Sample records for antitumoral das tiossemicarbazonas

  1. Characterization of the anti tumoral activity of the thiosemicarbazones derived from N(4)-methyl-tolyl-2acetylpyridine And 2-pyridinoformamide and its metal complex: evaluation of the radiopharmaceutical potential; Caracterizacao da atividade antitumoral das tiossemicarbazonas derivadas de N(4)-metil-toluil-2-acetilpiridina e 2-piridinoformamida e seus complexos metalicos: avaliacao do potencial radiofarmaceutico

    Silva, Paulo Roberto Ornelas da


    Thiosemicarbazones have attracted great pharmacological interest because of their biological properties, such as cytotoxic activity against multiple strains of human tumors. The most studied compounds are pyridine-based because of their resemblance to pyridoxal metabolites that attach to co-enzyme B{sub 6}-dependant enzymes. This work aimed the characterization of the anti tumoral effect of N(4)-methyl-tolyl-2-acetylpyridine and 2-pyridinoformamide-derived thiosemicarbazones and the development of a radiopharmaceutical based on a thiosemicarbazone metal complex for positron emission tomography. In the first phase of this study were synthesized twenty-one thiosemicarbazones, derived from N(4)methyl-2 acetylpyridine and 2-pyridine formamide, as well as their metal complexes (Sn, Ga and Cu). Their cytotoxic potential were evaluated against brain and breast tumor cells in vitro. Our results showed all of them presented powerful cytotoxic and antiproliferative activities against glioblastoma multiform and breast adenocarcinoma at very low concentrations (nanomolar range). Morphological alterations characteristic of apoptosis, such as cell shrinkage, chromatin condensation were observed. Copper chloride was used as control and has presented IC50 at millimolar range suggesting that copper complexation with thiosemicarbazone significantly increases (more than 1 million) the anti tumoral effect of this metal. Due to the potent anti tumoral activity of N(4)-methyl-tolyl-2-acetylpyridine derived thiosemicarbazones and the excellent properties of {sup 64}Cu (T{sub 1/2} = 12.7 hours, {beta}{sup +}, {beta}{sup -}, and EC decay), at the second part for this work it was developed a new imaging agent (radiopharmaceutical) for tumor detection by positron emission tomography (PET). The radiopharmaceuticals were produced in the nuclear reactor TRIGA-IPR-R1 from CDTN, via neutron capture reaction {sup 63}Cu (n,{gamma}) {sup 64}Cu, of the copper complex N(4)-ortho-toluyl-2-acetylpyridine thiosemicarbazone (Culac). The induced specific activity was found to be 5.55 MBq /mg. After irradiation Culac samples were analyzed by the absorption of infrared spectroscopy (IR) to assess the structural integrity. The irradiated compound kept its structural integrity. The maintenance of {sup 64}Culac biological activity was also evaluated by MTT assay on RT2 (wild p53), T98 (mutant p53), MCF-7 (wild p53) and CAE cells (wild p53). The results showed that {sup 64}Culac kept its potent anti tumoral activity against all treated cells presenting IC50 values at nanomolar range. {sup 64}Culac biodistribution studies after intravenous injection in mice bearing Erlich tumor implanted in the paw, showed significant uptake in the tumor paw (tumor/skeletal muscle ratio 6.55), 240 minutes after administration. Histopathological studies have shown mild hepatotoxicity 144 hours (6 days) after intravenous administration of 308 mg/kg of Culac. However, no lethality, behavioural, or feeding changes were observed at this dose. Our results demonstrate that the complex of copper-64 N(4)-ortho-toluyl-2-acetylpyridine thiosemicarbazone ({sup 64}Culac) is a promising radiopharmaceutical for detection of solid tumors by positron emission tomography (PET). (author)

  2. Semicarbazonas e tiossemicarbazonas: o amplo perfil farmacológico e usos clínicos

    Beraldo Heloisa


    This article shows that thiosemicarbazones, semicarbazones and their metal complexes can exhibit target selectivity along with a wide pharmacological profile. Complexes of thiosemicarbazones with cytotoxic or antitumoral activity are presented, some of which show activity against cisplatinum-resistant cells. The inhibition mechanism of the enzyme ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase (RDR), involved in DNA syntheses, by alpha(N)-heterocyclic thiosemicarbazones is discussed. The encouraging res...

  3. Semicarbazonas e tiossemicarbazonas: o amplo perfil farmacológico e usos clínicos

    Beraldo Heloisa


    Full Text Available This article shows that thiosemicarbazones, semicarbazones and their metal complexes can exhibit target selectivity along with a wide pharmacological profile. Complexes of thiosemicarbazones with cytotoxic or antitumoral activity are presented, some of which show activity against cisplatinum-resistant cells. The inhibition mechanism of the enzyme ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase (RDR, involved in DNA syntheses, by alpha(N-heterocyclic thiosemicarbazones is discussed. The encouraging results of clinical trials with the RDR inhibitor 3-aminopyridine-2-carboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone ("Triapine" against rapidly growing tumors are outlined. Examples are also given of thiosemicarbazones with antiviral and antimicrobial activity. The possible applications of semicarbazones as anticonvulsants with low toxicity and good therapeutic index are presented.

  4. Thiosemicarbazones: preparation methods, synthetic applications and biological importance; Tiossemicarbazonas: metodos de obtencao, aplicacoes sinteticas e importancia biologica

    Tenorio, Romulo P.; Goes, Alexandre J.S. [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Antibioticos]. E-mail:; Lima, Jose G. de; Faria, Antonio R. de; Alves, Antonio J.; Aquino, Thiago M. de [Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, PE (Brazil). Dept. de Ciencias Farmaceuticas


    Thiosemicarbazones are a class of compounds known by their chemical and biological properties, such as antitumor, antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal activity. Their ability to form chelates with metals has great importance in their biological activities. Their synthesis is very simple, versatile and clean, usually giving high yields. They are largely employed as intermediates, in the synthesis of others compounds. This article is a survey of some of these characteristics showing their great importance to organic and medicinal chemistry. (author)

  5. Semicarbazonas e tiossemicarbazonas: o amplo perfil farmacológico e usos clínicos Semicarbazones and thiosemicarbazones: their wide pharmacological profile and clinical applications

    Heloisa Beraldo


    This article shows that thiosemicarbazones, semicarbazones and their metal complexes can exhibit target selectivity along with a wide pharmacological profile. Complexes of thiosemicarbazones with cytotoxic or antitumoral activity are presented, some of which show activity against cisplatinum-resistant cells. The inhibition mechanism of the enzyme ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase (RDR), involved in DNA syntheses, by alpha(N)-heterocyclic thiosemicarbazones is discussed. The encouraging res...

  6. Antitumor compounds from marine actinomycetes.

    Salas, José A.; Carmen Méndez; Carlos Olano


    Chemotherapy is one of the main treatments used to combat cancer. A great number of antitumor compounds are natural products or their derivatives, mainly produced by microorganisms. In particular, actinomycetes are the producers of a large number of natural products with different biological activities, including antitumor properties. These antitumor compounds belong to several structural classes such as anthracyclines, enediynes, indolocarbazoles, isoprenoides, macrolides, non-ribosomal pept...

  7. Cytokines and antitumor immunity.

    Müller, Ludmila; Pawelec, Graham


    Currently, the notion of immunosurveillance against tumors is enjoying something of a renaissance. Even if we still refuse to accept that tumors arising in the normal host are unable to trigger an immune response because of the lack of initiation ("danger") signals, there is no doubt that the immune system can be manipulated experimentally and by implication therapeutically to exert anti-tumor effects. For this activity to be successful, the appropriate cytokine milieu has to be provided, making cytokine manipulation central to immunotherapy. On the other hand, the major hurdle currently preventing successful immunotherapy is the ability of tumors to evolve resistant variants under the pressure of immune selection. Here, too, the cytokine milieu plays an essential role. The purpose of this brief review is to consider the current status of the application of cytokines in facilitating antitumor immunity, as well their role in inhibiting responses to tumors. Clearly, encouraging the former but preventing the latter will be the key to the effective clinical application of cancer immunotherapy. PMID:12779349

  8. DAS performance analysis

    This report begins with an overview of the Data Acquisition System (DAS), which supports several of PPPL's experimental devices. Performance measurements which were taken on DAS and the tools used to make them are then described

  9. DAS performance analysis

    Bates, G.; Bodine, S.; Carroll, T.; Keller, M.


    This report begins with an overview of the Data Acquisition System (DAS), which supports several of PPPL's experimental devices. Performance measurements which were taken on DAS and the tools used to make them are then described.

  10. Antitumor Immunity and Dietary Compounds

    Annalise R. Smith


    Full Text Available The mechanisms by which natural dietary compounds exert their antitumor effects have been the focus of a large number of research efforts in recent years. Induction of apoptosis by inhibition of cell proliferative pathways is one of the common means of cell death employed by these dietary compounds. However, agents that can activate an antitumor immune response in addition to a chemotherapeutic effect may be useful adjuvants or alternative therapies for the treatment of cancer. The focus of this review is to highlight representative dietary compounds, namely Withania somnifera, Panax ginseng, curcumin and resveratrol with special emphasis on their antitumor immune mechanism of action. Each of these dietary compounds and their sources has a history of safe human use as food or in herbal medicine traditions, potentially making them ideal therapeutics. Here we report the recent advances in the cellular immune mechanisms utilized by these compounds to induce antitumor immunity. Taken together, these findings provide a new perspective for exploiting novel dietary compounds as chemoimmunotherapeutic anti-cancer agents.

  11. Ribonucleases and their antitumor activity

    Matoušek, Josef


    Roč. 129, č. 3 (2001), s. 175-191. ISSN 1532-0456 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA523/01/0114; GA AV ČR KSK5052113 Keywords : angiogenin * antitumor * ribonuclease Subject RIV: EB - Genetics ; Molecular Biology Impact factor: 0.930, year: 2001

  12. Das problemzentrierte Interview

    Witzel, Andreas


    Das problemzentrierte Interview (PZI) ist ein theoriegenerierendes Verfahren, das den vermeintlichen Gegensatz zwischen Theoriegeleitetheit und Offenheit dadurch aufzuheben versucht, dass der Anwender seinen Erkenntnisgewinn als induktiv-deduktives Wechselspiel organisiert. Entsprechende Kommunikationsstrategien zielen zum einen auf die Darstellung der subjektiven Problemsicht. Zum anderen werden die angeregten Narrationen durch Dialoge ergänzt, die Resultat ideenreicher und leitfadengestützt...


    R. J. DA SILVA


    Full Text Available The search for biological antitumor agents has been pursued for over half a century. Snake venom has been shown to possess a wide spectrum of biological activities. The objectives of the present review are to evaluate the existing controversies on this subject published in a number of papers and to propose probable explanations for the phenomena observed. We reported our results obtained in a study, in which we evaluated the action of the venoms of Crotalus durissus terrificus and Bothrops jararaca on Ehrlich ascites tumor cells. We noticed an important antitumor effect, mainly with Bothrops jararaca venom, as well as an increase in the functional activity of macrophages. We also observed an increase in the number of mononuclear and polymorphonuclear cells with Bothrops jararaca venom. Considering these findings, we postulate that both Bothrops jararaca and Crotalus durissus terrificus venoms can act directly on tumor cells. In addition, we propose an indirect mechanism, based on the stimulation of the inflammatory response, to inhibit tumor growth and to promote its rejection.

  14. O marketing das cidades

    Almeida, Clarinda da Costa


    O Marketing das Cidades, é uma área de aplicação do Marketing, com crescente importância para o desenvolvimento e crescimento de cidades, regiões, países, no limite de qualquer lugar. É o processo de gestão que é desenvolvido nas cidades para atender à satisfação das necessidades e desejos de indivíduos e organizações. Assim pretende-se, neste artigo, descrever e analisar o uso e a importância das ferramentas de marketing no desenvolvimento das cidades, através da elaboração de um modelo p...

  15. Das personalisierte Genom

    Streubel B


    Im Jahr 2001 gelang nach langjährigen, multinationalen Bemühungen die erfolgreiche Entschlüsselung des menschlichen Genoms. Das Jahr 2008 gilt als Startpunkt der personalisierten Genomanalysen, da hier erstmals das Genom einer Person, nämlich des Entdeckers der chemischen DNA-Struktur, James Watson, vollständig sequenziert wurde. Ein wesentlicher Unterschied zur Genomsequenzierung im Jahr 2001 war hierbei, dass im Gegensatz zu der konventionellen Sangersequenzierung eine neue Sequenziert...

  16. Das Variationsproblem der Elastostatik

    Schimmöller, Heinrich


    Das Variationsproblem der Elastostatik Ausgangspunkt der Arbeit sind die Differentialgleichungen des linear-elastischen Kontinuums und die daraus folgenden NAVIER'schen Gleichungen. Als Randbedingungen werden allgemeine gemischte Randbedingungen formuliert. Zunächst werden der Energiesatz der Elastizitätstheorie, die Formänderungsarbeit und das Gesamtpotential abgeleitet. Der einfache Denkansatz der Variation der Verschiebungen, gleichbedeutend mit dem Prinzip der virtuellen Verschiebu...

  17. Evaluation of the potential application of 2-acetylpyridine N4- phenyl thiosemicarbazones derivatives for cancer therapy and diagnosis; Avaliacao da potencial aplicacao de derivados de 2-acetilpiridina N-4 fenil tiossemicarbazonas em terapia e diagnostico oncologico

    Soares, Marcella Araugio


    Despite the wide range of antineoplastic agents available, resistance of some types of cancer and toxicity to normal cells have been identified as the main causes of treatment failure and death. The lack of early and precise diagnosis is also responsible for reducing survival of cancer patients. In this context, the development of substances with low toxicity and therapeutic potential and/or diagnosis purpose, is the major tool in an attempt to increase the survival of patients and assure the safety and efficacy of treatment. Thiosemicarbazones (TSC) are a class of synthetic compounds that have several biological activities, including antitumor. Although several studies have shown the great potential of TSC as therapeutic and / or diagnostic agents, different chemical modifications performed on this class of molecules indicate new possibilities for applications and still require further studies. The objective of this study was to evaluate the potential applicability of 2-acetylpyridine N-4-phenyl thiosemicarbazones derivatives for cancer therapy and diagnosis. The results showed that all 13 TSC tested were cytotoxic to breast and glioblastoma tumor cell lines, presenting higher in vitro antitumor activity than etoposide, an antineoplastic and inhibitor of topoisomerase II frequently used for cancer therapy. The TSC that have halogen or nitro on ortho position showed higher antitumor activity in vitro than their isomers with halogen or nitro on meta or para position of the phenyl group. H2Ac4oFPh and H2Ac4oClPh compounds showed the highest antitumor activity among all tested compounds, with IC{sub 50} in nanomolar order. These TSC induced cell death by apoptosis and oxidative stress was responsible, at least in part, for this type of cell death. The 5{sup -1} H2Ac4oFPh dose, administered s.c., for 4 consecutive days, did not induce important toxicity; however, the same treatment protocol was not effective for tumor growth reduction in an animal model of brain

  18. Das berufliche und das private Geschlecht

    Almut Sülzle


    Full Text Available Jutta Wergen untersucht Geschlechterkonstruktionen in Männerberufen, indem sie Frauen befragt, die als Lkw-Fahrerinnen, als Binnenschifferinnen und als Bus- bzw Straßenbahnfahrerinnen im öffentlichen Nahverkehr arbeiten. Dabei kann sie zeigen, dass diese Berufe sehr unterschiedliche Kontexte für Geschlechterarrangements zur Verfügung stellen, von traditioneller Arbeitsteilung bis zur Umkehrung derselben. Der Kern der Erkenntnis dieser Arbeit, das sei hier schon vorweggenommen, ist bestechend und zugleich faszinierend einfach: die Trennung in ein „professionelles“ und ein „privates“ Geschlecht.

  19. Antitumoral activity of marine organism

    The study of the natural products from marine organism constitute a relatively recent scientific researcher field with high potentialities tanking in consideration that the oceans cover the three of the four parts of the earth. Poryphera and Bryozoans have been the Phylum more studied owning to the vulnerability, their soft body, their habitat on rocks, their slow movement and bright colors, for these reason these organisms are able to produce chemical substances as defense methods against depredators. Same mechanism is exhibit by the seaweeds with the production of secondary metabolites . In the present communication are exposed the main results obtained on the world a Cuba until the present in the looking for of substances with antitumor action from marine organism

  20. Das Risiko der Landschaft

    Mosé Ricci


    Full Text Available Die italienischen Landschaften sind in Gefahr wegen der immer zunehmenden Umweltschaeden, und es ist noetig, ueber diese Notstandlage, die nicht allen bewusst ist, nachzudenken. Wir leben in einen zweideutigen Zustand, in welchem theoretisch alle die Unversehrtheit des Landes verteidigen, aber dann einen Lebensstil fuehren, der nicht die Systeme der Umwelt und der Landschaft schuetzt. Achgeben auf das Risiko der Landschaft hat eine doppelte Bedeutung, fuer das kollektive Gewissen und fuer die Regelung des Territoriums. Die Analyse der Gefahr fuer die Landschaft, der Kompetenz der Forschung ueber den Kulturschatz Italiens, hat die Unterstuetzung der “Carta del rischio del ministero per i beni e le attività culturali”. Um diese in Kraft treten zu lassen, ist es noetig, das Landschaftsgut aus Vermoegensanschauungen zu definieren, so wie in der Europaischen Konvention und aus Juristischer Sicht vorgesehen ist. In dieser Optik kann die Planung und Aenderung des Territoriums als Punkt der Risikokontrolle angesehen werden.

  1. Das Reflektierende Team

    Lorensen, Marlene Ringgaard; Gaarden, Marianne


    dazu hat Marlene Ringgaard Lorensen das Potenzial des von außen kommenden, dezidiert ›andersartigen‹ Beitrags der Hörenden für die dialogische Predigt im Rückgriff auf Theorien von Mikhail Bakhtin analysiert. Als theologische Grundfigur steht hinter der Arbeit im reflektierenden homiletischen Team also...

  2. MiDAS

    McIlroy, Simon Jon; Saunders, Aaron Marc; Albertsen, Mads;


    The Microbial Database for Activated Sludge (MiDAS) field guide is a freely available online resource linking the identity of abundant and process critical microorganisms in activated sludge wastewater treatment systems to available data related to their functional importance. Phenotypic properti...

  3. Natural glycoconjugates with antitumor activity.

    La Ferla, Barbara; Airoldi, Cristina; Zona, Cristiano; Orsato, Alexandre; Cardona, Francisco; Merlo, Silvia; Sironi, Erika; D'Orazio, Giuseppe; Nicotra, Francesco


    Cancer is one of the major causes of death worldwide. As a consequence, many different therapeutic approaches, including the use of glycosides as anticancer agents, have been developed. Various glycosylated natural products exhibit high activity against a variety of microbes and human tumors. In this review we classify glycosides according to the nature of their aglycone (non-saccharidic) part. Among them, we describe anthracyclines, aureolic acids, enediyne antibiotics, macrolide and glycopeptides presenting different strengths and mechanisms of action against human cancers. In some cases, the glycosidic residue is crucial for their activity, such as in anthracycline, aureolic acid and enediyne antibiotics; in other cases, Nature has exploited glycosylation to improve solubility or pharmacokinetic properties, as in the glycopeptides. In this review we focus our attention on natural glycoconjugates with anticancer properties. The structure of several of the carbohydrate moieties found in these conjugates and their role are described. The structure–activity relationship of some of these compounds, together with the structural features of their interaction with the biological targets, are also reported. Taken together, all this information is useful for the design of new potential anti-tumor drugs. PMID:21120227

  4. "Das Boot ist voll"

    Pagenstecher, Cord


    Die Geschichte des Visuellen erforschte Cord Pagenstecher bereits in verschiedenen Arbeiten mit Blick auf Migration. Im hier vorliegenden Artikel befasst er sich konkret mit der visuellen Verarbeitung des Motivs „Das Boot ist voll. . . “. Es taucht über einige Jahrzehnte hinweg als Synonym für die angeblich von Flüchtlingen überflutete Bundesrepublik in den Printmedien auf. Die Flüchtlinge rassistisch, fremdenfeindlich karikierenden Titel von Zeitschriften werden mit der Zeit auch in Tag...

  5. Das Interview als Beziehungsraum

    Tietel, Erhard


    Am Beispiel einer schwierigen Interviewbeziehung wird gezeigt, daß und in welcher Weise das Beziehungsgeschehen im Interview sowie die Verwendung des Beziehungsraums des Interviews durch den Befragten entscheidende heuristische Hinweise zum Aufspüren und Verstehen latenter Aspekte des Forschungsthemas geben können. Die im Interview stattfindende Reduktion des potentiell triadischen Beziehungsraums auf dyadisch-geschlossene Beziehungsebenen und der weitgehende Verlust des eigenen Spielraums un...

  6. Wozu all das Theater?

    Ronke, Astrid


    Die vorliegende Arbeit untersucht theoretische und praktische Grundlagen und Implikationen von Drama und Theater als eine Unterrichtsmethode für den Fremdsprachenunterricht, speziell für den DaF(Deutsch als Fremdsprache)Unterricht in Amerika. Vor dem Hintergrund schwankender Einschreibezahlen für das Fach Deutsch, dem Desinteresse an Fremdsprachen und dem Fehlen nationaler Fremdsprachennormen für die Hochschulbildung in den USA, wird eine Unterrichtsmethode vorgestellt, die durch ihren ganzhe...

  7. Antitumor effects of electrochemical treatment

    Héctor Manuel Camué Ciria; Maraelys Morales González; Lisset Ortíz Zamora; Luis Enrique Bergues Cabrales; Gustavo Victoriano Sierra González; Luciana Oliveira de Oliveira; Rodrigo Zanella


    Electrochemical treatment is an alternative modality for tumor treatment based on the application of a low intensity direct electric current to the tumor tissue through two or more platinum electrodes placed within the tumor zone or in the surrounding areas.This treatment is noted for its great effectiveness,minimal invasiveness and local effect.Several studies have been conducted worldwide to evaluate the antitumoral effect of this therapy.In all these studies a variety of biochemical and physiological responses of tumors to the applied treatment have been obtained.By this reason,researchers have suggested various mechanisms to explain how direct electric current destroys tumor cells.Although,it is generally accepted this treatment induces electrolysis,electroosmosis and electroporation in tumoral tissues.However,action mechanism of this alternative modality on the tumor tissue is not well understood.Although the principle of Electrochemical treatment is simple,a standardized method is not yet available.The mechanism by which Electrochemical treatment affects tumor growth and survival may represent more complex process.The present work analyzes the latest and most important research done on the electrochemical treatment of tumors.We conclude with our point of view about the destruction mechanism features of this alternative therapy.Also,we suggest some mechanisms and strategies from the thermodynamic point of view for this therapy.In the area of Electrochemical treatment of cancer this tool has been exploited very little and much work remains to be done.Electrochemical treatment constitutes a good therapeutic option for patients that have failed the conventional oncology methods.

  8. Primary Screeningof Substanceswith Potential Antitumor Activity

    А.Kh. Khasenova; Sh.Zh.Daurenbekova


    A primary screening of antitumor substances was carried out among strains of actinomycetes isolated from the samples of natural substrates of arid zones in the Ile-Balkhash region. Antitumor properties of actinomycetes against Staphylococcus aureus209Р(S. aureus 209P) and its mutants UF-2 and UF-3 were studied using the agar block technique. The diameter of growth inhibition zone was measured after incubation of the test microorganisms at a temperature of 37 °C for 24 hours. 16...

  9. Durch das Leben lernen

    Waßmann, Ingolf; Versick, Daniel; Thomanek, Anja; Tavangarian, Djamshid


    Web 2.0 und soziale Netzwerke gaben erste Impulse für neue Formen der Online-Lehre, welche die umfassende Vernetzung von Objekten und Nutzern im Internet nachhaltig einsetzen. Die Vielfältigkeit der unterschiedlichen Systeme erschwert aber deren ganzheitliche Nutzung in einem umfassenden Lernszenario, das den Anforderungen der modernen Informationsgesellschaft genügt. In diesem Beitrag wird eine auf dem Konnektivismus basierende Plattform für die Online-Lehre namens “Wiki-Learnia” präsentiert...

  10. Das personalisierte Genom

    Streubel B


    Full Text Available Im Jahr 2001 gelang nach langjährigen, multinationalen Bemühungen die erfolgreiche Entschlüsselung des menschlichen Genoms. Das Jahr 2008 gilt als Startpunkt der personalisierten Genomanalysen, da hier erstmals das Genom einer Person, nämlich des Entdeckers der chemischen DNA-Struktur, James Watson, vollständig sequenziert wurde. Ein wesentlicher Unterschied zur Genomsequenzierung im Jahr 2001 war hierbei, dass im Gegensatz zu der konventionellen Sangersequenzierung eine neue Sequenziertechnologie, die so genannte massive Parallelsequenzierung, zur Verfügung stand, die diese personalisierte Genomanalyse erst ermöglichte. Während die Entschlüsselung des menschlichen Genoms in den Jahren 1990–2001 mehrere Milliarden Dollar kostete, sind die Kosten für Genomuntersuchungen mittlerweile dermaßen gefallen, dass die neuen Technologien bereits in die Routinelabordiagnostik Einzug gehalten und dabei neue Möglichkeiten, z. B. bei der non-invasiven Pränataltestung, eröffnet haben.

  11. Das ATHENA-Projekt: [

    Passenheim, Renate


    Full Text Available [english] Since the winter semester of 2002/03, the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg has been using the electronic learning environment ATHENA. It is the "virtual bulletin board" for the exchange and provision of information on the study of medicine within the faculty. Since 2004/05, the platform has been operated using the open source system LRN. The system is used with the focus on document management. The use of the interactive learning contents and programme takes place as a web-based support of the required attendance classes and independent study. The tools available on the platform are used within the departments for the integration of computer-assisted examination concepts, and the conducting of online course evaluations. [german] Seit dem Wintersemester 2002/03 setzt die Medizinische Fakultät Heidelberg die elektronische Lernumgebung ATHENA ein. Sie ist das "Virtuelle Schwarze Brett" für den Austausch und die Bereitstellung von Informationen zum Medizinstudium an der Fakultät. Seit 2004/05 wird die Plattform mit dem Open-Source-System .LRN betrieben. Das System wird eingesetzt mit dem Schwerpunkt der Kurs- und Dokumentenverwaltung. Die Nutzung der interaktiven Lerninhalte und -programme erfolgt als webbasierte Unterstützung der Präsenzveranstaltungen sowie im Selbststudium. Die in der Plattform verfügbaren Tools werden in den Fachbereichen zur Integration computerunterstützter Prüfungskonzepte sowie zur Durchführung von Online-Kursevaluationen eingesetzt.

  12. DNA Modifications by Novel Antitumor Platinum Drugs

    Brabec, Viktor

    Kiev : National Taras Shevchenko University, 2001, s. SC-L3. [NATO Advanced Research Workshop Autumn School: Frontiers in Molecular-Scale Science and Technology of Fullerene, Nanotube, Nanosilicon and Biopolymer (DNA, Protein) Multifunctional Nanosystems. Kiev (UA), 09.09.2001-12.09.2001] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z5004920 Keywords : DNA * antitumor * platinum drugs Subject RIV: BO - Biophysics

  13. Das kann ich aber auch!

    Vollmer, Wolfgang


    In der Fotografie als reproduktiver Kunst und reproduktiver Technik existiert eine Vielzahl besonderer Umgangs- und Aneignungsformen im Kopieren originaler Bildideen. Das Spektrum reicht von der kreativen Nachstellung bis zum Plagiat. Fotografie ist das einzige Medium, das diese Bandbreite von Möglichkeiten in der Gegenüberstellung von Original und Kopie nutzen kann. Wolfgang Vollmer, Kölner Fotograf und Autor mehrerer Künstlerbücher, die sich kreativ mit Nachbildung und Fortführung von Ikone...

