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  1. [Anthony Shay. Tantsupoliitika


    Tutvustus: Shay, Anthony. Tantsupoliitika : riiklikud rahvatantsuansamblid, representatsioon ja võim / inglise keelest tõlkinud Pille Kruus. Tallinn : Tallinna Ülikooli Kirjastus, 2011. (Gigantum humeris)

  2. Anthony ROBERTS 5 March 1948 – 16 January 2008

    TS Department


    We deeply regret to announce the death of Mr Anthony ROBERTS on 16 January 2008. Mr ROBERTS, born on 05.03.1948, worked in the HR Department and had been employed at CERN since 01.06.1973. The Director-General has sent his family a message of condolence on behalf of the CERN staff. Social Affairs Service Human Resources Department

  3. Sõda ja etnoste konfliktid Anthony Minghella filmides / Aarne Ruben

    Ruben, Aarne, 1971-


    Käsitletakse Anthony Minghella kolme filmi: "Inglise patsient" ("The English Patient") Michael Ondaatje romaani järgi, Ameerika Ühendriigid 1996; "Külmale mäele" (Cold Mountain") Charles Frazieri romaani järgi, 2003; "Sissemurdmine" ("Breaking and Entering"), Suurbritannia - Ameerika Ühendriigid 2006

  4. Sammelband: Ludwig Thoma

    Gajek, Bernhard


    Der Sammelband beinhaltet: Zu Ludwig Thomas "Moral". In: Piper Almanach zum 80. Jahr. Hrsg. von Klaus und Ernst Reinhard Piper. München 1984. S.102-116. (=Nachdruck des Nachworts zu: Ludwig Thoma, Moral. Mit einem Nachwort von Bernhard Gajek. München 1983, Serie Piper 297, S. 83-99). Die fruchtbare Beleidigung. Zur Entstehung von Ludwig Thomas Komödie "Moral". In: Acta Hohenschwangau 1982. Hrsg. von Helmut Kreutzer. München 1984. S. 81-112. Das Evangelium auf der Bühne. Überlegung...

  5. Juvenile Delinquency in Novel Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

    Bena Yusuf Pelawi


    The study aimed to reveal the role of literary work, especially a novel in reflecting the social fenomena, the juvenile delinquency in the twentieth century. The data source was an English novel Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess. The research applied library research by using reflection theory introduced by Georg Lukacs. Analysis was presented in three parts, those were the identification of major character, social setting, and the reflection of juvenile delinquency.The findings wer...

  6. "Thomas Becket" Haapsalus


    Haapslu Jaani kirikus esietendus 28. juunil EELK Haapsalu Püha Johannese koguduse ja teatri Randlane ühisprojektina "Thomas Becket" J. Anouilh' draama "Becket ehk Jumala au" järgi, lavastaja R. Tammet

  7. Using THOMAS for Service Oriented Open MAS

    Julian, V.; Rebollo, M.; Argente, E.; Botti, V.; Carrascosa, C.; Giret, A.

    Recent technological advances in open systems have imposed new needs on multi-agent systems. Nowadays, open systems require open autonomous scenarios in which heterogeneous entities (agents or services) interact to fulfill the system goals. This impose the need for open architectures and computational models for large-scale open multi-agent systems based on service-oriented approaches. THOMAS is a new architecture specifically addressed for the design of virtual organizations for open systems. In this paper we present a case study that exemplifies the usage of THOMAS for implementing a management system of a travel agency.

  8. ‘ The Theoretical Eye’ translated by Anthony Auerbach

    Hubert Damisch


    Full Text Available In his article ‘L’œil théoricien’ (1988, written for the catalogue of an exhibition of works by Josef Albers (1888–1976, Hubert Damisch brought the complex of ideas elaborated in his major work on Renaissance painting to bear on the twentieth century. With reference, on the one hand, to psychoanalysis, and on the other hand to geometry, Damisch juxtaposes the enigma of Albers’ works with the logic of his method, hinting at an interpretation which, like L’origine de la perspective (1987, will borrow from Lacan, Wittgenstein and Merleau-Ponty. Translated from the French by Anthony Auerbach with augmented notes.

  9. Thomas Mann som bibelfortolker

    Nielsen, Kirsten

    Artiklen beskæftiger sig med Thomas Manns reception og transformation af den gammeltestamentlige fortælling om Josef og hans brødre. Særlig interesse samler sig om de gudsbilleder, værket indeholder, herunder relationen til Satan. Det karakteristiske ved Manns gudsbillede er, at Gud ikke er tydelig...

  10. Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison!

    Dalton, Edward A.


    Discusses the work and inventions of Thomas Edison and their use in making teachers and students aware of the importance of electrotechnology in their lives and in their futures. Enables students to learn about science, experimentation, research, the process of invention, and the thrill of discovery. Describes educational resources available from…

  11. Practicing like Thomas Edison.

    Baum, Neil; Ornstein, Hal


    For many centuries, medicine has practiced in a vacuum, and the healthcare profession has been isolated from other scientific disciplines. Beginning in the 20th century, doctors and scientists have looked to others for ideas, suggestions, innovations, and new technologies. Probably no one in the past hundred years has done so much to change the world than Thomas Edison. This article will discuss eight principles of Edison and how they may apply to our profession and our practices. PMID:23866659

  12. Juvenile Delinquency in Novel Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

    Bena Yusuf Pelawi


    Full Text Available The study aimed to reveal the role of literary work, especially a novel in reflecting the social fenomena, the juvenile delinquency in the twentieth century. The data source was an English novel Clockwork Orange written by Anthony Burgess. The research applied library research by using reflection theory introduced by Georg Lukacs. Analysis was presented in three parts, those were the identification of major character, social setting, and the reflection of juvenile delinquency.The findings were as follows. First, the major character was Alex as his hig intensity in all the events that build the whole story. Second, the social setting described the life of teenagers, especially the juvenile delinquency as social fenomena in society. Third, the role of literary work in revealing the problem above faced by the twentieth century society. Finally, it can be concluded that the literary work has played a very important role in revealing the social fenomena.

  13. The Structure and Function of Male Thomas Langur Loud Calls

    Wich, Serge Alexander


    This study has addressed the acoustical structure of male loud calls and their function in Thomas langur social organisation. Thomas langurs are medium sized primate that lives in Sumatra, Indonesia. Ome of the characteristics of this species is the loud call of males. Several functions for loud calls have been suggested such as mate-defence, resource-defence and mate-attraction. In this study playback studies were applied to determine that loud calls function in between-group spacing and res...

  14. Thomas Moran in Utah

    Lindstrom, Gaell


    On July 9, 1873, Thomas Moran wrote to his wife Mary from Salt Lake City: "In the afternoon Powell and I went to Brigham Young's house and I was introduced to all the leading Mormons. There was Brig[ham] Young. Geo. A. Smith second man in power. Bishop Nusser [Musser]. Bishop Cannon. The editor of the Mormon paper and delegate to Congress. Bishop Hooper and some other Mormon high priests. They are very much like the rest of mankind and all smart fellows."l Moran came to Salt Lake via the Unio...

  15. Multiple Sclerosis: Personal Stories: Nicole Lemelle, Iris Young, Michael Anthony, John Cantú

    ... Personal Stories: Nicole Lemelle, Iris Young, Michael Anthony, John Cantú Past Issues / Spring 2012 Table of Contents ... that, I keep going." Photo:National MS Society John Cantú A Call to Action "Lights, Camera, Action" ...

  16. Thomas Aquinas on Human Nature

    Ryan, Denise


    In this thesis I will examine St. Thomas Aquinas’s treatment of human nature and connect my findings with his conception of the ultimate end o f human existence. As a theologian St. Thomas held the position that man’s ultimate goal is happiness or beatitudo - which consists in the vision of God. Thomas explores the resources that are to be found in human nature and in particular those that are needed in order to achieve happiness to some degree in this life, and then considers ...

  17. Thomas Kibble visits CERN

    Rosaria Marraffino


    Emeritus Professor Sir Thomas W.B. Kibble, from Imperial College London visited LHC for the first time last week and delivered a colloquium on the genesis of electroweak unification and the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism.   From left to right: Jim Virdee, Tiziano Camporesi, Tom Kibble and Austin Ball on the visit to CMS. On his way back from Trieste, where he received the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics' Dirac Medal, Tom Kibble stopped by CERN for his first visit to the LHC. Kibble had a standing invitation from Jim Virdee, former CMS spokesperson, who is also a researcher from Imperial College London. Peter Jenni (left) and Tom Kibble tour the ATLAS detector. (Image: Erwan Bertrand) Kibble made the trip to CERN a family outing and brought along 14 relatives,  including his children and grandchildren. He visited the ATLAS detector with Peter Jenni, its former spokesperson, on Friday 10 October. In the afternoon, Kibble delivered a colloquium in the...

  18. Economic thought of Thomas Aquinas

    Tomáš Sedláček


    Thomas Aquinas has contributed to the questions currently studied by economists more than the standard history textbooks reflect. He has been developing ideas that were later on highlited by such economists as Adam Smith, David Hume and others. This study attempts to understand the contribution to economical thought that Thomas Aquinas has made in the areas of ethics, methodology, ownership rights, just price and social solidarity. This paper also contains a selection of his philosophical vie...

  19. Zur Biographie des Thomas Finck

    Graf, Klaus


    Aus der Überlieferung der Werke des Mönchs Thomas Finck ergeben sich die Jahre 1489 und 1507 als Eckdaten seiner derzeit bekannten Lebenszeugnisse. Nach Ausweis des Cgm 6940 beendete Thomas Finck, der sich als Bruder des Benediktinerordens bezeichnet, am 8. Juli 1489 im Benediktinerkloster Elchingen die Übertragung der pseudothomasischen Schrift 'De beatitudine'. Der nur in der Karlsruher Handschrift St. Georgen 84 (möglicherweise ein Konzeptautograph) überlieferten Vorrede und Datierung sein...

  20. Astronaut Anthony W. England with soft drink in middeck area near galley


    Astronaut Anthony W. England, mission specialist, drinks from a special carbonated beverage dispenser labeled Coke while floating in the middeck area of the shuttle Challenger. Note the can appears to have its own built in straw. Just below him, food containers on a tray are attached to the middeck lockers.

  1. Anthony D. Wagner: award for distinguished scientific early career contributions to psychology.


    Presents the citation for Anthony D. Wagner, who received the Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology (cognition and human learning) "for outstanding and innovative research on the neural basis of memory and executive control." A brief profile and a selected bibliography accompany the citation. ((c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved). PMID:17115819

  2. Anthony Wu—The development of Ernst & Young contributes to the growth of the mainland



    Judging by his long workinghours - usually I6 hours a dayAnthony Wu seems like the typical accountant. However, at the age of49 he has already packed some significant achievements into his career. The first wasback in 1985 when he became the youngest partner in Ernst & Young's history. Still not content, on being

  3. College of Natural Resources presents Young Alumnus Award to Anthony P. Foisy

    Davis, Lynn


    The College of Natural Resources and the Virginia Tech Alumni Association jointly presented Anthony P. Foisy with the Young Alumnus Award - Undergraduate Degree. The Young Alumnus Award is annually presented to a recent graduate who exemplifies early career accomplishment and service to the college and university.

  4. The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design. By Anthony Denzer. New York: Rizzoli, 2013

    Karen Koehler


    This review of The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design, by Anthony Denzer, discusses the important contributions of this book to the history of midcentury modern architecture, and considers the role of solar houses in the context of current debates over sustainability.

  5. A tribute to Dr. Anthony C. Bellotti and his contributions to cassava entomology

    Anthony (Tony) Bellotti’s career as a humanitarian and entomologist followed a trajectory that took him to El Salvador with the Peace Corps (PC) in 1962, New Mexico State for a Masters, Paraguay (again with the Peace Corps), Cornell University for a PhD, and Colombia where he worked for the Centro I...

  6. Thomas-forbidden particle capture

    Carter, John H.; Lieber, Michael


    At high energies, in particle-capture processes between ions and atoms, classical kinematic requirements show that generally double collision Thomas processes dominate. However, for certain mass-ratios these processes are kinematically forbidden. This paper explores the possibility of capture for such processes by triple or higher order collision processes.

  7. Gould, Thomas (1657-1734)

    O'Connor, Thomas


    Gould, Thomas (1657-1734) Catholic priest and missionary to Huguenots was born in Cork. He arrived in France about 1678, settled in Poitiers and studied theology at the Irish Jesuit College. He quickly came to the notice of the local bishop, Hardouin Fortin de la Hoguette who appointed him chaplain to the Ursulines in Thouars in 1681 or 1682.

  8. The 2013 Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal: Thomas Douglas Petes

    Jinks-Robertson, Sue; Hieter, Philip


    The Genetics Society of America annually honors members who have made outstanding contributions to genetics. The Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal recognizes a lifetime contribution to the science of genetics. The Genetics Society of America Medal recognizes particularly outstanding contributions to the science of genetics over the past 32 years. The George W. Beadle Award recognizes distinguished service to the field of genetics and the community of geneticists. The Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excel...

  9. St. Anthony of Kiev and the Earliest History of Russian Monasticism (Novitiates in Old Rus’

    Boris A. Uspenskij


    Full Text Available According to the Russian Primary Chronicle, when St. Anthony settled in his cave near Kiev, people joined him and he tonsured them as monks. We know, however, that in certain cases he did not tonsure the newcomers but sent them to be tonsured by a priest (hieromonk. Obviously St. Anthony was not a priest. Why, then, in some cases did he do it himself and yet in other cases, he did not? If he was not a priest, how could he tonsure people? The author of the present article attempts to answer these and similar questions with reference to historical, philological, and liturgical data. The article is devoted to the evolution of the monastic tradition in Rus’ of the 11th century.

  10. Music in words : the music of Anthony Burgess, and the role of music in his literature

    Holloway, Michael L.


    Theý principal focus of the thesis is Anthony Burgess, a prolific novelist whose first and enduring creative passion was music in general and composition in particular. Burgess criticism is limited and largely out-of-date, showing little recognition of the aural or musical elements in his fiction, and virtually no specialist commentary on the music and its relationships with the literature. The main aim of the thesis, therefore, is to demonstrate the variety and strength of the...

  11. Globalizace - sociologická reflexe. Pojetí globalizace u Anthony Giddense, Zygmunta Baumana a Ulricha Becka

    BIELKOVÁ, Veronika


    The diploma thesis called ?Globalization ? sociological reflection. Conception of globalization by Anthony Giddens, Zygmunt Bauman and Ulrich Beck? reflects the question, how sociological thinking deals with the phenomenon of globalization. In the introduction part of the Thesis is a basic outline of sociological perspective on globalization issues and this historical roots. The main part is devoted to comparing the concept of globalization of the three major sociological theorists, Anthony G...

  12. Thomas Precession by Uniform Acceleration

    Pardy, Miroslav


    We determine the nonlinear transformations between coordinate systems which are mutually in a constant symmetrical accelerated motion. The maximal acceleration limit follows from the kinematical origin and it is an analogue of the maximal velocity in special relativity. We derive the dependence of mass, length, time, Doppler effect, Cherenkov effect and transition radiation angle on acceleration as an analogue phenomena in special theory of relativity. The last application of our method is the Thomas precession by uniform acceleration with the possible role in the modern physics and cosmology. The comparison of derived results with other relativistic methods is necessary.

  13. Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

    Joseph Grames, Douglas Higinbotham, Hugh Montgomery


    The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) in Newport News, Virginia, USA, is one of ten national laboratories under the aegis of the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). It is managed and operated by Jefferson Science Associates, LLC. The primary facility at Jefferson Lab is the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) as shown in an aerial photograph in Figure 1. Jefferson Lab was created in 1984 as CEBAF and started operations for physics in 1995. The accelerator uses superconducting radio-frequency (srf) techniques to generate high-quality beams of electrons with high-intensity, well-controlled polarization. The technology has enabled ancillary facilities to be created. The CEBAF facility is used by an international user community of more than 1200 physicists for a program of exploration and study of nuclear, hadronic matter, the strong interaction and quantum chromodynamics. Additionally, the exceptional quality of the beams facilitates studies of the fundamental symmetries of nature, which complement those of atomic physics on the one hand and of high-energy particle physics on the other. The facility is in the midst of a project to double the energy of the facility and to enhance and expand its experimental facilities. Studies are also pursued with a Free-Electron Laser produced by an energy-recovering linear accelerator.

  14. Thomas Henry Huxley and neuroscience.

    Smith, C U


    In the latter decades of the nineteenth century Thomas Henry Huxley was at the heart of British Science: President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1870), President of the Royal Society (1883-86), Chairman of innumerable committees. His thought in many ways characterises the spirit of the 'high' Victorian age in Britain. He was not only the most eminent academic biologist of his time but also deeply interested in philosophical issues. His re-examination of the evolution of the brain in response to Richard Owen's 'telenomic' views formed the kernel of the notorious debate at the 1860 meeting of the British Association in Oxford. From his early youth until old age he thought long and hard about the mind/body problem. This paper follows the development of his ideas and shows how in debate with many of the leading thinkers of his age, in the X-club and the Metaphysical Society, he struggled to develop a biologically-based account of the relationship between mind and brain. However, at the end, he seems to have recognized that his position was not entirely satisfactory and ultimately famously confessing himself 'agnostic' turned from metaphysics to devote himself to more practical issues. The unresolved problems of mind and brain which perplexed Huxley remain to torment his epigoni. PMID:11640239

  15. Caribbean ST Thomas trap Logbook Survey (Vessels)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains catch (landed catch) and effort for fishing trips made by vessels fishing in St. Thomas. The catch and effort data for the entire trip are...

  16. Professionaalne marketing - edu pant / Thomas Westerberg

    Westerberg, Thomas


    Majanduslanguse perioodil tuleb fokusseerida oma plaanid tulevikku, sel perioodil avalduvad turundusjuhtide tõelised ja varjatud professionaalsed oskused. Thomas Westerbergi, Coca-Cola Baltic Beverages Ltd. tegevdirektori ettekanne Majanduskonverentsil "Kuidas olla edukas majanduslanguse perioodil"

  17. Modernidade, identidade e reflexividade em Anthony Giddens e Zygmunt Bauman: notas introdutórias

    Lázaro Fabrício de França Souza


    Full Text Available Sob o prisma do sociólogo britânico Anthony Giddens é a cognoscitividade dos agentes humanos, em sua forma especificamente reflexiva, que está envolvida de maneira mais acentuada e profunda na ordenação recursiva das práticas sociais na modernidade tardia. Solfeja Zygmunt Bauman que muitos são os significados da modernidade. Sua chegada e progresso são aferidos a partir de marcadores distintos, sendo um de seus atributos a relação cambiante entre tempo e espaço. A modernidade tem seu encetar na medida em que espaço e tempo são separados da prática da vida e entre si, podendo, desta feita, serem teorizados como categorias distintas e reciprocamente independentes da estratégia e da ação. O trabalho em riste tem como intento cerne discutir, em termos introdutórios, as noções de modernidade, identidade e reflexividade a partir das perspectivas e cosmovisão dos sociólogos Zygmunt Bauman e Anthony Giddens, proeminentes pensadores em se tratando dos estudos acerca da contemporaneidade e seus desdobramentos, a fim de jogar luz, refletir, sobre questões aqui erigidas e que se fazem pertinentes no bojo da Sociologia e das Ciências Humanas, quais sejam, as relacionadas à concepção da modernidade, a constituição das identidades e a respeito do poder de agência e reflexividade dos sujeitos.

  18. Letter from Thomas Moran to Ferdinand Hayden and Paintings by Thomas Moran

    Potter, Lee Ann; Eder, Elizabeth K.; Hussey, Michael


    Medical doctor and geologist Dr. Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden selected more than 30 scientists, technical personnel, and artists, including photographer William Henry Jackson and painter Thomas Moran, to join the survey of the Yellowstone region in northwest Wyoming territory. Thomas Moran was an accomplished artist when he joined the survey to…

  19. Book review: Hard times: inequality, recession, aftermath by Tom Clark with Anthony Heath

    Bon, Florian


    In Hard Times: Inequality, Recession, Aftermath, Tom Clark offers a potent exploration of growing inequalities in US and British societies, contributing to the work of other leading intellectuals such as Thomas Piketty, Tyler Cowen and Robert Reich. Florian Bon argues that Clark looks beyond seemingly glowing statistics testifying to economic growth to examine the ‘social recession’ and resultant ‘hard times’ experienced in the aftermath of the financial crisis.


