Sample records for aminoacidos excitatorios em


    Francis Armando Segovia Chaves


    Full Text Available La información es representada como patrones de actividad neuronal o pulsos, lo que crea una diferencia significante entre las redes neuronales pulsantes y las redes neuronales clásicas. Una característica diferente de las redes neuronales pulsantes es que la información es codificada en patrones de actividad neuronal y estas se comunican usando trenes de pulsos en lugar de valores individuales. Además, este tipo de redes neuronales pulsantes trabajan con una gran cantidad de neuronas donde se requiere grandes recursos computacionales para ser simuladas. En el presente trabajo se realiza un análisis teórico de las redes neuronales pulsantes,  para el caso de dos neuronas acopladas. Se logra obtener teóricamente las condiciones para acoplamiento excitatorio e inhibitorio en las neuronas.

  2. Deficiência da Descaboxilase dos L-Aminoacidos Aromáticos

    Sequeira, S; Calado, E; Maia, AL; Pacheco, L.


    A descarboxilase dos L-aminoácidos aromáticos, um enzima piridoxina dependente, é responsável pela conversão da L-dopa em dopamina e do 5 hidroxitriptofano em serotonina. A deficiência desse enzima, um erro inato do metabolismo dos neurotransmissores, resulta numa doença autossómica recessiva com manifestações neurológicas graves. Os dois casos apresentados de deficiência da descarboxilase dos L-aminoácidos aromáticos, entidade pela primeira vez descrita no nosso país, apresentam caracterí...

  3. Utilização de complexo enzimático em rações para codornas de corte = Enzymatic complex utilization in meat type quail feed

    Cláudio Scapinello


    Full Text Available Foram conduzidos dois experimentos com o objetivo de avaliar os efeitos da suplementacao enzimatica das racoes a base de milho e farelo de soja sobre o desempenho e metabolizabilidade dos nutrientes em codornas de corte. Os tratamentos foram: controle positivo para atendimento das exigencias; controle positivo suplementado com complexo enzimatico e controles negativos suplementados reduzidos em 2 e 4% nos teores de energia metabolizavel e aminoacidos. Na fase inicial, observou-se aumento no consumo de racao (p 0,05. Conclui-se que o complexo enzimatico pode ser utilizado em dietas reduzidas em energia metabolizavel e aminoacidos sem prejudicar o desempenho de codornas de corte. No ensaio de metabolismo, nao foram observadas diferencas (p > 0,05 entre os tratamentos para os coeficientes de metabolizacao das materias seca e organica, proteina bruta e energia bruta. Ocoeficiente de metabolizacao da FDN melhorou (p Two experiments were carried out to evaluate the effects of enzyme supplementation (xylanase + ƒÀ-glucanase of diets based on corn and soybean meal on: performance in initial (1-14 days and growing (15-35 days phases, and nutrient metabolization of meat-type quails. The treatments were: positive control to meet the nutritional requirements of the specie; positive control supplemented with enzyme complex; and negative controls with two reduced supplementation levels of metabolizable energy and amino acids (by 2% and 4%. In the initial phase, the negative control treatment reduced by 4% of metabolizable energy and amino acids increased feed intake (p 0.05 in feed intake, feed conversion ratio and carcass traits. In conclusion, this supplementation can be used successfully in diets with reduced metabolizable energy and amino acid contents for meat-type quails. In the metabolism trial, there were no differences (p > 0.05 in metabolizable coefficients of drymatter, organic matter, crude protein and gross energy among treatments. The


    Francis Armando Segovia Chaves; Silvia Catalina Corrales Martínez


    La información es representada como patrones de actividad neuronal o pulsos, lo que crea una diferencia significante entre las redes neuronales pulsantes y las redes neuronales clásicas. Una característica diferente de las redes neuronales pulsantes es que la información es codificada en patrones de actividad neuronal y estas se comunican usando trenes de pulsos en lugar de valores individuales. Además, este tipo de redes neuronales pulsantes trabajan con una gran cantidad de neuronas donde s...

  5. Action of Bothrops moojeni venom and its L-amino acid oxidase fraction, treated with {sup 60}Co gamma rays, in Leishmania spp; Acao do veneno de Bothrops moojeni e sua fracao L-aminoacido oxidase, submetida ao tratamento com raios gama de {sup 60}Co, em Leishmania spp

    Cardoso, Andre Gustavo Tempone


    Bothrops moojeni venom showed an anti leishmania activity in vitro, as determined by a cell viability assay using the reduction of MTT. After venom purification, by chromatography techniques, the fractions with anti leishmania and L-amino acid oxidase activities, eluted in the same positions. The molecular weight of the enzyme was estimated to be 140 kDa by molecular exclusion chromatography, and 69 kDa, by SDS-PAGE, migrating as a single band, with an isoelectric point of 4.8 as determined by isoelectric focusing. The purified LAO from B. moojeni venom, 135-fold more active than crude venom, showed homo dimeric constitution, and was active against Leishmania spp from the New World, with an effective concentration against L(L). amazonensis of 1.80 {mu}g/ml (EC{sub 50}), L.(V.) panamensis (0.78 |{mu}g/ml) and L.(L.) chagasi (0.63 ({mu}g/ml). Ultrastructural studies of promastigotes affected by LAO demonstrated cell death, with edema in several organelles such as mitochondria and nuclear membrane, before cell disruption and necrosis. The action of LAO was demonstrated to be hydrogen peroxide-dependent. Studies with LLCMK-2 cells, treated with LAO, showed a toxic effect, with an EC{sub 50} of 11|{mu}g/ml. Irradiation of LAO with 6{sup 0C}o gamma rays, did not affect its whole oxidative activity, neither detoxified the enzyme. Amastigotes treated with LAO were not affected by its hydrogen peroxide, otherwise, the exogenous product, killed amastigotes with an EC{sub 50} of 0.67mM. These data could be of help in the development of alternative therapeutic approaches to the treatment of leishmaniasis. (author)

  6. Phytochemical and Biological Studies of <em>Agave em>attenuata>

    Vincenzo De Feo; Muhammad Riaz; Nasir Rasool; Muhammad Zubair; Komal Rizwan; Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq


    The present study was conducted to examine various biological activities of a methanol extract of <em>Agave attenuataem> leaves. GC-MS analysis of the <em>n>-hexane fraction from the extract revealed the presence of 31 compounds, with mono-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (11.37%), 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid (6.33%), <em>n>-docosane (6.30%) and eicosane (6.02%) as the major components. The leaves contained appreciable levels of total phenolic contents (10...

  7. Reference Gene Selection in the Desert Plant <em>Eremosparton songoricuem>m>

    Dao-Yuan Zhang


    Full Text Available <em>Eremosparton songoricum em>(Litv. Vass. (<em>E. songoricumem> is a rare and extremely drought-tolerant desert plant that holds promise as a model organism for the identification of genes associated with water deficit stress. Here, we cloned and evaluated the expression of eight candidate reference genes using quantitative real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reactions. The expression of these candidate reference genes was analyzed in a diverse set of 20 samples including various <em>E. songoricumem> plant tissues exposed to multiple environmental stresses. GeNorm analysis indicated that expression stability varied between the reference genes in the different experimental conditions, but the two most stable reference genes were sufficient for normalization in most conditions.<em> EsEFem> and <em>Esα-TUB> were sufficient for various stress conditions, <em>EsEF> and <em>EsACT> were suitable for samples of differing germination stages, and <em>EsGAPDH>and <em>Es>UBQ em>were most stable across multiple adult tissue samples. The <em>Es18Sem> gene was unsuitable as a reference gene in our analysis. In addition, the expression level of the drought-stress related transcription factor <em>EsDREB2em>> em>verified the utility of<em> E. songoricumem> reference genes and indicated that no single gene was adequate for normalization on its own. This is the first systematic report on the selection of reference genes in <em>E. songoricumem>, and these data will facilitate future work on gene expression in this species.

  8. Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Luminescent Property of Cd (II Complex with <em>N-Benzenesulphonyl-L>-leucine

    Xishi Tai


    Full Text Available A new trinuclear Cd (II complex [Cd3(L6(2,2-bipyridine3] [L =<em> Nem>-phenylsulfonyl-L>-leucinato] has been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, IR and X-ray single crystal diffraction analysis. The results show that the complex belongs to the orthorhombic, space group<em> Pem>212121 with<em> aem> = 16.877(3 Å, <em>b> em>= 22.875(5 Å, <em>c em>= 29.495(6 Å, <em>α> em>= <emem>= <emem>= 90°, <em>V> em>= 11387(4 Å3, <em>Z> em>= 4, <em>Dc>= 1.416 μg·m−3, <emem>= 0.737 mm−1, <em>F> em>(000 = 4992, and final <em>R>1 = 0.0390, <em>ωR>2 = 0.0989. The complex comprises two seven-coordinated Cd (II atoms, with a N2O5 distorted pengonal bipyramidal coordination environment and a six-coordinated Cd (II atom, with a N2O4 distorted octahedral coordination environment. The molecules form one dimensional chain structure by the interaction of bridged carboxylato groups, hydrogen bonds and p-p interaction of 2,2-bipyridine. The luminescent properties of the Cd (II complex and <em>N-Benzenesulphonyl-L>-leucine in solid and in CH3OH solution also have been investigated.

  9. Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Properties of Three <em>Actinidia> (<em>Actinidia> <em>kolomikta>, <em>Actinidia argutaem>, <em>Actinidia> <em>chinensis> Extracts <em>in Vitroem>

    Jia-Ren Liu


    Full Text Available The total phenolic content, total flavonoid content, vitamin C content, and antioxidant activities of ethanol extracts from different kiwifruit varieties (<em>Actinidia> <em>kolomikta>, <em>Actinidia argutaem>, <em>Actinidia> <em>chinensis> were determined in this study. Multiple scavenging activity assays including the hydroxyl radical, O2·radical, DPPH, and the ABTS+ radical scavenging activity assays were used to identify the antioxidant activities of <em>Actinidia> extracts. The cell viability of HepG2 and HT-29 cells was also examined in this study. The results demonstrated that the <em>Actinidia kolomiktaem> extract had a higher antioxidant activity than the other two <em>Actinidia> extracts. There is a positive correlation between antioxidant activity and the polyphenols and vitamin C content in all three extracts (<em>R>2 ≥ 0.712, <em>p> em>< 0.05. The <em>Actinidia argutaem> extract had the highest inhibitory effect on HepG2 and HT-29 cell growth. These results provide new insight into the health functions of fruit and demonstrate that <em>Actinidia> extracts can potentially have health benefits.

  10. <em>α>-Glucosidase Inhibitory Constituents from <em>Acanthopanax senticosusem> Harm Leaves

    Hai-Xue Kuang


    Full Text Available A new triterpene glycoside, 3-<em>O-[(α>-L-rhamnopyranosyl(1→2]-[<em>β>-D-glucuronopyranosyl-6-<em>O>-methyl ester]-olean-12-ene-28-olic acid (1 and a new indole alkaloid, 5-methoxy-2-oxoindolin-3-acetic acid methyl ester (5 were isolated from the leaves of <em>Acanthopanax senticosusem> Harms along with six known compounds. The structures of the new compounds were determined by means of 2D-NMR experiments and chemical methods. All the isolated compounds were evaluated for their glycosidase inhibition activities and compound 6 showed significant <em>α>-glucosidase inhibition activity.

  11. Three New Myrsinol Diterpenes from <em>Euphorbia proliferaem> and Their Neuroprotective Activities

    Yuanqiang Guo


    Full Text Available Three new myrsinol diterpenes were isolated from the roots of<em> em>>Euphorbia proliferaem>. Their structures were elucidated as 2<em>α-O>-isobutyryl-3<em>β>,5<em>α>,7<em>β>,10,15<em>β-penta-O>-acetyl-14<em>α-O>-benzoyl-10,18-dihydromyrsinol (1, 2<em>α-O>-isobutyryl-3<em>β-O>-propion-yl-5<em>α>,7<em>β>,10,15<em>β-tetra-O>-acetyl-10,18-dihydromyrsinol (2, and 2<em>α>,14<em>α-di-O>-benzoyl-3<em>β>,5<em>α>,7<em>β>,10,15<em>β-penta-O>-acetyl-10,18-dihydromyrsinol (3 on the basis of spectroscopic data analyses (IR, ESI-MS, HR-ESI-MS, and 1D and 2D NMR. Their neuroprotective activities were evaluated and compounds 1 and 2 showed neuroprotective effects against MPP+-induced neuronal cell death in SH-SY5Y cells.

  12. Neonatal Phosphate Nutrition Alters <em>in em>Vivo> and <em>in em>Vitro> Satellite Cell Activity in Pigs

    Chad H. Stahl


    Full Text Available Satellite cell activity is necessary for postnatal skeletal muscle growth. Severe phosphate (PO4 deficiency can alter satellite cell activity, however the role of neonatal PO4 nutrition on satellite cell biology remains obscure. Twenty-one piglets (1 day of age, 1.8 ± 0.2 kg BW were pair-fed liquid diets that were either PO4 adequate (0.9% total P, supra-adequate (1.2% total P in PO4 requirement or deficient (0.7% total P in PO4 content for 12 days. Body weight was recorded daily and blood samples collected every 6 days. At day 12, pigs were orally dosed with BrdU and 12 h later, satellite cells were isolated. Satellite cells were also cultured <em>in vitroem> for 7 days to determine if PO4 nutrition alters their ability to proceed through their myogenic lineage. Dietary PO4 deficiency resulted in reduced (<em>P> < 0.05 sera PO4 and parathyroid hormone (PTH concentrations, while supra-adequate dietary PO4 improved (<em>P> < 0.05 feed conversion efficiency as compared to the PO4 adequate group. <em>In vivoem> satellite cell proliferation was reduced (<em>P> < 0.05 among the PO4 deficient pigs, and these cells had altered <em>in vitroem> expression of markers of myogenic progression. Further work to better understand early nutritional programming of satellite cells and the potential benefits of emphasizing early PO4 nutrition for future lean growth potential is warranted.

  13. Constituents from <em>Vigna em>vexillata> and Their Anti-Inflammatory Activity

    Guo-Feng Chen


    Full Text Available The seeds of <em>Vigna em>genus are important food resources and there have already been many reports regarding their bioactivities. In our preliminary bioassay, the chloroform layer of methanol extracts of<em> V. vexillata em>demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory bioactivity. Therefore, the present research is aimed to purify and identify the anti-inflammatory principles of <em>V. vexillataem>. One new sterol (1 and two new isoflavones (2,3 were reported from the natural sources for the first time and their chemical structures were determined by the spectroscopic and mass spectrometric analyses. In addition, 37 known compounds were identified by comparison of their physical and spectroscopic data with those reported in the literature. Among the isolates, daidzein (23, abscisic acid (25, and quercetin (40 displayed the most significant inhibition of superoxide anion generation and elastase release.

  14. The Antimicrobial Efficacy of <em>Elaeis guineensisem>: Characterization, <em>in Vitroem> and <em>in Vivoem> Studies

    Sreenivasan Sasidharan


    Full Text Available The urgent need to treat multi-drug resistant pathogenic microorganisms in chronically infected patients has given rise to the development of new antimicrobials from natural resources. We have tested <em>Elaeis guineensis em>Jacq> em>(Arecaceae methanol extract against a variety of bacterial, fungal and yeast strains associated with infections. Our studies have demonstrated that <em>E. guineensisem> exhibits excellent antimicrobial activity <em>in vitroem> and <em>in vivoem> against the bacterial and fungal strains tested. A marked inhibitory effect of the <em>E. guineensisem> extracts was observed against <em>C. albicansem> whereby <em>E. guineensisem> extract at ½, 1, or 2 times the MIC significantly inhibited <em>C. albicansem> growth with a noticeable drop in optical density (OD of the bacterial culture. This finding confirmed the anticandidal activity of the extract on <em>C. albicansem>. Imaging using scanning (SEM and transmission (TEM electron microscopy was done to determine the major alterations in the microstructure of the extract-treated <em>C. albicansem>. The main abnormalities noted via SEM and TEM studies were the alteration in morphology of the yeast cells. <em>In vivoem> antimicrobial activity was studies in mice that had been inoculated with <em>C. albicansem> and exhibited good anticandidal activity. The authors conclude that the extract may be used as a candidate for the development of anticandidal agent.<em> em>

  15. Evaluation of Pseudopteroxazole and Pseudopterosin Derivatives against <em>Mycobacterium> <em>tuberculosis> and Other Pathogens

    Malcolm W. B. McCulloch


    Full Text Available Pseudopterosins and pseudopteroxazole are intriguing marine natural products that possess notable antimicrobial activity with a commensurate lack of cytotoxicity. New semi-synthetic pseudopteroxazoles, pseudopteroquinoxalines and pseudopterosin congeners along with simple synthetic mimics of the terpene skeleton were synthesized. In order to build structure-activity relationships, a set of 29 new and previously reported compounds was assessed for <em>in> <em>vitro> antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities. A number of congeners exhibited antimicrobial activity against a range of Gram-positive bacteria including <em>Mycobacterium> <em>tuberculosis> H37Rv, with four displaying notable antitubercular activity against both replicating and non-replicating persistent forms of <em>M.> <em>tuberculosis>. One new semi-synthetic compound, 21-((1<em>H>-imidazol-5-ylmethyl-pseudopteroxazole (7a, was more potent than the natural products pseudopterosin and pseudopteroxazole and exhibited equipotent activity against both replicating and non-replicating persistent forms of <em>M.> <em>tuberculosis> with a near absence of <em>in> <em>vitro> cytotoxicity. Pseudopteroxazole also exhibited activity against strains of <em>M.> <em>tuberculosis> H37Rv resistant to six clinically used antibiotics.

  16. Efficient Heterologous Transformation of <em>Chlamydomonas> reinhardtiiem> <em>npq2em> Mutant with the Zeaxanthin Epoxidase Gene Isolated and Characterized from<em> Chlorella zofingiensisem>

    Herminia Rodríguez


    Full Text Available In the violaxanthin cycle, the violaxanthin de-epoxidase and zeaxanthin epoxidase catalyze the inter-conversion between violaxanthin and zeaxanthin in both plants and green algae. The zeaxanthin epoxidase gene from the green microalga <em>Chlorella zofingiensisem> (<em>Czzep> has been isolated<em>. em>This gene encodes a polypeptide of 596 amino acids. A single copy of <em>Czzep> has been found in the <em>C. zofingiensisem> genome by Southern blot analysis. qPCR analysis has shown that transcript levels of <em>Czzep> were increased after zeaxanthin formation under high light conditions. The functionality of <em>Czzep> gene by heterologous genetic complementation in the <em>Chlamydomonas> mutant <em>npq2em>, which lacks zeaxanthin epoxidase (ZEP activity and accumulates zeaxanthin in all conditions, was analyzed. The <em>Czzep> gene was adequately inserted in the pSI105 vector and expressed in <em>npq2em>. The positive transformants were able to efficiently convert zeaxanthin into violaxanthin, as well as to restore their maximum quantum efficiency of the PSII (Fv/Fm. These results show that <em>Chlamydomonas> can be an efficient tool for heterologous expression and metabolic engineering for biotechnological applications.

  17. Reference Gene Selection in the Desert Plant <em>Eremosparton songoricuem>m>

    Dao-Yuan Zhang; Yuan-Ming Zhang; Wood, Andrew J.; Xiao-Shuang Li; Hong-Lan Yang


    <em>Eremosparton songoricum em>(Litv.) Vass. (<em>E. songoricumem>) is a rare and extremely drought-tolerant desert plant that holds promise as a model organism for the identification of genes associated with water deficit stress. Here, we cloned and evaluated the expression of eight candidate reference genes using quantitative real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reactions. The expression of these candidate reference genes was analyzed in a diverse set...

  18. EM International. Volume 1


    It is the intent of EM International to describe the Office of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management`s (EM`s) various roles and responsibilities within the international community. Cooperative agreements and programs, descriptions of projects and technologies, and synopses of visits to international sites are all highlighted in this semiannual journal. Focus on EM programs in this issue is on international collaboration in vitrification projects. Technology highlights covers: in situ sealing for contaminated sites; and remote sensors for toxic pollutants. Section on profiles of countries includes: Arctic contamination by the former Soviet Union, and EM activities with Germany--cooperative arrangements.

  19. International EMS Systems

    Langhelle, Audun; Lossius, Hans Morten; Silfvast, Tom;


    . Access to on-line medical advice of a physician is not available; (2) Finland: the autonomy of the individual municipalities and their responsibility to cover for primary and specialised health care, as well as the EMS, and the lack of supporting or demanding legislation regarding the EMS; (3) Iceland is...... the only country that has emergency medicine (EM) as a recognised speciality but there is a need for more fully trained specialists in EM; (4) Norway: the ordinary ground ambulance is pointed out as the weakest link in the EM chain and a health reform demands extensive co-operation between the new...... health enterprises to re-establish a nation-wide air ambulance service; (5) Sweden: to create evidence based medicine standards for treatment in emergency medicine, a better integration of all part of the chain of survival, a formalised education in EM and a nation wide physician staffed helicopter EMS...

  20. International EMS Systems

    Langhelle, Audun; Lossius, Hans Morten; Silfvast, Tom;


    Emergency medicine service (EMS) systems in the five Nordic countries have more similarities than differences. One similarity is the involvement of anaesthesiologists as pre-hospital physicians and their strong participation for all critically ill and injured patients in-hospital. Discrepancies do....... Access to on-line medical advice of a physician is not available; (2) Finland: the autonomy of the individual municipalities and their responsibility to cover for primary and specialised health care, as well as the EMS, and the lack of supporting or demanding legislation regarding the EMS; (3) Iceland...... is the only country that has emergency medicine (EM) as a recognised speciality but there is a need for more fully trained specialists in EM; (4) Norway: the ordinary ground ambulance is pointed out as the weakest link in the EM chain and a health reform demands extensive co-operation between the new health...

  1. Isolation and Characterization of a Lycopene ε-Cyclase Gene of <em>Chlorella em>(Chromochloris> <em>zofingiensis>. Regulation of the Carotenogenic Pathway by Nitrogen and Light

    Maria Angeles Vargas


    Full Text Available The isolation and characterization of the lycopene ε-cyclase gene from the green microalga <em>Chlorella em>(Chromochloris> <em>zofingiensis> (<em>Czlcy-e> was performed. This gene is involved in the formation of the carotenoids α-carotene and lutein. <em>Czlcy-e> gene encoded a polypeptide of 654 amino acids. A single copy of <em>Czlcy-e> was found in <em>C. zofingiensisem>. Functional analysis by heterologous complementation in <em>Escherichia coliem> showed the ability of this protein to convert lycopene to δ-carotene. In addition, the regulation of the carotenogenic pathway by light and nitrogen was also studied in <em>C. zofingiensisem>. High irradiance stress did not increase mRNA levels of neither lycopene β<em>->cyclase gene (<em>lcy-b> nor lycopene ε-cyclase gene<em> em>(lcy-e> as compared with low irradiance conditions, whereas the transcript levels of <em>psy>, <em>pds>, <em>chyB> and <em>bkt> genes were enhanced, nevertheless triggering the synthesis of the secondary carotenoids astaxanthin, canthaxanthin and zeaxanthin and decreasing the levels of the primary carotenoids α-carotene, lutein, violaxanthin and β-carotene. Nitrogen starvation <em>per seem> enhanced mRNA levels of all genes considered, except <em>lcy-e and pdsem>, but did not trigger the synthesis of astaxanthin, canthaxanthin nor zeaxanthin. The combined effect of both high light and nitrogen starvation stresses enhanced significantly the accumulation of these carotenoids as well as the transcript levels of <em>bkt> gene, as compared with the effect of only high irradiance stress.

  2. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Stations

    Kansas Data Access and Support Center — EMS Locations in Kansas The EMS stations dataset consists of any location where emergency medical services (EMS) personnel are stationed or based out of, or where...

  3. The <em>Opuntia streptacanthaem> <em>OpsHSP18 em>Gene Confers Salt and Osmotic Stress Tolerance in <em>Arabidopsis thalianaem>

    Juan Francisco Jiménez-Bremont


    Full Text Available Abiotic stress limits seed germination, plant growth, flowering and fruit quality, causing economic decrease. Small Heat Shock Proteins (sHSPs are chaperons with roles in stress tolerance. Herein, we report the functional characterization of a cytosolic class CI sHSP (OpsHSP18 from <em>Opuntia streptacantha em>during seed germination in <em>Arabidopsis thalianaem> transgenic lines subjected to different stress and hormone treatments. The over-expression of the <em>OpsHSP18em> gene in <em>A. thalianaem> increased the seed germination rate under salt (NaCl and osmotic (glucose and mannitol stress, and in ABA treatments, compared with WT. On the other hand, the over-expression of the <em>OpsHSP18em> gene enhanced tolerance to salt (150 mM NaCl and osmotic (274 mM mannitol stress in <em>Arabidopsis> seedlings treated during 14 and 21 days, respectively. These plants showed increased survival rates (52.00 and 73.33%, respectively with respect to the WT (18.75 and 53.75%, respectively. Thus, our results show that <em>OpsHSP18em> gene might have an important role in abiotic stress tolerance, in particular in seed germination and survival rate of Arabidopsis plants under unfavorable conditions.

  4. Expression of Selected <em>Ginkgo em>>biloba em>Heat Shock Protein Genes After Cold Treatment Could Be Induced by Other Abiotic Stress

    Feng Xu


    Full Text Available Heat shock proteins (HSPs play various stress-protective roles in plants. In this study, three <em>HSP> genes were isolated from a suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH cDNA library of <em>Ginkgo bilobaem> leaves treated with cold stress. Based on the molecular weight, the three genes were designated <em>GbHSP16.8em>, <em>GbHSP17em> and <em>GbHSP70em>. The full length of the three genes were predicted to encode three polypeptide chains containing 149 amino acids (Aa, 152 Aa, and 657 Aa, and their corresponding molecular weights were predicted as follows: 16.67 kDa, 17.39 kDa, and 71.81 kDa respectively. The three genes exhibited distinctive expression patterns in different organs or development stages. <em>GbHSP16.8em> and <em>GbHSP70em> showed high expression levels in leaves and a low level in gynoecia, <em>GbHSP17em> showed a higher transcription in stamens and lower level in fruit. This result indicates that <em>GbHSP16.8em> and <em>GbHSP70 em>may play important roles in <em>Ginkgo> leaf development and photosynthesis, and <em>GbHSP17em> may play a positive role in pollen maturation. All three <em>GbHSPs> were up-regulated under cold stress, whereas extreme heat stress only caused up-regulation of <em>GbHSP70em>, UV-B treatment resulted in up-regulation of <em>GbHSP16.8em> and <em>GbHSP17em>, wounding treatment resulted in up-regulation of <em>GbHSP16.8em> and <em>GbHSP70em>, and abscisic acid (ABA treatment caused up-regulation of <em>GbHSP70em> primarily.

  5. Osteoartrites em equinos

    Rocha, Francisco José Martins


    Dissertação de Mestrado Integrado em Medicina Veterinária A Osteoartrite (OA) é a principal causa de claudicação no cavalo de desporto e lazer, sendo uma afecção que tem grandes repercussões económicas. Este trabalho descreve algumas das características importantes da estrutura articular, bem como da sua fisiologia. Define a OA e todas as estruturas envolvidas no seu processo. Os mecanismos fisiopatológicos põem em evidência os factores de risco em causa e que determinam tod...

  6. A creche em Portugal

    Serrano, Leonor; Pinto, Jorge


    Na evolução das creches em Portugal verifica-se uma alternância entre conceções assistencialista de integração educacional. Procura-se refletir sobre a tensão existente entre estas duas perspetivas relativamente ao atendimento em creche em Portugal. A creche foi considerada como local de guarda por impedimento dos pais, no entanto no decurso dos tempos assistimos a tentativas de a assumir como um serviço de prestação de cuidados e de educação promovendo um desenvolvimento mais holístico e res...

  7. Homeopatia em Pediatria

    Pinto, Ana Isabel Alves


    Numa sociedade em constante processo de formação e de informação, não conhecer determinada terapia não pode ser a resposta de um profissional de farmácia ao seu utente. A divulgação massiva de tratamentos naturalistas, alternativos e baseados em saberes ancestrais, frequentemente entram em conflito com as prescrições médicas e aconselhamentos farmacêuticos. Com as medicinas alternativas a ganhar terreno paulatinamente, como se observa com a utilização da acupunctura e de fitote...

  8. Glycosylation of Vanillin and 8-Nordihydrocapsaicin by Cultured <em>Eucalyptus perrinianaem> Cells

    Naoji Kubota


    Full Text Available Glycosylation of vanilloids such as vanillin and 8-nordihydrocapsaicin by cultured plant cells of <em>Eucalyptus perrinianaem> was studied. Vanillin was converted into vanillin 4-<em>O>-b-D-glucopyranoside, vanillyl alcohol, and 4-<em>O>-b-D-glucopyranosylvanillyl alcohol by <em>E. perriniana em>cells. Incubation of cultured <em>E. perrinianaem> cells with 8-nor- dihydrocapsaicin gave 8-nordihydrocapsaicin 4-<em>O>-b-D-glucopyranoside and 8-nordihydro- capsaicin 4-<em>O>-b-D-gentiobioside.

  9. Study of the <em>in Vitroem> Antiplasmodial, Antileishmanial and Antitrypanosomal Activities of Medicinal Plants from Saudi Arabia

    Nawal M. Al-Musayeib


    Full Text Available The present study investigated the <em>in vitroem> antiprotozoal activity of sixteen selected medicinal plants. Plant materials were extracted with methanol and screened <em>in vitroem> against erythrocytic schizonts of <em>Plasmodium falciparumem>, intracellular amastigotes of <em>Leishmania infantum em>and <em>Trypanosoma cruzi em>and free trypomastigotes of<em> T. bruceiem>. Cytotoxic activity was determined against MRC-5 cells to assess selectivity<em>. em>The criterion for activity was an IC50 < 10 µg/mL (4. Antiplasmodial activity was found in the<em> em>extracts of<em> em>>Prosopis julifloraem> and <em>Punica granatumem>. Antileishmanial activity<em> em>against <em>L. infantumem> was demonstrated in <em>Caralluma sinaicaem> and <em>Periploca aphylla.em> Amastigotes of<em> T. cruzi em>were affected by the methanol extract of<em> em>>Albizia lebbeckem>> em>pericarp, <em>Caralluma sinaicaem>,> Periploca aphylla em>and <em>Prosopius julifloraem>. Activity against<em> T. brucei em>was obtained in<em> em>>Prosopis julifloraem>. Cytotoxicity (MRC-5 IC50 < 10 µg/mL and hence non-specific activities were observed for<em> em>>Conocarpus lancifoliusem>.>

  10. Purification, Characterization and Antioxidant Activities <em>in Vitroem>> em>and <em>in Vivoem> of the Polysaccharides from <em>Boletus edulisem> Bull

    Yijun Fan


    Full Text Available A water-soluble polysaccharide (BEBP was extracted from <em>Boletus edulis em>Bull using hot water extraction followed by ethanol precipitation. The polysaccharide BEBP was further purified by chromatography on a DEAE-cellulose column, giving three major polysaccharide fractions termed BEBP-1, BEBP-2 and BEBP-3. In the next experiment, the average molecular weight (Mw, IR and monosaccharide compositional analysis of the three polysaccharide fractions were determined. The evaluation of antioxidant activities both <em>in vitroem> and <em>in vivo em>suggested that BEBP-3 had good potential antioxidant activity, and should be explored as a novel potential antioxidant.

  11. A specimen of <em>Sorex> cfr. <em>samniticus> in Barn Owl's pellets from Murge plateau (Apulia, Italy / Su di un <em>Sorex> cfr. <em>samniticus> (Insectivora, Soricidae rinvenuto in borre di <em>Tyto albaem> delle Murge (Puglia, Italia

    Giovanni Ferrara


    Full Text Available Abstract In a lot of Barn Owl's pellets from the Murge plateau a specimen of <em>Sorex> sp. was detected. Thank to some morphological and morphometrical features, the cranial bones can be tentatively attributed to <em>Sorex samniticusem> Altobello, 1926. The genus <em>Sorex> was not yet included in the Apulia's fauna southwards of the Gargano district; the origin and significance of the above record is briefly discussed, the actual presence of a natural population of <em>Sorex> in the Murge being not yet proved. Riassunto Viene segnalato il rinvenimento di un esemplare di <em>Sorex> cfr. <em>samniticus> da borre di <em>Tyto albaem> delle Murge. Poiché il genere non era stato ancora segnalato nella Puglia a sud del Gargano, viene discusso il significato faunistico del reperto.

  12. <em>In Vivoem> Histamine Optical Nanosensors

    Heather A. Clark


    Full Text Available In this communication we discuss the development of ionophore based nanosensors for the detection and monitoring of histamine levels <em>in vivoem>. This approach is based on the use of an amine-reactive, broad spectrum ionophore which is capable of recognizing and binding to histamine. We pair this ionophore with our already established nanosensor platform, and demonstrate <em>in vitroem> and <em>in vivoem> monitoring of histamine levels. This approach enables capturing rapid kinetics of histamine after injection, which are more difficult to measure with standard approaches such as blood sampling, especially on small research models. The coupling together of <em>in vivoem> nanosensors with ionophores such as nonactin provide a way to generate nanosensors for novel targets without the difficult process of designing and synthesizing novel ionophores.