  14. Hypoxia-targeting antitumor prodrugs and photosensitizers

    Tumor hypoxia has been identified as a key subject for tumor therapy, since hypoxic tumor cells show resistance to treatment of tumor tissues by radiotherapy, chemotherapy and phototherapy. For improvement of tumor radiotherapy, we have proposed a series of radiation-activated prodrugs that could selectively release antitumor agent 5-fluorouracil or 5-fluorodeoxyuridine under hypoxic conditions. Recently, we attempted to develop two families of novel hypoxia-targeting antitumor agents, considering that tumor-hypoxic environment is favorable to biological and photochemical reductions. The first family of prodrugs was derived from camptothecin as a potent topoisomerase I inhibitor and several bioreductive motifs. These prodrugs could be activated by NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase or DT-diaphorase to release free camptothecin, and thereby showed hypoxia-selective cytotoxictiy towards tumor cells. These prodrugs were also applicable to the real-time monitoring of activation and antitumor effect by fluorometry. Furthermore, the camptothecin-bioreductive motif conjugates was confirmed to show an oxygen-independent DAN photocleaving activity, which could overcome a drawback of back electron transfer occurring in the photosensitized one-electron oxidation of DNA. Thus, these camptothecin derivatives could be useful to both chemotherapy and phototherapy for hypoxic tumor cells. The second family of prodrugs harnessed UV light for cancer therapy, incorporating the antitumor agent 5-fluorourcil and the photolabile 2-nitrobenzyl chromophores. The attachment of a tumor-homing cyclic peptide CNGRC was also employed to construct the prototype of tumor-targeting photoactiaved antitumor prodrug. These novel prodrugs released high yield of 5-fluorourcil upon UV irradiation at λex=365 nm, while being quite stable in the dark. The photoactivation mechanism was also clarified by means of nanosecond laser flash photolysis. (authors)

  15. Synthesis and Evaluation of the Anti-corrosion Activity of Thiosemicarbazide and Thiosemicarbazone 4-N-(p-methoxyphenyl Substituted [Síntese e Avaliação da Atividade Anticorrosiva de Tiossemicarbazida e Tiossemicarbazona 4-N-(p-metóxifenil Substituídas

    Danilo Sousa-Pereira


    Full Text Available The anti-corrosion activity of 1-phenyl-4-(p-methoxyphenyl-thiosemicarbazide (1and cinnamaldehyde-4-(p-methoxyphenyl-thiosemicarbazone (2 compounds against the corrosion of AISI 1020 carbon steel in 1 molL-1 HCl solution was evaluated by potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS at different inhibitor concentrations. The relationship between molecular structure and inhibitory efficiency was evaluated by molecular modeling. The polarization curves indicate that both compounds act as mixed inhibitors. Nyquist diagrams show that the charge transfer resistance increases when the inhibitor concentration rises; consequently, increasing the inhibitoryefficiency. The theoretical results were supported by the experimental data. All techniques used showed that thiosemicarbazone (2 is a more potent inhibitor than thiosemicarbazide (1.

  16. easyDAS: Automatic creation of DAS servers

    Jimenez Rafael C


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The Distributed Annotation System (DAS has proven to be a successful way to publish and share biological data. Although there are more than 750 active registered servers from around 50 organizations, setting up a DAS server comprises a fair amount of work, making it difficult for many research groups to share their biological annotations. Given the clear advantage that the generalized sharing of relevant biological data is for the research community it would be desirable to facilitate the sharing process. Results Here we present easyDAS, a web-based system enabling anyone to publish biological annotations with just some clicks. The system, available at is capable of reading different standard data file formats, process the data and create a new publicly available DAS source in a completely automated way. The created sources are hosted on the EBI systems and can take advantage of its high storage capacity and network connection, freeing the data provider from any network management work. easyDAS is an open source project under the GNU LGPL license. Conclusions easyDAS is an automated DAS source creation system which can help many researchers in sharing their biological data, potentially increasing the amount of relevant biological data available to the scientific community.

  17. Antitumor Activities of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

    Maria Pilar Vinardell


    Full Text Available Nanoparticles have received much attention recently due to their use in cancer therapy. Studies have shown that different metal oxide nanoparticles induce cytotoxicity in cancer cells, but not in normal cells. In some cases, such anticancer activity has been demonstrated to hold for the nanoparticle alone or in combination with different therapies, such as photocatalytic therapy or some anticancer drugs. Zinc oxide nanoparticles have been shown to have this activity alone or when loaded with an anticancer drug, such as doxorubicin. Other nanoparticles that show cytotoxic effects on cancer cells include cobalt oxide, iron oxide and copper oxide. The antitumor mechanism could work through the generation of reactive oxygen species or apoptosis and necrosis, among other possibilities. Here, we review the most significant antitumor results obtained with different metal oxide nanoparticles.

  18. First synthesis of antitumoral dasyscyphin B

    Akhaouzan, Ali; Fern??ndez, Antonio; Mansour, Ahmed I.; ??lvarez, Esteban; Haid??ur, Ali; ??lvarez-Manzaneda, Ram??n; Chahboun, Rachid; ??lvarez-Manzaneda, Enrique


    The first synthesis of dasyscyphin B, an antitumoral metabolite obtained from the ascomycete Dasyscyphus niveus, has been achieved starting from commercial abietic acid. The key steps of the synthetic sequence are the diastereoselective ??-methylation of a ketoaldehyde, followed by an intramolecular aldol condensation and the further Diels???Alder cycloaddition of a dienol ester. The procedure reported will allow the synthesis of related metabolites functionalized in the A ring.

  19. The antitumor activity of the fungicide ciclopirox

    Zhou, Hongyu; Shen, Tao; Luo, Yan; Liu, Lei; Chen, Wenxing; Xu, Baoshan; Han, Xiuzhen; Pang, Jia; Rivera, Chantal A; Huang, Shile


    Ciclopirox olamine (CPX) is a synthetic antifungal agent clinically used to treat mycoses of the skin and nails. Here we show that CPX inhibited tumor growth in human breast cancer MDA-MB-231 xenografts. To unveil the underlying mechanism, we further studied the antitumor activity of CPX in cell culture. The results indicate that CPX inhibited cell proliferation and induced apoptosis in human rhabdomyosarcoma (Rh30), breast carcinoma (MDA-MB231), and colon adenocarcinoma (HT-29) cells in a co...

  20. Impact of antitumor therapy on nutrition

    The treatment of the cancer patient by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy can impose significant nutritional disabilities on the host. The nutritional disabilities seen in the tumor-bearing host from antitumor therapy are produced by factors which either limit oral intake or cause malabsorption of nutrients. The host malnutrition caused as a consequence of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy assumes even more importance when one realizes that many cancer patients are already debilitated from their disease

  1. Structural Antitumoral Activity Relationships of Synthetic Chalcones

    Cesar Echeverria; Juan Francisco Santibañez; Oscar Donoso-Tauda; Escobar, Carlos A.; Rodrigo Ramirez-Tagle


    Relationships between the structural characteristic of synthetic chalcones and their antitumoral activity were studied. Treatment of HepG2 cells for 24 h with synthetic 2’-hydroxychalcones resulted in apoptosis induction and dose-dependent inhibition of cell proliferation. The calculated reactivity indexes and the adiabatic electron affinities using the DFT method including solvent effects, suggest a structure-activity relationship between the Chalcones structure and the apoptosis in Hep...

  2. Antitumor action of bovine seminal ribonuclease

    Unlike the bovine pancreatic ribonuclease (RNase A), bovine seminal ribonuclease (BS RNase) displays various biological activities; including antitumor activity, immunosuppressivity, spermatogenicity and embryo-toxicity. To learn more about its antitumor effect we tested BS RNase on the growth of 16 cell lines derived from patients with various hematological malignancies. The cells of lymphoid origin were generally more susceptible to BS RNase, administered in the range of concentrations from 2 to 100 μg/ml, than the myeloid ones. RNase A used at the same concentrations did not exert any inhibitory effect. The inhibitory effect of BS RNase persisted in cultured cells three times wash in complete medium and cell re-cultivation in fresh medium free of BS RNase. Four cell lines were very little sensitive (KG-1 and U-937) or resistant (JOK and NAMALWA) to BS RNase regardless of their origin. The in vivo antitumor effect of BS RNase was tested on human prostate carcinoma transplanted to athymic nude mice. The daily dose of BS RNase (0.25 mg/20 g) was administered for three weeks except weekends (15 doses) by three different ways (intraperitoneally - i.p., subcutaneously - s.c. and intratumorally - i.t.). Whereas i.p. administration was ineffective, s.c. administration significantly reduced size of the tumors and i.t. administration abolished half of the tumors in treated mice. The average of treated mice decreased during the experiment by 10-15%. (author)

  3. Hat das Internet ein Programm?

    Coy, Wolfgang


    Hat das Internet ein Programm? Ist der Papst katholisch? Natürlich hat das Internet Millionen Programme - solche, die es nutzt und solche die man per FTP - File Transfer Protocol auf die eigene Maschine herunter laden kann und solche, die sich unbemerkt auf der Festplatte festsetzen. Letztere heißen Viren, Würmer oder trojanische Pferde. Aber das sind natürlich Programme im Sinne der Informatik, nicht im Sinne der broadcast media. Im amerikanisch-englischen Sprachraum, dem die...

  4. Antitumor activity of polyacrylates of noble metals in experiment

    Larisa A. Ostrovskaya; David B. Korman; Natalia V. Bluhterova; Margarita M. Fomina; Valentina A. Rikova; Claudia A. Abzaeva; Larisa V. Zhilitskaya; Nina O. Yarosh


    The aim of this research has been the study of the antitumor activity of polymetalacrylate derivatives containing in their structure noble metals. Metallic derivatives of polyacrylic acid were not previously tested as antitumor agents.The antitumor activity of polyacrylates, containing argentum (argacryl), aurum (auracryl) and platinum (platacryl) against experimental models of murine solid tumors (Lewis lung carcinoma and Acatol adenocarcinoma) as well as acute toxicity have been studied. It...

  5. Das Museum Plagiarius in Solingen

    Helmenstein, Caroline


    "Das Original ist links zu sehen, das Plagiat rechts." Dieses Konzept liegt der Ausstellung von über 250 scheinbaren Zwillingen im Solinger Museum Plagiarius zugrunde. Ziel des Museums ist es, den Besuchern anschaulich die Bandbreite von Nachahmungen, Fälschungen und Raubkopien vor Augen zu führen und sie für die immensen Schäden zu sensibilisieren, die durch die Missachtung geistigen Eigentums entstehen.


    Iris Barbosa Boulart


    Full Text Available Resumo Este artigo aborda a questão da identidade no interior das organizações: identidade das pessoas, que são diferentes umas das outras e identidade das organizações, que são marcadas por suas particularidades e sua cultura. São analisadas as abordagens de autores como Erik Erikson, Georges Herbert Mead, Peter Berger e Luckman, assim como Erving Goffman no caso da identidade das pessoas. A identidade organizacional é abordada principalmente na perspectiva de Edgar Schein, que, no Brasil, tem como seguidor o grupo liderado por Maria Tereza Leme Fleury, da Universidade de São Paulo. A parte final do artigo tece considerações sobre as mudanças advindas da globalização e do desenvolvimento da tecnologia da informação e suas conseqüências para a identidade das pessoas e das organizações. Palavras-chave: identidade pessoal, identidade organizacional, identidade no trabalho, socialização organizacional. Abstract This article deals with the issue of identity within organizations: people’s identity, that are different from one another and the identity of the organizations, which are marked by their peculiarities and culture. The approaches of authors such as Erik Erikson, Georges Herbert Mead, Peter Berger and Luckman are analyzed, as well as Erving Gooffman’s approach to people’s identity. The organizationa l identity is approched mainly through Edgar Schein’s perspective, which has the group leaded by Maria Tereza Leme Fleury, from Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, as a follower in Brazil. The final part of this article makes comments on the changes brought about globalization and information technology development and their consequences for the identity of people and organizations. Key-words: personal identity, organizational identity, work identity, organizational socialization.

  7. Antitumor Immunity Induced after α Irradiation

    Jean-Baptiste Gorin


    Full Text Available Radioimmunotherapy (RIT is a therapeutic modality that allows delivering of ionizing radiation directly to targeted cancer cells. Conventional RIT uses β-emitting radioisotopes, but recently, a growing interest has emerged for the clinical development of α particles. α emitters are ideal for killing isolated or small clusters of tumor cells, thanks to their specific characteristics (high linear energy transfer and short path in the tissue, and their effect is less dependent on dose rate, tissue oxygenation, or cell cycle status than γ and X rays. Several studies have been performed to describe α emitter radiobiology and cell death mechanisms induced after α irradiation. But so far, no investigation has been undertaken to analyze the impact of α particles on the immune system, when several studies have shown that external irradiation, using γ and X rays, can foster an antitumor immune response. Therefore, we decided to evaluate the immunogenicity of murine adenocarcinoma MC-38 after bismuth-213 (213Bi irradiation using a vaccination approach. In vivo studies performed in immunocompetent C57Bl/6 mice induced a protective antitumor response that is mediated by tumor-specific T cells. The molecular mechanisms potentially involved in the activation of adaptative immunity were also investigated by in vitro studies. We observed that 213Bi-treated MC-38 cells release “danger signals” and activate dendritic cells. Our results demonstrate that α irradiation can stimulate adaptive immunity, elicits an efficient antitumor protection, and therefore is an immunogenic cell death inducer, which provides an attractive complement to its direct cytolytic effect on tumor cells.

  8. Antitumor activity of the immunomodulatory lead Cumaside.

    Aminin, D L; Chaykina, E L; Agafonova, I G; Avilov, S A; Kalinin, V I; Stonik, V A


    A new immunomodulatory lead Cumaside that is a complex of monosulfated triterpene glycosides from the sea cucumber Cucumaria japonica and cholesterol possesses significantly less cytotoxic activity against sea urchin embryos and Ehrlich carcinoma cells than the corresponding glycosides. Nevertheless Cumaside has an antitumor activity against different forms of experimental mouse Ehrlich carcinoma in vivo both independently and in combination with cytostatics. The highest effect occurs at a treatment once a day for 7 days before the tumor inoculation followed by Cumaside treatment once a day for 7 days. Prophylactic treatment with Cumaside and subsequent therapeutic application of 5-fluorouracil suppressed the tumor growth by 43%. PMID:20227525

  9. PARP1 Inhibitors: antitumor drug design

    MALYUCHENKO N.V.; Kotova, E. Yu.; Kulaeva, O. I.; Kirpichnikov, M P; STUDITSKIY V.M.


    The poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 (PARP1) enzyme is one of the promising molecular targets for the discovery of antitumor drugs. PARP1 is a common nuclear protein (1–2 million molecules per cell) serving as a “sensor” for DNA strand breaks. Increased PARP1 expression is sometimes observed in melanomas, breast cancer, lung cancer, and other neoplastic diseases. The PARP1 expression level is a prognostic indicator and is associated with a poor survival prognosis. There is evidence that high PA...


    MALYUCHENKO N.V.; KOTOVA E. YU.; Kulaeva, O. I.; Kirpichnikov, M P; STUDITSKIY V.M.


    The poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 (PARP1) enzyme is one of the promising molecular targets for the discovery of antitumor drugs. PARP1 is a common nuclear protein (1-2 million molecules per cell) serving as a “sensor” for DNA strand breaks. Increased PARP1 expression is sometimes observed in melanomas, breast cancer, lung cancer, and other neoplastic diseases. The PARP1 expression level is a prognostic indicator and is associated with a poor survival prognosis. There is evidence that high PA...

  11. Vicenistatin, a novel 20-membered macrocyclic lactam antitumor antibiotic.

    Shindo, K; Kamishohara, M; Odagawa, A; Matsuoka, M; Kawai, H


    A new antitumor antibiotic vicenistatin was isolated from the culture broth of Streptomyces sp. HC34. The structure of vicenistatin was elucidated by NMR spectral analysis. Vicenistatin exhibited antitumor activity against human colon carcinoma Co-3 in the xenograft model. PMID:8360102

  12. Smart Mesoporous Nanomaterials for Antitumor Therapy

    Marina Martínez-Carmona


    Full Text Available The use of nanomaterials for the treatment of solid tumours is receiving increasing attention by the scientific community. Among them, mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs exhibit unique features that make them suitable nanocarriers to host, transport and protect drug molecules until the target is reached. It is possible to incorporate different targeting ligands to the outermost surface of MSNs to selectively drive the drugs to the tumour tissues. To prevent the premature release of the cargo entrapped in the mesopores, it is feasible to cap the pore entrances using stimuli-responsive nanogates. Therefore, upon exposure to internal (pH, enzymes, glutathione, etc. or external (temperature, light, magnetic field, etc. stimuli, the pore opening takes place and the release of the entrapped cargo occurs. These smart MSNs are capable of selectively reaching and accumulating at the target tissue and releasing the entrapped drug in a specific and controlled fashion, constituting a promising alternative to conventional chemotherapy, which is typically associated with undesired side effects. In this review, we overview the recent advances reported by the scientific community in developing MSNs for antitumor therapy. We highlight the possibility to design multifunctional nanosystems using different therapeutic approaches aimed at increasing the efficacy of the antitumor treatment.

  13. The antitumor activity of the fungicide ciclopirox.

    Zhou, Hongyu; Shen, Tao; Luo, Yan; Liu, Lei; Chen, Wenxing; Xu, Baoshan; Han, Xiuzhen; Pang, Jia; Rivera, Chantal A; Huang, Shile


    Ciclopirox olamine (CPX) is a synthetic antifungal agent clinically used to treat mycoses of the skin and nails. Here, we show that CPX inhibited tumor growth in human breast cancer MDA-MB-231 xenografts. To unveil the underlying mechanism, we further studied the antitumor activity of CPX in cell culture. The results indicate that CPX inhibited cell proliferation and induced apoptosis in human rhabdomyosarcoma (Rh30), breast carcinoma (MDA-MB231) and colon adenocarcinoma (HT-29) cells in a concentration-dependent manner. By cell cycle analysis, CPX induced accumulation of cells in G(1)/G(0) phase of the cell cycle. Concurrently, CPX downregulated cellular protein expression of cyclins (A, B1, D1 and E) and cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK2 and CDK4) and upregulated expression of the CDK inhibitor p21(Cip1), leading to hypophosphorylation of retinoblastoma protein. CPX also downregulated protein expression of Bcl-xL and survivin and enhanced cleavages of Bcl-2. Z-VAD-FMK, a pan-caspase inhibitor, partially prevented CPX-induced cell death, suggesting that CPX-induced apoptosis of cancer cells is mediated at least in part through caspase-dependent mechanism. The results indicate that CPX is a potential antitumor agent. PMID:20225320

  14. Teologia e estudo das escrituras

    Rabuske, Irineu J.


    Full Text Available A revalorização da sagrada escritura, no âmbito da Igreja Católica, enseja uma reflexão sobre a relação entre a teologia e o estudo das sagradas escrituras. Ponto de partida para esta reflexão é o nº 24 do documento Dei Verbum, no Concílio Ecumênico Vaticano II: ". . . o estudo das Sagradas Escrituras seja como que a alma da Sagrada Teologia".

  15. Brexit: Droht das Auseinanderbrechen Europas?

    Peters, Dirk


    Der Brexit ist da. Droht jetzt die Erosion, Implosion oder gar Explosion der EU, das Ende des Friedensprojekts Europa? Droht, wie Premierminister Cameron in seiner Kampagne gewarnt hatte, eine langfristige Gefährdung der britischen und europäischen Sicherheit?

  16. Onconase: A ribonuclease with antitumor activity

    Małgorzata Zwolińska


    Full Text Available Onconase (ranpirnase is a homologous protein obtained from [i]Rana pipiens [/i]frog eggs. The activity of onconase, and particularly its antitumor effect, is strictly connected with ribonuclease (RN-ase activity. Onconase induces cell death through the decomposition of inner cellular RNA, inhibition of protein synthesis, and inhibition of cell growth and proliferation and it also specifically triggers tumor cell apoptosis. A very important mechanisms of its cytotoxicity is also its antioxidant activity. The results of preclinical trials demonstrated a high activity of onconase against tumor cells, also those resistant to cytostatics. Moreover, onconase showed synergic activity with other commonly used anticancer drugs. Several clinical trials were performed on patients suffering from kidney, breast, and pancreatic cancers. Most recently a phase III study of onconase in patients with mesothelioma was completed. There are also ongoing phase I and II clinical trials with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC.

  17. Das Aussterben einer unbekannten Nutzungsart

    Herb, Ulrich


    Zum 1. Januar 2008 tritt ein neues Urheberrechtsgesetz (UrhG) in Kraft. Es bringt neben zahlreichen Veränderungen etwa beim elektronischen Kopienversand en passant auch eine recht wenig beachtete Änderung: Wissenschaftliche Verlagen erhalten die Rechte zur Onlinepublikation von Dokumenten, die zwischen 1966 und 1995 bei ihnen erschienen sind. Vielleicht noch wichtiger: Damit verlieren die Autoren auch das Recht, die Texte selbst auf ihre Homepage zu stellen. Es sei denn, sie werden aktiv und ...

  18. Das Burning-Mouth-Syndrom

    Ettlin, Dominik; Lukic, Nenad


    Anhaltendes Brennen im Mundbereich ohne dokumetierbare Ursache kann die Lebensqualität beeinträchtigen und zu frustrierenden Arzt- bzw. Zahnarztbesuchen führen. Die Gründe des primären Mundbrennens sind noch weitgehend unklar und werden erforscht. Wegen der Schmerzlokalisation kommt der Zahnmedizin eine zentrale diagnostische und therapeutische Rolle zu. Der Beitrag beleuchtet das aktuelle Wissen zum Thema und gibt Hinweise zur Behandlung betroffener Patienten.

  19. Pornografie – Was ist das ?

    Corinna Rückert


    Die Diskussionen über das kulturelle und mediale Phänomen ‚Pornografie‘ zeichnen sich oft durch Unkenntnis des Betrachtungsgegenstands und definitorischer Ungenauigkeiten aus. Der vorliegende Text benennt Irrtümer und Vorurteile und liefert einen Beitrag zu einer wissenschaftlich nachvollziehbaren Definitionsgrundlage als Basis für weitere Diskussionen. Die nachfolgenden Überlegungen sind eine Kurzzusammenfassung der Dissertation von Corinna Rückert: ...

  20. Das k-Box-Produkt

    Elser, Stefan


    Ziel dieser Doktorarbeit ist es, bekannte und oft verwendete Eigenschaften des Tychonow-Produkts in analoger Form für das k-Box-Produkt zu beweisen, was bisher noch nicht geschehen ist, und die Verbindung zwischen der Infinitären Kombinatorik und der Topologie zu vertiefen. In der Infinitären Kombinatorik, ein Zweig der modernen Mengenlehre, bedient man sich gerne topologischer Begriffe, um einerseits Ergebnisse zu verdeutlichen und um andererseits den sehr abstrakten kombinatorischen Be...

  1. Synthesis of Olaparib Derivatives and Their Antitumor Activities

    LOU Xi-yu; YANG Xuan; DING Yi-li; WANG Jian-jun; YAN Qing-yan; HUANG Xian-gui; GUO Yang-hui


    A series of Olaparib derivatives was synthesized,and their structures were confirmed by 1H NMR,MS and elemental analysis.Their antitumor activities on breast cancer susceptbility gene 1/2(BRCA1/2)-deficient cancer cell lines including HCC1937,Capan-1 and MDA-MB-436 were evaluated.The antitumor activity of compound Olaparib-1 was better than the positive control Olaparib in BRCAl-deficient cell line HCC1937.

  2. Synthesis and Antitumor Activities In Vitro of Solanesylpiperazinotriamine

    Chao Pie WANG; Jian Hong WANG; Ying GAN; Zhi Yong CHEN; Gang Jun DU; Jin ZHAO


    A series of novel antitumor agents-the solanesylpiperazinotriamine derivatives were designed and synthesized, their structures were confirmed by IR, 1H-NMR, MS, and element analysis. The preliminary tests showed that at low micromolar concentrations these compounds exhibited obvious toxicity on tumor cells in vitro, and the synergistic effect on clinical antitumor agent indicated that at noncytotoxic concentrations they also evidently enhanced the curative effect of vincristine.

  3. Psicoterapia das depressões

    Sidnei Schestatsky


    Full Text Available Os autores examinam o status atual das psicoterapias no tratamento das depressões, principalmente das quatro formas melhor testadas empiricamente nos últimos 10 anos: psicoterapia interpessoal, psicoterapia cognitiva e comportamental, e psicoterapia psicodinâmica breve. São descritos os principais estudos de eficácia dessas psicoterapias assim como uma revisão metaanalítica sobre o assunto. Conclui-se que já há sólidas evidências de bons resultados nas depressões ambulatoriais e unipolares quando tratadas por intervenções psicossociais, combinadas ou não com farmacoterapia.It is examined the present status of psychotherapeutic treatment of depression, specially the impact of the four types of psychotherapy best empirically tested for the past 10 years: interpersonal therapy, cognitive and behavioral therapies, and brief psychodynamic therapy. Both the main efficacy studies of those therapies as well as a meta-analytic review of their results are described. The conclusion is that there are already strong evidences of good outcome when ambulatorial unipolar depression is treated by psychossocial interventions, alone or in combination with pharmacotherapy.

  4. Advanced nanocarriers for an antitumor peptide

    In this work, tigapotide (PCK3145) was incorporated into novel nanocarriers based on polymeric, lipidic, and dendrimeric components, in order to maximize the advantages of the drug delivery process and possibly its biological properties. PCK3145 was incorporated into lipidic nanocarriers composed of Egg phosphatidylcholine (EggPC) and dipalmytoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) (EggPC:PCK3145 and DPPC:PCK3145, 9:0.2 molar ratio), into cationic liposomes composed of EggPC:SA:PCK3145 and DPPC:SA:PCK3145 (9:1:0.2 molar ratio) into complexes with the block polyelectrolyte (quaternized poly[3,5-bis(dimethylaminomethylene)hydroxystyrene]-b-poly(ethylene oxide) (QNPHOSEO) and finally into dendrimeric structures (i.e., PAMAM G4). Light scattering techniques are used in order to examine the size, the size distribution and the Z-potential of the nanocarriers in aqueous and biological media. Fluorescence spectroscopy was utilized in an attempt to extract information on the internal nanostructure and microenvironment of polyelectrolyte/PCK3145 aggregates. Therefore, these studies could be a rational roadmap for producing various effective nanocarriers in order to ameliorate the pharmacokinetic behavior and safety issues of antitumor and anticancer biomolecules

  5. Advanced nanocarriers for an antitumor peptide

    Pippa, Natassa [National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy (Greece); Pispas, Stergios [National Hellenic Research Foundation, Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute (Greece); Demetzos, Costas, E-mail: [National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy (Greece); Sivolapenko, Gregory [University of Patras, Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics, Department of Pharmacy (Greece)


    In this work, tigapotide (PCK3145) was incorporated into novel nanocarriers based on polymeric, lipidic, and dendrimeric components, in order to maximize the advantages of the drug delivery process and possibly its biological properties. PCK3145 was incorporated into lipidic nanocarriers composed of Egg phosphatidylcholine (EggPC) and dipalmytoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) (EggPC:PCK3145 and DPPC:PCK3145, 9:0.2 molar ratio), into cationic liposomes composed of EggPC:SA:PCK3145 and DPPC:SA:PCK3145 (9:1:0.2 molar ratio) into complexes with the block polyelectrolyte (quaternized poly[3,5-bis(dimethylaminomethylene)hydroxystyrene]-b-poly(ethylene oxide) (QNPHOSEO) and finally into dendrimeric structures (i.e., PAMAM G4). Light scattering techniques are used in order to examine the size, the size distribution and the Z-potential of the nanocarriers in aqueous and biological media. Fluorescence spectroscopy was utilized in an attempt to extract information on the internal nanostructure and microenvironment of polyelectrolyte/PCK3145 aggregates. Therefore, these studies could be a rational roadmap for producing various effective nanocarriers in order to ameliorate the pharmacokinetic behavior and safety issues of antitumor and anticancer biomolecules.

  6. Antitumor activity of chemical modified natural compounds

    Marilda Meirelles de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Search of new activity substances starting from chemotherapeutic agents, continously appears in international literature. Perhaps this search has been done more frequently in the field of anti-tumor chemotherapy on account of the unsuccess in saving advanced stage patients. The new point in this matter during the last decade was computer aid in planning more rational drugs. In near future "the accessibility of supercomputers and emergence of computer net systems, willopen new avenues to rational drug design" (Portoghese, P. S. J. Med. Chem. 1989, 32, 1. Unknown pharmacological active compounds synthetized by plants can be found even without this eletronic devices, as tradicional medicine has pointed out in many contries, and give rise to a new drug. These compounds used as found in nature or after chemical modifications have produced successful experimental medicaments as FAA, "flavone acetic acid" with good results as inibitors of slow growing animal tumors currently in preclinical evaluation for human treatment. In this lecture some international contributions in the field of chemical modified compounds as antineoplasic drugs will be examined, particularly those done by Brazilian researches.

  7. Das Ehrenamt im Technischen Hilfswerk

    Oesterling, Carina


    Das Ehrenamt hat sowohl in der Forschung als auch in der Politik seit Ende der 1980er Jahre zunehmend an Bedeutung gewonnen. Durch ökonomische und soziale Veränderungen, insbesondere die Reduktion staatlicher Leistungen, rückten Wohlfahrts- und Interessenverbände, Bürger- und Umweltinitiativen, Stiftungen und nichtstaatliche Organisationen verstärkt ins öffentliche Interesse. Damit einher ging die Diskussion um freiwillige, unentgeltliche Tätigkeit und die Personen, die diese Tätigkeiten ausü...

  8. Das Naturschutzgebiet Stockberg bei Ottbergen

    Häcker, Stefan


    Der Stockberg liegt nördlich der Ortschaft Ottbergen (Stadt Höxter) am Südrand des Herbremer Holzes, das Bestandteil eines zusammenhängenden Waldgebietes zwischen Höxter und Brakel ist. Der geologische Untergrund besteht aus Unterem Muschelkalk, dessen harte Gesteinsschichten der Verwitterung standhalten und den Grund für die steile Hangbildung zum Tal der Nethe darstellen. Während die Kuppe des Berges sowie die westlich und südöstlich exponierten Hänge waldbedeckt sind und forstlich genutzt ...

