrasion resistance, rheometry and swelling. The results showed a predominance of chain scission at a dose of 50 kGy for EPDM rubber. For nitrile predominance of chain scission was observed at a dose of 100 kGy. These results show the possibility of the use of gamma radiation for the reuse/recycling of EPDM and nitrile rubbers. (author)

  14. Study of gaussian fitting methods applied to thermoluminescent emission spectrum of CaSO{sub 4}:Dy; Estudo da aplicacao de metodos de ajuste gaussiano a espectros de emissao termoluminescente no CaSO{sub 4}:Dy

    Faria, Marco Antonio R. de; Maia, Romulo Cesar; Federico, Claudio A.; Caldeira, Alexandre D.; Passaro, Angelo; Goncalez, Odair Lelis [Centro Tecnico Aeroespacial (CTA-IEAv), Sao Jose dos Campos, SP (Brazil). Inst. de Estudos Avancados]. E-mail:


    In the present work, two methods used to represent the peaks of the thermoluminescence (TL) glow curve of CaSO{sub 4}:Dy, from a gaussian approximation, are evaluated. Several glow curves with single and double peaks and known parameters were computationally simulated. Two procedures were applied to the data: gaussian curve fitting to the simulated data by the least squares method; and peak approximation by a gaussian function, from a method developed in the Applied Physics Division of IEAv/CTA. The obtained results (gaussian curve areas) in comparison with the original area of the TL glow curve generated for the single peak case show a tendency of underestimate the real area from 0.8 to 7.0%, depending on the fitting method applied. For the double peak case, it was observed an emphasized tendency of overestimate the original curve area from 3.7 to 6.2%, depending on the fitting method used. The obtained result is discussed in relation to the utilization of the method as a dosimetry routine, its implications and limitations. (author)

  15. The investment of royalties on municipality of Presidente Kennedy and the diversification of production; A aplicacao dos recursos advindos dos 'royalties' do petroleo no municipio de Presidente Kennedy e a diversificacao da producao

    Zardo, Alessandro; Zardo, Bruno [Universidade de Vila Velha, MG (Brazil). Relacoes Internacionais


    After the promulgation of the Law number 9.478/97 and the magnifying of oil extraction on Field Jubarte, a significant increase of the Royalties and Special Participations could be noticed on the municipality of Presidente Kennedy. The aim of the present article is to to carry through a study about the importance of such resource on the municipality's economy and to analyse how does the shares were reinvested with the objective of minimizing the local economy's dependence from oil activities. The method adopted involved data research and analysis referent to the royalties and special participations values, as well as information regarding work market's diversification. What is persuited is to show that the amounts proceeding from the oil activities ends up responsible for financing government's machine, what disables inter-generation's justice and sector's diversification. (author)

  16. Study of the stability of sugar Ester and its application potential with additives in the drilling fluids; Estudo da estabilidade do ester de acucar e sua potencial aplicacao como aditivo em fluido de perfuracao

    Medeiros, Suzan I.G.; Costa, Marta; Macedo, Sinara P.N. [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Natal, RN (Brazil)


    This work describe the enzymatic synthesis of the glucose ester starting from fatty acid, using protease Bacillus subtilis as biologic catalyst. The efficiency of ester has determined through the surface tension analyses in different pH (2-12), temperature (25-100 deg C) and salinity (50-115 g/L of NaCl). For a better understanding as for the applicability of the ester of sugar in drilling fluids, it was done necessary to know the values of interfacial tension of the oil/water; in that analysis, the mineral oil was investigated as oily phase and, as aqueous phase, biosurfactant solution. The results of interfacial tension of the water/oil and biosurfactant /oil they allowed to quantify us the influence of the benefactor's front to an organic phase, because the same made a significant reduction the interfacial tension of 26,0725 mN/m (water/oil) or 1,7527 mN/m (biosurfactant aqueous solution/oil). D-glucose ester was shown stable in different concentrations of NaCl, pH and temperature, and efficient in the reduction of the superficial tension of the water (of 72 mN/m for 28 mN/m). Preliminary test reveal that the ricinoleoil of D-glucose presents functionality as lubricant for drilling fluids to the base water. In the studied formulations, the obtained composition reduces the coefficient of lubricity of 0,20 for 0,04 and it stabilizes the fluid, reducing the volume of the filtrate of 5,0 mL for 3,4 mL. (author)

  17. Methodology to evaluate the energy associated to the industrial solid wastes: application in a metropolitan region of Campinas, Sao Paulo state, Brazil; Metodologia para avaliacao da energia associada ao residuo solido industrial: aplicacao a regiao metropolitada de Campinas

    Batista, Tereza Rosana Orrico [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Curso de Pos-graduacao em Planejamento de Sistemas Energeticos; Teixeira, Egle Novaes [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Civil, Arquitetura e Urbanismo; Silva, Ennio Peres da [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Nucleo Interdisciplinar de Planejamento Energetico. Lab. de Hidrogenio


    The aim of this work is to the application of a methodology to evaluate the energy associated to the industrial solid wastes in the metropolitan region of Campinas. The methodological route proposed is: the characterization of the research area and the production/management of the industrial solid wastes; the energetic classification and the qualitative/quantitative research of the energy associated to the industrial solid wastes; and, the valuation of the applicability of the energetic utilization mechanisms proposed to the region. This methodology when applied at the Campinas metropolitan region proved to be valid and it resulted in a synthetically presentation of the social and environmental reality of the industrial sector and the destination of the wastes, as well as it indicated the potentialities related to the energetic utilization of the industrial solid waste in the region. With the obtained results it was shown the importance of the the production and the destination of the industrial solid wastes in the Campinas metropolitan region , and the meaning, in terms of electric potency, of the values of the energy associated to the wastes with a known factor of energetic conversion shown in the researched sample. (author)

  18. The problem of optimum job shop scheduling of investments in Very High Voltage: genetic algorithms application; O problema da calendarizacao optima de uma carteira de investimentos em redes MAT: aplicacao de algoritmos geneticos

    Reis, Francisco Silva; Pinto, Jose Medeiros [Rede Electrica Nacional, Sacavem (Portugal). E-mail:;; Carvalho, P.M.S.; Ferreira, L.A.F.M. [Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa (Portugal). Seccao de Energia. E-mail:;


    In the planning of very high voltage network, a restrictive aspect which must be consider is the annual investment amount. This paper presents an algorithm for the uniformization of the annual investments of a enterprise with a large and diversified investments amount. Also, the application of genetic algorithms for the problem solution is presented.

  19. Application of genetic algorithms to the maintenance scheduling optimization in a nuclear system basing on reliability; Aplicacao de algoritmos geneticos na otimizacao da politica de manutencoes preventivas de um sistema nuclear centrada em confiabilidade

    Lapa, Celso M. Franklin; Pereira, Claudio M.N.A.; Mol, Antonio C. de Abreu [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper presents a solution based on genetic algorithm and probabilistic safety analysis that can be applied in the optimization of the preventive maintenance politic of nuclear power plant safety systems. The goal of this approach is to improve the average availability of the system through the optimization of the preventive maintenance scheduling politic. The auxiliary feed water system of a two loops pressurized water reactor is used as a sample case, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. The results, when compared to those obtained by some standard maintenance politics, reveal quantitative gains and operational safety levels. (author)

  20. Effect of pesticide applications on soil microbial activity and on {sup 14}C-methyl parathion dissipation; Efeito da aplicacao de pesticidas na atividade microbiologica do solo e na dissipacao do {sup 14}C-paration metilico

    Peres, Terezinha Bonanho


    Some crops, as cotton, need different pesticide application to control pests and diseases. These compounds reach soil and may affect the soil microbial activity. As the microorganisms play important role on the nutrient cycling, changes in their activities may affect the soil fertility. The influence of several pesticides on soil microbial activity of the 0-15 cm and 15-30 cm depth of the soil profile, and the {sup 14}C-methyl parathion dissipation was studied under influence of other pesticide applications. The influence of pesticides on the microorganisms was followed in an experimental area of the Instituto Biologico, that was divided in two subareas, both under cotton crop. Columns of PVC was buried in both subareas and a solution of {sup 14}C-methyl parathion diluted in the technical compound was applied on the soil surface of each column. One subarea received all the recommended pesticides for the cotton crop besides the {sup 14}C-methyl parathion. The other subarea received only {sup 14}C-methyl parathion solution on the columns soil surface. The soil microbial activity of both subareas was estimated by measurements of dehydrogenase, arylsulfatase and arginine deaminase enzymes. Further, the availability of total nitrogen in the soil was also measured. The dissipation of {sup 14}C-methyl parathion was studied by radiocarbon recovery in soil extracts and combustion of extracted soil and quantification by radiometric techniques. (author)

  1. Implementation of the robustness analysis methodology for decenal planning in the expansion of electric sector; Aplicacao da metodologia de analise de robustez ao planejamento decenal de expansao do setor eletrico

    Silva, Renata de Azevedo Moreira da


    The objective of this dissertation is to develop an application from one of the techniques of 'soft' operational research, the Robustness Analysis, to the problem of decision making under uncertainty, as part of the planning of the electricity expansion planning process in Brazil. Initially are shown desirable characteristics of a methodology that will complement the traditional methods used in determining the expansion of the sector. Departing from the Decenal Plan for Power Expansion (2007/2016), an analysis of the different trends that can occur during the planning process is presented, so as to facilitate the visualization of the consequences of uncertainties that may change the schedule of the planned expansion and also help the interaction between actors working in the expansion planning of electricity generation. (author)

  2. Application of support vector machines in the evaluation of reliability generation and transmission systems; Aplicacao de maquinas de vetores suporte na avaliacao da confiabilidade de sistemas de geracao e transmissao

    Dutra, Wellington Damascena; Resende, Leonidas Chaves de [Universidade Federal de Sao Joao Del-Rei (UFSJ), MG (Brazil); Manso, Luiz Antonio da Fonseca; Silva, Armando Martins Leite da [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil)


    This paper presents a methodology for assessing the reliability indices for composite generation and transmission systems based on Support Vector Machines (SVM). The importance of SVMs is its high generalization ability. The SVMs are used to classify data into two distinct classes. These can be named positive and negative. Thus, the basic idea is to classify the system states into success or failure. For this, a pre-classification of states is achieved by performing the proposed SVM-based neural network, where the sampled states during the beginning of the non-sequential Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) are considered as input data for training and validation sets. By adopting this procedure, a large number of states are classified by a simple evaluation of the network, providing significant reductions in computational costs. The proposed methodology is applied to the IEEE Reliability Test System and to the IEEE Modified Reliability Test System. (author)

  3. A fileira da cereja da Cova da Beira

    Dias, Cláudia Sofia Lourenço


    A Cova da Beira apresenta excelentes condições edafo-climáticas para a cultura da cerejeira, nomeadamente para a produção precoce de cultivares como a Burlat e para a produção tardia como a Saco Cova da Beira. Assim, é natural que a Cova da Beira seja a NUTS III com níveis mais elevados de produção, superfície e produtividade. Apesar de alguns produtores, sobretudo os de menor dimensão, não se terem conseguido adaptar às novas exigências do consumo e enfrentarem constrangimento...

  4. Cooperative research and the carbon fiber development for application in uranium centrifuges project; Pesquisa cooperativa e o desenvolvimento de fibra de carbono para aplicacao em ultracentrifugas nucleares

    Queiroz, Paulo Cesar Beltrao [Centro Tecnologico da Marinha em Sao Paulo (CTMSP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)], e-mail:; Zouain, Desiree Moraes [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)], e-mail:


    This paper analyzes both the carbon fiber-based development for uranium centrifuges and the research project that supports its development effort over time. The carbon fibre-based engineering properties make it a valuable supply for high technological products, such as uranium ultracentrifuge. There is no production of such fibers in Brazil. Its trade is subject to international market restrictions due to carbon fibers' dual applications. The Centro Tecnologico da Marinha em Sao Paulo (CTMSP), the Universidade de Campinas (UNICAMP), the Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), the RADICIFIBRAS Company, and the Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos (FINEP), which is responsible for the project financial support, established a partnership aiming the development of a domestic polyacrylonitrile (Pan)-based carbon fiber industry. Such alliances or technological partnerships are best known in developed countries, such as USA and Japan, as Cooperative Research or Research Joint Ventures (RJV). (author)

  5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the evaluation of the pericardium. A pictorial essay; La Risonanza Magnetica nello studio del pericardio: tecnica di studio, anatomia e principali quadri patologici

    Francone, Mario; Dymarkowski, Steven; Kalantzi, Maria; Bogaert, Jan [Katholieke Univ. Leuven, Leuven (Belgium). Department of Radiology


    spaziale e di contrasto e di una maggiore riproducibilita' dell'esame derivante dall'utilizzo di piani anatomici standard con significativa riduzione della dipendenza dell'operatore. La metodica diviene di utilita' fondamentale in tutti i casi in cui le informazioni ottenute con l'iniziale studio ecografico non siano sufficienti o risultino tecnicamente inadeguate: pazienti poco valutabili con ultrasuoni, piccole raccolte fluide in sede atipica, ispessimenti focali o masse sono usualmente ben individuate con maggiore accuratezza. La RM fornisce inoltre elementi diagnostici di grande utilita' per la diagnosi di pericardite costrittiva e per la differenziazione di questa condizione patologica della cardiomiopatia restrittiva. La RM fornisce inoltre elementi diagnostici di grande utilita' per la diagnosi di pericardite costrittiva e per la differenziazione di questa condizione patologica della cardiomiopatia restrittiva. La RM fornisce inoltre elementi diagnostici di grande utilita' per la diagnosi di pericardite costrittiva e per la differenziazione di questa condizione patologica della cardiomiopatia restrittiva. Scopo del presente lavoro e' di presentare il ruolo della RM nello studio del paziente con sospetta patologia del pericardio, illustrando la tecnica di studio, l'anatomia e i principali quadri patologici.

  6. Sparcity techniques in of load flow studies and three-phase short circuit for unbalanced distribution systems; Tecnicas de esparcidad en estudios de flujos de carga y corto circuito trifasico para sistemas desbalanceados de distribucion

    Flores Lopez, Arturo


    computacional que permitira a los Ingenieros poder realizar una planeacion mas eficiente del Sistema de Distribucion. El modelo SYSTEM, permite realizar el estudio de Flujos de Carga y Corto Circuito Trifasico en alimentadores desbalanceados del Sistema de Distribucion considerando la instalacion en la red de bancos de capacitores y reguladores de voltaje. El estudio de Flujos de Carga se realiza utilizando el metodo de Gauss Seidel por medio de la matriz Ybus utilizando factorizacion LU y Tecnicas de Esparcidad. El estudio del Corto Circuito Trifasico se realiza por medio del metodo nodal utilizando la matriz Zbus y Tecnicas de Esparcidad.

  7. Relazione tecnica su DSpace (MIT)

    De Robbio, Antonella


    This report presents Dspace that is a product realized in 2000 between Libraries of MIT (Massachussetts Institute Technology) and Hewlett-Packard Company relating to building a repository. It is able to support long-term memory, capturing and archiving of scholastic documents, realized from all MIT’s departments and free access by WWW, too. Furthermore, Dspace supports distribution and self-preservation of a different kinds of materials such as texts, videos, sounds, pictures, software and...

