Sample records for adaptation research topics

  1. Topical Research: Africa.

    Lynn, Karen

    This lesson plan can be used in social studies, language arts, or library research. The instructional objective is for students to select a topic of study relating to Africa, write a thesis statement, collect information from media sources, and develop a conclusion. The teacher may assign the lesson for written or oral evaluation. The teacher…

  2. Photosynthesis, environmental change, and plant adaptation: Research topics in plant molecular ecology. Summary report of a workshop



    As we approach the 21st Century, it is becoming increasingly clear that human activities, primarily related to energy extraction and use, will lead to marked environmental changes at the local, regional, and global levels. The realized and the potential photosynthetic performance of plants is determined by a combination of intrinsic genetic information and extrinsic environmental factors, especially climate. It is essential that the effects of environmental changes on the photosynthetic competence of individual species, communities, and ecosystems be accurately assessed. From October 24 to 26, 1993, a group of scientists specializing in various aspects of plant science met to discuss how our predictive capabilities could be improved by developing a more rational, mechanistic approach to relating photosynthetic processes to environmental factors. A consensus emerged that achieving this goal requires multidisciplinary research efforts that combine tools and techniques of genetics, molecular biology, biophysics, biochemistry, and physiology to understand the principles, mechanisms, and limitations of evolutional adaptation and physiological acclimation of photosynthetic processes. Many of these basic tools and techniques, often developed in other fields of science, already are available but have not been applied in a coherent, coordinated fashion to ecological research. The efforts of this research program are related to the broader efforts to develop more realistic prognostic models to forecast climate change that include photosynthetic responses and feedbacks at the regional and ecosystem levels.

  3. Topics in current aerosol research

    Hidy, G M


    Topics in Current Aerosol Research deals with the fundamental aspects of aerosol science, with emphasis on experiment and theory describing highly dispersed aerosols (HDAs) as well as the dynamics of charged suspensions. Topics covered range from the basic properties of HDAs to their formation and methods of generation; sources of electric charges; interactions between fluid and aerosol particles; and one-dimensional motion of charged cloud of particles. This volume is comprised of 13 chapters and begins with an introduction to the basic properties of HDAs, followed by a discussion on the form

  4. Detection of Embryonic Research Topics by Analysing Semantic Topic Networks

    Salatino, Angelo Antonio; Motta, Enrico


    Being aware of new research topics is an important asset for anybody involved in the research environment, including researchers, academic publishers and institutional funding bodies. In recent years, the amount of scholarly data available on the web has increased steadily, allowing the development of several approaches for detecting emerging research topics and assessing their trends. However, current methods focus on the detection of topics which are already associated with a label or a sub...

  5. Four (Somewhat Nonstandard) Research Topics

    Paun, Gheorghe; Research Group on Natural Computing (Universidad de Sevilla) (Coordinador)


    Four research directions are suggested, dealing with the following four main ideas: computing along the axon (up to now, this topic was only preliminarily investi- gated), using pre-computed resources in order to solve computationally hard problems, considering in P systems both objects \\of matter" and \\of anti-matter" (which annihilate each other when meet), and considering the distance (naturally de ned in a membrane structure of a given type) as a support of information.

  6. Unsupervised Topic Adaptation for Lecture Speech Retrieval

    Fujii, Atsushi; Itou, Katunobu; Akiba, Tomoyosi; Ishikawa, Tetsuya


    We are developing a cross-media information retrieval system, in which users can view specific segments of lecture videos by submitting text queries. To produce a text index, the audio track is extracted from a lecture video and a transcription is generated by automatic speech recognition. In this paper, to improve the quality of our retrieval system, we extensively investigate the effects of adapting acoustic and language models on speech recognition. We perform an MLLR-based method to adapt...

  7. Industrial Transformation: Research Gaps and Possible Research Topics for IIASA.

    Mulder, P


    Industrial transformation has been identified as a priority research topic within the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP). This paper looks at the research gaps in the area of Industrial Transformation identified within the framework of IHDP. Furthermore, the paper explores possible research topics for IIASA and discusses possible research questions for the topics of ``Technology'' and ``Consumption''.

  8. Adoption Research: Trends, Topics, Outcomes

    Palacios, Jesus; Brodzinsky, David


    The current article provides a review of adoption research since its inception as a field of study. Three historical trends in adoption research are identified: the first focusing on risk in adoption and identifying adoptee-nonadoptee differences in adjustment; the second examining the capacity of adopted children to recover from early adversity;…

  9. Topics in current aerosol research (part2)

    Hidy, G M


    Topics in Current Aerosol Research, Part 2 contains some selected articles in the field of aerosol study. The chosen topics deal extensively with the theory of diffusiophoresis and thermophoresis. Also covered in the book is the mathematical treatment of integrodifferential equations originating from the theory of aerosol coagulation. The book is the third volume of the series entitled International Reviews in Aerosol Physics and Chemistry. The text offers significant understanding of the methods employed to develop a theory for thermophoretic and diffusiophoretic forces acting on spheres in t

  10. Topic recipe-based social simulation for research dynamics analysis

    Lee, Keeheon; Kim, Chang Ouk


    In this paper, we introduce an agent-based modeling and simulation model for research dynamics analysis. Since researchers constitute research systems in research dynamics, modelling the behavior of a researcher is a key to this method. A researcher makes topic recipes for research products projecting his/her interest and fulfilling financial needs under his/her capability and topical trends. A topic recipe means a combination of topics in a research field. A topic can be related to a methodo...

  11. Social Media: Major Topics in Dissertation Research

    Piotrowski, Chris


    Although social media (SM) is a ubiquitous feature of modern discourse, few studies have addressed the research domain regarding scope of SM in the scholarly literature. Moreover, the adaptation of SM technology for formal educational purposes has not been without controversy (Bennett et al., 2012). The current study attempts to obtain a…

  12. Externalizing Research Through Adaptive Frameworks

    Vedel, Jane Bjørn; Irwin, Alan; Høngaard Andersen, Peter


    Adaptive approaches to collaborations between industry and academic research institutions can enable both parties to achieve their goals more effectively. Here, we discuss our experience with such approaches and suggest recommendations for addressing the associated management challenges....

  13. Analyses of Research Topics in the Field of Informetrics Based on the Method of Topic Modeling

    Sung-Chien Lin


    In this study, we used the approach of topic modeling to uncover the possible structure of research topics in the field of Informetrics, to explore the distribution of the topics over years, and to compare the core journals. In order to infer the structure of the topics in the field, the data of the papers published in the Journal of Informetricsand Scientometrics during 2007 to 2013 are retrieved from the database of the Web of Science as input of the approach of topic modeling. The results ...

  14. Mapping the evolution of research topics using ATM and SNA

    Chunlei; YE


    Purpose:This paper introduces an analysis framework for tracking the evolution of research topics at the selected topics level,covering a research topic’s evolution trend,evolution path and its content changes over time.Design/methodology/approach:After the topics were recovered by the author-topic model,we first built the keyword-topic co-occurrence network to track the dynamics of topic trends.Then a single-mode network was constructed with each node representing a topic and edge indicating the relationship between topics.It was used to illustrate the evolution path and content changes of research topics.A case study was conducted on the digital library research in China to verify the effectiveness of the analysis framework.Findings:The experimental results show that this analysis framework can be used to track evolution of research topics at a micro level and using social network analysis method can help understand research topics’evolution paths and content changes with the passage of time.Research limitations:Using the analysis framework will produce limited results when examining unstructured data such as social media data.In addition,the effectiveness of the framework introduced in this paper needs to be verified with more research topics in information science and in more scientific fields.Practical implications:This analysis framework can help scholars and researchers map research topics’evolution process and gain insights into how a field’s topics have evolved over time.Originality/value:Tbe analysis framework used in this study can help reveal more micro evolution details.The index to measure topic association strength defined in this paper reflects both similarity and dissimilarity between topics,which belps better understand research topics’evolution paths and content changes.

  15. Topics in Cement and Concrete Research

    Brouwers, H. J. H.


    The present paper addresses several topics in regard to the sustainable design and use of concrete. First, major features concerning the sustainable aspects of the material concrete are summarised. Then the major constituent, from an environmental point of view, cement is discussed in detail, particularly the hydration and application of slag cement. The intelligent combining of mineral oxides, which are found in clinker, slag, fly ashes etc., is designated as mineral oxide engineering. It re...

  16. 301 research topics from Skinner's book verbal behavior

    Sundberg, Mark L.


    Skinner's (1957) analysis of verbal behavior addresses some of the most important issues in human behavior. However, relatively few of the analyses presented by Skinner in Verbal Behavior have been subjected to an experimental analysis. The current list of topics was assembled in an effort to stimulate empirical research on verbal behavior. The list contains thirty research areas with ten topics suggested for each area. A final topic, education, is presented as a challenge to behavior analysts.

  17. Analyses of Research Topics in the Field of Informetrics Based on the Method of Topic Modeling

    Sung-Chien Lin


    Full Text Available In this study, we used the approach of topic modeling to uncover the possible structure of research topics in the field of Informetrics, to explore the distribution of the topics over years, and to compare the core journals. In order to infer the structure of the topics in the field, the data of the papers published in the Journal of Informetricsand Scientometrics during 2007 to 2013 are retrieved from the database of the Web of Science as input of the approach of topic modeling. The results of this study show that when the number of topics was set to 10, the topic model has the smallest perplexity. Although data scopes and analysis methodsare different to previous studies, the generating topics of this study are consistent with those results produced by analyses of experts. Empirical case studies and measurements of bibliometric indicators were concerned important in every year during the whole analytic period, and the field was increasing stability. Both the two core journals broadly paid more attention to all of the topics in the field of Informetrics. The Journal of Informetricsput particular emphasis on construction and applications ofbibliometric indicators and Scientometrics focused on the evaluation and the factors of productivity of countries, institutions, domains, and journals.

  18. A method of detecting emerging trends in research topics

    Fei; GE; Zongying; TAN


    Purpose:This paper proposes a method of detecting emerging trends in research topics from a more micro perspective.Design/methodology/approach:Through co-word clustering to identify research topics and analyzing position changes of topic words in the keywords life-cycle diagram during different time periods,we detected emerging trends in research topics from a more micro perspective.I’he method was applied to the field of nanotechnology to verify its effectiveness and practicability.Findings:The results show that this method can be used to detect emerging trends in research topics from a more micro perspective,as it divides keywords into five categories:Potential keywords,emerging keywords,hot keywords,stable keywords and recession keywords,through which more details of topic changes can be found.Research limitations:We used keywords provided by authors and database indexers for keywords extraction.But this approach may lead to the problem of "indexer effect".The method may have a limited effect when applied to a disciplinary domain such as mathematics,which evolves slowly.Practical implications:This study provides information analysts with insights into the way to better understand specialty areas of a discipline domain and formulate research policies and strategic plans.Originality/value:This study contributes to the current literature by proposing a new method,which can detect emerging trends in research topics from a more micro perspective.

  19. Literature and Film Adaptations: Dealing with Hot Topics in the ESL and Literacy Classroom.

    Gareis, Elisabeth


    Offers suggestions to help teachers handle controversial topics (such as sex and nudity, violence, language, and other questionable issues) when using novels, plays, and their film adaptations in English-as-a-Second-Language and literacy classrooms. (SR)

  20. Uncovering Research Topics of Academic Communities of Scientific Collaboration Network

    Hongqi Han; Shuo Xu; Jie Gui; Xiaodong Qiao; Lijun Zhu; Han Zhang


    In order to improve the quality of applications, such as recommendation or retrieval in knowledge-based service system, it is very helpful to uncover research topics of academic communities in scientific collaboration network (SCN). Previous research mainly focuses on network characteristics measurement and community evolution, but it remains largely understudied on how to uncover research topics of each community. This paper proposes a nonjoint approach, consisting of three simple steps: (1)...

  1. Research Digest: TESOL Topics in Other Journals

    Michael-Luna, Sara, Ed.


    This section presents brief synopses of empirical research and theoretical discussions in peer reviewed journals. The aim is to disseminate findings and perspectives in fields related to TESOL and to provide access to the diverse conversations among scholars in the field.

  2. Radiation research and related topics in Japan

    The polymerization and degradation reactions has been studied by the research group of Kyoto University. Different kinds of polymerization-reactions are performed at low temperature. Low temperature has induced the possibility for avoiding of side reactions and the easiness for changing reacttion phase, from gas to solid through liquid. (M.S.)


    Zhou Tong


    Full Text Available A Large number of digital text information is generated every day. Effectively searching, managing and exploring the text data has become a main task. In this paper, we first represent an introduction to text mining and a probabilistic topic model Latent Dirichlet allocation. Then two experiments are proposed - Wikipedia articles and users’ tweets topic modelling. The former one builds up a document topic model, aiming to a topic perspective solution on searching, exploring and recommending articles. The latter one sets up a user topic model, providing a full research and analysis over Twitter users’ interest. The experiment process including data collecting, data pre-processing and model training is fully documented and commented. Further more, the conclusion and application of this paper could be a useful computation tool for social and business research.

  4. Research topics in Social Psychology in Brazil

    Cláudio V. Torres; Lude Marieta G. dos S. Neves


    How is the portrait of the Brazilian scientific production in Social Psychology of the past few years? This study aims to address especifically this question, by visiting the articles published by Brazilian scholars since 1980, all of whom have been recognized and sponsored by the Brazilian National Council on Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). Production from 80 Brazilian researchers was analysed, based on phenomena traditionally studied by Social Psychologists (e.g., Social In...

  5. Mining nonterrestrial resources: Information needs and research topics

    Daemen, Jaak J. K.


    An outline of topics we need to understand better in order to apply mining technology to a nonterrestrial environment is presented. The proposed list is not intended to be complete. It aims to identify representative topics that suggest productive research. Such research will reduce the uncertainties associated with extrapolating from conventional earthbound practice to nonterrestrial applications. One objective is to propose projects that should put future discussions of nonterrestrial mining on a firmer, less speculative basis.

  6. REST advanced research topics and practical applications

    Wilde, Erik; Alarcon, Rosa


    This book serves as a starting point for people looking for a deeper principled understanding of REST, its applications, its limitations, and current research work in the area and as an architectural style. The authors focus on applying REST beyond Web applications (i.e., in enterprise environments), and in reusing established and well-understood design patterns. The book examines how RESTful systems can be designed and deployed, and what the results are in terms of benefits and challenges encountered in the process. This book is intended for information and service architects and designers who are interested in learning about REST, how it is applied, and how it is being advanced.

  7. Adaptation to heat and exercise performance under cooler conditions: a new hot topic.

    Corbett, Jo; Neal, Rebecca A; Lunt, Heather C; Tipton, Michael J


    Chronic exposure to a stressor elicits adaptations enhancing the tolerance to that stressor. These adaptive responses might also improve tolerance under less stressful conditions. For example, historically there has been much interest in the adaptive responses to high-altitude, or hypoxia, and their ergogenic potential under sea-level, or normoxic, conditions. In contrast, the influence of the adaptive responses to heat on exercise under cooler conditions has received relatively little interest. Heat acclimation/acclimatization (HA) is known to increase work capacity in hot environments. Yet, aerobic exercise performance can progressively deteriorate as ambient temperature increases beyond ~10 °C, indicating a thermal limitation even under relatively cool conditions. The improved thermoregulatory capability induced by HA might attenuate this thermal decrement in a manner similar to that seen when exposed to hotter temperatures. Moreover, the suite of adaptations elicited by HA has the potential to increase maximal oxygen uptake, lactate threshold and economy, and thus may be ergogenic even under conditions where performance is not thermally limited. Indeed, evidence is now emerging to support an ergogenic effect of HA but the number of studies is limited and in some instances lack appropriate control, are confounded by methodological limitations, or do not address the mechanisms of action. Nevertheless, these tantalising insights into the ergogenic potential of heat will likely generate considerable interest in this new 'hot topic'. Future research will need to employ well-designed studies to clarify the exercise conditions under which ergogenic effects of HA are apparent, to elucidate the precise mechanisms, and to optimise HA strategies for performance. PMID:24943043

  8. Adaptive and Adaptable Automation Design: A Critical Review of the Literature and Recommendations for Future Research

    Prinzel, Lawrence J., III; Kaber, David B.


    This report presents a review of literature on approaches to adaptive and adaptable task/function allocation and adaptive interface technologies for effective human management of complex systems that are likely to be issues for the Next Generation Air Transportation System, and a focus of research under the Aviation Safety Program, Integrated Intelligent Flight Deck Project. Contemporary literature retrieved from an online database search is summarized and integrated. The major topics include the effects of delegation-type, adaptable automation on human performance, workload and situation awareness, the effectiveness of various automation invocation philosophies and strategies to function allocation in adaptive systems, and the role of user modeling in adaptive interface design and the performance implications of adaptive interface technology.

  9. Adaptive E-Learning Environments: Research Dimensions and Technological Approaches

    Di Bitonto, Pierpaolo; Roselli, Teresa; Rossano, Veronica; Sinatra, Maria


    One of the most closely investigated topics in e-learning research has always been the effectiveness of adaptive learning environments. The technological evolutions that have dramatically changed the educational world in the last six decades have allowed ever more advanced and smarter solutions to be proposed. The focus of this paper is to depict…

  10. Characterizing interdisciplinarity of researchers and research topics using web search engines.

    Sayama, Hiroki; Akaishi, Jin


    Researchers' networks have been subject to active modeling and analysis. Earlier literature mostly focused on citation or co-authorship networks reconstructed from annotated scientific publication databases, which have several limitations. Recently, general-purpose web search engines have also been utilized to collect information about social networks. Here we reconstructed, using web search engines, a network representing the relatedness of researchers to their peers as well as to various research topics. Relatedness between researchers and research topics was characterized by visibility boost-increase of a researcher's visibility by focusing on a particular topic. It was observed that researchers who had high visibility boosts by the same research topic tended to be close to each other in their network. We calculated correlations between visibility boosts by research topics and researchers' interdisciplinarity at the individual level (diversity of topics related to the researcher) and at the social level (his/her centrality in the researchers' network). We found that visibility boosts by certain research topics were positively correlated with researchers' individual-level interdisciplinarity despite their negative correlations with the general popularity of researchers. It was also found that visibility boosts by network-related topics had positive correlations with researchers' social-level interdisciplinarity. Research topics' correlations with researchers' individual- and social-level interdisciplinarities were found to be nearly independent from each other. These findings suggest that the notion of "interdisciplinarity" of a researcher should be understood as a multi-dimensional concept that should be evaluated using multiple assessment means. PMID:22719935

  11. Characterizing interdisciplinarity of researchers and research topics using web search engines.

    Hiroki Sayama

    Full Text Available Researchers' networks have been subject to active modeling and analysis. Earlier literature mostly focused on citation or co-authorship networks reconstructed from annotated scientific publication databases, which have several limitations. Recently, general-purpose web search engines have also been utilized to collect information about social networks. Here we reconstructed, using web search engines, a network representing the relatedness of researchers to their peers as well as to various research topics. Relatedness between researchers and research topics was characterized by visibility boost-increase of a researcher's visibility by focusing on a particular topic. It was observed that researchers who had high visibility boosts by the same research topic tended to be close to each other in their network. We calculated correlations between visibility boosts by research topics and researchers' interdisciplinarity at the individual level (diversity of topics related to the researcher and at the social level (his/her centrality in the researchers' network. We found that visibility boosts by certain research topics were positively correlated with researchers' individual-level interdisciplinarity despite their negative correlations with the general popularity of researchers. It was also found that visibility boosts by network-related topics had positive correlations with researchers' social-level interdisciplinarity. Research topics' correlations with researchers' individual- and social-level interdisciplinarities were found to be nearly independent from each other. These findings suggest that the notion of "interdisciplinarity" of a researcher should be understood as a multi-dimensional concept that should be evaluated using multiple assessment means.


    Rodríguez, Eduardo; Lolas, Fernando


    Present article narrates the experience of trainees of the ethics of biomedical and psychosocial research program of the Interdisciplinary Center for studies on bioethics (CIEB) of the University of Chile on the topic of research integrity in Latin America. The following problems are covered: integrity of publications, reporting of scientific research misconduct, definitions of research integrity, scientific ethical review committees functioning, international multi-centric clinical trials mo...

  13. Flight Test Approach to Adaptive Control Research

    Pavlock, Kate Maureen; Less, James L.; Larson, David Nils


    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration s Dryden Flight Research Center completed flight testing of adaptive controls research on a full-scale F-18 testbed. The validation of adaptive controls has the potential to enhance safety in the presence of adverse conditions such as structural damage or control surface failures. This paper describes the research interface architecture, risk mitigations, flight test approach and lessons learned of adaptive controls research.

  14. Ready Reference Tools: EBSCO Topic Search and SIRS Researcher.

    Goins, Sharon; Dayment, Lu


    Discussion of ready reference and current events collections in high school libraries focuses on a comparison of two CD-ROM services, EBSCO Topic Search and the SIRS Researcher. Considers licensing; access; search strategies; viewing articles; currency; printing; added value features; and advantages of CD-ROMs. (LRW)

  15. Research on Online Topic Evolutionary Pattern Mining in Text Streams

    Qian Chen


    Full Text Available Text Streams are a class of ubiquitous data that came in over time and are extraordinary large in scale that we often lose track of. Basically, text streams forms the fundamental source of information that can be used to detect semantic topic which individuals and organizations are interested in as well as detect burst events within communities. Thus, intelligent system that can automatically extract interesting temporal pattern from text streams is terribly needed; however, Evolutionary Pattern Mining is not well addressed in previous work. In this paper, we start a tentative research on topic evolutionary pattern mining system by discussing fully properties of a topic after formally definition, as well as proposing a common and formal framework in analyzing text streams. We also defined three basic tasks including (1 online topic Detection, (2 event evolution extraction and (3 topic property life cycle, and proposed three common mining algorithms respectively. Finally we exemplify the application of Evolutionary Pattern Mining and shows that interesting patterns can be extracted in newswire dataset

  16. Novelty Detection via Topic Modeling in Research Articles

    S. Sendhilkumar


    Full Text Available In today’s world redundancy is the most vital probl em faced in almost all domains. Novelty detection is the identification of new or unknown d ata or signal that a machine learning system is not aware of during training. The problem become s more intense when it comes to “Research Articles”. A method of identifying novelty at each sections of the article is highly required for determining the novel idea proposed in the research paper. Since research articles are semi- structured, detecting novelty of information from t hem requires more accurate systems. Topic model provides a useful means to process them and p rovides a simple way to analyze them. This work compares the most predominantly used topic mod el- Latent Dirichlet Allocation with the hierarchical Pachinko Allocation Model. The results obtained are promising towards hierarchical Pachinko Allocation Model when used fo r document retrieval.

  17. Radiation and lung cancer: problems and topics of future research

    It was the purpose of this critical review to outline the main uncertainties of present risk estimates for radiation-induced lung cancer and the resulting topics of future research in this field. The main emphasis was the actual problems of dose and risk estimates for indoor exposure to radon daughters. The discussion indicates that the conclusions of the ICRP and the BEIR IV studies, which proceed from data of radon-exposed miners, are based on models and assumptions that are too simple. Comparison with the lung cancer data from the atomic bomb survivors indicates that these uncertainties concern mainly the transfer of the data from male miners to the female population and the influence of smoking. This underlines the importance of large direct case-control studies on lung cancer from indoor radon. A detailed list of topics for future research in this field is presented in the summary of this session. (author)

  18. Flight Approach to Adaptive Control Research

    Pavlock, Kate Maureen; Less, James L.; Larson, David Nils


    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Dryden Flight Research Center completed flight testing of adaptive controls research on a full-scale F-18 testbed. The testbed served as a full-scale vehicle to test and validate adaptive flight control research addressing technical challenges involved with reducing risk to enable safe flight in the presence of adverse conditions such as structural damage or control surface failures. This paper describes the research interface architecture, risk mitigations, flight test approach and lessons learned of adaptive controls research.

