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  1. Gerard Malanga popobjektid


    Brüsseli botaanikaaias Andy Warholi kauaaegse sõbra ja assistendi, luuletaja ja fotograafi Gerard Malanga (s. 1943) fotonäitus 'Gerard Malanga: popobjektid', kus on eksponeeritud Malanga mustvalged fotod Warholi filmide proovivõtetest ning Warholi stuudiot 1960.-70. aastatel külastanud kuulsustest

  2. Gerard Larguier, Artist, France

    Since 1994, the French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (Andra) has been pursuing a study of collective memory, based on its experience with the Manche disposal facility. In 2010 - in response to the project Centre industriel de stockage geologique (Cigeo), its concomitant need to preserve collective memory of the site for at least 500 years, and public demand - Andra launched an initiative to ensure that future generations do not forget about the existence of radioactive waste disposal facilities. Pursuing its investigations in this area, Andra has led theoretical enquiries that consider art as a possible vehicle of collective memory. Memory is often found between parentheses that do not overload the spirit but enclose it in rules that facilitate forgetting... which is a vanity of the present moment. The past must always have the role of providing future ferment. And then the transfer occurs that can open up to history. Born in 1938, Gerard Larguier began working in 1956 with the renowned poster artist Paul Colin of Nancy before going on to study at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and Academie Julian. He has worked at his studio in the Bateau Lavoir in Paris since 1979 as well as Bonnet's former presbytery in the Meuse since 1973. Using both materials and relief, he has exhibited his artwork at leading institutions around the world. Since 1998, he has taken up the theme of memory in his works 'Chronique du XXeme siecle', 'Autodafes et palimpsestes' and his series 'A saute-souvenances'. He has also tackled the evolution of artwork over the centuries in a series of fifty works entitled 'Les chefs-d'oeuvre revisites'. In 2008, Gerard Larguier completed a fresco commissioned by Andra on the local heritage and environment of the Bure Laboratory. In 2010, the municipality of Soulaines d'Huys commissioned a fresco of the history of the town from the sixteenth century to the present using the archives of

  3. Gerard Gaudaeni näitus


    Tartu Ülikooli raamatukogu kataloogisaalis belgia kunstniku näitus "Gerard Gaudaeni graafikat", kus näidatakse eksliibriseid, vabagraafikat, raamatuillustratsioone ja õnnitluskaarte Heikki Lahi kollektsioonist

  4. Fishery Management Plan for Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge - 1985

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This management plan was prepared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for Mathew's Brake National Wildlife Refuge. Data was provided by the refuge and area office...

  5. Fishing Plan for Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge - 1981

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This proposal calls for the opening of Mathews Brake NWR to sport fishing. General regulations pertaining to licenses, creel limits, and methods of taking fish will...

  6. Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge [Land Status Map

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This map was produced by the Division of Realty to depict landownership at Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge. It was generated from rectified aerial...

  7. Gerard Corbiau tutvustab Kinomajas oma filme / Andris Feldmanis

    Feldmanis, Andris, 1982-


    Tallinna Kinomajas toimub Eesti Kinoliidu ja Balti Filmi- ja Meediakooli üritus, kus näidatakse nelja belgia režissööri Gerard Corbiau' mängufilmi "Muusikaõpetaja" (1987), "Farinelli" (1994), "Kasvamine" (1990) ja "Kuningas tantsib" (2000). Režissöör on ka ise kohal

  8. Gerard Corbiau filmide peategelane on muusika / Kaarel Kressa

    Kressa, Kaarel, 1983-


    Tallinna Kinomajas toimus 3.- 4. oktoobril Eesti Kinoliidu ja Balti Filmi- ja Meediakooli üritus, kus näidati nelja belgia režissööri Gerard Corbiau' mängufilmi "Muusikaõpetaja" (1987), "Farinelli" (1994), "Kasvamine" (1990) ja "Kuningas tantsib" (2000). Kohal olid ka režissöör abikaasaga ning filmide stsenarist Andree Corbiau

  9. Freshwater Fish Survey of Mathews Brake Water Body - 1980 and 1981

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — A Freshwater Fish Survey of Mathews Brake water body including land not within Mathews Brake NWR. Methods included Electroshocker, creel census, and seine.

  10. Teaching and Learning in the Summa theologiae of Gerard of Bologna (d. 1317)

    Nolan, Simon


    Gerard of Bologna (d. 1317) was the first Carmelite master at the University of Paris in the Middle Ages. In Quaestio 6, article 1 of his incomplete Summa theologiae, Gerard discusses the issue of teaching and learning. During the course of his discussion he summarises his understanding of the process of cognition in human beings and he considers God, angels and human beings as teachers. Gerard insists on the necessity of the teacher-student relationship in the handing on of human knowledge.

  11. "Symposium" by Richard Dawkins, Gerard 't Hooft, Alain Connes

    Maximilien Brice


    Richard Dawkins will speak on biology, Gerard ‘t Hooft will focus on physics, and Alain Connes will discuss mathematics. CERN scientists probe ever-deeper levels of matter and their interactions, but can we say that the patterns they see are truly fundamental? Does the universe obey the same laws throughout? Since mathematical constructions can be true in the absence of any relation to the physical world, is mathematics more fundamental than physics? Extraterrestrial life would probably look much different from that on Earth, but natural selection still be fundamental to their evolution?

  12. The Incomputable Alan Turing

    Cooper, S. Barry


    The last century saw dramatic challenges to the Laplacian predictability which had underpinned scientific research for around 300 years. Basic to this was Alan Turing's 1936 discovery (along with Alonzo Church) of the existence of unsolvable problems. This paper focuses on incomputability as a powerful theme in Turing's work and personal life, and examines its role in his evolving concept of machine intelligence. It also traces some of the ways in which important new developments are anticipa...

  13. Incomputability after Alan Turing

    Cooper, S. Barry


    Incomputability as a mathematical notion arose from work of Alan Turing and Alonzo Church in the 1930s. Like Turing himself, it attracted less attention than it deserved beyond the confines of mathematics. Today our experiences in computer science, physics, biology, artificial intelligence, economics and the humanities point to the importance of the notion for understanding the world around us. This article takes a Turing centenary look at how the interface between the computable world and th...

  14. Alan Turing the enigma

    Hodges, Andrew


    It is only a slight exaggeration to say that the British mathematician Alan Turing (1912-1954) saved the Allies from the Nazis, invented the computer and artificial intelligence, and anticipated gay liberation by decades--all before his suicide at age forty-one. This classic biography of the founder of computer science, reissued on the centenary of his birth with a substantial new preface by the author, is the definitive account of an extraordinary mind and life. A gripping story of mathematics, computers, cryptography, and homosexual persecution, Andrew Hodges's acclaimed book captures bot

  15. An updated summary of MATHEW/ADPIC model evaluation studies

    This paper summarizes the major model evaluation studies conducted for the MATHEW/ADPIC atmospheric transport and diffusion models used by the US Department of Energy's Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability. These studies have taken place over the last 15 years and involve field tracer releases influenced by a variety of meteorological and topographical conditions. Neutrally buoyant tracers released both as surface and elevated point sources, as well as material dispersed by explosive, thermally bouyant release mechanisms have been studied. Results from these studies show that the MATHEW/ADPIC models estimate the tracer air concentrations to within a factor of two of the measured values 20% to 50% of the time, and within a factor of five of the measurements 35% to 85% of the time depending on the complexity of the meteorology and terrain, and the release height of the tracer. Comparisons of model estimates to peak downwind deposition and air concentration measurements from explosive releases are shown to be generally within a factor of two to three. 24 refs., 14 figs., 3 tabs

  16. Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge public use review and development plan

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document addresses the ten Public Use Requirements for Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge as well as General Impressions of the review team.

  17. Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge Deer Harvest Records from 2011 Season

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — These harvest data are from Mathews Brake during the 2011 deer season. They measure weight, antler size, prevalence of milk, and number of deer harvested.

  18. Mobile Acoustical Bat Monitoring Annual Summary Report CY 2012 to 2015 - Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — These reports summarize bat calls collected along transects at Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge between 2012 and 2015. Calls were classified using Bat Call ID...

  19. Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Opening of Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge to Fishing

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This proposal calls for the opening of Mathews Brake NWR to sport fishing. General regulations pertaining to licenses, creel limits, and methods of taking fish will...

  20. A Very Human Survey: The Cross-Cultural Inquiries of R. H. Mathews

    Martin Thomas


    Full Text Available In addressing the life and legacy of R. H. Mathews (1841-1918, this article queries the emphasis on 'otherness' that is common in much post-colonial commentary. The focus here is on the sharing of knowledge and other experiences of familiarity across cultures. Mathews was an Australian-born surveyor who turned to anthropology in the 1890s, publishing prolifically in Australia and overseas. Well known in Aboriginal communities through much of eastern Australia, he took advantage of contacts he had developed during his career as a surveyor. Such experience gave him a personal understanding of the land which greatly influenced his anthropological writing. In addition to direct interview, he also acquired information through correspondence with graziers and officials with Aboriginal employees or other connections with indigenous people. The article draws from some of these letters, many of which survive in the extensive R. H. Mathews Papers at the National Library of Australia. To date, the main source of information on Mathews has been a three-part article by A. P. Elkin published in the 1970s. Much information has since become available, including the testimony of Aboriginal informants who were recorded by Janet Mathews, a grand daughter-in-law of R. H. who worked for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies as it was originally known (now AIATSIS. Mathews close connections in the Aboriginal world did nothing to protect him from the internecine feuding that characterised Australian anthropology in the Federation era. The article argues that Mathews' standing was damaged by a conspiracy involving the Melbourne-based Professor W. Baldwin Spencer who persuaded J. G. Frazer and other scholars in Britain never to acknowledge him or cite his work.

  1. Reforming Dutch art : Gerard de Lairesse on beauty, morals and class

    Zakula, T.


    In 1690 Gerard de Lairesse met the most dreaded destiny a painter can meet. He went blind. The last twenty-one years of his life he spent in darkness, pondering on art and conceiving a program that was meant to help future painters create images of unparalleled beauty and perfection. De Lairesse’s c

  2. Theorie en praktijk versmelten in Vredepeel : Interview met Marc Kroonen en Gerard Meuffels

    Buning, Stefan; Kroonen, M.J.E.; Meuffels, G.J.H.M.


    Een ambassade voor de open teelt op lichte zandgrond. Een plek waar boeren, bedrijven, overheden, scholieren en collega-onderzoekers met al hun vragen terecht kunnen. Die functie wil Praktijkonderzoek Plant & Omgeving (PPO) in Vredepeel graag vervullen. "We hebben korte lijnen met zowel telers als wetenschappers", vertellen Marc Kroonen en Gerard Meuffels van het proefbedrijf.

  3. Wijnandsrade werpt drempels op tegen erosie : Proefboerderij in Zuid-Limburgs heuvellandschap : Interview met Gerard Meuffels

    Buning, Stefan; Meuffels, G.J.H.M.


    Het Zuid-Limburgse heuvellandschap is gevoelig voor erosie. Op proefboerderij Wijnandsrade werken onderzoekers al dertig jaar aan het bestrijden van dit voor Nederland unieke en complexe probleem. „En we zijn nog altijd niet klaar”, stelt PPO-onderzoeker Gerard Meuffels.

  4. Markkinointisuunnitelma aloittavalle audiovisuaalisen alan yritykselle

    Laine, Liisa-Maria


    Tämä opinnäytetyö toteutettiin toimeksiantona Feeniks Visualille. Feeniks Visual on perustamisvaiheessa oleva audiovisuaalisen alan yritys, jonka palveluihin kuuluu video- ja valokuvaustuotannot. Työn tarkoituksena oli luoda yritykselle toimiva ja toteutuskelpoinen markkinointisuunnitelma sen tarpeet ja resurssit huomioon ottaen.Opinnäytetyön tietoperustassa hyödynnettiin markkinoinnin teoksia. Keskeistä oli tiedon hyödyntäminen aloittavan yrityksen näkökulmasta. Yrityksen liiketoiminnan läht...


    Karhu, Jouko


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tehtävänä oli suunnitella oman yritykseni, ICT – alan myyntiedustusliikkeen toiminnan laajentamista lisäedustuksia hankkimalla. Uusilla edustuksilla yritys hakee lisää vakautta ja kannattavuutta liiketoiminnalle yritys- ja julkishallinnon asiakaskentällä. Tässä työssä läpikäydään suunnitelma toiminnan kansainvälistämisestä laajentumalla alkuvaiheessa paitsi EU maihin, myös Barentsin alueelle. Yhdessä uusien edustusten myötä yritykseni pyrkii kehittämään ja hoitamaan liiket...

  6. 名士表 摄影师Gerard Rancinan展览


    <正>这是一个瞩目的夜晚,众多摄影界耳熟能详的名字——Gerard Rancinan、Mimmo Jodice、Nan Goldin、Don Mac Cullin、Giorgio Barrera出现在这里,齐聚意大利罗马展览馆,见证名士表市场与传讯总监Jean-Christophe Sabatier、Caroline

  7. Hillside, Morgans Brake, and Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuges Deer Harvest Records are from 2008 and 2014

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — These harvest data are from Hillside, Morgans Brake, and Mathews Brake NWRs during the 2008 and 2014 deer seasons. They measure weight, antler size, prevalence of...

  8. Biweekly Waterfowl Counts from Mathews Brake, Morgan Brake, and Hillside National Wildlife Refuges in 2001 and 2002

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Biweekly Waterfowl Counts from Mathews Brake, Morgan Brake, and Hillside National Wildlife Refuges conducted from October 2001 to February 2002

  9. Roger Alan Myers (1930-2015).

    Phillips, Susan D; Ivey, Allen E


    Presents an obituary for Roger Alan Myers, who passed away September 13, 2015, in Stuart, Florida, at age 85. Meyers was a long-time national leader of counseling psychology. (PsycINFO Database Record PMID:27042889

  10. The Imitation Game: Alan Turings enigmatiske imitationsspil

    Bentzen, Martin Mose


    Alan Turing revolutionerede computervidenskaben og modtog først verdens anerkendelse længe efter sin død. Nu sætter filmen 'The Imitation Game', der har premiere i Danmark 29. januar 2015, fokus på det oversete geni.......Alan Turing revolutionerede computervidenskaben og modtog først verdens anerkendelse længe efter sin død. Nu sætter filmen 'The Imitation Game', der har premiere i Danmark 29. januar 2015, fokus på det oversete geni....

  11. The Library of Gerard Nicholas Heerkens (1726–1801, Dutch physician, traveller, and Latin poet

    Tarantino, Giovanni


    Full Text Available The very extensive library collection of Gerard Nicholas Heerkens (1726–1801, the cosmopolitan Dutch physician and Latin poet,1 was sold at auction between 23 and 28 September and between 14 and 21 October 1805 at the University of Groningen. The auction was organized by the antiquarian and book dealer Jan Hendrik Bolt (active 1779–1845,2 who prepared the catalogue.3 If not the same person, Bolt was possibly a relative of a homonymous member of the radical De Jonge group (named after the proprietor of a cafe in Groningen, where a small group of republicans actively hostile towards King Willem II used to meet in the 1840s. The latter Bolt published the openly subversive and ultraradical democratic journal De Tolk der Vrijheid (‘The Mouthpiece of Freedom’, run by the maverick republican Eillert Meeter (c.1818–62.

  12. Kellest saab Alan Greenspani järeltulija? / Tõnis Oja

    Oja, Tõnis, 1957-


    USA presidendil ei ole veel uut kandidaati ametist lahkuva keskpanga juhi Alan Greenspani asemele. Vt. samas: Alan Greenspani tegevuse olulisemad verstapostid keskpanga juhina; Pole välistatud ka ametikoha säilitamine

  13. The Imitation Game: Alan Turings enigmatiske imitationsspil

    Bentzen, Martin Mose


    Alan Turing revolutionerede computervidenskaben og modtog først verdens anerkendelse længe efter sin død. Nu sætter filmen 'The Imitation Game', der har premiere i Danmark 29. januar 2015, fokus på det oversete geni.

  14. Alan Riley : meid ootab tõsine gaasipuudus / Alan Riley ; interv. Krister Paris

    Riley, Alan


    Briti majandus- ja õigusekspert doktor Alan Riley seab kahtluse alla Venemaa energiagigandi Gazpromi tugevuse energiaturul ning leiab, et gaasituru liberaliseerimine aitaks võidelda nii potentsiaalse gaasipuuduse kui Euroopa sõltuvusega Venemaa gaasitootjast. Lisa: Riley

  15. Two-parameter double-oscillator model of Mathews-Lakshmanan type: Series solutions and supersymmetric partners

    Schulze-Halberg, Axel, E-mail:, E-mail: [Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science and Department of Physics, Indiana University Northwest, 3400 Broadway, Gary, Indiana 46408 (United States); Wang, Jie, E-mail: [Department of Computer Information Systems, Indiana University Northwest, 3400 Broadway, Gary, Indiana 46408 (United States)


    We obtain series solutions, the discrete spectrum, and supersymmetric partners for a quantum double-oscillator system. Its potential features a superposition of the one-parameter Mathews-Lakshmanan interaction and a one-parameter harmonic or inverse harmonic oscillator contribution. Furthermore, our results are transferred to a generalized Pöschl-Teller model that is isospectral to the double-oscillator system.

  16. Selected papers of Alan Hoffman with commentary

    Micchelli, Charles A


    Dr Alan J Hoffman is a pioneer in linear programming, combinatorial optimization, and the study of graph spectra. In his principal research interests, which include the fields of linear inequalities, combinatorics, and matrix theory, he and his collaborators have contributed fundamental concepts and theorems, many of which bear their names. This volume of Dr Hoffman's selected papers is divided into seven sections: geometry; combinatorics; matrix inequalities and eigenvalues; linear inequalities and linear programming; combinatorial optimization; greedy algorithms; graph spectra. Dr Hoffman ha

  17. A sea breeze tracer study with the MATHEW/ADPIC transport and diffusion model

    The three-dimensional MATHEW/ADPIC (M/A) model was developed for the assessment of the consequences of a release of radioactive materials into the atmosphere. The M/A model has been applied to several continuous tracer releases under sea breeze conditions at Montalto on the Tyrrhenian coast approximately 100 km northwest of Rome, at the construction site of a nuclear power plant. The MATHEW model generates a mass conservative three-dimensional gridded wind field including terrain from available interpolated meteorological data. ADPIC is a three-dimensional numerical particle-in-cell transport and diffusion model capable of simulating the time- and space-varying dispersal of atmospheric pollutants under complex conditions. It is a particle-in-cell model in which Lagrangian 'mass' particles are transported inside a fixed Eulerian grid. The M/A evaluation of the sea breeze data is shown in terms of the fraction of computed samples agreeing with measured values within a factor N, versus an angle deltatheta which is a precision parameter inversely proportional to the model's accuracy. Indications are that a small average angular shift of deltatheta=10 deg. in the direction of the computed tracer plume will provide very good agreement with observed concentrations. It is found that for these experiments the vertical and horizontal model diffusion parameters need to be decoupled because of different turbulence characteristics in the vertical and horizontal planes. The sensitivity of the M/A model results to meteorological parameters and diffusion coefficients is examined, with the most important variable being wind direction. (author)

  18. Sodium Alanate Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Storage

    Baldé, C.P.


    Preparation and characterization of sodium alanate (NaAlH4) based hydrogen storage materials are described in this book. The effect of the NaAlH4 particle size, particularly in the nanometer size range deposited on carbon materials, will be linked to the hydrogen storage characteristics. Moreover, role and structure of the effect of adding a Ti-based-catalyst to the nano-NaAlH4 will be described. The structural changes that lead to a catalyst deactivation will be described for TiCl3 and Ti(OB...

  19. Orin Martin: Manager, Alan Chadwick Garden, CASFS

    Rabkin, Sarah


    Orin Martin manages the Alan Chadwick Garden at UC Santa Cruz, where he is widely admired for his skills as a master orchardist, horticulturalist, and teacher. Martin grew up an athletic and outdoors-oriented child in Massachusetts, Florida, New York State, and Ohio—without any interest in gardening, which struck him as “an onerous chore, and kind of sissy stuff, actually.” While he was in Washington, D.C. in the late 1960s, as a student at American University, he “got politicized” by curren...

  20. Obituary: Alan D. Fiala (1942-2010)

    Kaplan, George


    Dr. Alan Dale Fiala, astronomer and expert on solar eclipses, died on May 26, 2010 in Arlington, Virginia, of respiratory failure after a brief illness. He was 67. Fiala had been a staff astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., for his entire professional career, where he rose from a position as a summer intern to become the Chief of the Nautical Almanac Office, responsible for annual publications for astronomy and navigation that are used the world over. He retired from the observatory in 2000. Although a childhood case of polio affected his mobility for the rest of his life, he seldom let his physical constraints limit his activities, which were many and varied. Alan Fiala was born in Beatrice, Nebraska on November 9, 1942, the middle son of Emil A. ("John") and Lora Marie Fiala. Fiala's father was a postal clerk and Civil Service examiner. Fiala expressed interest in astronomy at a very young age. He contracted polio when he was 9. He graduated from Beatrice High School in 1960 with a straight-A average and went on to study at Carleton College. He received his B.A. summa cum laude after three years, in 1963, with a major in astronomy and minors in physics and mathematics. He was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and Pi Mu Epsilon (mathematics). In 1962, Alan Fiala obtained a job as a summer intern at the Naval Observatory in Washington, working in the Nautical Almanac Office (NAO). He entered the graduate program at Yale University and continued to work summers at the observatory. He received his Ph.D. in 1968, under Gerald Clemence. His dissertation was titled "Determination of the Mass of Jupiter from a Study of the Motion of 57 Mnemosyne." After receiving his doctorate, Fiala became a permanent member of the Naval Observatory staff. Computers were just being introduced there and he participated in the automation of many procedures used to prepare the annual publications of the Nautical Almanac Office. One of his first assignments was

  1. Methods for synthesizing alane without the formation of adducts and free of halides

    Zidan, Ragaiy; Knight, Douglas A; Dinh, Long V


    A process is provided to synthesize an alane without the formation of alane adducts as a precursor. The resulting product is a crystallized .alpha.-alane and is a highly stable product and is free of halides.

  2. Remembering James Alan Bassham (1922-2012).

    Govindjee; Bassham, Helen; Bassham, Susan


    James Alan Bassham, known to many as Al, was born on November 26, 1922, in Sacramento, California (CA), USA. He died on November 19, 2012, in El Cerrito, CA. To celebrate his life at his 3rd death anniversary, we present here a brief biography, comments on his discoveries, but most importantly, remembrances from family and friends; we remember this wonderful and modest person who had played a major pivotal role in the discoveries that led to what he would like to call the P(hotosynthetic) C(arbon) R(eduction) cycle, known to many as the Calvin Cycle, the Calvin-Benson Cycle, or the Calvin-Benson-Bassham Cycle. Based on a personal request by Bassham himself to one of us (Govindjee), we refrain from including his name in the cycle-in recognition of his many students and associates he would have liked to honor. PMID:26582593

  3. Yritä edes! : liiketoimintasuunnitelma tapahtuma-alan yritykselle

    Lindberg, Elina


    Opinnäytetyö on toiminnallinen ja sen produkti on tuottaa toimiva liiketoiminta-suunnitelma Halikossa sijaitsevalle maatilalle. Opinnäytetyö käsittelee yrittäjyyttä ja tapahtuma-alaa liiketapahtumien osalta. Opinnäytetyön teoriaosuus tehtiin käyttämällä alan kirjallisuutta, internet-sivustoja, lehtiä sekä haastattelemalla muutamaa alan ammattilaista ja osallistumalla alan tapahtumiin ja tilaisuuksiin. Liiketoimintasuunnitelma tehtiin suunnittelutyönä, ja se sisältää osia toimialaa käsitte...

  4. Kilpailustrategia käsityöalan case-mikroyritykselle

    Sorri, Reetta


    Käsityöalan mikroyritysten nykytilanne on haasteellinen Suomessa. Käsityöyrittäjät joutuvat markkinoilla kovaan kilpailuun teollisten tuotteiden, halpatuonnin, ja suurten tuotantomäärien kanssa. Ongelmaksi on myös muodostunut tuotteiden kopiointi. Usein käsityöalan mikroyrittäjälle yrittäminen on elämäntapa, eikä yrityksellä ole resursseja eikä halua kasvaa. Käsityöalan mikroyritysten tulisi uudistaa toimintamallejaan niin, että ne olisivat kilpailukykyisempiä. Yritysten menestymisen sal...




    Full Text Available ABSTRACT This paper consists on a bibliometric analysis of the international influences of the book "Studies on termites from the Mato Grosso State, Brazil", by AGA Mathews (1977. The number of citations has increased over the years after the first citation. Mathews book was cited in articles, reviews, theses, dissertations, books, book chapters, abstracts in conference proceedings, comments and scientific notes. Most these studies are empirical and descriptive. The studies were conducted in 35 countries of the Neotropical, Palearctic, Afrotropical, Nearctic, Australasia and Indomalaya regions. 55% of the studies were carried out in Brazil. The journals Sociobiology and Insectes Sociaux, have social insect studies within its scope, and the highest number of articles citing Mathews. Most of the 71 authors that cited Mathews more than twice are Brazilian. Constrictotermes cyphergaster was the most studied in over 80% of the studies addressing Isoptera. The most frequent keywords were termite, Isoptera and taxonomy, generalist terms indexed in most publications carried out in different countries. Most of the research studies were carried out in laboratories and native vegetation areas. Studies in agroecosystems were implemented predominantly in Brazil. This study shows the diversity of application (citations of Mathews' book, and that the number of citations will continue to increase due to the large amount of information presented by the author.

  6. Computing In College and University: 1978 and Beyond. Proceedings of the Gerard P. Weeg Memorial Conference, May 1-2, 1978.

