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  1. Anecdotal therapies.

    Millikan, L E


    Traditionally, many advances in medicine have been serendipitous. Are serendipitous and anecdotal synonymous? Many of our materia medica today relate to initial probes and anecdotal reports that matured to full investigation and therapeutic indications. The recent situation regarding Skin Cap is one that highlights the downside of this scenario. Several drugs in the US continue usage largely related to anecdotal indications, and anecdotal extension of legend indications is a standard for American Dermatology. The situation with systemic drugs, such as Trental, zinc preparations, imidazoles for extended indications, lysine and melatonin, all will be discussed. Topical preparations such as skin cap, cantharone, Vioform, all also are included in this category. It is important to place this topic in perspective in regards to geographic variation and therapeutic need. Many diseases lacking specific therapy are important targets for anecdotal therapy, and this will foster continued approaches in this area. The growing standardization of medicine and pharmaceutical regulation, threatens the anecdotal approach, but it provides still an important link to the future for some forms of therapy in diseases that are difficult to treat. Traditionally, the anecdote has been the first step in the therapeutic chain. Withering discovery of the benefits of the common fox glove in dropsy, was followed by many other anecdotes arriving via folk-medicine in the New World. This approach of utilizing folk medicine has now reached new heights, with very active searches by major pharmaceutical companies throughout the third world for remedies that may have potential. Couched with this is the history of anecdotal "snake-oil" remedies, that clearly had no benefit to anyone except the huckster marketing same. The excesses in this area of unproven and false therapies, led to the gradual organization of therapeutic trials and the Food and Drug Administration in the US as we know it today. The

  2. Anecdotes of Plagiarism: Some Pedagogical Issues and Considerations

    Jamaluddin Aziz; Fuzirah Hashim; Norizan Abdul Razak


    Plagiarism is a contentious issue at best. Despite the common association between teaching, learning and plagiarism, the issue is seldom seen as pedagogical in essence. For that reason, this paper presents some examples of plagiarism in the form of professional anecdotes as experienced by the three researchers. After each anecdote, a juxtaposition is made with the review of literature on issues and studies of plagiarism. The literature review will provide a larger background that makes this p...

  3. Sexual Harassment And Public Accounting: Anecdotal Evidence From The Profession

    Gerald J. Miller


    Full Text Available This article reports on anecdotal evidence gathered from a recent survey of women public accounting professionals.  Stanko and Schneider (1999 conducted the first national survey on sexual harassment in the public accounting profession and Stanko et al followed up with a more recent 2009 study.  In this paper, the anecdotal evidence gathered from the Stanko et al study is reported on. Analysis of written comments is important in that many respondents spent a great deal of time providing comprehensive and concise professional comments on specific recent experiences involving sexual harassment, rather than simply checking a box. The findings of this study show sexual harassment remains a serious concern, and that sexual discrimination in the workplace is a concern as well.  Although preventive measures have been put in place, these measures may not be working as well as intended, suggesting that public accounting firms need to revisit this issue to manage risk.


    Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle


    Full Text Available Le présent article poursuit un double objectif : construire des relais entre narratologie générale et construction du récit en bande dessinée ; remettre en valeur une des unités minimales du récit les plus négligées par la recherche : l’anecdote. S’appuyant sur des exemples venus de la production contemporaine, dont Le Cahier bleu d’André Juillard, il développe une poétique de l’anecdote susceptible de rendre compte de la profonde polyfonctionnalité d’une figure qui produit l’intrigue selon des voies souvent marginales.

  5. Anecdotes from the history of anesthesia in dentistry.

    Trieger, N.


    I believe that dentists have made important contributions to anesthesiology and patient care. Medical anesthesiology is now being required to provide more same-day or ambulatory care. Where it was once good sport to criticize dentists providing brief anesthesia services for their patients, it has now become appropriate for physician anesthesiologists to use shorter-acting agents, improved physiologic monitoring, reversal agents, and early discharge as part of their care of patients. Anecdotes...

  6. When Allport Met Freud: Using Anecdotes in the Teaching of Psychology.

    Kaufman, James C.; Bristol, Adam S.


    Proposes using anecdotes in introductory psychology courses to teach key points, principles, and people. Offers theoretical and empirical support for anecdotes as teaching tools. Believes that anecdotes, such as when Gordon Allport met Sigmund Freud, provide an enjoyable experience and enable students to better remember information. (CMK)

  7. Narrative and education: investigating the school experience through narrative anecdotes



    Full Text Available Narrative is one of the characteristic ways of constructing reality in as much as it expresses, represents and puts into order the dynamic experience of human action. Applied to research on the school experience, it helps reveal how pupils interpret certain events or situations experienced at school. We will expound in this article the main perspectives from which narrative is understood within the field of social sciences: (a As material for research, it is conceived as an experience expressed in a narrative anecdote, and primary resource for the analysis of the school context; (b As a form of thought, it is a cognitive process through which people express and assess their experience; (c As a research approach, it constitutes a way of constructing, exploring or analyzing individual and collective experiences. In short, though rarely used within the field of education, narrative in the form of anecdote is a technique that is suitable when inferring the beliefs, desires, values or attitudes that students hold regarding their school environment.

  8. Creative or created: using anecdotes to investigate animal cognition.

    Bates, Lucy A; Byrne, Richard W


    In non-human animals, creative behaviour occurs spontaneously only at low frequencies, so is typically missed by standardised observational methods. Experimental approaches have tended to rely overly on paradigms from child development or adult human cognition, which may be inappropriate for species that inhabit very different perceptual worlds and possess quite different motor capacities than humans. The analysis of anecdotes offers a solution to this impasse, provided certain conditions are met. To be reliable, anecdotes must be recorded immediately after observation, and only the records of scientists experienced with the species and the individuals concerned should be used. Even then, interpretation of a single record is always ambiguous, and analysis is feasible only when collation of multiple records shows that a behaviour pattern occurs repeatedly under similar circumstances. This approach has been used successfully to study a number of creative capacities of animals: the distribution, nature and neural correlates of deception across the primate order; the occurrence of teaching in animals; and the neural correlates of several aptitudes--in birds, foraging innovation, and in primates, innovation, social learning and tool-use. Drawing on these approaches, we describe the use of this method to investigate a new problem, the cognition of the African elephant, a species whose sheer size and evolutionary distance from humans renders the conventional methods of comparative psychology of little use. The aim is both to chart the creative cognitive capacities of this species, and to devise appropriate experimental methods to confirm and extend previous findings. PMID:17434411

  9. Spill transport assessments using oceanographic and anecdotal data bases

    The oil spills which occurred at Prince William Sound and at Hinchinbrook Entrance in the northern Gulf of Alaska were discussed. A study was conducted to determine the most likely conditions under which the spilled oil could be carried to the Copper River Delta and Flats from these two sites. Trajectory modeling and oil slick movement analyses are usually derived from formal oceanographic and meteorological databases and best professional judgement. A novel approach was taken in this study. Local fishermen, who have worked those waters for many years, were surveyed in order to compile a database of local anecdotal observations. They were given a closed questionnaire to minimize bias in the response. Some open ended questions allowed for their opinions. An integration and interpretation of all the available data led to the conclusion that movement of oil towards the Copper River Delta and Flats was not likely to occur from these two spill sites. 3 refs., 2 tabs., 1 fig

  10. In defence of "anecdotal data". A case study from a caribou area in West Greenland

    Otto Blehr


    Full Text Available The author pleads for a modification of ethological science that allows for the presentation of even tentative hypotheses, based on what is at present disparagingly referred to as "anecdotal data". It is argued that such data are crucial for the neglected study of the habituation of free-ranging large mammals. In such studies of learning, relevant behavioural observations lie outside the ethologist's control, and can only be replicated by further chance encounters. Observations in their anecdotal form should therefore be made available to other ethologists despite their lack of quantifiable data. This would allow for the creation of a pool of more or less unique observations helping to better understand behaviour.

  11. A suggested computer-based model for using Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes in preschool education

    Abdulkadir Kabadayı


    Full Text Available Researchers have been manipulating the technology in education as well as in other fields and investigating the most effective ways of using it in the classroom. Therefore, they try to present any material which has an affect on the learners’ development, by integrating technological devices in the classroom atmosphere. Being aware of the fact that 70 percent of the children’s mental, language and cognitive domains have developed during preschool education, pedagogues are quite sensitive to preschool education and are in search for taking necessary precautions to enable them cognitive, psycho-motor and affective domains in the community. It is clear that preschool children are quite interested in the cartoons and motivated to perceive the world via cartoons on TV. Taking the point into consideration, in this article, a technology-based model is suggested by explaining the methods and techniques of use of the Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes as educational equipments in virtual atmosphere. In this model, it is explained how the Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes will develop students’ cognitive, affective and psycho-motor domains effectively displaying grade by grade illustration.

  12. A suggested computer-based model for using Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes in preschool education

    Abdulkadir Kabadayı


    Full Text Available Researchers have been manipulating the technology in education as well as in other fields and investigating the most effective ways of using it in the classroom. Therefore, they try to present any material which has an affect on the learners’ development, by integrating technological devices in the classroom atmosphere. Being aware of the fact that 70 percent of the children’s mental, language and cognitive domains have developed during preschool education, pedagogues are quite sensitive to preschool education and are in search for taking necessary precautions to enable them cognitive, psycho-motor and affective domains in the community. It is clear that preschool children are quite interested in the cartoons and motivated to perceive the world via cartoons on TV. Taking the point into consideration, in this article, a technology-based model is suggested by explaining the methods and techniques of use of the Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes as educational equipments in virtual atmosphere. In this model, it is explained how the Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes will develop students’ cognitive, affective and psycho-motor domains effectively displaying grade by grade illustration.

  13. A Wise Fool’s Anecdotal Cycle in Malta: A Reappraisal

    Ġorġ (George Mifsud-Chircop


    Full Text Available The predominant anti-hero in Maltese folk narrative is Ġaħan(/'djahan/. He is the wise fool, popular with one and all in contemporary Malta. However, in the first half of the twentieth century there was a historical undercurrent which, through children’s literature, has manipulated and bowdlerised the discursive richness of Maltese folk culture to the extent of framing Ġaħan as a “light-headed” fool, at times defining his anecdotes, brimming with sagacity, slyness, guile, cheats and deceits, as “stupidities”. It is the aim of this article to show how through his research and publications the author has challenged this pseudo-scientific assertion which has been crystallised in the native language of the Maltese archipelago. Humour is not only a device to uphold interest in the tale. Above all it facilitates the comprehension of the progression of events, thus heightening effectiveness and efficiency of the narration. Although artificially indulging in anti-social behaviour, the Maltese wise fool semantically also takes the role of a social critic in his farce as well as that of an interceder for the injured and the insulted. He is a poetic vehicle to express folk wisdom, often putting the fool’s cap on himself. His tales are a kind of “ritual of rebellion” which represents an institutionalized way of expressing antagonism towards authority. His anecdotes, better known in Maltese as praspar (/p'ra:spar/, constitute the temporary subversion of a conscious, symbolic order in the interests of a pleasure-oriented subconscious. Ġaħan’s duty is to change chaos to its inverse, cosmos, social disorder to order, the indistinct to the distinct, disequilibrium to equilibrium, to create life and the symbolic universe of our life.

  14. Exploring the relationship between childhood adversity and oral health: An anecdotal approach and integrative view.

    Kirkengen, Anna Luise; Lygre, Henning


    During the past two decades, increasing recognition has been given to a relationship between oral health and systemic diseases. Associated systemic conditions include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, low birth weight and preterm births, respiratory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, and, in particular among oral conditions, periodontal disease. Low-grade inflammation is a common denominator linking these disorders. Applying an anecdotal approach and an integrative view, the medical and dental histories of two women document increasing ill health subsequent to incidences of maltreatment and sexual abuse, including oral penetration, at an early age. Comprehensive oral rehabilitation was required in both cases. These cases open for medical insight with regard to their implicit patho-physiology, when integrated with current evidence from neuroscience, endocrinology, and immunology, converging in the concepts of allostasis and allostatic load. In cases such as those presented in this paper, primary care physicians (family doctors, General Practitioners) and dentists may be the first to identify an etiological pattern. This report underlines the importance of increased and enhanced multidisciplinary research cooperation among health professionals. Our hypothesis is that childhood adversity may affect all aspects of human health, including adult oral health. PMID:25978926

  15. Know your audience: public perception of geology from anecdote to evidence

    Gibson, Hazel


    One of the basic strategies of science communication is to 'know your audience' (Nerlich et al, 2010), yet often scientists are communicating to a distant and diffuse audience that cannot be seen or directly engaged with. Both traditional written reports and emerging online media provide limited or no opportunity to engage audiences in dialogues with the communicator that can convey the public's own levels of knowledge. In those circumstances it becomes almost impossible to know your audience. For geoscientists, this decoupling from the intended audience is made more problematic when conveying new technical issues such as carbon capture and storage or deep geological disposal of radioactive waste, which are rooted in the unfamiliar subsurface (Sharma et al, 2007; Ashworth et al, 2009). Those geologists who have engaged with the public in these novel realms often have fashioned informal ways to overcome their audience's geological unfamiliarity based on the trial-and-error of personal experience, but such anecdotal lessons are rarely applicable to wider communities of practice. In recent years, however, our ad hoc intuitive ideas about how to comprehend public perceptions of geology have gained rigour from evidence-based theory (Singleton et al, 2009). This presentation highlights one example of this, using an ongoing study into the public understanding of the geological subsurface in south west England. Results from a combination of interviews and questionnaires were assessed using the established psychological technique: 'mental models' (Morgan et al, 2002). The work demonstrates how a mixed method approach can move geoscience communication beyond casual assumptions and individual rules of thumb to a more robust scientific way of thinking.

  16. Personal Insights and Anecdotes about the Weatherization Assistance Program Process Field Study

    Treitler, Inga [Anthropology Imagination, Inc., Knoxville, TN (United States)


    The present report is based on the research conducted for the Process Field Study between March and September 2011. The Process Field Study documents how Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) services were delivered to clients, and the quality with which those services were delivered. The assessments were conducted by visiting 19 agencies in 19 states around the country interviewing agency managers, staff, and contractors; observing program intake along, with 43 audits, 45 measure installation and 37 final inspections; and conducting debriefing interviews with clients and weatherization staff following the observation of service delivery. In this report, we turn to detailed observations of a few field interactions. The client stories from our observations illustrate some of the ways clients and crew interact to build the success of the program, but shows there will always be unanticipated obstacles to building trust and getting the program to the public. Stories of staff and crew career paths indicate that weatherization technology and techniques are being learned and used by technicians out of the new home construction industry and that their new knowledge provides them with technical tools and methods that many hope to take back into the construction industry if and when they return. This report is organized according to the four stages of weatherization: intake, audit, installation, and inspection. It contributes to our understanding of the area where policy, environment, culture, and individual decisions influence social innovation. The anecdotes reveal the realities of implementing programs for the benefit of the greater good at minimal cost and sacrifice in times of ever restricting budgets. As the authors revisited their field notes and compiled memorable narratives to communicate the essence of the weatherization experience, they identified three key takeaways that summarize the major issues. First, in WAP as in all services there will always be

  17. Camper outcomes increase regardless of session length: Beyond anecdotal evidence of increased competence, independence and friendship skills

    Roark, Mark F.