  13. Parasitic zoonoses: survey in foxes (<em>Vulpes vulpesem>) in the northern Apennines / Zoonosi parassitarie: indagini in volpi (<em>Vulpes vulpesem>) dell'Appennino settentrionale

    Vittorio Guberti; Giovanni Poglayen


    Abstract A parasitological survey on 153 foxes was carried out in the northern Apennines, during the period 1984-1987. The following parasites were identified: <em>Toxocara canisem> (46.4%), <em>Taenia> sp. (17%), <em>Uncinaria stenocephalaem> (11.8%), <em>Mesocestoides lineatusem> (11.1%), <em>Ancylostoma caninumem> (3.9%), <em>Taenia hydatigenaem> (3.3%), <em>Trichuris v...

  14. Burnout em cuidados paliativos

    Simões, Sílvia Cristina Almeida


    Dissertação apresentada ao Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco para cumprimento dos requisitos necessário à obtenção de grau de Mestre em Cuidados Paliativos. O presente trabalho foi realizado no âmbito do 3º semestre do 1º Curso de Mestrado em Cuidados Paliativos, da Escola Superior de Saúde Dr. Lopes Dias. O trabalho encontra-se estruturado em quatro capítulos: o primeiro diz respeito ao relatório da prática clínica, o segundo aborda o enquadramento teórico sobre a Síndrome de Bur...

  15. Evaluation of Pseudopteroxazole and Pseudopterosin Derivatives against <em>Mycobacterium> <em>tuberculosis> and Other Pathogens

    McCulloch, Malcolm W. B.; Brad Haltli; Marchbank, Douglas H.; Kerr, Russell G.


    Pseudopterosins and pseudopteroxazole are intriguing marine natural products that possess notable antimicrobial activity with a commensurate lack of cytotoxicity. New semi-synthetic pseudopteroxazoles, pseudopteroquinoxalines and pseudopterosin congeners along with simple synthetic mimics of the terpene skeleton were synthesized. In order to build structure-activity relationships, a set of 29 new and previously reported compounds was assessed for <em>in> <em>vitro...

  16. Ulisses em Kafka

    Stéphane Mosès


    Full Text Available ResumoEm sua introdução para Exegese de uma lenda, Stéphane Mosès afirma que a obra de Kafka não necessita de novas interpretações, mas sim de uma “análise rigorosa de sua lógica subjacente”. Assim, em “Ulisses em Kafka”, investigandoa dialética formal de “O silêncio das sereias”, Mosès procura expor a estrutura narrativa que comandaria esse breve texto em que o escritor tcheco acrescenta à astucia de Ulisses a ingenuidade como elemento de salvação.Palavras-chave: Kafka; dialética; salvação.AbstractIn his introduction to Exegèse d’une légende, Stéphane Mosès affirms that Kafka’s works are not in need of new interpretations, but rather, of a “rigorous analysis of their underlying logic”. Thus, in “Ulisses chez Kafka”, by investigating the formal dialectic of “Das Schweigen der Sirenen”, Mosès seeks to exhibit the narrative structure that would supposedly guide this short text in which the Czech author adds naïveté to Ulisses’s cunning intelligence as an element of salvation.Keywords: Kafka; dialectic; salvation.Stéphane Mosès foi professor emérito da Universidade Hebraica de Jerusalém, onde ensinou Literatura Alemã e Comparada, entre os seus principais interesses estavam o pensamento de Franz Rosenzweig e de Walter Benjamin e as literaturas de Franz Kafka e de Paul Célan. Autor de diversos livros, entre eles: L'ange de l'histoire. Rosenzweig, Benjamin, Scholem, Exégèse d'une légende, lectures de Kafka, e Rêves de Freud. Six lectures.Rodrigo Ielpo é doutor em literatura francesa pela UFRJ e em História e Semiologia do texto e da imagem pela Université Paris VII, com pós-doutorado em Teoria Literária pela UNICAMP. Professor Adjunto do Departamento de Letras Neolatinas da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, possui publicações e traduções nos seguintes temas: teoria e literatura francesa contemporâneas, escrita e processos de subjetivaçã 

  17. Horizontal Transmission of the Entomopathogen Fungus <em>Metarhizium anisopliae em>in <em>Microcerotermes diversusem> Groups

    Mohammad Saied Mossadegh


    Full Text Available An experiment was carried out in order to investigate fungal conidia transmission of <em>Metarhizium anisopliae em>(Metschnikoff> em>Sorokin from vector (donor to healthy <em>Microcerotermes diversusem> Silvestri (Iso.: Termitidae and determine the best donor/concentration ratio for transmission. After preliminary trials, concentrations of 3.1 × 104, 3.9 × 105, 3.2 × 106 and 3.5 × 108 conidia mL−1 were selected for testing. The experiment was performed at three donor : Recipient ratios of 10, 30 and 50%. The highest mortality of recipient workers was observed after 14 days at the concentration of 3.5 × 108 conidia mL−1 and donor ratio of 50%. The mortality of recipient workers was less than 20% at all concentrations at a donor ratio of 10%. Our observations indicate social behavior of <em>M. diversusem>, such as grooming, can be effective in promoting epizootic outbreaks in a colony. While the current results suggest good potential for efficacy, the use of <em>M. anisopliaeem> as a component of integrated pest management of <em>M. diversusem> still needs to be proven under field conditions.

  18. Fumigant Antifungal Activity of Myrtaceae Essential Oils and Constituents from <em>Leptospermum petersoniiem> against Three <em>Aspergillus> Species

    Il-Kwon Park


    Full Text Available Commercial plant essential oils obtained from 11 Myrtaceae plant species were tested for their fumigant antifungal activity against <em>Aspergillus ochraceusem>, <em>A. flavusem>, and <em>A. nigerem>. Essential oils extracted from<em> em>Leptospermum> <em>petersonii> at air concentrations of 56 × 10−3 mg/mL and 28 × 10−3 mg/mL completely inhibited the growth of the three <em>Aspergillus> species. However, at an air concentration of 14 × 10−3 mg/mL, inhibition rates of <em>L. petersoniiem> essential oils were reduced to 20.2% and 18.8% in the case of <em>A. flavusem> and <em>A. nigerem>, respectively. The other Myrtaceae essential oils (56 × 10−3 mg/mL only weakly inhibited the fungi or had no detectable affect. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis identified 16 compounds in <em>L. petersoniiem>> em>essential> em>oil.> em>The antifungal activity of the identified compounds was tested individually by using standard or synthesized compounds. Of these, neral and geranial inhibited growth by 100%, at an air concentration of 56 × 10−3 mg/mL, whereas the activity of citronellol was somewhat lover (80%. The other compounds exhibited only moderate or weak antifungal activity. The antifungal activities of blends of constituents identified in <em>L. petersoniiem> oil indicated that neral and geranial were the major contributors to the fumigant and antifungal activities.

  19. Espondiloptose em atleta

    Ana Paula Luppino Assad


    Full Text Available Os atletas adolescentes estão sob maior risco de lombalgia e lesões estruturais da coluna. A espondilólise é responsável pela maioria das lombalgias em jovens esportistas e raramente ocorre em adultos. Relatamos o caso de uma paciente de 13 anos, atleta de judô, que chegou a nosso serviço com quadro de cinco meses de lombalgia progressiva durante os treinos, sendo inicialmente atribuída a causas mecânicas, sem que houvesse uma investigação mais detalhada por métodos de imagem. Na admissão já apresentava deformidade lombar, postura antálgica e manobra de hiperextensão lombar em unipodálico positiva bilateralmente. Realizou-se investigação, que evidenciou espondiloptose, sendo, então, submetida a tratamento cirúrgico. Com base neste relato de caso, discutimos a abordagem diagnóstica de lombalgia em atletas jovens, uma vez que a queixa de lombalgia crônica pode ser marcador de uma lesão estrutural, a qual pode ser definitiva e trazer perda funcional irreversível.

  20. Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Syringin from the Bark of <em>Ilex em>rotunda> Thumb Using Response Surface Methodology

    Hui Wang


    Full Text Available In this work, a rapid extraction method based on ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE of syringin from the bark of <em>Ilex rotunda em>Thumb using response surface methodology (RSM is described. The syringin was analyzed and quantified by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with UV detection (HPLC-UV. The extraction solvent, extraction temperature and extraction time, the three main factors for UAE, were optimized with Box-Behnken design (BBD to obtain the highest extraction efficiency. The optimal conditions were the use of a sonication frequency of 40 kHz, 65% methanol as the solvent, an extraction time of 30 min and an extraction temperature of 40 °C. Using these optimal conditions, the experimental values agreed closely with the predicted values. The analysis of variance (ANOVA indicated a high goodness of model fit and the success of the RSM method for optimizing syringin extraction from the bark of <em>I>. em>rotunda>.

  1. Classe social: conceitos e esquemas operacionais em pesquisa em saude

    Rita Barradas Barata


    Full Text Available Discute-se a utilização do conceito de classe em pesquisas em saúde, as diferentes abordagens sociológicas de estratificação social e de estrutura de classes, o potencial explicativo do conceito em estudos de determinação social e desigualdades em saúde, os modelos de operacionalização elaborados para uso em pesquisas sociológicas, demográficas ou de saúde e os limites e possibilidades desses modelos. Foram destacados quatro modelos de operacionalização: de Singer para estudo da distribuição de renda no Brasil, adaptado por Barros para uso em pesquisas epidemiológicas; de Bronfman & Tuirán para o censo demográfico mexicano, adaptado por Lombardi et al para pesquisas epidemiológicas; de Goldthorpe para estudos socioeconômicos ingleses, adaptado pela Sociedade Espanhola de Epidemiologia; e o modelo de Wright para pesquisa em sociologia e ciência política, também usado em inquéritos populacionais em saúde. Em conclusão, conceitualmente cada um dos modelos apresentados é coerente com a concepção teórica que os embasam, mas não há como optar por qualquer deles, descartando os demais.

  2. Iodo em alimentos consumidos em Portugal

    Coelho, Inês; Delgado, Inês; Costa, Sofia; Castanheira, Isabel; Calhau, Maria Antónia


    O iodo é um elemento vestigial essencial na dieta humana e animal, com uma importância nutricional bem estabelecida. É indispensável para a síntese das hormonas da tiroide, tiroxina e triiodotirosina, cujo principal papel está relacionado com o crescimento e desenvolvimento dos órgãos, em particular do cérebro. A fonte natural de iodo são os alimentos. Contudo, de acordo com a OMS um terço da população mundial sofre de algum tipo de carência de iodo. A deficiência crônica de iodo pode levar a...

  3. Prima segnalazione di <em>Brachylaima fulvusem> Dujardin, 1843 (Digenea, Brachylaimidae in <em>Sorex> cfr. <em>antinorii> Bonaparte, 1848 (Insectivora, Soricidae in Italia

    Juan Carlos Casanova


    Full Text Available Un?indagine parassitologica è stata condotta su esemplari di <em>Sorex> cfr. <em>antinorii> Bonaparte, 1840 (Insectivora, Soricidae catturati in Sila Grande (Valle Capra; 16.29.30; 39.21.40. Uno degli esemplari è stato trovato parassitato da Trematodi digenei rinvenuti nell?esofago e nello stomaco. I parassiti isolati sono stati fissati con liquido di Bouin, colorati con carminio acetico di Semichon, fissati in una serie di alcooli, chiarificati in xilolo e montati con Balsamo del Canada. I parassiti sono stati identificati come membri della Famiglia Brachylaimidae Joyeux & Foley (1930 appartenenti al genere <em>Brachylaima> Dujardin (1843. La morfologia generale ed i caratteri metrici hanno permesso di identificarli come <em>B. fulvusem> Dujardin, 1843 (lunghezza corpo: 2.39-2.46; larghezza corpo: 0.72-0.78; diametro trasversale ventosa orale: 212.48- 238.08x240.64-266.24; ventosa ventrale: 250.88-258.56x250.88-266.24; faringe 120.32-168.96; testicoli: 151.04-189.44x168.96-189.44; ovario: 122.88x171.52; uova: 26-30x2-17. Il range dei dati morfometrici coincide con quelli riscontrati da diversi autori negli esemplari di <em>B. fulvusem> in Europa centrale e occidentale (Jourdane, 1971; Lewis, 1969; Zarnowski,1960; Mas-Coma & Gallego, 1975. Dopo la descrizione originale, la sistematica di <em>B. fulvusem> Blanchard, 1847 non è stata mai confutata, sebbene varie specie dei generi <em>Harmostomum> Braun, 1899 e <em>Panopistus Sinitzinem>, 1931 siano state proposte come sinonimi di <em>B. fulvusem> da diversi autori. Zarnowski (1960 considera aperta la questione di identità di <em>H. (H. dujardiniem> Baer, 1928 e propone la sinonimia di <em>B. oesophageiem> Shaldibin, 1953 e <em>B. fulvusem>. Lewis (1969, al contrario, ha riconvalidato <em>B. oesophageiem> come specie, utilizzando criteri che, però, Jourdane (1971 ritiene, non idonei a differenziare le due specie. Mas-Coma & Gallego (1975, considerano <em

  4. The EM Earthquake Precursor

    Jones, K. B., II; Saxton, P. T.


    Many attempts have been made to determine a sound forecasting method regarding earthquakes and warn the public in turn. Presently, the animal kingdom leads the precursor list alluding to a transmission related source. By applying the animal-based model to an electromagnetic (EM) wave model, various hypotheses were formed, but the most interesting one required the use of a magnetometer with a differing design and geometry. To date, numerous, high-end magnetometers have been in use in close proximity to fault zones for potential earthquake forecasting; however, something is still amiss. The problem still resides with what exactly is forecastable and the investigating direction of EM. After the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, American earthquake investigators predetermined magnetometer use and a minimum earthquake magnitude necessary for EM detection. This action was set in motion, due to the extensive damage incurred and public outrage concerning earthquake forecasting; however, the magnetometers employed, grounded or buried, are completely subject to static and electric fields and have yet to correlate to an identifiable precursor. Secondly, there is neither a networked array for finding any epicentral locations, nor have there been any attempts to find even one. This methodology needs dismissal, because it is overly complicated, subject to continuous change, and provides no response time. As for the minimum magnitude threshold, which was set at M5, this is simply higher than what modern technological advances have gained. Detection can now be achieved at approximately M1, which greatly improves forecasting chances. A propagating precursor has now been detected in both the field and laboratory. Field antenna testing conducted outside the NE Texas town of Timpson in February, 2013, detected three strong EM sources along with numerous weaker signals. The antenna had mobility, and observations were noted for recurrence, duration, and frequency response. Next, two

  5. <em>Bacillus anthracisem> Factors for Phagosomal Escape

    Irene Zornetta


    Full Text Available The mechanism of phagosome escape by intracellular pathogens is an important step in the infectious cycle. During the establishment of anthrax, <em>Bacillus anthracisem> undergoes a transient intracellular phase in which spores are engulfed by local phagocytes. Spores germinate inside phagosomes and grow to vegetative bacilli, which emerge from their resident intracellular compartments, replicate and eventually exit from the plasma membrane. During germination, <em>B. anthracisem> secretes multiple factors that can help its resistance to the phagocytes. Here the possible role of <em>B. anthracisem> toxins, phospholipases, antioxidant enzymes and capsules in the phagosomal escape and survival, is analyzed and compared with that of factors of other microbial pathogens involved in the same type of process.

  6. On subspecific taxonomy of <em>Microtus saviiem> (Rodentia, Arvicolidae

    Longino Contoli


    Full Text Available Riassunto Sulla tassonomia sottospecifica di <em>Microtus saviiem> (Rodentia, Arvicolidae Viene riveduta e riassunta la situazione tassonomica sottospecifica di <em>Microtus (Terricola saviiem>, anche tramite la descrizione di due nuovi taxa: <em>Microtus (Terricola savii tolfetanusem>, dei Monti della Tolfa e <em>Microtus (Terricola savii niethammericusem>, del Gargano.

  7. Ancylostoma duodenale em estrangeiros radicados em Botucatu, SP, Brasil

    Florence F.S. Kerr


    Full Text Available Utilizando-se a técnica de Harada & Mori foi efetuada verificação das espécies de Ancylostomidae prevalentes entre imigrantes europeus, asiáticos e brasileiros residentes no município de Botucatu, Estado de São Paulo, Brasil. Ancylostoma duodenale foi encontrado em 8,5% dos imigrantes asiáticos e Necator americanus em 3,5% dos europeus e em 18% dos brasileiros examinados.

  8. How <em>Varroa> Parasitism Affects the Immunological and Nutritional Status of the Honey Bee, <em>Apis melliferaem>

    Katherine A. Aronstein


    Full Text Available We investigated the effect of the parasitic mite <em>Varroa destructorem> on the immunological and nutritional condition of honey bees, <em>Apis melliferaem>, from the perspective of the individual bee and the colony. Pupae, newly-emerged adults and foraging adults were sampled from honey bee colonies at one site in S. Texas, USA. <em>Varroa>‑infested bees displayed elevated titer of Deformed Wing Virus (DWV, suggestive of depressed capacity to limit viral replication. Expression of genes coding three anti-microbial peptides (<em>defensin1, abaecin, hymenoptaecinem> was either not significantly different between <em>Varroa>-infested and uninfested bees or was significantly elevated in <em>Varroa>-infested bees, varying with sampling date and bee developmental age. The effect of <em>Varroa> on nutritional indices of the bees was complex, with protein, triglyceride, glycogen and sugar levels strongly influenced by life-stage of the bee and individual colony. Protein content was depressed and free amino acid content elevated in <em>Varroa>-infested pupae, suggesting that protein synthesis, and consequently growth, may be limited in these insects. No simple relationship between the values of nutritional and immune-related indices was observed, and colony-scale effects were indicated by the reduced weight of pupae in colonies with high <em>Varroa> abundance, irrespective of whether the individual pupa bore <em>Varroa>.

  9. Trabalho em equipa

    Antunes, Andreia Sofia Duarte


    O presente relatório de estágio tem como tema principal o trabalho em equipa. Aborda com mais pormenor o subtema dos momentos de reflexão na equipa pedagógica. Ao longo do estudo são vários os conceitos abordados e a interligação entre os mesmos. Pretendo dar a conhecer a temática em questão e conceções que lhe estão naturalmente associadas. Sendo um estudo investigativo são abordados os métodos utilizados ao longo de toda a investigação. Com este relatório pretende-se alcançar qual ...

  10. Spatial based Expectation Maximizing (EM)

    Balafar M A


    Abstract Background Expectation maximizing (EM) is one of the common approaches for image segmentation. Methods an improvement of the EM algorithm is proposed and its effectiveness for MRI brain image segmentation is investigated. In order to improve EM performance, the proposed algorithms incorporates neighbourhood information into the clustering process. At first, average image is obtained as neighbourhood information and then it is incorporated in clustering process. Also, as an option, us...

  11. Synthesis and Spectroscopic Analysis of Novel 1<em>H-Benzo[d>]imidazoles Phenyl Sulfonylpiperazines

    Amjad M. Qandil


    Full Text Available A group of benzimidazole analogs of sildenafil, 3-benzimidazolyl-4-methoxy-phenylsulfonylpiperazines 2–4 and 3-benzimidazolyl-4-methoxy-<em>N,N>-dimethyl- benzenesulfonamide (5, were efficiently synthesized. Compounds 2–5 were characterized by NMR and MS and contrary to the reported mass spectra of sildenafil, the spectra of the piperazine-containing compounds 2–4 showed a novel fragmentation pattern leading to an <em>m/z> = 316. A mechanism for the formation of this fragment was proposed.

  12. Proximate Composition, Nutritional Attributes and Mineral Composition of <em>Peperomia> <em>pellucida> L. (Ketumpangan Air Grown in Malaysia

    Maznah Ismail


    Full Text Available This study presents the proximate and mineral composition of <em>Peperomia> <em>pellucida> L., an underexploited weed plant in Malaysia. Proximate analysis was performed using standard AOAC methods and mineral contents were determined using atomic absorption spectrometry. The results indicated <em>Peperomia> <em>pellucida> to be rich in crude protein, carbohydrate and total ash contents. The high amount of total ash (31.22% suggests a high-value mineral composition comprising potassium, calcium and iron as the main elements. The present study inferred that <em>Peperomia> <em>pellucida> would serve as a good source of protein and energy as well as micronutrients in the form of a leafy vegetable for human consumption.

  13. Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Syringin from the Bark of <em>Ilex em>rotunda> Thumb Using Response Surface Methodology

    Hui Wang; Li-Chun Zhao; Wei Li; Xin Deng; Xiang-Hua Xia; Jian Liang; Geng-Liang Yang; Ying He


    In this work, a rapid extraction method based on ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE) of syringin from the bark of <em>Ilex rotunda em>Thumb using response surface methodology (RSM) is described. The syringin was analyzed and quantified by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with UV detection (HPLC-UV). The extraction solvent, extraction temperature and extraction time, the three main factors for UAE, were optimized with Box-Behnken design (BBD) to obtain the highest ...

  14. Chemical Composition, Antimicrobial and Antitumor Activities of the Essential Oils and Crude Extracts of<em> Euphorbiaem>> macrorrhizaem>

    Haji Akber Aisa


    Full Text Available The present study aimed to examine the chemical composition and biological activity of essential oils extracted from <em>Euphorbia macrorrhizaem> collected from Northwest China. The major constituents of the essential oils of aerial parts and roots of <em>E. macrorrhizaem> are acorenone B (16.72% and 25.80%, (+-cycloisosativene (14.94% and 12.40%, 3a-hydroxy-5b-androstane (10.62% and 5.52%, copaene (7.37% and 6.29%, l-calamenene (4.13% and 4.65% and β-cedrene (8.40% and 7.98%, respectively. The minor components of them are thymene, γ-terpinene, thymecamphor, α-cedrene, zingiberene, trans-caryophyllene, β-chamigrene, curcumene, pentadecane, (−-α-muurolene, cuparene, γ-cadinene, (<em>Z>-3-heptadecene, 1,3,7,7-tetramethyl-2-oxabicyclo(4.4.0dec-5-en-4-one, hexahydrofarnesyl acetone, γ-elixene and palmitinic acid. The antimicrobial and antitumor activitiy of the <em>E. macrorrhizaem> essential oil against <em>Staphyloccocus aureusem>, <em>Escherichia coliem>, <em>Canidia Albicansem> and Caco-2 cells were evaluated. Among all the tested microorganisms and Caco-2 cells, the essential oils showed the strongest inhibitory effect on <em>Staphyloccocus aureus em>(MIC = 2.8 μg/mL and Caco-2 cell (IC50 = 11.86 μg/mL, whereas no effect on <em>Escherichia coliem> and <em>Candida em>albicans>. The data of this study suggested that the <em>E. macrorrhizaem> essential oils have great potential as a natural medicine for microbial infections and cancers.

  15. Effects of <em>Citrus aurantiumem> (Bitter Orange Fruit Extracts and <em>p>-Synephrine on Metabolic Fluxes in the Rat Liver

    Rosane Marina Peralta


    Full Text Available The fruit extracts of <em>Citrus aurantiumem> (bitter orange are traditionally used as weight-loss products and as appetite supressants. An important fruit component is <em>p>-synephrine, which is structurally similar to the adrenergic agents. Weight-loss and adrenergic actions are always related to metabolic changes and this work was designed to investigate a possible action of the <em>C. aurantiumem> extract on liver metabolism. The isolated perfused rat liver was used to measure catabolic and anabolic pathways, including oxygen uptake and perfusion pressure. The <em>C. aurantiumem> extract and <em>p>-synephrine increased glycogenolysis, glycolysis, oxygen uptake and perfusion pressure. These changes were partly sensitive to a- and b-adrenergic antagonists. <em>p>-Synephrine (200 mM produced an increase in glucose output that was only 15% smaller than the increment caused by the extract containing 196 mM <em>p>-synephrine. At low concentrations the <em>C. aurantiumem> extract tended to increase gluconeogenesis, but at high concentrations it was inhibitory, opposite to what happened with <em>p>-synephrine. The action of the <em>C. aurantiumem> extract on liver metabolism is similar to the well known actions of adrenergic agents and can be partly attributed to its content in <em>p>-synephrine. Many of these actions are catabolic and compatible with the weight-loss effects usually attributed to <em>C. aurantiumem>.

  16. Antioxidant Profile of <em>Trifolium pratenseem> L.

    Heidy Schwartsova


    Full Text Available In order to examine the antioxidant properties of five different extracts of <em>Trifolium pratenseem> L. (Leguminosae leaves, various assays which measure free radical scavenging ability were carried out: 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl, hydroxyl, superoxide anion and nitric oxide radical scavenger capacity tests and lipid peroxidation assay. In all of the tests, only the H2O and (to some extent the EtOAc extracts showed a potent antioxidant effect compared with BHT and BHA, well-known synthetic antioxidants. In addition, <em>in vivo em>experiments were conducted with antioxidant systems (activities of GSHPx, GSHR, Px, CAT, XOD, GSH content and intensity of LPx in liver homogenate and blood of mice after their treatment with extracts of <em>T. pratenseem> leaves, or in combination with CCl4. Besides, in the extracts examined the total phenolic and flavonoid amounts were also determined, together with presence of the selected flavonoids: quercetin, luteolin, apigenin, naringenin and kaempferol, which were studied using a HPLC-DAD technique. HPLC-DAD analysis showed a noticeable content of natural products according to which the examined <em>Trifolium pratenseem> species could well be regarded as a promising new source of bioactive natural compounds, which can be used both as a food supplement and a remedy.

  17. Casca de soja em dietas para coelhos em crescimento

    Ana Carolina Kohlrausch Klinger


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar efeitos da inclusão de casca de soja em substituição ao feno de alfafa sobre o desempenho, características da carcaça e trato gastrointestinal e parâmetros bioquímicos de coelhos em fase de crescimento. Foram utilizados 30 coelhos da raça Nova Zelândia Branca, divididos igualmente em três tratamentos, compostos pela dieta experimental padrão (sem inclusão de casca de soja; e pelas dietas com 50% e 100% de substituição de alfafa por casca de soja nas respectivas rações experimentais. Concluiu-se que a casca de soja pode ser incluída em dietas para coelhos em crescimento, em substituição ao feno de alfafa em até 100% sem causar danos no desempenho nas características de carcaça e do trato gastrointestinal e parâmetros bioquímicos dos animais, durante a fase de crescimento. Porém, a utilização deste co-produto exige a necessidade de estudos mais aprofundados em virtude da escassez de dados.

  18. A guerra em Pessoa

    Frias, Joana Matos


    Leitura e comentário crítico do poema "Os jogadores de xadrez", do heterónimo pessoano Ricardo Reis, com vista a uma proposta de sistematização da natureza da relação que o poeta manteve com os eventos em curso nos anos decisivos da sua formação e consolidação artísticas e literárias. Reading and critical review of the poem "The chess players", by Fernando Pessoaapos;s heteronym Ricardo Reis, aiming to propose a systematization of the kind of relationship the poet has maintained with the o...

  19. Envolvimento parental em creche

    Oliveira, Marta Isabel da Silva e


    Dissertação de mestrado em Educação de Infância A família e a creche são os dois primeiros ambientes sociais que proporcionam à criança estímulos e condutas, sendo, consequentemente, instituições fundamentais no seu crescimento. É importante promover uma boa comunicação entre a creche e os pais, incentivando-os a participarem na educação dos seus filhos, demonstrando o quanto é importante para as crianças este seu envolvimento. Cabe, também, aos educadores/profissionais criar c...

  20. Sustentabilidade em Hotelaria

    Almeida, Joana Branquinho Ramos de


    A grande ascensão da atividade turística ao longo das últimas décadas é um dos fenómenos económicos, sociais e culturais mais notáveis de todos os tempos. Durante muitos anos os agentes económicos do sector ignoraram os impactos ambientais desta atividade, contudo, o crescimento expressivo que se tem verificado em conjunto com as alterações climáticas, tornaram evidentes algumas sérias ameaças sociais, ambientais e culturais nos destinos turísticos mais vulneráveis. A sustentab...

  1. Frenectomia em foco

    Vieira, Joana Isabel Monteiro de Paiva


    O freio é uma estrutura anatómica oral classificada em freio labial (médio maxilar ou mandibular, lateral maxilar ou mandibular) ou lingual que se pode tornar num problema quando a sua inserção cria impedimentos estruturais e dificuldades a vários níveis. Um freio labial anormal pode causar algumas anomalias ou problemas, tais como um diastema interincisal, problemas protéticos, doença periodontal relacionada com a retenção de alimentos, dificuldades na higiene oral e na mobilidade labial. Na...

  2. Laserterapia em Implantologia

    Reis, Rita Silva


    A palavra LASER é um acrónimo de “Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation”, que significa a amplificação da radiação luminosa por um processo de emissão estimulada. Este dispositivo produz radiação eletromagnética com algumas características especiais, que a diferem de outras fontes de radiação luminosa, sendo monocromática, coerente e colimada. A maioria da literatura relacionada com o LASER distingue-o em dois grandes grupos: os de alta intensidade e os de baixa intensidade. ...

  3. Burnout em Cuidadores Formais

    Silva, Juliana Marisa Fernandes


    Dissertação apresentada à Universidade Fernando Pessoa como parte dos requisitos para a obtenção do grau de Mestre em Psicologia, ramo de Psicologia Clínica e da Saúde Este estudo é sobre a Síndrome de Burnout e teve como objetivo geral compreender se o Burnout está presente nos cuidadores formais da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Castelo de Paiva e quais as variáveis socioprofissionais que poderão exercer influência no seu aparecimento. Pretendeu-se avaliar o Burnout dos cuidadores a tr...

  4. <em>Ipomoea aquaticaem> Extract Shows Protective Action Against Thioacetamide-Induced Hepatotoxicity

    Hadi, A. Hamid A.; Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab; Suzy Munir Salama; Salim Said Alkiyumi; Mahmood Ameen Abdullah; Ahmed Salim Alrashdi


    In the Indian system of traditional medicine (Ayurveda) it is recommended to consume <em>Ipomoea em>aquatica> to mitigate disorders like jaundice. In this study, the protective effects of ethanol extract of <em>I. aquaticaem> against liver damage were evaluated in thioacetamide (TAA)-induced chronic hepatotoxicity in rats. There was no sign of toxicity in the acute toxicity study, in which Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were orally fed with <em>...

  5. O insight em psiquiatria

    Ana Margarida P. Cardoso


    Full Text Available O sinal de que algo está a acontecer contribui para que o paciente reconheça que alguma coisa de estranho se está a passar consigo. Este reconhecimento faz com que o sujeito possa desempenhar uma função activa e seja um elemento colaborante do seu processo de recuperação. Cada doença apresenta, contudo, diferentes sintomas, uma vez que cada doença psiquiátrica consiste em diferentes perturbações com diversos efeitos sobre o funcionamento mental. Desta maneira, o fenómeno do insight que é registado em cada doença é diferente e expressa-se sob diferentes formas, não somente devido às manifestações clínicas da doença mas também devido às características individuais do sujeito.

  6. Identificazione di due polimorfismi mitocondriali utili alla discriminazione tra <em>Martes martesem> e <em>Martes foinaem>

    Licia Colli


    Full Text Available La famiglia Mustelidae è presente sul territorio italiano con 7 specie autoctone (<em>Meles melesem>, <em>Mustela ermineaem>, <em>M. nivalisem>, <em>M. putoriusem>, <em>Lutra lutraem>, <em>Martes foinaem>, <em>M. martesem> ed una naturalizzata (<em>Mustela visonem>. In tassonomia, variazioni morfologiche e morfometriche, spesso a carattere "locale", possono invalidare i tradizionali metodi di diagnosi utilizzati nell'attribuzione specifica. Inoltre criteri di discriminazione legati a caratteristiche corporee macroscopiche non sono applicabili nel caso in cui si disponga unicamente di resti quali peli, depositi fecali, tracce ematiche ecc. Nell'ambito dei mustelidi sono noti fenomeni di sovrapposizione dei caratteri diagnostici che rendono problematica l'identificazione delle specie, come nel caso di <em>M. martesem> e <em>M. foinaem>. Negli ultimi anni l'identificazione di polimorfismi genetico-molecolari a scopo tassonomico ha permesso di dirimere numerosi casi incerti. In questo lavoro sono presentati i dati preliminari di uno studio volto ad identificare polimorfismi discriminanti le due specie di mustelidi considerate. L'analisi è stata condotta con enzimi di restrizione applicati ad una regione del genoma mitocondriale. Parte della sequenza del gene citocromo b (cyt b è stata amplificata con PCR e <em>primers> universali, ottenendo un frammento di circa 360 bp. Gli enzimi di restrizione impiegati nell'analisi sono stati scelti in accordo con profili di digestione teorici, ricavati con un apposito software a partire da sequenze di cyt b di <em>M. martesem> e <em>M. foinaem> presenti in banche dati. A seguito della digestione sequenziale con gli enzimi Hae III e Bgl I, il profilo elettroforetico generato mostra la presenza di una banda di circa 180 bp negli individui appartenenti alla specie <em>M. martesem> e di due bande distinte di circa 130 e 230 bp negli esemplari di <em>M. foinaem>. Il campione da noi

  7. Comparative Proteomic Analysis of <em>Lactobacillus> <em>plantarum> WCFS1 and Δ<em>ctsR> Mutant Strains Under Physiological and Heat Stress Conditions

    Daniela Fiocco


    Full Text Available Among Gram-positive bacteria, CtsR (Class Three Stress gene Repressor mainly regulates the expression of genes encoding the Clp ATPases and the ClpP protease. To gain a better understanding of the biological significance of the CtsR regulon in response to heat-shock conditions, we performed a global proteomic analysis of <em>Lactobacillus> <em>plantarum> WCFS1 and ∆<em>ctsR> mutant strains under optimal or heat stress temperatures. Total protein extracts from bacterial cells were analyzed by two-dimensional gel fractionation. By comparing maps from different culture conditions and different <em>L.> <em>plantarum> strains, image analysis revealed 23 spots with altered levels of expression. The proteomic analysis of <em>L.> <em>plantarum> WCFS1 and <em>ctsR> mutant strains confirms at the translational level the CtsR-mediated regulation of some members of the Clp family, as well as the heat induction of typical stress response genes. Heat activation of the putative CtsR regulon genes at transcriptional and translational levels, in the <em>∆ctsR> mutant, suggests additional regulative mechanisms, as is the case of <em>hsp1em>. Furthermore, isoforms of ClpE with different molecular mass were found, which might contribute to CtsR quality control. Our results could add new outlooks in order to determine the complex biological role of CtsR-mediated stress response in lactic acid bacteria.