  8. Phytoremediation techniques; Tecnicas de fitorremediacion

    Bonilla, A.; Urzelai, A.; Bartolome, I.; Cagigal, E. [Unidad de Medio Ambiente. Bilbao (Spain)


    The ground pollution by heavy metals is a problem is a problem widely spreaded in the majority of the industrialised countries. Therefore, areas with high concentration of heavy metals in their ground are often associated with the areas in which mining activities have been developed and areas highly industrialised. This situation implies a deficient ecosystem behaviour. (Author)

  9. Mechanical properties of unidirectional laminates with carbon fiber and epoxy resin DA4518U USG0540; Propiedades mecanicas de los laminados unidireccionales de fibra de carbono con resina epoxica DA4518U Y USG0540

    Sanchez Melo, Monica I.; Rubio Gonzalez, Carlos; Del Llano Vizcaya, Luis [CIDESI. Centro de Ingenieria y Desarrollo Industrial Queretaro, Queretaro (Mexico)]. E-mail:;;


    In this paper, a study of the mechanical properties of composite materials with carbon fiber and epoxy resin DA4518U USG0540 is described, due to no such properties have been published to date, this study is performed. This work is developed at the Center for Engineering and Industrial Development (CIDESI). As a part of this research, the elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio and shear modulus are obtained both analytical and experimentally. Tests are performed to high cycle fatigue in both materials, and then these specimens are examined by ultrasound with the immersion technique in order to detect variations in material delamination, changes in obtain the attenuation and wave propagation. Finally, the tensional test to the specimen fatigue is repeated for changes in their mechanical properties. Also, a comparison is made between the results to determine which of those materials is more reliable for future applications in the aerospace industry. [Spanish] En este articulo se describe el estudio de las propiedades mecanicas de los materiales compuestos de fibra de carbono con resina epoxica DA4518U y USG0540, dicho estudio se lleva a cabo debido a que, a la fecha, no se han publicado tales propiedades, este trabajo se desarrollo en el Centro de Ingenieria y desarrollo Industrial (CIDESI). Como parte de esta investigacion, se obtienen analitica y experimentalmente el modulo de elasticidad, modulo de Poisson y modulo de corte. Tambien se realizan pruebas de fatiga a altos ciclos en ambos materiales, posteriormente estos especimenes se examinan por ultrasonido con la tecnica de inmersion para detectar variaciones en el material como delaminaciones, cambios de atenuacion y en la velocidad de propagacion de onda. Por ultimo se repite la prueba de tension a la probeta fatiga para conocer los cambios en sus propiedades mecanicas. Asi mismo se hace una comparacion entre los resultados obtenidos, para determinar cual material es mas confiable para futuras aplicaciones en la

  10. Proceedings of the 20 National seminar on the rational use of energy and exposition of equipment and services. [Selected Papers]; 20. Seminario nacional sobre el uso racional de la energia y exposicion de equipos y servicios. Memoria Tecnica. [Ponencias seleccionadas



    This document contains the proceedings of the 20 national seminar on the rational use of energy and exposition of equipment and services, organized by the Asociaciacion de Tenicos y Profesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE), in Mexico, D.F, from the 15 to the 19 of November of 1999. This Seminar covered subjects such as: Energy saving in the power sector, power efficiency in industrial processes and practical developments, practical cases of energy saving in industry, energy saving in constructions, transport, utilization of renewable energies, and energy and the environment. [Spanish] Este documento contiene la memoria tecnica del 20 seminario nacional sobre el uso racional de la energia y exposicion de equipos y servicios, organizado por la Asociacion de Tecnicos y Profesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE), en Mexico, D.F., del 15 al 19 de noviembre de 1999. Este seminario trato de temas tales como: Ahorro de energia en el sector energetico, eficiencia energetica en procesos industriales y desarrollos practicos, casos practicos de ahorro de energia en la industria, ahorro de energia en edificaciones, transporte, aprovechamiento de energias renovables, y energia y ambiente.

  11. Proceedings of the 21 National seminar on the rational use of energy and exposition of equipment and services. [Selected Papers]; 21 Seminario nacional sobre el uso racional del a energia y exposicion de equipos y servicios. Memoria Tecnica. [Ponencias seleccionadas



    This document contains the proceedings of the 21 national seminar on the rational use of energy and exposition of equipment and services, organized by the Asociacion de Tecnicos y Profesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE), in Mexico, D.F., from the 14 to the 16 of March of 2001. This Seminar covered subjects such as: Energy saving in the power sector, power efficiency in industrial processes and practical developments, practical cases of energy saving in industry, energy saving in constructions, transport, utilization of renewable energies and the environment. [Spanish] Este documento contiene la memoria tecnica del 21 seminario nacional sobre el uso racional de la energia y exposicion de equipos y servicios, organizado por la Asociacion de Tecnicos y Profesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE), en Mexico, D.F., del 14 al 16 de marzo de 2001. Este seminario trato de temas tales como: Ahorro de energia en el sector energetico, eficiencia energetica en procesos industriales y desarrollos practicos, casos practicos de ahorro de energia en la industria, ahorro de energia en edificaciones, transporte, aprovechamiento de energias renovables y ambiente.

  12. 19. National seminar on the rational use of energy and exposition of equipment and services. Transactions. [Selected Papers]; 19. Seminario nacional sobre el uso racional de la energia y exposicion de equipos y servicios. Memoria Tecnica. [Ponencias seleccionadas



    This document contains the technical proceedings of the 19 national seminar on the rational use of energy and exposition of equipment and services, organized by the Asociacion de Tecnicos y Pofesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE) (Association of Technicians and Professionals on Energy Application) conducted in Mexico City on September 21-25, 1998. This seminar encompassed subjects such as: energy saving in the energy sector, energy efficiency in industrial processes and practical developments, practical cases of energy saving in industry, energy saving in buildings, transportation, non-renewable energy utilization and environmental impact and eco-energies. [Espanol] Este documento contiene la memoria tecnica del 19 seminario nacional sobre el uso racional de la energia y exposicion de equipos y servicios, organizado por la Asociacion de Tecnicos y Profesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE), en Mexico, D.F, los dias 21-25 de septiembre de 1998. Este seminario trato de temas tales como: Ahorro de energia en el sector energetico, eficiencia energetica en procesos industriales y desarrollos practicos, casos practicos de ahorro de energia en la industria, ahorro de energia en edificaciones, transporte, aprovechamiento de energias renovables, e impacto ambiental y eco-energias.

  13. O resgate da epistemologia

    João Arriscado Nunes


    Ao longo das três últimas décadas, o projecto da epistemologia passou por um processo de crítica e de transformação, marcado, sucessivamente, pela transferência da soberania epistémica para o “social”, pela redescoberta da ontologia e pela atenção à normatividade constitutiva e às implicações políticas do conhecimento, chegando mesmo a ser postulado o abandono da epistemologia como projecto filosófico. Em contraponto a esse processo, foi ganhando contornos a proposta de uma outra epistemologi...


    Vera M. A.Tordino Brandão*; Elisabeth F. Mercadante; Suzana A. R. Medeiros; Flamínia M.M. Lodovici; Maria Helena Villas Bôas Concone; Ruth Gelehrter da Costa Lopes; Beltrina Côrte; Nadia Dumara Ruiz Silveira


    O Programa de Gerontologia da PUC desenvolve pesquisas focando o ser na perspectiva do envelhecimento. As atividades são interdisciplinares e reúnem docentes, alunos e ex-alunos. Nesta mesa redonda apresentamos um panorama sobre estes estudos. Na área da educação e comunicação o foco está centrado na longevidade e na preparação e representação social da velhice. São ressaltadas como temáticas: a formação continuada de profissionais e pesquisadores; o significado da religiosidade/espiritualida...

  15. Load curve modelling of the residential segment electric power consumption applying a demand side energy management program; Modelagem da curva de carga das faixas de consumo de energia eletrica residencial a partir da aplicacao de um programa de gerenciamento de energia pelo lado da demanda

    Rahde, Sergio Barbosa [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica e Mecatronica]. E-mail:; Kaehler, Jose Wagner [Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre (Brazil). Faculdade de Engenharia]. E-mail:


    The dissertation aims to offer a current vision on the use of electrical energy inside CEEE's newly defined area of operation. It also intends to propose different alternatives to set up a Demand Side Management (DSM) project to be carried out on the same market segment, through a Residential Load Management program. Starting from studies developed by DNAEE (the Brazilian federal government's agency for electrical energy), to establish the load curve characteristics, as well as from a research on electrical equipment ownership and electricity consumption habits, along with the contribution supplied by other utilities, especially in the US, an evaluation is offered, concerning several approaches to residential energy management, setting up conditions that simulate the residential segment's scenarios and their influence on the general system's load. (author)

  16. «Ad faciendum et distrenpandum colores». Giorgio da Firenze e la pittura murale a olio in Piemonte nel Trecento

    Bernardo Oderzo Gabrieli


    Full Text Available Il periferico Piemonte ospita dalla fine del Settecento un erudito dibattito su di una serie di documenti che testimoniano l’uso dell’olio in pittura murale da parte di un pittore toscano, Giorgio degli Agli, artista di corte dei Savoia tra il 1314 ed il 1348. L’analisi dei ricettari e dei trattati di tecnica artistica medievale rivela quanto fosse nota la possibilità di una pittura a olio o totalmente a tempera su muro, dalla Schedula di Teophilus fino al Manoscritto di Strasburgo. I documenti d’archivio inglesi trecenteschi confermano le quantità e i prezzi pagati nelle attestazioni piemontesi, sia per i pigmenti che per i leganti, dove uova, colla e olio sono ad faciendum et distrenpandum colores. Recenti campagne analitiche infine hanno permesso di riconoscere la presenza di leganti di natura organica tra i diversi strati della pellicola pittorica, rivelando una tradizione tecnica tutta oltralpina (a partire dal cantiere assisiate; fra questi, Jean de Grandson, collaboratore e allievo di Giorgio, nel ciclo della Camera Domini del Castello di Chillon (1342-1343 dipinge su muro proprio come se si trattasse di una tavola.   To the late eighteenth century, the peripheral Piedmont hosts a scholarly debate on a series of documents which demonstrate the use of oil in mural painting by a Tuscan painter, Giorgio degli Agli, court artist of the Savoy between 1314 and 1348. The analysis of medieval technique treaties reveals how was known the use of oil or tempera on wall painting, from the Schedule of Theophilus to the Manuscript in Strasbourg. The English fourteenth archive documents confirm the quantities and prices paid claims in Piedmont, both for the pigments to the medium, where eggs, glue and oil are used at faciendum et distrenpandum colores. Recent analytical campaigns finally made it possible to recognize the presence of organic media between the different film layers of paintings, revealing a whole transalpine technical tradition

  17. Amostragem da flora costeira da Ilha Graciosa

    Silva, Luís; Cordeiro, Nuno


    Neste trabalho realizou-se uma amostragem da flora da zona costeira na ilha Graciosa. Em 16 locais amostraram-se 92 plantas vasculares. O número de taxa amostrados variou entre 9 e 30, e a percentagem de taxa indígenas variou entre 6 e 70%. Apenas em 5 locais a percentagem de indígenas ultrapassou a percentagem de introduzidas. A percentagem de endémicas variou entre 0 e 30%, encontrando- se acima dos 20% apenas para três locais; apenas em dois dos locais se verificou uma total ausência de...

  18. Effect of gamma radiation on the growth of Aspergillus Flavus aflatoxins producer and on the use of polymerase chain reaction technique (PCR) in samples of maize grains artificially inoculated; Efeitos da radiacao gama no crescimento de Aspergillus flavus produtor de aflatoxinas e no emprego da tecnica da Reacao em Cadeia da Polimerase (RCP) em amostras de graos de milho inoculadas artificialmente

    Aquino, Simone


    The aim of this present study was to verify the effects of gamma radiation on the growth of Aspergillus flavus Link aflatoxins producer; to demonstrate the application of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique in the diagnostic of A. Flavus, as well to verify the effect of radiation in the profile of DNA bands. Twenty samples of grains maize with 200 g each were individually irradiated with 20 kGy, to eliminate the microbial contamination. In following, the samples were inoculated with an toxigenic A. flavus (1x10{sup 6} spores/ml), incubated for 15 days at 25 deg C with a relative humidity of around 97,5% and irradiated with 0, 2; 5 and 10 kGy. The samples, 5 to each dose of irradiation, were individually analyzed for the number of fungal cells, water activity, viability test (fluorescein diacetate and ethidium bromide), PCR and aflatoxins (AFB) detection. The results showed that the doses used were effective in reducing the number of Colony Forming Units (CFU/g) mainly the doses of 5 and 10 kGy. In addition, the viability test showed a decrease of viable cells with increase of irradiation doses. The reduction of AFB{sub 1} and AFB-2, was more efficient with the use of 2 kGy in comparison with the dose of 5 kGy, while the dose of 10 kGy, degraded the aflatoxins. Thereby, it was observed that AFB2 showed to be more radiosensitive. The use of PCR technique showed the presence of DNA bands, in all samples. (author)

  19. Techniques of artificial intelligence applied to the electric power expansion distribution system planning problem; Tecnicas de inteligencia artificial aplicadas ao problema de planejamento da expansao do sistema de distribuicao de energia eletrica

    Froes, Salete Maria


    A tool named Constrained Decision Problem (CDP), which is based on Artificial Intelligence and a specific application to Distribution System Planning is described. The CDP allows multiple objective optimization that does not, necessarily, result in a single optimal solution. First, a literature review covers published works related to Artificial Intelligence applications to Electric Power Distribution Systems, emphasizing feeder restoration and reconfiguration. Some concepts related to Artificial Intelligence are described, with particular attention to Planning and to Constrained Decision Problems. Following, an Electric Power System planning model is addressed by using the CDP tool. Some case studies illustrate the Distribution Planning model, which are compared with standard optimization models. Concluding, some comments establishing the possibilities of CDP applications are followed by a view on future developments. (author)

  20. Proposal for inclusion of the risk based inspection technique in Regulatory Standard NR 13; Proposta de inclusao da tecnica de inspecao baseada em risco na Norma Regulamentadora NR 13

    Esteves, Vinicius Teixeira; Lima, Marco Aurelio Oliveira [Det Norske Veritas Ltda. (DNV), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    In Brazil, the Regulatory Standard n. 13 (NR 13) establishes requirements for the inspection of boilers and pressure vessels which has main objective of preventing accidents with these types of equipment. Additionally, it has the Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) technique as an effective way to manage the mechanical integrity of various types of static mechanical equipment by through an inspection planning based on the risk factor. In this study, it is being proposed to include the RBI technique, in the NR 13, for the planning and definition of periods for the safety inspection of boilers and pressure vessels in order to promote an increase in the operational safety in process industries in Brazil. In this study it was carried out a critical analysis of NR 13 and RBI, and beyond that a bibliographic research of various international documents that relate the operational safety of pressurized equipment with the inspection activity, and the acceptability of RBI by governments, agencies and organizations around the world. It is considered that the inclusion and formal acceptance of RBI technique in the NR 13 must be accompanied by a rigorous control to avoid the 'trivialization' of its use and ensure the implementation rational, efficient and reliable. Finally, it was developed and suggested basic elements and minimum requirements to be inserted in the NR 13, to be attended, in order mandatory, by the companies that choose the implementation and use of the RBI technique as a tool for the planning of safety inspection of boilers and pressure vessels. It is concluded that the formal acceptance of the RBI technique in the NR 13 could aggregate much value to this standard, with regard to the prevention of accidents involving boilers or pressure vessels, and provide a technological jump to the companies that make use of RBI technique in Brazil. (author)

  1. Technical evaluation of biomass gasification technology integrated with combined cycle using bagasse as fuel; Avaliacao tecnica da tecnologia de gaseificacao de biomassa integrada a ciclos combinados utilizando bagaco como combustivel

    Ortiz, Pablo Silva; Venturini, Osvaldo Jose; Lora, Electo Silva [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (NEST/UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Nucleo de Excelencia em Geracao Termeletrica e Distribuida], email:; Campo, Andres Perez [Universidade Automona de Bucaramanga (UNAB) (Colombia). Fac. de Engenharia Fisico- Mecanica, Engenharia em Energia


    Biomass Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (BIGCC) was identified as an advanced technology with potential to be competitive for electricity generation. The BIGCC technology uses biomass and the sub products of some industrial sectors processing, like sugar cane, as feedstock. The current Brazilian energy matrix is mainly based on renewable generation sources, making it important to assess these gasification technologies in the production of sugar, ethanol and electricity. In this work, a technical evaluation of the technologies incorporated in BIGCC power plants is done: the gasification process and the combined cycle power plant. On the other hand, the generated costs of these systems are analyzed, and the potential for implementation in Brazil plants from sugar cane bagasse is studied, in which a 10% increase in efficiency is obtained. (author)

  2. Study of a new technique for measuring the travel time of ultrasonic waves using the frequency spectrum; Estudo de uma nova tecnica de medida do tempo de percurso da onda ultra-sonica usando o espectro de frequencia