    Session length may not be as vital to the accomplishment of developmental outcomes as directors are anecdotally sharing. Interestingly, no empirical support exists for the conventional wisdom that longer sessions have better outcomes than shorter sessions for campers. Dimock and Hendry (1929) found that campers’ level of development in general did not significantly vary whether they were at camp one or two months. They cautioned that this finding might not appropriately represent the actual e...

  18. [Comment on “Anonymous reviews: Self-serving, counterproductive, and unacceptable”] Anecdotal information is insufficient to claim

    Walder, Joseph S.

    I have read the recent Forum commentaries describing disgruntlement with particular anonymous reviews (1 July 2003 and 29 July 2003 issues), and nodded sympathetically. After all, who among us has not felt, at one time or another, that a reviewer badly misunderstood our contribution to the scientific literature or our grant proposal? But each of these recent Forum contributors in fact committed the elementary logical error of invoking anecdotal evidence to prove a point. I doubt that any of these correspondents would accept scientific claims based on anecdotes. Yet somehow they believe that anecdotes form a sufficient basis for claiming that anonymous reviewing is inherently a nasty business. These correspondents further employed the dubious rhetorical device of contrasting their own self-defined, high ethical standards with those of their adversaries, whom they variously described as rude, hostile, vindictive, lazy, cowardly, selfish, bigoted against women and minorities, and attired in “the costume of crooks.” The parallel with the discourse of political argument is hard to miss.

  19. Correlating the Metabolic Stability of Psychedelic 5-HT2A Agonists with Anecdotal Reports of Human Oral Bioavailability

    Leth-Petersen, Sebastian; Bundgaard, Christoffer; Hansen, Martin;


    little is known about the relationships between the structure of the ligands and their pharmacokinetic profile. In order to evaluate the potential of these compounds for in vivo applications we have determined the microsomal stability of 11 phenethylamines and 27 N-benzylated derivatives thereof using...... human liver microsomes. We found that the N-benzylated phenethylamines have much higher intrinsic clearance than the parent phenethylamines. We hypothesize that their low hepatic stability renders them orally inactive due to first pass metabolism, which is supported by anecdotal data from recreational...

  20. Anecdotal report of magneto-phosphene perception in 50 mT 20, 50 and 60 Hz magnetic fields

    Magneto-phosphenes are described as flickering lights appearing in the visual field, due to retinal exposure to time-varying magnetic fields (MF). Human magneto-phosphene perception (MP) serves as a scientific basis for inter- national guidelines intending to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields in the extremely low frequency range. However, the flux density threshold at which MP occurs, as well as the dose and frequency responses of the phenomenon, are not clearly experimentally established. The 50-60 Hz threshold is extrapolated from data in the lower frequency range. The objective of this paper is to provide a descriptive anecdotal report of MP from 8 individuals exposed to 50 mT MF at 20, 50 and 60 Hz. They describe variations of flickering light perceptions in the visual field, matching the description by D'Arsonval (1896). This preliminary testing introduces a new experimental protocol, which will test the threshold for MP and other associated neuro-physiological responses in humans. (authors)

  1. Fire history of the Peron Peninsula, Shark Bay, Western Australia based on remote sensing, dendrochronology, and anecdotal evidence

    Beller, Benjamin J.

    Remote sensing data, dendrochronology, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and anecdotal information were used to describe the fire regime of the 180,000 ha Peron Peninsula of Western Australia. Fire scars present in 1944 aerial photos were still visible in 2009, both in imagery and on the ground. Tree-ring dates from specimens sampled within these burned areas indicated the occurrence of at least three separate fires before 1944. The oldest fire occurred ca. 1911 and burned at least 5,880 ha. Subsequent fires ca. 1922 and 1936 burned across 8,240 ha and 9,400 ha respectively. The fire dates determined from tree-ring counts were consistent with precipitation data which showed conditions particularly favorable for fire before or during the estimated year of each fire. Plant communities most often burned before 1944 were the Acacia ramulosa var. linophylla Scrub and the Acacia - Lamarchea hakefolia Thicket with, respectively, 73% and 75% of these plant community types at the study area found to have been burned at some time. Remote sensing imagery from 1944-2009 identified only 300 additional hectares burned, a 25 ha fire in 1991 in the combined Acacia ramulosa var. linophylla Scrub and A.ligulata and A. rostellifora Thicket, ten prescribed burns in 1995 totaling 274 ha in various habitats, and two late 1990's scars from prescribed burns designed to create fire buffers, one 4.6 km and the other 7.4 km long. Combined data for all years assessed showed 59,000 ha (66%) of the total study area to have been burned or reburned since ca. 1911, most prior to 1944, with a total of nearly 24,000 ha (27%) of the study area unburned for more than 110 years. Birridas, which cannot burn, accounted for the remaining 6,000 ha (7%) of the study area. These results show fire occurred more frequently 100 years ago (fires every 10-15 years) than at present (> 65 years between fires) suggesting that more frequent prescribed burning than occurs at present on the Peron Peninsula would

  2. Evidence for anecdotes: Examining use of stories in introductory biology courses with a mixed-methods approach

    Kreps, Jennifer Susan


    Instructional stories can be an effective way to teach science concepts. However, research has not examined the extent to which stories are being used, and how they are received. More research on the use of story in biology classes may lead to more conscious use of story by instructors, which may lead to a better understanding of biological concepts by students. The purpose of this study was to examine how instructors and students use stories in university introductory biology courses, and the degree to which these stories are perceived to be effective. To examine this phenomenon, a nationwide instructor survey, a university-wide student survey, and multiple case studies were used. Two case studies included observation of lectures, interviews with (36) students, and interviews with instructors (4) over two semesters of an organismal biology course. Instructor survey participants (N = 78) were gathered by posting email invitations, and student survey participants (N = 260) were volunteers from introductory biology courses at a middle-sized university. Several types of stories were observed, including personal experience stories, historical anecdotes, and "you" stories. Students reported increased affective learning when stories were told, and remembered mostly humorous stories. In the instructor survey, no significant differences emerged between genders, type of biology taught, or communicator style and instructional story frequency. However, reports of personal experience story frequency did increase significantly (p differences in story use by gender or ethnicity, although non-science majors reported that their instructors used stories significantly more frequently (p science majors. Simultaneous-entry multiple regression analyses indicated that there was a significant positive relationship between story use and cognitive and affective learning for all groups of students. Story use was a significant predictor of perceived learning loss for non-science majors, but

  3. Use of Anecdotal Occurrence Data in Species Distribution Models: An Example Based on the White-Nosed Coati (Nasua narica in the American Southwest

    James N. Stuart


    Full Text Available Species distributions are usually inferred from occurrence records. However, these records are prone to errors in spatial precision and reliability. Although influence of spatial errors has been fairly well studied, there is little information on impacts of poor reliability. Reliability of an occurrence record can be influenced by characteristics of the species, conditions during the observation, and observer’s knowledge. Some studies have advocated use of anecdotal data, while others have advocated more stringent evidentiary standards such as only accepting records verified by physical evidence, at least for rare or elusive species. Our goal was to evaluate the influence of occurrence records with different reliability on species distribution models (SDMs of a unique mammal, the white-nosed coati (Nasua narica in the American Southwest. We compared SDMs developed using maximum entropy analysis of combined bioclimatic and biophysical variables and based on seven subsets of occurrence records that varied in reliability and spatial precision. We found that the predicted distribution of the coati based on datasets that included anecdotal occurrence records were similar to those based on datasets that only included physical evidence. Coati distribution in the American Southwest was predicted to occur in southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona and was defined primarily by evenness of climate and Madrean woodland and chaparral land-cover types. Coati distribution patterns in this region suggest a good model for understanding the biogeographic structure of range margins. We concluded that occurrence datasets that include anecdotal records can be used to infer species distributions, providing such data are used only for easily-identifiable species and based on robust modeling methods such as maximum entropy. Use of a reliability rating system is critical for using anecdotal data.

  4. PeoplePersonality: Chris Clarke - a physicist who studies ice cream Teaching Anecdotes: Annie Jump Cannon Obituary: György Marx 1927-2002 Starting Out: What Katie did next: part 3 Opinions: What is really important?


    Featuring relationships, personalities, interactions, environments and reputations involved in physics and education PERSONALITY (156) Chris Clarke - a physicist who studies ice cream TEACHING ANECDOTES (157) Annie Jump Cannon OBITUARY (158) György Marx 1927-2002 Steven Chapman STARTING OUT (159) What Katie did next: part 3 Katie Pennicott OPINIONS (160) What is really important? Kerry Parker

  5. Recreational and occupational field exposure to freshwater cyanobacteria – a review of anecdotal and case reports, epidemiological studies and the challenges for epidemiologic assessment

    Webb Penelope M


    Full Text Available Abstract Cyanobacteria are common inhabitants of freshwater lakes and reservoirs throughout the world. Under favourable conditions, certain cyanobacteria can dominate the phytoplankton within a waterbody and form nuisance blooms. Case reports and anecdotal references dating from 1949 describe a range of illnesses associated with recreational exposure to cyanobacteria: hay fever-like symptoms, pruritic skin rashes and gastro-intestinal symptoms are most frequently reported. Some papers give convincing descriptions of allergic reactions while others describe more serious acute illnesses, with symptoms such as severe headache, pneumonia, fever, myalgia, vertigo and blistering in the mouth. A coroner in the United States found that a teenage boy died as a result of accidentally ingesting a neurotoxic cyanotoxin from a golf course pond. This death is the first recorded human fatality attributed to recreational exposure to cyanobacteria, although uncertainties surround the forensic identification of the suspected cyanotoxin in this case. We systematically reviewed the literature on recreational exposure to freshwater cyanobacteria. Epidemiological data are limited, with six studies conducted since 1990. Statistically significant increases in symptoms were reported in individuals exposed to cyanobacteria compared to unexposed counterparts in two Australian cohort studies, though minor morbidity appeared to be the main finding. The four other small studies (three from the UK, one Australian did not report any significant association. However, the potential for serious injury or death remains, as freshwater cyanobacteria under bloom conditions are capable of producing potent toxins that cause specific and severe dysfunction to hepatic or central nervous systems. The exposure route for these toxins is oral, from ingestion of recreational water, and possibly by inhalation. A range of freshwater microbial agents may cause acute conditions that present with

  6. 论《隋唐嘉话》的文学因素及对后世文学的影响%On the Literary Elements in Anecdotes of Sui & Tang Dynasties and Its Influence on Later Literature



    Anecdotes of Sui Tang Dynasties by Liu Su in Tang Dynasty carries anecdotes of the upper class in the Sui and Tang dynasties.Many of the anecdotes,being from hearsays,belong to writing of "recording the odd" and have such features as being legendary and fictional,thereby contains certain literary elements.All these have asserted strong influence on later literature,especially on Ming Qing novels and operas,and therefore find a place in ancient literary history.%唐代刘餗的《隋唐嘉话》记载的是隋唐之际上层人物的言行轶事。由于材料均来自于传闻,为"记异"之作,因而不少片段带有传说色彩和虚构特点,具有一定的文学因素,对后世的文学创作特别是对元明清小说、戏剧创作产生较大影响,在古代小说发展史上占有一席之地。

  7. 李大钊著作编注与研究的前沿成果--评李继华、冯铁金等《李大钊轶文辑注与研究》%The Frontier Achievement of Edition, Annotation and Study on Li Da-zhao's Anecdotal Literature---A book Review of Edition and Annotation and Study on Li Da-zhao's Anecdotal Literature by Li Ji-hua, Feng Tie-jin



    The authors of Edition and Annotation and Study on Li Dazhao's Anecdotal Literature have made focused searching for newspapers publishing Li Daozhao's anecdotes, and analyzed deeply those manuscripts without a signature or with a signature but difficult to confirm author's identity, and have verified that some works may be written by Li Dazhao. At the same time, they collect Li Dazhao's other anecdotes found by the other scholars in this book. There are several main features in this book:collecting extensively and striving to complete, combining search with textual research and structural integrity, treating innovation as equal as question.%李继华、冯铁金等编注的《李大钊轶文辑注与研究》一书,对曾经发表过李大钊文章的报刊进行了重点搜索,对那些没有署名,或虽有署名却难以确定作者的文稿进行深入辨析,考证出部分文章应该为李大钊所作;同时收录其他学者发现的李大钊轶文,一并汇集于《辑注与研究》之中。该书的主要特点有:广泛搜集,力求完备;搜考结合,结构完整;创新与存疑并重。

  8. Review on Wu Zetian's Anecdotes: from historical reality to film and television reality%《武则天秘史》影评:从历史真实到影视真实



    2011年年底电视剧《武则天秘史》走红之后,武则天及唐代宫廷历史为人们所高度关注。作为一种大众娱乐现象,这非常值得研究。唐代的大气磅礴在武则天时期表现得特别明显。对武则天的女性认识与形象进行分析,发现人们对武则天的女性认识有一个明显的演变过程,这是历史学界和影视学界"性别书写"的例证。女性意识在初唐的初步松动,到武则天称帝时期妇女开放观念达到高潮,武则天玩弄各种权术达到中国封建社会女权时代的巅峰。通过三部影视作品三个不同的武则天和太子形象分析,从历史真实到影视真实,作为武则天的"她"把女人的妩媚与刚强娇柔浑然一体地结合在一起,造就帝王风范和媚女风流。%Since the TV series of Wu Zetian's Anecdotes had its moments at the end of 2011, Wu Zetian and the royal history of the Tang dynasty have been paid particular attention. As a phenomenon of mass entertainment, it is worthy of studying. The power and prosperity of the Tang dynasty was especially obvious during Wu Zetian' s rule. Through analyzing Wu' s image and character, we find a clear evolution process for people to understand her, which is the example of "gender writing', in the circle of history and film and television. Female consciousness was awoken in the early Tang. When Wu Zetian proclaimed herself empress, it reached its climax. The power tactics which was practiced by Wu Zetian reached to the peak of feminist era of China feudal society. Through analyzing three works of film and television, and three different images of Wu Zetian and prince from the historical truth to film and television reality, we comes to the conclusion that Wu Zetian which was regarded as the women's charm and strength, combined consistently to bring up the imperial style and seductive female.

