Sample records for acier faiblement allie

  1. Caractérisation des fissures secondaires dans un acier faiblement allié par EBSD

    Haušild, P.; Nohava, Jiří; Bompard, P.

    Paříž, 2001. s. 141. ISSN 0035-1563. [Société francaise de Métallurgie et de Matériaux.. 29.10.2001-31.10.2001, Paříž] Institutional research plan: CEZ:AV0Z2043910 Keywords : EBSD, secondary cracks, bainitic steel Subject RIV: JK - Corrosion ; Surface Treatment of Materials

  2. Initiation of cleavage in a low alloy steel: effect of a ductile damage localized around inclusions; Declenchement du clivage dans un acier faiblement allie: role de l'endommagement ductile localise autour des inclusions

    Carassou, S


    The fracture mechanism in a low alloy steel, used in the pressurised water reactor vessel, has been studied in the ductile to brittle transition temperature range. We used the local approach of fracture in conjunction with both fractographic observations and numerical simulations. Previous studies suggested the onset of cleavage to be favoured by the presence of nearby manganese sulphide (MnS) clusters: the ductile damaged zone localised inside a cluster increases the stress around it, and so contribute to the triggering of cleavage due to nearby classical sites, like carbides. The experimental study of size dependence and anisotropy on the global fracture behaviour, together with fractographic observations, give here the proof of the influence of MnS clusters on the onset of cleavage in this steel. Fracture behaviour of pre-cracked specimens tested in the transition regime has then been simulated, by three dimensional finite element method computations. Ductile tearing process preceding the cleavage onset at those temperatures regime was well reproduced by the Rousselier's model. Failure probabilities, related to given stress states, has been given by post-processor calculations, using a probabilistic model based on the specific cleavage fracture process. Fracture toughness scatter of the steel, tested in the transition regime, is then well reproduced by those calculations. However, the critical cleavage stress of an elementary volume, that scales for the fracture process, is still assumed to be temperature dependant. Numerical simulations of the local fracture process suggest that this temperature effect can partly be explained by the temperature dependant decrease of the stress amplification due to the MnS clusters. (author)

  3. ``Global and local approaches of fracture in the ductile to brittle regime of a low alloy steel``; ``Approches globale et locale de la rupture dans le domaine de transition fragile-ductile d`un acier faiblement allie``

    Renevey, S


    The study is a contribution to the prediction of flow fracture toughness of low alloy steel and to a better knowledge of fracture behavior in the ductile to brittle transition region. Experiments were performed on a nozzle cut-off from a pressurized water reactor vessel made of steels A508C13 type steel. Axisymmetrical notched specimens were tested to study the fracture onset in a volume element while pre-cracked specimens were used to investigate cleavage fracture after stable crack growth. Systematic observations of fracture surfaces showed manganese sulfide inclusions (MnS) at cleavage sites or in the vicinity. The experimental results were used for modelling by the local approach to fracture. In a volume element the fracture is described by an original probabilistic model. This model is based on volume fraction distributions of MnS inclusions gathered in clusters and on the assumption of a competition without interaction between ductile and cleavage fracture modes. This model was applied to pre-cracked specimens (CT specimens). It is able to describe the scatter in the toughness after a small stable crack growth if a temperature effect on the cleavage stress is assumed. So, the modelling is able to give a lower bound of fracture toughness as a function of temperature. (author) 100 refs.

  4. Simulations of local mechanical fields. Application to the ductile/brittle transition in low alloy steels; Simulations des champs mecaniques locaux. Applications a la transition ductile / fragile dans les aciers faiblement allies

    Libert, M.; Rey, C. [Ecole Centrale de Paris, Lab. MSSMat, 92 - Chatenay Malabry (France); Libert, M.; Marini, B. [CEA Saclay, Dept. des Materiaux pour le Nucleaire (DEN/SAC/DMN/SRMA), 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France)


    The objective of this study is to take into account the effect of plasticity mechanisms on the ductile/brittle transition in low alloy steels of PWR reactor vessels. A crystalline plasticity model, describing the effect of temperature on the behaviour, has been implemented in a large transformation frame. The material parameters of the model have been determined experimentally and from mechanical tests using an inverse method. Simulations of polycrystalline aggregates have been performed with imposed triaxiality. The study of local heterogeneities shows that the distribution of main stress can be modeled using a distribution of extreme values of first species (Gumbel) and that the parameters of this distribution can be simply described as a function of {sigma}{sub mises} (the average equivalent stress) and T (temperature). This approach will allow to introduce the effect of these heterogeneities in a local approach criterion of rupture. (J.S.)

  5. Corrosion of low Si-alloyed steels in aqueous solution at 90 deg. C. Inhibitive action of silicates; Corrosion d'aciers faiblement allies au silicium en solution aqueuse a 90 deg. C. Action inhibitrice des silicates

    Giordana, S


    Low-Si alloyed steels, with Si content ranging from 0.25 to 3.2 wt%, as potential candidate materials for high-level nuclear waste disposal containers, have been studied four the point of view of their corrosion behaviour at 90 deg C in an aqueous solution simulating groundwater (0.1 M NaCl borate-buffered solution with a pH of 8.5) both in reducing and in aerated conditions. The influence of silicate addition to the solution is examined so as to represent the silicon of groundwater, coming from the clay dissolution. When no silicate was added to the solution, silicon as an alloying element was proved to degrade in the first moments the steel ability to passivate. For longer immersion times, protective effects developed most efficiently on the steel containing 3.2 wt% silicon both in reducing an in aerating conditions, Infrared spectroscopy, EDSX, XRD and Raman microprobe were applied to characterise the oxide layer composition, which was found to be a mixture of magnetite and maghemite. In the presence of silicate in the solution, clay-like iron silicates appeared in the corrosion layer. Electrochemical tests results show that adding silicate into solution resulted in increasing the steel ability to passivate. In the short term, the inhibiting effect of silicate was confirmed by mass loss tests, but the tendency was inverse in the long term. Silicate iron layers were eventually less protective than the magnetite layers formed in the absence of silicate. (author)

  6. Intergranular brittle fracture of a low alloy steel induced by grain boundary segregation of impurities: influence of the microstructure; Rupture intergranulaire fragile d'un acier faiblement allie induite par la segregation d'impuretes aux joints de grains: influence de la microstructure

    Raoul, St


    The study contributes to improve the comprehension of intergranular embrittlement induced by the phosphorus segregation along prior austenitic grain boundaries of low alloy steels used in pressurized power reactor vessel. A part of this study was performed using a A533 steel which contains chemical fluctuations (ghost lines) with two intensities. Axi-symmetrically notched specimens were tested and intergranular brittle de-cohesions were observed in the ghost lines. The fracture initiation sites observed on fracture surfaces were identified as MnS inclusions. A bimodal statistic obtained in a probabilistic model of the fracture is explained by the double population of ghost lines' intensities. A metallurgical study was performed on the same class of steel by studying the influence of the microstructure on the susceptibility to temper embrittlement. Brittle fracture properties of such microstructures obtained by dilatometric experiments were tested on sub-sized specimens to measure the V-notched fracture toughness. Fraction areas of brittle fracture modes were determined on surface fractures. A transition of the fracture mode with the microstructure is observed. It is shown that tempered microstructures of martensite and lower bainite are more susceptible to intergranular embrittlement than tempered upper bainitic microstructure. The intergranular fracture is the most brittle mode. The analysis of crystalline mis-orientations shows a grain boundary structure appreciably more coherent for tempered microstructures of martensite and lower bainite. The higher density of randomgrain boundaries is susceptible to drag the phosphorus in the upper bainitic matrix and to make the quantity of free phosphorus decreasing. Microstructure observations show a difference in the size and the spatial distribution of carbides, essentially cementite, between tempered martensite and upper bainite. It can explain the bigger susceptibility of this last microstructure to cleavage mode. (author)

  7. Experimental and numerical studies of the effect of plasticity mechanisms on the brittle rupture by cleavage in low alloy steels; Etudes experimentale et numerique de l'effet des mecanismes de plasticite sur la rupture fragile par clivage dans les aciers faiblement allies

    Libert, M


    It is indispensable to guarantee the integrity of PWR reactor vessels during an accidental running: in this context, the understanding and the modelling of the mechanisms of brittle rupture of steels are decisive elements of the complicated estimation of the service life of reactor vessels. The models of local approach of rupture by cleavage are one of the main tools of anticipation of the tensile strength of low alloy steels. In this work, the effect of the stresses heterogeneities in a local criteria of initiation of cleavage has been taken into account. The results of the microstructure calculations are used for proposing a statistical description of the local stresses distribution evolution. This statistical approach allows to propose a local approach model of the rupture depending both of the mechanical heterogeneities and of the sizes distributions of the defects. The behaviour of the material and its evolution are characterized at the microscopic and macroscopic scales in the temperature range [25 C, -196 C]. Simple tensile tests, velocity and temperature rises tests and toughness tests have been carried out. A micro-mechanical behaviour model describing the plastic behaviour below the transition temperature T{sub a} has been proposed. The behaviour law is based on the deformation mechanisms described in bibliography and identified by an inverse method from mechanical tests. The TEM observations and the characterization of the behaviour thermally activated allow to determine several parameters of the model. Simulations are carried out in order to model the main stress distributions {sigma}{sub 1} in two bainite microstructures corresponding to the elementary volume of the local approach of the rupture. The temperature and the triaxiality effects on the evolutions of the heterogeneities is characterized. A distribution function describing the distribution of the local values of {sigma}{sub 1} in terms of the main and equivalent mean stresses {sigma}{sub 1} and {sigma}{sub m} in the microstructure is proposed. This function is used for formulating a model of rupture local approach integrating the distribution of the critical defects sizes and the distributions of {sigma}{sub 1}. It is shown that in some cases, the dispersion of the local stresses is sufficient to explain the dispersions of the rupture stresses at the scale of the elementary volume. The dispersions of the rupture stresses are in agreement with those given by the Beremin model. The taken into account of the mechanical heterogeneities allows to introduce a dependency of the rupture probability in terms of temperature, of deformation and of triaxiality. (O.M.)

  8. Astronomy Allies

    Flewelling, Heather; Alatalo, Katherine A.


    Imagine you are a grad student, at your first conference, and a prominent senior scientist shows interest in your work, and he makes things get way too personal? What would you do? Would you report it? Or would you decide, after a few other instances of harassment, that maybe you shouldn't pursue astronomy? Harassment is under-reported, the policies can be difficult to understand or hard to find, and it can be very intimidating as a young scientist to report it to the proper individuals. The Astronomy Allies Program is designed to help you with these sorts of problems. We are a group of volunteers that will help by doing the following: provide safe walks home during the conference, someone to talk to confidentially, as an intervener, as a resource to report harassment. The Allies are a diverse group of scientists committed to acting as mentors, advocates, and liaisons. The Winter 2015 AAS meeting was the first meeting that had Astronomy Allies, and Astronomy Allies provided a website for information, as well as a twitter, email, and phone number for anyone who needs our help or would like more information. We posted about the Astronomy Allies on the Women In Astronomy blog, and this program resonates with many people: either they want to help, or they have experienced harassment in the past and don't want to see it in the future. Harassment may not happen to most conference participants, but it's wrong, it's against the AAS anti-harassment policy ( ), it can be very damaging, and if it happens to even one person, that is unacceptable. We intend to improve the culture at conferences to make it so that harassers feel they can't get away with their unprofessional behavior.

  9. Study of clustering point defects under irradiation in dilute iron alloys; Etude de la formation sous irradiation des amas de defauts ponctuels dans les alliages ferritiques faiblement allies

    Duong-Hardouin Duparc, T.H.A


    In low copper steels for nuclear reactor pressure vessel, point defect clustering plays an important role in hardening. These clusters are very small and invisible by transmission electron microscopy. In order to study the hardening component which results from the clustering of freely migrating point defects, we irradiated in a high voltage electron microscope Fe, the FeCu{sub 0.13%}, FeP{sub 0.015%} and FeN{sub 33ppm} alloys and the complex FeMn{sub 1.5%}Ni{sub 0.8%}Cu{sub 0.13%}P{sub 0.01%} alloy the composition of which is close to the matrix of pressure vessel steel. We studied the nucleation of dislocation loops and their growth velocity. The observations and the analyses have shown that in the complex model alloy, the interstitial dislocation loops are smaller and their density is more important than for the others alloys. The diffusion coefficients of interstitials and vacancies are obtained with the help of a simplified model. The densities of dislocation loops and their growth velocities obtained experimentally are reproduced by means of a cluster dynamics model we have developed. This is achieved self-consistently by using as a first trial the approximated coefficients obtained with the simplified model. The results of calculations have shown that the binding energy of di-interstitials must be very important in the binary iron alloys and only 0.95 eV in iron. Copper, nitrogen and phosphorus stabilize di-interstitials in iron. Finally the distribution of interstitial loops at 290 deg C and at 2.10{sup -9} dpa/s is calculated with the diffusion coefficient of point defects adjusted in FeCu. A distribution of small loops appears which gives an increase of hardening estimated to 10 Hv instead of 33 Hv experimentally observed. This low value can be improved by assuming in agreement with molecular dynamics simulations that a little fraction of di-interstitials is created at 2.5 MeV. (author) 111 refs.

  10. Educators' Guide to Ally Week

    Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), 2010


    An ally is an individual who speaks out and stands up for a person or group that is targeted and/or discriminated against. An ally works to end oppression by supporting and advocating for people who are stigmatized, or treated unfairly because of who they are. In this context, Allies are referred to as people who do not identify as LGBT (lesbian,…

  11. Plasticité cristaline des aciers sphéroïdisés et clivage

    Rezaee, Saeid


    La prédiction du clivage des aciers ferritiques a été largement étudiée à l’aide de l’approchelocale de la rupture, et des modèles macroscopiques identifiés phénoménologiquement comme celui de Beremin. Cette prédiction reste cependant difficile dans le domaine de transition ductilefragile. Cela a conduit à des études micromécaniques par les approches polycristallines afin de décrire l’évolution de la contrainte de clivage en fonction de la température pour les aciers bainitiques. Dans cette é...

  12. Clinical research in allied health.

    Selker, L G


    Allied health professionals in nutrition and medical dietetics, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology and audiology play both unique and key cross-cutting roles in the furtherance of clinical research. Clinical research in nutrition and medical dietetics uniquely focuses on food nutrient intake and the metabolic utilization of nutrients. Clinical research in occupational therapy has a special focus on the relationship of impairment to disability, the adaptation to disability and the maximization of function. Physical therapy clinical research uniquely targets movement dysfunction and its evaluation and treatment within the context of quality and effective care. Clinical research in speech-language pathology and audiology is singular in its focus on deafness and hearing disorders, voice, speech, language and related disorders, and intersections among these and other neurological and physical conditions. Thus, all of these disciplines are making unique contributions to clinical research. Clinical research in these allied health professions is much more than the above specific foci. Inasmuch as these disciplines are rooted in practice, their contributions to research are inherently clinical. Many, if not most, of these contributions represent further validations of clinical practice or its underlying knowledge base. This means that, at a macro level, clinical research in allied health is very much "applied" research. Within allied health clinical research, this emphasis is redoubled at the "person," or individual level, where considerable attention is given to concepts of function and effectiveness. Clinical research in allied health has played a key cross-cutting role through its emphasis on collaboration. Possibly due to their professional maturation within multidisciplinary academic units, allied health professionals have demonstrated a level of comfort with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations unique within many

  13. Alli-Lu Ilannani-Lu (Alli and His Friends).

    Pope, Mary L.; And Others

    This third grade elementary language text, designed for children in bilingual Inupiat-English programs in Ambler, Kabuk, Kiana, Noorvik, and Shungnak, is a story about the adventures of an animal named Alli and his friends. Each page of text is illustrated with a black-and-white drawing. The English equivalent is given at the back and is not…

  14. WW1 Allies Flags Fans

    Biger, Pierre-Henri


    International audience Several hand fans are decorated with flags of the main Allied countries during WW1. They show the entry of the United States into the war, and the departure of Russia. So these feminine utensils (and advertising items, for instance here for Champagne Eugene Clicquot) play their role in theWar effort.


    Petesch, B.; SAKOUT, A; Laurent, M.; M. Robin


    Le soudage d'un acier Z 2 CN 18 par faisceau laser a été étudié. L'influence principaux paramètres vitesse, puissance, focalisation a été examinée. Les moyens classiques de caractérisation des soudures ont été utilisées : observations métallographiques forme de la zone fondue, quantité de porosités et énergie absorbée. Le maximum de pénétration correspond au maximum d'énergie absorbée.

  16. Modélisation Elasto-Viscoplastique du Comportement des Aciers

    PIPARD, Jean-Marc; ABED-MERAIM, Farid; BALAN, Tudor; Berveiller, Marcel; Bouaziz, Olivier; LEMOINE, Xavier


    Dans cet article, une modélisation des différentes phases (ferrite, perlite etc.…) d’un acier multiphasé est proposée moyennant une loi phénoménologique à base physique. La description unifiée du comportement viscoplastique peut être décrite à partir de lois de type sinus hyperbolique. Dans cette optique, une loi en sinus hyperbolique est utilisée afin de décrire de façon physiquement acceptable l’ensemble des comportements asymptotiques du comportement viscoplastique. L’écrouissage de chacun...

  17. How Allies Collaborate; The NATO Training Experience.

    Vandevanter, E., Jr.

    A survey was made of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) coordination of training programs for allied military forces and its implications about collaboration among allies in peacetime. Three types of training were analyzed: (1) higher training, or the coordination of large military formations; (2) unit training of smaller teams; (3)…

  18. Whiteness in Social Work Education Authentic White Allies

    Hornung, Rebecca


    This dissertation is guided by the following questions: How do People of Color define and experience White people as "authentic" allies? What does a White ally look like to People of Color? How do White allies view themselves as "authentic" White allies? What experiences lead White people to anti-racism and anti-racist praxis?…

  19. Encouraging the Development of Disability Allies

    Evans, Nancy J.; Assadi, Jennifer L.; Herriott, Todd K.


    The authors advocate for a constructionist interpretation of disability, grounded in a social justice perspective, by discussing disability paradigms, factors that influence attitudes and attitude change regarding disability, and disability ally development and behaviors.

  20. Aciers inoxydables et corrosion localisée : le rôle du molibdène

    Mesquita, Thiago


    Les aciers inoxydables sont de plus en plus utilisés comme renfort du béton dans lesconstructions marines et côtières, afin de prévenir la corrosion induite par les ions chloruresqui pénètrent dans le béton poreux. L’ajout de molybdène dans les aciers inox contribue àaugmenter leur résistance à la corrosion par piqure lorsqu’ils sont utilisés dans desenvironnements acides et neutres. Cependant, le rôle du Mo sur la corrosion par piqûre desaciers en milieu alcalin chloruré reste à ce jour flou...


    Bousseau, M.; Clisson, J.; Mas, Ch.


    Un dispositif expérimental basé sur le principe des barres d'Hopkinson a été développé afin d'étudier le comportement en fatigue par chocs d'éprouvettes de traction. Les possibilités et les limites sont présentées ainsi que les premiers résultats obtenus sur un acier 35 NCD 16.

  2. Fragilisation par le zinc liquide des aciers haute résistance pour l'automobile Liquid zinc embrittlement of high strength automotive steels

    Frappier Renaud; Paillard Pascal; Gall René Le; Dupuy Thomas; Fabregue Damien; Kleber Xavier


    Cette étude présente les investigations menées sur la fragilisation par le zinc liquide d'un acier électro-zingué. La caractérisation mécanique par essais de traction à haute température montre un important puits de ductilité entre environ 700 ∘C et environ 950 ∘C. L'observation au MEB des éprouvettes de traction indique que, dans la gamme de température observée pour laquelle il y a fragilisation, on a mouillage intergranulaire des joints de grains de l'acier à l'interface acier/revêtement p...

  3. Overview of allied health personnel shortages.

    Elwood, T W


    Upon learning that 95% of all fatal traffic accidents occur within three miles of one's home, an acquaintance moved to another residence four miles away and is still alive today. The world might be a much better place if most obstacles could be overcome this handily. Unfortunately, the problem of allied health personnel shortages appears to be more intractable. Because the situation is complicated in nature, it is most unlikely that any single remedy will suffice. Public and private interests have joined forces in many states, but it is abundantly clear that conventional market forces are unlikely to prevail. These forces usually focus on supply and demand. While shortages may cause entry-level salaries to rise, they do not stimulate academic institutions to increase their output nor will they affect the availability of research funding and/or doctoral training programs. Current market forces compel health facilities to engage in bidding wars for scarce manpower. Although individual job seekers may benefit, this practice does not increase the number of training program graduates. The federal government has a decisive role to play in assuring an adequate number of personnel to meet this nation's health care needs. Assistance is necessary in the form of providing entry- and advanced-level traineeships to accelerate the flow of part-time students pursuing doctorates, and to fund model student recruitment/retention projects. This role should encompass attracting students (particularly from minority and underserved portions of the population) to academic programs. The Disadvantaged Minority Health Improvement Act, PL 101-527 that was enacted in November 1990, contains only minimal provisions for allied health. Eligibility for student scholarship assistance is restricted to a small handful of allied health professions. Moreover, allied health is not eligible for the loan repayment program aimed at individuals who agree to serve on the faculty of health professions

  4. 22 CFR 120.32 - Major non-NATO ally.


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Major non-NATO ally. 120.32 Section 120.32... § 120.32 Major non-NATO ally. Major non-NATO ally means a country that is designated in accordance with § 517 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2321k) as a major non-NATO ally for purposes...

  5. Allied, MGC link on cyanate esters

    In the latest of a line of joint ventures in its plastics business, Allied Signal has reached agreement with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) to jointly develop thermoset cyanate ester resins and blends. The deal will involve further development of Allied Signal's Primaset phenol-formaldehyde cyanate ester resins, a new entrant in the thermoset arena. Although the Primaset resins were discovered in the 1960s, this would be the first time they are available commercially. The deal will marry Primaset technology with MGC's Skylex bisphenol A cyanate ester resins, says Fred DiAntonis, director/advanced materials at Allied Signal. The two firms are looking at marketing blends of the two materials. The potential market for these resins, used commercially by the electronics industry in printed circuit boards and by the aerospace industry in composites, is significant, says Robert P. Viarengo, Allied Signal president/performance materials. By aligning ourselves with MGC, the world leader in cyanate ester resin, we anticipate moving forward aggressively. The main competitor is Ciba, which acquired bisphenol A cyanate ester resins with its purchase of Rhone-Poulenc's high temperature resins business. DiAntonis estimates the market for cyanate ester resins could be worth $150 million by the end of the decade, although development costs have been in the tens of millions of dollars range

  6. Chemicals and Allied Products Waste Treatment

    Yung-Tse Hung


    Full Text Available A review of the literature published from 2008 to 2010 on topics related to chemicals and allied products is presented. The review considered several sections such as waste management, physicochemical treatment, aerobic treatment, anaerobic treatment, air emissions, soils and groundwater, and reuse.

  7. Strategies for Engaging Men as Anti-Violence Allies: Implications for Ally Movements

    Erin Casey


    Full Text Available As ally movements become an increasingly prevalent element of social justice efforts, research is needed that illuminates effective strategies to initially engage members of privileged social groups in anti-oppression work. This study presents descriptive findings regarding ally engagement strategies and barriers from a qualitative study of a particular ally movement – male anti-violence against women activism. Twenty-seven men who recently initiated involvement in an organization or event dedicated to ending sexual or domestic violence were interviewed regarding their perceptions of effective approaches to reaching and engaging other men in anti-violence work. Participants viewed tailored engagement strategies that tap into existing social networks, that allow men to see themselves reflected in anti-violence movements, and that help men make personal, emotional connections to the issue of violence as most effective. Implications for engaging men in the project of ending violence against women, and for ally movements more generally are discussed.

  8. Stress corrosion of unalloyed steels in geological storage conditions; Corrosion sous contrainte des aciers non allies dans les conditions du stockage geologique

    Didot, A.; Herms, E.; Bataillon, C.; Chene, J. [CEA Saclay, Dept. de Physico-Chimie (DEN/DANS/DPC/SCCME/LECA), 91 - Gif sur Yvette (France); Crusset, D. [Agence Nationale pour la Gestion des Dechets Radioactifs (ANDRA), 92 - Chatenay Malabry (France)


    The concept retained for high level and years living radioactive waste disposal is the underground storage. It is then necessary to know the behaviour in time (about 10000 years) of the different constituent elements of the containment. The storage site chosen is the Bures' ones, presenting a clay formation at 600 m of depth. Each compartment is separated of a sufficient distance in order to profit of the thermal dispersion effect in the rock for optimizing the cooling of the package. In this work, has been used an unalloyed steel sur-container. The aim is to understand the resistance of the material under corrosion and loading, and particularly the stress corrosion which is a particular case of cracking assisted by environment. The material studied is a weld of two unalloyed steels obtained by electron beam. Slow traction tests have been carried out in an autoclave in the following experimental conditions: interstitial water in equilibrium with a helium-CO{sub 2} mixture 5.4 per thousand under 50 bar and at a temperature of 90 C. The results show an influence of the hydrogen corrosion on the mechanical behaviour of the material and particularly a decrease of the size of the reduction in area, which is practically unexisting in the case of the melted zone. These results are explained into details. (O.M.)

