Sample records for analyzy vybranych iniciacnich


    ERDEM, Orhan; Polat, Sedat


    Bu makale takym olu?um sürecini ve takym olu?um a?amalaryndaki takym üyelerini, takym ruhunu, ileti?imi, çaty?ma ve çaty?ma yönetimini ve teknolojinin etkisini tahlil etmektedir. Bu makale özetle takym içinde takym olu?um süreçleri olan "olu?ma, aly?ma, kuralla?ma ve çaly?ma" basamaklarynda ya?ananlary tespit etmektedir. Bu çaly?ma ?u sorulara cevap bulmaktadyr: Takym olu?um a?amalarynyn herbirinde ne kadar zaman harcanmaktadyr? Takymda ne gibi bir olu?um vardyr? Bu çaly?man...

  2. Radio and TV broadcasting in Italy: a national project for health and environment impact analyzis

    The development of radio- and TV-broadcasting in Italy has been characterized in the last decades by an almost complete deregulation on the siting and power of emitters, the only licensing procedure being related to the assignment of transmission frequencies. That has led to a number of antennas which is probably among the highest in the world. At the same time, the adoption of a European provisional standard issued by CENELEC, as well as the development of a national law on the safe exposure of the general public to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (which is expected to be enforced within a short time), give special importance to the assessment of the health and environmental impact of each plant. A national project for such analyzis has recently been launched in Italy, based on a census of all broadcasters operating in the country. (author)

  3. Analyzis of exhaust air-source heat pump

    Strautnikas, Jonas


    First there are heat losses calculations to find out needed amount of the energy for heating purposes. Then it is analized an exhaust air-source heat pump. Calculated annual electricity energy consumption and annual costs of the exhaust air-source heat pump. In the end it is compared two different heat pumps. Found out which (exhaust air-source or ground source) heat pump consumes less electricity energy consumption.

  4. Transcriptome analyzis of germinatiing maize kernels exposed to smoke-water and active compound KAR1

    Soós, V.; Sebestyén, E.; Juhász, A.; Light, M. E.; Kohout, Ladislav; Szalai, G.; Tandori, J.; van Staden, J.; Balázs, E.


    Roč. 10, č. 236 (2010), s. 1-15. ISSN 1471-2229 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z40550506 Keywords : smoke compound * transcriptome * KAR1 * butenolide Subject RIV: CC - Organic Chemistry Impact factor: 4.085, year: 2010

  5. Study of the mutagenic potential of low power microwaves by direct DNA analyzis

    Man is constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation which is a constituent part of the biosphere. Due to the technological progress and numerous man-made sources such as those used in industry, traffic, medicine, defence, communication network as well as some home appliances, the character of the natural electromagnetic field has altered significantly. These sources of nonionizing radiation cause atmospheric pollution similar to the pollution from various industrial sources. Unambiguous detection of the mutagenic potential of these radiations is necessary for genetic well being of future generations. (author)

  6. Analyzis of Computed Tomography Dose Index (CTDI) Value towards X-ray Tube Current and Voltage Variations of Computed Tomography Scanner (CT Scan) by using PPMA Phantom



    Medical physics gave the contribution in the field of health, especially for developing of radio diagnostics and radiotherapy. The applying of radiography machine is intended to diagnoses of disease, which is needed by patient for detecting their sickness. There were measured the X-ray radiations using a simulator computed tomography Scanner (CT scan). The CT scan is the radiology checkup to describe internal body structure by multislice CT scan (MSCT scan). It was observed the influence of e...

  7. Comparison of two RP-HPLC methods for determination of recombinant human thrombin in pharmaceutical formulations. / Porovnanie dvoch RP-HPLC metód pre stanovenie rekombinantného ľudského trombínu vo farmaceutických formuláciách

    Bartoš P.; Murányi A.; Šnauko M.


    Na stanovenie obsahu rekombinantneho ľudskeho trombinu boli vyvinute a validovane dve analyticke metody (Metoda I a Metoda II). Analyzy boli uskutočnene na chromatografickom systeme Agilent 1200 series SL s DAD a MS detektorom.

  8. The exploitation of micromorphological parameters for identification in the section / Mentha Využitie mikromorfologických parametrov pri identifikácii v sekcii Mentha

    Fialová S.; Halušová L.; Tekeľová D.; Grančai D.


    Identifikacia druhov v rode Mentha L. je obzvlašť naročna. Je to sposobene ľahkym križenim podporenym gynodioeciou, ktora je ďalej skomplikovana polymorfizmom, pestovanim, polyploiditou a vegetativnym rozmnožovanim, čo vysvetľuje genetickopopulačne a mikroevolučne pozadie premenlivosti v rode Mentha. V tejto praci sme študovali využitie mikromorfologickych a fytochemickych parametrov pri identifikacii a charakterizacii vybranych druhov rodu Mentha. Na spodnej pokožke listov 20 populacii Menth...

  9. Web Application Security Detection of Misconfigurations in CERN servers

    Durieux, Thomas


    CERN owns a large server farm (more than 10 000 servers). It's important to keep all servers configured and to detect vulnerabilities before malicious people. Considered the number of servers it is impossible to check them manually. So scripts are created to automatically detect vulnerabilities and misconfiguration. The final goal is to directly notify server administrator when issues are found. To achieve this goal, scripts must be extremely reliable in orther to not waste everyone's time. The reliability can only be reached by a long manually analyzis of CERN servers. The analyzis is also helping to determine the best way to detect issues and vulnerabilities.

  10. Power and status. Administration, appointment policies, and social hierarchies in the Roman Empire (193-284 AD)

    Mennen, I.A.M.


    This study defines changing power and status relations between the highest ranking representatives of Roman imperial power at the central level, particularly in a period when the central level came under tremendous pressure, AD 193-284. Prosopography has been used as the principal method for analyzi

  11. Cooperative spontaneous emission in nonuniform media

    Rudziński, Adam


    The subject of this paper is modification of cooperative spontaneous emission by a nonuniform medium, with nonuniform distributions of electromagnetic field. A brief analyzis is presented and it is postulated, that if spontaneous emission from an atom is strongly suppressed, cooperative emission with another atom may be a preferred emission channel and counteract the suppression.

  12. Augur: Mining Human Behaviors from Fiction to Power Interactive Systems

    Fast, Ethan; McGrath, William; Rajpurkar, Pranav; Bernstein, Michael


    From smart homes that prepare coffee when we wake, to phones that know not to interrupt us during important conversations, our collective visions of HCI imagine a future in which computers understand a broad range of human behaviors. Today our systems fall short of these visions, however, because this range of behaviors is too large for designers or programmers to capture manually. In this paper, we instead demonstrate it is possible to mine a broad knowledge base of human behavior by analyzi...

  13. Growth or Reproduction: Emergence of an Evolutionary Optimal Strategy

    Grilli, Jacopo; Suweis, Samir; Maritan, Amos


    Modern ecology has re-emphasized the need for a quantitative understanding of the original 'survival of the fittest theme' based on analyzis of the intricate trade-offs between competing evolutionary strategies that characterize the evolution of life. This is key to the understanding of species coexistence and ecosystem diversity under the omnipresent constraint of limited resources. In this work we propose an agent based model replicating a community of interacting individuals, e.g. plants i...