  9. Three Anecdotes from the DARPA Autonomous Land Vehicle Project

    Shapiro, Daniel G.; Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise


    The DARPA Autonomous Land Vehicle was a 12’ tall, 8-wheeled robot with multiple sensors, tasked to go from point A to point B without human intervention in the hills outside of Denver in c. 1985. This was a large applied research effort that presented many opportunities for unusual experiences.

  10. 40 years after RA-3 inauguration: anecdotes, stories and one or two lessons learned

    The Argentine research and production reactor RA-3 was inaugurated in December 1967 to cover the national demand of radioisotopes for medical use, but it was also intended to increase the national capacity in nuclear technology. 'To learn doing' was the predominant spirit that guided its construction. The experience so acquired allowed the design and construction of several other reactors. Today, the RA-3 not only 'lives' at the Ezeiza Atomic Center... but it is also 'alive' in the reactors built by Argentina in Bariloche, Peru, Algeria, Egypt and Australia. (author)

  11. Boy-lovers and their influence on boys: distorted research and anecdotal observations.

    Brongersma, E


    A wide experience with boy-lovers has convinced the author that one can often learn more about them from reading some excellent novels than from so-called scientific studies. All too often research is unreliable because (1) it assumes pedosexual activity is a positive indicator of pedophilia; (2) no distinction is drawn between pseudo-pedophiles and real pedophiles; (3) no difference is recognized between boys and girls as partners; and (4) it is highly distorted by bias. Representative samples for research cannot be drawn from members of boy-love organizations. The incidence of violence is very low in pedophile contacts with boys. The influence can be strong in lasting relationships; it can be either wholesome or unwholesome. Within a relationship, sex is usually only a secondary element, although it can be important in sexual instruction and education. The impact of the law, the hostility of parents and the problem of the partners' inequality are discussed. PMID:2086629

  12. Anecdotes, stories and tales of seven Caribbean physicians - The cardiologist´ s Hearts

    Torres-José Vicente; Bermúdez Rafael; Díaz Israel; Vásquez Hugo; Sierra Óscar; Olivares Armando; Tinoco Eduardo; Sotomayor-Herazo Arístides


    ANÉCDOTAS, CUENTOS Y RELATOS DE SIETE MÉDICOS CARIBEÑOSLos doctores José Vicente Torres, Rafael Bermúdez, Israel Díaz, Hugo Vásquez, Óscar Sierra, Armando Olivares Prados y Eduardo Tinoco, egresados de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Cartagena en 1952, nos presentan una visión amplia de su discurrir como estudiantes de medicina y su crecimiento profesional y personal. Todos los autores de este magnífico libro, son oriundos de la provincia de la costa Caribe de Colombia. Todos vin...

  13. Acne vulgaris, probiotics and the gut-brain-skin axis: from anecdote to translational medicine.

    Bowe, W; Patel, N B; Logan, A C


    Acne vulgaris has long been postulated to feature a gastrointestinal mechanism, dating back 80 years to dermatologists John H. Stokes and Donald M. Pillsbury. They hypothesised that emotional states (e.g. depression and anxiety) could alter normal intestinal microbiota, increase intestinal permeability, and contribute to systemic inflammation. They were also among the first to propose the use of probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures. In recent years, aspects of this gut-brain-skin theory have been further validated via modern scientific investigations. It is evident that gut microbes and oral probiotics could be linked to the skin, and particularly acne severity, by their ability to influence systemic inflammation, oxidative stress, glycaemic control, tissue lipid content, and even mood. This intricate relationship between gut microbiota and the skin may also be influenced by diet, a current area of intense scrutiny by those who study acne. Here we provide a historical background to the gut-brain-skin theory in acne, followed by a summary of contemporary investigations and clinical implications. PMID:23886975

  14. The selection of contemporary restorative materials: anecdote vs. evidence-based?

    Donovan, Terry E


    The contemporary practitioner is faced with a bewildering number of options from which to choose when selecting restorative materials. There are not only many different types of materials available, but also numerous options for any given group of materials. For example, many manufacturers offer their customers three or even four different dentin bonding agents. The sheer number of available products is in itself overwhelming. When coupled with aggressive marketing strategies, misinformation supplied by paid clinicians at many seminars and lectures, and infomercials disguised as scientific articles in many of the trade journals, it is little wonder that the average ethical practitioner is frustrated when attempting to make rational choices. Clinicians use information gleaned from a variety of sources to make these difficult decisions. This article will attempt to evaluate the validity of these sources and will provide a philosophical matrix to assist the practitioner in making rational decisions relative to materials selection. PMID:16724468

  15. Giardia Myth-Buster: How Hearsay and Anecdotal Evidence Has Created a False Industry Standard

    Schlimmer, Erik


    There are many things outdoor educators agree on. For example, a warm meal feels great at the end of the day. Cotton fabrics take forever to dry in the field and should thus be avoided. Most small groups generate less impact than large groups do. Mosquitoes and black flies come straight from hell. And, all backcountry water must be treated due to…

  16. Opening ACompulsory Course of Modern Olympic Anecdotes in Physical Education Colleges



    With the widely application of bilingual course in colleges or universities,sports colleges are faced with the enhancement of capability of English communication by opening bilingual compulsory course via combining the special majors.The paper explores the necessity,difficulties,and ways to strengthen students' mental education by opening bilingual compulsory course(BCC)in sports colleges.

  17. Opening ACompulsory Course of Modern Olympic Anecdotes in Physical Education Colleges



    With the widely application of bilingual course in colleges or universities,sports colleges are faced with the enhancement of capability of English communication by opening bilingual compulsory course via combining the special majors.The paper explores the necessity,difficulties,and ways to strengthen students’ mental education by opening bilingual compulsory course(BCC)in sports colleges.

  18. Corporate Environmentalism: Notes on Conceptualization and Explanation with Anecdotal Evidence from the Oil Industry

    Tranoey, B.S.


    This paper originates from a project on the oil industry`s reaction to calls for environmental reform caused by concern about climate change. It discusses two sets of related questions: (1) how can corporate responses in politics and industry be measured and conceptualized, and (2) how can variance in corporate environmental behaviour be accounted for. A multidimensional typology of corporate environmental responses in the ``industrial sphere`` is presented and the role of large companies as political actors and links between corporate environmental behaviour is explored. Some attempts to explain variance in corporate environmental strategy are made in the form of two ``models``. This is done by combining fragments of various theoretical bodies, like microeconomic theory, theories of strategic marketplace interaction and organizational theory. Finally, the author illustrates his ideas by drawing on findings from research on the environmental strategies of the three oil companies BP, Shell and Statoil. 51 refs., 3 tabs.

  19. Social Obstacles to Technology, Technological Change, and the Economic Growth of African Countries: Some Anecdotal Evidence from Economic History

    Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich


    Abstract. This paper comments on a number of social obstacles to the economic growth and technological change of African economies from the perspective of economic history. Economic history is full of evidence about what held African economies back for years. Some obstacles are of domestic origin such as excessive consumption and luxury masqueraded as public investment. Other obstacles were imposed from outside such as the destruction and weakening of traditional African religions and religio...

  20. Incisor tooth in the nose: Anecdotal sequel to dog bite in a 3-year-old child

    Uppal, Sanjeev K.; Ashish Gupta; Rita Rai; Nupur Nippun


    A 3-year-old male child presented to the casualty with history of unprovoked dog bite over the right lateral wall of nose. He was managed conservatively with antirabies prophylaxis and dressings. He presented after 3 months with a healed wound and the right upper central incisor projecting into the nostril. The Orthopantomogram showed a rotated temporary incisor with the roots of the permanent incisor placed normally. The tooth was extracted intranasally. Among the mutilating dog bite injurie...

  1. Polyglots in Roman Antiquity. Writing Socio-cultural History Based on Anecdotes | Poliglotai senovės Romoje: sociokultūrinės istorijos rekonstrukcija remiantis anekdotais

    Christian Laes


    Full Text Available Straipsnio autorius, remdamasis kruopščia antikinių šaltinių analize, tiria daugiakalbystės reiškinį Antikoje. Poliglotams būdinga neįprasta kalbos vartosena, besiskirianti nuo gimtakalbių vartosenos (gebėjimas greitai analizuoti kalbą, pamėgdžioti svetimos kalbos garsus, greitai persiorientuoti nuo vienos kalbos prie kitos, itin gera atmintis traukia žmonių dėmesį. Nors šie gebėjimai gali būti išugdomi, dažnai jie laikyti unikaliais, todėl poliglotai neretai vertinami kaip keistuoliai. Liudijimų apie poliglotus yra išlikę ir antikiniuose šaltiniuose. Galima pastebėti nemažai panašumų tarp poliglotų vertinimo Antikoje ir šiais laikais, bet yra ir principinių skirtumų: palyginti mažas šio reiškinio paplitimas visuomenėje, kurioje daugiakalbystė buvo įprastas dalykas, kelia tokius klausimus, kaip antai kalbos ir jos komunikacinės funkcijos vertinimas, etnocentrizmo ir imperializmo santykis, asmenybės ir kalbos sąsajos.

  2. Polyglots in Roman Antiquity. Writing Socio-cultural History Based on Anecdotes | Poliglotai senovės Romoje: sociokultūrinės istorijos rekonstrukcija remiantis anekdotais

    Christian Laes


    Straipsnio autorius, remdamasis kruopščia antikinių šaltinių analize, tiria daugiakalbystės reiškinį Antikoje. Poliglotams būdinga neįprasta kalbos vartosena, besiskirianti nuo gimtakalbių vartosenos (gebėjimas greitai analizuoti kalbą, pamėgdžioti svetimos kalbos garsus, greitai persiorientuoti nuo vienos kalbos prie kitos, itin gera atmintis) traukia žmonių dėmesį. Nors šie gebėjimai gali būti išugdomi, dažnai jie laikyti unikaliais, todėl poliglotai neretai vertinami kaip keistuoliai. Liud...

  3. Imperial Decree and the Anecdotes of Explaining and Publicizing Imperial Decree in the Qing Dynasty%"圣谕"及"讲圣谕"轶事



    @@ 复旦大学研究历史地理的周振鹤先生淘了一部,寻其本末,写了一篇,收入他的集子之中.文中引出康熙帝于康熙九年(1670年)颁布的"圣谕"十六条:"一、敦孝悌以重人伦;二、笃宗族以昭雍睦;三、和乡党以息争论;四、种农桑以足衣食;五、尚节俭以惜财用;六、隆学校以端士习;七、黜异端以崇正学;八、讲法律以儆愚顽;九、明礼让以厚风俗;十、务本业以定民志;十一、训子弟以禁非为;十二、息诬告以全善良;十三、诫慝逃以免诛连;十四、完钱粮以省催课;十五、联保甲以弭盗贼;十六、解仇忿以重身命.

  4. "Anecdotal Romance of Real Buddha"-The Eternal Formula for life%人生永恒的真诀——《禅真逸史》




  5. La especularidad anecdótica

    Lydia Vázquez Jiménez


    Full Text Available As a literary genre, the anecdote is a reflective one: each anecdote is related to another and its author was often subject / object of an anecdote. In the eighteenth century, Voltaire, Raynal, Voisenon, or at a different level Marmontel, exemplify this.

  6. Anekdoot kui niisugune

    Erkki Kõlu


    Full Text Available The lexicon of foreign words defines the anecdote as a short, interesting, often invented, but striking story of some funny encounter. Actually, this definition says practically nothing about the anecdote and is wrong and incomplete, too. Anecdote is a collective folk creation, except for maybe absurd anecdotes. Anecdotes come to be in the process of passing on stories of actual events. In telling the story to another person, people, on the one hand tend to eliminate unnecessary details that wear down the story and give no additional information, and on the other hand add to the story their version of it, make additions and modifications till the original event, the so-called birth event of the anecdote is no longer recognizable. The longer an anecdote circles from mouth to mouth, the more it gets modified. Thanks to constant retelling, anecdotes change all the time. Characters, places of action, situations, details and sometimes even the point change. Thus a popular anecdote may have several versions. An anecdote is based on either situational, character or word comics. It often happens that two, or maybe even all three kinds of comics are combined in one anecdote. The characteristic features of an anecdote are: 1. shortness, 2. accuracy, 3. the point, which can be a gradual, b delayed, c double.The anecdote is a reflection of reality, or on the one hand, an anecdote is the content of what it gives shape. On the other hand, an anecdote grown in a certain society or nation shows the attitude of the member of that society or nation towards some topic or situation.An anecdote is always behind social events, as being a result of interpersonal communication it can not be too operative. It is as if to compensate for that fact that the anecdote lives much longer than its time.As the anecdote is a reflection of reality, its topics are as varied as life itself. Probably there are more anecdotes of marriage than anything else as marriage has been for

  7. Keeping the Records Straight.

    Clift, Phil; Keynes, Milton


    Guidelines are given regarding keeping and using educational records for exceptional children in Great Britain. Procedures related to anecdotal records, observation inventories, and rating scales are delineated. (CL)

  8. Poliitiline anekdoot. I

    Kadi Sarv


    Full Text Available A political anecdote is first all, a popular and not a scientific concept. It is a forbidden story told only to those you trusted, who thought like the speaker did. This phenomenon characterises primarily a society of repression where people have no opportunities to express their dissatisfaction in a legal way.Political subject is just as often found in conundrums as in anecdotes. For some subjects, it even seems that the conundrum expresses attitudes and opinions more colourfully and precisely than the anecdote. An old-fashioned anecdote, the longer style of delivery of which has been forgotten over time, may sometimes take on the form of a conundrum. The so-called introduction falls away and the colourful punch line of the anecdote is used in the new conundrum.Political background may occur in anecdotes about persons, ethinics or animals.Political anecdotes and conundrums can be divided into three groups:1. Anecdotes and conundrums about statesmen. Typical subjects are a visit, competition or outdoing each other;2. Anecdotes which poke fun at the socialist or communist system, but in which specific statesmen are not mentioned;3. Anecdotes about life conditions, in which situations created by the crumbling system are described. Most of the information used in this article originates from the collections of the Estonian Folklore Archive, especially from the collection of materials handed in during the children's competition of school traditions in 1992.In the first part of the series of articles, an overview of political anecdotes at the time of the Estonian Republic (1920-1939.

  9. School Uniforms: A Critical Review of the Literature. From Inquiry to Practice.

    Brunsma, David L.

    The debate surrounding the effectiveness of school-uniform policies, as well as discussions concerning when and how to implement them, is rooted in anecdote. This review summarizes anecdotal literature on which the current debate is based and critically reviews the empirical literature, including theoretical underpinnings, findings, and…

  10. The Psychosocial and Familial Dimensions of Work Addiction: Preliminary Perspectives and Hypotheses.

    Robinson, Bryan E.


