Sample records for adaboost-based multiple svm-rfe

  1. Improving enzyme regulatory protein classification by means of SVM-RFE feature selection.

    Fernandez-Lozano, Carlos; Fernández-Blanco, Enrique; Dave, Kirtan; Pedreira, Nieves; Gestal, Marcos; Dorado, Julián; Munteanu, Cristian R


    Enzyme regulation proteins are very important due to their involvement in many biological processes that sustain life. The complexity of these proteins, the impossibility of identifying direct quantification molecular properties associated with the regulation of enzymatic activities, and their structural diversity creates the necessity for new theoretical methods that can predict the enzyme regulatory function of new proteins. The current work presents the first classification model that predicts protein enzyme regulators using the Markov mean properties. These protein descriptors encode the topological information of the amino acid into contact networks based on amino acid distances and physicochemical properties. MInD-Prot software calculated these molecular descriptors for 2415 protein chains (350 enzyme regulators) using five atom physicochemical properties (Mulliken electronegativity, Kang-Jhon polarizability, vdW area, atom contribution to P) and the protein 3D regions. The best classification models to predict enzyme regulators have been obtained with machine learning algorithms from Weka using 18 features. K* has been demonstrated to be the most accurate algorithm for this protein function classification. Wrapper Subset Evaluator and SVM-RFE approaches were used to perform a feature subset selection with the best results obtained from SVM-RFE. Classification performance employing all the available features can be reached using only the 8 most relevant features selected by SVM-RFE. Thus, the current work has demonstrated the possibility of predicting new molecular targets involved in enzyme regulation using fast theoretical algorithms. PMID:24556806

  2. 基于Relief和SVM-RFE的组合式SNP特征选择%Combined SNP feature selection based on relief and SVM-RFE

    吴红霞; 吴悦; 刘宗田; 雷州


    The genome-wide association study (CWAS)on SNPs faces two big issues; high dimensional SNP data with small sample characteristics and complex mechanisms of genetic diseases. Tin's paper proposed a combined SNP feature selection method through bring feature selection methods into GWAS. The method included two stages: filter stage, it used Relief algorithm to eliminate irrelevant SNP features, wrapper stage, it used support vector machine based recursive feature reduction (SVM-RFE) algorithm to select the key SNPs set. Experiments show that the proposed method has an obviously better performance than SVM RFE algorithm, and also gains higher classification accuracy than Relief-SVM algorithm, which provides an effective way for SNP genome-wide association analysis.%针对SNP的全基因组关联分析面临SNP数据的高维小样本特性和遗传疾病病理的复杂性两大难点,将特征选择引入SNP全基因组关联分析中,提出基于Relief和SVM-RFE的组合式SNP特征选择方法.该方法包括两个阶段:Filter阶段,使用Relief算法剔除无关SNPs;Wrapper阶段,使用基于支持向量机的特征递归消减方法( SVM-RFE)筛选出与遗传疾病相关的关键SNPs.实验表明,该方法具有明显优于单独使用SVM-RFE算法的性能,优于单独使用Relief-SVM算法的分类准确率,为SNP全基因组关联分析提供了一种有效途径.

  3. Robust Ground Target Detection by SAR and IR Sensor Fusion Using Adaboost-Based Feature Selection.

    Kim, Sungho; Song, Woo-Jin; Kim, So-Hyun


    Long-range ground targets are difficult to detect in a noisy cluttered environment using either synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images or infrared (IR) images. SAR-based detectors can provide a high detection rate with a high false alarm rate to background scatter noise. IR-based approaches can detect hot targets but are affected strongly by the weather conditions. This paper proposes a novel target detection method by decision-level SAR and IR fusion using an Adaboost-based machine learning scheme to achieve a high detection rate and low false alarm rate. The proposed method consists of individual detection, registration, and fusion architecture. This paper presents a single framework of a SAR and IR target detection method using modified Boolean map visual theory (modBMVT) and feature-selection based fusion. Previous methods applied different algorithms to detect SAR and IR targets because of the different physical image characteristics. One method that is optimized for IR target detection produces unsuccessful results in SAR target detection. This study examined the image characteristics and proposed a unified SAR and IR target detection method by inserting a median local average filter (MLAF, pre-filter) and an asymmetric morphological closing filter (AMCF, post-filter) into the BMVT. The original BMVT was optimized to detect small infrared targets. The proposed modBMVT can remove the thermal and scatter noise by the MLAF and detect extended targets by attaching the AMCF after the BMVT. Heterogeneous SAR and IR images were registered automatically using the proposed RANdom SAmple Region Consensus (RANSARC)-based homography optimization after a brute-force correspondence search using the detected target centers and regions. The final targets were detected by feature-selection based sensor fusion using Adaboost. The proposed method showed good SAR and IR target detection performance through feature selection-based decision fusion on a synthetic database generated

  4. Robust Ground Target Detection by SAR and IR Sensor Fusion Using Adaboost-Based Feature Selection

    Sungho Kim


    Full Text Available Long-range ground targets are difficult to detect in a noisy cluttered environment using either synthetic aperture radar (SAR images or infrared (IR images. SAR-based detectors can provide a high detection rate with a high false alarm rate to background scatter noise. IR-based approaches can detect hot targets but are affected strongly by the weather conditions. This paper proposes a novel target detection method by decision-level SAR and IR fusion using an Adaboost-based machine learning scheme to achieve a high detection rate and low false alarm rate. The proposed method consists of individual detection, registration, and fusion architecture. This paper presents a single framework of a SAR and IR target detection method using modified Boolean map visual theory (modBMVT and feature-selection based fusion. Previous methods applied different algorithms to detect SAR and IR targets because of the different physical image characteristics. One method that is optimized for IR target detection produces unsuccessful results in SAR target detection. This study examined the image characteristics and proposed a unified SAR and IR target detection method by inserting a median local average filter (MLAF, pre-filter and an asymmetric morphological closing filter (AMCF, post-filter into the BMVT. The original BMVT was optimized to detect small infrared targets. The proposed modBMVT can remove the thermal and scatter noise by the MLAF and detect extended targets by attaching the AMCF after the BMVT. Heterogeneous SAR and IR images were registered automatically using the proposed RANdom SAmple Region Consensus (RANSARC-based homography optimization after a brute-force correspondence search using the detected target centers and regions. The final targets were detected by feature-selection based sensor fusion using Adaboost. The proposed method showed good SAR and IR target detection performance through feature selection-based decision fusion on a synthetic

  5. EEG study on affective valence elicited by novel and familiar pictures using ERD/ERS and SVM-RFE.

    Hidalgo-Muñoz, A R; López, M M; Galvao-Carmona, A; Pereira, A T; Santos, I M; Vázquez-Marrufo, M; Tomé, A M


    EEG signals have been widely explored in emotional processing analyses, both in time and frequency domains. However, in such studies, habituation phenomenon is barely considered in the discrimination of different emotional responses. In this work, spectral features of the event-related potentials (ERPs) are studied by means of event-related desynchronization/synchronization computation. In order to determine the most relevant ERP features for distinguishing how positive and negative affective valences are processed within the brain, support vector machine-recursive feature elimination is employed. The proposed approach was applied for investigating in which way the familiarity of stimuli affects the affective valence processing as well as which frequency bands and scalp regions are more involved in this process. In a group composed of young adult women, results prove that parietooccipital region and theta band are especially involved in the processing of novelty in emotional stimuli. Furthermore, the proposed method has shown to perform successfully using a moderated number of trials. PMID:24257836

  6. Research on Feature Selection Method Based on Improved SVM- RFE%基于改进SVM-RFE的特征选择方法研究

    王俭臣; 单甘霖; 张岐龙; 段修生



  7. Privacy Preserving RFE-SVM for Distributed Gene Selection

    Fode Camara


    Full Text Available The support vector machine recursive feature elimination (SVM-RFE is one of the most effective feature selection methods which has been successfully used in selecting informative genes for cancer classification. This paper extends this well-studied algorithm to the privacy preserving distributed data mining issue. For gene selection over multiple patient data from different sites, we propose a novel RFE-SVM method which aims to learn global informative gene subset to get the highest cancer classification accuracy, with limits on sharing of information. We experiment it using Leukemia bio-medical dataset. The experimental results show that it can provide good capability of privacy preserving and generates a set of attributes that is very similar to the set produced by its centralized counterpart.

  8. Multiple Perspectives / Multiple Readings

    Simon Biggs


    Full Text Available People experience things from their own physical point of view. What they see is usually a function of where they are and what physical attitude they adopt relative to the subject. With augmented vision (periscopes, mirrors, remote cameras, etc we are able to see things from places where we are not present. With time-shifting technologies, such as the video recorder, we can also see things from the past; a time and a place we may never have visited.In recent artistic work I have been exploring the implications of digital technology, interactivity and internet connectivity that allow people to not so much space/time-shift their visual experience of things but rather see what happens when everybody is simultaneously able to see what everybody else can see. This is extrapolated through the remote networking of sites that are actual installation spaces; where the physical movements of viewers in the space generate multiple perspectives, linked to other similar sites at remote locations or to other viewers entering the shared data-space through a web based version of the work.This text explores the processes involved in such a practice and reflects on related questions regarding the non-singularity of being and the sense of self as linked to time and place.

  9. Multiple Myeloma

    Multiple myeloma is a cancer that begins in plasma cells, a type of white blood cell. These cells ... bones. No one knows the exact causes of multiple myeloma, but it is more common in older people ...

  10. Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a nervous system disease that affects your brain and spinal cord. It damages the ... attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake. Multiple sclerosis affects women more than men. It often begins ...

  11. Multiple Pregnancy

    ... Can multiple pregnancy affect my risk of postpartum depression? Having multiples might increase your risk of postpartum ... Membership For Journalists For Junior Fellows For Medical Students For Patients Contact Us Copyright Information Privacy Statement ...

  12. Multiplicity Counting

    Geist, William H. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)


    This set of slides begins by giving background and a review of neutron counting; three attributes of a verification item are discussed: 240Pueff mass; α, the ratio of (α,n) neutrons to spontaneous fission neutrons; and leakage multiplication. It then takes up neutron detector systems – theory & concepts (coincidence counting, moderation, die-away time); detector systems – some important details (deadtime, corrections); introduction to multiplicity counting; multiplicity electronics and example distributions; singles, doubles, and triples from measured multiplicity distributions; and the point model: multiplicity mathematics.


    A. A. Bosov


    Full Text Available Purpose. The development of complicated techniques of production and management processes, information systems, computer science, applied objects of systems theory and others requires improvement of mathematical methods, new approaches for researches of application systems. And the variety and diversity of subject systems makes necessary the development of a model that generalizes the classical sets and their development – sets of sets. Multiple objects unlike sets are constructed by multiple structures and represented by the structure and content. The aim of the work is the analysis of multiple structures, generating multiple objects, the further development of operations on these objects in application systems. Methodology. To achieve the objectives of the researches, the structure of multiple objects represents as constructive trio, consisting of media, signatures and axiomatic. Multiple object is determined by the structure and content, as well as represented by hybrid superposition, composed of sets, multi-sets, ordered sets (lists and heterogeneous sets (sequences, corteges. Findings. In this paper we study the properties and characteristics of the components of hybrid multiple objects of complex systems, proposed assessments of their complexity, shown the rules of internal and external operations on objects of implementation. We introduce the relation of arbitrary order over multiple objects, we define the description of functions and display on objects of multiple structures. Originality.In this paper we consider the development of multiple structures, generating multiple objects.Practical value. The transition from the abstract to the subject of multiple structures requires the transformation of the system and multiple objects. Transformation involves three successive stages: specification (binding to the domain, interpretation (multiple sites and particularization (goals. The proposed describe systems approach based on hybrid sets

  14. Multiple sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is the most common chronic inflammatory disease of myelin with interspersed lesions in the white matter of the central nervous system. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) plays a key role in the diagnosis and monitoring of white matter diseases. This article focuses on key findings in multiple sclerosis as detected by MRI. (orig.)

  15. Optimized spatio-temporal descriptors for real-time fall detection: comparison of support vector machine and Adaboost-based classification

    Charfi, Imen; Miteran, Johel; Dubois, Julien; Atri, Mohamed; Tourki, Rached


    We propose a supervised approach to detect falls in a home environment using an optimized descriptor adapted to real-time tasks. We introduce a realistic dataset of 222 videos, a new metric allowing evaluation of fall detection performance in a video stream, and an automatically optimized set of spatio-temporal descriptors which fed a supervised classifier. We build the initial spatio-temporal descriptor named STHF using several combinations of transformations of geometrical features (height and width of human body bounding box, the user's trajectory with her/his orientation, projection histograms, and moments of orders 0, 1, and 2). We study the combinations of usual transformations of the features (Fourier transform, wavelet transform, first and second derivatives), and we show experimentally that it is possible to achieve high performance using support vector machine and Adaboost classifiers. Automatic feature selection allows to show that the best tradeoff between classification performance and processing time is obtained by combining the original low-level features with their first derivative. Hence, we evaluate the robustness of the fall detection regarding location changes. We propose a realistic and pragmatic protocol that enables performance to be improved by updating the training in the current location with normal activities records.

  16. Multiple myeloma.

    Collins, Conor D


    Advances in the imaging and treatment of multiple myeloma have occurred over the past decade. This article summarises the current status and highlights how an understanding of both is necessary for optimum management.

  17. Multiple myeloma

    Conventional radiography is the means generally used in the assessment of skeletal involvement in multiple myeloma. Many findings such as osteolytic lesions, fractures, and osteoporosis are characteristic of myeloma. However, it seems likely that the extent of bone destruction is sometimes underestimated by radiography. Bone scintigraphy is considered a sensitive technique for the detection of skeletal metastatic lesions, but contradictory results have been reported in multiple myeloma, and many reports indicate that bone scintigraphy is less effective than conventional radiography. This phenomenon could depend on the fact that myeloma is a bone-marrow disease; bone structure is only indirectly involved; furthermore, studies have demonstrated that myelomatous lesions induce, by osteclast activation, larger bone resorption than new bone formation. On this basis the authors proposed the evaluation of bone marrow scanning plus bone scanning in comparison to conventional diagnostic radiology for the detection of skeletal involvement in multiple myeloma

  18. Multiple Sclerosis.

    Plummer, Nancy; Michael, Nancy, Ed.

    This module on multiple sclerosis is intended for use in inservice or continuing education programs for persons who administer medications in long-term care facilities. Instructor information, including teaching suggestions, and a listing of recommended audiovisual materials and their sources appear first. The module goal and objectives are then…

  19. Multiple myeloma

    Multiple myeloma is a malignant plasma cell tumor that is thought to originate proliferation of a single clone of abnormal plasma cell resulting production of a whole monoclonal paraprotein. The authors experienced a case of multiple myeloma with severe mandibular osteolytic lesions in 46-year-old female. As a result of careful analysis of clinical, radiological, histopathological features, and laboratory findings, we diagnosed it as multiple myeloma, and the following results were obtained. 1. Main clinical symptoms were intermittent dull pain on the mandibular body area, abnormal sensation of lip and pain due to the fracture on the right clavicle. 2. Laboratory findings revealed M-spike, reversed serum albumin-globulin ratio, markedly elevated ESR and hypercalcemia. 3. Radiographically, multiple osteolytic punched-out radiolucencies were evident on the skull, zygoma, jaw bones, ribs, clavicle and upper extremities. Enlarged liver and increased uptakes on the lesional sites in RN scan were also observed. 4. Histopathologically, markedly hypercellular marrow with sheets of plasmoblasts and megakaryocytes were also observed.

  20. Multiple Sklerose

    Hoffmann, Sarah


    Background: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common disabling neurological disease affecting young adults and the number of chronically sick MS patients to be found in the world of employment is on the increase. Research activities in the field of MS are numerous and wide-ranging. However, precise bibliometric analyses of research on the subject of MS do not exist so far. Methods: The present dissertation employs classical bibliometric tools with novel scientometric and visualizing tec...

  1. Multiple sclerosis

    Eleven patients with a definite diagnosis of multiple sclerosis were examined in terms of correlations between the clinical features and the results of cranial computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Results: In 5 of the 11 patients, both CT and MRI demonstrated lesions consistent with a finding of multiple sclerosis. In 3 patients, only MRI demonstrated lesions. In the remaining 3 patients, neither CT nor MRI revealed any lesion in the brain. All 5 patients who showed abnormal findings on both CT and MRI had clinical signs either of cerebral or brainstem - cerebellar lesions. On the other hand, two of the 3 patients with normal CT and MRI findings had optic-nerve and spinal-cord signs. Therefore, our results suggested relatively good correlations between the clinical features, CT, and MRI. MRI revealed cerebral lesions in two of the four patients with clinical signs of only optic-nerve and spinal-cord lesions. MRI demonstrated sclerotic lesions in 3 of the 6 patients whose plaques were not detected by CT. In conclusion, MRI proved to be more helpful in the demonstration of lesions attributable to chronic multiple sclerosis. (author)

  2. Multiple myeloma

    This chapter overviews the outcome of the previous studies on multiple myeloma and its related diseases. The incidence of multiple myeloma has become frequent 20 years after A-bombing. As of 1976, it is found to be increased, depending upon bone marrow doses of 50 rad or more (based on T65DR). This is noticeable in A-bomb survivors aged 20-59 years at the time of exposure. The number of autopsy cases has been increased since 1975, and has been significantly high since 1981. Mass screening for A-bomb survivors has revealed the existence of M proteinemia characterized by findings similar to those of multiple myeloma and benign monoclonal gammopathy. There is no significant difference in the incidence of subtype of M proteinemia by distance from the hypocenter. These findings suggest that M proteinemia may be one of the delayed effects of A-bomb radiation. Otherwise, an increased incidence of M proteinemia may be attributable to the cancer-prone age in A-bomb survivors aged 30 years or less at the time of exposure. (N.K.)

  3. Multiple sclerosis

    Stenager, Egon; Stenager, E N; Knudsen, Lone;


    , need for structural changes in home and need for pension became greater with increasing physical handicap. No significant differences between gender were found. It is concluded that patients and relatives are under increased social strain, when multiple sclerosis progresses to a moderate handicap....... Ninety-five percent lived in own house or flat and 70 percent received disablement pension. More than half of the patients (56.4 percent) were dependent on help from close relatives, most frequently spouse. The need for help, the risk of divorce, loss of contact with relatives, difficulty in going out...

  4. Intelligences multiples

    Partoune, Christine


    La conception d’un accompagnement méthodologique dans le but de favoriser un changement de pratiques implique une référence à des modèles de l’apprentissage que l’on espère cohérents avec les finalités poursuivies. Le but de cette fiche est de présenter la théorie des intelligences multiples proposée par Howard Gardner, qui nous invite au respect et à la prise en compte des différences entre les individus dans les pratiques en matière de gouvernance.

  5. Multiple Myeloma Overview

    ... Web version Multiple Myeloma Overview What is multiple myeloma? Multiple myeloma (say: my-a-low-ma) is a ... Do I need to be screened for multiple myeloma? Source Multiple Myeloma: Recognition and Management by ED George, R ...

  6. [Multiple myeloma].

    Kortüm, K M; Engelhardt, M; Rasche, L; Knop, S; Einsele, H


    Multiple myeloma (MM) is a cancer originating from terminally differentiated B lymphocytes, the plasma cells and is classified as a B cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma. As clonal plasma cells secrete immunoglobulin molecules (lacking antigenic specificity), an "M component" can incidentally be detected. Besides intact immunoglobulin molecules, free light chains can be produced. Although there is no specific treatment for monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), which is the defined as the presence of clonal bone marrow plasma cells and low levels (serum and/or urine) of the M component, it should be followed up in affected individuals. The symptoms of MM are numerous and often nonspecific. Diagnosis includes the quantification of monoclonal proteins in serum and urine, blood count, electrolytes and renal function, imaging of the skeleton and bone marrow puncture. The cornerstone of therapy includes melphalan- or cyclophosphamide-based regimens incorporating one of the "novel drugs" (i.e. bortezomib, thalidomide, or lenalidomide). PMID:23860514

  7. Multiple System Atrophy

    ... Enhancing Diversity Find People About NINDS NINDS Multiple System Atrophy Information Page Condensed from Multiple System Atrophy ... Trials Organizations Publicaciones en Español What is Multiple System Atrophy? Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a progressive ...

