Sample records for anhui province china

  1. Genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax population in Anhui province of China

    Huang, Bo; Huang, Shiguang; Su, Xin-Zhuan; Guo, Hong; Xu, Yucheng; Xu, Fei; Hu, Xuchu; Yang, Yaming; Wang, Shanqing; Lu, Fangli


    Background Although the numbers of malaria cases in China have been declining in recent years, outbreaks of Plasmodium vivax malaria were still being reported in rural areas south of the Yellow River. To better understand the transmission dynamics of P. vivax parasites in China, the extent of genetic diversity of P. vivax populations circulating in Bozhou of Anhui province of China were investigated using three polymorphic genetic markers: merozoite surface proteins 1 and 3α (pvmsp-1 and pvms...

  2. Archaeoseismological Study of Prehistoric Earthquakes in Anhui Province, China and Adjacent Areas

    Yao, D.; Shen, X.; Gong, X.; Wu, W.; Hu, Z.; Zheng, H.; Chen, A.; Zhao, P.; Yang, Y.


    Damaging earthquakes on faults typically recur at intervals of centuries to millennia but the seismographs that record them have only been around for about hundred years. Complete records of earthquakes of Ms5 or above for Anhui Province of China and its adjacent areas began in 1336 and most previous records were lost. To reduce the hazard from earthquakes we need a longer record of them than can be provided from such instruments. Archaeoseismological evidence has the potential to determine earthquake activity over millennial time spans, especially when integrated with historical documents and geological evidence. In recent years, taking advantage of large-scale civil excavations, our research team including earthquake and archaeological scientists have cataloged, identified, and analyzed deformation relics of the late-Quaternary period, especially the Neolithic Age. Prehistoric earthquake traces were found in the cultural layers of the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Spring and Autumn Period in Southwest Anhui, the late Dawenkou cultural period in North Anhui, and the Eastern Zhou in South Henan. Along the segment of the Tanlu Fault Zone on the border of Jiangsu-Anhui Provinces, several rapid deformation events mainly in the form of oblique translational thrust had occurred since Late Pleistocene, which was confirmed by microscopic studies. The research findings have partly filled the gap of earthquake records in the area and enriched research methodologies in archaeology, prehistoric earthquakes and earthquake prediction. The project was sponsored by China Earthquake Science Special Research Funding Program (#201308012)




    A new species of Saurichthys, S. majiashanensis , is described. It comes from a series of marine vertebrate-bearing beds of the upper member of the Nanlinghu Formation outcropping in the large quarry at the top of Majiashan (Majia Hill) near Chaohu (Hefei City, Anhui Province, China). Its age is Middle Spathian (Olenekian, Early Triassic). This new species deeply differs from the several pre-Spathian species of Saurichthys mainly for having only two longitudinal scale rows together with a red...

  4. Marriage Squeeze and Intergenerational Support in Contemporary Rural China: Evidence from X County of Anhui Province.

    Jin, Xiaoyi; Guo, Qiuju; Feldman, Marcus W


    With China's gender imbalance and increasingly severe male marriage squeeze, patterns of intergenerational support in rural areas are likely to undergo significant change. Using data from a survey of four towns from X county in Anhui province carried out in 2008, this article analyzes the effects of sons' marital status on intergenerational support. Random-effect regression analysis shows that son's marital status has strong effects on financial support to and coresidence with parents. Compared with married sons, older unmarried sons (so-called forced bachelors) tend to provide less financial support to their parents and are more likely to live with their parents. Parents' support of sons, as well as the parents' own needs and sons' capabilities all affect the support provided by sons. These results show that both theories of exchange and altruism are simultaneously relevant in the context of the marriage squeeze of contemporary rural China. PMID:26243325

  5. Archaeopteris halliana from the Late Devonian(Famennian) of Anhui Province,China

    GUO Yun; WANG Deming


    New materials from the Upper Devonian(Famennian)Wutong Formation of Chizhou District,Anhui Province,South China,allow description of fertile and sterile characters of Archaeopteris halliana.This plant has penultimate axes attached by sterile leaves and paired ultimate branches in the same ontogenetic spiral.Sterile leaves are narrowly cuneate in shape and bear distal margins dissected deeply.These leaves are spirally arranged on sterile ultimate axes.Non-laminated sporophyllls occur spirally on the ultimate axes and bifurcate once or twice.Elongate sporangia with longitudinal dehiscence are borne adaxially below or above the dividing points of the sporophylis.Despite the leaf shape resembling that of Archaeopteris macilenta,our plant is assigned to A.halliana because of its non-laminated sporophylls.Fertile characters should be given priority or enough consideration in identifying species of Archaeopteris.

  6. Commelina communis L.:Copper Hyperaccumulator Found in Anhui Province of China



    Commelina communis L. growing over some new copper mining wastelangds at Bijiashan,Tongling City of Anhui Province,China,was found to be a copper hyperaccumulator,Its copper concentrations were 2707-6159( 4439±2434) mg kg-1 ,369-831,(731±142)mg kg-1 ,and 429-587(547±57)mg kg-1 ,respectively,in the roots,stems,and leaves.The soils supporting the growth of the species had a copper concentration ranging from 4620 to 5020 mg kg-1 and averaging 4835±262 mg kg-1 ,suggesting that the species could not only grow on heavily copper-contaminated soils but aslo accumulate extraordinarily high concentration of copper, thus,it shows great potential in the phytoremediation of copper-contaminated soils,the restoration of mined land,geochemical prospecting ,and the study of environmental pollution changes.

  7. Human infections and co-infections with helminths in a rural population in Guichi, Anhui Province, China

    Yi Hu; Rui Li; Ward, Michael P.; Yue Chen; Henry Lynn; Decheng Wang; Gengxin Chen; Zonggui He; Liqian Sun; Chenglong Xiong; Zhijie Zhang; Qingwu Jiang


    Helminth infections are believed to be common in tropical and subtropical countries. A cross-sectional study was carried out in two villages located in Guichi District in Anhui Province, the People’s Republic of China, where multiparasitism was investigated using parasitological tests. The data collected were fitted to Bayesian multi-level models to profile risk factors for helminth infections. The prevalence of Schistosoma (S.) japonicum, Ascaris (A.) lumbricoides and Trichuris (T.) trichiur...

  8. Trends and Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Sustainability in Eastern Anhui Province, China

    Jian Zhang


    Full Text Available This study analyzes and evaluates the status and long-term trend of regional economic sustainability in eastern Anhui Province, China. Based on the triangle model and the definition of economic sustainable development, this study evaluates the interrelationship among regional economic development, resource-energy consumption, environmental pollution, and ecological performance. The sustainable and comprehensive utilization situation in the study region from 1975–2012 is examined. The results show that in 2012, the comprehensive development in the study region had a general status in terms of sustainability. The sustainable development trend of the seven administrative subunits inside the region had a weak and general status in terms of sustainability, while the status of sustainability in the southeastern part of the region was better than that in the northwest. During the period from 1975–1998, the study region’s comprehensive development presented a trend of general sustainability. In the period from 1998–2012, the region experienced a trend of very strong sustainability in its development. These statuses and trends have a certain relationship with the study region’s strong economic development and environmental protection over the past 37 years. The triangle method, as an intuitive platform for illustrating sustainability status and trends in economic development, seems to hold promise as an analytical management tool given its simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility.

  9. Rare earth element geochemistry of groundwater from a deep seated sandstone aquifer, northern Anhui province, China

    Gui Herong; Sun Linhua; Chen Luwang; Chen Song


    Deep coal mines in northern Anhui province,China,provide opportunities for tracing the distribution and fractionation of rare earth elements (REEs) in deep seated environments.Major ions,as well as REE concentrations were measured in groundwater from a sandstone aquifer located between -400 and -280 m.Our results indicate that this groundwater consists of Cl·HCO3-Na or Cl·CO3-Na water types with warm temperature (30.1-31.4℃),circumneutral pH (7.27-8.61) and high levels of total dissolved solids (TDS- 1306-2165 mg/L).Concentrations of REEs in groundwater are high as expressed by their Nd concentrations (0.0086-0.018 μg/L).Except for weak heavy REEs (HREE) enrichment relative to light REEs (LREE),the similarity of REE distribution patterns between groundwater and aquifer rock indicate that enrichment of REEs is considered to be controlled by aquifer rock,as well as by their minerals,whereas the fractionation of REEs is controlled by HREE enriched minerals and,to a lesser extent,by inorganic REE complexes.Ce anomalies normalized to Post Archean Average Shale (PAAS) and aquifer rock are weak,which probably reflect the contribution of reduced conditions in combination with pH,rather than a signature of aquifer rock.

  10. Identifying Flood-Related Infectious Diseases in Anhui Province, China: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis.

    Gao, Lu; Zhang, Ying; Ding, Guoyong; Liu, Qiyong; Jiang, Baofa


    The aim of this study was to explore infectious diseases related to the 2007 Huai River flood in Anhui Province, China. The study was based on the notified incidences of infectious diseases between June 29 and July 25 from 2004 to 2011. Daily incidences of notified diseases in 2007 were compared with the corresponding daily incidences during the same period in the other years (from 2004 to 2011, except 2007) by Poisson regression analysis. Spatial autocorrelation analysis was used to test the distribution pattern of the diseases. Spatial regression models were then performed to examine the association between the incidence of each disease and flood, considering lag effects and other confounders. After controlling the other meteorological and socioeconomic factors, malaria (odds ratio [OR] = 3.67, 95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.77-7.61), diarrhea (OR = 2.16, 95% CI = 1.24-3.78), and hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection (OR = 6.11, 95% CI = 1.04-35.84) were significantly related to the 2007 Huai River flood both from the spatial and temporal analyses. Special attention should be given to develop public health preparation and interventions with a focus on malaria, diarrhea, and HAV infection, in the study region. PMID:26903612

  11. Difference of Life Expenses among Rural Residents——A Case of Anhui Province,China


    Literature review on the status of consumption difference of rural residents and its causation analysis is carried out.Most researches introduce the status and causation of consumption cap in rural residents from different aspects,which mainly analyze the obsolete data from the macroscopic angle by measuring methods.Only a few researches analyze the data in recent years from the provincial angle by using Theil index as the analysis index.Therefore,taking Anhui Province as an example,Theil index is selected to calculate the consumption gap of rural residents in Anhui Province in the years 2003-2008,according to the sample survey of rural households in Anhui Province in the years 2004-2009.Through the analysis of living consumption expenditure of rural residents,consumption change and its various internal causes are studied.Result shows that differentiation change of food and residence consumption expenditure is the major reason for the differentiation change of living consumption expenditure.Proportions of other expenditures are relatively small,having little impact on the living consumption of rural residents.Based on this,suggestions are put forward in order to minimize the difference in living consumption expenditure in rural areas,such as enhancing the income level of middle and low-income family in rural areas,improving the reform of education and health care,and strengthening the construction of rural road.




    Full Text Available A new species of Saurichthys, S. majiashanensis , is described. It comes from a series of marine vertebrate-bearing beds of the upper member of the Nanlinghu Formation outcropping in the large quarry at the top of Majiashan (Majia Hill near Chaohu (Hefei City, Anhui Province, China. Its age is Middle Spathian (Olenekian, Early Triassic. This new species deeply differs from the several pre-Spathian species of Saurichthys mainly for having only two longitudinal scale rows together with a reduced grid-like structure for the neural elements in the vertebral column. Further derived characters are in the endoskeleton of the dorsal and anal fin, where radials articulate only to anterior lepidotrichia, the posterior ones being supported by the first scale from the caudal pedicle mid-dorsal and mid-ventral rows, deeply imbedded in the body. In addition, the haemal spines of the caudal region are much enlarged and reversed, with their distal parts pointing forwards. Though the skull is lacking, postcranial characters are enough to justify the erection of a new species. This new Saurichthys species, together with other few actinopterygians, can be considered as the oldest assemblage of the Triassic Middle Fish Fauna, which bloomed probably in the early Anisian and widespread especially all over the Tethys for the Middle Triassic and at least the Carnian in the Late Triassic. This new fish assemblage, together with some of the oldest marine reptiles, is considered as the beginning of the actual Triassic recovery among marine vertebrates.

  13. Multivariate Analysis, Description, and Ecological Interpretation of Weed Vegetation in the Summer Crop Fields of Anhui Province, China

    Sheng QIANG


    Two surveys were conducted to investigate weed vegetation in a 153-hm2 sampling area of summer crop fields from Anhui Province, China, through visual scoring of the level of weed infestation compared with summer crops on a seven-class scale. In total, 155 sampling sites were selected in the field based on crops, tillage, rotation systems, geographical regions, and soil types across the province. Data on weed communities and environmental factors were collected and analyzed through principal component analysis (PCA) and canonical correspondence analysis (CCA), and the output was interpreted ecologically. Results showed that the main factors influencing the structure and distribution of weed communities in summer crop fields were the soil submersion period, latitude, and soil type and pH. The CCA indicated a significant relationship between weed dominance and soil submersion duration, latitude, and soil pH. From the result of the PCA and CCA ordination, the 155 sampling sites could be divided into three groups based on geographic and floristic composition, as well as weed abundance. The southern dry land group, which was characterized by a double-cropping system in the hilly regions of southern and central Anhui Province with a continuous summer crop and an autumn dry land crop, was dominated by Galium aparine Linn. var. tenerum (Gren. et Godr) Robb., Avenafatua L., and Veronica persica Poir. The northern dry land group, which had the same cropping system as the southern dry land group, was dominated by G. aparine var. tenerun, Galium tricorne Stokes, Descurainia sophia (L.) Schur., and Lithospermum arvense L. in the North Anhui Province, China. These two dry land groups could be combined into one large dry land group, in which the Galium weed vegetation type dominated. The third group was the paddy soil group, which was characterized by a continu ous summer crop and double- or triple-cropping systems of rice, and prevailed in the south and central areas of Anhui

  14. Hepatitis B virus infections and risk factors among the general population in Anhui Province, China: an epidemiological study

    Li Xiaoqing


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Hepatitis B is one of the most common infectious diseases in China. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg among the general population and the risk factors associated with HBV infection in Anhui province, China. Methods A provincial serosurvey was conducted in four cities, and selected through stratified clustering sampling. Data on demographics, immunization history, medical history, family medical history, and life history were collected, along with serum tested for HBsAg. Completed surveys were analysed from 8,875 participants. Results Overall prevalence of HBsAg was 7.44%. Using multivariate analysis, older age was a risk factor for HBsAg infection among children younger than 15 years. Among adults 15-59 years old, the risk factors were male gender, a history of surgical operations, at least one HBsAg-positive family member, and non-vaccination. For adults older than 59 years, the risk factor was a blood transfusion history. Conclusions Though Anhui province has already reached the national goal of reducing HBsAg prevalence to less than 1% among children younger than 5 years, there are still several risk factors for HBsAg infection among the older population. Immunization programs should continue to focus on adults, and interventions should be taken to reduce risk factors associated with being infected with Hepatitis B.

  15. Epidemiological survey of Blastocystis hominis in Huainan City, Anhui Province, China

    Ke-Xia Wang; Chao-Pin Li; Jian Wang; Yu-Bao Cui


    AIM: To provide scientific evidence for prevention andcontrolling of blastocystosis, the infection of Blastocystishomonis and to study its clinical significance in Huainan City,Anhui Province, China.METHODS: Blastocystis homonis in fresh stools taken from100 infants, 100 pupils, 100 middle school students and403 patients with diarrhea was smeared and detected withmethod of iodine staining and hematoxylin staining. Afterpreliminary direct microscopy, the shape and size ofBlastocystis homonis were observed with high power lens.The cellular immune function of the patients withblastocystosis was detected with biotin-streptavidin (BSA).RESULTS: The positive rates of Blastocystis homonis inflesh stools taken from the infants, pupils, middle schoolstudents and the patients with diarrhea, were 1.0 % (1/100),1.0 % (1/100), 0 % (0/100) and 5.96 % (24/403)respectively. Furthermore, the positive rates of Blastocystishomonis in the stool samples taken from the patients withmild diarrhea, intermediate diarrhea, severe diarrhea andobstinate diarrhea were 6.03 % (14/232), 2.25 % (2/89),0 % (0/17) and 12.31% (8/65) respectively. The positiverates of Blastocystis homonis in fresh stools of male andfemale patients with diarrhea were 7.52 % (17/226) and3.95 % (7/177) respectively, and those of patients in urbanand rural areas were 4.56 % (11/241) and 8.02 % (13/162)respectively. There was no significant difference betweenthem (P>0.05). The positive rates of CD3+, CD4+, CD8+ inserum of Blastocystis homonis-positive and-negativeindividuals were 0.64±0.06, 0.44±0.06, 0.28±0.04 and0.60±0.05, 0.40±0.05 and 0.30±0.05 respectively, andthe ratio of CD4+/CD8+ of the two groups were 1.53±0.34and 1.27±0.22. There was significant difference betweenthe two groups (P<0.05, P<0.01).CONCLUSION: The prevalence of Blastocystis hominis asan enteric pathogen in human seems not to be associatedwith gender and living environment, and that Blastocystishominis is more common in stool samples of

  16. Quantitative analysis of burden of infectious diarrhea associated with floods in northwest of anhui province, china: a mixed method evaluation.

    Guoyong Ding

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Persistent and heavy rainfall in the upper and middle Huaihe River of China brought about severe floods during the end of June and July 2007. However, there has been no assessment on the association between the floods and infectious diarrhea. This study aimed to quantify the impact of the floods in 2007 on the burden of disease due to infectious diarrhea in northwest of Anhui Province. METHODS: A time-stratified case-crossover analysis was firstly conducted to examine the relationship between daily cases of infectious diarrhea and the 2007 floods in Fuyang and Bozhou of Anhui Province. Odds ratios (ORs of the flood risk were quantified by conditional logistic regression. The years lived with disability (YLDs of infectious diarrhea attributable to floods were then estimated based on the WHO framework of the calculating potential impact fraction in the Burden of Disease study. RESULTS: A total of 197 infectious diarrheas were notified during the exposure and control periods in the two study areas. The strongest effect was shown with a 2-day lag in Fuyang and a 5-day lag in Bozhou. Multivariable analysis showed that floods were significantly associated with an increased risk of the number cases of infectious diarrhea (OR = 3.175, 95%CI: 1.126-8.954 in Fuyang; OR = 6.754, 95%CI: 1.954-23.344 in Bozhou. Attributable YLD per 1000 of infectious diarrhea resulting from the floods was 0.0081 in Fuyang and 0.0209 in Bozhou. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings confirm that floods have significantly increased the risks of infectious diarrhea in the study areas. In addition, prolonged moderate flood may cause more burdens of infectious diarrheas than severe flood with a shorter duration. More attention should be paid to particular vulnerable groups, including younger children and elderly, in developing public health preparation and intervention programs. Findings have significant implications for developing strategies to prevent and reduce health

  17. Geochemical Characteristics of Sedimentary Manganese Deposit of Guichi, Anhui Province, China


    The sedimentary manganese deposits occurring in Gufeng formation of the Permian in Guichi area, south Anhui Province, include manganese carbonate deposit formed by sedimentation, and manganese oxide deposit made by later oxidation. The total REE contents of these samples are relatively low ( < 250 × 10-6), belonging to LREE-enriched type,showing LREE enrichment during the process of formation of Mn deposit, especially during Mn-oxidizing process. Three normalized REE patterns and SCNA-normalized trace elements spider diagrams of the Mn-bearing sequence rocks and ores in this area reflect their same origin of ore sources, which is similar to rock-forming and ore-forming conditions. The Mnforming materials primarily came from the continent with higher mature degree and single material source. The δEu and δCe negative anomaly and Ce anomaly ( < - 0.1 ) manifest that Mn-bearing sequence of the Permian was mostly formed in marine basin and oxidative environment. The Sr and Ba anomaly, Sr/Ba and Co/Ni values reflect the Mn deposit environment was of deep water and high-salinity of marine facies. Although the Ce/La (mean 1.05), Y/Ho (25 ~ 41.5) and trace metals show a variety of correlations with Mn in the ten rock samples, which show multiple sources for the manganese, the analysis of geochemical characteristics indicate that the material sources of Mn deposit have been primarily terrestrially derived. Another source of the manganese probably comes from the seafloor volcanism in this area. Analysis of sedimentary features and geohistoric evolvement reveals that the maximum transgression of the Qixia Period, ore district is then in deep shelf-basin sedimentary setting and the Mn-bearing sequence is deposited.

  18. New Recorded Plant Species in Anhui Province, China%安徽省新分布植物

    王琼; 刘守金; 汪宁; 鲁宏明; 胡宗群; 刘想晴


    One genus and one species are newly recorded from Anhui Province. They are Hygroryza aristata (Retz.) Nees ex Weight et Am and Linum stelleroides Planch. The voucher specimens are deposited in the Herbarium of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine (ACM).%报道安徽省1个新分布属水禾属植物水禾Hygroryza aristata (Retz.) Nees ex Weight et Am和1个新分布种野亚麻Linum Stelleroides Planch。标本藏于安徽中医药大学标本中心(ACM)。

  19. Projections of hepatitis A virus infection associated with flood events by 2020 and 2030 in Anhui Province, China

    Gao, Lu; Zhang, Ying; Ding, Guoyong; Liu, Qiyong; Wang, Changke; Jiang, Baofa


    Assessing and responding to health risk of climate change is important because of its impact on the natural and societal ecosystems. More frequent and severe flood events will occur in China due to climate change. Given that population is projected to increase, more people will be vulnerable to flood events, which may lead to an increased incidence of HAV infection in the future. This population-based study is going to project the future health burden of HAV infection associated with flood events in Huai River Basin of China. The study area covered four cities of Anhui province in China, where flood events were frequent. Time-series adjusted Poisson regression model was developed to quantify the risks of flood events on HAV infection based on the number of daily cases during summer seasons from 2005 to 2010, controlling for other meteorological variables. Projections of HAV infection in 2020 and 2030 were estimated based on the scenarios of flood events and demographic data. Poisson regression model suggested that compared with the periods without flood events, the risks of severe flood events for HAV infection were significant (OR = 1.28, 95 % CI 1.05-1.55), while risks were not significant from moderate flood events (OR = 1.16, 95 % CI 0.72-1.87) and mild flood events (OR = 1.14, 95 % CI 0.87-1.48). Using the 2010 baseline data and the flood event scenarios (one severe flood event), increased incidence of HAV infection were estimated to be between 0.126/105 and 0.127/105 for 2020. Similarly, the increased HAV infection incidence for 2030 was projected to be between 0.382/105 and 0.399/105. Our study has, for the first time, quantified the increased incidence of HAV infection that will result from flood events in Anhui, China, in 2020 and 2030. The results have implications for public health preparation for developing public health responses to reduce HAV infection during future flood events.

  20. Geochemical Study of Rare Earth Elements on Four Attapulgite Clay Deposits in Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces, China

    陈天虎; 徐晓春; 鲁安怀; 岳书仓; 汪家权; 彭书传


    This paper discussed in detail about the REE component and the characteristics of the different kinds of attapulgite clay ores as well as basalts, weathered basalts in four localities of attapulgite clay deposits of Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces of China. It is concluded that the half-weathered basalts have not distinct REE fractionation and strong weathered basalts have HREE loss in the process of the basalts weathered to form smectite group minerals. And the lateritic montmorillonite clays that formed from the basalts weathering have a distinct Ce positive anomaly, a little MREE loss and LREE and HREE renew enrichment. That reflects the particular oxidation condition in the Earth's surface and the adsorption of the colloid solution of the lake water in the basin of the continent in the time of the clays formed. The attapulgite clays produced by the reaction between basalts with lake water in the original place of the basin have same REE characteristics as that of the basalts and the weathered basalts. This shows that REE does not transfer heavily in the progressive chemical weathering process. The sedimentary attapulgite clays have also a similar REE component and characteristic parameters to the basalts and the weathered basalts, and have a distinct Eu negative anomaly and a big value of LREE/HREE, which shows that the sedimentary clay came from the weathered basalts, and REE partitioning patterns characters of the clays are controlled by the residual material of the weathered basalts.

  1. Human infections and co-infections with helminths in a rural population in Guichi, Anhui Province, China.

    Hu, Yi; Li, Rui; Ward, Michael P; Chen, Yue; Lynn, Henry; Wang, Decheng; Chen, Gengxin; He, Zonggui; Sun, Liqian; Xiong, Chenglong; Zhang, Zhijie; Jiang, Qingwu


    Helminth infections are believed to be common in tropical and subtropical countries. A cross-sectional study was carried out in two villages located in Guichi District in Anhui Province, the People's Republic of China, where multiparasitism was investigated using parasitological tests. The data collected were fitted to Bayesian multi-level models to profile risk factors for helminth infections. The prevalence of Schistosoma (S.) japonicum, Ascaris (A.) lumbricoides and Trichuris (T.) trichiura were 0.43% (range: 0-0.87% at the village level), 2.28% (range: 1.69-2.88%), and 0.21% (range: 0-0.42%), respectively. No hookworm infection was found. With regard to multiparasitism, only a 33-year-old female was found to be co-infected with S. japonicum and A. lumbricoides. Multiparasitism was unexpectedly rare in the study area, which contrasts with results from other studies carried out elsewhere in the country. The long-term usage of albendazole for individuals serologically positive for schistosomiasis may be the main reason, but this needs to be confirmed by future studies. PMID:26618320

  2. Human infections and co-infections with helminths in a rural population in Guichi, Anhui Province, China

    Yi Hu


    Full Text Available Helminth infections are believed to be common in tropical and subtropical countries. A cross-sectional study was carried out in two villages located in Guichi District in Anhui Province, the People’s Republic of China, where multiparasitism was investigated using parasitological tests. The data collected were fitted to Bayesian multi-level models to profile risk factors for helminth infections. The prevalence of Schistosoma (S. japonicum, Ascaris (A. lumbricoides and Trichuris (T. trichiura were 0.43% (range: 0-0.87% at the village level, 2.28% (range: 1.69-2.88%, and 0.21% (range: 0-0.42%, respectively. No hookworm infection was found. With regard to multiparasitism, only a 33-year-old female was found to be co-infected with S. japonicum and A. lumbricoides. Multiparasitism was unexpectedly rare in the study area, which contrasts with results from other studies carried out elsewhere in the country. The long-term usage of albendazole for individuals serologically positive for schistosomiasis may be the main reason, but this needs to be confirmed by future studies.

  3. Intestinal acariasis in Anhui Province

    Chao-Pin Li; Jian Wang


    The mites found in stored food and house comprise a large group of subclass Acari, belonging to the suborder Acardida of the order Acarifornes. They can be found in dust and vacuum samples from floors, furniture, mattresses, Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, and bedding. These mites are nidicolous and feed on organic debris, including sloughed human skin, fungi, spilled food, pollen, etc. These mites are particularly prevalent in Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, beds, though carpeted floors near beds or couches may also have large numbers. The most common species are Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae , Dermatophagoides farinae , D . pteronyssinus, Glycyphagus domesticus, G. Ornatus, Carpoglyphus lactis and Tarsonemus granarius, etc. The viability of mites in storage is quite strong and they can invade and parasitize the intestines of humans[1 -15]. They can cause pulmonary acariasis[16-25] , urinary acariasis[26-33] and so on. The dejecta of mites is a quite strong allergen and can cause different allergic diseases[34-44]. Intestinal acariasis can be caused by some mites related to the way of diet intake and invading against intestinal mucosa, intestinal muscle[45-5a]. The first report of intestinal acariasis caused by these mites was made by Hinman et al (1934)[45]. From then on, all kinds of studies on the disease have been reported gradually. In order to make an epidemiological survey of intestinal acariasis the investigation of the disease was taken in some areas of Anhui Province from 1989 to 1996.

  4. Correlation between single nucleotide polymorphism of FCRL-3 gene and Graves’ disease in Han population of northern Anhui province, China

    Jin, Guo-Xi; Zhou, Yu-Ye; Yu, Lei; Bi, Ya-Xin


    Objective: The frequency distribution of A/G genotype at position-169 in promoter of FCRL3 gene (Fc receptor-like 3) was identified in Han population of northern Anhui Province. The correlation between single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) at this site and genetic susceptibility of Graves disease (GD) was discussed. How the genotype at this position correlated to age, gender, severity of goiter, presence or absence of exophthalmos, levels of thyrotrophin receptor antibody (TRab), thyroid perox...

  5. Cyclospore cayetanensis in Anhui, China

    Ke-Xia Wang; Chao-Pin Li; Jian Wang; Ye Tian


    AIM: To investigate the infection of Cyclospore cayetanensis in Anhui Province.METHODS: Identification of Cyclospore cayetanensis was made microscopically by finding the oocysts of Cyclospore cayetanensis in fecal smears taken from the infants, pupils and adults with obstinate diarrhea, and immunocompromised individuals by using a auramine-phenol stain and modified acid-fast stain. Cellular immune function was detected with biotin-streptavidin (BSA), and the specific antibody against Cyclospore cayetanensis was detected with method of ELISA.RESULTS: (1) The positive rates of Cyclospore cayetanensis infection in infants, pupils, infants and adults with obstinate diarrhea and with immunocompromised individuals were significantly different (P<0.01), with the rates of 0 %, 0.50 % (1/200), 5.62 % (10/178), and 9.38 % (3/32) respectively. (2) The infection rates of males and females were 2.61% (10/383) and 1.44 % (4/227) respectively, with no significant difference (P<0.05). (3) The positive rates of population with oocysts in urban and rural areas were 0.92 % (3/325) and 3.86 % (11/285) respectively. (4) The positive rates of CD3+, CD4+, CD8+ and the ratio of CD4+/CD8+ of individuals with and without oocysts were significantly different (P<0.05,P<0.01), and their values were (64.28±6.55) %, (43.55±5.80) %, (28.23±4.32) %, 1.52±0.32 and (58.97±5.23) %,(39.26±4.93) %, (30.54±5.17) %, 1.26±0.21, respectively.(5) Specific IgG, IgM and IgG+IgM in serum of the patients with oocyst were significantly different (P<0.01) with the positive rates of 63.41% (9/14), 17.07 % (1/14) and 19.51% (4/14) respectively.CONCLUSION: Cyclospore cayetanensisinfection is present in Anhui, China and it was confirmed to be a new pathogen associated with children diarrhea, adults obstinate diarrhea and diarrhea in immunocompromised individuals. Among all the infected individuals, adult obstinate diarrhea patients and immunocompromised individuals are common. Feces examination of

  6. Strategic Marketing Plan for Huishang Bank in Anhui Province

    Qian, Yani


    Huishang Bank Corporation Limited Company was founded on December 28, 2005, and it has operated since January 1, 2006. Before it was established, it merged with six cities' commercial banks and seven urban credit banks in Anhui Province. It then became the first regional bank which had developed from city commercial bank in China. In the last five years, Huishang bank has already got significant progress, and it entered top 500 global banks in 2010. This thesis focuses on the strategic m...

  7. Research of expansion strategy of Postal Direct Mail in Anhui Province, China

    Sun, Zhengxi


    DM is “direct mail “, which is generally translated from English, abbreviated as DM. It means the multiform advertisements with the given information that are delivered to the target groups (potential customer, individuals and enterprises) directly by mailing service. DM is ranked a third media abroad following TV network and newspaper. It accounts for 15 - 20 % market share of the advertising market. However, in China, DM only accounts for less than 3 % market share at present, therefor...

  8. Genesis of the Xinqiao Gold-Sulfide Orefield, Anhui Province, China

    ZANG Wenshuan; WU Ganguo; ZHANG Da; LI Jinwen; ZHANG Xiangxin; LIU Aihua; ZHANG Zhongyi


    The Xinqiao S-Fe-Cu-Au orefield is located in the Tongling ore cluster in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in East China. There have been many researches regarding the genesis of the Xinqiao orefield in recent years, showing that it belongs to various types, such as sedimentary-reformed type, stratabound-skarn type, sedimentary submarine rocks-hosted exhalative type. We propose that it was formed in two periods of mineralization base on systematic field observation and Pb and S isotopic analyses in nearly ten years. The first period was formed during a syngenetic sedimentary process, whereas the massive sulphide orebodies are mainly related to the Yanshanian granitic magmatism. Sulfide metallic mineral associations show zoning around a granite intrusion, i.e. magnetite and pyrite →pyrite, chalcopyrite and native gold→ pyrite, sphalerite and galena. Gold orebodies occur outside the contact zone of the granite intrusion.

  9. Origin of Quaternary Red Clay of Southern Anhui Province



    The particle-size distribution,heavy mineral constituents and rare earth elements(REE) characteristics of the Quaternary red clay of southern Anhui Province were studied to explore the origin of the clay.The results showed that the clay had some properties of areolian deposits,which could be compared with,those of the loess in North China ;and its chondrite-normalized curves of REE were similar to those of the Xiashu loess implying tha they shared the same orighin.It was concluded in combination with the results rported by other researchers that the Quaternary red clay of southern Anhui Province originated from aolian deposts, and this could reveal the cycles of warm and cold climates in the area during the Quaternary period.

  10. Critical factors determining fluoride concentration in tea leaves produced from Anhui province, China.

    Cai, Huimei; Zhu, Xiaohui; Peng, Chuanyi; Xu, Wei; Li, Daxiang; Wang, Yijun; Fang, Shihui; Li, Yeyun; Hu, Shaode; Wan, Xiaochun


    This study investigated the fluoride present in tea plants (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) and its relationship to soils, varieties, seasons and tea leaf maturity. The study also explored how different manufacturing processes affect the leaching of fluoride into tea beverages. The fluoride concentration in the tea leaves was significantly correlate to the concentration of water-soluble fluoride in the soil. Different tea varieties accumulated different levels of fluoride, with varieties, Anji baicha having the highest and Nongkang zao having the lowest fluoride concentration. In eight different varieties of tea plant harvested over three tea seasons, fluoride concentration were highest in the summer and lowest in the spring in china. The fluoride concentration in tea leaves was directly related to the maturity of the tea leaves at harvest. Importantly, the tea manufacturing process did not introduced fluoride contamination. The leaching of fluoride was 6.8% and 14.1% higher in black and white tea, respectively, than in fresh tea leaves. The manufacturing step most affecting the leaching of fluoride into tea beverage was withering used in white, black and oolong tea rather than rolling or fermentation. The exposure and associated health risks for fluoride concentration in infusions of 115 commercially available teas from Chinese tea markets was determined. The fluoride concentration ranged from 5.0 to 306.0mgkg(-1), with an average of 81.7mgkg(-1). The hazard quotient (HQ) of these teas indicated that there was no risk of fluorosis from drinking tea, based on statistical analysis by Monte Carlo simulation. PMID:27162130

  11. Comparative analysis of physical recreation of Chinese youth as a means of Anhui Province sports tourism

    Cheng Shouling; Vitalii Brusentsev


    Purpose: to analyze the recreational facilities of Anhui Province, contributing to the development of the sports tourism in China. Material and Methods: analysis and generalization of literature and electronic sources, official web-sites, survey. Results: revealed the interest of young people to cultural and leisure activities in Anhui Province and the increase in the number of tourists at different ages. Development of sports tourism indicates an increase in mass and popularity among the pop...

  12. The Development Model of Agricultural Insurance in Anhui Province

    Pu; YOU


    The agricultural economy in Anhui Province is developing so fast,but farmers are severely affected by the frequent occurrence of natural disasters. The current agricultural insurance mode is not suitable,therefore,the research on agricultural insurance modes of Anhui Province helps to promote the steady development of the agricultural production. Starting from situation of agricultural insurance in Anhui Province,learning from both experience of foreign country and the latest successful domestic modes,we try to put forward agricultural insurance mode framework which is suitable for Anhui Province. Based on the actual situation of Anhui Province,it is necessary to adopt the mode of government leading combined with agricultural mutual aid rather than copy the existing mode.

  13. Hydrogeochemical characteristics of groundwater in the coal-bearing aquifer of the Wugou coal mine, northern Anhui Province, China

    Chen, Song; Gui, Herong


    Major ions, trace elements, and isotope concentrations were measured in 11 representative groundwater samples that were collected from a series of aquifers in the Wugou coal mine, Anhui Province. The geochemical characteristics of the groundwater samples were examined using conventional graphical and multivariate statistical approaches, and the results showed that almost all of the groundwater samples collected from the coal-bearing aquifer were the Na-SO4 type, whereas the samples from the Quaternary and the limestone aquifer were the Ca-SO4 and Na-Cl types, respectively. The groundwater in the study area is not suitable for drinking without treatment because of the higher values of total dissolved solids and other parameters, whereas the lower value of the sodium adsorption ratio indicates that it can be used for irrigation. The total rare earth element concentrations ranged from 0.0398 to 0.1874 mg/L, and had an average of 0.075 mg/L. There were negative cerium and positive europium anomalies in the groundwater. The δD and δ 18O values in groundwater ranged from -9.01 to -8.81 ‰, and from -74.7 to -71.4 ‰, respectively. Meteoric water with variable degrees of evaporation is the main source of the groundwater in the coal-bearing aquifer.