    Iowa Univ., Iowa City. Computer Center.

    In most instances, the papers in this collection present information reflecting the current status of computer usage in education and offer substantive forecasts for academic computing. Two speeches from the special ceremony for the renaming of the computing center in honor of Gerard P. Weeg, which was held as part of the two-day national computer…

  7. Interview with Alan Maley on Teaching and Learning Creative Writing

    Ruzbeh Babaee


    Alan Maley is a British, award-winning, internationally-known writer and artist, highly regarded for his unique observation of life at the turn of the century. He has been involved in English Language Teaching (ELT) for over 50 years. He worked for the British Council in Yugoslavia, Ghana, Italy, France, China and India and was the Director of the Bell Educational Trust in Cambridge for 5 years. He later worked in universities in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and UK. Alan has published over 4...

  8. Alan Turing´s work on morphogenesis

    Herrero, Miguel A.


    In this work we will discuss on the contribution made by Alan Turing (1912-1954) towards a mathematical foundation of Developmental Biology. To do so, we will briefly review the approach he laid out in his only published work on the subject, and then describe the impact of his work on Mathematics on one hand, and on Biology on the other.En este artículo debatiremos la contribución hecha por Alan Turing (1912-1954) a la fundamentación matemática de la Biología del Desarrollo. Para ello, repasa...

  9. Contributions of Gerard de Saussure to fission physics: Subthreshold and near-subthreshold measurements at the ORELA

    In the late 1960s, Strutinsky's theoretical work on the structure of the fission barrier, together with some new neutron cross-section measurements performed at Saclay and Gel, was called to Gerard de Saussure's attention, and he immediately recognized the importance of those developments. Indeed, de Saussure was quick to note that for neutron energies in the range of the fission barrier potential energy, fission cross-section measurements would yield direct information about the physical properties of the fission barrier. Under his leadership, a set of extensive and precise measurements was performed at the Oak Ridge Electron Linear Accelerator (ORELA) by an international group of researchers, lasting over two decades. Those measurements were unique in many respects: Fission widths were determined for many previously unreported resonances in the subthreshold region, and a detailed study was performed on the physical properties of the fission barrier at high nuclear deformations. In this paper, we report a specific part of the de Saussure's extensive involvement in the area of subthreshold fission physics: the 1979 measurement of the 238U(n,f) cross ection in the subthreshold and near-subthreshold regions. This cross section was measured in the energy region between 5 eV and 3.5 MeV using a large fission chamber loaded with high-purity 238U, which had 235U

  10. Why Henry Made It: A Reply to S. Alan Cohen

    Kleederman, Frances F.


    Responds to an article by S. Alan Cohen on oral language deficiency and its relation to reading failure, and concludes that reading achievement and reading failure are largely determined by cognitive and communicative strategies that may be socialized differently in diverse social and ethnic groups. (JM)

  11. ESO Astronomers Emeriti -- Sandro D'Odorico and Alan Moorwood

    Primas, F.; Casali, M.; Walsh, J.


    In May and June 2010, Sandro D'Odorico and Alan Moorwood, both driving forces behind many ESO instruments and very active in research, retired after three decades at ESO. The ESO Director General, Tim de Zeeuw, elevated both to the newly inaugurated position of ESO Astronomer Emeritus. Celebrations on their transition to these esteemed positions were held and are briefly described.

  12. Contributions of Alan C. Lazer to mathematical population dynamics

    Chris Cosner


    Full Text Available This paper is a survey of the contributions that Professor Alan C. Lazer has made to the mathematical theory of population dynamics. Specific areas where Professor Lazer has made important contributions include time periodic population models with diffusion and nonautonomous models for many competing species.

  13. Alan Guth and Andrei Linde win international cosmology award


    "Leading theoretical cosmologists Alan Guth, Weisskopf Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Andrei Linde, Professor of Physics at Stanford University, who played prominent roles in developing and refining the theory of cosmic inflation, have been selected by an international panel of experts to receive the 2004 Cosmology Prize of the Peter Gruber Foundation" (1 page).

  14. Alan M. Turing: Paper on Statistics of Repetitions

    Taylor, Ian


    This is a typeset version of Alan Turing's declassified Second World War paper \\textit{Paper on Statistics of Repetitions}. See the companion paper, \\textit{The Applications of Probability to Cryptography}, also available from arXiv at arXiv:1505.04714, for Editor's Notes.

  15. Powder X-ray diffraction study af alkali alanates

    Cao, Thao; Mosegaard Arnbjerg, Lene; Jensen, Torben René

    Powder X-ray diffraction study of alkali alanates Thao Cao, Lene Arnbjerg, Torben R. Jensen. Center for Materials Crystallography (CMC), Center for Energy Materials (CEM), iNANO and Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University, DK-8000, Denmark. Abstract: To meet the energy demand in the future...

  16. Alan Turing´s work on morphogenesis

    Herrero, Miguel A.


    Full Text Available In this work we will discuss on the contribution made by Alan Turing (1912-1954 towards a mathematical foundation of Developmental Biology. To do so, we will briefly review the approach he laid out in his only published work on the subject, and then describe the impact of his work on Mathematics on one hand, and on Biology on the other.En este artículo debatiremos la contribución hecha por Alan Turing (1912-1954 a la fundamentación matemática de la Biología del Desarrollo. Para ello, repasaremos brevemente su punto de vista en el único trabajo que publicó sobre este tema, y describiremos su impacto tanto en las Matemáticas como en la Biología.

  17. Development of hydrogen storage systems using Sodium alanate

    Lozano Martinez, Gustavo Adolfo


    Hydrogen storage systems based on sodium alanate are studied, modelled, and optimised, on the basis of both experimental and theoretical approaches. The experimental hydrogen sorption behaviour (kinetics, heat transfer and cycling) of small cells up to kg-scale storage tanks is compared and analysed. In particular the effect of the size of the system, powder compaction, and addition of expanded graphite on the sorption behaviour is investigated and characterized. In order to implement simulat...

  18. Liiketoimintasuunnitelma konditoria-alan yrittäjälle

    Koivisto, Sanna


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli laatia toimiva ja kannattava liiketoimintasuunnitelma aloittelevalle konditoria-alan yrittäjälle. Tavoitteena oli saavuttaa kannattava liiketoiminta. Tutkimuskysymykseksi asetettiin: Miten rakennetaan kannattavaa liiketoimintaa leipomoalalla? Tutkimusongelman selvittämiseksi toteutettiin benchmarking-tutkimus. Opinnäytetyön luonne on kehittämishanke ja sen tutkimusmenetelmä on kvalitatiivinen tapaustutkimus. Työn teoriaosuuden tekoon hyödynnettiin yr...

  19. Maanmittauksen alan korkeakouluopiskelijoiden työnantajakuva Maanmittauslaitoksesta

    Rönkkö, Jouni


    Insinöörityössä selvitettiin maanmittauksen alan korkeakouluopiskelijoiden työnantajakuvaa Maanmittauslaitoksesta. Tarjolla olevan laadukkaan työvoiman vähetessä työnantajien on alettava kiinnittää huomiota työnantajakuvaansa. Tutkimus toteutettiin kokonaistutkimuksena kolmen ammattikorkeakoulun maanmittaustekniikan päiväopiskelijoille sekä Aalto-yliopiston kiinteistötalouden ja geomatiikan perustutkinto-opiskelijoille. Kohderyhmän vastattavissa oli web-kyselylomake. Tutkimuksen mu...

  20. Editors' overview for the Alan Turner Memorial volume

    O'Regan, Hannah J.; Elton, Sarah; Schreve, Danielle


    The papers presented here, in this special volume dedicated to the memory of Alan Turner (1947-2012), provide a glimpse of the multi-faceted ways in which the mammalian fossil record can be investigated. The authors of contributions in this Special Issue are by no means an exhaustive list of his international collaborators and colleagues, and indeed, many are not represented here, but the contents cover many of the topics and issues that were of central archaeological and wider Quaternary mammalian interest to Alan. Although the papers are not intended to provide a comprehensive overview of all techniques that can be applied, the set nevertheless reveals a snapshot of the state-of-the-art and of some of the methods that have the potential to bring much more of the past to life. Alan always sought to move beyond the 'stamp-collecting' approach of simply listing which taxa were present at a site, attempting to elucidate what the presence of those animals might mean in terms of palaeoecology. In particular, the span of Alan's career has seen major advances in our understanding of Quaternary mammalian biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography, the widespread application of novel techniques such as ancient DNA, the development of high-precision geochronology and the discovery of new hominin species. The papers presented here reflect those developments and highlight interdisciplinary approaches, from examination of sediments to careful measurements of the fossils themselves, from modelling the presence of taxa at particular points in the Quaternary to examination of the similarities and differences in fauna within and between sites.

  1. Alan Turing's Legacy: Info-Computational Philosophy of Nature

    Dodig-Crnkovic, Gordana


    Alan Turing's pioneering work on computability, and his ideas on morphological computing support Andrew Hodges' view of Turing as a natural philosopher. Turing's natural philosophy differs importantly from Galileo's view that the book of nature is written in the language of mathematics (The Assayer, 1623). Computing is more than a language of nature as computation produces real time physical behaviors. This article presents the framework of Natural Info-computationalism as a contemporary natu...

  2. Alan Alda visits the ATLAS Experiment cavern at CERN

    Claudia Marcelloni


    Alan Alda, is an American actor, director, screenwriter, and author. A six-time Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award winner, he is best known for his role as Hawkeye Pierce in the TV series M*A*S*H. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Journalism and a member of the advisory board of The Center for Communicating Science.[1

  3. Development of hydrogen storage systems using sodium alanate

    Lozano Martinez, Gustavo Adolfo


    In this work, hydrogen storage systems based on sodium alanate were studied, modelled and optimised, using both experimental and theoretical approaches. The experimental approach covered investigations of the material from mg scale up to kg scale in demonstration test tanks, while the theoretical approach discussed modelling and simulation of the hydrogen sorption process in a hydride bed. Both approaches demonstrated the strong effect of heat transfer on the sorption behaviour of the hydride bed and led to feasible methods to improve and optimise the volumetric and gravimetric capacities of hydrogen storage systems. The applied approaches aimed at an optimal integration of sodium alanate material in practical hydrogen storage systems. First, it was experimentally shown that the size of the hydride bed influences the hydrogen sorption behaviour of the material. This is explained by the different temperature profiles that are developed inside the hydride bed during the sorptions. In addition, in a self-constructed cell it was possible to follow the hydrogen sorptions and the developed temperature profiles within the bed. Moreover, the effective thermal conductivity of the material was estimated in-situ in this cell, given very good agreement with reported values of ex-situ measurements. It was demonstrated that the effective thermal conductivity of the hydride bed can be enhanced by the addition of expanded graphite. This enhancement promotes lower temperature peaks during the sorptions due to faster heat conduction through the bed, which in addition allows faster heat transfer during sorption. Looking towards simulations and further evaluations, empirical kinetic models for both hydrogen absorption and desorption of doped sodium alanate were developed. Based on the results of the model, the optimal theoretical pressure-temperature conditions for hydrogen sorptions were determined. A new approach is proposed for the mass balance of the reactions when implementing

  4. A Conversation with New Dean of Students, Capt. Alan Poindexter

    Naval Postgraduate School Public Affairs Office


    When the Naval Postgraduate School welcomed its new Dean of Students (DoS) early this year, it was a face the campus had seen many times before. Capt. Alan Poindexter is not only an alumnus, earning a Master of Science degree in aeronautical engineering in 1995, he has also visited the university as a guest speaker and guest of honor on several occasions. With a couple of months now under his belt, he has settled into his new role, and looks forward to providing leadership to the 1,500 plus s...

  5. Kaapelitehtaan kehittäminen luovan alan hautomoksi

    Heikkinen, Raine


    Tutkimus käsittelee luovaa alaa ja sen työllistämismahdollisuuksia. Tutkimuksen tilaajana on Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo, joka tunnetaan paremmin kulttuurikeskus Kaapelitehtaana. Kaapelitehdas on Helsingin kaupungin konserniyhtiö, jonka tehtävänä on kunnostaa vanhoja teollisuusrakennuksia ja vuokrata niitä eteenpäin pääasiassa kulttuurialan toimijoille. Tavoitteena oli selvittää kuinka toteuttaa luovan alan toimijoille toimiva ja tuloksekas hautomojärjestelmä, jolla saataisiin heidän liiket...

  6. Abstract Body, Abstract Machine: Alan Turing's Drama of Difference

    Mann-O'Donnell, Sarah


    In order to prove that mathematics cannot be exhausted by a finite set of procedures, Alan Turing conceives, in 1936, of an abstract machine 1. The machine makes its debut in “On Computable Numbers with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem,” his first major mathematical paper 2. A close reading of this machine’s dynamic will show that Turing’s thought in the field of mathematics is a consciously embodied thought that contemplates its own incompleteness. By examining Turing’s machine thr...

  7. Alan M. Turing: The Applications of Probability to Cryptography

    Taylor, Ian


    This is a typeset version of Alan Turing's Second World War research paper \\textit{The Applications of Probability to Cryptography}. A companion paper \\textit{Paper on Statistics of Repetitions} is also available in typeset form from arXiv at arXiv:1505.04715. The original papers give a text along with figures and tables. They provide a fascinating insight into the preparation of the manuscripts, as well as the style of writing at a time when typographical errors were corrected by hand, and m...

  8. Alan Turing and the origins of modern Gaussian elimination

    Dopico, Froilán M.


    The solution of a system of linear equations is by far the most important problem in Applied Mathematics. It is important both in itself and because it is an intermediate step in many other important problems. Gaussian elimination is nowadays the standard method for solving this problem numerically on a computer and it was the first numerical algorithm to be subjected to rounding error analysis. In 1948, Alan Turing published a remarkable paper on this topic: “Rounding-off errors in matrix pr...

  9. "Objects and Places” – Photographs by Alan Trachtenberg

    Géraldine Chouard


    Full Text Available  “Black-and-white images of diverse scenes in America—ranging from a Mississippi ���ghost” town to rooftops in Pennsylvania to an upper New York state racetrack—are featured in a new exhibition of photographs by Yale professor Alan Trachtenberg at the Henry Koerner Center for Emeritus Faculty. The exhibit, titled “Objects and Places,” is a selection of 22 photographs that Trachtenberg made over the past 30 years using a large-format (8×10 camera.” [Excerpt from the Yale Daily Bulletin]The foll...

  10. Metsäalan työntekijöiden palkkaustavat

    Sirviö, Jari


    Opinnäytetyö käsittelee metsäalan työntekijöiden palkkausta metsäalan työehtosopi-muksen alaisissa töissä. Metsäalan palkkaustapojen kehittyminen on yleensä tähdännyt kustannustehokkuuden nostamiseen. Menneinä vuosina Suomen valtiovallalla on ollut suuri merkitys metsäpalkkojen seurannassa ja minimiehtojen asettamisessa. Suomalaisten työehtojen määräytyminen perustuu lakeihin ja tehtyihin sopimuksiin. Metsäalan työehtosopimus on yleissitova. Metsätöiden palkkauksen perusteet ovat työn vaa...

  11. Freedom 7 the historic flight of Alan B. Shepard, Jr.

    Burgess, Colin


    Inevitably, there are times in a nation’s history when its hopes, fears and confidence in its own destiny appear to hinge on the fate of a single person. One of these pivotal moments occurred on the early morning of May 5, 1961, when a 37-year-old test pilot squeezed himself into the confines of the tiny Mercury spacecraft that he had named Freedom 7. On that historic day, U.S. Navy Commander Alan Shepard carried with him the hopes, prayers, and anxieties of a nation as his Redstone rocket blasted free of the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, hurling him upwards on a 15-minute suborbital flight that also propelled the United States into the bold new frontier of human space exploration. This book tells the enthralling story of that pioeering flight as recalled by many of the participants in the Freedom 7 story, including Shepard himself, with anecdotal details and tales never before revealed in print. Although beaten into space just three weeks earlier by the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, Alan Shepard’s h...

  12. SURVEY, Mathews County, VA

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The field survey data for this coastal study includes a field report that exhibits photos and transect information collected in the field survey phase of the study....

  13. Alan Turing and the origins of modern Gaussian elimination

    Dopico, Froilán M.


    Full Text Available The solution of a system of linear equations is by far the most important problem in Applied Mathematics. It is important both in itself and because it is an intermediate step in many other important problems. Gaussian elimination is nowadays the standard method for solving this problem numerically on a computer and it was the first numerical algorithm to be subjected to rounding error analysis. In 1948, Alan Turing published a remarkable paper on this topic: “Rounding-off errors in matrix processes” (Quart. J. Mech. Appl. Math. 1, pp. 287-308. In this paper, Turing formulated Gaussian elimination as the matrix LU factorization and introduced the “condition number of a matrix”, both of them fundamental notions of modern Numerical Analysis. In addition, Turing presented an error analysis of Gaussian elimination for general matrices that deeply influenced the spirit of the definitive analysis developed by James Wilkinson in 1961. Alan Turing’s work on Gaussian elimination appears in a fascinating period for modern Numerical Analysis. Other giants of Mathematics, as John von Neumann, Herman Goldstine, and Harold Hotelling were also working in the mid-1940s on Gaussian elimination. The goal of these researchers was to find an efficient and reliable method for solving systems of linear equations in modern “automatic computers”. At that time, it was not clear at all whether Gaussian elimination was a right choice or not. The purpose of this paper is to revise, at an introductory level, the contributions of Alan Turing and other authors to the error analysis of Gaussian elimination, the historical context of these contributions, and their influence on modern Numerical Analysis.La resolución de sistemas de ecuaciones lineales es sin duda el problema más importante en Matemática Aplicada. Es importante en sí mismo y también porque es un paso intermedio en la resolución de muchos otros problemas de gran relevancia. La eliminaci

  14. Taajuusmuuttajakäytöt sähköalan perustutkinnossa

    Turunen, Kai.


    Työssäni olen selvittänyt taajuusmuuttajakäyttöjen opettamisen tarvetta sähköalan perustutkinnossa. Kehitystyön taustaksi haastattelin yritysten edustajia, kouluttajia ja koulutettavia. Haastattelun tulokset antoivat tietoa taajuusmuuttajakäyttöjen opettamisen tarpeellisuudesta. Erityisesti haastateltavat painottivat opetuksen käytännönläheisyyttä. Haasteeksi nousi opetuksen edelleen kehittäminen muun muassa LVI-alan sekä alan yrittäjien kanssa. Tekemäni työ on esitetty artikkelin muodossa ja...

  15. Characteristics of the Dendrite Growth in the Electrochemical Alane Production Process

    Park Hyun-Kyu


    Full Text Available The electrochemical alane production process was proposed for a feasible production of alane. The operation of process was difficult because of short circuit by a dendrite growth in the reactor. Therefore, characteristics of the dendrite growth in the process were investigated. We conducted the electrochemical alane production process using Teflon block for inhibition of the dendrite growth. The obtained dendrite was characterized by XRD, SEM and ICP-AES. It was concluded that the dendrite growth was attributed to a melting and agglomeration of Al fine particles existed in the solution.

  16. Memorial Ceremony Honors the Life and Service of Capt. Alan “Dex” Poindexter

    Naval Postgraduate School Public Affairs Office


    Several hundred members of the Naval Postgraduate School community joined family and close friends of Capt. Alan “Dex” Poindexter for a memorial ceremony, Aug. 10, in honor of the university’s late dean of students.

  17. Pandivere kõrgustikule tuulepargid sobivad / Alan Senkel, Jaan Tepp ; interv. Raivo Raigna

    Senkel, Alan


    Windpower Eesti OÜ juhatuse liige Alan Senkel ja Eesti Tuuleenergia Assotsiatsiooni esimees Jaan Tepp tuuleenergia kasutamisest Eestis. Vt. samas: Raivo Raigna. Kullengale tuulegeneraatorite rajamine kütab kohalike elanike kirgi

  18. Akdağmadeni (Yozgat) doğusunda yer alan metomorfik birimlerin jeolojik petrolojik incelemesi

    Yildiz, Mustafa


        Akdağmadeni doğusunda yer alan metamorfîk kayaların jeolojisi, petrografisi, petrolojisi ve yapısal özelliklerinin araştırılmasına yönelik olarak yapılan bu çalışmada yaklaşık 600 km2 lik bir alanın jeoloji haritası yapılmıştır. Çalışma alanından 949 kaya örneği toplanmış ve mineralojik-petrografik olarak incelenmiştir. İnceleme alanındaki metamorfîk kayalar 'Akdağmadeni Metasedimanter Grubu9 olarak adlandırılmış, grup içerisinde 5 birim ayırtlana...

  19. 计算机科学的奠基——Alan Perlis



    当我们提起高级语言的先驱,首先想到的总是Dennis Ritchie、Bjarne Stroustrup这些主流语言的设计者,似乎很少会提到Alan PerliS这个名字。但Alan Perlis主持设计的ALGOL,趋势C/C++等语言的鼻祖。

  20. Preparation of polyaniline/sodium alanate hybrid using a spray-drying process

    Nowadays, hydrogen is highly interesting as an energy source, in particular in the automotive field. In fact, hydrogen is attractive as a fuel because it prevents air pollution and greenhouse emissions. One of the main problems with the utilization of hydrogen as a fuel is its on-board storage. The purpouse of this work was to develop a new hybrid material consisting of a polyaniline matrix with sodium alanate (NaAlH4) using a spray-drying process. The polyaniline used for this experiment was synthesized by following a well-established method for the synthesis of the emeraldine base form of polyaniline using dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid as dopant. Micro particles of polyaniline/sodium alanate hybrids with 30 and 50 wt% of sodium alanate were prepared by using a spray-drying technique. Dilute solutions of polyaniline/sodium alanate were first prepared, 10g of the solid materials were mixed with 350 ml of toluene under stirring at room temperature for 24h and the solutions were dried using spray-dryer (Büchi, Switzerland) with 115°C of an inlet temperature. The hybrids were analyzed by differential scanning calorimetry, FT-IR and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The addition of sodium alanate decreased the glass transition temperature of the hybrids when compared to neat polyaniline. FT-IR spectrum analysis was performed to identify the bonding environment of the synthesized material and was observed that simply physically mixture occurred between polyaniline and sodium alanate. The SEM images of the hybrids showed the formation of microspheres with sodium alanate dispersed in the polymer matrix

  1. Preparation of polyaniline/sodium alanate hybrid using a spray-drying process

    Moreira, B. R.; Passador, F. R.; Pessan, L. A.


    Nowadays, hydrogen is highly interesting as an energy source, in particular in the automotive field. In fact, hydrogen is attractive as a fuel because it prevents air pollution and greenhouse emissions. One of the main problems with the utilization of hydrogen as a fuel is its on-board storage. The purpouse of this work was to develop a new hybrid material consisting of a polyaniline matrix with sodium alanate (NaAlH4) using a spray-drying process. The polyaniline used for this experiment was synthesized by following a well-established method for the synthesis of the emeraldine base form of polyaniline using dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid as dopant. Micro particles of polyaniline/sodium alanate hybrids with 30 and 50 wt% of sodium alanate were prepared by using a spray-drying technique. Dilute solutions of polyaniline/sodium alanate were first prepared, 10g of the solid materials were mixed with 350 ml of toluene under stirring at room temperature for 24h and the solutions were dried using spray-dryer (Büchi, Switzerland) with 115°C of an inlet temperature. The hybrids were analyzed by differential scanning calorimetry, FT-IR and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The addition of sodium alanate decreased the glass transition temperature of the hybrids when compared to neat polyaniline. FT-IR spectrum analysis was performed to identify the bonding environment of the synthesized material and was observed that simply physically mixture occurred between polyaniline and sodium alanate. The SEM images of the hybrids showed the formation of microspheres with sodium alanate dispersed in the polymer matrix.

  2. LEDs/ALAN-Working To Be Good Neighbors

    Adams, Robert


    ALAN (Artificial Light At Night) and LEDs have recently become major discussion topics in the areas of astronomy, light pollution, endangered species and human health to mention but a few. In years past, MH, LPS and HPS dominated night lighting with LPS and its associated narrow spectrum as the preferred source around observatories and shorelines. LEDs offer the ability to modify the spectrum, realize substantial energy savings and other associated benefits while meeting the requirements of the astronomy community.The primary concern of the different groups relates to blue light content of the LED. For astronomers, the molecular (Raleigh) scattering related to the blue light interferes with certain portions of the spectrum used for deep space studies. The ecologists studying various endangered species find blue and green light can be related to declining leatherback turtle population in certain areas of the world. Other animals ranging from bats to moths and other insects are now being studied to determine the effect of the blue light spectrum on their behavior. The impact of blue light on the human circadian rhythm and vision, especially in the older population, is being extensively studied today.This presentation will discuss the spectral power distribution (SPD) of various light sources, the performance of new LED solutions and how the SPD of these new LED’s can be adapted to address some of the issues raised by various constituencies. A discussion describing why some of the metrics used to describe standard lighting are not adequate for specifying the new LED solutions with the modified spectra will be included.Today, lighting plans and implementation are all too often based on opinions and limited data. The ensuing problems and repercussions make it imperative to collect accurate and thorough information. Data collection is now ongoing using a variety of techniques analyzing the “before” and “after” lighting results from the C of HI LED streetlight

  3. SubClones (Alan Parsons) visit CERN – and the subatomic world

    Jordan Juras


    While the LHC has been creating subatomic particles, Alan Parsons has re-entered the studio with his new project, SubClones. The three-piece electronic rock group has joined the legendary Alan Parsons Live Project on tour, and their common friend Patrick Geeraert gave them the chance to drop into CERN for a visit.   Alan Parsons during his visit to CERN. The Alan Parsons Live Project is back on tour, with dates scheduled for the end of the summer across Europe and the Americas. A stop at CERN recently complemented a day off between two cities and allowed the band to move from the frontier of the music industry to the frontier of science. “We saw everything there was to see at CERN,” explains Alan Parsons. “It was all fascinating stuff but unfortunately we couldn’t see what was underground, though, so I think we will have to come back.” Parsons’ new project, SubClones, features three members whose identities remain a secret. Althoug...

