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  1. SOLIS/VSM Polar Magnetic Field Data

    Bertello, Luca


    The Vector Spectromagnetograph (VSM) instrument on the Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun (SOLIS) telescope is designed to obtain high-quality magnetic field observations in both the photosphere and chromosphere by measuring the Zeeman-induced polarization of spectral lines. With 1$^{\\prime \\prime}$ spatial resolution (1.14$^{\\prime \\prime}$ before 2010) and 0.05\\AA\\ spectral resolution, the VSM provides, among other products, chromospheric full-disk magnetograms using the CaII 854.2 nm spectral line and both photospheric full-disk vector and longitudinal magnetograms using the FeI 630.15 nm line. Here we describe the procedure used to compute daily weighted averages of the photospheric radial polar magnetic field at different latitude bands from SOLIS/VSM longitudinal full-disk observations. Time series of these measurements are publicly available from the SOLIS website at\\_plrfield.html. Future plans include the calculation of the mean polar field strength fr...

  2. Inversions of High-Cadence SOLIS-VSM Stokes Observations

    Fischer, C.E.; Keller, C.U.; Snik, F.


    We have processed full-Stokes observations made with the SOLIS-VSM using Fe I 630.15 and Fe I 630.25 nm. The data have high spectral and temporal resolution, moderate spatial resolution, and large polarimetric sensitivity and accuracy. We use the code LILIA, an LTE inversion code written by Socas-Na

  3. 7. juunil kaitses Tallinna Ülikoolis oma doktoritööd Ako Sauga


    Ako Sauga doktoritöö teema oli "Influence of environmental fluctuations on dynamics of non-linear systems" (pealkiri eesti keeles : "Keskkonnaparameetrite fluktuatsioonide mõju mittelineaarsete süsteemide dünaamikale")

  4. Image Quality of SOLIS/VSM in Helium vs. Nitrogen

    Harvey, J. W.


    The National Solar Observatory (NSO) Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun (SOLIS) Vector SpectroMagnetograph (VSM) is sealed and was designed to be filled with helium at slightly above ambient pressure. After 11 years of operation filled with helium, an acute shortage of helium prompted a test using nitrogen as the fill gas. Four months of nitrogen-filled observations in 2014 are compared the same months in 2013 with helium fill. On average, the image sharpness is slightly deg...

  5. Camera Gap Removal in SOLIS/VSM Images

    Marble, Andrew R; Pevtsov, Alexei A


    The Vector Spectromagnetograph (VSM) instrument on the Synoptic Optical Longterm Investigations of the Sun (SOLIS) telescope is capable of obtaining spectropolarimetry for the full Sun (or a select latitudinal range) with one arcsecond spatial resolution and 0.05 Angstrom spectral resolution. This is achieved by scanning the Sun in declination and building up spectral cubes for multiple polarization states, utilizing a beamsplitter and two separate 2k x 2k CCD cameras. As a result, the eastern and western hemispheres of the Sun are separated in preliminary VSM images by a vertical gap with soft edges and variable position and width. Prior to the comprehensive analysis presented in this document, a trial-and-error approach to removing the gap had yielded an algorithm that was inconsistent, undocumented, and responsible for incorrectly eliminating too many image columns. Here we describe, in detail, the basis for a new, streamlined, and properly calibrated prescription for locating and removing the gap that is ...

  6. Current Status of the SOLIS Program: Improved and New Data Products

    Bertello, Luca; Britanik, John; Callahan, Lorraine; Gosain, Sanjay; Harker, Brian; Harvey, J. W.; Hughes, A.; Marble, A.; Pevtsov, Alexei A.; Wentzel, Thomas


    Over the past year the Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun (SOLIS) team has made significant improvements to the data products provided to the solar and heliospheric community. In particular, a considerable effort has been dedicated to reprocess the archive of vector and longitudinal photospheric magnetograms, from 2003 to present, using the latest production code. This endeavor is now near completion and will assure that all derived magnetic products, such as synoptic maps and flux time series, are consistently calibrated. In addition, new products have been recently developed. For example, time series of daily averages of the Sun's polar magnetic field derived from full-disk photospheric FeI 630.15 nm longitudinal magnetograms are now available from the SOLIS website at intensity calibration of high resolution Ca II K & H spectra from the Integrated Sunlight Spectrometer (ISS) led to significant reduction in daily variations of parameters derived from these spectra. The SOLIS team will soon also release Carrington synoptic maps for the three components of the photospheric magnetic field derived from vector measurements taken in the Fe I 630.15 nm spectral line. The addition, in late 2015, of a new Ca II 854.2 nm full-Stokes polarimeter into the SOLIS core program of magnetic observations will make available to the community daily chromospheric measurements of the complete Stokes polarization vector.We present here a summary of these improvements, with particular emphasis on the new products that can be accessed from the SOLIS data page at For a description of the diagnostic capability of the new Ca II 854.2 nm spectro-polarimeter and preliminary results we refer to other presentations by SOLIS team members at this meeting.This work utilizes SOLIS data obtained by the NSO Integrated Synoptic Program (NISP), managed by the National Solar Observatory, which is operated by the

  7. Salinimicrobium soli sp. nov., isolated from soil of reclaimed land.

    Kim, Jong-Hwa; Yoon, Jung-Hoon; Kim, Wonyong


    A Gram-stain-negative, facultatively anaerobic, non-gliding, rod-shaped bacterial strain, designated CAU 1287T, was isolated from a soil sample of reclaimed land and its taxonomic position was investigated using a polyphasic approach. Strain CAU 1287T grew optimally at 30 °C, at pH 5.5 and in the presence of up to 2 % (w/v) NaCl. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that strain CAU 1287T formed a distinct lineage within the genus Salinimicrobium and shared the highest 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity of 98.0 % with Salinimicrobium gaetbulicola KCTC 23579T. Similar to other species of the genus Salinimicrobium, menaquinone-6 (MK-6) was the only isoprenoid quinone and iso-C15:0 and anteiso-C15:0 were the major cellular fatty acid detected in strain CAU 1287T. The polar lipid pattern of strain CAU 1287T consisted of phosphatidylethanolamine and various unidentified lipids including three aminolipids, one aminophospholipid, one phosphoglycolipid, one glycolipid, and three lipids. The DNA G+C content of CAU 1287T was 43.4 mol%. On the basis of phenotypic, chemotaxonomic and phylogenetic data, strain CAU 1287T represents a novel species of the genus Salinimicrobium, for which the name Salinimicrobium soli sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is CAU 1287T ( = KCTC 32163T = CCUG 64794T). PMID:26541463

  8. Luteimonas soli sp. nov., isolated from farmland soil.

    Wang, Xiang; Yang, Hong-Xing; Zhang, Ying-Kun; Zhu, Shi-Jun; Liu, Xiao-Wei; Zhang, Hao; Zhang, Chen-Fei; Zhao, Chao-Ran; Hu, Gang; Hong, Qing


    A yellow-pigmented bacterial strain, designated Y2T, was isolated from farmland soil in Bengbu, Anhui province, China. Cells of strain Y2T were Gram-stain-negative, strictly aerobic, non-motile and rod-shaped. Strain Y2T grew optimally at pH 7.0, 30 °C and in the presence of 2 % (w/v) NaCl. The DNA G+C content was 68.9 mol%. The major fatty acids (>5 %) were iso-C15 : 0, iso-C17 : 0, summed feature 9 (C16 : 0 10-methyl and/or iso-C17 : 1ω9c), iso-C11 : 0 3-OH and iso-C11 : 0. The major respiratory quinone was ubiquinone-8 (Q-8), and the major polar lipids were phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylglycerol and diphosphatidylglycerol. Phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequences showed that strain Y2T was most closely related to Luteimonas mephitis B1953/27.1T (99.1 % 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity), followed by Luteimonas lutimaris G3T (98.6 %), Luteimonas abyssi XH031T (96.2 %) and Luteimonas aquatica RIB1-20T (96.0 %). Strain Y2T exhibited low DNA-DNA relatedness with Luteimonas mephitis B1953/27.1T (43.6 ± 0.5 %) and Luteimonas lutimaris G3T (43.9 ± 2.1 %). On the basis of phenotypic, genotypic and phylogenetic evidence, strain Y2T represents a novel species of the genus Luteimonas, for which the name Luteimonas soli sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is Y2T ( = ACCC 19799T = KCTC 42441T). PMID:26437920

  9. Exome Enrichment and SOLiD Sequencing of Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) Prostate Cancer Tissue

    Saskia Biskup; Detlef Boehm; Diana Boehm; Falko Fend; Martin Braun; Mario Deng; Roopika Menon; Sven Perner


    Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have revolutionized cancer research allowing the comprehensive study of cancer using high throughput deep sequencing methodologies. These methods detect genomic alterations, nucleotide substitutions, insertions, deletions and copy number alterations. SOLiD (Sequencing by Oligonucleotide Ligation and Detection, Life Technologies) is a promising technology generating billions of 50 bp sequencing reads. This robust technique, successfully applied in ...

  10. Vector magnetic field inversions of high cadence SOLIS-VSM data

    Fischer, C.E.; Keller, C.U.; Snik, F.


    We have processed full Stokes observations from the SOLIS VSM in the photospheric lines Fe I 630.15 nm and 630.25 nm. The data sets have high spectral and temporal resolution, moderate spatial resolution, and large polarimetric sensitivity and accuracy. We used the LILIA, an LTE code written by Soca

  11. Status of the Synoptic Optical Long-Term Investigations of the Sun (SOLIS) Facility

    Harvey, J.; SOLIS Team


    SOLIS is a suite of three instruments and a data handling system designed to provide synoptic solar observations for at least two decades. The facility is now commencing initial operations at a temporary observing site in Tucson. After a period of simultaneous observations with the NSO/NASA Kitt Peak spectromagnetograph, SOLIS will be moved to Kitt Peak where it will replace that instrument and the 30-year-old Vacuum Telescope. The SOLIS Vector SpectroMagnetograph (VSM) is a compact, helium-filled, high-throughput, 50-cm aperture telescope and spectrograph that nominally scans the entire solar disk in 15 minutes. It provides the first full-disk photospheric vector magnetograms, high-sensitivity photospheric and chromospheric longitudinal magnetograms, and 1083 nm He I chromospheric spectral maps. The VSM is initially operating with interim cameras that are noisier and slower than originally planned. A 15 cm Full Disk Patrol (FDP) instrument provides full-disk filtergrams captured by 2k x 2k CCD cameras using either a 1083 nm or a tunable (380-660 nm) narrow-band filter. Until it is finished, the tunable filter is temporarily replaced by an H-alpha filter. The VSM and FDP are mounted on separate declination axes attached to a right ascension drive. This allows the FDP to be pointed at the sun center while the VSM scans the solar disk in the declination direction. The final instrument is an Integrated Sunlight Spectrometer (ISS). The ISS is a double-pass spectrograph that produces high-quality spectra for sun-as-a-star studies. It is located in a temperature-controlled room and fed by a fiber-optic image-scrambling system that is mounted on the FDP. Data from all of the instruments is collected by an on-site storage area network and preliminary reduction done by a collection of 14 Linux computers. Archival storage of the data is on LTO tapes and the data products are transmitted to Tucson via a 45 Mbs link where they are kept on line and web-available using a RAID 5

  12. Fine De Novo Sequencing of a Fungal Genome Using only SOLiD Short Read Data: Verification on Aspergillus oryzae RIB40

    Myco Umemura; Yoshinori Koyama; Itaru Takeda; Hiroko Hagiwara; Tsutomu Ikegami; Hideaki Koike; Masayuki Machida


    The development of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies has dramatically increased the throughput, speed, and efficiency of genome sequencing. The short read data generated from NGS platforms, such as SOLiD and Illumina, are quite useful for mapping analysis. However, the SOLiD read data with lengths of

  13. Draft Genome Sequence of a Multidrug-Resistant blaNDM-1-Producing Acinetobacter soli Isolate in China

    Chen, Yan; Yan, Zhengsong; Wang, Miaojuan; Zheng, Xia; Lu, Yun; Lin, Shaohua


    Acinetobacter spp. are one of the most prevalent opportunistic pathogens causing nosocomial infections and have become a major clinical and public health threat. In this study, we presented the first draft genome sequence of A. soli TCM341, a multidrug resistant isolate that carried the blaNDM-1 gene in China. Genome sequencing of A. soli TCM341 was carried out in Illumina Hiseq 2000 next-generation sequencer. The data obtained revealed 74 contigs with genome size of 3.49 Mb and G+C content o...

  14. Exome Enrichment and SOLiD Sequencing of Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE Prostate Cancer Tissue

    Saskia Biskup


    Full Text Available Next generation sequencing (NGS technologies have revolutionized cancer research allowing the comprehensive study of cancer using high throughput deep sequencing methodologies. These methods detect genomic alterations, nucleotide substitutions, insertions, deletions and copy number alterations. SOLiD (Sequencing by Oligonucleotide Ligation and Detection, Life Technologies is a promising technology generating billions of 50 bp sequencing reads. This robust technique, successfully applied in gene identification, might be helpful in detecting novel genes associated with cancer initiation and progression using formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE tissue. This study’s aim was to compare the validity of whole exome sequencing of fresh-frozen vs. FFPE tumor tissue by normalization to normal prostatic FFPE tissue, obtained from the same patient. One primary fresh-frozen sample, corresponding FFPE prostate cancer sample and matched adjacent normal prostatic tissue was subjected to exome sequencing. The sequenced reads were mapped and compared. Our study was the first to show comparable exome sequencing results between FFPE and corresponding fresh-frozen cancer tissues using SOLiD sequencing. A prior study has been conducted comparing the validity of sequencing of FFPE vs. fresh frozen samples using other NGS platforms. Our validation further proves that FFPE material is a reliable source of material for whole exome sequencing.

  15. Zeemanfit: Use and Development of the solis_vms_zeemanfit code

    Hughes, Anna L H; Marble, Andrew R; Pevtsov, Alexei A


    The purpose of the SOLIS Zeemanfit Code is to provide a straight-forward, easily checked measure of the total magnetic-field strength in the high-strength umbral regions of the solar disk. In the highest-strength regions, the Zeeman splitting of the 6302-angstrom Fe line becomes wide enough for the triplet nature of the line to be visible by eye in non-polarized light. Therefore, a three-line fit to the spectra should, in principle, provide a fairly robust measure of the total magnetic-field strength. The code uses the Level-1.5 spec-cube data of the SOLIS VSM 6302-vector observations (specifically the Stokes-I and Stokes-V components) to fit the line profiles at each appropriate pixel and calculate the magnetic-field-strength from the line-center separation of the two fit 6302.5 sigma-components. The 6301.5-angstrom Fe line is also present and fit in the VSM 6302-vector data, but it is an anomalous-Zeeman line with a weaker response to magnetic fields. Therefore, no magnetic- field measure is derived from th...

  16. Morphology of Wrinkle Ridges on Lunae and Solis Plana, Mars from MOLA Topography: Implications for Their Kinematic Development

    Tate, A.; Golombek, M. P.; Mueller, K. J.


    Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) topography is used to define the detailed morphology and kinematic development of martian wrinkle ridges on Lunae and Solis Plana. Changes in ridge morphology suggest they form as fault-propagation folds, often with significant backthrusts. Additional information is contained in the original extended abstract.

  17. SOLIS: reconciling disk-integrated and disk-resolved spectra from the Sun

    Pevtsov, Alexei; Harker, Brian; Giampapa, Mark; Marble, Andrew


    Unlike other stars, the surface of the Sun can be spatially resolved to a high degree of detail. But the Sun can also be observed as if it was a distant star. The availability of solar disk-resolved and disk-integrated spectra offers an opportunity to devise methods to derive information about the spatial distribution of solar features from Sun-as-a-star measurements. Here, we present an update on work done at the National Solar Observatory to reconcile disk-integrated and disk-resolved solar spectra from the Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigation of the Sun (SOLIS) station. The results of this work will lead to a new approach to infer the information about the spatial distribution of features on other stars, from the overall filling factor of active regions to, possibly, the latitude/longitude distribution of features.

  18. Automatic Active-Region Identification and Azimuth Disambiguation of the SOLIS/VSM Full-Disk Vector Magnetograms

    Georgoulis, M K; Henney, C J


    The Vector Spectromagnetograph (VSM) of the NSO's Synoptic Optical Long-Term Investigations of the Sun (SOLIS) facility is now operational and obtains the first-ever vector magnetic field measurements of the entire visible solar hemisphere. To fully exploit the unprecedented SOLIS/VSM data, however, one must first address two critical problems: first, the study of solar active regions requires an automatic, physically intuitive, technique for active-region identification in the solar disk. Second, use of active-region vector magnetograms requires removal of the azimuthal $180^o$-ambiguity in the orientation of the transverse magnetic field component. Here we report on an effort to address both problems simultaneously and efficiently. To identify solar active regions we apply an algorithm designed to locate complex, flux-balanced, magnetic structures with a dominant E-W orientation on the disk. Each of the disk portions corresponding to active regions is thereafter extracted and subjected to the Nonpotential M...

  19. Određivanje aktivnosti sukcinat-dehidrogenaze in situ u soju kvasca Saccharomyces cerevisiae reakcijom s plavom tetrazolijevom soli

    Kregiel, Dorota; Berlowska, Joanna; Ambroziak, Wojciech


    U ovom je istraživanju razvijen spektrofotometrijski postupak određivanja aktivnosti sukcinat-dehidrogenaze u soju Saccharomyces cerevisiae osjetljivom na azid. Propusnost stanica kvasca za 0,05 %-tni digitonin omogućila je ispitivanje enzimske aktivnosti toga soja in situ. U prisutnosti fenazin-metosulfata (kao prijenosnika elektrona) i natrijeva azida (koji inhibira enzim citokrom-oksidazu) došlo je do redukcije plave tetrazolijeve soli u plavi tetrazolijev formazan. Optimirani su razni fak...

  20. Depth and Morphology of Wrinkle Ridge Detachments at Solis Planum, Mars

    Colton, S. L.; Ferrill, D. A.; Smart, K. J.


    Wrinkle ridges -- long, linear to sinuous anticlines separated by relatively broad, flat synclinal valleys -- are a fundamental component of Martian geomorphology. The anticlinal crests show variable morphologies, but are often characterized by weak to strong asymmetry with variable vergence directions between adjacent ridges and along strike for any given ridge. Although wrinkle ridges are typically interpreted as contractional features, there is ongoing debate about their underlying structure and whether thrust faults penetrate to tens of kilometers of depth ("thick-skinned shortening") or sole into a detachment in the upper few kilometers of the Martian crust ("thin-skinned shortening"). Previous workers have estimated depth to the detachment horizon using a variety of methods including gravity inversion, geometry of crater-ridge intersections, mechanical modeling, and geometric modeling. Here we use a well-established terrestrial technique to calculate depth to the detachment horizon for wrinkle ridges in the Solis Planum region of Mars. We interpolate topographic profiles perpendicular to the regional trend of wrinkle ridges from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Mission Experiment Gridded Data Record (MEGDR) altimetry data, set vertical reference lines on both sides of the ridge that define the limits of our measurement range, estimate the topographic surface prior to wrinkle ridge formation, and calculate the area uplifted above the original topographic surface. Dividing this excess area by the amount of shortening (the topographic profile length minus the length prior to deformation), provides depth to detachment. We calibrate the results with profiles from the less spatially-extensive but greater along-track density MOLA Precision Experiment Data Record (PEDR). Additional topographic and structural interpretation and analysis of wrinkle ridge morphology are conducted with Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC), Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS), and High

  1. Leifsonia soli sp. nov., a yellow-pigmented actinobacterium isolated from teak rhizosphere soil.

    Madhaiyan, Munusamy; Poonguzhali, Selvaraj; Lee, Jung-Sook; Senthilkumar, Murugaiyan; Lee, Keun Chul; Sundaram, Subbiah


    Two yellow-pigmented, Gram-stain-positive, aerobic, motile, short rod-shaped bacteria were isolated from natural teak tree rhizosphere soil and their taxonomic positions were determined by using a polyphasic approach. Comparative 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis showed that strains TG-S248(T) and TG-S240 formed a distinct phyletic line within the genus Leifsonia. 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis of strain TG-S248(T) with sequences from Leifsonia shinshuensis DB 102(T), L. poae VKM Ac-1401(T), L. naganoensis DB 103(T), L. aquatica DSM 20146(T) and L. xyli subsp. cynodontis JCM 9733(T) revealed pairwise similarities ranging from 98.7 to 99.1 %. The major fatty acids were anteiso-C(15 : 0), anteiso-C(17 : 0) and iso-C(16 : 0). The G+C content of the DNA of the type strain was 69.4 mol%. DNA-DNA hybridization experiments revealed low levels of DNA-DNA relatedness (32 % or less) between strain TG-S248(T) and its closest relatives. Based on differences in phenotypic and genotypic characteristics, strain TG-S248(T) (=LMG 24767(T) =JCM 15679(T)) is designated the type strain of a novel species of the genus Leifsonia, for which the name Leifsonia soli sp. nov. is proposed. PMID:19667370

  2. Fine de novo sequencing of a fungal genome using only SOLiD short read data: verification on Aspergillus oryzae RIB40.

    Myco Umemura

    Full Text Available The development of next-generation sequencing (NGS technologies has dramatically increased the throughput, speed, and efficiency of genome sequencing. The short read data generated from NGS platforms, such as SOLiD and Illumina, are quite useful for mapping analysis. However, the SOLiD read data with lengths of <60 bp have been considered to be too short for de novo genome sequencing. Here, to investigate whether de novo sequencing of fungal genomes is possible using only SOLiD short read sequence data, we performed de novo assembly of the Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 genome using only SOLiD read data of 50 bp generated from mate-paired libraries with 2.8- or 1.9-kb insert sizes. The assembled scaffolds showed an N50 value of 1.6 Mb, a 22-fold increase than those obtained using only SOLiD short read in other published reports. In addition, almost 99% of the reference genome was accurately aligned by the assembled scaffold fragments in long lengths. The sequences of secondary metabolite biosynthetic genes and clusters, whose products are of considerable interest in fungal studies due to their potential medicinal, agricultural, and cosmetic properties, were also highly reconstructed in the assembled scaffolds. Based on these findings, we concluded that de novo genome sequencing using only SOLiD short reads is feasible and practical for molecular biological study of fungi. We also investigated the effect of filtering low quality data, library insert size, and k-mer size on the assembly performance, and recommend for the assembly use of mild filtered read data where the N50 was not so degraded and the library has an insert size of ∼2.0 kb, and k-mer size 33.