    Reviews anecdotal research and empirical studies that examine the relationship between work addiction and family-of-origin dysfunction and its impact on family development. The latest empirical research, although tentative at best, was found to corroborate earlier anecdotal reports on nearly all the variables studied. Presents intervention…

  11. Implicit Sound Symbolism in Lexical Access: Evidence from an Interference Task

    Westbury, C.


    Kohler (1929) reported anecdotally that, when asked to choose, subjects were much more likely to attach the name 'takete' to a spiky abstract object, and the name 'baluma' (or, by 1947, 'maluma') to a curvy abstract object. Follow-up work has suffered from the same three weaknesses as Kohler's original anecdotal study: a reliance on small number…

  12. Misrepresenting Chinese Folk Happiness: A Critique of a Study

    Ip, Po-Keung


    Discourses on Chinese folk happiness are often based on anecdotal narratives or qualitative analysis. A recent study on Chinese folk happiness using qualitative method seems to provide some empirical findings beyond anecdotal evidence on Chinese folk happiness. This paper critically examines the study's constructed image of Chinese folk happiness,…

  13. [Blood donation in the media between 1950 and 1980].

    Lefrère, J-J; Garraud, O


    Anecdotes, such as found in the media and chiefly the humor journals and magazines aim at bringing revisited insights on society subjects, which can even be the most serious. Anecdotes reported here on blood transfusion and the transfusion environment, that were retrieved from French news released in the media press between the 1950s to 1980s give a view on what has been achieved since then, but also on what is at a standstill by some incapability in moving forward or in changing minds. Those anecdotes would be used to stimulate or refresh debates in transfusion related-ethics. PMID:26774418

  14. Preliminary evidence that ketamine inhibits spreading depolarizations in acute human brain injury

    Sakowitz, Oliver W; Kiening, Karl L; Krajewski, Kara L;


    inhibited by the noncompetitive N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor antagonist ketamine. This restored electrocorticographic activity. CONCLUSIONS: These anecdotal electrocorticographic findings suggest that ketamine has an inhibitory effect on spreading depolarizations in humans. This is of potential interest...

  15. More consistent, yet less sensitive : Interval timing in autism spectrum disorders

    Falter, Christine M.; Noreika, Valdas; Wearden, John H.; Bailey, Anthony J.


    Even though phenomenological observations and anecdotal reports suggest atypical time processing in individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), very few psychophysical studies have investigated interval timing, and the obtained results are contradictory. The present study aimed to clarify wh

  16. Tallahatchie NWR and Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) Bird Observations 1996

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR, the Black Bayou Unit Coldwater River NWR surrounding areas throughout 1996 were recorded by the refuge biologist...

  17. Tallahatchie NWR and Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) Bird Observations 1998

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR, the Black Bayou Unit Coldwater River NWR and surrounding areas throughout 1998 were recorded by the refuge...

  18. Tallahatchie NWR and Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) Bird Observations 1997

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR, the Black Bayou Unit Coldwater River NWR surrounding areas throughout 1997 were recorded by the refuge biologist...

  19. Tallahatchie NWR and Coldwater River NWR Bird Observations 2000

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR and Coldwater River NWR surrounding areas throughout 2000 were recorded by the refuge biologist and several other...

  20. North Mississippi Refuge Complex Bird Observations 1999

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR, the Black Bayou Unit Coldwater River NWR and surrounding areas throughout 1999 were recorded by the refuge...

  1. The White Adolescent's Drug Odyssey.

    Lipton, Douglas S.; Marel, Rozanne


    Presents a "typical" case history of a White middle-class teenager who becomes involved with marihuana and subsequently begins to abuse other drugs. Sociological findings from other research are interspersed in the anecdotal account. (GC)

  2. Of men and numbers the story of the great mathematicians

    Muir, Jane


    Fascinating accounts of the lives and accomplishments of history's greatest mathematical minds, from Pythagoras to Georg Cantor. Muir also provides charming anecdotes about Descartes, Euler, Pascal, and many others, as well as accessible discussions of their contributions to mathematical thought.

  3. Mycosis inhibits cannibalism by Melanoplus sanguinipes, M. differentialis, Schistocerca americana, and Anabrus simplex

    Cannibalism is common among the Acrididae and the Mormon cricket, Anabrus simplex, a tettigonid. These behaviors have been proposed as mechanisms for the horizontal transmission of Microsporida and entomopathogenic fungi. After anecdotal observations that Melanoplus sanguinipes and A. simplex did ...

  4. People


    Featuring relationships, personalities, interactions, environments and reputations involved in physics and education TEACHING ANECDOTES (66) Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac OPINIONS (67) Recommended reading of science fiction Ken Zetie STARTING OUT (70) What Katie did next: part 2 Katie Pennicott

  5. Dahomey NWR, Tallahatchie NWR and Coldwater River NWR Bird Observations 2003

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Dahomey NWR, Tallahatchie NWR and Coldwater River NWR surrounding areas throughout 2003 were recorded by the refuge biologist and...

  6. Erotikata v češkite narodni prikazki i anekdoti

    Otčenášek, Jaroslav


    Roč. 41, č. 4 (2015), s. 448-466. ISSN 0323-9861 Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : erotica * sexuality * vulgarism * czech folklore * tale * anecdote Subject RIV: AC - Archeology, Anthropology, Ethnology

  7. Component Separation for Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

    Full Text Available ... surgery, that the patient's coughing, some of that stress can be relieved by the Veritas instead of ... anecdotal. Nobody has done a prospective randomized control study of any of these products that definitively gives ...

  8. Acute hyperhydration reduces athlete biological passport OFF-hr score

    Bejder Rasmussen, Jacob; Hoffmann, M F; Ashenden, M;


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that athletes hyperhydrate to mask prohibited substances in urine and potentially counteract suspicious fluctuations in blood parameters in the athlete biological passport (ABP). It is examined if acute hyperhydration changes parameters included in the ABP. Twenty...

  9. Putting Science FIRST: Memories of Family Science Experiences.

    Science and Children, 1996


    Presents anecdotes from prominent citizens including Bill Clinton, Alan Alda, Carl Sagan, Gerald Wheeler, JoAnne Vasquez, and Lynn Margulis in which they reminisce about interesting science experiences with their families. (JRH)

  10. Mycobacterial factors relevant for transmission of tuberculosis

    Verhagen, L.M.; Hof, S. van den; Deutekom, H. van; Hermans, P.W.M.; Kremer, K.; Borgdorff, M.W.; Soolingen, D. van


    BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB) transmission is associated with patient-related risk factors. However, DNA fingerprint analysis has provided anecdotal evidence suggesting a role for bacteriological factors. METHODS: To examine the importance of the bacteriological component in TB transmission, we inve

  11. Harnessing Information Technologies for More Efficient Crop Development

    Candidate new crops are scrutinized by researchers, producers, processors, marketing specialists, and others. Increasingly, quantitative data are displacing anecdotes and personal judgments. This paper examines how more integrated management of information can assist development of new crops, with e...

  12. Cross-Cultural Mirrors: Two-Way Reflections

    Mimi Yang


    Full Text Available Ronald Takaki starts his milestone work 'A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America 'with an anecdote that is not difficult for those who have East Asian heritages to relate.

  13. Giovanni Bignami per Mostra Centenario Pontecorvo

    CERN Visual Media Office; Vincenzo Cavasinni


    Giovanni Bignami tells anecdote reported by Giuseppe occhialini on Bruno Pontecorvo's departure to the USSR. The clip will be used within the Pontecorvo exhibition organized by Pisa Univesrity on the occasion of Pontecorvo's 100th anniversary.

  14. Beware of Products Promising Miracle Weight Loss

    Full Text Available ... about anecdotal information from personal “testimonials” about incredible benefits or results from using a product. If you ... Federal, State & Local Officials Consumers Health Professionals Science & Research ... Blood & Biologics Animal & Veterinary Cosmetics Tobacco Products

  15. Discovering the Real Spiritual Child (Part 1).

    Cavalletti, Sofia


    Presents anecdotal reflections on the serenity and revelations of the "new child" in relationship with God. Maintains that knowing one's religious tradition provides the basis for being open to all religions. (KB)

  16. Group Endeavor in Nursery School Can Be Valuable Learning.

    Cartwright, Sally


    Presents anecdotes from nursery school daily records which illustrate significant learning experience through cooperative work and play. Suggests that children process and learn information by playing with that information. (NH)

  17. NCCOS Habitat Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, St. Croix, USVI, (2001 - Present)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The habitat photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  18. NCCOS Fish Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, La Parguera, Puerto Rico, (2001 - Present)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The fish photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  19. NCCOS Habitat Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, La Parguera, Puerto Rico, (2001 - Present)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The habitat photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  20. NCCOS Fish Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, St. John, USVI, (2001 - Present)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The fish photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  1. NCCOS USVI Fish Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, St. Croix, (2001 - Present)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The fish photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  2. NCCOS Habitat Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, St. John, USVI , (2001 - Present)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The habitat photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  3. Historical Connections: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: The Universal Genius.

    Reimer, Wilbert; Reimer, Luetta


    Contains biographical facts, contributions, quotations, and anecdotes about mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Presents an activity in which students discover patterns in the sums of the reciprocals of the triangular numbers. Contains reproducible student worksheet. (MKR)

  4. Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra) Still Present in Syria

    Jaques H.


    The author presents strong anecdotal evidence of presence of the Eurasian otter along the River Euphrates in Syria. Numbers, however, seem to have dropped considerably following irrigation schemes over the last 40 years.

  5. The Red Herrings and Confounders in Airway Foreign Bodies – Lessons learnt.

    Balakrishnan, D.; K. Balachandran


    Foreign bodies present themselves in various masquerades. A high index of suspicion and a proactive approach are required. In every journal and in every ENT academic conference, you will find anecdotal references to individual experiences. Such anecdotes give valuable lessons to the other ENT surgeons. We learn, by precept, how a particular surgeon surmounted a particular difficulty. This knowledge will bail you out, in a distant time of your life, when you get a similar patient.

  6. The Red Herrings and Confounders in Airway Foreign Bodies – Lessons learnt.

    D Balakrishnan


    Full Text Available Foreign bodies present themselves in various masquerades. A high index of suspicion and a proactive approach are required. In every journal and in every ENT academic conference, you will find anecdotal references to individual experiences. Such anecdotes give valuable lessons to the other ENT surgeons. We learn, by precept, how a particular surgeon surmounted a particular difficulty. This knowledge will bail you out, in a distant time of your life, when you get a similar patient.

  7. The Ramayana and psychotherapy

    Jacob, K.S.; Krishna, Gopala S.


    Techniques of psychotherapy commonly used in the west may be difficult to employ in their purest form for Indian patients, especially in those who are not educated and those who are not westernized. Anecdotes from the Ramayana can be used in psychotherapy to show the similarity of the issues facing the patient with the aim of increasing insight. They are powerful examples and can be used to suggest alternate modes of coping. This article discusses anecdotes, themes and possible situations for...

  8. Лексико-семантическое моделирование текста англоязычного короткого анекдота

    Лутова, М.М.; Зубова, И. И.


    The article deals with the problem of English anecdote text generation by a computer. The formal model is created with this aim. It includes the following parts: 1) the computer data base with the main keywords (the semantic switches) of the investigated texts, their diagnostic features (semantic scenarios), the lists of the two types of the anecdote text phrases and 2) the algorithm. The computer experimental results do not contain any grammatical, lexical or semantic errors.

  9. Obraz naukowca w anegdocie rosyjskiej

    Manasterska-Wiącek, Edyta; Białek, Ewa


    The article is devoted to the analysis of how a scientist is depicted in a Russian anecdote. The research corpus, based mainly on internet sources, allowed for a conclusion that the profession of a scientist affects his entire life and the whole system of values. A scientist, as the Russian anecdotes portray, is a rather scatter-brained person, confined within his own world of science. Additionally, the authors of this article point to stereotypes as a means of assessment characteristic to ev...

  10. An electronic stroll through the global village

    Chew, J.


    This paper is a semi-random walk through Usenet News, a bulletin board system that exists on the vast Internet computer network. Interaction in such a medium is an interesting hybrid of speech and writing, of monologue and dialogue and sometimes an open shouting match in a crowded room. Those who are intrigued by these matters will be able to see a number of research areas exposed in this frankly anecdotal paper. In addition to being anecdotal, this paper is a work of participatory observation. In fact, I occasionally let it be known that I was observing the sociology and rhetoric of the newsgroups. The natives appeared unimpressed.

  11. Every Teacher Should Succeed with Data Literacy

    Mandinach, Ellen B.; Gummer, Edith S.


    Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA, 2015) moves education further along the path toward becoming the evidence-based and data-driven profession that policy makers have continually called for. They have stressed the need for hard evidence to undergird educational decisions rather than relying on anecdotes and intuitions. This means teachers must…

  12. Islamic vs. conventional banking : business model, efficiency and stability

    Beck, Thorsten; Demirgüç-Kunt, Asli; Merrouche, Ouarda


    This paper discusses Islamic banking products and interprets them in the context of financial intermediation theory. Anecdotal evidence shows that many of the conventional products can be redrafted as Sharia-compliant products, so that the differences are smaller than expected. Comparing conventional and Islamic banks and controlling for other bank and country characteristics, the authors ...

  13. Schooling Achievement among Rural Zimbabwean Children during a Period of Economic Turmoil

    Larochelle, Catherine; Alwang, Jeffrey; Taruvinga, Nelson


    Zimbabwe suffered severe economic crisis in the decade before 2009, and anecdotal evidence indicates that public education suffered due to uncertainty about salary payments and inflation. As the country recovers, it is important to understand how this crisis affected schooling participation before and during the crisis. This study focuses on the…

  14. Analysis of networking characteristics of different personality types

    Charilaos, Mylonas


    The MBTI personality test and a personal facebook network were used in order to gain some insights on the relationship of social network centrality and path length measures and different personality types. Although the personality classification data were scarce, there were some intuitive quantitative results supporting anecdotal statements, based on empirical observations, about the expected social behavior of personality types.

  15. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (85th, Miami, Florida, August 5-8, 2002). Media Ethics Division.


    The Media Ethics division of the proceedings contains the following 6 papers: "A Masochist's Teapot: Where to Put the Handle in Media Ethics" (Thomas W. Hickey); "Stalker-razzi and Sump-pump Hoses: The Role of the Media in the Death of Princess Diana" (Elizabeth Blanks Hindman); "The Promise and Peril of Anecdotes in News Coverage: An Ethical…

  16. Radioactivity--Killer or the "Elixir of Life"?

    Kennedy, Paula


    It is frequently said that a good teacher will spice up their lessons with anecdotes and stories associated with the subject as these help to bring the subject alive. This is true in teaching radioactivity but it is not always easy to find a useful fund of stories--especially for a non-specialist. Paula Kennedy shares the stories and anecdotes…

  17. MDs remain sceptical as chelation therapy goes mainstream in Saskatchewan

    Oliver, M.