  4. A density functional theory study of the one-dimensional alane

    The AlH1-6, Al2H1-7, Al3H1-9, AlmH3m (m = 4-10), and the periodic helical structure of the one-dimensional (1D) alane are studied by means of density functional theory calculations. The helical isolated structure is more stable than those in the corresponding cyclic and other geometries. A new periodic 1D helical alane structure is predicted for the first time. The stability of this periodic 1D helical alane structure has been confirmed by its large average binding energy based on AlH3, large energy gap of highest occupied molecular orbital and lowest unoccupied molecular orbital, and the typically double helical π-orbital which parallels its bone structure.

  5. Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing and Metaheuristics In the Footsteps of Alan Turing


    Alan Turing pioneered many research areas such as artificial intelligence, computability, heuristics and pattern formation.  Nowadays at the information age, it is hard to imagine how the world would be without computers and the Internet. Without Turing's work, especially the core concept of Turing Machine at the heart of every computer, mobile phone and microchip today, so many things on which we are so dependent would be impossible. 2012 is the Alan Turing year -- a centenary celebration of the life and work of Alan Turing. To celebrate Turing's legacy and follow the footsteps of this brilliant mind, we take this golden opportunity to review the latest developments in areas of artificial intelligence, evolutionary computation and metaheuristics, and all these areas can be traced back to Turing's pioneer work. Topics include Turing test, Turing machine, artificial intelligence, cryptography, software testing, image processing, neural networks, nature-inspired algorithms such as bat algorithm and cuckoo sear...

  6. Structure and hydrogen dynamics of pure and Ti-doped sodium alanate

    We have studied the structure, energetics, and dynamics of pure and Ti-doped sodium alanate (NaAlH4), focusing on the possibility of substitutional Ti doping in the bulk. Our ab initio calculations reproduce well the measured neutron inelastic scattering spectrum, which exhibits surprisingly strong and sharp two-phonon features. The calculations also reveal that substitutional Ti doping is energetically possible, and imply that Ti prefers to substitute for Na and is a powerful hydrogen attractor that facilitates multiple Al-H bond breaking. Our results hint at ways of improving the hydrogen dynamics and storage capacity of the alanates

  7. Alan Kay, le roi de l'informatique avec trois couronnes

    Estival, Philippe; Stefano A. CERRI


    Alan Kay est un informaticien américain. Il a rejoint les laboratoires PARC de Xerox en 1970, où il a travaillé sur le langage Smalltalk et sur la conceptualisation de l'ordinateur personnel moderne. Alan Kay est un des pères de la programmation orientée objet. Il est le concepteur du Dynabook, l'un des premiers prototypes d'ordinateurs portables, et a participé à l'élaboration des interfaces utilisateurs graphiques modernes. Il rejoint au début des années 1980 la firme Atari où il sera direc...

  8. Quando o preconceito condena a genialidade : Alan Turing e as suas máquinas

    Martins, Maria do Carmo


    Este artigo apresenta um breve resumo da vida de Alan Turing, um dos fundadores da Teoria da Computação, uma descrição sucinta da sua máquina e do seu protagonismo associado à decifração do código usado pelos alemães durante a II Guerra Mundial. Aponta ainda o preconceito relativo à homossexualidade de Alan Turing e os obstáculos que ele teve de contornar numa sociedade que criminalizava qualquer atividade homossexual.

  9. Tuotteistaminen ja brändin rakentaminen aloittavan ICT-alan yrityksen kilpailukeinona.

    Heiskanen, Suvi-Tuuli


    Opinnäytetyö on tehty Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun tietotekniikan koulutusohjelman opiskelijoille perustettavalle osuuskunnalle ja sen tarkoituksena oli selvittää kilpailua alalla, sekä erilaisia erottautumis- ja kilpailukeinoja joita käyttämällä osuuskunta pärjää kilpailussa muihin alan yrityksiin nähden. Teoriaosuudessa käydään läpi ICT-alan näkymiä suomessa sekä pohditaan palveluiden tuotteistamista, brändin rakentamista ja tiimityöskentelyä yrityksen kilpailukeinoina. Työssä käydään ...

  10. Mendoza : Rahvuslike huvide eiramine toob Euroliidule kollapsi / Alan Mendoza ; interv. Indrek Veiserik

    Mendoza, Alan


    Intervjuu Henry Jacksoni Ühingu presidendiga, kes vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad NATO laienemist, Lissaboni lepet, Euroopa Liidu kaitse- ja välispoliitikat, Eesti välispoliitikat ja suhteid Venemaaga. Vt. samas: Alan Mendoza ja Henry Jacksoni ühing

  11. A Critical Stance in Language Education: A Reply to Alan Waters

    Simpson, James


    In his recent Forum article on ideology in applied linguistics, Alan Waters (2009) takes up arms against what he perceives as a damaging critical tendency. Ideas about language teaching, he claims, are promoted (e.g. learner centredness) or proscribed (e.g. artificial texts) "on the basis of ideological belief rather than pedagogical value". By…

  12. Ravintola-alan arvonlisäveron alentamisen vaikutus hintoihin ja kuluttajakäyttäytymiseen

    Liimatainen, Lasse; Oikarinen, Toni


    Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli selvittää 1.7.2010 tapahtuneen ravintola-alan arvonlisäveron alennuksen vaikutuksia ravintola-alan yritysten tuotteiden hintoihin ja kuluttajakäyttäytymiseen Jyväskylässä. Tavoitteena oli kartoittaa, kuinka alv:n alennus toteutui käytännössä ja miten se vaikutti kuluttajien ostokäyttäytymiseen. Tutkimuksen otantana oli 38 erilaista ravintola-alan yritystä, joiden tuotteiden hintakehitystä seurattiin Jyväskylän alueella. Tutkimuksessa kerättiin yritysten tuottei...

  13. 20世纪最伟大的智者之一Alan Turing



    @@ 美国TIME杂志在1999年出版了专卷介绍20世纪100个最伟大的智者,数学有Kurt Godel,物理有 Albert Einstein,后来Einstein列为The person of the 20thcentury.在计算机科学领域中英国数理逻辑学家Alan Turing 被列入其中.Turing对于人类的杰出贡献,使他成为20世纪最有影响的科学家和思想家之一.本文介绍Alan Turing的生平和主要工作,以此纪念计算机科学的奠基人.

  14. "An Act of Social Magic": Class, Gender and Modernity in Alan Moore's From Hell

    Masserano, Erica


    Loosely based on the Ripper murders in 1880s London, the graphic novel From Hell, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Gibbons, portrays the Victorian age as a site of class and gender struggle through the juxtaposition of two liminal opposites: the lower-class, female prostitute and the upper-class, male Freemason. This dissertation examines the interplay between the two character types through a socio-cultural analysis that spaces from Victorian ideology, to the condition of the u...

  15. 计算机科学的奠基人:Alan Turing



    艾伦·图灵(Alan Mathison Turing,1912-1954)短暂的一生像谜一般神秘,使人感到他在时间上和空间上距离我们十分遥远,其实他的同龄人仍有健在者,今年不过90岁高龄。

  16. Mikroyritysten innovaatio- ja markkinointi- ja kaupallisosaaminen : case: hoiva-alan kaupallistamishaasteet

    Sihvonen, Riikka; Makkonen, Marianne


    Tämä opinnäytetyö käsittelee mikroyritysten innovaatio-, markkinointi- ja kaupallistamisosaamista. Opinnäytetyö on osa Euroopan sosiaalirahaston rahoittamaa projektia, jonka tavoitteena on mikroyritysten innovatiivisuuden ja kaupallistamisosaamisen kehittäminen. Tämän tutkimuksen on tarkoitus tuottaa projektille esitutkimustietoa nimenomaan hoiva-alan mikroyritysten innovaatio-, markkinointi- ja kaupallistamisosaamisesta Päijät-Hämeen alueella. Työn teoriaosassa kerrotaan mikroyrityksistä ...

  17. Relationship of Perceived Family Social Support and DepressionSymtomps of Old People Living in Alanli District, Samsun

    Birsen Altay; Ilknur Aydin Avci


    AIM: The aim of this study was to compare and examine the relationship of perceived social support and depresssive symptoms in older Turkish persons who lived in the community. METHODS: The research is astudy of descriptive characteristic. This study was conducted between 1 February - 20 May 2007. The study involved elderly adults aged 65 years or older living in Samsun, Alanli district. The sample group (We consecutivitely) identified 62 people who were visited at their home at the Alanli vi...

  18. Coastal Analysis, Mathews County, VA

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Coastal study as defined in FEMA Guides and Specifications, Appendix D: Guidance for coastal Flooding Analyses and Mapping submitted as a result of a coastal study....

  19. The Third Force in Folklore Studies: Gary Alan Fine's Sociological Approach

    Dragana Antonijević


    Full Text Available This paper attempts to offer a critical overview of the theoretical and methodological contribution of micro-sociologist and social psychologist Gary Alan Fine to folklore studies. It begins with a discussion of both the major and most questioned points of his methodology, continues with a consideration of the wider folkloristical framework of his interpretation, and ends with a suggestion for innovation and improvement of Fine's analytical framework for the interpretation of folk narratives. Gary Alan Fine's most significant contribution to folklore studies was research of rumours and urban legends, including their meaning, function, and influence on individual behavior. In a series of papers, apart from offering an interpretation of various urban and corporate legends, he also demonstrated methods and means of connecting social and cultural factors with narrative content, in the context of social and economic structures and relations in post-industrial and late-capitalist global societies. Of special interest are papers in which he analyzes folklore as expressive culture and a form of symbolic communication between small groups, as an important form of selfidentification and behavior strategies both from within and without of the group. Fine makes a point when he diagnoses a lack of analyses of this sort in American folklore studies, wishing there were enough to make a significant turn in contemporary folkloristics. This is why Fine named his new research strategy the "third force". Another dimension of his contribution is the further elaboration of the analytical framework that relies on socio-structural, socio-psychological, symbolical and economical parameters of explanation. For that purpose, he constructed a theoretical and methodogical model called the folklore diamond. With his suggestions and critique of the existing state of folklore studies, Gary Alan Fine provided a very significant contribution to the science of folklore in general.

  20. Computational study of pristine and titanium-doped sodium alanates for hydrogen storage applications

    Dathar, Gopi Krishna Phani

    The emphasis of this research is to study and elucidate the underlying mechanisms of reversible hydrogen storage in pristine and Ti-doped sodium aluminum hydrides using molecular modeling techniques. An early breakthrough in using complex metal hydrides as hydrogen storage materials is from the research on sodium alanates by Bogdanovic et al., in 1997 reporting reversible hydrogen storage is possible at moderate temperatures and pressures in transition metal doped sodium alanates. Anton reported titanium salts as the best catalysts compared to all other transition metal salts from his further research on transition metal doped sodium alanates. However, a few questions remained unanswered regarding the role of Ti in reversible hydrogen storage of sodium alanates with improved thermodynamics and kinetics of hydrogen desorption. The first question is about the position of transition metal dopants in the sodium aluminum hydride lattice. The position is investigated by identifying the possible sites for titanium dopants in NaAlH4 lattice and studying the structure and dynamics of possible compounds resulting from titanium doping in sodium alanates. The second question is the role of titanium dopants in improved thermodynamics of hydrogen desorption in Ti-doped NaAlH4. Though it is accepted in the literature that formation of TiAl alloys (Ti-Al and TiAl3) is favorable, reaction pathways are not clearly established. Furthermore, the source of aluminum for Ti-Al alloy formation is not clearly understood. The third question in this area is the role of titanium dopants in improved kinetics of hydrogen absorption and desorption in Ti-doped sodium alanates. This study is directed towards addressing the three longstanding questions in this area. Thermodynamic and kinetic pathways for hydrogen desorption in pristine NaAlH4 and formation of Ti-Al alloys in Ti-doped NaAlH 4, are elucidated to understand the underlying mechanisms of hydrogen desorption. Density functional theory

  1. Alan Hollinghurst/Ronald Firbank: Camp Filiation as an Aesthetic of the Outrageous

    Letissier, Georges


    Alan Hollinghurst revendique sa parenté littéraire avec l’écrivain édouardien Ronald Firbank qu’il a édité et auquel il a consacré des essais critiques. Firbank apparaît également dans The Swimming Pool Library, le premier roman de Hollinghurst qui en 1988 traitait ouvertement de l’homosexualité masculine alors que Margaret Thatcher avec la Section 28 du Local Government Act menait une politique résolument homophobe. En partant de la notion de Camp (Susan Sontag), reprise par les études Queer...

  2. Turvallisuusosaamisen kehittäminen catering-alan oppimisympäristöissä

    Saarelainen, Marjaana


    Opinnäytetyö oli osa Pohjois-Karjalan ammattiopiston Lieksan turvallisuusprojektia, joka perustui opetushallituksen velvoitukseen oppilaitosturvallisuuden parantamisesta. Tämän opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli kehittää catering-alan opiskelijoiden työturvallisuusosaamista työssäoppimisympäristöissä. Opinnäytetyössä selvitettiin työssäoppimispaikkojen työturvallisuusosaamisen nykytilaa, ammattikeittiön vaaroja ja riskien hallintaa sekä työssäoppijan työturvallisuusosaamista. Tietoa työturval...

  3. Liikunta-alan yrityksen asiakaspalvelun kehittäminen - Yritys X

    Lehtiluoma, Tiina


    Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena on tehdä yhteenveto yritys X:n marraskuussa 2013 toteuttamasta asiakastyytyväisyyskyselystä. Yritys X on liikunta-alan yritys, jolla on toimipisteitä Helsingissä ja Turussa. Opinnäytetyössä on keskitytty yrityksen asiakaspalvelun parantamiseen tarkoituksena asiakastyytyväisyyden säilyttäminen yrityksessä. Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena on analysoida asiakastyytyväisyyskyselyn tulokset ja tehdä kehittämisehdotuksia yrityksen asiakaspalvelun parantamiseksi. Teori...

  4. Tilinpäätösanalyysi : Case: Logistiikka-alan yritys X Oy

    Suopanki, Marko; Rautio, Ville


    Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli selvittää Logistiikka-alan yritys X Oy:n taloudellista asemaa ja suorituskykyä sekä verrata yrityksen taloudellisia tunnuslukuja saman toimialan tilastollisiin tunnuslukuihin. Lisäksi työn tarkoituksena oli tilinpäätösanalyysin avulla seurata yrityksen taloudellisen tilan kehittymistä. Aihe on kuljetusalalle merkittävä, koska ala on viime vuosina kamppaillut kannattavuusongelmien kanssa. Työn aineistona käytettiin toimeksiantajayrityksen tilinpäätöksiä til...

  5. Alan Turing's electronic brain the struggle to build the ACE, the world's fastest computer

    Copeland, B Jack


    The mathematical genius Alan Turing, now well known for his crucial wartime role in breaking the ENIGMA code, was the first to conceive of the fundamental principle of the modern computer-the idea of controlling a computing machine's operations by means of a program of coded instructions, stored in the machine's 'memory'. In 1945 Turing drew up his revolutionary design for an electronic computing machine-his Automatic Computing Engine ('ACE'). A pilot model of the ACE ran its firstprogram in 1950 and the production version, the 'DEUCE', went on to become a cornerstone of the fledgling British

  6. Koulun penkiltä radiostaraksi? : viestinnän alan koulutuksen merkitys suosituksi radiopersoonaksi kasvamisessa

    Shemeikka, Tytti


    Opinnäytetyössä on pyritty selvittämään, mikä merkitys viestinnän alan koulutuksella on suosituksi radiopersoonaksi kasvamisessa 2010-luvulla. Työtä varten on haastateltu kahta 2010-luvun suosittua radiopersoonaa, joilla on erilaiset koulutustaustat: YleX Iltapäivän Aino Töllistä ja Radio Suomipopin Aamulypsyn Jaajo Linnonmaata. Haastatteluissa selvitetään, miten paljon koulutuksella tai sen puutteella on ollut merkitystä Töllisen ja Linnonmaan urakehityksessä. Työssä määritellään, m...

  7. Johtavien toimistohotelliyritysten liiketoimintamallien analyysi alan kotimaisen toimijan liiketoiminnan kehittämiseksi

    Koski, Heidi


    Opinnäytetyö tehtiin osana tuotantotalouden insinööritutkintoa Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulussa yhteistyössä Business Center Papula Oy:n kanssa. Tämän opinnäytetyön tavoitteena on tutkia USA:n johtavia coworking-tiloja, tunnistaa niistä menestyneimmät ja tämän pohjalta tuottaa toimenpide-ehdotuksia Business Center Papula Oy:n liiketoimintakonseptin parantamiseksi. Tämä opinnäytetyö toteutettiin laadullisin tutkimusmenetelmin. Tutkimusaineisto kerättiin julkisista lähteistä sekä alan kir...

  8. Aloittavan liikunnan alan yrittäjän yritysilmeen ja mainonnan suunnittelu

    Jukka, Joonas


    Tässä opinnäytetyössä tutkitaan aloittavan liikunnan alan yrittäjän mahdollisuuksia toteuttaa yritykselleen yritysbrändäys ja luomaan sen ympärille johdonmukaista mainonnan suunnittelua yrittäjyyden alun niukkojen resurssien puitteissa. Työssä tarkastellaan yritysilmeen luomista ja brändäämisen perusteita sekä mainonnan suunnittelun osaa markkinointisuunnitelmasta. Siinä tutustutaan mainonnan eri medioihin sekä palvelujen ja tuotteiden markkinointiin kohdennettuna opinnäytetyössä esiintyvän a...

  9. FIND: Alan R. Barton Nuclear Plant, Units 1, 2, 3, and 4

    An index is presented for microfiche items 1 through 37 received by U. S. ERDA-TIC through April 24, 1975, for Docket 50524/50527. This material has been submitted by Alabama Power Company in conjunction with its application for construction permit and operating license for the Alan R. Barton Nuclear Plant, Units 1, 2, 3, and 4. Topics covered are in the license, technical, and environmental categories. Citations refer to items and grid coordinates and are given for major headings or topics of primary interest. (U.S.)

  10. Alan Turing's Automatic Computing Engine The Master Codebreaker's Struggle to build the Modern Computer

    Copeland, B Jack


    The mathematical genius Alan Turing (1912-1954) was one of the greatest scientists and thinkers of the 20th century. Now well known for his crucial wartime role in breaking the ENIGMA code, he was the first to conceive of the fundamental principle of the modern computer-the idea of controlling a computing machine's operations by means of a program of coded instructions, stored in the machine's 'memory'. In 1945 Turing drew up his revolutionary design for an electronic computingmachine-his Automatic Computing Engine ('ACE'). A pilot model of the ACE ran its first program in 1950 and the product

  11. Yrityksen maineen vaikutus asiakassuhteeseen kesto- ja lujitemuovialalla ja alan sidosryhmissä

    Laikio, Jukka


    Opinnäytetyön aiheena oli yrityksen maineen vaikutus asiakassuhteeseen kesto- ja lujitemuovialalla ja alan sidosryhmissä. Keskustelu maineen merkityksestä yritysmaailmassa on kasvanut jatkuvasti ja maineeseen on alettu yrityksissä panostaa. Työni tavoitteena oli selvittää maineen vaikutusta asiakassuhteeseen. Teoriaosiossa käsiteltiin mainetta, sen syntymistä, kehittymistä, ylläpitämistä ja sen merkitystä yritykselle sekä maineen aineettomuutta. Mainetta on hyvin vaikea mitata lukuina, mu...

  12. Mara-alan amisnuorten mielikuva alastaan ja sen hyödyntäminen Sokotel Oy:n työnantajamielikuvassa

    Salo, Tiina


    Mara-alan nuorten työhön sitoutuminen aiheuttaa jatkuvaa rekrytointia nuorten vaihtaessa jopa kokonaan alaa. Asiaa parantaakseen Sokotel Oy on tehnyt töitä alan mielikuvia parantaakseen muiden alan toimijoiden ja oppilaitosten kanssa olemalla mukana esimerkiksi messuilla, jossa kohderyhmänä ovat nuoret. Myös opinnäytetyön aihe jalostui nuorten mielikuvien tutkimukseksi. Sokotel Oy:n kiinnostuksesta tutkimus kohdistuu 2. asteen ammattiin opiskeleviin nuoriin. Ammattioppilaitos Omnia valikoitui...

  13. A Semiotic Analysis of Visual Elements Particular to the Medium of Comics in Alan Ford by Max Bunker and Magnus

    Hrvoje Gržina


    Full Text Available This paper presents the results of a semiotic analysis of visual elements characteristic for the medium of comic books applied to the first seventy-five issues of the Croatian edition of Alan Ford. After a description of the cultural and historical framework, it analyzes individual signs in comics and different elements specific for expression in comic books in Western culture with the aim of exploring which of these signs are present in Alan Ford, and to what extent. The results show that the analyzed comic book is deeply rooted in the visual and literary Western tradition, and that it contains virtually all the characteristic elements of representation in comic books. However, the paper also concludes that certain iconic elements of the vocabulary of comics – i.e. onomatopoeic neologisms – are to a certain extent specific and typical only for Alan Ford.

  14. Professor Alan Turner (1947-2012). Specialist in Miocene-Pleistocene Carnivora, particularly Felidae and Hyaenidae and their palaeoecology

    O'Regan, Hannah; Turner, Adam; Antón, Mauricio


    Alan first trained as a telecom engineer, working for the GPO (General Post Office) which later became British Telecom. He never forgot this early training and was fascinated by how things worked - always happy to take something apart and fix it (although his attempt to close a large plate glass window with a geological hammer was not one of his successes). Following a few years as an engineer, he went to Sheffield University to study archaeology as a mature student in 1973. At this time Sheffield was a hotbed of prehistory with Graeme Barker, Robin Dennell and many others contributing to a truly research-led degree (with tutorials in the pub (well, it was the 1970s)) (Fig. 1). Alan's interest in bones developed at this time, and having graduated in 1976 he went on to take a PhD, supervised by Robin Dennell, on "Aspects of the palaeoecology of large predators, including man, during the British Upper Pleistocene, with particular emphasis on predator-prey relationships" which resulted in a life-long interest in the Carnivora and particularly hyaenas. Following his PhD, Alan moved to the Environmental Archaeology Unit at York to undertake a Science Research Council project on the morphometrics of domestic cattle and pigs from Coppergate and other major urban excavations in the city. Faced with a lot of measurements and statistics, Alan retained his interest in the animals themselves. The project also confirmed to Alan that prehistory was his metier, rather than the historic periods. Former York colleagues still fondly recall Alan's dry wit, and the day that he successfully put the irritating lab telephone beyond use with no externally visible trace of damage.

  15. Editorial: "2012 The Alan Turing Year" and the 7th International Conference on Virtual Learning

    Marin Vlada


    Full Text Available Welcome to the 2013 special issue “ICVL 2012 selected papers” of the International Journal of ComputerScience Research and Application. As you can see, this issue includes papers from the 7th InternationalConference on Virtual Learning (New technologies in education and research: ICVL Project – devoted to using ICT and web technologies in e-learning and education. The InternationalConference on Virtual Learning contributes to the development of both theory and practice in the field ofVirtual Learning. The ICVL was structured to provide a vision of European e-Learning and e-Trainingpolicies, to take notice of the situation existing today in the international community and to work towardsdeveloping a forward looking approach in Virtual Learning from the viewpoint of modeling methods andmethodological aspects, information technologies and software solutions. Participation is welcomed fromresearches, teachers, trainers, educational authorities, learners, practitioners, employers, trade unions, andprivate sector actors and the IT industry. The Conference is organized in four sections (New Technologies inEducation and Research: Virtual Environments for Education and Training, Software and Management forEducation: Models & Methodologies (M&M; Technologies (TECH; Software Solutions (SOFT; "Intel®Education" - Innovation in Education and Research (IntelEdu.ICVL 2012 - Special edition dedicated to "2012 Alan Turing Year". June 23, 2012, marked the Centenaryof Alan Turing’s birth in London. During his relatively brief life, Turing made a unique impact on the historyof computing, computer science, artificial intelligence, developmental biology, and the mathematical theory ofcomputability (CiE 2012,, Alan Mathison Turing(1912-1954 was a British mathematician who made history. Turing is widely considered to be the father ofComputer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He was highly

  16. Effect of substrate on the nucleation and growth of aluminum films deposited from methylpyrrolidine alane

    Methylpyrrolidine alane complex was used to deposit aluminum films on various types of substrates in a low pressure chemical vapor deposition reactor. The films grow easily on metallic and transition metal oxide surfaces, but not on any other tested semiconductor and dielectric substrates below 200 deg. C, showing strong substrate dependency. The free energies of precursor adsorption, surface dissociation reaction and product desorption, as well as the film wettability to substrate are among the key factors which affect the energy barrier for nucleation or deposition selectivity. In general, a metal substrate can enhance nucleation because it catalyzes the surface reactions and bonds strongly with aluminum. The oxidation-reduction reaction may occur between the precursor and substrate on a metal oxide surface. The reduced metal sites can be the seed nuclei and are possibly responsible for Al growth on the surfaces of transition metal oxides

  17. First-principles study of hydrogen vacancies in sodium alanate with Ti substitution

    Wang, Hao; Tezuka, Akinori; Ogawa, Hiroshi; Ikeshoji, Tamio


    In order to clarify the effect of hydrogen vacancies on the stability and structure of sodium alanate, NaAlH4, with and without Ti substitution for Al, first-principles electronic structure calculations were carried out. The relative thermodynamic stability of the Ti dopant and the H vacancy in a supercell was obtained. For the Ti-doped Na16Al16H64 supercell calculations, it was preferable to perform the initial substitution with a cluster of TiAlHn. We showed that substitution of a Ti atom for an Al atom in Na16Al15TiH63 with H vacancies increases the stability of the structure. A density of states analysis revealed weakening of the bond strength corresponding to increase in the bond length.