  19. Adaptive systems research in the NASA

    Montgomery, R.


    The past contributions of NASA to adaptive control technology are reviewed. The review places emphasis on aircraft applications although spacecraft and launch vehicle control applications are included. Particular emphasis is given to the adaptive control system used in the X-15 research aircraft. Problem areas that limited the realizable performance of this adaptive system are discussed. Current technological capabilities are used to extrapolate the present-day potential for adaptive flight control. Specifically, the potential created by use of the modern high-speed digital computer in flight control is discussed. Present plans for research in digital adaptive control systems for the NASA F8-C digital fly-by-wire program are presented. These plans are currently envisioned to include research in at least two types of adaptive controls, the system identification/on-line design type, and the model reference type.

  20. Institutional Barriers to Research on Sensitive Topics: Case of Sex Communication Research among University Students

    Noland, Carey M.


    When conducting research on sensitive topics, it is challenging to use new methods of data collection given the apprehensions of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). This is especially worrying because sensitive topics of research often require novel approaches. In this article a brief personal history of navigating the IRB process for conducting…

  1. Chemistry {ampersand} Materials Science progress report summary of selected research and development topics, FY97

    Newkirk, L.


    This report contains summaries of research performed in the Chemistry and Materials Science division. Topics include Metals and Ceramics, High Explosives, Organic Synthesis, Instrument Development, and other topics.

  2. An Adaptive Updating Topic Specific Web Search System Using T-Graph

    Ahmed Patel


    Problem statement: The main goal of a Web crawler is to collect documents that are relevant to a given topic in which the search engine specializes. These topic specific search systems typically take the whole document's content in predicting the importance of an unvisited link. But current research had proven that the document's content pointed to by an unvisited link is mainly dependent on the anchor text, which is more accurate than predicting it on the contents of the whole page. Approach...

  3. Analysis of the Status of Foreign Underground Research Laboratories and In-situ Research Topics

    The status of 11 foreign underground research laboratories (URLs) for the study on high-level waste disposal in the 8 countries including USA has been investigated. The research topics of in-situ study which have been conducted and are planed to do in the URLs have been investigated and analyzed based on the Korean situation. Using the results, the essential in-situ research topics that should be carried out in KURT(KAERI Underground Research Tunnel) are suggested. These topics are classified into two groups, namely the field on engineered barriers and the field on natural barriers

  4. Institutional Barriers to Research on Sensitive Topics: Case of Sex Communication Research Among University Students

    Carey M. Noland


    When conducting research on sensitive topics, it is challenging to use new methods of data collection given the apprehensions of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). This is especially worrying because sensitive topics of research often require novel approaches. In this article a brief personal history of navigating the IRB process for conducting sex communication research is presented, along with data from a survey that tested the assumptions long held by many IRBs. Results support some of th...

  5. Gaps in agricultural climate adaptation research

    Davidson, Debra


    The value of the social sciences to climate change research is well recognized, but notable gaps remain in the literature on adaptation in agriculture. Contributions focus on farmer behaviour, with important research regarding gender, social networks and institutions remaining under-represented.

  6. The Research on Computerized Adaptive Testing

    Lu, Peng; Cong, Xiao


    In recent years, computerized adaptive testing is becoming the focus of the field of modern educational evaluation. In this form of the test, the response relationship between the examinee with the item by IRT modelling, then use the computer to estimates the ability level of the examinees and real-time select item. Computerized adaptive test development process were reviewed in the paper, and discuss the latest research results and pointed out that the current problems and future trends.

  7. Institutional Barriers to Research on Sensitive Topics: Case of Sex Communication Research Among University Students

    Carey M. Noland


    Full Text Available When conducting research on sensitive topics, it is challenging to use new methods of data collection given the apprehensions of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs. This is especially worrying because sensitive topics of research often require novel approaches. In this article a brief personal history of navigating the IRB process for conducting sex communication research is presented, along with data from a survey that tested the assumptions long held by many IRBs. Results support some of the assumptions IRBs hold about sex communication research, but do not support some other assumptions.

  8. Research Priorities on Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation: Responding to the Climate Change Challenge

    Rosenzweig, C.; Horton, R. M.


    A major challenge of the research community is to provide relevant information to policymakers on vulnerability, impacts and adaptation (VIA) in the context of a changing climate, and to do so in a coherent and coordinated way. The Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA) aims to respond to this challenge by harmonizing, mobilizing, and communicating the growing knowledgebase on VIA to relevant audiences. PROVIA, in consultation with experts and policymakers, has developed a set of Research Priorities for the global VIA research community, whose activities are primarily carried out by individual researchers and research institutions. The Research Priorities include new and emerging topics as well as topics that have long been recognized as important but for which research is still required. To develop the Research Priorities, input was gathered from expert and policymaker communities through separate solicitation pathways. The expert prioritization of research topics began with a gap analysis based on existing literature. The members of the PROVIA Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) then participated in a two-day Foresight Panel that focused on determining selection criteria for inclusion in the Research Priorities, grouping the research topics into themes, and identifying additional topics. A newly framed list of 54 priority research topics was generated by compiling the SSC selections and updated findings from new literature. This list was distributed as an electronic survey to a broad group of experts in the VIA community. Respondents were asked to score each topic, provide suggestions for additional topics, and offer comments. A research prioritization process with policymakers was developed in parallel with the expert community process described above and included representatives from both developed and developing countries. The rankings of the expert and policymaker processes were then combined, along with an

  9. Academic Users' Information Searching on Research Topics: Characteristics of Research Tasks and Search Strategies

    Du, Jia Tina; Evans, Nina


    This project investigated how academic users search for information on their real-life research tasks. This article presents the findings of the first of two studies. The study data were collected in the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. Eleven PhD students' searching behaviors on personal research topics were…

  10. Safety of research reactors. Topical issues paper no. 4

    topic is timely and important because a large number of research reactors currently face not only these concerns but also the problem of spent fuel disposal following completion of the current US take-back programme, and the Russian take-back programme which is expected to commence in the near future. Many countries will need to make decisions soon concerning the future of their reactors to take advantage of these spent fuel options

  11. An Adaptive Updating Topic Specific Web Search System Using T-Graph

    Ahmed Patel


    Full Text Available Problem statement: The main goal of a Web crawler is to collect documents that are relevant to a given topic in which the search engine specializes. These topic specific search systems typically take the whole document's content in predicting the importance of an unvisited link. But current research had proven that the document's content pointed to by an unvisited link is mainly dependent on the anchor text, which is more accurate than predicting it on the contents of the whole page. Approach: Between these two extremes, it was proposed that Treasure Graph, called T-Graph is a more effective way to guide the Web crawler to fetch topic specific documents predicted by identifying the topic boundary around the unvisited link and comparing that text with all the nodes of the T-Graph to obtain the matching node(s and calculating the distance in the form of documents to be downloaded to reach the target documents. Results: Web search systems based on this strategy allowed crawlers and robots to update their experiences more rapidly and intelligently that can also offer speed of access and presentation advantages. Conclusion/Recommendations: The consequences of visiting a link to update a robot's experiences based on the principles and usage of T-Graph can be deployed as intelligent-knowledge Web crawlers as shown by the proposed novel Web search system architecture.

  12. Research recommendations of the ESA Topical Team on Artificial Gravity

    Clément, Gilles; Bukley, Angie

    Many experts believe that artificial gravity will be required for an interplanetary mission. However, despite its attractiveness as an efficient, multi-system countermeasure and its potential for simplifying operational activities, much still needs to be learned regarding the human response to rotating environments before artificial gravity can be successfully implemented. The European Space Agency (ESA) Topical Team on Artificial Gravity recommended a comprehensive program to determine the gravity threshold required to reverse or prevent the detrimental effects of microgravity and to evaluate the effects of centrifugation on various physiological functions. Part of the required research can be accomplished using animal models on a dedicated centrifuge in low Earth orbit. Studies of human responses to centrifugation could be performed during ambulatory, short- and long-duration bed rest, and in-flight studies. Artificial-gravity scenarios should not be a priori discarded in Moon and Mars mission designs. One major step is to determine the relationship between the artificial gravity dose level, duration, and frequency and the physiological responses of the major body functions affected by spaceflight. Once its regime characteristics are defined and a dose-response curve is established, artificial gravity should serve as the standard against which all other countermeasure candidates are evaluated, first on Earth and then in space.

  13. Proceedings of first SWCR-KURRI academic seminar on research reactors and related research topics

    These are the proceedings of an academic seminar on research reactors and related research topics held at the Southwest Centre for Reactor Engineering Research and Design in Chengdu, Sichuan, People's Republic of China in September 24-26 in 1985. Included are the chairmen's addresses and 10 papers presented at the seminar in English. The titles of these papers are: (1) Nuclear Safety and Safeguards, (2) General Review of Thorium Research in Japanese Universities, (3) Comprehensive Utilization and Economic Analysis of the High Flux Engineering Test Reactor, (4) Present States of Applied Health Physics in Japan, (5) Neutron Radiography with Kyoto University Reactor, (6) Topics of Experimental Works with Kyoto University Reactor, (7) Integral Check of Nuclear Data for Reactor Structural Materials, (8) The Reactor Core, Physical Experiments and the Operation Safety Regulation of the Zero Energy Thermal Reactor for PWR Nuclear Power Plant, (9) HFETR Core Physical Parameters at Power, (10) Physical Consideration for Loads of Operated Ten Cycles in HFETR. (author)

  14. Research on Quality of Transaction Standards: The Maturity of a Research Topic

    Folmer, Erwin; Berends, Wouter; Oude Luttighuis, Paul; Hillegersberg, van, R.; Lammers, Rutger


    This paper contains the results of a systematic literature review executed to determine the coverage of transaction standards in top information systems (IS) and management journals. Specifically, it aims to identify a research gap with respect to this topic. The top 25 journals are thoroughly searched and the selected publications are classified in order to make grounded statements. A moderate a mount of literature found specifically aims at transaction standards. Hardly any research is foun...

  15. 50 Un- and Under-researched Topics in the Field of (Counter-) Terrorism Studies

    Alex P. Schmid


    The Terrorism Research Initiative seeks to stimulate individual and collaborative research on terrorism and other forms of political violence that threatening human security. While some topics are ‘fashionable” and obtain an extraordinary amount of attention (e.g. CBRN threats, radicalization, suicide terrorism, jihadist terrorism) other (sub-) topics are un- or under-researched

  16. 50 Un- and Under-researched Topics in the Field of (Counter- Terrorism Studies

    Alex P. Schmid


    Full Text Available The Terrorism Research Initiative seeks to stimulate individual and collaborative research on terrorism and other forms of political violence that threatening human security. While some topics are ‘fashionable” and obtain an extraordinary amount of attention (e.g. CBRN threats, radicalization, suicide terrorism, jihadist terrorism other (sub- topics are un- or under-researched

  17. Intelligent CAD Methodology Research of Adaptive Modeling

    ZHANG Weibo; LI Jun; YAN Jianrong


    The key to carry out ICAD technology is to establish the knowledge-based and wide rang of domains-covered product model. This paper put out a knowledge-based methodology of adaptive modeling. It is under the Ontology mind, using the Object-Oriented technology and being a knowledge-based model framework. It involves the diverse domains in product design and realizes the multi-domain modeling, embedding the relative information including standards, regulars and expert experience. To test the feasibility of the methodology, the research bonds of the automotive diaphragm spring clutch design and an adaptive clutch design model is established, using the knowledge-based modeling language-AML.

  18. Bibliometric methods for detecting and analysing emerging research topics

    Glänzel, Wolfgang


    This study gives an overview of the process of clustering scientific disciplines using hybrid methods, detecting and labelling emerging topics and analysing the results using bibliometrics methods. The hybrid clustering techniques are based on biblographic coupling and text-mining and ‘core documents’, and cross-citation links are used to identify emerging fields. The collaboration network of those countries that proved to be most active in the underlying disciplines, in combination with a...

  19. Selected Research and Development Topics on Aerospace Communications at NASA Glenn Research Center

    Miranda, Felix A.; Romanofsky, Robert R.; Nessel, James A.


    This presentation discusses some of the efforts on communications RD that have been performed or are currently underway at NASA Glenn Research Center. The primary purpose of this presentation is to outline some RD topics to serve as talking points for a Technical Interchange Meeting with the Ohio State University. The meeting is scheduled to take place at The ElectroScience Laboratory of the Ohio State University on February 24, 2014.

  20. RRFM 2009 transactions: 13. international topical meeting on Research Reactor Fuel Management (RRFM)

    The Conference covers topics in the area of research reactor fuel handling, performance, properties, core conversion, accident analysis etc. Different types of fuels for research reactors and their behaviour are presented in details

  1. Research Trends in Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly From 2004 to 2013.

    Haegele, Justin A; Lee, Jihyun; Porretta, David L


    The purpose of this documentary analysis was to examine trends in research published in Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly (APAQ) over a 10-yr span. A total of 181 research articles published from 2004 to 2013 were coded and analyzed using the following categories: first-author country affiliation, theoretical framework, intervention, research methods, disability categories, and topical focus. Results indicate high frequencies of nonintervention and group-design studies, as well as a low frequency of studies that describe a theoretical or conceptual framework. Trends in disability of participants and topical focus reflect current interests of researchers publishing in APAQ. While some scholars have suggested that changes in research on adapted physical activity would occur, the results of this analysis suggest that many of these categories remain largely unchanged for research published in APAQ. This study calls attention to similarities between the results of the current analysis and previous ones. PMID:26113549

  2. Analysis of the Research Status and Topics on the Radionuclide Migration and Retardation in Natural Barriers

    Baik, Min Hoon; Park, Chung Kyun; Kim, Seung Soo; Lee, Seung Yeop; Lee, Jae Kwang [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    In this report, recent research status for major developed countries in the high-level radioactive waste disposal including international organizations was investigated and analyzed in research topics for the radionuclide migration and retardation in natural barriers. Besides, recent research trends and future prospects were investigated for selected major 10 topics about the radionuclide migration and retardation processes. Based upon these investigations and analyses, future research goals and topics to be concentrated were presented. This report will be helpful for understanding our current research status and technical position and establishing future research direction and topics by analyzing domestic and foreign research status and trends. The results will also be utilized as basic information for establishing future policy and plans of the government for the high-level radioactive waste disposal.

  3. Analysis of the Research Status and Topics on the Radionuclide Migration and Retardation in Natural Barriers

    In this report, recent research status for major developed countries in the high-level radioactive waste disposal including international organizations was investigated and analyzed in research topics for the radionuclide migration and retardation in natural barriers. Besides, recent research trends and future prospects were investigated for selected major 10 topics about the radionuclide migration and retardation processes. Based upon these investigations and analyses, future research goals and topics to be concentrated were presented. This report will be helpful for understanding our current research status and technical position and establishing future research direction and topics by analyzing domestic and foreign research status and trends. The results will also be utilized as basic information for establishing future policy and plans of the government for the high-level radioactive waste disposal

  4. Adaptive research supervision : Exploring expert thesis supervisors' practical knowledge

    de Kleijn, Renske A M; Meijer, Paulien C.; Brekelmans, Mieke; Pilot, Albert


    Several researchers have suggested the importance of being responsive to students' needs in research supervision. Adapting support strategies to students' needs in light of the goals of a task is referred to as adaptivity. In the present study, the practice of adaptivity is explored by interviewing

  5. Novelty Detection via Topic Modeling in Research Articles

    S. Sendhilkumar; Nachiyar S Nandhini; G.S. Mahalakshmi


    In today’s world redundancy is the most vital probl em faced in almost all domains. Novelty detection is the identification of new or unknown d ata or signal that a machine learning system is not aware of during training. The problem become s more intense when it comes to “Research Articles”. A method of identifying novelty at each sections of the article is highly required for determining the novel idea proposed in the research ...

  6. Energy Drinks: Topical Domain in the Emerging Literature and Neglected Areas of Research

    Piotrowski, Chris


    Prevalence statistics indicate that consumption of Energy drinks (EDs), often in combination with alcohol, is quite popular in the younger generation and particularly with college students. As literature on this topic is advancing at a rapid pace, it seemed instructive to examine which topics are emphasized in emerging EDs research. To that end, a…

  7. [Topics for basic research(osteoclast and bone resorption)in ASBMR 2015].

    Udagawa, Nobuyuki


    This is a brief report summarizing topics in ASBMR 2015 held at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle on October 9-12th. In this paper, I report some topics from presentation of basic research(especially osteoclast and bone resorption)in ASBMR 2015. PMID:26728539

  8. Evolutionary multi-objective optimization: some current research trends and topics that remain to be explored



    This paper provides a short review of some of the main topics in which the current research in evolutionary multi-objective optimization is being focused. The topics discussed include new algorithms, efficiency, relaxed forms of dominance, scalability, and alternative metaheuristics. This discussion motivates some further topics which,from the author's perspective, constitute good potential areas for future research, namely, constraint-handling techniques,incorporation of user's preferences and parameter control,This information is expected to be useful for those interested in pursuing research in this area.

  9. Future topics in basic nucleation and growth research

    An adequate knowledge of nucleation and growth processes leads to the design and manufacture of thin film deposits of desired properties. Research in randon heterogeneous nucleation, epitaxial nucleation and growth, angstrom-particle chemistry, and surface replication with atomistic resolution is discussed

  10. Hot topics for sustainability in the industrial engineering research agenda

    Vilalta-perdomo, Eliseo Luis; Corliss, John


    The aim is to identify which part of the IE body of knowledge can contribute most effectively to sustainable development, and to conduct an initial exploration for recognizing some “hot topics” that constitute the future of IE research and professional agendas.

  11. Topical advances and recent studies in paleolimnological research

    Thomas J. Whitmore


    Full Text Available Paleolimnology combines the disciplines of limnology, geology and ecology, but because of challenges that separate investigators from direct knowledge about past lake conditions, the field is multidisciplinary by necessity. As a result, paleolimnology is influenced continuously by advances in many disciplines. As with limnological studies in recent decades, paleolimnology has diverged largely from the ecological and theoretical focuses of early investigators, but recent studies demonstrate the need for more integration of ecological and paleolimnological research. This paper provides a brief overview of recent paleolimnological investigations that have addressed questions related to theoretical ecology, as well as applied lake-management and climate research issues. We examine the use of transfer function models for estimating past water-quality conditions, and important caveats expressed by investigators about limitations in the development and use of such models. Paleolimnological research has contributed new insights about biological, physical and chemical processes in lakes that have been subject to change because of climate drivers and anthropogenic influences. These findings are relevant to predicting how lakes will respond to climate change, and will require new management approaches in the future. As the range of paleolimnological studies expands, there will be greater need for basic limnological research in order for paleolimnological investigators to better understand how sediments reflect lake processes of those regions.

  12. Selected topics in research program on IBR-2

    The physical start-up of the IBR-2 fast pulsed reactor took place in the Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, USSR. Design values for instantaneous thermal neutron fluxes are: 10/sup 17/ cm/sup -2/s/sup -1/ inside the moderator and 10/sup 16/ cm/sup -2/ s/sup -1/ from its surface. In combination with the heavy current, short pulse injector (electron induction accelerator LIU-30 being under construction now), it will become a high intensity neutron source for the time-of-flight investigations in the energy range from 10/sup -7/ to 10/sup 6/ ev. The characteristics of the complex IBR-2+LIU-30 2+are described. The neutron beams and their use in the condensed matter and applied research are mentioned. The program for n/alpha/-, n/gamma/-and nf- cross section measurements as well as neutron cross section study for few nucleon systems are reported. The prospects for nuclear physics research on the LIU-30 non-multiplying target facility are outlined using as examples the experiments with polarized neutrons and nuclei and some others. The description is illustrated with the results obtained recently on the operating IBR-30 pulsed reactor. 40 refs

  13. Development of a topic-related sentence corpus for speech perception research

    Helfer, Karen S.; Freyman, Richard L.


    A large sentence corpus has been developed for use in speech recognition research. Sentences (n=881, three scoring words per sentence) were developed under 23 topics. In the first phase of development subjects rated each individual scoring word for relatedness to its given topic on a Likert scale. Next, two groups of young, normal-hearing listeners (n=16/group) listened and responded to the recordings of the sentences (spoken by a female talker) presented with one of two types of maskers: steady-state noise (S:N=-13 dB) or two other females speaking random sentences (S:N=-8 dB). Each subject responded to half of the sentences with topic supplied and half with no topic supplied. Data analyses focused on addressing two questions: whether supplementation of topic would be more important in the presence of the speech masker versus the noise masker, and how the degree of relatedness of each key word to the topic influenced the effect of topic on recognition. The data showed little difference in how beneficial the topic was for speech versus noise maskers. Moreover, there was a complex relationship between effect of topic, type of masker, and position of the word in the sentence. [Work supported by NIDCD DC01625.

  14. Proceedings of International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Research Applications and Utilization of Accelerators

    The IAEA has responded to Member States needs by implementing programmatic activities that provide interested Member States, particularly those in developing countries, forums to exchange information on new trends and applications in accelerator-based nuclear science and technology. Accelerator-based technologies are regarded by many Member States as a key element to serve social and economic development in a wide variety of applications in the energy, health, agriculture, environment, materials, natural resources and education sectors. Almost all of the more than 18 000 particle accelerators in the world today are dedicated machines used for commercial applications, being either in the medical sector (radiotherapy treatments) or in the industrial sector (materials modification). Only a few percent (a few hundred) of the worldwide inventory of accelerators is used for scientific research, mainly at universities, research institutes and international organizations. However, the knowledge and technological spin-offs gained from these research accelerators drive the development of commercial applications and support the research and development needs of researchers in a wide and diverse range of fields, including strategic and applied research, safety and security, environment, materials, analytical services, advanced nuclear fuel cycles, radioisotope production and radiation processing. The ongoing benefits afforded by accelerators derive principally from their ability to adapt to and keep pace with evolving changes in user demands. The trend in advanced countries is to utilize accelerators in a dedicated and optimized way to support a few specific high technology application areas. The main demand from researchers is for high quality X ray, neutron and ion beams to engage in cutting-edge research in energy, food and agriculture, biology, medicine and materials science. The enhancement of nuclear science education and research in all Member States, but in particular

  15. A Research on Darkness Adaptation of Drivers


    This paper presents the results of darkness adaptation test fordrivers. It is shown that there is a significant difference (p10 s is 7.3%, implying that the high accident rate of the drivers in accident group might be caused by their longer darkness adaptation time.

  16. An Analysis of Research Topics within a Community : the Example of Knowledge Science

    Nie, Kun; Ji, Zhe; Nakamori, Yoshiteru


    This Paper presents a new approach how to analyze research topics within a given research community. Under the guidance of the I-system methodology, this paper conducts both top-down and bottom-up analysis. For the bottom-up analysis, similarity measurement and hierarchical clustering are applied to obtain a tree-like dendrogram structure of research topics; for the top-down analysis, the experts' knowledge is included. Then resulting from the iterative dialogue between the above two stages o...

  17. Roadmap towards justice in urban climate adaptation research

    Shi, Linda; Chu, Eric; Anguelovski, Isabelle; Aylett, Alexander; Debats, Jessica; Goh, Kian; Schenk, Todd; Seto, Karen C.; Dodman, David; Roberts, Debra; Roberts, J. Timmons; Vandeveer, Stacy D.