  9. Der Weg ist das Ziel

    Schellenberg, Alexandra


    Wie entsteht ein Kunstwerk? Was passiert, bevor es ein Kunstwerk ist? Wie kann eine Idee Gestalt annehmen? Woher bezieht der Künstler überhaupt seine Inspirationen? All diesen Fragen kann der wissbegierige Besucher in der Ausstellung „Kunst im Werden. Skizzen, Projekte und Arbeitsbücher“ nachgehen, für die vom 24. Juni bis zum 22. Oktober 2011 das Buchmuseum der Sächsischen Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden seine Türen öffnen wird.

  10. Crotalus durissus terrificus venom as a source of antitumoral agents

    MA Soares


    Full Text Available The basic knowledge on neoplasms is increasing quickly; however, few advances have been achieved in clinical therapy against tumors. For this reason, the development of alternative drugs is relevant in the attempt to improve prognosis and to increase patients' survival. Snake venoms are natural sources of bioactive substances with therapeutic potential. The objective of this work was to identify and characterize the antitumoral effect of Crotalus durissus terrificus venom (CV and its polypeptide, crotoxin, on benign and malignant tumors, respectively, pituitary adenoma and glioblastoma. The results demonstrated that CV possess a powerful antitumoral effect on benign (pituitary adenoma and malignant (glioblastoma multiforme tumors with IC50 values of 0.96 ± 0.11 µg/mL and 2.15 ± 0.2 µg/mL, respectively. This antitumoral effect is cell-cycle-specific and dependent on extracellular calcium, an important factor for crotoxin phospholipase A2 activity. The CV antitumoral effect can be ascribed, at least partially, to the polypeptide crotoxin that also induced brain tumor cell death. In spite of the known CV nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity, acute treatment with its antitumoral dose established in vitro was not found to be toxic to the analyzed animals. These results indicate the biotechnological potential of CV as a source of pharmaceutical templates for cancer therapy.

  11. Antitumor activity of polyacrylates of noble metals in experiment

    Larisa A. Ostrovskaya


    Full Text Available The aim of this research has been the study of the antitumor activity of polymetalacrylate derivatives containing in their structure noble metals. Metallic derivatives of polyacrylic acid were not previously tested as antitumor agents.The antitumor activity of polyacrylates, containing argentum (argacryl, aurum (auracryl and platinum (platacryl against experimental models of murine solid tumors (Lewis lung carcinoma and Acatol adenocarcinoma as well as acute toxicity have been studied. It is found that the polyacrylates of noble metals are able to inhibit tumor growth up to 50-90% in comparison with the control. Auracryl induced the inhibition of the Lewis lung carcinoma and Acatol adenocarcinoma by 80 and 90% in comparison with the control, results recommending it for further advanced preclinical studies.

  12. Synthesis and antitumor activity of novel 10-amino acids ester homocamptothecin analogues

    Liang You; Wan Nian Zhang; Zhen Yuan Miao; Wei Guo; Xiao Ying Che; Wen Ya Wang; Chun Quan Sheng; Jiang Zhong Yao; Ting Zhou


    Nine racemic homocamptothecin derivatives were synthesized and in vitro antitumor activities were evaluated by standard MTT method.The results showed that some of the compound had higher antitumor activity than iritecan.

  13. Antitumor Properties of Modified Detonation Nanodiamonds and Sorbed Doxorubicin on the Model of Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma.

    Medvedeva, N N; Zhukov, E L; Inzhevatkin, E V; Bezzabotnov, V E


    We studied antitumor properties of modified detonation nanodiamonds loaded with doxorubicin on in vivo model of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma. The type of tumor development and morphological characteristics of the liver, kidneys, and spleen were evaluated in experimental animals. Modified nanodiamonds injected intraperitoneally produced no antitumor effect on Ehrlich carcinoma. However, doxorubicin did not lose antitumor activity after sorption on modified nanodiamonds. PMID:26742746

  14. Synergistic antitumor activity of gemcitabine combined with triptolide in pancreatic cancer cells

    QIAO, ZHIXIN; He, Min; HE, MU; Li, Weijing; WANG, XUANLIN; Wang, Yanbing; KUAI, QIYUAN; Li, Changlan; REN, SUPING; Yu, Qun


    Pancreatic cancer is a fatal human malignancy associated with an exceptionally poor prognosis. Novel therapeutic strategies are urgently required to treat this disease. In addition to immunosuppressive activity, triptolide possesses strong antitumor activity and synergistically enhances the antitumor activities of conventional chemotherapeutic drugs in preclinical models of pancreatic cancer. The present study investigated the antitumor effects of triptolide in pancreatic cancer cells, either...

  15. Das berufliche und das private Geschlecht Gender: Professional and Private

    Almut Sülzle


    Full Text Available Jutta Wergen untersucht Geschlechterkonstruktionen in Männerberufen, indem sie Frauen befragt, die als Lkw-Fahrerinnen, als Binnenschifferinnen und als Bus- bzw Straßenbahnfahrerinnen im öffentlichen Nahverkehr arbeiten. Dabei kann sie zeigen, dass diese Berufe sehr unterschiedliche Kontexte für Geschlechterarrangements zur Verfügung stellen, von traditioneller Arbeitsteilung bis zur Umkehrung derselben. Der Kern der Erkenntnis dieser Arbeit, das sei hier schon vorweggenommen, ist bestechend und zugleich faszinierend einfach: die Trennung in ein „professionelles“ und ein „privates“ Geschlecht.Jutta Wergen examines gender constructions in traditionally male careers by interviewing women who work as truck drivers, ship captains, and bus and tram drivers in public transportation. In doing so she can show that these careers provide very different contexts for gender arrangements, from traditional division of work to its reversal. The core of the realization of this study-this is anticipated here-is fascinating and amazingly simple: the division between a “professional” and a “private” gender.

  16. Herausforderungen fuer das Requirements Engineering eingebetteter Systeme

    Andreas Fleischmann; Eva Geisberger; Markus Pister


    Abstract: In diesem Bericht werden in kompakter Form die spezifischen Problemstellungen und Herausforderungen bei der Entwicklung Eingebetteter Systeme aufgezeigt und die entsprechenden Anforderungen an das Requirements Engineering definiert. Der Bericht ist Teilergebnis des REFOCUS Projekts am Lehrstuhl von Professor Broy, in dem eine durchgehende Methodik fuer das Requirements Engineering Eingebetteter Systeme entworfen wird.

  17. Monstro Simile - Das Ende der Mitbestimmung

    Michael Adams


    Prof. Dr. Michael Adams, Universität Hamburg, kommentiert das Urteil des Europäischen Gerichtshofes, das Unternehmen ermöglicht, ausländische Rechtsformen zu wählen und dann deren Sitz nach Deutschland zu verlegen.

  18. Das Konzept des 'Medialen Habitus'

    Sven Kommer


    Full Text Available Sven Kommer fragt in seinem Beitrag, inwieweit das Habitus-Konzept als Erklärungsmuster für die beobachtbare Zementierung sozialer Ungleichheit im Schulsystem greift. Dabei konstatiert der Beitrag, dass alle an der Weiterschreibung des Habitus-Konzepts beteiligten AutorInnen sich darin einig sind, dass es wichtige Beiträge für die Selbst-Aufklärung einer weitestgehend mediatisierten Gesellschaft leistet. Der Artikel geht dabei – auch angesichts der PISA-Studien – von dem empirischen Befund aus, dass die individuelle Ausprägung der Medienkompetenz aufs engste mit den Ressourcen des Elternhauses verbunden ist und sich dabei die elterlichen Formen der Medienerziehung unübersehbar mit den aktuellen medialen Handlungspraxen verbinden. Dieser Befund deckt sich auf weite Strecken auch mit den Ergebnissen der Bildungssoziologie Pierre Bourdieus, weshalb die Diskussionen zum medialen Habitus im Rahmen dieser Ausführungen auch mit empirischen Argumenten unterfüttert werden. Ganz in diesem Sinne arbeitet der Artikel auch heraus, dass die aus dem Kontext der Cultural Studies stammenden Thesen zur Nivellierung kultureller Milieu-Unterschiede wenig empirisch fundiert sind. Der Artikel betont dahingehend, dass hier eine unreflektierte Infiltration durch genuin neoliberales Gedankengut vorliegt, da mit ihr auch die Annahme einer "freien Wahl" von Lebensweg, Milieuzugehörigkeit oder Gender verbunden werden kann. Dabei wir auch eingehend der "Clash of Habitus" diskutiert, der zwischen Lehrenden und Lernenden stattfindet und das Augenmerk ein Mal mehr auf die Tatsache lenkt, das unser Bildungssystem auf dieser pädagogisch relevanten Ebene durch soziale Ungleichheiten gekennzeichnet ist. In his essay, Sven Kommer questions whether the notion of habitus is suitable to support the understanding of the obvious consolidation of inequality in the school system. He shows that all authors active in the continued use of the notion of habitus agree that it

  19. Antitumor effect of magnetite nanoparticles in cat mammary adenocarcinoma

    Sincai, Mariana [Cell Biology-Histology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Calea Aradului no.119, Timisoara 19000 (Romania)]. E-mail:; Ganga, Diana [Cell Biology-Histology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Calea Aradului no.119, Timisoara 19000 (Romania); Ganga, Marius [Private Veterinary Practice, Timisoara (Romania); Argherie, Diana [Cell Biology-Histology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Calea Aradului no.119, Timisoara 19000 (Romania); Bica, Doina [Laboratory of Magnetic Fluids, Center for Fundamental and Advanced Technical Research, Romanian Academy-Timisoara Branch (Romania)


    The antitumor effect of a magnetic fluid was studied after direct inoculation into cat mammary tumors. An external magnetic field was used to retain the nanoparticles in the tumor tissue. After 2 month, the mammary tumor regressed very much in size and the microscopic exam revealed that the tumor cells massively endocytosed magnetic nanoparticles and entered in lysis process.

  20. Antitumor effect of magnetite nanoparticles in cat mammary adenocarcinoma

    The antitumor effect of a magnetic fluid was studied after direct inoculation into cat mammary tumors. An external magnetic field was used to retain the nanoparticles in the tumor tissue. After 2 month, the mammary tumor regressed very much in size and the microscopic exam revealed that the tumor cells massively endocytosed magnetic nanoparticles and entered in lysis process

  1. Encapsulation of antitumor drug methotrexate in liposome vesicles

    Liposome vesicles containing antitumor drug methotrexate (MTX) were prepared. MTX was labelled by the tritium ion beam method. After purification by TLC, the specific radioactivity of 3H-MTX was 1.19 GBq/mmol with radiochemical purity orver 95%. Under various forming conditions of liposome vesicles, the efficiency of encapsulation was 21-53%

  2. The early antitumor immune response is necessary for tumor growth

    Parmiani, Giorgio; Maccalli, Cristina


    Early events responsible of tumor growth in patients with a normal immune system are poorly understood. Here, we discuss, in the context of human melanoma, the Prehn hypothesis according to which a weak antitumor immune response may be required for tumor growth before weakly or non-immunogenic tumor cell subpopulations are selected by the immune system.

  3. Jacalin-Activated Macrophages Exhibit an Antitumor Phenotype

    Danella Polli, Cláudia; Pereira Ruas, Luciana; Chain Veronez, Luciana; Herrero Geraldino, Thais; Rossetto de Morais, Fabiana; Roque-Barreira, Maria Cristina; Pereira-da-Silva, Gabriela


    Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) have an ambiguous and complex role in the carcinogenic process, since these cells can be polarized into different phenotypes (proinflammatory, antitumor cells or anti-inflammatory, protumor cells) by the tumor microenvironment. Given that the interactions between tumor cells and TAMs involve several players, a better understanding of the function and regulation of TAMs is crucial to interfere with their differentiation in attempts to skew TAM polarization into cells with a proinflammatory antitumor phenotype. In this study, we investigated the modulation of macrophage tumoricidal activities by the lectin jacalin. Jacalin bound to macrophage surface and induced the expression and/or release of mainly proinflammatory cytokines via NF-κB signaling, as well as increased iNOS mRNA expression, suggesting that the lectin polarizes macrophages toward the antitumor phenotype. Therefore, tumoricidal activities of jacalin-stimulated macrophages were evaluated. High rates of tumor cell (human colon, HT-29, and breast, MCF-7, cells) apoptosis were observed upon incubation with supernatants from jacalin-stimulated macrophages. Taken together, these results indicate that jacalin, by exerting a proinflammatory activity, can direct macrophages to an antitumor phenotype. Deep knowledge of the regulation of TAM functions is essential for the development of innovative anticancer strategies. PMID:27119077

  4. Pornografie – Was ist das ?

    Corinna Rückert


    Full Text Available Die Diskussionen über das kulturelle und mediale Phänomen ‚Pornografie‘ zeichnen sich oft durch Unkenntnis des Betrachtungsgegenstands und definitorischer Ungenauigkeiten aus. Der vorliegende Text benennt Irrtümer und Vorurteile und liefert einen Beitrag zu einer wissenschaftlich nachvollziehbaren Definitionsgrundlage als Basis für weitere Diskussionen. Die nachfolgenden Überlegungen sind eine Kurzzusammenfassung der Dissertation von Corinna Rückert: Frauenpornographie. Pornographie von Frauen für Frauen. Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Studie. Frankfurt am Main 2000.Discussions on the cultural and media phenomenon of “pornography” often stand out in their lack of knowledge about the object under consideration and their imprecisely defined terminology. The text at hand points out confusions and prejudices and also contributes to the creation of a scholarly and comprehensible foundation for establishing a definition that can serve as a basis for further discussion. The following considerations provide a short summary of Corinna Rückert’s dissertation: Frauenpornographie. Pornographie von Frauen für Frauen. Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Studie. Frankfurt am Main 2000 [Female Pornography. Pornography by Women for Women. A Cultural Study].

  5. Adenosine can thwart antitumor immune responses elicited by radiotherapy. Therapeutic strategies alleviating protumor ADO activities

    Vaupel, Peter [Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), Department of Radiation Oncology, Munich (Germany); Multhoff, Gabriele [Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), Department of Radiation Oncology, Munich (Germany); Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen, Institute for innovative Radiotherapy (iRT), Experimental Immune Biology, Neuherberg (Germany)


    By studying the bioenergetic status we could show that the development of tumor hypoxia is accompanied, apart from myriad other biologically relevant effects, by a substantial accumulation of adenosine (ADO). ADO has been shown to act as a strong immunosuppressive agent in tumors by modulating the innate and adaptive immune system. In contrast to ADO, standard radiotherapy (RT) can either stimulate or abrogate antitumor immune responses. Herein, we present ADO-mediated mechanisms that may thwart antitumor immune responses elicited by RT. An overview of the generation, accumulation, and ADO-related multifaceted inhibition of immune functions, contrasted with the antitumor immune effects of RT, is provided. Upon hypoxic stress, cancer cells release ATP into the extracellular space where nucleotides are converted into ADO by hypoxia-sensitive, membrane-bound ectoenzymes (CD39/CD73). ADO actions are mediated upon binding to surface receptors, mainly A2A receptors on tumor and immune cells. Receptor activation leads to a broad spectrum of strong immunosuppressive properties facilitating tumor escape from immune control. Mechanisms include (1) impaired activity of CD4 + T and CD8 + T, NK cells and dendritic cells (DC), decreased production of immuno-stimulatory lymphokines, and (2) activation of Treg cells, expansion of MDSCs, promotion of M2 macrophages, and increased activity of major immunosuppressive cytokines. In addition, ADO can directly stimulate tumor proliferation and angiogenesis. ADO mechanisms described can thwart antitumor immune responses elicited by RT. Therapeutic strategies alleviating tumor-promoting activities of ADO include respiratory hyperoxia or mild hyperthermia, inhibition of CD39/CD73 ectoenzymes or blockade of A2A receptors, and inhibition of ATP-release channels or ADO transporters. (orig.) [German] Untersuchungen des bioenergetischen Status ergaben, dass Tumorhypoxie neben vielen anderen bedeutsamen biologischen Effekten zu einem starken

  6. Antitumor activity of fermented noni exudates and its fractions.

    Li, Jinhua; Chang, Leng-Chee; Wall, Marisa; Wong, D K W; Yu, Xianzhong; Wei, Yanzhang


    Noni has been extensively used in folk medicine by Polynesians for over 2000 year. Recent studies have shown that noni has a wide spectrum of therapeutic activities including inhibition of angiogenesis, anti-inflammatory effects and anti-cancer activities. Intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of fermented noni exudates (fNE) were previously found to induce significant tumor rejection in a S180 mouse sarcoma tumor model, while natural killer (NK) cells were demonstrated to be markedly involved in fNE-induced antitumor activity. In this study, fNE was partitioned into three fractions and their antitumor effects were examined using i.p. injection or as water supplement. The in vivo animal study results showed that when delivered by i.p. injection, n-butanol fraction of fNE (BuOH) effectively rejected (100%) tumor challenge and eradicated existing tumors (75%). When delivered as a water supplement, 62.5% of the mice receiving the n-butanol or ethyl acetate fractions resisted tumor cells. The tumor-resistant mice effectively rejected more and higher doses of tumor challenge, indicating that the immune system was activated. The findings confirm those of an earlier study showing fNE to have anti-tumor activity and demonstrating that the n-butanol fraction of fNE contains active antitumor components, to be further identified. More importantly, the antitumor effect of fNE and its fractions as water supplements renders a significant potential for identifying novel and powerful new dietary products for cancer prevention. PMID:24649140

  7. Das biochemische Rezidiv beim Prostatakarzinom

    Rauchenwald M


    Full Text Available Als biochemisches Rezidiv (BCR wird der Wiederanstieg des nach kurativer Therapie des Prostatakarzinoms (PCa abgefallenen PSA-Werts bezeichnet. Der PSA-Verlauf nach kurativer Therapie ist von der primären Behandlungsmethode abhängig, weshalb auch unterschiedliche Definitionen dafür vorliegen. Der Verlauf selbst scheint prognostische Bedeutung zu haben. Ein Wiederanstieg des PSA-Werts geht der klinischen Progression voraus, wodurch frühzeitig eine Therapie eingeleitet werden kann. Der ideale Zeitpunkt für eine Sekundärbehandlung ist allerdings noch ungenügend definiert. Fast die Hälfte der BCR treten innerhalb der ersten 2 Jahre, ¾ innerhalb der ersten 5 Jahre nach Primärtherapie auf. Als Risikofaktoren für einen BCR werden ein primäres Tumorstadium ≥ T2c, PSA 15, Samenblaseninvasion, Lymphknotenbefall sowie Gleason-Score ≥ 8 angesehen. Von klinischer Bedeutung ist vor allem die Unterscheidung zwischen lokoregionärem und systemischem Rezidiv. Hierzu werden als Parameter neben dem primären Tumorstadium und Gleason-Score das posttherapeutische Intervall und die PSA-Dynamik empfohlen. Als diagnostische Maßnahmen erscheinen nur die Skelettszintigraphie und die Positronenemissionstomographie mit Acetat- oder Cholintracern und diese ebenfalls nur bei entsprechend hohen PSA-Werten sinnvoll. Therapeutisch kommt nach primärer Radikaloperation und Verdacht auf einen lokalen Progress in erster Linie die Salvagebestrahlung zur Anwendung, nach primärer Radiatio wird allerdings vorwiegend die hormonelle Manipulation einer Salvageoperation oder alter“nativen lokaltherapeutischen Maßnahmen vorgezogen.

  8. Das Ende der Geschichte im Internet

    Jochum, Uwe


    Gedächtnis muß sich auf Orte verlassen können, an denen sich der Inhalt des zu Merkenden mit einer Stelle im Kontext alles anderen Gewußten verbinden kann. Das gilt zumal für das kulturelle Gedächtnis. Indem das Internet auf diese "lokalistische Struktur von Gedächtnis" verzichten zu können meint, bedroht es die Funktionsfähigkeit des kulturellen Gedächtnisses und damit von Geschichte überhaupt.

  9. Das "ultimative Informationsbeschaffungssystem" World Wide Web

    Oberthür, Petra


    Das Internet, entstanden aus dem militärischen ARPANET, hat sich zu einem weltumspannenden Computernetz entwickelt. Von den traditionellen Internetdiensten wie EMail oder FTP gingen die Entwicklungen hin zu ansprechenderen Informationssystemen und interaktiven Diensten. Seit Einführung des WWW hat das Internet einen enormen Zuwachs an Anwendern erfahren. Dieser rasante Erfolg des WWW bereitet jedoch auch Probleme, da es nicht dafür ausgelegt war, solch große Datenmengen und komplexe Anwendung...

  10. Media Control. Wer kontrolliert das Internet?

    Coy, Wolfgang


    Neue Techniken stoßen im allgemeinen nicht auf einen rechts- und regelfreien Raum, wenngleich sie neue Interpretationen oder auch Veränderungen, Anpassungen und Neufassungen der bestehenden Regeln erfordern. Das Internet ist unter militärischer Vorgabe im akademischen Raum entstanden: Offene Rechnernetze, die durch eine gemeinsame Protokollsuite verbunden sind, vor allem durch das TCP/IP Protokoll. Ziel dieses asynchronen, datenpaketvermittelten Dienstes ist es, auch unter starken Störungen e...

  11. Pemetaan Tingkat Bahaya Erosi di DAS Ular

    Fergina, Sukma Gika


    Drainage Basin (DAS) Ular is Das Priority I or flood-prone watershed restored. Flooding is an event where the puddles on the flat area around the river as a result of the overflow of the river water is not able to be accommodated by the river. Poor drainage systems and critical watershed conditions coupled with high rainfall factors resulted in the discharge of water in the river rises. To anticipate and reduction disadvantages flooding problem effect, needed handle with important the most...

  12. Welche Kinder haben Einfluss auf das Scheidungsrisiko?

    Breitenbach, Andrea


    In der Scheidungsforschung werden Kinder als ein zentraler Einflussfaktor der Ehestabilität thematisiert. Je nachdem welches Kindschaftsverhältnis oder Charakteristikum von Kindern vorliegt, ist mit der Erhöhung oder Verminderung der Ehestabilität zu rechnen. Zum Beispiel wird nach der Familienökononmie, durch das Vorhandensein von unehelichen Kindern in einer Ehe die Ehestabilität vermindert, während eheliche Kinder das Scheidungsrisiko reduzieren. In den meisten Untersuchungen der Scheidung...

  13. Das (Wieder-)Erfinden von Interviewverfahren : Kommentar zu "Das existenzielle Interview"

    Mey, Günter


    Mit Blick auf das narrative und das problemzentrierte Interview als zwei prominente Interviewverfahren und ergänzt um Anmerkungen zum episodischen, themenzentrierten und personzentrierten Interview erfolgt die Auseinandersetzung mit dem "existenziellen Interview", das Reiner Seidel als neue Methode für den Themenbereich "Biographie" vorschlägt. Vor dem Hintergrund eingeführter und elaborierter Interviewverfahren wird angemahnt, dass mit dem existenziellen Interview kein erkennbar eigens...

  14. Separation, antitumor activities, and encapsulation of polypeptide from Chlorella pyrenoidosa.

    Wang, Xiaoqin; Zhang, Xuewu


    Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a unicellular green algae and has been a popular foodstuff worldwide. However, no reports on the antitumor peptides from such a microalgae are available in the literature. In this study, using low-temperature high-pressure extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis, ion exchange, and gel filtration chromatography, we separated a polypeptide that exhibited inhibitory activity on human liver cancer HepG2 cells, and named the polypeptide CPAP (C. pyrenoidosa antitumor polypeptide). Furthermore, the micro- and nanoencapsulation of CPAP were investigated by using two methods: complex coacervation and ionotropic gelation. The in vitro release tests revealed that CPAP was well preserved against gastric enzymatic degradation after micro/nanoencapsulation and the slowly controlled release in the intestine could be potentially achieved. These results suggest that CPAP may be a useful ingredient in food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical applications. PMID:23606619

  15. Synthesis of lapachol analogues with possible antitumoral activity

    The lapachol is presented as a hydroxynaphthoquinone and, like many naphthoquinones, has had diverse biological activity, such as antiparasitic, antimicrobial, antifungal and anticancer even. The lateral alkyl chain has been an important factor in the activity of the 2-hydroxy-l,4-naphthoquinone. The synthesis of analogous compounds to lapachol is presented, by alkylating C3 of 2-hydroxy-l,4-naphthoquinone (lawsone) by tertiary carbocations, secondary and benzilic. Several methodologies of synthesis were used to achieve products formed, the reactions have presented yields moderate to good. The derivatives were characterized by spectroscopic methods (UV, IR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR), mass spectrometry and high-resolution melting points. Antitumor activity tests were performed in three cell lines, the results obtained have showed that some of the synthesized compounds, can become seeded in future research for the evaluation of the antitumor activity of other analogues lapachol. (author)

  16. [Research progress on anti-tumor effect of Huaier].

    Yang, Ai-lin; Hu, Zhong-dong; Tu, Peng-fei


    Huaier (Trametes robiniophila) has been widely used as an adjuvant drug for cancer treatment in China. The anti-cancer effect of Huaier extract has been confirmed in liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, gastric cancer, and so on. The main mechanisms by which Huaier exerts an anti-neoplastic effect include inhibition of the growth and proliferation of cancer cells, induction of apoptosis of cancer cells, suppression of angiogenesis, inhibition of the invasion and migration of cancer cells, regulation of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes expression, improving immunity, and reversal of drug resistance in cancer cells. In order to provide references for further study and clinical application on anti-tumor effect of Huaier, the latest research progress on anti-tumor effect of Huaier in recent years is summarized in this paper. PMID:27245026

  17. Esperamicins, a class of potent antitumor antibiotics: mechanism of action.

    Long, B H; Golik, J; Forenza, S; Ward, B; Rehfuss, R; Dabrowiak, J C; Catino, J J; Musial, S T; Brookshire, K W; Doyle, T W


    The esperamicins represent a class of antitumor antibiotics characterized by an unusual chemical core structure and extremely potent cytotoxicity. The mechanism by which these drugs produce cytotoxicity was investigated and found to be related to the formation of single- and double-strand DNA breaks. Using five structurally related analogs, we defined a structure-activity relationship for cytotoxicity in various eukaryotic and DNA-repair-deficient prokaryotic cell lines, for DNA breakage in a...

  18. Crotalus durissus terrificus venom as a source of antitumoral agents

    MA Soares; PB Pujatti; CL Fortes-Dias; Antonelli, L.; RG Santos


    The basic knowledge on neoplasms is increasing quickly; however, few advances have been achieved in clinical therapy against tumors. For this reason, the development of alternative drugs is relevant in the attempt to improve prognosis and to increase patients' survival. Snake venoms are natural sources of bioactive substances with therapeutic potential. The objective of this work was to identify and characterize the antitumoral effect of Crotalus durissus terrificus venom (CV) and its polypep...

  19. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha antitumor and immunomodulatory effects

    Scheringa, Marcel


    textabstractIn the first part of this thesis we examined the possibilities of using the cytokine tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNFcx) for the latter aproach. Although multiple studies have been performed regarding the antitumor action of TNFcx, it is still not clear whether TNFcx has sufficient potential to be used as immunotherapeutic agent in vivo. In this part of this thesis an answer to this important question is given Whereas cancer immunotherapy might benefit from immunostimulation with ...

  20. Antitumor Activity of Monoterpenes Found in Essential Oils


    Cancer is a complex genetic disease that is a major public health problem worldwide, accounting for about 7 million deaths each year. Many anticancer drugs currently used clinically have been isolated from plant species or are based on such substances. Accumulating data has revealed anticancer activity in plant-derived monoterpenes. In this review the antitumor activity of 37 monoterpenes found in essential oils is discussed. Chemical structures, experimental models, and mechanisms of action ...

  1. Synthesis and antitumor activity of novel podophyllotoxin derivatives

    Ming Zhao; Min Feng; Shu Fang Bai; Yuan Zhang; Wen Chao Bi; Hong Chen


    In order to find compounds with superior bioactivity and overcoming multidrug resistance, a novel series of 4β-N-substituted podophyllotoxin derivatives were synthesized and evaluated as potential antitumor agents. Seven novel podophyllotoxin derivatives were synthesized by linking 4β-amino-4-deoxypodophyllotoxin with alcohols through maleic acid and tested against K562 and K562/A02 using MTT assay in vitro.