    Helano Jader Ribeiro


    Full Text Available This article aims to set a discussion about the book of Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard, Extinction, with regard to the legacy of the Nazi destruction of thought. The closing speech that Thomas Bernhard could also be read as an extinction of thought on behalf of a silence typical of those who survived and / or worked in concentration camps. Much has been written about Auschwitz, but the need to continue with all kinds of questions ethical, political or legal is an obligation of humanity itself.

  1. History of Franciscan Friars of St. Anthony and Blessed Jakub Strzemię Province in Poland

    Zdzisław Gogola


    Full Text Available An attempt to show the history of the Franciscan Friars in Poland originated in the 13th century. The development o f the order in Slavonic territories, initiated by a provincial of Germany Jan of Pian del Carpini, was going through different organizational stages and experienced its ups and downs. Franciscan Friars arrived in Poland in 1234. From the start they witnessed and participated in consolidating Christianity in Poland; they were promoters of art and social development. Dialectic between continuity and up-dating their presence in the Polish socio-cultural and ecclesiastical context required constant verification of the way of experiencing their own identity as well as the criteria, owing to which they became a strong impulse in the evangelisation of the young Polish church and in the establishing new church structures in borderland areas. Since that time the borders have been changed many times and so has the organization of the order and the borders of the province. The growing importance o f Franciscan Friars resulted in taking up new pastoral and missionary initiatives. Franciscan Friars established Calvaries in Poland and Lithuania, introduced the tradition of Christmas crčches and penitential services. Last but not least, they evoked the cult of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Since World Wbi* ÎĎ St. Anthony End the Blessed Jskub Strzemię Province hsts been developing steadily. A growing number of Franciscan Friars testifies to this development. In 1996 the Province had 423 professed monks, including 238 priests, 36 brothers, 28 clerics who have taken solemn vows. In St. Anthony and the Blessed Jakub Strzemię Province Franciscan monasteries are located in 24 places and 17 are abroad. The average age is slightly over 45 years. The Province of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, which is based in Warsaw, has also noted a steady growth and so has a new province that developed from it - St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe Province with the seat in Gda

  2. Evolution and Education: Lessons from Thomas Huxley

    Lyons, Sherrie Lynne


    Thomas Huxley more than anyone else was responsible for disseminating Darwin's theory in the western world and maintained that investigating the history of life should be regarded as a purely scientific question free of theological speculation. The content and rhetorical strategy of Huxley's defense of evolution is analyzed. Huxley argued that the…

  3. The Theological Anthropology of Thomas Groome

    Beaudoin, Tom


    Theological anthropology in the work of Thomas Groome can be understood by exploring the relationship between subjectivity and knowledge in his major works. This relationship is constituted by five fundamental elements: the knowing subject in religious education as existential, liberational, pedagogical, theological, and critical. A comprehension…

  4. Thomas Gatewood honored with emeritus status

    Elliott, Jean


    Thomas E. Gatewood of Hamilton, Va., associate professor of secondary education in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech, was conferred with the title,"associate professor emeritus" by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors during the board's quarterly meeting August 28.

  5. Thomas Clifford Allbutt and Comparative Pathology

    Leung, Danny C. K.


    This paper reconceptualizes Thomas Clifford Allbutt's contributions to the making of scientific medicine in late nineteenth-century England. Existing literature on Allbutt usually describes his achievements, such as his design of the pocket thermometer and his advocacy of the use of the ophthalmoscope in general medicine, as independent events;…

  6. Thomas Aquinas on Contingency of Nature

    Dvořák, Petr


    Roč. 5, č. 2 (2008), s. 185-196. ISSN 1214-8407 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR(CZ) IAA900090602 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z90090514 Keywords : Thomas Aquinas * determinism * contingency Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  7. Lewis Thomas and droopy rabbit ears

    Bashyam, Hema


    In 1956, Lewis Thomas discovered that injecting rabbits with a plant protease called papain caused their ears to collapse. This experiment led to the identification of the endogenous proteases that cause the tissue destruction seen in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

  8. A Model Technology Educator: Thomas A. Edison

    Pretzer, William S.; Rogers, George E.; Bush, Jeffery


    Reflecting back over a century ago to the small village of Menlo Park, New Jersey provides insight into a remarkable visionary and an exceptional role model for today's problem-solving and design-focused technology educator: Thomas A. Edison, inventor, innovator, and model technology educator. Since Edison could not simply apply existing knowledge…

  9. New Jersey's Thomas Edison and the fluoroscope.

    Tselos, G D


    Thomas Edison played a major role in the development of early x-ray technology in 1896, notably increasing tube power and reliability and making the fluoroscope a practical instrument. Eventually, Edison would move x-ray technology from the laboratory to the marketplace. PMID:8570105

  10. Physical Holonomy, Thomas Precession, and Clifford Algebra

    After a general discussion of the physical significance of holonomy group transformations, a relation between the transports of Fermi-Walker and Levi-Civita in Special Relativity is pointed out. A well-known example -the Thomas-Wigner angle - is rederived in a completely frame-independent manner using Clifford algebra. 14 refs. (Author)


    Larissa Santiago Ormay


    Full Text Available Este trabalho objetiva enfrentar o problema da ambiguidade conceitual da informação ao verificar a pertinência da contribuição teórica do pesquisador britânico Anthony Wilden à ciência da informação, especificamente no tocante ao conceito de informação. Para tanto, procede à análise da obra do referido autor à luz do método dialético, a partir de uma breve revisão de literatura sobre o tema. Como resultante, demonstra-se que a epistemologia dialética é capaz de superar limites impostos ao discurso científico pela tradição analítica, concluindo-se que Wilden abre caminhos à construção de uma teoria da informação capaz de, ao mesmo tempo, atender aos rigores do método científico e se conectar às problemáticas sociais, características de observância fundamental a uma ciência social aplicada, como é a ciência da informação.

  12. 75 FR 65249 - Anthony R. Pietrangelo on Behalf of the Nuclear Energy Institute; Receipt of Petition for Rulemaking


    ...The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is publishing for public comment a notice of receipt of a petition for rulemaking, dated September 3, 2010, which was filed with the NRC by Anthony R. Pietrangelo on behalf of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). The petition was docketed by the NRC on September 13, 2010, and has been assigned Docket No. PRM-26-5. The petitioner requests that the NRC......

  13. LiDAR Relative Reflectivity Surface (2011) for the St. Thomas East End Reserve, St. Thomas

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This image represents a LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) 0.3x0.3 meter resolution relative seafloor reflectivity surface for the St. Thomas East End Reserve...

  14. Thomas Hobbes y Sigmund Freud: pensadores del (des)orden - Thomas Hobbes and Sigmund Freud: two thinkers of (dis)order

    Ariana Reano


    This paper traces how two authors from seemingly different theoretical fields address the tragedy of Modernity in similar ways. The concept of tragedy indicates that the order of the world is no longer pre-determined by a divine will, but is instead the outcome of human action. To illustrate this point, Thomas Hobbes’ natural condition and Sigmund Freud’s primal horde will be revisited to examine the contingent character of that which is human. Following these two perspectives this paper will...

  15. IP Addressing


    tut quiz anim This interactive tutorial covers the following: The concept of halving a binary number space., Using the halving concept to explain how the Internet IP space is segmented into the A, B, and C address classifications., How the first octet ranges for the A, B, and C IP space are produced.In this tutorial, explanations are illustrated by simple animations. Students are asked to observe number patterns, and check their observations against automated 'answers.' There is a qu...

  16. Inaugural Address

    Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani


    Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Dr Rashid Amjad, President, Pakistan Society of Development Economists, Honourable Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen! It is indeed a privilege and honour to address this distinguished gathering of economists. I am very happy that this meeting is being attended by internationally acclaimed economists and academics from both within and outside the country. I am especially heartened to see that students of economics from a...

  17. The 2012 Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal

    Anderson, Kathryn V.


    The Genetics Society of America annually honors members who have made outstanding contributions to genetics. The Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal recognizes a lifetime contribution to the science of genetics. The Genetics Society of America Medal recognizes particularly outstanding contributions to the science of genetics over the past 31 years. The George W. Beadle Medal recognizes distinguished service to the field of genetics and the community of geneticists. The Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excel...

  18. Reading Edward Thomas in the Anthropocene

    Farrier, David


    As has been widely remarked, the Anthropocene has done strange things to our sense of time. The coincidence of deep time past and potentially catastrophic futures in the present-day consumption of fossil fuels has led to what Timothy Clark has called a derangement of scale. This article proposes that the work of Edward Thomas offers a mode of reading and thinking across multiple scales suitable to the disjunctive time of the Anthropocene. Concentrating on Thomas’ decentered perspectives, his ...

  19. Thomas Piketty’s capitalism revisited

    Milovanović Milić


    Thomas Piketty’s international best selling Capital in the Twenty-First Century lays out his theory of a long-run rise in income inequality under capitalism. It is written as a manifesto urging reintegration of social sciences. A number of reviewers judged it on ideological grounds, labeling it either as a revolution in economic thinking, or dismissing it offhandedly. Piketty’s theory of rising inequality is based on the two Fundamental Laws of Capitalism, ...

  20. Fractal generalization of Thomas-Fermi model

    Rekhviashvili, S. Sh.; Sokurov, A. A.


    The Thomas-Fermi model is developed for a multielectron neutral atom at an arbitrary metric dimension of the electron cloud. It has been shown that the electron cloud with the reduced dimension should be located in the close vicinity of the nucleus. At a metric dimension of the electron cloud of 2, the differential equation of the model admits an analytical solution. In this case, the screening parameter does not depend on the charge of the nucleus.

  1. Thomas Davis's education policies: theory and practice

    Conneally, John


    This thesis explores the education policies of Thomas Davis. On the eve of the Great Famine Ireland was economically impoverished and politically dependent. The Irish people had a subservient mentality, were mainly uneducated and were unaware of their potential. He believed that education would develop a self-reliant, self-sufficient people; it would create a new generation of leaders and citizens necessary to transform Ireland into a prosperous, independent nation. This thesis explores his e...

  2. Die wysgerige konsepsie van Thomas van Aquino

    Thomas Van Aquino


    Full Text Available Samevattend is tot dusver die volgende aangetoon: Die werklikheid vertoon volgens Thomas 'n hierargiese struktuur. Daar is verskillende grade van syn. God is die hoogste, die volheid van syn, en by die laere synsniveaus is daar steeds 'n verdere verwydering van hierdie synsvolmaaktheid in die rigting van absolute afwesigheid van syn. Hierdie synshiërargie is volgens die vorm-materieskema opgebou. Die materie in die hoëre synslaag word vorm vir die laere, of omgekeerd: die vorm van die laere is die materie vir die hoëre dinge. God is absoluut suiwer vorm of wet (essensie. Die vorme van die dinge is die goddelike wet (genoem exemplar, similitudo, ratio, verbum of imago wat deur God daarin geskape is. God druk op dié wyse sy gelykenis op wyse uit. Sy absolute volmaaktheid kan alleen tot uitdrukking gebring word deur 'n veelheid en verskeidenheid van geskape dinge. God word deur Thomas die causa effiaiens en exemplaris genoem. Die verhouding tussen Skepper en geskape werklikheid is dus dié van oorsaak en gevolg. As gevolg van sy wetsidee word daar deur Thomas dus nie duidelik tussen Skepper en skepping onderskei nie, want skepping beteken volgens hom onder andere dat God iets goddeliks (die wet in die dinge lê. Via die goddelike wet in die dinge ingeskape, is daar 'n sekere kontinuiteit tussen God en kosmos.

  3. Keynote address

    This paper addresses various aspects of the bases underlying the nuclear third party liability regime, and also analyses the distinction between danger and risk and the manner in which damage caused by flood, mass unemployment (economic damage mainly) and certain diseases is dealt with in the absence of liability provisions similar to those applicable to nuclear incidents. It also is suggested that the State because of its duty under the Basic Law to ensure adequate energy supplies, should be co-responsible for liability questions along with the nuclear operator. (NEA)

  4. Guest Foreword from Michael Thomas CMG QC

    Michael Thomas


    precedents and thought in a unique legal market in which ideas drawn from Islamic law, civil law and common law can intermingle and blend. It is not surprising therefore to see that this new publication will be dedicated to the subject of international law, both public and private. Its laudable aim is to promote legal discourse around the world, and to promote a wider international understanding of contemporary legal issues for the common benefit. As an open access, bilingual journal, addressing topics concerning any jurisdiction, I hope it will reach a wide audience, and fulfil its aim of promoting understanding between different cultures. I am sure that the journal will not only benefit Qatar’s legal community by advancing academic and practice-based legal discussion. I am also confident that it will stimulate thought in the global legal community at large. May I wish it every success and a long life. Michael Thomas CMG QC

  5. Welcome Address


    @@  On behalf of the International Life Sciences Institute, I welcome you to Beijing and to the Third Asian Conference on Food Safety and Nutrition. Many of you will remember the first Asian conference on Food Safety held in Kuala Lumpur in 1990 and the second held in Bangkok in 1994. These meetings have been so successful that ILSI made the commitment to host such a conference periodically in order to provide a forum to share the latest information and to set new goals and priorities.   This year, we have broadened the scope of the agenda to include issues on nutrition. I want to thank all of our co-sponsors and members of the Planning Committee for preparing such a comprehensive and timely program. Some of the issues and challenges facing Asia that will be addressed at this meeting are:

  6. Opening address

    The impact of the Chernobyl accident on health has been dramatic but different than expected. It has posed a tremendous health, social and economic burden on the people of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Now the picture of the impact of the accident on health and environment is clearer and the agenda can further move towards development and focused health programmes. The work of the Chernobyl Forum, which allowed this important objective to be reached, is an example of the multiplied added value that different United Nations agencies working together can achieve when addressing complex problems affecting large communities in an independent, comprehensive and credible way. This model should be the basis for future action with the Member States towards reconstruction, development and better health

  7. Thomas Mann: um escritor contra o nazismo Thomas Mann: a writer against nazism

    Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun


    O combate que Thomas Mann travou contra o nazismo a partir de 1922 é exemplar, pois é o de um escritor apaixonado pela liberdade e não o de um militante. Ele privilegia a ficção e o mito como meios de luta contra o fascínio exercido pelo nazismo e afirma a permanência de uma Alemanha cultural, cosmopolita, fonte de uma universalidade estranha a todos os particularismos étnicos. Goethe, com quem ele se identifica e no qual se projeta, é a figura de proa dessa Alemanha.Thomas Mann's attack, fro...

  8. Inaugural address

    Joshi, P. S.


    From jets to cosmos to cosmic censorship P S Joshi Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400005, India E-mail: 1. Introduction At the outset, I should like to acknowledge that part of the title above, which tries to capture the main flavour of this meeting, and has been borrowed from one of the plenary talks at the conference. When we set out to make the programme for the conference, we thought of beginning with observations on the Universe, but then we certainly wanted to go further and address deeper questions, which were at the very foundations of our inquiry, and understanding on the nature and structure of the Universe. I believe, we succeeded to a good extent, and it is all here for you in the form of these Conference Proceedings, which have been aptly titled as 'Vishwa Mimansa', which could be possibly translated as 'Analysis of the Universe'! It is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome you all to the ICGC-2011 meeting at Goa. The International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology (ICGC) series of meetings are being organized by the Indian Association for General Relativity and Gravitation (IAGRG), and the first such meeting was planned and conducted in Goa in 1987, with subsequent meetings taking place at a duration of about four years at various locations in India. So, it was thought appropriate to return to Goa to celebrate the 25 years of the ICGC meetings. The recollections from that first meeting have been recorded elsewhere here in these Proceedings. The research and teaching on gravitation and cosmology was initiated quite early in India, by V V Narlikar at the Banares Hindu University, and by N R Sen in Kolkata in the 1930s. In course of time, this activity grew and gained momentum, and in early 1969, at the felicitation held for the 60 years of V V Narlikar at a conference in Ahmedabad, P C Vaidya proposed the formation of the IAGRG society, with V V Narlikar being the first President. This

  9. Opening Address

    Yamada, T.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great honor and pleasure to present an opening address of the 3rd International Workshop on "State of the Art in Nuclear Cluster Physics"(SOTANCP3). On the behalf of the organizing committee, I certainly welcome all your visits to KGU Kannai Media Center belonging to Kanto Gakuin University, and stay in Yokohama. In particular, to whom come from abroad more than 17 countries, I would appreciate your participations after long long trips from your homeland to Yokohama. The first international workshop on "State of the Art in Nuclear Cluster Physics", called SOTANCP, was held in Strasbourg, France, in 2008, and the second one was held in Brussels, Belgium, in 2010. Then the third workshop is now held in Yokohama. In this period, we had the traditional 10th cluster conference in Debrecen, Hungary, in 2012. Thus we have the traditional cluster conference and SOTANCP, one after another, every two years. This obviously shows our field of nuclear cluster physics is very active and flourishing. It is for the first time in about 10 years to hold the international workshop on nuclear cluster physics in Japan, because the last cluster conference held in Japan was in Nara in 2003, about 10 years ago. The president in Nara conference was Prof. K. Ikeda, and the chairpersons were Prof. H. Horiuchi and Prof. I. Tanihata. I think, quite a lot of persons in this room had participated at the Nara conference. Since then, about ten years passed. So, this workshop has profound significance for our Japanese colleagues. The subjects of this workshop are to discuss "the state of the art in nuclear cluster physics" and also discuss the prospect of this field. In a couple of years, we saw significant progresses of this field both in theory and in experiment, which have brought better and new understandings on the clustering aspects in stable and unstable nuclei. I think, the concept of clustering has been more important than ever. This is true also in the

  10. Opening address

    Full text: Honourable Representatives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and of the Government of Morocco, representatives of sponsoring organizations, distinguished participants, on behalf of the Director General of the IAEA, it is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to this International Conference on National Infrastructures for Radiation Safety: Towards Effective and Sustainable Systems. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for his patronage, to the Government of Morocco and the University Mohammed V, Agdal, for hosting this conference in the beautiful and historic city of Rabat, and to the local organizers for their diligent planning and gracious hospitality. I would also like to thank the four organizations that are co-operating with the IAEA in holding this conference: the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, the International Labour Organization, the European Commission and the OECD/Nuclear Energy Agency. National infrastructure for radiation safety has emerged as an issue of international concern over the last two decades. Systematic and strategic consideration of infrastructure has become widely recognized as an essential prerequisite for safety. The first IAEA conference to address the topic was in Munich, Germany, in 1990. The 1996 edition of the International Basic Safety Standards for Protection against Ionizing Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources (known as the Basic Safety Standards or BSS) highlighted the issue, and the IAEA's technical co-operation Model Project for Upgrading Radiation Protection Infrastructure was introduced to help address it. The Model Project has helped, and continues to help, more than 85 IAEA Member States to work towards the goal of a radiation safety infrastructure in accordance with the Basic Safety Standards. A great deal has been achieved, but this work is not complete. Furthermore, not all States are members of the IAEA or the Model

  11. Opening address

    This opening address covers two main areas: first, a snapshot of the continuing threat and the recent changes having been made to the United Kingdom's counterterrorism structures to respond to it; and second, how the United Kingdom is combating nuclear terrorism through a range of measures covering physical security, decreasing vulnerability to attack and increasing resilience. Combating the threat of nuclear terrorism requires an international effort. Radiological and fissile materials are present throughout the world and, as such, it should be secured wherever it is found. All countries are encouraged to continue to enhance security and protection mechanisms for radiological and fissile material; and to develop contingency plans should the worst happen. The United Kingdom has responded to the very serious and real threat by consolidating and strengthening elements of its counterterrorist planning via the creation in May this year of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT). These changes have been coupled with an unprecedented level of investment to enable the delivery of the United Kingdom counterterrorist strategy - known as CONTEST - through which we aim to (a) stop terrorist attacks; (b) where it cannot be stopped, to mitigate its impact; (c) strengthen our overall protection against terrorist attack; (d) stop people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism. In the case of radiological and nuclear terrorism, it is not sufficient merely to prepare for such an attack; one must also devote efforts to preventing such attacks in the first instance by intercepting dangerous materials before they reach their intended target; and by strengthening the protection of vulnerable places and detecting or mitigating any devices before they are placed or activated. As such, in terms of the United Kingdom's efforts on radiological and nuclear terrorism, there are three main strands to this work: physical protection of materials including the global