  8. Ancylostoma duodenale em estrangeiros radicados em Botucatu, SP, Brasil

    Florence F.S. Kerr; Corrêa, Fernando M. A.


    Utilizando-se a técnica de Harada & Mori foi efetuada verificação das espécies de Ancylostomidae prevalentes entre imigrantes europeus, asiáticos e brasileiros residentes no município de Botucatu, Estado de São Paulo, Brasil. Ancylostoma duodenale foi encontrado em 8,5% dos imigrantes asiáticos e Necator americanus em 3,5% dos europeus e em 18% dos brasileiros examinados.A survey of the species of Ancylostomidae causing infection among European inmigrants and Brazilian residents in Botucatu, ...

  9. Short and Long-Term Effects of <em>Baccharis articulataem> on Glucose Homeostasis

    Flávio H. Reginatto


    Full Text Available In this study, the<em> in vivoem> effect of the crude extract and <em>n>-butanol and aqueous residual fractions of <em>Baccharis articulataem> (Lam. Pers. on serum glucose levels, insulin secretion and liver and muscle glycogen content, as well as<em> in vitroem> action on serum intestinal disaccharidase activity and albumin glycation were investigated. Oral administration of the extract and fractions reduced glycemia in hyperglycemic rats. Additionally, the <em>n>-butanol fraction, which has high flavonoids content, stimulated insulin secretion, exhibiting an insulinogenic index similar to that of glipizide. Also, the <em>n>-butanol fraction treatment significantly increased glycogen content in both liver and muscle tissue. <em>In vitroem> incubation with the crude extract and <em>n>-butanol and aqueous residual fractions inhibited maltase activity and the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs. Thus, the results demonstrated that <em>B. articulataem> exhibits a significant antihyperglycemic and insulin-secretagogue role. These effects on the regulation of glucose homeostasis observed for <em>B. articulataem> indicate potential anti-diabetic properties.

  10. Osteoporose em caprinos

    Fábio B. Rosa


    Full Text Available Foi realizado um estudo de casos de osteoporose em caprinos provenientes de uma propriedade na área de abrangência do LPV-UFSM, determinando a epidemiologia, o quadro clínico-patológico e discutindo os prováveis mecanismos patogenéticos. Cinco cabras, fêmeas, SRD, de seis meses a seis anos de idade foram afetadas. As cabras eram mantidas em campo nativo, sem suplementação com ração e sob superlotação. Os principais sinais clínicos foram emagrecimento, dificuldade de locomoção e permanência em decúbito por longos períodos. As principais alterações macroscópicas nos ossos examinados foram vistas nas superfícies de corte e caracterizavam-se por depleção do osso esponjoso (porosidade e redução acentuada da espessura do osso cortical. Havia também marcada atrofia serosa da gordura da medula óssea. Microscopicamente, nas regiões avaliadas (úmero proximal, rádio distal, fêmur distal, tíbia proximal e corpos das vértebras lombares foi observada redução moderada a acentuada do número e da espessura das trabéculas ósseas nas epífises e metáfises dos ossos longos e nos corpos vertebrais. Os achados clínico-patológicos indicaram que a osteoporose observada provavelmente foi causada pela desnutrição. As alterações ósseas (diminuição no número e na espessura das trabéculas do osso esponjoso sugerem que ambos os mecanismos, má formação óssea e reabsorção óssea aumentada, contribuíram para a ocorrência de osteoporose nos caprinos deste estudo.

  11. Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazole Derivatives and <em>in Vitroem> Antifungal Evaluation on <em>Candida> Strains

    Almir G. Wanderley


    Full Text Available 1,2,3-Triazoles have been extensively studied as compounds possessing important biological activities. In this work, we describe the synthesis of ten 2-(1-aryl-1<em>H>-1,2,3-triazol-4-ylpropan-2-ols via copper catalyzed azide alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAc or <em>click chemistryem>. Next the<em> in vitroem> antifungal activity of these ten compounds was evaluated using the microdilution broth method against 42 isolates of four different <em>Candida> species. Among all tested compounds, the halogen substituted triazole 2-[1-(4-chlorophenyl-1<em>H>-(1,2,3triazol-4-yl]propan-2-ol, revealed the best antifungal profile, showing that further modifications could be done in the structure to obtain a better drug candidate in the future.

  12. Em favor da talassografia

    Jean-Louis Boudou


    Full Text Available A Talassografia (“descrição do mar” interessa-sepelos impactos físicos, biológicos, ecológicos... culturais da violenta antropização dos ambientes costeiros (oceânicos e continentais, caracterizados pelaexigüidade, vulnerabilidade, fragilidade e plasticidade. Como o Brasil é um “país marítimo”, os geó-grafos (os talassógrafos brasileiros são convidadosa intensificar suas pesquisas nas áreas costeiras e acriar novas estruturas para divulgá-las: Revista, Encontros, Associação, Pós-Graduação... tudo em prolda talassografia.

  13. Antioxidant Profile of <em>Trifolium pratenseem> L.

    Heidy Schwartsova; Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov; Sanja Vlaisavljevic; Mira Popovic; Biljana Kaurinovic


    In order to examine the antioxidant properties of five different extracts of <em>Trifolium pratenseem> L. (Leguminosae) leaves, various assays which measure free radical scavenging ability were carried out: 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl, hydroxyl, superoxide anion and nitric oxide radical scavenger capacity tests and lipid peroxidation assay. In all of the tests, only the H2O and (to some extent) the EtOAc extracts showed a potent antioxidant effect compar...

  14. A Great Barrier Reef <em>Sinularia> sp. Yields Two New Cytotoxic Diterpenes

    Cherie A. Motti


    Full Text Available The methanol extract of a <em>Sinularia em>sp., collected from Bowden Reef, Queensland, Australia, yielded ten natural products. These included the new nitrogenous diterpene (4<em>R>*,5<em>R>*,9<em>S>*,10<em>R>*,11<em>Z>-4-methoxy-9-((dimethylamino-methyl-12,15-epoxy-11(13-en-decahydronaphthalen-16-ol (1, and the new lobane, (1<em>R*>,2<em>R*>,4<em>S*>,15<em>E>-loba-8,10,13(14,15(16-tetraen-17,18-diol-17-acetate (2. Also isolated were two known cembranes, sarcophytol-B and (1<em>E>,3<em>E>,7<em>E>-11,12-epoxycembratrien-15-ol, and six known lobanes, loba-8,10,13(15-triene-16,17,18-triol, 14,18-epoxyloba-8,10,13(15-trien-17-ol, lobatrientriol, lobatrienolide, 14,17-epoxyloba-8,10,13(15-trien-18-ol-18-acetate and (17<em>R>-loba-8,10,13(15-trien-17,18-diol. Structures of the new compounds were elucidated through interpretation of spectra obtained after extensive NMR and MS investigations and comparison with literature values. The tumour cell growth inhibition potential of 1 and 2 along with loba-8,10,13(15-triene-16,17,18-triol, 14,17-epoxyloba-8,10,13(15-trien-18-ol-18-acetate, lobatrienolide, (1<em>E>,3<em>E>,7<em>E>-11,12-epoxycembratrien-15-ol and sarcophytol-B were assessed against three human tumour cell lines (SF-268, MCF-7 and H460. The lobanes and cembranes tested demonstrated 50% growth inhibition in the range 6.8–18.5 µM, with no selectivity, whilst 1 was less active (GI50 70–175 µM.

  15. Regional Suppression of <em>Bactrocera> Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae in the Pacific through Biological Control and Prospects for Future Introductions into Other Areas of the World

    Roger I. Vargas


    Full Text Available <em>Bactrocera> fruit fly species are economically important throughout the Pacific. The USDA, ARS U.S. Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center has been a world leader in promoting biological control of <em>Bactrocera> spp. that includes classical, augmentative, conservation and IPM approaches. In Hawaii, establishment of <em>Bactrocera> <em>cucurbitae> (Coquillett in 1895 resulted in the introduction of the most successful parasitoid, <em>Psyttalia> <em>fletcheri> (Silvestri; similarly, establishment of <em>Bactrocera> <em>dorsalis> (Hendel in 1945 resulted in the introduction of 32 natural enemies of which <em>Fopius> <em>arisanus> (Sonan, <em>Diachasmimorpha> <em>longicaudata> (Ashmead and <em>Fopius> <em>vandenboschi> (Fullaway were most successful. Hawaii has also been a source of parasitoids for fruit fly control throughout the Pacific region including Australia, Pacific Island Nations, Central and South America, not only for <em>Bactrocera> spp. but also for <em>Ceratitis> and <em>Anastrepha> spp. Most recently, in 2002, <em>F.> <em>arisanus> was introduced into French Polynesia where <em>B.> <em>dorsalis> had invaded in 1996. Establishment of <em>D.> <em>longicaudata> into the new world has been important to augmentative biological control releases against <em>Anastrepha> spp. With the rapid expansion of airline travel and global trade there has been an alarming spread of <em>Bactrocera> spp. into new areas of the world (<em>i.e.>, South America and Africa. Results of studies in Hawaii and French Polynesia, support parasitoid introductions into South America and Africa, where <em>B.> <em>carambolae> and <em>B.> <em>invadens>, respectively, have become established. In addition, <em>P.> <em>fletcheri> is a candidate for biological control of <em>B.> <em>cucurbitae> in Africa. We review past and more

  16. Extraction of Dihydroquercetin<em> em>from <em>Larix gmeliniem>i> em>with Ultrasound-Assisted and Microwave-Assisted Alternant Digestion

    Yuangang Zu


    Full Text Available An ultrasound and microwave assisted alternant extraction method (UMAE was applied for extracting dihydroquercetin (DHQ from <em>Larix gmeliniem>i> wood. This investigation was conducted using 60% ethanol as solvent, 1:12 solid to liquid ratio, and 3 h soaking time. The optimum treatment time was ultrasound 40 min, microwave 20 min, respectively, and the extraction was performed once. Under the optimized conditions, satisfactory extraction yield of the target analyte was obtained. Relative to ultrasound-assisted or microwave-assisted method, the proposed approach provides higher extraction yield. The effect of DHQ of different concentrations and synthetic antioxidants on oxidative stability in soy bean oil stored for 20 days at different temperatures (25 °C and 60 °C was compared. DHQ was more effective in restraining soy bean oil oxidation, and a dose-response relationship was observed. The antioxidant activity of DHQ was a little stronger than that of BHA and BHT. Soy bean oil supplemented with 0.08 mg/g DHQ exhibited favorable antioxidant effects and is preferable for effectively avoiding oxidation. The <em>L. gmeliniiem> wood samples before and after extraction were characterized by scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that the UMAE method is a simple and efficient technique for sample preparation.

  17. Molluscicidal Activity of Methomyl and Cardenolide Extracts from <em>Calotropis proceraem> and <em>Adenium> <em>arabicum> Against the Land Snail <em>Monacha cantianaem>

    Alaa Bayoumi


    Full Text Available In this work, we have evaluated the molluscicidal activity of two cardenolide extracts from <em>Adenium arabicumem> Balf f. [the benzene (B and methanol (M extracts], one cardenolide extract from <em>Calotropis proceraem> (Aiton W.T. Aiton (extract C, and methomyl against the harmful land snail <em>Monacha cantianaem> (Montagu. The contact LD50 values for the above mentioned plant extracts were 12.62, 34.63, and 34.35 mg·kg−1 of body weight, respectively, while the LD50 for methomyl was 116.62 mg·kg−1, that is, the plant extracts were 9.24, 3.37, and 3.4 times more toxic than methomyl. In addition, a simple colorimetric method, based on Kedde reagent, was modified to determine cardenolide concentrations in plant extracts. Thin layer chromatography analysis (TLC showed several cardiac glycosidal compounds in each plant extract. The results proved that cardiac glycosides are promising candidate compounds that could be used to control land snails, or exploited to develop new, effective, and environmentally friendly molluscicides.

  18. Antioxidative Properties of Crude Polysaccharides from <em>Inonotus obliquusem>

    Jinyou Duan; Guoting Cui; Wuxia Zhang; Haibo Mu; Amin Zhang; Shunchun Wang


    The mushroom <em>Inonotus obliquusem>> em>has been widely used as a folk medicine in Russia, Poland and most of the Baltic countries. In this study, water-soluble and alkali-soluble crude polysaccharides (IOW and IOA) were isolated from <em>I. obliquusem>, and the carbohydrate-rich fractions IOW-1 and IOA-1 were obtained respectively after deproteination and depigmentation. Their contents, such as neutral carbohydrate, uronic acid and protein, were...

  19. Antioxidant Activity of Various Parts of <em>Cinnamomum> cassiaem> Extracted with Different Extraction Methods

    Li-Yeh Chuang


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the antioxidant activities of various parts (barks, buds, and leaves of <em>Cinnamomum cassia em>extracted with ethanol and supercritical fluid extraction (SFE. For the antioxidant activity comparison, IC50 values of the SFE and ethanol extracts in the DPPH scavenging assay were 0.562–10.090 mg/mL and 0.072–0.208 mg/mL, and the Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity (TEAC values were 6.789–58.335 mmole Trolox/g and 133.039–335.779 mmole Trolox/g, respectively. In addition, the total flavonoid contents were 0.031–1.916 g/ 100 g dry weight of materials (DW and 2.030–3.348 g/ 100 g DW, and the total phenolic contents were 0.151–2.018 g/ 100 g DW and 6.313–9.534 g/ 100 g DW in the SFE and ethanol extracts, respectively. Based on the results, the ethanol extracts of <em>Cinnamon> barks have potential value as an antioxidant substitute and this study also provide a better technique to extract the natural antioxidant substances from <em>C. cassiaem>.

  20. Activity-Guided Isolation of Antioxidant Compounds from <em>Rhizophora apiculataem>

    Hongbin Xiao


    Full Text Available <em>Rhizophora apiculataem> (<em>R. apiculataem> contains an abundance of biologically active compounds due its special salt-tolerant living surroundings. In this study, the total phenolic content and antioxidant activities of various extract and fractions of stem of <em>R. apiculataem> were investigated. Results indicated that butanol fraction possesses the highest total phenolic content (181.84 mg/g GAE/g dry extract with strongest antioxidant abilities. Following <em>in vitroem> antioxidant activity-guided phytochemical separation procedures, lyoniresinol-3α-<em>O>-β-arabinopyranoside (1, lyoniresinol-3α-<em>O>-β-rhamnoside (2, and afzelechin-3-<em>O>-L-rhamno-pyranoside (3 were separated from the butanol fraction. These compounds showed more noticeable antioxidant activity than a BHT standard in the DPPH, ABTS and hydroxyl radical scavenging assays. HPLC analysis results showed that among different plant parts, the highest content of 13 was located in the bark (0.068%, 0.066% and 0.011%, respectively. The results imply that the <em>R. apiculataem> might be a potential source of natural antioxidants and 13 are antioxidant ingredients in <em>R. apiculataem>.

  1. Effects of Cyanobacterial Lipopolysaccharides from <em>Microcystis em>on Glutathione-Based Detoxification Pathways in the Zebrafish (<em>Danio rerioem> Embryo

    John P. Berry


    Full Text Available Cyanobacteria (“blue-green algae” are recognized producers of a diverse array of toxic secondary metabolites. Of these, the lipopolysaccharides (LPS, produced by all cyanobacteria, remain to be well investigated. In the current study, we specifically employed the zebrafish (<em>Danio rerioem> embryo to investigate the effects of LPS from geographically diverse strains of the widespread cyanobacterial genus, <em>Microcystis>, on several detoxifying enzymes/pathways, including glutathione-S-transferase (GST, glutathione peroxidase (GPx/glutathione reductase (GR, superoxide dismutase (SOD, and catalase (CAT, and compared observed effects to those of heterotrophic bacterial (<em>i.e.>, <em>E. coliem> LPS. In agreement with previous studies, cyanobacterial<em> em>LPS significantly reduced GST in embryos exposed to LPS in all treatments. In contrast, GPx moderately increased in embryos exposed to LPS, with no effect on reciprocal GR activity. Interestingly, total glutathione levels were elevated in embryos exposed to <em>Microcystis> LPS, but the relative levels of reduced and oxidized glutathione (<em>i.e.>, GSH/GSSG were, likewise, elevated suggesting that oxidative stress is not involved in the observed effects as typical of heterotrophic bacterial LPS in mammalian systems. In further support of this, no effect was observed with respect to CAT or SOD activity. These findings demonstrate that <em>Microcystis> LPS affects glutathione-based detoxification pathways in the zebrafish embryo, and more generally, that this model is well suited for investigating the apparent toxicophore of cyanobacterial LPS, including possible differences in structure-activity relationships between heterotrophic and cyanobacterial LPS, and teleost fish <em>versus> mammalian systems.

  2. On the taxonomy and distribution of <em>Crocidura cossyrensisem> and <em>Crocidura russulaem> (Insectivora, Soricidae in Maghreb

    Longino Contoli


    Full Text Available Abstract The paper examines the taxonomic status of North African <em>Crocidura russula Auctorumem>. On the basis of morphological data, the taxon needs to be divided into at least two species: <em>C. russulaem> (Hermann, 1780 from western Europe, coastal Morocco and middle-western Algeria, up to about the Algiers area, and possibly even Sardinia and Ibiza, and another species, distributed in coastal middle-eastern Algeria, Tunisia, Pantelleria and, possibly, La Galite archipelago. The first and only available name for the above, eastern taxon is <em>Crocidura cossyrensisem> Contoli, 1989.

  3. Prima segnalazione di <em>Brachylaima fulvusem> Dujardin, 1843 (Digenea, Brachylaimidae) in <em>Sorex> cfr. <em>antinorii> Bonaparte, 1848 (Insectivora, Soricidae) in Italia

    Juan Carlos Casanova; Concetta Milazzo; Gaetano Aloise; Mara Cagnin; Alexis Ribas


    Un?indagine parassitologica è stata condotta su esemplari di <em>Sorex> cfr. <em>antinorii> Bonaparte, 1840 (Insectivora, Soricidae) catturati in Sila Grande (Valle Capra; 16.29.30; 39.21.40). Uno degli esemplari è stato trovato parassitato da Trematodi digenei rinvenuti nell?esofago e nello stomaco. I parassiti isolati sono stati fissati con liquido di Bouin, colorati con carminio acetico di Semichon, fissati in una serie di alcooli, chiarificati in xilolo e m...

  4. Functional Expression in <em>Esc>herichia coliem> of the Disulfide-Rich Sea Anemone Peptide APETx2, a Potent Blocker of Acid-Sensing Ion Channel 3

    Glenn F. King


    Full Text Available Acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs are proton-gated sodium channels present in the central and peripheral nervous system of chordates. ASIC3 is highly expressed in sensory neurons and plays an important role in inflammatory and ischemic pain. Thus, specific inhibitors of ASIC3 have the potential to be developed as novel analgesics. APETx2, isolated from the sea anemone <em>Anthopleura elegantissimaem>,> em>is the most potent and selective inhibitor of ASIC3-containing channels<em>.> However, the mechanism of action of APETx2 and the molecular basis for its interaction with ASIC3 is not known. In order to assist in characterizing the ASIC3-APETx2 interaction, we developed an efficient and cost-effective <em>Escherichia coliem> periplasmic expression system for the production of APETx2. NMR studies on uniformly 13C/15N-labelled APETx2 produced in <em>E. coliem> showed that the recombinant peptide adopts the native conformation. Recombinant APETx2 is equipotent with synthetic APETx2 at inhibiting ASIC3 channels expressed in <em>Xenopus> oocytes. Using this system we mutated Phe15 to Ala, which caused a profound loss of APETx2’s activity on ASIC3. These findings suggest that this expression system can be used to produce mutant versions of APETx2 in order to facilitate structure-activity relationship studies.

  5. Adaptabilidade e estabilidade em aveia em ambientes estratificados

    Bertan Ivandro; Silva Giovani Olegário da; Valério Igor Pires; Floss Elmar Luíz; Lorencetti Claudir; Vieira Eduardo Alano; Coimbra Jefferson Luís Meireles; Carvalho Fernando Irajá Félix de; Oliveira Antônio Costa de; Benin Giovani


    Vinte cultivares de aveia (Avena sativa L.) foram avaliados para rendimento de grãos nas safras agrícolas de 2001 e 2002 em nove locais dos estados do Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul e São Paulo, com o objetivo de avaliar as estimativas dos componentes de adaptabilidade e estabilidade do rendimento de grãos em ambientes favoráveis e desfavoráveis em presença e ausência de aplicação de fungicida. Foi empregada a metodologia de EBERHART & RUSSELL (1966). A presença de significância para anos, genótip...

  6. Casca de soja em dietas para coelhos em crescimento

    Ana Carolina Kohlrausch Klinger; Geni Salete Pinto de Toledo; Daniel Prois Eggers; Alexandra Pretto; Michael Chimainski; Leila Picolli da Silva


    O presente trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar efeitos da inclusão de casca de soja em substituição ao feno de alfafa sobre o desempenho, características da carcaça e trato gastrointestinal e parâmetros bioquímicos de coelhos em fase de crescimento. Foram utilizados 30 coelhos da raça Nova Zelândia Branca, divididos igualmente em três tratamentos, compostos pela dieta experimental padrão (sem inclusão de casca de soja); e pelas dietas com 50% e 100% de substituição de alfafa por casca de soja...

  7. Chemical Profiles and Identification of Key Compound Caffeine in Marine-Derived Traditional Chinese Medicine <em>Ostreae em>concha>

    Hong-Bing Liu


    Full Text Available To compare the chemical differences between the medicinal and<em> em>cultured oyster shells, their chemical profiles were investigated. Using the ultra performance liquid chromatography-electron spraying ionization-mass spectrometry (UPLC-ESI-MS, combined with principal component analysis (PCA and orthogonal projection to latent structures discriminant analysis (OPLS-DA, the discrimination of the chemical characteristics among the medicinal and cultured oyster shells was established. Moreover, the chemometric analysis revealed some potential key compounds. After a large-scale extraction and isolation, one target key compound was unambiguously identified as caffeine (1 based on extensive spectroscopic data analysis (1D and 2D NMR, MS, and UV and comparison with literature data.


    Lucilene Bender de Sousa


    Full Text Available Neste artigo revisamos importantes pesquisas sobre as dificuldades de compreensão em leitura. Inicialmente, apresentamos a identificação e classificação das dificuldades já mapeadas. Em seguida, mostramos as contribuições de pesquisas experimentais que investigaram habilidades de baixo nível cognitivo e habilidades de alto nível cognitivo envolvidas na compreensão leitora. Por fim, avaliamos as duas tendências de estudos apresentadas e as necessidades brasileiras no que tange a pesquisa e o ensino da leitura.

  9. Low Diversity Bacterial Community and the Trapping Activity of Metabolites from Cultivable Bacteria Species in the Female Reproductive System of the Oriental Fruit Fly, <em>Bactrocera dorsalisem> Hendel (Diptera: Tephritidae

    Hongyu Zhang


    Full Text Available Our goal was to identify the bacteria inhabiting the reproductive system of the female oriental fruit fly, <em>Bactrocera dorsalisem> (Hendel, and evaluate the chemotaxis of <em>B>. <em>dorsalis> to the metabolites produced by the bacteria. Based on 16S rRNA-based polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (PCR-DGGE, 18 operational taxonomic units (OTUs were assigned to the five bacterial classes <em>Betaproteobacteria>, <em>Alphaproteobacteria>, <em>Gammaproteobacteria>, <em>Bacilli> and <em>Actinobacteria>. Nine OTUs were assigned to <em>Gammaproteobacteria>, which was the most highly represented class. <em>Enterobacteriaceae> constituted the dominant family, and within this family, three genera and five species were identified, including <em>Enterobacter sakazakiiem>, <em>Klebsiella> <em>oxytoca>, <em>Klebsiella> <em>pneumoniae,> Raoultellaem> <em>terrigena em>and <em>Enterobacter> <em>amnigenus>. In this set, the first two species were the dominant components, and the latter three species were the minor ones. Finally, we found that the metabolites produced by <em>R.> terrigenaem>, <em>K. oxytocaem> and <em>K.> pneumoniae em>were attractive to the <em>B.> dorsalisem> adults, and in field studies, <em>B.> dorsalisem> adults were most attracted to <em>K.> oxytocaem>. Collectively, our results suggest that the female reproductive system plays an important role in the transfer of enterobacteria from the gut to fruit. Our data may prompt the development of a female-targeted population control strategy for this fly.

  10. Isolation and Characterization of Microsatellite Markers for <em>Passiflora contractaem>

    Loreta B. Freitas


    Full Text Available <em>Passiflora contractaem> Vitta (Passifloraceae is an endemic species of the Atlantic Rainforest, one of the most species-rich ecoregions in the world, although extremely endangered. We have developed an enriched microsatellite library in order to fine-scale studies of the genetic structure<em> em>of> P. contractaem>. Twelve pairs of microsatellite primers were designed, and seven loci were successfully amplified and characterized by genotyping two wild populations of <em>P. contractaem>. All seven loci were polymorphic, with an average number of alleles found being 4.8 and 5 per population. The cross-species transferability was tested using sister species <em>Passiflora ovalisem>> em>Vell. Ex Roemer<em>. em>The development of these markers will contribute to the studies of population genetics in <em>P. contractaem> as well as future studies concerning diversity patterns in the Atlantic Rainforest, and may also help to establish strategies for the conservation of this species.

  11. Thermal Studies of Zn(II, Cd(II and Hg(II Complexes of Some <em>N-Alkyl-N>-Phenyl-Dithiocarbamates

    Peter A. Ajibade


    Full Text Available The thermal decomposition of Zn(II, Cd(II and Hg(II complexes of <em>N-ethyl-N>-phenyl and <em>N-butyl-N>-phenyl dithiocarbamates have been studied using thermogravimetric analysis (TGA and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC. The products of the decomposition, at two different temperatures, were further characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX. The results show that while the zinc and cadmium complexes undergo decomposition to form metal sulphides, and further undergo oxidation forming metal oxides as final products, the mercury complexes gave unstable volatiles as the final product.

  12. Rural Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Trauma

    ... View more Rural Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Trauma Emergency medical services (EMS) providers care for individuals ... hospital be part of the regional and statewide trauma system? Yes. According to Safety in Numbers: Are ...

  13. Densità di Lepre (<em>Lepus europaeusem>) e Silvilago (<em>Sylvilagus floridanusem>) in ambienti planiziali

    Sandro Bertolino; Perrone, A.; Laura Gola


    Il silvilago (<em>Sylvilagus floridanusem>) è un leporide d?origine nordamericana, introdotto in Italia a partire dal 1966 a scopo venatorio. Attualmente la specie è diffusa soprattutto in Piemonte e nella parte occidentale della Lombardia. Il silvilago potrebbe interferire con l?autoctona lepre comune (<em>Lepus europaeusem>), anche se i dati al riguardo sono limitati. Nell?autunno-inverno 2002-2003 abbiamo condotto dei censimenti notturni con faro in alcune aree ...

  14. On the taxonomy and distribution of <em>Crocidura cossyrensisem> and <em>Crocidura russulaem> (Insectivora, Soricidae) in Maghreb

    Longino Contoli; Gaetano Aloise


    Abstract The paper examines the taxonomic status of North African <em>Crocidura russula Auctorumem>. On the basis of morphological data, the taxon needs to be divided into at least two species: <em>C. russulaem> (Hermann, 1780) from western Europe, coastal Morocco and middle-western Algeria, up to about the Algiers area, and possibly even Sardinia and Ibiza, and another species, distributed in coastal middle-eastern Algeria, Tunisia, P...

  15. Do sentimento em Florbela Espanca

    Pereira, Custódia de Jesus Gonçalves


    The thesis Do Sentimento em Florbela Espanca presents as its main object of study the feelings and emotions displayed in the works of Florbela Espanca, Livro de Mágoas, Livro de Soror Saudade and Charneca em Flor. This theme is then consolidated in four subthemes, which are – Florbela, the Woman, Social and Cultural Framings, the Canon-Law and the Course Books. Thus, we have Florbela Espanca portrayed as an ordinary woman, with her obscure birth, her personal and academic progress. I...

  16. Pobreza e desigualdade em Portugal

    Sabença, Cindy Sofia dos Santos Alves Ribeiro


    A conjuntura económica atual levanta questões sobre a condição de vida e bem-estar da sociedade, obrigando a uma reflexão aprofundada sobre a Pobreza e Desigualdade em Portugal. Este estudo tem como objetivo caracterizar a situação portuguesa e apresentar quais os determinantes da Pobreza em Portugal. Para tal é utilizada a base de dados estatísticos do Eurostat não só para a caracterização da sociedade portuguesa num contexto europeu, como também para desenvolver um modelo de estimação linea...

  17. Procedimentos substantivos em auditoria financeira

    Santos, Ana Sofia Pires dos


    O presente relatório visa a conclusão do mestrado em Auditoria e Análise Financeira, cujo tema é Auditoria Financeira e procura apresentar as tarefas desenvolvidas por mim, durante o estágio curricular, enquanto assistente de auditoria na empresa Rosa Lopes Gonçalves Mendes & Associados, SROC, Lda., no Entroncamento durante 22 semanas. O relatório é composto por quatro capítulos em que nos primeiros três capítulos faço uma abordagem teórica geral à auditoria financeira, cujo objetivo é a i...

  18. Anorexia e bulimia em odontopediatria

    Bezerra, Fernanda Barros


    Projeto de Pós-Graduação/Dissertação apresentado à Universidade Fernando Pessoa como parte dos requisitos para obtenção do grau de Mestre em Medicina Dentária Introdução: A procura de um ideal de beleza e a obsessão pela estética imposta pela sociedade moderna em que se vive têm promovido o aumento do número de pessoas com transtornos alimentares, como por exemplo, a anorexia nervosa e a bulimia nervosa. Esses transtornos contribuem para o aumento de pacientes com prejuízos, diretos e indi...

  19. Factores de risco em implantologia

    Sousa, Inês Nunes de


    A Implantologia tem ganho popularidade na medicina dentária pelos resultados previsíveis em reabilitações de áreas edêntulas, permitindo minimizar as consequências funcionais, fonéticas e estéticas que advém da perda de dentes através de uma solução fixa que satizfaz os pacientes. Esta é uma revisão da literatura existente sobre factores de risco, fracassos e complicações inerentes ao tratamento com implantes dentários. Categorizam-se os factores de risco em implantologia co...

  20. Evaluation of Antioxidant Activities of Aqueous Extracts and Fractionation of Different Parts of <em>Elsholtzia em>ciliata>

    Yuangang Zu


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the antioxidant and free-radical scavenging activity of extract and fractions from various parts of <em>Elsholtzia ciliataem>. The inflorescences, leaves, stems and roots of <em>E. ciliataem> were extracted separately and two phenolic component enrichment methods: ethyl acetate-water liquid-liquid extraction and macroporous resin adsorption-desorption, were adopted in this study. The antioxidant activities of water extracts and fractions of <em>E. ciliataem> were examined using different assay model systems <em>in vitroem>. The fraction root E (purified by HPD300 macroporous resin exhibited the highest total phenolics content (497.2 ± 24.9 mg GAE/g, accompanied with the highest antioxidant activity against various antioxidant systems <em>in vitroem> compared to other fractions. On the basis of the results obtained, <em>E. ciliataem> extracts can be used potentially as a ready accessible and valuable bioactive source of natural antioxidants.

  1. Rodent hosts of <em>Maritrema> sp. (Digenea, Microphallidae in Sardinia Island

    Juan Carlos Casanova


    Full Text Available Prospections on helminth fauna of rodents were carried out in the Cedrino river (Eastern of Sardinia island. Twelve <em>Rattus rattusem> (L., 1758 and eight <em>Mus domesticusem> (Schwarz & Schwarz, 1943 were captured by Sherman traps. Parasitological study revealed in <em>R. rattusem> the presence of an intestinal helminth belonging to the genus <em>Maritrema> (family Microphallidae. The transmission of this Digenetic Trematode among vertebrates involves the participation of aquatic invertebrate organisms, molluscs and crustacea, acting as intermediate hosts. Dissection of 117 individuals of the Amphipod Crustacea <em>Gammarus italicusem>, collected in the same biotope, allowed the detection of encysted metacercariae. These larvae constitute the infesting stage of the parasite for vertebrates, acting these as definitive hosts ingesting parasitized crustacea as preys. Adults of <em>Maritrema> sp. were also obtained experimentally in the laboratory mice (<em>Mus domesticusem> CD1 strain. These were infested by inoculating them, using gastric probe, metacercarial cysts isolated from <em>G. italicusem>. Post-infection mice dissection was performed at different intervals of time getting adults in various maturity stages. Experimental facts confirm that <em>Maritrema> sp., as it occurs in other trematodes, do not present strict specificity to the definitive host, being able to develop as well in <em>Mus>. In nature, the presence or absence of this digenean in mammals species will be dependent of host ethological factors, mainly related to feeding habitats. This study was partially supported by the ?Comissionat per Recerca i Universitats de la Generalitat de Catalunya? 2001SGR00088.