    The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan recently agreed to allow physicians to administer chelation therapy. Supporters, relying on anecdotal evidence, say it works wonders in overcoming heart disease, but many physicians remain profoundly sceptical. In Saskatchewan, the college decision has proved popular with patients but has drawn an angry reaction from doctors.

  18. Employer and Employee Opinions of Thematic Deficiencies in New Athletic Training Graduates

    Carr, W. David; Volberding, Jennifer


    Context: Anecdotal information has been shared for several years that employers do not feel that new athletic training graduates are ready for the workforce. To date there have been no studies of employers and employees to determine deficiencies in order to confirm or refute this position. Objective: To explore the opinions of employers and…

  19. Communities of the Future: Energy Programs for Livable Communities

    This document relates how several of the US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (DOE/EERE) programs help communities across the nation deal with the issues of livability and sustainable growth. Highlights include background information on renewable energy technologies, some outstanding program anecdotes, and regional and Internet contact information

  20. The New Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are. Revised Edition.

    Leman, Kevin

    Based on the premise that birth order powerfully influences one's personality, one's marital partner, and one's parenting style, this book presents personal anecdotes, testimonials, and descriptions of well-known individuals or individuals seen in counseling to illustrate the impact of birth order. The book also presents practical ways to take…

  1. Looking at the Impact of the Flipped Classroom Model of Instruction on Undergraduate Multimedia Students at CSUN

    Enfield, Jacob


    Scholars and practitioners have reported the positive outcomes of a flipped, or inverted, approach to instruction (Baker, 2000; Lage, Platt, & Treglia, 2000; Bergmann, 2011; Wright, 2011; Pearson, 2012; Butt, 2012; Bates, 2012). While many of the reports are anecdotal, the sheer number of instructors that have reported successful…

  2. Tensions in Policy and Practice: Influences on Play in Abu Dhabi's New School Model KG Framework

    Baker, Fiona S.


    This article reports on three salient socio-cultural and systemic factors that are influential in play in Abu Dhabi Education Council's (ADEC's) kindergarten (KG) framework from the teacher perspective. Anecdotal evidence suggests that during ADEC's progressive educational reform, emphasis has reverted to academic performance…

  3. Exploring the Impact of Facebook and Myspace Use on First-Year Students' Sense of Belonging and Persistence Decisions

    Strayhorn, Terrell L.


    In recent years, scholars have focused on students' use of social networking sites (SNSs) such as Myspace and Facebook. Research about such technologies is largely descriptive or based on theoretical assumptions and anecdotal evidence, although some authors have studied frequency of use, adoption of technology, and computer usage among college…

  4. An Emerging Strategy of "Direct" Research.

    Mintzberg, Henry


    Discusses seven basic themes that underlie the author's "direct research" activities. These themes include reliance on research based on description and induction instead of prescription and deduction, and the measurement of many elements in real settings, supported by anecdote, instead of few variables in perceptual terms from a distance.…

  5. A Study on Pragmatic Failure in Cross-Cultural Communication

    Fang, Jie


    Through analyzing and comparing the anecdotes of pragmatic failure in cross-cultural communication from the aspects of lexicon, syntax and discourse, some pragmatic strategies are suggested in intercultural communication. To improve learners' cultural awareness and communicative competence, a cultural-linguistic approach in foreign language…

  6. Super Searchers on Madison Avenue: Top Advertising and Marketing Professionals Share Their Online Research Strategies. Super Searchers, Volume XI.

    Villamora, Grace Avellana

    This book presents interviews with 13 research professionals that contain favorite online search strategies and research tools, anecdotes, "how to" survival tips, and best-practice examples. The appendix lists referenced sites and sources in the following categories: (1) online resources; (2) books, annuals, newsletters, magazines, and articles;…

  7. The School Uniform Movement and What It Tells Us about American Education: A Symbolic Crusade

    Brunsma, David L.


    This book represents the most thorough exposition on the present understanding of the impetuses, debates, legalities, and effectiveness of school uniform policies that have rapidly entered the discourse of school reform in the United States. In it, David Brunsma provides an antidote to the ungrounded, anecdotal components that define the…

  8. Contested discourses, knowledge, and socio-environmental conflict in Ecuador

    Buchanan, K.S.


    This paper explores how multiple types of knowledge – epistemic, technical, and anecdotal – are combined and used discursively within the claim-making process of a long-running socio-environmental conflict concerning copper extraction and its threat to biodiversity conservation in Ecuador's Intag va

  9. From Scratch to Notch: Understanding Private Tutoring Metamorphosis in the Philippines from the Perspectives of Cram School and Formal School Administrators

    de Castro, Belinda V.; de Guzman, Allan B.


    Although there is considerable anecdotal evidence that the scale of private tutoring is substantial in the Philippines, attempts to document its existence is limited. Using phenomenological inquiry, this study aimed to provide a more eidetic portrait of private tutoring transformation in the Philippines from the perspectives and collective…

  10. The Secondary School Principalship: The Task and the Constraints.

    Watts, O. B.

    Inspired by Franz Kafka's predatory leopard anecdote, this speech explores the plight of Canadian secondary school principals trying to meet students' educational needs within the constraints imposed by politics and finance. A cross-country survey of 60 principals disclosed some typical problems. Principals must be reponsive to public opinion…

  11. Contagious Fire? An Empirical Assessment of the Problem of Multi-Shooter, Multi-Shot Deadly Force Incidents in Police Work

    White, Michael D.; Klinger, David


    Recent police shootings in which multiple officers fired numerous rounds at suspects have led some observers to assert that such situations involve "contagious fire," where an initial officer's shots launch a cascade of gunfire from other officers present. Although there is anecdotal recognition of the contagious fire phenomenon among police and…

  12. Mind Wandering and the Incubation Effect in Insight Problem Solving

    Tan, Tengteng; Zou, Hong; Chen, Chuansheng; Luo, Jin


    Although many anecdotes suggest that creative insights often arise during mind wandering, empirical research is still sparse. In this study, the number reduction task (NRT) was used to assess whether insightful solutions were related to mind wandering during the incubation stage of the creative process. An experience sampling paradigm was used to…

  13. Prevalence and Severity of College Student Bereavement Examined in a Randomly Selected Sample

    Balk, David E.; Walker, Andrea C.; Baker, Ardith


    The authors used stratified random sampling to assess the prevalence and severity of bereavement in college undergraduates, providing an advance over findings that emerge from convenience sampling methods or from anecdotal observations. Prior research using convenience sampling indicated that 22% to 30% of college students are within 12 months of…

  14. Working through the Problems of Study Abroad Using the Methodologies of Religious Studies

    Siegler, Elijah


    After illustrating the joys of teaching religious studies abroad with an anecdote from my trip to China, I warn of some of its inherent pedagogical and ethical challenges. I argue that teaching some of the "new directions" in religious studies scholarship might address these challenges. These include a turning away from the abstract…

  15. Twitter as a Tool to Warn Others about Sobriety Checkpoints: A Pilot Observational Study

    Seitz, Christopher M.; Orsini, Muhsin Michael; Fearnow-Kenney, Melodie; Hatzudis, Kiki; Wyrick, David L.


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that young people use the website Twitter as a tool to warn drivers about the locations of sobriety checkpoints. Researchers investigated this claim by independently analyzing the website's content regarding a sample of 10 sobriety checkpoints that were conducted in cities throughout the United States during the weekend…

  16. For-Profit Charter Schools and Threats to the Publicness of Public Schools

    Stitzlein, Sarah M.


    Media portrayals and education policies have combined with anecdotes about charter school successes to produce a favorable assessment of charter schools by two-thirds of Americans. Such media celebrations often group an array of charter school types together, thereby disguising their differences. Indeed, the public seems unaware there are…

  17. Free: Why Authors Are Giving Books Away on the Internet

    Hilton, John, III; Wiley, David


    With increasing frequency, authors in academic and non-academic fields are releasing their books for free digital distribution. Anecdotal evidence suggests that exposure to both authors and books increases when books are available as free downloads, and that print sales are not negatively affected. For this study we interviewed ten authors to…

  18. Breaking All the Rules

    James, Alyssa


    This piece is an academic reflection on personal experiences of the education system through the critical lens of anti-oppressive and multicultural education. The author divides the page into academic discourse and personal experience, reflecting the boundaries between anecdotal evidence and academic discourse. Suggestions and observations are…

  19. Student Perceptions of Faculty Implementation of Universal Design for Learning

    Schelly, Catherine L.; Davies, Patricia L.; Spooner, Craig L.


    The anecdotal benefits of implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) at postsecondary institutions are well documented. The literature suggests that UDL offers students with disabilities enhanced opportunities for engagement, expression, and academic performance. Responding to the call by educators for empirical evidence of UDL's beneficial…

  20. Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff: What Makes for Good Evidence of Effectiveness in the Literature in Gifted Education?

    Callahan, Carolyn M.; Moon, Tonya R.


    To provide an overview of the specific components that must be considered when making decisions about research in the field of gifted education, the authors describe and evaluate the three types of evidence--speculative or anecdotal, theoretical, and empirical--commonly offered in the literature of the field. Empirical, or evidence-based, research…

  1. Dunking behaviour in Carib grackles

    Morand-Ferron, J.; Lefebvre, L.; Reader, S.M.; Sol, D.; Elvin, S.


    Dunking behaviour, the dipping of food in water, has been anecdotally observed in more than 25 species of birds in the wild, but its function and ecology have not been systematically studied. In experiments conducted in the field and in captivity on Carib grackles, Quiscalus lugubris, in Barbados, w

  2. Open and Accessible: The Relationship between Closures and Circulation in School Library Media Centers

    Dickinson, Gail; Gavigan, Karen; Pribesh, Shana


    A hallmark of school library media best practice is for the library media center to be open and accessible to patron use before, during, and after the school day and throughout the entire school year. Anecdotal evidence and informal discussion among school library media specialists indicate that library media facilities are sometimes used for…

  3. The Impact of Sexual Abuse on Sexual Identity Formation in Gay Men

    Brady, Stephen


    Emerging data suggests that as children, gay males have an increased risk for physical and sexual abuse. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a significant subset of children abused by clergy identify as gay as adults. However, we know very little about the impact of clergy-perpetrated sexual abuse in childhood on the development and psychosocial…

  4. Tamoxifen is associated with lower mortality of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis: results of the Dutch Multicentre EPS Study

    M.R. Korte; M.W. Fieren; D.E. Sampimon; H.F. Lingsma; W. Weimar; M.G.H. Betjes


    Background. Encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis (EPS) is a serious complication of peritoneal dialysis (PD) with an increasing incidence. There is no clear consensus on the treatment of EPS, but anecdotal reports indicate improvement in EPS patients treated with tamoxifen. At present, there is no evi

  5. A 21st-Century Framework for Character Formation in Sports

    Naylor, Adam H.; Yeager, John M.


    The value of athletics in character development has been anecdotally touted for centuries, but the reality is that sporting environments have regularly failed to achieve the potentials of moral education. The shared physical and mental demands of sports combined with the intensity with which much of society approaches competition makes the playing…

  6. Neighborhood Violence and Psychosocial Adjustment in Low-Income Urban African American Children: Physical Symptoms as a Marker of Child Adjustment

    Jones, Deborah J.; Foster, Sarah; Forehand, Greg; O'Connell, Cara


    We examined the association between neighborhood violence and three domains of psychosocial adjustment in low-income, urban African American children: internalizing, externalizing, and physical symptoms. Based on anecdotal and empirical evidence, it was hypothesized that, relative to internalizing and externalizing problems, a stronger association…

  7. Specific Oral Communication Skills Desired in New Accountancy Graduates

    Gray, F. Elizabeth


    International research findings and anecdotal evidence alike suggest that new accountancy graduates often begin their careers with inadequate oral communication skills. However, there is a lack of well-grounded empirical data concerning precisely what accountancy employers mean by "oral communication" and what specific skills they value most…

  8. Promoting Entrepreneurship Studies in the Community College Setting.

    Watts, Karen Southall

    This document examines the current promotional methods used by North Carolina community colleges to advance entrepreneurship education and identifies practical strategies for improving promotional efforts and outcomes. The observations, interviews, and anecdotal information presented in the paper are based on the author's three years of community…

  9. How To Catch a Shark and Other Stories about Teaching and Learning.

    Graves, Donald H.

    This anthology of 32 autobiographical tales is based on both personal and professional experiences. The anthology's eclectic tales offer: recalled moments of childhood wonder; anecdotes about remarkable and not-so-remarkable students; lessons from the pulpit as well as the battlefield; and stories of painful loss, hilarious mishaps, and awesome…

  10. Compositae dermatitis from airborne parthenolide

    Paulsen, E; Christensen, Lars Porskjær; Andersen, Klaus Ejner


    BACKGROUND: Compositae dermatitis confined to exposed skin has often been considered on clinical grounds to be airborne. Although anecdotal clinical and plant chemical reports suggest true airborne allergy, no proof has been procured. Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is a European Compositae plant...

  11. A Psychology Fulbright Year in China

    Portnoy, Robert N.


    This article shares a series of personal observations and anecdotes about central issues in college mental health in China based on my Fulbright year there. There are many cultural and structural forces that both support and constrain the growth of the mental health field in China. This article addresses these forces in terms of their impact on…

  12. Pattern of Plagiarism in Novice Students' Generated Programs: An Experimental Approach

    Ahmadzadeh, Marzieh; Mahmoudabadi, Elham; Khodadadi, Farzad


    Anecdotal evidence shows that in computer programming courses plagiarism is a widespread problem. With the growing number of students in such courses, manual plagiarism detection is impractical. This requires instructors to use one of the many available plagiarism detection tools. Prior to choosing one of such tools, a metric that assures the…

  13. Homeschoolers on to College: What Research Shows Us

    Ray, Brian D.