  12. Keynote address

    This keynote address describes the reasons why Ontario restructured its electricity sector to include open market competition. Much effort, time, money and expertise have been devoted to developing the Ontario competitive market. The 1997 White Paper issued by the Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology was the first paper to express the urgent need for change because the old system was failing. Prices increased by 60 per cent between 1986 and 1993. Although governments imposed a price freeze, it is recognized that such prices freezes cannot be sustained. Between 1980 and 1986, Ontario Hydro's debt rose from $12 billion to over $30 billion. The cause was attributed to poor business performance which was putting the taxpayers at risk. The author states that the potential and social benefits of competitive electricity markets are significant. Opening the power markets improves the efficiency of electricity systems and offers significant benefits. It is noted that restructuring does not mean deregulation. The Ontario Energy Board and the Independent Market Operator continue to regulate the market to ensure its proper operation and to protect consumers. In a properly functioning competitive market, prices change in response to market conditions. Electricity prices have generally declined where competitive markets have been introduced in other jurisdictions around the world. The author also cautions that it is easy to create unfounded fears about a competitive market and cited California as an example. California's problems arose from a lack of generating capacity, regulation which discouraged new power generation, inadequate transmission capacity, lack of snow in the northeast where hydropower is produced, and a consumer price cap that encouraged power consumption at a time when supply was short. The author notes that these factors do not exist in Ontario and that the competitive market should not be abandoned

  13. Keynote address

    DOE biomass R ampersand D programs have the potential to provide America with both plentiful, clean-burning domestic transportation fuels and cost-competitive industrial and utility fuels, benefiting energy security in the United States. Biofuels developed under our programs will also help improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases, reduce the large daily quantities of waste we produce, and revitalize rural America. These research motivations have been documented in the National Energy Strategy. DOE looks forward to expanding its biofuels research program and to forging a partnership with private sector for cost-shared commercialization of new fuels and vehicle technologies. Many alternative fuels (e.g., ethanol, methanol, compressed natural gas, propane, or electricity) are candidates for gaining market share. Indeed, there may be significant regional variation in the future fuel mix. Alcohol fuels from biomass, particularly ethanol, have the potential to make a major contribution. Currently, ethanol in the United States is almost entirely made from corn; and the limitations of that process are well known (e.g., costly feedstock, end product requiring subsidy to be competitive, use of fossil fuels in renewable feedstock production and processing, and potential adverse impact of corn ethanol production on the price of food). To address these concerns, the DOE biofuels program is pursuing an ambitious research program to develop the technologies needed to convert these crops into alternative transportation fuels, primarily cellulose-based ethanol and methanol. Program R ampersand D has reduced the estimated cost per gallon of cellulose-based ethanol from $3.60 in 1980 to the current $1.35, with a program goal of $0.60 by the year 2000. DOE is also investigating the thermochemical conversion of biomass to methanol. The program goal is to achieve commercial production of methanol (like ethanol) at the gasoline equivalent of $0.90 per gallon by the year 2000. 4 figs

  14. Presidential address.

    Vohra, U


    The Secretary of India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare serves as Chair of the Executive Council of the International Institute for Population Sciences in Bombay. She addressed its 35th convocation in 1993. Global population stands at 5.43 billion and increases by about 90 million people each year. 84 million of these new people are born in developing countries. India contributes 17 million new people annually. The annual population growth rate in India is about 2%. Its population size will probably surpass 1 billion by the 2000. High population growth rates are a leading obstacle to socioeconomic development in developing countries. Governments of many developing countries recognize this problem and have expanded their family planning programs to stabilize population growth. Asian countries that have done so and have completed the fertility transition include China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. Burma, Malaysia, North Korea, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam have not yet completed the transition. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Nepal, and Pakistan are half-way through the transition. High population growth rates put pressure on land by fragmenting finite land resources, increasing the number of landless laborers and unemployment, and by causing considerable rural-urban migration. All these factors bring about social stress and burden civic services. India has reduced its total fertility rate from 5.2 to 3.9 between 1971 and 1991. Some Indian states have already achieved replacement fertility. Considerable disparity in socioeconomic development exists among states and districts. For example, the states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh have female literacy rates lower than 27%, while that for Kerala is 87%. Overall, infant mortality has fallen from 110 to 80 between 1981 and 1990. In Uttar Pradesh, it has fallen from 150 to 98, while it is at 17 in Kerala. India needs innovative approaches to increase contraceptive prevalence rates

  15. Thomas Edison’s Poetry Machine

    Rubery, Matthew


    The tradition of spoken-word recording began with Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph. Hence, this article makes the case that 1878 is a more important year to the history of literature than has yet been recognized for its experiments with verse and sound-recording technology. Although the tinfoil phonograph’s first decade has been well documented by media historians, literary critics have singled out 1888 as the noteworthy year since that is when Edison’s improved phonograph made it ...

  16. Opening address

    The opening address by the host country started by thanking to the International Atomic Energy Agency for holding this important scientific event in in Morocco. The themes to be considered by this conference are among the priorities of the Scientific Research Department in its endeavour to promote scientific research in the field of nuclear science and technology for peaceful uses in Morocco. By so doing, this Department is following and supporting the efforts being made by our country to provide training, and elaborate rules and regulations, and to create infrastructure, acquire material and, equipment and encourage qualified and active researchers. Hence, the convening of this conference responds to a strategic interest of our country, which, similar to other countries, is committed to the achievement of comprehensive and sustainable development for the protection of human kind and the environment. This is considered nowadays as a strategic and vital objective as it entails the protection of people from radiation and against all kinds of professional risks and health hazards. Morocco attaches great importance to radiation safety issues. Our country adhered to all international conventions related to nuclear safety. It is in the process of adapting its internal regulations to international norms and standards, and it is making progress towards the establishment of a national safety body which meets those norms and standards, with the assistance of the IAEA. For this purpose, a standing committee for the follow-up of nuclear affairs has been created on the basis of Royal Instructions, and placed under the authority of the Prime Minister. Its task is to serve as a think-tank on nuclear safety issues and to make proposals on ways and means of reinforcing radiation safety measures. It goes without saying that the peaceful uses of nuclear energy must meet the safety standards elaborated by the IAEA. However, we are convinced that the elaboration of safety standards

  17. Opening address

    and become more technical. Involving experts from all fields is then crucial for success. This perception is reflected in the goals of this meeting. It is designed as an extensive information exchange forum between decision makers, regulators, radiation and waste safety specialists, and the nuclear industry. It is this mix which promises high efficiency with respect to solving the problems that you are addressing. I am sure that the safe termination of practices involving radioactive materials during the decommissioning of nuclear installations is one of the major challenges that industrialized nations will have to face during the next decades

  18. Welcome Address

    Kiku, H.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, It is an honor for me to present my welcome address in the 3rd International Workshop on "State of the Art in Nuclear Cluster Physics"(SOTANCP3), as the president of Kanto Gakuin University. Particularly to those from abroad more than 17 countries, I am very grateful for your participation after long long trips from your home to Yokohama. On the behalf of the Kanto Gakuin University, we certainly welcome your visit to our university and stay in Yokohama. First I would like to introduce Kanto Gakuin University briefly. Kanto Gakuin University, which is called KGU, traces its roots back to the Yokohama Baptist Seminary founded in 1884 in Yamate, Yokohama. The seminary's founder was Albert Arnold Bennett, alumnus of Brown University, who came to Japan from the United States to establish a theological seminary for cultivating and training Japanese missionaries. Now KGU is a major member of the Kanto Gakuin School Corporation, which is composed of two kindergartens, two primary schools, two junior high schools, two senior high schools as well as KGU. In this university, we have eight faculties with graduate school including Humanities, Economics, Law, Sciences and Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Design, Human and Environmental Studies, Nursing, and Law School. Over eleven thousands students are currently learning in our university. By the way, my major is the geotechnical engineering, and I belong to the faculty of Sciences and Engineering in my university. Prof. T. Yamada, here, is my colleague in the same faculty. I know that the nuclear physics is one of the most active academic fields in the world. In fact, about half of the participants, namely, more than 50 scientists, come from abroad in this conference. Moreover, I know that the nuclear physics is related to not only the other fundamental physics such as the elementary particle physics and astrophysics but also chemistry, medical sciences, medical cares, and radiation metrology

  19. Opening address

    Nuclear terrorism has been recognized as a potential threat to human security and economic prosperity since at least the 1970s. Evidence of Al Qaeda's interest in acquiring nuclear material came to light during the 1990s. However, it is since the attacks of 11 September 2001 that the risk of nuclear terrorist acts has come to be a widespread public and governmental concern, for understandable reasons, and that efforts to combat illicit trafficking, which could lead to nuclear or other radioactive materials falling into the hands of terrorists, have intensified. Six years on, it makes sense to take stock of what has been achieved in the combat to stem illicit trafficking and of where further actions - actions of individual States and cooperative international actions - might usefully be initiated. The IAEA has maintained an Illicit Trafficking Database since 1995. Information reported to this database confirms that concerns about illicit trafficking in nuclear material are justified. Database information points to persistent theft and loss of radioactive sources. States' international obligations relevant to international nuclear trafficking are based on the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM), the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540, which deals with weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons and non-State actors, and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1375, which requires all States to take the necessary steps to prevent the commission of terrorist acts, including early warning to other States. In addition to these legally binding instruments, there is the non-binding Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources, which Member States of the IAEA agreed in 2003. The Code addresses the establishment of an adequate system of regulatory control, from the production of radioactive sources to their final

  20. Principal Component Surface (2011) for St. Thomas East End Reserve, St. Thomas

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This image represents a 0.3x0.3 meter principal component analysis (PCA) surface for areas the St. Thomas East End Reserve (STEER) in the U.S. Virgin Islands...

  1. Opening address

    Being fully aware of the IAEA's central and important roles in the field of nuclear security, Japan has cooperated closely with the IAEA in the field of nuclear security. One of Japan's efforts was holding a seminar on strengthening nuclear security in Asian countries in November 2006, making use of Japan's contribution to the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund. The seminar was organized for the first time in Asia to address nuclear security matters, in which more than 100 experts from 19 countries participated. Japan also hosted a seminar, aimed at promoting the accession to the international counterterrorism conventions and protocols, inviting government officials and experts from Asia Pacific countries. At the seminar, Japan presented its experience and lessons learned with regard to its ratification of relevant international conventions such as the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism and the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material. Japan has also provided assistance for capacity building in the field of physical protection measures, and is preparing three projects for Asian countries through the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund. In Thailand, Japan has a project aimed at improving physical protection of nuclear research facilities. In Vietnam, Japan plans to host a workshop on radiation detection equipment for border officials and is also preparing for a seminar aimed at capacity building of control on nuclear material in Vietnam. Japan is committed to continue its efforts to make the IAEA Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement together with an Additional Protocol the universally accepted verification standard for the peaceful use undertakings of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Japan's basic policy on bilateral nuclear cooperation agreements is as follows. Considering the dual nature of nuclear material and technology, Japan is of the view that three Ss, that is, S for 'safeguards' (non-proliferation), S for 'safety

  2. Thomas D. Oakland (1939-2015).

    Jimerson, Shane R


    Internationally renowned school and educational psychologist Thomas D. Oakland died tragically on March 4, 2015, at his home in Gainesville, Florida. Tom was born on November 23, 1939, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Tom is survived by his first wife, Judy (Defferding) Higgins and their sons: David Thomas Oakland, of Houston, Texas, and Christopher Oakland, of Austin, Texas. Tom is also survived by his daughter-in-law, Patricia Oakland, and three children: Jacob, Sara Cate, and Brooks. Early in his career, Tom became actively engaged in international scholarship and collaborations. Tom was a prolific author, editing 12 books, more than 200 chapters and articles, and 11 psychological tests. Tom received numerous awards of distinction from state, national, and international professional associations. A diplomat in forensic psychology and neuropsychology, and a fellow of the American Psychological Society, Tom was also a fellow of four divisions of the American Psychological Psychological Association (APA). Tom is remembered by students, colleagues, friends, and family as generous, kind, thoughtful, and insightful-an outstanding school psychologist, father, and human being who gave his time and energy selflessly to advance the field and promote the development of children throughout the world. PMID:26348339

  3. Obituary: Thomas Julian Ahrens (1936-2010)

    Jeanloz, Raymond; Asimow, Paul


    Thomas J. Ahrens, a leader in the use of shock waves to study planetary interiors and impact phenomena, died at his home in Pasadena, California on November 24, 2010, at the age of 74. He was the California Institute of Technology's Fletcher Jones Professor of Geophysics, formally emeritus since 2005 but professionally active to the end. Tom was a pioneer in experimental and numerical studies of the effects of hypervelocity impact, arguably the most important geophysical process in the formation, growth and - in many cases - surface evolution of planets. As a professor at Caltech, he established the foremost university laboratory for shock wave experiments, where students and research associates from around the world pursued basic research in geophysics, planetary science and other disciplines. Previously, high-pressure shock experiments were primarily conducted in national laboratories, where they were initially associated with development of nuclear weapons. The shock wave laboratory at Caltech was noted for key measurements addressing major questions in planetary geophysics. Equation-of-state studies on silicate melts showed that magma deep in Earth's mantle could be denser than the coexisting crystals, implying downward transport of melts (and associated heat) rather than the upward eruption of lavas observed in volcanic regions at Earth's surface. Shock-melting experiments on iron at pressures of Earth's core provide a crucial constraint on the temperature at the center of our planet. And studies of hydrous, carbonate and sulphate minerals under shock compression document how climate-altering molecules can be released by major impacts, such as the K/T event associated with the most recent mass extinction of biota in Earth history. In addition, Tom was a leader in numerical simulation of cratering, bringing the most recent laboratory measurements into the modeling of planetary impacts. Tom's training was in geophysics and applied experimental physics, as

  4. Bathymetry (2011) of the St. Thomas East End Reserve

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This image represents a LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) 0.3x0.3 meter resolution depth surface for the St. Thomas East End Reserve (STEER), St. Thomas in the...

  5. Orthophoto Mosaic (2012) of the St. Thomas East End Reserve

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This 0.3x0.3 meter imagery mosaic of the St. Thomas East End Reserve (STEER), St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands was created by the National Oceanic and...

  6. Praost Thomas Vaga 70 / Juhan Simonson ; foto: Juhan Simonson

    Simonson, Juhan, 1933-2012


    8. märtsil 70 aastaseks saavast üle 20 aasta kirikuõpetajana New Jerseys ja New Yorgis teeninud praost Thomas Vagast. President Toomas Hendrik Ilves annetas iseseisvuspäeva puhul Thomas Vagale kui eestluse hoidjale Ameerika Ühendriikides ja kirikuelu edendajale Valgetähe IV klassi teenetemärgi

  7. FRIEDMAN Thomas, La terre est plate

    Kociemba, Valérie


    « L’Église dit que la terre est plate, mais j’ai vu l’ombre sur la lune et j’ai plus foi en l’ombre qu’en l’église. » (Ferdinand Magellan) Bien des siècles plus tard, Thomas Friedman réitère l’affirmation en titre de son dernier ouvrage : La terre est plate, Une brève histoire du xxie siècle. À quelle Église appartient donc ce brillant éditorialiste du « New York Times » ? À l’Église de la toute puissance des nouvelles technologies de l’information, et il n’en fait pas mystère puisqu’il décla...

  8. The early history of odontogenic ghost cell lesions: from Thoma to Gorlin.

    Ide, Fumio; Kikuchi, Kentaro; Miyazaki, Yuji; Kusama, Kaoru; Saito, Ichiro; Muramatsu, Takashi


    To reappraise the early history of odontogenic ghost cell lesions (OGCL), the extensive world literature published from 1838 to 1962 was reviewed. In light of the long history of OGCL, the term "calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe" first appeared in a 1931 French report, and the term "ghost cells" had its origin in two American seminal articles by Thoma and Goldman in 1946. Although Gorlin et al. coined the term "calcifying odontogenic cyst" (COC) in 1962, this type of cyst was initially reported three decades earlier by Rywkind in Russia, and almost concurrently by Blood good in the United States and Sato in Japan. In 1948, Willis provided the initial histological evidence of a peripheral COC in his British pathology textbook. Credit for the earliest clinical presentation of odontoma associated calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor belongs to the American radiology textbook by Thoma in 1917. A Scandinavian journal report published in 1953 by Husted and Pindborg was the first to address a dentinogenic ghost cell tumor, and its peripheral counterpart was originally reported in the Swiss literature 7 years later. The current concept of COC was undoubtedly established by Gorlin et al. but the history of OGCL really started with Thoma's pioneering work about a century ago. PMID:24972654

  9. Thomas Piketty’s capitalism revisited

    Milovanović Milić


    Full Text Available Thomas Piketty’s international best selling Capital in the Twenty-First Century lays out his theory of a long-run rise in income inequality under capitalism. It is written as a manifesto urging reintegration of social sciences. A number of reviewers judged it on ideological grounds, labeling it either as a revolution in economic thinking, or dismissing it offhandedly. Piketty’s theory of rising inequality is based on the two Fundamental Laws of Capitalism, developed after the Solow growth model. However, this model is inconsistent with Piketty’s own characterization of modern capitalism. Moreover, his sole justification for the constant discrepancy between rate of return and rate of income growth (r > g is based on the high elasticity of substitution between capital and labor. However, that is just one factor that can have an influence on factor income shares. By failing to offer a consistent theory of rising inequality, his piece can hardly be considered as a useful founding stone for a new social science.

  10. Thomas Walter Bannerman Kibble (1932 - 2016)


    Tom Kibble, an internationally-renowned theoretical physicist, passed away on Thursday 2 June.   Tom Kibble in the CMS cavern during a visit to CERN in 2014. (Photo: CMS/CERN) Professor Thomas Walter Bannerman Kibble passed away unexpectedly on 2 June at the age of 83. He was senior research investigator at the Blackett Laboratory and Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College, London. He made seminal contributions to our current understanding of symmetries and symmetry breaking in the Standard Model of particle physics. He was among those who, in 1964, proposed the mechanism of spontaneous symmetry breaking in gauge theories, together with G. Guralnik and C. Hagen in the autumn of that year, following the papers by R. Brout and F. Englert and by P. Higgs. When this new understanding was incorporated into a model proposed by S. Glashow in 1961, it led to the first formulations of the Standard Model by S. Weinberg and A. Salam. Kibble deepened our under...

  11. Caribbean ST Thomas all gears Logbook Survey (Vessels)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains catch (landed catch) and effort for fishing trips made by vessels fishing in St. Thomas. The catch and effort data for the entire trip are...

  12. EAARL Topography-Thomas Stone National Historic Site

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — A first surface elevation map (also known as a Digital Elevation Model or DEM) of Thomas Stone National Historic Site was produced from remotely-sensed,...

  13. Biographical Sketch: Thomas Callaway, FRCS (1822–1869)

    Brand, Richard A.


    This biographical sketch on Thomas Callaway corresponds to the historic text, The Classic: A Dissertation Upon Dislocations and Fractures of the Clavicle and Shoulder-Joint (1849) available at DOI 10.1007/s11999-011-2098-1.

  14. Surveys in 1961 on St. Thomas & St. Croix

    Dahl, Thorkel; Licht, Kjeld de Fine


    Registration of towns and buildings erected during the Danish reign of the Caribbean Isles of St. Thomas, St. Jan and St. Croix 1671-1917 (now belonging to the USA under the name of Virgin Islands).......Registration of towns and buildings erected during the Danish reign of the Caribbean Isles of St. Thomas, St. Jan and St. Croix 1671-1917 (now belonging to the USA under the name of Virgin Islands)....

  15. A new look at Thomas-Fermi Theory

    Solovej, Jan Philip


    In this short note we argue that Thomas-Fermi Theory the simplest of all density functional theories, although failing to explain features such as binding or stability of negative ions, is surprisingly accurate in estimating sizes of atoms. We give both numerical, experimental and rigorous mathematical evidence for this claim. Motivated by this we formulate two new mathematical conjectures on the exactness of Thomas-Fermi Theory.