  3. Axial Surface Mapping of Wrinkle Ridges on Solis Planum, Mars from MOLA Topography: Constraints on Subsurface Blind Thrust Geometry

    Vidal, A.; Mueller, K.; Golombek, M. P.


    We undertook axial surface mapping of selected wrinkle ridges on Solis Planum, Mars in order to assess the subsurface geometry of blind thrusts proposed to exist beneath them. This work builds on previous work that defined structural families of wrinkle ridges based on their surface morphology in this region. Although a growing consensus exists for models of wrinkle ridge kinematics and mechanics, a number of current problems remain. These include the origin of topographic offset across the edges of wrinkle ridges, the relationship between broad arches and superposed ridges, the origin of smaller wrinkles, and perhaps most importantly, the trajectory of blind thrusts that underlie wrinkle ridges and accommodate shortening at deeper crustal levels. We are particularly interested in defining the depths at which blind thrusts flatten under wrinkle ridges in order to provide constraints on the brittle-ductile transition during Early Hesperian time. We also seek to test whether wrinkle ridges on Solis Planum develop above reactivated faults or newly formed ones.

  4. Decoding the Hermetic Discourse in Salomon Trismosin's Splendor Solis - A Semiotic Study of Three Ways of Reading

    J. Peter Södergård


    Full Text Available Alchemy and the Hermetic Art are terms that denote a most interesting transitional space, circumscribing an opaque region of human cultural history, shared between matter and psyche, between phantasmagoric reveries and practical experiments, between sincere natural theology and conscious fraud. This is an area of human experience that has been notoriously difficult to define and understand, and which has triggered off contradictory interpretations that are, in their own, of semiotic interest. It has been said that a text — in our case Splendor Solis, and the Hermetic–alchemical texts at large — is a picnic, a Dutch party, in which the author provides the words and the reader, especially a reader with too much or too little erudition, comes up with the meaning of the words. In this article, the author tries to give an overview of the general interpretations of alchemy that have been put forward, and apply Umberto Eco's intentional approach to these interpretations, viz. consider them as various sorts of intentions. The author uses a pseudonymous alchemical tractate from the sixteenth century, Salomon Trismosin's treatise Splendor Solis as an opportunity to picture and evaluate the three main decodings of alchemy that have been attempted; a chemical, a religious—soteriological and a psychological. The author also explores the intertextual web in the Hermetic discourse, and see if its mapping can generate usable knowledge about what has, since the Middle Ages, been called alchemy: a term acknowledging the taking up of a science or art which had been cultivated by Muslim and Nestorian scholars, but with its fountain head in Late Antiquity.

  5. Two new species of dicyemid mesozoans (Dicyemida: Dicyemidae) from Octopus maya Voss & Solis-Ramirez (Octopodidae) off Yucatan, Mexico.

    Castellanos-Martinez, Sheila; Aguirre-Macedo, M Leopoldina; Furuya, Hidetaka


    Two new dicyemid species are described from the endemic cephalopod Octopus maya Voss & Solis-Ramirez collected off Yucatan, Mexico. The renal sacs of 40 juvenile and adult octopuses from four localities were examined. Dicyema hochbergi n. sp. is a medium-sized species that reaches 2,245 µm in length. The vermiform stages consist of 18-24 peripheral cells, a conical calotte and the extension of the axial cell between the base and middle of the metapolar cells. Infusoriform embryos consist of 39 cells with urn cell containing one germinal cell, two nuclei and solid refringent bodies. Dicyema mexcayae n. sp. is a relatively small species that reaches 1,114 µm in length. The vermiform stages are constituted by 14-16 peripheral cells, an elongate calotte and the axial cell extending forward to the middle of the metapolar cells. The infusoriform embryos consist of 37 cells, two solid refringent bodies and urn cells with two nuclei each. The present study represents the first description of a dicyemid species from O. maya and increases the number of described species from Mexican waters to 11. PMID:27307168

  6. Optimization of Bartonella henselae multilocus sequence typing scheme using single-nucleotide polymorphism analysis of SOLiD sequence data

    ZHAO Fan; Gemma Chaloner; Alistair Darby; SONG Xiu-ping; LI Dong-mei; Richard Birtles; LIU Qi-yong


    Background Multi-locus sequence typing (MLST) is widely used to explore the population structure of numerous bacterial pathogens.However,for genotypically-restricted pathogens,the sensitivity of MLST is limited by a paucity of variation within selected loci.For Bartonella henselae (B.henselae),although the MLST scheme currently used has been proven useful in defining the overall population structure of the species,its reliability for the accurate delineation of closely-related sequence types,between which allelic variation is usually limited to,at most,one or two nucleotide polymorphisms.Exploitation of high-throughput sequencing data allows a more informed selection of MLST loci and thus,potentially,a means of enhancing the sensitivity of the schemes they comprise.Methods We carried out SOLiD resequencing on 12 representative B.henselae isolates and explored these data using single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis.We determined the number and distribution of SNPs in the genes targeted by the established MLST scheme and modified the position of loci within these genes to capture as much genetic variation as possible.Results Using genome-wide SNP data,we found the distribution of SNPs within each open reading frame (ORF) of MLST loci,which were not represented by the established B.henselae MLST scheme.We then modified the position of loci in the MLST scheme to better reflect the polymorphism in the ORF as a whole.The use of amended loci in this scheme allowed previously indistinguishable ST1 strains to be differentiated.However,the diversity of B.henselae was still rare in China.Conclusions Our study demonstrates the use of SNP analysis to facilitate the selection of MLST loci to augment the currently-described scheme for B.henselae.And the diversity among B.henselae strains in China is markedly less than that observed in B.henselae populations elsewhere in the world.

  7. Po krk v soli

    Filippi, Michal; Bruthans, J.


    Roč. 7, č. 1 (2005), s. 28-33. ISSN 1213-1148 R&D Projects: GA AV ČR(CZ) IAB301110501 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z30130516 Keywords : salt * speleology * cave Subject RIV: DB - Geology ; Mineralogy

  8. Transcription profiling of the model cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. strain PCC 7002 by NextGen (SOLiD™ Sequencing of cDNA

    Marcus eLudwig


    Full Text Available The genome of the unicellular, euryhaline cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 encodes about 3200 proteins. Transcripts were detected for nearly all annotated open reading frames by a global transcriptomic analysis by Next-Generation (SOLiDTM sequencing of cDNA. In the cDNA samples sequenced, ~90% of the mapped sequences were derived from the 16S and 23S ribosomal RNAs and ~10% of the sequences were derived from mRNAs. In cells grown photoautotrophically under standard conditions (38 °C, 1% (v/v CO2 in air, 250 µmol photons m-2 s-1, the highest transcript levels (up to 2% of the total mRNA for the most abundantly transcribed genes (e. g., cpcAB, psbA, psaA were generally derived from genes encoding structural components of the photosynthetic apparatus. High light exposure for one hour caused changes in transcript levels for genes encoding proteins of the photosynthetic apparatus, Type-1 NADH dehydrogenase complex and ATP synthase, whereas dark incubation for one hour resulted in a global decrease in transcript levels for photosynthesis-related genes and an increase in transcript levels for genes involved in carbohydrate degradation. Transcript levels for pyruvate kinase and the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex decreased sharply in cells incubated in the dark. Under dark anoxic (fermentative conditions, transcript changes indicated a global decrease in transcripts for respiratory proteins and suggested that cells employ an alternative phosphoenolpyruvate degradation pathway via phosphoenolpyruvate synthase (ppsA and the pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase (nifJ. Finally, the data suggested that an apparent operon involved in tetrapyrrole biosynthesis and fatty acid desaturation, acsF2-ho2-hemN2-desF, may be regulated by oxygen concentration.

  9. SOLiD™ sequencing of genomes of clinical isolates of Leishmania donovani from India confirm leptomonas co-infection and raise some key questions.

    Neeloo Singh

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Known as 'neglected disease' because relatively little effort has been applied to finding cures, leishmaniasis kills more than 150,000 people every year and debilitates millions more. Visceral leishmaniasis (VL, also called Kala Azar (KA or black fever in India, claims around 20,000 lives every year. Whole genome analysis presents an excellent means to identify new targets for drugs, vaccine and diagnostics development, and also provide an avenue into the biological basis of parasite virulence in the L. donovani complex prevalent in India. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: In our presently described study, the next generation SOLiD™ platform was successfully utilized for the first time to carry out whole genome sequencing of L. donovani clinical isolates from India. We report the exceptional occurrence of insect trypanosomatids in clinical cases of visceral leishmaniasis (Kala Azar patients in India. We confirm with whole genome sequencing analysis data that isolates which were sequenced from Kala Azar (visceral leishmaniasis cases were genetically related to Leptomonas. The co-infection in splenic aspirate of these patients with a species of Leptomonas and how likely is it that the infection might be pathogenic, are key questions which need to be investigated. We discuss our results in the context of some important probable hypothesis in this article. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Our intriguing results of unusual cases of Kala Azar found to be most similar to Leptomonas species put forth important clinical implications for the treatment of Kala Azar in India. Leptomonas have been shown to be highly susceptible to several standard leishmaniacides in vitro. There is very little divergence among these two species viz. Leishmania sp. and L. seymouri, in terms of genomic sequence and organization. A more extensive perception of the phenomenon of co-infection needs to be addressed from molecular pathogenesis and eco

  10. High prevalence of blaOXA-23 in Acinetobacter spp. and detection of blaNDM-1 in A. soli in Cuba: report from National Surveillance Program (2010–2012

    D. Quiñones


    Full Text Available As a first national surveillance of Acinetobacter in Cuba, a total of 500 Acinetobacter spp. isolates recovered from 30 hospitals between 2010 and 2012 were studied. Acinetobacter baumannii–calcoaceticus complex accounted for 96.4% of all the Acinetobacter isolates, while other species were detected at low frequency (A. junii 1.6%, A. lwoffii 1%, A. haemolyticus 0.8%, A. soli 0.2%. Resistance rates of isolates were 34–61% to third-generation cephalosporins, 49–50% to β-lactams/inhibitor combinations, 42–47% to aminoglycosides, 42–44% to carbapenems and 55% to ciprofloxacin. However, resistance rates to colistin, doxycycline, tetracycline and rifampin were less than 5%. Among carbapenem-resistant isolates, 75% harboured different blaOXA genes (OXA-23, 73%; OXA-24, 18%; OXA-58, 3%. The blaNDM-1 gene was identified in an A. soli strain, of which the species was confirmed by sequence analysis of 16S rRNA gene, rpoB, rpoB–rpoC and rpoL–rpoB intergenic spacer regions and gyrB. The sequences of blaNDM-1 and its surrounding genes were identical to those reported for plasmids of A. baumannii and A. lwoffi strains. This is the first report of blaNDM-1 in A. soli, together with a high prevalence of OXA-23 carbapenemase for carbapenem resistance in Acinetobacter spp. in Cuba.

  11. Šach ako metafora matematiky

    Kvasz, Ladislav


    Roč. 70, č. 3 (2015), s. 175-187. ISSN 0046-385X Grant ostatní: AV ČR(CZ) Fellowship J. E. Purkyně Institutional support: RVO:67985955 Keywords : chess * mathematics * philosophy of mathematics Subject RIV: AA - Philosophy ; Religion

  12. Elicitation – a tool to improve secondary metabolites production in Melissa Officinalis L. Suspension cultures / Elicitácia ako nástroj na zlepšenie produkcie sekundárnych metabolitov v suspenzných kultúrach Melissa Officinalis L.

    Urdová J.


    Full Text Available Súčasná práca je zameraná na štúdium vplyvu biotických (Botrytis cinerea, metyljazmonát a abiotických elicitorov (chlorid kademnatý a chlorid kobaltnatý na produkčné vlastnosti suspenzných kultúr medovky lekárskej (Melissa officinalis L.. Rastlinný materiál bol elicitovaný metyljazmonátom (10 and 100 μmol.l-1, hydrolyzátom bunkovej steny fytopatogénnej huby Botrytis cinerea (1 a 2 ml s glukózovým ekvivalentom 24μ, chloridom kademnatým a kobaltnatým (oba v koncentráciách 100 and 1 μmol.l-1. Elicitované kultúry boli vystavené expozícii elicitorov po dobu 24, 48 a 72 h. Efekt elicitácie sa hodnotil na základe obsahu derivátov kyseliny hydroxyškoricovej, vyjadrených ako kyseliny rozmarínová, v závislosti od koncentrácie použitého elicitora a dĺžky jeho pôsobenia. Spomedzi testovaných biotických elicitorov najúčinnejšie podporil produkčné vlastnosti suspenzných kultúr Melissa officinalis L. hydrolyzát z Botrytis cinerea (glukózový ekvivalent 24, 1 ml, doba pôsobenia 72 h. Obsah derivátov kyseliny hydroxyškoricovej sa po elicitácii zvýšil trojnásobne v porovnaní s neelicitovanými kultúrami. Produkčná schopnosť suspenzných kultúr elicitovaných metyljazmonátom sa mierne zvýšila len pri použití koncentrácie 10 μmol.l-1. Chlorid kobaltnatý a kademnatý efektívne stimulovali produkciu fenolových látok pri koncentrácii 100 μmol.l-1. Prítomnosť iónov kobaltu a kadmia v rastových médiách suspenzných kultúr viedla k dvoj-, resp. štvornásobnému zvýšeniu obsahu derivátov kyseliny hydroxyškoricovej.

  13. Mikrofinancie ako nástroj rozvojovej pomoci

    Klačková, Zuzana


    In the 20th century, microfinance went through a revolution: the number of microfinance was expanding exponentially all over the world. Microfinances are supposed to be one of the most efficient tools in alleviating poverty. The paper, Microfinance: Development Aid tool is analyzing whether microfinance institutions provide, beside the credit services, also preventive antimalarial services so as to lower malaria cases. Theoretical part is focused on definition and familiarization with 'microf...


    Imrich Ruisel


    Full Text Available The beginnings of modern Greek philosophy have already indicated that man is not a reliable information processor, because he is unable to completely encompass the real world at a cognitive level. Thus, already Plato distinguished between the knowledge of the real true belief (epistémé and opinion (doxa. F. Bacon assumed that human senses are not the measure of reality. Psychologists A. Tversky and D. Kahneman pointed out that people do not follow rational arguments and set rules in their judgments. Rather, they use heuristics, which are simplified judgment rules that enable quick judgments, often biased by individual’s subjective beliefs. These wrong conclusions induce false ideas or fallacies. There are deductive and inductive fallacies. We contemplate the ratio of cognitive fallacies in forming and existence of conspiracy theories. Deliberate use of fallacies and biases is characteristic of the use of conspiracy theories in propaganda. Wrong judgments are made due to wrong understanding of coincidental events, insufficient processing of the laws of statistical regression and the tendency to search for confirmation. Preferred are verbal techniques in the form of naive and ritualized terms and statements based on unidentifiable fallacies.

  15. Zákaznícky servis ako nástroj CRM

    Smiková, Lenka


    The bachelor thesis analyzes and assesses the marketing mix of Prague City Apartments, s.r.o. It is focused on functioning of customer service as a part of the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The analysis is based on theoretical knowledge of marketing of services and CRM and on the importance of customer service in rendition of services, particularly in tourism and hotel industry. The thesis provides, via SWOT analysis, suggestions for improving quality of customer service ...

  16. Guerilla marketing ako nový trend v marketingovej komunikácii

    Baraniaková, Júlia


    The goal of the bachelor thesis is to theoretically define guerrilla marketing as one of the new trends in marketing communication and to point out its advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional marketing communication. Moreover, the aim is to show its practical use on a company active on the Czech market (Nike CR) by individually interviewing its current marketing manager for CR and SR who explains the company's strategy in the field of guerilla marketing. Finally, the goal is to e...

  17. Controlling – plánovanie ako súčasť riadenia

    Černický, Jakub


    The content of my thesis is the field of controlling applied on example of a particular company. In the theoretical part I disclose the evolution of controlling and describe its theoretical fundamentals. In the analytical part I focus on describing the actual planning and budgeting processes within the company starting with creating budgets and ending with evaluation of the comparison between budgets and reality and feed-back. I compare the learned essentials with theoretical approach and at ...

  18. Firemná filantropia ako súčasť konceptu Corporate Social Responsability

    Čarská, Viktória


    The thesis deals with the concept of corporate philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility. Our goal is to review the state of corporate philanthropy and CSR in SHP Harmanec, JSC, to explore, by a questionnaire research, the attitudes of young people to 30 years and to draw recommendations for the streamlining of corporate philanthropy in the company. Using the synthesis of the research`s results, it aims to design communication activities, which could present the philanthropic activitie...

  19. DNA barcoding muzeijných vzoriek a NGS: ako to (ne)funguje?

    Aghová, Tatiana; Pialek, L.; Čížková, Dagmar; Šumbera, R.; Bryja, Josef

    Brno: Ústav biologie obratlovců AV ČR, 2014 - (Bryja, J.; Drozd, P.). s. 23 ISBN 978-80-87189-16-0. [Zoologické dny. 06.02.2014-07.02.2014, Ostrava] R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP506/10/0983; GA MŠk EE2.3.20.0303; GA MŠk EE2.3.35.0026 Institutional support: RVO:68081766 Keywords : DNA barcoding Subject RIV: EG - Zoology

  20. Biometria ako bezpečnostný prvok v bankovníctve

    Pavliščák, Matúš


    The aim of my Bachelor thesis is to provide a comprehensive overview of biometrics as an applied security element within the banking sector. It describes various methods of biometrics-centric identification and data-processing. The main contribution of this thesis is its analysis of the case study conducted by Innovatrics, "The Introduction of Apple Pay and MasterCard Platforms," both of which implement biometrics in banking. The result is an assessment of the current state of usage of biomet...

  1. Podniková identita ako konkurenčná výhoda

    Misun, Juraj


    Corporate identity, which has been in the middle of interest of practice for almost 40 years, is still a very important instrument in the field of Marketing and Management despite the currently unfavourable economic situation. Although consumers are checking prices the further the more, brand image is still an important factor in their decision making. What is more, every economist knows that periods of recession are usually followed by a period of expansion. Right now is a period when compan...

  2. Sociálne média ako prostriedok náboru zamestnancov

    Prokopičová, Eva


    This bachelor's thesis tackles the issue of utilizing social networks when recruiting new employees by HR workers and the use of social networks by students when pursuing new employment opportunities. The theoretical portion of the thesis contains a brief description of personnel management and social media. There one can find the description of social networks as a whole as well as descriptions of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The practical portion is dedicated towards an analysis of data ...

  3. Ako chytať myšku drobnú?

    Vallo, Peter

    Brno : Ústav biologie obratlovců AV ČR, 2006 - (Bryja, J.; Zukal, J.). s. 230-231 ISBN 80-903329-4-3. [Zoologické dny. 09.02.2006-10.02.2006, Brno] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z60930519 Keywords : harvest mouse * Micromys minutus Subject RIV: EG - Zoology

  4. Cross-docking ako distribučná metóda

    Švehlová, Zuzana


    The current logistics chains must be designed to copy with short life cycles of products, high stock velocity, low degree of predictability etc. The conditions for accuracy, reliability and flexibility of deliveries at the markets have been changing, and that is why it is inevitable to seek new alternative methods that would lead to higher efficiency levels, remaining competitiveness and, at the same time, fulfil the needs and wishes of customers. In this paper I focuse on cross-docking which...

  5. Porovnanie dvoch nástrojov merania emočnej inteligencie ako črty

    Baumgartner, František; Karaffová, Eva

    Brno : Psychologický ústav Filozofické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity a Tribun EU, 2011 - (Bartošová, K.; Čerňák, M.; Humpolíček, P.; Kukaňová, M.; Slezáčková, A.), s. 21-25 ISBN 978-80-263-0029-8. [Sociální procesy a osobnost. Člověk na cestě životem: křižovatky a mosty. Kroměříž (CZ), 14.09.2011-16.09.2011] R&D Projects: GA ČR GA406/09/2096 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z70250504 Keywords : emotional intelligence * trait approach * measures Subject RIV: AN - Psychology

  6. LOH 2016: Kto odíte ako víťaz?

    Hatyinová, Petra


    This paper examines determinants of national medal success at the Summer Olympic Games between 1996 and 2012. Does hosting the Games have a positive impact on the number of gained medals? Do neighboring countries benefit from the approximate home advantage? Analysis based on the Tobit model confirmed the positive effect of hosting the event in the case of current as well as future host. The effect of the neighboring country was not proved. In-sample predictions test quality of the underlying ...

  7. Bitcoin ako nová hrozba pre finančnú stabilitu?

    Jana Drutarovská


    Cieľom predkladaného článku je definovať základné podmienky finančnej stability a analyzovať možné hrozby novej experimentálnej virtuálnej meny bitcoin na finančnú stabilitu. Úlohou príspevku je definovať oblasti a faktory, v ktorých táto nová virtuálna mena môže potenciálne spôsobovať finančnú nestabilitu.

  8. The Prokaryotic Expression and Bioactivity of the Recombinant Red Fire Ant Venom Allergen Soli4

    HAN Xue-qing; LIN Xiang-mei; CHEN Hong-jun; ZHANG Yong-guo; YE Gui-sheng; WU Shao-qiang; LI Jian; CHEN Nai-zhong; CHEN Yan; ZHU Shui-fang


    The sting of red imported fire ant (RIFA) could cause serious allergic response in fraction of people. These allergic reactions are mainly caused by its venom, especially venom allergen Sol I 1-4. To produce large amount of RIFA venom allergen Sol I 4 for diagnosis of RIFA allergy and allergen-specific immunotherapy, the gene encoding this protein was amplified and cloned into the prokaryotic expression vector pET43, la. The recombinant plasmid was used to transform competent cells and the recombinant proteins were expressed in E. Coli. SDS-PAGE and Western blotting analysis indicated that high-level expression of Sol I 4 protein was successfully achieved. Allergenic activity analysis of the recombinant allergen Sol I 4 was then performed on rabbit. The result showed that the recombinant protein obtained had significant allergenic activity. It indicated that the recombinant allergen Sol I 4 of RIFA venom was successfully expressed in E. Coli, which provided foundation for further developing therapeutic and diagnosis reagents of RIFA allergy.

