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  1. Abstraction by Set-Membership

    Mödersheim, Sebastian Alexander


    The abstraction and over-approximation of protocols and web services by a set of Horn clauses is a very successful method in practice. It has however limitations for protocols and web services that are based on databases of keys, contracts, or even access rights, where revocation is possible, so ...... language to standard Horn clauses and use the verifier ProVerif and the theorem prover SPASS to solve them. We show by a number of examples that this approach is practically feasible for wide variety of verification problems of security protocols and web services.......The abstraction and over-approximation of protocols and web services by a set of Horn clauses is a very successful method in practice. It has however limitations for protocols and web services that are based on databases of keys, contracts, or even access rights, where revocation is possible, so...

  2. Abstract Answer Set Solvers with Learning

    Lierler, Yuliya


    Nieuwenhuis, Oliveras, and Tinelli (2006) showed how to describe enhancements of the Davis-Putnam-Logemann-Loveland algorithm using transition systems, instead of pseudocode. We design a similar framework for several algorithms that generate answer sets for logic programs: Smodels, Smodels-cc, Asp-Sat with Learning (Cmodels), and a newly designed and implemented algorithm Sup. This approach to describing answer set solvers makes it easier to prove their correctness, to compare them, and to design new systems.

  3. Poster Abstract: Towards NILM for Industrial Settings

    Holmegaard, Emil; Kjærgaard, Mikkel Baun


    can be difficult to monitor individually due to cost restrictions. We believe that Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) can ease the burden of such a monitoring infrastructure. This hypothesis has been preliminary evaluated by collecting a data set, from more than forty sensors, measuring power...

  4. Verification Based on Set-Abstraction Using the AIF Framework

    Mödersheim, Sebastian Alexander

    The AIF framework is a novel method for analyzing advanced security protocols, web services, and APIs, based a new abstract interpretation method. It consists of the specification language AIF and a translation/abstraction processes that produces a set of first-order Horn clauses. These can...

  5. Verifying SeVeCom Using Set-based Abstraction

    Mödersheim, Sebastian Alexander; Modesti, Paolo

    We formally analyze the Secure Vehicle Communication system developed by the EU-project SeVeCom, using the AIF framework which is based on a novel set-abstraction technique. The model involves the hardware security modules (HSMs) of a number of cars, a certication authority, and the protocols...



    Mud logging subject and its speciality construction is an important practical issue in the field of mud logging engineering and accurately positioning mud logging subject and reasonably setting mud logging speciality have an important significance for promoting and guiding the rapid development of mud logging technology.

  7. Abstracts and abstracting a genre and set of skills for the twenty-first century

    Koltay, Tibor


    Despite their changing role, abstracts remain useful in the digital world. Highly beneficial to information professionals and researchers who work and publish in different fields, this book summarizes the most important and up-to-date theory of abstracting, as well as giving advice and examples for the practice of writing different kinds of abstracts. The book discusses the length, the functions and basic structure of abstracts, outlining a new approach to informative and indicative abstracts. The abstractors' personality, their linguistic and non-linguistic knowledge and skills are also discu

  8. Extended Set Constraints and Tree Grammar Abstraction of Programs

    Rosendahl, Mads; Gallagher, John Patrick


    Set constraints are relations between sets of ground terms or trees. This paper presents two main contributions: firstly we consider an extension of the systems of set constraints to include a tuple constructor, and secondly we construct a simplified solution procedure for set constraints. We ill...

  9. Geothermal energy abstract sets. Special report No. 14

    Stone, C. (comp.)


    This bibliography contains annotated citations in the following areas: (1) case histories; (2) drilling; (3) reservoir engineering; (4) injection; (5) geothermal well logging; (6) environmental considerations in geothermal development; (7) geothermal well production; (8) geothermal materials; (9) electric power production; (10) direct utilization of geothermal energy; (11) economics of geothermal energy; and (12) legal, regulatory and institutional aspects. (ACR)



    A Preliminary Inquiry into the Intellectual Origins of Li Dazhao's My Idea of Marxism Abstract ;By translingual-textual comparison, this paper attempts to make a preliminary inquiry into the intellectual origins of Li Dazhao's My Idea of Marxism, suggesting that Li's article, instead of being "a complete copy" of the Japanese scholar

  11. Abstracts


    The Western Theories of War Ethics and Contemporary Controversies Li Xiaodong U Ruijing (4) [ Abstract] In the field of international relations, war ethics is a concept with distinct westem ideological color. Due to factors of history and reality, the in

  12. Abstract


    Cognitive Structure of Scientific Theory in the Scientist-Philosopher's Eyes、Two Theories of Scientific Abstraction Centered on Practices、Many-worlds Interpretation in Quantum Measurement and Its Meaning、Scientific Instrument: Paradigm Shift from Instrumentalism to Realism and Phenomenology

  13. Abstracts


    [ Abstract ] The global resurgence of religion and the return of religion from the so-call "Westphalia Exile" to the central stage of international religions have significantly trans- formed the viewpoints of both media and academia toward the role of religion in IR, and the challenges posed by religion to the contemporary international relations are often described as entirely subversive. The author argues that as a second-tier factor in most countries' for- eign policies and international affairs,



    (1) Lenin's "Unity of Three Dialectics": Notes Science of Logic and The Capital on Philosophy in the Dual Contexts of Sun Zhengyu 4 Lenin's dialectics in Notes on Philosophy is essentially a unity of materialistic logic, dialectics and epistemology that has arisen from interactions between Hegel' s Science of Logic and Marx' s The Capital. Due to a lack of understanding of Lenin' s "unity of three dialectics," people tend to misunderstand his dialectics for the meeting of two extremes of the "sum total of living instances" and "abstract methods,



    --Based on of Marx's Economic Philosophy Manuscripts of 1844 HE Jian-jin (Philosophy Department, Fujian Provincial Committee Party School, Fuzhou, Fujian 350012, China) Abstract: Socialism with Chinese characteristics has a close relationship with the return and growth of capital in China. To implement the scientific concept of development, we must confront the problem of scientifically controlling the capital. In Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844, Marx criticized the three old philosophical thinking of treating capital: Object-oriented thinking, intuitive thinking, purely spiritual abstract thinking, and he established his own unique understanding of the capital that is to understand the capital from the human perceptual activities and practical activities. Contemporary Chinese society exist the problem of underdevelopment and abnormal development, and the three heterogeneity problems of pre-modern, modern, postmodern concurrent. In order to implement the scientific concept of development, we must reject any abstract positive or negative to modern basic principles under the guidance of the capital, against the eternal capital theory and capital theory of evil, and we must oppose the thinking that the capital is eternal or evil. Key words: socialism with Chinese characteristics; capital; national economics; scientific concept of development



    On Rousseau's Equality and Freedom GONG Qun Abstract:Equality and freedom are the two core concepts of political philosophy and Rousseau~s political philosophy is no exception. Freedom and equality in Rousseau in- cludes two levels: natural state and social state under social contract, and among them, there is one state of un-equality. The relationship between the two concepts here is that equality is a necessary precondition of freedom, and that there is no equality, there is no freedom. The achievement of Rousseau~s equality is by one contractual behavior that all the members transfer their rights, especially property rights, and form of the Community. Freedom in Rousseau's mind is through the people's sovereignty in the Community to achieve freedom.



    The Relation between Individuals and Work Units in Stated-Owned Enterprises in Economic Transitional Pe- riod: Changes and their Influences Abstract: As a representation of extinction of work unit system, some dramatic changes have taken place on the rela- tion between individuals and work units in state-owned enterprises. Among many changes are the radical change of the way work unit stimulating and controlling its employees, the extinction of previous system supported by "work unit people", a tense relation between the employees and the work unit caused by the enterprise' s over-pursuit of performance. These changes result in such problems as grievous inequality, violation of personal interest, lack of mechanism for employees' voices and their low sense of belonging, which has brought unprecedented challenges for business administration and corpo- ration euhure development in China. Keywords: danwei/work unit; stimulate and control; relation between individuals and work units; work unit people



    Severe Damage of Absorbing Foreign Capital Must Be Correctly Observed Accelerating Transformation of Economic Development;Lenin Had Never Set Forth a "National Syndicate" Pattern;Talent Allocation for Undertaking Service Outsourcing of China;Preliminary Management for "Urban Disease" during British Industrialization;Comprehensive Review on Review on Risk Management of Sports Tourism in China;



    Through-bit-logging (TBL) technology is developed corporately by Shell and Reeves Oil Company. It can replace standard cable logging and logging while drilling technology. It has characteristics of saving cost and convenient operation.The principle is to transmit the logging tool into borehole through drill rod with a special bit. The acquired formation evaluation data are read on surface from the wire line tool or stored in the tool before pulling out the hole.The paper introduces the principle of work, advantages and development trend of TBL, and cases of its application in rough borehole in North Sea fields. Finally development of TBL technology is summarized. Keywords: TBL; logging while drilling wireline logging



    The establishment of spectroscopy logging theory and application prospects. Zhu Genqing. Mud Logging Engineering, 2011,22(3) :2-6,28 Based on a lot of research and years' practice and set ting out from the purpose of enriching the basic theory of mud logging technology, the author described several spectroscopic methods and theories commonly used in mud logging technology and explored the concept of the spectroscopy logging and the views to establish mud logging theory svstem.

  1. Abstracts


    The Western Characteristics of the Pardims of International Studies in America:With the Huaxla System as a Counterexample Ye Zicheng (4)[ Abstract ] Three flaws are obvious in the three paradigms of International Studies in America. Specifically, their arguments are based on the assumption that the world is anarchic ; they go too far in employing the scientific and rational methodology; they pay little attention to the humans. Hence, the three paradigms of international studies in America aren' t necessarily useful for the explanation of China' s history and culture as well as its relations with the outside world. The Huaxia system, for example, is anarchic but also apparently hierarchical; the approach of pursuing security in understanding the rise of western powers may be meaningless, for the hegemony in the Huaxia System needn't worry about its security; the theory of power-balancing seemingly couldn' t explain why Qin ended up in defeating the alliance of the other six states in the Warring-states period. The Huaxia system is quite open, and has free movement of people, goods, and ideas. Some interstate regimes and institutions were formed through Huimeng (alliance-making) among states. However, this kind of limited and fragile interdependence and cooperation soon came to an end after the hegemonies of Qi, Jin and Wei. There does exit the identity problem among states in the Huaxia System, but this problem doesn't play such a great role as the constructivists expect it would.



    Discussions of Design Highlights for Tailgas Treatment in Sulphuric Acid Plant Using New Technology for Flue Gas Desulfurization Through Catalytic Reduction LI Xin , CAO Long-wen , YIN Hua-qiang , El Yue-li , LI Jian-iun ( 1 ,College of Architecture and Environment, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China;2 ,Daye Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd., Huangshi 435000, China; 3 ,Tile Sixth Construction Company Ltd. of China National Chemical Engineering Corp., Xiangfan 441021, China) Abstract : For the present situation of tailgas treatment in current sulphuric acid plants and existing problems with commonly used technologies, the fun- damental working principle, process flow and reference project for a new technology for flue gas desulfurization through catalytic redaction which is used for tailgas treatment in a sulphuric acid plant and recovery of sulphur resource are outlined. The design highlights of this technology are analyzed and the are proposed. Compared to conventional technologies, this new technology offers high desulfurization efficiency and unique technology, which can effectively tackle the difficuhies of tailgas treatment in sulphuric acid plants after enforcement of the new standard. This new technology is thought to be significant economic benefit, environmental benefit, as well as a promising future of application.

  3. Abstracts


    Strategic Realism: An Option for China' s Grand Strategy Song Dexing (4) [ Abstract] As a non-Western emerging power, China should positively adapt its grand strategy to the strategic psychological traits in the 21st century, maintain a realist tone consistent with the national conditions of China, and avoid adventurist policies while awaring both strategic strength and weakness. In the 21st century, China' s grand strategy should be based on such core values as security, development, peace and justice, especially focusing on development in particular, which we named "strategic realism". Given the profound changes in China and the world, strategic realism encourages active foreign policy to safe- guard the long-term national interests of China. Following the self-help logic and the fun- damental values of security and prosperity, strategic realism concerns national interests as its top-priority. It advocates smart use of power, and aims to achieve its objectives by optimizing both domestic and international conditions. From the perspective of diplomatic phi- losophy, strategic realism is not a summarization of concrete policies but a description of China' s grand strategy orientations in the new century. [ Key Words] China, grand strategy, strategic realism [ Author]Song Dexing, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, and Director of the Center for International Strategic Studies, University of International Studies of PLA.

  4. Abstracts


    [Abstract] The essay analyzed the action logic of hegemon with a power approach. Hegemony can be classified as benign or malignant. A benign hegemon should be pro- ductive, inclusive and maintain procedure justice when it uses its power. The power of hegemon can be categorized into two types: the hard power, which is the use of coer- cion and payment and can be measured by public products, and the soft power, which shows the ability to attract and co-opt and can be measured by the relationship-specific investments. The relationship between the input of public products and the relationship -specific investments is not positively correlative. Confusing with the public products and the soft power might lead to strategic misleading. A country rich in power re- sources should comply with the following principles if it wanted to improve its hard power and soft power: first, analyze the scope of the existing hegemon's soft power and avoid investing public products in the scope; second, maintain honesty in a long term and continue to increase others' benefits following the rule of neutral Pareto im- provement; third, provide both public goods and public bads; fourth, be more patient to obtain soft power. [ Key Words] hegemon, soft power, relationship-specific investment, strategic misleading [Authors]Feng Weijiang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Science; Yu Jieya, Master, PBC Shanghai Headquarters.



    Discussion on Geological Exploration Culture and Core Value System of Geological Exploration Industry PENG Qiming(Ministry of Land and Resources, Beijing 100812, China) Abstract: Since the convening of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixth Central Committee of the CPC, the function of soft power of culture construction has been attracted widespread attention. For geological industry, an important factor which restricts the development of this industry is the culture of geological prospecting, while the key point is to establish the core value system of geological exploration industry. This paper introduces the role of the core value system of geological exploration industry, these include: guiding the direction and trace of industry development; gathering strength and forming resultant force; setting up the confidence and determination of inspiration; and establishing professional and ethical standards and behaviors. This paper offers some specific methods required for developing the advanced culture of geological industry,



    He Xinyin as a Confucian Reformer and His Worship of Confucius Abstract:This paper regards He Xinyin, a member of Taizhou School, as a reformer of Confucianism. The reform means to transforming traditional Confucianism which is inti- mately linked with political institution into an independently religious one. The conflicts between Confucian orthodoxy and politics in reality intensified after the Jia.-jing Period in the Ming Dynasty. He Xinyin carries forward his predecessor Wang Xinzhai's theory of "political involvement or retiring from political life", and constructs a set of Confucian in- stitutions, which is independent of politics. On the basis of respects and honors of Confu- cius, He Xinyin~s Confucian institutions enables people to respect and love each other, and makes Confucius~s benevolence and righteousness come true.

  7. Hemispheric Specialization and Recognition Memory for Abstract and Realistic Pictures: A Comparison of Painters and Laymen

    Vogt, S.; Magnussen, S.


    Recognition memory and hemispheric specialization were assessed for abstract colour/black and white pictures of sport situations in painters and visually naive subjects using a forced choice yes/no tachistoscopic procedure. Reaction times showed a significant three-way interaction of picture type, expertise, and visual field, indicating that…

  8. Abstract interpretation over non-deterministic finite tree automate for set-based analysis of logic programs

    Gallagher, John Patrick; Puebla, G.


    Set-based program analysis has many potential applications, including compiler optimisations, type-checking, debugging, verification and planning. One method of set-based analysis is to solve a set of {\\it set constraints} derived directly from the program text. Another approach is based on abstr...... of achieving the precision of set-constraints in the abstract interpretation framework....

  9. Special Education Teachers' Experiences Supporting and Supervising Paraeducators: Implications for Special and General Education Settings

    Douglas, Sarah N.; Chapin, Shelley E.; Nolan, James F.


    In recent years, there has been an increase in paraeducator supports, in large part because students with low incidence disabilities are being included more frequently in general education settings. As a result, special education teachers have been given additional supervisory responsibilities related to directing the work of paraeducators in…

  10. The dependence of the abstract boundary classification on a set of curves II: How the classification changes when the bounded parameter property satisfying set of curves changes

    Whale, B E


    The abstract boundary uses sets of curves with the bounded parameter property (b.p.p.) to classify the elements of the abstract boundary into regular points, singular points, points at infinity and so on. Building on the material of Part one of this two part series, we show how this classification changes when the set of b.p.p. satisfying curves changes.

  11. A Derivation of Special Relativity from Causal Sets

    Knuth, Kevin H


    We present a novel derivation of special relativity based on the information physics of events comprising a causal set. We postulate that events are fundamental, and that some events have the potential to receive information about other events, but not vice versa. This leads to the concept of a partially-ordered set of events, which is called a causal set. Quantification proceeds by selecting two chains of coordinated events, each of which represents an observer, and assigning a valuation to each chain. Events can be projected onto each chain by identifying the earliest event on the chain that can be informed about the event. In this way, each event can be quantified by a pair of numbers, referred to a pair, that derives from the valuations on the chains. Pairs can be decomposed into a sum of symmetric and antisymmetric pairs, which correspond to time-like and space-like coordinates. From this pair, we derive a scalar measure and show that this is the Minkowski metric. The Lorentz transformations follow, as w...

  12. Chimpanzees prey on army ants with specialized tool set.

    Sanz, Crickette M; Schöning, Caspar; Morgan, David B


    Several populations of chimpanzees have been reported to prey upon Dorylus army ants. The most common tool-using technique to gather these ants is with "dipping" probes, which vary in length with regard to aggressiveness and lifestyle of the prey species. We report the use of a tool set in army ant predation by chimpanzees in the Goualougo Triangle, Republic of Congo. We recovered 1,060 tools used in this context and collected 25 video recordings of chimpanzee tool-using behavior at ant nests. Two different types of tools were distinguished based on their form and function. The chimpanzees use a woody sapling to perforate the ant nest, and then a herb stem as a dipping tool to harvest the ants. All of the species of ants preyed upon in Goualougo are present and consumed by chimpanzees at other sites, but there are no other reports of such a regular or widespread use of more than one type of tool to prey upon Dorylus ants. Furthermore, this tool set differs from other types of tool combinations used by chimpanzees at this site for preying upon termites or gathering honey. Therefore, we conclude that these chimpanzees have developed a specialized method for preying upon army ants, which involves the use of an additional tool for opening nests. Further research is needed to determine which specific ecological and social factors may have shaped the emergence and maintenance of this technology. PMID:19731231

  13. Building Parent Trust in the Special Education Setting

    Wellner, Laurie


    If trust is born in strong relationships, then first encounters are critical. Parents of students with disabilities undergo a great deal of stress and come to educational professionals for help with vital specialized tasks, including assessment, placement, progress monitoring, and maintenance of their child's ongoing needs. Special education is a…

  14. A Fixed Point Theorem for Set-Valued Mapping in Abstract Convex Space with Application

    FAN Xiao Dong; XIANG Shu Wen


    A new fixed point theorem and the selection property for upper semi-continuous setvalued mappings in abstract convexity space are established. As their applications the existence of Nash equilibrium for n-person non-cooperative generalized games is proved.

