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  1. Anthony (Tony) ROBERTS 5 March 1948 – 16 January 2008


    Tony came from Netherton, a small town near Birmingham in the English West Midlands, where he grew up with his parents, who ran the local grocery store, "T.W. Roberts & Son". This is where he regularly liked to return, firstly to help his parents and later simply to spend time with them. Here undoubtedly lie the roots of his organizational skills and his ability to get on so well with others. He soon became interested in the rapidly-developing field of computing and this was how he first came to CERN, during the summer of 1973, at the age of 25. He joined the DD Division as an operator responsible for the "calculators" of that time, where he stayed until 1979 when he joined the Fellows and Associates Section of Personnel Division. He participated in the general computerisation of the Administration and continued his career in the Records Office of HR Department, a post he held until the end. Though still very British – ob...

  2. Anthony ROBERTS 5 March 1948 – 16 January 2008

    TS Department


    We deeply regret to announce the death of Mr Anthony ROBERTS on 16 January 2008. Mr ROBERTS, born on 05.03.1948, worked in the HR Department and had been employed at CERN since 01.06.1973. The Director-General has sent his family a message of condolence on behalf of the CERN staff. Social Affairs Service Human Resources Department

  3. [Anthony Shay. Tantsupoliitika


    Tutvustus: Shay, Anthony. Tantsupoliitika : riiklikud rahvatantsuansamblid, representatsioon ja võim / inglise keelest tõlkinud Pille Kruus. Tallinn : Tallinna Ülikooli Kirjastus, 2011. (Gigantum humeris)

  4. A tribute to Dr. Anthony C. Bellotti and his contributions to cassava entomology

    Anthony (Tony) Bellotti’s career as a humanitarian and entomologist followed a trajectory that took him to El Salvador with the Peace Corps (PC) in 1962, New Mexico State for a Masters, Paraguay (again with the Peace Corps), Cornell University for a PhD, and Colombia where he worked for the Centro I...

  5. Tony Oursler : Vox Vernacular

    Dozières, Cyrielle


    Cette anthologie sur le travail de Tony Oursler est un volume particulièrement complet. En premier lieu, le texte introductif de Denis Gielen (p. 9-13) dresse un bilan des inspirations et des engouements de l’artiste depuis ses débuts (culture populaire, nouvelles technologies, cinéma de genre, psychologie collective). Cette approche permet au lecteur de positionner les enjeux de l’œuvre de Tony Oursler et d’en mesurer la richesse. Mais c’est dans un second temps que le catalogue prend de l’e...

  6. Tony Hoagland. Hard Rain

    Erik MARTINY


    Full Text Available Tony Hoagland is still little known in Europe and yet he made his way into the prestigious British encyclopaedia Contemporary Poets at a very early stage. Since then he has also published Donkey Gospel and What Narcissism Means to Me, books that have won him a swathe of awards in North America. As these titles suggest, Hoagland’s characteristic tone is marked by a deep devotion to hedonism in all its manifestations, humour being one of its mainstays. While Hoagland’s aesthetic dedication to t...

  7. Zhena Toni Blera rabotala naturshtshitsei


    Suurbritannia peaministri Tony Blairi abikaasa Cherie Booth poseeris oma noorusaastatel inglise kunstniku Euan Uglow' maali jaoks "Striding Nude, Blue Dress". Maal jäi lõpetamata. Asub Marlborough Fine Art Trust muuseumis

  8. An outline of the life and work of Tony Hilton Royle Skyrme (1922-1987)

    Tony Hilton Royle Skyrme was born on 5 December 1922 at 7 Blessington Road, Lewisham (Kent), London. Tony's maternal grandfather was Herbert William Thomson Roberts, a tidal computer for the Admiralty by profession. The inclusion of Lord Kelvin's baptismal name (William Thomson) among his forenames reflects the professional contact which Tony's great-grandfather had with Lord Kelvin and the high regard in which he held the latter. This great-grandfather of Tony's on the maternal side was Edward Roberts. He was appointed Secretary to the Tidal Committee of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, being made responsible later for the construction of the first Tidal Predicter, which had been designed by Lord Kelvin. He played a large part in the design and construction of the Universal Tide-predicting Machines used by the Indian and Colonial Government and by the Admiralty Hydrographic Office. It was his house which held the Tidal Predicter, the first model of the machine, which made such a strong impression on the young Tony and influenced so greatly the development of his later ideas, as Tony himself recounted in a lecture given at a Workshop on Skyrmions in 1984

  9. A Tribute to Tony Wigram

    Ridder, Hanne Mette Ochsner; Holck, Ulla


    Professor Tony Wigram passed away in his home on June 24th 2011, aged 57, after almost one year with a growing tumour in his brain.*Almost all music therapy professionals in Europe have heard of Tony Wigram, heard him speak at a conference or as a guest Professor, or read one of his numerous...... articles or books. Wigram has contributed to the field of music therapy not only in Europe but worldwide. He did groundbreaking work as a music therapy clinician, as well as a teacher and researcher and created an extraordinary research milieu at the Doctoral Programme in Music Therapy at Aalborg...... University. Wigram was one of the founders of the European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC) and served as the first president and later also as president for the World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT). He was Professor of Music Therapy and Head of the doctoral programme at Aalborg University, Professor...

  10. Post Mortem y Tony Manero

    Urrutia, Carolina


    Post Mortem, el tercer largometraje de Pablo Larraín, podría ser el preludio de su cinta anterior Tony Manero ; el momento en que el protagonista (en ambas instancias interpretado por Alfredo Castro), cae irreversiblemente en la locura y se vuelve psicópata. La apuesta en ambos filmes es extrema porque asume la representación y la relectura de una época extrema, donde la demencia que se activa con el régimen militar ya parece estar instalada en la sociedad que lo origina y que ahora simplemen...

  11. Post Mortem et Tony Manero

    Urrutia, Carolina


    Post Mortem, troisième long-métrage de Pablo Larraín, pourrait être le prélude du film précédent, Tony Manero ; le moment où le protagoniste (joué dans les deux cas par Alfredo Castro) tombe dans la folie sans retour et devient psychopathe. Le pari des deux films est extrême, car il assume la représentation et la relecture d’une époque extrême, où la démence mise en action sous le régime militaire semble être déjà installée dans la société qui lui donne naissance. Cette folie ne fait plus qu’...

  12. Tony Blair - edukas ja ebasoosingus / Tõnis Arnover

    Arnover, Tõnis, 1952-


    Tony Blairil saab suvel Suurbritannia peaministri kohal täis kümme aastat, kui ta erakonnakaaslaste korruptsiooniskandaali tõttu varem tagasi ei astu. Vt. samas: CV; Gordon Brown astub varjust välja

  13. Tony Blair - viimane interventsionist / David Rieff

    Rieff, David


    Suurbritannia ametist lahkunud peaministri Tony Blairi kolmest ametiajast, liidripositsioonist rahvusvahelistes suhetes, tema välispoliitikast, sekkumisest Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraagi sündmustesse, poliitilistest väärtushinnangutest, liberaalsest interventsionismist

  14. Robert Chambers

    K. Biekart (Kees); D.R. Gasper (Des)


    textabstractProfessor Robert Chambers is a Research Associate at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex (Brighton, UK), where he has been based for the last 40 years, including as Professorial Research Fellow. He became involved in the field of development management in the

  15. PREFACE Quantum Groups, Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information: a Festschrift for Tony Sudbery

    Weigert, Stefan


    On 29 July 2008, Professor Anthony Thomas Sudbery - known as Tony to his friends and colleagues - celebrated his 65th birthday. To mark this occasion and to honour Tony's scientific achievements, a 2-day Symposion was held at the University of York on 29-30 September 2008 under the sponsorship of the Institute of Physics and the London Mathematical Society. The breadth of Tony's research interests was reflected in the twelve invited lectures by A Beige, I Bengtsson, K Brown, N Cerf, E Corrigan, J Ladyman, A J Macfarlane, S Majid, C Manogue, S Popescu, J Ryan and R W Tucker. This Festschrift, also made possible by the generosity of the IOP and the LMS, reproduces the majority of these contributions together with other invited papers. Tony obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1970. His thesis, written under the guidance of Alan Macfarlane, is entitled Some aspects of chiral su(3) × su(3) symmetry in hadron dynamics. He arrived in York in 1971 with his wife Rodie, two young daughters, a lively mind and a very contemporary shock of hair. He was at that stage interested in mathematical physics and so was classed as an applied mathematician in the departmental division in place at that time. But luckily Tony did not fit into this category. His curiosity is combined with a good nose for problems and his capacity for knocking off conjectures impressed us all. Within a short time of his arrival he was writing papers on group theory, complex analysis and combinatorics, while continuing to work on quantum mechanics. His important paper on quaternionic analysis is an example of the imagination and elegance of his ideas. By developing a derivative, he replaced the relatively obscure analytical theory of quaternions by one informed by modern complex analysis. Other interests emerged, centred round the quantum: quantum mechanics and its foundations, quantum groups and quantum information. He didn't just dabble in these areas but mastered them, gaining a national

  16. Robert Recorde

    Williams, Jack


    The 16th-Century intellectual Robert Recorde is chiefly remembered for introducing the equals sign into algebra, yet the greater significance and broader scope of his work is often overlooked. This book presents an authoritative and in-depth analysis of the man, his achievements and his historical importance. This scholarly yet accessible work examines the latest evidence on all aspects of Recorde's life, throwing new light on a character deserving of greater recognition. Topics and features: presents a concise chronology of Recorde's life; examines his published works; describes Recorde's pro

  17. Tony Blair : hinnatud ja vihatud / Tõnis Arnover

    Arnover, Tõnis, 1952-


    Lahkuva Suurbritannia peaministri Tony Blairi karjäärist poliitikas. Vt. samas: CV; Blairi uus väljakutse Lähis-Idas. Kommenteerivad USA president George W. Bush, Euroopa Komisjoni esimees Jose Manuel Barroso, Soome president Tarja Halonen ja Iirimaa peaminister Bertie Ahern

  18. Anthony Davenport. Medieval Narrative – An Introduction

    Richard TRIM


    Full Text Available This latest book by Tony Davenport represents not only a very useful guide to the different types of narrative associated with the Middle Ages but also succinctly describes their origins in Antiquity as well as linking up the various genres of medieval story-telling to present-day fiction in prose and film. The introductory pages thus give a global picture of narrative both before and after the medieval period and the Middle Ages are thereby not left in a vacuum. Although the focus is on Engl...

  19. Sexuality in Toni Morrison’s works

    Holm, Birgit Kristine Aas


    Toni Morrison’s narratives explore a wide range of interrelated topics such as gender, love, race, abuse and oppression. Morrison’s three novels Sula, The Bluest Eye and Love all inquire into how individuals, and especially women and children, are affected by the patriarchal and sexist attitudes which pervade African American communities. In my thesis I want to explore how Morrison portrays sexuality as a means of power in human relations, particularly in the thematic contexts of gender, oppr...

  20. Robert Schumann.

    Lederman, R J


    Robert Schumann, one of the giants of early romantic music, was born in Saxony in 1810 and died in an asylum shortly after his 46th birthday. Early in life, he demonstrated extraordinary skills in both music and journalism; he remained active in both areas until his final illness. His marriage to the remarkable pianist, Clara Wieck, provided him with both much-needed emotional support and a highly effective champion of his music throughout her lengthy career. Schumann's plans to be a concert pianist were thwarted at least partially by an injury to his right hand, the nature of which has been the subject of much speculation. After considering what few facts are available, the author concludes that this may have represented focal dystonia. His compositional output waxed and waned dramatically over his professional life, reflecting to some degree his emotional state. It is considered most likely that he suffered from a major affective disorder, bipolar type. This ultimately led to a suicide attempt in February 1854, and to his eventual death in July 1856. Despite wide-spread and reasonable suspicion that he may have died from neurosyphilis, severe malnutrition from self-starvation seems more likely. PMID:10718523


    Setefanus Suprajitno


    Full Text Available Tony Morrison's fifth novel, Beloved (1987, explores the degradation of slavery imposed upon slaves, even when they were owned by a "humane" slave master. The novel is set in the Reconstruction period, the period after the American civil war. The word reconstruction may be used for the Afro-Americans, especially for the Afro-American women who face double discrimination for being black and women. In dealing with women's oppression, Afro-American women have to reconstruct themselves as an act of survival, and to be aware of the horrors of the experiences which their ancestors had to go through.

  2. Elizabeth II üle Diana ja Tony / Kristiina Davidjants

    Davidjants, Kristiina, 1974-


    Stephen Frearsi mängufilm "Kuninganna" ("The Queen") : stsenarist Peter Morgan : kuninganna Elizabeth II kehastab Helen Mirren peaminister Tony Blair'i Michael Sheen: Suurbritannia - Ameerika Ühendriigid - Itaalia 2006

  3. An Archetypal Reading of Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecture



    Toni Morrison is widely recognized as American's preeminent novelist.As the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize winning novelist,her stature as a post war American novelist can be no doubt compared to that of great novelists like Hemingway and Faulkner.Historically alert,Toni Morrison magnificently explores the life of the black,especiaiiy that of black women.Her Nobel Prize which she again tells a story of a black wom- an.can be regarded as an epitome of Mortison's works.The dialogue between the blind black old woman and the young people is full of wisdom and profoundness.Like many great works,Morrison's Lecture can also be traced back to some ancient archetypes,this thesis attempts to use archetypal theories to probe into the archetypes in Toni Morrison's Nobel Prize Lecture from characters, and theme.These archetypes denote deeper meaning of the author.

  4. Sõda ja etnoste konfliktid Anthony Minghella filmides / Aarne Ruben

    Ruben, Aarne, 1971-


    Käsitletakse Anthony Minghella kolme filmi: "Inglise patsient" ("The English Patient") Michael Ondaatje romaani järgi, Ameerika Ühendriigid 1996; "Külmale mäele" (Cold Mountain") Charles Frazieri romaani järgi, 2003; "Sissemurdmine" ("Breaking and Entering"), Suurbritannia - Ameerika Ühendriigid 2006

  5. Robert Gilmore, a portrait

    Solari, Hernán G.


    To present the personality of Bob Gilmore is a formidable task, as his scientific contributions include group theory, laser physics, non-linear dynamics, catastrophe theory, thermodynamics, dynamical systems, quantum theory and more. But even if we succeed in describing his contributions, much of Gilmore's being would be lost. Bob as advisor, Bob as father, Bob as teacher, Bob as scientific communicator reveal as much of Bob Gilmore as his scientific papers and his books. Very much as in the Group Theory so close to him, there is a Robert Gilmore in abstract as well as representations of Robert Gilmore. We will make an attempt to find the "principle of the rule", the abstract level of Robert Gilmore as well as Robert Gilmore, himself, as a representation of the duality science-humanism.

  6. Laienev Euroopa vajab konkurentsi / Tony Blair, Juhan Parts

    Blair, Tony, 1953-


    Ilmunud ka: The Baltic Times 6. nov. lk. 19. Suurbritannia ja Eesti peaministrite Tony Blairi ja Juhan Partsi ühiskiri, mis astub vastu EL-i põhiseadusliku leppe projektile liikmesriikide maksusüsteemi muutmise küsimuses

  7. Fairy Tale and Trauma in Toni Morrison's Home

    Visser, Irene


    The literary work of Toni Morrison is famous for its rich intertexuality, interweaving narrative, contemporary history, and tales and motifs from oral storytelling traditions. Her tenth novel, Home (2013), is no exception. It contains disturbing and dark narratives of childhood abuse, war trauma, an

  8. Social Justice Leadership in Action: The Case of Tony Stewart

    Canfield-Davis, Kathy; Gardiner, Mary E.; Joki, Russell A.


    Reflecting on the 140th anniversary of the Fourteenth Amendment (ratified July, 1868), this qualitative case study described a response by educator-activist Tony Stewart to the Aryan Nations, a neo-Nazi hate group that attempted to intimidate Stewart's community, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, between 1972-2000. Stewart galvanized community response using…

  9. Juvenile Delinquency in Novel Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

    Bena Yusuf Pelawi


    The study aimed to reveal the role of literary work, especially a novel in reflecting the social fenomena, the juvenile delinquency in the twentieth century. The data source was an English novel Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess. The research applied library research by using reflection theory introduced by Georg Lukacs. Analysis was presented in three parts, those were the identification of major character, social setting, and the reflection of juvenile delinquency.The findings wer...

  10. Trix und Robert Haussmann

    Fischli, Fredi; Olsen, Niels


    Die Monografie Robert & Trix Haussmann eröffnet die Publikationsreihe STUDIOLO / Edition Patrick Frey, eine Kollaboration des Verlags mit dem Ausstellungsraum STUDIOLO. Die Kuratoren Fredi Fischli und Niels Olsen betreiben in einem Atelierhaus in Zürich ein vielfältiges Programm gegenwärtiger Kunstproduktion. Die Ausstellung The Log-O-Rhythmic Slide Rule im Frühjahr 2012 widmete sich dem Werk von Trix und Robert Haussmann und ist Ausgangspunkt für die folgende Publikation, die mit Bildern, Es...

  11. A Structuralist Perspective to Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecture



    Now most criticisms focus on the factors outside the literary text.In comparison with the criticisms above,this thesis will offer a reading on Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecture from a structuralist perspective.It might provide a different visual angle for understanding the lecture.Structuralism is an approach to analyze the narrative material by examining the underlying invariant structure.In studying literary text,strueturalists concem themselves with the abstract and internal structure rather On the surface phenomena.They emphasize the unity of literary text.By applying the theory of sttucturalism in the analysis of Toni Morrison'Nobel Lecture,this thesis will explore the deep structure and to reveal the deep meaning beneath the Nobel Lecture.

  12. Intertextual Relationships in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye

    TANRITANIR, Bülent Cercis; UZUN, Kıvılcım


    Toni Morrison is mostly known for frequently bringing up the problems of African-American people living in the US and of the black women in particular and social issues like racism, discrimination, feminism and male domination. She is also famous for revealing starkly the lives of African American society within dominant American culture from past to present. Morrison strengthens her fiction by establishing a close relationship between her stories and various texts as a significant characteri...

  13. Kolmandat teed kõndiv peaminister Tony Blair / Heiki Suurkask

    Suurkask, Heiki, 1972-


    Suurbritannia peaministri Tony Blair valitsusperioodi pole kõigutanud skandaalid ega ebaõnnestumised. Konservatiivide peataolek võimaldab tal rahumeeli edasi valitseda. Ometi ei lähe peaministril hästi - tal puudub parlamendi toetus terrorismivastases võitluses, räägitakse Briti vägede Iraagis väljatoomise vajadusest. Lisad: Thatcher tervitab Eesti kaudu; Väike eurosõnastik

  14. Migration Theories and Mental Health in Toni Morrison's Jazz

    Leila Tafreshi Motalgh; Wan Roselezam Wan Yahya


    This article aims to elaborate the relationship between migration and mental health problems that are evident in migrant women in Toni Morrison's Jazz (1992). To this end, pre-migration, migration and post-migration stress factors are identified in the novel based on Danish Bhugra's theory of migration. It seems that pre-migration stress factors and traumas are associated with the push theory of migration, while post-migration stresses are associated with the pull theory of migration. Despite...

  15. ‘ The Theoretical Eye’ translated by Anthony Auerbach

    Hubert Damisch


    Full Text Available In his article ‘L’œil théoricien’ (1988, written for the catalogue of an exhibition of works by Josef Albers (1888–1976, Hubert Damisch brought the complex of ideas elaborated in his major work on Renaissance painting to bear on the twentieth century. With reference, on the one hand, to psychoanalysis, and on the other hand to geometry, Damisch juxtaposes the enigma of Albers’ works with the logic of his method, hinting at an interpretation which, like L’origine de la perspective (1987, will borrow from Lacan, Wittgenstein and Merleau-Ponty. Translated from the French by Anthony Auerbach with augmented notes.

  16. John D. Roberts

    Dervan, Peter B.


    I met the great John D. Roberts at Caltech for the first time in 1972. He seemed larger than life: a tall, handsome, rugged man with a shock of curly grey hair, broad warm grin, huge embracing handshake, and twinkle in his eye. This was the man who has inspired a generation of organic chemists by his intellectual leadership, his innovation in developing new techniques to explore mechanistic organic chemistry, his contributions to undergraduate and graduate education and the advancement of s...