  14. Identifying Spatial Clusters of Schistosomiasis in Anhui Province of China: A Study from the Perspective of Application

    Liqian Sun


    Full Text Available With the strategy shifting from morbidity control to transmission interruption, the burden of schistosomiasis in China has been declining over the past decade. However, further controls of the epidemic in the lake and marshland regions remain a challenge. Prevalence data at county level were obtained from the provincial surveillance system in Anhui during 1997–2010. Spatial autocorrelation analysis and spatial scan statistics were combined to assess the spatial pattern of schistosomiasis. The spatial-temporal cluster analysis based on retrospective space-time scan statistics was further used to detect risk clusters. The Global Moran’s I coefficients were mostly statistically significant during 1997–2004 but not significant during 2005–2010. The clusters detected by two spatial cluster methods occurred in Nanling, Tongling, Qingyang and Wuhu during 1997–2004, and Guichi and Wuhu from 2005 to 2010, respectively. Spatial-temporal cluster analysis revealed 2 main clusters, namely Nanling (1999–2002 and Guichi (2005–2008. The clustering regions were significantly narrowed while the spatial extent became scattered during the study period. The high-risk areas shifted from the low reaches of the Yangtze River to the upper stream, suggesting the focus of schistosomiasis control should be shifted accordingly and priority should be given to the snail habitats within the high-risk areas of schistosomiasis.

  15. Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy on Maintenance Hemodialysis: A Multicenter Cross-sectional Survey in Anhui Province, Eastern China

    Hu Chen


    Conclusions: DN patients on MHD in Anhui province exhibited different clinical characteristics compared to non-DN hemodialysis patients. They presented higher percentage in TCC use and cardiovascular complication, lower serum albumin and iPTH levels than those in non-DN patients.

  16. Comparative analysis of physical recreation of Chinese youth as a means of Anhui Province sports tourism

    Cheng Shouling


    Full Text Available Purpose: to analyze the recreational facilities of Anhui Province, contributing to the development of the sports tourism in China. Material and Methods: analysis and generalization of literature and electronic sources, official web-sites, survey. Results: revealed the interest of young people to cultural and leisure activities in Anhui Province and the increase in the number of tourists at different ages. Development of sports tourism indicates an increase in mass and popularity among the population. Conclusions: addressing public interest in the development of sports tourism in China leads to the enhancement of the role of cultural holiday in physical development and rehabilitation of youth.

  17. Overview of Land Consolidation in Anhui Province and Recommendations

    Wang, Wei; Yu, Zhongxiang


    The land consolidation projects in Anhui Province have brought huge economic and social benefits and made active contribution to increasing integrated grain productivity, stabilizing farmland area, increasing farmers’ income, accelerating new socialist countryside construction, and promoting integrated urban and rural development. With more than ten years of exploration and attempt, land consolidation, reclamation and development of Anhui Province has established relatively complete policy,...

  18. Establishment of water source discrimination model in coal mine by using hydrogeochemistry and statistical analysis: a case study from Renlou Coal Mine in northern Anhui Province, China

    SUN Lin-hua; GUI He-rong


    The demand for energy consumption promotes to find more coal in deep underground up to 1000 m and brings more serious situation of water disaster.As one of the major methods for water disaster control,hydrogeochemistry attracts a series of studies related to water source discrimination.In this paper,a simple method for constructing the water source discrimination model based on major ions and multivariate statistical analysis was reported using the following procedures:① collection of data and interpretation,② analysis of controlling factors based on the chemical composition of groundwater,③ "pure" sample chosen,and ④ discrimination model establishment.After the processes,two functions and a diagram were established for three aquifers (the Quaternary,Coal bearing,and Taiyuan Fm.) from the Renlou Coal Mine in northern Anhui Province,China.The method can be applied in almost all coal mines and can be used for evaluating the contribution ratios if the water is collected from a mixing source.

  19. Overview of Land Consolidation in Anhui Province and Recommendations

    Wei; WANG; Zhongxiang; YU


    The land consolidation projects in Anhui Province have brought huge economic and social benefits and made active contribution to increasing integrated grain productivity,stabilizing farmland area,increasing farmers’ income,accelerating new socialist countryside construction,and promoting integrated urban and rural development. With more than ten years of exploration and attempt,land consolidation,reclamation and development of Anhui Province has established relatively complete policy,technical and business type regulations. However,there are still some weak links and problems,leading to slow project progress,and quality up to standard,fund management not standardized,and the masses not satisfactory for few projects. It summarized experience and achievements of rural land consolidation in Anhui Province and elaborated major existing problems in management of project implementation. Finally,it came up with pertinent recommendations for project implementation in rural land consolidation.

  20. Hydrochemical characteristics and quality assessment of deep groundwater from the coal-bearing aquifer of the Linhuan coal-mining district, Northern Anhui Province, China.

    Lin, Man-Li; Peng, Wei-Hua; Gui, He-Rong


    There is little information available about the hydrochemical characteristics of deep groundwater in the Linhuan coal-mining district, Northern Anhui Province, China. In this study, we report information about the physicochemical parameters, major ions, and heavy metals of 17 groundwater samples that were collected from the coal-bearing aquifer. The results show that the concentrations of total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, and potassium and sodium (K(+) + Na(+)) in most of the groundwater samples exceeded the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Chinese National Standards for Drinking Water Quality (GB 5749-2006). The groundwater from the coal-bearing aquifer was dominated by the HCO3·Cl-K + Na and HCO3·SO4-K + Na types. Analysis with a Gibbs plot suggested that the major ion chemistry of the groundwater was primarily controlled by weathering of rocks and that the coal-bearing aquifer in the Linhuan coal-mining district was a relatively closed system. K(+) and Na(+) originated from halite and silicate weathering reactions, while Ca(2+) and Mg(2+) originated from the dissolution of calcite, dolomite, and gypsum or anhydrite. Ion exchange reactions also had an influence on the formation of major ions in groundwater. The concentrations of selected heavy metals decreased in the order Mn > Zn > Cr > Cu > Ni > Pb. In general, the heavy metal concentrations were low; however, the Cr, Mn, and Ni concentrations in some of the groundwater samples exceeded the standards outlined by the WHO, the GB 5749-2006, and the Chinese National Standards for Groundwater (GB/T 14848-93). Analysis by various indices (% Na, SAR, and EC), a USSL diagram, and a Wilcox diagram showed that both the salinity and alkalinity of the groundwater were high, such that the groundwater could not be used for irrigating agricultural land without treatment. These results will be significant for water resource exploiting and utilization in

  1. Prevalence and characteristics of extended-spectrum β-lactamase and plasmid-mediated fluoroquinolone resistance genes in Escherichia coli isolated from chickens in Anhui province, China.

    Lin Li

    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to characterize the prevalence of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL genes and plasmid-mediated fluoroquinolone resistance (PMQR determinants in 202 Escherichia coli isolates from chickens in Anhui Province, China, and to determine whether ESBL and PMQR genes co-localized in the isolates. Antimicrobial susceptibility for 12 antimicrobials was determined by broth microdilution. Polymerase chain reactions (PCRs, DNA sequencing, and pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE were employed to characterize the molecular basis for β-lactam and fluoroquinolone resistance. High rates of antimicrobial resistance were observed, 147 out of the 202 (72.8% isolates were resistant to at least 6 antimicrobial agents and 28 (13.9% of the isolates were resistant to at least 10 antimicrobials. The prevalence of blaCTX-M, blaTEM-1 and blaTEM-206 genes was 19.8%, 24.3% and 11.9%, respectively. Seventy-five out of the 202 (37.1% isolates possessed a plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinant in the form of qnrS (n = 21; this determinant occurred occasionally in combination with aac(6'-1b-cr (n = 65. Coexistence of ESBL and/or PMQR genes was identified in 31 of the isolates. Two E. coli isolates carried blaTEM-1, blaCTX-M and qnrS, while two others carried blaCTX-M, qnrS and aac(6'-1b-cr. In addition, blaTEM-1, qnrS and aac(6'-1b-cr were co-located in two other E. coli isolates. PFGE analysis showed that these isolates were not clonally related and were genetically diverse. To the best of our knowledge, this study is the first to describe detection of TEM-206-producing E. coli in farmed chickens, and the presence of blaTEM-206, qnrS and aac(6'-1b-cr in one of the isolates.

  2. Petrogenesis, geochronology, and tectonic significance of granitoids in the Tongshan intrusion, Anhui Province, Middle-Lower Yangtze River Valley, eastern China

    Zhang, Zhi-Yu; Du, Yang-Song; Teng, Chuan-Yao; Zhang, Jing; Pang, Zhen-Shan


    The Tongshan copper deposit in Anhui Province is a typical mid-sized skarn and porphyry type deposit in the Anqing-Guichi district along the Middle-Lower Yangtze River Valley, eastern China. The Tongshan intrusion is closely related to this mineralization. The intrusion mainly comprises rocks that are quartz diorite porphyry, quartz monzonite porphyry, and granodiorite porphyry. Plagioclase in these rocks is mostly andesine (An = 31.0-42.9), along with minor oligoclase. Biotite is magnesium-rich [Mg/(Mg + Fe) = 0.52-0.67] and aluminum-poor (Al2O3 = 12.32-14.09 wt.%), and can be classified as magnesio-biotite. Hornblende is TiO2-poor ( 0.60], and is magnesio-hornblende or edenite. The SHRIMP zircon U-Pb age of the quartz monzonite porphyry is 145.1 ± 1.2 Ma, which corresponds to the middle Yanshanian period. Whole-rock geochemical results show that the rocks are silica-rich (SiO2 = 60.23-66.23 wt.%) and alkali-rich (K2O + Na2O = 4.97-8.72 wt.%), and low in calcium (CaO = 2.61-5.66 wt.%). Trace element results show enrichments in large ion lithophile element (e.g., K, Rb, and Ba) and depletions in some high field strength elements (e.g., Nb, Ta, P, and Ti). The total rare earth element (REE) content of the rocks is low (ΣREE 10] and small positive Eu anomalies (average δEu = 1.16). These mineralogical, geochronological, and geochemical results show that the intrusion has a mixed crust-mantle source. The Tongshan intrusion was formed by multiple emplacements of crustally contaminated basaltic magma generated by varying degrees of partial melting of enriched lithospheric mantle and lower crust. Hornblende thermobarometry yielded magmatic crystallization temperatures of 652-788 °C and an average crystallization pressure of 1.4 kbar, which corresponds to a depth of approx. 4.7 km. Biotite thermobarometry yielded similar temperatures and lower pressures of 735-775 °C and 0.6 kbar (depth 2.1 km), respectively. The parental magma had a high oxygen fugacity and was

  3. Ecological Construction Based on Land Use Zoning of Anhui Province

    Xin; YE; Zhongxiang; YU


    Anhui Province is divided into 6 zones according to land use. This paper firstly introduces ranges, characteristics and problems of land use zoning in Anhui Province. On these bases, it presents the respective ecological construction mode. Huaibei Plain Zone should focus on agriculture and implement water conservancy project, ecological shelterbelt project and mining subsidence area control works. Jianghuai Hilly Zone should make breakthrough in transforming slope land, speed up restoring forest, grass and vegetation, and implement water-saving agriculture and prevention and control of soil erosion. The Yangtze River Side Plain Zone should take the opportunity of agricultural structural adjustment to implement the ecological construction mode of "reconverting farmland to forests, wetland and lakes". Western Anhui Dabie Mountain Zone should concentrate on setting apart hills for tree growing and transforming slope land, restoring and expanding forest, grass and vegetation, and implementing prevention and control of soil erosion. Southern Anhui Mountain Zone should focus on protecting natural forest, setting apart hills for tree growing, conceding the land to forestry and developing eco-tourism. Residential area should pay close attention to new urbanization construction, center on citizenship of agricultural population, push forward integration of industry and city, coordination of urban and rural areas, and interactive development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

  4. The Strategic Study on Low-carbon Transformation of Food Packaging Industry of Anhui Province

    Fang Wang


    For exploring low-carbon development of packaging industry of Anhui province and abating gradual deterioration of global energy, environment and climate. Based on the related theory of the low-carbon economy, combined with the characteristics of food packaging industry of Anhui Province, the thesis is designed to explore some strategies of low-carbon transition of food packaging industry in Anhui Province from the aspects of constructing low-carbon social atmosphere, the formulating relevant ...

  5. Research on the International Export Competitiveness of Honey – Taking Anhui Province as an example

    Yu Hua; Qi Yanbin; Yan Yubao; Cui Pengbo


    This article uses the data of honey export from 2000 to 2013 (Jan. to Aug.) to make an analysis on the fluctuation of honey export number and price in Anhui Province in order to know about the current situation of honey export in Anhui Province. Then it quantitatively makes an analysis on the current situation of international export competitiveness of honey in Anhui Province by market share, trade competitiveness index, export quality index and other methods; It also uses the analysis result...

  6. Research on the International Export Competitiveness of Honey – Taking Anhui Province as an example

    Yu Hua


    Full Text Available This article uses the data of honey export from 2000 to 2013 (Jan. to Aug. to make an analysis on the fluctuation of honey export number and price in Anhui Province in order to know about the current situation of honey export in Anhui Province. Then it quantitatively makes an analysis on the current situation of international export competitiveness of honey in Anhui Province by market share, trade competitiveness index, export quality index and other methods; It also uses the analysis result to find out the relevant factors that affect the international honey export competitiveness and proposes the relevant countermeasures to improve the international competitiveness of honey in Anhui Province.

  7. Measurement and Analysis of Production Performance of Rural Households in Jinzhai County, Anhui Province

    Liu Can


    Using a multi-input multi-output production technology and survey data from Jinzhai County, western Anhui Province, China, the author first measured the production performance of rural households - their efficiency, economy of scale, and productivity during 1978-1997, and then related the measured production performance with institutional change, market access, and other factors. Preliminary results show that: 1) performance differs a great deal across households and over time; 2) institutional changes and market accessibility have played a major role in improving performance; 3) depending on the specific resources, their effects are variable.

  8. 安徽省化肥面源污染环境风险分析%Environmental Risk Analyses of Non-Point Source Pollution From Fertilization in Anhui Province, China



    Anhui, being one of the major agricultural provinces in China, is faced with a series of environmental problems, of which non-point source pollution from chemical fertilizationin farmlands is one. In order to better understand the potential threats of fertilization to the rural ecosystem and agricultural sustainable development in Anhui Province, Chi-na, environmental risk assessment ( ERA ) of fertilization was conducted. An index model for environmental risk assessment of non-point source pollution from fertilization was established and spatio-temporal variation of fertilization and environmental risk of non-point source pollution from fertilization in Anhui was analyzed. Results show that in Anhui of 2013, the total chemical fertilization intensity was 853. 6 kg·hm-2 on average; the environmental risk index of the non-point source pollution from chemical fertilization was 0. 72; the total environmental pollution risk ranked moderate; N :P : K in fertilization was 1 : 0. 52 : 0. 49;the environmental risk index of N, P and K single-element fertilizers was 0. 72, 0. 78 and 0. 65, respectively;the environmental risk of the three kinds of single-element fertilizers ranked moderate, seri-ous and light, respectively;and their spatio-temporal distribution displayed an obvious aggregation effect. In the 16 prefec-ture-leveled cities, the problem of excessive fertilizationin farmlands existed universally. Though varying sharply from region to region in severity, it displayed a specific pattern of distribution. Environmental risk was very serious in Huainan, serious in Bengbu, Lu′an, Wuhu and Tongling, and moderate in the rest of the cities.%为了深入了解化肥施用对农村生态环境的威胁,在综合考虑化肥施用强度、效率、生态安全标准、环境效应权数及作物复种指数等多种因素的基础上,构建了化肥面源污染环境风险评价指数模型,对安徽省化肥施用时空分异与面源污染环境风险进行研究.

  9. GIS-based Risk Zone of Flood Hazard in Anhui Province


    [Objective] The aim was to study the flood disaster risks in Anhui Province based on GIS. [Method] Taking country as basic unit, the 1∶ 250 000 basic geographic data in Anhui Province as basis, from the angle of flood disaster hazard and economic vulnerability, and by dint of the calculation of the weight of each impact factor with entropy-based fuzzy AHP method, flood risk assessment model was established to study the flood disaster risks zoning in Anhui Province. Using nearly 10 years of disaster informat...

  10. The Strategic Study on Low-carbon Transformation of Food Packaging Industry of Anhui Province

    Fang Wang


    Full Text Available For exploring low-carbon development of packaging industry of Anhui province and abating gradual deterioration of global energy, environment and climate. Based on the related theory of the low-carbon economy, combined with the characteristics of food packaging industry of Anhui Province, the thesis is designed to explore some strategies of low-carbon transition of food packaging industry in Anhui Province from the aspects of constructing low-carbon social atmosphere, the formulating relevant policies and regulations, developing actively low-carbon food packaging technology, training and the introducing advanced food packaging professionals and establishing the evaluation system low-carbon food packaging in order to provide some reference for promoting the sustainable and healthy economic development in Anhui Province.

  11. High risk factors for severe hand, foot and mouth disease: A multicenter retrospective survey in Anhui Province China, 2008-2009

    Jiahua Pan; Mingwu Chen; Xuzhong Zhang; Yulong Chen; Hui Liu; Wei Shen


    Objectives: This study sought to determine the high risk factors for severe hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD). Materials and Methods: Retrospective 229 severe HFMD cases from four hospitals in FuYang, HeFei, and BoZhou (Anhui Provincial Hospital, Fuyang City People′s Hospital, No. 2 People′s Hospital of Fuyang and Bozhou city People′s Hospital) in 2008-2009 were studied, with 140 mild HFMD cases in the same area. Using univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses, the high risk...

  12. Causes of and strategies to nurses' stressors working at hemodialysis centers in Anhui Province of China%安徽省血液净化中心护士压力源调查分析及对策

    陶明芬; 周健美; 王翠珍; 王金宝; 施飞; 刘俊


    Objective To explore the causes of nurses' stress so as to provide evidence for the reduction of labor pressure.Methods A total of 302 nurses from 27 hemodialysis centers in Anhui Province of China were required to complete questionnaires about labor stress.Results Work load,time distribution,nursing professional or working experiences,healthcare of the patients,environment and resources,management,and interpersonal relationship showed relatively higher average scores.In general,average pressure levd was 2.50 ± 0.99.Those with different specialty or seniority were found to have statistically significant stress differences in working environment,resources and patiem care (all P < 0.05).Conclusions Nurses working in hemodialysis centers of Anhui Province may have higher labor stress due to diverse factors.Stress from working environment,resources and patient care is closely related to length of service.%目的 通过问卷调查安徽省血液净化中心护士压力源及其相关因素,为采取有效的应对措施减轻护士工作压力提供依据.方法 采用中国护士工作压力源量表和血液净化中心护士基本情况调查表对安徽省27家医院血液净化中心的302名护士进行问卷调查.结果 血液净化中心护士工作压力源平均分数由高到低分别为工作量及时间分配、护理专业及工作、患者护理、环境及资源、管理及人际关系,总的平均压力程度为2.50±0.99.不同专业工作年限护士在工作环境及资源、患者护理方面的压力差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论 安徽省血液净化护士压力大,影响因素多,工作环境及资源与患者护理带给护士的压力与护士工作年限相关.今后应通过改善环境、提高护士待遇、对护士进行分层培训等降低护士工作压力,提高护理质量.

  13. High risk factors for severe hand, foot and mouth disease: A multicenter retrospective survey in Anhui Province China, 2008-2009

    Jiahua Pan


    Full Text Available Objectives: This study sought to determine the high risk factors for severe hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD. Materials and Methods: Retrospective 229 severe HFMD cases from four hospitals in FuYang, HeFei, and BoZhou (Anhui Provincial Hospital, Fuyang City People′s Hospital, No. 2 People′s Hospital of Fuyang and Bozhou city People′s Hospital in 2008-2009 were studied, with 140 mild HFMD cases in the same area. Using univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses, the high risk factors of HFMD were identified by comparing clinical and laboratory findings between severe cases and mild cases. Results: There was a significant difference in age, total duration of fever, rate of respiratory and heart, shake of limbs, white blood cell count, blood sugar, and CK-MB between the two groups. Univariate logistic regression analysis showed that severe cases were associated with age (<3 years, withdrawnness and lethargy, shake of limbs, tachycardia, total leukocyte count (≥17×10 9 /l, blood sugar (≥7 mmol/l, and CK-MB (≥16 mmol/l. Furthermore, age (<3 years, withdrawnness, and lethargy, shake of limbs, WBC (≥17×10 9 /l, and CK-MB (≥16 mmol/l were found to be high risk factors for severe cases after multivariate logistic regression analysis. Conclusions: Clinicians should give importance to these risk factors. Early recognition of children at risk and timely intervention is the key to reduce acute mortality and morbidity.

  14. Guide the Construction of Ecological Province of China with the Ecological Economics Theory



    A major issue in China's present ecological economic construction is to build the ecological province. In March of 1999,Hainan Province of China proposed setting up the first ecological province and was accredited by the Bureau of State Environment Protection as the pilot project. Up to now for only four years, Hainan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Zhejiang,Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, eight provinces in the wholecountry, having launched the establishment of the ecological province. Meanwhile, the provinces such as Shaanxi, Hebei,

  15. Study on the Change of Land Use and Landscape Pattern in Anhui Province


    Based on the statistical data concerning land use in Anhui Province from 1995 to 2005, this paper conduct comprehensive analysis on change of land use structure, change of land use degree, and landscape pattern change of land use in Anhui Province from 1995 to 2005 using statistical analysis and mathematical model. The results show that the land use structure has changed significantly; the rate of land use change is quick; the land use degree is not high; the spatial pattern of land use tends to be reasonable and gradually develops toward the equilibrium state.

  16. Evaluation of Water Resource Potential in Anhui Province Based on Allocation Model

    Zhenyu; XU; Yanlin; ZHOU


    The nature of water resources can be divided into four categories:water for life,water for agriculture,water for industry,and water for ecology.On this basis,the regional right allocation model for water resources is built,and to make the model more operable,we calculate the weight of the key factors of model(four different types of water use:life,agriculture,industry,ecology),using analytic hierarchy process(AHP).Finally,based on the amount of available water resources in Anhui Province,we evaluate the water resource potential in Anhui Province according to the principle of rational allocation.

  17. Epidemiology, clinical and laboratory characteristics of currently alive HIV-1 infected former blood donors naive to antiretroviral therapy in Anhui Province, China

    XU Jian-qing; SU Bing; DING Xin-ping; GAO Bing; GU Yong-bin; CAO Xiao-yun; XING Hui; HONG Kun-xue; PENG Hong; ZHAO Quan-bi; YUAN Lin; WANG Jian-jun; FENG Yi; ZHANG Gui-yun; MA Li-ying; WU Lan; SHAO Yi-ming; HAN Li-feng; XU Chen; RUAN Yu-hua; XU Zhen-hou; CHEN Xi; LIU Zhen-dong; WANG Jun


    Background Unregulated commercial blood/plasma collection among farmers occurred between 1992 and 1995 in central China and caused the second major epidemic of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)infection in China. It is important to characterize HIV-1-infected former blood donors and to study characteristics associated with disease progression for future clinical intervention and vaccine development.Methods A cross-sectional study was performed on HIV-1-infected former blood donors (FBDs) and age-matched HIV-seronegative local residents. Demographic, epidemiologic, clinical and key laboratory data were collected from all study participants. Both unadjusted and adjusted multivariate linear regressions were employed to analyze the association of the decrease of CD4+ T-cell counts with other characteristics.Results Two hundred and ninety-four HIV-1-infected FBDs and 59 age-matched HIV-seronegative local residents were enrolled in this study. The unregulated blood/plasma collection occurred more than a decade (10.8- 12.8 years) ago, which caused the rapid spread of HIV-1 infection and the high prevalence of co-infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV, 89.5%); hepatitis B virus (HBV) co-infection was observed in only 11 HIV+participants (3.7%). Deterioration in both clinical manifestation and laboratory parameters and increase of viral loads were observed in parallel with the decrease of CD4+ T-cell counts. The decrease of total lymphocyte counts (P<0.001)and hemoglobin levels (P<0.001) and the appearance of dermatosis (P=0.03) were observed in parallel with the decrease of CD4+ T-cell counts whereas viral loads (P<0.001) and CD8+ T-cell counts (P=0.01) were inversely associated with CD4+ T-cell counts.Conclusions Co-infection with HCV but not HBV is highly prevalent among HIV-1-infected FBDs. CD4+ T-cell counts is a reliable indicator for disease progression among FBDs. Total lymphocyte counts, hemoglobin level and appearance of dermatosis were positively

  18. Origin and evolution of ore-forming fluids in the Hemushan magnetite-apatite deposit, Anhui Province, Eastern China, and their metallogenic significance

    Luo, Gan; Zhang, Zhiyu; Du, Yangsong; Pang, Zhenshan; Zhang, Yanwen; Jiang, Yongwei


    The Middle-Lower Yangtze River Metallogenic Belt in the northern Yangtze Block is one of the most important economic mineral districts in China. The Hemushan deposit is a medium-class Fe deposit located in the southern part of the Ningwu iron ore district of the Middle-Lower Yangtze River Metallogenic Belt. The Fe-orebodies are mainly hosted in the contact zone between diorite and Triassic marble. The actinolite-phlogopite-apatite-magnetite ore shows metasomatic/filling textures and disseminated/mesh-vein structures. Based on evidences and petrographic observations, the ore-forming process can be divided into three distinct periods-the early metallogenic period (albite-diopside stage), the middle metallogenic period (magnetite stage and hematite stage), and the late metallogenic period (quartz-pyrite stage and carbonate stage). Fluid inclusion studies show four types of inclusions: type I daughter mineral-bearing three-phase inclusions (L + V + S), type II vapor-rich two-phase inclusions (L + V), type III liquid-rich two phase inclusions (L + V), and minor type IV liquid-phase inclusions (L). Apatites from the magnetite stage contain type I, type II and type III inclusions; anhydrites from the hematite stage mainly contain abundant type II inclusions and relatively less type I inclusions; quartz and calcite from the late metallogenic stage are mainly characterized by type III inclusions. Laser Raman spectroscopy and microthermometry of fluid inclusions show that the ore-forming fluids broadly correspond to unsaturated NaCl-H2O system. From the magnetite stage to the carbonate stage, the ore-forming fluids evolved from moderate-high temperature (average 414 °C), moderate salinity (average 25.01 wt.% NaCl equiv.) conditions to low temperature (average 168 °C), low salinity (average 6.18 wt.% NaCl equiv.) conditions. Hydrogen and oxygen isotopic studies indicate that the ore-forming fluid during the early stage of middle metallogenic period was mainly of magmatic

  19. Loess-soil sequences in southern Anhui Province: Magneto stratigraphy and paleoclimatic significance

    QIAO Yansong; GUO Zhengtang; HAO Qingzhen; WU Wenxiang; JIANG Wenying; YUAN Baoyin; ZHANG Zhongshi; WEI Jianjing; ZHAO Hua


    Two parallel loess-soil sequences from Xuancheng and Fanchang in southern Anhui Province are dated using geomagnetic and luminescence methods. The Brunhes/Matuyama (B/M) reversal boundary is recognized within the lower part of the so-called Vermiculated Red Soil (VRS) in the Xuancheng section while the entire Fanchang sequence is of Brunhes age. This indicates that the most recent VRS in southern China, a stratigraphic marker and an indication of extremely warm-humid conditions, was formed during the middle Pleistocene, chronologically correlative with the S4 and S5 soil units in northern China. Microscopic and sedimentologic investigations reveal that eolian deposition started in this region at about 0.85 MaBP, roughly synchronous with the well-known Mid-Pleistocene climate change of global significance. The strengthening of both summer and winter monsoon circulations and the consequent river hydrological changes at that time would have provided favorable conditions for sustained eolian deposition in the middle-lower reaches of the Yangtze River since 0.85 MaBP.

  20. Characteristics of PAHs Contamination in Soil and Vegetable in Typical City Outskirt of Anhui Province, China%安徽省典型城市周边土壤-蔬菜中PAHs的污染特征

    郜红建; 魏俊岭; 马静静; 郑彬


    Residual levels of polyaromatic hydrocarbons(PAIIs) in 38 vegetable soils, as well as bioaccumulation of PAHs from soils to different vegetables in Hefei, Wuhu and Rozhou cities of Anhui Province were investigated by using accelerated solvent extraction and high performance liquid chromatography methods. Results revealed that the levels of total 15 PAHs( except Nap) in surface soils(0~20 cm) collected from different vegetable bases were ranged from 58.2 μg·kg-1 to 437.8 ·μg·kg-1, and the amounts of three and four rings PAHs were more than 70% of the total PAHs tested in soils. The contents of 15 PAHs in carrot, spinach and eggplant were ranged from 23.4 μg·kg-1 to 209.1 μg· kg-1 with the mean level of 120.7μg·kg-1. The quantities of low molecular PAHs(three and four rings) were higher than the high molecular PAHs(five and six rings) detected in vegetables, and three and four rings PAHs were between 92.8% and 94.4% of the total PAHs detected in vegetables. Eight carcinogen PAHs contents were ranged from 11.5 μg·kg-1 to 17.4 μg·kg-1, occupying 9.80% to 13.8% of total PAHs tested in vegetables. The contents of BaP in vegetables were lower than the Chinese standard limits of 5μg·kg-1 in food. The bioaccumulation factors(BAFs) of 15 PAHs in different vegetables were ranged from 0.10 to 9.20, and the highest BAFs of PAHs in vegetables were ten times higher than the lowest one. The BAFs of PAHs in vegetable were in the order of:carrot>spinach>eggplant. The highest BAFs in vegetable were Fle, which was 9.20, 7.07 and 5.48 in carrot, spinach and eggplant respectively. Results from this study provided invaluable data for judging soil quality and vegetable safety in Anhui Province of China.%研究了安徽省合肥、芜湖和亳州市周边蔬菜地土壤和蔬菜中PAHs的含量及其污染特征.结果表明:安徽省典型蔬菜地土壤中15种PAHs(除萘外)的残留总量在58.2~437.8μg·kg-1之间,三环和四环PAHs占PAHs残留总量的70%

  1. Quaternary Volcanic Activities in Shandong Peninsula and Northern Parts of Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces

    郑洪汉; 高维明; 等


    Quaternary volcanic rocks often coexist with loess,as observed in the same geologic sections in the Shandong Peninsula and northern parts of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces.The development age of Shandong loess in close to that in the middle reaches of the Yellow River.Loess strata are of synchronous implication in the loess belt of North China.So the ages of volcanic activities can be es-timated approximately from the stratigraphic relations between loess layers and volcanic rocks.The re-sults of dating of the Quaternary volcanic rocks,baked layers and the TL dates of loess samples sug-gest that the Quaternary volcanic activity can be divided into 4 stages in the region studied,with the ages being 1.15-1.03,0.86-0.72,0.55-0.33 and 0.02 Ma B.P.respectively .The occurrence of tephra in the Shandong loess sections is possible due to multiple episodes of volcanism during the Quaternary time.

  2. 安徽省七种蜜蜂病毒的发生与流行研究%Occurrence and distribution of seven bee viruses in Apis mellifera andApis cerana in Anhui Province, China

    汪天澍; 施腾飞; 刘芳; 余林生; 齐磊; 孟祥金


    [目的]调查安徽省内7种常见蜜蜂病毒:蜜蜂畸翅病毒(Deformed wing virus,DWV)、以色列急性麻痹病毒(Israeli acute paralysis virus,IAPV)、急性蜜蜂麻痹病毒(Acute bee paralysis virus,ABPV)、慢性麻痹病毒(Chronic bee paralysis virus,CBPV)、黑蜂王台病毒(Black queen cell virus,BQCV)、囊状幼虫病病毒(Sacbrood virus,SBV)、克什米尔病毒(Kashmir bee virus,KBV)的感染发生情况,为安徽养蜂业可持续健康发展提供理论依据.[方法] 运用反转录 RT-PCR 和序列分析比对的方法对安徽省内 21 个乡镇中的 38 个蜂场蜜蜂样品进行研究分析,以获得以上 7 种蜜蜂病毒的特异性发生情况.[结果]意大利蜜蜂Apis mellifera蜂场感染率:DWV(64%),IAPV(43%),CBPV(32%),ABPV(14%), BQCV(11%);中华蜜蜂Apis cerana蜂场感染率:DWV (80%),IAPV (40%),CBPV (30%),ABPV (10%), BQCV(0).SBV和KBV在所有的蜜蜂样品中均未检测到.[结论] DWV,IAPV,CBPV,ABPV,BQCV在安徽省内大范围都存在发生流行现象,SBV和KBV对安徽蜜蜂的潜在危害可能性小.%[Objectives] To conduct the first detailed survey of seven bee viruses; deformed wing virus (DWV), sacbrood virus (SBV), chronic bee paralysis virus (CBPV), acute bee paralysis virus (ABPV), black queen cell virus (BQCV), Kashmir bee virus (KBV), and Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV), inApis mellifera andA. Cerana in Anhui. We hope this work will help bee researchers and related institutions monitor honey bee health in Anhui, and warn them of the potential threat from bee viruses to the sustainable development of apiculture in that province.[Methods] We used reverse transcriptase PCR and sequence analysis to survey the above seven honey bee viruses in most of Anhui. Samples of worker bees were collected from apiaries in 21 towns, including 28 samples ofA. Mellifera and 10 ofA. Cerana.[Results] Virus frequencies inA. Mellifera samples were as follows; 64% of apiaries were infected with DWV, 43% with IAPV, 32

  3. Analysis of the Contribution of Total Factor Productivity to Agricultural Yield in Anhui Province


    By analyzing data concerning agricultural development from 1981 to 2010 in Anhui Province,the total factor productivity and growth rate of agriculture from 1981 to 2010 are estimated empirically.By dividing years from 1981 to 2010 into several subintervals,this paper evaluates and analyzes initial stage of reform and opening up,soft landing stage,the stage of financial crisis,the stage of subprime mortgage crisis and the impact of all factors on total factor growth rate of agriculture.Then it analyzes the contribution of growth of total factor productivity to total yield of agricultural economy.The research finds that the growth of total factor productivity in Anhui Province is significant to agricultural development.

  4. Analysis of Comparative Advantages and Near Future Yield Trend of Four Kinds of Paddy in Anhui Province in China%安徽省四类稻谷比较优势及近期产量趋势分析

    盛承发; 岳永德


    This paper analyses the comparative advantages in 1997-1999 and predicts the near future production trend of 4 kinds of paddy in Anhui and other major producing provinces (including autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) in China. Among 5 factors the relative profit from growing rice X is significantly correlative to the ratios of gross paddy yield in 1999 to that in 1997 and in 1992, Y1 and Y2, respectively. However, none of the other 4 factors, i.e., unit yield, gross yield, net output per labour-day from rice-growing, and growers' annual income is significantly correlative to the ratios. The regression equations are calculated to be Y1=0.7800+0.1065X±0.2753 (r=0.4749,P<0.05) and Y2=0.5124+0.3401X±1.9703 (r=0.5344,P<0.02).These equations imply that an increase by 1 in the relative profit will probably result in a 10.65% and 34.01% of increase in the ratio of gross yield in 2 years and in 7 years, respectively. According to mean relative profit in 1998-1999,Hainan, Anhui and Hunan, among 9 major producing provinces in China, have the comparative advantage for production of early long-grained nonglutinous paddy. For semilate long-grained nonglutinous paddy, Yunnan, Guizhou, Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Sichuan and Chongqing have the advantage among 10 major producing provinces. For late long-grained nonglutinous paddy, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Guangxi have the advantage among 9 major producing provinces. For round-grained paddy, Ningxia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Anhui, Yunnan, Henan, Shanghai, Liaoning, Shanxi, Hebei, and Jiangsu have the advantage among 16 major producing provinces. For different types of rice, an order of the comparative advantage arranged from maximum to minimum is round-grained, semilate long-grained, late long-grained, and early long-grained nonglutinous paddy, which reflects that rice of high quality meets the need in market. In general, rice production in Anhui province has the advantage in China

  5. Agricultural Eco-efficiency Evaluation in Anhui Province: An Empirical Analysis Based on DEA Method

    CHEN, Zunyi


    According to the eco-efficiency theory, combined with agricultural production characteristics, I point out the environmental impact and substance energy consumption characteristics of agricultural production. Based on this, I establish the eco-efficiency evaluation indicator system for agricultural production, and conduct a comprehensive analysis on the agricultural eco-efficiency of 17 prefecture-level cities in Anhui Province, using data envelopment analysis method.

  6. Research on Factors Influencing Fertilizer Application of Farmer Households in Anhui Province

    Wang, Zhiwei


    Known as the “food of grain†, chemical fertilizer plays a very important role in increasing the output of agricultural products. In the meantime, its negative externalities such as soil and water environment pollutions as well as the quality and safety hazards caused to agricultural products have been revealed gradually. Taking 126 farmer households in 5 counties (districts) of Anhui Province as samples, the fertilizer application behaviors of farmer households are analyzed. Research show...

  7. Change in Ecosystem Service Value Arising from Land Consolidation Planning in Anhui Province

    Shaojia; CAO; Chen; LI; Shuhua; CAO; Zhe; PENG; Lingli; YANG


    The evaluation of change in ecosystem service value arising from land consolidation planning is an important aspect of environmental impact assessment of land consolidation. By estimating the change in ecosystem service value before and after the implementation of land consolidation planning, it is able to quantitatively describe the change in ecosystem service value arising from land consolidation planning, so as to provide a quantitative basis for the environmental impact assessment of land consolidation. Taking the case of Anhui Province, the authors developed the equivalency factor table of ecosystem service value, to determine the economic value of single equivalency factor of ecological service value in the study area, calculate per unit area of ecological service value of land ecosystem in the study area, and research the change in ecosystem service value before and after the implementation of land consolidation planning in Anhui Province. The results show that after the implementation of a new round of land consolidation planning in Anhui Province, the total ecosystem service value may decrease to some extent, the farmland ecosystem service value substantially increases, while water body ecosystem service value greatly decreases.