  2. Antitumor mechanisms of metformin: Signaling, metabolism, immunity and beyond

    Ismael Samudio


    Full Text Available Metformin is a synthetic biguanide first described in the 1920´s as a side product of the synthesis of N,N-dimethylguanidine. Like otherrelated biguanides, metformin displays antihyperglycemic properties, and has become the most widely prescribed oral antidiabetic medicinearound the world. Intriguing recent evidence suggests that metformin has chemopreventive and direct antitumor properties, and severalongoing clinical studies around the world are using this agent alone or in combination with chemotherapeutic schemes to determineprospectively its safety and efficacy in the treatment of human cancer. Notably, immune activating effects of metformin have recently beendescribed, and may support a notion put forth in the 1950s that this agent possessed antiviral and antimalarial effects. However, how theseeffects may contribute to its observed antitumor effects in retrospective studies has not been discussed. Mechanistically, metformin has beenshown to activate liver kinase B1 (LKB1 and its downstream target AMP-activated kinase (AMPK. The activation of AMPK has beenproposed to mediate metformin´s glucose lowering effect, although recent evidence suggests that this agent can inhibit electron transport inhepatocyte mitochondria resulting in AMPK-independent inhibition of hepatic gluconeogenesis. Likewise, albeit activation of AMPK andthe resulting inhibition of the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR signaling have been suggested to mediate the antitumor effects ofmetformin, AMPK-independent growth inhibitory properties of this agent in tumor cells have also been described. Here we present a briefreview of the signaling, metabolic, and immune effects of metformin and discuss how their interplay may orchestrate the antitumor effectsof this agent. In addition, we provide the rationale for a compassionate use study of metformin in combination with metronomic chemotherapy.

  3. Anti-tumor Action and Clinical Application of Proteasome Inhibitor

    ZHOU Yong-ming; YU Mei-xia; LONG Hui; HUANG Shi-ang


    Ubiquitin-proteasome pathway mediates the degradation of cell protein,and cell cycle,gene translation and expression,antigen presentation and inflammatory development.Proteasome inhibitor Call inhibit growth and proliferation of tumor cell,induce apoptosis and reverse multipledrug resistance of tumor cell,increase the sensitivity of other chemomerapeutic drugs and radiotherapy,and is a novel class of potent anti-tumor agents.

  4. Snake venoms components with antitumor activity in murine melanoma cells

    Despite the constant advances in the treatment of cancer, this disease remains one of the main causes of mortality worldwide. So, the development of new treatment modalities is imperative. Snake venom causes a variety of biological effects because they constitute a complex mixture of substances as disintegrins, proteases (serine and metalo), phospholipases A2, L-amino acid oxidases and others. The goal of the present work is to evaluate a anti-tumor activity of some snake venoms fractions. There are several studies of components derived from snake venoms with this kind of activity. After fractionation of snake venoms of the families Viperidae and Elapidae, the fractions were assayed towards murine melanoma cell line B16-F10 and fibroblasts L929. The results showed that the fractions of venom of the snake Notechis ater niger had higher specificity and potential antitumor activity on B16-F10 cell line than the other studied venoms. Since the components of this venom are not explored yet coupled with the potential activity showed in this work, we decided to choose this venom to develop further studies. The cytotoxic fractions were evaluated to identify and characterize the components that showed antitumoral activity. Western blot assays and zymography suggests that these proteins do not belong to the class of metallo and serine proteinases. (author)

  5. Pharmacology and therapeutic applications of enediyne antitumor antibiotics.

    Shao, Rong-Guang


    The natural compounds that interfere with cellular DNA such as enediyne antitumor antibiotics might be important chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer. In this article, the pharmacology and anticancer activity of the enediyne antitumor agents that are approved for clinical use and undergoing pre-clinical or clinical evaluation are reviewed. Most enediyne compounds have shown potent activity against the proliferation of various cancer cells, including cells that display resistance to other chemotherapeutic drugs. Enediyne derivatives, such as an immunoconjugate composed of an enediyne compound and monoclonal antibody, reveal stronger activity and selectivity for human cancer cells. The mechanism underlying the anticancer activity of these enediyne antitumor agents may mainly lie in their generation of DNA double-strand breaks. Increasing evidence shows that the enediyne-induced DNA double-strand breaks can engage the activation of DNA damage response proteins, arresting cell cycle progression and eventually leading to apoptotic cell death. Continued investigation of the mechanisms of action and development of new enediyne derivatives and conjugates may provide more effective therapeutics for cancer treatments. PMID:20021423

  6. Functional and mechanistic analysis of telomerase: An antitumor drug target.

    Chen, Yinnan; Zhang, Yanmin


    The current research on anticancer drugs focuses on exploiting particular traits or hallmarks unique to cancer cells. Telomerase, a special reverse transcriptase, has been recognized as a common factor in most tumor cells, and in turn a distinctive characteristic with respect to non-malignant cells. This feature has made telomerase a preferred target for anticancer drug development and cancer therapy. This review aims to analyze the pharmacological function and mechanism and role of telomerase in oncogenesis; to provide fundamental knowledge for research on the structure, function, and working mechanism of telomerase; to expound the role that telomerase plays in the initiation and development of tumor and its relationship with tumor cell growth, proliferation, apoptosis, and related pathway molecules; and to display potential targets of antitumor drug for inhibiting the expression, reconstitution, and trafficking of the enzyme. We therefore summarize recent advances in potential telomerase inhibitors for antitumor including natural products, synthetic small molecules, peptides and proteins, which indicate that optimizing the delivery method and drug combination could be of help in a combinatorial drug treatment for tumor. More extensive understanding of the structure, biogenesis, and mechanism of telomerase will provide invaluable information for increasing the efficiency of rational antitumor drug design. PMID:27118336

  7. Antitumor effects of the benzophenanthridine alkaloid sanguinarine: Evidence and perspectives.

    Gaziano, Roberta; Moroni, Gabriella; Buè, Cristina; Miele, Martino Tony; Sinibaldi-Vallebona, Paola; Pica, Francesca


    Historically, natural products have represented a significant source of anticancer agents, with plant-derived drugs becoming increasingly explored. In particular, sanguinarine is a benzophenanthridine alkaloid obtained from the root of Sanguinaria canadensis, and from other poppy Fumaria species, with recognized anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Recently, increasing evidence that sanguinarine exibits anticancer potential through its capability of inducing apoptosis and/or antiproliferative effects on tumor cells, has been proved. Moreover, its antitumor seems to be due not only to its pro-apoptotic and inhibitory effects on tumor growth, but also to its antiangiogenic and anti-invasive properties. Although the precise mechanisms underlying the antitumor activity of this compound remain not fully understood, in this review we will focus on the most recent findings about the cellular and molecular pathways affected by sanguinarine, together with the rationale of its potential application in clinic. The complex of data currently available suggest the potential application of sanguinarine as an adjuvant in the therapy of cancer, but further pre-clinical studies are needed before such an antitumor strategy can be effectively translated in the clinical practice. PMID:26798435

  8. Antitumor effects of the benzophenanthridine alkaloidsanguinarine: Evidence and perspectives


    Historically, natural products have represented a significantsource of anticancer agents, with plant-deriveddrugs becoming increasingly explored. In particular,sanguinarine is a benzophenanthridine alkaloid obtainedfrom the root of Sanguinaria canadensis , and from otherpoppy Fumaria species, with recognized anti-microbial,anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Recently,increasing evidence that sanguinarine exibits anticancerpotential through its capability of inducing apoptosisand/or antiproliferative effects on tumor cells, has beenproved. Moreover, its antitumor seems to be due notonly to its pro-apoptotic and inhibitory effects on tumorgrowth, but also to its antiangiogenic and anti-invasiveproperties. Although the precise mechanisms underlyingthe antitumor activity of this compound remain notfully understood, in this review we will focus on themost recent findings about the cellular and molecularpathways affected by sanguinarine, together withthe rationale of its potential application in clinic. Thecomplex of data currently available suggest the potentialapplication of sanguinarine as an adjuvant in the therapyof cancer, but further pre-clinical studies are neededbefore such an antitumor strategy can be effectivelytranslated in the clinical practice.

  9. Jungle Honey Enhances Immune Function and Antitumor Activity

    Miki Fukuda


    Full Text Available Jungle honey (JH is collected from timber and blossom by wild honey bees that live in the tropical forest of Nigeria. JH is used as a traditional medicine for colds, skin inflammation and burn wounds as well as general health care. However, the effects of JH on immune functions are not clearly known. Therefore, we investigated the effects of JH on immune functions and antitumor activity in mice. Female C57BL/6 mice were injected with JH (1 mg/mouse/day, seven times intra-peritoneal. After seven injections, peritoneal cells (PC were obtained. Antitumor activity was assessed by growth of Lewis Lung Carcinoma/2 (LL/2 cells. PC numbers were increased in JH-injected mice compared to control mice. In Dot Plot analysis by FACS, a new cell population appeared in JH-injected mice. The percent of Gr-1 surface antigen and the intensity of Gr-1 antigen expression of PC were increased in JH-injected mice. The new cell population was neutrophils. JH possessed chemotactic activity for neutrophils. Tumor incidence and weight were decreased in JH-injected mice. The ratio of reactive oxygen species (ROS producing cells was increased in JH-injected mice. The effective component in JH was fractionized by gel filtration using HPLC and had an approximate molecular weight (MW of 261. These results suggest that neutrophils induced by JH possess potent antitumor activity mediated by ROS and the effective immune component of JH is substrate of MW 261.

  10. Antitumor efficacy of vaccinia virus-modified tumor cell vaccine

    The antitumor efficacies of vaccinia virus-modified tumor cell vaccines were examined in murine syngeneic MH134 and X5563 tumor cells. UV-inactivated vaccinia virus was inoculated i.p. into C3H/HeN mice that had received whole body X-irradiation at 150 rads. After 3 weeks, the vaccines were administered i.p. 3 times at weekly intervals. One week after the last injection, mice were challenged i.p. with various doses of syngeneic MH134 or X5563 viable tumor cells. Four methods were used for preparing tumor cell vaccines: X-ray irradiation; fixation with paraformaldehyde for 1 h or 3 months; and purification of the membrane fraction. All four vaccines were effective, but the former two vaccines were the most effective. A mixture of the membrane fraction of untreated tumor cells and UV-inactivated vaccinia virus also had an antitumor effect. These results indicate that vaccine with the complete cell structure is the most effective. The membrane fraction of UV-inactivated vaccinia virus-absorbed tumor cells was also effective. UV-inactivated vaccinia virus can react with not only intact tumor cells but also the purified membrane fraction of tumor cells and augment antitumor activity

  11. A study on recent tendency of anti-tumor herbal acupuncture

    Yoo Hwa-Seung; Lee Yong-Yeon; Cho Jung-Hyo; Lee Yeon-Weol; Son Chang-Gue; Cho Chong-Kwan; Hwang Kyu-Jeong


    Objectives: The purpose of this study is to develop and activate anti-tumor herbal acupuncture for cancer patients in South Korea. Methods: We investigated some literatures on anti-tumor herbal acupuncture which is used in South Korea and China, and made diagrams. Results: The results are summarized as follows. Anti-tumor herbal acupuncture is one of the traditional oriental medical method which is effective for cancer patients. In domestic studies, most of herb materials are belong to ...

  12. A Recent Study of Anti-tumor Herbal Acupuncture in Korea

    Hwa-Seung Yoo; Sun-hwi Bang; Chong-Kwan Cho


    Objectives : This systematic review summarizes the existing evidence on anti-tumor herbal acupuncture in South Korea. Methods : Literature searches were conducted in four databases. All studies of anti-tumor herbal acupuncture which has been published in South Korea until May, 2006 were included. Data were extracted according to pre-defined criteria by two independent reviewers. Results : We found 73 papers related to anti-tumor herbal acupuncture in South Korea. Seventy of seventy-thre...

  13. Interaction between antitumor drug and silver nanoparticles:combined fluorscence and surface enhanced Raman scattering study

    Jing Yang; Hong Wang; Zhuyuan Wang; Xuebin Tan; Chunyuan Song; Ruohu Zhang; Jin Li; Yiping Cui


    Optical methods and MTT method are used to characterize the antiproliferation effect of antitumor drug 9-aminoacridine (9AA) with and without silver nanoparticles.Intracellular surface enhanced Raman scat tering (SERS) spectra and fluorescent spectra of 9AA indicate the form of 9AA adsorbed on the surface of silver nanoparticles.Although both silver nanoparticles and antitumor drug can inhibit the growth of Hela cells,silver nanoparticles can slow down the antiproliferation effect on Hela cells at low concentration of antitumor drugs.Our experimental results suggest that silver nanoparticles may serve as slow-release drug carriers,which is important in antitumor drug delivery.

  14. Wem gehört das Wasser?

    Hettich, Peter


    Der Mensch besteht zum Grossteil aus Wasser. Daher ist auch Wasser das wichtigste Lebensmittel des Menschen. Doch trotz dieser Bedeutung, ist der Umgang mit Wasser meist sehr gedankenlos. Während ein Grossteil der Menschheit keinen Zugang zu sauberem Wasser hat, wird in den Industrieländern das verfügbare Wasser teilweise verschwendet oder durch chemische Aufbereitung verändert. Neben den absehbaren klimatischen Veränderungen im Zusammenhang mit dem hohen CO2- Ausstoss der Menschheit, wird de...

  15. Maurice Merleau-Ponty und das Smartphone

    Lisker, Mareike


    In dieser Arbeit wird untersucht, inwiefern die Leibphänomenologie Maurice Merleau-Pontys uns helfen kann, moderne Phänomene der Digitalität und ihre Beziehung zu uns als Mensch zu verstehen. Theoretische Einbettung für die Phänomene wie beispielsweise das Smartphone bietet das Konzept des Ubiquitous Computing sowie die Angebotstheorie James Jerome Gibsons. Zentral für die Arbeit ist der Begriff des Körperschemas, den Merleau-Ponty entwickelt. Mit dessen Hilfe wird dafür argumentiert, dass d...

  16. Mapeamento das competências chave

    Teixeira, João Ferreira


    Com este trabalho pretendemos desenvolver um projeto de intervenção no âmbito do Mapeamento de Competências, a implementar na Amorim & Irmãos, SA, a Entidade Acolhedora do Projeto. O diagnóstico realizado à Função Recursos Humanos permitiu identificar como potencial de intervenção o Mapeamento de Competências Chave. As Competências Chave são fundamentais para a operacionalização da missão e visão das organizações. Nos contextos de atuação global das empresas prevalec...

  17. Synergistic Antitumor Efficacy of Oncolytic Adenovirus Combined with Chemotherapy

    LI Yue-min; QIAN Qi-jun; SONG San-tai; JIANG Ze-fei; ZHANG Qi; QU Yi-mei; SU Chang-qing; ZHAO Chuan-hua; LI Zhi-qiang; GE Fei-jiao


    Objective: Chemotherapy is an effective means of treating breast cancer, and cancer-specific replicative adenovirus is also a promising antitumor agent in recent years. Our investigation aims to demonstrate that CNHK300 can mediate selective antitumor efficacy and produce synergistic cytotoxicity with chemotherapy on HER-2 over-expressing breast cancer. Methods: We engineered the telomerase-dependent replicative adenovirus CNHK300 by placing the E1A gene under the control of the human hTERT promoter. By analysis of E1A expression, we proved the fidelity of hTERT promoter in adenovirus genome and the selective expression of E1A in telomerase-positive breast cancer cells but not in normal fibroblast cells. By proliferation test, we further showed efficient replication of CNHK300 in breast cancer cells with apparently attenuated proliferation in normal fibroblast cells. Finally, we demonstrated by MTT methods that CNHK300 virus caused potent cytolysis and produced synergistic cytotoxicity with chemotherapy in breast cancer cells with attenuated cytotoxicity on normal cells. Results: In this virus, the E1A gene is successfully placed under the control of the human hTERT promoter. CNHK300 virus replicated as efficiently as the wild-type adenovirus and caused intensive cell killing in HER-2 over-expressing breast cancer cells in vitro. In contrast, telomerase-negative normal fibroblast cells, which expressed no hTERT activity, were not able to support CNHK300 replication. Combined treatment of CNHK300 with paclitaxel improved cytotoxicity on cancer cells. Conclusion: We conclude that CNHK300 can produce selective antitumor efficacy and enhance the in vitro response of chemotherapy on HER-2 overexpressing breast cancer.

  18. Glycosylated antitumor ether lipids: activity and mechanism of action.

    Arthur, Gilbert; Bittman, Robert


    Glycosylated antitumor ether lipids (GAELs) are distinguished from the alkyllysophospholipids or alkylphosphocholines classes of antitumor ether lipids (AEL) by the presence of a sugar moiety. Non-phosphorus GAELs, the subject of this review, have a sugar moiety in place of the phosphobase found in alkyllysophospholipids. Analogues of non-phosphorus GAELs with glucose, maltose, arabinose, or disaccharide moieties have been synthesized. Non-phosphorus GAELs with monosaccharides have cytotoxic and antiproliferative effects against cancer cells derived from a wide range of tissues, including drug resistant cell lines. The most active compound of this group to date is 1-O-hexadecyl-2-O-methyl-3-O-(2'-amino-2'-deoxy-β-D-glucopyranosyl)-sn-glycerol (11), which displays in vitro activity similar to or greater than that of ET-18-OCH3, the AEL "gold" standard. While the detailed molecular mechanism of action of non-phosphorus GAELs is not known, the data indicate that non-phosphorus GAELs are taken up by endocytosis and incorporated into early endosomes. The presence of non-phosphorus GAELs perturbs the maturation of the endocytic vesicles, resulting in the formation of large acidic vacuoles. Cell death appears to be the result of the release of cathepsins from the vacuoles into the cytosol and subsequent activation of a death pathway that is independent of the mitochondria and independent of apoptosis. The ability of these GAELs to kill cells via an apoptosis-independent mechanism makes them prime candidates for development of effective compounds against chemo-resistant tumors and cancer stem cells. The disaccharide-linked GAELs do not have cytotoxic activity but rather inhibit cancer cell motility due to the ability of the compounds to block specific calcium-activated potassium channels in cells. The antitumor activities displayed by these experimental compounds augurs well for their eventual development into clinically useful agents for cancer treatment. PMID:24628233

  19. NMR studies on antitumor drug candidates, berberine and berberrubine

    Jeon, Young Wook; Jung, Jin Won; Kang, Mi Ran; Chung, In Kwon; Lee, Weon Tae [Yonsei Univ., Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Berberine and berberrubine, which display antitumor activity, have also demonstrated distinct enzyme-poisoning activities by stabilizing topoisomerase II-DNA cleavable complexes. The protoberberine berberrubine differs in chemical structure with berberine at only one position, however, it shows a prominent activity different from berberine. Solution structures of berberine and berberrubine determined by NMR spectroscopy are similar, however, the minor structural rearrangement has been observed near 19 methoxy or hydroxyl group. We suggest that the DNA cleavage activities of topoisomerase II poisons could be correlated with both chemical environments and minor structural change together with hydrophobicity of interacting side chains of drugs with DNA molecules.

  20. [Polyacrylates of noble metals as potential antitumor drugs].

    Ostrovskaia, L A; Voronkov, M G; Korman, D B; Bliukhterova, N V; Fomina, M M; Rykova, V A; Abzaeva, K A; Zhilitskaia, L V


    The antitumor activity of polyacrylates of the noble metals containing argentum (argacryl), aurum (auracryl) and platinum (platacryl) has been studied using experimental murine solid tumor models (Lewis lung carcinoma and Acatol adenocarcinoma). It has been found that polyacrylates of the noble metals are capable of inhibiting tumor development by 50-90% compared to control. Auracryl that inhibites the growth of Lewis lung carcinoma and Acatol adenocarcinoma by 80 and 90%, respectively, compared to control is the most efficient among the tested compounds and can be recommended for the further profound preclinical studies. PMID:25707247

  1. Synthesis and antitumor activity of tetrahydrocarbazole hybridized with dithioate derivatives.

    El-Nassan, Hala Bakr


    The present study reported the synthesis of tetrahydrocarbazoles hybridized with dithioate derivatives. Three series were synthesized namely alkyl dithiocarbonates (4a-d), heterocyclic dithiocarbamates (6a-g) and dialkyl dithiocarbamate (7). The synthesized compounds were tested in vitro on human breast adenocarcinoma cell line (MCF7) and the human colon tumor cell line (HCT116). Most of the synthesized compounds exploited potent antitumor activity, especially compound 6f [4-chlorophenylpiperazine derivative], which showed cytotoxic activity against MCF7 superior to doxorubicin with IC50 value of 7.24 nM/mL. PMID:24899376


    何峰; 戴颖仪; 朱孝峰; 黄爱东; 张翎; 颜少平; 刘宗潮


    Objective: To study the active sites of podophyllotoxin derivatives. Methods: Some podophyllotoxin derivatives were analyzed by quantum and mechanics method. Results: Some information was given according to the calculation results about HOMO and LUMO electron density. The C-4 position is the position for effective modification. The B ring and E ring are important active centers. Conclusion: The hole of positive charge in B ring easily combines with an acceptor within the molecular. Some quinolones with similar electronic construction to podophyllotoxin may have antitumor activity.

  3. Tumor Regulatory T Cells Potently Abrogate Antitumor Immunity1

    Liu, Zuqiang; Kim, Jin H.; Falo, Louis D.; You, Zhaoyang


    Treg from mice bearing a breast tumor were elevated (tumor Treg). In vitro, whereas tumor Treg ability to inhibit tumor-primed CD4+ T cell activity is comparable to Treg from naïve mice (naïve Treg), only tumor Treg suppress naïve CD8+ T cell activation and DC function. Neither tumor Treg nor naïve Treg can suppress antitumor immunity at the effector phase of the immune response induced by adoptively-transferred tumor-primed CD4+ T cells. This is consistent with the observation that, in this ...

  4. GHRSST-14 DAS-TAG Report

    Armstrong, Edward; Piolle, Jean Francois


    The DAS-TAG provides the informatics and data management expertise in emerging information technologies for the GHRSST community. It provides expertise in data and metadata formats and standards, fosters improvements for GHRSST data curation, experiments with new data processing paradigms, and evaluates services and tools for data usage. It provides a forum for producer and distributor data management issues and coordination.

  5. Physik gestern und heute Das Eiskalorimeter

    Heering, P.


    Kalorimetrische Messungen gehören heute zum experimentellen Standardrepertoire im Bereich der Thermodynamik und der physikalischen Chemie. Das erste Gerät für derartige Messungen entwickelten Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts die französischen Wissenschaftler Antoine Laurent Lavoisier und Pierre Simon de Laplace.

  6. Das DLR_School_Lab Oberpfaffenhofen

    Schüttler, Tobias; Hausamann, Dieter


    Das DLR_School_Lab Oberpfaffenhofen ist eines von derzeit neun Schullaboren des Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt und ein typischer außerschulischer Lernort, der für eine Verkleinerung der MINT-Lücke sorgen soll.

  7. Das Urheberrecht prallt auf die remix generation

    Christian Berger


    Full Text Available LehrerInnen sind ehrenhafte Menschen, die sich bemühen, keine Rechtsverstöße zu machen. Allerdings macht das geltende Urheberrecht dies sehr schwer. Die nächste Generation hat da ohnehin schon eine ganz andere Praxis. Eigentlich beginnt es oftmals ganz harmlos und mensch selbst hat dabei weder böse Hintergedanken noch kommerzielle Interessen. Eine Lehrerin möchte ein Arbeitsblatt herstellen. Schnell mal ins Internet und ein geeignetes Foto zur Illustration suchen. Download öffnen und … naja, eigentlich könnte ich da doch schnell noch eine Kleinigkeit dazu ergänzen, dann würde das optimal passen. Gesagt, getan. Im Bildbearbeitungsprogramm ist die Sache in fünf Minuten erledigt. Reinkopieren ins Arbeitsblatt. Fertig. Morgen noch in der Schule ausdrucken und kopieren. Den SchülerInnen gefällt das und sie sind motiviert, das Blatt auszufüllen. Die Lehrerin hat allerdings eine Rechtsverletzung begangen und wäre dafür auch gerichtlich verfolgbar.

  8. Tricot e o Dia das Comadres

    Melo, Helena Sousa


    Neste artigo aborda-se a matemática existente nos trabalhos de tricot; a aritmética modular e a geometria das transformações, nomeadamente as simetrias. Apresenta-se um exemplo prático com a execução da fita de Mobius.

  9. Staatliche Eingriffe in das System der Mindestentgelte

    Štefko, Martin

    Wien: Verlag des ÖGB, 2013 - (Löschnigg, G.), s. 266-279. (Internationales und vergleichendes Arbeits- und Sozialrecht. 4). ISBN 978-3-7035-1635-1. [Staatliche Eingriffe in das System der Mindestentgelte im internationalen Vergleich. Graz (AT), 11.10.2012-12.10.2012] Institutional support: RVO:68378122 Keywords : minimum wage * collective agreement * social partners Subject RIV: AG - Legal Sciences

  10. Prophylactic Antitumor Effect of Mixed Heat Shock Proteins/Peptides in Mouse Sarcoma

    Yu Wang


    Conclusions: Vaccination with a polyvalent mHSP/P cancer vaccine can induce an immunological response and a marked antitumor response to autologous tumors. This mHSP/P vaccine exerted greater antitumor effects than did HSP70, HSP60, or tumor lysates alone.

  11. Synthesis and in vitro antitumor activity of new butenolide-containing dithiocarbamates.

    Wang, Xiao-Juan; Xu, Hai-Wei; Guo, Lin-Lin; Zheng, Jia-Xin; Xu, Bo; Guo, Xiao; Zheng, Chen-Xin; Liu, Hong-Min


    Three series of butenolide-containing dithiocarbamates were designed and synthesized. Their anti-tumor activity in vitro was evaluated. Among them compound I-14 exhibited broad spectrum anti-cancer activity against five human cancer cell lines with IC(50) dithiocarbamate side chains on the C-3 position of butenolide was crucial for anti-tumor activity. PMID:21486694

  12. Antitumor activity of levan polysaccharides from selected microorganisms.

    Yoo, Sang-Ho; Yoon, Eun Ju; Cha, Jaeho; Lee, Hyeon Gyu


    Levans were isolated from the cultures of Gluconoacetobacter xylinus (G-levan; Mw = 40,000), Microbacterium laevaniformans (M; Mw = 710,000), Rahnella aquatilis (R; Mw = 380,000), and Zymomonas mobilis (Z; Mw = 570,000). The levans were composed mainly of fructose residues when analyzed by TLC and HPLC, and their main backbones were beta-(2,6)-linkages with beta-(2,1)-branches by GC-MS and NMR. In the in vitro antitumor activity test of the levans against eight different tumor cell lines, relatively stronger activity was observed from the SNU-1 and HepG2. The M- (52.54-62.05%) and R-levan (52.15-58.58%) showed the significantly high activity against SNU-1, while M-levan showed the highest (49.93-61.82%) activity against HepG2. During the in vivo analysis of inhibitory activity of the levans against Sarcoma-180 growth, M-, R- and Z-levans showed strong antitumor activity (average 66%) but G-levan (42%) had significantly lower activity. PMID:15178007


    刘小云; 甄永苏


    Objective.Using monoclonal antibody (mAb) Fab′ fragment to develop mAb immunoconjugates for cancer. Methods.Fab′ fragment of mAb 3A5 was prepared by digestion of the antibody with pepsin and then reduced by dithiothreitol (DTT),while Fab′ fragment of mAb 3D6 was obtained by digestion of the antibody with ficin and subsequently reduced by β mercaptoethanol.The conjugation between Fab′ fragment and pingyangmycin (PYM),an antitumor antibiotic,was mediated by dextran T 40.Immunoreactivity of Fab′ PYM conjugates with cancer cells was determined by ELISA,and the cytotoxicity of those conjugates to cancer cells was determined by clonogenic assay.Antitumor effects of the Fab′ PYM conjugates were evaluated by subcutaneously transplanted tumors in mice. Results.The molecular weight of Fab′ fragment was approximately 53 kD,while the average molecular weight of Fab′ PYM conjugate was 170 kD.The Fab′ PYM conjugates showed immunoreactivity with antigen relevant cancer cells and selective cytotoxicity against target cells.Administered intravenously,Fab′ PYM conjugates were more effective against the growth of tumors in mice than free PYM and PYM conjugated with intact mAb. Conclusion.Fab′ PYM conjugate may be capable of targeting cancer cells and effectively inhibiting tumor growth,suggesting its therapeutic potential in cancer treatment.

  14. Antitumor activity of C-phycocyanin from Arthronema africanum (Cyanophyceae

    Elena Gardeva


    Full Text Available Pure C-phycocyanin (C-PC was isolated from Arthronema africanumto evaluate its potential antitumor effects in vivo and in vitro. Experimental myeloid Graffi tumor in hamsters was used as a model. The cell proliferation assay showed that C-PC treatment, at concentration of 100 µg mL-1 for 24 h, significantly inhibited the growth of Graffi tumor cells (51.4% viability. Agarose gel electrophoresis of the genomic DNA of treated cells displayed time-and concentration-dependent fragmentation pattern, typical for apoptosis. Apoptotic process was related to the increase in cellular manganese and copper/zinc superoxide dismutases and glutathione reductase activities, coupled with a low catalase activity. In vivo C-PC administration (5.0 mg kg-1 body weight suppressed the tumor transplantability and growth, while the mean survival time of the tumor-bearing hamsters was increased. The results revealed promising antitumor activities of A. africanum C-PC and suggested the potential of this natural biliprotein pigment for future pharmacological and medical applications. The study provided new data on the mechanism of the C-PC induced apoptosis in which the imbalance of antioxidant enzymes that favoured hydrogen peroxide accumulation might play a leading role.