  9. Development of foundry cores based on inorganic salts: Razvoj livarskih jeder na podlagi anorganskih soli:

    Adámková, Eliška; Beňo, Jaroslav; Jelínek, Petr; Mikšovský, František


    The aim of this study is to describe the possibilities of using salt cores for gravity, low-pressure or high-pressure die-casting technology. Determinations of the primary, secondary and final residual strengths were carried out in order to evaluate the possibilities of the salt-core utilization. Furthermore, this contribution is focused on developing composite salts with better mechanical properties. The solubility of these cores and a possibility of their reclamation in a closed cycle with ...

  10. České jako a slovenské ako/akože v mluvených projevech (malý konfrontační pokus)

    Hoffmannová, Jana

    Bratislava : Veda, 2009 - (Šimková, M.), s. 359-371 ISBN 978-80-224-1107-3. [Slovo – Tvorba – Dynamickosť. Modra (SK), 11.03.2009-12.03.2009] R&D Projects: GA ČR GA405/09/2028 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z90610518 Keywords : filler * spoken Czech and Slovak * comparison Subject RIV: AI - Linguistics

  11. Vytvorenie internetového obchodu, ako nadstavba kamenného obchodu spoločnosti

    Mokrý, Richard


    This diploma thesis concerns with electronic business. The technology of the trade, the internet and it's services and the history is described in the first chapter. Next chapter concerns with the general theoretical issues of electronic business. Defines relationships of particular subjects, such as client, seller or government service that appear in the terms and conditions of electronic business. Then describes the general model of electronic business. The third chapter is dedicated to gen...

  12. Rozhľady. Konštituovanie Hindčiny Ako Úradného Jazyka Indie

    Nagy Peter


    Full Text Available The article deals with the Hindi language and its use as a language for official purposes from the late Middle Ages until its implementation in the Constitution of India in the year 1949. It reveals various ideas for promoting Hindi as a national (official language of India. The main focus is on the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi on Hindi as the lingua franca of India and its role in the replacement of English. Further it describes the process and struggle of its implementation as the official language in the Constituent Assembly of India and concludes with the compromise made by this Assembly.

  13. Franchising ako jedna z možných foriem vstupu podniku na medzinárodné trhy

    Telgárska, Lýdia


    Práca pojednáva o franchisingu zo všeobecného hľadiska, to znamená teoretické vymedzenie, hlavné rysy franchisingu a výhody a nevýhody tejto formy podnikania. Ďalej sa zaoberá franchisingovými zmluvami, postupom ich uzatvárania a vzťahmi, ktoré vznikajú medzi poskytovateľom a príjemcom franšízy. Taktiež sa v nej rozoberajú špecifické rysy medzinárodného franchisingu a v neposlednej rade aplikácia franchisingu v medzinárodnej spoločnosti Starbucks.

  14. Value-at-Risk ako základ moderného riadenia rizík

    Grešlík, Tomáš


    The thesis discusses a relatively modern method of measuring market risk - Value at Risk, which is widely used in the area of risk management. The thesis in the first section deals with risk, particularly financial risk and its dividing. The aim of the second section is to familiarize the reader with the concept of Value at Risk, why and where Value at Risk is used, what are the advantages and disadvantages. This section also includes methods of calculating Value at Risk. Third section contai...

  15. Spoločenská zodpovednosť ako súčasť stratégie firmy

    Pavelčíková, Katarína


    The main topic of thesis is the issue of corporate social responsibility, which gradually acquires new fans and so is gaining importance. The first part aims to describe the basic characteristics of the concept and then clarifying the procedure for the incorporation of social responsibility to the main business strategy. Latest part of the theoretical part points to need to distinguish from the concept of corporate philanthropy and Public Relations. The practical part of the thesis describes ...

  16. Talent manažment ako súčasť konkurenčnej výhody

    Misun, Juraj; Hudakova, Ivana


    The current period is one full of unforeseen changes. A major problem for most Slovak businesses, as well as foreign companies finding themselves in a difficult and turbulent business environment, is the difficulty to find good quality employees. Even after they found them, it is difficult to keep them, especially if they achieve excellent results at work. It is about managing talent, or talent management, becoming common and extremely popular on both domestic and foreign markets. The success...

  17. Vodcovstvo ako úspešný predpoklad pre dosahovanie zvyšovania konkurenčnej schopnosti podnikov

    Hudakova, Ivana


    The idea of leadership has fascinated people for centuries. Leadership, or leading, is an asocial process, where the leader is seeking for voluntary participation of the subordinated, thus striving to achieve the company's objectives. Leadership clearly proves to be more than exercising power and authority. It also covers a number of managerial abilities, such as susceptibility, motivation, scrupulousness, empathy and communication. Leadership has to be present at all levels of the organizati...

  18. Informačné technologie ako nástroj na kontrolu a riadenie firemných procesov

    Mihályiová, Viktória


    Mihályiová, V. Information technology as a tool to manage and control business processes. Bachelor thesis. Brno, 2014. The thesis is focused on the issue of information systems utilization in business practice to manage and support business processes. The content of this work are primarily a theoretical background definition and conducting an enterprise internal analysis for a subsequent fulfillment of the thesis's main goal, which is a proposal for future development direction of a selected ...

  19. Ako rýchle vieme a môžeme násobiť

    Porubský, Štefan

    Praha : Matfyzpress, 2009 - (Bečvář, J.; Bečvářová, M.), s. 173-179 ISBN 978-80-7378-092-0. [Historie matematiky. Mezinárodní konference /30./. Jevíčko (CZ), 21.08.2009-25.08.2009] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z10300504 Keywords : multiplication * Egyptian multiplication * Hindu-Arab multiplication * complementary multiplication * tables of quater-squares * Czech (modular) multiplication * Karatsuba multiplication Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics

  20. Moderné matky ako cieľový segment pre produkty vybranej spoločnosti

    Greifová, Daniela


    The purpose of the thesis is to describe in detail the segment of the modern moms as the target group for the products of the chosen company, in this case of Procter&Gamble, to demonstrate the concrete way how to use the theory about this segment and about current marketing by means of its successful campaign that targeted this segment and to show the dissimilarities between Czech and Slovak mothers that are part of this segment and the characteristics of this segment resulting from the globa...

  1. Úverové registre ako nástroj znižovania úverového rizika

    Bohumel, Michal


    This thesis deals with the credit bureaus, followed by an analysis of credit bureaus in Slovak and Czech banking sector and an overview of the operation of credit bureaus of European countries. In the initial part of the thesis I explains key concepts such as credit bureaus, bank risk, credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk. Then I deal with the issue of credit bureaus as an instrument of reducing credit risk. I discuss the importance of credit bureaus for banks and their ...

  2. Rozhľady. Konštituovanie Hindčiny Ako Úradného Jazyka Indie

    Nagy Peter


    The article deals with the Hindi language and its use as a language for official purposes from the late Middle Ages until its implementation in the Constitution of India in the year 1949. It reveals various ideas for promoting Hindi as a national (official) language of India. The main focus is on the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi on Hindi as the lingua franca of India and its role in the replacement of English. Further it describes the process and struggle of its implementation as the official l...

  3. Regionálna identita ako faktor rozvoja destinácie cestovného ruchu

    Nikischer, Richard

    Brno: Vysoká škola obchodní a hotelová, 2013 - (Jeřábek, T.; Trunečková, P.), s. 301-314 ISBN 978-80-87300-42-8. [Regionální rozvoj cestovního ruchu, hotelnictví a gastronomie: 6. mezinárodní vědecká konference. Brno (CZ), 25.04.2013] R&D Projects: GA MŠk(CZ) LG12023 Institutional support: RVO:68378025 Keywords : regional identity * tourist destination * regional development Subject RIV: DE - Earth Magnetism, Geodesy, Geography

  4. The availability of fertilizer-P applied of sitiung soli of west sumatra after few weeks of lime applications

    A soil from Sitiung, Sumatra Barat was limed to a rate equivalent to 1 x exch. A1 and incubataed for a period of 0, 2, 3, and 4 weeks, respectively. At each end of the incubation period, TSP-32-P at rates of 0, 1.25, 2.50, and 3.75 g TSP were added to 5 kg air-dry soil or equivalent to 0, 100, 200, and 300 kg P/ha. After fertilizer application each pot were planted with wilis soybean variety and harvested 28 days later. Absorption of total P and from fertilizer, and P absorption efficiency of soybean receiving 100 to 200 kg P/ha were not affected by duration of incubation of lime before P fertilizer is being applied. Applying 300 kg P/ha to Sitiung soil previously incubated with lime for at least two weeks resulted in higher absorption of total P and P from fertilizer, and P absorption efficiency compared to lower P rates. (authors). 11 refs.; 2 figs.; 4 tabs

  5. Methanisation of stackable biomass in discontinuously operated solis fermentation plants; Methanisierung stapelbarer Biomassen in diskontinuierlich betriebenen Feststofffermentationsanlagen

    Kusch, S.


    In contrary to the municipal waste processing in agricultural areas the biogas production based on solid materials is still in a phase of development. A possible processing approach is the discontinuously operated box fermenter with irrigation. Based on associated features like robustness, flexibility and utilizability in agricultural farms without liquid manure this type of fermenter is quite attractive.The author describes the laboratory and field tests and discusses possible applications, including procedural boundary conditions using different materials and problematic aspects. Possibilities for process optimizations are given.

  6. Analýza nástrojov internetu ako média pre marketingové účely

    Gregová, Silvia


    The goal of this thesis is the analysis of internet marketing tools and implementation of acquired knowledge into practice. This topic is particularly important to study because the current marketing and communication mix in the world and the Czech Republic are increasingly concerned in on-line communications. Leading topics of this work are: Marketing and Commercial Communications, Internet as a Modern Medium, Internet and its Using in Commercial Communications, Internet Portal www.hotel-uby...

  7. Dopady finančnej krízy na využívanie teleworku ako flexibilnej formy práce

    Duľová, Daniela


    This thesis describes a concept of telework, its background, diffusion and penetration, the European Framework Agreement on Telework and provides a detailed analysis of home office as one form of telework in Czech Republic and Germany during the financial crisis. Evaluating the impacts of the financial crisis on using this form of flexible working is based on statistical data, researches and case studies from both countries and on interviews with representatives of two companies located in Cz...

  8. Emocionálna inteligencia ako schopnosť a jej vzťah k črtovej emocionálnej inteligencii

    Baumgartner, František; Zacharová, Z.

    Bratislava: Univerzita Komenského, 2010 - (Čechová, D.), s. 153-162 ISBN 978-80-89236-93-0. [Osobnosť v kontexte kognícií, emocionality a motivácií II. Bratislava (SK), 26.11.2009-27.11.2009] R&D Projects: GA ČR GA406/09/2096 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z70250504 Keywords : emotional intelligence * ability * personality Subject RIV: AN - Psychology

  9. Palestína - minulosť, náboženstvo a demokracia ako prekážky k samostatnosti

    Engler, Matej


    Bachelor thesis focuses on the problematic development regarding Palestinian autonomy. It presents three aspects to evaluate the subject of this work. The first part describes the historical development of the conflict focusing on the impacts of development not only of Israel's political scene on Palestine, but also the development of the region itself and on the international scene as well. Religion, as the dominant element of politics not only in Israel, but also for many fundamentalist mov...

  10. Koncept geobiotopu ako možnej vyššej stanovištnej jednotky pre diferencovanie manažmentu lesov

    Kulla Ladislav; Bošeľa Michal


    The paper proposes and justifies an alternative concept of aggregation of forest site types in higher units for purposes of differentiation of forest management. Analysis of variance was performed for both: the natural occurrence of tree species in reserves, as well as the production potential of tree species measured on the representative plots according to Zlatnik´s altitudinal vegetation zones and edaphictrophic series. Based on the results of this analysis, an aggregation of forest site t...

  11. Koncept geobiotopu ako možnej vyššej stanovištnej jednotky pre diferencovanie manažmentu lesov

    Kulla Ladislav


    Full Text Available The paper proposes and justifies an alternative concept of aggregation of forest site types in higher units for purposes of differentiation of forest management. Analysis of variance was performed for both: the natural occurrence of tree species in reserves, as well as the production potential of tree species measured on the representative plots according to Zlatnik´s altitudinal vegetation zones and edaphictrophic series. Based on the results of this analysis, an aggregation of forest site types was suggested along the elevation gradient of climatop, and along the edaphic-trophic and the edaphic-hydric gradients of edaphotop. By intersection of such created 32 categories of geotope with the basic formation groups of forest habitats by Braun-Blanquet geo-botanical school, 53 reconstructive geo-biotopes were formed. The proposed unit was compared using the F-test, Akaike information criterion (AIC, and the index of classification efficiency (EQ with current typological units in terms of its ability to describe the variability of the analyzed parameters. Finally, the qualitative association of the compared classification models with the European classification systems was assessed. Based on the results obtained, it can be concluded that the site unit geo-biotop is at least comparable with currently used unit MGFT, with the number of categories lower by 72%.

  12. Stropná erózia v jaskyniach: počiatky skúmania a Zdeněk Roth ako autor konceptu

    Bella, P.; Bosák, Pavel


    Roč. 18, č. 2 (2013), s. 84-86. ISSN 1335-213X Institutional support: RVO:67985831 Keywords : ceiling channel * paragenesis * antigravitative erosion * definition * Zdeněk Roth * Domica Cave * Slovak Karst Subject RIV: DB - Geology ; Mineralogy

  13. Priateľstvo ako cnosť súkromná i verejná (Friendship as a Private and Public Virtues)

    Matúš Porubjak


    The aim of this article is to show a social role of friendship (filia) in Classical Greece and to discover why, as Aristotle thinks, is filia the greatest good for the polis. The author bases his analysis on a comparison between Plato’s dialogue Lysis and Aristotle’s Politics (namely the book 1 and book 3). He distinguishes four types of filia, and shows the social role played by each one of them: the love of parents to children, the friendship between teenage boys of the same age, the love o...

  14. Priateľstvo ako cnosť súkromná i verejná (Friendship as a Private and Public Virtues

    Matúš Porubjak


    Full Text Available The aim of this article is to show a social role of friendship (filia in Classical Greece and to discover why, as Aristotle thinks, is filia the greatest good for the polis. The author bases his analysis on a comparison between Plato’s dialogue Lysis and Aristotle’s Politics (namely the book 1 and book 3. He distinguishes four types of filia, and shows the social role played by each one of them: the love of parents to children, the friendship between teenage boys of the same age, the love of elder men to boys, and the friendship between free adult citizens.

  15. Axiologické hľadanie zmyslu kvality života a návrh indikátorov ako jeho výsledok

    František Murgaš


    Full Text Available Príspevok sa zaoberá kvalitou života v jej postmodernom a ne-postmodernom chápaní, pričom ich hodnotí z axiologického aspektu. Výsledkom je návrh indikátorov, reflektujúcich zmysel kvality života.

  16. Zdravie ako téma v medzinárodnej politike a medzinárodnom práve

    Bendíková, Natália


    The way we understand the term health is being changed significantly under continuous globalisation. Even though in the past, health issues were a concern of a particular country, today, as a result of intensive trade and travelling, these issues reach beyond the boarders of national states and influence millions of people around the world consequently. Thus, the issue of health is moving from the national to the international level and a new concept of Global health emerges. Global health is...

  17. Extrémne klimatické anomálie ako priamy dôsledok globálneho otepľovania

    Ač, Alexander; Pecho, Jozef

    Bratislava: Slovenská katlolická charita, 2012 - (Baluchová, B.), s. 111-131 ISBN 978-80-967870-1-2. [Zmena klímy-možný dopad (nielen) na obyvatelstvo a rozvojové projekty. Bratislava (SK), 08.11.2012-08.11.2012] Institutional support: RVO:67179843 ; RVO:68378289 Keywords : extreme weather * climate anomalies * statistics of extremes * heat waves * extreme precipitation * drought Subject RIV: EH - Ecology, Behaviour; DG - Athmosphere Sciences, Meteorology (UFA-U)

  18. Problémy v komunikácii ako príčina vzniku neúplných rodín



    Submitted thesis tries to show importance and irreplaceable space in communicatin at present. It also deals with the need for communication in the basic cell of society - the family. It speaks about the importance and need for mutual communication and the correct listening in families. It deals with the causes of matrimonial crisis and consequences of cinflicts in the family. It speaks about communication differences between man and woman, communication barrires, which causes problems in fami...

  19. Peniaze ako zdroj šťastia v našich životoch? (Is Money a Source of Happiness in our lives?)

    Otakar Horák


    This paper begins by referring to the research which distinguishes two different aspects of subjective well-being, namely 1. experiences of happiness – measured by frequency and intensity of joy, stress, anger, worry and sadness we experience at a certain moment and 2. life satisfaction. Survey shows that beyond an annual household income of $75 000 there is no increase in the experiences of happiness. The paper then refers to the psychological mechanisms and factors – namely hedonic adaptati...

  20. Peniaze ako zdroj šťastia v našich životoch? (Is Money a Source of Happiness in our lives?

    Otakar Horák


    Full Text Available This paper begins by referring to the research which distinguishes two different aspects of subjective well-being, namely 1. experiences of happiness – measured by frequency and intensity of joy, stress, anger, worry and sadness we experience at a certain moment and 2. life satisfaction. Survey shows that beyond an annual household income of $75 000 there is no increase in the experiences of happiness. The paper then refers to the psychological mechanisms and factors – namely hedonic adaptation, social comparison and stress as a result of a raise – that lower the capacity of money to buy us the experiences of happiness. Not only we get quickly used to the things we buy, money also puts us into stressful situations and makes us build barriers between people. The paper then specifies strategies of economic decision-making that contribute to the maximization of happiness, such as purchase of the experiences instead of the things, interrupted and postponed consumption, or prosocial spending. The research indicates that prosocial spending has higher causal impact on promoting happiness than personal spending. As a matter of fact, this phenomenon is not culturally limited to the West. Concluding assertion – expressed only in the form of hypothesis – says that prosocial spending which is a form of prosocial behavior strengthens – through production of happiness – mutual relations in the society (cooperation.

  1. Včelí jed ako zdroj antimikrobiálnych peptidov: Štúdium mechanizmu účinku

    Čujová, Sabína; Čeřovský, Václav


    Roč. 108, č. 5 (2014), s. 527. ISSN 0009-2770. [Mezioborové setkání mladých biologů, biochemiků a chemiků /14./. 13.05.2014-16.05.2014, Milovy] Institutional support: RVO:61388963 Keywords : antimicrobial peptides * tryptophan fluorescence * calcein leakage Subject RIV: CC - Organic Chemistry

  2. The effects of fish hydrolysate (CPSP) level on Octopus maya (Voss and Solis) diet: Digestive enzyme activity, blood metabolites, and energy balance

    Aguila, J; Cuzon, Gerard; Pascual, C; Domingues, P; Gaxiola, G; Sanchez, A.; T. Maldonado; Rosas, C


    As has been demonstrated in previous studies, Octopus maya can be fed on artificial diets. In the present study six different diets were assayed. Five diets were designed to test the effect of percentage of inclusion of fish protein concentrate (CPSP: 0, 5, 10, 15, and 20%) and were offered to octopuses as a specifically designed artificial diet. The sixth diet consisted of frozen crab (Callinectes spp) and was used as control diet. Blood metabolites and energy budget of octopuses were evalua...

  3. SOLiD™ Sequencing of Genomes of Clinical Isolates of Leishmania donovani from India Confirm Leptomonas Co-Infection and Raise Some Key Questions

    Singh, Neeloo; Chikara, Surendra; Sundar, Shyam


    Background Known as ‘neglected disease’ because relatively little effort has been applied to finding cures, leishmaniasis kills more than 150,000 people every year and debilitates millions more. Visceral leishmaniasis (VL), also called Kala Azar (KA) or black fever in India, claims around 20,000 lives every year. Whole genome analysis presents an excellent means to identify new targets for drugs, vaccine and diagnostics development, and also provide an avenue into the biological basis of para...

  4. Competing Victimizations or Multidirectional Soli-daties? Politics of Collective Memory and Solidarity in the Post-National Socialist and Post-Colonial Austrian Left

    Julia Edthofer


    In this article I illustrate “competing victimizations” and propose possible “multidirectional solidarities” regarding inner-left debates about the Middle East conflict, anti-Semitism and racism in Viennese left-wing contexts. The illustrated conflict is specific for radical left-wing politics in a post-National Socialist and post-colonial setting. Debates initially revolve around Israel versus Palestine solidarity. In the wake of the Second Intifada and the September 11 attacks they partly d...

  5. Competing Victimizations or Multidirectional Soli-daties? Politics of Collective Memory and Solidarity in the Post-National Socialist and Post-Colonial Austrian Left

    Julia Edthofer


    Full Text Available In this article I illustrate “competing victimizations” and propose possible “multidirectional solidarities” regarding inner-left debates about the Middle East conflict, anti-Semitism and racism in Viennese left-wing contexts. The illustrated conflict is specific for radical left-wing politics in a post-National Socialist and post-colonial setting. Debates initially revolve around Israel versus Palestine solidarity. In the wake of the Second Intifada and the September 11 attacks they partly divide anti-fascist and anti-racist political stances. While the pro-Israeli camp focuses on the Holocaust, Austrian guilt-deflection and current anti-Semitism, the pro-Palestinian side condemns the Israeli occupation and fights growing anti-Muslim racism. In this context, opposing perspectives on the relation of new anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism are articulated. Such competing dynamics and their interrelation with Austrian memory politics and global politics are illustrated.  Subsequently, they are discussed as being related to conflicting memories and interrelated competing victimizations in migrant societies with a National Socialist history, such as in Austria and Germany. Concluding, the concept of “multidirectional solidarity” is proposed as an alternative approach, transcending competitive views on past and current victimizations.

  6. Podnikateľský model ako nástroj strategického manažmentu na príklade spoločnosti Marvel entertainment

    Misunova Hudakova, Ivana; Misun, Juraj


    In December 2009 the media group Disney completed the takeover of Marvel Entertainment, which belongs to the largest comic book publishers in the world. The transaction significantly changed the two companies, as well as the movie industry. Disney greatly expanded its child target group, which consisted mostly of young girls so far, when with the takeover of Marvel it began to target also boys. A huge competitive advantage in the turbulent, complex and dynamic business environment for Marvel ...