  9. Valorisation des laitiers issus de l'élaboration d'aciers inoxydables dans le béton

    Adegoloye, Obafèmi Gildas Franck


    Le laitier EAF inox et le laitier AOD sont les deux principaux laitiers issus de l'élaboration des aciers inoxydables. Aujourd'hui ces laitiers ne sont valorisés qu'en construction routière. Cette utilisation ne permet pas d'assurer une valorisation complète et pérenne de ces laitiers dont une large part reste stockée. Compte tenu des propriétés physiques des laitiers EAF inox et AOD solidifié par stabilisation, leur utilisation comme granulats dans le béton peut être intéressante. L'objectif...

  10. Allis Prize Lecture: Gaseous Electronics Physics Inside

    Garscadden, Alan


    I was fortunate to enjoy the advice of K. G. Emeleus during my graduate studies and for many years afterwards. He introduced me to the papers of Will Allis and later I was privileged to correspond with Professor Allis. At this time I had moved from the Queens university environment to work at a large Air Force base. There I have worked with a lot of smart people, including several who also come to the GEC each year to be refreshed and calibrated. A personal overview is presented on a few of the many roles that atomic, molecular and optical physics, including gaseous electronics, play in programs of the Air Force Research Laboratory and subsequently on AF systems and operations. While there have been misses, overall there have been many successes with impacts that provide more effective systems, as recent experiences have demonstrated. Some example studies, involving primarily electron collision physics, successful and unsuccessful in being chosen for application, are discussed.

  11. India's Export of Livestock and Allied Products

    J K Sachdeva


    One of the main objectives of the governments’ export policy is to maximise agricultural exports in order to earn foreign exchange. It also seeks to provide remunerative prices to the farmers while ensuring adequate availability of essential commodities to the domestic consumers at reasonable prices. This paper analyses the India’s exports of livestock and allied products to principal groups of countries in the light of world trade. The direction of trade has been analysed to explore the area...

  12. Influence de la composition chimique et de la microstructure sur le dégazage de l'hydrogène des aciers inoxydables austénitiques destinés à l'ultravide

    Reinert, Marie-Pierre

    Dans les installations métalliques sous ultravide, l'hydrogène est le principal constituant de l'atmosphère résiduelle. Le flux de dégazage d'une tôle en acier inoxydable austénitique, matériau fréquemment utilisé en technologie du vide, après un étuvage sous vide, est typiquement de quelques 10-12 Torr.1/cm2.s, et est constitué principalement d'hydrogène. Dans le cadre de cette étude, un appareillage de thermodésorption sous ultravide a été conçu et mis au point pour étudier les phénomènes d'adsorption, de diffusion et de piégeage de l'hydrogène résiduel dans les aciers inoxydables austénitiques. Différents aciers ont été étudiés: l'acier 316L (avec trois modes d'élaboration différents), l'acier 316LN et d'autres aciers stabilisés au titane ou au niobium. La microstructure et la couche d'oxyde de ces aciers ont été caractérisées à l'état de réception et pendant les cycles de thermodésorption. Pendant un cycle de thermodésorption, les principales espèces désorbées...

  13. Fissuration en relaxation des aciers inoxydables austénitiques au voisinage des soudures

    Auzoux, Q.; Allais, L.; Gourgues, A. F.; Pineau, A.


    Des fissures intergranulaires peuvent se développer au voisinage des soudures des aciers inoxydables austénitiques lorsqu'ils sont réchauffés dans le domaine de température compris entre 500^{circ}C et 700^{circ}C. A ces températures, les contraintes résiduelles post-soudage se relaxent par déformation viscoplastique. Il peut arriver que ces zones proches de la soudure soient tellement fragiles, qu'elles ne puissent accommoder cette faible déformation. Afin de préciser quelles peuvent être les modifications microstructurales qui conduisent à une telle fragilisation, on a examiné les microstructures de ces zones et révélé ainsi un écrouissage résiduel, responsable d'une forte élévation de la dureté. On a pu reproduire par hypertrempe puis laminage entre 400^{circ}C et 600^{circ}C une microstructure similaire. Des essais mécaniques (traction, fluage, relaxation, sur éprouvettes lisses et pré-fissurées) ont été réalisés à 550^{circ}C et à 600^{circ}C sur ces zones affectées simulées et sur un état de référence hypertrempé. Ils ont montré que l'écrouissage diminuait la ductilité dans le domaine de rupture intergranulaire, sans modifier qualitativement le mécanisme d'endommagement. Pendant la pré-déformation les incompatibilités de déformation entre grains conduiraient à l'existence de contraintes locales élevées qui favoriseraient la germination des cavités intergranulaires.

  14. Allied Health, Part I, Program Review. Consultants' Report.

    Snyder, John; And Others

    This report presents results of an external review of programs at Florida State University institutions providing training in those allied health occupations which provide direct patient care. An executive summary finds that, overall, the allied health academic enterprise in the State University System is functioning well with strong student…

  15. Theatre of Presence - Antero Alli's Paratheatrical ReSearch Lab

    Isar, Nicoletta

    the oppression, decadence and corruption that has crucified and buried the poetic Imagination" (Antero Alli) This paper will try to unveil one of Antero Alli's paratheatrical experiments in overcoming the death of ritual in theatre. Orphans of Delirium is an intense, living ritual experience, "fluid...

  16. Queer & Ally Youth Involvement in the Fair Wisconsin Campaign

    Stiegler, Sam


    This article discusses the role and experience of queer youth and allies in the Fair Wisconsin campaign that fought against the marriage amendment to that state's constitution. It illustrates how LGBT and ally youth involvement can be incorporated into other organizations. Following an explanation of the campaign, are narratives of two…

  17. Collaborative Research in Allied Health. Proceedings of Collaborative Research in Allied Health Symposium, 1986 (Columbus, Ohio, September 18, 1986).

    Schiller, M. Rosita, Ed.; And Others

    The following papers are included: "Collaborative Research: Lessons from the Tower of Babel" (Baldwin); "Establishing a Data Base for Intrainstitutional Research in the Allied Health Professions" (Von Son, Beiley); "Determining Research Needs in a School of Allied Health Professions" (Bottjen et al.); "Surveying Research Interests and Needs of…

  18. Caractérisation mécanique multi-échelle des produits de corrosion d’aciers doux

    Dehoux, A; Berthaud, Y; BOUCHELAGHEM, F.


    Cette étude vise à déterminer le comportement mécanique des produits qui se créent lors de la corrosion des armatures du béton armé. Dans ce cadre une caractérisation complète de la microstructure d'échantillons de corrosion d'acier doux ainsi que des calculs d'homogénéisation ont été réalisés. En parallèle, des essais de traction-compression ont été faits au MEB in situ et ont permis de mettre en relation calculs d'homogénéisation et comportement réel des échantillons....

  19. The metabolic properties of plutonium and allied materials

    Hamilton, J.G.


    This report summarizes radioautographic, tracer, decontamination, and bone metabolism studies done in 1949 on rats using plutonium and allied materials: Iodine 131; zirconium 95; niobium 95; cerium 144; samarium 153; selenium 75; rhodium 105. 4 figs., 9 tabs.

  20. Operation Allied Force: setting a new precedent for humanitarian intervention

    Walsh, Thomas F


    On 24 March 1999, NATO initiated military action against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in response to the crisis in Kosovo. Operation Allied Force was conducted without the explicit authorization of the United Nations Security Council, but was justified by NATO allies as a means to bring peace and stability to Kosovo, and to prevent a greater humanitarian emergency from developing. In the absence of specific U.N.S.C. authorization, was NATO's violation of Yugoslavia's sovereignty through...

  1. Allied Health Field, Tenth Grade. Introduction to Allied Health and the Health Care Team. Operation TACT [Toward an Allied Health Career Today] Curriculum [and Teachers' Handbook].

    Smith, Tracy

    The two-part set consists of a student handbook and a related teachers' handbook in allied health education for use at the tenth grade level. The student handbook consists of seven units which focus on the biology curriculum: (1) community water examination, (2) bacteriological examination of water, (3) the microscope, (4) microbes and man, (5)…

  2. Influence des conditions de soudage sur le comportement en fatigue d'un acier THR Dual Phase soudé par point

    Rossillon, Frédérique


    Les principaux modèles de comportement en fatigue des assemblages soudés par point ne prennent en compte que des paramètres géométriques. Or, les contraintes résiduelles, la microstructure de la Zone Affectée Thermiquement et la forme du fond d'entaille sont, a priori, autant de facteurs d'influence supplémentaires. L'objectif de ce travail est la compréhension des facteurs prédominants de la tenue en fatigue des assemblages soudés par point en acier THR, afin de proposer des conditions de so...

  3. AlliedSignal solid oxide fuel cell technology

    Minh, N.; Barr, K.; Kelly, P.; Montgomery, K. [AlliedSignal Aerospace Equipment Systems, Torrance, CA (United States)


    AlliedSignal has been developing high-performance, lightweight solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology for a broad spectrum of electric power generation applications. This technology is well suited for use in a variety of power systems, ranging from commercial cogeneration to military mobile power sources. The AlliedSignal SOFC is based on stacking high-performance thin-electrolyte cells with lightweight metallic interconnect assemblies to form a compact structure. The fuel cell can be operated at reduced temperatures (600{degrees} to 800{degrees}C). SOFC stacks based on this design has the potential of producing 1 kW/kg and 1 ML. This paper summarizes the technical status of the design, manufacture, and operation of AlliedSignal SOFCs.

  4. Allied health applications of a computerized clinical log database system.

    Boyce, K E; Winn, J S; Anderson, S L; Bryant, B G


    Preliminary research in the development and use of computerized clinical log records began in 1987 in an allied health college at a midwestern academic health center. This article reviews development and implementation of a computerized system for managing clinical log records to improve and enhance allied health educational programs in the radiation sciences. These clinical log databases are used for quantitative and qualitative analyses of student participation in clinical procedures, and educational planning for each student. Collecting and recording data from clinical log records serves as a valuable instructional tool for students, with both clinical and didactic applications. PMID:10389054

  5. Modeling-Based Processing of Al-Li Alloys for Delamination Resistance Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Al-Li alloys are of interest for use in aerospace structures due to the desirable combination of high strength and low density. However, high strength Al-Li alloys...

  6. Etude de la corrosion des aciers de précontrainte dans des milieux cimentaires et en solutions synthètiques

    BLACTOT, E; BRUNET VOGEL, C; FARCAS, F; Gaillet, L.; MABILLE, I; Chaussadent, T.; Sutter, E


    La durabilité des ouvrages en béton précontraint est directement liée à la longévité des câbles en acier sous contrainte. De nombreux problèmes pouvant altérer la pérennité des ouvrages ont été identifiés tel que la rupture de câbles due à la corrosion sous contrainte. Dans cet article, il a été considéré le cas d'un défaut d'injection de coulis de ciment destinée à protéger les câbles. Dans ce cas, la présence de zones dégradées (zone ségrégée et ressuée) au contact de l'acier peut entraîner...

  7. Index of Graduate Theses and Projects in Allied Health.

    Journal of Allied Health, 1991


    Contains 1,073 entries from 91 institutions, giving author, institution, year, degree, emphasis, discipline, and title, arranged by topic: allied health, biocommunication arts, child development/care, clinical psychology, dentistry, environmental health, exercise science, food service, health education, health services, medical laboratories, nurse…

  8. Predictors of Grades in General Chemistry for Allied Health Students.

    Craney, C. L.; Armstrong, R. W.


    Analyzes the relationship between allied health students' (N=304) performance in general chemistry and the American Chemical Society's Toledo Exam (Form 1974), mathematical Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores, and high school chemistry grade. Also discusses use of findings to identify students who had a high risk of receiving low grades. (JN)

  9. The availability of allied health care in Dutch nursing homes.

    Boer, M.E. de; Leemrijse, C.J.; Ende, C.H.M. van den; Ribbe, M.W.; Dekker, J.


    Purpose. To determine the availability of allied health care in nursing homes in the Netherlands, and its dependency on characteristics of the nursing home. Methods. Structured surveys by telephone were carried out in a sample of 100 from a country total of 286 somatic (for somatic patients only) an

  10. Friends, Families, and the Importance of Straight Allies.

    Woog, Dan


    Argues that gay issues should be recognized and discussed in schools, and cites the killing of Matthew Shepard as an example of hatred perpetuated through ignorance. Outlines the need for straight allies to stand up for gay students whenever they can, and suggests ways straight teachers can show their gay colleagues that they are sensitive to the…

  11. The National Tay Sachs and Allied Diseases Association.

    Zeitlin, Paula


    The National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association is involved in education, research, and prevention of Tay-Sachs, an inherited metabolic disorder which destroys the central nervous system, and over 30 related disorders. The group features a parent peer group network and a support group for carrier couples. (CL)

  12. National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association, Inc.

    Exceptional Parent, 1977


    Reviewed are the history and organization, purpose and programs, and public services of the National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association, an organization geared toward eradicating Tay-Sachs disease (a hereditary disorder affecting primarily Jewish infants which generally leads to deterioration and death by the child's fifth year). (SBH)

  13. Allied Health Care Employees' Workplace Skills and Competencies: Are They Prepared?

    McClain, Clifford R.; McClain, Mildred A.


    The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which allied health care providers considered the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS, 1991) and competencies as those that are necessary for entry level employment in the allied health care industry. The extent that allied health care supervisors and managers…

  14. 42 CFR 413.85 - Cost of approved nursing and allied health education activities.


    ... courses relating to the theory and practice of the nursing or allied health profession involved that are... 42 Public Health 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Cost of approved nursing and allied health... NURSING FACILITIES Specific Categories of Costs § 413.85 Cost of approved nursing and allied...

  15. Introducing Astronomy Allies: We are here to help!

    Flewelling, Heather; Alatalo, Katherine A.


    Imagine you are a grad student, at your first conference, and a prominent senior scientist shows interest in your work, and he makes things get way too personal? What would you do? Would you report it? Or would you decide, after a few other instances of harassment, that maybe you shouldn't pursue astronomy? Harassment is under-reported, the policies can be difficult to understand or hard to find, and it can be very intimidating as a young scientist to report it to the proper individuals. The Astronomy Allies Program is designed to help you with these sorts of problems. We are a group of volunteers that will help by doing the following: provide safe walks home during the conference, someone to talk to confidentially, as an intervener, as a resource to report harassment. The Allies are a diverse group of scientists committed to acting as mentors, advocates, and liaisons. The Winter 2015 AAS meeting will be the first meeting that has Astronomy Allies, and Astronomy Allies will provide a website for information, as well as a twitter, email, and phone number for anyone who needs our help or would like more information. We posted about the Astronomy Allies on the Women In Astronomy blog, and this program resonates with many people: either they want to help, or they have experienced harassment in the past and don't want to see it in the future. Harassment may not happen to most conference participants, but it's wrong, it's against the AAS anti-harassment policy ( ), it can be very damaging, and if it happens to even one person, that is unacceptable. We intend to improve the culture at conferences to make it so that harassers feel they can't get away with their unprofessional behavior.

  16. Comportement électrochimique d'un acier inoxydable sous rayonnement et en milieu représentatif des réacteurs à eau pressurisée (REPs).

    Wang, Mi


    Cette thèse est dédiée à l'étude du comportement des aciers inoxydables sous irradiation exposés en condition primaire des réacteurs à eau pressurisée (REP). Le potentiel électrochimique de l'acier inoxydable austénitique 316L et les paramètres environnementaux comme la teneur en hydrogène, ont été mesurés de façon continue à haute température (HT) et haute pression (HT) grâce à un dispositif expérimental unique, la cellule HTHP. Deux sources d'irradiation ont été utilisées: les protons et le...

  17. Simulation multi-échelle du skin-pass des aciers IF : Prédiction de la texture de déformation et du comportement mécanique

    SOHO, Komi; LEMOINE, Xavier; Abed-Meraim, Farid; ZAHROUNI, Hamid


    L’objectif principal de cette étude est de prédire la texture la texture de déformation et le comportement mécanique des aciers IF au cours du procédé de laminage des produits plats à faible taux de réduction. Un modèle basé sur l’homogénéisation autocohérente du comportement élastoplastique du monocristal est adopté pour modéliser le comportement de l’acier. Afin de réduire les temps de calcul dans la simulation multi-échelle, une procédure simplifiée est adoptée pour coupler le code de simu...

  18. Étude de l’influence des paramètres de soudage sur la microstructure et le comportement mécanique des assemblages acier-aluminium obtenus par soudage à l’arc MIG-CMT.

    Mezrag, Bachir


    Les assemblages acier-aluminium de tôles minces (0,8 à 2 mm) ont été beaucoup étudiés au début des années 2000 pour desapplications automobiles, dans la perspective d’alléger les véhicules (projet européen Super Light Car). Dans ce contexte, le présenttravail est réalisé en vue d’étudier les possibilités d’assemblage hétérogène acier-aluminium par la nouvelle variante du procédé desoudage MIG connue sous l’appellation CMT (Cold Metal Transfer). La première partie de l’étude est consacrée à la...

  19. Évolution des contraintes résiduelles dans la couche de diffusion d’un acier modèle Fe-Cr-C nitruré

    Jegou, Sébastien; Barrallier, Laurent; Somers, Marcel A. J.


    Limiter la fatigue et la corrosion des pièces est possible grâce à une nitruration. Des contraintes résiduelles en découlent. Le rôle de la diffusion du carbone sur le développement de ces contraintes a été étudié sur un acier modèle Fe-3%m.Cr-0.35%m.C.......Limiter la fatigue et la corrosion des pièces est possible grâce à une nitruration. Des contraintes résiduelles en découlent. Le rôle de la diffusion du carbone sur le développement de ces contraintes a été étudié sur un acier modèle Fe-3%m.Cr-0.35%m.C....

  20. To help allies, send security guarantees, not nuclear bombs

    Fuhrmann, Matthew; Sechser , Todd S.


    Despite the end of the Cold War more than two decades ago, the U.S. still deploys nuclear weapons in several countries. But does deploying these weapons act as a deterrent to conflict, making these countries safer? In new research which analyses the effects of such nuclear deployments, Matthew Fuhrmann and Todd S. Sechser find that their presence does little, when compared with alliance guarantees. They write that having an alliance with a nuclear armed ally is actually more effective in prev...

  1. Motivators, enablers, and barriers to building allied health research capacity

    Golenko X; Holden L; Pager S


    Susan Pager1, Libby Holden2, Xanthe Golenko21Queensland Health Metro South, 2School of Medicine, Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaPurpose: A sound, scientific base of high quality research is needed to inform service planning and decision making and enable improved policy and practice. However, some areas of health practice, particularly many of the allied health areas, are generally considered to have a low evidence base. In order to successfully build research capacity in...

  2. Ferns and fern allies of District Shopian, Kashmir Valley, India



    Full Text Available Abstract. Mir SA, Mishra AK, Pala SA, Reshi ZA, Sharma MP. Ferns and fern allies of District Shopian, Kashmir Valley, India Biodiversitas 16: 27-43. Shopian, recently created hilly district of Kashmir valley, Jammu and Kashmir is surrounded by the lofty mountains of Pir-Panjal range. More than half area of district is occupied by different forests, subalpine, alpine and mountainous zones. Great altitudinal variation, adequate rainfall, high forest cover, large number of streams, springs and topographic variations render the district worthy for supporting rich fern flora. Therefore, the current study was aimed to undertake in-depth systematic survey of different habitats of Shopian for the collection of diversity of pteridophytes. Specimens were collected during 2010, 2011 and 2012 growing seasons from June to November. A total 81 species of ferns and fern allies belonging 27 genera and 11 families were reported. The dominant families of the region are Dryopteridaceae (25 species followed by Woodsiaceae (16 species, Aspleniaceae (13 species and Pteridaceae (12 species. Similarly, the dominant genera collected from here are Dryopteris (14 species, Asplenium (13, Polystichum (11 species and Athyrium (6 species. A list of the fern and fern allies, along with update nomenclature, their selected Synonym, diagnostic features, distributional and ecological notes have been provided here.

  3. Self-Medication Practice Among Allied and Non-Allied Health Students of the University of Santo Tomas



    – Self-medication is presumed to be widely practiced around the world. This can be defined as the use of drugs to treat self-diagnosed disorders or symptoms, or the intermittent or continued use of a prescribed drug for chronic or recurrent disease or symptoms. High level of education and professional status has also been mentioned as predictive factors for self-medication. Students from the allied and nonallied health institutions of the University of Santo Tomas were assessed fo...

  4. Elaboration de revêtements sur acier inoxydable: simulation de la fusion par irradiation laser, caractérisation structurale, mécanique et tribologique.

    Avril, Ludovic


    L'irradiation par un laser Nd-YAG pulsé est mise en oeuvre afin d'élaborer des revêtements épais sur acier inoxydable X30Cr13, par fusion superficielle avec apport de bore ou nitrure de bore hexagonal (h-BN): alliages borurés polyphasés ou composites métal-céramique. Les coupes métallographiques permettent de déterminer l'épaisseur de chaque revêtement (zone fondue) et révèlent des microstructures de solidification caractéristiques: front plan, cellulaire et dendritique. Les caractéristiques ...

  5. Analyse statistique de l'assemblage acier/aluminium réalisé par le procédé de soudage MIG-CMT

    Mezrag, Bachir; Benachour, Mustapha; Deschaux Beaume, Frédéric


    La dépendance vis-à-vis des paramètres de soudage de la géométrie de l'assemblage hétérogène acier/aluminium réalisé par le procédé MIG-CMT dans une configuration à clin est étudiée à travers un plan d'expérience. Les paramètres choisis comme facteurs d'influence sont la puissance de soudage, la distance entre la torche et la pièce ou "stick-out", le débit de gaz et la vitesse de soudage, tandis que les caractéristiques géométriques sélectionnées comme fonctions objectifs sont le poids de mét...

  6. Soudage hybride Laser-MAG d'un acier Hardox® Hybrid Laser Arc Welding of a Hardox® steel

    Chaussé Fabrice; Bertrand Emmanuel; Paillard Pascal; Dubourg Laurent; Lemaitre David; Carin Muriel


    Le soudage hybride laser-MAG est un procédé fortement compétitif par rapport aux procédés conventionnels notamment pour le soudage de fortes épaisseurs et les grandes longueurs de soudure. Il connait de ce fait un développement important dans l'industrie. La présente étude s'est portée sur la soudabilité de l'acier Hardox® par ce procédé. Un large panel de techniques de caractérisation a été employé (mesures thermiques, radiographie X, duretés Vickers, macrographie…). L'objectif étant de déte...

  7. Experimental investigation of the residual stresses of 304L tubular welded joints; Caracterisation des contraintes residuelles sur assemblages soudes tubulaires en acier 304L

    Monin, L.; Panier, S.; Hariri, S.; Zakrzewski, D. [Ecole des Mines de Douai, 941, rue Charles Bourseul, BP 10838, 59508 DOUAI Cedex (France); Faidi, C. [EDF-SEPTEN, 12-14, avenue Dutrievoz, 69628 VILLEURBANNE (France)


    In the nuclear energy industry, the use of components made of austenitic stainless steel is widely spread, because of its specific thermal properties. The assembly of these pressure vessels and piping by welding processes often requires surface mechanical operations. These operations aim at hardening surfaces and lowering roughness. Nevertheless the main effect of these operations is the occurrence of residual stresses which can have positive or negative effects on the fatigue life. In this study, we focus on the evaluation and relaxation of residual stresses level on AISI 304L austenitic stainless steel tubular welded structures. Some of these rings are base metal rings (which stand as reference), the rest presents a longitudinal and symmetrical Y-weld joint, with or without grinding. Surface residual stresses, and their relaxation, were determined by using the X-ray diffraction method. (authors) [French] L'utilisation de composants en acier inoxydable austenitique, aux proprietes thermiques bien specifiques, est tres courante dans le domaine de la production d'energie nucleaire. Les procedes d'assemblage par soudage de ces equipements sous pression requierent des traitements de parachevement mecanique afin d'ameliorer l'etat de surface et modifier l'etat mecanique en introduisant des contraintes residuelles, qui peuvent avoir une influence sur la duree de vie de la structure. Cette etude porte sur la caracterisation et la relaxation des contraintes residuelles, determinees sur des eprouvettes annulaires specifiques en acier inoxydable austenitique de type 304L, a l'etat brut ou avec des soudures, arasees ou non. La methode de determination utilisee est la diffraction des rayons X. La relaxation de ces contraintes au cours d'essais de fatigue est egalement etudiee. (auteurs)

  8. Brandon/Hill selected list of books and journals in allied health.

    Hill, D R; Stickell, H N


    This list of 410 books and 78 journals is intended as a selection guide to be used in a library supporting allied health educational programs or allied health personnel in either an academic or health care setting. Because of the impossibility of covering the large number and wide variety of allied health professions and occupations, the recommended publications are focused primarily on the educational programs listed and described in the AMA's Health Professions Education Directory, 1997-199...

  9. Brandon/Hill selected list of print books and journals in allied health*†

    Hill, Dorothy R.; Stickell, Henry N.


    This list of 434 books and 79 journals is intended as a selection guide for print literature to be used in a library supporting allied health educational programs or allied health personnel in either an academic or health care setting. Because of the impossibility of covering the large number of and wide variety of allied health professions and occupations, the recommended publications are focused primarily on the educational programs listed and recognized by the American Medical Association ...

  10. 75 FR 60865 - Surety Companies Acceptable on Federal Bonds: Allied World Reinsurance Company


    ... Supplement No. 3 to the Treasury Department Circular 570, 2010 Revision, published July 1, 2010, at 75 FR... Fiscal Service Surety Companies Acceptable on Federal Bonds: Allied World Reinsurance Company AGENCY.... 9305 to the following company: Allied World Reinsurance Company (NAIC 22730). Business Address:...