  16. Thomas Mann: um escritor contra o nazismo Thomas Mann: a writer against nazism

    Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun


    Full Text Available O combate que Thomas Mann travou contra o nazismo a partir de 1922 é exemplar, pois é o de um escritor apaixonado pela liberdade e não o de um militante. Ele privilegia a ficção e o mito como meios de luta contra o fascínio exercido pelo nazismo e afirma a permanência de uma Alemanha cultural, cosmopolita, fonte de uma universalidade estranha a todos os particularismos étnicos. Goethe, com quem ele se identifica e no qual se projeta, é a figura de proa dessa Alemanha.Thomas Mann's attack, from 1922 onwards, against Nazism is exemplar in the sense that it was promoted by a writer committed to the defence of liberty and not by a militant. He underlines fiction and myth as ways of fighting against the charms of Nazism and proclaims the permanence of a cultural, cosmopolitan Germany, a source of a universality which is alien to all kinds of ethnic particularities. Goethe, someone he is identified with, is the prominent figure of this Germany.

  17. Address Points - Volusia County Addresses (Point)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Situs Addresses for Volusia County. Maintained by Growth and Resource Management. Addresses are determined by the cities for their jurisdiction and by the County...

  18. Obituary: Thomas Robert Metcalf, 1961-2007

    Leka, K. D.


    The astronomy community lost a good friend when Tom Metcalf was killed in a skiing accident on Saturday, 7 July 2007, in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado. Tom was widely known for prolific work on solar magnetic fields, hard-X-ray imaging of solar flares, and spectral line diagnostics. He was often characterized as "one of the nicest guys in science." Born October 5, 1961 in Cheverly, Maryland, to Fred and Marilyn, Thomas R. Metcalf joined his sister, Karen, two years his elder, in a close family that loved sailing, inquisitiveness, and the natural world. Sibling rivalry (usually a Tonka truck intruding on Barbie's sub-table "castle") melted when Tom and Karen collaborated on elaborately engineered room-sized blanket-forts. Tom confidently signed up at age of three to crew for his family's sailboat; when the family moved to California in 1966, as Tom's father took a Professor of Mathematics position at the University of California Riverside, Tom's love for sailing was well-established. Week-long cruises or short trips in the harbor were all fun; when school friends came aboard, it was even better--if "only slightly too crowded" from the adults' points of view. Tom's introduction to astronomy began one cold, very clear, December night in the early 1970s, on a family camping trip to Death Valley. The "Sidewalk Astronomers of San Francisco" had lined the sidewalk near the visitors' center with all sorts of telescopes for public viewing. Soon after, Tom and his boyhood friend Jim O'Linger were building their own scopes, attending "Amateur Telescope Makers" conferences, and Tom was setting up his scope on a sidewalk for public viewing. In 1986, Tom set up his telescope on the bluffs above Dana Point Harbor, and gave numerous strangers a stunning view of Halley's Comet. His interest in physics and mathematics became evident during Tom's last years in high school (Poly High in Riverside), and as a senior he qualified to take freshman Physics at the University of

  19. Museum security and the Thomas Crown Affair.

    Michaud, E. C. (Nuclear Engineering Division)


    Over the years, I've daydreamed about stealing a Vermeer, a Picasso, or Rembrandt. It tickles me, as much as watching the reboot of The Thomas Crown Affair. Why is it, do you suppose, so much fun to think about stealing a world renowned piece off the wall of a major metropolitan museum? Is it the romantic thoughts of getting away with it, walking past infrared detectors, and pressure sensors ala Indiana Jones with the sack of sand to remove the idol without triggering the security system? Is it the idea of snatching items with such fantastic prices, where the romance of possessing an item of such value is less intoxicating than selling it to a private collector for it to never be seen again? I suspect others share my daydreams as they watch theater or hear of a brazen daylight heist at museums around the world, or from private collections. Though when reality sets in, the mind of the security professional kicks in. How could one do it, why would one do it, what should you do once it's done? The main issue a thief confronts when acquiring unique goods is how to process or fence them. They become very difficult to sell because they are one-of-a-kind, easy to identify, and could lead to the people involved with the theft. The whole issue of museum security takes up an ironic twist when one considers the secretive British street artist 'Banksy'. Banksy has made a name for himself by brazenly putting up interesting pieces of art in broad daylight (though many critics don't consider his work to be art) on building walls, rooftops, or even museums. I bring him up for a interesting take on what may become a trend in museum security. In March of 2005, Banksy snuck a piece of his called 'Vandalized Oil Painting' into the Brooklyn Museum's Great Historical Painting Wing, plus 3 other pieces into major museums in New York. Within several days, 2 paintings had been torn down, but 2 stayed up much longer. In his home country of the UK, a

  20. Vivien Thomas (1910-1985): the backstage pioneer and educator.

    Ng, Chin Ting Justin


    Vivien Thomas (1910-1985) was an African-American scientist, pioneer, and renowned educator. Thomas's contributions to cardiovascular surgery were unequivocal, and yet it was only after his death that he gained more widespread recognition. Thomas's more notable work involves aiding in the discovery of the cause of traumatic shock, designing and guiding the first operation to treat Tetralogy of Fallot, carrying out the first atrial septectomy, and helping develop the electrical defibrillator. Thomas struggled amidst the adversities of racism and the Great Depression (1929-1941), armed merely with a high school degree. Nevertheless, his genius and determination eventually led him to receive an honorary doctorate from John Hopkins University. His story inspired the creation of the award winning PBS documentary in 2003 Partners of the Heart and also the 2004 Emmy Award-winning HBO film Something the Lord Made. This article will aim to provide an overview to the more notable events in Thomas's amazing tale, with a particular focus on his work on the Tetralogy of Fallot. PMID:24354350

  1. William Osler and Seymour Thomas, "the boy artist of Texas".

    Bryan, Charles S


    Critics consider the 1908-1909 portrait of William Osler by S. Seymour Thomas the best of six oil-on-canvas portraits of Osler done from life, including those by the more acclaimed US artists John Singer Sargent and William Merritt Chase. Osler called it "the best pictorial diagnosis I have ever seen" and told Thomas "I am at your service." A reappraisal of Seymour Thomas explains why his portrait makes us feel much as the artist did in Osler's presence, which is the original English-language definition of "empathy." Thomas told his subject that "I feel that you can look clear through me and see the wall on the other side." The intensity of Osler's gaze affects us similarly. The portrait satisfied Osler, but his wife, Grace Revere Osler, never warmed to it, perhaps because it depicts so clearly a highly focused, agenda-driven man. Helen Thomas used the portrait to promote her husband's business, and, after a tortuous history, the portrait eventually returned to Oxford University, where it now hangs inconspicuously in the Radcliffe Science Library. PMID:27365894

  2. California: 'the Stem Cell State'. Interview with Jonathan Thomas.

    Thomas, Jonathan


    We talked to Jonathan Thomas, newly elected Chairman of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), a few weeks into a role he describes as "the opportunity of the lifetime" to find out what he sees as the key goals for the CIRM and why patient advocates are so critical to the future of the Institute. Jonathan Thomas was elected as Chairman of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) in June 2011, succeeding the Founder and former Chairman, Bob Klein. Thomas has had a successful career in finance and law and is a Co-Founding Partner at Saybrook Capital, an investment banking and private equity firm. His commitment to patient advocacy and keen interest in biological sciences, developed as a Biology Major at Yale, led him to stand for Chairman. PMID:21999272

  3. Obituary: Thomas Michael Donahue, 1921-2004

    Gombosi, Tamás I.


    Thomas M. Donahue, one of the nation's leading space and planetary scientists and a pioneer of space exploration, died Saturday October 16, 2004, from complications following heart surgery. The Edward H. White II Distinguished University Professor of Planetary Science at the University of Michigan, Tom shaped space exploration through his scientific achievements and policy positions. His work started with the first use of sounding rockets following World War II and continued for almost 60 years. Tom was born in Healdton, Oklahoma on May 23, 1921 to Robert Emmet and Mary (Lyndon) Donahue. His father was a plumber in the oil fields when Tom was born (Healdton OK was an oil town) and worked as a plumber in Kansas City for a time. Tom grew up in Kansas City, graduating in 1942 from Rockhurst College in that city with degrees in classics and physics. His graduate work in physics at Johns Hopkins University was interrupted by service in the Army Signal Corps. He obtained his PhD degree in atomic physics from Hopkins in the fall of 1947. After three years as a post-doctoral research associate and assistant professor at Hopkins, Tom joined the University of Pittsburgh Physics Department in 1951. At Pittsburgh he organized an atomic physics and atmospheric science program that led to experimental and theoretical studies of the upper atmosphere of the Earth and other solar system planets with instruments flown on sounding rockets and spacecraft. He became Professor of Physics in 1959 and eventually Director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Sciences and the Space Research Coordination Center at the University. In 1960 he spent a sabbatical year on a Guggenheim Fellowship at the Service d'Aeronomie in Paris, which began collaborations with French colleagues that flourished for more than 40 years. In 1974 he became the Chairman of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Department, University of Michigan, a position he held until 1981. In 1986, he was named the Henry

  4. Homenaje a thomas van der hammen (1924-2010)

    Fierro-Morales, Julio; Cramer, Thomas


    Homenaje a Thomas van der Hammen (1924-2010) Por Julio Fierro El 10 de marzo de 2010 murió uno de los geólogos-biólogos más productivos, influyentes y versátiles de Colombia. Thomas van der Hammen nació en Schiedam (Holanda), el 27 de Septiembre de 1924, estudió después de la II Guerra Mundial geología en la Universidad de Leiden, donde en 1951 hizo su tesis doctoral "Late glacial flora and periglacial phenomena in the Netherlands". Desde noviembre de 1951 hasta octubre de 1959 trabajó con e...

  5. Relating Thomas-Whitehead Projective Connections by a Gauge Transformation

    Thomas-Whitehead projective connections, or TW-connections, are torsionfree linear connections, satisfying certain properties, on a naturally defined principal R-bundle over a manifold. The name credits T. Y. Thomas and J. H. C. Whitehead, who originally studied these connections in the 1920's and 1930's. Three equivalence classes of TW-connections will be considered. This leads to a necessary and sufficient condition for TW-connections to be related by a gauge transformation; namely, they induce the same projective structure on the base manifold, have identical Ricci tensor, and induce the identity element in the one-dimensional de Rham cohomology vector space of the base manifold

  6. Cohomological orientifold Donaldson-Thomas invariants as Chow groups

    Franzen, Hans


    We establish a geometric interpretation of orientifold Donaldson-Thomas invariants of $\\sigma$-symmetric quivers with involution. More precisely, we prove that the cohomological orientifold Donaldson-Thomas invariant is isomorphic to the rational Chow group of the moduli space of $\\sigma$-stable self-dual quiver representations. As an application we prove that the Chow Betti numbers of moduli spaces of stable $m$-tuples in classical Lie algebras can be computed numerically. We also prove a cohomological wall-crossing formula relating semistable Hall modules for different stabilities.

  7. Allegheny County Address Points

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — This dataset contains address points which represent physical address locations assigned by the Allegheny County addressing authority. Data is updated by County...

  8. Matrix models and stochastic growth in Donaldson-Thomas theory

    Szabo, Richard J. [Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University, Colin Maclaurin Building, Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS, United Kingdom and Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh (United Kingdom); Tierz, Miguel [Grupo de Fisica Matematica, Complexo Interdisciplinar da Universidade de Lisboa, Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 2, PT-1649-003 Lisboa (Portugal); Departamento de Analisis Matematico, Facultad de Ciencias Matematicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Plaza de Ciencias 3, 28040 Madrid (Spain)


    We show that the partition functions which enumerate Donaldson-Thomas invariants of local toric Calabi-Yau threefolds without compact divisors can be expressed in terms of specializations of the Schur measure. We also discuss the relevance of the Hall-Littlewood and Jack measures in the context of BPS state counting and study the partition functions at arbitrary points of the Kaehler moduli space. This rewriting in terms of symmetric functions leads to a unitary one-matrix model representation for Donaldson-Thomas theory. We describe explicitly how this result is related to the unitary matrix model description of Chern-Simons gauge theory. This representation is used to show that the generating functions for Donaldson-Thomas invariants are related to tau-functions of the integrable Toda and Toeplitz lattice hierarchies. The matrix model also leads to an interpretation of Donaldson-Thomas theory in terms of non-intersecting paths in the lock-step model of vicious walkers. We further show that these generating functions can be interpreted as normalization constants of a corner growth/last-passage stochastic model.

  9. The Fallacies of Flatness: Thomas Friedman's "The World Is Flat"

    Abowitz, Kathleen Knight; Roberts, Jay


    Thomas Friedman's best-selling "The World is Flat" has exerted much influence in the west by providing both an accessible analysis of globalization and its economic and social effects, and a powerful cultural metaphor for globalization. In this review, we more closely examine Friedman's notion of the social contract, the moral center of his…

  10. Teaching with Purpose: An Interview with Thomas E. Ludwig

    Ludwig, Timothy D.; Ludwig, David J.


    Thomas E. Ludwig is the John Dirk Werkman Professor of Psychology at Hope College, where he joined the faculty in 1977 after receiving his PhD in development and aging from Washington University in St. Louis. His research focuses on developmental issues in cognitive neuropsychology. He is also the author or coauthor of more than a dozen sets of…

  11. El capital en el siglo XXI de Thomas Piketty

    Estrada, Fernando


    This review of the book by Thomas Piketty, the capital in the XXI century, presents the central themes of the work and exposes its scope on the relationship between inequality and wealth. In particular a positive reflections on the progressive tax is added.

  12. Thomas Hopley and Mid-Victorian Attitudes to Corporal Punishment

    Middleton, Jacob


    This paper discusses the trial of Thomas Hopley, accused of killing his pupil Reginald Cancellor in 1860 during an act of corporal punishment. The case provoked immediate sensational interest and became an important defining point in how corporal punishment is treated in British law. Established by this trial was the test that any corporal…

  13. Thomas Traherne's view of language in Restoration England

    Saenz, Cynthia Elizabeth.


    The aim of this thesis is to demonstrate that the seventeenth-century religious writer Thomas Traherne an individual who is almost never included in philological enquiries was aware of linguistic issues and added his own unique view to the debatesoftheage. Theprojectisdividedintofourmainchapters. ChapterI, "Traherne's Word Definitions," analyzes Traherne's word definitions and places him withinthecontextofphilosophicallanguagemovements. Ifocusuponhisunpublished CommentariesofHeaven,alarge...

  14. On the Narrative Structures in some Texts by Thomas Kingo

    Jørgensen, Henrik

    Teksten diskuterer forholdet mellem udsigelsesrummet og udsagnsstrukturen i nogle digte af Thomas Kingo og kommer frem til at der består en diskrepans mellem udsigelsesns statiske rum og udsagnsrummet, som i høj grad besidder narrativ retning...

  15. The Invention Factory: Thomas Edison's Laboratories. Teaching with Historic Places.

    Bolger, Benjamin

    This lesson explores the group of buildings in West Orange, New Jersey, built in 1887, that formed the core of Thomas Edison's research and development complex. They consisted of chemistry, physics, and metallurgy laboratories; machine shop; pattern shop; research library; and rooms for experiments. The lesson explains that the prototypes (ideas…

  16. Oceanographic profile data collected from CTD and sound velocimeter - moving vessel profiler casts aboard THOMAS JEFFERSON, Thomas Jefferson Launch 3101 and Thomas Jefferson Launch 3102 as part of project OPR-D302-TJ-15 in the North Atlantic Ocean from 2015-12-03 to 2015-12-17 (NCEI Accession 0148757)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — NCEI Accession 0148757 includes physical and profile data collected aboard the THOMAS JEFFERSON, Thomas Jefferson Launch 3101 and Thomas Jefferson Launch 3102...

  17. Obituary: Thomas Gold, 1920-2004

    Dermott, Stanley F.


    Thomas "Tommy" Gold died of heart disease at Cayuga Medical Center, Ithaca NY on 22 June 2004 at the age of 84. He will be remembered as one of the most interesting, dynamic and influential scientists of his generation. Tommy's paradigm-changing ideas in astronomy and planetary science, while original and bold, were also highly controversial. With his radical work on the origin of natural gas and petroleum, the controversy is likely to continue. Tommy was born in Vienna, Austria on 22 May 1920, moving with his family to Berlin at age 10 and then, after the rise of Hitler in 1933, to England. His parents were Josephine (nee Martin) and Maximillian Gold, a successful steel magnate. Tommy was educated at Zuoz College in Switzerland where he became an expert skier and developed an athletic prowess that he maintained throughout his life, winning a NASTAR gold medal for skiing at the age of 65. He studied Mechanical Sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge, but much to his disgust his education was interrupted because of internment by the British as a suspected enemy alien. That unfortunate period (I remember him saying to me "Can you believe the stupidity, interring people like me who had fled from Nazi Germany?") had one good outcome: on his first night in camp he met Hermann Bondi who had an important influence on his early development as a scientist. They were both born in Vienna, their parents knew each other, and they were fellow students at Trinity, but this was their first meeting. On release, he went immediately into top-secret radar research for the British Admiralty, working as a team with Bondi and Fred Hoyle in a farm cottage in Dunsfold, Surrey. Tommy's first published research, which was a Nature paper with R.J. Pumphrey in 1947, was not in astronomy but physiology. He applied his engineer's understanding of positive feedback to develop and test a resonance model for how the human ear determines pitch. His conclusion that pitch discrimination occurs

  18. Wind Power Opportunities in St. Thomas, USVI: A Site-Specific Evaluation and Analysis

    Lantz, E.; Warren, A.; Roberts, J. O.; Gevorgian, V.


    This NREL technical report utilizes a development framework originated by NREL and known by the acronym SROPTTC to assist the U.S. Virgin Islands in identifying and understanding concrete opportunities for wind power development in the territory. The report covers each of the seven components of the SROPTTC framework: Site, Resource, Off-take, Permitting, Technology, Team, and Capital as they apply to wind power in the USVI and specifically to a site in Bovoni, St. Thomas. The report concludes that Bovoni peninsula is a strong candidate for utility-scale wind generation in the territory. It represents a reasonable compromise in terms of wind resource, distance from residences, and developable terrain. Hurricane risk and variable terrain on the peninsula and on potential equipment transport routes add technical and logistical challenges but do not appear to represent insurmountable barriers. In addition, integration of wind power into the St. Thomas power system will present operational challenges, but based on experience in other islanded power systems, there are reasonable solutions for addressing these challenges.

  19. Thomas Hacker: Portfolio: Ein Entwicklungsinstrument für selbstbestimmtes Lernen. Schneider Verlag Hohengehren, 2006. [...] [Sammelrezension

    Sacher, Werner


    Sammelrezension von: 1. Thomas Hacker: Portfolio: Ein Entwicklungsinstrument für selbstbestimmtes Lernen. Schneider Verlag Hohengehren, 2006 (333 Seiten). 2. Ilse Brunner, Thomas Hacker & Thomas Winter (Hrsg.): Das Handbuch Portfolioarbeit. Schneider Verlag Hohengehren, Baldmannsweiler. Kallmeyer Verlag, Seelze-Velber (272 Seiten)

  20. Nobel Prize in Physics 2003 "for pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids" : Anthony J. Leggett, Alexei A. Abrikosov and Vitaly L. Ginzburg


    Prof. Anthony Leggett presents : "Testing the limits of quantum mechanics: motivation, state of play, prospects"I present the motivation for experiments which attempt to generate, and verify the existence of, quantum superpositions of two or more states which are by some reasonable criterion 'macroscopically' distinct, and show that various a priori objections to this program made in the literature are flawed. I review the extent to which such experiments currently exist in the areas of free-space molecular diffraction, magnetic biomolecules, quantum optics and Josephson devices, and sketch possible future lines of development of the program.

  1. 78 FR 23489 - Safety Zone; V.I. Carnival Finale, St. Thomas Harbor; St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.


    ... Security FR Federal Register NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking A. Regulatory History and Information The... (78 FR 16208). The Coast Guard received no public comments in the docket and no requests for public... SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; V.I. Carnival Finale, St. Thomas Harbor;...

  2. Thomas Pettersson: Towards a more welcoming laboratory


    The General Services (GS) Department is a brand new department whose mission is to consolidate the infrastructure of CERN as a global laboratory. With an expected increase of 50% in the number of users in the next five years (bringing it to about 15 000!), this is far from an easy task. The LHC is a challenge not only from the point of view of the technical equipment and the scientific issues it will address; it represents a big challenge for the infrastructure of CERN as a whole, its buildings, offices, roads, hostels, services, etc. The Laboratory expects its population of users to grow from the present 10 000 members to 15 000 in about five years with no significant increase in staff. This will demand all sorts of initiatives that the Laboratory will have to undertake in order to keep and improve the level of services that it provides to the community. The new GS Department has been created to respond to this and other challenges...