  8. Multiple Myeloma Symptoms

    ... Center Finder Home » About Multiple Myeloma » Symptoms Multiple Myeloma Symptoms Multiple myeloma symptoms may vary by patient, with the ... to be managed or prevented. The most common multiple myeloma symptoms may include: Bone pain or bone fractures ...

  9. Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

    ... modal.css('left',left+'px'); } Welcome to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) ... Stay informed with our newsletter. If you have multiple myeloma, you have options. At the MMRF, we’re ...

  10. On Multiplicative Fractional Calculus

    Abdeljawad, Thabet


    We set the main concepts for multiplicative fractional calculus. We define Caputo, Riemann and Letnikov multiplicative fractional derivatives and multiplicative fractional integrals and study some of their properties. Finally, the multiplicative analogue of the local conformable fractional derivative and integral is studied.

  11. Multiple-Ring Digital Communication Network

    Kirkham, Harold


    Optical-fiber digital communication network to support data-acquisition and control functions of electric-power-distribution networks. Optical-fiber links of communication network follow power-distribution routes. Since fiber crosses open power switches, communication network includes multiple interconnected loops with occasional spurs. At each intersection node is needed. Nodes of communication network include power-distribution substations and power-controlling units. In addition to serving data acquisition and control functions, each node acts as repeater, passing on messages to next node(s). Multiple-ring communication network operates on new AbNET protocol and features fiber-optic communication.

  12. Depression and Multiple Sclerosis

    Depression - National Multiple Sclerosis Society Skip to navigation Skip to content Menu Navigation National Multiple Sclerosis Society ... Twitter Email Home Symptoms & Diagnosis MS Symptoms Depression Depression Share Smaller Text Larger Text Print In this ...

  13. Generalized internal multiple imaging

    Zuberi, Mohammad Akbar Hosain


    Various examples are provided for generalized internal multiple imaging (GIMI). In one example, among others, a method includes generating a higher order internal multiple image using a background Green\\'s function and rendering the higher order internal multiple image for presentation. In another example, a system includes a computing device and a generalized internal multiple imaging (GIMI) application executable in the computing device. The GIMI application includes logic that generates a higher order internal multiple image using a background Green\\'s function and logic that renders the higher order internal multiple image for display on a display device. In another example, a non-transitory computer readable medium has a program executable by processing circuitry that generates a higher order internal multiple image using a background Green\\'s function and renders the higher order internal multiple image for display on a display device.

  14. Multiple Mucosal Neuroma Syndrome

    Thami Gurvinder P


    Full Text Available A case of multiple mucosal neuroma syndrome recently classified as Multiple Endocrinal Neoplasia (MEN, type 2b, is reported for its rarity and importance of diagnosis at an early age.

  15. Caring for Multiples

    ... labor & premature birth The newborn intensive care unit (NICU) Birth defects & other health conditions Loss & grief Tools & ... Home > Complications & Loss > The newborn intensive care unit (NICU) > Caring for multiples Caring for multiples E-mail ...

  16. Multiple mirror plasma confinement

    Multiple mirror plasma confinement concept is considered. A theory of plasma diffusion through a corrugated magnetic field is developed. It is shown, that multiple mirror devices hold considerable promise for confining fusion plasmas. 75 refs.; 8 figs.; 4 tabs

  17. Challenges of Parenting Multiples

    ... the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Challenges of Parenting Multiples There are many psychological, social, and economic ... the unique challenges and rewards that come from parenting multiples. For more information on the medical aspects ...

  18. ALICE Forward Multiplicity Detector

    Christensen, C


    The Forward Multiplicity Detector (FMD) extends the coverage for multiplicity of charge particles into the forward regions - giving ALICE the widest coverage of the 4 LHC experiments for these measurements.

  19. Multiple sclerosis - discharge

    Your doctor has told you that you have multiple sclerosis. This disease affects the brain and spinal cord ( ... your doctor may prescribe medicine. Some people with multiple sclerosis need to use a urinary catheter . This is ...

  20. Fatigue and Multiple Sclerosis

    Fatigue - National Multiple Sclerosis Society Skip to navigation Skip to content Menu Navigation National Multiple Sclerosis Society ... Twitter Email Home Symptoms & Diagnosis MS Symptoms Fatigue Fatigue Share Smaller Text Larger Text Print In this ...

  1. Multiple Indicators, Multiple Causes Measurement Error Models

    Tekwe, Carmen D.; Carter, Randy L.; Cullings, Harry M.; Carroll, Raymond J.


    Multiple Indicators, Multiple Causes Models (MIMIC) are often employed by researchers studying the effects of an unobservable latent variable on a set of outcomes, when causes of the latent variable are observed. There are times however when the causes of the latent variable are not observed because measurements of the causal variable are contaminated by measurement error. The objectives of this paper are: (1) to develop a novel model by extending the classical linear MIMIC model to allow bot...

  2. Multiple emulsions: an overview.

    Khan, Azhar Yaqoob; Talegaonkar, Sushama; Iqbal, Zeenat; Ahmed, Farhan Jalees; Khar, Roop Krishan


    Multiple emulsions are complex polydispersed systems where both oil in water and water in oil emulsion exists simultaneously which are stabilized by lipophillic and hydrophilic surfactants respectively. The ratio of these surfactants is important in achieving stable multiple emulsions. Among water-in-oil-in-water (w/o/w) and oil-in-water-in-oil (o/w/o) type multiple emulsions, the former has wider areas of application and hence are studied in great detail. Formulation, preparation techniques and in vitro characterization methods for multiple emulsions are reviewed. Various factors affecting the stability of multiple emulsions and the stabilization approaches with specific reference to w/o/w type multiple emulsions are discussed in detail. Favorable drug release mechanisms and/or rate along with in vivo fate of multiple emulsions make them a versatile carrier. It finds wide range of applications in controlled or sustained drug delivery, targeted delivery, taste masking, bioavailability enhancement, enzyme immobilization, etc. Multiple emulsions have also been employed as intermediate step in the microencapsulation process and are the systems of increasing interest for the oral delivery of hydrophilic drugs, which are unstable in gastrointestinal tract like proteins and peptides. With the advancement in techniques for preparation, stabilization and rheological characterization of multiple emulsions, it will be able to provide a novel carrier system for drugs, cosmetics and pharmaceutical agents. In this review, emphasis is laid down on formulation, stabilization techniques and potential applications of multiple emulsion system. PMID:17076645

  3. Inference for Multiplicative Models

    Wexler, Ydo; Meek, Christopher


    The paper introduces a generalization for known probabilistic models such as log-linear and graphical models, called here multiplicative models. These models, that express probabilities via product of parameters are shown to capture multiple forms of contextual independence between variables, including decision graphs and noisy-OR functions. An inference algorithm for multiplicative models is provided and its correctness is proved. The complexity analysis of the inference algorithm uses a mor...

  4. Multiple Myeloma and Diabetes

    Azar, Sami T.; Mira S. Zantout; Zeinab A. Issa


    Multiple myeloma is a malignant plasma cell disorder that accounts for approximately 10% of all hematologic cancers. It is characterized by accumulation of clonal plasma cells, predominantly in the bone marrow. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is increasing; therefore, it is expected that there will be an increase in the diagnosis of multiple myeloma with concomitant diabetes mellitus. The treatment of multiple myeloma and diabetes mellitus is multifaceted. The coexistence of the two conditi...

  5. Complex Multiplicative Calculus

    Bashirov, Agamirza; Riza, Mustafa


    In the present paper we extend the concepts of multiplicative de- rivative and integral to complex-valued functions of complex variable. Some drawbacks, arising with these concepts in the real case, are explained satis- factorily. Properties of complex multiplicative derivatives and integrals are studied. In particular, the fundamental theorem of complex multiplicative calculus, relating these concepts, is proved. It is shown that complex multi- plicative calculus is not just another realizat...

  6. A Multi-orientation Gabor Filter and Adaboost Based Iris Recognition Method%基于多方向Gabor滤波器和Adaboost的虹膜识别方法

    张祥德; 黎明奇; 王琪; 孙艳蕊


    A new method for iris feature extraction and recognition was proposed based on the global and local texture information of iris. The normalized iris was divided first. Then the multi- orientation Gabor filters were used to encode the whole iris and sub-block iris, and the feature vector was constructed. Furthermore, the Adaboost algorithm was adopted to choose some features whose recognition performances are good. The results of the experiments carried out on CASIA-IrisV3-Lamp database indicate that the accuracy of recognition reaches up to 99.85%. Moreover, the algorithm has good recognition performance on the NICE:

  7. Multiple Stages 2

    Andreasen, John

    Multiple stages 2: theatrical futures, set design, community plays, cultural capitals, democracy & drama, WWII dramas, performance on adoption, promenade about emigration, qualities in political theatre, performance analysis, dramaturgical education, Toulmin Variations......Multiple stages 2: theatrical futures, set design, community plays, cultural capitals, democracy & drama, WWII dramas, performance on adoption, promenade about emigration, qualities in political theatre, performance analysis, dramaturgical education, Toulmin Variations...

  8. Suicide and multiple sclerosis

    Stenager, E N; Stenager, Egon; Koch-Henriksen, Nils;


    In a nationwide investigation the risk of death by suicide for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) was assessed using records kept at the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry (DMSR) and the Danish National Register of Cause of Death. The investigation covers all MS patients registered with DSMR...

  9. The Accuracy of Multiples

    Stauropoulos Antonios


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Equity valuation with the use of multiples is widely used by academics and practitioners concerning its functionality. This study aims to explore the sensitivity of three multiples in terms of accuracy. Approach: Price-to-Sales (P/S multiple, the price-to-book value of equity (P/B multiple and the Price-to-Earnings (P/E multiple are three multiples under consideration, using both current and one-year-ahead earnings forecasts. Results: Evidence of empirical results show that, the multiples P/mdfy1 and P/mnfy1 are effective in terms of accuracy, with their means being negatively biased and their medians being positively biased. Finally, current earnings are identified as more appropriate value driver for the calculation of the P/E ratio by terms of accuracy. The results can be considered as reliable owing to the large sample and the procedure followed for its selection. Conclusion: This study offers a better understanding of the valuation approach through the use of multiples, in order analysts assumption to be more carefully and properly chosen and their results to be more accurately produced.

  10. ALICE Photon Multiplicity Detector

    Nayak, T


    Photon Multiplicity Detector (PMD) measures the multiplicity and spatial distribution of photons in the forward region of ALICE on a event-by-event basis. PMD is a pre-shower detector having fine granularity and full azimuthal coverage in the pseudo-rapidity region 2.3 < η < 3.9.

  11. Hadron Multiplicities at HERMES

    Hillenbrand, A.; Hartig, M.


    Hadron multiplicities of $\\pim$, $\\pip$, $\\km$ and $\\kp$ have been measured in the deep-inelastic scattering of 27.5 GeV positrons off a hydrogen target. The data used in this analysis have been collected during the 2000 HERA running period. The multiplicities were obtained for 0.15$< z

  12. Orchestrating Multiple Intelligences

    Moran, Seana; Kornhaber, Mindy; Gardner, Howard


    Education policymakers often go astray when they attempt to integrate multiple intelligences theory into schools, according to the originator of the theory, Howard Gardner, and his colleagues. The greatest potential of a multiple intelligences approach to education grows from the concept of a profile of intelligences. Each learner's intelligence…

  13. Applying Multiple Intelligences

    Christodoulou, Joanna A.


    The ideas of multiple intelligences introduced by Howard Gardner of Harvard University more than 25 years ago have taken form in many ways, both in schools and in other sometimes-surprising settings. The silver anniversary of Gardner's learning theory provides an opportunity to reflect on the ways multiple intelligences theory has taken form and…

  14. Constraining Multiple Grammars

    Hopp, Holger


    This article offers the author's commentary on the Multiple Grammars (MG) language acquisition theory proposed by Luiz Amaral and Tom Roeper in the present issue. Multiple Grammars advances the claim that optionality is a constitutive characteristic of any one grammar, with interlanguage grammars being perhaps the clearest examples of a…

  15. Bayesian multiple target tracking

    Streit, Roy L


    This second edition has undergone substantial revision from the 1999 first edition, recognizing that a lot has changed in the multiple target tracking field. One of the most dramatic changes is in the widespread use of particle filters to implement nonlinear, non-Gaussian Bayesian trackers. This book views multiple target tracking as a Bayesian inference problem. Within this framework it develops the theory of single target tracking, multiple target tracking, and likelihood ratio detection and tracking. In addition to providing a detailed description of a basic particle filter that implements

  16. Safe Dynamic Multiple Inheritance

    Ernst, Erik


    Multiple inheritance and similar mechanisms are usually only supported at compile time in statically typed languages. Nevertheless, dynamic multiple inheritance would be very useful in the development of complex systems, because it allows the creation of many related classes without an explosion in...... the size and level of redundancy in the source code. In fact, dynamic multiple inheritance is already available. The language gbeta is statically typed and has supported run-time combination of classes and methods since 1997, by means of the combination operator '&'. However, with certain combinations...

  17. Multiple scattering tomography.

    Modregger, Peter; Kagias, Matias; Peter, Silvia; Abis, Matteo; Guzenko, Vitaliy A; David, Christian; Stampanoni, Marco


    Multiple scattering represents a challenge for numerous modern tomographic imaging techniques. In this Letter, we derive an appropriate line integral that allows for the tomographic reconstruction of angular resolved scattering distributions, even in the presence of multiple scattering. The line integral is applicable to a wide range of imaging techniques utilizing various kinds of probes. Here, we use x-ray grating interferometry to experimentally validate the framework and to demonstrate additional structural sensitivity, which exemplifies the impact of multiple scattering tomography. PMID:25062159

  18. Multiple sclerosis research

    This volume proceedings contains four contributions which are in INIS scope, dealing with MRI and SPECT in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and assessment of disease activity. (H.W.). refs.; figs.; tabs

  19. Multiple Myeloma: Patient Handbook

    ... contact us TEXT SIZE IMF Multiple Myeloma Patient Handbook 2016 One of the most daunting aspects of ... with each of these steps. The IMF’s Patient Handbook is meant to furnish you with the tools ...

  20. Connecting the Production Multiple

    Lichen, Alex Yu; Mouritsen, Jan

    was implementing sales and operations planning (S&OP) process to foster integration on its demand chain. Although actors wanted to see what it is to produce, that is to say, the object Production, as a singular object that could be diffused across time and space, Production became more multiple because the S......&OP process itself is a fluid object, but there is still possibility to organise the messy Production. There are connections between the Production multiple and the managerial technology fluid. The fluid enacted the multiplicity of Production thus making it more difficult to be organised because there were...... in this sense attracts different absent local practices, which in turn make accounting fluid to account for the Production multiple. The accounting fluid brings together accounting inscriptions and particularity of locals. In the language of circulating references, reduction and amplification no longer go...

  1. Rehabilitation and multiple sclerosis

    Dalgas, Ulrik


    In a chronic and disabling disease like multiple sclerosis, rehabilitation becomes of major importance in the preservation of physical, psychological and social functioning. Approximately 80% of patients have multiple sclerosis for more than 35 years and most will develop disability at some point...... of their lives, emphasising the importance of rehabilitation in order to maintain quality of life. An important aspect of multiple sclerosis rehabilitation is the preservation of physical functioning. Hot topics in the rehabilitation of physical function include (1) exercise therapy, (2) robot-assisted training...... and (3) pharmacological interventions. Exercise therapy has for many years been a controversial issue in multiple sclerosis rehabilitation and the advice generally given to patients was not to participate in physical exercise, since it was thought to lead to a worsening of symptoms or fatigue. However...

  2. Pomalidomide for Multiple Myeloma

    A summary of results from a phase III trial that compared the combination of pomalidomide (Pomalyst®) and low-dose dexamethasone versus high-dose dexamethasone alone in patients with multiple myeloma that has progressed despite other treatments.

  3. Choice and multiple reinforcers

    Moore, Jay


    Pigeons chose between equivalent two-component mixed and multiple terminal-link schedules of reinforcement in the concurrent-chains procedure. The pigeons preferred the multiple schedule over the mixed when the components of the compound schedules were differentiated in terms of density of reinforcement, but the pigeons were indifferent when the components were differentiated in terms of number of reinforcers per cycle. Taken together, these results indicate that a local variable, the interva...

  4. Generalized internal multiple imaging

    Zuberi, M. A. H.


    Internal multiples deteriorate the image when the imaging procedure assumes only single scattering, especially if the velocity model does not have sharp contrasts to reproduce such scattering in the Green’s function through forward modeling. If properly imaged, internal multiples (internally scattered energy) can enhance the seismic image. Conventionally, to image internal multiples, accurate, sharp contrasts in the velocity model are required to construct a Green’s function with all the scattered energy. As an alternative, we have developed a generalized internal multiple imaging procedure that images any order internal scattering using the background Green’s function (from the surface to each image point), constructed from a smooth velocity model, usually used for conventional imaging. For the first-order internal multiples, the approach consisted of three steps, in which we first back propagated the recorded surface seismic data using the background Green’s function, then crosscorrelated the back-propagated data with the recorded data, and finally crosscorrelated the result with the original background Green’s function. This procedure images the contribution of the recorded first-order internal multiples, and it is almost free of the single-scattering recorded energy. The cost includes one additional crosscorrelation over the conventional single-scattering imaging application. We generalized this method to image internal multiples of any order separately. The resulting images can be added to the conventional single-scattering image, obtained, e.g., from Kirchhoff or reverse-time migration, to enhance the image. Application to synthetic data with reflectors illuminated by multiple scattering (double scattering) demonstrated the effectiveness of the approach.

  5. Angiogenesis and Multiple Myeloma

    Giuliani, Nicola; Storti, Paola; Bolzoni, Marina; Palma, Benedetta Dalla; Bonomini, Sabrina


    The bone marrow microenvironment in multiple myeloma is characterized by an increased microvessel density. The production of pro-angiogenic molecules is increased and the production of angiogenic inhibitors is suppressed, leading to an “angiogenic switch”. Here we present an overview of the role of angiogenesis in multiple myeloma, the pro-angiogenic factors produced by myeloma cells and the microenvironment, and the mechanisms involved in the myeloma-induced angiogenic switch. Current data s...

  6. Neutron source multiplication method

    Extensive use has been made of neutron source multiplication in thousands of measurements of critical masses and configurations and in subcritical neutron-multiplication measurements in situ that provide data for criticality prevention and control in nuclear materials operations. There is continuing interest in developing reliable methods for monitoring the reactivity, or k/sub eff/, of plant operations, but the required measurements are difficult to carry out and interpret on the far subcritical configurations usually encountered. The relationship between neutron multiplication and reactivity is briefly discussed and data presented to illustrate problems associated with the absolute measurement of neutron multiplication and reactivity in subcritical systems. A number of curves of inverse multiplication have been selected from a variety of experiments showing variations observed in multiplication during the course of critical and subcritical experiments where different methods of reactivity addition were used, with different neutron source detector position locations. Concern is raised regarding the meaning and interpretation of k/sub eff/ as might be measured in a far subcritical system because of the modal effects and spectrum differences that exist between the subcritical and critical systems. Because of this, the calculation of k/sub eff/ identical with unity for the critical assembly, although necessary, may not be sufficient to assure safety margins in calculations pertaining to far subcritical systems. Further study is needed on the interpretation and meaning of k/sub eff/ in the far subcritical system

  7. Strongly Multiplicative and 3-Multiplicative Linear Secret Sharing Schemes

    Zhang, Zhifang; Chee, Yeow Meng; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong; 10.1007/978-3-540-89255-7


    Strongly multiplicative linear secret sharing schemes (LSSS) have been a powerful tool for constructing secure multiparty computation protocols. However, it remains open whether or not there exist efficient constructions of strongly multiplicative LSSS from general LSSS. In this paper, we propose the new concept of a 3-multiplicative LSSS, and establish its relationship with strongly multiplicative LSSS. More precisely, we show that any 3-multiplicative LSSS is a strongly multiplicative LSSS, but the converse is not true; and that any strongly multiplicative LSSS can be efficiently converted into a 3-multiplicative LSSS. Furthermore, we apply 3-multiplicative LSSS to the computation of unbounded fan-in multiplication, which reduces its round complexity to four (from five of the previous protocol based on strongly multiplicative LSSS). We also give two constructions of 3-multiplicative LSSS from Reed-Muller codes and algebraic geometric codes. We believe that the construction and verification of 3-multiplicati...