  8. Marketing Performance and Marketing Communication Analysis of China Unicom Anhui Anqing Branch

    Xiao, Han


    China Unicom Group Anhui Co., Ltd. Anqing Branch is a telecommunication company which provides service with competitive pricing strategies in Anqing. The main problem for the company is that the pricing strategy has not achieved the anticipated market performance and market share. The purpose of this thesis is to study the telecommunication market situation in Anqing and to figure out the exact reasons for China Unicom Group Anhui Co., Ltd. Anqing Branch’s inferiority towards its competitors ...

  9. Uranium Provinces in China


    Three uranium provinces are recognized in China, the Southeast China uranium province, the Northeast China-lnner Mongolia uranium province and the Northwest China (Xinjiang) uranium province. The latter two promise good potential for uranium resources and are major exploration target areas in recent years. There are two major types of uranium deposits: the Phanerozoic hydrothermal type (vein type) and the Meso-Cenozoic sandstone type in different proportions in the three uranium provinces. The most important reason or prerequisite for the formation of these uranium provinces is that Precambrian uranium-enriched old basement or its broken parts (median massifs) exists or once existed in these regions, and underwent strong tectonomagmatic activation during Phanerozoic time. Uranium was mobilized from the old basement and migrated upwards to the upper structural level together with the acidic magma originating from anatexis and the primary fluids, which were then mixed with meteoric water and resulted in the formation of Phanerozoic hydrothermal uranium deposits under extensional tectonic environments. Erosion of uraniferous rocks and pre-existing uranium deposits during the Meso-Cenozoic brought about the removal of uranium into young sedimentary basins. When those basins were uplifted and slightly deformed by later tectonic activity, roll-type uranium deposits were formed as a result of redox in permeable sandstone strata.

  10. Assessment of Platycodon grandiflorum germplasm resources from northern Anhui province based on ISSR analysis.

    Nie, Chuanpeng; Liu, Ruijiao; Li, Shangbo; Li, Yanyan


    Based on genetic diversity analysis with ISSR-PCR, this study was to access the germplasm resources of Platycodon grandiflorum in northern Anhui province. Ten primers that could produce more distinct and repeatable bands were used for ISSR-PCR. Statistic analysis was conducted by POPGENE v. 1.32, Arlequin3.l, NTSYS-pc version 2.1. (1) Seventy-four polymorphic bands (76.29 %) out of a total of 97 were generated from 105 individuals in five populations. (2) Shannon index of diversity ranged from 0.307 to 0.260, diversity at species level was 0.3581, which means superior genetic diversity. (3) Genetic diversity across all the populations revealed by AMOVA indicated that 86.02 % occurred within populations. (4) The Fst value was 0.1398, indicating a intermediate genetic differentiation among populations. (5) Dendrogram relationship illustrated genetic distance was correlated with geographic distance. ISSR markers can be used for studying genetic diversity of P. grandiflorum. Degradation of populations doesn't happen in northern Anhui province, bank of germplasm preservation should be established for cultivation of excellent variety of P. grandiflorum. PMID:25200435

  11. Anhui province exit employment research%安徽省出境就业研究

    李世军; 李明发


    In recent years the domain of cross-border employment of AnhuiProvince has been broaden,the structure of it has been optimized,the scale of it has been constantly expanded but it still has great potential.At present there are someproblems in cross-border employment of Anhui Province,for example,themanagement system is vague,the labour service information transmission is seized up,the labour personnel training is insufficient and the hazard warning and precaution system is incomplete and so on.It should be improved from the aspects of government policy supporting,information network establishment,personnel training and risk guarding,and so on.%近年来安徽省出境就业领域拓宽、结构优化,出境就业规模不断扩大,但发展出境就业仍然具有很大潜力。目前安徽省出境就业存在管理体制不明、劳务信息传输不畅、劳务人员培训力度不够、风险预警及防范体系不全等问题,应从政府政策支持、信息网络建立、人员培训和风险防范等方面加以改进。

  12. Assessment and distribution of antimony in soils around three coal mines, Anhui, China

    Qi, C.; Liu, Gaisheng; Kang, Y.; Lam, P.K.S.; Chou, C.


    Thirty-three soil samples were collected from the Luling, Liuer, and Zhangji coal mines in the Huaibei and Huainan areas of Anhui Province, China. The samples were analyzed for antimony (Sb) by inductively coupled plasmaoptical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) method. The average Sb content in the 33 samples was 4 mg kg-1, which is lower than in coals from this region (6.2 mg kg-1). More than 75% of the soils sampled showed a significant degree of Sb pollution (enrichment factors [EFs] 5-20). The soils collected near the gob pile and coal preparation plant were higher in Sb content than those collected from residential areas near the mines. The gob pile and tailings from the preparation plant were high in mineral matter content and high in Sb. They are the sources of Sb pollution in surface soils in the vicinity of coal mines. The spatial dispersion of Sb in surface soil in the mine region shows that Sb pollution could reach out as far as 350 m into the local environment conditions. Crops in rice paddies may adsorb some Sb and reduce the Sb content in soils from paddyfields. Vertical distribution of Sb in two soil profiles indicates that Sb is normally relatively immobile in soils. ?? 2011 Air & Waste Management Association.

  13. Investigation on Internet addiction disorder in adolescents in Anhui, People’s Republic of China

    Chen, Yan; Kang, Yaowen; Gong, Weizhi; He, Lianping; Jin, Yuelong; Zhu, Xiaoyue; Yao, Yingshui


    Background and aim The purpose of this study was to describe the characteristics and prevalence of Internet addiction (IA) in adolescents so as to provide a scientific basis for the communities, schools, and families. Methods We conducted a survey by randomized cluster sampling on 5,249 students, grades ranging from 7 to 12, in Anhui province, People’s Republic of China. The questionnaire consisted of general information and IA test. Chi-square test was used to compare the status of IA disorder (IAD). Results In our results, the overall detection rate of IAD and non-IAD in students was 8.7% (459/5,249) and 76.2% (4,000/5,249), respectively. The detection rate of IAD in males (12.3%) was higher than females (4.9%). The detection rate of IAD was statistically different between students from rural (8.2%) and urban (9.3%) areas, among students from different grades, between students from only-child families (9.5%) and non-only-child families (8.1%), and among students from different family types. Conclusion Prevalence of IA is high among Chinese adolescents. IAD has more effect on male students, single-child families, single-parent families, and higher grade students. We should take more care of male students, only-child students, and students living with their fathers, and related education should be strengthen for susceptible subjects of IDA.

  14. Evaluation System Construction of Rural Comprehensive Reform Effect in Anhui Province


    In the perspective of rural comprehensive reform effect and evaluation standard in Anhui Province,according to the experience of relevant regions at home and abroad,we analyze the necessity,reform idea and objective of new round of rural comprehensive reform,in order to review the effect of main policies and measures in the process of reform and construct all-around index system of evaluating comprehensive reform effect scientifically.The results show that by constructing quantified index system including 6 first-level indices,23 second-level indices and 106 third-level indices,we can not only test the effect of one item of reform(like rural compulsory education),but also conduct overall evaluation on effect of comprehensive reform.

  15. Study of the Highly-skilled Talent Training Mode for Business English Major Rural Students: A Case Study of Higher Vocational Colleges in Anhui Province

    Zhou, Min


    This paper makes an in-depth study of the reasons for employment problems of Business English major rural students in Anhui Province, and sets forth the appropriate highly-skilled Business English talent training mode and the corresponding recommendations.

  16. Molecular identification and seasonal infections of species of Fasciola in ruminants from two provinces in China.

    Yuan, W; Liu, J-M; Lu, K; Li, H; Duan, M-M; Feng, J-T; Hong, Y; Liu, Y-P; Zhou, Y; Tong, L-B; Lu, J; Zhu, C-G; Jin, Y-M; Cheng, G-F; Lin, J-J


    We determined the prevalence and seasonality of infections by Fasciola of goats and bovine species (cattle and water buffalo) in Hubei and Anhui provinces of China. Faecal samples were collected at 2- to 3-month intervals from 200 goats in Hubei province and from 152 bovine species in Anhui province. All faecal samples were examined for the presence of parasites. We determined the nucleotide sequences of the first and second internal transcribed spacers (ITS-1 and ITS-2) of the nuclear ribosomal DNA (rDNA) of 39 Fasciola worms from Anhui province. The prevalence of Fasciola infection in goats ranged between 3.5 and 37.0%, with mean eggs per gram (EPG) ranging between 29.0 and 166.0. Prevalence and EPG exhibited downward trends over time with significant differences. The prevalence of Fasciola infection in cattle ranged between 13.3 and 46.2% (mean EPG, 36.4-100.0), and that of water buffalo ranged between 10.3 and 35.4% (mean EPG, 25.0-89.6), with a higher prevalence of infection and EPG from June to October compared with December to March. Analysis of ITS-1 and ITS-2 sequences revealed that F. hepatica and F. gigantica were present in all bovine species of Anhui province and that F. gigantica mainly infected water buffalo. This is the first demonstration of Fasciola infection in Hubei province and detection of F. hepatica and F. gigantica in Anhui province. The present study of Hubei province shows that mass treatment of livestock with closantel sodium injections in April and August/September controlled Fasciola infection effectively. PMID:26123576

  17. Metallogenetic Mechanism and Timing of Late Superimposing Fluid Mineralization in the Dongguashan Diplogenetic Stratified Copper Deposit, Anhui Province

    XU Zhaowen; LU Xiancai; LING Hongfei; LU Jianjun; JIANG Shoyong; NIE Guiping; HUANG Shunsheng; HUA Ming


    An important diplogenetic mineralization event superimposed on pre-existing exhalation sediments in the Tongling area, Anhui province, was triggered by widespread granitic magmatism along the northeastern margin of the Yangtze Block during 140-135 Ma under extensional tectonic circumstances following the collision between the North China and Yangtze blocks. The main orebodies of the Dongguashan copper deposit, a typical diplogenetic stratified deposit among many polymetallic ore deposits in China, are hosted by strata between Upper Devonian sandstone and Carboniferous limestone, and its mineralization was genetically related to the Qingshanjiao intrusive. The Rb-Sr isotopic isochron of the Qingshanjiao intrusive yields an age of about 136.5±1.4 Ma. The ore-forming fluid reflected by the inclusion fluid in quartz veins is characterized by high temperature and high salinity, and its age was also determined by Rb-Sr isotope dating as 134±11 Ma. Oxygen and hydrogen isotope composition data suggest that the ore-forming fluid was derived mainly from magmatism. By integrating these isotopic dating data, characteristics of fluid inclusions and the geology of the deposit, the mineralization of the Dongguashan copper deposit is divided into two stages. First, a stratiform sedimentary deposit or protore layer formed in the Late Devonian to the Early Carboniferous, while in the second stage the pre-existing protore was superimposed by hydrothermal fluid that was derived from the Yanshanian magmatic activities occurring around 135 Ma ago. This two-stage mineralization formed the Dongguashan statiform copper deposit.Associated "porphyry" mineralization found in the bottom of and in surrounding intrusive rocks of the orebodies might have occurred in the same period as a second-stage mineralization of this deposit.

  18. Research on Factors Influencing Fertilizer Application of Farmer Households in Anhui Province

    Zhiwei; WANG


    Known as the " food of grain",chemical fertilizer plays a very important role in increasing the output of agricultural products. In the meantime,its negative externalities such as soil and water environment pollutions as well as the quality and safety hazards caused to agricultural products have been revealed gradually. Taking 126 farmer households in 5 counties( districts) of Anhui Province as samples,the fertilizer application behaviors of farmer households are analyzed. Research shows that farmers applying fertilizer are generally older in age with relatively lower degree of education,inveterate farming habits and small area of cultivation. Besides,the farmer households wish to receive training and guidance on techniques of fertilization,but very few of them have attended the trainings on agricultural technology. Moreover,the individual characteristics and family factors of farmer households have a significant impact on their fertilizer application behaviors. And the degrees of impact are also different for the fertilizer applying behaviors in different stages. Therefore,improving the educational level of farmer households,strengthening the training and promotion of agricultural techniques and accelerating land transfer among farmer households will play a fundamental role in regularizing the fertilizer application behaviors of farmer households and improving the quality and safety of agricultural products.

  19. The survey of Cryptosporidium infection among young children in kindergartens in Anhui province

    Jun Lu; Chaopin Li; Shan Jiang; Song Ye


    Objective: To study the Cryptospondium infection among young children in Anhui province, and to explore the best way to diagnose the disease. Methods: Stool specimens of 1204 children were collected; oocysts of Cryptosporidium were identified with auramine O-modified staining, acid-fast staining, safranine T and methylene blue staining, and auramine O-modified acid-fast staining. Results:The detectable rate of Cryptosporidium in four stainings were respectively 2.46%, 1.50%, 1.98% and 3.46%, and there was a higher significant difference in the rate between auramine O-modified acid-fast staining and the others(P < 0.005). The detectable rate was significantly lower in urban children(2.14%, 15/684) than in rural ones(5.19%, 27/520). Boys and girls had similar detectable rate (1.99%, 24/1 204 vs. 1.50%, 18/1 204). Cryptosporidium infection was usually subclinical, and its major clinical features included benign diarrhea, mild abdominal pain and nausea. Conclusion:Cryptospondium infection was relatively common in kindergartens and a higher infection rate was found in rural children. As the majority of the Cryptosporidium infections were subclinical, diagnosis is important although difficult.

  20. The geochemical characteristics and oil-source rock correlation of oilshow from the Majiashan profile, Chaoxian County, South of Anhui Province

    TANG Youjun; WEN Zhigang; ZAN Ling


    In the future time the exploration of marine oil and gas will be one of the significant domains in China. In this paper the biomarker assemblage characteristics of oilshow in the Nanlinghu Formation of the Majiashan profile, which is located in Chaoxian County, south of Anhui Province, are described in the light of gas chromatography/mass spectrometric (GCMS) analysis on the qualitative and quantitative basis. Based on the investigation of the biomarker assemblage characteristics of possible source rocks developed in the area studied, a conclusion is drawn that the oilshow was generated from the Nanlinghu Formation source rocks (abbreviated as T1n), instead of the Qixia Formation source rocks (abbreviated as P1q). It is pointed out that the T1n is of strong potential for future oil exploration, and therefore much attention should be paid to it.

  1. The Impact of Sports Tourism Expo on Sports Tourism in Anhui Province%体育旅游博览会对安徽省体育旅游业的影响研究

    童申; 段英梅; 白琦


    According to the effects of previous Sports Tourism Expo on the sports tourism, this dissertation makes an analysis by using literature and interviews research methods. The seventh China Sports Tourism Expo will be held in Wuhu, Anhui province and as to what influences it will bring about . From the interview, we can conclude that : (1) The Sport Tourism Expo in Anhui province will make the sports tourism products more colorful ; (2) Sports Tourism Expo will attract more exhibitors, observation groups and participants to advance the development of sports tourism; (3) Sports tourism Expo will bring huge economic benefits for Anhui province; (4) Sports tourism Expo will excavate varieties of industry resources and development potential in Anhui Sports Travel which would provide a better foundation for the development of sports tourism in Anhui Province (5) Sports Tourism Expo will attract a large customer base for Anhui which would contribute to the development of sports tourism industry; (6) Sports tourism Expo will drive the development of sports tourism and other related industries , reaching a win-win situation.%文章通过文献资料法和访谈法等研究方法,根据历届体育旅游博览会的举办对体育旅游业产生的影响展开分析,并就中国第七届体育旅游博览会落户安徽省芜湖市对安徽省体育旅游业造成的影响进行论述。得出结论:(1)体育旅游博览会的举办,将会挖掘出安徽省在体育旅游业方面的各种资源优势和发展潜力,为安徽省体育旅游业发展提供更好的基础;(2)体育旅游博览会的举办,将会吸引更多展商、观摩团或参与者等客源,促进体育旅游业的发展;(3)体育旅游博览会的举办,将会带动与体育旅游业相关联的其他产业共同发展,达到共赢。

  2. Research on the Introduction and Plant of Taiwania flousiana Gaussen in Anhui province%安徽省秃杉引种栽培研究



    秃杉(Taiwainia flousiana Gaussen)是我国南方山地营造用材林、风景林、水源涵养林的优良树种。从80年代开始,安徽省开展了引种、驯化、栽培,并对其地理分布、生物学生态学特性以及栽培技术进行了研究。结果表明,秃杉是喜温暖湿润的浅根性树种,繁殖容易、适应性强、病虫害少。在安徽省的生态环境和营林水平条件下,表现出良好的生态适应性,显示出较高的引种潜力。13a生林分平均高变幅7.5~10.7m,平均胸径变幅11.2~17.5cm。在安徽省造林使用秃杉应提倡采用秃、阔混交林的形式;栽培应注重其种质资源的搜集。%Taiwania flousiana Gaussen is a fine planting tree in mountainous regions of the southern China.Since the 1980's,it has been introduced and planted in Anhui province. The investigation in geographical distribution,biological and ecological characters and planting techniques was carried out.The results showed that : 1.It was a fine-growing tree with ecological adaptability and extensive introduction potentiality in Anhui province;2.In 9-year-old plantation,the tree height reached to 7.5~10.7m and DBH 11.2~17.5cm.Its mixedly planting with other trees and the collection of its germplasm resource was very important in Anhui province.

  3. A Comparison of Teaching Management Information Systems in Two State-Funded Universities: Anhui, China and Towson, Maryland.

    Rosecky, Richard B.; Li, Yongfang


    Investigated the differences in teaching management information systems to business, accounting, and economics students at Towson University in Maryland and economics and accounting students at Anhui University in China; also sought a teaching paradigm for visiting college-level teachers in China. Found differences in student behavior regarding…

  4. The Origin of Psychology Education in Anhui after New China was Founded%新中国成立后安徽省心理学教育溯源

    许露; 孙德玉


    安徽师范大学教育科学学院前身---国立安徽大学教育系是省内心理学教育的源头。建国后,国立安徽大学教育系大力推广心理学教育,既离不开师生的继承创新,也离不开领导的支持。通过机构设立、心理学实验室筹备、人才网罗和教学创新,国立安徽大学的心理学教育日趋完善,并成为当时安徽省心理学教育的领头雁。%The development of thriving educational psychology in Anhui Province is a breakthrough after accumulating profound practice .As far as we concerned ,college of education science in Anhui Normal University was the first university in Anhui Province to put educational psychology into practice after new China was founded .In the support of the leadership ,teachers inherited the past ,ushered in the future and kept exploration and innovation .Educational psychology got a big promotion .To be the bellwether in the field of educational psychology in Anhui Province even in eastern China ,teachers and students improved the curriculum ,prepared for psychological laboratory and sought qualified persons with eagerness .Based on this brief description ,we can recall unforgettable moments and outstanding contributions for educational psychology in Anhui Provence .This will inspire us assuredly towards a brilliant future .

  5. 安徽地区地磁转换函数变化与地震的关系%Relation between variation of geomagnetic transfer function of stations in Anhui Province and earthquake occurred in the nearby area

    周琼; 曹志磊; 夏仕安; 李军辉; 陈俊; 金艳; 隆爱军


    利用安徽省地磁台站2007-2009年数字化观测资料,应用地磁转换函数方法,对华东地区ML4.0以上地震进行对应关系研究,发现不同台站、不同周期的转换函数参量与安徽及邻近地区地震存在一定的对应关系,为今后数据研究提供参考.%Using the digitized data of the geomagnetic stations in Anhui Province from 2007 to 2009, we study the earthquakes of ML ≥ 4. 0 in East China through the method of geomagnetic transfer functions. We found that there is certain relationship between the transfer function parameters of the different stations, different periods and earthquakes in Anhui and neighboring regions. At the same time, we have a rudimentary knowledge of the effect that apply the geomagnetic transfer function method to earthquake prediction, using the digital information of geomagnetic observation stations in Anhui Province. Our result provides a reference for carrying out similar research since we accumulated more data in the future.

  6. Challenges and Path of Developing Circular Economy at Regional Level——A Case Study of Anhui Province


    Existing foundation and development opportunities of regional circular economy are elaborated.The first is gradual establishment and perfection of relevant laws and regulations and policy systems.The second is establishment of technical standard for circular economy and implementation of development model.The third is scientific and technical innovation providing technical support for circular economy.The fourth is opportunity of green development in international environmental and economic situations.And the fifth is leap-style development supported by solid foundation.Then,Anhui Province is taken as an example to analyze challenges faced by circular economy.The challenges include increase of resource restriction and environment pressure;supporting policy and legal system to be further perfected and implemented;circular economic indicators not included into political achievement assessment;and technical supporting foundation of circular economy still to be strengthened.Finally,path selection is put forward for development of circular economy in Anhui Province:make definite development direction of circular economy with tasks and targets;take major fields as carriers of development of circular economy;take major fields as carriers of development of circular economy;and take institutional construction as guarantee of circular economic development.

  7. Study of the Highly-skilled Talent Training Mode for Business English Major Rural Students:A Case Study of Higher Vocational Colleges in Anhui Province

    Min; ZHOU


    This paper makes an in-depth study of the reasons for employment problems of Business English major rural students in Anhui Province,and sets forth the appropriate highly-skilled Business English talent training mode and the corresponding recommendations.

  8. Lead in soil and agricultural products in the Huainan Coal Mining Area, Anhui, China: levels, distribution, and health implications.

    Fang, Ting; Liu, Guijian; Zhou, Chuncai; Lu, Lanlan


    Heavy metal accumulation in agricultural soil is of great concern, as heavy metals can be finally transferred to the human body through the food chain. A field survey was conducted to investigate the lead (Pb) levels and distribution in soil, agricultural products (wheat, paddy, and soybean), and fish, in the Huainan Coal Mining Area (HCMA), Anhui Province, China, to provide reference information to local inhabitants. The daily intake and target hazard quotients of Pb through food consumption were assessed. Results showed that the mean Pb concentration in soil was higher than the Huainan soil background Pb value but lower than the maximum allowance Pb concentration for agricultural soil (GB 15618-2008). The elevated Pb in soil, especially in rainy months (June to August in Huainan), might be related to Pb leaching from ambient coal gangue piles. Excessive Pb concentration was found in the grains of food crops, which would pose a potential health risk to local inhabitants. Therein, wheat showed higher Pb bioaccumulation ability than other crops. With regard to the Pb levels in muscles, fishes were considered to be safe for consumption. The calculations on daily intake and tolerable hazard quotient of Pb suggest that the potential health hazard posed by Pb is currently insignificant for the inhabitants in the HCMA. PMID:25724617

  9. Risk spatial evolution of drought disaster study in Anhui Province based on GIS%基于GIS的安徽省旱灾风险空间演变研究

    孙仲益; 张继权; 严登华; 王春乙; 刘兴朋; 佟志军


    Anhui Province is typical of the frequent drought provinces in China, and the region where drought disaster happened changed every year. It is benefit the disaster prevention and reduction department to drawing up drought control planning timely and accurately by understand the risk of drought disaster dynamic distribution rules. Firstly, through the nature disaster risk formation four factor theory, assessment model of drought disaster risk of Anhui Province was established, by using metrological, hydrological, society and economical etc. features as indicators. Secondly, analyze comprehensive dynamic degree of drought risk in Anhui Province from 2000 to 2010 by means of the dynamic degree of single risk, the dynamic degree of integrated risk, gravity center migration of risk and risk replacement coefficient. Mapping and analyze the risk zoning of drought disaster by GIS. The results showed that the single level dynamic degree of drought risk changed strongly,but the dynamic degree of integrated risk relatively stable in Anhui Province; It was strongly resembling that the transition between high risk-middle risk and low risk-middle risk.%安徽省是典型旱灾频发省份,而且每年发生旱灾的地区都有变化,了解旱灾风险空间动态变化的规律对防灾减灾部门及时准确制定抗旱规划意义重大.利用自然灾害风险形成四因子理论,选取安徽省气象、水文、社会和经济等18个指标,建立了安徽省旱灾风险评价模型,对安徽省2000-2009年旱灾风险进行了区划,利用单一风险动态度、综合风险动态度和风险置换系数等研究手段和方法对安徽省2000-2009年间旱灾风险动态变化进行了分析.结果表明:安徽省单一旱灾风险动态度变化的波动性较强,综合风险动态度变化则比较稳定;高旱灾风险和中旱灾风险、低旱灾风险和中旱灾风险之间置换相似性较强.

  10. Sustainable development models of converting cropland to forest in Dabieshan District, Anhui Province

    Kai ZHANG; Ning LUO; Xiaojing XU; Xiaoniu XU


    The characteristics of the eco-environment,extension scale and sustainable models of converting cropland to forest in the Dabieshan District of Anhui were analyzed. The Dabieshan District is a main ecological area with a function of soil and water conservation where seven large reservoirs and irrigation systems of the Pishihang are distributed. Therefore, the extension scale of converting cropland to forest could be enlarged properly in the reservoir area, while it should be limited in the non-reservoir area due to the issues of higher population density and food safety. Great attention should be paid to the model selection and results during the conversion of cropland to forest. Some suitable models and effective approaches were put forward for the sustainable development in the Dabieshan District, Anhui.

  11. Variation patterns of different types of vegetation in Anhui Province of East China in 2000-2009 in relation to air temperature and precipitation%安徽省2000-2009年不同类型植被的变化及其与气温、降水的关系

    冯妍; 何彬方; 唐怀瓯; 荀尚培; 吴必文


    In order to understand the responses of different types of vegetation in Anhui Province of East China to climate elements, this paper analyzed the recent ten years spatiotemporal variation patterns of the vegetations and their correlations with air temperature and precipitation, based on the monthly Normalized Difference Vegetation Index ( NDVI) data from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer ( MODIS) , the daily temperature/precipitation data from 80 meteorological stations, and the land cover data in 2000-2009. The results showed that in recent ten years, the vegetation index of different land cover types in the Province had different change trends. The vegetation index increased significantly in crop planting area and cities, but had less change in other areas. Forestland had the highest average vegetation index, followed by crop planting area, and then, urban area. The monthly variation of the vegetation index presented a double-peak pattern in crop planting area, but a single-peak pattern for other land cover types.The monthly average NDVI in the Province had a significant positive linear correlation with the monthly mean temperature, and a positive nonlinear correlation with the monthly total precipitation. A threshold value of precipitation existed in its effect on NDVI. There was a weak positive correlation between the NDVI and the inter-annual change of temperature/precipitation. The partial correlation coefficient between vegetation index and air temperature was the maximum in for-estland and the minimum in crop planting area, and was larger in natural vegetation area than in artificial vegetation area. The partial correlation coefficient between vegetation index and precipitation was contrary. In the majority area of middle Huaibei plain and northern Jianghuai ( non-irrigable land) , the vegetation was co-driven by air temperature and precipitation; in some minority middle Huaibei plain grids and water grids, the vegetation was solely driven by

  12. Guide the Construction of Ecological Province of China with the Ecological Economics Theory%用生态经济学理论指导中国生态省建设



    @@ A major issue in China's present ecological economic construction is to build the ecological province. In March of 1999,Hainan Province of China proposed setting up the first ecological province and was accredited by the Bureau of State Environment Protection as the pilot project. Up to now for only four years, Hainan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Zhejiang,Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, eight provinces in the whole country, having launched the establishment of the ecological province. Meanwhile, the provinces such as Shaanxi, Hebei,etc. are launching the previous work of construction of ecological province too. The establishment of large quantities of ecological city, ecological county has already achieved the remarkable effect.

  13. 论安徽高职院校以文化育人服务文化强省%On the Construction of Culturally Powerful Anhui Province through Culture-based Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

    梁文慧; 丁伟


    党的十八大提出了“扎实推进社会主义文化强国建设”。安徽省第九次党代会提出建设文化强省的战略。安徽高等职业院校占全省高校的三分之二,在校生占全省高校在校生近一半。高职院校需要增强文化育人的自觉,肩负文化强省的责任;需要通过文化育人的自觉,为文化强省培养高素质专门人才;需要通过文化育人的自觉,建设整体文化育人环境。通过文化育人,深化内涵建设,提高人才培养质量,更好地服务文化强省建设。%T he 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stressed the need to make steady progress in developing a strong socialist culture in China and the 9th Party Congress of Anhui Province put forward the strategy to build a culturally powerful province .The number of higher voca-tional colleges accounts for two-thirds of all institutions of higher education in Anhui Province ,and the number of students in higher vocational colleges makes up nearly half of the total number of students in higher education in Anhui Province .To achieve the strategic objective ,the higher voca-tional colleges should place a special emphasis on the culture-based education ,and take the responsi-bility of building a culturally powerful province .The element of culture-based education should be in-corporated into the educational activities to cultivate the high-quality talents .Furthermore ,an atmos-phere of culture-based education should be created to construct a favorable campus environment .T he culture-based education can promote the connotation construction and advance the education quality , which is helpful for the construction of a culturally powerful province .

  14. Farmers' Perceptions of Climate Variability and Factors Influencing Adaptation: Evidence from Anhui and Jiangsu, China

    Kibue, Grace Wanjiru; Liu, Xiaoyu; Zheng, Jufeng; zhang, Xuhui; Pan, Genxing; Li, Lianqing; Han, Xiaojun


    Impacts of climate variability and climate change are on the rise in China posing great threat to agriculture and rural livelihoods. Consequently, China is undertaking research to find solutions of confronting climate change and variability. However, most studies of climate change and variability in China largely fail to address farmers' perceptions of climate variability and adaptation. Yet, without an understanding of farmers' perceptions, strategies are unlikely to be effective. We conducted questionnaire surveys of farmers in two farming regions, Yifeng, Jiangsu and Qinxi, Anhui achieving 280 and 293 responses, respectively. Additionally, we used climatological data to corroborate the farmers' perceptions of climate variability. We found that farmers' were aware of climate variability such that were consistent with climate records. However, perceived impacts of climate variability differed between the two regions and were influenced by farmers' characteristics. In addition, the vast majorities of farmers were yet to make adjustments in their farming practices as a result of numerous challenges. These challenges included socioeconomic and socio-cultural barriers. Results of logit modeling showed that farmers are more likely to adapt to climate variability if contact with extension services, frequency of seeking information, household heads' education, and climate variability perceptions are improved. These results suggest the need for policy makers to understand farmers' perceptions of climate variability and change in order to formulate policies that foster adaptation, and ultimately protect China's agricultural assets.

  15. A Masterpiece which Displays the Spectacular Event of Library in Anhui Province---On The Biography of Bibliophile in Anhui%展现安徽藏书盛况的一部力作--《安徽藏书家传略》读后



    The private collection of books in China has a history of two thousand years,which plays a u-nique role in the history of culture.As a center of literature,Anhui province has attracted much atten-tion from Han and Tang Dynasties to modern times for its culture of collection of books.What's more,a large quantity of respectable scholars who have unmatched love for collection of books have appeared during this period.The Biography of Bibliophile in Anhui,which is written by Liu Shangheng and Zheng Ling,is based on the grand collection of books in Anhui.The book reveals the abundant cultural heritage and historical connotations in Anhui,it takes the time and regions as clues to list more than 500 bibliophiles from the Han Dynasty to modern times in Anhui,and describes the life story ,the story of collection of books and the academic ideas of more than ten bibliophiles with appropriate details,illustra-tion and well organization .The book has a high academic and literature value ,meanwhile,it allows us to catch a glimpse of the long history of the culture of private collection of books in Anhui,therefore,it is a masterpiece which displays the spectacular event of library in Anhui province.%中国的私家藏书有2000多年的历史,它在文化史上占有独特的地位,安徽作为文献之邦,其藏书文化历来备受世人瞩目,从汉唐讫至近代,涌现了一大批酷爱藏书的文人志士,久为世重。刘尚恒、郑玲两位先生基于安徽的藏书盛况编撰《安徽藏书家传略》,该书以时间和地域为线索,罗列了从汉朝至近代安徽的500多位藏书家,并详细介绍了十余位主要藏书家的生平事迹、藏书事迹、学术思想等,详略得当,图文并茂,条理清晰,具有很高的学术价值和文献价值,完美彰显了安徽作为文献之邦的丰厚的文化底蕴和历史内涵,也让我们有幸窥探了安徽私家藏书文化的源远流长,不愧是展现安徽藏书盛况的一部力作。

  16. Analysis on development and characteristics of irrigation in Anhui Province%安徽省灌溉发展及特征分析



    Based on the brief description on the irrigation history of Anhui Province, the irrigation development characteristics of Anhui Province, such as the characteristics of drought degree, farming system, irrigation zoning, irrigation modes, irrigation water, irrigation system, etc. Are systematically summarized and analyzed herein, furthermore, the problems existed in the development history of the irrigation therein are discussed, and then some relevant countermeasures and suggestions are put forward as well%在简述安徽省灌溉发展历程的基础上,系统总结分析了安徽省的干旱程度、种植模式、灌溉分区、灌溉模式、灌溉用水、灌溉体系等灌溉发展特征,探讨了灌溉发展中存在的问题,提出了加快灌溉发展的对策与建议.

  17. A Preliminary Investigation of the Development and Hydrocarbon Potential of the the Black Shales in the Upper Permian Dalong Formation, Southern Anhui Province in the Lower Yangze Region, China%下扬子皖南大隆组黑色岩系发育特征及油气资源潜力初探

    廖志伟; 胡文瑄; 曹剑; 姚素平; 许志敏; 张月霞; 万野; 丁海


    The upper Permian Dalong Formation in the Lower Yangtze Region with black shales is potential for hydrocarbon source rock. Little attention has been paid to this issue. In order to improve the understanding about it, we conducted a comprehensively combined study of petrology and organic geochemistry based on three recently-discovered Dalong black shales outcrops in the southern Anhui province, with the aim to characterize the development and hydrocarbon potential of the Dalong black shales. The results show that the black shales developed widely in all the three outcrops, including the Niushan (Xuancheng City), Caicun (Jingxian County) and Changqiao (Jingxian County). Lithology of the shales is variable from chert to calcareous shale, as well as siliceous mudstone. Stratigraphic correlation and sedimentology of the shales imply that the study area has been subjected to a complete sequence of marine transgression and regression and the black shales generally developed in the environment of deep seawater under reducing, restricted and undercompensated conditions. The results from the study of petrology and organic geochemistry show that the Dalong black shales are rich in organic with the average total organic carbon content being around 2.0%. In terms of kerogen types, the organic matter is primarily Ⅱ2 and Ⅲ. Combined with the high to over maturation of organic matter, we propose that the regional exploration should be focused on natural gas reservoir. Based on the comparison of the distribution of Mesozoic-Cenozoic igneous rocks and black shales in the study area, we infer that the over maturation of organic matter may be primarily influenced by large-scale magmatism in South China during the Mesozoic to Cenozoic period. Thus, petroleum exploration potential can also be considered in the areas where there was no/little significant influence of magmatism (e.g., the Jingxian-Guangde area). These results and understanding can also provide highlights for the

  18. Features and significance of tsutsugamushi disease outbreaks in the emerging epidemic focuses in Anhui Province%安徽省恙虫病新疫源地疫情暴发特点及意义

    于乐成; 何长伦; 王长军; 汪茂荣; 操敏; 郭恒彬


    Objective To investigate the epidemiological and clinical features of tsutsngamushi disease outbreaks in the emerging epidemic focuses in Anhui Province, and to clarify the new changes in the geographical distribution of tsutsugamushi disease in China. Methods The time and seasons, sites, scales, geographical distribution, climate, insect vectors, pathogens, susceptible populations, clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of tsutsugamushi disease outbreaks in Anhui Province were systematically analyzed by way of on-the-spot epidemiological investigation and review of the case history, laboratory findings and published literatures.Results Outbreaks of tsutsugamushi disease have been validated in Anhui Province since 2007. Nineteen cases were found in the damp foothill zones in Chuzhou in the autumn of 2007, and 18 of them were confirmed by colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay. At least 156, 9 and 70 cases were reported in the outbreaks in Fuyang, Bozhou, and Bengbu (plain regions with dry weather) in the autumn of 2008, respectively, and the pathogen was identified as Kawasaki genotype of Orientia tsutsugamushi. Another outbreaks of tsutsngamushi disease were validated in Fuyang and other cities in Anhui Province in the autumn of 2009 and 2010. Most of the patients had typical clinical manifestations of tsutsugamushi disease. All the patients were cured after the administration of doxycycline or azithromycin, Conclusions Epidemic focuses of tsutsugamushi disease are newly found in Anhui Province. Chuzhou and Fuyang are transitional epidemic focuses where the outbreaks of tsutsugamushi disease occur in foothill zones and plain regions, respectively, in autumn and winter. Doxycycline or azithromycin is the effective agent for Orientia tsutsugamushi.%目的 调查安徽省恙虫病新疫源地多起疫情暴发的流行病学和临床特点,阐明我国恙虫病疫源地分布的相应新变化.方法 采用现场流行病学调查、病史及检验结果

  19. Multi-episode fluid boiling in the Shizishan copper-gold deposit at Tongling, Anhui Province: its bearing on oreformation


    The Shizishan copper-gold deposit at Tongling, Anhui Province consists of two magmato-hydrothermal mineralization types: the crypto-explosive breccia type and the skarn type. At least four episodes of boiling occurred to the ore-forming fluids in this deposit. The first episode took place in accompany with the formation of the crypto-explosive breccias. The melt-fluid inclusions giving temperatures above 600℃ and salinities higher than 42% NaCl equiv represent a residual magma related to this episode. The second episode occurred during skarnization, giving fluid temperatures of 422℃-472℃, averaging 458℃, and salinities of 10.2%-45.1% NaCl equiv. The third episode corresponds to the main mineralization stage, i.e., the quartz-sulphide stage. Fluid temperatures of this episode vary in a range of 337℃-439℃ with an average of 390℃, and salinities in a range of 3%-30% NaCl equiv. The forth episode happened at the waning stage of mineralization, giving fluid temperatures below 350℃ with an average of 265℃ and salinities of 2.1%-40.4% NaCl equiv.