  2. Adaptabilidade e estabilidade em aveia em ambientes estratificados

    Bertan Ivandro


    Full Text Available Vinte cultivares de aveia (Avena sativa L. foram avaliados para rendimento de grãos nas safras agrícolas de 2001 e 2002 em nove locais dos estados do Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul e São Paulo, com o objetivo de avaliar as estimativas dos componentes de adaptabilidade e estabilidade do rendimento de grãos em ambientes favoráveis e desfavoráveis em presença e ausência de aplicação de fungicida. Foi empregada a metodologia de EBERHART & RUSSELL (1966. A presença de significância para anos, genótipos, fungicidas e locais, indicou comportamento diferencial de genótipos frente às variações de ambiente e a aplicação de fungicida, nas condições de ambientes favoráveis e desfavoráveis. A aplicação de fungicida e o favorecimento do ambiente de cultivo afetaram intensamente os parâmetros de adaptabilidade (b1 e estabilidade (s²d i, indicando que estas estimativas devam ser realizadas em ambientes estratificados, apesar de nenhuma constituição genética ter evidenciado o biótipo ideal, conforme preconizado pelo modelo adotado.

  3. A Novel Apoptosis Correlated Molecule: Expression and Characterization of Protein Latcripin-1 from <em>Lentinula em>edodes> C91–3

    Min Huang


    Full Text Available An apoptosis correlated molecule—protein Latcripin-1 of <em>Lentinula> edodesem> C91-3—was expressed and characterized in <em>Pichia pastorisem> GS115. The total RNA was obtained from <em>Lentinula edodesem> C91–3. According to the transcriptome, the full-length gene of Latcripin-1 was isolated with 3'-Full Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends (RACE and 5'-Full RACE methods. The full-length gene was inserted into the secretory expression vector pPIC9K. The protein Latcripin-1 was expressed in <em>Pichia pastorisem> GS115 and analyzed by Sodium Dodecylsulfonate Polyacrylate Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE and Western blot. The Western blot showed that the protein was expressed successfully. The biological function of protein Latcripin-1 on A549 cells was studied with flow cytometry and the 3-(4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2-yl-2,5-Diphenyl-tetrazolium Bromide (MTT method. The toxic effect of protein Latcripin-1 was detected with the MTT method by co-culturing the characterized protein with chick embryo fibroblasts. The MTT assay results showed that there was a great difference between protein Latcripin-1 groups and the control group (<em>p em>< 0.05. There was no toxic effect of the characterized protein on chick embryo fibroblasts. The flow cytometry showed that there was a significant difference between the protein groups of interest and the control group according to apoptosis function (<em>p em>< 0.05. At the same time, cell ultrastructure observed by transmission electron microscopy supported the results of flow cytometry. The work demonstrates that protein Latcripin-1 can induce apoptosis of human lung cancer cells A549 and brings new insights into and advantages to finding anti-tumor proteins.

  4. Allometric and Isometric variations in the Italian <em>Apodemus sylvaticusem> and <em>Apodemus flavicollisem> with respect to the conditions of allopatry and sympatry / Variazioni allometriche e isometriche in <em>Apodemus sylvaticusem> e <em>Apodemus flavicollisem> italiani, rispetto alle condizioni di allopatria e simpatria

    Giovanni Amori


    Full Text Available Abstract In Italy there are two species of <em>Apodemus> (<em>Sylvaemus>: <em>Apodemus sylvaticusem> on the mainland and the main island, and <em>Apodemus flavicollisem> only on the mainland. The trend of some morphometric characters of the skull (incisive foramen length - FI; interorbital breadth = IO; length of palatal bridge = PP; upper alveolar length = $M^1M^3$ was analized and some theoretical models verified for <em>A. sylvaticusem>. If one considers the sympatric population of <em>A. sylvaticusem> and <em>A. flavicollisem> simultaneously the characters PP, IO and $M^1M^3$ appear significantly isometric being directly correlated ($P leq O.O1$, while FI character results allometric with respect to the previous ones, as expected. If one considers the sympatric populations of each of the species separately, the scenario is different. For <em>A. sylvaticusem> only PP and $M^1M^3$ are isometric ($P leq 0.05$. For <em>A. flavicollisem> only $M^1M^3$ and FI appear to be correlated, although not as significantly as for <em>A. sylvaticusem> ($P le 0.05$; one tail. The insular populations of <em>A. sylvaticusem> do not show significant correlations, except for FI and $M^1M^3$ ($P le 0.05$. On the contrary, considering all populations, sympatric and allopatric, of <em>A. sylvaticusem> at the same time are significant correlations ($P le 0.05$ in all combinations of characters, except for those involving the IO. We suggest that the isometric relations in sympatric assemblages are confined within a morphological range available to the genus <em>Apodemus>. In such a space, the two species are split in two different and innerly homogeneous distributions. We found no evidence to confirm the niche variation hypothesis. On the contrary, the variability expressed as SO or CV's appears higher in the sympatric populations than in the allopatric ones, for three of the four characters, confirming previous results

  5. Parasitic zoonoses: survey in foxes (<em>Vulpes vulpesem> in the northern Apennines / Zoonosi parassitarie: indagini in volpi (<em>Vulpes vulpesem> dell'Appennino settentrionale

    Vittorio Guberti


    Full Text Available Abstract A parasitological survey on 153 foxes was carried out in the northern Apennines, during the period 1984-1987. The following parasites were identified: <em>Toxocara canisem> (46.4%, <em>Taenia> sp. (17%, <em>Uncinaria stenocephalaem> (11.8%, <em>Mesocestoides lineatusem> (11.1%, <em>Ancylostoma caninumem> (3.9%, <em>Taenia hydatigenaem> (3.3%, <em>Trichuris vulpisem> (3.3%, <em>Dipylidium caninumem> (2.6%, <em>Taenia crassicepsem> (2%. All foxes were negative for <em>Trichinella> sp. A statistical analysis was performed to evaluate differences in the parasitic fauna according to the sex and age classes of the hosts. The role that the fox could have as a reservoir of helminthic zoonoses is discussed. The results are compared with those of similar studies carried out in Italy. Riassunto Nel periodo 1984-1987 è stata condotta un'indagine parassitologica su 153 volpi abbattute nell'Appennino romagnolo. Sono stati reperiti i seguenti parassiti: <em>Toxocara canisem> (46,4%, <em>Taenia> sp. (17%, <em>Uncinaria stenocephalaem> (11,8%, <em>Mesocestoides lineatusem> (11,1%, <em>Ancylostoma caninumem> (3,9%, <em>Taenia hydatigenaem> (3,3%, <em>Trichuris vulpisem> (3,3%, <em>Dipylidium caninumem> (2,6%, <em>Taenia crassicepsem> (2%. Tutte le volpi esaminate sono risultate negative per <em>Trichinella> sp. È stata effettuata l'analisi statistica dei dati per evidenziare eventuali differenze della fauna parassitaria in relazione al sesso e all'età delle volpi. Sulla base dei dati ottenuti viene discussa l'importanza che la Volpe può assumere come serbatoio di zoonosi elmintiche. I risultati acquisiti sono inoltre comparati con quelli ottenuti in analoghe ricerche condotte in Italia.

  6. Allozymic and biometric variation in <em>Dryomys nitedulaem> (Pallas, 1778

    Maria Grazia Filippucci


    Full Text Available Abstract Biometric and genetic variation were analysed among populations of <em>D. nitedulaem> from Italy, Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor and Israel. The biometric analysis was carried out on 84 specimens using 13 linear skull measurements. Variations in metrical characters among samples were studied by standard and multivariate analyses. The genetic analysis was carried out on 29 specimens by electrophoresis of 40 gene loci. In both analyses the Israeli sample was the most distinct. Skulls of Israeli specimens are characterized by longer mandibular tooth row, higher rhamus mandibulae, longer bullae, and narrower braincase breadth, rostra1 breadth and interorbital constriction. Electrophoretically the Israeli sample can be discriminated from European populations by four loci (<em>Ldh-1em>, <em>G6pdhem>, <em>Pep-1em>, and <em>Lap-2em> fixed for new alleles. The mean value of Nei's genetic distance between Israeli and European populations was <em>D> = 0.186, ranging from 0.153 to 0.227. The Israeli population, commonly attributed to the taxon <em>phrygius>, was different from this by biometric analysis. <em>D. n. phrygiusem> from the topotype locality in Asia Minor clustered with the European population from Turkish Thrace. In order to clarify the phylogenetic relationships of the Israeli forest dormouse, a comparison with other populations from the Caucasus and Iran and with <em>Dryomys lanigerem> from Turkey is suggested. Riassunto Variabilità genetica e biometrica in <em>Dryomys nitedulaem> (Pallas, 1778 - Variabilità biometrica e genetica sono state analizzate tra popolazioni di <em>D. nitetulaem> provenienti da Italia, Penisola Balcanica, Asia Minore ed Israele. L'analisi biometrica è stata condotta su 84 esemplari mediante 13 misurazioni craniche lineari. La variazione nei caratteri metrici tra i campioni è stata studiata mediante analisi standard e multivariata

  7. First sign of <em>Clethrionomys glareolusem> in the Po valley plain / Prima segnalazione in Pianura Padana di <em>Clethrionomys glareolusem>

    Luis Nieder


    Full Text Available Abstract The presence of <em>Clethrionomys glareolusem> (Schreber, 1790 populations is reported in the Po valley, formerly considered outside the distribution area of the species. An initial series of captures was made in the high-water area of the Po near S. Nazzaro (Monticelli d'Ongina - PC following with research was extended along the river's banks in Emilia both upstream and downstream. The search for this species was carried out by analysing food pellets relating to <em>Strix alucoem>, <em>Tyto albaem> e <em>Athene noctuaem>, thought to be among the most common predators of these intensive herbaceous and arboreal agricultural biocoenosis. The information we gathered was integrated with other Authors' unpublished and bibliographical data. The presence of <em>C. glareolusem> was noted in habitats quite different from the expected ones. Many of the problems raised by the presence of this species in "islands" along the main body of the Po river and its tributaries, and by its presumed absence from particulary suitable environments such as the Carrega woods, the Ticino park and Mesola wood must still be resolved. Riassunto Viene segnalata la presenza di popolazioni di <em>Clethrionomys glareolusem> (Schreber 1790 nella pianura Padana precedentemente considerata al di fuori dell'areale della specie. A partire da una prima serie di catture nell'area golenale del Po presso S. Nazzaro (Monticelli d'Ongina - PC, si è successivamente proceduto ad allargare l'area di ricerca lungo l'argine emiliano del Po, sia a monte sia a valle. La ricerca di questa specie è avvenuta tramite l'analisi di boli alimentari relativi a <em>Strix alucoem>, <em>Tyto albaem> e <em>Athene noctuaem>, ritenuti tra i più comuni predatori di queste biocenosi agricole intensive erbacee ed arboree. I dati da noi raccolti sono stati integrati con quelli bibliografici e inediti di altri Autori. È stata riscontrata la presenza

  8. Cuidados paliativos em cuidados intensivos

    Fonseca, Sandrina Fernandes de Andrade


    Relatório de prática clínica apresentado à Escola Superior de Saúde Dr. Lopes Dias do Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco para cumprimento dos requisitos necessários à obtenção do grau de mestre em Cuidados Paliativos

  9. Action of Chitosan Against <em>Xanthomonas> Pathogenic Bacteria Isolated from <em>Euphorbia pulcherrimaem>

    Yanli Wang


    Full Text Available The antibacterial activity and mechanism of two kinds of chitosan were investigated against twelve <em>Xanthomonas> strains recovered from <em>Euphorbia pulcherrimaem>. Results indicated that both chitosans markedly inhibited bacterial growth based on OD loss. Furthermore, the release of DNA and RNA from three selected strains was increased by both chitosans. However, the release of intracellular proteins was inhibited by both chitosans at different concentration and incubation times, except chitosan A at 0.1 mg/mL for 0.5 h incubation and 0.2 mg/mL for 2.0 h incubation increased the release of proteins, indicating the complexity of the interaction and cell membranes, which was affected by incubation time, bacterial species, chitosan type and concentration. Transmission electron microscopic observations revealed that chitosan caused changes in protoplast concentration and surface morphology. In some cells, the membranes and walls were badly distorted and disrupted, while other cells were enveloped by a thick and compact ribbon-like layer. The contrary influence on cell morphology may explain the differential effect in the release of material. In addition, scanning electron microscope and biofilm formation test revealed that both chitosans removed biofilm biomass. Overall, this study showed that membrane and biofilm play an important role in the antibacterial mechanism of chitosan.

  10. Preparation and Characterization of <em>O>-Acylated Fucosylated Chondroitin Sulfate from Sea Cucumber

    Na Gao


    Full Text Available Fucosylated chondroitin sulfate (FuCS, a kind of complex glycosaminoglycan from sea cucumber, has potent anticoagulant activity. In order to understand the relationship between structures and activity, the depolymerized FuCS (dFuCS was chosen to prepare its derivates by selective substitution at OH groups. Its <em>O>-acylation was carried out in a homogeneous way using carboxylic acid anhydrides. The structures of<em> Oem>-acylated derivatives were characterized by NMR. The results indicated that the 4-<em>O>-sulfated fucose residues may be easier to be acylated than the other ones in the sulfated fucose branches. But the<em> Oem>-acylation was always accompanied by the β-elimination, and the degree of elimination was higher as that of acylation was higher. The results of clotting assay indicated that the effect of partial <em>O>-acylation of the dFuCS on their anticoagulant potency was not significant and the <em>O>-acylation of 2-OH groups of 4-<em>O>-sulfated fucose units did not affect the anticoagulant activity.

  11. Wavelet <em>q->Fisher Information for Scaling Signal Analysis

    Joel Trejo-Sanchez


    Full Text Available Abstract: This article first introduces the concept of wavelet <em>q>-Fisher information  and then derives a closed-form  expression of this quantifier for scaling signals of parameter α.  It is shown that this information measure appropriately describes the complexities  of scaling signals and provides further analysis flexibility with the parameter<em> qem>. In the limit of <em>q → 1,em> wavelet <em>q>-Fisher information  reduces to the standard wavelet Fisher information  and for <em>q  > 2em> it reverses its behavior. Experimental results on synthesized fGn signals validates the level-shift  detection capabilities of wavelet q-Fisher information. A comparative study also shows that wavelet<em> qem>-Fisher information  locates structural changes in correlated and anti-correlated fGn signals in a way comparable with standard breakpoint location techniques but at a fraction of the time. Finally, the application of this quantifier to H.<em>263 em>encoded video signals is presented.

  12. <em>Ipomoea aquaticaem> Extract Shows Protective Action Against Thioacetamide-Induced Hepatotoxicity

    A. Hamid A. Hadi


    Full Text Available In the Indian system of traditional medicine (Ayurveda it is recommended to consume <em>Ipomoea em>aquatica> to mitigate disorders like jaundice. In this study, the protective effects of ethanol extract of <em>I. aquaticaem> against liver damage were evaluated in thioacetamide (TAA-induced chronic hepatotoxicity in rats. There was no sign of toxicity in the acute toxicity study, in which Sprague-Dawley (SD rats were orally fed with <em>I. aquaticaem> (250 and 500 mg/kg for two months along with administration of TAA (i.p injection 200 mg/kg three times a week for two months. The results showed that the treatment of <em>I. aquaticaem> significantly lowered the TAA-induced serum levels of hepatic enzyme markers (ALP, ALT, AST, protein, albumin, bilirubin and prothrombin time. The hepatic content of activities and expressions SOD and CAT that were reduced by TAA were brought back to control levels by the plant extract supplement. Meanwhile, the rise in MDA level in the TAA receiving groups also were significantly reduced by <em>I. aquaticaem> treatment. Histopathology of hepatic tissues by H&E and Masson trichrome stains displayed that <em>I. aquaticaem> has reduced the incidence of liver lesions, including hepatic cells cloudy swelling, infiltration, hepatic necrosis, and fibrous connective tissue proliferation induced by TAA in rats. Therefore, the results of this study show that the protective effect of <em>I. aquaticaem> in TAA-induced liver damage might be contributed to its modulation on detoxification enzymes and its antioxidant and free radical scavenger effects. Moreover, it confirms a scientific basis for the traditional use of <em>I. aquaticaem> for the treatment of liver disorders.

  13. Negative-Pressure Cavitation Extraction of Four Main Vinca Alkaloids from <em>Catharanthus em>roseus> Leaves

    Yuangang Zu


    Full Text Available In the present study, an improved method termed negative-pressure cavitation extraction (NPCE followed by reverse phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC was developed for the extraction and quantification of vindoline (VDL, catharanthine (CTR, vincristine (VCR and vinblastine (VLB from <em>Catharanthus roseus em>leaves. The optimized method employed 60-mesh particles, 80% ethanol, a negative pressure of −0.075 MPa, a solid to liquid ratio of 1:20, 30 min of extraction and three extraction cycles. Under these optimized conditions, the extraction yields of VDL, CTR, VCR and VLB are 0.5783, 0.2843, 0.018 and 0.126 mg/g DW, respectively. These extraction yields are equivalent to those from the well-known ultrasonic extraction method and higher than the yields from maceration extraction and heating reflux extraction. Our results suggest that NPCE-RP-HPLC represents an excellent alternative for the extraction and quantification of vinca alkaloids for pilot- and industrial-scale applications.

  14. Cefaleia em salvas: aspectos clinicos e terapeuticos em 26 casos

    Wilson Luiz Sanvito


    Full Text Available Vinte e seis casos de cefaléia-em-salvas são estudados do ponto de vista clínico e terapêutico. Nos aspectos clínicos são ressaltados a dramaticidade deste tipo de cefaléia, o nítido predomínio no sexo masculino, a média de idade dos pacientes, a presença de manifestações associadas e os fatores desencadeantes das crises nos períodos suscetíveis. Do ponto de vista terapêutico três esquemas medicamentosos foram utilizados: maleato de metisergida, prednisona e associação de ambas as drogas. Em 88,3% dos casos um resultado significativo foi alcançado, traduzido por melhora ou abolição das crises.

  15. Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Bulb Extracts of Six <em>Lilium> Species Native to China

    Lixin Niu


    Full Text Available Lily (<em>Lilium> is used as an important edible and medical plant species with a vague taxonomic classification and a long history in China. Bulbs of six <em>Lilium> species (<em>L. regaleem>,> L. concolorem>,> L. pumilumem>,> L. leucanthumem>,> L. davidii var. unicolorem> and <em>L. lancifoliumem> native to China were investigated with a view to their exploitation as a potential source of natural antioxidants due to their phenolic composition and dietary antioxidant potential. The results showed that all bulb extracts exhibited strong antioxidant activities, which generally correlated positively with the total phenolic contents (r = 0.68 to 0.94, total flavonoid contents (r = 0.51 to 0.89 and total flavanol contents (r = 0.54 to 0.95. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC analysis revealed that rutin and kaempferol were the major phenolic components in the extracts. Hierarchical cluster analysis showed that <em>L. regaleem> belonged to the group with high phenolic content and strong antioxidant power. <em>L. concolorem> and <em>L. pumilumem> were arranged in one group characterized by moderate phenolic content and antioxidant capacity, while <em>L. leucanthumem>, <em>L. davidii var. unicolorem> and <em>L. lancifoliumem> were clustered in the third group with low phenolic content and weak antioxidant activity. These strongly suggest that lily bulbs may serve as a potential source of natural antioxidant for food and pharmaceutical applications.

  16. Fatores de risco cardiovascular em alcoolistas em tratamento

    Mayla Cardoso Fernandes Toffolo


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar a presença de fatores de risco cardiovascular, com ênfase na hipertensão e na adiposidade corporal, em alcoolistas abstinentes ou não abstinentes em tratamento. MÉTODO: Trata-se de um estudo transversal com 65 pacientes alcoolistas em tratamento no CAP-Sad. O grau de dependência do álcool foi avaliado pelo SADD (Short Alcohol Dependence Data e o uso de outras drogas, pelo ASSIST (Alcohol Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test. Foram avaliados o perfil bioquímico e o antropométrico dos usuários. RESULTADOS: Participaram do estudo 42 homens e 23 mulheres. A maioria dos participantes (67,74% apresentou dependência alcoólica grave, com uso de álcool associado principalmente a cigarro (66,15%. A média da circunferência da cintura (CC foi significativamente maior entre os abstinentes, em comparação aos não abstinentes (AB: 88,15 ± 15,95 x NA: 81,04 ± 9,86; p = 0,03. Pacientes abstinentes há mais tempo tiveram maior sobrepeso/obesidade e adiposidade abdominal (CC do que os não abstinentes e abstinentes recentes, com razão de chances de 5,25. Os abstinentes apresentaram razão de chances de 3,38 para %GC acima da média, independente do tempo de abstinência. CONCLUSÃO: Pacientes alcoolistas abstinentes apresentam mais sobrepeso/ obesidade, adiposidade corporal (%GC e abdominal (CC do que os não abstinentes. É importante o acompanhamento multiprofissional no tratamento de alcoolistas com abordagem para fatores de risco cardiovasculares, principalmente evitando o ganho de peso.

  17. Fadiga em plataformas offshore fixas com modelos em elementos finitos

    Roberto Taier


    Full Text Available Quatro juntas tubulares de uma plataforma offshore fixa foram modeladas em elementos finitos para o cálculo das vidas à fadiga e comparação com os resultados obtidos através de modelos convencionais em elementos de barras. Foram também cotejados os fatores de concentração de tensões (SCF's, obtidos com base nas formulações paramétricas, com os calculados através dos modelos em elementos finitos. Os objetivos foram averiguar a validade do refinamento do cálculo da fadiga em juntas críticas da plataforma e avaliar as suas conseqüências na elaboração do plano de inspeção. Os resultados permitiram concluir que a análise por elementos finitos torna-se recomendada para juntas que não apresentam tipo e/ou comportamento compatíveis com as configurações padronizadas, normalmente utilizadas pelos programas. Das quatro juntas analisadas, duas delas não necessitariam fazer parte do plano de inspeção da plataforma.Four tubular joints of a fixed offshore platform were modelled using finite elements to evaluate respective fatigue lifes and comparison with the results obtained from conventional models in frame elements. Stress concentration factors (SCF's calculated from parametric formulas were also compared with those obtained from finite elements models. The results of this work have the intention of verifying the validity of the refinement of fatigue analysis on critical joints of the platform and the evaluation of its consequences in the inspection plan. Obtained results show that finite elements analysis is recommended for joints whose type and/or behaviour is not consistent with standard models, used by computational programs. From four analised joints, two of them would not need to be part of inspection plan.

  18. Phytochemical Composition, Antioxidant and Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory Activities of <em>Amaranthus cruentusem> L. and <em>Amaranthus hybridusem> L. Extracts

    Jeanne F. Millogo


    Full Text Available This paper describes a preliminary assessment of the nutraceutical value of <em>Amaranthus cruentus (A. cruentusem> and <em>Amaranthus hybridus (A. hybridusem>, two food plant species found in Burkina Faso. Hydroacetonic (HAE, methanolic (ME, and aqueous extracts (AE from the aerial parts were screened for <em>in vitroem> antioxidant and xanthine oxidase inhibitory activities. Phytochemical analyses revealed the presence of polyphenols, tannins, flavonoids, steroids, terpenoids, saponins and betalains. Hydroacetonic extracts have shown the most diversity for secondary metabolites. The TLC analyses of flavonoids from HAE extracts showed the presence of rutin and other unidentified compounds. The phenolic compound contents of the HAE, ME and AE extracts were determined using the Folin–Ciocalteu method and ranged from 7.55 to 10.18 mg Gallic acid equivalent GAE/100 mg. Tannins, flavonoids, and flavonols ranged from 2.83 to 10.17 mg tannic acid equivalent (TAE/100 mg, 0.37 to 7.06 mg quercetin equivalent (QE /100 mg, and 0.09 to 1.31 mg QE/100 mg, respectively. The betacyanin contents were 40.42 and 6.35 mg Amaranthin Equivalent/100 g aerial parts (dry weight in <em>A. cruentusem> and <em>A. hybridusem>, respectively. Free-radical scavenging activity expressed as IC50 (DPPH method and iron reducing power (FRAP method ranged from 56 to 423 µg/mL and from 2.26 to 2.56 mmol AAE/g, respectively. Xanthine oxidase inhibitory activities of extracts of <em>A. cruentus em>and <em>A. hybridusem> were 3.18% and 38.22%, respectively.<em> em>The> A. hybridusem> extract showed the best antioxidant and xanthine oxidase inhibition activities. The results indicated that the phytochemical contents of the two species justify their traditional uses as nutraceutical food plants.

  19. Damage caused by <em>Skrjabingylus nasicolaem> (Leuckart, 1842, Metastrongylidae, to weasels (<em>Mustela nivalisem> L. in North-Western Italy

    Claudio Prigioni


    Full Text Available Abstract The percentage of infestation (incidence and the degree of damage caused by <em>Skrjabingylus nasicolaem> were analysed in 15 fresh skulls of weasels (<em>Mustela nivalisem> collected in Pavia province (Northern Italy during 1986-89 and in 79 preserved skulls from the Civic Museum of Natural History of Genoa (Liguria region. The incidence was 66.6% for the first sample of weasels and 54.4% for the second one; the mean degree of damage, assessed according King's methods, was 3.7 and 2.6 respectively. Although no significant difference in <em>Skrjabingylus> prevalence was recorded in relation to sex and age of weasels, a trend of increase in parasite incidence was observed from young to adults in the sample of weasels from the Museum of Genoa. <em>Apodemus sylvaticusem>, which was the staple in the diet of weasels collected in Pavia province, could be considered the main paratenic host of the skrjabingylosis in northern Italian plain. Riassunto Danni causati da <em>Skrjabingylus nasicolaem> (Leuckart, 1942, Metastrongylidae, nella donnola <em>Mustela nivalisem> in Italia nord occidentale - La percentuale di infestazione (incidenza e l'entità del danno causato da S<em>krjabingylus nasicolaem> sono state analizzate in 15 donnole (<em>Mustela nivalisem> reperite in aree coltivate della Provincia di Pavia nel 1986-89 e in 79 esemplari appartenenti alla collezione del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova. L'incidenza dell'infestazione è risultata del 66,6% per il primo campione e del 54,4% per il secondo, mentre l'entità media del danno, valutata secondo il metodo proposto da King, è stata di 3,7 e 2,6 rispettivamente. Sebbene non sia stata rilevata nessuna differenza signiticativa della prevalenza parassitaria in relazione al sesso ed all'età delle donnole, è stata evidenziata, per il campione del Museo di Genova, una tendenza all'incremento dell'incidenza dai

  20. Soropositividade para brucelose em suínos em abatedouros

    Diego C. Rosa


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho teve por objetivo investigar a soropositividade para brucelose em suínos em abatedouros. Foram coletados 910 soros de suínos, procedentes de 30 propriedades, abatidos em frigoríficos da região central do estado de São Paulo, e submetidos às provas de soroaglutinaçao com antígeno tamponado acidificado (AAT e 2-Mercaptoetanol (2-Me objetivando determinar a ocorrência da enfermidade nesta espécie. Do total de soros avaliados foram observados 25 (2,7% animais reagentes ao AAT pertencentes a 10 propriedades, caracterizando 36% de propriedades positivas. Dos animais positivos ao AAT, 16% apresentaram titulo de 25 (incompleto e 52% titulo de 25 na soroaglutinação lenta (SAL, 8% apresentaram titulo de 50 incompleto na SAL e 25 incompleto no 2-ME e 8% apresentaram titulo de 50 na SAL e 25 no 2-ME. Estes resultados demonstram o elevado percentual de propriedades positivas para brucelose nesta região e ressaltam a necessidade de implementação de programas oficiais efetivos para o controle da brucelose suína.

  1. <em>Hedyotis diffusaem> Willd Inhibits Colorectal Cancer Growth <em>in Vivoem> via Inhibition of STAT3 Signaling Pathway

    Jun Peng


    Full Text Available Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (STAT3, a common oncogenic mediator, is constitutively activated in many types of human cancers; therefore it is a major focus in the development of novel anti-cancer agents. <em>Hedyotis diffusaem> Willd has been used as a major component in several Chinese medicine formulas for the clinical treatment of colorectal cancer (CRC. However, the precise mechanism of its anti-tumor activity remains largely unclear. Using a CRC mouse xenograft model, in the present study we evaluated the effect of the ethanol extract of<em> Hedyotis diffusaem> Willd (EEHDW on tumor growth <em>in vivoem> and investigated the underlying molecular mechanisms. We found that EEHDW reduced tumor volume and tumor weight, but had no effect on body weight gain in CRC mice, demonstrating that EEHDW can inhibit CRC growth <em>in vivoem> without apparent adverse effect. In addition, EEHDW treatment suppressed STAT3 phosphorylation in tumor tissues, which in turn resulted in the promotion of cancer cell apoptosis and inhibition of proliferation. Moreover, EEHDW treatment altered the expression pattern of several important target genes of the STAT3 signaling pathway, <em>i.e.>, decreased expression of Cyclin D1, CDK4 and Bcl-2 as well as up-regulated p21 and Bax. These results suggest that suppression of the STAT3 pathway might be one of the mechanisms by which EEHDW treats colorectal cancer.

  2. Amino acids analysis using grouping and parceling of neutrons cross sections techniques; Analise de aminoacidos atraves das tecnicas do agrupamento e parcelamento de secoes de choque para neutrons

    Voi, Dante Luiz Voi [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Rocha, Helio Fenandes da [Universidade Federal, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil). Inst. de Puericultura e Pediatria Martagao Gesteira


    Amino acids used in parenteral administration in hospital patients with special importance in nutritional applications were analyzed to compare with the manufactory data. Individual amino acid samples of phenylalanine, cysteine, methionine, tyrosine and threonine were measured with the neutron crystal spectrometer installed at the J-9 irradiation channel of the 1 kW Argonaut Reactor of the Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN). Gold and D{sub 2}O high purity samples were used for the experimental system calibration. Neutron cross section values were calculated from chemical composition, conformation and molecular structure analysis of the materials. Literature data were manipulated by parceling and grouping neutron cross sections. (author)

  3. Trabalho em grupo com enlutados

    Melissa Pascoal


    Full Text Available A cada dia temos mais famílias vivenciando o luto gerado por homicídios, acidentes e violência, e isso tem causado alguns problemas psicológicos para as pessoas que estão nesta situação. Este artigo é um relato da experiência profissional vivida no Hospital e Maternidade Mauá com um grupo de autoajuda para pacientes em processo de luto, e seu objetivo é compartilhar a experiência e difundir este trabalho. Em 15 encontros pré-estruturados de acordo com a demanda apresentada pelo próprio grupo, foi possível trabalhar diversos temas relacionados à perda que influenciaram as participantes e ao mesmo tempo proporcionaram, além de conforto, uma possibilidade de identificação e troca, e consequentemente o ressurgimento da autoconfiança. Por meio da articulação da teoria com a prática, é evidenciado que o atendimento em grupo para enlutados é uma alternativa viável que trouxe resultados positivos e inspiradores e sua divulgação é importante para ampliar horizontes e criar novas possibilidades.

  4. Trophic systems and chorology: data from shrews, moles and voles of Italy preyed by the barn owl / Sistemi trofici e corologia: dati su <em>Soricidae>, <em>Talpidae> ed <em>Arvicolidae> d'Italia predati da <em>Tyto albaem> (Scopoli 1769

    Longino Contoli


    Full Text Available Abstract In small Mammals biogeography, available data are up to now by far too scanty for elucidate the distribution of a lot of taxa, especially with regard to the absence from a given area. In this respect, standardized quantitative sampling techniques, like Owl pellets analysis can enable not only to enhance faunistic knowledges, but also to estimate the actual absence probability of a given taxon "m", lacking from the diet of an individual raptor. For the last purpose, the relevant frequencies of "m" in the other ecologically similar sites of the same raptor species diets are averaged ($f_m$ : the relevant standard error (multiplicated by a coefficient, according to the desired degree of accuracy, in relation of the integral of probabilities subtracted ($overline{F}_m - a E$: then, the probability that a single specimen is not pertaining to "m" is obtained ($P_0 = 1 - F_m + a E$; lastly, the desiderate accuracy probability ($P_d$ is chosen. Now, "$N_d$" (the number of individuals of all prey species in a single site needed for obtain, with the desired probability, a specimen at least of "m" is obtained through $$N = frac{ln P_d}{ln P_0}$$ Obviously, every site-diet with more than "N" preyed individuals and without any "i" specimen is considered to be lacking of such taxon. A "usefulness index" for the above purposes is outlined and checked about three raptors. Some exanples about usefulness of the Owl pellet analysis method in biogeography are given, concerning <em>Tyto albaem> diets in peninsular Italy about: - <em>Sorex minutusem>, lacking in some quite insulated areas; - <em>Sorex araneusem> (sensu stricto, after GRAF et al., 1979, present also in lowland areas in Emilia-Romagna; - <em>Crocidura suaveolensem> and - <em>Suncus etruscusem>, present also in the southermost part of Calabria (Reggio province; - <em>Talpa caecaem>, present also in the Antiapennines of Latium (Cimini mounts; - <em>Talpa romanaem

  5. Meroterpenes from Endophytic Fungus A1 of Mangrove Plant <em>Scyphiphora hydrophyllaceaem>

    Peter Proksch


    Full Text Available Four new meroterpenes, guignardones F–I (14, together with two known compounds guignardones A (5 and B (6 were isolated from the endophytic fungus A1 of the mangrove plant <em>Scyphiphora hydrophem>yllacea>. Their structures and relative configurations were elucidated by spectroscopic data and single-crystal X-ray crystallography. A possible biogenetic pathway of compounds 16 was also proposed. All compounds were evaluated for inhibitory activity against methicillin-resistant <em>Staphylococcus aureusem> (MRSA and <em>Staphylococcus aureusem>.