  18. Alan algısının turistlerin yemek deneyimi memnuniyetine etkileri

    Mil, Burak


    Müşterilerine yüksek kaliteli ve unutulmaz bir yeme (restoran) deneyimi yaşatmak, restoran işletmecilerinin ana amaçlarından biridir. Tüketiciler tarafından yeme deneyiminin algılanmasını etkileyen, birbirlerinden bağımsız veya etkileşimli olarak pek çok içsel ve dışsal faktör bulunmaktadır. Araştırmada önerilen model, oturma yeri seçiminin, tüketicilerin bu faktörlerle ilgili ipuçlarını değerlendirmeleri anlamında tetikleyici olduğunu ileri sürmektedir. Restoran alanında tüketicinin seçtiği ...

  19. Growth of high quality AlGaAs by metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy using trimethylamine alane

    Abernathy, C. R.; Jordan, A. S.; Pearton, S. J.; Hobson, W. S.; Bohling, D. A.; Muhr, G. T.


    AlGaAs grown by metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy (MOMBE) has been problematic due to oxygen and carbon contamination, particularly when triethylaluminum (TEAl) has been used as the aluminum source. Consequently, we have investigated trimethylamine alane (TMAAl) as a potential replacement for the conventional metalorganic Al sources. AlGaAs films with excellent structural and optical properties have been grown with this source. Photoluminescence intensities from AlGaAs grown by MOMBE at 500 °C using TMAAl are comparable to those from material grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition at 675 °C using triethylaluminum (TMAl). Carbon and oxygen levels in MOMBE-grown AlGaAs are drastically reduced in comparison to similar films grown with TEAl.

  20. ISO 9001 –laadunhallintajärjestelmä teknisen alan maahantuontiyritykselle

    Koljonen, Miikka


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoitus oli laatia ISO 9001 -laadunhallintajärjestelmään perustuva laatukäsikirja teknisen alan myyntiin keskittyvälle yritykselle. Opinnäytetyö käsittää kaksi osaa, joista ensimmäisessä kerrotaan yleisesti ISO 9001 -järjestelmästä sekä sen käyttöönoton vaiheista. Siinä käsitellään myös sertifiointi- ja auditointiprosessia. Toisessa osassa liitteenä on laatukäsikirja, jonka tarkoitus on vastata standardin antamia vaatimuksia. Se kattaa ISO 9001 -standardi...

  1. Työsuojelun toimintaohjelma : Muokattava toimintaohjelma kaupan alan erikoismyymälöihin

    Kontio, Marika


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli tehdä muunneltava työsuojelun toimintaohjelma kaupan alan erikoismyymälöihin. Opinnäytetyö tehtiin toiminnallisen opinnäytetyön menetelmällä. Opinnäytetyö koostuu teoriaosasta ja liitteenä olevasta toiminnallisesta osasta. Keskeisenä osana oli työsuojelun toimintaohjelmaan liittyvä lainsäädäntö. Teoriaosuudessa on käsitelty työsuojelua, työturvallisuutta sekä toimintaohjelman sisältöä. Aineistona työssä on käytetty lakeja, työturvallisuuskeskuksen ja...

  2. Alan Thomas and the Canadian Association for Adult Education, 1961-1970. Occasional Papers in Continuing Education, Number 24.

    Selman, Gordon R.

    Alan Thomas' vision of a learning society and its implications for public policy and adult education in Canada were the driving forces in the Canadian Association for Adult Education (CAAE) for the nine years of his directorship. The most distinctive and important idea that he contributed to the field in the 1960s was that the basic concept must…

  3. "Kehykset -50% tai toinen linssi kaupan päälle" : läpileikkaus optisen alan lehtimainontaan 1950-luvulta nykypäivään

    Pitchugina, Anastasia; Toivonen, Miia


    TIIVISTELMÄ Tämä opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli tutkia optisen alan lehtimainontaa 1950-luvulta nykypäivään. Tarkoituksemme oli selvittää, miten optisen alan lehtimainonta on muuttunut ulkoasultaan ja sisällöltään eri vuosikymmeninä, ja mikä on ollut mainoksen keskeinen sanoma. Tutkimuksemme liittyy optisen alan museohankkeeseen, ja työmme tilaajana toimii museohanketta organisoiva Optikkokilta. Tutkimus on toteutettu laadullisena tutkimuksena, jossa olemme analysoineet kuluttajille...

  4. The Society of Brains: How Alan Turing and Marvin Minsky Were Both Right

    Struzik, Zbigniew R.


    In his well-known prediction, Alan Turing stated that computer intelligence would surpass human intelligence by the year 2000. Although the Turing Test, as it became known, was devised to be played by one human against one computer, this is not a fair setup. Every human is a part of a social network, and a fairer comparison would be a contest between one human at the console and a network of computers behind the console. Around the year 2000, the number of web pages on the WWW overtook the number of neurons in the human brain. But these websites would be of little use without the ability to search for knowledge. By the year 2000 Google Inc. had become the search engine of choice, and the WWW became an intelligent entity. This was not without good reason. The basis for the search engine was the analysis of the ’network of knowledge’. The PageRank algorithm, linking information on the web according to the hierarchy of ‘link popularity’, continues to provide the basis for all of Google's web search tools. While PageRank was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 as part of a research project about a new kind of search engine, PageRank is in its essence the key to representing and using static knowledge in an emergent intelligent system. Here I argue that Alan Turing was right, as hybrid human-computer internet machines have already surpassed our individual intelligence - this was done around the year 2000 by the Internet - the socially-minded, human-computer hybrid Homo computabilis-socialis. Ironically, the Internet's intelligence also emerged to a large extent from ‘exploiting’ humans - the key to the emergence of machine intelligence has been discussed by Marvin Minsky in his work on the foundations of intelligence through interacting agents’ knowledge. As a consequence, a decade and a half decade into the 21st century, we appear to be much better equipped to tackle the problem of the social origins of humanity - in particular thanks to the

  5. Türkiye'de Yaşanan Sulak Alan Sorunları : Fethiye Şat Deltası Sulak Alanı Örneği

    Şahin, Mehmet Tahsin


    ÖZET TÜRKİYE’DE YAŞANAN SULAK ALAN SORUNLARI: FETHİYE ŞAT DELTASI SULAK ALANI ÖRNEĞİ Mehmet Tahsin ŞAHİN AFYON KOCATEPE ÜNİVERSİTESİ SOSYAL BİLİMLER ENSTİTÜSÜ COĞRAFYA ANABİLİM DALI Mayıs 2012 Danışman: Prof. Dr. Özer YILMAZ Günümüzde sulak alanlar birçok canlı türünü barındırması, çevresindeki iklimi yumuşatması ve bölgenin su rejimini düzenlemesi açısından önemlidir. Muğla / Fethiye Şat Burnu sulak alanı, deniz kıyısında yer alan ve en derin yeri 6-7 metr...

  6. CRM-järjestelmän hyödyt ja haitat: Case ICT-alan yritys

    Äikäs, Kasperi


    Tämän tutkimuksellisen opinnäytetyön aiheena on tutkia CRM-järjestelmän hyötyjä ja haittoja ICT- alan pienyrityksessä. Työn tarkoituksena on perehtyä suomalaisen ICT-alan yrityksen käyttämään CRM- eli asiakkuudenhallintajärjestelmään, ja erityisesti tutkia CRM-järjestelmän hyötyjä ja haittoja yrityksen liiketoiminnan toteuttamisen työkaluna. Lisäksi opinnäytetyössä tehdään katselmus kohdeyrityksen CRM-järjestelmään. CRM on liiketoiminnan asiakkuudenhal-linnan tietojärjestelmä. CRM nimitys tul...

  7. 纪念图灵(Alan Turing)诞辰100周年征稿函

    侯冬梅; 奚春雁; 张玥


    2012年6月23日是"计算机科学和人工智能之父"图灵(Alan Turing)诞辰100周年纪念日。图灵奠定了现代计算机科学和人工智能的基础,同时在数学、逻辑学、密码分析学、哲学领域均有卓越成就。为了纪念他对计算机科学的伟大贡献,世界计算机界将2012年称为图灵年(Alan Turing Year),并为之举行一系列的纪念活动。

  8. Developmental and environmental influences on physiology and behavior--2014 Alan N. Epstein Research Award.

    Tamashiro, Kellie L K


    Environmental factors acting during development of an individual may influence future health and disease susceptibility. Stressors, including altered diet, psychosocial stress, and immune challenge, during gestation can have negative consequences on the intrauterine environment and increase disease susceptibility of the developing fetus. The long-term effects on offspring have been observed in humans and include greater susceptibility to psychiatric disease, such as depression and anxiety disorders, and adverse metabolic conditions including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Studies in my laboratory use rodent models and incorporate a multilevel approach to determine the behavioral, physiological, and neurobiological correlates of disease development as a consequence of early life stressors. The road I took in developing this research program was a rather circuitous one and navigating that path would not have been possible without the many mentors, colleagues, fellows and students who provided critical support. Although my name appears on the plaque of the Alan N. Epstein Research Award, I share this with all those I had the privilege of working with along that road, as briefly summarized in this article. PMID:26291266

  9. Labraunda (Labranda) kutsal alanında Hekatomnid gücün sergilenmesi

    ÜRETEN, Hüseyin


    Küçük Asya'nın güneybatısındaki İ.Ö.4 .yüzyıla ait olan Labraunda kutsal alanı boyu çok yüksek olmayan tek bir bina projesi şeklindeydi. Adak yazıtlarının sunduğu bilgilerden en önemli yapılardan yedi tanesinin İ.Ö. 352 yılında ölen Maussollos ya da 8 yıl sonra İ.Ö. 344 yılında ölen küçük erkek kardeşi İdrieus tarafından inşa edilmiş olduğunu öğreniyoruz.. Biri Maussollos diğeri İdrieus tarafından yaptırılan iki farklı bina projesinden söz edilmektedir. Bu İki kardeş Karia k...

  10. The feasibility of using trimethylamine alane as an Al precursor for MOMBE

    Abernathy, C. R.; Jordan, A. S.; Pearton, S. J.; Ren, F.; Baiocchi, F.; Bohling, D. A.; Muhr, G. T.


    The growth of III-V Al-containing epitaxial structures by MOMBE has proven difficult due to the excessive oxygen and carbon contamination introduced by the Al source. Triethylaluminum (TEAl), the most commonly used precursor, produces unacceptable levels of both impurities in AlGaAs grown by MOMBE. We have grown AlGaAs films with excellent structural and optical properties using a novel source, trimethylamine alane (TMAAl). Photoluminescence intensities from AlGaAs grown by MOMBE at 500δC with TMAAl are comparable to those from material grown by MOCVD at 675δC using trimethylaluminum. In addition, carbon and oxygen levels in AlGaAs, as detected by SIMS, are drastically reduced in comparison to similar films produced with TEAl. We shall also discuss the effects of growth temperature and Al content on carbon and oxygen incorporation as well as crystallinity and provide preliminary device results on GaAs/AlGaAs HBTs prepared by the MOMBE technique.

  11. Reactions of organyl and silyl alanes with 1,3,4,5,6-pentamethyl-2-aminoborazine.

    Fan, Maomin; Duesler, Eileen N; Nöth, Heinrich; Paine, Robert T


    The reactions of (Me(3)Si)(3)Al, Me(3)Al, Et(3)Al, and i-Bu(3)Al with 1,3,4,5,6-pentamethyl-2-aminoborazine have been examined. An amine alane adduct (Me(3)Si)(3)Al.NH(2)B(3)(Me)(2)N(3)Me(3) (1) and several elimination products [(Me(3)Si)(2)AlN(H)B(3)(Me)(2)N(3)Me(3)](2) (2), [(Me(3)SiAl)(4)(Me(3)SiN)(3)NH] (3), [Me(2)AlN(H) B(3)(Me)(2)N(3)Me(3)](2) (4), [Et(2)AlN(H) B(3)(Me)(2)N(3)Me(3)](2) (5), and [i-Bu(2)AlN(H) B(3)(Me)(2)N(3)Me(3)](2) (6) have been isolated. Compounds 1, 2, 4-6 have been spectroscopically characterized, and single crystal X-ray diffraction structure determinations have been completed for 1-4 and 6. The molecular chemistry provides insight into the reaction of Me(3)Al and 1,3,5-N-trimethyl-2,4,6-B-triaminoborazine that, upon pyrolysis, produces AlN/BN composite ceramic materials. PMID:20158196

  12. Environment between System and Nature: Alan Sonfist and the Art of the Cybernetic Environment

    Etienne Benson


    Full Text Available This paper examines the role of systems thinking in environmental(ist art and activism through a close reading and contextualization of Army Ants: Patterns and Structures (1972, an installation by Alan Sonfist, one of the leading figures in U.S. land art and environmental art of the 1960s and 1970s. It challenges a commonly held retrospective understanding of "environmental art" as being inherently about bringing nature into art (or into the gallery by showing how important systems thinking, which blurred the natural-cultural divide, was to Sonfist and other artists of the time. It suggests that these two understandings of the environment -- one focused on nature, the other on systems -- were both allied and in tension, and that the unexpected technical problems faced by Army Ants can be attributed at least in part to a failure to acknowledge those tensions. Similarly, the paper suggests, the legacy of glossing over these different understandings of the environment has been at the root of broader conceptual problems with environmental art and activism.

  13. Tasapainoilua, tyynnyttelyä ja neuvottelua: kaunokirjallisuuden pienkustantajien strateginen suhtautuminen kirja-alan institutionaalisiin rakenteisiin ja toimintatapoihin Suomessa

    Tapanainen, Essi


    Pro gradu -tutkielman kohteena on kaunokirjallisuuteen erikoistuneiden pienkustantajien suhde muuhun kirja-alaan. Tutkimuksessa tarkastellaan kirja-alaa instituutioteoreettisesta näkökulmasta, jonka mukaan organisaatioita ohjaavat toimialalla tietyt institutionaalistuneet rakenteet ja toimintatavat. Tutkimuksen tavoitteena on ottaa selvää, minkälaisia institutionaalisia vaatimuksia ja edellytyksiä pienkustantamoihin kohdistuu muista kirja-alan toimijoista käsin ja miten pienkustantamot suhtau...

  14. Action Man: An Interview with Gerard Egan.

    Sugarman, Leonie


    Presents an interview which explores the ideas and strategies of the counseling model contained in the interviewee's text, "The Skilled Helper". Discusses the cross-cultural applicability of the model and how conceptions of the prototype have changed or stayed the same across numerous editions of the text. (RJM)

  15. 500th Anniversary of Gerard Mercator's Birth

    Ivka Kljajić


    Full Text Available Mercator was a geographer, mathematician, astronomer, globe producer, constructor of scientific instruments, copper engraver, cartographer, surveryor and publisher. The conformal cylindrical projection was named the Mercator projection after him. The normal aspect Mercator projection is especially important in navigation because rhumb lines are mapped as straight lines in that projection. The transverse Mercator projection is used in official cartography of many countries. The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM projection is in military use (NATO. In addition, Mercator was the first to use the term atlas for a map collection.

  16. The political economy of transition / Gerard Roland

    Roland, Gerard


    Tutvustatakse üleminekumajanduse poliitökonoomia teooriat ning analüüsitakse endiste sotsialismimaade üleminekumajandust: lisaks algsele majandussituatsioonile peab vaatlema ka poliitilisi ja sotsioloogilisi näitajaid, mis mõjutavad institutsioonide ja majanduspoliitika suuna valikut. Tabelid

  17. Reality or Internalized Homophobia? The Representation of Gay Men's Lives in Alan Hollinghurst's "The Line of Beauty"

    Rafael Isabelluson 1991


    This thesis concerns the attitude to homosexuality in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty and argues that its representation of the lives of gay men exhibits a kind of internalized homophobia. I present my thesis within the theoretical framework of queer theory. I begin by explaining what the gay novel is and its characteristics. Then I talk about the queer theory; its definition and its general assumptions and focuses are explained. I then apply it to a reading of the novel. What is more,...

  18. Kehittämistyö ja innovaatiot elokuva -ja tv alan yrityksissä Pirkanmaalla : Case: Filmaattiset, Energia & Mediaporras

    Virkkunen, Maiju


    Elokuva- ja televisioalalla työskentelevät ovat oletettavasti luovia ja taiteellisia. Halusinkin saada selville, kuinka innovointi ja kehittämistyö toteutuu näissä yrityksissä. Tahdoin saada selville, millaista innovointi on ja miten se näkyy. Olen jakanut työn kahteen osaan: teoreettiseen ja syventävään käytännön tasoon. Ensimmäisenä esittelen luovia aloja yleisesti, ja pohdin luovan alan merkitystä. Kolmannessa pääluvussa hahmottelen innovaatiota käsitteenä, sen tyypittelyä, asteita ...

  19. Relationship of Perceived Family Social Support and DepressionSymtomps of Old People Living in Alanli District, Samsun

    Birsen Altay


    Full Text Available AIM: The aim of this study was to compare and examine the relationship of perceived social support and depresssive symptoms in older Turkish persons who lived in the community. METHODS: The research is astudy of descriptive characteristic. This study was conducted between 1 February - 20 May 2007. The study involved elderly adults aged 65 years or older living in Samsun, Alanli district. The sample group (We consecutivitely identified 62 people who were visited at their home at the Alanli village in Samsun. Data were collected by interviewing the subjects and by using "Socio-Demographic Information Form", "The Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS" and "Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS". In this study, t test, correlation analysis, mann whitney U and kruskall wallis (KW analysis were performed. RESULTS: Elderly individual were mean age of 70.70±8.01 years (min=46 age, max=84 age. Elderly individual were %60.9 male and %39.4 female. In this study, older people who reside in their own homes of Samsun were surveyed for depression with Geriatric Depression Scale form (GDS The mean score was 11.09± 6.20 and Social support subscale scores was 32.62±65. CONCLUSION: In this research, it was found fever depression symptoms and more perceived social support at older people. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2009; 8(2.000: 139-146

  20. ‘Should we not also speak of Art as Magic?’: A Review of Alan Moore and the Gothic Tradition

    Guillaume Lecomte


    A review of Alan Moore and the Gothic Tradition (2013), a collection of 14 articles edited by Matthew J.A. Green and published by Manchester University Press.  Addressed to readers who already have a substantial knowledge on Alan Moore, the reviewed book focuses on the different level of relationship that the English writer maintains with the many layers of the Gothic tradition, and what is the impact of these interactions. From politics to magic, monsters to superheroes, and sex to abject...

  1. ‘Should we not also speak of Art as Magic?’: A Review of Alan Moore and the Gothic Tradition

    Guillaume Lecomte


    Full Text Available A review of 'Alan Moore and the Gothic Tradition' (2013, a collection of 14 articles edited by Matthew J.A. Green and published by Manchester University Press.  Addressed to readers who already have a substantial knowledge on Alan Moore, the reviewed book focuses on the different level of relationship that the English writer maintains with the many layers of the Gothic tradition, and what is the impact of these interactions. From politics to magic, monsters to superheroes, and sex to abject, this review explores how Green's collection tackles all the recurrent themes of Moore's oeuvre.

  2. Lihan mikrobiologiseen ja aistittavaan laatuun vaikuttavia tekijöitä pienimuotoisen liha-alan laitoksen naudanlihan raakakypsytysprosessissa : elintarvikealan pk-yrityksen laadun varmentaminen

    Haikarainen, Leena


    Tämä työ on tehty Kangasniemen kunnan ja paikallisten liha-alan pienyritysten yhteistyönä. Työn tavoitteena oli löytää liha-alan pienyritykselle sopiva varastointiaika ja lämpötila naudanlihan raakakypsyttämiseen eli mureuttamiseen. Samalla oli tarkoitus arvioida raakakypsytyksen jälkeen pakastetun lihan säilyvyysaika. Tarkoituksena oli myös vastata lainsäädännön (MMMa 37/EEO/2006) vaatimukseen ”varastointia varten pakastettavaksi tarkoitetut elintarvikkeet on pakastettava viipymättä jää...

  3. HAAGA-HELIA ammattikorkeakoulun hotelli- ja ravintola-alan koulutusohjelmasta valmistuneiden työllistyminen ja sen yhteys opetussuunnitelman kehittämiseen

    Hemminki, Nelli; Abendstein, Ida


    Tämä opinnäytetyö on tehty toimeksiantona HAAGA-HELIA ammattikorkeakoulun hotelli- ja ravintola-alan koulutusohjelmalle. Työn tavoitteena on tutkia, millaisiin työtehtäviin hotelli- ja ravintola-alan koulutusohjelman restonomit ovat päätyneet ja kuinka hyvin koulutus vastaa sille asetettuja työelämän vaatimuksia koulutusohjelmasta valmistuneiden opiskelijoiden näkökulmasta. Työssä haluttiin myös selvittää millaista osaamista koulutuksessa ja uudessa opetussuunnitelmassa tulisi kehittää. T...

  4. Hunting Plan Mathew's Brake National Wildlife Refuge

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This plan provides guidelines for administration of hunting activity and for development, maintenance, and enforcement of regulations and guidelines on Mathew’s...

  5. Müzik eğitimi alan ve almayan ergenlerin empatik becerilerinin ve uyum düzeylerinin incelenmesi



      Bu araştırma, müzik eğitimi alan ve almayan ergenlerin empatik becerileri ve uyum düzeyleri arasındaki ilişkinin saptanması ve cinsiyet, sınıf düzeyi, kardeşe sahip olup olmama, doğum sırası, anne öğrenim düzeyi ve baba öğrenim düzeyi gibi değişkenlerin ergenlerin empatik becerileri ile uyum düzeyleri üzerinde etkilerinin incelenmesi amacıyla planlanmıştır. Araştırma, Hacettepe Üniversitesi Ankara Devlet Konservatuvarı ve Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi İzmir Devlet K...

  6. Alan Turing, le « jeu de l'imitation » et la première personne

    Goutefangea, Patrick


    En 1950, dans un article célèbre intitulé "Computing Machinery and Intelligence", Alan Turing imagine, en guise de réponse à la question "Les machines peuvent-elles penser ?", une expérience fictive, qu'il nomme le "jeu de l'imitation". Il s'agit ici de montrer que l'expérience de Turing fait fond sur l'idée qu'entre une machine et des humains un échange de paroles est possible au même titre qu'entre un humain et ses semblables. L'échange de paroles exige l'expression à la première personne ;...

  7. Bookeri lühinimekiri on valitud


    Briti prestiizhseima kirjandusauhinna "The Man Booker Prize" lühinimekirja on jõudnud järgmised autorid: Achmat Dangor, Sarah Hall, Alan Hollinghurst, David Mitchell, Colm T̤ibín, Gerard Woodward jt.

  8. Random Forests Yöntemi ve Sağlık Alanında Bir Uygulama

    Muhammet AKMAN


    Full Text Available Amaç: Veri madenciliği, genel olarak tanımlayıcı ve tahmin edici olmak üzere iki ana başlıkta incelenmektedir. Özellikle tıp alanında veri madenciliği daha çok tahmin edici yönüyle kullanılmaktadır. Bu çalışmada, ağaç tabanlı veri madenciliği yöntemlerinden birisi olan Random Forests (RF yönteminin incelenmesi ve sağlık alanından elde edilen bir veri seti üzerine uygulaması yapılarak sonuçlarının tartışılması amaçlanmıştır. Gereç ve Yöntemler: RF yönteminde, karar ormanını oluşturan karar ağaçları orijinal veri setinden bootstrap yöntemiyle seçilen farklı örneklerden oluşturulmaktadır. Her karar ağacında veri setindeki tüm değişkenlerden rastgele seçilen az sayıda değişken kullanılmaktadır. Her ağaç bir sınıf için oy vermektedir ve orman sınıflayıcısı bütün ağaçların verdiği oyları toplayarak bir sınıf için son tahminini yapmaktadır. Yöntemin uygulanması amacıyla Diş hekimliği alanından elde edilen bir veri seti kullanılmıştır. Bulgular: Toplam 43 tane demografik, dental ve serolojik özelliklere ait veriler kullanılarak RF yöntemi ile %95.4 oranında başarılı bir sınıflandırma yapılmıştır. Bu karar ormanının hata oranı ise %3.33 olarak bulunmuştur. Aynı veri seti için Bagging ve CART yöntemi ile de sınıflama yapılmış ve Bagging yöntemi ile hata oranı %5.4, CART yöntemi ile %8.75 olarak bulunmuştur. Sonuç: RF yöntemi ile veri setindeki değişken sayısı ve örnek sayısı ne kadar çok olursa olsun genellikle hata oranı düşük sınıflamalar yapılmaktadır. Hata oranının düşüklüğü ise bir topluluk yöntemi olmasından kaynaklanmaktadır. Özelikle çok sayıda değişkenin olduğu DNA veri seti gibi binlerce gen arasından önemli olanları tespit etmek için kullanılabilir.

  9. Towards understanding a mechanism for reversible hydrogen storage: theoretical study of transition metal catalysed dehydrogenation of sodium alanate.