  20. 港澳台入皖旅游市场研究%Study on Hong kong,Macau and Taiwan’s Inbound Tourism Market in Anhui Province



    The paper uses the analytic methods of preference scale,competition state and niche theory to analyze the individual characteristics of the Hongkong,Macau and Taiwan’s inbound tourism market in Anhui Province with the data from 2003 to 2012.The result shows:(1) Taiwan’s tourism demand into Anhui is very high,between the bull market and the star market,but the role of Anhui inbound tourism market is gradually reducing.(2) Hongkong’s tourism demand into Anhui is very low,but between the bull market and the star market,and the role of Anhui inbound tourism market is slowly improving.(3) Macao’s tourism demand into Anhui is very low, between the child market and thin-dog market,but the role of Anhui inbound tourism market is gradually improving.According to the variation characteristics of Hongkong,Macau and Taiwan,the paper puts forward the further development suggestions.%运用亲景度、竞争态以及生态位分析方法,对2003-2012年港澳台入皖旅游市场进行分析。研究表明:(1)台湾对入皖旅游需求偏好很高,处于金牛市场与明星市场之间,但对安徽入境旅游市场的作用正逐渐降低。(2)香港对入皖旅游的需求偏好很低,但处于金牛市场与明星市场之间,且对安徽入境旅游市场的作用正缓慢提高。(3)澳门对入皖旅游的需求偏好很低,处于幼童市场与瘦狗市场之间,但对安徽入境旅游市场的作用正逐渐提高。针对港澳台各市场的变化特征,提出进一步的开拓建议。

  1. Effect of intensive blood glucose control on quality of life in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes in Anhui Province

    ZHANG Qiu; ZHANG Nan; HU Hong-lin; HE Yong; CHEN Ming-wei; WANG Xiu-yan; YANG Ming-gong; LI Jun


    Background Intensive blood glucose control is proven to be associated with the diabetic microvascular and macrovascular complications, which could affect quality of life (QOL). This study was performed to determine the effects of intensive glucose control therapy on QOL of elderly patients with type 2 diabetes in Anhui Province.Methods Ninety-seven elderly patients with type 2 diabetes in Anhui were randomly assigned to standard treatment group and intensive therapy group. All patients were followed up for five years on average. Correlated information has been collected during the regular follow-up.Results Patients with microvascular complications reported significantly lower European Quality of Life-5 Dimensions (EQ-5D) scores and had more problems with usual activities, pain and anxiety than those without complications (P <0.05).Patients having experienced hypoglycemic episodes had significantly more problems with anxiety than those without hypoglycemic episodes (P <0.05). No significant difference was detected in all dimensions in quality of life, as well as in Visual Analog Scale score between two groups (P >0.05). There was no significant difference in quality of life at the fifth year compared with that of the first year in both groups. Women had more feelings of pain and anxiety than men (P <0.05)and longer disease course was associated with increased levels of pain and anxiety (P <0.05), as well as with lower QOL.In addition, patients with higher body mass index (BMI) had more problems with daily activities than patients with lower BMI (P <0.05).Conclusions Anxiety is common in elderly diabetic patients and they experienced frequent hypoglycemic episodes.Diabetic vascular complications significantly affect QOL of the patients. Intensive glucose control has no significant effect on QOL of the diabetic patients. Female, older age, long disease course, less education and high BMI are all factors caused reduced QOL and patients with these factors

  2. Away to Anhui


    Central China’s Anhui Province becomes a major destination for industry as companies move their production lines inland Wage growth and land costs inflation are prompting relocation of China’s manufacturing jug-gernaut, a growth engine of the Chinese economy.

  3. Countermeasures on Transformation and Upgrading of Small and Micro Enterprises in Anhui Province--the investigation and analysis of small and micro enterprises in Anhui Province%安徽省小微企业转型升级对策研究--安徽省小微企业调研分析

    郭淑娟; 李德明; 包亚玲; 张成玮


    目前小微企业已成为我国经济转型升级的重要组成部分。本课题组通过对安徽省小微企业转型升级现状的调研,收集和分析了小微企业在技术创新、转型提升中遇到的新情况、新问题,并针对小微企业当前面临的研发力量、资金、商业模式选择和人才等发展制约因素,从企业自身和政府层面给出了几点建议。%Currently ,small and micro enterprises have become the important part of China's economic transformation and upgrading .Through the investigation on the actuality of Anhui province upgrading of small and micro businesses in transition ,the research group made the collection and analysis of small and medium -sized enterprises in technological innovation ,transformation and upgrading in the face of new situation ,new problems ,and aimed at the small and micro businesses facing R & D efforts ,cap-ital ,business model selection and talent development constraints .Several suggestions are given from the enterprise itself and the government .

  4. Geochemistry of trace elements in coals from the Zhuji Mine, Huainan Coalfield, Anhui, China

    Sun, R.; Liu, Gaisheng; Zheng, Lingyun; Chou, C.-L.


    The abundances of nine major elements and thirty-eight trace elements in 520 samples of low sulfur coals from the Zhuji Mine, Huainan Coalfield, Anhui, China, were determined. Samples were mainly collected from 10 minable coal seams of 29 boreholes during exploration. The B content in coals shows that the influence of brackish water decreased toward the top of coal seams; marine transgression and regression occurred frequently in the Lower Shihezi Formation. A wide range of elemental abundances is found. Weighted means of Na, K, Fe, P, Be, B, Co, Ni, Cr, Se, Sb, Ba, and Bi abundances in Zhuji coals are higher, and the remainder elements are either lower or equal to the average values of elements in coals of northern China. Compared to the Chinese coals, the Zhuji coals are higher in Na, K, Be, B, Cr, Co, Se, Sn, Sb, and Bi, but lower in Ti, P, Li, V and Zn. The Zhuji coals are lower only in S, P, V and Zn than average U.S. and world coals. Potassium, Mg, Ca, Mn, Sr, As, Se, Sb and light rare earth elements (LREE) had a tendency to be enriched in thicker coal seams, whereas Fe, Ti, P, V, Co, Ni, Y, Mo, Pb and heavy rare earth elements (HREE) were inclined to concentrate in thinner coal seams. The enrichment of some elements in the Shanxi or Upper Shihezi Formations is related to their depositional environments. The elements are classified into three groups based on their stratigraphic distributions from coal seams 3 to 11-2, and the characteristics of each group are discussed. Lateral distributions of selected elements are also investigated. The correlation coefficients of elemental abundances with ash content show that the elements may be classified into four groups related to modes of occurrence of these elements. ?? 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. 安徽省某农村地区儿童自尊水平及其影响因素分析%Self-esteem status and its influencing factors among children in one rural area of Anhui Province in China

    韩腾伟; 杨林胜; 王铁柱; 顾超美; 孙莹; 曹庆庆; 陈明春; 孙业桓


    Objective To explore the current status of children self-esteem and its influencing factors in one rural area of Anhui Province, so as to provide the basis for the development of self-esteem intervention program. Methods A total of 2 917 students were recruited as the subjects from Changfeng County of Anhui Province with cluster sampling method. Data were collected by using the Children's Self-Esteem Scale, the Family APGAR Index, the Trait Coping Style Questionnaire and the Social Anxiety Scale, etc. Results Among the participants, 1 694 left-behind children, accounted for 58.1% of the total students, were surveyed. Data from the analysis of covariance showed that the difference of self-esteem between the left-behind children and other children was statistically significant( F=3.942,P<0.05) only when adjusting the negative coping styles, social anxiety and family function simultaneously. Data from multivariable linear regression analysis showed that the children who had higher height, well academic achievement, well peer relationships, high cultural degree of father education, well family function, good quality of life, left-behind situation , attended extracurricular activities and taking positive coping styles were more vulnerable to promote the level of self-esteem; the children with low score of children's social anxiety and taking negative coping styles had lower level of self-esteem. Conclusion According to the ecological system development , many comprehensive effect factors of ecological subsystem are found to be involved in self-esteem among children. It is helpful to promote the level of self-esteem among children in rural area based on the cooperation of society, school and family, etc.%目的 探讨儿童自尊现状及其影响因素,为进一步开展针对性心理健康教育及制定干预措施提供科学依据.方法 整群抽取长丰县农村地区2 917名中小学生作为研究对象,运用自编的中小学生身心健康状况与相关

  6. Green Barriers for China Tea : A Case Study of Anhui Tea Imports and Exports Co., Ltd Faces Green Barriers in Exporting

    Zou, Yanjing


    Tea industry is one of the traditional industries in China, and it is an indispensable livelihood industry with obvious competitive advantages in China. As we know, the economy of China has grown quickly after sweeping economic reform. Nowadays, the green barriers have become the most popular topic in the tea exporting area. No country escapes the impact of green barriers. Similarly, green barriers will bring opportunities and challenges. Anhui Tea Imports and Exports Co., Ltd is an i...

  7. Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Jiangsu Province, China

    LIAN Bin; DONG Yuan-Rong; HOU Wei-Guo; TONG Li-Hua; YUAN Sheng


    A survey was conducted for about 3 years to study the abundance and diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) in Jiangsu Province, China. The identification of the fungal species was based on the microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of their fruiting bodies. About 126 species of EMF were found in Jiangsu Province. These fungi were largely categorized into three orders (of 121 species), four families (of 96 species), and six genera (of about 86 species).

  8. 安徽省国内旅游经济增长与区域差异空间格局演变%Domestic Tourism Economic Growth and Spatial Pattern Evolution of Regional Tourism Differences in Anhui Province

    沈惊宏; 陆玉麒; 周玉翠; 沈宏婷


    以安徽省2000-2010年国内旅游收入为例,从区域的绝对差异、相对差异和区域差异程度等数理特性及区域空间中心、极化格局、地带差异格局和市域间差异的发散与收敛格局这一从整体到局部的空间特征上分析了安徽省国内旅游经济增长过程中区域差异的演变特点。结果显示安徽省国内旅游经济区域绝对差异上升,基本收入相对差距和目标收入相对差距演变态势相反;旅游购物收入对总基尼系数贡献趋大,是今后缩小区域差异的重要对象;合肥、黄山、安庆是安徽国内旅游经济发展的极化中心也是旅游空间中心南移的主要因子;地带空间格局演变分2000-2005年的收敛趋同、2005-2006年的发散分异、2006-2010年的收敛趋同3个阶段;市域间差异分析表明淮北、宿州、淮南、阜阳、蚌埠、六安、马鞍山7城市呈向下发散,是现阶段国内旅游经济发展较弱的城市,有待扩大旅游规模。%Due to the advantage differences of tourism resources endowments,geography location,transportation advantage,regional development policies,regional tourism economic development has always great disparities in China.The quantitive characteristics and spatial patterns of the domestic tourism income in 17 cities of Anhui Province in 2000-2010 are taken as an example and analyzed in the article.The evolution features of regional disparity of domestic tourism income in the process of the economic growth are analyzed on the base of the quantitive properties of absolute disparity,relative disparity,degree of regional disparity and spatial patterns from global district to local district of regional spatial centre,polarization patterns,regional disparity patterns,and disparities between the domain pattern of divergence and convergence.The results show that with the growth of domestic tourism economy,the absolute disparity of total tourism income and the sectional tourism income

  9. Nature and Environment of the Hainan Province of China



    Hainan island enjoys a long history, but Hainan province is the youngest province of the People's Republic of China. The province has the smallest land area but the biggest ocean area of any province in China. As the largest island of Hainan province, Hainan island, like a pearl, is mounted in the vast blue water of South China Sea. With tropical resort resources, Hainan island has radiant sunshine, soft sandy beaches, blowing sea breeze, the relaxing and healthy spa, wonderful folkways of mi...

  10. Competitive aerobics in anhui province in ordinary university to carry out the necessity and feasibility of reflection%安徽高校开展竞技健美操必要性及可行性反思

    董琦; 姚煜


    通过考察教师和学生的教学现状,以竞技训练和大众健身的双重视角,对竞技健美操体育课程进行定位分析,反思并探讨竞技健美操在安徽省普通高校发展的必要性和可行性。%Pick of the 20th century,college teaching content reform and the cultivation of students' autonomous elective system needs,competitive aerobics sports were fast implanted anhui university physical education curriculum,to a certain extent,improve and expand the anhui university physical education.However,in "health first" become school sports consensus today,based on the existing conditions of ordinary university in anhui province,review the anhui ordinary university development of athletic calisthenics appear some phenomena and problems.Through the investigation of teachers and students teaching situation,with athletic training and public health,the double perspective of competitive aerobics sports curriculum positioning analysis,reflection and discussion of aerobics in anhui province in ordinary colleges and development of necessity and feasibility.

  11. Nontyphoidal Salmonella Infection, Guangdong Province, China, 20121

    Huang, Xi; Huang, Qiong; Dun, Zhongjun; Huang, Wei; Wu, Shuyu; Liang, Junhua; Deng, Xiaoling


    We used active and passive surveillance to estimate nontyphoidal Salmonella (NTS) infection during 2012 in Guangdong Province, China. Under passive surveillance, for every reported NTS infection, an estimated 414.8 cases occurred annually. Under active surveillance, an estimated 35.8 cases occurred. Active surveillance provides remarkable advantages in incidence estimate. PMID:26982074


    Yu, Xiao


    The thesis concentrates on investigating and describing the current situation of integrity marketing in technology-based SMEs in Anhui, and attempting to explore the principles of integrity marketing. The objective is to provide some guidelines for technology-based SMEs. The main research approaches include qualitative research and quantitative research. The methods utilized in the research are analysis of literature and internet resources, focus groups, and a questionnaire survey. Theoret...

  13. 安徽省肉鹅养殖现状及其疫病防控措施%Present Situation of Broiler Geese Breeding in Anhui Province and Its Diseases Prevention and Control Measures



    China's animal husbandry industry was developed as a pillar indus-try to promote agricultural efficiency and farmer income increase after thirty years of reform and opening up. In recent years, water poultry meat, especially the goose meat increasingly favored by con-sumers, and the market had great poten-tial. Anhui as a big poultry province, to develop poultry industry had unique ad-vantages in resources. In the production of broiler geese, the disease had become an important factor restricting the goose industry. The paper analyzed the eco-nomic value of the geese and present sit-uation of the goose breeding industry in Anhui, and analyzed the disease which was one of the restricting factors of the development of the goose breeding indus-try from the aspects of prevention and treatment, designing to provide the ref-erence materials for the further develop-ment of the goose breeding industry in Anhui.%改革开放30余年来,我国畜牧产业发展为促进农业增效和农民增收的支柱产业。近年来水禽肉尤其是鹅肉越来越受到消费者的青睐,市场潜力巨大。安徽是家禽大省,发展禽肉产业有着得天独厚的资源优势。在养鹅生产中,疾病一直是制约肉鹅业发展的重要因素。文中对肉鹅的经济价值以及安徽肉鹅养殖产业的现状进行分析,并从预防和治疗等方面对制约肉鹅养殖业发展因素之一疫病进行了分析,旨在为安徽省肉鹅养殖业的进一步发展提供参考资料。

  14. 论完善安徽省大学生就业政策%On Perfecting the College Graduates' Employment Policies of Anhui Province



    Under the opportunity of the construction of the WanJiang demonstration area, Anhui province should be perfected the college graduates' employment policies, strengthened the support of construction of major courses in colleges, and improved the trainee system of college graduates. Finally, the improvement of college students' employment ability must be realized.%安徽省应抓住皖江示范区建设的机遇,通过完善安徽省大学生就业政策,加大对高校重点学科专业建设的扶持力度。进一步完善安徽省高校毕业生就业见习制度,最终实现大学生就业能力的提高。

  15. 基于DEA的安徽省绿色创新效率测度%Measurement of Green Innovation Efficiency In Anhui Province Based on DEA



    It will contribute to sustainable development of regional economy to integrate energy conservation and environmental factors into the evaluation of innovation efficiency. In this paper,two different models were used to measure the traditional innovation efficiency and green innovation efficiency in Anhui Province. The results show that the green innovation efficiency is significantly lower than traditional innovation efficiency,and innovation ef-ficiency is overestimated without considering the energy situation and environmental factors. The main factors are significantly different to the two perspectives of innovation. The energy conservation and environmental protection have become the major factors influencing the green innovation efficiency of Anhui Province.%进行创新效率测度时考虑能源节约与环境保护因素,将有利于区域经济可持续发展。运用DEA两种不同模型,对安徽省2003~2012年传统创新效率与绿色创新效率分别进行测算和比较分析。研究结果表明,考虑能源和环境因素的绿色创新效率明显低于传统视角下的创新效率,说明在不考虑能源与环境因素情况下安徽省创新效率被明显高估;同时,两种视角下创新效率的主要影响因素有明显区别,能源节约与环境保护已成为影响安徽省绿色创新效率的主要因素。

  16. Risk factors for injuries in empty nest elderly in Anhui province%安徽省空巢老人伤害的危险因素分析

    汪全海; 丁伶灵; 贺连平; 聂淼; 黄志伟; 祁秦; 陈燕; 金岳龙; 姚应水


    Objective:To explore the risk factors causing injuries of the eld-erly living in empty nest families in Anhui province for effective measures and policy decision to prevent such incidence .Methods:By randomized cluster sampling,we conducted the survey on empty nest elderly citizens over 60 years ,living in urban areas ,suburbs or rural villages of south and north Anhui province with questionnaire that included demographic information and status of injury.Multivariate unconditional logistic regression was performed for data analysis .Results: Multivariate unconditional logistic regression analysis showed that the empty nest elderly living in Northern Anhui with a habit of staying up late at night were predisposing to injury ( OR =1.893,95% CI:1.186-3.022;OR =1.969,95% CI:1.285 -3.018,respectively),whereas the incidences were less likely in those living in urban areas with higher edu-cational background (OR=0.638,95% CI:0.470-0.865;OR=0.755,95%CI:0.578-0.985,respectively).Conclusion:The incidence of injury in the elderly living in empty nest families are associated with the either urban or rural areas,educational background ,residential areas and habit of staying up late.Thus,the measures should be individually to prevent the risks and im-prove the life quality of the elder population .%  目的:探讨导致安徽省空巢老人伤害的危险因素,为减少空巢老人伤害的发生提供可能的干预措施,并为制定政策提供一定的参考依据。方法:选取安徽省江南、江北8个地区的部分市区、郊区及农村60岁及以上空巢老人为研究对象,采用分层抽样的方法,进行问卷调查。调查内容主要包括老年居民

  17. Livestock rabies outbreaks in Shanxi province, China.

    Feng, Ye; Shi, Yanyan; Yu, Mingyang; Xu, Weidi; Gong, Wenjie; Tu, Zhongzhong; Ding, Laixi; He, Biao; Guo, Huancheng; Tu, Changchun


    Dogs play an important role in rabies transmission throughout the world. In addition to the severe human rabies situation in China, spillover of rabies virus from dogs in recent years has caused rabies outbreaks in sheep, cattle and pigs, showing that there is an increasing threat to other domestic animals. Two livestock rabies outbreaks were caused by dogs in Shanxi province, China from April to October in 2015, resulting in the deaths of 60 sheep, 10 cattle and one donkey. Brain samples from one infected bovine and the donkey were determined to be rabies virus (RABV) positive by fluorescent antibody test (FAT) and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The complete RABV N genes of the two field strains, together with those of two previously confirmed Shanxi dog strains, were amplified, sequenced and compared phylogenetically with published sequences of the N gene of RABV strains from Shanxi and surrounding provinces. All of the strains from Shanxi province grouped closely, sharing 99.6 %-100 % sequence identity, indicating the wide distribution and transmission of dog-mediated rabies in these areas. This is the first description of donkey rabies symptoms with phylogenetic analysis of RABVs in Shanxi province and surrounding regions. The result emphasizes the need for mandatory dog rabies vaccination and improved public education to eradicate dog rabies transmission. PMID:27422397

  18. Comparative Research on the Rural Development Levels of 31 Provinces and Regions in China


    According to the 2010 China Statistical Yearbook,a total of 12 indicators in the aspects of residents’ production,consumption expenditure,and living conditions are selected in order to construct the indicator system of rural development level.Both factor analysis and cluster analysis methods are adopted to compare the current situations of rural development levels in 31 provinces and regions of China.Result of factor analysis shows that the 12 indicators can be classified into 4 factors,such as the income and expenditure factor,the agricultural scale and science and technology factor,the life quality factor,and the agricultural output factor.Moreover,factors affecting the rural development level of China are analyzed.Then,the 31 provinces and regions are divided into 4 categories according to the development levels in rural areas:the first category is Shanghai,Beijing and Zhejiang,which have the highest development level in rural areas;the second category includes Jiangsu,Shandong and Tianjin,which take the 4th to 6th places;the third category is Guangdong,Jilin,Liaoning,Hebei,Fujian,Heilongjiang,Henan,Inner Mongolia,Anhui,Hubei,Hunan and Jiangxi,which rank the 7th-18th;and the fourth category includes Sichuan,Hainan,Ningxia,Shanxi,Guangxi,Shanxi,Xinjiang,Chongqing,Tibet,Yunnan,Gansu,Qinghai and Guizhou,taking the 19th-31st places.

  19. The Dynamic Change in the Total Arable Land and its Driving Forces in Tongling City of Anhui Province

    Yan; LI; Zhongxiang; YU


    According to Anhui Statistical Yearbook( 2003-2012) and the second national land survey data,this article analyzes the current situation of land use and the dynamic change in the total arable land in Tongling City. On the basis of this,using grey relational analysis,this article analyzes the driving forces for arable land changes in Tongling City. Studies show that population growth,the improvement of level of urbanization and the rapid development of the economy are the main driving forces for arable land changes. Based on the findings,the strategies are put forth in order to ensure the dynamic balance of total arable land.

  20. Research on the Development Strategy of Scientific and Technological Small and Micro Enterprises in Anhui Province under the Economic New Normality%经济新常态下安徽省科技型小微企业发展策略研究

    肖志雄; 蔡金秋


    China's economic development is entering a new normality. Based on the background of econom?ic new normality,this paper analyzes the affecting factors and existing problems of the development of scientifi?cand technological small and micro enterprises in Anhui province,and puts forward the development strategy of scientific and technological small and micro enterprises in Anhui province from the aspects of government poli?cy,financing channel,organization structure,personnel introduction and so on.%我国经济发展正步入新常态.本文结合经济新常态背景,分析了安徽省科技型小微企业发展的影响因素和存在的问题,从政府政策、融资渠道、组织结构、人才引进等方面提出了经济新常态下安徽省科技型小微企业的发展策略.

  1. Serological Investigation of Swine Toxoplasmosis in Partial Area of Anhui Province%安徽部分地区猪弓形虫病的血清学调查研究

    向忠菊; 段永兰; 岳新军; 陈鹏举


    In order to understand the status of toxoplasmosis infection on pigs in partial area of Anhui Province, 1 227 samples of swine serum were collected from pig farms (households) in partial regions of Anhui Province, and the toxoplasma antibodies of these serums were detected by indirect hemagglutination test (IHA). The results showed that the average positive rate was 24.29% for all of the samples, so it means that the toxoplasmosis infections were widespread in pig farms of Anhui Province, and its prevalence and occurrence related to the culture month and the culture size.%为了解安徽地区猪感染弓形虫病的情况,从安徽省部分地区养殖场(户)采取猪血清1 227份、采用间接血凝试验(IHA)检测弓形虫抗体.结果显示:平均阳性率为24.29%,表明安徽地区猪弓形虫病普遍存在.其发生与流行与养殖月份和养殖规模相关.

  2. Characterization of serogroup C meningococci isolated from 14 provinces of China during 1966—2005 using comparative genomic hybridization


    Neisseria meningitidis is a major cause of bacterial meningitis and septicemia worldwide. In China, serogroup A strains were responsible for over 95% of the cases, while serogroup B strains were mainly the cause of localized outbreaks and sporadic cases. Before 2003, serogroup C strains were only re-covered from a few sporadic cases. However, a sudden increase in the number of cases due to sero-group C strains occurred during 2003—2005 in Anhui Province, China. Many cases were found in other provinces at the same time. Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) results indicated that the unique se-quence type 4821 clone meningococci, a new hyper-virulent lineage, was responsible for the serogroup C meningitis outbreaks. We have completed the project of sequencing the whole genome of the Chi-nese N. meningitidis serogroup C representative isolate 053442. We fabricated a whole-genome mi-croarray of N. meningitidis isolate 053442 and analyzed the genome composition differences among 81 serogroup C isolates which were isolated from 14 provinces of China during 1966—2005. The com-parative genomic hybridization (CGH) result shows that the genome compositions of nearly all sero-group C isolates are similar to that of 053442. The products of many absent open reading frames (ORFs) are conserved hypothetical proteins. The results will provide a valuable resource from which one can analyze the genome composition and genetic background of serogroup C meningococci in China.

  3. Characterization of serogroup C meningococci isolated from 14 provinces of China during 1966-2005 using comparative genomic hybridization

    PENG JunPing; ZHANG XiaoBing; YANG E; WANG Jing; YANG Jian; SHAO ZhuJun; JIN Qi


    Neisseria meningitidis is a major cause of bacterial meningitis and septicemia worldwide. In China, serogroup A strains were responsible for over 95% of the cases, while serogroup B strains were mainly the cause of localized outbreaks and sporadic cases. Before 2003, serogroup C strains were only recovered from a few sporadic cases. However, a sudden increase in the number of cases due to serogroup C strains occurred during 2003-2005 in Anhui Province, China. Many cases were found in other provinces at the same time. Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) results indicated that the unique sequence type 4821 clone meningococci, a new hyper-virulent lineage, was responsible for the serogroup C meningitis outbreaks. We have completed the project of sequencing the whole genome of the Chinese N. meningitidis serogroup C representative isolate 053442. We fabricated a whole-genome microarray of N. meningitidis isolate 053442 and analyzed the genome composition differences among 81 serogroup C isolates which were isolated from 14 provinces of China during 1966-2005. The comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) result shows that the genome compositions of nearly all serogroup C isolates are similar to that of 053442. The products of many absent open reading frames (ORFs) are conserved hypothetical proteins. The results will provide a valuable resource from which one can analyze the genome composition and genetic background of serogroup C meningococci in China.

  4. Simulated water productivity in Gansu Province, China

    Zhan, Jinyan; Sun, Zhongxiao; Wang, Zhan; Chen, Jiancheng; Li, Zhaohua

    Economic value of water and economic analysis of water use management in Gansu Province of China have attracted widespread public attention. With the socioeconomic development, research on water resources has become more important than before. In this study, we define "water productivity" as the changes of economic production outputs of sectoral activities in every cubic meter of water input, which is also the technical coefficient of water resource use in each sector. According to Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) framework, based on the Input-Output Table 2007 and water resources bulletin of Gansu Province, we introduced the water into the ORANI-G (A Generic Single-Country Computable General Equilibrium model) model through the nested constant elasticity of substitution (CES) production function to analyze the changes of economic productions caused by water supply changes. We then examined water productivity in different sectors. Empirical results showed that current water productivity is underestimated. Agricultural water productivity is lower than that of the secondary and tertiary industries, even although agricultural water use is the largest part of water use in Gansu Province, and therefore improving agricultural water productivity can greatly mitigate the water shortage. Simulation results indicate that industrial transformation and development of water-saving industries will also mitigate water scarcity. Moreover, sensitivity analysis shows that the empirical results are robust under different scenarios. The results also show that higher constant elasticity of substitution rate (CES) between water and other production factors will contribute to sustainable development.

  5. 扶持返乡农民工创业的对策研究——以安徽省为例%Research on the Entrepreneurship of Migrant Workers Returning Home---exemplified by Anhui Province

    王波; 唐国银


    Currently, in Anhui Province, a traditional major province in exporting labor, more andmore migrant workers returning home would like to stay at their hometown, and most of them want to set up their own business. Obviously, the local government should give vigorous aid to these home-going migrant workers. Therefore, Anhui Province could draw on the successful experiences of other provinces for helping the migrant workers returning home, among which include financing, entrepreneurship training and business incubator constructing for the home-going migrant workers. In a word, the government should explore an effective way to offer practical help to the home-going migrant workers both based on the actual state of economic and social development in Anhui, and characterized by the new rural construction.%安徽省是劳务输出大省,当前,由于主客观原因的共同影响,大批农民工返乡并滞留在农村。他们之中有很多人怀有创业愿望,针对这些农民工,政府应该大力扶持。安徽省可以借鉴其他省份扶持返乡农民工创业的经验,并从融资、创业培训、打造农民工创业园等三个方面大力扶持返乡农民工创业。挖掘一条既适合我省农村经济社会发展实情,又具有社会主义新农村特色的农民工创业之路。

  6. Study of bronzes excavated from Nanling county,Anhui province%安徽南陵出土部分青铜器研究

    贾莹; 刘平生; 黄允兰


    安徽省南陵县是长江下游地区最早而且规模最大的冶炼中心之一,其古代矿冶遗址可上溯至西周晚期。本研究对南陵出土的不同年代和类别的青铜器样品进行了金相检测及合金成分定量分析。结果表明,只有容器存在铜铅二元合金和铜锡铅三元合金,但是热锻淬火的容器却不含铅,含锡量恰好位于适合该工艺操作并具有良好性能的区间。兵器、工具、车马饰均为铜锡二元合金,说明当时的工匠对于合金成分配比与性能的关系有明确的认识。越式鼎腹部样品具有热锻淬火马氏体组织,同样的金属结构还见于汉代铜锣等乐器、峡江地区战国中晚期青铜剑、江都大桥镇南朝青铜器窖藏出土的多件青铜容器,而镇江地区出土吴国青铜戈则具有铸造淬火组织,工艺稍有差别。这些器物中发现高锡青铜淬火组织不是偶然的,高锡青铜热锻淬火技术至少可以上溯至春秋战国时期,用以改善高锡青铜的机械性能。%Ancient mining and smelter remains in Nanling county,Anhui province show that this region is one of earliest and biggest metallurgical industry centers in the lower reaches of Yangzi river of China.The earliest Jiangmuchong site was dated to the late West Zhou dynasty. Microstructures and compositions of various bronze samples from Nanling county and dated from late West Zhou Dynasty to Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods were investigatd.Examination reveals that some vessels are copper-lead or copper-tin-lead alloys.However,those made by hot forging,followed by quenching do not contain lead,but rather have a tin content that is right for the technique and good for their properties.Weapons,tools and horse and cart decorations are all copper-tin alloys,suggesting that the bronze artisans at the time had a good understanding of the relationship between an alloy's composition and its properties.The body of a "Ding" in the

  7. 安徽省农村土地综合整治的SWOT分析%SWOT Analysis on the Comprehensive Improvement of the Rural Land in Anhui Province

    张勇; 包婷婷


    This paper argues that the comprehensive improvement of the rural land has become a major strategic choice to promote industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization in Anhui province. The SWOT analysis shows that: Strength includes rich implementation experience, great potential improvement, and solid and deep mass base. Weakness has following aspects:there is no comprehensive target; it is dififcult to achieve equivalence between the rural and the urban; and the progress is hard to balance; compensation standards for destroy the old and build the new is low; and it is also dififcult to relfect the land property rights. Opportunity that is faced with: the state attaches great importance to the comprehensive improvement of the rural land;and it is a moment of great opportunity to advance the whole village; and the construction of ecological civilization and beautiful countryside must be comprehensively promoted. Threats are: cultivated land protection situation remains severe; the contradiction between supply and demand of construction land is still glaring;security measures such as laws and regulations are still deifciency. In response to this, this paper suggests that land reclamation management approach of Anhui province should be published. And integrating zoning with pattern is necessary. In addition, the mechanism of fund safeguard must be improved so as to protect farmers' land property rights.%农村土地综合整治已经成为推进安徽省工业化、城镇化和农业现代化的重大战略选择,运用SWOT分析法,分析得出:优势(S),实施经验丰富,整治潜力巨大,群众基础坚实深入;劣势(W),目标缺乏综合性,乡村与城市难以实现等值化,进展难以均衡,宅就建新补偿标准低,宅基地财产权难以体现;机遇(O),国家高度重视,整村推进时机难得,“生态文明”和“美好乡村”建设全面推进;挑战(T),耕地保护形势

  8. Study on the ICT Development Level of Elementary Education in Central China--Based on the Data Analysis of 5 Provinces 14 Cities (Districts) From Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Henan and Anhui%我国中部地区基础教育信息化发展水平研究*--基于湖北、湖南、江西、河南、安徽5省14个市(区)的调查分析

    吴砥; 李枞枞; 周文婷; 卢春


    The 5 provinces in central China have similar economic standard and large educational scale. The overall development level of ICT in elementary education in central China is inferior to medium level in nationwide scope. Besides, there is considerably gap among different provinces and different districts in the same province. Based on the spot check data of 14 districts from the 5 provinces, the paper made comparative analysis on the current situation of ICT development level in elementary education in central China. This signiifcant factors which impact the development of the ICT in elementary education in central China include:(1) The disparities of digital resources become obvious. The vast majority of primary and secondary schools haven’t set up school-based resource center, and the situation of high quality digital resources supported by teaching material has become worse; (2) The recognition degree of the information-based teaching application have been gradually improved. However, the application has not been infused into the link of teaching; (3) The ICT management in elementary education is in the initial stage. The application and popularization of ICT management in elementary education should be reinforced; (4) The ICT development level in provincial capital city and side-provincial capital cities are signiifcantly higher than ordinary city. The difference of ICT development of elementary education among districts is obvious.%我国中部5省经济水平相当,基础教育规模接近且总量较大,基础教育信息化整体发展水平在全国范围内属于中等偏下,省域间、省域内的差异较大。基于中部5省14市(区)的基础教育信息化抽样调查数据,该文对我国中部地区省域间、省域内的基础教育信息化发展现状及其差异性进行对比分析。研究发现影响中部省份基础教育信息化发展的显著因素包括:(1)数字资源整体差异较大,绝大部分中小学校未建

  9. Empirical Analysis on Regional Distribution of Export Commodities in Anhui Province from 1999 to 2010%1999—2010年安徽省出口商品地区分布的实证分析

    王力; 程苗


    The regional distribution of export commodities in Anhui Province is at a certain state of imbalance, concentrating mainly on Japan, ASEAN of Asia, Hong Kong, EU of Europe and America of North America. It shows that the export commodities of Anhui Province have less reliance on the traditional target market with the export market being increasingly dispersed. The concentration of the traditional export market is decreasing while the distribution of interior areas is uneven, thus the concentration and distribution of the new market increase correspondingly. In this case, Anhui Province should diversify its export market, taking efficient measures to im- prove the regional distribution of its export commodities.%安徽省出口商品地区分布存在一定程度的不平衡性,主要集中于亚洲的日本、东盟和中国香港地区,欧洲的欧盟和北美洲的美国。这反映出安徽省出口商品对传统出口目标市场依赖程度降低,出口市场日益分散化。传统市场出口集中度下降,但内部地区分布不均匀;新兴市场出口集中度和均匀度均提高。为此,安徽省需要深化出口市场多元化战略,采取切实可行的措施,优化出口商品地区分布。

  10. 安徽省小麦品种对白粉病的抗性分析%Resistance Identification of Wheat Cultivars on Powdery Mildew in Anhui Province

    姚冬明; 张沙沙; 陈莉; 丁克坚


    [Objective] The research aimed to study the resistance to powdery mildew of the tried and pre-examination wheat cultivars in Anhui Province.[Method] All the wheat cultivars in the experiment were artificial inoculated and then the disease severities were assessed.[Result]The high-infection cultivars were 30%,the mid-infection cultivars were 53% and the mid-resistant cultivars were 17% in 2010.In 2011,the high-infection cultivars were 42%,the mid-infection cultivars were 47% and the mid-resistant cultivars were 11%.In 2012,the high-infection cultivars were 11%,the mid-infection cultivars were 57% and the mid-resistant cultivars were 32%.[Conclusion] It can guide the breeding direction,and provide scientific basis for variety certification.%[目的]明确安徽省正试和预试品种对小麦白粉病的抗性水平.[方法]采用田间人工接种鉴定的方法,连续3年对供试的小麦品种进行了抗性鉴定.[结果]2010年参试品种对白粉病表现高感的品种占30%,中感品种占53%,中抗品种占17%;2011年高感品种占42%,中感品种占47%,中抗品种占11%;2012年表现为高感的品种占11%,中感品种占57%,中抗品种占32%.[结论]为引导育种方向及品种审定提供了理论依据.