  15. Antitumor effect of sonodynamically activated pyrrolidine tris-acid fullerene

    Iwase, Yumiko; Nishi, Koji; Fujimori, Junya; Fukai, Toshio; Yumita, Nagahiko; Ikeda, Toshihiko; Chen, Fu-shin; Momose, Yasunori; Umemura, Shin-ichiro


    In this study, the sonodynamically induced antitumor effect of pyrrolidine tris-acid fullerene (PTF) was investigated. Sonodynamically induced antitumor effects of PTF by focused ultrasound were investigated using isolated sarcoma-180 cells and mice bearing ectopically-implanted colon 26 carcinoma. Cell damage induced by ultrasonic exposure was enhanced by 5-fold in the presence of 80 µM PTF. The combined treatment of ultrasound and PTF suppressed the growth of the implanted colon 26 carcinoma. Ultrasonically induced 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidone-1-oxyl (4oxoTEMPO) production in the presence and absence of PTF was assessed, and it was shown that 80 µM PTF enhanced 4oxoTEMPO production as measured by ESR spectroscopy. Histidine, a reactive oxygen scavenger, significantly reduced cell damage and 4oxoTEMPO generation caused by ultrasonic exposure in the presence of PTF. These results suggest that singlet oxygen is likely to be involved in the ultrasonically induced cell damage enhanced by PTF.

  16. Replicase-based plasmid DNA shows anti-tumor activity

    Weiss Richard


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Double stranded RNA (dsRNA has multiple anti-tumor mechanisms. Over the past several decades, there have been numerous attempts to utilize synthetic dsRNA to control tumor growth in animal models and clinical trials. Recently, it became clear that intracellular dsRNA is more effective than extracellular dsRNA on promoting apoptosis and orchestrating adaptive immune responses. To overcome the difficulty in delivering a large dose of synthetic dsRNA into tumors, we propose to deliver a RNA replicase-based plasmid DNA, hypothesizing that the dsRNA generated by the replicase-based plasmid in tumor cells will inhibit tumor growth. Methods The anti-tumor activity of a plasmid (pSIN-β that encodes the sindbis RNA replicase genes (nsp1-4 was evaluated in mice with model tumors (TC-1 lung cancer cells or B16 melanoma cells and compared to a traditional pCMV-β plasmid. Results In cell culture, transfection of tumor cells with pSIN-β generated dsRNA. In mice with model tumors, pSIN-β more effectively delayed tumor growth than pCMV-β, and in some cases, eradicated the tumors. Conclusion RNA replicase-based plasmid may be exploited to generate intracellular dsRNA to control tumor growth.

  17. Replicase-based plasmid DNA shows anti-tumor activity

    Double stranded RNA (dsRNA) has multiple anti-tumor mechanisms. Over the past several decades, there have been numerous attempts to utilize synthetic dsRNA to control tumor growth in animal models and clinical trials. Recently, it became clear that intracellular dsRNA is more effective than extracellular dsRNA on promoting apoptosis and orchestrating adaptive immune responses. To overcome the difficulty in delivering a large dose of synthetic dsRNA into tumors, we propose to deliver a RNA replicase-based plasmid DNA, hypothesizing that the dsRNA generated by the replicase-based plasmid in tumor cells will inhibit tumor growth. The anti-tumor activity of a plasmid (pSIN-β) that encodes the sindbis RNA replicase genes (nsp1-4) was evaluated in mice with model tumors (TC-1 lung cancer cells or B16 melanoma cells) and compared to a traditional pCMV-β plasmid. In cell culture, transfection of tumor cells with pSIN-β generated dsRNA. In mice with model tumors, pSIN-β more effectively delayed tumor growth than pCMV-β, and in some cases, eradicated the tumors. RNA replicase-based plasmid may be exploited to generate intracellular dsRNA to control tumor growth

  18. Electroporation: A New Approach Enhancing Antitumor Effects of Cytoxan

    Yang Kong(杨孔); Yue Bisong; Wang Zishu; Zou Fangdong; Zhao Ermi; Wang Baoyi; Zhang Hong


    Electrochemotherapy (ECT) is a novel cancer treatment in which electric pulses (Eps) inducing cell membrane pored (electroporation) are used as a means of delivering antitumor drugs to the cytoplasm of cancer cells. In vitro, with scan electromicroscope (SEM) and Trypan blue staining examination, the best parameter of Eps of electroporation is studied by the S-180 cells exposed to EP with various voltages, pulses , capacitance. The best parameter of EP of electroporation is 600V/cm, 6 pulses, 10 μF. In the in vivo study, ECT is studied with the Cytoxan (CTX) injected directly into the tumor followed immediately by a local EP at the tumor site. Four parameters, which include the tumor inhibitory ratio, the curing ratio and the vas capillare of tumor, the tumor's histopathological characteristics are determined and compared among the ECT group, the control group, the EP-only group and the drug-only group. The results indicate that the antitumor effect of CTX is significantly enhanced by electroporation.

  19. [Primary research on anti-tumor activity of panaxadiol fatty acid esters].

    Zhang, Chun-Hong; Zhang, Lian-Xue; Li, Xiang-Gao; Gao, Yu-Gang; Liu, Ya-Jing


    For making use of Ginseng resources and finding new anti-tumor drugs, the anti-tumor activity of three kinds of new panaxadiol fatty acid ester derivates: 3beta-acetoxy panaxadiol (I), 3beta-palmitic acid aceloxy panaxadiol (II), 3beta-octadecanoic acid aceloxy panaxadiol (Ill) and panaxaiol were compared through the method of cell stain and counting. Tumor cell was Vero cell line. Positive control was 5-FU. Blank was RPM11640 culture medium. Negative control was RPM11640 culture medium and the solvent for subjected drugs. The result showed that compound I had the strongest anti-tumor activity, second was panaxadiol, II and III had the same and the weakest antitumor activity. Furthermore, the anti-tumor activities of panaxadiol fatty acid ester derivates showed positive correlation with subjects' concentrations, but no relationship with molecular weight of fatty acid. PMID:17228662

  20. Das Repertory-Grid-Interview als Methode kooperativen Forschungshandelns

    Dick, Michael


    Ausgehend von einer Kritik an der Ausrichtung der Methodenausbildung in der Psychologie (in Deutschland) werden die Gegenstandsangemessenheit und die Kooperationsförderlichkeit von Methoden als Kriterien methodischer Professionalität betont. Anschließend wird das Repertory-Grid-Interview als Verfahren vorgestellt, das beiden Kriterien gerecht wird. Das rezensierte Lehrbuch sowie die damit korrespondierende Software stellen eine geeignete Einführung in das Verfahren dar, setzen allerdings eine...

  1. Das naturwissenschaftliche Labor als Ort der "Verdichtung" von Gesellschaft

    Knorr-Cetina, Karin D.


    ZieI der vorliegenden Arbeit ist es zu zeigen, daß sich das herrschende ,,Feindbild" des Sozialen als dasjenige, das wissenschaftliche Resultate "venureinigt" und von außen infiltriert, bei Betrachtung der Forschungspraxis der Naturwissenschaften nicht aufrecht erhalten läßt. Das naturwissenochaflliche Labor zeigt sich vielmehr als ein Ort, an dem gesellschaftliche Praktiken für epistemiosche Zwecke instrumentalisiert und in Apparaturen der Erkenntnisfabrikation transfonniert werden: das Labo...

  2. Chemical composition and antitumor activity of different wild varieties of Moroccan thyme Composição química e atividade antitumoral de diferentes variedades selvagens de tomilho Marroquino

    Abdeslam Jaafari


    analisados. De um modo geral, os constituintes principais da composição química das populações de tomilho morroquinas foram carvacrol, timol, borneol e p-cimeno. A quantidade desses componentes pode ser de 85%, 42%, 59%, e 23%, respectivamente. Em adição, os óleos essenciais bem como dois produtos puros (carvacrol e timol foram testados quanto à sua atividade antitumoral contra mastocitoma da linhagem P815. Enquanto todos esses produtos mostraram efeito citotóxico dependente da dose, o carvacrol foi o mais citotóxico quando comparado aos outros. Interessantemente, quando estes produtos foram testados contra células mononucleares sangüíneas periféricas humanas normais, mostraram efeito proliferativo em vez de citotóxico.

  3. Das morgendliche Brückenritual

    Sander, Oliver

    Es wäre für Mediziner sehr interessant zu wissen, was für Kräfte genau in den menschlichen Knien wirken. Klar ist, dass sie recht groß sein müssen. Das Gewicht eines erwachsenen Mannes beträgt ca. 80 kg. Wenn davon je die Hälfte auf einem Bein ruht hat man schon mindestens 400 Newton pro Knie, beim Laufen, Springen, oder Treppensteigen noch viel mehr. Man will es aber noch viel genauer wissen. Die Kondylen, das sind die Kontaktflächen in den Knien, sind nicht eben. Es gibt dort Unregelmäßigkeiten, und die Kräfte konzentrieren sich dort. An einzelnen Stellen können die Kräfte dann noch viel höher sein.




    Nas últimas duas décadas a discussão acerca da responsabilidade social e ambiental (RSA) das empresas têm crescido, bem como o entendimento da sociedade de que as empresas devem ter um papel de protagonistas, assim como os governos devem buscar um padrão de atuação responsável social e ambientalmente. A globalização dos negócios e da informação gerou um novo ambiente de atuação das empresas muito mais competitivo e de pressão dos diversos stakeholders. Questiona-se sua atuação e seu impacto e...

  5. DAS: Intelligent Scheduling Systems for Shipbuilding

    Lee, Jae Kyu; Lee, Kyoung Jun; Hong, June Seok; Kim, Wooju; Kim, Eun Young; Choi, Soo Yeoul; Kim, Ho Dong; Yang, Ok Ryul; Choi, Hyung Rim


    Daewoo Shipbuilding Company, one of the largest shipbuilders in the world, has experienced great deal of trouble with the planning and scheduling of its production process. To solve the problems, from 1991 to 1993, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Daewoo jointly conducted the Daewoo Shipbuilding Scheduling (das) Project. To integrate the scheduling expert systems for shipbuilding, we used a hierarchical scheduling architecture. To automate the dynamic spatial lay...

  6. Forschung Frankfurt : das Wissenschaftsmagazin. 2012, Nr. 1


    Schwerpunkt: Gefäßforschung. Inhalt: Vorwort ... », Kompakt * Paul Ehrlich-Preis für Zellbiologen und Nachwuchspreis für Diabetes-Forscherin * Ausgezeichnet: Leibniz-Preis für Rainer Forst * Biologischer Nanomotor mit Hybridantrieb entdeckt Forschung intensiv * Thrombose-Forschung. Wenn das Blut in den Adern stockt [Eva-Maria Siefert] * Sauerstoffradikale. Schutz oder Schaden für die Gefäße? [Ralf Brandes und Katrin Schröder] * Fettstoffwechsel ...

  7. Legitimation allein durch Entwicklung? : Das Beispiel Ruanda

    Stroh, Alexander


    "In Ruanda soll 2008 zum zweiten Mal nach dem Genozid (1994) ein Teil des Parlaments gewählt werden. Eine Debatte um die Bedeutung der Qualität dieser Wahlen für die weitere Entwicklungszusammenarbeit ist noch nicht erkennbar. Obgleich sich global ein allgemeiner Zusammenhang zwischen Demokratie und Entwicklungszuwendungen etabliert hat, wird die autokratische Herrschaft in Ruanda von Geberseite akzeptiert. Das Land erhält gegenwärtig so viel Entwicklungshilfe wie nie zuvor in Friedenszeiten....

  8. Das Übertragungsverhalten von Synchronriemengetrieben

    Librentz, Roy


    Die Verkürzung von Produktentwicklungszeiten in der Antriebstechnik erfordert zunehmend den Einsatz von leistungsfähigen Simulationswerkzeugen. Die Basis für eine realitätsnahe Modellbildung liegt in der Kenntnis der wesentlichen, das Übertragungsverhalten bestimmenden Wirkmechanismen. Bezogen auf den im Rahmen der vorliegenden Dissertation betrachteten Synchronriementrieb finden die essentiellen Vorgänge im Riemen-Scheibe-Kontakt statt. Deshalb wurden diese Vorgänge mittels gezielter experim...

  9. Das Christentum, eine Religion der Gewalt?

    Vinnai, Gerhard


    "Das Christentum ist seinem Selbstverständnis nach eine Liebesreligion, aber seine Geschichte ist nicht zuletzt auch eine Geschichte der Gewalt. Der Text versucht diesen Widerspruch zu erklären. Er untersucht mit den Mitteln der Analytischen Sozialpsychologie, ausgehend vom Text der Bibel, was in dieser Religion der Ausübung von Gewalt entgegenkommen kann." (Autorenreferat) "in its self-image the Christianity is a religion of love, but its history itself is a history of violence too....

  10. Documentos escolares: impactos das novas tecnologia

    Flávia Obino Corrêa Werle


    Full Text Available  Reflexões acerca das mudanças proporcionadas pelas novas tecnologias na gestão, escrituração e arquivos escolares e das alterações normativas referentes a escrituração e arquivo. Descrição e análise da diferenciação documental tornando corno objeto formas de registro e comunicação do aproveitamento dos alunos pelas escolas aos pais e à sociedade ­livros de atas de aproveitamento, relatórios impressos, boletim semanal de comportamento, boletins de aproveitamento dos alunos para comunicação mensal ou bimestral aos pais, até boletins digitalizados que trafegam eletronicamente entre a escola e os pais, disponíveis em página web das escolas.Palavras-chave: história das instituições educativas; arquivos de instituições educativas; digitalização de documentos.   Abstract Reflections about the changes provided by new technologies to the administration, book­keeping and school archives and the normative alterations referring to book-keeping and archives. The description and analysis of the documental differentiation taking as an object ways of registry and communication to the parents and society of results of the pupils - book of registration of the progress, printed reports, weekly bulletin of behavior, bulletins of progress of the pupils for the monthly or bimestrial communication to the parents, as well as digitalized bulletins which can travel electronically between the school and the parents, available on web pages of the schools. Keywords: history of the educational institutions, archives of the educational institutions, digitalization of documents. 

  11. Finding New Tricks for Old Drugs: Tumoricidal Activity of Non-Traditional Antitumor Drugs.

    Zhang, Fangrong; Li, Min; Wang, Junling; Liang, Xi; Su, Yujie; Wang, Wei


    Chemotherapy, a traditional method, plays an important role in tumor therapy. Currently, common clinical antitumor drugs have several defects like poor efficacy, side effects, etc. Furthermore, developing new antitumor drugs takes a long time and requires many resources. Recent studies have found that oldies are newbies for the oncologist, such as flavonoid, metformin, aspirin, etc. These non-traditional antitumor drugs (NTADs) are widely used in management of non-cancer diseases, which gained FDA approval for treatment of patients. Increasingly, studies about antitumor action of NTADs have attracted many researchers' interests. A giant amount of studies showed a decrease in cancer incidence in NTAD-treated patients. Several reports outlined a direct inhibitory effect of NTADs on cancer cell growth and antitumoral actions. This review summarized the research progress on antitumor effects of ten NTADs. Retrospective and meta-analyses of trials also showed that these NTADs had preventive effects against cancer in vitro and in vivo. These drugs represent a promising option for cancer treatment, which have clear benefits including clinical safety, obvious curative effect, and saving medical and health resources. Judged from previous reports, future studies will yield valuable data about the profitable effects of these drugs. With a better understanding of its mechanisms of antitumor activity, NTADs may become available for combination with chemotherapy or targeted therapy in clinic. PMID:27032934

  12. Antitumor effects of radioiodinated antisense oligonucleotide mediated by VIP receptor

    Purpose: we had constructed a targeting delivery system based on intestinal peptide (VIP) for antisense oligonucleotide (ASON) transfer into VIP receptor-positive cells in previous study. The aims of present studies are to observe the antitumor effect of VIP-131I-ASON in HT29 human colon adenocarcinoma xenografts. Methods: A 15-met phosphorothioate ASON, which was complementary to the translation start region of the C-myc oncogene mRNA, was labeled with 131I and the labelled compound was linked to the VIP bound covalently 'to a polylysine chain so as to deliver oligonucleotide into tumor cells. Distribution experiments for evaluating the radiolabeled antisense complexe uptake in tumor tissue were performed in BALB/c nude mice bearing with HT29 tumor xenografts. Nude mice beating HT29 tumor xenografts were adminstered VIP-131I-ASON (3.7,7.4 MBq) or 131I-ASON (3.7 MBq), 131I labeled control sense and nosense DNA (3.7 MBq), or saline. Antitumor effects were assessed using endpoints of tumor growth delay. C-myc-encoded protein expression of tumor was measured by immunocytohistochemical staining. Results: Distribution experiment performed with athymic mice bearing human colon tumor xenografts revealed maximal accumulation of conjugated ASON in the tumor tissue 2 h after administration and significantly higher than that in nude mice injected unconjngated ASON [(5.89±1.03)%ID/g and(1.56±0.31)%ID/g, respectively; t=7.7954 P<0.001]. The radioratio of tumor to muscle was peaked 4h after administration. VIP-131I-ASON exhibited strong antitumor effects against HT29 xenografts, decreasing their growth rate 7-fold compare with that in saline-treated mice(tumor growth delay, 25.4±0.89 day). The antitumor effects of unconjugated 131I-ASON were much less profound than VIP-131I-ASON (tumor growth delay, 3.2±1.3 and 25.4±0.89 day, respectively; q=51.4126 P<0.01). Sense, nosense control ON with VIP carder caused no therapeutic effect. There was no progressive weight loss or

  13. Gene Therapy of Cancer: Induction of Anti-Tumor Immunity

    ChengQian; JesusPrieto


    Many malignancies lack satisfactory treatment and new therapeutic options are urgently needed. Gene therapy is a new modality to treat both inherited and acquired diseases based on the transfer of genetic material to the tissues. Different gene therapy strategies against cancers have been developed. A considerable number of preclinical studies indicate that a great variety of cancers are amenable to gene therapy. Among these strategies, induction of anti-tumor immunity is the most promising approach. Gene therapy with cytokines has reached unprecedented success in preclinical models of cancer. Synergistic rather than additive effects have been demonstrated by combination of gene transfer of cytokines/chemokines, costimulatory molecules or adoptive cell therapy. Recent progress in vector technology and in imaging techniques allowing in vivo assessment of gene expression will facilitate the development of clinical applications of gene therapy, a procedure which may have a notorious impact in the management of cancers lacking effective treatment. Cellular & Molecular Immunology. 2004;1(2):105-111.

  14. Telomerase:a novel target of antitumor agents


    Telomerase activity was found to be high in various human cancers, but absent in most normal tissues. Its expression pattern made it a novel target for antitumor agents. Several strategies against telomerase were presented in this review. Targeting the telomerase RNA component by oligonucleotide/ribozyme was considered to be one of the most hopeful approaches. Some progresses were made in this area, such as the use of PANs and 2- 5A antisense compounds. The relationships among telomerase activity and cell differentiation, signal transduction, oncogene, tumor suppressor gene as well as cell cycle modulation also provided a series of valuable ideas in designing anti-telomerase drugs for cancer therapy. In conclusion, although there is still a long way in understanding the mechanism and regulation of telomerase, the advance of studies on telomerase has allowed the development of numerous strategies for the treatment of cancer.

  15. Synthesis and antitumor activity of natural compound aloe emodin derivatives.

    Thimmegowda, Naraganahalli R; Park, Chanmi; Shwetha, Bettaswamigowda; Sakchaisri, Krisada; Liu, Kangdong; Hwang, Joonsung; Lee, Sangku; Jeong, Sook J; Soung, Nak K; Jang, Jae H; Ryoo, In-Ja; Ahn, Jong S; Erikson, Raymond L; Kim, Bo Y


    In this study, we have synthesized novel water soluble derivatives of natural compound aloe emodin 4(a-j) by coupling with various amino acid esters and substituted aromatic amines, in an attempt to improve the anticancer activity and to explore the structure-activity relationships. The structures of the compounds were determined by (1) H NMR and mass spectroscopy. Cell growth inhibition assays revealed that the aloe emodin derivatives 4d, 4f, and 4i effectively decreased the growth of HepG2 (human liver cancer cells) and NCI-H460 (human lung cancer cells) and some of the derivatives exhibited comparable antitumor activity against HeLa (Human epithelial carcinoma cells) and PC3 (prostate cancer cells) cell lines compared to that of the parent aloe emodin at low micromolar concentrations. PMID:25323822

  16. Vaccines against Human Carcinomas: Strategies to Improve Antitumor Immune Responses

    Claudia Palena


    Full Text Available Multiple observations in preclinical and clinical studies support a role for the immune system in controlling tumor growth and progression. Various components of the innate and adaptive immune response are able to mediate tumor cell destruction; however, certain immune cell populations can also induce a protumor environment that favors tumor growth and the development of metastasis. Moreover, tumor cells themselves are equipped with various mechanisms that allow them to evade surveillance by the immune system. The goal of cancer vaccines is to induce a tumor-specific immune response that ultimately will reduce tumor burden by tipping the balance from a protumor to an antitumor immune environment. This review discusses common mechanisms that govern immune cell activation and tumor immune escape, and some of the current strategies employed in the field of cancer vaccines aimed at enhancing activation of tumor-specific T-cells with concurrent reduction of immunosuppression.

  17. A mathematical model of the dynamics of antitumor laser immunotherapy

    Dawkins, Bryan A.; Laverty, Sean M.


    We use a mathematical model to describe and predict the population dynamics of tumor cells, immune cells, and other immune components in a host undergoing laser immunotherapy treatment against metastatic cancer. We incorporate key elements of the treatment into the model: a function describing the laser-induced primary tumor cell death and parameters capturing the role and strength of the primary immunoadjuvant, glycated chitosan. We focus on identifying conditions that ensure a successful treatment. In particular, we study the patient response (i.e., anti-tumor immune dynamics and treatment outcome) in two different but related mathematical models as we vary quantitative features of the immune system (supply, proliferation, death, and interaction rates). We compare immune dynamics of a `baseline' immune model against an `augmented' model (with additional cell types and antibodies) and in both, we find that using strong immunoadjuvants, like glycated chitosan, that enhance dendritic cell activity yields more promising patient outcomes.

  18. Study on the Interaction between Antitumor Drug Daunomycin and DNA

    CHENG Gui-Fang; ZHAO Jie; TU Yong-Hua; HE Pin-Gang; FANG Yu-Zhi


    A detection of anthracycline antitumor drug daunomycin (DNR) reacting with DNA in simulate metabolism in vitro has been made. It was found that DNR could react with DNA to form DNR-DNA adducts. The adduct compositions of DNR with fish sperm DNA and thermally denaturated DNA were determined. The equilibrium association constant K of DNR with fish sperm DNA is 1.98 × 105 L/mol and that of DNR with denaturated DNA is 2.29 × 104 L/mol. Semiquinone free radicals, metabolic products of DNR, can destroy both fish sperm DNA and its thermally denaturated DNA. It is verified by hyperchromic effect increase observed in UV spectrum and AFM experiments. The mechanism of DNA degradation has also been investigated. Results obtained allow one to explain the reason of side effect of anthracycline drug and give the way to depress, which were of clinical significance.

  19. Antitumor effect of metformin in esophageal cancer: in vitro study.

    Kobayashi, Mitsuyoshi; Kato, Kiyohito; Iwama, Hisakazu; Fujihara, Shintaro; Nishiyama, Noriko; Mimura, Shima; Toyota, Yuka; Nomura, Takako; Nomura, Kei; Tani, Joji; Miyoshi, Hisaaki; Kobara, Hideki; Mori, Hirohito; Murao, Koji; Masaki, Tsutomu


    Recent studies suggest that metformin, which is a member of the biguanide family and commonly used as an oral anti-hyperglycemic agent, may reduce cancer risk and improve prognosis of numerous types of cancer. However, the mechanisms underlying the antitumor effect of metformin on esophageal cancer remain unknown. The goal of the present study was to evaluate the effects of metformin on the proliferation of human ESCC in vitro, and to study changes in the expression profile of microRNAs (miRNAs), since miRNAs have previously been associated with the antitumor effects of metformin in other human cancers. The human ESCC cell lines T.T, KYSE30 and KYSE70 were used to study the effects of metformin on human ESCC in vitro. In addition, we used miRNA array tips to explore the differences between miRNAs in KYSE30 cells with and without metformin treatment. Metformin inhibited the proliferation of T.T, KYSE30 and KYSE70 cells in vitro. Metformin blocked the cell cycle in G0/G1 in vitro. This blockade was accompanied by a strong decrease of G1 cyclins, especially cyclin D1, as well as decreases in cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk)4, Cdk6 and phosphorylated retinoblastoma protein (Rb). In addition, the expression of miRNAs was markedly altered with the treatment of metformin in vitro. Metformin inhibited the growth of three ESCC cell lines, and this inhibition may have involved reductions in cyclin D1, Cdk4 and Cdk6. PMID:23229592

  20. Deprivation of human natural killer cells and antitumor immune response

    Vyacheslav Ogay


    Full Text Available Introduction: Cell-based immunotherapy has been given increased attention as a treatment for cancer. Human natural killer (NK cells are resident lymphocyte populations. They exhibit potent antitumor activity without human leukocyte antigen matching and without prior antigen exposure. They also are a promising tool for immunotherapy of solid and hematologic cancers. However, most cancer patients do not have enough NK cells to induce an effective antitumor immune response. This demonstrates a need for a source of NK cells that can supplement the endogenous cell population. Material and methods: In this study, we derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs from peripheral blood T-lymphocytes using Sendai virus vectors. Results: Generated iPSCs exhibited monoclonal T cell receptors (TCR rearrangement in their genome, a hallmark of mature terminally differentiated T cells. These iPSCs were differentiated into NK cells using a two-stage coculture system: iPSCs into hematopoietic CD34+ cells with feeder cells M210-B4 (ATCC, USA and CD34+ cells into mature NK cells with AFT024 cells (ATCC, USA. Our results showed that iPSC-derived NK cells expressed CD56, CD16, NKp 44 and NKp 46, possessed high cytotoxic activity  and produced high level of interferon-γ. Conclusion: Based on our data, derivation of NK cells from induced pluripotent stem cells should be considered in the treatment of oncologic diseases.This would allow for the development of cell therapy for cancer using immunologically compatible NK cells derived from iPSCs. This may contribute to a more efficient treatment of oncologic diseases in addition to traditional cancer treatment.

  1. Radiation protection and antitumor effects in Hatakeshimeji (Lyophyllum decastes sing)

    The effect on an anti-tumor is admitted in the lyophyllum decastes sing extraction thing, and it has the action mechanism cleared to depend on the immunity action. The existence of the synergistic effect in effect on an anti-tumor radiation irradiation, an individual with the medication of lyophyllum decastes sing and effect on combination and the effect on protection of the leukocyte decrease by the radiation was examined by this research. After about 2x106 inoculated sarcoma 180 on the ICR mice, a lyophyllum decastes sing extraction thing gave 100mg/kg for 2 weeks in endoceliac at the every other day. After that, the radiation irradiation of 2 Gy was done three times, and it went to the sutra time target the number of the leukocytes, the lymph node ball some prizes of measurement. And, weight and tumor size were measured after the cancer cell inoculation two weeks. The decrease of the clear tumor size was recognized by the group that only a cancer cell was inoculated by the radiation independent irradiation group, lyophyllum decastes sing and the radiation combination group though tumor size increased as it passed. It faced by the group that only a cancer cell was inoculated after the irradiation 15 days though it died the precedent, and a half existed by lyophyllum decastes sing and the radiation combination group. And, the numbers of the leukocytes, the number of the lymphocyte were on the increase regardless of the existence of the radiation irradiation by the medication of lyophyllum decastes sing. It thinks with the thing that the effect is shown for the effect on immunity recovery in the radiotherapy and the prevention of a side effect of the radiation from this result. Showing the effect for not only effect on prevention of the cancer and effect on healing but also the effect on immunity recovery in the radiotherapy, the prevention of a side effect by taking lyophyllum decastes sing is considered

  2. The Anti-Oxidant and Antitumor Properties of Plant Polysaccharides.

    Jiao, Rui; Liu, Yingxia; Gao, Hao; Xiao, Jia; So, Kwok Fai


    Oxidative stress has been increasingly recognized as a major contributing factor in a variety of human diseases, from inflammation to cancer. Although certain parts of signaling pathways are still under investigation, detailed molecular mechanisms for the induction of diseases have been elucidated, especially the link between excessive oxygen reactive species (ROS) damage and tumorigenesis. Emerging evidence suggests anti-oxidant therapy can play a key role in treating those diseases. Among potential drug resources, plant polysaccharides are natural anti-oxidant constituents important for human health because of their long history in ethnopharmacology, wide availability and few side effects upon consumption. Plant polysaccharides have been shown to possess anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, cell viability promotion, immune-regulation and antitumor functions in a number of disease models, both in laboratory studies and in the clinic. In this paper, we reviewed the research progress of signaling pathways involved in the initiation and progression of oxidative stress- and cancer-related diseases in humans. The natural sources, structural properties and biological actions of several common plant polysaccharides, including Lycium barbarum, Ginseng, Zizyphus Jujuba, Astragalus lentiginosus, and Ginkgo biloba are discussed in detail, with emphasis on their signaling pathways. All of the mentioned common plant polysaccharides have great potential to treat oxidative stress and cancinogenic disorders in cell models, animal disease models and clinical cases. ROS-centered pathways (e.g. mitochondrial autophagy, MAPK and JNK) and transcription factor-related pathways (e.g. NF-[Formula: see text]B and HIF) are frequently utilized by these polysaccharides with or without the further involvement of inflammatory and death receptor pathways. Some of the polysaccharides may also influence tumorigenic pathways, such as Wnt and p53 to play their anti-tumor roles. In addition, current

  3. An Investigation on a Novel Anti-tumor Fusion Peptide of FSH33-53-IIKK

    Yang, Runlin; Liu, Ping; Pan, Donghui; zhang, Pengjun; Bai, Zhicheng; Xu, Yuping; Wang, Lizhen; Yan, Junjie; Yan, Yongjun; Liu, Xingdang; Yang, Min


    A novel fusion peptide FSH33-53-IIKK was designed and expected to combine the follicle stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR) targeting and tumor toxicity. In vitro and in vivo study showed the anti-tumor activity of FSH33-53-IIKK was enhanced compared to that of IIKK only. FSH33-53-IIKK could inhibit the growth of tumor via apoptosis and autophagy pathways. In summary, combining the tumor marker-target peptide and anti-tumor peptide together may be an efficient way to search for better anti-tumor candidates. PMID:27313792

  4. Determinação das curvas de secagem das sementes de andiroba em secador solar

    Andreza P. Mendonça; Paulo de T. B. Sampaio; Francisco de A. C. Almeida; Raissa F. Ferreira; Juliene M. Novais


    Comumente, o óleo de andiroba é extraído na Amazônia pelo método tradicional ou ainda por prensa. A eficiência na extração está relacionada ao aquecimento e ao teor de água das sementes. Desta forma, a determinação de um modelo de secagem que represente satisfatoriamente os dados experimentais é de suma importância para minimizar as alterações promovidas pelo processo obtendo-se, consequentemente, produto de qualidade. O objetivo do trabalho foi descrever a cinética de secagem das sementes de...