  17. Robert Grosseteste's colours

    Sparavigna, Amelia Carolina


    Here I am proposing a translation and discussion of the De Colore, one of the short scientific treatises written by Robert Grosseteste. In this very short treatise of the mid-1220s, Grosseteste continued the discussion on light and colours he started in the De Iride. He describes two manners of counting colours: one gives an infinity of tones, the other counts seven colours. In both cases, colours are created by the purity or impurity of the transparent medium when light is passing through it. This medieval framework survived until Newton's experiments with prisms.

  18. Subverting the Traditional Mother's Role in Toni Morrison's Beloved (1987)

    Gerardo Benítez, Adaleen


    [ES] En este ensayo examino cómo Beloved (1987) de Toni Morrison subvierte el concepto tradicional de la maternidad en las afroamericanas y cómo la violencia se convierte en la más pura expresión del amor maternal que adquiere un tono fatídico. Morrison considera que la literatura es el recurso más contundente para desafiar la marginación histórica y cultural a la que las mujeres afroamericanas han sido sujetas durante décadas. La protagonista de la novela, una ex esclava, Sethe, usa la viole...

  19. Racial Affliction And Class Oppression In Toni Morrison's Sula

    Amirthavalli Asokan


    Toni Morrison seems to have realized this awful truth by the time she comes to write her second novel, Sula (1973). The major predicament that Morrison considers in this novel is, therefore, two-fold-the effect of racism upon black identity formation, and the effect of racism and sexism upon the identity formation of the black female. In an interview conducted by Colette Dowling, Morrison states that “blacks is they are to succeed in America society, must leave their native communities, and i...

  20. Aesthetics,Society,Politics——An Interview with Tony Bennett


    <正>Tony Bennett is Research Professor in Social and Cultural Theory in the Centre for Cultural Research at the University of Western Sydney,and a Professorial Fellow in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne.He has held previous positions as the Professor of Sociology at the Open University in the UK,where he was also a Director of the ESRC Centre for Research on Socio-cultural Change,and as Professor of Cultural Studies in the Faculty of

  1. Identity and Community in Toni Morrison’s Sula



      Toni Morrison’s Sula was published in 1973. It portrays a black woman who quests for self under the strick doc⁃trines of black community. The novel puts forward a complexed contradiction of identity and black community in the histori⁃cal context of black community and protagonist Sula’s change, rejection, awareness of self and death. The overall challenges of Sula pays her life as a price. Morrison, through this piece of work, reveals the conflicts between Sula’s self and black communi⁃ty. Sula’s tragic ending voices an unchanged fact that self must be developed within the black community.

  2. Judy, una instalación de Tony Oursier

    Gallego Sánchez, Mercedes


    La instalación de Judy la presentó Tony Oursier en 1994 en el Kunstverein en Saizburgo. Se basa en los desórdenes de personalidad múltiple y sobre la influencia que los medios de comunicación de masas ejercen en nuestra sociedad. Busca la empatia entre el espectador, la obra y el mismo artista. Concibe al espectador como un personaje, adentrándose en la intimidad de Judy. La instalación muestra la fragmentación de una sola personalidad, representadas gracias a...

  3. A Review of Toni Morrison's Nobel Prize Speech

    张冉; 张帆


    Beginning with and old story,Toni Morrison uses her unique method to tell us the functions of language and her perspectives of language and literature.From this story,we can understand her writing standpoint and her determination of making contributions to her nation and people.This paper tries to review her speech given in the Nobel Prize in Literature from four aspects.They are the introduction and comprehension of the story,narrative point of view,discourse and power and feminist criticism.

  4. Remembering Robert Seydel

    Lauren van Haaften­-Schick


    Full Text Available This January, while preparing a new course, Robert Seydel was struck and killed by an unexpected heart attack. He was a critically under-appreciated artist and one of the most beloved and admired professors at Hampshire College.At the time of his passing, Seydel was on the brink of a major artistic and career milestone. His Book of Ruth was being prepared for publication by Siglio Press. His publisher describes the book as: “an alchemical assemblage that composes the life of his alter ego, Ruth Greisman— spinster, Sunday painter, and friend to Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp. Through collages, drawings, and journal entries from Ruth’s imagined life, Seydel invokes her interior world in novelistic rhythms.”This convergence of his professional triumph with the tragedy of his death makes now a particularly appropriate time to think about Robert Seydel and his work. This feature contains a selection of excerpts from Book of Ruth (courtesy of Siglio Press alongside a pair of texts remembering him and giving critical and biographical insights into his art and his person. These texts, from a former student and a colleague respectively, were originally prepared for Seydel's memorial at Hampshire College and have since been revised for publication in continent.

  5. Estonia's defence dollars spent wisely? / Tony Lawrence, Kaarel Kaas ; interv. Joel Alas

    Lawrence, Tony


    Rahvusvahelise Kaitseuuringute Keskuse teadurid Tony Lawrence ja Kaarel Kaas kommenteerivad Eestis Suurbritannia kaitseatasheena töötanud kolonelleitnant Glen Granti kriitikat kaitsejõudude efektiivsuse osas, Eesti kaitsepoliitikat, küberrünnakut Eestile, kahe Eesti rahukaitseväelase surma missioonil Afganistanis ning üldsuse suhtumist Eesti osalemisele rahvusvahelistel missioonidel. Lisa: Tony Lawrence; Kaarel Kaas

  6. Juvenile Delinquency in Novel Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

    Bena Yusuf Pelawi


    Full Text Available The study aimed to reveal the role of literary work, especially a novel in reflecting the social fenomena, the juvenile delinquency in the twentieth century. The data source was an English novel Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess. The research applied library research by using reflection theory introduced by Georg Lukacs. Analysis was presented in three parts, those were the identification of major character, social setting, and the reflection of juvenile delinquency.The findings were as follows. First, the major character was Alex as his hig intensity in all the events that build the whole story. Second, the social setting described the life of teenagers, especially the juvenile delinquency as social fenomena in society. Third, the role of literary work in revealing the problem above faced by the twentieth century society. Finally, it can be concluded that the literary work has played a very important role in revealing the social fenomena.

  7. Migration Theories and Mental Health in Toni Morrison's Jazz

    Leila Tafreshi Motalgh


    Full Text Available This article aims to elaborate the relationship between migration and mental health problems that are evident in migrant women in Toni Morrison's Jazz (1992. To this end, pre-migration, migration and post-migration stress factors are identified in the novel based on Danish Bhugra's theory of migration. It seems that pre-migration stress factors and traumas are associated with the push theory of migration, while post-migration stresses are associated with the pull theory of migration. Despite post-migration stresses, the main female characters who encounter pre-migration stress factors and traumas are more likely to develop mental health problems like Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD. Although there is extensive literary criticism of Jazz (1992, no theoretical criticism exists that simultaneously covers migration theories and the mental health problems evident in Toni Morrison's female characters. It is worth highlighting that gender is a variable that correlates positively with migration and mental health. This article attempts to fill a gap in literary criticism and contribute to the body of research on mental health problems associated with gender and migration.Keywords: Push-Pull Theory, Great Migration, Black Studies, Gender, Trauma, PTSD

  8. Robert Cailliau honoured by Belgium


    On 15 November, Robert Cailliau received the distinction of Commandeur de l'Ordre de Léopold from Belgium, his home country, for his pioneering work in developing the World Wide Web. Robert Cailliau worked closely with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web.

  9. Racial Affliction And Class Oppression In Toni Morrison's Sula

    Amirthavalli Asokan


    Full Text Available Toni Morrison seems to have realized this awful truth by the time she comes to write her second novel, Sula (1973. The major predicament that Morrison considers in this novel is, therefore, two-fold-the effect of racism upon black identity formation, and the effect of racism and sexism upon the identity formation of the black female. In an interview conducted by Colette Dowling, Morrison states that “blacks is they are to succeed in America society, must leave their native communities, and in so doing, cut themselves off from their old lives.” (New York Times Magazine, 58 This amounts to double isolation, since the doors to the white America mainstream generally remain closed to blacks.

  10. A Tony Thomas-Inspired Guide to INSPIRE

    The SPIRES database was created in the late 1960s to catalogue the high energy physics preprints received by the SLAC Library. In the early 1990s it became the first database on the web and the first website outside of Europe. Although indispensible to the HEP community, its aging software infrastructure is becoming a serious liability. In a joint project involving CERN, DESY, Fermilab and SLAC, a new database, INSPIRE, is being created to replace SPIRES using CERN's modern, open-source Invenio database software. INSPIRE will maintain the content and functionality of SPIRES plus many new features. I describe this evolution from the birth of SPIRES to the current day, noting that the career of Tony Thomas spans this timeline.

  11. A Tony Thomas-Inspired Guide to INSPIRE

    O' Connell, Heath B.; /Fermilab


    The SPIRES database was created in the late 1960s to catalogue the high energy physics preprints received by the SLAC Library. In the early 1990s it became the first database on the web and the first website outside of Europe. Although indispensible to the HEP community, its aging software infrastructure is becoming a serious liability. In a joint project involving CERN, DESY, Fermilab and SLAC, a new database, INSPIRE, is being created to replace SPIRES using CERN's modern, open-source Invenio database software. INSPIRE will maintain the content and functionality of SPIRES plus many new features. I describe this evolution from the birth of SPIRES to the current day, noting that the career of Tony Thomas spans this timeline.

  12. Multiple Sclerosis: Personal Stories: Nicole Lemelle, Iris Young, Michael Anthony, John Cantú

    ... Personal Stories: Nicole Lemelle, Iris Young, Michael Anthony, John Cantú Past Issues / Spring 2012 Table of Contents ... that, I keep going." Photo:National MS Society John Cantú A Call to Action "Lights, Camera, Action" ...

  13. Robert Smithsoni ülevaade


    Ameerika maakunstniku Robert Smithsoni (1938-1973) retrospektiivnäitus 12. sept.-ni Stockholmi Moodsa Kunsti Muuseumis. Kunstnikule maailmakuulsuse toonud tööst, 1970. a. Utah' osariigi Suurde Soolajärve ehitatud spiraalmuulist "Spiral Jetty".

  14. Genetics Home Reference: Roberts syndrome

    ... mechanism underlying Roberts syndrome involves loss of ESCO2 acetyltransferase activity. Hum Mol Genet. 2008 Jul 15;17( ... Zou H. Two human orthologues of Eco1/Ctf7 acetyltransferases are both required for proper sister-chromatid cohesion. ...

  15. Robert Lepiksoni maailm / Eha Komissarov

    Komissarov, Eha, 1947-


    Näitus "Minu maailm. Robert Lepikson fotograafina ja kollektsionäärina" galeriis "Vaal". Väljas on loodusfotod, fotod autodest, kunstikogust Eduard Steinbergi (1937) ja Vladimir Nemuhhini (1925) maalid, paar Salvador Dali värvilist litograafiat

  16. Tony Blairi pikk hüvastijätt / Tiina Tamman

    Tamman, Tiina, 1948-


    Tony Blairi teade, et Manchesteris algav Suurbritannia leiboristide aastakonverents jääb talle peaministrina viimaseks, on põhjustanud erakonnas pahameele. Mitmed parlamendiliikmed toetavad rahandusminister Gordon Browni valitsusjuhiks saamist, kuid soovitakse ka juhi valimiste korraldamist

  17. Pühak Tony Blair ehk võit on võit / Maris Lillak

    Lillak, Maris, 1970-


    Lord Huttoni raportist, mis selgitas Briti relvaeksperdi David Kelly enesetapu asjaolusid. Raporti mõjust peaminister Tony Blairile ja meediakompaniile BBC. Vt. samas: Süüdi tunnistatud BBCd raputavad tagasiastumised

  18. Achievements and new directions in subatomic physics: Festschrift in Honor of Tony Thomas 60th birthday

    On the occasion of his 60th birthday, this workshop honours the outstanding achievements and service to subatomic physics which Tony Thomas has made over a career spanning almost 4 decades. The workshop will review recent results and discuss new directions for nuclear and hadron physics, focusing on topics to which Tony has made significant contributions, such as pion-nucleon scattering, deep inelastic scattering, chiral extrapolations, quark models of the nucleon, and lattice QCD.

  19. Robert K. Merton

    Gonzalo Cataño


    Full Text Available El 23 de febrero de 2003 murió en la ciudad de Nueva York el sociólogo norteamericano Robert King Merton. Teniendo presente que no es fácil resumir en unas pocas páginas la obra de quien se dedicó durante 66 años del siglo XX a una intensa actividad teórica y docente en Sociología, el artículo sintetiza algunos de los rasgos mas sobresalientes de su extensa obra.Su carrera académica se desarrolló a partir del legado de las figuras de la tradición sociológica europea y norteamericana que habían afirmado de manera definitiva los conceptos, los métodos y los marcos de referencia del estudio de la sociedad. Siguiendo las huellas de los clásicos, sus intereses teóricos lo llevaron por los más diversos campos del análisis social con una mente abierta, lo cual lo llevó a incursionar en casi todas las especialidades de la Sociología. Los trabajos de Merton sobre la anomia, la estructura burocrática y las relaciones de la ciencia con el orden social dieron lugar al desarrollo de campos específicos del análisis social. En América Latina como en el resto del mundo su influencia en el desarrollo de la Sociología se ha hecho sentir a pesar de haber sido relegada con la irrupción del marxismo a finales de los años sesenta y comienzos de los setenta. Su ejemplo se ha convertido en modelo de rol para generaciones enteras de analistas sociales, en el patrón a seguir por quienes eligen la Sociologías como una ocupación vocacionalmente orientada.

  20. Robert K. Merton

    Gonzalo Cataño


    Full Text Available El 23 de febrero de 2003 murió en la ciudad de Nueva York el sociólogo norteamericano Robert King Merton. Teniendo presente que no es fácil resumir en unas pocas páginas la obra de quien se dedicó durante 66 años del siglo XX a una intensa actividad teórica y docente en Sociología, el artículo sintetiza algunos de los rasgos mas sobresalientes de su extensa obra. Su carrera académica se desarrolló a partir del legado de las figuras de la tradición sociológica europea y norteamericana que habían afirmado de manera definitiva los conceptos, los métodos y los marcos de referencia del estudio de la sociedad. Siguiendo las huellas de los clásicos, sus intereses teóricos lo llevaron por los más diversos campos del análisis social con una mente abierta, lo cual lo llevó a incursionar en casi todas las especialidades de la Sociología. Los trabajos de Merton sobre la anomia, la estructura burocrática y las relaciones de la ciencia con el orden social dieron lugar al desarrollo de campos específicos del análisis social. En América Latina como en el resto del mundo su influencia en el desarrollo de la Sociología se ha hecho sentir a pesar de haber sido relegada con la irrupción del marxismo a finales de los años sesenta y comienzos de los setenta. Su ejemplo se ha convertido en modelo de rol para generaciones enteras de analistas sociales, en el patrón a seguir por quienes eligen la Sociologías como una ocupación vocacionalmente orientada.

  1. Steven Hawking with Robert Aymar

    Maximilien Brice


    Steven Hawking is seen meeting with CERN's Director-General, Robert Aymar. Hawking visited CERN between 24 September and 1 October 2006. During his stay he gave two lectures and toured the LHC, which may provide insights into Hawking's most famous area of study, black holes.

  2. Robert Zajonc: The Complete Psychologist

    Berridge, Kent C.


    This article joins with others in the same issue to celebrate the career of Robert B. Zajonc who was a broad, as well as deeply talented, psychologist. Beyond his well-known focus in social psychology, the work of Zajonc also involved, at one time or another, forays into nearly every other subfield of psychology. This article focuses specifically on his studies that extended into biopsychology, which deserve special highlighting in order to be recognized alongside his many major achievements ...

  3. Astronaut Anthony W. England with soft drink in middeck area near galley


    Astronaut Anthony W. England, mission specialist, drinks from a special carbonated beverage dispenser labeled Coke while floating in the middeck area of the shuttle Challenger. Note the can appears to have its own built in straw. Just below him, food containers on a tray are attached to the middeck lockers.

  4. Anthony D. Wagner: award for distinguished scientific early career contributions to psychology.


    Presents the citation for Anthony D. Wagner, who received the Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology (cognition and human learning) "for outstanding and innovative research on the neural basis of memory and executive control." A brief profile and a selected bibliography accompany the citation. ((c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved). PMID:17115819

  5. Anthony Wu—The development of Ernst & Young contributes to the growth of the mainland



    Judging by his long workinghours - usually I6 hours a dayAnthony Wu seems like the typical accountant. However, at the age of49 he has already packed some significant achievements into his career. The first wasback in 1985 when he became the youngest partner in Ernst & Young's history. Still not content, on being

  6. College of Natural Resources presents Young Alumnus Award to Anthony P. Foisy

    Davis, Lynn


    The College of Natural Resources and the Virginia Tech Alumni Association jointly presented Anthony P. Foisy with the Young Alumnus Award - Undergraduate Degree. The Young Alumnus Award is annually presented to a recent graduate who exemplifies early career accomplishment and service to the college and university.

  7. The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design. By Anthony Denzer. New York: Rizzoli, 2013

    Karen Koehler


    This review of The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design, by Anthony Denzer, discusses the important contributions of this book to the history of midcentury modern architecture, and considers the role of solar houses in the context of current debates over sustainability.

  8. Briti peaminister Tony Blair tuleb hiiobisõnumiga / Andris Feldmanis, Märt Kivine

    Feldmanis, Andris, 1982-


    Eestisse visiidile saabuv Suurbritannia peaminister Tony Blair soovib toetust EL-i eelarveprojektile, mis säilitaks Suurbritannia tagasimakse EL-i eelarvest ning vähendaks uute liikmesriikide toetusi. Kommenteerib Andrus Ansip. Vt. samas intervjuud Toomas Hendrik Ilvesega; Märt Kivine. Vajalik täpsustus: saagem mandri-eurooplasteks!

  9. Briti peaminister Tony Blair rühib ajaloolisele kolmandale võidule / Kaivo Kopli

    Kopli, Kaivo


    Suurbritannias algas parlamendivalimiste kampaania. Arvamusküsitluste kohaselt on Tony Blairil võimalus võita esimese leiboristist peaministrina kolmandad järjestikused valimised. Lisad: Naised pööravad Blairist ära; Blairi käsikiri otsis kõmulehe lugejate toetust

  10. Plaatinareegel - kohtle teisi nii, nagu nad tahavad, et neid koheldaks / Tony Alessandra

    Alessandra, Tony


    Autori sõnul on nn. plaatinareegli eesmärk tulemuslikud inimsuhted. Reegel jagab inimeste käitumuslikud eelistused neljaks põhistiiliks - "direktorid", "suhtlejad", "mõtlejad" ja "kohanejad". Autori sõnul on igas inimeses igaüht neist neljast stiilist, kuid üks stiil on domineeriv. Vt. samas: Endrik Randoja: Kes on Tony Alessandra?

  11. Aurélien Lecour,Tony Saint Hua,their leDIVAN in China

    Dennis; K.; Zhao


    Le Divan, the BrandConcept and inspirationsLe Divan is a project born in 2007 with its sole purpose to bring to life the artistic vision of Tony Saint Hua and Aurélien Lecour. It is an avenue for the two designers to dream,

  12. Raccontare storie per costruire storia: la vicenda della schiavitù nella narrativa di Toni Morrison

    Itala Vivan


    Full Text Available In her essay, Telling stories to create history: slavery in Toni Morrison’s fiction, Itala Vivan analyzes the fictional work of the African American writer Toni Morrison and focuses especially on Beloved (1987 and A Mercy (2008, both stories of women slaves. Through individual stories Morrison gives a history of the African American community but also, at the same time, of the whole of America. The writer reveals the consubstantiality of such stories in the creation of modernity whose multiple nature, originally announced by William Edward Burghardt DuBois, is reconfirmed and enriched with elements from the cultural imagery of the American universe. Morrison outlines a history and a story built of unspeakable truths that unveil tragic, multi-layered elements streaming from the veins of America and intertwined with the running blood of slavery.

    Keywords: Toni Morrison, schiavitù, storia delle donne, America, Beloved, A Mercy, letteratura afroamericana; Toni Morrison, slavery, America, Beloved, A Mercy, African-American literature, women’s history.

  13. Tony Blair, the Promotion of the "Active" Educational Citizen, and Middle-Class Hegemony

    Reay, Diane


    Tony Blair's period as Head of the Labour Government from 1997 until 2007 has been heralded as a period of increased parental power and growing choice within education. However, beneath the rhetoric, Blair's legacy has been one of consolidating and re-inforcing previous Conservative policies that stressed parental responsibilities whilst operating…

  14. An Analysis of the Discourse and Power in Toni Morrison's Noble Lecture



    Though Toni Morrison's Noble Lecture to analysis the discourse and power theory of the literary theory. For a longtime the official language is just the melody of our society, and our culture is the official ideology. Language is just language it is not atool to serve the government or some rich men. We must keep language purely; we must keep tradition of our culture.