    The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) highlighted the importance of cities to climate action, as well as the unjust burdens borne by the world's most disadvantaged peoples in addressing climate impacts. Few studies have documented the barriers to redressing the drivers of social vulnerability as part of urban local climate change adaptation efforts, or evaluated how emerging adaptation plans impact marginalized groups. Here, we present a roadmap to reorient research on the social dimensions of urban climate adaptation around four issues of equity and justice: (1) broadening participation in adaptation planning; (2) expanding adaptation to rapidly growing cities and those with low financial or institutional capacity; (3) adopting a multilevel and multi-scalar approach to adaptation planning; and (4) integrating justice into infrastructure and urban design processes. Responding to these empirical and theoretical research needs is the first step towards identifying pathways to more transformative adaptation policies.

  18. A Sustainable Model for Integrating Current Topics in Machine Learning Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum

    Georgiopoulos, M.; DeMara, R. F.; Gonzalez, A. J.; Wu, A. S.; Mollaghasemi, M.; Gelenbe, E.; Kysilka, M.; Secretan, J.; Sharma, C. A.; Alnsour, A. J.


    This paper presents an integrated research and teaching model that has resulted from an NSF-funded effort to introduce results of current Machine Learning research into the engineering and computer science curriculum at the University of Central Florida (UCF). While in-depth exposure to current topics in Machine Learning has traditionally occurred…

  19. Selected National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Research Topics | NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine

    ... For Breast Cancer Selected National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Research Topics Past Issues / Summer 2014 Table of Contents ... Trials MedlinePlus tutorial ...

  20. Draft Science Topics for ROSES 2017 NASA Living with a Star Targeted Research and Technology Program

    Linton, Mark; Zesta, Eftyhia


    The NASA Living with a Star Targeted Research and Technology (LWS TR&T) steering committee would like to present a draft of the TR&T science topics being developed for ROSES 2017 to the science community for comment at this conference. These topics will be drafted before this conference at the May 2016 steering committee meeting, based on community input and LWS TR&T goals. The committee is seeking community comment on these draft topics before the topics are finalized at the committee's summer meeting and sent to NASA in the committee's 2016 report. The full text of these draft topics will be presented at this poster, and we aim to hold a town hall for community discussion of these topics during this conference. Please see for more information on the TR&T program, the steering committee and the draft topics.This work was supported by the NASA Living with a Star program.

  1. ENS RRFM 2005: 9th international topical meeting on research reactor fuel management. Transactions

    The ENS topical meeting on research reactor fuel management is an annual conference launched successfully in 1997. It has since then grown into well established international forum for the exchange and expertise on all significant aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle of research reactors. Oral presentations at this meeting were divided in the following four sessions: International Topics; Fuel Development, Qualification, Fabrication and Licensing; Reactor Operation, Fuel Safety and Core Conversion; Spent Fuel Management, Back-end Options, Transportation. The three poster sessions were devoted to fuel development, qualification, fabrication and licensing; reactor operation, fuel safety, core conversion, spent fuel; spent fuel management, fuel cycle back-end options, transportation

  2. Adaptive Sensor Optimization and Cognitive Image Processing Using Autonomous Optical Neuroprocessors; TOPICAL

    Measurement and signal intelligence demands has created new requirements for information management and interoperability as they affect surveillance and situational awareness. Integration of on-board autonomous learning and adaptive control structures within a remote sensing platform architecture would substantially improve the utility of intelligence collection by facilitating real-time optimization of measurement parameters for variable field conditions. A problem faced by conventional digital implementations of intelligent systems is the conflict between a distributed parallel structure on a sequential serial interface functionally degrading bandwidth and response time. In contrast, optically designed networks exhibit the massive parallelism and interconnect density needed to perform complex cognitive functions within a dynamic asynchronous environment. Recently, all-optical self-organizing neural networks exhibiting emergent collective behavior which mimic perception, recognition, association, and contemplative learning have been realized using photorefractive holography in combination with sensory systems for feature maps, threshold decomposition, image enhancement, and nonlinear matched filters. Such hybrid information processors depart from the classical computational paradigm based on analytic rules-based algorithms and instead utilize unsupervised generalization and perceptron-like exploratory or improvisational behaviors to evolve toward optimized solutions. These systems are robust to instrumental systematics or corrupting noise and can enrich knowledge structures by allowing competition between multiple hypotheses. This property enables them to rapidly adapt or self-compensate for dynamic or imprecise conditions which would be unstable using conventional linear control models. By incorporating an intelligent optical neuroprocessor in the back plane of an imaging sensor, a broad class of high-level cognitive image analysis problems including geometric

  3. Confronting international research topics with stakeholders on multifunctional land use: the case of Inner Mongolia, China

    König HJ


    Full Text Available The established pattern of land use in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is being challenged by China’s rapid overall economic transition. The provision of required land-related functions and services is subject to land management decision making. Scientific research can offer substantial support for this decision making by providing evidence of the interaction between land management and land function services. This paper’s objective was to identify the most important land use functions and services from a local perspective and to compare these functions and services with the land-related research topics addressed in the scientific literature. For this purpose, we conducted a workshop with local stakeholders (land use decision makers in the West Ujimqin Banner (Inner Mongolia as a specific case study and performed a comprehensive survey of the Inner Mongolian land use research published in international scientific journals. Our analysis indicated that the stakeholders assigned particular importance to social land use functions, such as jobs, as well as environmental land use functions and ecosystem processes. In contrast, the research topics were primarily concerned with natural science. We discussed possible shortcomings in the research agenda by emphasising and contrasting local stakeholder perspectives with the research topics and concluded that without bottom-up stakeholder participation, there would be a mismatch between the research interests of land use scientists and the needs of stakeholders. Future research that can contribute to local policy making with the aim of meeting the objectives of a multifunctional land use concept is required.

  4. Mapping the Landscape of Emerging Research Topics in Supply Chain Management

    Wieland, Andreas; Handfield, Robert B.; Durach, Christian F.


    markets and networks are expected to become important research areas. It is further found that not enough attention will be paid to internal integration, transparency/visibility, ethical issues and the “people dimension” of SCM. This research is intended to help editors, researchers, students and managers......The purpose of this article is to identify research topics that are emerging in the field of supply chain management [SCM]. The analysis is based on survey data collected from leading SCM researchers. It is found that big data analytics, sustainability, risk management, health care, emerging...

  5. IMS Learning Design: State of the art and research hot topics on eLearning standardization

    Burgos, Daniel


    Burgos, D. (2006). IMS Learning Design: State of the art and research hot topics on eLearning standardization. Presentation at the 8th International Simposio of Educational Computer Science. October, 24-27, 2006, León, Spain: IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology.

  6. Fralin Life Science Institute summer fellows research topics like infectious disease

    Trulove, Susan


    Thirteen Virginia Tech students concluded their 10-week Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) on Aug. 6 by presenting results on projects that addressed such topics as improving nutrition for persons living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya, gender differences in arterial destiffening with weight loss, and the home range of red wolves in North Carolina.

  7. Selected Topics in Overset Technology Development and Applications At NASA Ames Research Center

    Chan, William M.; Kwak, Dochan (Technical Monitor)


    This paper presents a general overview of overset technology development and applications at NASA Ames Research Center. The topics include: 1) Overview of overset activities at NASA Ames; 2) Recent developments in Chimera Grid Tools; 3) A general framework for multiple component dynamics; 4) A general script module for automating liquid rocket sub-systems simulations; and 5) Critical future work.

  8. ENS RRFM 2006: 10th international topical meeting on research reactor fuel management. Transactions

    The RRFM Conference is organized by the European Nuclear Society (ENS) with co-operation of the IAEA. It includes detailed scientific and technical reports reports on the following main topics: Fuel development, qualification, fabrication and licensing; Spent fuel management, back-end options and transportation; Reactor operation, fuel safety and core conversion; Innovative methods in research reactor analysis; Global Treat Reduction Initiative

  9. Research on Threshold Adjustment Algorithm in Adaptive Modulation and Coding

    FAN Chen; CHEN Mei-ya; SU Li-jun; YANG Da-cheng


    Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC) has gained a lot of attentions in the research of High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). The idea is to adapt the transmission to the fast changing channel conditions by the use of different Modulation and Coding Schemes (MCS). This paper presents an adaptive AMC algorithm and introduces a theoretical analysis model in order to to investigate its throughput and Frame Error Rate (FER). Subject to the given FER target, our numerical and link level simulation results both show that our algorithm outperforms other existing adaptive algorithms.

  10. Eigenvector Centrality Based on Shared Research Topics in a Scientific Community

    Volpentesta, Antonio P.; Felicetti, Alberto M.


    In this paper we propose a weighted multi-hypergraph as logical structure to model relationships between researchers and interest groups that join them on the base of shared research topics in a given scientific community. The well known concept of eingenvector centrality for graphs is extended to weighted multi-hypergraphs and we present a model instantiation for centrality analysis in the Pro-VE scientific community.

  11. Towards a research agenda for adapting to climate change

    The views, publications and research related to building design and climate change are reviewed in generic terms at the outset of this paper in order to identify a number of questions and potential research avenues. In particular, the links between the roles of building design and its implications for occupant behaviour are addressed in the context of the environmental performance of buildings and climate change. The emphasis is on the integration of adaptation with energy-efficient design, both in terms of how buildings can be designed to increase their adaptive potential and of the significance of occupant adaptive opportunities. (author)

  12. Teachers, Mentors, Researchers, Popularizers, Publicists and Their Publications on Educational Topics [In Bulgarian

    B.V. Toshev


    Full Text Available There are two professions in education – teachers who do it and researchers who study it. Teachers and researchers both write papers but those papers are quite different. In addition there exist other people who attempt to write on educational topics: mentors, involved in teachers training, popularizers of science, publicists. The paper stresses in the peculiarities of these literature works. The problems of the professional identification of teachers and educational researchers are also considered in detail. Who is the successful teacher, who is the successful researcher – the paper gives answers of such questions.

  13. Adaptive nonlinear control for a research reactor

    Linearization by feedback of states is based on the idea of transform the nonlinear dynamic equation of a system in a linear form. This linear behavior can be achieve well in a complete way (input state) or in partial way (input output). This can be applied to systems of single or multiple inputs, and can be used to solve problems of stabilization and tracking of references trajectories. Comparing this method with conventional ones, linearization by feedback of states is exact in certain region of the space of state, instead of linear approximations of the equations in a certain point of the operation. In the presence of parametric uncertainties in the model of the system, the introduction of adaptive schemes provide a type toughness to the control system by nonlinear feedback, which gives as result the eventual cancellation of the nonlinear terms in the dynamic relationship between the output and the input of the auxiliary control. In the same way, it has been presented the design of a nonlinearizing control for the non lineal model of a TRIGA Mark III type reactor, with the aim of tracking a predetermined power profile. The asymptotic tracking of such profile is, at the present moment, in the stage of verification by computerized simulation the relative easiness in the design of auxiliary variable of control, as well as the decoupling action of the output variable, make very attractive the utilization of the method herein presented. (Author)

  14. Adaptive forward-inverse modeling of reservoir fluids away from wellbores; TOPICAL

    This Final Report contains the deliverables of the DeepLook Phase I project entitled, ''Adaptive Forward-Inverse Modeling of Reservoir Fluids Away from Wellbores''. The deliverables are: (i) a description of 2-D test problem results, analyses, and technical descriptions of the techniques used, (ii) a listing of program setup commands that construct and execute the codes for selected test problems (these commands are in mathematical terminology, which reinforces technical descriptions in the text), and (iii) an evaluation and recommendation regarding continuance of this project, including considerations of possible extensions to 3-D codes, additional technical scope, and budget for the out-years. The far-market objective in this project is to develop advanced technologies that can help locate and enhance the recovery of oil from heterogeneous rock formations. The specific technical objective in Phase I was to develop proof-of-concept of new forward and inverse (F-I) modeling techniques[Gelinas et al, 1998] that seek to enhance estimates (images) of formation permeability distributions and fluid motion away from wellbore volumes. This goes to the heart of improving industry's ability to jointly image reservoir permeability and flow predictions of trapped and recovered oil versus time. The estimation of formation permeability away from borehole measurements is an ''inverse'' problem. It is an inseparable part of modeling fluid flows throughout the reservoir in efforts to increase the efficiency of oil recovery at minimum cost. Classic issues of non-uniqueness, mathematical instability, noise effects, and inadequate numerical solution techniques have historically impeded progress in reservoir parameter estimations. Because information pertaining to fluid and rock properties is always sampled sparsely by wellbore measurements, a successful method for interpolating permeability and fluid data between the measurements must be: (i) physics-based, (ii) conditioned by signal

  15. Introduction to the Research Topic Novel Insights in Rehabilitation of Neglect

    Stefan Van Der Stigchel; Tanja Nijboer


    Hemispatial neglect is the failure to report, respond to, or orient to novel or meaningful stimuli presented in the contralesional visual field. This failure cannot be attributed to motor or sensory defects (Heilman and Valenstein, 1979). It constitutes one of the most invalidating neurological disorders that can occur after stroke. As discussed in this Research Topic, patients with neglect are less independent in various activities of daily living compared to patients without neglect (Nijboe...

  16. Final Technical Report summarizing Purdue research activities as part of the DOE JET Topical Collaboration

    Molnar, Denes [Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN (United States). Dept. of Physics and Astronomy


    This report summarizes research activities at Purdue University done as part of the DOE JET Topical Collaboration. These mainly involve calculation of covariant radiative energy loss in the (Djordjevic-)Gyulassy-Levai-Vitev ((D)GLV) framework for relativistic A+A reactions at RHIC and LHC energies using realistic bulk medium evolution with both transverse and longitudinal expansion. The single PDF file provided also includes a report from the entire JET Collaboration.

  17. Identifying Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Research in Selected Journals Published from 2003 to 2012: A Content Analysis of Research Topics and Issues

    Zheng, Lanqin; Huang, Ronghuai; Yu, Junhui


    This study aims to identity the emerging research trends in the field of computed-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) so as to provide insights for researchers and educators into research topics and issues for further exploration. This paper analyzed the research topics, methods and technology adoption of CSCL from 2003 to 2012. A total of 706…

  18. Selecting their Own Research Topic: An Effective Means of Engaging Undergraduates in Geoscience Careers

    Sloan, V.; Haacker-Santos, R.


    Research experiences have been shown to successfully help draw undergraduates into STEM fields. In the SOARS and RESESS summer internship programs, which focus on the atmospheric and Earth sciences respectively, we attempt to match each intern with a project that is of specific interest to them, and to place the student with a science mentor with that expertise. Initially interns are solicited before the summer on their preferred topics of interest by having applicants or reapplicants choose fields of study from a list of topics. Follow-up conversations help to better define their area of interest. We then match those with the projects that have been proposed by prospective mentors, or seek scientists in the community who do research in that subdiscipline. Mentors also evaluate the intern's course background to determine if they have the foundation necessary for that work. Interns report that the opportunity to work on a topic that they perceive as interesting is vital to their engagement in the research. One intern wrote, "One of the most important components of internships like this is definitely letting the students somewhat chose their project. I think that a really good way to turn students OFF from research is by having them spend a summer researching something they are not even close to interested in." Another commented, "I really appreciated being matched with a project in my interest area. I think that's really important, even if it just teaches you that you might want to work in a different field than you initially thought." Being immersed in such a research group or lab provides interns with a rich opportunity to learn relevant content and skills, and to start developing a professional support network. Interns continue to engage with experts in their field of interest when they present at at scientifically relevant meeting sessions during the following academic year. Many of our interns go on to study the same subdiscipline of atmospheric or Earth

  19. Text analysis tools for identification of emerging topics and research gaps in conservation science.

    Westgate, Martin J; Barton, Philip S; Pierson, Jennifer C; Lindenmayer, David B


    Keeping track of conceptual and methodological developments is a critical skill for research scientists, but this task is increasingly difficult due to the high rate of academic publication. As a crisis discipline, conservation science is particularly in need of tools that facilitate rapid yet insightful synthesis. We show how a common text-mining method (latent Dirichlet allocation, or topic modeling) and statistical tests familiar to ecologists (cluster analysis, regression, and network analysis) can be used to investigate trends and identify potential research gaps in the scientific literature. We tested these methods on the literature on ecological surrogates and indicators. Analysis of topic popularity within this corpus showed a strong emphasis on monitoring and management of fragmented ecosystems, while analysis of research gaps suggested a greater role for genetic surrogates and indicators. Our results show that automated text analysis methods need to be used with care, but can provide information that is complementary to that given by systematic reviews and meta-analyses, increasing scientists' capacity for research synthesis. PMID:26271213

  20. New media/Internet research topics of the association of Internet researchers

    Ronald E. Rice


    This study summarizes prior reviews of new media and Internet research, and the growth of the term Internet in academic publications and online newsgroups. It then uses semantic network analysis to summarize the interests and concepts of an interdisciplinary group of Internet researchers, as represented by session titles and paper titles and abstracts from the 2003 and 2004 Association of Internet Researchers conferences. In both years, the most frequent words appearing in the paper abstracts...

  1. International topical meeting on nuclear research applications and utilization of accelerators. Book of abstracts

    Applications of particle accelerators cover a number of areas, from strategic and applied research, safety and security, environmental applications, materials research and analytical sciences, to radioisotope production and radiation processing. Accelerator based techniques and pulsed neutron sources are expected to lead to new initiatives in materials research of relevance for both the nuclear and non-nuclear fields. Material science studies with the use of accelerators, neutron beams and other nuclear analytical methods are relevant to the development of advanced reactors, nuclear fuel cycle needs and fusion research. In this regard, a better understanding of the irradiation effects in materials for energy and non-energy applications is needed, and is reflected in accelerator techniques for modification and analysis of materials for nuclear technologies. Accelerator applications for innovative nuclear systems aiming at rad-waste transmutation (e.g., accelerator driven systems) are being pursued in many countries. Research and development using accelerators involves a broad spectrum of skills to build a cadre of trained experts in nuclear techniques in IAEA Member States, and to generate knowledge for innovative methodologies and tools. The present conference is also being held in cooperation with the American Nuclear Society (ANS), which successfully organized the series of accelerator applications conferences known as AccApp. The ANS series of topical meetings has provided a forum for the global exchange of scientific and technical knowledge on a wide variety of related topics since the first AccApp took place in 1997 in Albuquerque, USA. The last conference which was held in 2007 in Pocatello, USA, was jointly organized by the ANS and the IAEA. The main objectives of the conference are to promote exchange of information among IAEA Member States representatives/delegates and to discuss new trends in accelerator applications including nuclear materials research

  2. Adaptation of the methodology of sample surveys for marketing researches

    Kataev Andrey


    Full Text Available The article presents the results of the theory of adaptation of sample survey for the purposes of marketing, that allows to answer the fundamental question of any marketing research – how many objects should be studied for drawing adequate conclusions.

  3. The research and development of the adaptive optics in ophthalmology

    Wu, Chuhan; Zhang, Xiaofang; Chen, Weilin


    Recently the combination of adaptive optics and ophthalmology has made great progress and become highly effective. The retina disease is diagnosed by retina imaging technique based on scanning optical system, so the scanning of eye requires optical system characterized by great ability of anti-moving and optical aberration correction. The adaptive optics possesses high level of adaptability and is available for real time imaging, which meets the requirement of medical retina detection with accurate images. Now the Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope and the Optical Coherence Tomography are widely used, which are the core techniques in the area of medical retina detection. Based on the above techniques, in China, a few adaptive optics systems used for eye medical scanning have been designed by some researchers from The Institute of Optics And Electronics of CAS(The Chinese Academy of Sciences); some foreign research institutions have adopted other methods to eliminate the interference of eye moving and optical aberration; there are many relevant patents at home and abroad. In this paper, the principles and relevant technique details of the Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope and the Optical Coherence Tomography are described. And the recent development and progress of adaptive optics in the field of eye retina imaging are analyzed and summarized.

  4. Proceedings of IAERU seminar-VII, 'research works with cold neutrons and the related recent topics'

    The 7th seminar of the Institute for Atomic Energy, Rikkyo University, was held on June 8, 1991, and this is the proceedings of the seminar. The program was arranged centering around the research using cold neutrons and the related recent topics. The true values of research reactors are dependent on how effectively the generated neutrons are utilized, but as for neutrons, many things are still unkown. It was considered that the study on neutrons returning to the original aim may open the new way for the utilization of research reactors, this theme was selected. The mystery of quantum theory and neutrons, neutron lifetime and solar neutrinos, the application of small angle neutron scattering to biological systems, and imaging through inside of materials-cold neutron radiography were the subjects of lectures. (K.I.)

  5. Characterizing Interdisciplinarity of Researchers and Research Topics Using Web Search Engines

    Hiroki Sayama; Jin Akaishi


    Researchers' networks have been subject to active modeling and analysis. Earlier literature mostly focused on citation or co-authorship networks reconstructed from annotated scientific publication databases, which have several limitations. Recently, general-purpose web search engines have also been utilized to collect information about social networks. Here we reconstructed, using web search engines, a network representing the relatedness of researchers to their peers as well as to various re...

  6. Game-based Research Collaboration adapted to Science Education

    Magnussen, Rikke; Damgaard Hansen, Sidse; Grønbæk, Kaj;


    This paper presents prospects for adapting scientific discovery games to science education. In the paper a prototype of The Quantum Computing Game is presented as a working example of adapting game-based research collaboration to physics education. The game concept is the initial result of a three......-year, inter-disciplinary project “Pilot Center for Community-driven Research” at Aarhus and Aalborg University in Denmark. The paper discusses how scientific discovery games can contribute to educating students in how to work with unsolved scientific problems and creation of new scientific knowledge. Based on...

  7. African primary care research: Choosing a topic and developing a proposal

    Bob Mash


    Full Text Available This is the first in a series of articles on primary care research in the African context. The aim of the series is to help build capacity for primary care research amongst the emerging departments of family medicine and primary care on the continent. Many of the departments are developing Masters of Medicine programmes in Family Medicine and their students will all be required to complete research studies as part of their degree. This series is being written with this audience in particular in mind – both the students who must conceptualise and implement a research project as well as their supervisors who must assist them.This article gives an overview of the African primary care context, followed by a typology of primary care research. The article then goes on to assist the reader with choosing a topic and defining their research question. Finally the article addresses the structure and contents of a  research proposal and the ethical issues that should be considered.

  8. African primary care research: choosing a topic and developing a proposal.

    Mash, Bob


    This is the first in a series of articles on primary care research in the African context. The aim of the series is to help build capacity for primary care research amongst the emerging departments of family medicine and primary care on the continent. Many of the departments are developing Masters of Medicine programmes in Family Medicine and their students will all be required to complete research studies as part of their degree. This series is being written with this audience in particular in mind--both the students who must conceptualise and implement a research project as well as their supervisors who must assist them.This article gives an overview of the African primary care context, followed by a typology of primary care research. The article then goes on to assist the reader with choosing a topic and defining their research question. Finally the article addresses the structure and contents of a research proposal and the ethical issues that should be considered. PMID:26245432

  9. Low-rank coal research, Task 5.1. Topical report, April 1986--December 1992


    This document is a topical progress report for Low-Rank Coal Research performed April 1986 - December 1992. Control Technology and Coal Preparation Research is described for Flue Gas Cleanup, Waste Management, Regional Energy Policy Program for the Northern Great Plains, and Hot-Gas Cleanup. Advanced Research and Technology Development was conducted on Turbine Combustion Phenomena, Combustion Inorganic Transformation (two sections), Liquefaction Reactivity of Low-Rank Coals, Gasification Ash and Slag Characterization, and Coal Science. Combustion Research is described for Atmospheric Fluidized-Bed Combustion, Beneficiation of Low-Rank Coals, Combustion Characterization of Low-Rank Fuels (completed 10/31/90), Diesel Utilization of Low-Rank Coals (completed 12/31/90), Produce and Characterize HWD (hot-water drying) Fuels for Heat Engine Applications (completed 10/31/90), Nitrous Oxide Emission, and Pressurized Fluidized-Bed Combustion. Liquefaction Research in Low-Rank Coal Direct Liquefaction is discussed. Gasification Research was conducted in Production of Hydrogen and By-Products from Coals and in Sulfur Forms in Coal.