  5. Therapie der IPP - Ist das Messer besser?

    Breuer G


    Full Text Available Die Induratio penis plastica (IPP, auch als M. de LaPeyronie bekannt, ist eine erworbene Erkrankung des fibromatösen Formenkreises. Klinisch imponiert sie als derber Plaque der dorsalen penilen Tunica albuginea. Es kommt zur Deviation des Penisschaftes während der Erektion, so kann die Kohabitation vollständig verhindert werden. Die IPP verläuft in einer Früh- und einer Spätphase. Sind in der Frühphase noch die medikamentöse Therapieoption (Kalium-Paraminobenzoat, Potaba® sowie die extrakorporale Stoßwellentherapie (ESWT möglich, um die Deviationsprogression und die Schmerzhaftigkeit positiv zu beeinflussen, ist die Spätphase durch einen fixierten, zumeist kalzifizierten Plaque gekennzeichnet. Es stehen in diesem Stadium zur symptomatischen Therapie lediglich operative Therapien zur Verfügung, die in der überwiegenden Anzahl zur Verkürzung des Penisschaftes führen und in der Regel nicht-resorbierbares Nahtmaterial einbringen (z. B. OP nach Schroeder/Essed, OP nach Nesbith. Alternativen mit Inzision/Teilresektion des Plaques mit zum Teil umfangreicher Transplantatchirurgie (z. B. Venen-Patch sind aufwendig und komplikationsreich. Die hier vorgestellte komplette Exzision des dokumentierten Plaques und nachfolgende Defektdeckung durch ein Kollagenvlies (TachoSil®, das mit einer Thrombin- und Fibrinogenkomponente beschichtet ist, stellt ein Verfahren dar, das komplikationsarm die weitestgehende Vermeidung der Schaftverkürzung, das zeiteffektive Decken des Gewebsdefekts sowie die Kombination von Blutstillung und druckstabilem Tunikaersatz in sich vereint.

  6. Evaluasi perubahan penutupan lahan di DAS Babalan

    Restiana, Inda


    Evaluation of land use changes was conducted at DAS Babalan. The research was conducted since July 2012 until December 2012. The purpose of this research are to assess changes in forest land into oil palm land, mapping land suitability classes for palm oil and to know the quality of forest land and land oil palm. Method to assess changes in the land area is done by utilizing remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). assessing the changes was conducted by overlayed land use maps...

  7. Die Parlamentswahlen und das Referendum in Belarus'

    Ott, Alexander


    Von allen europäischen Staaten sind in Belarus das Streben nach Selbständigkeit und die nationale Volksidentität am wenigsten ausgeprägt. Die früher 'sowjetischste' aller Sowjetrepubliken befindet sich in einer tiefen Identitätskrise. Im Unterschied zu Rußland und der Ukraine hat Belarus keine Antikommunismus- und Souveränitätswelle erlebt. Der Transformationsprozeß hat in der Republik noch nicht begonnen. Die Dominanz Rußlands, seiner Kultur, Sprache und Wirtschaft ist in Belarus allgegenwär...

  8. Das „unsägliche Verbrechen“

    Angela Koch


    Full Text Available Gesa Danes Untersuchung zur Vergewaltigung in Literatur und Recht ist eine präzise Analyse literarischer „Vergewaltigungsfälle“ vor dem jeweiligen zeitgenössischen rechtlichen Hintergrund. Im Vordergrund der Betrachtung stehen Texte von Barockautoren wie Grimmelshausen, Lohenstein oder Calderón de la Barca sowie von Schriftsteller/-innen des ausgehenden 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts wie Wagner, Goethe, Kleist, Lessing oder Hahn-Hahn. Diese Texte hat Dane auf deren anthropologische Konzeptionen von Ehre, Scham und Schande und auf das Tabu des Sprechens über sexuelle Gewalt befragt.

  9. O Comportamento das Aves Poultry Behavior

    EJ Campos


    Full Text Available Os estudos sobre o comportamento das aves, principalmente as galinhas, datam de 1912, quando o gênero Gallus passou a ser estudado com mais intensidade na área da Genética. Tais estudos eram simplesmente filosóficos até o início da década de 80, quando uma nova era da produção industrial avícola surgiu, objetivando um maior volume de produção econômica em todas as áreas de exploração. Esse objetivo reativou de maneira científica os estudos de comportamento das aves face à tecnologia de produção empregada nos sistemas de exploração, tornando-os mais acentuados já na década de 90, culminando com um simpósio internacional realizado nos Estados Unidos onde foram traçados os objetivos ou linhas de pesquisas na exploração avícola. O intuito era evitar problemas com os movimentos ambientalistas, traçando novos rumos para uma produção eficiente sem interferir no comportamento das aves já no início do novo milênio. Esta revisão, tem como objetivo principal uma análise científica e filosófica sobre o comportamento das aves em diversos métodos de exploração.Studies on poultry behavior initiated in 1972, at that time, fowls from Gallus domesticus species were the most important animal for the initial studies of Genetic. Since then, just the philosophical concepts where involved in those studies. However, at the beginning of 80 decade, these studies were intensified taking into account technological approaches for an economical industrial poultry production. Meanwhile, the reactions from activists involved in the behavior of the animal subjected to production became more strong at the beginning of 90's as well as those studies on chicken behavior. Finally, in 1998, an international symposium, promoted by chicken behavior scientists were held in the United States, in order to establish new methods of exploitation of poultry without interfering in its normal behavior, at the beginning of new millenium. The main

  10. Das Ehegattensplitting im Widerstreit der Argumente

    Sabine Berghahn


    Full Text Available Der von Barbara Seel herausgegebene Sammelband beschäftigt sich u. a. aus familienpolitischer Sicht mit den Pro- und Contra-Argumenten zu der in Deutschland geltenden Ehegattenbesteuerung. Der Band ist interdisziplinär angelegt und stellt einen Überblick her, der auch für Expert/-innen noch neue Gesichtspunkte enthält. Als Gesamttendenz zeigt sich ein Plädoyer für eine individualisierende Reform. Zu einem ähnlichen Ergebnis kommt Britta Dietrich in ihrer schmalen Abhandlung, in der sie – knapp und kaum erkenntnisfördernd – die juristische Debatte über das Ehegattensplitting nachzeichnet.

  11. Para politizar o mundo das coisas

    Thiago Machado Balbi


    Full Text Available To politicize the world of things – This review presents A comunicação das coisas: teoria ator-rede e cibercultura [The communication of things: Actor-network theory and cyberculture], by André Lemos, raising its key aspects. In a constant dialogue with Bruno Latour's theory, and other like-minded authors, Lemos offers to Brazilian readers more than a book about cyberculture, but a deep reflection about communication and hybridization between people and things, namely, humans and non-humans, dealing with the political, ethical and pedagogical consequences of the hybrids in society.

  12. Para politizar o mundo das coisas

    Thiago Machado Balbi


    To politicize the world of things – This review presents A comunicação das coisas: teoria ator-rede e cibercultura [The communication of things: Actor-network theory and cyberculture], by André Lemos, raising its key aspects. In a constant dialogue with Bruno Latour's theory, and other like-minded authors, Lemos offers to Brazilian readers more than a book about cyberculture, but a deep reflection about communication and hybridization between people and things, namely, humans and non-humans, ...

  13. Macht auf das Tor! - Opens the gate!

    Claudemir de Quadros


    Full Text Available Macht auf das Tor! (Abra o portão foi publicado, possivelmente, na primeira metade do século 20. Editado por Max Dirkschneider, Raimund Heuler e Felix Oberborbeck, apresenta músicas, rimas, piadas, jogos e canções.A edição apresentada nesse espaço é de um livro que pertence à família de Carolina Drebes, estudante do curso de Pedagogia do Centro Universitário Franciscano, Santa Maria/RS.

  14. A controladoria no contexto atual das empresas

    Aliciane Aparecida Novello; Reginaldo A. de Oliveira; Ardinete Rover


    A literatura existente sobre percorre caminhos que nem sempre proporcionam o entendimento imediato ou a solução para as dificuldades surgidas durante o desenvolvimento dessa função dentro das organizações, como a apresentação dos conceitos básicos e de exemplos objetivos para a solução deles. Acredita-se que se pode transcrever sobre o tema de forma ainda sucinta por se tratar de uma área razoavelmente nova, que permite ser desmistificada. Controles bem feitos, baseados em informações de boa ...

  15. Anti-tumor and immunoregulatory activities of Ganoderma lucidum and its possible mechanisms

    Zhi-bin LIN; Hui-na ZHANG


    Ganoderma lucidum (G lucidum) is a medicinal fungus with a variety of biological activities. It has long been used as a folk remedy for promotion of health and longevity in China and other oriental countries. The most attractive character of this kind of medicinal fungus is its immunomodulatory and anti-tumor activities. Large numbers of studies have shown that G lucidum modulate many components of the immune system such as the antigen-presenting cells, NK cells, T and B lymphocytes. The water extract and the polysaccharides fraction of G lucidum exhibited significant anti-tumor effect in several tumor-bearing animals mainly through its immunoenhancing activity. Recent studies also showed that the alcohol extract or the triterpene fraction of G lucidum possessed antitumor effect, which seemed to be related to the cytotoxic activity against tumor cells directly. Preliminary study indicated that antiangiogenic effect may be involved antitumor activity of G lucidum.

  16. Plant-derived triterpenoids and analogues as antitumor and anti-HIV agents†

    Kuo, Reen-Yen; Qian, Keduo; Morris-Natschke, Susan L.; Lee, Kuo-Hsiung


    This article reviews the antitumor and anti-HIV activities of naturally occurring triterpenoids, including the lupane, ursane, oleanane, lanostane, dammarane, and miscellaneous scaffolds. Structure–activity relationships of selected natural compounds and their synthetic derivatives are also discussed.

  17. Synthesis and Antitumor Activity of C-2/C-10 Modified Analogues of Docetaxel

    Wei Shuo FANG; Hong Yan LIU; Qi Cheng FANG


    Four 10-propionyl docetaxel analogues (11a-d) with 2α-amido substituents were prepared, and their antitumor activity against three solid tumor cell lines and their drug-resistant counterparts were determined.

  18. A review about the development of fucoidan in antitumor activity: Progress and challenges.

    Wu, Lei; Sun, Jing; Su, Xitong; Yu, Qiuli; Yu, Qiuyang; Zhang, Peng


    Fucoidan is composed of l-fucose, sulfate groups and one or more small proportions of d-xylose, d-mannose, d-galactose, l-rhamnose, arabinose, glucose, d-glucuronic acid and acetyl groups in different kinds of brown seaweeds. Many reports have demonstrated that fucoidan has antitumor activities on various cancers. However, until now, few reviews have discussed the antitumor activity of fucoidan and few reports have summarized detailed molecular mechanisms of its actions and antitumor challenges of fucoidan specially. In this review, the antitumor signaling pathway mechanisms related to fucoidan are elucidated as much detail as possible. Besides, the factors affecting the anticancer effects of fucoidan, the structural characteristics of fucoidan with anticancer activities and the challenges for the further development of fucoidan are also summarized and evaluated. The existing similar and different conclusions are summarized in an attempt to provide guidelines to help further research, and finally contribute to go into market as chemotherapeumtics. PMID:27577901

  19. 5α-reductase inhibitors, antiviral and anti-tumor activities of some steroidal cyanopyridinone derivatives.

    Al-Mohizea, Abdullah M; Al-Omar, Mohamed A; Abdalla, Mohamed M; Amr, Abdel-Galil E


    We herein report the 5α-reductase inhibitors, antiviral and anti-tumor activities of some synthesized heterocyclic cyanopyridone and cyanothiopyridone derivatives fused with steroidal structure. Initially the acute toxicity of the compounds was assayed via the determination of their LD(50). All the compounds, except 3b, were interestingly less toxic than the reference drug (Prednisolone(®)). Seventeen heterocyclic derivatives containing a cyanopyridone or cyanothiopyridone rings fused to a steroidal moiety were synthesized and screened for their 5α-reductase inhibitors, antiviral and anti-tumor activities comparable to that of Anastrozole, Bicalutamide, Efavirenz, Capravirine, Ribavirin, Oseltamivir and Amantadine as the reference drugs. Some of the compounds exhibited better 5α-reductase inhibitors, antiviral and anti-tumor activities than the reference drugs. The detailed 5α-reductase inhibitors, antiviral and anti-tumor activities of the synthesized compounds were reported. PMID:22057085

  20. Antitumor activity of Bulgarian herb Tribulus terrestris L. on human breast cancer cells

    Svetla Angelova; Zlatina Gospodinova; Maria Krasteva; Georgi Antov; Valentin Lozanov; Tsanko Markov; Stefan Bozhanov; Elena Georgieva; Vanio Mitev


    Medicinal plants have been intensively studied as a source of antitumor compounds. Due to the beneficial climate conditions Bulgarian herbs have high pharmacological potential. Currently, the antitumor effect of the Bulgarian medicinal plant Tribulus terrestris L. on human cancer cell lines is not studied. The main active compounds of the plant are the steroid saponins.The present study aims to analyze the effect on cell viability and apoptotic activity of total extract and saponin fraction o...

  1. Pharmacological exploitation of the phenothiazine antipsychotics to develop novel antitumor agents–A drug repurposing strategy

    Chia-Hsien Wu; Li-Yuan Bai; Ming-Hsui Tsai; Po-Chen Chu; Chang-Fang Chiu; Michael Yuanchien Chen; Shih-Jiuan Chiu; Jo-Hua Chiang; Jing-Ru Weng


    Phenothiazines (PTZs) have been used for the antipsychotic drugs for centuries. However, some of these PTZs have been reported to exhibit antitumor effects by targeting various signaling pathways in vitro and in vivo. Thus, this study was aimed at exploiting trifluoperazine, one of PTZs, to develop potent antitumor agents. This effort culminated in A4 [10-(3-(piperazin-1-yl)propyl)-2-(trifluoromethyl)-10H-phenothiazine] which exhibited multi-fold higher apoptosis-inducing activity than the pa...

  2. Efficient microwave irradiation enhanced stereoselective synthesis and antitumor activity of indolylchalcones and their pyrazoline analogs

    Magdy A H Zahran; Hanan F Salama; Yasmin G Abdin; Amira M Gamal-Eldeen


    2-Aryl-1-indole-3-carbaldehyde derivatives underwent Claisen-Schmidt condensation with acetophenone derivatives under microwave irradiation condition compared with the conventional heating to afford excellent yields of trans substituted indolylchalcones which subjected to condensation reaction with phenylhydrazine to afford their indolylpyrazoline analogs. The antitumor activity of the synthesized compounds was examined and evaluated against human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line (Hep-G2) as well as the half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50). Most of them showed high potent antitumor activity.

  3. Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells and anti-tumor T cells: a complex relationship

    Monu, Ngozi R.; Frey, Alan B.


    Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSC) are immature myeloid cells that are potent inhibitors of immune cell function and which accumulate under conditions of inflammation, especially cancer. MDSC are suggested to promote the growth of cancer by both enhancement of tumor angiogenesis and metastasis and also inhibition of antitumor immune responses. The presence of deficient and/or defective antitumor adaptive and innate immune responses, coincident with accumulation of MDSC in lymphoid organs...

  4. Medicinal Plants Used as Antitumor Agents in Brazil: An Ethnobotanical Approach

    Joabe Gomes de Melo; Ariane Gaspar Santos; Elba Lúcia Cavalcanti de Amorim; Silene Carneiro do Nascimento; Ulysses Paulino de Albuquerque


    In this study, we describe the medicinal plants that have been reported to be antitumor agents and that have been used in ethnobotanic research in Brazil to answer the following questions: what is the abundance of plants reported to be antitumor in Brazil? Have the plant species used for tumor treatment in traditional Brazilian medicine been sufficiently examined scientifically? Our analysis included papers published between 1980 and 2008. A total of 84 medicinal plant species were reported t...

  5. The antitumor effect of locoregional magnetic cobalt ferrite in dog mammary adenocarcinoma

    The endocytosis of nanosized magnetic particles by tumor cells led to numerous tests to establish the use of this phenomenon in antitumor therapy. The direct antitumor effect of a biocompatible cobalt-ferrite-based magnetic fluid directly inoculated in bitch mammary tumors was studied. A direct correlation between tumor cell lysis and cobalt ferrite was established in tumors. Massive endocytosis of magnetic particles was observed 1 h after the contact of magnetic fluid with tumor cells

  6. Das abdominelle Aortenaneurysma: Indikation - Therapie - Ergebnisse

    Gollackner B


    Full Text Available Das abdominelle Aortenaneurysma (AAA zeigte in den vergangenen zwei Jahrzehnten eine deutliche Zunahme. Kommt es zu einer Ruptur, beträgt die Mortalität trotz Notfalleingriff 50 %. In der elektiven Situation konnte die Mortalität auf unter 3 % reduziert werden. Ursache für ein AAA ist in 95 % eine Degeneration der Aortenwand. Aufgrund der erhöhten Rupturgefahr stellen asymptomatische AAA ab 5,5 cm und symptomatische AAA immer dann, wenn es der Allgemeinzustand des Patienten erlaubt, eine Operationsindikation dar. Der Ultraschall dient der Diagnosesicherung und eignet sich gut zur Verlaufsbeobachtung. Vor jeder Operation ist eine CT durchzuführen. Die Komorbidität vieler Patienten erhöht das Operationsrisiko und verkürzt auch die Lebenserwartung nach erfolgreicher OP. Diese Patienten sollten einer endovaskulären Stentimplantation zugeführt werden. Die offene Operation bleibt der goldene Standard zur Behandlung eines AAA bei jüngeren Patienten mit geringen Risikofaktoren. Die endovaskuläre Therapie eröffnet so eine Möglichkeit, bei sonst inkurablen ASAIV-Patienten doch interventionell interdisziplinär aktiv zu werden.

  7. Das fantasias vazias ao referencial discursivo

    Ricardo Salztrager


    Full Text Available Pretende-se analisar o estatuto de uma modalidade peculiar de fantasmatização para a qual propomos o nome de 'fantasias vazias'. No campo das fantasias vazias, a ambigüidade e a polissemia das palavras são postas de lado e seus enunciados se tornam absolutos e unívocos, de modo a anularem quaisquer possibilidades metafóricas ou simbólicas. Investigamos os limites que as fantasias em questão impõem à teoria do significante, propondo, em seguida, concebê-las como uma escritura balizada por uma série de elementos que denominamos 'referenciais discursivos'.From empty fantasies to dissertational reference. The purpose of the article is to analyze the state of a peculiar modality of fantasizing which we have named empty fantasies. Thus, in the field of empty fantasies, the ambiguity and the multiple meaning of the words are put aside and, for that reason, their statement becomes obsolete and univocal, in a way that they eliminate any metaphoric or symbolic possibilities. We investigate the limits that those fantasies impose to the theory of the signifier, proposing, then, to conceive them as a writing delimitated by a series of elements that we have called discourse references.

  8. Deep Astrometric Standards (DAS) and Galactic Structure

    Platais, I; Zacharias, N


    The advent of next-generation imaging telescopes such as LSST and Pan-STARRS has revitalized the need for deep and precise reference frames. The proposed weak-lensing observations with these facilities put the highest demands on image quality over wide angles on the sky. It is particularly difficult to achieve a sub-arcsecond PSF on stacked images, where precise astrometry plays a key role. Current astrometric standards are insufficient to achieve the science goals of these facilities. We thus propose the establishing of a few selected deep (V=25) astrometric standards (DAS). These will enable a reliable geometric calibration of solid-state mosaic detectors in the focal plane of large ground-based telescopes and make a substantial contribution to our understanding of stellar populations in the Milky Way. In this paper we motivate the need for such standards and discuss the strategy of their selection and acquisition and reduction techniques. The feasibility of DAS is demonstrated by a pilot study around the o...

  9. Os arredores das cidades romanas de Portugal

    de Alarcão, Jorge


    Full Text Available The author has considered in previous papers three levels of Roman urban settlements: capital towns, vici and castella (Romanized hill-forts or villages; and «casais» or very small farm-houses. In the present paper, he considers the landscape on the outskirts of four Roman capital towns of Portugal and distinguishes three different landscapes: the first, with middle and small farms, sometimes, a villa; the second, with villages around the town, at some distance; finally, the villae in a centuriated landscape.[pt] O autor distinguiu, em anteriores trabalhos, três níveis de aglomerados populacionais —capitais de civitates, vici e castella/aldeias— e três níveis de estabelecimentos rurais— villae, granjas e casais. Neste artigo examina os arredores das cidades romanas de Portugal e distingue três tipos de paisagem: uma composta por granjas e casais, eventualmente algumas villae; outra, por aldeias, mais ou menos distantes umas das outras; e uma terceira, composta de villae num território centuriado.

  10. Determinação das curvas de secagem das sementes de andiroba em secador solar

    Andreza P. Mendonça


    Full Text Available Comumente, o óleo de andiroba é extraído na Amazônia pelo método tradicional ou ainda por prensa. A eficiência na extração está relacionada ao aquecimento e ao teor de água das sementes. Desta forma, a determinação de um modelo de secagem que represente satisfatoriamente os dados experimentais é de suma importância para minimizar as alterações promovidas pelo processo obtendo-se, consequentemente, produto de qualidade. O objetivo do trabalho foi descrever a cinética de secagem das sementes de andiroba, tal como ajustar os modelos matemáticos aos dados experimentais usando-se secador solar. Foi utilizado, como critério do ajuste dos modelos matemáticos, o coeficiente de determinação, a magnitude do erro médio relativo e o desvio-padrão da estimativa. A secagem em menor tempo (14 dias da Carapa surinamensis para atingir o teor de água de equilíbrio (12,28% se deve, possivelmente, ao menor tamanho das sementes e à maior quantidade de óleo em relação à Carapa guianensis. O modelo Logarítmico e o de Midilli et al. foram os que melhor se ajustaram aos dados experimentais para as sementes das duas espécies de andiroba.

  11. DASMiner: discovering and integrating data from DAS sources

    Vasconcelos Ana; Veiga Diogo; Deus Helena; Akdemir Caner; Almeida Jonas


    Abstract Background DAS is a widely adopted protocol for providing syntactic interoperability among biological databases. The popularity of DAS is due to a simplified and elegant mechanism for data exchange that consists of sources exposing their RESTful interfaces for data access. As a growing number of DAS services are available for molecular biology resources, there is an incentive to explore this protocol in order to advance data discovery and integration among these resources. Results We...

  12. Das naturwissenschaftliche Labor als Ort der "Verdichtung" von Gesellschaft

    Cetina, Karin Knorr


    Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist es zu zeigen, daß sich das herrschende 'Feindbild' des Sozialen als dasjenige, das wissenschaftliche Resultate 'verunreinigt' und von außen infiltriert, bei Betrachtung der Forschungspraxis der Naturwissenschaften nicht aufrecht erhalten läßt. Das naturwissenschaftliche Labor zeigt sich vielmehr als ein Ort, an dem gesellschaftliche Praktiken für epistemische Zwecke instrumentalisiert und in Apparaturen der Erkenntnisfabrikation transformiert werden: da...

  13. Wie die Wirtschaftsberichterstattung der Medien das Konsumentenvertrauen lenkt

    Sophie Wörsdorfer


    In der Konjunkturbeobachtung haben Stimmungsindikatoren, wie das Geschäftsklima oder das Konsumentenvertrauen, große öffentliche Bedeutung erlangt. An deren Analyse knüpfen sich die Erwartungen, Anhaltspunkte für das zukünftige Verhalten der Wirtschaftsakteure zu gewinnen. Allerdings besteht weitgehend Unklarheit darüber, wie die Konsumenten bzw. Unternehmer zu ihren Einschätzungen gelangen. Der vorliegende Beitrag untersucht exemplarisch die Rolle der Wirtschaftsberichterstattung der Medien ...

  14. Stimulation of granulocytic cell iodination by pine cone antitumor substances

    Antitumor substances (Fractions VI and VII) prepared from the NaOH extract of pine cone significantly stimulated the iodination (incorporation of radioactive iodine into an acid-insoluble fraction) of human peripheral blood adherent mononuclear cells, polymorphonuclear cells (PMN), and human promyelocytic leukemic HL-60 cells. In contrast, these fractions did not significantly increase the iodination of nonadherent mononuclear cells, red blood cells, other human leukemic cell lines (U-937, THP-1, K-562), human diploid fibroblast (UT20Lu), or mouse cell lines (L-929, J774.1). Iodination of HL-60 cells, which were induced to differentiate by treatment with either retinoic acid or tumor necrosis factor, were stimulated less than untreated cells. The stimulation of iodination of both PMN and HL-60 cells required the continuous presence of these fractions and was almost completely abolished by the presence of myeloperoxidase inhibitors. The stimulation activity of these fractions was generally higher than that of various other immunopotentiators. Possible mechanisms of extract stimulation of myeloperoxidase-containing cell iodination are discussed

  15. Doxycycline potentiates antitumor effect of cyclophosphamide in mice

    Cyclophosphamide (CPA) is a widely used chemotherapeutic drug in neoplasias. It is a DNA and protein alkylating agent that has a broad spectrum of activity against variety of neoplasms including breast cancer. The therapeutic effectiveness of CPA is limited by the high-dose hematopoietic, renal, and cardiac toxicity that accompanies the systemic distribution of liver-derived activated drug metabolites. The present study examines the potential of combining well-tolerated antibiotic doxycycline (DOX) with CPA and understanding the mechanism of cell killing. Interestingly, we found that DOX significantly enhances the tumor regression activity of CPA on xenograft mice model bearing MCF-7 cells. DOX also potentiates MCF-7 cell killing by CPA in vitro. In presence of DOX (3 μg/ml), the IC50 value of CPA decreased significantly from 10 to 2.5 mM. Additional analyses indicate that the tumor suppressor p53 and p53-regulated proapoptotic Bax were upregulated in vivo and in vitro following CPA treatment in combination with DOX, suggesting that upregulation of p53 may contribute to the enhancement of antitumor effect of CPA by DOX. Furthermore, downregulation of antiapoptotic Bcl-2 was observed in animals treated with CPA and CPA plus DOX when compared to untreated or DOX-treated groups. Our results raise the possibility that this combination chemotherapeutic regimen may lead to additional improvements in treatment of breast cancer

  16. Rationally engineered polymeric cisplatin nanoparticles for improved antitumor efficacy

    Paraskar, Abhimanyu; Soni, Shivani; Basu, Sudipta; Srivats, Shyam; Roy, Rituparna Sinha; Sengupta, Shiladitya [BWH-HST Center for Biomedical Engineering, Harvard Medical School, 65 Landsdowne street, Cambridge, MA 02139 (United States); Amarasiriwardena, Chitra J; Lupoli, Nicola, E-mail: [Channing Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women' s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, 65 Landsdowne street, Cambridge, MA 02139 (United States)


    The use of cisplatin, a first line chemotherapy for most cancers, is dose-limited due to nephrotoxicity. While this toxicity can be addressed through nanotechnology, previous attempts at engineering cisplatin nanoparticles have been limited by the impact on the potency of cisplatin. Here we report the rational engineering of a novel cisplatin nanoparticle by harnessing a novel polyethylene glycol-functionalized poly-isobutylene-maleic acid (PEG-PIMA) copolymer, which can complex with cis-platinum (II) through a monocarboxylato and a coordinate bond. We show that this complex self-assembles into a nanoparticle, and exhibits an IC{sub 50} = 0.77 {+-} 0.11 {mu}M comparable to that of free cisplatin (IC{sub 50} = 0.44 {+-} 0.09 {mu}M). The nanoparticles are internalized into the endolysosomal compartment of cancer cells, and release cisplatin in a pH-dependent manner. Furthermore, the nanoparticles exhibit significantly improved antitumor efficacy in a 4T1 breast cancer model in vivo, with limited nephrotoxicity, which can be explained by preferential biodistribution in the tumor with reduced kidney concentrations. Our results suggest that the PEG-PIMA-cisplatin nanoparticle can emerge as an attractive solution to the challenges in cisplatin chemotherapy.