  14. Research on photolithography graphic pattern transfer technology

    Zhang, Yongping; Cheng, Yue; LU Wuyue; TAN Jiahui; ZHAO Gaojie; Liu, Yihong; SUN Yujun; CHEN Zhizhan; SHI Wangzhou; LI Wanrong; Lu, Yifeng


    The process of the photolithography were introduced in this paper,including pre-baking,the photoresist coating,soft baking,alignment and exposure,post-exposure baking,development,hard baking.Then we mainly discussed the problems in the photolithography process and the solutions of these problems. We did large number of experiments,and the results were carefully analyzed. Finally,reliable and stable solutions were provided via analyzis and experiments.

  15. Valiutų kursų rizikos valdymas

    Juozapavičienė, Jolanta


    Research subject – the work analyzies currency risk, which is a new topic in Lithuanian scientific literature, it also provides currency risk management definition and classification of currency rates. It points out different currency rate risk kinds, as well as provides most popular means of nowadays‘ currency risk management. The work describes currency rate risk management model, which can be used to identify currency rate risk and its size in order to choose optimum means of currency rate...

  16. Brief Analysis on Human Resources Management in Modern Private Enterprises

    Pingping Zhao; Yanran Yuan; Yongxiang Guo


    Currently in China, private enterprises have become the backbone of promoting Chinese economic development and social progress. However, many private enterprises to some extent experience difficulties in human resources management in their development because of some intrinsic and historical reasons, which slows down the speed of their sustainable development. On the basis of clarifying the concept and function of human resources, human resources management and private enterprises, by analyzi...

  17. On nonextensive thermo-statistics: systematization, clarification of scope and interpretation, and illustrations

    Luzzi, Roberto; Vasconcellos, Áurea R.; Ramos, J. Galvão


    When dealing with certain kind of complex phenomena the theoretician may face some difficulties -- typically a failure to have access to information for properly characterize the system -- for applying the full power of the standard approach to the well established, physically and logically sound, Boltzmann-Gibbs statistics. To circumvent such difficulties, in order to make predictions on properties of the system and looking for an understanding of the physics involved (for example in analyzi...

  18. Searching joint association signals in CATIE schizophrenia genome-wide association studies through a refined integrative network approach


    Background Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have generated a wealth of valuable genotyping data for complex diseases/traits. A large proportion of these data are embedded with many weakly associated markers that have been missed in traditional single marker analyses, but they may provide valuable insights in dissecting the genetic components of diseases. Gene set analysis (GSA) augmented by protein-protein interaction network data provides a promising way to examine GWAS data by analyzi...

  19. Technical Note—Why Does the NBD Model Work? Robustness in Representing Product Purchases, Brand Purchases and Imperfectly Recorded Purchases

    David C. Schmittlein; Bemmaor, Albert C.; Donald G. Morrison


    One of the most managerially useful constructs that emerge from the stochastic modelling of brand choice is that of conditional expectations. In this paper the conditional expectations are derived for a generalization of the NBD model, called the beta binomial/negative binomial distribution (BB/NBD) model, first described by Jeuland, Bass and Wright. The model, developed to jointly represent the product class purchase and brand selection processes, is also particularly appropriate for analyzi...

  20. CGE Models and Tax Reform in China

    JianjunZhou; TaoWang


    Some domestic tax CGE models will be introduced and analyzied in this paper, followed by a summurization of the advantage and shortcoming in these works. Then the paper presents the areas for improvement of the domestic tax CGE model research including making the static model dynamic, incorporating the coordination of fiscal policy and menotary policy in model, improving the reliability of data collection and parameters evaluation, and adopting general acceptable softwares to solve them.

  1. Mise en oeuvre des méthodes de la linguistique de corpus pour étudier les termes en situation d'innovation disciplinaire : le cas de l'exobiologie

    Condamines, Anne; Dehaut, Nathalie


    International audience The methods used in corpus linguistics are very relevant in order to analyze how terminology works within texts. The first part of the paper discusses this idea of relevance. Moreover, by using such methods, we focus on lexicon but we also study other linguistic phenomena such as syntax, semantics or discourse. In fact, the main point in textual terminology is that what is studied is actual uses, since the analyzis takes into account both linguistic and extra-linguis...

  2. E-business in Nigeria

    Mohammed, Mamman


    Summary The internet has brought Web based technology to integrate business with communication from anywhere in the world within a matter of simple clicks using the computer or any internet connected device. The development of integration with E-business in developed countries is at its peak as most companies transact their businesses online, while the developing countries are far from achieving the benefits of this technology due to one problem or the other. The thesis deals with analyzi...

  3. Boundaries of Cultural Diplomacy: The International Representation of Turkish Culture and Art

    Şeyda Barlas Bozkuş


    The study that I introduce below was represented under the title of identity and cultural studies focused on the dynamics of restructured cultural policy after 1980s. For promoting Turkish culture and art in international exhibitions, Turkish Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Tourism organized international activities such as Turkish years or seasons, and festivals. This study clarifies how and which ways Turkish culture and art are represented in the last thirty years. In addition to, analyzi...

  4. Establishing Conformity : Globalization Perspectives of Four Nordic Countries

    Öjehag-Pettersson, Andreas


    By first arguing for the fact that globalization is a concept under contest within the social sciences this thesis develops a tool to classify perspectives of globalization. This tool is then applied to textual documents that represents the so called globalization councils (or initiatives) of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Each document is then classified as falling within one of four perspectives of globalization; Liberalisms, Marxisms, Constructivisms and Post-colonialisms. By analyzi...

  5. The Reward System in the Public Educational System

    Voženílková, Petra


    This diploma thesis is titled The system of evaluating in public education and it analyzis the issues of wages as well as the total income and its financial funds redistribution. It is aimed at a range of secondary and tertiary schools in the Czech Republic. Using the empiric researches and many comparisons it shows how important the education of emloyees in this branch is. This thesis also tries to point out the main troubles in the contemporary system of financing of state schools in the C...

  6. Weak magnetic fields injurious to health, strong magnetic fields harmless? Radiation protection by the present of magnetic fields

    Usually magnetic fields are part of the environment without making injuries to health. Only when limits in standards were fixed the certainty become conscious that electromagnetic fields in their various forms must be hazardous. The effects of the pure magnetic fields cannot be found out easy because it is difficult to screen the magnetic fields, especially the magnetic field of the earth. This analyzis shall also find out how to hold limits by using extremely high magnetic fields in medicine and research. The results show that screening is no the only method when the practice requires behaviour where screening is not possible. (author)

  7. The Rodì-Tindari-Vallelunga culture in Sicily: origins, diffusion and chronology in the light of recent studies. Part 1

    Viviana Ardesia


    Full Text Available The present study deals with the history of studies and the archaeological evidence currently known of the facies of Rodì Tindari Vallelunga (RTV , analyzying the peculiarities of settlements, burials and ceramics compared with the contemporary cultures of Castelluccio and Capo Graziano. It follows a proposal for the classification of RTV pottery production, based on the evidence from Mursia (Pantelleria and from others sites attributed to this facies. Finally hypotheses on the origin, spread and chronology of the RTV facies are proposed.

  8. The exploitation of micromorphological parameters for identification in the section / Mentha Využitie mikromorfologických parametrov pri identifikácii v sekcii Mentha

    Fialová S.