  3. Reach Address Database (RAD)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The Reach Address Database (RAD) stores the reach address of each Water Program feature that has been linked to the underlying surface water features (streams,...

  4. Institutional Pathways to Equity : Addressing Inequality Traps

    Bebbington, Anthony J; Anis A. Dani; de Haan, Arjan; Walton, Michael


    Inequalities and development: dysfunctions, traps, and transitions by Anthony J. Bebbington, Anis A. Dani, Arjan de Haan, and Michael Walton. Asset inequality and agricultural growth: how are patterns of asset inequality established and reproduced? By Rachel Sabates. Beneath the categories: power relations and inequalities in Uganda by Joy M. Moncrieffe. Inequalities within India's poorest...

  5. Warm pasta phase in the Thomas-Fermi approximation

    Avancini, S. S.; Chiacchiera, S.; Menezes, D. P.; Providência, C.


    In the present paper, the pasta phase is studied at finite temperatures within a Thomas-Fermi (TF) approach. Relativistic mean field models, both with constant and density-dependent couplings, are used to describe this frustrated system. We compare the present results with previous ones obtained within a phase-coexistence description and conclude that the TF approximation gives rise to a richer inner pasta phase structure and the homogeneous matter appears at higher densities. Finally, the tr...

  6. Gromov-Witten theory and Donaldson-Thomas theory, I

    Maulik, D.; Nekrasov, N.; Okounkov, A.; Pandharipande, R.


    We conjecture an equivalence between the Gromov-Witten theory of 3-folds and the holomorphic Chern-Simons theory of Donaldson-Thomas. For Calabi-Yau 3-folds, the equivalence is defined by the change of variables, exp(iu)=-q, where u is the genus parameter of GW theory and q is charge parameter of DT theory. The conjecture is proven for local Calabi-Yau toric surfaces.

  7. Series solution to the Thomas-Fermi equation

    Here an analytic technique, namely the homotopy analysis method (HAM), is employed to solve the non-linear Thomas-Fermi equation. A new kind of transformation is being used here which has improved the results in comparison with Liao's work. We also present the comparison of this work with some well-known results and prove the importance of this transformation and the freedom of HAM

  8. Information entropy and Thomas-Fermi screening functions

    In this work we apply the information entropy concept to analyze different trial electron densities in momentum and coordinate spaces, into the Thomas-Fermi density functional formalism. Furthermore, we try to assess how well-known physical properties of neutral atoms are reproduced and hence evaluate the quality of the screening functions in the light of their predictive capacity. (author). 32 refs, 4 figs, 3 tabs

  9. Relativistic Thomas-Fermi Model at Finite Temperatures

    G. Bertone(GRAPPA Center of Excellence, University of Amsterdam, Science Park 904, 1090 GL Amsterdam, The Netherlands); Ruffini, R.


    We briefly review the Thomas-Fermi statistical model of atoms in the classical non-relativistic formulation and in the generalised finite-nucleus relativistic formulation. We then discuss the classical generalisation of the model to finite temperatures in the non-relativistic approximation and present a new relativistic model at finite temperatures, investigating how to recover the existing theory in the limit of low temperatures. This work is intended to be a propedeutical study for the eval...

  10. Safety Performance Improvement for Nuclear Power Plants Utilizing THOMAS

    THOMAS (Thermal Hydraulics Online Monitoring Advisory System) is equipped with a couple of salient features compared with existing monitoring systems. The first has to do with the three-dimensional (3D) visualization technique to support the nuclear power plant (NPP) operators and personnel using the virtual reality (VR) technology. VR depicts an environment simulated by a computer. Most of the VR environments primarily include visual experiences, displayed either on a monitor or though special stereoscopic goggles. Users can often interactively manipulate a VR environment, either through standard input devices like a keyboard, or through specially designed devices like a cybergloves. Additional devices were not applied the in THOMAS. The visualized model file is brought to the VR space from the computer-aided design (CAD) tool. In the VR space, using mapping, the component color is changed with linked value of the safety variables. Operators thus can easily recognize the plant condition. This is related with the human factor engineering. The second is the function of decision making using the influence diagram logic. The influence diagram logic is based on the total probability and Bayesian theory. The accident modeling is rooted in the emergency operating procedure (EOP). The final goal of this system is, in the accident situation, to present a success path to the operator for the recovery of the NPP system. At the current developing level, the database signals THOMAS. In other words, a spectrum of system analysis codes provides the safety parameter values to the database, which are subsequently supplied to THOMAS through the network

  11. Lessons from Thomas Edison's Technological and Social Forecasts

    Steven Schnaars


    Thomas Edison's inventions have had an unparalleled influence on modern life. But Edison was also a technological forecaster, offering his vision of which technologies would (and would not) dominate our lives in the future. Steve Schnaars looks back on Edison's 13 technological and social forecasts to evaluate the inventor's predictive hits and blunders. The main lesson he sees in Edison's technological forecasting is that spreading risk by pursuing multiple paths to future market success is ...

  12. Knowledge Society and the flat World of Thomas L. Friedman

    Dana Ramona ANDRISESCU


    The traditional society became lately the knowledge society. As the name states, knowledge is the most important asset of our times. There are different opinions on knowledge society and on globalization, but we will deal in this paper with Thomas Friedman’s flat world. The world got smaller with the developments in information and communication technology. Globalization has three periods and ten flatteners widely described by Friedman in his book. Technology changes the way we communica...

  13. The life and work of Thomas Laycock (1812-1876)

    James, F E


    Following an introduction giving the reasons for writing on Thomas Laycock, there are two chapters of personal biography making use of his unpublished personal Journal. An account is then given of his papers on hysteria and the thinking which led from hysteria to reflex brain function. Next a chapter is devoted to Laycock's writings on public health and his involvement with Edwin Chadwick in the preparation for the City of York of The Report on the state of Large Towns an...

  14. Guerra y guerra. La modernidad apocalíptica de Thomas Müntzer a León Tolstói

    Bayón, Fernando


    This article discusses the philosophical significance of Leo Tolstoy for european modernity, in dialogue with a number of writers and authors that provide an alternative way of thinking confronted to the hegemonic ideas on how the modern conscioussnes was born. The authors addressed here cover a large time span, ranging from the sixteenth to the twentieth century: Thomas Müntzer, Jean-Paul and Carlo Michelstaedter. The hypothesis of this essay argues that european Modernity was strongly influ...

  15. Compte rendu de Mangeon (Anthony), Crimes d'auteur. De l’influence, du plagiat et de l’assassinat en littérature

    Chavoz, Ninon


    On se gardera de sous-estimer le plagiat. Dans cet ouvrage, Anthony Mangeon part du constat de la récurrence d’un « crime d’auteur » qui est toujours double – à la fois larcin et mise à mort – pour en démontrer les usages narratifs et métalittéraires. Dans le corpus littéraire et cinématographique étendu qu’il choisit d’étudier (entre 1915 et 2016), l’imitation du modèle se transforme systématiquement en scène ou en fantasme de meurtre. Comme le souligne Reverdy dans le Voleur de Talan, qui t...

  16. "A reader's guide to Calvin's Institutes" by Anthony N. S. Lane; "A theological guide to Calvin's Institutes: essays and analysis" edited by David W. Hall and Peter A. Lillback

    Eglinton, James


    Reviews of Anthony N. S. Lane, A Reader's Guide to Calvin's Institutes (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Publishing Group, 2009). David W. Hall and Peter A. Lillback (eds.), A Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes: Essays and Analysis (Phillipsburg, N.J.: P & R Publishing, 2008)

  17. The Influence of Religion and Science on Thomas Hardy



    As a nineteenth-century novelist and a twentieth-century poet,Thomas Hardy was greatly influenced by contemporary religion and science.Due to the social background of his time and his personal life experience,religion and science,these two seemingly contradictory factors,played an important role in most of his literary works as well as his own life.This essay tries to demonstrate this point by offering proves from the following aspects:Victorian society at that time,Hardy's family background,clues in his works and his personal attitude towards nature and human society.

  18. The relativistic velocity composition paradox and the Thomas rotation

    Ungar, Abraham A.


    The relativistic velocity composition paradox of Mocanu and its resolution are presented. The paradox, which rests on the bizarre and counterintuitive non-communtativity of the relativistic velocity composition operation, when applied to noncollinear admissible velocities, led Mocanu to claim that there are “some difficulties within the framework of relativistic electrodynamics.” The paradox is resolved in this article by means of the Thomas rotation, shedding light on the role played by composite velocities in special relativity, as opposed to the role they play in Galilean relativity.

  19. Thomas N Bonner (1923-2003), medical historian.

    Bickel, Marcel H


    Thomas Bonner made a long academic career, teaching medical history and higher education at several American universities and presiding over three of these. He engaged in politics for 2 years. As a historian of medicine, he published important books on topics including Midwestern medicine, medical education in the United States and in European countries, the entry of women into medicine in the 19th century and on the educator Abraham Flexner. His works were based on exhaustive research, penetrating analysis, language skills and the ability to explain complex information in understandable terms. Bonner lived a passionate life of commitment and devotion to various worthwhile causes. PMID:24986396

  20. Porter-Thomas distribution in unstable many-body systems

    We use the continuum shell model approach to explore the resonance width distribution in unstable many-body systems. The single-particle nature of a decay, the few-body character of the interaction Hamiltonian, and the collectivity that emerges in nonstationary systems due to the coupling to the continuum of reaction states are discussed. Correlations between the structures of the parent and daughter nuclear systems in the common Fock space are found to result in deviations of decay width statistics from the Porter-Thomas distribution.

  1. Chapitre VI. Le Creusot et l’acier Thomas

    Passaqui, Jean-Philippe


    Ainsi, quelques années seulement après la création d’un Domaine minier ambitieux, certains des gisements mis en valeur commencent à présenter des signes d’épuisement. Surtout, les innovations dans la métallurgie, la découverte du procédé Thomas notamment, se traduisent par une nouvelle définition de la politique minière et un renouvellement de la place des exploitations au sein de l’entreprise. Les orientations stratégiques qui accompagnent le déclin du Domaine minier posent aussi la question...

  2. Local Lorentz transformations and Thomas effect in general relativity

    Silenko, Alexander J


    The tetrad method is used for an introduction of local Lorentz frames and a detailed analysis of local Lorentz transformations. A formulation of equations of motion in local Lorentz frames is based on the Pomeransky-Khriplovich gravitoelectromagnetic fields. These fields are calculated in the most important special cases and their local Lorentz transformations are determined. The local Lorentz transformations and the Pomeransky-Khriplovich gravitoelectromagnetic fields are applied for a rigorous derivation of a general equation for the Thomas effect in Riemannian spacetimes and for a consideration of Einstein's equivalence principle and the Mathisson force.

  3. A Semiclassical Kinetic Theory of Dirac Particles and Thomas Precession

    Dayi, O F


    Kinetic theory of Dirac fermions is studied within the matrix valued differential forms method. It is based on the symplectic form derived by employing the semiclassical wave packet build of the positive energy solutions of the Dirac equation. A satisfactory definition of the distribution matrix elements imposes to work in the basis where the helicity is diagonal which is also needed to attain the massless limit. We show that the kinematic Thomas precession correction can be studied straightforwardly within this approach. It contributes on an equal footing with the Berry gauge fields. In fact in equations of motion it eliminates the terms arising from the Berry gauge fields.

  4. Relativistic Thomas-Fermi Model at Finite Temperatures

    Bertone, Gianfranco


    We briefly review the Thomas-Fermi statistical model of atoms in the classical non-relativistic formulation and in the generalised finite-nucleus relativistic formulation. We then discuss the classical generalisation of the model to finite temperatures in the non-relativistic approximation and present a new relativistic model at finite temperatures, investigating how to recover the existing theory in the limit of low temperatures. This work is intended to be a propedeutical study for the evaluation of equilibrium configurations of relativistic ``hot'' white dwarfs.

  5. Thomas Wylde爱拍照的骷髅头



    不知道你是否记得,有一阵子那些散发着酷和高级质感的骷髅包或骷髅丝巾频频出现 在Paris Hilton、Lindsay Lohan和Kate Moss身上。但我们今天不是要追忆Alexander McQueen的经典骷髅系列,而是要认识另一个以骷髅头知名的新锐品牌——Thomas Wylde

  6. Hardy's creatures : encountering animals in Thomas Hardy's novels

    West, Anna


    ‘Hardy’s Creatures’ examines the human and nonhuman animals who walk and crawl and twine and fly and trot across and around the pages of Thomas Hardy’s novels: figures on two feet and on four, some with hands, all with faces. Specifically, the thesis traces the appearances of the term ‘creature’ in Hardy’s works as a way of levelling the ground between humans and animals and of reconfiguring traditional boundaries between the two. Hardy firmly believed in a ‘shifted [...] centre of altruism’ ...

  7. Nom comú i nom propi segons Thomas Hobbes

    Josep Moran i Ocerinjauregui


    Full Text Available Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679 tracta el llenguatge humà, i més concretament els noms, des d’un punt de vista filosòfic. Per a Hobbes, els noms són designadors de conceptes: els noms propis designen una sola cosa mentre que els noms comuns en designen diverses. Aquestes idees van ser objecte de reflexió filosòfica i van tenir gran influència en altres filòsofs, com John Stuart Mill.

  8. Thomas Carlyle and the making of Frederick the Great

    Stewart, Linda Clark


    Thomas Carlyle’s History of Friedrich II. of Prussia, called Frederick the Great was published in six volumes between 1858 and 1865 and was his last major work. Carlyle had a specific purpose in mind when he began writing Frederick. He believed that contemporary events had left Europe in disarray and the British nation fragmented. In his view, the nation needed to function as a family unit, with the older, more experienced members of the group instructing and educating the young. Carlyle’s at...

  9. Thomas Gordonin Toimiva perhe –ohjelma nuoren kotikasvatuksen tukemisessa

    Holappa, Taina


    Tutkimukseni tarkoituksena on kartoittaa, mikä on Thomas Gordonin Toimiva perhe –ohjelma ja miten sen sisältämien menetelmien avulla voidaan tukea nuorten kotikasvatusta. Tutkimuksen viitekehyksessä tarkastelen perheiden ja kasvatuksen nykytilaa niin rakenteellisesti kuin asenteellisellakin tasolla. Lisäksi avaan perheneuvonnan taustaa ja esitän näkemyksiä siitä, miten perheneuvonta, erityisesti vanhempainkasvatus sen osa-alueena, nykyään toteutuu. Tutkimukseni näkökulman mukaisesti kerron my...

  10. An Analysis Of Non-Literal Meaning Found In Thomas Hardy`s Selected Poems

    Lestari, Dewi Puji


    Skripsi ini berjudul An Analysis of Non-literal Meaning Found in Thomas Hardy`s Selected Poems yang membahas tentang ungkapan makna non-harfiah atau yang bukan merupakan makna sebenarnya yang terdapat dalam puisi. Puisi yang menjadi objek dalam skripsi ini adalah puisi karya Thomas Hardy, salah seorang sastrawan Inggris terkenal yang banyak menulis puisi bertemakan alam. Selain menulis puisi, Thomas Hardy juga merupakan seorang novelis, penulis drama dan cerita pendek. Karyanya sudah banyak t...

  11. An Analysis Of Fatalism In Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd



    Judul skripsi ini adalah An Analysis of Fatalism in Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd. Skripsi ini menganalisa tentang Fatalism yang terdapat dalam novel karya Thomas Hardy, Far From the Madding Crowd. Thomas Hardy adalah salah satu pengarang aliran naturalisme terkenal pada abad ke-19. Karya-karyanya banyak dipengaruhi oleh teori evolusinya Charles Darwin, sehingga dia menyadari adanya kekejaman alam di mana semuannya berjuang untuk mendapatkan eksitensinya. Hardy menganggap adanya s...

  12. Addressivity in cogenerative dialogues

    Hsu, Pei-Ling


    Ashraf Shady's paper provides a first-hand reflection on how a foreign teacher used cogens as culturally adaptive pedagogy to address cultural misalignments with students. In this paper, Shady drew on several cogen sessions to showcase his journey of using different forms of cogens with his students. To improve the quality of cogens, one strategy he used was to adjust the number of participants in cogens. As a result, some cogens worked and others did not. During the course of reading his paper, I was impressed by his creative and flexible use of cogens and at the same time was intrigued by the question of why some cogens work and not others. In searching for an answer, I found that Mikhail Bakhtin's dialogism, especially the concept of addressivity, provides a comprehensive framework to address this question. In this commentary, I reanalyze the cogen episodes described in Shady's paper in the light of dialogism. My analysis suggests that addressivity plays an important role in mediating the success of cogens. Cogens with high addressivity function as internally persuasive discourse that allows diverse consciousnesses to coexist and so likely affords productive dialogues. The implications of addressivity in teaching and learning are further discussed.

  13. Told by a myth: Thomas Mann’s Felix Krull

    Montiel, Luis


    Full Text Available This article proposes an approach to the novel Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull by Thomas Mann from the point of view of the imaginal psychology of James Hillman. From this perspective the novel seems to illustrate the most innovative thesis of that psychology, which is especially relevant for having been written prior to the formulation of Hillman’s theories. The unplanned correspondence between both ways of thinking furnishes a valuable argument that supports the new conception of human psyche introduced by Carl Gustav Jung and developed in this way by James Hillman.El presente artículo propone una lectura de la novela de Thomas Mann desde la óptica de la psicología imaginal de James Hillman. En esta perspectiva la novela parece ofrecer una ilustración de las tesis más innovadoras de dicha psicología, lo que resulta especialmente relevante por haber sido escrita con antelación a la formulación de las teorías del pensador estadounidense. La impremeditada correspondencia entre ambos pensamientos suministra un argumento digno de tenerse en cuenta a favor de la innovadora concepción de la psique humana inaugurada por Carl Gustav Jung y desarrollada en esta línea por James Hillman.

  14. Vigencia de algunas de las ideas mercantilistas de Thomas Mun

    Emmanuel Borgucci


    Full Text Available Generalmente cuando se aborda el mercantilismo se hace referencia a la acumulación de oro y plata, una balanza de pagos favorable o a la política económica de Jean Colbert. Pero poco se ha hablado del papel y condiciones necesarias del comerciante como agente que hizo posible que los primeros Estados-Nación se convirtieran en las futuras potencias económicas del mundo occidental. Thomas Mun fue uno de aquellos escritores mercantilistas que destacó el papel del comerciante en el auge del sistema mercantilista. El estudio de sus ideas permite concluir que sus recomendaciones acerca de lo que debería ser un comerciante de éxito siguen vigentes hoy en día. La razón de tal afirmación estriba en que sus recomendaciones eran adecuadas en un marco en que se estaba presentando una transformación significativa del sistema de organización comercial con la presencia de la Joint-Stock Company. Independientemente de que muchas de las funciones que Thomas Mun le atribuía al comerciante hoy en día son especializadas, su dominio sigue siendo la clave del éxito de una política comercial que emprenda cualquier nación.

  15. STS-114: Crew Interviews 1. Andy Thomas 2. Steve Robinson


    STS-114 Mission Specialists, Andy Thomas and Steve Robinson, are seen in this pre-flight interview. Andy Thomas begins by talking about his interest in spaceflight as a young boy growing up in Australia. He expresses that the chances of an Australian boy studying to eventually become an astronaut was very remote. His Mechanical Engineering Degree in Australia and a Doctorate enabled him to acquire unique skills to come to the United States to work for Lockheed Martin. On the topic of return to flight, he reflects on experiences that he had working with the Michael Anderson and Kalpana Chawla of the ill-fated Space Shuttle Columbia. He also talks about the safety of the Space Shuttle Discovery and repairs to its Thermal Protection system. He explains in detail the Logistics Flight (LF) 1, spacewalks, Multipurpose Logistics Module (MPLM) and the External Stowage Platform (ESP)-2. Steve Robinson expresses that he had many interests as a child and becoming an astronaut was one of them. He was fascinated with things that fly and wanted to find out how they flew. He also designed hang gliders as a teenager. He expresses how his family feels about the risky business of spaceflight. He talks about how the space shuttle discovery crew will remember the Columbia crew by including seven stars on their patch so that they can bring them into orbit and then back home. Robinson also talks about his primary job, and the spacewalks that he and Soichi Noguchi will be performing.