    Santos, Allan Xavier dos


    During the operation of a nuclear plant and other industrial plants, the operational time and the exposition to severe working conditions may cause the wear of its components, consequently, compromising the safety and the performance of the installation. The implementation of periodical inspections helps to ensure the safe operation and the best performance of the plant. In this way, the use of ultrasonic techniques for inspection and materials characterization becomes more and more attractive, since they offer quick, precise results and are technically ease to implement. The usual ultrasonic techniques, need to the measure the travelling time of the ultrasonic wave in the material examined in order to extract information useful to characterize it. Thus, the measurement of the travelling time of the ultrasonic wave is the overriding factor in most of the applications made with ultrasound. In this work a new technique was developed for measuring the travelling time of the ultrasonic wave using a Fourier's Fast Transformer (FFT). It will be shown mathematically and experimentally that it is possible to use the ultrasonic signal in the frequency domain to determine the travelling time of the ultrasonic wave. Five experiments were carried out for the experimental validation of this new technique. The materials used were 20 ceramic pastilles with different porosities and 3 aluminum plates of different thicknesses. The obtained results have shown that the new technique proposed in this work was able to determine the travelling time of the ultrasonic wave with the same precision as the conventional technique. It was shown, furthermore, that this new technique is able to measure the travelling time of the ultrasonic wave in situations where the conventional technique cannot be applied greatly expanding the range of application of ultrasonic testing and inspections. (author)

  3. Use of the HRICP-MS technique for the evaluation of boron isotopes in Eucalitpus plants; Uso da tecnica HRICP-MS na avaliacao dos isotopos de boro em eucalipto

    Mattiello, Edson Marcio; Ruiz, Hugo Alberto; Silva, Ivo Ribeiro da, E-mail: mattiello@ufv.b [Universidade Federal de Vicosa (UFV), MG (Brazil). Dept. de Solos; Sarkis, Jorge Eduardo de Souza [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The {sup 10}B isotope tracer technique is essential to study the B mobility in plants. Factors that can influence the quality of measured B isotope ratios were optimized experimentally using High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (HRICP-MS). An isotopically certified standard (NIST SRM-951) was used. The best combination was obtained using a resolution of 400, a RF power of 1250 W, followed by 15 measurements over a 10-s integration period each (15*10). Utilizing this approach it was possible to obtain a precision of 0.3 % in standard material and 2z % in the experimental samples. The results show the importance of establishing optimized work conditions before carrying out the analytical series. (author)

  4. Analysis of the chemical elements behavior in leaves infected with fumagina employing X-ray fluorescence technique; Analise do comportamento de elementos quimicos em folhas infectadas com fumagina atraves da tecnica de fluorescencia de raios-X

    Blonski, Maria Selia


    Fumagina is produced by the Capnodium fungi, a mushroom from Dothideales order, that lives associated with the yellow aphid (Monelliopsis pecanis), excreting a heavy load of a sugared substance that provides the sooty fungus development, covering, in some cases the totality, of leaves, fruits and branches surfaces. One of the big problems caused by this disease is the physic photosynthesis stuckness, reducing in 98% the active photosynthesis radiation and in 70% the net photosynthesis. This photosynthesis reduction affects the plants carbohydrate reservoirs, resulting in reduced and bad qualified crops. It was employed the Energy Dispersion X-Ray Fluorescence Technique (EDXRF) to study the fumagina disease. The measurements were realized with infected and healthy leaves of citric plants (orange and lemon trees), collected at the Farm School of the State University of Londrina, and also leaves of icsora plant from Piracicaba-SP. Through this technique it was observed a metabolic disorder related to Fe and Ca elements. By comparing the EDXRF spectra of the healthy plant leaves with the infected ones, it was verified that the concentration of Ca is higher than the concentration Fe in leaves of healthy plants, while for the leaves of plants infected with fumagina, it was observed a higher concentration of Fe. Employing EDXRF and the emission/transmission method for the matrix effect correction, samples of the citric plants were also analysed in pellet. The elements K, Ca, Ti, Mn , Fe, Cu and Zn were quantified. It was verified a higher Fe concentration in fumagina samples compared to the samples without fumagina. For all the elements of interest the minimum level of detection found was at the order of {mu}g g{sup -1}. (author)

  5. Heterogeneity of human plasma insulin: techniques for separating immunoreactive components and their determination by radioimmunoassay; Heterogeneidade da insulina plasmatica humana: tecnicas de separacao dos componentes imunorreativos e dosagem por radioimunoensaio

    Souza, Iracelia Torres de Toledo e


    When human plasma is filtered on Sephadex G-SO fine, insulin immunoreactivity is recovered in two peaks: 'big insulin', the higher molecular weight component and 'little insulin', the lower molecular component, having elution volumes that correspond to those of porcine proinsulin {sup 125}I and porcine insulin {sup 125}I respectively. The presence of another form of immunoreactive insulin 'big big insulin' was detected from an insuloma suspect and its elution pattern corresponding to serum albumin. The eluates correspondent to 'big' and 'little' insulin as well as 'big big' component were assayed by radioimmunoassay using crystalline human insulin as a standard, porcine insulin {sup 125} tracer and anti insulin serum. The antibody, raised in guinea-pigs, was sensitive and potent being adequate for the assay. The reactivity of insulin and proinsulin was tested against the antibody. The relative proportions of several components of total immunoreactive insulin in plasma were studied in basal conditions in five normal subjects and in the patient JSC with pancreatic insulin-secreting tumor as well as after glucose stimuli in all tolbutamide in JSC. (author)

  6. TPR system: a powerful technique to monitor carbon nanotube formation during chemical vapour deposition; Sistema RTP: uma tecnica poderosa para o monitoramento da formacao de nanotubos de carbono durante o processo por deposicao de vapor quimico

    Tristao, Juliana Cristina; Moura, Flavia Cristina Camilo; Lago, Rochel Montero, E-mail: rochel@ufmg.b [Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (DQ/UFMG), Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil). Dept. de Quimica; Sapag, Karim [Universidade Nacional de San Luis (Argentina). Lab. de Ciencias de Superficies y Medios Porosos


    In this work, a TPR (Temperature Programmed Reduction) system is used as a powerful tool to monitor carbon nanotubes production during CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition), The experiments were carried out using catalyst precursors based on Fe-Mo supported on Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} and methane as carbon source. As methane reacts on the Fe metal surface, carbon is deposited and H2 is produced. TPR is very sensitive to the presence of H2 and affords information on the temperature where catalyst is active to form different forms of carbon, the reaction kinetics, the catalyst deactivation and carbon yields. (author)

  7. Dosimetric methodology for extremities of individuals occupationally exposed to beta radiation using the optically stimulated luminescence technique; Metodologia dosimetrica para extremidades em individuos ocupacionalmente expostos a radiacao beta por meio da tecnica de luminescencia opticamente estimulada

    Pinto, Teresa Cristina Nathan Outeiro


    A dosimetric methodology was established for the determination of extremity doses of individuals occupationally exposed to beta radiation, using Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}:C detectors and the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) reader system microStar, Landauer. The main parts of the work were: characterization of the dosimetric material Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}:C using the OSL technique; establishment of the dose evaluation methodology; dose rate determination of beta radiation sources; application of the established method in a practical test with individuals occupationally exposed to beta radiation during a calibration simulation of clinical applicators; validation of the methodology by the comparison between the dose results of the practical test using the OSL and the thermoluminescence (TL) techniques. The results show that both the OSL Al-2O{sub 3}:C detectors and the technique may be utilized for individual monitoring of extremities and beta radiation. (author)

  8. Model of the daily production of biogas from a Indian type digester using techniques of identification systems; Modelo da producao diaria de biogas de um biodigestor tipo indiano utilizando tecnicas de identificacao de sistemas

    Borges Neto, Manuel Rangel [Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnologica de Petrolina (CEFET-PET), PE (Brazil)], e-mail:; Carvalho, Paulo Cesar Marques de; Almeida, Otacilio da Mota [Universidade Federal do Ceara (PPGEE/UFC), Fortaleza, CE (Brazil). Programa de Pos Graduacao em Engenharia Eletrica


    This paper brings a study about utilization of curve adjustments and prediction models of biogas production from a biodigestor fed by sheep manure, to help in the development of a optimal controller to production and use of biogas generated by Indian type biodigestors applied to semiarid. From experimental data were applied simultaneously the Least Mean Squares and Recursive Least Squares methods algorithms and after proper analysis, to validation, a new experimental data set was used to the chosen model. (author)

  9. Economic and technical viability of the biogas generation from vinaceus in an ethanol plant; Viabilidade tecnica, economica, da geracao de biogas a partir de vinhaca em uma usina de etanol

    Vianna, Luiz Felipe Peres; Almeida, Silvio Carlos Anibal de [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (DEM/EP/UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Escola Politecnica. Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica; Pinto, Marcio Schittini; Pereira, Luiz Felipe Herrmann Telles [Acesa Bioenergia, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], Emails:;


    This paper analyses the technical viability of use of vinaceus for biogas production. This paper developed by the Mechanical Engineering Department of UFRJ and the ACESA Bioenergy enterprise, analyses the generation and processing of biogas produced from bio digestion of the vinaceus. The chosen place for the study was the Mandu ethanol plant, located at Guaira, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  10. Feasibility evaluation of using spent FCC catalyst for metals treatment from industrial waste; Avaliacao do potencial de recuperacao de niquel de catalisadores equilibrados (E-CAT) atraves da tecnica de remediacao eletrocinetica

    Baptista, Adalberto; Ponte, Haroldo de Araujo [Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR), Curitiba, PR (Brazil)


    The purpose of this work is to describe the feasibility evaluation using FCC catalyst for treatment from industrial wastes increasing the life time of the spent catalysts and reducing the environmental impact. Evaluated the reutilization of catalyst in process recovery of nickel adsorbed. The technique used was the Electrokinetic Remediation. This technique is based in application of a direct current of low intensity or low potential between the electrodes located in soil. The pollutants are mobilized how loaded species or particles. It used a electrokinetic reactor with approximated volume of 1200 cm{sup 3}, where the residue is placed. In your extremity are adapted two cameras of acrylic, being one anodic, with steel inox 304 electrode, and other cathodic, with lead electrode. In anodic camera, it was injected, with aid a bomb, a solution of sulfuric acid, which work as electrolyte, to a flow rate of 20 ml/h. Was evaluated the desorption of Nickel in the equilibrium catalyst submitting a variation of the conditions of the concentration and potential. (author)

  11. In vitro evaluation of the chemical and morphological changes of the enamel surface using different bleaching techniques; Avaliacao in vitro das alteracoes quimica e morfologica da superficie do esmalte utilizando diferentes tecnicas de clareamento dental

    Mattos, Alessandra de Siervi


    'In vitro' evaluation through MEV and EDS of the morphological and chemical changes, respectively, of the bovine enamel, submitted to different bleaching techniques. For the MEV evaluation eighteen apical thirds were pigmented and divided into two parts. One half of each sample was the control and the other half was bleached according to the protocol of each test group (n= 6). Group I - home bleaching with a 10% carbamide peroxide; group II bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide and LED; group III - bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide with diode laser bleaching. The same procedure was done with the eighteen samples which were analyzed through EDS and which had their buccal surface grinded and polished before the bleaching procedure in order to obtain more precise values of the fraction of calcium and phosphorus. The results showed no morphological changes among the analyzed control halves and the bleached halves. There was not a statistical significant difference about Ca and P values, among the control halves and the bleached halves regarding the chemical components (p< 0,05). (author)

  12. Corrosion mapping in ducts using the automated ultrasonic technique C-Scan - correlation with results given by pig inspection; Mapeamento de corrosao em dutos atraves da tecnica ultrassonica C-Scan

    Feres Filho, Pedro; Moura, Nestor Carlos de [Physical Acoustics South America (PASA), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    In-service inspection has received diverse contributions from technologies and documents with the objective of maximizing equipment availability and minimizing inadequate repairs. Amongst the available technologies, there are the automated ultrasound tests, in the B and C-scan versions. This paper describes an evaluation methodology based on the correlation between the test techniques of instrumented electromagnetic PIG and automated ultrasound, both applied with the purpose of detecting and mapping areas with corrosion in pipes for oil transport. The main objective of the application of the C-scan methodology, in this case, was the measuring and detailing of the corroded area, thus providing an adequate maintenance plan through the substitution or installation of a double gutter. The result demonstrates the correlation between the measurements taken by the PIG and the sizing of the regions done using the C-scan method, consisting of the length, width and thickness values in the points affected by the corrosion. (author)

  13. Development of a polymeric matrix for composite material produced by the filament winding technique; Desenvolvimento de matriz polimerica visando a producao de material composito atraves da tecnica de enrolamento filamentar

    Sobrinho, Ledjane Lima; Ferreira, Marisilvia; Bastian, Fernando Luiz [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Coordenacao dos Programas de Pos-graduacao de Engenharia


    The study of the resin for composite materials to be produced by the filament winding technique is very important, since the good applicability of the technique is in part function of the characteristics of the resin. The objective of this work is the development of a polymeric matrix using vinyl ester resin for composite to be produced by the filament winding technique. Therefore, vinyl ester resin systems developed from Derakane 411-350 by varying the percentage of cure agent and activator. The system which presented the best behavior in tension (Yong's modulus 2,42 GPa, tensile strength = 47,67 MPa, elongation = 7,31 % and fracture toughness 2,67 J), adequate gel time and exothermic peak for the manufacture process was submitted to hygrothermal aging by immersion in water at 60 deg C for a maximum period of 64 days. (author)

  14. Development of a new technic for breast attenuation correction in myocardial perfusion scintigraphy using computational methods; Desenvolvimento de uma nova tecnica para correcao da atenuacao por tecidos moles em cintilografia de perfusao miocardica utilizando metodos computacionais

    Oliveira, Anderson de


    Introduction: One of the limitations of nuclear medicine studies are false-positive results that lead to unnecessary exams and procedures associated to morbidity and costs to the individual and society. One of the most frequent causes for reducing the specificity of myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) is photon attenuation, especially by breast in women. Objective: To develop a new technique to compensate the photon attenuation by women breasts in myocardial perfusion imaging with {sup 99m}Tc-sestamibi, using computational methods. Materials and methods: A procedure was proposed which integrates Monte Carlo simulation, computational methods and experimental techniques. Initially, were obtained the chest attenuation correction percentages using a phantom Jaszczak and breast attenuation percentages by Monte Carlo simulation method, using the EGS4 program. The percentages of attenuation correction were linked to individual patients' characteristics by an artificial neural network and a multivariate analysis. A preliminary technical validation was done by comparing the results of the MPI and catheterism (CAT), before and after applying the technique to 4 patients. The t test for parametric data, Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney and X{sup 2} for the others were used. Probability values less than 0.05 were considered statistically significant. Results: Each increment of 1 cm in the thickness of breast was associated to an average increment of 6% on photon attenuation, while the maximum increase related to breast composition was about 2%. The average chest attenuation percentage per unit was 2.9%. Both, the artificial neural network and linear regression, showed an error less than 3% as predictive models for percentage of female attenuation. The anatomical-functional correlation between MPI and CAT was maintained after the use of the technique. Conclusion: Results suggest that the proposed technique is promising and could be a possible alternative to other conventional methods employed today. (author)

  15. In vivo evaluation of Fe in the human skin and swins mice skin through the X-rays fluorescence technique; Avaliacao in vivo de Fe na pele humana e de camundongos swins atraves da tecnica de fluorescencia de raios X

    Estevam, Marcelo


    Recent technological improvements allow the method of in vivo XRF to supply useful sensibility for diagnostics or monitoring in biomedical applications. In cases of hereditary sanguine disorders as the {beta}-Thalassaemia or a genetic disorder like Haemochromatosis, there is a high concentration of elements as Fe, Zn and Cu in the skin and internal organs, due to the treatment of those abnormalities or due to the own dysfunction caused by the disease. The levels of Fe related to the patient bearers of the {beta}-Thalassaemia are determined, at the moment, measuring a protein in the sanguine current, called ferritin. The monitoring of the protein is ineffective in several situations, such as when the patient suffers any disturbance of health. Nowadays, the main forms of measuring the levels of those metals through hepatic storage are the biopsy of the liver, that is invasive and potentially dangerous, presenting a rate of mortality of 0,1%, and through magnetic susceptibilities that employs a quantum superconductor, which is highly expensive and there are only three main world medical centers with this equipment. This work investigates the use of a Si PIN-diode detector and a 238Pu source (13 and 17 keV; 13%; 95.2 mCi; 86y) for the measurement of Fe skin levels compatible with those associated to the disease {beta}-Thalassaemia. XRF spectra were analyzed using a set of AXIL-WinQXAS programs elaborated and disseminated by the IAEA. The determination coefficient of the calibration model (sensitivity curve) was 0.97. Measurements on skin phantoms containing concentrations of Fe in the range from 15 to 150 parts per million (ppm), indicate that we are able to detect Fe at levels of the order of 13 ppm, using monitoring periods of 50 seconds and skin entrance dose less than 10 mSv. The literature reports skin Fe levels from 15.0 to 60.0 ppm in normal persons and from 70 to 150 ppm in thalassaemic patients. So, the employed methodology allows the in vivo measurement of the skin Fe concentration in wanted levels. (author)