  15. Accommodations in Homeschool Settings for Children with Special Education Needs

    Stoudt, Patricia Koelsch


    This qualitative study was designed to examine how homeschooling parents in Pennsylvania make the determination to engage with public school districts to accommodate the special education needs (SEN) of their children. This phenomenological study used direct interviews with 30 Pennsylvania families who are homeschooling children with SEN. Data…

  16. Chemistry Comes Alive!, Volume 4: Abstract of Special Issue 25 on CD-ROM

    Jacobsen, Jerrold J.; Bain, Gordon; Bruce, Kara; Moore, John W.


    , lessons, or instructional materials that utilize Chemistry Comes Alive! The movies on this CD-ROM are QuickTime movies. In addition to viewing with a WWW browser, the video can be played directly using QuickTime MoviePlayer. Images from the CD can be easily incorporated into multimedia presentations or lessons. Use of the Bookmark function of the Web browser is a particularly convenient method of organizing material for a lecture or for a student lesson. Remember that an additional license must be purchased before you place video from any CCA! volume on your local WWW server. Images of the reactions of potassium, selected from movies on Reactions of the Elements Acknowledgments Funding for Chemistry Comes Alive! was provided by the National Science Foundation, New Traditions, grant DUE-9455928 and National Science Foundation, Instructional Materials Development grant ESI-9154099. Many individuals made significant contributions to the development of this project. These include Alton Banks, North Carolina State University; Joe March, University of Alabama at Birmingham. Price and Ordering An order form is inserted in this issue that provides prices and other ordering information. If this card is not available or if you need additional information, contact JCE Software, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1101 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706-1396; phone; 608/262-5153 or 800/991-5534; fax: 608/265-8094; email: Information about all our publications (including abstracts, descriptions, updates) is available from our World Wide Web site. Literature Cited Jacobsen, J. J.; Moore, J. W. Chemistry Comes Alive! Vol. 1; J. Chem. Educ. Software 1998, SP 18. Jacobsen, J. J.; Moore, J. W. Chemistry Comes Alive! Vol. 2; J. Chem. Educ. Software 1998, SP 21. Jacobsen, J. J.; Moore, J. W. Chemistry Comes Alive! Vol. 3; J. Chem. Educ. Software 2000, SP 23. Banks, A. J.; Holmes, J. L.; Jacobsen, J. J.; Kotz, J. C.; Moore, J. W.; Robinson, W. R.; Schatz, P. F.; Tweedale

  17. Preparing Pre-Service Special Education Teachers in Urban School Settings to Teach Content Literacy Strategies

    Becker, Kristin A.


    The purpose of this concurrent mixed-method study was to explore how special education intern teachers, placed in an urban secondary special education school setting developed an ability to implement content literacy strategies after completion of a professional development graduate seminar and internship experience. This was done by studying both…

  18. Haiku and Flamenco. A Paradigmatic Case of Conceptual Abstraction and Formal Minimalism with Special Focus on Notional and Procedural Meaning

    María Azucena Penas Ibáñez


    Full Text Available The present work deals with the formal and semantic similarities between haiku and flamenco in a first study of this phenomenon, which is new. We study the notional and procedural meaning in haiku, and then in flamenco in order to explore the various minimalist mechanisms that govern the progression ofthought in the two languages. The research is based on the four basic semantic categories proposed by Eugene Nida and Charles R. Taber: Object (None,Event (Verb, Abstract (Adjective and Relation (Preposition. These are universal categories which encompass all the semantic subcategories extant in any language. The Object category corresponds to the Entity in a thought chronology and the Event and Abstract categories correspond to behaviour, and allof them correspond to notional or conceptual meaning. On the other hand, theRelation category is associated with procedural or instrumental meaning, becauseit expresses a connection between terms of other kinds, such as discourse markers, the order of elements in the phrase when it is relevant for the communication of inference, verbs like to be or to have, when they only express relationships. The kireji have a special interest because they are Japanese textstructure markers.

  19. Parents choosing to combine special and inclusive early years settings: the best of both worlds

    Nind, Melanie; Flewitt, Rosie; Johnston, Brenda


    Background This project developed in the context of New Labour government commitment to parental choice, to inclusive education and to maintaining a continuum of provision for pupils identified as having special educational needs. The first aim of the study was to gain a sense of how many children with learning difficulties attend a combination of special and mainstream early years settings, and to explore ways of identifying and accessing parents who had made this choice. The study also a...

  20. The Quest for Identifying BY Draconis Stars within a Data Set of 3,548 Candidate Cepheid Variable Stars (Abstract)

    Johnson, J.


    (Abstract only) A spreadsheet of 3,548 automatically classified candidate Cepheid variable stars from the ASAS (All Sky Automated Survey) photometry data was provided to AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers) members for analysis. It was known that the computer filters had significantly overpopulated the list. Patrick Wils originally investigated a small subset of the data using 2MASS, PPMXL, and ROTSE data, and discovered that the vast majority of the 84 candidates he surveyed appeared to have been misidentified, demonstrating the need to reclassify these variables. The most common misidentification seemed to be of BY Draconis stars (K and M spotted dwarfs), which led to an ongoing project to systematically identify BY Draconis stars from this data set. The stars are sorted using the International Variable Star Index (VSX) information and ASAS light curves to search for prior reclassification by other authors in the time since the initial population of the candidate list (e.g. using ROTSE data), along with infrared photometry (2MASS) and proper motion (PPMXL) data. An analysis of light curves and phase plots using the AAVSO software vstar is the final step in identifying potential BY Draconis stars. The goal of this project has been to submit updated identifications for these stars to VSX. This final presentation on this project will identify the last set of reclassified BY Draconis stars and discuss future directions for this research.

  1. Cyberbullying among students with intellectual and developmental disability in special education settings.

    Didden, R.; Scholte, R.H.J.; Korzilius, H.; Moor, J.M.H. de; Vermeulen, A.; O'Reilly, M.; Lang, R.; Lancioni, G.E.


    OBJECTIVE: To explore the types, prevalence and associated variables of cyberbullying among students with intellectual and developmental disability attending special education settings. METHODS: Students (n = 114) with intellectual and developmental disability who were between 12-19 years of age com

  2. Cyberbullying among students with intellectual and developmental disability in special education settings

    Didden, H.C.M.; Scholte, R.H.J.; Korzilius, H.P.L.M.; Moor, J.M.H. de; Vermeulen, A.; O'Reilly, M.F.; Lang, R.; Lancioni, G.E.


    OBJECTIVE: To explore the types, prevalence and associated variables of cyberbullying among students with intellectual and developmental disability attending special education settings. METHODS: Students (n = 114) with intellectual and developmental disability who were between 12-19 years of age com

  3. Cyberbullying among students with intellectual and developmental disability in special education settings

    Didden, H.C.M.; Scholte, R.H.J.; Korzilius, H.P.L.M.; Moor, J.M.H. de; Vermeulen, A.; O'Reilly, M.F.; Lang, R.; Lancioni, G.E.


    Objective: To explore the types, prevalence and associated variables of cyberbullying among students with intellectual and developmental disability attending special education settings. Methods: Students (n = 114) with intellectual and developmental disability who were between 12–19 years of age com

  4. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Adult Education Section 353 Special Demonstration Projects. Project Abstracts for the Fiscal Year 1993-1994.

    Werner, Evelyn C., Comp.; Harmon, Cheryl M., Comp.

    This book contains 90 one-page project abstracts for adult basic education (ABE) in Pennsylvania. Each abstract contains the following information: project director's name, address and telephone number; products produced by the project; descriptors; and purpose, procedures, and summary of findings of the project. Projects are indexed by topics…

  5. Attitudes of Family Planning Workers toward Setting Up Special Counseling Stations for Unmarried Young Adults

    涂晓雯; 刘英惠; 楼超华; 高尔生


    Objective To understand attitudes of family planning workers to setting up special counseling stations for unmarried young adults and to identify the acceptable and feasible ways to provide the services for unmarried young adults in eight provinces/cities in ChinaMethods From May 1998to December 1998, 1 927family planning workers including 965 contraceptive providers and 962 contraceptive distributors were recruited for questionnaire survey in eight provinces/cities in China.Results Except the subjects from Hebei Province, over 70% of all the subjects from other provinces/cities thought it was necessary to have a special counseling station set up for unmarried young adults, while 10~ 20% of them opposed to it. Result of Multivariable Logistic regression analysis showed that where the subjects came from, were contraceptive distributors, have higher education level, younger than 50, expressed tolerance for premarital sex, perceived that unmarried young adults had no or inadequate knowledge about sexuality and considered it was difficult for unmarried young adults to obtain contraceptive methods, were more likely to support the establishment of special counseling stations for unmarried youth. The acceptable and feasible ways to provide contraceptive services varied from one province/city to another. Generally,family planning counseling stations and hospital were the most acceptable place to provide counseling services for unmarried young adults in eight provinces/cities. Specially trained persons were recommended as the suitable persons for providing the services for unmarried young adults. Conclusion It is acceptable and feasible to set up special counseling stations for unmarried young adults.

  6. Abstract algebra

    Deskins, W E


    This excellent textbook provides undergraduates with an accessible introduction to the basic concepts of abstract algebra and to the analysis of abstract algebraic systems. These systems, which consist of sets of elements, operations, and relations among the elements, and prescriptive axioms, are abstractions and generalizations of various models which evolved from efforts to explain or discuss physical phenomena.In Chapter 1, the author discusses the essential ingredients of a mathematical system, and in the next four chapters covers the basic number systems, decompositions of integers, diop

  7. The descriptive set-theoretic complexity of the set of points of continuity of a multi-valued function (Extended Abstract

    Vassilios Gregoriades


    Full Text Available In this article we treat a notion of continuity for a multi-valued function F and we compute the descriptive set-theoretic complexity of the set of all x for which F is continuous at x. We give conditions under which the latter set is either a G_delta set or the countable union of G_delta sets. Also we provide a counterexample which shows that the latter result is optimum under the same conditions. Moreover we prove that those conditions are necessary in order to obtain that the set of points of continuity of F is Borel i.e., we show that if we drop some of the previous conditions then there is a multi-valued function F whose graph is a Borel set and the set of points of continuity of F is not a Borel set. Finally we give some analogue results regarding a stronger notion of continuity for a multi-valued function. This article is motivated by a question of M. Ziegler in "Real Computation with Least Discrete Advice: A Complexity Theory of Nonuniform Computability with Applications to Linear Algebra", (submitted.

  8. The Setting up of the Special Area for Children ’s Reading%动静有别的少儿阅读专区的设置



    ABSTRACT:At present, people pay more and more attention to children’s reading, but the number of children’s library with independent organizational system is limited. So, many parents with children to read in children’s reading room of adults’ library, which requires to set up the special area for chidren’s reading. This paper expounds the background of setting up the special area for chidren’s reading, analyzes the necessity of setting up the special area for chidren’s reading, and probes into the setting up of the special area for children’s reding.%目前,人们越来越重视儿童阅读,但独立建制的少儿馆数量有限,很多家长都是带孩子在成人馆的少儿阅览室阅读,这就需要为少儿阅览设置专门的区域。阐述了设置少儿阅读专区的背景,分析了设置少儿阅读专区的必要性,探讨了少儿阅读专区的设置。

  9. Key-Alternating Ciphers in a Provable Setting: Encryption Using a Small Number of Public Permutations (Extended Abstract)

    Bogdanov, Andrey; Knudsen, L.R.; Leander, Gregor;


    This paper considers—for the first time—the concept of key-alternating ciphers in a provable security setting. Key-alternating ciphers can be seen as a generalization of a construction proposed by Even and Mansour in 1991. This construction builds a block cipher PX from an n-bit permutation P and...

  10. Is dissonance reduction a special case of fluid compensation? Evidence that dissonant cognitions cause compensatory affirmation and abstraction.

    Randles, Daniel; Inzlicht, Michael; Proulx, Travis; Tullett, Alexa M; Heine, Steven J


    Cognitive dissonance theory shares much in common with other perspectives that address anomalies, uncertainty, and general expectancy violations. This has led some theorists to argue that these theories represent overlapping psychological processes. If responding to dissonance and uncertainty occurs through a common psychological process, one should expect that the behavioral outcomes of feeling uncertain would also apply to feelings of dissonance, and vice versa. One specific prediction from the meaning maintenance model would be that cognitive dissonance, like other expectancy violations, should lead to the affirmation of unrelated beliefs, or the abstraction of unrelated schemas when the dissonant event cannot be easily accommodated. This article presents 4 studies (N = 1124) demonstrating that the classic induced-compliance dissonance paradigm can lead not only to a change of attitudes (dissonance reduction), but also to (a) an increased reported belief in God (Study 2), (b) a desire to punish norm-violators (Study 1 and 3), (c) a motivation to detect patterns amid noise (Study 3), and (d) polarizing support of public policies among those already biased toward a particular side (Study 4). These results are congruent with theories that propose content-general fluid compensation following the experience of anomaly, a finding not predicted by dissonance theory. The results suggest that dissonance reduction behaviors may share psychological processes described by other theories addressing violations of expectations. PMID:25844572

  11. Special problems of setting up nuclear medicine in a developing country

    There are some special problems in setting up nuclear medicine in a developing country. They can be briefly described in the form of the following general rules. 1) Impossible triangle. For the practice of nuclear medicine, three things are needed: Instrument, Radiopharmaceutical and a Patient. In a developing country, these three become three sides of an impossible triangle. When the radiopharmaceutical is available, the instrument may not be working; when the instrument is functioning, the radiopharmaceutical may not have been obtained from the foreign supplier; and when both are there, the patient might no longer be in the hospital. Three sides of this triangle never join to become a congruent whole. 2) Reverse square law. Further away one is from the source of supply of instruments and radiopharmaceuticals, the problems multiply by the square of this distance. 3) Future of nuclear medicine is tied to the electrical supply available in a developing country. These problems related to power supply are described in the Chapter on maintenance of instruments

  12. Development of a Mobile-Optimised Website to Support Students with Special Needs Transitioning from Primary to Secondary Settings

    Chambers, Dianne; Coffey, Anne


    With an increasing number of students with special needs being included in regular classroom environments, consideration of, and planning for, a smooth transition between different school settings is important for parents, classroom teachers and school administrators. The transition between primary and secondary school can be difficult for…

  13. Exploring the Social Connections in Preschool Settings between Children Labelled with Special Educational Needs and Their Peers

    Parry, John


    This paper reports on a small-scale study of the social interactions between six children labelled with special educational needs and their peers in their respective early years settings. Data from play observations, photographs and staff interviews is used to examine the dynamics of the connections that they make with other children. The position…

  14. Setting Up a Special Collection on Water Pollution in a University Library

    Friedlander, Janet


    The establishment of a special collection within the university library, the complexities of identifying and collecting reports in the environmental area, locating agencies concerned with water pollution, and recording the location of other local collections of data are described. (Author)


    G. Ragan


    The purpose of the inventory abstraction, which has been prepared in accordance with a technical work plan (CRWMS M&O 2000e for ICN 02 of the present analysis, and BSC 2001e for ICN 03 of the present analysis), is to: (1) Interpret the results of a series of relative dose calculations (CRWMS M&O 2000c, 2000f). (2) Recommend, including a basis thereof, a set of radionuclides that should be modeled in the Total System Performance Assessment in Support of the Site Recommendation (TSPA-SR) and the Total System Performance Assessment in Support of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (TSPA-FEIS). (3) Provide initial radionuclide inventories for the TSPA-SR and TSPA-FEIS models. (4) Answer the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)'s Issue Resolution Status Report ''Key Technical Issue: Container Life and Source Term'' (CLST IRSR) key technical issue (KTI): ''The rate at which radionuclides in SNF [spent nuclear fuel] are released from the EBS [engineered barrier system] through the oxidation and dissolution of spent fuel'' (NRC 1999, Subissue 3). The scope of the radionuclide screening analysis encompasses the period from 100 years to 10,000 years after the potential repository at Yucca Mountain is sealed for scenarios involving the breach of a waste package and subsequent degradation of the waste form as required for the TSPA-SR calculations. By extending the time period considered to one million years after repository closure, recommendations are made for the TSPA-FEIS. The waste forms included in the inventory abstraction are Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel (CSNF), DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel (DSNF), High-Level Waste (HLW), naval Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF), and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) plutonium waste. The intended use of this analysis is in TSPA-SR and TSPA-FEIS. Based on the recommendations made here, models for release, transport, and possibly exposure will be developed for the isotopes that would be the highest

  16. Staff in Special Education Settings and Behaviour Problems: Towards a Framework for Research and Practice

    Hastings, Richard P.


    There has been increasing interest in the role of teacher and other staff behaviour in the development and maintenance of problem behaviours in individuals with special needs. Research and theoretical developments have tended to focus on one of three domains: staff as assessment and behavioural change agents, staff wellbeing as determined by…

  17. Current Practices in Special Education Service Delivery and Differences between Instructional Settings

    Platt, Marguerite D.


    Despite nationwide advances in special education service delivery practices, disparities exist between the educational outcomes of students with disabilities versus students without disabilities. There is often disparity in teachers' roles and instructional practices in coteaching classrooms, as well as in their pullout resource classroom…

  18. 77 FR 1501 - Special Purpose Permit Application; Draft Environmental Assessment; Hawaii-Based Shallow-Set...


    ... seabirds (67 FR 34408, 69 FR 17329, 70 FR 75075). These regulations were in place when the fishery was...-Based Shallow-Set Longline Fishery AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice of... incidental take of migratory birds in the operation of the Hawaii-based shallow-set longline fishery...

  19. Bid Optimization for Internet Graphical Ad Auction Systems via Special Ordered Sets

    Wiggins, Ralphe


    This paper describes an optimization model for setting bid levels for certain types of advertisements on web pages. This model is non-convex, but we are able to obtain optimal or near-optimal solutions rapidly using branch and cut open-source software. The financial benefits obtained using the prototype system have been substantial.