  6. Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Carnosic Acid and Rosmarinic Acid Using Ionic Liquid Solution from <em>Rosmarinus officinalisem>>

    Chunjian Zhao


    Full Text Available Ionic liquid based, ultrasound-assisted extraction was successfully applied to the extraction of phenolcarboxylic acids, carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid, from <em>Rosmarinus officinalisem>. Eight ionic liquids, with different cations and anions, were investigated in this work and [C8mim]Br was selected as the optimal solvent. Ultrasound extraction parameters, including soaking time, solid–liquid ratio, ultrasound power and time, and the number of extraction cycles, were discussed by single factor experiments and the main influence factors were optimized by response surface methodology. The proposed approach was demonstrated as having higher efficiency, shorter extraction time and as a new alternative for the extraction of carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid from <em>R. officinalisem>> em>compared with traditional reference extraction methods. Ionic liquids are considered to be green solvents, in the ultrasound-assisted extraction of key chemicals from medicinal plants, and show great potential.

  7. Morphological identification of the Soprano Pipistrelle (<em>Pipistrellus pygmaeusem> Leach, 1825 in Croatia.

    Igor Pavlinić


    Full Text Available Abstract After the discovery of two different phonic types within the common pipistrelle (<em>Pipistrellus pipistrellusem>, mtDNA analysis confirmed the existence of two separate species named as common pipistrelle (<em>P. pipistrellusem> and soprano pipistrelle (<em>P. pygmaeusem>. The discrimination of these two cryptic species using external characters and measures has proved to be somewhat problematic. We examined two colonies of soprano pipistrelle from Donji Miholjac, Croatia. As a result, only two characters proved to be of help for field identification: wing venation (89% of cases and penis morphology and colour for males. The difference in length between the 2nd and 3rd phalanxes of the 3rd finger should be discarded as diagnostic trait between <em>P. pipistrellusem> and <em>P. pygmaeusem> in Croatia. Riassunto Identificazione su basi morfologiche del pipistrello pigmeo (<em>Pipistrellus pygmeausem>, Leach, 1825 in Croazia. A seguito della descrizione di due differenti "tipi fonici" nel pipistrello nano (<em>Pipistrellus pipistrellusem> e della successiva conferma su basi genetiche dell'esistenza di due specie distinte, designate come pipistrello nano (<em>P. pipistrellusem> e pipistrello pigmeo (<em>P. pygmaeusem>, la distinzione delle due specie in base a caratteristiche morfologiche esterne si è dimostrata un problema di difficile soluzione. Sulla base delle caratteristiche distintive e delle differenze biometriche proposte da altri Autori, sono state esaminate due colonie di pipistrello pigmeo a Donji Miholjac, in Croazia. I risultati ottenuti evidenziano che, tra tutti i potenziali caratteri sinora proposti, solo due risultano utili per un'identificazione diretta sul campo: la venatura delle ali, risultata utile alla discriminazione nell'89% degli esemplari analizzati, e la colorazione e morfologia del pene nei maschi. La

  8. Helminth communities of wood mouse (<em>Apodemus sylvaticusem> on the river Avena (Calabria, southern Italy

    Concetta Milazzo


    Full Text Available Helminth parasites of woodmouse <em>Apodemus sylvaticusem> were studied from May 1993 through to June 1994 on the River Avena (Calabria, southern Italy, which, as other Mediterranenan rivers, is dry for most of the year. Trapping sites were located in three different habitats of the river: slopes, shores and the riverbed. A total of 106 animals was captured and screened for the presence of helminths. Five endoparasitic species were detected: <em>Corrigia vittaem>, <em>Rictularia proniem>, <em>Heligmosomoides polygyrusem>, <em>Syphacia stromaem> and <em>S. fredericiem>. Four helminth species were recorded from the riverbed and shore sections, whereas only <em>H. polygyrusem> and <em>S. fredericiem> were found on the slopes. <em>Syphacia fredericiem> occurred at every trapping site. The total prevalence was 25.5% and total mean intensity was 27.2 parasites/mouse. No statistical significant difference was found for both the prevalence and mean intensity of infection between either habitats or sexes, suggesting that, from the point of view of the helminth community, the study area should be considered as a single habitat.

  9. Briareolate Esters from the Gorgonian <em>Briareum asbestinumem>

    Lyndon M. West


    Full Text Available Two new briarane diterpenoids briareolate esters J (1 and K (2 were isolated from the methanolic extract of the octocoral <em>Briareum> asbestinum em>collected off the coast of Boca Raton, Florida. The structures of briaranes 1 and 2 were elucidated by interpretation of spectroscopic data. Briareolate ester K (2 showed weak growth inhibition activity against human embryonic stem cells (BG02.

  10. Feeding habits of the genet <em>Genetta genettaem> in an Iberian continental wetland

    Maite Sánchez; Patricia Rodrigues; Vicente Ortuño; Juan Herrero


    Abstract This study quantified the diet of the genet <em>Genetta genettaem> in an Iberian continental wetland, the Galachos Nature Reserve, northern Spain, based on the frequency with which items appeared in five monthly-surveyed latrines during 2004-2005. Prey types were identified <em>de visuem> using identification keys and expert advice. the genet was confirmed as an opportunistic and generalist predator, its diet including mam...

  11. Butylated Hydroxytoluene Analogs: Synthesis and Evaluation of Their <em>Multipotent em>Antioxidant Activities

    Wageeh A. Yehye


    Full Text Available A computer-aided predictions of antioxidant activities were performed with the Prediction Activity Spectra of Substances (PASS program. Antioxidant activity of compounds 1, 3, 4 and 5 were studied using 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH and lipid peroxidation assays to verify the predictions obtained by the PASS program. Compounds 3 and 5 showed more inhibition of DPPH stable free radical at 10−4 M than the well-known standard antioxidant, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT. Compound 5 exhibited promising <em>in> <em>vitro> inhibition of Fe2+-induced <em>lipid peroxidationem> of the essential egg yolk as a lipid-rich medium<em> em>(83.99%, IC50 16.07 ± 3.51 µM/mL compared to a-tocopherol (a-TOH, 84.6%, IC50 5.6 ± 1.09 µM/mL. The parameters for drug-likeness of these BHT analogues were also evaluated according to the Lipinski’s “rule-of-five” (RO5. All the BHT analogues were found to violate one of the Lipinski’s parameters (Log<em>P> > 5, even though they have been found to be soluble in protic solvents. The predictive polar surface area (PSA and absorption percent (% ABS data allow us to conclude that they could have a good capacity for penetrating cell membranes. Therefore, one can propose these new multipotent antioxidants (MPAOs as potential antioxidants for tackling <em>oxidative stressem> and <em>lipid peroxidation processes.em>> em>

  12. Imaginary Jews and True Confessions: Ethnicity, Lyricism, and John Berryman's <em>Dream Songsem>

    Andrew S. Gross


    Berryman was fascinated with the figure of "the imaginary Jew." The phrase is the title of his first short story, it recurs in <em>The Dream Songsem>, and it was to have been the topic of the final chapter of his autobiographical novel <em>Recovery>. Critics have not treated Berryman's "imaginary Jew" kindly. Early critics saw prosopopoeia as uncongenial to the confessional project. More recent critics see the figure as a misappropriation of Jewish ident...

  13. Saponins with Neuroprotective Effects from the Roots of <em>Pulsatilla cernuaem>

    Wen-Hao Fan; Zong-Gui Yu; Hui Zhang; Yong-Nan Xu; Li-Bo Zou; Yi-Xia Gong; Hui-Ming Hua; Jian-Yu Liu; Ying-Li Guan


    Four new oleanene-type triterpenoid saponins together with six known saponins were isolated from the roots of <em>P>ulsatilla cernuaem> and their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic data, including 2D NMR spectra and chemical evidence. Among these one of the aglycones (gypsogenin) is reported for the first time from this genus. Some of these compounds showed significant neuroprotective effects against the

  14. Karyotypes of <em>Nannospalax> (Palmer 1903) populations (Rodentia: Spalacidae) from centraleastern Anatolia, Turkey

    Yüksel Coskun; Servet Ulutürk; Alaettin Kaya


    Cariotipi di <em>Nannospalax> (Palmer 1903) (Rodentia, Spalacidae) dell’Anatolia centro-orientale, Turchia
    Sono stati analizzati i cariotipi di 20 (11 maschi e 9 femmine) <em>Nannospalax> catturati, nel periodo 2006-2009, in 11 località dell’Anatolia centro-orientale (Turchia). Sono state individuate sei diverse forme cromosomiche (2n=49; 2...

  15. Free Radical Scavenging, Antimicrobial and Immunomodulatory Activities of <em>Orthosiphon stamineusem>

    Nabil S. Harmal


    Full Text Available <em>Orthosiphon stamineus em>is considered an important traditional folk medicine. In this study ethanol and aqueous extracts of <em>O. stamineusem> were evaluated<em> in vitro em>for their antioxidant, antimicrobial as well as for their immunomodulatory properties on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs. The DPPH radical scavenging method was used for the determination of antioxidant activity, while the antibacterial efficacy was investigated by both disc diffusion method and Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC against four bacterial strains (Gram-positive and Gram-negative. Furthermore, the immunomodulatory potential of the extracts was investigated through the MTT assay. Aqueous extract of <em>O. stamineusem> exhibited significant free radical scavenging activity with IC50 9.6 µg/mL, whereas the IC50 for the ethanol extract was 21.4 µg/mL. The best antimicrobial activity was shown by the aqueous extract of <em>O. stamineus em>against <em>Staphylococcus aureusem>, with inhibition zone of 10.5 mm and MIC value 1.56 mg/mL. Moreover, the results observed from the MTT assay showed that both plant extracts stimulated the PBMCs proliferation<em> in vitroem> in a concentration-dependent manner, but the aqueous extract has remarkable activity against PBMCs. These findings indicate that <em>O. stamineusem> showed high antioxidant activity and may be considered as an immunomodulatory agent.

  16. Variabilità morfologica ed ecologica in <em>Neomys fodiensem> e <em>Neomys anomalusem> nell'Appennino settentrionale

    Dino Scaravelli


    Full Text Available I due <em>Neomys> italiani sono ancora da chiarire dal punto di vista della loro caratterizzazione morfologica e ecologica. Il lavoro prende in considerazione un campione di entrambe le specie proveniente da habitat forestali dell?Appennino settentrionale per i quali sono stati identificati i principali parametri ambientali. Vengono quindi descritte la variabilità dei tratti morfologici delle due specie in aree localizzate nel Parco Nazionale Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna nell?Appennino tosco-romagnolo. Risultano di sicuro effetto discriminatorio la maschera facciale, il rapporto piede posteriore/coda e i caratteri cranici. Sulla base dei criteri identificativi si sono realizzate rilevazioni di misure corporee per le due specie e una comparazione degli habitat utilizzati. <em>N. fodiensem> appare unica specie nelle faggete-abetine e dominante nei castagneti, mentre nell?Ontaneta e nelle zone aperte e termofile si registra la sola presenza di <em>N. anomalusem>. Mancano entrambi nei prati cespugliati, nella pecceta e nella cerreta. I gradienti presenti sono quindi illustrati. Non appare una differenza altitudinale nel campione esaminato, posto in stazioni tra i 400 e i 1300 m, ma per entrambe vi sono maggiori riscontri nella fascia tra 700 e 850 m. Nell?analisi multivariata rispetto alle altre specie e alle variabili ambientali si riscontra sempre una discreta correlazione con la presenza di acqua di una certa ampiezza, che comunque è significativa solo per <em>N. fodiensem>, mentre risulta di interesse la positiva correlazione di <em>N. anomalusem> con <em>Apodemus sylvaticusem>.

  17. Atividade de glutationa S-transferase na metabolização de acetochlor, atrazine e oxyfluorfen em milho (<em>Zea maysem> L.), sorgo (<em>Sorghum bicolorem> L.) e trigo (<em>Triticum aestivumem> L.) (Poaceae) Glutathione S-transferase activity in acetochlor, atrazine and oxyfluorfen metabolization in maize (<em>Zea maysem> L.), sorghum (<em>Sorghum bicolorem> L.) and wheat (<em>Triticum aestivumem>L.) (Poaceae)

    Ethel Lourenzi Barbosa Novelli; José Claudionir Carvalho; Guilherme Fernando Gomes Déstro; Karina Luiz Chamma; Leonardo César Ferreira; Ana Catarina Cataneo


    Este experimento foi conduzido para avaliar a seletividade em plantas dos herbicidas acetochlor, atrazine e oxyfluorfen em relação à atividade da glutationa S-transferase (GST) em plantas de milho (Zea mays L.), sorgo (Sorghum bicolor L.) e trigo (Triticum aestivum L.) (Poaceae). A atividade da GST foi detectada às 24, 48 e 72 horas após as aplicaç��es dos tratamentos. Os tratamentos do experimento consistiram de aplicação com água (controle), acetochlor (3 L.ha-1), atrazine (4 L.ha-1) e oxyf...

  18. Encapsulation-Induced Stress Helps <em>Saccharomyces cerevisiae em>Resist Convertible Lignocellulose Derived Inhibitors

    Johan O. Westman


    Full Text Available The ability of macroencapsulated <em>Saccharomyces cerevisiae em>CBS8066<em> em>to withstand readily and not readily <em>in situem> convertible lignocellulose-derived inhibitors was investigated in anaerobic batch cultivations. It was shown that encapsulation increased the tolerance against readily convertible furan aldehyde inhibitors and to dilute acid spruce hydrolysate, but not to organic acid inhibitors that cannot be metabolized anaerobically. Gene expression analysis showed that the protective effect arising from the encapsulation is evident also on the transcriptome level, as the expression of the stress-related genes <em>YAP1em>, <em>ATR1em> and <em>FLR1em> was induced upon encapsulation. The transcript levels were increased due to encapsulation already in the medium without added inhibitors, indicating that the cells sensed low stress level arising from the encapsulation itself. We present a model, where the stress response is induced by nutrient limitation, that this helps the cells to cope with the increased stress added by a toxic medium, and that superficial cells in the capsules degrade convertible inhibitors, alleviating the inhibition for the cells deeper in the capsule.

  19. Damage caused by <em>Skrjabingylus nasicolaem> (Leuckart, 1842), Metastrongylidae, to weasels (<em>Mustela nivalisem> L.) in North-Western Italy

    Claudio Prigioni; Anna Boria


    Abstract The percentage of infestation (incidence) and the degree of damage caused by <em>Skrjabingylus nasicolaem> were analysed in 15 fresh skulls of weasels (<em>Mustela nivalisem>) collected in Pavia province (Northern Italy) during 1986-89 and in 79 preserved skulls from the Civic Museum of Natural History of Genoa (Liguria region). The incidence was 66.6% for the first sample of weasels and 54.4% for the second one; the mean degr...

  20. Lectin from <em>Canavalia brasiliensisem> Seeds (ConBr Is a Valuable Biotechnological Tool to Stimulate the Growth of <em>Rhizobium tropiciem> <em>in Vitroem>

    Ricardo Pires dos Santos


    Full Text Available To study the interactions between a <em>Rhizobium tropiciem> strain and lectins isolated from the seeds of <em>Canavalia ensiformisem> (ConA and <em>Canavalia brasiliensisem> (ConBr, a lectin fluorescence assay was performed. In addition, an experiment was designed to evaluate the effect of the two lectins on bacterial growth. Both lectins were found to bind to <em>R. tropiciem> cells, but the interactions were inhibited by D-mannose. Interestingly, only ConBr stimulated bacterial growth in proportion to the concentrations used (15.6–500 µg/mL, and the bacterial growth stimulation was inhibited by D-mannose as well. Structure/Function analyses by bioinformatics were carried out to evaluate the volume and carbohydrate recognition domain (CRD configuration of ConA and ConBr. The difference of spatial arrangement and volume of CRD may indicate the variation between biological activities of both lectins. The results suggest that ConBr could be a promising tool for studies focusing on the interactions between rhizobia and host plants.

  1. Altitudinal distribution of the common longeared bat <em>Plecotus auritusem> (Linnaeus, 1758 and grey long-eared bat <em>Plecotus austriacusem> (J. B. Fischer, 1829 (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae in the Tatra mountains (southern Poland

    Krzysztof Piksa


    Full Text Available Riassunto Distribuzione altitudinale di Orecchione bruno (<em>Plecotus auritusem> e Orecchione meridionale (<em>Plecotus austriacusem> nei Monti Tatra (Polonia meridionale. Vengono riportati nuovi dati relativi alla distribuzione altitudinale nei Monti Tatra (Polonia meridionale di <em>Plecotus auritusem> e <em>P. austriacusem>. Tali segnalazioni incrementano le conoscenze relative alla presenza di questi chirotteri a quote elevate, in particolare per la Polonia. In inverno <em>P. auritusem> è stato rinvenuto a 1921 m s.l.m. mentre in estate è stato rinvenuto a 2250 m s.l.m.; in aggiunta, sono stati ritrovati resti ossei a 1929 m s.l.m. <em>P. austriacusem> è stato segnalato in ibernazione a 1294 m s.l.m.

  2. Isolation and Characterization of 46 Novel Polymorphic EST-Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR Markers in Two Sinipercine Fishes<em> em>(Siniperca> and Cross-Species Amplification

    Liang Cao


    Full Text Available With the development of next generation sequencing technologies, transcriptome level sequence collections are emerging as prominent resources for the discovery of gene-based molecular markers. In this study, we described the isolation and characterization of 46 novel polymorphic microsatellite loci for <em>Siniperca chuatsiem> and <em>Siniperca scherzeriem> from the transcriptome of their F1 interspecies hybrids. Forty-three of these loci were polymorphic in <em>S. chuatsiem>, and 20 were polymorphic in <em>S. scherzeriem>. In <em>S. chuatsiem>, the number of alleles per locus ranged from 2 to 8, and the observed and expected heterozygosities varied from 0.13 to 1.00 and from 0.33 to 0.85, respectively. In <em>S. scherzeriem>, the number of alleles per locus ranged from 3 to 9, and the observed and expected heterozygosities varied from 0.19 to 1.00 and from 0.28 to 0.88, respectively. We also evaluated the cross-amplification of 46 polymorphic loci in four species of sinipercine fishes: <em>Siniperca kneriem>, <em>Siniperca undulataem>, <em>Siniperca obscuraem>, and <em>Coreoperca whiteheadiem>. The interspecies cross-amplification rate was very high, totaling 94% of the 184 locus/taxon combinations tested. These markers will be a valuable resource for population genetic studies in sinipercine fishes.


    Iolanda Aparecida Nunes


    Full Text Available

    Its was analised 53 chicken carcasses and commercial cuts acquired in supermarkets of Goiânia-GO aiming to isolate <em>Salmonella>. The contamination rate was 13.2% and serotypes <em>S. brandenburgem>, <em>S. typhimuriumem>, <em>S. agonaem>, <em>S. derbyem> and <em>S. hadorem> were identified.

    KEY-WORDS: <em>Salmonella>; chicken; chicken carcasses; commercial cuts.

    No presente estudo foram analisadas, com vistas ao isolamento de <em>Salmonella>, 53 amostras de carcaças e cortes comerciais de frangos colhidas em supermercados e casas de carnes de Goiânia - GO. Observou-se freqüência média do patógeno de 13,2%, sendo identificados os sorotipos <em>E. brandenburgem>, <em>S. typhimuriumem>, <em>S.> <em>agona>, <em>S. derbyem> e <em>S. Hadarem>.

    PALAVRAS-CHAVE: <em>Salmonella>; frango de corte; carcaça; cortes comerciais.

  4. Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of the Essential Oils from <em>Duguetia lanceolataem> St. Hil. Barks

    Maria A. C. Kaplan


    Full Text Available Essential oils of <em>Duguetia lanceolataem> barks, obtained at 2 (T2 and 4 h (T4, were identified by gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. β-Elemene (12.7 and 14.9%, caryophyllene oxide (12.4 and 10.7% and β-selinene (8.4 and 10.4% were the most abundant components in T2 and T4, respectively. The essential oils inhibited the growth of <em>Staphylococcus aureusem>,> Streptococcus pyogenesem>, <em>Escherichia coliem> and <em>Candida albicansem>. The essential oils were cytotoxic against brine shrimp. The extraction time influenced the chemical composition and biological activities of essential oils obtained from the barks of <em>D. lanceolataem>.

  5. DOE/EM Criticality Safety Needs Assessment

    Westfall, Robert Michael [ORNL; Hopper, Calvin Mitchell [ORNL


    The issue of nuclear criticality safety (NCS) in Department of Energy Environmental Management (DOE/EM) fissionable material operations presents challenges because of the large quantities of material present in the facilities and equipment that are committed to storage and/or material conditioning and dispositioning processes. Given the uncertainty associated with the material and conditions for many DOE/EM fissionable material operations, ensuring safety while maintaining operational efficiency requires the application of the most-effective criticality safety practices. In turn, more-efficient implementation of these practices can be achieved if the best NCS technologies are utilized. In 2002, DOE/EM-1 commissioned a survey of criticality safety technical needs at the major EM sites. These needs were documented in the report Analysis of Nuclear Criticality Safety Technology Supporting the Environmental Management Program, issued May 2002. Subsequent to this study, EM safety management personnel made a commitment to applying the best and latest criticality safety technology, as described by the DOE Nuclear Criticality Safety Program (NCSP). Over the past 7 years, this commitment has enabled the transfer of several new technologies to EM operations. In 2008, it was decided to broaden the basis of the EM NCS needs assessment to include not only current needs for technologies but also NCS operational areas with potential for improvements in controls, analysis, and regulations. A series of NCS workshops has been conducted over the past years, and needs have been identified and addressed by EM staff and contractor personnel. These workshops were organized and conducted by the EM Criticality Safety Program Manager with administrative and technical support by staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). This report records the progress made in identifying the needs, determining the approaches for addressing these needs, and assimilating new NCS technologies into EM

  6. Terpene Glycosides from the Roots of <em>Sanguisorba officinalisem> L. and Their Hemostatic Activities

    Wei Sun; Zi-Long Zhang; Xin Liu; Shuang Zhang; Lu He; Zhe Wang; Guang-Shu Wang


    Guided by a hemostasis bioassay, seven terpene glycosides were isolated from the roots of <em>Sanguisorba officinalisem> L. by silica gel column chromatography and preparative HPLC. On the grounds of chemical and spectroscopic methods, their structures were identified as citronellol-1-<em>O>-α-l-arabinofuranosyl-(1→6)-β-d-glucopyranoside (1), geraniol-1-<em>O>-α-l-arabinofuranosyl-(1→6)-β-d-glucopyranoside (

  7. Brasil em obras, peões em luta, sindicatos surpreendidos

    Roberto Véras


    Full Text Available O presente artigo aborda as revoltas e greves ocorridas em março de 2011 em canteiros de obras do Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento (PAC, do Governo Federal, que alcançou grande repercussão nacional. Tem como foco os conflitos e as negociações, envolvendo trabalhadores, sindicatos, empresários, Governo, Justiça, Ministério Público do Trabalho, entre outros atores, estabelecidos durante a construção das Usinas Hidroelétricas de Jirau e Santo Antônio, situadas no Norte do país. Visou identificar as posições dos referidos atores e, sob uma perspectiva sociológica, propor reflexões sobre as potencialidades e os limites da atividade sindical. Que questões trouxeram tais acontecimentos ao sindicalismo, quanto às relações deste, de um lado, com suas próprias bases e, de outro, com o atual projeto governamental?

  8. Burnout em residentes de enfermagem

    Gianfábio Pimentel Franco; Alba Lúcia Bottura Leite de Barros; Luiz Antônio Nogueira-Martins; Sandra Salloum Zeitoun


    Enfermeiros Residentes podem experimentar desgaste físico e emocional decorrentes do cotidiano da Residência de Enfermagem. O objetivo deste estudo foi determinar a incidência do Burnout em Residentes de Enfermagem. Realizou-se um estudo exploratório, descritivo, analítico e longitudinal-prospectivo com 16 Residentes, no período de dois anos. Utilizou-se o Maslach Burnout Inventory traduzido e validado para o Brasil e um instrumento de dados sociodemográficos/ocupacionais. Dos Residentes, 17....

  9. Il ruolo dell'Arvicola delle nevi <em>Chionomys nivalisem> come specie-preda: un'analisi della situazione italiana

    Armando Nappi


    Full Text Available L?Arvicola delle nevi <em>Chionomys nivalisem>, a causa della sua particolare nicchia ecologica costituita, nella sua componente spaziale, dai suoli pietrosi nei cui interstizi vive, viene di norma considerata una preda poco rappresentata nelle catene trofiche. In Italia, eccettuato un dato incerto di cattura da <em>Buteo buteoem>, è risultata predata da cinque specie di serpenti (<em>Coronella austriacaem>, <em>Elaphe longissimaem>, <em>Vipera aspisem>, <em>V. berusem>, <em>V. ursiniiem>, sei di uccelli (<em>Aquila chrysaetosem>, <em>Strix alucoem>, <em>Bubo buboem>, <em>Aegolius funereusem>, <em>Asio otusem> e cinque di mammiferi (<em>Vulpes vulpesem>, <em>Mustela nivalisem>, <em>M. ermineaem>, <em>Martes> sp., <em>Felis catusem>. In alcuni casi, come in <em>Vipera berusem> a Passo Fedaia (BL, <em>Asio otusem> a S. Valentino alla Muta (BZ, <em>Mustela ermineaem> nel Parco Naturale Adamello-Brenta (TN con percentuali piuttosto consistenti, rispettivamente del 69.6%, 60.71% e 35.89%. In uno studio su <em>Vulpes vulpesem> nel Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso (TO-AO è risultata essere la preda dominante tra i roditori. Sempre nella stessa area, è interessante la predazione da <em>Aegolius funereusem> per la quale risulta, dopo <em>Clethrionomys glareolusem>, la preda più rappresentata (27.97% malgrado, da uno studio di trappolamento di micromammiferi effettuato intorno all?area di nidificazione, risulti assente rivelando così un comportamento esplorativo del rapace diretto proprio alla ricerca dell?arvicola delle nevi. Da una prima analisi sembrerebbe dunque da rivalutare il ruolo di questo roditore come preda, anche considerando il contributo in biomassa che può rappresentare. Su un totale di 184 dati reperiti sulla presenza della specie in Italia, 28 (15.2% derivano da residui di predazione. Benché non risulti un quantitativo alto comparato ad altri micromammiferi è comunque significativo

  10. Bioassay-Guided Antidiabetic Study of <em>Phaleria macrocarpaem> Fruit Extract

    Mohd Z. Asmawi


    Full Text Available An earlier anti-hyperglycemic study with serial crude extracts of <em>Phaleria macrocarpaem> (PM fruit indicated methanol extract (ME as the most effective. In the present investigation, the methanol extract was further fractionated to obtain chloroform (CF, ethyl acetate (EAF, <em>n>-butanol (NBF and aqueous (AF fractions, which were tested for antidiabetic activity. The NBF reduced blood glucose (<em>p> < 0.05 15 min after administration, in an intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test (IPGTT similar to metformin. Moreover, it lowered blood glucose in diabetic rats by 66.67% (<em>p> em>< 0.05, similar to metformin (51.11%, glibenclamide (66.67% and insulin (71.43% after a 12-day treatment, hence considered to be the most active fraction. Further fractionation of NBF yielded sub-fractions I (SFI and II (SFII, and only SFI lowered blood glucose (<em>p em>< 0.05, in IPGTT similar to glibenclamide. The ME, NBF, and SFI correspondingly lowered plasma insulin (<em>p em>< 0.05 and dose-dependently inhibited glucose transport across isolated rat jejunum implying an extra-pancreatic mechanism. Phytochemical screening showed the presence of flavonoids, terpenes and tannins, in ME, NBF and SFI, and LC-MS analyses revealed 9.52%, 33.30% and 22.50% mangiferin respectively. PM fruit possesses anti-hyperglycemic effect, exerted probably through extra-pancreatic action. Magniferin, contained therein may be responsible for this reported activity.

  11. Dois funcionalistas franceses em confronto

    Rafael Eugenio Hoyos-Andrade


    Full Text Available

    Comparamos, neste artigo, de modo aproximativo e provisório, dois modelos de análise sintática e dois métodos de representação gráfica dessas análises: trata-se dos modelos e métodos de André Martinet e Lucien Tesnière. Depois de algumas considerações introdutórias relativas ao funcionalismo dos autores em causa, arrolamos um conjunto de características que aproximam ou opõem os seus respectivos modelos. Apresentamos, em seguida, no intuito de beneficiar os estudantes universitários de sintaxe, as representações gráficas de um mesmo enunciado segundo o método estemático de Tesnière e segundo o método de visualização das relações sintáticas de Martinet, para concluir que os dois modelos/métodos, embora diferentes, poderiam eventualmente ser integrados num único sistema de análise e representação.


    Daniel Benevides Soares


    Full Text Available O mal ocupa a condição de problema para a filosofia desde a Antiguidade. Passando pelas ponderações dos estóicos e de Santo Agostinho, tratado no contexto da teodiceia por Leibniz, o mal aporta como objeto de preocupação para a moral em Kant. Muito conhecido por sua definição como um kantiano pós-hegeliano, é com Kant, mas indo além dele que Weil trata do mal, pensando-o como formas de violência. Considerada como o outro do sentido e da razão, a violência se manifesta de maneiras variadas. Nosso intuito é determinar o conceito de mal em Eric Weil enquanto forma de violência. Para isso, nos propomos a situar no esquema conceitual da violência duas formas de mal discutidas por Weil nos seus textos: o mal radical e o mal diabólico.

  13. Ser marrano em Minas Colonial

    Anita Novinsky


    Full Text Available Baseado em 57 Processos inéditos de marranos (cristãos-novos, conversos presos em Minas Gerais no século XVIII, este artigo procura mostrar seu papel na Idade de Ouro do Brasil. 64% deles eram mercadores e 23% eram mineiros. Pertenciam à classe média e raros eram os magnatas. Nenhum dele esteve envolvido no tráfico negreiro. Acusados do crime de judaísmo e de pertencerem a sociedades secretas, representaram 42% dos brasileiros condenados à morte. Ser marrano entre os portugueses no Brasil mais um sentimento e uma visão de mundo do que uma prática religiosa.Based on 57 unknown trials of marranos (new christians, conversos arrested by the Inquisition in Minas Gerais in the XVIII the century, this article shows their role in shapping the history of Minas Gerais. 64% of them were merchants na 23% were miners. Most of them belonged to a middle class and rare were those whit great fortunes. No one of them were engaged in slave trade. Acused of judaism and of participating in secret society the marranos of Minas represented 42% of the Brazilian burned at the stake. Being a marrano in Minas Gerais was not always being a crypto-new. Marranism in Brasil was a feeling and a approach to life.