    唐鑫生; 方德安; 黄晓根


    Research on amphibian and reptile was made in the Linan Nature Reserve from July 1998 to October 2000. There were 19 species of amphibian (belonging to 7 families,9 genera) and 32 species of reptile (belonging to 9 families,23 genera). They amounted to 48.6% of the total amphibian and reptile in Anhui Province. However,they only occupied 0.021% of the area of the province. 16 species of them have been listed in the "China Red Data Book of Endangered Animals". Faunal specification showed that 76% of the whole were Oriental Realm elements; 24 % were cosmopolitan species; and no Palaearctic Realm elements were found (not including one unidentified species). Unfortunately,these amphibians and reptiles were facing great danger due to illegal hunting. Thus,the authors suggested a research on the sustainable use of natural resources be carried out,together with making more efforts on its conservation and strict control of illegal hunting.%1998年7月至2000年10月,对岭南自然保护区进行了两栖爬行动物调查,发现有两栖动物19种(隶属7科9属),爬行动物32种(隶属9科23属),占安徽省两栖爬行动物种数的48.6%,而面积仅为全省的0.021%,被列入中国濒危动物红皮书的有16种之多。区系特点:东洋界成分占76%,东洋界古北界广布种占24%,无古北界成分(未定种一种不算在内)。非法捕捉已使这里的两栖爬行动物生存面临极大的威胁,建议在加大保护的宣传力度和严厉打击不法分子的同时,积极开展资源可持续利用的研究。

  12. Morphological Variation of Conodonts Platyvillosus from Yinkeng Formation in Chaohu,Anhui Province,China

    Zhao Laishi; Tong Jinnan; Michael J Orchard


    A preciously undescribed Lower Triassic sequence of a series of multiple cycles of mud-lime rocks, with the argillaceous content decreasing upward while limestone becomes the dominant lithology in the upper part, contains abundant fossils such as conodonts, ammonoids and bivalves. The Yinkeng Formation is the oldest Triassic unit represented, and it conformably overlies dark-gray thin-bedded argillaceous silicalite and intercalated grayish illite clay interbeds of the Upper Permian of Dalong Formation.Conodont samples collected from west Pingdingshan Section, one of four measured sections in Chaohu,yielded abundant Lower Triassic conodonts from the middle part of the Yinkeng Formation. Most interesting and unusual is the abundant occurrence of Platyvillosus in seven samples from the FlemingitesEuflemingites bearing (Smithian) mudstone, rhyolitic clay and limestone part of the section. The associated conodonts are Neospathodus dieneri type 1, N. dieneri type 2, N. dieneri type 3, N. cristagalii, N. waageni eowaageni (nov. subsp. ), N. waageni elongata (nov. subsp. ), N. waageni waageni,N. sp. G (nov. sp.), N. sp. L (nov. sp.), N. sp. H (nov. sp.), N. alberti, N. novaehollandiae,N. peculiaris, N. aff. discretus, N. conservativus, Parachirognathodus sp. and ramiform elements.The species Platyvillosus, which is restricted to a 1. 32 m interval, reveals great variety in shape and denticle ornamentation pattern on the platform. The morphological study of the samples indicates that all speciemens with denticles on the upper surface can be included in intraspecific variation in Platyvillosus costatus (Staesche). Platyvillosus hamadai (Koike), marked by smooth upper surface, also appears to be connected by transitional forms in some samples. The fauna corresponds closely with that of the Taho limestone in Japan, although the depositionai environments differ. The associated lithologies of the Yinkeng Formation within Chaohu area reflect a deeper and iow energy remaining basin of the northern edge of the Lower Yangtze block.

  13. Spatio-temporal Characteristics of Residential Land Growth in Hefei of Anhui Province, China

    CHU Jinlong; XU Jiangang; GAO Shu


    We used the maps of urban land-use in 1978, 1991, 1994, 2000 and 2004, and softwares such as ArcGIS, Fragstats to analyze the spatio-temporal process of urban residential space quantitatively. Some methods, such as direction analysis and landscape pattern analysis, were employed. The results show that: 1) the residential land grew very rapidly in Hefei from 1978 to 2004, and the increased land was distributed mainly in the central city zone surrounded by a moat; however, after 1994, it was distributed mainly outside the 1th Ring Road; 2) the expansion speeds were very different in different directions: there exists a fastest expansion of residential land in the directions of NE-NNE, SW and SSE, and a slowest one in the directions of E and SEE; 3) the residential land growth went through four stages: slow circular expansion in 1978-1991, 'axes + fan wings' expansion in 1991-1994, more rapid circular expansion in 1994-2000 and 'fan-wings' expansion in 2000-2004; 4) the expansion intensity was also different in all directions in the period of 1978 to 1994, and the most was in SW and then NW; and 5) there were more and more residential land area, and the spatial agglomeration was improved increasingly.

  14. Magma source and evolution law in Yueshan ore field, Anhui Province, China

    刘忠法; 邵拥军; 张建东; 疏志明; 张宇


    Major elements, trace elements and sulfur, oxygen isotopic compositions of the main intrusions were studied in Yueshan area. The fact that intrusions enriched in Th and Sr, and depleted in Rb and Ba in this area, suggests that the original magma roots in alkali basalt magma of upper mantle, with deep characteristics. It can be seen that the diagenesis environments are the island arc and active continental margin areas from the lgτto lgσdiagram of intrusions. With the increase of SiO2, Fe2O3, MnO and P2O5 decrease, which shows that the magma of Yueshan area endured crystal fractionation of ferromanganese mineral and apatite in early evolution stage. With the further rise and evolution of magma, magma composition of calcium increased, meanwhile enriched in Zr, and depleted in Nb and Ta. This indicates that crustal component is gradually added, the assimilation and contamination occur between magma and crustal material, which includes the magma evolving, from calc-alkaline series to alkaline series. The results show that crystal fractionation, assimilation and contamination are the main evolution law of magma in this area.

  15. 安徽省工业结构及相对优势变动研究%Research on Industrial Structure of Anhui Province and Its Relative Superiority Alteration

    朱同林; 苏勤


    Industrial structure of Anhui province and its relative superiority alteration was calculated and analyzed by using methods of location quotient and structural coefficient analysis on correlative statistical data. The results indicated that the sections which had relative superiority were distributed in light industrial, excavation industry and material industry. The change trend of industrial structure of Anhui province in the whole was as follows: light industry was a specialized predominance department but its superiority was declining; processing industry was an interior department and its status still went down since 1990s; excavation and material industries were traditional dominance departments and they were still an important support to the development of Anhui industry even though some fluctuation appeared sometimes. The relative status of different business line in Anhui province have changed after entering the 21st century, such as the status' promotion of processing industry,especially manufacturing industry of traffic equipment, which had replaced the position of textile industry and became the biggest business line in output.%采用区位熵法和结构系数变动分析法,运用相关统计资料对安徽工业结构及相对优势变动进行计算分析和研究.结果表明:安徽省工业的相对优势部门主要分布在轻工业、采掘和原料工业.安徽省工业结构整体变动趋势:轻工业是专业化优势部门,但优势在弱化;加工业是安徽的劣势部门,90年代以来相对地位还在下降;采掘和原料工业是传统优势产业,虽然位置波动较大,但仍然是安徽省工业发展的重要支撑.进入新世纪后,安徽省行业相对地位发生了的变化,加工部门的一些行业位置提升较快,最明显的是交通运输设备制造业取代了纺织业成为产值占工业总产值比例最大的行业.

  16. A Probe into the Reform of Land Requisition Compensation System: Based on the Survey of Rural Areas in Anhui Province

    Liuzhong; CHEN; Zhongxiang; YU; Jiali; WANG


    Using stakeholder survey,documentation and policy analysis,through the survey of stakeholders,this paper aims to explore the problems in the collectively owned land requisition compensation system and their causes,and put forth the reform ideas and measures to provide a reference for the development of new urbanization. The results show that there are some problems in the current land requisition compensation system,such as improper land requisition compensation standard and calculation method,low compensation standard,unsound social security system,irrational compensation and placement methods and low satisfaction of farmers whose land is requisitioned. Therefore,it is necessary to accelerate the reform of land requisition compensation system and smooth progress of new urbanization construction in accordance with the requirements of 3rd Plenum of the 18 th Communist Party of China(CPC).

  17. 农业FDI对安徽省农产品出口影响的实证分析%An Empirical Analysis of Influence of Agricultural FDI on the Exportation of Agricultural Products of Anhui Province



    通过对安徽省2003年至2012年农产品出口贸易和农业FDI的统计检验和回归分析,发现安徽农产品出口的增长与其农业FDI的实际利用金额成正相关关系,农业FDI的增长能够在一定程度上促进农产品的出口。在此实证分析结果基础上提出一系列的政策建议促进农产品出口和农业FDI的良性循环,保证安徽省农产品贸易的健康发展。%This paper makes a statistical test and regression analysis of the export transactions of agricultural products and agri-cultural FDI, which shows there is a positive correlation between the growth of agricultural products and the actual agricultural FDI of Anhui Province and the growth of agricultural FDI can promote the export of agricultural products to a certain extent. Based on the results of this eempirical analysis, this paper puts forward a series of policy recommedations boost the export of agricultural products and positive circle of agricultural FDI so as to ensure the healthy development of exportation of agricultural products of Anhui province.

  18. Allele Types ofRcGene of Weedy Rice from Jiangsu Province, China

    LIXiao-yan; QIANGSheng; SONGXiao-ling; CAIKun; SUNYi-na; SHIZhi-hua; DAIWei-min


    Weedy rice(Oryza sativaf.spontanea), the predominant type of which has a red pericarp, seriously inhibits growth and yield of direct-seeded rice in Jiangsu Province, China. In this study, we randomly selected 10 weedy rice accessions from 10 plots in Jiangsu, and then sequenced the full lengths of theirRcgenes (approximately 6.4 kb). In addition, we collected 166 different full-lengthRc genes in theOryzagenus from the literature and from GenBank. A collinearity sequence analysis showed that the 10 weedy riceaccessions from Jiangsu all had the same wild-type allele of theRcgene. Single nucleotide polymorphisms indicated thatthe nucleotide polymorphisms (π= 0.19) and theproportion of segregation sites(θw= 0.28) of theRcgenes in the 10 weedy rice accessions from Jiangsu were higher than those in 56 weedy rice accessions from USA (π= 0.09 andθw= 0.07). Haplotype and phylogenetic analyses showed thattheRcgenes of weedy rice accessions from Jiangsu were not revertants of therc gene found in Asian cultivated rice(O. sativa) varietieswith white pericarp. In addition,Rcgene sequences of the rice varieties Lvdao from Lianyungang, Jiangsu and Tangdao from Anhui were more similar to those of cultivated rice than to the weedy rice from Jiangsu. These findings support the continued quarantine of weedy rice and clarify the evolutionary mechanism of the red pericarp found in the weedy rice of Jiangsu.

  19. 安徽农业资源投入的增产效果分析%The Effects of Agricultural Resources Input on Yield Increasing in Anhui Province

    张燕; 张洪; 高翔


    without increasing the resource input; 3) It is not proper to increase the integrated output by increasing the resource input. The former two states are comparatively reasonable. The second state is especially fit the needs of saving resources in agriculture production and the requirement of sustainable agricultural development. By contrast with the former two states, the third state means that it is the right time to change the mode of local agricultural production. Using the data in Anhui statistical yearbook 2003 and 2009 and the above methods, we also studied the effect of resource input on output increase in agriculture production of Anhui province. The results indicate that from the perspective of the effect of resource input in specific area, increasing the resource input brings the increase of integrated agriculture output in Bozhou, Lu' an, Wuhu, Chizhou and Huangshan, but negative increase in Hefei, Huaibei, Suzhou, Bengbu, Fuyang, Xuancheng and Tongling. From the perspective of resource input, the marginal utilization efficiencies of irrigation, chemical fertilizer, agricultural pesticide and the control of soil erosion are higher and the utilization states of these resources in most areas of Anhui accord with the former two states. However, the marginal utilization efficiencies of agricultural machinery, electricity consumption, the irrigated area with saved water and the plastic films for farm use are lower and the utilization states of these resources accord with the third state.

  20. 安徽省中学生危害健康行为与美国中学生的比较%Comparison of the health-risk behaviors of high school students in Anhui province with those in America

    张洪波; 应焱燕; 陶芳标; 曾广玉; 曹秀菁; 许韶君


    Objective This study exams effects of social factors on the prevalence rates of health-risk behaviors among high school students and documents intervention survey. Methods The survey of Anhui province used a three-stage cluster sample design and included 7,503 students in grades 9~12.The information of American students was from results of the national school-based 1991 youth risk behavior survey. Results The health-risk behaviors are less in high school students in Anhui province than those in America.The prevalence rate of cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking in male students is more than female significantly in Anhui province while there is no significantly difference between Amrican male and female students and that in grade 12 is the highest in grade 9~12 in Anhui province and America. Furthermore, the prevalence rate of the intentional injurey behavior is highest in grade 9 and no significantly difference in grade 10~12 in Anhui province while that is lowest in grade 12 and no significantly different in grade 9~12. Conclusions Prevention intervention should be aimed at health-risk behavior and related social factors at the same time.%目的探讨社会因素对中学生危害健康行为流行特征的影响。方法采取分层整群抽样方法以无记名方式对安徽省中学生危害健康行为进行现场问卷调查;美国资料来源于CDC1991年中学生危害健康行为监测。结果安徽省中学生危害健康行为低于美国,安徽省和美国中学生攻击行为男生高于女生,自杀行为女生高于男生,吸烟和饮酒行为报告率安徽省男生高于女性,美国男、女生差异无显著性;吸烟和饮酒行为美国以12年级学生最高,与安徽省一致;故意伤害行为安徽省以初三学生最高,高中各年级间差异无显著性,而美国为12级学生最低,9~11年级间差异无显著性。结论中学生危害健康行为干预应针对相关社会因素采取相

  1. 安徽省夏秋季蚊类初步调查%Primary investigation of mosquito population composition in Anhui province

    侯银续; 吴明生; 张家林; 张跃玉; 陆群; 王晓敏; 苏宝; 魏永; 吴丽琴; 于修贵


    Objective To identify the population composition, distribution and biology of mosquitoes in Anhui province as evidence for the development of control strategies against mosquito - borne diseases. Methods Mosquito were captured or collected by the man-hour or light trap methods. Results From August to September 2009, 2086 mosquitoes were captured, which belonged to 10 species, 5 subgenera, 4 genera and 2 subfamily. The dominant species was Culex tritaeruorhynchus (67.79%), and Cx. Pipiens pollens (12.03%), Cx. Bitaeniorhynchus (11.79%), Armigeres subalbatus (5.03%) and Anopheles sinensis (1.58%) were commonly seen in summer. The mosquito populations varied in different habitats. Conclusion The mosquito population composition was dependent on habitat type, breeding resources, climate and geographic factors. Hence, effective mosquito control strategies should be tailored to local mosquito population structures.%目的 初步掌握安徽省蚊虫的分布特点及生态习性,为蚊虫及蚊媒疾病的防制工作提供科学依据.方法 诱蚊灯法及人工小时法.结果 本次调查共诱捕成蚊2086只,分属2亚科4属5亚属10种.夏秋季节三带喙库蚊为优势蚊种(67.79%),淡色库蚊(12.03%)、二带喙库蚊(11.79%)、骚扰阿蚊(5.03%)和中华按蚊(1.58%)为该季节的常见蚊种.不同地区和生境蚊类种群结构差异较大.结论 研究区域蚊类种群结构除与气候条件和地理区划有关外,还与孳生环境类型和生境多样性有很大关系,因此在灭蚊工作中必须根据当地蚊类种群结构,并结合实际情况才能有效控制蚊虫和蚊媒疾病.

  2. Comparative Analysis of Two Tornado Events over Northern Anhui Province%皖北两次龙卷过程对比分析

    王德育; 张学贤


    An analysis is made of two tornado events in Lingbi and Sixian counties, Anhui Province, by means of the conventional data, NCEP data, intensive observations, and Doppler radar data. The results show: the tornadoes occurred on the left of the low level jet at the intersection point of high-humidity center and vapor convergence center; before tornadoes appeared, the low level vertical wind shear was strong; the tornadoes occurred in the areas where the ground convergence was the strongest; there were clear vortex features and a mid-level cyclone in 10 to 20 minutes before tornado occurred; the Lingbi tornado appeared in the south of the storm with strong radar echoes under 3 km; the Sixian tornado appeared at the center of the banded radar echoes with strong splited and protruded echoes, and the mesocyclone top descended.%利用常规资料、NCEP再分析资料、高密度地面自动站资料、多普勒天气雷达资料,对安徽省灵璧县和泗县发生的两次龙卷过程进行对比分析.结果表明:龙卷风发生在低空急流的北端左侧以及高湿中心和水汽辐合中心的交汇处;龙卷风发生前低层垂直风切变强烈;龙卷风发生在地面辐合最强的地方,为判断龙卷风可能发生的区域提供了线索;龙卷风发生前10~20 min均有龙卷涡旋特征报警,同时有中等强度中气旋配合;灵璧龙卷风出现在母体风暴的南端,强回波在3 km以下;泗县龙卷风发生在带状回波的中部,中气旋由弱发展为中等强度后一个体扫龙卷出现,龙卷风发生时强回波有断裂和突前以及中气旋顶高下降的特征.

  3. A survey on diet habits of rural residents in Anhui province%安徽农村居民饮食习惯调查分析

    胡光辉; 陈桂梅; 杨冉; 崔陈敏; 李茜茜; 孙莉; 朱继民


    目的:了解农村居民饮食习惯,为农村健康教育的开展提供参考.方法:以自编问卷进行面对面访谈,采用EpiData软件进行录入,SPSS 17.0软件作统计处理.结果:共调查3 014名居民,饮食有规律者占75% (2 235/2 978),有良好的早餐习惯者占80.1% (2 401/2 980);存在饮食偏好者占44.8%(1 325/2 957);肉食搭配比较合理者占86%(2 564/2 983);每天都有摄入蔬菜者占63.1%(2 438/2 945);居民每天都有摄入水果者占28.7% (785/2 939);食用油以植物油为主者占79% (2 351/2 977),不同人群间差异有统计学意义(P<0.001).结论:安徽地区农村居民饮食习惯仍存在较大的提升空间.%Objective:To find out the food habits in inhabitants living in rural areas for the evidence of health education in this group of dwellings. Methods:We conducted the interview on the diet habits by self-programmed questionnaire,created the database with software EpiData Entry and processed the data with SPSS 17.0. Results:Of the 3 014 participants, 75% (2235/2978) had regular diet prescription, 80. 1% (2 401/ 2 980) practiced the habit of having breakfast,44. 8% (I 325/2 957 ) had partiality for a kind of particular food,86% (2 564/2 983 ) included reasonable meat portion in their diet,63. 1% (2 438/2 945)took in vegetables as part of their daily elements, 28.7% (785/2 939) contained daily fruits,and 79% (2 351/2 977) prescribed plant-source oils in their daily dishes. There was statistical difference regarding sexes,ages,educational level and living locations( P <0. 001 ). Conclusion :The food habits should be modified for some residents living in rural villages in Anhui province in order to live healthier life.

  4. Seasonal and Spatial Variability of Vegetation and Land Surface Temperature in Anhui Province%安徽省植被和地表温度季节变化及空间分布特征

    张宏群; 杨元建; 荀尚培; 何彬方; 张爱民; 吴文玉


    Anhui Province lies in the transitional area between temperate zone and subtropical zone, so the climate here is warm and moist, and the four seasons are distinct. The north of the Huaihe River possesses a half-moist monsoon climate of warm temperate zone while the south of the Huaihe River possesses a subtropical moist monsoon climate. As a result, the climate is very suitable for various kinds of crops and plants. On the other hand, many kinds of natural disasters, such as drought, flood, and cold happen frequently every year in Anhui Province, influencing agriculture, ecosystem and people living significantly.Land vegetation and surface temperature play important roles in climate change, resource and environment change, agricultural monitoring and so on, while their in-situ investigation is very limited. Fortunately, satellite remote sensing is used widely to monitor macroscopical, large-scale, dynamic continuous vegetation and surface temperature during recent years. Using MODIS data from 2001 to 2008, seasonal,monthly and spatial variability of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and land surface temperature (LST) of Anhui Province are explored. Furthermore, the relationship between NDVI and LST is analyzed. Also, spatiotemporal variability of NDVI and LST in 4 cities of Anhui Province are analyzed. The results show that spatiotemporal variability of NDVI and LST in Anhui Province are obvious. Due to local climate, the differences of vegetation lead to different seasonal changes and spatial distribution characteristics of LST in Anhui. For instance, due to evergreen broadleaf forests in South Mountain area and Dabie Mountain area, both NDVI and LST seasonal variations are smaller and they are positive correlated. However, in the north and middle most areas, the deciduous broad-leaved vegetation and seasonal crops (rice,wheat, corn, soybean, rape, etc. ) have greatly enlarged the seasonal variations of NDVI and LST, and their positive correlation is

  5. Research on Countermeasures for Further Development of Animation Industry in Anhui Province%安徽省动漫产业进一步发展的对策研究

    张佑生; 陶宗华


      近年来安徽省动漫产业发展十分迅速。然而,与先进省市相比,各方面的差距都比较明显,存在不少问题。通过对全省动漫产业发展实际进行仔细分析和冷静思考,对相关问题进行深入研究,对动漫产业的进一步发展提出了相关对策的建议。%Animation industry in Anhui Province has been devel-oped rapidly in recent years. However, there are some problems in this area, the gaps between the province and the advanced provinces or cities are quite distinct. Through careful analysis and calm thinking and deep study to the animation industry in the province, some suggests are put forward about countermeasure for further development of animation industry in the province.

  6. 安徽农村地区创业型人力资源开发策略研究%Research on the Tactics of Entrepreneurial Human Resource Development in Rural Areas of Anhui Province

    施培智; 韦文联; 程业炳


    创业型人力资源具有引领示范、带头带动等作用,在安徽农村地区人力资源开发中居于重要位置,具有转变农村人力资源思想观念、完善农村人力资源结构、解决当下农村人力资源问题、调整安徽农业经济结构等方面的意义。为此,可从加强农村人力资源现状筛查,加强农民基础性教育和培训,完善农民创业保障,面向打工回乡创业者开展创业教育,加强创业培训师的遴选和培训等方面,加强安徽农村创业型人力资源开发。%Entrepreneurial human resource plays an important role in Anhui rural areas' human resource development,for entrepreneurial human resource can set the example for the other kinds of human resources.The paper demonstrates the significance of cultivating the entrepreneurial human resource in Anhui rural areas,from the aspects of updating the ideological thoughts of human resources,improving human resources' structure,solving the current human resource problems,adjusting the agricultural economical structures.With the problems analysis,the paper offers six concrete measures,namely,select proper human resource,strengthen the fundamental education and training,improve the entrepreneurial guarantee,offer entrepreneurial education toward the labors back home from cities,strengthen the selection and training of entrepreneurship teacher that benefits the entrepreneurial human resource in rural areas of Anhui province.

  7. Distribution Characteristics of Producing Area, Geological Background and Development Countermeasures of Famous Tea in Anhui Province%安徽省名茶产地分布特征、地质背景与发展对策

    张鑫; 陈芬洁; 俞婷婷


    通过对安徽省名茶产地的实地调查,从地质学角度分析了安徽省名茶产地的地质背景对土壤中元素组合、土壤类型的影响,探讨了茶叶品质与立地环境的关系,分析了茶叶优异的品质与地质背景的相关性.结果表明,安徽省名茶产地的成土母质主要为石英砂岩、花岗岩和片麻岩等,成土母质各有特点;各类成土母质为茶树生长提供了大量的营养物质,特别是有益的微量元素对提高茶叶品质起到了重要作用.并且从已发现的名茶产地地质学规律出发,提出了安徽省的名茶发展对策.%Based on the spot investigation on famous tea in Anhui province, the geological background affecting the soil elements assemblages and soil types was analyzed; the relationship between tea quality and site conditions of growing areas was discussed; and the interrelation between excellent tea quality and geological background conditions was analyzed. The results showed that the main soil parent materials of famous tea-producing areas in Anhui province were quartz sandstone, granite and gneiss with their own peculiarity. These parent materials provide abundant nutrimental materials, especially beneficial trace elements critical to the tea quality, for the growth of tea plant. Developmental strategies for the production of famous tea in the whole province were proposed from the geological point of view.

  8. 安徽湿地保护管理现状与发展对策%Current Status and Development Strategies of Wetland Conservation and Management in Anhui Province

    卢琳琳; 顾长明


    安徽湿地资源具有面积大、类型多、分布不均、水系发达、水质差别大和生物物种丰富等特点。安徽湿地保护面临着人口增长和经济快速发展的双重压力,湖泊围垦、泥沙淤积、环境污染、过度渔猎、江湖隔绝、生物入侵、基建和城市化对湿地保护构成严重威胁。本文在详细分析安徽湿地资源保护管理现状和存在问题的基础上,提出了实施湿地恢复与重建工程、完善法规、加强科研宣教、健全组织机构、建立湿地监测网络、增加资金投入等一系列全面推进安徽湿地保护管理工作的措施。%The wetland resources of Anhui Province have characteristics including large surface area,multiple wetland types, uneven distribution,well - developed water systems,varied water quality,and abundant wildlife.Wetland protection in Anhui Province faces pressure from human population growth and rapid economic development.There are many serious threats to wetland protection including lake reclamation,sediment deposition,environment pollution,overfishing,isolation of river and lake,biological invasions,infrastructure construction,and urbanization.Based on the current status and existing problems of the wetland resources conservation and management in Anhui provinces we offer recommendations to guide future policy formulation and implementation of wetland conservation and management.These include implementation of programs on wetland restoration and reconstruction,improving and perfecting laws and regulations,strengthening scientific research and public education, reinforcement of management organizations,construction of wetland monitoring system,and increasing financial support.

  9. Nontyphoidal Salmonella Infection, Guangdong Province, China, 2012(1).

    Huang, Xi; Huang, Qiong; Dun, Zhongjun; Huang, Wei; Wu, Shuyu; Liang, Junhua; Deng, Xiaoling; Zhang, Yonghui


    We used active and passive surveillance to estimate nontyphoidal Salmonella (NTS) infection during 2012 in Guangdong Province, China. Under passive surveillance, for every reported NTS infection, an estimated 414.8 cases occurred annually. Under active surveillance, an estimated 35.8 cases occurred. Active surveillance provides remarkable advantages in incidence estimate. PMID:26982074

  10. Remediation of Legacy Arsenic Mining Areas in Yunnan Province, China

    Ian H. von Lindern


    Conclusions. The success of the demonstration project was recognized and has provided direction and momentum for a wider effort by the Province to address mining pollution and water contamination challenges. It demonstrates the success of using known techniques for environmental remediation in the US, with local partners in China responding to their communities’ health and environmental problems.

  11. Human rabies in Zhejiang Province, China

    Jiangping Ren


    Conclusions: The majority of rabies cases occurred among 40–65-year-old male residents of northern, mid-west, and southeast Zhejiang Province. Further health education is needed to increase the coverage of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP in people exposed to possible rabid animals and rabies vaccine use in household animals.

  12. 安徽省农村劳动力流动就业问题研究%Anhui Province Rural Labor Flow and Research of Obtain Employment Problem



    Abstract: Keeping an eye on the.current flow of Anhui rural labor, this paper carries out an investigation and a- nalysis of the employment skills, the channels of employment, social security etc. Aiming at finding out the obs- tades of Anhui rural labor flow of employment mechanism of system, and puts forward corresponding solutions. In order to improve the quality of Anhui rural migrant workers, the government should strengthen professional quali- ty, perfect management flow and employment service flow and employment, and realize the harmonious develop-ment of the society.%就当前安徽农村流动劳动力的就业技能、就业渠道、社会保障、权利维护等几方面的现状进行调查分析,找出造成安徽农村劳动力流动就业问题的体制机制障碍,并提出相应的解决对策。以期提高安徽农民工职业素质,加强流动就业管理,完善流动就业服务,实现城乡社会和谐发展。

  13. Zhu Yun’s Educational Activities in Mufu,Anhui Province%朱筠安徽幕府的教育活动



    朱筠是清中期一位著名学者,倡导识字通经,毕生重视人才的发现与培养,一生培养了大量人才。他在出任安徽学政时,一方面以识字通经教育安徽士子,有力改变了安徽学风;另一方面对幕中宾客学风产生影响,使许多幕宾实现了学术的转向。朱筠的教育活动推动了乾嘉朴学的发展。%Zhu Yun was a famous scholar in the mid Qing Dynasty.He initiated reading through and in all his life,he attached importance to discovering and cultivating talents and fostered a number of talents.When he was made educator in Anhui,on one hand,he educated the students in Anhui to read through,which changed the learning style in Anhui,and on the other hand,he had great impact on the learning style of the guests in Muzhong,which enabled many guests to change their academic orienta-tion.ZhuYun’s educational activities promoted the development of the Qianjia Down to earth Learn-ing Theory.

  14. Present Situation and Development Strategy of Strategic Emerging Industries in Anhui Province-Based on the Perspective of Integration of Market Resources in the Yangtze River Delta%安徽省战略性新兴产业现状及发展策略--基于长三角市场资源整合视角



    In recent years, strategic emerging industries have become a powerful driving force and an important support for the economic development of Anhui Province. Based on Anhui geographical location and economic development level, how to integrate docking strong market resources is an important issue for the development of strategic emerging industries in Anhui Province. The paper puts forward the development strategies for strategic emerging industries of Anhui Province from the per-spective of integration of market resources in the Yangtze River Delta, on the basis of the analyses on the present situation of strategic emerging industries and the advantages of Anhui Province in the use of market resources in the Yangtze River Delta.%近年来,战略性新兴产业已成为安徽省经济发展的强大动力和重要支撑,但是鉴于安徽省的地理位置和经济发展水平,如何整合对接强势市场资源,是安徽省战略性新兴产业发展的重要课题。文章在对安徽省战略性新兴产业发展情况、安徽省利用长三角市场资源的优势进行分析的基础上,提出基于长三角市场资源整合的安徽省战略性新兴产业发展策略。

  15. 安徽省2005-2009年钩端螺旋体病疫情动态监测分析%Analysis on the epidemic trend and surveillence of leptospirosis in Anhui Province from 2005 to 2009

    李青; 刘红; 范引光; 顾黎丽


    目的 了解安徽省钩端螺旋体病(简称钩体病)流行特征,为制定防治对策提供科学依据.方法 用描述性流行病学的方法对2005-2009年安徽省钩体病流行特征进行分析,采用病原学、血清学检测方法探索主要的流行菌群.结果 2005-2009年安徽省钩体病年平均发病率为0.055/10万,发病率最高年份是2007年(0.085/10万),职业分布以农民为主,占87.15%(156/179).年龄分布以15~60岁为主,占86.59%(155/179),男女病例数之比为2.25:1(124/55).病例主要分布在旌德县(57例)、歙县(52例)及黄山区(15例).2005-2009年共检测出177株毒株,其中黄疸出血群占93.22%(165/177).健康人群血清学检测阳性率为5.64%(122/2 162),以黄疸出血群为主,占68.03%(83/122),黑线姬鼠为优势种,占84.55%(1 779/2 104),带菌率为8.94%(159/1 779).结论 安徽省钩体病流行菌群为黄疸出血群,主要宿主是黑线姬鼠,钩体病流行血清群正在改变,需长期监测及时掌握疫情动态,采取有针对性预防控制措施.%Objective To study the epidemiological characteristics of leptospirosis in Anhui Province and provide evidence for making prevention and cure strategy. Methods Descriptive analysis of leptospirosis epidemic situation in Anhui Province from 2005 to 2009 was made, the main microbial population was explored by the patients and the host animals etiological and serological detection methods. Results The average morbidity of leptospirosis in Anhui Province from 2005 to 2009 was 0. 055/100 000. The highest incidence was 0. 085/100 000 in 2007, the major patients were farmers (87.15%, 156/179). Most of the patients were from 15 years to 60 years (86.59%, 155/179), the male to female ratio was 2.25:1(124/55). Most cases were found in Jingde County (57 cases), and Shexian County (52 cases), followed by Huangshan District (15 cases). 177 strains were detected from 2005 to 2009, of which 165 strains of jaundice bleeding group (93.22%, 165

  16. The analyses on health literacy status among residents of Anhui Province in 2012%2012年安徽省居民健康素养现状分析

    仲学锋; 王志敏; 张莲芝


    Objective To understand the current situation of health literacy among residents of Anhui Province, and to provide scientific basis for developing intervention strategy .Methods By multi-stage stratified random cluster sam-pling,3209 randomly chosen residents aged 15 -69 years old were investigated.Results The overall level of adjusted health literacy (AHL)among the residents of Anhui Province was 4.73%.The AHL rates in the 3 health literacy related as-pects as basic health concept and knowledge,healthy lifestyle and behaviors,and health related skills were 14.39%, 8.11%and 4.80%,respectively.The AHL rates of 6 health issues as safety and first aid,attitude towards health,health information,infectious diseases prevention,chronic non-communicable diseases prevention and basic medical care among the residents of Anhui Province were 42.70%,28.36%,10.75%,15.69%,9.83%,and 5.79%,respectively.The overall AHL rate and the AHL rates in the 3 health literacy related aspects were all higher among the males than among the female,higher among the urban residents than among the rural residents,and higher among the residents under 45 years old than among those aged 45 years old and above.The higher the education level of the respondents,the higher the proportion of AHL.Conclusion The basic health literacy among residents of Anhui Province is low.Residents who live in rural area,fe-males,aged over 45 and lower education are priority target population for health education and promotion.%目的:了解安徽省居民的健康素养水平,为制定健康教育干预策略提供科学依据。方法采取多阶段随机整群抽样方法,抽取全省11个监测点3029名15~69岁常住居民进行调查。结果安徽省居民的健康素养水平为4.73%;具备3大类素养水平由高到低分别为:基本健康知识和理念的水平较高(14.39%),健康生活方式和行为为8.11%,健康技能4.80%;具备6类健康问题中,安全与急

  17. Malaria in Zhejiang Province, China, from 2005 to 2014

    Chen, Hualiang; Yao, Linong; Zhang, Lingling; Zhang, Xuan; Lu, Qiaoyi; Yu, Kegen; Ruan, Wei


    To summarize the changing epidemiological characteristics of malaria in Zhejiang Province, China, we collected data on malaria from the Chinese Notifiable Disease Reporting System (NDRS) and analyzed them. A total of 2,738 malaria cases were identified in Zhejiang Province from 2005 to 2014, of which 2,018 were male and 720 were female. Notably, only 7% of malaria cases were indigenous and the other cases were all imported. The number of malaria cases increased from 2005 to 2007, peaked in 20...

  18. The Investigation & Study of the Technical Aspects for Table Tennis Player in Higher Vocational Colleges in Anhui Province-The 13 th Sports Colleges & Universities Women Table Tennis Match Group as An Example in Anhui Province%安徽省高职院校乒乓球选手技术状况的调查与研究--以安徽十三届省运会高校部乒乓球比赛女子乙组为例



    As a sports, it has been carried out widespread in the colleges campus, table tennis which has been well received in many undergraduate. The table tennis had come a game in Anhui Games. By the means of question-naires and surveys, interview, data analysis the article will investigate the 13th games of vocational&technical col-lege in Anhui province in 2014, vocational 34 women table tennis players the game. I find their technical aspects that is not optimistic through analyzing the technical characteristics, skill levels, performance to women table tennis players. I make some suggestions and put forward countermeasures accordingly following three aspects for the col-lege authorities such as facilities available in table tennis, increasing coaches’ capacity, Improving training method, making reasonably training plans, paying more attention to the psychological training, strengthening psychological guidance, etc. I am looking forward to develop of higher vocational colleges in Anhui province women’s table tennis to provide valuable reference.%乒乓球运动作为在高校得到普遍开展的体育运动,深受在校大学生的欢迎。通过问卷调查与访谈的方式,以数据统计的方法,对参加2014年安徽十三届省运会高校女子乙组的10支高职院校女子代表队34名乒乓球参赛选手进行调查问卷与比赛结果的考察,并对选手比赛的技术特征、技术水平、参赛表现进行调查分析,发现选手的技术状况不容乐观。从完善训练设施,提升师资力量;推行科学的训练方法,制定合理的训练计划;重视心理训练,强化心理指导等三个方面提出发展对策,期望为安徽省高职院校女子乒乓球运动的发展提供有价值的参考。

  19. 促进产学研协同创新的财税政策研究--以安徽省为例%Study on Fiscal and Taxation Policies to Promote I-U-R Collaborative Innovation---Taking Anhui province as an example



    In today's world, innovation is the source for healthy and rapid development of economy and society, “industry-universi-ty-research institutions”collaborative innovation has become an important strategy of which the US and European countries get rid of the international financial crisis and promote economic recovery. With scientific and technological progress and the increasingly fierce com-petition, China is in urgent need of “industry -university-research” collaborative innovation. Anhui Province in the central region is rel-atively backward regions in Economic and social development, strengthening the leading role of collaborative innovation in economic and social development is an important way and the means of exerting the advantage of backwardness. In order to realize collaborative innova-tion of the universities, research and practice institutes in Anhui province, it is necessary to motivate the use of fiscal policy.%当今世界,创新是经济和社会快速健康发展的源动力,产学研协同创新已成为欧美国家摆脱国际金融危机和推动经济复苏的重要策略。面对日新月异的科技进步和日益激烈的综合能力竞争,我国迫切需要产学研协同创新。安徽省作为中部经济社会发展相对滞后地区,强化产学研协同创新对经济社会发展的综合带动作用是发挥后发优势的重要抓手和手段。为了充分实现安徽省高校、科研院所与实务部门的产学研协同创新,有必要利用财税政策进行有效激励。

  20. 关于农村银行业法人机构反洗钱“5C”评估有效性的思考--来自安徽的调查%The Reflection on the Effectiveness of“5C”Assessment of Anti-money Laundering of Rural Banking Corporation Institutions---The Survey from Anhui Province



    With the risk-based concept as the guidance, the People’s Bank of China actively explores the anti-money laundering risk assessment on the basis of“5C”standards. Combined with the situation of Anhui province, the paper carries out a special investi-gation to improve the effectiveness of the anti-money laundering and actively explore the suitable methods of risk assessment for the rural banking corporation institutions.%以风险为本理念为指导,人民银行积极探索开展以“5C”为标准的反洗钱风险评估工作。本文立足安徽,开展专题调研,以提升反洗钱工作有效性为目标,积极探索适用于农村银行业法人机构的风险评估方法。


    ZHANG Gui-bin


    Based on the latest data, the features of spermatophytic flora of Henan Province located in Central China Plain (the heart region of China) are summarized and demonstrated in this paper. They are as follows: 1)Plant species are rich, with 2953 wild species in 896 genera of 152 families, putting Henan in front rank in the northern areas of China. 2) Its origin is from far ancientry, and there exist many primitive families and genera as well as many relic species. 3) The character of transition is very conspicuous with complex and varied geographical elements, but the temperate type being the dominant. There are 15 types and 18 variants of distribution types at the genera level, the typical Temperate, Tropic and East Asia elements respectively make up 47.9%, 29.5% and 14.5%.4) It is rich in species endemic to China, with 1514 species, ranking first in the northern areas in China. 5) The floristic spatial differentia is obvious. The southeastern Henan belongs to East China plant region, the southwestern to Central China, the northern and the central to North China.