  16. Instantons, quivers and noncommutative Donaldson-Thomas theory

    Cirafici, Michele, E-mail: [Centro de Analise Matematica, Geometria e Sistemas Dinamicos, Departamento de Matematica, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa (Portugal); Sinkovics, Annamaria, E-mail: [Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA (United Kingdom); Szabo, Richard J., E-mail: [Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University, Colin Maclaurin Building, Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS (United Kingdom); Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)


    We construct noncommutative Donaldson-Thomas invariants associated with abelian orbifold singularities by analyzing the instanton contributions to a six-dimensional topological gauge theory. The noncommutative deformation of this gauge theory localizes on noncommutative instantons which can be classified in terms of three-dimensional Young diagrams with a colouring of boxes according to the orbifold group. We construct a moduli space for these gauge field configurations which allows us to compute its virtual numbers via the counting of representations of a quiver with relations. The quiver encodes the instanton dynamics of the noncommutative gauge theory, and is associated to the geometry of the singularity via the generalized McKay correspondence. The index of BPS states which compute the noncommutative Donaldson-Thomas invariants is realized via topological quantum mechanics based on the quiver data. We illustrate these constructions with several explicit examples, involving also higher rank Coulomb branch invariants and geometries with compact divisors, and connect our approach with other ones in the literature.

  17. Addressing the nuclear misconception

    There is a perception, fostered and encouraged by the anti-nuclear groups, that the nuclear industry generates large quantities of waste with no idea how to deal with it, that it is unsafe, uneconomic, and environmentally damaging. The task is to change these perceptions, by demonstrating that the industry is not a problem in itself, but in fact provides solutions to problems. This paper, while primarily concerned with waste, addresses all of these issues as each has a bearing on the perception of the industry and therefore must be considered when addressing the issue of waste. The paper concludes that evidence exists to support the industry view, but that the mission of the industry should be to change the perception of the industry, by influencing and working together with its stake holders to address their concerns, rather than merely presenting more and more facts. (author)

  18. Addressing the nuclear misconception

    There is a perception, fostered and encouraged by the anti-nuclear groups, that the nuclear industry generates large quantities of waste with no idea how to deal with it, is unsafe, uneconomic, and environmentally damaging. The task of the industry is to change the perception by demonstrating that the industry provides solutions to problems, and is not a problem in itself. This paper, whilst primarily concerned with waste, addresses all of these issues as each has a bearing on the perception of the industry and therefore must be considered when addressing the issue of waste. The paper concludes that evidence exists to support the industry, but that the mission of the industry should be to change the perception of it, by influencing and working together with its stakeholders to address their concerns, rather than merely presenting more and more facts. (author)

  19. Addressing Sexual Harassment

    Young, Ellie L.; Ashbaker, Betty Y.


    This article discusses ways on how to address the problem of sexual harassment in schools. Sexual harassment--simply defined as any unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior--is a sensitive topic. Merely providing students, parents, and staff members with information about the school's sexual harassment policy is insufficient; schools must take…

  20. First record of Histiotus laephotis Thomas (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae from Brazil Primeiro registro de Histiotus laephotis Thomas (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae no Brasil

    João M. D. Miranda


    Full Text Available The first record of Histiotus laephotis Thomas, 1916 from Brazil is reported here. An adult male was caught with a mist net in a barn located within an Araucaria pine forest in the municipality of Passos Maia, State of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil (26º46'48"S and 52º03'34"W. This record extends the distribution of this species in South America. Morphological and taxonomic notes of this species are described as well.O primeiro registro de Histiotus laephotis Thomas, 1916 o Brasil é aqui reportado. Um macho adulto foi coletado com rede de neblina (em abrigo artificial nos domínios da Floresta com Araucária, no Município de Passos Maia, Estado de Santa Catarina, Sul do Brasil (26º46'48"S e 52º03'34"W. Este registro amplia a distribuição da própria espécie na América do Sul. Aspectos morfológicos e taxonômicos desta espécie são também descritos.

  1. Thomas Hobbes: la resistencia política al Leviatán || Thomas Hobbes: Political Resistance To Leviathan

    Diego Alejandro Fernández Peychaux


    Full Text Available RESUMEN En el presente artículo se presentan cuatro claves de lectura de la obra de Thomas Hobbes desde las que fundamentar una noción de resistencia. Este aporte busca, en otras palabras, crear las condiciones de posibilidad de un debate filosófico ofuscado por el mito recurrente sobre el supuesto monstruo de Malmesbury. Una vez hecho esto, se propone delinear las bases de un enfoque metodológico que parta de dicha noción de resistencia. De ese modo, se fundamentaría el primer paso hacia una apropiación ?o expropiación? contemporánea de la matriz hobbesiana de la relación obediencia-seguridad   ABSTRACT This article presents four key of readings about Thomas Hobbes's work, from which it supports a particular notion of resistance. In others words, this contribution searches to create the conditions of posibility for a philosophical debate obfuscated by the recurrent myth about the monster of Malmesbury. Once done that, I offer setting the bases of a metodological aproach which stars from this notion of resistance. Thus, I would back the first step towards a contemporary appropriation ?or expropriation? of the obedience-security relationship within the Hobbesian matrix.  

  2. An assessment of chemical contaminants in sediments from the St. Thomas East End Reserves, St. Thomas, USVI.

    Pait, Anthony S; Hartwell, S Ian; Mason, Andrew L; Warner, Robert A; Jeffrey, Christopher F G; Hoffman, Anne M; Apeti, Dennis A; Pittman, Simon J


    The St. Thomas East End Reserves or STEER is located on the southeastern end of the island of St. Thomas, USVI. The STEER contains extensive mangroves and seagrass beds, along with coral reefs, lagoons, and cays. Within the watershed, however, are a large active landfill, numerous marinas, resorts, various commercial activities, an EPA Superfund Site, and residential areas, all of which have the potential to contribute pollutants to the STEER. As part of a project to develop an integrated assessment for the STEER, 185 chemical contaminants were analyzed in sediments from 24 sites. Higher levels of chemical contaminants were found in Mangrove Lagoon and Benner Bay in the western portion of the study area. The concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), zinc, copper, lead, and mercury were above a NOAA Effects Range-Low (ERL) sediment quality guideline at one or more sites, indicating impacts may be present in more sensitive species or life stages. Copper at one site in Benner Bay was above a NOAA Effects Range-Median (ERM) guideline indicating effects on benthic organisms were likely. The antifoulant boat hull ingredient tributyltin (TBT) was found at the third highest concentration in the history of NOAA's National Status and Trends (NS&T) Program, which monitors the nation's coastal and estuarine waters for chemical contaminants and bioeffects. The results from this project will provide resource managers with key information needed to make effective decisions affecting coral reef ecosystem health and gauge the efficacy of restoration activities. PMID:24744210

  3. 78 FR 65511 - Death of Thomas S. Foley Former Speaker of the House of Representatives


    ... the United States of America the two hundred and thirty- eighth. (Presidential Sig.) [FR Doc. 2013... October 31, 2013 Part IV The President Proclamation 9046--Death of Thomas S. Foley Former Speaker of the... ] Proclamation 9046 of October 28, 2013 Death of Thomas S. Foley Former Speaker of the House of...

  4. Contributions to the knowledge of Banasa Stål (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Pentatomidae: Banasa chaca Thomas

    Thereza de Almeida Garbelotto


    Full Text Available Contributions to the knowledge of Banasa Stål (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Pentatomidae: Banasa chaca Thomas. The male of Banasa chaca Thomas is described with emphasis on external and internal genitalia and the female internal genitalia is described. Banasa chaca is newly recorded from Buenos Aires Province (Argentina.

  5. Thomas Hiärne - nimi Rootsi Läänemereprovintside varasest ajalookirjutusest / Piret Lotman

    Lotman, Piret, 1950-


    Thomase isa Erlandi karjäärist. Thomas Hiärne headest suhetest Eestimaa kindralkuberneri Bengt Horniga. Thomas Hiärne kandideerimisest Ingerimaa rüütelkonna sekretäri kohale. Tema tegevusest Virtsu mõisa inspektorina. Hiärne kroonikast ja ajalookäsitlusest

  6. Physical data from CTD casts in the North Pacific Ocean from the THOMAS G. THOMPSON and the THOMAS WASHINGTON in support of the Marathon 2 Project from 05 May 1985 to 07 September 1987 (NODC Accession 9400131)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Temperature and salinity profiles were collected from CTD casts in the North Pacific Ocean from the THOMAS G. THOMPSON and the THOMAS WASHINGTON. Data were...

  7. Bioreactors Addressing Diabetes Mellitus

    Minteer, Danielle M.; Gerlach, Jorg C; Marra, Kacey G.


    The concept of bioreactors in biochemical engineering is a well-established process; however, the idea of applying bioreactor technology to biomedical and tissue engineering issues is relatively novel and has been rapidly accepted as a culture model. Tissue engineers have developed and adapted various types of bioreactors in which to culture many different cell types and therapies addressing several diseases, including diabetes mellitus types 1 and 2. With a rising world of bioreactor develop...

  8. Holographic content addressable storage

    Chao, Tien-Hsin; Lu, Thomas; Reyes, George


    We have developed a Holographic Content Addressable Storage (HCAS) architecture. The HCAS systems consists of a DMD (Digital Micromirror Array) as the input Spatial Light Modulator (SLM), a CMOS (Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor) sensor as the output photodetector and a photorefractive crystal as the recording media. The HCAS system is capable of performing optical correlation of an input image/feature against massive reference data set stored in the holographic memory. Detailed system analysis will be reported in this paper.

  9. Addressing mathematics & statistics anxiety

    Kotecha, Meena


    This paper should be of interest to mathematics and statistics educators ranging from pre-university to university education sectors. It will discuss some features of the author’s teaching model developed over her longitudinal study conducted to understand and address mathematics and statistics anxiety, which is one of the main barriers to engaging with these subjects especially in non-specialist undergraduates. It will demonstrate how a range of formative assessments are used to kindle, as w...

  10. Thomas Recchio. Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford. A Publishing History

    Cachin, Marie-Françoise


    L’ouvrage de Thomas Recchio est le second volume d’une collection récente de la maison d’édition Ashgate consacrée à l’histoire éditoriale d’une œuvre importante de la littérature anglophone. La première étude de ce type, The Publishing History of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 1952-2002, a été réalisée en 2007 par notre collègue américaniste Claire Parfait sur le bestseller d’Harriet Beecher Stowe. Il s’agit de suivre le parcours de l’ouvrage choisi à travers l’évolution de ses modes de publication, de ...

  11. Thomas Cragg Proves to Be a Good Observer (Abstract)

    Howe, R.; Clette, F.


    (Abstract only) Thomas Cragg proves to be a good observer, enough to be included in the restricted club of 21 long-duration stations without major stability problems over the interval 1945-2015. Although, his counts seem to make a slight downward jump in 1983, and there is a sharp decline in the last two years of his observing career (aging?). Cragg's observations will be used for the equivalent comparison with the new reconstructed sunspot number that is produced from the 21 stations showing the same features in the past six solar cycles. This reconstructed number is fully independent from the original Zürich sunspot number. It actually confirms the corrections being applied to the original sunspot number series (a more simple approach simply multiplying the original series by the correction factor established for the Locarno Observatory's drift), as published in the 2014 paper, by Frédéric Clette, SILSO, Royal Observatory of Belgium.

  12. Motivic Donaldson--Thomas invariants of some quantized threefolds

    Cazzaniga, Alberto; Pym, Brent; Szendroi, Balazs


    This paper is motivated by the question of how motivic Donaldson--Thomas invariants behave in families. We compute the invariants for some simple families of noncommutative Calabi--Yau threefolds, defined by quivers with homogeneous potentials. These families give deformation quantizations of affine three-space, the resolved conifold, and the resolution of the transversal $A_n$-singularity. It turns out that their invariants are generically constant, but jump at special values of the deformation parameter, such as roots of unity. The corresponding generating series are written in closed form, as plethystic exponentials of simple rational functions. While our results are limited by the standard dimensional reduction techniques that we employ, they nevertheless allow us to conjecture formulae for more interesting cases, such as the elliptic Sklyanin algebras.

  13. Thomas C. Schelling: la paradoja de un economista errante

    Boris Salazar


    Full Text Available Este artículo explica dos enigmas asociados a la carrera científica de Thomas C. Schelling, premio Nobel de Economía 2005: ¿cómo explicar su capacidad para producir nuevas ideas?, y ¿por qué sus ideas precursoras han tenido más impacto en otras ciencias sociales y no en la economía? A los que responde con tres hipótesis: la poca influencia del conocimiento heredado en su trabajo teórico, una heurística que privilegió siempre la relación entre hechos inéditos y ángulos inusuales, y la creación de una red de conocimiento espontánea que entrelazó diversas disciplinas dedicadas al estudio de la interacción social.

  14. Thomas-Fermi Model in the Presence of Natural Cutoffs

    Kourosh Nozari


    Full Text Available It has been revealed, in the context of quantum gravity candidates, that measurement of position cannot be done with arbitrary precision and there is a finite resolution of space-time points. This leads naturally to a minimal measurable length of the order of Planck length. Also, in the context of newly proposed doubly special relativity theories, a test particle’s momentum cannot be arbitrarily imprecise leading nontrivially to a maximal momentum for a test particle. These two natural cutoffs affects most of quantum field theoretic arguments in the spirit of condensed matter physics. Here we focus on the role of these natural cutoffs on Thomas-Fermi theory in condensed matter physics. We show how quantum gravity effects can play important role phenomenologically in many-body interactions of solids.

  15. Alexander Thomas Augusta--physician, teacher and human rights activist.

    Butts, Heather M


    Commissioned surgeon of colored volunteers, April 4, 1863, with the rank of Major. Commissioned regimental surgeon on the 7th Regiment of U.S. Colored Troops, October 2, 1863. Brevet Lieutenant Colonel of Volunteers, March 13, 1865, for faithful and meritorious services--mustered out October 13, 1866. So reads the tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery of Alexander Thomas Augusta, the first black surgeon commissioned in the Union Army during the Civil War and the first black officer-rank soldier to be buried at Arlington Cemetery. He was also instrumental in founding the institutions that later became the hospital and medical college of Howard University and the National Medical Association. PMID:15719881

  16. Thomas-Fermi Statistical Models of Finite Quark Matter

    Wilcox, Walter


    I introduce and discuss models of finite quark matter using the formalism of the Thomas-Fermi statistical model. Similar to bag models, a vacuum energy term is introduced to model long distance confinement, but the model produces bound states from the residual color Coulomb attraction even in the absence of such a term. I discuss three baryonic applications: an equal mass nonrelativistic model with and without volume pressure, the ultra-relativistic limit confined by volume pressure, and a color-flavor locking massless model. These model may be extended to multi-meson and other mixed hadronic states. Hopefully, it can help lead to a better understanding of the phenomenology of high multi-quark states in preparation for more detailed lattice QCD calculations.

  17. The Thomas-Fermi Quark Model: Non-Relativistic Aspects

    Liu, Quan


    Non-relativistic aspects of the Thomas-Fermi statistical quark model are developed. A review is given and our modified approach to spin in the model is explained. Our results are limited so far to two inequivalent simultaneous wave functions which can apply to multiple degenerate flavors. An explicit spin interaction is introduced, which requires the introduction of a generalized spin "flavor". Although the model is designed to be most reliable for many-quark states, we find surprisingly that it may be used to fit the low energy spectrum of octet and decouplet baryons. The low energy fit allows us to investigate the six-quark doubly strange H-dibaryon state, possible 6 quark nucleon-nucleon resonances and flavor symmetric strange states of higher quark content.

  18. A Tony Thomas-Inspired Guide to INSPIRE

    The SPIRES database was created in the late 1960s to catalogue the high energy physics preprints received by the SLAC Library. In the early 1990s it became the first database on the web and the first website outside of Europe. Although indispensible to the HEP community, its aging software infrastructure is becoming a serious liability. In a joint project involving CERN, DESY, Fermilab and SLAC, a new database, INSPIRE, is being created to replace SPIRES using CERN's modern, open-source Invenio database software. INSPIRE will maintain the content and functionality of SPIRES plus many new features. I describe this evolution from the birth of SPIRES to the current day, noting that the career of Tony Thomas spans this timeline.

  19. [Is there still a soul? Thomas Aquinas and modern psychiatry].

    Koehler, K


    The various solutions that have been proposed with respect to the body-mind problem can be more or less regarded as variations on three traditional models. Since the time of Descartes the philosophical position of hylomorphism has been almost forgotten and the influence of the dualist point of view has also been greatly reduced. In contrast, reductionism in the form of materialistic monism has gained immense popularity, especially in psychiatric circles. The present paper summarizes these different approaches but primarily focuses on certain aspects of a modified form of hylomorphism as developed by Thomas Aquinas. These latter considerations are then drawn upon as the basis for a critique of Kurt Schneiders so-called aristotelean-scholastic or metagenic interpretation with regard to the endogenous psychoses. PMID:6500472

  20. A Tony Thomas-Inspired Guide to INSPIRE

    O' Connell, Heath B.; /Fermilab


    The SPIRES database was created in the late 1960s to catalogue the high energy physics preprints received by the SLAC Library. In the early 1990s it became the first database on the web and the first website outside of Europe. Although indispensible to the HEP community, its aging software infrastructure is becoming a serious liability. In a joint project involving CERN, DESY, Fermilab and SLAC, a new database, INSPIRE, is being created to replace SPIRES using CERN's modern, open-source Invenio database software. INSPIRE will maintain the content and functionality of SPIRES plus many new features. I describe this evolution from the birth of SPIRES to the current day, noting that the career of Tony Thomas spans this timeline.

  1. Address delivered in Vilnius

    Piłsudski, Józef


    Title: Przemówienie w Wilnie 20 kwietnia 1922 roku (Address delivered in Vilnius, 20 April, 1922) Originally published: Pisma-mowy-rozkazy, vol. V, Warsaw, Instytut Józefa Piłsudskiego, 1933, pp. 255–260. Language: PolishThe excerpt used is from the original About the author Józef Piłsudski [1867, Zułów (in the district of Święciany, Lit. Zalave/Švenčionys, present-day Lithuania) – 1935, Warsaw]: politician. Piłsudski was born to a family belonging to the Polish-speaking gentry in the Lithuan...

  2. Progresso científico e incomensurabilidade em Thomas Kuhn Scientific progress and incomensurability in Thomas Kuhn

    André Luis de Oliveira Mendonça


    Full Text Available Apesar das inúmeras críticas que recebeu ao longo de sua produção acadêmica, Thomas Kuhn produziu, inegavelmente, uma nova imagem acerca do progresso científico. A rigor, ele mostrou que o progresso ocorre em duas direções diferentes e complementares. Isso o levou a advogar a tese de que o desenvolvimento da ciência se dá por intermédio de uma tensão essencial entre o normal e o revolucionário. Segundo Kuhn, há o progresso no sentido de aprofundamento do conhecimento - proporcionado pela aquisição de um paradigma - e há o progresso no sentido de ampliação do conhecimento - gerado pela emergência da incomensurabilidade. O argumento central que desenvolvemos, neste artigo, afirma que o problema de Kuhn foi ter começado, com o passar do tempo, a pensar esses dois conceitos fundamentais (paradigma e incomensurabilidade somente em suas conotações lingüísticas e teóricas.Despite many criticisms received along his academic career, Thomas Kuhn has undoubtedly advanced a new image about scientific progress. He showed that progress occurs in two different, but complementary directions. His thesis was that scientific development occurs through the essential tension between what is normal and what is revolutionary in science. According to Kuhn, there is progress in the sense of profounding of knowledge, given by the acquisition of a paradigm, and there is progress by means of the enlargement of knowledge accomplished by the emergence of incommensurability. The main point developed in this article states that Kuhn's problem was to think incommensurability and paradigms as concepts which have only linguistic and theoretical meanings.