  14. Terapia breve em hospital fechado

    Paulo Cesar Sandler


    Full Text Available O presente estudo cuida de pacientes "difíceis" da clínica psiquiátrica e psicoterápica: os pacientes que apresentam o fenômeno da atuação, cuja aproximação terapêutica tem se demonstrado problemática, mesmo com o advento das modernas técnicas de psicoterapia e das comunidades terapêuticas. Os diagnósticos psiquiátricos destes pacientes variam: são neuróticos, apresentam transtornos de pesonalidade, são psicóticos e quase sempre com graves doenças secundárias: alcoolismo e toxicomania (Códigos Classificação Internacional de Doenças 295 a 299, 300. 301, 303 e 304. Propõe-se, à luz da compreensão psicanalítica destas pessoas, um tratamento psicoterápico breve, focal, com o auxílio de uma hospitalização em regime fechado. Para a avaliação dos resultados do método psicoterápico diádico, criaram-se critérios de cura coerentes com a proposta terapêutica, e equiparam-se estes critérios clínicos a valores numéricos. Utilizando 36 pacientes internados, verificou-se até que ponto eles alcançavam estes critérios. Cada paciente recebeu um escore - valor numérico - que expressou o seu desempenho durante o tratamento em regime de internação, e sua conduta pós-alta hospitalar, durante um seguimento médio de 21 meses. Estes 36 pacientes puderam ser divididos em dois grupos: os de evolução favorável (obtivemos 36,1% e os de evolução desfavorável. Por meio de uma amostra sistemática composta por 41 pacientes que não foram submetidos ao método, internados no mesmo período de tempo, no mesmo hospital, e pareados com nossa casuística, fêz-se uma comparação estatística entre os percentis obtidos nas evoluções dos dois grupos. O valor do teste estatístico, o chi quadrado, não foi significante. O exame das proporções correspondentes a cada patologia em separado sugeriu fortemente que o tratamento estaria indicado nas neuroses e nas psicoses, mas que seria realmente ineficaz nos transtornos de

  15. Alimentazione di <em>Marmota marmotaem> in praterie altimontane delle dolomiti bellunesi

    Alessandro Rudatis


    Full Text Available Abstract The diet of <em>Marmota marmotaem> in the mountain prairie of south-eastern Italian Alps. Diet composition of two family groups of alpine marmots was investigated in two areas of the Agordino’s Dolomites (Italian Alps in June-September 2001, by means of microscopic analysis of faeces and of direct observation of feeding activity. During the whole period of activity, a high consume of Angiosperms was confirmed, especially plants in flower; among them the “graminoids” seemed to play an important role only during the initial part of the active period. Generally vegetative parts predominated over flowers. The ingestion of animal preys was not confirmed by the analysis of droppings. Comparing diet composition of the two groups, Graminaceae (<em>Poa>, <em>Phleum>, Compositae (<em>Achillea>, Cyperaceae/Juncaceae, Leguminosae (<em>Anthyllis>, Rosaceae, and Labiatae (<em>Prunella>, <em>Stachys> formed the bulk of marmot diet in the study areas. Diet showed low diversity considering the abundance of plant species in the surrounding environment. Food resources were probably used in relation to their easy digestibility, with a high content in proteins, sugar and water. The knowledge of vegetation features in relation to marmot trophic habits can represent a useful tool for the management of this species. Riassunto Il regime alimentare di due gruppi di Marmotta alpina è stato studiato in giugno-settembre 2001 in due aree delle Dolomiti agordine (SE Italia, attraverso l’analisi microscopica delle feci e l’osservazione diretta dell’attività alimentare. Durante tutto il periodo di attività si è notato un forte consumo di Angiosperme, specialmente piante a fiore, mentre le ”graminoidi” sembra giochino un ruolo importante all’inizio della stagione. In generale le parti vegetali predominano sui fiori. L’ingestione di prede animali non è stata

  16. Feeding tests on captive otters <em>Lutra lutraem>

    Elena Ferrario


    Full Text Available Abstract The study was carried out during 1990-91 in "La Torbiera" Faunistic Park (Piemonte region, northern Italy. Feeding experiments were conducted on 4 pairs of otters (<em>Lutra lutraem> of 2-7 year old, housed in enclosures of 210-360 m² in size with ponds of 20-33 m² and about 1 m in depth. Three foraging tests were done on a pair using eels <em>Anguilla anguillaem>, rainbow trout <em>Salmo gairdneriem> and roach <em>Rutilus erythrophthalmusem>, in order to collect data on dive duration and foraging success. Both parameters varied widely and were influenced by the behaviour of fish prey. For eels, slow moving fishes, the dive duration and the foraging success were lower than those of other fish species. Feeding correction factors, calculated as ratio between the weight of ingested fish and the dry weight of remains in spraints, were determined from a total of 21 experiments carried out on eels, rudd <em>Scardinius erythrophthalmusem> and bleak <em>Alburnus alburnus alborellaem>. The factors differed widely between the fish species and the highest value was found for eels. Riassunto Test alimentari sulla lontra <em>Lutra lutraem> in cattività - Lo studio è stato effettuato nel 1990-91 presso il Parco Faunistico "La Torbiera" di Agrate Conturbia (Novara, Piemonte. I test alimentari sono stati condotti su 4 coppie di lontra (<em>Lutra lutraem> di età compresa tra 2 e 7 anni, tenute in recinti di 210-360 m² provvisti di vasche di 20-33 m² profonde 1 m circa. Tre test sono stati effettuati su una coppia somministrando quantità note di Anguilla <em>Anguilla anguillaem>, Trota iridea <em>Salmo gairdneriem> e Triotto <em>Rutilus erythrophthalmusem>, al fine di valutare la durata delle immersioni e il successo di predazione. Entrambi i parametri variavano ampiamente tra le specie ittiche considerate ed erano influenzati dal comportamento delle stesse. Per l

  17. Elongation Factor 1β' Gene from <em>Spodoptera exiguaem>: Characterization and Function Identification through RNA Interference

    Li-Na Zhao


    Full Text Available Elongation factor (EF is a key regulation factor for translation in many organisms, including plants, bacteria, fungi, animals and insects. To investigate the nature and function of elongation factor 1β' from <em>Spodoptera> exiguaem> (SeEF-1β', its cDNA was cloned. This contained an open reading frame of 672 nucleotides encoding a protein of 223 amino acids with a predicted molecular weight of 24.04 kDa and pI of 4.53. Northern blotting revealed that <em>SeEF-1β'em> mRNA is expressed in brain, epidermis, fat body, midgut, Malpighian tubules, ovary and tracheae. RT-PCR revealed that <em>SeEF-1β'em> mRNA is expressed at different levels in fat body and whole body during different developmental stages. In RNAi experiments, the survival rate of insects injected with<em> SeEF-1β'em>> em>dsRNA was 58.7% at 36 h after injection, which was significantly lower than three control groups. Other elongation factors and transcription factors were also influenced when EF-1β' was suppressed. The results demonstrate that <em>SeEF-1β' em>is a key gene in transcription in <em>S. exiguaem>.

  18. Echolocation calls and morphology in the Mehelyi’s (<em>Rhinolophus mehelyiem> and mediterranean (<em>R. euryaleem> horseshoe bats: implications for resource partitioning

    Egoitz Salsamendi


    Full Text Available Abstract <em>Rhinolophus euryaleem> and <em>R. mehelyiem> are morphologically very similar species and their distributions overlap extensively in the Mediterranean basin. We modelled their foraging behaviour using echolocation calls and wing morphology and, assuming niche segregation occurs between the two species, we explored how it is shaped by these factors. Resting frequency of echolocation calls was recorded and weight, forearm length, wing loading, aspect ratio and wing tip shape index were measured. <em>R. mehelyiem> showed a significantly higher resting frequency than <em>R. euryaleem>, but differences are deemed insufficient for dietary niche segregation. Weight and forearm length were significantly larger in <em>R. mehelyiem>. The higher values of aspect ratio and wing loading and a lower value of wing tip shape index in <em>R. melehyiem> restrict its flight manoeuvrability and agility. Therefore, the flight ability of <em>R. mehelyiem> may decrease as habitat complexity increases. Thus, the principal mechanism for resource partitioning seems to be based on differing habitat use arising from differences in wing morphology. Riassunto Ecolocalizzazione e morfologia nei rinolofi di Mehely (<em>Rhinolophus mehelyiem> e euriale (<em>R. euryaleem>: implicazioni nella segregazione delle risorse trofiche. <em>Rhinolophus euryaleem> e <em>R. mehelyiem> sono specie morfologicamente molto simili, la cui distribuzione risulta largamente coincidente in area mediterranea. Il comportamento di foraggiamento delle due specie è stato analizzato in funzione delle caratteristiche dei segnali di ecolocalizzazione e della morfologia alare, ed è stata valutata l’incidenza di questi fattori nell’ipotesi di una segregazione delle nicchie. È stata rilevata la frequenza a riposo dei segnali ultrasonori, così come il peso, la lunghezza dell’avambraccio, il carico alare, e due

  19. Inhibition of <em>Burkholderia multivoransem> Adhesion to Lung Epithelial Cells by Bivalent Lactosides

    Trinidad Velasco-Torrijos


    Full Text Available <em>Burkholderia cepaciaem> complex (Bcc is an opportunistic pathogen in cystic fibrosis patients which is inherently resistant to antimicrobial agents. The mechanisms of attachment and pathogenesis of Bcc, a group of 17 species, are poorly understood. The most commonly identified Bcc species in newly colonised patients,<em> Burkholderia multivoransem>, continues to be acquired from the environment. Development of therapies which can prevent or reduce the risk of colonization on exposure to Bcc in the environment would be a better alternative to antimicrobial agents. Previously, it has been shown that Bcc strains bound to many glycolipid receptors on lung epithelia. Using a real-time PCR method to quantify the levels of binding of <em>B. multivoransem> to the lung epithelial cells, we have examined glycoconjugate derivatives for their potential to inhibit host cell attachment. Bivalent lactosides previously shown to inhibit galectin binding significantly reduced the attachment of <em>B. multivoransem> to CF lung epithelial cells at micromolar concentrations. This was in contrast to monosaccharides and lactose, which were only effective in the millimolar range. Development of glycoconjugate therapies such as these, which inhibit attachment to lung epithelial cells, represent an alternative means of preventing infection with inherently antimicrobially resistant pathogens such as <em>B. multivoransem>.

  20. Antioxidative Properties of Crude Polysaccharides from <em>Inonotus obliquusem>

    Jinyou Duan


    Full Text Available The mushroom <em>Inonotus obliquusem>> em>has been widely used as a folk medicine in Russia, Poland and most of the Baltic countries. In this study, water-soluble and alkali-soluble crude polysaccharides (IOW and IOA were isolated from <em>I. obliquusem>, and the carbohydrate-rich fractions IOW-1 and IOA-1 were obtained respectively after deproteination and depigmentation. Their contents, such as neutral carbohydrate, uronic acid and protein, were measured. Their antioxidant properties against chemicals-induced reactive species (ROS including 1,1'-Diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH radical, hydroxyl radical and superoxide anion radical, as well as their protective effects on H2O2-induced PC12 cell death were investigated. Results showed that <em>I. obliquusem> polysaccharides can scavenge all ROS tested above in a dose-dependent manner. IOA and its product IOA-1 could rescue PC12 cell viability from 38.6% to 79.8% and 83.0% at a concentration of 20µg/mL. Similarly, IOW and its product IOW-1 at the same dose, can also increase cell viability to 84.9% and 88.6% respectively. The antioxidative activities of water-soluble and alkali-soluble polysaccharide constituents from <em>I. obliquusem> might contribute to diverse medicinal and nutritional values of this mushroom.

  1. Synthesis and Antibacterial Evaluation of New <em>N>-acylhydrazone Derivatives from Dehydroabietic Acid

    Wen Gu


    Full Text Available A series of new <em>N>-acylhydrazone derivatives were synthesized in good yields through the reactions of dehydroabietic acid hydrazide with a variety of substituted arylaldehydes. The structures of the synthesized compounds were confirmed by IR, 1H- and 13C-NMR, ESI-MS, elemental analysis and single crystal X-ray diffraction. From the crystal structure of compound 4l, the C=N double bonds of these <em>N>-acylhydrazones showed (<em>E>-configuration, while the NMR data of compounds 4aq indicated the existence of two rotamers for each compound in solution. The target compounds were evaluated for their antibacterial activities against four microbial strains. The result suggested that several compounds exhibited pronounced antibacterial activities. Particularly, compound 4p exhibited good antibacterial activity against <em>Staphylococcus aureusem> and <em>Bacillus subtilisem> comparable to positive control. The possible antibacterial metabolism and the strategy for further optimization of this compound were also discussed.

  2. Training for Defense? From Stochastic Traits to Synchrony in Giant Honey Bees (<em>Apis dorsataem>

    Gerald Kastberger


    Full Text Available In Giant Honey Bees, abdomen flipping happens in a variety of contexts. It can be either synchronous or cascaded, such as in the collective defense traits of shimmering and rearing-up, or it can happen as single-agent behavior. Abdomen flipping is also involved in flickering behavior, which occurs regularly under quiescent colony state displaying singular or collective traits, with stochastic, and (semi- synchronized properties. It presumably acts via visual, mechanoceptive, and pheromonal pathways and its goals are still unknown. This study questions whether flickering is preliminary to shimmering which is subject of the <em>fs em>(flickering-shimmering-transition> hypothesis? We tested the respective prediction that trigger sites (<em>ts> at the nest surface (where shimmering waves had been generated show higher flickering activity than the alternative non-trigger sites (<em>nts>. We measured the flickering activity of <em>ts>- and <em>nts>-surface bees from two experimental nests, before and after the colony had been aroused by a dummy wasp. Arousal increased rate and intensity of the flickering activity of both <em>ts>- and <em>nts> cohorts (P < 0.05, whereby the flickering intensity of <em>ts>-bees were higher than that of <em>nts>-bees (P < 0.05. Under arousal, the colonies also increased the number of flickering-active <em>ts>- and <em>nts>-cohorts (P < 0.05. This provides evidence that cohorts which are specialist at launching shimmering waves are found across the quiescent nest zone. It also proves that arousal may reinforce the responsiveness of quiescent curtain bees for participating in shimmering, practically by recruiting additional trigger site bees for expanding repetition of rate and intensity of shimmering waves. This finding confirms the <em>fs-transition> hypothesis and constitutes evidence that flickering is part of a basal colony-intrinsic information system


    Jácomo Divino Borges


    Full Text Available

    Foram observados novos parasitóides nos ovos de <em>Dirphia> <em>araucariae> Jones, 1908 (<em>Lepidoptera>, <em>Attacidae>. A porcentagem do parasitismo em ovos do hospedeiro, coletados na Fazenda Marabá, Município de Congonhinhas (PR foi de 20,71%, e as espécies de parasitóides identificadas e suas freqüências do: <em>Anastatus> <em>sp> (0,45%; <em>A. charitos em>De Santis, 1982 (1,08%; A. (<em>Proanastatus> <em>excavatus> (De Santis, 1952 (1,97%; <em>Ooencyrtus> <em>sp> (17,86%; <em>O.> <em>blastothricoide> De Santis, 1988 (43,65%; e <em>O. dirphiaeem> De Santis, 1988 (34,99%.

    PALAVRAS-CHAVE: <em>Anastatus> <em>spp>; <em>Araucaria> <em>angustifolia>; controle biológico; lagarta-da-araucária; <em>Ooencyrtus sppem>; pinheiro-do-Paraná.

    The parasitism in Dirphia araucariae Jones, 1908 (<em>Lepidoptera>, <em>Attacidae> was studied and the parasitoids observed on its eggs collected in 'Fazenda Marabá’, Municipality of Congonhinhas, State of Paraná, Brazil, were the following: <em>Anastatus> <em>sp>.; <em>A>. <em>charitos> De Santis, 1982; <em>A.> (<em>Proanastatus> <em>excavatus> (De Santis, 1952; <em>Ooencyrtus> <em>sp.>; <em>O. blastothricoideem> De Santis, 1988, and <em>O. dirphiaeem> De Santis, 1988, with a frequency of 0.45%, 1.08%, 1.97%, 17.86%, 43.65% and 34.99%, respectively.

    KEY-WORDS: Biological control; Paraná-pine.

  4. Efeito dos fungicidas Fosetil-Al e Metalaxil na colonização de mudas de <em>Citrus sinensisem> (L.) Osbeck enxertadas em <em>C. limonem> (L.) Burmf Effect of the fungicides Fosetyl-Al and Metalaxyl on arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of seedlings of <em>Citrus sinensisem> (L.) Osbeck grafted onto <em>C. limonem> (L.) Burmf

    Luiz Antônio Graciolli; Vera Lúcia Ramos Bononin; Rosilaine Carrenho


    O efeito dos fungicidas Fosetil-Al e Metalaxil, recomendados para prevenção e controle da gomose, sobre o desenvolvimento de fungos micorrízicos arbusculares (FMA) em Citrus sinensis Osbeck enxertado em C. limon Burmf foi investigado. Três experimentos foram realizados em 1990 e 1992, em Casa Branca e Ilha Solteira, estado de São Paulo, Brasil, respectivamente. Coletas de raízes foram feitas após a aplicação dos fungicidas, em intervalos mensais e semanais em Casa Branca, e a cada três dias e...

  5. Uso de dexmedetomidina em anestesiologia

    Villela Nivaldo Ribeiro


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: A dexmedetomidina é um novo agonista alfa2-adrenérgico que apresenta relação de seletividade entre os receptores alfa2:alfa1 de 1600:1, com importante ação sedativa e analgésica, bom controle hemodinâmico frente ao estresse e que pode produzir, por si só, anestesia. Este agente tem sido empregado para promover analgesia e sedação no período pós-operatório e nas unidades de tratamento intensivo. Devido à suas propriedades, recentemente, a dexmedetomidina passou a ser utilizada também na sala de operações, como fármaco coadjuvante em anestesia. Assim, este artigo faz uma revisão da literatura com relação ao uso da dexmedetomidina na prática anestésica. CONTEÚDO: São apresentados os principais trabalhos com o emprego da dexmedetomidina em Anestesiologia, seja como medicação pré-anestésica, ou durante o ato anestésico-cirúrgico. O mecanismo de ação dos fármacos alfa2-agonistas e as propriedades farmacocinéticas e farmacodinâmicas da dexmedetomidina também são revistos neste artigo. CONCLUSÕES: O uso da dexmedetomidina como medicação pré-anestésica, durante anestesia, ou no período pós-operatório, promove boa estabilidade hemodinâmica. Há redução do consumo de anestésicos durante a anestesia. Os pacientes sedados com a dexmedetomidina podem ser despertados, quando solicitados, e tornarem-se cooperativos. Mesmo doses elevadas do fármaco não provocam depressão respiratória. Bradicardia é um efeito adverso observado com freqüência, problema amenizado pela administração lenta da droga. Assim, a dexmedetomidina torna-se importante recurso adicional para a prática clínica da Anestesiologia, com possibilidade de uso em diversos tipos de pacientes e procedimentos cirúrgicos.


    Profª Drª Nery Reiner


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo, voltado para a criação poética de Manoel de Barros, é focalizar o conceito da obra de arte como jogo. Escolhemos Manoel de Barros, porque o lúdico, a brincadeira e o humor estão sempre presentes em sua obra. A escolha dos dados, o encaixe de palavras escolhidas a dedo, no eixo paradigmático, formam um caleidoscópio, mostrando novas estruturas, deixando explícito o desejo de brincar com os elementos linguísticos e da natureza. Para este trabalho, escolhemos, para análise, pequenos poemas semelhantes aos haicais japoneses e outros menores ainda, com dois ou até um verso apenas. Contaremos, nesta pesquisa, com a ajuda de teóricos como Johan Huizinga, Ezra Pound, Octavio Paz, Lévi-Strauss, Olga Savary e Alfredo Bosi.

  7. Project X RFQ EM Design

    Romanov, Gennady; /Fermilab; Hoff, Matthew; Li, Derun; Staples, John; Virostek, Steve; /LBNL


    Project X is a proposed multi-MW proton facility at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL). The Project X front-end would consist of an H- ion source, a low-energy beam transport (LEBT), a CW 162.5 MHz radio-frequency quadrupole (RFQ) accelerator, and a medium-energy beam transport (MEBT). Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and FNAL collaboration is currently developing the designs for various components in the Project X front end. This paper reports the detailed EM design of the CW 162.5 MHz RFQ that provides bunching of the 1-10 mA H- beam with acceleration from 30 keV to 2.1 MeV.

  8. Poderes locais em perspectiva comparada

    Fernando Ruivo


    Full Text Available “Os romances não começam como queremos, mas como eles querem”, afirmou Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Similarmente, as nossas vidas nunca decorrem como individualmente as tínhamos pensado, desejado e planeado. Ora, tal como as nossas vidas, também as reformas político-administrativas e as políticas públicas territorializadas não começam, deve dizer-se, como queremos, isto é, como pensámos, desejámos e planeámos, mas em boa parte como elas querem, como se tivessem, afinal, alguma vida própria, a qual...

  9. Osteoporose em caprinos Osteoporosis in goats

    Fábio B. Rosa; Glauco J.N. Galiza; Ricardo B. Lucena; Taiara M. Silva; Rafaela A. Caprioli; Claudio S.L. Barros; Rafael A. Fighera; Glaucia D Kommers


    Foi realizado um estudo de casos de osteoporose em caprinos provenientes de uma propriedade na área de abrangência do LPV-UFSM, determinando a epidemiologia, o quadro clínico-patológico e discutindo os prováveis mecanismos patogenéticos. Cinco cabras, fêmeas, SRD, de seis meses a seis anos de idade foram afetadas. As cabras eram mantidas em campo nativo, sem suplementação com ração e sob superlotação. Os principais sinais clínicos foram emagrecimento, dificuldade de locomoção e permanência em...

  10. O Trabalho Plurativo em Presidente Prudente

    Sandro Mauro Guirro


    Full Text Available Atualmente, vêm ocorrendo mudanças no campo brasileiro, principalmente nas  propriedades localizadas próximas a malha urbana da cidade. Esse processo se verifica com mais intensidade em cidades como Campinas, Sorocaba, Jundiaí entre outras cidades próximas aos grandes centros urbanos. Em Presidente Prudente, esse processo dá sinais de existência em resposta à crise pela qual vem passando, sobretudo a pequena agricultura. Está-se diante da intensificação das mudanças de funções do trabalho inserido na lavra agrária.

  11. Determinantes do endividamento municipal em Portugal

    Ferreira, Fernando Diogo Vilaça


    Dissertação de mestrado em Economia, Mercados e Políticas Públicas O objectivo desta dissertação consiste em analisar os factores que explicam o índice de endividamento dos Municípios portugueses entre 2003 e 2007. Em Portugal, os municípios surgiram no pós-25 de Abril de 1974 com atribuições desempenhadas até aí pela Administração Central. No entanto, nem sempre foram acompanhadas por transferências suficientes provocando o recurso ao crédito. Este endividamento municipal t...

  12. Sistemas de Indicadores de Desempenho em Projetos

    Julia Garaldi Borges; Marly Monteiro de Carvalho


    O presente trabalho visa propor um sistema de indicadores de desempenho de projetos, a partir da análise da importância dos critérios de sucesso em projetos. A abordagem metodológica foi a de pesquisa-ação desenvolvida em uma empresa de engenharia, com atuação em diversos setores. Foram utilizadas várias fontes de evidência, tais como análise do atual sistema de indicadores da empresa, análise dos projetos nas bases de dados e entrevistas com representantes do escritório de projetos e com ger...

  13. Tricolemoma em coelho Tricholemmoma in a rabbit

    Krishna Duro de Oliveira; Ticiana do Nascimento França; Alexander Pérez González; Paulo Vargas Peixoto


    Tricolemoma é um raro tumor benigno, composto por células epiteliais claras derivadas da bainha externa da raiz do folículo piloso. Esses tumores têm sido descritos no homem e raramente em cães. No presente relato, descreve-se a ocorrência de um tricolemoma, de 1cm de diâmetro em um coelho adulto, cujas características histológicas são muito semelhantes às descritas para esses tumores em cães.Tricholemmoma is a rare benign tumor composed of clear epithelial cells derived from the outer root s...

  14. Comorbidades psiquiátricas em dependentes químicos em abstinência em ambiente protegido Psychiatric comorbidities in abstinent drug addict in a protected environment

    Adriana Raquel Binsfeld Hess; Rosa Maria Martins de Almeida; André Luiz Moraes


    O objetivo desta pesquisa foi verificar a frequência de comorbidades psiquiátricas, utilizando Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview, em diferentes grupos de dependentes químicos em abstinência, em ambiente protegido, classificados de acordo com o tipo de droga utilizada: (1) grupo controle (n = 37); (2) dependentes em abstinência de álcool (n = 8); (3) dependentes em abstinência de álcool, maconha e crack/cocaína (n = 24); e (4) dependentes em abstinência de múltiplas substâncias psi...

  15. 3-(1<em>H>-Indol-3-yl-4-(morpholin-4-ylcyclobut-3-ene-1,2-dione

    Johann Grünefeld


    Full Text Available 3-(1<em>H>-Indol-3-yl-4-(morpholin-4-ylcyclobut-3-ene-1,2-dione was obtained in good yields (72–82% by nucleophilic substitution of 3-chloro-4-(1<em>H>-indol-3-ylcyclobut-3-ene-1,2-dione with morpholine.

  16. Three dimensional geometric morphometric study of the Ethiopian <em>Myomys - Stenocephalemysem> complex (Murinae, Rodentia

    Carlo Fadda


    Full Text Available Abstract Geometric morphometrics was used to investigate the Ethiopian <em>Myomys - Stenocephalemysem> complex, and to suggest possible explanations for differences in size and shape. The four species of the complex (<em>M. albipesem>, <em>M. ruppiem>, <em>S. griseicaudaem>, <em>S. albocaudataem> and a Kenyan species, <em>M. fumatusem>, were studied using Procrustes analysis of three dimensional landmarks collected over the skull. All these species occur in very different habitats, from forests at 1000 m up to the Afro Alpine moorlands above 4000 m. There is a substantial contradiction between phylogenetic relationships based on chromosomal rearrangements and allozymes (two distinct lineages corresponding to the two genera, and mtDNA (<em>Stenocephalemys> being paraphyletic. Geometric morphometrics supports the former hypothesis. Partial Least-Squares analysis shows a significant relation between variation in size and shape and altitude, which strongly suggests that adaptation is a major causal factor for divergence in the morphology of the skull. Size increases with altitude, paralleling a clinal change in shape, which involves stenocephaly as characterising the highland species. This shape modification allows the rodents to scan the sky efficiently for birds, which represent the main category of predators in the Afro Alpine moorlands.

  17. Identification of Volatile Components of Liverwort (<em>Porella cordaeanaem> Extracts Using GC/MS-SPME and Their Antimicrobial Activity

    Maria Elisabetta Guerzoni


    Full Text Available Chemical constituents of liverwort (<em>Porella cordaeanaem> extracts have been identified using solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography mass spectrometry (SPME-GC/MS. The methanol, ethanol and ethyl acetate extracts were rich in terpenoids such as sesquiterpene hydrocarbons (53.12%, 51.68%, 23.16%, and monoterpene hydrocarbons (22.83%, 18.90%, 23.36%, respectively. The dominant compounds in the extracts were β-phellandrene (15.54%, 13.66%, 12.10% and β-caryophyllene (10.72%, 8.29%, 7.79%, respectively. The antimicrobial activity of the extracts was evaluated against eleven food microorganisms using the microdilution and disc diffusion methods. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC varied from 0.50 to 2.00 mg/mL for yeast strains (<em>Saccharomyces cerevisiae 635em>, <em>Zygosacharomyces bailii 45em>, <em>Aerobasidium pullulans L6Fem>, <em>Pichia membranaefaciens OC 71em>, <em>Pichia membranaefaciens OC 70em>, <em>Pichia anomalaem> <em>CBS 5759em>, <em>Pichia anomala DBVPG 3003em> and<em> em>>Yarrowia lipolytica RO13em>, and from 1.00 to 3.00 mg/mL for bacterial strains<em> em>(Salmonella> <em>enteritidis 155em>, <em>Escherichia coli 555em> and <em>Listeria monocytogenes 56Lyem>. Methanol extract showed better activity in comparison with ethanol and ethyl acetate extracts. High percentages of monoterpene and sesquiterpene hydrocarbons could be responsible for the better antimicrobial activity.

  18. Feeding habits of the genet <em>Genetta genettaem> in an Iberian continental wetland

    Maite Sánchez


    Full Text Available Abstract This study quantified the diet of the genet <em>Genetta genettaem> in an Iberian continental wetland, the Galachos Nature Reserve, northern Spain, based on the frequency with which items appeared in five monthly-surveyed latrines during 2004-2005. Prey types were identified <em>de visuem> using identification keys and expert advice. the genet was confirmed as an opportunistic and generalist predator, its diet including mammals (95.0%, plants (68.3% and arthropods (60.0% as main prey. With the exception of a newly available prey species, the alien crayfish <em>Procambarus clarkiiem>, the genet probably consumed arthropods because of chance encounters rather than active search. The consumption of fruits and small mammals varied seasonally. Riassunto Alimentazione della genetta <em>Genetta genettaem> in un'area umida continentale della penisola iberica La dieta della genetta è stata investigata in un'area umida interna della Spagna settentrionale, la riserva Naturale dei Galachos. La frequenza di ciascuna categoria alimentare è stata espressa come numero di occorrenze mansili in cinque latrine monitorate per il periodo 2004-2005. Le categorie sono state identificate <em>de visuem> tramite chiavi per il riconoscimento o l'intervento di singoli esperti. I risultati confermano il comportamento alimentare generalista e opportunista della genetta. La dieta ha incluso principalmente mammiferi (95%, vegetali (68.3% e artropodi (60%. Questi ultimi, con l'eccezione del gambero <em>Procambarus clarkiiem>, introdotto e di recente presenza, sono probabilmente utilizzati in modo opportunistico, piuttosto che in seguito a ricerca attiva. L'uso dei frutti e dei micromammiferi varia stagionalmente.

  19. Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of the Essential Oils from <em>Duguetia lanceolataem> St. Hil. Barks

    Kaplan, Maria A. C.; Rodarte, Mírian P.; Maria P. H. Amaral; Araújo, Aílson A. L.; Míriam A. O. Pinto; Maria S. Alves; Glauciemar Del-Vechio-Vieira; Orlando V. Sousa


    Essential oils of <em>Duguetia lanceolataem> barks, obtained at 2 (T2) and 4 h (T4), were identified by gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. β-Elemene (12.7 and 14.9%), caryophyllene oxide (12.4 and 10.7%) and β-selinene (8.4 and 10.4%) were the most abundant components in T2 and T4, respectively. The essential oils inhibited the growth of <em>Staphylococcus aureusem>,> Streptococcus pyogenesem>, <em>Escherichia coli&l...

  20. Influência do ambiente em cultivares de feijoeiro-comum em cerrado com baixa altitude

    Helton Santos Pereira; Válter Martins de Almeida; Leonardo Cunha Melo; Adriane Wendland; Luís Cláudio de Faria; Maria José Del Peloso; Mariana Cruzick de Souza Magaldi


    O objetivo desse trabalho foi identificar genótipos de feijoeiro-comum com alta adaptabilidade e estabilidade de produção e verificar a ocorrência de interação genótipos x ambientes (GxA) para diferentes caracteres em algumas regiões de cerrado com baixa altitude no Estado do Mato Grosso. Foram realizados 12 ensaios em blocos casualizados, com três repetições, em épocas de semeadura da seca e do inverno, no Estado do Mato Grosso, em 2008 e 2009. Os ensaios foram compostos por 19 genótipos com...

  1. Characterization of the Antibacterial Activity and the Chemical Components of the Volatile Oil of the Leaves of <em>Rubus parvifoliusem> L.

    Yongqing Cai


    Full Text Available <em>Rubus parvifoliusem> L. (Rp is a medicinal herb that possesses antibacterial activity. In this study, we extracted the volatile oil from the leaves of Rp to assess its antibacterial activity and analyze its chemical composition. A uniform distribution design was used to optimize the extraction procedure, which yielded 0.36% (<em>w/w> of light yellowish oil from the water extract of Rp leaves. We found that the extracted oil effectively inhibited the growth of a wide range of Gram positive and negative bacteria, including <em>Staphylococcus aureusem>, <em>Staphylococcus epidermidisem>, <em>Enterococcus faecalisem>, <em>Escherichia coliem>, <em>Pseudomonas aeruginosaem>, <em>Acinetobacter baumaniiem>, <em>Bacillus cloacaeem>, and <em>Klebsiella pneumoniaeem>. We further analyzed the components contained in the hydro-distillated Rp volatile oil by gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy. Twenty nine compounds were identified, including 4-hydroxy-3-methoxystyrene (66%, 3,7,11,15-tetramethyl-2-hexadecen-1-ol (10% and 4-<em>tert>-butylbenzoic acid (2%. Our results suggest that one or multiple constituents contained in Rp volatile oil may account for its antibacterial activity.

  2. EMS in Taiwan: past, present, and future.

    Chiang, Wen-Chu; Ko, Patrick Chow-In; Wang, Hui-Chih; Yang, Chi-Wei; Shih, Fuh-Yuan; Hsiung, Kuang-Hua; Ma, Matthew Huei-Ming


    Taiwan is a small island country located in East Asia. From around 1995 modern concepts of the EMS were imported and supported by legislation. Considerable progress has since been made towards the construction of an effective pre-hospital care system. This article introduces the current status of the EMS in Taiwan, including the systems, response configurations, funding, personnel, medical directorship, and outcome research. The features and problems of in-hospital emergency care are also discussed. Key areas for further development in the country vary depending on regional differences in available resource and population density. An analysis of the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats of the evolving EMS in Taiwan could be an example for other countries where the EMS is undergoing a similar process of development and optimisation. PMID:19059690

  3. Platelet-Activating Factor (PAF Antagonistic Activity of a New Biflavonoid from <em>Garcinia nervosaem> var. <em>pubescens> King

    Azura Abdul Ghani


    Full Text Available The methanol extract of the leaves of <em>Garcinia nervosaem> var. <em>pubescens> King, which showed strong inhibitory effects on platelet-activating factor (PAF receptor binding, was subjected to bioassay-guided isolation to obtain a new biflavonoid, II-3,I-5, II-5,II-7,I-4',II-4'-hexahydroxy-(I-3,II-8-flavonylflavanonol together with two known flavonoids, 6-methyl-4'-methoxyflavone and acacetin. The structures of the compounds were elucidated by spectroscopic methods. The compounds were evaluated for their ability to inhibit PAF receptor binding to rabbit platelets using 3H-PAF as a ligand. The biflavonoid and acacetin showed strong inhibition with IC50 values of 28.0 and 20.4 µM, respectively. The results suggest that these compounds could be responsible for the strong PAF antagonistic activity of the plant.

  4. Probióticos em avicultura

    Gil de los Santos João Rodrigo


    Full Text Available Durante os últimos anos, o incremento de toxinfecções alimentares em humanos pela ingestão de produtos avícolas contaminados com bactérias, sugeriu que produtos oriundos de aves portadoras dessas bactérias podem veiculá-las ao consumidor, provocando doenças entéricas em humanos. Essas observações e a restrição, por parte do mercado consumidor, ao uso de antimicrobianos na produção animal, aumentaram o interesse mundial pelos probióticos e, conseqüentemente, o número de pesquisas realizadas. Esta revisão mostra os avanços e a situação em que se encontram os probióticos em relação à indústria avícola.

  5. Biocerâmicas em Endodontia

    Oliveira, Pedro Miguel da Silva


    Introdução e Objectivos: Biocerâmicas incluem materiais cerâmicos projetados especificamente para uso em Medicina e Medicina Dentária. O objetivo deste trabalho é efetuar uma revisão bibliográfica em que demonstre a avaliação das propriedades físico-químicas das biocerâmicas e o seu uso em Endodontia. Radiopacidade, Fluidez, pH e Libertação de íões cálcio foram analisados e comparados com outros materiais usados em Endodontia. Material e Métodos: Para a realização da pesq...