    Ljubić, Ivan; Clary, David C


    On the basis of density functional theory and coupled-cluster CCSD(T) calculations we propose a mechanism of the dehydrogenation of transition metal doped sodium alanate. Insertion of two early 3d-transition metals, scandium and titanium, both of which are promising catalysts for reversible hydrogen storage in light metal hydrides, is compared. The mechanism is deduced from studies on the decomposition of a model system consisting of one transition metal atom and two NaAlH(4) units. Subsequently, the significance of such minimal cluster model systems to the real materials is tested by embedding the systems into the surface of the NaAlH(4) crystal. It is found that the dehydrogenation proceeds via breaking of the bridge H-Al bond and consequent formation of intermediate coordination compounds in which the H(2) molecule is side-on (eta(2)-) bonded to the transition metal centre. The total barrier to the H(2) release is thus dependent upon both the strength of the Al-H bond to be broken and the depth of the coordinative potential. The analogous mechanism applies for the recognized three successive dehydrogenation steps. The gas-phase model structures embedded into the surface of the NaAlH(4) crystal exhibit an unambiguous kinetic stability and their general geometric features remain largely unchanged. PMID:20379493

  10. Decomposition Process of Alane and Gallane Compounds in Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Studied by Surface Photo-Absorption

    Yamauchi, Yoshiharu; Kobayashi, Naoki


    We used surface photo-absorption (SPA) to study trimethylamine alane (TMAA) and dimethylamine gallane (DMAG) decomposition processes on a substrate surface in metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. The decomposition onset temperatures of these group III hydride sources correspond to the substrate temperature at which the SPA reflectivity starts to increase during the supply of the group III source onto a group V stabilized surface. It was found that TMAA and DMAG start to decompose at about 150°C on an As-stabilized surface, which is much lower than the decomposition onsets of trialkyl Al and Ga compounds. Low temperature photoluminescence spectra exhibit dominant excitionic emissions for GaAs layers grown by DMAG at substrate temperatures above 400°C, indicating that carbon incorporation and the crystal quality deterioration due to incomplete decomposition on surface is much suppressed by using DMAG. A comparison of AlGaAs photoluminescence between layers by TMAA/triethylgallium and triethylaluminum/triethylgallium shows that the band-to-carbon acceptor transition is greatly reduced by using TMAA. TMAA and DMAG were verified to be promising group III sources for low-temperature and high-purity growth with low-carbon incorporation.

  11. Gas Source Melecular Beam Epitaxy Growth of High Quality AlGaAs Using Trimethylamine Alane as the Aluminum Source

    Okamoto, Naoya; Ando, Hideyasu; Sandhu, Adarsh; Fujii, Toshio


    We investigated the dependence of the background impurity incorporation on growth conditions and optical properties of undoped AlGaAs grown by gas source molecular beam epitaxy using trimethylamine alane (TMAAl), triethylgallium, and arsine. The use of TMAAl enabled us to reduce the carbon concentration (7× 1016 cm-3) to over one order of magnitude less than that using triethylaluminum (TEAl). The 77 K photoluminescence spectrum of undoped AlGaAs grown using TMAAl was dominated by excitonic band-edge emission not observable in AlGaAs grown using TEAl. Furthermore, we report for the first time the doping characteristics of n-type AlGaAs grown using disilane (Si2H6) as an n-type gaseous dopant source together with TMAAl. The carrier concentration (5× 1017--3× 1018 cm-3) in n-AlxGa1-xAs (x{=}0.09--0.27) was reliably controlled and showed the same Si2H6 flow rate dependence as that of GaAs. The activation efficiency of silicon was more than 60%. We demonstrated the excellent n-type doping characteristics by uisng TMAAl.

  12. Alan Zayıflatmasız ve Alan Zayıflatmalı, Akı ve Moment Döngülü Akım Referanslı Pwm İndirekt İleri Beslemeli Vektör Kontrolü

    AYTAC KORKMAZ, Sevcan; KURUM, Hasan


    Bu makalede, alan zayıflamasız ve alan zayıflatmalı, akı ve moment döngülü akım referanslı PWM indirekt ileri beslemeli vektör kontrolü yapılmıştır. Alan zayıflatmasız ve alan zayıflatmalı PWM indirekt ileri beslemeli vektör kontrolü çalışması yapıldığında şekillerden de anlaşılacağı üzere farklılıklar vardır. Tanıtılan asenkron motorun dinamik modeli ve kontrol yapısının araştırılması için benzetim programı yapılmıştır. Bu programlar için MATLAB 6.5‘ dan yararlanılmıştır. ...

  13. Investigation on the nature of active species in the CeCl{sub 3}-doped sodium alanate system

    Fan Xiulin; Xiao Xuezhang [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, 38 Zheda Road, Hangzhou 310027 (China); Chen Lixin, E-mail: [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, 38 Zheda Road, Hangzhou 310027 (China); Li Shouquan; Wang Qidong [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, 38 Zheda Road, Hangzhou 310027 (China)


    Research highlights: > The additive of CeCl{sub 3} is reduced in doping process, causing the formation of NaCl and highly dispersed Ce species. > After dehydrogenation, Al-Ce alloy with a structure of CeAl{sub 4} comes into being and remains almost unchanged in the following cycles. > Directly doping CeAl{sub 4} into the system results in much similar kinetics. - Abstract: CeCl{sub 3}-doped NaAlH{sub 4} was directly synthesized in hydrogenation process using NaH/Al with 2 mol% CeCl{sub 3} under ball-milling. X-ray diffraction was utilized to unveil the nature of cerium during NaAlH{sub 4} synthesis process and succedent cycling. It is found that, CeCl{sub 3} is reduced in the ball-milling process and following cycles, causing the formation of NaCl and Al-Ce alloy with a structure of CeAl{sub 4}. The catalytic enhancement arising upon doping the ball-milled CeAl{sub 4} alloy is quite similar to that achieved in the CeCl{sub 3}-doped sodium alanate. Because the CeAl{sub 4} dopant does not consume the effective hydrogen storage component, the CeAl{sub 4}-doped NaAlH{sub 4} exhibits more hydrogen storage capacity. Moreover, CeCl{sub 3}-doped NaAlH{sub 4} and CeAl{sub 4}-doped NaAlH{sub 4} exhibit similar apparent activation energies estimated from Kissinger's method, suggesting the reactions are all determined by the same rate-limiting step. These results clearly demonstrate that the in situ formed CeAl{sub 4} acts as active species to catalyze the reversible dehydriding/rehydriding of NaAlH{sub 4}.

  14. Alan Irwin, Citizen Science

    Hannah Mowat


    Full Text Available As one follows the climate negotiations, year after year, one cannot help but feel frustrated, and wonder how we got to this impasse between policy-makers – who are advocating techno-fixes to engineer our way out of the problem, and citizens – who are pushing for democratic, sustainable, people-oriented solutions. To illustrate this, I present two dichotomous initiatives to the climate change crisis: on one hand, the Cochabamba People’s agreement, calling for a ‘global referendum or popular consultation on climate change in which all are consulted’ and the Copenhagen Accord on the other where a handful of world leaders – technocrats – tried to take the planet’s future into their own hands.

  15. Scrumin hyödyt ja haasteet kehitystiimin näkökulmasta : tapaustutkimus IT-alan palveluyrityksessä

    Hämäläinen, Johanna


    Scrum on ohjelmistokehityksen viitekehys, joka on kehitetty helpottamaan erityisesti monimutkaisten ohjelmistokehitysprojektien hallintaa ja toteuttamista. Scrum on yksi maailman suosituimmista ja tunnetuimmista ohjelmistokehityksen viitekehyksistä ja sitä käytetään sekä pienissä, keskisuurissa että suurissa IT-alan yrityksissä ympäri maailmaa. Tämän pro gradu -tutkielman tarkoitus on luoda käsitys scrumin hyödyistä ja haasteista tieteellisten julkaisujen tarjoaman tutkimustiedon ja eräässä I...

  16. Ravintola-alan franchising-yrittäjyys Suomessa yrittäjän näkökulmasta

    Mäki-Arvela, Aki


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoitus on tutkia millaista ravintola-alan franchising- yrittäjyys on tänä päivänä Suomessa yrittäjän näkökulmasta. Tavoitteena on saada käsitys yrittäjyydestä ja tutustua siihen millaista on franchising-yrittäjyys Suomessa. Tutkimus toteutetaan kvalitatiivisena tutkimuksena haastattelemalla eri franchising-ketjujen yrittäjiä Etelä-Suomessa. Työn toimeksiantajana toimii HAAGA-HELIA Ammattikorkeakoulu. Franchising on yleistyvä liiketoiminnan muoto, jossa franchising-...

  17. Ulkoisen työnantajakuvan kehittäminen Avecra Oy:lle hotelli- ja ravintola-alan oppilaitosten näkökulmasta

    Suhonen, Elina


    Tämän tutkimuksellisen opinnäytetyön tavoitteena oli tutkia Avecra Oy:n ulkoisen työnantajakuvan nykytilaa sekä löytää mahdollisia kehityskohteita ulkoisen työnantajakuvan parantamiseksi. Näkökulmana opinnäytetyössä oli toisen ja kolmannen asteen hotelli- ja ravintola-alan oppilaitokset pääkaupunkiseudulla, joiden opiskelijat ovat Avecra Oy:n potentiaalisia työnhakijoita ja -tekijöitä. Oppilaitosten opettajat toimivat ohjaajina opiskelijoiden ja yritysten välillä, joten parantamalla yhteistyö...

  18. Analysis of 2013 civil servant selection examination biology test questions according to teacher content knowledge competencies and revised Bloom taxonomy2013 Kamu personeli seçme sınavı biyoloji alan bilgisi sorularının biyoloji öğretmenliği alan bilgisi yeterliklerine ve yenilenmiş Bloom taksonomisine göre analizi

    Aylin Kala


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to analyze questions of 2013 biology content knowledge test in civil servant selection examination (KPSS according to performance indicators in biology teachers’ content knowledge competencies and knowledge and cognitive processes dimensions in revised Bloom taxonomy. In this qualitative research descriptive content analysis approach is employed and data is collected through document analysis. According to results questions reflected only 50% (17 of 34 biology teachers’ performance indicators identified by the National Ministry of Education. Additionally, questions did not homogenously represent levels of knowledge and cognitive processes dimensions of revised Bloom taxonomy. In cognitive processes dimension questions were mostly in category of understanding (42% and there was not any question in either categories evaluate or create. In knowledge dimension questions were mostly in conceptual category (75% and there was not any question that required metacognitive knowledge. Both performance indicators and knowledge levels should be better considered in preparation of such a high stake exam.   Özet Bu çalışmanın amacı, 2013 Kamu Personeli Seçme Sınavı’nın biyoloji alan bilgisi sorularını biyoloji öğretmenliği alan bilgisi yeterliklerinde yer alan performans göstergelerine ve Yenilenmiş Bloom Taksonomisinin bilgi ve bilişsel süreç boyutlarına göre incelemektir. Bu araştırmada eğitim çalışmalarında sıklıkla kullanılan betimsel analiz ve içerik analizi teknikleri kullanılmıştır. Araştırma verileri nitel araştırma yöntemlerinden biri olan doküman incelemesi ile elde edilmiştir. Araştırma sonucunda test içerisindeki soruların biyoloji öğretmenliği alan bilgisi yeterliklerini oluşturan 34 performans göstergesinden 17 tanesini (%50’sini yokladığı tespit edilmiştir. Ayrıca, biyoloji alan bilgisi sorularının Yenilenmiş Bloom Taksonomisinin bilgi ve bili

  19. Markkinointiviestinnän kehittämissuunnitelma sähköalan pienyritykselle : Oulun Sähkötek Oy

    Korkiakoski, Ville


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena on kehittää toimeksiantajayritys Oulun Sähkötek Oy:n markkinointiviestintää. Oulun Sähkötek Oy on Oulussa toimiva sähköalan pienyritys, jonka päätoimiala on sähkösuunnittelu ja sähköasennustyöt pientaloihin ja vastaavan kokoisiin uudisrakennuksiin. Yrityksen pääasiakkaita ovat omakotitalorakentamiseen ja pientaloihin keskittyneet rakennusyritykset. Opinnäytetyön tietoperustaa varten kerättiin tietoa kirjallisista lähteistä sekä internet-lähteistä. Kirjall...

  20. Basında Yer Alan Namus Cinayetlerinin Sosyolojik Analizi /
    A Sociological Analysis of Honor Killings Reported by the Mass Media

    İNCİ, Ülkü Hayriye


    Öz Erkek egemen toplumlarda kadına yönelik şiddetin kısmi bir kabul gördüğü bilinmektedir. Kadına yönelik şiddetin özel bir şekli de namus cinayetleridir. Son zamanlarda ulusal medyada kendisine oldukça fazla yer bulan namus cinayetleri, sosyolojik çalışmalarda da kendisine yer bulmaya başlamıştır. Bu çalışma, Türkiye’de son zamanlarda oldukça sık tartışılan namus cinayetlerinin sosyal ve kültürel hayattaki durumunu tartışmaya açmaktadır. Çalışma basında yer alan namus cinayetleri ile sını...

  1. Uuden työntekijän palkkaus sähköalan mikroyrityksessä : case Sähköhuolto Kosonen Oy

    Hänninen, Suvi


    Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena on esittää laskelmat Sähköhuolto Kosonen Oy:lle siitä, kuinka paljon uuden työntekijän palkkaaminen tulisi kustantamaan sähköalan pienessä perheyrityksessä. Työntekijän palkkauksen osalta perehdytään erityisesti tarkastelemaan eroja eri työkokemuksen omaavien työntekijöiden välillä. Erot muodostavat sähköasennusalan työehtosopimuksesta löytyvät palkkaryhmät, joka säätelevät peruspalkat työntekijän kokemuksen ja ammattitaidon mukaan. Opinnäytetyössä verrataan ammattik...


    ANŞIN, Arş. Gör. Selma


    ALAN DIŞI OKUL DENEYİMİ II UYGULAMASININ KURUMSAL, YÖNTEMSEL VE GÜDÜSEL SONUÇLARI *Uzm.Arş. Gör. Selma ANŞIN Ülkemizde, 1997-1998 öğretim yılından itibaren YÖK, Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı ve Dünya Bankası işbirliği çerçevesinde, Eğitim Fakültelerinin yeniden yapılandırılmasıyla ilgili standart bir program geliştirilmiştir.[1] Bu programın temel dayanağı; öğretmenlerin Milli Eğitim amaçlarını gerçekleştirmede önemli rollere sahip olması, öğrenme ve...

  3. Top man: Mathematician, geographer, vice chancellor , Sir Alan Wilson the new director general of higher education at the DfES, has a reputation for solving complicated problems. He talks to Jim Kelly

    Kelly, J


    "Sir Alan Wilson, vice-chancellor of Leeds University, has made a career out of solving big problems. This week he landed himself one of the biggest. Appointed the government's first ever director general of higher education, he becomes responsible for advising Charles Clarke at a pivotal moment in the history of the sector" (1 page).


    GÖNÜL, Hatice; DEMİREL, Füsun


    Bu araştırmada; tek katlı, geniş açıklıklı, betonarme prefabrike iskelet sistemleriyleüretilen endüstri yapılarına ilişkin sorunlar, örnek alan çalışması aracılığı ile ortayakonulmuştur. Bu amaç doğrultusunda makalede, Diyarbakır Birinci Organize SanayiBölgesi, örnek alan olarak seçilmiş ve ilgili sorunlar belirlenmeye çalışılmıştır.Sonuç bölümünde ise, sistem bütünü ve süreçler ile ilgili sorunların birbirleri ileolan etkileşimi ortaya konularak, öneriler geliştirilmiştir....

  5. Sağlık Yüksekokulu Öğrencilerinin İletişim Alanında Temel Yetkinliklerinin Değerlendirilmesi



    ÖZ Amaç: Araştırma Celal Bayar Üniversitesi Sağlık Yüksekokulu Hemşirelik ve Ebelik öğrencilerinin iletişim alanında temel yetkinliklerini değerlendirmek amacıyla yapılmıştır. Yöntem: Araştırmanın örneklemini, Celal Bayar Üniversitesi Sağlık Yüksekokulu'nda öğrenim gören, araştırmaya katılmayı kabul 275 öğrenci oluşturmuştur. Verilerin toplanmasında sosyodemografik özellikler soru formu ve Çevik (2007) tara­fından geliştirilmiş olan İletişim Barometresi kullanılmıştır. Değerlendirmede ...


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — The Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) Database depicts flood risk information and supporting data used to develop the risk data. The primary risk...

  7. Electrões inobserváveis e estrelas invisíveis: em torno do problema do Realismo em Ciência: Bas C. van Fraassen versus Alan Musgrave

    Ribeiro, Cláudia de Nóbrega Moita Quelhas


    The aim of this thesis is to revisit the problem of realism in science. Hence we start by confronting the perspectives concerning some relevant issues of the realist, semi-realist and non-realist philosophers who stood out during the last few decades. Then we analyse texts by two of the participants in this debate: Bas C van Fraassen’s‘ Arguments Concerning Scientific Realism’, where the author states his constructive empiricist position; and ‘Realism versus Constructive Empiricism’, by Alan ...

  8. Asi Nehri (Antakya Kıyı Bandı Rekreasyon Alanı Donatı Elemanları ve Kullanıcı Memnuniyetinin Belirlenmesi

    Elif Bozdoğan


    Full Text Available Bir kentin kimlik kazanmasında önem taşıyan su yüzeyleri, kentin gelişimini yönlendiren, rekreasyonel aktivitelere olanak sağlayan, kentte yaşayanlar üzerinde görsel ve psikolojik etkiler yaratan unsurlardır. Bu çalışmanın amacı, Asi Nehri kıyı bandının donatı elemanları bakımından kullanıcı memnuniyetinin belirlenmesidir. Bu alan yerleşim bölgelerini ayırması, çeşitli aktivitelere imkan sağlaması ve kent kimliği için önemli olması nedeniyle seçilmiştir. Çalışma Asi Nehri kıyı bandında 2012 Nisan-Temmuz ayları arasında 3 aşamada gerçekleştirilmiştir. Çalışmanın birinci aşamasında alanda mevcut donatı elemanlarının miktar ve yapım malzemeleri tespit edilmiştir. İkinci aşama kullanıcıya ve kullanıma yönelik bilgiler ile halkın memnuniyet düzeyinin belirlendiği soruları içeren anket çalışmasından oluşmaktadır. Sonuç olarak, çalışma alanındaki donatı elemanlarından en yüksek düzeydeki memnuniyetin ele alınan tüm parametreler bakımından köprüler, en düşük düzeydeki memnuniyetin ise estetik ve fonksiyonel özellikler bakımından işaret/bilgi levhaları ile miktar bakımından çöp kutuları olduğu belirlenmiştir. Çalışma kapsamında, donatı elemanları kullanıcı memnuniyet düzeyinin arttırılmasında kentin tarihi ve kültürel değerleri ile bütünlük sağlanmasının gerekliliği önemli bulunmuştur. Çalışmanın yerel yönetimlere bir veri tabanı oluşturulmasında katkı sağlayacağı düşünülmektedir.

  9. Alan R. Barton Nuclear Plant Units 1, 2, 3 and 4: Draft environmental statement (Docket Nos. 50-524, 525, 526 and 527)

    The proposed action is the issuance of construction permits to the Alabama Power Company for the construction of the Alan R. Barton Nuclear Plant Units 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Barton Plant, located on the Coosa River in Chilton and Elmore Counties, Alabama, will employ boiling water reactors to produce up to 3579 megawatts thermal (MWt) from each unit. A steam turbine-generator will use the heat to provide 1159 MWe (net) of electrical power capacity. A stretch power level of 3758 MWt (1209 MWe) is anticipated from design data and is considered in the assessments contained in this statement. The exhaust steam will be cooled in a closed cycle mode by mechanical cooling towers with water from the Coosa River. Construction of the plant and adjacent facilities will disturb an area of about 1025 acres. the land presently consists of forest land and some cropland. The impact is considered minor. About 18,460 acres will be required for the transmission line routes. The land presently consists of forest, pasture and cropland. No unique land usage is involved in the routes selected. The impacts are considered minor. Station construction will involve some community impacts. Highway congestion, due to increased traffic associated with construction and commuting activities, will have a moderate adverse impact on the local area. The number of construction workers moving into the area is expected to place a strain on the local school systems, housing and community services. Noise, dust, and odor during construction will have a minor adverse effect upon nearby residents in the sparsely populated area. 125 refs., 25 figs., 56 tabs

  10. Alan Greenspan, the confidence strategy

    Edwin Le Heron


    Full Text Available To evaluate the Greenspan era, we nevertheless need to address three questions: Is his success due to talent or just luck? Does he have a system of monetary policy or is he himself the system? What will be his legacy? Greenspan was certainly lucky, but he was also clairvoyant. Above all, he has developed a profoundly original monetary policy. His confidence strategy is clearly opposed to the credibility strategy developed in central banks and the academic milieu after 1980, but also inflation targeting, which today constitutes the mainstream monetary policy regime. The question of his legacy seems more nuanced. However, Greenspan will remain 'for a considerable period of time' a highly heterodox and original central banker. His political vision, his perception of an uncertain world, his pragmatism and his openness form the structure of a powerful alternative system, the confidence strategy, which will leave its mark on the history of monetary policy.

  11. Meditsiinidoktor Lea Pehme / Alan Altraja

    Altraja, Alan, 1965-


    7. sept. 2007 kaitses Tartu Ülikooli arstiteaduskonna nõukogu ees doktoriväitekirja "Tuberkuloosi epidemioloogiline olukord Eestis 1991-2003 rõhuasetusega kopsuvälisele tuberkuloosile ja kopsutuberkuloosi diagnoosimise viivitust mõjutavatele teguritele" Lea Pehme

  12. Markkinointisuunnitelma ravintola-alan verkkopalveluyritykselle

    Anikin, Maxim


    Opinnäytetyö on produktityyppinen ja sen tavoitteena oli luoda markkinointisuunni-telma Internet-palvelua tarjoavalle yritykselle. Yritys on aloitettu vuoden 2012 lopulla, mutta toiminta ei ole kunnolla alkanut, koska palvelu on vielä kehitysvaiheessa. Kahden omistajan lisäksi yrityksessä työskentelee kaksi työntekijää. Koska yritys on uusi, sillä ei vielä ole markkinointisuunnitelmaa, mutta sellainen kannattaisi jokaisessa pienessäkin yrityksellä olla, jotta markkinointi olisi mahdollisimman...


    Serap YÜKRÜK


    Full Text Available İlkokuldaki müzik derslerinde, kazanımlar içerisindeki duyuşsal boyutun önemli bir parçası da değerlerdir. Öğrencilere insani değerleri kazandırmak adına yapılan etkinlikler arasında etkili disiplinlerden biri olan müzik öğretimi dersinde şarkılar en önemli araçtır. Bu çalışmanın amacı ilkokullarda(1-4 okutulan müzik dersi kitaplarındaki ünitelerde yer alan şarkıları değerler bakımından incelemektir. Çalışmada betimsel içerik analizi, doküman incelemesi yöntemi kullanılmıştır. İlkokullarda 1, 2, 3 ve 4. sınıf müzik dersi öğrenci çalışma kitaplarındaki şarkılar çıkarılarak sözleri incelenmiş; değerler ve değerler eğitimi kavramlarının çerçevesi Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı, değerler eğitimi yönergesindeki şekli ile oluşturularak, sözlerle olan benzer ve farklı yönleri tespit edilmeye çalışılmıştır. Bu çalışma, öğrencilere insani değerleri kazandırma adına etkili bir araç olan müzik öğretimi dersindeki şarkıların işe koşulma düzeyini belirleme açısından ve de müzik öğretimi alanında değerler eğitimi ile ilgili çalışmaların yeterli düzeyde olmaması nedeni ile önem arz etmektedir. Çalışma sonucunda ilkokul(1-4 müzik ders kitaplarındaki şarkı sözlerinin mısralarında, 172 yerde değer vurgusunun yapıldığı tespit edilmiştir. MEB değerler eğitimi yönergesinde yer alan 27 başlık altındaki değerlerden, en çok “sevgi” değerinin, ardından “vatanseverlik” değerinin vurgulandığı tespit edilmiştir. Ayrıca ilkokul(1-4 müzik dersi, etkinlik şarkılarında “adil olma”, “alçakgönüllülük”, “empati”, “misafirperverlik”, “nazik olmak” ve “selamlaşma” değerlerine yer verilmediği belirlenmiştir. İçeriği ile uygulamadaki etkinlikleri sayesinde öğrenme ortamlarında ortak bir dil oluşturup, her öğrenciye ulaşması bakımından duyuşsal hedeflerin kazanımı boyutunda, m

  14. Basında Yer Alan Namus Cinayetlerinin Sosyolojik Analizi /A Sociological Analysis of Honor Killings Reported by the Mass Media

    Ülkü Hayriye İNCİ


    Full Text Available Öz Erkek egemen toplumlarda kadına yönelik şiddetin kısmi bir kabul gördüğü bilinmektedir. Kadına yönelik şiddetin özel bir şekli de namus cinayetleridir. Son zamanlarda ulusal medyada kendisine oldukça fazla yer bulan namus cinayetleri, sosyolojik çalışmalarda da kendisine yer bulmaya başlamıştır. Bu çalışma, Türkiye’de son zamanlarda oldukça sık tartışılan namus cinayetlerinin sosyal ve kültürel hayattaki durumunu tartışmaya açmaktadır. Çalışma basında yer alan namus cinayetleri ile sınırlıdır. Çalışmada içerik analizi yöntemi kullanılmıştır. Bu bağlamda, Türkiye’de meydana gelen namus cinayetlerinin yoğun olarak ortaya çıktığı bölgelerdeki sosyal sorunlar, farklı bölgelerdeki sosyal yapının namus cinayetlerini nasıl etkilediği, toplumda nasıl yansıma bulduğu ve özellikle kadınlar tarafından nasıl algılandığı konusu, basına yansıyan haberlerin içerik çözümlemesiyle ortaya konulmaya çalışılmıştır. Abstract Violence against women is somewhat acceptable in societies which dominated by the patriarchal system. One of the aspects of violence against women is honor killings. Nowadays, honor killings take place pretty much in Turkish national media. This article discusses the social and cultural basis of honor killings debated quite often recently. The work is limited to honor killings reported by mass media. In the work the content analysis method was used. In this context, social problems and social structures of different regions of Turkey analyzed to determine the source of problem. Additionally, the place of the honor killings, how they come up, and their effects on women and society have been presented with the content analysis of the news on the media.