    Experience and anecdotes have led many people to believe that homeschool parents were either move-to-the-country anarchist goat-herders, or right-wing Bible-thumpers, and their children were either mathematically-limited, due to Mama's fear of math, or child prodigies in rocket-science who were unthinkably socially hindered. Although one can find…

  14. The Role of Schizotypy in Predicting Performance on Figural and Verbal Imagery-Based Measures of Creativity

    LeBoutillier, Nicholas; Barry, Richard; Westley, David


    There are many anecdotal reports of a link between psychopathology and creativity. The strongest links have been purported between creativity psychosis, schizotypy, and personality. The aim of this study was to investigate the link between schizotypy and imagery-based measures of creativity; Barron's (1988) Symbolic Equivalence Test and Finke's…

  15. The Effects of a Dog Reading Visitation Program on Academic Engagement Behavior in Three Elementary Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities: A Single Case Design

    Bassette, Laura A.; Taber-Doughty, Teresa


    Background: Children with emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD) struggle with behavioral problems during reading activities in school. One way to address these concerns may be through dog reading programs which are increasing in popularity in schools and libraries. Preliminary anecdotal research suggests dog reading programs may improve…

  16. Cell Phones Transform a Science Methods Course

    Madden, Lauren


    A science methods instructor intentionally encouraged cell phone use for class work to discover how cell phones can be used as research tools to enhance the content and engage the students. The anecdotal evidence suggested that students who used their smartphones as research tools experienced the science content and pedagogical information…

  17. An Evaluation of Knowledge Transfer from Microworld Programming to Conventional Programming

    Xinogalos, Stelios


    Programming microworlds are being used for introducing students to programming for many years. Although many professors and school teachers report positive results from using programming microwords, these results are usually based on anecdotal evidence rather than rigorous empirical evaluation. A question that has not been answered yet with…

  18. What Do Entrepreneurs Talk About When They Talk About Failure?

    Gartner, William B.; Ingram, Amy E.

    This research focuses on “the rhetoric of entrepreneurial practice.” We conducted quantitative and qualitative linguistic analysis of ways that entrepreneurs talk about failure based on 89 usable transcriptions of presentations given at Stanford University between 2001 and 2013. Findings highlight...... rarely recount personal stories or anecdotes about failure: they tended to talk in clichés....

  19. Comparing Student Perceptions of Textbooks: Does Liking Influence Learning?

    Gurung, Regan; Landrum, R. Eric


    Faculty perceptions of textbook quality, anecdotal posts to listservs, and published ratings frequently determine textbook choice. Although faculty members intend to have students use the textbooks, few published empirical studies assess student opinions. In two studies, students rated widely adopted introductory psychology textbooks on eight…

  20. Violence and Other Antisocial Behaviors in Public Schools: Can Dress Codes Help Solve the Problem?

    Holloman, Lillian O.


    Gang violence, thefts, and costs are among the reasons schools are adopting dress codes or uniforms. Evidence of their effect on behavior is largely anecdotal; empirical research is needed. Home economics professionals can work with parents to set dress policies, get student input, incorporate the teaching of values about clothing, build student…

  1. Facial Atrophy in Oral Submucous Fibrosis: An Association or a Coincidence.

    Shetty, Sameep S; Shetty, Premalatha; Chougule, Amruta Ramgonda


    The anecdotal clinical presentation of OSMF that includes vesicle formation, burning sensation, intolerance to hot and spicy food, and trismus due to circumoral fibrous bands has been ringing in our ears for decades but the current paper flags novelty by portraying a rare presentation of an advanced stage of OSMF. PMID:27339711

  2. Theorizing Women's and Men's Language.

    Davis, Hayley


    Reviews Deborah Tannen's collection of essays, "Gender and Discourse." The review maintains that this collection is padded with anecdotes but provides little evidence of the research supposedly underlying this work. It is concluded that what is needed in a discussion of gender and discourse is a methodology in which linguistic features are…

  3. Psychological Sense of Community and Group Cohesion on Wilderness Trips

    Breunig, Mary; O'Connell, Tim; Todd, Sharon; Young, Anderson; Anderson, Lynn; Anderson, Dale


    A primary purpose of many wilderness trip programs is the development of positive interpersonal relationships and group experiences that lead to enhanced sense of community among group members. Although there is anecdotal evidence to support the development of sense of community on wilderness trips, there is little empirical evidence to support…

  4. Peer-Assisted Learning and Orthopaedic Evaluation Psychomotor Skills

    Weidner, Thomas G.; Popp, Jennifer K


    Context: Athletic training educators often anecdotally suggest that athletic training students enhance their learning by teaching their peers. However, peer-assisted learning (PAL) has not been examined within athletic training education to provide evidence for PAL's current use or for its use as a pedagogic tool.

  5. Peer-Assisted Learning in the Athletic Training Clinical Setting

    Henning, Jolene M.; Weidner, Thomas G.; Jones, James


    Context: Athletic training educators often anecdotally suggest that athletic training students enhance their learning by teaching their peers. However, peer-assisted learning (PAL) has not been examined within athletic training education in order to provide evidence for its current use or as a pedagogic tool.

  6. Supplementation of zilpaterol hydrochloride to crossbred Angus heifers does not increase stress responsiveness or homeostatic metabolic parameters after a combined corticoptropin releasing hormone and vasopressin challenge

    Anecdotal claims suggest that feeding zilpaterol hydrochloride (ZH) alters the stress response in cattle; however, there is no scientific data to support or refute these claims. This study was designed to determine if differences exist in the stress response of ZH-supplemented cattle when exposed to...

  7. Examining the Enigmatic Einstein

    Khoon, Koh Aik


    Albert Einstein is the icon of scientific genius. His is one the most recognizable faces in the history of mankind. This paper takes a cursory look at the man who is commonly perceived to be the epitome of eccentricity. We manage to sum up his salient traits which are associated with his name. The traits are based on anecdotal evidence. This…

  8. Hydrogen peroxide as a greenhouse soil amendment

    There are anecdotal reports that hydrogen peroxide provides growth benefits beyond controlling plant infection and plant stress. The objective of this research was to determine the effect of soil applications of hydrogen peroxide solutions on plant growth and flowering. Nasturtium (Tropaeolum maju...

  9. Effect of Liberibacter infection (Huanglongbing or "greening" disease) of citrus on orange juice flavor quality by sensory evaluation

    There have been some anecdotal reports that Liberibacter asiaticus [(+) Las] infection of citrus trees, recently introduced in Florida, imparts off flavor to orange juice. It is of interest to the industry to know how much Liberibacter infection affects juice quality with respect to variety, maturit...

  10. An update on the effect of HLB on orange juice flavor: Sensory evaluation

    There have been some anecdotal reports that Huanglongbing (HLB) or citrus greening disease, recently introduced in Florida, may impart off flavor to orange juice. It is of interest to the processing industry to determine what affect fruit from trees of various stages of infection would have on proce...

  11. An update on the effect of citrus greening on flavor and taste of orange juice

    There have been some anecdotal reports that Huanglongbing (HLB) or citrus greening disease, recently introduced in Florida, may impart off flavor to orange juice. It is of interest to the processing industry to determine what affect fruit from trees of various stages of infection would have on proce...

  12. The Elephants Teach: Creative Writing since 1880

    Myers, David Gershom


    When Vladimir Nabokov was up for a chair in literature at Harvard, the linguist Roman Jakobson protested: "What's next? Shall we appoint elephants to teach zoology?" That anecdote, with which D. G. Myers begins "The Elephants Teach", perfectly frames the issues this book tackles. Myers explores more than a century of debate over how writing should…

  13. How Do School Librarians Perceive Dispositions for Learning and Social Responsibility?

    Arnone, Marilyn


    This article discusses the implication of the study involving school librarians regarding how they perceive dispositions for learning and social responsibility. It also presents descriptive results of the most common areas discussed by participants, and provides anecdotal data from the transcripts and some subjective impressions of the researcher.…

  14. Melatonin Decreases Daytime Challenging Behaviour in Persons with Intellectual Disability and Chronic Insomnia

    Braam, W.; Didden, R.; Maas, A. P. H. M.; Korzilius, H.; Smits, M. G.; Curfs, L. M. G.


    Background: Persons with intellectual disability (ID) and sleep problems exhibit more daytime challenging behaviours than persons with ID without sleep problems. Several anecdotal reports suggest that melatonin is not only effective in the treatment of insomnia, but also decreases daytime challenging behaviour. However, the effect of melatonin…

  15. Categories of Insight and Their Correlates: An Exploration of Relationships among Classic-Type Insight Problems, Rebus Puzzles, Remote Associates and Esoteric Analogies

    Cunningham, J. Barton; MacGregor, James N.; Gibb, Jenny; Haar, Jarrod


    A central question in creativity concerns how insightful ideas emerge. Anecdotal examples of insightful scientific and technical discoveries include Goodyear's discovery of the vulcanization of rubber, and Mendeleev's realization that there may be gaps as he tried to arrange the elements into the Periodic Table. Although most people would regard…

  16. Prevalence and Severity of Voice and Swallowing Difficulties in Mitochondrial Disease

    Read, Jennifer L.; Whittaker, Roger G.; Miller, Nick; Clark, Sue; Taylor, Robert; McFarland, Robert; Turnbull, Douglass


    Background: Mutations of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) cause a broad spectrum of clinical phenotypes. Anecdotal evidence suggests that voice and swallow problems are a common feature of these diseases. Aims: To characterize accurately the prevalence and severity of voice and swallow problems in a large cohort of patients with mitochondrial disease.…

  17. Blood transfusion and dermatology:

    Al Aboud, Ahmad; Al Aboud, Khalid; Al Hawsawi, Khalid; Jain, Nipun; Ramesh, V.


    Blood transfusion is an accepted therapeutic procedure in all specialties of medicine. In dermatology, specialized techniques like plasmapheresis and extracorporeal photochemotherapy have provided a good treatment option in immune-mediated disorders like bullous dermatoses, collagen vascular diseases and cutaneous lymphomas. Other anecdotal and less substantiated reports point to its use in chronic disorders like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Untowarddermatological manifestations include m...

  18. Identifying and Describing Tutor Archetypes: The Pragmatist, the Architect, and the Surveyor

    Harootunian, Jeff A.; Quinn, Robert J.


    In this article, the authors identify and anecdotally describe three tutor archetypes: the pragmatist, the architect, and the surveyor. These descriptions, based on observations of remedial mathematics tutors at a land-grant university, shed light on a variety of philosophical beliefs regarding and pedagogical approaches to tutoring. An analysis…

  19. Collective Contexts in Conversation: Grounding by Proxy

    Eshghi, Arash; Healey, Patrick G. T.


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that participants in conversation can sometimes act as a coalition. This implies a level of conversational organization in which groups of individuals form a coherent unit. This paper investigates the implications of this phenomenon for psycholinguistic and semantic models of shared context in dialog. We present a…

  20. Academics and Wikipedia: Reframing Web 2.0+ as a Disruptor of Traditional Academic Power-Knowledge Arrangements

    Eijkman, Henk


    Purpose: There is much hype about academics' attitude to Wikipedia. This paper seeks to go beyond anecdotal evidence by drawing on empirical research to ascertain how academics respond to Wikipedia and the implications these responses have for the take-up of Web 2.0+. It aims to test the hypothesis that Web 2.0+, as a platform built around the…

  1. Child Abuse and Deafness: An Overview

    Sebald, Ann M.


    The professional literature contains research and anecdotal information on various maltreatments affecting children and youth with and without disabilities. Unfortunately, little information exists on abused children with hearing loss. Reasons relate to a lack of quantity and quality in research on this population; challenges in conducting…

  2. Antologia Del Saber Popular: A Selection from Various Genres of Mexican Folklore Across Borders. Monograph No. 2.

    Robe, Stanley L., Ed.

    A variety of oral folk material from Mexican sources is presented in this anthology. The 114 selections are derived from the various genres available and from traditional as well as newer formations. The selections include folktales, jests and anecdotes, legends and beliefs, beliefs about popular medicine, prayers, verses, children's games and…

  3. Case study: molasses as the primary energy source on an organic grazing dairy

    Organic dairies face many challenges, one of which is the high cost of purchased organic grains. Molasses may be a less expensive energy alternative. However, anecdotal results have been mixed for farms that used molasses as the sole energy source. This research project quantified animal performance...

  4. Understanding and Accommodating Online Social Communities: A Common Sense Approach

    Lennon, Sean M.


    Online social networks such as Facebook have changed the context and definitions of socialization. Focusing on teacher use, this article considers the size and impact of these forums and the importance many young professionals feel toward them. Themed as a common sense approach, the author uses anecdotal points and discussions with…

  5. Does Problem-Based Learning Improve Problem Solving Skills?--A Study among Business Undergraduates at Malaysian Premier Technical University

    Kadir, Z. Abdul; Abdullah, N. H.; Anthony, E.; Salleh, B. Mohd; Kamarulzaman, R.


    Problem-based Learning (PBL) approach has been widely used in various disciplines since it is claimed to improve students' soft skills. However, empirical supports on the effect of PBL on problem solving skills have been lacking and anecdotal in nature. This study aimed to determine the effect of PBL approach on students' problem solving skills…

  6. Admission to Selective Schools, Alphabetically

    Jurajda, Stepan; Munich, Daniel


    One's position in an alphabetically sorted list may be important in determining access to over-subscribed public services. Motivated by anecdotal evidence, we investigate the importance of the position in the alphabet of Czech students for their admission chances into over-subscribed schools. Empirical evidence based on the population of students…

  7. There must be something in the water (for F. columnare pathogenesis)

    Why can we routinely produce columnaris infections in our lab, while the lab on the other side of the ditch can't? Anecdotal reports suggest that tannins may inhibit F. columnare. Do tannins in their water prevent this, or are other water chemistry parameters involved? In the first experiment, tw...

  8. LSD: Still with Us after All These Years.

    Henderson, Leigh A., Ed.; Glass, William J., Ed.

    This volume offers insight for parents, counselors, and educators as to why young people in the 1990s are using LSD--its appeal, the experience, and where kids are getting it. Current studies and anecdotes are woven with recent statistics to create a clear picture of contemporary LSD use. The introduction offers some history and background on the…

  9. How to Get Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy or Brain Injury: Navigating Insurance Denials, Red Tape, and Other Challenges

    Console, Richard P., Jr.


    Medical professionals who use hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) say that recent studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, indicate that this treatment significantly improves the lives of many children with cerebral palsy and other types of chronic brain injury. So why do many children with these diagnoses not have access to this treatment? Simply…

  10. The Construction and Evaluation of Three Measures of Affectionate Behaviour for Children with Asperger's Syndrome

    Sofronoff, Kate; Lee, Jessica; Sheffield, Jeanie; Attwood, Tony


    Children with Asperger's syndrome are often reported by their parents as having difficulties communicating affection. This study aimed to develop a valid measure of affectionate behaviour that could be used to investigate and quantify these anecdotal reports and then be used in further intervention research. Using parent and expert focus…

  11. Decreasing transactional distance in a Web-based course.

    Pattillo, Robin E


    The Horizon Wimba online Web-conferencing voice system was used to facilitate dialogue and decrease transactional distance in a Web-based course. Small-group (Flashlight survey at the end of the semester. Anecdotal and survey responses indicated that discussion groups increased dialogue between faculty and students. PMID:17496503

  12. Celebrity politics: the politics of late modernity?

    Marsh, D.; t Hart, P.; Tindall, K.


    The academic literature on celebrity politics is rarely systematic; more often it is superficial and anecdotal. In addition, most of the literature focuses either upon classifying different types/categories of celebrity politicians and their roles in politics, or upon the question of whether the gro

  13. Sensing Landscape History with an Interactive Location Based Service

    Lammeren, van R.J.A.; Roncken, P.A.; Goossen, C.M.