  20. A Multi-Educational Approach to Improving Teacher Skills with Special Needs Preschoolers in Group Settings.

    Ellis, Mickie

    The practicum developed and implemented an inservice teacher education program to improve services to exceptional children in group settings based on a newly developed resource manual, two workshop series, and observation/evaluation of teachers in their classes on a bimonthly basis over a period of 8 months. Eighty-nine preschool teachers…

  1. Airborne PBDEs in specialized occupational settings, houses and outdoor urban areas in Greece

    Airborne polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were measured in workplaces, homes and urban outdoor air in Greece. The geometric mean concentrations of total PBDEs (sum of 19 congeners) in offices (205 pg m-3), internet cafes/computer rooms (127 pg m-3) and computers/electronics shops (85 pg m-3) were significantly higher than those in furniture stores (12 pg m-3), homes (8 pg m-3) and outdoor air (18 pg m-3). The daily inhalation intake of PBDEs estimated for the employees of the four occupational settings ranged from 0.2 to 1.4 ng day-1 and it was significantly lower than the expected dietary intake (∼77 ng day-1). Although inhalation generally represented a small fraction of the overall daily exposure to PBDEs (∼1%), the results from a heavily contaminated office (10 848 pg m-3 of total PBDEs) indicated that the intake from this route (65 ng day-1) may, in some extreme cases, be as important as diet. - Passive air sampling reveals that PBDEs can reach exceedingly high levels in the indoor air of specific occupational settings

  2. Airborne PBDEs in specialized occupational settings, houses and outdoor urban areas in Greece

    Mandalakis, Manolis; Atsarou, Vassiliki [Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, Buildings of Chemistry Department, Voutes-Heraklion, GR-71003 Heraklion (Greece); Stephanou, Euripides G. [Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, Buildings of Chemistry Department, Voutes-Heraklion, GR-71003 Heraklion (Greece)], E-mail:


    Airborne polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were measured in workplaces, homes and urban outdoor air in Greece. The geometric mean concentrations of total PBDEs (sum of 19 congeners) in offices (205 pg m{sup -3}), internet cafes/computer rooms (127 pg m{sup -3}) and computers/electronics shops (85 pg m{sup -3}) were significantly higher than those in furniture stores (12 pg m{sup -3}), homes (8 pg m{sup -3}) and outdoor air (18 pg m{sup -3}). The daily inhalation intake of PBDEs estimated for the employees of the four occupational settings ranged from 0.2 to 1.4 ng day{sup -1} and it was significantly lower than the expected dietary intake ({approx}77 ng day{sup -1}). Although inhalation generally represented a small fraction of the overall daily exposure to PBDEs ({approx}1%), the results from a heavily contaminated office (10 848 pg m{sup -3} of total PBDEs) indicated that the intake from this route (65 ng day{sup -1}) may, in some extreme cases, be as important as diet. - Passive air sampling reveals that PBDEs can reach exceedingly high levels in the indoor air of specific occupational settings.

  3. Strategies to identify and stratify children with special health care needs in outpatient general pediatrics settings.

    Davis, Alaina M; McFadden, Sara E; Patterson, Barron L; Barkin, Shari L


    Developing improved systems of care for children with special health care needs (CSHCN) requires accurate identification and stratification of this population. This study was designed to assess the ability of a brief screener to identify and stratify CSHCN in a primary care clinic to focus future quality improvement initiatives and allocate resources. All families presenting for health maintenance visits or acute care appointments at an academic primary care clinic between September 5, 2012 and September 28, 2012 were asked to complete the CSHCN Screener(©). This panel of patients was compared to registries previously created by: (1) retrospective chart reviews using published lists of International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD9) codes for CSHCN and (2) direct physician referral to a clinic case manager providing care coordination services to CSHCN. Screeners identified 246 CSHCN (16.8 % of unique completed screeners). Scores ranged from 0 to 5; higher scores indicate higher levels of complexity. Patients with positive screens had a mean score of 2.4. Patients previously identified by retrospective ICD9 search who completed a screener had a mean score of 1.6 with nearly one-half having negative screens. Patients previously identified by physician referral who completed a screener had a mean score of 2.7 with nearly one-half having scores of 4 or 5. The CSHCN Screener(©) can be utilized in an academic primary care clinic to prospectively identify CSHCN and potentially offers a more clinically meaningful method of identification given its inherent ability to stratify this population based on complexity of medical needs. PMID:25467179

  4. Completeness of Lyapunov Abstraction

    Wisniewski, Rafal; Sloth, Christoffer

    This paper addresses the generation of complete abstractions of polynomial dynamical systems by timed automata. For the proposed abstraction, the state space is divided into cells by sublevel sets of functions. We identify a relation between these functions and their directional derivatives along...

  5. Delivery and Evaluation of Training for School Nutrition Administrators and Managers on Meeting Special Food and Nutrition Needs of Students in the School Setting

    Oakley, Charlotte B.; Knight, Kathy; Hobbs, Margie; Dodd, Lacy M.; Cole, Janie


    Purpose/Objectives: The purpose of this investigation was to complete a formal evaluation of a project that provided specialized training for school nutrition (SN) administrators and managers on meeting children's special dietary needs in the school setting. Methods: The training was provided as part of the "Eating Good and Moving Like We Should"…



    Zhou Enlai and the Sinicization of Marxism Chen Dacai As a key member of the first generation of collective leadership of the CPC, Zhou Enlai contributed greatly to the theoretical cause of the sinicization of Marxism. Such contribution mainly include the fllowing aspects: he spread Marxism in a at a very special historical period as one of the representative of the earliest Chinese Marxists; he presented at an early stage the relationship between Marxism and Chinese revolution,

  7. Abstract Delta Modeling

    Dave Clarke; Michiel Helvensteijn; Ina Schaefer


    Delta modeling is an approach to facilitate automated product derivation for software product lines. It is based on a set of deltas specifying modifications that are incrementally applied to a core product. The applicability of deltas depends on feature-dependent conditions. This paper presents abstract delta modeling, which explores delta modeling from an abstract, algebraic perspective. Compared to previous work, we take a more flexible approach with respect to conflicts between modificatio...

  8. Special Taxing Districts, TaxDistricts-The data set is a polygon feature representing special taxing districts., Published in 1991, Davis County Utah.

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This Special Taxing Districts dataset, was produced all or in part from Published Reports/Deeds information as of 1991. It is described as 'TaxDistricts-The data...



    On the Relationship Between the Life Experience and Novel Creation --the Comparative Analysis of the Backgrounds of Yu Dafu's Novels and Xuan Zhenjian's Abstract:The themes of Yu Dafu's novels are mostly concerning the themes of "the depression of sex" or the sadness of life, which are due to the background of the Chinese overseas students as the citizens of powerless country,to a larger extend associated with Yu's life experi- ence and his special characters sensitive but affectionate, self-esteemed but aloof and proud. On the contrast, Xuan Zhenjian is born with superior status and gentleman's virtues,so he cherishes his traditional marriage life,concerns more about the social problems on fami- lies and jobs which are closely associated with people's livings,and especially discuses the sadness of life of the intellectual in that particular Korea.

  10. BALWOIS: Abstracts

    anthropogenic pressures and international shared water. Here are the 320 abstracts proposed by authors and accepted by the Scientific Committee. More than 200 papers are presented during the Conference on 8 topics related to Hydrology, Climatology and Hydro biology: - Climate and Environment; - Hydrological regimes and water balances; - Droughts and Floods; -Integrated Water Resources Management; -Water bodies Protection and Eco hydrology; -Lakes; -Information Systems for decision support; -Hydrological modelling. Papers relevant to INIS are indexed separately

  11. AIDS IMPACT Special Issue: Sexual Risk Reduction Needs of Adolescents Living with HIV in a Clinical Care Setting

    Bakeera-Kitaka, Sabrina; Nöstlinger, Christiana Maria; Nabukeera- Barungi, Nicolette; Kekitiinwa, Addy; Colebunders, Robert


    Abstract ABSTRACT As anti-retroviral therapy becomes increasingly available, young people living with HIV need tailored support to adopt healthy sexual behaviors. There has been a gap in the availability of culturally appropriate techniques for secondary prevention and sexual risk reduction in this target-group. This formative study assessed sexual and reproductive health needs and problems, as well as determinants of sexual risk taking among young people living with HIV ag...

  12. Making Connections and Making Friends: Social Interactions between Two Children Labelled with Special Educational Needs and Their Peers in a Nursery Setting

    Parry, John


    This paper reports on a pilot study of the social interactions between two children labelled with special educational needs and their peers in an early years setting. Data from play observations and staff interviews are used to examine the dynamics of friendship groups that the two children have developed and the way that they attempt to make new…

  13. Beyond the abstractions?

    Olesen, Henning Salling


      The anniversary of the International Journal of Lifelong Education takes place in the middle of a conceptual landslide from lifelong education to lifelong learning. Contemporary discourses of lifelong learning etc are however abstractions behind which new functions and agendas for adult education...... are set. The ideological discourse of recent policies seems to neglect the fact that history and resources for lifelong learning are different across Europe, and also neglects the multiplicity of adult learners. Instead of refusing the new agendas, however, adult education research should try to dissolve...... learning. Adult education research must fulfil it's potential conversion from normative philosophy to critical and empirical social science....

  14. Efficient abstraction selection in reinforcement learning

    Seijen, H. van; Whiteson, S.; Kester, L.


    This paper introduces a novel approach for abstraction selection in reinforcement learning problems modelled as factored Markov decision processes (MDPs), for which a state is described via a set of state components. In abstraction selection, an agent must choose an abstraction from a set of candida

  15. A book of set theory

    Pinter, Charles C


    Suitable for upper-level undergraduates, this accessible approach to set theory poses rigorous but simple arguments. Each definition is accompanied by commentary that motivates and explains new concepts. Starting with a repetition of the familiar arguments of elementary set theory, the level of abstract thinking gradually rises for a progressive increase in complexity.A historical introduction presents a brief account of the growth of set theory, with special emphasis on problems that led to the development of the various systems of axiomatic set theory. Subsequent chapters explore classes and

  16. Clinical audit on "Evaluation of special issues in adolescents with cancer treated in an adult cancer setting": An Indian experience

    Naveen S Salins


    Results: Pain was the most common physical symptom seen in all 10 patients. 3 out of 10 patients were involved in decision making, 3 out of 10 patients had identity issues and 4 out of 10 patients had peer group isolation issues. Only 3 were aware of diagnosis and none were aware of treatment outcomes and mortality. 4 out of 10 had anxiety and depression and 3 out of 10 had body image issues. Sexuality, spiritual and existential issues were not explored in any of the patients studied. Conclusion: The outcomes of the study were in an adult oncology setting there was a poor recognition of key adolescent issues such as sexuality, body image, identity and peer group isolation. The psychosocial supports to these adolescents were minimal and spiritual and existential issues were not explored. The inferences drawn from this study suggested a need for multidisciplinary team approach oriented in handling adolescent care needs and preferably to have a dedicated space that will help the peer group to interact, bond and cope better with the illness.

  17. Piaget on Abstraction.

    Moessinger, Pierre; Poulin-Dubois, Diane


    Reviews and discusses Piaget's recent work on abstract reasoning. Piaget's distinction between empirical and reflective abstraction is presented; his hypotheses are considered to be metaphorical. (Author/DB)

  18. Programme and abstracts

    Abstracts of 25 papers presented at the congress are given. The abstracts cover various topics including radiotherapy, radiopharmaceuticals, radioimmunoassay, health physics, radiation protection and nuclear medicine

  19. Special Foods

    Bright-See, Elizabeth


    Special foods include all foods that have been modified to meet either a real or perceived health need. They include enriched foods which are so readily available that they are generally no longer considered special foods. More recently, calorie-reduced, carbohydrate-reduced, low-fat, high fiber and other types of modified foods have been introduced to the market in response to several sets of dietary guidelines which recommend specific dietary changes for the general public. More specialized...

  20. Science Education in the Early Childhood & Special Education Setting: An Analysis of Science Education Across Lake Washington, Bellevue & Seattle School Districts

    Coffin, Tara B.

    This survey based research illustrates science education in the early childhood setting, specifically across Lake Washington, Seattle and Bellevue Public School Districts, with a lens on programs serving children with special needs. Taking current best practice into consideration, this research compares the amount of time that teachers currently spend teaching their students science across these settings, with recommendations urging educators to expose their students to the scientific inquiry process early and often. Additionally, the results of this survey align with findings regarding teacher self-efficacy in the area of science, demonstrating that educators who have a science background and/or have received professional development opportunities in the area of science, are likely to teach science more often and lead higher quality lessons. The survey results also demonstrate that the provision of curriculum and training opportunities are indicative of a community that supports science education, and therefore predictive of the amount and quality of science education that students in an early childhood setting receive.

  1. 8th Czechoslovak spectroscopic conference. Abstracts

    Volume 3 of the conference proceedings contains abstracts of 17 invited papers, 101 poster presentations and 7 papers of instrument manufacturers, devoted to special spectroscopic techniques including X-ray microanalysis, X-ray spectral analysis, Moessbauer spectrometry, mass spectrometry, instrumental activation analysis and other instrumental radioanalytical methods, electron spectrometry, and techniques of environmental analysis. Sixty abstracts were inputted in INIS. (A.K.)

  2. Program and abstracts

    Abstracts of the papers given at the conference are presented. The abstracts are arranged under sessions entitled:Theoretical Physics; Nuclear Physics; Solid State Physics; Spectroscopy; Physics Education; SANCGASS; Astronomy; Plasma Physics; Physics in Industry; Applied and General Physics

  3. Introduction to abstract algebra

    Nicholson, W Keith


    Praise for the Third Edition ". . . an expository masterpiece of the highest didactic value that has gained additional attractivity through the various improvements . . ."-Zentralblatt MATH The Fourth Edition of Introduction to Abstract Algebra continues to provide an accessible approach to the basic structures of abstract algebra: groups, rings, and fields. The book's unique presentation helps readers advance to abstract theory by presenting concrete examples of induction, number theory, integers modulo n, and permutations before the abstract structures are defined. Readers can immediately be

  4. Writing business research article abstracts: A genre approach

    Carmen Piqué-Noguera


    Full Text Available A great deal has been published about oral and written genres in business (e.g., letters, research articles, oral presentations, etc., and less attention has been paid to business research article abstracts as a written genre, as many experts would argue. This research intends to raise rhetorical awareness about the role of abstracts in today’s academic world. To this effect, the abstracts of two official publications of the Association of Business Communication, Journal of Business Communication and Business Communication Quarterly, have been analyzed and compared in terms of structure and content according to models published in the specialized literature. The results show an irregular and inconsistent presentation of abstracts, a good number of them following no set pattern and thus lacking in important information for researchers. These findings suggest, first of all, that abstracts have a specific mission to fulfil and should not be disregarded; and, secondly, that journal guidelines for authors should be more explicit in their instructions on how to write and structure abstracts.

  5. Book of abstracts

    The document contains abstracts of 24 review papers, 24 invited papers, 24 oral contributions and 120 posters. 10 review papers summarize the status of laser fusion research and progress in high-power laser facilities in major world laboratories. Four papers review research programs (laser-matter interaction studies and X-ray source development) based on KrF laser systems. Other review papers discuss the problems of laser energy conversion into X-rays in laser-heated cavities, X-ray lasing at shorter wavelengths, optimization of targets for inertial fusion. Two review papers are devoted to light ion fusion. The subjects of most invited papers are special problems of current laser plasma research, such as hot electron generation, nonlinear resonance absorption, energy accumulation limits, pellet ignition, conversion of laser light into X-rays, high-pressure plasma generation. Three invited papers review laser plasma research in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Spain. One paper suggests a new method of producing muonic superdense matter. The remaining inivited papers deal with the progress in XUV lasers and with laser plasma applications for further laser development. Of the papers accepted for oral presentation 12 papers discuss various problems of laser-plasma interaction; 4 papers deal with laser targets, 4 papers with laser-initiated X-ray sources, 3 papers with the diagnostics of laser-produced plasma. The last oral contribution presents the main principles of the excimer laser theory. The largest group of posters is related to laser-plasma interaction and energy absorption problems, to laser-target interaction and various methods of laser plasma diagnostics. The other posters deal with plasma applications in laser development, plasma mirrors, Brillouin and Raman scattering, X-ray emission, harmonic generation, electron acceleration, production of high-Z plasmas and other related problems. (J.U.)

  6. Tree sets

    Diestel, Reinhard


    We study an abstract notion of tree structure which generalizes tree-decompositions of graphs and matroids. Unlike tree-decompositions, which are too closely linked to graph-theoretical trees, these `tree sets' can provide a suitable formalization of tree structure also for infinite graphs, matroids, or set partitions, as well as for other discrete structures, such as order trees. In this first of two papers we introduce tree sets, establish their relation to graph and order trees, and show h...

  7. Visualizing abstract objects and relations

    Kamada, Tomihisa


    Pictorial representations are very useful for humans to understand complicated relations or structures. This is the reason that the user interface of information systems is strongly required to visualize many kinds of information in a wide variety of graphical forms. At present, however, only some very specialized visualization techniques have been developed probably because the generality in the visualization has not been appreciated correctly. This book presents a visualization framework for translating abstract objects and relations, typically represented in textual forms, into pictorial re

  8. Software development assurance for special control computer sets on the base of the Electronica-60M microcomputer in the stations of fuel element nondestructive testing

    A special computational control complex (SCCC) including the ''Elektronika-60M'' microcomputer, a device for communication with an object (DCO) based on the typical microprocessing set (TMS) based on LIUS-2 KTS means and an adapter for communication of the ''Elektronika-60M'' microcomputer bus with IK1 TMS bus developed for their conjugation is used for development of nondestructive control post software. An instrumental SCCC including SM-4 microcomputer, TMS units as DCO, an adapter for communication of the common bus of the SM-4 minicomputer with the IK1 TMS bus developed for their conjugation and devices for simulation of the facility operation is suggested to increase labour productivity of programmers. The SM-4 microcomputer permits to develop programs in the FORTRAN language and to carry out their effective adjustment. A subprogram library for communication with TMS units is compiled, and the technique for testing FORTRAN programs in programmable read-only memory TMS as well as start of these programs are developed

  9. Nuclear medicine. Abstracts; Nuklearmedizin 2000. Abstracts



    This issue of the journal contains the abstracts of the 183 conference papers as well as 266 posters presented at the conference. Subject fields covered are: Neurology, psychology, oncology, pediatrics, radiopharmacy, endocrinology, EDP, measuring equipment and methods, radiological protection, cardiology, and therapy. (orig./CB) [German] Die vorliegende Zeitschrift enthaelt die Kurzfassungen der 183 auf der Tagung gehaltenen Vortraege sowie der 226 praesentierten Poster, die sich mit den folgenden Themen befassten: Neurologie, Psychiatrie, Onkologie, Paediatrie, Radiopharmazie, Endokrinologie, EDV, Messtechnik, Strahlenschutz, Kardiologie sowie Therapie. (MG)

  10. Journalism Abstracts. Vol. 15.

    Popovich, Mark N., Ed.

    This book, the fifteenth volume of an annual publication, contains 373 abstracts of 52 doctoral and 321 master's theses from 50 colleges and universities. The abstracts are arranged alphabetically by author, with the doctoral dissertations appearing first. These cover such topics as advertising, audience analysis, content analysis of news issues…

  11. Designing for Mathematical Abstraction

    Pratt, Dave; Noss, Richard


    Our focus is on the design of systems (pedagogical, technical, social) that encourage mathematical abstraction, a process we refer to as "designing for abstraction." In this paper, we draw on detailed design experiments from our research on children's understanding about chance and distribution to re-present this work as a case study in designing…

  12. Program and abstracts

    Abstracts of the papers given at the conference are presented. The abstracts are arranged under sessions entitled: Theoretical Physics; Nuclear Physics; Solid State Physics; Spectroscopy; Plasma Physics; Solar-Terrestrial Physics; Astrophysics and Astronomy; Radioastronomy; General Physics; Applied Physics; Industrial Physics

  13. Abstraction of Continuous Dynamical Systems Utilizing Lyapunov Functions

    Sloth, Christoffer; Wisniewski, Rafal

    dynamical system based on the abstraction, conditions for obtaining sound, complete, and refinable abstractions are set up. It is proposed to partition the state space utilizing sub-level sets of Lyapunov functions, since they are positive invariant sets. The existence of sound abstractions for Morse...