  15. Yabancı dil olarak Türkçe alanında öğretmen eğitimi ve dil hakkında bilgi

    ÇETİN, Betül


    Yabancı dil olarak Türkçe öğretimi alanında bir lisans programının olmaması ve alanın bir uzmanlık olarak ele alınmaması nedeniyle yabancı dil olarak Türkçe öğretimi gerçekleştirecek olan öğretmen/okutmanlar için öğretmen eğitimi programları düzenlenmesi önem taşımaktadır.Bu çalışmada yabancı dil olarak Türkçe öğretecek öğretmen/okutmanlara yönelik bir öğretmen eğitimi programının dil hakkında bilgiler ile ilgili bölümü için bir içerik önerisi sunulmaktadır. Öğretmenlik bilgisi, yaba...

  16. Vertailussa pilvipalveluiden ja verkko-opetusympäristön käytettävyys sähköisinä opiskelualustoina : esimerkkitapauksena sähköalan ja automaatiotekniikan opintomateriaalipankki

    Tomminen, Antti


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tavoitteena on vertailla pilvipalveluiden ja verkkooppimisympäristöjen käytettävyyttä opetuksen sähköisinä alustoina. Vertailuun valittiin alustavan tarkastelun jälkeen verkko-oppimisympäristöistä käytetyin Moodle. Pilvipalveluista vertailuun valittiin OneDrive ja Google Drive. Vertailun perusteella pyrittiin löytämään käytettävyydeltään mielekkäin vaihtoehto esimerkkitapauksessa, jonka muodosti sähköalan ja automaatiotekniikan opintomateriaalipankin luominen sähköiselle o...

  17. Ayaktan kemoterapi alan GİS kanserli hastaların evde karşılaştıkları sorunlar ve kullandıkları baş etme davranışları

    ÖKTEN, Çiğdem


    Araştırma, Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Cebeci Hastanesinde ayaktan kemoterapi alan GİS kanserli hastalarda ortaya çıkan sorunları belirlemek, bu sorunlara yönelik hastaların kullandığı baş etme davranışları ve bu davranışların etkinliğini saptamak amacıyla yapılmıştır.Araştırmanın örneklemini Şubat-Ekim 2011 tarihleri arasında Gündüz Tedavi ünitesinde 3. kür kemoterapi almak üzere gelen 88 hasta oluşturmuştur.Araştırmada veri toplama aracı olarak Nightingale Semptom...

  18. Examining the Development of Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge on Numbers [Ortaokul Matematik Öğretmenlerinin Sayılarla İlgili Pedagojik Alan Bilgilerinin Gelişiminin İncelenmesi

    Ömer Şahin


    Full Text Available The aim of our research is to determine the change in the pedagogical content knowledge levels of the teachers on numbers in the period from their university education to their active teaching profession. The sample of the study is composed of a total of 210 people, 67 of whom are third grade pre-service mathematics teacher, 98 of whom are 4th grade pre-service mathematics teachers and 45 of whom are mathematics teachers who are working in various provinces of Turkey. As for the data collection tools of this research, “Mathematics Pedagogical Content Knowledge Test (MPCKT” was used. Cross-sectional comparative study, which is among the descriptive research designs, was used in this research. it was observed that the secondary mathematics teachers’ levels of knowledge of understanding students and knowledge of instructional strategies, which constitute two sub-components of pedagogical content knowledge, exhibited development from their third-year in university to the period in which they carry out teaching profession. [Bu çalışmanın amacı; öğretmenlerin sayılarla ilgili pedagojik alan bilgi düzeylerinin üniversite eğitimlerinden aktif öğretmenlik mesleğine kadar olan süreçte nasıl değiştiğini tespit etmektir. Çalışmanın örneklemini, ilköğretim matematik öğretmenliği programında öğrenim gören 67 üçüncü sınıf öğretmen adayı, 98 dördüncü sınıf matematik öğretmeni adayı ve Türkiye’nin farklı illerinde görev yapan 45 matematik öğretmeni olmak üzere toplam 210 kişi oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmada veri toplama aracı olarak Matematik Pedagojik Alan Bilgi Testi (MPABT kullanılmıştır. Bu araştırmada, betimsel araştırma yöntemlerinden biri olan enlemesine (kesitsel araştırma yöntemi kullanılmıştır. Çalışma sonunda, ilköğretim matematik öğretmenlerinin öğrencileri anlama bilgisi ve öğretim stratejileri bilgilerine ilişkin pedagojik alan bilgilerinin zamanla geli

  19. Doğu alıcı (Crataegus orientalis Paal. Ex. M. Bieb) tohumlarının çimlenmesi üzerine ekim alanı, ekim zamanı ve bazı önişlemlerin etkilerinin araştırılması

    Göktürk, Aşkın; Yılmaz, Serkan


    Bu çalışma, ekim alanı ve ekim zamanı ile kimyasal zedeleme ve küllü suda bekletme önişlemlerinin Doğu alıcı (Crataegus orientalis paal. Ex. M. Bieb) tohumlarının çimlenme yüzdesi üzerine etkilerinin tespit edilmesi amacıyla yapılmıştır. C. orientalis tohumlarındaki çimlenme engellerini giderecek en uygun yöntemin belirlenmesi amacıyla H2SO4 (%98) ve HNO3 (%56)’te bekletme işlemleri ile C6H8O7 ve küllü suda bekletme işlemleri iki ayrı grup halinde uygulanmıştır. Ekimler, alan etkisini ortaya ...


    KANAT, Sevtap; DİKKAYA, Ayşegül


    Bu çalışma, üniversite öğrencilerinin sanat eğitimi alma durumlarına göre yaşam doyum düzeylerini belirlemeyi amaçlamaktadır. Çalışma grubunu Erzincan Üniversitesinde 2011-2012 eğitim-öğretim yılında öğrenim gören 559 öğrenci ve Eğitim Fakültesi Güzel Sanatlar Eğitimi Müzik bölümüne devam eden 107 öğrenci oluşturmaktadır. Araştırma verileri, yazar tarafından hazırlanmış kişisel bilgi formu ve yaşam doyum ölçeği ile toplanmıştır. Araştırma verilerinde sanat eğitimi alan ve almayan öğrenciler a...


    TEZCİ, Erdogan


    Bu çalışmanın amacı problem çözmede yaratıcılık eğitimi alan matematik öğretmeni adaylarının farklı yaratıcılık stillerinin bu eğitimdeki başarıları üzerine etkisini incelemektir. Çalışmaya 2005-2006 eğitim-öğretim yılının güz yarıyılında Balıkesir Üniversitesi Ortaöğretim matematik öğretmenliğinde 16 öğretmen adayı katılmıştır.Tek grup ön test-son test deseni kullanılmıştır. Problem çözmede yaratıcılık eğitiminden önce ve sonra Kirton(1976) tarafından geliştirilen ve bireylerin yaratıcılık ...

  2. Book Review: The future of spacetime. Stephen William Hawking (ed.); Kip S. Thorne, Igor Novikov, Timothy Ferris, Alan Lightman, and Richard Price, W.W. Norton & Company, 2002, 224 pp., US 25.95, ISBN 0393020223

    Smeenk, Chris

    The study of Einstein's theory of general relativity experienced a renaissance beginning in the early 1960s. Prior to this resurgence of interest, general relativity was isolated from mainstream physics-admired for its elegance, perhaps, but only from a distance. The generation of students who risked their careers by entering this neglected field has now reached the age of festschrifts. In June of 2000, Caltech hosted "Kipfest," a conference in honor of Kip Thorne's 60th birthday. Thorne started graduate school at Princeton in 1962 and began research in general relativity under John Wheeler's guidance in the heady early days of the renaissance. Since then, he has played a prominent role in general relativity: as co-author of the influential textbook Gravitation, as a leader in research regarding astrophysical applications of Einstein's theory, and as a co-founder and chief advocate for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), to mention a few aspects of his far-reaching work. "Kipfest" included 14 speakers discussing fields to which Thorne has contributed. But the conference also reflected Thorne's long-standing commitment to communicating science to a general audience: Igor Novikov, Stephen Hawking, Timothy Ferris, and Alan Lightman gave popular talks at "Kipfest," with Thorne himself tricked into delivering a fifth. The Future of Spacetime gathers adaptations of these five lectures, along with a lengthy introductory essay by Richard Price.

  3. Gerard Lemos, The End of the Chinese Dream: Why Chinese people fear the future

    Bruyn, Pierre-Henry de


    La Chine est en train de changer à un rythme effréné. Nul ne saurait en douter. Près de 350 millions de Chinois vont émigrer vers les villes avant 2030. Pour faire face à cette transformation, la Chine devra construire plus de 50 000 nouveaux immeubles de grande taille et 170 villes auront besoin de se doter de nouveaux systèmes de transport urbain. Les réseaux routiers, autoroutiers, ferroviaires et aériens devront croître de 60 % d’ici 2030 (p. 185). Parvenir à comprendre les désirs des Chi...

  4. Die reg op uitbreiding van deeltitelskemas as boedelbate / Hendrik Gerard Hattingh

    Hattingh, Hendrik Gerard


    Sectional ownership has introduced several new concepts of property that differ significantly from prevailing as well as common-law concepts of property. The right of extension with regards to sectional titles is one such concept. The right entails a subtraction from the dominium of sectional owners and is widely regarded as a limited real right. It is submitted that the right cannot be categorised into any common-law category. The right is a statutory limited real right sui...

  5. Omavalvontasuunnitelman laadinta kala-alan yritykselle

    Laiho, Ella


    Omavalvontasuunnitelman laadinta kuuluu jokaisen elintarvikealalla toimivan yrityksen perusvaatimuksiin ja velvollisuuksiin. Siinä tulee ottaa huomioon yrityksen käytännön toimintatapojen lisäksi lain muuttuvat ohjeistukset, joita viranomainen antaa ohjeeksi noudatettavaksi ja valvottavaksi eri omavalvonnan osa-alueilla. Omavalvonnassa käydään läpi yrityksen koko toiminta raaka-aineen vastaanotosta valmiin tuotteen lähetykseen kattaen kaikki toiminnot. Keskeisin asia omavalvonnassa on elin...

  6. Westi Among Da Eesti / Robert Alan Jamieson

    Jamieson, Robert Alan


    8.-15. maini 2004 toimus Käsmus rahvusvaheline luuletõlkimise töötuba "Literature beyond borders", mille korraldas Eesti Kirjanduse Teabekeskus rahvusvahelise kirjandusprojekti Literature Across Frontiers toel

  7. Alan Turning / Ian Whitelaw, Julie Whitaker

    Whitelaw, Ian, 1953-


    Arvutiasjanduse ja tehisintellekti pioneer, sakslaste Enigma šifri murdnud Teise maailmasõja aegse Briti töörühma juht, ehitas esimese programmeeritava arvuti, töötas välja Turingi testi masina intellekti tuvastamiseks

  8. Klinik onkoloji alanında nanoteknoloji

    TOPÇUL, Mehmet Rıfkı; ÇETİN, İdil


    Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are conventional methods used in cancer treatment. Because these methods have some limitations, it is difficult to cure the disease completely. In recent years, to overcome these limitations and also to increase the efficiency of the therapies, new methods are being developed. In this context, nanotechnology is a promising approach. Therefore, cancer nanotechnology has become an important field. Some applications used in the field of cancer nanotechnolog...

  9. ATP alane konverents Tartus / Tõnis Tamm

    Tamm, Tõnis


    17.-19. maini 2004 toimus Eurosert OÜ korraldusel Tartus IIR-i (International Institute of Refrigeration) konverents, mille lõpparuandena koostati ettepanekute kava ÜRO Euroopa majanduskomisjonile WP11 kontrolli parandamiseks kiiresti riknevate toiduainete veoks ja sellel veol kasutatavate erivahendite üle

  10. Infojuhtimise alane kohtumine Riias / Sirje Virkus

    Virkus, Sirje, 1956-


    23.-25. veebruaril 1997. a. toimus Riias TEMPUS projekti "Information Management Education for the Baltic States" esindajate kohtumine. Tallinna Pedagoogikaülikooli infoteaduste osakonda esindas Sirje Virkus

  11. Alan Turing: person of the XXth century?

    Sánchez Ron, José M.


    Full Text Available “Time” magazine chose Albert Einstein as “Person of the Century.” This was undoubtedly a reasonable choice, but as I will argue in this article, there are also good reasons for contending that Turing might have received this honor. One such reason I consider here is his purely scientific work, which stems from the greatest mathematical tradition, and how it affected the development of mathematics itself and was finally instrumental in shaping a new technological world. This is true both as regards the computation and treatment of information as well as the establishment of new forms of social relations. In relation to the foregoing, we have Turing’s contributions to the deciphering of secret codes during the Second World War, which in a somewhat metaphorical sense may be regarded as a new tool for undermining personal privacy, that civil right whose denial finally ruined his lifeEn diciembre de 1999, la revista Time eligió a Albert Einstein “The Person of the Century”. Fue, no cabe duda, una elección razonable, pero, como se argumenta en este artículo, existen también buenos argumentos para sostener que Turing podría haber recibido tal honor. En apoyo de semejante tesis están sus trabajos puramente científicos, que se esbozan aquí, trabajos que entroncan con la mejor tradición matemática, y cómo afectaron al desarrollo matemático, siendo finalmente instrumentales en la configuración de un nuevo mundo tecnológico, tanto en lo que al cálculo y manejo de información se refiere, como en lo relativo al establecimiento de nuevas formas de relaciones sociales. Relacionadas con lo anterior, se encuentran las aportaciones que hizo durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial al desciframiento de códigos secretos, que, en cierto sentido, metafórico, se pueden considerar como una nueva herramienta para socavar la privacidad, ese derecho civil cuya negación arruinó su propia vida.

  12. Alan Turing and the origins of complexity

    Martin-Delgado, Miguel Angel


    The 75th anniversary of Turing’s seminal paper and his centennial anniversary occur in 2011 and 2012, respectively. It is natural to review and assess Turing’s contributions in diverse fields in the light of new developments that his thought has triggered in many scientific communities. Here, the main idea is to discuss how the work of Turing allows us to change our views on the foundations of Mathematics, much as quantum mechanics changed our conception of the world of Physics. Basic notions...

  13. Alan Turing and the Origins of Complexity

    Martin-Delgado, Miguel-Angel


    The 75th anniversary of Turing's seminal paper and his centennial year anniversary occur in 2011 and 2012, respectively. It is natural to review and assess Turing's contributions in diverse fields in the light of new developments that his thoughts has triggered in many scientific communities. Here, the main idea is to discuss how the work of Turing allows us to change our views on the foundations of Mathematics, much like quantum mechanics changed our conception of the world of Physics. Basic...

  14. Alan Turing and the origins of complexity

    Martin-Delgado, Miguel Angel


    Full Text Available The 75th anniversary of Turing’s seminal paper and his centennial anniversary occur in 2011 and 2012, respectively. It is natural to review and assess Turing’s contributions in diverse fields in the light of new developments that his thought has triggered in many scientific communities. Here, the main idea is to discuss how the work of Turing allows us to change our views on the foundations of Mathematics, much as quantum mechanics changed our conception of the world of Physics. Basic notions like computability and universality are discussed in a broad context, placing special emphasis on how the notion of complexity can be given a precise meaning after Turing, i.e., not just qualitatively but also quantitatively Turing’s work is given some historical perspective with respect to some of his precursors, contemporaries and mathematicians who took his ideas further.El 75 aniversario del artículo seminal de Turing y el centenario de su nacimiento ocurren en 2011 y 2012, respectivamente. Es natural revisar y valorar las contribuciones que hizo Turing en campos muy diversos a la luz de los desarrollos que sus pensamientos han producido en muchas comunidades científicas. Aquí, la idea principal es discutir como el trabajo de Turing nos permite cambiar nuestra visión sobre los fundamentos de las Matemáticas, de forma similar a como la mecánica cuántica cambió nuestra concepción de la Física. Nociones básicas como compatibilidad y universalidad se discuten en un contexto amplio, haciendo énfasis especial en como a la noción de complejidad se le puede dar un significado preciso después de Turing, es decir, no solo cualitativo sino cuantitativo. Al trabajo de Turing se le da una perspectiva histórica en relación a algunos de sus precursores, contemporáneos y matemáticos que tomaron y llevaron sus ideas aún más allá.

  15. Alan Turing and the Origins of Complexity

    Martin-Delgado, Miguel-Angel


    The 75th anniversary of Turing's seminal paper and his centennial year anniversary occur in 2011 and 2012, respectively. It is natural to review and assess Turing's contributions in diverse fields in the light of new developments that his thoughts has triggered in many scientific communities. Here, the main idea is to discuss how the work of Turing allows us to change our views on the foundations of Mathematics, much like quantum mechanics changed our conception of the world of Physics. Basic notions like computability and universality are discussed in a broad context, making special emphasis on how the notion of complexity can be given a precise meaning after Turing, i.e., not just qualitative but also quantitative. Turing's work is given some historical perspective with respect to some of his precursors, contemporaries and mathematicians who took up his ideas farther.

  16. X-ray Diffraction and NMR Studies of Na3-nLinAlH6 (n=0, 1, 2) Alanates Synthesized by High-Pressure Reactive Ball Milling

    The present work combines X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis and NMR Study of Na3-nLinAlH6 (n = 0, 1, 2) alanates synthesized by high-pressure reactive ball milling. Reactive ball-milling of alkali hydrides and Al Under it hydrogen pressure of 10 MN allows for the synthesis of Na3AlH6 and Na2LiAlH6 with a yield higher than 90 wt % When using 2 mol % of TiCl3 as a dopant The synthesis of NaLi2AlH6 compound by reactive ball Milling was not Successful The crystal Structure of both Na3AlH6 and Na2LiAlH6 phases are in agreement with previous publications. The phase compositions of the synthesized samples obtained from XRD analysis are in good agreement with the results determined from NMR refinements Without the addition of TiCl3, Na3AlH6 compound Could also be formed, although the reaction was not complete due to slow kinetics. For the magic angle spinning NMR 26Al, 23Na, 6Li, and 1H spectra, strong bulk magnetic Susceptibility (BMS) effects have been observed to affect to the same extent all detected lines and thus indicates that paramagnetic species (Ti3+ or Ti0 bearing phase) are present and well dispersed in the samples. 23Na and 27Al NMR spectra call be refined with very similar NMR parameters for both doped and non doped samples, suggesting that Ti does not incorporate the crystal structure of these materials. Accurate values of 23Na and 27Al NMR parameters and quantification of the studied phases have been obtained thanks to a new treatment allowing for taking into account the BMS effects. Finally, it good agreement of experimental 23Na and 27Al quadrupolar parameters with density functional theory using the gauge-including projector augmented wave (DFT-GIPAW) predicted values is obtained. This work validates the use of DFT-GIPAW calculations for future NMR studies. (authors)


    Aydın ÜNAL


    Full Text Available Bu çalışmada; üniversite eğitimi alan gençlerin Türkiye’nin AB’ye üyelik sürecine bakış açıları ve üniversite eğitimi alan gençlerin AB üyeliğinden ekonomik ve özgürlükler anlamında beklentileri belirlenmeye çalışılmıştır. Araştırma evreni olarak Kırklareli Üniversitesi Pınarhisar Meslek Yüksekokulu öğrencileri belirlenmiştir. Araştırma evreninin belirlenmesinde; okulda hem sosyal hem de fen bilimlerinin alanına giren programlarda eğitimin yürütülmesi etkili olmuştur. Araştırma evrenini oluşturan öğrenci sayısı 833 tanedir. Örneklem belirlemede ise devam zorunluluğu bulunan öğrenciler esası oluşturmuştur. Bu öğrencilerin sayısı 708 tanedir. Veri toplama sürecinde bu öğrencilerden 483 tanesine ulaşılmıştır. Veriler SPSS 13.0 istatistik programı vasıtasıyla analize tabi tutulmuştur. Araştırma sonuçları şu şekilde özetlemek mümkündür. a Pınarhisar MYO’nda eğitim alan öğrencilerin %46,6’sı Türkiye’nin AB üyeliğine sıcak bakmamaktadırlar. b AB üyeliğini program bazında sadece turizm programı öğrencileri istemektedir. c Öğrenciler AB üyeliğinin ülkemizin olanaklarına ve özgürlüklerine katkı sağlayacağına inanmaktadırlar.


    GEZEN, Tuba; Köroğlu, Özlem


    ÖZ: Kariyer çapaları örgütlerde kariyer aracı olarak kullanılmasına rağmen birçok sınırlı araştırmaya da konu olmuştur. Bu araştırmanın amacı turizm eğitimi alan öğrencilerin meslek ve kariyer seçimine etki eden kariyer çapalarının belirlenmesidir. Bu amaçla Balıkesir Üniversitesi Turizm İşletmeciliği ve Otelcilik Yüksekokulu’nda öğrenim gören öğrencilere anket uygulanmıştır. Turizm eğitimi alan öğrencilerin kariyer çapalarının belirlenmesi amacıyla Schein (1990) tarafından geliştirilen kariy...

  19. Deer Management Assistance Reports Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge for 2012 and 2013

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — These checklists are produced by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks and measure harvest weights and antler indexes as well as recommending...

  20. 75 FR 66138 - George Mathew, M.D.; Denial of Application


    ... Purchasing Controlled Substances over the Internet, 66 FR 21181. Therein, the Agency explained that ``Federal... business properties listed Abel Rodriguez as the registered agent for La Familia Pharmacy III, Inc. Id. at... Rodriguez's pharmacy, La Familia Pharmacy, to fill some of its prescriptions, and that that was...

  1. Hillside, Morgan Brake, and Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuges Reforestation Plan for 1992-1996

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This plan addresses the history of reforestation at Hillside National Wildlife Refuge and its two satellite refuges, Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuge and...

  2. Accounting education and quality dimensions: A field research in TurkeyMuhasebe eğitimi ve kalite boyutları: Türkiye alan araştırması

    Mehmet Yücenurşen


    Full Text Available Rules, regulations and operating characteristics regarding the accounting information system which they use during the life work are transferred to the individuals with the conception of lifelong learning in the accounting education. In this way, individuals acquires sufficient accounting information in their professional careers and professional exams. No doubt, the success is directly related to personal competencies of individuals and the quality of education received. The quality of accounting education is concerned with the level of realization of the expectations from the individuals who take or took accounting education. This study focuses on education quality dimensions referring to accounting education. The aim of this study is to contribute to the literature on the quality of accounting education by examining periodicals on the scope and quality of accounting education made in Turkey. In studies conducted in Turkey, it is investigated that the expectations of students and businesses from accounting education and the quality dimensions held by the universities such as the number of lecturers, course duration, and physical facilities.   Özet Hayat boyu öğrenme anlayışı ile muhasebe eğitiminde, bireylere çalışma hayatı süresince kullanacakları, muhasebe bilgi sistemine ilişkin kural, yasal düzenleme ve işleyiş özellikleri aktarılmaktadır. Bu sayede bireyler profesyonel kariyerlerinde ve mesleki sınavlarda yeterli muhasebe bilgisi edinmektedir. Şüphesiz ki muhasebe eğitimi alan bireylerin profesyonel kariyerlerinde ve mesleki sınavlardaki başarısı kişisel yetkinlikler ve alınan eğitimin kalitesiyle doğrudan ilgilidir. Muhasebe eğitiminde kalite; muhasebe eğitimiyle hem eğitim alanların hem de muhasebe eğitimi almış kişilerden beklentilerin karşılanma düzeyiyle ilgilidir. Bu çalışmada muhasebe eğitimine değinilerek eğitimde kalite boyutları üzerinde durulmaktadır. Bu çalışmanın amac

  3. Postmodern Heroics, Misreading and Irony in the Fictions of James Alan McPherson and Toni Morrison%麦克斐逊与莫里森小说的后现代豪语、误读与反讽



    近35年来,随着美国少数族裔作家(包括非洲裔美国作家)在"美国性"定义问题上的重要性日益突显,美国文学研究的重心发生了深刻的变化.到底是什么构成了"非洲裔美国人身份或黑人身份"?这一问题在非洲裔美国文学内部引发了激烈的对话,而在诺贝尔文学奖得主托妮·莫里森和普利策小说奖得主詹姆士·阿兰·麦克斐逊的小说中,这类讨论显得尤为深刻.本文通过细读莫里森的小说《柏油娃》和麦克斐逊的两篇短篇小说,即"我为什么喜欢乡村音乐"和"活动空间",探讨其中隐含的关于种族真实性问题的争论.本文的中心论点是,作品通过旅行而不是通过对种族概念的抽象化,传达出作品人物对自己身份和身份归宿的理解.就本质而言,这些故事是在对一个观念进行言说,即身份是一个过程问题而不是位置问题.%American literary studies have witnessed a profound shift in emphasis over the last thirty five years in the United States, with minority writers, including African American writers, taking a more prominent role in defining what it means to be American.We also find within African American literature, there has come to be a vigorous dialogue as to what constitutes an authentic African American, or black, identity.This discussion has been especially profound in the fictions of Nobel Laureate, Toni Morrison, and the Pulitzer-Prize-winning fiction writer, James Alan McPherson.This essay seeks to examine this struggle over issues of racial authenticity by examining Morrison's 1980 novel, Tar Baby, and two short stories by McPherson, "Why I Like Country Music" and "Elbow Room." At the center of the argument is that it is travel, not an essentialized notion of race, that informs the characters' understanding of who they are and who they can be.In essence, the stories speak to the notion that identity is a matter of process, not location.