  11. The effectiveness of allied health care in patients with ataxia: a systematic review

    Fonteyn, E.M.R.; Keus, S.H.J.; Verstappen, C.C.P.; Schols, L.; Groot, I.J.M. de; Warrenburg, B.P.C. van de


    Many patients with cerebellar ataxia have serious disabilities in daily life, while pharmacological treatment options are absent. Therefore, allied health care is considered to be important in the management of these patients. The goal of this review is to evaluate scientific evidence for allied hea

  12. Collegiate Programs in Allied Health Occupations; Program Cost and Financial Aid.

    Anderson, Philip W.; And Others

    Presented is a statistical summary of program cost data of students enrolled in collegiate allied health programs. Opportunities for students financing their education through scholarships, stipends, loans, or work-study programs are also presented. The data represent 5,035 allied health programs offered at 889 senior colleges and 539 junior or…

  13. Positive aspects of being a heterosexual ally to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

    Rostosky, Sharon S; Black, Whitney W; Riggle, Ellen D B; Rosenkrantz, Dani


    Research on heterosexual allies has focused on heterosexual identity development models and pathways to ally activism. The positive aspects or positive experiences of identifying as an ally to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) identified individuals and communities have received little attention. Using an online survey of participants recruited from LGBT ally related social media, we collected open-ended responses to a question about the positive aspects of self-identifying as a heterosexual ally. A final analytic sample of 292 self-identified male and female heterosexual adults (age 18-71, M = 33.47, SD = 13.32) provided responses that generated 8 themes. Positive aspects of being a heterosexual ally were: (a) increased knowledge and awareness, (b) upholding values of justice, (c) beneficial individual relationships, (d) community belonging, (e) educating others, (f) being a role model, (g) using social privilege, and (h) speaking out and taking a stand. The findings suggest that being a heterosexual ally is rewarding and may enhance individual well-being. These findings provide information that may contribute to effective ally development efforts. PMID:25798894

  14. 22 CFR 123.27 - Special licensing regime for export to U.S. allies of commercial communications satellite...


    .... allies of commercial communications satellite components, systems, parts, accessories, attachments and... export to U.S. allies of commercial communications satellite components, systems, parts, accessories... associated technical data for commercial communications satellites, and who are so registered with...

  15. Phylogeny and biogeography of hogfishes and allies (Bodianus, Labridae).

    Santini, Francesco; Sorenson, Laurie; Alfaro, Michael E


    Bodianus wrasses comprise one of the most diverse genera of labrids. Also known as hogfishes due to the presence of a large pig-like snout, Bodianus species are found in warm waters across the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. To this date no densely sampled molecular phylogeny is available for this group, and a single morphological study did not include two genera (Clepticus and Semicossyphus) that have been shown to belong within hogfishes by molecular studies. Our study produced the first multi-locus molecular phylogeny of Bodianus species, and corroborated the non-monophyly of this group without the inclusion of the Creole wrasse (Clepticus) and the sheepheads (Semicossyphus). We further showed that hogfishes and allies started to radiate during the Early Miocene, ∼20Ma, and that while this group originated in the Indo-western and South-western Pacific, it experienced multiple episodes during which it successfully invaded different geographic regions and/or ocean basins. PMID:26944013

  16. Characteristics of patients with measles admitted to allied hospital rawalpindi

    Measles, a virus borne droplet infection, is one of the leading causes of death among young children worldwide despite presence of a safe and cost-effective vaccine. Objective of our study was to identify the characteristics of measles patients admitted to Allied Hospitals, Rawalpindi. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted amongst patients admitted with measles in paediatric units of Rawalpindi Medical College Allied Hospitals, Rawalpindi. A standard proforma was used to collect data from the respondents. Results: A total of 55 patients (mean age-29.36 months) with measles were included in the study. 65.5% children were vaccinated while 34.5% were not vaccinated. Among those vaccinated 14 were male. Out of the vaccinated children 52.6% were residents of middle class areas, 31.6% lower middle class area, 10.5% upper middle class areas and 5.3% rural areas. In 55.0% of patients who were vaccinated with at least one dose of measles at nine month of age the estimated calendar months of vaccination was March to April while in 30% the overall climatic period of vaccination was of summer (May to September). Twenty one study subjects were exposed to a case of measles in the family and thirty five out of all developed at least one known complication of the disease. Pneumonia was the most common complication reported in patients (63.6%) followed by diarrhoea (27.3%). Conclusion: Majority of the patients suffering from measles were not vaccinated and the most common reason for failure to immunize children was lack of awareness. Educated and well off fathers were more likely to get their children immunized. The vaccinated children who developed measles majority were vaccinated during months of March, April and May. (author)

  17. Influence de la microstructure intragranulaire sur l'évolution des surfaces de charge d'un acier ferritique lors de trajets de déformation monotones et complexes

    FRANZ, Gérald; ABED-MERAIM, Farid; BEN ZINEB, Tarak; LEMOINE, Xavier; Berveiller, Marcel


    Deux modèles micromécaniques de comportement élastoplastique, développés en adoptant une formulation en transformations finies et couplés à une technique de transition d’échelle autocohérente, sont utilisés pour étudier l'évolution des surfaces de charge d'un acier ferritique polycristallin lors de changements de trajets de déformation. L'importance de l'impact de la microstructure intragranulaire sur l'anisotropie du comportement lors de trajets complexes est montrée par l'intégration de la ...

  18. Analysis of Sex and Gender Content in Allied Health Professions' Curricula.

    Stickley, Lois; Sechrist, Dawndra; Taylor, LesLee


    Sex and gender differences in rehabilitation are important because more than half of patients seen by allied health professionals are female. Sex- and gender-specific curricula should be audited to enhance interprofessional education in women's health. The research question was: What is the extent of information about sex and gender differences that is included in selected allied health professions curricula? Student scholars from allied health programs audited courses in real time for references to sex and gender differences. The data were analyzed using content analysis. The emphasis of instruction included primarily statements of facts for the physical and occupational therapy programs and brief discussions in the athletic training program. There was a significant difference among the categories of emphasis for the programs (X2 = 391.23, panalysis of sex and gender differences in selected allied health professions. No textual inferences were made, but the study reported on the topics discussed and the extent of the sharing of information. PMID:27585612

  19. Effect of Impurities and Cerium on Stress Concentration Sensitivity of Al-Li Based Alloys

    孟亮; 田丽


    A notch sensitivity factor was derived in order to evaluate the stress concentration sensitivity of Al-Li based alloys. The factor values for the Al-Li alloy sheets containing various contents of impurities and cerium addition were evaluated by determining the mechanical properties. It is found that the impurities Fe, Si, Na and K significantly enhance the stress concentration sensitivity of the alloys 2090 and 8090, whereas cerium addition reduces the stress concentration sensitivity to a certain degree for the high strength alloys. However, an excess amount of cerium addition in the high ductility alloy 1420 can significantly increase the stress concentration sensitivity. As compared with conventional aluminum alloys, the Al-Li based alloys generally show high stress concentration sensitivity. Therefore, a special attention must be paid to this problem in the practical application of Al-Li based alloys.

  20. What constitutes an excellent allied health care professional? A multidisciplinary focus group study

    Paans, W.; Wijkamp, J.S.; Wiltens, E.; Wolfensberger, M.V.C.


    Background Determining what constitutes an excellent allied health care professional (AHCP) is important, since this is what will guide the development of curricula for training future physical therapists, oral hygienists, speech therapists, diagnostic radiographers, and dietitians. This also determ

  1. What constitutes an excellent allied health care professional? : A multidisciplinary focus group study.

    Paans, W.; Wijkamp, J.S.; Wiltens, E.; Wolfensberger, M.V.C.


    Background: Determining what constitutes an excellent allied health care professional (AHCP) is important, since this is what will guide the development of curricula for training future physical therapists, oral hygienists, speech therapists, diagnostic radiographers, and dietitians. This also deter

  2. Bounds for Hecke eigenforms and their allied L-functions

    Zhang, Qing

    We consider Hecke eigenforms and their allied L-functions from three aspects in this thesis. First we generalize the Iwaniec's spectral large sieve estimates of Maass cusp form to the local version for all congruence groups of level q. Our approach is based on an inequality for a general bilinear form involving Kloosterman sums and Bessel functions. The exceptional eigenvalues emerge in the course of the proof. In the second part, we extend Luo's result to prove a general optimal bound for L4-norms of the dihedral Maass forms associated to Hecke's grossencharacters of a fixed real quadratic field. Given a fixed quadratic field with discriminant D, we remove the condition that the narrow class number of K is 1. The key ingredients are Watson and Ichino's formula and the local spectral large sieve inequality established in the first part. Finally we obtain a long equation intended to establish an upper bound for the second moment of symmetric square L-functions. Petersson trace formula plays an important role and we study thoroughly an analogue of Estermann series using Hurwitz zeta function and establish its meromorphic extension and functional equation. This work provides a useful approach to the further study for the central value of the symmetric square L-functions.

  3. Engaging men and women as allies: a workplace curriculum module to challenge gender norms about domestic violence, male bullying and workplace violence and encourage ally behavior.

    Wagner, K C; Yates, Diane; Walcott, Quentin


    This post-hoc analysis discusses a replicable workplace behavior change module called Men and Women As Allies, that was designed and implemented by a team of labor, management and community anti-violence educators at a private sector telecommunications employer. A job site-specific educational seminar linked issues of domestic violence to male bullying and workplace violence. It challenged social stereotypes about gender, taught skills to engage ally peer behavior and provided information on how to seek assistance from union, workplace and external community resources. PMID:22635154

  4. Caucasion allied health students' attitudes towards African Americans: implications for instruction and research.

    Steed, Robin


    In order to determine Caucasian allied health student racial attitudes towards the African American population, students and faculty of a Southern school of allied health professions were surveyed using the Racial Argument Scale (RAS). A one way ANOVA found a significant difference between allied health programs, p = .008, and post hoc testing found the Occupational Therapy Program's scores to be significantly lower (less negative towards Blacks) than the Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant Program's scores (p = .008 and p = .041 respectively). Student scores overall were significantly higher than faculty scores on the RAS (p = .014). The Speech-Language Pathology, Physician Assistant, and Physical Therapy Programs' scores as well the overall allied health student scores were found to be significantly higher than the population mean, thus indicating a higher negativity towards African Americans. The overall results of this study indicate that negative racial bias may be a serious problem in some allied health programs. Future instruction in cultural competency in allied health programs should address racial bias specifically, taking into account cognitive-perceptual errors that may perpetuate negative racial attitudes. PMID:25181786

  5. Soudage hybride Laser-MAG d'un acier Hardox® Hybrid Laser Arc Welding of a Hardox® steel

    Chaussé Fabrice


    Full Text Available Le soudage hybride laser-MAG est un procédé fortement compétitif par rapport aux procédés conventionnels notamment pour le soudage de fortes épaisseurs et les grandes longueurs de soudure. Il connait de ce fait un développement important dans l'industrie. La présente étude s'est portée sur la soudabilité de l'acier Hardox® par ce procédé. Un large panel de techniques de caractérisation a été employé (mesures thermiques, radiographie X, duretés Vickers, macrographie…. L'objectif étant de déterminer l'influence des paramètres du procédé sur la qualité de la soudure et d'étendre notre compréhension des phénomènes se déroulant lors de ce type de soudage. Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW technology is a highly competitive metal joining process especially when high productivity is needed and for the welding of thick plates. It is a really new technology but its implementation in industry accelerates thanks to recent improvements of high power laser equipment and development of integrated hybrid welding heads. This study focuses on weldability of Hardox® 450 steel by HLAW. Welding tests were conducted by making critical process parameters vary. Then a large panel of characterization techniques (X-Ray radiography, macroscopic examination and hardness mapping was used to determine process parameters influence on weldability of Hardox 450® Steel.

  6. Self-Medication Practice Among Allied and Non-Allied Health Students of the University of Santo Tomas



    Full Text Available – Self-medication is presumed to be widely practiced around the world. This can be defined as the use of drugs to treat self-diagnosed disorders or symptoms, or the intermittent or continued use of a prescribed drug for chronic or recurrent disease or symptoms. High level of education and professional status has also been mentioned as predictive factors for self-medication. Students from the allied and nonallied health institutions of the University of Santo Tomas were assessed for the factors of self-medication practices.A total of 66 graduating students were asked to accomplish the questionnaire. To ensure valid responses, the researchers supervised the respondents on accomplishing the questionnaires. Mean and range summarized the age while counts and percentages summarized the gender, school, practice of selfmedication, therapeutic classes, health conditions, reasons and sources of self-medication. A total of 55 reported that they practice self-medication. On the total 66 respondents practicing self-medication is antibiotics, anti-allergic and antihistamine, and decongestants. The 55 respondents documented headache to be the most self-treated health condition followed by cough and cold, toothache, muscle pain pimples, back/chest pain, dizziness, and diarrhea/constipation. Significantly greater percentage of females (p=0.038 use antibiotics. Respondents with high self-care orientation are self-medicating on antibiotics (p=0.027, anti-allergic (p<0.001, and herbal medicine (p=0.001 than respondents with low self-care orientation.

  7. Impact and feasibility of the Allied Health Professional Enhancement Program placements – experiences from rural and remote Queensland

    Kumar, Saravana


    Priya Martin,1,2 Saravana Kumar,2 Melinda Stone,1 LuJuana Abernathy,1 Vanessa Burge,1 Lucylynn Lizarondo3 1Allied Health Education and Training, Cunningham Centre, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service, Toowoomba, QLD, 2International Centre for Allied Health Evidence (iCAHE), School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, 3Joanna Briggs Institute, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA, AustraliaBackground: Allied health professionals practicing in rural and remote areas are ofte...

  8. Quality improvement – rival or ally of practice development?

    Gavin Lavery


    Full Text Available The majority of nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and other healthcare staff possess a strong desire to provide the best possible care and experience for their patients. Unfortunately, this sometimes falls short of what was planned or intended (Institute of Medicine, 2001, p 23. The gap between care intended and care delivered can be explained by problems with systems and processes and/or people and culture. The narrowing of this gap is the focus of many strategies, methodologies and approaches. Practice development is described as ‘an activity focused on developing people and practice for the ultimate purpose of achieving high-quality person-centred care’ and a ‘methodology that aims to achieve effective workplace cultures that are person-centred’ (Shaw, 2012; Manley et al., 2014. Practice development undoubtedly has a strong focus on people and culture and the potential to change processes and systems. Another approach, widely referred to as quality improvement, aims to improve safety, effectiveness and person-centredness in healthcare using principles proven effective in other industries such as manufacturing – notably car manufacturing (Toyota, oil production, nuclear power and aviation. The fundamental principles of quality improvement for healthcare include making care reliable (every patient receiving care as intended every time, using well-designed processes and reducing variation (agreeing a consistent way to provide care. At first glance this may appear to be an approach suited only to systems and processes. However, better processes, designed by those who use them, resulting in fewer errors and less re-working or working around problems, can reduce stress on staff, offer greater job satisfaction with improved morale and free up time to provide person-centred care. In his report, A Promise to Learn – a Commitment to Act (2013, p 24, Professor Don Berwick says: ‘Mastery of quality and patient safety sciences and

  9. Using staffing ratios for workforce planning: evidence on nine allied health professions

    Cartmill Linda


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Modern healthcare managers are faced with pressure to deliver effective, efficient services within the context of fixed budget constraints. Managers are required to make decisions regarding the skill mix of the workforce particularly when staffing new services. One measure used to identify numbers and mix of staff in healthcare settings is workforce ratio. The aim of this study was to identify workforce ratios in nine allied health professions and to identify whether these measures are useful for planning allied health workforce requirements. Methods A systematic literature search using relevant MeSH headings of business, medical and allied health databases and relevant grey literature for the period 2000-2008 was undertaken. Results Twelve articles were identified which described the use of workforce ratios in allied health services. Only one of these was a staffing ratio linked to clinical outcomes. The most comprehensive measures were identified in rehabilitation medicine. Conclusion The evidence for use of staffing ratios for allied health practitioners is scarce and lags behind the fields of nursing and medicine.

  10. Étude expérimentale de l'interaction laser-matière dans le cas du soudage d'un acier inoxydable austénitique par laser Nd:YAG continu de 2 kW

    Dumord, E.; Jouvard, J.; Grevey, D.; Druetta, M.; Ottavi, P.


    L'interaction laser-matière se produisant lors du soudage par laser Nd:YAG continu de 2 kW d'un acier inoxydable austénitique est étudiée, et notamment les effets liés à la présence du capillaire dans le bain liquide, de façon à définir les paramètres utiles à la modélisation du processus. Le facteur d'absorption des cibles utilisées a été mesuré afin de mieux appréhender l'interaction laser Nd:YAG/acier inoxydable austénitique 304. Puis une approche expérimentale de détermination de l'angle ...

  11. Etude métallurgique du soudage par friction malaxage sur un acier à haute limite élastique destiné à la construction navale : le 80 HLES Metallurgical study of friction stir welding on a steel high yield for shipbuilding: The 80 HLES

    Allart Marion; Rückert Guillaume; Paillard Pascal


    Le soudage par friction malaxage est un procédé de soudage relativement récent (début des années 90). Il est aujourd'hui utilisé couramment sur des alliages légers mais ne l'est que depuis peu sur les aciers. L'objectif de nos travaux est de chercher à caractériser la microstructure métallurgique et l'état de déformation et de contrainte après soudage par friction malaxage sur des échantillons d'aciers à haute limite élastique utilisés dans l'industrie navale. Nous chercherons à comprendre le...


    Webster, D.


    A technique has been developed for increasing the toughness of Al-Li products made by powder metallurgy. The technique which involves the addition of unalloyed aluminum powder to Al-Li powder before compaction was evaluated with Al-Li-Cu-Mg-Zr alloys (Al 8090), and Al-Li-Zn-Cu-Mg-Zr and Al-Li-Mg-Si-Cr alloys . The addition of 15% aluminum to Al 8090 aged at 422K for 40 h produced an increase in impact toughness of 215% at the expense of a drop in yield strength of 11%. The Al-Li-Mg-Si-Cr allo...

  13. Compréhension des mécanismes à l’origine de l’adhésion de Saccharomyces cerevisiae sur acier inoxydable: Implications pour l’hygiène des surfaces en industrie agroalimentaire

    Guillemot, Gaëlle


    Dans l’industrie agroalimentaire, l’adhésion de microorganismes contaminants sur les surfaces induit des effets néfastes à la fois en terme de qualité, d’hygiène et de santé publique. Dans cette étude, une forte adhésion de Saccharomyces cerevisiae sur l’acier inoxydable a été mise en évidence, à l’aide d’une chambre à écoulement cisaillé. La spécificité de ce matériau par rapport à d’autres surfaces « contrôle » a été démontrée pour des souches de levures d’origine variée. Cette spécificité ...

  14. Sur la modélisation du comportement thermomécanique et métallurgique des aciers. Application au procédé de soudage et de traitements thermiques

    Trinh, Ngoc Thuy


    Le travail de la thèse porte sur la modélisation fine des lois de comportement thermomécaniques et métallurgiques des aciers afin de déterminer l'état mécanique résiduel des structures lors d'une opération de soudage. Il s'agit de définir les cinétiques de transformation de phases à l'état solide ainsi que le comportement mécanique du matériau multiphasé. Dans un cadre théorique original-les matériaux standards généralisés avec des liaisons internes-nous avons proposé des modèles de comportem...

  15. Utilisation d'ondes de Love pour déterminer l'épaisseur d'une couche de cuivre déposée électrolytiquement sur un substrat d'acier

    Kiełczyński, P.; Pajewski, W.


    Cet article présente les résultats d'une expérience ayant pour objet de déterminer l'épaisseur d'une couche superficielle d'un matériau élastique à l'aide d'ondes de surface transversales et horizontales du type de Love. Les principes théoriques de la méthode appliquée ont été développés par les auteurs précédemment (NDT Int. 18, n° 1 (1985) 25-29). Les mesures ont été effectuées pour une couche de cuivre déposée par électrolyse sur un substrat d'acier. Plusieurs facteurs qui peuvent rendre l...

  16. Modélisation tridimensionelle de la fermeture induite par plasticité lors de la propagation d'une fissure de fatigue dans l'acier 304L

    Fiordalisi, Saverio,


    Ce travail de thèse s’inscrit dans le cadre des problèmes de fissuration par fatigue, détectéesnotamment dans des structures nucléaires et se situe dans la continuité de travaux déjà réalisésau laboratoire. L’objectif de cette étude est la réalisation d’un outil numérique de prédictiondu phénomène de fermeture induite par plasticité, au cours de la propagation d’une fissure defatigue dans une éprouvette CT, dans un acier inoxydable 304L, en prenant en comptel’influence simultanée de la forme ...

  17. Biodétérioration des structures portuaires en acier : synergie entre la physico-chimie du fer en milieu marin et les micro-organismes sulfurogènes

    Langumier, Mikaël


    Le but de ce travail était de mieux comprendre les mécanismes mis en jeu lors de la corrosion marine des structures en acier. Ces mécanismes impliquant l'influence de micro-organismes vivants, et notamment des bactéries sulfurogènes, l'étude a couplé des méthodes physico-chimiques à des techniques de microbiologie et de biologie moléculaire. Dans un premier temps, un système modèle de laboratoire a été élaboré afin d'étudier en détail les interactions entre les bactéries sulfato-réductrices (...

  18. Patient safety in primary allied health care: what can we learn from incidents in a dutch exploratory cohort study?

    Dulmen, S.A. van; Tacken, M.A.J.B.; Staal, J.B.; Gaal, S.; Wensing, M.J.P.; Nijhuis-Van der Sanden, M.W.G.


    BACKGROUND: : Research on patient safety in allied healthcare is scarce. Our aim was to document patient safety in primary allied healthcare in the Netherlands and to identify factors associated with incidents. DESIGN AND SUBJECT:: A retrospective study of 1000 patient records in a representative sa

  19. Comportement des poteaux composites en profils creux en acier remplis de béton Behavior of composite columns in hollow steel section filled with concrete

    Othmani N.


    Full Text Available Le but de cet article, est la determination des rigidites flexionnelles EIx et EIy d’fune section mixte acier beton et plus precisement d’fun poteau en tube d’facier de section rectangulaire, remplie de beton, sollicitee a la flexion bi-axiale (N, Mx et My. L’festimation des rigidites sera faite a partir d’fune approche theorique par une analyse du poteau en elements finis (element barre a 4 degres de liberte, basee sur les conditions d’fequilibres a mi-portee en utilisant la relation moment-courbure (M–Φ de l’felement deforme par application de l’fequation suivante: EI=M/Φ. Le comportement des materiaux est celui comme adopte par les reglements Eurocode 2 et 3, respectivement pour le beton et l’facier. Afin de valider l’fapproche theorique utilisee dans cette etude, deux comparaisons ont ete faites : une premiere permettant de comparer les resultats des rigidites determinees par les relations moments courbures et celles calculees par l’fEurocode 4 et une deuxieme comparaison entre les charges de ruines de deux poteaux de grandeurs natures avec ceux testes au laboratoire [2]. Au vu des resultats obtenus, nous pouvons conclure que l’approche théorique utilisée dans cette étude ainsi que les modèles de comportement des matériaux sont adéquats pour ce genre de problèmes. The purpose of this paper is the determination of flexural stiffness EIx and EIy of a concrete filled rectangular cross section of a composite steel column, under biaxial bending (N, Mx and My. The rigidities will be estimated from a theoretical approach using a finite element analysis (element bar with 4 degrees of freedom, based on the equilibrium conditions at mid-span using the moment-curvature relationships (M–Φ of the deformed element by applying the following equation: EI=M/Φ. The material behavior is the one adopted by Eurocode 2 and 3, respectively, for concrete and steel. To validate the theoretical approach used, two comparisons

  20. Enhancing Discipline-Specific Training across Allied Health Professions through Reflective Supervision

    Geller, Elaine; Wightman, Barbara; Rosenthal, Harold


    The professional preparation of allied health professionals typically focuses on the acquisition of knowledge in a particular area of expertise with less consideration of training on social-emotional development and on how to engage parents in the clinical process, parent-child relationships, or principles of mental health. The authors explore how…

  1. Allied Health Students' Learning-Styles Identified with Two Different Assessments

    Morton-Rias, Dawn; Dunn, Rita; Terregrossa, Ralph; Geisert, Gene; Mangione, Robert; Ortiz, Samuel; Honigsfeld, Andrea


    This research identified and compared the learning styles of 154 ethnically diverse, upper division undergraduate and graduate students in Allied Health utilizing the "Building Excellence" (BE) (Rundle & Dunn, 2000) and the "Productivity Environmental Preference Survey" (PEPS) (Dunn, Dunn, & Price, 1996). Relationships among age, class standing,…

  2. Corrosion Properties of Light-weight and High-strength 2195 Al-Li Alloy

    XU Yue; WANG Xiaojing; YAN Zhaotong; LI Jiaxue


    The intergranular corrosion and exfoliation corrosion of 2195 Al-Li alloy treated by multi-step heating-rate controlled aging (MSRC)are studied.The corrosion features of 2195 Al-Li alloys which are respectively treated by high-temperature nucleation MSRC(H-M)and low-temperature nucleation MSRC(L-M)are contrasted.And the corrosion mechanism of 2195 Al-Li alloy is also discussed from the viewpoint of microstructure(types,distribution,etc.)of the strengthening phase.The results show that 2195 Al-Li alloy after H-M is more susceptible to intergranular corrosion and exfoliation corrosion than that of alloy after L-M.The degree of intergranular corrosion increases with the increase of predeformation amount and the surface parallel to the rolling direction is more prone to exfoliation corrosion.The main reason of intergranular corrosion and exfoliation corrosion is the formation of corrosion galvanic couples among T1 phase,θ' phase and grain boundary precipitate-free zones(PFZ).