  7. Regionálne povedomie a identita regiónu ako premenné v rámci procesu inštitucionalizácie regiónu

    Nikischer, Richard


    Roč. 13, č. 3 (2014), s. 83-91. ISSN 1336-2232. [ Geografia a integrovaný výskum krajiny. Ružomberok, 10.09.2013-12.09.2013] R&D Projects: GA MŠk(CZ) LG12023 Institutional support: RVO:68378025 Keywords : institutionalization of the region * regional consciousness * identity of the region

  8. Teoretické vymedzenie podnikového emailingu ako nástroja podnikového správania v systéme podnikovej identity

    Misun, Juraj


    Corporate Behavior is according to many renowned authors the most important instrument of the corporate identity. It defines how all employees of a company behave to themselves and to the external environment. At present time the email communication became very important not only for private use, but also to companies. Therefore companies should use an instrument of the corporate behavior called the corporate emailing.

  9. Porovnanie aktivít CSR nadnárodnej spoločnosti ako celku a jej aktivít v rámci ČR

    Konkoľová, Karolína


    The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The aim is to compare CSR activities carried out by an international company on a supranational level with the activities realized on a local level in Czech Republic. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical one. The theoretical part deals with the concept of CSR, standards and organisations acting in this field and CSR reporting. The practical part goes into CSR of a global comp...

  10. Segmentácia trhu pri použití marketingových dát ako súčasť marketingovej stratégie

    Nagyová-Tkáčová, Monika


    The thesis deals mainly with market segmentation which is very important part of marketing strategy. The theoretical part consists of general knowledge of marketing, a Customer relationship management (CRM), market segmentation and database marketing. A case study consists of the implementation of the theoretical knowledge into the practical part. The aims of the thesis are: an introduction to the issue of market segmentation, an importance of market segmentation in creating marketing strateg...

  11. Podnikové výdavky na výskum a vývoj ako súčasť inovačnej kapacity v podmienkach konkurujúcich si odvetví

    Hudec, Oto; Prochádzková, Martina


    Purpose of the article: This paper examines how firms ‘internal factors and their industrial affiliation influence the amount of business expenditures on research and development. Methodology/methods: The means for expressing that relation is the hierarchical linear model, in which the fixed explanatory variables are quantitative business indicators that include the number of employees, operational profit and capital expenditures. The qualitative explanatory factor is the industry...

  12. Vernostné programy v leteckej spoločnosti ako nástroj riadenia vzťahov so zákazníkmi

    Demčáková, Vanda


    This bachelors thesis Loyalty programs as a CRM tool used by airline describes the importance of Customer Relationship Management in todays competitive market and explains basic concepts of a relationship between organization and customers, such as customer value, satisfaction and loyalty. In the practical part is the knowledge from theoretical part applied on the specific airline. The practical part presents an assessment and evaluation of the loyalty program OK Plus Partner. To carry out th...

  13. Pamäť ako múza: alétheia medzi enthusiasmom a epistémé (Memory as Muse: Alētheia between enthousiasm and epistēmē

    Zuzana Zelinová


    Full Text Available The contribution underlines the role of Mnēmosynē (Memory as the mother of the Muses as a constitutive aspect of archaic poetry based on the etymological relationship between alētheia (as true knowledge and lēthē (as forgetting, in which truth becomes – in a specific way – the negation of forgetting. The social role of the poet, who participates in perpetuation of truth, is closely related to the complementarity produced by Muse and Memory. The main purpose of this paper is to offer an answer to the question: “How can be this relationship transformed from the area of poiētikē technē to the area of philosophy and what is the place of Mnēmosynē in Plato´s anamnēsis (dialogue Meno?”

  14. Ako spolu komunikujú Česi a Rakúšania: používání jazyka v průběhu meziskupinového kontaktu

    Graf, Sylvie; Petrjánošová, Magda

    Bratislava : Ústav výskumu sociálnej komunikácie SAV, 2012 - (Masaryk, R.; Petrjánošová, M.; Lášticová, B.), s. 193-199 ISBN 978-80-970234-2-3. - (Human Communication Studies. 11). [XI. česko-slovenská konference s mezinárodní účastí. Kvalitatívny prístup a metódy vo vedách o človeku: „Diverzita v spoločenských vedách“. Bratislava (SK), 23.01.2012-24.01.2012] R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP407/10/2394 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z70250504 Keywords : language * content analysis * tematic analysis * intergroup contact * basal critical discourse analysis Subject RIV: AN - Psychology

  15. Stonôžky (Chilopoda), mnohonôžky (Diplopoda) a rovnakonôžky (Oniscidea) ako súčasť makroepigeonu CHKO Latorica – predbežné poznatky

    Lukáčová, D.; Škovranová, S.; Oravcová, M.; Mock, A.; Tajovský, Karel

    České Budějovice: Ústav půdní biologie, BC AV ČR, 2010. s. 7-8. ISBN 978-80-86525-18-1. [Česko-slovenský myriapodologický seminář /7./. 08.04.2010-09.04.2010, České Budějovice] Institutional research pla n: CEZ:AV0Z60660521 Keywords : PLA Latorica * centipedes * millipedes Subject RIV: EH - Ecology, Behaviour

  16. Preformulation investigation of some clopidogrel addition salts

    Ritlop, Gregor; Simonič, Igor; Zupančič, Vinko; Plevnik, Miha; Smrkolj, Matej; Kristl, Albin; Vrečer, Franc; Benkič, Primož


    Fizikalno-kemijske lastnosti zdravilnih učinkovin, kot so topnost, hitrost (profil) raztapljanja, kemijska stabilnost, farmacevtsko- tehnološka procesibilnost itd., lahko izboljšamo s tvorbo različnih soli. Karakterizacija fizikalnih lastnosti tovrstnih soli je pomembna za izbiro optimalne soli, ki ima ustrezne biofarmacevtske lastnosti, ustrezno stabilnost in procesibilnost v industrijskem merilu. V nadaljevanju v prispevku predstavljamo predformulacijske študije nekaterih soli klopidogrela ...

  17. Gargallo, Francesca. Saharauis. La sonrisa del sol> : Ciudad de México, Editorial Corte y Confección, 2014, 125 páginas

    Graciano, Nicolás


    Escrito desde latitudes latinoamericanas, y con una clara mirada anticolonialista y antipatriarcal, Francesca Gargallo nos ofrece un trabajo muy gratuito para cualquier lector que quiera interiorizar en la realidad y en la lucha del pueblo Saharaui. La autora pone al servicio de su escritura toda su experiencia académica, militante y narrativa para tender un puente entre las historias de ambos pueblos y continentes. Su intención es claramente política, en todo el trayecto de la obra muestra u...

  18. Apricot Kernel Oil Ameliorates Cyclophosphamide-Associated Immunosuppression in Rats.

    Tian, Honglei; Yan, Haiyan; Tan, Siwei; Zhan, Ping; Mao, Xiaoying; Wang, Peng; Wang, Zhouping


    The effects of dietary apricot kernel oil (AKO), which contains high levels of oleic and linoleic acids and lower levels of α-tocopherol, were evaluated in a rat model of cyclophosphamide-induced immunosuppression. Rats had intraperitoneal injection with cyclophosphamide to induce immunosuppression and were then infused with AKO or normal saline (NS) for 4 weeks. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays were used to detect antimicrobial factors in lymphocytes and anti-inflammatory factors in hepatocytes. Hematoxylin & eosin staining was conducted prior to histopathological analysis of the spleen, liver, and thymus. Significant differences were observed between the immune functions of the healthy control group, the normal saline group, and the AKO group. Compared to the normal saline-treated group, lymphocytes isolated from rats administered AKO showed significant improvement in immunoglobulin (Ig)A, IgM, IgG, interleukin (IL)-2, IL-12, and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) levels (p cyclophosphamide-associated organ degeneration. These results suggested that AKO may enhance the immune system in vivo. These effects may reflect the activities of intermediate oleic and linoleic acid metabolites, which play a vital role in the immune system, and the α-tocopherol in AKO may further enhance this phenomenon. Thus, the use of AKO as a nutritional supplement can be proposed to ameliorate chemotherapy-associated immunosuppression. PMID:27262314

  19. From Commonwealth to Postcolonial Literature

    Ako, Edward O.


    In his paper,"From Commonwealth to Postcolonial Literature," Edward O.Ako begins by establishing the link between Empire and English-language literature. Drawing on Elleke Boehmer, Gauri Viswanath, and Terry Eagleton, Ako discusses the ideological uses of literature and argues that the textual forms that emerged as "resistance" to imperial domination were referred to by a multiplicity of terms: Commonwealth Literature, New English Literature, Literature in English, Third World Literature, Wor...

  20. Ako súvisia sebavedomie, jazykové spôsobilosti a ekonomické rozdiely: obraz suseda vo voľných výpovediach Nemcov o Čechoch a Čechov o Nemcoch

    Petrjánošová, Magda

    Brno: Psychologický ústav Filozofické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity a Tribun EU, 2011 - (Bartošová, K.; Čerňák, M.; Humpolíček, P.; Kukaňová, M.; Slezáčková, A.), s. 233-237 ISBN 978-80-263-0029-8. [Sociální procesy a osobnost. Člověk na cestě životem: křižovatky a mosty. Kroměříž (CZ), 14.09.2011-16.09.2011] R&D Projects: GA ČR GAP407/10/2394 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z70250504 Keywords : intergroup contact * Germans * Czechs * thematic analysis . Subject RIV: AN - Psychology

  1. Integrated coastal management in Uruguay

    Integrated coastal management in Uruguay Carmelo includes the following areas-Nueva Palmira challenges and opportunities for local development in a context of large-scale industrial (Conchillas Uruguay), coastal management and stream Arroyo Solis Solis Chico Grande, Punta Colorada and Punta Negra, Maldonado Province Arroyo Valizas and sustainable tourism.

  2. Long- and Short-Term Processes Indicated by the Displacement of the Chamber Roofs in the Monumental Wieliczka Salt Mine / Długo- i krótkotrwałe procesy sygnalizowane przemieszczeniami stropu komór w zabytkowej kopalni soli wieliczka

    Kortas, Grzegorz


    This paper presents several processes that are characteristic for the salt rock mass, which have been found upon analysis of observations of the chamber roof displacements in the monumental Wieliczka Salt Mine. Those processes are revealed in different time frames and they range from short- to long-term ones. A regular long-term increase or decrease of creeping rate in the chamber roof is expressed by power function of time. It was found that an annual component of that process consists in the season cycle, marked by increased displacement rates in the summer and reduced ones in the winter. The seasonal changes in air humidity are the cause of those cycles. A rock slip cycle is observed in some chambers during several months. In those periods, we can identify displacements that happen when internal static and dynamic friction is overcome. In 2007-2009, single signals from large-area rock-mass movements were recorded in several chambers. They were probably associated with the change of geo-mechanical conditions in northern region of rock mass after a leak had been plugged in the cross-corridor Mina. The results of our analysis have revealed new cognitive components contributing to the description of rock behaviour in specific geological and mining conditions of Miocene salt deposits.

  3. The stabilization of the rock mass of the wieliczka salt mine through the backfilling of the witos chamber with the use of injection methods / Stabilizacji górotworu kopalni soli "wieliczka" poprzez likwidację komór "witos" z zastosowaniem metod iniekcji

    D'Obyrn, Kajetan


    The Wieliczka Salt Mine is the most famous and the most visited mining industry monument in the world and it requires modern methods to ensure rock mass stability and tourists' security. Both for conservation and tourism organization reasons, the group of Warszawa-Wisla-Budryk-Lebzeltern-Upper Witos Chambers (Photo. 1, 2. 3) located the Kazanów mid-level at a depth of 117 m underground is extremely important. Discontinuous deformation occurring in this Chamber complex was eliminated by comprehensive securing work with anchor housing, but their final securing and stability is conditioned by further backfilling and sealing the Witos Chambers situated directly beneath. In the 1940s and 1950s, the Witos Chamber was backfilled with slag from the mine boilerhouse. However, slags with 80% compressibility are not backfilling material which would ensure the stability of the rock mass. The chambers were exploited in the early nineteenth century in the Spizit salts of the central part of the layered deposit. The condition of the Upper Witos, Wisla, Warszawa, Budryk, and Lebzeltern Chambers is generally good. The western part if the Lebzeltern Chamber (Fig. 1), which was threatened with collapse, was backfilled with sand. In all the chambers of the Witos complex, local deformation of ceiling rock of varying intensity is observed as well as significant destruction of the side walls of pillars between chambers. No hydrogeological phenomena are observed in the chambers. It has been attempted to solve the problem of stability of the rock mass in this region of the mine by extracting the slag and backfilling with sand, erecting concrete supporting pillars, backfilling the voids with sand, anchoring the ceiling and the side walls, the use of the pillar housing. The methods have either not been applied or have been proved insufficient to properly protect the excavation situated above. In order to select the optimal securing method, a geomechanical analysis was conducted in order to determine the condition of the chambers with particular emphasis on the pillars between the chambers. The analysis demonstrated the need to backfilling the Witos Chambers in order to improve the strength parameters of the pillars and the cross-level ledge. The next step consisted of selecting the sealing mix and testing how the additional burden and improving the slag strength parameters shall affect the stability of the excavations of the Kazanów mid-level. In order to determine the optimal composition of the backfilling mixtures, formulas of sealing brine slurries have been developed. Laboratory tests were also conducted concerning the strain parameters specifications of slags extracted from the Witos Chamber. Taking into account the slurry tests, and in particular, the density, strength and strain parameters, the optimal composition of the sealing mix was selected. The analysis of the results of numerical recalculations demonstrate that even the use of highest-density mixtures, backfilling(sealing) of the Witos Chambers should not cause significant disturbance of the current tension in the surrounding rock mass. The longterm impact of sealing should lead to improvement of the strain levels on the ledges between Level III and Kazanów mid-level chambers. The positive results of applying in the Mine of injection slurries for sealing and stabilizing the rock mass and the construction of the injection node on the surface of the Kosciuszko shaft area have allowed resuming work in the Witos Chambers. The main injection over 1,000 m long pipeline was constructed from the injection node through the Kosciuszko Shaft and along Level III of the mine. The sealing of the Witos Chambers complex was divided into three areas (Fig. 2) separated by backfilling dams. Each region was connected to an injection and venting pipeline, and areas of possible injection material off-flow from backfilling locations were secured. Once that the Chambers are sealed with the use of the pipeline seven bore holes will be drilled from excavations situated above through which the sealing slurry will be administered. The operation will serve to eliminate any voids and re-seal the slag, and it will be conducted until pressures of approximately 0.5 MPa on the bore hole collar is achieved. As past experience indicates, injection slurry formula can be regularly adjusted adequately to the changing geomechanical parameters and the type of sealing work at the Wieliczka Mine. Once that the backfilling and sealing process in the Witos Chambers complex is completed, it shall be necessary to conduct monitoring activities in order to determine the processes occurring in the rock mass after the backfilling. The properties of sealing mixtures qualify those for use in the environment both of salt mines and other mineral ore mines to stabilize the rock mass in the mining-geomechanical context precluding the possibility of weakening the rock mass strength parameters and at the same time sealing the rock mass and the loose material deposited in the excavation.

  4. Rozprávka ako nástroj spoločenskej satiry vo francúzskej literatúre 18. storočia: Charles Duclos a jeho Acajou a Zirphile (1744 (Le conte comme l’outil de la satire sociale dans la littérature française du XVIIIe siècle : Charles Duclos et son Acajou et Zirphile (1744

    Andrea Tureková


    Full Text Available Le présent article est consacré à la problématique du conte libertin du XVIIIe siècle et plus particulièrement à sa dimension satirique à l’égard de la société contemporaine. Sur l’exemple du conte de Charles Duclos, Acajou et Zirphile (1744, l’auteur analyse les différentes facettes que prend la satire sociale dans ce conte, qui se veut une « sottise ».

  5. Estonian science breeds world-class researches / ToivoTänavsuu, Hille Tänavsuu

    Tänavsuu, Toivo


    Eesti teadusfirmadest: biotehnoloogia ettevõtted Celecure AS, Protobios OÜ, Icosagen AS, Asper Biotech AS ja Solis BioDyne OÜ, geenitehnoloogia firma Genorama OÜ, keemiatehnoloogia ettevõte AS Cambrex Tallinn

  6. 3Corners of the World / Joosep Sang

    Sang, Joosep


    Arvustused : Robert Jürjendal, Petri Kuljuntausta, David Rothenberg. 3Corners of the World. [Tallinn] : Terra Nova Music, 2008. Nadia ja Fragile. Uhke ali. [Tallinn] : Nadia & Fragile, 2008. UMA. Civitas Soli. [Tallinn] : Elwood, 2008. Uutest heliplaatidest

  7. Coverage Bias and Sensitivity of Variant Calling for Four Whole-genome Sequencing Technologies

    Nora Rieber; Marc Zapatka; Bärbel Lasitschka; David Jones1; Paul Northcott; Barbara Hutter; Natalie Jäger; Marcel Kool; Michael Taylor; Peter Lichter; Stefan Pfister; Stephan Wolf; Benedikt Brors; Roland Eils


    The emergence of high-throughput, next-generation sequencing technologies has dramatically altered the way we assess genomes in population genetics and in cancer genomics. Currently, there are four commonly used whole-genome sequencing platforms on the market: Illumina's HiSeq2000, Life Technologies' SOLiD 4 and its completely redesigned 5500xl SOLiD, and Complete Genomics' technology. A number of earlier studies have compared a subset of those sequencing platforms or compared those platforms...

  8. Coverage Bias and Sensitivity of Variant Calling for Four Whole-genome Sequencing Technologies

    Rieber, Nora; Zapatka, Marc; Lasitschka, Bärbel; Jones, David,; Northcott, Paul; Hutter, Barbara; Jäger, Natalie; Kool, Marcel; Taylor, Michael; Lichter, Peter; Pfister, Stefan; Wolf, Stephan; Brors, Benedikt; Eils, Roland


    The emergence of high-throughput, next-generation sequencing technologies has dramatically altered the way we assess genomes in population genetics and in cancer genomics. Currently, there are four commonly used whole-genome sequencing platforms on the market: Illumina’s HiSeq2000, Life Technologies’ SOLiD 4 and its completely redesigned 5500xl SOLiD, and Complete Genomics’ technology. A number of earlier studies have compared a subset of those sequencing platforms or compared those platforms...

  9. Promoting Competence and Resilience in the School Context

    Masten, Ann S.; Herbers, Janette E.; Cutuli, J. J.; Lafavor, Theresa L.


    Four decades of research on resilience in young people provide compelling data and models for applications in the school context. Resilience theory and findings are highly congruent with Strengths-Based School Counseling (SBSC) as formulated by Galassi and Akos (2007). In this article, resilience is defined in relation to competence in…

  10. Prijelaz iz Gauss-Krügerovih u UTM koordinate putem Helmertove transformacije za područje grada Sarajeva

    Lončarić, Ivan


    U radu je opisano i prikazano kako dobiti koordinate za područje grada Sarajeva u UTM projekciji i s datumom WGS-1984, ako raspolažemo s Gauss-Krügerovim koordinatama na starom Besselovom datumu iz 1841.


    Krajčová, Petra


    Pri hmotovej skladbe som dbala na oslnenie, pohľadové osy, negatívne vplyvy (ako prach a hluk z dopravy) a chodca, ako základnú jednotku života v meste. Začala som uzavretím bloku. Vznikla príliš veľká hmota. Kultúrna inštitúcia ako stavba pre obyvateľov celého mesta by podľa mala byť odlíšená od svojho okolia. Mala by byť výrazna, a iná skladbou konštrukcie, ako aj celým výrazom. V minulosti sa takéto stavby umiestňovali na výrazne miesta, do zelene, kde bol na stavbu dobrý výhľad zo všetkýc...

  12. Soljenje hrane i kronične bolesti

    Mimica, M.; KRAPAC, L.


    U epidemiološkom istraživanju kroničnih bolesti 1972. godine u uzorku stanovništva koji se sastojao od 3 265 ispitanika u dobi od 38 do 57 godina, dobivene su izjave o soljenju hrane. Najveći broj ispitanika (62,8%) izjavio je da »normalno« soli hranu, 17,0% »dosoljava«, a 1,6% »dosoljava mnogo« hranu. »Malo soli« hranu 16,1% a »ne soli« hranu 2,5% ispitanika. Muškarci u prosjeku više dosoljavaju hranu nego žene, a seosko stanovništvo više nego gradsko. Nisu nađene razlike u prevalenciji sist...

  13. New Initiatives for Synoptic Observations

    C. U. Keller


    Several new synoptic facilities for long-term studies of the Sun will become operational within the next few years. This paper summarizes information on some of these projects, in particular GONG+, ISOON, GOES/SXI, and SOLIS. SOLIS, the Synoptic Optical Long-Term Investigations of the Sun, is currently being built by the National Solar Observatory and will become operational in 2001. It consists of a 50-cm vector spectromagnetograph, a 14-cm full-disk patrol, and an 8-mm sunas-a-star spectrometer.


    Vukina, Ana


    Čezmeren vnos natrija oziroma soli je pomemben prehranski dejavnik tveganja za zdravje in eden od glavnih vzrokov za nastanek kronično nenalezljivih bolezni: povišanega krvnega tlaka, bolezni srca in ožilja, bolezni ledvic, sladkorne bolezni, čezmerne hranjenosti in debelosti ter nekaterih vrst raka. Z magistrskim delom smo želeli ugotoviti in prikazati obstoječe stanje uživanja natrija in kalija pri odraslih prebivalcih zahodne Slovenije ter predstaviti problematiko prekomernega vnosa soli k...

  15. Teologija oslobođenja i opredjeljenje za siromašne

    Grbac, Josip


    Teologija oslobođenja učinila je svojevrsni zaokret u nastojanjima da Crkva usvoji opredjeljenje za siromašne kao strateško, a ne samo taktičko pitanje. Crkveno učiteljstvo taj njezin cilj nikada nije doveo u pitanje, a kritike su se odnosile na sredstva i metodologiju. Ako je teologija oslobođenja potaknula analizu biblijskih tekstova na temu siromaštva, istodobno je promovirala svojevrsno »političko« čitanje Biblije. Ako je učinila antropološki pomak, stavljajući konkretnog čovjeka u prvi plan te...