  3. La figure du faux monnayeur dans le cinéma américain de propagande de la fin des années 1940 : T-Men d’Anthony Mann

    Olivier Caporossi


    Full Text Available Le cinéma noir américain des années 1940 trouve dans l’œuvre d’Anthony Mann, La brigade du suicide (T-Men de 1948 un écho original dans la représentation de la psychologie du criminel et la définition d’un crime très particulier : le faux monnayage. Ancien décorateur et metteur en scène de théâtre, Anthony Mann (1906-1967 a travaillé successivement pour la Paramount, la RKO puis la Republic. Remarqué pour ses comédies musicales depuis 1942, c’est néanmoins dans le thriller qu’il acquiert un...

  4. La figure du faux monnayeur dans le cinéma américain de propagande de la fin des années 1940 : T-Men d’Anthony Mann

    Olivier Caporossi


    Le cinéma noir américain des années 1940 trouve dans l’œuvre d’Anthony Mann, La brigade du suicide (T-Men) de 1948 un écho original dans la représentation de la psychologie du criminel et la définition d’un crime très particulier : le faux monnayage. Ancien décorateur et metteur en scène de théâtre, Anthony Mann (1906-1967) a travaillé successivement pour la Paramount, la RKO puis la Republic. Remarqué pour ses comédies musicales depuis 1942, c’est néanmoins dans le thriller qu’il acquiert un...

  5. Consolidação da osteotomia valgizante proximal da tíbia com cunha de abertura fixada com placa "calço" de Anthony® Proximal tibial valgusing open-wedge osteotomy union fixated with Anthony® "support" plate

    Cristiano Hossri Ribeiro


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Este estudo tem por finalidade verificar a consolidação da osteotomia valgizante da tíbia com cunha de abertura fixada com placa tipo calço de Anthony® (OVT, no tratamento da osteoartrose medial do joelho varo, a correção da deformidade e a resposta clínica ao tratamento cirúrgico. MÉTODOS: Vinte pacientes (vinte joelhos com osteoartrose do compartimento medial do joelho, com idade média de 48,4 ± 9,9, foram avaliados por um período mínimo de um ano. Os pacientes foram submetidos a avaliação radiográfica da consolidação e do eixo mecânico no pré e pós operatório, além da avaliação dos critérios de LYSHOLM. RESULTADOS: A consolidação da osteotomia ocorreu após 12 semanas em 100% dos casos sem complicações. A avaliação do LYSHOLM no pós operatório apresentou 80% de excelentes e bons resultados. A correção final média do eixo mecânico foi de 3,4 ± 3,3 graus de valgo. CONCLUSÃO: Concluímos que a consolidação da osteotomia supra-tuberositária da tíbia com cunha de abertura fixada com placa calço de Anthony® e com enxertia óssea tricortical ocorre num intervalo de três meses. A cirurgia é eficaz para a correção da deformidade em varo do joelho, e propicia melhora clínica significante para o paciente.OBJECTIVE: This paper aims to check the proximal tibial valgusing open-wedge osteotomy union with Anthony® plate for the treatment of bowleg with medial osteoarthrosis, final correction of the deformity and clinical improvement. METHODS: Twenty patients (twenty knees with medial osteoarthrosis of the knee, with mean age of 48.4 years, were evaluated for one year. The patients were submitted to the Lysholm's score, and also to X-ray studies before and after surgery. RESULTS: The osteotomy union occurred after 12 weeks in all cases without complications. The Lysholm's score was regarded as excellent or good in 80% of the cases. The postoperative mechanical alignment was 3.4 ± 3.3 valgus

  6. ‘Children and fools, they say, cannot lie’: un dicton tourné en plaisanterie dans Misogonus d’Anthony Rudd ‘Children and fools, they say, cannot lie’: a Proverb Turned Upside Down in Anthony Rudd’s Misogonus

    Pauline Blanc


    Full Text Available In the play entitled Misogonus that is attributed to Anthony Rudd by one of its editors, Lester E. Barber, the Vice-character, Cacurgus, stands out as a virtuoso performer even though he merely demonstrates a moral lesson. The double-dealing servant of two masters, Cacurgus goes out of his way to prove the ill-founded premises of the saying “Children and fools, they say, cannot lie”. He deceives both of his masters, but remains loyal to his audience for whom he performs a highly entertaining play. The two aspects of his role are shown to be quite distinct as he intervenes on the outside and inside of two separate plots in which the twists and turns of a devious mind are displayed as being a series of disagreeable tricks played upon a group of malleable, credulous victims.

  7. Comments on "Shoreface sand supply and mid- to late Holocene aeolian dune formation on the storm-dominated macrotidal coast of the southern North Sea" by EJ Anthony, M. Mrani-Alaoui and A. Hequette [Marine Geology 276 (2010) 100-104

    Baeteman, C.; Mauz, B.


    Anthony et al. (2010) published a recent paper in Marine Geology on the origin and chronology of an inland dune for which they presented an explanation for the regional pattern of mid- to late Holocene coastal development. This explanation contradicts other data collected from this coastal area. It is moreover in contrast to our current understanding of Holocene coastal evolution of the Southern North Sea. The data used by Anthony et al. (2010) includes a number of inconsistencies that led th...

  8. On the motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants of quivers with potentials

    Mozgovoy, Sergey


    We study motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants for a class of quivers with potentials using the strategy of Behrend, Bryan, and Szendroi. This class includes quivers with potentials arising from consistent brane tilings and quivers with zero potential. Our construction is an alternative to the constructions of Kontsevich and Soibelman. We construct an integration map from the equivariant Hall algebra to the quantum torus and show that our motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants are images of the natural elements in the equivariant Hall algebra. We show that the inegration map is an algebra homomorphism and use this fact to prove the Harder-Narasimhan relation for the motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants.

  9. An improved Thomas--Fermi treatment of nuclei

    I want to tell you about an improved Thomas-Fermi method for calculating shell-averaged nuclear properties, such as density distributions, binding energies, etc. A shell-averaged statistical theory is useful as the macroscopic component of microscopic-macroscopic theories of nuclei, such as the Strutinsky method, as well as in theories of nuclear matter in the bulk, relevant in astrophysical applications. In nuclear physics, as well as in atomic and molecular problems, the following question often has to be answered: you are given a potential well, say a deformed Woods-Saxon potential, into which you put N quantized fermions into the lowest N eigenstates, up to a ''Fermi energy'' To. You square the wave functions of the particles and add them up to get the total density ρ(r→) = ΣiN|ψi|2. Is there some simple way of estimating ρ(r→) without going through the misery of numerically solving N partial differential Schroedinger equations for the N particles?

  10. Asylum Doctor Extraordinaire: Dr. Thomas Drapes (1847-1919).

    Kelly, B D


    Dr. Thomas Drapes (1847-1919) was resident medical superintendent of Enniscorthy District Asylum in County Wexford, Ireland from 1883 to 1919, and one of the leading figures in Irish asylum medicine for several decades. Drapes' career was as complex as it was remarkable. Drapes was elected president of the Medico-Psychological Association for the term 1911-12 but had to decline on health grounds. In 1912, however, he was unanimously elected as co-editor of the Journal of Mental Science, to which he devoted his considerable energies and intellect. Drapes published widely, opposing Emil Kraepelin's proposed division of "functional" psychosis into manic-depressive illness and dementia praecox; openly examining the use of "punitive measures" in asylums (Enniscorthy had notably low rates of restraint and seclusion); and publicly bemoaning the folly of "psychophysical parallelism", or the spurious division between mental and physical symptoms in medicine. Although not immune to passing trends in medical thought (e.g. regarding sterilisation of the mentally ill to prevent further mental disorder), Drapes was generally independent-minded, insightful and incisive, and his legacy was to help shape Irish mental health care for many decades. PMID:25833354

  11. Thomas Hardy, Provincial Geology and the Material Imagination

    Adelene Buckland


    Full Text Available This essay explores the nineteenth-century traffic and exchange of fossils and natural-historical objects between province and metropolis as represented by two very different geological writers of the period, the fossil collector Gideon Mantell and the novelist Thomas Hardy. The men are connected through Mantell's 'The Wonders of Geology', the sixth edition of which (1848 Hardy read and utilised for his descriptions of the geological past in his third novel, 'A Pair of Blue Eyes' (1873. These two texts demonstrate a powerful investment in determining the meaning of the geological object according to the social and geographical spaces in which it is discovered, displayed, and discussed, so that the scientific object becomes the site around which complex cultural politics coalesce and sit in tension. In its consideration of the relationship between place and meaning in science, and in its focus on scientific material culture, this essay attempts to disrupt the current spotlight on the interrelationships between scientific law and narrative pattern in Victorian literary studies. Instead, it hopes to contribute to a discussion of the ways in which the novel's attention to scientific objects rather than narratives made it an important site of epistemological enquiry into the basis of scientific knowledge and the inseparability of that knowledge from the discourses and spaces which produced it.

  12. Tacit knowledge in philosophy of science of Thomas Kuhn

    Cristian Norambuena Ureta


    Full Text Available The article focuses on a fundamental piece of the theoretical framework where the work ofThomas Kuhn develops, tacit knowledge. The importance of such a kind of knowledge, that is notpossible (nor necessary to reduce into rules and definitions, and that is not acquired with exclusiverecourse to logic is essential for Kuhn within Science. The article investigates the origins of this idea inkuhnian work, searching for influences exerted by Gestalt psychology and the second Wittgenstein. Itexamines the relation between this idea and Kuhn’s most known and important philosophicalcontributions, the concept of paradigm (exemplar and the incommensurability of scientific theories;confirming that without the utilization of a kind of knowledge of this nature such ideas would not havehad the necessary support to be stated. At the end of the article, the importance of tacit knowledgethrough the use of metaphor and thought experiments is revised, as vehicles through which the scientistcan put himself in touch with this dimension of knowledge.

  13. Nietzche's echo--a dialogue with Thomas Altizer.

    Moss, David M


    Prophets provoke psychological unrest, especially when exposing accepted beliefs as profound deceptions. The biblical prophets exemplify such confrontation as do certain atheists ardently opposed to the images of God created by those seers. The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche dramatically illustrates this type of counterforce to the Judeo-Christian tradition. His prophet Zarathustra is intended to be a model for the modern mind, one free of superstitions inflicted by antiquated religious dogma. Nietzsche's credo "God is dead" served as a declaration for the nineteenth century. In the twentieth century, it became a theological diagnosis. As a "movement," or "tenor," the death of God or radical theology was spearheaded by Thomas Altizer, a well-published young professor center-staged during the turbulent 1960s. His work foreshadows a new strain of atheism currently represented by biologist Richard Dawkins (2006, The God delusion. New York: Houghton Mifflin), philosopher Daniel Dennett (2006, Breaking the spell. New York: Penquin), neuroscientist Sam Harris (2004, The end of faith. New York: W.W. Norton; 2008, Letter to a Christian nation. New York: Vintage), journalist Christopher Hitchens (2007, God is not great. New York: Twelve), and mathematician John Allen Paulos (Paulos 2008, Irreligion. New York: Hill & Wang). This twenty-first century crusade against belief in God is best understood as a psychodynamic ignited by Altizer's Christian atheism. The present dialogue reflects that dynamic while the prologue and epilogue reveal evidence of Providence amidst claims of God's demise in contemporary history. PMID:19399624

  14. EAARL-B Submerged Topography - Saint Croix and Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, 2014

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Binary point-cloud data for part of the submerged environs of Saint Croix and Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, were produced from remotely sensed, geographically...

  15. EAARL-B Submerged Topography--Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, 2014

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — A submerged topography Digital Elevation Model (DEM) mosaic for a portion of the submerged environs of Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, was produced from remotely...

  16. Bathymetry 1m GRID of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 2004, UTM 20 WGS84

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This dataset contains an ESRI Grid with 1 meter cell size representing the bathymetry of the south shore of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. NOAA's NOS/NCCOS/CCMA...

  17. NOAA TIFF Graphic- 0.5m Backscatter Mosaic of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 2004

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This image represents a 0.5 meter resolution backscatter mosaic of the south shore of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.NOAA's NOS/NCCOS/CCMA Biogeography Team and...

  18. Backscatter 0.5m TIFF Mosaic of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 2004

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This image represents a 0.5 meter resolution backscatter mosaic of the south shore of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. NOAA's NOS/NCCOS/CCMA Biogeography Team and...

  19. National Status and Trends: Bioeffects Program - St. Thomas East End Reserves (STEER) Database

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The purpose of this effort was to characterize the extent and magnitude of chemical contamination in the St. Thomas East End Reserves or STEER, as part of a larger...

  20. Tartu ehk unbewusste Ängste / Rauno Thomas Moss ; interv. Harry Liivrand

    Moss, Rauno Thomas, 1977-


    Rauno Thomas Mossi (1977) näitus "Silent Tartu aka Clinical" Vaal galeriis. Kunstniku eluloolisi andmeid, loomingust, alasti mehekeha kujutamisest. Töötab Tartu Ülikoolis joonistamise ja plastilise anatoomia õppejõuna. Tema lemmikkunstnikud

  1. C-CAP USVI, St. Thomas 2007-2012 Land Cover Change Analysis

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains the 2007 and 2012 classifications of St. Thomas and can be used to analyze change. This data set utilized CIR imagery captured from Microsoft...

  2. Thomas Carlyle and the Characteristics of Nineteenth-Century English Literature

    Schatz-Jakobsen, Claus


    Artiklen diskuterer den skotske forfatter Thomas Carlyles plads i den engelske litteraturs historie og argumenterer for at hans skrift, "Characteristics" (1831), selv dramatiserer og dekonstruerer litteraturhistoriske grænsedragninger....

  3. Ocorrência de Chiroderma doriae Thomas (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) no Estado de Sergipe, Brasil Occurence of Chiroderma doriae Thomas, (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) in Sergipe State, Brazil

    Jefferson S. Mikalauskas; Ricardo Moratelli; Adriano L. Peracchi


    O registro de Chiroderma doriae Thomas, 1891 no nordeste do Brasil é aqui relatado baseado em um espécime macho adulto coletado durante inventário da quirópterofauna da Estação Ecológica Serra de Itabaiana, Estado de Sergipe.The occurrence of Chiroderma doriae Thomas, 1891 in northeastern Brazil is reported here based on an adult male caught in mist net during a chiropteran survey at the Estação Ecológica Serra da Itabaiana, a fragment of Atlantic Forest in State of Sergipe.

  4. On the relation of Thomas rotation and angular velocity of reference frames

    Matolcsi, T.; Matolcsi, M.; Tasnádi, T.


    In the extensive literature dealing with the relativistic phenomenon of Thomas rotation several methods have been developed for calculating the Thomas rotation angle of a gyroscope along a circular world line. One of the most appealing concepts, introduced in \\cite{rindler}, is to consider a rotating reference frame co-moving with the gyroscope, and relate the precession of the gyroscope to the angular velocity of the reference frame. A recent paper \\cite{herrera}, however, applies this princ...

  5. Thomas Anderson Goudge and the introduction of symbolic logic at the University of Toronto

    Anellis, Irving H.


    Thomas Anderson Goudge was the first member of the philosophy department faculty to teach a course in modern mathematical logic at the University of Toronto. We provide here a brief discussion of the origin of Goudge's interest in logic and of how he came to introduce symbolic logic courses into the philosophy department curriculum at the University of Toronto. Much of the information presented here is based upon John G. Slater's three-page essay "Thomas Anderson Goudge" pre...

  6. General static polarizability in spherical neutral metal clusters and fullerenes within Thomas-Fermi theory

    Palade, D I


    We study the static linear response in spherical Thomas-Fermi systems deriving a simple diferen- tial equation for general multipolar moments and associated polarizabilities. We test the equation on sodium clusters between 20 and 100 atoms and on fullerenes between C60 and C240 and propose it for general Thomas-Fermi systems. Our simple method provides results which deviates from experimental data with less then 15%.

  7. Self-consistent Thomas-Fermi Approximation for Equation of State at Subnuclear Densities

    Zhang, Zhao-wen


    The self-consistent Thomas-Fermi approximation is an essential method for studying the non-uniform nuclear matter with relativistic mean-field theory. In this method, the nucleon distribution in the Wigner-Seitz cell is obtained self-consistently. We make a detailed comparison between the present results and previous calculations in the Thomas-Fermi approximation with a parameterized nucleon distribution that has been adopted in the widely used Shen equation of state.

  8. An Analysis Of Idealism In Thomas Hardy’s Jude The Obscure

    Saragih, Anna Clova


    Skripsi ini berjudul An Analysis of Idealism in Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure. Skripsi ini merupakan sebuah studi analisa Idealisme dalam sebuah novel berjudul Jude the Obscure karya Thomas Hardy. Idealisme pada dasarnya adalah sebuah paham yang mengagungkan ide-ide dalam pikiran manusia yang coba diterapkan dalam realitas kehidupan yang senantiasa mengharapkan kesempurnaan dlam hidup. Idealism memiliki banyak ide, cirri khas, konsep atau pemikiran, dan unsure-unsur yang beragam. Dalam skri...

  9. Conference President's address

    The objective of the Conference is to promote the development of a coherent international policy on the protection of the environment from the effects of ionizing radiation and to foster information exchange on this subject. The organizers, the IAEA in cooperation with United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR), the European Commission (EC) and the International Union of Radioecology (IUR), as well as the hosts of the conference, the Government of Sweden through the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI), are pleased that so nearly 300 delegates from 53 countries have been nominated by their governments to attend this meeting. Another objective is to discuss the implications of the ICRP's proposal for a framework to assess radiation effects in the environment. A framework for radiological protection of the environment must be practical and simple, as should be international standards for discharges into the environment that take account of such an approach. This is a task for the IAEA, in cooperation with other international organizations. This conference therefore provides an opportunity for you to influence the development of both ICRP and IAEA policy in this area. The background session today will give information on the current situation as well as social and political drivers for change. A number of organizations will provide an insight to the present status of international policies on the radiological protection related to releases to the environment. During the course of the conference, there will be five topical sessions that will cover selected subjects related to protection of the environment, such as stakeholders' views, case studies, approaches for non-radioactive pollutants, the state of current scientific knowledge and, finally, the implications of ICRP proposals for international safety standards. Keynote speakers will address key issues within each topical session, and a rapporteur will summarize the

  10. Obituary: Thomas C. Van Flandern (1940-2009)

    Dunham, David; Slabinski, Victor


    Dr. Thomas Charles Van Flandern, an expert in celestial mechanics and cosmology, died January 9, 2009 in Seattle, Washington, of colon cancer. He was 68. Van Flandern was an astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory from 1963 to 1983. He developed software to predict and analyze lunar occultations to improve lunar orbital and fundamental star catalog data. In later years he championed increasingly controversial theories. But his 1978 prediction that some asteroids have natural satellites, which was almost universally rejected, was verified when the Galileo spacecraft photographed Dactyl, a satellite of (243) Ida, during its flyby in 1993. Besides astronomy and computers, he had strong interests in biochemistry and nutrition, and he ran a business selling personal computers in the 1980s. Tom Van Flandern was born June 26, 1940 in Cleveland, Ohio, the first child of Robert F. Van Flandern and Anna Mary Haley. His father, a police officer, left the family when Tom Van Flandern was 5. His mother died when he was 16; he and his siblings then lived with their grandmother, Margery Jobe, until he went to college. Tom Van Flandern became interested in astronomy as a child. He used his first telescope, purchased with newspaper delivery earnings, to observe lunar occultations, and then learned how to predict them, sparking a life-long passion for dynamical astronomy. While attending St. Ignatius High School, Van Flandern and fellow student Thomas Petrie organized the Cleveland Moonwatch team to observe the first artificial satellites, the only team without an adult organizer. In 1958, Tom Van Flandern entered Xavier University where he led the Cincinnati Moonwatch team. He learned computer programming at a summer job with General Electric and wrote software to calculate "look angles" from orbital elements. The Cincinnati team became a top producer of observations using these predictions. Tom obtained a B.S. in mathematics from Xavier in 1962. He spent the next year at

  11. Observations of IPv6 Addresses

    Malone, David


    IPv6 addresses are longer than IPv4 addresses, and are so capable of greater expression. Given an IPv6 address, conventions and standards allow us to draw conclusions about how IPv6 is being used on the node with that address. We show a technique for analysing IPv6 addresses and apply it to a number of datasets. The datasets include addresses seen at a busy mirror server, at an IPv6-enabled TLD DNS server and when running traceroute across the production IPv6 network. The technique quantif...