  3. Identification of a Core Curriculum in Gerontology for Allied Health Professionals. Final Report.

    Hedl, John J.; And Others

    The overall goal of this project was to identify a core curriculum in gerontology for seven allied health professions (radiologic technologist, radiation therapist, respiratory therapist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, physical therapy assistant, and occupational therapy assistant). The project also identified the current state of gerontology…

  4. Men as Allies: The Efficacy of a High School Rape Prevention Intervention

    Hillenbrand-Gunn, Theresa L.; Heppner, Mary J.; Mauch, Pamela A.; Park, Hyun-joo


    This study investigated the effects of a Men as Allies--based intervention on high school students' rape-supportive attitudes and behaviors. As hypothesized at posttest, the male and female experimental groups demonstrated a significant decrease in rape-supportive attitudes, which was maintained at follow-up. Male participants viewed peers'…

  5. First Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) Neglected Diseases and Innovation Symposium

    Musselwhite, Laura W.; Maciag, Karolina; Lankowski, Alex; Gretes, Michael C.; Thomas E Wellems; Tavera, Gloria; Goulding, Rebecca E.; Guillen, Ethan


    Universities Allied for Essential Medicines organized its first Neglected Diseases and Innovation Symposium to address expanding roles of public sector research institutions in innovation in research and development of biomedical technologies for treatment of diseases, particularly neglected tropical diseases. Universities and other public research institutions are increasingly integrated into the pharmaceutical innovation system. Academic entities now routinely undertake robust high-throughp...

  6. Student Recruitment in Allied Health Educational Programs: The Importance of Initial Source of Contact.

    Baldwin, Alphonso; Agho, Augustine O.


    A survey of 1,809 students found that information influencing their decision to enroll in allied health programs came from a variety of sources. Practicing health professionals were the most influential. Only physical therapy and dental hygiene students identified high school counselors as an important source. (Contains 20 references.) (JOW)

  7. The availability and use of allied health care in care homes in the Midlands, UK: commentaries.

    Leemrijse, C.; Veenhof, C.; Boer, M.E. de


    The demographic trends of continuing growth of the number of older people will lead to an increasing need for long-term services such as nursing homes. The intensive work delivered by the rehabilitative services provided in the nursing homes includes care by a variety of allied health care personnel

  8. Developing Allies to Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Youth: Training for Counselors and Educators

    Case, Kim A.; Meier, S. Colton


    Lack of training regarding transgender youth leaves K-12 educators unprepared to become allies to this disenfranchised community and attend to their needs. This article explores the pedagogical strategies of two professional workshop models (GLSEN Houston training and the Gender Infinity practitioner training), which provide skills and resources…

  9. Occupational Analysis: Hospital Radiologic Technologist. The UCLA Allied Health Professions Project.

    Reeder, Glenn D.; And Others

    In an effort to meet the growing demand for skilled radiologic technologists and other supportive personnel educated through the associate degree level, a national survey was conducted as part of the UCLA Allied Health Professions Project to determine the tasks performed by personnel in the field and lay the groundwork for development of…

  10. Plagiarism: using a collaborative approach in an online allied health professions course.

    Pence, Patricia L


    The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to increase the awareness and understanding of plagiarism among undergraduate students enrolled in an online allied health professions course in a community college in the Midwestern United States. The results suggested that the interventions were effective in educating students about how to avoid plagiarism. PMID:22157995

  11. A Reaction to: What about Health Educators? Nutrition Education for Allied Health Professionals

    Turner, Lori W.; Knol, Linda; Meyer, Mary Kay


    "What about Health Educators? Nutrition Education for Allied Health Professionals" describes an important issue in health care that is the provision of nutrition education. Obesity and chronic disease rates are rapidly increasing. Due to increase in the prevalence rates of obesity and nutrition-related chronic diseases, there is a growing need for…

  12. Building Teams in Primary Care: What Do Nonlicensed Allied Health Workers Want?

    Saba, George W.; Taché, Stephanie; Ward, Lisa; Chen, Ellen H.; Hammer, Hali


    Introduction: Nonlicensed allied health workers are becoming increasingly important in collaborative team care, yet we know little about their experiences while filling these roles. To explore their perceptions of working as health coaches in a chronic-disease collaborative team, the teamlet model, we conducted a qualitative study to understand the nature and dynamics of this emerging role.

  13. A Survey of Practices in Hospital Pharmacies. The UCLA Allied Health Professions Project.

    Cullen, Thomas D.; Henrich, Robert R.

    A survey was conducted as part of the UCLA Allied Health Professions Project to determine what procedures are used in health care facility pharmacies for the performance of tasks previously selected for inclusion in a proposed curriculum for pharmacy technicians. Questionnaires were distributed to a national sample of 48 health care facilities,…

  14. Extending the Ally Model of Social Justice to Social Work Pedagogy

    Gibson, Priscilla Ann


    Social work students, regardless of their multiple social identities in oppressed and oppressor groups, are called upon to take action against social injustice. This conceptual article introduces the Ally Model of social justice and its alignment with social work values and goals and recommends it to social work educators as a pedagogical tool to…

  15. What constitutes an excellent allied health care professional? A multidisciplinary focus group study

    Paans W; Wijkamp I; Wiltens E; Wolfensberger MV


    Wolter Paans, Inge Wijkamp, Egbert Wiltens, Marca V Wolfensberger Research and Innovation Group Talent Development in Higher Education and Society, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, The Netherlands. Background: Determining what constitutes an excellent allied health care professional (AHCP) is important, since this is what will guide the development of curricula for training future physical therapists, oral hygienists, speech therapists, diagnostic radiographers, and dietitian...

  16. Modern National Historiography оn the Attitude of Russian Society to the Entente Allies

    Samokhina Galina


    Full Text Available The issues on the diplomacy in public opinion and public consciousness is becoming increasingly important in modern domestic research on the history of Russia’s foreign policy. The article analyzes the works devoted to the social perception of Russia’s relations with allies in the Entente. The attention is paid to the historiography of the foreign political ideas of liberal and conservative leaders represented in political discourse, nonfiction works and periodicals. Liberals and conservatives were not only the object of public judgements – they formed them as well. A significant range of works deals with the problem of the relationship between the Entente allies and the Russian population. The social perception of England and France is considered by researchers both at the level of direct political, economic and military contacts, and based on an abstract image of an ally in the mass consciousness. The evolution of public perceptions of the allies was determined by the situation in the country and on the fronts and by the role of foreign stereotypes. The author analyzes the interconnection of alliance issue with the national interests of Russia, reveals research approaches to the study of the development of Patriotic and revolutionary moods, traces the differences in the estimates of England and France. The present study complements the research on diplomatic history, and yet represents a separate research problem.

  17. Kuidas õpilasmalevat laiendada? / Alli Lunter, Jüri Ginter, Lembit Jakobson ... [jt.


    Küsimusele vastavad: Viljandi maagümnaasiumi õpetaja Alli Lunter, TÜ õppejõud Jüri Ginter, Unipiha kooli õpetaja Lembit Jakobson, riigikogu liige ja demokraatide ühenduse esimees Rainer Vakra ja TLÜ ajalooinstituudi teadur Ain Lavi

  18. Kuidas möödus vaheaeg? / Sulev Valdmaa, Alli Lunter, Epp-Mare Kukemelk ... [jt.


    Küsimusele vastavad Kuusalu keskkooli õpetaja-metoodik Sulev Valdmaa, Viljandi maagümnaasiumi eesti keele õpetaja Alli Lunter, Tallinna 37. keskkooli ja Tallinna Lilleküla gümnaasiumi meediaõpetaja Epp-Mare Kukemelk, haridus- ja teadusministeeriumi kommunikatsioonibüroo konsultant Rein Joamets ja Unipiha algkooli õpetaja Lembit Jakobson

  19. Arthritis Research and Education in Nursing and Allied Health: A Forum.

    Public Health Service (DHHS), Rockville, MD.

    A summary of proceedings of the Forum on Arthritis Research and Education in Nursing and Allied Health is presented. The keynote address, "The Burden of Arthritis," by Dorothy P. Rice, provides data collected by the National Center for Health Statistics on the prevalence of arthritis, the burden it imposes, and the volume, type, and cost of health…

  20. Patient education: the role of the physician assistant and other allied health professionals

    Alexander, Lisa Mustone


    The physician assistant (PA) has been on the leading edge in the development of midlevel health providers since the 1960s. As an allied health professional, PAs, along with nurse practitioners, midwives, nurse anesthetists, and others, emphasize patient education. Oftentimes, patient education can be introduced in the academic setting, but true learning comes with experience as a student in clinical training.

  1. Policy and System Change and Community Coalitions: Outcomes from Allies against Asthma

    Clark, Noreen M.; Lachance, Laurie; Doctor, Linda Jo; Gilmore, Lisa; Kelly, Cindy; Krieger, James; Lara, Marielena; Meurer, John; Friedman Milanovich, Amy; Nicholas, Elisa; Rosenthal, Michael; Stoll, Shelley C.; Wilkin, Margaret


    Objectives: We assessed policy and system changes and health outcomes produced by the Allies Against Asthma program, a 5-year collaborative effort by 7 community coalitions to address childhood asthma. We also explored associations between community engagement and outcomes. Methods: We interviewed a sample of 1,477 parents of children with asthma…

  2. A Learner-Centered Molecular Modeling Exercise for Allied Health Majors in a Biochemistry Class

    Fletcher, Terace M.; Ershler, Jeff


    Learner-centered molecular modeling exercises in college science courses can be especially challenging for nonchemistry majors as students typically have a higher degree of anxiety and may not appreciate the relevance of the work. This article describes a learner-centered project given to allied health majors in a Biochemistry course. The project…

  3. A protocol for a systematic review of knowledge translation strategies in the allied health professions

    Hartling Lisa


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Knowledge translation (KT aims to close the gap between knowledge and practice in order to realize the benefits of research through (a improved health outcomes, (b more effective health services and products, and (c strengthened healthcare systems. While there is some understanding of strategies to put research findings into practice within nursing and medicine, we have limited knowledge of KT strategies in allied health professions. Given the interprofessional nature of healthcare, a lack of guidance for supporting KT strategies in the allied health professions is concerning. Our objective in this study is to systematically review published research on KT strategies in five allied health disciplines. Methods A medical research librarian will develop and implement search strategies designed to identify evidence that is relevant to each question of the review. Two reviewers will perform study selection and quality assessment using standard forms. For study selection, data will be extracted by two reviewers. For quality assessment, data will be extracted by one reviewer and verified by a second. Disagreements will be resolved through discussion or third party adjudication. Within each profession, data will be grouped and analyzed by research design and KT strategies using the Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Review Group classification scheme. An overall synthesis across professions will be conducted. Significance A uniprofessional approach to KT does not represent the interprofessional context it targets. Our findings will provide the first systematic overview of KT strategies used in allied health professionals' clinical practice, as well as a foundation to inform future KT interventions in allied healthcare settings.

  4. Are gender equality institutions the policy allies of the feminist movement? A contingent "yes" in the Spanish central state

    Valiente Fernández, Celia


    This article studies the extent to which gender equality institutions are the policy allies of the feminist movement in Spain. A policy ally of the feminist movement is defined as one that adopts the demands of the movement and includes them in the policy process. This article analyses the role played by the Women’s Institute (WI) between 1983 and 2003 in 12 policy debates, in a third of which the WI was an ally of the movement. Two circumstances are identified as necessary for the WI to act ...

  5. Mathematical modeling of the socalled Allis test: a field study in orthopedic confusion

    Haneline Michael


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Chiropractors use a variety of supine and prone leg checking procedures. Some, including the Allis test, purport to distinguish anatomic from functional leg length inequality. Although the reliability and to a lesser extent the validity of some leg checking procedures has been assessed, little is known on the Allis test. The present study mathematically models the test under a variety of hypothetical clinical conditions. In our search for historical and clinical information on the Allis test, nomenclatural and procedural issues became apparent. Methods The test is performed with the subject carefully positioned in the supine position, with the head, pelvis, and feet centered on the table. After an assessment for anatomic leg length inequality, the knees are flexed to approximately 90°. The examiner then sights the short leg side knee sequentially from both the foot and side of the table, noting its relative locations: both its height from the table and Y axis position. The traditional interpretation of the Allis test is that a low knee identifies a short tibia and a cephalad knee a short femur. Assuming arbitrary lengths and a tibio/femoral ratio of 1/1.26, and a hip to foot distance that placed the knee near 90°, we trigonometrically calculated changes in the location of the right knee that would result from hypothetical reductions in tibial and femoral length. We also modeled changes in the tibio/femoral ratio that did not change overall leg length, and also a change in hip location. Results The knee altitude diminishes with either femoral or tibial length reduction. The knee shifts cephalad when the femoral length is reduced, and caudally when the tibial length is reduced. Changes in the femur/tibia ratio also influence knee position, as does cephalad shifting of the hip. Conclusion The original Allis (aka Galeazzi test was developed to identify gross hip deformity in pediatric patients. The extension of this test to

  6. Allie Abrahamson: APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Graduate Student in Professional Psychology.


    The APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Graduate Student in Professional Psychology is awarded on an annual basis by the APA Board of Professional Affairs (BPA) and the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) to a graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding practice and application of psychology. A qualified candidate must demonstrate exemplary performance in working with an underserved population in an applied setting or have developed an innovative method for delivering health services to an underserved population. This year there are joint recipients of the award, Allie Abrahamson and Rebeccah A. Bernard. Their vision, creativity, courage, and dedication led them to create the Human Rights Forum at Chestnut Hill College to promote human rights education, awareness, and community service opportunities for doctoral students. Allie Abrahamson's award citation, biography, and a selected bibliography are presented here. PMID:25486169

  7. Study on Damage of High Temperature Plastic Deformation for Al-Li Alloy


    The security of use for Al-Li alloy will be greatly influenced by the damage degree of plastic deformation within it at high temperature . Based on continuum damage mechanics theory, the damage evolution of Al-5.44Mg-2.15Li-0.12Zr alloy during plastic deforming at high temperature is simulated by using the damage evolution model of high temperature plastic deformation. The changing rule of its inner damage with deformation temperature, strain rate and strain is gained in this paper. The equation of damage evolution for high temperature plastic deformation is developed, providing an academic basis for the technology of plastic process of Al-Li alloys.

  8. Retention and release of tritium in aluminum clad, Al-Li alloys

    Tritium retention in and release from aluminum clad, aluminum-lithium alloys is modeled from experimental and operational data developed during the thirty plus years of tritium production at the Savannah River Site. The model assumes that tritium atoms, formed by the 6Li(n,α)3He reaction, are produced in solid solution in the Al-Li alloy. Because of the low solubility of hydrogen isotopes in aluminum alloys, the irradiated Al-Li rapidly becomes supersaturated in tritium. Newly produced tritium atoms are trapped by lithium atoms to form a lithium tritide. The effective tritium pressure required for trap or tritide stability is the equilibrium decomposition pressure of tritium over a lithium tritide-aluminum mixture. The temperature dependence of tritium release is determined by the permeability of the cladding to tritium and the local equilibrium at the trap sites. This model is used to calculate tritium release from aluminum clad, aluminum-lithium alloys. 9 refs., 3 figs

  9. The supply problem of the allies; Quand l'or noir coulait a flots

    Baudoin, Ph.


    Owing to unprecedented mechanization, everything to do with petroleum supplies had a crucial role to play in World War II. In the wake of Operation Overlord, the battle grounds of Normandy saw technologies deployed on a huge scale. Logistics were a major problem whether fighting in the air or on the ground, with oil and fuel supplies a critical element. With no fuel, this gigantic military operation could never have been carried through, for with aircraft grounded and tanks grinding to a halt, all would soon have been lost. Accordingly, the Allies made bold logistical plans, which nevertheless had shortcomings calling for improvisation. The cross-Channel pipeline PLUTO, the impressive stream of road traffic known as the Red Ball Express, rapid repairs to the railroads, trains of barges on the Seine, DC-3s transporting oil and fuel, were all pieces in the jigsaw puzzle bringing supplies to Allied units on their way across Normandy in 1944. (A.L.B.)


    J.F. Li; Z.Q. Zheng; C.Y. Tan; S.C. Li; Z. Zhang; J.Q. Zhang


    The corrosion behavior and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy ( EIS) features of 8090 Al-Li alloys in EXCO solution were investigated, and the EIS was simulated using an equivalent circuit. At the beginning of immersion in EXCO solution, the EIS is comprised by a depressed capacitive arc at high-mediate frequency and an inductive arc at low frequency, and the inductive component decreases and disappears with immersion time. Once exfoliation or severe pitting corrosion is produced, two capacitivearcs appear in the EIS. These two capacitive arcs are originated from the two parts of the corroded alloy surface, the original flat alloy surface and the new inter-face exposed to the aggressive EXCO solution due to the exfoliation or pitting corrosion.Some corrosion development features of 8090 Al-Li alloys in EXCO solution can be obtained through simulated EIS information.

  11. Quality of care of nurse-led and allied health personnel-led primary care clinics

    Chin, WY; Lam, CLK; Lo, SV


    Objectives To review the literature regarding quality of care of nurse-led and allied health personnel-led primary care clinics with specific attention to the quality indicators for fall prevention, continence care, pulmonary rehabilitation, mental health, pharmaceutical care, and wound care services. Data sources Literature search from 1990 to 2010 including Ovid Medline, Cochrane Database, RAND (Research and Development) Corporation Health Database, the ACOVE (Assessing the Care of Vulnerab...

  12. Skills escalator in allied health: a time for reflection and refocus

    Gilmore LG


    Full Text Available Lisa G Gilmore1, Joanne H Morris1, Karen Murphy2, Karen Grimmer-Somers3, Saravana Kumar31The Canberra Hospital, ACT Government Health Directorate, Canberra, ACT; 2ACT Government Health Directorate, Canberra, ACT; 3International Centre for Allied Evidence, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA, AustraliaAbstract: It is abundantly clear that the health workforce of tomorrow will meet a number of unique challenges. There are a number of drivers for this, including the changing demographics of patients and health professionals, changing working patterns and mobility of the health workforce, evolving models of care, emerging evidence base, altering funding models, and the need to underpin health care service delivery with safety, effectiveness, patient centeredness, efficiency, equity, and timeliness. It is in this time of change that role extension within health disciplines is seen as an important tool to meet some of these challenges. Role extension is viewed as a skills escalator, where practitioners move up the skills escalator within the scope of their discipline, to advance it and then, with training, extend it. Within allied health, in some disciplines, advanced and extended scope of practice initiatives have mushroomed. Often these initiatives have been ad hoc, and opportunistically created in response to local needs and requirements. As these initiatives are local and context-dependent, to date there is very little uniformity or congruency between these initiatives. This has led to variability in implementation, lack of rigorous evaluations and, ultimately, poor long-term sustainability. In this paper, we reflect on a number of key issues, drawing on our own experiences in undertaking such initiatives, which need to be taken into account when considering advanced and extended scope of practice for allied health.Keywords: allied health, skill escalation, extended scope of practice, advanced scope of practice

  13. New insights in Salicornia L. and allied genera (Chenopodiaceae) inferred from nrDNA

    Papini, A.; G. Trippanera; F. Maggini; R. Filigheddu; Biondi, E.


    A phylogenetic analysis was performed based on ITS DNA sequences of fourteen samples from different sources of six species of Salicornia, the three allied genera Arthrocnemum, Sarcocornia and Halocnemum of the same tribe Salicornieae, and other genera of the subfamily Salicornioideae used in previous studies. Bassia hirsuta, Camphorosma monspeliaca (subfamily Chenopodioideae) and four species of Suaeda (subf. Suaedoideae) were chosen as outgroups. Results show that the annual genu...

  14. Ultrasonic location for core end of Al-Li alloy and aluminium composite tube

    The locating method of the core end of Al-Li alloy is studied by ultrasonic wave time-frequency analysis. Adopting the high frequency and narrow pulse emission the composite metal tube can be located by means of the states of longitudinal wave and transverse wave. The dissection of the sample proves that the core end thickness is 0.1 mm and the location precision is 2 mm

  15. Patterns of waste generation, treatment and disposal in the chemical and allied industries in Ghana

    Osei-Wusu Achaw


    Environmental pollution and degradation in urban Ghana has been on the increase as a result of the nations drive towards industrialization, a generally weak regulatory regime, and a lack of capacity to manage the environment. This situation is affecting the well-being and livelihood of affected communities. As part of an effort to address the issue, a thirteen (13) item questionnaire was designed and distributed to seventy (70) companies in the chemical and allied industry to solicit and anal...

  16. A huge world with countless possibilities: Overseas study tours for students in an allied health field

    Konishi, Isamu


    Since 2004, the Niigata Physical Therapy Department has organized several overseas study tours for its students. More than 100 students have participated in these tours to date. In this report, we describe the achievements of these study tours and of the recently developed exchange programs with our partner universities in the Philippines. For students in an allied health field, traveling abroad to observe and interact with international systems elated to their studies and discussing this ex...

  17. Extended roles for allied health professionals: an updated systematic review of the evidence

    Saxon RL


    Full Text Available Robyn L Saxon,1–3 Marion A Gray,1,2 Florin I Oprescu1,2 1School of Health and Sports Sciences, Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering, 2Cluster for Health Improvement, University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs, QLD, 3Queensland Health, Brisbane, QLD, Australia Background: Internationally, health care services are under increasing pressure to provide high quality, accessible, timely interventions to an ever increasing aging population, with finite resources. Extended scope roles for allied health professionals is one strategy that could be undertaken by health care services to meet this demand. This review builds upon an earlier paper published in 2006 on the evidence relating to the impact extended scope roles have on health care services. Methods: A systematic review of the literature focused on extended scope roles in three allied health professional groups, ie, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology, was conducted. The search strategy mirrored an earlier systematic review methodology and was designed to include articles from 2005 onwards. All peer-reviewed published papers with evidence relating to effects on patients, other professionals, or the health service were included. All papers were critically appraised prior to data extraction. Results: A total of 1,000 articles were identified by the search strategy; 254 articles were screened for relevance and 21 progressed to data extraction for inclusion in the systematic review. Conclusion: Literature supporting extended scope roles exists; however, despite the earlier review calling for more robust evaluations regarding the impact on patient outcomes, cost-effectiveness, training requirements, niche identification, or sustainability, there appears to be limited research reported on the topic in the last 7 years. The evidence available suggests that extended scope practice allied health practitioners could be a cost-effective and consumer

  18. Do structured arrangements for multidisciplinary peer group supervision make a difference for allied health professional outcomes?

    Kuipers P; Pager S; Bell K; Hall F; Kendall M


    Pim Kuipers,1,2 Susan Pager,1 Karen Bell,3 Fiona Hall,4 Melissa Kendall2,5,6 1Centre for Functioning and Health Research, Metro South Health, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 2Centre for Community Science, School of Human Services, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia; 3Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service, Queensland, Australia; 4Allied Health Professions Office of Queensland, Health Service and Innovation Division, Queensland, Australia; 5Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service, M...

  19. Attitudes Underlying Corneal Donation in a Group of Trainee Allied Health Professionals

    Donal McGlade; Carol McClenahan; Barbara Pierscionek


    BACKGROUND: The focus of this study was to investigate factors that may influence personal willingness to register consent to donate corneal tissue upon death using the theory of planned behaviour in a relatively ethnically homogenous group of trainee allied health professionals. The attainment of this knowledge will be of paramount importance in relation to potential interventions that are designed to change donation-related behaviour. METHODS: A questionnaire-based study was undertaken with...

  20. Public health and allied career choices for Ayush graduates in India

    Janmejaya Samal


    Introduction Until the very recent time majority of AYUSH graduates were limited to their own field of study with few exceptions in the field of public health and allied areas. The reasons could be lack of awareness, unavailability of suitable job opportunity or a sense of insecurity in a relatively new and offbeat domain of work. However more recently, there is a paradigm shift; with increase in information access, awareness about job opportunities and a great degree of professional and per...

  1. [Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus and allied species (Fungi: Pleurotaceae) upon semi-sterile natural media].

    Macaya-Lizano AV


    Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. ex Fr.) Quélet and its allies are edible mushrooms whose cultivation is successful in parts of Europe and Asia. In Costa Rica only Agaricus bisporus has been commercially cultured, but requires elaborate facilities. The use of waste material (e.g. sawdust, rice straw, sugar cane debris) and non-controlled environmental conditions suitable for easy artisanal cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus is reported here.

  2. Corrosion Studies of 2195 Al-Li Alloy and 2219 Al Alloy with Differing Surface Treatments

    Danford, M. D.; Mendrek, M. J.


    Corrosion studies of 2195 Al-Li and 2219 Al alloys have been conducted using the scanning reference electrode technique (SRET) and the polarization resistance (PR) technique. The SRET was used to study corrosion mechanisms, while corrosion rate measurements were studied with the PR technique. Plates of Al203 blasted, soda blasted and conversion coated 2219 Al were coated with Deft primer and the corrosion rates studied with the EIS technique. Results from all of these studies are presented.