  10. Selected topics in experimental aeroelasticity at the NASA Langley Research Center

    Ricketts, R. H.


    The results of selected studies that have been conducted by the NASA Langley Research Center in the last three years are presented. The topics presented focus primarily on the ever-important transonic flight regime and include the following: body-freedom flutter of a forward-swept-wing configuration with and without relaxed static stability; instabilities associated with a new tilt-rotor vehicle; effects of winglets, supercritical airfoils, and spanwise curvature on wing flutter; wind-tunnel investigation of a flutter-like oscillation on a high-aspect-ratio flight research wing; results of wind-tunnel demonstration of the NASA decoupler pylon concept for passive suppression of wing/store flutter; and, new flutter testing methods which include testing at cryogenic temperatures for full scale Reynolds number simulation, subcritical response techniques for predicting onset of flutter, and a two-degree-of-freedom mount system for testing side-wall-mounted models.

  11. International topical meeting. Research Reactor Fuel Management (RRFM) and meeting of the International Group on Reactor Research (IGORR)

    Nuclear research and test reactors have been in operation for over 60 years, over 270 research reactors are currently operating in more than 50 countries. This meeting is dedicated to different aspects of research reactor fuels: new fuels for new reactors, the conversion to low enriched uranium fuels, spent fuel management and computational tools for core simulation. About 80 contributions are reported in this document, they are organized into 7 sessions: 1) international topics and overview on new projects and fuel, 2) new projects and upgrades, 3) fuel development, 4) optimisation and research reactor utilisation, 5) innovative methods in research reactors physics, 6) safety, operation and research reactor conversion, 7) fuel back-end management, and a poster session. Experience from Australian, Romanian, Libyan, Syrian, Vietnamese, South-African and Ghana research reactors are reported among other things. The Russian program for research reactor spent fuel management is described and the status of the American-driven program for the conversion to low enriched uranium fuels is presented. (A.C.)

  12. Advanced topics in character recongition and document analysis: research works in intelligent image and document research lab, Tsinghua University

    Ding, Xiaoqing


    Character Recognition and Document Retrieval still are very interesting research area although great progress in performance has been made over the last decades. Advanced research topics in character recognition and Document analysis are introduced in this paper, which include the further research in Tsinghai University on handwritten Chinese character recognition, multilingual character recognition and writer identification. In handwritten Chinese character recognition a special cascade MQDF classifier is discussed for unconstrained cursive handwritten Chinese Character recognition and an optimum handwritten strip recognition algorithm is introduced. In writer identification content dependent and content independent algorithms are discussed. In multilingual character recognition a THOCR multilingual, including Japanese, Korean, Tibetan, Mongolian, Uyghur, Arabic document recognition system is introduced in this paper.

  13. Research project grouping and ranking by using adaptive Mahalanobis clustering

    Zeljko Turkalj; Damir Markulak; Slavica Singer; Rudolf Scitovski


    The paper discusses the problem of grouping and ranking of research projects submitted for a call. The projects are grouped into clusters based on the assessment obtained in the review procedure and by using the adaptive Mahalanobis clustering method as a special case of the Expectation Maximization algorithm. The cluster of projects assessed as best is specially analyzed and ranked. The paper outlines several possibilities for the use of data obtained in the review procedure, and the propose...

  14. The Global Evidence Mapping Initiative: Scoping research in broad topic areas

    Tavender Emma


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Evidence mapping describes the quantity, design and characteristics of research in broad topic areas, in contrast to systematic reviews, which usually address narrowly-focused research questions. The breadth of evidence mapping helps to identify evidence gaps, and may guide future research efforts. The Global Evidence Mapping (GEM Initiative was established in 2007 to create evidence maps providing an overview of existing research in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI. Methods The GEM evidence mapping method involved three core tasks: 1. Setting the boundaries and context of the map: Definitions for the fields of TBI and SCI were clarified, the prehospital, acute inhospital and rehabilitation phases of care were delineated and relevant stakeholders (patients, carers, clinicians, researchers and policymakers who could contribute to the mapping were identified. Researchable clinical questions were developed through consultation with key stakeholders and a broad literature search. 2. Searching for and selection of relevant studies: Evidence search and selection involved development of specific search strategies, development of inclusion and exclusion criteria, searching of relevant databases and independent screening and selection by two researchers. 3. Reporting on yield and study characteristics: Data extraction was performed at two levels - 'interventions and study design' and 'detailed study characteristics'. The evidence map and commentary reflected the depth of data extraction. Results One hundred and twenty-nine researchable clinical questions in TBI and SCI were identified. These questions were then prioritised into high (n = 60 and low (n = 69 importance by the stakeholders involved in question development. Since 2007, 58 263 abstracts have been screened, 3 731 full text articles have been reviewed and 1 644 relevant neurotrauma publications have been mapped, covering fifty-three high priority

  15. Demographic changes and the demands on agricultural landscapes: Refl ections on a new research topic

    K. Müller


    Full Text Available Demographic change suggests substantial effects on future societal demands on agricultural landscape use and thus on rural areas. Demographic change is thereby defined as both the decrease of the population and the shift in the age distribution („aging“ and in the spatial distribution („rural flight“ particularly of young people. The exploration of the research object is based on the starting hypothesis that the demands and preferences of an aging and urbanizing population are changing and have effects on the controlling state interventions, which are also reflected in the agricultural use of landscapes. After a short description of demographic change, a conceptual politico-economic model, which describes the transmission of demographic change on land use, through the analysis of group (age groups, groups of residences demands on agrarian landscape use is presented. The focus is on the demand for land use related non-commodity outputs (NCO. The starting hypothesis is then examined using selected studies. The literature suggests that urban-rural dichotomy is likely to be greatly diminished. In addition, the urbanization of preferences is expected while preferences differentiated against heterogeneous cultural lifestyles seem to become even more important. However, without further research on the related topics, the basic issues cannot be clearly dealt with. Assumptions are finally made regarding changing societal demands for agrarian landscapes due to demographic change. The limitations of the selected approach and the identification of further research needs will be discussed in closing.

  16. Topics in Current Science Research: Closing the Achievement Gap for Under Resourced Students of Color

    Loya Villalpando, Alvaro; Daal, Miguel; Phipps, Arran; Speller, Danielle; Sadoulet, Bernard; Winheld, Rachel; Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Collaboration


    Topics in Current Science Research (TCSR) is a five-week summer course offered at the University of California, Berkeley through a collaboration between the Level Playing Field Institute's Summer Math and Science Honors Academy (SMASH) Program and the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) group at UC Berkeley. SMASH is an academic enrichment program geared towards under-resourced, high school students of color. The goals of the course are to expand the students' conception of STEM, to teach the students that science is a method of inquiry and not just a collection of facts that are taught in school, and to expose the scholars to critical thinking within a scientific setting. The course's curriculum engages the scholars in hands-on scientific research, project proposal writing, and presentation of their scientific work to their peers as well as to a panel of UC Berkeley scientists. In this talk, we describe the course and the impact it has had on previous scholars, we discuss how the course's pedagogy has evolved over the past 10 years to enhance students' perception and understanding of science, and we present previous participants' reflections and feedback about the course and its success in providing high school students a genuine research experience at the university level.


    Jing Shen


    Full Text Available Fibers and fillers are important raw materials for the preparation of paper products. Similar to fiber engineering, filler engineering for papermaking has become an active research area. There are similarities as well as differences between engineering involving each of these classes of materials. There are differences in such aspects as the nature of materials to be engineered, applicable engineering methods, and engineerablity of the material surfaces. The co-development of fiber engineering and filler engineering can potentially provide many benefits to the papermaking industry. For filler engineering, the relevant research topics broadly can include fibrous filler engineering, hollow/porous filler engineering, acid-stabilization of calcium carbonate fillers, surface encapsulation of naturally occurring polymers or their derivatives, preflocculation, precoagulation, cationic modification, filler/size hybrid formation, organic filler engineering, using combinations of different types of available fillers, multilayer deposition modification, modification with polymer latexes or dispersants, physical modification, mechanical modification, surface functionalization, fines-filler composite/hybrids or fiber-filler composite/ hybrid formation, in-situ polymerization modification, surface grafting, physical treatment in the presence of polymeric additives, filler precipitation, and core-shell composite filler engineering.

  18. Hot Topics in Clinical Oral Implants Research: Recent Trends in Literature Coverage

    Vesela Valkova


    Full Text Available This systematic review looks at thematic trends in clinical research publications on dental implants. For this purpose, MEDLINE electronic searches as well as additional hand searches of six main journals in the field were conducted. A total of 2875 clinical studies published between 2001 and 2012 met the inclusion criteria and were subjected to statistical analysis. Hot topics in dental implant literature included immediate loading (14.3%, bone substitutes (11.6%, cross-arch full bridges (8.0%, and immediate implant placement (7.5%. A significant increase in scientific interest for immediate loading (+6.3%, p = 0.001, platform switching (+2.9%, p = 0.001, guided implant surgery (+1.9%, p = 0.011, growth factors (p = 0.014, +1.4%, piezoelectric surgery (+1.3%, p = 0.015, and restorative materials (+0.7%, p = 0.011 was found. A declining scientific interest in onlay grafting (−0.3%, p = 0.042 was recorded. The findings regarding current clinical oral implants research tie in with better-informed consumers and increased patient demands. Our results demonstrate an increasing interest in techniques that avoid complicated procedures such as bone grafting and that reduce treatment duration.

  19. Disentangling Scale Approaches in Governance Research: Comparing Monocentric, Multilevel, and Adaptive Governance

    Maartje van. Lieshout


    Full Text Available The question of how to govern the multiscale problems in today's network society is an important topic in the fields of public administration, political sciences, and environmental sciences. How scales are defined, studied, and dealt with varies substantially within and across these fields. This paper aims to reduce the existing conceptual confusion regarding scales by disentangling three representative approaches that address both governance and scaling: monocentric governance, multilevel governance, and adaptive governance. It does so by analyzing the differences in (1 underlying views on governing, (2 assumptions about scales, (3 dominant problem definitions regarding scales, and (4 preferred responses for dealing with multiple scales. Finally, this paper identifies research opportunities within and across these approaches.

  20. Design guidelines for adapting scientific research articles: An example from an introductory level, interdisciplinary program on soft matter

    Langbeheim, Elon; Safran, Samuel A.; Yerushalmi, Edit


    We present design guidelines for using Adapted Primary Literature (APL) as part of current interdisciplinary topics to introductory physics students. APL is a text genre that allows students to comprehend a scientific article, while maintaining the core features of the communication among scientists, thus representing an authentic scientific discourse. We describe the adaptation of a research paper by Nobel Laureate Paul Flory on phase equilibrium in polymer-solvent mixtures that was presented to high school students in a project-based unit on soft matter. The adaptation followed two design strategies: a) Making explicit the interplay between the theory and experiment. b) Re-structuring the text to map the theory onto the students' prior knowledge. Specifically, we map the theory of polymer-solvent systems onto a model for binary mixtures of small molecules of equal size that was already studied in class.

  1. Research of weld residual stress analysis technology of CRDM adapter

    Background: Several aspects will influence the weld residual stress analysis of CRDM penetration, such as formation and distribution of heat source, heating and cooling processing, finite elements meshing, phase changing, etc. Purpose: Develop an effective method for weld residual stress analysis, research the influence of interval between heating and cooling step during multipass beads procedure. Methods: Finite elements with a sequentially coupled approach are applied, including a transient thermal analysis simulating the heating and cooling and their interval between multipass welding. Results: An appropriate finite method is developed for weld residual stress simulation. Conclusions: Appropriate interval time must be chosen between multipass weld beads to avoid poor weld residual stress, and contact pressure between RPV shell and CRDM adapter tube also should be check for structure integrity. (authors)

  2. Use of Audio Podcast in K-12 and Higher Education: A Review of Research Topics and Methodologies

    Hew, Khe Foon


    This article reviews past empirical studies on the use of audio podcast (hereby referred to as podcast) in K-12 and higher education settings. Using the constant comparative method, this review is organized into three major research areas or topics: (a) participants' podcast usage profile, (b) effects of podcast on learners' outcomes, and (b)…

  3. Review of Priority Research & Development Topics: R&D related to the use of Remote Sensing in National Forest Monitoring

    Mitchell, A.; Hoekman, D.H.


    This document reviews the potential of the various remote sensing-derived forest map products that can be used in implementing and improving national forest monitoring systems8 and help meet the requirements of the IPCC Guidelines. It identifies any research and development topics that need to be ad

  4. Climate adaptation - 5 key research themes; Denmark; Klimatilpasning - 5 centrale forskningstemaer

    Andersen, Bent; Binnerup, S.; Bijl, L. van der; Villholth, K.G.; Drews, M.; Strand, I.F.; Henrichs, T.; Larsen, Niels; Timmermann, T.; Moseholm, L.


    The report proposes five key research themes under the heading 'Future climate and climate adaptation' which can support the Danish climate adaptation efforts. These themes underpin climate adaptation in the light of research needs identified by the research environments and sectors under the government's strategy on adaptation to climate change in Denmark from March 2008. The paper has been prepared within the framework of RESEARCH2015-proposal by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in order to bring about the knowledge and tools that are demanded by sectors and authorities to implement the government's climate adaptation strategy. This concept paper for research themes is a thorough, holistic and inter-sectoral suggestion for future research priorities in climate adaptation with anchoring in both the research community as well as in the political-administrative system. The five key themes are; 1. Models and climate adaptation; 2. Communities and climate adaptation; 3. Construction and climate adaptation; 4. Landscape and climate adaptation; 5. Climate adaptation in the coastal zone. The overall research needs over a 5 year period is estimated at 700 million DKK, of which 85 million DKK yearly can be estimated to be financed primarily through national basic funds and research council funds. Research is assumed to be coupled to external financing, for which the EU's 7th Framework Program and the Nordic excellence and innovation program in the energy, climate and environment will be significant sources.

  5. Characteristics and popular topics of latest researches into the effects of air particulate matter on cardiovascular system by bibliometric analysis.

    Jia, Xiaofeng; Guo, Xinbiao; Li, Haicun; An, Xinying; Zhao, Yingguang


    In recent years, many epidemiological and toxicological studies have investigated the adverse effects of air particulate matter (PM) on the cardiovascular system. However, it is difficult for the researchers to have a timely and effective overall command of the latest characteristics and popular topics in such a wide field. Different from the previous reviews, in which the research characteristics and trends are empirically concluded by experts, we try to have a comprehensive evaluation of the above topics for the first time by bibliometric analysis, a quantitative tool in information exploration. This study aims to introduce the bibliometric method into the field of PM and cardiovascular system. The articles were selected by searching PubMed/MEDLINE (from 2007 to 2012) using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) terms "particulate matter" and "cardiovascular system". A total of 935 eligible articles and 1895 MeSH terms were retrieved and processed by the software Thomson Data Analyzer (TDA). The bibliographic information and the MeSH terms of these articles were classified and analyzed to summarize the research characteristics. The top 200 high-frequency MeSH terms (the cumulative frequency percentage was 74.2%) were clustered for popular-topic conclusion. We summarized the characteristics of published articles, of researcher collaborations and of the contents. Ten clusters of MeSH terms are presented. Six popular topics are concluded and elaborated for reference. Our study presents an overview of the characteristics and popular topics in the field of PM and cardiovascular system in the past five years by bibliometric tools, which may provide a new perspective for future researchers. PMID:23480197

  6. How is adaptation, resilience, and vulnerability research engaging with gender?

    Bunce, A.; Ford, J.


    The gendered dimensions of climate change have received increasing interest in climate change adaptation, resilience, and vulnerability (ARV) research. Yet concerns have been expressed that engagement with ‘gender’ in this work has been tokenistic. In this context, we ask: how is climate change ARV research engaging with gender? To answer this question, we develop an assessment framework capturing key attributes of engagement and use it to evaluate peer reviewed ARV articles with a focus on gender published since 2006 (n = 123). Results indicate an increase in ARV studies with a gender focus over this period, with the level of gender engagement also increasing. There are a relatively equal numbers of studies categorized as engaging gender at a high, medium, and low level, with studies from Sub-Saharan Africa consistently exhibiting high levels of gender engagement. Gender focused ARV has a strong focus on examining female experiences, with few studies explicitly focusing on men, and no work accounting for those identifying outside the gender binary.

  7. First-Generation College Student Dissertation Abstracts: Research Strategies, Topical Analysis, and Lessons Learned

    Banning, James H.


    First-generation college students are students whose parents or guardians did not obtain a four year college degree (Davis, 2012). As a group these students make up a large part of the college student population and are often reported to encounter difficulties in their campus experience. While the topic of first-generation student has received…

  8. Text Mining for Information Systems Researchers: An Annotated Topic Modeling Tutorial

    Debortoli, Stefan; Müller, Oliver; Junglas, Iris;


    probabilistic topic modeling via Latent Dirichlet Allocation, an unsupervised text miningtechnique, in combination with a LASSO multinomial logistic regression to explain user satisfaction with an IT artifactby automatically analyzing more than 12,000 online customer reviews. For fellow information systems...

  9. State of research and perspective on adaptive response to low doses of ionizing radiation in Japan

    In a review article entitled ''Physical Benefits from Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation,'' published in Health Physics in December of 1982, Professor T.D. Luckey of the University of Missouri, asserted the ''radiation hormesis'' with 200 references. This resulted in the first International Symposium on Radiation Hormesis in Oakland, California (August 1985). CRIEPI consulted many specialists about Luckey's paper and studied many other papers such as Lorenz, 1954; Luckey, 1980, Liu et al., 1985. Radiation hormesis research in Japan has been based on the rationale that if Luckey's claim were to be true, radiation management in Japan has been extremely erroneous. CRIEPI organized a Hormesis Research Steering Committee composed of leading specialists in the field concerned, and began research in cooperation with a number of universities, as well as the National Cancer Research Institute, and the National Institute of Radiological Sciences. After obtaining interesting results in various experiments on the health effects of exposure to low doses of radiation, we have proceeded on an expanded program, which involves fourteen universities and two research institutes throughout Japan. The interesting results we obtained can be categorized in five groups. 1. Enhancement of immune systems such as lymphocytes and suppression of cancer, 2. Radio-adaptive response relating to the activation of DNA repair and adoptosis, 3. Rejuvenation of cells such as increase of SOD and cell membrane permeability, 4. Radiation effect on neuro-transmitting system through increase of key enzymes, 5. Others, including the therapy of adult-disease such as diabetes and hypertension. We are now carrying out experimental activities on the effects of low-dose radiation on mammals. After several years of research activities, we are recognizing Luckey's claim. Some basic surveys including Hiroshima Nagasaki and animal experiments in Japan have brought us valuable informations on the health effects of low

  10. Time Use Research and Time Use Data – Actual Topics and New Frontiers

    Joachim, Merz


    Diese Studie thematisiert den Gebrauch und die geeigneten Daten für die aktuelle inhaltlich ausgerichtete Forschung zur Zeitverwendung. Betrachtet werden sowohl makro- als auch mikroanalytische Ansätze. Allerdings liegt der Schwerpunkt auf mikroökonomischen Ansätzen mit den Topics: Arbeitsmarkt (Arbeitsangebot) und Haushaltsproduktion einschließlich der Schattenpreisgestaltung unbezahlter Arbeit. Auf der Basis eines strukturierten Überblicks über die Zeitverwendungsforschung und ihren Daten, ...

  11. NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Approximation by Solutions of Partial Differential Equations, Quadrature Formulae, and Related Topics

    Goldstein, M; Haussmann, W; Hayman, W; Rogge, L


    This volume consists of the proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Approximation by Solutions of Partial Differential Equations, Quadrature Formulae, and Related Topics, which was held at Hanstholm, Denmark. These proceedings include the main invited talks and contributed papers given during the workshop. The aim of these lectures was to present a selection of results of the latest research in the field. In addition to covering topics in approximation by solutions of partial differential equations and quadrature formulae, this volume is also concerned with related areas, such as Gaussian quadratures, the Pompelu problem, rational approximation to the Fresnel integral, boundary correspondence of univalent harmonic mappings, the application of the Hilbert transform in two dimensional aerodynamics, finely open sets in the limit set of a finitely generated Kleinian group, scattering theory, harmonic and maximal measures for rational functions and the solution of the classical Dirichlet problem. In ...

  12. Pathobiology of Biliary Epithelia and Cholangiocarcinoma: Proceedings of the Henry M. and Lillian Stratton Basic Research Single-Topic Conference

    Sirica, Alphonse E.; NATHANSON, MICHAEL H.; Gores, Gregory J.; LaRusso, Nicholas F


    In June 2008, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) sponsored the Henry M. and Lillian Stratton Basic Research Single-Topic Conference on the Pathobiology of Biliary Epithelia and Cholangiocarcinoma, which was held in Atlanta, GA. Attendees from 12 different countries participated in this conference, making it a truly international scientific event. Both oral and poster presentations were given by multidisciplinary experts, who highlighted important areas of current...

  13. Research on the Stability of a Rabbit Dry Eye Model Induced by Topical Application of the Preservative Benzalkonium Chloride

    Li, Chaoyang; Song, Yiyue; Luan, Shaohong; Wan, Pengxia; Li, Naiyang; Tang, Jing; Han, Yu; Xiong, Cuiju; Wang, Zhichong


    Background Dry eye is a common disease worldwide, and animal models are critical for the study of it. At present, there is no research about the stability of the extant animal models, which may have negative implications for previous dry eye studies. In this study, we observed the stability of a rabbit dry eye model induced by the topical benzalkonium chloride (BAC) and determined the valid time of this model. Methods and Findings Eighty white rabbits were randomly divided into four groups. O...

  14. Research of the Knowledge Representation Based on Topic Map%基于Topic Map的知识表示技术研究



    Topic Map主题地图作为语义Web信息描述模型,阐述了Topic Map在Web资源组织中的作用和地位,研究了TM结构化知识表示向形式化逻辑的映射机制,以及基于TM的知识推理的实现.