  16. Analýza Parkinsonovy nemoci pomocí segmentálních řečových příznaků

    Mračko, Peter


    V tejto práci je popísaný návrh systému diagnózy Parkinsonovej choroby na základe reči. Parkinsonova choroba je neurodegeneratívna porucha centrálneho nervového systému, ktorej prejavom je okrem iných aj postihnutie motorických aspektov reči tzv. hypokinetická dysartria. Návrh systému je v tejto práci založený na najznámejších segmentálnych parametroch ako sú koeficienty LPC, PLP, MFCC, LPCC, ale aj menej známych ako sú CMS, ACW a MSC. Z rečových nahrávok pacientov postihnutých Parkinsonovou ...

  17. Polyfunkční dům v Bratislavě v části Podunajské Biskupice

    Puschenreiterová, Kristína


    Diplomovú prácu tvorí je projektová dokumentácia nízkoenergetického polyfunkčného domu plne podpivničený s tromi nadzemnými podlažiami a ukončený plochou strechou. Jedná sa o samostatne stojaci objekt situovaný bytovej zástavbe v hlavnom meste Bratislava v časti Podunajské Biskupice. Suterén je zhotovený zo železobetónových stien a stĺpov. Slúži ako garáž s 22 parkovacími miestami pre vlastníkov bytov, taktiež je tu umiestnená technická miestnosť. Nadzemné podlažia sú navrhnuté ako železobetó...

  18. Interneto teisės identifikavimo problema

    Kiauzaris, Donatas


    Magistriniame darbe nagrinėjama interneto teisės termino vartojimo tikslingumas, bei įvardijamos šio termino galimos alternatyvos, kurios sutinkamos moksliniuose darbuose. Apžvelgiami interneto teisei būdingi principai, jų teisinė paskirtis, bei įtaka. Vadovaujantis teisės teorijos sukurtais teisės šakos identifikavimo reikalavimais, iškeliama hipotezė, jog interneto teisė esanti atskira kompleksinė teisės šaka, bei pateikiamas šios teisės šakos apibrėžimas. Siekiant patvirtinti iškeltą hipot...

  19. Evaluation of content of phenolics in Salvia species cultivated in South Moravian Region / Hodnotenie obsahu fenolov vo vybraných druhoch rodu Salvia L. pestovaných v Juhomoravskom kraji

    Muráriková A.; Kaffková K.; Raab S.; Neugebauerová J.


    V štúdii na celkový obsah fenolových látok a kyseliny rozmarínovej bolo hodnotených 37 vzoriek šalvie (Salvia L.) z metanolových extraktov stanovených spektrofotometricky. Množstvo celkových fenolov bolo analyzované s pomocou Folin Ciocalteuového skúmadla. Ako štandard bola použitá kyselina galová a celkové fenoly boli vyjadrené ako mg.100 g-1 kyseliny galovej v sušine. Boli zobrazené podstatné rozdiely hodnotených extraktov. Všetky skúmané druhy okrem Salvia jurisici (990,79 mg GAE.100 g-1) ...

  20. Bezpečnost automobilů Škoda

    Poláš, Maroš


    Táto bakalárska práca sa zameriava na históriu a bezpečnosť automobilov značky Škoda. Prvá časť sa zaoberá históriou bezpečnosti ako aj históriou automobilov Škoda. Druhá časť je rozdelená na desaťročia a v nich sú popísané jednotlivé modely áut z hľadiska ich aktívnej a pasívnej bezpečnosti, ako sa vyvíjali jednotlivé bezpečnostné prvky a aj samotné vozidlá od roku 1964 do roku 2015.

  1. Návrh modelu Savoniova rotoru

    Sedlačko, Jozef


    Veterná energetika patrí v poslednom desaťročí k rýchlo rozvíjajúcim odvetviam výroby energie z obnoviteľných zdrojov. Savoniov rotor ako malý veterný zdroj bol rovnako ako ostatné zdroje podrobený skúmaniu a inováciám. Táto práca sa zaoberá návrhom a realizáciou Savoniovho rotoru pre laboratórne účely. V prvej časti práce je predostretý jeho princíp a vlastnosti. Druhá časť pojednáva o matematickom návrhu rozmerov a geometrie. V poslednej časti sa venuje meraniu a vyhodnoteniu základných par...

  2. Zabezpečení bezdrátových sítí a možné útoky na tyto sítě

    Vlček, Peter


    Prvým z hlavných cieľov tejto práce bolo naštudovať a preskúmať rôzne typy útokov na bezdrôtové siete. Táto práca je zameraná na najbežnejšie sa vyskytujúce druhy útokov, akými sú WEP/WPA/WPA2 prelomenie, útok mužom uprostred (MIM), slovníkový útok, MAC podvrhnutie a nakoniec Denial of Service útoky. Popis jednotlivých útokov je zároveň doplnený podrobnými návodmi, ako sa dajú tieto útoky zrealizovať na platforme Windows. Ďalej je popísané, ako sa dajú jednotlivé útoky odhaliť a identifikovať...

  3. Co je v právu nového

    Cvrček, František

    Bratislava: Ústav štátu a práva SAV, 2015 - (Bárány, E.), s. 49-56 ISBN 978-80-224-1469-2. [Ako právo reaguje na novoty. Piešťany (SK), 11.03.2015-13.03.2015] Institutional support: RVO:68378122 Keywords : theory of law * Czech legislation * quantitative methods Subject RIV: AG - Legal Sciences

  4. Spiritualita na prodej

    Říčan, Pavel

    Bratislava: STIMUL, 2005 - (Sarmány Schuller, I.; Bratská, M.), s. 43-49 ISBN 80-967311-7-3. [Psychologické dny /22./ "Psychológia a život – alebo ako je potrebná metanoia“. Bratislava (SK), 08.09.2005-10.09.2005] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z70250504 Keywords : Spirituality * Psychology * Theory * Application Subject RIV: AN - Psychology

  5. Budovanie mieru a štátu včera a dnes

    Halász, Ivan

    Bratislava: Ústav štátu a práva SAV, 2015 - (Bárány, E.), s. 259-269 ISBN 978-80-224-1469-2. [Ako právo reaguje na novoty. Piešťany (SK), 11.03.2015-13.03.2015] Institutional support: RVO:68378122 Keywords : peace-building * state-building * international law Subject RIV: AG - Legal Sciences

  6. Minimally invasive veneers: current state of the art

    Burçin Akoğlu Vanlıoğlu, Burcin


    Burçin Akoğlu Vanlioğlu, Yasemin Kulak-Özkan University of Marmara, Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, Istanbul, TurkeyAbstract: Ceramic veneers are considered a conservative solution for patients requiring improvement of the shape, color, or position of their anterior teeth. Ceramic veneers have been extensively and successfully used to mask intrinsic staining, to give the appearance of straightening, and to correct minor malformations of anterior teeth without the rem...

  7. Planning and realization of broadband network in accordance with guidelines from European digital agenda

    Simšič, Jaka


    Thesis contains description of European Digital Agenda (EDA) guidelines regarding the need for fast and ultra fast internet access. Republic of Slovenia supported those guidelines in document Digital Slovenia 2020 and with that confirmed the intention to fulfill the requirements set by European Commission in EDA. Current state of communication network does not suffice those guidelines. According to Agency for communication networks and services of the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS) copper connec...

  8. Co nového zrcadlí legislativa ČR po roce 1990

    Novák, František

    Bratislava: Ústav štátu a práva SAV, 2015 - (Bárány, E.), s. 57-64 ISBN 978-80-224-1469-2. [Ako právo reaguje na novoty. Piešťany (SK), 11.03.2015-13.03.2015] Institutional support: RVO:68378122 Keywords : legislature of CR * legislation in CSR, CR and SR * development of the legislature in CR in 1993-2013 Subject RIV: AG - Legal Sciences

  9. Desni ekstremizam, radikalizam i zapadnoeuropska Nova desnica

    Velički, Damir


    U ovom se radu polazi od pojma političkog ekstremizma koji karakterizira odbijanje temeljnih vrijednosti demokratske ustavne države te se, nadalje, nakon definiranja strukturnih značajki desnog ekstremizma on razgraničuje od srodnog pojma desnog radikalizma. U nastavku se analizira pojam tzv. Nove desnice te njezina prisutnost u Francuskoj, Italiji, Velikoj Britaniji i SR Njemačkoj. Pojam Nova desnica prikladan je ako se njime opisuju intelektualna strujanja koja rade na ide...

  10. Histoire et onomastique médiévales. L'enquête de 1249 sur la guerre de Thibaud I de Navarre en Labourd

    Orpustan, Jean-Baptiste


    XIII-garren mendean Nabarrako errege Zantxo Azkarra hil eta (1234), haren iloba Thibalt edo Thibaud Xampañako kondeak ukan zituen Nabarrako korona eta erresuma. Berehala gataskak hasi ziren orduan Angeleterrako erregeren meneko ziren Baiones eta Lapurtarren eta Nabartarren artean : artalde eta abere bahitze larre-mendietan, untzietan zeramatzaten salgai ebaste eta zergatze Baionan eta portu angelesetan... Gauzak oraino gaixtatu ziren, bertze guzien artetik Garroko jauregia, hango jaunak Thiba...

  11. Vítr se vrací k Acheirům

    Jareš, Michal

    Bratislava: Ústav slovenskej literatúry SAV, 2012 - (Taranenková, I.; Jareš, M.), s. 90-98 ISBN 978-80-88746-18-8. [Bude ako nebolo. Podoby utopického žánru. Bratislava (SK), 19.05.2011-19.05.2011] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z90560517 Keywords : Czech literature * Utopian novels * popular literature Subject RIV: AJ - Letters, Mass-media, Audiovision

  12. Incorporation monitoring in Germany. Quo vadis?; Inkorporationsueberwachung in Deutschland. Quo Vadis?

    Froning, Martina; Breustedt, Bastian; Scholl, Clemens [Fachverband fuer Strahlenschutz e.V., Garching (Germany). Arbeitskreis Inkorporationsueberwachung


    In 1970 a study group incorporation monitoring (AKI) was founded in the research center Karlsruhe. In the last decade the AKO and the respective group in the Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz (BfS) have identified the necessity to develop a test point concept. The actual state of incorporation monitoring in Germany is, the future of the test point concept and related questions are discussed in the contribution.

  13. The Datsuns : külalised eriti kaugelt. Popid poisid Norrast


    Uus-Meremaa rockansamblist The Datsuns (, albumitest "The Datsuns", "Smoke and Mirrors". Norra rockansamblist Apoptygma Berzerk (, albumitest "Soli Deo Gloria, "7", "Welcome To Earth", "Harmonizer", "You and Me Against the World", "Sonic Diary". Info festivalist: /

  14. Treatment with IL-2 and IL-12 inhibits tumour cell division in SL2 lymphoma

    Masztalerz, A; Van Luyn, M; Werner, N; Molema, G; Everse, LA; Den Otter, W


    We examined which mechanism plays a dominant role in the rejection of solid SL2 lymphoma treated with locally applied IL-2 and /or IL-12. This treatment resulted in about 80% cures. There was a moderate influx of leukocytes in the tissue surrounding tumours; yet these cells failed to invade the soli

  15. DMPD: Distinct functions of IRF-3 and IRF-7 in IFN-alpha gene regulation and controlof anti-tumor activity in primary macrophages. [Dynamic Macrophage Pathway CSML Database

    Full Text Available 16846591 Distinct functions of IRF-3 and IRF-7 in IFN-alpha gene regulation and controlof anti-tumor activit...Distinct functions of IRF-3 and IRF-7 in IFN-alpha gene regulation and controlof anti-tumor activity... IFN-alpha gene regulation and controlof anti-tumor activity in primary macrophages. Authors Solis M, Goubau

  16. Crude Oil Stockpiling Needed in China

    Fu Bin


    @@ The two oil crises in the 1970's had badly disturbed the economy and the way of life of those oil importing countries, which began to realize the importance of oil stockpiling. With the rapid development of economy, China could no longer satisfy itself soly with the domesticallyproduced oil.

  17. Gene Expression Differences between Noccaea caerulescens Ecotypes Help to Identify Candidate Genes for Metal Phytoremediation

    Halimaa, P.; Lin, Y.F.; Ahonen, V.H.; Blande, D.; Clemens, S.; Gyenesei, A.; Haikio, E.; Karenlampi, S.O.; Laiho, A.; Aarts, M.G.M.; Pursiheimo, J.P.; Schat, H.; Schmidt, H.; Tuomainen, M.H.; Tervahauta, A.I.


    Populations of Noccaea caerulescens show tremendous differences in their capacity to hyperaccumulate and hypertolerate metals. To explore the differences that could contribute to these traits, we undertook SOLiD high-throughput sequencing of the root transcriptomes of three phenotypically well-chara

  18. Problematiche del copyright della Biblioteca digitale

    Tammaro, Anna Maria


    Sono discussi alcuni temi come: differenze del diritto di autore nella biblioteca tradizionale e nella biblioteca digitale, licenze e creative commons, problematiche di autenticità, privacy e deposito legale. Il testo completo della dispensa è accessibile ai soli utenti autorizzati.

  19. Eestlased rajavad omaenda oaasi Ränioru mägismaal / Martin Hanson

    Hanson, Martin, 1984-


    EAS-i California esinduse töötaja Andrus Viirg tutvustab Eesti ettevõtete võimalusi äritegevuse alustamiseks ja investorite leidmiseks Silicon Valley's. Vt. samas: Skype'i tuules lendavad ettevõtted. San Joses kavandavad kontori avamist Eesti ettevõtted Yoga Intelligence, Myoton ja Solis Biodyne

  20. Remote sensing evidence for regolith water vapor sources on Mars

    Huguenin, R. L.; Clifford, S. M.


    McCord et al. (1977) have presented earth-based photometric imaging data of an event associated with the 1973 dust storm on Mars. The initial dust cloud in Solis Lacus and two regions to the north and south appeared anomalously bright at blue wavelengths. Water frosts, hazes, and/or clouds were identified, and it was suggested that the water responsible for these findings may have originated from Solis Lacus. More recently, a more intensive review of the observational record of Mars was undertaken. Earth-based telescope observations and data from the Mariner and Viking missions have revealed that Solis Lacus has been a center of repeated activity. Persistent activity in the vicinity of Noachis-Hellespontus and in the border regions of Syrtis Major was also discovered. A review of the observations is provided and possible interpretations are discussed. The obtained results appear to support the original proposal that Solis Lacus may be a source of water vapor. Noachis-Hellespontus seems to be a similar vapor source

  1. De novo assembly and characterization of the carrot transcriptome reveals novel genes, new markers, and genetic diversity

    Among next generation sequence technologies, platforms such as Illumina and SOLiD produce short reads but with higher coverage and lower cost per sequenced nucleotide than 454 or Sanger. A challenge now is to develop efficient strategies to use short-read length platforms for de novo assembly and ma...

  2. An efficient annotation and gene expression derivation tool for Illumina Solexa datasets

    Next-generation DNA sequencing platforms such as 454, Solexa and SOLiD provide unprecedented genome depth and coverage unlike any other sequencing technology. Data produced from Solexa sequencing is well over a terabyte worth of images and gigabytes of short nucleotide sequences ranging from 40 - 12...

  3. Incineration and co-combustion of waste: accounting of greenhouse gases and global warming contributions

    Astrup, Thomas; Møller, Jacob; Fruergaard, Thilde


    Important greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to waste incineration and co-combustion of waste were identified and considered relative to critical aspects such as: the contents of biogenic and fossil carbon, N2O emissions, fuel and material consumptions at the plants, energy recovery, and soli...

  4. Educación, música y posmodernidad : Constructivismo en la iniciación a la guitarra: diseño, implementación y evaluación de un modelo de enseñanza con apoyo de las tic /

    Navarro Solis, José Luis


     tesis que para obtener el grado de Doctorado en Música, presenta Jose Luis Navarro Solis ; asesor Antonio Corona Alcalde, Jesús Tejada Gimémez, Gilles Lavigne168 páginas : ilustracionesDoctorado en Música UNAM, Escuela Nacional de Música, 2012

  5. Electrochemical acidification of milk by whey desalination

    Balster, J.; Punt, I.; Stamatialis, D.F.; Lammers, H.; Verver, A.B.; Wessling, M.


    We describe a process configuration for the electrochemical acidification of milk using the desalination function and the acid/base production function of a bipolar membrane process. First, the milk is acidified by the acid produced in the bipolar membrane stack. The precipitate is removed by a soli

  6. Synthesis of novel photochromic pyrans via palladium-mediated reactions

    Böttcher, Christoph; Zeyat, Gehad; Ahmed, Saleh A.; Irran, Elisabeth; Cordes, Thorben; Elsner, Cord; Zinth, Wolfgang; Rueck-Braun, Karola


    Photochromic pyrans for applications in material and life sciences were synthesized via palladium-mediated cyanation, carbonylation and Sonogashira cross-coupling starting from a bromo-substituted naphthopyran and benzopyrans. A novel photoswitchable benzopyran-based ω-amino acid for Fmoc-based soli

  7. Effective poroelastic model for one-dimensional wave propagation

    Kudarova, A.; Van Dalen, K.N.; Drijkoningen, G.G.


    An effective poroelastic model is proposed that describes seismic attenuation and dispersion in periodically layeredmedia. In this model, the layers represent mesoscopic-scale heterogeneities (larger than the grain and pore sizes but smaller than the wavelength) that can occur both in fluid and soli

  8. 76 FR 54829 - The First Semi-Annual Aviation Workforce Management Conference


    ... Office of the Secretary of Transportation The First Semi-Annual Aviation Workforce Management Conference... Transportation, announces the First Semi-Annual Aviation Workforce Management Conference which will be held in... Labor Hilda L. Solis and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The Federal Aviation Administrator...

  9. Minimaal kinderopvang

    S.G. van der Lecq (Fieke)


    textabstractWie dacht dat Amerikanen alleen maar hard en lang werken, loopt achter: de balans tussen werk en privé heeft nu de kolommen van de Harvard Business Review gehaald 1. Ook in de VS speelt de discussie tussen werkende ouders en hun kinderloze collega's over de grenzen van de onderlinge soli

  10. Sequencing bias: comparison of different protocols of MicroRNA library construction

    Tian Geng


    Full Text Available Abstract Background MicroRNAs(miRNAs are 18-25 nt small RNAs playing critical roles in many biological processes. The majority of known miRNAs were discovered by conventional cloning and a Sanger sequencing approach. The next-generation sequencing (NGS technologies enable in-depth characterization of the global repertoire of miRNAs, and different protocols for miRNA library construction have been developed. However, the possible bias between the relative expression levels and sequences introduced by different protocols of library preparation have rarely been explored. Results We assessed three different miRNA library preparation protocols, SOLiD, Illumina versions 1 and 1.5, using cloning or SBS sequencing of total RNA samples extracted from skeletal muscles from Hu sheep and Dorper sheep, and then validated 9 miRNAs by qRT-PCR. Our results show that SBS sequencing data highly correlate with Illumina cloning data. The SOLiD data, when compared to Illumina's, indicate more dispersed distribution of length, higher frequency variation for nucleotides near the 3'- and 5'-ends, higher frequency occurrence for reads containing end secondary structure (ESS, and higher frequency for reads that do not map to known miRNAs. qRT-PCR results showed the best correlation with SOLiD cloning data. Fold difference of Hu sheep and Dorper sheep between qRT-PCR result and SBS sequencing data correlated well (r = 0.937, and fold difference of miR-1 and miR-206 among SOLiD cloning data, qRT-PCR and SBS sequencing data was similar. Conclusions The sequencing depth can influence the quantitative measurement of miRNA abundance, but the discrepancy caused by it was not statistically significant as high correlation was observed between Illumina cloning and SBS sequencing data. Bias of length distribution, sequence variation, and ESS was observed between data obtained with the different protocols. SOLiD cloning data differ from Illumina cloning data mainly because of

  11. Disruption of cagA, the apoprotein gene of chromoprotein antibiotic C-1027, eliminates holo-antibiotic production, but not the cytotoxic chromophore.

    Cui, Zhihui; Wang, Lifei; Wang, Songmei; Li, Guangwei; Hong, Bin


    C-1027 is a chromoprotein of the nine-membered enediyne antitumour antibiotic family, comprising apoprotein to stabilize and transport the enediyne chromophore. The disruption of apoprotein gene cagA within the C-1027 biosynthetic gene cluster abolished C-1027 holo-antibiotic production detected by an antibacterial assay, as well as the expression of the apoprotein and C-1027 chromophore extracted following protein precipitation of the culture supernatant. Complementation of the cagA-disrupted mutant AKO with the intact cagA gene restored C-1027 production, suggesting that cagA is indispensable for holo-antibiotic production. Overexpression of cagA in the wild-type strain resulted in a significant increase in C-1027 production as expected. Surprisingly, electrospray ionization (ESI)-MS and ESI-MS/MS analyses suggested that the AKO mutant still produced the C-1027 enediyne chromophore [m/z=844 (M+H)(+)] and its aromatized product [m/z=846 (M+H)(+)]. Consistent with this, the results from gene expression analysis using real-time reverse transcriptase-PCR showed that transcripts of the positive regulator sgcR3 and the structural genes sgcA1, sgcC4, sgcD6 and sgcE were readily detected in the AKO mutant as well as in the wild-type and the complementation strain. These results provided, for the first time, evidence suggesting that the apoprotein of C-1027 is not essential in the self-resistance mechanism for the enediyne chromophore. PMID:19845765

  12. Tekstura i kakvoća Kraškog pršuta, dobivenog dimljenjem šunki različitih masa i slanosti

    Andronikov, Darko; Gašperlin, Lea; Polak, Tomaž; Žlender, Božidar


    Svrha je ovoga rada bila istražiti utjecaj mase svježe šunke i količine soli dodane tijekom prerade na tehnološke, senzorske i fizikalno-kemijske značajke Kraškog pršuta zaštićenog zemljopisnog podrijetla. Sveukupno 84 uzoraka svježih šunki (pH-vrijednosti od 5,6 do 5,9; izmjerenih 24 h nakon klanja) križane pasmine svinja Landras × Veliki jorkšir podijeljeno je u skupine prema masi na lagane (9,5-10,5 kg) i teške (11,5-13 kg), a prema udjelu soli na normalno i manje slane. Dobivene su 4 skup...