  15. Standing Up To Words: Writing and Resistance in Toni Morrison s A Mercy

    Mueller, Stefanie


    In Toni Morrison s A Mercy, the protagonist represents both the historical and the contemporary African American author. As Mueller argues, her act of carving words into walls can be read as an act of resistance against the historical silencing of the black voice as well as politically against symbolic violence exercised through language.


    Luiz Felipe Netto de Andrade e Silva Sahd


    Full Text Available the present article aims at reconstructing Robert Nozick’s cen-tral arguments about the extreme positions held by North American li-bertarians who do not distinguish between Welfare state and totalitarian state. Despite divergences on a pivotal question, that of the state, there are some affinities between Nozick and this current of thought. Contrary to the anarchist theory, the Minimal state is preferable to the state of nature as described by John locke.O presente artigo tem como objetivo reconstruir argumentos cen-trais, desenvolvidos por Robert Nozick, acerca das posições extremas que não diferenciam Estado-providência e Estado totalitário na política dos libertarianos norte-americanos, isto é, sobre as afinidades percebidas por Nozick com as teses desta corrente de pensamento, embora se afastando num ponto essencial: a questão do Estado. Ao contrário da teoria anar-quista, o Estado mínimo é preferível ao estado de natureza, tal como John locke o descreve.

  17. St. Anthony of Kiev and the Earliest History of Russian Monasticism (Novitiates in Old Rus’

    Boris A. Uspenskij


    Full Text Available According to the Russian Primary Chronicle, when St. Anthony settled in his cave near Kiev, people joined him and he tonsured them as monks. We know, however, that in certain cases he did not tonsure the newcomers but sent them to be tonsured by a priest (hieromonk. Obviously St. Anthony was not a priest. Why, then, in some cases did he do it himself and yet in other cases, he did not? If he was not a priest, how could he tonsure people? The author of the present article attempts to answer these and similar questions with reference to historical, philological, and liturgical data. The article is devoted to the evolution of the monastic tradition in Rus’ of the 11th century.

  18. Music in words : the music of Anthony Burgess, and the role of music in his literature

    Holloway, Michael L.


    Theý principal focus of the thesis is Anthony Burgess, a prolific novelist whose first and enduring creative passion was music in general and composition in particular. Burgess criticism is limited and largely out-of-date, showing little recognition of the aural or musical elements in his fiction, and virtually no specialist commentary on the music and its relationships with the literature. The main aim of the thesis, therefore, is to demonstrate the variety and strength of the...

  19. The Power of Language——On Toni Morrison's Noble Prize Acceptance Speechq%The Power of Language——On Toni Morrison's Noble Prize Acceptance Speech



    Toni Morrison is the first African American woman writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993.Her Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech is based on a legendary foiktale.Painstakingly,she weaves a compelling narrative for the use of responsible language in our everyday lives.Through some theories of post structuralism,especially Foueault's 'discourse and power' this thesis study the relationship between the power and language.On the basis of this study this paper earns to prove that in Morrison's speech she stresses the power of language and the responsibility of using it.

  20. Globalizace - sociologická reflexe. Pojetí globalizace u Anthony Giddense, Zygmunta Baumana a Ulricha Becka

    BIELKOVÁ, Veronika


    The diploma thesis called ?Globalization ? sociological reflection. Conception of globalization by Anthony Giddens, Zygmunt Bauman and Ulrich Beck? reflects the question, how sociological thinking deals with the phenomenon of globalization. In the introduction part of the Thesis is a basic outline of sociological perspective on globalization issues and this historical roots. The main part is devoted to comparing the concept of globalization of the three major sociological theorists, Anthony G...

  1. The Search for the Lost Cultural Identity——The Interpretation of Toni Morrison's Novel Tar Baby



    Toni Morrison's novel Tar Baby is a novel with the theme on the search for cultural identity,from which it suggests Toni Morrison's attitude towards cultural identity and her answer to the search for the lost cultural identity.The paper is divided into three parts to reveal the African Americans' state of cultural marginalization,the importance of getting a balanced point between two different cultures and the way to search for cultural identity.

  2. The Christian politics of Tony Blair : faith and values in the modern world

    原田, 健二朗


    This paper aims to explore the moral and religious dimension of the politics of the former British Prime Minister and a committed Christian Labour leader, Tony Blair. Blair's premiership is noted for the way he managed, or had to manage, his public display of religious faith and its associated values which he sought to apply to particular policies as a prime source for his social conscience and political conviction. The paper addresses how he, based on a particular view of Christianity, has s...

  3. Siim Nestor soovitab : Eddie Henderson. Pong. Tony Touch. Teenage Kicks / Siim Nestor

    Nestor, Siim, 1974-


    Ameerika trompetisti Eddie Hendersoni ja briti nu-jazz-bändi Mr. Gone'i kontserdist Jazzkaare raames 27. jaan. klubis Rock Café. Saksa rockansambli Mürgelmaschine kontserdist 28. jaan üritusel Pong. Ameerika hip-hop -diskor ja produtsent Tony Touch klubis Privé 28. jaan.. Üritusel Teenage Kicks 29. jaan. esinevad saksa ansambel Kante, rootsi ansambel Sons Of Cyrus, ansamblid Shelton San ja Kwing-Kungks

  4. The Framework of Racism in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye: A Psychosocial Interpretation

    Md. Reza Hassan Khan; Md. Shafiqur Rahman


    In The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison presents a community in which a racist ideology is internalized. The sufferers of racial abuse in this community both endure and resist in a complex inverse interrelationship between the two actions. This contradiction of the internalization and the insurrection of racial abuse is one of the crucial characteristics of this community which is best comprehended if looked at from both a Marxist and a psychoanalytic point of view. The objective of the paper is to ...

  5. Politics, aesthetics and diverse sexualities in the work of James Baldwin, Alice Walker and Toni Morrison

    Sussman, Kathryn Judith


    The thesis investigates the ways in which James Baldwin, Alice Walker and Toni Morrison’s fictional portrayals of forms of love, eroticism and sexuality that are excluded or prohibited by social norms, destabilise heteronormativity as the only legitimate option for non-harmful and pleasurable sensual and sexual expression. It aims to situate Baldwin, Walker and Morrison in a continuum of African American authors, beginning with Harlem Renaissance writer Bruce Nugent – the first African Americ...

  6. Variations on a theme : the role of music in Toni Morrison´s Jazz

    Berre, Tone


    African American music and contemporary African American literature are connected both thematically and structurally. This thesis examines the various ways in which Toni Morrison draws on the cultural traditions of her ancestors, especially blues and jazz music, in creating her sixth novel, Jazz. My analysis includes the important contexts of the history and culture of black Americans from slavery and to the present. Slaves brought with them their traditions and music, out of which musical fo...

  7. Child Abuse And Adults’ Failures Found In Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye



    Skripsi ini berjudul “Child Abuse and Adults’ Failures Found in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye” membahas tentang tindak-tindak kekerasan pada anak yang dialami oleh seorang remaja berkulit hitam bernama Pecola Breedlove sebagai tokoh utama serta kegagalan-kegagalan orang dewasa di sekitarnya seperti Cholly Breedlove, Pauline Breedlove, dan the Soaphead Church alias Elihue Micah Whitcomb di dalam mendidik dan melindungi sang anak. Tindak-tindak kekerasan yang dialami oleh Pec...

  8. How Toni Morrison's Facebook Page Re(con)figures Race and Gender

    Revelles-Benavente, Beatriz


    In her article "How Toni Morrison's Facebook Page Re(con)figures Race and Gender" Beatriz Revelles-Benavente explores Morrison's Facebook page and comments on it. In 2010, Morrison opened a Facebook page where she received a large amount of comments and created debates and Revelles-Benavente analyses how these comments navigate questions of race and gender. Based on theoretical considerations about issues of race and gender in cyberculture and applied to the narratives posted on Morrison's Fa...

  9. Norms And Environment Of Gender, Sex, And Love: Black Female Protagonists In Toni Morrison's Sula



    The present paper discusses the great African American woman novelist Toni Morrison and her novel Sula. This work is an expression of Morrison's concern for the degradation of women in society. It is about two female protagonists who have been born and brought up according to norms and an environment of gender, sex and love that shape their personalities. The female protagonists Sula and Nel represent two different opinions and attitudes toward gender roles, sex and love. Nel follows the conv...

  10. The pattern of severed mother-daughter bond in Toni Morrison's "Beloved" and "A Mercy"

    López Ramírez, Manuela


    In Beloved and A Mercy Toni Morrison revisits the mother-daughter plot, focusing on the feminine. She explores the female black slave’s appalling oppression through the traumatic separation of a slave mother from her daughter, which destroys the emotional ties between them and causes terrible effects on both their psyches. Morrison describes her heroines’ identity journey from “desertion” to wholeness. The black female slave’s unspeakable ordeal unveils her humanity and courage, convulsing th...

  11. An Analysis of the Discourse and Power in Toni Morrison’s Noble Lecture



    Though Toni Morrison’s Noble Lecture to analysis the discourse and power theory of the literary theory. For a long time the official language is just the melody of our society, and our culture is the official ideology. Language is just language it is not a tool to serve the government or some rich men. We must keep language purely; we must keep tradition of our culture.

  12. Undergraduate Research at Oral Roberts University.

    Couch, Richard; Thurman, Duane


    Explains Oral Roberts University's undergraduate requirement for research proficiency and how this requirement is fulfilled by biology majors. Topics of the required courses include: introduction to biological research; research techniques; independent research and senior paper; and senior seminar. (DS)

  13. Robert Walters named vice president for research

    Trulove, Susan


    Robert Walters, interim associate vice president of research at Virginia Tech, has been named vice president for research effective immediately for a three-year period, announced Mark McNamee, university provost and vice president for academic affairs.

  14. Comment on "Why reduced-form regression models of health effects versus exposures should not replace QRA: livestock production and infant mortality as an example," by Louis Anthony (Tony) Cox, Jr., Risk Analysis 2009, Vol. 29, No. 12.

    Sneeringer, Stacy


    While a recent paper by Cox in this journal uses as its motivating factor the benefits of quantitative risk assessment, its content is entirely devoted to critiquing Sneeringer's article in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Cox's two main critiques of Sneeringer are fundamentally flawed and misrepresent the original article. Cox posits that Sneeringer did A and B, and then argues why A and B are incorrect. However, Sneeringer in fact did C and D; thus critiques of A and B are not applicable to Sneeringer's analysis. PMID:20345577

  15. Tony Blair ei saanud Balti riikidelt loodetud järeleandmisi / Andris Feldmanis

    Feldmanis, Andris, 1982-


    Balti riigid ei olnud nõus loobuma kümnendikust eurotoetustest. Tallinnas viibinud Suurbritannia peaministri Tony Blairi väitel on EL-i uue finantsperspektiivi vastuvõtmine just uute liikmesriikide huvides. Vt. samas: Tiiu Laks. Riigijuhi visiit põhjustas Tallinnas vaid lühiajalisi liiklusseisakuid; Lisa: Blairi esinemine ei reetnud ebaedu; Kaivo Kopli. Uusliikmed andsid tuld juba enne ettepanekute saamist; Lisa: Toetus vanadelt liikmesmaadelt; Märt Kivine. EL-i eelarve: lahjem kui kunagi varem. Kommenteerib Taavi Veskimägi

  16. Healing the Trauma of Sethe:A Psychological Study on Toni Morrison’s Beloved

    ZHAO Xiang-yu


    Beloved is one of Toni Morrison’s most famous novels and attracts much attention from the public.This essay aims to ana⁃lyze the healing process of Sethe’s trauma from the perspective of psychological analysis. There are four parts. First, it introduces the plot of the story and the theory. The second part analyzes the forming of Sethe’s trauma and the third part discusses the healing process. The last part reaches the conclusion. By analyzing Sethe’s trauma from psychoanalysis, this paper aims to help these black people to reconstruct their identity and achieve renascence.

  17. Gothic chiaroscuro in nathaniel hawthorne's the house of the seven gables and Toni Morrison's Beloved

    López Ramírez, Manuela


    Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The House of the Seven Gables and Toni Morrison’s Beloved share some important elements of the gothic tradition. One of the most complex themes of these two gothic romances is the past and its haunting. Whereas in Seven Gables the theme of the past is linked with the decline of “aristocracy” (colonialism) and growth of democracy; in Beloved it is closely associated with the theme of race. Both stories are haunted by the ghosts of the colonial past, addressing the connect...

  18. The Power of Language——On Toni Morrison’s Noble Prize Acceptance Speech



    Toni Morrison is the first African American woman writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993. Her Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech is based on a legendary folktale. Painstakingly, she weaves a compelling narrative for the use of responsible language in our everyday lives. Through some theories of post structuralism, especially Foucault’s’discourse and power’this thesis study the relationship between the power and language. On the basis of this study this paper earns to prove that in Morrison’s speech she stresses the power of language and the responsibility of using it.

  19. Magic realism in Toni Morrison’s “song of Solomon”

    Sheqi, Albert


    This article focuses on Toni Morrison’s use of magical realism in her novel Song of Solomon. It aims at exploring the main features of the literary trend and pointing out some key elements of their use in the novel. Magical realist techniques are used by Morrison to juxtapose the oral and folkloric Afro-American tradition with the dominant Western culture in the United States. The former becomes a counterbalance to the written versions of history. Her main hero embarks on an epic journey to d...

  20. 75 FR 49979 - Tony T. Bui, M.D.; Revocation of Registration


    ....'' Robert A. Leslie, M.D., 68 FR 15227, 15230 (2003). I ``may rely on any one or a combination of factors... girlfriend admitting to a soft- drink adulteration that never occurred.'' Id. at 32. Moreover, even after...

  1. Modernidade, identidade e reflexividade em Anthony Giddens e Zygmunt Bauman: notas introdutórias

    Lázaro Fabrício de França Souza


    Full Text Available Sob o prisma do sociólogo britânico Anthony Giddens é a cognoscitividade dos agentes humanos, em sua forma especificamente reflexiva, que está envolvida de maneira mais acentuada e profunda na ordenação recursiva das práticas sociais na modernidade tardia. Solfeja Zygmunt Bauman que muitos são os significados da modernidade. Sua chegada e progresso são aferidos a partir de marcadores distintos, sendo um de seus atributos a relação cambiante entre tempo e espaço. A modernidade tem seu encetar na medida em que espaço e tempo são separados da prática da vida e entre si, podendo, desta feita, serem teorizados como categorias distintas e reciprocamente independentes da estratégia e da ação. O trabalho em riste tem como intento cerne discutir, em termos introdutórios, as noções de modernidade, identidade e reflexividade a partir das perspectivas e cosmovisão dos sociólogos Zygmunt Bauman e Anthony Giddens, proeminentes pensadores em se tratando dos estudos acerca da contemporaneidade e seus desdobramentos, a fim de jogar luz, refletir, sobre questões aqui erigidas e que se fazem pertinentes no bojo da Sociologia e das Ciências Humanas, quais sejam, as relacionadas à concepção da modernidade, a constituição das identidades e a respeito do poder de agência e reflexividade dos sujeitos.

  2. The Inharmonious Conflicts in Robert Frost's Poetry



    Robert Frost is one of the most distinguished poets,most of his poems are about the inharmonious relationship between nature and men,Conflicts are like a“thread”appearing in his poems.Frost’s true philosophy on men and life contributes to his wisdom and artistic poems.Frost tries to illustrate the conflict between nature and men in philosophy concern.

  3. Robert Aymar, Director-General of CERN

    Patrice Loïez


    Robert Aymar, photographed in 2003 before taking his position as Director-General at CERN, succeeding Luciano Maiani in 2004. At this time, Aymar was director of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) although he had already been involved with developments at CERN, chairing the External Review Committee, set up in 2001 in response to the increased cost of the LHC.

  4. Robert Lee Pyle honored with emeritus status

    Douglas, Jeffrey S.


    Dr. Robert Lee Pyle of Blacksburg, professor of cardiology in the Department of Small Animal Clinical Science at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech, was conferred the "professor emeritus" title by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors during the board's quarterly meeting August 27.

  5. Robert Aumann

    Hansen, Pelle Guldborg


    In this interview Nobel Prize Winner Robert Aumann talks about how he was initially drawn into game theory, when he came to think of formalizing the folk-theorem, the proper role of game theory in relation to other disciplines and why behavioral game theory probably won't last long....

  6. The Framework of Racism in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye: A Psychosocial Interpretation

    Md. Reza Hassan Khan


    Full Text Available In The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison presents a community in which a racist ideology is internalized. The sufferers of racial abuse in this community both endure and resist in a complex inverse interrelationship between the two actions. This contradiction of the internalization and the insurrection of racial abuse is one of the crucial characteristics of this community which is best comprehended if looked at from both a Marxist and a psychoanalytic point of view. The objective of the paper is to have a look at the politics of postmodern consumer culture of capitalism in a racist community. At the same time, the paper aims at tracing the sadomasochist attitude of the characters in this framework of internalized racism in the African-American community of The Bluest Eye. 

  7. Norms And Environment Of Gender, Sex, And Love: Black Female Protagonists In Toni Morrison's Sula



    Full Text Available The present paper discusses the great African American woman novelist Toni Morrison and her novel Sula. This work is an expression of Morrison's concern for the degradation of women in society. It is about two female protagonists who have been born and brought up according to norms and an environment of gender, sex and love that shape their personalities. The female protagonists Sula and Nel represent two different opinions and attitudes toward gender roles, sex and love. Nel follows the conventional norms of society; while Sula throughout her life rejects the traditional notions of feminine ‘responsibility’ and refuses to see women as only wives and mothers. This paper also explains how these norms and environment of gender, sex and love destroy the relationship between not only men and women but also women themselves.

  8. Book review: Hard times: inequality, recession, aftermath by Tom Clark with Anthony Heath

    Bon, Florian


    In Hard Times: Inequality, Recession, Aftermath, Tom Clark offers a potent exploration of growing inequalities in US and British societies, contributing to the work of other leading intellectuals such as Thomas Piketty, Tyler Cowen and Robert Reich. Florian Bon argues that Clark looks beyond seemingly glowing statistics testifying to economic growth to examine the ‘social recession’ and resultant ‘hard times’ experienced in the aftermath of the financial crisis.