  2. Seismic Zonation of Central-Southern Hunan Province, China

    Li Ying; Xu Guangyin; Chen Kun; Gao Mengtan


    Based on basic data used in compiling the Zonation Map of Earthquake Ground Motion Parameters in China, recent research on seismic safety assessment for engineering sites in central-southern Hunan Province, the new attenuation relationships of moderate earthquakes and the background seismicity data obtained by modern instrumental earthquake records since 1970, a new result of seismic zonation of central-southern Hunan Province is provided. The result shows that the area with PGA = 0.05g has obviously increased in the new map compared with the previous one and is relatively consistent with the seismic disaster characteristics of moderate earthquakes that took place in the central-southern part of Hunan in recent years.This result will benefit the research and compilation of a new-generation seismic zonation map of earthquake ground motion parameters and the seismic hazard assessment in the moderate earthquake active regions in the central and eastern part of China.

  3. Landscape Analysis of Geographical Names in Hubei Province, China

    Xixi Chen


    Full Text Available Hubei Province is the hub of communications in central China, which directly determines its strategic position in the country’s development. Additionally, Hubei Province is well-known for its diverse landforms, including mountains, hills, mounds and plains. This area is called “The Province of Thousand Lakes” due to the abundance of water resources. Geographical names are exclusive names given to physical or anthropogenic geographic entities at specific spatial locations and are important signs by which humans understand natural and human activities. In this study, geographic information systems (GIS technology is adopted to establish a geodatabase of geographical names with particular characteristics in Hubei Province and extract certain geomorphologic and environmental factors. We carry out landscape analysis of mountain-related geographical names and water-related geographical names respectively. In the end, we calculate the information entropy of geographical names of each county to describe the diversity and inhomogeneity of place names in Hubei province. Our study demonstrates that geographical names represent responses to the cultural landscape and physical environment. The geographical names are more interesting in specific landscapes, such as mountains and rivers.

  4. [Ecosystem service and economic valuation in the upper reaches of Xin' an River, Anhui, China for mitigating phosphorus nonpoint source pollution].

    He, Fang; Wu, Nan; Fang, Xiang-long; Gao, Ji-xi; Zhou, Xiao-tie; Feng, Chao-yang


    A model of phosphorus purification in a watershed was established based on the export coefficient and purification index of phosphorus in different types of land cover. The model was employed to simulate the economic value of the ecosystem service with the expected water quality standard and marginal cost of pollutant purification of the upper reaches of Xin' an River of Anhui, China. The results revealed that from 2000 to 2010, some farmland outside the Tunxi, Jixi, Shexian, Yixian and Xiuning was converted to built-up land. The total amount of phosphorus exported to the upper Xin' an River decreased a little, and the main source of phosphorus pollution was farmland and built-up land. More than half of the exported phosphorus was efficiently purified by different types of land cover via flow accumulation. The pattern of purification and export of highly concentrated phosphorus showed the same trend which occurred in the northern part of the watershed including the Yangzhi River, Fengle River and Hengjiang River. Forestland and grassland did not efficiently purify phosphorus in the watershed owing to the irrational distribution of existing land cover. The total service value was 3.80 and 3.31 million Yuan in 2000 and 2010, respectively. PMID:26259471

  5. 低碳经济背景下安徽包装业转型的必要性解析%Necessity Analysis of Transformation of Packaging Industry in Anhui Province in the Circumstance of Low-Carbon Economy



    With the deepening of industrialization,environmental problems such as the lack of resources,energy shortages,climate warming have become issues of world concern.One of the effective measures to these increasingly grave problems is the development of low carbon economy.Based on the theories of low-carbon economy,the paper discusses the relation between low-carbon economy and the packaging industry,analyzes the problems existing in the development of low carbon economy in Anhui packaging industry,and probes the necessity for a transformation of the local packaging industry in the light of its own characteristics.The paper is of significance to the promotion of the sustainable economy development of Anhui Province.%随着工业化水平的不断提高,资源匮乏、能源短缺、气候变暖等环境问题已成为世界关注的话题。发展低碳经济正是应对当前日趋严峻的环境问题的有效措施。本文以低碳经济相关理论为基础,讨论了包装产业与发展低碳经济间的关系,分析了安徽包装业在低碳发展方面存在的问题,进而结合安徽包装业自身的特点,探寻了低碳经济背景下安徽包装业转型的必要性,对推动安徽经济的可持续发展将具有重要意义。

  6. Study on the Current Status and Solutions of Rural Human Resources Development in Anhui Province%安徽省农村人力资源的现状与开发策略



    In recent years,the economic development of rural areas in Anhui province has slowed down,the gap between urban and rural areas has widened.Rural human resources development is a main factor influence the progress of rural areas.The development of rural human resources and improving the quality of rural human resources are the important method to solve the issues concerning agriculture.The rural human resources total quantity of Anhui province is a large scale,but the overall quality is a low level and the human resources structure is unreasonable.This paper analyzes the current status and put forward some suggestions for rural human resources development in Anhui province from perfecting rural education system,promoting the movement of rural human resources and optimizing the human resources environment.Education is an important way to develop human resources.From strengthening rural education and training,it can improve the overall quality of rural human resources.From speeding up rural human resources mobility,it can promote the transfer development.It refers to improve the rural social security system and the level of rural human resources security.At last,this paper can help to strengthen human resource inputs and realize the goal of Human resources strong province.%从近几年来看,安徽省农村地区的经济发展速度较慢,城乡差距不断扩大,农村人力资源开发是影响农村发展的一个非常重要的问题。开发农村人力资源,提高农村人力资源素质,是解决"三农"问题的重要途径。安徽省农村人力资源数量巨大,但素质较低,结构不合理。论文针对安徽省农村人力资源的现状,从完善农村教育体系、促进农村人力资源转移、优化人力资源环境几个方面提出了对策建议。教育是开发人力资源的主要手段,通过加强农村教育培训,提高农村人力资源的综合素质。通过加快农村人力资源的合理流动,促进迁移性开发。

  7. Molecular Epidemiological Surveillance of Rubella Viruses in Anhui Province during 1999-2011%安徽省1999~2011年风疹病毒分子流行病学研究

    周淑洁; 朱贞; 陈霞; 何维宽; 余文周; 唐继海; 苏颖; 柴瑜; 刘丹青


    Objective To understand the genotypes and genetic characteristics of rubella viruses circulated in Anhui province during 1999-2011 and to provide the important genetic baseline data for rubella control and elimination.Methods Vero cell and vero/vero cell transfected to express the human singaling lymphacyte actiration molecule (SLAM)cells were used to isolate rubella viruses from throat swabs collected from suspected rubella cases in all prefectures of Anhui province during 1999-2011.Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR)method was performed to amplify 1107 nucleotides products,and PCR products were directed sequenced and analyzed.Results 72 rubella viruses were obtained from 145 throat samples collected from suspected rubella case from 10 prefectures The phylogenetic analysis based on the WHO standard sequences window within E1 gene (nt 8731 to 9469,739 nucleotide)showed that 72 rubella viruses belong to 3 genotypes including 1E (62 strains),1F(8 strains),and 2B (2 strains).Genotype 1F rubella viruses were found in 1999 and 2000 espectively,while genotype 2B rubella viruses were only detected in 2000,and these two genotype rubella viruses were not found since then.Genotype 1E rubella viruses were first detected in Anhui province in 2001,and then the virus were detected from 7 prefecture continually.Several lineages of genotype 1E rubella viruses circulated in Anhui province during 2001-2011 were existed in the phylogenetic tree.Most of the nucleotide mutations of 72 rubella viruses were silent mutations,and the amino acid sequences were highly conserved.Except few rubella viruses,there had no changes at the important epitopes.Conclusion The changes of genotype from 1F to 1E in 2001 and 2002.The rubella epidemic in recent years in Anhui province was mainly caused by genotype 1E rubella virus with multi-transmission chains,different transmission chains of genotype 1E rubella viruses were continuously circulated in the prefecture and inter

  8. 安徽省不同产区不同栽培品种银杏叶总内酯含量的研究%Study on Content of the Total Terpene Lactones in Ginkgo Biloba L.Leaves from Various Area and Varieties in Anhui Province

    周正华; 杜安全; 王先荣; 王德群; 刘守金; 梁益敏


    目的:研究安徽省不同产区和不同栽培品种银杏叶总内酯的含量.方法:采集安徽省6个产区不同品种银杏叶,分别测定其中总内酯的含量.结果:不同产区不同栽培品种银杏叶总内酯的含量差别较大.结论:可为安徽不同地区合理栽培银杏提供参考.%Objective:To study the content of total terpene lactones in Ginkgo biloba L. leaves from various area and varieties in Anhui province. Methods: Ginkgo biloba L. leaves were collected from six growth area in Anhui province, and the content of total terpene lactones were measured. Results: The contents of total terpene lactones were different in Ginkgo biloba L. leaves from various area and varieties. Conclusion: The result could provide scientific basis for rational planting of Ginkgo biloba L. in different areas of Anhui province.

  9. Epidemiological analysis of injury in Shandong Province, China

    Zhang Jiyu


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Injury is an emerging public health problem with social development and modernization in developing countries. To describe the prevalence and burden of injury and provide elaborate information for policy development, we conducted a community-based household survey in the Shandong Province of China. Methods The survey was conducted in 2004. Participants were selected by a multi-stage random sampling method. Information on injuries occurring in 2003 was collected in four cities and six rural counties in Shandong Province, China. Results The estimated incidence rate of injury in Shandong Province was 67.7 per 1,000. Injury incidence was higher in rural areas (84.3 per 1,000 than in urban areas (42.9 per 1,000, and was higher among males (81.1 per 1,000 than females (54.1 per 1,000. The average years of potential life lost is 37.7 years for each fatal injury. All injuries together caused 6,080,407 RMB yuan of direct and indirect economic loss, with traffic injuries accounting for 44.8% of the total economic loss. Conclusion Injury incidence was higher among males than females, and in rural areas than in urban areas. Youngsters suffered the highest incidence of injury. Injury also caused large losses in terms of both economics and life, with traffic injuries contributing the most to this loss. Strategies for prevention of injury should be developed.

  10. Genotyping Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi Province, Northwestern China.

    Guang-Hui Zhao

    Full Text Available The present study examined the prevalence and genotypes of Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi province, China. A total of 2071 fecal samples (847 from Qinchuan cattle and 1224 from dairy cattle were examined for the presence of Cryptosporidium oocysts, and 70 samples (3.4% were C. andersoni-positive and those positive samples were identified by PCR amplification of the small subunit ribosomal RNA (SSU rRNA and the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (COWP genes. C. andersoni was the only species found in the examined cattle in this province. Fifty-seven C. andersoni isolates were characterized into 5 MLST subtypes using multilocus sequence typing analysis, including a new subtype in the native beef breed Qinchuan cattle. All of these C. andersoni isolates presented a clonal genetic structure. These findings provide new insights into the genetic structure of C. andersoni isolates in Shaanxi province and basic data of Cryptosporidium prevalence status, which in turn have implications for controlling cryptosporidiosis in this province.

  11. 安徽省大学生病理性上网性别差异研究%A Study on Gender Differences in Pathological Internet Use of College Students in Anhui Province

    李艳艳; 何成森; 杨平; 李微霞


    Objective:To investigate gender differences of PIU of college students in Anhui province, and to provide scientific basis for taking intervention measures in the future. Methods:2000 college students in Anhui province were surveyed about diagnostic criteria of PIU and college students’ network behavior. Results:The reported rate of male college students with PIU (13.7%) is higher than that of female students (9.3%), which is of statistical significance (P﹤0.05). Differences also exist in content and purposes of Internet use and in gender temperament. Conclusion:There is a certain relationship between gender and Internet use. Physiological factors, gender temperament and social culture are factors of important influences on PIU.%目前大学生因病理性上网引发的后遗症,已成为学生管理中的一个重要问题。本文以安徽省本、专科两类院校的在校大学生为研究对象,采用分层整群的抽样方法,对其就“病理性上网”诊断标准、大学生网络行为进行问卷调查,结果显示:男性大学生病理性上网发病报告率(13.7%)高于女生(9.3%),差异性具有统计学意义(P≤0.01);男、女生上网的主要内容、目的不同,性别气质方面也存在差异性并进行原因分析。研究表明:网络使用情况与性别有一定的关系,生理因素、性别气质和社会文化是病理性上网性别差异的重要影响因素。了解大学生病理性上网的程度以及性别差异表现,可为今后有针对性地采取干预措施提供科学依据。

  12. A Study on Tourist Loyalty Mechanism of Leisure Resort in Anhui Province%安徽省休闲度假旅游地游客忠诚机制研究



    忠诚游客的重游与口碑宣传是旅游地重要的价值资源和竞争优势,游客忠诚机制的研究有助于认识游客忠诚形成的路径,为构筑游客忠诚战略提供帮助。文章采用现场问卷调查获取游客忠诚影响因子数据,运用结构方程模型,对安徽省休闲度假旅游地作了实证研究,发现地方依恋在模型中拥有显著的核心影响力,游客的感知价值和满意体验通过地方依恋对游客忠诚产生影响,满意体验对游客忠诚具有直接正面影响。在此基础上,结合案例地实际,提出了构筑安徽省休闲度假旅游地游客忠诚的具体策略。%Loyal tourists’ revisit and word-of-mouth propaganda are the important valuable resource and competitive advan-tage for tourism destination market. The study on tourist loyalty mechanism can help to find out the path of visitor loyalty forma-tion in order to build tourist loyalty strategies. The paper, through the on-the-spot questionnaire survey to collect data of fac-tors affecting tourist loyalty and applying structural equation model, makes an empirical analysis on leisure resorts in Anhui Province. The results show that the place attachment has a significant core influence in the model,both tourist’s perceived val-ue and satisfaction of experience affect tourist loyalty through the place attachment. The satisfaction of tourist experience has a direct positive impact on the tourist loyalty. On this basis,the paper puts forward the concrete strategies to build tourist loyalty of leisure resort in Anhui Province.

  13. HIV/AIDS knowledge in detention in Hunan province, China

    Chen Xi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Injection drug use (IDU is one of the major modes of HIV transmission in China. Drug use is illegal in China, all identified drug users are registered by Public Security Bureau, and most were sent to detention; most detainees engaged in high risk behaviours. In order to well understand the HIV/AIDS knowledge among detainees, a survey was conducted in different detention settings in Hunan province in 2008 to assess knowledge and attitudes about HIV among detainees and to provide useful information for HIV prevention and intervention strategies in detention centers. Methods A cross-sectional survey was conducted in 10 detentions in Hunan province, China, and demographic information along with knowledge and attitude of HIV/AIDS was collected through standardized interviews. Descriptive statistics were used to describe HIV knowledge, attitudes, and education services among detainees. Results There were 956 detainees interviewed from 10 detention centers. The male to female ratio was 2.24:1. The majority detainees received nine years of compulsory education, accounting for 51.5%. There were nine questions to assess HIV/AIDS knowledge of detainees, and 35.7% of those surveyed answered all nine questions correctly. There were 92.3% (882/956 who consented to be informed about the HIV antibody test results when tested, and 81% (774/956 elected that their family members were also informed. All detention centers had an organized HIV/AIDS education program. Conclusion This study gives us an overview about HIV/AIDS knowledge in detention in Hunan province, and all detention sites in the study provided HIV/AIDS intervention services among detainees that focused on HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitude, and health behaviors.

  14. Poliomyelitis surveillance in Shandong Province, China, 1990-92.

    Chiba, Y; Xu, A.; Li, L.; T. Lei; Takezaki, T; Hagiwara, A.; Yoneyama, T; T Fujiwara; Hara, M.; Yamamoto, T.


    In Shandong Province, China, programmes were initiated in 1991 for mass immunization against poliomyelitis and for the immediate reporting of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). The incidence of non-poliomyelitis AFP was found to be 0.46-0.61 cases per 100,000 children per annum. It appeared that illness resembling the Guillain-Barré syndrome was underreported. The incidence of such illness peaked among children aged 2-3 years. Although laboratory investigations have improved, in 1992 they were st...

  15. Nodes and Field of Tourist Origins to Ancient Village——A Case Study of Huangcheng Village in Shanxi Province of China


    Based on Hagget's theory of spatial structure, researches on the nodes and field of tourist origins to Huangcheng Village in Shanxi Province of China have been explored. Nodal hierarchy structure of tourist origins is analyzed with cluster analysis and the gravity model. And field of tourist origins is analyzed with attraction radius index (R) and geography concentration index (G). In the field analysis, R and G of Huangcheng Village are compared with Xidi Village that is a world heritage located in Huangshan City of Anhui Province in China. According to comparison of locations of two areas, influential factors for field area of Huangcheng Village are identified. It is concluded that: 1) cluster analysis and gravity model can be complementary methods to each other for nodal hierarchy structure analysis of tourist origins; and 2) as far as location is concerned, the weak intensity effect of tourism resources in the tourist region is a major cause for explaining why tourist origins to Huangcheng Village are mainly its neighboring areas. Moreover, it is suggested that the regional effect of tourist resources should be regarded as a component of destination attractiveness when applying gravity model.

  16. Research Status and Development Countermeasures of Anhui Province Lexicographical Society%安徽省辞书学会的现状和发展对策研究



    In order to make Anhui lexicographical society better play of many disciplines , intelligence intensive , contact a wide range of advantages , further to carry out academic exchanges and seminars , to create an atmosphere of academic innovation , active ac-ademic thoughts , promote academic innovation thoughts and ideas emerge , which conducted an investigation and Study on the current situation.Anhui lexicographical society founded early and member of professional and remarkable achievements , has certain influence in the domestic .But the membership degree structure , academic structure , the level of scientific research have yet to be further im-proved.Our main development countermeasures:integration compilation team .adhere to the road, adhere to the production and ex-pand the business .the establishment of local research institutions , realize the protection of heritage in the research and the dissemina-tion of.By four, held at the folk activities and festivals , a gallery in publicity.%为了使安徽省辞书学会更好地发挥学科众多、智力密集、联系广泛的优势,深入开展学术交流与研讨,大力营造学术创新氛围,活跃学术思想,促进学术创新思想和观点的不断涌现,从而对其现状进行调查和研究。安徽省辞书学会成立早,会员专业,成果显著,在国内具有一定的影响。但会员学历结构、学缘结构、科研水平还有待进一步提高。我们的发展对策主要有:整合编纂队伍;坚持走产学研之路,坚持生产和扩大经营;建立地方研究机构,在研究和传播中实现保护传承;通过在举办民间活动和节庆活动、设馆展览进中进行宣传。

  17. Preliminary report on superior tree selection in Camellia oleifera in Jixi of Anhui Province%安徽省绩溪油茶选优初报

    何小艳; 汪祥顺; 胡小菱; 章学农; 傅松玲


    为了更好地推进安徽木本油稳步发展进程,为皖南山区及周边类似地区油茶引种提供依据,在对绩溪县油茶种质资源广域调查的基础上,采取产区农户报优、专家评优相结合的方法,经初选、复选、决选,最终选择出5个高产、优质、稳产、适应性较强的油茶品种:绩溪1号、绩溪2号、绩溪3号、绩溪4号、绩溪5号.所选5个优株表现出抗寒性、抗病虫性强,稳产、丰产,果实大小较均匀、皮薄等优良特性.5株优树平均鲜果出籽率45.72%,平均干出籽率27.31%,平均种仁含油率47.92%,平均单位冠幅面积产果量达到2.18 kg/m2,均超过选优标准.%In order to promote steady development of Anhui woody oil, and to provide basis for Camellia oleifera introduction at the south mountains of Anhui and the surrounding areas, based on large area survey of C. oleifera germplasm resources in Jixi County, using the method of visiting farmers and expert evaluation, five plants with the characteristics of high yield, fine quality, stable yield and stronger adaptability were selected through preliminary selection, repeated selection and final selection, including Jixi No.l, Jixi No.2, Jixi No.3, Jixi No.4 and Jixi No.5. The selected five superior plants exhibit strong cold resistance, strong resistance to diseases pests, stable yield, fertility, uniform size of fruit, thin fruit skin and other fine features. Average fruit seed rate of the five trees is 45.72%, average dry seed rate is 27.31 %, average oil rate in kernel is 47.92%, average yield per unit crown area reaches 2.18 kg/m2, the values are all more than those of the selection standard.

  18. 安徽典型山地茶园养分状况与土壤特性的研究%Study on Nutrient Status and Soil Properties in the Typical Hilly Tea Gardens of Anhui Province

    苏有健; 廖万有; 王烨军; 丁勇; 胡善国


    The objective of this study was to investigate distribution characters of soil nutrient and soil hardness in the tea gardens of Anhui Province. Understanding the linkage between soil nutrient supply and tea plant nutrient contents is helpful to improve the management of hill tea gardens. Results indicated that the soil chemical properties at upper and lower depths, the nutrient traits in various plant modules and their relationships were studied in tea gardens of different districts. Chemical properties of various pH fields had notable difference. Specially when soil pH fall in 4.0-4.5 field the rest raining capacity to process of acidification weaken in evidence and velocity of loss of electro positive particle will increase too. When soil pH fall beyond 5.0 field the rest raining capacity to process of acidification enhance in evidence. The content of N and P were high, K was poorer in Southern Anhui, contents of NPK contents were relatively uniform in west Anhui. pH value were very low and showed the trend of acidification aggravation gradually, soil pH below 4.5 account for more than 50%of tea gardens. The soil bulk density were 1.32-1.47 g/cm3 at the layer of 0-20 cm and 1.37-1.58 g/cm3 at 20-40 cm, soil porosity was 50%approximately, air phase were not enough, the permeability of soil was bad. There was great difference in the fertilization level of Anhui districts, fertilizer application rate in southern Anhui were higher than west Anhui by 15%.%为了探明安徽山地茶园土壤养分分布特征和土壤紧实度的基本情况,分析土壤养分供应和茶树养分含量之间的关联性可为山地茶园经营管理提供参考。结果表明:茶园土壤在不同pH区段内的化学性质随pH值的变化差异明显,当土壤pH处于4.0~4.5区段时,对于酸化过程的抑制能力明显减弱,其盐基离子的脱除速度也显著增加,交换性阳离子中致酸离子比例增大,而当土壤pH>5.0时,对于酸化过程的抑

  19. Contribution to the knowledge of Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Hainan Province of China.

    Chen, Zhi-Teng; Du, Yu-Zhou


    The species of the perlid genus Neoperla are reviewed from Hainan Province, China. Three species of Neoperla, N. minuta sp. nov., N. wuzhishana sp. nov., and N. sexlobata sp. nov. are described from this island province and compared with other taxa. A provisional key is presented to the known Neoperla males from Hainan Province. PMID:27470851

  20. Common problems analysis of the second category of medical device registration information in Anhui province%安徽省第二类医疗器械注册资料审评常见问题分析

    吴文华; 王丽娜; 臧恒昌


    Objective: To investigate standardized registration information of the second category of medical de-vice production enterprise in order to improve the efficiency of registration. Methods:Sampling and statistical analysis of 435 second category of medical device registration varieties in Anhui province. Results: To find out problems most prone to high frequency. Conclusion: Efficiency of registration can be improved if medical device manufacturing en-terprises can strictly regulate the declaration materials.%目的:探讨第二类医疗器械生产企业规范注册资料、提高注册效率问题。方法:对安徽省435个第二类医疗器械注册品种进行抽样统计分析。结果:找出了最容易及高频次出现的问题。结论:医疗器械生产企业严谨规范申报产品材料能提高注册效率。

  1. 安徽省高考体育加试数据的统计分析%The Statistical Analysis of College Entrance Examination for Sports Speciality of Anhui Province

    魏本好; 管正光


    The author makes the statistical analysis of the college entrance examination subject achievement of sports of 2005-2009 of Anhui Province, and finds that girls, average mark are much lower than the boy's in the examination. The paper suggests that enroll should be done according to the proportion of boy and girl's number in each batch,or girls, according to the boy's average mark in each batch adjust point scale, to make a basic balance of boy and girl' s score and enroll should be done according to total points.%笔者对安徽省2005-2009年体育高考男女生术科加试成绩进行统计分析,发现女生体育高考术科考试均分比男生低得多,故建议在各个批次录取时按男女生参加体育高考人数比例录取或女生按男生(或男生按女生)各个分数段以上人数比例计算的得分均值差异调整评分标准,以使男女生得分基本平衡后按综合分排序录取.

  2. 安徽大中型工业企业区域创新能力评价研究%Evaluation for Large and Medium-Sized Industrial Enterprises′Regional Innovation Capability in Anhui Province



    在国家创新调查的背景下,企业作为国家和地区创新的主体,而大中型工业企业又是企业发展的主导力量。在分析安徽省大中型工业企业数据的基础上,利用因子分析法建立了安徽省大中型工业企业区域创新能力的评价模型,找出了地区之间影响企业创新能力的关键因素即:创新实力、创新绩效和创新投入强度。%In the context of the national innovation surveys,enterprise was the main innovational body of countries and regions,and the large and medium-sized industrial enterprises is the leading force in the de-velopment of enterprises.The indicators on the evaluation of large and medium-sized industrial enterpri-ses′regional innovation capabilities were advanced on the basis of the data in Anhui province,and a model based on factor analysis method was established.The key factors which were the most relative with the en-terprises innovation were found out to be innovative strength,innovative efficiency and innovative input in-tensity.


    洪东良; 侯丹丹; 王竞秀


    三官塘铁矿位于安徽省马鞍山市,地处宁芜火山岩盆地中段,矿床成因类型为玢岩铁矿--中高温热液充填型矿床。文章通过对其成矿地质特征的分析研究认为:岩浆沿基底断裂上侵,在结晶末期发生了钠长石化、磁铁矿化等作用形成了早期的含矿热液,沿岩石裂隙和矿物颗粒间隙向岩体顶部运移,形成以浸染状为主的现今三官塘铁矿。%The Sanguantang Iron ore deposit in Ma‘anshan City, Anhui Province, in the middle part of Ningwu volcano-sedimentary basin. The Mineral genesis is porphyrite iron ore--medium-high temperature hydrothermal deposits. this paper found that Iron mineralization is control ed by diorite-porphyrite, the Magma intrusion along the basement fault,the ore-forming hydrothermal solution of the early stage migrates mainly in the form of Albite, magnetite etc In the crystal ization stage,Going to Top of the Rock Along the rock fissure and mineral particles clearance,formation main Disseminated of present-day Sanguantang Iron.

  4. Research on the Optimizing Mechanism of Tourism Supply Chain in Anhui Province%安徽省旅游供应链优化机制问题研究



    The process of Tourism supply chain construction and optimization has obvious characteristics of the industry. The core issue focuses on obtaining the industry profit maximization by establishing strategic partnership between tourism enterprises. Through analyzing the behaviors of tourism agencies in Tourism supply chain (TSC), the study tries to point out the existing problems and put forward the corresponding solution and optimization mechanism of TSC in the transforming period of Anhui Province.%旅游供应链的构建及优化过程具有明显的行业特征,其核心问题在于通过建立旅游企业之间的战略伙伴关系以获得行业利润最大化。“十二五”期间安徽省旅游业正处于转型时期,对旅游产业上下游供应链进行分析,指出其存在的问题并提出相应的解决途径以及优化机制方案。


    YU Shu-xia; SHANG Jin-cheng; GUO Huai-cheng


    The main purpose of this study is to give evaluation of ecological services of Jilin Province,Northeast China.To take this value into decision-making and GDP accounting system is considered to be one of the economic solutions for ecological problems.The evaluation is based on the methods proposed by COSTANZA et al.,and some modifications about unit value of forest and cropland system were made according to the real characters of ecosystem,climate,natural conditions etc.,in Jilin Province.Total value of ecosystem services is about 554.404×109yuan(RMB)/a,which is about 4.9 times of GDP of the corresponding period.The results of this study could be used as a fundamental work for the construction of ecological province,which was carried out from 2001,and could provide ecological information for decision-making.Furthermore,the necessities for the further studies on the evaluation of ecological services and natural capital were discussed.

  6. Epidemiology of assaultive injuries in areas of Sichuan province, China

    DENG Zheng-hua; LI Lei-bo; ZHOU Xiao-rong; CHANG Yun-feng; CHEN Xiao-gang


    Objective: To scrutinize the epidemiologicalcharacteristics of assaultive injuries in Sichuan province,China.Methods: A survey of all cases of assaultive injuries reported by police was performed during 8 years in eight counties of Sichuan province, China. A total of 2862victims and 2856 offenders were registered.Results: The majority of victims and offenders were young men at the age of 20-39 and only received an education at secondary school or primary school. The largest fraction of these cases took place at farm or by-place during 10. 00-11.00 o'clock, 16.00-17.00 o'clock and 20.00-21.00 o'clock. The tangles caused by trifles were the most common factors inducing assaultive injuries and accounted for 42.1 percent of the causes of assaults. Blunt injuries were mainly caused by punching (40%) and kicking ( 17. 2 %). About 37.3 % of the lesions seriously happened in the regions of face and head. Open wounds accounted for 40.3 % of these different injuries.Conclusions: It is valuable to take some specific measures to prevent and control assaultive injuries according to their territorial characteristics.

  7. A Study on Postgraduate Recreational Sports in Anhui Province%安徽省在读硕士研究生休闲体育的调查研究



    采用文献资料、问卷调查、访谈、数理统计等研究方法,对安徽省高校在读研究生休闲体育现状进行了研究,提出了初步对策.研究结果显示安徽省高校在读硕士研究生休闲体育存在以下特点:经常参加体育锻炼的项目呈现多元化且以球类居多;在球类运动中,又以网、羽、乒“三小球”为主;其休闲体育方式、项目的选择及消费水平存在非常明显的性别差异;锻炼场地以学校运动场为主,调查发现学校现有的体育场地设施不能完全满足在读研究生休闲体育的需求.%By employing previous literature, questionnaires, interviews, statistics etc, the author studies the status quo of recreational sports in the colleges and universities of Anhui Province and puts forward tentative countermeasures. It is shown by the results of the study that postgraduates' recreational sports in the province are characterized by the following. Firstly, the sports frequently played are plural and oriented towards ball games. Secondly, among ball games, stress is put on tennis, badminton and table tennis. Thirdly, there are obvious discrepancies between the two sexes in terms of what to play, how to play and how much to pay. Fourthly, the playing areas are mainly playgrounds in the college or university. Besides, it's found out that the present sports facilities are not in keeping with postgraduates' needs for recreation.

  8. Construction of public-crisis emergency logistics management system in Anhui province%安徽省公共危机事件应急物流管理体系构建

    何叶荣; 李玲


    安徽省目前的公共危机事件的应急物流管理还处于起步阶段,应急物流管理体系还不够健全。在分析我省公共危机事件应急物流管理目前现状及存在问题的基础上,以现代物流学和危机管理学为基础,从应急物流指挥机构、执行机构、物流配送网络、信息系统支撑等几个方面构建应急物流管理模式。提出法律保障机制、政府协调机制、预案机制、人才培养机制及"绿色通道"机制等保障措施,实现应急物流活动中各环节的无缝对接。%Currently,the construction of public-crisis emergency logistics management system in Anhui province is still in its initial stage;the emergency logistics management system is still imperfect.Based on the analyses of the current situation and the existing problems of such management in our province and with the theories of modern logistics and crisis management,this paper constructs emergency logistics management mode from the aspects of contingency command authority,executive body,logistics distribution network and information system support.Moreover,it proposes mechanisms of legal safeguard,government coordination,pre-arrangement,personnel training and "green channel" to realize smooth transition in emergency logistics management.

  9. 安徽省农业气象灾害风险管理现状与对策%Study on the present situation of the risk management of agricultural meteorological disasters in Anhui Province and its countermeasures



    Located in the north and south transition zone, Anhui province has been experiencing disasters featuring high frequency, great harm, and alternating periods of droughts and floods predominating. The problems of the current implementation of Anhui agricultural risk management lie in the weak basis for its agricultural risk management, the government' s limited invested capital, the inadequate spending on agricultural infrastructure, and the imperfect market risk management system, so it is suggested that the ability of agricultural risk management should be enhanced in perfecting the agricultural risk management system, improving the government' s investment system in this field, developing market system, consolidating agricultural infrastructure construction, strengthening peasants' disaster risk management awareness as well as accelerating the creativity of agricultural risk management tools.%安徽省地处南北过渡带,气象灾害呈现出频度高、危害大、以旱涝灾害为主导且交替出现等特点。当前安徽省实施农业风险管理存在着农业风险管理基础薄弱、政府投入资金有限、农业基本设施投入不足、市场化的风险管理体制尚未完善等一些问题,提出应从完善和健全农业风险管理体系、进一步加强政府农业风险管理的投入机制建设,积极发展市场机制、加强农业基础设施建设、提高农民灾害风险管理的意识、加快农业风险管理工具的创新等多个方面提高农业风险的管理能力。

  10. 安徽省税种结构变动的经济增长效应%The Effect of Tax Structure Change on Economic Growth of Anhui Province



    根据安徽省1994年—2012年的样本数据,运用Cobb-Douglas生产函数理论模型,对税种结构变动与经济增长关系进行实证分析。结果表明:增值税占总税收比重的增加会降低人均生产总值,营业税、企业所得税、个人所得税、农业各税占总税收比重的增加会提高人均生产总值,资源税的经济效应不显著。因此,应该进一步优化现行税制结构:有序推进“营改增”,完善中央与地方的税收分享体制;提高所得税的比重,增强其收入再分配作用;加快推进资源税改革,促进经济可持续发展;适度调节农业各税,培育农村大市场。%This paper, using Cobb-Douglas production function, makes an empirical analysis of the relationship be-tween tax structure change and economic growth based on the data of Anhui province from 1994 to 2012 . The re-sults show that the growth of the share of value-added tax will reduce output per capita;the growth of the share of business tax, corporate income tax, individual income tax and agricultural tax will raise the output per capita;the economic effects of resource tax are not significant. Therefore, Anhui needs to further improve tax system, change business tax to value-added tax orderly, improve the sharing system of tax income between central government and local government, increase the proportion of income tax and strengthen its effect of income redistribution, accelerate the reform of resource tax, and adjust agricultural tax appropriately and cultivate rural market.