  3. Ethnobotanical Studies of Chikar and its Allied Areas of District Muzaffarabad

    Imtiaz Ahmad Saghir; Ashfaq Ahmad Awan; Syed Majid; Mir Ajab Khan; Sohail Jamil Qureshi; Sofia Bano


    During ethnobotanical investigations in Chikar and allied areas of Muzaffarabad a total of 53 plant species belonging to 48 genera of 33 families were recorded. Most of the plant species are used as medicinal plants for the ailment of various diseases while some wild plant species are used as fuelwood, timber, fruit, fodder and vegetables. Some of the most interesting and representative plants of the area are Adhatoda zeylanica which is mainly used for cough, bronchitis, stomachache and dysen...

  4. In Situ Assessment of Lattice in an Al-Li Alloy

    Beaudoin, A. J.; Obstalecki, M.; Tayon, W.; Hernquist, M.; Mudrock, R.; Kenesei, P.; Lienert, U.


    The lattice strains of individual grains are measured in an Al-Li alloy, AA 2195, using high-energy X-ray diffraction at a synchrotron source. The diffraction of individual grains in this highly textured production alloy was isolated through use of a depth-defining aperture. It is shown that hydrostatic stress, and in turn the stress triaxiality, can vary significantly from grain to grain.

  5. Unmanned Aerial Systems in Occupational Hygiene-Learning from Allied Disciplines.

    Eninger, Robert M; Johnson, Robert L


    Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technologies are rapidly developing, lowering cost, and technology barriers for their use in numerous applications. This review and commentary summarizes relevant literature in allied fields and evaluates potential application and utility of UAS technology in the discipline of occupational hygiene. Disciplines closely related to occupational hygiene are moving to investigate potential uses--and in some cases--already employing this technology for research or commercial purposes. The literature was reviewed to formulate a cross-sectional picture of how UAS technology is being used in these closely allied disciplines which could inform or guide potential use in occupational hygiene. Discussed are UAS applications in environmental monitoring, emergency response, epidemiology, safety, and process optimization. A rapidly developing state of the art indicates that there is potential utility for this technology in occupational hygiene. Benefits may include cost savings, time savings, and averting hazardous environments via remote sensing. The occupational hygiene community can look to allied fields to garner lessons and possible applications to their own practice. PMID:26180263

  6. A systematic review of the unit costs of allied health and community services used by older people in Australia

    Farag Inez; Sherrington Cathie; Ferreira Manuela; Howard Kirsten


    Abstract Background An economic evaluation of interventions for older people requires accurate assessment of costing and consideration of both acute and long-term services. Accurate information on the unit cost of allied health and community services is not readily available in Australia however. This systematic review therefore aims to synthesise information available in the literature on the unit costs of allied health and community services that may be utilised by an older person living in...

  7. A systematic review of the unit costs of allied health and community services used by older people in Australia

    Farag, Inez; Sherrington, Cathie; Ferreira, Manuela; Howard, Kirsten


    Background An economic evaluation of interventions for older people requires accurate assessment of costing and consideration of both acute and long-term services. Accurate information on the unit cost of allied health and community services is not readily available in Australia however. This systematic review therefore aims to synthesise information available in the literature on the unit costs of allied health and community services that may be utilised by an older person living in Australi...

  8. Demographic and stroke-related factors as predictors of quality of acute stroke care provided by allied health professionals

    Luker J; Bernhardt J; Grimmer-Somers KA


    Julie A Luker1, Julie Bernhardt2,3, Karen A Grimmer-Somers11International Centre for Allied Health Evidence, University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia; 2School of Physiotherapy, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 3Stroke Division, Florey Neurosciences Institute, Heidelberg Heights, Victoria, AustraliaBackground: We recently indicated that patient age on its own is not a determinant of quality of allied health care received after an acute stroke. It has not bee...

  9. Systematic review of interventions to increase the delivery of preventive care by primary care nurses and allied health clinicians

    McElwaine, Kathleen M; Freund, Megan; Campbell, Elizabeth M.; Bartlem, Kate M.; Wye, Paula M.; Wiggers, John H


    Background Primary care nurses and allied health clinicians are potential providers of opportunistic preventive care. This systematic review aimed to summarise evidence for the effectiveness of practice change interventions in increasing nurse or allied health professional provision of any of five preventive care elements (ask, assess, advise, assist, and/or arrange) for any of four behavioural risks (smoking, inadequate nutrition, alcohol overconsumption, physical inactivity) within a primar...

  10. The barriers and facilitators to routine outcome measurement by allied health professionals in practice: a systematic review

    Duncan Edward AS; Murray Jennifer


    Abstract Background Allied Health Professionals today are required, more than ever before, to demonstrate their impact. However, despite at least 20 years of expectation, many services fail to deliver routine outcome measurement in practice. This systematic review investigates what helps and hinders routine outcome measurement of allied health professionals practice. Methods A systematic review protocol was developed comprising: a defined search strategy for PsycINFO, MEDLINE and CINHAL datab...

  11. Do structured arrangements for multidisciplinary peer group supervision make a difference for allied health professional outcomes?

    Kuipers P


    Full Text Available Pim Kuipers,1,2 Susan Pager,1 Karen Bell,3 Fiona Hall,4 Melissa Kendall2,5,6 1Centre for Functioning and Health Research, Metro South Health, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 2Centre for Community Science, School of Human Services, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia; 3Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service, Queensland, Australia; 4Allied Health Professions Office of Queensland, Health Service and Innovation Division, Queensland, Australia; 5Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service, Metro South Health, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 6Transitional Rehabilitation Programme, Metro South Health, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Abstract: Peer group supervision, particularly in multidisciplinary formats, presents a potential means of providing professional support, and specifically clinical supervision, for allied health professionals. Debate exists regarding the extent to which the activities of these groups should be formalized. Results drawn from an evaluation of a large-scale peer group supervision initiative are described. Analysis of 192 responses from professionals involved in peer groups indicates that participants in groups that used formal documentation – which adopted the tools provided in training, and particularly those that used formal evaluation of their groups – rated their groups as having better processes and greater impact. Interestingly, multidisciplinary peer groups were rated as having similar impacts, processes, and purposes as the more homogenous single-discipline groups. It is concluded that the implementation of formal arrangements enhances the processes and outcomes of peer groups implemented for professional support and clinical supervision. Multidisciplinary membership of such groups is perceived as equally beneficial as single-discipline groups. Keywords: allied health, professional supervision, clinical supervision, professional support, multidisciplinary

  12. Age and gender as predictors of allied health quality stroke care

    Luker JA


    Full Text Available Julie A Luker1, Julie Bernhardt2, Karen A Grimmer-Somers11International Centre for Allied Health Evidence, University of South Australia Adelaide, South Australia, Australia; 2School of Physiotherapy, La Trobe University Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Stroke Division, Florey Neurosciences Institutes Heidelberg Heights, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaBackground: Improvement in acute stroke care requires the identification of variables which may influence care quality. The nature and impact of demographic and stroke-related variables on care quality provided by allied health (AH professionals is unknown.Aims: Our research explores the association of age and gender on an index of acute stroke care quality provided by AH professionals.Methods: A retrospective clinical audit of 300 acute stroke patients extracted data on AH care, patients' age and gender. AH care quality was determined by the summed compliance with 20 predetermined process indicators. Our analysis explored relationships between this index of quality, age, and gender. Age was considered in different ways (as a continuous variable, and in different categories. It was correlated with care quality, using gender-specific linear and logistic regression models. Gender was then considered as a confounder in an overall model.Results: No significant association was found for any treatment of age and the index of AH care quality. There were no differences in gender-specific models, and gender did not significantly adjust the age association with care quality.Conclusion: Age and gender were not predictors of the quality of care provided to acute stroke patients by AH professionals.Keywords: acute stroke, allied health, quality of care, age, gender

  13. Effect of heat-treatment on fatigue property of Al-Li alloy

    张荻; 丁剑; 范同祥; 吕维洁; 覃继宁


    Fatigue property of Al-Li alloy after various heat treatment was investigated. The results show that the fatigue strength is enhanced with the age hardening progressing. Compared to the solution treated specimen, the fatigue limit is improved to 136% for sub-ageing treated specimen and 155% for peak-ageing treated specimen, respectively. In the meanwhile, the fatigue deformation becomes non-uniform with age hardening progressing. The fatigue cracks initiate and propagate prior from the un-uniform slip band, causing transgranular fracture or the mixed mode of transgranular fracture and intergranular fracture.

  14. Caryopsis micromorphological survey of the genus Themeda (Poaceae) and allied spathaceous genera in the Andropogoneae

    Zhang, Yu; Hu, Xiaoying; LIU, Yunxiao; Liu, Qing


    A caryopsis micromorphological survey of 15 species of the genus Themeda Forssk. (Poaceae) and 4 species of allied spathaceous genera in tribe Andropogoneae allowed the recognition of 2 types of caryopses based on the ventral face and embryo shape for the first time. One kind of caryopsis had a concave ventral face with a grooved embryo, and the other kind of caryopsis had a flat ventral face with a keel-shaped embryo. Although the ventral face and embryo shapes had limited taxonomic value at...

  15. Polyol mediated hexadecylamine capped silver allied nanobimetallic particles and their fluxional properties

    Adekoya, J. A.; Dare, E. O.; Mesubi, M. A.; Revaprasadu, N.


    The syntheses of hexadecylamine seed mediated Ag/M (M=Co, Ni, Pd and Pt) allied nanobimetallic particles were successfully carried out by the successive reduction of ligand capped metal ions with polyols, resulting in concomitant precipitation of some high index faceted hybrid Ag/M bimetal nanoparticles. The optical measurements revealed the existence of surface plasmon band and peak broadening that causes diffusion processes of the metal sols to decrease making it possible to monitor the changes spectrophotometrically. The bimetallic nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and electron microscopy techniques which confirm the formation of alloyed clusters.

  16. Turning Time from Enemy into an Ally Using the Pomodoro Technique

    Wang, Xiaofeng; Gobbo, Federico; Lane, Michael

    Time is one of the most important factors dominating agile software development processes in distributed settings. Effective time management helps agile teams to plan and monitor the work to be performed, and create and maintain a fast yet sustainable pace. The Pomodoro Technique is one promising time management technique. Its application and adaptation in Sourcesense Milan Team surfaced various benefits, challenges and implications for distributed agile software development. Lessons learnt from the experiences of Sourcesense Milan Team can be useful for other distributed agile teams to turn time from enemy into an ally.

  17. Examining Phenomenon of the Administrative Burden in Health Care, Allied Health, and Respiratory Care.

    Heuer, Albert J; Parrott, James S; Percival, Dreina; Kacmarek, Robert M


    Documentation expectations for allied health professional appears to have changed dramatically in the past decade. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the literature related to clinician perceptions of these documentation expectations and changes in the workload attributable to such administrative duties, review the results of a recent pilot project surveying respiratory therapists' perception of documentation, and reflect upon the potential ramifications of excessive documentation. This commentary also discusses some recommendations for the future in terms of the design of documentation systems and the need for additional research to further explore this area. PMID:27262474

  18. Electronic structure and phase stability properties of Al-Li alloys

    The phase diagram of Al-Li alloys was calculated with the use of the Connolly-Williams method. In an effort to test the validity and to supplement the results of that study, equilibrium lattice constants and effective cluster interactions have been obtained using the generalized perturbation method within the first-principles multiple-scattering formalism of the Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker coherent-potential approximation. In this paper the implication of these effective interactions to the phase stability of these alloys is discussed

  19. Automated accountability of hazardous materials at AlliedSignal Inc., Kansas City Division

    The Department of Energy's (DOE) Kansas City Plant (KCP), currently operated by AlliedSignal Inc. has developed a comprehensive Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS). The purpose of this system is to provide a practical and automated method to collect, analyze and distribute hazardous material information to DOE, KCP associates, and regulatory agencies. The drivers of the HMIS are compliance with OSHA Hazard Communications, SARA reporting, pollution prevention, waste minimization, control and tracking of hazards, and emergency response. This report provides a discussion of this system

  20. Etude métallurgique du soudage par friction malaxage sur un acier à haute limite élastique destiné à la construction navale : le 80 HLES Metallurgical study of friction stir welding on a steel high yield for shipbuilding: The 80 HLES

    Allart Marion


    Full Text Available Le soudage par friction malaxage est un procédé de soudage relativement récent (début des années 90. Il est aujourd'hui utilisé couramment sur des alliages légers mais ne l'est que depuis peu sur les aciers. L'objectif de nos travaux est de chercher à caractériser la microstructure métallurgique et l'état de déformation et de contrainte après soudage par friction malaxage sur des échantillons d'aciers à haute limite élastique utilisés dans l'industrie navale. Nous chercherons à comprendre les phénomènes métallurgiques qui interviennent en cours de soudage. The friction stir welding is a welding process relatively recent (early 90s. It is now commonly used on light alloys but is only recently on steels. The objective of our work is to try to characterize the metallurgical microstructure and state of stress and strain after friction stir welding on samples of high strength steels used in the shipbuilding industry. We seek to understand the metallurgical phenomena that occur during welding.

  1. Building alliances in unlikely places: progressive allies and the Tobacco Institute's coalition strategy on cigarette excise taxes.

    Campbell, Richard B; Balbach, Edith D


    The tobacco industry often utilizes third parties to advance its policy agenda. One such utilization occurred when the industry identified organized labor and progressive groups as potential allies whose advocacy could undermine public support for excise tax increases. To attract such collaboration, the industry framed the issue as one of tax fairness, creating a labor management committee to provide distance from tobacco companies and furthering progressive allies' interests through financial and logistical support. Internal industry documents indicate that this strategic use of ideas, institutions, and interests facilitated the recruitment of leading progressive organizations as allies. By placing excise taxes within a strategic policy nexus that promotes mutual public interest goals, public health advocates may use a similar strategy in forging their own excise tax coalitions. PMID:19443832

  2. Patterns of waste generation, treatment and disposal in the chemical and allied industries in Ghana

    Osei-Wusu Achaw


    Full Text Available Environmental pollution and degradation in urban Ghana has been on the increase as a result of the nations drive towards industrialization, a generally weak regulatory regime, and a lack of capacity to manage the environment. This situation is affecting the well-being and livelihood of affected communities. As part of an effort to address the issue, a thirteen (13 item questionnaire was designed and distributed to seventy (70 companies in the chemical and allied industry to solicit and analyze data and information on the their waste management situation. Forty-seven, representing 67.1%, of the distributed questionnaires were completed and returned. The responses were analyzed using tables, percentages and bar charts. The results revealed that while 80.9% of the respondents generate waste as a result of the operation of the plants, 23.3% directly dump their waste into the environment without any prior treatment. Only one company was found that incinerate its waste, and only four (8.5% had comprehensive waste water treatment plants. The low numbers of companies treating the waste they generate prior to disposal means that the chemical and allied industry is contributing to the environmental pollution and degradation in the country.

  3. Superplastic deformation behavior of a rapidly solidified Al-Li alloy

    This study aims at investigating the superplastic behavior of a rapidly solidified Al-3Li-1Cu-0.5Mg-0.5Zr (mass%) alloy. Although rapidly solidified Al-Li alloys have the very fine grain structure desirable for improved superplasticity, unfavorable oxide morphology often prevents them from being superplastic. The results of superplastic deformation indicated that the proper thermo-mechanical treatment (TMT) of the alloy resulted in a much improved superplastic ductility, e.g. elongation of approximately 530%. In the case of testing at 520 C, optimum strain rate of forming was 4 x 10-2 s-1, which was one or two orders of magnitude higher than that of ingot cast Al-Li alloys. Such a high strain rate was thought to be quite advantageous for the practical application of superplastic deformation of the alloy. It could also be seen that the microstructure of the deformed alloy was similar to that of the as-received or the TMT treated alloy since continuous recrystallization was accomplished by subgrain growth and the growth of primary grains was prevented by fine β' (Al3Zr) particles. (orig.)

  4. The Predictive Value of Selected Extrinsic and Intrinsic Indicators of Overall Job Satisfaction in Diagnostic Radiological Technology, Radiation Therapy, and Nuclear Medicine Technology Allied Health Faculty

    Beavers, Gregory S.


    Healthcare is the largest industry in the United States and 60 percent of its 14 million workers are in allied health jobs. The need to attract and retain allied health faculty is critical to preparing a competent workforce in healthcare. This study reports the results of a survey of 259 faculty members working in diagnostic radiologic technology,…

  5. Differences between African-American and Caucasian Students on Enrollment Influences and Barriers in Kinesiology-Based Allied Health Education Programs

    Barfield, J. P.; Cobler, D. C.; Lam, Eddie T. C.; Zhang, James; Chitiyo, George


    Kinesiology departments have recently started to offer allied health education programs to attract additional students to teacher education units (9). Although allied health professions offer increased work opportunities, insufficient enrollment and training of minority students in these academic fields contribute to underrepresentation in the…

  6. Systematic review of knowledge translation strategies in the allied health professions

    Scott Shannon D


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Knowledge translation (KT aims to close the research-practice gap in order to realize and maximize the benefits of research within the practice setting. Previous studies have investigated KT strategies in nursing and medicine; however, the present study is the first systematic review of the effectiveness of a variety of KT interventions in five allied health disciplines: dietetics, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and speech-language pathology. Methods A health research librarian developed and implemented search strategies in eight electronic databases (MEDLINE, CINAHL, ERIC, PASCAL, EMBASE, IPA, Scopus, CENTRAL using language (English and date restrictions (1985 to March 2010. Other relevant sources were manually searched. Two reviewers independently screened the titles and abstracts, reviewed full-text articles, performed data extraction, and performed quality assessment. Within each profession, evidence tables were created, grouping and analyzing data by research design, KT strategy, targeted behaviour, and primary outcome. The published descriptions of the KT interventions were compared to the Workgroup for Intervention Development and Evaluation Research (WIDER Recommendations to Improve the Reporting of the Content of Behaviour Change Interventions. Results A total of 2,638 articles were located and the titles and abstracts were screened. Of those, 1,172 full-text articles were reviewed and subsequently 32 studies were included in the systematic review. A variety of single (n = 15 and multiple (n = 17 KT interventions were identified, with educational meetings being the predominant KT strategy (n = 11. The majority of primary outcomes were identified as professional/process outcomes (n = 25; however, patient outcomes (n = 4, economic outcomes (n = 2, and multiple primary outcomes (n = 1 were also represented. Generally, the studies were of low methodological quality. Outcome

  7. Behaviour comparison of various flux cored wires in FCAW on austenitic stainless steel; Comparaison du comportement de differents fils fourres en soudage MIG/MAG sur acier inoxydable austenitique

    Legoeuil, N. [Stagiaire/AREVA NP Tour AREVA, 92084 - Paris La Defense cedex, (France)


    This study deals with the GMAW process evaluation for the orbital butt welding of strong thickness pipings, in order to increase the productivity of these operations (higher deposition rate than in GTAW, process currently used). The main goal of this project is to evaluate the operational feasibility of mechanized orbital welding under gas protection in narrow gap with stainless flux cored wire 308L on stainless steel 304L. The study was composed of two parts with firstly a bibliographical research which has allowed to underline this operation practice, as good with rutile flux cored wire in smooth mode as with metal cored wire in pulsed mode. In the second part, flat and in position welding tests, by unit cords and filling of narrow grooves, made possible to define preliminary welding parameters. (author) [French] Cette etude s'inscrit dans le cadre de l'evaluation du procede MIG/MAG pour le soudage orbital bout a bout de tuyauteries de forte epaisseur, afin d'augmenter la productivite de ces operations (taux de depot plus eleve qu'en TIG, procede utilise actuellement). L'objectif du projet est d'evaluer la faisabilite operatoire du soudage orbital sous protection gazeuse en chanfrein etroit en mode mecanise avec fil fourre inoxydable 308L sur acier inoxydable 304L. L'etude s'est deroulee en deux parties avec dans un premier temps une recherche bibliographique qui a permis de mettre en evidence la pratique de cette operation, aussi bien avec des fils fourres rutiles en regime lisse qu'avec des fils fourres a poudre metallique en regime pulse. Dans un second temps, des essais de soudage a plat et en position, en cordons unitaires et en remplissage de chanfreins etroits, ont permis de definir des parametres preliminaires de soudage. (auteur)

  8. The compatibility of chromium-aluminium steels with high pressure carbon dioxid at intermediate- temperatures; Compatibilite des aciers au chrome-aluminium avec le gaz carbonique sous pression aux temperatures moyennes

    Leclercq, D.; Loriers, H.; David, R.; Darras, E. [Commissariat a l' Energie Atomique, Saclay (France). Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires


    With a view to their use in the exchangers of nuclear reactors of the graphite-gas or heavy water-gas types, the behaviour of chromium-aluminium steels containing up to 7 per cent chromium and 1.5 per cent aluminium has been studied in the presence of high-pressure carbon dioxide at temperatures of between 400 and 700 deg. C. The two most interesting grades of steel (2 per cent Cr - 0.35 per cent Al - 0.35 per cent Mo and 7 per cent Cr - 1.5 per cent Al - 0.6 per cent Si) are still compatible with carbon dioxide up to 550 and 600 deg. C respectively. A hot dip aluminised coating considerably increases resistance to oxidation of the first grade and should make possible its use up to temperatures of at least 600 deg. C. (authors) [French] Dans l'optique de leur emploi dans les echangeurs de reacteurs nucleaires des filieres graphite-gaz ou eau lourde-gaz, le comportement en presence de gaz carbonique sous pression d'aciers au chrome-aluminium, contenant jusqu'a 7 pour cent de chrome et 1,5 pour cent d'aluminium a ete etudie entre 400 et 700 deg. C. Les deux nuances les plus interessantes (2 pour cent Cr - 0,35 pour cent Al - 0,35 pour cent Mo et 7 pour cent Cr - 1,5 pour cent Al - 0,6 pour cent Si) restent compatibles avec le gaz carbonique jusqu'a 550 et 600 deg. C respectivement. Un revetement d'aluminium, effectue par immersion dans un bain fondu, ameliore notablement la resistance a l'oxydation de la premiere et doit permettre son empioi jusqu'a 600 deg. C au moins. (auteurs)

  9. A systematic review of the unit costs of allied health and community services used by older people in Australia

    Farag Inez


    Full Text Available Abstract Background An economic evaluation of interventions for older people requires accurate assessment of costing and consideration of both acute and long-term services. Accurate information on the unit cost of allied health and community services is not readily available in Australia however. This systematic review therefore aims to synthesise information available in the literature on the unit costs of allied health and community services that may be utilised by an older person living in Australia. Method A comprehensive search of Medline, Embase, CINAHL, Google Scholar and Google was undertaken. Specialised economic databases were also reviewed. In addition Australian Government Department websites were inspected. The search identified the cost of specified allied health services including: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, podiatry, counselling and home nursing. The range of community services included: personal care, meals on wheels, transport costs and domestic services. Where the information was not available, direct contact with service providers was made. Results The number of eligible studies included in the qualitative synthesis was fourty-nine. Calculated hourly rates for Australian allied health services were adjusted to be in equivalent currency and were as follows as follows: physiotherapy $157.75, occupational therapy $150.77, dietetics $163.11, psychological services $165.77, community nursing $105.76 and podiatry $129.72. Conclusions Utilisation of the Medicare Benefits Scheduled fee as a broad indicator of the costs of services, may lead to underestimation of the real costs of services and therefore to inaccuracies in economic evaluation.

  10. Attitudes on Barriers and Benefits of Distance Education among Mississippi Delta Allied Health Community College Faculty, Staff, and Students

    Mayfield-Johnson, Susan; Mohn, Richard S.; Mitra, Amal K.; Young, Rebekah; McCullers, Elizabeth M.


    Online distance education creates increased opportunities for continuing education and advanced training for allied health professionals living in underserved and geographically isolated areas. The purpose of this article was to explore attitudes on barriers and benefits of distance education technology among underrepresented minority allied…

  11. Evaluation of Engineering Properties of AL-Li Alloy X2096-T8A3 Extrusion Products

    Flom, Y.; Viens, M.; Wang, L.


    Mechanical, thermal fatigue and stress corrosion properties were determined for the two lots of Al-Li X2096-T8A3 extruded beams. Based on the test results, the beams were accepted as the construction material for fabrication of the Hubble Space Telescope new Solar Array Support Structure.

  12. On the Arrangement of the scales on the dorsal surface of the digits in Lygosoma and allied genera

    Brongersma, L.D.


    Smith (1937, pp. 215—216, fig. 1) described and figured the different types of scales of the lower surface of the toes in Lygosoma and allied genera. Although several of these types may be found within one genus, they are useful as additional characters to distinguish certain species or groups of sp

  13. Re-examining the phylogeny of clinically relevant Candida species and allied genera based on multigene analyses

    Tsui, Clement K M; Daniel, Heide-Marie; Robert, Vincent; Meyer, Wieland


    Yeasts of the artificial genus Candida include plant endophytes, insect symbionts, and opportunistic human pathogens. Phylogenies based on rRNA gene and actin sequences confirmed that the genus is not monophyletic, and the relationships among Candida species and allied teleomorph genera are not clea

  14. Becoming an Academic: The Reconstruction of Identity by Recently Appointed Lecturers in Nursing, Midwifery and the Allied Health Professions

    Smith, Caroline; Boyd, Pete


    This study investigates the workplace learning experiences of recently appointed lecturers in UK higher education in nursing, midwifery and the allied health professions. Health care practitioners, appointed to academic posts in Universities, are experts in their respective clinical fields and hold strong practitioner identities developed through…

  15. Review for librarians of evidence-based practice in nursing and the allied health professions in the United States

    Tweed, Elizabeth M.; Sauers, Eric L.; McLeod, Tamara C. Valovich; Guo, Ruiling; Trahan, Henry; Alpi, Kristine M.; Hill, Beth; Sherwill-Navarro, Pamela; Allen, Margaret (Peg); Stephenson, Priscilla L.; Hartman, Linda M.; Burnham, Judy; Fell, Dennis; Kronenfeld, Michael; Pavlick, Raymond


    Objective: This paper provides an overview of the state of evidence-based practice (EBP) in nursing and selected allied health professions and a synopsis of current trends in incorporating EBP into clinical education and practice in these fields. This overview is intended to better equip librarians with a general understanding of the fields and relevant information resources.