  17. Antitumor constituents from the leaves of Carya cathayensis.

    Cao, Xu-Dong; Ding, Zhi-Shan; Jiang, Fu-Sheng; Ding, Xing-Hong; Chen, Jian-Zhen; Chen, Su-Hong; Lv, Gui-Yuan


    This study aimed to find cytotoxic chemical constituents from Carya cathayensis leaves (LCC) by using various chromatographic procedures. Identification of the chemical constituents was carried out by various spectroscopic techniques and classical chemical methods. The cytotoxic activity of the constituents was assayed on HeLa and HepG2 cell lines by staining with 3-(4,5-dimethylthiahiazol-2-y1)-2,5-di-phenytetrazolium bromide (MTT). Six flavanoids, namely (1) pinostrobin, (2) pinostrobin chalcone, (3) wogonin, (4) cardamonin, (5) alpinetin and (6) tectochrysin were identified from this species. Compounds 2-6 were isolated from this kind of plant for the first time. MTT results showed that wogonin has a moderate cytotoxic activity with IC(50) values of 17.03 ± 2.41 and 44.23 ± 3.87 µM against HeLa and HepG2 cell lines, respectively. According to the correlation of primary the structure and activity, 8-methoxy substituent in these flavones may be a major factor of the antitumor activity. PMID:22007794

  18. GMCSF-armed vaccinia virus induces an antitumor immune response.

    Parviainen, Suvi; Ahonen, Marko; Diaconu, Iulia; Kipar, Anja; Siurala, Mikko; Vähä-Koskela, Markus; Kanerva, Anna; Cerullo, Vincenzo; Hemminki, Akseli


    Oncolytic Western Reserve strain vaccinia virus selective for epidermal growth factor receptor pathway mutations and tumor-associated hypermetabolism was armed with human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GMCSF) and a tdTomato fluorophore. As the assessment of immunological responses to human transgenes is challenging in the most commonly used animal models, we used immunocompetent Syrian golden hamsters, known to be sensitive to human GMCSF and semipermissive to vaccinia virus. Efficacy was initially tested in vitro on various human and hamster cell lines and oncolytic potency of transgene-carrying viruses was similar to unarmed virus. The hGMCSF-encoding virus was able to completely eradicate subcutaneous pancreatic tumors in hamsters, and to fully protect the animals from subsequent rechallenge with the same tumor. Induction of specific antitumor immunity was also shown by ex vivo co-culture experiments with hamster splenocytes. In addition, histological examination revealed increased infiltration of neutrophils and macrophages in GMCSF-virus-treated tumors. These findings help clarify the mechanism of action of GMCSF-armed vaccinia viruses undergoing clinical trials. PMID:25042001

  19. Über Theatermetaphorik und das Standardgehirn

    Katharina Piechocki


    Full Text Available Der Sammelband KörperKonzepte/Concept du corps dokumentiert die Ergebnisse der gleichnamigen, von der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung im März 2001 an der Universität in Basel organisierten Konferenz. Die Herausgeberinnen betonen in ihrem Vorwort den internationalen und interdisziplinären Charakter des Bandes und sehen in ihrem Anliegen, sowohl kultur- als auch naturwissenschaftliche theoretische Ansätze zu verbinden, einen Vorteil gegenüber einer „ausschließlich kulturwissenschaftliche[n] Perspektive“ (S. 12. Das in drei Teile gegliederte Buch beschäftigt sich mit „Sichtweisen und Lesarten“, „Kulturhistorische[n] Zugänge[n]“ und stellt im letzten Teil „Fragen an die Lebenswissenschaften“.

  20. Das ovarielle Überstimulationssyndrom (OHSS

    Sander T


    Full Text Available Das ovarielle Überstimulationssyndrom (OHSS ist eine relativ häufige Komplikation bei der künstlichen Befruchtung bzw. bei einer ovariellen Stimulationsbehandlung. Es wird über die Pathophysiologie berichtet, die durch eine erhöhte Gefäßpermeabilität mit einer Flüssigkeitsverschiebung in den extravasalen Raum bedingt ist, vermutlich getriggert durch den vaskulären endothelialen Wachstumsfaktor (VEGF. Junge Frauen mit hyperandrogenämischen Zyklusstörungen und polyzystischem Ovarsyndrom (PCOS haben ein erhöhtes Risiko und eine Ovulationsinduktion mit HCG (humanem Choriongonadotropin sollte vermieden werden. Erscheinungsbild, Präventionsmaßnahmen und Therapie werden mit dem Ziel erläutert, die Komplikationsrate niedrig und die Schwangerschaftsrate so hoch wie möglich zu halten.

  1. Lista atualizada das Orchidaceae do Distrito Federal

    Batista João Aguiar Nogueira


    Full Text Available É apresentada a relação atualizada de Orchidaceae para o Distrito Federal (DF, a unidade da federação onde se situa a capital brasileira, localizada no centro do país. São reconhecidos 72 gêneros e 254 táxons (246 espécies e oito táxons subespecíficos, dos quais 17 (6,7% são conhecidos apenas localmente. Os gêneros mais significativos no DF são Habenaria (74 espécies e três táxons subespecíficos, Cyrtopodium (17 espécies, Cleistes (13 espécies e a subtribo Spiranthinae (11 gêneros com 34 espécies e dois táxons subespecíficos. Gêneros como Epidendrum (oito espécies, Pleurothallis (sete espécies, Oncidium (seis espécies e Maxillaria (três espécies são abundantes na Mata Atlântica no sudeste brasileiro, mas pouco representados na região. Cerca de 73% das Orchidaceae do DF apresentam hábito terrestre, o que contrasta marcadamente com a Mata Atlântica e a região Amazônica, onde predominam espécies epifíticas. Dentro do Cerrado, o DF representa o local mais bem amostrado e com o maior número de espécies conhecidas, compreendendo cerca de 51% das orquídeas listadas para todo o bioma. Esta relação tem como objetivo subsidiar a monografia desta família para a flora do Distrito Federal.

  2. Avaliação do potencial anticorrosivo de tiossemicarbazonas solubilizadas em microemulsão

    Elaine Cristina M. de Moura


    Full Text Available In this paper, thiosemicarbazones 4-N-cinnamoyl-thiosemicarbazone (CTSC, 4-N-(2'-methoxycinnamoyl-thiosemicarbazone (MCTSC, and 4-N-(4'-hydroxy-3'-methoxybenzoyl- thiosemicarbazone (HMBTSC were solubilized in an oil-in-water (O/W microemulsion system (ME_OCS, forming systems CTSC_ME_OCS, MCTSC_ME_OCS and HMBTSC_ME_OCS. The effectiveness of these systems in the process of inhibiting AISI 1020 carbon steel corrosion was evaluated in a saline solution (NaCl 0.5%, using a galvanostatic method. The tested thiosemicarbazones showed higher inhibitory effects (85.7% for CTSC_ME_OCS, 84.0% for MCTSC_ME_OCS, and 83.3% for HMBTSC_ME_OCS. The surfactant OCS (dissolved in H2O and the ME_OCS system showed lower efficacies, with 71.0% for OCS and 74.0% for ME_OCS system.

  3. O impacto da adoção das IPSAS no relato financeiro das autarquias

    Cunha, Ana Maria Valente da


    O International Public Sector Accounting Standadrs Board (IPSASB) emite normas de contabilidade para o setor público que se denominam, International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). Estas normas constituem adaptações das International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), emitidas pelo International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). O IPSASB tem vindo a desenvolver esforços no sentido da harmonização contabilística a nível mundial e, nesse sentido, conseguiu j...

  4. Das Aufdecken des Inzests als emanzipatorischer Akt - Noch einmal: "Das Fest" von Thomas Vinterberg

    Hirsch, Mathias


    Der dänische Film "Das Fest" wird unter dem Aspekt der typischen Dynamik der Inzestfamilie untersucht. Die Aufdeckung des Inzests ist Zentrum der Handlung dieses Films; sie wird nicht etwa als Ausdruck der Aggression aufgrund der sekundären Identifikation mit dem Aggressor oder als der Rache verstanden, sondern vielmehr als Emanzipationsbestrebung, sich nämlich aus der Opferidentität (primäre Identifikation mit dem Aggressor) und der verleugnenden Kollaboration trennen zu wollen. Damit verbun...

  5. Acetylated starch nanocrystals: Preparation and antitumor drug delivery study.

    Xiao, Huaxi; Yang, Tao; Lin, Qinlu; Liu, Gao-Qiang; Zhang, Lin; Yu, Fengxiang; Chen, Yuejiao


    In this study, we developed a new nanoparticulate system for acetylated starch nanocrystals (ASN) using broken rice. ASN with different degrees of substitution (DS) of 0.04, 0.08 and 0.14 were prepared using acetic anhydride as acetylating agent through reaction with starch nanocrystals (SN). The resulting ASN were investigated for the capability to load and release doxorubicin hydrochloride (DOX), and the antitumor activities of DOX-loaded SN and DOX-loaded ASN were evaluated as potential drug delivery systems for cancer therapy. Cellular uptake and cytotoxicity of nanocrystals and the DOX-loaded nanocrystals were investigated using fluorescence microscopy and a 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) (MTT) assay. Compared with acetylated starches (AS) and native starches (NS), ASN with DS 0.14 loaded up to 6.07% of DOX with a higher loading efficiency of 91.1% and had steadier drug-release rates. Toxicity analysis using the rat hepatocytes model suggested that ASN was biocompatible and could be used for drug delivery. Furthermore, ASN were taken up by cancer cells in vitro and significantly enhanced the cytotoxicity of DOX against HeLa human cervical carcinoma cells. The IC50 value of DOX-loaded ASN-DS 0.14 was 3.8μg/mL for 24h of treatment, which was significantly lower than that of free DOX (21μg/mL). These results indicate that the prepared ASN using broken rice is a promising vehicle for the controlled delivery of DOX for cancer therapy. PMID:27156696

  6. Antitumoral Effect of L. inermis in Mice with EAC

    Mehmet Ozaslan


    Full Text Available In recent years, prophylactic usage of natural products and tendency to resort to alternative medicine has increased rapidly. Henna (Lawsonia sp. has been used not only cosmetically but also medicinally in Turkish population. Among the studies of henna’s antifungal, anti-microbial, tuberculostatic and antitumoral effects come on the science. In this study, we planned to research the effect of Lawsonia inermis that is an oxidant agent against development of cancer, by constituting peritonitis carcinomatous with Ehrlich ascites cells. The animals were divided to three groups and Lawsonia inermis extract and tap water were given to mice for 5 days. After 5 days, all of animals were decapitated by cervical dislocation and their liver tissues were sampled to measure reduced glutathione (GSH level. Mean Survival Time (MST and Average Survival Time (AST were calculated; peritoneal liquid pH was measured; Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma (EAC cells were counted with hemocytometer. At the result, the longest life period was detected on the group which was given 10 mg/kg/day Lawsonia inermis. In group 2 and 3 which were given Lawsonia inermis following to forming Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, total number of cancer cell decreased. The scaled pH levels belonging to group 2 and 3 changed into alkaline compared to that of group1 (pH = 6.2. Glutathione levels of liver tissue were determined to decrease in group 2 and 3 in comparison with group1. In conclusion, Lawsonia inermis may lead cells to apoptosis related to deficiency in detoxification of intracellular radicals.

  7. Herceptin-geldanamycin immunoconjugates: pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and enhanced antitumor activity.

    Mandler, Raya; Kobayashi, Hisataka; Hinson, Ella R; Brechbiel, Martin W; Waldmann, Thomas A


    The efficacy of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) as single agents in targeted cancer therapy has proven to be limited. Arming mAbs with a potent toxic drug could enhance their activity. Here we report that conjugating geldanamycin (GA) to the anti-HER2 mAb Herceptin improved the activity of Herceptin. The IC(50)s of the immunoconjugate H-GA were 10-200-fold lower than that of Herceptin in antiproliferative assays, depending on the cell line. The H-GA mode of action involved HER2 degradation, which was partially lactacystin sensitive and thus proteasome dependent. The linkage between GA and Herceptin remained stable in the circulation, as suggested by the pharmacokinetics of Herceptin and conjugated GA, which were almost identical and significantly different from that of free GA. Tumor uptake of Herceptin and H-GA were similar (52 +/- 7 and 43 +/- 7% of the initial injected dose per gram tissue, respectively; P = 0.077), indicating no apparent damage attributable to conjugation. Therapy experiments in xenograft-bearing mice consisted of weekly i.p. doses, 4 mg/kg for 4 months. H-GA showed a greater antitumor effect than Herceptin because it induced tumor regression in 69% of the recipients compared with 7% by Herceptin alone. Median survival time was 145 days as opposed to 78 days, and 31% of the recipients remained tumor free 2 months after therapy was terminated versus 0% in the Herceptin group. Enhancement of Herceptin activity could be of significant clinical value. In addition, the chemical linkage and the considerations in therapeutic regimen described here could be applied to other immunoconjugates for targeted therapy of a broad spectrum of cancers. PMID:14973048

  8. Transporte de ovos férteis: Influência das idades das matrizes, tempos de estocagem e das estradas

    Aérica C. Nazareno


    Full Text Available Propôs-se, com esta pesquisa, avaliar a influência de diferentes idades das matrizes e tempos de estocagem no número de ovos trincados durante a operação de transporte em diferentes estradas. A pesquisa foi conduzida na empresa integradora avícola em Mogi-Mirim - SP, por meio do acompanhamento de três carregamentos em diferentes estações do ano (primavera, verão e outono. Foi utilizado um caminhão climatizado do tipo baú com capacidade para 592 caixas de ovos. Foram registrados, por meio de quatro acelerômetros, os níveis de vibração (m s-2 e choques em percursos realizados nas estradas de terra e asfalto. O número de ovos trincados foi obtido por meio da contabilização de 18 caixas de ovos transportadas que apresentavam três idades de matrizes e três tempos de estocagem, pelo método visual. Foi utilizado o delineamento experimental inteiramente aleatorizado com esquema fatorial 3 x 3. Conclui-se que as matrizes velhas e intermediárias apresentaram o maior número de ovos trincados; os maiores níveis de vibração e choques da carga ocorreram no sentido horizontal enquanto a estrada de asfalto ofereceu as piores condições para o transporte de ovos.

  9. Pedagogical Basis of DAS Formalism in Engineering Education

    Hiltunen, J.; Heikkinen, E.-P.; Jaako, J.; Ahola, J.


    The paper presents a new approach for a bachelor-level curriculum structure in engineering. The approach is called DAS formalism according to its three phases: description, analysis and synthesis. Although developed specifically for process and environmental engineering, DAS formalism has a generic nature and it could also be used in other…

  10. Das Konzept des Foregrounding in der modernen Textverarbeitungspsychologie

    Holt, Nadine van; Groeben, Norbert


    Das Konzept des "Foregrounding" in der modernen Textverarbeitungspsychologie wird als Manifestation der gestaltpsychologischen Figur-Grund-Unterscheidung angesehen. Durch Ausdifferenzierung verschiedener Bezugsdimensionen von Vorder- und Hintergrund können sowohl basale Mikroprozesse des Textverstehens als auch anspruchsvolle literarische Rezeptionen als Varianten einer Figur-Grund-Unterscheidung beim Lesen rekonstruiert werden. Für das literarische Foregrounding stellt die Unterscheidung von...

  11. Design of a Dynamic Arm Support (DAS) for gravity compensation

    Kramer, Gijs; Römer, GertWillem R.B.E.; Stuyt, Harry J.A.


    The Dynamic Arm Support, or briefly the Das, is a new medical device that serves to compensate for lost arm function of the severely disabled. The target group suffers from insufficient muscle force to move its arms over the usual Range of Motion (RoM). The purpose of the Das is to assist its user d

  12. Vox humana mit Tieren : zu den Gedichten "Das brennende Haus"

    Chiarloni, Anna


    Anna Chiarloni analysiert und interpretiert exemplarisch und vergleichend einzelne Gedichte bzw. Gedichtausschnitte aus Günter Herburgers 1991 erschienen Lyrikband "Das brennende Haus": "Späte Schicht", "Die Mole", "Anglunipe", "Heimkehr", "Mein Newton", "Die Zigeunerin", "Die Kopenhagener Deutung", "Rückkehr", "Das Versteck", "Grönland", "Die imaginäre Haltestelle", "Heimweh", "Tee", "Lied" und "Einstand".

  13. DASMiner: discovering and integrating data from DAS sources

    Vasconcelos Ana


    Full Text Available Abstract Background DAS is a widely adopted protocol for providing syntactic interoperability among biological databases. The popularity of DAS is due to a simplified and elegant mechanism for data exchange that consists of sources exposing their RESTful interfaces for data access. As a growing number of DAS services are available for molecular biology resources, there is an incentive to explore this protocol in order to advance data discovery and integration among these resources. Results We developed DASMiner, a Matlab toolkit for querying DAS data sources that enables creation of integrated biological models using the information available in DAS-compliant repositories. DASMiner is composed by a browser application and an API that work together to facilitate gathering of data from different DAS sources, which can be used for creating enriched datasets from multiple sources. The browser is used to formulate queries and navigate data contained in DAS sources. Users can execute queries against these sources in an intuitive fashion, without the need of knowing the specific DAS syntax for the particular source. Using the source's metadata provided by the DAS Registry, the browser's layout adapts to expose only the set of commands and coordinate systems supported by the specific source. For this reason, the browser can interrogate any DAS source, independently of the type of data being served. The API component of DASMiner may be used for programmatic access of DAS sources by programs in Matlab. Once the desired data is found during navigation, the query is exported in the format of an API call to be used within any Matlab application. We illustrate the use of DASMiner by creating integrative models of histone modification maps and protein-protein interaction networks. These enriched datasets were built by retrieving and integrating distributed genomic and proteomic DAS sources using the API. Conclusion The support of the DAS protocol allows that

  14. A study on recent tendency of anti-tumor herbal acupuncture

    Yoo Hwa-Seung


    Full Text Available Objectives: The purpose of this study is to develop and activate anti-tumor herbal acupuncture for cancer patients in South Korea. Methods: We investigated some literatures on anti-tumor herbal acupuncture which is used in South Korea and China, and made diagrams. Results: The results are summarized as follows. Anti-tumor herbal acupuncture is one of the traditional oriental medical method which is effective for cancer patients. In domestic studies, most of herb materials are belong to action of cooling&detoxification(25.0% and strengthening body resistance(46.4% which are proved to have effects of anti-tumor, immune activation and preventing tumor. In China, point injection therapy are used for improving symptoms of cancer patients and healing tumor. Also herbal intravenous injection is used for combination of chinese traditional and western cancer therapy and treating cancer patients variously. Conclusions: From the above results, it is expected that anti-tumor herbal acupuncture is useful to improve clinical symptoms and quality of life(QOL of cancer patients. Also we must develop new progressive methods of point injection and herbal intravenous injection for treating cancer patients, and advance clinical studies and trials.



    To assess whether novel analogue of nitrosoureas, 2-chloroethyl-3-sarcosinamide-1-nitrosourea (SarCNU), has antitumor effect to 06-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) positive tumors in vivo. Methods: MGMT positive human glioma cell line SF-767 xenografts in nude mice were treated with SarCNU. The antitumor efficacy of SarCNU was compared with the results of 1, 3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (BCNU) treatment with or without 06-benzylguanine (06-BG) preadministration. Results: Since the SF-767 is MGMT strongly positive, BCNU treatment alone did not result in a satisfactory anticancer effect. As expected, 06-BG by depleting MGMT activity, significantly enhanced BCNU antitumor efficacy (p<0.001). More interestingly, SarCNU treatment alone had a better antitumor effect than 06-BG plus BCNU treatment (F=51.7, p=0.00036). Conclusion: Since SarCNU enters cells via extraneuronal monoamine transporter (EMT), the enhanced antitumor activity of SarCNU in this MGMT positive human tumor xenograft model may be due to the presence of EMT in SF-767.SarCNU may be used as an alternative treatment for MGMT positive tumors, specifically for tumors expressing EMT.

  16. Establishment of antitumor memory in humans using in vitro-educated CD8+ T cells.

    Butler, Marcus O; Friedlander, Philip; Milstein, Matthew I; Mooney, Mary M; Metzler, Genita; Murray, Andrew P; Tanaka, Makito; Berezovskaya, Alla; Imataki, Osamu; Drury, Linda; Brennan, Lisa; Flavin, Marisa; Neuberg, Donna; Stevenson, Kristen; Lawrence, Donald; Hodi, F Stephen; Velazquez, Elsa F; Jaklitsch, Michael T; Russell, Sara E; Mihm, Martin; Nadler, Lee M; Hirano, Naoto


    Although advanced-stage melanoma patients have a median survival of less than a year, adoptive T cell therapy can induce durable clinical responses in some patients. Successful adoptive T cell therapy to treat cancer requires engraftment of antitumor T lymphocytes that not only retain specificity and function in vivo but also display an intrinsic capacity to survive. To date, adoptively transferred antitumor CD8(+) T lymphocytes (CTLs) have had limited life spans unless the host has been manipulated. To generate CTLs that have an intrinsic capacity to persist in vivo, we developed a human artificial antigen-presenting cell system that can educate antitumor CTLs to acquire both a central memory and an effector memory phenotype as well as the capacity to survive in culture for prolonged periods of time. We examined whether antitumor CTLs generated using this system could function and persist in patients. We showed that MART1-specific CTLs, educated and expanded using our artificial antigen-presenting cell system, could survive for prolonged periods in advanced-stage melanoma patients without previous conditioning or cytokine treatment. Moreover, these CTLs trafficked to the tumor, mediated biological and clinical responses, and established antitumor immunologic memory. Therefore, this approach may broaden the availability of adoptive cell therapy to patients both alone and in combination with other therapeutic modalities. PMID:21525398

  17. Experimental research on effects of a new Traditional Chinese medicine on antitumor metastases


    Objective: To study the efficacy and mechanism of AT-1 a new compound (an aqueous agent extracted from a Traditional Chinese herb with antiplatelet efficacy) on antitumor metastases in mice. Methods: AT-1,a compound extracted from a Traditional Chinese herb, was prepared by our lab. C57BL/6 female mice, which were transplanted H22 liver cancer cells, received the agent. The tumor nodules, the pulmonary metastasis rate and tumor cell proliferation activity were tested. The tumor cells were exposed to different concentrations of AT-1, and then the condition of the tumor proliferations were tested. Results: High and middle dosages of AT-1 inhibited both the lymphatic and blood systemic tumor pulmonary metastases significantly, but had no effect on inhibition of the tumor cell proliferation in vitro. Conclusion:The major antitumor actions of AT-1 may be on antitumor metastases, and the compounnd may be a new candidate for antitumor metastases agent. More study of the mechanism and action of AT1 on antitumor metastases and the actions are still being done deeply.

  18. Comparative antitumor and anti-proliferative activities of Hippophae rhamnoides L. leaves extracts

    Javid Ali


    Full Text Available Objective: To evaluate the antitumor and anti-proliferative activities of methanol, aqueous, acetone, ethyl acetate, ethanol, chloroform and n-hexane extracts of Hippophae rhamnoides leaves. Methods: Antitumor activities were evaluated by using the antitumor potato disc assay by using inoculums (Agrobacterium tumefaciens with three different concentrations of test samples (10, 100 and 1 000 mg/L. Anti-proliferative activity was evaluated by the given method of methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium assay. The concentrations of the extract ranging from 0.039 to 10 mg/mL were tested against HeLa cells. Results: Highest tumors inhibition activity (60.9% and 55.8% was shown by methanol and ethanol extracts, with EC50 values of 424.41 and 434.61 mg/L respectively. At 10 mg/mL, The highest cell inhibition 75.61% was observed in methanol extract and the lowest 36.59% were calculated in n-hexane extract. The difference in tumor and cell inhibition (% may be due to the different concentration of active compounds responsible for antitumor and anti-proliferative activities. All extracts have considerable level of tumor and cell inhibitiory effect in a dose dependent manner. Conclusions: Our finding showed that Hippophae rhamnoides leaves are a potent natural source of antitumor and antiproliferative agent.

  19. Paracetamol Supplementation Does Not Alter The Antitumor Activity and Lung Toxicity of Bleomycin

    Ghada M. Suddek


    Full Text Available Bleomycin (BLM is well known by its antitumor activity both in vitro and in vivo. However, pulmonary fibrosis has been considered the dose limiting toxicity of the drug. Hyperpyrexia following injection of BLM was reported thus, paracetamol is sometimes administered with BLM as antipyretic drug. Actually, paracetamol was found to interfere with cytotoxicity of some drugs. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of paracetamol administration on the antitumor and lung toxicity of BLM. The antitumor activity was evaluated both in vitro and in vivo using Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC cells. Paracetamol did not alter the antitumor effect of BLM in vitro or in vivo. The lung toxicity of BLM was evidenced by decrease in the body weight, increase in the lung/body weight ratio, decrease in the response of pulmonary arterial rings to 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT and increase in the contractility of tracheal smooth muscles induced by acetylcholine (ACh. The toxicity was also confirmed biochemically by marked increases in hydroxyproline and lipid peroxidation in rat lung and the decrease in reduced glutathione (GSH level. Pretreatment with paracetamol did not significantly change lipid peroxidation, GSH level, percent survival of rats or the response of pulmonary arterial rings and tracheal smooth muscles to 5-HT and ACh respectively. The results of the present study indicated that paracetamol neither modified the antitumor effect of BLM nor changed drug-induced lung toxicity.

  20. Oncolytic Immunotherapy: Dying the Right Way is a Key to Eliciting Potent Antitumor Immunity

    Zong Sheng eGuo


    Full Text Available Oncolytic viruses (OVs are novel immunotherapeutic agents whose anticancer effects come from both oncolysis and elicited antitumor immunity. OVs induce mostly immunogenic cancer cell death (ICD, including immunogenic apoptosis, necrosis/necroptosis, pyroptosis and autophagic cell death, leading to exposure of calreticulin and heat-shock proteins to the cell surface, and/or released ATP, high mobility group box-1 [HMGB1], uric acid, and other DAMPs as well as PAMPs as danger signals, along with tumor-associated antigens, to activate dendritic cells (DCs and elicit adaptive antitumor immunity. Dying the right way may greatly potentiate adaptive antitumor immunity. The mode of cancer cell death may be modulated by individual OVs and cancer cells as they often encode and express genes that inhibit/promote apoptosis, necroptosis or autophagic cell death. We can genetically engineer OVs with death-pathway-modulating genes and thus skew the infected cancer cells towards certain death pathways for the enhanced immunogenicity. Strategies combining with some standard therapeutic regimens may also change the immunological consequence of cancer cell death. In this review, we discuss recent advances in our understanding of danger signals, modes of cancer cell death induced by OVs, the induced danger signals and functions in eliciting subsequent antitumor immunity. We also discuss potential combination strategies to target cells into specific modes of ICD and enhance cancer immunogenicity, including blockade of immune checkpoints, in order to break immune tolerance, improve antitumor immunity and thus the overall therapeutic efficacy.