    Full Text Available Identifikacia druhov v rode Mentha L. je obzvlašť naročna. Je to sposobene ľahkym križenim podporenym gynodioeciou, ktora je ďalej skomplikovana polymorfizmom, pestovanim, polyploiditou a vegetativnym rozmnožovanim, čo vysvetľuje genetickopopulačne a mikroevolučne pozadie premenlivosti v rode Mentha. V tejto praci sme študovali využitie mikromorfologickych a fytochemickych parametrov pri identifikacii a charakterizacii vybranych druhov rodu Mentha. Na spodnej pokožke listov 20 populacii Mentha sme stanovili veľkosť a počet „žliazok typu Lamiaceae“. Silicu sme analyzovali pomocou GC MS. Identifikovali a charakterizovali sme populacie druhov M. × piperita, M. spicata, M. spicata subsp. condensata, M. spicata var. crispa, M. spicata var. citrata, M. × gentilis, M. aquatic, M. arvensis a M. longifolia. Sledovanie veľkosti a počtu „žliazok typu Lamiaceae prispievaju k charakterizacii niektorych druhov Mentha (najma M. longifolia a M. × piperita.


    Putri Kurnia Maharani


    Full Text Available The objective of this research, to find out The Influences Difficulty Study of Internal and External Factor toward study achievement. Internal Factor consist of (Physiology, Intelligence, Talent, Interest, Motivation, Psichologycal weeknesses. External Factor consist of (Parents, Home Condition, Economic of Family, Teacher, Equipment, Building, Curriculum, Dicipline and time, mass media, social environment. Documentation and quessionaire are the instrument. The Data analyzis use descriptive dan inferensial statisthic. Population 133 student with proportional random sampling. And 58 samples.There is a positive influence between internal factor and external factor toward study achievement. Study Achievement has independent variable 55.1% dan remains 44.9% be explained by other variable. External Factor are the effective variable to influences study achievement, it can be shown from the Effective Contribution 29.2% and Relative Contribution 53%. Keywords : The Difficulty Study of Internal  Factor, Difficulty Study of Eksternal Factor , Study Achievement.

  10. ACTH-producing neuroendocrine tumor of thymus with recurrences. Clinical case

    E A Dobreva


    Full Text Available One of the most difficult in diagnostic and treatment options for endogenous Cushing is the ectopic ACTH syndrome, which causes the development of tumors of different histogenesis localization producing adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH, and much less - corticotropin hormone (CRH. ACTH-secreting tumors varied in location, morphological structure and the degree of malignancy. Most of these tumors are characterized by an aggressive course with a propensity to metastasize and relapse. The article presents data of the prevalence, pathogenesis of ectopic ACTH tumors localized in the thymus, analyzis of clinical, morphological features, the methods of diagnosis and treatment. Based on the current literature, the world and our own experience on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with ectopic ACTH syndrome with localization of hormone production in the thymus, we want to highlight the current state of the problem in order to create the most efficient algorithm for diagnostic search and treatment of this difficult group of patients.

  11. The retrospective estimation of radiation situation on the territory of Republic of Belarus in the first period after the Chernobyl NPP catastrophe

    The most complicated situation at the territory of Belarus has been observed in the first period after the accident at the ChNPP owing to the great quantity of the deposited short-lived radionuclides and the radionuclides with half-lives up to 1 year. In 26 April 1986, the radioactive isotopes, including radioactive noble gases and iodine isotopes have initially reached the height of 1.8 km and began transport with air flows in the North-West direction through the western and central areas of Belarus. The analyzis of the subsequent meteorological situation has shown, that the meteorological conditions of the movement of the radiation-contaminated air masses in 26 April to 10 May, 1986 have determined the radioactive contamination of Belarus, in the first phase with short-lived radionuclides. (author)

  12. de las regiones centro-occidente y fronteriza

    Myriam Guadalupe Colmenares López


    Full Text Available This research analyzes the labor´s sex segregation and its association with the wage differ-ence in the model of industrial development of import substitution as well as in theexportation industrial model, comparing the Guadalajara and El Salto metropolitan zoneand the city of Tijuana betwen 1989 and 1999.The segregation analyzis is based on a study of the concentration indexes and asynthetic segregation index. Their interrelationship with wages levels of every industrialbranch allows the study of the association between segregation by sex and salary differ-ences. The conclusion of this research is that the Guadalajara and El Salto metropolitanzone presents a stronger sexual segregation in the industry than in Tijuana, despite bothcities converge toward the same model of industrialization and exportation.

  13. Synthetic Analysis about Single-Criterion and Multi-Criterion Financial Assets Portfolio

    Leonardo Badea


    Full Text Available This paper as a synthetic analyzis based on the Markowitz and Sharpe models deals with the problem of portfolio trying to determine both the optimum proportion of titles and the influence of a considered macroeconomic factor over their level of efficiency and risk. The improvement of these models was made through the introduction of a new model, the APT model (Arbitrage Price Theory, as a development of the uni-factorial CAPM model, in other words, the above-mentioned model only constitutes a particular form of the APT model trying to establish a relationship between the individual efficiency of a title from the portfolio and several macroeconomic factors. Also, this model involves the identification of macroeconomic factors influencing the profitability of the titles and the determination of the influence of these factors individually, through the application of the APT model.

  14. Synthetic Analysis about Single-Criterion and Multi-Criterion Financial Assets Portfolio

    Leonardo Badea


    Full Text Available This paper as a synthetic analyzis based on the Markowitz and Sharpe models deals with the problem of portfolio trying to determine both the optimum proportion of titles and the influence of a considered macroeconomic factor over their level of efficiency and risk. The improvement of these models was made through the introduction of a new model, the APT model (Arbitrage Price Theory, as a development of the uni-factorial CAPM model, in other words, the above-mentioned model only constitutes a particular form of the APT model trying to establish a relationship between the individual efficiency of a title from the portfolio and several macroeconomic factors. Also, this model involves the identification of macroeconomic factors influencing the profitability of the titles and the determination of the influence of these factors individually, through the application of the APT model.

  15. Mechanism of primitive duct formation in the pancreas and submandibular glands: a role for SDF-1

    Courtoy Pierre J


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The exocrine pancreas is composed of a branched network of ducts connected to acini. They are lined by a monolayered epithelium that derives from the endoderm and is surrounded by mesoderm-derived mesenchyme. The morphogenic mechanisms by which the ductal network is established as well as the signaling pathways involved in this process are poorly understood. Results By morphological analyzis of wild-type and mutant mouse embryos and using cultured embryonic explants we investigated how epithelial morphogenesis takes place and is regulated by chemokine signaling. Pancreas ontogenesis displayed a sequence of two opposite epithelial transitions. During the first transition, the monolayered and polarized endodermal cells give rise to tissue buds composed of a mass of non polarized epithelial cells. During the second transition the buds reorganize into branched and polarized epithelial monolayers that further differentiate into tubulo-acinar glands. We found that the second epithelial transition is controlled by the chemokine Stromal cell-Derived Factor (SDF-1. The latter is expressed by the mesenchyme, whereas its receptor CXCR4 is expressed by the epithelium. Reorganization of cultured pancreatic buds into monolayered epithelia was blocked in the presence of AMD3100, a SDF-1 antagonist. Analyzis of sdf1 and cxcr4 knockout embryos at the stage of the second epithelial transition revealed transient defective morphogenesis of the ventral and dorsal pancreas. Reorganization of a globular mass of epithelial cells in polarized monolayers is also observed during submandibular glands development. We found that SDF-1 and CXCR4 are expressed in this organ and that AMD3100 treatment of submandibular gland explants blocks its branching morphogenesis. Conclusion In conclusion, our data show that the primitive pancreatic ductal network, which is lined by a monolayered and polarized epithelium, forms by remodeling of a globular mass of non