  16. Study of immobilization of radioactive wastes in asphaltic matrices and elastomeric residues by using microwave technique; Estudo da imobilizacao de rejeitos radioativos em matrizes asfalticas e residuos elastomericos utilizando a tecnica de microondas

    Caratin, Reinaldo Leonel


    In the present work, the technique of microwave heating was used to study the immobilization of low and intermediate activity level radioactive waste, such as spent ion exchange resin used to remove undesirable ions of primary circuits of refrigeration in water refrigerated nuclear reactors, and those used in chemical and radionuclide separation columns in the quality control of radioisotopes. Bitumen matrices reinforced with some kinds of rubber (Neoprene{sup R}, silicon and ethylene-vinyl-acetate), from production leftovers or scraps, were used for incorporation of radioactive waste. The samples irradiation was made in a home microwave oven that operates at a frequency of 2.450 MHZ with 1.000 W power. The samples were characterized by developing assays on penetration, leaching resistance, softening, flash and combustion points, thermogravimetry and optical microscopy. The obtained results were compatible with the pattern of matrices components, which shows that technique is a very useful alternative to conventional immobilization methods and to those kinds of radioactive waste. (author)

  17. Carbon thin films deposited by the magnetron sputtering technique using cobalt, copper and nickel as buffer-layers; Filmes finos de carbono depositados por meio da tecnica de magnetron sputtering usando cobalto, cobre e niquel como buffer-layers

    Costa e Silva, Danilo Lopes


    In this work, carbon thin films were produced by the magnetron sputtering technique using single crystal substrates of alumina c-plane (0001) and Si (111) and Si (100) substrates, employing Co, Ni and Cu as intermediate films (buffer-layers). The depositions were conducted in three stages, first with cobalt buffer-layers where only after the production of a large number of samples, the depositions using cooper buffer-layers were carried out on Si substrates. Then, depositions were performed with nickel buffer layers using single-crystal alumina substrates. The crystallinity of the carbon films was evaluated by using the technique of Raman spectroscopy and, then, by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The morphological characterization of the films was performed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM and FEG-SEM) and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM). The XRD peaks related to the carbon films were observed only in the results of the samples with cobalt and nickel buffer-layers. The Raman spectroscopy showed that the carbon films with the best degree of crystallinity were the ones produced with Si (111) substrates, for the Cu buffers, and sapphire substrates for the Ni and Co buffers, where the latter resulted in a sample with the best crystallinity of all the ones produced in this work. It was observed that the cobalt has low recovering over the alumina substrates when compared to the nickel. Sorption tests of Ce ions by the carbon films were conducted in two samples and it was observed that the sorption did not occur probably because of the low crystallinity of the carbon films in both samples. (author)


    Vera M.A.Tordino Brandão


    Full Text Available O Programa de Gerontologia da PUC desenvolve pesquisas focando o ser na perspectiva do envelhecimento. As atividades são interdisciplinares e reúnem docentes, alunos e ex-alunos. Nesta mesa redonda apresentamos um panorama sobre estes estudos. Na área da educação e comunicação o foco está centrado na longevidade e na preparação e representação social da velhice. São ressaltadas como temáticas: a formação continuada de profissionais e pesquisadores; o significado da religiosidade/espiritualidade ao longo da trajetória, e sua repercussão na qualidade de vida do idoso; os programas sócio-educacionais para idosos e concepções sobre educação; o monitoramento da mídia na cobertura da crescente longevidade e seus impactos. Em identidade e modos de morar reflete-se sobre soluções planejadas e sua adequação para a inclusão do envelhecimento populacional como questão fundamental, que implica a elaboração de novas políticas, investigações e, especialmente, apresenta-se como questão a ser analisada, refletida e vivenciada pela sociedade em geral. Quanto à saúde, o Programa desenvolve várias pesquisas numa abordagem interdisciplinar tendo como objetos de estudo: a terapia assistida com animais direcionada a idosos com diagnóstico de Alzheimer; o acompanhamento terapêutico e o atendimento psicoterapêutico em grupo, a aplicação da técnica de Calatonia em idosos moradores de ILPI, além da investigação sobre impasses clínicos no idoso frágil. Palavras-chave: gerontologia, longevidade, envelhecimento

  19. A cultura da imagem

    José Tavares de Barros


    O artigo situa no contexto da cultura contemporânea os desafios dos meios de comunicação social, especialmente da mídia eletrônica. Identifica as dimensões do sagrado e do mistério na própria natureza das imagens, oferecendo subsídios para o exercício da leitura crítica das narrativas audiovisuais.Palavras-chave: Imagem; Cultura; Imaginação; Sagrado; Mídia; Linguagem.ABSTRACTThis article considers the challenges of social communication media within the context of contemporary culture, mainly ...

  20. Flebectasia da Jugular Externa

    Lopes, C; Manaças, R; F. Tavares; Marques da Costa


    A flebectasia da jugular externa é uma entidade nosológica rara, sendo escassas as descrições na literatura mundial. Clinicamente apresenta-se como uma massa cervical de aparecimento ou alargamento durante a manobra de Valsalva. Os autores descrevem um caso clínico, salientando as possibilidades da TC (Tomografia Computorizada) num diagnóstico etiológico e topográfico preciso, sem o recurso a outros meios invasivos.

  1. Aspectos internacionais da Revolta da Chibata

    Joseph L. Love


    Full Text Available This paper treats four international dimensions of the Revolta da Chibata: 1 the trip of the Dreadnought Sao Paulo to Lisbon (with Presidente Hermes aboard, during which the Portuguese monarchy was overthrown, providing a model for Brazilian sailors; 2 the reception and interpretation of the revolt by the French, British, and American presses, which quickly saw that the central issue was torture; 3 ideological aspects of the revolt, which focus on the rights of citizens under the constitution of 1891; and 4 foreign observers’ favorable impression of the working conditions of Batalhao Naval before the second rebellion in December, and their discovery of a massacre after the second revolt.

  2. Il rilievo laser come tecnica di monitoraggio per i fenomeni di instabilità dei versanti degli edifici vulcanici : il caso dell'Isola di Stromboli

    Maria Marsella


    Full Text Available La metodologia di rilievo mediante Laser Scanner Aviotrasportato (ALS per la ricostruzione dettagliata della morfologia consente l’acquisizione di dati tridimensionali di alta precisione da utilizzare per il monitoraggio di fenomeni franosi in evoluzione.AbstractThe laser survey technique for monitoring the instability of volcanoes: the case of StromboliIn volcanic areas the flank instability represents an additional hazard for the surrounding  inhabited  areas.  Landslides, ranging from small to large size, can easily develop both due to the weakness of the volcanic superficial layers and to the destabilizing  effects  from  deformation and  seismicity  related  to  the  volcanic activity.  These  phenomena  are  particularly dangerous along the coast line of volcanic  islands  because  they  cannot easily detected in a safe way.  The use of remote sensing data represent an useful contribution to the risk assessment and hazard evaluation. Multi-temporal analy-ses based on the 2006 and 2009 Digital Surface Models (DSMs, generated from an Airborne Laser scanner on the Stromboli  Island  permitted  to  detect  active landslides and to extract additional information useful to hazard assessment and related mitigation actions.

  3. On-line diagnosis of high power motors based on ultra wide band partial discharge detection; Diagnostico en linea de motores de gran capacidad mediante la deteccion de descargas parciales utilizando tecnicas de banda ultra ancha

    Carvajal M, F. Antonio; Garcia Colon H, Vicente R. [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico); Asiain, Tomas [Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Escuela Superior de Ingenieria Mecanica y Electrica (Mexico)


    In this work a non-standardized method for on-line diagnostic of high capacity motors based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Partial Discharge (PD) measuring techniques is theoretically supported, implemented and applied. The method developed is non invasive and consist in the measurement of PD in the main motor power supply cables and its ground shields connection using a near field sensor (Rogowski coil, clamp-on type) with a bandwidth of 2 to 40 MHz. The measured signals by the sensor, are stretched electronically, digitized and fed to a conventional Partial Discharge digital detector. The UWB PD detection system used displays the output in a Pulse repetition frequency-Charge-Phase angle (N-Q-?) PD pattern. The results obtained in thirteen 2500 H.P., 13.8 kV motors performed during operating in an Oil Pumping facility are presented, including its analysis and comparison with values and PD patterns reported in literature. [Spanish] En este trabajo se presentan los fundamentos teoricos, la implementacion y aplicacion de un metodo no normalizado, para el diagnostico en linea de motores de gran capacidad, basado en la deteccion de Descargas Parciales (DP) utilizando tecnicas de medicion de Banda Ultra Ancha. El metodo desarrollado es no invasivo y consiste en la medicion de las DP en los conductores y conexiones a tierra de la pantalla de los cables principales de suministro de energia al motor, utilizando un sensor de campo cercano (bobina Rogowski, tipo gancho) cuyo ancho de banda de medicion es de 2 a 40 MHz. Las senales medidas por el sensor son electronicamente procesadas para ampliar su duracion, digitalizadas y enviadas a un detector digital de Descargas Parciales convencional. El sistema de deteccion de DP en Banda Ultra Ancha despliega la medicion en un patron de DP tipo frecuencia de repeticion de Pulso-Carga-Angulo de fase (N-Q-?). Se presentan los resultados obtenidos de la evaluacion en linea de trece motores de 2500 C.P. a 13.8 kV, instalados y operando en una

  4. Analysis of the productive chain of Brazilian oil sector in the midst of ethics in the application of productive excess, social and environmental responsibility and ensuring the quality of life; Analise da cadeia produtiva do setor petrolifero brasileiro em meio a etica na aplicacao dos excedentes produtivos, a responsabilidade social e ambiental e a garantia da qualidade de vida

    Mello, Liodoro de; Domingos, Sergio Ricardo; Santos, Adilson Francisco dos [Universidade Federal de Itajuba (UNIFEI), MG (Brazil). Grupo de Engenharia da Energia


    The present work analyses the petroliferous productive chain, of the well you the rank. It shows the correlation with the ethics, the social responsibility and the guarantee of the quality of life human being. It considers it lives rational application of paid the resources preceding from royalties you the states and cities. With the reorganization of the petroliferous sector, in the second half of the decade of 90, lives specifically, with the edition of the Law n. 9.478/97, the decisions, until then, prevailed will be unilateral orientates of the federal government starts you count on the market, mediating agent of offers and demand. You the edition of the legal order, you the current days, the excellent facts ploughs dealt with transparency, the teams that if instituted the ANP, agency of regulating to character. The sector, with this, must give counterpart you the society, in the direction you reward the same one, will be possible damages or provoked aggressions, exactly that in involuntary way. Ethical The resolution of the conflicts follows an line of respect you the agents: companies, government and consumers. First with programs of professional qualification, the security, of institutional landmark, they stimulate the perfect competition and applies the exploratory balances in the form of royalties. And, the consumers, not less important, intent to ambient questions, demands quality US products. (author)

  5. In vitro evaluation of the morphologic changes on the root dentine irradiated by CO{sub 2} laser associated or not to calcium hydroxide application; Avaliacao in vitro das alteracoes morfologicas da superficie da dentina radicular irradiada pelo laser de CO{sub 2} associado ou nao a aplicacao de hidroxido de calcio

    Romano, Ana Cristina Cury Camargo


    This in vitro study has evaluated the structural changes on the root dentine irradiated by a CO{sub 2} laser associated or not to calcium hydroxide application, from the irradiated surface analysis by means of Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM). The purpose of this evaluation has been the study of an alternative method for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity. Fourteen human teeth were utilized, third molars, divided into 7 groups. Group I (control group) to which no treatment was applied; Groups II, III and IV were given an application of Ca (OH){sub 2} paste followed by C0{sub 2} laser irradiation, lasting 5 seconds each with intervals of 10 seconds between each application, with continuous emission, power of 0.5 W (Group II), 1.0 W (Group III), and 1.5 W (Group IV); Groups V, VI, and VII were given laser irradiations without the Ca (OH){sub 2} paste following the same parameters applied to groups II, III, and IV respectively. Morphologic changes suggesting to fusion and re-solidification have been observed, as well as the presence of material obstructing the whole analyzed surface on groups II, III, and IV (laser + Ca (OH){sub 2}). As for groups V, VI, and VII, it has been observed fusion, re-solidification, and cracks, and these results being statistically significant when compared the '(Ca (OH){sub 2})' groups to the laser groups. No statistically significant differences were observed regarding the different powers applied in the groups that used the same treatment. Despite this result, it can be stated that powers above 1.0 W (DP = 125,38 W/cm{sup 2}) are unfavorable due to the undesirable morphologic alterations and aesthetic compromising. (author)

  6. Neutron activation analysis for determining of inorganic trace elements in by-products of soybean, cotton, corn, wheat, sorghum and rice; Aplicacao da analise por ativacao com neutrons para determinacao de elementos inorganicos em subprodutos da soja, algodao, milho, trigo, sorgo e arroz

    Teruya, Carla M.; Armelin, Maria Jose [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil); Silva Filho, Jose Cleto [Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura (CENA), Piracicaba, SP (Brazil). Ciencias Animais; Silva, Aliomar G. [Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria (EMBRAPA), Sao Carlos, SP (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisa de Pecuaria do Sudeste


    In the present paper the instrumental neutron activation analysis was applied to determine some essential and toxic elements in six agroindustrial by-products utilized to feed animal. The accuracy of the method was evaluated by means of reference material analysis. In general, the precision of the method was lower than 10% and the accuracy near to 5%. (author) 7 refs., 1 tab.