  16. The South Australian Allied Health Workforce survey: helping to fill the evidence gap in primary health workforce planning.

    Whitford, Deirdre; Smith, Tony; Newbury, Jonathan


    There is a lack of detailed evidence about the allied health workforce to inform proposed health care reforms. The South Australian Allied Health Workforce (SAAHW) survey collected data about the demographic characteristics, employment, education and recruitment and retention of allied health professionals in South Australia. The SAAHW questionnaire was widely distributed and 1539 responses were received. The average age of the sample was 40 years; males were significantly older than females, the latter making up 82% of respondents. Three-quarters of the sample worked in the city; 60% worked full time and the remainder in part-time, casual or locum positions. 'Work-life balance' was the most common attraction to respondents' current jobs and 'Better career prospects' the most common reason for intending to leave. Practice in a rural location was influenced by rural background and rural experience during training. A greater proportion of Generation Y (1982-2000) respondents intended to leave within 2 years than Generation X (1961-81) or Baby Boomers (1943-60). Most respondents were satisfied with their job, although some reported lack of recognition of their knowledge and skills. Systematic, robust allied health workforce data are required for integrated and sustainable primary health care delivery. PMID:23069367

  17. Mida arvate elektroonilistest testidest ja e-hindamisest? / Alli Lunter, Katrin Pihl, Enn Pärtel, Külliki Kask


    Küsimustele vastavad Viljandi maagümnaasiumi eesti keele ja kirjanduse õpetaja Alli Lunter, Audentese erakooli õpetaja, inglise keele ainesektsiooni juht Katrin Pihl, TÜ füüsika didaktika lektor Enn Pärtel, Tartu Karlova gümnaasiumi eesti keele ja kirjanduse õpetaja Külliki Kask

  18. Kuidas te lapsi kooli olete toonud? / Tõnu Mändveer, Alli Lunter, Anne Änilane .. [jt.


    Küsimusele vastasid: Loo keskkooli õpetaja Tõnu Mändveer, Viljandi maagümnaasiumi õpetaja Alli Lunter, Kodila põhikooli direktor Anne Änilane, Jaan Tõnissoni instituudi kodanikuhariduse keskuse juhataja Sulev Valdmaa ja Viljandi Carl Robert Jakobsoni gümnaasiumi õppealajuhataja Kaie Lõhmus

  19. Characterization of health-related compounds in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) lines derived from introgression of allied species.

    Mennella, Giuseppe; Rotino, Giuseppe L; Fibiani, Marta; D'Alessandro, Antonietta; Francese, Gianluca; Toppino, Laura; Cavallanti, Federica; Acciarri, Nazzareno; Lo Scalzo, Roberto


    The purpose of the present study was to investigate the levels of either the nutraceutical and health-promoting compounds or the antioxidant properties of innovative eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) genotypes tolerant and/or resistant to fungi, derived from conventional and non-conventional breeding methodologies (i.e., sexual interspecific hybridization, interspecific protoplast electrofusion, androgenesis, and backcross cycles) in comparison with their allied and cultivated parents. Chemical measures of soluble refractometric residue (SRR), glycoalkaloids (solamargine and solasonine), chlorogenic acid (CA), delphinidin 3-rutinoside (D3R), total phenols (TP), polyphenoloxidase (PPO) activity, antiradical activity on superoxide anion and hydroxyl radical were carried out in raw fruit and peel of 57 eggplant advanced introgression lines (ILs), of three eggplant recurrent genotypes and of three allied species during 2005 and 2006. The majority of the ILs, obtained after several backcross cycles, showed positive characteristics with respect to the allied parents such as good levels of SRR, CA, D3R, TP, PPO activity, the scavenging activity against superoxide anion and hydroxyl radical and, in particular, significantly (p allied parents (i.e., resistance/tolerance to plant pathogen fungi) together with nutraceutical and antioxidant properties typical of the cultivated species. PMID:20527988

  20. The Statewide Conference of the Florida Allied Health Articulation Project (Orlando, Florida, June 21, 1989). Proceedings and Findings.

    Tallahassee Community Coll., FL.

    This document contains the proceedings of a conference on articulation in the allied health care field in Florida. The following presentations are included: "Welcome and Program Overview" (Laurey Stryker); "Health Care Challenges and Choices: Alternate Pathways to the 21st Century" (Robert E. Kinsinger); "Findings and Recommendations of the Allied…

  1. Strategic funding priorities in the pharmaceutical sciences allied to Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

    Aksu, Buket; De Beer, Thomas; Folestad, Staffan;


    position paper, the EUFEPS QbD and PAT Sciences network make recommendations that European industry, academia and health agencies focus attention on delivering step changes in science and technology in a number of key themes. These subject areas, all underpinned by the sciences allied to QbD and PAT...

  2. Developing eLearning Technologies to Implement Competency Based Medical Education: Experiences from Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences

    Nagunwa, Thomas; Lwoga, Edda


    This paper provides the practical experience of developing an eLearning technology as a tool to implement Competency-based Medical Education (CBME) in Tanzania medical universities, with a specific focus on Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences. The paper provides a background to eLearning and the early attempt to adopt it in 2006 at…

  3. The use of videoconferencing to enhance interprofessional clinical education for allied health students.

    Britt, Kerry Lee; Hewish, Sara; Rodda, Jill; Eldridge, Bev


    The Health-e-Learning project investigated the use of videoconferencing to deliver interprofessional clinical education to allied health students. Via a broadband link, students observed DVD footage of a clinical session then participated in discussion with the clinicians at the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH), Melbourne. The videoconference sessions were evaluated with respect to session content, the effectiveness of videoconferencing in providing interprofessional education (IPE) and the satisfaction with this as a supplement to facility-based placements. During the two semesters of the project, 28 videoconference sessions were conducted and 724 participants were surveyed. Student responses were positive with 84% indicating that these videoconferences increased their understanding of interprofessional practice (IPP) and 95% agreeing that the sessions were an effective learning tool. The results of this study support the use of videoconferencing to provide interprofessional clinical education. PMID:22458640

  4. The Mechanisms of Corporate Meetings under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA 1990

    Aderibigbe, O. I.


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to assess the mechanism of corporate meetings under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA 1990. This review revealed two major types of meetings, public meetings convened by individuals or bodies to which there is an open invitation extended to any member of the public, and meetings of bodies of which the members are limited and known. However, the study was preoccupied with the second category. Therefore, there is the need for the various Legislatures of countries to work towards enacting effective and efficient company legislation to that effect. It is recommended among others that in Nigeria that the fine of N50 for every day of default to hold a statutory meeting should be reviewed to be punitive.

  5. Simultaneous SAS and 100 experiments on phase decomposition and reversion in Al-Li binary alloys

    Phase decomposition and reversion processes in Al-Li binary alloys have been studied by synchrotron-radiation small-angle/100 scattering experiments. The microstructure and its evolution obtained from small-angle scattering (SAS) and 100 profiles during phase decomposition and reversion are discussed. For the coarsening and reversion processes where a well defined interface between the δ' precipitates and the matrix can be expected, the information obtained from the SAS and 100 profiles was essentially the same. On the other hand, the structural information they convey can be different in the early stage of phase decomposition. The interpretation of the SAS and 100 intensities by means of an extension of the two-phase model has been examined. (orig.)

  6. Strength and microstructure of 2091 Al-Li alloy TIG welded joint


    The microstructure and tensile properties of TIG welding joints of 2091 Al-Li alloy were investigated both in as-welded and different postweld heat treatment condition. The results show that solution strengthening played an important role in the as-welded condition, though the precipitation strengthening δ' phase formed already in the as-welded weld metal, but its effect was not apparent due to the lower volume fraction of δ' phase. So the strength coefficient (φ) of the welded joint/base metal was 64%. After artificially aging heat treatment, the precipitation strengthening effect increased much due to the formation of more δ' phase and s' phase. Its φ value was increased up to 89%. The highest strength of the welded joints was obtained after solid solution and then artificially aged heat treatment. Due to the proper size of precipitation strengthening phases and their well distribution, the φ value was increased up to 98%.

  7. Does journal club membership improve research evidence uptake in different allied health disciplines: a pre-post study

    Lizarondo Lucylynn M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Although allied health is considered to be one 'unit' of healthcare providers, it comprises a range of disciplines which have different training and ways of thinking, and different tasks and methods of patient care. Very few empirical studies on evidence-based practice (EBP have directly compared allied health professionals. The objective of this study was to examine the impact of a structured model of journal club (JC, known as iCAHE (International Centre for Allied Health Evidence JC, on the EBP knowledge, skills and behaviour of the different allied health disciplines. Methods A pilot, pre-post study design using maximum variation sampling was undertaken. Recruitment was conducted in groups and practitioners such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, social workers, psychologists, nutritionists/dieticians and podiatrists were invited to participate. All participating groups received the iCAHE JC for six months. Quantitative data using the Adapted Fresno Test (McCluskey & Bishop and Evidence-based Practice Questionnaire (Upton & Upton were collected prior to the implementation of the JC, with follow-up measurements six months later. Mean percentage change and confidence intervals were calculated to compare baseline and post JC scores for all outcome measures. Results The results of this study demonstrate variability in EBP outcomes across disciplines after receiving the iCAHE JC. Only physiotherapists showed statistically significant improvements in all outcomes; speech pathologists and occupational therapists demonstrated a statistically significant increase in knowledge but not for attitude and evidence uptake; social workers and dieticians/nutritionists showed statistically significant positive changes in their knowledge, and evidence uptake but not for attitude. Conclusions There is evidence to suggest that a JC such as the iCAHE model is an effective method for improving the EBP knowledge

  8. Impact and feasibility of the Allied Health Professional Enhancement Program placements – experiences from rural and remote Queensland

    Martin P


    Full Text Available Priya Martin,1,2 Saravana Kumar,2 Melinda Stone,1 LuJuana Abernathy,1 Vanessa Burge,1 Lucylynn Lizarondo3 1Allied Health Education and Training, Cunningham Centre, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service, Toowoomba, QLD, 2International Centre for Allied Health Evidence (iCAHE, School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, 3Joanna Briggs Institute, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA, AustraliaBackground: Allied health professionals practicing in rural and remote areas are often faced with barriers that prevent them from accessing professional development opportunities. In order to address this barrier, a tailored professional development program was developed and implemented by the Cunningham Centre in Queensland, Australia. The purpose of this study was to investigate the benefits of the program to participants and their work units.Methods: This study used a concurrent mixed methods longitudinal design to investigate the medium- to long-term benefits of one Allied Health Professional Enhancement Program placement. Surveys and individual interviews provided data at 2 weeks and at 6 months post-placement. The study participants included the placement participant (a physiotherapist, their line manager, clinical supervisor, and the placement facilitator.Results: Results demonstrated that the placement resulted in various reported benefits to the placement participant, as well as to service delivery in their home location. Benefits of the placement reported by the participant included increased confidence, improved knowledge and skills, increased access to professional networks, and validation of practice. Benefits to service delivery reported included improved efficiencies, improved patient outcomes, and positive impact on other team members.Discussion: This study found that the Allied Health Professional Enhancement Program placement investigated was beneficial to the participant and to service delivery. In addition, the benefits

  9. Economic efficiency in fish farming: hope for agro-allied industries in Niagara

    Kareem, R. O.; Dipeolu, A. O.; Aromolaran, A. B.; Williams, S. B.


    The challenge to increase the efficiency in food production level in Nigeria appears to be more urgent now than it has ever been in the history of the country. This is in view of the rapidly increasing population, the imminent decline in international economic and food aid and the need to conserve foreign exchange earnings through the production of raw materials to feed the growing industrial sector calls for urgent attention. The study was carried out in Ogun State. The descriptive statistics was used to determine the socio-economic characteristics of the respondents. The stochastic frontiers production analysis was applied to estimate the technical, allocative efficiency and economic efficiency among the fish farmers in the state. The results of economic efficiency revealed that fish farming is economically efficient with a range of between 55% and 84% efficiency level suggesting a favourable hope for the agro-allied industry such as poultry and cottage industries etc in the state. The result of hypothesis of inefficiency sources models showed that years of experience of fish farmers is significant at 1% probability level indicating the factor contributing to the fish farming experience in the state. Thus, the efficiency is due to the fact that farmers are experienced and fairly educated. On the basis of findings, policy is suggested to be directed towards the encouragement of entrepreneurs in fish farming in the state by providing enabling environment like credit facilities, public enlightenment programme and provision of social amenities like feeder roads, pipe-born water etc and given the fact that an increase in the level of formal education variable leads to less inefficiency, government policy should be focused on adopting the best technology (e.g. fast growing species and equipment) so as to improve the level of efficiency and investment which shall eventually lead to growth in output of fish farming and a lead to the establishment of agro-allied

  10. A study of leadership behaviors among chairpersons in allied health programs.

    Firestone, Deborah T


    This study was designed to investigate leadership behaviors among chairpersons in allied health programs, based on their perceptions and the perceptions of faculty. Transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership behaviors, as well as organizational outcomes of effectiveness, extra effort, and satisfaction, were measured using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ Form 5X-Short). A form developed by the researcher was used to gather demographic and program information. One hundred thirty-eight chairpersons and 327 faculty participated in the study. Major findings support the view that chairpersons primarily demonstrate leadership behaviors associated with transformational leadership factors and the contingent reward factor of transactional leadership. Statistically significant differences were found between the mean values of the self-perceptions of chairpersons and faculty for the transformational leadership factors of idealized influence (behavior), inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, individual consideration, and organizational outcomes of effectiveness and satisfaction. There was a statistically significant positive correlation, based on the self-perceptions of chairpersons and faculty, of the five transformational leadership factors with the three organizational outcomes and the transactional leadership factor of contingent reward with the organizational outcomes of effectiveness and extra effort. There was a statistically significant negative correlation, based on the perception of faculty, with the management-by-exception (passive) and laissez-faire leadership factors, and the organizational outcomes of effectiveness, extra effort and satisfaction. Transformational leadership has been identified as an effective strategy to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Further development of the transformational leadership behaviors of chairpersons should be considered a priority for the allied health professions. PMID

  11. Effects of Annealing Process on the Formability of Friction Stir Welded Al-Li Alloy 2195 Plates

    Chen, Po-Shou; Bradford, Vann; Russell, Carolyn


    Large rocket cryogenic tank domes have typically been fabricated using Al-Cu based alloys like Al-Cu alloy 2219. The use of aluminum-lithium based alloys for rocket fuel tank domes can reduce weight because aluminum-lithium alloys have lower density and higher strength than Al-Cu alloy 2219. However, Al-Li alloys have rarely been used to fabricate rocket fuel tank domes because of the inherent low formability characteristic that make them susceptible to cracking during the forming operations. The ability to form metal by stretch forming or spin forming without excessive thinning or necking depends on the strain hardening exponent "n". The stain hardening exponent is a measure of how rapidly a metal becomes stronger and harder. A high strain hardening exponent is beneficial to a material's ability to uniformly distribute the imposed strain. Marshall Space Flight Center has developed a novel annealing process that can achieve a work hardening exponent on the order of 0.27 to 0.29, which is approximately 50% higher than what is typically obtained for Al-Li alloys using the conventional method. The strain hardening exponent of the Al-Li alloy plates or blanks heat treated using the conventional method is typically on the order of 0.17 to 0.19. The effects of this novel annealing process on the formability of friction stir welded Al-Li alloy blanks are being studied at Marshall Space Flight Center. The formability ratings will be generated using the strain hardening exponent, strain rate sensitivity and forming range. The effects of forming temperature on the formability will also be studied. The objective of this work is to study the deformation behavior of the friction stir welded Al-Li alloy 2195 blank and determine the formability enhancement by the new annealing process.

  12. Contribution of archaeological analogs to the estimation of average corrosion rates and long term corrosion mechanisms of low carbon steel in soil; Apport des analogues archeologiques a l'estimation des vitesses moyennes et a l'etude des mecanismes de corrosion a tres long terme des aciers non allies dans les sols

    Neff, D


    In the context of the French nuclear waste storage, a multi-barriers disposal is envisaged. Wastes could be put in metallic overpacks disposed in a clay soil. As these overpacks could be made of low carbon steel, it is important to understand the corrosion behaviour of this material in soil during period of several centuries. Indeed, it is necessary to consolidate the empirical data by a phenomenological approach. This includes laboratory experiments and modelling of the phenomenon which have to be validated and completed by the study of archaeological artefacts. This was the aim of this PhD-work. To this purpose, an analytical protocol has been elaborated: about forty archaeological artefacts coming from five dated sites (2. to 16. centuries) have been studied on cross section in order to observe on the same sample all the constituents of the system: metallic substrate/corrosion products/environment. The corrosion products are divided into two zones: the Dense Product Layer (DPL) in contact with the metal, and the Transformed Medium (TM) which are the corrosion products formed around soil minerals (quartz grains). The metallic substrate has been studied by the classical methods of materials science (optical and scanning electron microscope, energy and wavelength dispersive spectroscopies). It has been verified that despite their heterogeneity of structure and composition, they are all hypo-eutectoids steels that can contain phosphorous until 0.5 wt%. The corrosion products have been analysed by local structural analytical methods as micro-diffraction under synchrotron radiation ({mu}XRD) and Raman micro-spectroscopy. These two complementary techniques and also the elemental composition analysis conducted to the characterisation of the corrosion forms. On the majority of the samples coming from four sites, the DPL are constituted by goethite including marbles of magnetite/maghemite. On the artefacts from the fifth site, a particular corrosion form has been identified. This corrosion form, constituted among others by a siderite layer is due to a particular environment: waterlogged soil containing wood. In the whole, analyses conducted in the TM show that it is composed of goethite badly crystallized in comparison with those of the DPL. Moreover, in this zone, the average elemental iron amount decreases progressively from the metal to the soil in which it stabilizes. In order to know the behaviour of the identified phases in soil water, some thermodynamic data have been involved to calculate their solubility in function of pH, potential and various water composition. The first conclusion concerns the influence of the composition and the structure of the material which is not important for the corrosion behaviour. From the results, some hypothesis have been formulated on the long term corrosion mechanisms of hypo-eutectoids steels in the considered environment. The role of the cracks formed in the DPL during the burial was evidenced. Moreover, these corrosion products undertake a dissolution in the soil water and a reprecipitation, explaining the progressive decrease of the iron amount in the TM. Lastly, some average corrosion rates have been measured with the help of the analytical and thermodynamic results: they do not exceed 4 {mu}m/year. (author)

  13. Retention of allied health professionals in rural New South Wales: a thematic analysis of focus group discussions

    Keane Sheila


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Uneven distribution of the medical workforce is globally recognised, with widespread rural health workforce shortages. There has been substantial research on factors affecting recruitment and retention of rural doctors, but little has been done to establish the motives and conditions that encourage allied health professionals to practice rurally. This study aims to identify aspects of recruitment and retention of rural allied health professionals using qualitative methodology. Methods Six focus groups were conducted across rural NSW and analysed thematically using a grounded theory approach. The thirty allied health professionals participating in the focus groups were purposively sampled to represent a range of geographic locations, allied health professions, gender, age, and public or private work sectors. Results Five major themes emerged: personal factors; workload and type of work; continuing professional development (CPD; the impact of management; and career progression. ‘Pull factors’ favouring rural practice included: attraction to rural lifestyle; married or having family in the area; low cost of living; rural origin; personal engagement in the community; advanced work roles; a broad variety of challenging clinical work; and making a difference. ‘Push factors’ discouraging rural practice included: lack of employment opportunities for spouses; perceived inadequate quality of secondary schools; age related issues (retirement, desire for younger peer social interaction, and intention to travel; limited opportunity for career advancement; unmanageable workloads; and inadequate access to CPD. Having competent clinical managers mitigated the general frustration with health service management related to inappropriate service models and insufficient or inequitably distributed resources. Failure to fill vacant positions was of particular concern and frustration with the lack of CPD access was strongly represented by

  14. Modélisation numérique d'un procédé de soudage hybride arc / laser en approche level set : application au soudage multi-passes de tôles d'acier de forte épaisseur

    Desmaison, Olivier


    Le soudage hybride arc / laser représente une solution adéquate à l'assemblage de tôles d'acier de forte épaisseur. La présence d'une source laser en amont de la torche MIG permet d'accroître la productivité du procédé tout en assurant une excellente qualité de la soudure. Cependant la phénoménologie complexe de ce procédé multiphysique n'est pas encore totalement maîtrisée, ce qui motive le développement d'outils de simulation numérique. La présente étude s'est déroulée dans le cadre d'un pr...

  15. A binary Al/Li alloy as a new material for the realization of high-intensity pulsed photocathodes

    Septier, A.; Sabary, F.; Dudek, J. C.; Bergeret, H.; Leblond, B.


    We propose a new material for the fabrication of high-current photocathodes: a binary Al/Li alloy acting as a lithium dispenser cathode. This material would have the great advantage to allow regeneration of the Li layer after poisoning or air exposure, by a simple heating process. In a first experiment, we have measured the photoemission energy threshold, WΦ, of a piece of Al/Li alloy and the quantum yield, Y, as a function of the photon energy. After a heating process (340°C for 12 h) we obtained WΦ = 2 eV and Y = 6 × 10 -4 for 4.6 eV photon energy. In a second experiment another sample was illuminated with a 40 ps frequency-tripled YAG laser. After two heating processes, we obtained electron bunches containing 1 nC with an incident laser energy of 100 μJ per pulse.

  16. Taxonomic studies of Phlebotomus sergenti(parrot)(dip-tera:psychodidae)and its evolutionary relationship with its closest allies

    Juma Khan Kakarsulemankhel


    In the survey,the work was done to develop taxonomic record of sand fly Phlebotomus (paaphlebotomus)ser-genti (Parrot)collected for the first time from new epidemic localities of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Dera Ghazi Khan (Pakistan).In view of the published reports about the detection of Leishmania major,the causative a-gent of cutaneous leishmaniasis from this species in many countries,the correct identification of this species becomes of significant value in the study of epidemiology of leishmaniasis.Therefore,in order to facilitate zool-ogists and medical researchers in its correct identification,taxonomic characters of P.sergenti (parrot)is studied in details with special reference to its mouth parts,male and female genitalia.A key is also given to P. sergentii (parrot)and its closest allies.In this light its relationships with its closest allies is also briefly dis-cussed.

  17. Development and preliminary validation of a leadership competency instrument for existing and emerging allied health professional leaders

    Ang, Hui-Gek; Koh, Jeremy Meng-Yeow; Lee, Jeffrey; Pua, Yong-Hao


    Background No instruments, to our knowledge, exist to assess leadership competency in existing and emerging allied health professional (AHP) leaders. This paper describes the development and preliminary exploration of the psychometric properties of a leadership competency instrument for existing and emerging AHP leaders and examines (i) its factor structure, (ii) its convergent validity with the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), and (iii) its discriminative validity in AHPs with different...

  18. The New South Wales Allied Health Workplace Learning Study: barriers and enablers to learning in the workplace

    Lloyd, Bradley; Pfeiffer, Daniella; Dominish, Jacqueline; Heading, Gaynor; Schmidt, David; McCluskey, Annie


    Background Workplace learning refers to continuing professional development that is stimulated by and occurs through participation in workplace activities. Workplace learning is essential for staff development and high quality clinical care. The purpose of this study was to explore the barriers to and enablers of workplace learning for allied health professionals within NSW Health. Methods A qualitative study was conducted with a purposively selected maximum variation sample (n = 46) includin...

  19. Nigella sativa Fixed and Essential Oil Supplementation Modulates Hyperglycemia and Allied Complications in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes Mellitus


    In the recent era, diabetes mellitus has emerged as one of the significant threats to public health and this situation demands the attention of the researchers and allied stakeholders. Dietary regimens using functional and nutraceutical foods are gaining wide range of acceptance and some traditional medicinal plants are of considerable importance. The main objective of this instant study was to explore the antidiabetic potential of Nigella sativa fixed oil (NSFO) and essential oil (NSEO). Thr...

  20. The barriers and facilitators to routine outcome measurement by allied health professionals in practice: a systematic review

    Duncan Edward AS


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Allied Health Professionals today are required, more than ever before, to demonstrate their impact. However, despite at least 20 years of expectation, many services fail to deliver routine outcome measurement in practice. This systematic review investigates what helps and hinders routine outcome measurement of allied health professionals practice. Methods A systematic review protocol was developed comprising: a defined search strategy for PsycINFO, MEDLINE and CINHAL databases and inclusion criteria and systematic procedures for data extraction and quality appraisal. Studies were included if they were published in English and investigated facilitators and/or barriers to routine outcome measurement by allied health professionals. No restrictions were placed on publication type, design, country, or year of publication. Reference lists of included publications were searched to identify additional papers. Descriptive methods were used to synthesise the findings. Results 960 papers were retrieved; 15 met the inclusion criteria. Professional groups represented were Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy. The included literature varied in quality and design. Facilitators and barriers to routine outcome measurement exist at individual, managerial and organisational levels. Key factors affecting professionals’ use of routine outcome measurement include: professionals’ level of knowledge and confidence about using outcome measures, and the degree of organisational and peer-support professionals received with a view to promoting their work in practice. Conclusions Whilst the importance of routinely measuring outcomes within the allied health professions is well recognised, it has largely failed to be delivered in practice. Factors that influence clinicians’ ability and desire to undertake routine outcome measurement are bi-directional: they can act as either facilitators or barriers. Routine outcome

  1. Upstream migration and reproductive patterns of a population of allis shad in a small river (L'Aulne, Brittany, France)

    Acolas, M; Veron, V; Jourdan, H.; Begout, Marie-Laure; Sabatie, M; BAGLINIERE J. L.