    Besar Tirto Husodo


    Full Text Available The Utilization of KIA Book by the Cadre of Posyandu: A Study of Cadre in Posyandu in the Working Area of Puskesmas Kedungadem, Bojonegoro District. One of the government policies for maternal and child health (KIA service based on community is Posyandu (Primary Health Care. In the activity of KIA in Posyandu cadres have three roles, such as executive, manager and consumer or user. Cadres have to read and gradually to study KIA book as national guidance after they have finished their activities in Posyandu as the evaluation to what they have done. In the KIA activities in Posyandu the exploration of KIA book in the working area at Puskesmas (Public Health Centre, Kedungadem, Bojonegoro is still low. The research aim is to analyze the influence of Posyandu cadre characteristics and roles concerning with the KIA Book in the working area of Puskesmas. This research has been done by cross sectional approach, with the population of 64 Posyandu cadres as sample in the working area of Puskesmas. The univariate analyzis has been done for the frequency distribution, the bivariate analyzis tested by Chi Square to know the relation. Variables which statistically significant tested by the multiple logistic regression-multivariate. Research results: respondent ages < 35.2 years old (56%, working duration at home < 8 hours per day (58%, family income less than regional minimum income (66%, elementary education (81% year of service ≥ 8 year (52%, training ≥ 2 times (81%, poor knowledge (56.25%, good role as executor of the KIA book (76.56%, good role as the KIA book manager (56,25%, the exploration of the KIA book (56.25%. Related variables in the exploration of the KIA Book are the working duration at home (p=0.017, role as executor (p=0.016, role as manager (p=0.003. The most influenced variable of the use of KIA book is the role as executor (p=0.032, EXP (B= 6.630. Age and working duration at home influence the utilization of KIA book by Posyandu Cadres

  17. Study of the expression for apoptosis factors of thyroid cells after arterial embolization to treat hyperthyroidism caused by Graved' disease

    Objective: To study the expressions of Fas, FasL, Bax,Bcl-2 and P53 in thyroid tissue and to analyzis (Semi-quantitative analysis)the relation between change of apoptosis in thyroid tissues and clinical therapeutic effect after thyroid arterial embolization in treating hyperthyroidism caused by Graves' disease with observation of apoptosis for 3 years. Methods: 15 patients undergone core needle biopsy of the thyroid gland were divided into three groups according to the amount of time elapsed after thyroid arterial embolization: A group, before thyroid arterial embolization, B group, 1 year group (including 7-day subgroup, 3-month subgroup, 6-month subgroup) and C group, 1 year subgroup and mom than 1 year subgroup after arterial embolization. Results: (1) After embolisation, 15 patients' symptoms and signs of hyperthyroidism disappeared or improved greatly with 9 long term released and 6 improved with small amount of ATD maintenance. (2) The positive staining of Fas and FasL located in endochylema and cell-membrane of thyroid tissue from patients treated with transcathter arterial embolization were higher than those not treated with transcathter arterial embolization (P0.05). (4) The positive cell and the staining of P53 in thyroid tissue had significant difference before and after thyroid arterial embolization (P<0.05). Conclusions: The extra-expression and the increased expression of Fas, FasL, Bax, P53 in thyroid tissue of patient with GD treated by thyroid arterial embolization are correlated with the effects of interventional therapy. (authors)

  18. Analysis of technological process on the basis of nonmaterials values

    B. Krupińska


    Full Text Available Purpose: What determines the correcttness of industrial company’s functiioning on the market is technologicalprocess. In order to improve it continuously the priority should be technology, technology management andcontrolling.Design/methodology/approach: by means of this model one can analyzy the choosen technological processesfor the sake of efficiency criteria. They describe following relationships: operation-material, operation-machine,operation- man, operation-technological parameters.Findings: This analisis shows hypothetical technological processes on production of typical pieces formachines. One has also taken into account nonmaterials parameters of technological process. They are resultingfrom applied sampels and projecting of the technological process.Practical implications: Thanks to the created aplication we can analyze efficiency of technological process inaspect of nonmaterial values. By the use of neural networks we can verify particle indicators of process operationquality, evaluate the process efficiency, which can constitute the optimization basis of particular operation.Originality/value: Data effecting from this analisis allowed to optimize the technological process. Theyestimate influence of the analyzed parameters on the whole process and optimizethe conducting of any process.

  19. MORPHOLOGy OF flower, fruit, seed, plantlet, seedlings of cabralea canjerana (Vell. Mart.

    Marciele Felippi


    Full Text Available Collections of botanical material from 20 trees of Cabralea canjerana (.Vell Mart were conducted in the city of Frederico Westphalen, RS. The morphological features of flowers, fruits, seeds, germination, plantlet and seedling were obtained through observations, measurements and illustrations. The inflorescence is paniculate, racemosa with small hermaphrodite flowers. The simple fruit is a septifragal capsule, semifleshy of dark red coloration, late dehiscence. Seeds range from 1 to 10 per fruit, being 1 or 2 together in each subesferical ellipsoid shape locule with thin tegument of brownish coloration, entirely surrounded by aryl orange-red coloration. Internally, the seeds are unalbuminous with axial embryo, invaginate, cotyledons of ovoid shape, fleshy, the hypocotyl-root axis is conic, short and thick. Germination is semi-hypogeal and the seedling phanerocotylar. The length of fruits and seeds was variable, and the fruits ranging from 2 to 2,9 cm long, 2,2 to 3,1 cm wide and 2,2 to 3 cm thick, while the seeds ranged from 0,7 to 0,8 cm, from 0,63 to 0,75 cm and 0,5 to 0,6cm, respectively. Four months after germination, seedlings, already formed, had an mean of 18 cm height and stem diameter of about 3 mm. Through morphological characteristics, it is possible, along with the illustrations, the identification of the species in its natural environment, as well as assistance in laboratory analyzis.

  20. A point of view on Otto cycle approach specific for an undergraduate thermodynamics course in CMU

    Memet, F.; Preda, A.


    This paper refers to the description of the way in which can be presented to future marine engineers the analyzis of the performance of an Otto cycle, in a manner which is beyond the classic approach of the course of thermodynamics in Constanta Maritime University. The conventional course of thermodynamics is dealing with the topic of performance analysis of the cycle of the internal combustion engine with isochoric combustion for the situation in which the working medium is treated as such a perfect gas. This type of approach is viable only when are considered relatively small temperature differences. But this is the situation when specific heats are seen as constant. Instead, the practical experience has shown that small temperature differences are not viable, resulting the need for variable specific heat evaluation. The presentation bellow is available for the adiabatic exponent written as a liniar function depending on temperature. In the section of this paper dedicated to methods and materials, the situation in which the specific heat is taken as constant is not neglected, additionaly being given the algorithm for variable specific heat.For the both cases it is given the way in which it is assessed the work output. The calculus is based on the cycle shown in temperature- entropy diagram, in which are also indicated the irreversible adiabatic compression and expansion. The experience achieved after understanding this theory will allow to future professionals to deal successfully with the design practice of internal combustion engines.