  13. Infekcije mokraćnog sustava - novosti u patogenezi i liječenje

    Škerk, Višnja


    Infekcije mokraćnog sustava (IMS) jesu simptomatske, asimptomatske, akutne (prve ili pojedinačne), rekurentne, kronične, komplicirane i nekomplicirane. Klinički simptomi cistitisa i leukociturija dovoljan su razlog za počinjanje trodnevne empirijske antimikrobne terapije akutnoga nekompliciranog cistitisa u mladih žena. Urinokultura se mora učiniti prije počinjanja antimikrobne terapije u trudnica, dijabetičara, rekurentnih IMS, pijelonefritisa i ako nije bilo uspješno...

  14. Most na teleskopima oblikovan s mogućnošću preinake fiksno-mobilnog nadomjestka: prikaz slučaja

    Zoidis, Panagiotis; Panagiota, Spyropoulou; Polyzois, Gregory


    U ovom kliničkom prikazu opisan je, kod parodontno ugroženog pacijenta s nekontroliranim dijabetesom, fiksni maksilarni most od estetskoga kompozitnog materijala s metalnom bazom učvršćen na frezanim metalnim kapicama. Uključena su i mjesta za okluzalne upirače na ključnim mjestima ako se izgube lateralni zubi kako bi se most mogao prenamijeniti u kombinirani rad s mobilnom protezom. Nedostatak zuba u mandibuli nadomješten je klasičnim fiksnim metalkeramičkim mostom.


    Šenk, Lidija; Ercegovac Jagnjić, Gordana


    U višegodišnjem radu sa studentima koji se pripremaju za zvanje učitelja, nailazimo na cijeli niz poteškoća u realizaciji nastave kolegija Sviranje. Zašto učitelj treba pjevati, svladati vještinu sviranja, znati čitati notne znakove? Zašto razredbenim postupkom nisu provjerene glazbene sposobnosti ako o njima ovisi uspješnost studiranja? Zašto glazbeni sadržaji iziskuju toliko mnogo vremena potrebnoga za njihovo usvajanje i uvježbavanje? Ovo su samo neka od pitanja studenata na početku studij...


    Kürti, László


    Rad analizira nekoliko vrsta čudovišta u današnjoj zapadnjačkoj popularnoj kulturi: vukodlake, vampire, morlake, krvavu groficu i ostala stvorenja podzemnoga svijeta. Rabeći pojam monstruoznog rad se bavi temeljnim zabludama etnocentrizma – prevladavajućim nakupinama zapadnjačke superiornosti u kojima alegorije zadovoljavaju znatiželju i maštu građanstva koje je navodno iznad toga, no zapravo nije. Monstruozno postaje uporabni predmet u zapadnjačkoj popularnoj kulturnoj produkciji, a ako uzme...

  17. Nezavisna astronomska kontrola vanjske geodetske mreže tunela ''Mala Kapela''

    Solarić, Nikola; Špoljarić, Drago


    Opisana je automatizirana astronomska kontrola vanjske geodetske mreže tunela "Mala Kapela" i moguće povećanje točnosti proboja tunela, osobito ako su strane za orijentaciju poligonskih vlakova kojima se ulazi u tunel kratke i strme. U dosadašnjim primjenama nezavisne astronomske kontrole geodetskih mreža iznad tunela automatizirano je određivan samo astronomski azimut. Komponente otklona vertikale računane su iz topografskih masa ili geoida, što je manje točno od komponenti određenih astr...

  18. Raspodjela HLA-DRB1 gena u hrvatskih bolesnika s artritisom

    Laktašić-Žerjavić, Nadica; Soldo-Jureša, Dragica; Babić-Naglić, Đurđica; Ćurković, Božidar; Potočki, Kristina; Žunec, Renata; Ivanišević, Goran


    Reumatoidni artritis (RA) pokazuje povezanost teškog oblika bolesti s određenim HLA-DRB1 alelima. Prema teoriji zajedničkog epitopa prisutnost alela DRB1 lokusa *0401, *0404, *0405, *0408, *0101, *1001 i *1402 povezuje se s destruktivnijim oblikom bolesti, posebice ako su prisutna oba alela. Incidencija RA je 5-7 puta veća u nosioca ovih alela. Cilj rada je bio utvrditi raspodjelu HLA-DRB1 alela u skupini hrvatskih bolesnika s artritisom, i utvrditi najučestaliji podložni gen. Metodom PCR-SSP...


    Šperanda, Ivo


    Proces uključivanja poduzeća u međunarodno poslovanje postao je neminovan i nezaustavljiv, međutim, zbog promjena čimbenika međunarodnog poslovanja, klasični oblici poslovnih odnosa više ne odgovaraju novonastalim prilikama i odnosima. Na novu dinamiku tržišnih odnosa i na sve veći stupanj rizika i nesigurnosti moderna poduzeća reagiraju strategijama osiguranja i podjele rizika. Članak predstavlja pokušaj ukazivanja na mogućnosti ublažavanja, ako već ne izbjegavanja, dijela rizika kojima su i...

  20. Utjecaj niskog i visokog popuštanja na tvrdoću čelika EN 42CRMO4

    Živković, Dražen; Gabrić, Igor; Šitić, Slaven


    Hollomon i Jaffe [1],[2] su dali funkcionalnu ovisnost parametra popuštanja (temperature i trajanja) P=f(T, t). Drugim riječima ako se koriste kombinacije temperature i trajanja popuštanja, koje rezultiraju jednakom vrijednošću parametra, tvrdoća će ostati nepromijenjena. Ova funkcija se odnosi samo na čelike. Za određivanje parametara popuštanja uz postizanje željene mikrostrukture i tvrdoće nakon obrade, potrebno je poznavati dijagram popuštanja promatranog čelika. U ovom radu je istražena ...

  1. Disidentima su se sviđale lijepe djevojke: golotinja, pornografija i kvalitetno novinarstvo u socijalizmu

    Žikić, Biljana


    Komunistički režimi smatrali su pornografiju za isključivo “zapadnjački” fenomen i interpretirali su je kao znak moralnog propadanja izazvanog kapitalističkim oblikom produkcije. Ipak, ako proširimo pojam pornografije na “soft” ili “modest” erotiku, tada moramo priznati postojanje brojnih pornografskih slika na stranicama raznih socijalističkih časopisa, dnevnih novina i publicistike općenito. Ovaj rad ispituje fenomen erotike u socijalističkoj državi u kontekstu socijalističke...

  2. Bolesti žučnih vodova

    Rustemović, Nadan


    Akutni kolangitis klinički je sindrom karakteriziran vrućicom, žuticom i abdominalnim kolikama, koje se razvijaju kao rezultat staze i infekcije žuči. Koledoholitijaza je bila prije najčešći uzrok nastanka akutnog kolangitisa. U posljednjih 20 godina zahvati na bilijarnom traktu i stentovi postali su češći uzrok razvoja kolangitisa. Bolest ima značajan mortalitet i morbiditet, posebice ako nije tretirana adekvatno. Intravenska primjena antibiotika, korekcija tekućine i el...

  3. Didaktická teorie a praxe v rámci doktorských studijních programů

    Jaklová Dytrtová, Jana

    Košice : EQUILIBRIA, s.r.o, 2010 - (Orosová, R.; Drotárová, M.), s. 261-263 ISBN 978-80-7079-843-6. [Integrácia teorie a praxe didaktiky ako determinant kvality modernej školy. Košice (SK), 04.11.2010-05.11.2010] Grant ostatní: GA AV ČR(CZ) IAA400400806 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z40550506 Keywords : presentation and communication skills * didactic skills * analysis Subject RIV: CF - Physical ; Theoretical Chemistry




    Liječenje ovisnika o opijatima u okviru svakodnevnog rada liječnika obiteljske medicine rezultat je uspjeha zamjenske terapije opioidnim agonistima. Istraživanja pokazuju povoljnije rezultate liječenja ovisnika ako je tretmanski program angažirao liječnika obiteljske medicine te takva organizacija liječenja pridonosi sveobuhvatnoj skrbi, eliminaciji izolacije i stigme, povećanju mogućnosti zapošljavanja te boljem socijalnom funkcioniranju ovisnika. Cilj ovoga rada bio je dati pregled spoznaja...

  5. Nekilnojamojo turto sektoriaus situacijos strateginis vertinimas

    Janušaitė, Asta


    Darbą sudaro trys dalys: Pirmoje dalyje pateikiami verslo šakos strateginio vertinimo modeliai, analizuojami įvairių autorių darbai šia tematika, parenkamas modelis, kuris panaudotas atliekant tyrimą. Antroje darbo dalyje aptariama nekilnojamojo turto sektoriaus situacija Lietuvoje ir užsienyje, pateikiamas išskiriama nagrinėjama verslo šaka pagal ekonominį veiklos rūšių klasifikatorių. Trečioje dalyje pateikiama Kauno miesto nekilnojamojo turto agentūrų veiklos patrauklumo įvertinimo tyrimo ...

  6. Kombinirani bešavni zahvat: fakoemulzifikacija s ugradnjom očne leće i 25-g vitrektomija

    Kovačević, Damir; Mance, Tea; Mišljenović, Tamara


    Od otkrića 25-G transkonjuktivne bešavne vitrektomije (25G TSV) u 2002. godini ova metoda je postala popularna u cijelom svijetu. Uz dobar odabir bolesnika ova bešavna tehnika je sigurna za kirurga i minimalno neugodne za bolesnika. Siva mrena razvit će se nakon vitrektomije u svakog bolesnika u dobi iznad 50 godina. Kombinirane operacije sive mrene i vitrektomije treba uzeti u obzir ako se razmišlja o samo jednom kirurškom bešavnom zahvatu koji je za bolesnika jednostavniji i manje bolan. Dv...

  7. Kategorija brojivosti u hrvatskom jeziku

    Znika, Marija


    Kategorija brojivosti promatra se u ovome radu kao na leksičkom značenju imenica utemeljena kategorija. Leksičko značenje imenica može biti dvojako strukturirano: kao jedinično ili kao nejedinično. Temelji se na opreci jedno ≠ mnogo. Kategorija brojivosti ima svoj sadržaj i izraz. Sadržaj kategorije brojivosti čini obilježje [± brojivo] i njegove oznake [+ brojivo] i [- brojivo]. Imenica je brojiva ako je njezin sadržaj pojmljiv kao jediničnost kojoj u opreci stoji mnogost (stol, jabuka). Ime...

  8. Řídicí jednotka výrobní linky

    Vargovčík, Pavol


    V tejto práci som sa venoval vývoju riadiacej jednotky výrobnej linky. Pre jej implementáciu som zvolil vstavané zariadenie Raspberry Pi. Riadiaca jednotka komunikuje s centrálnym administrátorským systémom, ktorý prideľuje jednotlivým riadiacim jednotkám programy. Tieto programy popisujú interakciu s periférnymi zariadeniami, ako aj komunikáciu s databázovým systémom dohľadateľnosti (Traceability).


    Kralik, Igor; Kralik, Zlata; Grčević, Manuela


    Funkcionalna hrana nova je kategorija u širokom spektru prehrambenih proizvoda, koju potrošači zadnjih godina sve više traže, upravo radi činjenice da imaju određene zdravstvene beneficije. Prema FUFOSE (Functional Food Science in Europe) programu Europske komisije ne postoji točno određena definicija funkcionalne hrane već je uvedena radna definicija prema kojoj se hrana može smatrati funkcionalnom, ako je dokazano da korisno utječe na jednu ili više ciljanih funkcija organizma, pored odgova...

  10. Споредба меѓу „магацинска откопна метода” и „подетажна откопна метода со отворени откопи” за откопување на тенки рудни жици

    Mijalkovski, Stojance


    Vo ovoj trud ke se dade sporedba na Magacinskata otkopna metoda i Podetaznata otkopna metoda so otvoreni otkopi za otkopuvanje na tenki rudni zici. Celta na ovaa sporedba e da se vidi koja od ovie dve otkopni metodi bi bila pouspesna ako se primeni za otkopuvanje na tenki rudni zici. Sporedbata na otkopnite metodi ke ja izvrsime preku primer za otkopuvanje na zicno naogjaliste, kade debelinata na zicite se dvizi od 0,1 do 1,5 m, a istite zalegnuvaat pod agol od 40 do 90°. Vo presmetuvanjat...



    U Šumarskome listu br. 7–8/2004. u rubrici Aktualno, pod naslovom "Nekoliko misli u prilog izradbe kodeksa o gospodarenju prirodnim šumama", akademik Dušan Klepac u 10 je sentenci sažeo bitna načela gospodarenja prirodnim šumama. "Šuma je obnovljivi prirodni resurs; ona se može obnoviti ako se njome pravilno gospodari, ukoliko nije poremećen šumski ekosustav", prva je sentenca, a druga: "Pravilno gospodarenje šumama je potrajno gospodarenje, održavajući gospodarske, ekološke i socijalne funkc...

  12. Značajke i nepravilnosti menstruacijskog ciklusa

    Topalović, Zlatko


    Poremećaji menstruacijskog ciklusa najčešći su ginekološki problemi u adolescentno doba. Prva menstruacija (menarche) najočitiji je znak uspostavljanja funkcije jajnika, odnosno osi hipotalamus–hipofiza–jajnici. Ako se prva menstruacija ne pojavi do 16. godine života uz razvijene spolne osobine ili se ne pojavi do 14. godine života uz odsutnost svih spolnih osobina, govorimo o primarnoj amenoreji i treba ispitati njezin uzrok. Povremeni izostanak menstruacije tijekom spolnog sazrijevanja, koj...

  13. Energetski izazovi: europska gledišta i francuski odgovori

    GJIDARA, Marc; Britvić Vetma, Bosiljka


    Europska unija nastoji poboljšati europsko energetsko tržište na način da bude bolje koordinirano, jer u ujedinjenoj Europi nije više moguće djelovati izdvojeno. Proizvodnja energije iz obnovljivih izvora velikih razmjera zahtijeva međusobno povezano europsko energetsko tržište, ako se žele postići ciljevi utvrđeni programom „Energija i klima“ usvojenim 2009. Cilj je ovog rada utvrditi na koji način utječu pravila europskog prava na pravno normiranje u energetskim pitanjima i borbi protiv glo...

  14. Pluralističko društvo i religije

    Volf, Miroslav


    Svijet je oduvijek bio vrlo religiozno mjesto i po svim izgledima nastavit će to biti u bližoj budućnosti. Ipak, to nije ono što su očekivale neke istaknute osobe europskoga moderniteta. U cijelome svijetu, pogled na život koji je sve prisutniji nije sekularni humanizam. Ako se prije pola stoljeća činilo da će sekularni humanizam biti val budućnosti, to je zato što su ga na mnogim mjestima nametnule autoritarne i totalitarne vlade — u Sovjetskome savezu, u istočnoeuropskim zemljama, u Kini i ...

  15. Rawlsova liberalna utopija

    Cvijanović, Hrvoje


    Autor problematizira nacrt Rawlsovoga liberalnog projekta kroz njegovu ideju pravednosti kao primarne vrline društvenih institucija. Rawls smatra da ispravno mora imati primat nad dobrom čime revitalizira deontološku etiku. Deontološki liberalizam Rawlsa počiva na uvjerenju da je pluralno društvo moguće ako slijedimo načelo prvenstva ispravnoga i time različitim koncepcijama dobra postavimo granice. Sandel u svojoj kritici ističe pro i contra argumente deontološke etike, no zaključuje da je n...


    BAČAK KOCMAN, IVA; Perić, Mladen; Goluža, Eleonora; Kocman, Ivica; Kaštelan, Željko; Pasini, Josip; Kes, Petar; BAŠIĆ JUKIĆ, NIKOLINA


    Starenje je prirodan proces koji obuhvaća promjene na svim tkivima i organima uz smanjenje funkcijskog kapaciteta organa. Kako se produžuje životna dob u populaciji, sve je više osoba starije životne dobi koje zahtijevaju nadomještanje bubrežne funkcije, i za njih je transplantacija bubrega metoda odabira, ako nemaju kontraindikacija za primjenu imunosupresijske terapije. Manjak darivatelja bubrega onemogu ava transplantaciju svim osobama koje trebaju takvu vrstu liječenja. Uporabom bubrega d...

  17. Vodonik kao energetski vektor budućnosti - hidridi i baterije na vodonik

    Mitar Konjević


    Vodonik predstavlja ekološki čist i praktično neiscrpan energent, relativno lak za skladištenje, transport i korišćenje. Međutim, zbog visoke cene dobijanja još uvek ne konkuriše aktuelnim fosilnim gorivima. Ako se pretpostavlja da će vodonik predstavljati vrlo važan energetski vektor u budućnosti, interesantno je pokazati mogućnosti njegovog korišćenja u vidu hidrida i gorivnih ćelija.

  18. Molitvena dimenzija medureligijskog dijaloga. Stavovi učiteljstva i neka povijesna iskustva

    Bižaca, Nikola


    Teologija molitvene dimenzije međureligijskog dijaloga predstavlja Jedno veliko gradilište, Jednako tako kao što Je i katolička teologija religija još uvijek u mnogim svojim elementima u traganju za jednom sintezom koja bi bila primjerena objavi i iskustvu stvarnosti konkretnih odnosa s religijama. Tako se postavlja pitanje glede stvarne mogućnosti molitvenog dijaloga u međureligijskom kontekstu. Jer ako se ima u vidu daje molitva po sebi jedan totalizirajući čin vjerničk...


    Vujević, Dinko; Čalopek, Maja; Novosel, Marija; Anić-Vučinić, Aleksandra


    Nagli razvoj urbanizacije i industrijalizacije utjecao je na povećanje problema sakupljanja i odlaganja čvrstog otpada. Neadekvatno rješavanje tog problema može negativno utjecati na zdravlje ljudi i kvalitetu čovjekova okoliša. Na velikim odlagalištima komunalnog otpada stvaraju se znatne količine odlagališnog plina što može imati potencijalno velik utjecaj na kakvoću zraka posebno ako se otpad odlaže na neadekvatan način. U okviru ovog rada provedena je analiza sastava odlagališnog plina na...

  20. Dendrološka i hortikulturna vrijednost Arboretuma Lisičine

    Idžojtić, Marilena; Zebec, Marko; Poljak, Igor


    Prilikom podizanja arboretuma kriteriji su za izbor biljaka drugačiji nego prilikom hortikulturnoga oblikovanja nekoga prostora. Ipak, ako se osim znanstvene i edukativne funkcije vodi računa i o estetskom izgledu, arboretum će u svako doba godine biti prostor ugodan za boravak, a ne samo skupina eksperimentalnih biljaka. U radu je analizirana dendrološka i hortikulturna vrijednost Arboretuma Lisičine. Analiza je prikazana za svako od dvanaest polja u hortikulturnom dijelu, površine oko 9 ha,...

  1. Postupci liječenja Dens Invaginatusa

    Šutalo, Jozo; Knežević, Alena; Negovetić-Mandić, Višnja; Tarle, Zrinka; Pandurić, Vlatko


    Dens invaginatus je razvojna anomalija koja se očituje uvlačenjem cakline i dentina u unutrašnjost krune i korijena. Aberacija se može očitovati u širokome spektru morfoloških varijacija of foramen coecum do manjeg ili većeg uvlačenja u korijen, a ponekad sve do vrška korijena. Suvremenu podjelu anomalije ponudio je Oehlers godine 1957. Prema njoj postoje tri tipa abnormalnosti. Najčešće se otkriva radiografskim pregledom. Ako postoji komunikacija invaginacije s pulpom ili periradikularnim...

  2. Model e-marketingu pro dialogové prostředí e-commerce

    Hliničan, Marek


    Táto bakalárska práca obsahuje analýzu spoločnosti Chemtrend s.r.o. a návrhy, ako by firma mala skvalitniť svoj e-marketing. K tomu som pre ňu vytvoril nové webové stránky, ktoré sú optimalizované pre vyhľadávače a navrhol som vhodnú reklamu, ktorou sa firma môže v budúcnosti prezentovať na webe.

  3. Da li je moguće istraživati moguće

    Jilek, Miroslav


    Upotreba ankete unutar društvenog eksperimenta uvjetovana je samim idejnim nacrtom i metodološkom koncepcijom eksperimenta. Ako se u istraživanje polazi s pozicije kritičke sociologije, onda se eksperimentu zadaje uloga istraživanja i isprobavan ja alternativnog (mogućeg) svijeta. Takvu ulogu moraju odigrati i sve eksperimentu pomoćne i popratne metode. Mada je to u tradicionalnoj sociologiji neuobičajeno, metodi ankete zadata je uloga istraživanja »mogućeg« u jednom akcionom eksperimentu. Tu...


    Zelenika, Ratko; Zanne, Marina


    Pomorski brodari obavljaju pomorske prijevoze po najprostranijemu pomorskom putu – moru, a pri tome se koriste kapitalno jako skupim prijevoznim sredstvima – brodovima. Na razne načine prevoze različite vrste tereta, skuplje ili jeftinije, pakirane ili nepakirane, a gledano s aspekta kopna, taj se teret prevozi na dugim relacijama. Na brodovima su više ili manje iskusni pomorci raznih nacionalnosti, koji više ili manje dobro tim brodovima upravljaju. Ako bi se sve prepuštalo slučaju, onda dan...


    Derenčin, Robert


    Eli Cohen, „naš čovjek u Damasku”, bio je izraelski obavještajac koji je nekoliko godina iz Damaska u Izrael slao neprocjenjivo važne podatke. Cohen nije bio špijun plejboj koji je trošio Mossadov novac na to da se sprijatelji s visokorangiranim sirijskim službenicima kako bi pribavljao podatke. Eli Cohen bio je skroman vojnik poslan u opasnu misiju na neprijateljski teritorij. Ako je doista napravio barem jednu fatalnu pogrešku zbog koje je uhićen, bio je to neizbježan kraj za čovjeka koji j...


    Dujmović, Mauro


    Aldous Huxley napisao je roman Vrli novi svijet 1932. godine, dok je George Orwell napisao svoj roman 1984. negdje između 1945. i 1948. godine. Izrazit očaj, krajnji pesimizam i besperspektivnost čovjekove sadašnjosti i budućnosti glavne su odlike ovih romana, a upozorenje se odnosi na činjenicu da ako se u tijeku povijesti i razvoja ljudskoga društva nešto ne promijeni, ljudi će širom svijeta izgubiti većinu svojih ljudskih obilježja i postati automati bez duše, a da tog...