  7. Fuzzy logic application for data correction of gamma ray profile and correlation with effective porosity of core from Resende Basin, Rio de Janeiro; Aplicacao da logica fuzzy para correcao de dados de perfil de raios gama e correlacao com porosidade efetiva de testemunhos da Bacia de Resende, Rio de Janeiro

    Souza, Francisco de Assis Leal de; Tunala, Leonardo Fernandes; Abreu, Carlos Jorge de; Lopes, Ricardo Tadeu, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ/CCMN), RJ (Brazil). Centro de Ciencias Matematicas e da Natureza. Inst. de Geociencias. Dept. de Geologia; Rocha, Paula Lucia Ferrucio da, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil); Martins, Ricardo Rhomberg, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Escola Politenica de Engenharia; Lima, Inaya Correa Barbosa, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Centro de Tecnologia


    This work presents here a study on the porosity of cores from Resende Basin (Rio de Janeiro). The first step involved the selection, thinning of the material (core) and sample preparation for the use of porosimeter to obtain effective porosity. The material studied is sandstone, friable, coarse to very fine of three wells (GPR1, GPR2 and GPR3). The fuzzy logic (MatLab) was applied to the effective porosity data calculated from the gamma ray (GR) profile for the construction of a synthetic profile and from this we could identify the errors made in calculating the data. Then the results of porosity from the core were correlated with data from the corrected effective porosity (gamma ray profile) in order to prove the results obtained with both methods. The analysis of the synthetic porosity calculated by the fuzzy logic has shown that this is a promising method for assessing the quality of data and to obtain good fits. (author)

  8. A study on copper and zinc effects in the growth of Aechmea blanchetiana (Baker) L.B. Smith seedlings cultivated in vitro. Application of neutron activation analysis; Estudo sobre os efeitos do cobre e zinco no crescimento da plantula de Aechmea blanchetiana (Baker) L.B. Smith cultivada in vitro. Aplicacao da analise por ativacao com neutrons

    Zampieri, Maria Cristina Tessari


    Metals are components of the biosphere, occurring naturally in soil and plants, but as a result of human actions, their levels have been greatly increased, depending on the region. Copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) are essential for the growth and development of plants, however if in excess become toxic. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of plants to absorb Cu and Zn and what effects they cause in seedlings cultivated in vitro. The results of this study may contribute primarily in agricultural and environmental research. The plant investigated was the Aechmea blanchetiana species of the Bromeliaceae family. It is a terrestrial or epiphytic species used as an ornamental plant. The cultivation of seedlings for this study and their exposure to different concentrations of Cu and Zn were performed at the Institute of Botany (IBt) of Sao Paulo. After seed germination, the seedlings were transferred for growth in a culture media containing different concentrations of Cu or Zn. After this period of in vitro cultivation, the seedlings were analyzed for morphometry, anatomy and by neutron activation analysis. Quality control of the results from neutron activation analysis was carried out by the analysis of certified reference materials. The data obtained showed good precision and accuracy for several elements determined. The highest concentrations of Cu used in the exposure were those that caused major structural changes in morphometric and anatomical parameters, however for the Zn no significant differences were verified for most parameters. The A. blanchetiana proved to be a bioaccumulator species of Zn, absorbing high levels of this element in the aerial parts and roots. (author)

  9. Validation of the extension of the range of application and of the single system of injection for the determination of total nitrogen in petroleum and its derivatives by chemiluminescence; Validacao da ampliacao da faixa de aplicacao e do sistema unico de injecao para a determinacao de nitrogenio total em petroleos e derivados por quimiluminescencia

    Santos, Maria de Fatima Pereira dos [Fundacao Gorceix, Ouro Preto, MG(Brazil)]. E-mail:; Tamanqueira, Juliana Boechat [Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, RJ (Brazil); Magalhaes, Julio Cesar Dias [PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Centro de Pesquisas. Avaliacao de Petroleo; Oliveira, Elcio Cruz de [Transpetro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Logistica e Planejamento; Vaitsman, Delmo Santiago [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Quimica. Dept. de Quimica Analitica


    With the objectives of using a single system of injection and of extending the range of application for the method ASTM D4629/02 'Total Nitrogen in Petroleum Derivatives by the System of Injection with a Syringe and Detection by Chemo- Luminescence', it was studied a procedure by statistical validation with the objective of guaranteeing the analytical reliability of the assay and allowing the inclusion of samples of petroleum and heavy derivatives in one single methodology. The determination of total nitrogen for petroleum and derivatives is traditionally assayed using the method of Kjeldahl - a time-consuming methodology that requires a large amount of time for giving the final result, at the same time that is not recommended for concentrations below 0.1%w/w, which does not meet the requirements for the specifications of the product, in the petroleum industry. An alternative for the method of Kjeldahl is the pyro-chemo luminescence, which allows the achievement of more repetitive results for total nitrogen. In the detection of nitrogen, the technique combines the reliability of oxidative combustion with the sensitivity of chemiluminescence. Therefore, it was developed a protocol of validation in the methodology ASTM D4629/02 for the validation of the extension of the range of application and for the evaluation of the performance of the equipment in analytical conditions, according to the calibration curve. (author)

  10. Fabrication and study of stability of Ca{sub 2}AlWO{sub 5,5} ceramic in crude petroleum for applications in petroleum industry; Fabricacao e estudo da estabilidade em petroleo cru da ceramica Ca{sub 2}AlWO{sub 5,5} para aplicacao em industria petrolifera

    Yadava, Y.P.; Silva, N.D.G.; Sousa, A.G. de; Sanguinetti Ferreira, R.A., E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica


    Perovskite-type ceramic oxides or their derivatives are used for applications in high technology because of their enormous range of physic-chemical properties with little change in structural characteristics. In this paper we report manufacture ceramic components of a new ceramic Ca{sub 2}AlWO{sub 5,5} by thermo-mechanical process. Stoichiometric amounts of chemical constituents with high degree of purity, were homogenized using a ball mill and high purity alumina balls, compacted by uniaxial pressing and annealed at 1200 deg C for 48 hours. The structural characterization studied by x-ray diffraction that this material has a typical complex ordered cubic perovskite structure. For the study the stability of these ceramics in crude petroleum circular discs of 20 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness were produced and sintering. These discs were submerged in crude petroleum for 15, 30 and 45 days and were examined at each stage by X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy and hardness testing and these results show that Ca{sub 2}AlWO{sub 5,5} are stable in crude petroleum environment. (author)

  11. Stratigraphy sequence analysis application for multi scalar characterization of paralic reservoirs - an example in the Guata group (E O-Permian) of the Parana Basin, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; Aplicacao da estratigrafia de sequencias para caracterizacao multiescalar de reservatorios paralicos - um exemplo no Grupo Guata (EO-Permiano) da Bacia do Parana, no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

    Kuechle, Juliano [Rio Grande do Sul Univ., Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias. Curso de Pos-graduacao em Geociencias]. E-mail:; Holz, Michael [Rio Grande do Sul Univ., Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias]. E-mail:


    Detailed stratigraphic analysis of the Early Permian Rio Bonito and Palermo Formations of the Parana Basin in the region of Sao Gabriel County has been used for a study on reservoir characterization of paralic sandstones. Two main depositional systems were recognized, a fluvial-dominated delta system and a wave-dominated barrier island system. The succession is divided in two third-order depositional sequences, enclosing thirteen fourth-order para sequences. This high-resolution stratigraphic framework was the base for a multi scale approach on reservoir characterization of the sandstone bodies. Reservoir heterogeneities are discussed, staring from the scale of depositional sequence (heterogeneity level 1), passing down to heterogeneity at the scale of systems tracts (heterogeneity level 2) and finalizing with an approach at para sequence scale (heterogeneity level 3). Main control on heterogeneity at the first level is base-level variation as generating mechanism for un conformities at the sediment type and rate. At the second level, the reservoir heterogeneity is controlled by the lateral and vertical variations in thickness of particular systems within the different systems tracts, and at the third level, the heterogeneity occurs controlling reservoir continuity and connectivities between reservoirs. The study supplies a model which is useful as a predictive tool for similar geologic settings in producing oil fields. (author)

  12. Dj Da Hai


    Miko Da Hai is DJ at a Xi’an disco bar. At work, in his cool attire, the pulsing disco beat punctuated by his distinctive vocal commentary, he makes a striking impression. The job having come his way by chance, Miko is now a skilled and experienced DJ of eight years’ standing. This may be

  13. Study on the technical and economical viability in the using of the spilled turbinable energy from the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant for the ammonia synthesis of the nitrogen fertilizers; Estudo da viabilidade tecnica e economica do aproveitamento da energia vertida turbinavel da usina hidreletrica de Itaipu para sintese de amonia para fertilizantes nitrogenados

    Espinola, Michel Osvaldo Galeano [Universidade Nacional de Assuncao (Paraguay). Faculdade de Ciencias Quimicas]. E-mail:


    In many hydroelectric power plants, when the inflows are greater than the demand for energy, a portion of the water that could be used to generate energy is diverted to the spillway and literally wasted. This energy, designated as 'Spilled Turbinable Energy', could be used advantageously to generate other products or an energy vector that could be stored for later use, since in these occasions the dam is full. The present work studies the feasibility of using the spilled turbinable energy of the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant to produce electrolytic hydrogen that, together with the nitrogen from air, is an important feedstock for the ammonia synthesis, used to produce nitrogen fertilizers. The minimum production cost of electrolytic hydrogen was estimated in US$ 0,246/m3 or US$ 2,750/kg, for a plant with capacity of 55 mil m3/h, which correspond to 247,5 MW of electrical power deriving from 82% of spilled turbinable energy and 18% of guaranteed energy. Next to that hydrogen plant it is possible to install an ammonia plant of approximately 500 t/day, operating 350 days/year, with a production cost of approximately US$ 562,81/t. This capacity is enough to supply 38,5% of the ammonia demand estimated for the region focused in the project, 1.300 t/day. Nowadays, ammonia is commercialized in the Brazilian market by approximately US$ 525,60/t. For that reason, it can be concluded that ammonia production through the association of spilled turbinable and guaranteed energy next to Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant is not economically feasible by the moment, mainly due to the high cost of imported electrolysers. Nevertheless, with the installation of an ammonia plant based on water electrolysis next to Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, it could be avoided an annual carbon emission of 234 thousand tons, even considering methane and carbon dioxide emissions of the Itaipu's reservoir. If such project were approved by the Clean Development Mechanism, that environmental impact decrease would represent an amount of E (euro) 3.8 million, approximately US$ 5.5 million or R$ 9.9 million. Even with that revenue, the project would not be economically feasible yet, mainly because of the low prices of natural gas used as feedstock to produce ammonia nowadays. (author)

  14. O exame da OAB

    Silva, Júlio Cezar Bittencourt


    Versa o trabalho sobre a exigência de aprovação em Exame de Ordem para a inscrição do advogado nos quadros da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil. Tal requisito gera inúmeros disparates e injustiças, não apenas com os bacharéis, que têm cerceada sua garantia constitucional de exercício da profissão à qual estão qualificados, mas também à sociedade, que resta prejudicada pelos altos custos dos serviços de advocacia, bem como, pelo incremento das dificuldades de acesso à justiça. Procede-se então a u...

  15. Fisiopatologia da asma grave

    Todo-Bom, Ana; Mota-Pinto, Anabela


    Não tem resumo. Transcreve-se o primeiro parágrafo: A história natural da asma e os condicionalismos de uma evolução para formas moderadas ou graves não está completamente estabelecida. Contudo, quer os factores genéticos quer os factores ambientais, serão determinantes na fisiopatologia e no prognóstico da doença. A asma é, por definição, uma doença inflamatória crónica das vias aéreas caracterizada por uma obstrução brônquica generalizada mas variável que é, pelo menos parcialmente, reve...

  16. o caso da Tecnimaster

    Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo Veríssimo


    O Seis Sigma foi criado pela Motorola, nos anos oitenta do século passado, em consequência do aumento da competição global. A partir daí, tornou-se numa estratégia de gestão adoptada pela generalidade das organizações com negócios à escala mundial. As empresas de desempenho médio têm níveis de três ou quatro sigmas e, as companhias de desempenho excelente, seis sigmas. Isto significa que, os seus produtos e processos têm apenas 3,4 defeitos por milhão de oportunidades. Um pr...

  17. Pioneirismo da associacao brasileira de enfermagem no desenvolvimento da pesquisa: da revista ao centro de pesquisa

    Lais de Araujo Pereira


    Full Text Available O presente estudo tem como objetivo analisar as primeiras iniciativas da Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem para o desenvolvimento da pesquisa em enfermagem. Com um recorte temporal que engloba o período de 1932 a 1971, ano de criação da Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem à criação do Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas, da Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem. As fontes utilizadas foram documentos escritos localizados no Centro de Documentação da Escola de Enfermagem Anna Nery da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro e no Centro de Memória da Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem, além de edições da revista localizadas na Biblioteca Setorial da Pós-Graduação da Escola de Enfermagem Anna Nery. Percebe-se, nesta análise, que os empreendimentos realizados por essa entidade representaram um verdadeiro espaço de investigação e de formação de enfermeiros pesquisadores no Brasil.

  18. Hepatotoxicidade da cianotoxina microcistina

    Andréa de Castro Leal; Manoel do Carmo Pereira Soares


    Constitui interesse emergente em saúde pública avaliar a possibilidade de intoxicação humana por biotoxinas de algas cianofíceas, principalmente as hepatotoxinas do grupo das microcistinas. A microcistina, um heptapeptídeo monocíclico, é produzida principalmente pela cianobactéria Microcistis aeruginosa. São caracterizadas por alguns aminoácidos variáveis, dois deles com uma estrutura não usual que possuem importante papel na hepatotoxidade da microcistina. Apesar do acometimento humano atrib...

  19. Fisiopatologia da Dor

    Varandas, Cláudia Maria Brás


    Projeto de Pós-Graduação/Dissertação apresentado à Universidade Fernando Pessoa como parte dos requisitos para obtenção do grau de Mestre em Ciências Farmacêuticas A dor constitui uma experiência indissociável do ser humano, experiência essa que afeta a qualidade de vida do Homem, o seu bem- estar e atividades do dia- a- dia, independentemente da sua faixa etária e classe social. A dor pode ser classificada segundo a duração temporal e segundo a sua fisiopatologia, assim sendo existe dor a...

  20. Fisiopatologia da enxaqueca



    A fisiopatologia da enxaqueca ainda não foi completamente elucidada. As principais estruturas envolvidas parecem ser o sistema nervoso central (córtex e tronco cerebral), o sistema trigeminovascular e os vasos correspondentes, outras fibras autonômicas que inervam estes vasos, e os vários agentes vasoativos locais, como a SP, CGRP, NO, VIP, NPY, ACh, NA, NKA, entre outros. A depressão alastrante é o fenômeno neurológico que provavelmente justifica achados experimenais e clínicos na enxaqueca....

  1. A viagem da Joaninha

    Pereira, Joana Margarida de Freitas


    O presente relatório final pretende ser o espelho de um percurso formativo cujos objectivos eram adquirir competências de desenvolvimento e aprofundamento das aprendizagens e competências essenciais para a profissionalização no domínio da docência na área de educação pré-escolar. Durante este percurso formativo foi realizado em estágio que teve a duração de 21 semanas. (...)

  2. Aspectos moleculares da anemia falciforme

    Galiza Neto Gentil Claudino de


    Full Text Available No presente artigo abordaram-se vários aspectos relacionados à natureza molecular da anemia falciforme, desordem hematológica de caráter hereditário que acomete expressivo número de indivíduos em várias regiões do mundo. As pesquisas realizadas em torno desta patologia da hemácia, ao longo de quase um século, a partir de 1910, cooperaram para a criação de um novo e importante segmento da ciência, denominado biologia molecular. A descoberta dos polimorfismos da mutação (GAT->GTG no gene que codifica a cadeia beta da hemoglobina, originando diferentes haplótipos da doença, permitiu um melhor e mais amplo conhecimento em torno da heterogeneidade clínica nos pacientes falcêmicos. Analisando a hemoglobina na sua estrutura normal e mutante, sua produção e evolução, pode-se ter um entendimento mais completo da fisiopatologia desta doença e da sua complexidade clínica.


    Ronaldes de Melo e Souza


    Full Text Available “O corpo de baile da linguagem da vida” propõe-se a evidenciar a unidade primordial da música e da linguagem. Ambas se correspondem, quando se compreende a primeira como arte das musas e a segunda como expressão da vida em si mesma. O livro As musas e a origem divina do canto e da saga, de Walter F. Otto, dá o mote que o ensaio persegue e desdobra com o auxílio de inúmeros estudos altamente especializados, convalidando-se no exame da obra de artífices notáveis da expressão poética, de Homero a Joyce.  The essay proposes to evince the primordial unity between music and language. Their bond becomes apparent when the first is comprehended as the art of the muses and the second as the expression of life itself. The book The muses and the divine origin of singing and saga, by Walter Friedrich Otto, motivates the research which the essay pursues and develops with the aid of highly specialized studies. An incursion into the works of remarkable artifices of poetic expression from Homer to Joyce helps to corroborate the issue.  

  4. A morte da bailarina

    Nancy Mangabeira Unger


    Full Text Available A história do Ocidente pode ser lida de acordo com o sentido da palavra grega hybris: transgressão, presunção, desmesura. Hoje, vivemos o ápice de um percurso marcado pela desejo de tudo dominar. Por sua extrema gravidade, a crise contemporânea nos coloca diante da responsabilidade de questionar a própria dimensão na qual pensamos, e a maneira em que compreendemos nossa identidade enquanto humanos e nosso lugar na totalidade do real.Palavras-chave: civilização ocidental; crise; hybris; questionamento. AbstractThe history of the West can be read according to the meaning of the greek word hybris: transgression, arrogance, loss of measure. We presently live the pinnacle of a course marked by the desire to dominate all beings.  The extreme gravity of  contemporary crisis confronts us with the responsibility of questioning the very dimension in which we think, as well as the manner in which we understand our identity as human beings and our place in the totality of being.Key words: western civilization; crisis; hybris; questioning. 