  1. Cytotoxic and antitumor activities of a polypore macrofungus, Phellinus rimosus (Berk) Pilat.

    Ajith, T A; Janardhanan, K K


    Cytotoxic and antitumor activities of ethyl acetate, methanol and aqueous extracts of a wood inhabiting polypore macrofungus, Phellinus rimosus (Berk) Pilat. were studied. Ethyl acetate and methanol extracts showed in vitro cytotoxic activity against Dalton's lymphoma ascites (DLA) and Ehrlich's ascites carcinoma (EAC) cell lines. The aqueous extract did not exhibit cytotoxicity against the tested cell lines. All the three extracts were highly effective in inhibiting growth of solid tumor induced by DLA cell line in mice. However, the antitumor activity of ethyl acetate extract was higher than that of methanol and aqueous extracts. The ethyl acetate extract was also effective in preventing the EAC induced ascites tumor development in mice. The antitumor activity of all the three extracts against solid tumor at a dose of 50 mg/kg (p.o.) was comparable to the clinically used standard reference drug, cisplatin (4 mg/kg, i.p.). Pre-treatment of the extracts was also effective in inhibiting the tumor growth induced by DLA cell lines. The experimental results revealed that ethyl acetate extract of P. rimosus possessed significant antitumor activity. The findings thus suggest the potential use of this mushroom as antitumor agent. PMID:12648809

  2. Das Metabolische Syndrom und die Eizelle

    Blüher M


    Full Text Available Der Begriff Metabolisches Syndrom beschreibt eine individuelle Häufung von Risikofaktoren für kardiovaskuläre Erkrankungen und Typ-2-Diabetes. Zu diesen Risikofaktoren gehören: viszerale Adipositas, erhöhte Glukose- und Triglyzeridplasmaspiegel, niedrige HDL-Cholesterin-Spiegel, Hypertonie, sowie ein proinflammatorischer und prothrombotischer Status. An der Entwicklung des Metabolischen Syndroms sind genetische Faktoren, Verhaltensmuster, Lebensgewohnheiten und Umwelteinflüsse und deren Wechselwirkung beteiligt. Die auslösenden Faktoren des Metabolischen Syndroms wie beispielsweise eine fettreiche Ernährung können auch Eizellen schädigen und zum medizinischen Problem der Infertilität bei einer Gruppe adipöser Frauen beitragen. Außerdem tritt das Metabolische Syndrom sehr häufig gemeinsam mit dem Syndrom der Polyzystischen Ovarien (PCOS auf. Das PCOS ist die häufigste endokrinologische Erkrankung geschlechtsreifer Frauen, unter der in Deutschland etwa 1 Million Frauen leiden. Nach neueren Definitionen liegt ein PCOS vor, wenn 2 der Kriterien polyzystische Ovarien, Oligo- oder Anovulation und klinische oder laborchemische Zeichen eines Hyperandrogenismus, nach Ausschluss anderer endokriner Erkrankungen erfüllt sind. Die Insulinresistenz des PCOS führt kompensatorisch zu einer vermehrten Insulinfreisetzung. Die so entstehende Hyperinsulinämie verstärkt die vorbestehende Hyperandrogenämie, einerseits durch direkte Steigerung der ovariellen Androgenproduktion, andererseits durch vermehrte hypophysäre LH-Freisetzung, die am Ovar ebenfalls zu einer gesteigerten Hormonproduktion führt. Bei PCOS-Patientinnen scheinen nicht nur die absolute Menge zugeführter Kalorien, sondern die Zusammensetzung der Nahrung, körperliche Aktivität und insbesondere genetische Faktoren den Zusammenhang zum Metabolischen Syndrom zu erklären. Lebensstilveränderungen, die kalorische Restriktion und erhöhte körperliche Aktivität einschließen, aber

  3. XPath Query Completeness Verification Algorithms in DAS

    Xiaoyuan Bao


    Full Text Available With the development in the application environment of database management system, the related technologies such as data management and data access have become more and more complex and the cost of maintenance has been more and more expensive. The problems that how to enable enterprises to focus on their expert areas and outsource the unfamiliar enterprise information systems to others, thus to save a lot of resources but receive the same quality of services, are widely concerned by the database research and application areas. Database as a service (DAS, which means that enterprises outsource the database system to some database service providers (DSP who manage the massive data and provide high-quality data management service becomes an important application in nowadays. To enjoy services provided by a third party, we need to ensure the correctness and completeness of query results. This paper pospose an algorithm which provides an authentication method for the  query results returned from a possible malicous server on which database is outsourced and query is evaluated. The basic idea is to build some Merkle hash trees twice to verify the correctness and completeness of the query results. We have demonstrated the effectiveness of our method in experiments.

  4. Zinc protoporphyrin IX, a heme oxygenase-1 inhibitor, demonstrates potent antitumor effects but is unable to potentiate antitumor effects of chemotherapeutics in mice

    HO-1 participates in the degradation of heme. Its products can exert unique cytoprotective effects. Numerous tumors express high levels of HO-1 indicating that this enzyme might be a potential therapeutic target. In this study we decided to evaluate potential cytostatic/cytotoxic effects of zinc protoporphyrin IX (Zn(II)PPIX), a selective HO-1 inhibitor and to evaluate its antitumor activity in combination with chemotherapeutics. Cytostatic/cytotoxic effects of Zn(II)PPIX were evaluated with crystal violet staining and clonogenic assay. Western blotting was used for the evaluation of protein expression. Flow cytometry was used to evaluate the influence of Zn(II)PPIX on the induction of apoptosis and generation of reactive oxygen species. Knock-down of HO-1 expression was achieved with siRNA. Antitumor effects of Zn(II)PPIX alone or in combination with chemotherapeutics were measured in transplantation tumor models. Zn(II)PPIX induced significant accumulation of reactive oxygen species in tumor cells. This effect was partly reversed by administration of exogenous bilirubin. Moreover, Zn(II)PPIX exerted potent cytostatic/cytotoxic effects against human and murine tumor cell lines. Despite a significant time and dose-dependent decrease in cyclin D expression in Zn(II)PPIX-treated cells no accumulation of tumor cells in G1 phase of the cell cycle was observed. However, incubation of C-26 cells with Zn(II)PPIX increased the percentage of cells in sub-G1 phase of the cells cycle. Flow cytometry studies with propidium iodide and annexin V staining as well as detection of cleaved caspase 3 by Western blotting revealed that Zn(II)PPIX can induce apoptosis of tumor cells. B16F10 melanoma cells overexpressing HO-1 and transplanted into syngeneic mice were resistant to either Zn(II)PPIX or antitumor effects of cisplatin. Zn(II)PPIX was unable to potentiate antitumor effects of 5-fluorouracil, cisplatin or doxorubicin in three different tumor models, but significantly

  5. Spirulina platensis Lacks Antitumor Effect against Solid Ehrlich Carcinoma in Female Mice

    Barakat, Waleed; Elshazly, Shimaa M.; Mahmoud, Amr A. A.


    Spirulina is a blue-green alga used as a dietary supplement. It has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and hepatoprotective properties. This study was designed to evaluate the antitumor effect of spirulina (200 and 800 mg/kg) against a murine model of solid Ehrlich carcinoma compared to a standard chemotherapeutic drug, 5-fluorouracil (20 mg/kg). Untreated mice developed a palpable solid tumor after 13 days. Unlike fluorouracil, spirulina at the investigated two dose levels failed to exert any protective effect. In addition, spirulina did not potentiate the antitumor effect of fluorouracil when they were administered concurrently. Interestingly, their combined administration resulted in a dose-dependent increase in mortality. The present study demonstrates that spirulina lacks antitumor effect against this model of solid Ehrlich carcinoma and increased mortality when combined with fluorouracil. However, the implicated mechanism is still elusive. PMID:26366170

  6. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new rhodacyanine analogues as potential antitumor agents

    Yang Xiong Li; Xin Zhai; Wei Ke Liao; Wu Fu Zhu; Ying He; Ping Gong


    In an attempt to develop potent antitumor agents,new rhodacyanine analogues containing the pyridinium ring (5a-5h),the isoquinolinium ring (6a-6c) and the quinolinium ring (7a-7e) linked to the rhodanine ring via N-N covalent bond were designed,synthesized and evaluated for antitumor activity against human lung cancer cell line (H460) by MTT assay in vitro.Most of the tested compounds showed enhanced antitumor activity with IC50 values ranging from 0.006 to 9.2 μmol/L as compared to the lead compound MKT-077.Among them,the most promising compound 7d (IC50 =0.006 μmol/L) was 216.7 times more active than MKT-077 (IC50 =1.3 μmol/L).The preliminary structure-activity relationship of the target compounds was discussed.


    GAO Jun; WANG Zhi-hua; ZHANG Zhi-bin; YANG Hong


    Objective: To observe the proliferation of A-NK in vitro and antitumor activity in vivo. Methods: The growth curve of A-NK and NA-NK cells was drawn in vitro. In the rat model, we compared the regional administration of A-NK-/IL-2 with the systemic administration. Results: The expansion of A-NK cells reached to climax on day 10 in the culture, increased 16.08 folds compared with the only 3.36 folds for NA-NK cells. In the rat model, we found that the regional administration of A-NK/IL-2 was better than systemic administration or administration of NA-NK/IL-2 not only in tumor infiltration and antitumor response, but also in the survival rate of rats (P<0.05). Conclusion: A-NK cells is a new immune effecter cells with high expansibility and high antitumor activity in vivo and in vitro.

  8. Experimental research on the in vitro antitumor effects of Crataegus sanguinea.

    Sun, Jianling; Gao, Guolan; Gao, YuLian; Xiong, LiJuan; Li, Xiaoying; Guo, Jihong; Zhang, Yueming


    Crataegus sanguinea is a wild plant, which has been widely grown in the north and south of the Tianshan mountains in Xinjiang. In order to explore their anti-cancer properties, edible wild plants from Xinjiang have been tested for their antitumor properties. We used Ames tests, mouse bone marrow polychromatic erythrocytes micronucleus tests, and tumor cells cultured in vitro to study the anti-mutagenic and anti-tumor effects of C. sanguinea extract. We have shown that C. sanguinea has anti-mutagenic effect, but no mutagenicity. Cell culture in vitro experiments show that there is no inhibition of growth or increase in cell death on normal mouse fibroblasts, but a stronger inhibition of cell growth and an increase in cell death of Hep-2 and MGC-803 tumor cells. The results of this study illustrate that C. sanguinea extract has both anti-mutagenic and anti-tumor effects. PMID:23423688

  9. Enhancement of Antitumor Effect of Tegafur/Uracil (UFT) plus Leucovorin by Combined Treatment with Protein-Bound Polysaccharide, PSK, in Mouse Models

    Ryoji Katoh; Mitsuru Ooshiro


    We evaluated the antitumor effect of combined therapy with tegafur/uracil (UFT) plus leucovorin (LV) (UFT/LV)and protein-bound polysaccharide, PSK, in three mouse models of transplantable tumors. UFT/LV showed antitumor effect against Meth A sarcoma, and the antitumor effect was enhanced when PSK given concomitantly.UFT/LV showed antitumor effect to Lewis lung carcinoma and PSK alone also showed antitumor effect at high dose, but a combination of UFT/LV and PSK resulted in no enhanced antitumor effect. Colon 26 carcinoma was weakly responsive to UFT/LV, and no enhancement of antitumor effect was found even PSK was used in combination. In conclusion, while the effect of PSK varies depending on tumor, combined use of UFT/LV and PSK may be expected to augment the antitumor effect.

  10. Comparative Analysis of the Biosynthetic Gene Clusters and Pathways for Three Structurally Related Antitumor Antibiotics Bleomycin, Tallysomycin and Zorbamycin†

    Galm, Ute; Wendt-Pienkowski, Evelyn; Wang, Liyan; Huang, Sheng-Xiong; Unsin, Claudia; Tao, Meifeng; Coughlin, Jane M.; Shen, Ben


    The biosynthetic gene clusters for the glycopeptide antitumor antibiotics bleomycin (BLM), tallysomycin (TLM), and zorbamycin (ZBM) have been recently cloned and characterized from Streptomyces verticillus ATCC15003, Streptoalloteichus hindustanus E465-94 ATCC31158, and Streptomyces flavoviridis ATCC21892, respectively. The striking similarities and differences among the biosynthetic gene clusters for the three structurally related glycopeptide antitumor antibiotics prompted us to compare and...

  11. NKT cells as an ideal anti-tumor immunotherapeutic

    Shin-ichiro eFujii


    Full Text Available Human NKT cells are characterized by their expression of an invariant T cell antigen receptor (TCR  chain variable region encoded by a V24J18 rearrangement. These NKT cells recognize -galactosylceramide (-GalCer in conjunction with the MHC class-I-like CD1d molecule and bridge the innate and acquired immune systems to mediate efficient and augmented immune responses. A prime example of one such function is adjuvant activity: NKT cells augment anti-tumor responses because they can rapidly produce large amounts of IFN-, which acts on NK cells to eliminate MHC negative tumors and also on CD8 cytotoxic T cells to kill MHC positive tumors. Thus, upon administration of -GalCer-pulsed DCs, both MHC negative and positive tumor cells can be effectively eliminated, resulting in complete tumor eradication without tumor recurrence. Clinical trials have been completed in a cohort of 17 patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancers and 10 cases of head and neck tumors. Sixty percent of advanced lung cancer patients with high IFN- production had significantly prolonged median survival times (MST of 29.3 Mo with only the primary treatment. In the case of head and neck tumors, 10 patients who completed the trial all had stable disease or partial responses 5 wks after the combination therapy of -GalCer-DCs and activated NKT cells.We now focus on two potential powerful treatment options for the future. One is to establish artificial adjuvant vector cells containing tumor mRNA and -GalCer/CD1d. This stimulates host NKT cells followed by DC maturation and NK cell activation but also induces tumor-specific long-term memory CD8 killer T cell responses, suppressing tumor metastasis even one year after the initial single injection. The other approach is to establish induced pluripotent stem (iPS cells that can generate unlimited numbers of NKT cells with adjuvant activity. Such iPS-derived NKT cells produce IFN- in vitro and in vivo

  12. Anti-tumor immune response after photodynamic therapy

    Mroz, Pawel; Castano, Ana P.; Wu, Mei X.; Kung, Andrew L.; Hamblin, Michael R.


    Anti-tumor immunity is stimulated after PDT due a number of factors including: the acute inflammatory response caused by PDT, release of antigens from PDT-damaged tumor cells, priming of the adaptive immune system to recognize tumor-associated antigens (TAA), and induction of heat-shock proteins. The induction of specific CD8+ T-lymphocyte cells that recognize major histocompatibility complex class I (MHC-I) restricted epitopes of TAAs is a highly desirable goal in cancer therapy as it would allow the treatment of tumors that may have already metastasized. The PDT killed tumor cells may be phagocytosed by dendritic cells (DC) that then migrate to draining lymph nodes and prime naÃve T-cells that recognize TAA epitopes. We have carried out in vivo PDT with a BPD-mediated vascular regimen using a pair of BALB/c mouse colon carcinomas: CT26 wild type expressing the naturally occurring retroviral antigen gp70 and CT26.CL25 additionally expressing beta-galactosidase (b-gal) as a model tumor rejection antigen. PDT of CT26.CL25 cured 100% of tumors but none of the CT26WT tumors (all recurred). Cured CT26.CL25 mice were resistant to rechallenge. Moreover mice with two bilateral CT26.CL25 tumors that had only one treated with PDT demonstrated spontaneous regression of 70% of untreated contralateral tumors. T-lymphocytes were isolated from lymph nodes of PDT cured mice that recognized a particular peptide specific to b-gal antigen. T-lymphocytes from LN were able to kill CT26.CL25 target cells in vitro but not CT26WT cells as shown by a chromium release assay. CT26.CL25 tumors treated with PDT and removed five days later had higher levels of Th1 cytokines than CT26 WT tumors showing a higher level of immune response. When mice bearing CT26WT tumors were treated with a regimen of low dose cyclophosphamide (CY) 2 days before, PDT led to 100% of cures (versus 0% without CY) and resistance to rechallenge. Low dose CY is thought to deplete regulatory T-cells (Treg, CD4+CD25+foxp

  13. Molecular interactions between nucleic acids and antitumor substances by Raman and NMR spectroscopy.

    Bertoluzza, A; Fagnano, C; Tosi, R; Tugnoli, V; Morelli, M A; Barbarella, G


    1-Methyladenosine (1-MeAdo) and protonated 1-Methyladenosine (1-MeAdo.H+) were chosen as a model to study the molecular interactions between the carcinogen dimethylsulphate (DMS) and the base adenine, and the interactions between the antitumoral electrophilic cis-diamminedichlorophatinum (II) (cis-Pt) and the methylation product of the base, respectively. Raman and multinuclear NMR studies show the molecular perturbations caused by the carcinogen on the base and those of the antitumoral substance on the reaction product base-carcinogen. PMID:3813493

  14. Anti-tumor targeted drug delivery systems mediated by aminopeptidase N/CD13

    Xun Wang


    Full Text Available Aminopeptidase N (APN/CD13 is a transmembrane glycoprotein, which is overexpressed on tumor neovascular endothelial cells and most tumor cells, where it plays an important role in tumor angiogenesis. Peptides containing the Asn-Gly-Arg (NGR motif can specifically recognize APN/CD13 allowing them to act as tumor-homing peptides for the targeted delivery of anti-tumor drugs to tumor neovascular endothelial cells and tumor cells. This article reviews the literature and recent developments related to APN/CD13, its role in tumor growth and some anti-tumor drug delivery systems containing NGR peptides designed to target APN/CD13.

  15. Synthesis and antitumor evaluation of fluoroquinolone C3 fused heterocycles (Ⅱ): From triazolothiadiazines to pyrazolotriazoles

    Guo Qiang Hu; Wen Long Huang; Li Li Hou; Yong Yang; Lei Yi; Song Qiang Xie; Guo Qiang Wang; Nan Nan Duan; Tie Yao Chao; Xiao Yi Wen


    To further expand an effective modified route for the shift from an antibacterial fluoroquinolone (FQ) to an antitumor FQ, two series of title compounds based on an isostere of the FQ C3 carboxylic group with two fused heterocyclic rings, [l,2,4]triazolo[3,4-6][l,3,4]thiadiazine and pyrazolo[5,l-c][l,2,4]triazole, respectively, were designed and synthesized starting from the current antibacterial FQs, and their in vitro antitumor activity against L1210, CHO cell lines were evaluated via their respective IC50 values.

  16. Enhancement of antitumor vaccine in ablated hepatocellular carcinoma by high-intensity focused ultrasound


    AIM:To investigate whether tumor debris created by high-intensity focused ultrasound(HIFU)could trigger antitumor immunity in a mouse hepatocellular carcinoma model. METHODS:Twenty C57BL/6J mice bearing H22 hepatocellular carcinoma were used to generate antitumor vaccines.Ten mice underwent HIFU ablation,and the remaining 10 mice received a sham-HIFU procedure with no ultrasound irradiation.Sixty normal mice were randomly divided into HIFU vaccine,tumor vaccine and control groups.These mice were immunized w...

  17. Pure Multiplicative Noises Induced Population Extinction in an Anti-tumor Model under Immune Surveillance

    The dynamical characters of a theoretical anti-tumor model under immune surveillance subjected to a pure multiplicative noise are investigated. The effects of pure multiplicative noise on the stationary probability distribution (SPD) and the mean first passage time (MFPT) are analysed based on the approximate Fokker-Planck equation of the system in detail. For the anti-tumor model, with the multiplicative noise intensity D increasing, the tumor population move towards to extinction and the extinction rate can be enhanced. Numerical simulations are carried out to check the approximate theoretical results. Reasonably good agreement is obtained.

  18. Auswirkungen eines dreiachsigen Spannungszustandes auf das Verformungsverhalten und das Rissinitiierungsverhalten von Gruppenfehlstellen

    Weichert, Christina


    Während des Erstarrungsprozesses von großen Schmiedestücken ist die Entstehung von Fehlstellen (nichtmetallische Einschlüsse) und Inhomogenitäten nicht vollständig vermeidbar. Daher ist es erforderlich, Kriterien zur Beurteilung der Zulässigkeit von Fehlstellen zu erarbeiten. Zum Auffinden und zur Größenbestimmung der Fehlergrößen im Inneren der Schmiedestücke wird die Ultraschallprüfung angewandt. Zur Ermittlung von Oberflächenfehlern dient die Magnetpulverrissprüfung. Das Ziel dieser Arbeit...


    Jorge, Susana Margarida Faustino; Armada, Manuel José da Rocha


    Passados quarenta anos sobre a publicação do polémico artigo, em que Modigliani e Miller (1958) demonstraram não existir uma estrutura óptima para os capitais das empresas, defendendo assim que o valor de mercado e custo de capital destas eram independentes da sua estrutura de financiamento, a controvérsia em torno destas considerações subsiste. Depois destes autores, rnuitos outros estudaram o assunto, desenvolvendo urn conjunto diverso de teorias sobre a estrutura de capitais, nas quais ...

  20. The role of radiotherapy for the induction of antitumor immune responses; Die Rolle der Strahlentherapie bei der Induktion von Antitumor-Immunantworten

    Multhoff, G. [Technische Univ. Muenchen, Klinikum rechts der Isar (Germany). Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie und Radiologische Onkologie, Experimentelle Radioonkologie; Helmholtz-Zentrum Muenchen (HMGU) (Germany). Klinische Kooperationsgruppe: ' Angeborene Immunantwort in der Tumorbiologie' ; Gaipl, U.S. [Universitaetsklinikum Erlangen (Germany). Strahlenklinik/Radioonkologie, Strahlen-Immunbiologie; Niedermann, G. [Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg (Germany). Klinik fuer Strahlenheilkunde, Sektion fuer Klinische und Experimentelle Strahlenbiologie


    Effective radiotherapy is aimed to control the growth of the primary carcinoma and to induce a long-term specific antitumor immune response against the primary tumor, recurrence and metastases. The contribution covers the following issues: T cells and tumor specific immune responses, dendritic cells (DCs) start adaptive immune responses, NK (natural killer) cells for HLA independent tumor control, abscopal effects of radiotherapy, combination of radiotherapy and immune therapy, radiotherapy contribution to the induction of immunogenic cell death, combinability of radiotherapy and DC activation, combinability of radiotherapy and NK cell therapy. It turns out that the combination of radio-chemotherapy and immune therapy can change the microenvironment initiating antitumor immune reactions that inhibit the recurrence risk and the development of metastases.

  1. Responsabilidade Social Corporativa: estudo comparativo das normas socioambientais

    Francisco Roberto Pinto; Dorelland Ponte Lima; Marcelle Colares Oliveira; Leonel Gois Lima Oliveira


    A utilização de normas socioambientais visa dar maior credibilidade às práticas de Responsabilidade Social Corporativa (RSC). Neste estudo, levantaram-se os seguintes questionamentos: Quais as características das normas socioambientais existentes quanto à avaliação do processo produtivo, das relações com a comunidade, das relações com os empregados e dependentes? Quais os aspectos convergentes e divergentes dessas características no tocante à integração dos sistemas de gestão da RSC propugnad...

  2. Das Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit

    Meyer-Lindenberg, Andreas; Schredl, Michael


    Wer sich beim Ski-Fahren das Bein bricht, wird von Freunden und Kollegen umsorgt, bei seelischen Problemen halten die meisten immer noch unwillkürlich Abstand zum Patienten. Dagegen hat die Universität Heidelberg schon früh ein Zeichen gesetzt: Das Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (ZI) wurde mitten in die Mannheimer Innenstadt gesetzt. Das funktioniert seit 40 Jahren erstaunlich gut, wie Campus Reporter Nils Birschmann im Gespräch mit Prof. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg und Prof. Michael S...

  3. Musgos urbanos do recanto das Emas, Distrito Federal, Brasil

    Câmara Paulo Eduardo; Teixeira Rodrigo; Lima Jaqueline; Lima Janaina


    Fruto da ocupação desordenada de Brasília, o Recanto das Emas é uma das mais recentes cidades criadas no entorno da capital. Localizada a 25,8km do Plano Piloto, conta com área de 101.476km². O Recanto das Emas foi criado em 1993 e hoje conta com população de aproximadamente 100.000 habitantes. Foram selecionados vários pontos de coleta procurando abranger toda a cidade e diferentes áreas. Foram encontrados relativamente poucos representantes da brioflórula, com predomínio de espécies ruderai...

  4. Reengenharia do processo de reclamações das lojas

    Pereira, Ana Maria Nogueira


    Num contexto global de incerteza, as cadeias de abastecimento mais ágeis e os clientes com mais exigências manifestam uma constante preocupação com a melhoria contínua da eficiência das operações logísticas. O presente projeto foi desenvolvido na empresa Sonae Modelo Continente Hipermercados, S.A, uma das duas principais empresas do retalho da grande distribuição alimentar em Portugal. Sendo a logística um fator chave de sucesso, uma das atividades críticas de uma empresa...

  5. Neurobiologia das emoções Neurobiology of the emotions

    Vanderson Esperidião-Antonio; Marilia Majeski-Colombo; Diana Toledo-Monteverde; Glaciele Moraes-Martins; Juliana José Fernandes; Marjorie Bauchiglioni de Assis; Rodrigo Siqueira-Batista


    CONTEXTO: A "natureza" das emoções é um dos temas arcaicos do pensamento ocidental, sendo tematizada em diferentes manifestações da cultura como a arte, a religião, a filosofia e a ciência, desde tempos imemoriais. Nos últimos anos, o avanço das neurociências possibilitou a construção de hipóteses para a explicação das emoções, especialmente a partir dos estudos envolvendo o sistema límbico. OBJETIVOS: Apresentar uma discussão atualizada acerca da neurobiologia dos processos relativos às emoç...

  6. Schriften eines Unbequemen. Das Prosawerk von Kay Hoff

    Wörther, Thomas


    Der 1924 in Neustadt in Holstein geborene, heute in Berlin lebende, Kay Hoff hat in seiner mehr als 50 Jahre andauernden Schriftstellerkarriere seinen Ruf als unbequemer, das heißt gesellschaftliche und politische Missstände unmissverständlich tadelnder, Autor häufig in Werk und Wirken unter Beweis gestellt. Leben und Schaffen des promovierten Germanisten zeigen sich geprägt durch das, was er selbst bezeichnet als seinen „wichtigsten Lebenseinschnitt [...]: das Kriegsende 1945.“ So gehören Ve...

  7. Aspectos pouco comuns da morfologia das plantas superiores.

    Oliveira, José N. B.


    A importância do estudo da Morfologia das Plantas Superiores resulta, em grande parte, do facto do seu conhecimento estar na base da identificação das espécies, contribuir significativamente para a interpretação das relações filogenéticas e ainda constituir o ponto de partida para os estudos da morfo-funcionalidade. Muito embora a moderna Sistemática procure cada vez mais fundamentar-se também noutras áreas científicas, a Morfologia continua a ser o ramo científico mais importante para a Sist...

  8. Snake venoms components with antitumor activity in murine melanoma cells; Componentes derivados de venenos de serpentes com acao antitumoral em celulas de melanoma murino

    Queiroz, Rodrigo Guimaraes


    Despite the constant advances in the treatment of cancer, this disease remains one of the main causes of mortality worldwide. So, the development of new treatment modalities is imperative. Snake venom causes a variety of biological effects because they constitute a complex mixture of substances as disintegrins, proteases (serine and metalo), phospholipases A2, L-amino acid oxidases and others. The goal of the present work is to evaluate a anti-tumor activity of some snake venoms fractions. There are several studies of components derived from snake venoms with this kind of activity. After fractionation of snake venoms of the families Viperidae and Elapidae, the fractions were assayed towards murine melanoma cell line B16-F10 and fibroblasts L929. The results showed that the fractions of venom of the snake Notechis ater niger had higher specificity and potential antitumor activity on B16-F10 cell line than the other studied venoms. Since the components of this venom are not explored yet coupled with the potential activity showed in this work, we decided to choose this venom to develop further studies. The cytotoxic fractions were evaluated to identify and characterize the components that showed antitumoral activity. Western blot assays and zymography suggests that these proteins do not belong to the class of metallo and serine proteinases. (author)

  9. Musgos urbanos do recanto das Emas, Distrito Federal, Brasil Urban mosses from Recanto das Emas, Distrito Federal, Brazil

    Paulo Eduardo Câmara; Rodrigo Teixeira; Jaqueline Lima; Janaina Lima


    Fruto da ocupação desordenada de Brasília, o Recanto das Emas é uma das mais recentes cidades criadas no entorno da capital. Localizada a 25,8km do Plano Piloto, conta com área de 101.476km². O Recanto das Emas foi criado em 1993 e hoje conta com população de aproximadamente 100.000 habitantes. Foram selecionados vários pontos de coleta procurando abranger toda a cidade e diferentes áreas. Foram encontrados relativamente poucos representantes da brioflórula, com predomínio de espécies ruderai...

  10. Wann wird die Demokratie erwachsen? Kinder und das Wahlrecht

    Lecce, Steven


    Full Text Available Dieser Artikel untersucht, ob es moralisch vertretbar ist, Kindervon Wahlen auszuschließen. Letztendlich gibt es starke Spannungen zwischen den egalitären Annahmen der Demokratie und unserem offensichtlichen Unwillen, Kindern das Wahlrecht zuzugestehen. Solange kein plausibler Grund für die ungleiche Behandlungvon Erwachsenen und Kindern gefunden wird, muss die anhaltende politische Vorenthaltung des Wahlrechts von unseren jüngsten Bürgern als das bezeichnet werden, was sie ist: soziale Ungerechtigkeit. Der Artikel beginnt mit der Darstellung einiger konzeptionellerSchwierigkeiten, die im Verhältnis Kindheit – Demokratie aufkommen. Anschließend untersucht er zwei sehr unterschiedliche Demokratieansätze und ihre Bedeutung für das Kinderwahlrecht: Prozeduralismus und das vermeintliche Kinderrecht auf eine offene Zukunft.