  1. Obligations Related to the Transportation of pet Animals (Eu Legislation / Povinnosti Súvisiace S Prepravou Spoločenských Zvierat (Európska Legislatíva

    Pavlíková Barbara


    Full Text Available Prispevok sa zaobera otazkou, ktoru často riešia majitelia spoločenskych zvierat vo všetkych členskych štatoch EU. Poskytuje bližši pohľad na povinnosti spojene s cestovanim so zvieraťom medzi členskymi štatmi, alebo medzi členskym štatom a treťou - nečlenskou krajinou. Zameriava sa na nekomerčnu prepravu, ako je napriklad dovolenka, vylet a podobne. Praca prostrednictvom syntezy, analyzy a porovnania ponuka prehľad zakladnych legislativnych aktov v predmetnej oblasti. Venuje sa tiež otazke tzv. pet pasu, najdoležitejšieho identifikačneho dokladu, vyžadovaneho pre spoločenske zvierata na uzemi EU. Možno v nej najsť aj definicie najčastejšie použivanej terminologie.

  2. Diagnostic and therapeutic value of ERCP and prediction of outcome: A retrospective analysis

    Al Quorain Abdulaziz


    Full Text Available The objective is to analyze the experience of using diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP and to attempt identifying the independent factors that predict positive and useful procedures. The medical records of 198 patients seen during the period 1991-1993 were retrospectively reviewed. There were 102 males and 96 females with a mean age of 45.2 SD + 16.7 years. The main indications for performing the procedure were jaundice, abdominal pain, nausea and/or fever. Laboratory tests showed elevated direct bilirubin in 50% of patients, deranged liver enzymes in 43%, and ESR was raised in 51% and fever was documented in 52% of patients. The cannulation of both ducts was successful in 93% of all procedures. The commonest finding was gallbladder and common bile duct stones (CBD. In 54 patients out of 64 with CBD stones, stones were removed endoscopically. Stepwise regressive analyzis has identified age above 40 years, presence of jaundice (total bilirubin > 2.5 mg/ml and raised ESR (> 25 mm in the 1st hour as significant factors that independently predict a positive ERCP that revealed findings previously unknown (useful procedure. Diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP is an integral part in management of biliary and pancreatic ducts disorders. The validity of clinical prediction role should be tested prospectively.

  3. Standby after the Chernobyl accident

    The report is an investigation concerning strandby and actions by SKI (Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate) and SSI (National Institute of Radiation Protection) due to the Chernobyl reactor accident. It consists of a final report and two appendices. The final report is divided into two parts: 'I: Facts' and 'II: Analyzes'. 'Facts': The Swedish model for information: radio, press. Basic knowledge about ionizing radiation in the society. Resources for information. Need for information. Message forms for information. Announcements from the authorities in TV, radio, press, meeting, advertisements. Statements concerning the reactor accident and its consequences in Swedish mass media. How did the public recieve the information? 'Analyzis': Information responsibilities and policies. SSI information activities concerning radiologic accidents, conditions, methods and resources. Ditto for SKI, Swedish National Food Administration and the National Board of Agriculture. Appendix I: Information from authorities in the press three weeks after the Chernobyl accident: The material and the methods. The acute phase, the adoptation phase, the extension of the persective. What is said about the authorities in connection with Chernobyl? Appendix II: The fallout from Chernobyl, the authorities and the media coverage: The nationwide, regional and local coverage from radio and television. Ditto from the press. Topic and problem areas in reporting. Instructions from the authorities in media. Contribution in the media from people representing the authorities. Fallout in a chronologic perspective. (L.F.)

  4. Performance of detectors using a diamond sensors at the LHC and CMS

    Hempel, M; Dabrowski, A E; Lange, W; Lohmann, W; Novgorodova, O; Odell, N J; Stickland, D P; Griesmayer, E


    Diamond detectors are used as beam loss and luminos- ity monitors for CMS and LHC. A time resolution in the nanosecond range allows to detect beam losses and lumi- nosities of single bunches. The radiation hardness and neg- ligible temperature dependence allow the usage of diamond sensors in high radiation fields without cooling. Two differ- ent diamond detector types are installed at LHC and CMS. One is based on pcCVD (polycrystalline chemical vapor deposition) diamonds and installed at different locations in the LHC tunnel for beam loss monitoring. Measurements of these detectors are used to perform a bunch-by-bunch beam loss analysis. They allow to disentangle the origin of beam losses. The second type uses scCVD (single crystal chemical vapor deposition) diamonds and is located inside CMS for van-der-Meer scan, beam halo and online lumi- nosity monitoring and around the LHC tunnel for beam loss observation. Results on the performance of these detectors will be presented and examples of the use for analyzi...


    王明; 唐兴


    利用纳米TiO2表面丰富的羟基与二苯基甲烷二异氰酸酯(MDI)中的异氰酸根反应,制备了以纳米TiO2为交联点的原位聚合聚氨酯/纳米TiO2复合材料.通过傅立叶变换红外光谱、扫描电子显微镜和热重分析分别研究了未经表面处理纳米TiO2和酸处理纳米TiO2表面羟基含量的差异及其在聚氨酯中的分散状况,比较了它们作为无机交联点制备的复合材料的力学性能及热稳定性的差异.%The abundant hydroxyl groups of titanium dioxide nanoparticle (nana-TiO2 ) were used to react with isocyanato of diphenylenethane diisocyanate ( MDI), then polyurethane/nano-TiO2 composites with nano-TiO2 as crosslink were prepared by in-situ polymerization. The different of surface hydroxyl groups content, dispersibility in polyurethane of nanoparticles with acid modification and without acid modification were analyzied by infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope and thermogravimetric analysis.The different of mechanical properties and thermal stability of the composites prepared based on nano-TiO2 as inorganic crosslink with and without acid modification were also investigated respectively.

  6. ClusTrack: feature extraction and similarity measures for clustering of genome-wide data sets.

    Halfdan Rydbeck

    Full Text Available Clustering is a popular technique for explorative analysis of data, as it can reveal subgroupings and similarities between data in an unsupervised manner. While clustering is routinely applied to gene expression data, there is a lack of appropriate general methodology for clustering of sequence-level genomic and epigenomic data, e.g. ChIP-based data. We here introduce a general methodology for clustering data sets of coordinates relative to a genome assembly, i.e. genomic tracks. By defining appropriate feature extraction approaches and similarity measures, we allow biologically meaningful clustering to be performed for genomic tracks using standard clustering algorithms. An implementation of the methodology is provided through a tool, ClusTrack, which allows fine-tuned clustering analyses to be specified through a web-based interface. We apply our methods to the clustering of occupancy of the H3K4me1 histone modification in samples from a range of different cell types. The majority of samples form meaningful subclusters, confirming that the definitions of features and similarity capture biological, rather than technical, variation between the genomic tracks. Input data and results are available, and can be reproduced, through a Galaxy Pages document at The clustering functionality is available as a Galaxy tool, under the menu option "Specialized analyzis of tracks", and the submenu option "Cluster tracks based on genome level similarity", at the Genomic HyperBrowser server:

  7. 基于NFC的新疆牛羊肉质量安全可追溯系统的设计与开发%Design and Development of Beef and Mutton Quality Safety Traceability System Based on NFC in Xinjiang

    张京京; 李志刚


    分析NFC技术及其在可追溯系统中的应用,并与其他主流的标识技术进行对比分析,针对新疆特色牛羊肉从养殖到销售过程中出现的质量安全问题,利用Web技术构建基于B/S结构的可追溯系统框架,分析系统层次结构和业务流程,并对可追溯系统的功能模块进行设计.通过可追溯系统实现监管部门对牛羊肉质量的监控和企业对产品的管理,同时解决消费者进行食品安全溯源"最后一公里"的问题.%Analyzing NFC ( near field communication ) technology and its application in the traceability system,comparing with other mainstream identification technology,in view of the feature red meat in Xin-jiang,especially for their quality and safety from farming to sales problems appeared in the process,built a traceability system based on B/S structure framework by using technology of web,analyzed the hierarchy and system flowchart of the traceability system, and designed the function module. Finally, realized the beef and mutton quality monitoring,enterprise management of the product,and resolving consumer food safety traceability "the last kilometer" problem by traceability system.