    Louis J Virelli III


    Full Text Available The debate over the role of traditionalism in constitutional interpretation has itself become a tradition. It remains a popular and controversial topic among constitutional scholars and presents normative questions that are as divisive, difficult, and important today as at the Founding. Missing from the discussion, however, is a comprehensive account of how the Supreme Court has employed traditionalism-an approach that looks for meaning in present manifestations of longstanding practices or beliefs-in its constitutional jurisprudence. This project is the first to fill this gap by providing an exhaustive and systematic analysis of the Court's use of constitutional traditionalism. This article focuses on the Roberts Court's first five terms to provide an empirical foundation that will not only offer previously unavailable insights into the Court's current traditionalist practices, but will also set forth a useful framework for the ongoing normative debate over traditionalism. This project uses content analysis of key terms to identify every instance in which the Roberts Court employed traditionalism to interpret the Constitution. More specifically, this project set out to answer the following three questions: First, how frequently does the Roberts Court employ traditionalism in its constitutional jurisprudence? Second, how robust is the Court's use of traditionalism (i.e., is it used to interpret a broad or narrow range of constitutional provisions? And finally, how often and in what contexts do individual Justices on the Roberts Court rely on traditionalism in their own constitutional opinions? The research provided here suggests answers to all three of these questions. First, the data indicate that traditionalism has been relied upon regularly by the Roberts Court, appearing in nearly half of the Court's constitutional cases. Second, traditionalism is frequently applied to a wide variety of constitutional provisions: Two-thirds of the

  10. History of Franciscan Friars of St. Anthony and Blessed Jakub Strzemię Province in Poland

    Zdzisław Gogola


    Full Text Available An attempt to show the history of the Franciscan Friars in Poland originated in the 13th century. The development o f the order in Slavonic territories, initiated by a provincial of Germany Jan of Pian del Carpini, was going through different organizational stages and experienced its ups and downs. Franciscan Friars arrived in Poland in 1234. From the start they witnessed and participated in consolidating Christianity in Poland; they were promoters of art and social development. Dialectic between continuity and up-dating their presence in the Polish socio-cultural and ecclesiastical context required constant verification of the way of experiencing their own identity as well as the criteria, owing to which they became a strong impulse in the evangelisation of the young Polish church and in the establishing new church structures in borderland areas. Since that time the borders have been changed many times and so has the organization of the order and the borders of the province. The growing importance o f Franciscan Friars resulted in taking up new pastoral and missionary initiatives. Franciscan Friars established Calvaries in Poland and Lithuania, introduced the tradition of Christmas crčches and penitential services. Last but not least, they evoked the cult of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Since World Wbi* ÎĎ St. Anthony End the Blessed Jskub Strzemię Province hsts been developing steadily. A growing number of Franciscan Friars testifies to this development. In 1996 the Province had 423 professed monks, including 238 priests, 36 brothers, 28 clerics who have taken solemn vows. In St. Anthony and the Blessed Jakub Strzemię Province Franciscan monasteries are located in 24 places and 17 are abroad. The average age is slightly over 45 years. The Province of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, which is based in Warsaw, has also noted a steady growth and so has a new province that developed from it - St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe Province with the seat in Gda

  11. Robert Bellah, religion og menneskelig evolution

    Jensen, Hans Jørgen Lundager


    in the middle of 1st mill. BC, where new radical and intellectual ideas and practices, sceptial or world renouncing, appeared in China, India and Greece. Hopefully, Bellah's book will be a standard reference work in the academic study of religion and an inspiration for the history of religion in the future......ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Introduction to and discussion of Robert Bellah's major book, Religion in Human Evolution (2011). which defines and describes tribal religion (religion in pre-state societies), archaic religion (religion in early states) and religious currents in the axial age, the period...... to engage in historical and comparative studies. DANSK RESUMÉ: Introduktion til og diskussion af Robert Bellahs hovedværk fra 2011, Religion in Human Evolution, der definerer og beskriver tribal religion, dvs. religion i før-statslige samfund, arkaisk religion, dvs. religion i tidlig-statslige kulturer samt...

  12. Aitab hädaldamisest / Robert Antropov

    Antropov, Robert, 1965-


    Endine politseijuht on seisukohal, et politseinike ja päästjate nappuses ei saa süüdistada ainult väikseid palku, küsimus on valikutes: kuidas ja millesse ressursse paigutada. Kalle Laanet ja Raivo Aeg vastavad küsimusele, mis on nende haldusalas konkreetselt kavas, et politsei saaks täita oma tegevusprioriteeti 100% ja tagada sisejulgeoleku. Vt. ka Robert Antropovi kommentaari 7. aug. Eesti Päevaleht lk. 2

  13. Robert Edwards: the path to IVF ☆

    Johnson, Martin H


    The early influences on Robert Edwards’ approach to the scientific research that led to human IVF are described. His interest as a graduate student in the genetics of early mammalian development stimulated him later to investigate whether the origins of human genetic diseases such as Down, Klinefelter and Turner syndromes might be explained by events during egg maturation. This clinical problem provided the most powerful stimulus to achieve both oocyte maturation and fertilization in vitro in...

  14. Evaluating Robert Franks Economic Naturalist Writing Assignment

    Wayne Geerling


    This paper begins by asking a fundamental question: why do students who take Economics at an introductory level often leave the subject without understanding even the most basic economic principles? The superficial answer seems to be that courses try to cover too many concepts at the expense of mastering the important threshold concepts. Another issue is the way Economics is taught and assessed. I will evaluate an alternative pedagogical device pioneered by Robert Frank: The Economic Naturali...

  15. Architecture of (impossibilities: Robert Smithson's expositive spaces

    Bráulio Romeiro


    Full Text Available This work investigates the North American artist Robert Smithson’s considerations on traditional expositive spaces: the museum and art gallery, as well as unusual and unexplored spaces by art up to that time. Looking through his texts we notice some enhanced perspectives and reset others, increasing limitation set on White Cube’s abstract and neutral quality and the substantiation on ideologies behind of these spaces manifestation.


    Larissa Santiago Ormay


    Full Text Available Este trabalho objetiva enfrentar o problema da ambiguidade conceitual da informação ao verificar a pertinência da contribuição teórica do pesquisador britânico Anthony Wilden à ciência da informação, especificamente no tocante ao conceito de informação. Para tanto, procede à análise da obra do referido autor à luz do método dialético, a partir de uma breve revisão de literatura sobre o tema. Como resultante, demonstra-se que a epistemologia dialética é capaz de superar limites impostos ao discurso científico pela tradição analítica, concluindo-se que Wilden abre caminhos à construção de uma teoria da informação capaz de, ao mesmo tempo, atender aos rigores do método científico e se conectar às problemáticas sociais, características de observância fundamental a uma ciência social aplicada, como é a ciência da informação.

  17. 75 FR 65249 - Anthony R. Pietrangelo on Behalf of the Nuclear Energy Institute; Receipt of Petition for Rulemaking


    ...The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is publishing for public comment a notice of receipt of a petition for rulemaking, dated September 3, 2010, which was filed with the NRC by Anthony R. Pietrangelo on behalf of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). The petition was docketed by the NRC on September 13, 2010, and has been assigned Docket No. PRM-26-5. The petitioner requests that the NRC......

  18. Os discursos de Tony Blair: o conceito de terrorismo e as instabilidades de suas estruturas The speeches of Tony Blair: the concept of terrorism and the instabilities of its structures

    Cristiano Garcia Mendes


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho estuda as estratégias discursivas relativas ao conceito de terrorismo utilizadas pelo ex-primeiro-ministro britânico Tony Blair, a partir da abordagem pós-estruturalista de Derrida. Os ataques de 11 de setembro de 2001 aos Estados Unidos foram tomados como referência para analisar como a questão do terrorismo é deslocada de uma posição periférica da agenda discursiva do ex-primeiro-ministro para o centro de suas narrativas após esta data. Ao mesmo tempo em que a referência ao terrorismo ganha centralidade, instabilidades também são geradas em virtude da maior utilização do termo. No caso específico de Tony Blair, o autor dos discursos opta por reconhecer estas instabilidades e tenta relativizá-las a partir de uma contextualização e descrição das especificidades do fenômeno terrorista.This study examines the discursive strategies related to the concept of terrorism used by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, from Derrida's post-structuralist approach. The attacks of September 11th, 2001, upon the United States were taken as reference to analyse how the issue of terrorism moved from a peripheral position of the discursive agenda of the former Prime Minister to the center of their narratives after this date. At the same time that the reference to terrorism wins centrality, instabilities are also generated due to the increased use of the term. In the specific case of Tony Blair, the author of the discourses chooses to recognize these instabilities and try to relativise them from a contextualization and description of the specificities of the terrorist phenomenon.

  19. Narrative empathy in Toni Morrison's Beloved and Home. An approach to teaching these works in upper secondary school in Norway

    Rindstad, Karoline


    The following thesis uses Toni Morrison’s two novels Beloved and Home to demonstrate how multiple narrative perspectives can be used to prevent as well as evoke reader’s empathy. Furthermore, the thesis suggests using her work in upper secondary school to teach students about how narrative perspectives might manipulate empathy, which can enable them to reflect upon how different perspectives affect them emotionally in real life. Morrison’s works contain multiple focalizers and complex narrati...

  20. A Sharp Look at Robert E


    This sharp, high-resolution image shows a rock target dubbed 'Robert E,' on a rock called Stone Mountain at Meridiani Planum, Mars. It is one of the highest-resolution images ever taken while looking at a rock on another planet. Scientists are studying this area, which measures 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) across, for clues about how the rock formed. The image was created by merging five separate images taken at varying distances from the target by the microscopic imager, an instrument located on the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity's instrument deployment device, or 'arm.'

  1. ROBERT autonomous navigation robot with artificial vision

    This work, a joint research between ENEA (the Italian National Agency for Energy, New Technologies and the Environment) and DIGlTAL, presents the layout of the ROBERT project, ROBot with Environmental Recognizing Tools, under development in ENEA laboratories. This project aims at the development of an autonomous mobile vehicle able to navigate in a known indoor environment through the use of artificial vision. The general architecture of the robot is shown together with the data and control flow among the various subsystems. Also the inner structure of the latter complete with the functionalities are given in detail

  2. A Conversation with Robert C. Elston

    Zheng, Gang; Li, Zhaohai; Geller, Nancy L


    Robert C. Elston was born on February 4, 1932, in London, England. He went to Cambridge University to study natural science from 1952–1956 and obtained B.A., M.A. and Diploma in Agriculture (Dip Ag). He came to the US at age 24 to study animal breeding at Cornell University and received his Ph.D. in 1959. From 1959–1960, he was a post-doctoral fellow in biostatistics at University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, where he studied mathematical statistics. He then rose through the academic...

  3. Learning to Act: Tony Sheldon’s Emotional Training in Australian Theatre

    Anne Pender


    Full Text Available This case study of Tony Sheldon considers how an actor develops versatility in emotional delivery and the capacity to work in all theatre genres. Sheldon is one of Australia’s best known and most successful stage actors. He has appeared in Shakespearean drama, cabaret, musical theatre and contemporary plays written by Australian, British and American playwrights. He is one of a sizeable group of Australian actors of his generation to have learned to act ‘on the job’ with directors and other actors rather than undertaking formal qualifications in an institution or studio. This article examines Sheldon’s experience of learning to act, drawing on a life interview with the actor. It considers the opportunities and the difficulties Sheldon experienced in his early career in relation to boundary blurring and self-belief, trauma, directorial rehearsal styles, typecasting, comic acting in partnership and managing one’s character in long seasons. The article explores some of the problems that the actor has overcome, the importance of specific directors in his development, and the dynamics of informal training in the context of an overall ecology of theatre over half a century.

  4. Robert Adrian X / Robert Adrian X ; interv. Tilman Baumgärtel

    Adrian X, Robert


    1997. a. Ljubljanas tehtud intervjuu 1972. aastast Viinis elava kanada kunstniku Robert Adrian X-ga (sünd. 1935), kes töötas 1970-ndate lõpul ja 1980-ndate alguses telefoni, faksi ja varaste kirjakstisüsteemidega kunstiprojektide kallal, osales 1970-ndate ja 1980-ndate multimeediaprojektides

  5. Robert W. Rieber (1932-2015).

    Weizmann, Fredric


    Presents the obituary of Robert W. Rieber (1932-2015). Robert W. Rieber, the son of immigrants from the former Austro- Hungarian Empire was born March 24, 1932. He earned a bachelor's degree at Pennsylvania State University and a master's degree in speech pathology at Temple University. He moved to New York City, New York, in 1957, working as a speech pathologist at New York University. In 1960, he accepted an academic position at Pace University, subsequently moving to the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at City University of New York. He held appointments at Columbia University and, following his retirement from John Jay, at Fordham University. Bob founded and edited several journals, including The Journal of Communication Disorders, The Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless, and The Journal of Psycholinguistics Research. While on leave from Pace, he completed his doctorate at the University of London with a dissertation on the relationship between language and psychopathology. Rieber died at his summer home in Maine on April 9, 2015. He was 83. PMID:26866991

  6. Black Feminism: What Women of Color Went Through in Toni Morrison’s Selected Novels

    Ayda Rahmani


    Full Text Available This article examines two of Toni Morrison’s novels, The Bluest Eye and Beloved in the lights of black feminism, racism, realism and naturalism. It is an attempt to reflect the powerlessness, inhumanity, and pains that women of color went through.  By using a feminist racist and naturalist filter,  a descriptive-analytical method of study and by analyzing the situations, the characters and themes, the status of women of color  in Literature based on Morrison’s selected  novels are revealed and represented. Morrison very well describes how different women characters react and respond differently to the injustice and the inhumanity imposed on them through for example the contrasting nature of Sethe in Beloved and Pauline in The Bluest Eye. She depicts the bravery and courage in Sethe , the self-absorbedness in Pauline and the passiveness in Pecola all of which raise powerful questions regarding black-women’s self-identity, self-concept, and  struggles to achieve freedom as a living being if not a human being: a path which will deepen our understanding of  women issues in general. The researcher believes that a womanish and racist study of the selected novels would contribute to broaden our views of humanity. The researcher selected women of color because she thinks the sorrows of black women, and the pains and toils they went through have always been deeper than those of the white ones.Keywords: Feminism, Naturalism, Racism, Postmodernism, Sexism, Scapegoat

  7. Tributes to Professor Robert Berkley Harper

    Carl G. Cooper


    Full Text Available In 1977, I began teaching at The University of Pittsburgh Law School and in short order one of my closest friends during my tenure there was Professor Robert “Bob” Harper. I wondered when I was hired whether I was selected because I looked strikingly similar to Bob, and perhaps the faculty thought my favoring Professor Harper would make my assimilation into the law school faculty that much easier. Students constantly called me Professor Harper and, indeed, many on the faculty called me Bob for several years; I never bothered to correct them. I thought if they paid that little attention to detail in law school, I would just let them go through life missing some of the finer points their education, and life for that matter, has to offer.

  8. Robert M. Wingfield, dc: A conscientious chiropractor.

    Brown, Douglas M


    "I slept and dreamed that life was beauty. I woke - and found that life was duty." This quote from the poet Ellen Sturgis Hooper, could be attributed to Robert Wingfield, who has persevered in his quest for personal and professional excellence. This historical biography begins with his genealogy, going back to the 11(th) century in Merry England and ends in 2015, with his relatively quiet existence still centred in Ontario. The essay scrutinizes Dr. Wingfield's accomplishments for the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA), Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) and Ontario Board of Directors of Chiropractic (BDC). Moreover, it attempts to give the reader a glimpse into his personal endeavours, to help us fathom how he tackles (as William Shakespeare would say) "the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to." PMID:26500366

  9. Roger Chartier entretien avec Robert Darnton

    Roger Chartier; por Robert Darnton


    Le dialogue présenté ici, entre Roger Chartier et Robert Darnton, eut lieu au Collège de France à l’occasion de la leçon inaugurale d’une nouvelle chaire nommée Écrits et culture dans l’Europe moderne, ayant Roger Chartier comme professeur titulaire. Le 11 octobre 2007, lors de l’ouverture de cette chaire, Chartier prononçait l’exposé “Écouter les morts avec les yeux”. Le vers du poète espagnol Quevedo (1580-1645), utilisé comme titre de la leçon, était cité par Chartier pour évoquer les abse...

  10. The strange trial of Robert Oppenheimer

    Robert Oppenheimer has become the symbol of the scientist tormented and anguished by the consequences of his discoveries. R.Oppenheimer took a major part in the Manhattan project for the designing of the first atomic bomb. During this period he considered the thermonuclear bomb as the next step to reach but after Japan's surrender he reconsidered his position and favoured a more moderate atomic policy. R.Oppenheimer began to militate in favour of an international control of nuclear energy and wanted that Usa relinquish to design the hydrogen bomb. In 1953 in full Mac-Carthysm era, he was accused of being a communist and of spying for Ussr and as a consequence he was deprived of his office in AEC (atomic energy committee) but in 1963 president Lyndon Johnson rehabilitated him and R.Oppenheimer was awarded the highest reward of AEC: the Enrico Fermi prize. (A.C.)

  11. Robert Williams Wood: pioneer of invisible light.

    Sharma, Shruti; Sharma, Amit


    The Wood's lamp aids in the diagnosis of multiple infectious, inflammatory and neoplastic dermatologic conditions. Although the Wood's lamp has many applications, which have improved both the diagnosis and management of disease, the man credited for its invention is relatively unknown in medicine. Robert Williams Wood, a prominent physicist of the early 20th century, is credited for the invention of the Wood's lamp. Wood was the father of infrared and ultraviolet photography and made significant contributions to other areas in optics and spectroscopy. Wood's work encompassed the formative years of American Physics; he published over 200 original papers over his lifetime. A few years after the invention of the Wood's lamp for ultraviolet photography, physicians in Europe adopted the Wood's lamp for dermatologic applications. Wood's lamp remains popular in clinics globally, given its ease of use and ability to improve diagnostic precision. PMID:26752503

  12. Robert Aymar leaves ITER for CERN

    As of 1 September 2003, Dr. Robert Aymar, former ITER Director and subsequently Interim Project Leader, has relinquished his leadership of the ITER Project. I am convinced that everyone involved in the ITER activities will join me in expressing our sincere appreciation of Dr. Aymar's enormous contribution to the success of the ITER Project during the EDA and ITA phases. Dr. Aymar was appointed Director of ITER by the ITER Council in July 1994, after having served for nearly two years as a member of the ITER Technical Advisory Committee. Under his leadership, the results of 50 years of fusion research crystallized into the engineering project ready for practical implementation. The successful results of the ITER activities helped to attract the new ITER Participants who joined in 2003, and the countries participating in ITER now represent almost half of the world population

  13. Assume the Positional: Comment on Robert Frank



    Full Text Available We examine Robert Frank’s arguments for taxation to mitigate positional externalities. The scarcity that characterizes positional goods is real, but various mechanisms reduce the potential waste, and Frank overstates the case for a governmental solution. The plausibility of Frank’s arguments for extensive market failure requires various assumptions, including the usefulness of happiness comparisons over time, the widespread existence of winner-take-all markets, the failure of voluntary evolution to internalize externalities, and that both “leisure” and governmental activities are significantly less positional than the full-range of activities Frank proposes to tax. Each assumption is shaky. Frank’s policy solutions overlook standard public choice arguments against government expansion and shrug off the Smithian burden of proof incumbent on those proposing coercion.

  14. Robert Edwards: the path to IVF☆

    Johnson, Martin H


    The early influences on Robert Edwards’ approach to the scientific research that led to human IVF are described. His interest as a graduate student in the genetics of early mammalian development stimulated him later to investigate whether the origins of human genetic diseases such as Down, Klinefelter and Turner syndromes might be explained by events during egg maturation. This clinical problem provided the most powerful stimulus to achieve both oocyte maturation and fertilization in vitro in humans. Indeed, preimplantation genetic diagnosis was his main goal until he met Patrick Steptoe in 1968. A re-evaluation of his meeting with Steptoe suggests that initially Steptoe’s laparoscopic skill was of interest for its potential to solve the sperm capacitation problem. Steptoe’s impact on Edwards was twofold. First, Steptoe’s long-held interest in infertility raised this application of IVF higher in Edwards’ priorities. Second, Steptoe offered a long-term partnership, in which oocyte collection without in-vitro maturation was a possibility. The professional criticism generated by their work together encouraged Edwards to pursue a deliberate programme of public education about the issues raised and to challenge and develop professional bioethical thought and discourse about reproduction. The early life and career of Robert Edwards are described and re-evaluated in the light of documentary evidence. His early interest in the genetics of development provided the major motivation behind his goal of achieving IVF in humans. Through this work, he aimed to understand and hopefully to reduce the transmission of genetic disease in humans. His meeting with Patrick Steptoe, the details of which are re-examined, increased the significance for Edwards of infertility as an outcome of IVF. It also led to a creative long-term research partnership, initiated a long-term programme of public education in the UK about reproductive science and stimulated the development of

  15. The Essence of Language in Toni Morrison's View through an Analysis of Her Nobel Lecture and Novels



    In 1993.the Nobel Prize of Literature was granted to an American black woman writer,Toni Morrison.She disclosed the features of language in her Nobel Lecture with a story of"the bird-in-hand".Language is both a tool of the ruling class to govern people and a tool for the common people to understand society and express themselves.Morrison has a deep understanding of it and makes good use of the features to express women's liberation and racial liberation in her works,which make her language peculiar and her novels of great social value.

  16. Canções de amor, desejo e perda: os blues em três romances de Toni Morrison

    Mancelos, João de


    A música afro-americana constitui uma presença recorrente nos romances de Toni Morrison: os blues e o jazz em The Bluest Eye (1970), Jazz (1992) e Love (2003); a música folk em Song of Solomon (1977); as canções de trabalho em Beloved (1987); a música clássica em Tar Baby (1981); e cantos tribais em A Mercy (2008). Neste artigo, focarei os blues, um estilo menos estudado no contexto da produção literária morrisoniana, e que suscita novas leituras nos romances The Bluest Eye (1970), Jazz (1992...