  8. Multiple Sclerosis in Children

    Soroor INALOO


    Full Text Available How to Cite This Article: Inaloo S, Haghbin S. Multiple Sclerosis in Children. Iran J Child Neurol. 2013 Spring;7(2:1-10. Multiple sclerosis (MS is the most important immune-mediated demyelinated disease of human which is typically the disease of young adults. A total of 4% to 5% of MS population are pediatric. Pediatric MS is defined as the appearance of MS before the age of sixteen. About 80% of the pediatric cases and nearly all adolescent onset patients present with attacks typical to adult MS. Approximately 97% to 99% of the affected children have relapsing-remitting MS, while 85% to 95% of the adults experience such condition. MS in children is associated with more frequent and severe relapses. Treatment is the same as adults. We aimed to review the epidemiology, etiology, clinical manifestations, and treatment of MS in children. References1. Lublin F. History of modern multiple sclerosis therapy. J Neurol 2005 Sep;252(Suppl 3:iii3-iii9. Review.2. Murray TJ. Robert Carswell: the first illustrator of MS. Int MS J 2009 Sep;16(3:98-101.3. Kabat EA, Glusman M, Knaub V. Quantitative estimation of the albumin and gamma globulin in normal and pathologic cerebrospinal fluid by immunochemical methods. Am J Med 1948 May;4(5:653-62.4. Kumar DR, Aslinia F, Yale SH, Mazza JJ. Jean-Martin Charcot: the father of neurology. Clin Med Res 2011 Mar;9(1:46-9.5. Dawson JD. The histology of disseminated sclerosis.Trans of the Roy Soc Edinb. 1916;50:517-740.6. Gadoth N. Multiple sclerosis in children. Brain Dev 2003 Jun;25(4:229-32. Review.7. Banwell BL. Pediatric multiple sclerosis. Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep 2004 May;4(3:245-52.8. Renoux C, Vukusic S, Mikaeloff Y, Edan G, Clanet M, Dubois B, et al. Natural history of multiple sclerosis with childhood onset. N Engl J Med 2007 Jun 21;356(25:2603-13.9. Boiko A, Vorobeychicle G, Paty D, Devonshire V, Sondovnick D. Early onset multiple sclerosis: a long longitudinal study. Neurology 2002 Oct 8

  9. Multiplicities of dihedral discriminants

    Mayer, Daniel C.


    Given the discriminant {d_k} of a quadratic field k, the number of cyclic relative extensions N\\vert k of fixed odd prime degree p with dihedral absolute Galois group of order 2p, which share a common conductor f, is called the multiplicity of the dihedral discriminant {d_N} = {f^{2(p - 1)}}d_k^p . In this paper, general formulas for multiplicities of dihedral discriminants are derived by analyzing the p-rank of the ring class group mod f of k. For the special case p = 3,{d_k} = - 3 , an elementary proof is given additionally. The theory is illustrated by a discussion of all known discriminants of multiplicity ≥ 5 of totally real and complex cubic fields.

  10. Problems of multiple transfusions.



    The use of blood infusion in large amounts is increasing sharply. Increased knowledge of blood group antigens has alerted physicians to the possible hazards of hemolytic reactions to subgroups that must be eliminated by proper cross-matching techniques. Multiple transfusions of preserved blood often defeat their purpose in control of bleeding, for thrombocytopenia is enhanced. Careful selection of blood or preparations of plasma concentrates offer increased protection to the recipient.Plastic bag equipment increases the yield of viable platelets and keeps blood in usable condition for longer periods of storage. The use of multiple transfusions has complicated the selection of preserved blood to control pigment metabolism. PMID:13500210

  11. Multiple origins of life

    Raup, D. M.; Valentine, J. W.


    There is some indication that life may have originated readily under primitive earth conditions. If there were multiple origins of life, the result could have been a polyphyletic biota today. Using simple stochastic models for diversification and extinction, we conclude: (1) the probability of survival of life is low unless there are multiple origins, and (2) given survival of life and given as many as 10 independent origins of life, the odds are that all but one would have gone extinct, yielding the monophyletic biota we have now. The fact of the survival of our particular form of life does not imply that it was unique or superior.

  12. Neutron multiplicity analysis tool

    Stewart, Scott L [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    I describe the capabilities of the EXCOM (EXcel based COincidence and Multiplicity) calculation tool which is used to analyze experimental data or simulated neutron multiplicity data. The input to the program is the count-rate data (including the multiplicity distribution) for a measurement, the isotopic composition of the sample and relevant dates. The program carries out deadtime correction and background subtraction and then performs a number of analyses. These are: passive calibration curve, known alpha and multiplicity analysis. The latter is done with both the point model and with the weighted point model. In the current application EXCOM carries out the rapid analysis of Monte Carlo calculated quantities and allows the user to determine the magnitude of sample perturbations that lead to systematic errors. Neutron multiplicity counting is an assay method used in the analysis of plutonium for safeguards applications. It is widely used in nuclear material accountancy by international (IAEA) and national inspectors. The method uses the measurement of the correlations in a pulse train to extract information on the spontaneous fission rate in the presence of neutrons from ({alpha},n) reactions and induced fission. The measurement is relatively simple to perform and gives results very quickly ({le} 1 hour). By contrast, destructive analysis techniques are extremely costly and time consuming (several days). By improving the achievable accuracy of neutron multiplicity counting, a nondestructive analysis technique, it could be possible to reduce the use of destructive analysis measurements required in safeguards applications. The accuracy of a neutron multiplicity measurement can be affected by a number of variables such as density, isotopic composition, chemical composition and moisture in the material. In order to determine the magnitude of these effects on the measured plutonium mass a calculational tool, EXCOM, has been produced using VBA within Excel. This

  13. High-multiplicity processes

    We wish to demonstrate that investigation of asymptotically high multiplicity (AHM) hadron reactions may solve, or at least clear up, a number of problems unsolvable by other ways. We would lean upon the idea: (i) the reactions final state entropy is proportional to multiplicity and, by this reason, just in the AHM domain one may expect the equilibrium final state and (ii) the AHM final state is cold because of the energy-momentum conservation laws. This means that the collective phenomena may become important in the AHM domain. The possibility of hard processes dominance is considered also

  14. Multiple Roles of Secretaries

    刘倩; 王姝濒; 赵柳


    The work of secretaries is very comprehensive and secretaries are key members of a company team.The study on the multiple roles of secretaries is not only about the theory but also about the practice.To understand and study the multiple roles of secretaries can strengthen secretaries’ ability of adaption and secretaries’ strain capacity.The purpose of this paper is to present a way of looking at the complexities of secretaries’ roles,and let secretaries have a better understanding of their roles to act out perfectly.

  15. Immunopathology of multiple sclerosis.

    Dendrou, Calliope A; Fugger, Lars; Friese, Manuel A


    Two decades of clinical experience with immunomodulatory treatments for multiple sclerosis point to distinct immunological pathways that drive disease relapses and progression. In light of this, we discuss our current understanding of multiple sclerosis immunopathology, evaluate long-standing hypotheses regarding the role of the immune system in the disease and delineate key questions that are still unanswered. Recent and anticipated advances in the field of immunology, and the increasing recognition of inflammation as an important component of neurodegeneration, are shaping our conceptualization of disease pathophysiology, and we explore the potential implications for improved healthcare provision to patients in the future. PMID:26250739

  16. Multiple Roles of Secretaries

    刘倩; 王姝濒; 赵柳


    The work of secretaries is very comprehensive and secretaries are key members of a company team.The study on the multiple roles of secretaries is not only about the theory but also about the practice.To understand and study the multiple roles of secretaries can strengthen secretaries’ ability of adaption and secretaries’ strain capacity.The purpose of this paper is to present a way oflooking at the complexities of secretaries’ roles,and let secretaries have a better understanding of their roles to act out perfectly.

  17. Multiple snapshot compressive beamforming

    Gerstoft, Peter; Xenaki, Angeliki; Mecklenbrauker, Christoph F.;


    For sound fields observed on an array, compressive sensing (CS) reconstructs the multiple source signals at unknown directions-of-arrival (DOAs) using a sparsity constraint. The DOA estimation is posed as an underdetermined problem expressing the field at each sensor as a phase-lagged superposition...... of source amplitudes at all hypothetical DOAs. CS is applicable even for a single observation snapshot achieving a higher resolution than conventional beamforming. For multiple snapshots, CS outperforms conventional high-resolution methods, even with coherent arrivals and at low signal-to-noise ratio....

  18. Computer-assisted lip diagnosis on traditional Chinese medicine using multi-class support vector machines

    Li FuFeng


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM, the lip diagnosis is an important diagnostic method which has a long history and is applied widely. The lip color of a person is considered as a symptom to reflect the physical conditions of organs in the body. However, the traditional diagnostic approach is mainly based on observation by doctor’s nude eyes, which is non-quantitative and subjective. The non-quantitative approach largely depends on the doctor’s experience and influences accurate the diagnosis and treatment in TCM. Developing new quantification methods to identify the exact syndrome based on the lip diagnosis of TCM becomes urgent and important. In this paper, we design a computer-assisted classification model to provide an automatic and quantitative approach for the diagnosis of TCM based on the lip images. Methods A computer-assisted classification method is designed and applied for syndrome diagnosis based on the lip images. Our purpose is to classify the lip images into four groups: deep-red, red, purple and pale. The proposed scheme consists of four steps including the lip image preprocessing, image feature extraction, feature selection and classification. The extracted 84 features contain the lip color space component, texture and moment features. Feature subset selection is performed by using SVM-RFE (Support Vector Machine with recursive feature elimination, mRMR (minimum Redundancy Maximum Relevance and IG (information gain. Classification model is constructed based on the collected lip image features using multi-class SVM and Weighted multi-class SVM (WSVM. In addition, we compare SVM with k-nearest neighbor (kNN algorithm, Multiple Asymmetric Partial Least Squares Classifier (MAPLSC and Naïve Bayes for the diagnosis performance comparison. All displayed faces image have obtained consent from the participants. Results A total of 257 lip images are collected for the modeling of lip diagnosis in TCM. The

  19. Multiple cystic swelling: Initial presentation of multiple myeloma

    Kumar Sunil; Jain A; Waghmare Swati


    Multiple myeloma, a disease allied to malignancy of reticuloendothelial cells, is not an uncommon condition. However, the diagnosis is often made quite late because the disease has multiple modes of presentation. We are reporting a case of multiple myeloma in a 55-year-old male who presented with multiple cystic swellings on the chest.

  20. The multiple Dirichlet product and the multiple Dirichlet series

    Onozuka, Tomokazu


    First, we define the multiple Dirichlet product and study the properties of it. From those properties, we obtain a zero-free region of a multiple Dirichlet series and a multiple Dirichlet series expression of the reciprocal of a multiple Dirichlet series.

  1. Multiple chemical sensitivity

    Tran, Marie Thi Dao; Arendt-Nielsen, Lars; Kupers, Ron;


    BACKGROUND: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a chronic condition characterized by recurrent, non-specific symptoms in response to chemically unrelated exposures in non-toxic concentrations. Although the pathophysiology of MCS remains unknown, central sensitization may be an important factor...

  2. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

    Junge, Anne Gram

    Et voksende antal mennesker i Danmark oplever at være overfølsomme over for dufte og kemikalier. Imidlertid er den tilskrevne diagnose Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) ikke medicinsk anerkendt i Danmark pga. mangel på organiske og patofysiologisk basis for symptomerne. Dette speciale bygger på...

  3. Multiple Choriangiomas of Placenta

    Vijay Shankar S,


    Full Text Available Placental chorangiomas, not an uncommon condition is often small and hence usually goes unnoticed . However the incidence of complications is high when the chorangioma is large. We hereby present an unusual case of large and multiple choriangiomas with secondary changes and associated congenital anomalies with hydrops fetalis.

  4. Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes

    ... type 2A disease. Almost everyone with type 2A disease develops medullary thyroid cancer (see Medullary cancer ). About 40 to ... stones in about 25% of people. Type 2B disease Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B can consist of Medullary thyroid cancer Pheochromocytomas Growths around nerves (neuromas) Many ...

  5. Multiple Cutaneous Reticulohistiocytoma

    Hemmady, Karishma D; Someshwar, Shylaja S; Jerajani, Hemangi R


    Multicentric reticulohistiocytosis is a rare non-Langerhans cell histiocytosis characterized in its full form by severe destructive arthritis, cutaneous nodules, and systemic manifestations. Cutaneous lesions may precede, accompany, or more commonly develop later than other features in this disease. We describe a case of multiple cutaneous reticulohistiocytoma without any systemic associations after thorough investigations. PMID:26955136

  6. Multiple primary bronchogenic carcinomas.

    Yang, X; Ji, H; Paljarvi, L; Soimakallio, S


    Multiple primary bronchogenic carcinomas (MPBCa) are extremely rare. The differentiation of a MPBCa from a pulmonary metastasis due to an extrathoracic neoplasm is sometimes difficult. We reviewed 324 pathologically proved primary pulmonary carcinomas and found six cases of MPBCa (1.9%). We herewith present the series and discuss the diagnosis of MPBCa. PMID:21594435

  7. Multiple System Atrophy

    ... Order Brochures News From NINDS Funding Information Research Programs Training & Career Awards Enhancing Diversity Find People About NINDS Multiple System Atrophy Fact Sheet See a list of all NINDS Disorders Get Web page suited for printing Email this to a friend ...

  8. Chronic progressive multiple sclerosis

    A long-lasting immunological suppression action seems to be produced by total lymphoid irradiation; some authors emphasize the favorable effect of this treatment on chronic progressive multiple sclerosis. In order to evaluate the actual role of TLI, 6 patients affected with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis were submitted to TLI with shaped and personalized fields at the Istituto del Radio, University of Brescia, Italy. The total dose delivered was 19.8 Gy in 4 weeks, 1.8 Gy/day, 5d/w; a week elapsed between the first and the second irradiation course. Disability according to Kurtzke scale was evaluated, together with blood lymphocyte count and irradiation side-effects, over a mean follow-up period of 20.8 months (range: 13-24). Our findings indicate that: a) disease progression was not markedly reduced by TLI; b) steroid hormones responsivity was restored after irradiation, and c) side-effects were mild and tolerable

  9. Curability of Multiple Myeloma

    Raymond Alexanian


    Full Text Available Among 792 patients with multiple myeloma treated from 1987 to 2010 and assessed after 18 months, there were 167 patients with complete remission. For those 60 patients treated between 1987–1998 and with long followup, the latest relapse occurred after 11.8 years, so that 13 patients have remained in sustained complete remission for longer than 12 years (range 12–22 years. These results suggest that 3% of all patients treated during that period may be cured of multiple myeloma. In addition to immunofixation, more sensitive techniques for the detection of residual disease should be applied more consistently in patients with apparent complete remission in order to identify those with potential cure.

  10. Formation of multiple networks

    Magnani, Matteo; Rossi, Luca


    While most research in Social Network Analysis has focused on single networks, the availability of complex on-line data about individuals and their mutual heterogenous connections has recently determined a renewed interest in multi-layer network analysis. To the best of our knowledge, in this paper...... we introduce the first network formation model for multiple networks. Network formation models are among the most popular tools in traditional network studies, because of both their practical and theoretical impact. However, existing models are not sufficient to describe the generation of multiple...... networks. Our model, motivated by an empirical analysis of real multi-layered network data, is a conservative extension of single-network models and emphasizes the additional level of complexity that we experience when we move from a single- to a more complete and realistic multi-network context....

  11. Multiple cystic lung disease

    Flavia Angélica Ferreira Francisco; Arthur Soares Souza; Gláucia Zanetti; Edson Marchiori


    Multiple cystic lung disease represents a diverse group of uncommon disorders that can present a diagnostic challenge due to the increasing number of diseases associated with this presentation. High-resolution computed tomography of the chest helps to define the morphological aspects and distribution of lung cysts, as well as associated findings. The combination of appearance upon imaging and clinical features, together with extrapulmonary manifestations, when present, permits confident and a...

  12. Multiple correlation function approach

    Grebenkov, Denis S.


    The multiple correlation function approach is briefly presented and applied to investigate spin-echo signal attenuation due to restricted diffusion in simple geometries (slab, cylinder, and sphere) in the presence of surface relaxation. Exact and explicit representations for the zeroth and second moments of the total phase accumulated by diffusing spins are derived by using the Laplace transform summation technique. Within the Gaussian phrase approximation, these two moments determine the ...

  13. Multiple Peril Crop Insurance

    Edwards, William M.; Hofstrand, Donald


    Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) is a broad-based crop insurance program regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and subsidized by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation(FCIC). Crops eligible for MPCI coverage in Iowa include corn, sobyeans, oats, wheat, seed corn, popcorn, barley, potatoes, sweet corn, canning beans, dry beans, forages, grain sorghum, green peas, tomatoes, and nursery stocks. Not all of these crops can be insured in all counties.

  14. Metamemory in multiple sclerosis

    Claffey, Austin M


    This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University. The concept of metamemory proposes that supplementary to typically measured memory abilities, memory monitoring and control processes are used to optimise learning. Accurate memory monitoring appears to be underpinned by a range of cognitive, and possibly affective, contributions. In populations with these deficits, metamemory has been shown to be impaired. In Multiple Sclerosis (MS), only...

  15. Multiple plots in R

    Edwards, Stefan McKinnon


    In this chapter I will investigate how to combine multiple plots into a single. The scenario is a dataset of a series of measurements, on three samples in three situations. There are many ways we can display this, e.g. 3d graphs or faceting. 3d graphs are not good for displaying static data so we...... will not go there. Faceting is strictly speaking for plotting all variable / classes against each other....

  16. Albumin and multiple sclerosis

    LeVine, Steven M


    Leakage of the blood–brain barrier (BBB) is a common pathological feature in multiple sclerosis (MS). Following a breach of the BBB, albumin, the most abundant protein in plasma, gains access to CNS tissue where it is exposed to an inflammatory milieu and tissue damage, e.g., demyelination. Once in the CNS, albumin can participate in protective mechanisms. For example, due to its high concentration and molecular properties, albumin becomes a target for oxidation and nitration reactions. Furth...

  17. Multiple Hypotheses Video OCR

    Chen, Datong; Luettin, Juergen


    In this paper, we present a method to improve video OCR with multiple character hypotheses. The text regions in video need to be binarized before work as the input of current OCR system. Tranditional binarization do not use any structural information about the text. Based on a certain statistic model, we define a binarization method, which is called observation function, that should satisfy a certain condition. We then present a method to construct an observation function by computing binariz...

  18. Multiple linear regression.

    Eberly, Lynn E


    This chapter describes multiple linear regression, a statistical approach used to describe the simultaneous associations of several variables with one continuous outcome. Important steps in using this approach include estimation and inference, variable selection in model building, and assessing model fit. The special cases of regression with interactions among the variables, polynomial regression, regressions with categorical (grouping) variables, and separate slopes models are also covered. Examples in microbiology are used throughout. PMID:18450050

  19. Multiples waveform inversion

    Zhang, D. L.


    To increase the illumination of the subsurface and to eliminate the dependency of FWI on the source wavelet, we propose multiples waveform inversion (MWI) that transforms each hydrophone into a virtual point source with a time history equal to that of the recorded data. These virtual sources are used to numerically generate downgoing wavefields that are correlated with the backprojected surface-related multiples to give the migration image. Since the recorded data are treated as the virtual sources, knowledge of the source wavelet is not required, and the subsurface illumination is greatly enhanced because the entire free surface acts as an extended source compared to the radiation pattern of a traditional point source. Numerical tests on the Marmousi2 model show that the convergence rate and the spatial resolution of MWI is, respectively, faster and more accurate then FWI. The potential pitfall with this method is that the multiples undergo more than one roundtrip to the surface, which increases attenuation and reduces spatial resolution. This can lead to less resolved tomograms compared to conventional FWI. The possible solution is to combine both FWI and MWI in inverting for the subsurface velocity distribution.

  20. Multiple organ procurement

    Vuković Milivoje


    Full Text Available Introduction. Liver transplantation is the most demanding of all solid organ transplantations. It requires perfect organization and motivation of health care professionals, patients and their families. This article deals with the procedure for multiple organ procurement, reviews criteria for organ donation and describes the surgical technique for multiple organ procurement. Discussion. Adequate selection and evaluation of cadaveric donors and of organs for transplantation should include early identification of potential donors, and early diagnosis of brain death. The procurement of the highest number of viable organs for transplantation requires excellence in each of the phases. Early and aggressive physiologic support in the maintenance of potential donors can reduce organ donor loss due to irreversible asystole or multiorgan failure (it is almost always possible to maintain organ perfusion pressure and increase the number of organs without increasing post-transplant morbidity or mortality. The ideal donor is a young, previously healthy, brain dead, victim of an accident. Conclusion. The surgical procedure for multiple organ procurement from brain death donors must be performed without intraopertive organ damage. .