  14. Computational Abstraction Steps

    Thomsen, Lone Leth; Thomsen, Bent; Nørmark, Kurt


    In this paper we discuss computational abstraction steps as a way to create class abstractions from concrete objects, and from examples. Computational abstraction steps are regarded as symmetric counterparts to computational concretisation steps, which are well-known in terms of function calls and...... capturing concrete values, objects, or actions. As the next step, some of these are lifted to a higher level by computational means. In the object-oriented paradigm the target of such steps is classes. We hypothesise that the proposed approach primarily will be beneficial to novice programmers or during the...

  15. Effects of Training on Pre-Service Special Educators' Abilities to Co-Teach Math Vocabulary in Preparation for Inclusion Settings

    Harris, Paulette Proctor; Pollingue, Alice B.; Hearrington, Doug; Holmes, Arthur


    New special education teachers often struggle to teach children the mathematics vocabulary necessary to understand and effectively solve math word problems. The authors designed and implemented a pilot program to prepare pre-service teachers majoring in special education to implement the Camelot Learning Math Intervention Program (CLMIP). We met…

  16. Meeting Abstracts - Annual Meeting 2016.


    The AMCP Abstracts program provides a forum through which authors can share their insights and outcomes of advanced managed care practice through publication in AMCP's Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy (JMCP). Most of the reviewed and unreviewed abstracts are presented as posters so that interested AMCP meeting attendees can review findings and query authors. The Student/Resident/ Fellow poster presentation (unreviewed) is Wednesday, April 20, 2016, and the Professional poster presentation (reviewed) is Thursday, April 21. The Professional posters will also be displayed on Friday, April 22. The reviewed abstracts are published in the JMCP Meeting Abstracts supplement. The AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting 2016 in San Francisco, California, is expected to attract more than 3,500 managed care pharmacists and other health care professionals who manage and evaluate drug therapies, develop and manage networks, and work with medical managers and information specialists to improve the care of all individuals enrolled in managed care programs. Abstracts were submitted in the following categories: Research Report: describe completed original research on managed care pharmacy services or health care interventions. Examples include (but are not limited to) observational studies using administrative claims, reports of the impact of unique benefit design strategies, and analyses of the effects of innovative administrative or clinical programs. Economic Model: describe models that predict the effect of various benefit design or clinical decisions on a population. For example, an economic model could be used to predict the budget impact of a new pharmaceutical product on a health care system. Solving Problems in Managed Care: describe the specific steps taken to introduce a needed change, develop and implement a new system or program, plan and organize an administrative function, or solve other types of problems in managed care settings. These

  17. Abstracts of SIG Sessions.

    Proceedings of the ASIS Annual Meeting, 1997


    Presents abstracts of SIG Sessions. Highlights include digital collections; information retrieval methods; public interest/fair use; classification and indexing; electronic publication; funding; globalization; information technology projects; interface design; networking in developing countries; metadata; multilingual databases; networked…



    The peer-reviewed abstracts presented at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the ACPA are published as submitted by the authors. For financial conflict of interest disclosure, please visit PMID:27447885



    Influence of Fermented Product from Beneficial Microorganism on the Cultivation of Larvae Apostichopus japonicus Li Shuang et al(1) Abstract The fermented product from beneficial microorganism was applied in the seed rearing of sea cucumber.The result

  20. Engineering Abstractions in Model Checking and Testing

    Achenbach, Michael; Ostermann, Klaus


    Abstractions are used in model checking to tackle problems like state space explosion or modeling of IO. The application of these abstractions in real software development processes, however, lacks engineering support. This is one reason why model checking is not widely used in practice yet and testing is still state of the art in falsification. We show how user-defined abstractions can be integrated into a Java PathFinder setting with tools like AspectJ or Javassist and discuss implicati...

  1. 07381 Abstracts Collection -- Cryptography

    Blömer, Johannes; Boneh, Dan; Cramer, Ronald; Maurer, Ueli


    From 16.09.2007 to 21.09.2007 the Dagstuhl Seminar 07381 ``Cryptography'' was held in the International Conference and Research Center (IBFI), Schloss Dagstuhl. During the seminar, several participants presented their current research, and ongoing work and open problems were discussed. Abstracts of the presentations given during the seminar as well as abstracts of seminar results and ideas are put together in this paper. The first section describes the seminar topics and goa...

  2. Painting, abstraction, discourse

    Besson, Christian


    Four catalogues and compilations published this year once again raise the issue of the linkage between painting and critical discourse, with abstraction, where applicable, exacerbating the tension between the two. The first essay, La Peinture après l’abstraction, is nothing less than stimulating. Certain observations made by Alain Cueff about the neglected role of poster artists in the renewed formulation of painting, between 1955 and 1965, lie at the root of the comparison--a new departure--...

  3. Abstracts of contributed papers


    This volume contains 571 abstracts of contributed papers to be presented during the Twelfth US National Congress of Applied Mechanics. Abstracts are arranged in the order in which they fall in the program -- the main sessions are listed chronologically in the Table of Contents. The Author Index is in alphabetical order and lists each paper number (matching the schedule in the Final Program) with its corresponding page number in the book.

  4. 08071 Abstracts Collection -- Scheduling

    Jane W. S. Liu; Rolf H. Möhring; Pruhs, Kirk


    From 10.02. to 15.02., the Dagstuhl Seminar 08071 ``Scheduling'' was held in the International Conference and Research Center (IBFI), Schloss Dagstuhl. During the seminar, several participants presented their current research, and ongoing work and open problems were discussed. Abstracts of the presentations given during the seminar as well as abstracts of seminar results and ideas are put together in this paper. The first section describes the seminar topics and goals in gen...

  5. 10071 Abstracts Collection -- Scheduling

    Albers, Susanne; Baruah, Sanjoy K; Rolf H. Möhring; Pruhs, Kirk


    From 14.02. to 19.02.2010, the Dagstuhl Seminar 10071 ``Scheduling '' was held in Schloss Dagstuhl-Leibniz Center for Informatics. During the seminar, several participants presented their current research, and ongoing work and open problems were discussed. Abstracts of the presentations given during the seminar as well as abstracts of seminar results and ideas are put together in this paper. The first section describes the seminar topics and goals in general. Links to ext...

  6. Automata Learning through Counterexample Guided Abstraction Refinement

    Aarts, Fides; Heidarian, Faranak; Kuppens, Harco;


    Abstraction is the key when learning behavioral models of realistic systems. Hence, in most practical applications where automata learning is used to construct models of software components, researchers manually define abstractions which, depending on the history, map a large set of concrete even...

  7. Metacognition and abstract reasoning.

    Markovits, Henry; Thompson, Valerie A; Brisson, Janie


    The nature of people's meta-representations of deductive reasoning is critical to understanding how people control their own reasoning processes. We conducted two studies to examine whether people have a metacognitive representation of abstract validity and whether familiarity alone acts as a separate metacognitive cue. In Study 1, participants were asked to make a series of (1) abstract conditional inferences, (2) concrete conditional inferences with premises having many potential alternative antecedents and thus specifically conducive to the production of responses consistent with conditional logic, or (3) concrete problems with premises having relatively few potential alternative antecedents. Participants gave confidence ratings after each inference. Results show that confidence ratings were positively correlated with logical performance on abstract problems and concrete problems with many potential alternatives, but not with concrete problems with content less conducive to normative responses. Confidence ratings were higher with few alternatives than for abstract content. Study 2 used a generation of contrary-to-fact alternatives task to improve levels of abstract logical performance. The resulting increase in logical performance was mirrored by increases in mean confidence ratings. Results provide evidence for a metacognitive representation based on logical validity, and show that familiarity acts as a separate metacognitive cue. PMID:25416026

  8. Object Classification via Planar Abstraction

    Oesau, Sven; Lafarge, Florent; Alliez, Pierre


    We present a supervised machine learning approach for classification of objects from sampled point data. The main idea consists in first abstracting the input object into planar parts at several scales, then discriminate between the different classes of objects solely through features derived from these planar shapes. Abstracting into planar shapes provides a means to both reduce the computational complexity and improve robustness to defects inherent to the acquisition process. Measuring statistical properties and relationships between planar shapes offers invariance to scale and orientation. A random forest is then used for solving the multiclass classification problem. We demonstrate the potential of our approach on a set of indoor objects from the Princeton shape benchmark and on objects acquired from indoor scenes and compare the performance of our method with other point-based shape descriptors.

  9. Abstract Body, Abstract Machine: Alan Turing's Drama of Difference

    Mann-O'Donnell, Sarah


    In order to prove that mathematics cannot be exhausted by a finite set of procedures, Alan Turing conceives, in 1936, of an abstract machine 1. The machine makes its debut in “On Computable Numbers with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem,” his first major mathematical paper 2. A close reading of this machine’s dynamic will show that Turing’s thought in the field of mathematics is a consciously embodied thought that contemplates its own incompleteness. By examining Turing’s machine thr...

  10. Injecting Abstract Interpretations into Linear Cost Models

    David Cachera


    Full Text Available We present a semantics based framework for analysing the quantitative behaviour of programs with regard to resource usage. We start from an operational semantics equipped with costs. The dioid structure of the set of costs allows for defining the quantitative semantics as a linear operator. We then present an abstraction technique inspired from abstract interpretation in order to effectively compute global cost information from the program. Abstraction has to take two distinct notions of order into account: the order on costs and the order on states. We show that our abstraction technique provides a correct approximation of the concrete cost computations.

  11. Abstractions for Mechanical Systems

    Sloth, Christoffer; Wisniewski, Rafael


    mechanical system. The tangential manifolds are generated using constants of motion, which can be derived from Noether's theorem. The transversal manifolds are subsequently generated on a reduced space, given by the Routhian, via action-angle coordinates. The method fully applies for integrable systems. We...... focus on a particular aspect of abstraction - partitioning the state space, as existing methods can be applied on the discretized state space to obtain an automata-based model. The contribution of the paper is to show that well-known reduction methods can be used to generate abstract models, which can...

  12. Does Abstracting Threaten a Sustainable Future?

    Grant, Lyle K.


    In abstraction, or conceptual behavior, people discriminate features or properties of their surroundings. This permits people to respond selectively and precisely to specialized features of their environment, which has had many benefits, including steady advances in science and technology. Within psychology, J. R. Kantor and B. F. Skinner…

  13. ESPR 2014. Abstracts



    The Proceedings on ESPR 2014 include abstracts concerning the following topics: pediatric imaging: thorax, cardiovascular system, CT-technique, head and neck, perinatal imaging, molecular imaging; interventional imaging; specific focus: muscoskeletal imaging in juvenile idiopathic arthritis; radiation protection; oncology; molecular imaging - nuclear medicine; uroradiology and abdominal imaging.

  14. Seismic Consequence Abstraction

    M. Gross


    The primary purpose of this model report is to develop abstractions for the response of engineered barrier system (EBS) components to seismic hazards at a geologic repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, and to define the methodology for using these abstractions in a seismic scenario class for the Total System Performance Assessment - License Application (TSPA-LA). A secondary purpose of this model report is to provide information for criticality studies related to seismic hazards. The seismic hazards addressed herein are vibratory ground motion, fault displacement, and rockfall due to ground motion. The EBS components are the drip shield, the waste package, and the fuel cladding. The requirements for development of the abstractions and the associated algorithms for the seismic scenario class are defined in ''Technical Work Plan For: Regulatory Integration Modeling of Drift Degradation, Waste Package and Drip Shield Vibratory Motion and Seismic Consequences'' (BSC 2004 [DIRS 171520]). The development of these abstractions will provide a more complete representation of flow into and transport from the EBS under disruptive events. The results from this development will also address portions of integrated subissue ENG2, Mechanical Disruption of Engineered Barriers, including the acceptance criteria for this subissue defined in Section of the ''Yucca Mountain Review Plan, Final Report'' (NRC 2003 [DIRS 163274]).

  15. Testing abstract behavioral specifications

    Wong, P.Y.H.; Bubel, R.; Boer, F.S. de; Gouw, C.P.T. de; Gómez-Zamalloa, M.; Haehnle, R; Meinke, K.; Sindhu, M.A.


    We present a range of testing techniques for the Abstract Behavioral Specification (ABS) language and apply them to an industrial case study. ABS is a formal modeling language for highly variable, concurrent, component-based systems. The nature of these systems makes them susceptible to the introduc

  16. Building Safe Concurrency Abstractions

    Madsen, Ole Lehrmann


    as well as programming, and we describe how this has had an impact on the design of the language. Although Beta supports the definition of high-level concurrency abstractions, the use of these rely on the discipline of the programmer as is the case for Java and other mainstream OO languages. We...



    Study of Feeding Effects of EM Fermented Feed on the Growth and Survival of Juvenile Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus Gong Hai-ning et al(1) Abstract In this study, comparisons of feeding effects on the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus between th

  18. Abstraction through Game Play

    Avraamidou, Antri; Monaghan, John; Walker, Aisha


    This paper examines the computer game play of an 11-year-old boy. In the course of building a virtual house he developed and used, without assistance, an artefact and an accompanying strategy to ensure that his house was symmetric. We argue that the creation and use of this artefact-strategy is a mathematical abstraction. The discussion…

  19. Learning Abstracts, 2001.

    Wilson, Cynthia, Ed.


    Volume 4 of the League for Innovation in the Community College's Learning Abstracts include the following: (1) "Touching Students in the Digital Age: The Move Toward Learner Relationship Management (LRM)," by Mark David Milliron, which offers an overview of an organizing concept to help community colleges navigate the intersection between digital…

  20. 2002 NASPSA Conference Abstracts.

    Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 2002


    Contains abstracts from the 2002 conference of the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity. The publication is divided into three sections: the preconference workshop, "Effective Teaching Methods in the Classroom;" symposia (motor development, motor learning and control, and sport psychology); and free…

  1. Annual Conference Abstracts

    Engineering Education, 1976


    Presents the abstracts of 158 papers presented at the American Society for Engineering Education's annual conference at Knoxville, Tennessee, June 14-17, 1976. Included are engineering topics covering education, aerospace, agriculture, biomedicine, chemistry, computers, electricity, acoustics, environment, mechanics, and women. (SL)

  2. Monadic abstract interpreters

    Sergey, Ilya; Devriese, Dominique; Might, Matthew;


    Recent developments in the systematic construction of abstract interpreters hinted at the possibility of a broad unification of concepts in static analysis. We deliver that unification by showing context-sensitivity, polyvariance, flow-sensitivity, reachabilitypruning, heap-cloning and cardinalit...

  3. SPR 2015. Abstracts



    The volume contains the abstracts of the SPR (society for pediatric radiology) 2015 meeting covering the following issues: fetal imaging, muscoskeletal imaging, cardiac imaging, chest imaging, oncologic imaging, tools for process improvement, child abuse, contrast enhanced ultrasound, image gently - update of radiation dose recording/reporting/monitoring - meaningful or useless meaning?, pediatric thoracic imaging, ALARA.



    Morphological Variations and Discriminant Analysis of Three Populations of Mytilus coruscus Ye Ya-qiu et al. (4) Abstract The multivariate morphometrics analysis method was used for studying four morphological characters of three geographical populations of Mytilus coruscus from Sheng-si, Zhou-shan, Tai-zhou along the coast of Zhe-jiang province of China.



    Study on the Enrichment Regularity of Semicarbazide in Algae Tian Xiu-hui eta1. (1) Abstract Semicarbazide (SEM) in three kinds of representative algae (Nitzschia closterium, Tetraselmis chui and Dicrateria sp) and seawater was determined using ultra performance liquid chromatogram tandem mass spectrometry in this work. Accumulation of semicarbazide (SEM) in algae under laboratory conditions was studied.

  6. Abstracts of submitted papers

    The conference proceedings contain 152 abstracts of presented papers relating to various aspects of personnel dosimetry, the dosimetry of the working and living environment, various types of dosemeters and spectrometers, the use of radionuclides in various industrial fields, the migration of radionuclides on Czechoslovak territory after the Chernobyl accident, theoretical studies of some parameters of ionizing radiation detectors, and their calibration. (M.D.)

  7. Seismic Consequence Abstraction

    The primary purpose of this model report is to develop abstractions for the response of engineered barrier system (EBS) components to seismic hazards at a geologic repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, and to define the methodology for using these abstractions in a seismic scenario class for the Total System Performance Assessment - License Application (TSPA-LA). A secondary purpose of this model report is to provide information for criticality studies related to seismic hazards. The seismic hazards addressed herein are vibratory ground motion, fault displacement, and rockfall due to ground motion. The EBS components are the drip shield, the waste package, and the fuel cladding. The requirements for development of the abstractions and the associated algorithms for the seismic scenario class are defined in ''Technical Work Plan For: Regulatory Integration Modeling of Drift Degradation, Waste Package and Drip Shield Vibratory Motion and Seismic Consequences'' (BSC 2004 [DIRS 171520]). The development of these abstractions will provide a more complete representation of flow into and transport from the EBS under disruptive events. The results from this development will also address portions of integrated subissue ENG2, Mechanical Disruption of Engineered Barriers, including the acceptance criteria for this subissue defined in Section of the ''Yucca Mountain Review Plan, Final Report'' (NRC 2003 [DIRS 163274])

  8. Reasoning abstractly about resources

    Clement, B.; Barrett, A.


    r describes a way to schedule high level activities before distributing them across multiple rovers in order to coordinate the resultant use of shared resources regardless of how each rover decides how to perform its activities. We present an algorithm for summarizing the metric resource requirements of an abstract activity based n the resource usages of its potential refinements.

  9. Abstract Film and Beyond.

    Le Grice, Malcolm

    A theoretical and historical account of the main preoccupations of makers of abstract films is presented in this book. The book's scope includes discussion of nonrepresentational forms as well as examination of experiments in the manipulation of time in films. The ten chapters discuss the following topics: art and cinematography, the first…

  10. Abstract Expression Grammar Symbolic Regression

    Korns, Michael F.

    This chapter examines the use of Abstract Expression Grammars to perform the entire Symbolic Regression process without the use of Genetic Programming per se. The techniques explored produce a symbolic regression engine which has absolutely no bloat, which allows total user control of the search space and output formulas, which is faster, and more accurate than the engines produced in our previous papers using Genetic Programming. The genome is an all vector structure with four chromosomes plus additional epigenetic and constraint vectors, allowing total user control of the search space and the final output formulas. A combination of specialized compiler techniques, genetic algorithms, particle swarm, aged layered populations, plus discrete and continuous differential evolution are used to produce an improved symbolic regression sytem. Nine base test cases, from the literature, are used to test the improvement in speed and accuracy. The improved results indicate that these techniques move us a big step closer toward future industrial strength symbolic regression systems.