  17. Magnetohydrodynamics and the earth's core selected works by Paul Roberts

    Soward, Andrew M


    Paul Roberts'' research contributions are remarkable in their diversity, depth and international appeal. Papers from the Paul Roberts'' Anniversary meeting at the University of Exeter are presented in this volume. Topics include geomagnetism and dynamos, fluid mechanics and MHD, superfluidity, mixed phase regions, mean field electrodynamics and the Earth''s inner core. An incisive commentary of the papers puts the work of Paul Roberts into historical context. Magnetohydrodynamics and the Earth''s Core provides a valuable source of reference for graduates and researchers working in this area of geoscience.

  18. Robert R. Bennett memorial to GIFT fund

    The many personal friends, colleagues, and professional associates of the late Robert R. Bennett have joined in establishing a memorial in his honor. In recognition of his vigorous support of the American Geophysical Union, they have contributed in his memory to AGU's ‘Girding for Tomorrow’ program. His name will be inscribed on a list of honorees that will be displayed on a plaque in the AGU headquarters in Washington, D.C.Bennett, who received his M.S. in geology from the University of Nebraska in 1939, formerly directed groundwater research in the Water Resources Division of the U.S. Geological Survey. He was nationally and internationally recognized as an outstanding scientist in hydrogeology and groundwater hydrology. He was a pioneer authority in the development and application of analog- and digital-computer simulations that aid in the analysis and prediction of the responses of highly complex aquifer systems to stresses imposed by man's development and utilization. He conducted basic research in petrophysics to define the fundamental principles governing permeability distribution and its directional characteristics and to elucidate the manner in which the permeability factor controls the movement of water in aquifer systems. He tested the applicability of the concepts he developed with prototype studies of the Ten-sleep sandstone in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming and of the Carrizo sandstone in the Coastal Plain of Texas.

  19. Robert Aymar awarded Global Energy prize


    CERN Director-General Robert Aymar was recently named one of three laureates of the 2006 Global Energy International Prize for 'the development of scientific and engineering foundation for the ITER project.' ITER is an experiment planned to be built in Europe at Cadarache (South of France) and designed to show the scientific and technological feasibility of a full-scale fusion power reactor. The other two laureates, who worked with Aymar on the project, are former President of the ITER Council, Russian Academician Evgeny Velikhov, and Japan's Dr Masaji Yoshikawa, ITER's former Vice President. Aymar headed ITER from 1994 to 2003. 'This prize is not only a great honour for me and my friends and colleagues of many years at ITER, Evgeny Velikhov and Masaji Yoshikawa,' Aymar said. 'It is above all a recognition of the effort of all those who have been involved with the ITER project and worked over the years to ensure the first step in proving that fusion will provide a new sustainable energy source for the plane...

  20. Rohkem "võõraid", vähem usaldust? / Anthony Giddens ; tõlk. Liisa Past

    Giddens, Anthony


    Autor käsitleb David Goodharti seisukohta, et immigratsioonist tulenev rahvuslik mitmekesisus ohustab heaoluriiki ja et USA rahvusliku mitmekesisuse pärast on seal heaoluriiki minimaalselt, ning Robert Putnami leitud seosest elupiirkondade homogeensuse, usalduse taseme ja sotsiaalse kapitali vahel

  1. TBT recommends : Vera Bila. The No Smoking Orchestra. Robert Plant


    Mustlasansambli Kale ja Vera Bila kontserdist 8. apr Tallinnas. Bosnia filmirežissööri Emir Kusturica ja tema ansambli No Smoking Orchestra kontserdist 12. apr. Riias. Inglise rocklaulja Robert Planti kontserdist 10. apr. Vilniuses

  2. Post sdal, port prinjal / Robert Antropov ; interv. Oksana Avdejeva

    Antropov, Robert, 1965-


    Endine politseiameti peadirektor Robert Antropov Tõnismäe pronkssõduri ümber toimuvast ning valitsuse otsustusvõimetusest, sammud, mida oleks vaja teha sisejulgeoleku tagamiseks, poliitikast, perekonnast

  3. Research Ship Robert Gordon Sproul Underway Meteorological Data, Quality Controlled

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Research Ship Robert Gordon Sproul Underway Meteorological Data (delayed ~10 days for quality control) are from the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and...

  4. 77 FR 40609 - Robert D. Willis Power Rate


    ... entitled Power Marketing Administration Financial Reporting. Procedures for Public Participation in Power... Southwestern Power Administration Robert D. Willis Power Rate AGENCY: Southwestern Power Administration, DOE... Administration (Southwestern), has prepared Current and Revised 2012 Power Repayment Studies which show the...

  5. Robert Rodrigueze verejugadega õudusfilm tuleb Igavuse planeedilt / Mihkel Raud

    Raud, Mihkel, 1969-


    Filmiprojekt "Grindhouse" koosneb Robert Rodrigueze retroõudukast "Grindhouse : Õuduste planeet" ("Planet Terror") ja Quentin Tarantino 70-ndatest inspireeritud õudusfilmist "Surmakindel" ("Death Proof") : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007. R. Rodrigueze filmist

  6. Astronaut Robert Gibson prepares to use motion picture camera


    Astronaut Robert L. Gibson, STS 61-C mission commander, partially floats on the aft flight deck of the Shuttle Columbia while preparing to use a motion picture camera. The windows overlooking the cargo bay are visible in the background.

  7. Obituary: Robert H. Koch (1929-2010)

    Koch, Joanne; Corcoran, Michael; Holenstein, Bruce; Sion, Edward


    Robert H. Koch, emeritus professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Pennsylvania, passed away at his home in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on 11 October 2010 after a brief illness. Bob was 80 years old and remained sharp and intellectually engaged with the astronomical community up until the onset of complications from a brain tumor. Bob was born in York, Pennsylvania on 19 December 1929, and graduated from York Catholic High School in 1947. He attended the University of Pennsylvania on a senatorial scholarship, graduating in 1951. After two years in the United States Army, he enrolled in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, doing his doctoral research on the photoelectric photometry of R CMa, AO Cas, AS Eri, and XY Leo at the Steward Observatory, University of Arizona in Tucson. Bob would continue this exploration of close binary stars, their atmospheres and interactions, for the rest of his career. Bob met his future spouse, Joanne C. Underwood, while in graduate school in 1957 and they were married in 1959. Bob received his PhD in astronomy in 1959 and moved to Amherst, Massachusetts, where he taught as a member of the Four College Astronomy Department until 1966. Following a year at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, Bob joined the Astronomy Department at Penn, teaching and doing research there until his retirement in 1996. Bob's main interests were the study of close and eclipsing binary stars, stellar envelopes and winds, intrinsic variables, transits and occultations, and the Milky Way Galaxy, producing well over 100 refereed publications. Bob was partial to photoelectric photometry and polarimetry, conducting most of his observational research at the University of Pennsylvania Flower and Cook Observatory, and at other ground- and space-based observatories. As an international figure in the area of binary stars, Bob had widespread collaborations with scientists at other institutions, in the US and throughout the world, and

  8. Robert B. Stevens: UCSC Chancellorship, 1987-1991

    Stevens, Robert; Jarrell, Randall; Regional History Project, UCSC Library


    The Regional History Project conducted six interviews with UCSC Chancellor Robert B. Stevens during June and July, 1991. Stevens was appointed the campus's fifth chancellor by UC President David P. Gardner in July 1987, and served until July 1991. He was the second UCSC chancellor (following Chancellor Emeritus Robert L. Sinsheimer) recruited from a private institution. Stevens was born in England in 1933 and first came to the United States when he was 23. He was educated at Oxford U...

  9. Leaving Libertarianism: : Social Ties in Robert Nozick's New Philosophy


    SUMMARY This thesis Leaving Libertarianism: Social Ties in Robert Nozick s New Philosophy challenges the general and most widespread portrayals of the American philosopher Robert Nozick (1938-2002) by studying the notion of social ties in his later philosophy. The point of departure is the present descriptions of Nozick s philosophy. Mostly these depictions are based upon three postulates: That Nozick is an extreme individualist, that the libertarian Anarchy, State, and Utopia (1...

  10. Caruso St John y Robert Smithson: Interferencias

    Emilia Hernández Pezzi


    Full Text Available Resumen Los discursos cruzados son el soporte común del presente número de Cuadernos. El cruce que planteamos tiene como protagonistas al artista Robert Smithson y a los arquitectos Adam Caruso y Peter St John. Estos últimos hacen mención del trabajo del artista norteamericano para explicar su proyecto de remodelación de Stortorget, la plaza de la catedral en el centro de Kalmar, Suecia. A partir de aquí, comenzamos una exploración del trabajo y las preocupaciones de ambos que nos permite dibujar convergencias y sintonías procesuales por encima de las diferencias temáticas, ideológicas y estilísticas. Al disponer en paralelo la obra de Smithson y Caruso St John descubrimos vibraciones y resonancias que muestran una interacción productiva de sus preocupaciones. La materia se convierte en sus propuestas en un objeto activo y sensible, un depósito energético con el que operar. El traslado de piedras en Stortorget convoca la memoria de la ciudad del mismo modo que el basalto y la sal del Spiral Jetty, erosionados por el tiempo, nos hablan de procesos abiertos. El tiempo y la memoria pasan a ser soportes estratégicos con los que construyen sus miradas. Los objetos se disuelven en las relaciones que establecen con su entorno produciendo equilibrios frágiles e instantáneos. De esta manera el artículo pretende generar un vórtice de reflexión, una espiral en cuyo recorrido se manifiesten las tensiones parciales del cruce propuesto, sus fijezas momentáneas.

  11. Realismo e utopia em Robert Michels

    Pedro Floriano Ribeiro


    Full Text Available O artigo aponta e discute as principais influências teóricas e políticas de Robert Michels na construção de Sociologia dos partidos políticos, tentando ir além das fontes mais conhecidas, como Gaetano Mosca, Vilfredo Pareto, Max Weber e Gustave Le Bon. Como Michels não se preocupou em construir definições claras sobre seus conceitos principais, procurou-se extrair a essência de seu raciocínio, apresentando as concepções e influências teóricas predominantes no livro, e destacando as mudanças entre a primeira edição, de 1911, e a segunda, de 1925. Para tanto, realizou-se um estudo das 989 notas explicativas desta segunda edição (além do texto principal em si. Além de discutir as fontes explicitadas no livro, o artigo também esboça uma "análise genética" da obra, levantando alguns fatos biográficos prévios à sua publicação e no intervalo entre as duas edições, e recorrendo, ainda, a outros trabalhos de Michels. Após debater as concepções e críticas do autor sobre democracia, revolução, socialismo, sindicalismo e anarquismo, o artigo termina com um balanço sobre as fragilidades e contribuições da obra de Michels, destacando que a chave para se compreender vida e obra do autor reside em perceber as tensas disjuntivas estabelecidas entre realismo e utopia e entre o Michels militante e o Michels analista.

  12. Incestuous rape, abjection, and the colonization of psychic space in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at Night

    E.M. Koopman (Emy)


    textabstractToni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye (1970) and Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at Night (1996) both apply a strategy of connecting rape to other forms of oppression, suggesting that incest is at least partly the result of the dynamics of being colonized and “othered”. This article brings out the

  13. Literature as windows on the world : a literary approach to second language learning : cultural and literary competence in Toni Morrison’s “A Mercy” (2008)

    Moltubakk, June Navjord


    The thesis suggests a literary approach to second language learning in upper secondary school. Terms as literary- and cultural competence are explored and put in context with the literary approach. The thesis examines what positive effects and challenges such an approach represents, and suggests a literary approach to Toni Morrison´s novel A Mercy (2008).

  14. Robert Lowell’s Culturally Coded Lexis

    Lidija Davidovska


    Full Text Available In this paper, I will examine how a vital ele­ment of Robert Lowell’s descriptive and narrative struc­tures, i.e., the lexis, promise to unfold the “layers” of the culture that served as context for Life Studies. This in­volves exploring both the denotations and connotations of his culturally encoded lexis, that is, the external mean­ings of certain words and phrases before they “en­ter” the poem and the internal meanings they acquire after entering the poem. This process of “verbal osmo­sis”, when words absorb meaning from these different contexts, is, what I believe, critic and linguist Winifred Nowottny describes as “give and take between those patterns” (Fowler, 2009: 31. My analysis will focus on the sociolinguistic patina accrued on certain units of Lowell’s poetic lexis, such as names of historical people, events and concepts belonging to American and Euro­pean spiritual cultures and traditions, as well as brand names from popular material culture of the first half of the twentieth century. The analysis will also dwell on the use of idioms, catch phrases and other verbal clichés which reflect the culture that generated them. They func­tion as verbal “ready-mades” that additionally rein­force Lowell’s well-known anecdotal, colloquial and infor­mal poetic language. The choice of these particular lexical items is significant as they reflect the categoriza­tion of the world and the experience of the poetic voice or the “language user” in broader linguistic terms. At the same time, the categorization of the experience reflects the ideational position, the worldview of the language user. In the context of his poetics of immanence and experi­ence, this culturally coded poetic diction is ana­lyzed as another authentic and documented presenta­tion of immanent narrator’s “lived experience”.

  15. Comparative study of two female African-American Writers in 20 Centu-ry-Alice Walker VS. Toni Morriso



    Toni Morrison and Alice Walker are among the most outstanding female African-American writers in Contemporary American Literature. Their works have been popular since 1960s to now. Although Walker and Morrison grew up under differ⁃ent family environments, they had the same experience of witnessing African-American women’s movements in last Century;therefore, they reached an agreement on writing thoughts and contents. For instance, they both referred to Racism, Sexism and“Womanism”in many of their works. This dissertation studies about the two authors’difference and sameness descriptions on Af⁃rican-American women’s identities, social status, rights, powers and fates,and to express their self-consciousness and bright prospection after experiencing the most painful encounters through comparative study on two of their short stories—Everyday Use and Recitatif.

  16. Obituary: Peter Robert Wilson, 1929-2007

    Snodgrass, Herschel B.


    It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Peter Robert Wilson, a well-known and well-loved figure in the solar physics community. Peter was on the faculty of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sydney for 39 years, and Chair of the department for 24 of these years. He was the author or co-author of more than 80 scientific research papers and a book, Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles (1994), published by Cambridge University Press. He died suddenly of a heart attack, at his home in Glebe, Australia, in the early morning of 11 November 2007. Peter was an organizer of, and participant in, many international conferences and workshops. He traveled extensively, holding visiting appointments at the University of Colorado (JILA), at Cambridge University, at the College de France (Paris), and at the California Institute of Technology [CalTech]. Most of his work was in the field of solar physics, but he also did some work on the philosophy of science and on tides. Peter came from a line of mathematicians. His father, Robert Wilson, immigrated to Australia from Glasgow in 1911, and became a mathematics teacher at Scotch College, a private school in Melbourne. There his name was changed to 'Bill' because 'Bob' was already taken." Peter's enjoyment of this story as characteristic of Australian academia (as any fan of Monty Python would understand) is indicative of his infectious sense of humor. In a similar vein, he claimed ancestry traced back to the eighteenth-century Scottish mathematician Alexander Wilson, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Glasgow. That Wilson is famous in the solar physics community for his discovery, known as the "Wilson Effect," of the photospheric depressions associated with sunspots. Peter himself could not resist writing a paper on this subject, and was delighted when the bait was taken by some less-informed colleagues who chided him for "naming an effect after himself." "Bill" Wilson married Naomi

  17. ["The piano trio" Robert Schumann, Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms].

    Albretsen, C S


    The relationship between the pianist and composer Clara Schumann and the composers Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms has for a century been an interesting topic. Clara and Robert Schumann both suffered separation from their mothers during early childhood. Johannes Brahms was intensely spoiled by his mother. Robert Schumann needed a structuring wife in his adult life, while Johannes Brahms turned to be afraid of intrusive women. Robert Schumann's psychotic breakdown in February 1854 had a complex background: a hypomanic state, some marital problems, a stressful journey with musical appearances, and possibly a difficulty in differentiating between himself and his new friend Johannes Brahms. As for Clara Schumann, who lost her mother before the age of five, musical activities became her way of overcoming the difficulties of life. She was able to support Robert in his lunatic asylum and their seven children growing up in three separate towns. The chronic diseases of the sons: schizophrenia, polyarthritis and tuberculosis made a deep impression on her and her fingers and hands were periodically immobilised with severe pain. For four decades Johannes was her able "son" and Clara was his "mother", at a safe distance. PMID:9914757

  18. Farewell party for Annick Lyraud and Robert Aymar

    Although Robert Aymar will only take up his position as Director-General of CERN in January 2004, he formally gave up leadership of ITER at the end of June 2003, with the transfer of that responsibility to Yasuo Shimomura. After the summer he will devote the lion's share of his efforts to his new job. The International Team therefore held a party to say farewell to him, as well as to Annick Lyraud, who will move in September to CERN to continue to support him there. Robert and Annick were on the receiving end of three speeches. Yasuo Shimomura paid tribute to Robert's dedication to the ITER cause from the time well before he became ITER Director, confirming that without his leadership the ITER project would not be in its present expectant state

  19. A higher-order Robert-Asselin type time filter

    Li, Yong; Trenchea, Catalin


    The Robert-Asselin (RA) time filter combined with leapfrog scheme is widely used in numerical models of weather and climate. It successfully suppresses the spurious computational mode associated with the leapfrog method, but it also weakly dampens the physical mode and degrades the numerical accuracy. The Robert-Asselin-Williams (RAW) time filter is a modification of the RA filter that reduces the undesired numerical damping of RA filter and increases the accuracy. We propose a higher-order Robert-Asselin (hoRA) type time filter which effectively suppresses the computational modes and achieves third-order accuracy with the same storage requirement as RAW filter. Like RA and RAW filters, the hoRA filter is non-intrusive, and so it would be easily implementable. The leapfrog scheme with hoRA filter is almost as accurate, stable and efficient as the intrusive third-order Adams-Bashforth (AB3) method.

  20. Double trisomy (48,XXX,+18) with features of Roberts syndrome

    Descartes, M.; Longshore, J.W.; Crawford, E. [Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham, AL (United States)] [and others


    We report an infant with double trisomy 48,XXX,+18, who also displayed features of Roberts syndrome. All previously published cases with similar double trisomy have presented with features of trisomy 18 syndrome. The chromosome analysis done at birth revealed the double trisomy; parental chromosomes were normal. The proband presented with microbrachycephaly, unilateral cleft lip and palate, choanal atresia, midfacial capillary hemanioma, thin nares, shallow orbits, malformed ears, sparse hair, hypomelia of the upper limbs, rocker-bottom feet, auricular septal defect and agenesis of the corpus callosum. Characteristic features of Roberts syndrome included hypomelia, midfacial defects, and severe growth deficiency. Among the many different features reported in the literature for patients with trisomy 18 syndrome, the most consistent were growth deficiency, clenched fingers and congenital heart defects (e.g. VSD, ASD, PDA). Although some of our patient`s features such as cleft lip and cleft palate, low-set malformed ears, ASD, defects of the corpus callosum, choanal atresia, radial aplasia could also be seen in trisomy 18 syndrome (in 10-50% of the cases), her phenotype was more typical of Roberts syndrome because of symmetrical hypomelia and midfacial defects. Our patient`s chromosomes did not show premature separation of centromeric heterochromatin, a feature reported to occur in approximately one-half of individuals with Roberts syndrome. Sporadic aneuploidy involving different chromosomes has been found in lymphocyte cultures from some Roberts syndrome patients and is considered by some authors as a mitotic mutant. This aneuploidy is most likely to be chromosome gain. The simultaneous occurrence of trisomy X and 18 is extremely rare with only 11 cases having been reported in the literature. Our patient is unique since she has the double trisomy in addition to the characteristic features of Roberts syndrome.

  1. Dr Robert Proust: a gynaecologist's contribution to world literature.

    de Costa, Caroline


    Dr Robert Proust, though overshadowed in history by his more famous brother, the novelist Marcel Proust, was an eminent and innovative French surgeon who achieved recognition largely as a gynaecologist, but also was an accomplished urologist and general surgeon. He was the author of a textbook, The surgery of the female genital tract, that was very successful in his lifetime and ran to six editions. He was always very supportive of his brother's writing, and after Marcel's premature death Robert edited and arranged for publication of the final three volumes of his novel À la recherche du temps perdu, which has been called the greatest novel of the twentieth century. PMID:23820137

  2. Obituary: Robert Fleischer, 1918-2001

    Boyce, Peter Bradford; Saffell, Mary E.