  12. Anthony Trollope, Le docteur Thorne

    Fromonot, Jacqueline


    Écrivain prolixe, Antony Trollope (1815-1882) a publié non seulement une quarantaine de romans qui mettent en scène l’Angleterre victorienne, mais encore des nouvelles, des essais et une autobiographie. Paru en 1858, Dr Thorne est le troisième roman des Barsetshire Novels, cycle romanesque qui évoque les mœurs d’une province imaginaire. Il se lit toutefois de façon autonome par rapport aux autres volumes de la série, tout en se fondant sur une intrigue où dominent des thématiques récurrentes ...

  13. Loe lisaks / Anthony de Kowalsky

    Kowalsky, Anthony de


    Lühiarvustused : Mark Ravenhilli "Võta mind!" Vanemuises, lavastaja Ingomar Vihmar Tartu Sadamateatris; näitleja Kristjan Sarve aktsioon "99x" Henry Milleri "Vähi pöörijoonest", mida näitleja esitab 99 korda ja Eesti teatri parima meesnäitleja auhinnaga pärjatud Üllar Saaremäe nimirollist lavastuses "Cyrano de Bergerac" Rakvere Teatris

  14. William Osler and Seymour Thomas, “the boy artist of Texas”


    Critics consider the 1908–1909 portrait of William Osler by S. Seymour Thomas the best of six oil-on-canvas portraits of Osler done from life, including those by the more acclaimed US artists John Singer Sargent and William Merritt Chase. Osler called it “the best pictorial diagnosis I have ever seen” and told Thomas “I am at your service.” A reappraisal of Seymour Thomas explains why his portrait makes us feel much as the artist did in Osler's presence, which is the original English-language definition of “empathy.” Thomas told his subject that “I feel that you can look clear through me and see the wall on the other side.” The intensity of Osler's gaze affects us similarly. The portrait satisfied Osler, but his wife, Grace Revere Osler, never warmed to it, perhaps because it depicts so clearly a highly focused, agenda-driven man. Helen Thomas used the portrait to promote her husband's business, and, after a tortuous history, the portrait eventually returned to Oxford University, where it now hangs inconspicuously in the Radcliffe Science Library. PMID:27365894

  15. Llewellyn Hilleth Thomas: An appraisal of an under-appreciated polymath

    Jackson, John David


    Llewellyn Hilleth Thomas was born in 1903 and died in 1992 at the age of 88. His name is known by most for only two things, Thomas precession and the Thomas-Fermi atom. The many other facets of his career - astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics, nonlinear problems, accelerator physics, magnetohydrodynamics, computer design principles and software and hardware - are largely unknown or forgotten. I review his whole career - his early schooling, his time at Cambridge, then Copenhagen in 1925-26, and back to Cambridge, his move to the US as an assistant professor at Ohio State University in 1929, his wartime years at the Ballistic Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, then in 1946 his new career as a unique resource at IBM's Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory and Columbia University until his first retirement in 1968, and his twilight years at North Carolina State University. Although the Thomas precession and the Thomas-Fermi atom may be the jewels in his crown, his many other accomplishments add to our appreciation of this consummate applied mathematician and physicist. )

  16. Annexe 9. Europe 1 : le dossier de Guy Thomas (18 mai 1979, 07 h 15)


    Le journaliste Guy Thomas diffusait chaque matin sur EUROPE 1, à une heure de grande écoute, une émission au cours de laquelle il dénonçait le mauvais fonctionnement de l’administration. Ses critiques, généralement bien fondées, étaient redoutées par les services. Nous n’en avons que davantage apprécié l’émission que Guy Thomas a consacrée, le 18 mai 1979, au premier bilan de la Direction générale pour les relations avec le public. Guy Thomas. – ...Voilà une expérience bien intéressante. Cell...

  17. Representations of cohomological Hall algebras and Donaldson-Thomas theory with classical structure groups

    Young, Matthew B


    We introduce a new class of representations of the cohomological Hall algebras of Kontsevich and Soibelman which we call cohomological Hall modules, or CoHM for short. These representations are constructed from self-dual representations of a quiver with contravariant involution $\\sigma$ and provide a mathematical model for the space of BPS states in orientifold string theory. We use the CoHM to define a generalization of cohomological Donaldson-Thomas theory of quivers which allows the quiver representations to have orthogonal and symplectic structure groups. The associated invariants are called orientifold Donaldson-Thomas invariants. We prove the integrality conjecture for orientifold Donaldson-Thomas invariants of $\\sigma$-symmetric quivers. We also formulate precise conjectures regarding the geometric meaning of these invariants and the freeness of the CoHM of a $\\sigma$-symmetric quiver. We prove the freeness conjecture for disjoint union quivers, loop quivers and the affine Dynkin quiver of type $\\widet...

  18. Relativistic equation of state at subnuclear densities in the Thomas-Fermi approximation

    We study the non-uniform nuclear matter using the self-consistent Thomas-Fermi approximation with a relativistic mean-field model. The non-uniform matter is assumed to be composed of a lattice of heavy nuclei surrounded by dripped nucleons. At each temperature T, proton fraction Yp , and baryon mass density ρ B, we determine the thermodynamically favored state by minimizing the free energy with respect to the radius of the Wigner-Seitz cell, while the nucleon distribution in the cell can be determined self-consistently in the Thomas-Fermi approximation. A detailed comparison is made between the present results and previous calculations in the Thomas-Fermi approximation with a parameterized nucleon distribution that has been adopted in the widely used Shen equation of state.

  19. Port virtual addressing for PC

    Instruments for nuclear signal measurements based on add-on card for a personal computer (PC) are designed often. Then one faces the problem of the addressing of data input/output devices which show an integration level or intelligence that makes the use of several port address indispensable, and these are limited in the PC. The virtual addressing offers the advantage of the occupation of few addresses to accede to many of these devices. The principles of this technique and the appliances of a solution in radiometric in a radiometric card based on programmed logic are discussed in this paper

  20. Reclaiming unused IPv4 addresses

    IT Department


    As many people might know, the number of IPv4 addresses is limited and almost all have been allocated (see here and here for more information).   Although CERN has been allocated some 340,000 addresses, the way these are allocated across the site is not as efficient as we would like. As we face an increasing demand for IPv4 addresses with the growth in virtual machines, the IT Department’s Communication Systems Group will be reorganising address allocation during 2016 to make more efficient use of the IPv4 address ranges that have been allocated to CERN. We aim, wherever possible, to avoid giving out fixed IP addresses, and have all devices connected to the campus network obtain an address dynamically each time they connect. As a first stage, starting in February, IP addresses that have not been used for more than 9 months will be reclaimed. No information about the devices concerned will be deleted from LANDB, but a new IP address will have to be requested if they are ever reconnected to t...

  1. Study on equation of state based on Thomas-Fermi-Kirzhnits mo del%基于Thomas-Fermi-Kirzhnits模型的物态方程研究∗

    王坤; 史宗谦; 石元杰; 吴坚; 贾申利; 邱爱慈


    本文针对丝阵Z箍缩等高能量密度物理实验的数值模拟研究,建立了一种适用温度、密度范围宽的三项式半经验物态方程。三项式半经验物态方程包括零温自由能项,电子热贡献项和离子热贡献项。零温自由能项采用多项式拟合的方法确定。多项式系数通过多项式计算的结果与高压缩比区域和压缩比为1时零温Thomas-Fermi-Kirzhnits模型计算的结果对应相等得到。离子对物态方程的热贡献采用一种准谐振模型,此谐振模型可以描述离子在固态相中的行为,并且在高温度、低密度区域趋近于理想气体物态方程。电子对物态方程的热贡献采用含温Thomas-Fermi-Kirzhnits模型计算。利用所建立的三项式半经验物态方程计算了铝的等温压缩曲线,并与实验数据做了对比。给出了很宽温度、密度范围内铝的压强,其数据与相应的SESAME数据库数据做了对比。%A wide-range semi-empirical equation of state is constructed for numerical simulation of high-energy density experi-ments, such as, wire-array Z-pinch etc. The equation of state consists of zero-temperature free energy term, and thermal contributions of electron and ion. Thomas-Fermi model, which was firstly put forward by Thomas and Fermi, is initially developed to study the electron distribution of multi-electron atoms. Since its advent, this model has been widely used in solid-state physics, atomic physics, astrophysics and equation of state computations. It is a particularly important model to describe the behavior of matter under extreme conditions of high temperature and high density. This model provides reasonably accurate results that are validated experimentally for some thermodynamic quantities, such as the pressure. However, the Thomas-Fermi model yields a pressure of a few GPa under normal density even at very low tem-perature, and the pressure is always positive, indicating an obvious

  2. An address by AECL's president

    This complete address given by Reid Morden, the President of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, at the June 1997 meeting of the Canadian Nuclear Association. In his address, Morden discusses Canada's success in at home and abroad. He also corrects myths about nuclear energy

  3. Peakonsul Jaanus Kirikmäe andis teenetemärgi praost Thomas Vagale / Airi Vaga ; foto: Harold Karu

    Vaga, Airi, 1940-


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilves annetas iseseisvuspäeva puhul USA I praostkonna praostile Thomas Vagale Valgetähe IV klassi teenetemärgi. Teenetemärgi andis Thomas Vagale üle Eesti Vabariigi peakonsul Jaanus Kirikmäe

  4. The non-intuitive 1/2 Thomas factor: a heuristic argument with classical electromagnetism

    We present a heuristic argument to deduce the non-intuitive 1/2 Thomas factor for an atomic electron revolving in its orbit about the nucleus. The argument, which is simple, pedagogical and accessible to physics beginners, uses elementary notions of classical electromagnetism rather than the advanced relativity concepts which are needed in any standard textbook derivation

  5. E.E.L.K. Peapiiskopi valimised / Thomas Vaga, Ivar Nippak

    Vaga, Thomas, 1938-


    21. detsembril teatas häältelugemiskomisjon, et kaks enam hääli saanud kandidaati on Thomas Vaga ja Andres Taul. Samade kandidaatide vahel toimub korduv hääletus. Uued valimismaterjalid saadetakse välja 2007. aasta jaanuaris

  6. USA saadik loodab võita eestlaste poolehoiu / Joseph M. DeThomas

    DeThomas, Joseph M.


    USA suursaadik Eestis Joseph DeThomas vastab on-line intervjuus Eesti Päevalehe lugejate küsimustele Iraagi ründamise, USA ja Euroopa vahelise lõhe, USA Eesti saatkonna võimaliku ümberkolimise kohta

  7. 75 FR 14467 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Pierce College District, Lakewood, WA, and Thomas Burke Memorial...


    ... National Park Service Notice of Inventory Completion: Pierce College District, Lakewood, WA, and Thomas... in the control of the Pierce College District, Lakewood, WA, and in the physical custody of the... Assistant Director of Facilities, Pierce College District, 9401 Farwest Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA...

  8. Thomas J. Fagan: award for distinguished professional contributions to practice in the public sector.


    Presents the citation for Thomas J. Fagan, who received the Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Practice in the Public Sector "for his service as a leader in correctional psychology." A brief profile and a selected bibliography accompany the citation. ((c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved). PMID:17115843

  9. Thomas Midgley, Jr., and the Development of New Substances: A Case Study for Chemical Educators

    Viana, Hélio Elael Bonini; Porto, Paulo Alves


    This paper presents a history of chemistry case study focusing on selected aspects of the work of American engineer Thomas Midgley, Jr. (1889-1944): the development of tetraethyl lead as an antiknock gasoline additive and of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as fluids for refrigeration devices. One general aim of this case study is to display the complex…

  10. Music in a Flat World: Thomas L. Friedman's Ideas and Your Program

    Beckmann-Collier, Aimee


    In his bestseller "The World is Flat," Pulitzer-winning author Thomas L. Friedman discusses the concept of globalization and its "flattening" effect on the world. Globalization is a hugely controversial and complex issue, and the effects of globalization and the new needs of a global society may be especially important to music educators. By…

  11. A Nobel Prize for empirical macroeconometrics: assessing the contributions of Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims

    M. Boumans; E.M. Sent


    This paper provides an assessment of the contributions of the 2011 Nobel Prize winners, Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims. They received the prize ‘for their empirical research on cause and effect in the macroeconomy’. The paper illustrates that Sargent entertained different interpretations of rat

  12. "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano": Human Values in Thomas Wilson's "The Arte of Rhetorique."

    Luehring, Janet

    In 1553 the work that is touted as the first complete book written in English on rhetoric was published, Thomas Wilson's "Arte of Rhetorique." It became so popular it enjoyed eight printings within its century. Wilson was not a person to translate and read just for knowledge; he believed that knowledge should be imparted to the general public.…

  13. The Importance of Peer Review: Thoughts on Knudson, Morrow, and Thomas (2014)

    Fischman, Mark G.


    Knudson, Morrow, and Thomas (2014) recently summarized a number of important issues related to the quality of peer review and current peer-review practice in kinesiology. This writer endorses their six recommendations for improving peer review in kinesiology journals. The purpose of this commentary is to further highlight the importance of…

  14. Demonstrating the Benefits of Staff Development. An Interview with Thomas R. Guskey.

    Todnem, Guy; Warner, Michael P.


    Interview with Thomas Guskey examines the benefits of staff development, presenting reasons for interest in the topic, advice for educators who want to trace the impact of staff development programs on participants and students, and the need for staff developers to identify some targets and monitor movement toward the targets. (SM)

  15. Civic Work, Civic Lessons: Intergenerational Reflections--An Interview with Thomas Ehrlich and Ernestine Fu

    McTighe Musil, Caryn


    In a September 2013 interview, Thomas Ehrlich and Ernestine Fu--whose passion for public service is manifested in differing ways and from two dramatically different generational standpoints--discussed insights from their co-authored book, "Civic Work, Civic Lessons: Two Generations Reflect on Public Service (2013)." Septuagenarian Tom…

  16. Dualling Thomas: Maine College Helps Students Earn College Credit While in High School

    MacKenzie, Riley


    The Pathways Program allows juniors and seniors in high school who have a high school GPA of 3.0, a demonstrated capacity for college work, and a recommendation of the high school guidance counselor, to pursue their associate degrees at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine, while completing the requirements for their high school diploma at…

  17. First Description of Discrete Stars Composing the Milk Way in Thomas Watson's Hekatompathia (1582)

    Altshuler, E; Altschuler, Eric Lewin; Jansen, William


    We note that the first unambiguous description of the Milk Way as being composed of a large number of discrete stars is in Sonnet 31 of Thomas Watson's (d 1592) Hekatompathia (1582), nearly 30 years before Galileo's description. We discuss implications of this early description.

  18. St. Thomas and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands Coastal Digital Elevation Model

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The 1/3 arc-second St. Thomas and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands Coastal Digital Elevation Model will be used to support NOAA's tsunami forecast system and for...

  19. Charting the Course: Four Years of the Thomas W. Payzant School on the Move Prize

    d'Entremont, Chad; Norton, Jill; Bennett, Michael; Piazza, Peter


    Since 2006, the Thomas W. Payzant School on the Move (SOM) Prize has been awarded annually to a Boston public school that has made significant progress in improving student achievement. This case study identifies the structures and strategies that best serve students in prizewinning schools, provides a profile of each of the four winning schools…

  20. Thomas Novak testifies before U.S. Senate Committee on Mining Safety

    Nystrom, Lynn A.


    In testimony before the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions of the United States Senate today, Thomas Novak, the C.T. Holland Professor and Department Head Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, recommended an overarching approach through engineering and scientific research for mining safety in the United States.

  1. Compte-rendu : Thomas Laqueur "Solitary Sex" et Rachel Maines "The Technology of Orgasm"

    Coulmont, Baptiste


    National audience Note critique sur LAQUEUR (Thomas W.), Solitary Sex : A Cultural History of Masturbation, New York, Zone Books, 2003, 501p. (index) et sur MAINES (Rachel P.), The Technology of Orgasm : "Hysteria", the Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction, Baltimore (MD), The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999, 181p. (index)

  2. Electrical Connections: Letters to Thomas Edison in Response to His Claim of Solving Incandescent Lighting, 1878.

    Bazerman, Charles


    Discusses the way in which letters sent to Thomas Edison following the report that he had solved the problem of incandescent lighting reveal the many discursive worlds that Edison's work touched. Claims these letters indicate how a technological accomplishment is also a multiple, complex social, and communicative accomplishment, creating place and…

  3. Thomas Edison's Inventions in the 1900s and Today: From "New" to You! [Lesson Plan].


    The purpose of this lesson is to familiarize students with life and technology around 1900 so that they can better understand how Thomas Edison and his many inventions influenced both. Without some understanding of Edison's time, it is unclear just how significant an impact Edison had on the world, both then and now. While the incandescent light…

  4. Equations of State of Elements Based on the Generalized Fermi-Thomas Theory

    Feynman, R. P.; Metropolis, N.; Teller, E.


    The Fermi-Thomas model has been used to derive the equation of state of matter at high pressures and at various temperatures. Calculations have been carried out both without and with the exchange terms. Discussion of similarity transformations lead to the virial theorem and to correlation of solutions for different Z-values.

  5. TUZ, Resonance Integrals in Unresolved Region, Various Temperature, From Porter-Thomas Distribution

    1 - Nature of physical problem solved: TUZ computes resonance integrals for a wide variety of temperatures, compositions, and geometries for the unresolved resonances. 2 - Method of solution: The resonances are considered to be defined by an average over the Porter-Thomas distribution of neutron widths

  6. Vigilance in wild Thomas's langurs (Presbytis thomasi): the importance of infanticide risk

    Steenbeek, Romy; Piek, R.C. (Ruben); Buul, M. (Marleen) van; Hooft, J.A.R.A.M. (Jan) van


    This study examines vigilance as a behavioural indicator of the importance of infanticide risk by com- paring the infanticide avoidance hypothesis with the predation avoidance and mate defence hypotheses for wild Thomas's langurs (Presbytis thomasi) in Sumatra. We found that all individuals were mor

  7. A Critical Feminist and Race Critique of Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the Twenty-First Century"

    Moeller, Kathryn


    Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the Twenty-first Century" documents the foreboding nature of rising wealth inequality in the twenty-first century. In an effort to promote a more just and democratic global society and rein in the unfettered accumulation of wealth by the few, Piketty calls for a global progressive annual tax on corporate…

  8. Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets alumnus Thomas Lenz named Hokie Hero

    Cox, Carrie


    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets alumnus 2nd Lt. Thomas Lenz, United States Army, who earned a degree in history from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences in 2008 has been selected as the Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech versus North Carolina State football game

  9. The poor in the Epistle of James and the Gospel of Thomas

    Patrick J. Hartin


    Full Text Available This study explores similarities in the thought world of the Epistle of James and the Gospel of Thomas. Particular attention is devoted to the role that the 'poor' and 'poverty' play in both documents. For the Epistle of James it is 'the poor in the world that God has chosen to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom' (Ja 2:5.  In a similar vein, in the Gospel of Thomas the kingdom is promised to those who have embraced the poverty of a radical life-style: 'Blessed are the poor, for yours is the kingdom of heaven' (GTh 54. This outlook betrays a basic ethos adopted toward the world. In both the Epistle of James and the Gospel of Thomas the relationship to the world ultimately determines one's relationship to the kingdom or to God. For the Epistle of James the very definition of religion demands that one keep 'oneself unstained from  the world' (Ja 1 :27 and that 'friendship with the world' is enmity with God (Ja 4:4. For the Gospel of Thomas the rejection of the world involves a radical ethos that embraces an intinerant life ('Be passersby' [GTh 42J, which includes a rejection of wealth (GTh 63.'If you do not abstain from the world, you will not find the kingdom' (GTh 27. It is argued that the Gospel of Thomas and the Epistle of James reflect traditional sayings that endorse a similar ethos of radical discipleship.

  10. A legitimidade de normas de direito internacional: um diálogo com Thomas Franck The legitimacy of international law norms: a dialog with Thomas Franck

    Felipe Kern Moreira


    O objetivo deste artigo é debater a noção de legitimidade de normas de direito internacional público proposta pelo jurista e professor da universidade de Nova York, Thomas Franck. Esta contribuição consiste na proposta teórica e multidisciplinar de descrever de que forma a legitimidade de normas jurídicas internacionais pode ser avaliada a partir de critérios de pedigree específicos. Além de tratar da legitimidade como determinação, validação simbólica, coerência e aderência, procura responde...