    Augusta Rosa Gonçalves


    Full Text Available An analysis of the soil seedbank from the understory of Pinus and Eucalyptus in the Floresta Nacional de Brasília wasperformed, these plantations were established in the 1980s, and since 1987 have not had adequate management. Two stands of each genuswere chosen, with and without gaps. In each one of these stands 15 plots of 2 x 2 m were implanted, where a sample of 0,30 m x 0,30 mof soil and two sub-sample of 0,125 x 0,15 m of litter were collected for a quantative and qualitative analyzis of the seedbank. The mediumdensity of seedlings emergence in the Pinus stand was 3.098,19 seeds.m-2 while for the Eucalyptus it was of 2.077,19 seeds.m-2, whichmeans that the seedbank from the Pinus understory area has a higher regeneration potential than the Eucalyptus plantations. The Pinusplantations contained in the understorey: 12 families, 25 genus and 39 species, while in the Eucalyptus: 14 families, 31 genus and 48species, proving more richness in the Eucalyptus seedbank. In both genuses the most important families were Poaceae and Asteraceae.Both Pinus and Eucalyptus seedbanks populations, with or without openings, proved that the more interference in its population higheris the number of seeds from herbaceous species in comparison to tree species. The Sørensen similarity índex applied to analyze theseedbanks in the four areas, both for soil fractions and litter, was low, 0,5 and 0, 486, respectively.

  9. 一株高效四环素降解菌的分离鉴定及其降解性能研究%Isolation and Identification of A Tetracycline-degrading Bacterium and Optimizing Condition for Tetracycline Degradation

    张欣阳; 蔡婷静; 许旭萍


    四环素类抗生素在畜牧养殖业中广泛使用,但其结构复杂,难降解,容易在水环境中积蓄,进而对生态环境产生深远影响,许多国家已将抗生素污染列为重要的环境问题展开了相关的基础研究。近年来利用微生物降解环境中的抗生素污染物成为研究热点。采用选择性培养基,从某制药厂排污口的水样中分离筛选到1株具有较高降解四环素能力的菌株4002,经形态观察、生理生化测定和16S rDNA序列分析,将该菌初步鉴定为Advenella sp.。从pH、溶氧量、无机盐等方面对菌株降解四环素的性能进行研究。结果表明,该菌株降解四环素的适宜pH为7.0,在有氧条件下,30℃,150 r/min振荡培养6 d,可使初始浓度为50μg/mL四环素降解率达57.8%。无机盐对降解率有显著影响,添加FeSO4和MnSO4对四环素降解有促进作用,MgSO4影响不大, CaSO4则有抑制作用。在培养至第8天时,培养液经HPLC检测显示6.022 min处出现新的吸收峰,推测为降解产物。%Tetracycline antibiotics have been widely used in the livestock industry, but its complex structure, difficult to degrade, easy to accumulate in the water environment and produce a far-reaching impact on the ecological environment, antibiotic pollution as an important environmental issues has expanded the related basic research. Microbial degradation of the environment antibiotic pollution in recent years become a hotspot method. The selective media was used to isolate and screen the tetracycline-degrading bacteria. A high efficiency tetracycline-degrading bacterium(4002)was selected from sewage of a pharmaceutical factory. According to the morphological features, physiological and biochemical characteristics and the sequence analysis of 16S rDNA, the strain was identified asAdvenella kashmirensi. Besides, the pH, dissolved oxygen, inorganic salts and other aspects of the strains were analyzied to study

  10. Comparação de kits ELISA® comerciais para anticorpos no soro e leite com um teste coproparasitológico em bovinos naturalmente infectados por Fasciola hepatica Comparison of comercial® ELISA kits for antibodies in serum and milk with a fecal test in cattle naturally infected with Fasciola hepatica

    Cíntia das C. Bernardo


    Full Text Available A fasciolose é uma enfermidade causada por um trematoda que acomete o fígado principalmente de ruminantes domésticos, podendo parasitar o homem e seu diagnóstico é realizado rotineiramente por exames coproparasitológicos. O objetivo do presente estudo foi comparar kits comerciais de ELISA para anticorpos no soro e leite com um teste coproprarasitológico em bovinos naturalmente infectados por Fasciola hepatica. Foram coletadas amostras de fezes (92 sangue (92 e leite (43 de bovinos provenientes de propriedades de gado leiteiro do município de Jerônimo Monteiro, sul do Estado do Espírito Santo. As amostras de fezes coletadas foram processadas pela técnica de sedimentação fecal para ovos de F. hepatica, utilizada como padrão ouro para as análises. Amostras de sangue e de leite foram processadas segundo a orientação do fabricante dos respectivos Kits ELISA comerciais testados. Utilizou-se o c² de McNemar para comparação estatística e calcularam-se a sensibilidade e especificidade, valores preditivos e kappa. Os resultados obtidos mostraram que as frequências de positividade pelo uso dos kits ELISA comerciais de soro e de leite diferiram significativamente (pThe fascioliasis is a disease caused by a trematode that affects the liver mainly of domestic ruminants and can also parasite man; its diagnosis is routinely done by coprological methods. The aim of this study was to compare commercial ELISA kits for antibodies in serum and milk with a coprological test in cattle naturally infected by Fasciola hepatica. We collected fecal, blood and milk samples from cattle in the municipality of Jerônimo Monteiro, southern Espírito Santo state. The fecal samples were processed by the fecal egg sedimentation for F. hepatica, which is used as a gold standard for analyzis. Blood (92 and milk (43 samples were processed according to the manufacturer instructions of the respective commercial ELISA kits tested. We used the McNemar chi-square for

  11. 心房颤动并发脑栓塞的严重程度与纤维蛋白原的相关性%Correlation between the severity of stroke and fibrinogen in atrial fibrillation patients with cerebral embolism