  5. CT assessment of thoracic gunshot wounds. Our personal experience; Ruolo della Tomografia Computerizzata nelle lesioni da arma da fuoco del torace. Esperienza personale

    Salzano, A.; De Rosa, A. [Ospedale Loreto Mare, Neaples (Italy). Servizio di Radiologia; Carbone, M.; Rossi, E.; Burnese, L. [Neaples Univ., Neaples (Italy). Ist. di Scienze Radiologiche; Muto, M.; Tuccillo, M. [Azienda Ospedaliera di Rilievo Nazionale A. Cardarelli, Neaples (Italy). Servizio di Neuroradiologia, 2 Servizio di Radiologia; Nunziata, A. [Pronto Soccorso Est, ASL NA1, Neaples (Italy). Area di Diagnostica per Immagini


    delle principali lesioni interne con adeguata e istantanea pianificazione del trattamento chirurgico d'emergenza e/o rianimativo di supporto. Scopo del presente lavoro e' quello di illustrare il ruolo dell'esame TC nel documentare le molteplici e complesse lesioni pleuropolmonari, cardiovasali e della parete toracica, la cui compromissione si manifesta con semeiologia specifica e acuta del tutto diversa da quella della traumatologia toracica classica. Negli ultimi 4 anni sono stati osservati presso il pronto soccorso dell'Ospedale Loreto Mare di Napoli 76 casi di ferite d'arma da fuoco, di cui 26 con interessamento toracico: 25 maschi e una femmina (eta' media 32 anni, compresa tra 17 e 48 anni). Tutti i pazienti sono stati sottoposti a TC d'urgenza del torace con iniezione endovenosa di mdc e con tecnica angio-TC e in presenza del medico rianimatore con monitoraggio delle funzioni vitali e dello stato di shock. In 4 casi e' stato completato con studio TC dell'addome e pelvi per la presenza di lesioni associate toraco-addominali e in 3 casi con TC del cranio per lesioni encefaliche da proiettile. Il radiogramma del torace consente di documentare i danni maggiori toraco-polmonari d'arma da fuoco, anche se non permette la valutazione precisa delle lesioni cardiache e dei grandi vasi e dei pneumotoraci minimali. L'associazione di alterazioni traumatiche cranio-addominali concomitanti indirizza l'approccio diagnostico verso una metodica di primo livello come la TC, in grado di fornire con un unico esame il giudizio immediato sul grado di compromissione, panoramicita' e gravita' delle lesioni da arma da fuoco polmonari e extratoraciche. Cio' consente di instaurare la terapia tempestiva e mirata, sia essa chirurgica o di supporto rianimativo, evitando ritardi diagnostici e di gestione terapeutica sicuramente dannosi per la sopravvivenza del paziente.

  6. Filosofia da amizade: uma proposta

    Konrad Utz


    Full Text Available artifo tenciona desenvolver o conceito da amizade como conceito-base de toda Filosofia Prática. Porém pretende apresentar apenas uma entre as várias argumentações possíveis em favor desta concepção: defende que a amizade, no sentido exposto, seja a solução mais convincente ao problema da intersubjetividade. A questão é como a  concepção da subjetividade pode ser entendida a outros indivíduos, se essa, como o autor defende pode ser compreendida priginariamente somente a partir da auto-referência da primeira pessoa. Para isso, ele faz uso do conceito aristotélico do amor amigável enquanto direcionado a um "heterosautos", identificando como seus momentos tanto o conhecimento e o desejo do outro, como o respeito e a benevolência. Os últimos dois momentos são interpretados como "conversão" da consciência dos primeiros. Por meio dessa "conversão da consciência" a consciência do Outro é estabelecida. Como se trata da conversão de uma consciência concreta, tanto cognitiva quanto volitiva, seu resultado não é um conceito abstrato e geral de uma subjetividade diferente da minha, mas uma relação concreta entre indivíduos que implica um compromisso e a partir da qual forma-se um étos específico da comunidade assim estabelecida.

  7. Editoriais dourados da REBEn


    Este trabalho está escrito tendo como fonte uma re-leitura de Editoriais da REBEn escritos nos anos 70 a 80. À intencionalidade de alçar das entrelinhas motivações, atitudes, valores, crenças, tendências, ideologias, princípios, nem sempre visíveis tão claramente quando lidos sem o esforço sistemático do método, atrelou-se a opção pela análise de conteúdo, considerada como um conjunto de técnicas. A metodologia compreendeu três etapas no trabalho de análise: pré-análise, descrição analítica e...

  8. Leonardo da Vinci, enginyer

    Barca Salom, Francesc Xavier


    El dissabte 15 d’abril de 1452, vigília de la Setmana Santa, va néixer a Archiamo prop de Vinci un nen a qui el seu avi patern va batejar com Leonardo. Era fill il·legítim del notari florentí Ser Piero da Vinci i d’una camperola anomenada Caterina. El seu avi patern, Antonio, que no era notari (encara que descendia d’una nissaga de notaris), se’n feu càrrec d’aquest nen des del seu naixement, mentre que el seu pare marxà a Florència per casar-se amb Albiera di Giovanni Amadori....

  9. Em favor da talassografia

    Jean-Louis Boudou


    Full Text Available A Talassografia (“descrição do mar” interessa-sepelos impactos físicos, biológicos, ecológicos... culturais da violenta antropização dos ambientes costeiros (oceânicos e continentais, caracterizados pelaexigüidade, vulnerabilidade, fragilidade e plasticidade. Como o Brasil é um “país marítimo”, os geó-grafos (os talassógrafos brasileiros são convidadosa intensificar suas pesquisas nas áreas costeiras e acriar novas estruturas para divulgá-las: Revista, Encontros, Associação, Pós-Graduação... tudo em prolda talassografia.

  10. Fisiologia da caquexia

    Gonçalves, Catarina Vicente


    Dissertação para obtenção do grau de Mestre no Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz A caquexia é uma síndrome de desnutrição multifatorial que se caracteriza por uma perda de peso e perda de massa muscular. Esta síndrome parte de uma doença subjacente e pode estar presente em várias doenças crónicas como por exemplo HIV, doença renal crónica, DPOC, doença hepática crónica, insuficiência cardíaca congénita e cancro. Com este trabalho, pretendeu-se entender a definição de ca...

  11. A influência da Internet no processo ensino-aprendizagem da leitura e da escrita

    Evanice Ramos Lima Barreto


    Full Text Available

    A Internet constitui um dos grandes avanços da comunicação humana. Através dela, é possível o contato com uma infinidade de informações, veiculadas pelos mais diversos gêneros de texto. Por isso, sendo um dos meios de comunicação que mais se expandiu no mundo, a Internet se apresenta como uma ferramenta indispensável no ensino-aprendizagem da leitura e da escrita. Partindo desse pressuposto, o presente trabalho pretende apresentar os resultados de um estudo que tem por objetivo investigar, à luz dos pressupostos empreendidos por Soares (1998 e Dionísio (2005, qual o “lugar” da Internet no processo de ensino-aprendizagem da leitura e da escrita, bem como até que ponto ela interfere de forma positiva e/ou negativa nesse processo. Para tanto, foram aplicados questionários a professores e alunos do Ensino Médio. A partir da análise dos dados, pretende-se verificar como a sobrecarga de informações, bem como o uso inadequado da Internet podem trazer implicações para o desenvolvimento dessas atividades.

  12. Dimensão da maturidade à luz da logoterapia

    Libardi, Tadeu Antonio


    Full Text Available O artigo aborda o tema da maturidade humana à luz da logoterapia, fundada por Viktor Emil Frankl. Nos dias de hoje, existe a frustração existencial, não mais a sexual, como analisada por Freud. Cada ser humano, como pessoa livre e responsável e tendo como meta a busca da maturidade, vai percorrendo seu próprio caminho, que o leva à ceitação de si, de seus limites e potencialidades e ao relacionamento social e religioso, capacitando-o ao confronto com o sofrimento humano.

  13. Controle da ferrugem e da broca-dos-ramos da figueira com diferentes fungicidas e inseticidas

    Éder Júnior Mezzalira


    Full Text Available Temperaturas e precipitações elevadas favorecem a incidência da ferrugem (Cerotelium fici(Cast. e da broca-dos-ramos (Azochis gripusalis (Walker, 1859 (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae, limitando a produção comercial de figos. O objetivo deste trabalho foi comparar a eficiência de fungicidas e inseticidas alternativos em relação à de produtos convencionais registrados para a cultura. Foram realizados dois experimentos, no delineamento de blocos inteiramente casualizados, com quatro repetições, no setor de fruticultura da Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Campus Dois Vizinhos. Para controle da ferrugem, foram utilizados, em 100 L de água, azoxistrobin (10 g, calda bordalesa (1.500 g de cal virgem + 1.500 g de sulfato de cobre e testemunha (água. No controle da broca-dos-ramos utilizaram-se, em 100 L de água, azadiractina (1.000 mL P.C., alho (Allium sativum L. (100 mL P.C., cinza (20.000 g, extrato de fumo (nicotina (10.000 mL do preparado, deltametrina (50 mL P.C., Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner (100 g P.C., rotenona (1.000 mL P.C., sabão de coco (1.000 g e testemunha (água. A calda bordalesa foi o tratamento mais efetivo no controle da ferrugem, promovendo aumento da produtividade e da qualidade dos frutos. A deltametrina promoveu o melhor controle da broca-dos-ramos da figueira. Entre os produtos alternativos testados, o alho foi o mais efetivo no controle dessa praga.

  14. Ontologias: una tecnica de representacion de conocimiento

    Velásquez Pérez, Torcoroma; Puentes Velásquez, Andrés Mauricio; Guzmán Luna, Jaime Alberto


    Se presentan a continuación los aspectos relevantes de la Ingeniería Ontológica como técnica efectiva para la representación de conocimiento. Iniciando con la conceptualización de la web semántica y el papel que juegan las ontologías dentro de la arquitectura de la web semántica; se exploran aspectos de las metodologías de desarrollo de ontologías más utilizadas, así como también, se exponen diversas herramientas requeridas para acceder al conocimiento almacenado en dichas ontologías. Con alg...

  15. L’immagine ricreata. L’esperienza del sacro nell’arte contemporanea seguito da Intervista con James Elkins

    Marta Gabriele


    Full Text Available Il saggio tenta di analizzare il rapporto tra il sacro e l’arte contemporanea alla luce dei recenti studi del professore americano James Elkins. Secondo l’autore del testo On the strange place of religion in contemporary art, l’arte e la religione, in passato, nella reciproca dipendenza inveravano la dimensione costitutiva e originaria dell’uomo; rivelavano la condizione rituale, cultuale, individuale e collettiva che risponde alla primordiale sacralità della vita. L’osmosi ha lasciato il posto alle singole entità non più sovrapponibili nell’era secolarizzata. In un’epoca dominata dalla razionalità della tecnica, per la maggior parte della produzione artistica contemporanea il tema religioso sembra debba essere intrecciato e connaturato al lavoro creativo. Per evitare il rischio di far risultare l’arte come “propaganda” per la religione, deve  apparire, secondo Elkins, la figura dell’artista meditativo e incerto, sia sull’arte che sulla religione: ambiguità, autocritica e ironia devono insinuarsi nell’opera per decretarne l’appartenenza allo statuto delle belle arti. La religione, come il pensiero mitico, il pensiero simbolico e la ragione, fanno parte dell’uomo, sono insite nell’uomo religioso e a-religioso, ugualmente la psicologia, come la religione in passato, si è occupata di “guarire” l’anima, di scoprire la sfera più segreta dell’individualità. La distruzione o meglio la separazione di questi linguaggi ha comportato un indebolimento dell’Io, un allontanamento dal centro, un disorientamento espresso visivamente dall’artista. La perdita di orientamento si traduce in una leggerezza dell’esistenza, fatta di molteplici direzioni, di infinite Weltanschauungen, in cui si incrociano linguaggi, culture, religioni, ideali, valori che generano vie emancipative diversificate, plurime. L’esclusività e l’intimità del rapporto fra chi guarda e l’opera, che genera stupore, meraviglia


    Alfram Roberto Rodrigues de Albuquerque


    Full Text Available Expõe-se o estado atual da disciplina Arquitetura da Informação quanto a problemática terminológica da definição do campo de estudo, apresentando-se argumentos para uma definição de Arquitetura da Informação de uma forma ampla na qual os usos correntes dessa expressão sejam vistos como especializações. Defende-se uma definição com a utilização de um conjunto de propriedades mínimas cujas interações levam a uma terminologia formal e cuja abstração leva a uma definição formal do conceito que emprega a linguagem de morfismos da Teoria das Categorias. Trata-se de um recorte de alguns dos resultados obtidos na tese de doutoramento de um dos autores, defendida em setembro de 2010. O contexto da pesquisa é exposto e alguns dos resultados obtidos são delineados.

  17. Um sistema computadorizado de prognose do crescimento e produção de Pinus taeda L., com criterios quantitativos para a avaliação tecnica e economica de regimes de manejo

    Oliveira, Edilson Batista de


    O presente trabalho teve os seguintes objetivos gerais: (1) desenvolver um sistema computadorizado que integre métodos de engenharia econômica a um simulador de crescimento e produção de povoamentos de Pinus taeda L., implantados na Região Sul do Brasil, e (2) avaliar sua aplicação nas atividades de manejo e planejamento da produção destas florestas. O sistema desenvolvido foi constituído por três softwares: (a) o simulador SISPINUS -Versão 2.0, elaborado a partir da primeira versão do "NCSU ...

  18. Aspectos moleculares da anemia falciforme

    Galiza Neto Gentil Claudino de; Pitombeira Maria da Silva


    No presente artigo abordaram-se vários aspectos relacionados à natureza molecular da anemia falciforme, desordem hematológica de caráter hereditário que acomete expressivo número de indivíduos em várias regiões do mundo. As pesquisas realizadas em torno desta patologia da hemácia, ao longo de quase um século, a partir de 1910, cooperaram para a criação de um novo e importante segmento da ciência, denominado biologia molecular. A descoberta dos polimorfismos da mutação (GAT->GTG) no gene que c...

  19. Technical evaluation of the reduction of energy consumption and electrical demand of active power on the campus of UFMT (Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso) after implantation of the energy efficiency project; Avaliacao tecnica da reducao do consumo de energia eletrica e demanda de potencia ativa no campus da UFMT apos implantacao do projeto de eficiencia energetica

    Gomes, Teresa Irene Ribeiro de Carvalho Malheiro; Vasconcelos, Arnulfo Barroso de [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (NIEPE/UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil). Nucleo Interdisciplinar de Estudos de Planejamento Energetico; Ochiuto, Milton de Souza; Bernardes, Thiago Alves [Centrais Eletricas Matogrossenses (CEMAT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil); Barros, Regiane Silva de [Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso (UFMT), Cuiaba, MT (Brazil)


    Since the energy crisis of 2001, measures that promote rational use of energy have been adopted by the Brazilian population. Either by industries that developed more efficient equipment, or by consumers, inclined in acquiring these equipment and adopting rational energy use measures, or by the government, that established a series of measures stimulating the energy efficiency. This work will go to illustrate some of these measures, as the implantation of STAMP PROCEL, that aims to indicate to the consumer which equipment achieve greater efficiency in each category. And law number 9,991, of July 24 2000, that regulates research and development investments in energy efficiency by electric sector companies. Finally, the result of the implantation of a energy efficiency project in a public agency will be shown, illustrating the impacts that the development of these projects bring to society as a whole. (author)


    Renata Martins Braga; Najara Maira Teodoro; Dulce Maria de Araujo Melo; Flávia de Medeiros Aquino; Joana Maria de Farias Barros; Julio Cezar de Oliveira Freitas


    As peneiras moleculares MCM-41 têm atraído grande interesse devido as suas propriedades de alta área específica, volume e diâmetro de poros controláveis. Estes materiais são aplicados em diversos ramos da indústria química como adsorventes, suportes catalíticos e catalisadores heterogêneos em vários processos. Neste trabalho, o MCM-41 foi sintetizado a partir da cinza da casca do arroz, natural e tratada quimicamente, como fontes alternativas de sílica, denominadas CCA-MCM-41 e CCAL-MCM-41, r...