  6. <em>Helicobacter pyloriem> Disrupts Host Cell Membranes, Initiating a Repair Response and Cell Proliferation

    Hsueh-Fen Juan


    Full Text Available <em>Helicobacter pyloriem> (<em>H. pyloriem>, the human stomach pathogen, lives on the inner surface of the stomach and causes chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, and gastric cancer. Plasma membrane repair response is a matter of life and death for human cells against physical and biological damage. We here test the hypothesis that <em>H. pyloriem> also causes plasma membrane disruption injury, and that not only a membrane repair response but also a cell proliferation response are thereby activated. Vacuolating cytotoxin A (VacA and cytotoxin-associated gene A (CagA have been considered to be major <em>H. pyloriem> virulence factors. Gastric cancer cells were infected with <em>H. pyloriem> wild type (vacA+/cagA+, single mutant (ΔvacA or ΔcagA or double mutant (ΔvacA/ΔcagA strains and plasma membrane disruption events and consequent activation of membrane repair components monitored. <em>H. pyloriem> disrupts the host cell plasma membrane, allowing localized dye and extracellular Ca2+ influx. Ca2+-triggered members of the annexin family, A1 and A4, translocate, in response to injury, to the plasma membrane, and cell surface expression of an exocytotic maker of repair, LAMP-2, increases. Additional forms of plasma membrane disruption, unrelated to <em>H.> pylori em>exposure, also promote host cell proliferation. We propose that <em>H. pyloriem> activation of a plasma membrane repair is pro-proliferative. This study might therefore provide new insight into potential mechanisms of <em>H. pyloriem>-induced gastric carcinogenesis.

  7. <em>Hedyotis diffusaem> Willd Inhibits Colorectal Cancer Growth <em>in Vivoem> via Inhibition of STAT3 Signaling Pathway

    Jun Peng; Wei Xu; Aling Shen; Zhenfeng Hong; Jianwei Zeng; Youzhi Zhan; Ling Zhang; Lili Wang; Lihui Wei; Jiumao Lin; Qiaoyan Cai


    Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (STAT3), a common oncogenic mediator, is constitutively activated in many types of human cancers; therefore it is a major focus in the development of novel anti-cancer agents. <em>Hedyotis diffusaem> Willd has been used as a major component in several Chinese medicine formulas for the clinical treatment of colorectal cancer (CRC). However, the precise mechanism of its anti-tumor activity remains largely unclear. Using a CRC mous...

  8. Local feeding specialization of the red fox (<em>Vulpes vulpesem>) in response to eastern cottontail (<em>Sylvilagus floridanusem>) introduction (NW Italy)

    Alessandro Balestrieri; Luigi Remonti; Claudio Prigioni


    Abstract To appreciate the influence of the introduction of the Eastern cottontail (<em>Sylvilagus floridanusem>) on the food habits of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), between June 1998 and February 2000 fox diet was investigated by means of scat analysis (N=115) in a 250 ha wide Natural Reserve of NW Italy, and compared with data collected in the same area prior to cottontail colonization (1988-1989). Comparison included also the diet of badgers (...

  9. Net Energy, CO2 Emission and Land-Based Cost-Benefit Analyses of <em>Jatropha> em>Biodiesel: A Case Study of the Panzhihua Region of Sichuan Province in China

    Xiangzheng Deng


    Full Text Available Bioenergy is currently regarded as a renewable energy source with a high growth potential. Forest-based biodiesel, with the significant advantage of not competing with grain production on cultivated land, has been considered as a promising substitute for diesel fuel by many countries, including China. Consequently, extracting biodiesel from <em>Jatropha> curcasem> has become a growing industry. However, many key issues related to the development of this industry are still not fully resolved and the prospects for this industry are complicated. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the net energy, CO2 emission, and cost efficiency of <em>Jatropha> biodiesel as a substitute fuel in China to help resolve some of the key issues by studying data from this region of China that is well suited to growing <em>Jatropha>. Our results show that: (1 <em>Jatropha> biodiesel is preferable for global warming mitigation over diesel fuel in terms of the carbon sink during <em>Jatropha> tree growth. (2 The net energy yield of <em>Jatropha> biodiesel is much lower than that of fossil fuel, induced by the high energy consumption during <em>Jatropha> plantation establishment and the conversion from seed oil to diesel fuel step. Therefore, the energy efficiencies of the production of <em>Jatropha> and its conversion to biodiesel need to be improved. (3 Due to current low profit and high risk in the study area, farmers have little incentive to continue or increase <em>Jatropha> production. (4 It is necessary to provide more subsidies and preferential policies for <em>Jatropha> plantations if this industry is to grow. It is also necessary for local government to set realistic objectives and make rational plans to choose proper sites for <em>Jatropha> biodiesel development and the work reported here should assist that effort. Future research focused on breading high-yield varieties, development of efficient field

  10. A Favela posta em Cena

    Fabiana Valdoski Ribeiro


    Full Text Available Em uma realidade de urbanização calcada no aprofundamento dos processos de expropriação e espoliações se consolida o fenômeno da produção de uma morfologia intitulada Favela, que continua a representar um desafio teórico e prático para pesquisadores. Este desafio é enfrentado de várias formas sendo uma delas desenhada no âmbito de duas publicações do Observatório das Favelas (Rio de Janeiro assentadas na busca conceitual do termo favela e objetivando a efetivação de políticas públicas. Esta meta remonta a trajetória deste Observatório que criado em 2001 pensa a inserção da Favela no âmbito das políticas de Estado. A primeira publicação intitulada “Favela: alegria e dor na cidade” (2005 se compõem de quatro capítulos que expõem um movimento da história de formação das favelas na cidade do Rio de Janeiro, as formas de intervenção do Estado, a prática cotidiana dos moradores como manifestação das transgressões diante as opressões e finaliza com as propostas de caminhos possíveis de superação das desigualdades e ampliação da democracia. O argumento central dos autores se direciona para o questionamento das visões de homogeneidade, ausência, carência e apartamento das favelas diante da cidade apontando a urgência de construção de um projeto de cidade democrático e fraterno.Ao longo do texto os autores vão descrevendo os exemplos destas visões e analisa o resultado delas por meio de como a população residente vive, pois são ora invisíveis, ora criminalizados, ora caracterizados enquanto um problema social estabelecendo, portanto, uma lógica autoritária que legitimará no decorrer da história das favelas, as intervenções estatais. Este movimento molda uma linha argumentativa que tenta explicitar o negativo diante a produção possível para o “morar’, que calcado na impossibilidade do acesso à terra pelo imperativo da propriedade privada empurra grandes contingentes populacionais

  11. EMS Stations, EMS: Represents the locations of EMS Stations in Washington County., Published in 2009, 1:1200 (1in=100ft) scale, Washington County GIS Office.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This EMS Stations dataset, published at 1:1200 (1in=100ft) scale, was produced all or in part from Orthoimagery information as of 2009. It is described as 'EMS:...

  12. Development of 101 Gene-based Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Markers in Sea Cucumber, <em>Apostichopus japonicusem>>

    Wei Lu


    Full Text Available Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs are currently the marker of choice in a variety of genetic studies. Using the high resolution melting (HRM genotyping approach, 101 gene-based SNP markers were developed for <em>Apostichopus japonicusem>, a sea cucumber species with economic significance for the aquaculture industry in East Asian countries. HRM analysis revealed that all the loci showed polymorphisms when evaluated using 40 <em>A. japonicusem> individuals collected from a natural population. The minor allele frequency ranged from 0.035 to 0.489. The observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0.050 to 0.833 and 0.073 to 0.907, respectively. Thirteen loci were found to depart significantly from Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium (HWE after Bonferroni corrections. Significant linkage disequilibrium (LD was detected in one pair of markers. These SNP markers are expected to be useful for future quantitative trait loci (QTL analysis, and to facilitate marker-assisted selection (MAS in <em>A. japonicusem>.


    Yvo de Carvalho; Leila Garcez de Araújo


    Foram descritas as características de lesões e morfologia de colônias de <em>Pestalotia> <em>sp>., <em>Phomopsis spem>., <em>Stigmella spem>., <em>Chaetophoma sp.em>, <em>Helminthosporium sp.em> e <em>Epicoccum sp. em>obtidas de folhas de mudas de pequizeiro em viveiros nos municípios de Goiânia e Hidrolândia (GO). ...


    André Lira


    Full Text Available ResumoOs avanços técnicos atuais põem adiante muitasexpectativas relativas à nossa mortalidade.Devedores de uma longa tradição de dicotomias,como corpo e alma, cultura e naturezae muitas outras, nós estamos realmente observandoa virtualização crescente da realidade.Por que isso está ocorrendo e a que isso estáconduzindo? Nós iremos propor uma dançaapaixonada com a questão da morte, não parasuperá-la ou repeli-la, como normalmente éexperienciada no mundo moderno. Em vezdisso, nessa mesma dança, tentaremos redescobrirnossas raízes terrenas, articulando odivino e a singularidade de nossas vidas comodevidos ao horizonte que a morte revela.Morte como horizonte, isto é, a própria possibilidadede ser, quer dizer que a mortalidadeé o próprio dom da felicidade, o permanentee essencial sentido da história. E o horizontedas possibilidades que a morte oferece a cadaum dos seres humanos aparece como um silênciosagrado, sempre um espelho escuro requisitandoe questionando nossas identidadese certezas, nos pondo em movimento. Nessesentido, recuperar o sentido existencial damorte é pedir abrigo, mais uma vez, no ventremisterioso da terra.Palavras-chave: Morte; corpo; terra.AbstractTh e current technical advancements putforward many expectations concerning ourmortality. In debt of a long tradition of dichotomies,such as body and soul, cultureand nature and many others, we are indeedwatching the increasing virtualization of reality.Why is that happening and what is it leadingto? We will propose a passionate dancewith the question of death, not to overcomeor repel it, as it normally is experienced in themodern world. Instead, in that very dance,we will try to rediscover our earthly roots, articulatingthe divinity and singularity of ourlives as due to the horizon that death unveils.Death as horizon, that is, the possibility ofbeing itself, means that mortality is the truegift of happiness, the everlasting and essentialmeaning of history

  15. Commensal <em>Pseudomonas> Species Isolated from Wastewater and Freshwater Milieus in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, as Reservoir of Antibiotic Resistant Determinants

    Anthony I. Okoh


    Full Text Available <em>Pseudomonas> species are opportunistic pathogens with implications in a wide range of diseases including cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anaemia. Because of their status as multidrug resistant (MDR and extremely drug resistant (XDR bacteria <em>Pseudomonas> species represent a threat to public health. Prevalence, antibiogram and associated antibiotic resistant genes of <em>Pseudomonas> species isolated from freshwater and mixed liquor environments in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa were assessed. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR based technique was used to identify the isolates and screen for antibiotic resistant genes. The result shows occurrence of <em>Pseudomonas> spp. in freshwater and mixed liquor as follows: 71.42% and 37.5% (<em>P. putidaem>, 14.28% and 31.25% (<em>P. flourescensem>, 7.14% and 6.25% (<em>P. aeruginosaem> and 7.14% and 25% for other <em>Pseudomonas> species respectively. Disk diffusion antibiogram of the <em>Pseudomonas> isolates from the two locations showed 100% resistance to penicillin, oxacillin, clindamycin, rifampicin and 100% susceptibility to ciprofloxacin and gentamicin with varied percentage resistances to cephalothin, nalidixic acid, tetracycline, and ampicillin. The <em>blaTEM> antibiotic resistant gene was detected in 12.5% of <em>P. putidaem>, 57.14% of <em>P. fluorescensem>, 100% <em>P. aeruginosaem> and 40% in other <em>Pseudomonas> species. Similarly, Integrons conserved segment were detected in 12.5% of <em>P. putidaem>, 57.14% of <em>P. fluorescensem>, 100% of <em>P. aeruginosaem> and 40% of other <em>Pseudomonas> species. The presence of <em>blaTEM> gene and integrons conserved segment in some of the isolates is worrisome and suggest <em>Pseudomona>s species as important reservoirs of multidrug resistance genes in the Eastern Cape Province environment.

  16. Preussianone, a New Flavanone-Chromone Biflavonoid from <em>Garcinia preussiiem> Engl.

    Gerhard Bringmann; Kurt Hostettmann; Jean-Luc Wolfender; Alain Meli Lannang; Nkengfack, Augustin E; Barbara Hertlein-Amslinger; Karine Ndjoko-Ioset; Bernadette Biloa Messi


    A new flavanone-chromone biflavonoid, preussianone (1), has been isolated from the leaves of <em>Garcinia preussiiem>, along with four known biflavonoids. The absolute stereostructures were elucidated by chemical, spectroscopic, and chiroptical methods. The biological properties of the new biflavonoid against several bacterial strains were evaluated.

  17. <em>In Vitro em>Phytotoxicity and Antioxidant Activity of Selected Flavonoids

    Rita Patrizia Aquino


    Full Text Available The knowledge of flavonoids involved in plant-plant interactions and their mechanisms of action are poor and, moreover, the structural characteristics required for these biological activities are scarcely known. The objective of this work was to study the possible <em>in vitro em>phytotoxic effects of 27 flavonoids on the germination and early radical growth of <em>Raphanus sativus em>L.> and <em>Lepidium sativumem> L., with the aim to evaluate the possible structure/activity relationship. Moreover, the antioxidant activity of the same compounds was also evaluated. Generally, in response to various tested flavonoids, germination was only slightly affected, whereas significant differences were observed in the activity of the various tested flavonoids against radical elongation. DPPH test confirms the antioxidant activity of luteolin, quercetin, catechol, morin, and catechin. The biological activity recorded is discussed in relation to the structure of compounds and their capability to interact with cell structures and physiology. No correlation was found between phytotoxic and antioxidant activities.

  18. Enzymatic Properties and Mutational Studies of Chalcone Synthase from <em>Physcomitrella patensem>

    Mahiran Basri


    Full Text Available <em>Pp>CHS is a member of the type III polyketide synthase family and catalyses the synthesis of the flavonoid precursor naringenin chalcone from <em>p>-coumaroyl-CoA. Recent research reports the production of pyrone derivatives using either hexanoyl-CoA or butyryl-CoA as starter molecule. The Cys-His-Asn catalytic triad found in other plant chalcone synthase predicted polypeptides is conserved in <em>Pp>CHS. Site directed mutagenesis involving these amino acids residing in the active-site cavity revealed that the cavity volume of the active-site plays a significant role in the selection of starter molecules as well as product formation. Substitutions of Cys 170 with Arg and Ser amino acids decreased the ability of the <em>Pp>CHS to utilize hexanoyl-CoA as a starter molecule, which directly effected the production of pyrone derivatives (products. These substitutions are believed to have a restricted number of elongations of the growing polypeptide chain due to the smaller cavity volume of the mutant’s active site.

  19. Antibacterial Secondary Metabolites from the Cave Sponge <em>Xestospongia em>sp.

    Sridevi Ankisetty


    Full Text Available Chemical investigation of the cave sponge <em>Xestospongia em>sp. resulted in the isolation of three new polyacetylenic long chain compounds along with two known metabolites. The structures of the new metabolites were established by NMR and MS analyses. The antibacterial activity of the new metabolites was also evaluated.

  20. Actinomicose da Mama em Gestante

    Mottola Jr Juvenal


    Full Text Available A actinomicose mamária é doença inflamatória rara, com poucos casos descritos na literatura. Pode ser primária da mama quando resultante de traumas na pele e papila mamária, e, secundária, quando de origem toracopleural. Sua apresentação clínica é variável, devendo ser diferenciada das doenças mais comuns, dentre elas as mastites e também as neoplasias, como o carcinoma inflamatório. Seu diagnóstico é realizado pela cultura da secreção, com a identificação das colônias de Actinomyces sp. Seu tratamento é a drenagem, quando indicada, a antibioticoterapia endovenosa e manutenção oral por tempo prolongado. Os autores relatam caso de abscesso retromamário por Actinomyces sp. em gestante de 12 semanas que apresentava tumoração mamária expansiva na mama esquerda.

  1. Dermatite multifatorial em um canino

    C.B. Matos


    Full Text Available Relatou-se um caso clínico de dermatite multifatorial em cão, envolvendo Demodex canis, Sporothrix schenckii e bactérias dos gêneros Staphylococcus e Streptococcus. O animal, macho, da raça Pit Bull, com um ano e três meses de idade, apresentou lesões úmidas, hiperêmicas, descamativas e ulcerativas nas regiões do pescoço e do tórax. Exames laboratoriais confirmaram o diagnóstico de infecção concomitante por fungo, bactéria e parasito. A terapia antimicrobiana com moxidectina, itraconazol e amoxicilina foi efetiva, com remissão dos sinais clínicos após 30 dias de tratamento. Este relato salienta a importância do diagnóstico de certeza, que foi determinante para estabelecimento da terapêutica adequada e recuperação do animal.

  2. Monorquidismo em um equino marchador

    Jéssica Fontana de Magalhães


    Full Text Available O monorquidismo é um quadro raramente descrito em equinos, que não apresenta descrições prévias na literatura nacional. Trata-se de um equino adulto brasileiro, com oito anos de idade, sem raça definida, porém com características de raças de origem nacional. Por abordagem inguinal do lado esquerdo, localizou-se a túnica vaginal intacta, que, aberta, continha a cauda de um epidídimo mal formado, o ducto deferente e um delgado pedículo vascular, mas sem indícios de testículo. Exames histológicos e hormonais confirmaram a ausência de tecido testicular. Conclui-se que os exames histológicos e hormonais são essenciais para o diagnóstico de monorquidismo que, apesar de raro, também pode acometer equinos nacionais

  3. Self: um conceito em desenvolvimento

    Lídia Suzana Rocha de Macedo


    Full Text Available Diversas definições de self coexistem nas teorias e práticas psicológicas. Essa variedade é resultante de bases epistemológicas a partir das quais se adotam estratégias diferentes para abordar e demarcar os limites do objeto em questão e descrevê-lo. Este estudo teve como objetivo oferecer uma revisão dos conceitos de self e uma reflexão sobre como esse conceito se articula nas diferentes abordagens teóricas da psicologia. Destaca-se que dilemas centrais à psicologia do desenvolvimento atravessam o conceito de self. Por essa razão, apresenta-se a tese de que, ao analisar cada definição de self, deve-se buscar responder como cada teoria colocou-se diante das dicotomias estabilidade versus transformação, específico versus universal e mundo interno versus mundo externo.

  4. Local feeding specialization of the red fox (<em>Vulpes vulpesem> in response to eastern cottontail (<em>Sylvilagus floridanusem> introduction (NW Italy

    Alessandro Balestrieri


    Full Text Available Abstract To appreciate the influence of the introduction of the Eastern cottontail (<em>Sylvilagus floridanusem> on the food habits of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes, between June 1998 and February 2000 fox diet was investigated by means of scat analysis (N=115 in a 250 ha wide Natural Reserve of NW Italy, and compared with data collected in the same area prior to cottontail colonization (1988-1989. Comparison included also the diet of badgers (<em>Meles melesem>, considered as potential competitors for food resources. Alien lagomorphs (mean percent volume, Vm% = 68% represented by far the most exploited resource, only three other food items reaching values of mean percent volume barely higher than 5%. Cottontails frequency of occurrence did not vary according either to season or to their reproductive cycle (II-IX vs. X-I, whilst diet niche breadth varied inversely proportional to the use of this key-resource. Overall fox trophic niche breadth varied from 0.64 in 1988-89 to 0.31 in 1998-00 (B, Levin’s index. These findings led us to consider the feeding habits of the fox in the study area as a result of local specialization of a typical generalist carnivore, according to the predictions of optimal foraging theory. No variation occurred in the badger niche breadth since cottontail introduction, whilst niche overlap between foxes and badgers decreased from 0.59 to 0.13 (O, Pianka’s index, possibly reducing competition for food in summer. Riassunto Specializzazione alimentare a livello locale della Volpe <em>Vulpes vulpesem> in risposta all’introduzione del Silvilago <em>Sylvilagus floridanusem> (Italia nord occidentale. Per valutare gli effetti dell’introduzione del Silvilago (<em>Sylvilagus floridanusem> sul comportamento alimentare della volpe (<em>Vulpes vulpesem>, nel periodo giugno 1998-febbraio 2000, la dieta del carnivoro è stata definita tramite l’analisi di 115

  5. Infracommunities of intestinal helminths of the Red Fox <em>Vulpes vulpesem> (Linnaeus, 1758 from Italian Alps

    Anna Rita Di Cerbo


    Full Text Available <em>Vulpes vulpesem> (Linnaeus, 1758 is one of the most common carnivore in Italy and its spread includes almost the whole national territory. The species shows an high ecological plasticity and a variable diet composition connected in part to human sources. This high adaptability permits the red foxes to colonize different habitats like the suburbs of large cities as well as the small villages located in mountain areas. On the other hand, the tourism pressure seems to assume a great importance in the Alps, also in those areas where the foxes live. So, indirect interactions could take place between these animals and the humans. The role of <em>V. vulpesem> in the zoonoses has not to be understated since this carnivore could transmit parasitic diseases that are able to cause serious pathologies in humans. This study aims just to investigate on intestinal communities of helmiths of <em>V. vulpesem> in order to make progress in current knowledge on epidemiological situation in Italian Alps. During 1998-2003, we have examined 450 foxes from Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Lombardia and Valle d'Aosta. The specimens collected were found dead or have been hunted (according to national law n. 157/92 in localities situated between 170 and 2200 m a.s.l. The carcasses were carried to the provincial sections of Zooprofilattici Institutes, where the intestine was drawn by each sample and all the material was sent to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Milan. Parasitological examination of the small intestines was performed by the analysis of the whole sediment and counting technique (SCT. Parasites were preserved in alcohol 70° before to be clarified or stained and identified by microscope (Zeiss Axioscop. Mean abundance, mean intensity and prevalence were calculated for each taxon of helminth. Dates of sampling were grouped within the four seasons. Statistic tests were performed with software package SPSS rel. 11.5 and spatial analysis with the

  6. Teor de nitrato em alface cultivada em sistemas hidropônico e convencional

    Beninni Elisabete R. Yonamini


    Full Text Available O monitoramento do teor de nitrato nos alimentos é importante, uma vez que poderão ser formados compostos prejudiciais à saúde humana e animal após sua ingestão. Com o objetivo de avaliar o teor de nitrato presente em alface, foram coletadas e analisadas as folhas de alface crespa comercializada no Município de Londrina, cultivada em sistemas hidropônico e convencional. Os valores encontrados variaram entre 26 e 2.568 de peso fresco, sendo que as plantas cultivadas em sistema hidropônico apresentaram teores superiores em relação às cultivadas em sistema convencional, porém abaixo do limite máximo de nitrato permitido para alface, na Europa.

  7. Farmacocinética do propofol em nanoemulsão em cães

    Rafael Messias Luiz; Martielo Ivan Gehrcke; Marcos Paulo Antunes de Lima; Anicleto Poli; Aury Nunes de Moraes; Felipe Hertzing Farias; Nilson Oleskovicz


    O propofol em nanoemulsão é uma nova formulação constituída por sistemas nanoemulsionados, caracterizado pela ausência do veículo lipídico. A modificação do veículo pode acarretar alterações farmacocinéticas, resultando em diferentes taxas de distribuição e excreção do propofol. O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a farmacocinética de uma nova formulação de propofol em nanoemulsão do tipo óleo em água, comparando com a formulação tradicional em emulsão lipídica. Foram utilizadas seis cadelas ...

  8. Synthesis and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of 13-<em>n>-Alkyl Berberine and Palmatine Analogues as Anticancer Agents

    Lei Zhang


    Full Text Available By introducing long carbon-chain alkyl groups at the C-13 position of berberine and palmatine, 13-<em>n>-hexyl/13-<em>n>-octyl berberine and palmatine chloride analogues 4ad were synthesized and examined by MTT assays for cytotoxic activity in seven human cancer cell lines (7701QGY, SMMC7721, HepG2, CEM, CEM/VCR, KIII, Lewis, yielding IC50 values of 0.02 ± 0.01–13.58 ± 2.84 μM. 13-<em>n>-Octyl palmatine (compound 4d gave the most potent inhibitor activity, with an IC50 of 0.02 ± 0.01 μM for SMMC7721. In all cases, the 13-<em>n>-alkyl berberine and palmatine analogues 4ad were more cytotoxic than berberine and palmatine. In addition, compounds 4ad also exhibited more potent cytotoxicity than berberine and palmatine in mice with S180 sarcoma xenografted<em> in vivoem>. The primary screening results indicated that the 13-<em>n>-hexyl/13-<em>n>-octyl berberine and palmatine analogues might be valuable source for new potent anticancer drug candidates.

  9. Carbono orgânico e elementar em partículas em suspensão em habitações

    Pinho, Isabel Cristina Correia de


    As concentrações de partículas em suspensão na atmosfera (PM10) e o seu conteúdo em carbono foram determinadas em amostras recolhidas em quatro locais distintos do concelho de Aveiro. Na recolha das amostras foram utilizados dois amostradores, de baixo caudal um para o ar interior e outro para o ar exterior, em simultâneo, com tempos de amostragem de 48 horas. As concentrações de PM10 foram determinadas por gravimetria, enquanto que o material carbonoso foi determinado ...

  10. Estudo parasitológico em caes da raça rottweiler em canis na regiao metropolitana de Curitiba

    Dalledone, Fernando Quadros


    O objetivo do presente trabalho foi o de verificar as primeiras reinfecções por helmintos detectadas através de exames coproparasitológicos em cães da raça rottweiler, em canis de empresas de segurança. Os animais dispostos em casais, com massa corpórea variável entre 47Kg e 62 Kg, todos com quatro anos de idade, localizaram-se em vinte e cinco endereços diferentes, distribuídos em cinco zonas, e divididos em cinco grupos, com cinco casais cada, na cidade de Curitiba, Paraná. Os animais receb...

  11. EM International, July 1994, Volume 2

    The Office of Environmental Management (EM) at the Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking out and leveraging foreign technology, data, and resources in keeping with EM's mandate to protect public health and the environment through the safe and cost-effective remediation of the Department's nuclear weapons sites. EM works closely with foreign governments, industry, and universities to obtain innovative environmental technologies, scientific and engineering expertise, and operations experience that will support EM's objectives. Where appropriate, these international resources are used to manage the more urgent risks at our sites, secure a safe workplace, help build consensus on critical issues, and strengthen our technology development program. Through international agreements EM engages in cooperative exchange of information, technology, and individuals. Currently, we are managing agreements with a dozen countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. These agreements focus on environmental restoration, waste management, transportation of radioactive wastes, and decontamination and decommissioning. This publication contains the following articles: in situ remediation integrated program; in-situ characterization and inspection of tanks; multimedia environmental pollutant assessment system (MEPAS); LLNL wet oxidation -- AEA technology. Besides these articles, this publication covers: EU activities with Russia; technology transfer activities; and international organization activities

  12. Roost selection by barbastelle bats (<em>Barbastella barbastellusem>, Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae in beech woodlands of central Italy

    Danilo Russo


    Full Text Available The barbastelle bat, <em>Barbastella barbastellusem> (Schreber, 1774 is a medium-sized, tree-dwelling vespertilionid classified as ?Endangered? in Italy; in western Europe it may be one of the rarest bat species. <em>B. barbastellusem> shows roosting preferences that should be regarded as a key point in conservation protocols. We examined roost selection in a breeding population of <em>B. barbastellusem> from the Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park (central Italy at three levels: woodland structure and management type; tree characteristics; and cavity characteristics. In 2001-2002, we fitted 31 adult <em>B. barbastellusem> (29 lactating females, one pregnant female and one male with 0.48g radio-tags and tracked them to their roost-trees. The bats were tracked for 4.5 ± 3.7 days (range: 0-12 days. We located 33 roosts used by 25 subjects (1.8±1.2 roosts/bat, range 1-5. The bats switched roosts frequently: 13 bats used more than one tree over the study period. A chi-square analysis showed that the roosts were not distributed at random across woodland categories: unmanaged woodland was positively selected, whereas shelterwood-harvested woodland was used in proportion to its availability, and ?pastures+scattered trees? was avoided. Twenty out of 33 roost trees were dead <em>Fagus sylvaticaem> trees; conversely, living <em>F. sylvaticaem> dominated in a tree sample obtained at random; dead trees were used more than expected (Χ² test, <em>P> <0.001. Overall, roost trees were significantly taller and had a larger diameter at breast?s height and more cavities than random trees; they also had a lower percent canopy closure than random trees. To highlight which variables were actually associated with selection, we devised a logistic regression model. The full model was significant (<em>P> <0.001; removal of tree type and tree height affected the model significantly, but the other variables did not produce detectable effects. The

  13. The EM technology development strategy

    The Office of Technology Development (TD) supports research and development of technologies that will lower cost, reduce risk, improve safety, and accelerate cleanup of the Nuclear Weapons Complex and provide solutions to currently untractable environmental problems. The TD strategic plan outlines Applied Research, Development, Demonstration, Testing, and Evaluation (RDDT and E) that will provide needed technology products to be used by Environmental Restoration and Waste Management operations (i.e., our customers). The TD strategic plan is derived from EM Goals, Objectives, and Strategy and is incorporated into DOE'S Five-Year Plan for Environmental Restoration and Waste Management. The TD strategic plan is developed based on integrating customer requirements, and is complemented by a top-down, bottom-up analysis of Site Specific Technology Needs and environmental problems. The execution of TD's strategic plan is implemented largely through Integrated Programs (IP) and Integrated Demonstrations (ID). IDs have proven to be a cost-effective method of managing technology development, testing and evaluation, and implementation of successful technology systems into the DOE Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Programs. The Savannah River ID for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Saturated Soils resulted in a 51 percent cost savings over stand-alone demonstrations, saving over $8 million. The IPs and IDs are selected based on customer needs, technical complexity, and complex-wide regulatory and compliance agreements. New technology systems are selected for incorporation into an IP or ID from offerings of the DOE laboratories, industry, and the universities. A major TD initiative was announced in August 1991, with the release of a Program Research and Development Announcement (PRDA) requesting industry and universities to propose innovative new technologies to clean up the Weapons Complex. (author)

  14. EMS adaptation for climate change

    Pan, C.; Chang, Y.; Wen, J.; Tsai, M.


    The purpose of this study was to find an appropriate scenario of pre-hospital transportation of an emergency medical service (EMS) system for burdensome casualties resulting from extreme climate events. A case of natural catastrophic events in Taiwan, 88 wind-caused disasters, was reviewed and analyzed. A sequential-conveyance method was designed to shorten the casualty transportation time and to promote the efficiency of ambulance services. A proposed mobile emergency medical center was first constructed in a safe area, but nearby the disaster area. The Center consists of professional medical personnel who process the triage of incoming patients and take care of casualties with minor injuries. Ambulances in the Center were ready to sequentially convey the casualties with severer conditions to an assigned hospital that is distant from the disaster area for further treatment. The study suggests that if we could construct a spacious and well-equipped mobile emergency medical center, only a small portion of casualties would need to be transferred to distant hospitals. This would reduce the over-crowding problem in hospital ERs. First-line ambulances only reciprocated between the mobile emergency medical center and the disaster area, saving time and shortening the working distances. Second-line ambulances were highly regulated between the mobile emergency medical center and requested hospitals. The ambulance service of the sequential-conveyance method was found to be more efficient than the conventional method and was concluded to be more profitable and reasonable on paper in adapting to climate change. Therefore, additional practical work should be launched to collect more precise quantitative data.

  15. Valor nutritivo de macrófitas aquáticas flutuantes (<em>Eichhornia crassipesem>, <em>Pistia stratiotesem> e <em>Salvinia molestaem>) utilizadas no tratamento de efluentes de aqüicultura Nutritive value of free-floating aquatic macrophytes (<em>Eichhornia crassipesem>, <em>Pistia stratiotesem> and <em>Salvinia molestaem>), used in aquaculture waste treatment

    Antonio Fernando Monteiro Camargo; Gustavo Gonzaga Henry-Silva


    O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar o valor nutritivo das macrófitas aquáticas flutuantes, Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms (Pontederiaceae), Pistia stratiotes (L.) (Araceae) e Salvinia molesta (Mitchell) (Salviniaceae), utilizadas em um sistema de tratamento de efluentes de tilápia do Nilo (Oreochromis niloticus), e inferir sobre o potencial de aproveitamento da biomassa dessas espécies. As amostras de biomassa vegetal foram obtidas através de um quadrado de 0,25m2 de área e separadas em p...

  16. <em>Scutellaria baicalensisem> Alleviates Cantharidin-Induced Rat Hemorrhagic Cystitis through Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2 Overexpression

    Li-Chun Lin


    Full Text Available Cantharidin, an active component in mylabris, is used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM to treat scabies and hepatoma, but accompanied by hemorrhagic cystitis. Evidence shows that cantharidin induces human bladder carcinoma cell death through COX-2 overexpression<em> in vitroem>. In TCM, <em>Scutellaria baicalensisem> is usually used to cure mylabris-induced hematuria. This work was undertaken to determine the mechanisms of cantharidin-induced rat hemorrhagic cystitis and explore the uroprotective effect of <em>S. baicalensis.em> <em>In vitroem> results showed cantharidin could induce cytotoxicity through prostaglandin (PGE2 overproduction of T24 cells. Boiling-water extract of <em>S. baicalensis em>(SB-WE could significantly inhibit PGE2 production and COX-2 expression in lipo-polysaccharide-induced RAW 264.7 cells, indicating obvious anti-inflammatory abilities. <em>In vivoem> results indicated that cantharidin caused rat hemorrhagic cystitis with hematuria via c-Fos and COX-2 overexpression. SB-WE was given orally to cantharidin-treated rats, whereby hematuria level, elevated PGE2 and COX-2 protein overexpression were significantly and dose-dependently inhibited by SB-WE. The anti-inflammatory components of SB-WE are baicalin and wogonin, whose contents were 200.95 ± 2.00 and 31.93 ± 0.26 μg/mg, respectively. In conclusion, cantharidin induces rat cystitis through c-Fos and COX-2 over-expression and <em>S. baicalensisem> can prevent the resulting hematuria because of its anti-inflammatory effects.