  1. Multiple myeloma: 45 cases

    We evaluated 45 cases of multiple myelomas retrospectively confirmed in Severance Hospital from the period of 1983-1989. In order to assess the radiologic features of the multiple myeloma and to assist in possible early diagnosis and treatment. The result were as follows: 1. IgG(41%) was the most common immunoglobulin type secreted followed by light chain(36%). IgA(19%) and IgD(2%). Two percent of the patients had non-secretory type. 89% of patients were in their stage III of the disease. 2. Among the 45 patients, 96% had abnormal plain radiographic findings with average number of 4.5 lesions. Common sites were the spine, rib, skull, pelvis, and humerus in descending orders. The findings were localized or diffuse osteolytic bone destruction(85%). osteoporosis(49%), pathologic fracture and endosteal scalloping(55%). Osteoporosis was more prominent in stage III than stage II. 3. Both plain X-ray and radioisotope study was available for comparison in 28 patients. Concordance between the two studies were 44%, lesions detected only on plain X-ray film were 51%, and lesions detected only on the radioisotope were 5%. The plain radiography was able to detect only 54% of bone lesions confirmed by bone marrow biopsy. With the above results, accurate evaluation of bone lesions in multiple myeloma may be difficult with radiologic studies only. But familiarity with these radiologic findings of the this disease entity is necessary for early suspicion of the disease, thus for early diagnosis and treatment

  2. Multiple constant multiplication optimizations for field programmable gate arrays

    Kumm, Martin


    This work covers field programmable gate array (FPGA)-specific optimizations of circuits computing the multiplication of a variable by several constants, commonly denoted as multiple constant multiplication (MCM). These optimizations focus on low resource usage but high performance. They comprise the use of fast carry-chains in adder-based constant multiplications including ternary (3-input) adders as well as the integration of look-up table-based constant multipliers and embedded multipliers to get the optimal mapping to modern FPGAs. The proposed methods can be used for the efficient implementation of digital filters, discrete transforms and many other circuits in the domain of digital signal processing, communication and image processing. Contents Heuristic and ILP-Based Optimal Solutions for the Pipelined Multiple Constant Multiplication Problem Methods to Integrate Embedded Multipliers, LUT-Based Constant Multipliers and Ternary (3-Input) Adders An Optimized Multiple Constant Multiplication Architecture ...

  3. Quantum Interference of Multiple Beams Induced by Multiple Scattering

    Ott, Johan Raunkjær; Mortensen, N. Asger; Lodahl, Peter


    We report on quantum interference induced by the transmission of quantized light through a multiple-scattering medium. We show that entangled states can be created by multiple-scattering and that quantum interference survives disorder averaging.......We report on quantum interference induced by the transmission of quantized light through a multiple-scattering medium. We show that entangled states can be created by multiple-scattering and that quantum interference survives disorder averaging....

  4. Multiple Sparse Representations Classification.

    Plenge, Esben; Klein, Stefan; Klein, Stefan S; Niessen, Wiro J; Meijering, Erik


    Sparse representations classification (SRC) is a powerful technique for pixelwise classification of images and it is increasingly being used for a wide variety of image analysis tasks. The method uses sparse representation and learned redundant dictionaries to classify image pixels. In this empirical study we propose to further leverage the redundancy of the learned dictionaries to achieve a more accurate classifier. In conventional SRC, each image pixel is associated with a small patch surrounding it. Using these patches, a dictionary is trained for each class in a supervised fashion. Commonly, redundant/overcomplete dictionaries are trained and image patches are sparsely represented by a linear combination of only a few of the dictionary elements. Given a set of trained dictionaries, a new patch is sparse coded using each of them, and subsequently assigned to the class whose dictionary yields the minimum residual energy. We propose a generalization of this scheme. The method, which we call multiple sparse representations classification (mSRC), is based on the observation that an overcomplete, class specific dictionary is capable of generating multiple accurate and independent estimates of a patch belonging to the class. So instead of finding a single sparse representation of a patch for each dictionary, we find multiple, and the corresponding residual energies provides an enhanced statistic which is used to improve classification. We demonstrate the efficacy of mSRC for three example applications: pixelwise classification of texture images, lumen segmentation in carotid artery magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and bifurcation point detection in carotid artery MRI. We compare our method with conventional SRC, K-nearest neighbor, and support vector machine classifiers. The results show that mSRC outperforms SRC and the other reference methods. In addition, we present an extensive evaluation of the effect of the main mSRC parameters: patch size, dictionary size, and

  5. The Border Multiple

    of European borders by looking at border practices in the light of the mobility turn, and thus as dynamic, multiple, diverse and best expressed in everyday experiences of people living at and with borders, rather than focusing on static territorial divisions between states and regions at geopolitical...... level. It provides border scholars and researchers as well as policymakers with new empirical and theoretical evidence on the de- and re-bordering processes going on in diverse border regions in Europe, both within and outside of the EU....

  6. Multiple-pass reflectometer

    Edwards, D.F. (Los Alamos National Lab., NM); Baumeister, P.


    The multiple-pass reflectometer has been shown to be a convenient and precise instrument for measuring absolute spectral reflectance values in excess of 0.99. Given here is an extension of earlier work. We present details of the setup, operation, parameter optimization, and some limitations of the reflectometer. For a carefully aligned instrument the precision of the measurement is limited by the uncertainty in the computer fit of a straight line to the data. For the uv and visible spectral regions, typical reflectance precision is a few parts in 10/sup 4/. Systematic errors due to nonuniform photosurfaces and astigmatism have been minimized for the setup described here.

  7. Aid with Multiple Personalities

    Djankov, Simeon; Jose G. Montalvo; Reynal-Querol, Marta


    The existing research on foreign aid offers inconclusive evidence on the factors that make aid effective. In this paper, we study the supply of aid money in 112 developing countries over the period 1960-1999 and find that the presence of multiple donors in a given country renders aid less effective. In particular, an aid-receiving country at the median of the donor fractionalization distribution will grow one percentage point faster than a country at the 75th percentile. This is in part becau...

  8. Distributed multiple description coding

    Bai, Huihui; Zhao, Yao


    This book examines distributed video coding (DVC) and multiple description coding (MDC), two novel techniques designed to address the problems of conventional image and video compression coding. Covering all fundamental concepts and core technologies, the chapters can also be read as independent and self-sufficient, describing each methodology in sufficient detail to enable readers to repeat the corresponding experiments easily. Topics and features: provides a broad overview of DVC and MDC, from the basic principles to the latest research; covers sub-sampling based MDC, quantization based MDC,

  9. Ordering, materiality and multiplicity

    van der Duim, René; Ren, Carina Bregnholm; Jóhannesson, Gunnar Thór


    In this article we discuss how ANT has been translated into tourism research and show how it has impacted the field by presenting three concepts integral to the ANT approach: ordering, materiality and multiplicity. We first introduce ANT and draw attention to current ANT studies in tourism......, followed by a discussion of how newer approaches within post-ANT urge us to face the ontological politics, which we engage in when performing tourism research. In conclusion we argue that ANT enables a radical new way at looking at tourism, tourism destinations and objects and investigations into the...... ontological condition of tourism....

  10. Relighting multiple color textures

    DIAO Chang-yu; LU Dong-ming; LIU Gang


    With the development of digital library technology, library books made of paper can be digital released and read, and Endangered Cultural Heritages can be preserved. Traditional library's contents and functions can be greatly enhanced by digital technologies. For these new library objects, the primary key problem is precisely reconstructing their 3D models. When constructing complete 3D models, multiple color texture maps are often necessary. A commonly encountered problem uncounted during fusing of textures from multiple color images is color distortion. Each texture of a single 3D model may be obtained under possibly different lighting conditions and color response of the camera. To remove any visible seam and improve color consistency between the textures while avoiding color distortion, we propose a new efficient algorithm to relight all the texture images globally,spread residual light difference, and recolor each image by homogeneous transformation. A relative illumination model was adopted to obtain the relighting function. We choose lαβ color space with minimal correlation between channels for many natural scenes, for calculating the relighting result. Looking into two overlapped images A and B, we can pairwise relight B into A's luminosity condition in two steps. We first scale B's l channel by the lA/lB ratio of the overlapped region. We can assume A and B are in a same color plane now. Then a homogeneous transformation is applied to B's α and β channels which moves B into A's hue and saturation condition. For multiple overlapped color textures, a patch based weighted global relighting method was proposed to minimize the total color difference. The pairwise relighting method was used between each two overlapped images, and the difference in every overlapped region after relighting was weighted and summed up to construct an energy value. We used Nelder-Mead method to find a minimal energy value and the relighting parameters for every image. After

  11. Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Process Data Using Support Vector Machines

    Fang Wu


    Full Text Available For the complex industrial process, it has become increasingly challenging to effectively diagnose complicated faults. In this paper, a combined measure of the original Support Vector Machine (SVM and Principal Component Analysis (PCA is provided to carry out the fault classification, and compare its result with what is based on SVM-RFE (Recursive Feature Elimination method. RFE is used for feature extraction, and PCA is utilized to project the original data onto a lower dimensional space. PCA T2, SPE statistics, and original SVM are proposed to detect the faults. Some common faults of the Tennessee Eastman Process (TEP are analyzed in terms of the practical system and reflections of the dataset. PCA-SVM and SVM-RFE can effectively detect and diagnose these common faults. In RFE algorithm, all variables are decreasingly ordered according to their contributions. The classification accuracy rate is improved by choosing a reasonable number of features.

  12. Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis.

    Lee, Ji Y; Chitnis, Tanuja


    Pediatric multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory neurologic disease that is challenging to diagnose and treat. Although there are many clinical parallels between pediatric-onset MS and adult-onset MS, there is also accumulating evidence of distinguishing clinical features that may, in part, arise from development-specific, neuroimmune processes governing MS pathogenesis in children. Here the authors describe the clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment of pediatric MS, with a particular focus on describing clinical features and highlighting new developments that promise a better understanding of pediatric MS pathogenesis. An important task that lies ahead for pediatric neurologists is better understanding the early gene-environment interaction that precipitates the first demyelinating event in pediatric MS. This area is of particular importance for understanding the MS etiology and the natural history of pediatric MS. Such understanding should in turn inform new developments in diagnostic tools, long-term therapies, and much-needed biomarkers. Such biomarkers are not only valuable for defining the disease onset, but also for monitoring both the treatment response and a disease evolution that spans multiple decades in children with MS. PMID:27116721

  13. Tuberous Sclerosis: Multiple Presentations

    M. Sanei Taheri


    Full Text Available Introduction: Tuberous sclerosis is an autosomal do-minant genetic disorder that involves multiple or-gans. The predominant lesions are the hamartomas. Classically tuberous sclerosis has been characterized by a classic clinical triad of facial angiofibromas in 90%,retardation in 50-80%,seizure 80-90% and all three in 30%."nThe disease occurs in 1:100,000 persons in all races with nearly equal distribution between the sexes. "nCase Presentation: We had six patients who admitted with different presentations of tuberous sclerosis with a past history of convulsion from childhood, skin le-sions and mental retardation, also with new onset headache and changed pattern of convulsion. In physical examination facial angiofibromas and sub-ungual fibromas apparently detected. Brain CT scan study with contrast showed multiple calcified nod-ules associated with tubers and ventriculomegaly, also an enhancing enlarged nodule at foramen of mo-nro, which was suggestive of subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (SGCA. In abdominal and pelvic CT scan and ultrasonography, massive bilateral angio-myolipomatosis diagnosed. Also Focal hypodense le-sions in liver which were hyperechoic in ultrasono-graphy were diagnosed. With MRI study tubers, white matter lesions and subependymal nodules asso-ciated with SGCA were detected better. After surgery SGCA was proved."nDiscussion: Our patients had different presentations and various findings of this spectrum discussed in this lecture.

  14. Smoldering Multiple Myeloma

    Minjie Gao


    Full Text Available Smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM is an asymptomatic precursor stage of multiple myeloma (MM characterized by clonal bone marrow plasma cells (BMPC ≥ 10% and/or M protein level ≥ 30 g/L in the absence of end organ damage. It represents an intermediate stage between monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS and symptomatic MM. The risk of progression to symptomatic MM is not uniform, and several parameters have been reported to predict the risk of progression. These include the level of M protein and the percentage of BMPC, the proportion of immunophenotypically aberrant plasma cells, and the presence of immunoparesis, free light-chain (FLC ratio, peripheral blood plasma cells (PBPC, pattern of serum M protein evolution, abnormal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, cytogenetic abnormalities, IgA isotype, and Bence Jones proteinuria. So far treatment is still not recommended for SMM, because several trials suggested that patients with SMM do not benefit from early treatment. However, the Mateos et al. trial showed a survival benefit after early treatment with lenalidomide plus dexamethasone in patients with high-risk SMM. This trial has prompted a reevaluation of early treatment in an asymptomatic patient population.

  15. Albumin and multiple sclerosis.

    LeVine, Steven M


    Leakage of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a common pathological feature in multiple sclerosis (MS). Following a breach of the BBB, albumin, the most abundant protein in plasma, gains access to CNS tissue where it is exposed to an inflammatory milieu and tissue damage, e.g., demyelination. Once in the CNS, albumin can participate in protective mechanisms. For example, due to its high concentration and molecular properties, albumin becomes a target for oxidation and nitration reactions. Furthermore, albumin binds metals and heme thereby limiting their ability to produce reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species. Albumin also has the potential to worsen disease. Similar to pathogenic processes that occur during epilepsy, extravasated albumin could induce the expression of proinflammatory cytokines and affect the ability of astrocytes to maintain potassium homeostasis thereby possibly making neurons more vulnerable to glutamate exicitotoxicity, which is thought to be a pathogenic mechanism in MS. The albumin quotient, albumin in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)/albumin in serum, is used as a measure of blood-CSF barrier dysfunction in MS, but it may be inaccurate since albumin levels in the CSF can be influenced by multiple factors including: 1) albumin becomes proteolytically cleaved during disease, 2) extravasated albumin is taken up by macrophages, microglia, and astrocytes, and 3) the location of BBB damage affects the entry of extravasated albumin into ventricular CSF. A discussion of the roles that albumin performs during MS is put forth. PMID:27067000

  16. Multiplicative Runge-Kutta Methods

    Aktöre, Hatice


    ABSTRACT: In this thesis the multiplicative Runge-Kutta Method is developed employing the idea of the ordinary Runge-Kutta Method to multiplicative calculus. The multiplicative Runge-Kutta Methods for the orders 2,3, and 4 are developed and discussed. The developed algorithms are applied to examples where the solutions of the Ordinary Differential Equations are known. This gives the opportunity to check the relative error of the calculation reliably. The results in the multiplicative case are...

  17. Multiple Intelligences and quotient spaces

    Malatesta, Mike; Quintana, Yamilet


    The Multiple Intelligence Theory (MI) is one of the models that study and describe the cognitive abilities of an individual. In [7] is presented a referential system which allows to identify the Multiple Intelligences of the students of a course and to classify the level of development of such Intelligences. Following this tendency, the purpose of this paper is to describe the model of Multiple Intelligences as a quotient space, and also to study the Multiple Intelligences of an individual in...

  18. Dihedral symmetries of multiple logarithms

    Agarwala, Susama


    This paper finds relationships between multiple logarithms with a dihedral group action on the arguments. I generalize the combinatorics developed in Gangl, Goncharov and Levin's R-deco polygon representation of multiple logarithms to find these relations. By writing multiple logarithms as iterated integrals, my arguments are valid for iterated integrals as over an arbitrary field.

  19. Neurogenic Bladder and Multiple Sclerosis

    Krupin V.N.


    Full Text Available There have been presented general information of neurogenic bladder and the data on pathophysiology of lower urinary tract dysfunction in patients with multiple sclerosis. The characteristics of clinical presentations of neurogenic bladder in multiple sclerosis have been stated. There have been considered diagnosis and treatment problems of urinary disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis.

  20. Multiple myeloma with lung plasmacytoma

    Rajendra Prasad; Sanjay Kumar Verma; Rakhi Sodhi


    Malignant myeloma (MM) is a clonal proliferation of plasma cells with multiple osteolytic lesions. Extramedullary dissemination of multiple myeloma in lung is relatively uncommon. Hereby, we present a case of multiple myeloma with lung plasmacytoma of lung in a 45-years-old, non-smoker, female.

  1. Multiple part feeding

    Hvilshøj, Mads; Bøgh, Simon; Nielsen, Oluf Skov;


    Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to present experience from a real-world demonstration of autonomous industrial mobile manipulation (AIMM) based on the mobile manipulator "Little Helper" performing multiple part feeding at the pump manufacturer Grundfos A/S. Design/methodology/approach - The...... necessary AIMM technologies exist at a mature level - the reason that no mobile manipulators have yet been implemented in industrial environments, is that research in the right applications have not been carried out. We propose a pragmatic approach consisting of: a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile....... Originality/value - The paper presents a full-scale demonstration of a state-of-the-art COTS autonomous mobile manipulator system with particular focus on industrial utilization and application....

  2. Reduced Multiplication Modules

    Karim Samei


    An -module is called a multiplication module if for each submodule of , = for some ideal of . As defined for a commutative ring , an -module is said to be reduced if the intersection of prime submodules of is zero. The prime spectrum and minimal prime submodules of the reduced module are studied. Essential submodules of are characterized via a topological property. It is shown that the Goldie dimension of is equal to the Souslin number of Spec (). Also a finitely generated module is a Baer module if and only if Spec () is an extremally disconnected space; if and only if it is a -module. It is proved that a prime submodule is minimal in if and only if for each $x\\in N,\\mathrm{Ann}(x)\

  3. Multiple Commutator Formulas

    Hazrat, R.; Zhang, Z.


    Let A be a quasi-finite R-algebra (i.e., a direct limit of module finite algebras) with identity. Let I_i, i=0,...,m, be two-sided ideals of A, \\GL_n(A,I_i) the principal congruence subgroup of level I_i in GL_n(A) and E_n(A,I_i) be the relative elementary subgroup of level I_i. We prove a multiple commutator formula [E_n(A,I_0),\\GL_n(A,I_1),& \\GL_n(A, I_2),..., \\GL_n(A, I_m)] = [E_n(A,I_0),E_n(A,I_1),E_n(A, I_2),..., E_n(A, I_m)], which is a broad generalization of the standard commutator fo...

  4. Multiple gas reduction strategy

    A. Kurosawa [Institute of Applied Energy, Tokyo (Japan)


    Future global warming has a close relationship with the abatement potential of six greenhouse gases (GHGs), including carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}), methane (CH{sub 4}), nitrous oxide (N{sub 2}O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). Therefore, multiple gas reduction flexibility should be assessed. The emission of each non-CO{sub 2} GHG is calculated endogenously by the sum of the product of the emission factor and the endogenous activity index using an integrated assessment model, GRAPE (Global Relationship Assessment to Protect the Environment). The model consists of five modules dealing with issues on energy, climate, land use, macroeconomics and environmental impacts. The uncertainty in the non-CO{sub 2} GHG emission inventory and emission factors is discussed. 5 refs., 3 figs., 1 tab.

  5. On Multiple Appearances

    Bork Petersen, Franziska


    reduction and epoché to focus on how dancing bodies appear in a stage context. To test these tools’ ability to explore dancing bodies from a third-person perspective, I analyse the Danish choreographer Kitt Johnson’s solo performance Drift (2011) - focussing on her shifting physical appearance. While...... phenomenology helps me to describe the multiple and radically different guises that Johnson assumes in her piece, my analysis, ultimately, does not aim to distil a truer, more real being from her appearances as is often the case in phenomenological philosophy. I complement my analytical approach...... with the Deleuzian notion of becoming animal and suggest that Johnson stages what could, in Judith Butler’s terms, be called a critical contingency of bodily appearance....

  6. Networks amid multiple logics

    Bergenholtz, Carsten; Bjerregaard, Toke

    The present study investigates how a high-tech-small-firm (HTSF) can carry out an inter-organizational search of actors located at universities. Responding to calls to study how firms navigate multiple institutional norms, this research examines the different strategies used by a HTSF to balance...... adopted academic norm-sets, commercial imperatives and formal regulations to support formation of networks and collaborations with universities. The findings show how the significance of weak and strong ties for the formation of collaborations and networks with universities is relative to the...... institutional embeddedness in different industries. The research thus illuminates how a HTSF effectively can combine different search and collaboration strategies depending on institutional contexts and logics governing R&D work. The concluding section outlines implications for future research and the...