    Robert Fleischer was born 20 August 1918 to Leon and Rose Fleischer in Flushing, NY. He was educated at Harvard, receiving his BS in 1940, MA in 1947, and PhD in 1949. He specialized in geophysics and solar-terrestrial relations. Fleischer joined the faculty at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute advancing from Assistant to Full professor in 1958. As Director of the RPI Observatory, Fleischer attempted to bring modern astronomy to the institutions in the Albany area by procuring the funds to build a radio telescope. He left for the National Science Foundation (NSF) before the observatory was completed. It is a testament to his character that without his enormous energy, organizational, and fundraising abilities, the radio telescope project languished after he left. Fleischer joined the NSF in 1962 as the Program Director for Solar-Terrestrial Research. He was the government-wide Coordinator for the International Quiet Sun Years, and coordinated the 1966 South American Eclipse expeditions. Thereafter, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Office of International Science Activities. Fleischer is most notably remembered as the head of the Astronomy Section at the National Science Foundation. He brought astronomy into its own at NSF and involved the community in a major way through use of advisory committees. He was dedicated to helping the astronomical community understand the funding system, the political environment, and the various factors in how money is allocated. Fleischer truly believed in the concept that scientists should be making the important decisions about their field. He was instrumental in injecting science into the oversight of the National Observatories. Relations with the community say a lot about the man, the complexities of his character, and the forces that drove him. Fleischer was passionate in his beliefs and in his devotion to doing the best for astronomy. His strong approach and belief in himself served him well in many ways, but caused him grief

  3. Obituary: Robert C. Bless (1927 - 2015)

    Surrounded by his loving family, Robert Charles Bless died at home on November 29th, three days before his 88th birthday. He was born in Ithaca, NY on Dec. 3, 1927 to a Russian father, Arthur Aaron Bless, and a French mother, Eva Chantrell Bless. Bob spent many summers on the family farm in the South of France, where he gained a great pride and joy in his French heritage, large extended family, and mother tongue. As a child growing up in Gainesville, FL, Bob's first job was snake wrangling, earning 10 cents per foot, with an added bonus for the more venomous species. Young Robbie took daily adventures in the Florida woods and swamps, armed only with pockets full of pecans and oranges. He enjoyed spending time at the family's lake cabin, where he learned to sail and helped his father plant acres of trees to grow their timber plantation. As a first generation immigrant, Bob's father received a PhD in physics, which inspired Bob to pursue an extensive educational route in astrophysics. Bob excelled in academics, graduating high school at the age of 16 and the University of Florida (B.Sc.) at 19. His path to graduate school was interrupted by a diagnosis of tuberculosis that forced him into a Florida sanitorium for one year. During this time, Bob made the most of what he described as the most dismal part of life by advocating for patient rights, initiating an inter-sanitorium newsletter, and gaining skills and experience in community organization and leadership - qualities that would later inform his leadership in academe. After being one of the first successfully treated tuberculosis patients in the US, Bob went on to earn a M.Sc. from Cornell University, and received his PhD degree in Astronomy from the University of Michigan in 1958. That same year, Bob joined the staff of the Astronomy Department of the University of Wisconsin (UW), Madison. It was there that Bob met Diane McQueen. Despite Bob's Dodge Dart and what has been described as the worst first date in

  4. Dysfunctional Families: One Central Theme in Two Fictional Works of Tony Morrison, Song of Solomon and Sula Familias Disfuncionales: Un Tema Central en Dos Novelas de Toni Morrison, Canción de Salomón y Sula

    Luís Fernando Gómez R.


    Full Text Available Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize winner (1993, has been recognized as one of the most prominent novelists in the USA today. Her novels Song of Solomon and Sula rank enormous and original literary creativity through which she shows what it means to survive as an individual in the black families of America. Hence, this article explores the desperation and vulnerabilities of children who grow up in dysfunctional families and how they experience trauma and pain from their parents' unconventional actions and behaviors. The article accounts of the irregular experiences that the main characters of these two novels have to confront at hostile homes as they grow up changed, different from other children, and lack the essential educational guidance that prepare them for adulthood. Children are forced to assume unnatural roles within their families and, consequently, become dysfunctional members of society.En la actualidad, Toni Morrison, ganadora del premio Nóbel (1993, ha sido reconocida como una de las novelistas más prominentes de los Estados Unidos. Sus novelas Canción de Salomón y Sula gozan de poseer una enorme creatividad literaria a través de la cual presenta lo que significa sobrevivir como un miembro de las familias de raza negra en Norteamérica. Por ello, este artículo explora las vulnerabilidades de niños que crecen dentro de familias disfuncionales y de cómo sufren afectivamente a causa de las acciones y comportamientos poco convencionales de sus padres. El artículo discute las experiencias irregulares que los personajes principales de estas dos novelas tienen que enfrentar en hogares hostiles a medida que crecen diferentes a otros niños, carentes de la orientación educativa esencial que los prepare para la vida adulta. Los menores de edad son obligados a asumir roles anormales dentro de sus familias y en consecuencia se convierten en miembros disfuncionales de la sociedad.

  5. Robert Grosseteste's thought on Light and Form of the World

    Sparavigna, Amelia Carolina


    Robert Grosseteste was one of the most prominent thinkers of the Thirteenth Century. Philosopher and scientist, he proposed a metaphysics based on the propagation of light. In this framework, he gave a cosmology too. Here we will discuss the treatise where Grosseteste proposed it, that entitled 'De luce, seu de incohatione formarum', 'On Light and the Beginning of Forms'.

  6. The Inharmonious Conflicts in Robert Frost’s Poetry



    Robert Frost is one of the most distinguished poets,most of his poems are about the inharmonious relationship between nature and men,Conflicts are like a "thread" appearing in his poems.Frost’s true philosophy on men and life contributes to his wisdom and artistic poems.Frost tries to illustrate the conflict between nature and men in philosophy concern.

  7. Zombilood / Robert Kirkman ; intervjueerinud Margit Tõnson, Peeter Helme

    Kirkman, Robert


    Režissöör George A. Romero kultusfilmid zombidest "Elavate surnute öö", "Surnute koidik", "Surnute päev" jpt. on inspiratsiooniks koomiksikirjutaja Robert Kirklandile. Režissöör Frank Darabont on teinud tema tuntuimast koomiksiseeriast "The Walking Dead" teleseriaali "Kõndivad surnud". Zombiteema kasvavast populaarsusest ning intervjuu koomiksikirjutajaga

  8. Robert Bostrom's Contribution to Listening in Organizational Contexts

    Brownell, Judi


    Robert Bostrom has not only left a listening legacy, but he was also a pioneer in the larger discipline of communication. Bostrom was one of the first scholars to focus on the dynamics of interpersonal contexts, thereby directly contributing to the transition of our field from "speech" to "communication." Early on he recognized the importance of…

  9. Robert Moses procurement and model tests a contractor's perspective

    This paper discusses the need to provide realistic cost/benefit evaluation criteria in turbine bid specifications and the benefits of competitive model testing. Recent procurement and model test efforts for the Robert Moses Niagara Power Project are used to illustrate these topics

  10. Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau


    "The name Robert Caillau may not ring a bell to the general pbulic, but his invention is the reason why you are reading this: Dr. Cailliau together with his colleague Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, making the internet accessible so it could grow from an academic tool to a mass communication medium." (9 pages)

  11. Conceptualising Childhood: Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses."

    Webb, Jean


    Discusses the construct of childhood in Robert Louis Stevenson's collection of poems, "A Child's Garden of Verses," by employing notions of child development drawn from Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Finds, from a literary perspective, Stevenson's collection located on the boundaries of romanticism and modernism. (BT)

  12. 77 FR 64506 - Robert D. Willis Hydropower Rate


    ... Register, (77 FR 40609), of the proposed rate increase for the Willis project. Southwestern provided a 30... proposed Willis power rate were announced by a Federal Register notice published on July 10, 2012 (77 FR... Southwestern Power Administration Robert D. Willis Hydropower Rate AGENCY: Southwestern Power...

  13. Robert Aymar seals the last interconnect in the LHC

    Maximilien Brice


    The LHC completes the circle. On 7 November, in a brief ceremony in the LHC tunnel, CERN Director General Robert Aymar (Photo 1) sealed the last interconnect between the main magnets of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Jean-Philippe Tock, leader of the Interconnections team, tightens the last bolt (Photos 4-8).

  14. Paul Robert Wendt: Programmed Instruction and Visual Literacy Pioneer.

    Moore, David M.; Bedient, Douglas


    Provides a profile of Paul Robert Wendt who was interested in using technology to teach students how to succeed in higher education by improving library and information skills. Highlights include his educational background; work in films; teaching in higher education at Southern Illinois University (SIU); work in programmed instruction and visual…

  15. Measuring What Matters: Robert Sternberg's Enlightened Approach to Admissions Testing

    Grace, Catherine O'Neill


    Psychologist Robert J. Sternberg's conviction that American standardized testing does not accurately reflect a child's intelligence or potential is far from theoretical. As an elementary school student in the 1950s, he scored poorly on the ubiquitous IQ test of the time, freezing up when the school psychologist entered the room. Thankfully for…

  16. Violent subject(ivitie)s: a comparative study of violence and subjectivity in the fiction of Toni Morrison, Cormac McCarthy, J. M. Coetzee, and Yvonne Vera

    Phiri, Aretha Myrah Muterakuvanthu


    This thesis examines the links between and intersections of violence and subjectivity in a comparative, transatlantic and transnational study of the fiction of four recognized international authors, namely, Toni Morrison, Cormac McCarthy, J. M. Coetzee, and Yvonne Vera. Despite their differing geographical, temporal, cultural and socio-political situations and situatedness, these writers’ common, thematic concerns with taboo topics of violence such as rape, incest, infanticide ...

  17. Book review: national and state identity in Turkey: the transformation of the Republic’s status in the international system by Toni Alaranta

    Smith, Megan


    In National and State Identity in Turkey: The Transformation of the Republic’s Status in the International System, Toni Alaranta examines the impact that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has had on various strands of Turkish national identity since coming to power in 2002. Although Megan Smith highlights some structural oversimplifications in the book, she nonetheless positions Alaranta’s study as a rich and valuable account of contemporary Turkish identity politics.

  18. Toni Morrison Talks of an Unhomely World; a Post-Colonial Reading of the Bluest Eye: A Study Based on Homi K. Bhabha’s Theories

    Abdol Hossein Joodaki; Asrin Vajdi


    The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison is the story of a young black girl, Pecola Breedlove, who lives in a society which doesn’t offer any reflection of her beauty and subjectivity. This study tries to examine this novel based on theories of poststructuralist critic, Homi K. Bhabha. In his work, Bhabha challenges the notions of fixed identities, undermines the binary oppositions between colonized and colonizer, and emphasizes the role of discourse and language in identity formation of both the colo...

  19. Q&A with Toni Schmader: Speaker in the Women and STEM Series Talks About How She Became Interested in Studying Educational Outcomes

    Wong, Lauren


    I recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Dr. Toni Schmader, Professor at the University of British Columbia, to talk about her groundbreaking research on stereotype threat among women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We talked about how she began her academic career, advice she has for graduate students, and her insights into her latest research on examining the mechanisms behind stereotype threat.

  20. Robert Putnam : miks peaksime naabritega rohkem rääkima? / Robert Putnam ; interv. Külli-Riin Tigasson

    Putnam, Robert


    26. mail Tallinnas toimuva Avatud Ühiskonna Foorumi peaesineja, Harvardi Ülikooli professor väidab, et mida paremini tuntakse oma naabreid, mida aktiivsemalt osaletakse kohalikus elus ning mida rohkem inimesed omavahel suhtlevad, seda paremaks ja turvalisemaks muutub nende elukeskkond. Lisad: Robert Putnam (sünd 1941); Kuidas kasvatada sotsiaalset kapitali?

  1. Lahkunud maailmaparandaja Robert Lepikson jäi igavesti otsijaks / Kai Kalamees

    Kalamees, Kai


    Ülevaade riigikogu liikme, endise siseministri, Tallinna linnapea ja Võru maavanema Robert Lepiksoni elukäigust, meenutused tuntud ühiskonnategelastelt. Lisad: Robert Lepikson; Kõva sõnaga mees. Vt. samas: Turvavaatleja vastutusrikas töö viimasel rallil; Ivar Raidam: Lepiksoni panus autosporti oli tohutu; Hans H. Luik: Respect, Robert!

  2. Women and Spirituality in 20th-Century Writing: an Exploration into the Fiction of Virginia Woolf, Michèle Roberts, Sara Maitland, Gail Godwin and Toni Morrison

    Laurence LUX-STERRITT


    Full Text Available The following essays were initially presented at the international conference on Women and Spirituality, which was organized by Laurence Lux-Sterritt and Claire Sorin (Université de Provence, LERMA in June 2009. In the context of this event, spirituality was to be understood as a broad notion encompassing personal and/or institutionalized relations to the divine, a notion that at once included and transcended religion. The purpose of the conference was to explore the diversity and specificit...

  3. Antes de los Estudios Culturales. Robert Warshow y la experiencia

    Antonio Lastra


    Full Text Available Este artículo estudia la influencia del concepto de experiencia que desarrolla Robert Warshow. Warshow ha supuesto el contrapunto americano a las teorías desarrolladas por Walter Benjamien en Europa. Si bien ambos insistieron en la pobreza de la experiencia, como resultado de la tecnificación de la sociedad, Warshow supo introducir matizaciones que influyeron en todo el círculo de intelectuales concentrados en Nueva York durante la etapa de consolidación de los Estudios Culturales. This paper studies the influence of the experience concept by Robert Warshow. Warshow is the American counterpoint to theories developed by Walter Benjamin in Europe. Although both insisted in the poverty of experience, as a result of technique, Warshow knew how to introduce nuances that influenced intellectuals in New York as Cultural Studies emerged.

  4. The auriferous placer at Mount Robert, Pietersburg Greenstone belt

    The Mount Robert gold placer near Potgietersrus occurs in coarse, matrix-supported conglomerates of the Uitkyk Formation within the Pietersburg greenstone belt. Sedimentological and mineralogical investigations indicate that the conglomerates and the ore minerals were derived from a greenstone provenance, and that they were deposited in a braided river environment within a rapidly subsiding trough. Lack of sedimentological concentration of the heavy minerals is considered to be the main reason for the low and erratic gold grades encountered (usually below 1 g/t) and, thus, the failure of all past mining ventures. The mineralogical composition of the Mount Robert ore closely resembles that of the Witwatersrand deposits. However, uraninite is absent, probably as a result of its complete removal by weathering processes. Remaining small uranium concentrations can still be detected within the conglomerates where they occur associated with grains of carbonaceous matter, leucoxene aggregates, and secondary iron-hydroxides. U3O8 values found in the conglomerates are given

  5. Robert Aymar receives one of the highest Finnish distinctions


    On 9 December 2008 Robert Aymar, CERN Director-General, was awarded the decoration of Commander, first class, of the Order of the Lion of Finland by the President of the Republic of Finland. This decoration, one of the highest of Finland, was presented in a ceremony by the Ambassador Hannu Himanen, Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN and other international organisations in Geneva. Robert Aymar was honoured for his service to CERN, the LHC, his role in the cooperation between Finland and CERN, as well as his contribution to science in general. In his speech the ambassador underlined CERN’s efforts in the field of education, mentioning the High school teachers programme.

  6. Robert K. Crane - Na+-Glucose Cotransporter to Cure?



    Dr. Robert K. Crane made major contributions to our understanding of carbohydrate metabolism and transport of the intestine over a very long and productive career. This Perspective examines, briefly, his early life and academic positions, but more importantly, this Perspective highlights his contributions to the understanding of coupled Na+-glucose absorption by the small intestine. I discuss how his early hypothesis of a ‘cotransport’ of sodium and glucose ushered in and provided the physio...

  7. A Voice of Disturbance - Robert Coover und Mythos

    Bell, Elisabeth Ly


    This monograph about Robert Coover demonstrates that myth in his works is played out not in merely in naming, or as theme, or recycling of symbols, but rather that his preoccupation with myth(s) pervades his entire work, and does so on multiple levels. Coover’s undermining of inherited systems and their forms in a counter-production differentiates him from his contemporaries and grants him an exceptional position. Following an introductory determination of Coover’s literary significance,...

  8. Biographical Listening: Intimacy, Madness and the Music of Robert Schumann

    Braunschweig, Michelle Elizabeth Yael


    Evaluating music as psychological utterance and biographical confession emerged as a mode of music criticism during the early to mid-nineteenth century. Ever since, critics have characterized Robert Schumann as a composer whose works and life are bound together inextricably. The ramifications of these values in Schumann reception and scholarship form the subject of this dissertation. The origins of this practice can be found in the late eighteenth century, when German writers began describing...

  9. Robert K. Crane—Na+-glucose cotransporter to cure?

    Hamilton, Kirk L.


    Dr. Robert K. Crane made major contributions to our understanding of carbohydrate metabolism and transport of the intestine over a very long and productive career. This Perspective examines, briefly, his early life and academic positions, but more importantly, this Perspective highlights his contributions to the understanding of coupled Na+-glucose absorption by the small intestine. I discuss how his early hypothesis of a “cotransport” of sodium and glucose ushered in and provided the physiol...

  10. Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer? Charisma and Complex Organization

    Thorpe, Charles; Shapin, Steven


    Charismatic authority flourishes in places where some social scientists evidently do not expect to find it - in late modernity and in highly complex and instrumentally orientated technoscientific organizations. This paper documents and interprets participants' testimony about the workings of wartime Los Alamos in relation to the charisma of its Scientific Director. J. Robert Oppenheimer. We treat charisma as an interactional accomplishment, and examine its role in technoscientific organizatio...

  11. Robert J. Aumann - matemaatikust Nobeli preemia laureaat / Peeter Puusemp

    Puusemp, Peeter


    2005. a. Nobeli preemia majanduse alal silmapaistva panuse eest mänguteooria ülesannete lahendamisse saanud Robert J. Aumannist ja D. Saari loetelu matemaatikutest - Nobeli preemia laureaatidest: John Nash'ist, Herbert Hauptman'ist, John Pople'ist, Bertrand Arthur William Russell'ist, Kenneth Joseph Arrow'ist, Gerard Debreu'ist, Leonid Vitaljevitš Kantorovitš'ist, Reinhard Selten'ist, Jan Tinbergen'ist

  12. Robert Ignatius Burns (1921-2008. In memoriam

    Ma Teresa Ferrer


    Full Text Available Father Robert Ignatius Burns, a corresponding member of our History and Archeology Section, died at the Jesuit residence in Los Gatos, California, on the 22nd of November 2008. His work has been extremely important and will continue to be so in the future due to his extraordinary contributions to our knowledge of a crucial period in the consolidation and expansion of the Catalan-Aragonese monarchy.

  13. Zimbabwean Nationalism and the rise of Robert Mugabe.

    Riley, Mark Francis.


    This thesis discusses the black nationalist movement in Zimbabwe. The first is a history of the Zimbabwean nationalist movement, including the emergence and evolution of the nationalist organizations and leaders, the guerrilla war, and the diplomatic negotiations that occurred up to the Lancaster House Settlement of 1979. The second portion explains why and how Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe African National Union won the 1980 elections. The author compares Mugabe with his two principle oppon...

  14. Perfil académico del profesor Robert A. Mundell

    Ciencias de Suecia Academia Real de


    Full Text Available Robert A. Mundell es Profesor de Economía de la Universidad de Culumbia en Nueva York de 1974. Despues de estudiar en el MIT y en la Escuela de Economía de Londres, recibio su Ph.D en el MIT en 1956. Obtuvo la Beca Postdoctoral en Economía Politica en la Universidad de Chicago en 1956-1957.

  15. An Architecture for the Electronic Church: Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Grubiak, Margaret M


    More than a university, Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was also the headquarters for evangelist Oral Roberts's electronic church. The electronic church in America, dominated by Christian evangelicals, used technology to spread the Gospel over radio airways and television signals to a dispersed audience. Yet evangelicals like Roberts also constructed ambitious campuses in real space and time. The architecture of Oral Roberts University visualized a modern and "populuxe" image for the electronic church in the 1960s and 1970s. The university's Prayer Tower purposely alluded to the Seattle Space Needle, aligning religion and the Space Age, and the campus's white, gold, and black color palette on late modern buildings created an image of aspirational luxury, conveying Roberts's health and wealth gospel. Oral Roberts University served as a sound stage for Roberts's radio and television shows, a pilgrimage point for his audience, and a university dedicated to training evangelicals in the electronic church. PMID:27237069

  16. Nobel Prize in Physics 2003 "for pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids" : Anthony J. Leggett, Alexei A. Abrikosov and Vitaly L. Ginzburg


    Prof. Anthony Leggett presents : "Testing the limits of quantum mechanics: motivation, state of play, prospects"I present the motivation for experiments which attempt to generate, and verify the existence of, quantum superpositions of two or more states which are by some reasonable criterion 'macroscopically' distinct, and show that various a priori objections to this program made in the literature are flawed. I review the extent to which such experiments currently exist in the areas of free-space molecular diffraction, magnetic biomolecules, quantum optics and Josephson devices, and sketch possible future lines of development of the program.