    This paper introduces the STEAD approach for interpreting data acquired by a "human sensor", who uses an informal interactive location-based service (iLBS) to sense cultural-historic facts and anecdotes of, and in the landscape. This user-generated data is collected outdoors and in situ. The approac

  14. Making the message count: a new CNA media relations strategy

    The points made, in anecdotal form, are that: experts should be accessible to the media; the CNA should be active in speaking to the media; simple language should be used; the industry should present a human face; nobody should be surprised that reporters are cynical, suspicious and skeptical about industry, government and ''the establishment''

  15. Our Families, Our Children: The Lesbian and Gay Child Care Task Force Report on Quality Child Care.

    Dispenza, Mary

    The Lesbian and Gay Child Care Task Force documented anecdotal evidence of homophobia in child care and school age communities, including: (1) refusal to accept children from lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) families into child care; (2) biased attitudes expressed to children when they speak about their families; and (3) demonstrated…

  16. The Lifetime Value of a Loyal Customer: What Can a Child Care Director Learn from Domino's Pizza and a Cadillac Dealer in Dallas?

    Copeland, Margaret Leitch; Gimilaro, Susan


    In "The Service Profit Chain," Harvard Business School professors James Heskett, Earl Sasser, and Leonard Schlesinger (1997) offer two anecdotes--from Domino's Pizza and a Dallas Cadillac dealership--that illuminate the concept of valuing a lifetime customer. Experts estimate that the lifetime value of a loyal Domino's Pizza customer is $4,000 and…

  17. WindVOiCe, a Self-Reporting Survey: Adverse Health Effects, Industrial Wind Turbines, and the Need for Vigilance Monitoring

    Krogh, Carmen M. E.; Gillis, Lorrie; Kouwen, Nicholas; Aramini, Jeff


    Industrial wind turbines have been operating in many parts of the globe. Anecdotal reports of perceived adverse health effects relating to industrial wind turbines have been published in the media and on the Internet. Based on these reports, indications were that some residents perceived they were experiencing adverse health effects. The purpose…

  18. Four lives a celebration of Raymond Smullyan

    Rosenhouse, Jason


    This ""best of"" collection of works by Raymond Smullyan features excerpts from his published writings, including logic puzzles, explorations of mathematical logic and paradoxes, retrograde analysis chess problems, jokes and anecdotes, and meditations on the philosophy of religion. In addition, numerous personal tributes salute this celebrated professor, author, and logic scholar who is also a magician and musician.

  19. The Role of National Culture in Advertising’s Sensitivity to Business Cycles: An Investigation Across All Continents

    B. Deleersnyder (Barbara); M.G. Dekimpe (Marnik); J-B.E.M. Steenkamp (Jan-Benedict); P.S.H. Leeflang (Peter)


    textabstractCutting advertising budgets has traditionally been a popular reaction by companies around the globe when faced with a slacking economy. Still, anecdotal evidence suggests the presence of considerable cross-country variability in the cyclical sensitivity of advertising expenditures. We co

  20. Manufactured Memory, Altered Belief and Self Report Mirage: The Alleged False Memory of Jean Piaget Revisited.

    Leavitt, Frank


    It is argued that a Jean Piaget anecdote about an alleged memory implanted in a young child leading to both a visual and semantic memory that persists despite disconfirming evidence is entirely different than the recovered memory debate, which is about the alleged introduction of memories to grown adults. (CR)

  1. Research and Reflection: Animal-Assisted Therapy in Mental Health Settings.

    Parshall, Debra Phillips


    Although animals have been historically associated with promoting physical and mental health benefits for humans, only recently has there been support for such claims in the literature. This article is a preliminary attempt to bring together scientific studies and anecdotal reports that provide evidence of the benefits of using animals in…

  2. Objects in Telescope Are Farther than They Appear

    Graney, Christopher M.


    The wave nature of light is not part of students' common experiences, so often physics teachers and textbooks will add a historical anecdote about how scientists, too, were tricked by light. A common one is how, in the early 19th century, Poisson declared that since Fresnel's ideas on the wave nature of light implied that the shadow cast by a disk…

  3. Creativity: The role of unconscious processes in idea generation and idea selection

    Ritter, S.M.; Baaren, R.B. van; Dijksterhuis, A.J.


    Today's world of continuous change thrives on creative individuals. Anecdotal reports suggest that creative performance benefits from unconscious processes. Empirical research on the role of the unconscious in creativity, though, is inconsistent and thus far has focused mainly on one aspect of the c

  4. The Importance of the Default Mode Network in Creativity--A Structural MRI Study

    Kühn, Simone; Ritter, Simone M.; Müller, Barbara C. N.; van Baaren, Rick B.; Brass, Marcel; Dijksterhuis, Ap


    Anecdotal reports as well as behavioral studies have suggested that creative performance benefits from unconscious processes. So far, however, little is known about how creative ideas arise from the brain. In the current study, we aimed to investigate the neural correlates of creativity by means of structural MRI research. Given that unconscious…

  5. The importance of the default mode network in creativity: A structural MRI study

    Kühn, S.; Ritter, S.M.; Müller, B.C.N.; Baaren, R.B. van; Brass, M.; Dijksterhuis, A.J.


    Anecdotal reports as well as behavioral studies have suggested that creative performance benefits from unconscious processes. So far, however, little is known about how creative ideas arise from the brain. In the current study, we aimed to investigate the neural correlates of creativity by means of

  6. A Comparison of Community and State College Leader Perceptions of Trustee Involvement in Decision-Making

    Morris, Adam A.; Miller, Michael T.


    Trustees play an important role in determining the direction, priorities, and future of higher education institutions, and as such, are critical actors in the decision-making and policy formation process. Numerous anecdotal reports have concluded that there are often competing interests in the use and structure of trustees throughout higher…

  7. Gender Development

    Owen Blakemore, Judith E.; Berenbaum, Sheri A.; Liben, Lynn S.


    This new text offers a unique developmental focus on gender. Gender development is examined from infancy through adolescence, integrating biological, socialization, and cognitive perspectives. The book's current empirical focus is complemented by a lively and readable style that includes anecdotes about children's everyday experiences. The book's…

  8. An Honors Koan: Selling Water by the River

    Portnoy, Jeffrey A.


    Since Jerry Herron begins his forum essay, "Notes toward an Excellent Marxist-Elitist Honors Admissions Policy," with his anecdotal True Genealogical Confessions, Jeffery Portnoy, writes here that he feels feel obligated to begin in a similar mode. One side of Portnoy's family was in the real estate business in St. Louis, and the other…

  9. Confucianism in Today's Changing China


    @@ With a deft hand and a pocketful of anecdotes,Daniel Bell has been able to breathe fresh life into an ancient and once largely-dismissed subject-and by doing so,has shown readers the possible benefits of the reintroduction of parts of Confucianism into modern Chinese society.

  10. Enabling Process Improvement and Control in Higher Education Management

    Bell, Gary; Warwick, Jon; Kennedy, Mike


    The emergence of "managerialism" in the governance and direction of UK higher education (HE) institutions has been led by government demands for greater accountability in the quality and cost of universities. There is emerging anecdotal evidence indicating that the estimation performance of HE spreadsheets and regression models are poor. The…

  11. Student Consumerism in Higher Education: An Analysis of Relationships with Institutions

    Bossick, Michael John


    There has been much discussion in recent years concerning student consumerism and its potentially negative impact on higher education. Much of the literature has been anecdotal (Bellah 1999; Delucchi and Smith 1997; Edmundson 1997; Smith 2000), while some studies have been more empirical in nature (Levine and Cureton 1998; Delucchi and Korgen…

  12. Are Returns to Education on the Decline in Venezuela and Does Mission Sucre Have a Role to Play?

    Gonzalez, Naihobe; Oyelere, Ruth Uwaifo


    Anecdotal evidence points to a falling standard of living for the educated in Venezuela. During this same period, President Hugo Chavez implemented several education reforms. We focus on a major university education reform known as Mission Sucre and its potential impact on returns to university education. First, we show that returns to education…

  13. Resits in Higher Education: Merely a Bar to Jump Over, or Do They Give a Pedagogical "Leg Up"?

    Proud, Steven


    When students fail an examination at the end of their first year, they are offered a resit examination, which they merely need to pass to progress into the second year. These resits anecdotally provide a dual purpose of testing that students have achieved the required level of attainment to progress, and incentivising additional effort. This paper…

  14. A Cross-Cultural Study on the Use of Gestures: Evidence for Cross-Linguistic Transfer?

    Pika, Simone; Nicoladis, Elena; Marentette, Paula F.


    Anecdotal reports provide evidence of so called "hybrid" gesturer whose non-verbal behavior of one language/culture becomes visible in the other. The direction of this gestural transfer seems to occur from a high to a low frequency gesture language. The purpose of this study was therefore to test systematically 1) whether gestural transfer occurs…

  15. Emotion, Spiritual Experience and Education: A Reflection

    Best, Ron


    This paper, informed especially by the work of the philosopher John Macmurray, focuses on two personal anecdotes in order to explore the relationship and distinctions between emotional and spiritual experience. Despite being unique to the individual, emotional experience requires relationship, and thus appreciation of the feelings of others is…

  16. A Preliminary Study on the Use of Mind Mapping as a Visual-Learning Strategy in General Education Science Classes for Arabic Speakers in the United Arab Emirates

    Wilson, Kenesha; Copeland-Solas, Eddia; Guthrie-Dixon, Natalie


    Mind mapping was introduced as a culturally relevant pedagogy aimed at enhancing the teaching and learning experience in a general education, Environmental Science class for mostly Emirati English Language Learners (ELL). Anecdotal evidence suggests that the students are very artistic and visual and enjoy group-based activities. It was decided to…

  17. Greek Membership: The Relationship with First-Year Academic Performance

    DeBard, Robert; Sacks, Casey


    Much has been written about the need for student involvement to build a sense of belonging on college campuses. However, when it comes to membership in Greek social organizations, such involvement has been largely cast as negative. Unlike many of the anecdotal articles critical of the influence joining a Greek social organization can have on…

  18. Reading the Environment: Children's Literature in the Science Classroom.

    Cerullo, Mary M.

    Science trade books, both fiction and nonfiction, nurture a child's personal journey of discovery through the anecdotes, adventures, and experiences of others and through vivid word and picture images. This book focuses on the use of children's literature in the science classroom. Chapters include: (1) "Why Science and Literature Belong Together";…

  19. Peddling Pablo: Escobar's Cultural Renaissance

    Pobutsky, Aldona Bialowas


    Nearly two decades after his death, Pablo Escobar has reemerged in a number of autobiographical publications that revisit the era of the Medellín cartel and its most infamous capo. Rather than providing strictly historical information, these texts adopt an anecdotal and intimate angle from the positions of Escobar's hitman, his lover, his…




    This paper presents the history of Professor T. D. Lee's seminal work on the theory of relativistic heavy ion collisions, and the founding and development of the Riken Brookhaven Center. A number of anecdotes are given about Prof. Lee, and his strong positive effect on his colleagues, particularly young physicists.

  1. China's Dream of Red Chambers.

    Stern, Herbert


    This article describes the different world views and sense of history held by typical United States and Chinese citizens. Based on a personal relationship between the author and a family of intellectuals in China, the article includes anecdotes from the Chinese Cultural Revolution. (JDH)

  2. Lost in the Lifeworld: Technology Help Seeking and Giving on Diverse, Post-Secondary Campuses

    Tannis, Derek


    Information and communications technology (ICT) is integrated throughout a student's lived experience in their post-secondary learning environment. In order for students with limited or no background with ICT to achieve their academic goals, a central part of their adaptation involves an intensive period of ICT help seeking. Using anecdotes from…

  3. Validation of serious games

    Van der Kooij, K.; Hoogendoorn, E.; Spijkerman, R.; Visch, V.T.


    The application of games for behavioral change has seen a surge in popularity but evidence on the efficacy of these games is contradictory. Anecdotal findings seem to confirm their motivational value whereas most quantitative findings from randomized controlled trials (RCT) are negative or difficult

  4. Book review: The signal and the noise: the art and science of prediction

    Kuecken, Maria


    In The Signal and the Noise, the New York Times’ political forecaster and statistics guru Nate Silver explores the art of prediction, detailing discussions with expert forecasters from economists to big time gamblers. Maria Kuecken finds that Silver’s writing style is straightforward and accessible, peppered with anecdotes, charts, and references which keep new readers engaged.

  5. Banter for Breakfast: Youth, Power and Resistance in an (Un)Regulated Space.

    Bogad, Lesley


    A weekly discussion group for high school students, held at a church before school, provided youth with a place to make connections across differences and to engage in stimulating debate with peers. Anecdotes illustrate how the youth group resisted unfair practices of adult authority while failing to openly recognize the power dynamics within the…

  6. From Sweats to Swimsuits: Is Water Exercise the Wave of the Future?

    Koszuta, Laurie Einstein


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that for some people (including those with physical and mental disabilities), water exercise is safer and more effective than working out on land. U.S. researchers need to verify such claims, and standards need to be developed both for water exercise and for instructor training. (SM)

  7. The World of Film: An Introduction to The Cinema.

    Stewart, Bruce

    Designed as an introduction to the intelligent and active appreciation of films, this book provides an anecdotal discussion of current and past movies. Among the subjects discussed are the origins of the industry, the process of filmmaking, the role of the spectator, the development of various film genres, the debate over sex and violence, and the…

  8. Building Social Infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships: The Case of Student Housing in Public Higher Education

    Cole, Bruce Kevin


    Evaluations of Public-Private Partnership arrangements as alternatives to traditional government procurement methods for the delivery of public infrastructure projects have been anecdotal at best. This paper proposes a framework to evaluate a public university's infrastructure asset management performance and a specific measure based on a new…

  9. The Problematic Relationship between Institutionalised Irish Terminology Development and the Gaeltacht Speech Community: Dynamics of Acceptance and Estrangement

    Ni Ghearain, Helena


    This article analyses the findings of a study which investigated the hypothesis--based thus far on anecdotal evidence--that Irish speakers in traditional Gaeltacht areas do not accept official terminology planning, both in terms of their language practices and beliefs. While the findings provide some qualitative support for the hypothesis, in…

  10. Pizza Parties, Pep Rallies, and Practice Tests: Strategies Used by High School Principals to Raise Percent Proficient

    Hollingworth, Liz; Dude, David J.; Shepherd, Julie K.