  7. Media and Multiplicity

    Blaagaard, Bolette


    Danish cartoon controversy, and Dutch politician Geert Wilders’s film, Fitna. Simultaneously, however, the media is more diverse and rhizomatic than ever and offers potential for cosmopolitanism, transnational ethical relations as well as radical anti-racist and anti-fascist interventions. This article......In the past few years continental Europe has experienced a resurgence of right-wing party politics, nationalism and xenophobia. In this nationalist revival the media and advanced communications technologies have played a significant role, as evidenced by the debates following cases such as the...... explores the tensions within the relation between journalistic practice and the construction of the idea of the nation and the multiplicity of media and cultures which inhabit the spheres of journalism and nation....

  8. Multiple detectors "Influence Method".

    Rios, I J; Mayer, R E


    The "Influence Method" is conceived for the absolute determination of a nuclear particle flux in the absence of known detector efficiency and without the need to register coincidences of any kind. This method exploits the influence of the presence of one detector in the count rate of another detector, when they are placed one behind the other and define statistical estimators for the absolute number of incident particles and for the efficiency (Rios and Mayer, 2015a). Its detailed mathematical description was recently published (Rios and Mayer, 2015b) and its practical implementation in the measurement of a moderated neutron flux arising from an isotopic neutron source was exemplified in (Rios and Mayer, 2016). With the objective of further reducing the measurement uncertainties, in this article we extend the method for the case of multiple detectors placed one behind the other. The new estimators for the number of particles and the detection efficiency are herein derived. PMID:26943904

  9. Quantum Optical Multiple Scattering

    Ott, Johan Raunkjær

    for the dipoles while treating them as quantum two-level systems and using the Born–Markov and rotating-wave approximations. Postponing the rotating-wave approximation to the very end of the formal calculations allows us to identify the different physical parameters of the dipole evolution in terms of...... first part we use a scattering-matrix formalism combined with results from random-matrix theory to investigate the interference of quantum optical states on a multiple scattering medium. We investigate a single realization of a scattering medium thereby showing that it is possible to create entangled...... states by interference of squeezed beams. Mixing photon states on the single realization also shows that quantum interference naturally arises by interfering quantum states. We further investigate the ensemble averaged transmission properties of the quantized light and see that the induced quantum...

  10. Anthropology and Multiple Modernities

    Thomassen, Bjørn

    “modernities” over the last 10 years, this paper wishes to address the analytical usefulness of this conceptual development. What is it about these concepts that make them useful as we try to capture the World today? Rather than providing any substantial definitions as to what those modernities are about (or...... what they are not about), anthropologists have used ethnographies to demonstrate how modernities are lived and constructed differently in different cultural contexts. To a very large extent, anthropologists intend these multiple modernities to refer to the interplay between local and global...... configurations. However, if the current pluralizing of modernity ultimately serves to describe the variety of cultural forms that co-exist in the World today, the analytical value of the concept risks being watered down, and little is gained in perspective. Arguably, other concepts would have served the purpose...

  11. Swamp Works- Multiple Projects

    Carelli, Jonathan M.; Schuler, Jason M.; Chandler, Meredith L.


    My Surface Systems internship over the summer 2013 session covered a broad range of projects that utilized multiple fields of engineering and technology. This internship included a project to create a command center for a 120 ton regolith bin, for the design and assembly of a blast shield to add further protection for the Surface Systems engineers, for the design and assembly of a portable four monitor hyper wall strip that could extend as large as needed, research and programming a nano drill that could be utilized on a next generation robot or rover, and social media tasks including the making of videos, posting to social networking websites and creation of a new outreach program to help spread the word about the Swamp Works laboratory.

  12. Multiple Differential Aperture Microscopy

    Differential-aperture X-ray microscopy (DAXM) is a powerful approach to 3D tomography with particular relevance to X-ray microdiffraction. With DAXM, scattering from submicron volumes can be resolved. However, the method is intrinsically a scanning technique where every resolved volume element (voxel) requires at least one area-detector readout. Previous applications of DAXM have used a single wire for knife-edge step profiling. Here, we demonstrate a way to accelerate DAXM measurements using multiple wires. A proof-of-principle experiment with a three-wire prototype showed that the speed of measurements can be tripled, but careful calibrations of wires will be required to maintain the spatial accuracy. In addition, related possibilities for accelerating measurements are briefly discussed

  13. Multiple Turbine Wakes

    Machefaux, Ewan; Mann, Jakob

    The central goal of the present research was to study single and multiple interacting wind turbine wakes using both full-scale lidar experiments and high fidelity CFD numerical approaches.Firstly, single wake dynamics have been studied experimentally using full-scale (nacelle based) pulsed lidar......, the Bulk-Richardson and the Froude number approach. Three test cases are subsequently defined covering various atmospheric conditions. Simulations based on the EllipSys3D ABL flow solver are carried out using Large Eddy Simulation and Actuator disc rotor modeling.The turbulence properties of the incoming...... lidars. A thorough analysis and interpretation of the measurements was performed to overcome either the lack or the poor calibration of relevant turbine operational sensors, as well as other uncertainties inherent to wake resolving from full-scale experiments. The numerical work was based on the in...



    Here is a sampling of 15 ultraluminous infrared galaxies viewed by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble's sharp vision reveals more complexity within these galaxies, which astronomers are interpreting as evidence of a multiple-galaxy pileup. These images, taken by the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2, are part of a three-year study of 123 galaxies within 3 billion light-years of Earth. The study was conducted in 1996, 1997, and 1999. False colors were assigned to these photos to enhance fine details within these coalescing galaxies. Credits: NASA, Kirk Borne (Raytheon and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.), Luis Colina (Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria, Spain), and Howard Bushouse and Ray Lucas (Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Md.)

  15. Multiple stage railgun

    A multiple stage magnetic railgun accelerator for accelerating a projectile by movement of a plasma arc along the rails. The railgun is divided into a plurality of successive rail stages which are sequentially energized by separate energy sources as the projectile moves through the bore of the railgun. Propagation of energy from an energized rail stage back towards the breech end of the railgun can be prevented by connection of the energy sources to the rails through isolation diodes. Propagation of energy from an energized rail stage back towards the breech end of the railgun can also be prevented by dividing the rails into electrically isolated rail sections. In such case means are used to extinguish the arc at the end of each energized stage and a fuse or laser device is used to initiate a new plasma arc in the next energized rail stage

  16. Metabolomics in multiple sclerosis.

    Bhargava, Pavan; Calabresi, Peter A


    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic demyelinating disorder of the central nervous system with inflammatory and degenerative components. The cause of MS remains unknown although genetic and environmental factors appear to play a role in its etiopathogenesis. Metabolomics is a new "omics" technology that aims at measuring small molecules in various biological matrices and can provide information that is not readily obtained from genomics, transcriptomics, or proteomics. Currently, several different analytical platforms exist for metabolomics, and both untargeted and targeted approaches are being employed. Methods of analysis of metabolomics data are also being developed and no consensus currently exists on the optimal approach to analysis and interpretation of these data. Metabolomics has the potential to provide putative biomarkers, insights into the pathophysiology of the disease, and to aid in precision medicine for patients with MS. PMID:26754801

  17. Analysis of multiple source/multiple informant data in Stata

    Nicholas Horton; Garrett Fitzmaurice


    We describe regression-based methods for analyzing multiple-source data arising from complex sample survey designs in Stata. We use the term multiple-source data to encompass all cases where data are simultaneously obtained from multiple informants, or raters (e.g., self-reports, family members, health care providers, administrators) or via different/parallel instruments, indicators or methods (e.g., symptom rating scales, standardized diagnostic interviews, or clinical diagnoses). We review ...

  18. Continuous Multiple Vertebral Compression Fractures in Multiple Myeloma Patient

    Hong, Sang Moon; Kim, Tae Wan; Park, Kwan Ho


    Multiple myeloma is a B-cell origin tumor characterized by hypercalcemia, osteolytic bony lesions, and pathologic fractures. Back pain is one of the most common presenting symptoms of multiple myeloma and about 60% of patients have vertebral involvement at the time of diagnosis7). Minimally invasive surgeries such as vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are effective to relieve pain and improve the quality of life when a compression fracture occurs in multiple myeloma patients. We report a case of ...

  19. Multiple exostotic hypochondroplasia: Syndrome of combined hypochondroplasia and multiple exostoses

    This is a report of a family with major focus on the daughter who had short stature. The mother had hypochondroplasia and the father had multiple exostoses. The daughter's skeletal roentgenograms show features of both hypochondroplasia and multiple exostoses. The roentgenographic, clinical and genetic aspects of these skeletal dysplasias are reviewed and hypochrondroplasia is contrasted with achondroplasia. The genetic and counseling implications of the association of hypochondroplasia and multiple exostoses are discussed. (orig.)

  20. Multiple exostotic hypochondroplasia: Syndrome of combined hypochondroplasia and multiple exostoses

    Dominguez, R.; Young, L.W.; Girdany, B.R.; Steele, M.W.


    This is a report of a family with major focus on the daughter who had short stature. The mother had hypochondroplasia and the father had multiple exostoses. The daughter's skeletal roentgenograms show features of both hypochondroplasia and multiple exostoses. The roentgenographic, clinical and genetic aspects of these skeletal dysplasias are reviewed and hypochrondroplasia is contrasted with achondroplasia. The genetic and counseling implications of the association of hypochondroplasia and multiple exostoses are discussed.

  1. Writing on Multiple Journeys

    Sarah Robbins


    Full Text Available In their beautifully researched study and critical edition, Nellie Arnott’s Writings on Angola, 1905–1913: Missionary Narratives Linking Africa and America (Parlor Press, authors Sarah Robbins and Ann Ellis Pullen examine in fine detail the historical record of the transnational network of literary work produced by Arnott. Tracing her legacy in the study’s third chapter, “Writing on Multiple Journeys,” the authors argue on behalf of Arnott’s capacity to create authority and celebrity as well as a sense of community among her distant readers, underscoring the powerful and influential role that missionary women’s writing (mimicking to some extent the popular genre of travel writing played in shaping attitudes at home, not only with regard to race, but also in relation to women’s roles, place, and purpose. Robbins and Pullen display a conscientious resolve not to obscure the inherent contradictions in Arnott’s changing perspectives as they offer a historical narrative based on Arnott’s public and private texts, which also reveal the “consistent inconsistency” in her attitudes and beliefs. Details of and insights into educational practices in missionary schools, including the observation that mothers in the US appreciated the fact that their middle-class Christian children were sharing curriculum with Umbundu children in Angola, invite interesting conclusions about the transnational, transgenerational, and gendered effects of women’s work in the missionary world.

  2. [Congenital multiple arthrogryposis].

    Parsch, Klaus; Pietrzak, Szymon


    From 1975 to 2004 a total of 38 children handicapped by congenital multiple arthrogryposis were cared for. The congenital joint contractures demand a major effort in terms of surgical reconstruction. In the case of distal arthrogryposis the chances that patients will be able to walk without help are good, while those with amyoplasia are likely to be dependent on mobility aids throughout their lives. The ultimate goal of treatment for patients is to develop into self-confident adults who can cope with life despite their handicaps. The hip in arthrogryposis shows variable forms of pathology, ranging from the almost normal hip to hip contractures with dislocation. Its treatment has some limited advantages, but hardly improves mobility. The knee contractures are actively treated to allow patients to sit, stand and walk better. The club foot and the rocker-bottom foot need sophisticated conservative and operative treatments. If conservative manipulation of bilateral extension contractures of the elbow fails operative treatment is carried out on the dominant side. For shoulder, hand and finger contractures conservative manipulation brings about little improvement, and surgical approaches help hardly at all. PMID:17323063

  3. Multiple cystic lung disease

    Flavia Angélica Ferreira Francisco


    Full Text Available Multiple cystic lung disease represents a diverse group of uncommon disorders that can present a diagnostic challenge due to the increasing number of diseases associated with this presentation. High-resolution computed tomography of the chest helps to define the morphological aspects and distribution of lung cysts, as well as associated findings. The combination of appearance upon imaging and clinical features, together with extrapulmonary manifestations, when present, permits confident and accurate diagnosis of the majority of these diseases without recourse to open-lung biopsy. The main diseases in this group that are discussed in this review are lymphangioleiomyomatosis, pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis and folliculin gene-associated syndrome (Birt–Hogg–Dubé; other rare causes of cystic lung disease, including cystic metastasis of sarcoma, are also discussed. Disease progression is unpredictable, and understanding of the complications of cystic lung disease and their appearance during evolution of the disease are essential for management. Correlation of disease evolution and clinical context with chest imaging findings provides important clues for defining the underlying nature of cystic lung disease, and guides diagnostic evaluation and management.

  4. Multiple cystic lung disease.

    Ferreira Francisco, Flavia Angélica; Soares Souza, Arthur; Zanetti, Gláucia; Marchiori, Edson


    Multiple cystic lung disease represents a diverse group of uncommon disorders that can present a diagnostic challenge due to the increasing number of diseases associated with this presentation. High-resolution computed tomography of the chest helps to define the morphological aspects and distribution of lung cysts, as well as associated findings. The combination of appearance upon imaging and clinical features, together with extrapulmonary manifestations, when present, permits confident and accurate diagnosis of the majority of these diseases without recourse to open-lung biopsy. The main diseases in this group that are discussed in this review are lymphangioleiomyomatosis, pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis and folliculin gene-associated syndrome (Birt-Hogg-Dubé); other rare causes of cystic lung disease, including cystic metastasis of sarcoma, are also discussed. Disease progression is unpredictable, and understanding of the complications of cystic lung disease and their appearance during evolution of the disease are essential for management. Correlation of disease evolution and clinical context with chest imaging findings provides important clues for defining the underlying nature of cystic lung disease, and guides diagnostic evaluation and management. PMID:26621970

  5. Erasure Multiple Descriptions

    Ahmed, Ebad


    We consider a binary erasure version of the n-channel multiple descriptions problem with symmetric descriptions, i.e., the rates of the n descriptions are the same and the distortion constraint depends only on the number of messages received. We consider the case where there is no excess rate for every k out of n descriptions. Our goal is to characterize the achievable distortions D_1, D_2,...,D_n. We measure the fidelity of reconstruction using two distortion criteria: an average-case distortion criterion, under which distortion is measured by taking the average of the per-letter distortion over all source sequences, and a worst-case distortion criterion, under which distortion is measured by taking the maximum of the per-letter distortion over all source sequences. We present achievability schemes, based on random binning for average-case distortion and systematic MDS (maximum distance separable) codes for worst-case distortion, and prove optimality results for the corresponding achievable distortion region...

  6. Astrocytes in multiple sclerosis.

    Ludwin, Samuel K; Rao, Vijayaraghava Ts; Moore, Craig S; Antel, Jack P


    Recent experimental and clinical studies on astrocytes are unraveling the capabilities of these multi-functional cells in normal homeostasis, and in central nervous system (CNS) disease. This review focuses on understanding their behavior in all aspects of the initiation, evolution, and resolution of the multiple sclerosis (MS) lesion. Astrocytes display remarkable flexibility and variability of their physical structure and biochemical output, each aspect finely tuned to the specific stage and location of the disease, participating in both pathogenic and beneficial changes seen in acute and progressive forms. As examples, chemo-attractive or repulsive molecules may facilitate the entry of destructive immune cells but may also aid in the recruitment of oligodendrocyte precursors, essential for repair. Pro-inflammatory cytokines may attack pathogenic cells and also destroy normal oligodendrocytes, myelin, and axons. Protective trophic factors may also open the blood-brain barrier and modulate the extracellular matrix to favor recruitment and persistence of CNS-specific immune cells. A chronic glial scar may confer structural support following tissue loss and inhibit ingress of further noxious insults and also inhibit migration of reparative cells and molecules into the damaged tissue. Continual study into these processes offers the therapeutic opportunities to enhance the beneficial capabilities of these cells while limiting their destructive effects. PMID:27207458

  7. Bayes Multiple Decision Functions

    Wu, Wensong


    This paper deals with the problem of simultaneously making many (M) binary decisions based on one realization of a random data matrix X. M is typically large and X will usually have M rows associated with each of the M decisions to make, but for each row the data may be low dimensional. A Bayesian decision-theoretic approach for this problem is implemented with the overall loss function being a cost-weighted linear combination of Type I and Type II loss functions. The class of loss functions considered allows for the use of the false discovery rate (FDR), false nondiscovery rate (FNR), and missed discovery rate (MDR) in assessing the decision. Through this Bayesian paradigm, the Bayes multiple decision function (BMDF) is derived and an efficient algorithm to obtain the optimal Bayes action is described. In contrast to many works in the literature where the rows of the matrix X are assumed to be stochastically independent, we allow in this paper a dependent data structure with the associations obtained through...

  8. Immunopathogenesis of multiple sclerosis

    Racke Michael


    Full Text Available Multiple sclerosis (MS is a suspected autoimmune disease in which myelin-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells enter the central nervous system (CNS and initiate an inflammatory response directed against myelin and other components of the CNS. Acute MS exacerbations are believed be the result of active inflammation, and progression of disability is generally believed to reflect accumulation of damage to the CNS, particularly axonal damage. Over the last several years, the pathophysiology of MS is being appreciated to be much more complex, and it appears that the development of the MS plaque involves a large number of cell populations, including CD8+ T lymphocytes, B cells, and Th17 cells (a population of helper T cells that secrete the inflammatory cytokine IL-17. The axonal transection and degeneration that is thought to represent the basis for progressive MS is now recognized to begin early in the disease process and to continue in the progressive forms of the disease. Molecules important for limiting aberrant neural connections in the CNS have been identified, which suppress axonal sprouting and regeneration of transected axons within the CNS. Pathways have also been identified that prevent remyelination of the MS lesion by oligodendrocyte precursors. Novel neuroimaging methodologies and potential biomarkers are being developed to monitor various aspects of the disease process in MS. As we identify the pathways responsible for the clinical phenomena of MS, we will be able to develop new therapeutic strategies for this disabling illness of young adults.

  9. Humanizing Outgroups Through Multiple Categorization

    Prati, Francesca; Crisp, Richard J.; Meleady, Rose; Rubini, Monica


    In three studies, we examined the impact of multiple categorization on intergroup dehumanization. Study 1 showed that perceiving members of a rival university along multiple versus simple categorical dimensions enhanced the tendency to attribute human traits to this group. Study 2 showed that multiple versus simple categorization of immigrants increased the attribution of uniquely human emotions to them. This effect was explained by the sequential mediation of increased individuation of the o...

  10. Creating a Multiple Intelligences Landscape

    Dorminey, Sarah J


    The built environment should facilitate a meaningful experience for a user by intellectually engaging their perceptual and cognitive abilities. In 1983, Howard Gardner published his cognitive theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner theorizes that human intelligence is not one single capacity, but is comprised of multiple capacities. Many teachers use the multiple intelligences theory as a tool to reach a larger number of students by engaging their unique learning styles. The theory of mult...

  11. Multiple intelligences in school

    Alejandro Castro Solano


    Full Text Available During many years has prevailed the idea of intelligence as a single problem solving ability (factor g considered the best predictor of student’s academic achievement. Recently, researches have begun to take an alternative view of the problem, understanding it is a multidimensional construct. Multiple intelligences (MI theory proposed by Gardner (1983 takes into account seven talents or skills individuals appear to have in certain amount. These latent bio-psychological potentials are stable and they are mantained through life. Theory of MI proposes that every person learns in relation to them. MI theory has many educational applications, however, very few efforts have been made to verify such statements. The main goal of this study is to analyze the IM differential individual profile of high school and university students studying the relation between IM, academic achievement and self efficacy competence on course performance. Two studies were carried out , the first was done with high school students (N=500 and the second with military students (N=362. Based on Armstrong’s proposals to assess IM, an inventory was designed. Main results point out that there is a correspondence between academic attainment, self interest and self perception of competence in different courses students take. MI are good predictors of academic achievement considering specific areas but they don’t provide a better estimation compared to traditional assessment instruments. Students who have failed in school were those with more spatial and corporal abilities, usually relegated by traditional instruction. High achievers were those with more logical and intrapersonal skills. Different relations were found for military students. For these latter students IM theory was not a valuable predictor of successful academic attainment. 