    The characteristics and activity of adult allis shad [Alosa alosa (L.)] were analysed during the last part of their upstream migration in the L'Aulne, a small river in Brittany, and during reproduction on a unique spawning ground downstream of an insurmountable dam. The age of the spawners ranged front three to seven years, females being larger and older than males. Population-level migration and reproduction were studied by counting the number of migrating fish, by estimating the sex ratio, ...

  2. Influence of Electric Field on Mechanical Properties of Al-Li Alloy Containing Cerium and Electronic Mechanism

    刘兵; 陈铮; 王永欣; 王西宁


    The effect of electric field on the mechanical properties and microstructure of Al-Li alloy containing Ce was investigated, and mechanism was discussed. The experimental results show that the ductility of the alloy is enhanced by the electric field. The fracture features are changed and the precipitates are dispersed under the effect of the electric field. The mechanism discussion reveals that the effects of the electric field on the alloy are due to the change of the electron density in the alloy.

  3. The place and barriers of evidence based practice: knowledge and perceptions of medical, nursing and allied health practitioners in malaysia

    Lee Ming; Teng Cheong; Lai Nai


    Abstract Background Despite a recent increase in activities to promote evidence-based practice (EBP), it was unclear how Malaysian hospital practitioners received this new approach in medicine. This study examines their confidence and perceptions on EBP. Findings We conducted cross-sectional surveys using a self-administered questionnaire during two EBP training courses in two Malaysian hospitals in January and June 2007. Our subjects (n = 144) were doctors and nursing and allied health staff...

  4. Use of Social Media in Facilitating Health Care Research Among Nursing and Allied Health Undergraduates in Sri Lanka.

    Silva, S N


    A mentoring program was designed to promote conduction, completion and dissemination of undergraduate research among Nursing and Allied Health students in Sri Lanka. Several social media platforms were used; mainly the Facebook, YouTube and Google Hangouts. Knowledge sharing, interaction and collaboration were promoted. Student motivation was also done. Research presentation skills and applying for conferences was also facilitated. Over 90% of the participated 262 students completed a research project and close to 50% presented them both locally and internationally. PMID:27332276

  5. Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences College of Basic And Applied Sciences, University of Ghana - Atomic, Annual Report-2014

    The School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences 2014 annual report provides an overview of activities undertaken during the year. It also acknowlegdes the contributions of various departments, namely, Department of Medical Physics, Department of Nuclear Agriculture and Radiation Processing, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security and the Office of International Programmes. Also presented are titles of student research projects and publications of staff.

  6. Public/private sector cooperation to promote industrial energy efficiency: Allied partners and the US Department of Energy

    McKane, Aimee; Cockrill, Chris; Tutterow, Vestal; Radspieler, Anthony


    Since 1996, the US Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies (USDOE) has been involved in a unique voluntary collaboration with industry called the Allied Partner program. Initially developed under the Motor Challenge program, the partnership concept continues as a central element of USDOE's BestPractices, which in 2001 integrated all of USDOE's near-term industrial program offerings including those in motors, compressed air, pump, fan, process heating and steam systems. ...

  7. Using a Team Structure for Student-Assisted Facilitation of Laboratories in an Introductory Allied Health Microbiology Course †

    David Jesse Sanchez; Daniel Miranda Jr.


    As many instructors have noted, it is challenging to lead a successful microbiology laboratory, especially for students without sufficient prerequisite training such as in pre-allied health/nursing classes. In the community college setting, this is compounded by the lack of adequate resources, especially teaching assistants or others, to help individual students during a laboratory experience. In addition, there is much transition in the student population of the college so asking stud...

  8. Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya: are young men allies in social change programmes?

    Brown, Eleanor; Mwangi-Powell, Faith; Jerotich, Miriam; le May, Victoria


    The Girl Summit held in 2014 aimed to mobilise greater effort to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) within a generation, building on a global movement which viewed the practice as a severe form of violence against women and girls and a violation of their rights. The UN, among others, endorse "comprehensive" strategies to end FGM, including legalistic measures, social protection and social communications. FGM is a sensitive issue and difficult to research, and rapid ethnographic methods can use existing relations of trust within social networks to explore attitudes towards predominant social norms which posit FGM as a social necessity. This study used Participatory Ethnographic Evaluation Research (PEER) to understand young men's (18-25 years) perceptions of FGM, demand for FGM among future spouses, and perceptions of efforts to end FGM in a small town in West Pokot, Kenya, where FGM is reported to be high (between 85% to 96%). Twelve PEER researchers were recruited, who conducted two interviews with their friends, generating a total of 72 narrative interviews. The majority of young men who viewed themselves as having a "modern" outlook and with aspirations to marry "educated" women were more likely not to support FGM. Our findings show that young men viewed themselves as valuable allies in ending FGM, but that voicing their opposition to the practice was often difficult. More efforts are needed by multi-stakeholders - campaigners, government and local leaders - to create an enabling environment to voice that opposition. PMID:27578345

  9. Achievements and challenges on policies for allied health professionals who use telehealth in the Canadian Arctic.

    Hailey, D; Foerster, V; Nakagawa, B; Wapshall, T M; Murtagh, J A; Smitten, J; Steblecki, J A; Wong, G


    We formulated policies and procedures for allied health professionals (AHPs) who provide services using telehealth in Nunavut, Canada's newest Arctic territory. These are a supplement to the clinical policies and procedures already established for Nunavut physicians and nurses. The services were in the areas of audiology, dietetics/nutrition, midwifery, occupational therapy, ophthalmic services, pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychology, respiratory therapy, social work and speech therapy. Documents specific to each of the services were developed, drawing on information from Government of Nunavut data, Nunavut healthcare providers and links made through the Internet. Topics included the scope and limitations of telehealth services, staff responsibilities, training and reporting, professional standards and cultural considerations. We also considered generic policies covering common issues such as jurisdiction, licensing and liability. The policies and procedures for AHPs will enhance and expand the successes already achieved with telehealth in Nunavut. The challenges are to balance the preferred approaches to service provision with the realities of health care and communications in an Arctic setting. PMID:16375792

  10. Did the Allies Know in 1942 About Nazi Germany's Poor Prospects for an Atomic Bomb?

    Lustig, Harry


    According to official accounts, the U.S. knew nothing about Nazi Germany's efforts to get an atomic bomb until the end of the World War II, but had feared the worst. As it turned out, the Germans had made little progress. But did someone in the Allied camp know in 1942? In his 1986 book, The Griffin, Arnold Kramish relates how Paul Rosbaud, a spy for MI6, the British secret intelligence service, kept his handlers informed during the War about the German atomic project and reported the decision to give up on a bomb. Kramish's revelations are, understandably, thinly documented and Rosbaud's name can hardly be found independenly anywhere else. But as Samuel Goudsmit's papers in the Bohr Library show, he knew and communicated with Rosbaud from August 1945 on. In 1986, 15 letters exchanged by Goudsmit and Rosbaud were removed by the Government from the Library and eventually placed in the National Archives under classification review. Renewed interest in the Rosbaud story was engendered last year when his family sued MI6 in an English court for the release of the Rosbaud file. So far the spy agency has refused to reveal even that there is such a file. Discovering authoritatively what Rosbaud told the British and what they did with the information is clearly of historical interest.

  11. Leadership in athletic training: implications for practice and education in allied health care.

    Kutz, Matthew R


    Leadership behaviors are an important aspect of athletic training and are needed within all allied health care disciples. A two-phase, exploratory, non-experimental research study using a Delphi technique and a randomly selected sample of athletic trainers (n = 161) was conducted to determine leadership competencies perceived to be important for athletic training practice and education. The Delphi technique (phase one) resulted in the Leadership Development in Athletic Training instrument (LDAT). In the national survey (phase two), respondents used the LDAT to rate the importance of leadership competencies for athletic training practice and for athletic training education. Coefficient alphas ranged from α = 0.83 to 0.97 and provided satisfactory estimates of internal consistency. Concurrent, construct, and convergent validity were established. Forty-nine leadership competencies were rated important for practice and 48 for education (M = 1.5, p ≤ 0.001). Exploratory factor analysis revealed that leadership competencies were organized by four constructs (with six emphases): 1) personality characteristics, 2) diagnosing context and people skills, 3) communication and initiative, and 4) strategic thinking. Repeated measures ANOVA with Sidak post-hoc adjustments indicated each leadership construct significantly increased in importance as the level of the ATEP progressed. PMID:21184023




    Full Text Available Crocus sativus L. is mainly known for the production of the drug saffron. Because of its sterility, it is propagated vegetatively by means of corms. To gain information on the reproductive biology of saffron and allied species, a comparative study on pollen and pistil of Crocus sativus L., C. cartwrightianus Herb., C. thomasii Ten. and C. hadriaticus Herb. was carried out. Pollen and pistils gathered at anthesis were examined by light (LM and scanning electron microscopy (SEM. Pollen shape and size, anomalous pollen grain percentage, pollen viability, pollen germination in vitro and on self-, and cross-pollinated stigmas were examined. Pistils at different developmental stages were examined by light microscopy. C. hadriaticus had the smallest pollen; C. sativus showed a higher percentage of anomalous and aborted grains and a lower percentage of viable grains. Pollen germination in vitro as well as on differently pollinated stigmas was lowest in C. sativus. Pistil organization was similar in all the species, but ovule number and integuments varied. Embryo sacs mature early, and female gametophyte development is regular for some days after flower anthesis. Capsules with seeds were obtained from all diploid species as well as in saffron after free- and cross-pollination. Results confirm that sterility in C. sativus is mainly confined to pollen.

  13. Law and Justice on TV. The Wire vs. CSI and Ally McBeal

    Gianluigi Rossini


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to analyse the ways in which law is represented in the celebrated TV series The Wire, broadcasted in United States between 2002 and 2008. The analysis focuses particularly on the thematization of the relationship between the concept of law and that of justice, that is between 'positive law' and 'natural law'. This theme is pursued in the context of American television series of great success such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS, 2000- and Ally McBeal (Fox, 1997-2002 . The comparison highlights the way in which in The Wire the terms of the problem are completely eroded through the representation of a sort of 'disappearance of justice'. In this series the natural law becomes insignificant both because it is no more the point of reference of the actions activated by the institutions, and because an informed, in-depth and not prejudicial gaze on the social reality of the contemporary metropolis brings into question the very idea of a justice absolute and distanced from the contingent circumstances.

  14. Distribution species abundance and nesting site use of Atlantic coast colonies of herons and their allies

    Custer, T.W.; Osborn, R.G.; Stout, W.F.


    In 1975 and 1976, 8 teams of investigators located 262 colonies of nesting herons and their allies along the Atlantic coast from Florida to Maine [USA]. Fourteen species [Ajaia ajaja, Plegadis falcinellus, Nycticorax nycticorax, Ardea herodias, Eudocimus albus, Egretta thula, Hydranassa tricolor, Bubulcus ibis, Casmerodius albus, Butorides striatus, Florida caerulea, Dichromanassa rufescens, Nyctanassa violacea and Mycteria americana] were found in Florida, numbers decreasing to 7 in Maine. Colonies censused in the extreme south and north of the study area were lower in number of species and number of adults than those in the intermediate area. More than 90% of the colony sites surveyed in 1975 were active in 1976. The total number of nesting adults per colony, number of species per colony and number of nesting adults of each species per colony in 1976 were significantly correlated with their respective values for 1975. Abandoned and new colonies may be satellites of nearby reused colonies; they had fewer individuals and species than reused colonies and were closer to reused colonies than reused colonies were to each other. [This study was part of an attempt to examine colonially nesting herons as biological indicators of environmental quality.

  15. Evolution of grain structure in AA2195 Al-Li alloy plate during recrystallization

    DU Yu-xuan; ZHANG Xin-ming; YE Ling-ying; LIU Sheng-dan


    The evolution of the grain structures in AA2195 Al-Li alloy plate warm-rolled by 80% reduction during recrystallization annealing at 500 ℃ was investigated by electron backscatter diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. It is found that the elongated grain structures are caused by the lamellar distribution of recrystallization nucleation sites,being lack of large second phase particles (> 1 μm), and dispersive coherent particles (such as δ'andβ) concentrated in planar bands.The recrystallization process may be separated into three stages: firstly, recrystallization nucleation occurs heterogeneously, and the nuclei are concentrated in some planar zones parallel to rolling plane. Secondly, the grain boundaries interacted with small particles concentrate in planar bands, which is able to result in the elongated grain structures. The rate of the grain growth is controlled by the dissolution of these small particles. Thirdly, after most of small particles are dissolved, their hindrance to migration of the grain boundaries fades away, and the unrecrystallized zones are consumed by adjacent recrystallized grains. The migration of high angle grain boundaries along normal direction leads a gradual transformation from the elongated grains to the nearly equiaxed, which is driven by the tension of the grain boundaries.

  16. The Invasion of Iran by the Allies during World War II

    Süleyman Erkan


    Full Text Available When the Nazi Germany attacked the Soviets at the beginning of World War II, the USA, the UK and the Soviet Union took part on the same side and were called the Allies. In order to convey the military aid to the Soviets through Iran, the USA and the UK invaded Iran with the Soviets and dethroned Ahmad Reza Shah, who felt sympathy for Germany. By signing a treaty in 1942, they pledged to evacuate their troops from Iran six months after the war ended. They published a declaration that they would protect Iran’s territorial integrity as well as they repeated these decisions during the conference they made in Tehran in 1943. However; despite these decisions, a hidden rivalry began between the USSR and the West in Iran. The rivalry became very clear towards the end of the war. The Soviets wouldn’t withdraw from Iran. Additionally, they endeavored to divide Iran. The Iran crisis of 1946 between the West and the Soviets formed the start of the Cold War according to some people. As a country, Iran was highly affected by this process.

  17. Investigation of grain boundary chemistry in Al-Li 2195 welds using Auger electron spectroscopy

    Sanders, J.H. [National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Huntsville, AL (United States). George C. Marshall Space Flight Center


    Al-Li alloy 2195 is a low-density material with high fracture toughness that is particularly well-suited for aerospace systems. It will replace Al-Cu alloy 2219 in the Super Light Weight Tank (SLWT), a modified version of the external tank being developed for the Space Shuttle to support Space Station deployment. Recent efforts have focused on joining 2195 with variable polarity plasma arc welding, as well as repairing 2195 welds with tungsten inert gas techniques. During this study, Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) was used to examine grain boundary chemistry in 2195 welds. Results indicated that weld integrity depends on whether (and how much) the grain boundaries are covered with thin films comprised of a mixture of discontinuous Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} in Al (Al/Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}), which form during weld solidification. O was probably introduced as a contaminant in the shielding gases, occurring at low levels considered negligible for Al alloys that do not contain Li. However, oxidation kinetics in 2195 are increased by Li enrichment of small quantities of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}, further enhancing thin film formation at the grain boundaries. Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} can ultimately occupy sufficient grain boundary area to degrade the material`s mechanical properties, producing negative effects that are compounded by the cumulative heat input of multi-pass repair welding. (orig.)

  18. Process Optimization of Dual-Laser Beam Welding of Advanced Al-Li Alloys Through Hot Cracking Susceptibility Modeling

    Tian, Yingtao; Robson, Joseph D.; Riekehr, Stefan; Kashaev, Nikolai; Wang, Li; Lowe, Tristan; Karanika, Alexandra


    Laser welding of advanced Al-Li alloys has been developed to meet the increasing demand for light-weight and high-strength aerospace structures. However, welding of high-strength Al-Li alloys can be problematic due to the tendency for hot cracking. Finding suitable welding parameters and filler material for this combination currently requires extensive and costly trial and error experimentation. The present work describes a novel coupled model to predict hot crack susceptibility (HCS) in Al-Li welds. Such a model can be used to shortcut the weld development process. The coupled model combines finite element process simulation with a two-level HCS model. The finite element process model predicts thermal field data for the subsequent HCS hot cracking prediction. The model can be used to predict the influences of filler wire composition and welding parameters on HCS. The modeling results have been validated by comparing predictions with results from fully instrumented laser welds performed under a range of process parameters and analyzed using high-resolution X-ray tomography to identify weld defects. It is shown that the model is capable of accurately predicting the thermal field around the weld and the trend of HCS as a function of process parameters.

  19. Characterization of Indian cigarette tobacco and its smoke aerosol by nuclear and allied techniques

    Forty brands of tobacco used in Indian cigarettes, 20 brands of bidis (tobacco rolled in wrapper leaves), 15 brands of chewing tobacco and 15 brands of snuff tobacco were analyzed by nuclear and allied techniques. The elements measured into tobacco can be grouped into seven categories from less than 1 ppm to 5% by weight. Concentration level varied from 0.5-5% for (Ca, K, Cl), 400-1500 ppm (Fe), 200-600 ppm (Na), 100-300 ppm (Ti, Mn, Br and Sr), 10-100 ppm (Cu, Zn and Rb), 1-10 ppm (Cr, Ni, Pb and La) and less than 1 ppm (As, Co, Cd, Sb, Hg and Eu). Among the above elements Cr, Ni, As, Cd, Pb, Hg and Sb are considered toxic. The percentage transfer of the elements from cigarette tobacco to smoke particles during smoking was also estimated using a smoking machine and collecting the smoke particles on a filter paper. The results show that Br, Cr, Sb and Zn have high percentage transfer from tobacco to its smoke of the order of 2-15%. Out of these Sb has the highest 15%. Cobalt, Fe and Sc have lowest percentage of transfer of the order of less than 1%. The percent transfer of these elements from tobacco to tobacco smoke is higher in case of bidis (1.5-3.0 times) as compared to cigarettes. In cigarettes also non-filter cigarettes have higher transfer (2-3 times) as compared to filter tip cigarettes. (author)

  20. Satisfaction with referral relationships between general practice and allied health professionals in Australian primary health care.

    Chan, Bibiana; Proudfoot, Judy; Zwar, Nick; Davies, Gawaine Powell; Harris, Mark F


    Chronic diseases require a multidisciplinary approach to provide patients with optimal care in general practice. This often involves general practitioners (GPs) referring their patients to allied health professionals (AHPs). The Team-link study explored the impact of an intervention to enhance working relationships between GPs and AHPs in general practice regarding the management of two chronic diseases: diabetes and ischaemic heart disease (IHD) or hypertension. The Measure of Multidisciplinary Linkages (MoML) questionnaire was developed to assess professional interactions and satisfaction with various aspects of the multidisciplinary relationship. Questionnaires were completed at baseline and 6 months by GPs (n=29) participating in the Team-link project and by AHPs (n=39) who had a current working relationship with these GPs. The Chronic Care Team Profile (CCTP) and Clinical Linkages Questionnaire (CLQ) were also completed by GPs. There were significant changes from baseline to 6 months after the intervention measures for individual items and overall MoML scores for GPs, especially items assessing 'contact', 'shared care' and 'satisfaction with communication'. The comparable item in the CLQ, 'Shared Care', also showed significant improvement. However, there were no statistically significant correlations between the change in overall 'Referral Satisfaction' scores in the GP MoML and the CLQ. The CCTP also improved and was a weak negative correlation between the GP MoML and two of the subscores of this instrument. There were no changes in AHP measure. This study demonstrates that the instrument is sensitive to differences between providers and conditions and is sensitive to change over time following an intervention. There were few associations with the other measures suggesting that the MoML might assess other aspects of teamwork involving practitioners who are not collocated or in the same organisation. PMID:21896261

  1. Application of nuclear and allied techniques for the characterization of forensic samples

    Forensic science deals with the application of various techniques - physical, chemical, and biological - for crime investigation. The legal implications of such analyses put considerable restrictions on the choice of techniques. Moreover, the unknown nature of materials, the limited availability of samples, and the large number of elements to be analysed put considerable strain on the analyst to select appropriate methods.The availability of nuclear techniques has considerably enhanced the scope of forensic analysis. Multi-technique approaches, involving nuclear and non-nuclear analytical methods, have proven to be valid and versatile. In this paper we present recent results from the use of nuclear and allied analytical methods for forensic applications. Some of the forensic samples recently analysed in our laboratories will also be discussed. One of the major types of samples handled pertains to the identification of gunshot residues, and nuclear techniques have considerably simplified interpretation of results. Analysis of unknown materials like powders or metallic fragments for the possible presence of illicit nuclear material is becoming more essential. Characterization of materials is also of importance in view of the possible dumping of toxic wastes from developed countries in developing countries. Detection of gold in a smuggling case was possible using X ray fluorescence and neutron activation analysis even though the smuggler used an innovative approach and converted the gold to a colourless cyanide complex to prevent its easy detection. Analysis of commercial pharmaceutical or medicinal preparations for toxic metals is also becoming important in view of the illegal use of materials like heroin. The increasing volume of illegal and criminal activities requires judicious application of nuclear and non-nuclear techniques for the conviction of criminals and, more importantly, for acquittal of the innocent. (author)

  2. A study of job satisfaction of nursing and allied health graduates from a Mid-Atlantic university.

    Lyons, Kevin J; Lapin, Jennifer; Young, Barbara


    There have been numerous changes in the health care system, including cost-containment efforts, the increased growth of managed care, and shortages of many health professionals. It is important to assess the impact these changes are having on the quality of health care delivery and the way various health professionals view their jobs. To accomplish this assessment, a sample of experienced nursing and allied health professionals were asked to provide their assessment of positive and negative changes in the health system over a 5-year period. They also were asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with their profession, their current job, and various aspects of that job. A Health Care Environment Survey was mailed to six groups of graduates of a mid-Atlantic college of health professions. Three of the groups had been in practice for 5 years, and three of the groups had been in practice for 10 years. The survey asked respondents to assess the magnitude of certain changes in the health system over the previous 5 years and to provide an assessment of their satisfaction with their current job. A total of 1,610 surveys were mailed, and 787 were returned for a rate of 49%. Nursing and allied health professionals who responded to the survey reported that there have been many more negative than positive changes in the health care system, including less job security, efficiency, and time available to spend with individual patients and increases in workload, paperwork, and control of health care by insurance companies. Even with these negative changes, nurses and allied health professionals report a high level of satisfaction with their jobs. In investigating the aspects of their jobs that were most related to satisfaction, having a feeling of worthwhile accomplishment from their job, opportunities for personal and professional growth, recognition and satisfaction with their workload were found to be the best predictors of job satisfaction. PMID:12665288

  3. Exploring the individual determinants of evidence uptake in allied health using a journal club as a medium

    Lizarondo L


    Full Text Available Lucylynn Lizarondo, Karen Grimmer, Saravana KumarInternational Center for Allied Health Evidence, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA, AustraliaPurpose: A recent trial which examined the impact of a structured model of journal club (JC demonstrated variability in evidence-based practice (EBP outcomes across allied health disciplines. The aim of the current study was to determine if there are individual practitioner characteristics that could explain this variability and identify potential predictors of EBP outcomes.Method: This exploratory study used the data obtained from the JC trial. The predictive value of practitioner-related variables including academic degree, previous exposure to EBP training, and previous research involvement was analyzed using univariate logistic regression models. The dose of intervention was also included in the exploratory analysis.Results: The change in self-reported knowledge, evidence uptake, and attitude following participation in a JC was influenced by individual practitioner characteristics including their discipline, academic background, previous EBP training, previous research involvement, and JC attendance. Improvement in objective knowledge did not seem to be affected by any of these variables. Whether these individual characteristics have the ability to predict who will achieve less than, or greater than, 50% change in knowledge, attitude, and evidence uptake, is not known, except for academic background which predicted physiotherapists' improvement in attitude.Conclusion: Participation in a structured JC can lead to significant improvements in EBP knowledge irrespective of the characteristics of individual practitioners. The change in attitude and evidence uptake, however, may be influenced by individual characteristics which will therefore require careful consideration when designing EBP interventions. An EBP intervention is likely to be successful if a systematic assessment of the barriers at

  4. A systematic review of professional supervision experiences and effects for allied health practitioners working in non-metropolitan health care settings

    Ducat WH


    Full Text Available Wendy H Ducat,1,3 Saravana Kumar2 1Cunningham Centre, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service, Australia; 2School of Health Sciences, International Centre for Allied Health Evidence, Sansom Institute, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA, Australia; 3Rural Clinical School, School of Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia Introduction: In regional, rural, and remote settings, allied health professional supervision is one organizational mechanism designed to support and retain the workforce, provide clinical governance, and enhance service delivery. A systematic approach to evaluating the evidence of the experience and effects of professional supervision for non-metropolitan allied health practitioners and their service delivery is needed. Methods: Studies investigating the experience and effects of professional supervision across 17 allied health disciplines in non-metropolitan health services were systematically searched for using standardized keywords across seven databases. The initial search identified 1,574 references. Of these studies, five met inclusion criteria and were subject to full methodological appraisal by both reviewers. Two studies were primarily qualitative with three studies primarily quantitative in their approach. Studies were appraised using McMaster critical appraisal tools and data were extracted and synthesized. Results: Studies reported the context specific benefits and challenges of supervision in non-metropolitan areas and the importance of supervision in enhancing satisfaction and support in these areas. Comparison of findings between metropolitan and non-metropolitan settings within one study suggested that allied health in non-metropolitan settings were more satisfied with supervision though less likely to access it and preferred supervision with other non-metropolitan practitioners over access to more experienced supervisors. One study in a regional health service identified the lack

  5. Importance of clinical skills exam: An opportunity for allied healthcare students

    Faisal Khan


    clinical skills are deficient in students who perform least in the direct observation of the faculty member in training period; this may sometimes lead to not passing the clinical skills exam on the certification. Clinical skills assessment has a very important role in healthcare training and education. The author outlines the use of clinical skills exam and the ways in which a faculty can improve the method of training the students for clinical skills. The author is stimulating the idea of focusing of clinical skills exam for allied healthcare professionals, as it may lead to effective care for patients.