  15. Review of Research on Educational Leadership and Management in Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Research Topics and Methods, 1995-2012

    Hallinger, Philip; Chen, Junjun


    Over the past two decades scholars have called for a more concerted effort to develop an empirically grounded literature on educational leadership outside of mainstream "Western" contexts. This paper reports the results of a review of research topics and methods that comprise the literature on educational leadership and management in…

  16. For a better understanding of adaptive capacity to climate change: a research framework

    It is generally accepted that there exists a systematic link between a low level of adaptive capacity and a low level of development, which thus implies that the poor inevitably have low adaptive capacities. We argue here that this viewpoint is biased because adaptation to climate change is not solely determined by economic and technological capacities. Many other characteristics of a community can play a major role in its ability to react to and anticipate climate changes (e.g. the territorial identity or the social relationships). From our point of view, this limited view of adaptive capacity is related to a relative immaturity of the science of adaptation, a discipline that analyses the processes and determinants of adaptive capacity. This can be explained by the fact that there are currently few existing frameworks for studying adaptive capacity. This paper consists in a proposal for a research framework which is based upon four main fields of investigation: (i) the influential factors of adaptive capacity and their interactions, (ii) the relevant spatial and temporal scales of adaptive capacity, (iii) the links between adaptive capacity, vulnerability and the level of development and (iv) the theoretical links between adaptation and sustainability. These four fields of research should bring new knowledge on adaptive capacity and feed a more general reflection on the adaptation pathways for dealing with climate change. (author)

  17. Contributions to Zoology, the journal - diversity in research topics and changes over the last 27 years

    Vonk, R.; Nijman, V


    We provide a brief overview of the history of the journal Contributions to Zoology and analyse the papers published in the last 27 years by topic. Founded in 1848 as ‘Bijdragen tot de Dierkunde’, 160 years and 76 volumes later it is one of the oldest zoological journals that is still regularly printed. Over the last decades most papers dealt with invertebrates (60%), followed by vertebrates (23%), insects (10%) and non-taxonomic papers. Contributions to Zoology has seen a change from a largel...

  18. The Challenging Topics and Future Directions of the Research in Limnology and Watershed Sciences

    LengShuying; YangGuishan; LiuZhengwen; WuRuijin; SongChangqing


    Based on reviewing the problems in limnology and watershed sciences in meeting the national demands and the development of theories and methodology, this paper proposed some challeng-ing topics to the sciences, covering the process of lake evolution and the quantitative analysis of hu-man impacts, in-lake nutrient cycling an biogeo-chemical process, the process and mechanisms of material flow in lake-watershed system, digital watershed and the modeling of the surface pro-cess of lake-watershed, and ecosystem health and scientific management of lake- watershed.

  19. A Network Analysis of the Teachers and Graduate Students’ Research Topics in the Field of Mass Communication

    Ming-Shu Yuan


    Full Text Available The completion of a master’s thesis requires the advisor’s guidance on topic selection, data collection, analysis, interpretation and writing. The advisory committee’s input also contributes to the work. This study conducted content analysis and network analysis on a sample of 547 master’s theses from eight departments of the College of Journalism and Communications of Shih Hsin University to examine the relationships between the advisors and committee members as well as the connections of research topics. The results showed that the topic “lifestyle” have attracted cross-department research interests in the college. The academic network of the college is rather loose, and serving university administration duties may have broadened a faculty member’s centrality in the network. The Department of Communications Management and the Graduate Institute of Communications served as the bridges for the inter-departmental communication in the network. One can understand the interrelations among professors and departments through study on network analysis of thesis as to identify the characteristics of each department, as well as to reveal invisible relations of academic network and scholarly communication. [Article content in Chinese

  20. The Value of LIS Schools' Research Topics to Library Authors' Professional Work

    Perkins, Gay Helen; Helbig, Tuesdi L.


    Stoan's distinction between library skills and research skills based on different philosophies of information seeking suggests the value of training in research methodology for the librarian. Such training could lead to more effective patron consultations, committee/administrative work, and personal research. Thus, a convenience sample of…

  1. Research on the Adaptive Object-Model Architecture Style

    YAO Hai-qiong; NI Gui-qiang


    The rapidly changing requirements and business rules stimulate software developers to make their applications more dynamic, configurable, and adaptable. An effective way to meet such requirements is to apply an adaptive object-model (AOM). The AOM architecture style is composed of metamodel, model engine and tools. Firstly, two small patterns for building up metamodel are analyzed in detail. Then model engine for interpreting metamodel and tools for end-uses to define and configure object models are discussed. Finally, a novel platform-applicationware-is proposed.

  2. Report on improved use of research facilities and topics relevant for integration, and training schemes

    Nykänen, Arja


    This report describes the possibilities of different research facilities to fulfil the research needs established by the participating countries of the CORE Organic project. The report is based on information given in the WP4 report, WP6 report and WP6 final report.

  3. Instruction in Research-Related Topics in U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools.

    Springer, James R.; Baer, Lawrence J.


    A questionnaire developed and mailed to administrators of all accredited U.S., Canadian, and Puerto Rican medical schools, asked for information on courses offered in epidemiology, statistics, evaluation of medical literature, and research design. Future research should evaluate the effectiveness of such courses. (Author/MLW)

  4. Flash Flood Risk Perception in an Italian Alpine Region. From Research into Adaptive Strategies.

    Scolobig, A.; de Marchi, B.; Borga, M.


    Flash floods are characterised by short lead times and high levels of uncertainty. Adaptive strategies to face them need to take into account not only the physical characteristics of the hydro-geological phenomena, but also peoples' risk perceptions, attitudes and behaviours in case of an emergency. It is quite obvious that a precondition for an effective adaptation, e.g. in the case of a warning, is the awareness of being endangered. At the same time the perceptions of those at risk and their likely actions inform hazard warning strategies and recovery programmes following such events. Usually low risk awareness or "wrong perceptions" of the residents are considered among the causes of an inadequate preparedness or response to flash floods as well as a symptom of a scarce self-protection culture. In this paper we will focus on flood risk perception and on how research on this topic may contribute to design adaptive strategies and give inputs to flood policy decisions. We will report on a flood risk perception study of the population residing in four villages in an Italian Alpine Region (Trentino Alto-Adige), carried out between October 2005 and January 2006. A total of 400 standardised questionnaires were submitted to local residents by face to face interviews. The surveys were preceded by focus groups with officers from agencies in charge of flood risk management and semi-structured and in-depth interviews with policy, scientific and technical experts. Survey results indicated that people are not so worried about hydro-geological phenomena, and think that their community is more endangered than themselves. The knowledge of the territory and danger sources, the unpredictability of flash floods and the feeling of safety induced by structural devices are the main elements which make the difference in shaping residents' perceptions. The study also demonstrated a widespread lack of adoption of preparatory measures among residents, together with a general low

  5. Balancing Constraints and the Sweet Spot as Coming Topics for Creativity Research

    Onarheim, Balder; Biskjaer, Michael Mose


    The aim of this chapter is the introduction of two new concepts, ‘balancing constraints’ and ‘the sweet spot of creativity’, as promising new paths for creativity research. This is motivated by the fact that creativity research shows a growing interest in the fundamental entwinement of constraints...... constrainedness. More concretely, this means by hardening or softening the constraints at hand, resulting in a higher or lower level of constrainedness. Finally, we discuss how future studies can employ and inform these new concepts, which we see as potentially rich for cross-disciplinary creativity research...

  6. Balancing Constraints and the Sweet Spot as Coming Topics for Creativity Research

    Onarheim, Balder; Biskjaer, Michael Mose


    The aim of this chapter is the introduction of two new concepts, ‘balancing constraints’ and ‘the sweet spot of creativity’, as promising new paths for creativity research. This is motivated by the fact that creativity research shows a growing interest in the fundamental entwinement of constraints...... constrainedness. More concretely, this means by hardening or softening the constraints at hand, resulting in a higher or lower level of constrainedness. Finally, we discuss how future studies can employ and inform these new concepts, which we see as potentially rich for cross-disciplinary creativity research...

  7. Small Business Innovation Research. Abstracts of Phase I awards, 1999; TOPICAL

    This booklet presents technical abstracts of Phase I awards made in Fiscal Year (FY) 1999 under the DOE Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. SBIR research explores innovative concepts in important technological and scientific areas that can lead to valuable new technology and products. The work described in the abstracts is novel, high-risk research, but the benefits will also be potentially high if the objectives are met. Brief comments on the potential applications, as described by the awardee, are given after each abstract. Individuals and organizations, including venture capital and larger industrial firms, with an interest in the research described in any of the abstracts are encouraged to contact the appropriate small business directly

  8. Selected Topics on Business Informatics Research: Editorial Introduction to Issue 6 of CSIMQ

    Fabrizio Maria Maggi; Raimundas Matulevičius


    Business informatics research bridges management and engineering domains and facilitates communication between scientific and practical applications. The sixth issue of the journal of Complex Systems Informatics and Modeling Quarterly contains four publications that present the extended papers from the workshops of the 14th International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research (BIR 2015) that was organized in Tartu, Estonia, 26-28 August, 2015. The BIR 2015 workshops captu...

  9. Explorations: A Research-Based Program Introducing Undergraduates to Diverse Biology Research Topics Taught by Grad Students and Postdocs

    Brownell, Sara E.; Khalfan, Waheeda; Bergmann, Dominique; Simoni, Robert


    Undergraduate biology majors are often overwhelmed by and underinformed about the diversity and complexity of biological research that is conducted on research-intensive campuses. We present a program that introduces undergraduates to the diversity and scope of biological research and also provides unique teaching opportunities for graduate…

  10. Trends and topics in eye disease research in PubMed from 2010 to 2014

    Denion, Eric; Mortemousque, Bruno; Mouriaux, Fréderic


    Background: The purpose of this study is to provide a report on scientific production during the period 2010–2014 in order to identify the major topics as well as the predominant actors (journals, countries, continents) involved in the field of eye disease. Methods: A PubMed search was carried out to extract articles related to eye diseases during the period 2010–2014. Data were downloaded and processed through developed PHP scripts for further analysis. Results: A total of 62,123 articles were retrieved. A total of 3,368 different journals were found, and 19 journals were identified as “core journals” according to Braford’s law. English was by far the predominant language. A total of 853,182 MeSH terms were found, representing an average of 13.73 (SD = 4.98) MeSH terms per article. Among these 853,182 MeSH terms, 14,689 different MeSH terms were identified. Vision Disorders, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, and Cataract were the most frequent five MeSH terms related to eye diseases. The analysis of the total number of publications showed that Europe and Asia were the most productive continents, and the USA and China the most productive countries. Interestingly, using the mean Five-Year Impact Factor, the two most productive continents were North America and Oceania. After adjustment for population, the overall ranking positions changed in favor of smaller countries (i.e. Iceland, Switzerland, Denmark, and New Zealand), while after adjustment for Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the overall ranking positions changed in favor of some developing countries (Malawi, Guatemala, Singapore). Conclusions: Due to the large number of articles included and the numerous parameters analyzed, this study provides a wide view of scientific productivity related to eye diseases during the period 2010–2014 and allows us to better understand this field. PMID:26819840

  11. About a Snail, a Toad, and Rodents: Animal Models for Adaptation Research

    Roubos, Eric W.; Bruce G. Jenks; Lu eXu; Miyuki eKuribara; Wim J. J. M. Scheenen; Tamas eKozicz


    Neural adaptation mechanisms have many similarities throughout the animal kingdom, enabling to study fundamentals of human adaptation in selected animal models with experimental approaches that are impossible to apply in man. This will be illustrated by reviewing research on three of such animal models, viz. (1) the egg-laying behavior of a snail, Lymnaea stagnalis: how one neuron type controls behavior, (2) adaptation to the ambient light condition by a toad, Xenopus laevis: how a neuroendoc...

  12. Utilization of radiation facilities at TNRC for shielding researches and related topics

    This paper presents the running shielding research activities at Tajura Nuclear research center. The main area of researches are concentrated on the investigation of different types of concrete made from local materials such as conventional concrete, Magnetite-Limonite concrete, and heat resistant concrete. The measuring techniques used were neutron-gamma spectrometry, and activation foils. The measurements were performed using collimated beam of reactor neutrons emitted from one of the horizontal channels, as well as from californium-252 neutron source. The transmitted neutron spectra through concrete barriers of different thicknesses were measured by a scintillation spectrometer with NE-213 liquid organic scintillator. A non-destructive testing of some reactor materials were also carried out using neutron and gamma ray computerized tomography technique (CT). Some experiments were also carried out related to measurements of neutron depth dose distributions inside tissue equivalent materials. 10 figs

  13. A research view of supply chain management: Developments and topics for exploration

    JR Stock


    Full Text Available There have been advances in the understanding of supply chain management (SCM since its inception in the early-1980s. However, there are still some basic issues of SCM that remain unresolved. Much of the research that has been conducted takes one or more of the following three perspectives: (1 development of methods and techniques to study SCM and its components/processes; (2 developing solutions or answers to specific supply chain-related problems or challenges; and/or (3 measuring the results or outcomes of supply chain strategies and tactics. Each of these three perspectives is briefly examined, with selected examples from the literature cited to illustrate the type of research that has been conducted. Some potential areas of research exploration are presented. The areas examined include: theory development, and SCM processes and functions.

  14. Research of Adaptation of Infrastructures for WSRF in Grid Computing

    YANG Qing; WANG Ru-chuan; WANG Hai-yan


    One of the challenges that come from the development of Grid Computing applications is to predigest complicated process of compiling, deploying on the infrastructures and toolkits such as Globus Toolkit. As we explain in this article, we think it is essential to find the solution for rapid Grid Computing applications development. Gbuilder is just such a tool we worked out for rapid develop on extant Grid Computing infrastructure platforms. By using Gbuilder, applications should be able to react dynamically to different infrastructures and toolkits. Since WS-Resource Framework (WSRF) specifications provide technique standard to developers to declare and implement the association between Web service and one or more stateful resources, we aim at making infrastructures provide WS-Resource according these specifications automatically by adding a middleware. This paper focuses on the adapting mechanisms that are provided as the lowermost component of Gbuilder. First we study the adapting model for Globus Toolkit in patterns of combination dynamic and static. Then it describes how to apply the dynam-static adaptation flexibly to adjust different infrastructures to provide WS-Resource based on WSRF. At last, it comes along the conclusion and we give out our future works.

  15. Fuels and Space Propellants for Reusable Launch Vehicles: A Small Business Innovation Research Topic and Its Commercial Vision

    Palaszewski, Bryan A.


    Under its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program (and with NASA Headquarters support), the NASA Lewis Research Center has initiated a topic entitled "Fuels and Space Propellants for Reusable Launch Vehicles." The aim of this project would be to assist in demonstrating and then commercializing new rocket propellants that are safer and more environmentally sound and that make space operations easier. Soon it will be possible to commercialize many new propellants and their related component technologies because of the large investments being made throughout the Government in rocket propellants and the technologies for using them. This article discusses the commercial vision for these fuels and propellants, the potential for these propellants to reduce space access costs, the options for commercial development, and the benefits to nonaerospace industries. This SBIR topic is designed to foster the development of propellants that provide improved safety, less environmental impact, higher density, higher I(sub sp), and simpler vehicle operations. In the development of aeronautics and space technology, there have been limits to vehicle performance imposed by traditionally used propellants and fuels. Increases in performance are possible with either increased propellant specific impulse, increased density, or both. Flight system safety will also be increased by the use of denser, more viscous propellants and fuels.

  16. Human behavior and environmental sustainability : Problems, driving forces, and research topics

    Vlek, Charles; Steg, Linda


    Social and behavioral research is crucial for securing environmental sustainability and improving human living environments. To put the following articles into broader perspective, we first give an overview of worldwide developments in environmental quality and trends in resource use. Second, five g

  17. Socio-Cultural Adaptation, Academic Adaptation and Satisfaction of International Higher Degree Research Students in Australia

    Yu, Baohua; Wright, Ewan


    The number of international higher degree research students has grown at a significant rate in recent years, with Australia becoming a hub for attracting such students from around the world. However, research has identified that international higher degree research students often encounter a wide range of academic and socio-cultural challenges in…

  18. Adapt

    Bargatze, L. F.


    Active Data Archive Product Tracking (ADAPT) is a collection of software routines that permits one to generate XML metadata files to describe and register data products in support of the NASA Heliophysics Virtual Observatory VxO effort. ADAPT is also a philosophy. The ADAPT concept is to use any and all available metadata associated with scientific data to produce XML metadata descriptions in a consistent, uniform, and organized fashion to provide blanket access to the full complement of data stored on a targeted data server. In this poster, we present an application of ADAPT to describe all of the data products that are stored by using the Common Data File (CDF) format served out by the CDAWEB and SPDF data servers hosted at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. These data servers are the primary repositories for NASA Heliophysics data. For this purpose, the ADAPT routines have been used to generate data resource descriptions by using an XML schema named Space Physics Archive, Search, and Extract (SPASE). SPASE is the designated standard for documenting Heliophysics data products, as adopted by the Heliophysics Data and Model Consortium. The set of SPASE XML resource descriptions produced by ADAPT includes high-level descriptions of numerical data products, display data products, or catalogs and also includes low-level "Granule" descriptions. A SPASE Granule is effectively a universal access metadata resource; a Granule associates an individual data file (e.g. a CDF file) with a "parent" high-level data resource description, assigns a resource identifier to the file, and lists the corresponding assess URL(s). The CDAWEB and SPDF file systems were queried to provide the input required by the ADAPT software to create an initial set of SPASE metadata resource descriptions. Then, the CDAWEB and SPDF data repositories were queried subsequently on a nightly basis and the CDF file lists were checked for any changes such as the occurrence of new, modified, or deleted

  19. Climate change and health in the United States of America: impacts, adaptations, and research

    After a description of the various impacts of climate change on human health, this report describes and comments the impacts of climate change on health in the USA: impacts of heat waves, of air quality degradation, of extreme climate events, of climate change on infectious diseases and allergies, regional impacts of climate change. In a second part, it describes the strategies of adaptation to the 'climate change and health' issue in the USA: mitigation and adaptation to climate change, adaptation challenges, insufficiently prepared public health system, adaptation to heat waves, adaptation to air quality degradation, adaptation to extreme climate events, adaptation to food- and water-based diseases and to vector-based diseases, examples of proactive adaptation. The last part describes the organisation of research on 'climate change and health' in the USA: nowadays and in the future, role of federal agencies, priority research axes. The 'United States Global Change Research Program' is presented in appendix, as well as the most important research centres (mostly in universities)

  20. Topical issues of psychological research materials on matters related to extremism

    Sekerazh T.N.


    Full Text Available The article deals with methodological support psychological and linguistic research "extremist" materials. Presents a comprehensive psycho-linguistic approach to the examination of information materials on matters related to combating extremism and terrorism, and certain provisions of the methodology developed by the Russian federal center of judicial examination of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. Based on the analysis of the "verbal" crimes related to criminal legal interpretation of extremism and terrorism, highlighted the types of prohibited public expression of communicative action, corresponding to the seven types of "extremist" values. The article outlines the key features of psychological analysis "extremist" materials research stages. It is shown that the complex (psycho-linguistic approach to the study of materials of extremist orientation, is scientifically sound, methodically proven, appropriate to the needs of law enforcement, judicial and investigative practice.

  1. Demographic changes and the demands on agricultural landscapes: Refl ections on a new research topic

    Müller, K.; A. Artner; Knierim, A


    Demographic change suggests substantial effects on future societal demands on agricultural landscape use and thus on rural areas. Demographic change is thereby defined as both the decrease of the population and the shift in the age distribution („aging“) and in the spatial distribution („rural flight“ particularly of young people). The exploration of the research object is based on the starting hypothesis that the demands and preferences of an aging and urbanizing population are changing and ...

  2. Evaluation of the Benefits Attributable to Automotive Lightweight Materials Program Research and Development Projects; TOPICAL

    The purpose of this project is to identify and test methods appropriate for estimating the benefits attributable to research and development (R and D) projects funded by the Automotive Lightweight Materials (ALM) Program of the Office of Advanced Automotive Technologies (OAAT) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Funded projects range from basic materials science research to applied research in production environments. Collaborators on these projects include national laboratories, universities, and private sector firms, such as leading automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Three ALM R and D projects were chosen for this pilot evaluation: Low-Cost, Continuous Cast Aluminum Sheet; Advanced Forming Technologies for Aluminum; and Manufacturing of Composite Automotive Structures. These projects were chosen because they represent a range of benefits evaluation situations. The first project resulted in an improved process that may be commercialized. The second project is on going and has two distinct components. The third project has yielded an improved technology that has been commercialized. This completed project also benefited from numerous complementary projects

  3. Potential Collaborative Research topics with Korea’s Agency for Defense Development

    Farrar, Charles R. [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Todd, Michael D. [Univ. of California, San Diego


    This presentation provides a high level summary of current research activities at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)-University of California Jacobs School of Engineering (UCSD) Engineering Institute that will be presented at Korea's Agency for Defense Development (ADD). These research activities are at the basic engineering science level with different level of maturity ranging from initial concepts to field proof-of-concept demonstrations. We believe that all of these activities are appropriate for collaborative research activities with ADD subject to approval by each institution. All the activities summarized herein have the common theme that they are multi-disciplinary in nature and typically involved the integration of high-fidelity predictive modeling, advanced sensing technologies and new development in information technology. These activities include: Wireless Sensor Systems, Swarming Robot sensor systems, Advanced signal processing (compressed sensing) and pattern recognition, Model Verification and Validation, Optimal/robust sensor system design, Haptic systems for large-scale data processing, Cyber-physical security for robots, Multi-source energy harvesting, Reliability-based approaches to damage prognosis, SHMTools software development, and Cyber-physical systems advanced study institute.


    Ivan CISMARU


    The paper submits a managerial “idea” whereby research activity may be rendered more efficient in its relation to economy, by the introduction of a concession system that should quickly establish relations between the research objects (as short and long-term perspective) so that the latter might be correlated to the demands of the economic environment. The introduction of the concession system within the triangle that ensures human society’s running and development (research – economy – socia...

  5. Virtual reality in planning and operations from research topic to practical issue

    During the last decade of research and development on advanced visualization systems for the nuclear industry, the available technology has evolved significantly. In the same period, nuclear companies have entered a more competitive environment due to the increasingly open electricity market, resulting in strong demands on cost effective operations. This paper reports on some of the 3D applications developed by Inst. for Energy Technology in this time period, and on the emerging possibilities for practical applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Finally the paper proposes that well-considered deployment of recent and on-going technological advances in this field can be a contribution to improving economy and efficiency without compromising safety. (authors)

  6. Update on Chloroplast Research: New Tools, New Topics, and New Trends

    Ute Armbruster; Paolo Pesaresi; Mathias Pribil; Alexander Hertle; Dario Leister


    Chloroplasts, the green differentiation form of plastids, are the sites of photosynthesis and other important plant functions. Genetic and genomic technologies have greatly boosted the rate of discovery and functional characterization of chloroplast proteins during the past decade. Indeed, data obtained using high-throughput methodologies, in particular proteomics and transcriptomics, are now routinely used to assign functions to chloroplast proteins. Our knowledge of many chloroplast processes, notably photosynthesis and photorespiration, has reached such an advanced state that biotechnological approaches to crop improvement now seem feasible. Meanwhile, efforts to identify the entire complement of chloroplast proteins and their interactions are progressing rapidly, making the organelle a prime target for systems biology research in plants.

  7. Compilation status and research topics in Hokkaido University nuclear reaction data centre

    The Hokkaido University Nuclear Reaction Data Centre (JCPRG) is a member of the International Network of Nuclear Reaction Data Centres (NRDC) under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). JCPRG contributes about 10 percent of the data on charged-particle nuclear reactions in the EXFOR. In addition to the worldwide collaboration of compilation, Asian collaboration on compilation and evaluation was also promoted. As a result of this promotion, a research on the 9Be+n reaction was launched between Hokkaido University and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Beryllium is one of essential materials as a target window and a reflector for a spallation neutron source. The theoretical study and evaluation of the 9Be+n reaction are indispensable for nuclear engineering. We report current status of our activity and collaboration on compilation and evaluation of nuclear reaction data. (author)

  8. [Psychoanalysis and early childhood research. Some basic topics of the debate].