  11. Virtual Machine Support for Many-Core Architectures: Decoupling Abstract from Concrete Concurrency Models

    Stefan Marr


    Full Text Available The upcoming many-core architectures require software developers to exploit concurrency to utilize available computational power. Today's high-level language virtual machines (VMs, which are a cornerstone of software development, do not provide sufficient abstraction for concurrency concepts. We analyze concrete and abstract concurrency models and identify the challenges they impose for VMs. To provide sufficient concurrency support in VMs, we propose to integrate concurrency operations into VM instruction sets. Since there will always be VMs optimized for special purposes, our goal is to develop a methodology to design instruction sets with concurrency support. Therefore, we also propose a list of trade-offs that have to be investigated to advise the design of such instruction sets. As a first experiment, we implemented one instruction set extension for shared memory and one for non-shared memory concurrency. From our experimental results, we derived a list of requirements for a full-grown experimental environment for further research.

  12. 蕴含G(o)del定理抽象形式的集合论引理%A Set-Theoretical Lemma That Implies an Abstract Form of G(o)del's Theorem

    爱德华·阿罗约; 徐利治


    We propose a simple set-theoretical lemma that implies G(o)del's Incompleteness Theorem. Also mentioned are some related consequences.%本文证明了一个集合论性质的引理,由它可直接得出G(o)del不完全性定理的抽象形式.文中还述及该引理的有关诸推论.

  13. EBS Radionuclide Transport Abstraction

    The purpose of this work is to develop the Engineered Barrier System (EBS) radionuclide transport abstraction model, as directed by a written development plan (CRWMS M and O 1999a). This abstraction is the conceptual model that will be used to determine the rate of release of radionuclides from the EBS to the unsaturated zone (UZ) in the total system performance assessment-license application (TSPA-LA). In particular, this model will be used to quantify the time-dependent radionuclide releases from a failed waste package (WP) and their subsequent transport through the EBS to the emplacement drift wall/UZ interface. The development of this conceptual model will allow Performance Assessment Operations (PAO) and its Engineered Barrier Performance Department to provide a more detailed and complete EBS flow and transport abstraction. The results from this conceptual model will allow PA0 to address portions of the key technical issues (KTIs) presented in three NRC Issue Resolution Status Reports (IRSRs): (1) the Evolution of the Near-Field Environment (ENFE), Revision 2 (NRC 1999a), (2) the Container Life and Source Term (CLST), Revision 2 (NRC 1999b), and (3) the Thermal Effects on Flow (TEF), Revision 1 (NRC 1998). The conceptual model for flow and transport in the EBS will be referred to as the ''EBS RT Abstraction'' in this analysis/modeling report (AMR). The scope of this abstraction and report is limited to flow and transport processes. More specifically, this AMR does not discuss elements of the TSPA-SR and TSPA-LA that relate to the EBS but are discussed in other AMRs. These elements include corrosion processes, radionuclide solubility limits, waste form dissolution rates and concentrations of colloidal particles that are generally represented as boundary conditions or input parameters for the EBS RT Abstraction. In effect, this AMR provides the algorithms for transporting radionuclides using the flow geometry and radionuclide concentrations determined by other

  14. Tomography in abstract Hilbert spaces

    Man'ko, V I; Simoni, A; Ventriglia, F


    The tomographic description of a quantum state is formulated in an abstract infinite dimensional Hilbert space framework, the space of the Hilbert-Schmidt linear operators, with trace formula as scalar product. Resolutions of the unity, written in terms of over-complete sets of rank-one projectors and of associated Gram-Schmidt operators taking into account their non-orthogonality, are then used to reconstruct a quantum state from its tomograms. Examples of well known tomographic descriptions illustrate the exposed theory.

  15. Abstracts of Main Essays


    The Position of Capitalist Study in Marx's Social Formation Theory Yang Xue-gong Xi Da-min The orientation and achievements of Marx's study of Capitalism or bourgeois society is the foundation of his social formation theory. On the base of his scientific study of capitalism, Marx evolves his concept of eco- nomic social formation, the scientific methodology of researching other social formations or social forms, the clues of the development of social formations, the abstraction of the general laws as well as his reflection on this abstraction. A full evaluation and acknowledgement of the position of capitalist study in Marx's social formation theory is crucial for revising Marx's social formation theory in the new era and for solving some controversial issues in the research of social formation theory.

  16. Ghana Science Abstracts

    This issue of the Ghana Science Abstracts combines in one publication all the country's bibliographic output in science and technology. The objective is to provide a quick reference source to facilitate the work of information professionals, research scientists, lecturers and policy makers. It is meant to give users an idea of the depth and scope and results of the studies and projects carried out. The scope and coverage comprise research outputs, conference proceedings and periodical articles published in Ghana. It does not capture those that were published outside Ghana. Abstracts reported have been grouped under the following subject areas: Agriculture, Biochemistry, Biodiversity conservation, biological sciences, biotechnology, chemistry, dentistry, engineering, environmental management, forestry, information management, mathematics, medicine, physics, nuclear science, pharmacy, renewable energy and science education

  17. Medical physics 2013. Abstracts

    The proceedings of the medical physics conference 2013 include abstract of lectures and poster sessions concerning the following issues: Tele-therapy - application systems, nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, neuromodulation, hearing and technical support, basic dosimetry, NMR imaging -CEST (chemical exchange saturation transfer), medical robotics, magnetic particle imaging, audiology, radiation protection, phase contrast - innovative concepts, particle therapy, brachytherapy, computerized tomography, quantity assurance, hybrid imaging techniques, diffusion and lung NMR imaging, image processing - visualization, cardiac and abdominal NMR imaging.

  18. The deleuzian abstract machines

    Werner Petersen, Erik


    in emphasis from the three syntheses to mappings and rhizomatic diagrams that cut across semiotics or “blow apart regimes of signs”. The aim here is the absolute deterritorialization. Deleuze has shown how abstract machines operate in the philosophy of Foucault, the literature of Proust and Kafka......, and the painting of Bacon. We will finish our presentation by showing how these machines apply to architecture....

  19. Historical development of abstracting.

    Skolnik, H


    The abstract, under a multitude of names, such as hypothesis, marginalia, abridgement, extract, digest, précis, resumé, and summary, has a long history, one which is concomitant with advancing scholarship. The progression of this history from the Sumerian civilization ca. 3600 B.C., through the Egyptian and Greek civilizations, the Hellenistic period, the Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and into the modern period is reviewed. PMID:399482

  20. SPR 2014. Abstracts



    The proceedings of the SPR 2014 meeting include abstracts on the following topics: Body imaging techniques: practical advice for clinic work; thoracic imaging: focus on the lungs; gastrointestinal imaging: focus on the pancreas and bowel; genitourinary imaging: focus on gonadal radiology; muscoskeletal imaging; focus on oncology; child abuse and nor child abuse: focus on radiography; impact of NMR and CT imaging on management of CHD; education and communication: art and practice in pediatric radiology.

  1. NPP life management (abstracts)

    Abstracts of the papers presented at the International conference of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society 'NPP Life Management'. The following problems are considered: modernization of the NPP; NPP life management; waste and spent nuclear fuel management; decommissioning issues; control systems (including radiation and ecological control systems); information and control systems; legal and regulatory framework. State nuclear regulatory control; PR in nuclear power; training of personnel; economics of nuclear power engineering

  2. Abstracts of the communications


    (P) paper, (A) abstract only Dietary patterns and habitat of the Grimm’s duiker, Sylvicapra grimmia in Benin, (P)Abdoul Razack Adjibi Oualiou, Jean Claude Codjia, Guy Apollinaire Mensah The distribution of protected areas and conservation of flora in the republic of Benin, (P)Aristide Adomou, Hounnankpon Yedomonhan, Brice Sinsin, Laurentius Josephus and Gerardus Van Der Maesen The problem of invasive plants in protected areas. Chromolaena odorata in the regeneration process of the dense, semi...

  3. SPR 2014. Abstracts

    The proceedings of the SPR 2014 meeting include abstracts on the following topics: Body imaging techniques: practical advice for clinic work; thoracic imaging: focus on the lungs; gastrointestinal imaging: focus on the pancreas and bowel; genitourinary imaging: focus on gonadal radiology; muscoskeletal imaging; focus on oncology; child abuse and nor child abuse: focus on radiography; impact of NMR and CT imaging on management of CHD; education and communication: art and practice in pediatric radiology.

  4. WWNPQFT-2011 - Abstracts

    The object of this workshop is to consolidate and publicize new efforts in non-perturbative field theories. This year the presentations deal with quantum gravity, non-commutative geometry, fat-tailed wave-functions, strongly coupled field theories, space-times two time-like dimensions, and multiplicative renormalization. A presentation is dedicated to the construction of a nucleon-nucleon potential from an analytical, non-perturbative gauge invariant QCD. This document gathers the abstracts of the presentations

  5. Towards Inclusive Learning Environments (TILE): Developing the "Roadmap for the Inclusion of Students with Special Educational Needs in Vocational Education and Workplace Settings"

    Smith, Andy; Bell, Sheena


    Twenty years after UNESCO's Salamanca Statement enshrined international action for provision for children, youth and adults with special educational needs within the regular educational system, this article presents the current underpinning international and national UK context for developing inclusion in vocational education and training and…

  6. Abstracting Asynchronous Multi-Valued Networks

    J. Steggles


    Full Text Available Multi-valued networks (MVNs provide a simple yet expressive qualitative state based modelling approach for biological systems. In this paper we develop an abstraction theory for asynchronous MVNs that allows the state space of a model to be reduced while preserving key properties. The abstraction theory therefore provides a mechanism for coping with the state space explosion problem and supports the analysis and comparison of MVNs. We take as our starting point the abstraction theory for synchronous MVNs which uses the under- approximation approach of trace set inclusion. We show this definition of asynchronous abstraction allows the sound inference of analysis properties and preserves other interesting model properties. One problem that arises in the asynchronous case is that the trace set of an MVN can be infinite making a simple trace set inclusion check infeasible. To address this we develop a decision procedure for checking asynchronous abstractions based on using the finite state graph of an asynchronous MVN to reason about its trace semantics and formally show that this decision procedure is correct. We illustrate the abstraction techniques developed by considering two detailed case studies in which asynchronous abstractions are identified and validated for existing asynchronous MVN models taken from the literature.

  7. EBS Radionuclide Transport Abstraction

    The purpose of this report is to develop and analyze the engineered barrier system (EBS) radionuclide transport abstraction model, consistent with Level I and Level II model validation, as identified in Technical Work Plan for: Near-Field Environment and Transport: Engineered Barrier System: Radionuclide Transport Abstraction Model Report Integration (BSC 2005 [DIRS 173617]). The EBS radionuclide transport abstraction (or EBS RT Abstraction) is the conceptual model used in the total system performance assessment (TSPA) to determine the rate of radionuclide releases from the EBS to the unsaturated zone (UZ). The EBS RT Abstraction conceptual model consists of two main components: a flow model and a transport model. Both models are developed mathematically from first principles in order to show explicitly what assumptions, simplifications, and approximations are incorporated into the models used in the TSPA. The flow model defines the pathways for water flow in the EBS and specifies how the flow rate is computed in each pathway. Input to this model includes the seepage flux into a drift. The seepage flux is potentially split by the drip shield, with some (or all) of the flux being diverted by the drip shield and some passing through breaches in the drip shield that might result from corrosion or seismic damage. The flux through drip shield breaches is potentially split by the waste package, with some (or all) of the flux being diverted by the waste package and some passing through waste package breaches that might result from corrosion or seismic damage. Neither the drip shield nor the waste package survives an igneous intrusion, so the flux splitting submodel is not used in the igneous scenario class. The flow model is validated in an independent model validation technical review. The drip shield and waste package flux splitting algorithms are developed and validated using experimental data. The transport model considers advective transport and diffusive transport

  8. Program and abstracts

    This volume contains the program and abstracts of the conference. The following topics are included: metal vapor molecular lasers, magnetohydrodynamics, rare gas halide and nuclear pumped lasers, transfer mechanisms in arcs, kinetic processes in rare gas halide lasers, arcs and flows, XeF kinetics and lasers, fundamental processes in excimer lasers, electrode effects and vacuum arcs, electron and ion transport, ion interactions and mobilities, glow discharges, diagnostics and afterglows, dissociative recombination, electron ionization and excitation, rare gas excimers and group VI lasers, breakdown, novel laser pumping techniques, electrode-related discharge phenomena, photon interactions, attachment, plasma chemistry and infrared lasers, electron scattering, and reactions of excited species

  9. Circularity and Lambda Abstraction

    Danvy, Olivier; Thiemann, Peter; Zerny, Ian


    In this tribute to Doaitse Swierstra, we present the rst transformation between lazy circular programs a la Bird and strict cir- cular programs a la Pettorossi. Circular programs a la Bird rely on lazy recursive binding: they involve circular unknowns and make sense equa- tionally. Circular...... unknowns from what is done to them, which we lambda-abstract with functions. The circular unknowns then become dead variables, which we eliminate. The result is a strict circu- lar program a la Pettorossi. This transformation is reversible: given a strict circular program a la Pettorossi, we introduce...


    Drift seepage refers to flow of liquid water into repository emplacement drifts, where it can potentially contribute to degradation of the engineered systems and release and transport of radionuclides within the drifts. Because of these important effects, seepage into emplacement drifts is listed as a ''principal factor for the postclosure safety case'' in the screening criteria for grading of data in Attachment 1 of AP-3.15Q, Rev. 2, ''Managing Technical Product Inputs''. Abstraction refers to distillation of the essential components of a process model into a form suitable for use in total-system performance assessment (TSPA). Thus, the purpose of this analysis/model is to put the information generated by the seepage process modeling in a form appropriate for use in the TSPA for the Site Recommendation. This report also supports the Unsaturated-Zone Flow and Transport Process Model Report. The scope of the work is discussed below. This analysis/model is governed by the ''Technical Work Plan for Unsaturated Zone Flow and Transport Process Model Report'' (CRWMS MandO 2000a). Details of this activity are in Addendum A of the technical work plan. The original Work Direction and Planning Document is included as Attachment 7 of Addendum A. Note that the Work Direction and Planning Document contains tasks identified for both Performance Assessment Operations (PAO) and Natural Environment Program Operations (NEPO). Only the PAO tasks are documented here. The planning for the NEPO activities is now in Addendum D of the same technical work plan and the work is documented in a separate report (CRWMS MandO 2000b). The Project has been reorganized since the document was written. The responsible organizations in the new structure are the Performance Assessment Department and the Unsaturated Zone Department, respectively. The work plan for the seepage abstraction calls for determining an appropriate abstraction methodology, determining uncertainties in seepage, and providing

  11. ESPR 2015. Abstracts



    The volume includes the abstracts of the ESPR 2015 covering the following topics: PCG (post graduate courses): Radiography; fluoroscopy and general issue; nuclear medicine, interventional radiology and hybrid imaging, pediatric CT, pediatric ultrasound; MRI in childhood. Scientific sessions and task force sessions: International aspects; neuroradiology, neonatal imaging, engineering techniques to simulate injury in child abuse, CT - dose and quality, challenges in the chest, cardiovascular and chest, muscoskeletal, oncology, pediatric uroradiology and abdominal imaging, fetal and postmortem imaging, education and global challenges, neuroradiology - head and neck, gastrointestinal and genitourinary.

  12. IPR 2016. Abstracts

    The volume on the meeting of pediatric radiology includes abstract on the following issues: chest, cardiovascular system, neuroradiology, CT radiation DRs (diagnostic reference levels) and dose reporting guidelines, genitourinary imaging, gastrointestinal radiology, oncology an nuclear medicine, whole body imaging, fetal/neonates imaging, child abuse, oncology and hybrid imaging, value added imaging, muscoskeletal imaging, dose and radiation safety, imaging children - immobilization and distraction techniques, information - education - QI and healthcare policy, ALARA, the knowledge skills and competences for a technologist/radiographer in pediatric radiology, full exploitation of new technological features in pediatric CT, image quality issues in pediatrics, abdominal imaging, interventional radiology, MR contrast agents, tumor - mass imaging, cardiothoracic imaging, ultrasonography.

  13. Abstracts of Major Articles


    On Problems in Fujian's Present Health Insurance Professionals and Related Suggestions LIN Deng-hui,WU Xiao-nan (School of Public Health, Fujian Medical University, Fuzhou 350108, China) Abstract:Based on a statistical analysis of questionnaire survey data collected from practitioners in Fu- jian's medical insurance management system, the paper discusses the problems relevant to the staff's qua lity structure in this industry as well as mechanisms for continuing education and motivation. Finally, the authors advance such suggestions as increasing the levels of practitioner's expertise and working capacity by developing disciplinary education and continuing motivated with a well-established motivation system. education, and encouraging employees to get highly

  14. IPR 2016. Abstracts



    The volume on the meeting of pediatric radiology includes abstract on the following issues: chest, cardiovascular system, neuroradiology, CT radiation DRs (diagnostic reference levels) and dose reporting guidelines, genitourinary imaging, gastrointestinal radiology, oncology an nuclear medicine, whole body imaging, fetal/neonates imaging, child abuse, oncology and hybrid imaging, value added imaging, muscoskeletal imaging, dose and radiation safety, imaging children - immobilization and distraction techniques, information - education - QI and healthcare policy, ALARA, the knowledge skills and competences for a technologist/radiographer in pediatric radiology, full exploitation of new technological features in pediatric CT, image quality issues in pediatrics, abdominal imaging, interventional radiology, MR contrast agents, tumor - mass imaging, cardiothoracic imaging, ultrasonography.

  15. An Abstract Machine for Unification Grammars

    Wintner, S


    This work describes the design and implementation of an abstract machine, Amalia, for the linguistic formalism ALE, which is based on typed feature structures. This formalism is one of the most widely accepted in computational linguistics and has been used for designing grammars in various linguistic theories, most notably HPSG. Amalia is composed of data structures and a set of instructions, augmented by a compiler from the grammatical formalism to the abstract instructions, and a (portable) interpreter of the abstract instructions. The effect of each instruction is defined using a low-level language that can be executed on ordinary hardware. The advantages of the abstract machine approach are twofold. From a theoretical point of view, the abstract machine gives a well-defined operational semantics to the grammatical formalism. This ensures that grammars specified using our system are endowed with well defined meaning. It enables, for example, to formally verify the correctness of a compiler for HPSG, given ...



    Time : the Creating Space This paper presents a new conception : Time is a new dimensionality in space. That means time is space. To be detailed, time is space that is constructing rather than space that has been constructed. That is to say, re- alistic space is consisted of time, while time is the new special dimensionality that is constructing. The process from time to space is a consuming one from low entropy to high entropy. In this way, the time continuity is con- densed to space extension.