    Ovih dana ponovo se pokreće rasprava o naknadi za općekorisne funkcije šuma, pa se pitamo da li to znači da se sprema njeno potpuno ukidanje. Ponavljat ćemo se ako opetovano ukazujemo kako je drvo kao sirovina za primarnu i finalnu obradu samo sporedni proizvod potrajnog gospodarenja šumama, a prava i višestruka vrijednost (i do 50 puta) su općekorisne funkcije šuma. Trudimo se ukazati političarima koji donose odluke, ne-biolozima, pa i kvazi biolozima, kako je: zaštita tla od erozije vodom i...

  8. Terorizam i biološko i toksinsko oružje

    Bokan, Slavko


    Biološko i toksinsko oružje se koristi u biološkom ratu s ciljem namjernog izazivanja masovnih infektivnih bolesti ljudi, životinja i korisnog bilja u epidemijskim razmjerima te slabljenja ratnih potencijala protivnika. Biološki i toksinski ratni agensi ukljuèuju sve patogene mikroorganizme kao što su virusi, rikecije, bakterije, gljivice i protozoe, prirodne, izmijenjene ili sintetizirane (genetičkim inženjerstvom ili drugim biotehnološkim postupcima) i njihove toksine ako su namijenjeni za ...

  9. Imigracija u Europi danas: aparthejd ili građanska kohabitacija?

    Suvin, Darko


    Članak raspravlja orijentacije koje bi spriječile klizanje prema državama aparthejda. Počinje fenomenologijom masovnih seljenja, te se pita: Jesu li ne-građani ljudi? Koje su granice narodnog suvereniteta? Kakva je to sloboda ako je dobar dio stanovnika nepotpuno slobodan? Završava s pet povezanih aksioma: 1/ pravo na gostoprimstvo (pa zatim i državljanstvo) središnje je ljudsko pravo; 2/ svaka država treba dati svojim stanovnicima maksimalno mogući opseg građanskih prava; 3...

  10. SOCIOBIOLOGIJA I "SEBIČNI GEN" Moral i etika sa stajališta suvremene biologije

    Kešina, Ivan


    Sociobiologija, recentna varijanta istraživanja ponašanja na evolucijsko-teoretskom temelju, postavila je sebi zadaću istražiti evolucijske temelje ljudskoga morala. Polazišna joj je točka fenomen ljudskoga altruizma. Iz evolucijsko-teoretske perspektive može altruističko ponašanje nastati i održati se ako pridonosi daljnjoj predaji gena koji to ponašanje kodiraju. Glavni autori, E. O. Wilson i R. Dawkins, nastoje etiku "biologizirati", ne želeći samo objasniti biološke ...

  11. OCJENE I PRIKAZI: Sisak u obrani od Turaka. Izbor građe 1543-1597.

    Barbarić, Josip


    Ova knjiga, objavljena prilikom obilježavanja 400-te obljetnice bitke kod Siska, sadrži 444 izvorna dokumenta, objavljena djelomice "in extenso" s regestima ispred izvornog teksta, djelomice samo u regestima (ako je dokument u cjelini već objavljen) tematski grupirana u četiri cjeline: 1) Sisačka tvrđa (troškovi gradnje, oprema i naoružanje, posada, turski sužnji, izvori prihoda za gradnju i uzdržavanje, obnova tvrđe, opatija Porno u Ugarskoj koja je neko vrijeme bila dodijeljena zag...

  12. Content of selected heavy metals in the soils of the Ore Mts

    Podrázský, V.; Kapička, Aleš

    Zvolen : Národné lesnícke centrum, 2009, s. 104-109. ISBN 978-80-8093-089-9. [Pestovanie lesa ako nástroj cieľavedomého využívania potenciálu lesov. Zvolen (SK), 08.09.2009-09.09.2009] R&D Projects: GA ČR GA205/07/0941 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z30120515 Keywords : Ore Mts. * forest soils * heavy metals * humus forms * industrial pollution Subject RIV: DK - Soil Contamination ; De-contamination incl. Pesticides


    Prudič, Darja


    (R)-1-aminoindan je pomemben intermediat za sintezo zdravilne farmacevtske učinkovine rasagilina, (R)(+)-N-propargil-1-aminoindana, oz. njegove soli. Zdravila osnovana na navedeni učinkovini se uporabljajo za zdravljenje indikacij Parkinsonove bolezni, motenj spomina, demence tipa Alzheimerjeve bolezni, depresije in hiperaktivnega sindroma pri otrocih. Magistrska naloga temelji na razvoju učinkovite sinteze (R)-1-aminoindana in preveritvi ter potrditvi ustreznosti tega ključnega intermediata ...

  14. Comparative Study of Honey Collected from Different Flora of Pakistan

    Asif Kamal; Saeeda Raza; Nouman Rashid; Tabassum Hameed; Musarrat Gilani; M. Amjad Qureshi; Khalid Nasim


    A total number of 40 honey samples were collected from Apis melifera colonies forged on the five flora i.e., Ziziphus spp., Acacia modesta, Trifolium spp., Citrus spp. and Eucalyptus spp. These samples were analyzed for fifteen standard physico-chemical parameters of honey quality control i.e., free acidity, lactone, total acidity, refractive index, specific gravity, reducing sugars, sucrose, total sugars, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content, diastase value, ash contents, water insoluble soli...

  15. Solid state proton conductors properties and applications in fuel cells

    Knauth, Philippe


    Proton conduction can be found in many different solid materials, from organic polymers at room temperature to inorganic oxides at high temperature. Solid state proton conductors are of central interest for many technological innovations, including hydrogen and humidity sensors, membranes for water electrolyzers and, most importantly, for high-efficiency electrochemical energy conversion in fuel cells. Focusing on fundamentals and physico-chemical properties of solid state proton conductors, topics covered include: Morphology and Structure of Solid Acids Diffusion in Soli

  16. Analýza výrobního procesu vybraného produktu ve farmaceutickém průmyslu

    Pospíšilová, Lucie


    Bachelor thesis utilizes lean tools to improve manufacturing process and suggest effective recommendations. The aim of this thesis is to use process mapping to identify possible wastes. The first part contains characterization of the pharmaceutical industry, market definition and classification of a company Zentiva Group a.s. The second part describes terms of lean manufacturing and analytic process tools used in the practical part. Process tools are applied to a manufacturing process of soli...

  17. Google Scholar – wie tief gräbt diese Suchmaschine? (How deep does Google Scholar dig?)

    Mayr, Philipp; Walter, Anne-Kathrin


    The paper discusses the new scientific search service Google Scholar. This search engine, which is intended for searching exclusively scholarly documents, will be described with its most important functionality and then tested empirically. The study is based on queries against different journal lists: international journals from Thomson Scientific, Open Access journals from the DOAJ list and journals of the German social sciences literature database SOLIS as well as the analysis of result dat...

  18. Ravefestival, 7 dygn i Turkiet : En studie av trancerörelsen och hur den kollektiva identiteten görs genom festivalen som interaktionsritual

    Christ-Lind, Hanna


    In this paper my aim is to understand the trance movement from within as a collective phenomenon. I went to Turkey with my boyfriend David on a trance gathering, a festival called A Total Solar Eclipse Festival. There I did participant observations and interviews. Can Collins theory about interaction ritual be useful to raise the understanding? And is it fruitful to apply the term collective identity? The collective identity is build up by the festival as interaction ritual. It generates soli...

  19. Abdeckung und Aktualität des Suchdienstes Google Scholar (Coverage and up-to-dateness of the Google Scholar index)

    Mayr, Philipp; Walter, Anne-Kathrin


    The paper discusses the new Google search service Google Scholar. This search engine, which is intended for searching exclusively scholarly documents, will be described with its most important functionality and then tested empirically. The study is based on queries against different journal lists: STM journals (Thomson Scientific), Open Access journals (DOAJ) and journals of the German social sciences literature database SOLIS as well as the analysis of result data from Google Scholar. The st...

  20. Integrated solid waste management in megacities

    M.A. Abdoli; Rezaee, M.; H. Hasanian


    Rapid urbanization and industrialization, population growth and economic growth in developing countries make management of municipal solid waste more complex comparing with developed countries. Furthermore, the conventional municipal solid waste management approach often is reductionists, not tailored to handle complexity. Therefore, the need to a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach regarding the municipal solid waste management problems is increasing. The concept of integrated soli...


    Turalić, Enisa


    Za doseganje protimikrobnih lastnosti tekstilnih materialov obstajajo številne metode funkcionalizacij. Pri večini teh metod se še zmeraj uporabljajo reagenti, ki so človeku in okolju neprijazni, saj lahko vsebujejo anorganske soli, fenole in tiofenole, antibiotike, derivate formaldehida, itd. Zlasti aktualen na področju funkcionalizacije tekstilij je hitozan. Tako kot v farmaciji in kozmetiki je tudi na področju razvoja medicinskih tekstilij trend v uporabi nanodelcev za doseganje funkciona...

  2. Oscillatory solitons of U(1)-invariant mKdV equations II: Asymptotic behavior and constants of motion

    Stephen C. Anco; Mia, Abdus Sattar; Willoughby, Mark R.


    The Hirota equation and the Sasa-Satsuma equation are U(1)-invariant integrable generalizations of the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation. These two generalizations admit oscillatory solitons, which describe harmonically modulated complex solitary waves parameterized by their speed, modulation frequency, and phase. Depending on the modulation frequency, the speeds of oscillatory waves (1-solitons) can be positive, negative, or zero, in contrast to the strictly positive speed of ordinary soli...

  3. Aplicação de cinzas residuais e de fibra de sisal na produção de argamassas e concretos: Revisão

    Indara Soto Izquierdo; Marcio Antonio Ramalho


    The industrial development linked to the growing addiction to con - sumption, obsession with fossil fuels, and general desire for short term profit, cause a certain insensitivity to more sustainable alternatives. The construction industry is a sector in which the incorporation of various types of waste presents as favorable. Three types of waste with different characteristics and origins have proved attractive and advantageous for many developing countries. They are incinerated municipal soli...

  4. Babies, bodies and entitlement: gendered aspects of access to citizenship in the Republic of Ireland

    Garner, Steve


    Since the mid-1990s, automatic citizenship for children born in the Republic has been a source of growing debate against a backdrop of increasing immigration and the peace process. In June 2004, the debate culminated in a referendum, opening the way to a constitutional amendment that attaches residence qualifications to the hitherto unfettered entitlement to citizenship available through ius soli. Arguments for the amendment were couched in terms of a threat posed by Third World women having ...

  5. Biblioteca digitale: visione e realtà

    Tammaro, Anna Maria


    Sono discussi alcuni temi come: perché la biblioteca digitale richiede una definizione diversa dalla biblioteca tradizionale, quale è il ruolo delle biblioteche digitali, la necessaria cooperazione delle biblioteche digitali verso il sistema delle biblioteche digitali, l’abbattimento di confini tra professioni finora separate, come gli archivisti, i curatori dei musei, i bibliotecari. Il testo completo della dispensa è accessibile ai soli utenti autorizzati.

  6. miRSeqNovel

    Qian, Kui; Auvinen, Eeva; Greco, Dario;


    We present miRSeqNovel, an R based workflow for miRNA sequencing data analysis. miRSeqNovel can process both colorspace (SOLiD) and basespace (Illumina/Solexa) data by different mapping algorithms. It finds differentially expressed miRNAs and gives conservative prediction of novel miRNA candidates...... with customized parameters. miRSeqNovel is freely available at

  7. An evaluation of Bradfordizing effects

    Mayr, Philipp


    The purpose of this paper is to apply and evaluate the bibliometric method Bradfordizing for information retrieval (IR) experiments. Bradfordizing is used for generating core document sets for subject-specific questions and to reorder result sets from distributed searches. The method will be applied and tested in a controlled scenario of scientific literature databases from social and political sciences, economics, psychology and medical science (SOLIS, SoLit, USB Köln Opac, CSA Sociological ...

  8. MOSAIK: A Hash-Based Algorithm for Accurate Next-Generation Sequencing Short-Read Mapping

    Lee, Wan-Ping; Stromberg, Michael P.; Ward, Alistair; Stewart, Chip; Garrison, Erik P.; Marth, Gabor T.


    MOSAIK is a stable, sensitive and open-source program for mapping second and third-generation sequencing reads to a reference genome. Uniquely among current mapping tools, MOSAIK can align reads generated by all the major sequencing technologies, including Illumina, Applied Biosystems SOLiD, Roche 454, Ion Torrent and Pacific BioSciences SMRT. Indeed, MOSAIK was the only aligner to provide consistent mappings for all the generated data (sequencing technologies, low-coverage and exome) in the ...

  9. Comparison of Next-Generation Sequencing Systems

    Lin Liu; Yinhu Li; Siliang Li; Ni Hu; Yimin He; Ray Pong; Danni Lin; Lihua Lu; Maggie Law


    With fast development and wide applications of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, genomic sequence information is within reach to aid the achievement of goals to decode life mysteries, make better crops, detect pathogens, and improve life qualities. NGS systems are typically represented by SOLiD/Ion Torrent PGM from Life Sciences, Genome Analyzer/HiSeq 2000/MiSeq from Illumina, and GS FLX Titanium/GS Junior from Roche. Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), which possesses the world’s ...

  10. Massively Parallel Sequencing Approaches for Characterization of Structural Variation

    Koboldt, Daniel C.; Larson, David E.; Chen, Ken; Ding, Li; Wilson, Richard K.


    The emergence of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies offers an incredible opportunity to comprehensively study DNA sequence variation in human genomes. Commercially available platforms from Roche (454), Illumina (Genome Analyzer and Hiseq 2000), and Applied Biosystems (SOLiD) have the capability to completely sequence individual genomes to high levels of coverage. NGS data is particularly advantageous for the study of structural variation (SV) because it offers the sensitivity to de...

  11. Drug: D03940 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available D03940 Drug Eculizumab (genetical recombination) (JAN); Eculizumab (USAN/INN); Soli...gic organisms and parasites 63 Biological preparations 639 Miscellaneous 6399 Others D03940 Eculizumab (genetica...IMMUNOSUPPRESSANTS L04AA Selective immunosuppressants L04AA25 Eculizumab D03940 Eculizumab (genetical recomb...08310] Others Complement system C5 [HSA:727] [KO:K03994] Eculizumab [ATC:L04AA25] D03940 Eculizumab (genetica


    Marini Marno; Ahmad Badri Ismail


    Torsional deformation and fatigue behaviour of both solid and thin-walled tubular specimens were made from as-received and heat treated 6061 aluminium alloy were studied. 6061 aluminium alloy have been widely used as a candidate material in automobile, aerospace, aircraft and structural application because of their superior mechanical properties such as high strength to weight ratio, good ductility and others. The differences in cyclic deformation and fatigue behaviours between round and soli...

  13. Quantitative trait loci pyramiding for fruit quality traits in tomato

    Sacco, Adriana; Di Matteo, Antonio; Lombardi, Nadia; Trotta, Nikita; Punzo, Biancavaleria; Mari, Angela; Barone, Amalia


    Fruit quality is a major focus for most conventional and innovative tomato breeding strategies, with particular attention being paid to fruit antioxidant compounds. Tomatoes represent a major contribution to dietary nutrition worldwide and a reservoir of diverse antioxidant molecules. In a previous study, we identified two Solanum pennellii introgression lines (IL7-3 and IL12-4) harbouring quantitative trait loci (QTL) that increase the content of ascorbic acid (AsA), phenols and soluble soli...

  14. Preparation and evaluation of multiple-unit solid oral dosage forms containing chemical permeation enhancing agents / Elmarie Kleynhans

    Kleynhans, Elmarie


    The most popular and convenient route of drug administration remains the oral route, however, protein and peptide drugs such as insulin have poor membrane permeability and stability in the gastrointestinal tract. Absorption enhancers can be added to drug delivery systems to overcome the epithelial cell membrane permeability problem. Although previous studies have shown that aloe leaf materials improve the transport of drugs across intestinal epithelia, their performance in soli...

  15. Performance Comparison of Digital microRNA Profiling Technologies Applied on Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines

    Knutsen, Erik; Fiskaa, Tonje; Ursvik, Anita; Jørgensen, Tor Erik; Perander, maria; Lund, Eiliv; Seternes, Ole Morten; Johansen, Steinar


    MicroRNA profiling represents an important first-step in deducting individual RNA-based regulatory function in a cell, tissue, or at a specific developmental stage. Currently there are several different platforms to choose from in order to make the initial miRNA profiles. In this study we investigate recently developed digital microRNA high-throughput technologies. Four different platforms were compared including next generation SOLiD ligation sequencing and Illumina HiSeq sequencing, hybr...

  16. Case for diagnosis Caso para diagnóstico

    Felipe Maurício Soeiro Sampaio; Fabrício Tinoco Lourenço; Daniel Lago Obadia; Leninha Valério do Nascimento


    Male patient, 28 years old, presented with an asymptomatic yellowish erythematous papule on his right thigh. Excisional biopsy was performed for histopathological examination of the lesion. Multinucleated cells (Touton giant cells) were observed. S100 immunohistochemistry was negative for CD1a and positive for CD4 and CD68. Based on clinical and histopathological findings associated with immunohistochemistry, we concluded that it was a case of adult-type xanthogranuloma. Because it was a soli...

  17. L'integrazione dei minori stranieri non accompagnati. Lo studio di un caso: i minori marocchini tra Khourigba e Roma

    Di Nepi, Edith


    La presente ricerca si è proposta di evidenziare le strategie di integrazione ovvero le pratiche di cittadinanza adottate in favore di un particolare segmento dei fenomeni migratori internazionali attuali: quello dei minori stranieri che soli varcano le frontiere del nostro paese alla ricerca di generiche migliori condizioni di vita. La conoscenza del loro patrimonio culturale e l’analisi delle procedure di accoglienza e di integrazione adottate nelle società di accoglienza, rappresentano u...

  18. Maximum power analysis of photovoltaic module in Ramadi city

    Majid Shahatha Salim, Jassim Mohammed Najim, Salih Mohammed Salih


    Performance of photovoltaic (PV) module is greatly dependent on the solar irradiance, operating temperature, and shading. Solar irradiance can have a significant impact on power output of PV module and energy yield. In this paper, a maximum PV power which can be obtain in Ramadi city (100km west of Baghdad) is practically analyzed. The analysis is based on real irradiance values obtained as the first time by using Soly2 sun tracker device. Proper and adequate information on solar radiation an...

  19. Transnational Rebellion: The Syrian Revolt of 1925-1927

    Bailony, Reem


    This dissertation explores the transnational dimensions of the Syrian Revolt of 1925-1927. By including the activities of Syrian migrants in Egypt, Europe and the Americas, this study moves away from state-centric histories of the anti-French rebellion. Though they lived far away from the battlefields of Syria and Lebanon, migrants championed, contested, debated, and imagined the rebellion from all corners of the mahjar (or diaspora). Skeptics and supporters organized petition campaigns, soli...

  20. Pengaruh Derajat Keasaman dan Konsentrasi Ragi Terhadap Mutu Minuman Beralkohol dari Sirsak

    Silaen, Agam C F


    The Effect Of Acidity And Concentration Of Yeast On Quality Of Alcoholic Drink From Soursop. Supervised by SENTOSA GINTING and ISMED SUHAIDI. The aim of this research was to know the effect of acidity and yeast cencentration on quality of alcoholic drink from soursop. This research have been performed using factorial Completely Randomized Design with two factors i.e: acidity (P) : (3, 4, 5 and 6) and yeast concentration (K) : (2%, 3%, 4% dan 5%). Parameters analysed were total soluble soli...

  1. Citizen or Subordinate: Permutations of Belonging in the United States and the Dominican Republic

    Shaina Aber; Mary Small


    The Dominican Republic and the United States have both experienced tensions arising from migratory flows from poorer, less stable neighbors. Until recently, both countries had constitutions which conferred citizenship by birth with very limited exceptions. Despite these similarities, their respective discourses around jus soli citizenship, particularly for the children of unauthorized migrants from the poorer neighboring countries, have manifested in different ways. The identity of the United...

  2. Citizen or Subordinate: Permutations of Belonging in the United States and the Dominican Republic

    Shaina Aber


    Full Text Available The Dominican Republic and the United States have both experienced tensions arising from migratory flows from poorer, less stable neighbors. Until recently, both countries had constitutions which conferred citizenship by birth with very limited exceptions. Despite these similarities, their respective discourses around jus soli citizenship, particularly for the children of unauthorized migrants from the poorer neighboring countries, have manifested in different ways. The identity of the United States as a nation of immigrants has limited the success of campaigns to revoke jus soli citizenship for the children of unauthorized immigrants, but the persistent articulation of this idea as a response to illegal migration has shifted the parameters of the immigration debate. In the Dominican Republic, the historical construction of national identity and anti-Haitian discourse has led to an evolution in Dominican law which codifies already established practices that deny citizenship to children of Haitian migrants. In both cases, movements that support more inclusive understandings of societal belonging, like the DREAMers in the United States and youth movements in the Dominican Republic, may offer the most effective way of protecting universal jus soli citizenship regimes. 

  3. Posouzení účinnosti čištění odpadních vod pomocí testů ekotoxicity

    Urminská, Barbora


    Možnosti kontroly znečistenia životného prostredia sa ustavične zlepšujú a začína sa klásť dôraz na pokročilejšie metódy čistenia odpadových vôd, ako i na dôkladnejšiu kontrolu obsahu kontaminantov vo vyčistených vodách. Vďaka tomu sa okrem chemických analýz stávajú relevantnými tiež ekotoxikologické biotesty ako prostriedky hodnotenia biologických účinkov vypúšťaných vôd na ekosystémy. Žiadna čistiareň nečistí odpadové vody dokonale, iba znižuje znečistenie na prijateľnú mieru. Preto je dôle...

  4. Vliv kogenerace na energetiku a trh s elektrickou energií v ČR

    Dudáš, Michal


    Hlavným cieľom diplomovej práce je zistiť vplyv možného budúceho rozvoja kogeneračných technológií na energetický trh v ČR hlavne s väzbou na historický vývoj vo fotovoltaike v ČR a dotačnou politikou štátu. V práci sú navrhnuté tri scenáre nárastu inštalovaného výkonu a výpočet navýšenia príspevku na OZE, ako aj celkové vyhodnotenie. Práca ďalej spracúva rešerš súčasného stavu kombinovanej výroby elektriny a tepla v Českej republike, Európskej únii a USA, ako aj legislatívny rámec problemati...