  1. Proceedings of the 24. National seminar on the rational use of energy and exposition of equipment and services and 7. Binational seminar on energy saving [Selected Papers]; 24. Seminario nacional sobre el uso racional de energia y exposicion de equipos y servicios y 7. Seminario binacional de ahorro de energia. Memoria Tecnica. [Ponencias seleccionadas



    This document contains the technical briefings of the 24. National Seminar on the rational use of energy, and exhibition of the equipment and services and the 7. Binational seminar on energy saving, organized by the Asociacion de Profesionistas y Tecnicos en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE), in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, from November 9 to 11, 2005. This seminar dealt with subjects such as: electrical energy saving, energy distribution, solar energy, energy saving in compressed air, biomass, administration and control of the demand of the electrical energy, bioclimatic architecture, use of the compressed natural gas, renewable energy, co-generation, qualification and consultancy for the intelligent use of the energy in PyMES. [Spanish] Este documento contiene la memoria tecnica del 24 Seminario Nacional sobre el uso racional de energia, y exposicion de los equipos y servicios y el 7 Seminario binacional de ahorro de energia, organizado por la Asociacion de Tecnicos y Profesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE), en Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, del 9 al 11 de noviembre del 2005. Este seminario trato temas tales como: ahorro de energia electrica, distribucion de la energia, energia solar, ahorro de energia en aire comprimido, biomasa, administracion y control de la demanda de la energia electrica, arquitectura bioclimatica, uso del gas natural comprimido, energia renovable, cogeneracion, capacitacion y consultoria para el uso inteligente de la energia en las Pymes.

  2. Proceedings of the 22 National seminar on the rational an efficient use of energy and exposition of equipment and services. [Selected Papers]; 22. Seminario nacional sobre el uso racional y eficiente de la energia y exposicion de equipos y servicios. Memoria Tecnica. [Ponencias seleccionadas



    This document contains the proceedings of the 22 national seminar on the rational and efficient use of energy and exposition of equipment and services, organized by the Asociacion de Tecnicos y Profesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE), in Mexico, D.F., from the 25 to the 29 of August of 2003. This Seminar covered subjects such as: Energy saving in the power sector, power efficiency in industrial processes and practical developments, practical cases of energy saving in industry, energy saving in constructions, transport, utilization of renewable energies and the environment. [Spanish] Este documento contiene la memoria tecnica del 22 seminario nacional sobre el uso racional y eficiente de la energia y exposicion de equipos y servicios, organizado por la Asociacion de Tecnicos y Profesionistas en Aplicacion Energetica (ATPAE), en Mexico, D.F., del 25 al 29 de agosto de 2003. Este seminario trato de temas tales como: Ahorro de energia en el sector energetico, eficiencia energetica en procesos industriales y desarrollos practicos, casos practicos de ahorro de energia en la industria, ahorro de energia en edificaciones, transporte, aprovechamiento de energias renovables y ambiente.

  3. Teoria da Literatura e interdisciplinaridade: o espaço da impureza

    Maria Nazareth Soares Fonseca; Ivete Lara Camargos Walty


    Este estudo constitui uma reflexão sobre o lugar da Teoria da Literatura na América Latina. A metáfora da impureza, resgatada dos estudos de Roland Barthes, é o fio condutor da trajetória que procura delinear a questão do sujeito e suas implicações na busca da identidade latinoamericana.

  4. Application of Monte Carlo method in study of the padronization for radionuclides with complex disintegration scheme in 4{pi}{beta}-{gamma} coincidence System; Aplicacao do metodo de Monte Carlo no estudo da padronizacao de radionuclideos com esquema de desintegracao complexos em sistema de coincidencias 4{pi}{beta}-{gamma}

    Takeda, Mauro Noriaki


    The present work described a new methodology for modelling the behaviour of the activity in a 4{pi}{beta}-{gamma} coincidence system. The detection efficiency for electrons in the proportional counter and gamma radiation in the NaI(Tl) detector was calculated using the Monte Carlo program MCNP4C. Another Monte Carlo code was developed which follows the path in the disintegration scheme from the initial state of the precursor radionuclide, until the ground state of the daughter nucleus. Every step of the disintegration scheme is sorted by random numbers taking into account the probabilities of all {beta}{sup -} branches, electronic capture branches, transitions probabilities and internal conversion coefficients. Once the final state was reached beta, electronic capture events and gamma transitions are accounted for the three spectra: beta, gamma and coincidence variation in the beta efficiency was performed simulating energy cut off or use of absorbers (Collodion). The selected radionuclides for simulation were: {sup 134}Cs, {sup 72}Ga which disintegrate by {beta}{sup -} transition, {sup 133}Ba which disintegrates by electronic capture and {sup 35}S which is a beta pure emitter. For the latter, the Efficiency Tracing technique was simulated. The extrapolation curves obtained by Monte Carlo were filled by the Least Square Method with the experimental points and the results were compared to the Linear Extrapolation method. (author)

  5. Study of application of protective measures for the public and remediation of contaminated areas in case of nuclear and / or radiological accidents in Brazil; Estudo da aplicacao de medidas de protecao para o publico e de remediacao de areas contaminadas em caso de acidentes nucleares e/ou radiologicos no Brasil

    Silva, Diogo Neves Gomes da


    Since the radiological accident in Goiania in 1987, the IRD (Institute of Radiological Protection and Dosimetry - IRD / CNEN) has been developing tools to support decision-making processes after a nuclear or radiological accident which leads to an environmental contamination and to an exposure of individuals the public These processes include the establishment of a supporting multicriteria model, which involves the application of protective and remediation measures of contaminated areas in tropical environments. In this study, it was performed an evaluation of the efficiency of these measures in order to determine the consequences of their implementation, based on results obtained from the code SIEM (Emergency Integrated System), which constitutes an environmental mode1 developed at IRD to simulate this type of accident. In order to perform this evaluation, it was first developed a database containing descriptions of various protection/remediation measures, which could be applied nationwide. Afterwards, some basic scenarios were established, considering the environmental, housing and food characteristics of the population of the vicinity of the nuclear power plants in Angra dos Reis (state of Rio de Janeiro). Thus, the accident simulations were carried out separately containing releases of {sup 137}Cs, {sup 90}Sr and 131 I. The results showed that the dose reduction varies according to the extent and the timing of the remediation measure applied. Although it is possible to establish some basic guidelines, generic solutions are not recommended, since the resulting doses are highly dependent on the actual situation. Any decision-making process should be made case by case, according to the actual conditions of the affected area and to the occupation characteristics and use of the affected areas, considering the characteristics of the source term of contamination, the time of the year in which the accident occurs, the local agricultural practices and food habits of real people affected. For both types of area, it was observed that it would be appropriate to assign the security measures according to three criteria: (i) its efficiency in reducing the doses in the first year, (ii) its efficiency in reducing the dose of long-term and (iii) the effect of delay in implementing the measure efficiency in reducing doses. Finally, the results of this work will be complemented in the database in order to provide support for multi-criteria analysis in decisionmaking process after this type of accident. (author)

  6. Utilization of response surface for optimization of the production of a biosurfactant with application in the removal of petroleum-derived; Utilizacao de superficie de resposta para a otimizacao da producao de um biossurfactante com aplicacao na remocao de derivado de petroleo

    Sarubbo, Leonie A.; Rufino, Raquel D.; Luna, Juliana M.; Farias, Charles B.B.; Santos, Valdemir A. dos [Universidade Catolica de Pernambuco (UNICAP), Recife, PE (Brazil)


    The surfactants, amphipathic compounds capable of reducing the surface tension of aqueous media, find application in many industries, especially in the petroleum, cosmetic and food, such as dispersants, emulsifiers and surfactants. With the necessity of environmental preservation, surfactants of micro-organisms origin, in substitution of synthetic surfactants, have become very attractive, since they are biodegradable and less toxic although their production costs are still high because of the substrates used and of the purification processes involved. Considering the need to reduce costs associated with the production of microbial surfactants, a strain of bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas, isolated from the port area was cultured in medium containing low-cost agro-industrial wastes, molasses and corn steep liquor, as substrates according a central composite rotatable design (CCRD) in order to evaluate the influence of independent variables molasses and corn steep liquor concentrations on the response variable surface tension. The biosurfactant was able to reduce the water surface tension from 71 mN / m to values around 27.5 mN / m. The dispersion ability and the capacity of oil removal of the surfactant was demonstrated. The possibility of application of biosurfactants in the remediation of oil polluted environments motivates the advancement of research to develop this technology for effective use in treatment of contaminated soils and waters. (author)

  7. Decision making process in oil exploration and production projects: a systemic approach by means of fuzzy logic theory application; Processo de tomada de decisao em projetos de exploracao e producao de petroleo: uma abordagem sistemica com aplicacao da teoria de logica fuzzy

    Brana, Juan Pablo


    Oil is a non-renewable resource and maximizing the efficiency of its use is of the utmost importance, not only to private companies and the generation of their profit, but also to governments and their energy, economic and territorial planning. The aims of this thesis are, on the one hand, to breakdown, by means of a systemic approach, the complexity of the decision-making process in oil exploration and production projects (E and P), explaining, whenever possible, the theories and relationships that underlie their modeling contexts, and, on the other, to create a model - in the case of a specific E and P problem - to support the decision-making process, using the fuzzy logic theory. The variables analyzed include the probability of the exploration process achieving success, the size of reserves, the level or burden of taxation and the price of oil. In the case of the latter, the price of oil, the elements necessary for the elaboration of different scenarios have been provided. Finally, this model has been applied to a case study, providing continuity to previous work and discussing the results obtained. (author)

  8. Application of low-dose gamma irradiation to extend the shelf life of minimally processed Red Beet (Beta vulgaris sp. vulgaris L.), cv. Early Wonder; Aplicacao de baixas doses de radiacao gama para extensao da vida util de beterraba vermelha (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris L.), cv. Early Wonder, minimamente processada

    Hernandez, Nilber Kenup


    This study was aimed at investigating the effects of low-dose gamma irradiation on shelf-life extension and phyto sanitary safety of minimally processed red beet with basis on physicochemical; microbiological; chemical and sensory analyses. The samples (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris L.), Early Wonder cultivar, were cultivated in the experimental area of the Horticulture Sector of the Departamento de Fitotecnia of the Instituto de Agronomia, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Seropedica, RJ, as part of two experiments performed during the second semester of 2005. In each experiment, 1200 plants (40 per linear meter of terrain) were sowed. Physicochemical analyses (fresh mass; length; average diameter and total soluble solids) of the edible part of the red beets (their tuberous roots) were periodically carried out in order to assess the most appropriate time for harvest by monitoring the development of the plants. Those times were found to be 104 and 73 days after transplanting, respectively. The harvested edible part of the roots were minimally processed and separated in two groups: (1) gamma irradiated (with doses of 0.5; 1.0 and 1.5 kGy) and (2) non-irradiated (control). All samples were stored at 8 degree C. Microbiological analyses were performed during the storage period (22 and 21 days, for experiments 1 and 2, respectively) in order to evaluate the phyto sanitary quality of the samples (Salmonella sp.; coliforms and total count of mesophilic aerobic and lactic acid bacteria). The samples irradiated with 1.0 and 1.5 kGy were found to remain appropriate for consumption for 21 days, as compared to only 7 days for the control. Monitoring of chemical composition was also performed and included the determination of saccharose; glucose; fructose and vitamins B1 and B2. No difference was found between the concentrations of those vitamins in irradiated and control samples at the end of the storage period, whereas significant changes in sugar contents were detected independently of the dose. In addition, physicochemical analyses investigated the evolution of pH; total acidity; total soluble solids and ascorbic acid throughout storage. Samples from experiment 2 were also subjected to sensory analyses for overall appearance and aroma at 4 different post-irradiation times. The results indicated that the samples irradiated with 1.0 and 1.5 kGy remained good for consumption for 20 days. Therefore it can be concluded that the application of those doses extended the shelf life of the samples without harming their nutritional and sensory quality. Finally, the results indicate that the dose of 1.0 kGy is the most appropriate for the conservation of red beet among those tested. (author)

  9. Application of FMEA-DEA (Failure Modes and Effect Analysis - Data Envelopment Analysis) to the air conditioning system of the control room a nuclear power plant; Aplicacao de FMEA-DEA ao sistema de ar condicionado da sala de controle de uma usina nuclear

    Barbosa Junior, Gilberto Varanda


    This dissertation presents the FMEA-DEA analysis application to the air conditioning system of the control room of a nuclear power plant. After obtaining the failure modes, the index associated to the occurrence probability, the severity of the effects and the potential of detention, a priority order is established for the failure modes or deviations. This number is obtained by multiplying the three mentioned index that vary in a natural scale from 1 to 10, where the higher the index, the more critical the situation will be. In this work, it is intended to use a model based on the data envelopment analysis, DEA jointly with the FMEA, to identify the current efficiency of the system and which failure modes or deviations are considered more critical, and by means of the weights attributed for the mathematical modeling to identify which index are contributing more for these deviations. From this identification, improvements can be set, which may consider administrative changes, operator training and so on, thus adding value to the final product. (author)

  10. Application of reliability centered maintenance (RCM) to the gas compression system of the platforms P-09 and P-19 (E and P from Bacia de Campos, RJ, Brazil); Aplicacao de manutencao centrada em confiabilidaade (MCC) ao sistema de compressao de gas das plataformas P-09 e P-19 (E e P da Bacia de Campos)

    Diniz, Flavio L.B.; Oliveira, Luiz F.S. de [DNV Principia Ltda., Macae, RJ (Brazil); Frydmana, Bernardo; Okada, Ricardo Okada [PETROBRAS, Macae, RJ (Brazil). Exploracao e Producao. Gerencia de Logistica


    In this paper, the main results of the application of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to the gas compression systems of Platforms P-09 (Turbine Taurus 60) and P-19 (Turbine Mars 90) are presented. RCM is a method whose central paradigm is to preserve systems' functions, unlike traditional maintenance, which focus on equipment maintenance, without care about systems' functions and the allocation of maintenance resources. A total of 654 components were analyzed at P-19 and 551 at P-09, and about 650 maintenance tasks were established. Besides the results, this paper presents details of the method and some comments about its applicability in other systems. (author)

  11. Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging for staging and follow-up of pediatric patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma: comparison of different sequences; Aplicacao da ressonancia magnetica de corpo inteiro para o estadiamento e acompanhamento de pacientes com linfoma de Hodgkin na faixa etaria infanto-juvenil: comparacao entre diferentes sequencias

    Nava, Daniel; Oliveira, Heverton Cesar de, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/EPM), SP (Brazil). Dept. de Diagnostico por Imagem; Luisi, Flavio Augusto; Lederman, Henrique Manoel [Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP/IOP/GRAACC), SP (Brazil). Inst. de Oncologia Pediatrica. Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e a Crianca com Cancer; Ximenes, Andrea Regina da Silveira [Clinica Centrus, Campinas, SP (Brazil)


    Objective: to compare the performance of the T1, T2, STIR and DWIBS (diffusion-weighted whole-body imaging with background body signal suppression) sequences in the staging and follow-up of pediatric patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma in lymph node chains, parenchymal organs and bone marrow, and to evaluate interobserver agreement. Materials and methods: the authors studied 12 patients with confirmed diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma. The patients were referred for whole body magnetic resonance imaging with T1-weighted, T2-weighted, STIR and DWIBS sequences. Results: the number of lymph node sites characterized as affected by the disease on T1- and T2-weighted sequences showed similar results (8 sites for both sequences), but lower than DWIBS and STIR sequences (11 and 12 sites, respectively). The bone marrow involvement by lymphoma showed the same values for the T1-, T2-weighted and DWIBS sequences (17 lesions), higher than the value found on STIR (13 lesions). A high rate of interobserver agreement was observed as the four sequences were analyzed. Conclusion: STIR and DWIBS sequences detected the highest number of lymph node sites characterized as affected by the disease. Similar results were demonstrated by all the sequences in the evaluation of parenchymal organs and bone marrow. A high interobserver agreement was observed as the four sequences were analyzed. (author)

  12. Analysis of technologies for natural gas transportation in Brazil: results comparison of the application of payback and NPV (Net Present Value) methods; Analise de tecnologias de transporte de gas natural no Brasil: comparacao dos resultados da aplicacao dos metodos 'payback' e VPL (Valor Presente Liquido)

    Baioco, Juliana Souza; Santarem, Clarissa Andrade [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia de Petroleo; Bone, Rosemarie Broeker; Ferreira Filho, Virgilio Jose Martins [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Dept. de Engenharia Industrial


    The increased demand for natural gas leads to global integration of markets, leading to decisions that cover the various technologies of transportation, noting the specific locations. The transport of natural gas considered more traditional (Liquefied Natural Gas and Pipeline) often unviable economically areas of operation due to cost. In this case, there are alternative technologies to reduce those costs. The article is to compare the technologies of transport, using the methodology of the Net Present Value (VPL) to identify one that has more positive VPL, which is the most profitable. Thus, in search of validate the results of SUBERO et al. (2004) for gas transport by Pipelines, Liquefied Natural Gas and Compressed Natural Gas. In addition, they are compared these results with the method of VPL and with the economic analysis presented in using the payback period of CHANG (2001) and SANTAREM et al. (2007). It was found that the results obtained in Brazil were identical to those obtained by CHANG (2001) and SUBERO et al. (2007), saving only some differences in magnitude due to the specific characteristics of the Brazilian economy. In other words, for the Brazilian case, the technology of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) was the most economically viable with the method of VPL, followed by technology, Pipeline and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), regardless of the interest rates of 10% and 6.5% and periods of 20 and 30 years. The contribution of this work is to show that despite of the method, payback or VPL, the various alternatives for transporting natural gas to Brazil have the same ranking and economic viability. (author)

  13. Publicidade e ética: um estudo da construção da imagem da mulher

    Elizabeth Moraes Gonçalves


    Full Text Available O texto propõe uma reflexão sobre a ética da responsabilidade na publicidade veiculada nas revistas Claudia e Nova. Trata-se de uma pesquisa descritiva, resultante da leitura dos anúncios selecionados, subsidiada por teóricos da Análise do Discurso da linha francesa, que busca averiguar como a mulher é representada. Constatou-se que no contexto da sociedade contemporânea o retrato da mulher como sedutora ainda está presente, mesmo que em vários momentos ela apareça como protagonista de sua própria vida.