  17. The diet of the fox (<em>Vulpes vulpesem> in woodlands of Orobie Alps (Lombardy region, Northern Italy / Alimentazione della Volpe (<em>Vulpes vulpesem> in aree boscate delle Alpi Orobie

    Marco Cantini


    Full Text Available Abstract The diet of the fox was investigated by analysis of 273 scats, collected along standard trails from April to November 1987 and 1988. Food habits of foxes were described for three altitudinal ranges. Mammals, mainly <em>Clethrionomys glareolusem> and <em>Microtus multiplexem>, were the staple food (percentage of frequency 42.8%, followed by fruits and other vegetables (26.7% and 37.3% respectively. Birds, Invertebrates (mainly Insects and garbage were little eaten. The game species (ungulates, hares, pheasants occurred with a low frequency (8.4% in the diet. The trophic niche breadth varied little through the altitudinal ranges and the seasons. The trophic niche overlap between the fox and the genus <em>Martes> (190 scats of <em>M. martesem> and <em>M. foinaem> were examined is relatively wide (O=0.868. Riassunto La dieta della Volpe (<em>Vulpes vulpesem> in aree boscate delle Alpi Orobie (Val Lesina è stata indagata nel periodo aprile-novembre 1987 e 1988 mediante l'analisi di 273 feci, raccolte lungo percorsi-campione ricadenti in tre piani vegetazionali. I Mammiferi, in particolare <em>Clethrionomys glareolusem> e <em>Microtus multiplexem>, sono la componente principale della dieta (frequenza percentuale 42,8%. Rilevante è anche il consumo di frutti (soprattutto in estate e autunno e di altri vegetali (26,7% e 37,3% rispettivamente, mentre poco frequente è quello di Uccelli, Invertebrati e rifiuti. Complessivamente ridotta è l'azione predatoria della Volpe nei confronti delle specie di interesse venatorio (Ungulati, lepri, Galliformi. L'ampiezza della nicchia trofica mostra modeste variazioni stagionali e altitudinali. I1 grado di sovrapposizione tra la nicchia trofica della Volpe e quella del genere <em>Martes>, quest'ultima ricavata dall'analisi di 190 feci di Martora (<em>M. martesem> e Faina (<em>M. foinaem>, è elevato (O=0,868. Tuttavia, poiché in condizioni di

  18. Tricolemoma em coelho Tricholemmoma in a rabbit

    Krishna Duro de Oliveira


    Full Text Available Tricolemoma é um raro tumor benigno, composto por células epiteliais claras derivadas da bainha externa da raiz do folículo piloso. Esses tumores têm sido descritos no homem e raramente em cães. No presente relato, descreve-se a ocorrência de um tricolemoma, de 1cm de diâmetro em um coelho adulto, cujas características histológicas são muito semelhantes às descritas para esses tumores em cães.Tricholemmoma is a rare benign tumor composed of clear epithelial cells derived from the outer root sheath of the hair follicle. The tumor has been described in man and rarely in dogs. This report deals with the occurrence of a tricholemmoma , with a diemeter of 1cm, in an adult rabbit. The histologic features are similar to those described in such tumors in dogs.




    Esta dissertação procura soluções para a ampliação de sistemas ERP para além da sua natureza cliente-servidor tradicional, dotando-os com a capacidade de processamento em ambiente móvel com operação desconectada. Apresenta dois modelos, um para a geração automática de aplicações para execução de transacções em ERPs em operação desconectada, e outro que caracteriza as aplicações geradas e a interacção com estas. Os modelos foram validados através da construção de um protótipo de um gerad...

  20. The Fox (<em>Vulpes vulpesem> L.) as a principal reservoir of trichinellosis in Italy / La Volpe (<em>Vulpes vulpesem> L.) principale serbatoio della trichinellosi in Italia

    Edoardo Pozio


    Abstract The fox (<em>Vulpes vulpesem> L.) is the principal reservoir of trichinellosis in Italy. The prevalence of infection varies from 1% to over 25% in some localities of central-southern Italy. The vulpine infection is not present in Sicily and Sardinia. A biochemical analysis was employed to identify the aetiological agent as <em>Trichinella> T3, a taxon distributed in the Palearctic region. Infected fox ...

  1. The DOE/EM facility transition program

    The mission of EM-60 is to plan, implement, and manage receipt of surplus facilities resulting from downsizing of the DOE Weapons Complex facilities and DOE operating program offices to EM, and to ensure prompt deactivation of such facilities in order to reach a minimum surveillance and maintenance condition. The revised organizational structure of EM-60 into four offices (one at headquarters, and the other three at field sites), reflects increased operating functions associated with deactivation, surveillance, and maintenance of facilities. EM-60's deactivation and transition role concerns technical, socioeconomic, institutional, and administrative issues. The primary objective of the deactivation process is to put facilities in the lowest surveillance and maintenance condition safely and quickly by driving down the open-quotes mortgageclose quotes costs of maintaining them until final disposition. EM-60's three key activities are: (1) Inventory of surplus facilities - The 1993 Surplus Facility Inventory and Assessment (SFIA) serves as a planning tool to help the Department and EM-60 determine optimal transition phasing, with safety and cost-effectiveness remaining a priority. (2) Management of accelerated facility life cycle transition - Transitions currently underway illustrate site issues. These include addressing the interests of federal and state regulatory agencies as well as interests of local stakeholders, safe management of large amounts of production residues, and options for treatment, storage, transportation, and disposal. Of equal importance in the transition process is planning the optimal transition of the labor force. (3) Economic development - to address the socio-economic impacts on affected communities of the severe and rapid downsizing of the DOE Weapons Complex, DOE is pursuing an approach that uses the land, equipment, technology assets, and highly skilled local workforces as a basis for alternative economic development

  2. Isojacareubin from the Chinese Herb <em>Hypericum japonicumem>: Potent Antibacterial and Synergistic Effects on Clinical Methicillin-Resistant <em>Staphylococcus aureusem> (MRSA

    Gen-Chun Wang


    Full Text Available Through bioassay-guided fractionation of the extracts from the aerial parts of the Chinese herb <em>Hypericum japonicumem> Thunb. Murray, Isojacareubin (ISJ was characterized as a potent antibacterial compound against the clinical methicillin-resistant S<em>taphylococcus aureusem> (MRSA. The broth microdilution assay was used to determine the minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs and minimal bactericidal concentrations (MBCs of ISJ alone. The results showed that its MICs/MBCs ranged from 4/16 to 16/64 μg/mL, with the concentrations required to inhibit or kill 50% of the strains (MIC50/MBC50 at 8/16 μg/mL. Synergistic evaluations of this compound with four conventional antibacterial agents representing different types were performed by the chequerboard and time-kill tests. The chequerboard method showed significant synergy effects when ISJ was combined with Ceftazidime (CAZ, Levofloxacin (LEV and Ampicillin (AMP, with the values of 50% of the fractional inhibitory concentration indices (FICI50 at 0.25, 0.37 and 0.37, respectively. Combined bactericidal activities were also observed in the time-kill dynamic assay. The results showed the ability of ISJ to reduce MRSA viable counts by log10CFU/mL at 24 h of incubation at a concentration of 1 × MIC were 1.5 (LEV, additivity, 0.92 (CAZ, indifference and 0.82 (AMP, indifference, respectively. These <em>in vitroem> anti-MRSA activities of ISJ alone and its synergy with conventional antibacterial agents demonstrated that ISJ enhanced their efficacy, which is of potential use for single and combinatory therapy of patients infected with MRSA.

  3. A pesquisa em epidemiologia no Brasil

    Reinaldo Guimarães


    Full Text Available Descreve-se a pesquisa em epidemiologia no Brasil na atualidade. Utiliza várias fontes secundárias de dados, com ênfase na versão 4.0 do Diretório dos Grupos de Pesquisa no Brasil (2000 do CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico. O critério para o reconhecimento de grupo integrante da massa crítica em epidemiologia foi o desenvolvimento, pelo menos, de uma linha de pesquisa nessa subárea, conforme definido pelo líder do grupo. Foi identificado o universo da pesquisa epidemiológica, que se constituiu de 176 grupos e 320 linhas de pesquisa. Foram apresentadas e discutidas as relações entre o financiamento para a pesquisa, tendo como foco os programas de pós-graduação incluídos no sistema Capes (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal do Ensino Superior, e as pesquisas em saúde, em saúde coletiva e epidemiologia, a capacidade instalada de pesquisa em epidemiologia, sua distribuição geográfica e institucional, os pesquisadores e os estudantes que participam diretamente das linhas de pesquisa, os temas de pesquisa, os padrões de divulgação de resultados das pesquisas e os periódicos em que são publicados os artigos completos.

  4. Profilaxia para úlcera de estresse em pacientes internados em UTI pediátrica

    Taisa E. Araujo; Sandra M.G. Vieira; Paulo R.A. Carvalho


    OBJETIVO: Avaliar a utilização de profilaxia para úlcera de estresse (UE), em pacientes internados, de cinco unidades de terapia intensiva pediátrica (UTIP) de Porto Alegre (RS). MÉTODOS: Estudo multicêntrico, prospectivo, transversal, observacional. Foram avaliados os prontuários dos pacientes internados em dia definido para visitação, entre abril de 2006 e fevereiro de 2007, excluindo os avaliados em visitas anteriores e aqueles com hemorragia digestiva alta na admissão. Foram avaliados a i...

  5. Dizer o singular em meio plural: jogos e forjas de escrita em oficinas virtuais

    Souza, Pedro


    Este trabalho é parte de uma pesquisa maior em que estou analisando discursivamente práticas coletivas de escrita observáveis em propostas de oficinas de textos em determinados espaços da internet. Aqui me ocupo particularmente de uma experiência francesa de produção de textos que descrevem cenas ocorridas na cidade de Paris. Detenho-me precisamente na proposta de um site na internet que convida os internautas a participar da produção de uma coletânea de descrições curtas, estruturadas segund...

  6. Letalidade e internacoes de pacientes em hemodialise em plano de saude

    Sergio Adriano Loureiro Bersan; Carlos Faria Santos Amaral; Isabel Cristina Gomes; Mariangela Leal Cherchiglia


    OBJETIVO: Analisar desfechos clínicos de pacientes incidentes em hemodiálise vinculados a operadora de plano de saúde. MÉTODOS: Estudo de coorte de incidentes em hemodiálise em Belo Horizonte, MG, de 2004 a 2008, a partir de registros no banco de dados de operadora de planos de saúde. Variáveis independentes: sexo, idade, tempo entre primeira consulta com nefrologista e início da hemodiálise, tipo do primeiro acesso vascular, diabetes mellitus, tempo de permanência hospitalar/ano de trat...

  7. Variabilità microsatellitare in popolazioni italiane di martora, <em>Martes martesem>

    Licia Colli


    Full Text Available La martora, <em>Martes martesem>, è un mustelide storicamente presente su gran parte del territorio italiano, soprattutto dove siano presenti foreste mature altamente strutturate e ricche di risorse. Nel corso dei decenni passati, cause quali la deforestazione con conseguente frammentazione dell'habitat, la caccia e la persecuzione da parte dell'uomo hanno portato ad un sensibile declino sia nel numero d'individui sia di popolazioni in tutta l'Europa. Frammentazione degli areali e diminuzione del numero di soggetti costituiscono le cause principali di un limitato flusso genico con conseguente formazione di popolazioni isolate di martora e perdita di variabilità genetica (Kyle <em>et al.em>, 2003. Per queste ragioni la martora risulta attualmente tutelata secondo quanto previsto dalla Convenzione di Berna (appendice III e dalla Direttiva europea 92/43/CEE "Habitats & Species". Di fronte a prospettive di tipo conservazionistico, diventa necessario disporre di metodologie per la valutazione della variabilità residua nella specie a livello d'individui e di popolazioni. Secondo numerosi Autori, i microsatelliti costituiscono marcatori molto efficaci nella descrizione della struttura genetica e della storia demografica di specie (Beaumont & Bruford, 1999; Linares, 1999. Il presente lavoro propone i risultati ottenuti attraverso il confronto di due campioni costituiti da individui di <em>Martes martesem> provenienti dalla Sardegna (25 esemplari e dal territorio italiano (6 esemplari. L'analisi è stata condotta a livello di 7 loci microsatellitari dinucleotidici polimorfici. Il valore di FST calcolato dal confronto dei due gruppi è risultato pari a 0,102 e ricade nel <em>range> di variazione identificato di recente in popolazioni nord-europee di martora (Kyle <em>et al.em>, 2003. L'analisi della varianza molecolare (AMOVA, condotta a due livelli gerarchici, ha permesso in particolare di ripartire la varianza del campione

  8. Marcas de luxo em Portugal: o sucesso em contexto de crise económica

    Pereira, Filipa Marques Serra


    Mestrado em Marketing “O «Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study» estima que as vendas globais aumentem 10% este ano, para 191 mil milhões de euros” in Diário Económico 2011/10/23. Portugal não é excepção. Surgem constantemente manchetes de jornais acerca do crescimento de mercado de luxo em contexto de crise. As razões que levam os consumidores a escolherem produtos de luxo são muitas e de diversas dimensões: financeira, funcional, individual e social. Além disso, o luxo hoje em dia pode ...

  9. A Novel Cyclodextrin Glycosyltransferase from Alkaliphilic <em>Amphibacillus> sp. NPST-10: Purification and Properties

    Garabed Antranikian


    Full Text Available Screening for cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase (CGTase-producing alkaliphilic bacteria from samples collected from hyper saline soda lakes (Wadi Natrun Valley, Egypt, resulted in isolation of potent CGTase producing alkaliphilic bacterium, termed NPST-10. 16S rDNA sequence analysis identified the isolate as <em>Amphibacillus> em>sp. CGTase was purified to homogeneity up to 22.1 fold by starch adsorption and anion exchange chromatography with a yield of 44.7%. The purified enzyme was a monomeric protein with an estimated molecular weight of 92 kDa using SDS-PAGE. Catalytic activities of the enzyme were found to be 88.8 U mg−1 protein, 20.0 U mg−1 protein and 11.0 U mg−1 protein for cyclization, coupling and hydrolytic activities, respectively. The enzyme was stable over a wide pH range from pH 5.0 to 11.0, with a maximal activity at pH 8.0. CGTase exhibited activity over a wide temperature range from 45 °C to 70 °C, with maximal activity at 50 °C and was stable at 30 °C to 55 °C for at least 1 h. Thermal stability of the purified enzyme could be significantly improved in the presence of CaCl2. <em>K>m and <em>V>max values were estimated using soluble starch as a substrate to be 1.7 ± 0.15 mg/mL and 100 ± 2.0 μmol/min, respectively. CGTase was significantly inhibited in the presence of Co2+, Zn2+, Cu2+, Hg2+, Ba2+, Cd2+, and 2-mercaptoethanol. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of CGTase production by <em>Amphibacillus> sp. The achieved high conversion of insoluble raw corn starch into cyclodextrins (67.2% with production of mainly β-CD (86.4%, makes <em>Amphibacillus> sp. NPST-10 desirable for the cyclodextrin production industry.

  10. Descoberta de conhecimentos em base de dados

    Ramos, Célia M. Q.; Lobo, Fernando


    A sociedade actual é caracterizada por uma inundação de dados provenientes de diversas fontes, existentes numa vasta gama de áreas económicas, sociais, cientificas, etc. A análise dos dados, armazenados em Bases de Dados, é cada vez mais pertinente para garantir a competitividade e o sucesso das organizações. Este artigo apresenta a nova área de conhecimento “Descoberta de Conhecimento em Bases de Dados” que permite efectuar análises dos dados e extrair conhecimento útil e adequado para o ...

  11. Arenas de conflito em torno do cuidado

    Guita Grin Deber


    Full Text Available O texto explora as arenas de conflito em torno do cuidado em asilos. Equipe técnica, cuidadoras e idosos dependentes constituem uma configuração específica da vida nessas instituições. Trata-se de analisar o modo pelo qual a questão é abordada por Pascal Molinier no artigo "Interseccionalidade, cuidado e feminismo", tendo como contraponto minha pesquisa sobre mulheres imigrantes cuidadoras de idosos na Itália e o emprego doméstico no Brasil.

  12. Estados depressivos em diabetes tipo 2

    Góis, Carlos José Fernandes da Conceição, 1957-


    A diabetes tipo 2 e a depressão são duas patologias com incidência crescente. A comorbilidade diabetes tipo 2 e depressão tem sido amplamente investigada, nomeadamente num óptica de influência recíproca e de impacto da depressão sobre a evolução da diabetes. O presente trabalho sobre estados depressivos em diabetes tipo 2 respondeu a perguntas em áreas carenciadas de estudos, nomeadamente na população portuguesa, ou contribuiu com perspetivas inovadoras com interesse clínico. Os principais ob...

  13. Competência em cuidados paliativos

    Rijo, Sara Filipa de Leão Bacelar


    Os Cuidados Paliativos são cuidados totais e activos, prestados por profissionais com formação específica e treino adequado, exigindo preparação técnica, formação teórica e experiência prática efectiva. A formação diferenciada em Cuidados Paliativos é essencial e imprescindível para a organização e qualidade dos mesmos. No contexto do Mestrado em Cuidados Paliativos da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, vertente profissionalizante, foi realizado um estágio de 300 horas presen...

  14. Ensinar e aprender em ambientes virtuais tridimensionais

    Gonçalves, Vitor


    Os mundos virtuais constituem ambientes simulados, normalmente tridimensionais, mediados através de tecnologias de informação e comunicação e que se destinam a ser frequentados por utilizadores que interagem com outros através de avatares. Estes ambientes virtuais tridimensionais (3D) podem ser desenvolvidos recorrendo a software de desenho 3D em versões comerciais e open source ou criados em servidores de mundos virtuais tridimensionais já existentes, tais como o Second Life ou similares. No...


    Socorro Vânia Lourenço Alves


    Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta os principais conceitos sobre percepção (awareness e mecanismos de percepção em groupware educacionais. Também discute a importância do suporte à percepção nestes sistemas, identifica os tipos de percepção necessários em uma situação de aprendizagem colaborativa e, por fim, apresenta uma classificação para mecanismos responsáveis de fornecer percepção aos usuários finais destes sistemas.


    Alfredo Carlos Storck


    Full Text Available

    In a very famous passage of his <em>Institutes>, the ancient jurist Gaius had divided the Roman Private Law in two parts: the Civil Law and the Law of People. The former is the Law created by the Roman people, whereas the latter is the Law followed by every nation.

    Despite its classical origin, there is some disagreement among specialists about the right way to interpret this distinction. By the beginning of the 20th century, historians like Michel Villey had seen in this distinction the influence of Greek philosophy (Stoic but even Aristotelian among the Roman jurists. But Levy and more recently Kelly have challenged this view and proposed that, in the roman period, philosophers and jurists had completely distinct notions of nature and natural law. The aim of this paper is not to prove the exact influence of Greek philosophy among jurists, but only to suggest that it is not possible to give an interpretation of the classical texts without ascribing to them a theoretical notion of the natural law.

    Em uma famosa passagem de suas <em>Institutas>, o jurista romano Gaio dividiu o direito privado em duas partes: o direito civil e o direito dos povos. O primeiro é o direito criado pelo povo romano enquanto o segundo é o direito seguido por todas as nações. A despeito de sua origem clássica, os especialistas discordam acerca do modo de interpretar essa tese. No início do século XX, historiadores como Michel Villey viram na distinção sinais da influência da filosofia grega (estóica e mesmo aristotélica entre os juristas romanos. Posteriormente Levy e mais recentemente Kelly contestaram essa afirmação e defenderam que filósofos e juristas possuíam, no período clássico, noções de natureza e direito natural completamente distintas. O objetivo desse artigo não está em provar a exata influência da filosofia grega entre os juristas, mas apenas em sugerir que não é possível fornecer uma interpretação dos

  17. Rapsódia em agosto

    Sergio Leitão


    Neste artigo analiso se a tragédia das explosões nucleares em Hiroshima e Nagasaki ensinou algo de definitivo à humanidade, demonstrando o poder fatal das armas nucleares, o que continuaria a justificar o seu banimento da face da Terra. E o faço debatendo em que medida as discussões sobre o poder atômico repercutiram no Brasil, apontando as similaridades entre os argumentos utilizados nos idos dos anos 1970 e no momento atual, quando setores do país argumentam que não podemos prescindir do po...

  18. Risk Communication Within the EM Program

    Edelson, M.


    The U.S. Department of Energy Environmental Management program (EM) conducts the most extensive environmental remediation effort in the world. The annual EM budgets have exceeded $6,000,000,000 for approximately ten years and EM has assumed responsibility for the cleanup of the largest DOE reservations (i.e., at Hanford, Washington, Aiken, South Carolina, and Idaho Falls, Idaho) as well as the facilities at Rocky Flats, Colorado and in Ohio. Each of these sites has areas of extensive radioactive and chemical contamination, numerous surplus facilities that require decontamination and removal, while some have special nuclear material that requires secure storage. The EM program has been criticized for being ineffective (1) and has been repeatedly reorganized to address perceived shortcomings. The most recent reorganization was announced in 2001 to become effective at the beginning of the 2003 Federal Fiscal Year (i.e., October 2002). It was preceded by a ''top to bottom'' review (TTBR) of the program (2) that identified several deficiencies that were to be corrected as a result of the reorganization. One prominent outcome of the TTBR was the identification of ''risk reduction'' as an organizing principle to prioritize the activities of the new EM program. The new program also sought to accelerate progress by identifying a set of critical activities at each site that could be accelerated and result in more rapid site closure, with attendant risk, cost, and schedule benefits. This paper investigates how the new emphasis on risk reduction in the EM program has been communicated to EM stakeholders and regulators. It focuses on the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) as a case study and finds that there is little evidence for a new emphasis on risk reduction in EM communications with RFETS stakeholders. Discussions between DOE and RFETS stakeholders often refer to ''risk,'' but the word serves as a

  19. o caso da Semana Santa em Braga

    Santos, José Fernando Oliveira


    Dissertação apresentada à Universidade Fernando Pessoa como parte dos requisitos para obtenção do grau de Mestre em Ciências Empresariais. A realização de eventos tem vindo a ser considerada uma das mais importantes manifestações do Turismo em Portugal e no Mundo, sendo notório que os mesmos geram uma dinâmica na economia das localidades. Assim, importa saber que tipos de impactos resultam desses eventos. A Semana Santa da Cidade de Braga é um dos maiores eventos de recriação r...

  20. Seguimento farmacoterapêutico em idosos polimedicados

    Abrantes, Mário Filipe Barbeitos


    Este estudo surge devido ao grande interesse que o investigador possui acerca da área do seguimento farmacoterapêutico e da polimedicação. A população idosa mundial tem vindo a aumentar drasticamente devido, em grande parte, às melhorias das condições de vida e dos avanços na medicina, nomeadamente ao nível dos tratamentos farmacológicos. Hoje em dia e para manter um determinado estado de saúde, muitos idosos seguem tratamentos que incluem diversos medicamentos, pertencentes a várias clas...

  1. Fire and EMS Districts, EMS Fire Dist, Published in 2008, 1:24000 (1in=2000ft) scale, Tooele County.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This Fire and EMS Districts dataset, published at 1:24000 (1in=2000ft) scale, was produced all or in part from Other information as of 2008. It is described as 'EMS...

  2. Fire and EMS Districts, EMS Response Dist, Published in 2008, 1:24000 (1in=2000ft) scale, Tooele County.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This Fire and EMS Districts dataset, published at 1:24000 (1in=2000ft) scale, was produced all or in part from Other information as of 2008. It is described as 'EMS...

  3. Syntheses of Enantiopure Aliphatic Secondary Alcohols and Acetates by Bioresolution with Lipase B from <em>Candida antarcticaem>

    Richele P. Severino


    Full Text Available The lipase B from <em>Candida antarcticaem> (Novozym 435®, CALB efficiently catalyzed the kinetic resolution of some aliphatic secondary alcohols: (±-4-methylpentan-2-ol (1, (±-5-methylhexan-2-ol (3, (±-octan-2-ol (4, (±-heptan-3-ol (5 and (±-oct-1-en-3-ol (6. The lipase showed excellent enantioselectivities in the transesterifications of racemic aliphatic secondary alcohols producing the enantiopure alcohols (>99% <em>ee> and acetates (>99% <em>ee> with good yields. Kinetic resolution of <em>rac>-alcohols was successfully achieved with CALB lipase using simple conditions, vinyl acetate as acylating agent, and hexane as non-polar solvent.

  4. The role of common toads in the winter diet of recolonising Eurasian otters (<em>Lutra lutraem>

    Pablo García-Díaz


    Full Text Available Importanza del rospo comune nella dieta invernale di una popolazione di lontra (<em>Lutra lutraem> in espansione.
    Tramite analisi dei resti fecali, abbiamo evidenziato il ruolo fondamentale degli anfibi nella dieta invernale della lontra <em>Lutra lutraem> in stagni artificiali della Spagna nord-occidentale. I numerosi “laghi di cava” presenti nell’area umida di Ribeiras do Louro e Gandaras de Budiño sono stati monitorati nel 2007-2009. Il rospo comune (<em>Bufo bufoem> era la principale preda della lontra, costituendo l’88% della biomassa consumata, mentre il gambero americano <em>Procambarus clarkiiem> e i pesci erano prede secondarie. I nostri risultati contrastano con la ben nota preferenza della lontra per le rane rispetto al rospo. Il mantenimento della popolazione di lontra nel bacino del fiume Louro dipende strettamente dalla corretta gestione degli stagni artificiali.

  5. Regulation of Arabidopsis thaliana Em genes : role of AB15

    Carles, C.; Bies-Etheve, N.; Aspart, L.; Léon-Kloosterziel, K.M.; Koornneef, M.; Echeverria, M.; Delseny, M.


    In order to identify new factors involved in Em (a class I Late Embryogenesis Abundant protein) gene expression, Arabidopsis mutants with an altered expression of an Em promoter GUS fusion construct and a modified accumulation of Em transcripts and proteins were isolated. Germination tests on ABA sh

  6. <em>Botulinum Neurotoxinem> A Injections Influence Stretching of the Gastrocnemius Muscle-Tendon Unit in an Animal Model

    Christopher J. Tuohy


    Full Text Available <em>Botulinum Neurotoxinem> A (BoNT-A injections have been used for the treatment of muscle contractures and spasticity. This study assessed the influence of (BoNT-A injections on passive biomechanical properties of the muscle-tendon unit. Mouse gastrocnemius muscle (GC was injected with BoNT-A (<em>n> = 18 or normal saline (<em>n> = 18 and passive, non-destructive, <em>in vivoem> load relaxation experimentation was performed to examine how the muscle-tendon unit behaves after chemical denervation with BoNT-A. Injection of BoNT-A impaired passive muscle recovery (15% <em>vs.> 35% recovery to pre-stretching baseline, <em>p> < 0.05 and decreased GC stiffness (0.531 ± 0.061 N/mm <em>vs.> 0.780 ± 0.037 N/mm, <em>p> < 0.05 compared to saline controls. The successful use of BoNT-A injections as an adjunct to physical therapy may be in part attributed to the disruption of the stretch reflex; thereby modulating <em>in vivoem> passive muscle properties. However, it is also possible that BoNT-A injection may alter the structure of skeletal muscle; thus modulating the <em>in vivoem> passive biomechanical properties of the muscle-tendon unit.

  7. Arthur Ramos: intelectual em perspectiva

    Adir da Luz Almeida


    Full Text Available O trabalho constituise em resultado de pesquisa sobre o intelectual Arthur Ramos, suas reflexões teóricas e os efeitos no campo social e educativo. Arthur Ramos, intelectual complexo, multifacetado, refletiu sobre várias temáticas, pensando o Brasil como "nação" moderna, como outros intelectuais na passagem do século XIX para o século XX. Através redes de sociabilidade das quais participou e dos cargos públicos que ocupou, incluindo a chefia do Serviço de Ortofrenia e Higiene Mental do Instituto de Pesquisas Educacionais, na administração de Anísio Teixeira como Diretor de Instrução Pública, Rio de Janeiro, na década de 1930. Implanta o Serviço que tem como base a proximidade entre família, escola e comunidade, tendo como perspectiva alcançar as famílias e população pela escola. O foco é a discussão conceitual de "higiene" e "miscigenação", com atenção ao intelectual nesse debate, suas concepções, inflexões e contradições. São utilizadas como fontes algumas obras produzidas por Ramos, e arquivos sobre o SHOM, sob aguarda da Biblioteca Nacional.Palavras chave: intelectual, educação, historiografia, antropologia__________________Abstract: The work is the result of research on the intellectual Arthur Ramos, their theoretical reflections and the effects on social and educational field. Arthur Ramos, complex, multifaceted intellectual, reflected on several themes, thinking the Brazil as modern "nation", like other intellectuals in the passage from the XIX century to the XX century. Through social networks of which participated and the public office he held, including the leadership of the Ortofrenia Service and Mental Hygiene, of the Educational Research Institute, administration of Anísio Teixeira, as Director of Public Instruction, Rio de Janeiro, in the decade of 1930. Deploys the service that is based on the close the proximity between family, school and community, with the prospect to reach the families and

  8. Ceratomicose em equinos Equine keratomycosis

    Paula Diniz Galera


    Full Text Available O cavalo, dado o seu meio ambiente, está sujeito a afecções frequentes da córnea e da conjuntiva, tecidos oculares bastante expostos a bactérias e fungos, principalmente Aspergillus spp. e Fusarium spp. As ceratites ulcerativas bacterianas e fúngicas, bem como as ceratites fúngicas não ulcerativas, caracterizadas principalmente pelo abscesso estromal, são frequentes nessa espécie. Ocorrida a lesão inicial, perpetua-se um ciclo vicioso, com liberação de citocinas inflamatórias, que desencadeiam uma rápida e severa infiltração corneal por células polimorfonucleares. A córnea torna-se sujeita à destruição por enzimas proteolíticas liberadas pelos micro-organismos e por células inflamatórias, capazes de desencadear a dissolução estromal e a perfuração do bulbo ocular. O tratamento clínico para a resolução da doença corneal e o controle da uveíte reflexa deve ser agressivo e associado, muitas das vezes, à terapia cirúrgica. Este artigo discorre sobre a fisiopatologia e o tratamento da ceratomicose em equinos.Environmental and behavioral factors make horses susceptible to corneal and conjunctival lesions, since these structures are constantly exposed to bacteria and fungi specially Aspergillus spp. and Fusarium spp. Bacterial and fungal ulcerative keratitis, as well as non-ulcerative fungal keratitis such as stromal abscess, are frequent in horses. A "cascade" effect follows the initial lesion which triggers the release of inflammatory cytokines followed by an acute and severe infiltrate of polymorphonuclear cells in the cornea. The cornea becomes susceptible to the activity of proteolytic enzymes released by microorganisms and polymorphonuclear cells, resulting in stromal degradation and ocular perforation. The medical treatment targeting the corneal disease and the controlling of reflexive uveitis should be aggressive and surgical therapy should be associated in most of the cases. This paper reviews the

  9. Helminth communities of wood mouse (<em>Apodemus sylvaticusem>) on the river Avena (Calabria, southern Italy)

    Concetta Milazzo; Calogero Di Bella; Juan Carlos Casanova; Alexis Ribas; Mara Cagnin


    Helminth parasites of woodmouse <em>Apodemus sylvaticusem> were studied from May 1993 through to June 1994 on the River Avena (Calabria, southern Italy), which, as other Mediterranenan rivers, is dry for most of the year. Trapping sites were located in three different habitats of the river: slopes, shores and the riverbed. A total of 106 animals was captured and screened for the presence of helminths. Five endoparasitic species were detected: <em>Corrigia vittaem>,...

  10. Design of Higher-<em>k> and More Stable Rare Earth Oxides as Gate Dielectrics for Advanced CMOS Devices

    Yi Zhao


    Full Text Available High permittivity (<em>k> gate dielectric films are widely studied to substitute SiO2 as gate oxides to suppress the unacceptable gate leakage current when the traditional SiO2 gate oxide becomes ultrathin. For high-<em>k> gate oxides, several material properties are dominantly important. The first one, undoubtedly, is permittivity. It has been well studied by many groups in terms of how to obtain a higher permittivity for popular high-<em>k> oxides, like HfO2 and La2O3. The second one is crystallization behavior. Although it’s still under the debate whether an amorphous film is definitely better than ploy-crystallized oxide film as a gate oxide upon considering the crystal boundaries induced leakage current, the crystallization behavior should be well understood for a high-<em>k> gate oxide because it could also, to some degree, determine the permittivity of the high-<em>k> oxide. Finally, some high-<em>k> gate oxides, especially rare earth oxides (like La2O3, are not stable in air and very hygroscopic, forming hydroxide. This topic has been well investigated in over the years and significant progresses have been achieved. In this paper, I will intensively review the most recent progresses of the experimental and theoretical studies for preparing higher-<em>k> and more stable, in terms of hygroscopic tolerance and crystallization behavior, Hf- and La-based ternary high-<em>k> gate oxides.