    Dornes, M


    In Dornes' view it is time for psychoanalytic development psychology to stand back from its preoccupation with the reconstructed child and gain access to the real child via direct observation, thus re-establishing contact with the state of research in neighbouring disciplines. Such direct observation would both stimulate a review of the cogency of the symbiosis and borderline theories of normal early development and question the assumption of lack of psychic differentiation in newborn children. So far, the author contends, psychoanalytic theory has both underestimated and overestimated the abilities of infants, ascribing to them in the latter case the capacity for complicated psychic operations (hallucinatory wish fulfillment, grandeur fantasies, projective identifications) which are in fact beyond their powers. PMID:8310132

  9. Adapting Project Management Practices to Research-Based Projects

    Bahr, P.; Baker, T.; Corbin, B.; Keith, L.; Loerch, L.; Mullenax, C.; Myers, R.; Rhodes, B.; Skytland, N.


    From dealing with the inherent uncertainties in outcomes of scientific research to the lack of applicability of current NASA Procedural Requirements guidance documentation, research-based projects present challenges that require unique application of classical project management techniques. If additionally challenged by the creation of a new program transitioning from basic to applied research in a technical environment often unfamiliar with the cost and schedule constraints addressed by project management practices, such projects can find themselves struggling throughout their life cycles. Finally, supplying deliverables to a prime vehicle customer, also in the formative stage, adds further complexity to the development and management of research-based projects. The Biomedical Research and Countermeasures Projects Branch at NASA Johnson Space Center encompasses several diverse applied research-based or research-enabling projects within the newly-formed Human Research Program. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the organizational structure and environment in which these projects operate and how the projects coordinate to address and manage technical requirements. We will identify several of the challenges (cost, technical, schedule, and personnel) encountered by projects across the Branch, present case reports of actions taken and techniques implemented to deal with these challenges, and then close the session with an open forum discussion of remaining challenges and potential mitigations.


    Wang Wen; Wu Shixiong; Chen Zichen


    NC code or STL file can be generated directly from measuring data in a fast reverse-engineering mode.Compressing the massive data from laser scanner is the key of the new mode.An adaptive compression method based on triangulated-surfaces model is put forward.Normal-vector angles between triangles are computed to find prime vertices for removal.Ring data structure is adopted to save massive data effectively.It allows the efficient retrieval of all neighboring vertices and triangles of a given vertices.To avoid long and thin triangles,a new re-triangulation approach based on normalized minimum-vertex-distance is proposed,in which the vertex distance and interior angle of triangle are considered.Results indicate that the compression method has high efficiency and can get reliable precision.The method can be applied in fast reverse engineering to acquire an optimal subset of the original massive data.

  11. Assessment of research needs for advanced heterogeneous catalysts for energy applications. Final report: Volume 2, Topic reports

    Mills, G.A.


    This report assesses the direction, technical content, and priority of research needs judged to provide the best chance of yielding new and improved heterogeneous catalysts for energy-related applications over the period of 5-20 years. It addresses issues of energy conservation, alternate fuels and feedstocks, and the economics and applications that could alleviate pollution from energy processes. Recommended goals are defined in 3 research thrusts: catalytic science, environmental protection by catalysis, and industrial catalytic applications. This study was conducted by an 11-member panel of experts from industry and academia, including one each from Japan and Europe. This volume first presents an in-depth overview of the role of catalysis in future energy technology in chapter 1; then current catalytic research is critically reviewed and research recommended in 8 topic chapters: catalyst preparation (design and synthesis), catalyst characterization (structure/function), catalyst performance testing, reaction kinetics/reactor design, catalysis for industrial chemicals, catalysis for electrical applications (clean fuels, pollution remediation), catalysis for control of exhaust emissions, and catalysts for liquid transportation fuels from petroleum, coal, residual oil, and biomass.

  12. Key Topics for High-Lift Research: A Joint Wind Tunnel/Flight Test Approach

    Fisher, David; Thomas, Flint O.; Nelson, Robert C.


    Future high-lift systems must achieve improved aerodynamic performance with simpler designs that involve fewer elements and reduced maintenance costs. To expeditiously achieve this, reliable CFD design tools are required. The development of useful CFD-based design tools for high lift systems requires increased attention to unresolved flow physics issues. The complex flow field over any multi-element airfoil may be broken down into certain generic component flows which are termed high-lift building block flows. In this report a broad spectrum of key flow field physics issues relevant to the design of improved high lift systems are considered. It is demonstrated that in-flight experiments utilizing the NASA Dryden Flight Test Fixture (which is essentially an instrumented ventral fin) carried on an F-15B support aircraft can provide a novel and cost effective method by which both Reynolds and Mach number effects associated with specific high lift building block flows can be investigated. These in-flight high lift building block flow experiments are most effective when performed in conjunction with coordinated ground based wind tunnel experiments in low speed facilities. For illustrative purposes three specific examples of in-flight high lift building block flow experiments capable of yielding a high payoff are described. The report concludes with a description of a joint wind tunnel/flight test approach to high lift aerodynamics research.

  13. Fluorouracil Topical

    ... topical solution are used to treat actinic or solar keratoses (scaly or crusted lesions [skin areas] caused by years of too much exposure to sunlight). Fluorouracil cream and topical solution are also used to treat ...

  14. Testosterone Topical

    ... in which the body does not produce enough natural testosterone). Testosterone is used only for men with ... topical may control your symptoms but will not cure your condition. Continue to use testosterone topical even ...

  15. Bexarotene Topical

    ... condition may improve as soon as 4 weeks after you begin to use topical bexarotene, or it may ... notice any improvement. Continue to use topical bexarotene after you notice improvement; your condition may continue to improve. ...

  16. Insitut fuer Stroemungsmechanik und Hydraulische Stroemungsmaschinen, University of Stuttgart - topical research; Aktuelle Forschungsarbeiten des Instituts fuer Stroemungsmechanik und Hydraulische Stroemungsmaschinen



    Number 9 of the communications of the institute offers an overview of its fields of research. Described are both projects lately finalized but which are still topical, and investigations currently under way which have already provided useful results. Part of the contributions will be submitted in their full versions as theses, others are condensations of reports commissioned by industry. (orig./GL) [Deutsch] Das vorliegende Heft Nr. 9 der Institutsmitteilungen bietet einen Ueberblick ueber die Arbeitsgebiete des Institutes. Es wurden sowohl Arbeiten aufgenommen, die in letzter Zeit abgeschlossen wurden, aber noch nicht an Aktualitaet verloren haben, als auch solche Untersuchungen, die noch im Gange sind, aber bereits zu brauchbaren Ergebnissen gefuehrt haben. Ein Teil der Beitraege wird ausfuehrlich in Form von Dissertationen vorgelegt werden, bei anderen handelt es sich um Kurzfassungen von Berichten, die im Rahmen von Industrieauftraegen erstellt wurden. (orig./GL)

  17. Hydrogen from biomass: state of the art and research challenges; TOPICAL

    appropriate feedstocks and deployment scenarios that match hydrogen to the local markets. Co-production opportunities are of particular interest for near-term deployment since multiple products improve the economics; however, co-product development is not covered in this report. Biomass has the potential to accelerate the realization of hydrogen as a major fuel of the future. Since biomass is renewable and consumes atmospheric CO2 during growth, it can have a small net CO2 impact compared to fossil fuels. However, hydrogen from biomass has major challenges. There are no completed technology demonstrations. The yield of hydrogen is low from biomass since the hydrogen content in biomass is low to being with (approximately 6% versus 25% for methane) and the energy content is low due to the 40% oxygen content of biomass. Since over half of the hydrogen from biomass comes from splitting water in the steam reforming reaction, the energy content of the feedstock is an inherent limitation of the process . The low yield of hydrogen on a weight basis is misleading since the energy conversion efficiency is high. However, the cost for growing, harvesting, and transporting biomass is high. Thus even with reasonable energy efficiencies, it is not presently economically competitive with natural gas steam reforming for stand-alone hydrogen without the advantage of high-value co-products. Additionally, as with all sources of hydrogen, production from biomass will require appropriate hydrogen storage and utilization systems to be developed and deployed. The report also looked at promising areas for further research and development. The major areas for R,D and D are: feedstock preparation and feeding; gasification gas conditioning; system integration; modular systems development; valuable co-product integration; and larger-scale demonstrations. These are in addition to the challenges for any hydrogen process in storage and utilization technologies

  18. Increasing sustainable stormwater management adaption through transdisciplinary research

    Wingfield, Thea; Potter, Karen; Jones, Gareth; Spees, Jack; Macdonald, Neil


    The Ribble Rivers Trust leads a partnership of land and water management organisations that use a holistic approach to water management in the Ribble catchment. They are interested in incorporating sustainable stormwater systems, into their program of delivery with a view to ensuring that their activities to improve the environments and habitats of the catchment also contribute to reducing flood risk. A methodology, to locate interventions that would slow water within the catchment are identified; however partner buy in, institutional caution and economic barriers are felt to be hindering delivery. In response a transdisciplinary research project in which both the academics of the University of Liverpool and the practitioners of The Ribble Rivers Trust are active investigators has been established. The project aims to increase the uptake of sustainable stormwater management techniques through the analysis of the institutional, experiential and governance processes and their interactions with the physical hydrological processes governing stormwater systems. Research that is transdisciplinary must integrate academic knowledge with practitioner, local understanding and practice. Furthermore methodologies belonging to different academic fields must be blended together to collect, analyse and interpret data in order to examine complex problems through different disciplinary lenses in an integrated way. This approach has been developed in response to the complex relationships of cause and effect of contemporary inter-related economic, environmental and societal challenges. There have been a number of challenges to overcome as transdisciplinary researchers, the first and most important was to understand the different research philosophies and theoretical assumptions behind various natural science and social science research methods. Without this understanding research methodologies could be flawed and would not be effectively integrated and the data would not be

  19. Pressurized fluidized-bed hydroretorting of Eastern oil shales -- Beneficiation. Topical report for Task 4, Beneficiation research

    Roberts, M.J.; Lau, F.S.; Mensinger, M.C. [Institute of Gas Technology, Chicago, IL (United States); Schultz, C.W.; Mehta, R.K.; Lamont, W.E. [Alabama Univ., University, AL (United States); Chiang, S.H.; Venkatadri, R. [Pittsburgh Univ., PA (United States); Misra, M. [Nevada Univ., Reno, NV (United States)


    The Mineral Resources Institute at the University of Alabama, along with investigators from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Nevada-Reno, have conducted a research program on the beneficiation, of Eastern oil shales. The objective of the research program was to evaluate and adapt those new and emerging technologies that have the potential to improve the economics of recovering oil from Eastern oil shales. The technologies evaluated in this program can be grouped into three areas: fine grinding kerogen/mineral matter separation, and waste treatment and disposal. Four subtasks were defined in the area of fine grinding. They were as follows: Ultrasonic Grinding, Pressure Cycle Comminution, Stirred Ball Mill Grinding, and Grinding Circuit Optimization. The planned Ultrasonic grinding research was terminated when the company that had contracted to do the research failed. Three technologies for effecting a separation of kerogen from its associated mineral matter were evaluated: column flotation, the air-sparged hydrocyclone, and the LICADO process. Column flotation proved to be the most effective means of making the kerogen/mineral matter separation. No problems are expected in the disposal of oil shale tailings. It is assumed that the tailings will be placed in a sealed pond and the water recycled to the plant as is the normal practice. It may be advantageous, however, to conduct further research on the recovery of metals as by-products and to assess the market for tailings as an ingredient in cement making.

  20. The dimension of adaptive behavior in mental retardation research: an analysis of recent practices.

    Smith, J D; Polloway, E A


    The dimension of adaptive behavior has been accepted by many professionals as an important component of identification in mental retardation since the definitions of Heber (1961) and Grossman (1973). In order to investigate the impact of this more comprehensive concept of mental retardation on research practices, we analyzed the use of adaptive behavior in the selection and description of subjects. This investigation was based in research articles published in the Americal Journal of Mental Deficiency from 1974 through 1978. In a significant percentage of the articles reviewed, the researchers had not attended to adaptive behavior and used only measures of intellectual functioning for descriptive purposes. These results were discussed in light of the validity of research on mental retardation. Recommendations were included for future research practices. PMID:495669

  1. The application of computers to controlled thermonuclear research. A report to the USAEC Division of Controlled Thermonuclear Research; TOPICAL

    This report surveys the need for large computers in analyzing the properties of magnetically confined plasmas and simulating the characteristics of fusion reactors. The major conclusion of the report is that, to meet the program schedule developed by Magnetic Confinement Systems, it would be necessary to immediately scale up the CTR (controlled thermonuclear research) computerized effort to a level of two Class IV computers by FY 1975. Based on this report, and in an attempt to best meet this need, it was decided to establish the National CTR Computer Center at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

  2. Pathobiology of biliary epithelia and cholangiocarcinoma: proceedings of the Henry M. and Lillian Stratton Basic Research Single-Topic Conference.

    Sirica, Alphonse E; Nathanson, Michael H; Gores, Gregory J; Larusso, Nicholas F


    In June 2008, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) sponsored the Henry M. and Lillian Stratton Basic Research Single-Topic Conference on the Pathobiology of Biliary Epithelia and Cholangiocarcinoma, which was held in Atlanta, GA. Attendees from 12 different countries participated in this conference, making it a truly international scientific event. Both oral and poster presentations were given by multidisciplinary experts, who highlighted important areas of current basic and translational research on biliary epithelial cell biology and pathophysiology, and on the etiology, cellular and molecular pathogenesis, and target-based therapy of cholangiocarcinoma. The specific goals and objectives of the conference were: (1) to advance knowledge of basic and molecular mechanisms underlying developmental and proliferative disorders of the biliary tract; (2) to foster a better and more comprehensive understanding of mechanisms regulating biliary epithelial (cholangiocyte) growth and transport, signaling, cell survival, and abnormalities that result in disease; and (3) to understand basic mechanisms of cholangiocarcinoma development and progression, with the added goal of identifying and exploiting potentially critical molecular pathways that may be targeted therapeutically. A number of interrelated themes emerged from the oral and poster sessions that affected current understandings of the complex organization of transcriptional and signaling mechanisms that regulate bile duct development, hepatic progenitor cell expansion, cholangiocyte secretory functions and proliferation, and mechanisms of cholangiocarcinogenesis and malignant cholangiocyte progression. Most notable were the critical questions raised as to how best to exploit aberrant signaling pathways associated with biliary disease as potential targets for therapy. PMID:18855901

  3. Strategy for Scientific Research Topic Selection in Higher Vocational College%高职院校科研选题策略

    郭芬; 吴坚


    The scientific research topic selection is the starting point of the research work in higher vocational colleges, is the first step for the higher vocational subject research. In this paper, the existing phenomenon in scientific research topic selection in China's higher vocational colleges was analyzed, and topic selection principle in the process of higher vocational scientific research topic selection was proposed, to carry out selection in premise of grasping necessary topic selection method and clearing purpose.%科研选题是高职院校科研工作的起点,是高职课题研究迈出的第一步.文章对目前我国高职院校科研选题存在现象进行了分析,提出了在高职科研选题过程需要结合一定的选题原则,在掌握必要的选题方法和明确的目的前提下进行选择.

  4. Intrinsic motivation inventory: an adapted measure for schizophrenia research.

    Choi, Jimmy; Mogami, Tamiko; Medalia, Alice


    This article describes the psychometric validation of a scale designed to measure intrinsic motivation (IM) in schizophrenia. Recent studies have highlighted the relationship between motivation and functional outcome in schizophrenia and identified IM as an important mediating factor between neurocognition and psychosocial outcome. It therefore becomes imperative to have validated measures of IM for empirical use. To that end, we validated a self-report IM scale that gauges the central motivational structures identified by Self-determinism Theory as pertinent to cognitive task engagement, skill acquisition, treatment compliance, and remediation outcome. Participants were schizophrenia outpatients involved in a cognitive remediation study (n = 58), a convenience subsample of clinically stable schizophrenia outpatients (n = 15), and a group of healthy normals (n = 22). The Intrinsic Motivation Inventory for Schizophrenia Research (IMI-SR) is a concise instrument, possessing good internal consistency (alpha = .92) and test-retest reliability (intraclass correlation = .77). Data were analyzed to abridge the original 54 items into a final 21-item questionnaire comprised of 3 domains relevant to motivation for treatments (interest/enjoyment, perceived choice, value/usefulness). The scale was highly associated with germane constructs of motivation for health-related behaviors, including perceived competency for attempting challenging tasks and autonomous treatment engagement. Importantly, the scale was able to distinguish improvers and nonimprovers on a cognitive task and actual learning exercises, delineate high vs low treatment attendance, and demonstrate sensitivity to motivational changes due to intervention variation. The IMI-SR is a viable instrument to measure IM in schizophrenia as part of a cognitive remediation protocol or psychosocial rehabilitation program. PMID:19386577

  5. Topic Tracking with Dynamic Topic Model and Topic-based Weighting Method

    Xiaoyan Zhang


    Full Text Available In topic tracking, a topic is usually described by several stories. How to represent a topic is always an issue and a difficult problem in the research on topic tracking. To emphasis the topic in stories, we provide an improved topic-based tf*idf weighting method to measure the topical importance of the features in the representation model. To overcome the topic drift problem and filter the noise existed in the tracked topic description, a dynamic topic model is proposed based on the static model. It extends the initial topic model with the information from the incoming related stories and filters the noise using the latest unrelated story. The topic tracking systems are implemented on the TDT4 Chinese corpus. The experimental results indicate that both the new weighting method and the dynamic model can improve the tracking performance.

  6. AI Topics

    Buchanan, Bruce G; Glick, Jonathan


    The debut of the AI in the News column elsewhere in this issue of AI Magazine created a good opportunity to introduce the professional community to the AI Topics web site, home of the AI in the news virtual page. Although AI Topics is designed for the lay public, it serves a much larger audience.

  7. A review of diabetes prevention program translations: use of cultural adaptation and implementation research.

    Tabak, Rachel G; Sinclair, Kàimi A; Baumann, Ana A; Racette, Susan B; Sebert Kuhlmann, Anne; Johnson-Jennings, Michelle D; Brownson, Ross C


    The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) has been shown to prevent type 2 diabetes through lifestyle modification. The purpose of this study was to describe the literature on DPP translation, synthesizing studies using cultural adaptation and implementation research. A systematic search was conducted. Original studies evaluating DPP implementation and/or cultural adaptation were included. Data about cultural adaptation, implementation outcomes, and translation strategies was abstracted. A total of 44 were included, of which 15 reported cultural adaptations and 38 explored implementation. Many studies shortened the program length and reported a group format. The most commonly reported cultural adaptation (13 of 15) was with content. At the individual level, the most frequently assessed implementation outcome (n = 30) was adoption. Feasibility was most common (n = 32) at the organization level. The DPP is being tested in a variety of settings and populations, using numerous translational strategies and cultural adaptations. Implementation research that identifies, evaluates, and reports efforts to translate the DPP into practice is crucial. PMID:26622913

  8. Stimulation of Ideas through Compound-Based Bibliometrics: Counting and Mapping Chemical Compounds for Analyzing Research Topics in Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science

    Barth, Andreas; Marx, Werner


    Counting compounds (rather than papers or citations) offers a new perspective for quantitative analyses of research activities. First of all, we can precisely define (compound-related) research topics and access the corresponding publications (scientific papers as well as patents) as a measure of research activity. We can also establish the time evolution of the publications dealing with specific compounds or compound classes. Moreover, the mapping of compounds by establishing compound-based ...

  9. Climate change and health in the United States of America: impacts, adaptations, and research; Changement climatique et santeaux Etats-Unis: impacts, adaptations et recherche

    Jouan, R.; Magaud, M


    After a description of the various impacts of climate change on human health, this report describes and comments the impacts of climate change on health in the USA: impacts of heat waves, of air quality degradation, of extreme climate events, of climate change on infectious diseases and allergies, regional impacts of climate change. In a second part, it describes the strategies of adaptation to the 'climate change and health' issue in the USA: mitigation and adaptation to climate change, adaptation challenges, insufficiently prepared public health system, adaptation to heat waves, adaptation to air quality degradation, adaptation to extreme climate events, adaptation to food- and water-based diseases and to vector-based diseases, examples of proactive adaptation. The last part describes the organisation of research on 'climate change and health' in the USA: nowadays and in the future, role of federal agencies, priority research axes. The 'United States Global Change Research Program' is presented in appendix, as well as the most important research centres (mostly in universities)

  10. Towards an integrated agenda for adaptation research: theory, practice, and policy: Strategy paper

    Wilbanks, Thomas J [ORNL; Patwardhan, Anand [Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay; Downing, Tom [Stockholm Environment Institute, UK; Leary, Neil [Dickinson College


    Adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change has been recognized as a priority area for national and international policy. The findings of the Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC have reemphasized the urgency of action and the scale of response needed to cope with climate change outcomes. The scientific community has an important role to play in advancing the information and knowledge base that would help in identifying, developing and implementing effective responses to enhance adaptive capacity and reduce vulnerability. This paper examines the way in which science and research could advance the adaptation agenda. To do so, we pose a number of questions aimed at identifying the knowledge gaps and research needs. We argue that in order to address these science and research needs, an integrated approach is necessary, one that combines new knowledge with new approaches for knowledge generation, and where research and practice co-evolve; and that such a learning-by-doing approach is essential to rapidly scale up and implement concrete adaptation actions.

  11. Estradiol Topical

    ... a medication that is applied topically to the vagina. Estradiol is in a class of medications called ... swelling, redness, burning, irritation, or itching of the vagina vaginal discharge Some side effects can be serious. ...

  12. Research on Relationship Model of Social Adaptation,Social Support and Life Satisfaction of Tibetan Hearing Loss Children

    SHEN Ren-hong


    The paper takes 230 Tibetan hearing loss children sample to research on relationship model of social adaptation, social support and life satisfaction of Tibetan hearing loss children by hearing disabled children’s social adaptive behavior, social support assessment scale and life satisfaction rating scale. Results present that there be significant positive relationship between social support and social adaptation, between social adaptation and life satisfaction. Further more, the social suppo...

  13. Relationships between road safety, safety measures and external factors : a scan of the literature in view of model development and topics for further research.

    Churchill, T. & Norden, Y. van


    The purpose of this literature scan is to examine where literature on the effect of external factors and road safety measures on road safety exists and where it is lacking. This scan will help us to decide which factors to include in a comprehensive road safety model as SWOV is working on, and at the same time identifies promising future research topics. The report is divided into two main road safety topics; firstly, the external influences which are not directly related to road safety manag...