  5. Zlepšení předpovědi sociálních značek využitím Data Mining

    Harár, Pavol


    Diplomová práca sa zaoberá využitím Text miningu ako metódy na predikovanie značiek článkov. Práca popisuje iteratívny spôsob narábania s veľkými súbormi dát, ich rozbor, čistenie a výpočet skóre TF-IDF pre výrazy vyskytujúce sa v článku. Detailne popisuje priebeh programu naprogramovaného v jazyku Python 3.4.3. Výsledkom spracovania viac ako 1 milióna článkov databázy webovej encyklopédie Wikipédia je slovník výrazov anglického jazyka, pomocou ktorej je možné určiť n najdôležitejších výrazov...

  6. What are you waiting for?

    CERN video productions


    Video artists: Sandor Tokai, Gyorgy Ujhazi, Akos Ancsin, Otto Varga (students / video artists at the University of Debrecen, Hungary and highschool students – refer to themselves as the Lightscribblers) Soundtrack: Akos Szilagyi (student and composer from the University of Szeged, Hungary, who goes under the name of Rise of Day) Summary: This video was made as part of the outreach needs for the European Commission Marie Curie Actions of which CERN is a major beneficiary. The emphasis is on reaching out to communicate science and advertise the projects to the general public. The specific aim of this video is to inspire university graduates to start a research career in science and technology. As CERN is such a major beneficiary of funding for the Marie Curie well as to reach the general public who are not aware of CERN and Marie Curie opportunities. Recent experience has shown that there is a lack of good candidates and this video is intended to create an awareness among graduates that CERN and the Marie Cur...

  7. Seasonal Work in Hungary in the Light of Seasonal Work Directive / Sezónna Práca V Maďarsku Vo Svetle Smernice Pre Sezónnu Prácu

    Ács Vera


    Full Text Available Smernica tykajuca sa sezonnej prace tvori sučasť sektorovej imigračnej politiky EU, nakoľko po nekvalifi kovanej pracovnej sile v ramci EU jestvuje permanenty dopyt. Smernica zavadza spoločne normy so zjednodušenymi postupmi pre vstup a lepšie vyhliadky na navrat v nasledujucej sezone v odvetviach, ktore su označene ako sezonne - v najvačšej miere je to poľnohospodarstvo, zahradnictvo a cestovny ruch - kde sa vo veľkej miere uplatňuju štatni prislušnici tretich krajin. Ako ochranu proti hospodarskemu a socialnemu vykorisťovaniu, smernica zavadza prava, na ktore maju narok sezonni pracovnici z tretich krajin počas ich pobytu, a ktore pred nekalou suťažou chrania tiež občanov EU pracujucih sezonne. V sučasnosti Maďarsko nie je cieľovou krajinou pre sezonne prace. Smernica nestanovuje len povinnosti pre členske krajiny, ale poskytuje tiež šancu na zatraktivnenie tychto krajin pre dočasnu migraciu

  8. Transcriptome of pancreas-specific Bmpr1a-deleted islets links to TPH1–5-HT axis

    Fang-Xu Jiang


    Full Text Available Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP signaling is crucial for the development and function of numerous organs, but its role on the function of pancreatic islets is not completely clear. To explore this question, we applied the high throughput transcriptomic analyses on the islets isolated from mice with a pancreas-specific deletion of the gene, Bmpr1a, encoding the type 1a BMP receptor. Consistently, these pBmpr1aKO mice had impaired glucose homeostasis at 3 months, and were more severely affected at 12 months of age. These had lower fasting blood insulin concentrations, with reduced expression of several key regulators of β-cell function. Importantly, transcriptomic profiling of 3-month pBmpr1aKO islets and bioinformatic analyses revealed abnormal expression of 203 metabolic genes. Critically among these, the tryptophan hydroxylase 1 gene (Tph1, encoding the rate-limiting enzyme for the production of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT was the highest over-expressed one. 5-HT is an important regulator of insulin secretion from β cells. Treatment with excess 5-HT inhibited this secretion. Thus our transcriptomic analysis links two highly conserved molecular pathways the BMP signaling and the TPH1–5-HT axis on glucose homeostasis.

  9. Determination of gamma radiation shielding characteristics of some tropical woods

    This study compares the shielding characteristics of twenty-two tropical woods by using gamma scintillation detection method. Woods sourced are Anogeisus Leiocarpus(Ayin), Nesogordonia Papverifera(Oro), Entandrophragma Microphyllum(Anunje), Brachystagia Eurycoma(Ako), Cassia Alata(Asunrun), Afzelia Africana(Apa-Igbo), Khaya Grandifoliala(Gedu), Piptadenistrum Africana(Agbonyin), Nanclea Diderrehii(Opepe), Khaya Ivorensis(Oganwo), Chlorophora Excelsa(Iroko), Masonia altissima(Odogi), Entandrophragma Angolense(Ijebo), Altium Sativum(Ayo), Albizia Zygia(Ayunre), Terminalia Superba(Afara), Cordia Millenii(Omo), Melania(Melania), Pycnanthus Angolensis(Akomu), Triplochitons Scleroxylon(Arere), Pine(Pine), Ceiba Pentradra(Araba). The intensities of the emergent radiation were measured, when each of these woods were placed between a scintillation detector and a standard radioactive source. Analysis of result obtained shows an appreciable evidence of radiation attenuation due to the changes in the chemical composition of the woods and the dependence of the attenuation coefficient on energy and densities of these woods. The descending order of attenuation coefficient determined are; Ayin, Oro, Anuje, Ako, Asunrun, Apa-igbo Gedu, Agbonyin, Opepe Oganwo, Iroko Odogi , Ayo, Ayunre, Afara, Omo, Melania, Akomu, Arere, Pine, Araba. For a constant energy of 0.101MeV, the attenuation coefficient are 0.190cm-1, 0.165cm-1, 0.163cm-1, 0.156cm-1, 0.149cm-1, 0.143cm-1, 0.133cm-1, 0.132cm-1, 0.127cm-1, 0.124cm-1, 0.085cm-1, 0.123cm-1, 0.122cm-1, 0.113cm-1, 0.101cm-1, 0.088cm-1, 0.087cm-1, 0.086cm-1, 0.082cm-1 respectively. The wood in descending order of dependence of attenuation coefficient on density are: Ayin,Oro, Anunje,Ako,Asunrun,Apa-Igbo, Gedu, Agbonyin, Opepe, Oganwo, Iroko, Odogi, Ijebo, Ayo, Ayunre, Afara, Omo, Melania, Akomu, Arere, Pine and Araba. The half value layer shows the thickness at various energy regions.

  10. High-throughput sequencing of three Lemnoideae (duckweeds chloroplast genomes from total DNA.

    Wenqin Wang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Chloroplast genomes provide a wealth of information for evolutionary and population genetic studies. Chloroplasts play a particularly important role in the adaption for aquatic plants because they float on water and their major surface is exposed continuously to sunlight. The subfamily of Lemnoideae represents such a collection of aquatic species that because of photosynthesis represents one of the fastest growing plant species on earth. METHODS: We sequenced the chloroplast genomes from three different genera of Lemnoideae, Spirodela polyrhiza, Wolffiella lingulata and Wolffia australiana by high-throughput DNA sequencing of genomic DNA using the SOLiD platform. Unfractionated total DNA contains high copies of plastid DNA so that sequences from the nucleus and mitochondria can easily be filtered computationally. Remaining sequence reads were assembled into contiguous sequences (contigs using SOLiD software tools. Contigs were mapped to a reference genome of Lemna minor and gaps, selected by PCR, were sequenced on the ABI3730xl platform. CONCLUSIONS: This combinatorial approach yielded whole genomic contiguous sequences in a cost-effective manner. Over 1,000-time coverage of chloroplast from total DNA were reached by the SOLiD platform in a single spot on a quadrant slide without purification. Comparative analysis indicated that the chloroplast genome was conserved in gene number and organization with respect to the reference genome of L. minor. However, higher nucleotide substitution, abundant deletions and insertions occurred in non-coding regions of these genomes, indicating a greater genomic dynamics than expected from the comparison of other related species in the Pooideae. Noticeably, there was no transition bias over transversion in Lemnoideae. The data should have immediate applications in evolutionary biology and plant taxonomy with increased resolution and statistical power.

  11. High-resolution analysis of the 5'-end transcriptome using a next generation DNA sequencer.

    Shin-ichi Hashimoto

    Full Text Available Massively parallel, tag-based sequencing systems, such as the SOLiD system, hold the promise of revolutionizing the study of whole genome gene expression due to the number of data points that can be generated in a simple and cost-effective manner. We describe the development of a 5'-end transcriptome workflow for the SOLiD system and demonstrate the advantages in sensitivity and dynamic range offered by this tag-based application over traditional approaches for the study of whole genome gene expression. 5'-end transcriptome analysis was used to study whole genome gene expression within a colon cancer cell line, HT-29, treated with the DNA methyltransferase inhibitor, 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine (5Aza. More than 20 million 25-base 5'-end tags were obtained from untreated and 5Aza-treated cells and matched to sequences within the human genome. Seventy three percent of the mapped unique tags were associated with RefSeq cDNA sequences, corresponding to approximately 14,000 different protein-coding genes in this single cell type. The level of expression of these genes ranged from 0.02 to 4,704 transcripts per cell. The sensitivity of a single sequence run of the SOLiD platform was 100-1,000 fold greater than that observed from 5'end SAGE data generated from the analysis of 70,000 tags obtained by Sanger sequencing. The high-resolution 5'end gene expression profiling presented in this study will not only provide novel insight into the transcriptional machinery but should also serve as a basis for a better understanding of cell biology.

  12. Derechos Humanos y competencia exclusiva del Estado en materia de nacionalidad (La sentencia de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos de 28 de agosto de 2104: Caso Personas dominicanas y haitianas expulsadas Vs. Rep??blica Dominicana)

    S??nchez Lorenzo, Sixto A.


    La sentencia de la CIDH de 28 de agosto de 2014 obliga a la Rep??blica Dominicana a modificar su Constituci??n para conceder la nacionalidad por ius soli a los hijos de padres extranjeros que residan irregularmente en territorio dominicano. Sobre la base de los derechos humanos a la personalidad jur??dica, a la no discriminaci??n y a la nacionalidad, la CIDH determina un recorte sin precedentes a la competencia exclusiva del Estado en materia de nacionalidad. La presente nota contiene un an??...

  13. The combined treatment of the intrinsic and external contributions to the stability of the nucleic acids containing unnatural nucleosides

    Czernek, Jiří

    Bucharest: World Scientific and Engineerin Academy and Society Press, 2008 - (Iliescu, M.; Munteanu, R.; Frausto-Solis, J.), s. 228-232 ISBN 978-960-474-019-2. [WSEAS International Conference on Mathematical and Computational Methods in Science and Engineering /10./. Bucharest (RO), 07.11.2008-09.11.2008] R&D Projects: GA AV ČR KJB400500602 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z40500505 Keywords : nucleic acid * nucleobase * hydrogen-bonding * stacking Subject RIV: CD - Macromolecular Chemistry

  14. The Distrbution of Various Mercury Species in Soil

    冯新斌; 陈业材; 等


    According to the mercury species with different solubilities,the analytical procedure involving sequential chemical extraction has been applied to partitioning the mercury species in soils into seven fractions.Soil samples collected from five localities in different areas (the high-mercury ares.the man-made mercury-polluted area and the reference area)were an alyzed for the seven mercury species.It is found that high mercury contents of soils can be attributed to both man-made pollution and geological processes,but the two kinds of solis show obvious differences in the distribution of their mercury species.

  15. Biorremediación de un suelo con diesel mediante el uso de microorganismos autóctonos



    En este estudio, se aisló y caracterizó bioquímica y molecularmente un consorcio bacteriano capaz de degradar los diferentes hidrocarburos presentes en un combustible diesel,conformado por los siguientes géneros: Enterobacter sp, Bacillus sp, Staphylococcus aureus, Sanguibacter soli, Arthrobacter sp y Flavobacterium sp, a partir de un suelo contaminado con diesel a escala de laboratorio, y tratado mediante 2 tecnologías de biorremediación: atenuación natural y bioestimulación. Se definió como...

  16. Bioremediation of soil with diesel Through the use of autochthonous microorganisms

    In this study was isolated and characterized biochemical and molecular a bacterial consortium able to degrade hydrocarbons several, comprised of the following genres: Enterobacter sp, Bacillus sp, Staphylococcus aureus, Sanguibacter soli, Arthrobacter spy Flavobacterium sp, from soil contaminated with diesel fuel in a laboratory scale, and treated with two technologies for bioremediation: natural attenuation and biostimulation. We obtained a reduction in the concentration of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in a period of 4 months was 36,86% for natural attenuation and 50,99% for biostimulation.

  17. デカルトの物心二元論再考

    立花, 希一; TACHIBANA, Kiichi


    Descartes (lS96-16SOlis the first figure who proposed body-mind dualism based on his own rational arguments, not based on any allegorical or philosophical interpretations of the Bible, which was primarily acceptedas the absolute authority. In this paper I critically examine Descartes' arguments, and point out his wrong strategy. that is, we ought to exclude as false all these things of which we may doubt. I claim that Descartes' philosophical opinion is not the sole absolutely certain truth, ...

  18. Preživljavanje bakterije Listeria monocytogenes u Ayranu, tradicionalnom turskom fermentiranom napitku

    Akkaya, Levent; Kara, Recep; Muduroglu, Raziye; Sagdic, Osman


    Ayran je tradicionalni fermentirani mliječni proizvod koji se dobiva miješanjem mlijeka ili jogurta, te vode i soli. U ovom je istraživanju ispitivano preživljavanje soja Listeria monocytogenes 1/2b u uzorcima Ayrana. U tu su svrhu proizvedeni uzorci Ayrana iz jogurta (skupina A i B) ili izravno iz mlijeka (skupina C i D) te kontaminirani dodatkom 1 % kulture soja L. monocytogenes 1/2b u koncentraciji 7 (uzorci A1, B1, C1 i D1) ili 5 (uzorci A2, B2, C2 i D2) log cfu/mL. Time je proizvedeno uk...

  19. HMI Synoptic Maps Produced by NSO/NISP

    Hughes, Anna L H; Marble, Andrew R; Oien, Niles A; Petrie, Gordon; Pevtsov, Alexei A


    Recently, the National Solar Observatory (NSO) Solar-atmosphere Pipeline Working Group has undertaken the production of synoptic maps from Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) magnetograms. A set of maps has been processed spanning the data available for 2010-2015 using twice daily images (taken at UT midnight and noon) and running them through the same algorithms used to produce SOLIS/VSM 6302l mean-magnetic and spatial-variance maps. The contents of this document provide an overview of what these maps look like, and the processing steps used to generate them from the original HMI input data.

  20. Mechanically Processed Alumina Reinforced Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Matrix Composites

    Elmkharram, Hesham Moh. A.


    Alumina particles filled Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), with Al2O3 contents 0, 1, and 2.5 wt% were milled for up to 10 hours by the mechanical alloying (MA) process performed at room temperature to produce composite powders. Compression molding was utilized to produce sheets out of the milled powders. A partial phase transformation from orthorhombic and amorphous phases to monoclinic phase was observed to occur for both the un-reinforced and reinforced UHMWPE in the soli...

  1. Effect of prefeeding lipid on food intake and satiety in man.

    Sepple, C P; Read, N W


    Experiments were carried out in normal volunteers to investigate whether preingestion of lipid reduces food intake. In the first set of experiments, 300 ml beef consomme soup with or without 60 g margarine was fed to each of six volunteers, followed 20 minutes later by either a low fat solid meal or a preselected appetising meal. Subjects were allowed to eat as much of the meal as they wished. Preingestion of the high fat soup had no significant effect on the consumption of either of the soli...


    Jukić, Tomislav; Zimmermann, Michael Bruce; Granić, Roko; Prpić, Marin; Krilić, Dražena; Jureša, Vesna; Katalenić, Marijan; Kusić, Zvonko


    Metode koje se primjenjuju za procjenu unosa joda u populaciji su mjerenje izlučivanja joda mokraćom (urinary iodine concentration, UIC), procjena stanja gušavosti mjerenjem volumena štitnjače ultrazvukom (Tvol) i tireotropina (TSH) u novorođenčadi. Određivanje biljega tireoglobulina (Tg) u serumu ili suhoj kapi krvi je novi obećavajući funkcionalni biljeg stanja unosa joda u djece. Novi zakon o obveznom univerzalnom jodiranju soli uveden je u Hrvatskoj 1996. s 25 mg kalij-jodida po kilogramu...

  3. A detailed analysis of next generation sequencing reads of microRNA expression in Barrett’s Esophagus: absolute versus relative quantification

    Lee, In-Hee; Hong, Xiaoman; Mathur, Sharad C; Sharma, Mukut; Rastogi, Amit; Sharma, Prateek; Christenson, Lane K.; Bansal, Ajay


    Background Next generation sequencing (NGS) is a state of the art technology for microRNA (miRNA) analysis. The quantitative interpretation of the primary output of NGS i.e. the read counts for a miRNA sequence that can vary by several orders of magnitude (1 to 107) remains incompletely understood. Findings NGS (SOLiD 3 technology) was performed on biopsies from 6 Barrett’s esophagus (BE) and 5 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) patients. Read sequences were aligned to miRBase 18.0. Diffe...

  4. Primena tehnoloških postupaka spontane fermentacije i osmotske dehidratacije za unapređenje nutritivnog profila, senzornih svojstava i održivosti kupusa

    Cvetković, Biljana


    U ovom radu je obrađen postupak spontane fermentacije tradicionalnog proizvoda, fermentisanog kupusa u glavicama. U prvom delu urađena je karakterizacija domaće tradicionalne populacije Futoški u odnosu na uvozni hibrid Bravo. Na osnovu PCA analize i analize standardnih ocena SS fizičkih, hemijskih i senzorskih paramentara odabrani su uzorci povoljni za proces fermentacije. Proces fermentacje je obavljen na temperaturama 16-18oC, 18-20oC i 20-20oC, i sa razliĉitim koncentracijama soli ...

  5. Development and characterization of novel medicated hydrogels for wound dressing

    Roy, Niladri; Saha, Nabanita; Kitano, Takeshi; Sáha, Petr


    Hydrogely s léčivým účinkem byly asepticky připraveny z polyvinyl pyrolidonu, sodné soli karboxymetylcelulozy a polyetylénglykolu, agaru, glycerolu a/nebo kyseliny borité. Hydrogely byly charakterizovány pomocí optické mikroskopie, botnací studie, infračervené spektroskopie, skenovací elektronové mikroskopie a reologických měření. Výsledky ukazují, že připravené hydrogely mají sílné antimikrobní vlastnosti.

  6. Sezonska variabilnost električne upornosti kambijeve cone izbranih drevesnih vrst v urbanem okolju

    Jager, Dušan


    Preučevali smo vitalnost mestnih dreves z merjenjem električne upornosti živihtkiv (CER) v drevesu z instrumentom, imenovanim Tree tester. Meritve smo opravljali enkrat mesečno med rastno sezono 2005, od meseca maja do meseca oktobra. Drevesa smo ocenili tudi vizualno in jih razvrstili v skupine po prizadetosti krošnje zaradi neustrezne nege (obglavljena drevesa) in prizadetosti krošnje zaradi posipnih soli ter zdrava oz. referenčna drevesa. Drevesa smo razvrstili tudi v razširjene debelinske...

  7. Vpliv vrednosti pH baker-etanolaminskih zaščitnih pripravkov na izpiranje

    Pučko, Andrej


    Bakrove spojine so učinkoviti in zelo razširjeni fungicidi. Nezadostna fiksacija omejuje uporabo zaščitenega lesa v okoljih, kjer lahko pride do izpiranja aktivnih komponent. Vezavo bakrovih soli v les so v preteklosti reševali z dodajanjem kromovih spojin, danes pa se uveljavlja etanolamin. Z željo izboljšati vezavo baker-etanolaminskih pripravkov smo raziskali vpliv različnih pH vrednosti pripravkov na vezavo zaščitnih sredstev v les. Smrekove vzorce smo po postopku polnih celic impregniral...

  8. Návrh jednotného BI řešení pro sadu nabízených ERP skupiny Solitea

    Sládková, Lenka


    Subject of honor thesis is self-service business intelligence. Its goal is to prove that it is pos-sible to create a unified industry-specific dashboard above set of different ERP systems. First part familiarizes readers with the main theme of the paper, business intelligence, and selected tool for dashboard creation, Microsoft Power BI. The next part characterizes Soli-tea holding of which project is used and described later in this paper. There is also a place for analysis of all ERP system...


    Dauda Adeyemi, Kazeem; Ahmed El-Imam, Aminat Mustapha; Oluwatunbo Olorunsanya, Ayotunde; Sola-ojo, Foluke Eunice; Olatunji, Olaife Salome; Okukpe, Kehinde Mathias; Dosunmu, Olusegun Oyeshina; Shittu, Rafiat Morolayo; Ramota Karim, Olayinka; Adewale Fatai, Ismail


    Sušena dimljena riba izložena je lipidnoj peroksidaciji, što može smanjiti kvalitetu krajnjeg proizvoda, ali i ugroziti zdravlje potrošača. Ovim istraživanjem ispitanoje potencijalno antioksidantsko djelovanje marinade Moringa oleifera na stabilnost oksidacije kod dimljenog soma te je ono uspoređeno s djelovanjem soli i butil hidroksi anisola (BHA), sintetičkog antioksidanta.Obrađeno je 72 primjeraka soma (208 ± 6 g),a ravnomjerno su raspoređeni u 6 skupina tretiranih antioksidansima te izlož...

  10. Música y matemáticas

    Blázquez Lozano, Rosa Marina


    Durante muchos siglos se ha considerado que las matemáticas y la música tienen cierta similitud y comúnmente se dice que tienen al menos cierta relación. Ambas tienen algo de mágico, comenta Tiburcio Solis (2002), son tan abstractas que parecen pertenecer a otro mundo y sin embargo tienen gran poder en este mundo, la música afecta a la escucha y las matemáticas tienen múltiples aplicaciones prácticas. Una parte de las matemáticas estudia los números, sus patrones y formas y estos elementos...