    托尼·克拉格最早与国内观众相遇的时间应该是2005年。在第二届北京双年展上,他就夺得了雕塑的一等奖。令人困惑的是,本次展览,一个在外交层面上展开的非常官方的活动,却似乎有意忽略了这个本土奖项。倒是艺术家本人,经常将这个奖与他获得的其他荣誉郑重地并列在一起,比如1988年的特纳奖和2007年的日本高松殿下纪念世界文化奖。应该说,2005年的那一届北京双年展被号称是当时世界上最大规模的国际当代美术和雕塑双年展,尽管在当代艺术世界里,积极谈论它的不多。就这一点,我们还是可以隐约体会到克拉格作品的某种保守和温和色彩。%The earliest encounter between Tony Cragg and Chinese audiences was in 2005 during the second Beijing International Art Bien- nale, where the British sculptor won First Prize. Perplexingly-especially as this exhibition functioned also on the diplomatic level, as part of the British Council's UK Now festival, but also because Cragg himself often cites it alongside his 1988 Turner Prize and 2007 Praemium Imperiale-this fact was quite plainly ignored here.


    Prasanta Kumar Padhi


    Full Text Available Before the civil war in America, the black African people were treated as chattels and were subjected to all kind of injustice and discrimination. Slavery and discrimination, for instance, have brought severe miseries to Afro-Americans such as being treated as animals, losing their human rights, and subjecting to violence. But the real victims were the black African women, as these women had no position in society and were living the most pathetic and humiliating life. These women were ill treated first by their own male members in their own homes and secondly they were subjugated to all kinds of humiliation by the white people. They had no honor or any sense of right as they were kept in complete ignorance and darkness for a long time. Since times of slavery, black womanhood has been destroyed, distorted, dismantled and abused with racial, sexual and inhuman practices by black men and white men and women. In the process, they have lost their genuine "self", and have developed a complexity in themselves. This has ultimately been responsible for the destruction of their self-confidence and the feeling of being human. The paper deals chiefly with Toni Morrison’s portrayal of Pecola and Sethe, which chiefly celebrate the black womanhood. The central theme of the paper deals with the black women characters who are raised from their poor, down trodden and most humiliating position to a new sense of awareness of freedom, liberty and equality in their society. They are filled with new desires, aspirations and ambitions and thereby are made conscious of social honor and dignity.

  19. Conferencias a la Memoria de la Dra. Lydia J. Roberts 1967, 1969-1973 (Conferences in Memory of Dr. Lydia J. Roberts 1967, 1969-1973).

    Puerto Rico Univ., Rio Piedras.

    This publication includes eleven lectures presented as part of a conference given honoring Dr. Lydia J. Roberts. Seven of the papers are written in the English language and four in Spanish. Most of the papers relate to the topic of nutrition, but a few pay tribute to Dr. Roberts in recognition of her distinguished leadership and teacher of human…

  20. Johnson-Kendall-Roberts theory applied to living cells

    Chu, Y S; Thiery, J P; Pérez, E; Pincet, F; Chu, Yeh-Shiu; Dufour, Sylvie; Thiery, Jean Paul; Perez, Eric; Pincet, Frédéric


    Johnson-Kendall-Roberts (JKR) theory is an accurate model for strong adhesion energies of soft slightly deformable material. Little is known about the validity of this theory on complex systems such as living cells. We have addressed this problem using a depletion controlled cell adhesion and measured the force necessary to separate the cells with a micropipette technique. We show that the cytoskeleton can provide the cells with a 3D structure that is sufficiently elastic and has a sufficiently low deformability for JKR theory to be valid. When the cytoskeleton is disrupted, JKR theory is no longer applicable.

  1. An Archetypal Study of Plant Imagery in Robert Frost's Poems



    As one of the most popular American poets in the twentieth century, Robert Frost demonstrated myriads of universally acknowledged works to the world. This paper aims to analyze the plant imagery appearing in his poems from the perspective of archetypal theory. This study, on the basis of analyzing poetic texts, utilizes content analysis to classify plant images into four types and work out relevant statistics. After data analysis based on thematology and archetypal theory, the study finds that plant images in his poems demonstrate the relationship between human beings and nature, psychological conflicts of the poet, death and dismay, expectation for life and rebirth.

  2. Robert Graves y Mallorca: su narrativa breve mallorquina

    Segui Aznar, Juana Mª


    Aquest treball d'investigació explora i analitza divuit narracions curtes de Robert Graves publicades al llarg dels anys 1947 a 1962. Està dirigit a establir la relació entre Graves i Mallorca mitjançant els elements autobiogràfics i locals que es poden trobar en les narracions. La idiosincràsia de l'illa queda reflectida en la descripció i comportament dels personatges, en els aspectes socials, polítics, culturals i lingüístics, i en l'escenari espaciotemporal d'aquestes narracions; tots aqu...

  3. The Diffident Naturalist Robert Boyle and the Philosophy of Experiment

    Sargent, Rose-Mary


    In a provocative reassessment of one of the quintessential figures of early modern science, Rose-Mary Sargent explores Robert Boyle's philosophy of experiment, a central aspect of his life and work that became a model for mid- to late seventeenth-century natural philosophers and for many who followed them. Sargent examines the philosophical, legal, experimental, and religious traditions—among them English common law, alchemy, medicine, and Christianity—that played a part in shaping Boyle's experimental thought and practice. The roots of his philosophy in his early life and education, in his re

  4. On the Study of Richard Tom Robert Identity

    Tsai, Yeong-Shyeong


    In order to estimate the average speed of mosquitoes, a simple experiment was designed by Richard (Lu-Hsing Tsai), Tom (Po-Yu Tsai) and Robert (Hung-Ming Tsai). The result of the experiment was posted in the science exhibitions Taichung Taiwan 1993. The average speed of mosquitoes is inferred by the simple relation is obtained In this paper, we will show how to get the data generated by computer. Though the rigorous proof is not shown, a sketch proof will be shown in this paper

  5. Robert Aymar awarded the Légion d’honneur

    CERN Bulletin


      On 24 May, Robert Aymar, CERN Director-General from 2004 to 2008, was awarded the Légion d’honneur by the French authorities in recognition of his outstanding scientific career. A renowned French physicist, he was Director of the superconducting tokamak Tore Supra from 1977 to 1988, Director of Material Sciences at the CEA in 1990 and Director of the ITER project in 1994. His term of office as CERN Director-General was marked in particular by the commissioning and start-up of the LHC machine, which he inaugurated on 21 October 2008.        

  6. Summary Robert Noyce and the invention of Silicon Valley


    This work offers a summary of the book "THE MAN BEHIND THE MICROCHIP: Robert Noyce and the Invention of Silicon Valley""by Leslie Berlin.The Man behind the Microchip is Leslie Berlin's first book. This author is project historian for the Silicon Valley Archives, a division of the Stanford University Department of Special Collections. This book tells the story of a giant of the high-tech industry: the multimillionaire Bob Noyce. This co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel co-invented the integrated circuit which became the electronic heart of every modern computer, automobile, advance

  7. Antes de los Estudios Culturales. Robert Warshow y la experiencia

    Antonio Lastra


    Este artículo estudia la influencia del concepto de experiencia que desarrolla Robert Warshow. Warshow ha supuesto el contrapunto americano a las teorías desarrolladas por Walter Benjamien en Europa. Si bien ambos insistieron en la pobreza de la experiencia, como resultado de la tecnificación de la sociedad, Warshow supo introducir matizaciones que influyeron en todo el círculo de intelectuales concentrados en Nueva York durante la etapa de consolidación de los Estudios Culturales. This paper...

  8. Robert Schumann in the psychiatric hospital at Endenich.

    Steinberg, Reinhard


    Robert Schumann (1810-1856) spent the last two-and-a-half years of his life in the private psychiatric hospital in Endenich. His medical records emerged in 1991 and were published by B. R. Appel in 2006. Daily entries document the treatment typical at that time for what was at first considered to be "melancholy with delusions": Shielding from stimuli, physical procedures, and a dietary regimen. The feared, actual diagnosis, a "general (incomplete) paralysis," becomes a certainty in the course of the paranoid-hallucinatory symptoms with cerebro-organic characteristics and agitated states, differences in pupil size, and increasing speech disturbances. In the medicine of the time, syphilis is just emerging as the suspected cause, and the term "progressive paralysis" is coined as typical for the course. Proof of the Treponema pallidum infection and the serologic reaction is not obtained until 1906. People close to Robert, in particular his wife Clara and the circle of friends around Brahms and Joachim, cared intensively for him and suffered under the therapeutic isolation. The medical records and illness-related letters contradict the theory that Schumann was disposed of by being put into the psychiatric hospital; they show the concern of all during the unfavorable illness course. PMID:25684293

  9. Compte rendu de Mangeon (Anthony), Crimes d'auteur. De l’influence, du plagiat et de l’assassinat en littérature

    Chavoz, Ninon


    On se gardera de sous-estimer le plagiat. Dans cet ouvrage, Anthony Mangeon part du constat de la récurrence d’un « crime d’auteur » qui est toujours double – à la fois larcin et mise à mort – pour en démontrer les usages narratifs et métalittéraires. Dans le corpus littéraire et cinématographique étendu qu’il choisit d’étudier (entre 1915 et 2016), l’imitation du modèle se transforme systématiquement en scène ou en fantasme de meurtre. Comme le souligne Reverdy dans le Voleur de Talan, qui t...

  10. "A reader's guide to Calvin's Institutes" by Anthony N. S. Lane; "A theological guide to Calvin's Institutes: essays and analysis" edited by David W. Hall and Peter A. Lillback

    Eglinton, James


    Reviews of Anthony N. S. Lane, A Reader's Guide to Calvin's Institutes (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Publishing Group, 2009). David W. Hall and Peter A. Lillback (eds.), A Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes: Essays and Analysis (Phillipsburg, N.J.: P & R Publishing, 2008)

  11. Gravitation and the earth sciences: the contributions of Robert Dicke

    Kragh, Helge


    The American physicist Robert Dicke (1916-1997) is primarily known for his important contributions to gravitation, cosmology, and microwave physics. Much less known is his work in geophysics and related areas of the earth sciences in which he engaged himself and several of his collaborators in the period from about 1957 to 1969. Much of Dicke's work in geophysics was motivated by his wish to obtain evidence in support of the non-Einstenian Brans-Dicke theory of gravitation. The idea of a decreasing gravitational constant, as entertained by Dicke and some other physicists (including Pascual Jordan), played some role in the process that transformed the static picture of the Earth to a dynamical picture. It is not by accident that Dicke appears as a minor actor in histories of the plate tectonic revolution in the 1960s.

  12. Robert K. Crane - Na+-Glucose Cotransporter to Cure?



    Full Text Available Dr. Robert K. Crane made major contributions to our understanding of carbohydrate metabolism and transport of the intestine over a very long and productive career. This Perspective examines, briefly, his early life and academic positions, but more importantly, this Perspective highlights his contributions to the understanding of coupled Na+-glucose absorption by the small intestine. I discuss how his early hypothesis of a ‘cotransport’ of sodium and glucose ushered in and provided the physiological explanation for the clinical treatment of acute diarrhea and cholera when using oral rehydration therapy (ORT. ORT saves millions of lives each year. Certainly, humankind is better off because of Crane’s hypothesis of the Na+-glucose cotransporter which he put forth over 50 years ago?

  13. Robert Schumann and translation: poetic creativity, simultaneity and movement

    João Azenha Junior


    Full Text Available In diesem Aufsatz werden die Gesammelten Schriften über Musik und Musiker von Robert Schumann untersucht, insbesondere die Rezensionen, die der Komponist zwischen 1834 und 1836 verfasst hat. Es soll festgestellt werden, inwiefern sich darin die wichtigsten Auffassungen über Sprache und Übersetzung, die Ende des 18. und Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland entstanden, wiederfinden. Im Vordergrund der Untersuchung steht die Dimension der Bewegung, die sich sowohl im Individuum als auch in der Zeit festmachen lässt. Im Individuum manifestiert sich die Bewegung als ein sehr persönlicher Vorgang, da es sich innerhalb verschiedener Zeichensysteme bewegt, die seine Gedanken ausdrücken; oder aber es bewegt sich innerhalb verschiedener Sprachen. Die Zeitdimension wiederum bedeutet, in ein Umfeld einzutauchen, das die Zeitbarrieren überwindet und die Vergangenheit auf einen Schlag mit der Gegenwart und der Zukunft verbindet.

  14. Accuracy evaluation of pendulum gravity measurements of Robert von Sterneck

    Alena Pešková


    Full Text Available The accuracy of first pendulum gravity measurements in the Czech territory was determined using both original surveying notebooks of Robert Daublebsky von Sterneck and modern technologies. Since more accurate methods are used for gravity measurements nowadays, our work is mostly important from the historical point of view. In previous  works, the accuracy of Sterneck’s gravity measurements was determined using only a small dataset. Here we process all Sterneck’s measurements from the Czech territory (a dataset ten times larger than in the previous works, and we complexly assess the accuracy of these measurements. Locations of the measurements were found with the help of original notebooks. Gravity in the site was interpolated using actual gravity models. Finally, the accuracy of Sterneck’s measurements was evaluated as the difference between the measured and interpolated gravity.

  15. Hooke's figurations: a figural drawing attributed to Robert Hooke.

    Hunter, Matthew C


    The experimental philosopher Robert Hooke (1635-1703) is known to have apprenticed to the leading painter Peter Lely on his first arrival in London in the late 1640s. Yet the relevance of Hooke's artistic training to his mature draughtsmanship and identity has remained unclear. Shedding light on that larger interpretive problem, this article argues for the attribution to Hooke of a figural drawing now in Tate Britain (T10678). This attributed drawing is especially interesting because it depicts human subjects and bears Hooke's name functioning as an artistic signature, both highly unusual features for his draughtsmanship. From evidence of how this drawing was collected and physically placed alongside images by leading artists in the early eighteenth century, I suggest how it can offer new insight into the reception of Hooke and his graphic work in the early Enlightenment. PMID:20973449

  16. Robert Koch redux: malaria immunology in Papua New Guinea.

    Stanisic, D I; Mueller, I; Betuela, I; Siba, P; Schofield, L


    Over a century ago, the malaria expedition of the brilliant microbiologist Robert Koch to the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) and German New Guinea (now Papua New Guinea, or PNG), resulted in profound observations that are still central to our current understanding of the epidemiology and acquisition of immunity to the malaria parasite Plasmodium. The tradition of malaria research in PNG pioneered by Koch continues to this day, with a number of recent studies still continuing to elucidate his original concepts and hypotheses. These include age and exposure-related acquisition of immunity, species-specific and cross-species immunity, correlates of protective immunity and determining the prospects for anti-malaria vaccines. PMID:20626817

  17. Robert Hooke: early respiratory physiologist, polymath, and mechanical genius.

    West, John B


    Robert Hooke (1635-1703) was a polymath who made important contributions to respiratory physiology and many other scientific areas. With Robert Boyle, he constructed the first air pump that allowed measurements on small animals at a reduced atmospheric pressure, and this started the discipline of high-altitude physiology. He also built the first human low-pressure chamber and described his experiences when the pressure was reduced to the equivalent of an altitude of ∼2,400 m. Using artificial ventilation in an animal preparation, he demonstrated that movement of the lung was not essential for life. His book Micrographia describing early studies with a microscope remains a classic. He produced an exquisite drawing of the head of a fly, showing the elaborate compound eye. There is also a detailed drawing of a flea, and Hooke noted how the long, many-jointed legs enable the insect to jump so high. For 40 years, he was the curator of experiments for the newly founded Royal Society in London and contributed greatly to its intellectual ferment. His mechanical inventions covered an enormous range, including the watch spring, the wheel barometer, and the universal joint. Following the Great Fire of London in 1666, he designed many of the new buildings in conjunction with Christopher Wren. Unfortunately, Hooke had an abrasive personality, which was partly responsible for a lack of recognition of his work for many years. However, during the last 25 years, there has been renewed interest, and he is now recognized as a brilliant scientist and innovator. PMID:24985326

  18. Robert Musil y los Estados desunificados de Europa

    Bayón, Fernando


    Full Text Available This article is a study of Robert Musil´s work “The Man Without Qualities” from philosophical sources. It is a novel that has produced so many overriding metaphors through which we can better understand the crises of the social identity on the horizont of the last modernity in Europe. Much of the key-concepts that helped in creating the so called “Leyend of Modernity” start to vanish in an irremediable way: not only did Musil trace the disappearance of the support for national aspirations and social cohesion, he also showed us how culture is a mad carrousel of collapsed expectations, and how the prevailing idea of “subjectivity” lacks today any solid or essential nucleus. In the middle of this disenchanted landscape of Europe, where all the modern and clasical illusions became nothing, appears however “a new human being”, since the man “without qualities” is the man with endless possibilities too.El presente ensayo es una interpretación de la novela de Robert Musil “El hombre sin atributos” a partir de fuentes filosóficas. Se trata de una obra que ha producido algunas metáforas decisivas para comprender las crisis de la identidad social en el horizonte de la última modernidad europea. Muchos de los conceptos clave que ayudaron a crear la leyenda de la modernidad empiezan a erosionarse de modo irreversible: se descomponen las aspiraciones nacionales, el sujeto pierde su núcleo sustancial y la cultura es un carrusel de esperanzas abortadas incapaces de responder a ninguna idea rectora. Y, sin embargo, en el paisaje de esta Europa tardomoderna en que se han agotado las pasadas ilusiones surge la idea de que el “hombre sin atributos” es también el “hombre de las posibilidades”.

  19. Age Changes in Personality and Their Origins: Comment on Roberts, Walton, and Viechtbauer (2006)

    Costa, Paul T.; McCrae, Robert R.


    This article presents comments on the original article "Patterns of Mean-Level Change in Personality Traits Across the Life Course: A Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies," by B. W. Roberts, K. W. Walton, and W. Viechtbauer. Although Roberts et al depicted the present authors as proponents of the immutability of traits, in fact we have always…

  20. 77 FR 48533 - Notice of Inventory Completion: The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Phillips Academy...


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: The Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Phillips.... Peabody Museum of Archaeology has completed an inventory of human remains, in consultation with the... culturally affiliated with the human remains may contact the Robert S. Peabody Museum of...

  1. Duchon-Robert solutions for the Rayleigh-Taylor and Muskat problems

    Beck, Thomas; Sosoe, Philippe; Wong, Percy


    We construct analytic solutions to the Euler equations with an interface between two fluids, extending work of Duchon and Robert. We also show that the estimates of Duchon and Robert yield global analytic solutions to the Muskat problem with small initial data.

  2. Charles Robert Darwin and Argentina's National Academy of Sciences Charles Robert Darwin y la Academia Nacional de Ciencias

    Pedro José Depetris


    Full Text Available Over 175 years ago Charles Robert Darwin arrived in Argentina to find a bare and boundless plain, the brave centaur called "gaucho", Quaternary fossils everywhere, and a society strikingly strange and aggressive to the British eyes of the young traveller. Although the voyage aboard HMS Beagle was the indispensable way towards increasing his stature as a biologist, Lyell's work awakened an inquisitive geological mind which allowed him to wonder at the splendour of the Andes. Forty-two years after having concluded his voyage on the Beagle, the National Academy of Sciences of Argentina appointed him as an Honorary Member. This must be interpreted as an early gesture of recognition -in the context of those times- to the magnificence of his scientific work.Hace más de 175 años, Charles Robert Darwin llegaba a la Argentina para descubrir una llanura desprovista de límites y de árboles, el valeroso centauro que era el gaucho, fósiles cuaternarios por doquier y una sociedad sorprendentemente extraña y agresiva a los británicos ojos del joven viajero. Aunque el viaje a bordo del Beagle fue el camino indispensable para incrementar su estatura como biólogo, la obra de Lyell despertó una mente inquisitivamente geológica que le permitió maravillarse ante la magnificencia de los Andes. Cuarenta y dos años después de haber concluido su viaje en el Beagle, la Academia Nacional de Ciencias de Argentina lo designó Miembro Honorario, en lo que debe interpretarse como un temprano gesto de reconocimiento -en el contexto del momento- por la magnificencia de su obra científica.