  11. A Cross-sectional Study Assessing Predictors of Essential Medicines Prescribing Behavior Based on Information-motivation-behavioral Skills Model among County Hospitals in Anhui, China

    Yun-Wu Zhao; Jing-Ya Wu; Heng Wang; Nian-Nian Li; Cheng Bian; Shu-Man Xu; Peng Li


    Background:The self-consciousness and practicality of preferentially prescribed essential medicines (EMs) are not high enough in county hospitals.The purposes of this study were to use the information-motivation-behavioral skills (IMB) model to identify the predictors of essential medicines prescribing behavior (EMPB) among doctors and to examine the association between demographic variables,IMB,and EMPB.Methods:A cross-sectional study was carried out to assess predictive relationships among demographic variables and IMB model variables using an anonymous questionnaire administered in nine county hospitals of Anhui province.A structural equation model was constructed for the IMB model to test the instruments using analysis of moment structures 17.0.Results:A total of 732 participants completed the survey.The average age of the participants was 37.7 ± 8.9 years old (range:22-67 years old).The correct rate of information was 90.64%.The average scores of the motivation and behavioral skills were 45.46 ± 7.34 (hundred mark system:75.77) and 19.92 ± 3.44 (hundred mark system:79.68),respectively.Approximately half(50.8%) of respondents reported that the proportion of EM prescription was below 60%.The final revised model indicated a good fit to the data (x2/df=4.146,goodness of fit index =0.948,comparative fit index =0.938,root mean square error of approximation =0.066).More work experience (β =0.153,P < 0.001) and behavioral skills (β =0.449,P < 0.001) predicted more EMPB.Higher income predicted less information (β =-0.197,P < 0.001) and motivation (β =-0.204,P < 0.001).Behavioral skills were positively predicted by information (β =0.135,P < 0.001) and motivation (β =0.742,P < 0.001).Conclusion:The present study predicted some factors of EMPB,and specified the relationships among the model variables.The utilization rate of EM was not high enough.Motivation and behavior skills were crucial factors affecting EMPB.The influence of demographic

  12. 安徽省健身娱乐业发展的SWOT分析%SWOT-based Analysis of Fitness and Entertainment Industry in Anhui Province

    夏会国; 张薇薇


    The paper draws upon SWOT method to analyze the strengths,weaknesses,opportunities,and threats of Anhui fitness and entertainment industry,aiming to offer the basis for strategy-making.Its strengths include the low manpower cost,etc.;weaknesses include the poor quality of human resources,many problems existing in facilities,backward fitness direction and operational way,low level of marketing and lack of service difference,etc.;opportunities mainly involve favorable policies,rapid growth of the economy and urban resident income and expenditure,promotion of population quality and urban level;threats mainly involve the slow growth of market,intensification of consumer capability for bargaining.%运用SWOT法,剖析安徽省健身娱乐业发展的优势、劣势、机遇和挑战,为健身娱乐业发展战略的制定提供依据。认为:当前安徽省健身娱乐业发展的优势有劳动力成本低等;劣势有人力资源总体素质不高、场所设施问题较多、健身指导技术和经营方式滞后、营销水平和服务差异化程度低等;面临的机遇是有利的政策、经济与城镇居民可支配收入和消费性支出较快增长、人口素质与城镇化水平提升等;面临的挑战是市场增长较慢、消费者讨价还价能力增强等。

  13. Application of Telemedicine in Gansu Province of China.

    Cai, Hui; Wang, Hongjing; Guo, Tiankang; Bao, Guoxian


    Telemedicine has become an increasingly popular option for long-distance health care and continuing education. As information and communication technology is underdeveloped in China, telemedicine develops slowly. At present, telemedicine consultation centers are situated mainly in developed cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In many less developed regions, such as northwest China, the conditions or related facilities are not available for the application of a better medical service. Accordingly, the aim of this paper was to introduce the construction and application of a telemedicine consultation center in Gansu Province in the northwest of China. In addition, the function of Gansu Provincial Telemedicine Consultation Center on emergency public events was introduced. As a whole, there was a great demand for telemedicine service in the local medical institutions. In the telemedicine consultation center, the telemedicine equipments and regulations were needed to be improved. The function of telemedicine service was not fully used, there was a large space to be applied and the publicity of telemedicine service was important. What is important was that telemedicine played a significance role in promoting the medical policy reform, improving the medical environment and launching the remote rescue in the emergency public events. This paper emphasizes the health care challenges of poor regions, and indicates how to share the high-quality medical service of provincial hospitals effectively and how to help residents in resource-poor environments. PMID:27332894




    采用文献资料法,问卷调查法、走访调查法、数理统计法,对安徽省女子竞技体操基层训练点管理现状进行了调查,结果显示:安徽省女子竞技体操基层训练点采取业务与行政二条线管理方式,省体育局体操击剑中心主管业务,各市政府主管行政,二条线未建立相应的协调机制,缺乏必须的沟通,安徽省竞技体操基础训练未能受到应有的重视,缺乏中长期发展规划,资金短缺、教练员队伍人手不足等严重制约了安徽省竞技体操基础训练的质量。建议:安徽省体育局体操击剑中心与各市政府建立沟通机制,制订基层训练点中长期发展规划,加大资金投入,广开经费来源。%Using method of the documentation, the questionnaire, interviewing and mathematical statistics, an investigation has been carried out on the current situations of the management of the grass-roots training spots for women’s competitive gymnastics in Anhui Province, and the result shows that the training spots adopt management at both levels of operation and administration. The Gymnastics and Fencing Center of Anhui Provincial Sports Administration is in charge of operations. Various municipal governments are in charge of administration. The appropriate coordinating mechanism is not established and there is the lack of necessary communication. The competitive gymnastics training in Anhui Province fails to receive the due attention. It is short of medium-term and long-term developing programs, funds and the coach team. These problems restrict the quality of the competitive gymnastics training in Anhui Province. The suggestion is that the Gymnastics and Fencing Center of Anhui Provincial Sports Administration should set up mechanism of communication with each municipal government, draw up the plan for the medium-term and long-term development of the grass-roots training spots, increase the funds, and expand the funding

  15. Trachoma rapid assessment in Shandong province of China

    Qu Yi; Bi Hongsheng; Wen Ying; Li Chaofeng; Wu Hui


    Background This research aims at identifying relative interventions on trachoma and testing the effectiveness of control measures adopted by assessing its prevalence and related risk factors in Shandong province of China.Methods Trachoma rapid assessment (TRA) was conducted in 6 sub-districts selected from Shandong province based on primary high risk assessment.Active trachoma in children aged 1-9 years and environmental risk factors of trachoma (unclean faces,absence of running water,and absence of flush toilets) were assessed (TRA 1).Control measures were taken in endemic areas.A second TRA (TRA 2) was conducted after 12 months in the same 6 districts and findings of the two TRAs were compared.Results In TRA 1,we found trachoma in 3 sub-districts and the detection rate was 4% (95% Cl:0.39%-11.12%),6% (95% Cl:1.18%-14.17%),and 6% (95% Cl:1.18%-14.17%) respectively.We could not find trachoma cases in TRA 2.Research data supports that children living with environmental risk factors face an increased risk to active trachoma.However,we could not find statistical evidence for this association,which may be caused by the limited data on prevalence.Conclusions This research indicates that the TRA methodology is easy to assess trachoma and its related risk factors.Based on the results of this study,we have already achieved the goal of "elimination of trachoma" in Shandong province,as the detection rate of trachomatous inflamation follicular/trachomatous inflammation intense in 1-9-year-old children was less than 5%.

  16. Epidemiology of gastroenterologic cancer in Henan Province,China

    Jian-Bang Lu; Xi-Bin Sun; Di-Xin Dai; Shi-Kuan Zhu; Qiu-Ling Chang; Shu-Zheng Liu; Wen-Jie Duan


    AIM: To estimate the mortality rates of gastroenterologic cancers for the period between 1974 and 1999, in Henan Province, China and its epidemiologic features.METHODS: Information on death of patients with cancer was provided by the county-city registries. Population data were provided by the local police bureau. All the deaths of cancer registered were classified according to the threedigit rubric of the ICD-9. Cancer mortality rates reported herein were age-adjusted, using the world population as standard and weighted piecewise linear regression analysis.RESULTS: Total cancer age-adjusted mortality rates were 195.91 per 100 000 for males and 124.36 per 100 000 for females between 1996 and 1998. During the period of 19741999, a remarkable decrease took place in esophageal carcinoma, stomach cancer remained essentially stable and liver cancer, a moderate increase. Colorectal cancer was slightly increased over the last two decades.CONCLUSION: The population-based cancer registry can give an accurate picture of cancer in Henan Province, by providing a set of analyses of selected cancer mortality data as a source of reference for researchers in cancer, public health and health care services.

  17. Malaria in Zhejiang Province, China, from 2005 to 2014.

    Chen, Hualiang; Yao, Linong; Zhang, Lingling; Zhang, Xuan; Lu, Qiaoyi; Yu, Kegen; Ruan, Wei


    To summarize the changing epidemiological characteristics of malaria in Zhejiang Province, China, we collected data on malaria from the Chinese Notifiable Disease Reporting System (NDRS) and analyzed them. A total of 2,738 malaria cases were identified in Zhejiang Province from 2005 to 2014, of which 2,018 were male and 720 were female. Notably, only 7% of malaria cases were indigenous and the other cases were all imported. The number of malaria cases increased from 2005 to 2007, peaked in 2007, and then decreased from 2007 to 2011. There were no indigenous cases from 2012 to 2014. Of all cases, 68% of cases contracted Plasmodium vivax, 27% of cases contracted P. falciparum, and two cases contracted P. malariae. About 88% of malaria cases during 2005-2011 occurred yearly between May and October, but the number of malaria cases in different months during 2012-2014 was similar. The median age was 33 years, and 1,892 cases occurred in persons aged 20-50 years. The proportion of businessmen increased and the proportion of migrant laborers decreased in recent years. The median time from illness onset to confirmation of malaria cases was 5 days and it decreased from 2005 to 2014. Some epidemiological characteristics of malaria have changed, and businessmen are the emphases to surveillance in every month. PMID:26078321

  18. Mercury distribution in coals influenced by magmatic intrusions, and surface waters from the Huaibei Coal Mining District, Anhui, China

    Highlights: • Hg concentrations in coal and surface water samples were determined. • Hg is enriched in the Huaibei coals. • Magmatic activities imparted influences on Hg content and distribution. • Hg contents in surface waters are relative low at the present status. - Abstract: The Hg concentrations in 108 samples, comprising 81 coal samples, 1 igneous rock, 2 parting rock samples and 24 water samples from the Huaibei Coal Mining District, China, were determined by cold-vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry. The abundance and distribution of Hg in different coal mines and coal seams were studied. The weighted average Hg concentration for all coal samples in the Huaibei Coalfield is 0.42 mg/kg, which is about twice that of average Chinese coals. From southwestern to northeastern coalfield, Hg concentration shows a decreasing trend, which is presumably related to magmatic activity and fault structures. The relatively high Hg levels are observed in coal seams Nos. 6, 7 and 10 in the southwestern coal mines. Correlation analysis indicates that Hg in the southwestern and southernmost coals with high Hg concentrations is associated with pyrite. The Hg concentrations in surface waters in the Huaibei Coal Mining District range from 10 to 60 ng/L, and display a decreasing trend with distance from a coal waste pile but are lower than the regulated levels for Hg in drinking water

  19. Distribution and assessment of Pb in the supergene environment of the Huainan Coal Mining Area, Anhui, China.

    Fang, Ting; Liu, Guijian; Zhou, Chuncai; Yuan, Zijiao; Lam, Paul Kwan Sing


    Coal mining area is highly subject to lead (Pb) pollution from coal mining activities. Several decades of coal mining and processing practices in dozens of coal mines in the Huainan Coal Mining Area (HCMA) have led to the accumulation of massive amounts of coal gangue, which piled in dumps. In order to investigate the impacts of coal gangue dumps on Pb level in the supergene media of the HCMA, a systematic sampling campaign comprising coal gangue, soil, wheat, and earthworm samples was conducted. The average Pb content in the coal mining area soil is 24 mg/kg, which is slightly higher than the associated coal gangues (23 mg/kg) and markedly higher than reference region soil (12.6 mg/kg). Soil in the HCMA present a slight to moderate Pb contamination, which might be related to the weathering and leaching of coal gangue dumps. Lateral distribution of Pb in HCMA soil differed among individual coal mines. The soil profile distribution of Pb depends on both natural and anthropogenic contributions. Average Pb content is higher in roots than in stems, leaves, and wheat husks, while the Pb level in seeds exceeded the maximum Pb allowance for foods (Maximum Levels of Contaminants in Foods of China, GB 2762-2012). Earthworms in the selected area are significantly enriched in Pb, suggesting higher bio-available Pb level in soil in the HCMA. PMID:24756412

  20. 安徽省汉族女生月经初潮与肥胖度关系的研究%Study on the relationship between menarche and obesity in school girls of Han nationality in Anhui province

    唐玲; 陶芳标; 朱鹏; 徐红; 赵玉秋; 王惠; 张悦; 周露


    目的:了解安徽省汉族女生月经初潮年龄变化情况及不同经济状况地区月经初潮年龄的差异并进一步分析月经初潮年龄与肥胖度的关系.方法:按照2010年全国中小学生体质调研的相关要求,采用分层随机抽样和随机整群抽样方法对安徽省南、北、中3个地区的城乡7~18岁中小学女生共6 840人进行调查,测量身高、体重、腰围、臀围及腹部、上臂、肩胛下皮褶厚度等指标,并对她们是否有月经初潮进行了问卷调查.结果:安徽省汉族女生半数月经初潮平均年龄为12.44岁,与往年相比呈现提前趋势.城乡女生半数月经初潮平均年龄分别为12.39及12.49岁.体质指数、腰高比及3个部位皮下脂肪厚度等指标的均值来潮组均大于未来潮组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论:月经初潮年龄与体脂因素关系密切,呈现负相关;应该提前加强中小学生的性教育及让中小学生加强锻炼、控制饮食,减缓月经初潮年龄提前的长期趋势.%Objective: To understand the change of menarche age in school girls of Han nationality in Anhui province and the difference of age of menarche in them from areas with different economic conditions, and further analyze the relationship between menarche age and the degree of obesity. Methods: According to related requirements, stratified random sampling method and cluster random sampling method were used to survey 6 840 primary and middle school girls aged 7-18 years old from urban and rural areas in south, north, and central regions of Anhui province, body height, body weight, waist circumstance, hip circumstance, skin fold thicknesses of abdomen, upper arm, and subscapularis were measured, and a questionnaire was usod to survey whether they had menarche. Results: The mean menarche age of half of the school girls was 12. 44 years, showing a younger trend compared the data in the other years. The mean menarche ages of urban and rural girls

  1. 安徽省县区级妇幼保健机构发展现状及对策研究%Study on development status of maternal and child health institutions at county level in Anhui province and countermeasures

    孙瑜; 万宇辉; 阙敏; 吴海燕; 邵子瑜


    Objective: To understand the development status of maternal and child health (MCH) institutions at county level in Anhui province, and provide references for health administration authorities to formulate construction solutions and development countermeasures for MCH institutions. Methods: Cluster sampling method was used in the study, and national " maternal and child health resources and operating situation questionnaire" and " national Maternal and child institutions management information network report system" were used to conduct complete investigation among 101 MCH institutions in Anhui province. Results: The personnel of 87. 13% of the medical workers was not up to the national standard, most health technical staffs were intermediate or junior certificate and college degree or under; apparatus equipments were relatively scarce, service projects were restricted; 73. 27% of the institutions was in long - term liabilities, the developing force was weak; scientific research and teaching level were backward, the integrated development of institution was restricted. Conclusion: The capacity building of MCH institutions at county level should be strengthened, the function should be clearly positioned, financial input and policy support should be enhanced more, population health care work should be strengthened, the talent team building should be accelerated. Then the service ability and service level will be improved.%目的:了解安徽省县区级妇幼保健机构发展现状,为卫生管理部门制定妇幼保健机构能力建设方案和发展对策提供参考依据.方法:采取整群抽样的方法,应用全国统一的“妇幼保健机构资源与运营情况调查表”和《全国妇幼卫生机构管理信息网络报告系统》对全省101所县区级妇幼保健机构进行全面调查.结果:87.13%的县区级妇幼保健机构人员编制未达国家标准,卫生技术人员中以中、初级职称和大专及以下学历为主;妇幼保

  2. 安徽淮北平原地下水动态变化研究%Study on the Groundwater Dynamic of the Huaibei Alluvial Plain in Anhui Province

    胡巍巍; 王式成; 王根绪; 邓伟


    论文对安徽淮北地区69个地下水位站的1980-2006年平均地下水埋深资料进行分析,得出淮北地区多年平均地下水埋深2.33 m,1980-1990年各地下水年均埋深较浅、变幅较小,1990年以后地下水埋深变幅加大,且埋深有明显的加深趋势.研究认为淮北平原地下水动态虽然受降水量、蒸发量和人类活动等多种因素影响,但近些年来地下水的动态变化主要是人类活动影响的结果.这些人类活动包括地下水资源开发利用、土地利用、水利工程、农业节水灌溉措施等.其中过度开发利用地下水是导致安徽淮北平原地下水埋深下降、地下水资源减少的主要原因.适度开发利用地下水有利于淮北地区地下水的循环更新,但过度的开发利用,已造成平原北部开始出现严重的环境地质问题,应限制开采.%Huaibei alluvial plain lies in the middle reach of the Huaihe River basin and the main part of the plain is in Anhui Province. In this region, human activities are intense and water pollution is still serious, so people have to use much groundwater. This article analyzed the annual mean groundwater burying depth from 1980 to 2006 from 69 water table stations on Huaibei alluvial plain, Anhui Province. The authors concluded that multi-annual mean groundwater burying depth is 2.33 m in this region. The annual mean groundwater burying depth was shallow and changed little during the 1980s, but it changed greatly and was apparently deeper after 1990. Although groundwater dynamic is affected by precipitation, evaporation and human activities, the change was the result of human activities in recent years in Huaibei alluvial plain. These activities include groundwater exploitation, land use, hydraulic engineering and agriculture water-saving irrigation measure, and groundwater overexploitation was the main reason for water table decline and groundwater resource decrease. Moderate use of groundwater is

  3. Spatial Pattern and Evolution of Road Network Accessibility in Anhui Province%安徽省公路网络可达性空间格局及其演化

    蒋晓威; 曹卫东; 罗健; 朱胜清; 唐云云


    Based on the road network maps in 1996, 2004, and 2010, choosing weighted average travel time as an indicator, the spatial pattern and evolution of major cities' road accessibility in Anhui Province are studied. Results are shown as follows: In the study period (1996-2010), the spatial structure of accessibility in Anhui Province shows little change; Hefei area is the center with the lowest accessibility level; the value increases from the center to the surrounding areas, and its distribution is alongside with the directions of traffic arteries. The improvement of road networks greatly increases the accessibility of major cities in the region, and the acces- sibility increase in the first period (1996-2004) is greater than that in the second period (2004-2010). The extent of accessibility change is related to the initial level. In the first period, the rate of the accessibility change decreases from the "T-shaped" region, covering the areas along the "Xu-He", "He-Wu-Xuan" highway and the Yangtze River, to periphery areas. However, the second period sees a multi-core spatial pattern in which the rate of accessibility change decreases from the areas with newly constructed highways to the surrounding areas. Dif- ferent areas benefit from the access to the road network differently, with Jiangnan area benefiting the most, Huaibei and Jianghuai areas the second. With the improvement of road networks, the accessibility gets optimized from a center to periphery in layered circles with the accessibility levels evenly and smoothly distributed. Among the cities, the difference of accessibility gradually narrows, and accessibility coefficient gradually reaches an equilibrium distribution.%以1996、2004、2010年为时间断面,加权平均旅行时间为指标,探讨安徽省公路网络中节点城镇可达性空间格局及其演化规律。结果表明:1996-2010年,安徽省公路网络可达性总体空间格局变动不大,其值大体以合肥地区为中心向外围

  4. 基于公路客流趋势的省域城市间关系与结构研究——以安徽省为例%Intercity Relationship and Structure of Anhui Province from the Perspective of Passenger Flow of Coach Travel

    罗震东; 何鹤鸣; 韦江绿


    The analysis on intercity relationship and regional spatial structure from the perspective of passenger flow of long-distance coach travel is an important approach to provincial spatial structure studies.Daily passenger flow of long-distance coach travel is a significant part of passenger flow among cities which can reflect functional intercity relationships and reveal the inner-provincial spatial relationship clearly.Based on the daily passenger flow of long-distance coach travel,in this article,Anhui Province is taken as an example.The characteristics of intercity relationships and spatial structure of Anhui Province is explored.To examine the characteristics of intercity relationships and spatial structure of Anhui Province,the research data are analyzed from two aspects.1) The intensify characteristics of the intercity passenger flow.Passenger flow is graded according to the numerical size,then the passenger characteristics of traffic flow in different regions are analyzed in this article,especially focusing on relationships between the provincial capital(Hefei) and other cities in this province.2) The structural characteristics of intercity passenger flow.According to directions of the largest passenger flow and the second largest passenger flow,the overall trend and spatial structure of the daily population movements among cities are analyzed,and the provincial nodes in the urban network from the perspective of topological characteristics and the flow strength on the city level are examined in this article.The conclusions are as follows: 1) On the whole,Anhui Province presents a mono-center structure,and the inter-regional links between cities are relatively weak except the center city(Hefei);Hefei affects and maintains frequent contact with Chaohu directly,Lu'an and Huainan.There seems to be a high possibility that these three cities would become a major part of the metropolitan area of Hefei,the economic center and capital of Anhui Province.2) Wuhu

  5. Continental tectonics and uranium province of South China

    The pre-Sinian metamorphic basement of South China consists of 4 blocks, namely the Jiangnan, the Wuyi, the Yunkai-South Sea and the Mintai which belong to the same lithospheric plate from late Proterozoic on. The plate is enriched in U and Th revealed by Pb-isotopic study, which plays an role of essential prerequisite for the formation of U province. The amalgamation of the 4 blocks and their final attachment to Yangtze craton were resulted from Proterozoic, Caledonian, Indonesia and Yangshanian orogenic events, driven by Moho-rheologic stratification so that uraniferous black rock sequences and U-hosting granites and volcanics in age from late Sinian to Jurassic were produced in the fore lands of corresponding major orogenic uplifts. The change of tectonic regime from compression-relaxed to lateral tension happened after significant crust's thickening and large-scale emplacement of granitic batholiths during late Triassic and early Jurassic though local compression occurred from middle Eocene to Oligocene. Most of U deposits were just formed in association with this para-cratonization process from late Jurassic to Eogene. South China GGT shows that there exist the thinning and the break-up of undercrustal lithosphere at the Datian and the Quanzhou and funnel-shaped seg at middle Hunan. The former two are considered to be the product of up-migration of hot mantle plume and the latter to be the place of down-migration of cold mantle plume

  6. Environmental Consequences of Rapid Urbanization in Zhejiang Province, East China

    Xuchao Yang


    Full Text Available Since reforms carried out in the late 1970s, China has experienced unprecedented rates of urban growth. Remote sensing data and surface observational data are used to investigate the urbanization process and related environmental consequences, focusing on extreme heat events and air pollution, in Zhejiang Province (ZJP, East China. Examination of satellite-measured nighttime light data indicates rapid urbanization in ZJP during the past decade, initially forming three urban clusters. With rapid urban sprawl, a significant Urban Heat Island (UHI effect has emerged. During extreme heat events in summer, the UHI effect significantly exacerbates nocturnal heat stress in highly urbanized areas. Taking a long-term view, urbanization also causes additional hot days and hot degree days in urban areas. Urbanization also imposes a heavy burden on local and regional air quality in ZJP. Degraded visibility and an increase in haze days are observed at most meteorological stations, especially in the three urban clusters. The results show that urbanization has led to serious environmental problems in ZJP, not only on the city scale, but also on the regional scale. Maintaining a balance between the continuing process of urbanization and environmental sustainability is a major issue facing the local government.

  7. An Empirical Analysis on the Technical Efficiency and its Influent Factors of Listed Companies of Anhui Province%安徽省上市公司技术效率及其影响因素实证研究



    By employing balanced panel data of listed companies of Anhui province during 2007 -2009, this paper measures the technical efficiency based on SFA. CEO plays an important role in decision - making, but the technical staffs play an important role in the business of technology development and innovation. Therefore, we investigate the influence of the annual pay of CEO and the number of technical staffs on technical efficiency. The empirical results show:the average firm efficiency is only 71. 5%, which means economic growth still relies on increasing inputs rather than on inner growth; the annual pay of CEO and technical efficiency are positively correlated; however, there are no significant relationship between the number of technical staffs and technical efficiency.%以2007~2009年43家安徽省上市公司为样本,运用随机前沿(SFA)方法测算各家公司的技术效率,同时考察总经理年度报酬以及技术人员数量对企业技术效率的影响.实证分析结果表明,安徽省上市公司的技术效率均值只有71.5%,说明经济增长仍然是靠增加要素投入而不是真正的内涵型增长;总经理报酬与企业技术效率呈现正相关关系;但技术人员数量与技术效率没有显著关系.

  8. A Study on Wild Ornamental Plant Resources in Yi-county of Anhui Province%安徽黟县野生观赏植物资源的研究

    王玉勤; 王希华


    黟县位于皖南山区,是旅游景点之一,植物种类非常丰富。该文在广泛深入地调查、采集、整理、鉴定的基础上,研究了黟县野生植物资源的多样性、分布区类型和性质。本区有野生观赏植物(种子植物)117科、370属、821种(变种、变型),其中乔木178种、灌木187种、藤本111种、草本365种。根据本区野生观赏植物资源的种类、区系成分和特征、开发与保护现状,对本区野生观赏植物资源的开发利用进行了探讨。%Yi county is located in the south part of Anhui province, between, 117°38′~118°6′E and 29°47′~30°11′N, plant species are very rich. This paper presents the characteristics of species diversity, complex floristic elements' rare and endemic distribution types and the conservation and utilization of wild ornamental plant resources in Yi county. On the basis of wide and deep investigation, collection and sifting. There are 821 species (including varieties and forms) of wild ornamental plants belonging to 370 genera and 117 families. Among them, 178 species are trees, 187 are shrubs, 111 are vines and 365 herbs. The conservation and utilization of wild ornamental plant resources are discussed.

  9. Financial Support to the Economic Development of Yangtze River Area of Anhui Province%皖江区域经济发展的金融支持研究

    马小雪; 冯庆水


    随着《皖江城市带承接产业转移示范区规划》的提出,皖江区域应借助这一契机,大力发展经济,因此,对皖江区域经济发展中金融支持的研究具有现实意义。对皖江区域的经济发展、产业结构、金融水平、开放合作、公共服务、社会环境六大类要素进行因子分析,并运用金融相关指标构建皖江区域金融发展和经济增长关系的计量模型,得出金融支持对皖江区域经济发展的重要性。建议从金融各个方面支持皖江区域经济的增长,促进皖江区域产业结构升级和优化。%The issuing of the industrial transfer demonstration area planning for cities along Yangtze river in Anhui Province has brought a golden opportunity for the area to develop its economy. Hence, researches into financial support to the economic development of this area have a practical significance. With an analysis of the economic growth, industrial structure, financial level, openness and cooperation, public services, and social environment of the area, and by building an econometric model of relationship between financial development and economic growth by financial related index, the paper discovers the importance of financial support to the economic development of the area. It is suggested that the economic growth of the area should get an all-around financial support, so as to facilitate the upgrading and optimizing of its industrial structure.

  10. 安徽省中小企业人力资源悖论问题分析与对策%Human Resource Paradox Phenomena in SM Es in Anhui Province and the Countermeasures



    Considering the large number of talented personnel in small and medium-sized enterprises (SM Es) ,the development degree and level of their human resource is important not only to the devel-opment of SM Es themselves ,but also to the improvement of labor quality and the implementation of the strategy of building up a strong country with the talents .At present ,there exist some human re-source paradox phenomena in SMEs in Anhui Province such as the paradox between “job machine”and talent shortage ,the paradox between“talent incubator”and insufficiency in talent cultivation ,the de-viation between“espoused theory”and“theory-in-use”and the coexistence between talent outflow and talent waste .In this paper ,the causes in this respect are analyzed and the countermeasures are put forward .%中小企业吸纳人才数量众多,其人才开发力度和水平不仅关乎中小企业自身发展,对于提高劳动者素质、实施人才强国战略同样具有战略价值。当前,安徽省乃至全国中小企业人力资源存在“就业机器”与人才匮乏悖论、“人才孵化器”与人才培养不足悖论、“信奉理论”与“使用理论”偏差和人才流失与人才淤积二元并存等人力资源悖论现象,需要分析其原因并寻求解决办法。

  11. 安徽省体育舞蹈专选学生气质类型的调查研究%Investigation and Study of Anhui Province Sports Dance Elective Students Temperament



    Using literature ,questionnaire survey and mathematical statistics method ,we present the investigation and analysis on sports dance special four colleges of Anhui province elective students tempera‐ment type .Results show that the sports dance elective students special temperament types are mixed type , and the male is higher than female ;ten omnipotent dances with mixed type and sanguine temperament types ,modern and Latin are dominated by mixed temperament types ,training 5 year or more in length with mixed temperament types mainly .In order to obtain better teaching and training effect ,in the sports dance teaching and training teachers should make teaching and training methods to help students overcome the weakness of their own temperament .%采用文献资料、问卷调查、数理统计等方法,对安徽省四所高校体育舞蹈专项选修学生气质类型进行调查与分析。结果显示,体育舞蹈专项选修学生气质类型均以混合型为主,并且男性高于女性;十项全能舞种以混合型和多血质气质类型为主,摩登和拉丁舞均以混合型气质类型为主,训练年限在5年以上者以混合型气质类型为主。在体育舞蹈教学与训练中教师有针对性的制定教学与训练方法,帮助学生克服自身气质的弱点,以取得较好的教学训练效果。

  12. 低碳经济背景下的安徽省绿色饭店建设策略研究%Study on Strategies of Green Hotel Construction in Anhui Province in the Context of Low-carbon Economy

    范星宏; 周娟


      发展低碳经济,建设绿色饭店是当前饭店业必须承担的社会责任,也是饭店业发展的必然趋势。文章通过分析安徽省绿色饭店的建设现状、发展态势,探究安徽省绿色饭店的建设策略,提出加强宏观政策制定,发挥政府引导作用;积极树立绿色理念,培育绿色企业文化;落实培训机制,夯实绿色市场基础;完善科技创新机制,微观上全面推广,为实现安徽省饭店业的可持续发展寻求新的发展路径。%Developing low-carbon economy and constructing green hotel is not only the social responsibility that hotels should bear but also an inevitable trend for the development of the hotel industry.Taking Anhui province as an example,this paper analyzes the current situation and prospect of green hotel,explores the construction strategies of green hotel and proposes the consolidation of macro-policy-making as well as the implementation of government guidance.The paper also positively estab⁃lishes green concept,cultivates green enterprise culture,implements the training mechanism,reinforces green market foun⁃dation,and perfects technology innovation mechanism and spreads the concrete construction strategies in a micro level and finds a new way to development,so that the sustainable development of hotel industry can be realized.

  13. Investigation on the serogroup (type) alternation of leptospirosis in Huaiyuan County, Anhui Province%安徽怀远县钩端螺旋体病流行菌群(型)更迭调查与分析



    Objective To understand the serogroup distribution and its changes of leptospirosis in Huaiyuan County, Anhui Province. Methods The serological, etiological and epidemiological method were used to monitor leptospirosis in Huaiyuan County from 2005 to 2010. Results Lcterohemorrhagiae group accounted for 92.75% among the normal infected population. The density and the infection rate of mice in autumn were higher than those in spring, and Apodemus agrarius accounted for 87.74%. Conclusion In Huanyuan County, the epidemic group of Lcterohemorrhagiae has changed from Promonia and Flood -type into Paddy field type, which indicates that investigation should be enforced to prevent the outbreak of leptospirosis.%目的 了解安徽怀远县钩端螺旋体病(以下简称野钩体病冶)流行的血清群分布及变化情况.方法 采用血清群、病-学、流行病学对2005 年~2010 年怀远县钩体病进行监测.结果 自然人群感染以黄疸出血群为主,占92.75%;鼠密度及带菌率秋季高于春季;黑线姬鼠占87.74%,均为黄疸出血群.结论 我县钩体病流行菌群为黄疸出血群,由洪水型、波摩那群更迭为稻田型黄疸出血群.今后应加强钩体病的调查研究,防止钩体病爆发流行.

  14. Empirical Analysis on the Determinants of Economic Growth in Shaanxi Province, China


    Status of economic development in Shaanxi Province is analyzed, showing that Shaanxi Province has achieved the fast and stable economic growth; and total GDP and fixed assets investment have shown a sustainable growth. According to the time series statistics of Shaanxi Province in the years 1978-2008, Cobb-Douglas Function is used to carry out the empirical analysis on the contribution of fixed assets investment and labor input to economic growth of Shaanxi Province, China. Result shows that capital and labor input are the major driving forces for the economic growth of Shaanxi Province. In other words, economic growth mode of Shaanxi Province is still extensive. Economic growth of Shaanxi Province is increasingly dependent on capital investment and technological progress. Contribution rates of capital and labor to economic growth are 66.9% and 33.1%, respectively. Therefore, investment is a source of economic growth in Shaanxi Province through the reform and opening up in the last three decades.

  15. 安徽省农村老年人睡眠与生活质量现况调查%Sleep and quality of life among rural elderly in Anhui province

    李杰; 董青; 刘娟娟; 董永海; 杨林胜; 叶冬青; 黄芬


    Objective The primary purposes of this article were to examine the distributions and correlation between conditions of sleep and the quality of life,so as to explore the risk factors of abnormal sleep among elderly in the rural areas of Anhui province.Methods Elderly who aged 60 years or more (n= 1680) were randomly selected from rural areas in Anhui province.Conditions of sleep and quality of life of the subjects were assessed independently,using the pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQ1) scale and SF-36 scale.A generalized logistic model analysis was performed,using sleep-related factors as explanatory variables.Results The average PSQI score was 7.43 + 4.13.Persons whose sleep conditions were graded as well,common or poor were accounted for 29.4%,24.3%,46.3%,respectively.Sex and sleep quality were different in terms of quality of life among all the factors (P<0.05).Men had better quality than women,and poor sleepers had poorer quality of life as compared to the one with better conditions.Factors as being married/living alone/economically independent,having better social function,often eating meat or wheat were significant predictors for having good sleep conditions.However,factors as better education received,living alone,with poor vitality/general health,having chronic diseases (back pain,coronary heart or stomach disease),less meat intake,rice as major foods etc.were predictors for poorer sleeping condition.Conclusion Our data showed that it was unsatisfactory on the quality of sleep among the rural elderly in Anhui province.Conditions on general,health and nutrition should be improved in order to prevent the poor sleep condition.%目的 了解安徽省农村老年人睡眠与生活质量的现状及两者的相关性,并探索睡眠异常的影响因素.方法 分别应用匹兹堡睡眠质量指数量表、SF-36量表评价安徽省农村老年人的睡眠状况和生活质量.采用广义logistic回归分析模型筛选睡眠的影响因素.结果 睡眠

  16. Comparative Analysis of Contributions Made by Goods and Services in the International Trade to Economic Growth in Anhui Province%国际商品与服务贸易对安徽省经济增长贡献的对比分析∗



    安徽省作为中国一个中部发展省份,积极响应国家经济发展政策,外向型经济取得了一定的成就,对外贸易飞速发展。文章通过采用外贸依存度和经济贡献率两大指标对商品贸易与服务贸易的经济贡献度进行对比分析,并深入商品与服务贸易经济增长贡献的结构性分析。研究发现商品贸易较服务贸易而言对经济增长的贡献更大,且商品贸易中工业制成品贸易的经济增长贡献度更为明显,而服务贸易拥有较大的发展潜力,据此制定对外贸易战略提供理论依据与政策建议。%As a central province of China,and in response to the national economic development policy,Anhui province has made some achievements in the development of export-oriented economy and the rapid development of foreign trade.By the use of foreign trade dependence degree and the eco-nomic contribution rate,the article comparatively analyzes the economic contribution of commodity trade and service trade,and makes further structural analysis.The study found that commodity trade was greater than service trade in contribution to economic growth,and industrial manufactured goods trade in economic growth contribution was more obvious,but the service trade has great potential for development.And accordingly,the article set the foreign trade strategy to provide a theoretical basis and policy suggestions.

  17. Odonata collected in Hainan and Guangdong Provinces, China in 2014

    Garrison, Rosser W.; Cordero-Rivera, Adolfo; Zhang, Haomiao


    A three week trip to Hainan and Guangdong provinces was conducted between 26 May and 11 June 2014, sampling odonates within the vicinity of Diaoluoshan National Nature Reserve, Shuimanxing Village (both Hainan Province) and Nankunshan Nature Reserve (Guangdong Province). Additionally, Cordero and Zhang collected at Shuimanxing Village between 13 and 23 June. A total of 103 species in 78 genera were found for Hainan Province and 51 species in 42 genera in Guangdong Province. Lists of all spec...

  18. Gammarus emeiensis, a new species of amphipod crustacean from Sichuan Province, China

    Hou, Zhong-E; Li, Shuqiang; Koenemann, Stefan


    Specimens of a new species of gammarid Amphipoda, Gammarus emeiensis n. sp., were found on Emei Mt., Sichuan Province, China. A detailed description of this freshwater amphipod is given and differences to related species are discussed.

  19. Economic Assessment of Sanitation Interventions in Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China

    World Bank


    This study evaluates the costs and benefits of technical sanitation options and programs in Yunnan Province, China, as part of the Economics of Sanitation Initiative (ESI) conducted by the World Bank's Water and Sanitation Program in East Asia. As an underdeveloped province, Yunnan has achieved huge progress in sanitation improvement since the 1990s. Sanitation options evaluated in the stu...