    Keti VENTURA


    Full Text Available Özet:İşletmelerin son yıllarda Bilgi ve İletişim Teknolojilerine(BİT adaptasyonu, İnternete bağlanan firma sayısınınartmasıyla hızlanmıştır. Bu teknolojiler, firmalarınürün/hizmetlerin alım ve satım şeklinde önemli değişiklikleryaratabilmektedir. Bilgi ve iletişim teknolojilerinin, firmaaçısından rekabet avantajı yaratabilmesi için firmalardayönetsel anlayışın gelişmiş olması, bu teknolojilerin her süreceetkin uygulanabilme becerisinin bulunması ve insankaynaklarının bu konuda eğitilmiş olması gerekmektedir. Bukapsamda çalışmanın amacı firmalarda e-İş uygulamalarınınmevcut durumunu, bu uygulamaların işletme büyüklüklerinegöre ne şekilde farklılaştığını ve yöneticilerin bu konudakialgılamalarını ve tutumlarını ortaya koymaktır. Bu amaçdoğrultusunda, Türk imalat sanayinde faaliyet gösterenfirmalara yapılandırılmış bir soru formu gönderilerek, soruformunun analizi gerçekleştirilmiştir. Firma yöneticilerininmevcut algılama ve tutumlarına ilişkin alan araştırmasıbulguları ortaya konduktan sonra bu yeni iş modelininkullanımının yaygınlaştırılmasını sağlayacak önerilergeliştirilmiştir.Abstract:The adoption of Information and CommunicationTechnologies (ICTs by enterprises has grown considerablyover the past years with more and more firms with connectingto the Internet. These technologies can and do lead to dramaticchanges in the way companies buy and sell their products orservices. An improved managerial understanding, capability ofefficient incorporation of these technologies into everyprocesses and training human resources are the main driversof gaining competitive advantages through the use of them.The objective of the study is to explore the current e-Businessapplications, how these applications vary within different sizedfirms and perceptions of managers of Turkish firms. Withinthis context, an online structured questionnaire is sent to the

  5. Nursing care for patients with copd on long-term oxygen therapyUzun süreli oksijen tedavisi alan koah hastalarında hemşirelik bakımı

    Türkan Karaca


    çinde kronik solunum yolu hastalıkları, kalp damar hastalıkları, kanserler ve diyabet ile beraber dünyanın en büyük katilleri olup, her yıl tahminen 35 milyon ölüme neden olmaktadır.  Bu verilere ek olarak, dünyada ölüm nedeni sıralamasında solunum sistemi hastalıklarından, KOAH dördüncü sırada yer almaktadır. Ayrıca bu raporda, 2030 yılı için öngörülen ölüm nedeni sıralamasında, KOAH’ın üçüncü sıraya yükseleceği tahmin edilmektedir (DSÖ, 2010.   Teknolojide ve sağlık alanında ki gelişmeler, hastalıklara erken tanı koymasına ve hastalık durumunda en uygun tedavi yöntemini uygulamasına olanak sağlamaktadır. KOAH’da en sık kullanılan tedavi yöntemi uuzun süreli oksijen tedavisidir. Bu nedenle hemşirelerin kaliteli bir hemşirelik bakımı vermeleri için, oksijen tedavisinin temel kavramlarını, uygulama yöntemlerini, gelişebilecek komplikasyonları bilmesi önemlidir.

  6. Seçmen Tercihinde Imaj Faktörü: Siyasal Parti ve Aday İmajı Karşılaştırmasına Yönelik Bir Alan Arştırması

    Esra Aydın Kılıç


    “Seçmen Tercihinde Imaj Faktörü: Siyasal Parti ve Aday İmajı Karşılaştırmasına İlişkin Bir Alan Arştırması”  adlıbuaraştırma partiimajı veadayimajınınseçmenlerin tercihleri üzerindekietkisiniincelemek amacıylayapılmıştır.Ankara’nın beş ilçesinden seçilen üçer mahallede tesadüfiörnekleme yöntemiilebelirlenen 546kişinin parti ve aday imajı ve bunları oluşturan unsurlar üzerindeki görüşleri anket tekniğinden yararlanılarak belirlenmiştir.


    ÇELENK, Hakan; Metin ATMACA; Emre HORASAN


    Ülkemizde muhasebe eğitimi lisans, yüksek lisans ve doktora düzeyinde birçok üniversitede verilmektedir. Öğrencilerin almış oldukları muhasebe eğitimi hem iş dünyası açısından hem de akademik açıdan önemli bir bilgi birikimi sunmaktadır. Ancak öğrencilerin aldıkları muhasebe eğitiminden sonra muhasebeye veya muhasebe alanına karşı tutumları ve muhasebeye ilişkin algıları bilinmeden verilen eğitimin etkileri, başarısı ve sonuçları hakkında bir bilgi sahibi olunamamaktadır. Bu bağlamda Marmara ...

  8. Amateur football as a working area: A field study on the working processes of amateur football players Bir çalışma alanı olarak amatör futbol: Amatör futbolcuların çalışma süreçleri üstüne bir alan araştırması

    Mert Kerem Zelyurt


    Full Text Available Amateurism despite carrying conceptually an opposite content of professional, amateur football leagues seem to have function as an employment area which football players earn money such as professional leagues and contains hidden professionalism. In this study, it is obtained to describe undeclared revenue generation and working processes in amateur football leagues. "Qualitative Methods" and based on this "Semi-Structured in-depth Interview" technique was used in the research. Interviews has been made with 7 people played in amateur football leagues, determined by "Theoretical Sampling" and were recorded in voive recorder. The raw data obtained from the study, was subjected to content analysis revealed under three themes: 1. Income Providing 2. Social Security Deprivation 3. Departures from professional to amateur. The findings under three main themes by in their own content analysis were subjected to qualitative data coding, thus each theme divided into sub-themes and has been converted into processed data. In findings that were gained, it is outstanding that undeclared income is provided from playing amateur football; agreements were made based on verbal agreements or bill agreements, experiencing receivable problem,  football players are deprived of social security and insurance is not done; due to age quota rule in professional third league or some amateur teams offering more revenue providing possibility than third league teams amateur clubs in the leagues are preferred by players. ÖzetAmatörlüğün kavramsal olarak profesyonel karşıtı bir içerik taşımasına rağmen, amatör futbol liglerinin, profesyonel ligler gibi futbolcunun para kazandığı ve gizli profesyonellik içeren bir istihdam alanı şeklinde işlediği görülmektedir. Bu çalışmada amatör futbol liglerindeki kayıt dışı gelir elde etme ve çalışma süreçleri betimlenmeye çalışılmıştır. Araştırmada  “Nitel Yöntem”  ve buna dayalı olarak


    Nihat BAYAT


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to determine which components form poetic texts with regard to Jakobson’s poetic function of language model and the relevance of poems in Turkish course books to poetic genre in this aspect. The difference of poetic language described by Jakobson with the poetic function term is seen both in content and expression plane. Poetic function focuses on the settlement form of message, not its content. The content in the message is compressed. Some parallelisms and juxtapositions are constructed to constitute a new signification system. In the research, the poems in Turkish course books are evaluated in terms of the features stated by content analysis. It is figured out that the poems include features of poetic language inadequately. It is also found that most of the poems were chosen according to the theme and the topic. Activities in workbooks and teacher manuals are also far away from prior dimensions of poetry. For this reason, poems in Turkish course books are poor texts to get students to comprehend the features of poetic genre and provide perfect instances related to artistic use of language – in other words, teach a new domain of language use. It is also identified that these poems are not compatible with the goals, basic skills, meta skills, and acquisitions of teaching Turkish. It is suggested that Turkish course books should have texts having high poetic features and activities should be prepared according to features of poetic language Bu çalışmanın amacı şiir bilimin temel ilkeleri ve Jakobson’un dilin şiirsel işlevi modeline dayanarak şiir metinlerinin hangi öğelerden oluştuğunu saptamak ve buna bağlı olarak Türkçe ders kitaplarında yer alan şiirlerin şiir türüne uygunluğunu belirlemektir. Jakobson’un şiirsel işlev terimiyle betimlediği şiir dilinin farklılığı hem anlatım hem içerik düzleminde kendini gösterir. Şiirsel işlevin önceliği iletinin gönderdiği i

  10. Ortaöğretim 9. Sınıf Öğrencilerinin Yazılı Anlatım Alan Bilgisi Başarı Düzeyleri Üzerine Bir Araştırma A Research On 9th Grade Of Secondary Education Students ' Achievement Levels Of Field Knowledge Of Writing Expression

    Hasan BAĞCI


    ğretimin son aşamasına kadar bu becerilerinin geliştirildiği süreci içine alan bir dönemdir. Yazma becerisi bilgi, birikim ve dili etkili kullanmayı gerektirdiğinden bu sürecin okuma, dinleme/izleme, konuşma ve dil bilgisi etkinlikleriyle de desteklenmesi gerekir.Öğrencilerin yazılı anlatım metinlerini inceleyen araştırmacılar, öğrenci metinlerinde birçok eksikliğin olduğunu, öğrencilerin yazma becerilerinin beklenen yeterliliğe ulaşamadığını ifade etmektedir. Bu becerideki eksikliklerin bilgi aşamasından bilgilerin beceriye dönüştürülememesine kadar geniş bir çerçeveye dağıldığı düşünülmektedir. Bu yüzden bu çalışmanın amacı, ortaöğretim 9. sınıf öğrencilerinin Dil ve Anlatım Ders Programı’nda da ifade edilen yazma becerisine yönelik kazanım cümleleri doğrultusunda yazılı anlatım alan bilgisi düzeylerini belirlemektir. Araştırmada ayrıca öğrencilerin yazılı anlatım alan bilgisi yeterlilik düzeylerinin başta cinsiyet olmak üzere diğer değişkenlere göre de değişip değişmediği tespit edilmiştir.Araştırmadan elde edilen bulgulara göre, ortaöğretim 9. sınıf öğrencilerin Yazılı Anlatım Alan Bilgisi Testi genel başarı puanları ortalamaları 100 tam puan üzerinden 59 puanla sınırlı kalmıştır. Yine 9. sınıf öğrencilerinin yazılı anlatım alan bilgisi başarı düzeyleri, cinsiyet değişkenine göre anlamlı bir farklılık göstermezken öğrencilerin akademik başarına, serbest yazma etkinliği yapmalarına, günlük tutmalarına, Dil ve Anlatım dersini sevmeleri ile yazma etkinliklerinden memnun olmalarına göre ise değişmektedir. Araştırmanın sonunda elde edilen sonuçlara bağlı kalınarak Dil ve Anlatım derslerini veren öğretmenlere bazı önerilerde bulunulmuştur.

  11. An exploratory study of the entrepreneurial attitudes of secondary school learners / by André Gerard Steenekamp

    Steenekamp, André Gerard


    This study highlights the urgent need for a youth entrepreneurship development program of value in South African secondary schools. It examines the entrepreneurial attitudes of grade 10 learners in 16 secondary schools in the Sedibeng District of the Gauteng Province, South Africa, using the Attitude Toward Enterprise Test (ATE Test) developed for young learners in the United Kingdom. The study is based on the attitude-approach to entrepreneurship research. Al though ...

  12. Martina Oster, Waltraud Ernst, Marion Gerards (Hg.: Performativität und Performance. Hamburg u.a.: LIT Verlag 2008

    Isa Wortelkamp


    Full Text Available Der Band versammelt Perspektiven unterschiedlicher wissenschaftlicher Disziplinen zur performativen Herstellung von Geschlecht in den Bereichen von Musik, Theater und Medienkultur. Ausgangspunkt und Verbindungsglied der Beiträge ist Judith Butlers Konzept zur Performativität von Geschlecht, das in seiner Relevanz für musikwissenschaftliche Frauen- und Genderforschung diskutiert wird. Im Zentrum steht die Reflexion der musikalischen Aufführung als Aufführung performativer Akte zur Konstruktion von Geschlechteridentitäten. Über die musikwissenschaftliche Perspektive hinaus liefern die verschiedenen Studien anregende und weitreichende Impulse zur Betrachtung künstlerischer Ausdrucksformen im Prozess der soziokulturellen Konstruktion von Geschlecht und Sexualität.The volume collects different disciplinary perspectives on the performative production of gender in the areas of music, theater, and media culture. The point of departure and nexus of the contributions is Judith Butler’s concept of the performativity of gender, which is discussed in its relevance for women���s and gender research in musicology. Central is the reflection on the musical performance as a performative act for the construction of gender identities. Over and beyond the perspective of musicology, the different studies provide stimulating and broad-reaching impulses for the consideration of artistic forms of expression in the process of the sociocultural construction of gender and sexuality.




    ürüst bireylerin yetiştirilmesi için etkili bir değer eğitimine ihtiyaç vardır. Okullar, ulusal ve evrensel değerlerin iletimini sağlayarak toplumların devamlılığını sağlayan kurumlardır. Eğitim öğretim sürecinin vazgeçilmez bir parçası olan ders kitaplarının değer iletimi konusunda önemli bir rolü vardır. Öğrenciler, ders kitaplarında yer alan ve ana dilinin her türlü imkânından ve söz varlığı zenginliğinden yararlanılarak oluşturulan edebî eserler yoluyla millî ve evrensel değerleri kazanmaktadırlar. Bu çalışmanın amacı Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı Yayınevine ait İlköğretim 6, 7 ve 8. sınıf Türkçe ders kitaplarında yer alan okuma metinlerinin hangi ulusal ve evrensel değerleri ilettiğini / sezdirdiğini tespit etmek ve iletilen / sezdirilen değerlerin 6, 7 ve 8. sınıf ders kitaplarındaki dağılımını belirlemektir. Çalışmada nitel araştırma yöntemlerinden doküman analizi yöntemi kullanılmıştır. Araştırmanın veri örneklemini, MEB yayınevine ait 6, 7 ve 8. sınıf Türkçe ders kitapları oluşturmaktadır. Ders kitaplarında yer alan okuma metinleri, “Değerler Tespit Formu (DTF”na göre incelenerek hangi ulusal ve evrensel değerlerin metinler aracılığıyla iletildiği tespit edilmeye çalışılmıştır. Yapılan çalışmada MEB 6, 7 ve 8. sınıf Türkçe ders kitaplarında yer alan metinlerin değerlerin iletimini istenen düzeyde gerçekleştirmediği ve 6. sınıfta değer iletiminin daha yoğun olduğu, 7 ve 8. sınıfta ise azaldığı görülmüştür.

  14. Examination of the Primary Teachers Candidates' Special Field Competence Perceptions in Terms of Varied Variables / Sınıf Öğretmeni Adaylarının Özel Alan Yeterlik Algılarının Çeşitli Değişkenler Açısından İncelenmesi



    level, is meaningful.Sınıf öğretmenleri birden fazla dersten sorumlu olmaları nedeniyle diğer branş öğretmenlerinden yeterlikler bağlamında ayrılmaktadır. Bu durum, sınıf öğretmenlerinin çoklu disiplin ve disiplinler arası anlayışa dayalı yeterliklere sahip olmalarını gerektirmektedir. Bu nedenle yeterliklerin çerçevesinin ortaya konması ve bu yeterlikleri etkileyen faktörlerin belirlenmesi önem arz etmektedir. Bu çalışmanın amacı da; sınıf öğretmeni adaylarının özel alan yeterlik algılarının cinsiyet, bölümü tercih etme sıralamaları, I. ve II. öğretim olma durumları, akademik ortalamaları değişkenleri açısından incelenmesi ve yeterlik algıları arasındaki ilişkileri ortaya koymaktır. Araştırmanın örneklemini Mustafa Kemal Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Sınıf Öğretmenliği Bölümünde öğrenim görmekte olan 188 öğretmen adayı (4. sınıf oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmada veri toplama aracı olarak araştırmacılar tarafından geliştirilen, beşli likert türünde 39 maddeden ve 8 faktörden oluşan Sınıf Öğretmenliği Özel Alan Yeterlik Ölçeği kullanılmıştır. Ölçek, öğretmen adaylarına ait kişisel bilgiler ve Sınıf öğretmeni özel alan yeterliklerine ilişkin maddeler olmak üzere iki bölümden oluşmaktadır. Araştırmadan elde edilen sonuçlara göre; sınıf öğretmeni adaylarının özel alan yeterlilik algılarının cinsiyete göre değişmediği, adayların bölümü tercih etme sıralamalarına göre puanlar arasında anlamlı farklılığın olmadığı, adayların I. ve II. öğretim olma durumlarına göre I. öğretim lehine anlamlı farklılık olduğu ve akademik başarılarına göre de puanlar ortalamaları arasında anlamlı derecede farklılık olduğu görülmüştür. Sınıf öğretmeni adaylarının yeterlik algılarının genel olarak “yeterli” seviyesinde olduğu görülmüş ve yeterlik algıları puanları arasındaki ilişkinin pozitif y


    Hakan ÇELENK


    Full Text Available Ülkemizde muhasebe eğitimi lisans, yüksek lisans ve doktora düzeyinde birçok üniversitede verilmektedir. Öğrencilerin almış oldukları muhasebe eğitimi hem iş dünyası açısından hem de akademik açıdan önemli bir bilgi birikimi sunmaktadır. Ancak öğrencilerin aldıkları muhasebe eğitiminden sonra muhasebeye veya muhasebe alanına karşı tutumları ve muhasebeye ilişkin algıları bilinmeden verilen eğitimin etkileri, başarısı ve sonuçları hakkında bir bilgi sahibi olunamamaktadır. Bu bağlamda Marmara Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi İşletme Bölümünde lisans ve lisansüstü (yüksek lisans ve doktora eğitimi alan öğrencilerin muhasebe eğitimi üzerine bakış açılarını ölçmeye yönelik bir anket çalışması yapılmıştır. Ankette yöneltilen sorular öğrencilerin; muhasebeye, muhasebe eğitimine, muhasebede hoca faktörüne ve muhasebe ile ilgili mesleklere ilişkin bakış açılarını değerlendirmeye yönelik olarak belirlenmiştir. Anket çalışmasından elde edilen veriler istatistiksel analizlere tabi tutulmuş ve sonuçlar yorumlanmıştır.-In our country, accounting education is given in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in many universities. Accounting education that has been received by the students provides significant knowledge in terms of both business and academic. However, it is not possible to obtain any information pertaining to the effects, success and results of the education without knowing the students’ attitude and perception in respect of the accounting and field of accounting. In this context, a survey study was conducted for the evaluation of the standpoint of the undergraduate and graduate (MA and Ph.D. students in the respect of the field of accounting at the Department of Business of Marmara University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Questions that have been asked in the survey were determined to evaluate the


    Tuba GEZEN


    Full Text Available ÖZ: Kariyer çapaları örgütlerde kariyer aracı olarak kullanılmasına rağmen birçok sınırlı araştırmaya da konu olmuştur. Bu araştırmanın amacı turizm eğitimi alan öğrencilerin meslek ve kariyer seçimine etki eden kariyer çapalarının belirlenmesidir. Bu amaçla Balıkesir Üniversitesi Turizm İşletmeciliği ve Otelcilik Yüksekokulu’nda öğrenim gören öğrencilere anket uygulanmıştır. Turizm eğitimi alan öğrencilerin kariyer çapalarının belirlenmesi amacıyla Schein (1990 tarafından geliştirilen kariyer çapaları ölçeği kullanılmış ve ölçeğin geçerlilik ve güvenirlik analizleri yapılmıştır. Ölçeğe ilk olarak açıklayıcı faktör analizi uygulanmıştır. Doğrulayıcı faktör analizi ile de modelin uygunluğu test edilmiştir. Araştırmada ayrıca öğrencilerin demografik özellikleri ile kariyer çapaları arasında anlamlı bir fark olup olmadığı da belirlenmeye çalışılmıştır. Araştırma sonucunda turizm eğitimi alan öğrenciler için teknik fonksiyonel yetkinlik, hayat tarzı, girişimcilik ve özerklik ve otonomi kariyer çapalarının diğerlerinden daha önemli olduğu tespit edilmiştir. Ayrıca bu kariyer çapalarının, öğrencilerin cinsiyeti, yaşı, mesleği seçmede etkili olan durumu ve mezun olduktan sonra mesleği yapma isteğine göre farklılıklar gösterdiği sonucuna ulaşılmıştır. Anahtar Kelimeler: Kariyer, Kariyer Çapaları, Turizm Öğrencileri, Demografik Özellikler. ABSTRACT: Although career anchors are used as a career tool in organizations, are examined in many limited researches. The purpose of this study is to determine the career anchors which affect the job and career decision of the tourism students. Therefore, Tourism and Hotel Management students who attend four-year programs/departments of Balikesir University have been conducted surveys. The Career Anchors Scale developed by Schein (1990 has been used to determine the

  17. Being trainer in civil society: The motivational effect of trainers’ individual characteristics and structural job characteristics of training projectsSivil toplum alanında eğitmenlik: Eğitimci motivasyonunu etkileyen bireysel özellikler ve eğitim projelerinin yapısal iş özellikleri

    İdil Işık


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to understand the motivation of trainers who work in civil society as one of the most influential actor of the sector and take important roles in lifelong learning programs and non-formal training projects. The individual characteristics and the features of job structure that trigger the trainers to work in civil society are investigated. Since we didn’t meet any study on this issue in the local literature, the qualitative methodology was preferred in order to investigate research question in the context of Turkey. Data were collected by semi-structured interviews with 11 trainers. The inductive qualitative data analysis was applied to transcribed interviews and MAXQDA 11 was used as qualitative data analysis software. Results showed that trainers’ self-construal based on their role in civil society is one of the individual characteristics that directs trainers to work in civil arena. Trainers’ behavioral competencies like adaptation and team working; and technical competencies like being able to use training methods and tools effectively are other themes under individual characteristics that motivate trainers. Basic individual values like sensitivity to social problems, worldview from the angle of human rights and democracy, and scientific approach were observed as the factors that lead people to work in civil organizations. The structural characteristics of training program like the project topic, target groups, and relationship within the team were among the dimensions of job structure. Moreover, frequency of training delivery, time pressure, and compensations were salient themes of working conditions in training projects. In this paper, the effect of all these factors on trainers’ motivation to involve in the civil society training projects is going to be discussed.   Özet Bu araştırmanın amacı sivil toplum alanının en etkili aktörlerinden biri olan ve yaygın eğitim çalışmalarında

  18. The tendencies and assessments of post graduate thesis made in the field of life study teachingHayat bilgisi öğretimi alanında yapılan lisansüstü tezlerinin eğilimleri ve değerlendirilmesi

    Mustafa Bektaş


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to search the post-graduate thesis that are made in the field of life study. The study consists of 114 post-graduate thesis that have been made on life studies in Turkey. Due to limitation that the thesis are not clear for readers, all the thesis are not reached. For this reason, the study sample consists of 52 post-graduate thesis (46 post-graduate and 6 doctoral that are made from 2005 to 2012 on life studies and open for access. In this study, the document analysis method is used by using screening model on post-graduate and doctoral thesis that are made in the field of life study teaching. As a result of this research it is determined that less works are done in the field of life studies at the doctoral level, quantitative research is generally used, the study is made with teachers, questionnaires are used as data collection, the statistical technique descriptive technique, the thesis advisors were advisors who have Asst.Prof.Dr titles, and most researches have been made for the program. There are quite a few studies on planning, concept teaching themes of life studies and on related sub-themes of combined classes. Thesis that are made in this area should be evaluated at regular intervals and should be a light for further studies. ÖzetBu araştırmanın amacı, hayat bilgisi alanında yapılan lisansüstü tez çalışmalarını incelemektir. Araştırmanın evrenini, Türkiye’de hayat bilgisi dersi ile ilgili yapılmış olan 114 adet lisansüstü eğitim tezi oluşturmaktadır. Tezlerin okuyucuya açık olmamasındaki sınırlılıktan ötürü tezlerin hepsine ulaşılamamıştır. Bu nedenle araştırmanın örneklemini, 2005 yılından 2012 yılına kadar hayat bilgisi dersi ile ilgili yapılmış olan ve erişime açık olan 52 lisansüstü eğitim tezi (46 yüksek lisans ve 6 doktora oluşturmaktadır. Bu araştırmada; hayat bilgisi öğretimi alanında yapılan yüksek lisans ve doktora tezi

  19. Examination of the Rast Maqam's Appropriateness to the Violin From the Point of Range and TessituraRast makamının ses alanı ve tessitura açısından kemana uygunluğunun incelenmesi

    Meltem Erol Düzbastılar


    Full Text Available AbstractTessitura, the density of the notes in the voice field, has a great importance for both playing and teaching music. During recent years, due to the spreading of computer usage in musical researches, the number of analysis increased and the importance of tessitura has been understood better. This study aims to determine the appropriateness of Rast maqam for the violin by comparing the voice ranges and the tessituras of Rast and violin. In  this  study 50 compositions in Rast maqam and 200 violin etudes consist of 100 major and 100 minor etudes which have been chosen randomly are used. The tessituras and the voice ranges of Rast maqam and violin are shown in the tables, the similarities and the differences are defined and the appropriateness of Rast maqam to the violin instrument is researched. To define the appropriateness between them, Pearson corelation, r, which, is a frequently used technique in measuring the musical similarities. As the result of the study, some differencies caused of belonging to different cultures are determined while some similarities can also be seen. This study is important because of using the statistical analysis methods and including both Traditional Turkish Classic musical maqams from the different point of views with different methods. ÖzetMüzikte gerek icra gerekse eğitim-öğretim açısından ezgilerin ses alanı içindeki nota yoğunlukları (tessitura büyük önem taşımaktadır. Son yıllarda, müzik araştırmalarında bilgisayar kullanımının daha da yaygınlaşmasıyla analiz çalışmaları artmış ve tessituranın önemi daha iyi anlaşılmaya başlamıştır. Bu çalışma, Rast makamının ses alanı ve  tessiturasını kemanın ses alanı ve tessiturasıyla karşılaştırılarak Rast makamının kemana uygunluğunu belirlemek amacıyla yapılmıştır. Çalışmada, Türkiye’de müzik okullarında keman eğitiminde kullanılan, rastgele seçilen 100 Majör, 100 minör olmak


    Nilüfer SERİN


    Full Text Available Yabancı dil öğretiminde temel kaynak olarak ders kitaplarının kullanılması, kitaplarda yer verilen metinlerin seçimini önemli kılmaktadır. Avrupa Ortak Dil Çerçevesi’nde de yabancı dil öğretiminde metinlerin önemine dikkat çekilmekte, metinlerin sadece okuma becerisinin değil aynı zamanda konuşma ve yazma becerisinin de gelişmesine yardımcı olmasından ötürü öğrencilerin fazla sayıda metinle karşılaşması gerektiği üzerinde durulmaktadır. Bunun dışında dil öğrenenlerin söz varlığının gelişmesine, öğrendikleri dilin taşıdığı kültürü tanımalarına, hedef dilin konuşulduğu ülke/ülkeler hakkında bilgi edinmelerine de katkı sağlamaktadır. Bu hususta etkili ve verimli bir yabancı dil dersi için ders kitaplarına seçilecek metinlerin de öğrencilerin seviyesine, dersin hedef ve amaçlarına uygun olması gerekmektedir. Muhakkak ki edebî türler, metnin özgünlüğü ve teması ders kitaplarında yer alan metinlerin seçiminde göz önünde bulundurulacak önemli kıstaslardandır. Bu bağlamda, bu çalışmada yabancı dil olarak Türkçe öğretilen merkezler tarafından gerek yurt içinde gerekse yurt dışında sıklıkla tercih edilen Yunus Emre Türkçe Öğretim Seti’nde yer alan metinler nitel araştırmaya hizmet edebilecek şekilde doküman analizi tekniğiyle tür, tema ve özgünlük bakımından incelenmiş, elde edilen veriler içerik analizi yöntemiyle çözümlenmiştir. Böylece bu sette yer alan metinlerin hangi edebî tür ve temalar üzerinde yoğunlaştığı, hangi seviyede hangi edebî türe ağırlık verildiği, özgün metin kullanımına ne ölçüde yer verildiği ve kitaplarda bulunan metinlerin Avrupa Ortak Dil Çerçevesi’nde yer verilen metinsel ölçütlere uygunluğu tespit edilmiştir. / The use of textbooks as the primary source of foreign language teaching makes the selection of texts included in books important. The Common European

  1. Harvest Records for Game Species Collected at Hillside, Mathews Brake, and Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuges from 1998 to 2002

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — These harvest records were taken by Refuge employees at check stations between 1998 and 2002 involving archery, muzzle loading, and multiple game species

  2. Effect of different additives on the properties of lithium alanate


    LiAlH4 doped with Ni and Ce(SO4)2 additives and the effect of doping on temperature and hydrogen release were studied by pressure-content-temperature (PCT) experiment and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis.It is indicated that doping with Ni induces a significant decrease in temperature in the first step and LiAlH4 doped with 1mol% Ni presents the most absorption of hydrogen.Doping with Ce(SO4)2 also causes a marked decrease,while the amount of hydrogen release changes only slightly.The results from X-ray diffraction analysis show that doping does not cause any structural change; Ni and Ce-containing phases are not observed at room temperature or even at 250℃.