  3. Aoplying of Prototypes in the Topic of Tony Morrison's Novels%托尼·莫里森小说主题的原型运用



    Toni Morrison likes to reveal the awakening and development of the black's sell-conscious through combining the reality of American blacks and the myth-archetypes. This paper attempts to interpret myth-archetypal application in the themes of Morrison's novels.%托尼·莫里森善于将美国黑人的现实和神话原型结合在一起来反映黑人自我意识的觉醒和发展。本文从原型批评视角探讨莫里森小说主题中神话原型的运用。


    Oğuz, Ayla


    Buçalışma Jung eleştirisi ışığında Toni Morrison’ın Sevilen (Beloved) adlı romanına ilkörneksel bir yaklaşımdır. Jung’a göre‘ortak bilinçdışı’ insanlığın bilgi deposudur ve bu bilgi nesilden nesile aktarılır. İlkörnekler ortak bilinçdışının içerikleridir.Persona, gölge, ben, anima – animus Sevilen’de karşılaştığımız Jung’cu kalıplardır. Jung, her birimizin hem biyolojik hem ruhsal anlamda karşı cinsin &o...


    Bülent Cercis TANRITANIR


    Full Text Available In this study “the suffers of black women” in Alice Walker’s novels The Color Purple and Meridian and Toni Morrison’s novels Beloved and The Bluest Eye, the popular and significant works of African-American Literature are examined. It is obvious that the authors’ source knowledge about suffers of the black women is their life experiences in the black community. One can say that being colored women, both Walker and Morrison have the advantage of portraying what it is to be a woman of color in the society. It is obvious that their slave ancestors and the years of struggle of woman rights give them the opportunity to create life-like characters in their novels.


    Helen Hendaria Kamandhari


    Full Text Available Toni Morrison's Sula portrays the conflicting ideas of two black women, Sula and Nel who used to settle themselves as soulmates. Starting as friends of deepest emotion and sharing all the deepest dark secrets in Medallion, Sula and Nel continue their journeys of life in separation and come to the gate of adulthood which drags them to meet again in different encounter. Those years of separation between both of them have set enough barriers on their relationship to know each other better as they used to in the past. Sula's and Nel's teenagehood which has been spent on different places brought them into an unending conflict of black women's roles in their relationships as friends.

  7. Trinity, time and ecumenism in Robert Jenson’s theology

    Anné H. Verhoef


    Full Text Available Robert Jenson, an American Lutheran theologian, is well known as a Trinitarian and
    ecumenical theologian. In his Trinitarian theology he makes specific choices regarding
    the relationship between God and time as an attempt to overcome the Hellenistic
    influences on the early church’s theology, especially about the timelessness of God.
    Jenson proposes a temporal infinity or timefullness of God, which is central to the
    relationships within the Trinity. Jenson temporally defines the unity of the Trinity
    in relation to the claim that God is in fact the mutual life and action of the three
    persons, Father, Son and Spirit as they move toward the future. In the Trinity’s
    relationship to time the person Jesus fulfils a very specific role, namely the “specious
    present”, and this temporal location of Him leads in Jenson’s theology to a very
    strong ecclesiology and eventually to specific proposals regarding ecumenism. In this
    article I will investigate this link between Trinity, time and ecumenism in Jenson’s

  8. Composition and adaptation in the life of Robert Schumann.

    Graves, John S


    The composer Robert Schumann, who suffered from bipolar disorder, utilized his impressive musical and literary talents in attempts to adapt to multiple developmental traumas, separations, and losses as well as to the ongoing ravages of his mood disorder. By analyzing several of his Lieder, the author formulates and describes several defense mechanisms involved in these adaptations. These include identification with the lost object, the use of transitional objects and phenomena, sublimation, denial, minimization, idealization, playfulness, and the employment of healthy obsessive traits. Schumann utilized these adaptive defenses successfully for a brief period, thus coping with a difficult separation from his fiancée, Clara. Ultimately, however, he was unable to experience mature mourning regarding the deaths of several family members. The author, drawing on his extensive experience with treating bipolar individuals in outpatient settings, discusses some of the difficulties that many bipolar patients like Schumann have with mourning, including early developmental vulnerabilities to separation and loss, the disorganizing effects of bipolar mood episodes on cognition and self-coherence, the need to camouflage affects reminiscent of bipolar mood episodes, and experiencing these affects and mood episodes as traumatic reoccurrences. By studying the biographies of creative individuals such as Schumann, clinicians can expand their appreciation of their patients' adaptive capacities and thus assist them in restoring a sense of hope and vitality in their lives. PMID:16370792

  9. Statistical ultrasonics: the influence of Robert F. Wagner

    Insana, Michael F.


    An important ongoing question for higher education is how to successfully mentor the next generation of scientists and engineers. It has been my privilege to have been mentored by one of the best, Dr Robert F. Wagner and his colleagues at the CDRH/FDA during the mid 1980s. Bob introduced many of us in medical ultrasonics to statistical imaging techniques. These ideas continue to broadly influence studies on adaptive aperture management (beamforming, speckle suppression, compounding), tissue characterization (texture features, Rayleigh/Rician statistics, scatterer size and number density estimators), and fundamental questions about how limitations of the human eye-brain system for extracting information from textured images can motivate image processing. He adapted the classical techniques of signal detection theory to coherent imaging systems that, for the first time in ultrasonics, related common engineering metrics for image quality to task-based clinical performance. This talk summarizes my wonderfully-exciting three years with Bob as I watched him explore topics in statistical image analysis that formed a rational basis for many of the signal processing techniques used in commercial systems today. It is a story of an exciting time in medical ultrasonics, and of how a sparkling personality guided and motivated the development of junior scientists who flocked around him in admiration and amazement.

  10. Robert Lévy-Mandel (1923-2010)


    Former CERN Director Robert Lévy-Mandel passed away on 3 July at the age of 87.   After obtaining a diploma from the Institut polytechnique in Grenoble, in 1948 he started work at the CEA, and was involved in the development and construction of the Saclay institute's first particle accelerator, a Van de Graaff machine. From 1954 to 1957 he was responsible for the coordination, development and construction of the CEA’s Saturne synchrotron, which entered service in 1958. In 1963 he was appointed head of the Saturne Synchrotron Department. The team led the construction of the Gargamelle bubble chamber, which was installed at CERN, and made contributions to other major facilities, including the Big European Bubble Chamber (BEBC). In 1971 he was invited to come to Geneva by John Adams, who was in charge of the SPS accelerator project. With the start of the SPS project, CERN had two laboratories, one at Meyrin and one at Prévessin, each with its own Director General: ...

  11. Symposium in Memory of Robert H. Siemann. Proceedings

    The Symposium in Memory of Robert H. Siemann was held on July 7th, 2009 to honor the life and achievements of one of the pioneers of accelerator physics. Speakers and participants from around the world came together at SLAC to celebrate his contributions to science and to the scientific community. Speakers from each of the chapters of Bob's life were asked to provide a broad retrospective of the man and his career. Students provided brief perspectives of specific aspects of his work, and of his role as a mentor. The Siemann family attended and offered personal reminiscences. A redwood tree and memorial plaque were dedicated on the SLAC main Green in his honor. Many who attended the event felt they had learned something they did not know about their longtime colleague. In the pages that follow, the prepared remarks and slides of speakers have been collected. The richness of the contributions and breadth of topics covered are a reflection of the richness and breadth of Bob's life. The event was video recorded, and may be viewed at the SLAC library or online through the SLAC website.

  12. The short, tragic life of Robert M. Glover.

    Defalque, R J; Wright, A J


    Robert Mortimer Glover (1815-1859) was a contemporary of John Snow and James Young Simpson. Although he did not reach the standing of those two giants, his researches, writings and lectures were important contributions to the early development of British anaesthesia. Glover was the first to explore the physiological action of chloroform in the laboratory and to discover its anaesthetic effect in 1842. He helped Sir John Fife in Hannah Greener's autopsy in January 1848 and influenced Fife's conclusions on the cause of the young girl's death. His numerous and extensive articles reviewing the history, chemistry, pharmacology and clinical applications of various anaesthetics were widely read and quoted by his colleagues, including John Snow. While in Edinburgh and Newcastle, Glover was recognised as a remarkably astute physician, original researcher, prolific writer and enthusiastic lecturer with an enormous knowledge of medicine, the physical sciences, mathematics and philosophy. His brilliant career deteriorated after his arrival in London and, especially, after his return from the Crimea, although he continued to publish until the week before his death. The causes of his decline remain obscure. The last year of his life was ruined by his addiction to chloroform, to whose development he had contributed so much, and which killed him at the early age of 43. PMID:15023112

  13. Robert Dicke and the Naissance of Experimental Gravity Physics

    Peebles, P J E


    The experimental study of gravity became much more active in the late 1950s, a change pronounced enough be termed the naissance of empirical gravity physics. A review of the developments since 1915, and up to the transition to what might be termed a normal and accepted part of physical science in the late 1960s, shows the importance of advances in technologies, here as in all branches of science. The role of contingency is illustrated by Robert Dicke's decision to change directions in mid-career, to lead a research group dedicated to the experimental study of gravity. One sees the power of nonempirical evidence, which led some in the 1950s to feel that general relativity theory is so logically sound as to be scarcely worth the testing, while Dicke and others argued that a poorly tested theory is only that, and that other nonempirical arguments, based on Mach's Principle and Dirac's Large Numbers, suggested it was worth looking for a better theory of gravity. I conclude by offering lessons from this history, s...

  14. Intervjuu American Wind Symphony Orchestra dirigendi Robert Austin Boudreau'ga = Interview with Mr. Robert Austin Boudreau, director of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra / Robert Austin Boudreau ; interv. Heli Ojamaa

    Boudreau, Robert Austin


    11. IV 2007. a. tehtud telefoniintervjuu Robert A. Boudreau'ga, kellele arhitekt Louis I. Kahn disainis kontserdilaevad Point Counterpoint I (valmis 1961) ja Point Counterppoint II (kavandamist alustati 1966, valmis 1975). Louis I. Kahnist, koostööst arhitektiga ja laevadest. Selgitav kaaskiri arhitekt Heli Ojamaalt. Ill.: I laeva makett, II laeva joonised ja 4 värv. fotot

  15. La figure du faux monnayeur dans le cinéma américain de propagande de la fin des années 1940 : T-Men d’Anthony Mann

    Olivier Caporossi


    Full Text Available Le cinéma noir américain des années 1940 trouve dans l’œuvre d’Anthony Mann, La brigade du suicide (T-Men de 1948 un écho original dans la représentation de la psychologie du criminel et la définition d’un crime très particulier : le faux monnayage. Ancien décorateur et metteur en scène de théâtre, Anthony Mann (1906-1967 a travaillé successivement pour la Paramount, la RKO puis la Republic. Remarqué pour ses comédies musicales depuis 1942, c’est néanmoins dans le thriller qu’il acquiert un...

  16. La figure du faux monnayeur dans le cinéma américain de propagande de la fin des années 1940 : T-Men d’Anthony Mann

    Olivier Caporossi


    Le cinéma noir américain des années 1940 trouve dans l’œuvre d’Anthony Mann, La brigade du suicide (T-Men) de 1948 un écho original dans la représentation de la psychologie du criminel et la définition d’un crime très particulier : le faux monnayage. Ancien décorateur et metteur en scène de théâtre, Anthony Mann (1906-1967) a travaillé successivement pour la Paramount, la RKO puis la Republic. Remarqué pour ses comédies musicales depuis 1942, c’est néanmoins dans le thriller qu’il acquiert un...

  17. Must, valge + hall : Sam Wagstaffi ja Robert Mapplethorpe'i portree / Madis Palm

    Palm, Madis


    Dokumentaalfilm "Black, White & Gray: Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe" : autor ja režissöör James Crump : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007. Filmi näidati filminädala "Art in America" raames Tallinnas

  18. Robert W. Kates’ Reader: A New Map of Sustainability Science and Technology

    William Clark


    Full Text Available KATES, Robert W., ed. 2010. Readings in Sustainability Science and Technology. CID Working Paper No. 213. Center for International Development, Harvard University. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, December 2010.

  19. Mission, Science, and Race in South Africa; AW Roberts of Lovedale 1883-1938

    Glass, I.S.


    Book Review: Biography of Alexander William Roberts. Noted educator, variable star observer and politician who represented South African "natives" in the parliament of the Union of South Africa at a time when they had no other representation.

  20. Marian Roberts, Developing the Craft of Mediation: Reflections on Theory and Practice

    Ghislaine M. Lanteigne


    Full Text Available In Developing the Craft of Mediation, Marian Roberts proposes that mediation is akin to a craft with its focus on learning from experience and from others working in the field to develop and master knowledge and skills.

  1. Kablilt Casablancasse : Eesti suurim seikleja John Robert Ignace Lepp 100 / Vello Salo

    Salo, Vello, 1925-


    Eesti päritolu seikleja John Robert Lepp, Prantsusmaal tuntud kui katoliku kiriku preester Ignace Lepp, avaldas prantsuse ja saksa keeles hulgaliselt raamatuid psühholoogia, filosoofia ja religiooni valdkonnast

  2. Kventin Tarantino + Robert Rodriges = Grainhaus, ili Kinonostalgija po-amerikanski / Andrei Sozinov

    Sozinov, Andrei


    Filmiprojekt "Grindhouse" koosneb Robert Rodrigueze retroõudukast "Grindhouse : Õuduste planeet" ("Planet Terror") ja Quentin Tarantino 70-ndatest inspireeritud õudusfilmist "Surmakindel" ("Death Proof") : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2007

  3. Kollaaž ja kontekst. Robert Rumase liiklusmärgid Tallinnas / Hanno Soans

    Soans, Hanno, 1974-


    Sekkuv kunst. Poola kunstniku Robert Rumase (1966) rahvusvahelisest kunstiprojektist "Linnamanöövrid", Kai Kaljo videost "One way to see America", Krzysztof Wodicko "Kodutute projektsioonist" ja New York City Unioni väljaku ümberkorraldamisest

  4. Michael C. Roberts: award for distinguished contributions to education and training in psychology.


    Presents a citation for Michael C. Roberts, who received the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology "for his dedication to the education, training, and mentoring of psychologists from undergraduate study through professional career." Accompanying the citation are a brief profile and a selected bibliography, as well as Roberts' award address, entitled Essential Tension: Specialization With Broad and General Training in Psychology. ((c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved). PMID:17115832

  5. Boyling over: a commentary on the preceding papers [delivered at the 'Psychoanalysing Robert Boyle' meeting

    Cantor, G.


    [FIRST PARAGRAPHS] When Michael Hunter first publicized the idea of `Psychoanalysing Robert Boyle' I understood that his main aim was to test three competing psychoanalytical theories against the historical evidence provided by the life and work of Robert Boyle. Although this would have been a valuable exercise, and one that the British Society for the History of Science meeting partly engaged, the papers by Brett Kahr, John Clay and Karl Figlio published here raise some fa...

  6. Globalization and Religion: The Case of Malacca and the Work of Robert Morrison

    Peter Tze Ming Ng


    Religion has long been a significant factor in the process of globalization. In this article, the author attempts to explore and review religious factors involved in the history of Malacca (Melaka) and in the missionary work of Robert Morrison in the early 19th century. Malacca has long been a meeting place for various religions in their respective processes of globalization. Robert Morrison was the first Protestant Missionary to come to the Chinese Mainland. He arrived in 1807. However, afte...

  7. 1913年8月:Robert Millikan和他的油滴实验

    萧如珀; 杨信男


    @@ Robert Millikan著名的油滴实验发表于1913年8月,对以往测量电子电荷的方式做了大幅改良,很精巧地测出基本电荷量,被誉为物理史上最巧妙的实验之一,但它也成了指控Robert Millikan在科学行为上有瑕疵的根据.

  8. Consolidação da osteotomia valgizante proximal da tíbia com cunha de abertura fixada com placa "calço" de Anthony® Proximal tibial valgusing open-wedge osteotomy union fixated with Anthony® "support" plate

    Cristiano Hossri Ribeiro


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Este estudo tem por finalidade verificar a consolidação da osteotomia valgizante da tíbia com cunha de abertura fixada com placa tipo calço de Anthony® (OVT, no tratamento da osteoartrose medial do joelho varo, a correção da deformidade e a resposta clínica ao tratamento cirúrgico. MÉTODOS: Vinte pacientes (vinte joelhos com osteoartrose do compartimento medial do joelho, com idade média de 48,4 ± 9,9, foram avaliados por um período mínimo de um ano. Os pacientes foram submetidos a avaliação radiográfica da consolidação e do eixo mecânico no pré e pós operatório, além da avaliação dos critérios de LYSHOLM. RESULTADOS: A consolidação da osteotomia ocorreu após 12 semanas em 100% dos casos sem complicações. A avaliação do LYSHOLM no pós operatório apresentou 80% de excelentes e bons resultados. A correção final média do eixo mecânico foi de 3,4 ± 3,3 graus de valgo. CONCLUSÃO: Concluímos que a consolidação da osteotomia supra-tuberositária da tíbia com cunha de abertura fixada com placa calço de Anthony® e com enxertia óssea tricortical ocorre num intervalo de três meses. A cirurgia é eficaz para a correção da deformidade em varo do joelho, e propicia melhora clínica significante para o paciente.OBJECTIVE: This paper aims to check the proximal tibial valgusing open-wedge osteotomy union with Anthony® plate for the treatment of bowleg with medial osteoarthrosis, final correction of the deformity and clinical improvement. METHODS: Twenty patients (twenty knees with medial osteoarthrosis of the knee, with mean age of 48.4 years, were evaluated for one year. The patients were submitted to the Lysholm's score, and also to X-ray studies before and after surgery. RESULTS: The osteotomy union occurred after 12 weeks in all cases without complications. The Lysholm's score was regarded as excellent or good in 80% of the cases. The postoperative mechanical alignment was 3.4 ± 3.3 valgus

  9. ‘Children and fools, they say, cannot lie’: un dicton tourné en plaisanterie dans Misogonus d’Anthony Rudd ‘Children and fools, they say, cannot lie’: a Proverb Turned Upside Down in Anthony Rudd’s Misogonus

    Pauline Blanc


    Full Text Available In the play entitled Misogonus that is attributed to Anthony Rudd by one of its editors, Lester E. Barber, the Vice-character, Cacurgus, stands out as a virtuoso performer even though he merely demonstrates a moral lesson. The double-dealing servant of two masters, Cacurgus goes out of his way to prove the ill-founded premises of the saying “Children and fools, they say, cannot lie”. He deceives both of his masters, but remains loyal to his audience for whom he performs a highly entertaining play. The two aspects of his role are shown to be quite distinct as he intervenes on the outside and inside of two separate plots in which the twists and turns of a devious mind are displayed as being a series of disagreeable tricks played upon a group of malleable, credulous victims.

  10. Robert Klopstock and Franz Kafka--the friends from Tatranské Matliare (the High Tatras).

    Mydlík, M; Derzsiová, K


    The paper summarises the accessible literature on the life and work of well-known American lung surgeon, Professor Dr. Med. Robert Klopstock, who was in the years 1920-1924 a friend Franz Kafka. Professor Klopstock was of Hungarian origin and he got acquainted with Franz Kafka at the end of the year 1920 in Tatranské Matliare (The High Tatras). They were both patients treated for lung tuberculosis. They became close friends and their mutual correspondence shows their real friendship. Robert Klopstock was present at Franz Kafka's death-bed on June 3, 1924 in Kierling, near Klosterneuburg, not far from Vienna. Robert Klopstock studied at Medical Faculties of the Universities in Budapest, Prague, Kiel and Berlin. After his graduation in 1933 in Berlin, he worked as a lung surgeon at various surgical clinics and departments in Budapest and Berlin. In 1936 Robert Klopstock together with his wife visited the High Tatras and Tatranské Matliare. In 1937 Robert Klopstock with his wife Gizela, a writer and a translator, who translated the first chapters of Franz Kafka's novel "Trial" into Hungarian language, went to United States of America. During his stay in U.S.A. Dr. Med. Robert Klopstock was very active as a lung surgeon and a scientist. He published 64 specialized scientific papers, mostly in American medical journals. He became Professor of Lung Surgery at Downstate Medical Centre in New York-Brooklyn. He died on June 15, 1972 in New York. PMID:18225646