  17. EBS Radionuclide Transport Abstraction

    J.D. Schreiber


    The purpose of this report is to develop and analyze the engineered barrier system (EBS) radionuclide transport abstraction model, consistent with Level I and Level II model validation, as identified in ''Technical Work Plan for: Near-Field Environment and Transport: Engineered Barrier System: Radionuclide Transport Abstraction Model Report Integration'' (BSC 2005 [DIRS 173617]). The EBS radionuclide transport abstraction (or EBS RT Abstraction) is the conceptual model used in the total system performance assessment for the license application (TSPA-LA) to determine the rate of radionuclide releases from the EBS to the unsaturated zone (UZ). The EBS RT Abstraction conceptual model consists of two main components: a flow model and a transport model. Both models are developed mathematically from first principles in order to show explicitly what assumptions, simplifications, and approximations are incorporated into the models used in the TSPA-LA. The flow model defines the pathways for water flow in the EBS and specifies how the flow rate is computed in each pathway. Input to this model includes the seepage flux into a drift. The seepage flux is potentially split by the drip shield, with some (or all) of the flux being diverted by the drip shield and some passing through breaches in the drip shield that might result from corrosion or seismic damage. The flux through drip shield breaches is potentially split by the waste package, with some (or all) of the flux being diverted by the waste package and some passing through waste package breaches that might result from corrosion or seismic damage. Neither the drip shield nor the waste package survives an igneous intrusion, so the flux splitting submodel is not used in the igneous scenario class. The flow model is validated in an independent model validation technical review. The drip shield and waste package flux splitting algorithms are developed and validated using experimental data. The transport

  18. Object-oriented programming with gradual abstraction

    Nørmark, Kurt; Thomsen, Lone Leth; Thomsen, Bent


    We describe an experimental object-oriented programming language, ASL2, that supports program development by means of a series of abstraction steps. The language allows immediate object construction, and it is possible to use the constructed objects for concrete problem solving tasks. Classes...... restrictive. As a central mechanism, weakly classified objects are allowed to borrow methods from each other. ASL2 supports class generalization, as a counterpart to class specialization and inheritance in mainstream object-oriented programming languages. The final abstraction step discussed in this paper...

  19. Engineering Abstractions in Model Checking and Testing

    Achenbach, Michael; Ostermann, Klaus


    Abstractions are used in model checking to tackle problems like state space explosion or modeling of IO. The application of these abstractions in real software development processes, however, lacks engineering support. This is one reason why model checking is not widely used in practice yet and...... testing is still state of the art in falsification. We show how user-defined abstractions can be integrated into a Java PathFinder setting with tools like AspectJ or Javassist and discuss implications of remaining weaknesses of these tools. We believe that a principled engineering approach to designing...

  20. Contents and Abstracts


    [Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations] Title: On Poseidon's Image in Homeric Epics Author: Zhu Yizhang, Lecturer, School of History and Culture, Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong, 250100, China. Abstract: Poseidon was an important role in religion, myth and literature of ancient Greece. His religious functions, and status in mythical image in literature were mainly established by Homeric Epics. Poseidon doesn't only appear frequently in the Homeric Epics but also influences the development of the plots directly; therefore, he could be seen as one of the most important gods in the Epics. But Homeric Epics do not introduce his basic image clearly. In Homeric Epics, Poseidon carries the deity and humanity aspect of the figure, and the latter was emphasized, which implied his archetype was a mortal wanax.



    Comparative Study on Adhesion Effect Among Different Materials of Sepia esculenta Wang Xue-mei et al. (1) Abstract PE Harness, mesh, sea cucumber seedling box attached, sorghum bar, tamarix (fresh, and old), artemisia annua (fresh, and old) and artificial egg-based subsidiary were used as spawning substrates of Sepia esculenta for comparative study on adhesion effect during artificial breeding. The results showed that the best was artificial egg-based subsidiary produced by the process of invention in this study. The second was old artemisia annua and tamarix. PE Harness, mesh, sea cucumber seedling box attached, sorghum bar were unsatisfactory for using as spawning substrates of Sepia esculenta. Key words Sepia esculenta; adhesion effect; different materials

  2. A LARI Experience (Abstract)

    Cook, M.


    (Abstract only) In 2012, Lowell Observatory launched The Lowell Amateur Research Initiative (LARI) to formally involve amateur astronomers in scientific research by bringing them to the attention of and helping professional astronomers with their astronomical research. One of the LARI projects is the BVRI photometric monitoring of Young Stellar Objects (YSOs), wherein amateurs obtain observations to search for new outburst events and characterize the colour evolution of previously identified outbursters. A summary of the scientific and organizational aspects of this LARI project, including its goals and science motivation, the process for getting involved with the project, a description of the team members, their equipment and methods of collaboration, and an overview of the programme stars, preliminary findings, and lessons learned is presented.

  3. Abstracts of Selected Papers


    On the Social Solidarity of Organization An Empirical Analysis Li Hanlin Abstract: Based on the 2002 survey data, this paper tries to measure solidarity in organization. The operationalization for this measurement goes from two points of view. One is from the degree of cohesion and another one is from the degree of vulnerability. To observe and measure the degree of cohesion three subscales like social support, vertical integration and organizational identity have been used. To observe and measure the degree of vulnerability other three subscales like dissatisfaction, relative deprivation and anomie have been used. The paper tries to explore finally under which condition the organization behavior and behavior orientation could go to the similarity or make some difference. Key words: Organization Cohesion Vulnerability Organization Behavior



    Determination of the Estrogen Alkylphenols and Bisphenol A in Marine Sediments by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Deng Xu-xiu et al. (1) Abstract Octylphenol, nonylphenol and bisphenol A are recognized environmental endocrine disruptors. A quantitative method was established for the simultaneous determination of octylphenol, nonylphenol and bisphenol A in marine sediments by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The test sample was extracted by methanol with ultrasonic technique, purified with copper powder and carbon solid phase extraction column, and derived with heptafluorobutyric anhydride. Then the analytes were separated on HP-5ms column and determined by gas chromatography-mass. The recovery of the method was between 84.3% and 94.5%, and the LOQ of 4-N- octylphenol, nonylphenol and bisphenol A was 0.25 g/kg, 0.15 g/kg and 0.15 g/kg. Key words octylphenol; nonylphenol; bisphenol A; gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

  5. ICENES 2007 Abstracts

    In this book Conference Program and Abstracts were included 13th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems which held between 03-08 June 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey. The main objective of International Conference series on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems (ICENES) is to provide an international scientific and technical forum for scientists, engineers, industry leaders, policy makers, decision makers and young professionals who will shape future energy supply and technology , for a broad review and discussion of various advanced, innovative and non-conventional nuclear energy production systems. The main topics of 159 accepted papers from 35 countries are fusion science and technology, fission reactors, accelerator driven systems, transmutation, laser in nuclear technology, radiation shielding, nuclear reactions, hydrogen energy, solar energy, low energy physics and societal issues

  6. Relationship between primary and specialized care in a screening program for early detection of breast cancer set up by a county hospital

    To present another approach to early detection of, or screening for, breast cancer in a health care based on the coordination between specialized care and primary care teams and the optimal use of the available human and technological resources. All the women between the ages of 50 and 65 years (n=3548) were studied. Their medical histories were recorded and their breasts were examined by their specialists. They then underwent mammography and, on the same day when indicated, ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration biopsy, carried out by the breast cancer screening specialists. A total of 2562 mammographies were performed. The response rate was 72.21%. Fourteen malignant tumors were detected. There was a mean interval of 3 days between mammography and the receipt of the results by the primary care physician, of 5 days for the patient to learn of the results, and of 14 days for surgical treatment to be carried out in the case of breast cancer. The good coordination and relationship between the women who participate in the program and the specialized and primary care physicians facilitates early breast cancer detection in a health care area. The rapid and personalized notification of the results by the primary care physician and their conveyance, in the case of malignant disease, to the specialist in the management of breast cancer ensure an effective, practical and smoothly run program that adapts to the particular circumstance of the female population it is designed to assist. (Author) 48 refs

  7. Treatment of adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer in a multidisciplinary setting: on the way to a highly specialized AYA unit.

    Bernig, T; Jahn, F; Witkowsky, S; Huehn, R; Hentschel, A; Kegel, T; Schmoll, H-J; Körholz, D


    Further survival improvements of adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer are clearly affected by biological characteristics of the malignancies and age-specific needs. Multidisciplinary teams drawing expertice from both pediatric and adult cancer teams as well as clinical trials are required to meet the age specific needs of AYA patients with cancer. In 2011, the first AYA unit was established at the University Hospital Halle (Saale), where patients with newly-diagnosed cancer aged 15-25 are treated interdisciplinary by pediatric and adult oncologists. The enrollment into pediatric or adult clinical trials is controlled by age 18. Over the last 2 years, 19 AYA with cancer have been treated at the unit; and, in turn patients and their relatives reflected a high satisfaction with the offered novel health care approach. In the scope of the future Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University Hospital Halle (Saale), a complete ward is planned for all admitted AYA up to 25 years with cancer. The patients will be treated by a tumor-specialized multidisciplinary team of adult or pediatric oncologists and oncological surgeons. Therefore, we intend to establish a special teaching curriculum for physicians, nurses and psychosocial health care staff. Rather than age, cancer biology of a malignancy, surveillance data of late side effects as well as the age-specific needs of AYA patients will be crucial for best treatment options. PMID:24166088

  8. Contents, Abstracts and Keywords


    The Ethnic Minority Rights from the Angle of Multiculturalism Zhou Shaoqing(1) Abstract: Historically, multiculturalism was closely related to the ethnic minority rights. Currently there are two features in the research on multiculturalism and the ethnic minority rights. One is that most researchers do not strictly distinguish the different dimensions of multiculturalism, the other is that they tend to regard only multiculturalism as a theory of the ethnic minority rights, and less attach its importance to the multi-ethnie state construction. The thesis argues that multiculturalism has at least five dimensions, such as fact, theory, ideology, policy, and normative principle. The concept of the ethnic minority rights in each dimension has its special meaning and effect. The ethnic minority rights protection and the multi-ethnic state construction are two different aspects in the same historical process. Multiculturalism is not only a theory of the ethnic minority rights, but also an important supportive theory of the multi-ethnic state construction.

  9. Teaching for Abstraction: A Model

    White, Paul; Mitchelmore, Michael C.


    This article outlines a theoretical model for teaching elementary mathematical concepts that we have developed over the past 10 years. We begin with general ideas about the abstraction process and differentiate between "abstract-general" and "abstract-apart" concepts. A 4-phase model of teaching, called Teaching for Abstraction, is then proposed…

  10. Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations. Abstracts

    The purpose of the conference was to bring together people working in the field of quantum optics, with special emphasis on non-classical light sources and related areas, quantum computing, statistical mechanics and mathematical physics. As a novelty, this edition will include the topics of quantum imaging, quantum phase noise and number theory in quantum mechanics. This document gives the program of the conference and gathers the abstracts

  11. An abstract approach to music.

    Kaper, H. G.; Tipei, S.


    In this article we have outlined a formal framework for an abstract approach to music and music composition. The model is formulated in terms of objects that have attributes, obey relationships, and are subject to certain well-defined operations. The motivation for this approach uses traditional terms and concepts of music theory, but the approach itself is formal and uses the language of mathematics. The universal object is an audio wave; partials, sounds, and compositions are special objects, which are placed in a hierarchical order based on time scales. The objects have both static and dynamic attributes. When we realize a composition, we assign values to each of its attributes: a (scalar) value to a static attribute, an envelope and a size to a dynamic attribute. A composition is then a trajectory in the space of aural events, and the complex audio wave is its formal representation. Sounds are fibers in the space of aural events, from which the composer weaves the trajectory of a composition. Each sound object in turn is made up of partials, which are the elementary building blocks of any music composition. The partials evolve on the fastest time scale in the hierarchy of partials, sounds, and compositions. The ideas outlined in this article are being implemented in a digital instrument for additive sound synthesis and in software for music composition. A demonstration of some preliminary results has been submitted by the authors for presentation at the conference.

  12. Stellar Presentations (Abstract)

    Young, D.


    (Abstract only) The AAVSO is in the process of expanding its education, outreach and speakers bureau program. powerpoint presentations prepared for specific target audiences such as AAVSO members, educators, students, the general public, and Science Olympiad teams, coaches, event supervisors, and state directors will be available online for members to use. The presentations range from specific and general content relating to stellar evolution and variable stars to specific activities for a workshop environment. A presentation—even with a general topic—that works for high school students will not work for educators, Science Olympiad teams, or the general public. Each audience is unique and requires a different approach. The current environment necessitates presentations that are captivating for a younger generation that is embedded in a highly visual and sound-bite world of social media, twitter and U-Tube, and mobile devices. For educators, presentations and workshops for themselves and their students must support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the Common Core Content Standards, and the Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative. Current best practices for developing relevant and engaging powerpoint presentations to deliver information to a variety of targeted audiences will be presented along with several examples.

  13. Automated Supernova Discovery (Abstract)

    Post, R. S.


    (Abstract only) We are developing a system of robotic telescopes for automatic recognition of Supernovas as well as other transient events in collaboration with the Puckett Supernova Search Team. At the SAS2014 meeting, the discovery program, SNARE, was first described. Since then, it has been continuously improved to handle searches under a wide variety of atmospheric conditions. Currently, two telescopes are used to build a reference library while searching for PSN with a partial library. Since data is taken every night without clouds, we must deal with varying atmospheric and high background illumination from the moon. Software is configured to identify a PSN, reshoot for verification with options to change the run plan to acquire photometric or spectrographic data. The telescopes are 24-inch CDK24, with Alta U230 cameras, one in CA and one in NM. Images and run plans are sent between sites so the CA telescope can search while photometry is done in NM. Our goal is to find bright PSNs with magnitude 17.5 or less which is the limit of our planned spectroscopy. We present results from our first automated PSN discoveries and plans for PSN data acquisition.

  14. Book of Abstracts

    ANIMMA 2013 is the third of a series of conferences devoted to endorsing and promoting scientific and technical activities based on nuclear instrumentation and measurements. The main objective of ANIMMA conference is to unite the various scientific communities not only involved in nuclear instrumentation and measurements, but also in nuclear medicine and radiation. The conference is all about getting scientists, engineers and the industry to meet, exchange cultures and identify new scientific and technical prospects to help overcome both current and future unresolved issues. The conference provides scientists and engineers with a veritable opportunity to compare their latest research and development in different areas: physics, nuclear energy, nuclear fuel cycle, safety, security, future energies (GEN III+, GENIV, ITER, ...). The conference topics include instrumentation and measurement methods for: Fundamental physics; Fusion diagnostics and technology; Nuclear power reactors; Research reactors; Nuclear fuel cycle; Decommissioning, dismantling and remote handling; Safeguards, homeland security; Severe accident monitoring; Environmental and medical sciences; Education, training and outreach. This document brings together the abstracts of the presentations. Each presentation (full paper) is analysed separately and entered in INIS

  15. SENSE 2010, Abstracts

    The microscopic origin of unconventional superconductivity continues to attract the attention of the condensed matter community. Whereas rare-earth / actinide-based intermetallic and copper oxide-based high temperature superconductors are studied for more than twenty years, the iron-based superconductors have been in the focus of interest since their recent discovery. Inelastic neutron scattering experiments have been of particular importance for the understanding of the magnetic and superconducting properties of these compounds. With its 29 talks and 14 posters the workshop provided a forum for the 71 registered participants to review and discuss experimental achievements, recognize the observed synergy and differences as well as discuss theoretical efforts to identify the symmetry of the superconducting order parameter in addition to the coupling mechanisms of the Cooper pairs. The workshop covered different topics relevant for the study of unconventional superconductivity. Magnetization and lattice dynamics such as spin resonances, phonons, magnetic and other excitations as studied by spectroscopic methods were presented. Investigations of (doping, pressure and magnetic field dependent) phase diagrams, electronic states as well as vortex physics by the various diffraction techniques were also addressed. This document gathers only the abstracts of the papers. (authors)

  16. From Abstraction to Transformation

    Ribers, Bjørn

    experience the other subjects ‘being in existence’ a transformation of the personality takes place and a deeper understanding and compassion for ‘the other’ is integrated. Ethical judgment is a demanding and inescapable aspect of social work; hence, the educational institutions are compelled to prioritise......This paper presents perspectives on ethical dimensions and social dilemmas encountered in the professional work of social welfare practitioners in Denmark. The paper draws on examples from an ethnographic study of the subjective experiences of professionals with practice and the educational setting...

  17. Abstraction of Drift Seepage

    J.T. Birkholzer


    This model report documents the abstraction of drift seepage, conducted to provide seepage-relevant parameters and their probability distributions for use in Total System Performance Assessment for License Application (TSPA-LA). Drift seepage refers to the flow of liquid water into waste emplacement drifts. Water that seeps into drifts may contact waste packages and potentially mobilize radionuclides, and may result in advective transport of radionuclides through breached waste packages [''Risk Information to Support Prioritization of Performance Assessment Models'' (BSC 2003 [DIRS 168796], Section 3.3.2)]. The unsaturated rock layers overlying and hosting the repository form a natural barrier that reduces the amount of water entering emplacement drifts by natural subsurface processes. For example, drift seepage is limited by the capillary barrier forming at the drift crown, which decreases or even eliminates water flow from the unsaturated fractured rock into the drift. During the first few hundred years after waste emplacement, when above-boiling rock temperatures will develop as a result of heat generated by the decay of the radioactive waste, vaporization of percolation water is an additional factor limiting seepage. Estimating the effectiveness of these natural barrier capabilities and predicting the amount of seepage into drifts is an important aspect of assessing the performance of the repository. The TSPA-LA therefore includes a seepage component that calculates the amount of seepage into drifts [''Total System Performance Assessment (TSPA) Model/Analysis for the License Application'' (BSC 2004 [DIRS 168504], Section]. The TSPA-LA calculation is performed with a probabilistic approach that accounts for the spatial and temporal variability and inherent uncertainty of seepage-relevant properties and processes. Results are used for subsequent TSPA-LA components that may handle, for example, waste package

  18. International Specialization

    Kleindienst, Ingo; Geisler Asmussen, Christian; Hutzschenreuter, Thomas;


    Whether and how international diversification and cross-border arbitrage affects firm performance remains one of the major unresolved research questions in the strategy and international business literatures. We propose that knowing how much a firm has internationally diversified tells us very...... little about performance implications, if we do not know, and do not ask, how the firm has diversified. Therefore, building on the two broad arguments of operating flexibility and location-specific commitment, we develop a theoretical framework that focuses on the extent to which a firm's international...... arbitrage strategy is characterized by specialization versus replication and argue that these different strategies may have differential impact on profitability and risk reduction. Developing a sophisticated measure of international specialization and using a unique panel data set of 92 German MNEs to test...

  19. Dealing With Abstraction: Reducing Abstraction in Teaching (RAiT)

    Subedi, Krishna Prasad


    One of the most important challenges for mathematics teachers involves dealing with mathematical abstraction, specifically; figuring out efficient ways to translate abstract concepts into more easily understandable ideas for their students. Reducing abstraction is one of the theoretical frameworks originally proposed by Hazzan (1991) to examine how learners deal with mathematical abstraction while working with new mathematical tasks or concepts. However, very little is known about how teache...