  14. Status of Issues in U.S. Edge-Plasma Research and Priority Topics for the Next Five Years

    The Edge Coordinating Committee (ECC) was formed in July 14-15, 2004 when OFES Theory Team invited 14 plasma researchers to a two-day meeting in Germantown, MD to discuss the state of edge-plasma research in the U.S. with a focus on theory and modeling (see ecc/). At that time, OFES tasked the ECC with providing, in about a six month period, a report on the present status of key issues in this area together with a roadmap of what range of activities should be undertaken in the next five years to resolve these issues. This document is a response to that charge. Future edge-plasma research described here is assumed to fit into a budget constraint of a ''flat budget,'' with some additional activities cited for budget increases of as much as 50%. To obtain some measure of the relative fraction of OFES Theory funding presently devoted to edge plasma research, the OFES Theory Team informally surveyed funded work they support in this area at National Labs, Universities, and industry. John Mandrekas reported to us that approximately 10% of the present budget goes to edge-physics areas at 10 institutions, for a total of ∼$2.5M each year. While not explicitly estimated, we note that there are also important edge plasma projects in the Plasma Technology program, especially related to plasma/material sputtering interactions, near-surface plasma chemistry and transport, and impurity transport. Likewise, the Confinement Program has important efforts in interpreting edge-plasma data through modeling codes. This initial status/roadmap work of the ECC is complimentary to the Fusion Energy Science Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC) Panel on Program Priorities (see fesac/). This Panel is charged with identifying major science and technology issues for all of controlled fusion and also with recommending campaigns to address these issues. The Panel has organized their report along six thematic areas, one of which

  15. 博士论文选题研究%Research on Topic Selection of Ph.D. Thesis

    夏庆霖; 赵鹏大


    Through statistically analyzing the topics of 102 Ph.D. thesis, the article advances the mare principles ror tnesis topic selection, such as frontier, application, innovation, challenge and feasibility. Finally, a new idea is proposed that thesis topic selection will be written into the guide of recruit students as an important reform item.%本文通过对102篇博士论文选题的统计分析,提出博士论文选题应遵循前沿性、应用性、创新性、挑战性和可行性五大原则,以及以选题为指南的博士生招生改革思路。

  16. Planning adaptation for food and farming: lessons from 40 year's research

    Reid, Hannah; Chambwera, Muyeye; Murray, Laurel


    Local farmers and pastoralists in poor countries have long coped with droughts, floods and variable rainfall patterns. This first-hand experience is invaluable for those working on climate change adaptation policies, but how do we access it? The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) has 40 years' experience working alongside vulnerable communities to help inform regional, national and global policies. Our research has shown that measures to increase climate change resilience must view food, energy, water and waste management systems as interconnected and mutually dependent. This holistic approach must also be applied to economic analysis on adaptation planning. Similarly, it is vital to use traditional knowledge and management skills, which can further support adaptation planning. Taking these lessons into account, we can then address the emerging policy challenges that we face.

  17. Spotlight Topics

    A Spotlight Topic consists of a set of two or more review articles focused on a specific subject in surface science. The topics are recommended by the Board of Editors. A topic may be chosen because it is particularly new or fast-breaking, thus deserving introduction to the general readership. Or, it may be because a topic is especially controversial or confusing, requiring clarification by experts. Each review will give a critical assessment rather than an encyclopedic report. While our editors always will insist on fairness and accuracy, any review which forwards an opinion is bound to be somewhat subjective. Therefore, it is the editors' wish that the set of reviews written by different authors on the same subject matter will provide a broad and balanced viewpoint. It is often the case that an author who is an expert in a technique or method may be especially enthusiastic or critical about this technique or method. A companion review in the set may provide a different viewpoint. We are hopeful that the reader, after studying these reviews and checking some of the key references, will obtain an informed opinion of the subject. We think the set of reviews in a spotlight area will considerably shorten the ``learning time'' that a nonexpert would otherwise need to become knowledgeable about a subject. In this issue, we feature a spotlight topic on oxide surfaces. The set contains an overview article by Jacques Jupille, and four articles written by G. Pacchioni, F. Cosandey and T. E. Madey, B. G. Daniels, R. Lindsay and G. Thornton, and C. Noguera respectively. Of these, the article by Pacchioni has already appeared in SRL 7, 277 (2000). The other three articles appear in this issue. A reader who wishes to suggest a spotlight topic or recommend authors to write such reviews should contact the Editor-in-Chief. We would like to hear from you.

  18. Ciclopirox Topical

    ... Use the applicator brush attached to the bottle cap to apply ciclopirox topical solution evenly to all affected nails. Also apply the ... the bottle cap and neck and replace the cap tightly on the bottle. Let the solution dry for about 30 seconds before you put ...

  19. 适应性软件体系结构研究%Research on Adaptive Software Architecture

    李刚; 金茂忠


    In this paper,the necessity of researching on adaptive software architecture is expounded from the angle of impacts of Internet on software;the status quo of software architecture and software adaptability is summarized;the open problems and our viewpoints are presented.To contribute to improving software architecture adaptability,much attention should be paid to the following:(1)the theory and methodology of software surviving environment system and system analyzing,(2) the model of adaptive software architecture and the formal theory,(3) the methodology of adaptive software architecture-based software development and achitecture requirement analysis.

  20. Adapting the reactors Melusine and Siloe to the needs of basic research on exit beams

    This report shows how CENG swimming pools can be adapted to meet developing needs of basic research on exit beams. The experimental facilities offered are: two radial channels on Siloe and three radial and two tangential channels on Melusine. The use of various channels is outlined and modifications made to the channels described. Improvements involved the socks, protective shielding systems and collimator plugs and at Melusine, the installation of a heavy water tank. Some future trends are outlined

  1. Adapting and Using Scrum in a Software Research and Development Laboratory

    LIMA, I. R.


    Full Text Available Agile software development has gained importance in the industry because of its approach on the issues of human agility and return on investment. This paper shows how Scrum agile software project management methodology has been deployed and adapted to the model of software project management of a research and development laboratory. As a result of this deployment, experiences and lessons learned in seven real projects developed by the authors are reported.

  2. Technical Note: DIRART- A software suite for deformable image registration and adaptive radiotherapy research

    Purpose: Recent years have witnessed tremendous progress in image guide radiotherapy technology and a growing interest in the possibilities for adapting treatment planning and delivery over the course of treatment. One obstacle faced by the research community has been the lack of a comprehensive open-source software toolkit dedicated for adaptive radiotherapy (ART). To address this need, the authors have developed a software suite called the Deformable Image Registration and Adaptive Radiotherapy Toolkit (DIRART). Methods: DIRART is an open-source toolkit developed in MATLAB. It is designed in an object-oriented style with focus on user-friendliness, features, and flexibility. It contains four classes of DIR algorithms, including the newer inverse consistency algorithms to provide consistent displacement vector field in both directions. It also contains common ART functions, an integrated graphical user interface, a variety of visualization and image-processing features, dose metric analysis functions, and interface routines. These interface routines make DIRART a powerful complement to the Computational Environment for Radiotherapy Research (CERR) and popular image-processing toolkits such as ITK. Results: DIRART provides a set of image processing/registration algorithms and postprocessing functions to facilitate the development and testing of DIR algorithms. It also offers a good amount of options for DIR results visualization, evaluation, and validation. Conclusions: By exchanging data with treatment planning systems via DICOM-RT files and CERR, and by bringing image registration algorithms closer to radiotherapy applications, DIRART is potentially a convenient and flexible platform that may facilitate ART and DIR research.

  3. Cooperative Research and Development Agreement Final Report for Cooperative Research and Development Agreement Number ORNL93-0237 Adhesive Bonding Technologies for Automotive Structural Composites; TOPICAL

    In 1993, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Automotive Composites Consortium (ACC) to conduct research and development that would overcome technological hurdles to the adhesive bonding of current and future automotive materials. This effort is part of a larger Department of Energy (DOE) program to promote the use of lighter weight materials in automotive structures for the purpose of increasing fuel efficiency and reducing environmental pollutant emissions. In accomplishing this mission, the bonding of similar and dissimilar materials was identified as being of primary importance to the automotive industry since this enabling technology would give designers the freedom to choose from an expanded menu of low mass materials for component weight reduction. The research undertaken under this CRADA addresses the following areas of importance: bulk material characterization, structural fracture mechanics, modeling/characterization, process control and nondestructive evaluation (PC/NDE), manufacturing demonstration, and advanced processing. For the bulk material characterization task, the individual material properties of the adherends and adhesives were characterized. This included generating a database of mechanical and physical properties, after identifying and developing standard test methods to obtain properties. The structural fracture mechanics task concentrated on test development to characterize the fracture toughness of adhesively bonded joints subjected to Mode I, Mode II and mixed-mode conditions. Standard test procedures for quantifying an adhesive/adherend system's resistance to crack growth were developed for use by industry. In the modeling/characterization task, fracture mechanics-based design guidelines and predictive methodologies have been developed which will facilitate iteration on design concepts for bonded joints while alleviating the need for extensive testing

  4. Genomic resources for a model in adaptation and speciation research: characterization of the Poecilia mexicana transcriptome

    Kelley Joanna L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Elucidating the genomic basis of adaptation and speciation is a major challenge in natural systems with large quantities of environmental and phenotypic data, mostly because of the scarcity of genomic resources for non-model organisms. The Atlantic molly (Poecilia mexicana, Poeciliidae is a small livebearing fish that has been extensively studied for evolutionary ecology research, particularly because this species has repeatedly colonized extreme environments in the form of caves and toxic hydrogen sulfide containing springs. In such extreme environments, populations show strong patterns of adaptive trait divergence and the emergence of reproductive isolation. Here, we used RNA-sequencing to assemble and annotate the first transcriptome of P. mexicana to facilitate ecological genomics studies in the future and aid the identification of genes underlying adaptation and speciation in the system. Description We provide the first annotated reference transcriptome of P. mexicana. Our transcriptome shows high congruence with other published fish transcriptomes, including that of the guppy, medaka, zebrafish, and stickleback. Transcriptome annotation uncovered the presence of candidate genes relevant in the study of adaptation to extreme environments. We describe general and oxidative stress response genes as well as genes involved in pathways induced by hypoxia or involved in sulfide metabolism. To facilitate future comparative analyses, we also conducted quantitative comparisons between P. mexicana from different river drainages. 106,524 single nucleotide polymorphisms were detected in our dataset, including potential markers that are putatively fixed across drainages. Furthermore, specimens from different drainages exhibited some consistent differences in gene regulation. Conclusions Our study provides a valuable genomic resource to study the molecular underpinnings of adaptation to extreme environments in replicated sulfide

  5. Research Progress of Space-Time Adaptive Detection for Airborne Radar

    Wang Yong-liang


    Full Text Available Compared with Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP, Space-Time Adaptive Detection (STAD employs the data in the cell under test and those in the training to form reasonable detection statistics and consequently decides whether the target exists or not. The STAD has concise processing procedure and flexible design. Furthermore, the detection statistics usually possess the Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR property, and hence it needs no additional CFAR processing. More importantly, the STAD usually exhibits improved detection performance than that of the conventional processing, which first suppresses the clutter then adopts other detection strategy. In this paper, we first summarize the key strongpoint of the STAD, then make a classification for the STAD, and finally give some future research tracks.

  6. The Use of Complex Adaptive Systems as a Generative Metaphor in an Action Research Study of an Organisation

    Brown, Callum


    Understanding the dynamic behaviour of organisations is challenging and this study uses a model of complex adaptive systems as a generative metaphor to address this challenge. The research question addressed is: How might a conceptual model of complex adaptive systems be used to assist in understanding the dynamic nature of organisations? Using an…

  7. Adaptation of forest ecosystems to air pollution and climate change: a global assessment on research priorities

    Serengil Y


    Full Text Available Climate change and air pollution are two of the anthropogenic stressors that require international collaboration. Influence mechanisms and combating strategies towards them have similarities to some extent. Impacts of air pollution and climate change have long been studied under IUFRO Research Group 7.01 and state of the art findings are presented at biannual meetings. Monitoring, modelling, assessment of multiple stressors, ecophysiology, and nutrient cycles have been thoroughly studied aspects of climate change and air pollution research for a long time under the umbrella of IUFRO RG 7.01. Recently, social and economic issues together with water relations are gaining more attention in parallel with science requirements on adaptation. In this paper, we summarise the main research needs emphasized at the recent 24th IUFRO RG 7.01 Conference titled “Adaptation of Forest Ecosystems to Air Pollution and Climate Change”. One important conclusion of the conference was the need for information on nutritional status of forest stands for sustainable forest management. It has been suggested to maintain long-term monitoring programs and to account for the effects of extreme years, and past and present management practices. Long-term monitoring can also help to understand the effects of forestry treatments on the nutrient and water budgets of the ecosystems which may enable to improve management practices like water saving silviculture.

  8. Adapting Pd Gains with Neural Network for Egyptian Second Research Reactor (ETRR-2)

    There is no doubt that selection of conventional Pd gains has a great influence over the system performance. So, this paper presents a developed adapted Pd (APD) control system to fit suitable control action. This system is based on ANN to select, on-line, the proper gains for Pd controller. Both Pd and developed APD control systems are simulated with Egyptian Second Research Reactor (ETRR-2) model subjected to different perturbations. Simulation results proved that, APD controller has faster response than Pd, besides its capability of absorbing more reactivity variations

  9. Resource-adaptive cognitive processes

    Crocker, Matthew W


    This book investigates the adaptation of cognitive processes to limited resources. The central topics of this book are heuristics considered as results of the adaptation to resource limitations, through natural evolution in the case of humans, or through artificial construction in the case of computational systems; the construction and analysis of resource control in cognitive processes; and an analysis of resource-adaptivity within the paradigm of concurrent computation. The editors integrated the results of a collaborative 5-year research project that involved over 50 scientists. After a mot

  10. Research on Mathematics Learning at the "Center of Individual Development and Adaptive Education" (IDeA)--An Introduction

    Krummheuer, Götz


    In 2008, the research center "Individual Development and Adaptive Education" was constituted by the Goethe University, the German Institute for International Educational Research, and the Sigmund Freud Institute, all located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany ( The research of the center focuses on the…

  11. A Masculine Perspective of Gendered Topics in the Research Literature on Males and Females with Intellectual Disability

    Wilson, Nathan J.; Parmenter, Trevor R.; Stancliffe, Roger J.; Shuttleworth, Russell P.; Parker, Desrae


    Background: A focus on male social pathologies may have evolved within parts of the intellectual disability research literature. This article explores this notion and makes some connections between mainstream gender theory about hegemonic masculinity and the current gendered discourse in intellectual disability research. Method: We conducted a…

  12. Participatory Research for Adaptive Water Management in a Transition Country - a Case Study from Uzbekistan

    Nilufar Matin


    Full Text Available Participatory research has in recent years become a popular approach for problem-oriented scientific research that aims to tackle complex problems in a real management context. Within the European Union project NeWater, stakeholder processes were initiated in seven case studies to develop approaches for adaptive water management. The Uzbek part of the Amudarya River basin was one of the studied river basins. However, given the current political and cultural context in Uzbekistan, which provides little room for stakeholder participation, it was unclear to what extent participation could be realized there. In this paper, we present an evaluation of the participatory research carried out in the Amudarya case study with respect to (i the choice and application of different participatory methods and their adaptation to the given political, socioeconomic, and cultural environment, (ii their usefulness in improving system understanding and developing strategies and measures to improve water management and monitoring, and (iii their acceptance and suitability for enhancing policy-making processes in the Amudarya River basin context. The main lessons learned from the comparison of the different participatory methods were (1 the stakeholder process provided an opportunity for meetings and discussions among stakeholders from different organizational levels and thus promoted communication between different levels and organizations, and (2 in a context where most stakeholders are not generally involved in policy-making, there is a danger of raising expectations that a research project cannot meet, e.g., of transferring local interests to higher levels. Our experience shows that in order to choose participatory methods and adapt them to the Uzbek cultural and political setting (and most likely this applies to other post-Soviet transition countries as well, four aspects should be taken into account: the time required to prepare and apply the method, good

  13. Research of a Focused Crawler to Specific Topic Based on Heritrix%基于Heritrix的面向特定主题的聚焦爬虫研究

    朱敏; 罗省贤


    By analyzing the Heritrix open-source crawler' s component architecture, on account of the existed problems of the Heritrix open-source project,the project designs specific capture logics and classes that can directly crawl particular content pages,implements search for particular topic pages; And introduce the BKDRHash algorithms to URL hashing to achieve a particular topic pages for information search and improve the efficiency of the search data, and achieve the purpose of multi-threaded web crawler. Finally, analyse a particular topic pages and capture content,use HTMLParser tool to crawl the web data source into a specific format,the search can provide a data source for the topic-oriented information systems and data mining,prepare a good potential for further research.%通过分析Heritirx开源爬虫的组件结构,针对Heritrix开源爬虫项目存在的问题,项目设计了特定的抓取逻辑和定向抓取包含某一特定内容的网页的类,并引入BKDRHash算法进行URL散列,实现了面向特定主题的网页信息搜索,达到了提高搜索数据的效率以及多线程抓取网页的目的.最后对某一特定主题的网页进行分析,并进行网页内容抓取,采用HTMLParser工具将抓取的网页数据源转换成特定的格式,可为面向主题的搜索信息系统以及数据挖掘提供数据源,为下一步研究工作做好准备.

  14. Materials research at selected Japanese laboratories. Based on a 1992 visit: Overview, summary of highlights, notes on laboratories and topics


    I visited Japan from June 29 to August 1, 1992. The purpose of this visit was to assess the status of materials science research at selected governmental, university and industrial laboratories and to established acquaintances with Japanese researchers. The areas of research covered by these visits included ceramics, oxide superconductors, intermetallics alloys, superhard materials and diamond films, high-temperature materials and properties, mechanical properties, fracture, creep, fatigue, defects, materials for nuclear reactor applications and irradiation effects, high pressure synthesis, self-propagating high temperature synthesis, microanalysis, magnetic properties and magnetic facilities, and surface science.

  15. Adaptive Water Governance: Assessing the Institutional Prescriptions of Adaptive (Co-Management from a Governance Perspective and Defining a Research Agenda

    Claudia Pahl-Wostl


    Full Text Available This article assesses the institutional prescriptions of adaptive (co-management based on a literature review of the (water governance literature. The adaptive (co-management literature contains four institutional prescriptions: collaboration in a polycentric governance system, public participation, an experimental approach to resource management, and management at the bioregional scale. These prescriptions largely resonate with the theoretical and empirical insights embedded in the (water governance literature. However, this literature also predicts various problems. In particular, attention is called to the complexities associated with participation and collaboration, the difficulty of experimenting in a real-world setting, and the politicized nature of discussion on governance at the bioregional scale. We conclude this article by outlining a common research agenda that invites the collaborative efforts of adaptive (co-management and governance scholars.


    Mishra, Srikanta; Schuetter, Jared


    We compare two approaches for building a statistical proxy model (metamodel) for CO₂ geologic sequestration from the results of full-physics compositional simulations. The first approach involves a classical Box-Behnken or Augmented Pairs experimental design with a quadratic polynomial response surface. The second approach used a space-filling maxmin Latin Hypercube sampling or maximum entropy design with the choice of five different meta-modeling techniques: quadratic polynomial, kriging with constant and quadratic trend terms, multivariate adaptive regression spline (MARS) and additivity and variance stabilization (AVAS). Simulations results for CO₂ injection into a reservoir-caprock system with 9 design variables (and 97 samples) were used to generate the data for developing the proxy models. The fitted models were validated with using an independent data set and a cross-validation approach for three different performance metrics: total storage efficiency, CO₂ plume radius and average reservoir pressure. The Box-Behnken–quadratic polynomial metamodel performed the best, followed closely by the maximin LHS–kriging metamodel.

  17. [Topical contraceptives].

    Alipov, V I; Korkhov, V V


    Recently there has been little interest in topical contraceptives. The most popular are the cervical cap and the diaphragm. Other types of mechanical contraceptive devices are being investigated. Standley and Kessler have developed a device for introduction into the cervical canal with a reservoir of spermatocide, it does not block the flow of blood during menstruation. New models of vaginal rings are also being developed which are simple enough for self-insertion and also contain a reservoir of spermatocide. Work is being done on spermatocide-containing sponges in many countries. Another project being investigated is the possibility of using natural proteins, collagens, and other substances which absorb spermatozoids. The ancients used various vaginal suppositories to kill spermatozoids; in the late 19th century quinine sulfate was used for this, and a variety of substances have been used recently. These spermicidal creams also have the advantage of acting as anti-infectious agents in many cases. But they do have some negative effects. They are about 85% effective, are local irritants, and some cause discomfort during intercourse. And it is possible that some are resorbed by the body and act on the liver and other organs. Vaginal globules and suppositories are also popular. The "Kontraceptin-T" brand contains quinosol, boric acid, and tannin. There are also foaming tablets which are mixed with water and then introduced. New locally-active chemical substances are being developed in Japan, West Germany, and the USSR. Kontraceptin-E contains paranonyl-phenoxypolyethylene glycol and sodium dioctylsulfosuccinate. The "Norforks" and other preparations contain mercurial compounds which may turn out to be harmful. The future promises the development of products which will act to prevent fertilization by acting on the hyaluronidase and the acrosine of the spermatozoid, thus preventing it from penetrating the ovum. It would be best to find enzyme inhibitors which are

  18. Scaling up Dynamic Topic Models

    Bhadury, Arnab; Chen, Jianfei; Zhu, Jun; Liu, Shixia


    Dynamic topic models (DTMs) are very effective in discovering topics and capturing their evolution trends in time series data. To do posterior inference of DTMs, existing methods are all batch algorithms that scan the full dataset before each update of the model and make inexact variational approximations with mean-field assumptions. Due to a lack of a more scalable inference algorithm, despite the usefulness, DTMs have not captured large topic dynamics. This paper fills this research void, a...

  19. Topic Modeling of Hierarchical Corpora /

    Kim, Do-kyum


    The sizes of modern digital libraries have grown beyond our capacity to comprehend manually. Thus we need new tools to help us in organizing and browsing large corpora of text that do not require manually examining each document. To this end, machine learning researchers have developed topic models, statistical learning algorithms for automatic comprehension of large collections of text. Topic models provide both global and local views of a corpus; they discover topics that run through the co...

  20. Working Time and the Volume of Work in Germany: The IAB Concept of Measurement. IAB Labour Market Research Topics.

    Bach, Hans-Uwe; Koch, Susanne

    The Institut fuer Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB) or Institute for Employment Research has developed a detailed working time and volume of work measurement concept in order to more comprehensively assess the demand for labor. The individual components of working time in Germany are obtained from various data sources and combined to form…

  1. Left Brain/Right Brain: Research and Learning. Focused Access to Selected Topics (FAST) Bibliography No. 12.

    Eppele, Ruth

    This 27-item bibliography represents the variety of articles added to the ERIC database from 1983 through 1988 on left-brain/right-brain research, theory, and application as it relates to classroom incorporation. Included are conflicting opinions as to the usefulness of left-brain/right-brain studies and their application in the learning…

  2. ADEX optimized adaptive controllers and systems from research to industrial practice

    Martín-Sánchez, Juan M


    This book is a didactic explanation of the developments of predictive, adaptive predictive and optimized adaptive control, including the latest methodology of adaptive predictive expert (ADEX) control, and their practical applications. It is focused on the stability perspective, used in the introduction of these methodologies, and is divided into six parts, with exercises and real-time simulations provided for the reader as appropriate. ADEX Optimized Adaptive Controllers and Systems begins with the conceptual and intuitive knowledge of the technology and derives the stability conditions to be verified by the driver block and the adaptive mechanism of the optimized adaptive controller to guarantee achievement of desired control performance. The second and third parts are centered on the design of the driver block and adaptive mechanism, which verify these stability conditions. The authors then proceed to detail the stability theory that supports predictive, adaptive predictive and optimized adaptive control m...

  3. Full-Scaled Advanced Systems Testbed: Ensuring Success of Adaptive Control Research Through Project Lifecycle Risk Mitigation

    Pavlock, Kate M.