  12. Multiple-image radiography

    Wernick, Miles N.; Wirjadi, Oliver; Chapman, Dean; Zhong, Zhong; Galatsanos, Nikolas P.; Yang, Yongyi; Brankov, Jovan G.; Oltulu, Oral; Anastasio, Mark A.; Muehleman, Carol


    Conventional radiography produces a single image of an object by measuring the attenuation of an x-ray beam passing through it. When imaging weakly absorbing tissues, x-ray attenuation may be a suboptimal signature of disease-related information. In this paper we describe a new phase-sensitive imaging method, called multiple-image radiography (MIR), which is an improvement on a prior technique called diffraction-enhanced imaging (DEI). This paper elaborates on our initial presentation of the idea in Wernick et al (2002 Proc. Int. Symp. Biomed. Imaging pp 129-32). MIR simultaneously produces several images from a set of measurements made with a single x-ray beam. Specifically, MIR yields three images depicting separately the effects of refraction, ultra-small-angle scatter and attenuation by the object. All three images have good contrast, in part because they are virtually immune from degradation due to scatter at higher angles. MIR also yields a very comprehensive object description, consisting of the angular intensity spectrum of a transmitted x-ray beam at every image pixel, within a narrow angular range. Our experiments are based on data acquired using a synchrotron light source; however, in preparation for more practical implementations using conventional x-ray sources, we develop and evaluate algorithms designed for Poisson noise, which is characteristic of photon-limited imaging. The results suggest that MIR is capable of operating at low photon count levels, therefore the method shows promise for use with conventional x-ray sources. The results also show that, in addition to producing new types of object descriptions, MIR produces substantially more accurate images than its predecessor, DEI. MIR results are shown in the form of planar images of a phantom and a biological specimen. A preliminary demonstration of the use of MIR for computed tomography is also presented.

  13. [Multiple system atrophy].

    Damon-Perrière, Nathalie; Tison, François; Meissner, Wassilios G


    Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a sporadic neurodegenerative disorder of unknown etiology. It is the most frequent disorder among atypical parkinsonism with an estimated prevalence of 2 to 5 per 100 000 inhabitants. The clinical symptoms are rapidly progressing with a mean survival ranging between 6 to 9 years. The diagnosis is based on consensus criteria that have been revised in 2008. The diagnostic criteria allow defining "possible", "probable" and "definite" MSA. The latter requires post mortem confirmation of striatonigral and olivopontocerebellar degeneration with alpha-synuclein containing glial cytoplasmic inclusions. The diagnosis of "possible" and "probable" MSA is based on the variable presence and severity of parkinsonism, cerebellar dysfunction, autonomic failure and pyramidal signs. According to the revised criteria, atrophy of putamen, pons, middle cerebellar peduncle (MCP) or cerebellum on brain magnetic resonance imaging are considered to be additional features for the diagnosis of "possible" MSA. T2-weighted brain imaging may further reveal a putaminal hypointensity, a hyperintense lateral putaminal rim, the so called "hot cross bun sign" and MCP hyperintensities. Cardiovascular examination, urodynamic testing and anal sphincter electromyography may be helpful for the diagnosis of autonomic failure. Some patients may respond to levodopa, but usually to a lesser extent than those suffering from Parkinson's disease, and high doses are already required in early disease stages. No specific therapy is available for cerebellar dysfunction, while effective treatments exist for urinary and cardiovascular autonomic failure. Physical therapy may help to improve the difficulties of gait and stance, and to prevent their complications. In later disease stages, speech therapy becomes necessary for the treatment of dysarthria and dysphagia. Percutaneous gastrostomy is sometimes necessary in patients with severe dysphagia. Beyond these strategies, psychological

  14. Multiple purpose electrical profit; Emprendimiento electrico de prestacion multiple

    Assennato, H. [Electrica de Azul Ltda., Buenos Aires (Argentina)


    This paper shows the multiple purpose aspects of electrification projects in rural and isolated areas. The multiple aspects involved in the electrification process may include, over electric power supply: improvement of life quality, irrigation and rural mechanization. 4 figs., 6 tabs., 4 refs.

  15. Can Multiple Myeloma Be Found Early?

    ... Topic Signs and symptoms of multiple myeloma Can multiple myeloma be found early? It’s difficult to diagnose multiple myeloma early. Often, multiple myeloma causes no symptoms until it reaches an ...

  16. Universal features of multiplicity distributions

    Universal features of multiplicity distributions are studied and combinants, certain linear combinations of ratios of probabilities, are introduced. It is argued that they can be a useful tool in analyzing multiplicity distributions of hadrons emitted in high energy collisions and large scale structure of galaxy distributions

  17. Multiple sclerosis: evidence and controversies

    Ángela María Gutiérrez-Álvarez


    Introduction: Multiple sclerosis is a chronicrecurrent inflammatory disorder of the centralnervous system. The pharmacological treatmentof multiple sclerosis has been evaluated withmultiple controlled clinical trials that allow theclinician to count with evidence based informationto decide the more indicated treatmentfor each patient.Methodology: A review of the scientific literaturewas conducted to clarify controversialissues in a clinical relevant topic.Development: The diagnostic criteria ...

  18. Parameters of Multiple College Attendance.

    Dillon, Paul H.

    This is a report analyzing the multiple community college attendance patterns of students from nine colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District (California) from 1990-2000. The assessment utilizes the Multiple College Index (MCI), which is a measure based on the proportion of units a student earns at different colleges. The study…

  19. Centralized Allocation in Multiple Markets

    Monte, Daniel; Tumennasan, Norovsambuu

    | generalizations of Gale's Top Trading Cycles mechanism. We study the centralized allocation that takes place in multiple markets. For example, the assignment of multiple types of indivisible objects; or the assignment of objects in successive periods. We show that the set of strategy-proof, Pareto efficient and...

  20. The ALICE forward multiplicity detector

    Holm Christensen, Christian; Gulbrandsen, Kristjan; Sogaard, Carsten;


    The ALICE Forward Multiplicity Detector (FMD) is a silicon strip detector with 51,200 strips arranged in 5 rings, covering the range $-3.4......The ALICE Forward Multiplicity Detector (FMD) is a silicon strip detector with 51,200 strips arranged in 5 rings, covering the range $-3.4...

  1. Multiple Intelligences for Differentiated Learning

    Williams, R. Bruce


    There is an intricate literacy to Gardner's multiple intelligences theory that unlocks key entry points for differentiated learning. Using a well-articulated framework, rich with graphic representations, Williams provides a comprehensive discussion of multiple intelligences. He moves the teacher and students from curiosity, to confidence, to…

  2. Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D

    ... Editors David C. Spencer, MD Steven Karceski, MD Multiple sclerosis and vitamin D Andrew J. Solomon, MD WHAT IS VITAMIN ... 133:1869 –1888. 8. Solomon AJ, Whitham RH. Multiple sclerosis and vitamin D: a review and recommendations. Curr Neurol Neurosci ...

  3. Multiplicity in Early Stellar Evolution

    Reipurth, Bo; Boss, Alan P; Goodwin, Simon P; Rodriguez, Luis Felipe; Stassun, Keivan G; Tokovinin, Andrei; Zinnecker, Hans


    Observations from optical to centimeter wavelengths have demonstrated that multiple systems of two or more bodies is the norm at all stellar evolutionary stages. Multiple systems are widely agreed to result from the collapse and fragmentation of cloud cores, despite the inhibiting influence of magnetic fields. Surveys of Class 0 protostars with mm interferometers have revealed a very high multiplicity frequency of about 2/3, even though there are observational difficulties in resolving close protobinaries, thus supporting the possibility that all stars could be born in multiple systems. Near-infrared adaptive optics observations of Class I protostars show a lower binary frequency relative to the Class 0 phase, a declining trend that continues through the Class II/III stages to the field population. This loss of companions is a natural consequence of dynamical interplay in small multiple systems, leading to ejection of members. We discuss observational consequences of this dynamical evolution, and its influenc...

  4. Epidemiology of multiple sclerosis.

    Leray, E; Moreau, T; Fromont, A; Edan, G


    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most frequently seen demyelinating disease, with a prevalence that varies considerably, from high levels in North America and Europe (>100/100,000 inhabitants) to low rates in Eastern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa (2/100,000 population). Knowledge of the geographical distribution of the disease and its survival data, and a better understanding of the natural history of the disease, have improved our understanding of the respective roles of endogenous and exogenous causes of MS. Concerning mortality, in a large French cohort of 27,603 patients, there was no difference between MS patients and controls in the first 20 years of the disease, although life expectancy was reduced by 6-7 years in MS patients. In 2004, the prevalence of MS in France was 94.7/100,000 population, according to data from the French National Health Insurance Agency for Salaried Workers (Caisse nationale d'assurance maladie des travailleurs Salariés [CNAM-TS]), which insures 87% of the French population. This prevalence was higher in the North and East of France. In several countries, including France, the gender ratio for MS incidence (women/men) went from 2/1 to 3/1 from the 1950s to the 2000s, but only for the relapsing-remitting form. As for risk factors of MS, the most pertinent environmental factors are infection with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), especially if it arises after childhood and is symptomatic. The role of smoking in MS risk has been confirmed, but is modest. In contrast, vaccines, stress, traumatic events and allergies have not been identified as risk factors, while the involvement of vitamin D has yet to be confirmed. From a genetic point of view, the association between HLA-DRB1*15:01 and a high risk of MS has been known for decades. More recently, immunogenetic markers have been identified (IL2RA, IL7RA) and, in particular thanks to studies of genome-wide associations, more than 100 genetic variants have been reported. Most of these are involved in

  5. Constructing Dynamic Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Logic Gates

    Jinghua Xiao; Yixian Yang; Lixiang Li; Gang Hu; Haipeng Peng


    Investigation of computing devices with dynamic architecture which makes devices have reconfigurable ability is an interesting research direction for designing the next generation of computer chip. In this paper, we present a window threshold method to construct such dynamic logic architecture. Here, dynamic multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) logic gates are proposed, analyzed, and implemented. By using a curve-intersections-based graphic method, we illustrate the relationships among the t...

  6. Business applications of multiple regression

    Richardson, Ronny


    This second edition of Business Applications of Multiple Regression describes the use of the statistical procedure called multiple regression in business situations, including forecasting and understanding the relationships between variables. The book assumes a basic understanding of statistics but reviews correlation analysis and simple regression to prepare the reader to understand and use multiple regression. The techniques described in the book are illustrated using both Microsoft Excel and a professional statistical program. Along the way, several real-world data sets are analyzed in deta

  7. Phenomenology of high multiplicity events

    Kokoulina, E. S.; SVD Collaboration


    Study of high multiplicity events in proton-proton (nucleus) interactions is carried out at U-70 accelerator of IHEP, Protvino. These events are extremely rare. Usually, MC codes underestimate topological cross sections in this region. Gluon dominance model has been offered to describe them. Some collective phenomena can be observed in high multiplicity events. SVD-2 Collaboration has obtained the evidence of pion condensate formation at high total multiplicity. Our future program is aimed at studying soft photon yield puzzle at U-70 and Nuclotronfacility at JINR, Dubna.

  8. On Multiple-Layered Vortices

    Rossow, Vernon J.


    As part of an ongoing effort to find ways to make vortex flow fields decompose more quickly, photographs and observations are presented of vortex flow fields that indicate the presence of multiple layers of fluid rotating about a common axis. A survey of the literature indicates that multiple-layered vortices form in waterspouts, tornadoes and lift-generated vortices of aircraft. An explanation for the appearance of multiple-layered structures in vortices is suggested. The observations and data presented are intended to improve the understanding of the formation and persistence of vortex flow fields.

  9. Multiplicative updates for the LASSO

    Mørup, Morten; Clemmensen, Line Katrine Harder

    Multiplicative updates have proven useful for non-negativity constrained optimization. Presently, we demonstrate how multiplicative updates also can be used for unconstrained optimization. This is for instance useful when estimating the least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO), i.......e. least squares minimization with $L_1$-norm regularization, since the multiplicative updates (MU) can efficiently exploit the structure of the problem traditionally solved using quadratic programming (QP). We derive an algorithm based on MU for the LASSO and compare the performance to Matlabs standard QP...

  10. Multiple isolated cutaneous plexiform schwannomas

    Enas A. S. Attia


    Full Text Available Plexiform schwannoma is a rare neurogenic tumor, arising from skin and subcutaneous tissue. The presence of multiple schwannomas suggests a possible association with neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2. A 50-year old male patient presented with multiple papulo-nodular cutaneous lesions on both arms and forearms. Histopathological examination revealed a dermal multinodular pattern of well-circumscribed masses of closely packed cells, with peripheral myxoid tissue, well-encapsulated in a thin collagenous capsule. S-100 immunohistochemical staining was diffusely and strongly positive. Neuron-specific enolase was positive, confirming a neural tissue tumor. An audiogram and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI of cerebro-pontine angle showed no detected abnormality, excluding acoustic neuroma. Thus, we present a case of multiple bilateral isolated cutaneous plexiform schwannomas, not associated with NF2. Multiple plexiform schwannomas is a very rare entity, distinct from neurofibromatosis (NF, and being confined to the dermis is even more rarely reported.


    This session will highlight recent research that incorporates the use of multiple scales and innovative environmental accounting to better inform decisions that affect sustainability, resilience, and vulnerability at all scales. Effective decision-making involves assessment at mu...

  12. Multiple sclerosis after infectious mononucleosis

    Nielsen, Trine Rasmussen; Rostgaard, Klaus; Nielsen, Nete Munk; Koch-Henriksen, Nils; Haahr, Sven; Sørensen, Per Soelberg; Hjalgrim, Henrik


    BACKGROUND: Infectious mononucleosis caused by the Epstein-Barr virus has been associated with increased risk of multiple sclerosis. However, little is known about the characteristics of this association. OBJECTIVE: To assess the significance of sex, age at and time since infectious mononucleosis......, and attained age to the risk of developing multiple sclerosis after infectious mononucleosis. DESIGN: Cohort study using persons tested serologically for infectious mononucleosis at Statens Serum Institut, the Danish Civil Registration System, the Danish National Hospital Discharge Register, and the...... Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry. SETTING: Statens Serum Institut. PATIENTS: A cohort of 25 234 Danish patients with mononucleosis was followed up for the occurrence of multiple sclerosis beginning on April 1, 1968, or January 1 of the year after the diagnosis of mononucleosis or after a negative Paul...

  13. Sequential and simultaneous multiple explanation

    Robert Litchfield


    Full Text Available This paper reports two experiments comparing variants of multiple explanation applied in the early stages of a judgment task (a case involving employee theft where participants are not given a menu of response options. Because prior research has focused on situations where response options are provided to judges, we identify relevant dependent variables that an intervention might affect when such options are not given. We use these variables to build a causal model of intervention that illustrates both the intended effects of multiple explanation and some potentially competing processes that it may trigger. Although multiple explanation clearly conveys some benefits (e.g., willingness to delay action to engage in information search, increased detail, quality and confidence in alternative explanations in the present experiments, we also found evidence that it may initiate or enhance processes that attenuate its advantages (e.g., feelings that one does not need more data if one has multiple good explanations.

  14. The ALICE forward multiplicity detector

    The ALICE experiment is designed to study the properties of hadron and nucleus collisions in a new energy regime at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. A fundamental observable in such collisions is the multiplicity distribution of charged particles. A forward multiplicity detector has been designed to extend the charged particle multiplicity coverage of the ALICE experiment to pseudorapidities of -3.4<η<-1.7 and 1.7<η<5.0. This detector consists of five rings, each containing 10240 Si strips, divided into sectors comprised of Si sensors bonded and glued to hybrid PC boards equipped with radiation hard preamplifiers. The output of these preamplifiers is multiplexed into custom-made fast ADC chips located directly behind the Si sensors on the detector frame. These ADCs are read out, via optical fibers, to a data acquisition farm of commodity PCs. The design and characteristics of the ALICE Forward Multiplicity Detector will be discussed

  15. Current concepts in multiple sclerosis

    This volume contains 9 articles dealing with the use of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and positron emitted tomography in the diagnosis and staging of multiple sclerosis. (H.W.). refs.; figs.; tabs

  16. Multiplicities in high energy interactions

    This paper reviews the data on multiplicities in high energy interactions. Results from e+e- annihilation, from neutrino interactions, and from hadronic collisions, both diffractive and nondiffractive, are compared and contrasted. The energy dependence of the mean charged multiplicity, , as well as the rapidity density at Y = 0 are presented. For hadronic collisions, the data on neutral pion production shows a strong correlation with . The heavy particle fractions increase with √s up to the highest energies. The charged particle multiplicity distributions for each type of reaction show a scaling behavior when expressed in terms of the mean. Attempts to understand this behavior, which was first predicted by Koba, Nielsen, and Olesen, are discussed. The multiplicity correlations and the energy variation of the shape of the KNO scaling distribution provide important constraints on models. Some extrapolations to the energies of the Superconducting Super Collider are made. 51 refs., 27 figs

  17. Humanizing Outgroups Through Multiple Categorization

    Prati, Francesca; Crisp, Richard J.; Meleady, Rose; Rubini, Monica


    In three studies, we examined the impact of multiple categorization on intergroup dehumanization. Study 1 showed that perceiving members of a rival university along multiple versus simple categorical dimensions enhanced the tendency to attribute human traits to this group. Study 2 showed that multiple versus simple categorization of immigrants increased the attribution of uniquely human emotions to them. This effect was explained by the sequential mediation of increased individuation of the outgroup and reduced outgroup threat. Study 3 replicated this sequential mediation model and introduced a novel way of measuring humanization in which participants generated attributes corresponding to the outgroup in a free response format. Participants generated more uniquely human traits in the multiple versus simple categorization conditions. We discuss the theoretical implications of these findings and consider their role in informing and improving efforts to ameliorate contemporary forms of intergroup discrimination. PMID:26984016

  18. Multiple sclerosis and organic solvents

    Mortensen, J T; Brønnum-Hansen, Henrik; Rasmussen, K


    We investigated a possible causal relation between exposure to organic solvents in Danish workers (housepainters, typographers/printers, carpenters/cabinetmakers) and onset of multiple sclerosis. Data on men included in the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Register (3,241 men) were linked with data from...... butchers. Over a follow-up period of 20 years, we observed no increase in the incidence of multiple sclerosis among men presumed to be exposed to organic solvents. It was not possible to obtain data on potential confounders, and the study design has some potential for selection bias. Nevertheless, the...... study does not support existing hypotheses regarding an association between occupational exposure to organic solvents and multiple sclerosis....

  19. Multiple myeloma. Houses and spouses

    Two families in which successive spouses who lived in the same house developed multiple myeloma are reported. In the first instance, a man whose first wife died of multiple myeloma remarried, and his second wife also developed myeloma. In the second family, a woman's first husband died of multiple myeloma and her second husband did too. Radiation studies of the houses and yards showed no increased radioactivity. No evidence was found for excessive exposure to chemicals or other environmental agents, for contact with other patients having similar malignancies, or for exposure to viruses or other transmissible factors. The significance of the occurrence of multiple myeloma in subsequent spouses is unknown. It is hoped that this report will stimulate research for other instances and lead to careful epidemiologic, radiologic, and virologic studies

  20. Semi-Supervised Multiple Disambiguation

    Ghoorchian, Kambiz; Rahimian, Fatemeh; Girdzijauskas, Sarunas


    Determining the true entity behind an ambiguousword is an NP-Hard problem known as Disambiguation. Previoussolutions often disambiguate a single ambiguous mention acrossmultiple documents. They assume each document contains onlya single ambiguous word and a rich set of unambiguous contextwords. However, nowadays we require fast disambiguation ofshort texts (like news feeds, reviews or Tweets) with few contextwords and multiple ambiguous words. In this research we focuson Multiple Disambiguati...

  1. Multiple Imputation Using SAS Software

    Yang Yuan


    Multiple imputation provides a useful strategy for dealing with data sets that have missing values. Instead of filling in a single value for each missing value, a multiple imputation procedure replaces each missing value with a set of plausible values that represent theuncertainty about the right value to impute. These multiply imputed data sets are then analyzed by using standard procedures for complete data and combining the results from these analyses. No matter which complete-data analysi...