    张浩江; 罗云; 徐运


    Objective To investigate the correlation between the severity of stroke and fibrinogen in atrial fibrillation(AF) patients with cerebral embolism. Methods Plasma fibrinogen was detected and NIHSS scores were recorded in 80 AF patients with cerebral embolism, in whom the correlation between plasma fibriogen and stroke severity of cerebral embolism was analyzied. Taking NIHSS score≥l5 as a severe cerebral embolism, the relative riskiness between NIHSS and fibrinogen was analyzed with Logistic regression analysis. In the OCSP subtype of stroke, taking Lacunar infarction as reference, the relative riskiness was analyzed among other subtypes after the patients were subtyped with OCSP. Results Plasma level of fibrinogen was closely correlated to NIHSS (r=0. 264,P<0. 05). Logistic regression analysis revealed that OR(95%CI) between severe cerebral embolism and plasma fibrinogen was 2. 404 (1.107-5. 222), which was 3.292(1.322-8.200) after adjusted by age, sex, HBP and DM(P<0. 05). Plasma level of fibrinogen in the cases with total anterior circulation infarction was 3. 166 times as that in those with Lacunar infarction (95% CI = 1. 259-7. 961,P<0. 05). Conclusion Plasma fibrinogen levels can reflect the severity of AF patients with cerebral embolism in certain degrees.%目的 探讨心房颤动并发脑栓塞患者严重程度与血浆纤维蛋白原(Fib)的相关性.方法 收集住院治疗的合并心房颤动的脑栓塞患者80例,于入院时查血浆Fib,并行美国国立卫生研究院卒中量表(NIHSS)评分,分析两者之间的相关性.定义NIHSS评分≥15分为重症脑栓塞,Logistic回归分析其与Fib的危险相关度.入组患者经牛津郡社区卒中计划(OCSP)分型后,以腔隙性梗死作为参照,Logistic回归分析其他亚型Fib的水平相对危险度.结果 脑栓塞患者Fib与NIHSS评分具有显著相关性(r=0.264,P<0.05).重症脑栓塞与Fib的单因素回归分析显示OR(95 %CI)为2.404(1.107-5.222),经性别、年龄、

  12. 血液透析和腹膜透析患者生活质量评价%The evaluation of quality of life in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients



    Objective:The study investigated the differences of hemodialysis ( HD) and peritoneal dialysis ( PD) patients in quality of life (QoL). Methods: 75 HD patients and 46 PD patients were employed to our investigation from January 2010 to December 2011. Patient - reported assessments included: WHOQOL - BREF inventory of World Health Organization, General Health Questionnaire ( GHQ - 28 ) of Goldberg, State - Trait Anxiety Inventory, Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale ( CES - D) and Multidimensional Health Locus of Control ( MHLC) , then the data were analyzied statistically. Results:Indicated that HD patients reported lower QoL in the environment and social relationships domains,more symptoms were also reported in the GHQ - 28 subscales of anxiety/insomnia and severe depression. Conclusion: The findings confirm the differences between the two treatment modalities, indicating that HD patients have poorer QoL in several aspects of their environment and their social relationships. Both groups reported elevated depression. However, HD patients reported more suicidal thoughts and sleep problems compared to PD patients.%目的:研究血液透析患者和腹膜透析患者生活质量的差异.方法:对我院2010年1月~2011年12月血液透析患者75例,腹膜透析患者46例进行问卷调查,调查工具为世界卫生组织生存质量测定简式量表(WHOQOLBREF)、一般健康问卷(CHQ - 28)、状态-特质焦虑问卷(STAI 1/STAI 2)、流行病调查中心抑郁量表(CES - D)、多纬度健康状况心理控制源量表(MHLC),并进行统计学分析.结果:血液透析患者在环境和社会关系方面生活质量较低,并且在GHQ -28表中显示更易焦虑/失眠和严重抑郁,在CES-D与STAI 1/STAI 2中两者无统计学差异,在MHLC量表中,血液透析患者求助医师方面低于腹膜透析患者.结论:血液透析和腹膜透析两种治疗模式存在差异性,血液透析患者比腹膜透析患者生活质量

  13. A realização do teste anti-hiv no pré-natal: os significados para a gestante El establecimiento de la lucha contra la prueba del vih en pre-navidad: significados para el embarazo The establishment of anti-hiv test in pre-natal: meanings for pregnancy

    Roberta Maria de Oliveira Silva


    parte de la construcción del papel maternal de un cuidado bien-tomado del concreto con la salud del bebé.The study had as objective, the knowledge and the analyzis of the meaning of the accomplishment for the test anti-HIV in the prenatal one for the pregnant women. One is about a research with qualitative approach and was carried through in a Hospital School and a Maternity at the city of Rio de Janeiro. As a resource of technician-methodological, the speech of the collective citizen was used (DSC. After the analysis of the speeches we verified that, for the pregnant women the accomplishment of the test means the possibility to prevent the vertical transmission of the HIV and as part of the prenatal assistance. The prenatal one was considered by the pregnant women an excellent chance for the accomplishment of the test anti HIV, for the knowledge of the serological condition and precocious beginning of the treatment. It is concluded that the test, for the majority of the pregnant women, represents the possibility to protect the son of the HIV, beyond being part of the construction of the maternal paper from a well-taken care of concrete with the health of the baby.

  14. 热射病部队与地方患者临床特点比较及预后影响因素%Comparison on heat stroke’s clinical characteristics between military personnel and local patients and the factors on prognosis

    安芳; 程晨; 王静


    Objective To analyze the clinica characteristics and laboratory data of the military and civilian heat stroke patients. Methods The clinical data of 68 hospitalized heat stroke patients, 21 soldiers and 47 local residents, were analyzed. In addition, multivariate logistic regression analyzis was adopted to identify the influential factors on their prognosis. Results Comparing with the local patients, the military patients carried the following characteristics, younger age, shorter time of disease, and higher serum sodium levels (respectively, t=6.15, 2.90, 3.39, all P<0.01). After co-variation adjustment with multivariable logistic regression analysis, D-dimer, serum sodium, creatinine and blood lactate were independent factors to the heat stroke’s in-hospital mortality. Conclusion D-dimer, serum sodium, creatinine and blood lactatee lever are the independent factors to indicate prognosis.%目的:回顾性分析热射病部队患者和地方患者发病临床特点、血液系统损害的不同,并分析其预后的影响因素。方法住院的68例热射病患者,按其来源不同,分为部队患者组21例,地方患者组47例。比较两组患者临床特点和血液学检查结果,并采用多变量Logistic回归分析其病死率的影响因素。结果与地方组比较,部队组患者年龄较轻,发病时间较短,血钠水平偏高,差异有统计学意义(t分别为6.15、2.90、3.39,均P<0.01)。对影响热射病患者住院病死率的危险因素作多变量Logistic回归分析后,发现入院时D二聚体、血钠、Cr及乳酸水平为影响预后的独立预测因素。结论血浆D二聚体、血Cr、乳酸及血钠水平可作为判断预后的指标,重视院外急救、早期监测血液学指标,并采取相应的治疗措施,可降低患者死亡率。

  15. Alta hospitalar e o cuidado do recém-nascido prematuro no domicílio: vivência materna Alta hospitalaria y el cuidado de los recién-nacidos prematuros en el hogar: experiencias de la madre Hospital and care of the premature newborn at home: maternal experiences

    Mirna Albuquerque Frota


    ía acerca del cuidado con el bebé después del alta, reforzando que las madres llevan al bebé a la casa sin estar preparadas para la nueva realidad.It aimed at learning about the mother's perception in a hospital and the care of premature newborns at home after the first week of discharge. Descriptive, qualitative approach, using semi-structured interviews to collect data, developed in the outpatient follow-up of premature (Follow up of the State Public Hospital Network of Fortaleza, in October and November 2011. The participants were nine mothers of preterm infants after the first week of discharge. It was applied the analyzis the content for data analysis. The results pointed to the categories: Guidelines on the care of premature infants during discharge; feelings and difficulties with the baby's arrival at home; family support in the care of premature infants. The study showed that some mothers were not instructed interdisciplinary team of neonatology care about the baby after discharge, stressing that they take the baby to the household without being prepared for the new reality.