    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Dryden Flight Research Center completed flight testing of adaptive controls research on the Full-Scale Advance Systems Testbed (FAST) in January of 2011. The research addressed technical challenges involved with reducing risk in an increasingly complex and dynamic national airspace. Specific challenges lie with the development of validated, multidisciplinary, integrated aircraft control design tools and techniques to enable safe flight in the presence of adverse conditions such as structural damage, control surface failures, or aerodynamic upsets. The testbed is an F-18 aircraft serving as a full-scale vehicle to test and validate adaptive flight control research and lends a significant confidence to the development, maturation, and acceptance process of incorporating adaptive control laws into follow-on research and the operational environment. The experimental systems integrated into FAST were designed to allow for flexible yet safe flight test evaluation and validation of modern adaptive control technologies and revolve around two major hardware upgrades: the modification of Production Support Flight Control Computers (PSFCC) and integration of two, fourth-generation Airborne Research Test Systems (ARTS). Post-hardware integration verification and validation provided the foundation for safe flight test of Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion and Model Reference Aircraft Control adaptive control law experiments. To ensure success of flight in terms of cost, schedule, and test results, emphasis on risk management was incorporated into early stages of design and flight test planning and continued through the execution of each flight test mission. Specific consideration was made to incorporate safety features within the hardware and software to alleviate user demands as well as into test processes and training to reduce human factor impacts to safe and successful flight test. This paper describes the research configuration

  4. Adapting an evidence-based model to retain adolescent study participants in longitudinal research.

    Davis, Erin; Demby, Hilary; Jenner, Lynne Woodward; Gregory, Alethia; Broussard, Marsha


    Maintaining contact with and collecting outcome data from adolescent study participants can present a significant challenge for researchers conducting longitudinal studies. Establishing an organized and effective protocol for participant follow-up is crucial to reduce attrition and maintain high retention rates. This paper describes our methods in using and adapting the evidence-based Engagement, Verification, Maintenance, and Confirmation (EVMC) model to follow up with adolescents 6 and 12 months after implementation of a health program. It extends previous research by focusing on two key modifications to the model: (1) the central role of cell phones and texting to maintain contact with study participants throughout the EVMC process and, (2) use of responsive two-way communication between staff and participants and flexible administration modes and methods in the confirmation phase to ensure that busy teens not only respond to contacts, but also complete data collection. These strategies have resulted in high overall retention rates (87-91%) with adolescent study participants at each follow-up data collection point without the utilization of other, more involved tracking measures. The methods and findings presented may be valuable for other researchers with limited resources planning for or engaged in collecting follow-up outcome data from adolescents enrolled in longitudinal studies. PMID:26539953

  5. High intensity linear accelerator development topics for panel discussion on ''Nuclear Energy Research and Accelerators: Future Prospects''

    Two companion papers at this meeting have introduced the subject of high intensity linacs for materials research and for radioactive waste transmutation; Prof. Kaneko's paper ''Intense Proton Accelerator,'' and my paper ''Accelerator-Based Intense Neutron Source for Materials R ampersand D.'' I will expand on those remarks to briefly outline some of the extensive work that has been done at Los Alamos toward those two application areas, plus a third --- the production of tritium in an accelerator-based facility (APT--Accelerator Production of Tritium). 1 ref., 11 figs

  6. 自然灾害适应性研究进展%Research Progress of Natural Disaster Adaptation

    贾慧聪; 潘东华; 王静爱; 周洪建; 万金红


    综述了适应性的发展阶段、适应性定义的多重属性和解析、适应性分析的模型和方法及国内外自然灾害适应性的研究进展。适应性的研究方法一般归为案例分析和数学模型两种。研究表明:国内外自然灾害领域的适应性研究主要侧重于社会经济的响应,尤其是农场(农户)尺度的适应决策和风险感知,然而,从自然灾害系统角度的适应性评价研究比较少。适应性在灾害领域的评价案例多作为脆弱性评价的一部分而存在。适应性研究首先要明确空间尺度,不同尺度所使用的适应性指标各有不同。适应性是局地具有的特征,尺度过小数据制约就越大,尺度过大需要考虑基本单元之间比较所用到的适应性指标灵敏程度。%Development stages of adaptation,multiple attribute and analysis on definition of adaptation,model and method of adaptation analysis and research progress of natural disaster adaptation at home and abroad are re-viewed.Research methods of adaptation are mainly of two kinds:case analysis and mathematical model.It is shown that studies on the adaptation in the field of natural disasters focuses mainly on social economy response,es-pecially the adaptation decision of farms (farmers)scale and risk perception,less on adaptation evaluation and study from the aspect of natural disaster system.Most of the evaluations of adaptation in the field of disasters exist as part of vulnerability assessment.Adaptation study should first make clear of spatial scales for different adaptive indicators are used in different scales.Adaptation is a characteristic of small regions.Data constraints are greater when the scale is smaller,and sensitive degree of adaptation indicators in the comparison of basic units is needed to be considered when the scale is too large.

  7. A New Mobile Learning Adaptation Model

    Mohamd Hassan Hassan; Jehad Al-Sadi


    This paper introduces a new model for m- Learning context adaptation due to the need of utilizing mobile technology in education. Mobile learning; m-Learning for short; in considered to be one of the hottest topics in the educational community, many researches had been done to conceptualize this new form of learning. We are presenting a promising design for a model to adapt the learning content in mobile learning applications in order to match the learner context, preferences and the educatio...

  8. Adaptation to Climate Change in Low-Income Countries: Lessons from Current Research and Needs from Future Research

    Malik, Arun S.; Smith, Stephen C.


    This paper constitutes the introductory essay for the special issue of Climate Change Economics, edited by Malik and Smith, forthcoming in 2012, examining adaptation to climate change in low-income countries. The paper first characterizes different types of adaptations from an economic perspective. It then puts in context the contributions of two articles that address the problem of making adaptation decisions in the face of uncertainty with an emphasis on developing country circumstances. Th...

  9. Climate change in high definition : scenarios for impacts and adaptation research : conference proceedings

    This conference provided a forum to review information and tools to conduct climate change impact and adaptation research and assessments. The research community, policy advisors and resource managers reviewed the latest advancements in global and regional climate modeling, climate scenarios, downscaling tools and application of scenarios for decision-making. The new Climate Change Scenarios Network (CCSN) website was also launched at this meeting, which also provided training in Environment Canada's new statistical downscaling tool developed in collaboration with the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Eau, Terre et Environnement (INRS-ETE). New features of the CCSN were presented along with examples of how information from the network can be applied in specific cases, including assessments of impacts in areas such as human health and water resources. A training session on downscaling with the newly developed Automated Statistical Downscaling (ASD) tool was also provided. The conference featured 19 presentations, of which 3 have been catalogued separately for inclusion in this database. refs., tabs., figs

  10. Topic prominence in Chinese EFL learners’ interlanguage

    Li, Shaopeng; Yang, Lianrui


    The present study aims to investigate the general characteristics of topic-prominent typological interlanguage development of Chinese learners of English in terms of acquiring subject-prominent English structures from a discourse perspec- tive. Topic structures mainly appear in Chinese discourse in the form of topic chains (Wang, 2002; 2004). The research target are the topic chain, which is the main topic-prominent structure in Chinese discourse, and zero anaphora, which is the most common t...

  11. On-line Hot Topic Recommendation Using Tolerance Rough Set Based Topic Clustering

    Yonghui Wu; Yuxin Ding; Xiaolong Wang; Jun Xu


    In this paper we present our research of online hot topic detection and label extraction method for our hot topic recommendation system. Using a new topical feature selection method, the feature space is compressed suitable for an online system. The tolerance rough set model is used to enriching the small set of topical feature words to a topical approximation space. According to the distance defined on the topical approximation space, the web pages are clustered into groups which will be mer...

  12. Lead Research and Development Activity for DOE's High Temperature, Low Relative Humidity Membrane Program (Topic 2)

    James Fenton, PhD; Darlene Slattery, PhD; Nahid Mohajeri, PhD


    The Department of Energy’s High Temperature, Low Relative Humidity Membrane Program was begun in 2006 with the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) as the lead organization. During the first three years of the program, FSEC was tasked with developing non-Nafion® proton exchange membranes with improved conductivity for fuel cells. Additionally, FSEC was responsible for developing protocols for the measurement of in-plane conductivity, providing conductivity measurements for the other funded teams, developing a method for through-plane conductivity and organizing and holding semiannual meetings of the High Temperature Membrane Working Group (HTMWG). The FSEC membrane research focused on the development of supported poly[perfluorosulfonic acid] (PFSA) – Teflon membranes and a hydrocarbon membrane, sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone). The fourth generation of the PFSA membrane (designated FSEC-4) came close to, but did not meet, the Go/No-Go milestone of 0.1 S/cm at 50% relative humidity at 120 °C. In-plane conductivity of membranes provided by the funded teams was measured and reported to the teams and DOE. Late in the third year of the program, DOE used this data and other factors to decide upon the teams to continue in the program. The teams that continued provided promising membranes to FSEC for development of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) that could be tested in an operating fuel cell. FSEC worked closely with each team to provide customized support. A logic flow chart was developed and discussed before MEA fabrication or any testing began. Of the five teams supported, by the end of the project, membranes from two of the teams were easily manufactured into MEAs and successfully characterized for performance. One of these teams exceeded performance targets, while the other requires further optimization. An additional team developed a membrane that shows great promise for significantly reducing membrane costs and increasing membrane lifetime.

  13. Adaptation of Agile Practices : A Systematic Review and Survey

    Kongyai, Budsadee; Edi, Edi


    Context. Due to the uniqueness of software projects there is no single Agile development approach that ideally fits all project contexts. Each software project is unique, whether in its subject area, development team, or project size. Because of this, adapting Agile practices according to project circumstances is a must. There has been a number of literature published discussing Agile practices adaptation topic. However, it is still unclear how to adapt Agile practices. Therefore, researchers...

  14. Climate Change and Health in British Columbia: Projected Impacts and a Proposed Agenda for Adaptation Research and Policy

    Diana M. Allen


    Full Text Available This is a case study describing how climate change may affect the health of British Columbians and to suggest a way forward to promote health and policy research, and adaptation to these changes. After reviewing the limited evidence of the impacts of climate change on human health we have developed five principles to guide the development of research and policy to better predict future impacts of climate change on health and to enhance adaptation to these change in BC. We suggest that, with some modification, these principles will be useful to policy makers in other jurisdictions.

  15. PREFACE: International Scientific and Research Conference on Topical Issues in Aeronautics and Astronautics (dedicated to the 55th anniversary from the foundation of SibSAU)


    The International Scientific and Research Conference ''Topical Issues in Aeronautics and Astronautics'' is one of the most significant scientific conferences arranged by the Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University (SibSAU) which is located in the Krasnoyarsk Region of Russian Federation. In April 2015 this Conference was dedicated to the 55th anniversary from the foundation of the University. Traditionally, the Conference is seen as emblematic of the University's specialty and is annually organized in April, when the first human travelled into space. This Conference is arranged for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, scientists and lecturers, as well as developers, designers and constructors representing leading companies and enterprises of the aerospace sector to give opportunities to present their projects, research work and results. The Conference is a great chance to connect scientists and highly-qualified and skilled specialists with a new community of future scientists and practitioners in the aerospace sector. The Conference proceedings include papers presented by creative young specialists closely connected with aviation and space vehicles - design, production, problem-solving in space machine building and aerospace education, macro- and microeconomic development of the field, new approaches to solving philosophical and social problems, - experienced scientists and specialists, and all those who want to dedicate themselves to aeronautics and astronautics. The selected papers are presented in these proceedings to share University research results, innovations and cutting-edge technologies with the international community to develop aeronautics and astronautics on a global scale.

  16. International topical meeting on research reactor fuel management (RRFM) - United States foreign research reactor (FRR) spent nuclear fuel (SNF) acceptance program: 2010 update

    The Nuclear Weapons Nonproliferation Policy Concerning Foreign Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel, adopted by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), in consultation with the Department of State (DOS) in May 1996, scheduled to expire May 12, 2016, to return research reactor fuel until May 12, 2019 to the U.S. is in its fourteenth year. This paper provides a brief update on the program, part of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), and discusses program initiatives and future activities. The goal of the program continues to be recovery of U.S.-origin nuclear materials, which could otherwise be used in weapons, while assisting other countries to enjoy the benefits of nuclear technology. The NNSA is seeking feedback from research reactor operators to help us understand ways to include eligible research reactors who have not yet participated in the program. (author)

  17. Large scale topic modeling made practical

    Wahlgreen, Bjarne Ørum; Hansen, Lars Kai


    Topic models are of broad interest. They can be used for query expansion and result structuring in information retrieval and as an important component in services such as recommender systems and user adaptive advertising. In large scale applications both the size of the database (number of...... topics at par with a much larger case specific vocabulary....

  18. Research of circuit evolution design based on adaptive HereBoy algorithm

    Huicong WU; Wang, Jinze; Chuncao LIU; Gao, JinJin


    Aiming at solving the convergence rate problem in the latter stage of circuit evolution design, adaptive HereBoy algorithm together with the population evolution idea of GA is adapted to study the impact of adaptive-adjust factor on the evolution of convergence rate. One circuit model which is based on the similarities between combinatorial circuit and neural network is proposed, on which the matrix encoding scheme of combinatorial circuit is discussed. Besides of this, extrint evolution is a...

  19. A Study of the Information Literacy of Biomedical Graduate Students: Based on the Thesis Topic Discovery Process in Molecular Biology Research

    Jhao-Yen Huang


    Full Text Available The biomedical information environment is in a state of constant and rapid change due to the increase in research data and rapid technological advances. In Taiwan, few research has investigated the information literacy of biomedical graduate students. This exploratory study examined the information literacy abilities and training of biomedical graduate students in Taiwan. Semi-structured interviews based on the Association of College and Research Libraries Information Literacy Competency Standards for Science and Engineering/Technology were conducted with 20 molecular biological graduate students. The interview inquired about their information-seeking channels and information literacy education. The findings show that the biomedical graduate students developed a workable thesis topic with their advisors. Through various information-seeking channels and retrieval strategies, they obtained and critically evaluated information to address different information needs for their thesis research. Through seminars, annual conferences and papers, the interviewees were informed of current developments in their field. Subsequently, through written or oral communications, they were able to integrate and exchange the information. Most interviewees cared about the social, economic, legal, and ethical issues surrounding the use of information. College courses and labs were the main information literacy education environment for them to learn about research skills and knowledge. The study concludes four areas to address for the information literacy of biomedical graduate students, i.e., using professional information, using the current information, efficiency in assessing the domain information, and utilization of diverse information channels. Currently, the interviewees showed rather low usage of library resources, which is a concern for biomedical educators and libraries. [Article content in Chinese

  20. On-line Hot Topic Recommendation Using Tolerance Rough Set Based Topic Clustering

    Yonghui Wu


    Full Text Available In this paper we present our research of online hot topic detection and label extraction method for our hot topic recommendation system. Using a new topical feature selection method, the feature space is compressed suitable for an online system. The tolerance rough set model is used to enriching the small set of topical feature words to a topical approximation space. According to the distance defined on the topical approximation space, the web pages are clustered into groups which will be merged with document overlap. The topic labels are extracted based on the approximation topical space enriched with the useful but high frequency topical words dropped by the clustering process. The experiments show that our method could generate more information abundant classes and more topical class labels, alleviate the topical drift caused by the non-topical and noise words.

  1. Person Fit Based on Statistical Process Control in an Adaptive Testing Environment. Research Report 98-13.

    van Krimpen-Stoop, Edith M. L. A.; Meijer, Rob R.

    Person-fit research in the context of paper-and-pencil tests is reviewed, and some specific problems regarding person fit in the context of computerized adaptive testing (CAT) are discussed. Some new methods are proposed to investigate person fit in a CAT environment. These statistics are based on Statistical Process Control (SPC) theory. A…

  2. Translation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Assessment Instruments Used in Psychological Research with Children and Families

    van Widenfelt, Brigit M.; Treffers, Philip D. A.; de Beurs, Edwin; Siebelink, Bart M.; Koudijs, Els


    With the increased globalization of psychology and related fields, having reliable and valid measures that can be used in a number of languages and cultures is critical. Few guidelines or standards have been established in psychology for the translation and cultural adaptation of instruments. Usually little is reported in research publications…

  3. Participation under a spell of instrumentalization? Reflections on action research in an entrenched climate adaptation policy process

    Boezeman, D.; Vink, M.J.; Leroy, P.; Halffman, W.


    The article discusses action research in a Dutch intergovernmental project group DV2050. That group was to assess the effects of climate change and soil subsidence on the regional water system and to propose adaptive policies to increase regional water safety. In this study, we draw a parallel betwe

  4. Linking training, research and policy advice: capacity building for adaptation to climate change in East Africa

    Terwisscha van Scheltinga, C.T.H.M.; Geene, van J.


    It is increasingly acknowledged that adapting to climate change is important in developing countries, where the majority of people depend on agriculture and natural resources for their livelihoods, and their capacity to adapt to change is low. These people are especially vulnerable to climate change

  5. Adapting community based participatory research (CBPR) methods to the implementation of an asthma shared decision making intervention in ambulatory practices

    Tapp, Hazel; Kuhn, Lindsay; Alkhazraji, Thamara; Steuerwald, Mark; Ludden, Tom; Wilson, Sandra; Mowrer, Lauren; Mohanan, Sveta; Dulin, Michael F


    Objective Translating research findings into clinical practice is a major challenge to improve the quality of healthcare delivery. Shared decision making (SDM) has been shown to be effective and has not yet been widely adopted by health providers. This paper describes the participatory approach used to adapt and implement an evidence-based asthma SDM intervention into primary care practices. Methods A participatory research approach was initiated through partnership development between practi...

  6. Research on Topic Extraction from Uighur Comment Text%维吾尔语评论文本主题抽取研究

    禹龙; 田生伟; 黄俊


    Topic extraction is one of the core tasks of opinion mining.This paper proposes a claim-level topic extraction method,which aims at extracting explicit topics and implicit topics of Uighur comment texts.This method uses GLR-Cascaded LDA (Cascaded LDA model for global topic,local topic and the relation between them,GLR-Cascaded LDA) to extract the local topics of paragraph level,global topics of document level,establish the global-local topic relationship,and corresponds the relationships to each opinion claim.It adopts Bootstrapping and pattern matching to extract the topics of explicit claims.Finally,the implicit topic inference algorithm is applied to deduce the topics of implicit claims.The ultimate goal of topic extraction is to establish an opinion quadruple of claim-topic <OC,GT,LT,LT> for each opinion claim.Experimental results indicate the effectiveness of the proposed method in topic extraction task.%主题抽取是意见挖掘的核心任务之一.该文面向维吾尔语评论文本,针对显式主题和隐式主题,提出了一种陈述级的主题抽取方法.该方法采用GLR-Cascaded LDA模型抽取段落级的局部主题、篇章级的全局主题,建立全局—局部主题关系,并将这些关系对应到每个意见陈述中;然后运用Bootstrapping和模式匹配的方法进行显式陈述的主题抽取;最后使用隐式主题推断算法推断隐式陈述的主题.主题抽取的最终目标是为每个意见陈述建立意见陈述—主题四元组<OC,GT,LT,CT>.实验结果证明了该方法在主题抽取任务中的有效性.

  7. Research on Chinese Micro-Blogging Hot Topic Mining%中文微博热点话题挖掘研究

    何跃; 帅马恋; 冯韵


    Micro-blogging hot topic represents the public attitude to the problems of real life ,and the recognition of the micro-blogging hot topic is beneficial to monitor of network public sentiment .The paper based on Topic Detection and Tracking (Topic Detection and Tracking ,TDT) designs the recognition path of Chinese micro-blogging hot topic ,which analysis extracted micro-blogging hot topic by impact of topic to identify the hot topic .The result shows that according to the size of the impact of hot topics of the experimental period ,the ranking list is confirmed well by the evaluation of TDT . The topic influence building provides a theoretical basis for relevant enterprises or government to take a different control strategy of public opinion for the topic of heat size .%微博热点话题代表公众对现实生活问题的态度,对微博热点话题的识别有益于网络舆情监控。基于话题检测与跟踪技术设计出中文微博热点话题识别流程。首先通过K-means文本聚类归纳出话题,然后进行话题影响力计算和分析,最后通过话题影响力大小识别热点话题。实证结果表明,热点话题的“召回率”较高,影响力较大。话题影响力的构建为相关企业或政府针对话题热度大小采取不同的舆情监测策略提供了理论依据。

  8. Adaptive leadership framework for chronic illness: framing a research agenda for transforming care delivery.

    Anderson, Ruth A; Bailey, Donald E; Wu, Bei; Corazzini, Kirsten; McConnell, Eleanor S; Thygeson, N Marcus; Docherty, Sharron L


    We propose the Adaptive Leadership Framework for Chronic Illness as a novel framework for conceptualizing, studying, and providing care. This framework is an application of the Adaptive Leadership Framework developed by Heifetz and colleagues for business. Our framework views health care as a complex adaptive system and addresses the intersection at which people with chronic illness interface with the care system. We shift focus from symptoms to symptoms and the challenges they pose for patients/families. We describe how providers and patients/families might collaborate to create shared meaning of symptoms and challenges to coproduce appropriate approaches to care. PMID:25647829

  9. International topical meeting on research reactor fuel management (RRFM) - United States Foreign Research Reactor (FRR) Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) acceptance program: 2007 update

    The Nuclear Weapons Non-proliferation Policy Concerning Foreign Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel, adopted by The United States Department of Energy (DOE), in consultation with the Department of State in May 1996, has been extended to expire May 12, 2016, providing an additional 10 years to return fuel to the U.S. This paper provides a brief update on the program, now transferred to the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), and discusses program initiatives and future activities. The goal of the program continues to be recovery of nuclear materials (27 countries have participated so far, returning a total of 7620 spent nuclear fuel elements), which could otherwise be used in weapons, while assisting other countries to enjoy the benefits of nuclear technology. More than ever before, DOE and reactor operators need to work together to schedule shipments as soon as possible, to optimize shipment efficiency over the remaining years of the program. The NNSA is seeking feedback from research reactor operators to help us understand ways to include eligible reactor who have not yet participated in the program

  10. 大学生朋友间性话题沟通及其对性适应的影响%Communication with friends about sex-related topics during college students and its influnences on adaptation of sex

    徐华春; 李长松; 郑涌


    Objective To explore the correlation between communication with friends about sex-related topics and sexual adaptation. Methods Totally 746 college students were measured by Questionnaire of Communication About Sex with Friends ( QCASF) and Sexual Adaptation Questionnaire (SAQ). Results Significant gender differences and origin differences existed in the QCASF; Girls scored higher than boys on SAQ; Communication about sex with net-friends negatively correlated with the SAQ scores; Communication about sex with net-friends of opposite-sex negatively predicted the SAQ scores significantly. Conclusion College students should be encouraged to establish a good relation with the opposite-sex in the real life, and communicate about sex more with them in natural conversation.%目的 考察大学生与现实朋友和网友进行性话题沟通状况及其对性适应的影响,为开展性健康教育提供参考.方法 采用大学生性话题沟通频率问卷和性心理健康量表性适应分量表,对随机抽取的成都市3所综合性大学746名大学生进行施测.结果 不同性别、生源地的大学生对朋友进行性话题的沟通频率差异具有统计学意义,女生性适应状况优于男生;大学生对网友(特别是异性网友)的性话题沟通对其性适应有消极影响,而对异性现实朋友的性话题沟通与性适应各因子均呈现正相关,但相关无统计学意义.结论 大学生与不同类型朋友的性话题沟通状况与性适应状况有显著相关.应帮助大学生建立现实、健康和自然的异性沟通渠道,避免依赖网络进行相关沟通.