  3. Comments on Alan Beretta's Paper: Implementation of the Bangalore Project.

    Prabhu, N. S.


    Responds to a previous article criticizing the Communication Teaching Project in Bangalore (India). It is suggested that the previous article made false claims about the project and then proceeded to falsify those claims. (Author/VWL)

  4. Pinta-alan piirtotyökalun jatkokehitys

    Mikkonen, Teemu


    Opinnäytetyö toteutettiin Piimega Oy:lle, joka on oululainen ohjelmistotalo. Piimega kehittää räätälöityjä toiminnanohjausjärjestelmiä yrityksille sekä metsä- ja sahateollisuuteen. Opinnäytetyö toteutettiin Piimega Total -toiminnanohjausjärjestelmään. Piimega Total -toiminnanohjausjärjestelmä on verkkosivuston kautta toimiva toiminnanohjausjärjestelmä, joka tarjoaa yritykselle kaikki tarvittavat komponentit toimintansa ohjaamiseen aina asiakkaiden hallinnasta itse tuotteen valmistukseen ja to...

  5. Minu positsioon on kaugel kodakondsuse nullvariandist / Paul Alan Goble

    Goble, Paul Alan, 1949-


    Vastukaja artiklile: Rüütel, Ingrid. Kodakondsuse uus nullvariant seadustamisel // Sõnumileht, 19. okt.. 1998. Kodakondsusseaduse muutmise seaduse eelnõust, mille kohaselt antakse kõikidele Eestis sündinud lastele Eesti kodakondsus

  6. Sodium alanate nanoparticles--linking size to hydrogen storage properties.

    Baldé, Cornelis P; Hereijgers, Bart P C; Bitter, Johannes H; de Jong, Krijn P


    Important limitations in the application of light metal hydrides for hydrogen storage are slow kinetics and poor reversibility. To alleviate these problems doping and ball-milling are commonly applied, for NaAlH 4 leading to particle sizes down to 150 nm. By wet-chemical synthesis we have prepared carbon nanofiber-supported NaAlH 4 with discrete particle size ranges of 1-10 microm, 19-30 nm, and 2-10 nm. The hydrogen desorption temperatures and activation energies decreased from 186 degrees C and 116 kJ.mol (-1) for the largest particles to 70 degrees C and 58 kJ.mol (-1) for the smallest particles. In addition, decreasing particle sizes lowered the pressures needed for reloading. This reported size-performance correlation for NaAlH 4 may guide hydrogen storage research for a wide range of nanostructured light (metal) hydrides. PMID:18459778

  7. Comentarios al artículo de Alan Sweezy

    García Mario


    Full Text Available

    El New Deal fue impulsado por unos 200 0 300 jóvenes pragmáticos, abogados y economistas en su mayoría, preocupados sobre todo por cuestiones de política y de persuasión. Aunque se consideraban a sí mismo como keynesianos, las ideas de Keynes no tuvieron entonces un impacto muy profundo en sus recomendaciones de política. Los principales desarrollos aparecieron bajo la forma de  actas y memorandos, a menudo de circulación restringida. Aun tenían mucho que aprender de la teoría General y existían muchas ideas y confusiones que era necesario despejar. Los análisis hechos antes del 37 no eran tan sencillos como parece sugerir la analogía del "impulso inicial".  Esta idea, lejos de significar que lo único que se necesitaba era un empujón inicial del gasto para alcanzar la recuperación, planteaba que le gasto debía continuar todo el tiempo que fuera necesario hasta que la construcción, financiada por el sector privado, lograra despegar. En cuanto a las causes de la recesión del 37, Currie ubicaba a la caída en la contribución neta, en conjunto con los cuellos de botella, las fuertes alzas de salarios y el auge de los inventarios como factores explicativos esenciales.

    The New Deal was promoted by 200 or 300 pragmatic young men,lawyers and economists for the most part who were principally principally preoccupied whit questions of policy and persuasion, although they considered themselves Keynesians, Keynes' ideas did not have much impact on their policy recommendations at that time. Principal developments took the form of acts and memorandums which were often classified. They sril1 had a lot to learn about General Theory and there still many ideas and misunderstandings that had to be clarified, the analyses done before 1937 were not as simple as the "pum priming" analogy seems to suggest. This idea, far from signifying that only an initial push in spending had necessary to achieve recovery,suggested that spending had to be continuous for DS long as necessary until construction, financed by the private sector, got off the ground, Currie identified the fall in net construction, the bottlenecks, the high rises in salary and the upsurge of .inventories as the essential causes of the 1937 recession.

  8. Alan Sokal: la paja en el ojo ajeno

    Roberto A. Follari


    Full Text Available Esta breve nota, es más que suficiente para que el autor, en su propósito de contra criticar la impostura epistemológica del pensamiento de Sokal, logre establecer los déficits conceptuales y categoriales que están subyacentes en el empirismo formalizante del lenguaje cientificista del neoyorkino. Una discusión que abre más la brecha entre ciencias naturales y sociales, en vez de respectar sus diferencias teóricas y metodológicas.

  9. Alan Turing and the foundations of computable analysis

    Gherardi, Guido


    We investigate Turing's contributions to computability theory for real numbers and real functions presented in [22, 24, 26]. In particular, it is shown how two fundamental approaches to computable analysis, the so-called ‘Type-2 Theory of Effectivity' (TTE) and the ‘realRAM machine' model, have their foundations in Turing's work, in spite of the two incompatible notions of computability they involve. It is also shown, by contrast, how the modern conceptual tools provided by the...

  10. Communication and Computability: The Case of Alan Mathison Turing.

    Chesebro, James W.


    Provides a preliminary examination of the relationships which exist between the disciplines of communication and computer science. Isolates the original principles which determined the development of computer science. Suggests how these early formation principles had and continue to have on the study of communication. Focuses on the seminal role…

  11. Uşak İlinde Yoğun Domates Yetiştiriciliği Yapılan Alanlarda (Hatipler ve Koyunbeyli Sera ve Açık Alan Koşullarında Domates Yaprak Galerigüvesinin Popülasyon Gelişimi

    Ahmet AKSOY


    Full Text Available Domates, Türkiye’de yetiştirilen en önemli sebzelerden biridir. Ekonomik öneme sahip bu üründe kayıplara neden olan bir çok hastalık ve zararlı mevcut olup, bunların arasında domates yaprak galerigüvesi, Tuta absoluta (Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae’nın önemli bir payı vardır. Domates bitkisinin toprak üstü tüm aksamında beslenen bu zararlı kontrol edilmezse %100’e varan oranda ürün kaybına neden olabilmektedir. Çalışma, Uşak ili merkez ilçe köylerinden Koyunbeyli’de açık alanda, Banaz ilçesine bağlı Hatipler köyünde ise açık alan ve seralarda bulunan domates yetiştiriciliği yapılan alanlarda yürütülmüştür. Söz konusu alanlarda T. absoluta popülasyonları feromon tuzakları ve gözle kontrol yöntemleri ile izlenmiştir. Çalışma sonucunda, zararlının tuzaklarda yakalanan ergin sayısı seralarda en fazla 483 adet/hafta, açık alanlardan Hatipler köyünde 351 adet/hafta, Koyunbeyli köyünde 144 adet/hafta olarak belirlenmiştir. Domates bitkisinin yapraklarında belirlenen bulaşıklık oranı seralarda en fazla %52, açık alanda Hatipler köyünde %10, Koyunbeyli köyünde %12, domates meyvelerindeki bulaşıklık oranı ise seralarda en fazla %26, açık alanda Hatipler köyünde %7, Koyunbeyli köyünde %8 olarak saptanmıştır.

  12. The Thought of Post-Modern of Alan Rob Gerry:The Interpretations of Authenticity on A Few Outdated Concepts%罗伯-格里耶的后现代之思--《关于几个过时的概念》的真实观阐释



    研究阿兰·罗伯-格里耶(1)的“写物主义”真实观,把握作家在真实性相标榜的前提下,坚持后现代写作不确定性创作原则的立场与态度,必须从作家的小说文本和文论入手,分析其在人物、故事、介入、形式和内容等关键词上的理论表述,并对应到小说形式上的探索与革新。在这样的基础上,认识作家在文本实验的过程中所开创的写物主义的创作模式,特别是在作品中所表现出来的将全能的人向暂定角色转变,形成人物的模糊性;人物描写向事物描写转变,造成事物的浅表性;单一意义向多重意义转变,导致解读的歧义性;单线叙述向多头叙述转变,构成情节的复杂性等后现代特性。从理论与实践上的结合上厘清作家与传统现实主义精神在思想认识上的界限与鸿沟,把握作者后现代写物主义真实观的准确内涵。%On the research of Alan Rob Gerry’s literary view of writing contents on the premise of writer’s authenticity,the writer not only insists on his positions and attitudes towards the uncertainty during the creative process of the post-modern writing based on the writer’s novel text and literary theory,but also has his own explorations and innovations in the theoretical expressions of the keywords which is related to the equivalent forms of novels,concerning the anlyses of several aspects,such as the writing characters ,stories,the introduction,the form and the content.Under this circumstance,it is necessary to be familiar with the creative modes of writing contents in the course of text experiments of the writers ,especially the reflection presenting in the form of the versatile persons transforming to temporary roles in order to form the characters of ambiguity;the description of characters switching to the descriptions of things to form the superficial description;the meaning shifting from single to multiple so as to

  13. 500th Anniversary of Gerard Mercator's Birth and 1 st Day of the European Surveyor and Geoinformation, Zagreb, March 5, 2012

    Miljenko Lapaine


    Full Text Available Mercator’s 500th birthday was celebrated with a scientific conference and an exhibition at the Faculty of Geodesy of the University of Zagreb. They were organized by the Croatian Cartographic Society, the State Geodetic Administration, the Faculty of Geodesy of the University of Zagreb, the Croatian Chamber of Chartered Engineers of Geodesy, the Croatian Geological Survey, the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia and the National and University Library.

  14. Organochlorine pesticide concentrations in fish, wood ducks, and fish eating birds from Mathews Brake and Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuges, Holmes and Leflore Counties, Mississippi

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducted this study because of the potential that DDTM (DDT and its metabolites, DDD and DDE) and other organochlorine...

  15. Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge Complex: Hillside, Mathews Brake, Morgan Brake, Panther Swamp, and Yazoo National Wildlife Refuges: Comprehensive Conservation Plan

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) was written to guide management on Theodore Roosevelt NWR Complex for the next 15 years. This plan outlines the Complex...

  16. Evaluation of the Field of Listening / Watching of Goals and Objectives Dimension in Turkish Language Teaching Curriculum According to Teachers’ Views / Türkçe Dersi Öğretim Programı Dinleme / İzleme Alanı Amaç ve Kazanımlar Boyutunun Öğretmen Görüşleri Doğrultusunda Değerlendirilmesi

    Faruk YILDIRIM


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate according to goals and objectives dimension of listening/watching domain in 8th grade Turkish Language Curriculum based on teachers’ views. This study was a descriptive study based on survey model and qualitative research was designed according to the method. Population of the study was composed of Turkish Language teachers teaching 8th graders in public and private schools in Kars city center. For qualitative data, 15 Turkish Language teachers were selected through convenient sampling method and they were interviewed. Quantitative data were gathered through “Evaluation of Listening/Watching Domain of 8th Grade Turkish Language Curriculum Questionnaire” which was developed by the researcher, and qualitative data were gathered through semi-structured interview form. Qualitative data gathered with interview, then, were analyzed with content analysis method. As a result of Listening/watching’s goals and objectives of 8th grade Turkish Language Curriculum is adequate according to Turkish language teachers. Bu araştırmanın amacı, sekizinci sınıf Türkçe Dersi Öğretim Programı (TDÖP Dinleme / İzleme alanına yönelik amaç ve kazanımları öğretmen görüşleri doğrultusunda değerlendirmektir. Araştırma tarama modelinde betimsel bir çalışmadır ve nitel yönteme göre desenlenmiştir. Araştırma evrenini Kars ilindeki resmî ve özel ilköğretim okullarında görev yapan ve sekizinci sınıflarda Türkçe derslerini yürüten branş öğretmenleri oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmada nitel verileri elde etmek için kolay ulaşılabilir durum örneklemesi kullanılmış ve 15 Türkçe öğretmeni ile görüşme yapılmıştır. Nitel veriler yarı yapılandırılmış görüşme formu kullanılarak toplanmıştır. Yapılan görüşmeler sonucunda elde edilen nitel verilerin analiz edilmesinde içerik analizi tekniği kullanılmıştır. Araştırma sonucunda Türkçe öğretmenleri ama

  17. İlköğretim 8. Sınıf Türkçe Ders Kitabı’nın ‘Duygular’ Temasında Yer Alan Okuma Metinlerine Metindilbilimsel Bir Yaklaşım A Linguistic Approach to Reading Texts Reviewed Within the Context of Emotions, in the Turkish Textbooks of the Eighth Grade of Primary Education

    İlker AYDIN


    alan „Nerede İnsan Varsa Orada Umut Vardır‟, „Kedi Ağaca Çıktı‟ ve „Hazır Olun Fırtına Geliyor‟ adlı kısa öyküler metindilbilimsel bir bakış açısıyla incelenmeye çalışılmıştır. Metnin temel konusu ve alt konularının belirlenmesi; metnin görünen, anlaşılan kısmının, yani yüzey yapısının yanında, metnin derin yapısının, yani metnin arka planının ortaya konması ancak metindilbilimsel bir yaklaşımla mümkün olabilmektedir. Bu bağlamda, öncelikle metnin küçük ölçekli yapısını oluşturan artgönderim, öngönderim, eksiltili yapı, yineleme, bağıntı öğeleri, eşdizimsel örüntü gibi dilbilgisel ve sözcüksel bağlaşıklık düzenekleri ele alınmış, daha sonra öykülerden alınan örneklerle konuya açıklık kazandırılmıştır. Metnin büyük ölçekli yapısı bağlamında, anı türündeki „Hazır Olun Fırtına Geliyor‟, deneme türündeki „Nerede İnsan Varsa Orada Umut Vardır‟ ve mizah türündeki „Kedi Ağaca Çıktı‟ adlı metinler yorumlanmış, aynı kavram alanından sözcüklerin oluşturduğu örüntü ve bağlaşıklık düzeneklerine dayanarak anlamsal büyük yapıya ulaşılmaya çalışılmıştır. Metnin büyük ölçekli yapısını oluşturan küçük ölçekli yapı taşları, metnin diğer ögeleriyle metin örüntüsünü gerçekleştirerek metni anlamlı kılmaktadır. Metin çözümlemelerinde, küçük ölçekli yapıdan büyük ölçekli yapıya, büyük ölçekli yapıdan da üst yapı kategorilerine ulaşılmaya çalışılmalıdır. Metindilbilimin amacı, metinlerin yapılarını, yani dilbilgisel ve içeriksel kurgulanma biçimlerini ve bildirişimsel işlevlerini ortaya çıkarmak ve uygulamalı örneklerle göstermektir. Çalışma, metnin sıralı tümceler dizisi değil, izlek ve yapı yönünden tutarlı ve sürekli bir bütün olduğu gerçeğini öyküler üzerinden bize sunmaktadır.

  18. Eric Alan Johnson : "Mne nravitsja tot duhh, kotorõi tõ oshtshushtshaejesh v Pitere" / Eric Alan Johnson ; interv. Liana Turpakova

    Johnson, Eric Alan


    USA saatkonna Eestis pressiatashee vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad tema elukäiku, vene keele õppimist, huvi Venemaa vastu, elu Leningradis, ülikoolis õppimist, tööd diplomaadina Moskvas ja Peterburis, muusika- ja kirjandushuvi


    Günindi Ersöz, Aysel


    In the distinction between public and private space whose base lies in the ancient Greek thought, polis was defined as the place of man, and oikos as the place of woman and children. However, the main division between public and private space has taken place with the Industrial Revolution. The division between public/private and production/reproduction is conventionally understood in terms of the division of labor in accordance with gender difference. From the traditional point of view, the p...

  20. El proyecto del darwinismo formal de Alan Grafen : una introducción

    Airoldi, Giorgio


    Trabajo de Fin de Máster. Máster Universitario en Filosofía Teórica y Práctica. Especialidad de Lógica, Historia y Filosofía de la Ciencia El núcleo de la teoría de Darwin incluye dos afirmaciones sobre la selección natural: que explica la evolución de los rasgos en los organismos y que empuja estos rasgos hacia una organización y un diseño óptimos. Mientras que la primera afirmación está recogida y formalizada en los modelos de Genética de Poblaciones, solo argumentaciones informales supo...

  1. Muuttuvan laitekannan hallinta : BYOD ja tietotekniikan kuluttajistuminen media-alan yrityksessä

    Avikainen, Sari


    Maailmalla yleistynyt tietotekniikan kuluttajistuminen, jota kutsutaan myös BYOD-trendiksi, on rantautumassa myös Suomeen. Työntekijä voi tuoda oman laitteensa työkäyttöön tai yritys ostaa työntekijälle hänen valitsemansa laitteen. Mediayrityksessä sen rooli on korostunut, sillä lukemisen evoluutio siirtää koko ajan lukijoita digitaalisen median piiriin. Työssä pyrittiin kartoittamaan yritykselle eri hallintavaihtoehtoja ylläpitää kirjavaa laitekantaa. Laitekantaa ei haluttu rajata, vaan...

  2. Facebookin hyödyntäminen pankki- ja vakuutus-alan yrityksessä

    Anttonen, Sara


    Opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli selvittää, kuinka Facebookia voidaan käyttää pankki- ja vakuutusalan yrityksen markkinointiviestinnässä. Opinnäytetyössä tutkittiin, kuinka toimiva viestintäkanava Facebook on yritykselle, kuinka asiakkaat kokevat Facebookin käytön ja miten sitä voitaisiin hyödyntää tehokkaasti markkinointiviestinnässä ja tiedotuskanavana. Toimeksiantaja yrityksenä opinnäytetyössä oli Etelä-Karjalan Osuuspankki. Opinnäytetyötä varten tehtiin kyselytutkimus. Kysely toteutett...

  3. IKT-alane kutseharidus meie edu teenistusse / Rainer Kattel, Tarmo Kalvet

    Kattel, Rainer, 1974-


    Eesti Infotehnoloogia Sihtasutus ning haridus- ja teadusministeerium tellisid poliitikauuringute keskuselt Praxis uuringu info- ja kommunikatsioonitehnoloogia hariduse olukorra kohta Eestis. Artiklis käsitletakse uuringu kutseharidust puudutavat osa

  4. İyon Kanallarını Hedef Alan İnsektisitler

    KUMARGAL, Dilek; Çömelekoğlu, Ülkü; AŞKIN, Ali


    AbstractInsecticides Targeting Ion Channels Insecticides are chemical substances that have been widely used against insects in many areas, particularly in agriculture. Insecticides show their effect on insects with different modes of actions. Ion channels which control input and output of vital ions to the cell, are transmembrane proteins located in the cell membrane and form the specific sites for the killing effects of insecticides on insects. Recent studies have shown that the modes of ...

  5. Review: Melissa Hardy & Alan Bryman (Hrsg.) (2004). Handbook of Data Analysis

    Lang, Iain


    HARDY und BRYMAN präsentieren in dem Handbook of Data Analysis qualitative und quantitative Untersuchungsmethoden. Dabei werden in den jeweiligen Kapiteln die einzelnen Verfahren(sfamilien) getrennt dargeboten, Möglichkeiten einer gemeinsamen Diskussion bleiben zumeist ungenutzt. Die Kapitel selbst überzeugen durch ihre Qualität; Forschende und Studierende werden viele nützliche Hinweise finden, wobei der Kauf des Buches angesichts seines Preises eher für Bibliotheken als auch Einzelpersonen ...

  6. Asiakkuudenhallinnan kehittäminen talotekniikka-alan yrityksessä

    Laitinen, Marja


    Tämän opinnäytetyön tarkoituksena oli toimeksiantajayrityksen asiakastietojen hyödyntäminen käytäntöön. Asiakastietoja oli tallennettuna yrityksessä käytössä oleviin tietojärjestelmiin, mutta niiden hyödyntäminen jokapäiväisessä liiketoiminnassa oli vähäistä. Työn johdannossa selvitettiin lyhyesti taustatietoa asiakkuudenhallinnasta sekä kerrottiin toimeksiantajayrityksestä ja työn tekemisen lähtökohdista. Teoriaosuudessa tarkasteltiin asiakkuudenhallintaa asiakaslähtöisen liiketoiminnan...

  7. A novel alloreactivity-controlling locus, .I.Alan1./I., mapped to mouse Chromosome 17

    Holáň, Vladimír; Havelková, Helena; Krulová, Magdalena; Demant, P.; Lipoldová, Marie


    Roč. 51, 8-9 (2000), s. 755-757. ISSN 0093-7711 R&D Projects: GA MZd IZ3964; GA ČR GA310/99/0360; GA MŠk OK 394 Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z5052915 Subject RIV: EB - Genetics ; Molecular Biology Impact factor: 2.142, year: 2000

  8. Prints Charles sõdib oma linnakese eest ja halvustajate vastu / Alan Wheatley

    Wheatley, Alan


    Briti troonipärija prints Charlesi loodud Poundbury uusrajoonist Cornwalli krahvkonnas. 2500 ettenähtud majast on valmis 142. Prints Charlesi eesmärk on järgida rohkem inimeste vajadusi kui planeerimispõhimõtteid. Põhiplaan arhitekt Leon Krier'ilt. Erinevaid arvamusi linnakese kohta, s. h. parlamendi ehituskomitee positiivne hinnang. Prints Charles inglise modernse arhitektuuri kriitikina

  9. Vedelkütusevaru on põhjendatud erand / Alan Vaht

    Vaht, Alan, 1976-


    Vastus Henn Pärna artiklile "Vedelkütusevaru tuleb soetada kindlasti riigihankega" 17. märtsi Äripäevas. Majandus- ja kommunikatsiooniministeerium on veendunud, et kõik vedelkütusevarude moodustamisega seotud riigihanked teostati kooskõlas Eesti seadustega

  10. Luotonhallinnan kehittäminen pirkanmaalaisessa ICT-alan yrityksessä

    Mäkinen, Susanna; Mustonen, Sirpa


    Työmme tarkoituksena oli kehittää ICT- alalla toimivan yritys X:n luotonhallintaa ja laatia siitä yleinen ohjeistus myyjille ja taloushallinnolle. Yritys X:ssä kaivattiin kirjallista ohjeistusta myös perintäasioihin liittyen taloushallinnolle, koska tällaista ei aikaisemmin yrityksessä ole ollut. Lisäksi etsimme apuvälineitä asiakkaiden luottokelpoisuuden selvittämiseen ja maksukäyttäytymisen valvontaan, koska tähän yritys X:ssä kaivattiin apua. Yritysten virallisia maksuhäiriöitä edeltäv...