  20. The Semantic Richness of Abstract Concepts

    Gabriel Recchia


    Full Text Available We contrasted the predictive power of three measures of semantic richness—number of features (NF, contextual dispersion (CD, and a novel measure of number of semantic neighbors (NSN—for a large set of concrete and abstract concepts on lexical decision and naming tasks. NSN (but not NF facilitated processing for abstract concepts, while NF (but not NSN facilitated processing for the most concrete concepts, consistent with claims that linguistic information is more relevant for abstract concepts in early processing. Additionally, converging evidence from two datasets suggests that when NSN and CD are controlled for, the features that most facilitate processing are those associated with a concept’s physical characteristics and real-world contexts. These results suggest that rich linguistic contexts (many semantic neighbors facilitate early activation of abstract concepts, whereas concrete concepts benefit more from rich physical contexts (many associated objects and locations.

  1. Abstracts of Selected Papers


    Requirement and Orientation Philosophy and of the Innovation of China's Social Sciences He Peiyu, Huang Hai The national 12th fiveyear plan addresses that "we will develop philosophy and social sciences, promoting innovation in academic disciplines, academic viewpoints and research methods, and promoting innovation system construction of philosophy and social sciences, carrying out The Innovation of Philoso- phy and Social Science Engineering, blooming and developing philosophy and social sciences". Our country sets The Innovation of Philosophy and Social Science Engineering for the first time and makes it rise to the national strategic level. This is not only the mission entrusted by the times to people working in the fields of philosophy and social sciences but also the objective requirement of social development. Nowadays,

  2. Abstracts and Key Words


    Religion, State and Civil Religion: Assumption and Practice of Confucian Religion in the Course of Nation-state Construction CAN Chun-song Abstract: In late Qing Dynasty and the early years of the Republic of China, Kang You-wei made a proposal to set Confucian religion as state religion. After analyzing carefully Kang's related texts, however, it can be shown that Kang had unique understandings of "religion" and "state religion". Kang defined Confucianism as religion in the sense of cultivation, and emphasized that the function of Confucianism was moral education. Kang's understanding of "state religion" aims to conserve Chinese traditional cultures and customs, shape the identity of nation-state, and enhance the state's cohesion. In this sense, Kang's definition of "national religion" is similar to to Bellah's "civil religion".

  3. Icone-9 (Abstract)

    Full text of publication follows: in today's global energy environment, nuclear power plant managers need to consider many dimensions of risk in addition to nuclear safety risk. In order to stay competitive in modern energy markets, NPP managers must integrate management of production, safety, and economic risks in an effective way. This integrated risk management approach generates benefits that include the following: -) Clearer criteria for decision making; -) Levering investments made in probabilistic safety analysis (PSA) programs by applying these analyses to other areas and contexts; -) Cost consciousness and innovation in achieving nuclear safety and production goals; -) Communication improvement - more effective internal communication among all levels of the NPP operating organization, and clearer communication between the organization and its stakeholders; -) Focus on safety - ensuring an integrated focus on safety, production, and economics during times of change in the energy environment. The IAEA is now preparing a technical document that provides a comprehensive framework for Risk Management (RM) as a tool to enhance the performance of NPPs. It aims to explore the wider context of risk (safety, operations, financial/commercial, strategic), with a goal of providing a source document for use by managers of NPPs and operating organizations. This report describes the steps of the risk management process and provides examples of implementation. Because of its generic nature, this framework can be used for large-scale proposals as well as smaller ventures. The intended audience for this document encompasses all levels of operating organization management including managers responsible for setting policy on safety, operational, and commercial/financial aspects of NPP operation and the hands-on managers directly implementing the organization's policies. This report sets out a framework for application of integrated risk management to improve NPP performance

  4. Recent abstracts in biochemical technology

    R R Siva Kiran; Brijesh P


    “Recent abstracts in biochemical technology” is a collection of interesting research articles published in “List of biochemical technology journals” (Table 1). The abstracts are most likely to report significant results in biochemical technology.

  5. Contents and structure of abstracts

    Nemecková, Lenka; Dobrovolný, Viktor; Šauperl, Alenka; Jamar, Nina; Veselá, Eliška


    Purpose - Publishers of some scientific journals and the ISO standard require or recommend specific information to be present in abstracts. However little is known whether this is what scientists give when they write abstracts. The structure of abstracts was tested in Czech, Slovenian and international scientific journals in the English language in the areas of library and information science and materials science. Design/methodology/approach - One hundred research paper abstracts were select...

  6. Convex Hull Abstraction in Specialisation of CLP Programs

    Peralta, J.C.; Gallagher, John Patrick


    We introduce an abstract domain consisting of atomic formulas constrained by linear arithmetic constraints (or convex hulls). This domain is used in an algorithm for specialization of constraint logic programs. The algorithm incorporates in a single phase both top-down goal directed propagation a...... programs containing arithmetic, as well as constraint logic programs. Assignments, inequalities and equalities with arithmetic expressions can be interpreted as constraints during specialization, thus increasing the amount of specialization that can be achieved....

  7. Specialized Elections

    Page, Scott E.


    This paper introduces specialized elections. A specialized election randomly assigns each voter to one election, freeing her of voting responsibilities in other elections. By reducing voters' responsibilities, specialized elections encourage more information acquisition. Specialized elections also make campaigning less costly. A shortcoming of specialized elections is the increase in outcome variance resulting from the sampling effect. Whether or not specialized elections improve democratic o...

  8. Abstract Level Parallelization of Finite Difference Methods

    Edwin Vollebregt


    Full Text Available A formalism is proposed for describing finite difference calculations in an abstract way. The formalism consists of index sets and stencils, for characterizing the structure of sets of data items and interactions between data items (“neighbouring relations”. The formalism provides a means for lifting programming to a more abstract level. This simplifies the tasks of performance analysis and verification of correctness, and opens the way for automaticcode generation. The notation is particularly useful in parallelization, for the systematic construction of parallel programs in a process/channel programming paradigm (e.g., message passing. This is important because message passing, unfortunately, still is the only approach that leads to acceptable performance for many more unstructured or irregular problems on parallel computers that have non-uniform memory access times. It will be shown that the use of index sets and stencils greatly simplifies the determination of which data must be exchanged between different computing processes.

  9. Nuclear code abstracts (1975 edition)

    Nuclear Code Abstracts is compiled in the Nuclear Code Committee to exchange information of the nuclear code developments among members of the committee. Enlarging the collection, the present one includes nuclear code abstracts obtained in 1975 through liaison officers of the organizations in Japan participating in the Nuclear Energy Agency's Computer Program Library at Ispra, Italy. The classification of nuclear codes and the format of code abstracts are the same as those in the library. (auth.)

  10. Mechanical Engineering Department technical abstracts

    Denney, R.M. (ed.)


    The Mechanical Engineering Department publishes listings of technical abstracts twice a year to inform readers of the broad range of technical activities in the Department, and to promote an exchange of ideas. Details of the work covered by an abstract may be obtained by contacting the author(s). Overall information about current activities of each of the Department's seven divisions precedes the technical abstracts.

  11. Mechanical Engineering Department technical abstracts

    The Mechanical Engineering Department publishes listings of technical abstracts twice a year to inform readers of the broad range of technical activities in the Department, and to promote an exchange of ideas. Details of the work covered by an abstract may be obtained by contacting the author(s). Overall information about current activities of each of the Department's seven divisions precedes the technical abstracts

  12. Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat

    Bergman, Aeron; Salinas, Alejandra


    Gruppeutstilling. Samarbeidspartner: Alejandra Salinas. ABSTRACT YOUR SHIT IS Video loop and billboard. Eastside Projects, Birmingham UK Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat Curated by Maria Lind 6 October - 1 December 2012. Invited artists: José León Cerrillo, Zachary Formwalt, Goldin+Senneby, Wade Guyton, Yelena Popova, Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman. Visningssted: Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK. Se også:

  13. A first graduate course in abstract algebra

    Wickless, WJ


    Since abstract algebra is so important to the study of advanced mathematics, it is critical that students have a firm grasp of its principles and underlying theories before moving on to further study. To accomplish this, they require a concise, accessible, user-friendly textbook that is both challenging and stimulating. A First Graduate Course in Abstract Algebra is just such a textbook.Divided into two sections, this book covers both the standard topics (groups, modules, rings, and vector spaces) associated with abstract algebra and more advanced topics such as Galois fields, noncommutative rings, group extensions, and Abelian groups. The author includes review material where needed instead of in a single chapter, giving convenient access with minimal page turning. He also provides ample examples, exercises, and problem sets to reinforce the material. This book illustrates the theory of finitely generated modules over principal ideal domains, discusses tensor products, and demonstrates the development of det...

  14. Knowledge Abstraction in Chinese Chess Endgame Databases

    Chen, Bo-Nian; Liu, Pangfeng; Hsu, Shun-Chin; Hsu, Tsan-Sheng

    Retrograde analysis is a well known approach to construct endgame databases. However, the size of the endgame databases are too large to be loaded into the main memory of a computer during tournaments. In this paper, a novel knowledge abstraction strategy is proposed to compress endgame databases. The goal is to obtain succinct knowledge for practical endgames. A specialized goal-oriented search method is described and applied on the important endgame KRKNMM. The method of combining a search algorithm with a small size of knowledge is used to handle endgame positions up to a limited depth, but with a high degree of correctness.

  15. Program specialization

    Marlet, Renaud


    This book presents the principles and techniques of program specialization - a general method to make programs faster (and possibly smaller) when some inputs can be known in advance. As an illustration, it describes the architecture of Tempo, an offline program specializer for C that can also specialize code at runtime, and provides figures for concrete applications in various domains. Technical details address issues related to program analysis precision, value reification, incomplete program specialization, strategies to exploit specialized program, incremental specialization, and data speci



    Type-selection design of axle box bearing for high-speed passenger car bogie LIANG Yun, XIA Chun-jing (Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd., Chang- chun 130062, China) Abstract: This paper elaborates type-selection analysis of axle box bearings for high-speed passenger ear bogie and introduces the main influence factors of type- selection and life calculation of bearings.

  17. Abstracts


    Research of Theory & Method Miscible Flooding Well Test Model With Carbon Dioxide Injection and Its Pressure Analysis. 2011,20(4):1 -4 Zhu Jianwei, Shao Changjin, Liao Xinwei, Yang Zhenqing( China University of Petroleum (Beijing) ) Based on miscible flooding well test analysis theory with carbon dioxide injection, the diffusion model of mixture components when carbon dioxide miscible with the oil and variation law of the temperature and viscosity are analyzed,



    The modem transition of philosophy is the transition of world metaphysics to conscious metaphysics therefore the aprioristic philosophy exploring the consciousness has taken place which experienced the three progressing periods from Descartes to Kant to Edmund Husserl: Descartes tried to prove that consciousness was the unique and stable starting point of understanding all problems, and Kant tried to prove that consciousness had the ability to build up effec- tive knowledge as well as had the ability to guide the right behavior, while Edmund Husserl tried to prove that conscious- ness had the overall object, which relatively equal to had its own word. Through these three great and difficult periods of efforts, aprioristic conscious philosophy has completed the proving of the arguments of I think and thinking, nevertheless, the arguments did not reach to the level of laying the foundation, therefore they did not interpret the world correctly.

  19. Abstract


    Fellow Townsman in Shanghai and Political Action During the Modern China YE Zhou There was an important change in fellow townsman' s political action in the modern China. Shanghai became the important center of fellow townsman and some ideas have been changed. This essay think although there was some new change in organization and ideas, but blood -geographical complex and political interest arrested the fellow society play a more important role in modem political activity.



    Summary of Construction of a Hz S-based Sulphuric Acid Unit for a Large-sized Synthetic Ammonia Plant/Development and Application of New Process for Yellow Phosphorus Filtration during Yellow Phosphorus Production/Review of the Low-temperature Heat Recovery System of 250 kt/a Sulpharic Acid Plant of Shandong Bofeng/Technology for Combined Production in Compound Phosphate Fertilizer Plant of SHCCIG/Practice of Fouling Removal with Sulphuric Acid in the Cooling Water System of 400 kt/aSulfuric Acid Plant Based on Sulphur Burning/Production of Nitro-compound Fertilizer with Nitric Acid and Sulphuric Acid Method/Application of Tantalum Heat Exchanger and Glass Equipment in Spent Sulphuric Acid Concentration



    Development and Application of Three-stage and Four-layer Fluorine Removal Technology for Purification of Smelting Flue Gas Removal of fluorine from fluorine-containing smelting gas during the sulphurie acid production provides effective protection for the equipment in the system, and it is al~ a necessary measure to maintain normal prodluetion. For the equipment features and resource conditions in a sulphuric acid plant, the concept of three-stage and four layer fluorine removal is proposed, and the purification technology for fluorine removal is developed through optimization of the process design. Practice has shown that by utilizing the three-stage and four-layer fluorine removal technology, it offers advantages like higher efficiency of fluorine removal, shorter process flow, less equipment investment, easier operation, and offers certain value for promotion.

  2. Abstracts


    Analyses and Suggestions on Coordinated Regional Development of Insurance Industry in China GUO Jin-long Abstract: Through studies on the coordinated development status between insurance industry and social economy in China from 2005 to 2009, it is found that the coordination between insurance and economy remains slightly imbalanced in most of the provinces and cities in China, with only a few provinces and cities showing low-degree coordination in 2007. As a whole,

  3. Abstract


    The Subject of Research, Methodology and Research Paradigm of ‘Das Kapital'; ‘Das Kapital' and the Scientific View of Marx on Wealth;The Way of Capitalism in the Background of Global Financial Crisis;



    Conbating Poverty and Inequality: Structural Change, Social Policy and Politics United Nations Research Institute for Social Development As UNRISD's latest reflection upon poverty alleviation and inequality, this report advocates an approach that pu



    Research on the Necessity of Building Intercity Transit System within Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Metropolitan Huang Weili 4 To plan and build intercity transit network within Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan metropolitan will not only meet the rapidly increasing demand for passenger transport service and promoting the integration and urbanization of the metropolitan, but is also the necessary measures to build energy-saving and environmental-friendly society, and realize sustainable development.



    Current Situation and Prospect of Urban Transit Development in Mainland China The paper reviews the development of urban transit construction, networking operation and diversified technology systems in mainland China during the last 40 years. The paper also presents the short-term planning of urban transit in mainland China and the solutions for financing, construction period and operational cost etc.


    Michelle de Stefano Sabino


    Full Text Available This paper aims to describe and to analyze the integration observed in the Sintonia project with respect to the comparison of project management processes to the model of the Stage-Gate ®. The literature addresses these issues conceptually, but lack an alignment between them that is evident in practice. As a method was used single case study. The report is as if the Sintonia project, developed by PRODESP - Data Processing Company of São Paulo. The results show the integration of project management processes with the Stage-Gate model developed during the project life cycle. The formalization of the project was defined in stages in which allowed the exploitation of economies of repetition and recombination to the development of new projects. This study contributes to the technical vision in dealing with the integration of project management processes. It was concluded that this system represents an attractive way, in terms of creating economic value and technological innovation for the organization.



    The Introduction of Western Learning to the East and the Sinicization of Marxist Philosophy The introduction of western learning to the east objectively promoted the dissemination of Marxist philosophy in China, forming an important historical prerequisite for the sinicization of Marxist philosophy. Moreover, it also triggered a great transformation in the historical development of Chinese philosophy and facilitated its transition from ancient to early modern traditions, thereby establishing through sinicization a link between Marxist philosophy, which originated in the western philosophical tradition, and the Chinese tradition of philosophy, and rendering Marxist philosophy Chinese. This offered the possibility that sinicized Marxist philosophy would play a positive guiding role in the development of modern Chinese philosophy. Therefore, we may say that without the introduction of western learning to the east, there would be no sinicization of Marxist Ichilosophy; and without in-depth research on the relationship between the introduction of western learning to the east and the sinicization of Marxist philosophy, there would be no real understanding of the sinicization of Marxist philosophy. However, the close links between the sinicization of Marxist philosophy and the introduction of western learning do not indicate that the sinicization of Marxist philosophy is part of the history of the introduction of western learning to the east. The sinicization of Marxist philosophy does not itself belong to the category of the spread of western learning to the east. This is because Marxist philosophy is essentially different from all other commonly known western sciences; its sinicization differs from the eastward spread of western learning in terms of its goals, social nature, results and effects on society.



    Balance and Loss of Balance in Human Rights Law;The Socialist Legal System with Chinese Characteristics: Its Structure, Features and Trends;Historical Materialism and Contemporary Socio-historical Reality;Rousseau, Kant and Marx in the Lineage of "Moral P



    Plato on Political Rhetoric Generally, Plato was regarded as being hostile to rhetoric. However, I will show that in Plato's some important political dialogues he still verifies the significance of rhetoric or persuasion. Then, I list the attacks of Plato on his contemporary rhetoric, which is called in the essay as "politician rhetoric". On the other hand, Plato also articu- lates the characteristics of true rlhetoric, which I name as "dialectical rhetoric. " In order to elaborate "dialectical rhetoric", I take Pericles as an example to show how the dialectic rhetoric could work in the real political world. Finally, I point out that dialectical rhetoric still can give some reflection for today's political rhetoric. It contains the ideal of the good, caring the soul of the audience, speaking the truth, insisting the right thing with reason, etc.



    QUALITY MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL DURING START- UP OF THE 1.0MT/A ETHYLENE PLANT IN ZHENHAI[ 1 ] Jiang Minding, Chang Mingkun. SINOPEC Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company, Ningbo Zhejiang, P. C. 315207 Abstract: Zhenhai ethylene project was put into operation suc- cessfully in 2010, and rich project management experiences were accumulated during the preparation process. Strict project quality management during pipeline blowing, system hydrosta- tic testing, chemicals filling and preparation before drying - out of cracking furnace can eliminate the hidden dangers, and cold tightening of flanges in cryogenic section during startup can minimize flare discharge.

  12. Abstracts


    International Norms, Group Identity and Domestic Institutional Re- form: The Case of China's Entrance to FATF Lie Xinghua Abstract: International norms are the collection of binding rules governing the international community. International norms with high levels of legitimacy result in norm groups. Such norm groups directly affect the space for and effectiveness of behavior. In order to enter a norm group and obtain membership status within the group, states must engage in domestic institu- tional reforms in order to meet standards of admission. In order to enter FATF, China studied the principles of the 40+ 9 Recommendations, and ad- vanced comprehensive domestic reforms to counter money laundering.



    GIVE FULL PLAY TO THE ADVANTAGES OF REFINING-CHEMICAL INTEGRATION FOR THE EXPANSION OF PETROCHEMICAL DOWNSTREAM INDUSTRY CHAIN [ 1] Zhao Yan. CNOOC Huizhou Refining Company, Huizhou, Guangdong, 516086 Abstract: Taking the current situation of the petrochemical industry base which has taken shape in Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Industrial Park into account, this paper frames up the development assumption of refining-chemical integration brought along by large-scale refining and ethylene projects in CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company with such projects as flagship. It mainly analyzes the advantages and importance of constructing industry base with refining, ethylene, chemicals and fine chemicals in Petrochemical Industrial Park which extends the industry chain, broadens the petrochemical market of Pearl River Delta and boosts the core competence of the industrial park.