  20. Malnutrition in China's Rural Boarding Schools: The Case of Primary Schools in Shaanxi Province

    Luo, Renfu; Shi, Yaojiang; Zhang, Linxiu; Liu, Chengfang; Rozelle, Scott; Sharbono, Brian


    The main goal of this paper is to document the nature of boarding schools and empirically analyse the difference in nutrition intake and malnutrition status between boarding and non-boarding students in western rural China. By using two data sets on boarding schools and boarding students in Shaanxi Province, a representative province in western…

  1. Rural Birth Order and Gender Influence on Intergenerational Time Transfer Motivation in Anhui Province%农村孩次和性别对代际时间转移动机的影响——以安徽省为例

    周律; 陈功; 徐铭蔚; 王佳


    在美国等西方国家,代际时间转移动机是公共转移项目和政策的关键决定因素。然而,在中国文化中,这一概念相对比较新颖。目前尚无子女的孩次、性别与中国农村老年人代际时间转移之间影响的研究。本文旨在从农村地区父母的角度,按子女的性别和孩次,探究时间转移的动机。本研究的数据为2009年从中国安徽省巢湖地区收集。研究结果显示从父母的视角分析,子女的孩次对代际时间转移动机有显著的影响,而子女性别的影响不显著。此外,本文讨论了对政府政策和未来研究的启示。%In the United States and other Western countries, the intergenerational transfer motivation is a key determinant of public transfer programs and policies. However, in Chinese culture, the concept is relatively new. Currently there is less research about rural birth order and gender influence on intergenerational time transfer in China. This article analyzed intergenerational time transfer motivation by the birth order and gender in perspective of rural parents. In this study, the data collected from Chaohu, Anhui Province, China in 2009. The results showed that from the perspective of parents, their children's birth order have a significant impact on intergenerational transfer motivation and children's gender had no significant effect. In addition, the article discusses the revelation of government policy and future research.

  2. Development Strategy of Anhui Garments Import&Export Co.Ltd

    Tu, Liang


    Textiles are important export goods in China, and they played a key role in the economic development of China, but in recent years, domestic and international export environmental degradation leads textile export enterprises to face new difficulties. Anhui Garments Import & Export Co. Ltd. is a garment foreign trade export enterprise with certain strengths. The company is facing both opportunities and challenges in the current situation. The thesis was based on Anhui Garments Import & Exp...

  3. 安徽沿江棉区控失型化肥施用技术研究%Research on the Application Technology of Controlled-release Chemical Fertilizer in the Cotton Area along Yangtze River in Anhui Province

    余立祥; 邱冠男; 吴跃进


    [目的]研究控失肥在棉区的施用技术,验证控失肥的"控失"效果及其经济效益.[方法]以当地主要推广的抗虫棉品种为供试作物,通过在安徽省沿江棉田进行施肥试验研究了控失肥不同施用方式对棉花产量和效益的影响.[结果]与一次基施全部控失肥相比,将控失肥分3次施用使棉花产量增加了240 kg/hm~2,棉农的净收入增加了156元/hm~2;将控失肥基施,后期追施速效化肥使棉花产量增加了7.04%,棉农的净收入增加了833.4元/hm~2.施用减氮20%的控失肥的棉花的现蕾期提前了6 d,开花期提前了7 d,吐絮期提前了8 d,生育期短了8 d.与施用普通氮肥的棉花相比,施用控失氮肥的棉花的秋桃增加幅度为22.29%~36.31%,皮棉产量增加了27.78%.[结论]该研究为在安徽沿江棉区推广应用控失肥提供了科学依据.%[Objective] The purpose was to research the application technology of controlled-release fertilizer in cotton area and validate its controlled-release effect and economic benefit. [Method] With the insect-resistant cotton varieties mainly popularized in the local place as tested crops, the effect of different application methods of controlled-release fertilizer on the yield and benefit of cotton was researched through carrying out fertilization experiment in the cotton fields along Yangtze River in Anhui Province. [Result] Compared with applying all the controlled-release fertilizer as base fertilizer at the first fertilization, when the controlled-release fertilizer was applied 3 times separately, the cotton yield was increased for 240 kg/hm~2 and the net income of cotton farmers was increased for 156 yuan/hm~2; when the controlled-release fertilizer was applied as base fertilizer and the fast-available chemical fertilizer was dressed in the anaphase, the cotton yield was increased by 7.04% and the net income of cotton farmers was increased for 833.4 yuan/hm~2. The squaring period of cottons applied

  4. Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Gansu province of China

    TIAN Li-li; ZHU Bing-dong; SI Hong-yan; MU Tao-jun; FAN Wen-bing; WANG Jing; JIANG Wei-min; LI Qing; YANG Biao; ZHANG Ying


    Background Mycobacterial interspersed repetitive units-variable number tandem repeat (MIRU-VNTR) and Beijing family typing based on detecting the deletion of RD105 sequence are two common genotyping methods used to study the molecular epidemiologic characteristics of Mycobacterium (M.) tuberculosis.We collected 218 strains of M.tuberculosis between 2004 and 2006 in the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu province in Northwest China.Methods MIRU-VNTR analysis and Beijing family typing based on detecting the deletion of RD105 sequence were used to type the 218 strains,and their typing power was evaluated to look for practical and efficient genotyping methods suitable for the region.Results The MIRU typing yielded 115 distinct genotypes,including 98 unique isolates and 17 different clusters containing 120 isolates (55.05%); the cluster rate was 47.25%.By detecting the deletion of RD105 sequence,188 of 218 (86.23%) isolates belonged to Beijing family.Combination of Beijing family typing and MIRU typing yielded 118 distinct patterns,including 101 unique isolates and 17 clusters containing 117 isolates (54.13%).The largest cluster contained 58 strains with MIRU genotype of 223325173533 which contained 50 strains belonging to Beijing family and 8 strains belonging to non-Beijing family.Conclusions The Beijing family strains occupied a large proportion and the Beijing family MIRU genotype 223325173533 is a dominant strain in Linxia of Gansu.Combining detecting the deletion of RD105 and MIRU typing together provides a simple,fast,and effective method which is low in cost and might be practical and suitable for M.tuberculosis genotyping in China.

  5. 抗战烽火燃安徽--纪念抗战暨二战胜利70周年%Anti-Japanese War in Anhui-to commemorate the 70 th anniversary of the victory of World War II



    During the Second World War , the Chinese people and Chinese army experienced an unusually long period of war to fight against Japanese invaders and China became the main battlefield in the eastern hemisphere . After the Japanese troops began their invasion to swallow China completely , most of Anhui Province was occupied by the enemy and people of Anhui were trampled on savagely .However , either in their native province or in oth-er provinces or even in other countries , Anhui people and their troops launched anti -Japanese wars of various sizes and wiped out Japanese troops .To achieve the end of winning complete victory in the anti -Japanese war , to turn a new leaf in the modern Chinese history , to fight for a ever-lasting bright future , Anhui people suffered great losses and made their possible contributions .%中国军民经历了旷日持久的抗日战争,中国成了二战时期的东方主战场。日本发动全面侵华战争之后,安徽大部沦陷,安徽人民遭到敌军铁蹄的血腥蹂躏。安徽军民或在本省的土地上,或在他乡甚至异国奋起反抗,歼灭了敌人的有生力量,为夺取抗日战争的全面胜利,为揭开中华民族现代史上的新的一页,开创无限光明的未来,承受了巨大的牺牲,贡献了自己的力量。

  6. 承接产业转移背景下安徽省农村剩余劳动力转移新特征%New features of flow of rural surplus labor in Anhui province under the background of undertaking industry transfer

    李世宏; 李亚光


    In has been five years since the construction of demonstration region for undertaking industry transfer of the city-cluster along the Yangtze River in Anhui rose to national strategy in 2010. With the steady development of undertaking industry transfer, development of economic and social of Anhui province is upgrading to a new stage. The industrial structure optimizes and upgrades continuously and the level of urbanization improves constantly. Undertaking industry transfer promotes the flow of force of rural surplus labor of Anhui province with new features. Based on this background,this paper analyzed the flow features in the new stage and proposed some suggestions.%2010年皖江承接产业转移示范区上升到国家战略,至今已5年过去了,随着皖江承接产业转移事业的稳步推进,安徽省经济社会发展升级到新阶段。产业结构不断优化升级,城市化水平不断提高。承接产业转移驱动安徽省农村剩余劳动力的转移呈现出新的特征。以此为背景,对新阶段安徽省农村剩余劳动力流动特征进行分析,针对适应新特征提出相应政策建议。

  7. Inventory of anthropogenic mercury emission Southwest China: I. Guizhou province

    The anthropogenic emissions of mercury to air is considered to contribute by 50-75 % of the total, and is thus responsible for elevated mercury concentration in the global atmosphere. These elevated atmospheric levels may be a serious threat to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems due to wet or dry deposition. Hence, measures must be taken in controlling the anthropogenic emissions of mercury. A fundamental step of a global mercury control is realistic mapping of anthropogenic and natural emissions. Today, reasonably well documented mercury emission inventories of anthropogenic point sources exist in Europe and North America. The amount of anthropogenic emissions in other parts of the world is quite uncertain, as well as world-wide diffuse emissions (anthropogenic and natural). Guizhou is situated on a plateau with a mean altitude of about 1000 m. Its climate is a typical subtropical humid monsoon with an average annual temperature of 15 dec C and a precipitation of 1100-1400 mm. The province accounts for about 2.8% of the total population in China. (orig.)




    安徽南部晚震旦世蓝田组、皮园村组和早寒武世荷塘组主要由黑色页岩和硅质岩组成.分析结果表明,蓝田组和荷塘组的总有机碳(可达10%-18%)和总有机氮(可达2.0‰-2.6‰)的高含量,应归于富有机质埋藏所致,反映新元古代末次冰期后和早寒武世海洋浮游生物处于大发展时期.由于海洋植物的光合作用产生大量O2,并消耗大量CO2,导致大气中O2/CO2比率明显增加,为震旦纪晚期多细胞真核生物的辐射、后生动物的出现和‘寒武纪生物大爆发'提供了条件.蓝田组黑色页岩中部的有机碳与有机氮含量大体呈现正比例增加,并且分别达到17.74%和2.66‰的最高值,与该剖面发现的蓝田植物群相对应;荷塘组黑色页岩的有机碳和有机氮垂直分布曲线之间呈现相互背离,即有机氮含量与时增加,而有机碳含量与时减少,与扬子地台相应的地层层位产生的澄江动物群相对应,表明TON和TOC分布特征有可能与早期生物演化历程相关.%Organic carbon and organic nitrogen analyses in the Sinian-Early Cambrian succession of southern Anhui Province, China, show that the high contents of both total organic carbon (TOC: up to 10 %-18%) and total organic nitrogen (TON: up to 2.0‰-2.6‰) may reflect a great increase of organic matter burial and consequent rise in O2 concentration in the atmosphere and the upper ocean. It, in turn, may be attributed to a high primary productivity in the ocean, which resulted from a rise of major global temperature and enhanced tectonism after the Late Neoproterozoic glaciation. Warm climate and the rise in O2 concentration of the atmosphere may have triggered the radiation of multicellular eukaryotes in the Doushantuo time, development of the metazoan in the late Sinian and 'Cambrian Explosion'. In addition, the TON and TOC vertical distribution characteristics may be asso ciated with the early life evolution.

  9. Genetic diversity and population structure of Plasmodium vivax in Central China

    Liu, Y.; Auburn, S; Cao, J; Trimarsanto, H; Zhou, H.; Gray, K.-, A; Clark, TG; Price, RN; Cheng, Q; R. Huang; Gao, Q.


    Background In Central China the declining incidence of Plasmodium vivax has been interrupted by epidemic expansions and imported cases. The impact of these changes on the local parasite population, and concurrent risks of future resurgence, was assessed. Methods Plasmodium vivax isolates collected from Anhui and Jiangsu provinces, Central China between 2007 and 2010 were genotyped using capillary electrophoresis at seven polymorphic short tandem repeat markers. Spatial and temporal analyses o...

  10. 安徽合肥大蜀山维管植物区系地理成分研究%Geographical Composition of Vascular Plants in Dashu Mountain in Hefei, Anhui Province



    Based on the investigation of the vegetation and collection of samples, the flora composition of Dashu Mountain in terms of families, genera, and species were analyzed and the R/T rate were compared with floras in similar latitude sites.A total of 508 plant species, belonging to 315 genera and 120 families were recorded,among which Pteridophyte had 10 families,13 genera and 14 species;gymnosperms had 7 families,19 genera and 47 species;and angiosoerms had 103 families,283 genera and 447 species.The dominants of the forest community was mainly composed of Fagaceae, Pinaceae, Ulmaceae, Aceaceae ,Tiliaceae, and Leguminosae,etc.The analysis of floristic geographical elements indicated that the 226 genera fell into 14 types.Athough the temperate zone component held a certain proportion,tropical species were rich,with temperate affinities elements accounting for 23.81% and the tropic affinities accounting for 18.52% ,which presents an especially transitional nature.The number of species endemic to China was few.The deciduous broad-leaved forest in temperate zone component was still a relatively stable forest cover of the area.According to the comparison analysis in terms of R/T rate,the tropic characteristics of Mt.Dashu flora were higher than those of the Yaoluoping Nature Reserve,Anhui and Mt.Huangcangyu,Anhui,lower than those of Mt.Mufu, Nanjing and Mt.Langya, Chuzhou, and similar to those of Mt.Zijin, Nanjing and Mt.Niushou, Nanjing in terms of genera.%在野外调查和标本采集的基础上,对合肥大蜀山植物区系基本组成和科属地理成分进行了分析,并与邻近山地植物区系进行了R/T比值的比较.统计共有维管束植物120科、315属、508种(含种下等级),其中蕨类植物10科、13属、14种,裸子植物7科、19属、47种,被子植物103科、283属、447种.壳斗科、松科、榆科、槭树科、椴树科和豆科等是该区系的主要表征科,构成了其各森林类型的主要树种组成.种子植物区

  11. 安徽省护理管理者论文发表数量统计分析及影响因素研究%Status and influencing factors of research paper publishing in nurse managers of Anhui province

    董旭婷; 赵梅; 王维利; 李惠萍; 章新琼


    目的:探讨安徽省内护理管理者论文发表数量及影响因素.方法:按方便抽样方法选择安徽省368名护理管理者,采用自行设计调查问卷对论文发表情况及相关因素进行调查,并对结果进行Logistic回归分析.结果:368名护理管理者中,227名发表过论文,共发表论文618篇,2007-2009年有146人发表过论文,共发表论文249篇;其中91.0%愿意参加护理科研,96.5%认为护理科研对护理专业发展重要.多因素Logistic回归分析结果显示:护龄、最高学历、职务、所在医院等级、科研写作能力等为影响论文发表的因素.结论:护龄、最高学历、职务、所在医院等级、科研写作能力对护理论文的发表具有一定的影响,应根据影响因素采取有针对性的措施,提高护理管理者科研水平.%Objective:To investigate the current situation and influencing factors of research paper publishing in nurse managers of Anhui province. Methods: We used a self-designed questionnaire to investigate the status and correlation factors of research paper publishing in 368 nurse managers by convenience sampling. Results: Among of them, 227 nurse managers had published 618 papers before.From 2007 to 2009, 146 of them published 249 papers.91.0% of them were willing to participate in nurse scientific research, and 96.5% of them thought nurse scientific research was important to the development of nursing science. Multivariate Logistic regression indicated that work duration, education level, professional position, hospital level and scientific research paper writing ability were the influencing factors of nursing research paper publishing. Conclusion: Work duration, education level, position, hospital degree, and scientific research paper writing ability may affect research paper publishing of nurse manager. Interventions according to this analysis were needed to improve their research ability.

  12. 安徽琅琊山青檀种群结构与空间分布格局研究%Population structure and spatial distribution pattern of Pteroceltis tatarinowii in Langyashan Mountain of Anhui Province

    张兴旺; 张小平; 郝朝运; 郭传友


    Population structure and spatial distribution pattern of Pteroceltis tatarinmvii in Langyashan Mountain of Anhui Province were studied in this paper. 8 plots of 500 m2 were respectively established. Sample data obtained in contiguous grid quadrate,substituted spatial series for time series and six aggregate indexes were used in this study. The results showed:(1)Population structure of P. Tatarinmvii in 8 plots presented growing,stable or senescent type; (2)Population distributions were mostly clumped; (3) At different developmental stages,distribution pattern presented a trend from clump to random and aggregation intensity decreased somewhat; (4)Size of blocks affected the spatial distribution pattern and the pattern scales of 8 plots were about 16 m2 and 32 m2. It proved that the spatial distribution pattern of P. Tatarinmvii populations were closely related to its biological and ecological characteristics,community composition,environmental factors and human disturbance.%通过设置500m2样方8个,应用“相邻格子法”获取野外资料,采用空间序列代替时间的方法与6种聚集度指标,对安徽琅琊山青檀的种群结构与空间分布格局进行了研究.结果表明:(1)各样地的青檀种群结构大致可分为增长型、稳定型和衰退型3种类型;(2)不同样地青檀种群分布格局主要为集群分布;(3)不同发育阶段种群分布格局有所差异,总体上有集群分布向随机分布、聚集度高向聚集度低的变化趋势;(4)不同区组大小的青檀种群分布格局不同,但在不同样地之间差异不明显,种群的格局规模大体为16 m2和32 m2.青檀种群结构和格局动态与群落区域的小生境,青檀本身生物学、生态学特性以及人为干扰有密切关系.

  13. 基于钻石模型的皖北农业集群式发展研究%Development of Agriculture Industry Cluster Based on the Diamond Model in the North of Anhui Province



    农业是皖北地区的支柱性产业,目前仍处于农业发展的初级阶段。皖北地区农业生产和管理分散,经济效益没有达到最大化。借鉴Porter的“钻石模型”,对皖北农业集聚的生产要素条件,需求条件,相关及支持产业,企业的战略、结构及竞争对手,机会及政府行为等进行分析,皖北地区要形成具有特色的农业集聚区,应建设农业工业园区,高效利用生产要素;大力发展上下游企业,树立区域品牌;优化农业组织结构,培育龙头企业;加速城镇化发展,刺激国内外需求;完善政府支持体系,创造农业发展机遇。%Though agriculture is the pillar industry in the north of Anhui province, it is still at the primary development stage. The maxi-mum economic benefit has not been achieved as the agricultural production and management are decentralized. Porter's Diamond Model is used to analyze the factor conditions;demand conditions;related and supporting industries;firm strategy, structure and rivalry;chance;and the government in the region. In order to form a distinctive agriculture industry cluster, the government should build agro-industrial parks to use the factor conditions efficiently, develop upstream and downstream enterprises to establish the regional brand, optimize the agricul-tural structure to cultivate leading enterprises, accelerate the urbanization process to stimulate the domestic demand, and improve the gov-ernment supporting system to create development opportunities for agriculture.

  14. Empirical Analysis on the Grain Supply Capacity of Hubei Province,China


    According to the investigation results of grain production and demand status of administrative units at county level in Hubei Province in the years 2004-2007,status and trend of grain production and grain demand in Hubei Province are analyzed,so as to discuss the grain supply capacity of Hubei Province.Result shows that affected by the adjustment of agricultural structure and the transfer of rural labor,Hubei Province shows a significant decrease in grain production before the year 2002,and a gradual increase in both grain production scale and grain supply capacity after the year 2004.It is forecasted that in the year 2020,Hubei Province will provide 13 100 thousand tons marketable grain to the state and will become a core province ensuring the grain security of China.


    Yueze Liu; Jianwen Cao; Zuxun Lu


    Objectives: To evaluate the current status of magnetic resonance imagers (MRI) in Shanxi province and provide evidence for decision-making on the allocation of MRI in China. Methods Data on the allocation of MRI in Shanxi province from 1998 to 2002 were obtained using standardized questionnaires. Descriptive statistic was generated. Results Six major trends can be discerned from the study. 1) MRI is diffusing slower in Shanxi province than other countries including some developing countries such as Mexico. 2) MRI was firstly installed in tertiary level hospitals and then diffusion in lower level hospitals in Shanxi province. 3) Most of MR1 with superconducting magnet system have been installed in higher level hospitals. 4) The number of MRI in Shanxi province and Taiyuan municipality (the metropolis of Shanxi province) is more than that of standard promulgated by National Committee of Plan, and Ministry of Finance and MOH. 5) Although MRI diffusion in Shanxi province is developed rapidly, the number of MRI in Shanxi province is still less than the number of CT scanners. 6) Permanent magnet and superconducting magnet has emerged as the dominant MRI technology in Shanxi province. Conclusions 1) Diffusion of permanent magnet MRI should be supported sakes for a better function/price in the area of lower economic level such as Shanxi province. 2) Diffusion of MRI should be consistent with economic level. Economic level of districts should be considered when health policy related to MRI diffusion was made.

  16. Spatio-temporal Evolution on Geographic Boundaries of HFRS Endemic Areas in Shandong Province, China

    LIU Yan Xun; WANG Zhi Qiang; GUO Jing; TANG Fang; SUN Xiu Bin; XUE Fu Zhong; KANG Dian Min


    Objective To take effective strategies and measures for the prevention and control of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) endemic areas by investigating its dynamic geographical boundaries in Shandong Province, China. Methods The incidence of HFRS from 1982 to 2008 in Shandong Prvince, China, was detected with inverse distance weighting (IDW) interpolation based on geographical information system (GIS). Dynamic geographical boundaries of HFRS endemic areas in Shandong Province, China, were analyzed by geographical boundary analysis. Results The HTN-type endemic areas of HFRS were located in Linyi City in phase 1 (1982-1986), the SEO-type endemic areas of HFRS were located in Jining City in phase 2 (1987-2003), and the endemic areas of HFRS in Jining City gradually disappeared and the endemic areas of HFRS with mixed-types of reservoir rodents were located in Linyi City in phase 3 (2004-2008). Meanwhile, new endemic areas emerged in the northwestern Shandong province, China. Conclusion The SEO-type endemic areas of HFRS are located in western Shandong Province, China, and the HTN-type endemic areas of HFRS are located eastern Shandong Province, Chin, indicating that the endemic areas of HFRS should be vaccinated and rodents should be controlled.

  17. Back to China to Seek Her Roots——An American mother and Her Adopted Chinese Daughter


    LULU went to a Chinese kindergarten in New York's China Town for the first time at the age of three, and when she returned home she had a serious question for her mother. "Mom, why don't I look like you?" The bewildered eyes of Lulu made blond Emily understand that from that day on, the girl she adopted from Anhui Province, China began to reappraise America and her American

  18. Left-behind children and return migration in China

    Sylvie Démurger; Hui Xu


    This paper examines how left-behind children influence migration duration in China. We first present a simple illustrative model that incorporates economic and non-economic motives to migration duration. Using individual data from a survey carried out in Wuwei county (Anhui province) in 2008, we find that migrant parents of children in primary school tend to delay their return, a result we interpret as illustrating the need for migrant parents to accumulate money for their offspring's educati...

  19. Maternal Mortality in Henan Province, China: Changes between 1996 and 2009

    Fengzhi You; Kaiming Huo; Ruili Wang; Dongmei Xu; Jie Deng; Ying Wei; Fenglian Shi; Hongyang Liu; Guomei Cheng; Zhan Zhang; Ping Yang; Tao Sun; Xiaoyang Wang; Bo Jacobsson; Changlian Zhu


    BACKGROUND: Maternal deaths occur mostly in developing countries and the majority of them are preventable. This study analyzes changes in maternal mortality and related causes in Henan Province, China, between 1996 and 2009, in an attempt to provide a reliable basis for introducing effective interventions to reduce the maternal mortality ratio (MMR), part of the fifth Millennium Development Goal. METHODS AND FINDINGS: This population-based maternal mortality survey in Henan Province was carri...

  20. Genetic diversity of Trichomonas vaginalis clinical isolates from Henan province in central China

    Mao, Meng; Liu, Hui Li


    Trichomonas vaginalis is a flagellated protozoan parasite that infects the human urogenital tract, causing the most common non-viral, sexually transmitted disease worldwide. In this study, genetic variants of T. vaginalis were identified in Henan Province, China. Fragments of the small subunit of nuclear ribosomal RNA (18S rRNA) were amplified from 32 T. vaginalis isolates obtained from seven regions of Henan Province. Overall, 18 haplotypes were determined from the 18S rRNA sequences. Each s...

  1. Disaster resilience in tertiary hospitals: a cross-sectional survey in Shandong Province, China

    Zhong, Shuang; Hou, Xiang-yu; Clark, Michele; Zang, Yu-Li; Wang, Lu; Xu, Ling-Zhong; FitzGerald, Gerard


    Background Hospital disaster resilience can be defined as a hospital’s ability to resist, absorb, and respond to the shock of disasters while maintaining critical functions, and then to recover to its original state or adapt to a new one. This study aims to explore the status of resilience among tertiary hospitals in Shandong Province, China. Methods A stratified random sample (n = 50) was derived from tertiary A, tertiary B, and tertiary C hospitals in Shandong Province, and was surveyed by ...

  2. Epidemiology of bronchial asthma and asthma control assessment in Henan Province, China

    Zhang, Wenping; Chen, Xianliang; Ma, Lijun; Wu, Jizhen; Zhao, Limin; Kuang, Hongyan; Huang, Taibo; Cheng, Jianjian; Zhang, Luoxian; Qi, Yong; Sun, Beibei; Niu, Hongyan


    Background Prevalence of bronchial asthma, asthma treatment assessment, and estimation of the control level among asthma patients in Henan Province, China are reported in this paper. Methods We selected 10 among the 109 cities and districts in Henan province using a multistage stratified cluster random sampling method. A total of 500 households from each city and district were chosen. Approximately 20,000 residents from a total of 5,000 households were randomly selected to answer a questionna...

  3. Prevalence of HPV infection among 28,457 Chinese women in Yunnan Province, southwest China

    Zheng Li; Feng Liu; Si Cheng; Lei Shi; Zhiling Yan; Jie Yang; Li Shi; Yufeng Yao; Yanbing Ma


    Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection plays a key role in the development of cervical cancer. The aim of the current study was to investigate the HPV type distribution in Chinese women from Yunnan Province, southwest China. A total of 28,457 individuals ranging in age from 17–84 years were recruited from 13 clinical hospitals located in 10 different regions of Yunnan Province. Cervicovaginal swabs were collected from each participant, and HPV screening was performed using Luminex xMAP technolo...

  4. The Income Gap among Rural Residents in Shaanxi Province,China


    According to the analysis on the current status of the income gap among rural residents in Shaanxi Province,it is found out that the income of rural residents in Shaanxi Province of China is not only lower than the average income level of China,but also far lower than the income level of urban residents and the income level of rural residents in developed areas.The low income is mainly caused by the increasing income gap among income groups and the income gap among rural residents in different areas.Based on this,causations for the income gap among rural residents are analyzed from three aspects of the cultural difference,the regional economic difference,and the industrial structure difference.Countermeasures for narrowing the income gap and increasing the farmers’ income in Shaanxi Province are put forward,such as vigorously developing the rural economy and speeding up the transfer of rural surplus labor forces in China.

  5. Hepatitis C virus genotype diversity among intravenous drug users in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China.

    Zhihui Zhang

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Recently, high proportions (15.6%-98.7% of intravenous drug users (IDUs in China were found to be positive for hepatitis C virus (HCV. Yunnan Province is located in southwestern China and borders one of the world's most important opium-producing regions, thus it is an important drug trafficking route to other regions of China. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Here, we assessed 100 HCV-positive plasma samples from IDUs who were enrolled through the Kunming Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012. HCV C/E1 fragments were PCR-amplified and sequenced. We identified eight HCV subtypes (1a, 1b, 3a, 3b, 6a, 6n, 6u and 6v, of which genotype 6 was most predominant (frequency, 47% followed by genotypes 3 (41% and 1 (12%. HCV subtypes 6n (30% and 3b (29% were most common and were identified in 59% of the IDUs. We compared HCV genotypes among IDUs in Yunnan Province with those from other regions and found that the distribution patterns of HCV genotypes in Yunnan Province were similar to those in southern China, but different from those in eastern China. However, the distribution patterns of HCV subtypes varied among Yunnan Province and southern China, despite the shared similar genotypes. A comparison of the current data with those previously reported showed that the frequency of HCV genotype 6 increased from 25% to 47% within 5 years, especially subtypes 6a (5% to 15% and 6n (11.2% to 30%. In contrast, the frequencies of subtypes 3b and 1b decreased by almost 50% within 5 years. CONCLUSION/SIGNIFICANCE: Our results provided further information to support the assertion that drug trafficking routes influence HCV transmission patterns among IDUs in Yunnan Province. The frequency of HCV genotypes and subtypes changed rapidly among IDUs in Yunnan Province and subtypes 6a and 6n may have originated in Vietnam and Myanmar, respectively.

  6. 安徽省农村老年人高血压患病影响因素分析%Prevalence and Influencing factors of hypertension in elderly rural residents of Anhui province

    魏红春; 张万军; 昝培霞; 王敏; 潘健源; 黄芬


    Objective To explore the prevalence of hypertension and its related factors in eldery, residents in rural area of Anhui province and to provide policy implications for aging health. Methods Health examination and self-designed questionnaire survey were conducted in 751 rural residents aged 60 or above. Multivariate logistic regression analysis was performed. Results The prevalence of hypertension in rural elderly residents was 54.1%. Age,lifestyles such as high sug-ar-intake, high salt-intake, low vegetable-intake, BMI, ventro-obesity were influencing factors of hypertention among the resi-dents (χ2= 12.968,4.349,6.398,15. 223,26. 106,14.591). Multivariable analysis showed that the prevalence of hyperten-sion was strongly associated with BMI, age, the amount of vegetable intake daily, preserved foods, ventro-obesity. Conclu-sion The prevalence of hypertension in elderly residents of rural area is relatively high and associated with a lot of factors. The health education on healthy behavior and living habit would be helpful for hypertention control in the residents.%目的 探讨安徽省农村地区老年人高血压患病现状及影响因素,为制定老年人保健措施提供依据.方法 采用自编问卷和现场体格检查方法,对安徽省部分农村地区751名60岁~的老年人进行高血压患病现状及患病危险因素调查,并进行多因素Logistic回归分析.结果 在751名农村老年人中,高血压患病率为54.1%.单因素分析结果显示:高血压患病率的影响因素有年龄(χ2=12.968,P=0.011)、爱吃甜食(χ2=4.349,P=0.039)、爱吃成食(χ2\\6.398,P=0.013)、食用蔬菜量(χ2=15.223,P=0.004)、体质指数(BMI)(χ2=26.106,P=0.000)、腹型肥胖(χ2=14.591,P=0.000).多因素分析结果显示,高血压危险系数与BMI、年龄、咸食食用量、腹型肥胖程度呈正比,与蔬菜食用量呈反比.结论 安徽省农村老年人高血压现状不容乐观,应加强高血压患病相关因素的健康教育,

  7. Distribution, age and genesis of cohesive soil containing calcareous nodules in Huaibei Plain of Anhui Province%安徽淮北平原钙质结核土分布及成因年代研究

    吴道祥; 曹亚娟; 钟轩民; 施国军; 徐东生; 刘秋燕; 王国强


    After proposing the concept of "cohesive soil containing calcareous nodules", the distribution law, genesis, age and types of calcareous nodules of cohesive soil containing calcareous nodules in Huaibei Plain of Anhui Province are studied in detail. Based on field geology studies, tests, exploration and extensive reference to engineering geological exploration reports and professional literature data, the burial and distribution law of cohesive soil containing calcareous nodules are analyzed; and the plane distribution map and typical strata section maps of cohesive soil containing calcareous nodules are drawn. Cohesive soil containing calcareous nodules mainly distributes in the block between rivers, depression and the Yellow River Flood Plain in Huaibei Plain. The change law of the elevation of the roof of cohesive soil containing calcareous nodules and the ground elevation is basically identical. Calcareous concretions can generally be divided into three forms: embryonic calcareous concretions, mature calcareous concretions and calcareous hard pan. It is pointed out that there are embryonic calcareous, mature calcareous and calcareous hard pan from up to down on profile, the particle size and number of calcareous concretions increase gradually with depth and calcareous hard pan comes to being around the perennial groundwater level. In addition, the radiocarbon ages of embryonic calcareous, mature calcareous and calcareous hard pan gradually increase on profile.%提出了钙质结核土的概念,并详细研究了安徽淮北平原钙质结核土的分布规律、成因年代以及钙质结核的类型.通过地质调查、试验和勘探,并参阅工程勘察报告和文献资料,分析了安徽淮北平原钙质结核土的埋藏和分布规律,绘制了淮北平原钙质结核土平面分布图及典型地层剖面图.钙质结核土分布在淮北平原河间地块、洼地及黄泛平地上,结核层的埋藏标高与地面标高变化基本一致.在剖面


    王远; 王义琛; 周婧; 王芳; 朱晓东; 陆根法


    Relationship between resource use and economic growth is the important field of resources and environmental economics studies. The paper attempts to integrate Material Flow Analysis (MFA) approach and the newly developed autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL)-bounds testing approach to examine the relationship between resource use and real GDP for Tongling City of Anhui Province,during the period of 1990~2008. The direct material input (DMI) ,one of sub-accounts of MFA,is also used as the proxy variable of resource use. The results of the bounds test indicate that a long-run cointegration relationship exists between the proxy of resource use and the explanatory variable:economic growth. The long-run parameters are estimated through a long-run static solution of the estimated ARDL model,and then the short-run dynamics are estimated by the error correction model. The study also indicates the existence of short-run and long-run causality running from resource use to economic growth. The findings imply that resource use is a stable forcing variable for economic growth in Tongling City. The estimation results are also of policy implication on economic development and resource conservation strategies for Tongling City.%资源利用与经济增长之间的关系是资源与环境经济学研究的重要领域.以安徽省铜陵市为例,尝试运用物质流分析方法以及最新发展的自回归分布滞后模型(ARDL)对铜陵市1990~2008年资源利用和实际GDP二者关系进行检验和分析.采用了物质流分析指标中直接物质投入来表征区域资源利用量.ARDL边界检验结果表明了资源利用和经济增长间存在稳定的长期均衡关系.进一步通过ARDL-ECM模型分析了区域经济增长对资源利用长期弹性系数和短期弹性系数,并揭示出资源利用对经济增长的短期和长期因果关系.研究结果表明当前资源投入在一定程度上拉动了铜陵经济增长.同时还对铜陵经济增长和

  9. 安徽查湾甜槠林林隙及林下土壤养分对比%Soil Nutrients in Forest Gaps and Understory in Castanopsis eyrei Stands in Zhawan Nature Reserve of Anhui Province

    江国华; 吴泽民


    对安徽查湾甜槠林林隙与林下土壤水分和养分进行了对比研究.结果表明:林隙土壤含水量垂直方向上随土层深度增加而递减;水平方向上,由林隙中心区往林下,土壤含水量呈递减趋势,说明林隙土壤的保水能力加强.林隙内外土壤pH值差异不大,林隙内pH值均略高于非林隙林分下相应各层;除表层外,土壤pH值在垂直方向上随土层深度的增加而增加;但土壤养分在垂直方向上分布规律差异较大,除了全钾质量分数由表层依次向下逐渐递增以外,其它各种养分均为逐渐递减,而且其它各养分在表层的含量明显高于其它土层的含量.林下土壤的有机质、全氮、碱解氮、速效磷、速效钾质量分数均高于林隙,而全磷、全钾质量分数是林隙高于林下.%An experiment was conducted to study the soil water content and nutrients in forest gaps and understory in Castanopsis eyrei stands in Zhawan Nature Reserve of Anhui Province. Results showed that soil water content decreased with soil depth, and it decreased from the center of forest gap to the understory, indicating that the soil in forest gap had better water holding capability. Soil pH in the forest gap was slightly higher than that in corresponding layer of understory, and soil pH increased with soil depth except for litter layer. The distribution of soil nutrients in vertical direction was different, that is, the content of total potassium increased with soil depth, while the contents of other nutrients decreased with soil depth, and the nutrient contents in the surface layer were obviously higher than those in other layers. The contents of soil organic matter, total nitrogen, alkaline hydrolytic nitrogen, available phosphorus and available potassium under the canopy were higher than those in the forest gap, while the contents of total phosphorus and total potassium were higher in the forest gap compared with the understory.

  10. 中国农村基础设施现状:皖省例证与政策选择%Status and Policy Choice of Rural Infrastructure in China:Example from Anhui Province


    依据农村基础设施建设状况的背景,对安徽省水库移民地区进行实地调查。从长期看,农民纯收入与支援农村生产支出、各项农业事业费、农业基本建设支出、水利建设投资存在着显著的正相关关系。预测显示,未来五年随着支援农村生产支出、各项农业事业费、农业基本建设支出、支农总支出等投入的较大幅度增加,农民人均纯收入将呈现规模报酬递减趋势,但到2015年农民人均纯收入可到达万元以上。现阶段,我国农村基础设施建设投入规模仍然不足,结构矛盾较为突出。应通过建立稳定的农村基础设施建设投入增加的长效机制,调整基础设施建设在地区间和项目间优先序等措施来改善农村生产生活环境,提高农民收入。%Based on the current status of rural infrastructure,we made a field survey in reservoir immigrants regions of Anhui Province.The results show that in the long term,there is a significant positive correlation between the net income of farmers and the expenditure for supporting rural production,the operating expenses of agriculture,agriculture and infrastructure spending,investment in water conservancy construction.The estimate indicates that,with the expenditure for supporting rural production,the operating expenses of agriculture,agriculture and infrastructure spending,the total agriculture expenditure in a substantial increasing in the next five years,the per capita net income of farmers will be showing the trend of decreasing returns in scale,but by 2015 rural per capita net income will reach the million or more.At present,China's rural infrastructure investment scale is still insufficient,and has a structural contradiction.Thus,we should establish a long-term stable increasing mechanism of rural infrastructure investment,adjust the priority order of the infrastructure construction in the inter-regional and inter-project.