    Aligolbandi, Kobra; Siamian, Hasan; Balaghafari, Azita; Vahedi, Mohammad; Naeimi, Omolbanin


    Background: Distraction is nothing but internal intension of the mind towards involvement of the person. This research studied classroom distractions factors among students of Faculty of Allied medical Sciences in year 2014-2015, so that with the findings of the research about classroom distractors’ factors and to present proposed suggestions for decreasing and removing of distractions. Methods: This is an exploratory study. Data collection in this study was the researcher made questionnaire based on Likert-type scales. SPSS software was used for analyzing the data statistics such as mean, standard deviation and frequency ratings, each subset of the elements associated with distraction Friedman test has been used to determine the ranking of each of the components. Results: 139 people participated in the six majors in this study which 91 people (65.5%) was female, and 48 people (34.5%) was male. Maximum number of 31 people (22.3) was in laboratory science, Lowest number of 15 (10.08 percent) in medical records, 25 (18%) people in Radiology, health information technology and medical emergencies which each of above course studies with 23 people (16.5 %), Anesthesiology 22 (15.8 percent) participated in this study. Among the internal factors of distraction between male and female students, the sleeping factor was in first priority and “My phone / pager ringing or answering the mobile” was in last priority. Among distraction external factors in male students, the factor “Adornment of professors” with mean 3.27 and SD=1.30 and Mean Rank=23.06 was in first priority, and among external distraction factors in girl students, the factor, “Used clothing and exotic costumes of Classmates” with mean=3.21, SD=1.30 and mean rank=22.66 was in first priority and factor of “Surroundings Noise (mowing, drilling, construction, and …)” for male and female students was in last priority. Conclusions: Attention and concentration are crucial to effective accomplishment

  7. Splenic Trapping of Heat-Treated Erythrocytes in Leukaemia and Allied Conditions

    In a trial to find whether or not the enlarged spleen plays a role in the production of the form of anaemia commonly encountered in leukaemias and allied conditions, 44 patients suffering from these disease states were studied using 51Cr-labelled erythrocytes heated at 50°C for 60 min. Cells altered in this manner have been shown by various workers to be selectively sequestered by the spleen. As a control, the test was performed on 24 normal subjects. In these normals, the disappearance half-time of radioactivity from the circulation (T½ amounted to 172 ± 69 min (mean ± 1 S.D.), the lowest limit being 74 min. Accordingly, patients with less than 74 min were considered to have an abnormally rapid disappearance of heat-treated erythrocytes from the circulation and consequently exaggerated splenic sequestration of these altered cells. Splenic trapping of heat-treated erythrocytes was most marked in acute leukaemia (four out of six patients). However, three had associated normoblastic hypoplasia of the sternal marrow. Corticosteroids induced a remission with reversion of both processes responsible for the anaemia in two out of the four patients. In chronic myeloid leukaemia, exaggerated splenic sequestration of altered cells was seen in four of the 15 cases examined. This condition was of extra-erythrocytic origin, since repetition of the test using normal donor heat-treated erythrocytes did not significantly alter the disappearance half-time. However, there was no correlation between the size of the spleen and its avidity for trapping the altered cells. Follow-up studies showed that therapy caused prolongation of the half-time of heat-treated erythrocytes, the effect being more apparent after corticosteroids than with X-rays or Endoxan, In Hodgkin’s disease, increased red cell trapping was observed in two out of the seven patients studied. In contrast, five cases of chronic lymphatic leukaemia, six lymphosarcoma and five reticulum cell sarcoma had normal

  8. Prévision de l'épaisseur du film passif d'un acier inoxydable 316L soumis au fretting corrosion grâce au Point Defect Model, PDM Predicting the steady state thickness of passive films with the Point Defect Model in fretting corrosion experiments

    Geringer Jean


    Full Text Available Les implants orthopédiques de hanche ont une durée de vie d'environ 15 ans. Par exemple, la tige fémorale d'un tel implant peut être réalisée en acier inoxydable 316L ou 316LN. Le fretting corrosion, frottement sous petits déplacements, peut se produire pendant la marche humaine en raison des chargements répétés entre le métal de la prothèse et l'os. Plusieurs investigations expérimentales du fretting corrosion ont été entreprises. Cette couche passive de quelques nanomètres, à température ambiante, est le point clef sur lequel repose le développement de notre civilisation, selon certains auteurs. Ce travail vise à prédire les épaisseurs de cette couche passive de l'acier inoxydable soumis au fretting corrosion, avec une attention spécifique sur le rôle des protéines. Le modèle utilisé est basé sur le Point Defect Model, PDM (à une échelle microscopique et une amélioration de ce modèle en prenant en compte le processus de frottement sous petits débattements. L'algorithme génétique a été utilisé pour optimiser la convergence du problème. Les résultats les plus importants sont, comme démontré avec les essais expérimentaux, que l'albumine, la protéine étudiée, empêche les dégradations de l'acier inoxydable aux plus faibles concentrations d'ions chlorure ; ensuite, aux plus fortes concentrations de chlorures, un temps d'incubation est nécessaire pour détruire le film passif. Some implants have approximately a lifetime of 15 years. The femoral stem, for example, should be made of 316L/316LN stainless steel. Fretting corrosion, friction under small displacements, should occur during human gait, due to repeated loadings and un-loadings, between stainless steel and bone for instance. Some experimental investigations of fretting corrosion have been practiced. As well known, metallic alloys and especially stainless steels are covered with a passive film that prevents from the corrosion and degradation

  9. An exploration of issues of management and intention to stay: allied health professionals in South West Victoria, Australia.

    Stagnitti, Karen; Schoo, Adrian; Dunbar, James; Reid, Catherine


    Management of allied health staff and services often has implications for staff stability and retention. A survey of allied health staff in South West Victoria was conducted in 2003 to explore issues relating to recruitment and retention. Findings relating to management and retention of staff in their current job are addressed in this report. A total of 138 staff returned their questionnaires. Results were related to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, level of belonging, with professional needs identified as feeling supported, orientation to the position, clear job description, and able to recommend the position to others. Qualitative data showed that recommending the position was associated with job satisfaction, autonomy, flexibility, and variety of work. The immediate management structure was significantly related to retention. Reasons given for intending to leave were related to management categories. These were management structure, lack of career structure, and lack of professional support. Reasons given by respondents for not recommending their current position were as follows: not for long-term career, risk of deskilling if staying too long, and financially unrewarding. These reasons were also related to management. Positive reasons for staying, which were related to management, included flexible work conditions, variety of clinical and management experience, good working environment, good support, and autonomy. Recommendations are given for organizational development and training for managers. PMID:17243438

  10. Étude expérimentale de l'interaction laser-matière dans le cas du soudage d'un acier inoxydable austénitique par laser Nd:YAG continu de 2 kW

    Dumord, E.; Jouvard, J. M.; Grevey, D.; Druetta, M.; Ottavi, P.


    The laser-matter interaction acting during cw 2 kW Nd:YAG laser welding of an austenitic stainless steel is studied and particulary the effects linked to the presence of a keyhole in the liquid bath. This is done in order to define parameters useful to the process modelling. The absorption factor of target has been measured in order to better understand the Nd:YAG laser/stainless steel 304 interaction. Then an experimental approach of the keyhole angle value determination is proposed. Values are presented showing the important keyhole angle at the bottom of the bead. Finally a study relative to the plume above the keyhole shows that it is responsible for the formation of the nail-head part, observed on the experimental melting zone, by laser beam scattering. L'interaction laser-matière se produisant lors du soudage par laser Nd:YAG continu de 2kW d'un acier inoxydable austénitique est étudiée, et notamment les effets liés à la présence du capillaire dans le bain liquide, de façon à définir les paramètres utiles à la modélisation du processus. Le facteur d'absorption des cibles utilisées a été mesuré afin de mieux appréhender l'interaction laser Nd:YAG/acier inoxydable austénitique 304. Puis une approche expérimentale de détermination de l'angle d'inclinaison du capillaire est proposée. Des valeurs sont présentées montrant la forte inclinaison du capillaire en fond de cordon. Finalement une étude relative au panache présent audessus du capillaire met en évidence qu'il est responsable de la formation de la partie en tête de clou observée sur les zones fondues expérimentales par diffusion du faisceau laser

  11. Application of nuclear and allied techniques for the characterisation of forensic samples

    Full text: Forensic science deals with the application of various techniques for physics, chemistry and biology for crime investigation. The legal implication of such analysis put considerable restriction on the choice of analytical techniques. Moreover, the unknown nature of the materials, the limited availability of samples and the large number of elements to be analysed put considerable strain on the analytical chemist on the selection of the appropriate technique. The availability of nuclear techniques has considerably enhanced the scope of forensic analysis. This paper deals with the recent results on the use of nuclear and allied analytical techniques for forensic applications. One of the important types of samples of forensic importance pertain to the identification of gunshot residues. The use of nuclear techniques has considerably simplified the interpretation of results through the use of appropriate elements like Ba, Cu, Sb, Zn, As and Sn etc. The combination of non-nuclear techniques for elements like Pb and Ni which are not easily amenable to be analysed by NAA and the use of appropriate separation procedure has led to the use of this method as a valid and versatile analytical procedure. In view of the presence of a large amounts of extraneous materials like cloth, body tissues etc in these samples and the limited availability of materials, the procedures for sample collection, dissolution and analysis have been standardized. Analysis of unknown materials like powders, metallic pieces etc. for the possible presence of nuclear materials or as materials in illicit trafficking is becoming important in recent years. The use of multi-technique approach is important in this case. Use of non-destructive techniques like XRF and radioactive counting enables the preliminary identification of materials and for the detection of radioactivity. Subsequent analysis by NAA or other appropriate analytical methods allows the characterization of the materials. Such

  12. Orthomolecular Approach to the Treatment of Schizophrenia, Childhood Psychoses, and Allied Disorders Such as: Hyperactivity, Autism, Hypoglycemia, and Sub Clinical Pellagra.

    Lall, Geeta Rani

    Presented is research to support the orthomolecular rather than the psychodynamic approach to treating schizophrenia, psychoses, and allied disorders in children. The orthomolecular approach, also known as orthomolecular psychiatry, is reported to involve the administration of megavitamins (following a study to determine biochemical needs),…

  13. Knowledge and Attitudes of Allied Health Professional Students regarding the Stroke Rehabilitation Team and the Role of the Speech and Language Therapist

    Byrne, Aine; Pettigrew, Catharine M.


    Background: One of the major barriers to effective team working among healthcare professionals is a lack of knowledge of each other's roles. The importance of understanding Irish healthcare students' attitudes towards team working and each other's roles led to the development of this study. Aims: The aims were to investigate allied health…

  14. An African-American Bibliography: Science, Medicine, and Allied Fields. Selected Resources from the Collections of the New York State Library.

    Strasser, Theresa C., Comp.

    The second in a series of African-American bibliographies, this bibliography was issued in honor of both Black History Month and Inventors Day in February 1991. It focuses on the contributions of black Americans in the areas of science, technology, medicine, and allied fields such as dentistry and nursing. The materials cited emphasize the…

  15. Mida teha Tarmo Looduse olukorras? / Lukas, Tõnis; Ginter, Jüri; Raba, Rannar; Välis, Meelis; Lunter, Alli; Otepalu, Olavi


    Küsimusele vastavad haridusminister Tõnis Lukas, Tartu ülikooli haridusteaduskonna prodekaan Jüri Ginter, "Sakala" arvamustoimetaja Rannar Raba, Kullamaa keskkooli direktor Meelis Välis, Viljandi maagümnaasiumi õpetaja Alli Lunter ja Audentese gümnaasiumi õppealajuhataja Olavi Otepalu

  16. L’Italie et les Alliés de 1914 à 1919 : indépendance ou subordination ?

    Boudas, Emmanuel,


    Cette thèse a pour objectif d’étudier les relations interalliées entre l’Italie et l’Entente avec rigueur et dans toutes ses dimensions : militaire, diplomatique, économique et sociale de 1914 à 1919. Nous avons établi des rapports de forces et des lignes stratégiques structurants les anciens et nouveaux équilibres stratégiques de la guerre à la paix de Versailles. L’Italie de l’indépendance stratégique en 1914-1916 à la subordination envers lesAlliés en 1917, pour finir par être vassalisée e...

  17. Distribution, species abundance, and nesting-site use of Atlantic coast colonies of herons and their allies

    Custer, T.W.; Osborn, R.G.; Stout, W.F.


    In 1975 and 1976, eight teams of investigators located 262 colonies of nesting herons and their allies along the Atlantic coast from Florida to Maine. Fourteen species were found in Florida, numbers decreasing to seven in Maine. Colonies censused in the extreme south and north of the study area were lower in number of species and number of adults than those in the intermediate area. More than 90% of the colony sites surveyed in 1975 were active in 1976. The total number of nesting adults per colony, number of species per colony, and number of nestinga dults of each speciesp er colonyi n 1976 were significantlyc orrelatedw ith their respective values for 1975. Abandoned and new colonies appeared to be satellites of nearby reused colonies; they had fewer individuals and species than reused colonies and were closer to reused colonies than reused colonies were to each other.

  18. Effect of electric current pulse on grain growth in superplastic deformation of 2091 Al-Li alloy

    刘志义; 许晓嫦; 崔建忠


    The effect of electric current pulse on the grain growth in the superplastic deformation of 2091 Al-Li alloy was investigated. Optical metallographic microstructure observation and average linear intercept measuring results show that at same strain, the grain size in the superplastic deformation loaded with electric current pulse is smaller than that unemploying electric current pulse, and so does the grain growth rate. TEM observation shows that the dislocation density at grain boundary in the superplastic deformation applied with electric current pulse is lower than that unemploying electric current pulse.It indicates that electric current pulse increases the rate of dislocation slip and climb in grain boundary, which leads to a decrease of both the density of the dislocation slipping across grain boundary at same strain rate and the driving force for grain growth, therefore the rate of grain growth decreases.The established model for grain growth shows an exponential relation of grain size with strain.


    ZHANG Shi-ping; CHEN Li-yi; LUO Rui-lian; GUO Yuan-qi; WU Wen-yi


    Objective: The comparison of the remote and recent therapeutic effects on perennial allergic rhinitis was carried on among single application of acupoint-thread embedding, western medicine (certirizine + fl ixonase) and allied therapy. Method: Ninety cases were randomized into thread-embedding group, western medicine group and embedding+ western medicine group (allied-therapy group), 30 cases in each one.In thread embedding group, Yingxiang (迎香 LI 20) and Feishu (肺俞 BL 13) were selected for thread embedding, once a week, totally 4 treatments were required. In western medicine group, certirizine tablet 10 mg in combination with fl ixonase sprayer was applied once per day, continuously for 30 days in treatment.In allied-therapy group, both of the above methods were adopted continuously for 30 days in treatment. The therapeutic effects were in statistics at the end of treatment and 1 year later. Results: At the end of treatment, in thread-embedding group, 21 cases were remarkably effective, 3 cases effective and 6 cases no effect. In western medicine group, 20 cases were remarkably effective, 3 cases effective and 7 cases no effect. In allied-therapy group, 23 cases were remarkably effective, 2 cases effective and 5 cases no effect. It was shown in statistics that there was no significant difference in therapeutic effects among three groups (P>0.05). But one year after the end of treatment, it was indicated that in thread-embedding group, 3 cases were remarkably effective, 10 cases effective and 17 cases no effect; in western medicine group, 2 cases were remarkably effective, 9 cases effective and 19 cases no effect; in allied-therapy group, 7 cases were remarkably effective, 11 cases effective and 12 cases no effect. The significant difference in the therapeutic effects had not been presented in the comparison between thread-embedding group and western medicine group (P>0.05), but that had been presented between allied-therapy group with either of the

  20. Allied health professionals' intention to work for the National Health Service: a study of stayers, leavers and returners.

    Coombs, Crispin; Arnold, John; Loan-Clarke, John; Bosley, Sara; Martin, Caroline


    While there has been a recent squeeze on staff costs, it continues to be important to offer graduating clinical staff National Health Service (NHS) employment in order to maintain the long-term strength of the service. In addition, the experiences of the Canadian nursing profession suggest that complacency about an improving recruitment situation can lead to problems. Consequently, the objective of this study was to identify what influences allied health professionals' (AHPs) intention to work for the NHS. A postal survey was sent to members of four Allied Health Professions equally (N = 4800), targeting Stayers in, Leavers from, and Returners to, the NHS. One thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine questionnaires were returned giving an overall response rate of 40%. Stayers' intention to remain in the NHS was influenced by continuing professional development opportunities, confidence that they can find NHS work, commitment to their profession, a sense of moral obligation and a belief that other people important to them think it is a good idea. Returners' intention is influenced by similar factors as Stayers. Leavers are influenced by similar factors as Stayers/Returners but to a lesser extent. The study shows that perceptions of various NHS work characteristics, which lead to reasonably positive attitudes towards the NHS, do not necessarily translate into intention to work for it. The study also shows that intention to work for the NHS is not solely dependent on perceptions of NHS jobs and that career-decision-making is a social process, with the opinions of people who are important to AHPs also influencing career decisions. PMID:20424271

  1. Endommagement des aciers TWIP pour application automobile

    Lorthios, Julie


    Co-encadrement de la thèse : Matthieu Mazière Ultra high strength Fe-Mn-C Twinning Induced Plasticity (TWIP) austenitic steels exhibit excellent formability for automotive safety parts. By refining the microstructure during straining, deformation twinning induces a high hardening rate and provides high ultimate tensile strength (>1000MPa) combined with excellent ductility (>50%). However, plastic instabilities and TWIP effect lead to atypical failures modes and standard forming limit curve...

  2. Assessing the contribution of prescribing in primary care by nurses and professionals allied to medicine: a systematic review of literature

    Bhanbhro Sadiq


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Safe and timely access to effective and appropriate medication through primary care settings is a major concern for all countries addressing both acute and chronic disease burdens. Legislation for nurses and other professionals allied to medicine to prescribe exists in a minority of countries, with more considering introducing legislation. Although there is variation in the range of medicines permitted to be prescribed, questions remain as to the contribution prescribing by nurses and professionals allied to medicine makes to the care of patients in primary care and what is the evidence on which clinicians, commissioners of services and policy makers can consider this innovation. Methods A integrative review of literature on non-medical prescribing in primary care was undertaken guided by dimensions of health care quality: effectiveness, acceptability, efficiency and access. Results 19 papers of 17 empirical studies were identified which provided evidence of patient outcome of non medical prescribing in primary care settings. The majority were undertaken in the UK with only one each from the USA, Canada, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Only two studies investigated clinical outcomes of non-medical prescribing. Seven papers reported on qualitative designs and four of these had fewer than ten participants. Most studies reported that non medical prescribing was widely accepted and viewed positively by patients and professionals. Conclusions Primary health care is the setting where timely access to safe and appropriate medicines is most critical for the well-being of any population. The gradual growth over time of legislative authority and in the numbers of non-medical prescribers, particularly nurses, in some countries suggests that the acceptability of non-medical prescribing is based on the perceived value to the health care system as a whole. Our review suggests that there are substantial gaps in the knowledge base to help evidence

  3. X-ray microtomography of fatigue crack closure as a function of applied load in Al-Li 2090 T8E41 samples

    Morano, R.; Stock, S.R.; Davis, G.R.; Elliott, J.C.


    Crack closure is held to be responsible for very low fatigue crack growth rates in many alloys such as Al-Li 2090 T8E41, and early crack face contact during unloading or prolonged contact during loading seems to reduce the driving force for crack extension. High resolution x-ray computed tomography (i.e., microtomography) allows one to image the entire volumes of samples and to quantify opening as a function of applied load over the entire crack surface. Crack closure results are reported for a fatigue crack grown under load ratio R = 0.1 in a compact tension sample of Al-Li 2090 T8E41; the crack was free to choose its path unconstrained by side-grooves which are normally used to suppress crack deflection. The inter-relationship between crack path, crack face contact and applied load level are discussed.

  4. Laser-induced reversion of $\\delta^{'}$ precipitates in an Al-Li alloy: Study on temperature rise in pulsed laser atom probe

    Khushaim, Muna; Al-Kassab, Talaat


    The influence of tuning the laser energy during the analyses on the resulting microstructure in a specimen utilizing an ultra-fast laser assisted atom probe was demonstrated by a case study of a binary Al-Li alloy. The decomposition parameters, such as the size, number density, volume fraction and composition of $\\delta^{'}$ precipitates, were carefully monitored after each analysis. A simple model was employed to estimate the corresponding specimen temperature for each value of the laser energy. The results indicated that the corresponding temperatures for the laser energy in the range of 10 to 80 pJ are located inside the miscibility gap of the binary Al-Li phase diagram and fall into the metastable equilibrium field. In addition, the corresponding temperature for a laser energy of 100 pJ was in fairly good agreement with reported range of $\\delta^{'}$ solvus temperature, suggesting a result of reversion upon heating due to laser pulsing.

  5. Recognition of hypoxyloid and xylarioid Entonaema species and allied Xylaria species from a comparison of holomorphic morphology, HPLC profiles, andribosomal DNA sequences

    Stadler, M.; Fournier, J.; Læssøe, Thomas; Lechat, C.; Tichy, H.-V.; Piepenbring, M.


    The genus Entonaema comprises Xylariaceae with hollow, gelatinous stromata that accumulate liquid. Some of its species, including the type species, appear related to Daldinia from a polyphasic approach, comprising morphological studies, comparisons of ribosomal DNA sequences, and high performance...... appear more promising as chemotaxonomic traits to segregate this genus. As xylaral was also found in Nemania and Stilbohypoxylon spp., while being apparently absent in Hypoxylon and allied genera, it may be a chemotaxonomic marker for Xylariaceae with Geniculosporium-like anamorphs...

  6. Important, misunderstood, and challenging: a qualitative study of nurses’ and allied health professionals’ perceptions of implementing self-management for patients with COPD

    Young, Hannah ML; Apps, Lindsay D; Harrison, Samantha L; Johnson-Warrington, Vicki L; Hudson, Nicky; Singh, Sally J.


    Background In light of the growing burden of COPD, there is increasing focus on the role of self-management for this population. Currently, self-management varies widely. Little is known either about nurses’ and allied health professionals’ (AHPs’) understanding and provision of self-management in clinical practice. This study explores nurses’ and AHPs’ understanding and implementation of supported COPD self-management within routine clinical practice. Materials and methods Nurses and AHPs pa...

  7. Should I stay or should I go? Exploring the job preferences of allied health professionals working with people with disability in rural Australia

    Gallego, Gisselle; Dew, Angela; Lincoln, Michelle; Bundy, Anita; Chedid, Rebecca Jean; Bulkeley, Kim; Brentnall, Jennie; Veitch, Craig


    Introduction The uneven distribution of allied health professionals (AHPs) in rural and remote Australia and other countries is well documented. In Australia, like elsewhere, service delivery to rural and remote communities is complicated because relatively small numbers of clients are dispersed over large geographic areas. This uneven distribution of AHPs impacts significantly on the provision of services particularly in areas of special need such as mental health, aged care and disability s...

  8. Exploring the perspectives of allied health practitioners toward the use of journal clubs as a medium for promoting evidence-based practice: a qualitative study

    Kumar Saravana; Grimmer-Somers Karen; Lizarondo Lucylynn M


    Abstract Background Research evidence suggests that journal clubs (JCs) are one approach which can be used to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice. However, there are issues which potentially threaten their viability such as on-going participation or compliance with attendance, which require further exploration. The objectives of this study are: to explore the views and perspectives of allied health practitioners (AHPs) regarding the use of any type of JC in promoting evidenc...

  9. Implementation of evidence-based practice across medical, nursing, pharmacological and allied healthcare professionals: a questionnaire survey in nationwide hospital settings

    Weng, Yi-Hao; Kuo, Ken N.; Yang, Chun-Yuh; Lo, Heng-Lien; Chen, Chiehfeng; Chiu, Ya-Wen


    Background Implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) is regarded as core competence to improve healthcare quality. In the current study, we investigated the EBP of six groups of professionals: physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, technicians, and other allied healthcare personnel. Methods A structured questionnaire survey of regional hospitals throughout Taiwan was conducted by post in 2011. Questionnaires were mailed to all healthcare workers of 11 randomly selected ho...

  10. Development and early experience from an intervention to facilitate teamwork between general practices and allied health providers: the Team-link study

    Zwar Nick; Wan Qing; Daniel Christopher; Chan Bibiana C; Harris Mark F; Davies Gawaine


    Abstract Background This paper describes the development and implementation of an intervention to facilitate teamwork between general practice and outside allied and community health services and providers. Methods A review of organizational theory and a qualitative study of 9 practices was used to design an intervention which was applied in four Divisions of General Practice and 26 urban practices. Clinical record review and qualitative interviews with participants were used to determine the...