  2. Multiple Steady States in Distillation

    Bekiaris, Nikolaos


    We study multiple steady states in distillation. We first analyze the simplest case of ternary homogeneous azeotropic mixtures. We show that in the case of infinite reflux and an infinite number of trays (∞/∞ case) one can construct bifurcation diagrams on physical grounds with the distillate flow as the bifurcation parameter. Multiple steady states exist when the distillate flow varies non-monotonically along the continuation path of the bifurcation diagram. We derive a necessary and suffici...

  3. Unconstrained multiple-people tracking

    Rowe, Daniel; Reid, Ian; Gonzàlez, Jordi; Villanueva, Juan J.


    This work presents two main contributions to achieve robust multiple-target tracking in uncontrolled scenarios. A novel system which consists on a hierarchical architecture is proposed. Each level is devoted to one of the main tracking functionalities: target detection, low-level tracking, and high-level tasks such as target-appearance representation, or event management. Secondly, tracking performances are enhanced by on-line building and updating multiple appearance models. Successful exper...

  4. Revisiting Overflow in Integer Multiplication

    Eyas El-Qawasmeh; Ahmed Dalalah


    Integer multiplication is a very common operation that is executed in many applications. However, some of these applications suffer from the overflow problem caused by the multiply operation of two operands. The overflow occurs whenever the multiplication of any two-integer numbers exceeds the maximum limit available for the result. Many programming languages ignored this problem; therefore, the programmer has to handle it, mostly in predict and avoid approach. Presen...

  5. Budget Online Multiple Kernel Learning

    Lu, Jing; Steven C. H. Hoi; Sahoo, Doyen; Zhao, Peilin


    Online learning with multiple kernels has gained increasing interests in recent years and found many applications. For classification tasks, Online Multiple Kernel Classification (OMKC), which learns a kernel based classifier by seeking the optimal linear combination of a pool of single kernel classifiers in an online fashion, achieves superior accuracy and enjoys great flexibility compared with traditional single-kernel classifiers. Despite being studied extensively, existing OMKC algorithms...

  6. Multiplicities and correlations at LEP

    Sarkisyan-Grinbaum, E


    A brief review on recent charge multiplicity and correlation measurements at LEP is given. The measurements of unbiased gluon jet multiplicity are discussed. Recent results on charged particle Bose- Einstein and Fermi-Dirac correlations at LEP1. are reported. New results on two-particle correlations of neutral pions are given. Correlations of more than two particles (high-order correlations) obtained using different methods are performed. Recent Bose-Einstein correlation measurements at LEP2 are discussed. (13 refs).

  7. Techniques for multiple database integration

    Whitaker, Barron D


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited There are several graphic client/server application development tools which can be used to easily develop powerful relational database applications. However, they do not provide a direct means of performing queries which require relational joins across multiple database boundaries. This thesis studies ways to access multiple databases. Specifically, it examines how a 'cross-database join' can be performed. A case study of techniques us...

  8. Multiple sclerosis - New treatment modalities

    Rocco Totaro; Caterina Di Carmine; Carmine Marini; Antonio Carolei


    Ever since the introduction of the first disease modifying therapies, the concept of multiple sclerosis treatment algorithms developed ceaselessly. The increasing number of available drugs is paralleled by impelling issue of ensuring the most appropriate treatment to the right patient at the right time. The purpose of this review is to describe novel agents recently approved for multiple sclerosis treatment, namely teriflunomide, alemtuzumab and dimethylfumarate, focusing on mechanism of acti...

  9. Constraining multiple systems with GAIA

    Beauvalet, L.; Lainey, V.; Arlot, J.-E.; Bancelin, D.; Marchis, F.; Binzel, Richard P.


    GAIA will provide observations of some multiple asteroid and dwarf systems. These observations are a way to determine and improve the quantification of dynamical parameters, such as the masses and the gravity fields, in these multiple systems. Here we investigate this problem in the cases of Pluto's and Eugenia's system. We simulate observations reproducing an approximate planning of the GAIA observations for both systems, as well as the New Horizons observations of Pluto. We have developed a...

  10. Nuclear modification of jet multiplicities

    Dremin, I M


    Equations for the QCD generating functions of multiplicity distributions are modified to account for nuclear effects. It is shown that the mean multiplicities in quark and gluon jets produced in nucleus-nucleus collisions are sensitive to these modifications. Their increase with energy becomes power-like. Combined with rapidity spectra, they can be used as a QGP thermometer. The effective coupling strength is related to softening of particles spectra and to the temperature regimes during the collision.

  11. Multiple directorships in unlisted SMEs

    Voordeckers, Wim; STEIJVERS, Tensie; Roger MERCKEN


    During the last decade, several studies examined the benefits and detriments of multiple directorships in listed firms. Recently, more formal governance guidelines for SMEs emerged and strongly recommended the adoption of outside directors, making the discussion about multiple directorships in unlisted SMEs relevant as well. Results reveal that a busy board positively influences performance except for high growth ventures in which a busy board seems to be detrimental to performance. Results a...

  12. Multiplicative weights in monotropic games

    Avramopoulos, Ioannis


    We introduce a new class of population games that we call monotropic; these are games characterized by the presence of a unique globally neutrally stable Nash equilibrium. Monotropic games generalize strictly concave potential games and zero sum games with a unique minimax solution. Within the class of monotropic games, we study a multiplicative weights dynamic. We show that, depending on a parameter called the learning rate, multiplicative weights are interior globally convergent to the uniq...

  13. Mechanisms of multiple production processes

    Theoretical approaches to multiple production processes are discussed. A large number of models proceeds from the notion about common excited system produced by colliding hadrons. This class of models includes the hydrodynamical, statistical, thermodynamical and statistical bootstrap models. Sometimes the production process is due to excitation and decay of two colliding particles. The fragmentation bremsstrahlung and inelastic diffraction models belong to this group. The largest group of models describes the multiple production process as a result of formation of many excited centers. The typical example is the multiperipheral model. An interesting direction is given by the attempts to interrelate the mechanism of multiple production with internal structure of particles that is with their constituents (C-group)'-quarks, gluons, etc. Besides the models there are phenomenological (p group) attempts to connect different features of multiple production. Experimental data indicate the existence of leading and pionization particles thus giving an evidence for applications of different models. The data about increase of total and inclusive cross sections, the behaviour of the mean multiplicity and correlations at high energies provide a clue for further development of multiple production theory

  14. Multiple hashes of single key with passcode for multiple accounts


    A human's e-life needs multiple offline and online accounts. It is a balance between usability and security to set keys or passwords for these multiple accounts. Password reuse has to be avoided due to the domino effect of malicious administrators and crackers. However, human memorability constrains the number of keys. Single sign-on server, key hashing, key strengthening and petname system are used in the prior arts to use only one key for multiple online accounts. The unique site keys are derived from the common master secret and specific domain name. These methods cannot be applied to offline accounts such as file encryption. We invent a new method and system applicable to offline and online accounts. It does not depend on HTTP server and domain name, but numeric 4-digit passcode, key hashing, key strengthening and hash truncation. Domain name is only needed to resist spoofing and phishing attacks of online accounts.


    ZHANG Xianmin; OUYANG Gaofei; WANG Hua


    An optimal topology design method for multiple inputs and multiple outputs compliant micro-manipulation system is presented. Firstly, the topology design problem is posed in terms of a multiple inputs load and several specified output deflections. The compliance and stiffness of the system are expressed by the mutual potential energy and strain energy, respectively, which can be controlled by a multi-criteria objective function. Secondly, based on the optimality criteria method, a model solution algorithm is presented. Finally, a numerical example is presented to show the validity of the presented technique. The optimal topology of a 4 inputs and 4 outputs compliant mechanism is obtained by using the method, and the corresponding micro-positioning stage system is further designed.

  16. Congenital malformations in multiple births

    Sharada B. Menasinkai


    Full Text Available Objective: The present study was done to know and compare the incidence of congenital malformations in singleton and multiple births in our hospital & compare with other studies. Methods: A retrospective study done by collecting the data from parturition register from Jan 2008 to Dec 2011 (4yrs from Cheluvamba Hospital attached to Mysore Medical College and Research Institute. Total number of the live births, still births, and abortions> 20 wks were collected. Details of multiple births such as maternal age, gestational age, sex & birth weight of the babies, U/S reports and congenital anomalies (CA were noted. Results: The total number of singleton births were 48700 and number of babies who had congenital malformations were 235 (48.25/10,000 births.Total number of multiple births were 579 including 10 triplets and number of babies who had CA were 11 (189.98/10,000 births, P<0.0001. In the present study sex of the babies were noted in all multiple births and zygosity could not be recorded. Among 579 multiple births 404 were of the Same Sex (SS and 165 were of Opposite Sex (OS in twins and 6 were of the same sex and 4 were of opposite sex in triplets. According to Weinberg formula 50% of same sex (SS twins are monozygotic and 50% are dizygotic twins. Among the 11 babies with CA, 4 monozygotic twins had anomalies related to twinning such as Acardia with TRAP sequence (3 twins, and Thoracophagus (1 twin.5 babies had CNS anomalies, 1 with cystic hygroma, 1 baby with multiple system affected. Conclusion: The incidence of birth defects is more in multiple births and especially in monozygotic twins. In the present days increase in twinning rate due to advanced maternal age, hereditary factors and use of ovulation inducing drugs, which results in premature and low birth wt babies associated with poor lung maturity. [Int J Res Med Sci 2013; 1(3.000: 216-221

  17. Gasdynamic Multiple-Mirror Trap

    Beklemishev, Alexei; Anikeev, Andrei; Bagryansky, Peter; Burdakov, Alexander; Gavrilenko, Dmitrii; Ivanov, Alexander; Polosatkin, Sergei; Sinitsky, Stanislav


    The new linear device for confinement of fusion plasmas, GDMT, is being developed at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk. The facility will combine features of existing GOL-3 and GDT devices: the central GDT-like cell with sloshing NBI ions, and the multiple-mirror plugs for suppression of axial losses. Such combination became feasible due to recent discoveries. In particular, the requirement of flute-mode stability can be relaxed by using vortex confinement, achieved by plasma biasing through open field lines. This allows the use of potentially destabilizing multiple-mirror sections. Another key effect is the enhanced multiple-mirror confinement at low densities, which is due to collective rather than coulomb scattering of ions. Hence the multiple-mirror plugs can work at pressures compatible with magnetic confinement. These two main technologies are supplemented by axial injection of pulsed electron beams. Besides additional plasma heating (like in GOL-3), such injection can be used for induced collective scattering in the multiple-mirror plugs and for plasma biasing. The new device is designed to be superconducting and modular. It will be built in stages, with the first stage, GDMT-T, intended for PMI studies. The work was financially supported by Ministry of Education and Science RF.

  18. Multiple sclerosis and herpesvirus interaction

    Guilherme Sciascia do Olival


    Full Text Available Multiple sclerosis is the most common autoimmune inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, and its etiology is believed to have both genetic and environmental components. Several viruses have already been implicated as triggers and there are several studies that implicate members of the Herpesviridae family in the pathogenesis of MS. The most important characteristic of these viruses is that they have periods of latency and exacerbations within their biological sanctuary, the central nervous system. The Epstein-Barr, cytomegalovirus, human herpesvirus 6 and human herpesvirus 7 viruses are the members that are most studied as being possible triggers of multiple sclerosis. According to evidence in the literature, the herpesvirus family is strongly involved in the pathogenesis of this disease, but it is unlikely that they are the only component responsible for its development. There are probably multiple triggers and more studies are necessary to investigate and define these interactions.

  19. Revisiting Overflow in Integer Multiplication

    Eyas El-Qawasmeh


    Full Text Available Integer multiplication is a very common operation that is executed in many applications. However, some of these applications suffer from the overflow problem caused by the multiply operation of two operands. The overflow occurs whenever the multiplication of any two-integer numbers exceeds the maximum limit available for the result. Many programming languages ignored this problem; therefore, the programmer has to handle it, mostly in “predict and avoid” approach. Present study addresses the detection and control of integer overflow in programming languages. Two examples from C and JAVA programming languages are considered. The paper suggests “detect and do” algorithms to handle the overflow. In addition, this paper suggests adding a built-in function to test whether an overflow will be generated by multiplication operation in advance.

  20. Palliative radiotherapy for multiple myeloma

    This study reviews the experience of palliative radiotherapy to patients with multiple myeloma to define the optimal dose for pain relief. The records of 31 patients (66 sites) with multiple myeloma irradiated for palliation at Kumamoto University hospital between 1985 and 1994 were reviewed. Total dose ranged from 8 to 50 Gy, with a mean of 32.2 Gy. Symptoms included pain (78.1%), neurological abnormalities (28.1%), and palpable masses (34.3%). Symptomatic remission was obtained in 45 of 46 evaluable sites (97.8%). Complete remission of symptoms were obtained in 28.3%, and partial remission in 69.6%. According to fraction size, there was no significant difference between 3-5 Gy and 1.8-2 Gy. The incidence of complete remission increased when a total dose of more than 20 Gy was given. When the quality of life is considered, hypofractionation was recommended for the palliative radiation therapy of multiple myeloma. (author)

  1. Multiple myeloma: evaluation by CT

    Although patients who have multiple myeloma usually have straightforward clinical symptoms and corroborative radiographs, in some instances, these patients will present atypically, with symptoms suggesting active disease but radiographs that are normal or nonspecific. The authors reviewed the records of 32 patients who had documented multiple myeloma and had undergone CT examinations, assessing the value of those examinations. Although CT is not indicated in all patients who have multiple myeloma, it is especially useful in patients who have bone pain and normal or nonspecific radiographs. CT provided confirmatory information in all cases in which lesions were seen on radiographs. CT also frequently demonstrated a greater extent of disease than could be appreciated on the radiographs

  2. Goiter and Multiple Food Allergies

    Leniszewski Stefanie


    Full Text Available Severe iodine deficiency results in impaired thyroid hormone synthesis and thyroid enlargement. In the United States, adequate iodine intake is a concern for women of childbearing age and pregnant women. Beyond this high risk group iodine deficiency is not considered to be a significant problem. This case report describes a 12-year-old male with severe iodine deficiency disorder (IDD resulting from restricted dietary intake due to multiple food allergies. We describe iodine replacement for this patient and continued monitoring for iodine sufficiency. Children with multiple food allergies, in particular those with restrictions to iodized salt and seafood, should be considered high risk for severe iodine deficiency.

  3. Multiple trichoepitheliomas: A rare occurrence

    Arvind Karikal


    Full Text Available Trichoepitelioma is an extremely rare cosmetically disfiguring condition usually affecting the females. Trichoepitheliomas are benign lesions seen on the face, which are thought to derive from the hair follicle. Malignant transformation to basal cell carcinoma is rare and occurs late in the course of the disease These lesions are often misinterpreted and diagnosed clinically as neurofibromatosis or histpathologically as basal cell carcinoma. We report a case of multiple trichoepithelioma occurring in a male patient. The patient presented with multiple dermatologic growths on the face with varied histopathological presentations which have been described in detail.

  4. Cognitive deficits in multiple sclerosis

    Lund, H; Jønsson, A; Andresen, Jesper Graubæk;


    Objectives - Although disease load in multiple sclerosis (MS) often is based on T2 lesion volumes, the changes in T2 of normal appearing brain tissue (NABT) are rarely considered. By means of magnetic resonance, (MR) we retrospectively investigated whether T2 changes in NABT explain part of the...... Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and the Multiple Sclerosis Impairment Scale (MSIS). Voxel-wise T2 estimates and total T2 lesion volume were tested for correlations with eight cognitive domains, a general cognitive dysfunction factor (CDF), and the two clinical scales. Results - We found distinct...

  5. Multiplicity description by gluon model

    Kokoulina, E S


    Study of high multiplicity events in proton-proton interactions is carried out at the U-70 accelerator (IHEP, Protvino). These events are extremely rare. Usually, Monte Carlo codes underestimate topological cross sections in this region. The gluon dominance model (GDM) was offered to describe them. It is based on QCD and a phenomenological scheme of a hadronization stage. This model indicates a recombination mechanism of hadronization and a gluon fission. Future program of the SVD Collaboration is aimed at studying a long-standing puzzle of excess soft photon yield and its connection with high multiplicity at the U-70 and Nuclotron facility at JINR, Dubna.

  6. Patients with multiple contact allergies

    Carlsen, Berit Christina; Andersen, Klaus Ejner; Menné, Torkil;


    limited. This review presents the current knowledge on the topic and discusses the evidence and characteristics of an increased susceptibility factor, possible causes to and genetic markers for the increased susceptibility, composition of the patient group and identification of patients at risk of...... developing multiple contact allergies. Evidence of allergen clusters among polysensitized individuals is also reviewed. The literature supports the idea that patients with multiple contact allergies constitute a special entity within the field of contact allergy. There is no generally accepted definition of...

  7. Goiter and Multiple Food Allergies

    Stefanie Leniszewski


    Full Text Available Severe iodine deficiency results in impaired thyroid hormone synthesis and thyroid enlargement. In the United States, adequate iodine intake is a concern for women of childbearing age and pregnant women. Beyond this high risk group iodine deficiency is not considered to be a significant problem. This case report describes a 12-year-old male with severe iodine deficiency disorder (IDD resulting from restricted dietary intake due to multiple food allergies. We describe iodine replacement for this patient and continued monitoring for iodine sufficiency. Children with multiple food allergies, in particular those with restrictions to iodized salt and seafood, should be considered high risk for severe iodine deficiency.


    FU Shuren; CHEN Taoyung


    Multiple melting behavior of nylon 1010 has been investigated by using DSC instrument. Effects of partial scanning, partial scanning and annealing, heating rate, cooling rate and stepwise annealing on the melting curve were studied. Experimental results indicate that the sample undergoes a process of continuous melting and recrystallization during DSC scanning. Nylon 1010 contains a distribution of crystallites of different degrees of perfection which is strongly dependent on its previous thermal history. From the structural reorganization point of view, the origin of double and multiple peaks of the melting curve is explained.

  9. An Efficient Multiple Predicate Learner

    张晓龙; MasayukiNumao


    In this paper,we examine the issue of learning multiple predicates from given training examples.A proposed MPL-CORE algorithm efficiently induces Horm clauses from examples and background knowledge by employing a single predicate learning module CORE.A fast failure mechanism is also proposed which contributes learning efficiency and learnability to the algorithm.MPL-CORE employs background knowledge that can be represented in intensional(Horn clauses)or extensional (ground atoms)orms during its learning process.With the fast failure mechanism,MPL-CORE outperforms precious multiple predicate learning systems in both the computational complexity and learnability.

  10. Polarimetry with multiple mirror telescopes

    West, S. C.


    The polarizations of multiple mirror telescopes are calculated using Mueller calculus. It is found that the Multiple Mirror Telescope (MMT) produces a constant depolarization that is a function of wavelength and independent of sky position. The efficiency and crosstalk are modeled and experimentally verified. The two- and four-mirror new generation telescopes are found to produce sinusoidal depolarization for which an accurate interpretation of the incident Stokes vector requires inverse matrix calculations. Finally, the depolarization of f/1 paraboloids is calculated and found to be less than 0.1 percent at 3000 A.

  11. Systematic imaging review: Multiple Sclerosis

    Aparna Katdare


    Full Text Available Multiple sclerosis (MS is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the central nervous system characterised by immune-mediated demyelination, and is a leading cause of neurological disability worldwide. It has a wide spectrum of clinical presentations which overlap with other neurological conditions many times. Further, the radiological array of findings in MS can also be confused for multiple other conditions, leading to the need to look for the more typical findings, and interpret these in close conjunction with the clinical picture including temporal evolution. This review aims to revisit the MRI findings in MS, including recent innovations in imaging, and to help distinguish MS from its mimics.

  12. Multiple Intelligences and Business Diversity.

    Martin, Joyce


    Results from 97 business students with substantial work histories indicate that the Multiple Intelligence Preference Inventory gives a valid and reliable indication of their preferred intelligences. Awareness of these results is associated with assessments of self and others as knowledge sources. This information can help in recognizing,…

  13. Moliere's multiple scattering theory revisited

    Voskresenskaya, O.; Tarasov, A.


    A part of Moliere's multiple scattering theory concerning the determination of the screening angular parameter is revised. An universal form of the Coulomb corrections to the screening angle, the exponential part of the distribution function, and the angular distribution is discussed within the small-angle approximation of this theory. The accuracy of the Moliere theory in determining the screening angle is estimated.

  14. Fashion, Paper Dolls and Multiplicatives

    Ura, Suzana Kaori; Stein-Barana, Alzira C. M.; Munhoz, Deisy P.