  14. Casuística da Consulta de Diabetes da Maternidade Dr. Alfredo da Costa no Ano de 1997

    Baleiras, C; Nabais, H; Gonçalves, G.; Neves, V; Rocha, T; Aleixo, F; Delgado, E


    A Diabetes Mellitus é uma doença crónica que frequentemente complica a gravidez. Por outro lado, as perturbações do metabolismo glucídico podem ser exageradas pela gravidez, com as suas alterações endócrino-metabólicas. A vigilância da grávida diabética é complexa e deve envolver uma equipa multidisciplinar. Com o objectivo de avaliar as repercussões da diabetes no prognóstico da gravidez e vice-versa, os autores efectuaram a casuística da Consulta de Diabetes da Maternidade Dr. Alfredo da...

  15. Avaliação da qualidade do serviço da biblioteca da Universidade de Aveiro

    Pour, Masoomeh Tasouji Hasan


    Este estudo examina em termos gerais a qualidade do serviço prestado pela biblioteca da Universidade de Aveiro em Portugal baseado na perspetiva dos utilizadores da biblioteca com o intuito de investigar quais são os atributos essenciais para os quais os gestores da biblioteca devem alocar recursos de forma a garantir um serviço de qualidade e como é que se comporta o ranking da biblioteca em termos da perceção da qualidade do serviço prestado. Neste trabalho também são anal...


    COLI, Katiane Cristie


    Full Text Available To present researches “The pleasure of the learning through of the poetry” has for objective to emphasize the importance of pleased poetries in classroom of the fundamental teaching, proposing to the students one moment ludic, tends in view the exercise of the imagination, of the fantasy and of the creativity, developing like this a form teaching more cheerful, more poetic and with larger freedom to build the knowledge. The research also has for purpose to call the teachers’ attention for the importance of the reading of poetries in the classroom and to develop in the students the taste for her. For the accomplishment of this research works of renowned national prominence were used, among other materials. It was also accomplished a field research, in way to still give larger credibility to the study. A presente pesquisa “O prazer da aprendizagem através da poesia” teve por objetivo ressaltar a importância de poesias prazerosas em sala de aula do ensino fundamental, propondo aos alunos um momento lúdico, tendo em vista o exercício da imaginação, da fantasia e da criatividade, desenvolvendo assim um ensino de forma mais alegre, mais poético e com maior liberdade para construir o conhecimento. A pesquisa também tem por propósito chamar a atenção dos professores para a importância da leitura de poesias na sala de aula e desenvolver nos alunos o gosto por ela. Para a realização desta pesquisa foram utilizadas obras de renomado destaque nacional, entre outros materiais. Foi realizada também uma pesquisa de campo, de forma a dar maior credibilidade ao estudo.


    Pedro Miguel Sousa Santos


    Full Text Available A teologia esforça-se por repertoriar e sistematizar o que a revelação e a fé trazem ao crente sobre o problema do sentido da história, da peregrinação através do tempo da humanidade pensada em seu conjunto. Ela enfatiza, não tanto o conhecimento, mas o estado espiritual de felicidade ao qual a humanidade deve ascender antes do fim da vida na terra. Os modernos não aceitam a proposta teológica e têm por ambição descentralizar a história tradicionalmente ordenada por uma visão cristocêntrica do mundo. O historiador, isentando-se da facção, assume o discurso racional sobre a trajetória dos humanos a partir de um novo núcleo referencial interpretativo, a saber, a ideia de humanidade. Voltaire apresenta-se como legítimo representante dessa perspectiva. A história sob o prisma voltairiano é colocada como problema e não como dogmática com características de uma aquisição definitiva. O problema histórico é o de compreender o mundo atual e a humanidade nele inserida. O objetivo, portanto, do trabalho foi apresentar a proposta teológica para a história e a crítica a ela desenvolvida por Voltaire, de forma a evidenciar a originalidade da abordagem moderna do fenômeno histórico.


    João Paulo Rodrigues


    Full Text Available O projeto acadêmico de Habermas busca contribuir para a realização das metas emancipatórias da modernidade, através da teoria da ação comunicativa. Portanto, será examinado aqui se o processo de racionalização da sociedade moderna, presente na teoria da ação comunicativa, realmente representa um potencial para a emancipação humana. Primeiramente, pretende-se abordar no respectivo trabalho os principais conceitos que Habermas utiliza em sua teoria da ação comunicativa. Em um segundo momento, serão explorados os elementos fundamentais da teoria da sociedade. Após isso, será analisada a teoria da modernidade e a sua relação com a teoria da sociedade. Tal caminho terá o objetivo de investigar a possibilidade de resgate do projeto da modernidade, ao explicar a possibilidade da teoria da ação comunicativa ser considerada o potenciador emancipatório da sociedade moderna, formando tanto o cidadão como um indivíduo autônomo, preservando a sua identidade pessoal, quanto o cidadão como participante de uma sociedade política, possuidor de uma identidade cultural, étnica, entre outras, que abrange variados grupos sociais.


    C. T. R. M. BASTOS


    Full Text Available

    O taperebá (Spondias mombim é uma pequena drupa elipsóide, de cor amarelo alaranjado, com casca fi na que pode ser facilmente rompida, tornando o fruto susceptível à contaminação por ação de agentes externos. Estudou-se a pasteurização da polpa de taperebá, visando estabelecer condições simples e efi cientes de conservação a temperatura ambiente. Parâmetros microbiológicos (enumeração de microrganismos mesófílos aeróbios e pesquisa de coliformes a 45°C, químicos (teor de vitamina C, enzimáticos (atividade da peroxidase – POD e colorimétricos (colorimetria tristimulus foram utilizados como variáveis de resposta. Em bancada, foram testados diferentes tempos (1 a 300 s e temperaturas (70ºC a 90ºC de tratamento térmico, não tendo sido observado efeito estatisticamente signifi cativo (p < 0,05 sobre as contagens de microrganismos mesófi los aeróbios, coliformes a 45°C e sobre a cor da polpa. Em escala piloto, realizou-se a pasteurização da polpa a 85°C por 3 minutos, sendo avaliados parâmetros de qualidade do produto durante 14 dias de manutenção a 40°C, sob iluminação artifi cial, e realizados testes sensoriais. A redução da contagem de microrganismos mesófi los aeróbios e coliformes a 45°C, para níveis aceitáveis pela legislação brasileira, a manutenção da cor e os índices de aceitação da polpa confi rmaram a efi ciência do tratamento térmico. Não se observou atividade da POD na polpa pasteurizada, devendo o controle de qualidade do produto ser feito com base nos parâmetros microbiológicos e de cor da polpa.

  20. Uma solidão necessária à ordem salazarista : a família como terapêutica nacional

    Martins, Moisés de Lemos


    Na especificação das tecnicas de controlo e de vigilância que percorrem a ideologia salazarista, tem lugar preponderante o mecanismo da fixação da crença. "Crer e antes de mais aquilo que nos faz andar"; a partir da crença esta-se pronto a agir - a obedecer, por exemplo. A "tecnologia da patriotização", esse conjunto de tecnicas e de tacticas que constituem a ideologia salazarista, constrange com efeito a um percurso místico. Pela passagem da fragmentação à racionalidade, da degenerescênc...

  1. O panorama das Drogas no México: da margem da sociedade ao centro da cultura

    Diana Palaversich


    Full Text Available O artigo destaca o percurso das manifestações culturais ligadas ao tráfico de drogas no México, de um lugar marginal, de subcultura, na sociedade mexicana das décadas de 1970 e 1980, expressas principalmente através dos narcocorridos e do narcocine, para um lugar no mainstream cultural mexicano, desde o início do século 21, com destaque especial para a narcoliteratura. O aumento da violência, provocado pela guerra ao narcotráfico, produz uma proliferação da temática nos meios de comunicação e se reflete em áreas da cultura como as artes plásticas e a literatura, produzindo um novo tipo de expressão artística ou narrativa, que tanto pode ser oportunista e contribuir para a banalização da violência do narcotráfico como ser crítica e narrar o impacto individual e coletivo do tráfico de drogas, narrar a desenfreada e violenta realidade mexicana sem cair no estilo da imprensa marrom, do folclore ou dos lugares comuns dos romances de ação.

  2. Daño nuclear

    Villulla, Carlos Alberto


    El presente trabajo tiene por objeto entregar a los lectores no acostumbrados a los temas de Derecho Nuclear una primera aproximación al estudio del daño nuclear a través del análisis de la Convención de Viena de 1963 sobre Responsabilidad Civil por Daño Nuclear y su Protocolo de Enmienda de 1997, receptados por la legislación argentina por medio de las leyes 17.048 y 25.513 respectivamente. En virtud de la comprensible limitación impuesta a estas publicaciones se han elegido definiciones y p...

  3. Monitoramento da Mídia

    Beltrina Côrte; Nadja Maria Gomes Murta


    Com o objetivo de fomentar uma base de estudos e análises para o desenvolvimento posterior das investigações do grupo de pesquisa Longevidade, Envelhecimento e Comunicação (LEC), analisou-se a imprensa escrita da maior metrópole do Brasil, São Paulo. As atividades de monitoramento dos meios de comunicação subsidiam os movimentos sociais em relação ao controle social da mídia, como também é importante para entender o contexto do jornalismo praticado hoje. Palavras-chave: Moni...


    Antônio Flávio Pierucci


    Full Text Available Este artigo procura analisar os efeitos perversos da apropriação pela esquerda de um tema definidor das tradições de direita, a saber, a diferença. Com base no caso Sears (EUA e no caso Le Pen (França, o autor aponta para as armadilhas racistas e sexistas presentes nos discursos que focalizam e enfatizam a diferença, sobretudo num período histórico de reemergência dos conservadorismos que, por sua vez, se apropriam do argumento da diferença, dirigindo-o contra os próprios movimentos de esquerda.

  5. Cinco discursos da digitalidade audiovisual

    Gerbase, Carlos


    Full Text Available Michel Foucault ensina que toda fala sistemática - inclusive aquela que se afirma “neutra” ou “uma desinteressada visão objetiva do que acontece” - é, na verdade, mecanismo de articulação do saber e, na seqüência, de formação de poder. O aparecimento de novas tecnologias, especialmente as digitais, no campo da produção audiovisual, provoca uma avalanche de declarações de cineastas, ensaios de acadêmicos e previsões de demiurgos da mídia.


    Jésio Zamboni


    Full Text Available Trata-se, nesse ensaio teórico, de retomar o conceito de atividade desenvolvido por algumas máquinas de análise dos processos de trabalho. A saber, a ergonomia, a ergologia e a clínica da atividade. Tal abordagem caracteriza-se como micropolítica por privilegiar as dimensões éticas e políticas de tais dispositivos tomados no contexto das lutas coletivas no capitalismo. Define-se atividade como um conceito inacabável em função da sua consideração das variações incessantes no trabalho. Discute-se, ainda, o problema da atividade como uma função no campo científico e como um conceito no campo filosófico, destacando suas relações como instrumentos analíticos. Também se discute a relação entre condições de trabalho e sua organização pela problematização promovida pela ergonomia. A partir daí, acompanha-se o desenvolvimento do conceito de atividade desde o conceito de trabalho real, definido por seu deslocamento contínuo em relação às prescrições. Tal deslocamento permitirá, a seguir, conceituar a atividade como devir do trabalho, redefinindo a ferramenta analítica. Logo, define-se a atividade como sempre situada, destacando que a situação é marcada por um movimento abstrato que possibilita produzir transversalidade entre casos diversos vividos no trabalho em função da construção de um problema a viver. Partindo da situação de trabalho do motorista de ônibus coletivo urbano, discute-se as linhas micropolíticas de análise da atividade: a linha dura que separa trabalho prescrito e trabalho real em contraste com a linha vibratória que se privilegia pela análise da atividade situada.

  7. Efeito da urina de vaca no estado nutricional da alface

    Nelson Licínio C. de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Existem diversos relatos da utilização da urina de vaca em hortaliças, todavia sua eficácia carece de comprovação. Objetivou-se avaliar o efeito da urina de vaca no estado nutricional da alface. O experimento foi constituído de 12 tratamentos, esquema de parcelas subdivididas, em blocos ao acaso, com quatro repetições. Nas parcelas foram alocadas as vias de aplicação (solo ou foliar e nas subparcelas as concentrações das soluções (0,00; 0,25; 0,50; 0,75; 1,00 e 1,25% v/v. Aplicou-se 60 mL de solução/planta, divididos em cinco aplicações de 5; 5; 10; 20 e 20 mL/planta, aos 7, 14, 21, 28 e 35 após o transplante, respectivamente. Durante o ciclo avaliou-se o índice SPAD e na colheita a massa da matéria seca de cabeça (MSCA e os teores de N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Na, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu e B na matéria seca das folhas (MSF, caule (MSC e raízes (MSR. Em ambas as vias de aplicação o índice SPAD apresentou incremento linear às concentrações e resposta quadrática ao longo do tempo. A MSCA teve comportamento linear às concentrações, com aumento de 25,9 e 35,4% nas aplicações via foliar e solo, respectivamente. Não houve efeito de concentrações sobre teores de nutrientes na MSF e MSC. Na MSR, via solo, os teores de P e K apresentaram pontos de máximo enquanto Fe e Mn de mínimo; o Na apresentou incremento linear às concentrações via foliar. Os efeitos da urina sobre o crescimento da alface provavelmente são devidos a fatores outros que não somente a quantidade de nutrientes veiculados nas soluções.

  8. Termoestabilidade da peroxidase extraída da folha de repolho

    Marlei Scariot Roling


    Full Text Available Extratos da enzima peroxidase solúvel e ionicamente ligada foram obtidos da folha do repolho (Brassica oleracea L., var. capitata. Para essa extração usou-se solução-tampão fosfato 100 mM, pH 6,0. Perante o tratamento térmico nas temperaturas de 65, 70, 75ºC, observou-se um comportamento não linear. O extrato solúvel de peroxidase apresentou-se particularmente mais estável no tratamento térmico que a peroxidase ionicamente ligada. O estudo da regeneração foi realizado a 70ºC. A peroxidase ionicamente ligada permaneceu estável, demostrando não haver renaturação, enquanto que o extrato solúvel perdeu atividade.

  9. Leonardo da Vinci and the Downburst.

    Gedzelman, Stanley David


    Evidence from the drawings, experiments, and writings of Leonardo da Vinci are presented to demonstrate that da Vinci recognized and, possibly, discovered the downburst and understood its associated airflow. Other early references to vortex flows resembling downbursts are mentioned.

  10. O panorama das Drogas no México: da margem da sociedade ao centro da cultura

    Diana Palaversich


    O artigo destaca o percurso das manifestações culturais ligadas ao tráfico de drogas no México, de um lugar marginal, de subcultura, na sociedade mexicana das décadas de 1970 e 1980, expressas principalmente através dos narcocorridos e do narcocine, para um lugar no mainstream cultural mexicano, desde o início do século 21, com destaque especial para a narcoliteratura. O aumento da violência, provocado pela guerra ao narcotráfico, produz uma proliferação da temática nos meios de comunicação e...