  16. Emprego de soluções adocicadas no alívio da dor neonatal em recém-nascido prematuro: uma revisão integrativa Empleo de soluciones edulcoradas en el manejo del dolor neonatal en recién nacido prematuro: una revisión integrativa Use of sweet solutions for neonatal pain relief in premature newborns: an integrative review

    Caroline de Oliveira Alves


    de la salud.The repeated painful experiences in newborns may have short- and long-time effects, especially in premature infants. The use of sweetened solutions during painful procedures has been recommended as a measure of pain relief. This study aims to evaluate the evidence of the effect of oral sucrose or glucose for acute pain relief in premature infants. An integrative review was conducted in the MEDLINE and LILACS databases. Eight articles were selected from 2005 to 2010. The analyzis of these articles revealed the analgesic effect of glucose and sucrose in acute procedures. No significant side effects were found in infants who received glucose/sucrose. We emphasize the importance of the use of the pain assessment scale most closely related to the predominant population in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a scale easy to be used and handled by health professionals.

  17. Monitoring on the drug-resistance of Proteus mirabilis in 4 years and study on the resistance mechanisms of Carbapenems resistant isolates%奇异变形杆菌耐药性的4年监测及碳青霉烯类耐药株的耐药机制研究

    胡丽庆; 史煜波; 孙定河; 翁幸鐾


    目的 了解本地区2007年到2010年奇异变形杆菌的临床分布与常用抗菌药物的耐药情况,了解碳青霉烯类耐药菌株可能存在的机制.方法 回顾分析2007年到2010年临床分离奇异变形杆菌的资料及整体耐药情况;对保存的耐亚胺培南( IPM)、美罗培南(MEM)或厄他培南(ETP)的菌株进行复苏,并做Hodge试验进行产碳青霉烯酶的确认,同时对试验菌株进行耐药基因的PCR扩增检测.结果 2007年到2010年,奇异变形杆菌在临床各送检样本中以痰液分离率最高:51.1%、34.4%、22.1%和35.4%,其次为尿液:14.3%、28.0%、34.9%和33.6%;耐药监测分析显示,4年间对喹诺酮类、青霉素类、头孢菌素类及氨基糖苷类耐药率相对较高且较为稳定;对碳青霉烯类耐药最低但增加明显,亚胺培南从2007年的1.8%升到2010年的16.1%,美罗培南从2007年的1.7%升到2010年的16.8%.15株耐碳青霉烯类菌株中,Hodge试验阳性7株,blaKPC基因阳性11株,blaCTX-M基因阳性13株.结论 本地区奇异变形杆菌对临床常用的抗菌药物均有较高的耐药性,对碳青霉烯类药物的耐药率最低,但增加明显.位于质粒上的blaKPC基因所产生的碳青霉烯酶和blaCTX-M基因所产生的超广谱β-内酰胺酶是本菌对β-内酰胺类抗菌药物耐药的主要原因,临床应引起高度重视.%Objective To investigate the clinical distribution and the drug resistance of Proteus mirabilis from 2007 to 2010, and study the drug-resistant mechanism of the resistant isolates (CRE). Method The drug resistance of Proteus mirabilis isolated clinically during 2007 to 2010 was analyzied retrospectively. The preservied strains resistant to imipenem, mero-penem or ertapenem were resuscitated. The modifided Hodge test was used to detect the carbapenemase, and the drug resistance genes were detected by PCR method. Result The isolation rate of Proteus mirabilis from sputum was the highest


    BRANCALIÃO, Sandro Roberto


    Full Text Available At soybean production system, the interference of biotic and abiotic factors in the assimilation of carbon and nitrogen during the reproductive phase are the main determinants of grain yield and nitrogen input on cover crops justifies this management strategy.The aim of this work was evaluate at No-Tillagem System (NTS, with cover-crops and a soyben rotation, the contribution of the nitrogen fertilization to the improve of the straw, the yield and soybean grain composition. The treatments were: T1: triticum secale-IAC-2 (Zero N; T2: triticum secale (30 kg N ha-1 in coverage; T3: triticum secale (60 kg N ha-1 in coverage; T4: Chícharo (Latyrus sativum and T5: fallow in winter.We adjust the statical model analyzis in a design with randomized blocks and with four replications, at the Experimental Station Center (ESC-IAC-Santa Elisa above a Oxisol. The protein amount and the measures in the grains show that with added nitrogen in gains over fallow for yield and protein are obtained. Fallow has lower productivity of soybeans, valuing, even more the importance of maintaining the soil covered. Due to four years of implementation of the direct sowing system, the use of crops in the off season effectively demonstrates positive differences in soybean yield in relation to fallow (only spontaneous vegetation. The fact that well drive the system with dry matter intake in coverage for other crops in autumn-winter, already values the development of soybean in this system, when sown in summer. Na cultura de soja, a interferência de fatores bióticos e abióticos na assimilação de carbono e de nitrogênio na fase reprodutiva são os principais determinantes da produtividade de grãos, e aporte de nitrogênio em plantas de cobertura justifica esta estratégia de manejo. Com o objetivo de avaliar em sistema de semeadura direta (SSD culturas de cobertura em rotação com a soja e a contribuição da adubação nitrogenada para a formação de palhada além do

  19. 婴幼儿巨细胞病毒感染138例临床及治疗观察%Clinical characteristics and therapy of cytomegalovirus infection in 138 infant cases

    徐玉敏; 朱雪萍; 肖志辉; 丁晓春; 冯星


    目的:探讨婴幼儿巨细胞病毒( CMV)感染的临床特点及治疗。方法:对在我院确诊、住院治疗的138例CMV感染患儿的临床资料进行回顾性分析。结果:138例患儿(男80例,女58例)血清CMV-IgM阳性和(或)血、尿CMV-DNA-PCR阳性,入院年龄9 d~3岁。临床表现为肺炎99例,伴有肺功能改变18例;婴儿肝炎62例,其中肝硬化1例,肝豆状核变性1例,高胆红素血症30例(2例合并核黄疸,3例胆道闭锁,1例胆总管囊肿,3例肝糖原累积症);溶血性贫血10例,特发性血小板减少症6例;脑发育异常15例,其中脑积水1例、脑结节硬化2例、运动落后3例、智力低下3例、癫痫2例;脑干听觉诱发电位异常16例(双侧听力受损10例、青光眼1例);先天性心脏病8例,多发畸形3例,迁延性肠炎5例,营养不良7例,喉软骨发育不良3例,选择性IgA缺乏症1例,遗传代谢性疾病1例,同时合并多重感染11例,合并呼吸衰竭、休克2例。治疗后好转114例,放弃治疗19例,死亡5例。结论:婴幼儿CMV感染临床表现多样化,以肺炎最多见;其次是肝胆系统受累。中枢神经系统受损可导致脑发育异常、听神经受损、运动落后等,少数病例可伴发其他畸形甚至多发畸形。绝大部分CMV感染病例预后良好,少数病例预后差甚至死亡。%Objective:To investigate the clinical characteristics and therapy of cytomegalovirus ( CMV) infection in infants.Methods:Clinical characteristics and outcome were retrospectively analyzied of in 138 infants infected CMV diagnosed in our hospital.Results:One hundred thirty-eight cases(male 80, female 58) were diagnosed by the positive of serum CMV-IgM and or blood/urine CMV-DNA-PCR.The admission age was 9 d to 3-year-old. Ninety-nine patients were diagnosed as pneumonia , 18 showed lung function detects .Sixty-two cases were diagnosed as infant hepatitis , 1