    The multiplicative principle is the tool allowing the counting of groups that can be described by a sequence of events. An event is a subset of sample space, i.e. a collection of possible outcomes, which may be equal to or smaller than the sample space as a whole. It is important that students understand this basic principle early on and know how…

  15. The immunogenetics of multiple sclerosis

    Svejgaard, A.


    complex genetic backgrounds. HLA controls immune response genes and HLA associations indicate the involvement of autoimmunity. Multiple sclerosis (MS) was one of the first conditions proven to be HLA associated involving primarily HLA class II factors. We review how HLA studies give fundamental...

  16. [Biological treatment of multiple sclerosis

    Sorensen, P.S.; Sellebjerg, F.


    In 1996 interferon (IFN)beta was the first biopharmaceutical product to be approved for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). In 2006 the more potent monoclonal antibody natalizumab was approved. Presently, a number of monoclonal antibodies are being studied, including...

  17. Multiple Ligament Knee Injury: Complications

    Manske, Robert C.; Hosseinzadeh, Pooya; Giangarra, Charles E.


    Non-operative and operative complications are common following multiple ligament knee injuries. This article will describe common complications seen by the surgeon and physical therapist following this complex injury. Complications include fractures, infections, vascular and neurologic complications following injury and surgery, compartment syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, deep venous thrombosis, loss of motion and persistent laxity issues. A brief description of these complications ...

  18. The Multiple-markets Problem

    Frankel, Christian


    Only few studies in the field of new new economic sociology deal with a simultaneity of multiple markets in the analysis. One central explanation of this situation is limitations inherent in the new new economic sociology. In this review essay I address such limitations as a way to develop research...

  19. Genetics Home Reference: multiple myeloma

    ... This Condition Kahler-Bozzolo disease Kahler disease Kahler's disease medullary plasmacytoma myelomatosis plasma cell dyscrasia plasma cell myelomas Related Information How are genetic conditions and genes named? Additional Information & ... and Rare Diseases Information Center (1 link) Multiple myeloma Additional NIH ...

  20. Multiplicity distributions in QCD cascades

    Multiplicity distributions for hadrons and for jets are studied in QCD parton cascades. The colour dipole formalism is used and earlier results in the double log approximation are generalized to include terms which are suppressed by colour factors or factors of ln s. The result is a set of coupled differential equations, together with appropriate boundary conditions

  1. Laboratory diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

    In 26 patients with multiple sclerosis 100% responded abnormally to magnetic resonance imaging of the brain. Lesions in the posterior fossa were observed in 18 patients. The auditory brain stem response was abnormal in 15 patients, and 22 had abnormal immunoglobulins in the cerebrospinal fluid. The correlation between abnormalities of the auditory brain stem response and the magnetic resonance images was greatest in a subgroup where the two investigations were performed within a ten day interval. Results from magnetic resonance imaging, evoked potentials and cerebrospinal fluid investigations were used to reclassify 13 of 15 patients with clinically ''possible'' or ''probable''multiple sclerosis to a higher level using Poser's criteria. Evoked potentials (the auditory brain stem response in particular) correlated best with clinical multiple sclerosis category. The authors recommend that the magnetic resonance imaging is established as a first-hand investigation in evaluation of multiple sclerosis. Evoked potentials and cerebrospinal fluid investigations may prove to be more specific, however, and these investigations should also be performed as a routine. 23 refs., 2 figs., 2 tabs

  2. Fungible Weights in Multiple Regression

    Waller, Niels G.


    Every set of alternate weights (i.e., nonleast squares weights) in a multiple regression analysis with three or more predictors is associated with an infinite class of weights. All members of a given class can be deemed "fungible" because they yield identical "SSE" (sum of squared errors) and R[superscript 2] values. Equations for generating…

  3. Advances in multiple analyte profiling.

    Salas, Virginia M; Edwards, Bruce S; Sklar, Larry A


    The advent of multiparameter technology has been driven by the need to understand the complexity in biological systems. It has spawned two main branches, one in the arena of high-content measurements, primarily in microscopy and flow cytometry where it has become commonplace to analyze multiple fluorescence signatures arising from multiple excitation sources and multiple emission wavelengths. Microscopy is augmented by topographical content that identifies the source location of the signature. The other branch involves multiplex technology. Here, the intent is to measure multiple analytes simultaneously. A key feature of multiplexing is an address system for the individual analytes. In planar arrays the address system is spatial, in which affinity reactions occur at defined locations. In suspension arrays, the address is encoded as a fluorescent signature in the particle assigned to a specific reaction or analyte. Several hybrid systems have also been developed for multiplexing. In the commercial regime, the most widespread applications of multiplexing are currently in the areas of genome and biomarker analysis. Planar chips with fixed arrays are now available to probe the entire genome at the level of message expression and large segments of the genome at the level of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). In contrast, suspension arrays provide the potential for probing segments of the genome in a customized way, using capture tags that locate specific oligonucleotide sequences to specific array elements. PMID:18429493

  4. Multiple fractures in early infancy

    Two cases of multiple fractures, one in a newborn with an unclassified bone dysplasia, another in an infant with recurrent fits of unknown etiology are reported. The second case is the youngest in the literature with bilateral slipped capital femoral epiphyses and bilateral femoral neck fractures, secondary to stress injury. (orig.)

  5. Permutation tests for multiple changes

    Hušková, Marie; Slabý, A.


    Roč. 37, č. 5 (2001), s. 605-622. ISSN 0023-5954 R&D Projects: GA ČR GA201/00/0769 Institutional research plan: AV0Z1075907 Keywords : location models * multiple changes * testing Subject RIV: BA - General Mathematics Impact factor: 0.316, year: 2001

  6. Psychiatric onset of multiple sclerosis.

    Jongen, P.J.H.


    We present a patient with psychotic disorder as onset of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). In this patient, a 26-year-old female, neurological examination revealed only minor abnormalities. As cranial CT scan was normal, her psychosis was diagnosed as psychogenic. Literature on psychiatri

  7. Occupational therapy for multiple sclerosis.

    Steultjens, E.M.J.; Dekker, J.; Bouter, L.M.; Cardol, M.; Nes, J.C.M. van de; Ende, C.H.M. van den


    Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients are referred to occupational therapy with complaints about fatigue, limb weakness, alteration of upper extremity fine motor coordination, loss of sensation and spasticity that causes limitations in performance of activities of daily living and social part

  8. Cortical deafness in multiple sclerosis

    Tabira, T.; Tsuji, S; Nagashima, T; T. Nakajima; Kuroiwa, Y


    Cortical deafness in a patient with multiple sclerosis is reported. Complete recovery from total deafness was seen following stages of auditory agnosia and pure word deafness. The otological and neurophysiological studies suggested lesions in subcortical white matter. This report stresses the rarity of the condition, its subcortical origin and good prognosis.

  9. Hyper-systolic matrix multiplication

    Lippert, Th.; Petkov, N.; Palazzari, P.; Schilling, K.


    A novel parallel algorithm for matrix multiplication is presented. It is based on a 1-D hyper-systolic processor abstraction. The procedure can be implemented on all types of parallel systems. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B,V. All rights reserved.

  10. Adapting playware to multiple players

    Þorsteinsson, Arnar Tumi; Lund, Henrik Hautop; Mastorakis, Nikos;


    With the creation of playware as intelligent hardware and software that creates play, it is possible to adapt the play tool to the individual user, and even to multiple users playing at the same time with the play tool. In this paper, we show how it is possible to implement adaptivity in modular...

  11. Uric acid in multiple sclerosis

    Koch, M; De Keyser, J


    Peroxynitrite, a reactive oxidant formed by the reaction of nitric oxide with superoxide at sites of inflammation in multiple sclerosis (MS), is capable of damaging tissues and cells. Uric acid, a natural scavenger of peroxynitrite, reduces inflammatory demyelination in experimental allergic encepha

  12. Multiple Operator Movements in Hungarian

    Surányi, L.B.


    In this thesis I argue for an approach to multiple operator constructions in Hungarian within a radically derivational model which heavily restricts the role of pre-fabricated functional A-bar projections and which holds that it is the verb in this language that carries and projects the relevant ope

  13. The ALICE Forward Multiplicity Detector

    Christensen, Christian Holm; Gulbrandsen, Kristjan; Nielsen, Borge Svane; Sogaard, Carsten


    The ALICE Forward Multiplicity Detector (FMD) is a silicon strip detector with 51,200 strips arranged in 5 rings, covering the range $-3.4 < \\eta < 5.1$. It is placed around the beam pipe at small angles to extend the charged particle acceptance of ALICE into the forward regions, not covered by the central barrel detectors.

  14. Drugs Approved for Multiple Myeloma

    This page lists cancer drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for multiple myeloma and other plasma cell neoplasms. The list includes generic names, brand names, and common drug combinations, which are shown in capital letters. The drug names link to NCI's Cancer Drug Information summaries.

  15. Neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis

    Bennett, J. L.; de Seze, J.; Lana-Peixoto, M.;


    Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is an inflammatory autoimmune disease of the central nervous system that preferentially targets the optic nerves and spinal cord. The clinical presentation may suggest multiple sclerosis (MS), but a highly specific serum autoantibody against the astrocytic water channel...

  16. [Mandibular lesions in multiple myeloma].

    Scutellari, P N; Orzincolo, C


    A review was made of 237 cases of multiple myeloma seen at the Institute of Radiology and Hematology of the Ferrara University from 1984 through 1990. The results showed skeletal involvement of the mandible to be present in 25 patients (10.54%). The diagnosis of multiple myeloma was based on the following criteria: 1) increased number of abnormal, atypical or immature plasma cells in the bone marrow; 2) the presence of a monoclonal protein in the serum or urine; 3) bone lesions consistent with those of myeloma. Symptoms include pain and swelling of the oral cavity, tooth mobility and loss, numbness along the inferior dental nerve, and paresthesia of the lower lip. The typical radiographic appearance is a well-defined "punched-out" lytic defect, solitary or multiple; sometimes, the defect enlarges and appears "bubbly" or septated. Permeative lytic areas, with blurred outlines, are a rare pattern, which is radiologically indistinguishable from skeletal metastases. The involvement of the oral cavity and jaw in multiple myeloma has been often reported in literature: nevertheless, if radiographs of the jaws had been systematically taken in all the cases, its incidence would probably have been much higher than previously suspected. PMID:1579669

  17. Genetics Home Reference: multiple sclerosis

    ... factors associated with an increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis include changes in the IL7R gene and environmental factors, such as exposure to the Epstein-Barr virus, low levels of vitamin D, and smoking. The HLA-DRB1 gene belongs ...

  18. Budgeting and controllable cost variances. The case of multiple diagnoses, multiple services, and multiple resources.

    Broyles, R W; Lay, C M


    This paper examines an unfavorable cost variance in an institution which employs multiple resources to provide stay specific and ancillary services to patients presenting multiple diagnoses. It partitions the difference between actual and expected costs into components that are the responsibility of an identifiable individual or group of individuals. The analysis demonstrates that the components comprising an unfavorable cost variance are attributable to factor prices, the use of real resources, the mix of patients, and the composition of care provided by the institution. In addition, the interactive effects of these factors are also identified. PMID:7183731

  19. Navigation solution for a multiple satellite and multiple ground architecture

    Leigh, Abraham M.

    This research presents the phased development of an algorithm to plan impulsive orbital maneuvers based on the relative motion between multiple satellites and multiple ground locations. The algorithm leverages the state transition matrix derived from the equations of motion and the equations of variation for the non-spherical Earth and air drag effects. The algorithm determines the impulsive maneuver to achieve the user-defined terminal conditions. The first phase solves for the first burn of an orbital transfer between user-defined altitudes. The optimum trajectory is determined and compared to the first burn in a Hohmann Transfer. The results are expanded to include varying the inclination and eccentricity of the initial orbit. The second phase solves for the minimum time trajectory resulting from a fixed fuel maneuver to transfer a satellite between user-defined altitudes. The results include the transfer time and transfer angle for the minimum time trajectory. The third phase places a satellite within a sphere, of user-defined radius, centered on a non-maneuvering satellite within a constrained time. The results are presented for prograde orbits. An empirical method to determine the optimum DeltaV is provided. The fourth phase places a satellite within the overlapping spheres, of user-defined radii, centered on multiple non-maneuvering satellites, within a constrained time. Empirical methods are presented to determine the separation distance and optimum DeltaV. The final phase culminates by delivering a satellite within the overlapping spheres, centered on multiple non-maneuvering satellites and ground locations, constrained by range and elevation angle, within a constrained time. An empirical model to calculate the optimum DeltaV is shown. All results illustrate mission design trade-offs including ballistic coefficient, orbit inclinations, eccentricity and orbit sizes.

  20. Realization of a gamma multiplicity filter and gamma multiplicity measurements

    A gamma multiplicity filter for the study of reaction mechanism has been realised. It's composed of six NaI(Tl) counters. The flexibility of the geometry allows many configurations. This set up has been tested with gamma radioactive sources and with the 252Cf source to resolve problems of gamma-efficiency of the NaI(Tl) counters and the contamination of neutrons in these detectors. A logical electronic unit (Encodeur) has been constructed and the around electronic has been developped. This gamma multiplicity filter has been coupled with a detector of high resolution Ge(Li), and used in two reactions: 12C + 55Mn at E(12C) = 54 MeV; α + 63Cu at E(α) = 52 MeV. The dominant process is the fusion-evaporation. The compound nucleus 67Ga, is formed at the same excitation energy. The values of multiplicities Msub(γ) have been extracted using a program based on the formalism of W.J. Ockels. The fractionalization of the angular momentum is well observed for some residual nuclei (63Zn, 64Zn, 65Zn), and for each residual nucleus, the average gamma multiplicity is lower with projectile α than that with projectile 12C. For the most strongly output channel p2n, an entry point for the 64Zn has been determined in the reactions. All these observations are in good agreement with those published, in the same region (f-p shell) of nuclei. This set up can be coupled with different central detector as, ''X'', neutrons charged particles detectors, and will be used with the new machine SARA to make a systematic study of transfer of angular momentum to the fragments at 30 MeV/A

  1. Marine and Human Systems: Addressing Multiple Scales and Multiple Stressors

    Hofmann, E. E.; Bundy, A.; Chuenpagdee, R.; Maddison, L.; Svendsen, E.


    The Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER) project aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of, and predictive capacity of ocean responses to accelerating global change and the consequent effects on the Earth System and human society. Understanding the changing ecology and biogeochemistry of marine ecosystems and their sensitivity and resilience to multiple drivers, pressures and stressors is critical to developing responses that will help reduce the vulnerability of marine-dependent human communities. The cumulative pressure of anthropogenic activities on marine systems is already apparent and is projected to increase in the next decades. Policy- and decision-makers need assessments of the status and trends of marine habitats, species, and ecosystems to promote sustainable human activities in the marine environment, particularly in light of global environmental change and changing social systems and human pressures. The IMBER community recently undertook a synthesis and evaluation of approaches for ecosystem-based marine governance, integrated modeling of marine social-ecological systems, and the social and ecological consequences of changing marine ecosystems. The outcomes of this activity provide assessments of current understanding, indicate approaches needed to predict the effects of multiple stressors, at multiple scales, on marine ecosystems and dependent human populations, and highlight approaches for developing innovative societal responses to changing marine ecosystems.

  2. Finite Mordell-Tornheim multiple zeta values

    Kamano, Ken


    We investigate a finite analogue of the Mordell-Tornheim multiple zeta values (the finite Mordell-Tornheim multiple zeta values). These values can be expressed by a linear combination of finite multiple zeta values, and its rules are described by the shuffle product. As a~corollary, we give a certain relation among finite multiple zeta values.

  3. Multiple teleportation via the partially entangled states

    Wang, Meiyu; Yan, Fengli


    We investigate the multiple teleportation with some nonmaximally entangled channels. The efficiencies of two multiple teleportation protocols, the separate multiple teleportation protocol (SMTP) and the global multiple teleportation protocol (GMTP), are calculated. We show that GMTP is more efficient than SMTP.

  4. Shuffle product formulas of multiple zeta values

    Li, Zhonghua; Chen QIN


    Using the combinatorial description of shuffle product, we prove or reformulate several shuffle product formulas of multiple zeta values, including a general formula of the shuffle product of two multiple zeta values, some restricted shuffle product formulas of the product of two multiple zeta values, and a restricted shuffle product formula of the product of $n$ multiple zeta values.

  5. Multiple Myeloma presenting as Gingival mass

    Shah, Ajaz; Ali, Ashaq; Latoo, Suhail; Ahmad, Irshad


    Maxillofacial presentations in patients with multiple myeloma are not uncommon, but multiple myeloma is often overlooked. Because the symptoms are various, it is very difficult to diagnose multiple myeloma in the oral and maxillofacial region. On the basis of the pathologic and clinical findings, the patient was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Hematologic screening and a radiographic survey further confirmed the diagnosis.

  6. Multiple intelligences: Can they be measured?

    Kirsi Tirri; Petri Nokelainen; Erkki Komulainen


    This paper is about issues relating to the assessment of multiple intelligences. The first section introduces the authors’ work on building measures of multiple intelligences and moral sensitivities. It also provides a conceptual definition of multiple intelligences based on Multiple Intelligences theory by Howard Gardner (1983). The second section discusses the context specificity of intelligences and alternative approaches to measuring multiple intelligences. The third section analyses the ...

  7. Molecular mimicry and multiple sclerosis

    Michael Namaka; Michael R. Mulvey; Sabina Kapoor; Leann Simms; Christine Leong; Amy Grossberndt; Michael Prouta; Emma Frost; Farid Esfahani; Andrew Gomori


    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. Although the exact underlying mechanism leading to myelin destruction is unknown, the molecular mimicry theory is the most commonly acknowledged elucidation of MS pathology. Although various antigens have been associated with MS induction, this review presents studies focused on key bacterial and viral antigens that lead to the development of MS. The research specific to a molecular mimicry theory of MS via each implicated agent is weak; however, collectively the reports provide credible support for this theory. Given that homologous sequences are not required to lead to antigenic cross-reactivity, it is reasonable to conclude that certain viral and bacterial antigens with 5-10 similar amino acids in sequence can lead to self destruction of similar myelin sequences. Thus, this literature review has provided insight to further the understanding of the etiology of multiple sclerosis.

  8. Plume rise from multiple sources

    A simple enhancement factor for plume rise from multiple sources is proposed and tested against plume-rise observations. For bent-over buoyant plumes, this results in the recommendation that multiple-source rise be calculated as [(N + S)/(1 + S)]/sup 1/3/ times the single-source rise, Δh1, where N is the number of sources and S = 6 (total width of source configuration/N/sup 1/3/ Δh1)/sup 3/2/. For calm conditions a crude but simple method is suggested for predicting the height of plume merger and subsequent behavior which is based on the geometry and velocity variations of a single buoyant plume. Finally, it is suggested that large clusters of buoyant sources might occasionally give rise to concentrated vortices either within the source configuration or just downwind of it

  9. The Multiple Modernities of Europe

    Thomassen, Bjørn

    What Europe? Eric Voegelin on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic modernities. The concept ‘multiple modernities’ has during the last decade established itself in social and political theory, not least due to contributions made by Shmul Eisenstadt. The debate on multiple moderntities has served to...... question certain eurocentric assumptions about modernity and has also reignited the question of European particularity in a world historical perspective. This paper will discuss how ‘Europe’ itself can be considered a result of (at least) two different modernities, as proposed by the political theorist......, Eric Voegelin. Eric Voegelin talked of two spatio-temporal specific modernities, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic modernities. In short, for Voegelin the Atlantic modernity with its breakthroughs in the 17th and 18th centuries was a specific figuration that should not be mistaken for ‘modernity’ but...

  10. Multiple sclerosis in magnetic resonance

    The authors analyzed MR examination of 277 patients with multiple sclerosis. White matter hyperintesities in brain were found in 270 of them, in spinal cord in 32. The most frequently they were found in periventricular white matter, in subcortical localization and in the corpus callosum. MR examination allows the estimate the activity of the disease on the basis of the presence of edema around the plaques and their contrast enhancement with Gd-DTPA. About one third of all cases were accompanied by cortical brain atrophy (the most often seen in the frontal lobes), subcortical brain atrophy was less frequent. In about two third of all cases the corpus callosum atrophy was found. MR examination is a highly sensitive method of multiple sclerosis diagnosis, of the assessment of its activity and progression. (author)