    This study explores ways high school principals are responding to the demands of education reform to raise student test scores on achievement tests used for accountability purposes. Anecdotal evidence suggests administrators have instituted pizza parties and pep rallies to motivate students to do their best and practice tests to prepare students…

  11. Supply and Demand in the Higher Education Market: College Admission and College Choice. Research Brief

    Hurwitz, Michael; Kumar, Amal


    The nation's most selective colleges are often the centerpiece of the discussion surrounding college choice, and trends in college selectivity are relayed through stories of plunging admission rates at a few high-profile postsecondary institutions and anecdotes of model high school students unable to secure seats at these colleges. Such stories…

  12. So Much Depends Upon a Pickup Truck

    Laufer, Alexander (Editor)


    An anecdote from the author's own career as a researcher stresses the importance of becoming thoroughly familiar with a subject under study, in order to avoid overlooking obvious factors. In one study he conducted in Israel, he found that pickup truck size sometimes determined work crew size.

  13. The genetic basis of flecking and its relationship to disease resistance in the IBM maize mapping population

    Flecking is defined as a mild, often environmentally-dependent lesion phenotype observed on the leaves of several commonly used maize inbred lines. Anecdotal evidence suggests a link between flecking and enhanced broad-spectrum disease resistance. Neither the genetic basis underlying flecking nor ...

  14. Multicultural Counseling and the Orthodox Jew

    Schnall, Eliezer


    The cultural diversity literature largely ignores the effects of religion, and especially Judaism, on counseling and psychotherapy. The author reviews the meager and mostly anecdotal accounts relating to Orthodox Jews in the literature of several related disciplines, including counseling, social work, psychology, and psychiatry. The objective is…

  15. Africans and Black Americans in the United States: Social Distance and Differential Acculturation.

    Emoungu, Paul-Albert


    Presents an exploratory examination of the causes of social distance characterizing the association between Africans and African Americans. African American's perceptions about Africa and Africans are assessed through anecdotes and impressions, and thoughts and criticisms of Africans about African Americans are considered. A social science…

  16. Forms, Factors and Consequences of Cheating in University Examinations: Insight from Open and Distance Learning Students

    Mokula, Lebeloane Lazarus Donald; Lovemore, Nyaumwe


    The present study narrated the forms, factors and consequences of cheating in university examinations by UNISA Open and Distance learning students from anecdotal data. The results showed that the perpetrators mostly used crib materials on paper, ruler and calculator cover. The factors that influenced examination cheating were gender, age range and…

  17. Using Insights from Email Users to Inform Organisational Email Management Policy

    Ramsay, Judith; Renaud, Karen


    One would expect email substantially to increase organisational productivity and efficiency. There is little empirical evidence of this since email use is such a complex tool that it would be well nigh impossible to attribute efficiency increases solely to email. There is anecdotal evidence of the positive aspects of email (Phillips, S.R. and…

  18. Physics Education Research: A Research Subfield of Physics with Gender Parity

    Barthelemy, Ramón S.; Van Dusen, Ramón S.; Henderson, Charles


    Women currently outnumber men in obtaining undergraduate degrees but are underrepresented within STEM fields. However, women's representation varies by STEM field, and even further by STEM subfield. One field that has held a persistent low representation of women is physics. This paper seeks to uncover the truth behind an anecdotal claim that the…

  19. Understanding Physics in Relation to Working Memory

    Chen, Wen-Chao; Whitehead, Rex


    The aim of physics education is to generate understanding of physics and there is considerable anecdotal evidence that passing examinations in physics is not the same as understanding the subject. This paper describes how the areas of difficulties in understanding of physics were determined for pupils in Taiwan aged 13-15. Test material which…

  20. In Memory of Dorothy Heathcote, MBE (29 August 1926 to 8 October 2011)

    Saxton, Juliana; Miller, Carole


    In this article, the authors aim to provide a multifaceted lens on to Dorothy Heathcote's enormous influence on the field of drama education. They choose to order the reminiscences historically, focusing on Heathcote's consistency of passion and purpose. The anecdotes, lesson descriptions, and reminiscences capture her voice, her energy, and her…

  1. Improving Social Competencies through Cooperative Learning, Conflict Resolution and Home/School Communication.

    Chiappetta, Lisa; Harris, Leslie; Moncada, Tara; White, Chris

    This action research project examined the effectiveness of a program to improve kindergartners' prosocial behaviors. Students' lack of social skills was documented by means of teacher and parent surveys, teacher anecdotal records, and behavioral observation checklists. The intervention had four components. The teacher directly taught social skills…

  2. Company Training. A Key Strategy for Success. Workforce Brief #2.

    Bergman, Terri

    General research and anecdotal reports have confirmed that both technical and basic skills training offer many benefits to companies of all sizes. Company training can improve employee performance, firm productivity, product quality, and company profitability. Training supports "high-performance" work practices such as the following: total quality…

  3. Using "Monopoly" to Introduce Concepts of Race and Ethnic Relations

    Waren, Warren


    In this paper I suggest a technique which uses the familiar Parker Brother's game "Monopoly" to introduce core concepts of race and ethnic relations. I offer anecdotes from my classes where an abbreviated version of the game is used as an analog to highlight the sociological concepts of direct institutional discrimination, the legacy of…

  4. Weatherwords: The Hurricane Season.

    Buckley, Jim


    Information and anecdotes are provided for the following topics: the typical length of the hurricane season for the North Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico; specifics related to the practice of naming hurricanes; and categorical details related to the Saffir/Simpson scale for rating hurricane magnitude. (JJK)

  5. Reshoring and Insourcing

    Foerstl, Kai; Kirchoff, Jon; Bals, Lydia

    anecdotal evidence to theory-based analysis. Second, it seeks to provide an agenda for future research to further analyze the impact of reshoring and insourcing decisions on supply chain structures. Through an in-depth examination of the literature and grounded in TCE and OBB, a theoretical framework of...

  6. The Asymmetric Predictive Effects of Investor Sentiment

    Lutz, Chandler

    sophisticated investors only act as corrective force during certain time periods. We also show that our index predicts implied volatility, media pessimism, and mutual fund flows. Overall, our findings are consistent with both the theories and anecdotal accounts of investor sentiment in the stock market....

  7. Experimentally Induced Placentitis with Streptococcus equi zooepidemicus in Late Gestation Mares: Prevention of Preterm Birth

    Placental infection due to opportunistic pathogens is the most common cause of abortion and premature delivery in horses. However, current therapies used to treat mares with placentitis are based on clinical experience, anecdotal information or on case reports. Thus, the objective of this study was ...

  8. Reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS): fact or fantasy?

    Bardana, E J


    Most evidence suggests that RADS is a distinct syndrome and not simply an exacerbation of pre-existing hyperresponsiveness. There is no doubt that much remains to be explained regarding pathogenesis. On the other hand, I urge caution about the claims of "low-level RADS". Here the data are much more anecdotal and leave much to be desired. PMID:10735647

  9. Drooling in children with cerebral palsy: a qualitative method to evaluate parental perceptions of its impact on daily life, social interaction, and self-esteem.

    Burg, J. van der; Jongerius, P.; Limbeek, J. van; Hulst, K. van; Rotteveel, J.J.


    Research on the treatment of drooling applies measures such as salivary flow rate, qualitative observations of drooling severity in standardized situations, and anecdotal or one-dimensional parental and teacher reports. To assess drooling severity in a range of everyday conditions, and its impact on

  10. Accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing Students: Perceptions of Success

    Blozen, Barbara B.


    Although there are a number of anecdotal reports on demographic characteristics and academic success of accelerated nursing students, few empirical studies have been undertaken to examine these students' success, despite this type of programs' existence for more than a decade, and only three studies have sought to examine the perspective of the…

  11. Three Essays on Information Security Policies

    Yang, Yubao


    Information security breaches pose a significant and increasing threat to national security and economic well-being. In the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (2003), companies surveyed experienced an average of about 30 attacks per week. Anecdotal evidence suggests that losses from cyber-attacks can run into millions of dollars. The CSI-FBI…

  12. Conflict cultures in organizations: How leaders shape conflict cultures and their organizational-level consequences

    M.J. Gelfand; L.M. Leslie; K. Keller; C.K.W. de Dreu


    Anecdotal evidence abounds that organizations have distinct conflict cultures, or socially shared norms for how conflict should be managed. However, research to date has largely focused on conflict management styles at the individual and small group level, and has yet to examine whether organization

  13. Open Access Scholarly Publications as OER

    Anderson, Terry


    This paper presents the rationale, common practices, challenges, and some personal anecdotes from a journal editor on the production, use, and re-use of peer-reviewed scholarly articles as open educational resources (OER). The scholarly and professional discourse related to open educational resources has largely focused on open learning objects,…

  14. Dance and Special Education

    Munsell, Sonya E.; Bryant Davis, Kimberly E.


    Arts activities have been included in the educational curriculum of public schools for a number of years. Most often, course offerings in the arts consist of visual art, vocal music, and instrumental music classes. Although not as common, dance has also been included in the educational curriculum. Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that…

  15. Assessing Mentoring Culture: Faculty and Staff Perceptions, Gaps, and Strengths

    Sheridan, Lynn; Murdoch, Natasha Hubbard; Harder, Emily


    The purpose of this non-experimental, cross-sectional, descriptive research was to survey faculty and staff perceptions of mentorship in a postsecondary institution in order to determine gaps and strengths in the current mentorship environment. The anecdotal activities we present reflect our educational practice environment through the work of our…

  16. The Glass Ceiling Is Made of Concrete: The Barriers to Promotion and Tenure of Women in American Academia

    Bonawitz, Mary; Andel, Nicole


    The focus of this research is to survey the literature in American higher education on the tenure and promotion of women and to suggest future problems that women may encounter as the American population grays. Anecdotally, women are not tenured and promoted in the same percentages of men in similar fields. In the social and natural sciences,…

  17. The Life and Work of Joseph Fraunhofer (1787-1826)

    Leitner, Alfred


    Describes Fraunhofer's scientific career as a glass and lens maker, a discoverer of dark lines in the solar spectrum, a corrector of lens aberration, and investigator of diffraction. Gives biographical data and anecdotes. Includes a bibliography, mainly of German sources. (GH)

  18. When do German Firms Change their Dividends?

    Correia Da Silva, L.; Goergen, M.; Renneboog, L.D.R.


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that the dividend policy of German firms is more flexible than the one of their Anglo-American counterparts.This paper analyses the decision to change the dividend for a panel of 221 German firms from 1984 to 1994.The choice of the period of study is motivated by the fact

  19. Facial Atrophy in Oral Submucous Fibrosis: An Association or a Coincidence

    Shetty, Premalatha; Chougule, Amruta Ramgonda


    The anecdotal clinical presentation of OSMF that includes vesicle formation, burning sensation, intolerance to hot and spicy food, and trismus due to circumoral fibrous bands has been ringing in our ears for decades but the current paper flags novelty by portraying a rare presentation of an advanced stage of OSMF. PMID:27339711

  20. The Experimental Detection of an Emotional Response to the Idea of Evolution

    Bland, Mark W.; Morrison, Elizabeth


    Evolution is widely regarded as biology's unifying theme, yet rates of rejection of evolutionary science remain high. Anecdotal evidence suggests that cognitive dissonance leading to an emotional response is a barrier to learning about and accepting evolution. We explored the hypothesis that students whose worldviews may be inconsistent with the…

  1. Creative production by angry people peaks early on, decreases over time, and is relatively unstructured

    Baas, Matthijs; De Dreu, Carsten K. W.; Nijstad, Bernard A.


    Anecdotes and introspective reports from eminent scientists and artists aside, a systematic test of the putative creativity-enhancing effect of anger is missing. This article fills this void with three experiments examining creativity as a function of anger (vs. sad or a mood-neutral control state).

  2. Do Carrots Work? Examining the Effectiveness of EPA's Compliance Assistance Program

    Stafford, Sarah


    The role of compliance assistance in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's overall enforcement strategy has been quite variable over the past decade and a half, increasing in prominence under the Bush administration and now slated for significantly reduced funding under the Obama administration. While theoretical models and anecdotal evidence…

  3. Silence in the Second Language Classrooms of Japanese Universities

    King, Jim


    Japanese language learners' proclivity for silence has been alluded to by various writers (e.g. Anderson 1993; Korst 1997; Greer 2000) and is supported by plenty of anecdotal evidence, but large-scale, empirical studies aimed at measuring the extent of macro-level silence within Japanese university L2 classrooms are notably lacking. This article…

  4. On the Frontlines of Teaching the History of the First World War

    Pennell, Cationa


    It is very common for people in politics and the media to make assumptions about what happens in history classrooms. Too often these preconceptions are based on little more than anecdote, examples from the Internet or memories of what someone experienced at school themselves. In this article, Catriona Pennell reports on an empirical study that set…

  5. Involving Software Engineering Students in Open Source Software Projects: Experiences from a Pilot Study

    Sowe, Sulayman K.; Stamelos, Ioannis G.


    Anecdotal and research evidences show that the Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) development model has produced a paradigm shift in the way we develop, support, and distribute software. This shift is not only redefining the software industry but also the way we teach and learn in our software engineering (SE) courses. But for many universities…

  6. Want to Reduce Guessing and Cheating While Making Students Happier? Give More Exams!

    Laverty, James T.; Bauer, Wolfgang; Kortemeyer, Gerd; Westfall, Gary


    It is almost universally agreed that more frequent formative assessment (homework, clicker questions, practice tests, etc.) leads to better student performance and generally better course evaluations. There is, however, only anecdotal evidence that the same would be true for more frequent summative assessment (exams). There maybe many arguments…

  7. Taking Your Mind for a Walk: A Qualitative Investigation of Walking and Thinking among Nine Norwegian Academics

    Keinänen, Mia


    Walking has long been associated with thinking. Anecdotal evidence from philosophers, writers, researchers, artists, business leaders and so forth testify to the powers of walking-for-thinking. This study explores walking-for-thinking among nine academics in Norway, four university professors, two research and development professionals, two…

  8. Perspectives of Opera Singer Training and Education through an Examination of Collegiate-Level Opera Programs

    Graham, Carleen Ray


    The publication and exchange of pedagogical information on opera singer training has traditionally been anecdotal and not derived from empirical investigation. There appears to be a lack of communication or understanding between the educators who train aspiring opera singers and others who work with them in professional performing environments…

  9. College Football Games and Crime

    Rees, Daniel I.; Schnepel, Kevin T.


    There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that college football games can lead to aggressive and destructive behavior by fans. However, to date, no empirical study has attempted to document the magnitude of this phenomenon. We match daily data on offenses from the NIBRS to 26 Division I-A college football programs in order to estimate the…

  10. Single-Sex Schools and Classrooms. The Informed Educator Series

    Clarke, Suzanne


    In October 2006, the U.S. Department of Education introduced the so-called "single-sex regulations," which brought the issue of single-sex education to the forefront of discussion among educators, policymakers, and parents. Anecdotal evidence suggests that single-sex education can have a positive impact on student achievement. However, opponents…