  14. Abstract


    Concept Construction and Empirical Analysis of Social Integration for Rural-Urban Migrants in China; Under the Dual Structure of the Triple Migration Model: A Shortage of Migrant Workers, a New Research Framework;Cultural Meanings of Chinese Guanxi: A Viewpoint of Management Scholars;Determinants of Banking Efficiency: Cross-Country Evidence;



    Be Independent from Autocracy: a Comparison Between Wang Yuanhua and Gong Zizhen Also on the Depth of Wang Yuanhua's Thinking on the Eve of the Ideological Emancipation Movement Xia Zhongyi In 1977 ,Wang Yuanhua began to appreciate Gong Zizhen, not only because they were similar in temperament, context and situation, but also because Wang Yuanhua had found out the element of personal liberation in Gong zizhen's saying Be Independent from Autocracy, which shows that Wang Yuanhua's realization of the personal value was earlier than Li Zehou ( who established the Subjectivity Outline in a Kant's Way in 1979 ) and Wang Ruoshui (who proposed that personal value is the basis of Marxism in 1981 ) , and Wang Yuanhua's contribution in study Chinese by Chinese experience.



    Energy transformation is the only way of the transformation of the world economy Describing and explaining from different view of the world from the angle of political, economic, cultural and environmental development, the presentation of the transformation, change, adjustment, conversion and a series of concept reflects that the current world situation is undergoing profound changes, multi-polarization and globalization. The global problems such as financial crisis, recession, climate change, energy transformation and the environment change,



    The wisdom of practice exists in its conceptual form as an inherent part of man and functions in the process of practice. It coheres as the quality of virtue expressed in value orientation and contains cognitive experience of the world and of man himself. The two permeate man's actual capacities or powers. Aiming at completion of the self and of things, the wisdom of practice integrates theoretical and practical reason and reflects the unity of understandinl~ the world and transforming the world.



    Critique of Contemporary Anti-Marxism Ideologies --Based on Thoughts of the "Four Major Boundaries";The Conflict on Public Ownership: A Comparison between the Socialist Market Economic Theory and the Theory of Market Socialism of British Labour Party;On The Germination of Marxist Theory of Property;Aesthetic Transformation of Mass Media for Socialist Core Value System;



    The Relational Capital, the Institutional Environment and the Validity of the Payment by Fiscal Transfers;The Framing of the Clauses of the Company Regulations, the Protection of the Law for the Right of Investors, and the Company Governance: Evidences f



    Look in the Mirror of Personality Left by Liang Qichao The New Preface to His Reflecting Moral This article is my new foreword of Reflecting Moral, which had been edited and written by Liang Qichao in 1905, and has just been recommended as one of the moral readers of Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning. I point that the exhortation of our univer- sity proposed by Liang Qichao has its original determination in his mind himself, which had already been compiled in Reflecting Moral more than a century ago.

  1. Abstract


    The Characteristics of Modern Tianjin Salt Merchants Culture As a new commercial culture in modern China, Tianjin salt merchants culture has its own different characteristics, such as luxury consumption culture, political culture, religious scholar culture and moral culture. In these cultures behind embodies the Salter group's behavior pattern and psychological structure.



    Mao Zedong' s "Three World Theory" underwent three stages of development: the "One Intermediate Zone" thought, the embryonic form of the theory, was put forward in the 1940s-50s; the "Two Intermediate Zones" thought, taking shape in the 1960s, was the rudimentary form; and the early 1970s witnessed the perfection of the theory. Mao Zedong developed the "Three World Theory" with sovereignty and national interests as the logical starting point, the theory of unity of opposites as the philosophical foundation, the Cold War as the historical background, and fighting against hegemonism as the major diplomatic strategy.



    Fold distribution, offset distribution and azi- muth distribution in a bin have direct effects on ge- ometry attributes in 3D seismic survey design. If two adjacent bins have the same fold but different offsets, this non-uniform offset distribution brings some stack amplitude diversity in the adjacent bins. At present, 3D geometry attribute uniformi- ty of the most analytical methods is expressed by qualitative analysis chart. We introduce in this pa- per a uniformity quantitative analysis method for offset distribution by average value, square devia- tion and weighting factor. The paper analyses effects on offset distribution uniformity of different 3D geometry parameters by the proposed uniformi- ty quantitative analysis method. Furthermore, the paper analyses effects on seismic stack amplitude or frequency uniformity of different 3D geometry parameters by the seismic wave modeling. The re- suits show that offset distribution uniformity is in good agreement with seismic stack amplitude or frequency uniformity. Therefore this improved method can be considered as a useful tool for ana- lyzing and evaluating 3D geometry attribute uni- formity.



    Performance and application technique of seismic instrument are related closely to oil and gas exploration effect since seismic instrument is core equipment used in geophysical prospecting. This paper discusses broadly the seismic instrument' s development principle and the relation to geophysical exploration technology from the point of the development needs of geophysical exploration technology. Meanwhile, it gives a systematic introduction to the progress of the seismic instruments over the world using new products or new technology issued in 2011 "EAGE" and "SEG" annual exhibition, hoping to promote a wide understanding of the contemporary seismic instruments and improve the comprehensive application of them.

  5. Abstracts

    The power point presentation is about: danger identification, caracterization, evaluation exposition, risk (CAC, 1997; FAO, 2007), European food safety authority, foodrisk organization, pathogens risk ranking, risk reduction, gubernamental responsability

  6. Abstract

    Tafdrup, Oliver


    Udgivet som en del af Tidskrifts specialudgivelse om Adorno. som en del af Tidskrifts specialudgivelse om Adorno.

  7. Abstract


    Function Ascriptions of Technical Artifacts (p.1) CHEN Fan, XU Jia (Research Center for Philosophy of Science and Technology, Northeastern University, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110004) Abstract: The function of technical artifacts is mind dependent. It is an ontologicaUy subjective entity and an epistemologically objective judgment. Function ascription is a general form of technical function in the epistemological sense. Function ascriptions may be taken in a descriptive and in a performative sense. The former can be called function ascriptions for short and the latter function assignments. The mind dependency of the function of technical artifacts is grounded in performative function ascriptions instead of descriptive function ascriptions. Key Words: Function ascriptions; Descriptive function ascriptions; Performative function ascriptions; Function assignments



    A Representative work that Vainly Attempts to Westernize China On Yang Ji.sheng's Paper "My View of Chinese Pattern" XU Chong-wenAbstract: Mr. Yang Ji-sheng calls economic connotation of Chinese pattern "market economy of power" with all sorts of drawbacks, it is to take the problems that Chinese model deliberately struggles with and even the objects must be resolutely eliminated as the parts of Chinese pattern, thus they are absolute nonsense; he boils down political connotation of Chinese pattern to "authority politics" of "thoroughly denying modem democratic system",



    4 Introduction of the Methods Generalized from Mineral Exploration HU Kui (Consulting & Research Center Ministry of Land & Resources, Beijing 100035, China) Abstract: This paper focuses on the introduction of prospecting methods generalized from mineral exploration, these include: prospecting in deep part of the deposit based on shallow deposit, and periphery prospecting within the ore district; finding other type ( kind ) of deposit according to this type; lean ore is the base for rich deposit; small rich ore can depends on large lean ore; the dependence of economical mineral resource is uneconomical mineral resource; prospecting mineral deposit on the basis of different minerals; following outcrop mine to find blind ore; and with marks to explore ore.



    As the institutional quality audit is being conducted in some pilot provinces,different interpretations of it have occurred,some of which appear to be misleading.This paper is to redefine it in terms of thematic focus,role,value and method to facilitate its implementation.It proposes that the institutional quality audit should keep consistently focused on internal quality assurance,in-volve various stakeholders,enhance its empowerment function and develop itself into a comprehen-sive and systematic approach to continuous quality improvement.



    @@CONCURRENT SESSION: FOOD AND WATERBORNE DISEASES      Chair  Prof. Liu Xiu-mei, Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene (CAPM), China   Co-chair   Dr. Jorgen Schlundt, World Health Organization, Switzerland   1530-1545 hrs Emerging Foodborne Disearse: An Evolving Public Health Challenge   Robert Baldwin, Center for Disease Control, USA   1545-1600 hrs Food Poisoning Typicality in Food Safety Vulnerable Area of Indonesia   Adil Basuki Abza, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia   1600-1615 hrs The Management of Food Poisoning in China   Li Tai-ran, Institute of Food Safety Control and Inspection, Ministry of Health, China   1615-1630 hrs Detection of Campylobacter Species Using a Fluorogenic Real-Time PCR Detection System   Hai-yan Wang, Bureau of Microbial Hazards, Health Canada, Canada   1630-1645 hrs An Overview on Bongkrekic Acid Food Poisoning   Liu Xiu-mei, Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene (CAPM), China   1645-1700 hrs Screening Procedure from Cattle Feces and the Prevalence of Escherichia coli O157 in Taiwan Dairy Cattle   Chin-Cheng Chou, Taiwan University, Taibei, China

  12. Abstract


    Representation or Construction? An Interpretation of Quantum Field Theory Abstract: In this essay, I argue that the basic entities in the causality organized hierarchy of entities that quantum field theory describes are not particles but fields. Then I



    Research on the Theory and Standard of Peasants" Life Cycle Pension Compensation Mu Huaizhong Shen Yi· 2 · Thedifficulties of full coverage in pension system lie in rural farmers. In this paper, we put forward a "dual agricultural welfare difference" theory and apply it to the issues regarding peasants' life cycle pension compensation. Taking differential between equilib- rium and biased agricultural incomes as the key indicator, we build mathematical models of "dual agricultural welfare balance" and measure the size from 1953 to 2009. Our finding shows that China's "dual agricultnral welfare difference" has a fluctuation ranged be- tween 0.4 and 0.6. Based on life cycle characteristics, such as natural life cycle, policy and institutional life cycle, our suggestion is to compensate peasants' primary pension with a balance of "dual agriculture welfare difference" and other countermeasures.



    Judicature, Public Opinion, and Politics at An Age of Disordered Legal World View :A Study Centered on the Case of Li Changkui The Case of L/Changkui represents a kind of simple "hard case", in which whatever the judge made a de- cision, result of the case failed to gain good social and legal effects, and the causation, however, rested on the internal system of judicature. The Case of Li reflects an age at which legal world view is deficient in coherence and integration. Although it's not an exclusive problem for China that judicature, public opinion and politics in- teract complicatedly, and the society shows distustt upon the criminal justice system, it reveals that, in the case of Li, some judicial personnel and academics hold an uni-dimensional and prejudiced understanding on the credi- bility, legitimacy and stability of judicature.



    Analysis and forecast of the world economy The pace of global economic recovery has slowed down markedly and the risk of a sagging world economy has been increasing in 2011. However, the economic slowdown was taking place at different speeds in different categories of economies. The momentum of economic recovery in the developed economies is clearly insufficient, and its economic growth rate is far lower than the rate of the emerging economies and has declined much more than that of emerging economies. Many big developed economies are facing very severe employment situation now, while the space of the their fiscal and monetary policies have been compressed by the upgrade of the sovereign debt crisis and long-term low interest rates, which are associated with the turmoil in international financial markets, the sluggish growth of international trade and investment, fluctuations in international commodity prices, and aggravated social problems.



    Reliability validation studies of locomotive engine turbocharger LI Yu (Dalian Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd., Dalian 116021, China) Abstract: Considering the use features of the locomotive diesel engine turbocharger and combining the finite element simulation with experiment, the validation method of tile turbocharger has been studied. In this way, the number of tests can be reduced and the success rate of the test can be increased. And the turbocharger relia- bility assessment can be ahead of the schedule. Key words: turbocharger; reliability; validation test

  17. Abstracts

    The proceedings contain 106 papers of which 2 fall under the INIS Scope. One concerns seismic risk assessment at radioactive waste repositories in the U.S., the other concerns the possibility of predicting earthquakes from changes in radon 222 levels in selected ground water springs of northern Italy. (M.D.)

  18. Abstract


    Scientific Culture and Cultural Science (p.1) Today science advances at an astonishingly high speed, and driven by the ideological and industrial revolutions, it even becomes a dominant culture in the society and is respected as the supreme authority. However, the scientific culture, which plays the leading role in the industrial civilization, turns out to be more and more alienated from culture and humanity, resulting in the so-called cultural confusions and loss of humanity. This article, investigating the phenomenon deeply, argues that science has no privileged position over the other cultural traditions, and suggests that science identify itself as a member equal with the other cultural patterns in the society in order to restore its cultural connotations. It is believed that by establishing the cultural science, we can bring culture and humanity back to science.

  19. Abstract

    Alexandre Costa Quintana


    Full Text Available The purpose of this article is to show the importance of the Cash Flow Statement and the Value Added Statement as effective instruments of financial management, due to the information that these statements can provide. To demonstrate this, a financial analysis of the principal financial statements of the Empresa Transmissora de Energia Elétrica do Sul do Brasil S.A. – Eletrosul – was made and in particular, a detailed analysis of the Cash Flow Statement and the Value Added Statement. To do this, the financial statements published by the company were obtained. First, liquidity ratios from the Balance Sheet were calculated and, subsequently, an analysis of the Cash Flow Statement and the Value Added Statement was made. This was done to demonstrate that the information obtained from the Balance Sheet could be better detailed by the use of the referenced statements, showing in the end that alterations in the liquidity of the company can be explained by the changes in the ways in which the company used its cash resources.



    (1) New Forms of the "Production of Social Relations" under the Scrutiny of Social Engineering Tian Pengying In the Marxist perspective, the production and reproduction of social relations constitute the basic prerequisite and guarantee for human existence and development, and the establishment of an orderly and harmonious modern social relationship that promotes the coordinated development of material production and spiritual production is an important symbol of man's self-conscientiousness to adapt to, rely on and transform the society. The development, transformation and evolution of social relations is both a natural historical process and a creative process in which social subjects participate, design and construct.

  1. Abstract


    The Establishment and Distribution of the Police Stations in the Public Concessions in Modern Shanghai -Also on the Substitution Index of the Expansion of City Space WU Heng By analyzing relevant materials, this paper finds that the total number of police stations and the population is closely related to each other and regards it as the substitution index of city expansion. The author thinks that the urbanization of the public concessions can be divided into three phases, while this process is not in synchronization with the expansion of the land expansion of public concessions.



    In order to study the state development of fuel-spray in the combustion chamber of TBD620 diesel engine, a spray visualization system was construc-ted by the method of flash photography capturing images of fuel spray at different times. Fuel injection characteris-tics changes were studied by changing the fuel injection pressure and the spray wall-impingement was discovered, which provides a basis of structural optimization for the combustion chamber.



    The Practice and Implications of Judicial Innovation: A Study of Administrative Litigation from City T Drawing on data from a mid-sized city, this article finds that the courts, caught between the unruly adminis- trative agencies and legal rhetoric, seek support from the Party to enhance their authority. They then devise tac- tics such as putting the chief official of agencies on the stand, issuing judicial suggestions, and innovatively ap- plying the laws. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that the courts are only a passive actor in local politics, the development indicates that the role of the courts is by no means negligible in translating the national laws into lo- cal practice. Social stability, industrial structure, the power and resource of administrative agencies, and profes- sionalism of court staff are important factors affecting the development of the rule of law.

  4. Abstracts


    Changing the Means of Structural Adjustment for Transformation of Development Pattern SONG Ze Abstract: History of China's reform and opening up has proven that government-led industrial structural adjustment is unsuccessful. Facing the new situation and economic development tasks, new ideas of industrial restructuring should be clearly put forward that the government will create conditions to adjust the structure by the market. During the Twelve-Five Years, the most priority should be how to reform the way how to change the structural adjustment. If the "structural adjustment" approach, especially in the manufacturing sector can not be changed, many goals on economic transition are likely to fall again. Under the circumstance it is necessary to accelerate the development of a unified, open and orderly modern market system, and effectively implement the market-pushed industrial restructuring approach, and strengthen the intermediary function of finance and inner trade and create good policy environment conducive to promoting the services sector in the process of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. Key Words:industrial structure; adjustment approach

  5. Abstract


    Management fraud and auditing scandals became more serious since the 70s-80s of the last century, so that the independence of CPA faced nprecedented challenges. Growing emphasis was put on the independence of CPA on which the academic research deepened too. This article analyzes the nfluence of the independence of CPA from the conflict of the owners / shareholders, managers, and CPA. By analysing the balance of power of those conflict nd the factors that restrict them, and basing on a summary research in this area of other scholars, this paper put forward a CPA conflict model based on the orporate governance structure, and suggest on the issue of how to protect the auditing independence under this new model.



    (1) The Narrative Structure and Mode of Realization of Marx's Theory of Human Emancipation Liu Tongfang Understanding the inherent logic of the ideas in the classic Marxist texts and revealing the narrative structure and mode of realization of Marx's theory of human emancipation is an important intellectual approach to the extension of Marxist theoretical research. As a scientific theory of the history of society, the narrative structure of human emancipation involves three aspects: historical materialism, multi-dimensional forms of emancipation, and communist movements. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the basic way of perceiving human society, the fundamental path to human emancipation and the ultimate aim of the evolution of social forms. It reflects the thorough-going revolutionary nature of Marx's theory of human emancipation and its close relationship with the real life of society. It would thus be academically significant to reflect on Western Marxism, Soviet-type socialism and the socialist road with Chinese characteristics from the viewpoint of the narrative structure of Marx's theory of human emancipation, so as to extend the Marxist theory of human emancipation and explore its specific mode of realization



    Shortly after the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, it wasnecessary and in its interest for China to join the socialist camp led by the SovietUnion. In 1954, China proposed the five principles of "peaceful coexistence". Atthe Bandung Conference in 1955, China, India and Myanmar jointly advocated thefive principles as a means of good governance in Asia and the whole world. Earlyin the 21st century, China proposed a new concept of "win-win cooperation" as animportant principle for international relations in the new global era.

  8. Abstract

    Newton Carneiro Affonso da Costa Junior


    Full Text Available The present study has the objective of verifying if simultaneous investments in several international stock markets are more attractive than in only one national stock market, in other words, if the first ones present a superior risk-return relationship. It can be admitted that if there is a total integration among the analyzed countries, there is little advantage in the international diversification, but if the countries are less integrated, the diversification would bring advantages in risk-return terms. The empirical work is based on Markowitz portfolio theory, CAPM and in the portfolio performance measures of Sharpe, Treynor, and Jensen. The analysis was made for the period of February 1993 to January 2003, based in the most liquid stocks negotiated in the stock market of the main countries of Latin America. The results showed that portfolio diversification in international markets is a better approach.



    Case Studies of The New Young Man at Ministry of Organization's Editing Li Pin The editing of The New Young Man at Ministry of Organization wins its fame in the modern history of Chinese editing and pub- lishing for its conscious intensification of anti-bureaucracy theme, and its embodiment of the editing pursuit of Qin Zhaoyang, Peo- ple's Literature's executive editor-in-chief. After Mao Zedong's proposal of public criticism, China Writers Association persisted in editing reason, discussed related theoretical and practical problems in the form of panel, and brought forward the title of unknown heroes for editors, which means a milestone in the modern history of Chinese editing principles.



    Zhang Xionghui, You Chang, Tang Jie, Zhou Qizhi, Xu Feng, Li Ganghan and Ma Yan. Development of a series of logging tool long-time working under high temperature and high pressure condition. PI, 2012,26 (3) : 1-3